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File: 1624568025207.jpg (136.41 KB, 576x720, 5cb869ab959063fc3f8572ea53942b…)

No. 837722

Thread for anons recovering or fighting with long terms internet/smartphone/social media/video game addiction and the manifesting problems it causes (ADD, low self-esteem, lack of ability to commit to long terms processes, inability to learn new hobbies and skills, inability to tolerate silence ect). Feel free to also use this thread a support network. Brain training, healthy brain foods, building up gray matter and executive functions back up, unlearning destructive habits ect also covered. Avoiding digital junk information landscape in general (adblockers ect) can also be discussed. Any type of technology or media addiction can be covered, including things like netflix or youtube binging that wouldn't be normally considered addictive.

Ideally this thread could be similar to the health and wellness threads, but for our brains and the type of information we consume.

No. 837723

I'm trying to purchase a light phone 2 right now (contemporary dumbphone with modern texting capacities) but it's over 300+ dollars just to get a used one on ebay. I'm not sure if I should just wait for the new release in august. My main problem is instagram but I can't fully deactivate because of the natural of my industry/social circle. Also the idea of non-stimulating screen is very appealing to me, I think my brain is fucked from staring at screens continuously since I was 11.

No. 837734

in meantime you could turn off colors and go black and white (pretty easy on iphone, not sure other brands)

No. 837740

i would love to start weaning myself from technology more, including my phone and my laptop, but my main issue is that i have literally no idea what to do when I'm not using technology. i enjoy writing as a hobby but i write using my laptop or phone, and I'm not really willing to transfer it to paper for a few reasons. I'm also struggling with undiagnosed ADHD, so building my attention span back up is hard enough as it is, and developing hobbies feels like it's out of the question right now for a few reasons. it just feels a lot like i have so few options available to me, and that keeps me constantly online. does anyone have any advice?

No. 837746

Thanks for starting the thread, I was just thinking I need to control my lc browsing. Keep visiting through the day and posting dumbass shit.

No. 837750

Maybe start by reading 1 page of a book a day, then slowly increase it. Also keep your phone in another room before you go to bed, and dont look at it first thing in the morning, or on toilet, or during meals.

No. 837751

I second this advice! A while ago I read an article about a journalist testing it and she found it so ugly that she didn’t even want to look at her phone. I was inspired to do the same and actually thought it looked cool… however, I still found myself using my phone much less and in particular barely using anything image-heavy. I was surprised to learn how effective colours are in drawing me in to mindless browsing.

No. 837757


I tried this on my iphone and couldn't find the setting, I think the tutorials I was finding were outdated, how did you do this?

No. 837762

great thread, I used to be really addicted to using my phone and social media apps, I was always checking up on people I knew and scrolling insta, and even if you don't really notice it constantly seeing ads and manufactured beauty really makes you feel like shit. i had this breakdown some time ago and decided to turn off my phone and i didnt touch it for almost a week, i swear the first few days were hard but now when I'm on my phone its so weird to me, I spend less than 30 minutes on it every day. I forget why I was even so obsessed with it. I'm still an internet addict sadly, especially lc but I'm hoping ill outgrew it or something, I wonder if any of you anons use site blockers or anything like that?

No. 837766

Such a nice idea, thanks nonnie.

Something that's helped me with my Youtube habit on desktop is getting the addon "unhook" which gives you the option of removing the sidebar next to videos and hiding the home screen suggestions. It's kind of the same idea as putting your phone on black and white, you can still use it, it's just less addictive.

No. 837768

File: 1624573008874.jpeg (333.93 KB, 750x1418, 911B6526-5F88-4365-B31C-CB6A53…)

Accessibility > Display & Text Size > Color Filters

No. 837770

maybe turn off internet when you want to write and download specific writing app only for it. write down things you need to google or plan ahead of time with research and what you need to write.

No. 837783

Quickly tap the power button 3x and it will switch to greyscale

No. 837824

ty for creating this thread! this kind of thing has been heavily on my mind recently. i just wanna fix my attention span and focus on my creative projects more but social media drags me back in every time.

No. 837839

I just tried this and it's amazing! Thank you nonnie

No. 837843

Is making your phone black and white supposed to be better for your eyes?

No. 837850

It reduces visual stimulus and the dopamine hit you get.

No. 837854


I think it's upposed to make it less stimulating to waste time on- I also inverted my colors, looks super dark and ugly af, ty anons

Anyone have problems with constant youtube/streaming in bg 24/7? I can't feel "normal" and do something unless I have junk media playing in the bg at all times (I live alone and have for years), can't listen to legitimately enriching media because then I concentrate on that instead of whatever task Im trying to (badly) do

No. 837865

My health has been forcing me to stop the addiction at this point. Wrist pain (RSI) in my right hand from using the touchpad, sciatica from sitting down all the time, ear pain from wearing headphones all day, myopia getting worse from staying inside and looking at screens all the time. Plus the effects of weight gain due to sedentary lifestyle. If you won't stop this addiction eventually your body will force you to.

No. 837868

I use an app called Freedom that blocks websites. It works well when I turn it on but if I don’t use it I spend around 7-8 hours a day on my phone. Seeing screentime makes me cringe but I get so distracted reading the news, checking my email or using my phone to read. And having unlimited data on my phone means I can download or view whatever I want, too.

Lolcow looks awful in greyscale, this will probably help me

No. 837871

Yes, I need to have podcasts or YT videos on in the background constantly and really want to stop because I don't even absorb much of it anymore like I used to

No. 838041

Let's do this nonnies, let's be more focused and less ADD!
Other than greyscale, you can also use an image blocker addon for your browser to make Lolcow and other sites much more uninteresting.
For example I might visit a shopping site out of boredom but I can't see the goods with the blocker so no point!
I'm going to experiment with using a timer today to have a limited surf time and then go back to real life. Shitposting with you all is fun but it shouldn't take up so much time fo the day.

No. 838050

Also it's important to focus on what you want to do instead with your free time, instead of feeling like you're denying yourself something.
I want to be able to concentrate on
a watching a movie with no distractions, reading an irl book again. Picking up language learning again.

No. 838069

If you have to be online for work or to study and do research for that, but you want to avoid some distracting websites I'd suggest using coldturkey. I stopped using it after I graduated but it helped me focus on looking for information and sources when I had to write a 100 page long essay for my final semester. It's difficult to remove it so if there's a day when you want o "cheat" and go back to the sites you blocked you can't do it just by removing the addon.

