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File: 1685626646061.jpg (168.41 KB, 1500x500, FxcXIAALVfsVA.jpg)

No. 299904

Post the worst of the worst character designs you can find. From the uncannily realistic to terrible reboots to oversexualized. It doesn't matter if it's from movies, TV, video games, comics, just has to be awful.

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No. 302285

File: 1686766759482.png (320.61 KB, 567x525, Angel_Lilo_Stitch.png)

No. 302287

I remember when someone claimed that this character was designed by a kid who won a contest and therefore it shouldn't be mocked. But the only source on this was a fanwiki everyone could edit

No. 302294

File: 1686773081013.png (99.2 KB, 666x630, jessica sherawat.png)

Someone already posted Rachel Foley but can we talk about jessica who decided to wear high heels in her wetsuit?

No. 302295

this is both hilarious and weirdly….likeable. its just so silly

No. 302306

that was very stacy of her tho

No. 302346

File: 1686795164230.png (34.63 KB, 1080x651, Screenshot_20230614-190531.png)

That was really fake? I can't believe I even thought it was real. I had to dig up the original post and even this person said she made it kek

No. 302482

It would be impossible to win a contest under a fake name; for me that cements this story as fake

No. 302498

File: 1686864973829.png (218.41 KB, 1280x1920, why.png)

dang, an anon beat me to it, but I've still got to. I'm not even angry that she has her boobs out during some mutant/zombie stuff—it's how the hell can she see with her hair like that? No wonder she got got, she didn't see it coming.

No. 303192

File: 1687195700850.jpg (423.34 KB, 1685x1200, Fxv1f6NXA_mBTe.jpg)

Every Pokemon Generation past 4

No. 303230

I almost agree, there are some pokemon I really like starting from gen 5 but I think the majority of them are forgettable or ugly or look very out of place. I don't know how to explain it because it's so obvious but also so subtle but you can really notice at first glance which pokemon were designed by the original designers and which ones were designed by new hires starting from gen 5. It's sad but starting from gen 7 I pic my starters based on which one is the less stupid looking one when comparing their final evolutions regardless of stats.

No. 303291

fuck you snom is great

No. 303292

File: 1687204055975.png (70.72 KB, 950x475, FKV2uE6aV_A31b.png)

I dare you to defend this.

No. 303322

There are some good designs up to gen 7 or even 8. However the amount of bad designs increases with the gen number.
Gen 5 had a bunch of good ones. Gen 6 had too few new Pokemon to leave an impression but it had a mix of good and bad. Gen 7 is where it truly went to shit even though a few designs were still good. One of the few designs I liked from gen 8 was Corviknight.

The problem, I think, is that more and more people started to design pokemon, same with the human characters, so the franchise started to stray from the characteristic style it had for the first few generations.

Also, it's not like all of the pokemon starting from gen 5 are automatically bad and all of the designs before that were perfect, that's such a genwunner take. A lot of Gen 1 pokemon in particular are so fucking boring to me and don't seem to make sense, like they were designed in a hurry. But generally, yeah, the first 4 generations had better pokemon that actually looked like pokemon and quality started to decline after that.

No. 303326

>A lot of Gen 1 pokemon in particular are so fucking boring to me and don't seem to make sense
If you're talking about the pokemon that have fairy simple designs it's because the devs didn't want our gameboys to fucking explode when we were playing by putting complicated sprites that would take too much space in each cartridge. The more recent designs are more detailed and complex now because the devs can do whatever they want without making the Switch shit itself to death… No nevermind they still put insane glitches in their games like in the good all days but you get the idea.

No. 303352

Two different types of crab

No. 303659

File: 1687313350097.jpg (90.3 KB, 1080x1133, xgr65fxc44g61.jpg)

These two are white blood cells. Why does the female one have huge knockers out even though the male one is normally dressed? It doesn't make sense since this version of Cells at Work! she's in takes place in a much darker and edgier theme where hell breaks lose. How am I suppose to take this seriously when her tits are out making herself more vulnerable to enemies and foes? Are the audience supposed to feel worried and aroused at the same time? It's unnecessary, retarded and cringe just like Highschool of the Dead. I like the idea of surviving in an apocalypse or in a world being swallowed by danger and disaster but designing the girls to look sexy with skin out and to appeal horny moids just ruins it and breaks the seriousness and immersion of the theme.

