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File: 1571796246407.jpg (223.53 KB, 1124x1124, Yumi.jpg)

No. 70540

New thread since the old one hit the reply limit (7 months ago) and some strange things are happening. I have been digging around online for a summary:

Around July/August 2019 Yumi uploads a video where Splenda pushes/shoves her and she looks scared. Then she uploads "we are fine" video since people obviously reacted to that.
Then she moves back to Seattle to be with her mom for 2 months, and goes offline.

People are now suspecting she is getting divorced based on her sad, lone video and photo posts she has been making since she returned mid-October 2019, but she has said nothing.
Yumi was not happy with how Splenda acted on the trip to China in 2019, and said she will "go alone next time" and has not worn the wedding ring since.

Background: Yumi is a Chinese Youtube vlogger who rose to fame via her Lolita DIY videos, but has dipped in popularity recently as she quit sewing and mainly uploads hauls. She is a mega-weeb but now segued to being obsessed with Hanfu and Chinese history.
Married(?) to a creepy dude in his forties who talks to her like she is a child, criticizes her weight and generally treats her like a mail-order bride (they actually met on a dating site.)
She now mostly posts sponsored videos of cheap clothes hauls she got online, but also has a second Food/Eating channel.
She has a Patreon which includes a "secret" Youtube Channel where she talks about wanting to get pregnant, her relationship, etc. She posted some minor drama there about tracking down ex boyfriends and the fact she was still looking for another partner after already meeting Splenda.

Her wedding ceremony was done on her lawn, and the videos were posted several months after the fact as if they had just happened. Splenda is so-called since he's a massive cheapskate and Yumi has to practically beg him to buy her anything, as seen on her shopping vlogs.

Main channel:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yumi_king/

No. 70541

File: 1571796423917.gif (901.87 KB, 480x270, gif.thumb.gif.528f4b41dde625eb…)

Splenda violence:

No. 70542

Link to previous post ?

No. 70543

Video titled "Don't worry about us! Please watch this video!"

No. 70545

I've not watched her videos in a long time. That there definitely looks like a hard unexpected push though. Splenda has always seemed like a dickhead with how he acts so not surprised.

No. 70546

Previous thread:


No. 70547

someone brought her name up in the photoshoppers thread today and i was wondering what she'd been up to, thanks for the new thread

No. 70548

OP here, this is the video the gif was cropped from, the extremely normal shove and yelling scene is right at the start (Actually 22nd June, I got the date wrong)

It is titled
>"Was an accident! A scared yell! I thought the yell was funny( like me when bugs crawl on my skin)

Nothing unusual here.

No. 70610

I would've shoved her ass off too if she sat on my glasses. The gif makes it look worse than it actually is

No. 70631

Theres some clips out there that shows how software is used to live stream and change facial appearance at the same time(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 70639

How did Yumi's husband act on the trip to China? Now I am really curious. There is a large group of creepy racist white men who fetishize East Asian women and treat them like submissive mail-order brides.

No. 70641

>>70639 he was obnoxiously loud, talked to yumi like she was retarded and all around dumb touristy.

No. 70677

this is not to be mean but is she playing up some learned helplessness for splenda's sake? she acts like she's mentally deficient to be 'cute' but now i'm wondering if she's mildly retarded.

No. 70685

Someone made another thread when the old one hit bump but it died pretty fast. It has some summary updates from when she uploaded a video acknowledging her channel as struggling though.


No. 70731

Imagine Yumi and Venus together though?

No. 70735

She's not especially bright as evidenced by her even liking Splenda who is a moron, but her extra stupid persona is a learned behavior. She developed it to appeal to Splenda, his yellow fever and other infantilizing fetishes which have come up before, like when it was shown he had her eating out of a bowl for a cat or dog. One of her very old videos showed her speaking more clearly and with less of an accent as well.
It doesn't help that Splenda also treats her like she's an absolute idiot even when she's saying something reasonable, like when she points out that prescription lenses for nearsightedness appear to reduce the size of everything you're looking at (which is true) and Splenda becomes irritated and talks down to her about it like she's a child without even bothering to try confirming what she said.

No. 70739

i like to imagine them trying to converse and not understanding each other's accents lol

No. 70791

No. 70792

Her mom also most likely encourages this behavior and taught her to act cute and dumb to appeal to Splenda-type men. Her mom also married an older American man who is legitimately an older carbon copy of Splenda: looks, speech, mannerisms, everything. Yumi didn't stand a chance.

No. 70810

kek I've missed Yumi milk so much. >>70548 this doesn't even look like that big of a shove though.

No. 70825

There was an old PULL post where someone found one of her school projects online and it was actually a well-written and well-researched post about the fetishization of Asian women. Super ironic considering her whole schtick now is acting like a “me love you long time” mail order bride.

No. 71464

What is it with Yumi and trying to act 'sexy' nowadays? It seems that back in the past she was all about cutesy-poo loli hanfu dress up but her latest try on and haul videos have her looking like a Thai prostitute. Are Splenda's tastes shifting or is she trying to pull a Venus and break away from her baby doll look?

No. 71497

anon thanks for reminding me to check her IG https://www.instagram.com/p/B1RWlgnAdpx/ this video is fucking horrifying why did she post it! sound on, thank me later.

No. 71507

fuck, anon.

No. 71533

what is she even doing? cows have no shame, you can lipsync in the mirror all you want but don't upload that shit it makes you look crazy lol yumi is so weird, she's a cow from a simpler time imo.

No. 71539

>she's a cow from a simpler time
Agreed. I kind of miss cows like her. They don't make you angry or disgusted, and they may not even be bad people, they're just harmlessly stupid and fun to laugh at.

No. 71614

File: 1572660842190.jpeg (107.38 KB, 1080x1080, 16835D82-B506-42B8-9A29-4DFC78…)

Tbh I think short hair suits her. I hope that she’ll cut her hair that length now that she’s trying to push a “sexy” image. Her taste in clothes is still trash and makes her look like a cheap hooker though.

No. 71616

It makes her look like an asian mail order (though tbf that's not too far off from reality..)

No. 71631

I mean, the one good thing about the change is that she is actually dressing her age even if it's cringe and trashy. I don't understand why she can't just dress like a normal mid-20s girl and still look sexy but appropriate.