The pandemic ruined all my efforts to avoid the internet, after graduating and failing to find a job in my shithole of a country I went abroad, visiting new places and working helped me a lot since I had less free time to waste. I used my free time at home to do chores, talk to my friends on messengers or whatsapp and play video games but I was way less often online just for the sake of it. I only play single-player video games, I never had the opportunity to play online games before but I'm guessing single-player games are far less addicting just because for most of them there's a beginning and an end, and you either run out of things to do or you just stop playing because you had enough fun with it. I had to go back to my country and since I have a call center job and sometimes we barely have any call and things to do I just spend that free time on my phone scrolling until I have new things to do.

No. 838100

I love this thread, such a good idea. Phone is now in black and white and I was able to finish my knitting project before 8am with barely any distractions. I do like putting on a good Bill Kurtis episode though, I must admit I'm cheating

No. 838275

What do you do in the mornings instead of browsing? I’ve tried reading but I can’t focus in the morning, I need something easy while my brain wakes up.

No. 838290

Some light exercise?

I've been surfing a lot despite grey scale but I'm going to have a screenfree evening today. Baby steps!

No. 838328

I installed a chrome extension yesterday that blocks youtube homepage from showing recommendations- will update on if that helps me or not from mindlesssly surfing.

graysale has def made me less inclined to pointless surf instagram but it doesn't stop me from constantly refreshing my dms ad likes. Might have to actually get the overpriced light phone 2

No. 838329


if you hit "Invert" on top of grayscale it will also make images basically un-viewable outside of basically outlines. I tried used a dating app to experiment and it was legitimately impossible to tell if someone was attractive or not, just that they were human and male.

No. 838338

I usually do some light pilates or stretching for 20-30 minutes and then journal or read (a book) for a bit with a cup of tea

No. 838673

I wanna try detoxing, maybe limiting just my internet connectivity in general. but maybe at one point minimize overall screen time. i don't think i'd be able to fully commit. i love video games and music, and the only way i can find new music is through the internet. like, the internet in general has made it very easy for me to obtain free stuff and struggle less as a poorfag with no local IRL friends.
if i reduce my screen time i'm probably going to have the urge to leave my house more often (and potentially consoom, which i want to avoid spending). the neighborhood i live in is a giant cul de sac surrounded by highways, not really much of a nature walk. and the people i'm closest to have all left the state, and my family members live about an hour away.
i think i'll stick to focusing on limiting internet connectivity, like treating browsing like a grocery list, obtain list of things i want and i'm done for the day/week. no catching up on livefeeds or anything, which i've slowly started doing already so i'm on the right track.
i think i'll work on sewing, i recently obtained a handy stitch. also try to get into golf… probably learn some dances, and have the motivation to deep clean my house, compose some music, maybe try to make some local friends??

No. 838790

Opening YouTube in greyscale makes me feel like I'm living in the 1940s! Instagram isn't attractive now. Thanks for the suggestions anons.

No. 838921

wow I love this! I really want to switch over to a smartphone like this, but half of my family is in Europe and Im in Canada. we use WhatsApp to talk, so it would totally isolate me from them.

No. 838989

Anons, how do you feel about using podcasts/videos/music/etc. as background noise while you're doing other things? I often watch/listen to a streamer in the background while drawing or sewing, otherwise I get bored. But I can't help but think that's actually a bad thing, shouldn't I be able to focus 100% on what I'm doing and that should be enough? thoughts?

No. 838991

Sure, it can be enough. Why be satisfied with just "enough" though? Makes no sense. Indulge while you can. Tomorrow may not bring the same opportunities.
t. civil war took me by surprise

No. 838995

After 2 days of limited surfing I had a bad relapse and spent over 12 hours online. It literally felt like getting high with all that dopamine constantly rushing to my brain. Today is Saturday and I have plans with friends so I won't be able to spend much time online thankfully.

No. 839009

i don't see anything wrong with music!

No. 839020

nta but I like to put on study music or soundscape ambiences in the background to focus, but I use youtube. This means I could be tempted to look at other stuff on there.
Does some know a good free alternative for streaming such music/background sounds?

No. 839045

Spotify has plenty of those premade playlists, but you do get advertisements on the free version. Alternatively what I do is I've got a bunch of those 1/3/5 hour long study/relaxing music videos ripped from youtube on my phone and play them with the screen locked and the phone out of reach.

No. 839047

bandcamp has lots of music, but you have to listen album by album, you cannot play playlists. I think that's okay, if an album lasts one hour you just have to find one new album an hour

No. 839108

spotify free + latest adblocker = free music with no ads. works perfectly although it will maybe once a day randomly pause between songs when an ad gets blocked. and imo spotify's recommendations and playlists are a lot better than yt which gives me the same songs every time if i let it autoplay.

No. 839130

I heard that can get your account banned. Does it also work on phone or just on desktop?

No. 839150

I've been flirting with the idea of quitting smart phones and just getting a simple phone for texting/calls. I hate how my smart phone has ruined my attention span. My biggest roadblock is Spotify. I enjoy listening to music when I tak the bus, something I do pretty often. Any anons have advice? Should I just suck it up and start reading on commutes instead?

No. 839152

Get a second hand ipod. I use my smartphone and still prefer my ipod classic by far.

No. 839321

spotify is the best i've ran across. there's a few mods out there that can block ads if you want to use the desktop version or smartphone app on the go.
i've been using it for over 2 years, no issues with my 7+ year account so far.
i think there are options you can set for your phone, depends on how old the phone is though, that you can set daily limits on certain apps to use, via the Digital Wellbeing app. i have an LG G8 with these options.

No. 839424

Thanks nonnies, I'll try Spotify. Which adblock do you use with it, does it work on android?
I would be okay with paying for a good service but wanna try it out first.

No. 839454

For Android, get this apk: https://forum.mobilism.org/viewtopic.php?f=1332&t=4325145
You'll have to delete the Spotify app installed before installing this one, but it works.

No. 839669

File: 1624813836844.jpg (67.7 KB, 1155x954, 61L0nve8K1L._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

this is basically an iPod but connects to your Spotify. I'm tempted to get one, it has really good reviews!

No. 840605

File: 1624908707790.jpg (260.91 KB, 1200x1200, pepe running from computer.jpg)

What are some applications I can use for windows 10 that limit my screen time. When I said I wanted to do the family account thing, my techy uncle told me many times about how this would 'reset' my computer or something, and just told me to measure it myself, but I can't do that. What application can I get to alert me about my screen time usage, and notify me when I've gone over my limit?

