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No. 191784

A thread to discuss old, new and timeless visual novels of any kind.
>talk about what you like
>talk about what you hate
>share your favourite VNs
>share recommendations
>ask for recommendations
Also pls no infighting pls pls

No. 191785

File: 1648107602632.jpg (69.23 KB, 469x520, HVN.JPG)

I just recently decided to read the Higurashi visual novels starting with the very first one with the original sprites. A lot of ppl think they're ugly but I find them super charming and kinda uncanny in a good way. I'm on my first hour of game-play, so far is super chilling but hopefully it'll get creepy soon.

No. 191808

File: 1648118586062.jpg (94.3 KB, 600x600, house-in-fata-morgana-dreams-o…)

Got this for switch and played through the main game. The story was such an incredible ride. Every time I thought I figured the story out or it was nearing the end, they threw something else at me. Even with the good ending this got me very emotional. Beautiful art too.
Currently working on the prequel game and though it's not quite as good I'm still enjoying it.

No. 191814

Enjoy anon! I've played it with original sprites too, they have their charm. The game has some annoying themes but when it gets to the horror, the quality of storytelling is excellent, I haven't found anything better VN in the genre yet.

No. 191823

this game was so overhyped by everyone that i expected to be blown away by its story but honestly i can't say i enjoyed it that much. it had good plot twists though

No. 191876

Anyone play ciconia yet? I’m a big fan of the when they cry series but I have trouble justifying spending 40 bucks on a VN that
>isn’t complete yet
>has shitty Ryukishi sprites and no alternatives
>has no CGs or voice acting to my knowledge
>tranny shit
I’m honestly curious if anyone thinks phase 1 is worth a playthrough thus far.

No. 191885

Ciconia has tranny shit? That's disappointing, do you know details

No. 191894

pirate that shit girl.
also, on the trans stuff: i wouldn't really call it that. it's a case of a child genius having a split personality, and that split personality just so happens to be a girl. been a solid two years since i read through ciconia but i don't recall any angst over dysphoria or the character's body not matching up with their mental state or whatever.

in the end i don't know you, so i can't tell you if it's worth reading through or not, but i personally enjoyed it quite a bit.

No. 191895

on the split personality: it's plot-relevant too, as it's hinted she isn't the only split personality he has. i'll leave it at that to avoid spoilers.

No. 191923

File: 1648159099522.png (367.97 KB, 662x324, Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 5.56…)

Our Life: Beginnings & Always.
It's so heart warming and charming. Wish Cove was realexcept his eyebrows

No. 191934

We need an otome game thread imo
I was going to make one and use an Angelique 1 pic for the OP but I forgot

No. 191935

Kudos to you anon for playing with OG sprites, they were a bit too much for me, so I went for the console ones. I recommend at least getting the voice patch, really enhances the experience… once you get past Satoko's voice. Overall the fan patches at 07th-Mod are superb, let you freely switch between sprites, music etc - check it out if you haven't.
I enjoyed the Higurashi series very much, to me it's one of the best this medium has to offer. It's not perfect, the slice of life elements were tedious to get through at times, but the mystery is nicely crafted and even knowing the plot it was a very enjoyable read.
Tbh I prefer it over Umineko, which seems to be the more like one in the west.

No. 191972

Agreed, this was a fun one. I'm unpatiently waiting to be able to romance and bully the smug rich guy.

No. 192165

Nice, anon! It is still my favorite vn, I have been going through with the updated sprites and voices recently and really forgot how interesting the second chapter got.

No. 193027

For those that played the 999 trilogy, what do you think of ZLR and ZTD?

I thought the first game was amazing and was disappointed at how god awful the writing was for ZTD/ZLR. The majority says they're amazing, so am I just retarded?

No. 194348

File: 1648963232061.jpeg (381.42 KB, 1600x900, 42040754-34EB-4DAA-82BC-ED60D6…)

saw this being promoted on twitter. call me a weab if you must but this kind of shit exemplifies why i avoid western otome. the art is usually shit (while eastern vns do have mainstream animu style, they at least employ technical skill) what gets me is that indie devs love catering to troons. yes i am still heartbroken that the hot vampire guy from dream daddy was a tif sorry to sperg. if any of you know of actual decent western otome please let me know.

