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File: 1646332836023.jpg (36.88 KB, 734x412, f9b2dcf75239183151ed3e99cfe6ed…)

No. 186848

Let's discuss mobile games. Post recommendations, salt, anything.

No. 186851

File: 1646333985356.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1693x780, BF5C7624-B09B-4AA5-A882-570947…)

I've been waiting for this thread to come back!
Here's some autistic recommendations I have for you nonnies:

>all of the free Kairosoft games

They're all about different things but essentially you manage something the little pixel people do. My favourites so far are:
>Bonbon Cakery
You manage a cakery and make your own cakes. For some reason this was the one I got the most obsessed with. I really like making cakes and finding out what combinations work well and trying my best to make a profit.
>Dream House Days
You manage an apartment block and decorate your tenant's apartments, help them out with life events, you can help them get married, etc.
>Dream Town
You build up a town. I like this one but it's probably my least favourite out of the three because in the free version you can only move around two items a day. I also felt like unlocking new land was too hard.
>All Virtual Families games
Pretty much just a simplified sims. I played these games a lot when I was a kid. You manage a family and build up their house, help them with their careers, you can have children etc. 2 is my personal favourite.
>Hello Kitty World
You make a sanrio theme park! It's cute as hell. Here's mine. Every cute nonnie is invited we'll go on a date.
You can make you and your husbando/waifu/best friend or your favourite ship or whatever and have them live together and decorate their house.
>Princess Connect
Fan servicey, but if you like collecting cute girls and having them battle then it's a nice side game. Pretty generous for a gacha too.
>Ghost Trick
Made by the creator of Ace Attorney, it's a mystery/detective game.
>Love 365
An app that has a huge range of otome stories that are mostly good. You have to pay for most of them but every so often they'll release some for free for a limited time.

Ok now sperg out with me

No. 186856

>>186851 thanks mobagenon. I was waiting for you specifically, I need new games. Today i tried Cookie Run: Ovenbreak and after 20 minutes my eyes hurt so much that i had to uninstall it. Idk if is the animation, the colors or anything but it destroyed my poor eyes kek. Sadly Hello Kitty Word isnt available in my region but i'm going to try some kairosoft games and pocket love ♥

No. 186882

I got so badly addicted to the Kairosoft burger & apartment game, I had to uninstall bluestacks kek very much worth it

No. 186888

File: 1646347799251.png (11.18 KB, 236x225, sticker-2-2.png)

>You make a sanrio theme park! It's cute as hell. Here's mine. Every cute nonnie is invited we'll go on a date.
i wanna go on the purin ferriswheel, but you have to hold my hand because i'm scared of heights.

No. 186904

File: 1646358468092.png (95.05 KB, 640x320, 666UR-Yuki-Setsuna-This-Scrunc…)

New SIFAS cards. Best girl Setsuna got a UR after so many time, but is… Werid at best. Bushiroad was always werid with their cards designs but the face sets me off. I just wish sifas let us use the non-idolized cards as photos/wallpapers. They're way better most of the time.

No. 186912

Netease is pandering to macrofags now I guess. I'm about to start shitting on the sidewalk.

No. 186926

Is there any good apps for making friends irl based on interests? My main interests are metal/music, books and gaming

No. 186978

File: 1646374081774.gif (856.11 KB, 480x270, D2E677F0-98F7-4A62-89BE-5B1A92…)

I downloaded Cookie Run but haven't tried it yet. I'm sorry it hurt your eyes nonna, I hope none of the ones I suggested do. I honestly think the most common reason why I get headaches is because of vidya, sometimes there's just too many things going on and my brain can't process it. Have fun nonnie ♥!
Of course nonna I won't let go until you want me to. Purin is also best sanrio.
To me, the mouth area is what's off. Her mouth is too small and seems to not be placed well, but I'm not sure. SIFAS was fun but it's the only gacha I've ever rage quit because I have no good cards for best girl You kek.

No. 187079

I just can't get into SIFAS. It's weird because I generally really like Bushiroad. I loved the original Love Live game, played Bandori for a few years, and now play ProSe. I tried D4DJ and I like the rhythm game part, but the characters are kind of boring and the EN server is dead.

Have you tried Bumble's friendship mode? There's also Giggle, but I remember when I tried it that it kept connecting me with people on the other side of the world.

No. 187084

The only mobile game I play is Shining Nikki. I like it way better than Love Nikki. Even though I miss decorating rooms, they are churning out a lot of new features so I'm hoping we get interior design features again some day. And it's so fun to dress up Nikki in 3D and the story is really fun. I also love the art of idol games, but I tried watching the most popular idol animes and really disliked them. Idolanons, are the games better than the shows, or should I not waste my time on them?

No. 187110

I tried Love Nikki and the intro made me cringe too much I had to delete it

No. 187127

I was thinking about hosting occasional live parties with the other im@s nonas who play Deresute. Would anyone be down for that? also coming up with a Tokiko voice election plan

No. 187138

Yes please, I need more im@s friends

No. 187178

File: 1646469371425.gif (3.65 MB, 498x373, helios-rising-heroes-helios.gi…)

Forever wishing more people played Helios because the animations and fanservice are so nice

No. 187180

I saw two games with the same artstyle and they both went down so I'm afraid for this one

No. 187182

It's usually in the top 10 best selling joseimuke so I wouldn't worry. The best selling mobage targeted at women right now are:
1. Enstars Music - 1.2B
2. Twisted Wonderland - 377M
3. Mahoyaku - 192M
4. Idolish7 - 175M
5. SideM Growing Stars - 148M
6. Prince of Tennis Rising Beat - 136M
7. Hypmic - 127M
8. A3 - 118M
9. Helios - 109M
10. Ikemen Sengoku - 96.1M
(based on February sales data)

No. 187184

If you loathed the anime, you probably won't like the game. I'm playing SIFAS right now and I'm enjoying it, even though I only liked Muse's season. If you're a rhythm fag then I would highly recommend but if you're there for the story then idol games aren't for you.

No. 187191

omg yes

No. 187193

File: 1646475383467.jpg (326.44 KB, 1177x1005, __sajo_yukimi_and_kurokawa_chi…)

I can't join because my real life friends know my player ID, but I support you nonnies. I'm voting for Tokiko and Chiaki!

No. 187195

File: 1646476183500.png (509.68 KB, 480x600, momochan.png)

>5. SideM Growing Stars - 148M
This month is even higher thanks to the yumejo starlet getting a limited. Crazy how much better GS is than LOS, even if it is pretty bare bones atm. Hoping to god my idol's SSR2 is a perm.
What days would be best for you nonas? I'd assume weekends would be best, but I'm unsure about times.
Does someone you know lurk? I'm pretty sure I can just post the room code and nonnies can join normally without adding each other.
I'm so excited for the election this year. It feels like they've been pushing Tokiko and the moid thread is really, really mad about it

No. 187213

File: 1646487657671.jpg (154.69 KB, 1000x743, 20220305_143922.jpg)

Aw shit, time to dl bandori again

No. 187239

Thanks nona! I do like rhythm games, so maybe I'll give one a shot and just enjoy the art and gameplay while ignoring the story part.

No. 187360

File: 1646570030902.jpg (67.95 KB, 1120x630, 20220306_132652.jpg)

This is… Interesting. Granblue anniversary soon, ton of freebies and they are collaborating with FFXI

No. 187385

If you want to try them for the rhythm gameplay and the cute cards, you could start out with games that aren't strictly idol themed like Project Sekai or Bang Dream. I think the music is kind of better in those games too.

Shit me too.

No. 187408

>got a new phone on October last year
>it's an android with no physical button apart from the one to turn the phone on/off and the one for the sound
>decided today to download FEH after years of not touching it
>forgot how to get out of the FEH app
Anons I'm sorry for being a retard but what do I do now?

No. 187422

JP granblue?

No. 187425

File: 1646597478490.png (9.67 KB, 112x196, 300317SR.png)

Weekends are good! I have days off on Monday & Wednesday and my time zone is GMT, if that helps. I'm sorry in advance if I play bad I haven't really had motivation for the game kek
I always see hype for Tokiko I'm surprised she's never placed, maybe it's just the people I follow, but I hope she does this year

No. 187448

Granblue jp is eng at the same time, parallel translation on the same server

No. 187488

try swiping up or to the left to see if it changes it

No. 187491

I love FGO Arjuna's design so much for a while now but the last thing I want to do is get into the fateshit mobage reeeeeee
Maybe I'll have to only learn about his lore if that's even possible

No. 187494

They pulled the original Hello Kitty World where i live but i loved playing it

>Virtual Families

I love virtual villagers and families

No. 187525

He is playable in Fate Extella Link (a musou game), and given how popular he is he'll probably appear in some other games.

No. 187540

File: 1646655438906.jpg (535.09 KB, 1080x1636, IMG_20220307_131617.jpg)

Why are her outfits so cute, I didn't read the story yet to know if she's a parody of pick-mes or the ultimate pick-me

No. 187546

File: 1646661461336.jpeg (638.11 KB, 1300x1949, FM7JbjvVcAU2Bbs.jpeg)

Is he in any of the fate anime entries? And is the wiki enough to learn more about him?

No. 187563

File: 1646664759872.png (236.36 KB, 468x484, 5.PNG)

Considering deleting Love Live, as in never coming back. It was nice and all (especially around 2015) but it's I grew out of it plus all of the money I put in here… for pretty much nothing lol. I should turn my back at it forever, no regret if I miss best girl(s) event UR I guess. I was done with the game quicker with Shining Live lol.

No. 187569

I'm too familiar with Love Live but considering it's pretty popular, couldn't you sell your account nonna? You'd at least get a little bit you spent back

No. 187578

true, but the game is pretty much dead tho. Especially with how easy you get URs now, I don't know what it's worth nor where to sell it.

No. 187585

Not yet afaik, he was introduced in FGO and none of the arcs he appeared in have been adapted, maybe he has a cameo in the Solomon movie.

No. 187596

NTA but you should ask around. Even if you get barely anything it's still better than nothing right?

No. 187600

I saw someone sell a late-game enstars basic account despite that game never getting new players with the Music app out. There's always someone. Sometimes people just look for alts

No. 187601

He's got a pretty design, but he's actually sort of an asshole.
Both him and the alter version are villains in their main story arcs.

No. 187604

Yeah I'm not involved in this convo but I personally hate the trope of stoic, autistic characters

No. 187687

File: 1646696253099.jpg (1.24 MB, 1366x768, Harvesttowm.jpg)

I'm really enjoying Harvest Town at the moment, it's like stardew valley & harvest moon but more of a focus on quests. It takes a bit for the tutorial but apart from that it's pretty fun

No. 187694

Oh I played it on beta, it was so much fun but I grew tired of it once they released. It was so hard to get diamonds (or whatever the currency name) after the release. Also the story was incomplete at the time so I wonder if they already finished it, I might go back to it. I know I wasted so many hours customizing my farms. Oh and I remember the monsters got a bit harder to beat too.. or maybe I'm just bad at it, died a hundred times for a freaking slime. Something to do with bombs I guess

No. 188125

The floodgates are now open, I need to save for a possible gacha/collab. I hope they add Lynne for 25ji

No. 188747

File: 1647015620407.jpg (182.81 KB, 450x447, 20220228_223413.jpg)

I feel like trying out and playing a dozen of games, but I don't have the time or storage. How do I fix this?

No. 188749

Buy more storage?

No. 188755

Yeah, but it's more an attitude thing. I generally recommend people to use a sorter like
I think in my case it's an ADHD thing where I find everything cute and fun until it becomes overwhelming. If anyone wants to join me, you can rank the mobile games you enjoyed the most using this custom sorter.

No. 188761

File: 1647017016240.jpg (203.44 KB, 865x1624, IMG_20220311_174147.jpg)

Here's stuff I tried and how much I enjoyed it as an experience + pandering to my taste (yeah FGO is too high but that's because of lostbelt 6)

No. 188985

Rolled Merlin with the last single roll I allowed myself! But now I only have 100 gems and have to hope Gil doesn't get a surprise rate up before I can get my stock back up.

No. 188991

Where is this cute picture from?

No. 189036

Interesting list nonna. Revue had so much potential but I worry it won't last much longer.

No. 189048

Use Bluestacks, my phone can't run Blue Archive but I really wanted to play it at the release, it works fine (except for rythm games of course).

No. 189051

File: 1647161381073.png (212.51 KB, 640x628, Summon_b_2040304000.png)

No. 189119

File: 1647207882090.png (3.38 MB, 1080x2400, 03-13-22-12-48-58.png)

yeayy~! desired thot summoned in the very first 10 roll! somebody teach me how to fuck

No. 189121

Fucking hate that this game has completely taken over /blog/ and the joseimuke thread. And that nobody would ever make an otome game like it.

No. 189123

File: 1647209422796.jpg (Spoiler Image,549.76 KB, 1076x1434, illust_96870166_20220313_12360…)

hohoho CUCKT

No. 189132

>And that nobody would ever make an otome game like it.
>implying (good) straight porn is in short supply
>implying there isn't r18 otome out there if you just get off of your stupid ass and check vndb
retard lmao

No. 189134

Uncensored 2D straight porn made for women is pretty rare.
Barely any R18 otome gets made these days anyway the companies are always going out of business.

No. 189139

Congrats, you're fucking retarded. I bet you think straight women find shitty hentai attractive too, kek.

Because it's mostly gay coomers, you can check the discord for the game and there's a ton of men.

No. 189156

Mostly? Non. Discord is like reddit: a website primarily used by men feat. women who hate themselves.

No. 189158

Unless you read moon runes theres like two or three r18 otoge out there. And one of them is really scrotey anyways

No. 189164

>>implying (good) straight porn is in short supply
found the scrote

No. 189212

Why the fuck are fujos so aggressive

No. 189218

are you that fujos murdered my parents in an alleyway anon

No. 189248

Autism and immaturity.

No. 189252

>>implying (good) straight porn is in short supply
Where is all that good female gaze content for women? Please share.

No. 189253

eh last time nonas here told me shota-big sis with big tits is female gaze…?don't you have enough content of that?

No. 189255

If you saw some shitpost like that an decided to believe it, it says a lot about what you think of women. Shotacon pedoshit is made by men with mommydom fetishes.

No. 189256

Its so dumb like we all objectify men so lets just get along with each other

No. 189257

Are you male or something?

No. 189261

File: 1647271640884.jpg (1.34 MB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_2022-03-14-16-16-08…)

Aw shit son, the guaranteed 5* ticket is here

No. 189262

File: 1647272159965.png (Spoiler Image,571.59 KB, 512x859, Untitled.png)

Can't believe this game was the one that did it for me despite being for gay men. I'd play more of it but the grind gets worse and it's too much for some gifs with voice-acting that you aren't even likely to get. I wish something like this for women came out without the shitty gacha element (and the shotas). Picrel cursed character design.

No. 189264

Hot, he should be in a otome game.
I haven't played it and thought it was for women but this screams aimed at moids with that ugly bum cleavage.

No. 189265

What shotas? is any non-bara guy considered a shota now?

Anyways, I don't really care who it was made for because lots of female friends and content creators play it regardless. Degrees of lewdity was made for dudes too, still had fun.

No. 189272

>is any non-bara guy considered a shota now?
NTA but he looks quite boyish artstyle wise, compared to the other characters. I don't think he's a shota but seems like an obvious little brother/feral child trope.

No. 189274

File: 1647275231526.jpg (85.08 KB, 800x500, nu-carnival-800x500.jpg)

don't tell me the ambiguous looking 60-90 y/o vampire with the pink hair and red long nails and woman looking hands isn't a a shota. I think of Garu as shota too but idk he may be not. His SSR costume is still super cursed though.

>lots of female friends and content creators play it regardless.

That's good and I was one of them I just don't think it's worth the grind and the money. I even liked the plot as silly as it was but I'm just tired of gacha in general. I would like an 18+ game for females with actual gameplay in it.

The only outfits I truly disliked were that one and Morvay's design who looks like he lowkey has woman titties instead of pecs but the rest of the designs were ok to me.

No. 189281

R18 otome sucks. It's all for masochists.

No. 189282

no i'm a fujo because most otomefags love hentai tier women

No. 189284

Yeah, it would be nice to actually be the target demographic for something similar with good gameplay and good production value for once.

No. 189285

He's definitely no shota, just a vampire twink with a bad VA. I understand being tired of gacha though, unfortunately it's the new normal. Idk if there will ever be a game like that with "real" gameplay, this is the evolution of VNs after all. It already has more gameplay than other fujo 18+ games. Maybe the devs will add more engaging content in the future?

Demand for that is way too small lbr

No. 189289

Not really, there's a shit ton of popular joseimuke just add r18 elements

No. 189290

Ok he is indeed more of a twink but he still looks underage to me and it grosses me out.

Regarding gameplay, I have played old ROMs and have given me ideas that could be implemented in gameplay that make the game more engaging instead of just reading through text and having afk battles but I neither have the programming knowledge to make it work, the artistic skill or actually nice ideas aside from those games that I played kek. I think of a nice balance between cute romantic mini-games and the NSFW content that would both tie to a story.

Sage for spergy game ideas that will never happen

No. 189297

File: 1647284639834.jpg (301.58 KB, 999x1250, 20220314_200256.jpg)

This is the most retarded take I've seen or intentional scroteposting.

No. 189300

I think some fujos are scared to see women in media. And I know some het stuff can be weirdly male gazey and its easy to avoid shit like that. That anon made a huge generalization either way kek. And this is coming from someone who likes both het and BL

No. 189303

you're gonna pretend yumejos don't start bodyshaming you and say ypu're fat/chestlet as soon as you say you don't like their lewd onee-san self-inserts?

No. 189306

1. On which site do you think you are if you are bothered by people calling others fat and ugly
2. Is your only experience /h/ on 4chan

No. 189308

you all ask for content targeted at women but once a woman says they don't identify with those girls you start accusing them of being scrotes

No. 189309

I mean you definetly sound like a hypocrite if you sperg about muh female oriented games and then insult other women for not relating to

No. 189314

File: 1647285869401.jpg (1.95 MB, 2048x2048, 20220314_202423.jpg)

The only one sperging here is you. What do you expect anons to say when someone makes claims like
>shota pedoshit is female gaze
>there's plenty of good straight porn
>women like their self inserts to be busty and insult you if you don't relate
Like where the fuck do you get those ideas? Go look at the yume tags on twitter

No. 189317

Big titty onee shota isn't popular on LC or among yumes in general, such a weird and untrue derail.

No. 189318

Ngl my tinfoil is that the idiot is a twisted wonderland fan because the scrotes on 4chan lust for big titty self inserts x shota and post that fanart.

No. 189325

File: 1647286736136.jpg (6.89 MB, 4412x4410, lolcowsexymen.jpg)

Must be something like that because it doesn't match the LC experience.
Here is a recent pic featuring popular husbandos from /g/. How many shotas can you see?

No. 189328

File: 1647286899884.jpg (283.75 KB, 2039x1846, 1646229859232.jpg)

Who the fuck is separating Ingo and Emmet like that? If your husbando is Ingo and you don't also have Emmet as your husbando you're doing it wrong.

No. 189329

Why was nemu considered a cow if this shit is halal? Ew…

No. 189335

>thinking nemu only rose to cow status because she liked ugly weird characters

No. 189336

>thinking farmers aren't licking their strapons clean after fucking their chubby subby bfs stank asses with them

No. 189337

You're gross, delete this.

No. 189340

Lucky fucking bastard was that your pull?? I got a shitty Madara dupe even after doing a mini ritual for any of my boys to appear. I saw loads of people get multiple 5*s with the free ticket for some reason

No. 189342

It's not for faggots the creators (who are women) already said its for fujos (and fudans)

No. 189344

This. I hate most otome games because 90% of the guys are just straight up assholes. I like sweet gentle boys.

No. 189345


No. 189346

File: 1647289284363.jpeg (8.58 KB, 136x248, BF557168-D603-4098-9CD0-5F41EB…)

You may only pick one

No. 189347

What website did this happen to you on? Just because one yumejo liked weird stuff doesn't mean all of us do. I can't identify with coomer-proportioned women either nor do I like looking at balloon tits so I just avoid that shit, it's not hard nona there's female artists who draw normal looking women and attractive men you just have to look for it

No. 189348

You must be new here.
Same, and I also like femdom. There is like no suitable game to pick.

No. 189349

Of course you can't have that with them eventually saying "I'm a man too you know?" and then pushing down the MC or raping her. But speaking of gentle sweet boys, I love Yakumo so much. I need an otome equivalent of him.
Based femdom nonnie.

No. 189350

Do you like only play voltage games or something the newer console/pc ones aren't like that

No. 189353

Can you post some recs nona?

No. 189356

femdom is too male gaze-y these days

No. 189365

I think it's a shitpost because "chestlet" is only used by men.

No. 189366

pick mes use it sometimes, and the irony is that they're probably average too because i don't expect a stacked woman to actually say that

No. 189367

Hating the sexist industry is valid, but pretending all yumes/otome fans want that kind of shit (like some anons ITT do) is a shit take.

No. 189368

I don't want to derail the thread with console discussion but the recent switch releases (Olympia Soiree, Bustafellows, Dairoku, Cupid Parasite ect.) have nice and sweet male characters as well as one or two who are cold or standoffish at first but those routes are optional. And it's not like they're calling the MC a retard or hurting her. There's sweet boys in older games like Nightshade, Code realize, or any Cheritz game. This is the mobage thread so Tears of Themis has characters who are all sweet save for one who lightly teases the MC. Hakuoki is a classic with tons of sweet boys to choose from and it's available on mobile. If you cant stand asshole guys, then avoid Amnesia, Obey Me and Voltage stuff. Sadly I think assholes are more common in mobage because companies are lazy.

No. 189371

Thank you!
I thought obey me was about making demon guys obedient to you BTW, boy was I wrong.

No. 189382

This. That other anon must be the retard who used to accuse everyone with a weird husbando of being Nemu in the husbandoposting thread, but she obviously doesn't even know why Nemu is a lolcow (hint: it's not her taste in characters).

I blame Japan, the industry, and the brainwashing of Japanese women into accepting that masochistic shit. Not that all of them like it, but those who eat that shit up and ask for seconds are certainly the majority.
>90% of the guys
I'm not denying that a lot of love interests in otome are shitty, but I'm curious to know how you came up with that percentage. Which games are you basing that number on? In my experience they're more common in cheap copy-pasted formula otome games that were originally mobage.

No. 189389

Of course it's not all otome fans who like masochistic shit, but devs almost always choose to appeal to them.
>they're more common in cheap copy-pasted formula otome games that were originally mobage
No, they're just as common in regular otome too. They always have to have the token assholes who push MC's boundaries/treat her like a retarded pet.

No. 189394

>They always have to have the token assholes
Exactly, which means that there's usually only one or two such characters per game.

No. 189395

It's still unpleasant to play games where that happens, though, and it's pretty much unavoidable? You're supposed to self-insert as the MC, so the fact that she gets killed and raped by "just one or two" of the guys and she just lets it happen is still shit. And even if they don't go that far, even some of the supposed non-asshole ones will still talk down to/belittle/neg her in the common route.

No. 189398

>killed and raped
Kek where? Not everyone self inserts either, most otome protags have different personalities so it's kind of impossible to do that anyways. Also stories are supposed to have conflict so a guy disagreeing with or being rude to the MC isn't problematic why are you moralfagging over pg13 romance adventure stories for girls

No. 189399

File: 1647302620374.jpg (747.73 KB, 800x800, 20220314_200345.jpg)

Is anyone else playing Twisted Wonderland? not even a huge Disney buff but these guys have me in an absolute death grip.