No. 841864

I didn't know this existed, thanks for putting me on anon! I commute to college and I can't take the subway without listening to music, so this is perfect.

No. 843895

File: 1625192706584.png (7.78 KB, 400x400, 1313613920045.png)

I think I've reached the end of the internet. There is really nothing left for me to see online anymore, I keep coming back hoping to find something interesting but I never do.

No. 845729

Hello ladies starting tomorrow i will not use social media for one week. I know nobody cares. Just holding myself accountable.

No. 845730

Ganbatte anon-chan!

I've had success with my now gray and boring phone. I rarely use instagram and youtube these days. Still using LC too much so will have a day off (block it) tomorrow.

No. 845735

>paying 100 usd to not look at your phone
have some self respect control

No. 845780

All the interesting places eventually die out or get shut down… Megacorps have colonized the internet now too.

No. 846478

File: 1625503749408.jpeg (873.89 KB, 1526x2096, 91ywK4E1ygL.jpeg)

I went to my local dollar store and purchased some word search and sudoku books. Also bought some adult coloring books, and used puzzles from the thrift store. These are good low-effort activities for people who have no motivation to start any other hobby at first due to fried attention span.

No. 846481

one more not addicted person or using it less is a small step in stopping these social media giants and of course good for yourself.

No. 846511

Nta but you sound like my boyfriend kek. I just bought a Google Pixel 4a and set it up so that it forces me to limit my screen time… Paying $80usd to not use my phone lol. I tell myself I'm paying for discipline I never had in the first place but it's a cope. Oh well. Whatever works.

No. 849884

Anons, what do you do instead of going online in situations where you want to do something low effort? For example, right now it’s getting late where I am, I’ll go to sleep soon but I don’t want to just yet. I don’t have the energy or concentration to do something productive or a real hobby. It’s just so easy to pull out my phone and browse random shit. I’m bored of automatically clicking and browsing but it’s hard to break the habit.

>inb4 read a book

Not mindless enough
>meditation, mindfulness
Really not my sort of thing

No. 849894

Read comics?

No. 849896

Idk if these still require more energy than you're looking for, but I listen to podcasts or clean up files on my phone/computer by backing them up and stuff like that, which can scratch the itch to browse the internet instead. I know some people also like those adult coloring books.

No. 849906

Play rune factory on my 3ds, look over at my clock and realise its 3am and not 11pm.

No. 850041

Near bedtime you can put clothes away, pick an outfit for tomorrow, write in a journal, get a game book like word search or sudoku and do a few of those, stretch

No. 850378

I've been listening to the radio recently. Albeit it's through my phone, it still helps to have somebody else controlling the music so I'm not constantly skipping songs and changing playlists. I like any classical music so I put the classical station on, and it's very peaceful. The occasional talking from the presenter scratches the itch for human interaction too.

No. 850392

Same. I keep going on 4chan, because it's still active and not completely controlled by corpos/overrun with ads/(overtly) stealing my info, but it's mostly either bots or the same scrote retards who infect my brain with their mental illness

I'm just addicted to the imageboard format at this point, and because the "culture" affected me as a teen… I'm going to be 30 and still on 4chan if I don't actively try to stop it

No. 850393

Nta but isn't that essentially replacing one screen for another? I don't really see how playing for hours on your 3ds is better than being on the internet.

No. 850403

NTA but data cleansing and organizing files is so satisfying. I love sorting things out like that for easier browsing. The other day I got rid of 30GB of files.

Have any anons tried doing paid gigs like taskrabbit to get out and do something? I'm thinking about throwing down the $25 and getting to work and getting paid to do them, but I just don't wanna be working for other people all the time.
My town is so boring. I recently tried doing something fun that wasn't using the internet and it cost money. $5… but the more I want to do IRL things, those funds adds up, along with gas I have to pay to get to these places. I live in a small apartment.
Like, I understand why some people just decide have children, because in many places, there's nothing to do IRL that doesn't cost money. Obviously I'm not gonna plan on having a child any time soon because of course they're expensive, some people just don't think that through hard enough… lmao
There's a bar nearby that does free karaoke nights once a week, but even the fact I'm going there I have to drive and probably will want to buy a meal or some water while I'm there, I want to avoid consuming.
I'm just so stumped. Having a computer and homebrewed consoles is unfortunately one of the least expensive lifestyles I could have. My internet bill is $45. Why is the real world so materialistic and expensive? Ugh. Like, even if I made friends, they'd want to do things that would require me to spend.

No. 850555

Yeah, it sucks. I haven't really figured out a way to avoid just consuming even when I go do stuff that's technically free, and when I go out I feel like I just blow a bunch of money. The library can be nice because you can pick up a bunch of books and just read while you're there, even just hauling my laptop there and doing what I usually do but in the library can be a nice change of scenery. I hike and take walks regularly too, but it's annoying that those feel like the only two things I can do outside the house for free.
A few of my friends take advantage of things that normally cost money but which they make free for a night to get new customers, like life drawing classes, which can be fun, but I feel like if you want to do something with other people you have to spend money. I get that venues and places have to earn money somehow, but it's such a pain because I feel like half the time I'm at work making money, and the other half of the time I'm spending it on unnecessary, fleeting things. It just feels like such a hassle.

No. 850594

How about hobbies that are practically free or low cost after an initial investment or very low cost per hours of enjoyment? Here's some ideas:

-reading books: pay one or two euro per book at the thriftstore or used book store and you get hours of use out of it.
-Biking or yoga/stretching is basically free after the initial investment of a bike or yogamat.
-Baking or cooking, yes costs money but you're spending money on food whether it's your hobby or not anyway.
-Sewing, it costs money but you're spending money on clothes anyway.
-Geocashing, you only need your phone.
-learning a language with free (pirated) online resources
-gardening. Has some initial costs on tools and seeds but is pretty lowcost if you collect your own seeds to re-sow. Look into garden allotments if you don't have a garden.
-volunteering, especially something like volunteering at a shelter to socialise cats or something could be really fun
-journalling or writing

No. 850601

I want to do the same thing anon! Once I’m done paying off this phone I think I’ll sell it and convert to a flip phone. My main concern is music and gps, but I could get an MP3 player and gps system for my car. I think it would be the best option to eliminate wasting my life scrolling online. I haven’t even had social media since 2017 but I still find ways to be addicted to the internet and spend just as much time… fml

No. 850608

god yes i love listening to the radio. i bought a $20 cd/cassette player + radio from walmart a couple of years ago and it is the best for when i'm cooking or cleaning

No. 850618

Most dumbphones have the ability to play music, I had one of those all the way in 2007. You just need an SD card.

