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File: 1460663346283.png (150.61 KB, 276x300, egsdge.png)

No. 119682

Thread in pt is at limit, and she probably belongs in snow anyway.

Old thread >>200212
Older thread >>94398

Recent news
>after LACE and Japangate, k8 leaves lolita dramatically because "western lolitas are meen!!1"
>goes larme
>suddenly wearing lolita again like no big deal
>she still can't color coordinate for shit
>k8 trying to crawl back to the comm she threw under the bus

No. 119759

Lol i seen a few pic of her in Lolita at a con in Philly. I guess seeing how Misako Aoki was there and how she was in Kera a few months ago i guess she figured why not come back. I don't hate her. i just find it funny and weird

No. 119764

I don't want to hate anyone, but she manipulated a lot of people for her "cause", then talked shit about them, so it's a bit weird to see people crawl back up her ass now that she's wearing lolita again.

No. 119798

>>119764 well let just hope she changed her ways it would be fucked up if she just got back into lolita just to get that e-fame back and to be in Kera again

No. 119800

Beside after the whole LACE backlash and that thing with her cat i think she learn her lesson

No. 119827

She just seems like a lying hypocrite to me. She said she was done with the lolita community because we were terrible status-chasing hypocrites, yet she goes to this convention to take pictures with Misako and enter the coordinate contest.

No. 119834

well that why i said she just got back into it so she can either be close to Misako or be back in the Kera mag cuz she was in it one time. Hypocritical as it let just see how she do well being back in lolita. A follow up didn't she just recenetly have a "Leaving lolita' sale?

No. 119856

She did have a leaving lolita sale, and sold off a substantial part of her wardrobe. My theory is that she did it so that she could keep chasing current trends.

Maybe she came back to lolita because she realized there was no e-fame in Larme (not that she even did larme well).

No. 119909

All she ever wants is attention. She wore Lolita only ever for attention. Her edgy doc was going to be for attention. She self posted to cgl for attention. She probably needs help but damn, she's gotta be stupid too.

No. 120011

The directors of the film impersonated her and posted as her and would film her reaction to the comments that followed, the reason why she left was that she found out about it. source, I am a Pittsburgh lolita

No. 120079

She was self posting long before the doc

No. 120094

Wasn't she aggressively self-posting back during her ugly glasses phase? I don't know why she was only getting bothered about cgl's reaction now. Seems to me like she's looking for excuses to be a victim.

No. 120099

File: 1460755656953.jpg (218.71 KB, 1080x1098, 1296525817687.jpg)

No. 120100

File: 1460755791538.jpg (202.45 KB, 1080x1349, 1214186614428.jpg)

No. 120101

File: 1460755877454.jpg (159.69 KB, 1080x1219, 1290511546196.jpg)

No. 120117

Back when I was 11 I used concealer as a foundation. Looked 20 billion times better than whatever sand she's applying

No. 120127

God damn she can't coord for shit.

No. 120130

Why does her face look like a poorly put together Sim

No. 120268

aren't these from Tekko Btssb fashion show? and i would have thought she would have learn to do HER FUCKING MAKE-UP espically her lips!

No. 120269

Spoke too soon she back to selling more shit this time SWIMMER JAPAN shit

No. 120273

are you retarded, tekko didn't have a btssb fashion show they're an extremely small con

No. 120279

It pains me to see that cheap Chanel logo blingee necklace….

No. 120418

She can't coord to save herself. If she paid more attention to putting together solid, cohesive outfits instead of covering herself in junk in an effort to be the most OTT snowflake in the fashion maybe she would look okay, but nope she's gotta be the most special lolita of all.

No. 120445

Any updates on what happened with her cat?

No. 120493

File: 1460813712626.gif (1.51 MB, 332x332, tumblr_o1jfz51YQa1syqyomo1_400…)

Pom lived! Hes an ugly motherfucker at times. At the right angles and fluffed up, he's good, random photos? no

No. 120502

Her fingers. Is she trying to do that soft ballet hands thing? Cause it isn't working, she looks like she has arthritis.

No. 120514

idk who this bitch is but I would totally adopt her cat

No. 120614

File: 1460833093764.png (473.42 KB, 600x581, DEJuhj3.png)

I still can't believe that she spent a grand on a petshop cat. At least Pom looks healthy.

Anyone see the secrets? Three about k8, including this. Wonder how long it'll take her to go down the "omg ppl r meen!" route again just because people are calling her out on her bullshit?

No. 120634

I'm convinced she's just doing all this on purpose.

No. 120646


The two faced cunt doesn't deserve this precious fuzzball. Pom deserves a better owner and home.

No. 120655

Misako is awful too, so it's no wonder Kate would suck up to her.

No. 120685

File: 1460838878127.png (346.19 KB, 640x640, llzgUcf.png)

No. 120687

File: 1460838906658.jpg (50.22 KB, 480x588, uk2vAqo.jpg)

No. 120803

She probably didn't get enough attention in Larme and realised if she worms her way back into the Lolita scene again all her loyal blind fans will bow down to her once more.

Shitting all over your comm and ranting about how evul Western Lolitas are then returning to it while posing like the fake trash she is next to further more fake trash to boost her ego.

Bitch got issues.

No. 120806

Wondering if Kate will show up to any Cons in the future.

Willing to bet she'll go to Anime North and MechaCon for sure since her friends are there. RuffleCon 2016???

No. 120808

So salty this one first place in the contest. There was at least three other girls who looked and acted better. She looked so messy.

No. 120817

Imagine how much of a slap in the face it is to the girl in the contest to know that someone who acted the way she did and treated people the way she did won over you with a coord like that. Who on earth was judging?

No. 120818

other girls*

No. 120819

sage for OT but why is Misako awful? I'm genuinely curious

No. 120821

When she heard about the dodgy shit that happened with the Leighs and Anime Matsuri she posted on twitter saying that she was really deeply upset and crying about it, and then in the space of a few weeks she was working with the Leighs, holidaying with them, posting pics with them on instagram, and accepting expensive gifts from them.
I never really liked her much, I think she sort of embodies a lot of things I don't like about the modern approach to the fashion (having to look perfect 100% of the time, being uguu kawaii and flawless, putting on a fake polite/sweet voice, being fake in general). She's also not at all creative when she dresses herself, she's just a mannequin. So glad that Midori is getting more attention from Baby.

No. 120836

Also when I say "heard about" I mean when people repeatedly messaged her and the JLA about it until they couldn't ignore it.

No. 120856

Misako, the lady from AP USA, and I forget the third person. I don't even get the point of the AP USA coming if she didn't bring any Angelic Pretty merch to sell. It was retarded.

No. 120919

The owner of AP USA is a drama monger, probably chose her just to make others butt hurt. Btw what was going on with her and Misako?

Kate doesn't have any fans

No. 120987

>source: I am a Pittsburg lolita
= Kate told me this.

Can you be more stupid?

No. 121471

>>120856 IDk she was just there and Misako was there so nothing or i hope not nothing

No. 121578

File: 1460986847217.png (580.35 KB, 828x595, husband.png)

Guess she's still married. Lol at how she cut off half his face though

No. 121597

Kate married Kevin McHale :o

No. 121663

Kate being married is old news. She got married in June of last year.

Feel bad for the husband. There was a lack of communication from Kate when she was in Japan.

No. 121704

>still married.

No. 121740

I've been here through the whole Kate ride. When she was just glasses-chan on cgl, to the poop story, LACE, and all her other shenanigans. I hate this bitch so damn much

No. 121745

I feel ya. I felt very sympathetic for her initially, thinking that cgl was being kind of unfair with how much they picked on her. Heck, I even met her and thought she was pretty nice. Then the LACE fiasco started and she suddenly revealed just how awful she really is to those of us who just hadn't caught on. Disgusting.

No. 121763

It's fuckin sickening to see people fawning over her on instagram (she keeps popping up in my suggested posts even though I keep trying to hide her) after all she's done.

No. 121774


It was disgusting when that happened. When you travel you at least keep in contact with loved ones. But no it was all about Kate and her fabulous time getting attention in Japan. What a CUNT.

No. 121788

Dare I say she looks pretty here.

No. 121790

WHo knows he probaby seprated from her at that time i wouldn't be suprised if he did. What person don't keep in contact with their husband? espically if you are newlyweds?

No. 121794

because she has her mouth closed for once and she isnt making one of her shitty 'selfie faces'

No. 121799

I still find that to be so, so strange. I felt so bad for the husband when he posted to her Facebook like "We're doing fine, it's nice that you're having fun and posting pictures but I'd love to hear from you". Heartbreaking.

No. 121835

Yeah that is kinda fucked up. You went on a trip at least speak to the man once or twice a day while you are away damn.

No. 122160

Was kate ever involved in a lawsuit?

No. 122248

About what?

No. 122392

You talking bout that post which mentioned she was in a lawsuit for cyber stalking?

No. 122397

yes she looks like a true human bean

No. 122419

haha, really? Is this the same cyberstalkers who supposedly sent her death threats and creepshots of herself who she never provided proof of? She always talked about all the hate she got but never showed any indication that said hate even exists.

No. 122447

Yeah was there a lawsuit for that? Like im so out of the loop with what happen there

No. 122745

Can we stop with this bullshit? Its like none of you guys remember what happened months ago and just base it off of some salty anons that want to make things sound worse than it is.

Misako cant do shit. She is not in a position of power, she is just the girl they use to pimp out JLA stuff. When it all went down she was not only IN germany with the Leighs, but also was in the middle of business with them. There is no way she could back out at this point, she was alone with them. You have to remember that this is her job, she has a manager and she cannot just break contracts.

Im not sure why people think she has a lot of say on what happens when she is just a spokesperson.The reason the JLA took a while to address it was because of the fact that Misako was with the Leighs at the time doing the tea party, needed someone to translate this stupid mess to her, and needed to have a real business discussion with people about what can/should be said about it. It was pretty annoying that it took them a while but that is the nature of having people from all over the world who speak different languages trying to address some stupid drama from Texas.

No. 122796

Did someone delete something? I was told there was new sauce?

No. 122850

Chokelate has been trying to take heat off herself recently by artificially pumping up Misako more as a cow out of nowhere. She was one of the people along with Buttcape and other e-fame thirsty lolitas to call out the Leigh's and exaggerate the whole fiasco. Some anon's were calling this out in /cgl/ and I'm so thankful. People think Misako has to get into sexual abuse lawsuits for them lol.

No. 123484

Interesting news, Kate is going to Amsterdam for UtS in two weeks.

She's tots back in lolita again.

No. 123487


No. 123569

Seconding >>123487
Post caps or GTFO. Have people forgotten how lolcow works or are there really this many newfags?

No. 123571

File: 1461462492288.png (589.16 KB, 818x599, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

Her Japanese is cringey, too. Isn't she like 23? That's way too old to still be a weeb IMO.

No. 123670

she cut off half his face to show the pheasant in the pic…

No. 123789

I didn't even see the pheasant at first.

No. 123793

Has Kate talked publicly at all about how she's returned to lolita? Or is she cooling off on big rants and callouts to the community now? Honestly, I'll be glad if she learned her lesson and is just another member of the fashion now. You don't have to stop wearing it just because some people hate you on anon boards.

No. 123830

I miss Kate and I hope she has returned to lolita fashion.

Ellejay was another good lolita and I miss her being apart of the fashion.

No. 123834

File: 1461513646611.jpg (26.68 KB, 188x275, 1458276117876.jpg)

No. 123903

File: 1461523350059.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Bitch you're not a member of the lonely hearts club. Get your fake ass away from the Diamonds.

No. 123928

File: 1461527239792.png (602.57 KB, 833x767, 1455485809013.png)

No. 124088

>because some people hate you on anon boards
plenty of people are pretty open about disliking Kate since the whole "westerners are evull" fiasco. Were you not there after it happened? ~le nasty anonnymoose~ aren't the only people with a bone to pick, it's just easier to express one's hatred anonymously where folks can't be traced back to it.

I knew this wasn't the last we'd seen of this fucking dumbass. She wasn't getting the attention and instant fame she expected from larme, so of course she has to turn back to lolita.

I thought you were being serious until I got to the Ellejay part, kek

No. 124104

She hasn't done anything except emerge on Instagram and probably Tumblr again.
Even if you loathe her, I honestly enjoyed looking at her brand and liked that she bought OTT pieces. More non stock photos of brand and ones worn is always a good thing to me.

No. 124132

my theory on kate is that she burned through too much money when she was in Japan, so when she got home she panicked and decided to sell off a chunk of her wardrobe under the guise of leaving lolita to try and shift more stuff. i don't believe that she ever planned on leaving lolita.

No. 124166

She was never really planning on leaving. She has a lot of stuff she never even tried to sell.

Anyways she is using her tumblr again for lolita, not sure if she will start sharing stuff on COF again, but she is still part of all the fb comms.

No. 124953

>After all she's done
What? Isn't the only bad thing she's done is buy a cat from a pet shop?

No. 124971


>created the shit show that was called LACE

>throughs all lolita western comms under the bus since we are all soooo mean
>abandons her husband to go to japan and never talk to him
>buy a $1000 cat from a pet shop and put it through the stress of bringing it back to america

No. 124972

*throws, not throughs sorry

No. 124991

>lace is gone
>has not done anything with the online comm
>is living with her husband
>cat is ok

The milk is gone guys, rehashing old stuff isnt going to work for long.

No. 125082

I'm sure we'll suffice by laughing at her terrible coords and whenever she wears that shitty chopped up old wig.

No. 125119

are you fucking kidding, we rehash Yukapon and Dakota's old milk all the time because they barely have any material to work with
you think we won't keep coming for this bitch

No. 125307

File: 1461795618017.jpg (205.73 KB, 724x335, Untitled-2.jpg)

I saw her WTB pop-up and I swore she already owned this dress, and I was right. Why did she sell it only to buy it back a few months later? Also she still actively has her "leaving lolita" album while posting WTB's which made me laugh.

No. 125337

I'm just glad she's keeping her makeup-encrusted hands off the navy colorway. She's ruined enough of my favorite dresses already.

No. 125666

This thread needs to be back on /pt/.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back drinking milk…

No. 125674

She seems like she's trying to keep a low profile though, she's just posting a few pictures on her personal social media these days, which is what most lolitas tend to do. She's no longer running a fan page, trying to be the figurehead of an anti-cyberbullying ~*movement*~ or filming a documentary about how unique and awesome and special she is. I'd say we just sit back and let her do her thing, maybe her ego and hunger for e-fame will come back eventually, maybe it won't.

She still sucks at makeup though.

No. 125680

She changed it to moving sales I think. Moving where tho?
But the girl is impulsive so maybe she regrets the sale.

No. 125682

She has both, a leaving lolita and moving sale. Why you would have two different sales albums makes no sense either.

No. 128481

She just made her tumblr password protected kek.

No. 128519

Holy shit, I wonder why. Incoming rant about being bullied off the internet? Or is she busy reshaping her kawaii image again?

No. 129950

i think she's back in Japan. Idk for what.

No. 130059

Is she buying another cat?

No. 130190

She's probably not, she takes 1000 pictures when she goes places then slowly posts them throughout the next several months. Did the same thing when she got her photo taken with isobe.

No. 130598

I think she is there to buy another dress or probaby modeling for Kera idk

No. 130825

File: 1463329188926.png (82.69 KB, 372x457, 1445217784519.png)

>going to Japan
>just to buy another dress
>model for Kera

FFS. Maybe she can become a model for AP. Don't they need a gaijin to sell their shit? They'll get mad at her when they see her makeup residue all over the print.

No. 130831

I heard Kera wanted her to model. Apparently she is in this months GLB? Is it out yet?

No. 131235

Seriously? I mean I know Japan has a thing for horse faced girls but even himezawa looks ok from some angles

No. 133854

File: 1464112224749.jpg (25.93 KB, 563x374, 1464108564284.jpg)

No. 133914

Why in the world would you use these pics for this advertisement? If I were a regular person looking through this I'd be creeped out and avoid the listing. Also, that kitchen is in desperate need of an update, gross.

No. 133973

Why did she feel the need to force kawaii shit into a listing for a house, that's really inappropriate.

No. 133982

She manages to make Btssb look like homeless person clothes… it would be impressive if it wasn't so disgusting.

No. 133986

Yeah… I would also be creeped out if I were looking at this listing. I'm looking at this like a boringfag and would think that this is some haunted house shit.

No. 133993

Autism at its finest.

No. 133995

Haunted house shit or some weird fetish shit. It's funny how out of touch with reality she is.

No. 134301

Kate why can't you take pic of your house like a fucking normal person! plus isn't this the like the second time she tried to sell her house or am i wrong?

No. 134308

This isn't her trying to sell her own house, this is her being a "model" for some real estate company.

No. 134309

Doesn't look like it's for sale, it's for rrent. Maybe they couldn't find a buyer and are looking to rent it out now instead? The place looks pretty gross tbh, just look at that filthy carpet and the kitchen is a 1060's hell.

No. 134310

1960's. lolol

No. 134313

Kek, guess the company's new kawaii sales gimmick didn't work as well as they hoped

No. 134315

A lot of places in the US have a repository of lawsuits, tickets, and such. Does Vancouver have one?

No. 134319

either way still make the house looks so creepy!

No. 134435

File: 1464279891273.jpeg (141.57 KB, 747x1175, image.jpeg)

This is the most unflattering photo I've seen of her, and I feel like that's saying a lot.

No. 134438

What is she even doing with her makeup anymore? The outfit I have no problem with because I fucking love Rosemarie Seoir…but her makeup ruins the entire look.

>dat eyeliner

>dat brows

No. 134458


I don't want to be a complete salty bitch. But when I was in the Larme tags on IG why the fuck was this in the top few?

Sorry but she literally looks like she has a disability thus downs. That looks like someone got Quasimodo and threw him into a batch of Loli clothing.


No. 134469

PT realness.

No. 134472

You're not salty. Her style is nowhere near larme.

No. 134479



Her makeup has always been total shit. Bitch can spend $500 on creepy doll outfits but can't take 10 min to watch a fucking YouTube tutorial

No. 134487


Her head looks badly photoshopped onto her body.

No. 134571

she somehow mangage to make it to the lolita tag on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/Lolita/comments/4krmnz/apartment_for_rent/

No. 134590

this really looks like she was caught on security cam breaking into someones house lol

No. 136704

File: 1464899593426.png (1.96 MB, 1440x2560, tmp_28489-Screenshot_20160602-…)


No. 136709


Another thing. I wish this pastel witch thing would stop tagging herself as Larme because her outfits aren't Larme. It's bad enough that tag and Otome is filled with people who are just after notes and not catering to the tags at all.

No. 136711

File: 1464901068361.jpg (10.27 KB, 219x200, tumblr_inline_o045mlpNr71rib9q…)


No. 136779

File: 1464916244709.jpg (373.2 KB, 920x590, 2.jpg)

God I've noticed her practically begging for likes, like how is this fucking Lolita or fairy-kei?

No. 136803

So wait, she considers this casual, but not >>136779

No. 136824

She's removed from reality, anon.

No. 136955

her anus lips are getting overdrawn to a level that may one day rival dakota rose

No. 136966

I wonder how many blow jobs she's received from her husband wearing j-fashion.

No. 137131

>bambi print
>perfume purse
>cross earrings/choker
>cherry on bow

Please shoehorn more trends in, you're clearly lacking.

No. 137137

Don't you mean given to?

No. 137214

She's receiving cum.