No. 303667

Me in August vs. me in December

No. 303669

File: 1687316688802.gif (1.3 MB, 480x360, lies.gif)

Right, because people always tell the truth on Tumblr.com.

No. 303683

Yes I know she's lying. I shared because of how blatant it was

No. 303736

File: 1687357519427.jpg (1.66 MB, 5000x3404, Gens.jpg)

Accidentally posted the wrong image.

I was talking about Snom specifically not that disgusting thing! Anyway I decided to go over all the Pokemon from the Gens after Gen 5 and see how many of them I actually like. I've marked the ones I think are good designs/that I like personally. Just for fun.

No. 303877

Ik anon, I was agreeing with you

No. 304269

File: 1687530400440.png (36.89 KB, 685x402, IMG_6.png)

From the Western Animation Thread, tick how many of characters in the thread pic fulfil these requirements.

No. 304496

File: 1687628931857.jpg (140.32 KB, 1079x1677, Dog bee lady.jpg)

What is she even supposed to be

No. 304513

File: 1687635403975.jpg (45.84 KB, 800x418, miscreation.jpg)

It looks like a creature from miscreation

No. 304760

File: 1687756989175.png (35.45 KB, 475x475, 097.png)

God tier pokémon design right here

No. 304761

File: 1687757198589.png (641.17 KB, 868x764, fucking puke.png)

So tired of retarded anime designs like this. Cut your fucking hair goddamn

No. 304764

a game could be the next citizen kane but if the characters look like this im not playing it

No. 304815

Is there one character who doesn't hace bicolor hair in that game? Beside like three of them on top of my head.

No. 304830

hypno was genuinely one of my fave pokemon until the internet turned it into a "haha it's a rapist" meme, i loved the big nose and white fluff around its neck.

No. 304901

File: 1687809376663.jpeg (36.77 KB, 504x572, fetchimage.jpeg)

No. 304953

File: 1687824623329.jpg (204.63 KB, 1200x2305, Untitled.jpg)

this design has always been weird, stupid and coomer. i cannot believe the amount of women who went full pick-me to defend it because they like the game's creator.

No. 304957

i mean the whole point of the character is being coomerish, its full self-indulgence

No. 304961

some fenic fox + bee type of mix but Viv only knows how to draw canines like 99% of furfags. since beezlebub is mainly portrayed as some type of fly/insect kind of demon. the only insect like thing she has here are wings and extra arms. it's a mess of a design

No. 304962

doesn't mean it's a good design. if the creator was going for "nooo it's meant to be coomer" then she wouldn't also be trying to look so elegant. it's this gross and messy clashing of a beautiful dress with legs showing and dumb thigh-high stockings and a bodysuit barely covering her labia and heels she can barely walk in.

No. 304966

On a surface level the dress looks pretty, but upon further inspection why the feather sleeves and poofy sleeves? Also the slit in the dress and boob window contributes to the overdesigned nature of the outfit.

No. 304970

i dont find it a bad design, it's very recognizable

No. 304971

I don’t care for her dress but I like the rest of her. Would’ve made more sense to put her and 9S in armor. As a character I like her.

No. 304980

File: 1687831501678.jpeg (920.13 KB, 3024x2418, IMG_1952.jpeg)

Anyone else bothered by the women in the new Final Fantasy? The concept art looks good but somehow gets lost in translation to 3D because of weird-looking proportions (I think tiny heads/necks too long?) and extremely mousey faces. Meanwhile the men all look great. Jill’s unnecessarily low ponytail behind her ears and gray hair make her look extra mouse-like.

No. 304981

File: 1687831586033.png (541.94 KB, 2560x1440, IMG_1950.png)

Better view of her face

No. 304994

File: 1687837222012.jpg (40.04 KB, 600x337, Dissidia-FF-NT-PV_12-14-17.jpg)

I like Jill, but I agree there's something a bit weird about her and Benedikta's faces. It might be the long, thin noses and pointy chins? Benedikta particularly looks like a yassified Dissidia Zidane to me.

No. 305046

I have the same opinion for some of the guys. Their noses look weird, not Mickael Jackson tier but almost.

