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File: 1611786312877.jpeg (45.16 KB, 411x281, 1D4DA9F3-EF75-443D-BDA5-F0233E…)

No. 124171

Let’s make fun of bad character design in mainstream media. Cartoons, movies, videos games, it’s all fair game. Stuff that should not have been approved for public viewing
>bad anatomy
>over sexualized animals
>uncanny valley realism
>same face syndrome
Mainstream media has got it all, let’s see the worst of the worst

No. 124172

Lol my young self never realised how weird that elephant looked, island princess is still the best barbie film though.

No. 124185

File: 1611789648982.jpeg (295.28 KB, 750x630, DF6340FA-92DE-453F-AAB2-D38961…)

The dragon from the new Disney movie is so upsetting. They really went and gave it the same face every princess has and thought that was normal. It’s a fucking dragon why’s she got falsies and eyeliner?

No. 124196

File: 1611791150710.jpeg (82.92 KB, 475x645, 20E08625-B3F3-48C2-A14D-FC463F…)

Pretty much all of the characters in this movie made my skin crawl, but this guy in particular.

No. 124202

File: 1611791651345.jpg (160.42 KB, 1080x1080, terrifying creature.jpg)

I get that they try to make them doll-like to ensure it'll appeal to little girls but it looks so boring. As a kid I really enjoyed the animal characters in Disney movies, particularly the ones in Brother Bear where they undeniably looked like the animal they were meant to be. Compare that to Flounder whose face creeped me the fuck out as a kid. Does not seem like a fish. Same for Sebastian, does not look like a crab at all. The result is uncanny valley imo. It's bad enough that all the female humanoids look the same but at least let the animals have some variety god damn it.

Also stupid eyelashes and makeup with pale color to signify GIRL CREATURE is a tired ass trope. They can be colorful, glamorous, pretty without those traits. I'll take the DeviantArt OC treatment to fur where the colors make no sense over another coomer dragon with false eyelashes on.

No. 124203

File: 1611791836782.jpg (459.44 KB, 1500x2000, sensepubannounce.jpg)

The female characters from A Cyberpunk ghost story
I thought it was some Cyberpunk porn comic but no it's a survival game.scrotes shouldn't really design female characters anymore

No. 124208

File: 1611792470992.jpg (92.64 KB, 649x781, UeDJxpa.jpg)

It's the chibi face on top for me.

No. 124209

I remember cracking up at this months ago.

No. 124212

File: 1611796918792.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 134.3 KB, 1280x720, 49DE1216-D8CF-4C90-BE37-B9B944…)

speaking of imbalanced boob physics, can someone please tell me why this bitch exists?

she makes senran kagura look subtle by comparison

No. 124213

File: 1611797019740.jpg (26.09 KB, 357x452, aaaaaaaaaa.jpg)

ms paint deviantart base bucket filled-tier design.
just give her brown hair, or even a less obnoxious blue you sick twisted freaks

No. 124214

and I just noticed the footless tights, in 2016? shameful.

No. 124215

File: 1611797211022.gif (3.93 MB, 480x270, kCiTE9.gif)

No. 124216

File: 1611797552442.jpg (14.39 KB, 200x200, Banner_the_scarlet_queen.jpg)

>Short arms that don't reach past her waist

No. 124219

File: 1611798649613.png (38.67 KB, 185x298, tumblr_inline_nu7l1nEhTz1tn6jv…)

Isn't she supposed to be a pilot??her outfit is so damn ridiculous

No. 124228

File: 1611801054950.png (683.11 KB, 849x434, B59BBCCC-37FD-4C24-A62E-4FC086…)

“How will we make it obvious this fish is female??”
“Fish tits”

No. 124231

File: 1611802300140.jpeg (33.1 KB, 739x415, 9A47FAC7-0B2D-4383-8B99-FC40CE…)

fish tits… fish lips

No. 124237

File: 1611804626916.gif (17.86 MB, 1245x736, 5319AE14-6F18-4A06-8536-ECF091…)

It’s literally just Elsa dragon

No. 124250

I showed my boyfriend this and he told me it's cuter than Toothless. Do I dump him?

No. 124255

You mean you didn't already?

No. 124258

Tbf fish do have big lips sometimes… no comment on the rest of her situation though.

Elsa looks hideous to me. The eyes are way too big, her head is like a dang turnip and shes a chinlet. Hideous!!!

No. 124284

File: 1611823003818.jpg (21.95 KB, 360x450, Shiver.jpg)

I have a soft spot for the Barbie movies, especially old ones…. but the obnoxious critters were always the worst parts of them. Only few were actually cute and added something to the plot. It's like someone really didn't understand what makes animal sidekicks cute and lovable.
Shiver was terrible as well, and pic related is a relatively good picture of her.

No. 124289

why is her waist-to-hip ratio like that

No. 124290

File: 1611825387767.jpg (45.73 KB, 499x500, Shiver-plush-barbie-and-the-ma…)

You just reminded me that i had the Shiver plush as a kid and the lashes are even more atrocious
also had Serafina plush and it wasn't any better

No. 124301

File: 1611832035634.png (275.22 KB, 688x400, eww.png)

I felt exactly the same way about the barbie animal sidekicks. The island princess elephant to me is particularly bad, just not appealing at all even though elephants are effortlessly cute.

This thing from mermadia is also… poorly thought-out

No. 124309

File: 1611835754031.jpeg (489.91 KB, 2048x2048, 70AA1C18-817D-47FB-A72E-B93755…)

Idk why the legt one is so fucking ugly to me probably because she looks like she has a huge head and mouth. The right one … where should i start. Why the coat? Why is her purse always under her coat? The colour choice?? Fuck these bitches

No. 124314

File: 1611838747972.jpg (46.52 KB, 1024x1024, 33e99c27e97b5ee6f6cc1c4b647a5f…)

It looks like a 12yo boy's edgy donut steel fursona wearing jorts, I hate it.
It looks even worse when animated, with its stupid little mouth showing. They could've at least given it normal dog jaws.

No. 124320

Nooooo, I love him though

No. 124328

I think the color choice for Sonia is okay, but everything else is super ugly, especially her hair styling.

No. 124330

File: 1611843985631.jpg (72.96 KB, 864x1617, dc2ef3bdd5980fc52419b80ef6abf7…)

Such a boring design

No. 124334

File: 1611845620497.jpg (122.59 KB, 720x858, f8f21d873983574afd419a15da4aa2…)

I hate the cat boy too, looks gay and fetishy.
I hate kids in skintight leotards in general. Ew.
The dolls and figures really highlight how uninteresting those designs are.

No. 124338

BAHAHAA Barbie movies are fucking based

No. 124340

File: 1611847841154.gif (Spoiler Image, 473.37 KB, 400x224, main-qimg-c37419d0bde603ddb6da…)

kek so i saw your picture and thought to myself how I remember a character just like that from some anime i dropped and I was actually thinking about her
her presence frightened me so much I stopped watching even though the premise seemed interesting

No. 124341

i unfortunately share a birthday with this….blob

No. 124346

File: 1611850056192.jpg (175.57 KB, 1163x650, Demon-Slayer-Kimetsu-no-Yaiba-…)

So many unnecessary colors, patterns and accessories. Also bdsm chick looks retarded most of the time.

No. 124349

what the fuck is this lmao

No. 124350

Why do they all look related to each other?
Why is the butterfly girls eyes so creepy? why does the pink haired one have her chest exposed when fighting? they're outfits are so stupid it hurts I'm surprised they don't wear any battle gear for protection

No. 124352

jesus I never realized they all have the same head type

No. 124355

>Why is the butterfly girls eyes so creepy?
to reference bug eyes, apparently they look more distinctly bug-like in the manga

No. 124363

Why is this series #1 popular again?

Everytime I find its plot summary, it sounds like generic shit.

No. 124365

Everyone on /vp/ would disagree

Sounds like something Bogleech would say

They have to be simple for the audience they're intended (I don't care about them/don't like them either, but they're not "bad designs" per se)

Most of them (or all of them) are pretty memorable by silouhette alone though, and they're not as over designed as you might think. They still have that cartoonish big head and eyes that make them easy to identify. Their color scheme is also very similar between them but distinctive enough so you know which one is which. I'd say this is a big factor why this anime got so popular (like naruto did in its day), because I know more or less who is who and what their personality might be like WITHOUT me even having watched one episode of it

No. 124370

it really is mega generic
i think as far as shonen go this one has entertaining fights i guess, but i really dislike the genre in general

No. 124372

I think the shounen audience just wants to see character designs that they like and fight scenes that they can turn their brains off for. They don't really care about the text.

No. 124383

File: 1611861402745.jpg (121.32 KB, 416x555, 20210128_200432.jpg)

>w-well, this scrote-dominated board loves them!
Are you trying to shut down that anons opinon with what /vp/ thinks? There's shit like pic related and much worse posted there on the regular; you could slap a pair of tits and an uwu personality on a lawnmower and they'd get hard over it. Sonia IS an eyesore btw.

Say what you will about bogleech but aside from losing his shit over bugs he has a pretty good grasp on what makes a character design interesting and generic furry bait ain't it.

No. 124391

File: 1611863862378.jpg (91.13 KB, 617x900, KW6FPnc.jpg)

Every single monster musume character

I hate the fact that it's just "hot" animu girls for coomers with slapped on monster parts. The harpy girl is a lolibait and wouldn't be able to fly with it's dinky wings. The slime girl grows boobs when she's full? Naga and mermaid have a gap between the thighs before their tails start so that they can have a human vagina and can wear panties, that shit would get so infected. This spider lady has a human butt on top of it's spider butt, does she shit on top of herself??

I would love to have a cartoon with good monster girl/boy design without a harem element

No. 124408

>They have to be simple for the audience they're intended (I don't care about them/don't like them either, but they're not "bad designs" per se)
Gurl, the target audience is the same as of Sailor Moon, Witch, Pretty Cure, Tokyo Mee Mew, even Winx etc. and all those have more memorable and visually striking designs.
AFAIR ML was even inspired by magical girls anime.
I agree. I dislike most of new pokemon designs because they don't look like (magical) animals anymore, just a vague bundle of geometric shapes and sharp angles. Maybe not all "new" Pokemon, but shit like Lucario is the perfect example of everything shit with Pokemon designs.

No. 124412

>Are you trying to shut down that anons opinon with what /vp/ thinks?
No it was an observation

>Say what you will about bogleech

I only said "that's something that bogleech would say", not that it was wrong lmao

No. 124419

To be honest the KNY's silhouettes aren't the best, they're not very recognizable. They share so many colors that it becomes boring, and the themes of the designs have to be subtle instead of going "this character's theme color is yellow, so let's make it ALL yellow! This girl's theme are butterflies, so let's give her big bug eyes and a huge cape that's like butterfly wings, and a butterfly hairpin, and butterfly socks!! This one's supposed to be cute, so pink! And the characters have to be colorful so let's give bi colored hair to almost everyone. Also we can't have a different head type, so let's give the ripped savage guy a cute bishonen face anyway, it won't clash at all". I get that shonen fans don't really care as long as they see colors and cool weapons and fights, but they're still kinda bad designs.

No. 124420

oh god I remember getting so many crunchy roll adverts for this trash

No. 124421

Because it was extremely heavily marketed and they got the timing right. During the lockdown in Japan, they streamed the entire anime on all platforms and then they released the movie when there were no foreign movies and very few Japanese movies being released and now it's fucking everywhere.

No. 124429

File: 1611874540520.png (335.02 KB, 860x1218, ew.png)

I hate touhou designs in general but she is particularly ugly to me

No. 124430

File: 1611874948856.jpg (625.71 KB, 2048x2048, 82600058-2868-4F04-AA38-E7AC57…)

samefag but I also hate how mari and her eva is designed. They had to choose the ugliest shade of pink?

No. 124433

File: 1611875957587.jpg (166.34 KB, 720x540, Ra8431bd915369a91cb3ae59ebc023…)

I hate touhou too, it's just so off putting

No. 124436

File: 1611877199155.png (105.25 KB, 535x535, 858Hatterene.png)

Speaking of bad pokemon designs,what the hell is this?are they even trying?what's with modern pokemon having big "hips" or thighs?

No. 124439

literally everything about this character is awful

No. 124442

this tread is slowly becoming "characters I don't like = bad" instead of people actually discussing design

what a shame

No. 124451

How dare you

No. 124473

Nezuko's chaps my ass the most. I genuinely do not understand the appeal of this shitstain of a character.

No. 124480

They ruined Atelier with the release of Ryza

No. 124484

File: 1611906098718.jpg (33.28 KB, 450x450, Character_Profile_Raiha_Uesugi…)

This hair looks like shit in anime.

No. 124486

File: 1611906459123.gif (567.69 KB, 500x363, 3FW40Kr.gif)

The took the cute mini ponytail thing too fucking far lol
Her hair looks like slime

No. 124488

No? Where? We're all discussing design.

No. 124491

File: 1611915110777.jpg (48.83 KB, 589x895, Screenshot_2.jpg)

The fact that it's justified by the plot why she's wearing skimpy outfits is also fucking ridiculous

No. 124492

File: 1611915311428.jpg (94.71 KB, 1200x1600, 743c099e7eec932bb6903f824bf0f9…)

Tetsuya Nomura has many bad design choices (the upturned clown shoes in KH, his obsession with belts, etc) but this takes the cake. She's supposed to be a scientist but dressed as a porn star

No. 124496

I've never played this game, but those clips of her doing "yoga" in the plane and sticking her ass in the characters face while looking back + the staring for like 10 secs was cringe. Is there some kind of romance storyline with her?

No. 124497

File: 1611916736251.jpg (42.7 KB, 694x960, 219603-x2_yuna_c.jpg)

I also found Yuna's redesign in FFX-2 a little too much. We get it, she changed a lot since the first game but going from modest, kimono-like outfit to wearing…that? I didn't understand the need to make her appear more Japanese either

No. 124498

File: 1611917259775.jpg (98.16 KB, 448x899, Screenshot_4.jpg)

last piece of my Nomura dump. There's just a lot going on here, the cane, the fur on one shoulder, the one piece, the hair

No. 124499

File: 1611917735951.gif (8.03 MB, 400x225, VCcMHI.gif)

I haven't played the game either but I don't think there's a romance option, she just always flirts with the player I think. The reason why she wears a skimpy outfit though is that she breathes through her skin, so she should always wear as little as possible. It's ridiculous

No. 124500

File: 1611917981027.jpg (140.8 KB, 999x772, Screenshot_3.jpg)

The whole DoA franchise is guilty of oversexualization. You know it's bad when the deveopers themselves admit they went too far. Why are the Japanese such perverts??

