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File: 1661109688472.jpg (40.93 KB, 540x227, 0255d236c002c5c3f2f706fa4ce5ff…)

No. 1310992

Previous Thread >>>/ot/1298889

No. 1310995

Not a Troon just my first time making a thread my bad. Thanks other anon

No. 1311002

File: 1661110126150.jpg (200.55 KB, 1080x1467, Screenshot_20220821-015726_You…)

Really wish youtube would stop showing me Shorts with this type of content. Sorry for posting so many times, thread got deleted so

No. 1311003

File: 1661110158793.jpg (36.77 KB, 1080x366, Screenshot_20220821-015728_You…)

This gave me brain damage so I had to share.

No. 1311012

File: 1661110614466.jpg (32.37 KB, 400x597, tablekot.jpg)

Hungry. Feed me

No. 1311013

I want to say there's no way this was written by an actual female because of the "what the hell do women think- it always has to be on my terms?" line but I know that women are forced into this way of thinking all the time…

No. 1311025

File: 1661111042655.jpg (143.96 KB, 1080x1040, 20220821_141918.jpg)

No. 1311029

File: 1661111214266.jpg (74.84 KB, 474x580, Tranny.jpg)


No. 1311030

File: 1661111249919.gif (222.15 KB, 450x389, 1651429504684.gif)


No. 1311034

That husband who'd 'take a bullet for you' and who keeps you out of debt can walk away tomorrow and make you drag him through court to get the most basic supports. You'll always know you had sex that you didn't want. Even if you somehow make believe it's ok in the moment.. good luck keeping this man on a high pedestal forever so that reality never hits you.

No. 1311042


No. 1311064

I had a relationship before where the guy had a higher drive and we started to fight over it. I felt bad because it was the honeymoon period switchover so he'd been used to me having a high one too. I fell into this habit of near nightly consolation bjs to keep the peace and told myself it was fine.

Then a couple of dfferent nights I was climbing up the walls horny myself and he wasn't in the mood.. end of. He was very fucking stern while telling me and it made me feel gross that he didn't even say it nicely. He got cross right off the bat for me daring to initiate on my time. Sex had become this weird power thing? He said he wanted it but not on my time. Not when I'm desperately in the mood. I went out to the living room afterwards one night and just sat there and thought 'one rule for me, another for thee' It sunk in. I'm not okay when I think back to it. It wasn't healthy and it doesn't save your shitty relationship.. it prolongs the death of it. A relationship where you can't say no is not one worth being in. No matter what else he brings to the table.

No. 1311073

File: 1661113048280.png (2.32 KB, 246x131, 1655440565242.png)

>none of you have had a good man or tranny as even a friend
>continues to spam the one website for women with his y braindamage and gross material
kill all men, especially trannies

No. 1311076

Stop responding to the scrote you fucking tard it only encourages him

No. 1311077

Anon this was 15 years ago. Let me tell the story of one shit guy without it being the whole sum of who I am and who I end up with. Why choose to be this tard.

No. 1311085

You're responding to the cp posting tranny.

No. 1311095

Is it just me or are its eyes a lil… freaky?

No. 1311103

Samefag, I meant to tag

No. 1311118

Sorry anon, I hope you're in a better relationship now or enjoying the single life.

No. 1311133

for real,

thats after you ruined your future for him and gave him your youth to baby him and his spawn. men ARE the debt

No. 1311136

Thanks nonnie. I'm just glad I learnt it young and I'm not stuck in say a marriage where I think that's the norm.

No. 1311155

wojacks are so fucking ugly absolute braindead reaction images.

No. 1311183

Drinking at 2 on a sunday

No. 1311184

I have new neighbors who tend to get high and play (shit) music at the weekends. I do the same so I'm like.. cool I can play my own music and not sweat them complaining. One of the songs I play is a live recording of like a jazz thing and theres a part where it goes quiet and this guy, in a girly sounding voice is just like la la la la do do do la la.

I was listening to it and I swear they cracked up laughing during that exact part probably thinking its me singing my heart out over here. I wonder if they've heard it again since and figured out that it's part of the recording and not me

No. 1311225

File: 1661116540550.png (9.55 KB, 751x542, E4BmkMxVEAILI6_.png)

Nonnies if you're going to bump threads can you at least bump the threads that don't have scrote posts in them? If you reply to the post with a cute picture you're only bumping those threads back to the front page so that everyone can see them.

No. 1311240

File: 1661116719563.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, 1651428056682-1.png)


No. 1311246

it's likely the schizo tranny bumping too tbh

No. 1311252

sometimes i just like to sit and procrastinate on showering. really revel in how stinky i am mmmmmm so stinky. and then i'll appreciate being clean even more

No. 1311279

File: 1661117140175.jpg (47.77 KB, 913x891, No Need To Get Aggressive.jpg)


No. 1311287

my sister…

No. 1311295

File: 1661118737735.jpeg (526.89 KB, 2048x2048, EXOPikTVAAI_wUN.jpeg)

anyone else lives vicariously through movies/photographs? i wish i didn't live in such a boring country in a boring city, there is nothing to do here.

No. 1311298

File: 1661119136281.jpg (1.13 MB, 1800x1200, nichitsu-wooden-apartments.jpg)

Please good let my business adventure be profitable so I can go travel and see the world aaaaAAAAA

No. 1311308

File: 1661120219767.png (420.67 KB, 828x789, 1610874788143.png)

I kinda snapped and posted on my ig story how much I hate Kim Petras and his whole slut pop album, it was a bit more nuanced but I mentioned how it's especially ridiculous and nasty because he was on hormone blockers and very likely never developed a libido. 4 handmaidens I know messaged me to ask about the libido thing and I am surprised they didn't outright crucify me.

No. 1311324

File: 1661122085910.jpg (70.87 KB, 640x638, qhflkmlv0yy71.jpg)

I was so bored this past week I went and posted on r9k a little. All the shit scrotes said to me was so vile. Learned my lesson. Can't believe I did that to myself.

No. 1311331

what did you post? a selfie? if so it was probably trannies getting mad at you for actually being a woman, r9k is infested with those

No. 1311336

Pretty normal stuff, tbh. Mostly giving a women's perspective on things. No identifying stuff. I don't venture past lurking a couple sfw boards there usually, but curiosity killed the cat and I won't go back.

No. 1311341

File: 1661123571112.jpg (55.02 KB, 639x459, 1656104258954.jpg)

that place is filled with actual bots so even if you wanted to discuss something there it's pointless. It's a shame that 4chan is so rampant with extremely low-quality posts and tranny jannies do nothing to fix it. I am getting really tired of the internet overall, there is no way to space the current political climate, and everyone is in a constant anger state.

No. 1311343

scape* dunno why it auto-corrects to space

No. 1311349

I'd been visiting it on and off since its early years and find it crazy how it's gone from shoop da woop lol memez to primarily a breeding ground for trannies and mass shooters. The internet these days has become either super normie or extreme crazy with so little grey areas for decent, rational critical thinking. I'm a little burnt out on it, too.

No. 1311392

any nonnie have a small business/plans to open a business or work freelance? If so I would like to hear about your experiences I am currently working towards opening my small business

No. 1311395

File: 1661129067674.png (101.24 KB, 201x251, A90B1803-3062-443D-B543-64C17E…)

No. 1311465

I have one and the only time I stop working is when I’m sleeping. This happens to most people with small businesses, especially if you are running it by yourself/with every few other people. Make sure whatever your business pertains to is something you can stand being around constantly.

No. 1311479

truly never fails to amaze me how retarded the average poster on /w/ is. i have no investment or knowledge regarding any of the cows there, but i lurk every so often purely because the posters are cows themselves 99% of the time. the most insane petty arguments, perceived aggression over nothing, and mentally ill ramblings. they’ll go on for days about one little thing and not even hide their samefagging. i really don’t know what the userbase is like but i imagine it’s one of those cases where the cows being discussed are on there attacking each other, i can’t imagine they’re random people, but if they are, surely they’re teens right? it’s amazing

no hate to anyone here who uses /w/, there are also sane nonnies of course but the overwhelming majority are just sperging into oblivion and i can’t wrap my mind around it. there’s no rhyme or reason to it either like at least other cow boards do even if i avoid them as well

No. 1311498

File: 1661137519314.jpeg (330.98 KB, 1170x2149, 18C8E4C3-059D-4F28-9BBC-CB3CE5…)

Time for the rapture

No. 1311514

This but it says men die

No. 1311566

Now that I can get behind

No. 1311586

I've been realizing that I don't want an exciting life. Every time something "exciting" happens, it's usually bad. A mundane, simple life is a good life.

No. 1311602

stfu tranny

No. 1311654

File: 1661147187957.jpg (58.76 KB, 600x650, stinky.jpg)

I forgot to put on deodorant today and didn't even have a chance to buy some at a gas station or something. My pits straight up smell like cilantro and grapefruit, I'm into it. But it also led me to this body odor wheel - BOAR TAINT?

No. 1311665

The fuck is this shit. My sweat just stinks of sweat, and so is the case with all other people I can sniff out, and that's just about everybody in this heat.
That chart was made by someone on acid

No. 1311703

i'm none of those anons but grapefruit smells good so first anon is probably alright

No. 1311707

oh I was still very much giving off some stink

No. 1311724


No. 1311729

I'm sure everyone can relate, but having conversations with older relatives about what will happen and what they want you to do after they die is the worst feeling in this world. I hate being reminded that one day they will not be here and it's also made me realize that once you get to old age, death is something you have to accept and confront.

No. 1311738

Heavy for the dumbass shit thread but I get it. Experiencing it for the first time in my life lately.

No. 1311754

Just realised my fat coworker smells like cheese and the vegetarian smells like asparagus and onion

No. 1311793

File: 1661154323482.png (54.3 KB, 2216x220, Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 12.2…)

After years of asking and googling and doing everything I could to figure out why I'm like this, all it took was someone from the camgirls thread to have the same problem. Thank you nonna! I feel less retarded already

No. 1311800

people have different sweat smells? i smell like very rotten onions

No. 1311803

I’m having this scrote friend and I’m thinking of absolutely crushing him. He manipulated me when I did the mistake of being vulnerable. He did the whole uwu I’m not like the other men, men are so disgusting thing. And I stupidly fell for it. The thing is I don’t want to get bad karma so I’m trying to twist it in my mind that it’s reasonable to fuck him up.

No. 1311807

What did he do nonna? You should do it

No. 1311809

File: 1661154964311.jpg (22.85 KB, 400x300, birth-of-a-notion-c2a9-warner-…)

Sometimes I wish I named my cat Lorre after Peter Lorre.

No. 1311820

He was feeding my insecurities so I would stop talking to the guy I really like. Later he told me he wants to be my bf and wanted me to comfort him when I rejected him.

No. 1311824

What a fag. Kill him

No. 1311906

File: 1661161519071.jpg (208.12 KB, 2048x2049, Sensitive_Master1_2048x.jpg)

I almost bought picrel, but I don't want to look at a man's name everytime I go to brush my teeth.

No. 1311920

As you should.

No. 1311923

how does this compare to apagard?

No. 1311930

I don't know, I've never used either.

No. 1311935

I like apagard but if this toothpaste is cheaper and more accessible I’d try it.

No. 1311967

Whenever someone calls their life or someone else’s life “exciting”, to me it’s not actually exciting but instead anxiety inducing with a lot of drama and trauma. Like life does not have to be a constant “go go go!!” to be exciting or interesting.

No. 1312117

I'm too anxious to deal with the ups and downs of an eventful life. I legit like waking up knowing my day will be the same old shit I've done a million times before. A couple times in my past where I was going through a shift in routine, new job, new house, new rleationship.. its like my mental health was balancing on a needles tip. I can't cope with too much change.

No. 1312177

File: 1661182654119.jpeg (24.27 KB, 600x431, 1656217080942.jpeg)

I wanna start negging moids like
>you're cute, i've always been into pathetic loser men.

No. 1312210

>>awww you’re feet are so small and cute
>>it’s okay you’re fun sized girls love fun sized things right?

No. 1312223

Just watched a documentary about Francis Bacon. Jeez, why are people so fascinated by abusive and masochistic gay men.

No. 1312229

I felt the same way seeing it. His art is interesting in like a horror way, but himself is nothing different than your average moid

No. 1312231

Yeah, maybe I'm a total snob, but while I see how revolutionary and novel some of his paintings were, with 90% I can see how he was just experimenting and trying to find something while people make it out to be this huge deep mystery. He was busy hooking up, gambling and drinking and loved being in abusive relationships, he admited he did most of his work last second when he needed money.

No. 1312316

Would you assume a pet is unloved if it didn't have a name?

No. 1312324

I would unless it was a hobby pet like fish or herps.

No. 1312339

I was out with a friend this past weekend and some lady across the street was yelling at someone else, calling him a retard. We just continued walking but then she said "I can't believe she would call him a slur!" I hate this world and the fact that I can't use the word retarded outside of lc.

No. 1312364

Man normalfags just repeat shit they hear who is retard even offending. A true retard would be too retarded to even know

No. 1312365

File: 1661191823322.jpg (19.64 KB, 500x500, peppermint-mocha-image-square-…)

Coffee creamer has to be my favorite thing in the world. I don't even like coffee, I literally buy creamer just to put it in my milk. Peppermint is my favorite.

No. 1312385

I really love the little things in life. Having an AC is nice. When I'm having a hot flash or getting ready to sleep I need my cool air on. I don't use the heat on the AC often these days but it will come in handy during Winter.

No. 1312387

I jokingly posted on my anonymous twitter that I was being mocked for never having been part of a group chat a few months ago. Some girls reached out to me and added me to a 25+ TERF chat and I'm so happy. These women are so clever and have such similar tastes to me. It feels like a blessing

No. 1312397

You've truly joined a sisterhood, nona! Tell the girls I said I love them.

No. 1312399

I wish she was a normalfag. She's neck deep in the twittersphere of coddling trans retards, if that's any indication of where she pulls that shit from. It fucking sucks that she's my best friend but at our cores we have vastly opposing views on this shit lol. I got memed into not using the word retard back when I was in college, and I don't use it outside of LC to avoid confrontation about it, but god do I think this shit is, dare I say, retarded kek.

No. 1312400

My college professor used the word "retarded" unapologetically one time to describe some statistics stuff and I had to chuckle how online zoomers would lose their shit.

No. 1312446

I don't care for chamomile tea itself (too mild) but I love the smell of it. I've been huffing an empty packet of Chamomile for the past few minutes. I need to get some chamomile oil so I can put it in my diffuser. It smells like matcha.

No. 1312448

God i wish that were me

No. 1312476

File: 1661201631970.jpg (796.54 KB, 1950x2200, FaviUTJXoAE6Kxv.jpg)

idk in which thread it was but some anon today was saying how FtMs love breaking bad now and might retcon Jesse as FtM and my twitter feed today has been flooded with uwu jesse art lmfao

No. 1312478

File: 1661201694135.gif (827.8 KB, 500x600, NkHQ.gif)

There's this one girl on tumblr making an otome game right now that's getting increasingy popular, and I'm convinced she's a farmer because I heard about her game first on here, she calls anonymouses nonnie and just used a dr*ver gif out of all things. I'm just waiting for the borzois and cows. Maybe drop a harvest moon cow someday…

No. 1312479

Omg good for her!!

No. 1312483

Those things aren't very specific to lolcow… she could be from fail fandom anon, they've been using nonnie for way longer than us (which is why I've always hated it tbh no offense anons who use it) and I assume star wars fandom is big on there.

No. 1312485

I'm pretty sure nonnie came from tumblr

No. 1312491

that gif is sooooo cute

No. 1312497

File: 1661202358518.jpg (70.52 KB, 693x416, 136466.jpg)

AWL cows are the cutest, though I love the 3oT ones, too.

No. 1312510

why cant people enjoy anything anymore without inserting their shitty politics into it? imagine being an actor/actress and crazy people think you are a tranny, kek

No. 1312516

You are a schizophrenic man, gtfo

No. 1312521

File: 1661203664166.jpg (30.95 KB, 306x423, 31a19e46a9cdcc3499df63039df7db…)

fancy kity

No. 1312523

she even has the attitude of a model, what a queen

No. 1312525

File: 1661203851312.png (58.24 KB, 919x758, tranny.png)

You look like this

No. 1312526

My background music while exploring a small rural town

No. 1312527

File: 1661203930517.jpg (30.33 KB, 400x401, 1a878b51411ea7cdafe9aa02f68c43…)

another queen for the H8rs

No. 1312531

Why do white trannies delight themselves into thinking they look like Japanese anime characters? I’ve never understood, not sure how their lord farquaad jaws looks soft and gamine

No. 1312533

It's the most hiarious juxtaposition imaginable. Reminds me of that guy "Andrea Ritsu Nicomaki Tensai"

No. 1312536

File: 1661204458573.png (214.92 KB, 266x407, 1658615930792.png)

>No I look like this animu loli

No. 1312539

Moids think it takes the bare minimum of shooting up tranny drugs and putting on anime clothes to be a woman. No, they would need their jaws chopped off in Korea and hundreds of thousands worth of other plastic surgery and maybe then they'd pass in the face but still suffer from moid body. When your brain is broken enough to think you're a woman, you're not going to have an eye for aesthetics exactly

No. 1312547

you posted this in /meta/ no one is this fucking stupid kek

No. 1312548

meh, my dick twitched(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1312552

Goddamn this guy looks autistic as fuck. Disgusting

No. 1312553

You should post it in the absolutely retarded shitposting thread instead if you want to weirdly larp as a tranny lol
Also that's not Nobunaga, that's Girlycard.

No. 1312560

File: 1661205656470.jpeg (213.66 KB, 828x591, A73CA7A3-A184-4FC4-83DC-2037CB…)

Ain’t nothing better than sitting out on the porch on my chair in the late afternoon, watching cars go by like an old lady

No. 1312561

Look not even he himself believes he’s a woman, hence the awkward smile with his nonexistent cracker lips in the camera lol

No. 1312566

Sometimes when I need to do what I call a ‘brain refresh’ I listen to this song. Zones me out quick kek. It’s so weird but relaxing

No. 1312568

This is the funniest image I've ever seen.

No. 1312581

I just found out that in some countries they add huge warning labels on cans of monster telling you about both the calorie content and the caffeine content. Its on par with how they treat cigs where I live. Like we know already… remember that one woman came out years ago and warned us all that it was the devils drink. We're obviously choosing our slow death. Geez.

No. 1312613

I've never had an energy drink because my brain for some reason thinks they'll taste weird and nasty as fuck, and now I just avoid them because of the sugar content and caffeine. I have a huge sweet tooth but something about energy drinks makes them really unappealing to me. I'd rather just drink regular soda (which I also avoid for the sugar content).

One of my old friends from college drank 1-2 big cans of monster a day every day. Her doctor told her she was per-diabetic and she kept doing it anyway.

No. 1312615

was she overweight or was it diabetes 1? or did she seriously just fuck up her body so badly with sugar wtf

No. 1312651

I meant that grossly porny spike tv show 1000 ways to die in the 2000’s literally featured like a 26 year old women having a heart attack from two many energy drinks at work.

No. 1312662

I'm pretty sure it was diabetes 2. She wasn't a deathfat but she was a little tubby. We would go to the gym together frequently (she was actually more motivated than me to go) but I guess she's proof that you can't outrun a shit diet lol. I can't act like I'm that much better than her, but at least I'm not pre-diabetic kek.

No. 1312664

i did a list of all the things i need to fix to get better self-esteem and it's so goddam long, why did I inherit the worst genes in the family

No. 1312665

I can drink an unhealthy amount of coffee all day long and into the night and still go to bed and sleep like its nothing but if I drink a monster (even early in the day) I'm so wired that night. I know neither are good for you but that difference freaks me out.