No. 194360


yeah, it looks like a below standard """ironic visual""" that's been slowly becoming irrelevant. i feel like i've seen these character archetypes in the western comic/art/game sphere like a billion fuckin' times.

No. 194377

I loved 999 but havent played the sequel yet. I kept seeing people saying that VLR is good but ZTD is shit on /v/, and it's not like I trust these people for everything but I've been told more about the development for both games and it makes sense. Apparently ZTD's original script was completely redone because the writer wanted more plot twists for the sake of it. 999 is an excellent self contained story so I don't want to have it ruined with bad sequels.

Looks like shit to me. >>194360 is right, looks like an "ironic dating sim" made for people who would find a normal, well-written and straight-forward visual novel "cringe" and who thought the KFC visual novel was innovative. No thanks.

No. 194379

Wow this is bad but I want a glam metal goblin bf right now

No. 194387

It's not otome, just a basic dating sim

No. 194406

File: 1648985660932.jpg (230.35 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I was absolutely obsessed with Cinderella Phenomenon in high school. It has a crossdressing character, but it's plot relevant and nothing tranny pandering. When I was even younger, I also loved Autumns Journey. Both are free, CinPhen you can find on Steam while AJ is to be found on lemmasoft forums.

No. 194466

I hate all ‘ironic VNs’ because they’re so clearly always made by retards who don’t know shit about the actual genre.

No. 194471

NTA but to be fair, many otome game fans are desperate for more straight content that caters to women so they also play this kind of game even it it's only for 1 route.

No. 194481

File: 1649013225661.jpg (5.79 MB, 3264x3264, 4783928409325-43.jpg)

>if any of you know of actual decent western otome please let me know.
I don't know why western dating sims get shit on so much. When they're catering to freaks like this I can understand, but otome have just as many retarded tropes you have to wade through. The good western ones generally incorporate much more customization and choice-centric gameplay than otome (you can still have your own personality rather than one catered to your love interest) with more outspoken heroines. Here are some I've enjoyed. Some of them have minor queerio aspects like being able to choose pronouns but nothing over the top.
>The Arcana: A Mystic Romance
>The Confines of the Crown
>Ambition: A Minuet in Power
>Aloners (the Wilder stories from this dev are also good)
>Errant Kingdom (not complete but pretty far along/their game When the Night Comes is finished though)
>Red Embrace: Hollywood
>Our Life: Beginnings & Always
>Ebon Light

No. 194487

I love Aloners, I love Trash, I love the setting and I love that there is a story and something is happening and my choices are not just [be uwu submissive to him] or [be a rude bitch for no reason], and I love that feeling that there is nobody else in the world but us and we have to rely on each other and fight. And I love Trash so much god I wish he would give me foot rubs. Thank god that he wasn't a generic animu guy

No. 194493

Sonnet009 is such a great writer! It was so nice to have a comprehensive focus on a single relationship with a number of different ways to approach it. Trash is a sweetheart and felt like a real person.
>my choices are not just [be uwu submissive to him] or [be a rude bitch for no reason]
Kek exactly. I crave more nuance then nice/mean, I want to be able to gently tease my love interest, stand against his decisions sometimes and still be respected, have him show interest in my character rather than just infodumping his tragic backstory. The majority of these games actually allow this rather than the player just being railroaded into a single "true" path.

No. 196345

Omg I love Aloners and Wilder, I wonder if the dev is going to be making any new games

No. 196427

File: 1649626604922.png (483.41 KB, 600x1180, imstillmadlol.png)

I can ignore the fact the elf is a they/them, but please tell me the demon Stacy and goblin guy are cis. Please let me have nice things.