No. 71640

Does she even buy her own clothes? Her clothes seem to all come from sponsored hauls and the stores that sponsor her are the super cheap SheIn/Fashion Nova type stores with garbage-at-best clothes.

No. 73802

I would have to say, the length of her hair and a longer dress like this goes miles in helping her face shape.

I always thought her head looked like a perfect circle which was off putting to me.

Sage for no contribution.

No. 74132

File: 1574936395752.jpg (200.82 KB, 1124x1124, Yumi K.jpg)

Not milk but Yumi is looking particularly cute lately.

This doesn't look like Splenda's house in the background, is that her mom's house?(necro)

No. 74183

>previous post was 3 days ago
>mods mark newest post "necro"


No. 74204


her face still looks busted but i honestly can't hate the outfit.

does anyone have any new milk on her?

No. 74238

There isn't any new milk but she's been reposting old footage of Splenda on Patreon and YouTube trying hard to convince her fans Splenda is still in the picture

No. 74260


why is she trying so hard? I doubt her viewers are clamoring to watch some middle-age douchebag anyway and her fantasy mail-order bride scenario was nasty as well. she should act like nothing in the past couple of years happened and go back to her retarded DIYs

No. 74266


Everything about him is embarrassing, cringey and he's clearly a twat. Their whole relationship is awkward asf and her original video content was actually more tolerable to watch. What on earth was she thinking having Splenda involved…if she was aiming for a "cute YouTube couple aesthetic" well that ship sank as soon as it left the dock.

No. 75344

No. 75345

She looks like an as told by ginger character

No. 75367

fucking kek

No. 75370

Anything can happen, when you use some cheap chinese makeup like Yumi always do.

No. 75468

i lol'd at the end… i'm surprised the cheap chinese crap didn't fuck up her eyes first. i feel sorry for her it sucks to have that problem especially she is both vain and cheap

No. 75506

This is an older video but at 10:30 she isn't wearing makeup for once because she went swimming and she looks so much better because she actually looks her age. This younger look she tries to do is awful.

No. 75507

Wow, she actually looks kind of pretty.

No. 75543

Holy crap I would've never guessed this was her. she actually looks kinda pretty with out all the snow filters and kai-wa-ee uwu make-up

No. 86165

And she is pregnant

No. 86168

Top. Fucking. Kek. Yumi was the first cow I followed on here years ago but I haven't checked her out in awhile. That poor fucking kid. She said she wanted children even in her super old videos so it's not surprising but I hoped she'd nope out of the marriage and wisen up before it happened. What a shame, now they are really locked in for life, no turning back.

No. 86169

How long do you think it will take for Splenda to abandon and stop paying child support for this kid too, considering his track record.
I already feel bad for this kid and it's not even born yet

No. 86175

I thought they were separated and going to get a divorce? did they get a kid to fix the marriage?
same, she and Venus Angelic were my first cows and they're still my favorite.

No. 86179

He looks like Dollar Store Greg Proops in that photo.

No. 86183

omg what?! i was just talking to someone about her and her "ex"-husband, but i guess she's back with him. why did she come back? when?

No. 86194

Their kid is gonna grow up just fine. /s

No. 86201

Don't know why but I find the "thank you for giving me a baby" comment a little creepy? I could be overthinking it.

No. 86204

omfg at all the shit her husband said to her at the end… he's so fucking cruel to her, my god

No. 86205


Fucking sigh

No. 86206


Before this kid is even here yet I’m dreading the awful fetish click bait


“I want my baby to look white!”

“I want my baby in cute doll clothes with blue eyes”


It’s like fucking your dad and birthing a sister or brother

No. 86207


And the saddest part is the kid will look asian as fuck and the self hate will begin with the mother and the belittlement and reprimanded will end with the dickhead creepy Splenda daddy

No. 86208

The Child can come out to be like Elliot Rogers, both parents are crazy wack jobs, both were race fetishists and narcissistics. Good luck baby.

No. 86210

If it's a boy. God forbid the poor kid is a girl what with their creepy ddlg relationship they've had going on in the past.

No. 86220

I can imagine the YouTube videos already…what a fool.

No. 86236

Call my post faggotry, but I'm going to be optimistic. I have known a few girls that were not great people, they had a kid and did a 180. I can see the doubt, especially since part of her delusion is centered around this fake version of motherhood.
Kind of off topic, but remember her pre marriage videos, when she lived at home… wasn't her house affluent? I seem to remember tacky nouveau riche decor. Anywho, if her family is loaded first grandchild will net them a fair amount of cash.

No. 86238


If she has a boy I feel like she will be annoyed but will still try and push girly stuff on the kid. Then get angry in 20 years time if he's gay and doesn't provide kids for her. I can just picture the whole shit.

God help their kid is a girl but she will end up looking very Asian. Big white nose and asian eyes. Jesus. Hapas are a hit or miss.

But I feel bad for their kid. I just do. It's born out of fetishism and it's so fucking wrong. So many white weebs are fucking asians and asians are fucking whites out of their own fetish and their kids in the future are going to be the creation of this.


No. 86239

Splenda genuinely looks old enough to be a grandfather. I dread the life that child will have. It’s dangerous for a man his age to have children, both of them are race fetishists and Yumi’s standards of a blue eyed baby are a total pipe dream, and their relationship is dysfunctional at best. What a nightmare.

No. 86242

Doubt that Yumi will flip and become a good mother. She already said in past videos that she wants a girl so she can use her as a dress up doll/accessory when she wears lolita. There's no way someone who views a child as a toy is going to be a great mother.

No. 86244

If she has a girl she'll also probably make her marry an old white man. It runs in the family.

No. 86251

File: 1584375747784.gif (3.03 MB, 359x202, 1494108465737.gif)


nooooo ooo o

No. 86252

Ugh, their baby will be autistic and look old before their time because of Splenda's old, degraded sperm quality. Nevermind the fact that being raised by two psychos in an unbalanced power dynamic relationship won't do much good for their emotional and social well-being.

Well Yumi, enjoy your new life as an exotic broodmare. Hope the temporary dressup games you can play with a human child are worth it.