No. 305057

I think both of their eyes are too small and squinty?
I find the super low ponytail cute tho, makes me think of Applejack and Tifa

No. 305086

File: 1687885692373.gif (9.28 MB, 540x540, tumblr_53bfd233e177eac66e17edd…)

Their mouths are so weird

No. 305088

File: 1687885857466.gif (9.37 MB, 540x500, tumblr_5804fcb7af3db44345f015f…)

No. 305100

i think there's something wrong with the nose + philtrum shapes that makes them look like they have no lips. they clearly do have lips but it's creating an odd effect

No. 305107

I hate the modern FF 3D style so much. All the girls' faces look very similar (seriously, if you swap the hair they'd some of then look identical to each other) and they're uncanny when they move. Everything is so smooth and you can tell they refuse to give them proper expressions because they fear their usual japanese-looking pretty girl face will appear ugly. Look at these >>305088
>>305086 their faces don't move beside the tiny mouths. The men are slightly better but they often look uncanny too with the expressions and realistic face + anime eyes combo.

No. 305181

Also her cheeks just look too puffy?? Like overdone filler. Absolutely no sculpted features just fat filler face.

No. 305189

File: 1687919223851.png (122.5 KB, 1055x949, ECFD78C4-7590-4FF0-BCC7-6C7730…)

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is excellent, I’m enjoying the fuck out of it, but MC’s design is so ugly. He’s very green in comparison to all the other characters, his one lens glasses look stupid af, his hair style is ugly, his clothes are ugly, and why does he have all those marks on his body that the other MC (also a kabaneri) doesn’t have? Can’t wait for this dude to get a hair cut or different fit or something. The purple pants ain’t it.

No. 305210

I love her design until it gets to her legs. The creator when full pornsick there giving her a ridiculous thigh slit, heels and thigh-high stockings.

No. 305224

File: 1687935268604.jpg (27.74 KB, 400x379, realmario.jpg)

It's the end result of modern FF trying to pander to both Japanese and Western tastes at the same time.

No. 305258

File: 1687955697474.jpg (26.21 KB, 680x1176, Untitled.jpg)

i agree it looks fine except for the legs. it's especially awkward comparing her to 92 who is completely chaste in comparison. i've seen people say the boy "appeals to female fantasy just as much". fucking how? he looks like a 10 year old in his school uniform

No. 305287

it always bothered me that her blindfold is longer on one side than the other. also why put her in heels when she weighs several hundred pounds due to the nature of being an android? it always reminds me of that fanart from detroit become human where kamski talks about all the math involved in balancing an android just right so she can walk in heels, and the other character (connor? gavin reed? idr) just grimaces at him because it's so stupid.

No. 305326

I don't know anything about nier automata, but he does look like a child to me especially compared to the female character. Apparently there's hints that they're into each other?

No. 305327

she would have looked so much better with just a full skirt, no boob window and normal shoes instead of hooker boots

No. 305331

I love the design itself, but it is coomer and it is absolutely unapologetic in its coomerness. It doesn't make sense, but she is also a robot so it doesn't really matter either.

No. 305401

He looks like an attempt to attract female shotafags

No. 305403

Yeah he’s definitely a shota, it’s the stereotypical shorts with stockings combo even. I’ve noticed a lot of eastern games doing this, where they want to appeal to men while also trying to get a female audience without threatening the male fantasy. So the male characters end up being shotas since a tall handsome bishie would be too threatening to men.

No. 305406

>where they want to appeal to men while also trying to get a female audience without threatening the male fantasy.
Exactly what I was going to say kek. If they had made the male android appear the same age as 2B and a bishonen/biseinen, male players would've felt threatened and cucked by him. Making him a shota also helps attract pornsick moids who are into straight shota (usually for self-insert purposes) or "femboys".
It's kinda fucked up that their way to attract female players is making the male character look like an underage teenager instead of a young adult man, just because they don't want to make moids uncomfortable.

No. 305407

I have noticed that misogynistic coomer moids tends to have a disdain towards attractive males, that's why they often attempt to emasculate or humiliate them in their media.