Btw, as anyone ever heard of or played Signed, Sealed, Delivered with a Kiss? I bought it and regret it. The gist is that you raise the interest to suit your tastes, but I quit early in because the mc was so hateful. I can understand being a bit prickly given the situation that a android won't leave you alone, but I understand why this bitch is friendless. She's just angry, harsh, toxic and unforgiving. That's not even the worst part though: The narrative tries to explain why mc is the way that she is because she had cold parents and felt lonely or whatever. Also, she's some super edgy hacker or whatever idfk. all I remember is that she had no reason to be the way she was and was just a person meant to be forever alone. She was cruel to the android who was literally basically an infant and could only depend on her. I just don't get how you can make a dating sim and make the mc do everything in her power to be as unlovable as possible and actually prevent the romance part of the whole game. I walked away from this game wondering why the fuck they made it.

No. 196788

Kek well your description is making me want to play this game because I love the concept of bullying men and molding them to my will, so maybe it's made for sadists like me. This basically sounds like a female-centered Chobits which could be fun.

No. 196988

I can read a book okay but I struggle with VNs. My ADHD just goes off the rails for some reason. I think it’s because they’re usually so dialogue heavy so I space out in between lines. I wish VNs in general have more interactive elements for dumbasses like me to stay engaged.

No. 197222

You might want to try dating sims that are stat raisers or have extra interactive elements vs pure visual novels. Long Live the Queen is a fun one if you’re a bit of a glutton for punishment (your mc can and will die about a hundred different ways but figuring it out is part of the fun). Romance isn’t the main focus so much as staying alive but she does have several marriage candidates. Also Ambition: A Minuet in Power from above has an interactive element where you have to go to parties and manage your reputation among a number of factions. And I would say Ebon Light, Aloners and Our Life have you interacting so regularly that they don’t really feel like typical VNs.

No. 198757

for what is 100% a galge, little busters was incredibly gay. how can the most relevant character in the story be mc's male friend instead of the heroine
i wish key released an actual bl game, you can tell that some of their writers were into that but it would probably affect the company's "reputation" with male otakus

No. 199746

this looks like a hornier version of monster prom

No. 256751

How many anons here believe in the 07th BT theory?
That BT is the actual genius behind Higurashi and Umineko and Ryukishi never was and that's why the newer works are shit.

No. 257651

File: 1669324195154.jpg (202.18 KB, 577x816, tumblr_nazk9vgot81rvrw2eo1_128…)

This seems to be an unpopular opinion because everytime people mention her they do it to hate on her writing but I am a genuine fan of Sakurai. I read all the translated VNs of her Steampunk series, especially Sekien no Inganock is one of my favorite VNs out there. Love the art the VNs have, the colors and designs and her writing style is weird but I always liked it for feeling so, dunno, fairytale-like? I think it gives it a distinctive style.
I also love Hoshizora Meteor VNs (Forest, Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, Mahoutsukai no Yoru). They are both Type-Moon related lol

But in general I read all kinds of VNs besides those that bore me (generic harem or SoL VNs). Like so many others I started with short VNs, namely Narcissu and Saya no Uta (Nitro+ is almost always good, including Chiral).

A short VN I absolutely recommend is "True Remembrance"! The artstyle looks amateurish, but I got used to it fast and the story is absolute top. Avoid it if you aren't into bittersweet stories though.

I am also a huge fan of Umineko and other Ryukishi stuff. Reading Uminenko "live" and discussing the newest part to hell and back was one of the most entertaining things I experienced. The OST was one of the best I heard as well and I cannot thank R07 enough for this series and I am eager to see his future projects.

I don't believe it fully, but I believe that he influenced him a lot. I think Ryukishi thought up the stories and like two genuinely close friends that fanboy or fangirl like crazy they discussed it together and that gives you a LOT of input.
I don't mean monologues and your friend nodding, but a friend that IS fan of what you are fan of and a fan of you. Just talking with them can be incredibly productive and this is what Ryukishi is missing now. Sadly.