No. 189405

File: 1647304860035.jpg (367.34 KB, 900x1271, 20220313_052602.jpg)

having fun with the cooking event, even snagged both chef cards! but it's sad there isn't much to do besides a few lessons here and there most of the time… still, the neverending torrent of fluffy fujobait is so lovely, makes me feel 12 again.

that overrated, boring assmunch malleus can suck a dick for giving my food shit scores and making my fave upset tho

No. 189406

Love my boys and the story
Hate the game (too boring and buggy app)
The game barely has fujobait outside of Rook. I still love my ships but it's a very CBDCT (but evil) game.

No. 189408

File: 1647305421278.jpg (817.91 KB, 3000x3600, 20220209_214932.jpg)

Same here! I was able to pull Riddle's chef card through the gacha but just got enough tokens to get Silver's earlier today. Thankfully the english app is actually going along at a good pace content wise (in comparison to jp) so I'm really excited for the upcoming events and story to come.

I only fell down the rabbithole at the end of 2021 shortly before the english release, but overall its a really cute casual game to have grinding in the background and the characters are all extremely charming in their own way, which is the real hook. Who's your favorite boy, anon?

No. 189409

Piofiore. Black Wolves Saga. Any R18 otome game. Most console games that have a dark atmosphere.
>Also stories are supposed to have conflict
Yeah, but they can have conflict in ways where the MC isn't treated like shit and isn't a retarded naive victim. I never said anything about problematic kek, you're the one getting offended that someone doesn't enjoy your 2D scrote negging simulators.

No. 189411

Right but your average otome game doesn't have that kind of content. Rejet is gonna Rejet and their games aren't even localized anyways. Why generalize and complain based on two titles that I never even recommended nor like in the first place? Otome games aren't the only media that have certain titles with dark content, tons of BL has rape in it and in that case it's actually shown on-screen in a graphic way. I don't mind the fact that you dislike it but pretending like those things are an exclusive and widespread problem in otome games and saying everything is similar to BWS in terms of content is retarded.

No. 189415

File: 1647307408363.jpg (94.68 KB, 896x1100, 9e6cf886f64041b379415c5ba4c77b…)

nice!! I heard about it back when it first came out in jp but since I can't read moonrunes and playing via google translate is a hassle I never bothered, I was so hyped when the eng version got announced. the only really shitty thing now is watching jp get crazy adorable cards like the apple boas and then remembering that we won't get them for an entire year, hah… ample time to save at least ;-;

and like you said they're all charming so it's hard to not list half the cast when someone asks for my favorite kek but I think my top 5 in no particular order is riddle, rook, idia, floyd, and leona! hbu?

it's everywhere in the vignettes, dude. lewd CR azul is my personal favorite example hehe.

No. 189422

File: 1647308638492.jpg (609.01 KB, 2427x4096, 20220314_214311.jpg)

Good taste anon! I'm right there with you, I had the app breifly in jp even but I was too lazy to ever look into a guide for how it actually works. English is so cozy, I can't wait until the Wish Upon a Star & Halloween events especially but Apple Boa was a delight too! fuck those dwarves
As for favorites I'm unfortunately in love with Idia who caught my eye even before I started playing, but recognize that he's a cringe little man and that Rook is actual best boy, also the most fujo pandering like >>189406 said. I'd say them, Deuce and the eels make my top 5 but I'm fond of the 1st years as a whole.

No. 189431

I wasn't trying to say that ALL otome games have rape/actual violence (it was meant to be hyperbole, but it does actually happen in almost every R18 otome game), just that a good amount of love interests are shitty to the MC in different ways. The MC is usually victimized because of the plot and how they're almost all written to be naive and pushovers to the guys, and that's a constant even if all the guys in a particular game don't do it. I don't know how you managed to miss the point so hard.

No. 189447

>I wasn't trying to say that ALL otome games have rape/actual violence (it was meant to be hyperbole, but it does actually happen in almost every R18 otome game),
NTA but god you're so stupid, so is this whole discussion. So an anon complains how the industry is focusing more on BL and then it evolves into fujos complaining about otome, not to mention making incredibly stupid assumptions about the fans and using stereotypes.

It's so tiresome that every time this discussion pops up on lolcow it's about "muh generic otome rape stories/scrote porn" when the actual anons just talk about wanting more hetero content that panders to women.

No. 189449

Ayrt and despite still thinking that it's worse in some games than others depending on the company, I agree, I was just asking how you got that number out of curiosity. In fact that's why the tag "strong female protagonist" exists on the VNDB, to tag otome games with non-doormat or non-faceless protagonists lmao (of course some scrotes complained about it because of the name, and missed the point entirely since they don't need a tag like that since they have one rapist MC for each clueless faceless MC, but I digress). An alarming number of R18 otoge have the tag "protagonist rape" too. No doubt it's partly because not enough otome fans in Japan protest and partly because companies imitate what scrote eroge does (always gotta have women being raped!)

No. 189451

>You're supposed to self-insert as the MC, so the fact that she gets killed and raped by "just one or two" of the guys and she just lets it happen is still shit. And even if they don't go that far, even some of the supposed non-asshole ones will still talk down to/belittle/neg her in the common route.
The funny thing is that this is the exact same in BL games, but you feel more comfortable reading about a feminine man going through the same shit. No, I am not an Ayyden defending the poor homos, but I want to call out how the actual problem is the way porn focuses on rape and how it uses penetration as this humiliating power dynamic.

No. 189452

We really need a new otome thread

No. 189466

I swear only otomefags complain about the female mc, you never see a galgefag say anything about their hentai protagonist. Just focus on the boys

No. 189471

File: 1647326997915.png (234.4 KB, 475x259, 475px-Leader_skin_310601_01.pn…)

can you guys just open an otome thread idc about your sperging

anyway, currently 3/10 of the way to the blue skin and deliberating switching from djeeta to gran once i get it bc he looks cooler

No. 189473

google it. search for porn written by women authors on goodreads or something. pick up a shojo/josei manga. it's impossible to give you recommendations on porn when i literally don't know who you are or what your kinks involve but to sit on your hands and cry and whine about "bluuuhhh boo hoooooo yumejoshi don't get ANYTHING AAAA" when there's 1000% sure to be shit out there if you look is utterly retarded. hetshit is everywhere – look for it dumbass.

wtf do you yumejoshi even want? if a woman has a curvy body and big tits you whine about male gaze. if she's thin and small you whine about it being loli/moid b8. i'm genuinely happy you retards don't seem to exist outside of lolcow or else i'd have gone crazy a long time ago.

>I hate most otome games because 90% of the guys are just straight up assholes
easy way to admit you've probably played like 1-2 translated titles and called it a day, kek. idiot girl

No. 189476

embarrassing to say but as a masculine looking woman i can only project on fujo ships. there is no internalized misogyny, i'm not an aiden either, i just don't look girly or pretty enough so it's off putting to see my husbandos with idealized women
also nucarnival isn't made for gay men, it was created by a woman

No. 189478

I love it how every time this is discussed fujos admit to being pathetic in some way, kek

No. 189484

nothing wrong with looking masculine

No. 189485

Whats wrong with masculine women?

No. 189486

The wrong part is not being masculine but saying
>i can only project on fujo ships

No. 189487

kek not my fault 99% of hetships involve feminine stacys

No. 189489

But how is that any more pathetic than projecting on a bland, hyperfeminine Mary Sue who looks nothing like you? Would that not make it feel like straight up cuckholdry?

No. 189490

Seethe and cope

No. 189491

If you're a woman, any woman will resemble you more than a man. There's plenty of tomboy yumes as well.
>projecting on a mary sue stacy
But I just enjoy the art that looks like me?

No. 189492

projection in general is cringe as fuck. go out and date a real guy if you need your fix that badly. straggot

No. 189493

so your argument is that as a woman you should be able to project on any woman. that doesn't work for everyone, especially someone who is very androgynous. a generic twink might be more relatable

No. 189496

I thought haruhi from ouran would be relatable until they started dressing her in girly clothes and it took away from her initial androgynous appearance

No. 189497

what does this shit have to do with mobage go into the fujo yume fight thread on ot

No. 189498

File: 1647333785879.jpg (316 KB, 2039x2036, 20220315_094301.jpg)

Wow, you really are pathetic. And you are the one using the word "projecting", I said how I enjoy art that looks like me and I have a bf. Sorry that I'm not a cuck that can only "project" on a man getting assfucked I guess?

No. 189499

Something tells me if you spend all your time being a bitch on lolcow and playing otome games you don't look anything like a Stacy kek.

>If you're a woman, any woman will resemble you more than a man

This is such an autistic take. I'd go as far as to say twinky anime boys resemble irl women more than the average otome protag does.

No. 189503

Why so rude? If you know about good stuff. Share. That is the spirit of /m/ after all.
Tbh some anons here just sound like they want to be mean to other nerd women

No. 189504

i unironically assumed this pic was yaoi till i read the post

No. 189505

See, your pic just registers as two anime boys kissing because het self inserts never look that androgynous.

>You're all pathetic and jealous of me because I have a bf and look exactly like an otome Stacy. Did I mention that I look like an irl otome Stacy?

Holy cringe

We need to bring segregation back to /m/; otome only tards go sit at the back of the catalog.

No. 189511

I agree nonna.

No. 189512

No. 189513

Otome is a bit niche.
I think a general thread about straight romance/objectifying men media for women could be a good idea.

No. 189514

>objectifying men media for women
outside of yaoi it doesn't really exist because straight romance is usually focused on the girl becoming the object of affection

No. 189517

Which is why the thread is needed so we can recommend each other stuff we come across. Or just discuss what we want, review media etc

No. 189539

Are you male? Not everyone projects onto otome girls I just like cute romance stories

No. 189556

Are you retarded? This is the saddest backpedal I've ever seen

No. 189569

Even though I don't like the MC being always submissive and dumb I agree with this too kek

No. 189574

>Are you retarded
Surprisingly, there's more than two people in this thread and most shocking of all, I'm NTA that person is responding to.

No. 189577

i don't "project" at all i'm able to enjoy media that doesn't cater to me 100%. sorry that you're retarded

No. 189580

i've tried sharing shit before and it got hailed as "moid bait", so what's the point. i personally enjoy straight porn where the woman has a hot body because i like seeing sexy women; there's h-doujin out there where the man does more than whip it out and shove it in. but most people here can't stand the sight of breasts sadly.

also: i really don't feel like doing your work for you. do what i said earlier, get off your lazy ass, and get to googling. seriously. if you absolutely need a hint: google "otome manga/webtoons".

>Why so rude?

you guys are just sooo annoying to me i'm sorry. it reminds me of yuri (""wlw! uwu"") fans on twitter crying about how their fandoms must hate lesbians because they aren't forcing themselves to like the cookie-cutter women in the series (i'm talking about genshin impact specifically). do what fujoshi and straight moids do and make your own shit/do a bit of digging, goddamn. and accept that you're never going to find The Perfect Content, and stop whining about that.

No. 189606

Ok then you're retard for a different reason: butting into a dying discussion without knowing what the fuck we're actually talking about. No1curr about you or what you like, lrn2read.

No. 189607

If you were the one who shared that dom/sub universe shit, it wasn't disliked because of the females looks.
Even my hardcore yume ass hates that shit.
Also sorry for starting this arguement because I said I hate NuCarnival. I don't even play otome anymore, I self insert into western vidya.

No. 189608

>also: i really don't feel like doing your work for you. do what i said earlier, get off your lazy ass, and get to googling. seriously. if you absolutely need a hint: google "otome manga/webtoons".
NTA but what are you even on /m/ for lmao, it's just games it ain't that serious
>you guys are just sooo annoying to me i'm sorry.
Feel free to leave, and yeah you've complained about this very thing in the Genshin thread multiple times I just dgi, people who complain about the same things over multiple threads just give it a rest and go outside honestly

No. 189612

Lol anon I've regrettably been a part of this dicussion since it started, I'm just not that particular anon. Stop seething and drink some water or something, it's not good for you

No. 189616

Are you the anon who posted a comic where the man wasn't focused on at all and the woman came from having her jeans licked? Kek

No. 189620

That particular anon was the only one who my post was relevant to… lrn2read, you're giving me secondhand embarrassment

No. 189633

Sorry I didn't know this was your private messaging inbox and not a public discussion thread

No. 189645

pm me for a kiss

No. 189675

NTA and yes she is retarded, but that comic wasn't your typical scroteshit, the guy was cute and not all the focus was on the woman, that sort of thing isn't that common in hentai manga. Also afaik the artist is female and/or draws BL too, it's just that she decided to draw het porn that appeals more to men than to women (which is, unfortunately, pretty common for women who make hentai doujinshi, but if you can get over that, you can at least enjoy that kind of manga a little bit). I do think people overreacted a bit in that thread because they overlooked this detail, but they were also right to hate it because it was presented as porn for women when its main audience is obviously scrotes.

No. 189777

don't know why some of you get so offended when someone says they don't want to see female porn "oh no you're afraid of coochie/breasts". feels like you've been brainwashed by coomer moids to the point you think that it's abnormal to not want to see women in sexual situations

No. 190261

don't know why some of you get so offended when someone says they want to see porn that panders to women, where a man is fetishized and pleases a woman, instead of gay men playing out hetero rape standards

No. 190574

File: 1647685769390.jpg (289.97 KB, 958x1456, 1647603276626.jpg)

I love her, wish she was playable instead of Yuni

No. 190575

shut up about your female pandering porn just say you want something that only panders to you and stop using the muh feminism card

No. 190576

File: 1647686692152.jpg (30.66 KB, 543x543, 1647261878988.jpg)

Nobody cares about your seething, this is a thread about mobile games.

No. 190611

The horse girls are so cute, global ver pls

No. 190642

Any Enstars Music anons who don't have a partner yet? I've been struggling to find one since I don't know anyone else who plays this. I just want the free 10-roll at the end of the missions.

No. 190668

mooooodss there are moids in this thread

No. 190717

Yeah, you

No. 190727

>global ver pls
fuck no

No. 190737

Woah CyGames is responding to MY post?

No. 190777

don't you have to jack off to some pony girls you creep?

No. 190821

Women like cute girls too, what's your problem

No. 190970

Is there a working modded version of pocket camp? when I try to play the apks it says update your app

No. 191399

kek. But seriously anon, we would have all the autism from the west when they gonna release global ver. All snowflake twitter fags gonna change their identity to horses.

No. 191460

File: 1647990922341.jpg (1.53 MB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_20220322-105255.jpg)

Praying this key eating bean bastard didn't ruin my shot at fairy gala Leona

No. 191634

So Dragalia Lost is closing, I never got the chance to play it lol

No. 191711

I couldn't role Gilgamesh again, flashing back to my first gatcha disappointment. Why did he have to go on rate up after i'd already wasted all my gems on white day.
And I can't get the tickets from the challenge quests because I suck with gimmicks.

No. 191715

File: 1648080485319.jpg (860.95 KB, 849x1200, 96689041_p0_master1200.jpg)

I think I played that for like a few minutes and then went straight back to GBF

No. 191771

I played on and off shortly after DL's launch. Pretty bummed to hear the news but not surprised. Dragalia is awful at monetization and it doesn't help that Nintendo and the old director pissed off the Japanese audience

No. 191805

explain drama plz

No. 191916

Dragalia Lost was boycotted in Japan after Nintendo sued the makers of another mobile game called Shironeko Project. Nintendo claimed that Shironeko violated one of their patents for a touchscreen control-scheme. However, Shironeko came out years before Dragalia did so the lawsuit came across as Nintendo trying to sabotage their competitors by patent trolling. After this, Dragalia Lost's reputation in Japan was permanently tarnished.

The old director for Dragalia publicly badmouthed FGO and was eventually forced to step down, which also didn't help DL's reputation.

No. 192114

File: 1648224739241.jpg (140.23 KB, 1061x724, 20220325_082027.jpg)

>release Ritsu yume card
>instantly reach rank 1 in appstore
>enstars will even give rewards for this

No. 192115

File: 1648225013301.jpg (231.08 KB, 1004x2048, 20220325_171653.jpg)

No. 192117

Obey me seems to be going in a repetitive crazy lame direction, I regret getting in invested in it so early on, now I feel obligated to stay

No. 192118

>now I feel obligated to stay
It's a gacha game that wants your money, there is nothing to feel obligated about.
Games should give us good content or fuck off.

No. 192126

This. NTA but I felt the same about twisted wonderland because the guys are cute, but the game has been shit.

No. 192141

you'll never be anzu sis

No. 192146

we really don't need this autist fight again. it's a cute card and clearly has made money.

No. 192147

no worries i was just pointing out the obvious ^^

No. 192150

File: 1648229971988.jpg (336.32 KB, 2048x1024, 20220325_072147.jpg)

I love cards with cute animals.

Cope, seethe, dilate, learn how to post on an image board.

No. 192151

File: 1648230061687.png (1.62 MB, 1280x824, wizard.png)

Agreed. I'm still holding out for an im@s Molcar collab.

No. 192152

File: 1648230471133.jpg (208.75 KB, 1200x867, 20220319_181958.jpg)

I think twst is chill. watch cute yanafied didney villain boys do cute things together, make eachother flustered, and hoe it up on halloween. can't say I'm bothered by the lack of gameplay, I don't think it needs to be more than what it is.

No. 192168

File: 1648235418783.jpg (1.44 MB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_2022-03-25-20-02-14…)

I've been on JP and trust me, it gets old real fast and then you just log in once a month. The lesson system is total time-wasting slog, I wish they had skip tickets for that. It's fun when there's a new story to read, but otherwise it's just hoarding storage on my device and a big difference in perspective is when you try a lot of different games and know things can be better. Twst is a massive profit for disney and aniplex, but there is no need for them to make a better game if people will spend money anyway.

It's really annoying when you compare it to idle games targeted at guys, Happy Elements are the only ones pushing quality of life updates in their games (Enstars and Helios) and other joseimuke just have a ton of unnecessary clicking and clunky menus.

No. 192173

>when you try a lot of different games and know things can be better
I have other games I'm really into and don't have time to play new, similarly time consuming ones, that's precisely why I like it the way it is: it's super low maintenence which makes it an excellent side game. agree that it could use some QOL though, and perhaps a chat because those are fun in slow games.

No. 192223


No. 192264

Omg I love this way too much, now I want to get back into Enstars.

No. 192292

>best Shin card is being rerun
pray for me, nonnies.

No. 192379

File: 1648325591670.png (169.39 KB, 960x800, Npc_zoom_3030290000_81.png)

I'm struggling, I am gay for Meg but I planned on ticketing summer Illnot in gbf.

No. 192709

But I didn't give up and was grinding free quests and throwing singles and I got him! I really don't know if that 30sec endorphin rush is really worth the bad feelings before but it's still great.

Also the new servant they teased looks like a pokemon character, very strange.

No. 192760

Congratulations anon! I randomly got him during the last Gilfest on NA and felt guilty while reading your post.
I've lagged a lot in the story and I am currently reading Atlantis for the free 10 quartz, thank god it's pretty easy. I also got Caenis and I wanted to grail her to lvl 100 but since she needs the new materials to level I really need to hurry up!

No. 192781

Thanks, it was way back on his first banner in 2015 that I realized how cruel gatcha could be. And when the game stopped working on bluestacks after London I took a huge break and probably missed a bunch of chances to get him again.
Now I have to build that quartz store up again.

No. 192860

File: 1648484995247.gif (646.37 KB, 275x205, 1629847000636.gif)


No. 192861

anon please don't put this thought in my head… I will die

No. 193126

File: 1648572018942.png (2.16 MB, 1390x1296, Kiki'sVacationCollage.png)

I'll just write about different ones
>Kiki's Vacation
Cute game app about cat tired of city life goes on vacation, feels similar to if Aggretsuko was a mobile app. Plays more to adults with the mild drug references.
>Storm8/TeamLava games
Starting playing fashion/dragon/cooking/baking story games again. Been playing on and off for 10+ years and can nicely switch between iOS and Android with Storm8 id. It's relaxing to have it cook for 8 hours and just put food out
>Hay Day
Off and on player, another farming game
>State of Survival
Zombie game with building and alliances have a lot to do in it and enjoying it
>Infinity Clan
similiar to State of Survival with kings and shit, and merging overworld
>Idle Life
Idle game where it sits and click things to upgrade your character while "Grandma" barres you with ad videos to fast track growth, still ok
>Pocket Frogs
started this again, been playing since ngmoco and the plus+ existed. It's good to see it still existing and it doesn't hit you with a bunch of ads. Relaxing frog collector and breeder game

No. 193136

File: 1648573348350.png (451.51 KB, 349x620, Cats&Soup.png)

continuing on
>Ulala Idle Adventure
one of those idle fighter games. Doesn't bother you with ads or pulls. Can make a team of just your characters. Only can 4 fighters so it's just upgrading. It's a fair game. with pet collecting
>Tears of Themis
made by MiHoYo. Lovely joseimuke/otome like game. Beautiful art cute story and love interests. You play as a young lawyer ready to tackle the world.
>Wildshade: Fantasy Horse Races
Horse MarioKart. I only play Alicia Online so I'm familiar with this area. Lots of color combos and I find the races to be fun
Zoo 2:Animal Park
I like animals and am a big Zoo Tycoon/Planet Zoo fan. So even though this an annoying mobile version I still enjoy playing with the animals and setting up enclosures for them
>Cats & Soup
cute little cat collector game about preparing soup. Upgrade, dress up, name, watch. It does barre to watch apps to speed things up but okay
>Dinosaurs Are People Too
game about upgrading worlds of dinosaurs that work like people. Start on Earth and continue on to the moon and Mars. fun clicker watch ads to speed things up
>Cat Forest - Healing Camp
Control cats you run a campground. Grow food, bake, clean. fair game only a few places to watch ads

These are some of mobile games I play. Mix between iOS and Bluestacks Android.

No. 193321

File: 1648634650204.jpg (421.36 KB, 800x582, 20220330_115547.jpg)

Ritsu is giving us another free 5* ticket in 5 hours, nice

No. 193347

My luck has been disgusting lately byt I still hope I get someone worthwhile

No. 193375

Hope you had luck, I got a himeru dupe kek

No. 193378


Was your Himeru dupe his feature scout or theme scout? The latter one has a really pretty outfit

No. 193535

File: 1648706035248.jpg (423.7 KB, 1700x2000, 20220331_075301.jpg)

It was his first SSR, at least the skill is good. I won't be going for the scam gachas because the odds are absolutely awful, but at least we have more freebies upcoming.

No. 193665

File: 1648741992706.jpg (1.38 MB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_2022-03-31-17-16-39…)

I fucking love april fools day

No. 193667

File: 1648742967699.jpg (156.64 KB, 1534x719, 20220331_175411.jpg)

No. 194751

There's going to be a Ni no Kuni mobile game released in the west. I love the regular rpgs and Level 5 but I kind of feel like converting the format to a gatcha thing will take away a lot of the charm. Hopefully I'm wrong. It looks beautiful at least and the blond guy is basically a Howl clone which doesn't hurt.

