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File: 1510515986042.jpeg (102.76 KB, 640x853, 5B3A2CA0-F4CD-4CDE-95AC-E9F5DA…)

No. 50182

Thanks to all the info in >>>/pt/366110 we can finally give her her own thread lel feel free to move to /snow/ if needed, I never made a thread so idk where she should go

Twitter: http://twitter.com/theawakened_
Twitch: http://twitch.tv/theawakened_
Patreon: http://patreon.com/theawakened
Instagram: http://instagram.com/theawakened_
Facebook: http://facebook.com/theawakenedcosplay
Discord: discord.gg/uDPAWYD

>over photoshopped patreon/twitch thot who became famous over her mei “cosplay”

>has 3 jobs and gets free rides to cons from her manager but that doesn’t stop her from begging for money to pay “bills” or buy food. after begging somehow has new cosplays
>guilt trips people into giving her money (i.e “if you love me you’ll help me eat lunch today~ link to cash.me)
>doesn’t make her costumes (besides sharpie Lum) but doesn’t correct people who commend her for her craftsmanship
>uses friends for commissions to wear the cosplays once and talk shit about them later
>shameless public breakdowns on her public twitter/twitch broadcasts to gain pity/money from others
>sends her white knights after people who dare to do the same cosplay as her
>fights with her boyfriend on her public twitter, they break up and they’re together again the next day
>asexual but sexualizes herself for the patreon bux $$$$
>somehow getting her own apartment when she already begs for money to pay bills while living with her parents

No. 50183

File: 1510516153398.png (440.12 KB, 577x595, B5DBFF9A-9881-4778-841A-FC1176…)

The horrendous sharpie Lum Invader mentioned in OP

No. 50184

Yesss finally.

Now let’s run pools for her next breakdown and/or breakup. As well as mini pools for how often she posts “give me money bc I’m broke but go to cons anyway” links to her followers.

No. 50185

File: 1510516453704.jpeg (201.24 KB, 750x1025, C12DD476-6B4D-4103-9496-5DEFE7…)

Public breakdown over dentist appointment, subtly slips in that her mom takes money from her so people will feel bad for her

No. 50186

We can make weekly posts tallying up the amount of times she has a breakdown, begs for money, or fights with her bf she had that week kek

No. 50187

File: 1510517124473.png (314.24 KB, 591x625, Screenshot 2017-11-12 at 12.05…)

No. 50188

What a shame. I was sorta into this girls stuff on instagram.

But it's just another one that looks good in pics but is a trash person irl. Why is it so hard to find someone that actually looks good and isn't a shitbag within the popular cosplayer circles? I guess cause being a dishonest thot is more profitable? Trendy?

No. 50189

Another instance of costhots borrowing each other's cosplays a la Momo and friends?

Yeah it's kind of sad because she plays up the whole nice internet girl uwu shtick but is really just using her friends and followers for profit

No. 50190

It’s funniest when she was made aware that she was being talked about in a thread and then went on her Twitter with that fake positivity shit trying to act like it doesn’t bother her. She’ll break down for much less, bullshit it doesn’t bother her. Lmfao

No. 50191

File: 1510519591702.jpg (173.11 KB, 1242x927, IMG_4813.JPG)

What kind of asexual posts selfies in a fakku shirt for twitter?

No. 50192

Are the corners of her lips… drawn/shopped on?

No. 50193

Good god her makeup job is so fucking horrid and the filter somehow only makes it worse???

No. 50194


bruh she draws on her anime features and it’s not seamless at all. It’s really bad.

No. 50195

File: 1510520610392.png (2.2 MB, 750x1334, 226ADAE3-C674-46BF-8C8E-7F9F03…)

So asexual uwu

No. 50196

Isn’t this the bitch that triggered Chel Hell Bunny just for doing a better looking casual Mei than Chel and getting more attention?

No. 50197


And somehow her bf is a pos for wanting sexual intimacy in a romantic relationship? Then again they're both shit so maybe they do deserve each other lol

No. 50198

Yes although I think Chel was mad about it in general and targeted it at Eclair

No. 50199

Cool there's a thread for this "cosplayer" that literally has the world's tiniest violin playing with every tweet she makes hahaha

No. 50200

File: 1510521404184.png (94.08 KB, 200x200, 7c9.png)

No. 50201

i'm asexual and i would do this shit too if neckbeards gave me money.

No. 50202


my gripe with her claiming to be asexual is that she remains in a toxic shit-relationship

No. 50203

File: 1510521962452.jpg (40.69 KB, 352x359, IMG_4818.JPG)

Kawaii eyebags from the thread request thread for those who didn't see it.

No. 50204

yooo, i actually kinda knew this cow for a little, what a wild time

we had a mutual friend who told me all the time about her bullshit w/ her boyfriend and her kinda fake asexuality, i'll have to see if i can dig up old skype chats about her from a couple years ago

i distinctly remember my friend telling me that she knows she can't cosplay for shit but that she thinks she's hot enough to make money doing it so she just chooses easy ones that suit her face and then makes her tits the focus and those neckbeard buxxx roll in

No. 50205

File: 1510527034530.jpeg (169.72 KB, 640x541, 2F13A4CF-745D-4313-A669-605921…)

No. 50206

File: 1510527215591.jpeg (13.92 KB, 203x203, 482832B1-D035-42A9-84CF-4FA3AA…)

kek this is glorious, anon

No. 50207

asexual only means you don’t feel sexual attraction. asexuals can still have sex and be asexual, ffs

that being said, doesn’t mean some people don’t still grab at the label for speshul sjw points

No. 50208


Honestly I think she's using the label as an excuse to not put out for her shit boyfriend or doesn't want to admit she's not sexually attracted to him. kek

No. 50209

He’s a fat ugly edgelord viet loser so i don’t blame her.

No. 50210

File: 1510533995623.jpg (136.88 KB, 952x1200, fat ugly mane.jpg)

How unfortunate…. OT but he's tweeted this picture on like 5 different occasions.

No. 50211

no1curr, sage goes in the email field.

How can she think that this looks good with that jaw?

No. 50212

File: 1510541413078.jpg (19.98 KB, 504x161, uwuthot.jpg)

>uwu i'm poor please send me money so a girl can eat
>1/4th of her followers are bought

No. 50213

I don't get it…

No. 50214

Based on this >>50203 that looks like her actual jaw

No. 50215

To be fair, everyone has fake followers due to spam bots and empty accounts. It’s only suspicious when like half the follows are fake. Then that’s def bought follows.

No. 50216

Her shoops spill into uncanny valley territory. My brain has no idea how the hell to process her face in the OP pic.

No. 50217

If this thot gets another thread please make this the OP pic

vid related

No. 50218


Shes been real quiet since she started showing up in these threads. Is it possible we’ve done our job??!!!