No. 1312673

People don't actually use ketchup as pizza sauce right?

No. 1312682

When I was a teen someone in my area died from like 2 energy drinks back to back. It was 'sudden arrhythmic death syndrome' so the same thing young athletes die from too. An underlying heart issue that was never detected and it just needed something to trigger it. Anything that makes your heart start to race.

No. 1312689

I don't want to get another iPhone but I played with an android the other day and I felt so fucking slow trying to adjust to using it. Little small things like gestures and shit. I feel retarded as fuck lmao. Doesn't help that there's just so many choices on the market for android phones and all this tech shit that I'm too retarded to understand. I'm just about to buy a refurbished iPhone 11/12 and be done with it kek.

No. 1312690

They fucking shouldn’t.

No. 1312696

No. 1312701

I've bought some frozen pizza before where you could tell the sauce was pure ketchup

No. 1312708

The new beavis and butthead is so god damned funny. I’m so glad it doesn’t suck ass.

No. 1312729

I love when I'm walking outside at night and look at my shadow because my figure is sexxxxxyyyyyyy.

No. 1312756

Yes. Got a problem with that, asshole? It's not like I'm doing it on authentic Italian pizza anyways

No. 1312762

i am glad it ended up being good, makes me hopeful for the KoH revival.

No. 1312772

File: 1661222304801.png (58.57 KB, 300x299, thumb_olice-why-is-this-a-meme…)

Well, today I snapped towards some Twitterfag who was trying to bring her art drama to my fandom. I always try to stay away from negativity, but I must admit, it was a little funny.

No. 1312779

Who? What site?

No. 1312783

What was she trying to do?

No. 1312785

File: 1661223330338.jpg (159.35 KB, 1280x720, animals-of-farthing-wood-2.jpg)

The squirrels are too big and it bothers me

No. 1312801

Same old discussion about characters not being colored the way she wanted. The character in question doesn't have a race in canon but she kept insisting that making him korean wasn't enough and other racesperging I don't want to get in detail. Maybe it was petty to tell her to shut up already but the infighting had been happening for months and being polite didn't solve anything.

No. 1312822

I think you handled it the best you could, nonny. And haters gonna hate, it's not worth it to fight with retards over such petty things.

No. 1312866

No. 1312867

File: 1661230281630.jpg (125.43 KB, 450x600, tootsie-rolls__56826.jpg)

I've been eating ~6 of picrel per day for liike a week and I think it's making me constipated. Kms I've never really had this problem before. Also the small onea are called Midgies lol I'm surprised bc the word midget is apparently offensive

No. 1312868

>I've been eating ~6 of picrel per day for liike a week
how, they don't even taste good

No. 1312870

Take that back

No. 1312875

Kek NTA and I actually like Tootsie Rolls, but I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone else irl who also likes them. Everyone always says they taste like cardboard.

No. 1312877

File: 1661231351244.jpeg (26.64 KB, 910x607, 60.jpeg)

Don't. taste. good.

No. 1312880

File: 1661231509310.jpeg (48.07 KB, 575x562, F67B5C4E-A3AB-41B6-8758-35BE1B…)

I’ll have you know I’m a pink-belt dark triad Stacy with metaphysic telekinetic abilities and you will hit a deer on your way to work tomorrow and your air freshener is going to stab you in the eyeball

No. 1312893

ayrt, sorry about your shitty taste buds. kek but seriously my bf hatea them too and says they are depression-era candies

No. 1312894

Nta but wait this checks out, I only like them because my great grandpa gave them to me all the time and would hide them around the house for me to eat. You know he dead and gone.

No. 1312897

Rest in peace based grandpa

No. 1312900

How can I stop the rage inducing feeling I get when I hear the name of a scrote I detest? My mother says his name so much you'd swear she thinks he'll disappear otherwise. I know she's trying to piss me off which is highly effective. I almost want to stick knives in my ears but I like music too much to do that.

No. 1312902

Play it over and over on repeat until the rage wears off. Like PTSD treatments. Most likely there is a pronounciation video on youtube you can set on a loop.

No. 1312903

Great idea. Thank you, nona! ♥

No. 1312905

You're welcome! Sorry about your mom being mean and the shitty moid making you feel negative feelings. I have faith that you can find peace ♥

No. 1312919

Kek you hate adam driver?

No. 1312920

Sometimes I get so bored I wish for my period to come so I can be extra horny.

No. 1312931

I'm so fucking hungry, but I have an awful habit of snacking late at night and waking up feeling like shit because of it. I will simply drink water, look at food pictures, and eat in my imagination.

No. 1312936

I’m going to start drawing to let my feelings out. It’ll be like Sonichu levels of wish fulfillment but maybe I’ll become a renowned outsider artist after I die. People will lose their minds over portraits of me on a bizarre unicorn-squid hybrid creature eating fruit from a bizarre looking tree and fucking my irl husbando.

No. 1312939


No. 1312944

No. Not yet, anyway

No. 1312949

I think my Walmart is still selling the gay ice cream and I kind of want to try it.

No. 1312951

No. 1312956

File: 1661237958664.jpg (71.01 KB, 1080x607, 1660121945740.jpg)

>learning how to program
>learning how to draw
>losing weight
It's so tiring, I hope it gets better once I am able to make my own projects and i can start wearing pretty clothes without feeling like those ugly troons they post on /snow/

No. 1312963

Very happy for you and hope you feel more confident soon

No. 1313045

I've summoned her. Yay

No. 1313058

I am not a troon it's pretty obvious from the post

No. 1313117

God forbid a woman want to code

No. 1313142

Untrue, we were the original programmers until men drove us out

No. 1313147

Projecting tranny spotted, can't wait for you to lose your programming job

No. 1313163

nonnies please give me the strength to continue using sunblock. I finally bought some but god I feel like a little greaseball for so long while I wait for it to absorb into my skin. I'm tempted to use less than the recommended amount even though I know I shouldn't but ugggghhhh

No. 1313167

scrotebait, don't even reply.

Why not get a different one that works better with your skin?

No. 1313171

This is me just being a whiny idiot but I'm trying to find a sunscreen that meets EU/AU standards that won't require me to go through the hassle of importing, and want to be able to find it easily in the states but don't want to go through Amazon because I'm wary of 3rd party sellers/unavailability in the future/returning if it sucks. I know jp/kr sunscreens are good, but I found the bondi sands spf 50 sunscreen that fits the criteria. It's been three days in and it works fine for me, but I am just a little greasy freak for an hour or two while it absorbs. I have oily skin but after it absorbs I look fine. They have a lighterweight one that better suits oily skin but it's only available in australia and I can't even find it on Amazon even if I really wanted to get my hands on it kek.

No. 1313172

forgot to add but the one I bought is only $13 for 5oz so it also doesn't break the bank which is good too kek

No. 1313207

File: 1661265663400.png (814.32 KB, 607x922, tlk -hs- page 118 by kati-kopa…)

I don't watch soaps, I read Devitantart lion king comics. Bonus points if they mix ocs with the movie characters and act like they were part of the plot to begin with kek

No. 1313211

This reads like that atla comic but better kek

No. 1313212

my hands are hooves

No. 1313218

Ok which cow are you

No. 1313233


No. 1313252

Whenever I see those nigerian prince scam emails or similar ones, I always think back to when I was a kid and I replied to one where a lady told me her husband died and she had money for me but needed money first. I said that I was sorry her husband died but that I didn't have any money to give and wished her luck kek

No. 1313255

This looks epic

No. 1313268

I always wanted to draw a Lion King comic. If I knew a farmer would read it I would be more motivated to do it lol.

No. 1313269

File: 1661272238726.jpg (30.57 KB, 500x500, FawoS9XaUAACe1h.jpg)

I feel so bored and tired

No. 1313270

Fly me to the moon
And let me play among the stars
Let me see what Spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars

No. 1313296

File: 1661273382573.gif (3.22 MB, 500x288, snipsnip.gif)

My friends when my misandry is leaking.

No. 1313310

how the fuck do i have split ends in my bangs how does that even happen

No. 1313319

Do you trim your bangs yourself? The quality of scissors used can cause it.

No. 1313322

…maybe using craft scissors i scrapbooked with as a 9 yr old is fucking me over. thank you anon i will acquire better ones

No. 1313350

File: 1661275106764.jpg (29.02 KB, 480x479, ariel-burdett-x-factor-1-15748…)

I just found out picrel died

No. 1313358

Didn't she kill herself? She suffered from bipolar is I remember correctly. RIP, hope her family & friends found peace

No. 1313409

File: 1661279526576.jpg (42.04 KB, 626x626, mnuonthemoon.jpg)

I would fly you to the moon and back
If you'll be
If you'll be my baby
Got a ticket for a world where
We belong
So would you be my baby

No. 1313411

I recently found out that Whitney Houston died about a decade ago.

No. 1313443

File: 1661280945721.jpg (190.28 KB, 1600x1143, 98e7f313e56e811157e28172bd917d…)

foxes are actually pretty small though

No. 1313446

Oh my god the anons I’m replying to are all 17

No. 1313460

Who remembers all.hail.satin?

No. 1313499

Esl anon here, what are some insults that you can use towards men specifically?

No. 1313515

Son of a bitch and bastard are the ones I think of fastest. Asshole is usually directed at men but not always probably because of men pushing the idea that all insults should be for both sexs (basically all insults should be directed at women but a few ambiguous). Scumbag is also heavily directed at men.

No. 1313519

i like calling men women specific insults like bitch and cunt because it makes them more upset.

No. 1313520

File: 1661285778751.jpeg (28.03 KB, 238x212, 16FD85A4-F496-4C25-8530-638FFB…)

somebody please post that gif of the duck marching

No. 1313525

The sun is so bright and hot in this damn desert that I'm enjoying the sun through half opened blinds. I wish it would rain again to give shade.

No. 1313532

Dick, asshole (scrote and moid are more for online spaces)

No. 1313533

calling a moid a bitch or a pussy will immediately make them rage irl, retard also works. insults like asshole, bastard, dick, etc. don’t seem to affect them in the same way. fatsss is good if he’s insecure about his body, which most moids are.

No. 1313539

I have a skintag on my areola and I kind of want to pull it off but I'm pretty sure that would hurt, and create an open wound that I don't want to deal with.

No. 1313541

No. 1313569

Oh god anon no don't do it, I've had the same a few days ago and pulled on it like crazy trying to rip it off but instead it just turned dark (I think it's bleeding on the inside) and it still hurts from time to time. I'm pretty sure I unintentionally partly cured my inverted nipple on that side because it's still a bit irritated and my nipple won't completely settle down like it usually does. Try applying apple vinegar on a bandaid and put it on for a few days, apparently they fall of like that after a few days in some cases.

No. 1313587

File: 1661289983362.jpg (66.79 KB, 600x600, 1644388510376.jpg)

i asked my mom for pineapple pizza(fight me) thinking she was ordering but instead she made it homemade. I don't think she understands how to make pineapple pizza because she used spaghetti sauce for the pizza sauce(the one with meat) and then dropped some pineapple slices and it tastes SO BAD. I am going to have to eat an entire pizza that gives me gag reflexes just to not hurt her feelings now, send prayers nonnies.

No. 1313595

kek, i remember when my grandma made a spaghetti sauce pizza one time. no salvaging that shit. I took a bite of one slice then threw the rest away sneakily so she wouldn't feel bad.

No. 1313605

i love my mom but she's so lazy and stubborn with food, I had to stop in the mid of eating a slice because I can feel it giving me explosive diarrhea later on, god.

No. 1313629

you’re a good kid kek

No. 1313643

File: 1661294798642.jpg (57.28 KB, 550x412, pizzaghetti2.0 (1).jpg)

Where I live, we have this thing called pizzaghetti, sometimes the restaurant will stuff the spaghetti in between the cheese and sauce. Great drunk food.

No. 1313645

do you collect something nonnies? i just got my second artbook

No. 1313658

I'd tell ya… but then I'd have to kill ya

No. 1313667

put (in minecraft) so the feds don't suspect a thing

No. 1313695

On my phone I use Firefox as my browser and I have the dark mode theme on, which makes the websites invert. I’m using notsuba style and it’s black on my phone. It doesn’t seem to affect other websites though. It’s weird

No. 1313716

File: 1661298692684.png (1.07 MB, 835x1447, 1661298617633.png)

Template from the spicy straights thread >>1581979 combined with my current obsession

No. 1313719

Artbooks are great! It's so much different to have the art physically, collected and currated by the artist, instead of a computer screen.

No. 1313721

Use 3 >>> then the board name eg. ot, then the thread number or post number you are linking to eg. >>>/m/195093

No. 1313722

File: 1661299002054.png (28.11 KB, 700x630, 1658339426154.png)

I refuse yo stay updated on social media shit, I have no idea who andrew tate is and I plan to keep it that way.

No. 1313724

I thought so kek but after deleting once I thought "why bother embarrassing myself again"

No. 1313732

It's for the best. I unfortunately am forced to know who he is because relatives felt the need to send his videos to me and i know people who are a fan of him r/l.

To go off topic, but it's so irritating that the universe keeps giving me reasons to hate moids and I am a the bad guy for hating them all.

No. 1313739

I'm thirsty but I know my bf is almost home with a large coke zero for me from mcdonalds so I'm gonna wait to quench my thirst with that

No. 1313742

File: 1661300710607.png (35.5 KB, 197x343, walk walk fashion baby.png)

CP in /m/, bumping here to get it off the front page

No. 1313743

File: 1661300779578.jpg (147.82 KB, 1200x797, 14-cows-that-are-too-friggin-c…)

I hate men

No. 1313746

I'm about to go to the store and get myself some Coke Zero. Hope you enjoy it nonna!

No. 1313747

Why the fuck are straight so much better to pick out "fertile" looking women instead of moids who supposedly care about fertility? It's always anorexic and underage looking girls are plastic surgery addicted thots. Never attractive healthy women with nice curves

No. 1313753

File: 1661301580142.jpg (3.93 KB, 342x147, flags mean nothing.jpg)

I wish it was pride month again. I want to start flag discourse to make fake boys on twitter cry again. Maybe this time convince them that their new word-salad flag is too close to being like the lesbian one.

No. 1313756

What kind of flag discourse did you start this summer nona?

No. 1313763

I'm watching Abbott elementary and it's so good.

No. 1313772

I binged that the other day and loved it. Can’t wait for season 2.

No. 1313778

Ohhh, I've been meaning to watch it! I first saw a commercial for it and it caught my eye because I recognized Quinta from Buzzfeed and it made me do a double take kek. Glad to hear it's a good show! I don't know too much about it but wholesome and uplifting movies/shows about teachers and their students always gets me, that's my favorite type of shit.

No. 1313786

I keep meaning to watch it but I'm so bad with starting shows

No. 1313787

I don't really know where to put this so I'll put it here. I'm so grateful that I get to see my dog live to 18. She's sleeping behind me now, wearing her diaper, laying on her favorite towel mainly because I know the pee is going to leak out of the diaper and I don't want it soaking her fur. She can't walk very well any more, and is basically blind to boot. I do my best to take care of her every day. Changing her diaper, rinsing her out in the tub, bringing her her food and juice, making sure the room she's in is at a comfortable temperature while I'm away at work, coming home early so I can be with her whenever possible, etc etc.

I've been preparing for goodbye for the greater part of our life together, and I know that day still won't be easy when it comes and I will cry and grieve and have a hole in my heart for the rest of my life, but to have her by my side for almost 18 straight years… 18 years! How lucky am I?

I feel bad, because one of my close friends lost his beloved cat when his cat was only 6. A young, healthy lil fella. I heard so many good things about that boy and even though I never got to meet him myself, I'm sure he was a fun lil dude to have around. I talk and fret a lot over my dog but I feel bad whenever I say it because it feels like a privilege to even be able to say "ohhh my dog is so old… she's gonna go any day now!" and then cry about it. But I know what he and many other pet owners go through is much worse. Your young and perfectly healthy pet suddenly gets sick. Gets cancer. Gets into a freak accident. Or you just come home one day and they won't wake up anymore. That's the worst.

I don't even know what I'm trying to say, maybe that I just feel like an asshole whenever I cry thinking about when my dog passes away even though I've been crying about it for like 10 years now kek.

No. 1313798

This made me tear up. I wish you and her the best. Think of how wonderful it is for a pet to have someone that loves and cares and feels for them as much as you do with her. How lucky the both of you are to have found each other. What a lovely life she's had with such a loving owner. It is going to be painful, but that is how you know you truly loved her.

No. 1313822

Thank you for your kind words nonna, it means a lot to me. I really hope she knows how much I love her. It's hard to not get frustrated, especially on weeks when her sleep schedule is out of whack and she keeps me up all night, but then in the mornings I'm filled with so much regret for even thinking about being mean to her. Every day with her is a blessing, and I thank whatever higher being may be out there for letting us find each other. There are millions of dogs and billions of humans out in the world, but we managed to find each other. I hope in another life we'll be together again too.

No. 1313842

File: 1661306635501.jpeg (188.14 KB, 1132x1697, 01141CFB-48CC-4BE5-8F6B-6E970E…)

I don’t like k pop but some of these girls are sooo beautiful I love looking at them. I’m well aware that they’re knifed tf down but they look so good. Like she’s so pretty what the hell. I love her face.

No. 1313913

You sound so sweet nonnie

No. 1313918

I'm feeling anxious because people always ask me where I live in my work (construction) and I'm feeling anxious about getting abducted or something. My parents said this is normal but I feel retarded, I think people are being friendly but I do not know. An example as if someone asked you to specify what part of "LA" you live in while working. Idk. I'm probably over thinking it but people ask me a lot. I really hope no one is selling this info to stalkers or is planning on abducting me.

No. 1313919

I put this in the dumbass shir thread because I'm a dumbass for even specifying but it's still quite general. I'm just feeling anxious.

No. 1313963

You're not a dumbass nonna. As for the issue at hand, why not make something up? Pick somewhere maybe that you're familiar with so you can specify what area. Or you can be more general and say "near/off of xyz freeway" but don't say your literal freeway exit or anything, just major highways nearby. I understand your dilemma because it can seem rude to say, "I don't tell people where I live." I know that's not very feminist of me but it's reality unfortunately. That being said, I do also like to think fuck it, tell them you'd prefer to stay private. Be The Change, and all. I know from experience how difficult and alienating that can be.

No. 1313981

Hozier's dick is probably like 8.5-9 inches.

No. 1313985

File: 1661315853918.jpg (238.68 KB, 1080x693, irishpenislength.jpg)

Not likely according to google.

No. 1313986

No. 1313990

I just tried to push out a fart and it gave me the worst period cramp ever. Felt like someone was stabbing me. I think the only reason it hurt so bad is because I'm at a specific moment of my period where my uterus is actually working.

No. 1313993

Is this why they love beating up their wives so much?

No. 1313994

File: 1661317157045.jpeg (59.55 KB, 601x776, 283B15F6-D1E4-46CA-B4D5-1CBBA3…)

I agree nona some of the kpop girls are very pretty

No. 1314004

He's Irish and tall. He ain't packing shit.

No. 1314014

I knew an Irish dude who was packin'

No. 1314023

I didn't know there was a stereotype of Irish guys having small dicks

No. 1314026

my childhood friend nearly got cancelled by her tranny friend group because she asked a fakeboi if she could see her penis. she is retarded (confirmed medically), but honestly this has to be a whole other level. i'm honestly scared to ask her why she thinks its possible

No. 1314027

File: 1661320595637.jpeg (195.44 KB, 1063x1594, 0446054e-fcbf-4451-aaea-c581fb…)

I feel like my best friend is on here, I just haven't met her yet. I've made a post on the friend finder thread months ago and had a few day convos, but either way it just fizzles out and we stopped talking. I think a lot of nonnies are afraid to be upfront with what they want to say, but posting on here its anonymous so you're free to be cringe without judgement. I just want to talk to someone the same way I post on the mundane/dumbass shit threads

No. 1314033

It makes me laugh when anons get super pissed at thread pics for being ugly. I will remake the food craving thread with the haggis pic again. Just kidding

No. 1314036

post your throwaway again over there and ill add you I've kept up with at least 3 friends from here for a year!