No. 257747

File: 1669351297165.jpeg (123.19 KB, 616x353, C18B9B6C-9FCC-45EC-BA80-6DAFEF…)

I just binged AI the somnium files and really loved, it and have been playing Nirvana Initiative, but I’m starting to get to my limit with the authors treatment of the female characters. It wasn’t good in AITSF but hearing the sex jokes from a big busty brown dominatrix character (I love Tama otherwise but hate this aspect of her character) and the specific portrayal of a grown man creeping on a high school girl in this one is really irritating me. I’m gonna try to finish it, I only just started the Mizuki route, but I have a strong feeling I won’t like it as much.

No. 257757

I didn't know what anyone thought about it, i checked it out because i found it on steam and the art was really pretty
I loved it too, i didn't know what to expect but i wasn't let down, didn't really like the backgrounds because they had a lot of contrast with the character art

No. 257759

File: 1669355548166.jpg (Spoiler Image, 520.38 KB, 800x600, saya_no_uta.jpg)

i was always fascinated with Saya No Uta, i like almost everything about it because it feels very disturbing but i despise all the loli/sexual aspects of it
was it really necessary? why couldn't it be just a creepy and disturbing VN without the forced explicit stuff, it doesn't make it any better

No. 257781

File: 1669371888431.jpg (222.8 KB, 800x600, Ryoko.Tanbo.full.315204.jpg)

Because gen urobuchi is a major creep and pedo, can't believe that a lot of people still like Madoka knowing he also wrote Saya no Uta, thought he would've been cancelled by the twitter crowd at this point.

Other than that, I do agree with you. Actually my favorite parts were definitely when fuminori and saya weren't present at all. I swear ryoko could've been one of my favorite female characters, if only she wasn't in this lolishit game. Wish I never played it at all especially since I was underaged when I did and it made me sick when I was reading it. Even more so when scrotes only love this game because of the romantic pedo stuff.

No. 257868

File: 1669397367857.jpg (387.46 KB, 1920x1080, g3yM8SG.jpg)

>specific portrayal of a grown man creeping on a high school girl
Oh no, not this again… I haven't been able buy AiNi yet, but played the first game some time ago and while the story was lackluster for the most part imo (compared to some of other games Uchikoshi has written at least), the characters were so fun it glued me to the console. I was pretty excited for the sequel, I'm sad he is back on that bullshit, it was already bad on VLR specially after Sigma's plot twist and there was some in the original AITSF, but since the protagonist was a girl this time around I thought that would be gone for the most part. Never underestimate a man who thinks with his dick I guess….

I fell in love with Tama's design when she was revealed and hope she isn't too bad in-game. I expected her to be the carrier of horny jokes but I don't find them as irritating if it's a female character saying them, so I guess I will stand her. I haven't bought a single DLC in my life, but I'm even considering buying the kimono one because she and Aiba look too adorable with them on.

No. 257875

I loved SnU but I never understood why so many people think that little girls that are actually evil trope was shocking and creepy. Not talking about loli but in general, it's a popular trope in western horror too and it NEVER worked for me.
I think it would have been way better if Saya was some sickly looking, mysterious and pale adult woman with an ephemeral beauty that makes he feel ghostlike and unreal which she actually is. It works so much better when you realise she is actually a horrible eldritch abomination in that case, moe lolis are neither unworldly nor genuinely pretty so they feel shoved in to attract otaku.

No. 259449

What VNs should I get on a Switch? I only have Collar x Malice so far and I want to know which quality VNs I should invest in.

No. 259461

Ace attorney and Fata Morgana are always good if you haven't played them yet. Steins gate is cool but has a fair bit of weird shit in it that didn't sit too well with me. As for otome VNs I enjoyed Olympia Soiree and Code Realize. Amnesia is a classic and it was just released on Switch too

No. 259583

File: 1669847149065.png (948.35 KB, 1218x631, image07.png)

Last Legacy is a defunct VN that had so much potential to be amazing, I still have so much love for it someone please mourn with me. The art & writing team jumped ship once their contracts were up because the company running the show was dogshit, then the company went under, and last I checked from what I understand another company bought the game but hasn't updated it in a year. RIP

No. 259586

samefag, sorry I worded that last bit weird, I meant they haven't updated anyone concretely on what's happening with it (from what I've seen)

No. 260179

Just read Enigma, I liked it. Wish there was a full/longer version of the theme song.