No. 850656

>Like, I understand why some people just decide have children, because in many places, there's nothing to do IRL that doesn't cost money
WTF. People do that??? But children cost much more money than going out

No. 850663

File: 1625946893904.jpg (114.48 KB, 700x836, 30398dae46a6a07c91aaf929b19486…)

some days i dont have the attention span or energy to even look at my phone, i could spend the entire day just lying in bed or staring at the ceiling doing nothing except having a blank mind. i can think of things to do, but i just think "whats the point" and continue doing nothing. later i think of how much i could have accomplished if i just worked on anything, even reading a book… then other days i feel like i absolutely inundate my brain with surfing instagram, tiktok, youtube, lc, etc until my brain is totally crammed with useless stimuli, its like a junkfood binge for my brain…i really want to heal from this and find more satisfying ways to spend my free time. i read and journal sometimes but i daydream of a version of my life where i live in a cottage with no internet and i just read and write and garden all day and appreciate my life and live in the moment, lol. i want to try a tech "cleanse" and see if it helps my attention span. (im also diagnosed adhd) also i realize being on lc is a paradox to this whole ideal but has anyone here had any luck with any of this?
good luck everyone <3

No. 850739

Does anyone know what adults did to pass the time before the internet became widespread? I find that often when people answer this question they talk about activities they did as kids before the internet which isn’t really that applicable to me as an adult, I want to know what the adults did back then.

No. 850746

Idk. Owned slaves and committed hate crimes probably.

No. 850753

Reading, watching tv, listening to radio, doing their hobbies, literally everything adults do nowadays minus time wasted online

No. 850754

My own mom is a tech-illiterate luddite with no hobbies, but this is what most boomer-aged adults in my town do:
>go on walks
>go window shopping
>ride their bikes
>do crosswords and sudoku puzzles
>watch TV
>exercise, either alone via VHS tapes or aerobics classes
>hobbies, like fishing or ham radio
>reading magazines
>visit friends for coffee and gossip
>read books
>knit, crochet, tat or sew
>home decor
>organize get-togethers and parties

No. 850757

The younger ones drank and went to pubs a lot. Pubs never used to be completely unaffordable, the price of buying alcohol wholesale today is the same as buying the same amount of alcohol at a shitty bar. So they'd go out drinking at least twice every week. At least here in New Zealand. You literally cannot do that now because beers are $7 each.

Once they have kids they still went to pubs but didn't spend as much time there. Then once their kids left home they'd move onto the more older, sports bars and frequent more often. The boomers are now the last people in that habit. The poor fuck ups that make up the other section of bar frequenters just can't afford the alcohol prices anymore.

No. 850780

What the fuck is going on in New Zealand? In Ireland a pint of anything is €2

No. 850784

Hey, if you're gonna generalize, at least get it right. You didn't even mention colonizing. Mutt.

No. 850785

A glass/handle was $5 at a cheap pub last year, which would be about 3Eurobux, and went up to $6.50 NZ after Covid. There's a lot of alcohol tax here and there's lowered demand now the boomers are starting to retire/die, so the prices have gone up to compensate.

Most normies now just buy a box and drink in a garage.

But the point remains that drinking back in the day everywhere used to be a cheap form of entertainment. Before TV and the internet, many people would knock off from the factory, have a few drinks at a pub and talk shit, then go home.

No. 850807

I actually bought a book from Megan Hess and Kerrie Hess her sister the other day. They are both beautiful books, lovely illustrations. Very calming content within. I'm forcing myself to read them. It's so ODD because I loved reading as a child. Now? Pfft.

No. 851188

After a breakup (4 months ago) my digital use skyrocketed. I'm talking 6-8 hours a day of phone use. I still get all important shit done + exercise, not sure how I manage it. Bad thing is, when I'm not reading stuff on the Internet or watching YouTube, my mind in my free time just gets back to feeling horribly, horribly lonely. I used to talk to him a lot and now there's a huge empty space. I feel really depressed and empty when I just rest or do my hobbies without any background noise. I'm not even sure what I used to think about before all this happened. Any advice? Do you think it I quit using phone too much, I'd eventually get rid of the bad feeling?

No. 851849

Creating rigid morning/night time routines has been very helpful in me not wasting time on my phone at night. Cleaning/organizing is my go-to mindless activity, it’s the third item on my morning routine.

No. 861155

Bumping the thread. Is anyone here NOT internet addicted? Then what is your secret?

No. 861315

That's the secret 99% of millennials and zoomers are addicted. Could we handle never having internet again? Probably not lots of ppl would off themselves or take out all their mental illness and frustrations on others.

No. 861691

File: 1627094609777.jpeg (441.7 KB, 2121x1414, socialmedia.jpeg)

I made a big mistake downloading apps on my phone again thinking I could handle them. It's scary how quickly I get sucked in and can waste hours scrolling through apps compared to desktop.

No. 861701

Smoke illegal drugs, wageslave, make kids, suck up their country’s resources dry so the future generations can’t have any of those sweet, sweet benefits, be colorblind, have eating disorders in the 80s, go to concerts, do drugs and drink a lot, rollerblading and hiding sexual activity from parents, books and comics, go to parties, just wanted to grill goddamn it

No. 861705

Bitter much?

No. 861845

File: 1627114525781.jpg (46.99 KB, 540x540, c68f12c70b07bb3981d0575abe9494…)

i don't use any social media much, except twitter where i mostly just check gaming related news and follow some artists. but man, i think i am addicted to tiktok. i can just scroll literally all day. sometimes i get distracted from what i'm doing and just start scrolling for hours. a while ago i accidentally cleared the cache and it logged me off and i couldn't remember my password so i went a whole week without it because i was lazy to password reset. i had the lowest screen time in my life that week fr. i don't even use my phone much at all otherwise.
it's so hard to uninstall that goddamn clock app because it feels like if i'm not on it i will be missing out on something, plus i see so many educational videos and book recommendations too. i found so many great plant and gardening tips there.
i am going on a 2 week vacation soon and i won't have internet access for the most part so i am really looking forward to detox from the internet and everything.

