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File: 1571796246407.jpg (223.53 KB, 1124x1124, Yumi.jpg)

No. 70540

New thread since the old one hit the reply limit (7 months ago) and some strange things are happening. I have been digging around online for a summary:

Around July/August 2019 Yumi uploads a video where Splenda pushes/shoves her and she looks scared. Then she uploads "we are fine" video since people obviously reacted to that.
Then she moves back to Seattle to be with her mom for 2 months, and goes offline.

People are now suspecting she is getting divorced based on her sad, lone video and photo posts she has been making since she returned mid-October 2019, but she has said nothing.
Yumi was not happy with how Splenda acted on the trip to China in 2019, and said she will "go alone next time" and has not worn the wedding ring since.

Background: Yumi is a Chinese Youtube vlogger who rose to fame via her Lolita DIY videos, but has dipped in popularity recently as she quit sewing and mainly uploads hauls. She is a mega-weeb but now segued to being obsessed with Hanfu and Chinese history.
Married(?) to a creepy dude in his forties who talks to her like she is a child, criticizes her weight and generally treats her like a mail-order bride (they actually met on a dating site.)
She now mostly posts sponsored videos of cheap clothes hauls she got online, but also has a second Food/Eating channel.
She has a Patreon which includes a "secret" Youtube Channel where she talks about wanting to get pregnant, her relationship, etc. She posted some minor drama there about tracking down ex boyfriends and the fact she was still looking for another partner after already meeting Splenda.

Her wedding ceremony was done on her lawn, and the videos were posted several months after the fact as if they had just happened. Splenda is so-called since he's a massive cheapskate and Yumi has to practically beg him to buy her anything, as seen on her shopping vlogs.

Main channel:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yumi_king/

No. 70541

File: 1571796423917.gif (901.87 KB, 480x270, gif.thumb.gif.528f4b41dde625eb…)

Splenda violence:

No. 70542

Link to previous post ?

No. 70543

Video titled "Don't worry about us! Please watch this video!"

No. 70545

I've not watched her videos in a long time. That there definitely looks like a hard unexpected push though. Splenda has always seemed like a dickhead with how he acts so not surprised.

No. 70546

Previous thread:


No. 70547

someone brought her name up in the photoshoppers thread today and i was wondering what she'd been up to, thanks for the new thread

No. 70548

OP here, this is the video the gif was cropped from, the extremely normal shove and yelling scene is right at the start (Actually 22nd June, I got the date wrong)

It is titled
>"Was an accident! A scared yell! I thought the yell was funny( like me when bugs crawl on my skin)

Nothing unusual here.

No. 70610

I would've shoved her ass off too if she sat on my glasses. The gif makes it look worse than it actually is

No. 70631

Theres some clips out there that shows how software is used to live stream and change facial appearance at the same time(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 70639

How did Yumi's husband act on the trip to China? Now I am really curious. There is a large group of creepy racist white men who fetishize East Asian women and treat them like submissive mail-order brides.

No. 70641

>>70639 he was obnoxiously loud, talked to yumi like she was retarded and all around dumb touristy.

No. 70677

this is not to be mean but is she playing up some learned helplessness for splenda's sake? she acts like she's mentally deficient to be 'cute' but now i'm wondering if she's mildly retarded.

No. 70685

Someone made another thread when the old one hit bump but it died pretty fast. It has some summary updates from when she uploaded a video acknowledging her channel as struggling though.


No. 70731

Imagine Yumi and Venus together though?

No. 70735

She's not especially bright as evidenced by her even liking Splenda who is a moron, but her extra stupid persona is a learned behavior. She developed it to appeal to Splenda, his yellow fever and other infantilizing fetishes which have come up before, like when it was shown he had her eating out of a bowl for a cat or dog. One of her very old videos showed her speaking more clearly and with less of an accent as well.
It doesn't help that Splenda also treats her like she's an absolute idiot even when she's saying something reasonable, like when she points out that prescription lenses for nearsightedness appear to reduce the size of everything you're looking at (which is true) and Splenda becomes irritated and talks down to her about it like she's a child without even bothering to try confirming what she said.

No. 70739

i like to imagine them trying to converse and not understanding each other's accents lol

No. 70791

No. 70792

Her mom also most likely encourages this behavior and taught her to act cute and dumb to appeal to Splenda-type men. Her mom also married an older American man who is legitimately an older carbon copy of Splenda: looks, speech, mannerisms, everything. Yumi didn't stand a chance.

No. 70810

kek I've missed Yumi milk so much. >>70548 this doesn't even look like that big of a shove though.

No. 70825

There was an old PULL post where someone found one of her school projects online and it was actually a well-written and well-researched post about the fetishization of Asian women. Super ironic considering her whole schtick now is acting like a “me love you long time” mail order bride.

No. 71464

What is it with Yumi and trying to act 'sexy' nowadays? It seems that back in the past she was all about cutesy-poo loli hanfu dress up but her latest try on and haul videos have her looking like a Thai prostitute. Are Splenda's tastes shifting or is she trying to pull a Venus and break away from her baby doll look?

No. 71497

anon thanks for reminding me to check her IG https://www.instagram.com/p/B1RWlgnAdpx/ this video is fucking horrifying why did she post it! sound on, thank me later.

No. 71507

fuck, anon.

No. 71533

what is she even doing? cows have no shame, you can lipsync in the mirror all you want but don't upload that shit it makes you look crazy lol yumi is so weird, she's a cow from a simpler time imo.

No. 71539

>she's a cow from a simpler time
Agreed. I kind of miss cows like her. They don't make you angry or disgusted, and they may not even be bad people, they're just harmlessly stupid and fun to laugh at.

No. 71614

File: 1572660842190.jpeg (107.38 KB, 1080x1080, 16835D82-B506-42B8-9A29-4DFC78…)

Tbh I think short hair suits her. I hope that she’ll cut her hair that length now that she’s trying to push a “sexy” image. Her taste in clothes is still trash and makes her look like a cheap hooker though.

No. 71616

It makes her look like an asian mail order (though tbf that's not too far off from reality..)

No. 71631

I mean, the one good thing about the change is that she is actually dressing her age even if it's cringe and trashy. I don't understand why she can't just dress like a normal mid-20s girl and still look sexy but appropriate.

No. 71640

Does she even buy her own clothes? Her clothes seem to all come from sponsored hauls and the stores that sponsor her are the super cheap SheIn/Fashion Nova type stores with garbage-at-best clothes.

No. 73802

I would have to say, the length of her hair and a longer dress like this goes miles in helping her face shape.

I always thought her head looked like a perfect circle which was off putting to me.

Sage for no contribution.

No. 74132

File: 1574936395752.jpg (200.82 KB, 1124x1124, Yumi K.jpg)

Not milk but Yumi is looking particularly cute lately.

This doesn't look like Splenda's house in the background, is that her mom's house?(necro)

No. 74183

>previous post was 3 days ago
>mods mark newest post "necro"


No. 74204


her face still looks busted but i honestly can't hate the outfit.

does anyone have any new milk on her?

No. 74238

There isn't any new milk but she's been reposting old footage of Splenda on Patreon and YouTube trying hard to convince her fans Splenda is still in the picture

No. 74260


why is she trying so hard? I doubt her viewers are clamoring to watch some middle-age douchebag anyway and her fantasy mail-order bride scenario was nasty as well. she should act like nothing in the past couple of years happened and go back to her retarded DIYs

No. 74266


Everything about him is embarrassing, cringey and he's clearly a twat. Their whole relationship is awkward asf and her original video content was actually more tolerable to watch. What on earth was she thinking having Splenda involved…if she was aiming for a "cute YouTube couple aesthetic" well that ship sank as soon as it left the dock.

No. 75344

No. 75345

She looks like an as told by ginger character

No. 75367

fucking kek

No. 75370

Anything can happen, when you use some cheap chinese makeup like Yumi always do.

No. 75468

i lol'd at the end… i'm surprised the cheap chinese crap didn't fuck up her eyes first. i feel sorry for her it sucks to have that problem especially she is both vain and cheap

No. 75506

This is an older video but at 10:30 she isn't wearing makeup for once because she went swimming and she looks so much better because she actually looks her age. This younger look she tries to do is awful.

No. 75507

Wow, she actually looks kind of pretty.

No. 75543

Holy crap I would've never guessed this was her. she actually looks kinda pretty with out all the snow filters and kai-wa-ee uwu make-up

No. 86165

And she is pregnant

No. 86168

Top. Fucking. Kek. Yumi was the first cow I followed on here years ago but I haven't checked her out in awhile. That poor fucking kid. She said she wanted children even in her super old videos so it's not surprising but I hoped she'd nope out of the marriage and wisen up before it happened. What a shame, now they are really locked in for life, no turning back.

No. 86169

How long do you think it will take for Splenda to abandon and stop paying child support for this kid too, considering his track record.
I already feel bad for this kid and it's not even born yet

No. 86175

I thought they were separated and going to get a divorce? did they get a kid to fix the marriage?
same, she and Venus Angelic were my first cows and they're still my favorite.

No. 86179

He looks like Dollar Store Greg Proops in that photo.

No. 86183

omg what?! i was just talking to someone about her and her "ex"-husband, but i guess she's back with him. why did she come back? when?

No. 86194

Their kid is gonna grow up just fine. /s

No. 86201

Don't know why but I find the "thank you for giving me a baby" comment a little creepy? I could be overthinking it.

No. 86204

omfg at all the shit her husband said to her at the end… he's so fucking cruel to her, my god

No. 86205


Fucking sigh

No. 86206


Before this kid is even here yet I’m dreading the awful fetish click bait


“I want my baby to look white!”

“I want my baby in cute doll clothes with blue eyes”


It’s like fucking your dad and birthing a sister or brother

No. 86207


And the saddest part is the kid will look asian as fuck and the self hate will begin with the mother and the belittlement and reprimanded will end with the dickhead creepy Splenda daddy

No. 86208

The Child can come out to be like Elliot Rogers, both parents are crazy wack jobs, both were race fetishists and narcissistics. Good luck baby.

No. 86210

If it's a boy. God forbid the poor kid is a girl what with their creepy ddlg relationship they've had going on in the past.

No. 86220

I can imagine the YouTube videos already…what a fool.

No. 86236

Call my post faggotry, but I'm going to be optimistic. I have known a few girls that were not great people, they had a kid and did a 180. I can see the doubt, especially since part of her delusion is centered around this fake version of motherhood.
Kind of off topic, but remember her pre marriage videos, when she lived at home… wasn't her house affluent? I seem to remember tacky nouveau riche decor. Anywho, if her family is loaded first grandchild will net them a fair amount of cash.

No. 86238


If she has a boy I feel like she will be annoyed but will still try and push girly stuff on the kid. Then get angry in 20 years time if he's gay and doesn't provide kids for her. I can just picture the whole shit.

God help their kid is a girl but she will end up looking very Asian. Big white nose and asian eyes. Jesus. Hapas are a hit or miss.

But I feel bad for their kid. I just do. It's born out of fetishism and it's so fucking wrong. So many white weebs are fucking asians and asians are fucking whites out of their own fetish and their kids in the future are going to be the creation of this.


No. 86239

Splenda genuinely looks old enough to be a grandfather. I dread the life that child will have. It’s dangerous for a man his age to have children, both of them are race fetishists and Yumi’s standards of a blue eyed baby are a total pipe dream, and their relationship is dysfunctional at best. What a nightmare.

No. 86242

Doubt that Yumi will flip and become a good mother. She already said in past videos that she wants a girl so she can use her as a dress up doll/accessory when she wears lolita. There's no way someone who views a child as a toy is going to be a great mother.

No. 86244

If she has a girl she'll also probably make her marry an old white man. It runs in the family.

No. 86251

File: 1584375747784.gif (3.03 MB, 359x202, 1494108465737.gif)


nooooo ooo o

No. 86252

Ugh, their baby will be autistic and look old before their time because of Splenda's old, degraded sperm quality. Nevermind the fact that being raised by two psychos in an unbalanced power dynamic relationship won't do much good for their emotional and social well-being.

Well Yumi, enjoy your new life as an exotic broodmare. Hope the temporary dressup games you can play with a human child are worth it.

No. 86261

My cousin is hafu and born out of Asian fetishism. Like Splenda my uncle had failed marriages and married a young Japanese woman.my poor cousin was even named after a type of Chinese martial arts. Since he's hafu I'd imagine he got bullied relentlessly in his Japanese school. Can't imagine what Yumi+splenda's kid is going to end up like. Hopefully Yumi leaves before it's too late and raises the kid in Washington state.

No. 86262

Honestly I think the baby will be cute. Splenda is a dumbass but I don't think he's ugly, he's just very old and white old guy contrasts a lot with cute Yumi.

I also think she's more intelligent than she lets on, and is just playing a role for his benefit, and she seems to have a supportive mom. So, hopefully everything will be fine, but Splenda is as mentioned, a dumb asshole who already has a divorce and kids behind him, so I'm not sure if he'll stick around til the kid is at University.

Thanks Yumi for blessing us with all this potential entertainment. I really hope she mom-vlogs it all.

No. 86265

her family is not affluent.

No. 86270

Already divorced, has other kids who he clearly doesn't give two shits about and has another on the way with his Asian loli waifu; I'll give it till the child is a toddler before he bails.

No. 86282

Let's be real, he won't be attracted to her anymore when she gains pregnancy weight and doesn't have her anachan loli body, and she's so obsessed with her image that she's going to spiral into depression when she sees what pregnancy does to her body.

No. 86291

Eurasian Tiger 2.0 Incoming

No. 86297

anon, splenda being ugly or not isn't an issue when yuhan is pretty ugly/inbred looking. i also disagree that yuhan is smart at all. i am not really sure what gives you that impression. splenda is borderline physically abusive and clearly mentally abusive and yet she went back. plus she gave up working after she graduated to marry him and mother children.

No. 86299

>their baby will be autistic and look old before their time because of Splenda's old, degraded sperm quality
Anon where in the world are you reading this shit. kek. It could make a higher risk of miscarriages, but in what world does "old sperm" make a baby "look old before their time".

I don't hate Yumi, her relationship with Splenda is really creepy, but she always seemed poorly educated and easy to take advantage of. Splenda just seems like a creep with a teen fetish. Hope they don't have a daughter.

No. 86301

Agreed, Yumi is totally narcissistic and not to mention sheltered and dependent emotionally, physically and financially on Splenda. She can barely take care of herself, and we saw this in old videos that demonstrated she was a spoiled only child that doesn't know how to cook, clean or drive independently.

I really wouldn't be surprised if the kid ends up autistic like Xiaxue/Wendy's son. (idk if Wendy officially confirmed it, but he's shown signs early on like a train obsession, hand flapping and delayed speech)
Coincidentally, Yumi and Xiaxue and both narcissistic, insecure Chinese women with a fear of weight gain, botched nose jobs and white husbands.
It's going to be milky because I can see this pregnancy project Yumi's insecurities like her body image and possibly seeing her nose on her ~half white~ baby. I mention this because Wendy's son inherited her nose lol

No. 86306

Cows stop being funny when they calve on out. It just gets sad and dark because there's an innocent child involved. I truly pray for the best but…sigh,unlikely.

No. 86313

I hope for the health of the baby that Yumi doesn't plan tons of baby dress up and styling videos.

But I can also imagine that she get's so overhelmed with caring for a baby, that she doesn't have time for Youtube anymore.

No. 86316

Botched nose jobs and eye jobs, it's hilarious how years ago pullfags tried so hard to convince everyone Yumi naturally looked botched and called it a ~farmer face~ Xiaxue makes me fucking sick, the first thing she said to her son when he came out was HE HAS DOUBLE EYELIDS, OMG HE HAS DOUBLE EYELIDS! Xiaxue only cares about how white her kid looks, I'm certain she dyed her son's hair at some point to make it more brown. I don't believe Yumi will be a great mom cause she doesn't even know wtf is going on and Splenda doesn't treat anyone good.

No. 86330

He already makes mocking "remarks" in the video about how she despises how her image will be while she's pregnant, unable to go out, wear cute cloths and will be fat, which her fans thinks are just being playful and teasing when actually, he's being a prick. She's going to try so hard to look thin and cater to his tastes the whole time.

No. 86333

File: 1584467149316.png (236.42 KB, 627x381, Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 1.45…)

instant regret

No. 86335

>She's going to try so hard to look thin
That's what I fear the most, but it definitely will happen. She's gonna fuck up her kids development by eating baby portions in order to stay uwu tiny.

No. 86337

NTA and the accelerated aging thing is probably just exaggeration but the father being old does increase risk of autism and a huge number of potential birth defects and medical risks like premature birth, low birth weight, stillbirth, defects in the development of the skull and heart, seizures, cancer, and other serious issues. I am desperately hoping their child turns out normal and healthy because with Splenda's age they are taking a risk. Combined with how abusive and imbalanced their situation is in general the thought of them having and raising a child is actually frightening.

No. 86466

The whole last two minutes or so when he was talking, he was so unbearably condescending and you could tell how full of distain he was. His whole “did you tell them how…” spiel, obviously annoyed at everything she’s been doing with asking questions and talking nonstop about her pregnancy, sounds like a father chastising their kid. He can’t even fake a smile on screen, he looks so obviously upset about all of this lol.

No. 86475

Found this asian / white couple but they’re two men and it’s just as cringe as yumis RS

No. 86479

He always speaks down to her like the angry father of a stupid child, even when she is acting completely normal or even trying to explain a valid point to him that he's failing to understand out of sheer egotism and the belief that he's superior to her. He acts almost as if he completely hates her, like he only wanted the concept of an Asian loli/doll girl and simmers with anger when she speaks or does anything outside of his fetish.

No. 86564

He literally sounds like the most disappointed parent of a teen who's got knocked up. It's so fucking cringe and creepy. Clearly this wasn't a fairytale happily ever after plan and obviously she's excited while he's blatantly annoyed that he'll have to be a dad once again which we all know isn't a job he likes to do. Can you imagine how he'll speak to her when the baby is born? Jesus christ.

No. 86660

she seems so excited. i feel bad for yumi, i've always kind of lowkey liked her. i've always thought that she was brighter than she let on in her videos, and this proves it. she is happy about this baby and splenda comes in and acts like a shit to her.

No. 86710

i always wonder about these posts. no anon yuhan is not smart and her returning to her terrible husband and getting pregnant does not prove she is. at all. period. yuhan is a doing idiot with mediocre talent that graduated an alright school and gave up her career to be a mail order bride equivalent to a whiny old trump wannabe.

No. 86715


It's been a while, but I remember reading on PULL that she had written a pretty articulate essay for her uni about fetishisation of asian women or something like that.Also that in her earlier videos her pronunciation and grammar was way better and just started acting dumb to get views

No. 86766

I think it's one anon with a weird vendetta. They always call her Yuhan when they're berating her intelligence.