No. 196099

File: 1649499335932.jpg (248.56 KB, 1646x1443, 20220407_215826.jpg)

Not sure if fandom drama is ok here, but enstars english beta is out and some ESL fan that posts broken and incorrect translations had a breakdown over being called out on twitter, kek. Mobage fandoms in general are full of people who don't even speak Japanese but keep posting translations.

No. 196152

Kek deserve. Even right now I'm reading a manhwa very obviously translated by an ESL, I don't know why those attention whores don't just translate into their own language.

No. 196278

BlueStacks is what I use

No. 197220

File: 1649921660211.png (736.88 KB, 1282x660, FGO temp.png)

You thought you were getting a cool guy free servant? Too bad it's a dumb shota.
Wonder if they'll ever give the option too change his sprite in a future event. Too bad I have NP2 Douman and don't really need another AlterEgo.

No. 197228

File: 1649927281863.gif (1.18 MB, 498x309, umapyon.gif)

I don't even know what's addictive about UmaMusume but I enjoy training my anime horsegirl waifus. It's great that the IP holder making threats also means there's very little porn made so the communities aren't spammed full of NSFW like other gacha subs/forums. I find the language barrier isn't that much of a problem with the fan translators working pretty fast and after a while you recognize skills and options from memory without being able to read any kanji.

No. 197236

>NP2 Douman
Based, I'm NA only and I can't fucking wait for December.

No. 197340

No. 197833

File: 1650115616722.jpg (1.43 MB, 1239x1740, 20220410_151952.jpg)

They are so cute, I love that the coomers are getting fucked on aocial medoa

No. 198178

I love this game but I couldn't understand skills and how to make my horses better, so I gave up for now.

No. 198830

File: 1650386555842.jpg (97.85 KB, 750x1334, txnadwlzywc81.jpg)

Wanted Yaeno Muteki since she's finally released, instead managed to get Tamamo Cross, fuck you game, give me the banner horse. I think she has one of the cutest designs even if she turns out to be mediocre.

No. 198838

I'm still hoping for an english release, I waited 5 years for Touken Ranbu after all. more like forgot about it but I'm glad it's here now

No. 198886

Honestly it's a joke they released Touken Ranbu so late. At this point it's embarassing that they decided to do that, after all the hype is gone.

No. 198889

Speak for yourself, I'm very hype about TR and the franchise is incredibly active with a Warriors game, 2 animes and multiple musical and stageplays coming out.

No. 198892

I mean, maybe it's still kinda popular but hype died out years ago.
No one heard about Touken Ranbu for years.

No. 199018

Its gacha model is incredibly obsolete, they should have made a brand new mobage with real gameplay. It's so out of the mainstream that I'm extremely surprised to see a lot of the characters ranking high in the yearly yumejoshi husbando charts, I guess the core fan base is extremely dedicated.

No. 199027

Are there any good popular mobages where you just pay once to get the game and that's it? I hate the trend of games being "free" but then you are encouraged to spend tons in the game to keep playing and get stuff in-game.

No. 199031

need to abolish gacha games, they promote gambling

No. 199033

Move to Belgium then. They don't allow most gacha games and are so strict with gambling that they removed the casino minigame from recent pokemon games all over the world and in my country Pokemon red/blue/yellow on the 3ds are rated for 12 yo and older just for that minigame.

No. 199035

>they removed the casino minigame from recent pokemon games
This is the most retarded decision ever, do people have to pay a fine if they import the uncensored game?

No. 199036

Of course not. But most normies under the age of 25 don't know what the casino minigame even is and this iirc only gen 4 games have the proper minigame in Japan and it was removed in dppt (you get coins just by inspecting the casino slots) or replaced in hgss (with a game that gives you WAY less coins AND you can buy coins either so good luck getting that porygon)

No. 199061

completely OT but don’t get me started on the DPPT coin machine game. I wouldn’t care that they removed it if they actually adjusted the prices of the prizes, instead it’s just impossible to buy certain TMs which I needed to rescue my HM-diseased team (child me knew no better)

No. 199139

Who failed to come home neesan?

No. 199224

Anything super popular will be gatcha or cheater shit like candy crush were they force you to buy items to win against the computer because they rank stuff on earnings most of the time.
But there's still lots of little puzzle games. I play a lot of picross apps where you just have to turn off wi-fi and you can play for free without the ads.

No. 201831

Is it “a waste” to blow a bunch of money on a mobile game? Talking 300ish dollars, it’s for different things in the game not just a single gacha banner
I really like the game and I have no other hobbies or things to buy but I know a common thought is that “it’s a waste”. Just wanna know how other mobage players think.

No. 201833

Yes. Please get another hobby that doesn't manipulate you into spending so much money.

No. 201834

Yes that is a waste. That 300 dollars could have gone to three separate food shopping ventures.

No. 201837

What about $100?

No. 201846

Yes stop spending money on useless shit

No. 201859

Ok mom

No. 201928

I would say that $100 is max, but it depends on how much money you can easily spend on shit.
If you are millionaire then go for it.

No. 202382

If you have money to spend, spend it however you like. Don't listen to poorfags.

No. 205156

I hope this thread isn't strictly for dating sims and gacha games… I'd like some recommendations for offline games with replayability. I like super hexagon and polytopia but it can be of any genre and aesthetic.

No. 205462

File: 1652344846679.jpg (264.71 KB, 1575x1080, IMG_20220512_103431.jpg)

I kind of want to make a memey chart like
>things the y chromosome doesn't want you to know about idol games
Some included stuff could be
>priconne NTRing Yuuki and shipping Kyaru and Peco in the anime
>Spe-chan having two moms, no dad
>the idolm@ster lyrics: "There are hardships that men cannot endure But women can because they're strong"
>some quotes from Tokiko about men being vermin

Any suggestions or pics would be welcome, it doesn't have to be fully serious

No. 205566

What makes you think the Y chromosome is against yuri and femdom fanservice? Lol

No. 205631

You must have never seen the absolute seething of 4chan scrotes at the things I mentioned.

No. 205645

I don't hang out in scrote spaces, no. But what you're talking about is a vocal minority, like the spergs here who seethe about fujos. Pandering to specific types of scrotes =/= not pandering to scrotes.

No. 205646

File: 1652393389076.png (102.95 KB, 202x465, 1651019787181.png)

>lyrics: "There are hardships that men cannot endure But women can because they're strong"
>uhhhh this is femdom and pandering to scrotes
Women like you are why we can't have nice things

No. 205689

File: 1652410908294.jpg (181.08 KB, 1600x1167, stock-photo-scarecrow-strawman…)

>Chooses the sole example that my post did not apply to
And those words mean nothing when they're coming from 12 year old anime girls dancing in bikinis.
Pinkpill im@s headcanons are at the same delusion level as trans headcanons. As a joke they're not bad, as unironic interpretations they're even funnier.

No. 205782

Femdom is debatable but you've clearly never been in 90% of /vg/ generals where yurishit is hated besides a vocal minority who spam it relentlessly.

No. 205907

Just because some men don't like it doesn't mean it's something pertaining to the Y chromosome.

No. 206462

I've only played cute picross/ games like Luna Story, Sky Castle, and Gamefox's stuff. There's also a really cute pixle coloring game called Atti Land.
I wish there were more coloring book games that weren't just money bait clipart shit.

No. 206829

File: 1652751105788.jpg (1.25 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20220516-211833_Ban…)

I started playing Bandori again, and currently I can't get enough of it. Here's my cute cow retard [heart]

No. 206841

Cheers for the recs I'll check those out.

No. 209664

File: 1653776630784.png (944.78 KB, 620x550, unknown-9.png)

I love her designs but her character is terrible. I'm ashamed that my favourite design-wise is Kaguya but she is also obviously a gigantic pickme.
I love/hate the game tbh, I'm here till EoS because I love my guild and the community we've built but the game is just awful. I wish I could find something that scratched the same collaborative daily guild battle itch but I haven't had any luck.

No. 210275

File: 1653953341414.png (636.48 KB, 1128x1602, Screenshot 2022-05-31 at 11-28…)

Thoughts on Counterside?

No. 216373

Why do the difficult events always have to happen when I'm PMSing and have no patience for them. They made the grail front way harder this time in FGO and even following along to a Youtube video isn't helping.

No. 216402

They want people to roll for meta Servants like Morgan, Oberon and Koyan of Light, the complaints have been rising ever since Castoria came out. I'm NA only and I've been delaying Olympus for a while, I feel like the hard fights will give me anxiety.

No. 216404

File: 1655985321886.jpg (289.65 KB, 1920x1080, hajime.jpg)

I'm having a lot of fun playing enstars than I thought I would, I think I like it more than project sekai to be honest.

Also Kalim's birthday is coming up and I just saw his new Union birthday card and it's super cute. He also has a figure coming out as well, but I have to save my money better so I don't think I'm gonna get it sadly.

No. 216573

File: 1656056894972.jpeg (380.86 KB, 1125x1648, CF2B6F86-1303-4960-B0FD-DD756C…)

I’m sorry if this is a super newbie question, I decided I wanted to try a mobage and settled on Love Nikki- it’s a fun (albeit a little confusing) game but I don’t see how you can play it at a decent pace without having to regularly pay for in game currency, at least at the beginning. Is this normal for mobile games or did I just pick one that’s a bit of a money grab? Or am I missing something when it comes to Love Nikki’s gameplay? I understanding grinding, but it seems like a LOT of grinding to complete “suits” you need to progress in game.

No. 216575

Big LN fan here. I have been playing this game for over 2 years. The beginning is a bit long, slow and boring which makes you want / feel like you wanna invest money in it, but don’t. It’s a lot of grinding, but at the point where I am in the game I am only waiting for new chapters to come. Try to earn diamonds with contest, stylist arena, spend them on levels so you can progress faster without paying.

No. 216598

seconding this >>216575
>>216573 it is only a matter of time until you drown in those resources you thought were valuable at the beginning. I recommend to refrain from spending
your diamonds to progress faster in the game, better start saving them for events you want to finish. The only thing thats mean when your free to play is that you have to grind every stage individually and can’t do multiple at once, which is great for farming but requires you to spend some bucks on the game. but despite that there are many players who enjoy this game and never spent any money on it. It’s a really nice game imo and it’s possible to ignore the spending aspect but you really need some resource management if you want to be able to get everything you want, especially as f2p.

No. 216841

File: 1656163109404.png (217.75 KB, 1330x722, enstars.PNG)

I went to check the official Enstars discord server and it apparently was a shitfest, I really don't know what happened lol anybody talked about it?

No. 216852

Why is there an official Enstars Discord server in the first place?

No. 216884

File: 1656174938010.jpg (213.34 KB, 947x2048, FWA6QKSWIAISdXU.jpg)

Has anyone seen negative review bomb of ENGstars from trannies over the dumbest thing ever

No. 216893

Do these "people" know what the word joseimuke means?

No. 216894

File: 1656176774332.jpg (193.72 KB, 947x2048, FWA6QKSWAAcIDx7.jpg)

Pretty sure they never heard the word otome either. Picrel is another review. Why don't they just understand that Japanese games don't pander to western ideologies?

No. 216912

If non troon moids can handle being a female character in Love Live and Touhou games Aidens can handle being one as well lol.

No. 216920

If they're not "girls", they shouldn't complain about a game that was made for girls not catering to boys. Demanding to be included in something that is simply not made for your demographic in the first place is so retarded and egocentric.
Or maybe, deep down, they know they're lying to themselves and the world, since they complain so much about a game for women not pandering to them, instead of complaining about games for men not having pretty anime boys or acknowledging TIF players.
Despite their best efforts to accept and affirm their "manhood", Aidens really hate being reminded that they're actually women. Actual males (who aren't troons) wouldn't have anything to worry about since they know they're male.
I wish I could shake these fakebois and tell them to drop the whole "umm I'm actually a guy??" shit. You are a woman, that's why you like otome and joseimuke so much, dumbass!

No. 216948

Kek. What is this madness, it's like aidens don't realize eastern otome will NEVER pander to filthy gaijins.

No. 217234

Anons who play Japanese only mobages without understanding the language, how? Do you translate them? Or just not care?

No. 217248

I can read hiragana/katakana and some kanji, but I mostly use google translate on whatever I want to read. Certain mobage don't have consistent or speedy fantls, so it might be good to look into it before wanting to get into something if you don't want to spend your time pointing your phone at the screen for 20 minutes trying to figure out what's being said in the story. Menus are pretty simple and are just trial/error until you either memorize what's what or learn what it's saying. It's another reason to rev up anki.

No. 217342

I learned Japanese, and it's pretty useless to play story focused games if you can't understand them. Maybe if you enjoy the rhythm gameplay of some titles. But if you're just rolling for pretty pictures you might as well just look at a wiki.

Anyway not sure if any of you play JP FGO but I just need to vent about 6.5
I fucking swear if Sherlock is gone for good. First Romani and then him. Also it's sorta hard to believe they planned the whole God from another world since London in 2015, if so it is a really annoying fact of mobages that it's taking so long for the story to unfold.
Anyway and then we finally get to Area 51 and the alien again, and it abrubtly cuts out basically TBC… damnit. Now there's going to be that hanging over all the silly events before the next story chapter.

No. 217343

File: 1656313270240.png (24.38 KB, 198x158, 488304021.png)

This is the same people that cry that the twisted wonderland MC is totally "boy coded" and that Arashi is trans.

It was an absolute shitfest of the worst twitter virtue signaling you can imagine, I'm pretty sure the mods had a breakdown. When I was briefly in it, it was full of 14 year olds saying how people older than 18 shouldn't play the game and how it's racist to have a username like "yuki" if you're not japanese.

No. 217358

Honestly I don't mind that he's dead, he was so fucking useless and barely contributed to the plot, I'm more angry at Ruler Moriarty lol. But since it was a reenactment of the Reichenbach fall he'll probably come back, maybe as an evil entity (people have been speculating at a Foreigner class swap for ever because of his design and his artist)

No. 217360

File: 1656318792445.jpg (441.06 KB, 2048x1750, 1655054135411.jpg)

NTA but why are you angry at ruler Moriarty? The bad NP gain, clown make up or story? Aside the clown make up I find him cute and bullyable, hope he gets an alt outfit because his sprite doesn't have the eye make up

No. 217365

He was sorta my type, and at least he wasn't a fat idiot or a waifu character. Now there's only Kaddok.
If he does come back he better not be evil for good or not remember us because I seriously do not need more hot but actually totally evil charas I can't husbando that shit.

diff anon, but I don't like that of all males to get a second servant it's Moriarty, + stupid design and lame class. He's just such a generically evil character. Not interesting at all. And he's not even sexy like second/third ver. Douman.

No. 217367

>And he's not even sexy like second/third ver. Douman.
>la creatura

No. 217368

I just love how wild he looks with the shaggy hair, I don't mind the claws.

No. 217377

Because I'm a big fan of the original Moriarty and I feel like creating a young version is cope out from them, like he has to be generic young guy, and he kinda looks like a vtuber with his over crowded design.

Stfu Douman is perfect in every single way.

No. 217378

I used to play love nikki as f2p and its doable. Ofcourse you have to skip a lot of events but you can easily catch up to the story because the story updates are super slow. I stopped playing tho because after like almost 4 years i just got bored of the game and it felt pointless to even bother trying to get suits because i already got so many which i didnt even bother looking at anymore.

I now play shining nikki and i must say that while the designs of the suits are ofcourse lacking compared to love nikki because of the constrictions of 3d animation, i like the story writing a lot better in shining nikki.

No. 217382

Anon my question was for people who don't understand Japanese I don't know why you're answering

No. 217384

File: 1656330518778.jpg (1.52 MB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_2021-10-26-16-56-08…)

I started playing rhythm games when I knew almost no Japanese, they helped me learn. You can enjoy rhythm games with basically 0 language knowledge and enjoy the gameplay and hundreds of songs.
Other games have great fan translations and database organization: Twisted Wonderland (before it got localized), Mahoutsukai no Yakusoku, Helios Rising Heroes.
Learning the interface is a mechanic thing, more than a language thing, and a lot of games use english text in their menus as well (pic related).

No. 217415

The two that I play fortunately have mainly English UI and get speedy TLs, and the gameplay is irrelevant to knowing the language, so I've been lucky there. But I REALLY want to play yumekuro and I'm hesitant because the UI is in nip and besides the battles, it obviously seems to be story-focused since you're romancing the boys so I don't know… it's definitely motivating me to learn though.

No. 217425

I mostly play rhythm games so I usually skip the story stuff. I actually liked that horse racing game but it got annoying translating the text to try and win the races.

No. 217545

File: 1656399841299.jpg (89.38 KB, 1600x720, 20220628_084621.jpg)


No. 217547

File: 1656399862019.jpg (93.95 KB, 1600x720, 20220628_084624.jpg)

Yuzuru got buff

No. 217787

I reinstalled FEH a few months ago because my new phone has a lot more space than the previous one I had, and I made the mistake of spending orbs on the latest banners. Now Legendary Xander has been announced and I'm looking forward to him because he's one of my FE Fates husbando but I need to farm orbs first. I'm glad I didn't do all the maps from the main story just yet.

No. 218026

File: 1656567540625.png (1.85 MB, 1307x854, Capture.PNG)

Wasn't planning on it but ended up impulse rolling for Dober's cute summer alt, didn't get her but I at least exercised basic self-control by stopping after just a few pulls. Normally I prefer the more handsome Uma girls but I find Dober's internal sperginess and dislike of moids to be extremely endearing. Blogging here because I have nowhere else to talk about horse girls

No. 218076

File: 1656596442762.jpg (221.5 KB, 2048x922, __lappland_silverash_frostleaf…)

Anyone else here on the Arknights train? I've played for about half a year now and I am loving it, really looking forward to next event.

No. 218081

File: 1656602981076.png (121.78 KB, 1024x1024, char_311_mudrok_1.png)

I've been playing it for 3 and got my partner into it! Truly the only best 'gacha' game out there, tbh. Not counting IM@S and horsegirls. I love how seemingly small the fandom is compared to other games, so I become extremely happy whenever I find a cosplayer or 2 on local EU cons.

No. 218082

File: 1656603409928.jpg (258.76 KB, 2000x909, 20220523_080819.jpg)

It's great, sometimes I wish I played it hardcore but my style is playing a lot of gacha games semi casually. I sadly blew my Hikaru Midorikawa funds to get Surtr and pot 2 phantom, at least Gnosis is permanent.

Good taste

No. 218088

I play(ed), for about a year I think. But I haven't been able to play for a few months since it's on my (now in for repairs) broken iPad. I was really slow moving in the main story because I suck ass at making teams kek. I love all of the nice art though, and can't wait to start playing again! I also love how it's very f2p friendly.

No. 218102

File: 1656610254786.png (196.38 KB, 1024x1024, Arknights-Angelina.png)

God I fucking love mudrock's design but I feel like they ruined her by making her a short kawaii soft spoken waif. I also looove angelina's design, I think her summer skin is beautiful and well designed but her other skin…. very ugly.

No. 218399

I like the tower defence gameplay but I'm real tired of futuristic settings like it has. Not sure how to describe the setting exactly though. I don't like punishing grey raven for the same reason.

No. 218400

I love the character models this game has but no English version hurts my heart. I really should start trying to read Japanese but it's seems so hard I'm very hesitant.

No. 218696

That's a shame anon, that's my favourite setting. But I get it, what kinda setting are you craving?

No. 218700

An English release is pretty unlikely since JP horse racing doesn't have much appeal in the west (though Cygames did recently get the rights to a famous western racehorse so it's not impossible). But for Uma's gameplay there's a lot of English resources out there, Gametora has a fully translated database and beginner's guide. Most of the character stories and main story have been fan-translated on Youtube too. But it's definitely possible to learn Japanese, it takes time but the sooner you start learning the sooner you'll be able to read it (for me wanting to read manga and game stories was a big motivator kek)

No. 218928

I finally rolled Angra Mainyu with friend points, but then he stole my luck cause I couldn't get the cool robo archer. At least he isn't limited and I'll try again after I finish up the event.

No. 218930

How long have you been playing? I rolled him on the very first day of the Fate/Zero event and I got him at least to NP10, but I still can't get one fucking Kaleidoscope, kill me.

No. 218934

I got legendary!Xander today! I'm going to pair him up with my legendary!Ryoma to compensate for the fact that they can't marry each other in FE Fates.

No. 218982

Only ~2 years after I took a huge break cause I didn't have a tablet and Bluestacks stopped working. At least I rolled a third Kaleido and a couple of 4 stars I'll probably never use along with some event CE's.

No. 219358

File: 1657010010377.jpg (616.83 KB, 1500x1800, 20220628_085042.jpg)

/@/ nonnies, I see you
The obsession those scrotes have with random twitter users is hilarious, reminds me of my friend who plays FFXIV and has stalkers in the 4chan general because they find her character cute.

No. 219375

They hate it mostly because of the latter btw

No. 219409

>reminds me of my friend who plays FFXIV and has stalkers in the 4chan general because they find her character cute.
this could be me

No. 219501

File: 1657074755681.png (2.19 MB, 1080x2340, IMG_3559.png)

i got this from the shining nikki subreddit but look at this cow outfit

No. 219505

The fuck??? There are people obsessed with someone's GAME CHARACTER? Wh… why?!?!?!

No. 219506

If only that was actually true lol

No. 219600

NTA but it is. The average scrote is absolutely furious at any canon or fanon implication of yuri because "these girls are supposed to be for me". Yuri is not focused on pleasing a third male character, so only trannies who want to be one of the girls like it.

No. 220082

File: 1657275482330.jpg (11.63 KB, 225x225, 1654830530496.jpg)

I am going for top 1000 for Azusa, wish I tried harder and I could have gotten top 1000 for Tomoka too.
>moids obsessing over kyominoP
Yeah, tbh idol twitter is very flakey but in the cringe and "cancelling everyone for this mundane thing" way so I am fine with clowning on dumb tweets, but the way 4chan moids get obsessed with people is mentally ill. There was one shin/straylightP who mentioned she plays enstars and this one guy has been bringing her up CONSTANTLY even though I didn't notice her posting after that, probably got scared away. Then there's the kyominoP who is in the same situation, she was never even on 4chan or mentioned it on her twitter. Then there's one MakioP artist who they keep bringing up too.

The shinP thing got me because that girl posted once months ago, no social media or anything (while the other two get popular sideM tweets from time to time), and the guy is still talking about her. Fucking nuts.

No. 220112

>perma range banned from /vg/ for reporting 3dpd troon spam
I fucking hate tranny jannies

No. 220218

They actually gave you that as the reason? Damn, 4chan really has gone to shit, huh?

No. 220219

good taste nona, if i was more active in TD i would've gone for her or yayoi.
at least makioP is active in the general with her ritualposts, but i have no idea what happened with the one shinP. typical behavior to post HATE FEMPS and then track their every move and thirstpost them. the kyominoP can't even lock if someone warns her because they'll freak out that she totally posts minori in the thread.
my idol has a few Ps that come in now and again and i'm probably the most active in thread, but the thread thinks we're all one person for some reason. i guess that it's good if one of us has poor hiding of our socials.

No. 229327

Tower of Fantasy is out. Are we finally getting the Genshit killer?

No. 229328

Is it playable on PC/Playstation? Does it have handsome male characters?

No. 229341

>handsome male characters

No. 229344

but the twst mc is indeed BOY CODED lmao yeah anzu is a girl, but the twst mc isn't one. and no i'm not an aiden, it's just a fact

No. 229688

>Called Tower of Fantasy
>Is actually more sci-fi

Anyway checked out the website, yes PC, no PS4, more girl than guy charas too.
Too bad my PC and tablet probaby can't play it because character customization and giant robots seem cooler then Genshin.