No. 124501

her face looks like 40yo shoe0nhead

No. 124502

File: 1611918135457.png (348.57 KB, 396x1280, Sword_Shield_Avery.png)

sounds like a character you like got posted kek plenty of posts explain why they don't think the design is good, with people responding accordingly.

My contribution is Avery from Pokemon Sword/Shield, which honestly has the worst designs to date in imo. This look fucking ridiculous.

No. 124503

I hate how Hideo Kojima went "T-there's a good philosophical reason for her outfit. Y-you'll see” when he got criticized for Quiet. Just do like Yoko Taro and say "Yeah they're designed that way because I'm a pervert," that's more respectable.

Extra-extra OT but MGS is a very gay game and Quiet was put there to distract scrotes from realizing how gay it is …and I kinda respect that

No. 124506

File: 1611919369198.jpg (193.28 KB, 1296x838, Screenshot_5.jpg)

…it looks like a cross between colourful gymwear and a Victorian style suit or something…kekkk literally why. I noticed Japanese designers really like mixing the most random clothing styles together. I'm playing FF13 and the main bad guy is wearing a variation of a papal tiara with a bridal veil and what looks like a cross between a papal robe and a vest suit
>Extra-extra OT but MGS is a very gay game and Quiet was put there to distract scrotes from realizing how gay it is
haha, I like this theory

No. 124507

I just noticed he also has fake nails

No. 124508

File: 1611921144104.jpg (74.17 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 124509

The philosophical reason is that he's horny but he still wants to pretend that he's deep and too clever for that kind of thing.

No. 124517

File: 1611925637324.jpg (37.31 KB, 416x600, snakequiet1.jpg)

before the game came out, I was sure that the deep reason behind Quiet running around in bikini is not that she is The End 2.0 Except Slutty but that she was sexually abused in the past and shamed for her body, then somehow discovered her powers later on and decided to take revenge on men by mercillesly killing them while taunting with her boobies. Basically Quiet enjoying freedom in being able to flaunt her flesh because no man can hurt her anymore.
That was the best I was able to come up based on Hideo's 'you will be ashamed of your words and deeds uwu' (what was up with that??? how is her breating through skin make people regretful of masturbating to her?). I know that this kind of narrative would be ~problematic~ in itself and plenty of people would hate it, but I still like it more than Living Plant Quiet.
Anyway I know you can unlock more costumes for Quiet, one even fully clothed. Personally I think that she should have a less retarded costume available for the start. The R&D could pull some magical fabric out of their ass that even improves photosynthesies. If we also got a slutty Venom costume, everyone would be happy.

No. 124519

Ew this so disgusting, the face literally looks like a child

No. 124520

File: 1611927512318.png (66.83 KB, 200x200, Sordward_and_Shielbert.png)

Sword and shield truly did have some of the most shit character design in the series. I liked the ghost type shota but that stupid uniform…

No. 124522

Shittiest character designs to go with the shittiest game.

No. 124523

I think they were made for autists

No. 124529

File: 1611933869674.png (293.26 KB, 1200x1200, 1200px-813Scorbunny.png)

Don't care about the characters too much, but I hated how boring and basic pokemons looked like in this generation. Theres barely any uniqueness. They are either heavily inspired from popular pokemons either just bland, or shit like "ah its a teacup! ".

My least fave one is probably this fire Nesquick. Who even picks him? I like only his final evolution.

No. 124530

File: 1611934504028.png (772.34 KB, 1200x1200, Zero_Suit_Samus_SSB4.png)

Zero suit samus has ruined the entire franchise for me. Still makes me sad that they turned my fave badass, female character into a big titty thot that is now only known as wanking material and entry cosplay porn character. Fuck that shit.

No. 124531

I don't like this design either, but why do people treat Samus as some uber female icon in gaming? She has literally 0 personality, she could be replaced entirely with a robot and nothing to the game would change. I wish they actually explored her backstory and gave us a reason to give a shit about her, because there IS potential here, it just hasn't been utilised at all (and I won't even touch on Other M).

No. 124534

File: 1611936300013.png (179.78 KB, 810x712, Pokemon_inteleon_2x.png)

>Who even picks him? I like only his final evolution.

This is the reason why so many people choose him, the other two starters get so fucking ugly when they reacherd their final evo. I mean just look at intelleon, they really have to stop with the humanoid pokemon most of the time they end up looking creepy or they end up like >>124436.

Yeah the ffx2 outfit for Yuna by herself looks nice imo but it doesn't really suit her character and is such a big change from her previous outfit.

No. 124542

this is horrifying, what the hell is wrong with the people who created this? I feel sick

No. 124543

This genuinely looks like a butt plug

No. 124546

File: 1611944668575.png (581 KB, 530x910, Cora_Harper.png)

Cora from Mass Effect looks like your "can I talk to the manager" mom. Such a weird anticlimatic character

No. 124549

Isn't her new outfit just her emulating Tidus for the dress sphere class?

No. 124550

You take that back! Tier 1's are the only good tier from that game's starter lineup. I can't believe you like the stupid furfag anthros.

No. 124552

File: 1611945623638.jpg (67.74 KB, 1280x720, FYubSTz.jpg)

Since we're on the subject of shit pokemon designs. How the fuck do you finally introduce a decently cute corgi pokemon and then immediately ruin it with this fugly ass retriever evolution. I know they're extremely running out of ideas but the entire appeal of corgis is they're short stumpy tail happy fucks of dogs. I was stoked to have a corgi pokemon that was pretty cute only to see the ass evolution

No. 124553

the model looks so fucking stiff its like something out of a poorly animated insurance commercial

No. 124556

File: 1611947178338.jpg (32 KB, 247x1200, bosselot confirmed.jpg)

Nomura can draw so well but he's also the creator of so many fashion disasters. It's so frustrating.

Given that Kojima confirmed that Big Boss/Ocelot is canon years ago and many fans are still in denial I'd say using Quiet as a distraction worked but it wasn't even necessary.

No. 124560

File: 1611948823436.jpg (222.66 KB, 1486x836, 331.jpg)

Every character in this show looks like a deviantart OC and the colors are flat as fuck.

No. 124561

File: 1611948851599.jpg (184.11 KB, 1642x1340, 85d0b8bf9044b21c2582e3fa72c85b…)

Jessica rabbit bird from that terrible Don bluth movie
Seriously though?why

No. 124562

or any other bird or lizard with tits in general tbh

No. 124563

File: 1611949259724.jpg (921.46 KB, 1024x1850, 1456602310415.jpg)

I love this series but my god, the hairstyles were a fucking CHOICE

No. 124564

It's not about being well-written lol. She has a notable spot as a power fantasy female protagonist in the timeline of games history, which is what makes her an icon. Same with Lara Croft, who was also not exactly compellingly written but was notable for being a mostly unsexualized power fantasy protagonist(I know it sounds stupid to say Lara was unsexualized but she really wasn't outside of her base design, plus advertisements to lure scrotes into buying the game – she never used her looks as a weapon, typically favoring wealth, education, firepower, and brutality instead, and was also never a victim of sex peril in the original games despite being frequently put in situations – such as imprisonment, disarming, being knocked unconscious, etc. – which could be seen as "opportunities" for such content).

No. 124566

they really just looked at houndour and were like, yeah lets just go with that for an evo.

No. 124567

I tried watching it until the high school lead was just the incel guy with a pretty face so all his bitching and whining was excused. the hair styles were absolutely a riot though.

No. 124569

>sounds like a character you like got posted kek
nope, all I see here are normie takes on character design. Go read a book sis <3

No. 124571

why don't you contribute a bad design then? or are you just going to continue making weird passive aggressive posts in an otherwise fun thread?

No. 124573

No anon you dont understand! She has to show that she is superior then us normies by not sharing her super duper amazing high iq take on character design!!111!!!!

No. 124574

the only weird take is "unsubtle designs = bad".

No. 124575

File: 1611952740971.png (1.45 MB, 1303x2160, artwork.soulcalibur-4.1303x216…)

Can I just say how much I despise Sophitia's SCIV attire.

No. 124576

Fuck off then, you're probably a scrote anyway

No. 124584

Diversity isn't the problem, the art's just ugly. I don't like the old version either.

No. 124585

File: 1611953770146.jpg (219.6 KB, 1200x675, D6BNopwWkAENoRc.jpg)


I sorta agree but would you rather have a variety of diverse character designs or less diverse character designs that are all basically the same person but with different outfits like in pic related >>124584 oops I meant to post this comment before you did but oh well

No. 124586

File: 1611953821132.png (1.44 MB, 1000x895, 1930C055-BA9D-4432-BED6-EFCEC6…)

went from decent and unique art style to this shit

No. 124588

Yeah, actually. And sorry that you don't like that someone didn't care for your shit reboot.

No. 124589

Is calling someone a scrote really the best insult you have? I'm not a scrote but whatever

No. 124593

True, I just don't have patience for shit takes kek
No use posting on a fujo board

No. 124595

stop spamming the thread, nobody wants you here

No. 124597

Your favourite waifu got posted for having an ugly ass design, get over it <3

It think it's more like unsubtle = too much = tacky = bad

No. 124598

File: 1611955159934.png (2.47 MB, 1532x2880, Sc3-sophitia.png)

I don't hate it but her earlier designs are a lot cooler. I'm softer on coomer designs when it comes to fighting game characters though.

No. 124601

File: 1611955714902.jpg (251.36 KB, 1072x1278, evolution-of-soul-calibur.jpg)

Makes me so fucking mad.

No. 124602

File: 1611955714993.jpg (6.15 KB, 225x225, download (2).jpg)

No. 124603

Nta but some posts kind of come off as "character doesn't look like an actual/real [thing/animal/whatever it's based on.] so it's bad" which imo is pointless for cartoony styles or if most people can already tell what the character is

No. 124607

Are you the same anon that was complaining about how fujos ruined the maid and shipping thread? You honestly give me the same vibe with your whining on a random /m/ thread

No. 124608

Literally Who? wtf lmao why do you accuse people of being this or that. Should be a banneable offense tbh

No. 124609

Well can u blame me, youre suddenly claiming this is a fujo board and there is this one anon on who has to complain about it in every thread kek.

No. 124615

File: 1611958064347.jpg (103.4 KB, 1200x628, 0469C755-D1DC-467E-9809-E1104A…)

illumination tier

No. 124624

You're annoying, contribute or stfu

No. 124625

Aww it's okay, I don't blame you, stuff happens

No. 124642

In all honesty, I kinda like this style. It's not cookie-cutter pixar tier 3d designs. It's ugly, but in a Rugrats kind of way and I can't stop looking (which I think helps with marketing)

No. 124648

I feel like I can see nipples on the lady in the blue up front, is it just my cheap, shitty phone??

No. 124675

File: 1611977755703.jpg (126.46 KB, 940x1100, d62dd3f1b70332952770a6f5835e6a…)

Samefagging, but I absolutely hate Talim's outfit in this game too, possibly even more.

No. 124679

File: 1611979451487.png (333.53 KB, 1140x1568, e981d4f0a14850a2f5b4381081d6c5…)

I hate her stupid pointy mask

No. 124680

File: 1611980541292.jpg (58.8 KB, 473x571, D2985NnNSGVdhoz1XJ6ePTf6N9ehpM…)

Every Xenoblade character in existence belongs in this thread

No. 124683

File: 1611980957655.png (557.26 KB, 894x894, xenoblade_chronicles_2___rex_b…)

including this little shit and his scuffed old school wrestling singlet with steampunk add-ons + generic forgettable isekai boy face

No. 124693

I don't like her design either, there's too many things going on with her character design

No. 124695

She was best girl too. Didn’t she also have a stupid victory screen where she hugged her goddam blades. I swear I remember her having a better outfit with a tunic or something

No. 124698

I don't like the style much but I do like that they all look different from each other. The outfits leave something to be desired though.

No. 124712

boobie elsa

No. 124715

File: 1611997922787.png (1.55 MB, 1080x943, 797.png)

I can handle her first character design because it looked somewhat cute (even though her shorts looked like huge pain), but her second design is a complete cluttered shit. And tf is she wearing now? A skirt?

No. 124718

File: 1611999595732.jpg (38.24 KB, 600x347, cortana-e1510545238732.jpg)

Another example of men designing with their penis in mind

No. 124722

No anon,I see it too, what the hell?

No. 124724

>Another example of men designing with their penis in hand

No. 124727

No. 124731

File: 1612005499864.jpg (120.55 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

The main character of Nightcry

No. 124732

File: 1612005546814.gif (4.42 MB, 640x360, 1459422666_nc.gif)

bonus gif of her constipated walk

No. 124745

File: 1612008469461.jpg (2.92 KB, 151x50, Screenshot_1.jpg)

Ot, I don't know what the thread pic is from but that elephant looks like it's having Vietnam flashbacks kek

No. 124751

File: 1612011449083.jpg (20 KB, 242x208, Screenshot_2.jpg)

Not a visual design thing, but the names of the main characters in FFXV are ridiculous. It reminds of me when teenagers write their first fantasy stories and try to pick the most unique sounding names. Also…Ignis Scientia literally means 'fire science'…

No. 124752

File: 1612012650891.jpeg (129.76 KB, 469x653, 539126B5-606A-4BCD-BDF1-3D12F1…)

Semi-related, but I can’t believe how badly they gave into coomer pandering with this latest game. The first time I saw this image, I thought it was just some fan art. Took me seeing it a few more times to realize it was actually official art for a tapestry.

No. 124761

File: 1612020922978.png (1.99 MB, 1444x3511, Tim_Goodman2.png)

I hate the design of Detective Pikachu's protagonist!!! He's offensively bland, to the point they really should have went with a character creator and gender selection.

No. 124762

It's a Square Enix thing and I can't stand it either. I get that they may sound cool but at least change them up a bit. My language has a lot in common with latin and they all sound dumb, like Amicitia is almost literally "friendship", Prompto sounds like "ready", Argentum is "silver". They don't even make that much sense.
They did it with Cloud, Squall and the characters in Kingdom Hearts being literally "sky, earth and water/sea" in japanese and latin.

No. 124801

File: 1612034780731.jpeg (273.83 KB, 960x1440, images.jpeg)

Literally all of the characters from the pile of shit of a cartoon
How the hell did it even get greenlit?

No. 124803

File: 1612035146003.jpg (75.25 KB, 600x337, LWrrpSt.jpg)

Atelier Ryza turned out to be their bestseller, Coomer pandering sells sadly. They should mix the shoujo aesthetic with pandering next game. The skirt outfits are the only ones that aren't boring.