No. 138078

File: 1465325031829.jpg (102.59 KB, 504x580, ss (2016-06-07 at 11.42.34).jp…)

Saw this while on my facebook. She commented saying "Willing to trade for Day Dream Carnival in black"

It just irks me so much thats she returned to lolita like nothing fucking happened

No. 138086

Didn't she like just get this dress? I swore I just saw it on her instagram and saw that she got it super cheap on y!japan. Like if she got it for a steal why is she selling it for that much? Ugh I just am bitter I guess since she gets new dresses, wears them once and fucking sells them all the time.

No. 138176

She posted a coord in it yesterday or the day before yesterday.

No. 138177


Not only, but makes a nice little dime on reselling. Jfc this bitch makes me salty

No. 138223

And what about the documentary?

No. 138251

Probably paying that price bc she's worn it or some shit.

No. 138995

Horrible form. She needs to stop sticking her thumb out like that.

No. 139141

File: 1465692317928.png (2.49 MB, 1440x2560, tmp_19613-Screenshot_20160611-…)

So, she's doing decora now I guess.

No. 139143

Charge your phone!

No. 139162

That looks like ott sweet loli to me but eh i guess

No. 139441

File: 1465808465297.jpeg (84.35 KB, 640x810, image.jpeg)

No. 139617

Looks like cadney found her new aesthetic also this is just to funny

No. 141790

Are madonna crowns still a thing because this needs one.

No. 150634

I met her once at the AWA baby fashion show 2 years ago I think? I told her she was really pretty and she rolled her eyes and said "thanks." And went back to her phone call :/ so that was my first impression of her ever.

No. 165631

Not a good response but you probably should have waited till she was done with her phone call

No. 171526

Hey… Kind of a newfag around here. What illness does she claim to have?

No. 171541

She has some kind of digestive/intestine problem. And she actually has it; she's not faking.

No. 171749

File: 1473172433092.jpeg (274.11 KB, 750x1253, image.jpeg)

>Here's today's coordinate!
>teehee I actually sold it
So either she's lying and it's not today's coord, or she sold the dress and is now trying to squeeze in one last wear before shipping it off to the poor sucker. She's such a sneaky bitch.

No. 172074

File: 1473295450377.jpg (146.72 KB, 960x720, 1386433105694.jpg)

So she joined my local comm because we're getting baby as a guest this year at the local con. Not sure how to feel right now…

No. 172232

That sucks! She's basically going to come in, not speak to anyone from the comm except people she deems as someone to bump her status. Then pretty much take everything your community can gain from this and make it all about her. Good luck.

No. 172846

File: 1473527118838.png (515.86 KB, 655x490, Screen Shot 2016-09-10 at 18.0…)

No. 172850

Every time I see her shitty sideswept bangs I get triggered. Wish someone prominent would call her out for trying to wiggle back into her sweet sweet efame after basically calling all western lolitas petty bitches. But, that's just too much to ask for of the modern lolita community. She'll get her ass licked and people will pretend to adore her until she does something stupid and runs away again.

No. 172894

why the fuck are people so happy to just suck up to her again after everything? How stupid are people that they just go back to fawning over her mediocre coords after she literally said that the entire western community is awful?

No. 173006

Can you get your comm mods to tell her she's not welcome there? Given that 99% of lolitas dislike her, it might not be as hard to kick her out as you think.

No. 173144

The comm mod was the one that added her, and she just allows anyone in if they ask anyway. Pretty sure baby coming will end up a fiasco anyhow because the jfashion portion of the convention is pretty shit.

No. 173171

Are we talking about a con in November?

No. 173179

Probaby Rufflecon in October in conneicut
A bunch of brands are gonna be there idk if Baby is one of them though

No. 173181

I just checked and she has it on her instagram. Fucking hell.

No. 173188

You have my sympathies. Please keep us updated on the shit she pulls.

No. 173447

>I've been dealing with really serious health issues for nearly all of 2016 and it feels good to feel well enough to dress up again with a friend.

like she hasn't been going to cons and meetups posting coord shots on instagram all year. she just wants ass pats.

No. 173525

File: 1473736434837.jpeg (89.06 KB, 750x478, image.jpeg)

Someone finally fucking said it.

No. 173566


ugh thank god. I wanted to make a snarky comment but couldnt think of anything good.

No. 173612

kek someone from the uk comm too, they aren't salty but can be blunt as hell. Happy she was called out.

Wonder how long it'll be till she cottons on AP is guesting the uk comms event next year.

No. 173616


I'm glad it was someone that's behind Tea Party Club UK and it's worded nicely, so Kate can't throw a fit. Now I'll pray she doesn't attend the next event because Angelic Pretty is guesting. Last I want to see is that twat trying to make it all about herself and be in the center of attention.

No. 174240

This girl is my hero!

No. 174258

File: 1473973806344.png (1.29 MB, 910x1091, pom.png)

Am I the only one who thinks her cat is looking pretty inbred now that it's grown?

No. 174259

It looks like it has a really bad underbite.

No. 174260


The Japanese love fucked up teeth so this would be adored

No. 174282

I hope thats a pink collar and not skin showing under missing patches of fur. But then again what does presumably indoor cat need collar for.

No. 174297

It's definitely a collar, missing patches of fur don't look like that.

>But then again what does presumably indoor cat need collar for.

…Really? Especially for a breed like this that's not adapted to life outdoors, it's pretty important to put a collar on even an indoor cat in case they somehow get outside. Can you imagine this car surviving more than a day or two if it got outdoors?

No. 174299

Pom looks pretty banged up when not fluffed up.

No. 174385

I imagine people being able to take care of their animals and not "accindetally" let them out.
Ofc accidents happen but there is microchips that already expensive overbreeded cat should have.

No. 174394

But you can't see a microchip from a distance. A collar shows immediately that this cat does have an owner and you shouldn't just assume it's a stray and take it. Ofc it's best to have both a microchip and a collar with a tag that has your phone number on it.
You also don't understand what "accident" means do you? Sometimes cats are fast little shits, you open a door to step outside and that cat bolts past you. Cats do what they want, anon. Nothing will stop them from getting out if they want to.

No. 174410

And of course people are talking about the inbred cat again instead of her. You're so boring, Kate!

No. 174436

Mica is a treasure, we love her.

No. 174437

File: 1474047889998.png (493.05 KB, 651x537, Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 18.4…)

No. 174441

Can someone here tell me how, when and why she got so many followers?

>her makeup is shit

>she should sort out that nasty wig

The only thing okish are her coords tho

Tell me her secret

No. 174463

Does she only have one bag and one pair of shoes now? I feel like I've seen them in all her recent coords.

No. 174470

The shoop on her face is insane and it STILL looks like a balloon with a face drawn on.

No. 174477

Where do these balloons come from?

No. 174478

Probably bought, tbh.

No. 174533

She shoehorned herself with efamous lolitas. LovelyLor, she interviewed RinRin Doll, and was part of lemontree11's post on tumblr that has outfits with their pricetags, and it got around 20k+ notes

No. 174557

Yeah ok she's posting new outfits but where's the milk

No. 174774

File: 1474144495174.jpg (130.78 KB, 304x422, checkoutmymoney.jpg)

went and found the post, the amount of money here is so unnecessary.

No. 174840

That entire post was ridiculous tbh. Like, do these people never buy anything second hand or buy wardrobe fillers from cheaper places? I think even if I wore my most expensive everything it would still only total 400. But I buy my stuff based on how much I love it and can wear it casually, so even my brand is cheap because I don't go for flashy new stuff.

No. 174860

Total brandwhore here and I have no idea how she got to that total. At retail prices, an outfit would cost me (and probably any other sane lolita)

JSK or OP: $280-$350
Headwear: $30 for headbow, sometimes I add a barrette in the back for $20
Cutsew or blouse: $90-$150
Socks: $30
Bag: $80-120
Shoes: $100-150
Jewelry: $40 necklace and $20 ring (totally optional)

So assuming everything was bought retail from brands the cost for a typical coord is around $650-$910, excluding shipping and shopping service fees.
Let's say shopping service fees are around 10%, so then even if everything was purchased via shopping service (which isn't necessary) fees add another $70-90 dollars maximum. Now let's say things were bought in 2-3 batches, because most lolitas tend to buy matching items together, or at least have them shipped all in one box, so shipping would be another $60-$100. Therefore, the maximum price for a reasonable coordinate bought from brands is approx. $1100, meaning Kate spent at least 300 extra dollars on what, exactly? I would understand if this was a super OTT coord, but this just looks like an average coord with maybe some extra shit thrown on top.

No. 174861

And then, assuming a non-coveted main piece, a secondhand/discount coordinate would be:

JSK from closet child: $140-$240 + $30 shipping
Headwear from closet child: $20-$30
Blouse from auctions: $70-$100 + $30 for fees and shipping
Cute offbrand socks/tights: $10
Bodyline/offbrand shoes: $30-$50 + $10 shipping
Secondhand bag from lacemarket: $30-$90 + $10 shipping
Offbrand jewelry from existing jewelry collection:$0

So then a secondhand coordinate would be $380-600, and it would look just as cute as the retail price coord.

TL;DR Kate spends way too much money and doesn't even look better as a result.

No. 174867

You can get full brand coords for even less, which is the real pain here.

>when it comes to gothi items I always buy them new

Why so? They're usually the most expensive cuz most detailed shit and there's tons of great goth going arou d second hand and woa! Where does all this money come from? Does she have a job?

No. 174868

I think it was pretty obvious she inflated the numbers

No. 174901

File: 1474210023536.png (648.76 KB, 685x634, Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 15.4…)

She's selling her crusty af wigs

No. 174918

Nah, her numbers more or add up. The coord estimate left out a few things specific to her coord. She's wearing a bonnet, which adds at least another $100. Her headdress came from a collab series that retailed at $70, so that's another extra $40 to your original headwear budget. If the shoes are Jeffrey Campbell, that's another $50 or so (they retail around $200). Wristcuffs are another separate $40, which brings us up to the missing $300 if we assume the SS.

No. 174956

Ugh but that Fucking necklace though.
i was rooting for her to make a quite comeback after the lace blow up
what the fuck was that necklace!!!

No. 195055

This was the one that looked so fucking sour at the BTSSB party b/c her shit coord didn't win her anything.

No. 195109

How is this even gothic wtf

No. 195157

File: 1478561438246.png (178.73 KB, 750x1032, IMG_3810.PNG)

Pic related.

No. 195158

File: 1478561712727.png (128.05 KB, 747x901, IMG_3811.PNG)

Also this.

No. 195159

File: 1478561771459.png (99.46 KB, 750x484, IMG_3812.PNG)

No. 195169

Ugh, it just proves she's only back to get as much fame as possible. She doesn't give a flying fuck about the fashion in itself, the only pleasure she derives is from being queen bee.

My friend won best coord and it did incredible things for her spirit, it made her so happy. And that salty queer Girlytoot would rather quash that for her own glory. Yuck.

No. 195171


Any pics of hooty toot's cord?

No. 195173


Nvm. Just saw thw pic above.

No. 195177

Aw that's awesome, any pics of her coord yet?

No. 195179

If you visit the Nekocon thread on cgl I do believe someone posted a picture of the winners. Though I just wanna be clear my friend is the ouji coord, not the lolita one. I'm not sure if the lolita coord was the best choice but imo Kate's looks like a clusterfuck and the wig looks bad going by >>195157.

No. 195268

Calm down. Literally none of that is true.

No. 195312


Did you see her face anon?
'Cause I sure did and it was painfully obvious. Now, her reaction wasn't nearly as bad as the girl that screamed at the raffle, but it was there.

No. 195321

Why were you watching her that closely? Maybe stop being an asshole and enjoy the tea party.

No. 195323

Were you there? Feel free to set the record straight…

No. 195328


No, it just wasn't hard to miss. Looked for a bit, but the disgust was clear.

No. 195334

Sperging over someone's disappointed face aside, none of the rest of those posts are based in fact. Yes, I was there. None of those things happened. Not to her, not to anyone.

No. 195347

The tea party was full of clusterfucks, GH's just was a $$$$ one. The translator said the winners were picked since they looked like a couple, the lolita that won was one of the girls who got in a car accident on the way there. Bad food, bad set up, but seeing GH's salt in person made it worth it

No. 195355

Honestly I was across the room and saw the expression she made. I doubt she could recreate that pucker face even if they shoved 100 lemons in her mouth.

No. 195357

She looked salty throughout the rest of the party after the fact. Me and the girl next to me at my table were baffled she didn't win but it was satisfying.

No. 195358

someone did get kicked out of baby and banned but it was some girl named Hannah, not Kate, I think people just are confused.

No. 195359

maybe she was sick? she also didn't eat anything at all.

No. 195360

that's a her problem, then

No. 195361

She was kicked out but I didn't hear anything about anyone getting banned. I could only hope that such a fate would befall girlytoot lol

No. 195362

Hannah L from NJ?

No. 195363

yes it was her, not gh

No. 195371


Sorry, what was that about none of those things happening?

No. 195378

What did she do? Been to a few meets with her, super obnoxious and generally cringy as fuck.

No. 195379

None of those things happened to Kate is what they meant.
Showed up very drunk to fitting

No. 195393

She said some pretty nasty things to Lolita Collective. Apparently she is banned from the dealers room but not the con is what I was hearing.

No. 195395

>Not to her, not to anyone.

is what that person said.

No. 195403

I saw her Saturday in the artists alley and she was sitting alone at a group table surrounded by someone else's family looking super pouty and morose. Not sure if she was banned from anywhere but she was sitting there for quite some time. I learned that she is obsessed with Filthy Frank. That's all I have to contribute.

No. 195409


woah woah wait, what happened with Hannah? why did she get kicked out?

No. 195419

The things about the LC aren't true. She's really close with Emma and some other staff not sure where you're getting that info. They even leant her a petticoat on Saturday for her coordinate. I read this and asked some members of LC what was up and they have no idea of any band or weird behavior.

No. 195496

LC is a tacky eyesore.. enough people say nasty things it doesn't make sense for GH be somehow be banned by that

No. 195947

She has rich parents, and her husband seems to make a lot of money (he works in tech if I recall). She's in university part-time and doesn't work because of her chronic illness, which is real, she posted a pic on her facebook a little while back of a pump she got installed in her stomach. it's something intestinal/digestive, probably chrons disease or similar.

No. 196014

She showed up drunk to the fashion show rehearsal. Afterword she posted to the local community selling her tea party ticket so she was probably banned from that too.

No. 196050

File: 1478709691052.jpg (14.85 KB, 193x395, um.jpg)

The fuck is on her lips?

No. 196064

>doesn't work because of her chronic illness
Hm, so instead she ships herself around nationally and internationally to conventions and dresses in confined clothes for hours at a time all without the help of a walker, cane, or wheelchair.
What's stopping the bitch from getting a desk or at-home job, besides imaginary disability?

No. 196077

How old is Kate btw?

No. 196186

24-25 i think im not sure

No. 196407

Feeling like this is just rumors Choke made up to get the attention off of her shitty wigs and shitty business.

No. 196449

Yeo cuz her wigs are starting to be GLW shitty qualtiy again.

No. 196496

Honestly this, Choke's weird obsession with Kate knows no bounds and the people that attended the event have no recollection of these things

No. 199256

I really don't like the fact that she drop big bank on lolita only to turn around weeks or months later to resell them. i just check her sales album and she selling a OP she just wore during halloween granted she needs the money cuz she moving but comeon this isn't the first time.

No. 200437

Kate ented the Kawaii-i photo contest
http://kawaii-i.com/contest/ she on the 6th page

No. 201171


Another boring ass coord with a tattered wig……..

No. 201191

File: 1479540941389.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2221.PNG)

For anyone who doesn't want to scroll through the trash.

No. 201193

>that double chin

No. 201217

She should have used a picture where her face doesn't look like she's smelling something awful

No. 201234

Well, she wouldn't be able to join if it depended on her not making that stupid face.

No. 201443

File: 1479595846808.jpg (212.55 KB, 392x586, mZuALlf.jpg)

And just as soon as she enterd (why did i think sh wasn't going to be there) she on BTb

No. 201518

Her coord is decent but she ruined it with that weird face

No. 201568

She's obviously insecure about her chin situation. In all her recent photos she's looking down or covering it with her hand.

No. 248364

Voldemort has been making a habit of throwing autstimal shitfits when people talk down about her waifu Kate on the Seagull Discord. Some parts were cut for irrelevancy but any time Kate is mentioned she goes through this song and dance until people get bored enough to stop responding.

No. 248381

so which member on there are you lol

No. 248398

fucking carley is insane. she was one of the more obnoxious trips on cgl, next to spoony.

so insane. all this to "defend" her friend, even though everyone knows whiteknights add fuel to the fire.

No. 248400

kek at the people crying about her calling someone a cunt though.

No. 248401

Where can you find the discord?

No. 248596

No. 248611

The canucks in the Toronto comm are notorious for never admitting wrongs and thinking they're superior than everyone else even when caught in their own twisted logic. Better to act like everyone else is stupid or a cunt than admit she's wrong about something. She's not the only one like that, but it's easy to see how these types of personalities flock together.

>Kate got bullied on 4chan so you can't blame her for painting the whole lolita community with the same toxic brush

Yes we can. It's her fault. She was angry that she didn't have everyone's adoration that she demanded like queen bee. Full of herself. She has no basis to assume everyone in the community posts on 4chan, but she knows she does so she projected.

>the documentary wasn't her fault, the director didn't have her sign papers and she's the one who read those edgy preview lines

It's her fault for not getting anything in writing and then reading those lines that she had no real obligation to read. She wanted badly to be in that documentary, which is why she spammed it everywhere until she checked 4chan and realized instead of praise she was getting criticism.

Textbook narc. Only people who hope to get a bit more visibility and ride on her notoriety would bother defending her, like Voldie.

No. 248614

And by the way, a narc like Kate doesn't care about anyone else. Narcs just care about getting their supply. Voldie if you're reading this you're nothing but her supply and you're whiteknighting for a person who's never gonna do shit for you.

No. 248615

The link gives an error, and searching the public servers for "egl" brings up nothing. Is it offline again?

No. 248637

hi spider

No. 248662

I'm still new to discord so I'm not sure how to invite people but the new link is at the top of all the friend finder threads on cgl

No. 248672

File: 1486767413994.png (1004.25 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0492.PNG)

Proof from her instagram story a few days ago that she still lurks here

No. 248688

Lolllllll she's involved with pixielocks/jill's thread too ahahahahaha

No. 248692

Holy shit, what a shady bitch.

No. 248708

This more than anything confirms to me that she was posting herself on cgl. She loves this shit. I hope she goes full sperg one day so admin will show us all her posts

No. 248733

…oh wow. That's a big mistake right there… yikes

No. 248780

kek, is there any way of telling whether she's posted in the farm? I feel like she would have it out for jillian considering she was the first one to make LACE into a laughing stock.

No. 248797

really wow she could have prtsc and crop it out but let the world know you lurk on jill and pixelocks thred

No. 248807

Hahahahahaha oh shit. You dun goofed, Kate.

No. 248840

Ironic how the people who are loudest about "anti-bully" and "anti-drama" are always the ones most caught up with it. Almost like they have to publicly keep up an innocent appearance so nobody suspects them while they low key shade.

No. 248959

So it's not Choke who is starting the drama on /cgl/. It's Voldie and Kate herself.

No. 248960


So I decided to post this cap in response to another IG cap that was posted on the CoF thread.

Chokelate name fagged herself because she thought I was Voldie and told me to stop because her phone was blowing up.
She deleted the post shortly after I said how I wasn't Voldie and that Voldie must post here too.

Also hi Voldie :)

No. 248961

Oh, there you are! Hi Choke!

No. 248962

I'm not Choke you fucktard. Fuck off, bitch. :))))))))(()))

No. 248963

No. 248967

Top fucking kek

No. 248974

why would voldie post that if it makes Kate look bad?