No. 236983

Accidentally missed a login and lost on on 10 free tickets… Hopefully I can still roll Karna in a few days.

No. 236986

File: 1662580797975.jpg (125.57 KB, 1162x660, 20220907_145416.jpg)

Twst mc is male, yumes just get butthurt when they're reminded of it both in game and online. Some may also play in Japanese but not understand enough Japanese to know.

I don't know where the Twst thread went but I need to talk about the new birthday card series somewhere. They'll all be dressed like witches with unique bouquets picked by flower specialists to represent each character… Yana is a very nasty woman, I don't have enough gems for this Witch Hat Atelier birthday bullshit. The eels' birthday will nuke the server again this year (and Floyd is speculated to be buddies with Riddle!)

No. 236996

>Twst mc is male, yumes just get butthurt when they're reminded of it both in game and online. Some may also play in Japanese but not understand enough Japanese to know.
Elaborate, please. I'm not a player but I doubt Twst could've gotten its massive Japanese yume audience if the player character wasn't left ambiguous.

No. 236998

It's the same underage fujo twitard who keeps repeating this so it must be true.

No. 237028

To list a few
>NRC is an all boys school where the prefect participates in the same activities as the male students, including physical ones
>There are several occasions where Epel is mistaken for a female right next to the prefect but the prefect never is
>Certain characters that behave differently towards women (Deuce is shy, Leona is respectful, etc.) treat the prefect as they would any other male student
>The prefect is a male in the manga
>If nothing else, the Savanaclaw students never recognizing the prefect as a female would imply that pheromones don't exist in Twisted Wonderland, which makes much less sense than him simply being a male
The ambiguity comes from MC being faceless, silent, and never directly gendered in game, which is good enough for JP yumes, some of whom don't self insert as the prefect at all. Western fandom culture has a strange obsession with canon so it isn't uncommon to see posts complaining about these references to MC canonically being male on reddit, facebook, or twitter. But the prefect's sex doesn't impact anything in game so there's nothing stopping any yumes from pretending the he's female the same way they'd pretend the boys are attracted to their prefect or other self insert.

No. 237749

And he failed to come again. Guess I'm stuck with Eresh as my strongest lancer forever.

No. 238620

She's female because she's literally the player, keep coping because Yana said the manga and LN mcs aren't canon lmfao

No. 249413

File: 1666381077613.jpeg (69.76 KB, 500x500, 602895D1-7901-4A7E-B80A-BBDC99…)

Anyone remember this game? I miss it so much, anything similar out there?

No. 249417

why is there a goat
can you romance the goat

No. 249419

I believe it was just a mascot head or something

No. 249506

It was a mask and he was so cute under it! If I remember right, he had wavy black hair and was shy. Otome mobage was at it's peak in the 2010s, and I'm so sad we'll never have it again.

No. 254118

File: 1668039803465.png (396.23 KB, 640x718, 973elifdlad81.png)

Two months ago, Mario Kart Tour decided to go full P2W and got rid of all the gacha mechanics it had. Now you can only get new random daily drivers, cars and gliders through a shop that overcharges you.
Because of this, me and my roommates stopped playing. We are still bummed about it, because that game was pretty chill:
>no adds whatsoever
>PvP is optional, you can totally complete events through PvE mode (you play against CPU)
>no energy/hearts, you can race as much as you want, whenever you want
>guaranteed units from the gacha if you pulled a certain number of times
>biweekly events that featured new drivers, cars and challenges
This game was truly a gem, but now everything has gone to shit because it's almost impossible to get new drivers unless you pay.

I want to know if anons know about a game that has some of these features and is not that difficult to play. One of my roommates told me she liked the game because it was a "no-brainer" (i agree) and that helped distracting her.
Any recs?

No. 255527

What are some games you can play offline?
I've got Bejeweled Classic.

No. 258101

any good mobile games that aren't gachashit and don't force you to log in everyday? i wanna play something fun, maybe like a murder mystery game

No. 258104

bitlife kek

No. 258252

File: 1669507676484.jpg (4.17 MB, 2894x4093, 3242874.jpg)

I got him with a few single summons, looking forward ascending him properly once I finished this chapter.
I am so lucky with the husbandos and extra classes in this game I even get them when I am summoning for some 3* character.

Say what you want about FGO but the men are cool and varied. Genshin's guys are too feminine and same-facey to me and Fire Emblem Heroes and others tend to have maybe one type of SSR man that is usually the generic young heroic anime dude and everyone else who is old or non-attractive or too buff has such generic skills and stats that nobody wants to summon them.

No. 258276

File: 1669513387986.png (199.92 KB, 397x251, E3FD0AB5-0FF7-4383-AB16-A45407…)

I miss them so much it’s unreal

No. 258278

omg… i remember being shocked that the game let me put 2 males or 2 females on a date together…

No. 258308

KEEK NONNIE, you just gave me a wave of nostalgia.

Remember dashing straight to the family tablet after going home from every school days (3rd grade/4th gradeish?) to check on the finished quests. Good times, good times.

If it makes you any better the characters do show up in Choices, Pixelberry's other mobile game.

No. 258309

no way nonnie! I was just thinking about this game lol. the nostalgia

No. 258310

> I remember dashing straight to the family tablet
>family tablet
we are really sharing this site with a bunch of ipad babies now. I need to leave and move into my old woman witch cabin

No. 258314

ill go with you. we can watch our vhs recordings

No. 258315

File: 1669524247074.jpg (61.87 KB, 800x432, HD-wallpaper-video-game-legend…)

any anons play legends of runeterra? What champs do you use? I love Norra so much, she was the best update this game ever had. If an anon reading this hasnt played, honestly I recommend it highly

No. 258316

samefag, picrel above is zoe not norra but I love the sparkly poro

No. 258338

File: 1669537147804.jpeg (730.91 KB, 855x1000, FDPAUKRaMAEO9CW.jpeg)

God you're so lucky, I had 2.2k SQ saved just for him and I only reached NP3, and the only 5* spook I got was Tamamo who already NP2. At least I got him but those were some really shitty rolls. I'm back into hard saving mode to get the last two copies for his next banners, I hope the Oberon rolls will go better.

No. 265070

FGO, so first part of Lostbelt 7 came out and of course it wouldn't go to plan but The big bad gets hit by some other mysterious enemy? gets amnesia and thinks she's our friend…And the story has barely even started yet. I got a bad feeling it's going to end up really stupid but it will probably be quite a ride.

No. 265089

I always thought the U-Olga Marie shit was retarded and nonsensical so I don't have much hopes for what's going to happen. Gotta love the new bat goddess though, great design.

No. 265689

The bats a guy, and I love the design too but way too crazy of a character. If these are all the servants we get I probably wont roll.
Really hope Daybit actually has some kind of reason for wanting to destroy the world other then the lulz or something…

No. 265742

Yeah I realized it was a guy after posting this message, I have no idea why I thought he was a woman, he's not androgynous looking in the slightest. I was kinda disappointed when I realized it lol, I thought we finally got an unhinged woman who's not crazy in a yandere way.

No. 266029

And I wasted all my gems failing to get Kotomine/Rasputin…
The 2nd and 3rd ascensions are really hot and Jouji Nakata…

No. 266785

File: 1672751440551.jpg (173.58 KB, 1068x700, Onmyoji-featured.jpg)

Anybody playing Onmyoji here? I went in blind because I liked the art direction and I thought it was a chill game, the game is actually very newcomer unfriendly, there's so much shit to do it's overwhelming.

No. 266800

Any good game with bishounens thats aimed at women? I miss seeing beautiful anime men…

No. 268158

File: 1673317399510.png (400.68 KB, 810x1440, unnamed.png)

They made an Atti Land 2! Yay more adorable pixle pictures to color!

No. 268163

kek you need to find a good mentor to hold your hand, and to build kuro mujou

No. 270910

File: 1674283828499.jpg (72.71 KB, 720x406, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

Does anyone play Ensemble Stars?
I just started it because I used to play various music games on a mobile before, and I enjoy how 'updated' it feels in comparison to older titles, however…
It feels extremely pay2play-y, or am i being paranoid? So many gachas where you can pull only by paying… Any way to actually farm diamonds quicker, or this game is not worth grinding altogether? I enjoy the story and cute characters, but how yumejo/otome is it? I keep seeing people claim that every char is supposedly a gay or there is some tranny, and I am more or less confused. Does it really have some mtf or is it another western mistranslation?

No. 270911

For joseimuke, I'd recommend Twisted Wonderland. For general mobage, I'd recommend Alchemy Stars.

No. 270915

ugh yeah i was super into enstars for a bit.
>is it p2p?
it depends, but i will say if you're doing events and want to win the main event card then yes its pretty much impossible to do without paying. the game does provide you with an alright amount of diamonds for regular enough gacha pulls, but yeah it doesn't make it easy for players to get the cards they want at all.
doing the stories and event stories is a good way to farm diamonds, too.

>how yumejo is it?

i don't enjoy otome/self insert media so it's hard for me to answer. id say its fairly yumejo? all the characters talk to you as the producer and have some kind of connection to you, but obviously it's not like you can go on dates with them or anything. i personally enjoyed seeing the boys interact with eachother more than the producer stuff.
my memory's kinda hazy on this but arashi in the japanese original uses generally feminine language when referring to himself, and iirc the others make a point of calling him a 'she', but to me it comes more across as like… one of those japanese things where they'll have a really feminine male character. the western fandom got REALLY up in arms about arashi being trans though, iirc there was some controversy with the english translation 'not respecting arashis pronouns' or some bullshit. when i was playing it i didn't even see much content with arashi in it though lol so you can most likely avoid him if you're bothered by it

No. 276868

FGO Lostbelt 7 part two
Damn you ORT the only thing worse than all the gimmicks is the fact that its constant walking animation is lagging out my tablet.
Now let's see if I can finish it all before the blue gems expire while still having time for late Valentine's.

No. 277458

did you finish? honestly it just got tedious after a while lol! xu fu was a surprise mvp for me though.
yeah fgo has a handful of incredible male designs, the lows are SO low though like actual pedo-tier, some of the CEs are even worse. it's a blessing and a curse to have so many different artists working on designs I guess. I still can't believe we're going almost 8 years with no male summer servants when oberon and douman alts would obviously make bank. the costumes are always so unbelievably chaste and boring too. it felt mean to show 3 ascension outfits for douman in the last summer event and then just have one costume. I wonder if they're even going to do anything for white day when their schedule is obviously kinda fucked.

No. 278555

Yeah, the second form with the storm was lagging even harder, but it wasn't that difficult could've probably used my 4&5 stars earlier.
Didn't even have to use the gems on the final bosses.
Douman and Mecha Eli, and friend Jean Alter MVP.

Now I'm curious if the new story is a full 3rd chapter or more of a 2.5, I actually got a little attached to Kamatzoz once they revealed his backstory and he got a little gap, wonder if he can ever be a real servant. And Tepue dino was probably my favorite story companion. Surprised they 'killed off?' U-Olga, annoyed we still don't know who fake Roman is, and dammit it's probably going to go more Lovecraft.

No. 282809

File: 1678854012807.jpg (192.43 KB, 1140x695, 87481436_129721035229930_38856…)

Shoku Monogatari is finally getting an english release!! Time to chill and collect some pretty chinese food bishies

No. 282811

File: 1678854548759.png (2.15 MB, 2316x1080, Screenshot_20230314_232617_The…)

A strong start, they even let you pick a male MC for maximum fujo pleasure

No. 284583

Got really lucky this White Day event with FGO. Rolled the new guy Takasugi + Waver, Proto Arthur, and Moriarty. Probably won't be able to get Enkidu or Alter Cu though that would be way too lucky.
It's getting to the point where I've actually rolled most of the good male servants. Just got to save up for Kotomine rerun.

No. 284684

File: 1679502163494.jpg (226.19 KB, 1290x1290, FrYwuz0XwAIShyk.jpg)

Atlus finally made a Persona gatcha (Persona 5-themed, of course) and I have been laughing at it for days.
Chie-ann and the velvet assistant look nice, but then I watched the gameplay and it's on pokemon fan game levels. It's all asset flips and tracing over the original art. I would say that I don’t know how they approved the game considering the low effort, but considering how they ported P3P, I’m not surprised.
I wonder how it will turn out, they even got Lyn to sing more songs for it. I hope we at least get to see non-P5 characters on the gatcha, something similar to Pokemon Masters.

No. 284688

But that's clearly a POV shot… Do you self-insert as a male or something?

No. 284695

NTA but I've played this in Japanese and Chinese before (it's originally a Chinese game). They change the text and audio for whether you play as a male young master or a female young master. There's also different art/images for male or female. That being said, there's not a lot of POV shots, and this one is the opening scene KEK.

No. 284712

Oh I see, that's actually pretty neat.

No. 284734

>hope we at least get to see non-P5 characters on the gatcha, something similar to Pokemon Masters.
The closest to that is the SMT mobage I guess. I haven't played it though but the focus is on the demons and it has its own human cast and some collabs like with DMC5 and Bayonetta.

No. 284749

Atlus will really make anything but a persona 6, huh

No. 284751

Owl Morgana looks hilarious to me, couldn't they at least change the color scheme?
Also this is so weird. It's literally Persona 5 but with characters that look slightly different, and somehow Atlus thought this thing that looks like a mod was a good idea. I thought it was inspired by P5 at first but no, it's literally the same fucking game kek. Same animations (and I mean every animation), same colors, same gameplay, same battle system, same menus, mostly same models, maps and locations, same fucking story down to the order of events and character tropes. Even the first boss is a knock-off and I can already spot cheaper looking coomer designs. This is bizarre.

No. 284760

I remember Soejima said that he picked the 3 primary colours for Aigis because it reminded him of old anime heroines or something like that, and looking at Teddie, Morgana and the owl, it seems he will continue giving the mascots that color scheme for whatever reason.
I'm guessing this gatcha is one of Atlus' plans to bring Persona to the chinese market. Looks like translating their actual games and giving them merch isn't valuable, but partnering with a company known for stealing assets and making a rip-off of their IP is, kek.

No. 284761

>same animations (and I mean every animation), same colors, same gameplay, same battle system, same menus, mostly same models, maps and locations, same fucking story down to the order of events and character tropes
Girl, it's Atlus. Have you seen how they reused assets to make so many PS2 games one after the other until the next generation? It's on brand with them.

No. 284765

I'm familiar with some Atlus games but not all of them. I know they reuse some assets and models, but not to this extent. Using P5 as an example, the main game and the Strikers spin-off obviously use the same assets, but even that looks more different than this chinese game.

No. 284900

Strikers looked different because it wasn't made by Atlus directly, it was made by Omega Force. They make those for all different series - Fire Emblem Warriors, Hyrule Warriors, Touken Ranbu Warriors, etc. They're used to reskinning the same old game with whatever IP they can get their hands on and adding some extra bells and whistles to shake things up.

No. 285210

This gacha game isn't made by Atlus either. And I get what you mean but I've never seen a spin-off of a game that uses the exact same engine (it looks like that at least) and even the same menus and animations. Idk since it also probably canonically takes place a bit after the main games you'd think they'd change some details up to show that it's still the same universe, but a little different. I think that's normal game design. This feels a bit lazy.

No. 286737

File: 1680238858814.png (148.11 KB, 512x720, 953idolizedMari.png)

Goodbye, LLSIF!
I remember getting this Initial SSR Mari card during biology class one day and almost pissing myself because it was a 1-pull.
I've been playing on and off since 2017 and all these years I've been very lucky and happy to have LL influence me. I learned how to keep positive thoughts, a bit of Japanese, live performance dance moves and how to have harmless non-violent fun kek
Goodbye, my beloved Initial SSR Mari. Goodbye, all of the hated You cards in my album. Goodbye, all of my Expert/Master cleared song replays.
See you all in SIF2.. If my forcibly generated transfer code works. Whew.

No. 286741

File: 1680240847666.png (177.84 KB, 512x720, 464idolizedRin.png)

I can't say anything about the game that you haven't already.
She still is my greatest treasure.

No. 286776

File: 1680254375091.jpg (185.15 KB, 1280x720, 20230331_110344.jpg)

I dont remember my first SRR but my first UR, the magician Maki one, was a 1-pull too. I got her at the park when I was skipping class kek.
LL was the first idol series I got into so it has a special place in my heart, I will miss my orginal savefile… I live in EU so I wasn't even able to transfer my cards, I spent the whole afternoon writting down my +1.5k cards so I can look them up later and at least save them s PNGs on my computer.

I got mixed feelings towards LLSIF2, in a way I'm happy for a soft reboot because when I tried to get back into the LL game it had added a bunch of random stuff (costumes, accessories and such) and it all confused me so much I stoped playing again, so a fresh start is welcome. But even as a casual-ish player, I spent so much time on the original game it's sad to see go away, specially since I'm sure most of the things they want to add in 2 can be added to the base game.
Goodbye to all my Yoshiko cards…

No. 286779

Fuck! I should've posted sooner, you had until 16:00 JP time (server termination time)/8:00 UK time to use a "secret" (from the LLSIF Discord server) method of getting a transfer code. I would've sent it to you in any way I could.. Though, the people responsible for making those methods did warn that the code may not work in LLSIF2.
By the way, if you logged in during these last few hours, did you notice that on Home screen where the N-girl story banner was, there was a red dot and if you clicked it the game crashed? That's where the Transfer Option should've been.
Fucking tantalizing assholes!

No. 286784

It's fine, they're all pixels on a screen after all and sooner or later they and the actual games will fully disappear anyways. I don't have a discord, so I had no idea about that, I'm not sure when that method was found out, but when I tried to look up for any data-transfer way all I got were people complaining or saying there wasn't any way for EU (and wrongly-marked people).
Most banners didn’t even load up for me, the game was very laggy and full of connection and transmission errors. It look me 15 minutes to just log-in onto the game.

No. 286848

File: 1680286121229.jpg (72.13 KB, 536x554, 20191212_153819.jpg)

I'm going thru my old LL screenshots and got so confused, what did she mean by this kek

No. 287204

Ruby's thing was that she's refered to and treated like a small animal, like, the squeaks she does, right? Maybe it's meant to be, uhh, encouraging? KEK No idea, I never liked having Ruby as a partner, her voice is too grating

No. 288377

Why the fuck sidem growing stars died, felt like it was going well and then suddenly they killed it?? I wonder if they planned to do this from day one. It feels suspicious.

No. 289373

File: 1681424491786.jpeg (70.3 KB, 828x676, 4174E09D-2373-41FF-BDEE-D54035…)

anyone playing mario kart tour?

No. 289386

That was me playing Yoshi Island as a kid

No. 289454

There's a lot going on here, but I'm excited to get my hands on a 3 star Ryoshu (spent most of my shards on W Don kek)–and the egos are pretty cute, too!

No. 290849

File: 1681940951095.jpg (743.16 KB, 2560x1440, pre-registration-for-the-tale-…)

It's time to talk shit. I've played this game before in Chinese for about three years, in the Taiwan server, and it just got released in English. I just played the tale of food in english for the first time, and oh my god, the english voices are so BAD. I'm not normally one to complain about voice acting like this, but holy shit. They chose the most uneducated dude bros to voice these chinese characters, who can't even pronounce their own names right. For example, the dude who voices Yangzhou fried rice keeps calling himself "Yang-jew"… I'm gonna die.
To be fair, they did say they were working on making it so you can play with english text and Chinese audio, but that day can't come soon enough for this game. Holy shit. I love this game to death but the audio is so awful. Why didn't they prep these dudes on how to pronounce their own characters names? WTF…

No. 290851

Why did they even bother hiring English VAs in the first place? It just seems like a huge waste of money for something that adds nothing of value to the game and the players are going to hate. Translating just the text and leaving the original voices would've been infinitely better for everyone

No. 290855

I honestly don't know why they bothered with english voices. I guess they thought english players would want them? But most of the players I've seen in english have had a similar sentiment. They couldn't even be bothered to record the main story lines, why bother at all? Actually, the main story lines not being recorded in english is a blessing, now that I think about it. Anyways. The game is being published in english by madfun. I've never heard of them, so I don't know if it will get better or worse.

No. 290859

File: 1681944213272.jpg (424.22 KB, 1488x1092, pongping6666--FtnaRNkaIAExqbG.…)

oh i didn't even notice there was a mobage thread on /m/. anyway i can't wait to see more of ryoshu. very seldom do i get genuinely insane and crude female characters that aren't also somewhat waifu-pandering.

have you (or any other limubs player floating by) played lobotomy corp/ruina?

No. 290875

I could be tripping but is one guy voicing 2/3 of the characters, another guy 1/6, and a girl the rest? Everyone sounds the same, and it's all bad. I blame Genshin for this.

No. 290876

Yeah, they do have a lot of repeat voice actors. Most of the people who did voices, voiced 3-4 characters. At least that's what it seemed like from voice actors revealing themselves on twitter. I'd imagine it was to reduce price? I don't know, but if they were going to do this, I wish they had picked experienced voice actors.

No. 290880

Experienced English voice actors don't do cheap mobage that will probably be dead within a year. Even Genshin has some weird low quality English actors for some characters.

No. 298982

File: 1685193797416.jpg (280.78 KB, 2400x1350, children of sky.jpg)

does anyone play this game? i've been playing it super casually for a couple of years now, just flying around since it's so relaxing, but picked it up a bit more seriously lately, doing the quests and whatnot and saving up for my first cape. i haven't seen it mentioned much but it's a nice game imo

No. 299151

I used to play it religiously for a year or so but i got tired of the grinding for all cosmetics. I really had a lovely time playing it though, one of my fave flying mechanics in games for sure, and the game itself is so wholesome. I was also part of a group that did art for it and it inspired me to draw so much

No. 301047

So no story yet with the FGO update.
But now I almost feel like I have to do some research to figure out the best way to use the new strengthening feature… too many variables, not enough QP

No. 301076

FGO is moving so fucking slow I've given up on following JP news, I'll find out about everything once it hits the global version. I'm especially annoyed at the fact they didn't do an animation update since Tesla almost 2 years ago.

No. 301084

I have battles on the fastest speed so I don't care about animations. I'm still playing because I need to know how this story will play out.
We got Lostbelt 7 at the beginning of the year so it's not like nothing happened.
Isn't ENG getting Lostbelt 6 soon? That was actually a pretty good story chapter.

No. 309941

That latest FGO JP event was a total grindfest, but I did it.
I don't remember Akihabara being that bad.

No. 309963

Akihabara was fine iirc,I just skipped the story because it was yet another Nero wank retardation.

No. 309975

Not story-wise, but the new JP event is the same kind of event where your servants have to take a real time break before you can use them again. I think it was worse grindwise because you have to fight against every servant in the game instead of a bunch of monsters. So team comp is more important to think about.

No. 310094

File: 1690074881127.jpg (144.86 KB, 1227x807, F1jNEYoXgA09pUq.jpg)

>summer ids for limbus company rolling out
>girls clad in reasonable, practical bodysuits (skin-tight but still, fully covered) + silly fish costumes and overalls
>only remotely fanservice-y id is this, shy twink in a choker and shorts
>scrotes everywhere absolutely furious and claiming picrel to be heinous coomshit on the level on a woman in a bikini
having a good time laughing at the retarded takes i've seen nonas. hope pm doesn't let up

No. 310099

Not a regular in this thread but I've heard of this game a lot and this makes me want to play it

No. 310102

It's a great gacha with a great story and good gameplay. I strongly recommend playing the first two games in the series (Lobotomy Corporation and Library of Ruina), both of them are amazing and give important context to the world and story of Limbus.