No. 86871

Her real name is Yuhan though. As someone who speaks Mandarin, I'd rather not call her "Corn". I also don't think she's that smart. Maybe book smart, but she has absolutely no common sense, that's part of what made her a good cow, her lack of common sense.

>writes a good essay about fetishizing Asian women
>marries Splenda
GJ Yuhan, gj…

No. 88634

I can’t help but feel slightly sorry for her, doubt Splenda is giving her the support she needs

No. 88638

Splenda lacks emotional intelligence, she really needs family around right now and not a yellowfever moron like him.

No. 88688

She doesn't seem to have any frds to talk to and her husband is a fucking awful person.

No. 88721

I always assumed it was for SEO purposes (ie link Yumi's real name to her online shenanigans)

No. 88728

Some people on PULL/here are weird about calling cows/flakes by their screen names and call them by their real names instead. The same thing happened with Ahripop, but iirc that was because someone on PULL was adamant about linking her name to her PULL thread (basically for SEO).

No. 88784

I always have a hard time understanding what she's saying, but it's quite obvious she is very lonely and can't share her feelings with spenda let alone communicate with him properly. I don't think he will endure her family moving close to them either. Their parenting will be a shitshow..

No. 88786

I think in this case it's because she lied about Yumi being her real name. To the point where she used fake characters to spell it. Her old youtube account and OKC used Yuhan before. I've been following her since /cgl/ and people called her Yuhan there more. It's beyond her using Yumi as a screen name in this case.

No. 88801


I feel bad for her. No doubt he's probably neglecting her or lashing out at her. If he's abandoned his other kids, he'll loose interest in this one too.

She's married the wrong man. It's a shame just doesn't leave him and raise the kid herself. But at the same time, this sounds really awful. It would be a blessing if she lost it. And left him.

Start fresh, she's so young and I know she is weird. But she can do better. Better than the prick she's with now.

Still, she should start joining baby communities and getting out there I guess. Make new friends. Be with her family who do actually care for her.

It's actually so sad to watch. And this is coming from someone who doesn't like her much.

No. 88829

She left him for a bit, not sure what happened with that…I am wondering if her mom basically gave her the boot and convinced her to stay with him.

No. 89261

It’s really hard for me to feel remorse towards her tbh. As dire as her situation is right now, she willingly chose to bear the child of a man who has neglected and abandoned his kids from past marriages with other Asian women. Not to mention his condescending, plain nasty attitude towards her all these years. If she knew all that and actually thought Splenda would change into a good father, she is truly beyond stupid.

Though I do hope she turns out to be a nurturing mother for her child, rather than treating them like her own personal dress-up doll or (I doubt it but who knows) even becoming a Margo. Motherhood is really tough and Yumi deserves all the support she can get right now, even more so since Splenda clearly shows no interest in providing any.

No. 89302

Is a lolita try on really worth putting herself in horrible pain, or is she doing it for sympathy? Pregnancy back aches are no joke. She should be taking it easy and not trying on tight-fitting dollie clothes.

No. 89303

Yumi's much more intelligent than she lets on, but her pursuit of an older white man to take care of her and give her a Caucasian-looking baby has come back to bite her. She settled for a disrespectful middle-aged divorcee with previous children because he'd put up with her goo-goo baby doll fairytale act so long as it meant he'd get to fuck a legal loli.

Most hafu babies look Asian as hell and Splenda's features aren't exactly attractive. I doubt this baby will be the angelic blue-eyed white cherub Yuhan's wanting. I can only pray that she won't get overtaken with post-partum depression or psychosis and resent her little red-faced, black-haired, very Chinese looking child.

I hope Yumi realizes that having a baby will isolate her from what few friends she does have. She should be trying to make connections with other expecting mothers now. Young childless women don't often want to spend time with mothers while their kids are around, especially if they don't like kids. Especially ones who dumb themselves down and act like overgrown little girls playing sexy dress up in knock off burando and Amazon dresses.

No. 89322

how can you claim she's more intelligent than she lets on when she's gotten herself willingly into this situation. i feel bad for her, but you need to stop wking her. she may be book smart but she has no common sense, her mom was also clearly a horrible influence on this. her entire internet career has highlighted her lack of common sense, hell, being with splenda at all is proof. people with common sense don't go to college and then immediately give up a career to marry.

No. 89421

She looks naturally cute in all her eating her cravings scenes and back to looking deformed in the rest of her video.
Shes claiming shes eating 10 of these fruits/vegetables everyday along with cheese, peanut butter cups/peanut butter and protein shakes…. i wonder if shes going to gain weight or if these are all that shes eating. PB, cheese and protein shakes are pretty common suggestions for putting on weight

Her english seems a bit more normal too.

No. 89487

Well that isn't so ba-

No. 89494


We all know she’ll be disappointed over how asian the baby will look.

She didn’t go for a light haired white man. She went for a dark haired man. The only non Asian thing her child will have is mostly more height, a longer nose. That’s it.

God help if it’s a girl. It’ll definitely feel her warth if that’s the case.

No. 89500

If it's a girl I'll feel bad because she'll be up against the worst of Splenda's and Yumi's shit genetics. Talk about a stacked deck. At least men get away with being ugly in society.

No. 89501

She desperately wants a girl to use as a dress-up doll so maybe it won't be so bad on Yumi's side (compared to how Splenda would treat their daughter)? Splenda seems like the kind of creep that would leer at his own child though.

No. 89502

She really needs to stop using what ever filters she uses, all it does it make her cheeks look bloated and her chin look smaller than it already is. Botched PS tinfoil aside she actually looks very cute with minimal to no make up and her bangs pushed to the side flatters her face making her look like a normal person.

Too bad she married a yellow fevered pedophile that probably makes her style her hair that way.

No. 89518

Even if she were having the baby with a blonde blue eyed guy, it would still come out with brown hair and eyes. That's how dominant genes work.

No. 89524

I know a girl who claims she is half chinese, but has blonde hair and green eyes and absolutely no chinese features whatsoever. I'm always side-eyeing her because that is definitely NOT how genetics work. Occasinally you will see half-asian people with lighter brown or hazel eyes, and brown hair instead of black, but never with blonde hair or light eyes unless they're a quarter or less asian.

No. 89528

File: 1587547763868.png (121.53 KB, 512x269, B3C63FA2-E015-410C-A9BA-48C16B…)

That’s not entirely true. Becky is a half Japanese celebrity and she has very light green eyes. I doubt Yumi’s kid will look anything near this though

No. 89605

My cousin is half Chinese and had bright, green eyes. (Dad is 100% Chinese)
My brother’s friend and his sister are half Japanese and have blonde hair and blue eyes. I didn’t think they looked Asian until I met their dad who is 1000% Japanese.
I know lots of half kids with full Asian parents who have these features. It’s not impossible. Though it is more common to have darker or brown features.

No. 89622

She looks really cute with no/minimal makeup and glasses! Her kaweewee makeup and clothes feel so forced and are so unflattering on her.

One of my coworkers at my old job is 1/2 Chinese with light brown hair and green eyes, and I know a pair of twins who are actually 1/2 Japanese, 1/2 Irish and both have flaming red hair, green eyes, and pale skin with freckles. Genetics are weird.

No. 89628


To be honest, the more Asian they look the better to be honest. Look Hiraki Mori. She's basically a taller Asian. She's gorgeous. The whiter they look I think the uglier. Coloured eyes don't suit Asian eyes at all. It's as bas as seeing circle lenses and dodgy Asian hair dyes over in Tokyo.(racebait)

No. 89630

File: 1587607085564.jpg (181.48 KB, 750x937, f7c67f44469b75bbbe6570b5ef9a17…)


Hapatime for example

She looks more Asian but you can tell she's mixed with white. But the darker eyes and hair with the tan, the better. I think places like Japan and Korea don't realise the more tan or any appreciation for their own features, that they look better naturally than making themselves snow white, trying to have lighter hair or eyes. Sometimes the less white looking the better.


Becky is pretty but she's praised for having a lighter eye colour and a white nose by their media. I just think she looks like a white woman with downs tbh.

No. 89631

File: 1587607151969.jpg (37.83 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


Youtuber, Jasmine Lipska. She's got a Chinese mother and a Polish father. Honestly, she's the prettiest one, the most Asian looking one. The other two just look like a bad experiment gone wrong. I don' t get why Asians want whiter looking kids when they end up looking tragic.

No. 89632

File: 1587607309204.jpg (35.93 KB, 384x512, unnamed.jpg)


And Hikari is just gorgeous.

But Yumi is just going to have to deal with it. Her kid isn't gonna look like Hook Finn Jr any time soon

No. 89985

Thanks for all the unsaged derailing.
You sound as bad as Splenda with all your Asian fetishizing.

No. 90010

Somebody time ago said that Splenda might be autistic.
I'm scared for the child, since not only he has unfortunate genes but he's even old.>>88634

No. 90069

>look like a bad experiment gone wrong
Yikes anon, you sound like the eugenistic fags from pol.
People from different ethnicities have children together all the time, they are not breeding them like dogs to make cuter beings wtf.

No. 90082

All visible traits are polygenic so not really

No. 90434


Girl looks more Hispanic than Asian IMO. Still beautiful nonetheless.(offtopic)

No. 90785

I feel bad for yumi, but I also think she’s so low effort. Her husband is like literally a shithead white man who patronizes her so much. It’s not gonna end well. Also wishing she tries on higher quality stuff or does higher quality hauls, dunno.

No. 90786

he seems like he would be on the spectrum, something is off.

No. 90798

Women put up with the such dickheads like it's all happy go lucky in their lives. Splenda won't change once that baby is born and Yumi will be exhausted being a mother while he gives her shit for it.

No. 90800

I don't. She brought this upon herself starting from when she threw away her degree so that she could play petite fob Asian housewaifu. She married a man who makes her eat inhumanly small portions of frozen food from a cat dish and wear a collar, and she went along with it. Any normal woman would've broken it off the second Splenda even tried to degrade them, but Yumi stayed because she wanted to become a housewife with a hafu baby so badly.
As for higher quality stuff, that's not her style. She values quantity over quality because she thinks it makes her look rich and fancy. She even has knockoffs from high quality brands like a knockoff Kate Spade purse.

No. 90806

File: 1588453489875.jpg (329.38 KB, 1440x1440, Yumi.jpg)

Here's a Yumi selfie with very bendy mirror frame and one of her fingers. I'm not even sure what she did to the picture to get it this warped, what did she shrink/make bigger?

No. 90808

They deserve each other. Yumi is so off-putting that no normal guy in Seattle will look at her twice, so she settled for a middle-aged divorced man in bumfuck Georgia that abandoned his other children. She CHOSE to get pregnant with him despite knowing that. Yumi is already claiming she's so tired and in pain due to the pregnancy. I honestly don't know if she's exaggerating, if it's her anachan diet or her lack of exercise/ sedentary lifestyle/ laziness…
Wow she is actually wearing age-appropriate makeup and fashion. She still looks cheap but it's an improvement kek. That outfit in the background looks like it's for a toddler, not a mother-to-be.

No. 90824

she didn't edit it, it's an oval-shaped mirror

No. 90825

I'm honestly a bit concerned about her having a miscarriage or giving birth to a child with birth defects due to a potentially unhealthy lifestyle. A lot cou li d go wrong in a pregnancy due to unhealthy eating, and Yumi doesn't seem to have a body that's ready for the task of carrying a child to full term, especially if she's not eating correctly, if at all.

No. 90883

I’m shocked she even could conceive being so underweight. I guess Splenda let Corn have extra 200 calories as a treat.

No. 92477

File: 1589130821937.png (1.57 MB, 1158x2097, Yumi1.png)

Yumi has started selling her cosplay dressup clothes on Poshmark, this might bode well for her child not growing up in a Asian-fetish household as people feared upthread.
She says she'll sell up to 90% of her cosplay clothing over the next three months. You can see some of this stuff is schoolgirl outfits or things you otherwise wouldn't wear outside.

No. 92478

File: 1589130843093.png (1.79 MB, 1144x2089, Yumi2.png)

No. 92479

File: 1589131008692.png (1.69 MB, 1100x2099, Yumi3.png)

No. 92482

hate to break it to you but she's probably selling them for a bad reason. all of this isn't cosplay…

No. 92494

Guessing selling due to pressure from Splenda. Either he's admonishing her over the hoard prompting her to sell, or Splenda isn't giving her the shit she'll want for the baby so she's trying to get some cash. It's pretty early for her to be nesting, and you'd think one like her wouldn't suddenly drop interest in their beloved shit before junior even gets here. Not a great look either way it's cut honestly. Like impulsive at best case scenario if it's not cause of Splenda.

No. 92556

Looks like she is getting rid of some of the stuff she thinks she could sell to costhots and kawaii clothing wearers. Is she..growing up?

No. 92560

she has so much cheap garbage clothing. It can't be bad for her to sell some of it.

No. 92563

Agreed and she did clothing hauls a lot at one point. Im sure she donated a bunch or is keeping some hoping the kind is a girl for when she's old [like the cutesy lolita stuff]. She's gotta get rid of it all and why not make cash. I really don't see anything shady about this involving Splenda or her being hard for cash. Its eBay for thots.

No. 92622

Not to mention they'll need the extra space. There's so much shit to buy.

No. 93230

DDlgers shouldn't have kids. Period. Shit's going to hit the fan hard and fast for the mom because she no longer gets to play the role of the "baby princess" anymore. Also the main dynamic behind WMAF can be DDlg because whitey doesn't want to admit he's a closet pedophile. Yumi was already getting treated poorly before, splenda is not going to get better. The kid will undoubtedly have daddy issues.

Shit can only end badly either way. If the baby is a girl there's a chance that splenda will attempt to molest her. If the baby is a boy, as already pointed out, he's going to be a self-hating Elliot Rodgers hapa baby.
Also yeah, possible birth defects from splenda's age and Corn's eating disorders either way. What a trainwreck.

She hasn't deleted the videos with her wearing them yet, her kid will grow up and eventually find out that his/her mom was a nasty fuck and be mentally affected by it.

Kind of depressing to see her throw her hobby away for putting another bitter hapa child on the planet.

No. 94544

I thought she got lots off her clothes free from wish o/w for doing videos

No. 94553

>Yumi has to practically beg him to buy her anything
How is this milk? We tradthots now?
If she didn't want to have her ceremony on her lawn she could have worked to earn money and have it wherever she wants.

No. 94570

Hello newfriend. People have always pointed out that Splenda is cheap and stingy, hence his namesake. None of us here thinks it's a good idea to marry a middle-aged divorcee, let him have control over our lives to Yumi's extent, and then get pregnant in exchange for an average suburbia living.
>she could have worked
As if that's ever a realistic choice for any of the cows who end up here. If she were capable, she would have been already. Idc if some anons think she's secretly "smart" when every choice she makes indicates the opposite. Yes, it's very entertaining when someone who makes the horrible decision to get knocked up by a race fetishist cheapskate has got to beg him for basic necessities. It doesn't take a tradthot to see that.

No. 97891

Yumi's apparently been bleeding in month 5

No. 97917

Oh nooo. That doesn't sound good.

No. 98141

File: 1591223189188.png (2.36 MB, 1792x828, 4599C475-AA08-4E35-AA7C-FAD4F5…)

What the hell is this outfit?

No. 98175

she's chinese, not some american libfem. chinese culture absolutely expects men to pay for everything.

No. 98945

Its a boy

No. 98957

Thank the lord. Though maybe there will be a second, a boy will be able to handle Splenda's weirdness a lot better.

No. 98971

I don't know. He might become one of those troubled r/hapa guys who had shitty parents.

Hope they divorce and yumi moves back in with her parents.

No. 98987

>eliott roger confirmed
he's going to grow up and post on r/aznidentity the second he learns how to use the internet

No. 99027

I can't imagine a household with a demeaning, abusive white ogre father and a bone-thin walking me love you long time sweatshop seamstress stereotype mother will be the best for this kid, male or female. At least Yumi won't have the opportunity to treat her kid like a living doll ala Margo.

No. 99373

it's a classic formula to create a school shooter

No. 99481

A highschool uniform-looking outfit. While pregnant. Shit looks so, so wrong…

No. 99487

For the future of high school girls everywhere, Yumi should move back to China with this kid. He'll be a lot happier there.

No. 99496

Regardless of sex this poor kid is fucked but at least Splenda won't molest a boy, probably. This is the slightly better scenario even if he is a future ER

No. 99535

>At least Yumi won't have the opportunity to treat her kid like a living doll
Ikr, it was concerning when she kept saying she wanted a girl specifically to dress up and twin with. She had already expressed the want for a Weenoos-Margo type relationship long before she even got pregnant.
I feel bad for the child. Yumi and Splenda can barely take care of themselves and are both emotionally/mentally stunted. There's no way they can raise a child properly.

Yumi's mom is equally as vain and shallow as Yumi. Yumi's mom gave Yumi her old "sexy" (i.e. cheap hooker) clothes, which Yumi showed off in one of her lookbooks, and Yumi mentioned in one of her old makeup videos that her mom wanted her to get plastic surgery to look cuter.

No. 99565

Splenda is an obvious pedo along with his yellow fever too, it's a lot better for him to not have a half Asian daughter in the house. I would genuinely fear for that girl's safety over time. Their household is still going to be insanely toxic for a son, too, though, sadly. Such a weird and messed up situation for a kid to grow up in.

No. 99591

bet after she pops this one out they try for a girl that they both so desperately want.
in that case the boy will have a miserable neglectful life and the girl will be overly adored and inevitably damaged by her upbringing. bet.

No. 99603

i doubt that the boy will be neglected. she's still chinese, and will treat him special like she was brought up to do.

No. 99614

chinese people believe their bloodline can only be passed down by the males of the family. so chinese people would consider this kid white because he has a white dad.

No. 99638

looool it's going to be one of those incels who post on asian masculinity or hapas or something
it has to be, splenda is a typical old white creep and yumi a streotype of a submissive asian sex kitten waifu.
the childhood of poor little splendaling is a sitcom i would totally watch

No. 99640

oops btw splendaling as in little splenda, like youngling or duckling, even though in this context it looks like a shitty mock chinese nickname, not my intention lmao

No. 99732

Look I get it Yumi and Splenda's relationship is gross but can try not to be awful to a literal baby? We should be hoping he'll turn out okay, not shitting on his hypothetical future personality before he's even born. You can feel bad for the kid, but, like… come on.

No. 99739

I always knew she was gonna have an /r/hapas user.