No. 305409

it's easy for incel moids to self-insert as shotas (even female-only coomerbait series like dragon maid include shotas) because they're all mentally unwell and also pornsick female shotafags love shipping shotas with big titty sexdroids for some reason, so it's basically a win-win in the eyes of the devs and even more proof that shota tend to appeal to the lowest audience. on the other hand tall bishounen interacting with coomer waifu will make them seethe because they know they can't self-insert

No. 305410

Do they? everytime I see shota characters their usually sexualized by men and made into "femboys" by porn addicted men.

No. 305411

no there's a lot of regular shota art from jp audiences, femboy is more of a western thing

No. 305413

jp moid misogyny is something that disgusts me but sometimes fascinates me, like who fucking wants to fucking self insert as a 10 year old boy.

No. 305415

well it's not like women who self-insert as lolis don't exist…unfortunately

No. 305460

File: 1688045504231.png (561.19 KB, 900x900, quality designs.png)

You know your characters designs have gotten "better" over the years when important features like eyes and arms blend into other bodyparts

No. 305477

please leave tinkaton out of this

No. 305601

>please leave tinkaton out of this
I second this, tinkaton is cute and fun!
While I find the other 2 quite ugly I don't think the things anon complained about are right in this case. Gholdengo is made of solid gold, the eyes are just rings etched into the gold. And Palafin is a superhero wearing a mask/swimming goggles, they both make thematic sense to me. As for arms blending in with body parts… that's been a pokemon thing since gen 1, just look at like mankey or poliwrath so I don't see what the issue is there? But I can't stress enough that gen 9 designs are not at all my taste and is possibly the ugliest region we've ever had overall. But that's just because they deliberately give each region its own "style", I for one adore pretty much every gen 7 pokemon but I've heard others say it's the worst region and them loving these new gen 9 pokemon.

No. 305651

Idk guys I find Tinkaton stupid too. I mean, it's cute, but it just doesn't look like a Pokemon. The huge-ass hammer makes it look more like a character from some anime rather than a species of cute critters, if that makes sense.
Same with the stupid superhero fish. You would never imagine those in the wild.

No. 306181

>like who fucking wants to fucking self insert as a 10 year old boy.

They like to self-insert as a little boy because they have the mentality of a little boy. Being an adult man means taking care of yourself knowing the ins and outs of the world etc. But these dudes are so emotionally stunted and lazy they'd rather everything be catered them to by a hot mommy waifu.

No. 306200

I feel the same way as >>305331
I actually like her design as well but I also acknowledge that it is total coombait material and I cringe when I see moids make fanart of her and go to town coomifying even more.

I do agree that it would look miles better if the skirt was a full skirt.

No. 306555

File: 1688452098981.png (168.35 KB, 251x581, Milim.png)

Wtf is this design

No. 306581

File: 1688468167462.png (564.39 KB, 719x1278, kawaii_desu_uwu.png)

An amalgamation of every coomer anime trope known to man. Surprise surprise, it's a vtuber.

No. 306582

>she's a vtuber
how? she is breaking every twitch TOS with that design

No. 306583

My bad. She's actually a VTwitch streamer.


No. 306592

Eugh, that design is so bad. I get wanting to appeal to coomers for simpbux, but everything about this design (except the hair) screams babies first coomer oc. Like a coomer version of Enoby Ravenway.

No. 306598

I'm surprised it isn't a troon.

No. 306602

Sorry to burst your bubble but according to her YouTube channel About Mr she (or more technically the avatar?) is genderfluid.

No. 306809

File: 1688594916677.png (219.7 KB, 454x985, 3350fb019c57776940b81bd8374d3e…)

trash tier design

No. 306810

Never played Danganronpa but this looks like a coomoid's idea of a "tomboy"

No. 306812

I don’t know this series but just had to comment: saw this from the main page and thought it was from Panty Stocking and Garterbelt

No. 306813

this is my eternal fight. Every single scrote thinks a woman with short spiky hair is a tomboy, they'll draw the stacy wojack thing with short spiky hair and slap tomboy on it.

No. 306816

The micro mini skirt is more of a gyaru thing in Japan, not to mention the cleavage. There's nothing "tomboy" about gyaru fashion, it's the most conventionally girly girl shit ever. Moids are incapable of understanding why or how girls become tomboys.

No. 306818

Absolutely loathe Reddit posts about the ideal ‘tomboy’ and it’s a hyper femme girl with D Cups, ass shorts, and a pixie cut.