No. 50219

Chances are she’s having an absolute meltdown on her private twitter

No. 50220

She's definitely having a meltdown considering she hates people/softblocks them for even the slightest disagreements.
Caps would be appreciated because from what I know… sounds like a different cow. This one is more uwu I'm a sensitive nice girl sweetheart that is actually a narcissist and beggar

No. 50221

She’s 100% having a meltdown about being posted on here.

No. 50222

No. 50223

File: 1510588324480.jpeg (65.49 KB, 750x395, 234BE712-CCD3-4829-980C-BD84B6…)

Such a hypocrite. lel

No. 50224

File: 1510588586480.png (30.81 KB, 500x541, no-correlation-19297230.png)

This just proves that she's an attention seeking thot who only does this shit for money and pity, not because she loves the characters or cares about her neckbeard fans

No. 50225

Man, I have a lot of dirt on this girl but I'm too chickenshit to post anything specific: I don't want friends of mine to come under fire (or myself).

The long story short about her is that she's an immature crybaby who can't handle not being coddled and hand held all the time. She also gets pissy when people don't lick her ass and fawn over her for being "cosfamous".

I know some people who might be more willing to spill. I'll let them know about the thread.

No. 50226

I’m glad that thanks to this thread people will finally start realizing that she’s not the sweet do nothing wrong cinnamon roll people think she is. Here’s hoping you or your friends deliver, anon

No. 50227


I’m by no means “close” to her but just as a spectator of her Twitter shenanigans over the course of a few months has my respect for her decline rapidly. She’s nothing but a lazy shit online beggar.

No. 50228

>has 3 jobs and gets free rides to cons from her manager etc

idk anon if someone is juggling 3 jobs doesn't it make sense the would try to cut down expenses whenever possible? don't understand the logic behind this point

No. 50229

The point is she begs for money and cries about not being able to afford cons while at the same time getting handouts like that

No. 50230


That’s what gets at me the most and with her new apartment thing going on I estimate her pleas for handouts will triple as well as complaining how life isn’t fair because she had to pay bills.

No. 50231

File: 1510605955286.jpg (150.85 KB, 900x1200, ashebeestatus.jpg)


No. 50232

Why would you use fleece when Lum is clearly wearing fur sage for fabric autism

No. 50233

do you know how hard it would be to sharpie stripes on fur anon?????

No. 50234

File: 1510606472750.jpeg (31.28 KB, 248x160, D642D292-F99A-4015-AE8E-35844B…)

I hope you’re only pretending to be retarded because this fabric exists

No. 50235

Some people do a more cartoony version with the stripes, but they'll use things like heat and bond, fabric paint, etc. instead of bleeding sharpie

No. 50236

File: 1510606937777.jpg (101.33 KB, 768x1024, 1463212490471.jpg)

No. 50237

this bitch is deadass balding

No. 50238

Someone buy her some of that hairline makeup. Even Tom Felton has a better hairline than she does.

No. 50239

iirc she was asking for money earlier this year to buy a used car that she couldn't even drive because she has no license. Asked for something like $700+ or so on her Twitter.

Anyone have screens of this?

No. 50240

File: 1510610534581.jpeg (113.23 KB, 748x741, AB2AD65E-ACF2-40CA-96F2-D8269F…)

Another thing she begged for this year was money for an apartment deposit because her father was supposedly abandoning her family and they were gonna be homeless. Fast forward to now, still living in the same house, no mention of her dad though.
Pic slightly unrelated

No. 50241


Gonna make it a mission to dig this up bc she straight up bragged about how independent she’s becoming… right after begging people for a lot of money to buy a used car.

No. 50242


Look at that soulpatch of hair she calls an eyebrow. Why doesn’t she just shave off the whole fucking thing? She looks retarded.

No. 50243

File: 1510612963042.png (2.01 MB, 750x1334, 53C1870D-5D2D-44F0-B199-6ACBE3…)

Wait for it…..

No. 50244

File: 1510612990871.png (941 KB, 750x1334, C40A4083-86CC-47C8-9ACD-917447…)



No. 50245

What the hell? Did she literally draw an anime lip outline? Weeaboo thots these days nigga

No. 50246

File: 1510613296430.png (1.8 MB, 750x1334, 6A2870C4-246A-4A82-8AFE-374065…)

looks like shit in every picture that wasn’t taken by her arm’s length.

No. 50247

File: 1510613407037.jpeg (22.07 KB, 242x300, 1BAB5C90-FF23-4C5E-AC17-80EACA…)

omfg her face is literally this but she’s not trying to look derpy and busted, she just is??????

No. 50248

At first I thought this looked bad because of awful lighting but then I saw >>50236

No. 50249

File: 1510613686188.jpeg (119.95 KB, 750x633, 5015269C-E8F9-40CF-B4AB-C77013…)


No. 50250

File: 1510613843982.jpeg (2.02 MB, 2048x2048, 9719B67A-459F-423D-AB60-9C980D…)

No. 50251

The unphotoshopped picture makes it look like she's missing a tooth

No. 50252

i think she’s been deleting tweets bcuz I can’t go further back past october.

No. 50253


Holy shit I feel catfished. At least in moo's shoops she's still ugly but this person's shoops makes her look totally different. I thought she looked like her Mei cosplay by this is bad.. I remember feeling so jealous too when this first surfaced on Tumblr but thankfully I didn't give it much attention.

No. 50254

File: 1510619617757.png (91.16 KB, 640x697, IMG_4835.PNG)

lawl that sounded too insane to be true but I looked it up and wow

No. 50255

File: 1510619852063.png (81.88 KB, 640x776, IMG_4836.PNG)

annnd price cap just in case she deletes everything

No. 50256


> looking to be independent

> goes online to ask people to pay it for her

Im fuckin dead

No. 50257

File: 1510625038389.jpeg (892.42 KB, 2560x2560, B291FE9C-3B98-442C-8A7C-937757…)

It looks like she has plans to move in with one of her Twitch teammates and he’s not very happy about this thread. I wonder if he knows it’s possible for non cosplayers to dislike Eclair as well as cosplayers, judging by the way he’s trying to shit on our collective “cosplay careers” I’m assuming he doesn’t.

OT but I wonder who his ex is hmm

No. 50258

She’s streaming right now I dare someone to go in chat and spam the link to this thread for science

No. 50259


No. 50260

File: 1510625126615.jpeg (108.64 KB, 750x424, 7C5938EC-722C-43AE-88AE-AD87B9…)

sage for OT but graphic design is my passion

No. 50261

No cowtipping you newfag

No. 50262

As much as I would like that we can already assume she’s well aware of this thread’s existence and cowtipping is for retards

No. 50263

File: 1510625441165.jpeg (123.6 KB, 750x1006, D9F15A6A-3FA3-4521-9020-963CA7…)

Old news but thought I’d include that she had drama with another snowflake a while back

No. 50264

File: 1510625455446.jpeg (120.76 KB, 750x827, 871B68FD-F653-4F2B-B412-24B997…)

No. 50265

Gossiping as a vice and problem solving skills/intelligence have nothing to do with one another. I do agree that a lot of posts are missing the point or reaching, but I'm sure most people can recognize that.