No. 101084

Useful advice from licensed prenatal nutritionist Yuhan McSplenda

No. 115817

File: 1602482200728.png (32.84 KB, 722x331, yumi son milk.PNG)

Yumi announced she had her baby Splenda today. No photos outside of Patreon.

No. 115839

Does Yumi think shes Kim K? Paying to see her baby kek

No. 115872

Lol Splenda and Yumi must be hard up for the bux.

No. 115873

she'll probably show pictures of her vaginal tears or lack thereof

No. 115877

Those clothes makes her look like she is pregnant with a balloon instead of a human baby
I'm really curious about how the baby looks, considering it's parents

No. 115929

I've stayed away from hate watching her during this pregnancy. It gives me a lot of fetish vibes, especially her clothing hall vids in tiny skirts and tops. Its like she hoped from DDLG to pregnancy fetish pandering. Whats next? Mommy fetish Yumi?

No. 115938

baby looks good, so yay!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 115957

Of course it's fetish shit. She made a video to let us all know she's been a good girl who hasn't gained a pound more than what she needed throughout pregnancy so Splenda can keep up his asian schoolgirl roleplay. Then to top it off she needs to signal how her asian puss is still smol and intact >>115873 and then state how she did it all without an epidural >>115817. In case no one knows, it's a huge boast among natural birther women (who tend to be huge pickmes) so that they can regard themselves as superior to women who gave birth with pain relief or with c-section. They see it as some kind of accomplishment. She even says it was "exciting and crazy" as if it wasn't agonizing, difficult, and scary at times. She's a huge liar.

No. 115958

I cringed looking through her instagram and realizing she wore her kawaii schoolgirl outfits to go to her ultrasound appointments. Imagine you're an ultrasound technician and a tiny woman walks in with an obviously much older white man and she's wearing a pleated mini skirt thigh highs and a pink cropped shirt. This is so obviously a fetish and it's weird.

No. 115963

oh my god
this goes beyond any "showing off belly" outfits I've seen short of trailer trash cut-offs paired with a bra. Hell, she might as well be wearing this. I had been avoiding her content during this pregnancy and had no idea this was what she was producing

No. 115967

this is the video that set me off too and posting this >>115929
Theres one thing to be happy and excited about your first baby, we all know how much she's wanted this and is her life goal. But this is horrifying to watch, the dancing and moments are so weird, it's pandering to another level. I could ignore her DDLG shit but not when theres an actual child involved. This is gross.
Breast feeding content next?

No. 115974

It's sort of strange how old she looks when she's doing the little dances
Maybe dressing 'younger' while pregnant is making her aged features pop?

No. 116017

She looks way better without bangs

No. 116019

She's so underweight and malnourished it looks like she has parasites, not a baby.

No. 116020


Imagine picking your child up from school and seeing Yumi dressed like this doing the same. I really wonder how she's going to dress the little boy.

No. 116040

She's always been like that. She's probably stressed as someone with a small build already has difficulty carrying a baby. If the doctors are saying she's healthy, then she's good. Splenda needs to shut up though and stressing her about her weight while she's pregnant and making her feel bad if she does eat. He's basically giving her an eating disorder while carrying, but even if she was 10lbs heavier, she'd still look like this because of her genetics. I feel like she's going to wind up having to have a c-section unless most of that is fluid and the baby is like 6 or 7lbs which isn't abnormal. I'd be worried if it came out 5lbs or lighter. So far she's looking full term, so that's a good sign.

No. 116041

She already had her baby naturally.

No. 116246


I can already imagine how this went down
>I made a pregnancy plan and I don't want an epidural uwu
>starts absolutely screaming during labor
>demands an epidural
>nurses start calling for an epidural to be placed but the doctor is nowhere to be found
>by the time the doc comes it's too late and she's pushing
>continues to wail to the point everyone in the fucking unit can hear them
>sounds like she's birthing the spawn of Satan as she's delivering
>all because she's to proud to have some pain relief during the most painful part of any woman's life

But honestly I'm not surprised she's bought into this bullshit.

No. 116253

A lot of women do. I don’t see why it’s automatically evil and shameful for Yumi. You can not like her without trying to turn her choice to give birth without an epidermal some weird spin-off.

No. 116296



I never implied that she was either, but it's in relation to what >>115957 said, and the fact that most of these women want ~perfect~ birth plans when in fact delivery is messy and ad hoc. I think it's unrealistic to wholly write epidurals out and to treat them like evil objects that get in the way of delivery, or that a painful delivery is somehow more pure.

No. 116299

Autocorrect happens

No. 116302

Did she actually denigrate women who opt for an epidural or are you projecting?

No. 116311

NTA but if you've ever been involved in any pregnancy community you'll see SO many annoying ass women who seem to think martyring themselves on the altar of pain and sacrifice makes them better than you. Its just a certain attitude. Its cool if you want to have a natural birth, but some other anon was right when she said that most of the time, they're weird kinda pick-mes who think giving birth and having children should be like, the worst thing ever and you aren't a good mom if you don't sacrifice from the beginning. There really is little reason to refuse an epidural except for if you WANT to feel that pain, people who have issues with being temporarily paralyzed from the legs down not withstanding. Basically saying you want as natural of a birth as possible is either because you're a hippie type who doesn't believe in "unnecessary" medical intervention (doesn't sound like Yumi) OR you want to prove to people that you are the best mommy EVER because you felt every painful contraction.

No. 116315

Tbf every woman I've encountered who didn't have an epidural is either an anti-vax essential oil mom or a woman who likes to put down other women and make herself out to be the "alpha" mom because she thinks being in horrible unworldly pain during child birth makes her better than others. But part of me thinks that maybe Yumi's refusal to get an epidural had something to do with her culture. Are epidurals uncommon in China?

No. 116318

But why would Chipmunk Cheeks bother to mention it if it wasn't important to her at all? No one cares if women don't opt for epidurals, except for women who want other women to know they didn't opt for one. It's a giant humblebrag. From the videos of her telling pregnant women how to eat, to exercises on how to prevent perenial tears. There's more videos lecturing on how to be pregnant than videos just describing her experience. She wanted whoever is watching her to know that she's the most thoughtful first time pregnant woman ever and she's got this whole thing in the bag. It's obnoxious.

Basically this >>116311. Splenda has her on a tight leash and if she centered her life around a religion instead of uguuu asian fashion, you'd all notice she has all the peculiar mannerisms of a trad pickme. They're a fucking creepy ass couple.

No. 116320

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if she DID get an epidural and lied about it later to seem cooler.

Pretty sure epidurals are common/becoming increasingly common anywhere that has even vaguely decent healthcare, China included. It's probably still uncommon in more rural areas, but hospitals in large cities like Shanghai, Beijing, and Nanjing (where corn is from) should have it available as an option.

No. 116370

Just because you find her annoying, it’s not impossible to believe she could manage natural birth without tv show dramatics. Although the image you paint is still pretty funny.

I think it might be an Asian thing. Statistics say the rate for epidural in China is less than 10%. However, China also has the highest Cesarean section rate in the world. Japan, in comparison, the epidural rate is even lower at only 5.2%. Sometimes epidural is talked about as something only wealthy women and celebrities do. I think it’s less about Yumi thinking she is better than other moms and more about Asian cultural expectations.

No. 116376

some people could hate needles and/ or being numbed but i feel like it's a weird person thing normally, yeah.

No. 116387

Exactly. I gave recently gave birth in Japan and it was such a pain to find a hospital that did epidurals. It's getting more popular but many Asian women (from Asia at least) don't even get epidurals a thought.

No. 116390

But what does this have to do with Yumi’s personal choice for her own pregnancy.

No. 116443

exactly, plus, I'm pretty sure that in one of her pregnancy videos, she said she expected to get one. I may be mistaken, I just don't remember her being opposed to it.

Her video about vaginal tearing is incredibly funny. I recommend drinking every time she mispronounces vagina.

No. 116447

The vitriol about her pregnancy is a little strange, I understand being irked by the way she dresses but when she talks about weight management and different things she did for her pregnancy, she never advised others to do as she does anyways. They’re her personal videos, and all the things she’s following are very standard among Chinese women. Nobody wants to fucking read a chimpout about epidurals that have nothing to do with her just because she said she didn’t want to use it jfc false equivalencies.

No. 116450

>I understand being irked by the way she dresses
It's beyond gross when you consider the context of their relationship that these threads have highlighted for years. Anything else you'd like to take out of context and defend? Fucking whiteknight stans.

No. 116464

Did no one consider there may not have been time to get an epidural administered

No. 116483

You’re unhinged. I’m not a stan, you sound obsessed. No shit the way she dresses is creepy, I literally said that. God I hate that when the site begins to decline in content instead of waiting for milk or actually sharing anything of merit some of you tards want to ree about things that don’t matter and are a waste of time to read instead.

No. 116514

Hide the thread if you think it's so milkless, problem solved. You sound like the obsessed one.

No. 116519

>no you
I don’t have to hide the thread, being called out for going off on an unrelated tangent about epidurals shouldn’t bother you this much

No. 116525

Wait until I tell you that I'm not even the same anon you're talking about, please continue to derail and minimod about how unbothered you are.

No. 116811

Yumi's birth video is up.

No. 116832

she looks happy, honestly good for her
>had spotting/blood
>splenda rushed her to hospital
>dilated to 10cm very quick
>nursed told her to "hold it in"??
>epidural doctor didnt show up at all, so was forced to do natural
>2nd degree tearing

No. 116833


Thank you for the summary anon. Really ridiculous that they told her to " hold it in " because the doctor wasn't there.

Despite everything, I really hope her baby grows up to be healthy and happy, I couldn't imagine being @ the hospital in the midst of pandemic to give birth.

No. 116908

Did she gave birth with a mask on?? Jesus Christ

No. 116917

Wow, this sounds horrible. I can't sit through her voice right now, but really. I feel for her if she wanted relief and couldn't have it. I don't know how it is to give birth but this experience sounds like enough reason to complain, right? Women can't just "hold in" a baby.

And then after all that, to have the serial fetishist / semen spreader Scott there. God. I hope she at least had a cute orderly or something.

No. 116919

File: 1603280775537.jpg (309.74 KB, 1213x783, yumi.jpg)

she didn't give much context to the "hold it in" comment but it sounded like the nurses wanted to wait for the epidural doctor before allowing her to push.
She mentioned she felt the need to push but was stopped because there was no doctor around, only nurses. Which honestly sounds like the worst experience.

No. 116931

I’m split between thinking it’s a weird to post a video like this, but I also think it’s a bit cool that she let her viewers take part in the birth of the child she’s always dreamed about having.
I wonder if she is disappointed that she got a boy and not a girl to dress up?

No. 116932

Sounds like the experience actually kinda sucked for her, at least she's now being honest about what went down instead of sticking to the "exciting and crazy" narrative vloggers forcing positivity would want to whitewash this with.

No. 116967

What's going on with her hand????

No. 117060

I also can't watch the vid because her voice annoys me too much, but they do ask women not to push until they reach a certain stage of labor and dilation. That's part of what can make it so painful, is that you feel the 'need' to push, but if you do it too early you risk more tearing, or some other kinds of issues. I'm not an expert, I have just heard that before. Poor girl, if she wanted an epidural and couldn't get it, that really sucks.

No. 117124

An epidural makes you unable to move around during labor and for sometime afterwards. It might make some women feel powerless and less in control. There are also potential complications, such as back injury.

No. 117125

Unfortunately lots of doctors will tell you to 'hold the baby in' until they are ready to 'deliver it'.

No. 117143

Women won't generally feel a need to push unless they are fully dialated and the baby is ready to come out. When a doctor coaches a woman to push its called 'purple pushing'.

Women who have epidurals often need to be told when to push and they often don't get the need to push even when they are ready to which is why doctors have to help them.(derail)

No. 117161

ot but does anyone know where the blue nightgown shes wearing is from?(derail)

No. 117208


No. 117379

Isn't it kind of odd that she wants people to pay for her giving birth video in patreon? She also has content of her newborn child. Some titles are "Baby boy's hair ^^" "I feed my baby boy everywhere!" "My baby boy is sleeping. He looks very comfortable" "Need to cut baby’s fingernails " - these are real titles.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 117381

Imagine being alive for a few days and your mom is already profiting using your pics on patreon. (You need to pay to see the baby's pictures)

No. 117409

It’s an infant, it doesn’t give a shit. Yumi is making whatever meager profit she can so she can have money for her family.

No. 117415

You're saying this as if there aren't dozens and dozens of "mommy bloggers" out there.

No. 117527

I doubt Yumi and Splenda are suffering financially. They seem like they only buy/use cheap shit because they're stingy. Yumi could always get a part-time wfh job or do online gigs if they needed money.

Exploiting kids for views and money has been a hot topic for the past year or so, specifically in regards to family vloggers. It's a "just because other people are doing it doesn't make it ok" type of situation.

No. 117572

Oh so you’re just a moral purist and want to sperg about it. Got it.

No. 119725

Can someone explain to me why in the videos before birth, her boobs were not THAT big. Since she's given birth and she's breast feeding, she says she's grown a lot? I'm sorry, but I think she got a boob job. your boobs font jump to 2 sizes bigger just because the baby was born and you're feeding. You would've noticed their size change throughout the pregnancy because of the milk already building up because of all the hormones. Is she really going to play the 'these are real' card here?

No. 119729

Anon are you a scrote? Tits definitely can go up 2 sizes while breastfeeding. But if you really believe it’s a tit job at what point do you think she got it and what dr would you know that would give a pregnant woman plastic surgery that involves pain medication after?

No. 119734

Anon, unless you're having a baby or know someone who is having a baby or have done the research, a lot of people just know get pregnant = bigger boobs. That's it. Not when and how. Chill.

No. 119740

I love the idea that she somehow scheduled in a boob job right after giving birth and is also breastfeeding with her new silicone tits, but no anon.

No. 119750

Pure autism. You’re an idiot.

No. 119766

You need to check your mental health anon, I know quarantine is hard but damn lmao…

No. 119780

File: 1604936451059.jpg (22.38 KB, 512x384, 1599143718829.jpg)

First it was, epidural-chan reeing about the way she gave birth, then moralfag shows up and acts like mommy vloggers aren't a thing, now boob-san has to show everyone they know jackshit about female anatomy.

Tinfoil, but is this Splenda lurking because he's currently stuck with yumi, her mom, and baby instead of the new visa-wife he was gonna dump her for. /s

No. 119781

Please be a male because if you are actually a woman, I am so incredibly sad you. After gradually increasing in size due to increased blood supply and milk duct development, mother’s breasts absolutely do balloon 2 to 3 times bigger, often painfully, a day or two after giving birth. Then, they continue to appear in a much firmer, swelled state for the first few months of exclusive breastfeeding. I didn’t go back to my original size for several months. Yumi will probably experience the same thing.

I actually like all these recent videos. I believe she will be a good, loving mother despite the circumstances. I’m just worried about her body image issues and if Splenda will put pressure on her to keep losing weight. How will their dynamic change? Her new body is lovely and I hope she can embrace it.

No. 119787

In the video she brags about losing weight and is almost at her original size.

No. 119808

Didn't know that, actually. I don't like kids, so don't care to know more intricate things about how pregnancy and after birth changes work. Thanks for the clarification.

No. 119834

I wouldn’t be surprised if all three are the same anon. Such a weird obsession with another woman’s pregnancy.

No. 119858

I think it's hilarious that leading up to the pregnancy the general consensus is that Yumi would totally exploit her child and be super weird. Now that the baby is here, farmers did a 180 and are now super protective.
Surely there are better things to do with your time on lolcow than shielding pandery mommy vloggers from some deserved ridicule after publishing every detail of their life online for strangers to judge.

No. 119859

Sorry. Referring to myself, I meant returning to original bra size takes several months. If you were already a thin person and were careful with nutrition during pregnancy, it can be easier to lose weight postpartum if you exclusively breastfeed because it actually burns a lot of calories and helps your uterus contract back to it’s original size.Yumi had a normal delivery with no complications, so she can easily get in shape without hurting or starving herself. But she will be slightly more curvy and I wonder what weirdo Splenda thinks.

If you want to look up something frightening about pregnancy, check out the rare condition Gestational gigantomastia. It’s when pregnancy hormone breast growth gets out of control and monstrous.

Honestly, I think because Yumu lacks real life friends, her over-sharing may be coming from a genuine place. She has no one but her mom to share this experience with, right? It’s hard for me to criticize this early. As long as she protects her child’s identity, I feel neutral about this for now.

No. 119895

Oh yes, because farmers are supposed to work as a bully hive to shit on targeted people for eternity? If the criticism is ridiculous enough to be dragged by multiple farmers, find a new angle. Boo boo that we don’t want to constantly hurl insults at your favorite punching bag.

No. 119988

I heard you have very full, firm breasts for the duration of breast-feeding and then they become saggy and terrible afterwards. I've read this happening to a lot of women but it might be a luck of the draw thing.

She looks great right now but I'm worried that once her body becomes less attractive, splenda's gonna fuck off like so many men do. especially since he married her for his little girl fetish

No. 120020

And he’ll owe Yumi a lot of child support, and Yumi will be fine because she came here for a better life than she had in China, not for her steamy romance with that prick.

No. 120159

>married her for that little girl fetish
Nah, Splenda married her because of his yellow fever. 'Member that vlog where he was humming/listening to kpop while cooking (I think korean?) dinner? Pepperidge farm remembers…

No. 120272

Doesn't she have an engineering degree?

No. 120399

Probably nothing. She might have a hypermobility joint disorder like EDS or something.

No. 122624


Huh? She came here for a better life, but chose to play into the loli fetish for a creepy old white guy instead of having her own career…sure, she'll have some child support but she hasn't shown any ability to be independent.(necro)

No. 122646

She is always going to look like that, anon. No matter who she is with, age-wise, you guys will say its because of fetish. A lot of women look like this and their adult relationships aren't always predatory and why does she need to be independent if someone is voluntarily taking care of you?

No. 122768

>She is always going to look like that
NTA but clearly anon is talking about her clothing choices and demeanor. Yumi does not look like a loli, even for an asian.
>why be independent if someone volunteers to take care of you?
Because being a leech isn't noble and one day your caregivers will be gone, especially when they're older men.

No. 122786

Can't really fault her when that's Chinese culture in a nutshell. Husband provides until Son takes over.

No. 122812

She lives in a first world and received college education, let's not pretend she lives by rural peanut farmer cultural standards to justify the laziness and complacency.

No. 122826

Anon that really does not matter over there. Doesn't matter your class status shit's beat into them from the get go.

No. 122833

No, you're just salty. She isn't lazy. I think she knows her content doesn't get views and that stopped her from wanting to keep trying. She's not exactly the best at anything and she probably knows it. Yumi is just average and is a kept woman. There just isn't much else left for her anymore, so she's just doing the basic >>122786 like anon pointed out, just following her cultural standard and when there is a breadwinner willingly doing that for you, then what's the problem?