No. 86261

My cousin is hafu and born out of Asian fetishism. Like Splenda my uncle had failed marriages and married a young Japanese woman.my poor cousin was even named after a type of Chinese martial arts. Since he's hafu I'd imagine he got bullied relentlessly in his Japanese school. Can't imagine what Yumi+splenda's kid is going to end up like. Hopefully Yumi leaves before it's too late and raises the kid in Washington state.

No. 86262

Honestly I think the baby will be cute. Splenda is a dumbass but I don't think he's ugly, he's just very old and white old guy contrasts a lot with cute Yumi.

I also think she's more intelligent than she lets on, and is just playing a role for his benefit, and she seems to have a supportive mom. So, hopefully everything will be fine, but Splenda is as mentioned, a dumb asshole who already has a divorce and kids behind him, so I'm not sure if he'll stick around til the kid is at University.

Thanks Yumi for blessing us with all this potential entertainment. I really hope she mom-vlogs it all.

No. 86265

her family is not affluent.

No. 86270

Already divorced, has other kids who he clearly doesn't give two shits about and has another on the way with his Asian loli waifu; I'll give it till the child is a toddler before he bails.

No. 86282

Let's be real, he won't be attracted to her anymore when she gains pregnancy weight and doesn't have her anachan loli body, and she's so obsessed with her image that she's going to spiral into depression when she sees what pregnancy does to her body.

No. 86291

Eurasian Tiger 2.0 Incoming

No. 86297

anon, splenda being ugly or not isn't an issue when yuhan is pretty ugly/inbred looking. i also disagree that yuhan is smart at all. i am not really sure what gives you that impression. splenda is borderline physically abusive and clearly mentally abusive and yet she went back. plus she gave up working after she graduated to marry him and mother children.

No. 86299

>their baby will be autistic and look old before their time because of Splenda's old, degraded sperm quality
Anon where in the world are you reading this shit. kek. It could make a higher risk of miscarriages, but in what world does "old sperm" make a baby "look old before their time".

I don't hate Yumi, her relationship with Splenda is really creepy, but she always seemed poorly educated and easy to take advantage of. Splenda just seems like a creep with a teen fetish. Hope they don't have a daughter.

No. 86301

Agreed, Yumi is totally narcissistic and not to mention sheltered and dependent emotionally, physically and financially on Splenda. She can barely take care of herself, and we saw this in old videos that demonstrated she was a spoiled only child that doesn't know how to cook, clean or drive independently.

I really wouldn't be surprised if the kid ends up autistic like Xiaxue/Wendy's son. (idk if Wendy officially confirmed it, but he's shown signs early on like a train obsession, hand flapping and delayed speech)
Coincidentally, Yumi and Xiaxue and both narcissistic, insecure Chinese women with a fear of weight gain, botched nose jobs and white husbands.
It's going to be milky because I can see this pregnancy project Yumi's insecurities like her body image and possibly seeing her nose on her ~half white~ baby. I mention this because Wendy's son inherited her nose lol

No. 86306

Cows stop being funny when they calve on out. It just gets sad and dark because there's an innocent child involved. I truly pray for the best but…sigh,unlikely.

No. 86313

I hope for the health of the baby that Yumi doesn't plan tons of baby dress up and styling videos.

But I can also imagine that she get's so overhelmed with caring for a baby, that she doesn't have time for Youtube anymore.

No. 86316

Botched nose jobs and eye jobs, it's hilarious how years ago pullfags tried so hard to convince everyone Yumi naturally looked botched and called it a ~farmer face~ Xiaxue makes me fucking sick, the first thing she said to her son when he came out was HE HAS DOUBLE EYELIDS, OMG HE HAS DOUBLE EYELIDS! Xiaxue only cares about how white her kid looks, I'm certain she dyed her son's hair at some point to make it more brown. I don't believe Yumi will be a great mom cause she doesn't even know wtf is going on and Splenda doesn't treat anyone good.

No. 86330

He already makes mocking "remarks" in the video about how she despises how her image will be while she's pregnant, unable to go out, wear cute cloths and will be fat, which her fans thinks are just being playful and teasing when actually, he's being a prick. She's going to try so hard to look thin and cater to his tastes the whole time.

No. 86333

File: 1584467149316.png (236.42 KB, 627x381, Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 1.45…)

instant regret

No. 86335

>She's going to try so hard to look thin
That's what I fear the most, but it definitely will happen. She's gonna fuck up her kids development by eating baby portions in order to stay uwu tiny.

No. 86337

NTA and the accelerated aging thing is probably just exaggeration but the father being old does increase risk of autism and a huge number of potential birth defects and medical risks like premature birth, low birth weight, stillbirth, defects in the development of the skull and heart, seizures, cancer, and other serious issues. I am desperately hoping their child turns out normal and healthy because with Splenda's age they are taking a risk. Combined with how abusive and imbalanced their situation is in general the thought of them having and raising a child is actually frightening.

No. 86466

The whole last two minutes or so when he was talking, he was so unbearably condescending and you could tell how full of distain he was. His whole “did you tell them how…” spiel, obviously annoyed at everything she’s been doing with asking questions and talking nonstop about her pregnancy, sounds like a father chastising their kid. He can’t even fake a smile on screen, he looks so obviously upset about all of this lol.

No. 86475

Found this asian / white couple but they’re two men and it’s just as cringe as yumis RS

No. 86479

He always speaks down to her like the angry father of a stupid child, even when she is acting completely normal or even trying to explain a valid point to him that he's failing to understand out of sheer egotism and the belief that he's superior to her. He acts almost as if he completely hates her, like he only wanted the concept of an Asian loli/doll girl and simmers with anger when she speaks or does anything outside of his fetish.

No. 86564

He literally sounds like the most disappointed parent of a teen who's got knocked up. It's so fucking cringe and creepy. Clearly this wasn't a fairytale happily ever after plan and obviously she's excited while he's blatantly annoyed that he'll have to be a dad once again which we all know isn't a job he likes to do. Can you imagine how he'll speak to her when the baby is born? Jesus christ.

No. 86660

she seems so excited. i feel bad for yumi, i've always kind of lowkey liked her. i've always thought that she was brighter than she let on in her videos, and this proves it. she is happy about this baby and splenda comes in and acts like a shit to her.

No. 86710

i always wonder about these posts. no anon yuhan is not smart and her returning to her terrible husband and getting pregnant does not prove she is. at all. period. yuhan is a doing idiot with mediocre talent that graduated an alright school and gave up her career to be a mail order bride equivalent to a whiny old trump wannabe.