However, he's talking about intelligence yet completely fails to see how dumb of a business move it is to mention that your employee has a thread on lolcow on your twitter that is affiliated with work. Not only is it unprofessional as hell, but it's only going to draw attention to the site and the thread itself.

No. 50266

>I thought her work was gorgeous! :(
could you make it anymore obvious you’ll kiss anyone’s ass for good girl points NOBODY thinks Chel has good content

No. 50267


this website is 18 up

No. 50268

Was anyone able to catch her stream tonight?

No. 50269


a big fat nobody “managing” big fag nobodies. It’s likely his brilliant idea to pressure eclair to go to a con knowing damn well how broke she is lmfaooo

No. 50270

> problem: eclair is too broke to do anything and relies on her followers for handouts

> solution: go to a con anyway bc “opportunities” and eat people’s dishes/leftovers at restaurants when they leave

how do I already know leara is a shit manager? bc he’s desperate to literal air quotes manage obvious duds and lost causes like eclair. Bitches like that will put you in debt.

No. 50271


More evidence that he’s a nobody self-proclaimed “manager” that doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing.

No. 50272

>eat people’s dishes/leftovers at restaurants when they leave
Hold on a second. What?

No. 50273


It's an exaggeration of how broke she is, I don't think they actually did that. But it is likely the people around her paid for all her shit while she was out there.

No. 50274

I know you were being rhetorical but she would make those around her pay for her dinner by sighing and whining about how she can’t afford anything on the menu

No. 50275

Who is his ex?

No. 50276

File: 1510700501916.jpeg (72.6 KB, 746x348, FB697796-335E-462F-9282-C64FA7…)

so broke that she couldn’t even do laundry? Wtf???

No. 50277

she lives in a fantasy world, not everyone has to like each other ugh. Also a lot of mei cosplayers are a sjw like her

No. 50278

I think it’s hilarious that she has the good sense not to publicize the existence of this thread on her public Twitter but her manager, essentially her publicist, doesn’t.

No. 50279

I don't know if she knows what a tub is but you can hand wash CLOTHES IN THE TUB

No. 50280

Can somebody explain what she's trying to say by this? Is she saying she never washes her clothes? I don't get it…

No. 50281

I think she’s saying she only goes to the laundromat to was the clothes she wears to go out and then just wears hand me downs/thrifted clothes around the house

No. 50282

But does she not wash the clothing she wears around the house?

No. 50283

She probably wears them til they’re worn out and just throws them away instead of washing them since they were hand me downs anyway

No. 50284


Naw if she's too broke to not even afford CLEAN clothes let alone food she needs to stop buying this unnecessary shit and panhandling on the internet.

No. 50285


Can you not read that it says USED to?

No. 50286


We can’t gauge how far back “used to” is. But I wouldn’t put it past her if it wasn’t too distant. She’s financially irrespesonible.

No. 50287

“but now we have a washer dryer” implies that she’s now going to stop wearing hand me downs

No. 50288

Glad this girl finally got her own thread. Seeing her photos on my TL or seeing her on Twitch really fuckin' bugs me. Why does she insist on shading the corners of her mouth? Even for daily makeup looks, it's like she does full on cosplay makeup.

That blatant "silkworm/ageyo sal" effect from Pitu (or all those other Asian photo editing apps people use now). She didn't even attempt to make it blend at all.

Her League streams make my eyes roll. When she changed her Twitter title to "Nami God" and I watched one of her support streams, it was no wonder she's hardstuck Silver 3. She even tried to get people to carry her to gold, but to no avail.

This girl whines all over social media about her past mistakes and having close to no marketable skills to make it in the real world and when people attempted to console her and encourage her to get her life together, she just laid out excuse over excuse. She's really milking this "Twitch personality/Cosplayer" thing, but it won't go too far. Her low-mid tier cosplays and facial reconstructing makeup (I typically applaud those who do it well, but this girls makeup looks like it's all bought from the dollar store and applied in a sauna using no mirror) will only go so far because she DOESN'T have a personalty that is marketable AT ALL, and she holds no other skills aside from making C tier cosplays. I typically like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but this one is making it really hard.

Her manager is delusional. I remember when they flew out Eclair for Twitch con because they thought it would be a good "marketing opportunity," but her stream hasn't grown ANY since her attending Twitch con. What marketing skills does Eclair have, in any way?

Too broke to afford laundry? Why can't she work a job in addition to cosplaying? Her Twitch is going nowhere at the moment and her manager isn't helping with that either.

For how many followers she has on social media, she sure doesn't get a lot of feedback on her posts. 42k followers but an average of 3 replies and maybe 20 likes? I'd say half are fake, the other half are real. She gets about the same amount of traffic as other cows with ~20k followers.

All the asking for money she does is insane. I can understand those who work hard and need some extra income to make a goal but I really don't see her doing much aside from super casual streams and putting together a couple OK cosplays. Honestly, if she just full fledged went into the adult industry, she'd probably be better off. She's got that really "ditsy" personality that a load of dudes would bust over and her body isn't half bad. I think she'd have more success doing that.

No. 50289

>Too broke to afford laundry? Why can't she work a job in addition to cosplaying? Her Twitch is going nowhere at the moment and her manager isn't helping with that either.
I think you missed the part where OP mentioned she has 3 jobs already; Twitch, Patreon, and an actual part time job

No. 50290

So then why is she begging still? 3 jobs and you can’t afford basic items?

No. 50291

>Why is she begging still?
Lying for pity = more money she can spend on cosplay and pretend it’s going towards her bills

No. 50292

File: 1510861620739.jpeg (55.41 KB, 475x356, 5A01B352-C7B0-47F2-87A0-EDFF40…)

No. 50293


Jesus fucking thank you for this quality assessment of this cow.

She’ll probably blame depression or her “shitty life” that she didn’t play enough during the season and couldn’t get to gold in time. She’s notorious for breaking down publicly though not so much these days and definitely not since the creation of this thread, which she overcompensates with cringe positivity posts.

No. 50294

File: 1510868489405.jpeg (68.59 KB, 750x348, E3AFAE6A-9064-42AE-980E-A1EFCE…)

Calling it right now, she’s going to be panhandling within the first month of living apart from her parents.

No. 50295

File: 1510869631080.jpeg (48.69 KB, 749x374, 90B947F2-6568-474A-B2E4-D8E16C…)

How do you write “begging on the internet” as source of income on a lease agreement? Her manager must have paid the deposit and will probably pay the rent, too.
What a sad life to be an adult and still rely- no, EXPECT others to take care of you.

No. 50296


Most probable that she didn’t pitch in for the deposit. Also riding on someone’s credit rating to get approved for an apartment. Otherwise if they both had shit credit rating, they’d have to have someone co-sign.