No. 122866

Chinese culture, much like Japanese culture, is imbedded into them from a very young age. Fucking look at her. She literally looks like a Chinese caricature, if that isn’t enough for you to finally click it in your brain that she isn’t going to automatically adhere to your westernized moral compass or what the fuck ever you’re trying to push here idk what will kek.

No. 122926

Lol you have no clue what you're talking about.

No. 123120

>no you
Give it up!

No. 123135

I don't know why these anons stick around and reach that Yumi is some backwater cultural product to explain away her cringe behavior when they could simply hide the thread.

She's a loli-pandering mooch who isn't really growing up despite slinging a child in her stereotypical age gap relationship. The whiteknighting here is embarrassing and they're failing at that by making her sound even more stupid.

No. 133504

Appart from the breast growth after birth, Yumi didn't wear bras before her pregnancy… so she might be wearing a bra and pads for milk leakage.(lrn2sage)

No. 134259

Not sure if this is actual milk, but is it realistic for Yumi's son to be allegedly already speaking a couple words ("yes" and "i'm hungry" according to recent videos) at 3 or 4 months? All I can hear is the same baby sounds for both, I'm thinking she's reaching a little about that. Or maybe I just can't pick up on these words properly because it's not a language I know.

No. 134279

I think she's delusional as lots of first time parents think their kids are the shit. Typical speaking age is 10-14 months.

No. 134693

No. At most a child that young is babbling non-syllables. The youngest most infants begin to "speak" ala "mama, dada, ooo" is 10mo. I can't say I saw any exceptions during the years I worked at a daycare in the infant/toddler room.
I did care for one 8mo who wasn't speaking, but seemed much brighter than most of the 10-12 mo in terms of pattern, shape, and colour recognition.

Yumi is just being retarded and is hearing the baby making random noises because it's a baby and is trying to figure out how to control its body.

No. 150866


No. 153620


sage for no milk

The Chinese word for hungry is literally pronounced "euh" so maybe the baby is just making sounds and she's over-interpreting

No. 154896

>I believe she will be a good, loving mother despite the circumstances.
One of the first things she did was exploit her birth and child on patreon for money. Yes, she's a great mother.

No. 157102

File: 1624505108030.jpg (537.07 KB, 1080x1190, Screenshot_20210624-104647_Ins…)

Are they having a financial problem here? Haven't checked the video out but "help us for living"
I'm literally so worried for the baby right now. Whoever said Yumi was doing a great job taking care of her son, no, she is not. She doesn't have any savings, is dependent financially on Splenda, doesn't have any working experience and is now stuck with a infant to take care of. Please get a divorce Yumi, you're not only fucking up your life, but also your son's.

No. 157104

I looked through some comments on her recent videos, and quite a few are noting that it's been a long time since Splenda has shown up and are asking where he is, so I wonder if he bailed (surprise!)

No. 157130

He's probably tightening the financial leash and told Yumi to get rid of the clothes clogging up space.
I'm more inclined to believe she would exaggerate to her fanbase in order to make some money back, as opposed to dropping off thousands in now-worthless weeb garb at the local charity. Don't be suckers and fall for this shit, guaranteed whenever she flashes the baby, it's to manipulate people.

No. 157138

Its a sponsored video for a second hand clothing app. Postmark sponsored her, so I can't tell if she's serious with the wording, or if its just bad wording on her part and she's trying to say that she's totally relatable to people who use Postmark to make a side living. Plus she probably doesn't wear all those anymore anyway.

No. 157159

Yumi said she’s so busy all the time taking care of her baby. I doubt Splenda does any parenting or gives a shit. Which is very sad but Yumi should have known from the way he acts towards his kids and baby mama.

No. 157231

Splenda hasn't been appearing in her video recently as well, I'm not surprised if he left in view of his two divorces……and tbh things are better if they separated, at least Yumi and go back to her mom and someone could help take care the baby. But who knows? shrug

No. 157335

File: 1624664388877.jpg (112.15 KB, 690x1280, 100089900612_10631.jpg)

It kind of seems like she is playing it up though. Babies are not awake all the time. She could easily film when he naps. But because she wants donations, she's letting the kid interrupt every video she films. Her entire patreon is kid-focused too.

No. 157362

sorry anon, but you're really reading into this. It is pretty normal to be financially dependent on the father of an infant when they are basically a newborn, not some badge of shame. also it's a sponsored video and the title attracts attention, I doubt she needs to sell pounds of cheap pink tat to buy formula and diapers. Splenda is just a generic weird white guy with a "docile asian wife", not some monster who would let his son starve or go without clothes.

No. 157440

Some babies take two naps or more often just one nap a day. Naps can go 30-60 min long, some babies do nap longer. Most babies 5 to 12 months need 12 to 15 hours a day of sleep average.

Not surprising for me to see the baby interrupting.

I don't think she is playing it up, babies are very energy draining.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 157445

Reading that text gives me a fricking stroke

No. 157466

ntayrt, but it's not that hard to just write a script, record it during different parts of the day/ whenever she's free, and then edit out any of the footage where the baby interrupts. I'd be a little more lenient on her if this wasn't content people are paying her for.

No. 158114


“It’s not that hard” you obviously have never had a baby(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 158275

Yes, we are all just morons living off of our sugar daddies here. stfu plenty of moms film without being interrupted every 5 seconds, and plenty of moms don't film their babies tearing out their hair. She does it FOR MONEY and to look like she is a martyr mom. again, for money.

anon actually didn't even post the entire description, it goes on and on
my son
my baby
my son

No. 158474

File: 1625276926513.jpg (166.82 KB, 640x880, sddefault (1).jpg)

Oh, imagine being mad at the internet!
I'm honestly happy for Yumi, she may be the rare case of a reformed lolcow. I was following her for the cringe ddlg but ever since having her son it looks like she dropped the act. She looks like entirely another person now. She selling all her "cosplay" clothes ("cosplay" including perfectly normal cutesy and weeb aliexpress stuff) seems to me like it was all really just role-playing and making it public on youtube for the influencer craze rush in adrenaline of internet likes… there's still a lot of clickbait but that's about it. Her husband doesn't want to show up in videos? Damn right after every comment going like "uh creepy ugly splenda" and the near doxxing in PULL I'm surprised he didn't left her earlier.
Kudos for finding a man to pay for you and the offspring you always wanted without having to work in your life again, Yumi!

No. 158523

File: 1625294664648.jpeg (209.62 KB, 828x742, D8994568-D6A1-4275-9530-0BD398…)

To the absolute surprise of no one it seems Splenda pulled another pump and dump

I found this person’s explanation summing everything up. Also apparently she removed her marriage status on fb, I checked as well and it’s gone.

Also from her videos it’s very evident she does absolutely all of the baby caring and no mention of Splenda at all. It’s not like he’s away that much, doesn’t he work from home?

No. 158535

Some people are trying to read too much into her last videos. What is even "her facebook"? Afaik she's had that set to private for a long time now.

No. 158548

I mean, is it really that much of a stretch to think splenda dipped or is potentially seeing someone on the side behind her back? It's been discussed and proven that he doesn't respect her or see her as anything more than a walking stereotype.

No. 158565

Well she did base her whole personality around being a walking stereotype, makes sense he wouldn't respect her in that case.

No. 158636

I mean it wouldn't be surprising since she's selling her closet on depop.

No. 159104

I'm afraid they weren't even legally married in the first place. If you search for Splenda's name in Georgia's Probate Records for marriage, you'll see his marriage to Juana, but not to Yuhan.

No. 159111

Oh shit, really? Would explain the odd garden wedding they had. Screenshot if you can do so while removing identifying info.

No. 159129

File: 1625629699025.jpg (486.51 KB, 986x1236, uZSWtu5.jpg)


I gotchu. The names blocked are names similar to Splenda's. I blocked last names of involved parties, case numbers and counties except for actual Splenda's and Juana's.

No Yuhan there. I even searched her name alone to see if anything came up, and nada. For all we know they also could've gotten legally married in WA, but WA is stricter with its court records.

No. 159130

File: 1625629984705.png (136.47 KB, 476x501, cb_3.png)


The mods are going to shit on me for a double post, pls forgive me mods. All I found was a marriage application, but not a marriage certificate in either state.

Leads me to speculate that the actual legal marriage was never certified. For all we know, Yuhan cannot tell the difference between an application and the certificate.

No. 159139


Wait, is she a citizen? I know she immigrated with her parents like ten years ago and has a US college degree, but does this mean anything about her visa status?

Sorry, sage for spoon feed request, mobile only

No. 159189

I feel like this will age terribly.

No. 159203

I recall the wedding just being in their backyard lol. Oh Yumi at least you gave birth to his offspring so now you get child support (doubt he’d pay tho).

No. 159258


She is a citizen! Her mom married a citizen, which means that Yuhan has citizenship too. A child of a citizen (whether born or naturalized) can obtain citizenship easily. Her immigrant status here is not affected by anything that Splenda does or doesn't do, thankfully.

She also has a son now with an American citizen (Splenda) so she could apply for citizenship if she didn't have it.


No. 159279

Not everything is on Google, anon.

No. 159330


Okay Scotty Cook, you sure taught me a lesson.

No. 159453

you know i wouldn't be surprised if after all her dating profiles; after all she use to talk about how close she was with her mom and that her mom was moving closure to he when she had the baby , it was her mother that controlled them, after all her mother married an American and brought herself and her daughter over and now she has to marry her daughter to another American willing to knock her up so that she could have an American grandchild.

No. 159569


Same, I wouldn't put it past her mom to instill in her to get herself an old white man with a secure job so she can be "taken care of" in a way.

No. 159643

I wonder if she is going to milk her son forever now, or come back to her uguu fashion again

No. 159655

No. 159687

People are leaving comments about Yumi leaving Scott. Apparently there’s a tiktok called ykexposed. Kek

No. 159706

this is the account. Seems like someone dedicated on highliting how abusive splenda is.

No. 159782

Why not both, anon? We're talking about Yumi here, she's probably aching to make content showing what a cool mom she is b/c she can still dress like a schoolgirl, and how her son is in awe of her awesome fashion sense. "My son thinks I dress too kawaii" or "Should I wear this when out with my son?" Lmao I'm giving her ideas

No. 159792

File: 1625865159161.jpg (25.99 KB, 1204x130, qLwCOhU.jpg)

The tea is getting HOT in the comments of that last video. Apparently Yumi cheated on Splenda?

No. 159795

Kek. Soon as she's done selling her hoard, we'll be back to uguu aliexpress/wish lookbooks anon.

No. 159796

I think we knew about this already, remember some video where she went looking for an ex boyfriend or something in China. The timelines of the relationship overlapped with Splenda.
Also what a shit Patreon "supporter" that is to use Yumi's posts against her in her own comment section.

No. 159801


Oh shit I didn't know that. I thought it all ended at her mentioning the exbf bullshit, but the rest was new info to me.

No. 159805

Not trying to defend Yumi here, but who cares that she cheated on this cunt? He already seemed like an abusive asshole. Not saying she is 'innocent' I mean she is the one that was willing to cater to his fetish.

No. 159822


Eh, it's an interesting tidbit of information. He's an asshole, so is she, they're both fucked up.

No. 159866

Yeah, that's true. They were using each other tbh

No. 159916

Tbh sounds like her son is a band-aid to Scott. There’s no doubt he didn’t want more kids seeing as he doesn’t pay child support. He’s not ever seen taking care of her son either since Yumi is saying how busy she is and is with him basically 24/7.

No. 159974

Isn't it weird though that only one person has said it? Don't you think screencaps about it would've come out or more people would be mentioning it? I feel like lolcow would've at least gotten this info first and not just hunches due to timelines, if she is the one putting out the info and admitting.

No. 160005


Not so weird considering she has only 18 patreons.

No. 160007


Double post again, sorry mods. I took one for the team, went to her patreon and couldn't find the video of her admitting to giving Splenda that or cheating, she probably deleted them after those comments on youtube, however…

I did find two videos of her swooning over her ex-boyfriends. Both of them American, both of them teachers at the English institute she used to study at.

In the first video she drags Splenda all over to find one of her exes and accidentally lets it slip that there were two. Towards the end of the video she says she was very embarrassed about it, Splenda basically tells her what for since she did it anyway and at some point mentions that while she searches for them, he might as well reopen his Match.com account.

On the second video, shes super excited that one of the most handsome teachers in her English institute was commenting on her videos, and tries to find him to show Splenda how handsome he is.

Splenda, ofc, in both videos is pissed the fuck off but being stupidly patient with her dumbass, somehow? It's extremely cringey to watch.

Also… I noticed that the only picture that has been uploaded of Splenda and his son is when his child was born, no other pictures of him holding the baby or anything.

No. 160008

File: 1625974392841.jpg (987.57 KB, 832x1653, shitty.jpg)

Forgive me mods, I'm a fucking idiot and forgot to attach the picture as proof. Here it is.

No. 160050

>Splenda ofc is super pissed off
Kek, Yumi btfo'ing splenda not once but, twice.

>open up his match.com profile

none of us would be surprised if splenda really did find another visa wife and yumi's either too embarassed to say anything or just waiting on selling her entire hoard before saying anything.

No. 160061

>my american ex-bfs in china
that's so pathetic
nobody should be feeling sorry for her and saying she's too good for him, that's exactly the life she always strived for

No. 160345

It is. Also, without having to pay for her patreon you can know by the titles which content has been put on there and which hasn't… No video has been put down yet, I frequently check. Funny bit of information is that you probably weren't the only one going to her patreon after these "rumors", she's always had like an average of 10 patreons but that number has more than doubled now.
I'm calling it now, screenshot poster is just one of the youtube commenters trying to stir the rumors. Yumi benefits from the sudden views and patreon money, so she'll keep being vague about everything. No "real truth" will come up anytime soon.

No. 160382

File: 1626098683344.png (11.01 KB, 884x97, yk.png)


Nope, not one of the youtube commenters. Proof of me purchasing it after seeing the comments here.

No. 160387

Then post screenshots. No one cares if you bought it if you're not showing proof. This is why it's weird only one person is talking about it and then only one person on lolcow. If she's posting about this all over Patreon, Im sure more than you two would be talking about it. Post all the caps of her admitting to >>159792 Tinfoiling is stupid, so share with us her posts, so anons will stop and we have concrete statements from her.

No. 160395


Did you not read my previous posts or…? I said I couldn't find shit.

> and couldn't find the video of her admitting to giving Splenda that or cheating, she probably deleted them after those comments on youtube, however…

And I shared what I did find. IDGAF about bringing her in more money or start stupid ass rumors, hence my sharing what I DID see and what I have actually found out.

Stop being retarded.

No. 160403

You're useless without screenshots and just adding to fake news if you didn't find anything. No1currs anymore about you, anon. You can learn to sage now since you aren't providing any milk.

No. 160408


Nah, the only useless one is you because you clearly don't have an ounce of reading comprehension, so let me break it down for you.

- I am NOT the youtube commenter.

- I paid for her Patreon on July 10th, after seeing that comment on youtube, posted proof.

- I tried to find the video of her admitting to cheating.

- I could NOT find it, and provided proof and a summary of what I ACTUALLY found.

Seriously, stop being a retard and take a second to read and digest what you're reading.

No. 160409

That anon just wants a fight, thank you for your efforts and research anon!

No. 160412

Nice chimpout for adding nothing to the thread and bumping it.

No. 160423

Did you check the March 3rd and 10th 2019 vlogs on Patreon? Titled “What Did My Husband Caught Me? Misunderstanding or What? Part 1” and “I Redpilled My Husband? What Does That Mean?”

No. 160428

Not sure if she recently deleted the video links cuz the March 2019 posts are still up but you are right anon.

No. 160439

I appreciate the caps you provided. Thanks for the sacrifice. Other anon just wants to feel superior on an image board, kek.

No. 160441

Anon, go samefag bootlick yourself elsewhere

No. 160445

File: 1626111131341.jpg (468.02 KB, 838x1144, ykex0.jpg)


You're absolutely right, thank you so much for pointing me towards those videos!

Okay, so:

"What Did My Husband Caught Me?Misunderstanding or What? Part 1!"

She says the shirt is from a duy she dated, he gave it to her, but that it was brand new. Splenda prods, "Tell me more about this guy? Do you want them to know?"

Splenda goes onto mention about the time Yuhan went to Vancouver while they were dating, she goes "No we were not dating!" And Splenda insists that they were dating, because he remembers getting messages from Yuhan saying that she was with her mom and dad in Vancouver and that she was not gonna be available that weekend.

She admits she was in Vancouver with a guy she was dating, the guy that gave her that shirt. She says it was just to have fun. Splenda says it all came out in their honeymoon, Yuhan keeps yelling that they were not dating. Splenda says Yuhan got all comfy in their honeymoon and that she forgot the lied she told him.

That's where the alleged cheating happens, I'm assuming! She never admits to it and insists they (Splenda and her + the other guy and her) weren't dating, but Splenda insists they were.

I Redpilled My Husband? What Does That Mean?

She wants to keep talking about the shirt in this video.

Turns out the guy is Hawaiian, Splenda goes through the steps of why she lied, why she's hiding it, and that if she's hiding it it's because she felt guilty because she knew it was wrong.

They keep going back and forth about whether they were dating or not, Splenda lets it slip while arguing with her that the guy dumped her, and that he (Splenda) was the second choice. Yuhan admits she just wanted to have more options. Splenda calls her a branch swinger!

They keep going back and forth, Splenda says he's been redpilled, that his eyes are open and that he's gonna be part of men going their own way. Yuhan keeps going on about how they weren't dating at the time, that she started dating Splenda after the Hawaiian guy broke up with her.

They go through the timeline, she met Splenda five days after Hawaiian dude broke up with her, and she agreed to meet with Splenda after she decided to go to Vancouver to try to win Hawaiian dude over again.

It's a lot more bickering, and Splenda says that she is admitting to cheating on two guys at the same time but she keeps saying that she would still choose Splenda over him and whatnot. Yuhan says that it doesn't count because her and Splenda hadn't met yet.

No. 160448

I actually just found the tiktok account ykexposed, some of their vids shows up on my FYP. Didn't know she had a thread here.
Hopefully the comments on the vids are milky enough, idk.


No. 160452


Did you see her latest patreon video? Forgot the title but she’s having a hard with something judging by the title. Probs clickbait though.

No. 160455


On that video she just talks about how busy she's been, thanks people for being with her and supporting her. She says she's had some difficulties this year and that she might/might not talk about it, and that she can't talk about it on the internet, that she'd rather talk about it in person because it's embarrassing.