No. 1314037

One of the (shitposting?) threads was locked early because nonnies complained about the thread pic being some disheveled moid kek

No. 1314058

I hate plucking my eyebrows. It makes my eyes and nose water so badly. Gdi I need my body to stop spitting goo out at me so I can focus on get rid of straggly hairs

No. 1314059

Night is so pretty I wish I had a ton of safe land to walk around at night. I think some men I've known have told me about their night walks and i told them great, not sure what that's like unless I have a man walking with me, a dog, or a gun. It's the only time everything cools off.

No. 1314062

porn sickness is making human evolution take a huge step back

No. 1314134

I just bumped a coomer thread on 4chan with tranny pictures because 4chan a moid once ruined my cute 2D husbando thread with trapshit

No. 1314153

Wow, you sure owned them.

No. 1314169

File: 1661337369179.png (26.44 KB, 128x128, dumdum.png)

I took cough syrup yesterday evening (like 14 hours ago?), found out I am probably sensitive to DMX, and I still feel high from a small dosage. I just wanted to get my cough away, not get high wtf

No. 1314182

if i cant have nice coomer threads i will not allow them to have them either

No. 1314202

Whoah, this foodstuff is just exactly what I dream of when I'm high as balls

No. 1314206

Should I have said "high as ovaries" instead? They are located higher than balls on the body after all

No. 1314214

Remembering reading the Jenna Marbles Guru gossiper thread and how it was just actual shit

No. 1314217

I remember too but I also begun to realise how kinda sad her life seemed in a sense, at some point she got way too attached to julien and was probably smoking too much

No. 1314218

The only Guru Gossiper thread I read was the CutiePieMarzia one, but it seemed like PULL's Kenna thread clone. But it got interesting when one of her British friends told people when they are leaving for Japan, about the private jet, other details that were told and shown in the video, and her mother's health, which turned out to be true when Pewdiepie released his video.

No. 1314229

File: 1661345427784.jpeg (42.87 KB, 340x250, 18C3AFAC-F9CC-44D6-9662-651205…)

I wonder if terminally online edge-posters ever actually step back and look at how contrived and completely devoid of sincerity they are at all times and feel embarrassed? Like the same people that thought they were subversive and edgy and underground five years ago are still doing the exact same thing. Just approaching their thirties closer and closer and still sounding like a very jaded teenage asshole.

No. 1314230

i always found the marzia thread overly cruel, unnecessary and nitpicky.

No. 1314233

Yeah, they all were admitting that they were jealous of her just like in Kenna's threads, it was way too obvious.

No. 1314235

I wonder if we're going to see music about getting deceived by the internet/activists anytime soon. There aren't many songs about how the internet made many emotionally stunted.

No. 1314240

Edge-posters are great because they are not afraid to be honest about how they feel about current day shit. I’m not going to pretend things are sunshine and rainbows, I could be the next woman killed brutally in a racially-motivated attack, I could be homeless, jobs are impossible to come by, humans treat each other like complete trash most of the time, anything severe can happen to me because of the lack of protection our group of people get. This is something you will nevar be able to understand, sad!

No. 1314244

I’m not talking about imageboard users I’m talking about cringe tryhards on twitter who spend half of their time online trying very hard to formulate tweets for attention when the hair around their crown is thinning rapidly. Also thanks for projecting all that shit I don’t care about onto me, you formulated that like Trump, sad!

No. 1314249

nta but how come you don't care about women being killed

No. 1314257

File: 1661346766954.jpeg (108.74 KB, 1281x1598, 9EEEFE18-A7D5-4E74-9877-13E17F…)

No. 1314266

it’s not a woman anon, that poster is not a woman that’s why kek

No. 1314273

For someone who hates twitter a lot and complains about it you never click the delete account button and leave the website. Twitter complainers are the same amount of mentally ill, addicted and pompous pricks as the chronic twitter users are. I will never be addicted to twitter, never made a twitter account once in my life and will never regret that decision

No. 1314306

File: 1661348010439.jpeg (61.36 KB, 568x493, 1E52BB63-7ABD-405C-99BC-8FE751…)

Stop bullying me

No. 1314309

I'm afraid of making friends through the friend finder thread because I actually type like a turbo retard when chatting with people, and I think I'm exactly the kind of person nonnies would actually fucking hate kek. I'm afraid of someone shitting on me on here, less because of other anons joining in on laughing at me, but I just don't want to risk seeing a post that's obviously about me and how they can't stand me kek.

No. 1314350

I have no idea what language they’re speaking in the Simlish thread that’s usually on the first or second page but I always think the images in it are funny with no context and all the Wingdings attached

No. 1314355

what simlish thread? you mean the fintard thread?

No. 1314356

Is that finnish? Makes perfect sense now thanks

No. 1314358

File: 1661349826594.jpg (73.2 KB, 600x539, 1598553404983.jpg)

>simlish thread
I'm dying nonny

No. 1314359

File: 1661349837387.jpg (965.97 KB, 1188x1208, 1613147580098.jpg)

the entire female Finnish population is gathered in lolcow, kinda heartwarming. My favorite OP was this one, I still have no idea what finnanons are trying to tell us

No. 1314368

if I saw that in my peripheral vision in my part of the midwest during winter I'd just assume its another fat old male.

No. 1314383

File: 1661350407348.jpg (38.74 KB, 320x478, vituixmän.jpg)

>good finnish light EVERYDAY MILK drink (cheap milk brand)
>*may contain small amounts of milk
>Mörkö goes visitng one of our favorite cows who is a prostitute and loves telling everyone about it
Olepa hyvä, nyymiseni.

No. 1314387

Really I should have used deductive reasoning to it obviously being a fin thread.

No. 1314391

thank you for offering us your wisdom. wish LatAM nonnies weren't so depressed so we could shit post all together too

No. 1314398

this is adorable i wish you many good things in life nonny

No. 1314403

I work for a casting agency and I’m currently reading this screenplay from a major network and one of the characters calls someone a scrote, it’s pretty cringe.

No. 1314405

Sunsets and trix yogurt are pink. Everyone can go home

No. 1314406


No. 1314441

so we have farmers writing screenplays? i have so many questions

No. 1314449

the word scrote originates from 70s british tv, not lolcow, sorry to break it anon

No. 1314459

I didn't know the brits were so manhating, kind of based actually.

No. 1314469

Trying so hard not to judge people by their looks because I wouldn't want them to do it to me but it can be so hard, I just moved to a new city so everyone just looks like an NPC to me. Can't wait until I actually know people there so I won't be so judgemental.

No. 1314479

Normies associate this word with FDS now, and I don't know if its good or not since I never heard of FDS.

No. 1314486

File: 1661353739567.gif (793.1 KB, 500x257, MxLv.gif)

I wish I could innocently gush over attractive actors, characters and band members with other users like it was on Tumblr. Without all of these "stan wars" and "cancellation" floating around on Twitter. I just want to stare at a pretty actor and gush over him with others, is it too much to ask? People are so involved with drama now , even Tumblr despite not being as active anymore. And people seem to care only about their social media numbers instead of soulful content and finding friends. Sigh. I just want to have fun.

No. 1314488


No. 1314489

In my country, scrote is used as a synonym to jerk, idiot, etc. Or things that are bad in some way, even men use it, kek.

No. 1314504

Mods removed it but I have it saved.

No. 1314509

Moid spams black dicks and CP, takes hours to remove. Moid gets doxed, gone within minutes.

No. 1314510

was it the tranny janny?

No. 1314536

What was the context?

No. 1314537

File: 1661356500223.jpg (352.12 KB, 1080x1051, FRESHDOXXINTHEMORNING.jpg)

No worries anons, here it is. And the moid is apparently a lolicon too.

No. 1314544

I know I will be banned for this and probably permanently considering how many times I've been banned before. I just wanted to say, before I'm banned that I

No. 1314573

Godspeed nona.

No. 1314764

File: 1661364256863.png (206.37 KB, 500x500, 1659060290285.png)

Thank you nona, I saved it as well. Kek what an ugly piece of shit retard, I bet he stinks of used tennis socks and smegma.

No. 1314766

I love having a car, but I hate whenever it's time to do any type of maintenance.

No. 1314767

anyone else notice drinking water actually causes hiccups instead of fixing them, they only appear right after i drink water. the only thing that actually gets rid of them is eating something with peanut butter in it or something sweet/sugary

No. 1314773

Are you swallowing air when you drink?

No. 1314778

just regular sips. though sometimes many quick sips when i'm extra thirsty.

No. 1314780

im glad i have a car but i honestly hate driving.

No. 1314782

File: 1661365316208.jpg (39.56 KB, 360x200, 328109.jpg)

Sometimes I think about the time me and my sister climbed up the side of the door frame like picrel and figured out that rubbing chalk on our hands helped and got in trouble when our mom saw all the chalk dust on the floor, and how that was just a weird premonition for my love of climbing as an adult.

No. 1314788

I'm watching Buffy the vampire slayer and I wanna be Buffy so bad.

No. 1314792

I used to hang off the top doorframe to check the peep hole and growl loudly if it wasn't my mom.

No. 1314808

I love all the nonnies in the tranny hate thread

No. 1314810

Both of you are adorable good lord

No. 1314838

now very aware of the native koala-kin population. moderately afraid

No. 1314994

File: 1661375813342.gif (11.52 MB, 400x225, download.gif)

damn, japan really said "agp loli loving crossplayer troon" with this one

No. 1314996

don't be dumb, do it on /m/ and /g/

No. 1314999

I just saw a video of a pregnant woman having a gun pulled on her in front of her kids because she wanted to pull over in a safe area. Hate cops.

No. 1315020

I'm so satisfied and in love with my boyfriend I finally feel like I don't need a memory box of my past relationships. Who cares about the past, the future is now. I love my boyfriend

No. 1315033

happy for you nonna! I hope he's a good nigel to you.

No. 1315046

Do you do rock climbing as a hobby now anon?

No. 1315059

I did prior to the pandemic! I have always wanted to rock climb but didn't get to actually do it until I was an adult and signed up for a gym a year before lockdown and climbed on the weekends. I haven't gone back since lockdown though, since it's expensive. I know the outdoors are free but I don't have space to keep a crashpad and I'm shy talking to new people so it's hard for me to make new friends and then bum off their crash pads and stuff lol. I miss it very very much though, and hope to go back soon!

No. 1315078

i wanna know if this works or not, pls no bully

No. 1315092

File: 1661381219210.gif (882.43 KB, 360x270, E6B51446-A1BB-4D43-98BD-6CFF48…)

>video game slowly derails from talking about how to play the game and goes right into /g/ territory talking about wanting to fuck the characters

is it just me or is there a pattern with every thread on here? if it involves people with higher social status like celebrities or politicans it’s always nitpicking, infighting and projecting eating disorders on to other anons, constant unbalanced hate and cynicism and slowly turns into “no u, no u!” reverse uno shit until the mods just ban everyone, if it involves countries that don’t include europe or america anons go straight to shitting on the cultures but use the men of those cultures as a Trojan horse to be racist. if it’s normie women or children who are addicted to twitter everyone as a topic it’s apparently a ‘retarded queer wokie communist’ coming to take anon’s vibrator she rightfully bought and owned with her wagie bucks if they simply bring up their pronouns to her or if it’s fictional characters the horny retards come in and spam the thread with discussions that has nothing to do with playing the game or the source of media they come from.

No. 1315100

What games do you like? I enjoy discussing game lore more than the characters' fuckability. I'm guessing the Genshin thread? I remember an anon on there wanted to know more about the lore and was told to fuck off in favor of boy sperging kek, so fucking dumb

No. 1315107

ironically enough I don’t play a lot of games I’m a casualfag so I like sims and of course genshin because it’s easier to play you’re just mashing buttons, but sometimes it concerns me because you are right the boy sperging gets a little annoying and they’re fulfilling into the boy crazy stereotype many retarded people have about women i’m not even phased anymore this website is 95% of weebs but having to scroll through infighting about the same 3-4 topics that’s routinely discussed like a record player makes me want to kill myself

No. 1315110

Is this about the anon who made those "fuck marry kill" sims 2 posts? Those were jokes.

No. 1315113

>I don't play games
The fuck are you complaining about then?

No. 1315124

>if it involves countries that don’t include europe or america anons go straight to shitting on the cultures but use the men of those cultures as a Trojan horse to be racist
So glad I'm not the only one who noticed or cares. Even privileged anons from those other countries will shit on poor people and be as racist as possible to their own. There's a lot of fucked up posters on here who get incredibly upset about the most trivial stuff and they need to touch grass ASAP. They are as terminally online as the Twitterfags they complain about (and yes, Twitterfags are fucked too).
Also that's so smoothly animated, I miss that kind of 2000s animation so much
NTA but it's not just talking about wanting to fuck the characters, it's also fujo/yume/hetshipper infighting as far as I remember. Probably the most cancerous thread on /m/.

No. 1315126

>waahhh you cant shit on moids from different cultures thats racist!!
Don’t care all moids are terrible and when anons shit on their cultures its usually shitting on how misogynistic it is and how terrible it is for anons that live in it.

No. 1315133

You are free to shit on all moids but you of course missed my point. All moids suck, they s suck because they were born with an XY chromosome not because they are black and happened to give you a mean look when you were coming out of a store shoplifting a pair of panties anon kek

No. 1315137

I hope you realize that most places men are talking about weeb games (especially gachashit) online, unless it's specifically a subforum for exclusively discussing meta or lore or whatever, the majority of their discussion is how much they want to fuck the characters. Idk what you're talking about boy crazy stereotypes, one of mens' favorite topics is what gets them hard. This is one of the few places women can weeb hornypost without dealing with the moralfagging you'd find on twitter and tumblr but you're free to try create conversation in threads about non-horny topics. I agree the genshin threads are shit but I'd say that's the result of falseflagging and deliberately riling up schizos and not horny posting

No. 1315141

Agreed. They get so assmad and shrivel when they confront that terminally online shit in their real lives because they don’t know how to handle it. Read a story a day ago on here about an anon who had to go back to college as a grad and whined they had to present their pronouns to people and she introduced herself but said nothing about her own pronouns, making it extremely awkward for everyone involved. It’s almost like they can’t figure that they can bullshit these social interactions and fake it until they make it. They hate these “woketards” until they finally get to them irl. I feel like pakianon and crap-chan have brought that racism to the boards recently but it has always existed. White men do not like criticism and are pretty cruel but white women in particular love to socially manipulate other people into thinking they are not malicious which is why they get away with making racist remarks when they could have simply said scrotes suck and move on with their day. It is a problem that exists and having a problem with that doesn’t make anyone woketards, it’s just jarring seeing the culture you come from getting dehumanized because surprise!!! not everything is nice. You can see who are the tastemakers and deciders of the boards even in the shipping wars between which fag they decide to love this week (the serious dedication anons have for paul dano is truly admirable, lying to yourself everyday is insane commitment). This place is good, I love that it exists, but it has problems with its culture that is apparent. Anons have different identities rather than just being a woman, we are also black, we are also finnish, we are also carreyfags, we aren’t just presenting as women.

No. 1315143

File: 1661384179613.jpeg (150.93 KB, 1080x767, 92155DFE-011E-4603-9A25-55D39A…)

I’m not going to argue any further about this lol, you just want to exhaust any energy anyone has because you’re an energy vampire anon, check yourself about that.

No. 1315145

>This is one of the few places women can weeb hornypost without dealing with the moralfagging you'd find on twitter and tumblr
NTA but this. I just don't feel like I'm fully allowed to hornypost on normie social media without people wanting to argue or make fun of me. It's much better on imageboards, but most imageboards are dominated by moids so they're full of degenerate scrotes being horny over women. And out of the three or four English language imageboards for women, this is the only one that is active enough to quickly find someone to sperg together with over the same thing.
>but you're free to try create conversation in threads about non-horny topics.
Ngl I also find it annoying when I genuinely want to discuss a piece of media and everyone else just talks about shipping or wanting to fuck the characters, but sometimes it's difficult to get the conversation to change in that direction. Having a containment thread just to hornypost or talk about shipping to keep the main thread focused on the other aspects is nice.

No. 1315146

Anon I hope this is because you don’t lurk as much but most discussions about moids from different races is how misogynistic they are due to culture or religious influence. We’ve also talked about how certain races tend to fetishize “exotic” women and have colorist view points to their own. Sounds like you’re projecting your own view of other races onto anons here kek

No. 1315148

It’s because none of you know how to create the right spaces to sperg about what you like without bringing the wrong crowd, scrotes unfortunately have the upper hand in that that’s why they always get caught trading illegal content and grooming minors even though they were hailed as geniuses or some shit. They know how to keep women out of their spaces, we sadly still can’t figure out how to keep trannies and gore posters out of ours.

No. 1315150

I don’t think cultures are black and white, there are people in those cultures that are against the backwardness of those traditions. And it’s odd because anons recognize how those races fetishize minority women but they are also the races anons are highly attracted to because most of the anons are from those groups in the first place. Tl;dr what I’m trying to say is that it’s hypocritical and it’s simply not fair that non-white people have to throw away years of our own history and struggle just to adopt bankrupt western secularism. It’s possible to have rights and also stay true to what we are anon..

No. 1315151

>Anon I hope this is because you don’t lurk as much but most discussions about moids from different races is how misogynistic they are due to culture or religious influence.
NTA but that's not always the case and you know it. A lot of the times it's an excuse to subtly shit on a whole culture or race that women also belong to. And even in the case you mention, you are implying that a race/culture is what makes a male act evil and more subhuman than white Western moids, and/or uglier. What does that mean for the women of the same race/culture? Face it, you are doing more than just criticize one part of a particular culture, you're just spouting the same racist shit you've been hearing from others before, and you can tell because those anons here just love to talk bring it up all the time as if they were obsessed with those things like a /pol/tard.

No. 1315154

>They know how to keep women out of their spaces, we sadly still can’t figure out how to keep trannies and gore posters out of ours.
Female socialization makes us be kinder and more inclusive on average than scrotes because we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or be mean and set boundaries. Also, moids also get gore spam, though by other males lmao.

No. 1315163

Go create a stupid infighting thread and stop clogging up my dumbass shit thread with extra dumbass shit.

No. 1315164

File: 1661386044696.jpg (126.46 KB, 720x905, 1648849140341.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1315168

so now i can’t complain about moids from my own race and how vile and misogynistic they are because it’s “racist”?

No. 1315170

File: 1661386431337.gif (683.12 KB, 444x250, 96AEB211-2126-4F68-B0D5-2A1EC9…)

>my dumbass shit thread

no it’s ours, comrade dumbass

No. 1315173

>It is a problem that exists and having a problem with that doesn’t make anyone woketards, it’s just jarring seeing the culture you come from getting dehumanized because surprise!!! not everything is nice.
I remember a few days ago someone here on /ot/ said something pretty blatantly racist (towards a woman iirc, so it wasn't "criticizing misogyny") and when she got told to shut the fuck up someone called those people woketards just because they didn't tolerate blatant racism. Then I think she said "we're on an imageboard" as if that meant we had to be like 4chan scrotes and if you don't act like them you're a Twitterfag?
>You can see who are the tastemakers and deciders of the boards even in the shipping wars between which fag they decide to love this week (the serious dedication anons have for paul dano is truly admirable, lying to yourself everyday is insane commitment
I don't get how any of this is relevant tbh

No. 1315174

do you think the moids of your race are terrible because you think your race is inherently violent (a racist assumption) or do you think moids are terrible because moids are inherently violent? that’s what anons are trying to say to you but you continue to fail to understand because you’re being dumb as fuck right now

No. 1315176

File: 1661386626377.jpg (151.7 KB, 1242x1237, 1646369581335.jpeg.jpg)

Does anyone itt smoke weed?