No. 306820

File: 1688599386267.jpeg (63.75 KB, 540x411, IMG_2230.jpeg)

Literally leftover shit from the beta that no one could be bothered to put any effort into writing back in.
Originally she was going to be a more active despair character meant to contrast with Komaeda (encouraging people to not do anything aside from lay around in despair, while Komaeda encouraged people to kill for hope), but that got scrapped so she was just left with literally no personality aside from 'lol meat'.
Sucks because her original design and concept were really cool and I would have wanted to see the ideological debates she and Komaeda got into.

No. 306822

All the danganronpa art is ugly as fuck to me, looks like it was made by a 14 year old following a “How to Draw My First Manga” book, it is just so viscerally unappealing. It’s so stiff.

No. 306831

File: 1688606984733.png (23.74 KB, 512x512, CHEESTRINGS-MR-STRINGS-NEW-REN…)

The one in the middle is just a fucking string cheese

No. 306838

File: 1688611642177.jpg (414.25 KB, 820x1760, 611-6113961_this-article-cover…)

The whole thing about her having a coomery design bothers me because it doesn't even fit her personality and it's such missed potential. She's supposed to be a gymnast but nothing about this design screams athletic. They could have even made her sexy with a skintight gymnast outfit but they had to go for this generic, shitty take on a gyaru (I think junko's design from the same franchise is a very shitty take on japanese street fashion). But at least it fits Junko's personality, it doesn't even fit Akane. Picrel - I think Tenko from the third game really suffers from the same problem as Akane, her design is far too girly (yet also somewhat unappealing to coomers, she doesn't seem to have many fans) and doesn't fit her martial arts talent at all or reflect her personality very well. I am a danganronpa fan but gosh some of the designs in this franchise are hot garbage and I could totally sperg for paragraphs but I wont.

No. 306839

I mean, spoilers but I'm pretty sure in the third game they aren't supposed to look like their super special talent Because it's fake or something

No. 306843

you make a good point but some of the other characters have designs that fit their talents. i guess it's just rather inconsistent? like kaito, kirumi, kaede, himiko, and kiibo for example … so it's just rather inconsistent

No. 306870

File: 1688630637184.jpg (336.14 KB, 1220x813, E52X2B_388936122_677912872-122…)

general book thread ! CP !

No. 306888

tenkos design is annoying bc the character designers would rather die than let a female character wear anything other than a skirt, even when it doesn't fit their character. tenko hates men & is an athlete but they still give her a short skirt…
ill use toko from dr1 as a direct contrast & example of a character whose outfit (long skirt) actually reflects their personality. tenko had potential to be great imo, but her design doesn't do her justice

No. 306946

File: 1688668039234.jpg (149.53 KB, 1919x1079, glow-production-glow-productio…)

I posted some hero shooter characters in the last thread but god they haven't gotten any better. OW2 designs are still garbage and the most recent champion in paladins looks like picrel. I know probably no one else cares about these games anymore but I cant stand the shit-tier coomerbait designs when this game used to actually make good designs, including sexy ones! I mean this character is supposed to be the queen of demons or whatever she just looks like some generic monster bitch with the most ridiculous proportions and an outfit boring as sin. You can tell this was made for weird moid fetishes (peep the fucking FEET) . Also just one more cherry on top of the cake she's supposed to be black but imo the design does nothing to actually match that, like her skin looks way too light. Its just more lazy, ugly coomershit and hero shooters are honestly just filled with garbage designs now, not even just coomerbait ones.

No. 306947

File: 1688668246896.jpg (457.39 KB, 4096x1271, Fp6eI7pWIBEtKCe.jpg)

samefag but i completely foregot to mention how ridiculous and unbalanced the horns and wings look too, it's just way too much detail in one place while the rest of the design is boring as hell, picrel is concept art where she has this cape thing and even though using the wings as a cape is kinda silly it already looks so much more balanced than the design we got

No. 306959

>somehow still has to walk like she’s wearing heels
I think retards really think that women’s feet are exactly as Barbie’s feet.