No. 50297

honestly surprised at how long it took for this thread to be made considering how pathetic this girl is kek

Something I entirely can't understand is how she can complain about being overworked with 3 jobs when 2 of them are self inflicted content/ social media based. For jobs that are reliant on selling yourself and your content she's doing a pretty shite job of it. From what i know of her she's clearly not cut out for it. It would have probably been better for her if she just stuck with a normie job

trying to make $$ off patreon, twitch, and then ALSO having to ask for extra donations? clearly she's not gonna last long

No. 50298

Has she released any Patreon content yet, even?

No. 50299


I think she just offers Polaroids of her cosplays to be mailed to patrons.

No. 50300

Twitch is HARDLY a job for her. If we're considering Twitch a job for her, then it's a job for me LOL.

No. 50301

Is her manager a cuck or just loaded

No. 50302

Why does this nobody have a manager? Many of the way more popular cosplayers who actually make money without needing to grovel for it manage themselves.

No. 50303

Actually, the greater majority of them have managers whether they're very open about it or not. There's always going to be someone looking for opportunities, denying opportunities, handling commications, etc. for a public figure because it's far too much for one person to handle, especially when they're very popular. Eclair's manager is more of a babysitter if anything, rather than a professional manager.

No. 50304

File: 1510941096205.jpeg (132.38 KB, 640x800, C1ADD36C-4F8F-4599-97BE-7ABB67…)

Probably a cuck with rich parents, nobody over 19 should dress like this

No. 50305


%100 agree. Nobodies managing nobodies. Seems legit.

No. 50306

File: 1510953252129.jpeg (52.41 KB, 575x365, 089D761C-BB76-4961-81D7-0FCE7A…)

Eclair looks awful as Lum. Her wig is thin and ratty already and doesn’t have nearly as much volume in the bangs as Lum has (wouldn’t be surprised if it’s an old wig she’s reusing) and why does she insist on wearing those bug eyes contacts everywhere? Lum has dark blue eyes and in her figures she has yellow.
It’s been well over a week since she decided to make this cosplay and she hasn’t even managed to finish her bikini? I guess most of her time is being taken up drawing on each stripe.

No. 50307

Sage because I forgot to add that I highly doubt she’s watched or read Urusei Yatsura, much less anything else she’s cosplayed. Too busy doing flavor of the week/sexy cosplays.

No. 50308


Which is a funny thought bc she complained about cosplayers cosplaying popular characters while having no awareness or love for them.

No. 50309


this looks so bad and half-assed even with a filter

No. 50310

It looks like she forgot to do her weird lip corner bullshit and drew it on with a photo editor, it’s the only part of the picture that isn’t blurry as fuck

No. 50311

I wanna say she needs to quit trying to be an Internet personality (it’s a shitty, fake ass personality that I don’t see as generally likable) and cosplayer because for as big as her platform is, she’s still pretty unsuccessful and unprofitable.

I’d suggest she pursue a normal career but I think she might be too stupid for school to even achieve that. So as one person stated it on this thread, she’d have more luck going into the adult industry.

No. 50312

b-but anon she’s too uwu shy and asexual uwu for that

No. 50313


Or having breakdowns. she spends most of her time having mental/emotional breakdowns and a good portion of it is tailoring a “give me money please” post

No. 50314


She probably stays with her bf bc he foots the bill on everything. Yet somehow she’s still broke and begging online. kek

Then I’m aftaid she has to settle for being a miserable housewife. No marketable skills, shitty personality, unintelligent. Rekt

No. 50315


Well that sucks for her then because I really see no profitable value in her otherwise. lol

No. 50316

>She probably stays with her bf bc he foots the bill on everything
Is this something you know for sure anon? I always figured by their constant fights and the fact that Eclair doesn’t put out that he wouldn’t care about her enough to do that

No. 50317


You're probably right. The statement was based off my observation of her constantly complaining on her public Twitter about how unhappy she is in her relationship with him for a, b and c reasons (this was before she had any sense to keep it off the public account). Also an associate that briefly followed her private account has complained to me about her having episodes every other week concerning her bf so there's that as well.

No. 50318

Please tell me your friend has milk from her private

No. 50319


He said she changed her private Twitter bc of this thread and now her new private Twitter is unknown to the public.

No. 50320


he also told me that she deleted all her posts from her private twitter before migrating to a new unknown one lmfaoooooo

No. 50321

Disappointed but not surprised

No. 50322

i’m surprised she doesn’t pretend to be autistic or gender queer for more ass pats/donations

No. 50323

the bottom half of her face/chin is so tiny and makes her look weird and deformed

No. 50324


She has an alien shaped head. The traditional green alien in UFO kind of alien. The same old bug-eyed circle lenses she uses in and out of cosplay make it worse.

No. 50325

“Nami God” on her twitter handle is a stretch considering she’s Silver 3… lol

I too have seen her play. She belongs in silver.

No. 50326

File: 1511018280605.jpeg (89.74 KB, 987x987, 2A665015-6E7C-4FFE-A82D-3A9BCB…)

#nofilter uwu

No. 50327

Her chin’s too round to be Eclair

No. 50328

The worst part is she was definitely carried to silver and expects to be carried to gold

No. 50329


So what you’re saying is… she actually belongs in bronze. xD kek

No. 50330

The whole manager thing is a joke. He doesn't seem to know shit about twitch. Also she doesn't read her emails or look at her twitch dashboard at all apparently since I saw one of her random moderators in twitch chat tell her she got accepted as an affiliate.

She could of been accepted a long ass time before then but never saw it. She then got mad about her manager not noticing it saying that was his job. Also didn't really thank the mod for doing the managers job for him lmao. What a shit show.

No. 50331

She got mad at her manager? Really?

No. 50332

Yeah if I recall right she was like "wow my manager really should of noticed that, that's their job to do it" trying to hide how upset she was. And to be honest I'd be upset too if someone who said they'd manage my shit didn't know how to.

No. 50333

They’re both nobodies though so it’s irrelevant. He’s a shit manager that points out this thread bc you know, publicity is good! And he’s betting on a losing horse anyway.

No. 50334

File: 1511222273130.jpeg (172.68 KB, 1116x1134, 45709695-8171-4A52-A83A-381D4E…)

She photoshopped her nose way smaller in this picture, and why does she look so sweaty all the time? Her hair’s gonna fall out with how much she bleaches, colors, and strips it.

No. 50335


I mean if she’s gonna shop she should at least stay consistent. Her candid photos show how LONG and protruding her nose actually is.

No. 50336


Hair treatment is also costly so… you know more spending money on shit she can’t really afford. eyeroll

No. 50337

You mean money she pretends to not have right?