No. 124811

File: 1612039751773.jpg (25.15 KB, 480x300, kozi_pribeh_se_syrem_1_large.j…)

Oh fuck yeah this is my time to shine

No. 124812

File: 1612039784896.jpg (23.49 KB, 520x390, 5eb9xfr6w4i51.jpg)

No. 124814

File: 1612040011415.jpg (120.03 KB, 1280x720, 436620923_1280x720.jpg)

No. 124815

File: 1612040225578.jpg (11.1 KB, 326x328, 2018--10--11--1539246523_e3q5o…)

No. 124816

File: 1612040606958.png (64.42 KB, 360x360, BluebirdAzurite_By_TheOffColor…)

I know she's supposed to look… mismatched but ugh, she's very hard to look at

No. 124817

File: 1612040706523.png (372.35 KB, 630x1000, Cure_Soleil.png)

No. 124818

You could fill a lot of designs from that show into this thread.

No. 124819

>>124817 god i loved Elena's character but her transformation and design are the weakest of the bunch still despise cosmos rainbow skirt though

No. 124824

File: 1612042240800.gif (28.67 KB, 248x327, AKazemon_t.gif)

Does anyone have any bad digimon designs in mind?
I never understood why they gave a fairy type digimon a bikini and thigh high boots

No. 124839

File: 1612045693986.png (66.55 KB, 1800x1882, C9ADF461-CEBF-4AA4-9189-2BACEE…)

These two are the worst designs in the show, I believe. I can't stand the cankles on this one.

No. 124840

Jesus the HANDS

No. 124841

File: 1612046164167.jpeg (116.6 KB, 1235x753, 313193BE-0E52-4B61-815C-173525…)

This design made me feel so fucking salty, all of the fusions with Steven sucked ass, other people made beautiful ideas yet the Steven universe staff could only come up with shit like fucking pic related.
I wasn’t even that much into the series because it was boring as fuck, I liked some of the designs but they really fucked up the moment they showed us white diamond.

No. 124842

File: 1612046340111.jpg (946.66 KB, 1338x1029, noooo.jpg)

Characters that that have glassy, close set eyes and huge teeth. They look like deranged lunatic types. Idk what the fuck this >>124812 is but it's a perfect example. When was it decided that cartoon characters with cute, appealing features were boring and instead they should be scary and ugly with crowded teeth and sanpaku eyes? Maybe it started with Wallace and Gromit and just mutated from there. Anyways, children shouldn't be exposed to this level of hideousness, it's probably bad for their brain development kek.

No. 124843

File: 1612047222141.png (200.06 KB, 391x430, B69AE108-CEE4-4181-86A8-D02A96…)

Fucking angewomon. I guess though she wasn’t actually a child fusing with a digimon but the design is so unnecessarily sexual. Even as a kid it made me uncomfortable because it was like “why’d that cat turn into a sexy woman?”

No. 124852

I really enjoy the humor and concept of the show, but yeah, the characters are all super ugly.

No. 124855

90% of the "humor" is just "hey remember this?"

No. 124860

As a kid this design simple read as "beautiful lady" to me but looking back as an adult, what a shitty outfit that is. I do think it could be salvaged with some strategic placement of drapery and closing the sexy slits.

No. 124861

I never said my taste was good

No. 124879

Yeah it was a show clearly made by woke millennial nerds, though my younger siblings liked it personally and it was engaging for the most part but the references really were kinda forced, though Professor Venomous was cool though

No. 124881

File: 1612065883416.png (191.86 KB, 450x450, A2501ACD-BDBF-400C-9AF6-0AEE17…)

I don’t think it’s nessesarily “bad character design” because it serves its purpose well but dear god is this horrifying

No. 124882

File: 1612066086250.jpeg (180.23 KB, 630x1200, CE1209B1-E2AC-4CA2-A105-4E94FD…)

I get that it’s supposed to be stylized but the colors are an eyesore. Everything just blends into one shade of rainbow vomit.

No. 124897

Christ. What is this from?

No. 124903

I liked the crown placement, with the little pigtail going through it as if it's a scrunchie. But yeah that show was rainbow vomit and had a weird lolicon gaze to boot.

No. 124912

Fuck you anon I just remembered when Apollo uses his X-men eyes to see that his sweaty armpits are evidence that his lying in court, I'm about to throw up.

No. 124932

Lmao anons I’m sorry I love her because she looks like a perfume bottle to me

No. 124950

File: 1612105843039.png (35.48 KB, 207x250, 94C0A09E-5FDA-4E43-8E16-2CCA54…)

Seriously what was up with the sword and shield character designs. They squandered the potential of a Britain-inspired region. Where are the roadmen?

This film is a nightmare horror show and I hate that I’ve been reminded of its existence

No. 124951

what are these from?? jesus these are horrifying

No. 124954

it's called goat story, the whole thing is free on youtube but it takes a strong mind to make it through

No. 124997

File: 1612123619752.png (290.72 KB, 1000x2097, Pink_Diamond_Deco-Kun_Version_…)

Hell I would even count Pink Diamond design is just meh especially with her "Chris Hart how to draw manga hair bigger than the skull" hairstyle (I get that shes the clown of the 4 Diamonds but still). I still say that her moon base moral and some fan made designs before her true reveal looks way better.

No. 125013

It doesn't make it better that RS designed her that way just so fans wouldn't drag PD for everything she did…it didn't really work anyways.

No. 125015

File: 1612126597788.jpg (291.44 KB, 721x1200, D9Bo9niWsAAnyDI.jpg)

>Cure Cosmos rainbow skirt

No. 125016

>That thumbnail
I'm kinda uncomfortable

No. 125029

metatton fanart looking ass

No. 125030

File: 1612129062661.jpg (83.42 KB, 417x537, tumblr_pce1fxNpyO1qk24apo4_500…)

Idk shit about Steven Universe, but I always figured this character's big hair was influenced by Nell Brinkley, since RS cited her as the inspiration for White Diamond's design.

No. 125038

File: 1612130165654.jpg (336.2 KB, 1920x1080, Tumblr_l_1209065567512931.jpg)

I know all of her character designs are atrocious but must she keep using pink/red colors on every damn character?these are new incubi/sucubi characters who just look like imps,pure laziness.
Also the human characters are ugly as fuck too.

No. 125039

all these characters look like they have the same personality

No. 125040

File: 1612131137148.png (86.55 KB, 300x300, 0.png)

This whole game is filled with uggos in general but this one is the biggest eyesore. I can't stand his hair.

No. 125043

Shhh she'll hear you

No. 125048

Christ, when did the Atelier series turn into coomershit like this? The games used to have genuinely cute female designs like Shallie and Ayesha, why did they choose the cumbrain approach? Seeing that fat thigh fetish spillover genuinely pissed me off.

No. 125182

File: 1612216095655.png (119.21 KB, 309x686, Improved_DT_picture.png)

She looks like a D&D OC from DeviantArt
Possibly the ugliest She-ra character ever,what the hell are those shoes?? they couldn't decide to make her a lizard or an elf so they added those awful pointy ears

No. 125184

File: 1612217672321.jpg (200.82 KB, 1440x810, Beautyfinishingpose.jpg)

It must have been hellish to animate her hair, so awkward

No. 125185

File: 1612217896129.png (29.87 KB, 229x349, Moerumba.prof.png)

Precure villains always look eccentric and i like it but this one is…something else

No. 125186

File: 1612218814297.jpg (1.41 MB, 2016x1512, picture-445_3854770499_o.jpg)

somehow reminds me of nightmarish murals by Pauline Parker

No. 125187

File: 1612218989419.png (167.77 KB, 340x588, 360.png)

I remember thinking this guy was offensively ugly back in the day, but maybe i just hate anything reminding me of scene/emo culture

No. 125200

he's so fucking sexy i want him crawling underneath my skin before he skins me alive and turns me into a lamp that he constantly has to moisturize with his cum and me, as a lamp, will happily oblige as long as he feeds me his cummies yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy(take your meds)

No. 125208

God, I hate this mofo and his ugly looks

No. 125226

Looks like a shitty Sailor Moon villain

No. 125227

Agree. I also thought he was hideous. Worst looking character in the series.

No. 125266

File: 1612257402340.jpeg (52.64 KB, 512x267, 32EECB06-4B4F-41BD-8B55-658459…)

Every gem is ugly as shit. Lazy ana-chan body type, ugly as sin hair and broken spines.

No. 125278

I love it so much

No. 125279

Damn sis, that's some awful taste right there.

No. 125283

File: 1612267454496.jpg (44.11 KB, 453x522, Ffx2-ladyluck.jpg)

I'm biased as this was my first ff game but I love it. I also love Rikku's design even though she wears a bikini with a fucking scarf. I guess Nomura partly drew them like this as there were only girls in this game to attract coomers to buy it. I found some of them nice even though weird and impractical but wtf was pic related

I don't think so. Her default outfit is gunner and there's another which is called warrior where she holds Tidus' brotherhood

No. 125284

File: 1612267476692.png (191.98 KB, 331x555, FFX-2_Artwork_Leblanc.png)

Also fucking Leblanc

No. 125285

Peridot 2: this time she's more generic

No. 125290

Why does Rikku always get the shittiest design with most of the dresspheres kek. I hate how they choose that ugly yellow as her primary color. I feel like if Yuna and Paine's dress didnt have those weird gaps/ holes at the bottom and thighs it would look alot more elgant.

No. 125291

Paine looks like a fancy peacock

No. 125292

File: 1612279130592.png (195.27 KB, 258x690, Ashe_Alt_Render.png)

non-nomura ff design but the weird 70s beltbuckle and leather miniskirt always bothered me it looks so out of place

No. 125293

>t. waifufag

No. 125295

File: 1612280318304.png (324.71 KB, 520x520, Ichiya_image.png)

Fairy tail has occasionally bad if not hideous character designs imo such as pic related and the Jiggle Butt Gang

No. 125297

File: 1612283677892.jpg (320.15 KB, 889x1514, Screenshot_20210202-103503_Chr…)

Since we're on the topic of FFX2 I absolutely hate this.

No. 125298

File: 1612286679058.png (216.94 KB, 350x601, pesci_anime (1).png)

I know posting a jojo might be cheating considering the style is supposed to be wacky/weird but is there any explanation to why this mfer looks like this???

No. 125300

Isn't this thing voiced by a dude? Thought they were NB leaning towards male.

No. 125303

his design is confusing as hell to say the least

No. 125305

File: 1612290964085.jpg (76.81 KB, 800x450, aguJIBYnHtWxfOQ-800x450-noPad.…)

his name means fish but he looks like kevin the seacucumber

No. 125312

File: 1612296028802.jpeg (541.34 KB, 2048x2048, 7B034872-9871-4DEA-96F4-E3A038…)

Ok but One Piece??

No. 125313

How the fuck do you design female characters to look fashionable and make almost all their costumes except their default ones look like shit? IIRC it's not Nomura who designed the dressphere costumes, except for Yuna's jpop singer's outfit which is the least terrible one, but the artist who came up with this >>125284 and the monster designs in X and X-2.

Rikku looks good as an alchemist and decent as a gun mage, but that's it.

No. 125316

File: 1612298384582.png (203.43 KB, 340x917, Penelo_RW_CG.png)

I will fight for my queen with all the bias I have but to stay on topic have this Revenant Wings Penelo design that straight up exposes her pussy

No. 125330

File: 1612302414813.jpg (281.75 KB, 500x1118, Eiko_Carol_character.jpg)

Talking about exposing why did anyone think giving Eiko a light pink bodysuit is a good idea

No. 125333

those shapes are so confusing, i couldn't tell what i was looking at for a hot minute.

No. 125334

File: 1612303381369.png (1.85 MB, 476x1586, miumiu.png)

I would like to nominate Miuccia Miuller for ugliest jojo character, with her ratty hair, coiled bowel coat with eyeballs hanging off it, delicious skirt print (tasteful) and spermatozoid eyebrows. The leggings are forgivable I guess

No. 125343

File: 1612304152698.png (823 KB, 803x1000, ddq5zn9-39ee33c3-1cb7-4821-80d…)

lets not forget this precure form its so ugly i cant stand it

No. 125346

> when you're a rainbow cat circus ringmaster and it's christmas so you're wearing the fluffy santa socks and gloves and you want everyone to know you love cherries and triangles a lot and you have a floating plasma disc around your tail somehow and you didnt have time to drill up both of your pigtails before going out

No. 125347


No. 125351

File: 1612305832654.png (113.78 KB, 174x285, Guccio.PNG.png)

boo miumiu is a vivienne westwood queen shit on actual uggos like guccio instead

No. 125352

I guess(gwess) you're right at least miu miu is iconic enough that I remembered her, this thing I completely wiped from my mind

No. 125357


No. 125359

I read Lesbianc lmao sorry

No. 125360

File: 1612309980814.jpg (43.48 KB, 384x574, IMG_20210202_195154.jpg)


No. 125364

File: 1612310706449.png (308.41 KB, 400x700, Profile_art_-_Batsy_Claro.png)

>Those weird, fleshy wings, and those awful shoes

No. 125365

File: 1612310866180.png (1.55 MB, 1280x1679, 081e5c56e09fa56a2d8c6ef6547ddd…)

Wtf happened to MH?

No. 125366

Girl that's a booty hole

No. 125367

File: 1612311195607.png (179.87 KB, 700x1125, BD416375-03DD-4186-8005-27FCAC…)

I’m pretty sure none of them were designed by Vivziepop. It’s more of a collab thing now

Now THIS in the other hand, was designed by her, and hoo boy it’s ugly

No. 125368

File: 1612311454398.jpeg (93.6 KB, 630x1200, 8215B160-8512-492C-BBB9-FA2DA1…)

This looks like a how to draw manga book from back in the day. Look at the hair holy shit

No. 125373

File: 1612311997886.png (542.09 KB, 1057x1552, 11AC761A-E745-4E1A-9331-456BFA…)

Oh I hate this cat in the hat motherfucker too, all the stupid unneccessary details make it impossible to distinguish the shapes of his limbs from his body and wings. The design is cluttered just as an image, and totally incomprehensible in motion.
Not to mention he's a totally pointless character in the show. I don't envy the animators who have to try to make these messes look good.

No. 125379

Collab or not,they're still lazy,uninspired,shit designs,they look so identical to the 3 imp protagonists from that God awful show.why does every female character she creates must have either pink or red colors and HUGE eyelashes?

No. 125386

Their faces piss me off the most. One of the reasons why I can't get into older shoujo works.

No. 125408

File: 1612315751372.jpg (166.69 KB, 1215x717, MissFortune_0.jpg)

I hate her ridiculous fake balloon tits and she suffers from the same broken anatomy as many other female characters in this game. What pisses me off about her in particular is that she's one of the first champions you can get so I have to look at this
terrible splash art a lot.

No. 125411

File: 1612316569747.png (456.17 KB, 637x357, bN9PGSW.png)

Yeah One piece character designs are utter trash, especially for the female characters,not only same faced but having the same body as well

No. 125412

At the very least that be explained by all the gems being carved by Adamant and made in his ideal image. AKA lazy and broken.