No. 306979

Eh, I absolutely hate how short Tenko's skirt is because of her talent, but according to the art book she alters her uniform and adds ruffles and shit to make it cute and attract girls. I like the idea of her design but the execution sucks

No. 307024

God forbid Danganronpa let their female villains be insane in a way that's actually intriguing. I've also seen a couple people mention that Angie would have been a much better rival for V3 instead of the annoying shit known as Kokichi and they're absolutely right.
I swear this is one of the many reasons why I only engage with a select few fangames at this point. I absolutely love the concept of DanganRonpa but the execution really is just awful.

No. 307036

I loved Junko in the first game because she was clearly doing all this shit because it's funny to her and she gave no fuck whatsoever. I wish we had more female villains like this in general. I couldn't even finish the second game because it was very repetitive, the pacing was the exact same as in the first game, it relied too much on the first game and some untranslated novel that will probably never get officially released outside of Japan. I couldn't even start the third game because of the second one, I wish each game was a standalone story.

No. 307049

slightly ot but which fangans do you actually recommend? i've been looking for ones to play through with my moid but it's really hard to tell which are good and which are dogshit, especially since there's so many out now

No. 307086

Holy fuck, I don't recall the sprite art being this low quality. I would've drawn a skirt like that when I was 14. Tenko was my favourite from v3 but her uniform design is so bad in retrospect.

No. 307263

the same face syndrome really doesnt help lol

No. 307948

DR Another and its sequel SDRA2 are obligatory mentions; easily the best DR fangames of all time, no questions asked. Shattered Hope, Eden's Garden, and HeArt's Deceit are all just starting out but they seem VERY promising so keep an eye out for them. And Despair Time is good excepting the enby furry and his enabler but it's on indefinite hiatus.

No. 308747

Looks fine to me.

Loli-bait. Would look okay on an older character.

I like his design, it has that 80s feel.

No. 309766

File: 1689929477075.jpg (94.38 KB, 500x558, anime-same-faces.jpg)

whatever this is called?

No. 309776

sameface syndrome, moeblob etc.

No. 309777

That one clone technique that Naruto uses all the time.

No. 309796

File: 1689943529848.png (739.19 KB, 1000x563, girl.png)

Not like there were any good designs in this garbage shounen, but the way the giant girl's face was drawn pissed me off, how many extra chromosomes does she have?

No. 309797

File: 1689944130343.jpg (137.16 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

The gym leaders (most characters really) of the last pokemon game. I despise almost every human AND pokemon design in those games, they're all so weirdly "meh". I can't even hate them with a passion because they just bore me too much for me to care

No. 309800

I hate how ugly the game looks and that's why I haven't played it. I do like the salaryman, the tomboy with the green hair and the girl who's dressed like a chief or baker. The rest is pure garbage. I don't get why so many characters have bicolor hair it's hideous.

No. 309801

File: 1689944734109.jpg (63.46 KB, 850x541, __rika_and_larry_pokemon_and_2…)

they're all horrible except larry and brassius tbh

No. 309803

Isn't this all anime in existence, but niche shit?

No. 309804

File: 1689946026184.png (9.34 MB, 2676x2867, better.png)

The original designs are much better, the original concept of Distrust in general seemed a lot better than the final tween product. Another game that got this treatment was Bioshock which had an actually horror-themed concept before it got candy assed into a sellable product with cartoonishly bobble headed characters. Danganronpa is a major disappointment in that it had a lot of horror/mystery potential.

No. 309820

File: 1689953610123.jpg (193.2 KB, 500x219, 1259681562192252.jpg)

All have been crap since the end of Gen-4

No. 309838

Yeah, big eyes, dot nose, and a little line mouth with a heart-shaped face is just the standard look for all anime girls, and anime boys are the same formula but with narrower eyes and slightly longer faces and noses. Honestly sameface never bothered me that much if the characters look cute and are easily distinguishable through other design elements (like the Love Live girls) but I get why people dislike it.

No. 309839

wow, I always hated danganronpa artstyle, but designs and color palette on the right look so good! Shame that they were scrapped, I feel like danganronpa could be so much more with them.

No. 309876

phew i am glad we got that togami, he was so ugly before

No. 309908

Nta but i personally hate Love Live's sameface more than other types because their eyes are way more extra shinier than the usual moeblobs, they look like orbs lol

No. 309913

Jesus, what a downgrade. I wonder about Monokuma's original design tho, that thing was definitely designed for a much creepier game than what we got.