No. 50338


Two things can be bad at the same time I suppose. lol

No. 50339

A packet of bleach is $1 and developer is like $5 what are you even talking about

No. 50340


Reasons to believe she goes to a salon to get that crap done professionally:

- when she was doing her hair pink she was taking selfies with her bf (they were previously fighting like the day before, big surprise)

- she’s literally too stupid to achieve a decent hair job herself. Case in point, using a sharpie to draw on fabric

No. 50341

Anybody else getting anime girl Owen Wilson vibes from this picture

No. 50342

File: 1511499390695.jpeg (132.96 KB, 960x540, 44231319-92C4-4AC6-A39B-1B8AE0…)

She looks even more like a rat than usual in this picture. Pink hair behind the fat hairy autist

No. 50343

Holy fuck anon, I was trying to figure out what this pic reminded me of and Owen Wilson is exactly it. I cannot stop laughing.

No. 50344


Fucking ew. I don’t blame her for never sharing these kind of pics on her main Twitter. Her filtered as fuck selfies make her look like a completely different person.

No. 50345

I wonder how her boyfriend feels about her hanging out with a bunch of fat sweaty neckbeards

No. 50346

Well he is one himself

No. 50347

mosy likely he'll go all ballistic and cry about it and say she doesn't love him anymore and she'll go on a emo and post about it.

No. 50348

You’re like the fourth person i heard compare her to Owen Wilson, who’s gonna paste her face over a screenshot from Marley and Me?

No. 50349


Someone needs to do this ASAP. I’d prefer her shopped onto Owen Wilson from Shanghai Noon though.

No. 50350

File: 1511665229887.png (2.4 MB, 1000x1426, shanghai-uwu.png)

No. 50351


LMFAAOOAOOOO WOW god bless you

No. 50352

File: 1511839013311.png (41.11 KB, 322x591, 2.png)

Her manager makes her food while she streams. How.. cute. /puke

No. 50353

File: 1511839213095.jpg (250.37 KB, 2048x1538, DPiDuI1XkAAoTzm.jpg)

Also, this is her finished Lum cosplay. Everything looks so bad.

No. 50354

Looks like she photoshopped her wig darker to actually be accurate kek

No. 50355

Also she really couldn’t bother to make Lum’s puffy bangs?

No. 50356

idk, i quite liked it to be honest, she is looking great. I just wish a furry gang bang right there with the bears

No. 50357


Meh it's mediocre at best.

No. 50358


Don't they live together too? How is her boyfriend okay with her living with another dude that basically pays for all her shit AND makes her food? kek

No. 50359

a what anon?

No. 50360

Not saying that she's fat, but does she really to not have to core strength to pull a similar pose without her stomach doing that? Especially because she's using her arms for support.

No. 50361

File: 1511903790557.jpg (224.61 KB, 1275x717, IMG_5042.JPG)

picture of her twitch that she posted. why is she the main screen and why is she broke when somebody donated $600?

No. 50362


she’s getting kinda chubby too.

No. 50363


I think the biggest crime is how her twitch overlay is as filtered to death as her actual photos

No. 50364

Well of course, can’t let her fans know what she really looks like or she won’t get anymore $600 donations

No. 50365

No. 50366

File: 1511915568375.jpg (263.25 KB, 1512x866, IMG_5043.JPG)

This pic is worse in that regard. Can't she just bring her knees closer to the chest? She looks like Dobby

No. 50367

when you pose with a character who has the same hair color as lum it only shows how off your wig color is girl

No. 50368


This is.. the worst promotional picture I've ever seen……

No. 50369


I love it, she looks so fricking hot! and im loving her extra weight, damn, she is getting even hotter! Keep sharing, i love her work and she is undoubtedly extra hot(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 50370


I'm inclined to disagree. You know how some people are MEANT to have a certain body type? Well, it's kind of awkward when her face is skinny and rat looking and her body isn't even "thicc" in its intended definition but more of a "supposed to be thinner, but let myself go" kind of look. If that makes any sense.

No. 50371

>keep sharing
Follow her on twitter perhaps if you’re looking for jerk off material

No. 50372

File: 1512109468040.jpeg (377.69 KB, 2048x1641, 602F1BC3-0B4F-444C-8C0F-A7B6CA…)

No. 50373

The Facebook group for her twitch group is using basically the same graphic

No. 50374

File: 1512241689775.png (114.01 KB, 640x658, IMG_5087.PNG)

dropped pic

No. 50375


Fuck it looks so terrible loool

No. 50376

>gaming giveaway
>btw here’s a shitty cosplay one of our team members did
do they even acknowledge the existence of their other team members or are they just using eclair for exposure

No. 50377


It makes sense that they’re using her for exposure. They sponsor any gamer grill that has a lot of social media and Twitch followers regardless of how trash they actually are. It’s all about the numbers.

No. 50378


I'm not sure if her sponsors twitter got posted on here but I remember that he wrote me once and he seemed kinda shady to me

No. 50379

Considering how Eclair would sperg out on her private about how her friends just use her for exposure I figured she wouldn’t be cool with it

No. 50380

File: 1512417001947.jpg (46.02 KB, 736x464, IMG_5102.JPG)

Saw this in the momokun thread and it made me think of Eclair

No. 50381


lmfao who the fuck made this it's so painfully accurate of thot weeb gf (and eclair obviously)

No. 50382

File: 1512448534210.jpg (403.14 KB, 1256x708, 1a1d990cc4fc73bdbf928dbdc68301…)

She's duo queuing in the pre-season, hyped about hitting gold in pre-season, and has sights set on platinum.. in the pre-season. Eclair, please. You couldn't solo queue to gold in the regular season, you really think pre-season is serious?

No. 50383

File: 1512450856560.png (524.85 KB, 606x687, c4b0344a4d5bec843c1e7c30bcb959…)

The inside of her mouth looks so gross. Dear god.

No. 50384

God, that teamtag…Gives me LilyPichu vibes. Not surprised if she fakes her voice or pretends to be uguuloliii/tsundere/other anime shit

No. 50385

What is going on with her teeth in this picture?

No. 50386

File: 1512505628298.png (116.97 KB, 640x820, IMG_5117.PNG)

Pretty sure her teeth are mostly fake

No. 50387


Um, if definitely some fake teeth if she had 8 pulled. You can’t cap a tooth unless it’s a rootcanal (you still keep the original tooth) and filled when they drill out cavities. How fucked it were her teeth before surgery I wonder lmfao

No. 50388


I also found her hype fucking hilarious bc its pre-season and none of the grind she’s putting in will matter until the new season is up lol byebitch

No. 50389


Ooohhh shit if you look close enough, what’s making her teeth look busted is that stupid dark lip line she does under her top lip to make it look “deeper/fuller” and that drawn on ass lip corners to be more animu

It’s so bad rofl

No. 50390

File: 1512522941501.jpeg (694.49 KB, 1639x2048, 198345F0-7BCE-47E9-AE35-277994…)

The wig looks so bad??? And she looks like a raggedy Anne bitch??? LMFAO

No. 50391

Decayed… does she have oral health issues or did she just not brush her teeth

No. 50392

File: 1512528752591.png (8.16 MB, 1125x2436, 6F2C26C3-7CAE-4093-8A0F-5CC426…)

Dem bags doe

No. 50393

File: 1512600296062.png (108.51 KB, 640x802, IMG_5125.PNG)

No. 50394

When I first saw her on imgur or something I could tell she was super photoshopped and the comments were laughing at how easy it was cosplaying as Mei, all you need are glasses and already being fat. Kinda surprising to find her here.