No. 861865

I never use tiktok and I can tell you that it's possible to find book recs and plant advice elsewhere.
The struggle is real though, all those sites and apps with their delicious info and instant gratification makes it hard to stay away.
I'm actually envious that you will be on vacation somewhere without internet, in the past when I have been on those it's been great for clearing up my brain and be able to focus on the now.

No. 861887

File: 1627123894980.jpeg (26.63 KB, 275x182, 1624681707777.jpeg)

Thanks op! I think this thread could be really beneficial for a lot of people. I noticed I've increasingly gotten myself sucked into technology so much I don't have any real hobbies anymore and it's beyond frustrating. I could browse the threads here for hours just reading bullshit. I think now that I personally don't see any interesting cows it's died down a bit, but I immediately substitute it with scrolling through instagram and playing video games (though I'm not too upset about playing games, I've always wanted to play the really fun ones from back in the day and I finally have that opportunity). There are so many things I could be doing in the meantime like improving my art, which I haven't done consistently in over 2 years even though I constantly think about how I should. I wanted to learn to sew, I wanted to learn about jellyfish, and I did absolutely nothing because I'm too busy playing on this STUPID FUCKING PHONE.

No. 861939

I downloaded tiktok out of curiosity and though I didn’t get addicted, I could easily see why people would. So glad it wasn’t around when I was younger.

In terms of books I use goodreads and storygraph to find recommendations. Goodreads recommendation system isn’t great as it seems to work by suggesting books read/highly rated by people who have read the same book as you. Often these will be totally irrelevant to your interests. However, if you follow people with similar tastes (find them through reviews of your favourite books) it’s a good resource.

Storygraph is better in that the website categorises things very well and can make better recommendations on the precise type of books you are interested in. New users can import their data from goodreads so it’s easy. I really like it.

I think both websites would yield better results that tiktok and as they’re both simplistic they’re not very addictive. I never find myself spending more than a few minutes on them a couple times a week even though they’re among my favourite websites.

I watch YouTube videos about books (and other subjects) while I’m doing chores so I don’t feel like it’s wasted time. Making that association helped me stop procrastinating by scrolling through YouTube when I should’ve been doing other things. Also makes chores more appealing.

No. 862363

The worst thing about internet addiction is trying to do normal things and "forgetting" how. Anybody else get that weird discomfort when you try to just exist without a screen in front of you? I've been trying since before covid to reduce my internet time, sometimes going as far as to box up my computer, but I always come back to it. I do art as a hobby and I'd still like to upload it somewhere so I can't fully pull myself out of the internet. I would leave it all behind if I could though, it would be the best thing for me at this point. I deleted all my social media except pixiv, which I haven't used in months, but of course lolcow always sucks me back in, even though this website is so dead now. I have a feeling that the real problem is within, I've been depressed since I was a teenager, and I've been terminally online for about a decade now, so I think this is just my way of coping. When I was doing really well a few years ago my internet usage was much less restricting on my life, I actually enjoyed the things I did online and had no problem living offline. In a way it feels like there's nothing left for me online yet I keep coming back everyday. I start college in a month so I'll have something to do with myself, right now my life is kind of in a state of limbo and maybe that's why I'm feeling so shitty. Sorry for retarded rambling, this thread came at a relevant time for me

No. 863447

is anyone else here addicted to fanfiction? I've been reading it since I was kid and its honestly my one hang up about getting rid of my smartphone bc I love reading it in bed. also newfag so sorry if I somehow fucked something up

No. 863452

I used to read a lot of fanfiction, like I would read one or more every night before going to bed, but I don't really read it anymore. It sounds kinda silly but I transitioned to just reading books, you can still use your smartphone at first and just turn off your wi-fi and use an app like Libby if you don't want to get real books, I really look forward to it now.

No. 864344

File: 1627344245918.jpeg (7.11 KB, 302x167, download.jpeg)

I spent a full year in my bedroom, spending 14-16 hours a day on my computer. Only going out once a day to buy a coffee from the coffee shop.

Then around December 2020 I took a crowbar to my computer and smashed it into many pieces. Then I took a hammer to my smartphone. I went to the store and got a $20 dumbphone to do me.

I spent the next few weeks pacing the house and basically detoxing. It didn't take long for my attention span to return, I was able to easily read books for long periods at a time after a few weeks. I found myself other hobbies, got out working again and reorganized my life.

I still browse the internet, but now from the public library around the homeless, the old and the special needs. Funnily enough, with a total of three months completely spent offline, I didn't feel like I missed anything. It's strange, when you're addicted, the internet feels like the most interesting thing with constant new content. But when you step away you realize how repetitive and samey it all is.

Anyways. I'd recommend anyone that was in my position of total NEETdom and isolation to just do it. Just make the jump. It's done in two seconds, there's no taking the action back and you're forced to do something else. What do you have to lose? Just open the case and start smashing the components. Smash your smartphone. It works.

No. 864357

I wish i could toss my smartphone so bad, but everything is needed for work now. I get my schedules online, have to request time off online…i have a groupchat (against my will) with my boss and coworkers. I hate it. i really hate that we've all become to dependent on tech

No. 864381

Don't know if I could ever do that anon the internet is how I socialize as a tard.

No. 864385

I finally uninstalled my videogames and its shocking realizing how conditioned I am. I'd go sit down and click on steam only to realize that oh yeah not there anymore. I wasn't even thinking my body moved on its own. Scary stuff. It feels paralyzing breaking the habit. What am I supposed to do now?

No. 864388

maybe it is the internet who is the culprit, maybe you conditioned yourself to not learn social skills and adapt through the internet

No. 864425

File: 1627351053486.jpeg (42.31 KB, 300x300, 72480042.jpeg)

One of my worst habits is booting up my computer in the morning. After a few hours of surfing I start to get a headache and what feels like "brain pollution". My brain feels like it's rushing but also I have no energy to really do anything. It's hard to explain, but it's like the screen just sucks up all my energy. The only thing I can do to feel better is stare at the wall or read a trashy book that requires little mental capacity for a few hours.

No. 864518

I know exactly what you mean - it's like your mind is racing but it's sluggish and foggy at the same time somehow. I get the itch to do something but you don't know what, so I feel like I've got all this pent up energy that's ultimately being wasted on doing nothing. It makes me feel so useless. I really want to stop using my laptop altogether, hell even reducing it to 2 or 3 hours would be okay, but it's a lot harder than I initially thought, and the realisation kinda scares me. You don't know how addicted you really are until you try getting off the thing you're addicted to.