No. 309933

i really love fukawa in the old one,, it matches her so well. the limited color pallet would of made the game a lot more pleasing to look at

No. 309937

Just how did they went from right to left? What was the thought process? They all look so different you could make a whole ass story using right side designs with a completely different context.

No. 309945

Multi colored hair is really popular in character design right now. I think it can be cute if it’s complimenting colors and the rest of the design is more simpler, like in Panty and Stocking. But now all character designs make shit overdesigned where it just looks like another ugly vtuber or genshit character.

No. 309951

File: 1690005768513.png (316.44 KB, 600x431, IMG_0093.png)

I really liked Suzuki's previous work, Kongo Bancho. Tried to get into 7sins because of that, but man… Everything from the art to the story felt degraded in quality for marketability. Not like Kongo Bancho was some masterpiece, but at least it had character. It knew it was stupid and had fun being stupid.

No. 310117

>Looks fine to me
>Would look okay on an older character
Scrote spotted

No. 310165

I have always loved how ugly danganronpas characters are, it makes it weirdly endearing and better than if they had been more perfect and good looking. It's like you found them at a messed up old deviantart page with weird fucked up lore that wouldn't get a pass by normal game developers because it's so dumb

No. 310213

it's called "sameface"

No. 311748

File: 1690738484832.png (101.07 KB, 259x426, IMG_0865.png)

I come back to Neopets and found this abomination made from the jump start days. Every official art of her is incredibly static and she stands out like a sore thumb because the art style isn’t consistent.

No. 311759

is she meant to be a faerie? the artstyle is so jarringly different (not to mention ugly) from the other designs, it makes 0 sense

No. 311776

File: 1690744088071.png (78.31 KB, 297x388, IMG_0866.png)

Yeah she’s from the not China/Japan region called Shenkuu. Not only is her design botched but so is her story. I want to redesign her to match the original Neopets style.

No. 311778

File: 1690744489029.png (560.69 KB, 800x501, tumblr_p03g9syKi01uysqzko1_128…)

Someone apparently did a pass that actually makes her work with the other fairies kek

No. 311790

File: 1690745969918.jpg (2.4 MB, 1970x1400, Danganronpa.full.1581183.jpg)

Yeah, I love them.

No. 311812

File: 1690751403752.jpg (273.99 KB, 847x1000, d.jpg)

kek she looks so retarded why did they draw her like that

i love this redesign, it actually fits. the wings reminiscent of sakura blossoms are a great idea

No. 318654

File: 1693460697771.png (745.13 KB, 603x1076, Screenshot.png)

Modern Pixar

No. 318656

Ugh I hate it so much. Give me the Dreamworks Smug Face over this, any day

No. 318660

Aww, I like Kaia's design. I agree with >>311778 that the problem is the style, not the actual design itself.

No. 318787

File: 1693505687123.png (474.86 KB, 320x1086, 320px-Olivia_portrait3_webp.pn…)

It's not bad on its own but she's supposed to be a woman in the 1940s

No. 318799

+1 with Dreamwaorks Smug face, at least it's not unpleasant to the eyes

No. 318853

She dresses exactly like my nu goth cousin dressed in the middle 00's kek. The Creator of this character should have google searched some pictures of the 40's not that hard to find cool hairstyles and outfits inspo

No. 318893

is this fear and hunger? The art in those games is so inconsistent

No. 318993

Yes. The second game looks so much worse imo.

No. 320182

File: 1694121744612.png (381.35 KB, 898x898, ewewew.png)

Hate this ugly ass hipster design. So far I'm really disliking the way they modernized Ooo and made it look like something from 2016. You can sense that time period in the writing too, it feels very mid 2010s in the worst way. The original designs were simple yet unique, not all of them were in my taste but they were very cohesive and timeless in a way. This already looks dated.

No. 320184

File: 1694122106738.jpg (127.33 KB, 698x1000, 91Gb2OXw04L._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

I think it's fine? Obviously you can't beat the original, but I thought Finn's new design was alright. It reminds me of Errol Flynn.

No. 320195

File: 1694125253052.png (3.14 MB, 1000x1662, 82bb74b06d59f7cae9c69d6f942364…)

How does he look like a hipster? To me, he looks like a more casual version of a Dungeons and Dragons character, which I guess it's the style the show is going for. Agreeing with >>320184

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