No. 86715


It's been a while, but I remember reading on PULL that she had written a pretty articulate essay for her uni about fetishisation of asian women or something like that.Also that in her earlier videos her pronunciation and grammar was way better and just started acting dumb to get views

No. 86766

I think it's one anon with a weird vendetta. They always call her Yuhan when they're berating her intelligence.

No. 86871

Her real name is Yuhan though. As someone who speaks Mandarin, I'd rather not call her "Corn". I also don't think she's that smart. Maybe book smart, but she has absolutely no common sense, that's part of what made her a good cow, her lack of common sense.

>writes a good essay about fetishizing Asian women
>marries Splenda
GJ Yuhan, gj…

No. 88634

I can’t help but feel slightly sorry for her, doubt Splenda is giving her the support she needs

No. 88638

Splenda lacks emotional intelligence, she really needs family around right now and not a yellowfever moron like him.

No. 88688

She doesn't seem to have any frds to talk to and her husband is a fucking awful person.

No. 88721

I always assumed it was for SEO purposes (ie link Yumi's real name to her online shenanigans)

No. 88728

Some people on PULL/here are weird about calling cows/flakes by their screen names and call them by their real names instead. The same thing happened with Ahripop, but iirc that was because someone on PULL was adamant about linking her name to her PULL thread (basically for SEO).

No. 88784

I always have a hard time understanding what she's saying, but it's quite obvious she is very lonely and can't share her feelings with spenda let alone communicate with him properly. I don't think he will endure her family moving close to them either. Their parenting will be a shitshow..

No. 88786

I think in this case it's because she lied about Yumi being her real name. To the point where she used fake characters to spell it. Her old youtube account and OKC used Yuhan before. I've been following her since /cgl/ and people called her Yuhan there more. It's beyond her using Yumi as a screen name in this case.

No. 88801


I feel bad for her. No doubt he's probably neglecting her or lashing out at her. If he's abandoned his other kids, he'll loose interest in this one too.

She's married the wrong man. It's a shame just doesn't leave him and raise the kid herself. But at the same time, this sounds really awful. It would be a blessing if she lost it. And left him.

Start fresh, she's so young and I know she is weird. But she can do better. Better than the prick she's with now.

Still, she should start joining baby communities and getting out there I guess. Make new friends. Be with her family who do actually care for her.

It's actually so sad to watch. And this is coming from someone who doesn't like her much.

No. 88829

She left him for a bit, not sure what happened with that…I am wondering if her mom basically gave her the boot and convinced her to stay with him.

No. 89261

It’s really hard for me to feel remorse towards her tbh. As dire as her situation is right now, she willingly chose to bear the child of a man who has neglected and abandoned his kids from past marriages with other Asian women. Not to mention his condescending, plain nasty attitude towards her all these years. If she knew all that and actually thought Splenda would change into a good father, she is truly beyond stupid.

Though I do hope she turns out to be a nurturing mother for her child, rather than treating them like her own personal dress-up doll or (I doubt it but who knows) even becoming a Margo. Motherhood is really tough and Yumi deserves all the support she can get right now, even more so since Splenda clearly shows no interest in providing any.

No. 89302

Is a lolita try on really worth putting herself in horrible pain, or is she doing it for sympathy? Pregnancy back aches are no joke. She should be taking it easy and not trying on tight-fitting dollie clothes.

No. 89303

Yumi's much more intelligent than she lets on, but her pursuit of an older white man to take care of her and give her a Caucasian-looking baby has come back to bite her. She settled for a disrespectful middle-aged divorcee with previous children because he'd put up with her goo-goo baby doll fairytale act so long as it meant he'd get to fuck a legal loli.

Most hafu babies look Asian as hell and Splenda's features aren't exactly attractive. I doubt this baby will be the angelic blue-eyed white cherub Yuhan's wanting. I can only pray that she won't get overtaken with post-partum depression or psychosis and resent her little red-faced, black-haired, very Chinese looking child.

I hope Yumi realizes that having a baby will isolate her from what few friends she does have. She should be trying to make connections with other expecting mothers now. Young childless women don't often want to spend time with mothers while their kids are around, especially if they don't like kids. Especially ones who dumb themselves down and act like overgrown little girls playing sexy dress up in knock off burando and Amazon dresses.

No. 89322

how can you claim she's more intelligent than she lets on when she's gotten herself willingly into this situation. i feel bad for her, but you need to stop wking her. she may be book smart but she has no common sense, her mom was also clearly a horrible influence on this. her entire internet career has highlighted her lack of common sense, hell, being with splenda at all is proof. people with common sense don't go to college and then immediately give up a career to marry.

No. 89421

She looks naturally cute in all her eating her cravings scenes and back to looking deformed in the rest of her video.
Shes claiming shes eating 10 of these fruits/vegetables everyday along with cheese, peanut butter cups/peanut butter and protein shakes…. i wonder if shes going to gain weight or if these are all that shes eating. PB, cheese and protein shakes are pretty common suggestions for putting on weight

Her english seems a bit more normal too.

No. 89487

Well that isn't so ba-

No. 89494


We all know she’ll be disappointed over how asian the baby will look.

She didn’t go for a light haired white man. She went for a dark haired man. The only non Asian thing her child will have is mostly more height, a longer nose. That’s it.

God help if it’s a girl. It’ll definitely feel her warth if that’s the case.

No. 89500

If it's a girl I'll feel bad because she'll be up against the worst of Splenda's and Yumi's shit genetics. Talk about a stacked deck. At least men get away with being ugly in society.

No. 89501

She desperately wants a girl to use as a dress-up doll so maybe it won't be so bad on Yumi's side (compared to how Splenda would treat their daughter)? Splenda seems like the kind of creep that would leer at his own child though.

No. 89502

She really needs to stop using what ever filters she uses, all it does it make her cheeks look bloated and her chin look smaller than it already is. Botched PS tinfoil aside she actually looks very cute with minimal to no make up and her bangs pushed to the side flatters her face making her look like a normal person.

Too bad she married a yellow fevered pedophile that probably makes her style her hair that way.

No. 89518

Even if she were having the baby with a blonde blue eyed guy, it would still come out with brown hair and eyes. That's how dominant genes work.