No. 248976

Wait I'm confused what did voldie do that warranted the deleting or did she get caught doing something?

No. 248989

I don't think she thought you were specifically voldie, but I bet voldie was blowing up her phone about the posting of the cap, thinking choke did it

No. 249006

Kate and Jillian are friends on facebook, they comment on each other's shit all the time.

I wonder if this will harm their relationship. Personally, I'd feel pretty betrayed if I saw someone I considered a friend lurking my thread on a site like this.

No. 249013

Hasn't Jill recently mentioned being friends with Kate? Damn…

Also did anyone else see that Kate is studying in Tokyo next year? She posted it to her IG story when the thread was dead, so I didn't cap it.

No. 249020

File: 1486811594948.png (51.52 KB, 513x250, kateandjill.png)


Well they both clearly lurk

No. 249023

She's in complete fucking denial. Kate could be caught literally talking shit in her thread and she still wouldn't believe it.

Your "babe" is a two faced cunt. The sooner you accept this the better off you will be.

No. 249025

Oh shut up, Choke. She and Spoony were in on this shit too and it was proven even more stupidly than Kate's. Stop trying to paint yourself as a little angel, wig peddler.

No. 249043

Unless they were both lurking in Jill's thread and chatting about it elsewhere, and Kate hasn't been going behind her back or anything. I could see them both talking about each other's threads to the other in a 'haha they're not getting to me haha lol stupid cyberbullies' way whilst sobbing behind their screens.

But this is Kate, so who are we kidding.

No. 249054

File: 1486823750662.png (208.9 KB, 1440x1483, rbtcap.png)

No. 249073

Tbh I'm kinda suspicious of those mysterious anons in the COF thread now going
>lol it's obviously a joke and you guys/Choke fell for it lol anons are sooo thirsty for drama
because making a drama-stirring "joke" after you've been completely irrelevant for months isn't drama thirsty or anything

No. 249086

what joke?

No. 249088

this holy shit

On cgl they are saying that the instagram post kate made was a "joke" >>248672

No. 249090

the screenshot with the lolcow tab open?

that's clearly not a joke but a very sloppy mistake lol

No. 249092

Yeah lmao. I'm going to try and screen cap all the stuff in the CoF thread so we can have it for the records here.

No. 249098

Quick question because I cant remember even though I've been following this shit since the beginning.

Why is it that Choke and Kate hate each other so much? All the time Kate haters get called "Choke fans" or vice versa. I hate both these dumb bitches.

No. 249103

Choke was caught posting screencaps either here or on /cgl/ in a dramu thread. I don't remember if she left her user icon in the picture or forgot to drop her trip or whatever. When people pointed this out she sperged all over the thread as she is wont to do. Afaik that's all the interaction there really was, but since they're both cows it was instantly latched on to as delicious drama. Now any time an anon criticises Kate other anons go "hey Choke!" because apparently Choke is the only one who dislikes Kate and it's all a conspiracy or something. I think they're both dumb bitches too so it gets pretty annoying to be accused of being one when you're not kissing the ass of the other.

No. 249106

Ah right, I vaguely remember that. But jfc thats all? This "Hi choke" meme needs to die. Kate is a dumb bitch for all the reasons discussed in her threads. Choke is terrible for running her business so poorly and just taking peoples money.

No. 249112

File: 1486835369222.png (1.73 MB, 1920x9858, CoF Kate shitposting fest.png)

Alright I got it all screen capped. I'm sure that some anons in this thread are Volie/Kate/Choke.

No. 249126

What do you mean it's a "meme"? It's not a joke, it's actually calling her out because she's obsessed with Kate and perpetually in these threads. There's yet another screen of herself fucking up and outing herself on her own damn trip.

No. 249139

Well yeah sure she hates Kate, but so do a slew of other people for kates incessant shit. So calling everyone who hates on Kate "Choke" is annoying.

No. 249388

I think the majority of people actually hate both of them.
If choke wasn't pretty she wouldn't have any redeeming qualities.

No. 249429

Both of them stalk this thread. I really hate them both for constantly pulling CoF into drama regarding e-famous girls most lolitas could care less about.
Speaking of that thread, they sure shit it up hard. Isn't Voldie supposed to be a mod?

No. 249460

Can confirm, I'm nobody important and I can't stand either of them, but Kate is the one who's making the most noise right now.
Holy shit is she really a mod/janitor for /cgl/? No wonder that place is fucking shit now

No. 249461

Is she? I got a three-day ban for posting a (saged) reply in annoyance to the Kate derailing and "lel it's just a joke and drama hungry anons fell for it kek" bullshit, whereas actual shitposting has only ever gotten me banned for 24hrs at most.

No. 249481

Kate needs to learn the fundamental rule of drama: Ignore it. Absolutely nothing good can come from acknowledging it at all. Don't whiteknight yourself, don't try to defend yourself, don't make passive aggressive facebook posts about it, just don't acknowledge it at all. If she had done that in the first place nobody would give a shit about her now.

No. 249833

i feel sorry for her, she's like mira, in that she has a face that isn't obviously ugly in the way you would expect, but its one of those phases that should look okay and yet you could never imagine anyone being attracted to it. like instead of unconventional beauty, its unconventionally ugly

No. 249841

imo this is rly cute

No. 249847

why does she do her lipstick in that shape? i used to do it because i have large oval lips but hers are not the right shape at all…

No. 249852

technically that's ott sweet lolita

No. 249858

topkek this is great

No. 249911

>No one would give a shit
That's the problem though anon. She loves the drama and the attention it brings which is why she does what she does. If she didn't, she wouldn't.

No. 250078

lolita is ugly as fuck. why do basic bitches love this shit?


she's been married for a while

No. 250084

You're in the wrong thread.

No. 250192

Wait, if this was from her insta story, her name and stuff would be on the top and bottom. the only way it wouldn't be wouldnt be is if she saved it herself. If it was cropped out on this, the dimensions of the image would be different. which means she posted this herself…this is some meta attempt at drama starting.

No. 250193

All things considered, not that surprising

No. 250482

I'm the anon who posted the cap- when you hold down on the picture, it "pauses" 85 and makes the username at the top go away. I held down on the pic to take the screenshot.

No. 250483

Meant to type it* not 85 sage for retardation

No. 252502

Kate is back home from the hospital.

No. 252942

Why was she there?

No. 257980

File: 1488058873143.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1037.PNG)

Time to stop

No. 260749

Girl where is your petti? also, why do you look like a walking rainbow trash bag?

No. 275147

is it true she has no hair?

No. 275350

idk but if that is her real hair it looks like a wig

Two updates
>Was planning on going to Tekko Con
>Broke her leg

No. 275351

Same fag here i forgot to save her pic where she posted her broken leg

No. 282841

File: 1491171990713.png (17.62 KB, 487x138, 3333333.png)

Ugh bitch stay away from the UK.

No. 282854


No. 282958

well if she got money to go to Tekko con (she still going btw) she gonna go overseas
i feel bad for her husband

No. 284290

Anyone else tempted to tell Kate to stop fucking whining on the DMC event? There's a thread where every third or fourth comment is her whining about not getting a ticket for the tea party.

STILL can't understand why people put up with her or how they just "forget" what happened.

No. 284325

I'm pretty sure nobody has forgotten about it, no one in the TPC likes her. She's saying lame shit like "Don't worry people will drop out~"
America has their own fucking brand events, stay out of ours.

No. 284355

She got a bronze

No. 284456

So if she got a fucking ticket why the fuck she complaing?

No. 284461

Because people in the actual comm got the good tickets where you get gift bags and early entry. She got the pleb cheapo ticket.

No. 284543

Ok she being petty then. She should be lucky she even got in or is going. Fuck if she wanted a gift bag that bad buy it off somebody who don't want it.

No. 284684

She is desperate for someone who said they never want to go to a lolita community thing ever again because all western comms are meanies.

No. 284961

Didn't mica call out her bs a while back?

No. 295127

Is literally what is happening rn

No. 295638

File: 1492745674296.jpg (106.85 KB, 511x254, k8.jpg)

The mystery of where kate got her money is solved, and it's coming back to bite her. She inhereted a bunch of stocks from her dad and cashed them out, and now owes $8000 to the IRS because she never paid taxes on that money. Karma is a bitch.

No. 295640

well that does suck tbh

No. 295641

Hahahaha holy shit though, wouldn't that be the kind of thing you fucking ask about first, eh Kate-a-rooney?

No. 295649

Wow. I've never followed Kate drama, but this makes her sound incredibly immature, how old is she? I can't believe the first thing she did when inheriting stock was to mass cash it out, and not even stop to think taxes were a thing. Seriously? Sounds like something a compulsive 18yr old would do.

No. 295655

Agreed that it does suck, but instead of investing any of that money or putting it in savings like a responsible adult she instead spent it on lolita and a trip to japan

No. 295684

One of my best friends met up with her while she was in Japan and said her bathroom was filthy and actual crap was caked into her toliet. She is as filthy as she looks. They also said the apartment smelled like crap. She lacks in personal heigine

No. 295814

Incomming closet cleaning post? If she sells her OTT Baby dresses that's like half the money right there.

No. 295821

what a wake up call for her- do you think she'll get a job?

No. 295834


When I cashed out my 401K after leaving a job, they told me like five times that I'd have to pay taxes on it. They even sent a reminder around tax time. So it really does seem like lack of planning, but holy shit, how much money did she blow through to get charged $8,000?

No. 296408

Lol yep she added a bunch of new stuff to lacemarket and dropped prices on old stuff.


No. 296460

Not as much as you'd think…likely around $20,000.

No. 296468

Did she spend any of this money on anything reasonable? Or was it all just lolita garbage?

No. 296743

she should have spoken to an accountant. overall, $8k isn't a lot - i've had to pay like $5k or so when i was contracting/self-employed.

No. 296748

also why did she wait so long to do her taxes if she had weird income like that? now if she can't pay, she'll accrue interest by filing for an extension or getting a payment plan.

No. 296750

Thats some queen of France shit right there, minus the class

No. 296830

I have inherited stocks in my lifetime. I never touch them because they generate dividends for me. Cashing them all out would be dumb because I would get hit with a massive tax come tax day. If she waited patiently or cashed out in stages, this would not be a problem for her.

No. 296838

Don't say Rooney. It's insulting cause the Rooney family owns the Steelers. PGH is Yinzer Central.

Yep. Going places and buying stuff stopped me in the tracks before.

Couldn't you just roll over your 401k into a new account?

There are few things I want from her sales.

If you follow 'katiebabydoll' on Instagram, you will see picks and stories of shopping bags from Nordstorm and Kate Spade. She's lucky not to be living in NY or LA. She would be out shopping everyday. Kate also has medical bills to pay from that accident early this year. Luckily, she didn't break her leg again.

I did it at the end too as long as you make the deadline.

No. 297479

File: 1492982573338.jpg (87.29 KB, 960x661, 1492981831706.jpg)

I don't think she'll be suffering much from an $8,000 setback.

No. 297513

File: 1492985401096.jpg (77.71 KB, 640x640, 1492981831707.jpg)

No. 297716

File: 1492989102151.jpg (33.52 KB, 225x350, 56863.jpg)

reminds me of the transsexual character named betham aka bon curry in one piece

No. 310145

I could have sworn I saw a post on IG, but Kate is moving across the country this year. She is lamenting on losing Tekko being her home Con.

No. 310155


She's been pretty active meeting up with people in the com, but this is first I've heard of it. Gotta cap?

No. 310159

No, it was deleted. I'm skeptical now.

No. 310171

No i don't think she moving cross country Her and her husband Is planning a trip to NYC fRom May 31st to June 6

No. 310172

I did see that on her storyline. She was reflecting on a coord she worn at Tekko and the background was urban.

No. 310192

I saw it too. She is going to NYC and planning to move. Not sure where

No. 310261

Some suggestions…
-New Orleans

No. 310434

File: 1494548687560.jpg (133.43 KB, 960x951, 1494548293903.jpg)

>drama starts again on /snow/
>she submits post on CoF

No. 310520

Her outfit looks like shit for starters.

No. 310528

was her coord just clusterfucked themed or what

No. 310807

I swear she's posted almost this exact same coord on CoF before

No. 311074

Hasn't she worn this same exact thing like 5 other times

No. 311114

All that shit on top of her head looks atrocious

No. 311124

She has so many dresses, why does she keep posting this one?

No. 311125

is that not heavy?

No. 311145


Welcome to sweet lolita

No. 311148

this isn't sweet, it's diabetes

No. 312708

Does anyone else follow her instagram? I swear she has the most depressingly boring life known to man.

No. 313158

It's like the only one she has kept and hasn't sold. She's constantly selling dresses and buying new ones so she can stay on top of trends.

Also, am I the only one who finds it weird that she continues to wear dresses while she has them listed for sale? Several times I've seen her post a dress for sale and then post photos of her wearing it while it's up for sale.

No. 313200

I was going to mention this, she was wearing that sapphire cat op and had it posted on Facebook.

No. 313230

Yeah that's disgusting imo. I feel like the moment you put a dress up for sale, you should already treat it like it's someone else's dress now, which means making sure its clean and not wearing it.

No. 313470

File: 1494876189588.jpg (871.54 KB, 2048x2048, BF326B5B-25D8-4544-BFDF-8C3D48…)

"never worn"

No. 313574

She wore that dress too. She made a story on IG.

No. 313583

>lays clothes on floor
>lets cat roll all over them
>puts shoes on dress
>wears dresses while selling them

No. 313586

No wonder so many of her positive feedbacks on Lacemarket say her clothes had stains that she'd failed to mention in the descriptions.

No. 313650

Her cat sits on everything she has, I know people love their cats but Jesus, all over the expensive brand?

No. 313838

File: 1494909191415.png (37.56 KB, 783x285, someoneraisedthequestion1.png)

candicebear turned up the heat on Kate.

No. 313840

File: 1494909231400.png (8.06 KB, 796x154, nolongermarketing.png)

Kate is no longer selling her dress as "never worn". Heh.

No. 313946

Why are these cam-whores like kate and jillian so filthy?

No. 314355

yeah i don't get that either. I also don't get why people are still buying from her if they had pass problem with her selling her shit.

No. 315011

File: 1495066296452.png (798.77 KB, 840x600, alopeciaareta.png)

WTH is alopecia areta?

No. 315025

it's a skin disease that causes hairloss, looks like

Wow short hair actually suits her better than those ugly wigs she wears

No. 315058

alopecia = hair loss

alopecia areata is hair loss with circular bald patches due to immune system problems or stress.

No. 315144

This is cute! If she has alopecia wearing wigs is probably making it worse.

No. 315688

Short hair looks great on her honestly. Much better than her wigs.

No. 316907

I wonder what unearthly demon will grow from the smoke as she burns those hideous wigs

No. 316910

She looks like a blond version of Lainey.

No. 317266

File: 1495290545839.png (818.41 KB, 819x603, sheswearingdressagain.png)

Why are you wearing a dress you are selling again?

This confirms she's moving this year. Don't know where tho.

No. 317385

>never been worn~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~teehee

No. 321114

File: 1495678871081.png (7.94 KB, 282x165, kateinhospital.png)

So Kate is in the hospital again.

Kate has complications when she menstruates every month?

No. 321139

could be. endo anon here. it feels like i'm shitting/pissing rocks when i'm on my period so who knows.

No. 321908

Don't she has stomache problems? it could be that

No. 326596

Kate is still in the hospital.

Please keep Kate in your prayers.

No. 327596

File: 1496410398915.png (376.78 KB, 501x649, katenewkera.png)

It appears Kate is in the new edition of Kera. Kera has gone to a web-format only.

No. 327602

what's going on?

No. 327613

why does her face always look like she just smelled something nasty

No. 327647

She's not in the issue itself, that's just the pic Kimura used for her tweet

No. 333693

Kate will be in New York in July now. Was supposed to go in June, but was admitted to the hospital.

No. 333777

Looks like a fakeboi now lol

No. 333830

Crimson Chin

No. 336285

File: 1497586939376.jpg (522.08 KB, 2048x1345, 1497548734474.jpg)

No. 336315

And? We already know this bitch is back trying to sink her claws into the community again.

No. 336399

I hate when people post two coordinates Jesus Christ

No. 336442

she came back to the community with a whole new look and style. Ditched the crappy plaited wigs and the underskirts for candy sweet. I think her break probably inspired her to integrate into the community a bit better this time.

Gotta ask though, why not try blending the two wigs she's wearing? Like at least curl the straight wig.

No. 336483

I want to like the left but the colour balance is all off. After so many years shouldn't she know you need to have the same colour on the top, in the middle, and on the bottom? She really should have either switched the lavender tea parties for sax or worn a lavender blouse.

Also, it's Kate, and she really should have stayed gone. No one wants you here, Kate!

No. 336749

Kate has a new job. It's her first job that is related to her degree. She's peddling fidgit spinners.

No. 336769

She claimed that outfit on the right was decora lol

No. 337693

What degree does she have?

No. 337735

i saw that and it's probably stuff that a company sent her for free, she has a marketing degree.

No. 347014

File: 1499316542275.jpg (140.14 KB, 1080x1080, 19931791_1921098044795378_5150…)

For someone who wears expensive dresses from Japan, I thought their underwear choice would be better.

No. 347138

Thanks for posting pic. This picture has been used quite a bit and I had no idea who it was. She can put an outfit together but sometimes its not "lolita".
No wonder she always has issues. Get good cotton underwear.
Lol evertime she post a pic a btb goes up the same week. I dont folliw her but I recognize all these pics. Lol.
I understand trying to hold on to her hair. Its hard to let go if its not by choice.

No. 369531

File: 1502309610761.jpg (601.92 KB, 927x1280, 1407602874769.jpg)

So LA Comm, you ready for the Girlyhoot experience?

No. 369533

i can't tell who looks worse.

No. 370214

Neither of them look real happy to be there.

No. 371042

The Pittsburgh comm has a going away party for her up right now. Is it for good?

No. 371301

Yes she is moving away because of a job. She just posted about finding a place.

No. 371306

I thought she was chronically ill and couldn't work? Wasn't that the reason she's been living off her father and/or husband's money all these years?

Are they selling their house?

No. 372080

She's moving to Los Angeles, yes?

No. 378327

File: 1503544214216.png (856.24 KB, 933x583, girlyhootlivingdoll.png)


No. 378335

File: 1503544832132.png (102.94 KB, 298x267, myface.png)

No. 378373

ugh just make an organized streamlined coord just cause you look like a walking kawaii magnet dosent mean you know how to put a decent outfit together…

No. 378401

Friend was in Japan with Kate said the bathroom was filthy and there was visible poop all over. Also said she was untidy and overall filthy

No. 378426

You would think with guests over she would clean up the bathroom at least.
Guess her stomach problems are the real deal. I don't even want to know what it smelled like

No. 378526

A lot of people put that to get the likes

No. 378582

Well my friend who was in Japan with Kate says she eats poop.

No. 382126

File: 1503973050672.jpg (735.7 KB, 1181x2362, katestop.jpg)

I play a weeaboo dressup game and she popped in to the facebook group when somebody likened her coord to an in-game suit and proceeded to post more photos of herself :^) classy!
*bonus ass kissing on the bottom.

No. 382145

She doesn't strike me as particularly creative.

No. 382165

>hey that's me



No. 382193

She's moving to LA? Fuck.

No. 382236

yes, her hsuband got a job there, they're moving in the next month or two

No. 382266

Couldn't they just pre-ban her if they didn't want to deal with her shit? Of course, this is the LA comm we're talking about.