She says that she'll think about how to manage her patreon in a better way. She shares that her life has not been smooth since the "I got engaged video." Mentions there has been a lot of drama/troubles (couldn't understand what she said) and that she doesn't know how to talk about it.

Says she hopes it will be over soon, that she will be starting a new life with her son, and that she'll continue to do video updates.

No. 160466

>Splenda says he's been redpilled, that his eyes are open and that he's gonna be part of men going their own way.

Jesus christ Splenda, all over a "we were on a break!" type issue when they first started dating
This does suggest a breakup of some kind, or maybe issues related to the ex wife and her children.

No. 160469


It could be them separating. I am speculating here, but she is selling her wedding stuff. The bouquet, wedding ring cushion, corsage…

I verified that she did wear them in her wedding video, so it's kind of interesting that she's getting rid of them.

No. 160470

>single mom who debases herself for men
>grandma who takes part in and encourages this shit
>shit dad who ended up becoming a mgtow
I know anons were joking but, yumi really might raise the next elliot rodger…

No. 160485

No prob. Also, if you haven’t already, you should take a look at her video where she talks about her first bf. It was uploaded in 2018.

No. 160495

No. 160602

new to the thread, sorry if this is stuff that's been discussed previously, but what's the age gap between her and her (ex?) husband? Did he groom her or was it more of a situation where she went for an older man for the $? From the clips I've seen the relationship is so uncomfortable feeling

No. 160606

He is almost 50 years old. I believe there is a 20 years age gap between them. It’s her mom who groomed her to go after rich white men because her mom is also married to a really old white guy herself. On her channel you can go watch her graduation video and see her husband and step dad. They’re both really old and look like her step dad and grandpa instead.

No. 160620

Which is interesting because remember her “wedding room”? I wonder if that’s the baby’s nursery now?

There was an owl plush Splenda got her that was up for sale. It was featured in a lot of videos.

No. 160623

Read the previous threads and lurk.

No. 160649


It's definitely not. I've been wondering too. The wedding room was blue/grayish and had carpet. The room she is in now is beige and has laminate floors.

I also noticed that the counter where she sat her baby to play with him isn't like the counters at Splenda's house. I wonder if she's out of his place now.

No. 160657

File: 1626185983895.jpeg (849.64 KB, 928x1201, 632FA023-C86F-4FAA-B1A0-BE8109…)

This picture is public on her Patreon. Yumi tried to make it difficult for her first bf to leave her.

No. 160730

Patreon anon, is it possible for you to download her Patreon videos and repost them so we can watch them?

No. 160732

File: 1626210047130.png (532.72 KB, 856x640, image.png)

new clickbait title from Yumi.

>she is quitting her shop in two weeks
>her son needs more attention.
>The clothes will not be removed but will just be "not for sale"

No. 160818

kek is it pay for your lolcow or beg for your lolcow now?

No. 160868


I tried with the Vimeo ones, I couldn't. I might need to screen record. I haven't tried with the YT ones yet.

No. 160918

I'm so confused, she's supposedly in a shit situation but she keeps /pol/ baiting

No. 160928

Sounds like Splenda wanted out and latched onto something that happened when they weren't even dating

No. 164116

New patreon video, nothing interesting. Lots of blabbing about her baby, then a little bit of her saying that she's been thinking of taking online classes so she can quickly learn a skill to work from home. Says she doesn't make much money off of youtube. Mentions she will work hard to "make a live." I'm guessing she meant "a living."

No. 164136

Have you tried using j2download?

No. 165081

No wonder she makes videos and post photos constantly, Splenda seems like a guy with really low empathy.

No. 166489

He's an adult autist, so no wonder

No. 169835

File: 1630178525005.jpeg (216.87 KB, 1242x693, 8425B2F7-D1B2-4EBA-BA9A-AFC040…)

She’s no longer at Splenda’s

No. 169838

Did you actually read it? She loves making clickbait titles

No. 169843

I read "locked". Is this her patreon? Do we have to wait for some poor soul subribed to her thing to see whats behind this clickbait?

No. 169854

not a patron so I can't see what's behind the paywall, but on her latest YT vid she mentions living in an apartment so I think she's moved out of Splenda's

No. 169902

Splenda's such an ass, the baby's just born in 2020 and she's already living in an apartment with her baby. He really isn't prepared to be a responsible adult. 2 abandoned families down, both from immigrant wives (iirc his last wife is Latina or Mexican)

No. 169909

he is the worst piece of shit. he can't even say it was a trick or anything. they planned for that baby.

yumi is stupid for ever being with him, but he really played along for the camera, didn't he? I bet he was cheating and she found out.

No. 170138

Wouldn't surprise me if he cheated.(namefag)

No. 170147

Nah, I dont think that's it because I dont think Yumi is the type to just leave him because he was cheating, specially now that she has a baby, as bad as it sounds.
More likely is that he wanted her gone for one reason or another.

No. 170192

Oh no, who could have predicted this ugly man with a fetish for loli asians was going to be an asshole? The kid is the one who loses.

No. 170201

I find it funny we're all shitting on him. He's fucking disgusting but so is she. They're perfect little turds meant for each other. The sad thing is that they're fucking the baby up for no reason just because they both decided to be immature selfish assholes.

No. 170204

He probably left because she no longer fits into his child fetish now that she's a mom. Sure he can leave and find his next loli asian girl or whatever (barf) but why does he have to leave her with a whole ass baby. Didn't he do this with his last wife? He can't just simply fuck and dump? Don't understand why men do this.

No. 170208

They really are both disgusting, and she just wanted a sugar daddy anyway. Let's not forget that her mother did the same thing and married someone who looks and sounds like he could be Splenda's dad. Yumi could've chosen a different path but she has always been looking for a rich older guy to support her (even after getting her university degree). I can't say I hate her for it because there's nothing inherently wrong with marrying a guy for financial support, but Yumi isn't exactly a good person either.

No. 170260

Please, a man who leaves his wife in the first year of their planned child being born is many miles worse than a girl who…what's Yumi's crime? Being a weeb? Wearing kawaii/loli clothing? Don't defend the scrote. (and sage next time)

No. 170273

the most boring plot twist tbh. We all saw this coming from a mile off. I'd feel bad for her if I didn't spend my pity on more deserving people.

No. 170328


Not defending him, he's a piece of shit. Yumi is too lmao. He didn't innocently marry an old white man with no debt, properties and assets just out of the goodness of her heart. We all knew the bullshit that was going on.

Do you really think Yumi had a baby with him because he loved him so much? LMAO.

They're both pieces of shit, easy peasy. Yumi will find her next nasty ass sugar daddy and he'll move onto another woman where there are power dynamics at play.(sage)

No. 170334

cool sage your hot take next time

No. 170460


It's only a hot take if you're a white knight cuck. Yuhan isn't disabled or impaired, she dug her grave.

No. 170472

She has a video up from 4 days ago named "2nd child?". I didn't check it.

No. 170500

She talks about a dream she had where her son was grown up, and then another dream where she had another son. That's it.

No. 170595

she's at least caring for the human she birthed. Is there even a pic or video of Splenda holding that kid? She was extremely stupid and has mental problems but he is downright scum.

No. 170596

Leave, handmaiden, that old man cock won't suck itself. Men who abandon their wives are shitstains whichever angle you look at it.
>uwu she took advantage of this mid-tier american man and his mcmansion
Nope, nonny, nope, get better takes. He never even bought her anything, she would beg him to buy food in the bulk-supermarket they used to go to. She didn't take advantage of him and gained nothing. Fuck off with your lameass "opinion"

No. 170598

File: 1630663573332.png (2.42 MB, 1795x1080, Screenshot_20210903-115930.png)

Back in February she sold the dress he gave her for Christmas one year. https://www.instagram.com/p/CL2EV9ygyvv/?utm_medium=copy_link

picrel is from the infamous "fuck me" panties video

No. 170621


LMAO I don't know why y'all are acting like I'm saying he isn't a piece of shit. He is a massive piece of shit, that's clear. Between Juana and Yuhan it shows he's the lowest of the low scum.

…But guess what? Yuhan new his past, he was in Dallas with him when he was "fixing" shit in the courts because of Juana suing him for child support related shit. She knew the kind of crap he was, yet she got with him in hopes to marry a "rich" white man just like mommy did.

Fucking white knight fag cucks acting like Yuhan is stupid or disabled. Out of the two, she's the lesser piece of shit, but the choices she made were deliberate.

The only one I feel for here is the baby. He has a deadbeat good for nothing abusive turd of a father and a wanna be gold-digging retard for a mother.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 170678

File: 1630716274512.jpeg (254.85 KB, 1428x370, 414CC2CE-39A4-4F7B-8E10-C93439…)

No. 170680

So sad, she really is living alone then. Maybe she thinks Splenda will come back to protect them if he sees the video.

No. 170682


Clickbait. She just talks about homeless people approaching her outside stores to ask for smokes or money.

No. 170708

Idk why you are trying make as if she wanted something outrageous. She wanted to be a housewife and a mom with a side job like YouTube, getting a well off husband to be able to do that is not a malicious thing.
Sure she was stupid and dumb but she was also being encouraged by her mom and her own daddy issues.

No. 170716

File: 1630733531742.jpeg (843.67 KB, 960x1427, 9EC110E7-FFE6-4479-BA5B-D19EBD…)

She’s also selling the plush owl Splenda for her for Valentine’s Day in 2019.

No. 170978

Woah this is so sad. Do you nonnies think splenda is on his way to marry another foreign mail bride? Is Yumis mom helping her?

No. 170987

Ugh Yumi is nowhere as terrible as Splenda, you Splenda apologists need to stop tbh. Yes she was looking for a well off husband who can support her so she can be a housewife and shoot YouTube videos as a part time project, but she isn’t the first woman to be interested in such lifestyle. Many upper middle class women do exactly the same. Yes it was naive for her to marry a guy who has abandoned a planned family but it’s nowhere as bad as intentionally targeting underage looking foreign brides only to serially abandon them after a while. Plus a lot of suburban housewives get way more out of their relationship, this girl had to literally beg for the bare minimum from this crusty old man. He knows locals won’t give him the time of day so he deliberately targets immigrant women with an age gap. Gross


No. 170997


Read that comment, retard.


No. 171010

Sage your anger management issues, but yeah I saw that comment. Yuma being conditioned into thinking marrying a deadbeat white man as her savior doesn’t justify him being a predator. This is lolcow, if you want to compare abusive men to naive women like Yuma then go to 4chan.

No. 171017

Wow, really the fucking worst clickbait.

No. 171018

Gold digging? He broke grill

No. 171019

Yes, I think that's what is gonna happen.

No. 171047

wish there was a way to see. does he have fb?

No. 174189

File: 1632545465817.jpeg (481.27 KB, 960x793, 86A70ACF-D02C-4162-867E-922786…)

It’s just her saying she invests money into Costco organic food and is looking for suggestions on other places.

No. 174317

Even without seeing his face, this baby is gonna look like his non-existent Father(sage)

No. 174443

Looks like that baby invested in his mothers huge melon head tell(sage your shit )

No. 174701

lmao you assholes are real brave picking on a baby's appearance. sage your shit and stop shitting on a kid.

No. 176708

File: 1634017452767.jpg (Spoiler Image, 213.56 KB, 1080x1232, 1634017122172.jpg)

So I was digging around on YouTube and I found this comment on one of Yumi's videos claiming that they have seen screenshots of Splenda going off on a forum saying how he doesn't want anything to do with Yumi and the baby which is SUPER messed up. So I want to confirm if someone knows he did this or not and has screenshots of said rage fit cause I haven't seen anyone else talking about it.

No. 176811


No. 176816

He's a real shitheel, who divorces someone when they just had your baby?? It was only 2020 when she gave birth. Absolute oxygen thief.

No. 176826

And not only divorcing her, but leaving her without a penny to her name. Pure evil. I want to see Yumi succeed. Hopefully she can get a man who is not only younger and hotter but can support her while actually caring about her

No. 176830

I hated Splenda and always side eyed Yumi for her choices with him (engaging in the pedo-baiting stuff for sure) but this is so awful, I hope at a minimum she’s receiving child support from him. I feel so bad for the son, he’s the most innocent victim in this.

No. 176851

She said they became separated in March. If the baby was born October 2020 and they separated in March 2021, thats only 5 months. 5 months with his kid then he bounced. What a piece of shit.

No. 176853

For some reason I found myself in disbelief that he'd ever divorce her (sub wife who takes care of him and the kid? normally a huge plus for a dude like this)

I feel like he himself is an untapped lolcow, i'm 100% expecting him to move on to another asian bride potentially. Yumi definitely deserved better than to be with a man who encouraged her insecurities.

No. 176857

It's nice to see anons in solidarity against a shitty scrote, but on the other hand, people called this years ago.
Most men like Splenda bounce after junior is born. Reading mom forums and some of these scrotes actually abandon their women shortly before the baby is born, sometimes when they are in the hospital alone.

No. 176864

yumi may have initiated the divorce herself, not him

No. 176873

NTA but it would be even more surprising if she did, divorce is generally a last resort for young mothers. Things would have to get really bad for her to voluntarily impoverish herself, lose the fantasy nuclear family/SAHM life, and gain the seriously stigmatized single mom label.

I agree that it seems crazy he would divorce her though. I'm usually the first person to point out that an old man with a young wife/kid will quickly and happily dump her for the next young girl he can impregnate, but the timeline is so short and he's so mediocre in every way. I can't imagine he'd actually get another child bride unless she was legit mail order. Maybe it wasn't that nefarious and it was just the typical destruction a newborn wreaks on couples.

No. 176874

Not true. I've met a couple who were white-asian. The guy was from some Nordic country and was ghost-white, blue eyes and platinum blonde hair. The woman was Japanese. The children were ghost-white, blonde haired and blue eyed, with Asian face features.

No. 176877

Only the left one is beautiful. Center and right girls are ugly af.

No. 176878

If any white fetishist is reading this: if you want a true white looking child but you aren't white youself, you need to marry a redhead.

Most people don't know this, but redheads have the strongest genes. A black person could try to have a half-black kid with a redhead, and there's 99% posibility that the child will come out a full white redhead with blue eyes and look zero like the non-white parent.(racebait)

No. 176881

Literally not true, also massively offtopic.

No. 176888

I wish Yumi went home to her parents but she’s probably sticking around until the divorce is finalized. Scott is a piece of shit and we all saw this coming away. It’s a shame he’s not stepping up as a father AGAIN. I hope Yumi is able to take him for everything he’s got.

No. 176889

The divorce can't be finalized because she never legally got married to him! It was just a certificate and an act to please yumi and her family. He didn't even spend that much money on the so called wedding

No. 176893

Oh yeah I completely forgot. Thanks for reminding everyone!! Just because they didn’t get married doesn’t mean Yumi and her son don’t have rights.

No. 176895

anyone figure out where splenda posted? Scott Cook, you are a trash human being.

No. 176904

What second anon said, I genuinely thought that they both had something that benefitted them both. (i.e she has child/support, he gets a dutiful wife)

Perhaps I have underestimated Yumi, i'm sure she got tired of him always being sarcastic and moody on camera. I also do think they both wanted different things at this point in their lives. I can't imagine Scott wants another child after being a father for most of his life (maybe it would be different if he wasn't a divorcee)

I really do hope she was the one who initiated, she is still young and can meet someone who cares for her in a genuinely kind way. (even when she is being very cow-ish)

I too, am dying to know what he posted. I didn't really peg him to be the type to have a public outburst (esp on a 800k channel!!)

No. 176910

Kek we all saw it coming from a mile away. She is as fucking dumb as he is a piece of shit.

Get married to an old man who already has kids he doesn't take care of, go with him to Dallas for proceedings regarding the kids he doesn't take care of, get pregnant despite knowing this, and now we're here.

She's a fucking dumbass, he's the biggest scumbag to walk the earth, and yet the one that ends up being fucked over is their baby.

Good fucking job, Scott and Yuhan. Good fucking job screwing your son over just because both of you wanted to play out your fetishes outside the bedroom, and use each other for whatever you could.

Fuck them both. I hope, within my heart of hearts, that the both of them can step up to properly take care of their child.

No. 176922

The way she talks about her son is honestly endearing. You can tell she loves him a lot. She seems to have matured a lot, even by the way she looks. I do hope she succeeds in finding a good job and raising her son. And I hope that nasty ass yellowfever perv rots for being a deadbeat piece of shit.

No. 176925

File: 1634154448211.gif (1.85 MB, 273x189, D14244D1-5BBC-4F0C-87F0-A826D8…)

I think her maturing a lot IS the reason he broke it off with her. He liked her acting, dressing and taking like a little kid.

No. 176954


I never watched much of their videos but it was obvious that she was putting up with him being shitty because she wanted a kid from a white dude. Seemed like she was deep in the sunk cost fallacy and couldn’t fathom breaking things off and starting over. (Which is a shame because he was ugly AF)

She’s dumb but anyone would have seen the writing on the wall the moment they saw that cheap ass wedding.

Not sure if she was really delusional and in denial or if she was pretending to in order to at least get pregnant. Sad that she’ll have to work but that’s kind of on her to expect a 50s family dynamic when nowadays men are able to skip on family obligations with little to no repercussions.

Hope she’s going to wise up and start getting a real job so she can appreciate that divorce and find someone sane.

No. 176997

What’s gross is that he would’ve stayed if her son had been a girl instead

No. 177001


so splenda is at his 3rd divorce? and how many kids total now?

No. 177004

If that is the case the Japanese woman isn't full blooded Japanese. She has to carry the blonde hair/blue eyed genetic somewhere if it isn't caused by a rare genetic disorder (typically coupled with deafness).

I'm really hoping that having her son put things into perspective for her and she doesn't end up going the overbearing, clingy, co-dependant parent route later in his life. She does seem a lot more mature and level headed now that she has her son and splenda is out of the picture though.

No. 177020

Yumi was getting DM, made an account on seeking arrangements, caught a sexually transmitted disease from one of those guys, hooked up with an ex bf and got pregnant by him. The baby is not her husbands. It wasn't him it was her. She started reading all the hate comments and started to think she could do better so she started cheating. She lied to her parents about the whole situation and it broke apart the family.

No. 177022

Yeah, nice try Splenda.

No. 177025

If you guys want to know the truth you need to look up the public divorce documents.(namefag)

No. 177028

or his crazy sister again. she did this on kf.

No. 177029

hi scott(hi cow)

No. 177037

ok so show us the receipts then

No. 177046

I don't believe this for a second.
Yumi looks so nice and put-together when she's not in ageplay splenda pandering getup. I hope she can be financially stable with child support… there must be some support or friendship group for other single mothers in her area I hope, especially if her family isn't able to give her emotional support. The youtube comments on that video are nice and all but can't really stand by her. How can splenda live with himself divorcing her so quickly, it's beyond cruel.