No. 261333

File: 1670352927296.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 33.8 KB, 450x600, images_1670240412003.jpeg)

anyone else here who played/are playing slow damage? I just cleared the game the other day.

No. 261369

There was some discussion about it in fujo thread >>259830

No. 261420

hey nonnas, what are your favorite horror VNs? i prefer psychological horror but i'll check out anything as long as it's good! i'm on the first Higurashi game right now but would love some other recs too, as i'm still a bit new to visual novels. thx in advance!

No. 261427

Umineko (Higurashi's sister game) is pretty great, though not really all that horror oriented to me (it's more focused on murder mystery stuff over being scary).

Totono is pretty great if you can get past the scrote shit in it.

No. 261428

Finished it a bit ago, I really loved it! I get the complaint that the focus is almost entirely on the final route, but I liked the other routes none the less.

No. 261432

File: 1670379768165.jpg (3.03 MB, 2441x3479, Aoi.Shiro.full.717988.jpg)

Damn I was looking up the reading time for Aoi Shiro because I wanted to recommend someone this VN since it's one of the best I have read and now I coincidentally see that it's not only getting a remaster and official English release, Akai Ito, an older VN by the same team, is getting the same treatment.
The latter was never translated afaik so this is fucking awesome, I always wanted to read this.

I would recommend Aoi Shiro to everybody that likes yuri, supernatural things and Japanese mythology. I cannot really describe it, it's not exactly horror, but not far from it either. The atmosphere it had was cool, I was interested finding more hints that explained the characters and mysteries and the title is fitting because most of it takes place in the night, so many scenes have this blue hue that made it special.

Think it was also the only VN with I think 40 and more different bad endings where you had to play every one of them to understand 100% of the story. I like it when bad ends aren't shitty 5 minute scenes without CGI but story relevant.

No. 261447

Is it true that this game has a lot of troon shit in it? It's hard to get a clear answer without outing myself as a terf given how dense it seems to be and how prone to latching onto shit troons are.

No. 261479

There's one character born intersex, not trans though.

No. 261573

yeah that character intersex but it felt more like a tranny reveal

No. 261611

i read fata morgana before peaking, loved it to bits, and will continue loving it while mocking irl trannies from a feminist pov it has flaws, but i don't let it get in the way of my enjoyment. imo give it a try, if you dont like the vibe of the first door drop it

No. 276425

File: 1676659596246.jpg (57.66 KB, 250x354, 五月茉莉.jpg)

This shit was great, despite loli fanservice and ass-poor translation. I highly recommend. Plus that Nice Boat at the end.

No. 276427

nonnie I want to believe you but this looks terrifyingly lolirific. what's the plot?

No. 276437

That looks like something you go to prison for if you play it

No. 276449

I swear to god how does someone browse lolcow and then unironically enjoy shit like this? Unless you're a moid baiting

No. 276457

You're telling me this isn't a lolicon porn game?

No. 276464

File: 1676666164386.jpg (267.94 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (23).jpg)

Learning japanese just to play the rance series rn, specifically the 3rd one since i finished the first two and i'm obsessed with it, even though it's very scrotey.

The loli shit ruined saya entirely, gen urobuchi is a talentless pedo coomer and saya was his only work with potential so it's a shame it was ruined with that ugly fucking kid.

Subahibi is a good psychological horror vn, but i recommend with caution. It's one of the most disturbing things i've played but there are very gratutious amounts of rape (only two are story relevant though) and other fetish shit which is frustrating because it nails down the horror parts so well but there's so much rape/scrotery that you can't just avoid it. Sayooshi too, but same warning applies.

No. 276473

File: 1676667059586.png (2.51 MB, 1920x1080, BG-00.png)

It's on Steam, anon. There is 0 sex in it.