No. 50395


She’s mainly on here for the flaky bullshit she does like beg for money, have public breakdowns whether it’s concerning her family or her love life in a very “woe is me” manner. Ever since she’s been made aware of this thread she doesn’t do ANY of that anymore so I think this thread was for the better in that regard but I’m still 100% certain that she melts down in a private account now (as it should be imo)

No. 50396

I forget which account it was on but she kept tweeting that that ita bag cost her $300

No. 50397

File: 1512675028714.jpeg (167.35 KB, 750x1081, 6FDDB3F5-DC96-4E55-B7A0-C3D4B8…)

Also samefagging but I found this in my screenshot folder from months ago when she let her neckbeards/anyone she was barely acquainted with follow her private. I might have more old ones but I don’t follow her anymore since she remade

No. 50398


But she’s so broke though right? lol she’s such a useless person and relies solely on handouts. She’ll say it’s so she can make better content but that’s yet to be seen bc her cosplays so far are all trash.

No. 50399

File: 1512690416546.jpeg (871.66 KB, 1920x2560, D67B0A26-A38D-4D33-AD09-1BEAC7…)

>uses friends for commissions to wear the cosplays once and talk shit about them later

These screenshots are old as shit and I had to go into my old phone to find them but some context in what OP mentioned, I have more where these came from

No. 50400

File: 1512704602750.jpeg (98.38 KB, 750x494, 9ECDC7B1-706D-41D0-9FDB-20B4DD…)

No. 50401


im rolling my eyes so hard at this. She’s so dumb it hurts

No. 50402

It makes me wonder what she means by “how she was” around that friend

No. 50403

leara* dated a couple of cam girls, couldn't keep his dick hard for either of them so they dumped him.

No. 50404

Also leara doesn't have any money. he's not a real manager. he has a bogus league team that never wins any tournaments. he lived with his mom before moving in with eclair. I imagine he's not paying rent because he has no job.

No. 50405

She's adorable(sage this)

No. 50406

This is a huuuuuuuge reach anon

She's not talking shit about the commission lol. She even says the costume looks great, it just doesn't fit her.

No. 50407

The costume fit her, it looks fine in photos she just needs to complain about everything in her life because nothing satisfies her

No. 50408

She also didn’t need to post that all over her public social media when she commissioned it from a friend and could’ve just told her and she probably would’ve been willing to fix it for her.

No. 50409


Dick hard or not he doesn’t have shit going for him and he’s a fucking loser so good on them for dumping the deadweight.

No. 50410


This, pretty much.
She’s been really inactive on her twitter for a while now though unless it’s to post that she’s online streaming

No. 50411


She has a Toucan Sam profile if you think that’s adorable lol

No. 50412

When she wore Kaine at Colossal she complained to everyone she could about it and used less kind words

No. 50413

File: 1512871332830.jpeg (418.21 KB, 2048x1152, 930432DD-5926-46A3-BAFB-63F541…)

From Leara’s twitter

No. 50414

Even when she photoshops herself she doesn't look good. She just has one of those odd faces you can't make look right. Small eyes, odd nose, long face. It looks weird. Sage for nitpicking

No. 50415

I think that might be eyeshadow. A lot of cosplayers draw those ~kawaii eye bags~ because it makes them look younger. However, under all of that she does have horrid bags.

No. 50416


She has an alien shaped head like Benedict Cumberbatch only he’s better looking and a bajillion times more successful and not a human garbage fire

No. 50417

File: 1513046476669.jpg (84.03 KB, 534x800, 38008564425_065101cbc0_c.jpg)

No. 50418


I don’t know who the character is supposed to be that she’s cosplaying but who the fuck wears thigh highs with a bathing suit? I mean correct me if I’m wrong and the character wears them (still a stupid ass design). Also she’s a butterface.

No. 50419

File: 1513057097241.jpg (18.89 KB, 355x500, 41g-OwdINcL.jpg)

She's cosplaying Asuka from Senran Kagura, while the character does wear thigh highs in her uniform she doesn't in bikinis. The only reference to the thigh highs is this figure, which she's undressing from her seifuku.

No. 50420


The figure does make sense if she’s “undressing” but holy crap thigh highs with bikini (and in water) is the most retarded design ever. Also her cosplay looks absolutely nothing like the character? lol

No. 50421

File: 1513081983941.jpeg (90.21 KB, 1125x628, 6C4A23E7-8965-4EE3-BBF1-B92B6B…)

Cannot stress how stupid as fuck it is to be wearing thigh highs with a bikini AND be in the pool. God fucking damn

No. 50422

you guys are freaking out over the bikini and thigh highs but oh my god her face looks terrifying it looks like her eyes are popping out of her head and the wig looks greasy as all hell

No. 50423

Her nose is so unfortunate, she truly does look like a toucan

No. 50424


The wig looks nothing like the hairstyle of the character. If she’s gonna do easy bikini/casual cosplays she could at least put effort in the wig styling.

No. 50425


I don’t think she ever posted this on her twitter either. Probably because it’s an embarrassing and unflattering picture of her and she only posts filtered as fuck selfies and doctored to shit pictures of herself.

No. 50426

She looks like a goddamn Dead or Alive character lmao. Girl bye.

No. 50427


Why are her thigh highs hiked up to cover her entire legs?

No. 50428

File: 1513213735004.png (60.65 KB, 636x978, IMG_5213.PNG)

I Feel like this is a good reaction image
Can confirm. She wouldn't stfu about it to anyone in earshot

No. 50429

File: 1513219936253.jpeg (54.75 KB, 500x498, e650c766ef838b5a4a018f5fd80633…)

had to do it to em

No. 50430

He has more teeth than her

No. 50431

File: 1513450855261.jpeg (842.66 KB, 2048x1538, AFFE824E-F250-4515-9916-90BE22…)

Looks like a meth addict.

No. 50432

File: 1513832246944.png (877.65 KB, 1280x556, 2E07F95C-5ECD-4298-9961-007C36…)

Where did her other nostril go?

No. 50433

File: 1513902494206.png (117.92 KB, 640x799, IMG_5314.PNG)

So asexual

No. 50434


Either shopped off or filtered so hard it disappeared.

No. 50435


I don’t believe her to actually be asexual. Only when it comes to matters of how unhappy she is with her current boyfriend. 8D ngl I miss her public breakdowns about it. The patheticness was mildly entertaining.

No. 50436

File: 1514172767975.jpg (140.73 KB, 1008x756, IMG_5362.JPG)

What is this eye makeup

No. 50437


I’ve got no words other than my eyes are used to her bad makeup jobs

No. 50438

File: 1514311660137.jpeg (117.88 KB, 1125x597, 21367A30-E5E8-483E-A140-B972B2…)

The dead giveaway that she still whines and cries and has breakdowns only more discreetly on her super secret locked account and not flooding her main Twitter with it.