No. 125413

File: 1612317632858.png (37.53 KB, 894x300, science cannot explain this.PN…)

they can't even draw the same character consistently

No. 125422

File: 1612319299944.jpg (153.05 KB, 1280x720, fucking scrotes pt. 5934707634…)

I haven't played the game in like 5 years but the absolute what ever the fuck they did to Kayle is where forgiveness shan't be exercised.

No. 125424

File: 1612319531840.jpg (89.83 KB, 720x406, 752vc019-720.jpg)

you forgot big meme

No. 125432

they're supposed to be funny on purpose, that's why they look like that.

No. 125433

Why are people here so dumb. Ugly doesn't mean bad. Simple doesn't mean bad. Sex appeal is not always bad. Take a character design course please, this thread is a mixed bag of good points and awful takes.

No. 125435

I know he made them look goofy on purpose but it just looks plain ugly

No. 125451


Sorry not everyone feels like writing an essay justifying in great detail why they hate a character design, and design is subjective in the first place. Why are you even here?

No. 125457

Shut up and go back to brewing coffee, loser.

No. 125468

>Sorry not everyone feels like writing an essay
Wasn't asking for one. An essay on a bad take is still a bad take.
>design is subjective
Way to show that you actually don't know anything about this.

No. 125480

If a lot of people agree that a character looks ugly and hard to look at with clashing colors, then it's a bad design. It's simple. Designs are colors, silhouette, themes, patterns, details, accessories and much more, and if even one of those is poorly executed then it's a bad design and people are gonna say that it's ugly.

No. 125502

What constitutes as bad design in your opinion? I'm genuinely curious. Also, while we're at it, would you guys be interested in a great character design thread?

No. 125504

File: 1612346751236.jpg (40.02 KB, 800x800, 192cb85a333a56ffdd8bd4912c0e54…)

She's cute but her giant pointy tits look so dumb. Even as a kid I thought it looked ridiculous

Yes I was thinking the same thing.

No. 125505

I'll be honest there's something so incredibly endearing about old anime designs even though I know it's just lazy art

No. 125506

File: 1612347119052.gif (3 MB, 415x415, kasumi-doa1-victory-boob-bounc…)

kek looking at this reminded me of DoA 1 and its ridiculous boob physics

No. 125507

samefag. or we could name it 'Character designs we like' to make it less controversial

No. 125511

B-But we like making it controversial

No. 125513

File: 1612348455281.png (249.17 KB, 532x545, FFX-2_Gunner_Group.png)

>IRC it's not Nomura who designed the dressphere costumes
I never knew that and thats explains alot with the quality of design from different dresspheres.

Rikku also doesn't look that bad as a white mage or as dark knight. And her black mage would be cool but the stockings really bother me. Pic related is a good example of how bad the yellow color is that they chose for her compared to the other girls.

No. 125524

Just call it "Good character design thread and character designs we like thread"

No. 125528

her design has always greatly disturbed me because she looks like a child prostitute or something. I'm sorry but the bodysuit makes her look like she's naked waist down. This is some pedo bait shit.
I know she looks less naked in recently released figures but wtf was wrong with the person responsible for the original render?

No. 125536

File: 1612352743918.jpg (80.6 KB, 800x596, Penelope_(Barbie_as_Rapunzel).…)


Adding Penelope the dragon to the list of ugly early 2000's barbie critters. Upon rewatching this movie I realised how obnoxious all the animals voices are, including the evil weasel that sounds like a european supervillain? And it seems like the dragons only role in the movie is to be picked on and demeaned by her dad for not being able to fly or breathe fire until the very last moment.

No. 125537

File: 1612352886310.png (463.43 KB, 704x400, Hobie.png)


samefagging to say the rabbit was also very uncanny, like he faceswapped with an old man.

No. 125538

She looks like girl spyro and I think she's cute!!!

No. 125539

File: 1612353018958.jpg (50.41 KB, 553x443, delphox.jpg)

could had been better

No. 125546

I second, I like her design! Lilianna the unicorn from Swan Lake also was surprisingly cute.

No. 125549

I never even noticed the bodysuit…this is fucked up

No. 125577

File: 1612361017530.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.83 KB, 286x640, 1151150-mishaguji.jpg)

So I usually enjoy Kazuma Kaneko's wackiness but some of his stuff is um…like this dude definitely smokes something kek

No. 125580

File: 1612361136892.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.97 KB, 479x826, 2477187-0447866357-tumbl.jpg)

No. 125582

File: 1612361260465.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.19 KB, 519x640, 964426-arioch.jpg)

No. 125588

File: 1612362052491.jpg (Spoiler Image, 65.88 KB, 626x491, 58f0103b7a02da7555e87f198d9e6a…)

No. 125590

File: 1612362135943.jpg (64.88 KB, 500x314, tumblr_nnhswt4MX41qj339go1_500…)

ot but he looks like a wholesome dude otherwise lol

No. 125593

File: 1612362990141.jpg (121.68 KB, 1280x720, 07_yoshimitsuscreen03.jpg)

This fucking version of Yoshimitsu. I like his older designs where he looked alien/skeletal, but not slimy tentacle monster.

No. 125596

cool but needs moar boobies

No. 125597

File: 1612363351107.jpg (705.46 KB, 1214x933, 2122043-169_codeofprincess_unb…)

Code of Princess is a fun game, but shit, these character designs are… something, even for Nishimura's style.

No. 125598

I understand not liking the other designs you posted, but I feel like these 2 aren't bad. Mara does a very good job of being a disgusting, eldrich lust demon and is pretty iconic and memorable. The other design you posted looks alright, not as good and memorable as mara's, but alright

No. 125637

I love this design, it's my favorite he is so hot but I like the other designs too

No. 125641

File: 1612371234419.gif (435.08 KB, 200x200, 4Xp6.gif)

>he is so hot

No. 125645

My favorite starter evo from that gen just because, if they're going to just keep on making Furry-tier Pokemon, designing it to look like a wizard/witch is the best route.

No. 125646

Wow. That's a penis.

No. 125658

File: 1612373859423.jpg (110.88 KB, 1020x576, 7hiimw7yswcdowfs27q4zgbb1sjemo…)

Yep I had this image as my computer wallpaper for months when I was 16 because I thought he was soooooooooooooo cool (I hadn't even played tekken 7), thankfully my parents never asked about it.
I love his mixture of skeletal parts, samurai clothes, sea creature, fleshy frankenstein abomination and a bit of shaolin monk, and yet none of the parts are overpowering, you can't say "oh he's a sea creature with a bit of samurai" because it's all in harmony and creates a new interesting thing. That's what I think at least. Oh and his face is cute

No. 125668

File: 1612375399667.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.55 KB, 640x479, m2lkzt6lc7l31.jpg)

On a chariot, no less. The devs also had a lot of fun writing his dialogues as well kek

No. 125681


I mean, these are all monsters so they serve the purpose well, but I cannot get over B O O B KNEES

No. 125683

File: 1612377879324.png (116.45 KB, 400x411, A7BE42A8-B6AF-4E91-9BDB-07B3A1…)

When this guy got leaked I was hoping so hard that it was fake.

No. 125692

File: 1612380894568.png (199.85 KB, 384x454, 8145-1049054084.png)

Lazy, generic, balloon titted coomerbait #1334579096532 with random accessories that don't make any sense

No. 125693

File: 1612381026520.png (126.72 KB, 420x472, 01.png)

Samefagging to add this ugly clusterfuck abomination of colors. Like a Mary Sue on steroids.

No. 125708

How dare you, leave her alone. Yoko is an ugly useless bitch but don't you hurt my waifu.

No. 125714

thank you for posting her here lmfao. She doesn't belong in the good designs thread at all

No. 125749

File: 1612395978706.png (345.76 KB, 1200x1200, 1200px-815Cinderace.png)

I think Scorbunny is fine and cute, however

THIS thing, cinderace, is fucking hideous, over-designed garbage, and the fact that the coomers have appropiated her makes it even worse

Honestly all of the gen 8 starters final stages are fucking hideous and I hate the way gamefreak is taking pokemon in every single way. I still have some pokemon I like from this generation, so I wouldn't say all pokemon are bad, but it's such a mixed bag and some of them are plain eeeuughh.

No. 125750

No. 125752

But that's how your regular scrote looks like

No. 125764

File: 1612397631530.jpeg (149.92 KB, 800x800, 5B824F57-97CA-4C6E-ABB1-78854E…)

How did he go from Fairly Odd Parents to this? Even tuff puppy had mostly good designs this just looks bad

No. 125771

File: 1612398055691.jpeg (166.74 KB, 1443x574, E34B555F-4CB5-420E-BCA9-F0FAE0…)

Wouldn’t say it’s bad but it has an ugliness to it that I can’t stand

No. 125780

File: 1612400226865.jpeg (69.39 KB, 440x590, F1F3B681-E831-4993-9CE2-C90766…)

One has gradient speshul cloud hair and uwu pink flower irises. Major waifu bait.

The other is wearing a super chunky scarf with a bikini top and coochie cutter shorts. Also paired white flame cowgirl/clown boots with thigh high nylons.
The star titty with cape costume is even uglier

No. 125798

File: 1612402753901.png (253.94 KB, 360x450, DCD52750-F322-4C58-B698-41C090…)

Oooo I got a good one. The new artist did him so dirty.

No. 125800

File: 1612402862968.png (1.03 MB, 983x1114, Zelda_Artwork_(Breath_of_the_W…)

I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates Mari. Her design is garbage and I hate her pigtails.

No. 125802

Wtf she looks amazing. Chapstick gf goals. Shit taste.

No. 125804

>bad anatomy
>over sexualized animals
>uncanny valley realism
>same face syndrome
>don't like it so it's bad
>hot character hot so it's bad
>ugly character ugly so it's bad
>artstyle unique so it's bad
>too campy so it's bad

No. 125806

and then they defend themselves like "omg you're just jealous I bet your waifu was posted"
pathetic. imagine defending your shit taste like that

wrong opinion kek

No. 125807

I mean, anybody can post why they don't like certain character's design, but that doesn't make it into bad character design

Same with the good design thread

No. 125823


No. 125835

File: 1612416143064.png (1.15 MB, 860x1897, A83C571C-A8AC-4336-90A5-A59141…)

He's an abomination to the eyes. Hair looking like a pile you see at a salon. He has no part, at least he'll never go bald I guess. Unless one day a strong breeze blows and the bundle of strands flies off. Then there's his tumblresque galaxy print jacket which he only uses one arm of, like a tool. That shit would be falling off. If we overlook his goatee because that's more of a personal opinion, you can't deny he shouldn't be wearing galaxy slippers to boot.

The series has many questionably designed characters but a few good ones imo (like tsumiki). In my view Kaito was simply the worst because you have to look at him so much and somehow view him favorably when he looks like that. His whole look screams "tool" when they were going for kamina… so I guess it fits? I just hope his hairs are glued in place otherwise his dream to go to space would render him wigless

No. 125836

File: 1612416360053.jpeg (104.72 KB, 400x600, 9931AC6B-ED63-46E4-ADF2-D35F03…)

Oh, samefagging because kamina mention reminded me. This guy looks like a blue cockatoo who's also a stripper

No. 125870

kek how does his hair work?? it doesn't make sense

No. 125878

File: 1612430891378.jpg (427.53 KB, 1138x1500, 91aHpmKONPL._SL1500_.jpg)

Every single DVD of this whole movie series should be seized by the government and disposed of as toxic waste. I have never seen uglier animal designs in my entire life.

No. 125882

Samefag, because I gotta sperg some more, sorry. The contrast between the giant soulless eyes with the tiny uncanny valley teeth. The subtle deformations and wonky anatomy that makes you more horrified the longer you look, but you cannot pry your eyes away from this dumpster fire. The overdetailed fur texture that looks like decomposing suede. The way that female wolves' "hair" blends into their eyebrows. I could go on, but I think we can all rise above the petty bickering about anime characters and agree that this is the ugliest thing ever.

No. 125884

File: 1612433551814.jpg (2.28 MB, 4440x3240, Untitled-2.jpg)

While it's not awful design per se but I always found the monster and GF designs in FFVIII incohesive. Half of the monsters look like they have the color palette of a fucking rainbow and than the other half looks like they belong on a Metallica album cover or a Resident Evil game or something

No. 125892

File: 1612436224901.png (871.9 KB, 528x794, Endou_Mamoru[1].png)

I cannot bring myself to watch Inazuma Eleven because of Endou's design. What the fuck is going on under his headband making his hair stick out like that? Takuzo Nagano is usually really good at making main characters, but what the fuck.

No. 125923

File: 1612444002430.jpeg (891.99 KB, 1325x750, 1DC855A1-1D50-4070-A561-39DE50…)


No. 125924

I don't know anon, I think they design is ok considering they are literally called Jiggle Butt Gang

No. 125946

File: 1612448255404.jpeg (163.33 KB, 1280x716, 37BE7F59-CDEC-4031-B78D-3C0147…)

Is it cheating to post Foodfight! characters? Everything in that movie is a nightmare

No. 125947

File: 1612448369967.jpeg (43.2 KB, 640x360, 05C28DC9-3AAB-46E5-8638-F3506E…)

One who isn’t as terrifying is Sunshine Goodness, just a crappy design of a half-baked cat girl mascot

No. 125995

File: 1612455860149.png (919.66 KB, 965x580, sao is shit.png)

ctrl+c, ctrl+v, ctrl+c, ctrl+v, ctrl+c, ctrl+v, ctrl+c, ctrl+v, ctrl+c, ctrl+v

No. 126005

File: 1612462173048.png (2.43 MB, 1216x912, Mel_pug.png)

this is worse than Barbie critters when it comes to ruining a design of an effortlessly cute looking creature and missing why it's appealing in the first place

No. 126007

File: 1612462288564.jpg (156.59 KB, 462x680, f_g_11496_77207.jpg)

another example plus some bonus uggly animals

No. 126008

File: 1612462465853.jpg (1.73 MB, 2088x3010, MV5BODhjOThhYTItMTAxYS00MGY2LT…)

oh and here's another CGI nightmare haunting my dreams

No. 126014

I love monsters but monster musume was so hit and miss

No. 126017

>yellow and blue don't go together
it's ok girl you can wear your allblack outfits lacking in personality, nooooo prob.

No. 126018

>>125878 Theses movies plagued my childhood .The kids look like they have F.A.S.

No. 126054

File: 1612475312122.jpg (200.64 KB, 1600x1200, 71QDhQmtZsL._RI_.jpg)

Literally all of them look like they're from different shows, and they all look bad

No. 126061

he looks like a member of the village people.

No. 126062

I'll bet that's because everything except that awful bear was a random model purchased from some 3D asset store.