You haven't even read it, yet you have the gall to shit on it…to feel self-righteous, I guess?

It isn't:

No. 276475

File: 1676667763386.jpg (542.58 KB, 1366x768, 1464825175404.jpg)

It does have lolifag pandering, sadly, but it's not a major distraction.

The plot is two-tier - from the point of view of an adult, and from the point of view of a little girl (you can only unlock the second point of view after you've finished the first).

It's 1998 and a guy from Taiwan moves to Indonesia and starts living with a friend and his daughter. Lots of crappily-translated brooding about religion, society, cultural differences, shitting on Chicoms follows. Household drama and school shenanigans ensue. Then the 1998 riots happen and shit hits the fan. The Nice Boat is both literal and metaphorical.

No. 276492

I don't need to read it kek, something normal wouldn't have that kind of art in it

No. 276504

File: 1676672439954.jpeg (156.74 KB, 1024x768, Tatarigoroshi.jpeg)

You think VNs are normal? Even Higurashi has loli pandering. But I guess it's fine, because normalfags have 'sanctified' it and given their seal of approval, hence it's okay and not creepy at all to like it? How can you be such a sheep?

No. 276507

Go jerk off to your pedophile drawings and fuck off.

No. 276508

It’s really annoying that they’ve been posting in so many threads (anime/manga/vn) with moid series.

No. 276509

>Official art has sexualized lolis
>Full frontal blushing loli nudity
>Muh edgy social conflict drama with super deep philosophical questions
>Bloody lolis subjected to violence because break the cutie isn't the most overused fucking trope in recent anime history
>This is what a peak intellectual weeb VN looks like

No, higurashi is just as creepy and shitty and makes me remember how much I hate how normalized lolipandering is. Who the fuck other than a scrote would want to defend this?

No. 276517

File: 1676675972616.jpg (865.54 KB, 1920x1080, Clipboard07.jpg)

If you hate the medium so much, what are you even doing in this thread? Looking for non-problematic, Western VNs with 'representation' and 'healthy' relationships?

No. 276519

So people not wanting to see loli shit are ”SJWs” then? Ok

No. 276521

normal people have not sanctified Higurashi, you live in an online loli weeb bubble if you think that. nobody normal reads visual novels period; they are for freaks (present company not excluded, sorry)

No. 276571

NTA but I like fujoshit and horror/denpashit, doesn't mean I have to like lolis or shitty western VNs.

No. 276600

>If you hate pedo drawings you hate all VNs!
Yeah no. Fuck off with that shit, this isn't the thread where you can post your favourite loli porn.

No. 276661

Nice try but visual novels are not all porn or pedo bait. The genre evolved through both otaku trash and mystery/horror games with "normie" appeal, but most importantly the latter. Hating the degenerate otaku incel side of the genre is not the same as hating the medium itself. That's like saying we hate online video sharing because we hate porn sites specifically. Eroge ≠ visual novel, plus non-eroge VNs didn't suddenly stop being made as soon as porn became popular within the genre, which is something even absolute VN beginners should know. And it's an objective fact that most anime-style visual novels such as Saya no Uta would be infinitely better without all the rape, guro, pedophilia and general scrote degeneracy (only a porn addict would think it adds anything of value).
Also, the fact that the vast majority of VNs are a product of horny Japanese incels being pedos and potential rapists doesn't mean shit; at least 90% of all VNs are shit-quality garbage, whether they try to hide it behind a pretentious plot or not. Besides, the only reasons porn VNs are so common is because the average adult moid who was a computer geek and a gamer in the early days of VNs was also a deviant anime fan, and because scrotes always make porn versions of everything (as you may know, VNs were not the only genre of eroge in the PC-88 days, since there were a lot of low-effort puzzle and card games of that kind as well).
There are good VNs, both from Japan and other countries, that don't have that kind of content, and we're here to discuss those mainly. You just haven't heard about many of them because ironically you only prefer a certain kind of VN that is favored by insufferable weeb porn addicts and never step out of your comfort zone while dismissing anything that doesn't appeal to you specifically.