No. 89524

I know a girl who claims she is half chinese, but has blonde hair and green eyes and absolutely no chinese features whatsoever. I'm always side-eyeing her because that is definitely NOT how genetics work. Occasinally you will see half-asian people with lighter brown or hazel eyes, and brown hair instead of black, but never with blonde hair or light eyes unless they're a quarter or less asian.

No. 89528

File: 1587547763868.png (121.53 KB, 512x269, B3C63FA2-E015-410C-A9BA-48C16B…)

That’s not entirely true. Becky is a half Japanese celebrity and she has very light green eyes. I doubt Yumi’s kid will look anything near this though

No. 89605

My cousin is half Chinese and had bright, green eyes. (Dad is 100% Chinese)
My brother’s friend and his sister are half Japanese and have blonde hair and blue eyes. I didn’t think they looked Asian until I met their dad who is 1000% Japanese.
I know lots of half kids with full Asian parents who have these features. It’s not impossible. Though it is more common to have darker or brown features.

No. 89622

She looks really cute with no/minimal makeup and glasses! Her kaweewee makeup and clothes feel so forced and are so unflattering on her.

One of my coworkers at my old job is 1/2 Chinese with light brown hair and green eyes, and I know a pair of twins who are actually 1/2 Japanese, 1/2 Irish and both have flaming red hair, green eyes, and pale skin with freckles. Genetics are weird.

No. 89628


To be honest, the more Asian they look the better to be honest. Look Hiraki Mori. She's basically a taller Asian. She's gorgeous. The whiter they look I think the uglier. Coloured eyes don't suit Asian eyes at all. It's as bas as seeing circle lenses and dodgy Asian hair dyes over in Tokyo.(racebait)

No. 89630

File: 1587607085564.jpg (181.48 KB, 750x937, f7c67f44469b75bbbe6570b5ef9a17…)


Hapatime for example

She looks more Asian but you can tell she's mixed with white. But the darker eyes and hair with the tan, the better. I think places like Japan and Korea don't realise the more tan or any appreciation for their own features, that they look better naturally than making themselves snow white, trying to have lighter hair or eyes. Sometimes the less white looking the better.


Becky is pretty but she's praised for having a lighter eye colour and a white nose by their media. I just think she looks like a white woman with downs tbh.

No. 89631

File: 1587607151969.jpg (37.83 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


Youtuber, Jasmine Lipska. She's got a Chinese mother and a Polish father. Honestly, she's the prettiest one, the most Asian looking one. The other two just look like a bad experiment gone wrong. I don' t get why Asians want whiter looking kids when they end up looking tragic.

No. 89632

File: 1587607309204.jpg (35.93 KB, 384x512, unnamed.jpg)


And Hikari is just gorgeous.

But Yumi is just going to have to deal with it. Her kid isn't gonna look like Hook Finn Jr any time soon

No. 89985

Thanks for all the unsaged derailing.
You sound as bad as Splenda with all your Asian fetishizing.

No. 90010

Somebody time ago said that Splenda might be autistic.
I'm scared for the child, since not only he has unfortunate genes but he's even old.>>88634

No. 90069

>look like a bad experiment gone wrong
Yikes anon, you sound like the eugenistic fags from pol.
People from different ethnicities have children together all the time, they are not breeding them like dogs to make cuter beings wtf.

No. 90082

All visible traits are polygenic so not really

No. 90434


Girl looks more Hispanic than Asian IMO. Still beautiful nonetheless.(offtopic)

No. 90785

I feel bad for yumi, but I also think she’s so low effort. Her husband is like literally a shithead white man who patronizes her so much. It’s not gonna end well. Also wishing she tries on higher quality stuff or does higher quality hauls, dunno.

No. 90786

he seems like he would be on the spectrum, something is off.

No. 90798

Women put up with the such dickheads like it's all happy go lucky in their lives. Splenda won't change once that baby is born and Yumi will be exhausted being a mother while he gives her shit for it.

No. 90800

I don't. She brought this upon herself starting from when she threw away her degree so that she could play petite fob Asian housewaifu. She married a man who makes her eat inhumanly small portions of frozen food from a cat dish and wear a collar, and she went along with it. Any normal woman would've broken it off the second Splenda even tried to degrade them, but Yumi stayed because she wanted to become a housewife with a hafu baby so badly.
As for higher quality stuff, that's not her style. She values quantity over quality because she thinks it makes her look rich and fancy. She even has knockoffs from high quality brands like a knockoff Kate Spade purse.

No. 90806

File: 1588453489875.jpg (329.38 KB, 1440x1440, Yumi.jpg)

Here's a Yumi selfie with very bendy mirror frame and one of her fingers. I'm not even sure what she did to the picture to get it this warped, what did she shrink/make bigger?

No. 90808

They deserve each other. Yumi is so off-putting that no normal guy in Seattle will look at her twice, so she settled for a middle-aged divorced man in bumfuck Georgia that abandoned his other children. She CHOSE to get pregnant with him despite knowing that. Yumi is already claiming she's so tired and in pain due to the pregnancy. I honestly don't know if she's exaggerating, if it's her anachan diet or her lack of exercise/ sedentary lifestyle/ laziness…
Wow she is actually wearing age-appropriate makeup and fashion. She still looks cheap but it's an improvement kek. That outfit in the background looks like it's for a toddler, not a mother-to-be.

No. 90824

she didn't edit it, it's an oval-shaped mirror

No. 90825

I'm honestly a bit concerned about her having a miscarriage or giving birth to a child with birth defects due to a potentially unhealthy lifestyle. A lot cou li d go wrong in a pregnancy due to unhealthy eating, and Yumi doesn't seem to have a body that's ready for the task of carrying a child to full term, especially if she's not eating correctly, if at all.

No. 90883

I’m shocked she even could conceive being so underweight. I guess Splenda let Corn have extra 200 calories as a treat.

No. 92477

File: 1589130821937.png (1.57 MB, 1158x2097, Yumi1.png)

Yumi has started selling her cosplay dressup clothes on Poshmark, this might bode well for her child not growing up in a Asian-fetish household as people feared upthread.
She says she'll sell up to 90% of her cosplay clothing over the next three months. You can see some of this stuff is schoolgirl outfits or things you otherwise wouldn't wear outside.