No. 1315178

No one said that, you can complain about moids being misogynistic all you want, it's just that some people here seem to be obsessed with bringing up race all the time and often use dehumanizing language towards the race/culture and not just the moids

No. 1315182

it’s okay anon you can just say it was one of the many LSA spergs who like to bring their dumbass vendettas against megan thee stallion on here, they like to come on here and pretend they don’t do that but it’s very obvious

No. 1315183

Smoking isn't for me

No. 1315186

>inherently violent evil race
Yeah you’re baiting, culture is what makes men evil not race. Im coming from a place where femicide is at an all time high right now despite being mostly a white country so please fuck off with your extremes on making it seem like anons see anyone darker than a paper bag and think they’re evil.

No. 1315187

I don't remember any of that being brought up in that thread.

No. 1315192

I don't know why you feel like you're being called out for racism when we're not talking about you

No. 1315193

File: 1661386976186.gif (581.26 KB, 220x214, B66CD0B3-E13F-4B25-86CC-FFC746…)

so there’s two groups that exist ass-washers (women) and ass-shitters (men), they both live under the same toilet together and they flush the same. the outsider group called ass-sitters comes in and fuck this analogy isn’t going anywhere

No. 1315195

stop being a schizo and evading my question, this is not le reverse racism~ that was asking a legitimate question as to where your intentions lie. you don’t make a very good point when you use racially charged terms and rhetoric when it’s a problem that involves sexism and misogyny

No. 1315198

Can’t be assed to find her thread but readytoglare’s husband died, I wonder if he had a junkie past as well

No. 1315200

File: 1661387408646.jpg (59.77 KB, 736x414, 1a08e79280cf25a060ded030e216b8…)

Cats float like that? He's literally bouncing around like a floatie

No. 1315205

he’s just floating around and having good time, bet that cat would be best friends with that other stupid ass floating cat

No. 1315212

I do not know if this is a controversial thing to say but the idea of someone being a carnivore (as in the people who only meat and animal products) is so ridiculous to me. Not only does it sound boring as shit, but it's like a grownup version of being a picky 5 year old. I think it's a part of the ancestral diet thing that some people are doing.

No. 1315213

Your post made me lol

No. 1315218

I love my dog and my cat but my dog is 13 years old and he is really cute and grumpy

No. 1315221

Lmao I got bullied into buying iced tea from the 6 year old girl who lives in my building. She told me she keeps having to be the one to recycle my junk mail even though she suggested I put a "no junk mail" sign on my box a few months ago and for that I need to buy the iced tea she's selling for $1. I think she's the caretakers daughter? She's always sorting recycling and watering the gardens. She's very funny and very nosy.

No. 1315223

Have you posted about her before? I remember some other posts from a while ago of an anon talking about a bossy young girl who lives in her building kek

No. 1315230

I'm pretty sure I have! Maybe!

No. 1315232

File: 1661389055368.jpeg (156.88 KB, 640x416, 4149D4DE-A4D9-45FC-8D4D-5B31EB…)

Jfc anon you cant even make good arguments without throwing words around, you won

No. 1315238

you don’t want to answer because you don’t like your own race we know you’re self-hating

No. 1315240

kek thats cute

No. 1315256

File: 1661390378037.jpg (197.74 KB, 1000x1000, dash-easter-bunny-mini-waffle-…)

I think I'm going to get a mini waffle maker. Should I get one that makes bunny shaped waffles or regular ones?

No. 1315264

File: 1661390800222.jpeg (209.04 KB, 1080x1440, 1F139AE5-79A9-4F6E-93EC-DD37A0…)

Khe berga nonna self hating?

No. 1315269

You already know the answer anonita THE BUNNY ONE!!!!!!!

No. 1315284

KEKKK el vendedor de camotes (literal)

No. 1315296

How did it make a bunny when the griddle is obviously normal? Beware

No. 1315298

Bunnies, duh.

No. 1315304

File: 1661394020397.jpg (83.44 KB, 972x547, DSC_4478.jpg)

Anon the bottom part is the part that makes it bunny shaped. They just flipped it up for the photo. Picrel is what it would look like in the pan
Ordering it ASAP

No. 1315311

File: 1661394330129.gif (1.18 MB, 443x259, 2e456f7a909b765t55.gif)

Wait what do danofags have to do with any of this.. That entire last paragraph took a whole different turn

No. 1315315

File: 1661394729768.png (107.72 KB, 226x275, CCE149CB-40F0-42B6-B29D-2CCA4A…)

Fat Lana is so iconic to me.

No. 1315319

File: 1661395001453.png (76.12 KB, 319x499, Screenshot 2022-08-24 22.37.20…)

I love this cotton candy flavored vape and I don't care if it is lame

No. 1315320

kek you danofags must pay for your crimes

No. 1315332

I know I thought it was just me who didn't get it but I think that anon had an aneurysm or something when writing that part

No. 1315336

kek absolutely insane post, love it (not really, it's cringe, but it made me laugh so cheers)

No. 1315338

she has a point tho

No. 1315347

>ead a story a day ago on here about an anon who had to go back to college as a grad and whined they had to present their pronouns to people
what the fuck, is this something that happens in America? beyond fucked. Fuck the trannies I would have done the same as her I don't wanna be part of their fetish.

No. 1315349

Yes. It does. Some professional workplaces now have pronoun inclusion in their inclusivity training too.

No. 1315351

I'm in an online class and had to fill out a mandatory survey for the professor that included pronouns. I was so pissed I couldn't opt out of that part.

No. 1315353

that sucks I personally respect myself too much to suck it and be forced to be part of that idiocy. I am glad I skipped college and went full youtube tutorials retard and freelancer.

No. 1315355

>gordon the vampire
he's a McDonald's soda vampire

No. 1315359

anon i have to ask where does the bulk of youtube income come from? im unsure if i want to try anything with youtube as a small side income next to a normal job

No. 1315361

It doesn't have anything to do with self respect anon

No. 1315364

oh no i dont have a youtube channel(though I am currently working on making a channel) I just learn everything through youtube and i earn my income through freelance work. I feel bad for the nonnies that have to deal with the modern college brainwashing, i hope modern troonery becomes a foggy weed-smelling memory like the hippies.
sorry, i just noticed it came out wrong, I think a better word is ''stubborn''.

No. 1315381

File: 1661399511839.gif (140.71 KB, 222x396, GlaringAcclaimedArthropods-max…)

I forgot how hype Rock Lobster gets me

No. 1315382

Who's this moid?

No. 1315387

File: 1661400168134.jpeg (151.43 KB, 800x800, rock-lobster-b-52s-t-shirt.mul…)

You listen to the 6:49 version right? That's the only way to go.

No. 1315394

Apparently he’s the one who’s been spamming shit the past week or so Did he just put his email in the field or…

No. 1315428

Hey nonnies. It’s officially day 3 of my constipation/bowel obstruction. My stomach feels like it’s about to burst it hurts so much I’m gonna die

No. 1315436

Anon, please eat high-fiber and take a laxative or take an enema or go to the doctor or SOMETHING.

No. 1315438

You should go to the hospital if it's actual bowel obstruction…

No. 1315518

Try drinking orange juice after drinking a cup of black coffee. Or yoghurt after coffee, these always make me sprint to the loo

No. 1315544

Drink these kinds of mixed fruit and vegetable pressed juices in the grocery store that have some of the fruit/veggie pulp and afterwards drink some water with it. You can also try eating yogurt with lots of probiotics in it (even non-dairy ones are good). Drink it with a meal as well, not on an empty stomach. You can also try heating up hot tea preferably ginger but anything available is fine with no sugar, drink it all up and then down it with some water. Prune juice is effective if you incorporate it daily. You need constant hydration/liquid. I already posted this in the food cravings thread for another constipated anon but posting this again. You can also take stool softeners but if you go the emergency room and they administered an enema and you have to go to a general doctor to be prescribed for one or get one at a store/online that is regular strength. Also stop straining and sit your ass on the toilet kek

No. 1315617

File: 1661407855232.jpg (186.48 KB, 960x937, Is-It-Safe-To-Paint-Your-Pet’s…)

I want to have long nails again so bad, but I've been biting my nails so it simply wouldn't be good for me to do them again until they grow back. Usually having fake nails helps me protect my natural ones but ever since I took my last set off I've been biting them.

No. 1315622

Senna tea.

No. 1315687

I don't like that all the fashion advice for pear shapes says to try and emphasis the upper body so your lower body looks smaller. I like that my hips are wide and don't want to hide it.

No. 1315693

I have made peace with the spiders in the showers. They're actually pretty cool once you get to know them.

No. 1315699

I'm gonna watch boy meets world. I hope it's good.

No. 1315702

most fashion advice is how to be sexy to men

No. 1315703

Why is everyone bald in beaking bad

No. 1315707

I also wanna watch w.i.t.c.h and keep watching winx club. What are some other girl focused/female gaze shows? Mainly children or family shows.

No. 1315709

as in the show has female main characters or it's girly? because lately, I have been enjoying most of Disney's new cartoons, amphibia, the tangled series, and molly McGee. Don't judge me cartoons are my comfy go-to when life gets stressful.

No. 1315720

File: 1661414707247.gif (656.72 KB, 268x160, Tumblr_l_114502397772412.gif)

Oh my god Winx and w.i.t.c.h., my favourite shows as a kid. Witch was so unexpectedly dark for a kid's show. I also loved Totally Spies but that one seems quite fetish-y in hindsight.

No. 1315722

is this the show with the biggest percentage of bald characters per haired characters? i think of the males only Jesse is haired, Saul also counts as bald

No. 1315723

File: 1661414775711.png (188.5 KB, 316x316, image_2022-08-25_030722157.png)

Trollz the cartoon

No. 1315724

I feel sad for your grandma, I hope both of you are okay.

No. 1315725

but why

No. 1315727

Yeah it was a little weird but I wish I had the gadgets like their spy gadgets. I want all of them so bad.

No. 1315732

File: 1661415286344.jpg (3.82 MB, 4000x3000, 166141532765588931769134987130…)

I'm going on a ride

No. 1315736

this so unironically good

No. 1315738

…anon do you not know how to screencap kek

No. 1315740

I'm on my phone for lolcow tho. It's fine there's nothing incriminating I think. Maybe. If there is ignore it.

No. 1315741

seeing anon's desktops is always interesting

No. 1315743


No. 1315746

Oh. I'll search it up next time then. I'm about to go on a barbie marathon someone wish me luck. I'm going by date

No. 1315748

sorry for deleting i forgot the pic is of a desktop, not phone

No. 1315749

lol good luck

No. 1315751

Why are bunnies so strong? I give the mf a carrot and she pulls it like she's about to beat someone with it Jesus.

No. 1315752

I just ordered a new book someone stop me please, free delivery and being able to pay with a Paypal balance is so tempting

No. 1315753

they love the crunch. I bet she loves bananas too

No. 1315754

they do push-ups every time they move what did you expect

No. 1315755

How did they find him?

No. 1315756

Are you spying on me anon?

No. 1315763

spying on your bunny I love them so much. please be good to her always

No. 1315767

I will. She gives a friendly hop to all of you anons.

No. 1315768

File: 1661417133267.jpg (9.11 KB, 380x385, 1656793226234.jpg)

I just spent 50 dollars on books on a whim help me

No. 1315773

which books?

No. 1315779

I love seeing Jodi posted here

No. 1315781

I'm still mad they cancelled tower prep.

No. 1315784

File: 1661419127655.jpg (142.02 KB, 750x500, housestory20.jpg)

the first three books of Wizard of Earthsea and Seiji Yoshida's artbook.

No. 1315785

File: 1661419345716.gif (3.02 MB, 640x478, 1645681023618.gif)

also the total amount ended up being around 80 bucks, in a day.

No. 1315790

File: 1661419969484.jpeg (589.62 KB, 828x1442, 02F42086-D558-4EB0-8D0A-802176…)

I opened the article even to see if there was a picture, and there wasn’t, or it didn’t load. Wtf? Are they retarded?

No. 1315791

No idea where to post this, but holy nostalgia
The author was probably a huge "lolita" cow

No. 1315792

That's not even a side part lol

No. 1315797

That’s what I’m saying. It was like a lengthy article saying a whole lot of nothing and did it feature a picture of a side part. What the hell.

No. 1315804

File: 1661424077327.png (1.47 MB, 1067x1739, kim-ks-side-part.png)

If it's the Glamour one it probably just didn't load for you cause it's an embedded Instagram post, here's one of the pics

No. 1315805

k nvm just saw it's Nylon kek didn't read just looked up on google

No. 1315828

File: 1661427285350.png (316.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2022-08-25-07-31-14…)

Based Mom

No. 1315840

No. 1315842


No. 1315843

ACCIDENTAL just said MOID irl blaming you ladies for this one

No. 1315845

Boys start so young with the bullshit. Everyone wants to say girls are the catty ones but if you get shit from a male as a kid everyone ignores it or worse says "awe he probably likes you!" after he spent recess insulting you or even shoving you around.
It's funny how innate it is for scrotes to think their negative evaluation of your looks is critical information that needs to be conveyed.

No. 1315851

people talk shit about single moms but single moms are rarely boymoms. the truth is nuclear family tarded women are usually the ones who become boymoms and assist in the creation of disgusting, entitled, predatory monsters.

No. 1315853

File: 1661429664692.jpg (4.7 KB, 96x203, images(6).jpg)

My roommate got this sauce yesterday and it got an audible snort from me because it says Burger on it. Took me a few seconds too many to realize it was hamburger sauce (didn't know that was a thing and we didn't eat hamburgers). LC has ruined my humor.

No. 1315863

Literally. I hate being that fag speaking in niche internet memes and looking like a terminally online weirdo but…it’s happening

No. 1315880

I will never use this terminology in real life even if iou waterboarded me. Rip my nails off one by one but I am not going to let anyone have the satisfaction of knowing just how much of a loser I truly am. That is for me and the ugly little man in my phone to know.

No. 1315883

One of the things that bothered me about these girl shows growing up is that they never had actual tomboys that were masculine and all girls were some variety of girly and fashionable. It's no wonder I grew up thinking I was actually a boy and almost trooned out. At least Sailor Moon had Haruka who was a lesbian too.

No. 1315886

Is that just thousand island? Now I want a reuben

No. 1315890

File: 1661431923582.png (158.37 KB, 317x407, 2009c8f85e0efc900c294672368b52…)

I want this dress so bad nonnies. I audibly gasped when it came up. How do I make it? What fabrics?

No. 1315891

File: 1661432042051.jpg (1.89 MB, 3272x4961, 1584567901423.jpg)

same, i was so fucking close to trooning out, if I was 5 years younger the psychologists would have told me I am not a tomboy I am troon. I have never liked female characters in cartoons for the same reason they were either girly but played sports or completely annoying and bratty like Spinelli, but very recently I started watching Tangled the series and fell in love with Casandra, I would have loved her a child.

No. 1315892

>How do I make it?

No. 1315900

File: 1661432648020.jpg (123.75 KB, 730x1095, e763775765e4872f7d1a5957b2eb5a…)

Fair. Let me attach a photo of a pretty good cosplay instead.

No. 1315902

Sequin top with satin/silk skirt held up by a petticoat and a tulle/mesh overlay maybe? You'll never get the wide gap between the pink skirt and the transparant skirt on top of it though.

No. 1315905

I always wanted to wear the dress from the barbie swan lake movie

No. 1315908

Watching Breaking Bad as a native Spanish speaker is so painful, powerful scenes turn instantly into bad low-budget porn from the moment they switch to Spanish.

No. 1315919

File: 1661434478729.jpeg (57.98 KB, 395x468, FEB7D418-1F8B-4F31-9315-185330…)

Randomly clicked a YouTube video of some podcast bros interviewing Jeanette Mcurdy about her eating disorder and am absolutely mindblown by this man’s forehead in a way I have never been before

No. 1315923

so are you telling me this man perpetually looks as if he was in front of a blower machine?

No. 1315937

Right off the bat they were talking down to her like they were giving her kernals of wisdom. This mans face defies physics.

No. 1315940

Straight from whoville

No. 1315948

I don't consider myself a vain person but if I looked like this I would simply rope.

No. 1315956

fuck you i loved Spinelli. what about buttercup (PPG) tho

No. 1315961

Recreate Kim Kardashians champagne glass on ass photo except with his forehead

No. 1315972

dat english heritage

No. 1316003

Wull at leasht I dun git shat up whilst dewin maffs in schkewel

No. 1316016

File: 1661438534040.jpg (15.42 KB, 540x466, tumblr_25619e53caa22042cc32e7f…)

finally, the appreciation we deserve

No. 1316020

File: 1661438599639.jpg (49.77 KB, 736x736, Tumblr_l_437350849759493.jpg)

Whatcha up to anons?

No. 1316024

I'm in front of my work computer at home, watching time so I can turn it off at exactly 5pm. I'm sick of this shit.

No. 1316025

trying to block this site i hate it and it's ruining my life and increasing my desire to kill myself. hwu?

No. 1316026

File: 1661438738979.jpg (25.88 KB, 500x326, da5b8b6b2557a183774fc0431df07b…)

Just chillaxin baby

No. 1316027

Well hurry the hell up, goof ball.

No. 1316030

i am trying i cant find any good extension. I am going to miss the 1% of you that aren't retards

No. 1316037

File: 1661438982060.jpg (20.82 KB, 600x600, Tumblr_l_437345795967479.jpg)

Well damn, I'm sorry I'm too retarded for you.

No. 1316038

That’s [redacted] DNI.

No. 1316047

File: 1661439287514.png (380.55 KB, 480x602, 1653184325267.png)

you post cute cats that makes you part of the cool nontard club
this is why I wanna quit, I can't even excuse this site for being a fun pass time while I am having a coffee break anymore.

No. 1316048

when i was younger i would post on social media all the time, but now i’d rather chew my own fingers off than post something

No. 1316049

File: 1661439328529.jpg (49.09 KB, 630x600, b289a99437070381a7d4c2892793a9…)

Good luck baby cakes

No. 1316050

File: 1661439379163.jpeg (81.69 KB, 828x818, teletubbycat.jpeg)

I love u catposters

No. 1316053

what if the cat poster was someone you argued with in another thread tho

No. 1316057

File: 1661439536627.jpg (121.46 KB, 480x720, 82ff90c1e23c7f9ef7b9e4a8ca8237…)

I will embrace her without judgement

No. 1316070

Koh the face stealer looks like THIS?

No. 1316074

File: 1661440010442.jpg (57.13 KB, 720x720, catte tree.jpg)

this site is supposed to be anonymous, the point is to be able to discuss with people without bias. It would be cute if I fought with someone and then bonder over cute cat pics with her

No. 1316079

>it's ruining my life and increasing my desire to kill myself
All of this over some fucking memes kek

No. 1316087

what? i was just exaggerating because this site is making me lose time I should be using studying/working.

No. 1316091

No. 1316095

This is my new favorite picture.