No. 126063

File: 1612476995420.jpg (90.81 KB, 640x360, 9c9aa29e7ef141fca3d4e2ee928d1d…)

Fucking Love live!, man. They all have the same fucking face and the only way to tell them apart is by the hair.

It's actually hilarious because I've known people who've got into serious debt from the game.

No. 126064

File: 1612477645285.png (227.43 KB, 371x695, FC68F571-20C4-4CE0-84C2-527049…)

Genuine question

Why is a female character having big breasts a problem or even a design issue? It really depends on the intent.

Pic related, awful character design of a female with big boobs, intent clearly to cater to the horny hetero NEET audience or simply fan service

No. 126070

I don't mind big boobs per se, but when they are drawn like pic related, covering most of the torso, the character starts to look like a weird disproportionate blob. It's just objectively bad design. Imo the easiest way to tell if a character is pandering to scrotes is when she looks less like a character that happens to have boobs and more like a pair of boobs with a character attached behind them.

No. 126071

Their eyes are so creepy.
The majority of the ones posted ITT have the exact same intent as the one you posted. Which one isn't fanservicey?

No. 126074

anon yellow and blue are literally complimentary colours

No. 126097

File: 1612488287735.jpg (137.02 KB, 887x1200, f71fc924731b01b2a9e6c4100949e6…)

Let me pick apart the design some more. The boots on her are weird with layers of random crap that looks like foreskin, the awkwardly placed triforces on the top. Next is that weird ass shirt corset thing. Upon examining her design closer it appears her white turtleneck shirt is the same as her "corset" but why is the blue part sticking out on the bottom? What the hell is that? Also you'd think princess Zelda would not wear loose sleeves while riding a horse, that's just common sense. The hairstyle annoys me the most because of those gay ass clips and lame braid used to accentuate her intelligence like a big forehead anime character. The colour of her hair is also a neon yellow which looks jarring and being the same colour of the yellow as her outfit strikes more questions than answers. Does she have metal hair? Is her hair used as binding on her outfit? We just don't know.

Zelda in Twilight princess had an overall better design. Her hair complimented the shade of purple on her dress while the yellow armor/accessories is a complimentary colour to purple

No. 126098

I think your autism is the problem here

No. 126099


No. 126102

isn't it yellow and purple

No. 126103

>it appears her white turtleneck shirt is the same as her "corset" but why is the blue part sticking out on the bottom?
Anon that's not what's happening. It's time to stop.

No. 126105

It's only a problem when the body proportions are weird. Other than that plenty of REAL women have big boobs, there's nothing wrong with characters having them too.

No. 126120

File: 1612498006290.jpg (24.35 KB, 360x450, Barbie_Fairytopia_Official_Sti…)

We can't talk about Barbie movies without mentioning this absolute shit tier abomination

No. 126142

File: 1612512906036.jpg (28.17 KB, 360x450, Sulley_002.jpg)

This image unlocked a deeply repressed memory. It basically looks like Sully as a fairy.

No. 126148

I fucking hate this color combination so much.

No. 126154

File: 1612518073174.jpg (43.64 KB, 936x526, Screenshot_1.jpg)

In highschool we were shown this 0 budget drug awareness animation. The animals' dead eyes and their weird, shiny rubbery skin still haunt me. Fun fact: one of the voice actors were later arrested for drug possession. Here comes a small dump of images

No. 126155

File: 1612518101286.jpg (38.94 KB, 934x523, Screenshot_2.jpg)

No. 126156

File: 1612518245256.jpg (51.44 KB, 939x525, Screenshot_3.jpg)

No. 126157

File: 1612518350827.jpg (57.04 KB, 943x525, Screenshot_4.jpg)

No. 126158

I have watched 4 separate full-length drug PSAs on youtube since reading your post. Please give us a title anon I need to see this for myself.

No. 126159

It's Hungarian and there's no English translation but here you go if you're interested in it regardless. It's not the whole thing, just an excerpt. The main story is that the dog takes the two cats on a tour where they try every existing drug and tells them about the dangers

No. 126160

Oh god, I had a plush toy of this thing that some weirdo previous tenant (a grown ass woman) left behind in the apartment I'm renting. Had no idea it was from a Barbie movie kek

No. 126201

File: 1612537579694.jpeg (32.29 KB, 500x275, 0919429A-17C0-49AF-A9B6-51DC6C…)

Dizzle too…

No. 126202

I feel so bad for creators of those things because I imagine they are like 'how can we actually reach kids and make them understand that drugs are not the answer? Oh, how about making a CGI film, you know, like Shrek? Kids like those!". And then the movie comes out and it's… this. I feel the same way about >>124216 even though I do not like christian brainwashing. I feel sorry since the creator of Strawinsky wanted to create some epic movie that shares his values but it ended up being internet's laughingstock.

No. 126215

Because it's overdone and it's goddamn stupid

No. 126227

That's not just big, it's MASSIVE. Regular large breasts are fine.

No. 126316

File: 1612581602325.jpeg (47.78 KB, 400x799, 9737BB5C-04E2-4CB2-A26E-8C28C4…)

I love her, but I do not love her design. I understand that she is supposed to be based off of Ranka Lee but how is Ranka so much cuter? I think the colour combination of green, yellow and orange is disgusting. I think it's mainly just the colours.

No. 126320

don't make me cry anon take it back gumi is the whitney houston of vocaloid

No. 126323

File: 1612584867580.png (294.94 KB, 500x500, megu megu fire (no endless nig…)

you take that back

No. 126328

File: 1612588815211.png (613.07 KB, 1024x675, 6b9cbc27c74656279c11bb1660a083…)

I totally agree it's god-awful, but it almost adds to her charm. Her V4 designs are even more hilariously bad. So bad they're almost good.
you're right and you should say it!

No. 126402

Makes me wonder if she'd look better with inverted colours such as the pinky red for her clothes while some of her accessories are are orange/yellow?

No. 126439

File: 1612658458413.jpg (13.29 KB, 480x360, ugly.jpg)

No. 126441

File: 1612658827294.jpg (37.48 KB, 500x500, ugly2.jpg)

No. 126454

File: 1612664579356.jpeg (103.92 KB, 275x275, 6E127210-70BD-48D9-AD61-5FA96A…)

Absolute ripoff of 4chan’s yotsuba
Both are suspiciously jailbait looking anyways

No. 126455

I don't see the similarities, aside from both being girls
Also Yotsuba is not 4chan's, they just like her

No. 126456

you take that back right now

No. 126461

File: 1612670308121.jpg (46.37 KB, 394x406, thatsjustyouropinion.jpg)

Your opinion is bad and you shold feel bad. Board-tan is cute and well-designed.

No. 126472

File: 1612675025958.png (408.31 KB, 615x449, Shrek_Dragon.png)

Lmao it's the lady dragon from Shrek

No. 126473

File: 1612675030589.jpg (115.65 KB, 601x581, lvdRXrX.jpg)

No. 126475

File: 1612675830222.jpg (30.18 KB, 600x450, itstruebutheshouldntsayit.jpg)

I agree with you but I still have fond memories of this show.

No. 126479

this isn't the good designs thread

No. 126480

File: 1612676810030.jpg (75.3 KB, 500x726, a0f00b91df56da02f464abfc0f5349…)

Low hanging fruit.

Watching neckbeards and handmaidens bending over backwards to defend this shit is hilarious. No, visually reducing a character to her tits is not "empowering" no matter what her personality is. Try again. Also the idea that she uses her tits to distract enemies in battle is the kind of logic I'd expect from crap-tier ecchi.

No. 126487

File: 1612680392928.png (294.91 KB, 588x598, 535.png)

Putting the tits aside, her eyes and mouth are way too big even by anime standards, and flesh fangs always look terrible. Her whole face looks like it was drawn by a kid on deviantart.

No. 126492

I really liked Power Girl’s lore. It’s a shame her character was just used as an excuse to draw tits.

No. 126500

what's wrong with them? could you elaborate?

No. 126504

I don't get the hair either, it looks like a grandma's haircut and colour.

No. 126595

Sonia’a design is one of the worst in Pokemon for the humans imo, she’s meant to be a professor character yet has a bunch of childish hearts in her slime hair? Also I hate the green they chose. SWSH is trash already but the characters in it even if they’re well designs never seem to fit their design, just look at Marnie who despite having a really nice punk design has no personality to speak of.

No. 126596

File: 1612731113301.png (441.49 KB, 850x579, 8E6E9993-6706-4067-8C9A-E6B31E…)

I wish they had stuck with his beta design

No. 126616

It's really a shame, she's otherwise an interesting character, but the controversy regarding her design has overshadowed everything else and alienated a lot of female readers who might otherwise have read her books.
My understanding is that there was one penciller who kept drawing her boobs bigger to intentionally cause controversy and call attention to himself. We need to stop letting scrotes be artists lol

No. 126620

File: 1612745856013.gif (58.02 KB, 288x413, Meicrackmon_Vicious_Mode_t.gif)

Meicoomons design is cluttered and ugly but meicrackmon is just cat Renamon with visible breasts

No. 126621

Yeah I really hate how yellow her hair is,it reminds me of mustard.
They couldn't have given her dirty blond hair instead?

No. 126627

Most Digimon designs are cluttered and ugly.

No. 126854

File: 1612858082706.jpg (83.88 KB, 1200x735, EPC-YkzUYAAlk1s.jpg)

this is kinda cheating since the whole show is shitilly animated,but rita has got to be the worst designed character.even thought it makes sense as she exists to make the already mentally ill rolli suffer

No. 126858

File: 1612864823661.jpeg (368.88 KB, 630x985, 24C1F967-FEBC-4ED2-83FF-8E30EE…)

Yugioh is super nostalgic to me but the design of the whole show is hideous

No. 126859

File: 1612865305513.png (252.51 KB, 600x775, 952d1848e107fcc22d1f07ca75d58c…)

Rip guitar hero

No. 126869

My prep flip-off senses are tingling

No. 126871

File: 1612877544476.png (230.55 KB, 600x775, 90000 hours in ms paint.png)

Now that I think about it she is like the anti-Enoby

No. 127092

File: 1612984265914.png (40.56 KB, 220x220, Love_Bird_010.png)

Becky from tuff puppy. no explanation needed

No. 127104

I don’t know what this show even is but the perspective of her nose is so fucked. It looks like she has a facial growth with a giant hole in it

No. 127132

you are WRONG

>apart from Lettuce

No. 127446

True, this reminds me of my folder with pictures of failed Yugi cosplay Attempts. I am convinced he has one of the most uncosplayable Hairstyles ever.

No. 127533

File: 1613165531978.jpg (31.18 KB, 512x384, tranny.jpg)

it got worse in the latter seasons

No. 127536

Y'know i never realized until now that I always thought of Yugi's hair as a metallic hat and not really as hair. I just CANT.

No. 127574

File: 1613186600431.png (168.64 KB, 350x490, BE73132E-33C9-49D6-823D-BDB51A…)


No. 127590

Fuck you.

No. 127597

They talk about fictional cartoons like they can taste, smell, see them. They talk about them like they can process them in their minds like real people and it feels schizophrenic as fuck to me

No. 127599

I always noticed the regular designs are from the eighties or very early nineties then it starts getting more retarded from that point on. Goes from being sexy and still realistic, fashionable enough to be likeable to women to dumb coomer fantasy schizophrenic autistic shit

No. 127600

File: 1613201890014.png (411.47 KB, 521x870, Sally.png)

The combination of blue, red, brown colors is awful and the hairstyle was ok at the time until you realize every 90s furry "it" girl character has that haircut. What else bothers me is how small she was compared to Sonic who was drawn extremely wide in the show. Never liked the trope of the regular dude getting with a princess/woman out of his status to begin with though.

No. 127601

File: 1613201998798.png (23.84 KB, 184x261, PrincessSally_Archie_Pink.png)

samefag, the original design looked less furfaggy and I wish they kept it

No. 127610

kek gotta love the logic.
'So she's supposed to be fighting for her life, what kind of outfit should we put her in?'
'I know, a silk dress with as much cleavage as humanly possible!!'
'Great job guys!'

No. 127626

File: 1613223639282.png (1.56 MB, 2048x2048, 520903e38ffd9f29fb5ded2149ad7c…)

Does she seem… more naked than Sonic to anyone else? Is it because she's not wearing gloves? Her more realistic torso shape? For some reason, I'm uncomfortable.

Notice how 90s Amy has the same round torso shape as Sonic (pic related.) As much as I dislike the "main character but pink" school of female character design, 90s Amy gelled visually with Sonic much better than Sally. That said, I definitely prefer Sally's characterization to Amy's.

No. 127682

File: 1613245928534.jpg (23.58 KB, 250x375, list_page_main.jpg)

American rabbit. You could have made a rabbit look American without it being so half assed.

No. 127684

thanks for reminding that movie wasn't a fever dream

No. 127686

what is wrong with her mouth?!

No. 127687

Wasn't this Chris Chan's favourite cartoon character before he became obsessed with Sonic?

No. 127696

>Does she seem… more naked than Sonic to anyone else? Is it because she's not wearing gloves? Her more realistic torso shape? For some reason, I'm uncomfortable.

bc she literally has a miniature sized hourglass female human body, lmfao. as for amy i prefer her fleetway comic books characterization and design above everything else

No. 127701

File: 1613254308796.png (822.02 KB, 1450x1150, AlterEgoPassionlipStage1.png)

Passionlip from Fgo. Thankfully she has those big hands to carry her breasts.

No. 127702

Disgusting and hurts to look at. I really hate it thanks for posting

No. 127704

I think it was the point but you're still right

No. 127706

I love the hands but why the boobies

No. 127722

File: 1613269481114.png (1.88 MB, 1527x906, Beauty_Beast_Unit_(MetalGear)_…)

anon dont even get me started on this shit. whats worse is kojima/konami made it out like her background story for not wearing clothes would be some ~deep~ meaning or social commentary but like. bitch just has to photosynthesize.

most of the female designs in the mgs are bad

No. 127725

I took her costume/backstory as a critique on overly sexualized female designs in the video game industry, as in Quiet will literally die if she puts on clothes, which is how some character designers seem to think it works for the women in their games. But also Kojimbo is a coomer weirdo who likes to 3D scan bikini models so probably just that.

No. 127743

Yes. I watched the movie because of that and it was some trippy ass shit.

No. 127749

gag. so fucking unimaginative. I'm tired of seeing women in bodysuits. ##fire all men NOW!!!#

No. 127799

File: 1613311491429.png (698.47 KB, 902x821, PLCCC.png)

it gets better

No. 127804

File: 1613312786668.png (6.57 KB, 286x176, 69E10B46-148C-404A-8135-B75B94…)

No. 127805

Poor girl it looks like she has a tumor

No. 127829

Superpower: yaoi hands

No. 127834

Those breasts look like testicles

No. 127835

I hate how I'm a waifufag for her as a character but god damn those titties never stop looking awful.