No. 310130

File: 1690098909750.gif (987.09 KB, 378x378, 9ceaf9b56e.gif)

I love pm and how they treat female and male characters the same while also sexualizing very little in general. Hong Lu's magical girl transformation into a crabfisherman was also good, they never miss

No. 310175

yeah. though i must admit the first two games do have some sexualized female characters. even then though it's less "coomshit" and more "this person is attracted to women". also it doesn't detract from their characters at all

No. 310762

the devs have just issued a statement groveling and apologizing to the moids and firing the artist they were complaining about. her crime was…deleted tweets from 3 years ago expressing disgust at sex trafficking ring nth room. and of course these guys are schizoposting about finding the pinched finger emoji in the games art. i wouldn't recommend anyone download this game since they've done this. i was wondering if there was any way to contact the korean women fans in order to send the artist a fundraiser or something to support her? i'm not sure if the women at womad would care about this type of thing so i hesitate to post there. maybe twitter or something

No. 310765

This is mega cute not gonna lie but I’m unfamiliar with gacha games/mobage, are they easy to get into/play? What do I need to know?

No. 310771

Nta but I’ve already deleted the game lmao
PM can go fuck themselves, good luck making money off the dcinside moids solely

No. 310772

All places mentioning she got fired for being vaguely feminist are also being bombarded with how all Korean feminists are actually evil radical TERFs that want to kill all men and actually she was wrong for liking a tweet.

No. 310774

It's so fucking disappointing. I can understand that they are a small studio and in a horribly misogynistic country and that the incels camping outside their studio and sending death threats were scaring them, but firing her over this shit is still insane. It's probably better for everyone's safety this way, but I really hope this doesn't set a precedent. If they start sexualizing their characters now just to appease moids I'll have to drop the game, even if the writing is good and setting interesting. I hope some of the anger and sadness from this gets redirected to the motherfuckers responsible for even digging up her tweets though. Seriously how brainrotted do they have to be to force project moon like this just because they didn't put Ishamel in a bikini? Especially when every other gacha out there caters to their every deranged need?

No. 310775

I hope you're at least completely f2p if you're not immediately dropping a game that fires their staff for old feminist tweets dug up by seething incels.
What I find funny about all this is that the artist who drew Ishmael is a man, so when they couldn't point and accuse him as the "heckin feminist ruining our game!!" they immediately swivelled to an unrelated female artist

No. 310776

>expressing disgust at sex trafficking ring nth room is deemed a terrible thing worthy of getting the woman fired
what the fuck is wrong with them

No. 310782

I am f2p and now I'm seriously never going to give them any money if I do continue playing. During this last hour I read more into it and I actually don't even think that them buckling under the threats like this was understandable. How can they do this when all their games have such clear messages against this exact shit? And now that artist will forever be known in that shit society as unemployable feminist? The artist for Leviathan also came out to talk about her awful experience with managing, I feel sick. I would've never expected this.

No. 310783

yeah SK is a misogynist shithole. before the main limbus reddit went private i saw a korean woman posting to clarify things and she said she was labeled as an extreme radical for saying it's unsafe for women to walk alone at night. i feel awful for them.

>>310772 yeah I saw this "omg u guys da artist is an evil turf! stay safe!!!" happening on tumblr absolute fucking brain dead behavior. close your eyes and turn your brains off to the atrocities committed against women because you see an acronym. it's fucking crazy to see these guys posting shit about how evil "radical feminism" is and just not even addressing the physical and sexual assault on women there. why oh why are these women angry, huh scrote? once again the weight of women's words is so much more frightening than men's actual violence against us.

No. 310784

I think that's the worst part for me. It's one thing to make those claims, but to see people instantly believe them as if Korea doesn't have the lowest birth rate in the world for a reason and all travel advice for women involves "watch out for spycams!"

No. 310808

They're really not good enough for you to be staying through this, lmao.

No. 310811

Can you elaborate on what Leviathan's artist said?

No. 310812

I had to drop Limbus Company early because the way Yi Sang's character was handled and talked about amongst fans while knowing the context and meaning of the author's work was so fucking annoying. Hope this game dies after seeing this shit on top of it.

No. 310821

File: 1690336652997.png (112.78 KB, 640x826, steam.png)

>they immediately swivelled to an unrelated female artist
Typical. I kinda hope this game tanks after this though that might be a win in the eyes of those moids. Hundreds of games that cater to them but they throw a tantrum over >>310094 which is like the bare minimum of what could be considered fanservice.
It's probably easier thanks to the language barrier but the idea that these men would actually welcome feminism if it weren't for womad/magalia is hilarious. Apparently a ton of korean males have been going onto reddit and other international sites trying to spread that it "totally isn't because of the swimsuits we promise!!!" but some can people see through the bs

No. 310825

I saw somebody on Reddit discussing this while claiming that feminism in Koreanis contectually different because Korean feminism has never been, as far as they know, associated with the left. Excuse me? Some people are truly delusional.

No. 310829

yeah knowing about him and his work beforehand as well this was fucking rough, i agree with you. i got hit with the "let people enjoy things" for trying to explain some of this to the more fandom-brained kids
>>310821 yes they KEEP spamming this exact type of "no u DONT understand korean feminism is EVIL" type posts like you've screenshotted on western social medias (twitter, tumblr, the limbus company reddit incessantly before the mod made it private and now even their stupid "meme" subreddit!). luckily in some places they get pushback but because these sites are majority male you get these fucking morons agreeing or the idiotic enlightened centrist takes, committing to keeping that brain on standby at all times by simply saying "both sides are bad." why even post that, you might as well say nothing. cowardly.
>>310811 it seems she has deleted her post but (google translated) "the serialization was carried out on an unreasonable schedule without a save file, and when I contacted him because it was unbearable, he was notified of the suspension of the series three or four hours later and admitted that it was a production problem, so i thought something had changed, but nothing seems to have changed. Too bad".
btw if anyone wants to support the fired artist she has a small webshop link on her twitter. you can put it in english and it ships worldwide, but because it will be coming from SK the shipping might be expensive.

No. 310831

What is this motherfucker even on about? Some feminists complain about his coomshit games online and make him feel bad about playing and that's why women need to be fired, even if they don't directly partake in whatever he's bitching about?

Do you mind expanding on what they said about Yi Sang? I wasn't really on twitter during that chapter of the story so I missed all of it

No. 310837

That's exactly what I got when I tried to explain Yi Sang as well. Had to just drop it after realizing that there's no way the majority of players are ever going to meaningfully engage with source material and that that was going to piss me off too much going forward.

No. 310842

A cursory Google search of Yi Sang gives an idea why it's uncomfortable, although readily available English sources expressing his significance don't exist. Imagine if there was a character named Elie Wiesel in the game and people kept talking about him from a fandom angle and making jokes about what an emo depressed anime boy he is. I might be too close to the matter to speak subjectively, being Korean myself, but it makes my skin crawl.
It wouldn't feel so bad if things were alienated a bit from the author himself through the LC character being named after a novel character or something, and I get that he's literally called Yi Sang because Nalgae (as well as the majority of the real Yi Sang's work) was written from a first person POV, but it's still cringe.
Yi Sang is not well known outside of Korea despite being one of the pioneering authors of the modern Korean literary scene. So seeing an author who wrote extensively from the wells of mental unwellness induced by Japanese occupation (at risk of his own wellbeing, although I would not necessarily call him an activist) and eventually died in his 20s following imprisonment by the Japanese, reduced to some sad anime boy for people to coo over in popular consciousness, is jarring.

No. 310854

Why do you think they're not good enough to stick by?

No. 310859

Oh, I see now, thank you for answering. I knew that The Wings was told from first person and I thought that would explain why they named the character after the author, but reading how much they took from his real life, like even the Circle of Nine, I understand why it's uncomfortable. Gacha does attract people with the least amount of brain function so I can imagine what the reactions would be like if they were told to stop woobifying him

No. 310863

File: 1690370547439.jpg (77.54 KB, 598x620, F171bxhaMAAewKU.jpg)

It gets worse, Korean moids target women and spread fake news overseas that they're shotacon terfs. God I hate moids. The artists was also fired via phone call at 11pm.

I'm gonna install a cutesy girl rhythm game to cleanse my palate.

No. 310864

As if being a terf is bad.

No. 310868

>oh no le ebil terf points out creep moids as the creeps they are!
>feminism is totally wrong! What do you mean I cant Jack off to kiddie porn?
>harasses her and sends her death threats in resulting her being fired
Please someone gas these moids already they're too far retarded. I feel so bad for our nonnies in sk for dealing with these parasites

No. 310869

This is such blatant hatred for women. The art they took issue with was made by a moid so they looked past it, there was no actual issue with the CG artist and now the next chapters will also get delayed. How does any of this make sense? They aren't getting their swimsuit pictures, they aren't going to get more content in general and they put the company making it under insane pressure and all because of what? Just because she's a woman and they can get away with it? And of course PM is going to roll over when these violent freaks camp outside their office and the reasonable people that are upset with this firing won't matter because they aren't dangerous enough.

No. 310871

This is giving me such schadenfreude, I ignored all the blatant coomershit in LC and LoR and kept making excuses for them for the sake of the story and because at least the characters were good, but now I can safely say they really are just sexist Korean moids like any other. Not that I’m happy about what happened to the artist. I hope my PM obsessed scrot friends are upset.

No. 310875

What? The only ones hurt by this are female players, no one else is going to give a shit, especially with 4.5 coming out tomorrow.

No. 310882

its not bad ofc. but the fact that these faggots consciously decided to use terf word (cuz they know the western community will crucify you for being one) is so fucked up. they dont give a shit about trannies but if it will help them to destroy a woman's life then suddenly stupid fucking korean moids are on the frontline fighting for twans lifes.

No. 310891

People get slammed for pointing out that TERF is now essentially a misogynistic slur, meanwhile the word is now weaponized against women by misogynistic men for the sake of their scrotal hate campaigns.

No. 310894

File: 1690388609115.jpg (133.62 KB, 1076x1171, F19kjLuWAAAxqn1.jpg)

4chan,reddit and steam forums for the game are now full of seething korean moids spreading their misogynist agenda and western moids are joining in, spreading lies about feminists in korea

I seriously hope there will be backlash because korean news outlets are bashing the company and fanartists have quit en-masse. The only ones spamming forums are incels who didn't even pay for the game

No. 310927

I wonder if the current backlash is going to make them reconsider or if the only ones they care about are men threatening them. Those incels apparently tried the same shit with other games and just got bored when they got no reaction, PM is literally just spineless and folded immediately.

No. 310934

i hope this makes some idiots wake up to the fact that even korean incels know they can use "terf" as a smear campaign to completely turn foreign opinion against an innocent woman. i'm not holding my breath of course. btw i saw there's a woman posting on the limbus subreddit who want to collect female artist solidarity messages and well wishes to send directly to the fired artist vellmori. if anyone want to say anything i can make a reddit burner and pm screenshots to her or something. if not don't worry about it

No. 310936

I want to send her solidarity but don't play actively. Any doodle ideas from active players?

No. 310939

If there's anyone who could translate supporting messages to her in Korean that'd be neat

No. 310942

I would love to send her support art please nonna do tell what's the game art so we could send our love to our Korean nonnie

No. 310945

thanks everyone! idk if she would want limbus art since they fired her (?) idk if this would be a sore spot for her. if you check her twitter shd_eod (this has been posted everywhere so I don't think it's doxxing or anything) she seems to like some spider-man characters and delta rune, and she will tag some of her art "OC" which I assume are her own made up characters! i think if nonnies here wanted to do some cute doodles these would be good ideas!

No. 310946

Thank you! If I make something, I'll have it up within 48 hrs of this post!

No. 310947

File: 1690401861199.jpg (1.17 MB, 3000x3900, shdeod.jpg)

maybe we can use this oc of hers! it reminds me of Elise so maybe draw her bashing the heads in of the incels?

No. 310951

I don't think active misandry is a good idea in this particular situation, especially if she hasn't said anything of thr sort recently. The connections to womad and megalia were tenuous and we don't know what her current stance or views are. It's possible to live as a separatist feminist in Korea and still not be associated with some of the more extremist groups so we don't want to make unwanted assumptions.
It's best to focus on female solidarity/support. Both for optics and for the ultimate goal of uplifting her after an unfair firing.

No. 310963

great! i'll let the woman organizing know there will be art incoming within a couple days

No. 310966

File: 1690405261487.jpg (305.39 KB, 800x600, shdeod.jpg)

made some! do tell if its too much and ill change it!

No. 310993

this is incredible! i sent it over. if you ever want to edit i can always send it again too.

No. 311024

She seems to speak a decent amount of English, judging by her twitter.

No. 311037

Has anyone here ever played Puzzle & Dragons? It's one of the earliest massively popular gacha games in Japan, even becoming the first mobile game to make 1 billion USD, but didn't catch on a ton in the west. It was absolutely glorious from around 2016-2020, but powercreep, having a ton of different systems, and the massive number of monsters/cards finally got ridiculous enough that it started to severely hinder the gameplay.
For example, in 2018, hitting the 'damage cap' with a high-damage monster and a high-damage leader was noteworthy. By 2022, every monster on any decent team would hit the cap. By the time it was a serious problem, removing it wasn't much of an option because many teams, dungeons, and monsters were balanced with the cap in mind. They've tried various things to address it, but seem to shoot themselves in the foot every time.
I really loved the bejeweled-on-crack gameplay of it though, and I'm sad that it's well past it's prime.
Vid rel is somebody managing to hit the damage multiplier cap, causing a monster's individual damage to overflow to -1.

No. 311038

Amazing work!

I play a lot of mobage and always wanted to try it but couldn't get past the language barrier for startegy + always felt behind

No. 311041

I've tried a couple of times but it didn't feel very accessible as a Western player starting later in the game's lifespan.

No. 311086

I used to love Puzzle & Dragons! It was the first mobile gacha game I played and it got me through the morning commute. Eventually, I started getting annoyed by how much inconsistency there was between the art styles of each card. Particularly when they hired an artist that drew more coomer cards (see: Kali and Kanna) than cute/elegant cards. Then all the collabs became too much too and I just quit.

No. 311123

File: 1690479148932.jpg (248.58 KB, 1365x2048, 20230514_101153.jpg)

I will make a general tl;dr/game post because I haven't been in this thread for a year. I will focus on games with less moid bullshit and lolicon etc. :


>Strategy, tower defense
In a few days Chongyue (Dragon sex) is on rate-up and he's cute + free rolls. I personally really enjoy the strategy gameplay and the boys, the female characters are badass too and you can get a wide variety of characters as F2P.
>Honkai Star Rail
>Sci-fi, turn based strategy
It's a mainstream game, but the most fun I've had with a mobile game lately. Lots of cute guys, casual friendly, good quality of the game + has a rougelike mode.
>Project Sekai
>rhythm game
It's mostly focused on the girls and the 3D models are worse than in other games, but the reason for playing it is the high quality rhythm game + tons of vocaloid nostalgia songs + good story.


>rhythm game/producing idols
You will either love or hate the campy drama in the story, but if you want to watch pretty boys dance this is the game for you. It has good 3D,frequent content and quality updates, the gacha banners are fairly spaced out compared to other games. Avoid the English fanbase (but that could be said for anything mihoyo and proseka too).
>Twisted Wonderland
>turn based/mainly idle game
A game conceptualized by the author of Black Butler, the story is a lot of fun but the updates are SLOW. If you like funny and hot villain boys or are nostalgic for black butler, this is for you. The gameplay will be mainly leaving the game on auto though which gets boring after some time.
>Helios Rising Heroes
>turn based strategy
It's a game about superheroes (suffering), kind of has tiger and bunny vibes and is also wholesome. There is a fan translation of the story which is great, especially chapter 5 imo. Anniversary soon so there will be free rolls and other stuff.
>produce/idle game
Wizard boys. You produce them and get cute outfits. Free currency is a bit stingy- but wizard boys and nice style.

There's also Yumekuro, Obey Me, Nu:Carnival… But I haven't played them enough to leave an informed review.

I also like the idolm@ster games for the cute girls, princess connect and idoly pride- but these might not be everyone's cup of tea since there's scrote self-inserting of varying levels. Uma Musume actually supports special voice lines for a female MC and is generally a cute (rougelike) management game. Neural Cloud has a few cute guys, Nier Reincarnation as well.

No. 311129

File: 1690480065172.jpeg (113.76 KB, 850x482, IMG_0142.jpeg)

Alchemy Stars is good in the mixed gender category as well, they have male 6* banners pretty regularly and content/generosity-wise are some of the best in the market right now. It's simply a matter of whether the story and gameplay are to your taste.
The males are pretty diverse for all tastes, too… Picrel is a Valentine's promo image but there are plenty of different types of men beyond this, like Sinsa and Istvan, and male characters do regularly get beautiful skins.

No. 311130

File: 1690480222410.png (4.03 MB, 2048x2048, IMG_0144.png)

Istvan's beautiful summer skin…

No. 311145

File: 1690484613432.jpeg (105.02 KB, 700x419, 8E8C4976-4818-4079-9BC3-A05E90…)

Yeah, it was really hard to get into, especially once PadX and popular western blogs shut down. I ended up learning katakana and like 10 kanji so that I could halfway navigate the Japanese game8 page.
I actually consider the time that cards like Kanna were added to be the beginning of the best years of Pad! A lot of the cards were hilariously coomery and ridiculously busy, but I loved the heart cross and kushinadahime metas, the number of mechanics was good, and solving boards was still a challenge. I even named my cat after Myr
I'm so glad to see that another nona was into this game though. More often than not, even people who are into gacha don't know about this game!

No. 311176

I keep hearing about the collabs it has and being curious about if. Do you think it's worth getting into in this year? And did you ever play Monster Strike which is equally popular?

No. 311191

File: 1690495899157.jpeg (228.12 KB, 540x760, FSKjBS_akAAf9Es.jpeg)

Damn I thought I was the only one on lc who played this
I've been feeling frustrated with it for the last few months with the difference in treatment between the waifus/husbandos, but I love so much about the game that I don't think I could ever drop it despite feeling extra salty with every new CN update.
I've been suffering from major enstars burnout ever since my oshi's center event. The game itself is so time-consuming but I love my boys and the music forever. I still log in and do my dailies but damn I'm just so disengaged nowadays. I think I'll pay full attention again if they pander to my ship or something
>twisted wonderland
I used to be resentful about how slow the updates were but now I just treat it as my idle side game. Still waiting for my best boys to get some focus again but we'll see. I absolutely love about half the cast and then IDGAF about the other half kek

Anyway I wish Yumekuro would get translated to English. The guys are so cute but I'm sick of downloading JP servers and having to look up TLs online.

No. 311195

File: 1690496211186.jpeg (305.44 KB, 1280x1810, FTRq8adagAI9P2j.jpeg)

Oh yeah I would also add Tears of Themis and Tales of Food onto your post. The former is currently celebrating its 2nd anniversary and the latter is quite newly released. Its just celebrated its 100day anniversary today.

No. 311229

File: 1690510641024.jpg (228.41 KB, 966x1353, nifhekm.jpg)

seeing this thread made me remember a old game i used to love back in the day shall we dates nifhelm, sadly it seems servers went out there are apks but no way to play them is there anyway to recover the data to play old otome games?

No. 311230

File: 1690511196720.jpg (654.4 KB, 1294x835, monsuta.jpg)

No, I never did play Monster Strike! I didn't like the aesthetic of it, and it seemed more grindy and like the gameplay was much less skill-based. That's just a pretty quick judgement of it though; a lot of things about them seem fairly similar.

I might recommend PAD to somebody who is into both gacha and satisfying puzzle games, but I definitely wouldn't recommend it to somebody who is just into one or the other. There's just so many problems with the game in its current state.

It's hard for me to imagine the experience of trying to get into it in 2023. When I started playing, there were around 2000 cards, including shitter cards that were easy to identify as such, and there weren't that many abilities and mechanics. Dungeons had started to become long and complex enough that it was very helpful to have a website guide for the hardest ones, but the game was very playable without external resources.

Now, there are over 10,300 monsters in JP, and the bad cards are harder than ever to distinguish from the good ones. Old cards have received so many buffs that practically all formerly difficult dungeons have been trivialized, dividing the content very sharply between stuff that you can do with your eyes closed and current content that requires fairly meta teams, teambuilding to counter specific mechanics, and a very large and varied collection of cards in your monster box. The in-game UI has always been behind the level of complexity required in teambuilding, but they haven't updated search functionality enough to keep up with what's required, and it's practically impossible to tell and/or remember what monster in my box will fill a specific niche, since most of my 1500 cards all have 2 to 6 useful forms now.

Many resources for the game have also been killed or have died, and https://game8.jp/games/5 is now the only site I'm aware of that has dungeon information. It's also in japanese and littered with the most coomer ads I've seen outside of a porn site.

I actually typed up more but decided that it was way too much.

All those complaints aside, the game is rather generous with cards, and I love the basic gameplay. But it's probably not worth getting into a game that is only going to get worse.

No. 311239

File: 1690515571916.jpg (164.57 KB, 720x1006, lol.jpg)

While them caring about supporting the artist may be unlikely, i am pretty sure womad wouldnt mind supporting protests people are planning very soon - https://twitter.com/citroncynique/status/1684642289459568640 (explains everything in english, including how international fans can help). Btw there are a lot of ppl in korea who are mad about this situation (unlike our western brainlets they understand what this means - a lot of women lost their jobs due to such witchhunting) and artists are boycotting pm - picrelated is the ratio of the post where they announced that they are firing her

No. 311258

File: 1690524678381.jpeg (370.26 KB, 1283x921, IMG_0151.jpeg)

I'm glad for the attention this is being given… Picrel to give nonnas another idea of how sensitive gender politics are in SK. SBS is one the largest broadcasters in SK.
The number of Western brainlets saying that "both sides are bad" is just infuriating when language covering half the population is policed to this extent for fear of retaliation. Especially when these same libtards getting offended over Korean radfem misandry spout "punch a TERF" rhetoric without batting an eye.

No. 311259

Scrotes on reddit arr also massively backpedalling and going
>I don't care about this drama, stop spamming it (when r/gachagaming loves fucking drama)
>I will still play limbus and support it! Keep your politics out of games

No. 311283

Yes! i've seen koreans saying not to dl the update or open limbus (easy for me cuz I deleted, I've seen people over different SNS trying to get the word out in english as well). apparently the story was on their "MBC morning news" and this famous newspaper https://m.khan.co.kr/national/national-general/article/202307271635001 if anyone wants to take a look it's got some interesting quotes about protecting freelance artists (machine translated isn't too bad). sorry if i messed up anything posting the link.

>>311259 yeah the absolute halting of brain activity at any cost is crazy. first the "both sides are bad! this isn't the oppression olympics" (ACTUAL reply I saw to someone explaining things like the nth room and gangnam subway murder). and now saying oh i'm sick of this drama, im just going to turn off my brain like it's some youtuber-apology tier shit is unbelievable. well it's classic moid behavior i guess. stop any thoughts you have dead in their tracks so you can keep mindlessly consuming gacha and spamming win-rate. it's truly just selfish consumption, ironically I thought the stories in these games really hit you over the head with these kinda themes like a YA novel but they clearly make no impact whatsoever in the face of gamer scrotes. like the guy who said i'm glad there's no politics in this game. they all truly see whatever they want

No. 311302

File: 1690562340258.jpg (564.82 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2023-07-28-18-36-06…)

It also seems like the CEO is a raging manchild
I uninstalled and dumped the game when they made the announcement.