No. 50439


>Yuno Gasai wig

>Ears and tail
>Shit makeup practically an inch away from her eyes presumably in an attempt to make them look anime

Is she just wearing everything off the costhot checklist

No. 50440

File: 1514337051724.png (9.15 MB, 1125x2436, 0AF683DA-F8E7-4E5F-BE2A-7DB66C…)

Um… ick lol

No. 50441

I wonder what’s wrong, maybe her manager isn’t paying her rent for her kek

No. 50442

Alright but you can be asexual and find something aesthetically pleasing about lewd art/images. You can be asexual and experience the feelings of arousal. The only thing is you do not feel the drive to engage in sexual behavior.

No. 50443

no, you can't, asexual isn't low sex drive. also people who find lewd images aesthetically pleasing are fucking nuts.

No. 50444

IGNORE THE TROLL. Do not reply. Obviously bad bait.

No. 50445

File: 1514661443840.jpeg (119.41 KB, 750x678, 97B4C7CA-485A-41A1-AEE5-A491E5…)

The difference between her and a regular human being is that other people don’t cry on their public twitters immediately followed by a cash.me link kek

She used to complain on her private all the time about how she hated lewd images because her boyfriend was always looking at hentai lmao talk about insecure

No. 50446


She hasn't posted anything like that in a long while (i think since the conception of this thread). Then again she also gets stupid amounts of donations from the same person "dylan" in her streams. Always at least $150 and up.

No. 50447

It’s about time this bitch had a thread, I know lots of people who either do or did run in her circle and have not heard good things but most of them won’t post here.
Most cosplayers that she considers her friends actually don’t like her at all and it’s because she tells them “all her friends use her for followers bawww” when she doesn’t even retweet/acknowledge any of her friends’ posts or even wish them a happy birthday in a tweet unless they have a few thousand followers or more in which she’ll quote tweet someone (probably on purpose so they don’t get likes/RTs) and talk about how they’re angels that she loves sooooo much~~ until she decides she’s tired of being friends with them. She is horrendously fake and uses her friends for money, cosplays, hotels, etc. and will pretend to be best friends with someone for her benefit and then kick them to the curb when she gets what she wants, all the while telling her other friends that that “friend” is just using her for followers and if you call her out on it she’ll cry about how she’s just ~soooo insecure and can’t trust anybody~ Ironic because she’s the one who shouldn’t be trusted and will talk shit about anybody if they even look at her wrong and especially if they dare do the same cosplay that she’s done.
Sorry for long I’ve just listened to so many friends gripe about her and I figured something needed to be said so people will know not to waste their time trying to be her friend because she will be nice to you at first and then turn on you for no reason.

No. 50448

>her circle
Who do you mean? Her orbiters? The people who keep her at an arm's distance because they know the messiness inside? The bigger names she pretends to be on the same level as? The people who were actually her friends but aren't any longer because of her behavior?

This girl is a trainwreck. Nobody is close to her unless it benefits her.

No. 50449


“I can’t trust anybody and people use me” was a common complaint on her private twitter (before she made her new secret one that she doesn’t publicize). I wouldn’t be surprised if she kicks Leara to the side eventually but as of right now they’re living together and i can imagine that he foots most of the bills anyway so she’ll probably get some good mileage off of him.

No. 50450

Am I like the only nigga who isn't overtly picky here? She looks fine in this one.

No. 50451

I wouldn't be surprised if this "Asexual" camwhore had nudes.

No. 50452


She’d do much better as a sex worker than anything else imo because her body is decent but her face is meh. Also her personality is shit anyway.

No. 50453

File: 1515377997889.jpeg (67.59 KB, 750x937, 208797B6-78F6-4D03-B407-976BC8…)

So THAT’S where the self loathing comes from. It all makes sense now kek

No. 50454


Whoa someone actually has access to her personal Facebook account? lol And yeah no she's stupidly fake.

No. 50455

File: 1516138241140.jpeg (829.25 KB, 2048x1538, CBFF2DE1-AD26-42EE-A863-C713EC…)

Ugh I hate the way she does her lip makeup. It’s ugly and makes it look like she chewed up her lips trying to add that “fullness”

No. 50456

File: 1516148715191.jpg (127.17 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5646.JPG)

This was on her story yesterday. Didn't she have a manager?

No. 50457

hey at least she isn’t doing her eye makeup terribly like she did with tamamo
>sees >>50456

No. 50458


Probably only manages her twitch related stuff.

No. 50459

Her patreon mentions that she has admins, so I assumed that Leara was also part of that.

No. 50460

Does anyone know if she’s still with her neck beard boyfriend? I’m thinking no.

No. 50461

File: 1517262449049.jpeg (295.4 KB, 1125x1741, 43C36A5C-ADD7-42A0-BCC3-1D40A2…)

Though she’s not public about her bf or any of her breakdowns anymore, here’s evidence that they’re broken up. At least for now. Knowing their chronology, they’ll be back together by the end of the week.

No. 50462

File: 1517262522175.jpeg (194.68 KB, 750x513, 0DE37EAE-A19F-45D8-8155-17DD96…)

I don’t know if it’s well known or anything but she came into the momo twitter post adding her two cents on momokun

No. 50463


Her shenanigans are more subtle and she doesn’t have nearly as much reach as Momo does but what a hypocrite. lol

No. 50464

where did these pics come from?(revenge porn)

No. 50465

Where did you find that? Maybe Henry will come in and leak her nudes since they’re broken up

No. 50466

I found a few but IDK how many more I can get from wherever these are coming. They claim to be her but I highly doubt it because no one asked me for money, lol.

I'll see what I can find.

No. 50467

share the source!!!

No. 50468

source us up holy fuck

No. 50469


Obviously they cannot share since they have been banned for posting revenge porn.

No. 50470

Sources please. Did Henry leak nudes?

No. 50471

you mind posting it on anonib?

No. 50472

It’s already up there

No. 50473

Well that didn't last long

No. 50474

So is it just the one pic or was there more?

No. 50475

just one pic

No. 50476

someone on anonib said "the leak" so maybe there's more?

No. 50477

post them nigger on the new anonib thread for fucks sake we need more than just a regular lewd

No. 50478

got a link to it?

No. 50479

Was this pic a nude?

No. 50480

Nah say what you will about her she has a pretty rocking bod and a pretty fucking rad pair of tits. That being said she is putting weight but its nowhere close to getting on the path of bad yet. Though I am sure her incompetent "manager" won't do anything about it.

No. 50481

So this thread is just for thirsty guys to beg for nudes? Mods need to take out the trash.

No. 50482


No. 50483

From her anon-ib thread

No. 50484

Yeah. Too bad about her rat face.