No. 92478

File: 1589130843093.png (1.79 MB, 1144x2089, Yumi2.png)

No. 92479

File: 1589131008692.png (1.69 MB, 1100x2099, Yumi3.png)

No. 92482

hate to break it to you but she's probably selling them for a bad reason. all of this isn't cosplay…

No. 92494

Guessing selling due to pressure from Splenda. Either he's admonishing her over the hoard prompting her to sell, or Splenda isn't giving her the shit she'll want for the baby so she's trying to get some cash. It's pretty early for her to be nesting, and you'd think one like her wouldn't suddenly drop interest in their beloved shit before junior even gets here. Not a great look either way it's cut honestly. Like impulsive at best case scenario if it's not cause of Splenda.

No. 92556

Looks like she is getting rid of some of the stuff she thinks she could sell to costhots and kawaii clothing wearers. Is she..growing up?

No. 92560

she has so much cheap garbage clothing. It can't be bad for her to sell some of it.

No. 92563

Agreed and she did clothing hauls a lot at one point. Im sure she donated a bunch or is keeping some hoping the kind is a girl for when she's old [like the cutesy lolita stuff]. She's gotta get rid of it all and why not make cash. I really don't see anything shady about this involving Splenda or her being hard for cash. Its eBay for thots.

No. 92622

Not to mention they'll need the extra space. There's so much shit to buy.

No. 93230

DDlgers shouldn't have kids. Period. Shit's going to hit the fan hard and fast for the mom because she no longer gets to play the role of the "baby princess" anymore. Also the main dynamic behind WMAF can be DDlg because whitey doesn't want to admit he's a closet pedophile. Yumi was already getting treated poorly before, splenda is not going to get better. The kid will undoubtedly have daddy issues.

Shit can only end badly either way. If the baby is a girl there's a chance that splenda will attempt to molest her. If the baby is a boy, as already pointed out, he's going to be a self-hating Elliot Rodgers hapa baby.
Also yeah, possible birth defects from splenda's age and Corn's eating disorders either way. What a trainwreck.

She hasn't deleted the videos with her wearing them yet, her kid will grow up and eventually find out that his/her mom was a nasty fuck and be mentally affected by it.

Kind of depressing to see her throw her hobby away for putting another bitter hapa child on the planet.

No. 94544

I thought she got lots off her clothes free from wish o/w for doing videos

No. 94553

>Yumi has to practically beg him to buy her anything
How is this milk? We tradthots now?
If she didn't want to have her ceremony on her lawn she could have worked to earn money and have it wherever she wants.

No. 94570

Hello newfriend. People have always pointed out that Splenda is cheap and stingy, hence his namesake. None of us here thinks it's a good idea to marry a middle-aged divorcee, let him have control over our lives to Yumi's extent, and then get pregnant in exchange for an average suburbia living.
>she could have worked
As if that's ever a realistic choice for any of the cows who end up here. If she were capable, she would have been already. Idc if some anons think she's secretly "smart" when every choice she makes indicates the opposite. Yes, it's very entertaining when someone who makes the horrible decision to get knocked up by a race fetishist cheapskate has got to beg him for basic necessities. It doesn't take a tradthot to see that.

No. 97891

Yumi's apparently been bleeding in month 5

No. 97917

Oh nooo. That doesn't sound good.

No. 98141

File: 1591223189188.png (2.36 MB, 1792x828, 4599C475-AA08-4E35-AA7C-FAD4F5…)

What the hell is this outfit?

No. 98175

she's chinese, not some american libfem. chinese culture absolutely expects men to pay for everything.

No. 98945

Its a boy

No. 98957

Thank the lord. Though maybe there will be a second, a boy will be able to handle Splenda's weirdness a lot better.

No. 98971

I don't know. He might become one of those troubled r/hapa guys who had shitty parents.

Hope they divorce and yumi moves back in with her parents.

No. 98987

>eliott roger confirmed
he's going to grow up and post on r/aznidentity the second he learns how to use the internet

No. 99027

I can't imagine a household with a demeaning, abusive white ogre father and a bone-thin walking me love you long time sweatshop seamstress stereotype mother will be the best for this kid, male or female. At least Yumi won't have the opportunity to treat her kid like a living doll ala Margo.

No. 99373

it's a classic formula to create a school shooter

No. 99481

A highschool uniform-looking outfit. While pregnant. Shit looks so, so wrong…

No. 99487

For the future of high school girls everywhere, Yumi should move back to China with this kid. He'll be a lot happier there.

No. 99496

Regardless of sex this poor kid is fucked but at least Splenda won't molest a boy, probably. This is the slightly better scenario even if he is a future ER

No. 99535

>At least Yumi won't have the opportunity to treat her kid like a living doll
Ikr, it was concerning when she kept saying she wanted a girl specifically to dress up and twin with. She had already expressed the want for a Weenoos-Margo type relationship long before she even got pregnant.
I feel bad for the child. Yumi and Splenda can barely take care of themselves and are both emotionally/mentally stunted. There's no way they can raise a child properly.

Yumi's mom is equally as vain and shallow as Yumi. Yumi's mom gave Yumi her old "sexy" (i.e. cheap hooker) clothes, which Yumi showed off in one of her lookbooks, and Yumi mentioned in one of her old makeup videos that her mom wanted her to get plastic surgery to look cuter.

No. 99565

Splenda is an obvious pedo along with his yellow fever too, it's a lot better for him to not have a half Asian daughter in the house. I would genuinely fear for that girl's safety over time. Their household is still going to be insanely toxic for a son, too, though, sadly. Such a weird and messed up situation for a kid to grow up in.

No. 99591

bet after she pops this one out they try for a girl that they both so desperately want.
in that case the boy will have a miserable neglectful life and the girl will be overly adored and inevitably damaged by her upbringing. bet.

No. 99603

i doubt that the boy will be neglected. she's still chinese, and will treat him special like she was brought up to do.

No. 99614

chinese people believe their bloodline can only be passed down by the males of the family. so chinese people would consider this kid white because he has a white dad.