No. 1316097

When the Instagram algorithm starts giving me too many things that I think are dumb or annoying I start reporting them for bullying and hate speech

No. 1316099

No. 1316103

You might get some kind of gap if you use organza and spray it with fabric stiffener (I don't know if stiffener will change the translucency, but organza has a good body on its own)

No. 1316105


No. 1316107

File: 1661441084519.jpg (54.85 KB, 718x718, Tumblr_l_437349038982229.jpg)


No. 1316109

File: 1661441132495.jpg (102.27 KB, 992x992, FVRFqcVUYAA8oVH.jpg)

No. 1316126

Need me a man like this

No. 1316138

File: 1661442404801.gif (546.21 KB, 255x255, 915b40.gif)

*is not

No. 1316208

This is random but speaking of Jodi. Would you call her socially competent? Because whenever I'd see videos of her they'd be like wow she's so charismatic and I was wondering if that's true or is it the internet overreacting.

No. 1316212

I kind of get mild autism vibes from her tbh

No. 1316214

File: 1661446902553.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1170x1235, 8FE1B827-2B4F-4EA1-98EC-9190D5…)

No. 1316215

They said the same shit about Ted Bundy and then you see one twenty second clip of him and know he did that shit

No. 1316216

No. 1316217

I agree with >>1316212, don't think she's actually autistic but she seems kind of idk, almost sheltered in a way. I think the socially competent part comes from the fact that she is attractive and people (well, not people, men) are distracted by good looking women enough to not catch that she's not really all that charismatic. I don't blame them, she could definitely fool me if we were ever face to face in person kek I love her.

No. 1316221

Tbh she was pretty dumb and got strung along for years. Her interrogation video is cringey and its the best indicator of her social competence and if she was some master manipulator she'd be the one using men not the other way around. And she'd know theyre not worth prison.

No. 1316222

If she were a criminal mastermind she would have gotten away with it.

No. 1316228

she could have gotten away with a lot more if she didnt use a camera and just called the police after and claimed self defense.

No. 1316229

dambass shot. cow

No. 1316231

No. 1316240

File: 1661448137357.gif (132.47 KB, 442x200, BDB6D764-9BB8-4DF9-BB59-7B910A…)

No. 1316243

No. 1316248

File: 1661448291107.jpg (34.27 KB, 550x380, Ph4akwD.jpg)

its time for spongebobposting

No. 1316249

File: 1661448323470.jpg (85.99 KB, 800x552, 8hdlYgk.jpg)

vs Mr Krabs

No. 1316256

Absolutely fucking awful

No. 1316258

both are ugly, what's squidward look like

No. 1316260

File: 1661448640657.jpg (52.47 KB, 636x439, H5lBADd.jpg)

No. 1316262

Was going to ask exactly this.

No. 1316267

File: 1661448804798.jpg (56.19 KB, 736x507, z8YKtQw.jpg)

same patrick voice but looks like this, wyd

No. 1316275

This looks like an ad for one of those serialised Mary Sue mobile games

No. 1316281

Alright, im fucking it

No. 1316289

I'm in the office by myself this week and so far I feel like it's irl hellweek. We got a recall everyday, a tech walked out, we're getting hella missed deadlines and I started here like 4 months ago im

No. 1316295

Are there any criminals you would call charismatic then? Cause whenever a criminal is sociopathic they call them charismatic and I was wondering if there any who actually seem that way because they all look pretty looney to me.

No. 1316296


>Not making mr.krabs a sexy older DILF mafia boss don

No. 1316299

Jeffrey Epstein

No. 1316301

Most politicians in America

No. 1316304

File: 1661450186598.jpg (121.15 KB, 1024x984, 170d51ac2b47ea4e5327002e8740a3…)

It's the last day for one of the expats of my company and I came back from lunch to find that he left me a gift with a sweet note on my desk. I wasn't exactly very close with him, but he was a very nice person and fun to talk with. I used to be the receptionist for this company so I got to interact with him a bit more than I do now, and on my last day as a receptionist, he got me a gift. I left because it was a temporary position, then came back when a full time, permanent position opened up for one of the departments, and now here he is, giving me a gift again even though he's the one leaving. A couple of coworkers and I had dinner with him (separate from the company dinner) and we all pitched in to get him something but I feel like I should've gotten him something else too.

No. 1316305

Tbh I think most of the charismatic psychos like Bundy and Dahmer are charismatic because they’re Bipolar tbh. It’s the intense emotion and lack of boundaries.

No. 1316308

Samefag I don’t think they’re charismatic but I get why other people could have

No. 1316314

It was just because narcissism was easy to turn into some enchanting facade before the age of the internet

No. 1316327

was he at least cute ?

No. 1316337

I wanna live on a farm and make cute little pancakes and read a book or something with my pets.

No. 1316339

He was an older man but yes, good looking and I would've fucked him if given the chance. I wouldn't even be a homewrecker because his wife was cheating on him with a much younger man (a bit younger than me I think) and they divorced over a year ago. I did feel really bad for his kids when I found this out though. His replacement isn't anywhere near as cute.

No. 1316350

The anon who posted a picture of Vinny Vinesauce in the retarded shitpost thread made me look up "vinny vinesauce wig" and I read some Kiwifarms comment that said something like "I know Vinny wouldn't be the type of guy to wear a wig if he was going bald" like bitch how do YOU know. Wasn't he pumping and dumping his fans? The bitch wears a wig. The bitch is bald.

No. 1316351

File: 1661452387985.jpg (52.82 KB, 640x640, 20220714_161235.jpg)

I'm gonna turn into a better version of myself just you wait.

No. 1316353

File: 1661452460955.jpg (22.49 KB, 462x460, 1639160400601.jpg)

I can't wait for this nonnie. Become the absolute best version of you

No. 1316355

Decided to be wild and go get a burger for the first time ever since the pandemic started, and this lispy ass gay dude at the register went "what? just the burger, okay that's weird but okay" wtf you fucking scrote, I know this job must suck, you must be tired but shut your faggoty ass mouth. The burger wasn't even worth it

No. 1316364

bitch be lookin like Donatella Versace

No. 1316367

give me tips for shoplifting from sephora, i can comfortably take lipstick from other places but for some reason sephora gives me anxiety. i don’t steal anything else besides makeup because god damn, fuck you if you think i’m spending $15-30 on lipstick

No. 1316368

Cashiers really need to learn nobody gives a fuck what they have to say

No. 1316369

skinny queen, he’s jealous

No. 1316370

Do it from Ulta instead because they treat their employees like shit

No. 1316373

kek nonnie it’s so much easier to steal from ulta, don’t worry i’ll be sure to raid their lippies for you. but i have a mental block in sephora i think because of how persistent and annoying the employees can be with following you around and asking if you need anything.

No. 1316375

My body is giving up on me

No. 1316380

Are you okay?

No. 1316381

File: 1661454071296.jpg (224.82 KB, 720x944, 1661454018733.jpg)

Today I will remind them

No. 1316386

he’s so damn ugly i can’t believe people used to obsess over him a decade ago

No. 1316387

What’s happening nonny?

No. 1316394

I just had a stomach ache, I'm better now

No. 1316395

Max and Ruby dudududu Ruby and max

No. 1316399

He looked like Mawaan Rizwan on steroids, should've known he would be annoying

No. 1316401

Kek glad you're better nonna

No. 1316408

File: 1661455087532.gif (116.35 KB, 498x343, jadeharley-jade.gif)

I actually like and enjoyed Homestuck (read it about 2 years ago, well after the hype died down) but fuck Hussie for letting retards ruin it with the epilogues and h^2. It was fun and silly in its own way with characters I really came to love and now I have to live with the apparently canon knowledge that Jade has a fucking dog dick and fucked Kanaya. God what the actual fuck. Homestuck was shit because of its fanbase back in its hayday, but now what they've turned the story into is cancer itself.

No. 1316416

I love scarves. I have no spending problems but whenever I see a pretty floral scarf for cheap I just have to have it. Sometimes when I'm bored I browse Etsy and throw all the overpriced shawls in my favorites. What is this obsession? I do actually wear them don't worry kek

No. 1316421

i mean same. i think it was funny that he basically killed it, but it sucks because it's the fault of all the annoying "that's literally me" fans it had.

No. 1316422

The book genres I used to enjoy, I no lomnger enjoy. Maybe I'm just growing out of it but everything seems to have more or less the same plotpoints and characters. At the same time I'm not sure what I would enjoy instead.

No. 1316435

Someone draw a woman dabbing but she’s pepper spraying a scrote

No. 1316445

File: 1661457403859.jpg (110.56 KB, 707x754, Capture.JPG)

I tried

No. 1316448

wtfff these images are getting scarily realistic

No. 1316453

The last image is literally the scrote pepper spraying the woman though. The first one also looks like a woman dodging an attack. The second one they are attacking each other… the third one she's getting her arms snapped… male violence even in the AI

No. 1316458

File: 1661457869564.jpg (83.19 KB, 1600x901, slugging-lead.jpg)

It's so interesting to me when common things are renamed and everyone acts as if it's so new and revolutionary. Like the skincare trend of "slugging", which is just putting moisturizer on your face and then putting vaseline on top. Hasn't everyone done that already? Didn't everyone's mothers put vaseline on their face as a kid? This is stuff that even my grandmother does.
Some people are also trying to make body slugging (putting lotion on after a shower) and "hair slugging" (putting oil in your hair) a thing, but once again these are not new and stuff that I thought everyone did.

No. 1316460

fellow nonnies i need advice and the vent thread is at the limit. i'm gonna explode

No. 1316461

There's a general advice thread in /g/

No. 1316462

make a new one? or I will

No. 1316466

I want to paint a babushcat I saw on pinterest on my boring ikea closet but I have not much experience with drawing animals, might just paint it on a big piece of paper and tape it on there.

No. 1316470

i'm on mobile and not at home or else i would have made a new one. i'll use the advice thread in /g/ tho forgot that existed

No. 1316471

instance 4923848302 of I can't tell if this is ironic or genuine what has the world come to

No. 1316472

I did it here you go nonny >>>/ot/1316468 also you can make a thread on mobile

No. 1316479

File: 1661458707051.jpg (102.67 KB, 733x770, Capture.JPG)

youre right I tried 5 times to generate anything close

No. 1316481

Broooo wtf

No. 1316488

genuinely fascinating, this is gonna turn me into full blown paranoid schizo misandrist

No. 1316490

Well if lc is next after kf who is making the new imageboard

No. 1316493

we'll just go full circle and conquer /cgl/.

No. 1316495

It is funny because clearly these AI things just use real images that exist and there are rarely any instances of women being violent against men so the AI is really struggling, and failing, to find generate an example

No. 1316498

File: 1661459695907.jpg (188.81 KB, 720x715, 1661459640398.jpg)

Is kiwifarms really going down?

No. 1316505

If it does, I'm praying that admin will get more farmhands soon, these retards will flee here in waves.

No. 1316507

File: 1661460014511.jpg (129.22 KB, 1182x668, malders.JPG)

the tranny spammers home turf is full of butthurt and malding

No. 1316508

It is surely after the service providers read these fine messages https://kiwifarms.net/threads/say-what-u-want-to-say.128194

No. 1316509

File: 1661460053856.png (988.46 KB, 668x671, rip my braincells.PNG)

I rested my chin on my hand yesterday after applying hand sanitizer and got full on lightheaded from the intense fumes. Now whenever im bored at work I sniff hand sanitizer and let myself get dizzy for a second. Am I a drug addict now???

No. 1316512

>TERF circles have sexual predators
Oh the projection, classic

No. 1316518

These troons will believe anything, but then they parrot their shit so much that others start believing them too. I dont want normies thinking this.

No. 1316519

I want all troons to drop dead.

No. 1316520

STOP anon while you're self aware. hand sanitizer fumes are the gateway drug to cocaine pregnancy and death

No. 1316521

Gotta tell you nonnas. My cousin works at a lab for testing bodily fluids for diseases and one time a guy was supposed to bring in stool sample and he brought three big jars full of shit and toiletwater. Thanks for listening to my Tedtalk.

No. 1316522

File: 1661460761680.png (193.57 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.png)

I regret clicking that

No. 1316524

File: 1661460821026.jpg (58.81 KB, 1280x720, 1589949791706.jpg)

Thank you for sharing. I'm going to think about this for the rest of the day.

No. 1316525

Kek I was literally manifesting this a few weeks ago. You can thank my schizo ass anons, fuck null and fuck scrotes! Good riddance

No. 1316526

File: 1661461081144.jpeg (1.77 MB, 3464x3464, 1661129457595.jpeg)

No. 1316530


No. 1316534

I got shoved to the ground and ended up scraping my knees during recess in kindergarten by some kid who later confessed he liked me. Like Wtf

No. 1316535

Fuck off you do nothing but spam this website because you’re that worthless, not even kiwifarms is interested at laughing at your existence.

No. 1316537

Can't wait for all trannies to die (in minecraft) (not a-logging)

No. 1316539

This is the tranny, he's making his rounds, do not respond, avoid lolcow for like, 4 to 5 hours. He will post black cock or anime shit next.

No. 1316546

lmao. men are such gross retards wtf

No. 1316550

Wtf lmao this is both disgusting and hilarious

No. 1316551

They're gonna come here and fuck lolcow up with their moidy scroting

No. 1316552

Fuck the whole "you only need 5 minutes to shower" thing that politicians are trying to push for clout nowadays as a way to once again put the guilt of inflation and global warming on people who just want to live. Hot water pouring onto my face and body is the only thing keeping me together nowadays. Come winter and high electricity prices I'm gonna have to give that up too. Fuck this.

No. 1316555

Cringe edgy bastard male troon.

No. 1316556

If you see ominous larping and normie anime pics it’s that tranny, just ignore.

No. 1316557

Why do you troll here AND larp being compassionate?

No. 1316560

It’s a grown ass man pretending to be young anime boys too, has no life so he has to shit up the boards.

No. 1316574

>the rot
What rot? The pictures of your rotting amhole you will be spamming? Great

No. 1316578

File: 1661463132091.gif (1.36 MB, 498x278, ariel-ariel-little-mermaid.gif)

I love The Little Mermaid so much, I think I'm gonna rewatch it this week

No. 1316616

File: 1661465372180.png (Spoiler Image,235.92 KB, 960x1361, c46711ecee6c5dd5a9e8c7c19ef67b…)


No. 1316642

File: 1661467168943.gif (8.71 MB, 498x280, 2f25f44be3d5af5d96b159dbe1fecf…)

I unironically love bring on medication and I'm so happy that it's working for me. Everything is going back to normal since my psychotic episode. Wellbutrin is saving my life.

No. 1316654

File: 1661468052196.jpeg (70.5 KB, 1000x563, F5F8F0FF-3D2A-4AD3-99A3-47DA2D…)

Was pissed off the whole drive home because my car smelled like rotten milk and turns out it’s just my pussy sooooo

No. 1316656

File: 1661468068391.gif (1.03 MB, 245x225, metooo.gif)

Praise be to wellbutrin!

No. 1316662

That's BV nonna

No. 1316664

I'm thinking about the anon who claimed she had "perfect feet". And all the anons after her who posted their feet.

No. 1316668

And it turned out that she had a giant flipper for a foot. Good times.

No. 1316688

If anyone has perfect feet here it's me

No. 1316689

No it’s Me.

No. 1316693

No. 1316717

oh god oh fuck

No. 1316775

I hate that I thought the anon seething about people calling her a tranny had a nice body,especially for a mom,too bad shes unhinged

No. 1316805

which thread

No. 1316819

i love ur big areola

No. 1316828

I remember her. I thought her feet were kinda cute but nothing to write home about

No. 1316830

>kinda cute
Anon her feet were big as hell

No. 1316831

Audrey Hepburn wore a size 11 and I dare you to conjure her ghost and declare her feet could never be kawaii right to her face (she was a holocaust survivor)

No. 1316832

I thought anons were exaggerating or it was something with the angle. Either I'm remembering a different feetposter or I am partial to big feet

No. 1316834

File: 1661479355407.jpeg (85.33 KB, 945x609, 55ACDC75-238A-4C2C-923B-26F09B…)

areola grande

No. 1316836

I missed it. Fuck

No. 1316837

What was Audrey doing at the Holocaust

No. 1316841

File: 1661480182990.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.78 MB, 2976x3968, bigfoot sighting.jpg)

They looked humongous to me in all the photos but idk.
Link for any anons who want to see >>>/ot/907658

No. 1316843

That's a man.

No. 1316845

They look small in that pic relative to her ankle/calf except that big toe is over-elongated and weird tbh

No. 1316847

Holy shit that was the contender for best foot? What's with the gigatoe? WHat movie is it watching?

No. 1316851

She got some nasty ass big toes

No. 1316856

Idk why anons are praising the downfall of kf. I do not want to be talking to these tards here.

No. 1316859

She looks normal. Have the retards saying that her toes are "too big"/she's a man ever seen their own feet? I bet they'd get the same kind of responses if they posted their own. Also how can you even tell these feet are particularly big when the photo has some distortion, it's only focused on the foot and there isn't even some kind of size reference? kek

No. 1316861

This. I don't want to have to scroll through a constant stream of BS from bird-brained moids and pickmes

No. 1316866

Who the hell cares about feet, wtf is wrong with you.

No. 1316869

I'm not gonna argue with you about the size of an anons foot when it's so old, but they posted two other photos of their foot where you can see them.

No. 1316875

shes the one who claimed to have perfect feet. no need to white knight foot-chan

No. 1316877

Holy shit I left the internet for a week and kiwifarms DIED?!

No. 1316883

It was Allah's will.

No. 1316884

The problem is how annoying and adamant she was about her "perfect feet". All feet are fucking ugly anyway, though

No. 1316891

nigga chill

No. 1316893

It's [redacted], just ignore and report

No. 1316903

>All feet are fucking ugly anyway, though
At least we can agree on this

No. 1316918

I went to the bakery during my lunch break to get a coffee. I see this giant delicious looking cookie. There's no price and I don't bother asking it, it's a cookie, it can't be that expensive. Well it was fucking 10$ and I only had 20$ left in my account and I am a dumbass that just can't say that I don't want it anymore. It's not even that good, I could have made a huge batch for the same price and it would have been better.

No. 1316920

File: 1661484473200.png (177.2 KB, 736x617, help.png)

what did they do to my boy Pupcake! why does he look like that now. I just found this out just now. I'm devastated.

No. 1316929

File: 1661484836451.jpeg (368.8 KB, 1440x955, 853F44F2-C5E3-4C89-8385-C0A4F0…)

What the fuck? most upsetting…

No. 1316933

I am quite honestly seething. That ugly mutt is not Pupcake what the fuck. Downgrade of the century.

No. 1316960

What the fuck

No. 1316972

Anons here like to purposely prey on and bait mentally ill anons until they snap which is why users here seem to have the most unhinged rantings. Anons who see other anons freaking out about being called a tranny and then continuing to add to that when they obviously don't actually believe the user is a troon are the worst. I just hope anons know when to stop before she actually hurts somebody IRL.

No. 1316974

there's definitely anons here who see a mental illness post in vent and will get mean as shit, then people start fighting

No. 1316976

anyone who hurts someone irl over posts on a cantonese goat herding site is already retarded to begin with. someone like that would probably still do it over something else on some other site.

No. 1316977

That's sad. Ten dollars for a cookie is crazy. Also side note, what flavor was the cookie?

No. 1316982

They're like 4chan moids in the way some anons enjoy being predatory towards obviously mentally ill users. I remember years ago there was an obvious CSA victim posting about how much they hate loli and anons kept baiting her until she had a mental breakdown and kept ban evading. The baiting anons seem more mentally ill than the obviously mentally ill ones.

No. 1316985

Even if that was the case why be responsible for baiting a mentally ill person into insanity? If someone is obviously mentally ill just leave them alone and let jannies take care of them. Don't be a moid-like predator.

No. 1316989

I would understand if you were talking about someone hurting themselves or an anon in the vent thread being attacked, but calling those anons predatory is retarded. It's like some of you forget that this is lolcow and that if you sperg out and infight people are going to make fun of you.