Thanks for the informative answer!I do enjoy puzzles and strategy a lot, so I might just give it another shot despite everything if there's a collab I like

No. 311451

File: 1690637708927.jpg (237.75 KB, 1080x1762, IMG_20230729_153656.jpg)

>scrotes attempting to do math

No. 312062

File: 1690879942509.png (102.94 KB, 664x839, zjhnggf.PNG)

PM being at risk of losing their funding over a stupid decision they made in a panic and only to prevent losses due to the game possibly getting taken off the appstore is kind of funny in a sad way. Really shows how ill-considered it was to throw their artist under the bus so quickly just to bend down to incels that would've stopped pestering them after a few days anyway. I wonder what state the office is in right now

No. 312083

Holy based, I hope things completely crash for them

No. 312088

Sad for them, but the criticisms being levied against them are legitimate and it's good to see that sexism will not be tolerated without consequence.
>a stupid decision they made in a panic
It's also now dome to light that their CEO is not the best employer (several sources on a glassdoor type site requiring verification of employment with the company state that he was prone to angry outbursts during meetings). This "impulsive" slip-up seems to be part of a pattern of behavior.
A lot of complaints were also from artists stating that the AD did not respect their work and that being with zproject Moon was detrimental to their portfolios.

No. 312096

Yeah, they definitely need to hire someone for their PR, they can't allow the ceo to make such decisions by himself when he's that unstable. I do think they just wanted everything to stop and they thought the easiest way would be to get rid of the artist without considering any consequences beyond "the people complaining now will stop". It's shameful and pathetic that they would let some incels in cosplay tell them what to do. I wish they'd at least make another statement, it's wild that they were so quick to fire her and are now silent for a week

No. 312106

File: 1690911272162.jpeg (314.03 KB, 750x805, F4A50549-0153-4473-A564-086725…)

there's going to be an official meeting about it now, honestly I'm glad this has been getting picked up by major news sources in korea and multiple unions have made statements. this isn't just internet drama that can get swept under the rug so the fanboys can keep posting tepid memes and clicking win-rate in game. it's crazy to see posts with detailed links and information have comments like "oh there's so much misinformation we don't know everything". the clear facts are right in front of you, you just don't want to look. the lengths these guys go through so they can keep playing (term used loosely) a mobile game without feeling any semblance of doubt or guilt is nuts.

No. 312112

File: 1690911860854.png (535.33 KB, 512x724, 1690707784373368.png)

She's so cute, I love this design

No. 312125

That's good. I know there were protest trucks in front of their studio already, but financial consequences for it would be even better, maybe it'll teach them to think before giving in to such insane demands ever again.
Is there even a chance for pm to get out of this unharmed at this point? They can't undo the termination and I can't imagine an official statement that would be enough to fix their ruined image. That is if they don't lose funding and go broke and have to dissolve anyway

No. 312132


after I was locked out of my FGO EN account for awhile I was happy to get back in and snag Oberon, another cutie…

No. 312188

Her skills are way too meta for me though and I'm still refusing to roll for Castoria just for meta.
Glad the anniversary servant wasn't Olga though.

No. 312191

idk limbus had been making around a million usd a month just from their shit mobile port alone (it's also on steam) with what seems like a very limited staff. financially… they could probably weather refunding the investment money. if they're getting sued as well idk.
if they keep trudging along with the gambling game, regardless with what happens to vellmori, they have majorly lost trust with a core segment of their fans, especially women. these cracks can get filled in with gacha casuals, westerners who don't care or know about what happened and incels who think the company agrees with them. with these people the game can still turn profit but there will be a shift in the fanbase. in turn this could possibly alter the game's content with who it has to appeal to, especially since the incels see their tantrum beating fruit as a "win". it could be nothing but I wouldn't stick around. i'm not sure what they could do to undo such a betrayal, even if they rehire the artist the knowledge of the entire event is still there.

>>312112 i stopped playing after they added that gross Draco design but this is really cute! i love her side braid especially. unfortunately takeuchi flops on the third ascension as usual lol what a clusterfuck

No. 312219

I looked up Draco's design… I swear ever since I quit a couple years ago I just keep learning about new female designs that make me more and more disillusioned with the female friends that still play the game.

No. 312229

Yeah it's terrible, but at least the last ascension that most people will have on the friends list is fully covered up.
I'm interested enough in the story and too desensitized from years on the internet to quit over something like that though.

No. 312230

File: 1690962575528.png (66.31 KB, 267x241, 1690709934359578.png)

Jack was in the game from the start, and she grosses me out the most. I don't recommend this game to anyone because of incel fantasy agartha, but some of the female characters are more fun than the blank slates in your average gacha.

No. 312254

I love fate/TM stuff to death and I will never fucking understand how women can still play that kusoge. 8 years and still no summer male servant btw. They literally spit in the faces of female players and cucks still spend and advertise it for free (no shade to the anons in here). I wish I could steal all the sexy men and put them in a game for women only. I wouldn't even care about there being so many sexy female servants if the men got that same treatment too, even if the ratio was off by 7:3, I'd take it. But FGOcucks get even worse than that, even calling it scraps is generous.

No. 312275

yeah summer oberon costume confirms they'll never release actual male summer alts for anyone delusional enough to think after 8 years there's a chance. it was so depressing every year to see female fans cheering for the boring white day craft essences like it's actual content. it honestly feels like a game that's hostile to its female fans, especially with the multiple designs for summer douman that got shown in game.
>>312229 the problem with this is if you didn't complete the limited arcade event she's stuck on that disgusting 2nd ascension forever in your friends list. they also use the 2nd ascension for all the gachas she's been in.

>>312230 jack is disgusting, abby and summer abby are disgusting, kama first ascension is disgusting, the prillya pedo characters are disgusting, nero draco somehow tops even these because they've drawn her in a string bikini that adult nero had as a costume in another game. the gacha truly caters to the lowest possible denominator.

No. 312458

File: 1691051152010.jpg (146.81 KB, 2048x1428, 20230731_075748.jpg)

I just like evil women tbh

No. 312459

File: 1691051839391.jpg (203.63 KB, 1080x1072, IMG_20230803_103847.jpg)

There will be a press conference for the Limbus misogynist drama. The current "fanbase" are just scrotoids who are saying project moon is based

No. 312484

I don't really care about summer servants. I'd rather have new servants then different classes of the same guy. If the design is hot enough there's always going to be fanart so I don't really need official shirtless stuff.

No. 312499

the press conference was about the tax situation, no one from PM was involved. however a couple hours ago the CEO released a message that sounds like they're just covering their asses so they don't get sued, saying they didn't "fire" the artist they "terminated her contract". same difference, you just happened to "terminate the contract" right after those moids complained? but now their remaining braindead gacha fanbase can say "stop spreading misinformation she wasn't fired" and get back to clicking win-rate in the game.

No. 312503

Didn't the previous statement literally say that she was fired for getting into controversy? Their new one is only about it not being unfair or based on ideological reasons, it seems like they're trying to say that they fired her only because there was drama and not because they disagreed with what she did. But it's still unfair to fire her only because incels got mad? Like how far does that policy go? Would they fire the CEO if enough people downvote Limbus over this current controversy?

No. 312686

File: 1691132273850.png (1.14 MB, 1407x1673, 1690935361836146.png)

Damn, a gacha I actually like to play is pulling shit like this to appease schizo incels who hate anything to do with feminism because of their Megalia obsession… They'll be whining about having more delays and not following the release roadmap soon and probably complain about the next story cg artist anyways.
I really wanted Limbus Company to succeed at release, but this controversy over one fucking artist is too much for me. I put hundreds of hours into Lobcorp and Ruina, now I wish I could refund them…
Have some Megalian Well Cheers shrimps for the road nonnies.

No. 312769

the fact that they just announced a gacha banner right after that we have a lawyer announcement is almost funny. we will sue you. now gamble and give us money

No. 312811

File: 1691169867530.jpg (289.37 KB, 2048x2048, 1691057397927580.jpg)

Ugh, a Gregor 000 of all things. Might drag some yumes back. I just can't support a company like this anymore, even if they pander to women (to an extent).
Wish I could get the hours I spent on LC back.

No. 312873

Ngl if anyone comes back just for a new Gregor card, they didn't feel much for this situation

I know every mobage probably has some creepy lolicon guy working on it and we could cancel all studios, but in this situation it came straight from the horses mouth

No. 312932

File: 1691222328503.jpg (291.54 KB, 919x1440, 1691150788525231.jpg)

My favorite Limbus artist had the right idea, she just nuked her fanart account. Even though she was selling merch and got personally more affected by this than random players. So mamy korean women just went stone cold on limbus, meanwhile you still see western guys drawing fanart and memes of the game on twitter and the 4chan scrotes and pick-mes suddenly loving the game more.

No. 312942

I wish I had the same willpower to leave it all behind. I loved the limbus artist community because it was so active on both sides, artists and followers, but this situation completely nuked it. I haven't logged into the game since it happened because that's the absolute least I can do, but I can't deny that I still want to enjoy the story and characters. It sucks because it was such a good thing and it got ruined because of fucking incels and PM having no spine. But there are also no better gachas to turn to, they all have worse writing and coomerpandering and their working conditions are probably just as bad, if not worse. I was hoping PM could fix it, but I guess it's completely over now if they feel brave enough to return posting about new IDs.

No. 312945

>I wish I had the same willpower to leave it all behind.
Anon, it's literally just a shitty game. Not only that, it has bad gameplay and a shitty gacha system and it's horribly optimised with 6gb updates.

No. 312950

nta but fuck off, anon is allowed to grieve the joy she took from the game and it's community. She's not even saying she'll keep supporting it.

No. 312952

They are games, they are supposed to be entertainment. If my favorite game's remaining fans suddenly all started spewing incel speech I wouldn't feel bad for dropping it. Limbus isn't deep story wise either, it's just more comfortable with edge and you have plenty of games that fill that niche. The misogynist staff and fans are much more gross and couldn't keep me invested in something.

No. 312954

That's just your opinion.

Thank you. Like I said, I haven't logged in since they announced the firing. Since then I also haven't made any more fanart and I haven't spent any money on the game in general. It's my fault for getting so attached to some mobile game, but it's the first media I was able to truly enjoy in years and it was also my first actually positive experience with fandom. Even if this blows over the community will never go back to the way it was just one and a half weeks ago unless PM fixes it properly which seems hopeless at this point. I know it's only a game at the end of the day and that it doesn't matter much and I'll eventually find something else, I just wish it hadn't been ruined like this for seemingly no reason but misogyny and the cowardice from PM when faced with it

No. 313029

You need to touch grass and pick up a creative hobby.

No. 313061

Best of luck recovering nonna, I hope you can find a new and comparable passion.
I will say, though, your repeated description of PM's part in this as simple "cowardice" or spinelessness does rub me the wrong way. It's a little too deflective of blane when they were willing to throw a woman under the bus to keep running their game. At this point of escalation, they're complicit.

No. 314649

nonnas what are your recommendations for good husbando gacha games? I don't mind female characters in the games as long as the boys don't get scraps.

No. 314699

File: 1692003175351.jpg (318.37 KB, 2048x1024, FlXjTVJakAIVSn2.jpg)

if you can access games from the japanese app store, then i'd recommend yumekuro/the dream meister and the recollected black fairy. very neat game with combat style gameplay, and some real nice self-insert character artwork

No. 314800

File: 1692032524051.png (1.29 MB, 700x870, 110400331_p19.png)

If you're a fujo with nostalgia for Coraline, ID:V is fun. Twst and Tale of Food are my favorite cozy husbando gachas, both are full of homo fanservice and the latter has tons of otome fanservice too.

Arknights might be worth checking out as well. All the genshin players I knew quit it for that, PGR (a game I can't speak on because I have zero experience with it but it looks like there are very few male characters… and the designs and 3d models look almost as bad as the ones in genshin, one of the reasons why I quit that game in the first place…), real games, or to focus on the next cute boy media of the week.

No. 314811

Right now I'm loving Tale of Food
I also play AK which is good. The men do get scraps compared to the waifus but due to the nature of the gameplay you can completely play husbandos-only and completely ignore the waifus and still have a great experience. The girls themselves are cool though if you're even curious about them too.

No. 314812

samefag, by AK I mean Arknights

No. 314845

Haha, I already play AK but I'll check out the others. thanks!

No. 316240

File: 1692514245152.jpeg (541.71 KB, 2598x4619, IMG_0186.jpeg)

Korean moids are mass disliking the new Genshin boy for not being a waifu and of course Western comments on this are shit about how all Koreans are insane and how it's stupid to be like this when Korea is the country effeminate boy groups like BTS are from. Because they'd rather see an entire ethnicity as a monolith before using their braincells to connect dots between shit like this and the recent Limbus scandal to notice that Korean men have a massive issue with misogyny.
I wish people weren't so retarded. If it doesn't make sense that BTS is massively successful in Korea while shit like this happens in a fanbase consisting largely of loser males, then maybe consider that those same loser males hate shit women love like BTS too

No. 316245

>>>/genshin general/

No. 316358

I've never played genshin, and this is not really related, but I'm always so surprised at just how much more sexist korean men are than even japanese men. I'm not am expert on Korea, but I studied a lot of Japanese stuff (cringe weeb) and while Japanese men are very misogynistic, Korean men seem insane to me. Especially with all the recent news stories. I swear I'm not trying to racebait, I feel terrible for our Korean sisters. I just have no idea why this is.

No. 316752

If we're going off of Genshit, Chinese moids have behaved the actual worst IMO after that whole thing where they were bragging about killing cats that remind them of Scarameow.
It is true that Korean men are dogshit, though. I'm speaking as a Korean woman from a fairly traditional family, our societal values really have not progressed at anywhere near the same rate as our modernization in other areas. The cultural and political growing pains are rough.

No. 316754

I think it belongs here given the recent discussion of Korean moidism in gacha because of Limbus Company.

No. 316758

i haven't touched limbus since the artist got fired for being feminist but i miss the game so much kek. i want to see my wife hong lu

No. 317047

File: 1692812330401.png (60.08 KB, 526x296, ylpcC28Ef9O1.png)

Anyone playing Dragon Village Collection? I discovered the game a few days ago and I'm pretty happy with it!
It's pretty chill and has a superb UI, almost no loading screens! You can collect dragon eggs and grow them slowly. It kinda feels like a Tamagotchi game. You can get most of the eggs for free, only a few species are premium.
Btw, some parts of the game are poorly translated (original game is korean), though it hasn't bothered me that much so far. I've seen worse.
Right now I'm aiming to get my hands on Hell and Angel eggs.

No. 317083

I did play this for a while, stopped after I got SP Orochi. You have to devote lots of time to grinding and doing a billion different things to feel like you're progressing. Some things do feel P2W-y, but if you have lots of generous friends they'll carry you considerably.

It is very newcomer-unfriendly because you have to spend time understanding the mechanics and building a team. At least the game has a full auto mode which makes the grind bearable.

I found the main story and event stories okay but it wasn't enough to keep me invested in the game. The character designs and gorgeous art are the strongest point but it gets stale rather quickly. The fandom is very small and is divided between PvP scrotes, whales and a small amount of fujos. The main fandom is in China ofc.

I kinda like the short anime episodes and the meta in-game series and hope both get more seasons. But the game (in China) is kind of old now and isn't as popular so I doubt we'll ever see the full-length anime series they were planning on making.

Contrast with FGO, which is a coomer game with outdated mechanics, but I find more enjoyment playing it and following the fandom once in a while. I stopped logging in daily but I still turn up for the anniversaries because I'm genuinely invested in the main plot. After all, anything Fate-related so strong in the West and Japan. And easily accessible. Weibo is a bitch to log into

No. 317142

Stay strong, nonna! Love you for sticking to your convictions.

No. 317150

File: 1692854337524.jpg (374.9 KB, 1404x2048, 20230811_033415.jpg)

>pvp scrotes
almost all the pvp players I know are girls besides viets. I used to LOVE duel myself but quit when sp susabi and susanoo made the meta autistic and they never got nerfs because fujobait shikis are holy cows. but sp shishio is hot and I think he counters them both somewhat so maybe I'll try again. most of the english speaking fandom is still taisura or susanoro/sus2 fujos. whales I don't think are any different from other players in a game where no one bats an eye at somebody spending 300$+ on cosmetics, and tbh cosmetics are all there are to whale for. playing forever is what gets people OP in onmyoji, whaling to get there doesn't help that much with anything but your cos score in the long run.

No. 317180

They are also convinced that Genshin is turning too female-oriented and calling for the termination of female employees, it's insane. All this and the literal assassination attempt on the CEO over bunny costumes and yet they stand their ground through everything and ignore those moids. There really is no excuse for Project Moon

No. 317209

nonnie I beg you to tell me who the artist of that image is, the style is majestic, I tried searching but I can't find anything.

No. 317381

File: 1692916938344.jpg (1.73 MB, 2712x4096, 20230824_174346.jpg)

No. 319039

i thought the same thing like these moids are losing their minds over scaramouche and the magician twink, yet the company didn't fire anyone or take them out of the game. it's shocking how fucking stupid the project moon CEO's decision was especially after seeing the qanon-tier list of "complaints". now august has been limbus company's least financially successful month since the launch of the game by a very wide margin, they made 290k when previous no-content months were around 500-600k and with content they could pull 1mil +. hope the unions can get that class action lawsuit going

No. 319040

btw how are the FGO fans here doing after the addition of another little girl wearing microbikini fetishwear for summer. if you haven't deleted yet what would it take to stop playing? genuinely asking

No. 319936

Yeah, I really don't understand why they shot themselves in the foot this badly. I guess it's scary to have random guys show up, but they could've refused them entry and they could've thought about it for another week before just deciding to fire an important employee. I mean, she did all the fucking CGs and it sounded like she was already working on canto 4 which is why they had to delay more. And I also don't understand why they don't take it back? Why are they sudddenly able to ignore backlash? The incel moids who don't care about the game got their way and every normal person had to leave despite loving it. I'm still so upset over it but I'm happy that their numbers got this low. Without fanartists promoting it no one will find the game anymore so it'll only continue to sink

No. 320065

File: 1694056640548.jpeg (165.11 KB, 778x810, IMG_1432.jpeg)

I need to meet more enstarrie nonnies please

No. 320214

Nothing really, I've been playing long enough that I have to see this story to the end. I guess it's bad, but I'm desensitized.
Gotta remember that the original Fate was a porn game and probably the only reason there wasn't an Ilya route is because they ran out of time.

No. 320271

Depends, who do you like

No. 320404

File: 1694260903137.jpeg (116.06 KB, 530x530, IMG_1462.jpeg)

i like him nonnie

No. 323500

Is the new game worth it? I'm thinking of downloading the EN version.

No. 326073

File: 1696841011350.jpg (82.57 KB, 640x860, gametiles_com.prettybusy.hell.…)

anyone paying attention to this shitshow?

you've got your standard
>uncanny art
>shit UI
>shit tutorials

and the more interesting stuff…
>company has already been selling merch of the IP for close to a year
>game releases after multippe delays
>near unplayable
>got banned in korea for lewdity
>turns out extremely censored to reap them google play and apple cuckbux
>appears to have hopped on the deepl translation train every other nugu gacha has been riding lately, leading to inconsistent pronouns for mc
>full to the brim with bugs, one of which allowed players to farm infinite summons (ruh-roh)
>players get banned for taking advantage of the devs' oversight like webkinz's kiwigate 2.0
>players have been review bombing since launch
>devs currently spamming admittedly generous compensation prizes to bring it back up

I wonder if it'll even make it to 2024 before the eos announcement. nucani remains goated.

No. 326075

File: 1696841272675.jpg (Spoiler Image,43.89 KB, 1334x750, SPOILER_IMG_7418-1.jpg)

samefag, my post was super negative but it isn't all bad. some features are really cute like when you make them coom, the spanking summon animations, and how you can give them hickeys. but it isn't enough to keep me playing, the broken tower defense gameplay is boring, the characters are just hoes, and I barely have time to play the gachas I actually like right now.

No. 326076

I'm always open for more ero otome stuff. But this was going to be shit from the start with the demons, mental illness, and fetish themes. And being a Korean game.
And I personally hate tower defense.

No. 326092

It's a real pity. I downloaded the app but can't even get it to start properly, even after the latest update. No reply from the devs when I emailed them either, but they're probably flooded with such emails.
So I have not been able to spank any devils at all, I'm sad.

No. 326098

I wish the art wasn’t so uncanny valley, but the plot is actually interesting, I can deal with the bugs because of course I really want those lip licking rewards. Plus I like that you can, and will surely fuck all of the important devils even if the Mc is a degenerate switch. So it means you get to fuck 79 different devils, I like that a lot more than fucking a limited cast tbh.
But yeah, I really doubt the game will survive for too long, it will be like cocoppa dolls which died after like a few months.

No. 326101

i was looking forwards towards this one, i like everything about it(art, fetishes,gameplay) but i hate its gachashit, why! i have been wanting for a fucking femdom themed otome forever why does it habe to be gacha shit

No. 326111

>the Mc is a degenerate switch.
Disappointed to hear this, I thought it was a femdom game.

No. 326112

I noticed some of the backgrounds are AI generated, for example in the very beginning when the MC is in her friend's bedroom kek. My game keeps crashing on the fight with belial and I can't progress past it. I'm literally so starved for anime style femdom content that doesn't pander to scrotes it's almost pathetic

No. 326114

>I'm literally so starved for anime style femdom content that doesn't pander to scrotes
Same nona, same. I would pay a game company so much fucking money if they actually delivered femgaze femdom to us.

No. 326116

Depends on the devil, it seems, like, my favorite one (who sadly has the worst art in terms of proportions) is a complete masochist. But it’s honestly nice to have a degenerate main character like Eiden from Nu:Carnival, with the plus that it can be a woman who is referred to as a woman and not as a they/them like in Obey me.

No. 326117

Can you pick and choose which devil you "interact" with and avoid the dominant ones? And what are the names of your fave/other submissive devils?

No. 326120

Actually, no, you will fuck all of the devils for plot reasons, dominant and submissive ones. You could try to avoid some because they’re “side stories” I will try to do so in the second chapter to see if it’s possible to unlock the next chapter even if I skip some sex scenes.

No. 326134

File: 1696895422874.png (54.93 KB, 199x236, mooncake.png)

>be me
>last day of event
>"oshit im still missing one piece of the event furnuture set"
>spend thousands of jade to get it
>it looks bad in my house
>never use it
>next event comes
>last day
>"oshit im still missing one piece of the event furnuture set"
>spend thousands of jade to get it
>it looks bad in my house
>never use it
>next event comes
>last day
>"oshit im still missing one piece of the event furnuture set"
>spend thousands of jade to get it
>it looks bad in my house
am I retarded, sisters?

No. 326136

Don't worry about the furniture just during the event. In the CN server, you can roll for any of the furniture from previous events. That is to say, if you really want some furniture, you just have to wait a little in the future. For example example, you could roll for the spring nimbus furniture literally any time in the future. Idk if you know this already or not.
Also best furniture is the cute animal furniture.