No. 99638

looool it's going to be one of those incels who post on asian masculinity or hapas or something
it has to be, splenda is a typical old white creep and yumi a streotype of a submissive asian sex kitten waifu.
the childhood of poor little splendaling is a sitcom i would totally watch

No. 99640

oops btw splendaling as in little splenda, like youngling or duckling, even though in this context it looks like a shitty mock chinese nickname, not my intention lmao

No. 99732

Look I get it Yumi and Splenda's relationship is gross but can try not to be awful to a literal baby? We should be hoping he'll turn out okay, not shitting on his hypothetical future personality before he's even born. You can feel bad for the kid, but, like… come on.

No. 99739

I always knew she was gonna have an /r/hapas user.

No. 101084

Useful advice from licensed prenatal nutritionist Yuhan McSplenda

No. 115817

File: 1602482200728.png (32.84 KB, 722x331, yumi son milk.PNG)

Yumi announced she had her baby Splenda today. No photos outside of Patreon.

No. 115839

Does Yumi think shes Kim K? Paying to see her baby kek

No. 115872

Lol Splenda and Yumi must be hard up for the bux.

No. 115873

she'll probably show pictures of her vaginal tears or lack thereof

No. 115877

Those clothes makes her look like she is pregnant with a balloon instead of a human baby
I'm really curious about how the baby looks, considering it's parents

No. 115929

I've stayed away from hate watching her during this pregnancy. It gives me a lot of fetish vibes, especially her clothing hall vids in tiny skirts and tops. Its like she hoped from DDLG to pregnancy fetish pandering. Whats next? Mommy fetish Yumi?

No. 115938

baby looks good, so yay!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 115957

Of course it's fetish shit. She made a video to let us all know she's been a good girl who hasn't gained a pound more than what she needed throughout pregnancy so Splenda can keep up his asian schoolgirl roleplay. Then to top it off she needs to signal how her asian puss is still smol and intact >>115873 and then state how she did it all without an epidural >>115817. In case no one knows, it's a huge boast among natural birther women (who tend to be huge pickmes) so that they can regard themselves as superior to women who gave birth with pain relief or with c-section. They see it as some kind of accomplishment. She even says it was "exciting and crazy" as if it wasn't agonizing, difficult, and scary at times. She's a huge liar.

No. 115958

I cringed looking through her instagram and realizing she wore her kawaii schoolgirl outfits to go to her ultrasound appointments. Imagine you're an ultrasound technician and a tiny woman walks in with an obviously much older white man and she's wearing a pleated mini skirt thigh highs and a pink cropped shirt. This is so obviously a fetish and it's weird.

No. 115963

oh my god
this goes beyond any "showing off belly" outfits I've seen short of trailer trash cut-offs paired with a bra. Hell, she might as well be wearing this. I had been avoiding her content during this pregnancy and had no idea this was what she was producing

No. 115967

this is the video that set me off too and posting this >>115929
Theres one thing to be happy and excited about your first baby, we all know how much she's wanted this and is her life goal. But this is horrifying to watch, the dancing and moments are so weird, it's pandering to another level. I could ignore her DDLG shit but not when theres an actual child involved. This is gross.
Breast feeding content next?

No. 115974

It's sort of strange how old she looks when she's doing the little dances
Maybe dressing 'younger' while pregnant is making her aged features pop?

No. 116017

She looks way better without bangs

No. 116019

She's so underweight and malnourished it looks like she has parasites, not a baby.

No. 116020


Imagine picking your child up from school and seeing Yumi dressed like this doing the same. I really wonder how she's going to dress the little boy.

No. 116040

She's always been like that. She's probably stressed as someone with a small build already has difficulty carrying a baby. If the doctors are saying she's healthy, then she's good. Splenda needs to shut up though and stressing her about her weight while she's pregnant and making her feel bad if she does eat. He's basically giving her an eating disorder while carrying, but even if she was 10lbs heavier, she'd still look like this because of her genetics. I feel like she's going to wind up having to have a c-section unless most of that is fluid and the baby is like 6 or 7lbs which isn't abnormal. I'd be worried if it came out 5lbs or lighter. So far she's looking full term, so that's a good sign.

No. 116041

She already had her baby naturally.

No. 116246


I can already imagine how this went down
>I made a pregnancy plan and I don't want an epidural uwu
>starts absolutely screaming during labor
>demands an epidural
>nurses start calling for an epidural to be placed but the doctor is nowhere to be found
>by the time the doc comes it's too late and she's pushing
>continues to wail to the point everyone in the fucking unit can hear them
>sounds like she's birthing the spawn of Satan as she's delivering
>all because she's to proud to have some pain relief during the most painful part of any woman's life

But honestly I'm not surprised she's bought into this bullshit.

No. 116253

A lot of women do. I don’t see why it’s automatically evil and shameful for Yumi. You can not like her without trying to turn her choice to give birth without an epidermal some weird spin-off.

No. 116296



I never implied that she was either, but it's in relation to what >>115957 said, and the fact that most of these women want ~perfect~ birth plans when in fact delivery is messy and ad hoc. I think it's unrealistic to wholly write epidurals out and to treat them like evil objects that get in the way of delivery, or that a painful delivery is somehow more pure.

No. 116299

Autocorrect happens

No. 116302

Did she actually denigrate women who opt for an epidural or are you projecting?

No. 116311

NTA but if you've ever been involved in any pregnancy community you'll see SO many annoying ass women who seem to think martyring themselves on the altar of pain and sacrifice makes them better than you. Its just a certain attitude. Its cool if you want to have a natural birth, but some other anon was right when she said that most of the time, they're weird kinda pick-mes who think giving birth and having children should be like, the worst thing ever and you aren't a good mom if you don't sacrifice from the beginning. There really is little reason to refuse an epidural except for if you WANT to feel that pain, people who have issues with being temporarily paralyzed from the legs down not withstanding. Basically saying you want as natural of a birth as possible is either because you're a hippie type who doesn't believe in "unnecessary" medical intervention (doesn't sound like Yumi) OR you want to prove to people that you are the best mommy EVER because you felt every painful contraction.

No. 116315

Tbf every woman I've encountered who didn't have an epidural is either an anti-vax essential oil mom or a woman who likes to put down other women and make herself out to be the "alpha" mom because she thinks being in horrible unworldly pain during child birth makes her better than others. But part of me thinks that maybe Yumi's refusal to get an epidural had something to do with her culture. Are epidurals uncommon in China?