No. 382400

LA doesn't really even have a comm anymore…
Kate visited once when LovelyLor was still there and Lor held an entire meet in her honor, surprise surprise Kate was super awkward the entire time and barely talked to anyone besides Lor. After that even her little fan club kind of died out - but who knows? It seems like everyone in Lolita is a newfag nowadays so there are probably plenty of people who don't know the LACE/selfposting/documentary drama

No. 382433

I know alot of Lolitas who don't know Kate by name, but do when you reference lace

No. 382768

File: 1504041022174.jpg (69.56 KB, 490x606, Capture.JPG)

Was just browsing FB and thought this was weird. Why would she not just post it to her personal page?

No. 382769

File: 1504041056769.jpg (21.97 KB, 487x392, f.JPG)

And why did she bring Voldie into it? This seems so attention-seeking.

No. 382771

damn this bitch hasnt even a drop of empathy

No. 382772

People in the post are saying the person who sent the message is a sissy or something, but I still don't get why she wouldn't just block them and move on. Why make a whole RC thread for it

No. 382824

wut? the message is kinda weird but not offensive. I never understand these people who needlessly reply to randoms and egg them on instead of ignoring them.

No. 382829

People keep saying Kate has calmed down on the lolita front but this just shows she is still as self-centered as ever imo

No. 382841

Why are y'all being sympathetic this person is a sissy freak

No. 382847

I'm not. I just think it was stupid to make a huge deal of it when she could have just blocked him and not been an attention whore about it.

No. 382851

Okay? A lot of other lolitas were receiving messages from this person… Clearly there's something weird going on there and I don't see the problem in letting others know.

No. 382853

i agree i think some of the anons are reaching here i always agree with calling out sissies fuck off from my lolita

No. 382857

Glad she made a fuss so I could preventatively block the sissy because if that many people are getting message than I want to shut that down immediately.

No. 382860

I was kind of surprised at how many girls had encountered this weirdo

No. 391218

Serious question, why did K8 originally get well known? My earliest memory of her is in those enormous glasses and a ratty wig and she seemed to just blow up from there.

No. 391385

She selfposted herself into infamy on /cgl/ making topics about lolitas in glasses.

No. 391827

A few of her coords are actually pretty, but they're ruined when you see her face with her awful makeup attached to it. She looks like she could be a low-tier cam girl for a living.

No. 391948

That plus the LACE thing.

No. 392218

With her moving to LA, I think she wants to become a movie star. She wanted to do that documentary/indie film title 'Sweet Rebel'.

No. 392279

She has a lot of money, so she can keep posting pictures of the latest releases and meme-y cafes etc. Decent photo quality too.

>sweet rebel
I'm genuinely upset that we didn't get to see that

No. 396480

The cafes and photo ops are few and far between. It looks like she moved to Little Tokyo just for picture ops which is lulzy af. Enjoy your $4k/Month 1 bedroom apartment in traffic hell

Also LA's lolita comm is mostly dead so I hope she won't turn up to any meets. Dom just moved to Long Beach too, so now we have even more cringy dead beats to deal with.

No. 396770

LMAO Kate's FB got accessed by an outside party. The person was able to use her email address and then changed the email and password so she can't gain access. The IP address is coming from Egypt.

Next time, use a better email provide instead of Hotmail. Also 2FA is the way to go.

No. 397554

Me too. Didn't the director of the indie film wanted to charge like $1000 to release it so people can see it then ended up scraping it after people called him on his bullshit price?

No. 397605

how bad of a weeb do you have to be to move to little Tokyo…

Just stay where ever you are and visit Japan occasionally like normal weebs lol

No. 397669

Kate should’ve moved to La La Land…oh wait.

No. 398174

He actually was selling it for a much smaller price until lolcow brought it up and he got greedy. Kate though brought legal counsel in to get him to stop though.

No. 398644

It's actually a pretty shitty part of DtLA to live in

No. 398988

The only part of DtLA I would live in would be the Arts District and I think that's where they are living. DtLA is full of homeless and mentally ill people.

No. 404177

did she lose a ton of weight? She looks like a skeleton in her instastory/post or did I just never notice

No. 404179

She has gastropareisis and is in and out of the hospital pretty regularly for it, weight loss is a side effect of it

No. 404356

LT is close to the Art District but its still a shit hole. LT and AD are somewhat clean for DTLA. Either way, she clearly had to live her weeby dream by moving to the most nippon place in the US.

Someone should report back if she's still an antisocial twat at meets in Socal. Last time she was in the area, Lor held an event for her and she didnt socialize with anyone. She looked bored as hell

No. 406095

Most of her IG stories are about her adventures in the Fashion District, Toy District, and checking out all those cheap Quinceañera stores on Broadway. Katé compara dos cheapo tiaras hoy.

I'm surprised she hasn't been mugged yet from some homeless/mentally ill person. Those kinds are extremely aggressive. Worse than NY's.

No. 407778

Legit question. Did she pay off the money she owe to the IRS cuz how is she affording to go to the places she is going to in LA if she didnt pay off the IRS?

No. 407791

Her husbands tax accountant disputed it and they got almost all of it cleared and only had to pay a small amount. She got lucky, pretty sure they’re still rich.

No. 409735

That's a good thing to hear.

The only way they can afford living in LA is her husband working for one of the Big 4 in DTLA. I know someone who works for a Big 4 in a major city and has to live close to their office. It makes sense for Kate and her husband to live in LT now. Who would want to fight LA's horrendous traffic jams? However, working for a Big 4 is stressful and sometimes work will have you in another city. It's also an up-or-out culture. I just hope Kate can assuage her husband's stress levels from work.

Also what's this about Kate going to Nepal in November?

No. 409744

Nobody here gives a fuck about this ratty wig, shit sniffing, attention seeking bitch. Sage your retarded post unless you want everyone to assume you're the flake, come to make herself relevant again.

No. 409806

Kate's not going away. Sorry you don't have a lolita wardrobe as large as her's or a SO you can fuck in bed every night. :^)(whiteknighting)

No. 409815

Not that anon but lol @ you seriously believing a wardrobe is important and that nobody who is poor has an SO who they can fuck. Kate is a fucked up narc and I wouldn't trade places for millions of dollars.

No. 409886


<obligatory "hi cow/flake" post>

seriously though, you couldn't make yourself more obvious. now shoo, womanbaby.

No. 409919

wow, that’s embarrassing

No. 409922


I am so happy you moved away.

No. 410080

She has a large wardrobe, but it's too bad that her ugly face and attitude don't match the pretty dresses that she wears.

No. 411157

File: 1509235537009.jpg (732.67 KB, 1071x1539, Screenshot_20171028-190233.jpg)

Sage because no one cares, but I'm saving this for posterity.

No. 411839

can either of you post caps or are you talking out of your asses

No. 411855

Can't believe she's still doing those nasty ass brows.

No. 411900

Did she use eyeliner on her brows wtf.

No. 411999

Idk but she posted it on her instagram. Idk why would she go there for?
I seen this and im more annoyed that she shaved her hair and dyed it a soccer ball color it looks shit to me.

No. 412150

She looks old as shit in the second picture. Her eyeliner is fucked up too. Most people who do that style of eye makeup try to gradually make it thinner/fade it out in the middle of their bottom lid. It looks like she just took a kohl pencil or a thick liquid liner brush and went at it.

No. 413769

File: 1509660382168.png (697.9 KB, 493x739, k8halloween.png)

Could she really not have taken a different mirror photo where she wouldn't need to use the rabbit emoji?

No. 414031

A t t e n t i o n w h o r e.

No. 429881

File: 1511341993546.jpg (705.22 KB, 667x1174, FullSizeRender-1.jpg)

She's off in another foreign country making a public spectacle of herself again. Nepal, this time.

No. 429968

Why tf is she in Nepal?

No. 430343

Her husband is at a conference.

No. 431492

File: 1511576431547.png (3.41 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171124-181855.png)

Surprised she didn't shart herself

No. 431503

I'm just picturing some womanchild dressed in little girl pastels trying to hustle ass up these stairs. Why no selfie? Too flushed and sweaty? Haha.

No. 445746

what does he do?

No. 446041

He works in IT

No. 451643

File: 1514139574497.png (498.99 KB, 487x586, Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 12.1…)

Kate is trying "fairy kei" now

No. 451698

Did she got surgery or is this just the most amount of photoshop you could use? This doesn't look like her at all.

If it's ps/meitu I want her to share her secret kek

No. 452516

Better than doing Menhera which is something she always does well when she's "sick".

No. 452562

gotta kek from that tbh sage for being ot(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 452633

This is the most newfag post I've ever seen

No. 497978

How on earth does she have 26.6k followers? That's arguably one of the highest out of any jfashion blogger/personality and she does absolutely nothing.
Lor has like 29k, and she actually produces content. So how did tooters get so many followers so quickly? iirc she only had like 2k at her highest in her efame grabbing days, and they're obviously not behind her. Everyone said she'd come back in a popular style after the heat was off her. I bet you anything she starts trying to do youtube vids so people will love her again.

Also have you seen her @katiebabybat instagram? Shows that she still can't do makeup well. She looks like a pastel Lainey.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 497984

1) don't bump a thread without new information
2) post screenshots
3) links exist. Let me do it for you: https://www.instagram.com/katiebabybat/

No. 498048

They are probably following her because they know of her based on lolita drama. She is also pretty active on instagram and hangs out with a zillion other instagram lolitas - if you notice, she is often hanging out with friends and tagging them in her stories and photos.

Does anyone know if she is still in school or what? I constantly see her stories on instagram where she doesn't do much besides eat and shop.

Sage for no contribution.

No. 498056

She graduated with a marketing degree i think?
If she works is another thing.

No. 498194

There's tons of jfashion girls though? Pixielocks, Anzujaamu, etc. are all technically jfashion.

No. 498252

I think anon meant the highest follower count + doesn't have a youtube channel or who isn't an influencer or produce any "content."

No. 512091

File: 1519355127503.jpeg (660.71 KB, 1242x1878, 69E87582-63EF-4115-887F-10AE54…)

I know this pic is an old one from her JP trip, but this post itself is from Feb 2. How can someone be so full of themselves? I feel bad for the people in the background. No wonder she and Jill are friends, they both have super speshull pics surrounded by ~boring, uniform~ Japanese people just going about their lives.

No. 512121

If people look that unhappy to see you you should take it as a sign (not to dress up like a panto dame in the middle of an ordinary working area)

No. 512127

I think she said she was selling the dress.

No. 512366

>don't be afraid to be different
It's stupid how she's pretending it's individualistic for wearing that garish dress in public and acting like the people in the back have no business to be wearing their school? uniforms.
What is her point?
People should splurge thousands on a wardrobe and violate dress codes just for the sake of standing out? That doesn't make someone special, just foolish and superficial.

Could she be any more of a tryhard and a bimbo?

No. 512393


Lol those girls in the back aren't even paying attention to her, they're reading the menu of that restaurant. I'm pretty sure the average jpn person living Tokyo automatically mutes out these types of attention whoring foreigners walking around in their garish 'wannabe kawaii' looks.

No. 513194

Kate is on youtube again. She purged her channel and posted a new video. I honestly feel kinda bad for her, she doesn't even have 60 subs and her video hasn't cracked 500 views despite being over a week old. She is so desperate for efame and even has the money to go about doing it, but no one gives a fuck about her existence. How does it feel that your less rich friends have more clout/pull in the jfashion community?

No. 513320

God she has ana-chan arms and hands. And I wonder how she can manage okay outfit photos but no background for a video?

No. 513336

She's still so crusty and gross.

No. 514090


Oh wow, I've never seen her on video before. I think she is cute in lolita photos (obviously shooped but still cute to me) but something weird happens with her mouth when she speaks that makes her look like an awkward little kid or something. Maybe it's her teeth. I disagree with the anon who thinks she has ana arms after seeing her intoned chunky thighs here. She shouldn't do video.

No. 514091


*untoned. Polite sage for typo.

No. 514117

>rocking from side to side for the whole video
>looks like she's pasted onto the background (everything is in focus) but the bg is mismatching for her look

No. 514239

Anon, Kate has gained so much weight in the past few years, she is in no way ana.

No. 515064

Her voice is so annoying and she is so awkward in this video. I couldn't watch more than a minute of it. It's too bad she doesn't have any talent other than buying dumb shit.

No. 531210

She's using a really strange camera lens, it's super wide angle. Makes her look so bizarre.

No. 564617

Sorry for the necro but does anybody know about her husband being sexually assaulted in a uber?

No. 564764

I mean that is pretty much it? He was sexually assaulted and went to the hospital for it. Ppl were dismissive of him or called him a pissy for it. She said he is planning on therapy.

No. 564903

I feel bad for him and her. Must have been really bad if he had to go to a hospital.

Even his own mom was dismissive of it.

No. 564935


shit really? Fuck i feel bad for both moslty Him seeing how it happen to him. Glad he trying to get help.

No. 565033

People are arses. What country/state did this happen in?

No. 565059

California, USA. In the san fransisco area i think. It was an older woman who might have been on drugs, who touched him and made sexual comments.

No. 565228

I feel bad she posted it on social media, its not her thing to tell everyone. I hope she got his consent to do that.

No. 580508

File: 1526151968356.gif (3.08 MB, 480x270, sweet rebel 1.gif)

still wish we would have got to see her documentary film :(

No. 581657

had she not sued the guy or had the guy not charged $1000 fucking dolars to release it we probably would have.

No. 581682

I'm pretty sure this is Kate just bumping her own thread, no one actually wants the documentary that badly.

No. 582203

Sage for tinfoil but i have a theory about the whole documentary thing. I think Kate saw the final cut, decided it didn't make her look like the perfect princess she thinks she is, and tried to force him not to release it while claiming it was his decision.

Even the trailer doesn't exactly paint her in a positive light. It makes her look like a sociopath honesty.

No. 582825

I rememember seeing a clip of it and thinking "is this girl for real" she came across a tad bit autistic and narissitic

No. 583436

Diff anon here but I definitely do, I'm genuinely sad we'll never see it

No. 583497

On SuperCarly64s parody, the person who shot the video said they had to take the trailer down for legal reasons. I'm willing to bet Kate did sue. Did she post anything about it to her Facebook?

No. 584013

I found the trailer and am cringing harder than when I first saw it. Please excuse the Chinese comments over the video


No. 584098

I have mutual friends with her, and as much as that sounds like a cool theory it’s more basic than that. She was a dumb girl who thought this guy was going to do as he said, and he lied about his intent. It didn’t help that her friends like Cadney and Voldie were around and they were talking a lot about how cgl views them. The guy took this bullying idea and Kate having health problems and ran with it to create the angle you see on the trailer.

Imo she was retarded to not realize earlier on that he was scummy, I have heard that she was asked a lot of personal questions about death in her family as an example which you see are likely part of the trailer.

Same. I wish that she had gotten the raw footage or something, she could have made a lot of money by using the footage and making it her own.

No. 584176

The Kate milk is dead for now, she's just like every other ~fashion blogger~ now, only she's in pastel vomit AP coords. I wish her style hadn't changed so much, but she only wears what's in at the moment. I remember saying 'don't worry, she'll reinvent herself into the next popular aesthetic once it's all died down', and lo and behold…

So, I can't access the email because it was a throwaway account, but I got curious last year and emailed the producer (that Jordan guy) about why the project didn't go forward. He was very nice about Kate but I did get the impression that he HAD to be nice because she was an ex-client, and you can't exactly be a dick about someone you worked with to a random anonymous person. He said something along the lines of 'she was a pleasure to work with', however it 'didn't work out' or something like that. Basically she was the one who pulled the plug on the documentary. I'd wager it was more the intense backlash that she got on cgl (since the trailers were mostly well received by people on her facebook) that triggered her to make them lose the footage. What I understood from the email is that she changed her mind due to backlash (implied but not overtly said, I believe some form of online hate was mentioned but I can't remember, I will try to get the screenshots). I feel like lolcow MAY have been mentioned but I don't know if I'm making things up in my mind. Again, I can't remember my email log in, so there is a bit of trust you have to put in me, sorry.

tl;dr kate killed the doc because of online boolies

No. 584234

Whose idea was the documentary? did he pitch it to her or did she seek him out?

No. 584249

We didn't touch on that, my main curiosity was 'why did it get cancelled' and I was left with a bit of a wishy washy answer (I don't blame him, I assume there's legal ramifications for him spilling shit on her). I assume it could have been either way - film producer sees weird girl out in the wild and doesn't realise that she's not super unique, she's just a person OR Kate got in contact first because she heard someone needed a unique person for a documentary.
From the way her e-fame trajectory was going, I would assume the latter.

No. 585289

I met the filmmakers at APop that year. They filmed one of the workshops. I spoke with the shorter guy, I think he was Jordan. He mentioned they had met Kate at Anime North earlier and had by chance collectively agreed to make the documentary. I think he also mentioned that they were friends with Cadney and Voldie who were also going to be featured in the documentary.

No. 586183

File: 1526570782083.jpg (679.65 KB, 1080x1054, Screenshot_20180517-112542.jpg)

No. 586192

Unsurprising that the next biggest attention whores in the community would push themselves to the front about having a doc made about them…that no one asked for.

No. 602802

File: 1528240292001.jpg (695.59 KB, 1080x1504, Point Blur_Jun052018_181153.jp…)

Potentially new milk?

No. 602835

Two Questions. 1) who fucking kids are those and why the fuck are they there? 2) is she making the OS or is she being sponsored by a company producing the OS?

No. 602843

I met those 2 assholes IRL out of lolita and they were so awkward. Felt like 2 insecure soccer moms.

No. 602865

No idea to either. This is all she posted, I assume to keep us in suspense.

No. 602877

I met them too and didn’t have this problem? Perhaps you are the awkward one.

No. 603127

Wtf, this is the same person who goes to meet ups and events and doesn't interact with anyone.

No. 604866

File: 1528427942127.png (162.22 KB, 525x666, Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 11.1…)

this guy jordan says he's doing a live thing tomorrow night. maybe we should ask him about sweet rebel?

No. 604934

Is this some new shitty product she's sponsoring? And why aren't the kids faces blurred out? What the fuck is even going on?

No. 605495

Sounds like she’s creating her own Ubuntu flavor, which is a desktop environment for the Ubuntu operating system, and it’s apparently kawaii/lolita themed? I don’t know why she thinks that’s something anyone wants or needs. I’m sure the intersection of lolitas and Ubuntu users is tiny.

No. 605605

So, I'm the anon that emailed the Jordan guy, I managed to get into my spam account.
If anyone wants info from that, feel free to ask (I realise the milk has all dried up, I was just curious when I emailed). And yes, she did basically stop the project because of lolcow. He literally namedropped the board.

No. 605638

So does he still have the film? I guess that is the most pressing question

No. 605653

A rough copy does exist, but he can't publish it for legal ramifications.

No. 605679

is it because she sued him into not releasing it?

No. 605824

Basically. After backlash online and from lolcow, she decided to 'use legal measures' to stop it from being released. Thus we will never see sweet rebel unless Kate allows him to release it. And that's not going to happen.

I was excited for more media about lolita. I don't care who it's about or how fakedeep they are, and the trailers did look well made. C'mon Kate, you know what to do. Let the man release the film!

No. 607000

maybe we have a sophisticated farmer who can haxx and procure the documentary

No. 607077


No. 607267

lol so lame, since everyone can create their own Ubuntu flavor, it's nothing that ~*speshul*~

No. 609238

Literally no idea why you all care about this bitch so much. She's ugly as sin without make-up and still ugly with it. Why does anybody even pay attention to her? Because she wears lolita?