No. 864556

Sounds like overstimulation. It’s hard but seriously try not to look at a screen when you first wake up and cutting back on the hours spent on it really do help.

No. 865009

thank you anon for putting it into words. i love this thread.

No. 865318

I’m the op. Here’s my update: I decided to take the plunge and get a dumb phone. BW was only partially working. I can’t get rid of computer because I need it to do other stuff and some of my goals involving learn 3D modeling/graphic design, but hopefully this will make it easier to re-acclimate myself to concentrating. I spend like 1-2 hours every day trying to read books at my local cafe and it’s a disaster, I can’t concentrate for shit, I consistently take my phone out. But also since I deleted Instagram temporarily I was “punished” by having my engagement go way down (I post art on there sometimes and no one is seeing it now) which frustrates me to no end, I’m looking into third party apps to just automate ideally from a web browser, what a slimy fucking company.

On the plus side I’ve weaned myself off of most podcasts and shit YouTube/clickbait content since this thread started, if I want entertainment I have to watch a real movie and if I feel antsy I’m only allowed to play asmr rain sounds or city walks. Have actually been acclimating to long periods of silence, I’m amazed. Recommendations/ notifications blocker extension on YouTube worked extremely well.

No. 865405

Nta but it makes sense that most of us in these days of social media suffer from it.
In Jujutsu Kaisen there is a special move called Infinite void where the enemy is overwhelmed by info from the entire universe. It paralyzes them. I think about that sometimes.

>But also since I deleted Instagram temporarily I was “punished” by having my engagement go way down (I post art on there sometimes and no one is seeing it now
Damn what, are you saying instagram does that on purpose?
Also how do you like having a dumb phone, can you still use maps and camera or did you have to go totally analog?

No. 865423

i barely use my desktop and laptop anymore, but i'm mostly on my phone. however, i did pick up teaching myself how to skate, but that's only 15 to 25 minutes of my day i go out. besides that, i'm still connected via music apps and youtube videos and some social media. i'm starting to get bored of discord and tiktok.
one thing that helps me not to use these social media apps so often is to not organize them or put them on your home screen. basically if you wanna get to an app, i'll have to scroll through the other apps i have. i'm less compelled to check them for that reason.
those people don't really think things through lmao

No. 865954


I don’t have it yet, I lost the eBay bid on the one I was trying to get. The type I want (light phone) is like back ordered until October and impossible to get, too much demand.

I can’t imagine any other reason why my engagement would go down, I didn’t deact my account and I was still using the desktop version everyday to heavily send dms to my friends and watch stories. I just didn’t shitpost the way I usually do. Try to convince me now these fucking companies care about your “mental health” smdh

No. 866614

File: 1627559889375.png (4.27 KB, 581x58, freshhorrordevice.png)

That's it, I'm going to stay away from the farm, social media and news for the rest of the day. I need some real rest, not info overload.

No. 867714

Anons, what are some good offline creative hobbies to get into? I was thinking knitting or crocheting but it is a bit intimidating and I have no idea how to begin.

No. 867719

Sewing is fun and you get cute new clothes out of it, and it's very good for training patience (when you start out you most definitely will fuck up your seams multiple times and have to sit and unpick that shit for hours.). I'd recommend watching how to set up a sewing machine just because it's easier and maybe watching a few tutorials for beginner patterns and after that you can just rely on books for patterns or draft your own (mostly easy unless you want very construction heavy clothes).
I recommend the channel made by yaya because they make cute wearable clothes and have upcycling videos and ideas, if you already have a sewing machine lying around with spare shirts maybe you'll even be able to start straight away! I enjoy getting compliments on clothes I made myself, it feels nice.
If not sewing, my friend recently picked up punch rugs and she is enjoying it, she said it's pretty easy to pick up and she made me a cute sonic coaster. Hope this helps, anon!

No. 867727


No. 867742

File: 1627663244624.jpg (121.58 KB, 736x733, 7e24cb80756a6a8dc4a8ba5d389c1a…)

When I have endless free time (for example, summer break) I'm glued to my phone, it can get to +10 hours of use. It's honestly scary. I feel exactly like this, so useless and brain-fogged >>864425 >>864518
Even when I'm on classes (they're virtual) I'm not paying attention to them and just lurk on forums and social media. I actually almost fucked up this entire semester by doing this, I couldn't study or be present in class because I was on the internet.
I really want to get all of this from my system and get my life together, because it is the root of many of my problems: stress, anxiety, inability to create and truly process information, attention and focus deficit, overthinking and so much more. My strategies are:
> Having the phone far away from the bed, so I don't pick it up as soon as I wake up
> Leaving it on airplane mode on another room when I want to dedicate myself to an activity
> No lurking while listening to music, it's too stimulating
> Setting alarms at night to stop using it and go to bed
> Not having it on my pocket or my hands
Honestly, simply not having it on sight is the best method to me. Because when I see my phone it triggers the habit to pick it up
When it comes to brain health:
> Mindfulness meditation
Truly recommend it to everyone, it's life changing when done consistently but the relief is instantly after a few deep breaths
> Being in nature
It can be something as simple as going to a park or to your backyard but we as human beings need to be in touch, daily, with nature
> Working out
Also great for cognitive faculties, mental health and the best replacement for social media
> Reading, playing board games, being with people, trying new activities, painting, etc

No. 867750

first thing's first: take long breaks coming on here, the insanity and autism starts to become too contagious to handle

No. 867835

How do you manage screen time if you’re in tech and your job requires you to be attached to a screen for hours?

No. 867837

Seconding sewing! I have a machine but I choose to handsew because I think it's very meditative. It's a very, very rewarding hobby.

No. 867898

Part of me would love to do a digital detox but the idea of drawing on paper makes my skin itch. I wish I didn’t mind the sensation of paper on my skin.

No. 867917

I found out a good friend of mine passed away from a motorcycle accident an hour after it happened through Facebook. Ever since then I've been afraid of doing a digital detox because what if someone I care about passes away and I find out in passing through casual conversation rather than through Facebook posts? Social media is the new communication and it gives me a heavy heart.

No. 867958

I feel like shit when trying to digital detox. I'm alone with my thoughts and I start thinking about suicidal shit, be sad about failed relationships, think about heavy stuff that's happening in my life. Browsing Internet/playing games makes my mind concentrate on more fun things. It feels like I'm trapped tbh, no way out

No. 868059

Same here. I think in order to digital detox I'd have to find things to do that would keep me busy enough to prevent me from being alone with my thoughts

No. 868310

It's both ironic and fitting that we are having this conversation on an imageboard, home of the neets, they have the addicting structure of constant new content and replies.