No. 326146

File: 1696904012405.gif (3.11 MB, 514x480, be4fedc7a9.gif)

I know but the problem is I want it and only have impulse control for the regular gacha ;_;

>Also best furniture is the cute animal furniture


No. 326149

What is the disabled husbando doing in the hamster wheel?

No. 326263

I guess I'll be the odd one out and say that I actually like the game despite its faults. Don't get me wrong, when it released it was a complete clusterfuck and I couldn't really play it because the server was so overloaded. Even after it got fixed there are still some issues, like poorly explained mechanics in the game, and tbh I didn't like that one sex scene with Satan at all, but I want to believe in the game. The guys are hot and the story is interesting, so I'll stick with it for now, also I'm just really starved for female oriented nsfw games (I'm sure a lot of other nonnies feel the same way). Ofc it's not my fave game or anything, like when it comes to husbando gachas something like the Tale of Food is objectively much better. Hopefully Prettybusy gets their shit together so that it doesn't end up being a complete failure.
>turns out extremely censored to reap them google play and apple cuckbux
There's another version of the game on erolabs that's supposed to be the uncensored version (that's what I installed), but I wonder if somehow it's also censored because the Mammon butt pic was supposed be him completely naked but he has underwear on…

No. 326268

I ignore the furniture aspect tbh but I'm really autistic about my cooking/restaurant/kitchen kek I compulsively check and keep rotating stuff around

No. 326284

both versions are exactly the same so far

No. 326302

killing time until his waifu reruns and I stuff them in the soup pot together forever

No. 326311

Fellow yulin xiangyao enjoyer?

No. 326359

ToF actually reruns the limiteds?

No. 326454

NTA but yes, they do every once and a while rerun stuff.

No. 331592

>FGO mentions historical figure
>immediately switch tabs to go read the wiki page
Damn I hate Greek mythology, and tactical battles.

No. 331940

What's your favourite mobage at the moment? I need to waste my time on something

No. 331953

Have any of you tried Path to Nowhere? It came out last year but I only heard it about it very recently

No. 332007

Yes, i did. A lot of fem charsters in it and almost 0 male. Made by Love Nikki/Shining Nikki creators (you can google it) - in cn there was a "drama" because of it: since its pretty much a waifu game and this company is know for targeting women, something thats very rare in gachagaming, female fans of their other games were really mad about this game's release.
The aforementioned female characters are very cool and there are even some badass muscled ones - Zoya (ps did paper practically name her after their sn character - Zoey? Their CEO must have developed a fetish for criminal women lol). But the gameplay is tedious imo. And grindy - its hard to level characters. Also the interface is too small, i guess? Personally I've found it uncomfortable to read.

No. 332048

Oh, I actually got interested in it because of Zoya and Rahu and because I read the game was pandering to lesbians, but some of the designs are way too coomerish for my taste so I can't tell who this game is supposed to be for. Did you end up playing for long? I just finished the first chapter and it's so boring… I'm already sick of the gameplay as well, why is it so silent and slow kek

No. 333986

File: 1699422994132.png (276.02 KB, 720x1600, nooooocarnival.png)

what could be the reason i got this notice? is there a glitch in the game that I'm accidentally taking advantage of or smtg?

No. 334039

nevermind, it was a mistake, i got 200 gems for it yay

No. 334235

Speaking of PtN, whats going on with the white haired lady getting removed from the game?

No. 336083

limbus company canto v is out and i'm once again pleased with the character writing
so so soooo rare to see media that just lets its women be people and not femininity caricatures. biggest downside is that tras on twitter see an older woman (40+ probably) talking about her war history and how much she hates over-reliance on technology (because she fought a war in which pursuing tech fucked everyone over) they call her a trans lesbian – actual women can't have emotional depth after all

No. 336087

So have we already decided to forget what Project Moon did? Have standards.

No. 336090

File: 1700162842581.jpg (123.25 KB, 1182x665, F_C5jETbkAAEBhU.jpeg.jpg)

Oh my god, I'm not touching Limbus again but I saw Canto V trending and I can't believe this is the quality they are putting out now. I remember when they announced that everything Vellmori had been working on for this chapter would be replaced which they then backtracked on a while later, saying they'd still use it and would find a different artist for VI. The style was blocky before, but this and other CGs I've seen look straight up unfinished.
In other news they've sued the PMUA for obstruction of business and defamation iirc and their player peaks will never go over ~12k again kek serves them right

No. 336091

nah life is short, miserable, and hard and i've enjoyed pm stuff since like 2019; i'm not gonna stop playing the game, sorry. it makes me happy. maybe if the writing tanks and they start appealing hardcore to scrotes in the actual story (like basically every other gacha game out there – genshin impact included) i will.

also i can't just quit something because it's done something misogynist, that's basically everything. misogynists run starbucks, misogynists run wal-mart, misogynists run the government, misogynists run 4chan. my parents are misogynists. and pedos probably rule the world. it all sucks but be for real

No. 336092

Then don't complain about the misogynist coomers you share an interest with kek

No. 336094

sure, and you don't complain about the misogynist coomers you share a planet with kek. don't tell me what to do retard

No. 336095

At least you admit you've just given up and don't care about misogyny. Although I'd say supporting PM is more tangibly contributing to it because you're showing them that overt misogynistic action like ruining an artists career over paper-thin accusationsis worse than continuing to play, like, FGO or some other coomer game because PM's actions have actually impacted a real-life woman. So lets be cognizant of the fact that your argument is on the level of "everything is bad,consoom uncritically"

No. 336096

Could you put this shit somewhere else? Enjoy your retard game if you want but don't make us look at your smoothbrained choices.

No. 336098

you both probably consume things that come from unethical means, everyone does. it’s not against site rules either so limbus nonas can discuss the game if they want. don’t see how this is much worse than playing fgo and other loli mobage that features underage girls kek
>sexual depictions of underage women don’t harm anyone irl

No. 336099

Why are you so mad kek the truth is that every good fanartist or creator left that shit behind in july and the only people left are those that don't give a fuck about real women, just like you!

No. 336100

Absolute braindead retard

No. 336103

i’m not mad you’re just being hypocritical. and i do care about women. last reply btw you just want to moralfag and fight kek x

No. 336106

Adding kek at the end of every post wont make you fit in

No. 336109

oh and also the artist was compensated for two years of work/doesn’t even want to talk about the situation herself so…

No. 336112

What’s your point?

No. 336114

File: 1700167085237.png (43.91 KB, 583x334, 9dfizgd78r.PNG)

Of course she was paid for the work she has done and of course she doesn't want to get attacked further by incels, doesn't mean that they didn't fire her over anything other than feminist tweets and that it's fucked up. They actually have a history of working with people who have had controversies and those have not been fired like this. For example the VA for Argalia and Effie who was replaced by Hoyoverse because of this is still working with PM. The others are mentioned here; https://x.com/moominmercian/status/1691425051487379456?s=20
It just goes to show what their priorities are. Leaving the games behind was difficult for me because there are none like it, but having all this in the back of my mind made it impossible to continue enjoying them. Keep playing if you can look past it I guess, but there's no point in defending yourself by saying there's worse out there. There is, but you can still choose not to actively support this specifically.

No. 336118

>nah life is short, miserable, and hard and i've enjoyed pm stuff since like 2019; i'm not gonna stop playing the game, sorry. it makes me happy. maybe if the writing tanks and they start appealing hardcore to scrotes in the actual story (like basically every other gacha game out there – genshin impact included) i will.
>also i can't just quit something because it's done something misogynist, that's basically everything. misogynists run starbucks, misogynists run wal-mart, misogynists run the government, misogynists run 4chan. my parents are misogynists. and pedos probably rule the world.
>it all sucks but be for real
Implying that everybody else should be a retard quitter like you? No thanks

No. 336119

They didn't fire her over feminist tweets, she was wanting to leave the company on her own accord.

No. 336121

Source on that?

No. 336128

If you wear makeup, shave, or fuck men you don’t have any right to criticize anyone on feminist behavior. None at all. I like Limbus too and it’s insane to claim someone “hates women” because they don’t want to give up a fucking gacha game kek. She might not be whaling anymore, I’m certainly not.

No. 336135

Where did anon say she hates women in that post kek calm down. But if everyone thought the way you did they wouldn't be getting held accountable at all. I'm glad more than half of their userbase left, even active user stats can be used to secure further funding on their side. If they cared about not being viewed as misogynist they would come out and say clearly what happened and why

No. 336207

File: 1700183090024.png (81.34 KB, 731x475, Screenshot.png)

If you really can't give up your blorbos (tbh I sympathize a bit because I did really like the female characters in Ligma Company) you should just watch a recording of the story on youtube or something (the gameplay is not that great anyway). I wouldn't give PM your money or player statistics, since they are apparently using their gacha bux to sue the groups that tried to hold them accountable.

link: https://twitter.com/GCS_of_Korea/status/1724985744484429856

No. 336226

Good thing I'm open to criticizing you then as an unshaven man-hating lesbian.

No. 336451

Hello sisters, we made and enstars-specific thread over here if you guys want to use >>>/m/336426

No. 336456

No. 337206

limbus is appealing to coomers already. usually their fan service ids have been even but this time one guy has a wife beater and the girl has a bandage bra plus an id photo that has her in a seductive pose so her boobs hang and swing. very sad and gross

No. 337236

They have to appeal to the remaining fanbase that's either into this shit or too spinelessly attached to quit over it.

No. 338320

Sorry for replying so late lol. But yeah I agree that some designs are very male gazey (Luvia Ray imo). Most likely the target auditory are males but since, as I've said in the previous post, "AISINO" is actually Papergames in disguize, which means that 90% of their workers are young women, so its not surprising that a lot of designs give off female gazey/girlboss vibes instead. I played it before for 2 months, then quitted, but a few weeks ago I came back, because its autumn/winter, ie the time when I have nothing to do and need to waste my time with video games instead.
>re boring story
I generally skip it kek. But from what i've seen compared to other mobages I've played its actually not that bad

No. 338321

She wears nothing but lingerie, female cn players reported it to ccp.

No. 339973

File: 1701779046000.jpg (89.87 KB, 1080x1080, GAQRTnJa4AE8m2E.jpg)

I expected it but Noctilucent is getting delayed, I hope it won't be longer than february… Nu Carnival and What in Hell is bad just don't do it for me

No. 339979

huhhh new yaoi sex twink game? did prereg start? the art on the website doesn't look as good as nu:carnival but better than wihib. nice soft titties.

No. 339985

File: 1701782527272.jpg (220.57 KB, 1080x1080, F0LW2ryaYAIApjn.jpg)

No pre-reg yet, there's barely any info on it in general kek I only knew it was supposed to come out this year. Wish they'd just say now if these guys have fixed positions so I don't get too hyped only to get disappointed

No. 340365

I'm sorry for being a dumb idiot but how can safely download a game that otherwise would I have to pay for on google play? ie the layton series for mobile

No. 343875

Nonnas are we playing or nah?

No. 343878

looks a bit creepy to be honest

No. 343879

Of course

No. 343882

If only it was compatible with my tablet.

No. 343886

everything I've seen from it is uncanny valley horror

No. 343902

It makes me think of final fantasy, I just hope it's not a boring gacha game, or that the plot is nice enough.

No. 343943

Look like AI shit, no thank you.

No. 349057

Seeing this made me realize how much I hate chinese gacha animations kek. Everyone's praising the second half of this and saying it's great choreography when it's a bunch of zoom-ins and character running fast for two seconds and sometimes there's a slow motion shot. Ohh but there's lights and colors flying on the screen!! That must mean it's good! It's just trash. Genshin action scenes are the same.

No. 349112

File: 1705436026563.png (51.9 KB, 598x415, asa.png)

I'm so salty now that we know Persona Grand Stage/ASA (the P1-5 mogabe) was cancelled in favor of P5X, Atlus must hate money. Even though I dislike that kind of gameplay I was so ready to whale on it for Ayase and Aigis with cute clothes.
I am a bit excited for P5X, mostly because I like a few designs and we are getting new songs, but cancelling a completely new game that celebrates the entire series to make PTW Persona 5 instead was a terrible decision (but a very Atlus thing to do). Hope it flops and they re-visit the P1-5 crosover idea.

No. 349211

Oh I had no idea they replaced the other project with cheap chinese p5. Damn. A lot of people praise p5x now but I feel like normal atlus/persona fans will hate it because it looks so fucking cheap, like a weird bootleg. The animations don't look like Atlus's usual work (the video was a good example of it), the designs of the 500 phantom thieves and personas (which I feel were a core aspect in the actual p5, it's what made it look cool) are abysmal minus the main two which were designed my someone on the p5 team. The artwork too looks like ai slop or someone really bad at mimicking soejima's style. On top of that it's a fucking gacha. Atlus could have at least handled the design aspect and let the other company make the game.

No. 349269

Atlus is so far down the shitter I can't bring myself to gather hype for any of their future endeavors, but especially not another entant in the endless p5 milking saga after I already didn't like the original game.

No. 349925

is anyone here playing it? i like the painter guy because he's annoying, the other ones feel a little too bland for me
too bad the game is way too heavy on my phone so the combat lags everytime

No. 350072

I am. So far I really like the game. When I first started the game I was really into Xavier (since he was the first one introduced lol) but I think Rafayel is my fave now. I love that he's a hot eccentric, and since I changed the voice-over to Japanese he's also voiced by one of my favorite seiyuus Tachibana Shinnosuke.
>the other ones feel a little too bland for me
This is exactly how I feel about Zayne, he's my least favorite. It also doesn't help that the English voice-over was terrible.

No. 350290

I'm playing it. It's pretty cool though I'm not that interested in the combat parts.

No. 350407

File: 1705863411963.jpg (444.4 KB, 2048x2048, ce35c40ede6d5db3_84ac6ec5_2048…)

The human designs are mostly ok for the most part, but I can't get over the Persona designs. All of them are too busy and over-designed, I have no idea what I'm looking at even if some of them have nice concepts like picrel.
P5X was originally P5 2.0 so they could sell it in China, sucks they decided to make it global and turn down the better project. I don't have any problems with gatcha games, but P5X looks like one of those "pay to continue playing" games (unlike stuff like Love Live, even if you dont have good cards you can still play the rhythm game itself) since the Personas and playable characters, whom you need to finish Palaces, are only gained in gatcha.

No. 355258

File: 1707706559141.jpg (98.23 KB, 1600x900, Ride-Kamens-Ann_02-06-24.jpg)

Kamen Rider joseimuke announced, they're releasing character PVs each day starting today:
I have to say, this is a great idea on Toei's part. Kamen Rider already has a massive female fanbase of yumes and fujos in Japan, so an IP specifically catered to them is the next logical step.

No. 355259

File: 1707706886716.jpg (270.5 KB, 1080x597, Screenshot_20240211_190319_Gal…)

Characters that have been revealed so far. The designer is the director of Free, Bucchigiri, and Banana Fish, while the writer is a guy with 3 seasons of KR under his belt.

No. 355275

nooo they are so fucking ugly, i love KR but these look like ass.

No. 355277

LOL I'm mostly amused by it and hoping it brings more women into the fandom.
Any theories on who the other guys are inspired by? I'm assuming Ichigo for the middle, and Momotaros/Decade for the middle-left/far right respectively. No idea who purple and blue could be based on.

No. 355279

boobs on armor always looks stupid as fuck

No. 355368

There either has to be actual gameplay or a self-insert female protagonist for me to be interested.
Otherwise it's probably just gonna be fujobait which I don't care about.

No. 361150

are there any fun idle games with a cute art style anons recommend? ones where theres no daily login would be nice

No. 361158

File: 1710015273784.jpg (435.84 KB, 1800x1200, 20240305_055751.jpg)

neko atsume 2 coming soon

No. 361163

So cute, i'm excited

No. 361320

File: 1710075855353.png (2.95 MB, 1080x2400, 1000000973.png)

Any other nonnies play Time Princess?

No. 361321

Is this the game where you can become Marie Antionette? Is it any good?

No. 361322

Yeah, it's kinda like Shining Niki but with a 3D Disney movies look

No. 361371

I just started playing it! I'm not overly bothered by the fairytale-like outfits not being historically correct, but Versailles doesn't look like Versailles at all. I hope you can have romance with Gabrielle, she is so cute,

No. 361675

lol yeah historical accuracy is not TPs strong suit and I'm not sure about Gabrielle, half the characters I want to romance are not romancable.

No. 361761

File: 1710174954636.png (3.91 MB, 1440x1920, 3jn3BF.png)

I play life makeover which has some similar fashions. How's the avatar customization in time princess?

No. 362600

File: 1710447214258.png (770.38 KB, 1800x900, 237UR-Yazawa-Nico-おばけみたいな虫が-っっ…)

Anons, do you think we have enough interest here to create a general thread for female anime idol games? Or is it just me?

No. 362620

File: 1710450312669.png (3.51 MB, 2338x1440, card_after_training.png)

I've seen a few other love live anons here so maybe. also if project sekai counts as a female idol game I would post about it there, though idk if anyone else plays it

No. 362623

Prosekai can kill itself but I'd be down to talk about project diva and im@s

No. 362626

I think an idol franchise general would be best if you want an active thread. I get why you might want to restrict it to female idols only but most of the female idoldfags I know enjoy both male/female idol franchises + it'd filter weird scrotes. I'd be worried about Enstars' fans but they're quarantined to their own thread anyways.

No. 362629

File: 1710451258827.jpeg (33.61 KB, 480x480, 1699346889818.jpeg)

Okay. I will work on a thread.

No. 362630

I was thinking about including that but my fear with allowing male idols is that it will turn into yet another husbandofagging thread

No. 362635

damn whats wrong with pjsk?

No. 362646

Added in a bunch of human literal whos, soulless cashgrab, the models are busted, they ruin all the songs, and it singlehandedly killed project diva.

No. 362647

>ugly character models and art
>boring characters
>literal tranny character
>obnoxious underage fan base
>is the reason why project diva is dead
What isn’t wrong with project sekai

No. 362649

I get where you're coming from but as an oldfag vocaloid fan I still like it… it's got the best rhythm gameplay of any mobile game and the new OC song covers can be turned off. I don't really mind the new underage fans either, because I was an equally cringe Len fan girl back in the day kek. I think the games popularity has done a lot to keep vocaloid relevant and draw in new fans. I way prefer project diva but tbh sega gave up on that series long before pjsk. The tranny character is completely indefensible tho

No. 362654

Samefag the vocaloid covers of the new songs are really bad kek. I wish they hired people who actually know how to tune vocaloids

No. 362656

>it's got the best rhythm gameplay of any mobile game
I highly, highly doubt its better than cinderella girls. The only thing I'm grateful to its underage troon fans for is inflating the value of my shitty old figures.

No. 362658

Can't believe how bad they butchered melty land…

No. 362659

File: 1710456561026.jpg (31.92 KB, 540x538, CQOd6EEVEAAKhRp.jpg)

Owari da… >>>/m/362650

No. 362660

Haven't played Cinderella girls, I'll give it a try! The JP server of pjsk has added an "append" mode that uses 4 fingers and is basically mobile chuunithm. You need an iPad to play it but it's really fun

No. 364486

File: 1711054089990.png (1.91 MB, 1037x966, life-makeover2.PNG)

Is it ok if I upload some screenshots from Life Makeover in this thread?
There's a PC version, but it started off as a mobile game so I think it falls under this thread's umbrella technically.

anyways i like this game because it's relatively new, so the catalogue of items isn't overwhelming as Love Nikki's just yet. i also like the ability to play it on PC because you can type to other players much faster in the open-world scenarios.

i still haven't gotten into customizing my house very much yet but that also seems like something that would appeal to Sims players.

No. 364493

File: 1711057099267.png (10.7 MB, 3840x2160, g.png)

Please do nonnie! I've been playing it for a while now and I generally lean towards the more fantasy and elvish outfits ingame. The high res textures on PC are a godsend, this scratches my dressup itch so well.

I'm yet to do anything significant with my home because it takes a lot of chestnuts to build big, and this endorsement queen is the second one I'm participating in since I started playing.

No. 364495

File: 1711058854676.png (2.11 MB, 1232x1063, life-makeover4.PNG)

the blush pink and powder blue combo had me hustling to go buy the Wind Vanes before they disappear from the shop. I can't believe this season is ending, what, tomorrow? It feels like it flew past. I didn't get quite all the pieces I wanted, but I got the ones I liked the most (including Rosa Rubeus set, that was a GREAT design imo. I also really like the fairy/elvish type outfits, pic related.)

unironically i'm not sure i understand how Endorsement Queen is supposed to work - do you optimize it by logging in multiple times per day? The most I've been able to achieve is a 77% completion rate. I gotta upgrade my allies or something but I've really just been saving my $$ for the gacha releases.

No. 364496

Okay this is a late as fuck reply but why did they even bother trying to 'retune' miku? isn't miku the vocaloid voice in the original melty land nightmare? Why didn't they just use the original voice in melty land nightmare? I don't play proseka but I love vocaloid, and I wanna try and understand proseka but I can't

No. 364498

whoa I don't know anything about this game but that's gorgeous
So while all the original song versions are in the game, for the SEKAI versions (the human/vocaloid duets) and new covers they use the newest voicebank released, I guess to advertise it. Unfortunately they all sound like shit kek.
I don't know enough about tuning to know if it's because the NT voicebanks are hard to use or if they're just not hiring people who know how to use it but NT is universally hated. This is basically the only new cover to come out of the game that people like and it's rumored kyaami guest-tuned it. 90% of the time I play with original song ver only kek

No. 364500

yes. my only ideas as to why the they would do that are malice or wanting to make miku sound more in line with those boring literal who backup dancers who were hogging her lines and screentime. overall it straight up sounds like a lobotomized version of the original song.

No. 364570

File: 1711095429934.jpg (1.33 MB, 3030x2160, morefairyfits.jpg)

Don't worry, the endorsement queen sets stay in the shop forever so you don't have to rush in getting them! Super cute outfit, those shoes are one of my favourites, they always find a way to sneak into my fits.
As for how EQ works, I log in about twice a day to collect earnings and to level up and then try to see if I can unlock any new shops. You'll naturally get better at it as you progress through the game and get 6 star pieces and SSR allies and you level them up. I just do the 12 dailies to get mats for the allies, never spent any money on that besides fashion code which rewards you some measly amount of mats. I 100%'d 4 shops this season:
Sweet - with free 6 star set we got from new years and SSR from permanent gacha
Sexy - 6 star set (Nightlight) from the first season of endorsement queen, I dyed each piece 8 times to level the set up, I have an SR ally for Sexy but the 6 star set pushed it to 100%
Cool + Elegant - I have some random 6 star pieces in these categories but I think me having SSR allies for both plays a bigger role here

Permanent gacha is important here, if you aren't already I recommend you to buy the free three tickets weekly that you get from the guild shop. I managed to get almost all of the SSR allies through my 6 months of playing this way. I don't want to spend diamonds on them because I save those for event gachas, and in the end I don't really care for leaderboards I just want to get the points for the sets. Spending money on the game plays a part as well of course since it's a gacha, I do pay for the vip/fashion code stuff every month so the extra diamonds etc. build up and help speed the process.

No. 364928

File: 1711209364859.jpg (224.94 KB, 1126x1556, 20240323_035509.jpg)

no1curr about onmyoji here but the current plagiarism drama between them and honor of kings is hilarious. it's crazy to see them go full retard and really lay into eachother on their official accounts.