No. 609255

All the good milk has dried up but in her prime there was a lot, especially for the lolita community. A lot of people still hold ill will to her because of things she did. Myself included, but I dont contribute to the thread because nothing interesting is happening currently.

No. 610700

File: 1529003837685.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1142, Screenshot_20180614-141705.png)

Why tag Buzzfeed unless you're that desperate for attention?

No. 611032

If I remember right, this pic is from the day of the women's march in sf, so this could have been from that or something adjacent to it.

No. 611782

Still kind of weird to post a photo with random people's children in it…

No. 611797

what does she even work that she can travel and buy all these 700$ dresses

No. 611813

She doesn’t. She inherited $$$$$ when a family member died (I think her dad) so growing up she wasn’t poor and her hubby is a rich mofo too

No. 611826

damn.. good on her I guess. thanks for clearing it up

No. 611971

did she ask for their consent before posting this?

No. 612033

She still has milk. People aren't posting much of it to lolcow. She keeps most of her Facebook posts to friends only so someone please post more caps.

She's still anti social and snubs people who try talking to her since she moved to LA. Does she do the same when she goes to cons?

No. 612044

>A lot of people still hold ill will to her because of things she did.

I hope you learn to forgive and forget fellow Farmer. :^)

No. 612829

Saw her at Akon during the Lolita events. She had a gaggle of girls sucking up to her and I saw plenty of girls go up and request selfies with her. She never rebuffed them or anything like that. I never saw her talk to other people and be friendly like the other girls at the event unless people approached her.
She wasn't outright rude or anything, but she just seemed to have no interest in anyone who wasn't popular.
I saw them rush Tyler/ScarfingScarves and corner her for like 45 minutes at the swap meet. She also sat with them at the Tea Party and seemed uncomfortable during, though I feel like I might be projecting a lot.
Sage for no real milk.

No. 613847

So she does the same shit she does in LA. She never approaches anyone unless if they have a large following and she tends to sit by herself and pout at events if no one famous is there

No. 613851

Tyler looked awkward in her photos lol

No. 613925

I'm crying laughing, what fucking timeline are we in where Kate has her own Ubuntu distro?
Is there any more info on this?

No. 614182

i know she made a video about it

No. 614996

Where? I don't see it on her YT.

No. 615067

it was on her ig

No. 615128

Can confirm. She went to Nekocon only because btssb was a guest. Was only there to show off her expensive coord/try to win the grand prize at the tea party and barely got an honorable mention. She sulked around the entire con by herself and her only real interaction with the local comm was asking if anyone had a room to share. Pouty weh face for days.

No. 615354

File: 1529448084480.png (342.21 KB, 705x508, k8.PNG)

From the BTSSB posts from A-kon

No. 615361

Yeesh, they all look like they belong in Whatever Happened To Baby Jane.

No. 615370

Man they must be so fucking sick of seeing her face, freaky stalker girl. Has she been a model for the brand at cons? She sure as hell won’t be asked to model for them in japan looking like she needs a shower all the time

No. 615390

She was the grand finale for the BTSSB show at tekko apparently.

No. 615439

She was in the wedding dress for the Akon fashion show.

No. 615449

Yeah and almost flashed her cooter at everyone constantly.

No. 615453

Yeah that hoop skirt was wild. I hope she was wearing bloomers cause those front rows very well could have seen up it.

No. 615458

>the absolute discomfort on everyone's faces except K8's

b-but K8 is now a supah kawaii rorita woman in STEM who will bring the ultra kawaii lyfe 2 computers!!1! she is speshul!!!11one

No. 615461

She's not even in STEM. Her husband is, I'm sure the OS was his idea.

No. 615466

She was telling the finale girl at A-Kon that she should be honored to wear that dress, not because it was the finale, but because she wore it before her.

No. 615468

Yeah I'm 99.99% sure this is a project that he gave to her to work on to keep her busy and she took it and ran with it thinking that it makes her special.

No. 615474

File: 1529455610853.png (2.75 MB, 1870x1204, Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 5.47…)

No. 615476

File: 1529455876234.jpg (882.32 KB, 1420x1920, 18-06-19-19-46-36-955_deco.jpg)

Do you guys know who this is?
Seemed to be one of her friends but I don't know her by her face. She was visibly salty that she didn't get one of the finale dresses. I overheard her go up and kiss Kate's ass after watching her face fall when she saw what dress she got put in.
"Oh I am so happy for you! When I saw you open up your bag and see your dress I almost cried".
Over all she was more sour faced at the events than Kate herself.

No. 615479

Yeah buying broght clothes is so thought provoking.

No. 615480

Cute outfit and she looks cute

No. 615482


No. 615487

Honestly, it looks good. I just feel that there is a time and a place to dress up like this and not make everything about yourself being a public spectacle to get off on the attention.

No. 615645

Pretty sure it's one of her friends. Her instagram is larasuzannne.

No. 616478

Kate has friends?

No. 616705

She seems like a bitch too

No. 616942

Isn't she friends with Cadney?

No. 616970

she friends with a bunch of lolcows

No. 616979

Is cadney a lolcow? Or do you just mean other people? I think she's friends with Voldie too who used to trip all the time on cgl

No. 617028

File: 1529609106503.jpg (136.28 KB, 899x1199, 1529374868279.jpg)

Voldie is a lolcow. I don't consider Cadney a lolcow. She posts coords from time to time, but not super active compared to Kate or Voldie.

Here's Voldie's ero coord.

No. 617052

Other cows anon.Idk who Cadney is

No. 617125

File: 1529612886284.png (116.71 KB, 220x250, IMG_2021.PNG)

No. 617140

God, she's so fucking gross looking. At least stick to cosplay if you have no fashion sense.

No. 617665

Jesus shut the fuck up, she didn't even tag this as lolita. You're just grabbing low hanging fruit and trying to make milk out of it.

No. 617691

Cadney is a huge fucking delusional cow and an SJW. Thinks she's smarter and better than most even though she's got fuck all to show for her delusions of grandeur. Too many people protect her bullshit, whereas Voldie is seen as fair game since she's a trip on cgl.

I don't get the Voldie hate but I always assumed it's because she came off as arrogant and smug on 4chan.

No. 617712

voldie was just fucking annoying. she was either genuinely smug as fuck, or she was trying to make herself into a joke to please other tripfags. she also loooooved to bring up spoony and call her to threads.

No. 617943

What has cadney done? I've never seen anything but coords from her.

No. 617990

She was begging for a room? Who travels cross country for a con and tries to mooch for free room and board?

I think it was in 2016 but she modeled for Baby and didn't get the finale dress that year. She had a regular pink dress. Who wants to bet that she was sour about that too

No. 618029

she's wearing burando. it's fair game.

No. 618065

As someone who's seen her casually on public social media, or someone who actually had her added on personal social media and knew how she acted irl? Big difference there.

That's a shame. I always thought she was really cute but I understand that it doesn't matter when she's insufferable.

No. 618191

As anything. I've never heard anything bad about cadney at all so I'm really curious to hear what she's done.

No. 618215

What the other anon said plus she also does the same special snowflake thing as Kate where she acts like she's ~so speshul~ and ~not like the other girls~ for completely mundane shit like playing video games.
She also had a phase where she hardcore tried to pander to the men in the fgc but it didn't work out for her because they just made fun of her for being fat and annoying.

No. 618370

There was a meet where Misako was the guest of honor and of course she had to be the one sitting next to her

No. 621325

File: 1529962402120.png (115.36 KB, 640x664, IMG_7027.PNG)

Can someone explain why a random girl from San Diego follows Kate around so often but no one else will befriend her? Even girls with a large following in the area will take a picture with her then not hang around her ever again

No. 621371

Kate is living in LA so having a friend from SD to hang out with her isn't random. I live in LA and I have friends in SD that I hang out from time to time.

No. 621390

How many head pieces does she need to wear?? She looks like she put on every pink thing she owned on her head

No. 621528

The one in Torrance? Because she was far away from Misako since she arrived late. Actually, she's always late to events.

No. 621635

File: 1529990328781.png (1.35 MB, 1062x1063, Screenshot_20180626-001412.png)

That is her new token kawaii friend, it used to be @kadavers, but it seems she got replaced. I've tried to talk to Nina before, but k8 will pull her away.

No. 621756

Dania is a cow herself. At least Nina seems pretty normal. Maybe she'll be a good influence.

No. 621788

>what is reading comprehension

I'm asking why none of the other lolitas will spend more than 2 minutes with Kate when she seems to gravitate only towards people with a big following.

Dania was kissing ass on Kate's Facebook and Insta right before she moved to LA. What happened between them?

No. 621931

Why is it always the most inbred, mannish, fat white girls who become lolita "celebs?" Kate and Cadney look so homely, they could at least dress more appropriately for their faces and bodies. (Still sweet but worn in a more flattering way.)

No. 621998

Yes, it was that one.
I meant during the group pictures at the end, not during the actual meet up.

No. 627216

Because that makes them relatable I guess.

No. 627369

Cause white people. Kate has privilege for being white.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 627433

Holy shit the girl on the right looks terrifying. She makes K8 look cute by comparison.

No. 628378

I'm tired of Kate posting pictures of other people's coords for her own content. I'm glad she (eventually) tags them, but she never mentions them in the comment. I feel like she is trying to pass it as her own coords when you glance at the posts.

No. 628380

i think i remember her being somewhat of a flake herself tbh.

No. 628416

Are you referring to the AP tea party detail pictures on her Instagram? She probably ran out of her own pictures to post. She's resorting to posting random shit on her head and other peoples items

No. 628620

Yes that's what I'm referring too. Makes sense because her tea party outfit was such shit in comparison to other girls.

No. 628767

I wouldn't be surprised. She looks like the type of bitch to have a fake kawaii act in person but actually be a backstabber.

No. 629021

I'm surprised she didn't spam her coord pictures from the tea party but she did for both of Baby's. She didn't even post any of her coords from the San Francisco event to Instagram. How much of a train wreck was it?

No. 629094

File: 1530756876594.png (2.3 MB, 1080x1327, Screenshot_20180704-211406.png)

Wow this is one of her worst looks. She's taking it another step with her usual "shoving all this shit onto my head" look.

No. 629106

This is really bad. Looks like she put every accessory she ever had on her head

No. 629120

i like it. you don't comprehend ott sweet. you're supposed to shove tons of accessories in ott.

but those socks don't match…

No. 629125

Agree OTT sweet is good but she doesn't look good
And those socks are literally part of the series how new are you

No. 629136

I understand ott, but usually there is some balance or aesthetic involved. Not just throw whatever is pink on the center of my wig. If it were more spread out maybe it would look decent.

No. 629137

File: 1530762176975.png (194.7 KB, 640x919, IMG_7107.PNG)

The caption is even more cringey for a number of reasons. Lolita fashion originated in Japan for starters. Secondly, why does she sound so full of herself? She's trying to sound like she's the only person who wears OTT. Youre not famous or anyone special. Since it's Kate, I wouldn't even look her way if I saw this on the street

No. 629254

It'd look a thousand times better if she spread her accessories out more like >>629136 suggested. Piling all of the large accessories on top + her pigtails makes it look super top heavy. She should balance it out either by removing some of the larger accessories on top and adding more bow and star clips to the bottom, or by wearing a wig that has more volume on the bottom.

>from LA to Tokyo
>in San Francisco
ok, K8.
Also her question is there mainly there so that people will leave comments, making her post more visible.

No. 629270

I like the picture but I can tell you right now she fucked hardcore with the saturation settings to get all those pinks to match.
I bet it looks like washed out shit irl, especially considering I own a couple of those items and they are not that saturated pink irl.

I hate captions like that because it's such a fake ass attempt at engaging with people.
Instead of actually talking or interacting with folks, she shoots out random questions for people to respond to that boosts the picture. It has nothing to do with her actually caring about the responses.

No. 629287

She never responds to her followers! I don't know why people engage with her IG posts bc she never responds. Not even to Iris, Dania, Batty and other tryhard girls thirsty for efame

No. 629320

And then she sees these people IRL and is drawn to them like a moth to a flame and ignores any plebs. I was in the same fashion show as Kate and Batty and a couple of other e-famous lolitas, and Kate was throwing herself a pity party because of cgl or something. Batty and I were consoling her and she was actually being really sweet/cool. Then when I saw her the next day and waved, she looked at me like I had sprouted an extra head and kept walking. IIRC this was before all the LACE drama.

No. 629331

File: 1530794043000.png (1.21 MB, 990x740, superspecial.png)

Her captions are sometimes pretty cringey. You would think she invented OTT sweet by the way she talks. so ~inspirational~

(also herpes-chan sucking up in the comments lol)

No. 629344

For someone who constantly complains about body pain, she is not doing herself any favors by wearing top heavy wigs. I feel like that would be a pain in the neck, literally.

No. 629347

it's not really lol.

No. 629535

Kate is a AX this weekend. She's helping out at Fickle Wish's booth #3015.

Kate won't have as much milk at Monokun, but she'll be there at AX too.

No. 629657

Whoa Kate, put down the saturate tool and figure out how to not put all your accessories on your head. You need balance. Seriously, your wig looks like a hat plopped on your head with all that.

No. 629691

File: 1530827377492.png (3.47 MB, 1440x2037, Capture _2018-07-05-21-43-14.p…)

Kate is so desperate for friends that she is hanging out with the girl who threatened to kill another lolita. This gets better and better

No. 629729

which girl Kawaiigoods or the girl with the glasses and who they threat to kill?

No. 629753

The girl with the red hair. She's banned from most California coms

No. 629793

Says you. I have a bad neck and even occasional wig wearing makes it worse. Idk how K8 is so sick but can wear full on OTT so often.

No. 629794

She was already friends w Reba though

No. 629887

what a martyr…

No. 629954

It just shows how desperate for friends she is in LA. A sociopath is perfect for k8

No. 629983

Voldie and k8 are hanging out in LA. Kek

No. 630640

I saw this IRL and it was a LOT. She looked like a drag queen and not a great one.

No. 630670

she needs drag queen makeup because she's busted without it

No. 631289

File: 1531018643130.jpeg (386.98 KB, 562x745, D411C5C3-9293-49E4-A14E-C3205B…)

No. 631303

Look how much better the other girl looks next to Kate. It’s amazing

No. 631306

Kawaiigoods isn’t that good either she is a known art thief with a hoarding problem and is illegal.

No. 631426

That's fucking Voldie and she looks like a grease ball

No. 631631

True, but you really get a better idea of just how cakey and awful K8's makeup is when she's standing next to someone with more natural foundation and eye makeup, and I say that noticing Voldie's bright pink blush. Dare I say, Voldie does look better here. K8 could definitely do with a slightly warmer toned foundation, it might work when she can get the perfect lighting, but it shows up awful in this sort of shot.

No. 631639

File: 1531068958720.jpg (144.18 KB, 720x960, 1531000059867.jpg)

Voldie doesn't look impressed with her makeup skillz with this pose on CoF.

I prefer K8's cakey makeup skills over Voldie's fat, veganism any day.

No. 631641

i can't believe voldie still looks this frumpy after all these years of trying. her limpass braids are fucking sad. get a damn wig.

i know kate looks like a weird failed hime gyaru but atleast she doesn't look like she's rolled out of bed.

No. 631642

also, does voldie only own one pair of socks?

No. 631916

File: 1531095800296.png (118.27 KB, 640x881, IMG_7200.PNG)

No posts about AX? Wasn't she working at the Fickle Wish booth? Does she work for FW now or what

No. 632030

Doubt it. She was just volunteering for them at AX. What is her legit job again?

No. 632032

Does she have one? I thought she just used her husband’s money.

No. 632043

She got a degree in marketing i think but idk what does she do with it

No. 632050

I know she was looking for a job when she first moved to LA, but now it seems she mostly does influencer jobs based on her IG stories. She was "modeling" for some kawaii shop in LA for a while.

No. 632082

If she wants to pursue little pet projects with her degree that's all well and fine, because at the end of the day her husband is the one holding down fort. Anything she makes is for her personal expenditure, if her husband doesn't fund most of it.

No. 632177

kek, modeling for Kawaii Goods is hardly work

No. 632340

She doesn't work. Must be nice to spend your disability checks on lolita.

No. 632620

I heard K8's husband quit his job, so that's why she's selling some of her lolita. To help pay the bills.
Or maybe you could just stop going out and spending money for the gram clout every day?

No. 632798

If they didn't live in Downtown LA which gets as high as $4000 per month and if they could hold down a job, they wouldn't have an issue. I hope the lack of work and inability to sell on LM drives them out. Go back to your shit hole in Pittsburg

No. 632809

Did her husband say why he quit his job? Doesn't he work in IT?

No. 633959

The only time I saw her at AX was the first morning, she was wandering around by herself. Not sure if she attended any of the jfashion events or anything.

No. 633970

She was supposed to be working for fickle wish all weekend but only showed up on the first day.

No. 634050

She bailed on them or something?

No. 634076

We don’t want her back, keep her.

He went to work for a startup, which tend to have a habit of eating souls. Also factor in he’s a dime a dozen in a tech rich place like La. Hope he networked before he left.

If he’d stayed in Pittsburgh, he’d probably be doing well.

No. 634110

Anyy job besides taking selfies and spending $ is too much for her and her medical conditions.

No. 634116

She's weak. Most people with the same problems are not as pathetic as she is.

No. 635169

whats cringey is mayukasomniarosa-i don't know who that is- bringing up a persons medical issues on a post that's not about medical issues. follow the cows they will lead you to more cows.

No. 635975

LOL what happened? Is that why she didn't post anything about AX or FiWi? That's one more bridge she burned in LA

No. 636079

She shouldn't be turning down jobs like this if neither her or her husband have jobs lol. Do we know if she actually gets disability?

No. 637855

File: 1531716804176.png (131.21 KB, 640x642, IMG_7371.PNG)

The face you make when you find out you were supposed to work at the Fickle Wish booth all weekend

No. 637878

that face you make when you smell farts all day haha oh wait

No. 638057

Does anyone know why she didn't work at FW or what happened with that? Is FW pissed?

No. 638451

K8 just begged Japan LA to colab/work with her by spamming her IG story with tags of them.

No. 638456

I just saw it’s so cringe. Like holy shit why don’t you just dm them and talk to them instead?

No. 638704

File: 1531793100171.jpg (388.84 KB, 1080x1233, Gay.jpg)

No. 638713

File: 1531794176966.jpg (51.93 KB, 900x810, sqQlid7.jpg)

This could be a wild ride.

No. 638715

Sound like she planning a divorce.
>my husband is an amazing support to me but i have a lot to figure out

No. 638726

I heard from a 3rd party that she was pretty annoyed her husband quit her job. Leaving him and using being "queer" as an excuse because you can't mooch off of him anymore, huh?

No. 638733

Her husband is her crutch both finicaly and mentally. I honestly feel bad for him, he is always taking care of her and concerned for her wellbeing, when she can't even bother to let her know where she is or how she is doing. Big example is her Japan vacation, where she didn't even contact him and he had to ask how she is doing on her facebook wall.

No. 638741

It kinda makes you wonder did she honestly care about him almost being rape in a uber or did she make post to seem sympathetic towards him

No. 638745

She did publicize it. I seriously doubt any sane person who cares about their SO would post about their assault all over on social media RIGHT AFTER it happened

No. 638747

File: 1531795772518.jpg (443.18 KB, 963x1428, Screenshot.jpg)

From May

No. 638748

That disgusted me that she would publicly post that further embarrassing her husband.

No. 638768

This is sad. I don't know him, but I hope he's okay. What does she do to support him? What is even going on with her that she needs such intense support?