No. 127843

Ohhh it’s her hands!!! I totally didn’t understand what the gold stuff was

No. 128146

File: 1613465471229.jpg (3.94 MB, 1920x1920, 8e8ej2brir8dusjwen.jpg)

Villainess webtoon is a mistake. But really whatever I see a protagonist villainess, it has the most bland and cookie cutter design worst than disney princess.

No. 128148

I personally wouldn’t call these bad designs. Maybe they’re boring to you

No. 128192

File: 1613491686096.png (469.57 KB, 580x607, 57578567578.PNG)

Smosh had an animation spin off called "Samurai daycare" and Jesus Christ

No. 128194

wdym bad? look at that sexy art someone hang this up in a museum please!

No. 128196

where the fuck are her nipples

No. 128200

File: 1613495370939.jpg (69.74 KB, 648x890, akanerikka.jpg)

I remember dropping this when it came out because the female characters' legs looked so fucking weird all the time.

No. 128207

What was the reason?

No. 128212

Trying to capitalize on the "thicc" trend. I always thought the girl with black hair looked like an uncooked chicken from the waist down.

No. 128226

Damn. I actually think the character on the left looks cute and fairly realistic, while the right is creepy and anachan (with big boobs of course)

No. 128362

File: 1613560896532.png (758.31 KB, 512x724, 4803e9aa89c061c6b8282608baa964…)

fate has some truly terrible ones, heres the nightmare that is ibuki douji

No. 128367

Yeah that's the first time I have ever seen thunder thighs represented somewhat accurately in anime, maybe it looks worse animated but it's not bad in that particular picture. The skinny one definitely looks worse.

No. 128376

the aesthetic in these webtoons is like the European version of orientalism. Not that they're bad perse just a mix of different historical looks that look good.

No. 128406

Maybe it's just me but my gripe with the design is that their legs are too short, especially in the calf area on the girl on the left, her calves look withered. And they look like they're attached at a weird angle. The outfits don't help the weird separation either. They look like someone's abuela with those legs

No. 128407

File: 1613571034385.jpg (683.69 KB, 800x1640, 1613516013094-1.jpg)

God this is embarrassing

No. 128425

the one on the top is at least funny

the bottom one is your brain on coom

No. 128448

The one the right is supposed to look like a creepy anime fantasy girl in constrast to the more realistic one on the left. I still think the left one is ugly, but it's somewhat justified.
Theyr'e both a girl's representation of herself in a dreamworld, her real self and her ideal self.

No. 128450

File: 1613588491799.jpg (Spoiler Image, 288.9 KB, 960x960, ugd4iuo3y2i61.jpg)

Half of Murata's redraws are unneeded and just end up looking worse/hurting the story

No. 128452

File: 1613588861950.png (1.86 MB, 1358x2949, riddleoverblot-e_021m002.png)

Did you see Yana's current work?

No. 128454

File: 1613589024758.png (2.3 MB, 1473x2901, leonaoverblot-e_000m_000.png)

The others are ok, but this one and Scar's humansona look terrible clothes-wise.
>what's african looking? Literal rags

No. 128489

File: 1613600303024.jpg (326.95 KB, 2048x2048, stupid porn aliens.jpg)

this is the ugliest and shittiest fictional alien species in existence

No. 128491

File: 1613600508837.jpg (64.55 KB, 552x944, e1cc043476f687863703730ff4147a…)

men have zero taste or standards

No. 128492

you take that back bitch

No. 128493

hes dumb looking, id probably be able to get into this canon if not for his stupid ass design

No. 128494

amy is a cute design i agree but tbh it is weird how all the males "get" to be naked while the females have to have clothes because their bodies are inherently sexual? i guess???

No. 128535

File: 1613611308074.jpg (64.04 KB, 843x473, polar express bitch.jpg)

he looks like an adult alien version of that polar express kid

No. 128537

it's an all-female race lol

No. 128638

I'm usually pretty tolerant of Raita's designs, even his most coomer shit like Raikou don't bother me, but Ibuki is undefendable, everything is wrong starting from that horrendous color scheme. She was released at one of the worst time for a limited 5*, I guess they allowed him to go ham with his fetishes.

No. 128670

File: 1613689067724.png (1.09 MB, 700x1360, Nico_Robin_Anime_Post_Timeskip…)

She looks like an alien now
Her outfits makes no sense either,it doesn't fit her character at all compare to how she looked before.
She's supposed to be an archeologist not an exhibitionist.
Don't get me started on Franky's new look either.

No. 128676

I HATE Oda's female designs. It's always the same pretty young face with the same absurd hourglass bodies. I could dismiss it as typical coomer shit, but it's 100x more insulting when you consider the creativity and diversity of his male designs. The contrast is so depressingly stark, some variety wouldn't kill him but he clearly thinks women don't deserve space in his work unless they are hot, and his specific type of hot.

No. 128694

there was an interview somewhere that oda was aware of the criticism he receives on the female characters, often times in a form of a fan mail from female fans. i think he dismissed it all and replied with iirc, "to keep on fighting" or something like that.

No. 128698

File: 1613714229536.jpeg (29.54 KB, 301x1018, images (5).jpeg)

God yes I miss the old Robin. In the earlier parts even though he did design most women as sexy I loved that he made them fashionable in their own way. Like Nami and Robin and Vivi were sexy but they all looked like they dressed themselves the way they wanted but now they're all just designed to be coomerific, no fashion at all.

No. 128702


No. 128721

the drunk thread is here anon:

No. 128735

I liked their outfits too! and loved robins skin tone even if it was a mistake, it fit her eyes and hair so well. It's a pity the designs changed for the worse

No. 128779

File: 1613781272512.jpg (134.37 KB, 1280x720, 3545436356.jpg)

If a god exists he is a cruel one

No. 128784

File: 1613787688263.jpeg (27.92 KB, 395x400, B81F0ECF-C476-49D2-8B57-9416C1…)

The only thing uglier and more creepy than bobbleheads is fucking pez dispensers
>why yes, I do want to eat gross chalky candy ejected from your decapitated neck

No. 128863

File: 1613858585749.jpg (126.8 KB, 1200x750, Ela4VqYXIAA68mK.jpg)

You forgot the Cher one.

No. 128874

File: 1613862633083.png (592.13 KB, 734x1157, 1597419419414.png)

Holy shit the character on the right is literally the How to Draw Manga meme with a blue wig. Incredible.

No. 129012

File: 1613968884224.jpg (18.36 KB, 340x280, Ren5.JPG.jpg)

this whole game has an ugly style, but why is this thing part fox? it's especially vile

No. 129070

File: 1614008864413.jpg (356.82 KB, 1500x1491, 81EbQ2bwEOL._SL1500_.jpg)

nightmare fuel

No. 129072

I've no idea what this game is about but I've seen the main dates posted in various husbando threads and by god are they ugly and smelly. How can some of you simp for bottom of the barrel guys like that when there are thousand of yandere boys from generic otome games?

No. 129109

the games are about being tortured and murdered by those dudes, which is why the anons simp for them over generic yanderes, who are just not edgy enough for their mento illness

No. 129138

File: 1614047527471.jpg (491 KB, 740x550, NZsYkUP.jpg)

Why the beak and the mouth don't match? It looks like if the bird has a tumour or something.
The other bird just make her looks worse.

No. 129140

File: 1614047723895.jpg (334.14 KB, 708x595, EiiEBIE.jpg)

Samefag but the Froot Loops mascot re-desing has a similar thing going on. Ew

No. 129148

File: 1614050138288.jpg (432.86 KB, 1280x1285, tumblr_191a4d2892abb328c40c4b8…)

One of Butch Hartman's awful OC'S

No. 129154

I think this could almost look ok without the green thing on her head

No. 129188

File: 1614076952548.jpg (82.82 KB, 680x383, Euo3yBkVEAQMA1z.jpg)

some of these are a stretch but the desert people from nier suddenly being lily white is weird as shit

No. 129190

Wait wait wait did they really whitewash Masked People?? This is so backwards holy shit. Only Japan could do something like that and not realize how tone deaf for current times it is.

No. 129194

I just don’t get why the anime and game industries love whitewashing their characters so much, it feels kind of lazy from their part, is it really that difficult or expensive to keep the already brown characters, brown?

No. 129195

I guess it's because East Asian countries associate white skin with beauty and they want these characters to be more marketable?

No. 129196

Lmfao like over half of the pictures in the bottom row are cherrypicked and deliberately washed out by toggling with the opaqueness. Try again twitterfag

No. 129197

I mean, yeah, but if they will do a drastic change of design like that in the middle of production, why design a brown character in the first place? It’s just a waste of time.

No. 129199

File: 1614084249563.png (135.56 KB, 300x300, Camilla_portrait.png)

No. 129300

File: 1614121938473.png (439.27 KB, 1100x900, 94254410-2495-4C31-A8B7-CA28C6…)

I think Rem is ugly. Her headband and hair look dumb to me.

No. 129323

I openly shit on Yoshimitsu's later designs because it makes 0 sense to me. A alien? How did he go from hopping on his sword being goofy to this!? (I know the history and reason why but still)

No. 129412

File: 1614195213490.png (251.74 KB, 500x1000, Reki_(Casual).png)

He's so ugly to me I literally cannot force myself to give a shit about anything that happens to this dude because he just looks like a greasy fast food worker. His color scheme is hideous and I hate his retarded headband

No. 129416

Her design is repulsive, I'm actually surprised she was so popular considering scrots hate short hair. But the ugly classic lolita maid outfit, the emo fringe over one eye, the weird shade of blue… So gross, only her simp personality was worse

No. 129417

File: 1614198331696.jpeg (20.02 KB, 450x681, images.jpeg)

I don't think she looks so bad but I've never liked Kainé's attire, it's so damn revealing. Cock bulge and ass sticking out for all to see, and you also have muh deep reasoning for it too

No. 129420

File: 1614199025800.png (116.14 KB, 2017x3474, TheButtWitchPNG2.png)

Literally hate everything about this villain,blatant him from PPG ripoff.not certain why they had to sexualize her.reason why the garbage show was even popular was because nasty scrotes found her and Reggie attractive.the green,purple and red color is hideous and so her design.

No. 129421

Everyone's design in this show looks awful and it kills me because I'm genuinely interested and would like to take a look at it but the character designs are so fucking ugly with their dumb hairstyles and dumb clothes with clashing colour schemes

No. 129426

These just look like regular anime characters to me tbh, not seeing the issue. They all have weird hair.

No. 129428

I like this design a lot, only reason I've actually watched a bit of the show. Call me a scrote but her silhouette is nice and that psycho face is super cool, I just hate they gave her a male voice.

No. 129479

Literally Quiet before there was Quiet

No. 129480

lmao I can't get over how ridiculous this outfit is

No. 129535

Allegedly she's sexualized because she represents puberty and growing up, the things Reggie is most scared of. I guess the deep voice may be related to that somewhat, even if it makes no sense for a woman. But I totally agree with you on the color scheme, that shit is nasty.

No. 129569

File: 1614297717103.png (693.69 KB, 680x488, ew.png)

they're all offensively generic

No. 129616

File: 1614336286583.jpg (177.48 KB, 1215x717, Singed.jpg)

There is the odd interesting one, but a lot definitely feel generic and they seem to be trending towards being more and more "visually appealing" and basic

No. 129729

File: 1614381970569.jpeg (50.86 KB, 680x446, 58FC02DD-75B2-4CFE-BBEE-71DFFC…)

Apparently this character is supposed to be 16 from what I’ve heard. This is painful to look at.

No. 129742

She’s also allergic to being fat, btw, so it totally 100% makes sense that all of the fat goes to her boobs, completely not retarded at all.

No. 129744

she legit looks like a toddler with huge boobs. moids are so fucked up

No. 129795

She's 19, tho that doesnt make her design any less bad. I guess they spent all of the budget on her breasts.

No. 129834

File: 1614440656165.jpg (37.5 KB, 590x590, DhCyLJYVAAAC1nN.jpg)


No. 129836

>entire ass is out
>sensible pumps for the office

No. 129841

>allergic to being fat
>still has fatty legs and cankles

No. 129849

I hate to say it but you're kind of right. However, I like the models ingame because the genericness of the characters they're portraying adds to the appeal
Some of the skins are fun though

No. 129884

stfu he is a kang.

No. 129902

File: 1614478492300.png (159.38 KB, 600x878, 63DA665B-4781-45B1-88E0-3CA78E…)

I didn't think they could get worse than this, but they did
with the fact the original author did shotacon I'm surprised it even got a s2, but then again, when did japan ever care about pedoshit

No. 129908

Every female character in this shit game has the safe face and it drives me nuts.

No. 129923

File: 1614487541578.jpg (151.91 KB, 1478x2048, MV5BYjRmZGRjNTYtM2M2Yi00OWM5LT…)

Nothing wrong with a few ugly characters but all of the characters are so horribly ugly.
Do children even enjoy watching this crap?

No. 129929

most od the people I have seen taking about the show were Adults who liked the woke representation, like the lesbians, non-binary characters, use of gender neutral pronouns e.t.c

Its very wokeish

No. 129935

The only person on this Earth who cares about that show is the Wonder bread guy.

No. 129948

Almost entireity of this thread are retards immensly angry at boobs lol

No. 129953

Her entire relationship with Corrin is annoying, but what do you not like about her? I think her and female Corrin have some of the nicer looking fanservicey outfits in video games. It might be because the official art for them is a digital drawing but the arts nicer looking to me? And Camilla's art by Yusuke Kozaki has big but not massive boobs compared to other boobs upthread.

No. 129972

Children don't give a fuck whether characters are attractive or not and they don't discuss their favorite shows online, you gotta stop judging cartoons for babies through adult lens because it's not made for adults.

No. 129975

theres a difference between a good design and an attractive character though. whyd you have to worrd that so weirdly lol

No. 129979

op literally called these characters ugly - not the design - and I'm responding to that.

No. 129984

Both the characters and the overall awful design are ugly,period.

No. 130008

It's not about boobs itself but the proportions when compared to the rest of the body, or ridiculously skimpy outfits. There's other big titted characters out there that don't look stupid.

No. 130012

Nta but she, along with most of the anons in this thread, probably means "ugly" as in "poorly designed," not attractiveness. I agree that Craig of the Creek has ugly designs– it's trying to rip off Steven Universe's art style and somehow making it worse (which is impressive because SU's style is already ugly to begin with.)