No. 364929

File: 1711209402617.jpg (228.04 KB, 584x2048, 20240323_035510.jpg)

this might be the first time I've seen NetEase's players back them up kek and now they're giving away a free sp susabi skin to celebrate!

No. 364931

File: 1711209563246.jpg (291.76 KB, 818x2048, 20240323_035444.jpg)

and here are the designs side by side, not pictured is the dance they also copied. I don't even like any of these characters in onmyoji but the hok versions are such lazy copies.

No. 364932

File: 1711209906675.jpg (161.85 KB, 604x661, 20240323_110300.jpg)

and they just announced an old man sr shiki is getting a cute bishie catboy sp form and a fukengaku dye skin, first good week onmyoji has had in a long time

No. 364935

File: 1711211427514.png (1.42 MB, 837x929, life-makeover3.PNG)

Nona, you're a genius. I had completely forgotten about the weekly tickets from the guild shop. Have to add that to my routine now, before this I'd been hoarding tickets like they were way rarer.
Now I'm just cursing myself for not thinking about that earlier.

My allies could definitely be expanded upon, I only have two SSR ones at the moment. I know that there are storylines associated with each card, but often I don't even feel like playing them since I don't know that they actually improve the card stats and I don't have a personal investment. Larry is my current best boy, but his voice actor could definitely be improved upon. Some of the line deliveries in this game send me into fits of giggles.

your pastel outfits are so dreamy that they should be ads for this game, also. what's the crystalline background in this one? it's gorgeous.

No. 364978

File: 1711223208117.jpg (2.87 MB, 3840x2160, l.jpg)

I don't blame you for forgetting, there's so many currencies and little shops in this game it's really hard to keep track of. Starting next week we're getting another permanent gacha, by the way. The other two perma gachas will stay, luckily.

I skip through the ssr storylines too kek, I don't think you get anything noteworthy from doing those, at least from what I recall. Liking Larry is so lucky because it seems the devs favor him when it comes to ally cards, he gets so many hot ones. Personality wise I think Roy would be the best husband but Larry is definitely the hottest. Apparently many people think he will be the main villain in the story, but I'm not far enough yet to be certain myself. Voice acting is definitely hilarious sometimes, and I love how Shawn changed voice actors once or even twice, it catches me off guard every time. The names they chose for the boys are straight up awful too. Shawn? Larry? The cop called Donut is great though.

Thank you so much, admittedly I'll spend up to an hour and more taking screenshots of new outfits sometimes, and it's really fun to fiddle with the game's retouch settings so I don't have to photoshop either. The background was sold in the store about a month ago, it's called "Gifted Look". This and the one in pic related are my favorites that I spent money on. Sadly, reruns for backgrounds will start in six months if other regions are anything to go by.

The hairstyle in your pic so adorable, the best hairs come from free events I swear, and it's great because you can fully dye them without having to spend obscene amounts of money. All my gacha hairs can't be light blonde or black and it kills me inside.

No. 364980

File: 1711223381127.png (1.08 MB, 630x1080, larry.png)

Also I have to post this great SR of Larry, it's quite something.

No. 367294

so sad that nobody's mentioned arcaea in this thread…if anyone is looking for a mobile rhythm game that actually focuses on the "rhythm game" aspect and not gacha events/character leveling mechanics then you should try it out! (most songs are behind a paywall, but i don't really mind considering i spend a huge amount of money on arcade rhythm games anyway kek).

anyway i full combo'd this song a couple days ago and i'm so fucking proud of myself

No. 369713

Tried playing What In Hell Is Bad.
There was so much shit in it that made me uncomfortable, I pity the target audience. Their taste is PEAK rotted filth. Every kink I bully a person for was in the "tutorial" before you could even get to the main menu.
Don't get me started on the art. The designs are trash (nothing DEMONIC about any of these fucking demons. Just Kpop idols with cosplay horn headbands), and the art for Satan is hard to look at without laughing. It's just Shiver Splatoon genderbent with a tiny-ass neck.
The UI was confusing and cluttering too. What a bonus.
Exact repost from the wrong thread earlier. Sorry.

No. 369714

It really is hellishly bad. In the promotions it looked like a femdom game with good art, instead we got maledom, ugly as fuck demons, boring gameplay and an ear raping chibi demon. I dropped it quite instantly.

No. 369715

Oh the maledom is out of control. I started it initially as female but seconds later had to restart and choose male because it was getting to me mentally.
THE ART BAIT AND SWITCH FUCKED ME UP. I get making things shinier for higher ranked ynits and pulls but jfc Satan never looked the same between his main image and his cutscenes.
Had it'd been purely femdom I would have eaten it up, despite the art inconsistencies.
>an ear raping chibi demon
Using his ass for the tutorials had me out of there. Couldn't do it.

No. 369717

its a pity its such a terrible game, i wish it was popular tho, so at least we could get some of the cgs(specifically the art of the artist that make One Piece yaoi, not whatever stuff that's in the scenes) uploaded somewhere.

No. 371822

File: 1713467464097.png (2.08 MB, 1985x1080, ruggieeee.png)

the Tale of Food main cn server just shut down, press F to pay respects. the global account just said they're run by a different company won't be shutting down any time soon, but after what happened to the jp server, I doubt it'll be more than a year. ngl I'm not too bent out of shape about it. if you keep up with cn they've been foreshadowing this for a while now, and I've been bored of this game lately.

in other news half my twst otp was super sweet to mama on his birthday! ahhhh I love these witch boy birthday cards. pleasant surprise after bunny deuce fucked my keys harder than any other ssr I've pulled (140…)

No. 371870

Do you play on global or CN for ToF? I'm assuming the latter. Personally I'm really happy the global will be allowed to live a little longer, I honestly really like the game and I wish more joseimuke had huge casts like it
>foreshadowing this
Just curious, but how so?

No. 371873

File: 1713488069762.jpg (222.92 KB, 700x938, lrg.jpg)


I mean foreshadowing by being weirdly generous, like a lot of free skins and the event where you easily could get ssr horse wine to a7 just by grinding, he didn't even have a summon. they also removed payment methods, packs, and other things related to microtransactions. in cn, companies can get sued if they bait players to spend money right before they rugpull, so this was an omen of rugpull.

they're working on an offline version too and they plan to finish the latest arc of the story but after 2 months no new content. the company that owns this ip has rugpulled old gachas when their players feel comfortable to make way for new sequels for them to spend money on again before so it may not be the last you see of ttof.

No. 371877

File: 1713491529975.jpg (137 KB, 735x996, fe8d8262f3dd47006b8bbc91bd0c09…)

If you’re into hidden objects games, I've been playing one called soupsoup before bed and it’s a really decent app for them. They have a bunch of different artists with different styles they’re all really cute and it keeps it fresh.

No. 372159

Would never have found this on the store with a name like that.
An eclectic mix of cute, creepy, and creepy-cute.
Too bad a bunch of the levels are glitched on my device.

No. 385661

So anybody try out Wuthering Waves?
Obviously just a Genshin clone, but I like the sci-fish setting better.
It'll probably be just as fun to explore the map even if the story is mid.

No. 385716

File: 1716472881988.png (1.28 MB, 1200x630, og-image.png)

Are any joseimuke nonas going to play 18TRIP? It looks promising.

No. 386131

Combat is more interesting than Genshin.

No. 386156

someday we might actually get a joseimuke with good gameplay

No. 386172

File: 1716591609664.webm (870.92 KB, 994x828, scar wink.webm)

The intro/outro skills are cool.
But my fave not Genshin feature is the ability to wall run up cliffs and stuff.

This guy really gave Albedo(Xenosaga) vibes.

No. 386174

the story's aight, feels smooth, and the devs are working overtime to work out the kinks. It may not be everyone but I'm sold.
I love him nonnas

No. 386190

File: 1716594423414.png (32.73 KB, 331x316, 3f3dfa51-10fe-4344-a65d-589049…)

waiting for the devs to fix the login issue

No. 388870

File: 1717466694387.png (7.14 MB, 1613x2048, image.png)

Yowa is so so cute, im only a little bit into the story but i didnt expect the it to be as serious as it is. like wdym ward mayors can just kill everybody in their ward?

No. 388871

File: 1717466899101.png (3.37 MB, 1800x2377, 119142262_p0.png)

so sad they took away his lewd crotch strip

No. 388872

File: 1717467034535.png (3.85 MB, 4000x3500, 119145819_p0.png)

No. 388874

File: 1717467550767.jpeg (667.29 KB, 2048x2048, GGD2Gt5akAAV4Ez.jpeg)

I stopped playing gachashit years ago but I still think of them sometimes (and Nero)

No. 388881

File: 1717471835924.png (3.17 MB, 1920x1080, Wuthering Waves 6_2_2024 9_1…)

Yeah, sucks, bad sign for the future of male charas in the game.
But after being spooked by shitty pink loli I managed to grind enough to get Jiyan so I can stop playing for a while.
Hopefully they work on the translations in the non-voiced parts. Some of the side quests are just atrocious ESL.

No. 388952

File: 1717499735640.jpg (173.39 KB, 2048x1152, 061145.jpg)

it happened because of chinese scrote bitching as usual, it'd be nice if they'd let the other servers have his original design as an alternate skin or something but doubtful.

i'm still liking the other male designs so far, i like how detailed their models are compared to the stiff samefacey genshin guys. and congrats on the jiyan pull!

No. 389068

File: 1717547565588.jpg (198.28 KB, 2048x887, tumblr_f98e24df9aed1633d755908…)

I made a mistake trying to find peoples opinions on wuwa and all I got was moids malding and comparing it to genshin. I was just really curious and hoping to find good vibes whoops. Yes, there've been tons of bugs, but I'm having fun anyway and hope the setbacks don't make the company give up.
Moids were saying the gameplay is lackluster but fights are more dynamic imo. There are counterattacks, dmg bonuses when dodging effectively, outro and intro attacks, and we can even make beasts fight beside us. It's so fun, but all I see is downplaying and saying that no one would choose a gacha game for the fights or something something genshin impact, HI3 did it first whatever whatever.
The npcs are more personalized instead of having the same 3 hairstyles and outfits per sex. Most npcs have unique clothes and actually feel like people and resonators have more defined faces and body types. We get men who have broad shoulders and proportional abs, thighs, and arms.
Anything that the moids say just feels like massive cope and it's embarrassing for them. They wine and it always goes back to genshin and I like genshin for a few characters but I force myself to play it. Instead of living on their knees for a multi-million dollar company they should look at things objectively. Wuwa definitely has flaws like any other IP, it's also a victim of the overworked waifu trope that china loves for some reason, and fem!Rover's outfit is insulting but I look at male!Rover's stupid smile or baby Lingyang and feel better.
I couldn't make it through star rail's intro to even get to the first location, but I'm having fun getting through the acts in wuwa. I really hope this game can thrive.

No. 389112

File: 1717562075039.webm (413.49 KB, 748x810, Lingyang wink.webm)

You don't have to worry for the devs when they already capitulated to the incels and it isn't their first game.
Genshin definitely does have better writing/music/translation, but I hope Wuwa can actually take advantage of the sci-fi setting and not just be more boring war scenes. It just a little too Chinese so far for me, but I'll give it more time.

No. 389114

File: 1717563339902.png (86.89 KB, 306x202, GO_qVN9XQAAnGND.png)

They're doing well for themselves already, don't worry about genshincels.

No. 389128

File: 1717576817045.mp4 (1006.56 KB, 576x854, onigiri.mp4)

>bottom Scar
Oh Albedo (from Xenosaga)! I liked him a lot, and agree intro/outro transitions and utility are so cool, running cliffs and saving drops immeadiately to inventar. With dialogue skip button! WuWa's gameplay is a lot satisfying.

No. 389164

You really are way too supportive of a game that was made by a tencent bitch. The moment kuro sold themselves was the moment when pgr became a shit bigasstiddy waifu game.

No. 389186

Also forgot to mention no annoying mascot character with a shrill voice and forced gag humor who speaks for the pc and repeats everything characters say as if we needed explanations. Not having a Paimon-esque character elevated the game to me.

No. 389200

File: 1717600072500.png (Spoiler Image,1.08 MB, 1251x1043, Wuthering Waves 2024-05-27 0…)

>no mascot character
Oh you haven't beaten the main story yet I see.
Just goes right back into the MC's hand though, probably won't be a Paimon type, but still 'hungry' is the only thing it's said so far.
I actually don't mind Paimon though, she's grown on me.

No. 389206

Yeah I'm surprised anons are riding for this game so hard

No. 389207

File: 1717601131966.jpg (150.55 KB, 2048x1423, GOpa7ZvXkAAm1-V.jpg)

all I've heard about since release is how this game capitulates to incels and it's blindingly obvious from the character designs alone. stuff like this is meant to appease men. While twitter is full of idiots coping that we should love old men and roidheads, I'm glad women in CN at least are rightfully calling the designs ugly.

No. 389208

It's a fun game. Genshin is a bigasstiddy waifu game owned by a rich chinese company too and is has a whole thread here, so what?

No. 389211

I was kinda thinking about trying it because of >>389068 and the cute tiger boy but then I saw the mascot and the hairy old man and blehh and the writing is even shittier than genshin's (which is abysmal)? Fuck that.
I'm surprised by how much it looks like genshit though, even the item icons and the elements look so similar, I guess chinese developers don't even try to not make it look like a rip-off.

No. 389213

File: 1717601869430.jpg (29.04 KB, 1280x720, Wuthering-Waves-Skip.jpg)

it doesn't matter how shitty the writing is anymore because wuwa did what genshin devs were too stubborn to do. I'd start while you can still get jiyan.

No. 389216

Idk anything about wuwa and don’t really care but I’m a hardcore shotafag and think the white hair tiger dude is ugly as fuck

No. 389217

isnt genshin a waifu AND husbando game? i do know that theres almost double the amount of women and half of the men look like teenagers but still sometimes theres hot husbandos..

No. 389218

I actually like this guy though…
Ojisans are cool. It's just too bad everybody calls you Rover so he can't call you Ojou-san.
He's a completely unimportant side character anyway.

No. 389223

File: 1717602810720.jpg (380.1 KB, 1607x1877, 0003.jpg)

So is WuWa, and the guys look better because they don't all share the same lifeless mannequin model

No. 389224

File: 1717602894453.jpg (119.89 KB, 1080x1636, FB_IMG_1716802905775.jpg)

No. 389231

Nta but the guys are so few (and like 3 of them look old and boring), and there are too many lolis already. It'll give it a try if they add more (good-looking) guys.

No. 389236

they have to pander to men to keep the bills paid kek. that said i’ll also pick it up after it gets more cute guys

No. 389237

still mad that the only gacha game with good, strong female characters literally fired an artist for being feminist (limbus). i was whaling happily too and i now have a higher paying job so i could’ve whaled harder kek…i guess it’s good for my bank account though

No. 389242

Wuwa guys are just as ugly

No. 389243

Its hilarious reading cn comments on this game, female weebs over there shit on the ugly male designs and call out the trashy design of the femc. Obviously kuro will ignore them though while caving to every incel demand because the devs are no different from those scrotes

No. 389251

God, he's so beautiful and almost giving a nip slip. I don't see how the male characters are ugly? Their faces are prettier imo and even the pretty men characters in genshin like Ayato are dull and flat with nonexistent noses Kaeya is the prettiest. Albedo and Diluc's faces have needed an update since they dropped, and all of the men wear way too much.
I feel like we get more skin with the males in wuwa, and yeah, moids will always come first cause they're mentally ill enough to go into debt for pixelated waifus but characters like Jiyan give me hope for the male characters to come.
I'm staying positive because I'm genuinely having fun but why do some anons slam kuro for being bought by one of the highest grossing multimedia companies in the world but ride so hard for hoyo as if they haven't raked in billions and are extremely cheap towards players? I play genshin too and love some characters but I can acknowledge faults.

No. 389252

the fem mc is so pretty in the face and even has nice two toned hair but her outfit's literally strings. Can't even play as the pretty girl and live my bad bitch yume fantasy because of this mess.

No. 389255

File: 1717606977615.jpg (84.37 KB, 958x1080, -bpyugp2jgyib1.jpg)

genshin is already a shameless chinese rip off of another game too. female players haven't been any more upset about the male designs than female genshin players have been in cn, and it's ridiculous to complain about waifus when genshin's next upcoming 5 stars are a girl in boob socks with flaps over her nipples and a girl whose boobs are quite literally busting out of her shirt. all genshin fans have done is complain for months about genshin but now they're in hyper defense mode, it's pure hypocrisy and I don't understand what the point of malding like this is. do they just not have enough storage space for both?

No. 389257

genshins designs arent even that bad its just that theres literally fucking double the amount women compared to men, its just not fair

No. 389260

wuwa devs are just the same incels that play the game

No. 389269

File: 1717610909430.jpg (48.37 KB, 600x450, e2bdcf19d58004ae9ca538bdaf7dca…)

>genshins designs arent even that bad

Compared to honkai maybe.

No. 389316

don't be obtuse. This is what we're comparing against.

No. 389347

You really shared that like it's any worse than genshin. The jiggle physics are horrible but hoyo got got for that too. Honestly, the worst is Taoqi's boobs that look painful but even compared to genshin the short girl characters aren't thick, birthing hipped lolis. I don't even mean to tear apart the game, but a lot of female fans here have been eviscerating hoyo for this stuff for forever.

No. 389460

i'm a bit tempted to pick this up simply because this guy alone mogs every single genshin male

No. 389485

Genshin and wuwa both have coomer designs, but genshin does have more female designs that are less coomerish. Even at the launch of the game, you can literally just compare the main characters. Wuwa fnc is dressed so much more exposed compare the mmc. While in genshin the mcs are both cute, and show about the same amount of skin. I do think wuwa gameplay is fun, but the story is horrible. And being able to skip the story doesn't fix that. In the beta the female characters where wary of the mc, but asian incels thought the waifus acted to rude and complained. So now the waifus all suck the mc dick immediately.
Maybe if they fix the story, tone down the jiggle physics I would maybe be down to continue playing. I like some of the designs, but i cannot excuse the fedora wearing moid. I do hope the devs wont get burned out since they still have to fix a lot of bugs while also releasing next phase.

Nta but wuwa jiggle physics are so much worse. The boobs literally want to fly away while they are standing still.

No. 389487

>In the beta the female characters where wary of the mc, but asian incels thought the waifus acted to rude and complained.
So that's why… I was wondering why they're so annoying and are attached to protecting us when we started the game .2 seconds ago. I would normally like the red haired girl's attempted personality, she's supposed to be like Amber, a guard of the city that's energetic and gets you fighting and going around the city. But then
>I have a shift soon!
>Oh I'll wait for god knows how long while you talk to this person no one seems to get a hold of
Small detail but every interaction is stupid like this. I wanted to ask if it gets any better but I guess not. Not a single female character feels like a person, just a blow up female body that only acts to stroke the player's ego.
Also the ironic problem of Chinese games making all the China inspired cities suck persists. A smaller close knit community is always a better introduction to your world than the city with huge buildings, hologram screens and greedy people repeating the same shit about business in every dialogue. I'll admit I didn't stick around to talk to every npc but I heard a little and immediately got flashbacks from this trope.

No. 389519

File: 1717669676732.jpg (1.88 MB, 1600x1920, RDT_20240606_12265549358354267…)

Any FEH nonnies around? I know he's mostly made to cater to gay moids but I think the new guy is kinda neat.

No. 389533

The dumbbell is so crazy. Why did they cover his ass if they want to appeal to people who are into gymbros

No. 389566

every single male character in this game is horrendous. This edgy monstrosity belongs to some 15yo drawfag from the 00s. It looks like a shitty oc.

No. 390110

He's so pretty that he doesn't need fanart to beautify him I see so many canon hot characters who need this cause their models are trash. How do players feel about needing to raise your union levels before advancing the main story? Combat's fun and at least the npc side quests don't make me want to shoot myself.

No. 390124

File: 1717773394665.jpg (309.16 KB, 1080x1226, 1000027592.jpg)

Sure, jan

No. 390126

File: 1717773571177.png (2.35 MB, 1600x1920, 1000027601.png)

How can you still play feh after that godawful part 7.
(picrel is average character design in that part)

No. 390127

It isnt owned by fucking tencent. If anything mihoyo's (who are still an independent company) success showed that you don't need to sell your ass to megacorps for your games to be popular.

No. 390128

The UL requirements for main story were okay. I already wanted to do some exploring and getting to the required level went for me pretty fast. The bigger issue is the grind between the union levels 30-40. They locked higher data bank level unlocks behind level 40 union level. I had enough exp to unlock data bank level 19 since union level 30… Also the 50-50% chance to get gold echo feels untrue. I mostly get purples.

Also Love and Deepspace being above WuWa proves that women ARE worthy pandering to. I think the biggest issue is that the game sponsors, execs and whatever don't wanna cater to women or believe they don't bring money.

No. 390133

What the fuck does any of this mean, how does the sales ranking correlate with anything, and why did you use an emoji? What is with the schizos itt

No. 390139

nta but where is anon using an emoji? what the fuck

No. 390294

Love that game! Adding the workout quality time where we can ogle them 360° was perfect.

No. 390336

File: 1717812729147.jpg (857.85 KB, 3507x2050, ekn3gx5f5pc71 (1).jpg)

Did anyone else here play IDV? I used to be such a massive sweat in that kusoge. I'm getting an itch to reinstall it but I know I shouldn't.

No. 390373

File: 1717824054659.jpg (512.32 KB, 1655x2048, nzkJsIp.jpg)

The so called NAEU server is super laggy in Eastern Europe so whenever I pick it back up I quit in rage kek The gameplay is honestly the most fun in 4v1 games I've tried because of all the unique interactions between abilities. The skins are nice too and I don't care about the main story much so cute event stories were enough for me. (context for non idv nonnies: main story is a mess) Collabs are a big plus as well. If the western servers were improved I would still have a blast playing it everyday.

No. 397518

File: 1720058345516.jpg (166.42 KB, 1024x1024, reverse-1697652404138.jpg)

Anybody still playing Reverse 1999? Is it good?
I know about the intersex character, so no need to alert me of that. Mostly curious to know if there's actual quality to the gameplay and story, or if it's just more waifuslop in a prettier package. I see that there are mostly female characters, but I like that they seem pretty modestly dressed?

No. 397519

How does FEH keep coming out with what's honest to god some of the ugliest art and designs I've seen in mobage

No. 398343

Is anyone planning on playing the Uma Musume game? They're releasing an english version and I feel like umamusume is one of the few "cgdct" (its more like shounen) IPs that's pretty woman-friendly too

No. 398346

I remember one of the girls from it being pretty high on the yume rankings but I don't think I have the time to get into another gacha

No. 398376

I'll try it but I don't foresee myself falling in love with it or anything.

No. 398559

I am! I just wish they announced when the game will be released, since English gacha releases can be from a month to two years after first announcement.

No. 398833

i've been playing it since it launched, it's pretty good! i really like ev3ns from what i've read of the story so far. i'm glad it's popular enough to be getting a lot of fan tls too, even if they're not a necessity for me

No. 398858

i cant wait to play it. It sounds so bizarre. The gameplay is just seeing your horsewifus run.

No. 398943

File: 1720464672558.jpg (128.91 KB, 1080x617, Screenshot_20240706_223619_Fir…)

The lore for this series kek?? I'll have to give it a shot

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