No. 638769

unlike other flakes she has legit illness that keeps her in the hospital at times. Idk if its still on her ig but there are post of her up in the hospital

No. 638776

she just has IBS iirc right?

No. 638777

Ibs, Diabetes, and she was just approve of oxygen therapy for some reason

No. 638786

She has some sort of GI issue, she'll occasionally talk about it or post pics of her in the hospital like other anon said.

No. 638800

IBD not IBS, IBS is usually poor diet or stress. IBD are diseases that are autoimmune.

No. 638809

She has gastroparesis and other health problems but they are definitely real she’s been extremely ill for several months

No. 638837

Something about this rubs me the wrong way. You shouldn’t marry someone with chronic illnesses if you aren’t prepared to take care of them. It’s not her friends’ job to look after her health. She’s an adult.

No. 638847

i mean, she doesn't have a job and he supports her 100% so he's going to have high-stress stuff sometimes since it's probably a career.

No. 638957

File: 1531825515796.jpg (63.44 KB, 390x391, IMG_7387.JPG)

Who willingly chooses to marry this goober lmao

No. 639048

He seems out of Kate's league tbh

No. 639215

I mean, he looks kind of cute in other photos but he definitely looks smaller than Kate. I'd marry him, though, considering he has a decent job and seems kind?

No. 639292

I agree with >>638847, plus she’s the one flying off on foreign vacations without him. Is he supposed to drop whatever he’s doing to follow her around and take care of her, while simultaneously being the sole breadwinner? Her lifestyle makes it harder on both of them and I wouldn’t blame him for feeling overwhelmed from time to time. IMO she’s always given off the impression that she takes him for granted.

No. 639367

She’s so mean to him. I heard her talking to him on the phone during our comms International Lolita Day tea meet, and I thought she was talking to a telemarketer or someone she hated. The way she talked to the him was super aggressive and rude. She kept yelling “STOP IT STOP IT JUST STOP!” It was only when she screamed Matthew I realized she was talking to her husband and I felt so bad for him. I think he called her to make sure she took her meds/had them on her. I just couldn’t believe someone would talk to their significant other that way.

No. 639381

That's horrible. He is probably really sweet and I hope he has someone who looks out for his wellbeing.

No. 639408

Imb4 she posts something on social media about how much she loves and appreciates him.

No. 639484

from what >>638847
he has his own life also. a very obvious career with demands and sometimes long hours. katie may be dependent on him but he cant be 24/7
when you are with someone with chornic illnesses and being the only breadwinner in the home you will have times where you HAVE TO ask for help. it's not uncommon for people with family with ilnesses to ask for someone to check on them when they are away.

there's nothing wrong with this. he's very worried for her obviously.
he is the sole breadwinner, working a career, his wife is chronically ill and takes advantage of his money by buying pricey clothes + trips to places without him + whatever else she decides to get, she treats him like crap and disregards his emotions.

dude can't not be not stressed the fuck out all the time

No. 639486

A bitch desperate for someone else's money who doesn't want to work for her own.

No. 639559

A few days ago on an Insta story she took a picture of "her husband's cat" and I find that really weird to refer to a pet that lives in your mutually shared space? Not "our cat", HIS cat. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt and say it's because he had said cat for longer than they've been together or just prefers his company but it wouldn't surprise me if she considers it "his" because it's not a kawaii japanesu import imbred mill cat like Pom.

No. 639711

File: 1531878798672.jpg (4.11 MB, 4288x2848, 6126523884_524b950ab7_o.jpg)

The line of texts parallel of Ellejay. She married young, got bored with being married, got divorced, and started dating a MtF.

I felt bad for Ellejay's ex-husband, but in the long haul, he's better off now.

No. 639837

She started giving (fake and bullshit) responses to IG comments after an anon mentioned it here. BITCH WE SEE YOU LURKING

No. 639852

that's pretty gross.

No. 639936

What does she have to figure out? I mean sure, acknowledging the fact you're not het like you thought can be a bit distressing, but what's there to figure out beyond that? Unless she realized/decided she's a lesbian, her sexuality isn't that big a deal… unless, like anon said, she's considering breaking it off with her husband to start dating women.

No. 639949

I'm waiting for when she starts victimizing herself because she's not straight and it's so hard. I guess being priviledged beyond belief doesn't get enough attention.

No. 639961

I’ve been at a few cons she’s been at, I’ve overheard her telling her posse on several occasions that her husband wants her to quit lolita and painting him as some horrible monster who wants to take away her only hobby. It’s crazy how little she cares about him compared to how much he seems to worry over her

No. 639993

He probably asked her to tone down the spending and travel and she twisted that into "he told me to quit my only hobby and doesn't want me to be happy!". I've heard this exact thing from other lolitas before, except those were all much younger, in school, and still dependent on their parents.

No. 640035

I wonder if she's the type of person who wants to pressure their partner into opening up the relationship

No. 640078

Consdering that this is the girl who started an anti-bullying campaign because someone heard her take a shit, I wouldn't be surprised

No. 640139

>she's considering breaking it off with her husband to start dating women

Kate could still be married and date other women. Idk what kind of woman Kate wants and where. She would probably want to date a lolita in the LA Comm.

BTW, did anyone see Kate is selling overpriced/rare brands on her LM recently?

No. 640171

Is The Secret Garden ~The Rose has a Secret Scent~ even worth that much anymore? What the hell.

No. 640376

File: 1531945506566.png (342.03 KB, 325x621, numb1.png)

this showed up on her IG Story

No. 640378

File: 1531945542692.png (261.58 KB, 321x617, numb2.png)

story 2/5

No. 640379

File: 1531945585772.png (395.52 KB, 323x627, numb3.png)

story 3/5

No. 640380

File: 1531945610993.png (339.62 KB, 325x619, numb4.png)

story 4/5

No. 640381

File: 1531945637639.png (276.15 KB, 323x617, numb5.png)

story 5/5

No. 640383

Holy fuck is she going to divorce her husband? Transition? Go into a threesome?

No. 640384

I have a theory, I think sex is painful for Katie/has a low sex drive and perhaps she is queer but this may be an excuse to get out of a sexless marriage.

No. 640385

File: 1531945701155.png (604.73 KB, 739x541, comeouttag.png)

"this is my coming out story" please i need to tag EVERYTHING

No. 640386

Did she mention what she's coming out as, or did she just post some rainbow emojis and leave it at that?

No. 640389

hold your pearls, farmer. i'm about to get to that

No. 640393

File: 1531946077072.jpg (171.1 KB, 250x839, comeouttag-vert.jpg)

she uses a rainbow emoji at the end followed by unneeded tagging.

No. 640405

So she's a girl who wears pants sometimes. Cool, I guess.

No. 640414

I don't understand what this even means. So she's genderqueer? Has her lolita persona been fake, then?

No. 640416

This bitch has probably never had to face anything in her life outside of her illness. She has definitely everything provided to her. How entitled beyond belief.

If she divorced her husband, how would she provide for herself?

No. 640418

>If she divorced her husband, how would she provide for herself?

Were you not listening when others said she has lots of money inherited from her late Father?

No. 640423

That she spent on clothes and a trip to Japan.

No. 640424

File: 1531948686689.png (73.76 KB, 1080x369, Screenshot_20180718-161710.png)

Bitch you've never implied anything besides being straight. Sorry for ot but IVB inserts herself into everything.

No. 640449

I thought that had dried up by now. Didn’t she not pay taxes or something too?

No. 640469

File: 1531951597257.png (49.93 KB, 1040x180, 1531287953157.png)

We should have a thread for lolitacows at this point. IVB, Kate, and their whole posse belong on /snow/.

IVB is obsessed with the fact that her boyfriend is in the military and brings it up whenever possible. I used to follow her and she never brought up the military or patriotism or supporting our troops before she got together with her current bf.

No. 640471

I have a feeling kate is going to use being "queer" as a way to excuse all of the shitty parts of her personality and stupid things she has done in the past.

She's a spoiled trust fund baby who lives in SF, what do you expect?

No. 640472

>spoiled trust fund baby
huh, i had no idea. that explains how she's been able to constantly buy brand since she was a literal child.

No. 640474

I know two women that went through that shit. One woman found out her now ex-husband cheated when she was stationed away from the ex. IVB is spot-on being concerned.

I'm surprised there are spoiled trust fund babbies still living in SF. I thought the tech industry drove them out.

No. 640481

You're not from SF are you? There's still plenty of old money in the area, especially in North Bay (Sausalito, Tiburon, Napa, etc.) and in the Peninsula (especially Palo Alto).

No. 640506

File: 1531955249706.jpg (192.27 KB, 1080x629, Love.jpg)

Called it

No. 640507

We do have a thread for general lolita flakes.
Could always take convo not about Kate, but about the others there.

Btw, I'm not super versed in IG lingo but I saw in a /cgl/ IG thread some people talking about "pods", which are apparently groups of IGers with high-follow counts that are trying to get more, so they will comment on everyone in the group's pics to try and make them more visible or whatnot. Apparently a lot of the girls who comment on Kate's pics are in a pod together, and you can see that they all circlejerk with comments that are really pretty meaningless ("your hair looks cute!", "what a great coord", etc.). Like I said, I don't know much about that stuff and don't have actual caps but it seems likely to me that this is happening with a lot of more popular lolitas.

No. 640509

Actually, the thread talking about the pods is still up.

No. 640526


Honestly I feel so bad for her husband, it's pretty clear from the get-go she had a plan to lure him in and wrap her hands all over him. The cutesy-over bearing love messages on facebook from when they first started dating, etc.

I really hope that if they do divorce it doesn't sour the experience for him. He can find someone who will love him for who he is, not care only about his money, and for once support him emotionally/physically.

No. 640533

Oh shit I didn't even know that thread existed. Thanks anon!

But yeah, IG pods are a thing for lolitas and cosplayers. Even normies have IG pods. Basically the way it works is that
>IG's post algorithm shows posts with more interaction first
>form a pod and like and comment on each other's photos regularly
>IG's broken algorithm detects that as activity on photos
>IG will boost the photo in searches, on the discover page, and on people's timelines

IVB, K8, and another lolita that goes by Misfortuneee are in a pod together afaik. Their pod is probably bigger than that though.

No. 640554

I’m one of the anons who talked about it on cgl. Iirc it was hellobatty who brought it up recently, but I didn’t cap anything. It was basically a hey if you have 5k on insta let’s try out a pod again! kind of post.

Also there could easily be several ones out there. So someone like Kate may be in a few.

No. 640586

I knew it. She never posts about her husband and she stopped posting about her fugly cat after he was no longer a kitten.

What other milky posts are on her FB? No one posted much about the $7000 in back taxes or her AX posts

No. 640755

You're right she inherited money but why would I remember everything about Kate?

>$7000 in back taxes
lmao wtf

No. 640922

This reminds me of when LACE flopped and she declared that she was leaving the Western lolita community because everyone in it was toxic except her (but then crawled back several months later when she needed the attention again). She’s such a flawless, beautiful flower rising above the filthy plebs of this toxic world UwU

I think it’s odd how she’s constantly coming up with these contrived explanations for why she wears lolita. When she was making that documentary it was something about her illness and creating beauty in an ugly world, now it’s hyperfeminine overcompensation for her being ~genderqueer~ all along. Most lolitas, when you ask them why they wear it, will simply say “because I like it”. Isn’t that good enough?

No. 640928

I don't understand why she's coming out as genderqueer. She blatantly isn't - she wears lolita 24/7 and the only thing she's done that's remotely 'masculine' is cut her hair short, and that was out of necessity. This is fahr 2.0 and blatantly pandering. I'll believe her when she starts making an effort.

No. 640950

There's also chiffon.fleur, josinemaaike, mintkismet, robotic_girl, spiro_j, hellobatty, xsakisaki, bububun, fawndolly, cadney, tsumikko, x_haro_x, and fawndolly as far as I know. Pretty sure claire max and lor are in there too.
The majority of vanillabear's interaction is artificial since she's overall pretty dull.

No. 640965

Fawndolly doesn't have enough followers to be in their pod.

No. 640975

>I think it’s odd how she’s constantly coming up with these contrived explanations for why she wears lolita.

It's probably something to do with people she knows who aren't in the comm thinking lolita fashion (and jfash in general) is unusual. Maybe her family and friends have told her so in the past. Idk. I know when I was younger, I made all sorts of excuses about liking what I like to my family because of how basic they are and all of the "it's weird" comments from people I know. Although, I'd think she's long past that.

No. 640997

I noticed how often she writes that she "inspires people." To do what, exactly?

No. 641007

She inspires me to brush my wigs and not to rush putting on my eyeliner and eyebrows, kek

No. 641070

To wear less foundation so I don't look crusty like her.

No. 641078

I never understand that when she posts. Like, nothing she is doing in lolita is new or unique she's literally just wearing OTT sweet and she's pretty late for it to be "inspiring."

All the years watching her do anything for attention and fame in the community has been strange. She has nothing to offer anyone she just owns a lot of expensive brand and that isn't even impressive since she's not the only one.

No. 641107

>She has nothing to offer anyone she just owns a lot of expensive brand and that isn't even impressive since she's not the only one.

This. I don't understand why people still kiss up to her. She's full of shit and her "LOOK AT HOW MUCH BRAND I CAN SLAP ON MYSELF UWU" schtick has been played out.
There are Chinese and Japanese lolitas that I follow on Instagram that have as much brand as Kate and know how to keep their coords tasteful.

No. 641136

She forgot to pay taxes on a inheratance she got from her dad when he passed

No. 641184


No. 641198

She inspires me not to put my dirty shoes on my dresses when taking floordinate shots.

No. 641206

No I think she was just oblivious to things like that, since she grew up not having to worry or know how to handle money.

No. 641803

Very subjective info but I got major gay vibes from her at Nekocon

No. 642256

That doesn’t matter- the truth is any trained person with some insight to what’s going on in her life can clearly see she’s doing all this for attention/to rebel against her husband. He moves her to a place for a job he ends up quitting, she’s not happy about it. She plays victim due to her illnesses and mental state- always claiming people oppress her for wearing Lolita including her husband who desperately wants to steal Lolita from her lol. I can tell you what’s gonna happen, she’s gonna leave him to take a break, and he’ll probably take her back after a while. They do this bit for a hot moment then he finally gets fed up with her, leaves her for a Normie and she pulls the “uh he left me!!! He’s so evil” card. The poor dude is probably going to pay out the as in the divorce proceedings and never be able to get married again due to the trauma.

All while Katie gets all the attention she wants, dates another genderqueer and boasts about how much she’s suffered being married to such an abusive jerk.

No. 642279

Genderqueer is supposedly a gender identity, completely unrelated to sexuality. She can be gay and acknowledge the fact she's a woman but that's apparently not special enough.

No. 642282

I assumed it was k8 who wanted to move to LA, you know for all the ig clout and """networking"""

No. 642388

He made a huge mistake marrying her. He is going to ruin his life if he tries to divorce her, she will take everything he's got and run his name in the dirt at the same time.

No. 642393

Tinfoil but maybe she's selling all that stuff on lacemarket (and it's a lot of high-priced shit) so she can move out and get separated.

No. 642442

Tinfoil pt 2 but maybe she’s been self posting about herself here to gain more attention after coming out.

No. 642468

What's her lacemarket account? Just curious

And I wonder why she didn't bother to save money after getting inheritance money

No. 642470

I honestly hope he was smart enough to get a prenup.

No. 642473

She's obviously too stupid to know about inherentance tax so it's not above her to not think about her future and savings. Sorry for double post.

No. 642515

It's all pretty much priced over market value last time I looked.

No. 642846

You really don't understand people if you think someone would move their entire life for ig cloud, not to mention her husband would never go along with that.

No. 642887

No. 642893

People move to LA with the hopes of becoming famous all the time. Not to mention it was super easy for her husband to get a tech job in Cali rather than bum fuck PA.

No. 642924

This. It's obvious her husband tries to be supportive and LA isn't exactly a jobless suburb. It's obvious why she wanted to move.

No. 642999

There are quite a few items that she's selling that are priced at way over market value. She's also selling a BTSSB necklace that was a gift with purchase lmao.

I'm surprised she chose to move to LA rather than SF. SF is where all the burando stores are at. SF would've been a smart career move for her husband too since he works in tech.

No. 643029

LA just seems more of an iconic choice. Like in the movies where you move to LA to persue your dreams. Not like she thinks before she acts anyway.

No. 644281

No milk, but Kate's husband is aparently sick.

No. 644381

???? Sick with what

No. 644429

He woke up and realised he married Lolita Tori Spelling.

No. 644488

Sick of her?

No. 645131

Her husband is "very sick" and she is still making it all about her. Smh, not like you have a job you have to go into every day. Go home and be with your husband Kate.

No. 645347

What’s he sick with? Anyone got screencaps?

No. 645866

File: 1532419519985.png (47.9 KB, 640x274, IMG_7422.PNG)

Old but she clearly is bothered by us

No. 645938

>implying Misako gives a shit about her crusty ass

Most embarrassing behavior

No. 646083

Eh she's just inviting more anon talk, she was already outed for selfposting for attention on cgl so she just wants to be talked about, which I guess she succeeds in doing.

No. 646170

File: 1532458004927.png (1.02 MB, 720x959, 20180724_194556.png)

Possibly about her husband?

No. 646226

What the fuck, what is she ten years old? She’s married for fucks sake. I wonder if she pressured her husband into marrying her or he really was that dumb to ask her to marry him.

No. 646246

She said on her facebook that he was back in Pittsburgh being taken care of by his parents. Whatever it is, it must be serious if he had to fly home.

No. 646276

Yeah, she's also selling some more stuff to help pay rent.

She said on FB, she may have to move back to PA, but who knows how true that is.

No. 646339

She posted on fb asking if anyone knows about bipolar disorder right after saying her husband was sick, so I think he’s having a mental break down? Not sure why she didn’t leave to go to PA as well if he’s sick and she doesn’t have a job.

Sounds more like something is going on in the relationship and it might be a coverup but who knows.

No. 646347

This is an image board. Post caps

No. 646366

File: 1532470044759.png (90.48 KB, 1080x707, Screenshot_20180724-170650.png)

Here you go friend.

No. 646370

Aaand her friends are suggesting a gofundme. Is she gonna pull a Kelly Eden?

No. 646376

Wouldn't be surprised if she was the one who pressured him into doing it tbh. She pushes him around so much.

All of her friends are efame-hungry moochers so I'm not surprised that they suggested that she beg for money despite that she has stuff that she can sell to cover costs by herself.

No. 646380

If only she had some sort of fund or inheritance saved for such an ocassion…

No. 646381

Well fools and their money.

Maybe people just do it for the social gratification, like they want to feel they played a part in something.
"Hey I was one of the anons who helped save Krusty Kate 2018!!"

I just don't know why people would do it for someone who will show minimal gratitude and never give anything back. If she treated her husband as shitty, can't imagine how vacant she'll be towards generous strangers.

But either way, I hope she sells every last lolita piece. A lesson learned perhaps.

No. 646396

I wonder if she will list market value this time, or try to get away with scalping it like normal.
>the value increases because it's K8's makeup stains all over it and not some commoner's!

No. 646436

Regarding being bipolar, I'm almost positive that's in reference to Kate herself. She posted about it on instagram as well, something about how she's afraid she has it because she's depressed + it crops up in women in their mid 20s randomly. Sorry for no cap, since it was awhile ago. It has nothing to do with her husband.

If you look above, we were already talking about her uploading items recently well over market value.

Maybe I'm being speculative but if her husband is truly sick, shouldn't he be trying to get paid leave or something? Why is she scrounging for money? Or is the rumor true he actually quit his job.