No. 177050

I bet he didn't want kids and decided to dump her when he got sick of it. Remember, his other family is disposable so she and their child are too.

No. 177056

I often wondered if Scott had a vasectomy and never told yumi. Why he waited so long to get a DNA test though?
If she had an STD he would have chucked her out wayyy before she even looked pregnant. Unless she could hide it and he had no symptoms for a long time, found out she cheated and then took a DNA test to confirm. Kinda fits?

No. 177061

Maybe. But why would he stick around for the entire pregnancy if he knew it was impossible for the child to be his?

No. 177062

Sorry should have said for that tiny percentage that vasectomies fail, maybe he did call her out but she managed to convince him she didn’t cheat.
Yeah.. sounds too far fetched tbh.

No. 177066

Post screenshots then?

Anyone else know which state they were married in?

No. 177070

I knew Splenda was going to go deadbeat again but it still pisses me off that he seems to have zero regard or feeling for that baby while she has to run herself into loan debt just to clothe and care for the poor thing. Regardless of Yumi's huge mistake of marrying this creep, the baby deserves better and did nothing wrong. Hopefully they can find a way to get out of their financial trouble, at least the kid will be better off not being raised to be a creep like his father.

No. 177072

omg come on. during a pandemic, she did all that? and what exbf? please.

No. 177074

many STDs have the same symptoms as non-STDs. If Scott didn't want to be a dad or had had a vasectomy, he sure faked being happy about the pregnancy announcement and stuff early on. He didn't seem upset then.

No. 177075

I agree! Her videos with her son are some of the nicest ones. He is happy with her and she works hard to give him a stimulating environment and I can see that she is doing her best as a single mom.

It's genuinely harrowing that there are so many people who get the vibe that this dude's intentions were not good from the start and its baffling that Yumi continued to stay and engage in his nasty behavior…I am horrified at the thought of him being in the same room as a small child.

I KNOW in my gut this isn't true lol. The most I can potentially believe is that maybe she was talking to an ex or something. This gal pretty much has only Scott as her friend in America. I don't even recall her driving, where would she even find the time or resources to cheat on Scott with the way he is? He literally works from home. She can't leave the house without him asking.

No. 177076

hey can you link me to KF where she did that? I didn't see it in the Yumi thread. Didn't know he had Ostrenga-like crazy family

No. 177077

lol at splenda being in his 50s and trying to defend himself on lolcow

No. 177078

Do you have a screenshot of her SA profile? I find it unbelievable that she would make an account there.

No. 177081

Agreed, Yumi is clearly someone with issues of her own but you can tell she really loves her son and puts a lot of thought into what's going to be best for him, the way she talks about wanting to make sure he gets all the necessary bonding time and activity he needs. In every way she talked about the baby even in this divorce video, you can tell she wants to be there for him as much as she can.

No. 177087

File: 1634249844780.jpeg (90.63 KB, 977x426, 8A42FD34-8659-421E-99BD-ADD8B2…)

I just remembered this thing posted back in August

No. 177089

Oh shit, you're right. Splenda's been busy.

No. 177090

Quick some archive their couple videos. Shes going to remove them soon.

No. 177091

Not really. Some Japanese people have weird genetics from the Terminal Upper-Paleolithic groups of Northern Eurasia/Siberia known as the "Ancient North Eurasians" who arose before the split between Western and Eastern Eurasians. This is why a higher proportion of Ainu people and some Yamato Japanese may have vaguely European features like more body hair, deeper set eyes, and lighter hair but have no European ancestry at all. Sage for anthrospreg.(derailing)

No. 177093

Yumi isn’t even Japanese why respond to something irrelevant

No. 177094

Sorry, that post triggered my autism.

No. 177130

Lmao the hate comments would make fun of her and destroy her appearance all the time, no way they would give her confidence to go and cheat.

No. 177142

They were hardly interesting to begin with. The only things that matter were him fetishizing her in a few like when he got her gifts and she did look videos or like when he told her she needs to lose more weight while giving her barely a plate of food and when he pushed her because of the glasses thing. Nothing else milky aside from like their vacation where he hardly paid attention to her. Everything else is just clear as day and no video is needed because it was mostly her.

No. 177198

I am replying in the most friendly way possible :) I am surprised you found those videos boring! I actually think Yumi and her BF are like a cringe-drinking-game…like Scott really fits into every single checkbox of a serial pervert and maybe out of respect for her I understand not keeping those videos alive, but they are TLC levels of crazy(:))

No. 177200

I agree, they were fascinating in a trash-tv kind of way. She will keep them up though, because she can continue to get some income from them. I just hope Scott doesn't have any access to her YT accounts.

No. 177256

This. Anons called it looong ago: becoming a mothers mean no more cute little asian girl for the fetishist scrote, she's a mother. I hope he suffers for the rest of his life.

No. 177263

what forum is this from

No. 177266

Meaning videos of interest compared to boring haul videos or her sewing videos.

No. 177272

new video from Yumi. She says she needs ideas to make money to support her son from home. I think her not getting a job outside the house is a good idea. Considering her son is so young and covid is still a thing.

No. 177278

I agree, and I agree with what she said in the video about the first few years of a child’s life being so crucial in terms of development. It looks like her son is going to be raised fully in a single parent household, at the very least he needs tons of interaction with the parent he does still have

No. 177285

I'm rooting for her. Scott is such a loser POS. Makes me want to a-log.

No. 177304

I think she should get bangs again, she looked very good with them. Besides that I think she has learnt her lesson and now I kinda want her be succesful and take care of her son.

No. 177308

Learnt what lesson? Having hope that a guy who took interest in her, even because of fetishism, could've given her even a small slice of the 'American Dream' and support a child who could be privileged to grow up in that way? I keep trying to think about the bad things Yumi has done besides just having the shittiest luck and her family insisting on marrying a white guy and having that fall through after a child. She could've not shacked up with him, but she got strung the hell along too.

No. 177320

I wouldn't be surprised if this was true. The creepy white pedo got a vasectomy and never told her, then she got pregnant and he realized she cheated on him. They divorce.

Why else would this dude let go a young wife? He's old and creepy, how is he gonna find a new one? I feel only extreme circumstances would make him divorce.

No. 177321

What proof do we have it wasn't his kid though and where did the vasectomy thing come from? Maybe I missed something in the threads, but what?

No. 177322

He has a history of abandoning his family, he abandoned like 2 other wife and kids, anon.

No. 177323

What does that have to do with Yumi being at fault in all this? There was no lesson to be learned. She got picked up, lovebombed, praised after being scolded, asked to marry, someone who would put up with her dressing up like she does.. Like, he did everything any guy who wants to trick a women does.

No. 177325

Yeah, but I bet his previous wives were old and not young girls out of his league. For that guy to leave his out-of-his-league, young and thin wife… 5 MONTHS after having his baby for no reason?

Also I remember she had wealthy or at least middle class parents, didn't she? Why is she saying she has almost no support now? Why isn't she moving back with her family and is taken care of, if for example SHE divorced him because of abuse?

So yeah maybe I'm just tinfoiling here but that post above does mention her behaviour (cheating, etc) broke her relationship with her parents apart. It would bring great shame to them. Of course, I have no proof and it could be all total nonsense but I do find this situation strange.

No. 177326

Probably because she has no way to getting to her family. Just because they have money doesn't mean they want to extend a hand to their daughter who was left with a son and needing her parents to parent another child. She also probably doesn't want that burden on them. Asian households, especially her having a first generation son now, are really strict and look down on divorce and single parents. They probably still expect her to get back with him and probably blame her for why he left.

No. 177328

File: 1634447366846.jpg (85.02 KB, 1254x532, parents.jpg)


Video of her parents house. I think she says her parents own several houses and they always seemed supportive of her, sending her gifts, helping her with everything.

To leave their daughter, innocent and abused, out in the cold while she has a young son? Is that really likely? Even if asians are strict, they would be worried for the sons well-being.

And this guy being a creepy pedo leaving his young and in prime (just thinking from his coomer perspective) over… some arguments? To me, it looks like he left her and she did something like that schizo-post above implied, which also brought shame to her family so that's why her parents reject her strongly as well. But again I admit, I have ZERO proof so this is just my gut feeling which could be very wrong.

No. 177331

Can we stick to what we know? We also don't know if her parents might have had to sell houses because of COVID if her last update was 5, almost 6 years ago now and when did she cheat on him? When she visited, with him, her ex? That's not proof of cheating and where did this vasectomy thing come from too?

No. 177332

Okay, just saying we should keep an eye on the situation with her parents because it could give more information to us what actually happened.

The vasectomy thing would be a guess for him to know 100% she cheated and drive him to something as extreme as divorce and claiming the child isn't his with absolute certainty. Anyway, I will stop tinfoiling now until we have more actual information.

No. 177336

dude, go look at the videos where they are planning kids and she announces her pregnancy. A guy with a fucking vasectomy would not be acting like that on camera. If he had had one, he would have suspected her cheating from the beginning. Scott is not smart, I highly doubt he would think, "oh my vasectomy failed."

He never acted differently than his normal tard self. And the announcement happened a little bit after the pandemic broke out. It had already been raging in China for more than a month. You are really pushing this Yumi cheating thing when as you said, you have no proof.

Unfortunately I can't find the video where they discuss planning the timing of the kid(s), but it was a video titled, "We plan to have babies!" or something, and they were both on the couch. I just looked at it two weeks ago, so maybe she took it down recently. It was a lot more positive than the one I just linked. At no point did Scott seem weirder than usual in that one, he was teasing her and being his normal lowIQ self.

The one I linked is less positive in feel but he still calls it good news, and it's obvious Yumi wanted the kid, so this wasn't some "oops"

No. 177339

Didn’t Yumi’s okcupid bio mention that she wanted to have kids like asap?

No. 177340

No. 177341

Have we ruled out a sperm donor by any chance? Judging on her son’s head, he kinda seems like he could be Splenda Spawn. But what if the doc told her he was high risk for genetic issues and she decided to go sperm route?

Only thinking this way because I don’t even recall him holding their son for a camera…what emotional investment would there be for him ?

No. 177342

Anon, she didn't get pregnant by someone else.

No. 177343

you underestimate how awful men can be. he got her pregnant and lost interest. you think he is the first man to do that?

sure, we don't really know, but why bend over backwards for a proven scumbag? Or you want to argue that all those other kids aren't his too?

No. 177344

I don’t think it would be far fetched to say he lost interest in her after she gave birth. I don’t think he even wanted a child with Yumi in the first place tbh. That would explain why he stalled so much on getting her pregnant despite Yumi being so adamant about it on her okcupid.

No. 177357

Lol what a narcissic ugly cunt.
What makes you think your ugly child will attract people's positive attention.
You're not the queen of the universe.

No. 177368

In her divorce video she said she’s “borrowing money” it’s most likely from her parents and not a bank/visa. They probably told her it was temporary and she needs to get full time income coming in.

No. 177370

You have a poor understanding of men if you find this strange. They do this all the time.

No. 177378

It's so common, especially with younger wives that they knock up. It's going to be harder for her now to find a dude who isn't a complete POS in America, who will tolerate a child, much less a baby. He set her up.

No. 177385

Y'all are talking about Yuhan as if she was mentally incapable of making her own decisions. She isn't a child, she doesn't have an intellectual disability or cognitive delays. She is a grown woman. Furthermore, she chose to be with this man, she chose to get pregnant with his child, and she chose to not get a job while she could.


See here where her stepdad mentions they met somebody who gave them the name of a company where she could get a job now that she had graduated. Scott interjects saying "and it's here in Seattle, it's very convenient." Yuhan replies "I already have a job…" referring to YouTube.

It is all a series of bad choices, laziness and complacency on her behalf. If we pair that with ~~Scrote~~ Scott being an advantageous and fetishist piece of dry shit… Then we know this was bound to happen to her sooner or later.

Let's stop talking about Yuhan as if she was a victim of the circumstances she's in. She willingly and deliberately got herself into this by thinking Scrote wouldn't do to her what he did to Juana.

I hope that she puts more effort into getting an actual job rather than relying on the donations of people, and I hope he takes that sleazy cunt Scrote to court. If not to get money for herself, to get him to pay something for the baby.

No. 177386

She is a victim in this, anon. Of course some dude feeding you lies about taking care of you, buying you stuff, and saying they want to marry you, you would believe. He did this for a few years before the baby. She wants a job, anon. She's even mentioned it, but she is hoping to find something remote before immediately going to an out of house job because she has a fucking baby. She put her trust in this dude and he left after she gave birth. Hate it all you want, but that does make her a victim in this scenario.

No. 177388


Is she, really? She sought out an older man who would provide for her like her mom did, she got with Scrote knowing his past. She knew he had kids he had abandoned and a family he left behind, for fuck's sake. Not only that, but she even went to Dallas with him for his court proceedings. She turned a blind eye to all the bullshit he did.

I highly doubt he was feeding her lies about wanting to take care of her when several times he told her to get a job. I've been following her before she even announced her engagement, I am aware of what has been shown in her videos and how their dynamic was.

I'm sorry, but I fail to see her as a victim when she decided to get pregnant from a man who had already abandoned two children and a woman without any kind of support. She knew this, and she still did it.

I've said it time and time again, the only victim in this scenario is the baby. Both Yuhan and Scrote are two self-serving assholes who thought they could use each other without repercussions. Sadly for Yuhan, she ended up being the one worse off.

And let me clarify, I am not justifying Scrote and I am not on his side. He is a massive fucking cunt.

No. 177392

Yes, because it's very common for women and men, to still marry someone and start a family with them after failed marriages and kids. You're acting like this is some rare thing to Yumi when it's extremely common for guys to pull this shit. He was predatory and we already know her family helped push her into finding a white man because white people stereotypically have money and that's considered stable. Even if she was being abused she'd probably have been encouraged to stay and blamed for why she's hit.

It doesn't matter if she knew he was divorced and all that, anon. What matters is the fact that he strung her along and played and said what he needed to in order to get her in bed and she probably saw a possible stable family with him. Probably told her his other wives were just crazy like every divorced guy does to string another fling on.

No. 177395

There are some real obsessive weirdos who keep posting Yuhan on r/InstagramReality and r/hapas and r/WMAW and stuff. Some of the accounts are throwaways purely to post Yuhan. You sound kind of like them, js.

No. 177396


LMAO that's nasty. JS that treating her like a poor little itty bitty uwu baby victim isn't doing her any good either.

No. 177397

idk I reread your posts and maybe I was too hasty but she can't undo the kid now. He's a douchebag of the highest degree.

He works for the government as a patent approver or some shit. I hope that means it's easier to garnish that fuck's wages.

No. 177399


Yeah, no, I agree with everyone that Scrote is an absolute piece of shit. I've mentioned that several times too. I am not justifying him, protecting him or defending him. It just does me in that everyone is bound to treat Yuhan like a poor innocent child when she's a grown woman.

Infantilizing a grown ass woman is exactly what he did, we should be better than that. She cannot undo the child and it's not the baby's fault, but she gotta step up instead of asking the internet for cute suggestions while gathering donations from Patreon. I really hope she's able to get a remote job soon, her baby needs her.

And yes, the fucking asshole works at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. If I were Yuhan, I'd be coming for his throat.

No. 177401

You make a good point, anon, although I still feel for her in a way. The baby is the biggest victim of Splenda's assholery no matter what (along with the other kids he abandoned,) I hope she can take him to court and get him to pay up for that reason alone. There's no way the baby is anyone else's besides his, and he is pure scum for abandoning all its needs right after the little guy was born. It outrages me beyond all hell that he would try to pretend it isn't his baby.

No. 177403

Can't she go back to making shitty cheap diy tutorials? Peeps watched her for that

No. 177406

>I'm sorry, but I fail to see her as a victim

I hope nothing similarly awful or worse happens to you despite your lack of compassion or empathy. Yes a mother of a newborn facing divorce is a victim. Get the fuck out.

No. 177407

I actually quite like her tutorials and dressmaking stuff.

No. 177420


It won't, because I don't fucking get with trash men who have a history of abandoning women and their children despite knowing what pieces of shit they are.

It's almost as if she wasn't a child who was forced into an arranged marriage, but a grown woman who made a choice to get with someone who is a walking red flag.

Stop infantilizing her and treating her like she didn't know what the fuck she was doing. Enablers like you are what makes everyone think they aren't responsible for anything they do.

No. 177422

gtfo with your victim blaming, imagine thinking it won't happen to me the famous last words of literally everyone something shit happened to.
According to your logic unless we date/marry only virgins with 0 sexual partners prior we should've known because look at his history when actually there are plenty of shitheads who did insane things like murder-suicide their families with no prior history of such things. Men walk out on their families at any time, for any reason. Even if he was the ideal (to you) kissless virgin prior the marriage he still could have walked out because he is simply a scrote. Backing him up ITT definitely makes you the moron.

No. 177423


GTFO with your infantilizing a grown ass woman and pretending none of the decisions she made lead to this moment. Nobody forced her to get with a piece of shit scrote old fuck who has nothing going on for him.

Read the rest of my comments, at no point am I backing him up or validating the piece of shit he is. Fuck off with your enabling, and get your head out of your ass. She's not a victim of the circumstances, her baby is.

Again, it's enabling twats like you that makes people think they aren't responsible for anything they do.(infighting)

No. 177424

You say he's a piece of shit but spend time being his one-woman cheerleading squad in this thread, so really you support him and think every person who has a bad life event should've known better and no fault should be placed on the person who caused said bad event. I hope you never have children, imagine a daughter telling you of her rape
>ah well you should have seen the red flags
>This wouldn't have happened to me
Grade A moron.

No. 177425


The only morons here are the ones like you enabling her bullshit. She didn't have a bad life, she's a spoiled good for nothing woman who didn't even want to get an easy job when it was handed to her by her stepdad. Get fucking real and stop projecting your bullshit onto hers.

No. 177426

You are making a ton of assumptions, and for an asshole like Splenda it'd be relatively easy to get another woman on board, he could just get a mail order bride. He also tossed aside like two other families, why not add Yumi to boot? He's a dick and there is no proof of her cheating.

Yes, she said she wanted kids and to be a housewife.

No. 177431

can you guys stop arguing? Both sides are shit in this situation. Yumi did know what piece of shit Splenda scrote was and she still did all of this thinking she could play him. I feel sorry for her still because she does seem mentally ill and he's still the bigger asshole, but let's not act like she doesn't hold part of the guilt because she really does. I hope no woman marries Splenda again, but it just seems a lot of women are broken and with low self esteem. She's a young and smart woman with a degree and her mom probably made her develop some weird complex because from what I understand her mom remarried a white man. She probably brainwashed Yumi into doing the same or wanting to pursue a similar lifestyle, this is my assumption. Asians also have a weird complex over their race and settle with uglier white people. I don't even know how old Yumi is, probably like 25 but this should be the most important lesson of her life.