I'm having health issues so I can't do that much right now. It's so easy to get stuck on LC and other websites.
I've ordered some books so at least I get some off line distractions soon - if I can concentrate on them.

I'm sorry to hear that about your friend. Perhaps a schedule could help, just check FB certain times of the day to see if there are any news?

No. 868346

I guess this might not mean very much since I'm on here, but a tip that I'd like to pass onto anons:

- make yourself a list of things you'd prefer to do with your time rather than surfing: productive school/work stuff but also genuine hobbies and interests

- number each activity and make it concrete, eg. 'do xxxxx for 1 hour'

- when you have free time but feel trapped online, search 'random number generator' and pick a random task from the list you made. Then concentrate on that task

It really helps me because sometimes I'm so overwhelmed with options that I just stay on my phone to avoid making the choice, and maybe that's the case for some of you?
I have an 'activity point' system where I add up all the tasks I do, even the 'fun' ones, at the end of the day (surfing is one of the only things that doesn't count as a point). I try and hit consistent counts and get streaks, eg. of 6 points per day.

No. 868387

This is really helpful anon thank you

No. 869119

Yeah this is actually very helpful. Thanks anon!

No. 869193

I'm gonna try and stay away from the Internet today and I'm gonna go and read a book in a nice park. Haven't read a book in a while and I'm pretty sure I got ADD so it's gonna be a challenge

No. 869238

Same. I need some sort of digital noise, otherwise I start thinking about toxic shit in my life and getting even more depressed. I need to look for something engaging enough to distract me outside of the internet, but I have terrible problems with concentrating on anything in the long run. I tried getting back to drawing, but in the end I get frustrated over being shit at it. I used to read tons of books when I was a teenager (easily over 200 per year), but nowadays I just can't commit to reading even one. I regressed so much and it scares me.

No. 869252

I guess you can always just try harder, put the phone down and get back to reading or drawing or whatever.

No. 869299

Reporting back: I had a nice time!! I managed to read 100 pages from my book, which is the most I read in years, sadly. There was also no temptation to check my phone since there was enough stuff going on around me (people walking, kids playing, etc), but the most time I was distracted was just a few minutes. I also tanned a little which is great considering I had the complexion of a corpse

No. 869433

Happy to see this thread here. I started cutting down on screen time a few years ago, and I just want to say for the sake of anyone feeling like "oh my god I haven't read a book in years I can't function w/o my phone I'm so far from being where I want to be" – you really can change. I was 100% in this position, and I'm not anymore. It was a series of small things – I tried to go cold turkey a lot of the time, and when that didn't work, I'd feel awful and hopeless. But over time, it got easier, and the little changes added up. Meeting myself where I am has been really helpful – just starting with like, half an hour, or even less, of no-screen time, was important. I'm reading a 1000 page biography right now, which I absolutely could not have done five years ago cold turkey. And that's okay, if that's where you are.

One thing I've found super helpful is remembering this phrase: "walk away from the screen, then figure out what to do next." When I feel that awful brain-fogged overstimulated "I hate that I'm just scrolling but I can't stop scrolling" mood descending, I pretty much yell inside my head WALK AWAY FROM THE SCREEN. You're at loose ends for a minute, but your only directive is "figure out what to do next without a screen." Sometimes I also plan days where I basically pretend I'm living in the past with no smartphone/internet/etc. After a while, it gets a lot easier – when I feel that brain fog misery hit, shutting my laptop is much more of a natural impulse now.

I also found journaling and planning helpful wrt this – I could figure out what I wanted out of less screen time on paper, then break it down into discrete goals per month/week, like "only two hours screen time on saturday" or "wake up and don't look at phone." I never liked journaling before, but once I realized it can just be like, list-making and "okay what do i want out of x" instead of "dear diary, today i did x," it clicked. I made a lot of lists of screen-less stuff to do, recorded progress, etc.

Also, it might feel like cheating, but audiobooks were a big help to me. One of my favorite ways to relax is going on a hike with a good book to listen to. For anyone struggling with negative thoughts that fill up silence, these can be especially helpful. You probably already know that you should look into becoming okay with silence, but these are a helpful bridge while you learn to do that.

No. 885397

The amount of people I'm seeing falling for Taliban propaganda online right now is really convincing me to finally delete everything

No. 885437

Do they really? I honestly believe a lot of people are afraid to voice their actual opinion because they don't want to be considered racist

No. 885650

Same anon. This might be the thing that pushes me to finally curb my internet addiction. It’s truly deranged.

No. 901639

File: 1630900986991.gif (613.57 KB, 220x132, tenor.gif)

I uninstalled all my videogames a few days ago, I know I should start a hobby or something but I'm paralyzed and restless at the same time, tried reading a book but got only 1 page in. How do you ease into low gaming/internet? It's like my brain is short circuiting.

No. 901648

Can't help you, I'm in the same boat. I guess we just have to force our attention back on the text

No. 911803

File: 1631646018924.jpg (2.66 MB, 5100x3400, Woman-Reading-Book-Outside-Spr…)

I've borrowed a bunch of interesting novels from my library, and at first I couldn't get into reading again. But I went outside to read with no phone and it really worked. I also turn off the wifi at night, it made me sleep better.

No. 911873

Write a list for yourself of things to do instead of screentime. That way, when your brain paralyzes, you have something on hand to remind you of alternatives to do.

No. 911957

NTA but how do you keep that list handy? I'm trying to change my bad habits and distract myself instead of doing the usual crap, but by the time I need to that, I no longer remember making the list or that I was supposed to do something else. It makes getting better impossible. I don't want to 100% blame the issue on my nonexistent short-term memory, but that's a huge part of the problem

No. 913048

It's not an instant remedy, but daily meditation (trying to not think about anything/focus on breathing) helped me a lot. You don't have to do it for a long time, 10 minutes daily is enough. (I also like to do it before sleeping to silence my worries.) I feel like I have more awareness and can stop myself and take back control. I would still prefer to play games and browse the net, but I feel like it's a choice now rather than a compulsion. Another thing I do is decorate my space with motivational things that remind me of what my ultimate goals and values are. It's important that the message you attach to them isn't negative like "I'll never be this good if I don't do x" but positive like, "I can do this someday too!"

No. 929011

Phone: put a note with the list on your homescreen/in your notes app/put a written note in/behind your case. Any other screens you have at home: put a sticky note on it (tv screens, laptop screens whatever).