No. 646440

Yes anon, but she is planning to unload more clothing to help pay rent/bills/ect. If her situation is really in need we would assume she would price items to sell, so we'll see what happens.

Her hubs worked for a start up so she is claiming he did not have any benefits. If they're not insured how is she paying for her er visits and medications?

No. 646688

If she's 26 or under she might still be on her parents' insurance. Either that or her parents pay for her medical bills, they are loaded. K8 blew her inheritance from her dad on clothes and a trip to japan but he probably left the majority of his money to her mom who was hopefully much less stupid with it.

I'm sure her mom probably sends her money every month. If her husband was the only one making an income and he was just working for a startup there's no way they'd be able to afford an apartment in little tokyo. One bedroom apartments there start at $2000 a month.

No. 646689

File: 1532503447308.png (42.19 KB, 387x320, LT.png)

kek i was just looking for prices of apartments in little tokyo and i'm pretty sure i found the exact building she lives in. The kitchen is identical to the one in the background of her pics and videos. I won't post it obviously because personal information but for sure she's paying at least $2100 a month in rent for 650 square feet, assuming they have a one bedroom.

No. 646755

Husband is almost definitely having a meltdown.
Imagine it. Working to support yourself and your wife, wife is chronically ill, all your wife does is act kawaii online for internet points, she blew all the money she actually had for herself on clothes and fucked up the taxes on it, he's probably trying to help her with that since she doesn't have a job.

Add in the recent announcement of her being "queer" (probaby also for internet asspats), her past evidence of being emotionally distant (not contacting him at all when she was in Japan), impulsive (spending big $$ on clothes and Pom without thinking ahead), and goodness knows how much shit is going on offline that we don't know about, the guy was going to crack sooner or later.

I hope I'm reading into this too much and that he's okay, but that's the impression I'm getting.

No. 646774

I highly doubt her husband accepted a job in LA without health insurance. I know both of them from the pgh comm and they both have many health issues. He also got offered a job at Google here so he could have stayed and had all the benefits.

He would have made it really well here and I am convinced she persuaded him to move there to help her live her dream when all she’s done the past year is post on IG for clout and made 3 YouTube videos when she doesn’t have a real job. I feel so bad for him and hope he can make it out. She really is a monster.

No. 646777

Who the hell turns down a job at Google?

No. 646793

Someone who wants a life outside of Google? There’s a reason why Google gives a lot of perks to their employees…they want you to practically live at work.

No. 646805

Yeah but if you live in that area, you may as well work there for a bit if they offer you a job. You could work anywhere after with that experience.

No. 646829


But that's what startups are too? They're traps set lure in brilliant but new talent. They get over worked and underpaid. Most don't have benefits because they're tiny small businesses. At least Google is resume candy.

Damn, it's been wild watching this unfold. I knew this was going to explode and wanted to warn him about Tech startups and how they're scams, but Kate was a bitch to the comm so… Kek.

No. 646858

I distinctly remember her husband having a job that had to do with healthcare. The whole reason she went on that trip to Nepal was because her husband was speaking at a global healthcare conference in Kathmandu.

Back in early May she posted a Patreon for her husband. It said he was a project administrator of OpenEMR.

He worked in the healthcare business, how could he have no healthcare?

No. 646863

Maybe he's gone home to his parents to get away from her?

No. 646950

Just like you can work at a Louis Vuitton store and not be able to afford to buy the products.

Iirc he worked on the tech/admin side of things, it was just healthcare related.

No. 647079

Excuse you anon. She's made 4 whole youtube videos and she clearly worked harder than you ever have in your entire life on them. Do you know how hard it is to crust your face with makeup and take things out of a box in front of a camera?

No. 647480

this makes me even more sadder. he's sick too? wow the dude has nobody to turn to :(

No. 647506

>He would have made it really well here and I am convinced she persuaded him to move there to help her live her dream when all she’s done the past year is post on IG for clout and made 3 YouTube videos when she doesn’t have a real job.

Living in LA can be great only if you have a good paying job w/benefits to work there. It's not as expensive as SF, but the COL will be vastly higher compared to Pittsburgh. I was skeptical about Kate moving with her husband to LA in the first place. She has no job and she would be better off living in Pittsburgh. I learned recently that my bf is moving to Seattle, but with my line of work, I cannot move with him atm. It's a LDR rn. It may or may not work out as I'm building my career. My hope is to move out there in a year once I get my licensing.

>The whole reason she went on that trip to Nepal was because her husband was speaking at a global healthcare conference in Kathmandu.

Why would you do this? He's an adult, you're an adult.

No. 647560

Idk if my SO was going to Nepal and I had a chance, I would go too.

No. 647607

that's true, I don't blame her for that. what does enrage anons is she wore Lolita for 90% of the trip instead of enjoying it like a normal person. (though she did dress up quite nicely for the actual thing, giving the impression he has a hot american wife)

No. 647619

what does enrage anons is she wore Lolita for 90% of the trip instead of enjoying it like a normal person

def. traveled to Italy for a week. when i packed, it didn't bring any lolita to wear sans some indie brand bloomers.

No. 647622

But it's her ~lifestyle~ how can you expect her to be anything but kawaii 100% of the time?

No. 647634

>But it's her ~lifestyle~ how can you expect her to be anything but kawaii 100% of the time?

will she be kawaii 100% of the time when she's homeless on Skid Row in 6 months?

No. 647669

>though she did dress up quite nicely for the actual thing, giving the impression he has a hot american wife
>hot american wife
anon, she wears all those frills to disguise the fact that she looks like a club foot

No. 648393

Well duh, that’s why I’m saying she actually played her part

No. 648399

Honestly people in a lot of other countries think average white girls are cute. See all those white models in Japan. Even in America a meh girl can look good when dressed up.

No. 648745

File: 1532697371457.png (125.37 KB, 640x848, IMG_1813.PNG)

Here are some old caps that bugged me. She really thought she would *~slay~* with other LA girls when she moved there kek

No. 648746

File: 1532697421425.png (106.8 KB, 640x789, IMG_1814.PNG)

No. 648747

File: 1532697495977.png (64.38 KB, 640x497, IMG_2555.PNG)

In response to annoying children iirc

No. 648769

File: 1532701903238.jpeg (64.15 KB, 591x596, E28F7CF9-F6A6-415F-B918-411700…)

Would she bring back the Skype tea party as a perk for her $300 patrons?

(I couldn’t find caps of the Indiegogo page but here’s a secret about it)

No. 648783

Kind of wonder what the handmade surprise would've been

No. 648805

Wow. People I know who know her always maintain she’s a very sweet person but holy hell she truly is a first-class bitch.

No. 649004

She just cut all her expensive lacemarket listings in half.

No. 649009

I wonder if it's because they desperately need the money or if it's because no one in the community wants to buy her shit because it touched her.

No. 649037

It's an act. She does not care about anyone but herself. She is one of the most self centered people I have ever met.

No. 649045

Half of the dresses she’s selling I’ve never even seen her wear. That $1200 wedding dress, has she ever worn it?

No. 649049

Probably both. I was thinking i could get a sweet deal but even with the discount it's probably cheaper to go to lacemarket still.

lol how delusional

No. 649050

It's really sad how terrible with her money she is. Why didn't she put some into savings so she wouldn't be dealing with this situation? I think there are a lot of lolitas who want to live beyond their means for e-fame.

No. 649061

"Give me money every month so I can buy more clothes and take pictures in them."

No. 649175

Isn’t saying people should die a threat?

No. 649197

Hopefully her husband doesn't want any children kek

No. 649273

Not to be an asshole, but there's literally a pic of her wearing it in the listing.

No. 649544

File: 1532793948771.png (42.66 KB, 1080x312, Screenshot.png)

No. 649567

she was probably going to wear it at her wedding, but her husband, parent, and in-laws said no

No. 649584

this was at a time when she didn't need money. cause I would've bought the private makeup class. have you seen her without makeup? she applies the makeup almost like a mask. it stays put allday. if she would've let ego slide and sold it for under $60 it would've sold.

No. 649588

tons of people take a quick photo then take it off. i always assume that unless there's a meet or non-selfie pic.

No. 649596

Would you really have paid $60 for her to show you how to smear lipgloss onto a wig and cover her cuticles in nail polish? Her makeup is some of the worst I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen some shit.

No. 649613

They must love her at the ER.

No. 649619

I’m almost positive that pic is from a con.

No. 649661

It was from Tekko this year. She was upset she didn't win the coordinate contest at the tea.

No. 650014

She's cluster B, I guarantee it. He chained himself to a living, breathing part of hell. I see him pulling an hero just to get away from her constant OTT dramuh.

Let's not forgot she's also utterly insane.

No. 650032

Lol, bitch Uber.

No. 650348

ItS tOo ExPeNsIvE

No. 650364

No, she has to make a huge spectacle about it by posting on Facebook rather than texting or calling the people she trusts. She has to make sure everyone is aware she's in the hospital too.

No. 650891

File: 1532937659322.png (61.9 KB, 640x688, IMG_4409.PNG)

Her comment is so ironic it hurts

No. 650899

Who are they talking about?
>making fun of someone’s extensions and calling them a “nightmare human being”
That’s not very LACE of you, Kate UnU

No. 650905

Not really, they're just money sinks who may or may not be legit.

No. 651281

Imagine getting married to be a literal Uber to a narcissist hypochondriac

No. 651559

I think they were talking about tana mongeau so yeah, actual nightmare human being. Also this is super old.

No. 652398

Did anything actually happen to her?

No. 652421

File: 1533071129619.png (609.54 KB, 739x547, unflattery.png)

that smile looks so awkward

No. 652471

Her face looks really different here.

No. 654081

Your husband is fed up with your shit and you claim you need to go to the hospital. But first, let me post on Instagram

No. 656050

File: 1533341586319.png (177.63 KB, 640x807, IMG_7571.PNG)

She's selling this dress on her Facebook Sales album and Lace Market. She won't wash it before mailing it, just read her LM feedback. Further proof that she's disgusting

No. 656603

she's filming a new video according to her IG stories

No. 656625

silly anon, that's only because she knows her fans want her original flavor to remain!

No. 657234

File: 1533483130241.jpg (70.93 KB, 950x1094, FB_IMG_1533483034303.jpg)

From facebook

>I filmed something for a new YouTube series yesterday! I hope they decide to air my episode! I also ran into Sean Chong-Umeda who was filming his episode too LOL pastel friends stick together!!!!

Trying to worm her way back into the limelight?

No. 657509

File: 1533514072613.png (1.28 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7614.PNG)

It seems so. I found this on chiffon's story

No. 657554

File: 1533518464649.jpg (118.17 KB, 1027x354, uri_mr1533518390525.jpg)

No. 657577

Oh, you'll be okay. $15 isn't that much. I'm sure you're overcharging on shipping anyway, Kate.

No. 657795

The $500 was likely much more than she paid for it. Stop scalping your dirty shitty clothes

No. 657801

>15$ is an insane fee!!

Go to school. Get a job. Do ANYTHING that isn't reselling pieces and collecting special buckz while you try to stay relevant on social media and reach for tacky reality shows to do a special on you.
(Every alt girl tries to jump on some TLC tier show just to have some lime light, How do none of them feel shame/embarassment? Its essentially social suicide)

No. 657803

That’s only 3%. What a fucking baby.
If the dress was worth $750, why did it sell for only $500? Or was it “worth” $750 because she’s worn it?

No. 657844

She's trying to brag about having preshus "rare" burando… why else did she bother mentioning the original price

No. 657846

So apparently her husband came out as genderqueer as well and also is Bipolar [as Kate’s always mentioned being]. I’m curious 1) did she claim to have this to mimic her husband 2) are the both equally nutty? 3) how long until this marriage ends?

No. 657858

Receipts? Was this really the family emergency or what?

No. 658094

Chiffon is another lolcow in the making. Shoops herself to hell and rents her "luxury" bags.

No. 658111

Holy shit looks like Katie ran off after his confession

No. 658120

File: 1533587576339.png (399.69 KB, 576x581, Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 1.31…)

Who is Sean Chong-Umeda? Is he a notable J-fashion guy? I only recognize his name because he bought some off of me from ebay a few months ago.

No. 658121

Her facial expression always really annoys me.

No. 658225

No. 658343

She's fake and everything she does is for IG clout. She bought most of her followers.

He's a nobody. He won the Kawaii International photo contest and that's all. I've never seen him at any LA events and he isn't involved in the Jfashion comm

No. 658348

File: 1533599389467.png (166.65 KB, 640x617, IMG_7602.PNG)

ur so xxedgyxx taking photos in the CVS wine aisle!! Are you planning to become the wine guzzling soccer mom type due to your current midlife crisis?

No. 658357

well kate, if you were smart you could calculate the fee in and add it to your selling price and sa "no fee".

No. 658363

But the real question is has she ever tweezed her eyebrows yet??

No. 658377

She grossly overprices her items from what I saw before she knocked them down.

No. 658472

>her husband came out as genderqueer
does this mean her husband will start wearing lolita too?

No. 658529

>I wore lolita so people wouldn't think I'm gay

No. 658541

I'd be interested in more on her. I used to follow her ig when she did larme but then she delved into doing boring normie shoots with luxury brand plugs and that same stank expression.

No. 658544

It means they can start referring to themselves as a “queer couple” despite being 100% straight.

No. 658583

This is hilarious considering the numbers of lesbian/bi lolitas out there. Not to mention the fact that gender identity is unrelated to sexuality. Sounds like an asspull to me.

No. 658696

Just like her BFF Pixielocks I guess?

No. 658697

File: 1533655486042.jpg (111.39 KB, 934x960, 38639254_10156395541762527_567…)

No. 658705

Who is girl on the left, where are her lips, why is she orange?

No. 658753

File: 1533659915460.jpg (49.75 KB, 501x534, 1533655486042.jpg)

>mfw k8 does something attention-seeking yet again

No. 659218

She looks ROUGH hahaha get this girl some caffeine and a lipgloss

No. 659446

Make sure to glob up the lip gloss all up in her hair, Kate wouldn't want it any other way.

No. 659489

fuck doesn't kate realize that red lipstick 1 looks bad on her and 2 looks bad with lolita if she's not wearing red?

No. 659613

Her lips are fine but damn she does look orange

No. 659893

File: 1533766183190.png (39.27 KB, 1080x288, Screenshot_20180808-170920.png)

Kate's back home.

No. 659894

File: 1533766255552.png (49.01 KB, 1080x752, Screenshot_20180808-171017.png)

Also lots of vague posting.

No. 660004

No, she's still in L.A. She's asking people from Pittsburgh to fly to L.A. to help her. Why would she expect people to fly across the country for her? Can't her L.A. friends help her? Help her do what?

No. 660005

Kek did her husband finally decide that he wants a divorce? I wouldn't be surprised if that's what all of her vague posts are about

No. 660057

My bet is she needs help moving?

No. 660240

Uhhh if she's so rich can't she just hire a moving company? Oh wait, that would mean she'd have less money to spend on burando. And she's probably too ~chronically ill~ to pack boxes by herself.

No. 660244

Speculating here but her husband probably wants a divorce or a break/won't give her money anymore

No. 660311

she is soooooo thirsty for attention. fucking begging for asspats and a "oh no whats wrong ill protect you uwu" give me a break kate no one actually feels sorry for you for being fucking stupid

No. 660404

She doesn't have friends in LA. She just takes pictures with Nina and Claire for Instagram clout

No. 660437


I don't think theres anyone in PGH that would put their lives on hold for her either.

The only person I could think of is the crazy goose girl, but she's also one of those 'chronically ill' special snowflakes.

No. 660966

File: 1533868549438.png (414.65 KB, 321x615, hidolls.png)

more sob stories

No. 660969

File: 1533868662867.png (391.44 KB, 325x625, decisions.png)

No. 660972

It has to be a divorce.

No. 660973

File: 1533869054939.png (414.07 KB, 321x619, heyimonkofi.png)

i was thinking that too

No. 660975

File: 1533869157598.png (215.6 KB, 321x621, kofilink.png)

she's telling her uses to give her money via kofi

No. 660976

File: 1533869163253.png (387.98 KB, 1074x1388, Screenshot_20180809-214547.png)


No. 660977

Praying its divorce cause I live for when the jfashionistas with no employment loose their special buckz, it means they end up either
A: Milkier
B: shaping up and abandoning their bs web world for the sake of being an adult.

No. 660978

File: 1533869275132.png (390.7 KB, 325x617, closefriends.png)

last story for now (i think)

No. 660982

i'm gonna pick A cause that's what happened to other jfashionistas. there's no going to B

No. 660983

4 people have actually sent her money already…

No. 660985

She asks for money then posts pics of her food at laduree.

No. 660987

Ofc it's vanilla bear does

No. 661006

Which fashionistas have been divorced? Just wondering.

Wouldn't it be better to put a paypal personal link? Doesn't kofi charge a fee?

No. 661088

It's great that she got a ton of money through her family as an inheritance, blew through it all in a year or two, plus she still has a ton of lolita which she could easily sell, and she expects other people to pay for her mistakes through kofi?

No. 661136

I don’t think a “message of kindness” is money, Kate

No. 661142

of course anon. i bet her husband often refused to take a lot of pictures of her in various dresses posed with her cat after he came home from work!

me$$age of kindne$$

No. 661165

She’s definitely making it sound like she was unsafe with her husband. Probably because that's the best way to bring in donations.

No. 661218

Psychologically speaking, how will these captions placed over pictures of her wearing expensive clothing going to convince strangers that she desperately needs donated money?

I see a spoiled girl who can't handle having to tone down her lifestyle and live humbly in leaner times.

No. 661314


No. 661322

To add to my capslock rage, does anybody who's friends with Kate on FB or IRL know if she's ever had any sort of job in her life? She's like 25-28 years old, has she ever done any work other than ~~modeling~~?

No. 661325

Ok, I get that things can be tough. I get that maybe she's not in a healthy enough place to work (though if she's still going out in lolita and taking pictures I think shes probably well enough for at least a part time job).
But it grinds my gears that she expects people to give her money when she has thousands of dollars in lolita. She may have to take a hit and not get what she thinks the value is (because she apparently inflates it) but isn't any money better than no money and a dress? Does this girl just really have zero sense of responsibility and the value of money?

No. 661339

You mean lower the prices. The audacity of this bitch to overcharge for dirty dresses then beg for donations. I am hoping the anon who said this cow had no more milk is choking on their words kek

No. 661356

I honestly can't deal with shit like this. Either explain your situation or keep it off the Internet. The fact that her story after asking for ko-fi donations was treating her mom to macarons also really rubbed me the wrong way.

No. 661362

“Like what I do?”
…which is what, exactly?

No. 661384

the vagueness is really really annoying

No. 661399

>Which fashionistas have been divorced? Just wondering.

Mentioned earlier in the thread. Ellejay comes to mind.

No. 661417

This girl needs to either take a long break from her marriage and reevaluate what she wants in life (as Lolita fashion has clearly consumed her entire life and it’s clearly ruined her finances/situation), or get a divorce and keep on keeping. We can’t say for certain if she still loves her husband (they were super lovely dovey when they first got together before the marriage), or if she was simply using him from the getgo. But it’s become painfully obvious that being in this fashion is ruining her life and causing her to lose herself as a person. Sure you could say her husband is to blame too, but after years of dealing with shit you’d break too and probably slowly morph into a drama queen too if you were living with one 24/7.

No. 661697

Now she's out to dinner. Like girl if you're asking for money from strangers don't post pics of you eating out at nice places??

No. 661701

Thinking about calling her out on Behind the Bows

No. 661734

Please do. I was going to make a secret as well.