Gatekeeping visual novels from "normies" is pretty retarded when there are several VNs that have become popular in Japan with the exact same kind of crowd you hate, but I guess since that crowd is Japanese, you don't mind since you're a delusional megaweeb and think Japanese people are muh master race who have a right to enjoy things unlike those icky Westerners (who of course are all SJWs for not wanting to see disgusting and unnecessary porn, misogyny and pedophilia in the story they're reading). You know, maybe the problem isn't that everyone else are normie prudes and SJWs who would never "get it", maybe the problem is that you're sick in the head and think that shit is not only ok, but necessary and good. You insist so much on being such an obnoxious and pedantic know-nothing, that everyone can see you're only gatekeeping obscure and overrated hobbies on an anonymous imageboard this hard because it's the only way for you to feel good about yourself, and/or feel like you're "one of the boys at 4chan" (that is, if you aren't a moid yourself). You also reek of pathetic /a/ newfag trying to fit in; I'm sorry but they'll never fuck you. You're a certified low IQ autist and should go back to 4scrote, or maybe go back to the VNDB forums to cry about them stupid normie femoids not getting the ~deep~ philosophical messages in your favorite loli rape "masterpiece".

Vid related, it's about the history of visual novels. Maybe you should watch it before trying to gatekeep something you know nothing about.

(Sage because I don't wanna bump with a rant)

No. 276736

Well I am going to, you tore that anon a new asshole as they deserve, bless you

No. 276940

File: 1676841365440.jpg (1.03 MB, 1920x1080, mj3.jpg)

>nobody normal reads visual novels period
Why are you in this thread again? To shit on freak media freak people enjoy? Find a better use of your time.

>Everything I Hate Is Loli Pr0n!
Do you have a disorder that makes you overreact to anything that you find triggering? I'm not even going into your attempts at backseat-moderating as if this thread was the last accessible page on the internet.

>and we're here to discuss those mainly.
Who gave you the right to decide what should or shouldn't be discussed in this thread?

>Gatekeeping visual novels from "normies"

It's the opposite. You're the one limiting VN discussion to what you personally find acceptable. That's also gatekeeping.

>You know, maybe the problem isn't that everyone else are normie prudes and SJWs who would never "get it", maybe the problem is that you're sick in the head and think that shit is not only ok, but necessary and good. You insist so much on being such an obnoxious and pedantic know-nothing, that everyone can see you're only gatekeeping obscure and overrated hobbies on an anonymous imageboard this hard because it's the only way for you to feel good about yourself, and/or feel like you're "one of the boys at 4chan" (that is, if you aren't a moid yourself). You also reek of pathetic /a/ newfag trying to fit in; I'm sorry but they'll never fuck you. You're a certified low IQ autist and should go back to 4scrote, or maybe go back to the VNDB forums to cry about them stupid normie femoids not getting the ~deep~ philosophical messages in your favorite loli rape "masterpiece".

Are you ok in the head? This is some astronomic projection. And again the topic is an indie game that doesn't even have any romance or sex in it.
Please take your meds ASAP.

No. 276943

>nonna posts clearly pedo shit made to pander to pedos
>another nonna complains it's pedo shit clearly made to pander to pedos

>nooooooo are you sick in the head???? everything you hate is loliporn now???????????????

>not wanting to talk about my loli trash is also gatekeeping because wahhhh I wanna talk about it

Therapy and meds.

No. 276946

I've seen that "take your meds!!!" scrote in multiple threads in /m/ and he's always the archetypal smug fedora douchebag tourist from /a/, don't take his bait.

No. 276961

>not wanting to talk about my loli trash is also gatekeeping because wahhhh I wanna talk about it
I find it hilarious that this autist wants to gatekeep and turn this place into a lolifag circlejerk but also complains about our own gatekeeping that we specifically do (not just in this thread but on the whole site) to keep disgusting newfag creeps like him out.