No. 130049

the prince and pauper one was better

No. 130052

File: 1614559971623.jpg (84.54 KB, 1182x566, Hitagi-Senjougahara-monogatari…)

Ubiquitous in anime and manga- having a super tiny teenage girl with large boobs. This applies for the adult women too but pretty hard for me to suspend my disbelief and imagine that a teenage girl got implants. It's even funnier because a lot of creators like giving the characters exact height and weight. This character is 5'5 and 99 pounds. There are more egregious examples of even more underweight characters who somehow manage to maintain large chests but this is the first one whose stats I could remember.

No. 130054

File: 1614560663399.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.14 MB, 640x270, Omake Gif Anime - Kizumonogata…)

Spoiler for the scrote fap fodder level gif, lol. Another character from the same series, her design is otherwise very cute. She's not shown to be any less skinny and is referred to as a "lightweight". But has a chest that's like G sized at least. Sorry scrotes you don't get underweight girls with massive natural boobs. Pick one.

No. 130065

super disagree on those, I'm not even going to try and debate it because inb4 scrote

No. 130097

That "blush" effect looks like a giant inflamed zit.

No. 130129

monogatari is dumb coomer shit but ive never had a problem with the character designs, theyre pretty

No. 130130

I wouldn't call you a scrote. Though the perpetrators of this design are mostly male. I just can't stand many underweight (I've never met a 70-80 pound woman who wasn't basically completely flat) characters in manga and anime having large to massive chests. It seems like a "having your cake and eating it too" male fantasy. Anyone who has been around underweight women in real life knows this is basically unseen. Otherwise I don't dislike their designs. But I guess people will say animation isn't realistic to begin with and isn't supposed to be. Like eyes 5x the size etc.

No. 130131

File: 1614591909783.gif (9.97 KB, 140x131, Pokémon_Jynx_(black)_art.gif)

No. 130140

I consider their design and "male authors having no idea how measurements work" two different categories. There are a lot of decent designs and an average bodysize but then you read the databook/character page and their measurements will be like: "H:167 cm, W:40kg". Like holy anachan, men have no idea what 40kg looks like for that height.

No. 130143

Lmao, yes that was my point. Men be wanting a 40kg girl with F cups. Where is the fat for that going to come from? I take your point, like I said I generally really like the designs in Monogatari but I find the boob to thinness ratios to be bad design for me personally, and distracting. It's super rampant in anime and manga. Some of those author character profiles are insane. I get that Japan has one of the lowest rates of obesity in the world but tone it down a notch, damn.

No. 130146

wucchu got gainst jynx nonnie?

No. 130149

Yeah, men will make every plot-relevant woman thin with huge breasts, it's certainly a big flaw of anime (and often the bigger her breasts are, the more "dominant" there are, as if breast growth worked like you are on steroids).
Men will tell you "it's fantasy! in this fantasy world women are just like this" but the MCs and male characters aren't all wide-shouldered, peak-performance males, unless you're reading '80-'90s macho manga (think early Jojo's)

No. 130152

It's so boring. It's either skinny lolis or skinny teens and young women with disproportionate boobs.

>Men will tell you "it's fantasy! in this fantasy world women are just like this" but the MCs and male characters aren't all wide-shouldered, peak-performance males

Yeah, I might buy this if every male character including the high school boys had the physique of Guts from Berserk. In fact, I demand this as restitution for all the sexualized anime middle school and high school girls I have been exposed to.

No. 130155

File: 1614600298482.jpg (44.63 KB, 1264x96, Screenshot_5.jpg)

nta, but I think this

No. 130157

looks like an ugly dragqueen

No. 130167

I…. I never linked Jynx design with blackface? Maybe as >>130157 said it reminded me a bit of a dragqueen.What do you anons think about this? I loved Jynx design as a 6yo and i love it now

No. 130193

The show's creator was outed as a pedo so that and the studio going under is why we're thankful another season won't be made.

No. 130201

File: 1614620155530.jpg (195.25 KB, 699x1000, tokyo_mew_mew_2020_re-turn_162…)

Not the same Anon but I'll tell you why they suck.
Lettuce: her outfit looks like it was intended to be for a bug girl. I remember being genuinely surprised her animal was dolphin. And of course NEON GREEN HAIR.
Pudding: I've always hated those 4 tiny braids she wears and those god awful boots.
Ichigo: NEON PINK HAIR and the shade they used for her outfit absolutely atrocious. Ive seen cosplayers try to replicate it back in 2008 and it looks AWFUL.
Mint: they really did her dirty by giving her shitty ankle boots and a tube dress.
Zakuro: like ichigo has one of the more appealing designs but like the rest of the girls suffer from shitty colour choices.
Berry: the fact she's a knockoff Ichigo but is a monstrosity with a cat tail and bunny ears to symbolize her being two animals.

Mia ikumi herself tried to redesign her characters for the reboot. They're slightly improved but certainly could be better.

No. 130206

wait Lettuce's animal is supposed to be A DOLPHIN?????? I only watched a few episodes when I was a kid, anon, and I always assumed she was a cricket or something

No. 130227

I hate the coombait and won't watch that anime but I've seen the settai and sheets for that scene and they're deliberately drawing her boobs WAY bigger than they look most of the time.

No. 130251

File: 1614642733822.png (199.55 KB, 667x284, Kizu_3_hanekawa_2.png)

That's the other thing. The breast sizes fluctuate in short time periods lol. Here's her clothed in the same movie. Still really big but I guess she's really good at hiding a lot of size there.

No. 130316

ok so Lettuce being dolphin actually make her better for me. i think it's cuter than bug and we have see creature

No. 130531

it looks like she has pimples and a rash on her face

No. 130566

File: 1614794444523.jpg (21.69 KB, 360x342, 3540cb89f1c99f91039bf9eed8d965…)

No. 130570

File: 1614795232726.png (478.41 KB, 1280x720, 7C52E32C-77D1-4A5B-AA22-676196…)

The one with the normal sized looking boobs is the tomboy and they can't even keep her consistent half the time. Aside from the coomershit bodies I've always really enjoyed the character designs for this show though

No. 130584

I heard that this scene >>130054 with the oversized tits was because it’s meant to be depicted from the perspective of the MC, who is a massive pervert.

No. 130603

what a deep and symbolic reason to give a character J cups

No. 130607

Well isn't it simple

No. 130609

Totally, agree. I like the male character designs too. The prettiness of the series is what some might say is it's only good quality. She's supposed to be the tiniest I think, aside from the little girls (euggh) and worst character Nadeko (they literally give her weight on screen as like 83 pounds or something lol) and she will appropriately have A cups especially when in a semi nude scene. But suddenly in another scene she will jump up another few sizes.

No. 130612

Berry had a good design to begin with and the fact that the redesign/reboot didn't change her much is proof of that. Actually I think they few changes they did make were unnecessary. The pigtails are redundant next to her ears and the socks are unnecessary.

No. 130616

File: 1614815965515.gif (Spoiler Image, 1023.84 KB, 500x281, hanekawanekoform.gif)

Lmfao men in the anime industry got me feeling like Hayao Miyazaki. Uh, at least they have the protag looking ripped and taking his shirt off a lot in that movie trio… I guess? Doesn't really make up for the 6000000 instances of female character exploitation but nice try. She's got enormous boobs throughout the entire series though. All I'm saying is that if you are going to depict a girl with ginormous boobs maybe draw her slightly larger than a waif. Gifrel, scrote fap bait so spoiler.

No. 130619

File: 1614816745899.png (Spoiler Image, 831.59 KB, 870x925, reze1.png)

Another example that just popped into my head. Male mangaka love this. In Chainsaw Man. A tiny waif character, Reze, strips down to her underwear and appropriately has a really tiny chest. Spoilered but it's not hentai level.

No. 130620

File: 1614816823507.png (Spoiler Image, 435.42 KB, 714x879, reze2.png)

Shortly thereafter, in her fighting costume, boom: her boobs grow several sizes. I guess that's one of her powers, lol.

No. 130706

File: 1614869532210.png (472.98 KB, 600x800, dc90yxn-14b1558f-d251-45fd-9b1…)

He's so ugly oh my god

No. 130708

More than breasts size I'm annoyed at the gainax breasts physics. Like a woman standing still and some magical gust of wind flaps her breasts as if they were weightless.

No. 130713

I thought he had a cameltoe for a second

No. 130714

Front butt.

No. 130739

How the hell do you read instructions to draw a teenage boy who's a diver, but with a steampunk twist and that's what you design? Speaking of Xenoblade, I don't like the character design all that much in this game. Almost all the characters are over-designed yet they don't look memorable at all.

No. 130760

all the characters in this movie were ugly as shit except maybe the rastafarian jellyfish

No. 130797

File: 1614907498663.gif (1.43 MB, 371x209, king.gif)

Woman/girl takes a breath and her breasts move independently like helicopter rotor blades, lmao.

No. 130900

File: 1614974325424.jpeg (39.44 KB, 739x415, 269900B8-E219-4BE7-9692-FBB1E1…)

I’m surprised no one here didn’t mention Aunt Fanny from Robots. Yes that’s her name, I’m not even shitting

No. 130910

>I'm actually surprised she was so popular considering scrots hate short hair

you'd be surprised

No. 130912

her name was shortened to fan in the uk version since fanny is slang for vagina here, ill never forget the first time i learnt her true name watching random clips on youtube

No. 130974

i've been actively trying to repress any memories i have of this movie, since i've seen a meme last spring and you've succeeded in ruining my streak. fuck you nonny.

No. 131753

>arms that taper from thin to thick
Not a flattering look for semi-realistic human characters, honestly, but especially females.

No. 131793

File: 1615496970056.jpeg (105.06 KB, 945x720, 8B55AFE5-FE21-411B-9FE3-17EC23…)

Sorry nonny but it had to be done

No. 131828

Didn't read the post you replied to and at first I thought you were talking about 2B lmao

No. 132942

File: 1616258857404.png (287.64 KB, 680x383, 7d07a1dcf09519e4ad9cbee64b4238…)

Her design is a mess,the weird bandages in her body,the gross green hair that clashes with her skin color,the jarring,ugly red eyeshadow that looks like blood,the pointless red dots on her boots.
Is it really difficult to simplify character designs now a days or are they too lazy to do it? Also she kind of looks like a transvestite to me,I don't know why but she does.

No. 132944

This is so obviously influenced by Vivziepop's art style, zero subtlety.

No. 133177

Its the head shape lol

No. 133211

Fuck, I absolutely hate her design, I was so uncomfortable whenever she was on screen and you can tell by how they wrote her as this ~strong independent woman with a sad past~ to attract cosplayers.
At least Yoko Taro admits to being a coomer and doesn't sugarcoat it by pretending it's symbolic, social commentary or whatever.

No. 133212

What bothers me the most are those coomer bandages, they’re so awkward looking. And the hairstyle should’ve been less cluttered, either one ponytail or just short hair.
It’s really annoying when a character could look decent but the artists want to flex their budget/skillz as if the viewer honestly gave a fuck. I definitely prefer simple designs and maybe elaborated promotional art over whatever is going on there.

No. 133248

I don't like the design either but what do bandages have to do with coomers?

No. 133586

File: 1616618983193.png (717.75 KB, 688x1613, ea9a9e39aa504e1392ebd1dbd4df0a…)

Monster high character designs tend to be atrocious,with hideous neon colors clashing and over designed outfits.

No. 133587

Yeah I want to like them because as a kid I would have loved monster dolls but they all look like……. that

No. 133591

High agree, they are cringe AF. The puntastic names make it even worse

No. 133649

The lagoon monster or whatever she is, she's pretty cute. besides her i have yet to see an appealing design from them.

No. 133651

I always hated his design, so many bright colors and his blue skin is just so jarring and hard to look at, even his voice is annoying af

No. 133656

Spectra's kind of cool

No. 133700

File: 1616689837168.jpg (341.32 KB, 1448x2048, Profile_art_-_BOO-Lu_Cerone.jp…)

I also hate how all of the characters literally have the same face (especially the female Monster high characters)
Also why must they all wear high heels?
So lazy and bland

No. 133701

File: 1616690515918.jpeg (297.73 KB, 533x1528, 0EFBF895-782A-4A3A-B721-8D1F7D…)

I wish they gave this fucking guy some pants

No. 133702

File: 1616690624847.jpeg (511.82 KB, 816x1626, F6626A92-9239-47A7-942F-C71A41…)

Samefag, what is this name??

No. 133703

She’s son of the people that bops Schmiddles

No. 133704

They probably all have to wear heels because all of the doll's feet need to be shaped a specific way so the shoes can be interchangeable. Imo Bratz had the right idea with the feet and shoes coming off so you could get different styles

No. 133738

lol her name reads like those intentional misspellings of cumberbatch's name.

No. 133862

File: 1616803241542.jpeg (268.53 KB, 1920x1080, 4C4A73DA-89AF-4A4E-950C-941BC9…)

New champion revealed, I’m disappointed but not surprised. There’s so many cool directions they could have gone with a doll theme instead of having a generic sim face with Alice in Wonderland dress.

No. 133877

File: 1616815067956.jpg (183.45 KB, 1215x717, Viego_0.jpg)

I haven't played in a minute so idk who this is, but all of the recent champions have been disappointing except for Senna and Neeko, but that's only because I think she's cute. Viego was such a disappointment for what could have been a great champion. They had so much potential to give him Spanish conquistador elements in his appearance, but he just ended up being another generic league bad boy

No. 133996

I disagree with this character being cookie cutter on the sole grounds that all the males hated it. Viego was made purely for the pretty byronic hero fangirls and for that alone it's worth having him around. He had a Kylo Ren-esque response from the male fanbase, they fucking hate this dude because he panders to women players. Based. Boring bishounen design though ofc.

I thought this was meant to be Viego's wife but I guess she's just a doll she made? Why do they write dumb shit like this i stg.

No. 134045

File: 1616958588420.png (187.64 KB, 448x595, Sugimori_Alice_anime.png)

Worst hair design in history. I know the dark parts weren't as dark in the movie but still, wtf were they thinking, giving her ugly dog ears for hair.

No. 134054

File: 1616963641878.jpg (95.79 KB, 900x1440, eabc851939ff5a0522a2fad3f096b9…)

Why are 99% the human designs from pokemon so ugly or shockingly awful?most of their outfits are just garish and ill-favored

No. 134059

Hate that this show is somehow considered a magical girl show. They look like underaged prostitutes, not magical girls.

No. 134062

File: 1616966709590.png (59.16 KB, 508x404, bee.png)

This show went from being a show with a creative new style into being yet another rehashed CalArts styled cartoon.

So disappointing.