No. 177433

She should have ran after seeing the red flags, but I think she was so lonely she didnt care. Was avoidant about it, wanted to believe that she finally had something real. I watched I think it was the engagement video? Where she was on some beach with him or something and drawing a heart in the sand with their names. She said something like "before you, I thought no one would ever want me and that I'd never be good enough for anyone" She clearly had self esteem issues, and mr.old white piggy told her everything she ever wanted to hear. Asian men are crazy picky. This guy was pretty cruel to her too, but compared to an Asian man this ugly white guy was probably prince charming.

Lonely women date terrible men all the time. Her OKC said in black and white that she wanted kids. Her previous videos she brings up wanting kids multiple times-and not a single one of those times does he tell her no. He feeds into her delusions and fantasies like absolutely nothings wrong. Is Yumi stupid? Yeah, most lonely women are. but being stupid is nowhere near the level of actively deceiving someone into starting a family and then taking off. I'm sorry. You can't spin that any other way. Yumi and her son are victims of yet another man who sold a woman dreams and then went out for milk and never came home.

If he at any point sat her down and told her "I dont want any more kids", she likely would left and I think he couldnt handle that. I think he wanted to be the one to leave as usual, and so he kept how he felt a secret until it was time to do just that. He could have told her, but he didnt. He probably just spun the same "my ex's were crazy!" storyline that all men use and left it at that and happily let it get to this point with 0 remorse.

No. 177446


You're right, anon. My bad. You hold a really valid point about her mom encouraging to do the same thing she did. Yuhan/Yumi is 30, btw, about to be 31 next year.

No. 177461

Fuck out of here with your reddit spacing.

No. 177466


Grow the fuck up and stop derailing fag. Petty ass bitch.

No. 177467

I don't respect this woman's career choices but that doesn't mean she deserves to get knocked up and then abandoned. It wasn't only her choice to get with that man and have a baby, he had an equal part in this and he is the one not taking responsibility for his choices.

No. 177473

File: 1634543163976.jpg (165.14 KB, 1080x1125, Screenshot_20211018-004203.jpg)

Trish donated money to Yumi, cow crossover? This seems weird to me I can't believe she actually would watch Yumi unless she finds her as cringy as we do.

No. 177474

Holy shit, lol.

No. 177475

trisha is pretty rich i wonder how much she donated

No. 177479

I don't like Trisha and I never really watched Yumi's videos, but this whole ordeal is really crazy and has definitely made me feel for Yumi. Trisha is well off, I'm actually happy she sent her money.
About the whole Splenda thing: can we stop coping and accept the fact that he lost interest when she became a mother, most likely because she matured in a way he didn't like? That's just how scrotes are.(sage)

No. 177485

>this whole ordeal is really crazy and has definitely made me feel for Yumi. Trisha is well off, I'm actually happy she sent her money
My sentiments exactly, I don't closely follow Trisha as a cow but this seems like it could be a really good thing for the baby with the kind of money she could have given them

No. 177497

Most of the time I hate Trisha…then she gives me slight hope that she is a good person….then she does something to ruin that again. I'm happy Yumi got some help though, that's what matters.

No. 177530

Honestly some of the comments under this post have been so supportive and its nice to be on an imageboard that has some empathy for these cows. I'm really surprised that Trisha Paytas of all people watches Yumi, and its even more surprising that she keeps up with her channel. I don't think Yumi's divorce video has trended or anything, so even more interesting that it caught her attention. But i'm glad that someone with money is reaching out to her and helping her out. Trisha probably smelled the predator off Splenda but like most people, couldn't say much since Yumi is a grown woman

No. 177538


Damn, now that's one hell of a crossover. Hopefully it tides Yuhan over until she finds a stable job.

No. 177547

I think trisha is a secret weeb. Remember she likes to dress up and she also has a danganronpa shirt.

No. 177550

Maybe I'm remembering wrong, but isn't her mom and step dad wealthy? I recall one of her get ready with me videos and she had a nice room with adjoining bathroom.

No. 177551


She sincerely thanks everyone for their support, says she feels very touched, and mentions that people shouldn't feel pressured to donate.

I'm surprised to see here how much her attitude has changed. I hope she pulls through.

No. 177553

I think they're well off especially if they live anywhere in Seattle and own multiple homes. (Costs out there are pretty much in the $600k+ range for homes)

From what I understand, a lot of people are speculating that her parents really want her to support herself. I guess they were probably banking on Splenda taking care of her and the baby. Which a lot of asian parents kind of expect their child's spouse to help with their expenses (and divorce is typically taboo/more common now vs back then).

I'm sure even her mom's personal experience was their baseline for how this could go for Yumi and most likely trusted Splenda to be there for her.

No. 177555

I'm not surprised Trisha watches Yumi. A while ago Trisha said she also watches Pixielocks

No. 177556

This made me really emotional. She's clearly been through a lot in the past few months, and i'm sure as time goes on she's still going to be processing everything. Splenda has really treated her poorly in the past few years and i'm sure shes going to have to process that as she gets more mature/older now too. I'm really glad Trisha felt compelled to reach out, its kind of crazy how small the Youtube world can be.

No. 177562

Trisha is a biggest attention whore cow but you gotta admit, this was very kind of her. I’m surprised she has a heart.

No. 177563

Does she really? That kind of gives me a little soft spot for Trisha kek

No. 177585

I really hope Trisha donated a retarded amount. But even if she didn’t, what she did was incredibly kind and probably influenced a couple of people into donating as well.

No. 177586

File: 1634606161666.jpeg (266.06 KB, 960x889, 9F6F88EE-094D-4AA8-9E4D-701777…)

Here’s the supportive comment Trish left on her last video.

No. 177604

Why on earth is Trisha watching yumi’s videos in the first place kek but seriously props to her.

No. 177612

Trisha watches Yumi King. What a fucking timeline

No. 177631

Man what a shit show. My heart breaks for Yumi but cmon girl, Splenda was exactly the type of crusty old white man who lusts after childish looking Asian girls half his age. This was inevitable. There is a reason why American women of all races avoid this type of male and they have to find foreign brides kek. She seems lost, what I don’t understand is isn’t Splenda daddy legally bound to pay child support since he’s the biological father? Yumi taking on 100% of the responsibility is a bit off putting to me.

No. 177632

Hard agree!

No. 177633

Unfortunately anon there are millions of women from Third world who would tolerate this guy for a semi decent life in America

No. 177658

I just get the feeling that she does not know how ugly it can get with american men. I'm also starting to wonder how much of the 'baby voice' DD/LG stuff she was actually aware of/understood. Maybe she thought he was speaking slowly and baby-ish to her because she isn't fluent in english…and not because he literally sees her as a kid… Just theories, i'm definitely over-speculating the fact that he's just a pervert who didn't want a kid and was hoping that the experience would not involve him if possible

No. 177659

Honestly I don’t feel sorry for Yumi. I feel like she is just playing victim so that her viewers can donate her money so she can pay for her court fees. I’m sure she knew that Splenda is a divorced man with kids who he abandon and doesn’t take care of. Yet she choose to marry him. The rumors about her cheating and that baby not being Splenda’s kid sounds believable to me. I

No. 177660

Honestly, i've definitely had similar feelings. I don't think there is anything wrong in asking for help, of course, but I do try my best to not judge her. I will say though, she is most definitely vain enough to think that somehow she was Splenda's exception and that things wouldn't turn out the same with her. Especially in her early dating days i'm sure she thought that her looks/submissiveness would be more than enough. (And it was, until she had a child and realized being submissive wasn't going to raise a kid)

No. 177665

Having low self esteem can mess up with a woman’s head and sometimes it transforms her into a pick me. When she finally understands why her ex had problems with other women, usually it’s too late tho.
From my understanding lots of white men love asian women, she could have chosen someone in their 30’s and more attractive.

No. 177666

Oh mein gott, imagine being a 50 year old man spreading false rumors about your ex on a forum for women. I wish she cheated on you, at least the baby would have better genes lmao. Go start some business and pay child support like a real man.

No. 177667

Let me guess, overweight white woman jealous of the attention asian women get

No. 177669

He could’ve lied to her about the situation and she believed it because she wanted him to be a good man. Or she was just desperate to get married and have kids. We don’t know. And why do you think it’s believable that she cheated? Just curious.

No. 177677

>I wish she cheated on you, at least the baby would have better genes
Fucking kek, anon

No. 177679

Can you retards not scroll up? Stop clogging the thread with the same pictures.

No. 177682

I only feel a little bad. I feel bad for the kid sure and hope things work out for her in the end though.
But going back watching her and splendas cringe shit from 2016ish is still hilarious. She pandered to an obvious yellow fever creep and he turned out to not be a winner, who would have thought.

No. 177696

seriously, the thing about being a pickme is that the people who will pick you are invariably awful

No. 177708

Haven't thought about this cow since the PULL days but YT algorithm is pushing her divorce video apparently.

Gotta say I can't believe people are surprised about this outcome.
Splenda (or we calling him Scrote now? lmfao) was already on his third Asian fetish waifu with Yumi. He literally was already going to court for owing child support for his previous kids to whomst he was already a deadbeat dad.

Idk what the definition of "victim" is but either way they're both definitely trashy people. Watching them felt like a really cursed drawn out season of 90 day fiance.

>re: money troubles

I definitely think Yumi saying she is "borrowing money" refers to borrowing money from family. If nothing else because banks don't just give out unsecured loans for general living expenses, usually loans are for something specific such as a a house/car/tuition. Or if she's referring to a credit card as borrowing money, that could be a possibility.

I'd just as readily guess she's getting by just fine and just exaggerating for extra paypig sympathy though.

>Asian households, especially her having a first generation son now, are really strict and look down on divorce and single parents. They probably still expect her to get back with him and probably blame her for why he left.

Idk about this. There is the thing you say but there's also the thing where Asian families accept back their adult children to stay at home indefinitely. Yumi's mom herself was already divorced, I can't see Yumi's mom not accepting her back in the house. Having grandma help raise the kids is pretty normal too. If anyone is objecting to Yumi moving back in with them I'd think it'd be her stepdad.

I don't think her family lived in Seattle proper, she would take a bus for like an hour to go to some community college that was technically in the state college system she just referred to as UW, she never went to "the" actual UW in Seattle afaik.

No. 177709

Learn how to reply to people.

No. 177711

not the same anon but it's on the new PULL site. kek

No. 177724

new video:

No. 177771

>I want to work
>but my son is only 1 year old I need to take care of him
So? There's literally women back to work full time within the year from giving birth. It's fine for her to say that stay at home is better for her child's development and care because it is, but she needs to stop packaging it like she's a special case and that childcare is unusual when it isn't. Not working until the child is ready to begin school is a privilege that many new parents don't get, so if she can't work out something financially with Splenda then she needs to get realistic. I hope she gets a wfh job but I don't think she'll like being obligated to work even if it is from home.

No. 177773

Hard agree.
Is Splenda legally bound to pay child support?
She needs to stop complaining and e-begging like she’s special.

No. 177776

Many American women have been forced out of the workforce because childcare can end up costing more than their yearly salary. Assuming she’s planning on moving back in with her parents, she could rely on them to take care of the kid while she’s out at work, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to look for a way to work from home considering how young her kid is. They clearly didn’t do the best job raising her and they just might not be up for caring for a one year old. Many parents don’t get the opportunity to work from home and raise their kids but that doesn’t mean anyone is selfish for trying.

No. 177777

She's just wondering her possibilities in those videos, she doesn't seem as dense as to not have thought about the childcare option as the most likely outcome, but from what we've seen that option is likely just her last resort (that's why we've seen her selling her closet, asking her subs for work from home ideas, etc before her talking about getting a full-time job and abandoning youtube or something). Also just like anon just replying as I'm writing this said, childcare (especially for kids aged 2 or less) tends to be somewhat expensive in some places, so there's that.
I think we can take the "actually never really married by law" thing many post ago as a hint that child support is impossible right now and that asian-fetishist scum is really the worst of the worst.

No. 177778

>Many parents don’t get the opportunity to work from home and raise their kids but that doesn’t mean anyone is selfish for trying.
Oh I didn't say she was selfish for trying, but she will have to settle for reality if she can't get her family to help her out and isn't taking Splenda to court for financial support. Since she didn't address either of these topics in depth no one can be sure what she intends to do, but she's acting a bit too naive. Judging by the end of her video where she was saying how she wants to attend college courses to learn more about raising her child. Which is a wtf moment in itself because 1. College courses are research focused and cost $$$ whereas she could just take a parenting class if books and videos weren't helpful enough, and 2. She just made a video about her struggle with money and time and yet she's talking about non-necessities like college courses which can cost hundreds to thousands and also require a lot of time and effort.
The video didn't make a lot of sense and it seems like her fans are giving her a lot of benefit of the doubt.

No. 177780

Is it possible she meant community college classes? The local community college near me offered parenting classes, they were only a couple hundred bucks and definitely aimed at people who already had kids and no time for research essays. I’m still not sure why she’d immediately jump to taking courses though after a divorce, maybe they’d help her win child support? Some family courts order things like that, but I have no clue if that’s the case here.

No. 177784

I don't know what >>177777 is talking about, you don't need to be married to be obliged to pay child support. If he signed the birth certificate he's legally the father and obliged to pay, even if he wasn't biologically the child's father, he's still legally the father for signing the birth certificate and being the man who raised the baby until now. Courts take those things into account.

No. 177787

she should sue splenda/his sister for spreading those vulgar rumours on internet

No. 177793

Yeah what I don’t understand is why she’s not taking him to court. Idk about the American laws but she sounds a bit naive for not getting child support from him.

No. 177812

It could be that she's anxious about how big of a battle it might become if she pursues Splenda for the money–which she absolutely should–but Splenda seems like the type to not relinquish the funds without a legal fight. Even when they were together I always thought he was cheap and money-grubby, hence his nickname. So to that extent because he's divorced before, he's probably better versed in the legalese. At least enough to make it hell on earth for her to try it.
Don't put it past men. Anecdotally, I've seen firsthand many men who never gave a fuck about their children but were salty their exes took them to court for child support, and then spent years taking their exes back to court for the payments and visitations just to wear them down emotionally and financially.
I think women should always pursue these scrotes regardless but I would also understand if it's too much for themselves and their children to fight it.

No. 177819

working within a year of giving birth is a dumb american standard, and yumi comes from a country where usually you stay at home/or go on maternity leave for an actual safe amount of time.

I don't think it's wrong that she doesn't want to give up on her standards for childcare.

No. 177834


I agree that it isn't wrong or unreasonable, but she also has to be realistic and adapt her expectations to the culture of the country she's living in.
America fucking sucks in terms of healthcare ANYTHING, but she's gotta work with that while she gets the rightful child support she deserves from Scrote.

No. 177840

Here's what you missed after you stopped reading after the first sentence
>It's fine for her to say that stay at home is better for her child's development and care because it is, but she needs to stop packaging it like she's a special case and that childcare is unusual when it isn't.

No. 177908

100% agree. I am empathetic to her situation and do believe she shouldn't have to work but unfortunately she isn't anymore special than any other mother who would also need this benefit. It's not like she actively pursued a job during her younger years that could give her the privilege of doing this (especially in her current situation, with COVID, a lot of FTE are giving remote opportunities, but you have to be employed first!). I don't believe anyone should have to work corporate but she thinks she's above day care or having someone else watch him. It's not like she will raise her kid by herself to be a genius, especially when she herself knows very little.

Her giving her two skeptic cents about a paid day care is bullshit. I rolled my eyes because this girl will do absolutely anything to not work part-time at a Piggly Wiggly when it could be one of the only few jobs that would take her immediately. It's hard, i've seen so many young moms have to drop out of classes or courses they enjoyed because their baby/finances came first. Life will come at you fast no matter what, and it's important to have a safety net.

No. 177922

she can't find a daycare or nanny?

No. 177938

she doesnt like that idea apparently. she wants to be with her child as much as possible while he's still an infant

No. 177976

these things cost money! idk why everyone is so on her case when often the cost of childcare negates the money she might bring in from a low-paying job. It only makes sense if the math works out.

If Splenda is making her life hard in court, then she may not be ablr to move in with her parents. It may be prohibited for her to leave the state.

No. 178016

New video and no she doesn’t spill too much.
>parents lend her money
>wants to be independent
>things haven’t been working in her marriage for years but she tried.
That’s true my mom used to only take home $10 a day because she had to give $60 to the babysitter.

No. 178068

Does anyone else feel like after she got the money from Trisha she is just e-begging at this point?
I think yumi is the type to not ever want to work so she just wants to be a SAHM forever.

No. 178075

People forget that she milked her life for Youtube money during the years where she now claims were tough (since her graduation or engagement). She posted a lot of stealth brag content showing off her relationship, engagement ring, wedding, skinniness, weight loss, pregnancy etc. There were very problematic themes of p*dophilia, pro-ana and orientalism in her videos that were also openly targeted at young viewers. There were also MASSIVE red flags about the whole relationship that she wilfully ignored or kept hidden from her audience.

Many commenters under her recent videos pointed out that she refuses to talk about Child Support or welfare programs despite it being mentioned a hundred times. She also said her parents are supportive (and they are clearly wealthy) but at the same time begging for donations. It's possible she does have other sources of income but simply wants more money to sustain the same lifestyle she was accustomed to. Nobody knows for sure. She clearly never worked a normal job and was very lucky to go from college into a Youtube career where she just had to film and vlog her life. It's a tragic outcome but she cannot be painted purely as the victim. She was also aware he had an ex-wife and children and that he was sued for child support.

A Tiktok user called @maiapapaiyaa posted a recent video on her and there was actually a reply from a friend of Splenda's kids. She said Yumi is the "ex step-mother of her best friend". Clearly his kids from a previous marriage are old enough to use social media and have to suffer the trauma of their life & deadbeat dad being plastered online. Yumi is not innocent in the upset caused to his previous family.

No. 178081

>sustain the same lifestyle she was accustomed to.

What lifestyle, she never went on vacation, shopped in bulk food stores and lived in a mcmansion. She's a mother of a newborn, the fact anons are questioning it she never wants to work lifestyle she's accustomed to like no, she's in a very tough position. Most of her family are back in China, childcare for babies is astronomical and would wipe out her earnings every day.

If she's a SAHM 6-10 years from now you could say that, it's a matter of being able to put the kid in school and have time to work without paying for childcare, which she clearly doesn't have now.
>Yumi is not innocent in the upset caused to his previous family.
She did not cause his previous divorce, this is dumb.