No. 50485

She's just as bad as momo, but just isn't as popular- plus, she's white and skinny unlike Mariah, so people looking for fap material will care less.
She doesn't credit her photographers, is an e-begger, photoshops herself to hell and back, doesn't make anything she wears and doesn't credit all of her commissions, shit talks all of her friends unless they can benefit her career, and thinks she's a celebrity.

I'm also seriously wondering how she keeps getting her anon.ib thread deleted. A lot of people struggle to get theirs down at all, yet she is getting hers down time and time again. Non NSFW pic from the thread as to not be accused of revenge porn… She looks like present day Liza Minelli trying to make librarian themed amateur porn.

No. 50486

Plz spoiler.

No. 50487

File: 1517812444169.jpeg (176.44 KB, 640x506, 9BB3A269-6D4A-4417-948C-C1993F…)

Twitter meltdown about the leaks currently happening

No. 50488

I take it her Anon-ib page got taken down then

No. 50489


It’s still there but suspiciously gets taken down frequently (but always comes back up because people have already saved the leaks). It’s strange how often it keeps getting deleted especially when other people have a hard time getting theirs taken down.

No. 50490

It’s back up right now.. I agree, though- how does she keep getting it down? Especially because the only people who follow her are random cucks from overseas. She isn’t really friends with anybody with connections and her friends that did have connections have all distanced themselves from her

No. 50491

Something something my anxiety and depression. Is there something in the water or does every girl, whether they are unattractive or attractive, have depression?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 50492


It's victim culture. If you don't have something wrong with you, you're not a cool kid. It's their way of avoiding responsibilities by passing down their weight and worthlessness down to others.

No. 50493

What a sad trainwreck to watch. The worst part is that she'd actually have some potential even with her fake teeth and the weird shape of her jaw if she had a clue of how to capitalize on it. But she seems to be an idiot and an emotional disaster.
Her original viral mei pic looks great, those were good shots. But she managed to find a way to become worse at everything. Her body, her face, her hair, her make up, the shots themselves, all look way worse now.

No. 50494


Yup. A very gradual decline and she’s so cringe in her streams, how she gets any money off the internet baffles me. Gotta love those white knights.

No. 50495

File: 1521670029580.jpg (363.1 KB, 2048x1152, DY2BR6IU8AAVEAx.jpg)

The makeup she does on her lips. Holy fuck. Her lips also look busted, like she tried doing the Kylie Jenner challenge just before taking this photo. Oof.

No. 50496


I was just going to post something about this and lmfao

Good god way to just smear lipstick waaaaaaay over your actual lips.

No. 50497

File: 1522810068605.jpeg (140.12 KB, 750x908, DB10E0D1-87F9-480A-9F0D-C47830…)

No. 50498


Didn’t she just move into her new place…? It hasn’t even been a year.

No. 50499

She’s streaming right now and her post declaring that she’s streaming is false advertisement because she literally looks like a horse on her face cam in the actual stream. Hooray for filtering pictures to death.

No. 50500

File: 1524180940644.jpeg (62.62 KB, 640x445, 4C3058E6-DEAB-4A42-8E0C-35100B…)

Eclair has always been claiming to be Native American so I searched “theawakened_ native american” to find what tribe she claims to be and found this horseshit instead

No. 50501

File: 1524242882010.jpeg (567.94 KB, 2048x1538, 32EFEA60-ED4C-4C40-949E-F1F38E…)

Imagine thinking this is what an Asian person looked like

No. 50502


She uses those Asian-based beauty cam apps that filter the shit out of face to pretend to be Asian, duh.

No. 50503

File: 1525008816841.jpeg (272.76 KB, 944x2048, 4B3D637D-00E6-48D5-BD10-0970E8…)

Here she goes again with that nasty and obvious lining on her lip to give it more “depth”

God she’s terrible at makeup despite “going for a natural look” in this picture. Also her bags are sagging so hard the filters can’t even hide it anymore. She’s only 21 I think and she’s aging poorly.

No. 50504

It looks like she has Grave’s Disease

No. 50505

File: 1531902315835.jpeg (164.31 KB, 1125x935, 4FB17F99-CD02-402F-910C-3F4186…)

Looks like twitch isn’t paying the bills

No. 50506


I think she’s officially retired from being a Twitch/Patreon thot and getting a regular job.

No. 50507

File: 1532181823224.jpeg (543.37 KB, 1152x2048, 7C6FC698-C7A9-459F-A70C-293282…)

She always does the same stupid face puffing her lips out trying to look kawaii but instead looks like a retard

No. 50508

File: 1532196301626.png (427.15 KB, 442x516, Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 2.03…)


She looks like a fatter version of Sayathefox.

No. 50509

Is she at shine con right now? She’s listed as one of their guests but she hasn’t tweeted about it at all as far as I know


No. 50510

Why would she be a guest at any con? She doesn’t make any of her own stuff or know how to sew or make props, she doesn’t do anything besides cry and beg and stream games.

No. 50511

She didn't show up

No. 50512

Do you not know how the body works? Do you not know if anyone sits in that position you get rolls?

No. 50513

Can we focus more on her personality and how bad she lies about everything or her face? She isn't fat. Probably gained a little weight, but y'all talking like she's obese.

No. 50514


God that website looks so ghetto and outdated.

No. 50515

Like a real, established con would ask Eclair to be a guest

No. 50516

Its all over it seems, shes removed all social media and going back into her shell.

No. 50517

File: 1538114177086.jpeg (172.53 KB, 1125x1235, AD68D1CE-D81C-4513-A58D-9F0CDD…)

No. 50518

File: 1538226959429.jpg (113.83 KB, 1206x435, Capture.JPG)

No. 50519


The fuck is she going to do now? Poor cosplays and a butterface was literally all she had going for her. She's too stupid for school and basically anything else.

No. 50520

She fall off the face of the earth now? Renamed her private twitter or deleted it.

No. 50521

Does anyone still have her nudes?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 62732

Did she delete all of her social media, or just change her handle? She dead?(necro)

No. 62765

From what I heard she moved from Massachusetts to middle of bumfuck nowhere in the south

No. 63687

She has a private twitter that just retweets random shit and an insta that is never used. Thats all shes been up to

No. 67288

shame there's no gallery of her work, she was pretty cute.(necro)

No. 68336

She was so pretty but too retarded to survive
Unfortunate that we can't get any more of her juice

No. 71540

>>63687 what are the handles for those?

No. 160506

You know, I got kind of a nostalgic sad memory from this. A memory to a much happier time when I could enjoy and celebrate my life as opposed to hating every breathing second of it wishing hoping wanting to have the day of my end come and baring the physical and emotional scars of abuse. I've touched on it many times as it serves as my last bastion for happiness and stirs such an intense feeling of arousal and lust…

No. 160515

Get a diary, you necro-ing autistic fuckwit.

No. 231504

Guess the train wreck is back under a new name(necro)

No. 238356

she back on twitter @Demon_President(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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