No. 1316993

File: 1661489066391.jpg (123.48 KB, 736x1308, ecff016f45b5a8e00adf76689ff176…)

>Anons here like to purposely prey on and bait mentally ill anons until they snap which is why users here seem to have the most unhinged rantings. Anons who see other anons freaking out about being called a tranny and then continuing to add to that when they obviously don't actually believe the user is a troon are the worst. I just hope anons know when to stop before she actually hurts somebody IRL
poo poo pee pee

No. 1316994

in most situations i'd agree with you but in this particular one people are just baiting her because her responses are funny. if she had an online presence or name she'd have a thread on /snow/.

No. 1317002

Stop infantilizing imageboard issues. Grow a thicker skin. Join a support group if you are that emotionally fragile.

No. 1317004

Idk it just scares me because she's a mom and anons are driving her to insanity all while she clearly doesn't care about consequences of her action. That's a dangerous combination.

No. 1317007

Anon if shes been posting and sperging for hours here its obvious that shes insane. You cant push someone whos already fucking bonkers

No. 1317009

I just got here what is happening someone posted pics of herself again?

No. 1317010

>driving her to insanity
Implying she was sane to being with is pretty funny.

No. 1317012

an anon posted her own titties from a hospital room in this thread >>>/ot/1316984 but she deleted it

No. 1317013

I agree she's crazy but it's like handling a mentally ill person in the wild. If you're unable to handle the situation appropriately then just ignore it. Nothing good comes from tormenting the mentally ill. This doesn't just go for her it goes for any farmer that preys on mentally ill anons for their own amusement. We aren't 4chan.

No. 1317015

Plenty of anons told her to stop posting but she kept going for it. Idk if that's your idea of bait but it seemed the opposite to me

No. 1317020

I clearly see the thread that anons kept calling her a tranny on almost every post she made.

No. 1317023

Jannies unfortunately deleted most of her posts

No. 1317025

File: 1661491130678.png (37.33 KB, 208x212, 1659455625661066.png)

Nonnies, should I go to a grocery store while sick? I've got no food to cook…sigh

No. 1317026

She's been posting for 7 almost 8 hours… this is insane kek

No. 1317029

Then stop replying and continuing to bait? You can't possibly be stupid enough to see an obviously insane person, bait them, and then continue to bitch about how much they shit up the thread right?

No. 1317031

Better order from a delivery app, idk which ones do supermarket shopping in your country

No. 1317033

Thanks for the info, I always miss that stuff. Last time I saw someone post pics was that "tiny feet" anon.

No. 1317041

Did she have a sign? If not it’s just a larper. Even feet anon or anything of that nature is a larper if there is no sign.

No. 1317045

Yeah the first time she had the time tag (?) and a paper that said lolcow with the date and time on it. Anons claimed she just got another girl to do it though so idk.

No. 1317047

I honestly think killing thieves on the spot shouldn't be punished and should count as self defense, no matter the age of he attacker.

No. 1317048

NTA but I don't think she was complaining about it, more like she was bragging about how much she can milk the cow

No. 1317050

Why can't she learn to just not reply then? I have plenty of opinions that aren't in line with the majority here and I know it's a losing battle to speak them. It's basic imageboard knowledge to just not feed the trolls and move on, they'll always think you're whatever bad outgroup. Posting your lactating tits is not the answer. I know if I posted any body part of mine here I'd get called a moid or tranny because anons have already made up their mind about me, I already lost. That anon was clearly a newfag or severely fucked in the head.

No. 1317054

It's really not anyone's fault she decided to flip out for hours over being called a fucking troon kek

No. 1317057

If you're being a sperg, anons will treat you as such and joke about you. Simple as. It's the same way cows are treated here.

No. 1317076

the term "leaving breadcrumbs" is fucking retarded and doesn't make sense.

No. 1317093

File: 1661495187671.jpeg (223.09 KB, 1170x2051, 35613CD0-580C-4B14-8371-F8890F…)

I wish all bitches who name off Lana Del Rey and Britney Spears as eclectic music taste a very unrestful night

No. 1317095

This person is definitely a bully / mean girl lol

No. 1317102

It’s a metaphor, anon, it means to leave a trail behind you for other people (or yourself) to follow. It comes from the folktale of Hansel & Gretel.

No. 1317104

File: 1661496181452.gif (444.45 KB, 400x225, 946c3760-a076-46c3-a013-2b2a7b…)

More along the lines of

No. 1317114

…. Should post more in personal cow thread

No. 1317118

Eh, not really cow material yet. Just very delusional kek another burlesque-fag like Kathy

No. 1317120

Ever since I measured the circumference of my nipples I've been insecure about the size difference between them. I didn't notice how much bigger one was than the other until then.

No. 1317121

Damn iced tea white claw is insanely good. Didn't know I wanted fizzy iced tea until now.

No. 1317122

If you've never noticed then no one else has. Especially when it comes to NIPPLES omg

No. 1317131

File: 1661497628392.jpg (27.03 KB, 264x340, 1561397115556.jpg)

I become more and more blackpilled every time I see women being made insecure over such meaningless body features. Like imagine that we're supposed to give a shit about the size and shape of our labia and nipples, it's not enough to just stress over not having a 25-inch waist or big perky tits but we still have to hate literally every small thing there is to our bodies. If men came up with a toe fetish we would be made feel like lesser human beings for not having toes corresponding to the idealized niche.

No. 1317133

The difference of my areolas is actually pretty noticeable. I just never saw it before because of the shape of my breasts, I have to lift them up to see in a mirror.

No. 1317136

how many inches in difference we talking here?

No. 1317139

You don't poke the homeless man screaming in the corner outside and expect him to not do anything. Be smart enough to spot mental illness and not bait it. This is socialization 101 don't be stupid

No. 1317140

Iirc, 8 and 11 inches.

No. 1317152

File: 1661499087752.jpeg (70.06 KB, 661x500, 6D01970C-1D1D-441E-9C2D-4C9376…)

On the topics of areolas: I’m so conscious about my way too small ones. Wish I had da big ones

No. 1317153

yes i know but the way it's used doesn't make sense. it's used in place of dropping hints, but the breadcrumbs in the book are for the one leaving them to follow back to the beginning. where as it's used to express that the one follow it is using them to drop hints they can refer to later. plus, the ones in the book don't work. it's just a pointless nonsense metaphor that sounds stupid.

No. 1317159

You're insecure but can't recall correctly? Just let it be. I only have labia minora on one side and some people don't even notice that.

No. 1317161

My memory is bad so I'm never completely sure. I double checked after posting that and I was right. Anyway, it doesn't matter if I don't know the exact measurements because I can still see it with my own eyes.

No. 1317162

Sorry, wasn't trying to be snarky or anything. Hoped maybe it was just getting to you lately and you couldn't remember the exact measurements. Please don't care and let it make you insecure. People's bodies are more whack than you think.

No. 1317164

the small ones are considered more conventionally attractive tho

No. 1317186

I'm watching boy meets world and I relate to Mr.feeny.

No. 1317194

A kilo of pork is 10 bucks in japan? What the hell how do they even survive

No. 1317195

gigastacy behavior
personally ive wanted to do that too

No. 1317201

Isn't seafood on the other hand very affordable there though?

No. 1317204

It's even more expensive in Finland (10-15 bucks a kilo). It's good though, people should eat less red meat and a higher price is a good way to make them think twice about gorging on it alone.

No. 1317206

>Wish I had da big ones
Honestly why? I don't think much about my nipples but as far as I know smaller ones get more attention, it wouldn't be the standard nipple size in porn if that wasn't the case.
I'm glad to be in the middle, small for some, big for others, it all depends on them

No. 1317207

i have big nipples and everyone i've been with has loved them.

No. 1317213

Someone really non-ironically posted this? Damn.

No. 1317214

>til there's nipple sizes and apparantly small ones are preffered
Another day to thank the universe my brain hasn't been influenced by porn.

No. 1317228

7$ for a kilo is indeed not bad, on the other hand shrimp prices are the same

No. 1317230

Yesterday I learned that Asada Nemui did a bunch of Xenoblade 2 fanarts years ago, mostly of Malos because of course, and now I cannot think of anything else. It explains so, so much. The guy in My little Inferno is literally just Malos with slightly shorter hair.

No. 1317231

one time i found an unopened bueno on the street and ate it

No. 1317232

Bigger ones look more womanly, soft and romantic. Mine look underdeveloped and yes underdeveloped bodies are considered sexy by degenerates and that makes it all worse for me.

No. 1317236

File: 1661509086959.jpeg (157.68 KB, 1600x1156, D559D069-88A7-4D23-8D71-687108…)

I have GOT to stop consuming media

No. 1317237

Who the fuck is that orange clown

No. 1317240

where would flat chests with big nipples fall into

No. 1317243

File: 1661510793443.jpeg (14.79 KB, 244x206, 2B331588-9227-42A4-83F5-5DC991…)

When I was young I was really into Twilight Princess and thought Midna was so pretty and loved her I made her my wallpaper on my computer. I remember my dad seeing it and getting jumpscared by it and asking me what it was kek. I told her it was a girl from a game and I thought she was pretty. He told me to change it cuz it was scary

No. 1317260

File: 1661513351219.gif (1.52 MB, 245x300, 88EF851A-5812-43BA-900A-3DC357…)

I’m obsessed with her. When I first saw her I was shocked at how beautiful her design is

No. 1317274

I am once again begging anons to learn the difference between nipples and areolas.

No. 1317303

File: 1661517249520.jpeg (135.37 KB, 600x600, 1653675904233.jpeg)

Damn I wish I was really good at makeup and cosplay, I would attempt this.

No. 1317307

Who is the artist who draws these? I keep seeing pictures in the art style pop up on here and I think they're so cute

No. 1317310

No. 1317325

Oh wow she sells prints too! They're a little pricey but I've been meaning to decorate my apartment and her work is so cute…

No. 1317326

I want protein

No. 1317344

File: 1661520788596.jpeg (48.98 KB, 340x263, C5957235-E6D2-43F2-9EF6-53E530…)

Feeling like them rn

No. 1317356

Based, they seem cozy

No. 1317361

Any time someone gets swatted and the "identity" is told by the perp, I think of this scene.

No. 1317363

I'm obsessed with this picture

No. 1317368

Stoo comparing that anon to a fucking mentally ill homeless person they're not the same. Nobody forced her to spends an entire work shift flipping out over being called a fucking tranny, if her mental stability is so fucking fragile then maybe she shouldn't have been on lolcow in the first place.

No. 1317369

nta but what did i miss?? wtf

No. 1317373

about 12 hours ago someone was posting nudes of a lactating woman in a hospital to prove theyre not a tranny

No. 1317385

Holy shit where was that

No. 1317391

Nta but in that things that would get you called a scrote on lolcow thread, at first I thought it was some troll but seems that nonnie just doesn't have any sense of ridicule or of self preservation

No. 1317396

It's just life. Mentally ill people are everywhere regardless of if you think it's smart of them to be there or not, have some emotional intelligence and leave them alone if you can't handle them appropriately
Same but they posted a timestamp so it definitely was them. Anons here can be batshit insane so it doesn't surprise me, and it doesn't surprise me either anons are trying to defend themselves for preying on mentally ill users for their own amusement. I would even go as far as to say some users were moids purposely baiting her to get more nude photos.

No. 1317397

Why in the world would you at all care about what's considered attractive in porn?

No. 1317398

I don’t understand kirdedede anon because Kirby is like a baby to me.

No. 1317401

Didn't she at one point go on a rant how it's just the cartoons infantilizing her?

No. 1317402

Oh wow they posted a timestamped nude? Their post history must be crazy

No. 1317405

this but unironically though. a lot of anons are great but we have tons of mentally ill anons here, and anons who are bullies because they can be. anons getting baited are embarrassing, but you can't blame them fully when the ones baiting them should stop. i can be harsh personally but some anons on here start fights or bait on purpose and are just cruel. there's a difference between edgy chan bluntness and trying to live out your popular bitch high school fantasies.

No. 1317408

Sometimes I beat myself up over my useless college degree in political science, then I think of my friend who majored in business but still struggled to find a related job for a long time. She's going back to school for a master's in library science now (just got a job as a librarian, must get degree to keep her job). Useless degrees or not, shit just works out or doesn't I think. I do work a job using my degree but I want out kek.

No. 1317409

I understand dedede if you’re a furry, but Kirby is drawn like a baby marshmallow thing that makes baby sounds. Idk it’s weird to me

No. 1317411

Yep, jannies deleted it for some reason which is weird since they'll happily keep up mysterys revenge porn
Definitely. The baiting anons are very moid-like and reminds me of 4chan fags who use to bait randoms into suicide and when anyone said anything they just pulled the "it's just the internet, it's their fault for taking it so seriously" card. Internet is one of the main forms of human socialization now and it's gotten worse since the pandemic. If anons are unable to recognize mental illness and then leave instead of baiting they should just go back to 4chan where they would fit in better. Heavily mentally ill people shouldn't be in here either but I'd rather anons just ignore them instead of bait them into multiple breakdowns and taking no responsibility for their actions

No. 1317412

i have a feeling these are the same anons who respond to obvious tranny bait themselves, and the same ones who use tranny/moid as an insult to be dismissive. i'd also believe those anons are mentally ill as well, simply because it would be pathetic otherwise.

No. 1317415

>> anons are mentally ill as well, simply because it would be pathetic otherwise.
Why do you write like that?

No. 1317418

Now that I'm learning to code I kinda want to make a terf board but I don't want to be doxed. Decisions, decisions.

No. 1317422

I’m confused with mods sometimes. They deleted a post I made but then left up my replies to people replying to the original post. I’m assuming someone reported it, has this happened to anyone else?

No. 1317425

because i can, bitch.

No. 1317433

Anons, do you know any movies where men cry? I can only think of Romeo and Juliet along with some other DiCaprio movies and the 2002 version (the superior version) of Spider Man. Googling only gets me results of movies that make men cry, and I don't care about that.

No. 1317436

i love u

No. 1317442

men arent human they only cry when no one wants to have sex with them (which doesn't make for compelling cinema)

No. 1317444


No. 1317449

No. 1317451

>make essay length rage fueled and extremely passionate rant
>think it's perfectly fine and coherent in the moment
>re-read it after the clarity of a good night's rest graces me
>shaken over how long, incoherent and truly autistic it is.
Never post past 11:00 pm in a sour mood will be my new rule, holy fuck.

No. 1317453

DNI with redacted

No. 1317454

This video has a lot of examples. It reminded me that war movies have a lot of crying too.

No. 1317456

These are both [Redacted]. They’re getting more elaborate. Pathetic.

No. 1317459

Still sounds like complete bullshit to me

No. 1317461

Based and factual

No. 1317484

No. 1317489

It's long enough that I can't see the replies but I'm still afraid to read them to be honest, I fucked up truly. Never again.

No. 1317504

omg me too nonnie, at 7 I saw my sibling play the game and I was going around school telling everyone that Midna was the prettiest name and that she was the most beautiful and coolest character to other children who had no idea what I was sperging about (in my foggy memory she also had a very fun and sassy personality I think ? I don't know why I got so attached to her early sign I was a lesbian I guess )

No. 1317506

Thinking about how when I was a kid I would watch a ton of scroteshit harem anime because I saw there were a lot of female characters and just assumed it was for girls kek. I think my brother found out I was reading some ecchi manga when I was 10 and laughed at me for being really weird, but I just wanted to read about cute girls doing stuff and couldn't conceptualize why men would be into that kek. I don't know how I just glazed over how overtly sexual everything was.

No. 1317510

By the way, does anyone know if not-tranny-here-are-my-nudes anon got banned? I feel like she should get a temporary ban for her own wellbeing

No. 1317516

I feel like you could sense something bad was going to happen in like the 9-12 months leading up to covid/lockdowns there was already a sense of impending doom in the air. Like summer of 2019 already had a weird depressing vibe with literally nothing happening other than Popeyes chicken sandwich related psychosis

No. 1317517

Am I wrong or is there a sudden increase of the usage of cunt against women on this board these past few weeks? I swear I didn't use to see it regularly used here at all but now I do.

No. 1317520

Said poor mentally ill victim was blatantly ban evading, samefagging and having conversations with itself talking in 3rd person, almost sentence-verbatim writing exactly like the tranny and making the same statements, called herself bio woman and was always posting the exactly same time the tranny was either spamming or avatarfagging in other threads.

No. 1317524

Newfags and moid trolls

No. 1317541

File: 1661534604545.gif (227.07 KB, 128x128, 1646334476414.gif)

Why do moids straight up smell like spoiled milk? They shouldn't be allowed on public transport.

No. 1317542

only ones who are hygienic are a subsection of homos

No. 1317545

Anons on this site usually never go this hard to defend and protect a random anon either(one with lolcow tendencies at that) lol it's very sus in my opinion.

No. 1317548

You're right

No. 1317555

Pizza lovers

No. 1317556

File: 1661535445280.jpg (61.75 KB, 407x606, 9214bc6f-e42e-4f96-9f8e-ff3205…)

I want Burger King. I want an impossible whopper so bad.

No. 1317557

I want them to bring black that whopper with the black buns for halloween

No. 1317559

>go to burger king
>Order an impossible whopper
>Take a bite
>tfw I'm getting more of a seared bite on the Impossible Whopper, than I'm getting on the actual Who- no no no no no no no no…. No please don't say that no no no… No. Nonononono. No no nono no no. NONO NO NONO NO NOOOOO. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm not gonna trip. I wanted to come in a 100% hater.

No. 1317561

You see, there was this anon who was clearly having a psychotic breakdown or something like that.
She posted once or twice in the CelebCows thread about some semen conspiracy but some of you ordered her to the tinfoid
I wish I'd see her again…

No. 1317565

File: 1661536283626.gif (1.06 MB, 498x280, FEC859CB-7C85-40D7-A33C-1B9E30…)

>Semen conspiracy

No. 1317569

Buying special medicated shampoo for my dog that's $30 a bottle without a second thought meanwhile I struggle to justify to buying nice shampoo/conditioner for myself at that price point kek.

No. 1317575

People who say it's ok to drink during pregnancy (a glass of wine or whatever) are so retarded to me. I couldn't imagine being so weak-willed that I couldn't put down alcohol for a few months in order to not put my child's health at risk.

No. 1317576

Doesn't that make sense though. Your dog sounds like it needs it's medicated stuff but a $30 bottle of shampoo isn't going to clean your hair better than one half or a quarter the price.

No. 1317577

That is true! I usually find nice shampoos for around ~$10 a bottle, but when I look up shampoo recommendations for my limp hair, a lot of popular recommendations are usually around $30-$40 a bottle and I think it's ridiculous kek.

No. 1317581

File: 1661536864933.png (1.41 MB, 1423x1080, Patty_Hype_056.png)

I hope so too, I never got to have that one or the green and red burgers they had.

No. 1317588

I never said she wasn't wrong, I'm saying that if anons saw that she was mentally ill, or any poster for that matter then went above and beyond to try to bait her then it's a bit predatory imo. I'm not saying she isn't bad but baiting obviously mentally ill posters for no apparent reason (and no, "sounding like a tranny" and saying bio woman isn't a good reason) is stooping to her level

This doesn't just apply to her btw. I've seen multiple anons in vent threads see people in shitty situations who are mentally ill and then go out of their way to do things like claim the abuse was their fault or just call them a troon over stupid shit.