No. 285516

File: 1679772827308.png (348.35 KB, 680x1149, 6db78ece6a9bbba139c7e79e3237c1…)

Any nonnas play the demo? If so what did you think of it

No. 285609

I didn't play it but they made the dude with the cape nonbinary so I refuse to play it. It seems like it'd probably pretty genderspecial filled.

No. 285668

Yeah I hate that shit too. I kinda want to mod his pronouns bc I hate reading a singular they for longer than I have to kek but you're right, there's probably more genderspecial crap going on with the characters and story. I bet more of the other love interests are probably aidens too. When will things be normal again kek

No. 285678

not really liking the direction they're going with mc's personality

No. 285712

File: 1679791523882.jpeg (31.42 KB, 256x360, 0887B2CD-12EB-4BB7-8412-5E435D…)

any nonnies know of subarashiki hibi? I read it a few years ago then decided to re-read out of nostalgia, it’s definitely not for everyone and the fanbase consists of 14-16 year old girls who would post themselves on /r9k/ for attention

No. 285717

NTA but how is it?

I have not read it but I'm so curious because it's infamous for pseudointellectual and edgy to hilarious levels.

No. 292716

File: 1682684794936.png (566.33 KB, 1436x1079, Screenshot_3601.png)

I fucking LOOOOOVE subahibi, my favorite vn ever actually. That also made me wonder why subahibi attracts those kind of people kek, especially since those people tend to be TIFs who are usually sjws, must be the same phenomena as south park fans.

No. 292723

I bought it a while back and I've been meaning to read it but some of the content has me a bit hesitant. I read other fucked up vns like Room No. 9 with no problem but I think that's because the weird shit was directed towards male characters and not female ones. Either way I love the art style with its harsh lighting and the deep contrast between the shadows and light. It almost looks clinical and it's really intriguing.

No. 292758

I love you.

No. 292861

Amazingly late to this but i must be the other BT tinfoil believer in this whole website kek. I wish i opened this thread before.

Twittertards will say that theory is overreaching but back in the day if you got deeply enough into umineko to follow the interviews and kept up with what was going on with 07th expansion you'd notice how very upset ryukishi was at the absence of that guy. Past ep6 he would constantly reference the absence of someone that left and yada yada plus him dedicating ep8 to "his beloved Beatrice" lmao you can't make this shit up. Plus the obvious quality drop in his works it's the most obvious hint that some big change happened within his team lmao.

That said, im gonna cut Ryu some slack and say i don't believe BT was his ghostwriter but more like a co-writer. Honestly I personally believe many of the answers to the umineko mystery are gone with him and that Ryu doesnt know all of them and that's why the official answer at times feels like a piece of fanfiction plus the fact he seemed to have no idea of how to properly end umineko by EP8 and left things in the open for so long… But that's just my opinion of course!

No. 292862

Aw shit forgot my sage sorry

No. 292913

Don’t worry about it, you don’t need to sage on non-cow boards.

No. 311122

File: 1690479075445.jpg (502.72 KB, 1013x840, jtey4yuyu4u4.jpg)

No. 337070

File: 1700458469724.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 636.87 KB, 828x941, IMG_4748.jpeg)


Was browsing vndb earlier and stumbled upon this, why the fuck this disgusting ass “game” is even allowed to exist is beyond me, seeing that it was created by people on the German equivalent of 4chan isn’t shocking in the slightest. Hope the creators get lynched.

No. 337124

Average subhuman moid moment

No. 337142

Isn't Germany going to approve some stupid law about "children's rights" written by a pedo? Is Germany trying to be the European Japan or what?

No. 337632

>Is Germany trying to be the European Japan or what?
kek the roles have been reversed i see

No. 340360

File: 1701930983389.png (317.8 KB, 750x1334, t0hjfzintwf71.png)

Any good Yumejo games with H-scenes? Looking through steam because I wanna get a new VN but can't find anything that quite fits my taste.

No. 340579

it's great, has a slow start and some really awful and unnecessary sex scenes but that's a staple for eroge. and yeah most of the newer fans are retarded zoomers

No. 340874

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