No. 661777

File: 1533944573942.png (1.21 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7650.PNG)

I'm tired of people giving summaries of her pictures and posts in this thread. This is an image board, post pictures or screen grabs

Here is the picture you dropped

No. 661782

Her mom lives in PA, right? Hopefully she just meant she took her there, not treated her. Because she can't be that dense.

No. 661784

Maybe she should try that $300 skype tea party again lol

No. 661797

this is the one in NYC in Soho on Broadway iirc. why is she paling around with her mom in nyc spending tons of money having tea?

No. 661800

Kate must be in LA. there's 2 Laduree outlets.

No. 661819

Because she posts like 6 pictures "explaining her situation" and I don't want to screenshot them all to explain something that can be said in two sentences.

No. 661832

If you can't post receipts save your time and dont comment. Half this thread was people claiming what she posted with nothing to back it up. No one wants your tldr version

No. 662020

I can see when people SS my stories, isn't that awkward? Can't she see who you guys are?

No. 662073

I can't defend Kate's behavior otherwise, but I can understand this since I have similar issues–chronic illness is rough to begin with, but digestive chronic illness is really rough and makes it super difficult to stick to a predetermined schedule, and most jobs don't let you come in "when you can," you must be scheduled. It's pretty difficult to find jobs which allow remote work/flexibility from the get-go too unless you're a freelancer.

It makes sense that she can go to events, go out and take photos, etc. but wouldn't be able to hold down a job. Day-long modeling gigs can be rescheduled if she's having a flare up or a bad day illnesswise.

No. 662100

Honestly there are so many jobs with flex hours, home office and a bunch of other perks you can use to manage a chronic illnesses. Its just most Jfash people either stopped their education at hs because they forget their family is financially supporting them and hope their e-fame somehow grows into an actual income.
That or they get ridiculously useless art degrees/fashion degrees that they again find no actual work to apply it to, its always jobs they could have gotten just from having an internet presence ie con jobs, "modeling" jobs (for cons), being "ambassadors" and other things that add up to pennies.

She could make a bunch of money in many stem fields where she has the right to sit inside all day minding her bussiness but it all takes an education or some form of inuition and drive to learn tools which honestly has never been there lmfao

(Saging the mini rant but its an honest to god problem specially in these niche communities with people getting hugboxed for their illnesses when theres so many options that can literally get you up in 800k a yr from sitting on your ass with health insurance on lock down, but god forbid they don't have time for lewlita, convenshuns and doing their makeup at 3pm cause nobody judges them for being a lazy bum with whack time schedules that are whack for no other reason than them being spoiled which in their heads is just being 'understood' and getting their 'needs' met for such difficultTM chronic/mental/physical illnesses)

No. 662106

File: 1533991116228.jpeg (756.65 KB, 1242x1061, 85194113-A132-4167-87F6-6E38D3…)

She did post about hanging out with goose and Claire so I guess those are the only friends she has right now. Must be desperate. Claire vaguebooking may be notable here.

No they don’t. Insta said they tried it out for a bit but that isn’t a feature for stories right now. Unless you got sent it personally, that always told you about screenshots

No. 662111

I wasn't on mobile, but yes, that is the post. It's all the same shit reiterated anyway.

If she's her friend, why not send her this in private? Who's this for?

No. 662112

They’re a bunch of drama queens and Claire has Matt added on fbook. She’s obviously sending someone messages

No. 662158

Even on PC?

No. 662264

Aw, no secrets about Kate? I was hoping some salt would make it over there.

No. 662267

I was going to but I couldn't think of a good way to word it. There's always next week I guess?

No. 662295

You were right. Goose is either in LA or Kate is in Pittsburgh. They're hanging out.

No. 662299

File: 1534015111848.jpg (117.54 KB, 639x440, 0637787.jpg)

There's one.

No. 662368

File: 1534021137103.jpeg (119.7 KB, 540x960, B83705C0-8B20-4AE7-B164-743CA1…)

Goose is bat shit crazy, I can’t imagine willingly wanting to hang out with her. Such efame whores

No. 662431

Her mom have swooped in and saved her. She’s probably back in PGH because Goose is broke from moving every few months.

No. 662477

she can't be in PGH. looking at her stories, it appears that she's at Claire's crib. Goose's hangers are red and the hangers in the story are green.

No. 662523

Goose is in LA, she made an IG story about a sudden trip. No screencap because the story expired. Probably responded to Kate's call for help here >>659893.

No. 662529

The hangers in the story are pink and they’re the same ones Claire has in her wardrobe video. She also posted snaps of Claire’s cat so it’s a good bet that’s where they are.

No. 663289

She went to Rose Blanc Tea Room with the girls pictured and a couple of local lolitas. Where is she getting the funds to go to these tea places? Thats two in two days? She can't be that hard pressed for cash

No. 663474

This is so fucking weird, why would you publicly post about someone ELSE'S problems like that when they're not even talking about them themselves?

This reeks of attention-seeking and I'm willing to bet that K8 is encouraging her to do this kind of stuff for direct more pity towards her.

No. 663571

Oh I guarantee Kate was there when she posted it. An anon said Claire has Kate’s husband as a friend on fb too so it’s like a double edged thing of encouraging people to pity Kate and stabbing into Matt or whatever his name is

No. 664017

File: 1534212703577.png (1.26 MB, 1977x2048, Screenshot_20180813-210939.png)

Wtf happened to not having any money? Too cheap ass to spend money on a hotel, but still want to travel for "self discovery".

No. 664039

Sounds like she's driving back home to the East Coast and is trying to get her fans to let her stay with them rather than getting hotels.

It definitely seems like her husband either told her he's filing for divorce or kicked her out, and instead of just lying low and trying to deal with it, she has to keep up her kawaii ugu image on social media.

No. 664049

Does she even own a car?

No. 664088

What the hell hahaha I feel sorry for the idiots who donated to her ko-fi. Getting kicked out of your ex husbands house and forced to couch surf your way back to Pittsburg is so uwu kuhwai

No. 664094

Man, this is weird as fuck. Is she going to be lugging around a Uhaul while hanging out with friends? Why not just get one of those shipping containers to pack her crap up in and then fly home to save the stress of DRIVING ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE COUNTRY.

Still not totally sure if her and Matt are divorcing, by the way. Didn't he go back home to Pittsburgh? Maybe she was left in charge of dealing with the move after his breakdown.

No. 664281

I highly doubt that she's gonna crash at some stranger's house.
>ends up at creepy pedo's house
>gets molested
>"send me money to recover from the pain!!!"

seriously why did she ask for money? for all of this? wow what a massive ass

No. 664406

Think about it, she's always gotten away with everything, so she's going to keep milking thirsty fans for all they're worth.

People are so starry-eyed over her colorful shooped insta posts that they'd probably fucking throw themselves into traffic to help her live her ~kawaii desu~ lifestyle.

She got away with the LACE bullshit, she got away with selfposting to cgl, she got away with saying the whole western community was nasty and toxic, she bought a kitten mill cat, cut her husband off while on her kawaii nihon holiday, she's clearly started running out of luck with her husband but even still, people are just handing her money. Even if he won't put up with her anymore, plenty of people will.
A large fanbase will often have a collectively short memory unless the person has done something absolutely reprehensible.

No. 664523

The worst part was she just got married! All of this behavior screams to me she got married too young, is too immature and is now having these ‘I need to discover myself’ moments because 1) she has no personality and nothing special to her outside of Lolita and 2) she’s literally let a fucking fashion style morally and financially ruin her

No. 664686

File: 1534292594916.jpg (956.83 KB, 1080x1794, uri_mh1534292566165.jpg)

What would the tutorial be? How to shove as many bows on your wig as possible? At least brush your curls.

No. 664742

At least it would be a short tutorial. Buy overpriced wig online, never take care of it because life is haaaard.

No. 664928

No because you didn't style that wig at all and its only cheap $1 ribbons pinned on your head?

No. 664941

What the fuck is she doing? This is all so messy. If she trying to go back to PA, those stops seem like a detour?

No. 665033

Sounds like she wants to use people for a free place to crash so she doesn't have to pay for her road trip.

No. 665115

File: 1534337847633.jpg (920.79 KB, 1152x1912, uri_mh1534337667964.jpg)

Glad to see you're spending your money wisely k8. Buying cheap sunglasses and eating out

No. 665125

It's so trashy to post this while begging for money, jesus christ

No. 665133

Gosh, I thought all the milk had dried out by the time I emailed the director. Literally never thought that Kate would have any more scandal left in her, but this takes it to a new level. I have no respect for her and I don't know how anyone can support her. I can't look away but gosh, it's just so disturbing how someone can be so disingenuous and shameless.

No. 665137

She must be trolling at this point. I refuse to believe any mentally sound-ish adult is this naturally tonedeaf.

No. 666166

File: 1534420263033.png (761.5 KB, 2048x1823, Screenshot_20180816-064957.png)

No. 666170

it's trashy to post this in general tbh.

maybe she just has loads of autism.

No. 666171

did he try to off himself then?

No. 666172

did he try to off himself then?

No. 666181

The vagueposting she's doing is killing me. Either post openly about shit, or keep it private properly.
Sort of worried it's something like that if he's had a nervous breakdown.

No. 666187

Can't cap because it was on her story and expired, but a few weeks ago she posted about her husband being sexually assaulted and having to go to hospital. I found it pretty weird and distasteful to share with her 30k followers but I feel like that might be a rough aftermath.

Sage for no proof

No. 666192

I remember that post. It was super distasteful to share his personal issue with her world. Just another reason why to leave her.

No. 666200

File: 1534425276938.jpg (113.42 KB, 1076x391, 20180816_091340.jpg)

No. 666207


>husbands been assaulted, better tell the world so I get pitty points!

Yikes, this poor dude! He probably got nasty pms over this too ugh

No. 666221

So fucked. Why would you broadcast that? I feel so bad for him.

No. 666224

Making it all about you. Again.

No. 666631

File: 1534464594166.png (3.07 MB, 1240x2048, Screenshot_20180816-190815.png)

Posting old photos to show how much she loves her husband uwu

No. 666690

is it me or does her husband look like he's literally 18

No. 666866


he's way cuter than her, lmao

No. 666897

He looks like a nerdy manbaby. They both look like autists so they're made for eachother

No. 666951

Maybe it's a cultural thing, but it sounds weird that she'd refer to him as "my husband" on a personal facebook instead of by his name.

No. 666976

Lmao okay how about
>focus on Kate
>and don’t talk about Matt bc he literally is not involved in the Lolita community he just has the misfortune of being married to a batshit crazy lady

No. 666983

Any follow up? Sage for no contribution

No. 667010

nah. it's cause kate's personal fb is full of people she's only friended through lolita. i doubt she even interacts with half the people on her fb.

No. 667015

Absolutely this. Even if he IS a nerdy manbaby, he's not the one ebegging and looking for attention and sympathy on the internet.

No. 667084

Wasn't she posting "bows before boys" before this? Make up your mind.

No. 667265

She's just regurgitating whatevers popular at the moment. Sunnies, slay, yas, queen, etc. she doesn't have an original thought ever

No. 667620

File: 1534600928807.png (276.44 KB, 2048x717, Screenshot_20180818-090133.png)

No. 667643

What is she eluding to now? God, she's like a bad Youtube clickbait title.

No. 668454

File: 1534715735985.jpg (259.28 KB, 1080x1688, 1534715596560.jpg)

More glasses

No. 668668

at least they aren't those shitty fake gucci knock offs she was spamming for a while

No. 669121

File: 1534804312503.jpg (23.95 KB, 480x640, YSL Loulou.jpg)

>making a reference to the novel Lolita

They're still shitty knockoffs. Pic related are the original ones.

No. 669122

I meant to sage that. Forgive me, anons.

No. 669156

File: 1534808692152.png (202.79 KB, 1080x1315, Screenshot_20180820-184252.png)

No. 669174

jesus kate. just cause you don't want to dress like a fluffy cake every day and would rather wear comfy "androgynous" shit (read leggings and tshirts) doesn't mean you need to pat yourself on the back about it.

No. 669184

Why are grown women going through Tumblr phases? This reminds me OfHerbsAndAltars who is literally a 30 something-year-old fakeboi, kek.

No. 669216

It's okay to want to wear pants sometimes, Kate. It doesn't mean you're not a woman. What the fuck kind of logic is this?

No. 669254

if her husband is divorcing her (and good for him if he is) then i wonder what she will have to do to make a living now. does this chick have any skills?

Who wants to bet she never read the book? Comparing yourself to the main character is really trash regardless

what the fuck

No. 669779

How long is Goose staying with Kate?

No. 670024

Until she is able to successfully crawl up her ass and feed on her life force to become her

No. 670268

File: 1534927786406.png (33.95 KB, 579x152, goose.png)

Apparently not any longer. Do hostels even exist in the USA?

No. 670292

>I don’t always feel like putting on false eyelashes and smearing lipgloss on my wig
>this means I am KWEER

No. 670353

yes. they are in every big city.

No. 671057

my bet is Kate kicked her out after realizing what a e-fame hungry insane person she is, there’s a reason she’s moved four times and has like five different aliases, she never stays in one place very long

No. 671918

Were they really rooming together? Why is she suddenly at a hostel? They're not safe in Los Angeles

No. 672212

She looks awkward in lolita anyway. She should give it up for a more androgynous look.

No. 672368


What probably happened is Kate asked for half the rent which Goose couldn't afford. But Kate probably whined about being along so Goose flew out to join her anyways, staying at a hostel to save cash.

Which is weird, since I thought one of Goose's 'stalkers' lived on the West Coast. Isn't Goose also going through a divorce, or was it she just moved away from that poor soul?

No. 672429

Why would Kate ask for rent if Goose is just visiting? Goose's goose is still in PA, and seriously doubt she'd move away from her beloved dinosaur or be without it for long.

No. 672552

99% sure Kate is home now. She posted on her story pics of her old room and watching TV with her mom.

No. 672776

>beloved dinosaur
lol what does this mean?
All I know about Goose is that she wrote those ridiculously long novels on CoF and then threw a tantrum when people were like tl;dr

No. 672966

She calls her goose a dinosaur.

No. 673456

File: 1535255686120.png (1.6 MB, 1065x1056, Slay.png)

Why would you post such an unflattering photo? She's such a trend follower by luuuving drag.

No. 673462

Makes sense, she looks like a man too

No. 673802

Pic is titled slay.png and is 1.6 MB.
The one uploaded to her personal fb a while ago is not the same resolution, same with Instagram. The is definitely the original.

Hi K8 what’s good bitch?

No. 673964

How embarrassing for you Kate, guess that youtube channel didn't work out huh?

No. 673977

so wait i'm a bit confused, did kate come out as genderfluid because her bf got groped?

No. 674008

Now go back through the thread and read the posts that subtly compliment her. It's a journey.

No. 674010

No she's genderfluid because she doesn't want to wear dresses and wigs and makeup 100% of the time or some shit.

No. 674012

>implying genderfluid actually means anything else.

No. 674023

It's either k8 or rando LA girls giving asspats. Whenever k8 is brought up in a conversation, comm members walk on eggshells and say shit like "she said hello to me one time!" "her wardrobe is big im so jealous uwu" "her makeup could be better but she has so many dresses!!!!" Its as if the size of her wardrobe is a reason to dismiss her terrible behavior over the years

No. 674034

Not surprised if she is self posting again, she did that a lot on 4chan.

No. 674251

she never posted this on Facebook…

No. 674257

Isn't this the exact thing she got outed for on 4chan a couple years back?
It's probably her and her desperate female fame orbiters, not sure who's more pathetic.

No. 674312

File: 1535368259645.jpeg (198.79 KB, 749x1331, 4C08507E-FFD1-4E5F-8BF0-75D582…)

She posted it on FB on May but posted this image on IG recently.

No. 674330

Not sure which instance you are talking about, but are you confusing it with the chokelate incident where she got found out she was posting in a 4chan thread bitching about Kate?

No. 674368

NAYRT but no, the choke thing happened but there was another incident where Kate got caught self-posting (allegedly/most likely) based on the filename and filesize.

No. 674371

Isn't this a slightly different image? Her head isn't turned.

No. 674372

Nayrt, but no, she was supposedly exposed for self-posting a few months after she started LACE (around summer 2015). Anons noticed the files being posted to /cgl/ to mock Kate weren't traceable to her social media. This was never acknowledged by her though, I believe.

She was also confirmed lurker/poster of the Jillian thread here after posting screenshots with the farm tab left open.

No. 674480

It wasn't "allegedly", she DID get caught selfposting. She even admitted it and posted a pic of herself bowing for forgiveness like a cringey weeb

No. 674535

this is not the same picture

No. 674715

That was fake. You guys are too dumb, at least pretend to read the thread if first. I get that in the moment it was funny but she didn’t self post that.

She did post on 4chan when she was just the girl with the hipster glasses tho. That was self posting for sure but by the time her doc was being filmed she wasn’t self posting. There is also talk about the guy who filmed her being the one posting her at this time to film her reaction to bullying

See >>120011 and other comments about this earlier up thread.

>>674368 file post thing was found to be fake after a few people realized that resizing happens when you save on your phone.

No. 674861

That forgiveness picture was taken from her FB a few weeks earlier, so it's not evidence. The only time she 100% admitted to self-poisting was during the glasses era, like >>674715 said.

No. 674867

>Whenever k8 is brought up in a conversation, comm members walk on eggshells
That's not surprising considering they banned a previous member just for talking some minor shit about another girl on /cgl/

No. 674899

if you mean S, she was banned for way more than that

No. 674919

isn’t this the reason why she stopped the documentary? I remember hearing rumors that he would film her crying and reacting to threads and comments he instigated to make the film more sensational

No. 674928

If that's really the case then it's no surprise it got canned for both pissing off the documentary subject and being inauthentic

No. 674937


Walking on eggshells isn't really true. It was more like everyone was super intimidated by her presence that people stopped going to meets.

When she left, meeting attendence seemed to go up, since people now felt they weren't going to be judged for not being at her level.

What pissed me off was the mods were cool with her just coming back and sweeping things under the rug after the whole Lace bs. Never had to make a public apology for using people in the comm for social media points and throwing us under the bus when things didnt go her way.

No. 674947

File: 1535460284447.png (2.58 MB, 1903x2048, Screenshot_20180828-074337.png)

JFC those lashes

No. 674970

Clown Drag tier lashes, what friends of hers lets her do this shit to her face.

No. 674979

God this is going to give me nightmares for days lmao

No. 675043

>defending kate

Ok, so you're in her comm?

No. 675209

She looks even worse standing right next to a good looking person.

No. 675323

Which comm are you in, PA or LA? Because she is also a part of the LA comm unless if she moved back home

No. 675549

PA comm is all ass kisses. All they do is comment "love and support you!!❤️❤️" they're all fat itas.

No. 676582

Yeah, that's exactly who I was talking about. What more could she have been banned for? I thought she was brand new to the comm and hadn't even attended a meet yet. Also, not trying to WK, just genuinely curious.

No. 676646

Did you miss all the shit that S and the LA mods flung at each other on cgl? All parties involved in that should have been banned

No. 676932

Apparently so. I thought it was only L and S throwing shit at each other. LA is a dead comm these days and the mods are annoying and useless.

No. 677462

File: 1535756774964.jpg (316.91 KB, 1080x1149, uri_mh1535756741200.jpg)

Sage yer shit

No. 677485

Then post them anyway because YOU like them…? All her interaction is bought and due to those weird pods so why not. She really takes social media and lolita on in a very unhealthy way.

No. 677794

she realizes she can have more than one ig account right?

No. 677827

but if she makes a new instagram, she won’t have all her followers asspatting her!