No. 929015

I bought a digital alarm clock instead of using my phone, I think not having to see my phone first thing in the morning will help my anxiety

No. 929044

I made the mistake of purchasing a new smartphone this week. It's a good smartphone so far, the battery is better than my old Samsung's battery (this older phone is almost 5 years old), the camera is WAY better, and it has more internal memory, but it's too big for my hands and pockets like most recent smartphones and customizing it is a pain in the ass.

I feel like keeping both phones now, I'll replace my older phone's battery, and I'll sell my more recent phone once I'll be able to get a proper camera for when I'll be able to travel again. I can't see myself just using a "normal" cellphone instead of a smartphone, I'm a dumbass so I often use google maps, and having basic apps like my bank's app and the app to check the schedule for public transport are super convenient. My older smartphone is now too old to use most actually interested mobile games as well so there's less temptation when using it than with a brand new one.

On top of that my new job is normal, I have a normal schedule and I'm too busy to check my phone in the office. And I go out and hang out with friends during the weekend. I hope I won't get bad habits because of my new phone.

No. 929048

I can't tell if you're keeping it or selling it, but if you're keeping it you may want to get a popsocket or phone ring to help you hold it.

No. 929117

Also try journaling! It's a good way to start your morning in a mindful manner without jumping on your phone. There's a method called morning pages if you want some specific instructions on journalling, but personally I just journal for a minute or 10 or so about anything that comes to mind.

No. 929339

I despise how much tech is necessary for daily life. You have to be available and do everything digitally to be a part of society. I hate it so much. I love school but every document is online, so I am forced to use my laptop to access documents, which is really difficult for me when I am trying to avoid it. I try things like printing everything at school before going home, but this is not always possible. I might mention it to some professors and ask how we can meet each other halfway.

No. 929661

I hate it too, you cant just choose not to use technology most of the time. like at my work there's an app that they have us use (they use it for group chat and sharing the schedule and stuff) you literally can't opt out of it if you want to work there.

I'll try that, I need to start journaling again

No. 929693

How do we find other people like us? I know by meeting people irl in certain situations it already rules out some of the worst internet addicts, but my dream is to meet others who hate it as much as I do. That's the big irony. To discuss this properly with like minds we kind of need the internet right now.

No. 929700

I'll try using my new phone for some time first to see if I really need more accessories. I said I'll keep it for some time but I'll sell it in a few years once I get a proper camera since the new phone's camera is really good. Once I'll get an actual camera I won't need this gigantic new phone anymore.

No. 930453

File: 1633379282387.gif (1010.13 KB, 440x300, 1_h1Nc87N0NlMq6JRb2ct_1g.gif)

>Facebook mysteriously down for hours
>Instagram mysteriously down fir hours
REJOICE! Let's hope reddit and twitter are next.

No. 930496

I want twitter to still work so I can see everyone there sperging over all of this first.

No. 930549

I've been trying to get off social media for years. Sometimes I do really well and go without it for months. My issue is I like shitposting on Facebook, it's the only way I get to communicate with people. Now that Facebook is down I'm thinking maybe I'm strong enough to delete it again. I have a timer on my phone to limit me to only an hour on it a day, but still. I get so frantic when I see my time is running out. I started using Instagram again after not using it for a year, to try to promote my writing and gain a following. No one fucking cares on there, it's so pointless, but yet I still feel like I HAVE to because how else do you promote yourself anymore?! When you self publish shit you are your own advertiser and idk how else to do it without social media and I hate it. I want to delete my Instagram too and just go cold turkey but then I feel guilty, like something is wrong with me because I'm not assimilating to society.
On the bright side, I love reading and writing, and I do that with sometimes very minimal distractions. Cross stitching was a good hobby for me, it keeps me very focused because you have to count your stitches, I really recommend it and it's pretty cheap to get started.

No. 930777

It's the anon who bought a huge smartphone last week and god I still can't get used to the size. It's like smartphones are exclusively made for adult men's hands.

Anyway despite its storage downloading gacha games didn't even cross my mind so I consider that progress. I used to play Fire Emblem Heroes a lot before and Ibreally can't see myself downloading it again. I also just downloaded Animal Crossing Pocket Camp to get some exclusive furniture for ACNH and deleted it as soon as I got the furniture in ACHN. I downloaded some social media apps but I feel like I can definitely delete twitter since I just follow like 30 artists on it and don't want to be flooded in video games ads and anouncements anymore.

No. 930847

Yeah, phones today feel more like small tablets

No. 935692

File: 1633951281525.jpeg (13.93 KB, 474x316, OIP (4).jpeg)

Maybe this will help
Hindu priests used to do this to increase concentration and ability to meditate
Sit down in crossed leg position with hand sing, Get something picrel
And stare the flame down as long as you can without thinking of anything else no deviations or start again, no other thoughts
If it helps in a dark room
It will also relax you a little while keeping breathing in check slow breath
6 second deep breath in through the nose not the chest muscles
Hold it for 2 seconds then release it for 6 seconds then hold for 2 seconds, repeat
If you breath correctly your stomach and chest will rise not only your chest

No. 939426

i did my first nosurf experiment last week. i cleaned so fucking much. for three days straight, all i did was clean throughout the day. i got up and cleaned and did all the cleaning tasks that i had been putting off for months.

in the evening, i allowed myself to turn on my laptop (because i had to write some emails) but then i always spiraled and ended up awake until 5 or 7 am just mindlessly browsing the internet. i'm not even on social media (as in fb, twitter, ig) but i just constantly switch back and forth between the same 3-5 websites i browse or end up watching 30 youtube videos in a row.

basically my issues are that i love mindless browsing (or that my brain likes it) but it's not worthwhile and i'd prefer to spend the time watching tv shows/movies or playing videogames. i rarely game or watch any tv shows/movies because i don't have the attention span for it. i do enjoy reading though, but mostly ebooks on my phone. is there any hope for me when i still engage with screens for hobbies?

No. 939537

Deleting all your social media accounts would be too extreme if done all at the same time, maybe you should delete the ones you dislike the most and see how you spend your time after that?

No. 941373

I'm going to try no-screen usage besides what I need for uni and my part-time job. I realized from previous attempts there's no way I can do this cold-turkey so I'm going to start with short periods of time. It'll be tough not to browse when I'm on my pc doing uni work. I'm just going to set a timer for a couple of hours tomorrow morning and up from there.

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