No. 1317608

you're really comparing this shit to suicide

No. 1317613

I KNOW there's something entertaining to watch or do but for the life of me don't know what. Nothing on netflix is appealing, I skip out on the youtube videos I'd usually like after about 5 minutes. Also I figured I should go a walk but have no idea what to wear it's like my whole wardrobe is unsuitable, it's such a dumb problem. And I can even pirate whatever I want but nothing is coming to mind. It's like I need some sort of extra light non intensive content that's also super entertaining. I will say it's Friday evening and at this point I'd usually be stoned but I had to do something that required being sober, and I only take edibles so it's too late for today, so that's maybe why, but also it could not be.

No. 1317615

I think you're trying to say that Impossible whoppers are better than regular ones, and yes I agree. Impossible whopper + cheese = heaven.

No. 1317632

Again if it talks like the tranny and behaves like the tranny, at the same time the tranny is appearing in other threads, anons will think it's the tranny.

No. 1317639

Yeah you can tell from the unsaged posting and replying to multiple anons. Girl is really trying to whiteknight herself out here.

No. 1317648

You assume that saying she sounds like the tranny is Bait? What if it’s just the truth? Are you tone policing people with a potentional social disability while you moral fag? Get out of here.

No. 1317650

File: 1661540519085.jpeg (764.17 KB, 1052x1194, 0E781139-9550-47D2-AA52-3E5A64…)

nonnies what blush should i use to get this look of the finnish prime minister (preferably cream or liquid blush)

No. 1317652

Jesus christ just shut up and move on already I'm beginning to think you are that retarded anon from yesterday

No. 1317656

File: 1661540847421.jpg (82.93 KB, 800x800, 0607845051558_5.jpg)

nars liquid orgasm (ew kek)

No. 1317660

I want to post my feet. Not for the previous footposters reasons, but rather because I may have been bitten by a spider, and I live in spooky spider territory, and I need someone to confirm and lament my impending death.

No. 1317661

didn’t even know a liquid version existed, thanks nonnie! and yeah i wish makeup companies would drop the OMG SEX!!1!1!1! shtick once and for all

No. 1317675

I find this stuff more orangey than the baby pink anon's going for, I do love it but I think it's more like a natural flush.

No. 1317684

ayrt, and yes I think it will pull oranger if you are very pale and cool toned. sorry op

No. 1317688

Glossier cloudpaint, Puff
Daniel Sandler watercolour blush, Cherub
are options worth looking at too.

No. 1317690

unfortunate, im very pale so i guess i just need to go swatch some things myself. i like peachy shades but i have bases covered for that already. very curious about baby pink blushes since they’re out of my comfort zone but tbh i think i look best in muted rosy tones. everything pulls too saturated on me tho. damn fuck makeup

No. 1317703

File: 1661543519734.gif (1.85 MB, 252x252, cat-reading.gif)

I got a library card today! Please, kind nonnies, recommend me some good fiction written by women

No. 1317704

I bought my cat some new sachet food and although they usually smells horrible this one smells really good I almost tried to lick a little haha

No. 1317705

are you into older books or any particular themes? wuthering heights is a classic for a reason

No. 1317707

Peter Parker cried in Spider Man (2002) (the good Spider Man) because his uncle died and it used to be my favorite movie when I was like seven, so it was compelling enough for me.
Thank you. I'm never sure what to think of Cage's acting.
This is great, thank you very much.

No. 1317720

Wuthering heights, what a great suggestion. Thank you! And yes, I love older books! Preferably around the turn of the century and first half of the 20th century. I love anything with a gloomy atmosphere/mood and troubled characters. So far my favorites have been Radclyffe Hall's The Well of Loneliness and Kallocain by Karin Boye (a well known Swedish author and poet, Strongly recommend looking her up).

No. 1317736

I just saw a pic of Shayna's girlfriend and thought it was Samantha Prater

No. 1317744

File: 1661546490263.jpg (92.88 KB, 708x777, dark triad.JPG)


No. 1317749

File: 1661546787713.gif (316.21 KB, 256x275, 1627603916634.gif)

>tfw meditating on my heart chakra
>the colors on the back of my eyelids begin to swirl around
>the swirls reach their zenith and turn into a cartoony image of a little girl holding a flower
Feels good.

No. 1317750

A cute scrote tht works at my gym said I look nice i didn't know how to react

No. 1317754

i WILL make friends this year I WILL

No. 1317756

Aw that's nice

No. 1317758

File: 1661547304301.jpg (204.61 KB, 845x1080, yeji.jpg)

she's one of the few confirmed "natural"

picrel is her as a kid, i actually really like yeji. she's crazy talented

No. 1317760

anon cmon you know damn well she is considered the worst visual in the whole group.

No. 1317761

My crazy brother is acting up again It's always when he drinks a ton of wine too but these motherfuckers keep buying it for him. My dog is wet with what? No idea and I woke up a few seconds ago to my dad and my brother fighting like a bunch of retards. Nonnies give me a gun or some patience because I'm not gonna make it either way.

No. 1317769

Want a waffle so fucking bad from the local dessert place but I'm too broke rn. I also recently got hooked on Starbucks & McDonalds, but it's always extortionate to order. How do fatties do it, where are they getting this money?

No. 1317775

>Anons here like to purposely prey on and bait mentally ill anons until they snap
Not that I like it either but do you know where you are?

No. 1317778

File: 1661550430118.jpg (29.82 KB, 338x762, brokenmessiah.jpg)

Do you guys think if the Death Note existed irl and someone went on a similar spree with it, people would believe it can do the things it can?

No. 1317782

You can even direct the actions before death. So you could put "Dan Schneider tweets a truthful confession of all the shit hes done then throws himself into a woodchipper". There would be a lot of that (if I was granted such power).

No. 1317783

kirdedede anon is that you

No. 1317788

I hope it is. If she is here I would like to formally inform her that Dedede has no penis.

No. 1317790


No. 1317791

Do you usually eat breakfast?

No. 1317797

I usually have a protein drink and water

No. 1317799

is that canon

No. 1317802

I cannot start my day without breakfast. I usually eat eggs or a cereal bar.

No. 1317805

Moids equal inferior

No. 1317806

Oh this happened to me when I was super high and some shop was selling waffles with chocolate and strawberries on and it was all I wanted. I'm usually super thrifty and at least must know the price of something and didn't see any menu, but anyway I go in and order it and it was fifteen, FIFTEEN euro. It was so sickly sweet I couldn't even finish it. For sure that place was a scam, deliberately having super nice presentation to draw the stoned idiots inside (Amsterdam) and not consider the price. I hope you finished yours anon. And that it tasted amazing.

No. 1317808

I'm trying to but most mornings I'm too nauseous to keep anything down. And no, I'm not terminally ill or pregnant, I just have a sensitive stomach.

No. 1317810

had a great laugh and reminded me to play civ again thanks nonnie

No. 1317811

File: 1661553104058.jpg (43.32 KB, 636x614, 20220722_215543.jpg)


No. 1317818

Eating breakfast always makes me feel so nauseous too! Even if I’m actually hungry if still does, I don’t know why because I don’t have a sensitive stomach otherwise but it always has even when I was a kid for some reason

No. 1317841

File: 1661555807936.jpg (14.28 KB, 500x326, 3qby1awrr6281.jpg)

Looking at all the teaser images and trailer for House of the Dragon. One lady looks like that troon from Euphoria and they got ugly ass Doctor Who looking like a thumb

I thought Targaryens were meant to be beautiful but I guess Daenerys was the only exception, they turned my boy Rhaegar into an uggo too in the TV show

No. 1317844

Do you guys like ginger? Ginger is great for nausea

No. 1317845

File: 1661555990777.jpg (45.18 KB, 331x445, 91VxCXQpGcL._SY445_.jpg)

These help me tremendously. Particularly when I had morning sickness.

No. 1317849

If you smack while you eat, fuck you. I hate when people eat like a damn barnyard animal.

No. 1317853

File: 1661557010616.jpeg (128.57 KB, 1080x1027, 0343913D-F50E-46C4-B5F6-40C6BA…)

Who is that on the far left?

No. 1317854

US assistant secretary of health

No. 1317858

Tranny secretary of health Levine something. He’s a guy pretending to be a woman.

No. 1317860

Why do men stand like that? Never noticed before.

No. 1317861

Cock and balls

No. 1317868

loving the vibe of this thread right now it’s like a slow and cozy girls night at your rinky dinky apartment just shooting each other with the most retarded questions and ideas

No. 1317872

File: 1661558210421.jpeg (75.78 KB, 750x750, 82C2CE20-C317-4E85-BFAB-CAA15F…)

No. 1317875

that’s so cute i wish i was a fluffy little animal

No. 1317877

File: 1661558470411.jpg (23.67 KB, 460x240, thanks 9gag.jpg)

Made me think of that picture of pikachu getting killed by lion kings that was everywhere.

No. 1317879


No. 1317880

File: 1661558591733.jpg (26.82 KB, 640x555, NgWFa6bp1oViwWwdfVYU1Wwy8_w8O0…)

No. 1317881

Would it be ok if I dipped Takis in mayonaise

No. 1317883

File: 1661558760644.jpg (246.29 KB, 1024x1546, izuru and a lion king.jpg)

Alternatively just look up random series+the lion king on deviantart and you'll likely get crossover results.

No. 1317886

File: 1661558900377.jpg (60.48 KB, 779x642, I don't really even like lion …)

No. 1317888

Did anyone who struggled with hairfall managed to resolve it?

No. 1317892

What an absolute classic

No. 1317896

File: 1661559678490.jpg (1.64 MB, 1415x1600, 030b8ddc-34f8-4063-97b7-2717fb…)

No. 1317902

File: 1661560677769.jpg (29.24 KB, 748x474, FbHumUaUcAEg1Vh.jpg)

It's been a month, and I'm honestly kind of disappointed that Beyonce didn't release any music videos for her recent album despite teasing one weeks ago.

No. 1317911

Yeah Starhorse, you knock that bitch off~
anyway, i did try to listen to a bit of it to stay 'topical' but it not really my thing.

No. 1317924

File: 1661563566011.png (1.24 MB, 1674x926, favorite mahou shoujo type.png)

made a meme

No. 1317928

Nope. Most breakfast foods give me the shits or constipation.

No. 1317929

Sweet, I'm a radfem

No. 1317956

as a shugo chara fan, the accuracy hurts. add sugar sugar rune and mermaid melody.

No. 1317958

It wasn't that bad but I won't be trying it again

No. 1317961

can someone tell me all these animes and where to watch them

No. 1317964


No. 1317968

I found a thread from fucking years ago that is currently locked and damn the energy on here was mad different back then. Emojis and







No. 1317970

Be gratuitous of the old haikus

As they were where we come from

Built up from the soil

And allows you to post as you are today

No. 1317974

File: 1661570495416.jpg (38.71 KB, 333x499, tumblr_5ccb5140604877d399d23f2…)

That is like so true

I appreciate wisdom

From someone like you

No. 1317988

Today when I was walking two scrotes made comments on my appearance. One was a nasty tranny who said
>wow you're skinny
>i'm so fat
And I nodded vigorously while walking away.
I fucking love when people call me skinny though. Easily my favorite compliment.

No. 1317989

I feel really bad for people who get the gastric sleeve surgery. All of them say they can only eat 2 or so bites of food before getting full.

No. 1317991

Did you used to be fat or something?

No. 1318000

File: 1661572353755.jpeg (32.12 KB, 512x467, FKTinlvXIAEr2Ib.jpeg)

No. 1318006

No. 1318025

File: 1661573732002.jpg (28.29 KB, 582x282, Capture.JPG)

is this based

No. 1318026

Dark triad Stacy

No. 1318027

File: 1661573806438.jpg (142.68 KB, 1280x1141, tumblr_096130c5952db6a6edc45a1…)

No. 1318029

Cutting out added sugars, meal planning largely sticking to a plant based, non processed diet, and buying produce that will last longer and stocking up on food so you're not food shopping as often.

No. 1318032

File: 1661574018285.jpg (10.97 KB, 400x297, ELyjU_oWsAAfIX2.jpg)

just laura gemser

No. 1318036

Idk where else to ask this kek. Anons do you have any recommendations for cute bras? Cute as in like very girly feminine. I'm a burger and I feel like all the bras I see at the stores are so fucking boring. Just nude colours and tbh kinda dumpy looking. I want cute patterns, pretty colors, bows and lace.

No. 1318051

File: 1661576059442.jpeg (62.66 KB, 602x641, EDFD9DD6-8B47-4CE7-9305-1837B1…)

she’s not natural kek yeji had her nose eyes and lips done. no one in kpop is natural

No. 1318054

Nta but she’s still very pretty. I love her eyes, she’s very cute.

No. 1318098

File: 1661581744622.jpg (240.69 KB, 880x579, spoopy cow.jpg)


No. 1318099

wow wtf how do you come out looking like that ??????!?!?!?! she is stunning

No. 1318101

One of my fave ytps ever. Brings back memories

No. 1318109

I hate this rise of “femininity coaches”. I’m all here for women raising their non-existing standards for men and not falling head over heels for some (toxic) scrote who gives them a bit of attention but their teachings are just focused on how to bag a “quality” man which is an oxymoron in itself. And every self improvement advice is so that you can get that man. Literally everything they teach is so that you get a man. And they think once you turned yourself into some living male fantasy you’ll get that man, as if being feminine and pretty is all it takes for a man to be decent to you. These type of relationships they promote are highly transactional in its nature cause you’re literally attracting the most shallow self absorbed men who expect you to just look pretty in pink and know your place. This is the type of relationship I see with athletes and their partners who are just trophy wives most of the time. I don’t think you can one day wake up and decide to not be a hyper feminine caricature of a woman and still think he’s gonna “love” you. Who wants that shit? I’m guessing women who genuinely follow such advice have no problem doing all of that for a semi wealthy dude but when I see this being on tiktok it pisses me off cause the target demographic are teens there.

No. 1318114

Same nonnie
I need a monster to clobber me

No. 1318117

File: 1661585775091.jpg (60.68 KB, 735x584, bd20fa78575f18ace6b25675f33f0e…)

she has one of the most perfect faces in existance. sucks that she was known for being in sexploitation movies.

No. 1318121

I had it. It was pretty cool seeing my poop green for the first time.

No. 1318139

Geniunely incredibly beautiful. I’ve only seen a couple of her movies but was so distracted by her because she’s perfect.

No. 1318174

I want Tomodachi life so bad.

No. 1318176

I’ll send you mine I don’t even play it anymore. It’s fun and silly

No. 1318225

File: 1661601509824.jpeg (227.1 KB, 1920x1920, 30DD9FD0-9FFF-490C-BFE9-2CC57F…)

Playing Cult of the Lamb, recently got into Ghost and keep listening to Cracker Island. How come there’s so many culty media now. My life is overtaken by cults kek Maybe I should join one.
Got any good cult recommendations nonnnie? Or is lolcow cult enough

No. 1318234

File: 1661602144685.jpg (441.02 KB, 554x554, 20220713_124911.jpg)

My cult

No. 1318235

Omega 3 oil, barley grass, turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper in orange juice every morning. Best to eat a handful of nuts before.

No. 1318245

Of the ones that I recognise
>Puella magi madoka magica
>Princess Tutu
>sailor moon
>shugo chara
>mahou shoujo site
>revolutionary girl Utena
>creamy mami
> lyrical nanoha
>card capture sakura
> Ojamajo Doremi
And maybe one of them is from precure but idk which series in the franchise. I don’t know the rest

No. 1318251

7/10 cult nice melons

No. 1318254

File: 1661603452855.png (2.49 MB, 823x1200, 6FFDE69B-74C1-455B-A690-CBF305…)

My cult

No. 1318257

Fuck nonnie thanks for the picture very pretty post more pretty cows please

No. 1318263

10/10 very good cult

No. 1318265

File: 1661603988758.png (268.79 KB, 500x472, F6E3BDCC-5433-4B55-9E22-2504EC…)

Our mother we worship

No. 1318266

File: 1661604055600.jpg (141.37 KB, 800x1251, shugo-chara-155845-72536-wd-80…)

I am a shugochara fan throughout this day and I wish there was a place to talk about it, even tumblr tag is dead. I want to draw some fanart when i will be free from studying, but I feel like no one would ever recognize this anime.
I remember the first time I watched it as a kid, my grandma liked this anime a lot too. Good times!

No. 1318272

ahh I loved Shugo Chara. One of the first anime I watched as a kid.

No. 1318274

File: 1661604590629.jpg (240.47 KB, 1000x1000, leavemysite.jpg)

Cult? Juggalos or Jews for me since both realize;
> Samael is also sometimes said to be the angel who wrestled with Jacob, and also the angel who held back the arm of Abraham as he was about to sacrifice his son.
Satan saved Humanity(XY FAILURE)

No. 1318277

File: 1661604723515.jpg (21.53 KB, 400x400, tOO2kJLr_400x400.jpg)

The thing is at this point you all will eventually worship me, it's too late, we are in the end times as foretold.(XY FAILURE)

No. 1318281

File: 1661605141041.png (1.12 MB, 845x845, 8BC360A6-6CE0-4A67-82A1-9ECF0B…)

I will put more pics in the /m/thread too

No. 1318311

File: 1661606792660.gif (1.16 MB, 498x322, lucie nanami.gif)

What would pichi pichi pitch be ? or mermaid melody i think its called in english. i love that show. ive loved it since the first time i watched it. i remember making my friends in middle school rewatch it with me and we would sing the songs loudly during lunch kek.
What would you say about jewelpet ? not saying this in a passive aggressive way, just genuinely curiously asking. Sorry if my tone is all wrong
OMG. i love this show, i just watched again it last year with my friend.

can you tell im a frenchfag kek

No. 1318313

who’s the sperg in the lolcow caps thread that constantly says everything in there isn’t funny?

No. 1318320

kek based farmhand

No. 1318321

My childhood penpal moved to my city and I agreed to meet her today and I’m sooo anxious over it, it feels weird because we’ve “talked” for so many years but never met, but we’ve never been extremely close/talked extremely frequently. Also she’s bringing her bf which makes it more intimidating as I don’t know him at all

No. 1318322

Based farmhand.

No. 1318324

I always forget there's an anime for Mermaid Melody. I read the manga when it just got released in France because they were in my middle school's library. I didn't really like it, all things considered but whatever. Still can't believe the antagonist is named after Gackt to this day kek.

No. 1318329

unhinged and pinkpilled

No. 1318336

Why would she bring her bf lol. Unnecessary third wheel you’ve never spoken to, nice.

No. 1318342

Okay thank you I wasn’t sure if I was being unfair but I feel like that is weird to do the first time meeting someone if I’ve never had any contact with him before. I don’t even know his name

No. 1318348

It’s pretty rude. You’re a woman so it’s not like it’s a blind date where you bring a friend. You don’t know this man, you’ve never spoken to him, it just sounds like it would be really awkward

No. 1318382

No idea where else to put this but does anyone else feel like a major shift in.. everything.. in the world happened around 2015-2016ish?

No. 1318389

Yes? literally everyone feels like this and constantly talks about it

No. 1318390

File: 1661615908207.png (495.71 KB, 607x610, 10E7082C-3A9C-4A08-928D-72A18F…)

No. 1318391

The culture on social media around American Psycho is weird to me bc I vividly remember when I watched it as a teenager thinking how obviously directed by a woman it was and it’s one of the only films I’ve ever felt that way about

No. 1318392


No. 1318403

No. 1318422

What made you think that?

No. 1318423

No. 1318426

I just thought it was such a good critique of like the male psyche that even the most progressive/Not like the other boys men wouldn’t haven’t been able to fully capture

No. 1318428

I started listening to 3teeth after someone here posted the lead singer in some thread (might've been attractive men you wanna fuck over on /g/) and it's become one of my favorite bands. The lyrics are always off the charts levels of edgy though, I try not to focus on them. And I still think the lead singer looks like steampunk robotnik.