No. 134065

God, I remember getting in trouble for being obsessed with TMM as a kid because my mom and aunt thought they dressed too provocatively. My friend got in trouble with her mom for having a TMM manga I lent her, too. It had Zakuro on the cover kek

No. 134067

I genuinely don't get why there's so many fans of this guy. I know Pokemon characters dont get deep written lores about them, fine, but this guy looks like he smells like dirty white stoner dreadlocks

No. 134069

File: 1616968722690.jpg (771.66 KB, 1110x899, viego.jpg)

Seems like they definitely had the diverfags in mind while making her teaser. Sadly his splash art team wasn't on the same page.

No. 134070

One of the worst takes in this thread.

No. 134071

Fuck you all, the OG designs are adorable and iconic.

No. 134073

That art is laughably bad LMAO!
I remember Smosh Cartoons. I liked Pubertina a lot, I didn't get why it received so much hate from fans at the time (probably just moids too pansy to deal with hearing about female bodily functions).
Also I'm surprised Samurai Daycare was never cancelled with ts strong yellow fever undertones. He was literally a weebcel who had an asian girl fetish.

No. 134075

File: 1616971608364.jpg (673.55 KB, 1280x1423, Healin_Good_visual.jpg)

You're probably just some novice with no appreciation for real magical girl shows.Tokyo Mew Mew was just a shit stain on the genre. The creator obviously must have been an ephebophile (typical for a Japanese artist) who just wanted an excuse to dress underaged girls as prostitutes and get away with it. They just used the magical girl genre as a coverup for their fetish.
Pic-related: This is a REAL magical girl show.

No. 134079

File: 1616973106774.jpeg (168.13 KB, 1200x1157, DmqC1n1WsAAoeJV.jpeg)

You know, when I first read your nonsense opinion in >>134059, I wanted to say "I bet you're a Precure-loving fag". I didn't, because I didn't want to get too controversial.
Come to find out, I was literally right. I am psychic. Fuck out of here, go hug a transformer. Projecting your filthy-ass mind on a cute shoujo anime/manga.
Next up you'll be a fucking furry, I just know it. You'll post some Jewelpets BS and then progressively reveal to us your suggestive fan art folder talking about some "now THIS is real character design" (read in nerdy "excelsior" faggot voice). Enough.

No. 134080

File: 1616973254599.jpg (9.41 KB, 194x236, 31OjTxpR2DL._AC_.jpg)

Samefagging to add you probably shit on Sanrio too, just to hype up said Jewelpets designs. I am sick and tired of this oppression, I can't take it anymore, I am on the verge of frenz

No. 134081

File: 1616973468223.png (453.33 KB, 640x640, tenor.png)

I'm just gonna sit here and let you sperg out on protecting a shitty Deviantart styled anime with characters dressed like prosti-tots. I find it amusing. Keep going.

No. 134082

I was posting in a joking manner because I know it's not serious, but you really are retarded (and probably a latent pedo, please seek help) if you see TMM designs and think "prostitution".

No. 134084

I wanted to mention that both authors of TMM are women… then I remembered how much editors have to say on the topic, so it doesn't matter that much. I agree with you, TMM look trashy AF. I also never liked their animal DNA origins which are poorly coordinated into the outfits and make no sense in general. Never watched Precure, but the designs in your pic related look kinda better. The art somehow makes me thing of Ojamajo Doremi and Mermaid Melody at the same time kek. NGL, my fave magical girl designs come from Sailor Moon or maybe Princess Tutu.

No. 134085

>doubleposts and mentions sanrio: I was only pretending to be retarded

No. 134089

File: 1616974648437.jpg (86.6 KB, 1024x499, inefdex.jpg)

The first anon doubleposted, too. Not really my fault if you read "oppression" and saw the "delete this" reaction pic and didn't understand it was a shitpost, though.
To be more on topic, do you also have a problem with Winx Club's designs? I feel like it's a pattern.

No. 134090

File: 1616974795223.jpg (370.25 KB, 1431x1000, Hibiki♡MOVED (check pinned) on…)

I highly recommend the Precure franchise! :) it's great! I discovered it back in 2017 with my very first Precure series KiraKira Precure A La Mode. What's great about Precure is that if you don't like a series within the franchise, there's (currently) 18 other shows you can choose from to enjoy because the characters and plot changes every season.
KiraKira takes the same concept TMM tried to do (girls named after foods and animal based powers) but in my opinion does it 10x better than TMM with better character designs and a better art style.
While the plot of the show has mixed opinions (some fans hated it, some fans liked it), I just love it overall. It helped me when I was in a really dark space in my life and it helped bring me and my best friend at the time closer. It's such a cute and wholesome show and it holds a special place in my heart. Sorry if I'm sounding spergy but it's a good show and I highly recommend!

No. 134091

File: 1616974844769.jpeg (37.33 KB, 625x626, 64A71714-B8D7-4665-80BE-DBB086…)

I can’t disagree that the outfits aren’t the most appropriate, but saying they look like prostitutes when their designs aren’t even close to being the most scandalous in the genre is ridiculous. fyi your favorite precure season was worked on by a degenerate scrote who worked on “loli” pedo anime/manga and it’s chalked full of uglier designs. At least TMM was illustrated by a woman with non-creepy writing experience regarding shoujo manga. >>134075 is retarded bait at best.

Pokemon character designers genuinely are bad at designing people. The side characters are always seemingly ugly for the sake of being ugly.

He’s fug as shit. I think people like him because he looks like a sleep-deprived coked out loser and wears a collar, and it’s drastically different than most pokemon characters.

No. 134092

I love Winx Club. The cartoon series is part of my childhood, but don't talk to me about the new Netflix live action reboot of Winx since it's absolute shit.

No. 134093

These designs just look clownish to me, overdone and tacky. Very crowded aspects, like the designers didn't know what would appeal to the audience, so they just tried to do everything ever. I haven't seen the actual show, so I can't comment on the plot.
TMM uses similarly bright/neon colors, but is more simplistic and straightforward with what it's trying to do (Lettuce being an exception).

No. 134096

File: 1616976982262.png (133.05 KB, 475x475, 428.png)

Is her hair supposed to mimick a Lopunny or am I going insane? And also, someone probably already talked about it here but I fucking hate Lopunny. I still remember my absolute heartbreak when my cute ass, tenderly cared for buneary evolved into this insulting mess.

No. 134097

oops, sorry meant to quote >>134045

No. 134098

Somehow >>134089 isn't prostitute-tier but >>126473 is. Brainrot. I like both fwiw

No. 134103

NTA to be fair at least they are not wearing garters which may give TMM outfits sexual vibe

No. 134104

Also the art style. TMM look like literal kids while Winx Club at least look like high school, could even be college students.

No. 134128

You what? Damn I guess wearing a short dress makes you a sex worker now.

No. 134178

I haven't thought of that tbh. It's possible since she's from sinnoh but but on the other hand she doesn't own a lopunny and her hair colors are the other way around, so I think it's just a random ugly design.
And I agree, "sexy" pokemon designs are very uncomfortable.

No. 134376

Pokemon's version of Lola Bunny

No. 134378

>Is her hair supposed to mimick a Lopunny or am I going insane?
You are not, I literally thought the same but forgot the name of this pokeabomination.
>I still remember my absolute heartbreak when my cute ass, tenderly cared for buneary evolved into this insulting mess.
I hate that so many cute or interesting Pokemon have either absolutely disgusting evolutions, or ones that look completely different than expected. Like Yamper for example.

No. 134455

File: 1617215443659.jpg (58.4 KB, 329x755, d7235f9d4204d51ada22911e67744b…)

Whatever this is

No. 134456

His fingers freak me out

No. 134487

Those fingers make me genuinely uncomfortable why are they hollow

No. 134521

File: 1617261040527.jpg (67.66 KB, 1204x1204, 1463b5e935c51d4eb21a0812083614…)

I like her as a character (and her VAs do amazing work) but was never fond of her original design, even with the reason given for it. I think her look for the Nier Reincarnation collab is better compared to the original design though it does rely on thigh highs and heels

No. 134560

foreskin fingers

No. 134620

Her hairstyle is really dumb

No. 134769

>Snoop Dogg voiced this…thing

No. 134770

blast from the past

No. 136668

File: 1618162439473.png (482.5 KB, 473x571, tumblr_inline_p0cmj7UhWQ1rt04q…)

Gotta love that right angle in her back

No. 136677

This looks like Ariana Grande

No. 136684

File: 1618163694487.png (2.15 MB, 1920x1080, someones fursona.png)

it sucks. i kind of like mega lopunny, but it's undeniable that this thing is pure furry bait. pokemon's gotten really bad with this in the past few generations. i miss when pokemon were mostly just kaiju and weird animal/object-inspired things, not literal fursona designs. like what the fuck is this?

No. 136687

File: 1618163863000.jpg (189.06 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

i miss when they made normal designs. i really liked some of the designs in the recent gens but a lot of them are godawful. i long for the simpler pokemon times

No. 136714

Ngl, as wacky as this design is, I love it (other than the long piece of fabric dangling from her skirt). Is this a monster of the week type of show?

No. 136719

I'm claiming her as scoliosis representation

No. 136731

another (?) anon complained about her and even used same pic lol >>124680

No. 136762

Ah, shit. My bad for not scrolling up

No. 136815

Clearly they're copying Digimon,that doesn't not look like a pokemon at all.

No. 136816

File: 1618175316966.jpg (149.06 KB, 1200x1019, D8ZzGxLXsAAyzKZ.jpg)

they've also gotten weirdly round, as if they've caught a semi-calarts disease

No. 136831

File: 1618182207344.jpg (50.68 KB, 400x368, 3LCdzmL.jpg)

>rainbow skirt
>blue/pink hair
>cat ears
surprised the trannies haven't claimed her yet.

precure series are pretty monster of the week-y except for a handful of episodes. i would only watch it if you really enjoy the characters of the season in question since the actual plot can be condensed to like 10-15 episodes max. the rest of the time is spent with character/relationship development and shenanigans.

No. 136835

Holy shit anon, thank you for posting this. I finally understand why I prefer the old style of Pokemon to the new one. I knew it was something more than just nostalgia and hyperfocusing on the best Red/Blue designs.

No. 136837

File: 1618183805788.jpg (155.77 KB, 1405x729, ok.jpg)

yeah it's definitely a valid way to feel. the new designs are very round, very flat, and very toy-like. it's as if they are made for that very purpose: to be easily made into toys.
they're also overdesigned af

No. 136844

God, I hope they don’t claim her. Rainbow-colored items are a guilty pleasure of mine. I find her whole color scheme pleasing to look at. Thanks for the info about the show, anon!

No. 136860

The reason why Game Freak releases half-assed games ever year is precisely because the franchise makes money mostly thanks to merchandises. If they release yearly games they create more designs to use for merchandises.

No. 138459

File: 1618934742140.jpg (114.22 KB, 1061x1061, 1762dd3aee186c6eec9dc5377c212d…)

No. 138460

Anime pilot for this show was way better and had beautiful animation. No idea why they decided to do 3d isnt 2d less expensive? lol

No. 138462

Isn't 3D less expensive because you can keep using the same assets like character models, locations etc.? Someone who know how this shit works please weight in

No. 138463

3D is significantly less expensive. There's a reason why Netflix is making so many 3d anime-styled series, and barely any 2d ones.

No. 138467

File: 1618938357065.jpeg (70.86 KB, 762x1275, 36243D04-5267-44B9-AD61-84FF9A…)

Mega mind keeps showing up in my YouTube recommend and I can’t stand the BUTT AWFUL CHARACTER DESIGNS! Roxanne looks like a he got trapped in a pressure chamber!

No. 138468

No, the lowest rates of obesity in the world come from Ethiopia and India. The average BMI in Japan is classified as near overweight based on the adjusted BMI system for East Asians. Dont sugar coat it, these scrotes are just retarded

No. 138469

those are the actual breast size of an obese woman

No. 138498

File: 1618952827358.jpg (294.64 KB, 550x412, weird lizard from rango.JPG)

i loved this movie but why tf did they give beans hair and eyelashes?? she looks so unsettling. literally every other character design was awesome except for hers. i guess she just looks very "absurdly feminine '00s cartoon animal" but in a cast of actually well designed animals.


No. 138521

File: 1618961804308.jpeg (219.84 KB, 993x1138, SMO-HarietArtwork.jpeg)

Plain ugly and she doesn't look like a Mario character at all!she looks like she could be from that God awful 3d animated movie Hoodwinked!

No. 138571

File: 1618981444740.jpg (149.15 KB, 575x800, 9789030363361.jpg)

The irony of this is that all the animals were designed to look gritty and gross. I think her looking weird was part of the style but I still can't get over the fact they gave her lashes and hair even though she's a goddamn lizard (gecko??)

Megamind is actually a great movie but I agree they could have polished the designs a bit. Still doesn't look half as bad as the shit going on in this movie.

No. 138607

Actually looks like a spyro character, I never would have guessed she was from super mario

No. 139250

File: 1619339434965.jpg (52.06 KB, 500x300, Tumblr_ln7oc6eQc61qbxcnm.jpg)

No. 139269

Why? Because of the insane cankles?

No. 139271

anon talks about them in every thread she can

No. 139305

Yes and not only that, the colors in their design clash and looks god awful.

I'm not the same anon you're referring to.

No. 139310

File: 1619372647087.png (70.95 KB, 200x292, 200px-Tiny_Kong_MSS_art.png)

Definitely one of the worst, unnecessary redesigns I've seen.
Her name is Tiny Kong,she's small blonde ape wearing overalls not a Candy Kong look alike.its suprising Nintendo never tried to sexualize Dixie Kong considering she's just a Female Diddy kong clone.

No. 139321

it's like you nonnies never heard of chibis before
the colors keep being bought up but what other color scheme would look better?

No. 139333

I personally think it's cute. Colors are flat and there's no shadow because art atyle is exactly what it is - simple. I see no clashing.

No. 139338

You must have some serious autism because literally no one cares. You’re unimportant and the fact that some “””ugly””” cartoon about two hookers pisses you off will continue to be iconic. Hilarious

No. 139341

Agree to disagree.
I like that Panty and Stocking both exude opposite appeal. I even find their corresponding colors and design accentuates each other's differences.

No. 139363

Holy fuck, i completely agree. This was for the Diddy Kong Racing DS release, right? Dixie was in that and they didn't redesign her to look older or anything, so this made no sense at all.

No. 139365

nah, i hate this show but the character designs are lovely.

wtf give her back her 90s overalls!!!

No. 139398

File: 1619424245953.jpeg (466.64 KB, 1159x1920, a.jpeg)

every design in lore olympus is bad

No. 139423

Wow, they suck ass, you know your characters have no personality whatsoever if you have to color code them.

No. 139786

I first found tiny kong through Mario Super Sluggers, where she wears this so I've always like it, but yeah I agree

No. 140303

File: 1619935901192.jpg (13.51 KB, 213x353, IMG_20210502_021145.jpg)

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