No. 116318

But why would Chipmunk Cheeks bother to mention it if it wasn't important to her at all? No one cares if women don't opt for epidurals, except for women who want other women to know they didn't opt for one. It's a giant humblebrag. From the videos of her telling pregnant women how to eat, to exercises on how to prevent perenial tears. There's more videos lecturing on how to be pregnant than videos just describing her experience. She wanted whoever is watching her to know that she's the most thoughtful first time pregnant woman ever and she's got this whole thing in the bag. It's obnoxious.

Basically this >>116311. Splenda has her on a tight leash and if she centered her life around a religion instead of uguuu asian fashion, you'd all notice she has all the peculiar mannerisms of a trad pickme. They're a fucking creepy ass couple.

No. 116320

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if she DID get an epidural and lied about it later to seem cooler.

Pretty sure epidurals are common/becoming increasingly common anywhere that has even vaguely decent healthcare, China included. It's probably still uncommon in more rural areas, but hospitals in large cities like Shanghai, Beijing, and Nanjing (where corn is from) should have it available as an option.

No. 116370

Just because you find her annoying, it’s not impossible to believe she could manage natural birth without tv show dramatics. Although the image you paint is still pretty funny.

I think it might be an Asian thing. Statistics say the rate for epidural in China is less than 10%. However, China also has the highest Cesarean section rate in the world. Japan, in comparison, the epidural rate is even lower at only 5.2%. Sometimes epidural is talked about as something only wealthy women and celebrities do. I think it’s less about Yumi thinking she is better than other moms and more about Asian cultural expectations.

No. 116376

some people could hate needles and/ or being numbed but i feel like it's a weird person thing normally, yeah.

No. 116387

Exactly. I gave recently gave birth in Japan and it was such a pain to find a hospital that did epidurals. It's getting more popular but many Asian women (from Asia at least) don't even get epidurals a thought.

No. 116390

But what does this have to do with Yumi’s personal choice for her own pregnancy.

No. 116443

exactly, plus, I'm pretty sure that in one of her pregnancy videos, she said she expected to get one. I may be mistaken, I just don't remember her being opposed to it.

Her video about vaginal tearing is incredibly funny. I recommend drinking every time she mispronounces vagina.

No. 116447

The vitriol about her pregnancy is a little strange, I understand being irked by the way she dresses but when she talks about weight management and different things she did for her pregnancy, she never advised others to do as she does anyways. They’re her personal videos, and all the things she’s following are very standard among Chinese women. Nobody wants to fucking read a chimpout about epidurals that have nothing to do with her just because she said she didn’t want to use it jfc false equivalencies.

No. 116450

>I understand being irked by the way she dresses
It's beyond gross when you consider the context of their relationship that these threads have highlighted for years. Anything else you'd like to take out of context and defend? Fucking whiteknight stans.

No. 116464

Did no one consider there may not have been time to get an epidural administered

No. 116483

You’re unhinged. I’m not a stan, you sound obsessed. No shit the way she dresses is creepy, I literally said that. God I hate that when the site begins to decline in content instead of waiting for milk or actually sharing anything of merit some of you tards want to ree about things that don’t matter and are a waste of time to read instead.

No. 116514

Hide the thread if you think it's so milkless, problem solved. You sound like the obsessed one.

No. 116519

>no you
I don’t have to hide the thread, being called out for going off on an unrelated tangent about epidurals shouldn’t bother you this much

No. 116525

Wait until I tell you that I'm not even the same anon you're talking about, please continue to derail and minimod about how unbothered you are.

No. 116811

Yumi's birth video is up.

No. 116832

she looks happy, honestly good for her
>had spotting/blood
>splenda rushed her to hospital
>dilated to 10cm very quick
>nursed told her to "hold it in"??
>epidural doctor didnt show up at all, so was forced to do natural
>2nd degree tearing

No. 116833


Thank you for the summary anon. Really ridiculous that they told her to " hold it in " because the doctor wasn't there.

Despite everything, I really hope her baby grows up to be healthy and happy, I couldn't imagine being @ the hospital in the midst of pandemic to give birth.

No. 116908

Did she gave birth with a mask on?? Jesus Christ

No. 116917

Wow, this sounds horrible. I can't sit through her voice right now, but really. I feel for her if she wanted relief and couldn't have it. I don't know how it is to give birth but this experience sounds like enough reason to complain, right? Women can't just "hold in" a baby.

And then after all that, to have the serial fetishist / semen spreader Scott there. God. I hope she at least had a cute orderly or something.

No. 116919

File: 1603280775537.jpg (309.74 KB, 1213x783, yumi.jpg)

she didn't give much context to the "hold it in" comment but it sounded like the nurses wanted to wait for the epidural doctor before allowing her to push.
She mentioned she felt the need to push but was stopped because there was no doctor around, only nurses. Which honestly sounds like the worst experience.

No. 116931

I’m split between thinking it’s a weird to post a video like this, but I also think it’s a bit cool that she let her viewers take part in the birth of the child she’s always dreamed about having.
I wonder if she is disappointed that she got a boy and not a girl to dress up?

No. 116932

Sounds like the experience actually kinda sucked for her, at least she's now being honest about what went down instead of sticking to the "exciting and crazy" narrative vloggers forcing positivity would want to whitewash this with.

No. 116967

What's going on with her hand????

No. 117060

I also can't watch the vid because her voice annoys me too much, but they do ask women not to push until they reach a certain stage of labor and dilation. That's part of what can make it so painful, is that you feel the 'need' to push, but if you do it too early you risk more tearing, or some other kinds of issues. I'm not an expert, I have just heard that before. Poor girl, if she wanted an epidural and couldn't get it, that really sucks.

No. 117124

An epidural makes you unable to move around during labor and for sometime afterwards. It might make some women feel powerless and less in control. There are also potential complications, such as back injury.

No. 117125

Unfortunately lots of doctors will tell you to 'hold the baby in' until they are ready to 'deliver it'.

No. 117143

Women won't generally feel a need to push unless they are fully dialated and the baby is ready to come out. When a doctor coaches a woman to push its called 'purple pushing'.

Women who have epidurals often need to be told when to push and they often don't get the need to push even when they are ready to which is why doctors have to help them.

No. 117161

ot but does anyone know where the blue nightgown shes wearing is from?

No. 117208


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