No. 1318436

3teeth's cover of pumped up kicks is on me and my friend's shit playlist because it sounds like some gutter beast singing in a sewer kek

No. 1318444

When I first played life is strange I was more empathetic towards everyone in it except for the teacher but after revisiting it I hate everyone deeply except for max and Kate lol. They feel likes people I'd actually be friends with in real life and perhaps Joyce.

No. 1318447

I mean you're not wrong. I didn't like his singing at first either but it grew on me eventually.

No. 1318452

File: 1661620941427.jpeg (465.6 KB, 828x1331, 45E4705B-F387-489A-9FD3-210A0F…)

I love her

No. 1318463

File: 1661621597830.jpeg (117.1 KB, 640x483, D10B3355-D4CD-4096-B5FE-84A20B…)

Good morning nonnies hope everyone is having good day

No. 1318486


No. 1318491

File: 1661622884913.gif (1.67 MB, 320x240, c64952589a4bbd10b35f41fa5beae5…)

I have the rona and have to work 11 hours (remote) but I like your picture and am all for more looney toons posters

No. 1318498

File: 1661623366595.gif (7.48 MB, 498x498, 59E36BA1-1770-4430-8BF6-05067B…)

do you nonnies think jerry is a woman? it just makes so much sense now especially when she always tries to throw an anvil on tom’s (scrote) stupid ass head?

No. 1318500

Need pic of Jerry's genitals to determine

No. 1318502

very weird scrote-ish comment

No. 1318503

File: 1661623672906.gif (2.67 MB, 390x282, 7B69DE97-62AF-482B-AC6D-A63371…)

No. 1318505

File: 1661623801734.jpg (7.38 KB, 211x219, 929ed70b6a3d0a88c52ca4567f6a77…)

No. 1318508

No. 1318509

I'm just a massive harlot in ur lolcow monastery
Well that solves it then

No. 1318510

File: 1661623996569.gif (Spoiler Image,441.27 KB, 220x124, inhales-whisk-guy-inhales-whis…)

I love baking on the weekend

No. 1318516

File: 1661624438124.jpg (Spoiler Image,21.69 KB, 564x428, d051f8f2427bc49c787639029557ec…)

fujos be like "fuck yeah that hits the spot"

No. 1318523

File: 1661624942218.jpeg (13.09 KB, 208x242, 351B5174-2105-4589-B692-56CA33…)

trannies be like “yeah i’m totally a woman”

No. 1318528

File: 1661625133732.jpg (168.74 KB, 1280x1024, garn38-7.jpg)

he passes… in oblivion

No. 1318542

That really shivered my timbers ty anon

No. 1318544

File: 1661626665658.gif (2.54 MB, 275x155, 8E00E734-7855-413D-B9AD-3D968F…)

oh yesss

No. 1318552

This gif is so nasty but makes me laugh

No. 1318553

Maybe I should sart writing. I've been writing stories in my head forever.

No. 1318554

You can sart by larning to wrte

No. 1318555

eah mybe

No. 1318557

File: 1661627487053.jpeg (76.88 KB, 540x486, 0D8F20DE-37DF-4B4D-81AA-04BCF8…)

I'm pretty sure it's only scratching an itch plus to me the squishy body is so cute it overrides the gross. I love frawgs

No. 1318558

File: 1661627604989.jpg (Spoiler Image,76.24 KB, 1280x720, download.jpg)

I posted here about how I wanted a pet baby hippo a while ago, but obviously that's not possible. I think I've found a way though, instead of getting a baby hippo I could have a hairless guinea pig. You can't tell me that's basically not a baby hippo.

No. 1318559

File: 1661627656389.jpg (92.31 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Hippo for reference.

No. 1318560

Oh my god it's so adorable and ugly, I love it

No. 1318561

No. 1318562

Why'd you spoil the little guy

No. 1318565

found the video of that frog, so cute looks like it just woke up

No. 1318567

Nta but.. hes nakey

No. 1318569

>What would pichi pichi pitch be?
Besties with Mew mew stan and a total AMV addict, gets her fave confused with that one Australian live action series a lot.
>What would you say about jewelpet?
Forever salty about the sanrio character polls due to her faves always scoring low, gets in fist fights with mewkledreamy fans
And adding to the sanrio mahou shoujos…
>Onegai my melody
Collects 2000s sanrio merch and hates 'tiktok fake fans' and aliexpress bootlegs with a burning passion
Nicest of the Sanrio mahou shoujo girls, big fan of the 'cute girls doing cute things' genre
>Magical Rion-chan
Lost media addict, lives on the moon and plays polybius

>not saying this in a passive aggressive way, just genuinely curiously asking. Sorry if my tone is all wrong

Nooo! You seem really sweet nonnie!

No. 1318571

I didnt know they had wide tongues I thought they had like… yoshi tongues

No. 1318572

>add sugar sugar rune
Chronic flirt or wishes to be one, if the former she's probably the biggest stacy of the bunch if the latter she's 100% femcel.

No. 1318575

some frogs do but bushveld rain frog tongues seem to be wider and don't stretch as far from what I've seen, they are still sticky and catch insects off the ground

No. 1318577

File: 1661629045439.jpeg (52.26 KB, 564x564, 64ADE783-BE6B-4467-A876-01E210…)

I was just now reading an anon saying ‘moid simp’ and it suddenly gave me a craving for slightly fried coconut shrimp covered in creamy sauce they would serve in those unauthentic asian buffets

No. 1318578

File: 1661629224236.jpeg (52.14 KB, 750x262, FA431436-C413-4A0F-AB49-3865EE…)

Why do moids simply have to ruin the most innocent things by mentioning their smelly balls

No. 1318581

I'm sorry about your ballphobia

No. 1318585

I want to finally read harry potter before the game comes out but my attention span is fucked. I do manage to read books from time to time but holy shit HP is huge

No. 1318590

Nta but the only thing worse than balls.. is when they put a set of balls on a dildo

No. 1318592

nta but i actually like those balls

No. 1318594

To be fair it's not really that fun of a read (and arguably not that well written–even if the story beats, environment, etc., are extremely fun).

If I wanted to get back into HP before the game, I'd probably watch the first three movies and leave it at that.

No. 1318595

That video of the boy talking about how much he loves corn has been inspiring me to eat more corn.

No. 1318597


No. 1318609

File: 1661631799042.jpeg (71.44 KB, 640x480, 5A08C981-1A77-4474-8889-E878F9…)

Cons in the noughties were so different. Now they’re big, slick events and the community has grown so much. There are lots of beautiful and talented people, there’s lots of shopping but somehow there’s also less “heart” to events. Seeing the free hugs signs and the Bakura fangirls in picrel just sent me on a nostalgia trip for the bad old days kek

No. 1318615

wrong ship

No. 1318665

File: 1661636207203.jpeg (226.3 KB, 828x468, 5C77D0DA-9CCA-4CA9-A54D-922337…)

Thanks for the callout jersh

No. 1318673

A fat racist luring in support
I think I'll pass

No. 1318677

this has to be concern trolling, he’s trying to get them to attack this website so they can leave kiwifarms alone that rapist doesn’t care about women lmao

No. 1318684

Why is he pretending to care

No. 1318685

File: 1661637756123.jpg (65.32 KB, 656x719, kots.jpg)

kinda based ngl

No. 1318688

He wishes noble maidens would come to his rescue

No. 1318689

Wtf I just heard "Onceler" pronounced and apparently it's not "onk-ler" like I thought it was. Mind = blown.

No. 1318690

Wtf I JUST saw this on tumblr. Stop watching my screen nonna

No. 1318697


No. 1318701

They called him Gaito in the anime though lol

No. 1318706

File: 1661638775217.jpeg (88.96 KB, 750x750, 4112F186-1C17-41DA-96A7-B50677…)

Help me gather courage to ask to change my work schedule

No. 1318708

File: 1661638904326.jpg (37.15 KB, 1246x652, c54f3f18c68f8868889d43a9de9fd7…)

No. 1318712

File: 1661639195043.jpg (64.17 KB, 736x729, 1429a12ae3d61c1bc2b8e88483cd5b…)

Do it nao.

No. 1318713

File: 1661639282963.jpeg (765.55 KB, 848x1200, 72C8AFB8-0603-497F-8BA1-319DDD…)

I read a doujin about this a while back

No. 1318717

File: 1661639498488.jpg (149.43 KB, 736x726, e7de4fdc36dfb90150495540d01035…)

If this site goes down, meet me at the bog.

No. 1318722

I’ll bring snacks

No. 1318724

Hahahaha i love this so much
The fact that we can actually see the stupid moid on the bed is the cherry on top, so funny

No. 1318735

File: 1661640892465.jpg (122.06 KB, 1080x1259, Khalyla-Kuhn-18.jpg)

I can't even grasp how you can come out so blessed by genetics, truly mesmerizing, i didn't know about her.

She makes me think of Khalyla Kuhn, both are mixed asian and extraordinarily beautiful it's hard to even look away. I've always felt hypnotized by her beauty, but at the same time they're the kind of women who make you realize the atrocious unfairness of life and the absolute randomness of genetics distribution. There are women like them who just don't have any perceivable flaws.

No. 1318742

why do cats always do that? kek they’re so cute and retarded

No. 1318747

>they don’t have perceivable flaws

I’ve seen hundreds of women who look like picrel, they are just average-looking women you’re straight up weird immortalizing them into these goddesses that no one can look like. To some degree beauty is socially conditioned into to us, we find traits that are probably ugly (like her boxhead and negative canthil tilt eyes) and associate them with people who are regarded with certain traits, like models and celebrities who are assigned divine and untouchable beauty but chosen for those specific traits. Most models are chosen for that box-headed koolaid man slanted eyes look regardless of where they came from, depends on you if you will see outside of the illusion and your supremely low low self-esteem

No. 1318755

Playing all 6 animal crossings while my bf makes me nacho fries? Hell yeah. Checking in on my nintendogs and my nintendogs + cats while he cleans? You know it. Sleeping 14+ hours per day while he and the whole world pass me by? Queen shit. Is there anything else I could want? Healthy kidneys. Do I care? Nope; blessed.

No. 1318760

It's when they're pissed off, annoyed or have excess energy they can't live out.

No. 1318765

they're all in /g/. he was actually posted there recently kek.

No. 1318768

Just took a life changing shit

No. 1318780

congrats fam

No. 1318783

That is adorable and I hope your favorite creamers are always in stock.

No. 1318789

File: 1661645188882.jpg (136.33 KB, 736x1604, f9e349809656d4bb34ba4b12909ccc…)

I've never watched Chicago, but I think all of them were justified (except for the one who wasn't guilty, of course).

No. 1318805

File: 1661646654148.png (924.39 KB, 1012x1349, hippo.png)

My bad

No. 1318812

He is so cute!!

No. 1318974

File: 1661661132560.jpg (28.31 KB, 400x400, ENlUVp2C_400x400.jpg)

I really wish picrel was more popular. There aren't enough fics out there for him.

No. 1318985

File: 1661662973496.jpg (97.16 KB, 875x1060, Fa2qrZSVsAEsppV.jpg)

No. 1318988

Ouch kek.

No. 1318992

Well, which one are you?

No. 1318993

No comment.

No. 1319019

I thought the left was that stranger thing kid

No. 1319023


No. 1319038

why are you such a bitch, you sound like the one with extreme low self esteem

No. 1319041

Getting this triggered over someone saying they find someone else extremely beautiful is ridiculous. And then to talk about talk about ingrained beauty standards while trying to call an attractive woman ugly.

No. 1319044

File: 1661675502196.jpg (4.28 KB, 243x207, 1653010762632.jpg)

I tried looking up that post but she deleted it, sadly. I'd love to see the comments kek closest thing I found was a repost of the image in the red scare subreddit with moids in the comments claiming she must have bpd

No. 1319056

File: 1661677652300.jpeg (63.5 KB, 568x561, 6553FE01-06D8-4FB4-A269-AAF3C4…)

Why are so many homosexual men convinced they’re a bad bitch with enemies. You are not Regina George you stupid faggot. Go mind your business you delusional fruitcake. Stop trying to fight with women you freaks.

No. 1319064

I could've sworn I pre-saved an album that was supposed to release last friday, but it didn't release and now I also can't find anything about the release date of that album anywhere. Wtf. False memory?

No. 1319072

All this bullshit because someone said they find someone beautiful?

No. 1319088

because being gay doesn't make men any less misogynistic, they just exhibit a different kind of misogyny

No. 1319092

I ate a bunch of blue frosting a few months ago and shat pure blue for days. One of my top 10 2022 experiences.

No. 1319094

Yeah I accidentally used the word scrote, and said "scrotes like you" to a coworker who was being…well, a disgusting sexist scrote and I was admittedly losing my cool. Luckily he's ESL so it went over his head.

On a side vent, I hate working in a "tolerant, international" environment because if he said what he did in my home country (that a female coworker got the promotion over him because she's an attractive woman) I would've gone straight to HR. Unfortunately it's clear from comments by upper management that sexism is the norm here. It is what it is I guess, I stay here for the paycheck.

No. 1319099

I realised it's true what they say about cat haters because I used to be one. I was insecure and bought into that "cute asshole" stereotype of cats that's repeated online. I wanted to be able to pet and play with whatever pet I had whenever I wanted and so loved dogs (and still do, don't get me wrong). I also was very controlling in my relationships. I also think it's because I couldn't read cats. I'd pet them and then suddenly they'd scratch me and I didn't know why. Now that i'm mentally better I like cats. They're very cute and if I had one as a pet I think it'd feel more like a companion I respect than a pet. And the whole unpredictable asshole aspect is maybe from people like who don't know how to read a cats body language.

No. 1319101

File: 1661684998855.jpg (67.17 KB, 748x960, 20220720_230334.jpg)

I can't stop laughing at this picture

No. 1319114

i'm dying

No. 1319130

No. 1319140

God I want to know what the fintards are talking about sometimes when I scroll past them on the front page

No. 1319157

File: 1661694221891.jpg (288.22 KB, 2047x1755, aid-346jpg-196be4bc6a38a1b8.jp…)

Anons who feel they are not good enough at drawing, I solemnly present you some lithographs and sketches by Matisse that I saw on an exhibition recently

No. 1319158

File: 1661694258390.jpg (558.2 KB, 236x367, 07b7bf727bd34b59deeb994764bddb…)

feel like this would make a great reaction image

No. 1319159

File: 1661694327452.jpg (1.14 MB, 1153x1500, syw_1097.jpg)

No. 1319162

File: 1661694418973.jpg (284.89 KB, 843x1109, default.jpg)

No. 1319163

HP is a transphoboooooooooooooooook

No. 1319165

File: 1661694519324.jpg (113.29 KB, 582x750, Matisse_202395 (1).jpg)

No. 1319166

File: 1661694635316.jpg (104.93 KB, 780x1026, henri-matisse---jaky.jpg)

No. 1319175

I just realized that Elsie is called that because it sounds like LC

No. 1319178

Big brain moment

No. 1319191

File: 1661696348723.jpg (72.4 KB, 564x538, 7dd1c55497d070a17587df36019104…)

you go nonnie! Also I have this cute picture for ya

No. 1319199

Interesting nonna, i agree with you. I didn't like cats when i was a teen and i wasn't very controlling but i was definitely afraid of rejection. A dog's love is easy and a cat's love is less so, it demands that you have patience, empathy, and a respect of their boundaries. I grew to love them and i have two now.

And i think it's a red flag when men don't like cats, because they want an animal to be their slave (like a dog so willingly can be, out of love for their human), and most of the time when they're like that they also want women to be their slaves, can't understand them, don't even try, and think women are crazy or something. Granted a man who likes cats can also be a terrible piece of shit, but a man who doesn't? I'm not even wasting my time.

No. 1319222

File: 1661698871728.jpg (60.61 KB, 896x884, FXjV_U4XkAAdHAB.jpg)

i wonder if anyone in the gyaru thread actually likes some gyaru or if they just worship those from the 90s/00s and those they can't understand due to language barriers
i'd also like to see their gyaru outfits
once met a chick from LCF who'd always sperg about lolitas being ita but she was fat and ugly with no fashion sense herself

No. 1319223

you met with someone from here?

No. 1319259

How did you meet someone from here and how did that go? I need all the details from this shit show pronto

No. 1319261

Was doing quick makeup at a rest stop (overslept and had to hit the road immediately) and had so many older ladies side eye’n me. I left my phone in the stall by accident because i heard a little girl whining about not having a potty. I probably would have gone at least an hour without realizing it too. Thanks tennis mom for giving it back after her kid saw my cat on the screen.

No. 1319276

I’ve been trying to make my laptop look cute and aesthetic before I go back to classes next week, but it’s so hard to find cute wallpapers. Wtf do u guys even have as ur computer wallpaper

No. 1319283

Now I can't stop laughing at this picture

No. 1319284

euro threads make miracles happen. it was a while ago tho.
(friend finder thread will probably get you nonas skinned alive by some troon or held hostage by turbo-autists kek)

No. 1319285

double post, sorry, but it went really well.

No. 1319300

File: 1661706455267.jpeg (100.22 KB, 724x900, 49090999-7B6A-4F56-B15E-575D4E…)

Nta but have this dog too

No. 1319301

File: 1661706675578.jpg (65.52 KB, 424x417, 1639854984658.jpg)

Anon stop, i'm dying.

No. 1319303

File: 1661706837566.jpg (158.88 KB, 1920x1080, wallpaperr.jpg)

No. 1319308

File: 1661707064784.png (14.34 KB, 455x195, poltard.png)

This is so obviously a trad western scrote with yellow fever, it's fucking hilarious. Worst attempt at sounding Japanese I've ever seen.

No. 1319315

t.dab knee

No. 1319322

He should take charge of his English first

No. 1319337

File: 1661709350583.jpg (75.56 KB, 1155x372, Capture.JPG)

what do people do with these

No. 1319338

Anon kek, did you get each others discord or something? And then randomly met up? What did you talk about? I am so interested for some reason

No. 1319340

tutoring graduate level english with various foreign students… its very obvious when a fake ESL uses complex/nuanced terms like "that makes them" (in other languages, make is just for creation, not as a substitute for 'that means')

No. 1319345

just do it who gaf. i did it ezpz u can too yas

No. 1319347


No. 1319354

It's boobs, why do you need to feel close to them or them having to be special

No. 1319356

If this site dies along with KF I'll miss all you anons horribly. But if KF goes down for good but we stay up the influx of kiwitards might have me praying for this sites death.

No. 1319360

don't worry, I'm googling "how to make an imageboard" rn. Lolcow may one day die but my imitation, Lolpig, will rise from the ashes

No. 1319362

Godspeed nonna

No. 1319365

why would it die? i haven't been following the kf drama but the jist it trannies reported it and its down for hatespeech? is there actual threat of this happening to us?

No. 1319367

No. 1319377

File: 1661711875627.png (440.3 KB, 500x375, 04E1538D-8CD3-4974-B516-9F890B…)

Do you like my calculator?

No. 1319378

Decoden calculators? Awesome

No. 1319379

no way !!

No. 1319383

Oops I had already deleted. It is nice to feel close to my body and all of its components, not detached or apathetic.

No. 1319400

File: 1661713740771.jpg (11.14 KB, 274x342, 1673235689007.jpg)

I would like all teenage posters to know (because it's obvious there's a few of them around /ot/ lately) that DID is not real and is not the reason you act retarded online. Even actual professionals and psychologists agree. Thank you for your time.

No. 1319416


No. 1319433

me and your daughter… got a special thing goin onnnnnn

No. 1319465

What's the perfect food? Noodles!
How many do we have? Oodles!
Who should have some now? Youdles!
And now we have to go! Toodles!

No. 1319468

I never liked/cared for candles but then I realized I'm just way too frugal (stingy) to spend money on something that burns in a matter of hours in the background.