No. 178084

She's a dumbass, but blaming a woman for Splenda's kids' trauma is ridiculous, he's the scrote that treated them like shit, and he knew she was posting stuff online while he was actively avoiding being a father. I also doubt that commenter actually knows his kids, and just wants to insert themselves into the situation. At least post a cap of the comment.

No. 178093

How many times are you going to attempt literally this same exact argument. If you want to go suck his dick next then do that, but can you stop posting about it here maybe?? Tired of seeing it. Blahblah Yumi not INNOCENT!! blahblah Splenda's OTHER KIDS ok yeah disgusting pig man left his kids for another woman and guess what thats what he's gone and done again and he's going to keep doing it for the rest of his life so if you're lucky and close this tab fast enough, you might be able to find him and give him the life that evil NOT INNOCENT Yumi failed to give him. Meanwhile for the rest of society, men who start families and leave are trash. Don't want kids? Don't marry someone who wants kids and brings it up a million times. Abort it. Do literally anything but what he did, which was lie and pretend to be happy about it.

No. 178099

…the last part about being responsible for rubbing salt in his other kid's traumatic wounds is a bit of a reach but everything else you said is spot on and what farmers have said for years, so I don't really get the backlash at your post.
We've known for years that this relationship wasn't gonna last and Splenda was gonna leave her when she wasn't a pedo-pandering Asian youth anymore. Sucks that she dragged a kid into her fantasy.

She put herself in a really vulnerable position and now some anons itt are demanding people be empathetic of it. Sorry, but no, the only one who deserves that empathy is the baby who didn't ask to be born into this clusterfuck.

No. 178107

At first I thought >>178075 anon was being harsh, I am very empathetic towards Yumi right now, because i'm sure she didn't want to raise a kid like this. But after reading your response anon, I have to agree more with the OP. Its true, she has never wanted to hold a stable job that didn't interest her. (Which is totally fair, but this is also not a fantasy world where you can just get what you want from other people)

The bit about >>178075 mentioning YT comments that talk about welfare and her not wanting to discuss it, is in fact really dicey behavior from her. It almost makes her seem very irresponsible to not seek help from the government (if she is eligible of course), or to pursue child support from Splenda. I'm sure them not being legally married is a conflict, but she has plenty of evidence that they brought this child in the world and that for a time, he did claim this child as his own. I swear other people have gotten support even without being married, and she needs to get much more aggressive about her financial situation.

No. 178121

She also had a gyaru themed music video waaaay back, 10+ years ago

No. 178126

In her latest video she lists a whole bunch of reasons why she doesn't want to send her son to daycare. 1) He might get covid 2) The staff might not change his diapers as quick as she does and he might diaper rash 3) And of course the cost. Those are valid concerns but sound a bit like emotional blackmail into getting people to cough up money. Just like the reverse psychology of saying "don't feel pressured to donate" but suddenly posting 6 videos in a week with multiple donation links pinned at the very top. There are thousands of parents who are sending their kids to daycare despite the risk of covid because they have no other choice.

Something just feels a bit off with the whole situation. She built up a fanbase with high quality sewing, life hack and fashion videos. Since her son's birth all her updates have been low quality 2min rambles that take zero time and effort. Understandably, she doesn't have time to make better content but this means her fans don't "owe" her their attention and even less so their money. Many of the replies are from younger viewers who are clearly very impressionable and emotionally drawn into helping her. But they don't realise that they're not getting anything in return and probably never will since toddlers are even more time-consuming than babies. They are basically funding the life of a near stranger who made some poor personal choices and has not chosen to use any government programs or legal avenues for this exact situation.

One can also speculate what happened to all the money she made during her heyday. She was making millions of views on videos and virtually every single one was sponsored. Many Youtubers at that level have bought their own homes or at least saved or invested some for the future. One can only assume it was all spent with the knowledge that she was married and didn't need a financial safety net. Or maybe Splenda forced her to hand over the earnings which would have been another massive fucking red flag to consider before bringing a baby into the situation.

No. 178139

I'm no WK for Yumi, but if she is consulting with a lawyer, the lawyer may have advised her not to speak openly about divorce proceedings. This is completely normal when a legal case is pending, especially if the situation is complicated. Her English is not the best. It is perfectly reasonable for her to make a wide berth around this subject to make sure she does not say anything that could jeopardize her legal situation. That might include what government support she is entitled to or what her parents are helping with.

She mentioned in her video that she wants to work and even has a company in mind, where she might be able to work full-time. I think waiting until the baby is 2-3 is reasonable in her situation unless she has the money for daycare. If she does have that money, then she should do it. If she does not, leaving her kid to go work for minimum wage (and barely break even) is just dumb.

No. 178151

Perhaps that’s why she hasn’t left the state. She seems to talk a lot about her son and how she wants to take care of his best interests. I wonder if she’s only mentioning it for the fans to donate and to prove that she’s a good mom.

No. 178154

If she was a good mom she wouldn't be vlogging about this issue and would be letting her lawyer battle this in court, period. The only thing to gain from publishing these videos are the sympathy dollars. She has a lot to lose by publishing videos if anything she says can be used against her by Splenda and his lawyer. Admitting she doesn't want to work is a huge mark against herself. Sorry.

No. 178162

No don’t be sorry I’m just tinfoiling. Yeah you’re right about the fact her videos are actually incriminating. We just want to see people change and step up when they have kids. Unfortunately not everyone knows what’s best. I hope she’s able to at least find a job remotely.

No. 178171

I heard her say she wants to work from home, which is not the same as not wanting to work. Especially right now, there are many opportunities to work from home.

No. 178172

it's clear she doesn't do anything except take care of her son. She's not dressing up or going out. So I'm not sure what would really satisfy the people who think she's posting "just to show she is a good mom." YT is some passive income for her. She was told by her fans in the comments to post more short videos for the algorithm, so she's doing that.

Yumi used to be a favorite cow of mine, I screenshotted stuff and loled with everyone here about her cosplay at the WTC, her fuck me panties and her cringe ageplay. But all that is totally gone right now. Of the two idiots who got married, Yumi grew up and is caring for a kid. Scott fucked off. We can criticize Yumi's past a lot but shitting on her for not dumping her kid in some podunk daycare to work at a convenience store … it's retarded nitpicking that helps no one and worse, it's not even funny. She can get some work to do at home. My grandma does medical billing or something shitty but it's easy as fuck to do. When she had rona I did it for her, ethics be damned.

Absolutely zero of Yumi's latest videos seem like sympathy ploys to me. They are just fucking depressing. Sure, she is making some vids to try to make a little more coin, but for fuck's sake, it's no worse than any of the other tards on YT.

No. 178177

Agreed entirely with this whole post.

No. 178183

I don’t get what’s wrong with wanting sympathy coins from youtube. I mean she is a youtuber, that’s what they all do anyways. She’s just trying to support her son… she literally spends her entire day taking care of him.

No. 178184

Women in those countries seek out men who will at least on a surface level enable them to raise their kids that way. Yumi saw what Splenda did to his pre-existing wives and kids and still bred with this man. I don't know what other outcome she expected. There was no reason she couldn't have chosen literally any other man alive today to have a baby with because she made the worst choice possible and had every red flag and warning sign going off before doing so

No. 178186


That she's not actively doing anything other than YouTube to support herself. She's not willing to move out of her comfort zone to provide for herself and her son. She could walk into any 7/11, McDonald's or whatever and get a part-time job there no problem. There's no intention on her side to actually do work.

No. 178187

She would not make enough in a job like that to pay for child care. Is she meant to leave her son alone in an apartment?

No. 178190

I know its not the most ideal situation, but a lot of mother do actually do this. Its not great though, but Yumi should really get aggressive about her finances

No. 178191

It doesn't matter what other mothers are doing as it seems literally impossible for her specific situation. She goes to work just to pay for the child care? It makes no sense. She's in a really tough spot that just getting a part time minimum wage job isn't going to solve

No. 178195

Setups like that only work out if the father is sending child support to pay for the care.

No. 178197

fucking hell, are you suggesting that it's ok for moms leave their kids alone in an apartment to go work shit jobs? and you think that it's not ideal but Yumi should do this with her 1yr old son to "get aggressive about her finances"?

No. 178207

No not at all, I just think she needs to start twisting some arms here. She has a dead-beat ex that is half the DNA of her child, and she has financially stable parents. I know no one owes her help at all but she's gotta take a part time gig somewhere. It would help if she had actually made some mom-friends that she could get advice from as well. Again, i'm not saying that she's not wrong to feel some distrust against outside childcare, but e-begging like this isn't the way for the longterm. Her baby needs her attention 24 hours a day and the most she can do right now is post low-effort 5 minute videos? How is she going to keep a consistent timeline of Chinese language videos to roll out and also help her potential students out?

Even getting a job in any of her degrees would be difficult for her right now, she doesn't have any relevant work experience…She absolutely needs to suck in her gut, and find someone she can trust to drop this kid off with so she can start some sort of savings for her and her son. Having a consistent job that can punish you for not showing up might be the one way she can remain accountable.

Now, I say this as an anon who does not have kids atm because the financial burden is too large in the immediate future. I know it takes a 50/50 effort (and honestly 50/50 pockets too) and Yumi should have absolutely been pursuing outside career opportunities right after she graduated. The only way I imagine she couldn't have been more active is if Splenda is abusive in that regard and had preferred her to stay home.

No. 178215

Yumi uploaded a video around 3 years ago (she deleted it shortly after) of her crying to Splenda about not making a lot of money off Youtube and wanting to get a job outside of it. Splenda basically was discouraging her from doing so, telling her he liked her being at home and that there’s ‘liabilities’ when getting a job. He did not want her working or being independent whatsoever.

No. 178218

>I know no one owes her help at all but she's gotta take a part time gig somewhere.

The part time gig is Youtube. It might look better on paper that she's a "working single mother" with an irl dayjob, but the kid was literally only born last year, leaving a baby so young with a daycare or stranger just so you look "more hard-working" is nonsensical. She probably gets more from Youtube than she would take home in a day job once childcare expenses are taken off. Youtube is a job, social media is a job. She has other skills (such as sewing dresses and accessories) she could do from home and sell those items.
It really isn't a case of deadend job in a convenience store or she's not trying hard enough!!

She's absolutely making the right choice. She can keep the child safe while working from home.
I imagine if she opted for the dayjob you'd have anons complaining she was an unfit mother abandoning her child or some shit, you really can't win, but the support I've seen for her on this thread is heartwarming really from such a bunch of salty bitches as most of us are kek.

No. 178228

>Youtube is a job
No it's not and that's why she's facing a mess. An actual job would have given her paid leave and other insurances so she wouldn't have to had cared as much now that Splenda is gone.

No. 178229

It's clear you are ESL and know fuck-all about how part-time jobs in the US work. You cannot bitch and moan about someone's past and pretend that will make the present or future better. It would not surprise me if some people connected to Scott are in this thread, saying Yumi needs some punitive job for accountability. Like GOD YES that's what we need, some good ol discipline for the Chinese single mother going through divorce from a fetishizing power-hungry narc. MAN I hope there's a job where they cane her if she's just a minute late. Some of you people are literally insane, but I also think you just come here to fuck around in this thread tbh. Why? well, one can only guess.

What about Scott? I hope that shithead gets the boot once his activities have been made public.

No. 178237

Oh I remember that video!! She was sitting on the couch right?

No. 178255

Holy fuck friendo, reflect on this and all your past posts, are you really that sheltered?

No. 178266

It took her scrote divorcing her for all anons to come out and sympathyfag so they can project all their own single mom moid issues onto her; even though we all knew this was coming and she went from eating out of dog bowls for him to carrying his baby knowing he already wasn't taking care of his other kids. Her popping out a child doesnt undo all her maladjusted ways either just because shes larping as a “uwu mommy vlogger” and the anons thinking she even mildly gets enough from YT to cover any type of childcare expenses must have an inflated idea of what you make per view.
There was a time Yumi survived without a scrote in her life and we really wanna forget that so we can feel bad for yumi because the obvious scrote literally nicknamed splenda for how cheap he was, left her.

No. 178267

Imagine being this assblasted because someone reminded you being a vlogger isn't a real job.

No. 178276

It's the retards who don't understand things who make my blood boil: most part-time jobs have no sick pay, no health insurance, and the income is not enough to pay for decent childcare during a pandemic. Kids can get covid and die from it. Her baby cannot get vaccinated. She is making the absolute safest choice for her kid.

She wants to work from home. There is nothing wrong with this. She doesn't need to work as a youtuber. She can do some other kinds of work. Why do some of you want her to suffer so badly when - despite her cringe past - she is raising her child, showing love to her child, and up until now didn't say much about her personal situation. She is making little videos with no makeup, no dumb ageplay outfits, no cat bowls. She had this baby and now is trying to take care of it, has done nearly a 180 degree turn from her former self, but for some people that isn't enough. She has to be punished (how?) for some ppl to be happy.

Maybe I will regret posting this because she will find a new Scott, but for the time being, I think you'll find that she is not even milking this as much as many others have done in the past.

No. 178278

where is the uwu, anon? where?
You'll never catch me having a kid while finishing my degree, nor afterwards, so nah no single mom issues here

No. 178308

She wants us to feel sorry for her at a minimum effort. Other single moms deserve to receive more help than she's because they have real problems trying to even get the basic needs covered as they work really hard to keep going. Don't come and tell she's special because she took a wrong decision even with all the red flags. She wants to live comfortly and that is not her viewers responsability.(namefag)

No. 178327

>She wants to work from home. There is nothing wrong with this.
Absolutely no one itt said they have a problem with work from home jobs.
Can you WKs quit with these dumb strawmen? Yes, you will regret stanning for her because a leopard doesn't change its spots. When the next Splenda comes along with more promises as long as she behaves a certain way, she'll quickly hop on that dude's dick too because the bottom line is she doesn't want to put in any work to maintain her lifestyle. Working isn't "suffering," it's a facet of life people must perform if they want things without having to rely on other people–including men and fans.

No. 178331

I can understand being worried about COVID and the price of daycare, but my issue with this video is that she wonders aloud whether daycare staff sit around on their ass all day, ignoring children with dirty diapers. Of course daycare staff change diapers when the baby has taken a shit, does she think only psychopaths work there? It's actually quite insulting to hear someone say that only mummy could know when their diaper is full or to put cream on their rashes when they've studied it, do it day-in-day-out and have way more experience than her, with multiple children at a time. Also, she seems to think her son waving at strangers on the street while going for a walk is the same as being socialised with children his own age?

Where are her parents? Why isn't she seeking alimony and child support if money is an issue? I know things aren't always so simple, but these really feel like excuses not to work and a sympathy grab for more patreon bucks. She probably thought she would be set for life if she gave some crusty old white American dude a child, so having a job doesn't fit with her idealised trophy housewife future vision. She could have said she wasn't interested in sending her son to daycare without insulting daycare staff and implying helicopter mummy knows best in the process.

No. 178332

>does she think only psychopaths work there?

Anon believe it or not, a lot of bad people chose care jobs and prey on the vulnerable. This happens with old people's care too. The worst thing is, kids are too young and innocent so all kinds of abuse could take place. If you search on youtube for daycare news you'll see some terrible shit.

No. 178334

Another new video

No. 178336

Unfortunately, I'm aware and you're completely right, but she doesn't express that concern at all. She specifically says:

>Also, I don't know how people from daycare take care of small babies. How often do they change diapers and do they wash babies bottoms if they take a poop? I'm not sure what they would do. A baby could poop several times a day, you need to wash babies bottoms and put diaper paste to prevent diaper rash and I do this several times a day. I don't know how often they change babies diapers. I can tell when my son has a bowel movement, I can tell it immediately. I don't know if people from daycare, can they tell immediately when babies poop? I pay a lot of attention to it because I don't want him to get diaper rash.

No. 178339

To be fair, this concern is really normal in new mothers, and this is her only son
I don't see it as milky at all

No. 178401

I get she’s a new parent but this is dumb af. She can call a daycare and ask how they do their diapering/pottying routine. At the one I worked at, we checked infants and toddlers every 15-30 mins anyways but 9 out of 10 times it’s very easy to tell when your kid is taking a shit or has just finished taking a shit. We also did a daily routine slip for parents which included a timetable of every time they were checked for pee/BM, and when they were changed. Plus room to describe everything parents apparently want to know about their child’s shit. Parents were also the ones who provided all the diapering supplies so if they brought in diaper cream/Vaseline, we used it. If they didnt and we felt the kid needed some and there were no allergies on their file for it, we would use some from the daycares extra/emergency stock and let parents know we did. Not ALL childcare providers are psychopaths who secretly hate kids

No. 178431

There's literally no point in sending a baby to daycare in a pandemic unless you have no other choice or a good job. Nevermind the other stuff.

No. 178448

I can't stand these short videos where she basically says the same thing over and over again and there's really no substance to it. But, at least she's keeping people updated I guess.

I also don't think what she's doing is really e-begging, like people keep saying. She's putting the donation link out there and saying you can donate if you want or naw. It would be different if she really made it dramatic like crying in camera and whatnot. She also has put her life out to the public for all of our entertainment all these years, and even still now, like it or not we're all looking at her life for entertainment purposes even currently. Donating is the least a person who follows her could do lol. That being said, I'm not donating anything, but, to say she doesn't deserve any donations at all is ridiculous to me.

No. 178459

If her Chinese lessons on YT are good, I'll actually give her views for them.

No. 178461

tbh that would make sense why splenda dont wanna pay for anything for yumi or the baby now. makes lots of sense

No. 178508

>unsaged post
>defending a deadbeat scrote
>pretending Scott didn't make videos with Yumi about planning to have babies
>pretending Scott would announce the baby with Yumi if he knew he shot blanks
>forgetting that Scott was painting the nursery (Yumi says how hard "her husband" is working on getting it ready)

Vasectomy makes least sense of all scenarios, because if Scott had had a vasectomy, he would never have participated in the announcement. Neither of these people are smart enough to argue that the vasectomy could have failed.

No. 178509

but y'know what makes a lot of sense? someone pushing this retarded cheating story to make Scott look better.

Whatever happened, even if she cheated, I no longer care. If she did cheat, maybe Corn finally had an orgasm, we can only hope. Enjoy legal hell, Scott. You are trash for treating women and minors the way you do.

No. 178512

Yeah, it's not really out of the ordinary at all for a first time mom to be a real worrywart over her baby and the idea of leaving it with anyone else, especially this early in his life. She might be a bit excessive about it, sure, but that's miles better than not giving a fuck. Once she gets more comfortable as a mom she probably won't be so intense about her suspicions.

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