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File: 1500951148595.jpg (41.04 KB, 398x398, bSiNFHhY_400x400.jpg)

No. 70858

22 year old musical artist from Sweden. Is obsessed with Japanese culture. Basically plagiarized lyrics from one of his idol's songs. Ex-girlfriend said he's a lazy asshole who drinks and smokes and will cry to his daddy if he doesn't get his way. SEIKE, who is an ex-member of a band YOHIO used to be in called him out on his shit too. Shoops pictures, but never admitted it. Also pretended to be kawaii children's idol when he was smoking, drinking and fucking people behind everyone's back. Says he's so big in Japan but fucking no one knows him. Also seems to emphasize he's straight, but who knows who he cheated on his ex-girlfriend with.
Ex-girlfriend testimony (It's in Swedish) : https://www.flashback.org/leave.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.imagebam.com%2Fimage%2F74db4c257919111
Plagiarism: look up Welcome to the City by YOHIO and Welcome to the City by Amy Diamond. I also noticed that YOHIO and some guy he knows called Gackt both have a song called Last Kiss around the same time frame…?
SEIKE:"Heard That I'm being called unprofessional by a person i once held very dear. Hypocrisy just took human form. It's not me who lie to my fans about smoking, drinking and having a lot of sex. All of this would be totally fine if you would not tell your fans the opposite and then throwing away your friends when they refuse to lay people right in their face to please you. I'm fed up with your bullshit. At minimum stand for your actions, and do not you dare calling yourself a role model for young people and in the next breath accusing me of being unprofessional. I might be unprofessional for writing this message official, but it's _nothing_ compared to what you've become. "
Emocore account: Http://www.emocore.se/YOHIO/galleri

No. 70859

Gackt is one the biggest male idols in Japan. he doesn't know him.

No. 70860

shitty op suummary

no fucking links

kys op

No. 70861

Post links and actual milk, you fucking moron.

No. 70862

Yohio doesn't know him? At least casually, he does and has been photographed and filmed with GACKT several times.

So, OP. Yohio is a typical sleazy young rock star who let fame go to his head, but never managed to become as big as his promoters hoped? Kind of boring and not that milky without any links. He was 14 when he came on to the scene and is 22 now. You would think there would be a lot more shit to work with.

For my contribution, I have been living in Japan for several years and Yohio never really broke through here despite frequently hanging out with popular visual Kei artists and having connections. He really peaked at like 17 and now just looks like a wonky-looking Scandinavian weeb with thinning hair who does okay for himself. I guess that's what is most disappointing for me, and he didn't get better looking.

No. 70863

He gets into arguments with teenagers on twitter every so often, which is pretty funny but still doesn't make much milk.

No. 70864

That would be funny if you shared some.

Yeah… He was a growing lolcalf a few years ago but he doesn't generate much dirt recently. I see he's still on the gaijin VK thing with a new band. His voice and Japanese is still good but the music is boring. Does he not play guitar anymore? His current guitarist Valentin looks like a pudgy teenage FTM with bad facial hair.

No. 70865

Didn't he get some nose surgery recently to look more azn? I mean even in unedited footage his nose changed alot.

No. 70866

>some guy he knows called Gackt

No. 70867

Do you have comparisons? I didn't notice anything big. All his recent pictures are so blurry on Instagram and his hair in his face. His nose bridge still looks large, curved and high to me.

I always wondered if he would do something about it.

No. 70868

He seems to be really short. Could anyone translate or at least summarize what's written in that swedish "testimony"?

No. 70869

He's somewhere inbetween 169-171.pretty average to me

No. 70870

Without links, screenshots or comparison photos this is a shit thread.

No. 70871

They were together for a year but she broke up with him because he was just a pain to be with. He never returned the things she left at his place, even after her friends offered to go over there and get them he refused.

A journalist made an article mentioning that he smokes and both him and all of his ”friends” (people who only like him because he’s famous) went on Twitter and denied it, even though it’s obvious that he smokes as he’s almost always seen with a cigarette. He also sleeps with girls all the time, despite being in a relationship.

When they were dating, his ex wasn’t allowed to meet any of her friends, he would say he wanted to kill her male friends, she wasn’t allowed to listen to any Korean or American music because he thought it was too ”sexual”. She wasn’t allowed to wear shorts, not even in the summer, or go to bars. Sometimes when she were away from him he would send her long texts insulting her and accusing her of cheating on him. Also his dad gives no shits about him as long as he keep doing music.

No. 70872

Pretty average… for a dwarf

No. 70873

Since he was 16, the most widely reported height was 168cm. Funny that his Vocaloid character YOHIOloid was listed as 177cm when he honestly does not look over 170cm irl.

>She wasn’t allowed to wear shorts, not even in the summer, or go to bars. Sometimes when she were away from him he would send her long texts insulting her and accusing her of cheating on him.

Okay, that is pretty fucking weird.

Wasn't he also accused of not returning a dress he borrowed from Pastelbat?

No. 70874

Aw, I found him years ago in my scene phase but didn't think he was anything special. Is he really only 22?

No. 70875

who is his ex? need pics

No. 70876

File: 1501004487712.png (244.03 KB, 720x387, Screenshot_2017-07-25-13-37-44…)

Back then when I first saw his sky limit song I thought he was a cute rocker girl until he sung the first line. He looked pretty cute during these times though his company did a bad job at marketing him. They should had kept him in the girly style becuz that was what made him kinda known, he did a great duet with Gackt if I find it again I'll post it.

It's ashame that it he's a abusive, but what can you do he's think it's cool to be dark and terrible to people and his girlfriends

No. 70877

Lmao this fucking guy, also OP stop being a fucking tool writing his name in capitals.
He's seen as some fruitcake in Swedish media who got ridiculed by a famous comedian. They tried to make him big here but only succeeded with infants (even saw some weird kid idol book once) but no one gives a shit anymore.

A little funny tho, he had a band with that seike guy called seremedy where one of the members was called jenzih or something like that. I had a mate who's gay and was like hey anon look and proceeded to show me a photo of this jenzihs guy erect dick. It was 100% him since i saw their chatlogs too. Wouldn't surprise me if this yohio guy was a fag too.

No. 70878

File: 1501009305507.jpg (Spoiler Image, 115.77 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

No. 70879

Those do look like his fingers lol

No. 70880

No. 70881

jfc fix your neverending paragraph and learn how to write, you dipshit.

my thoughts exactly. op must be like 14 and its their first day on the internet.

No. 70882

See, he obviously has talent and managed to impress someone as huge as Gackt.
He had so much potential at a young age but his ego got in the way of achieving bigger success and the material he writes these days is just mediocre. I mean, he does well and still has quite a lot of fans but he was really supposed to blow up and "break the barrier"(as he proposed), but he continues to have just a niche audience. I was rooting for him a few years ago but he lost my interest. A lot of these Western VK acts are the same. Like costume acts, parodying Japanese rockers and not having bigger dreams of their own.

No. 70883


This fuggo couldn't be even more irrelevant. Should have stuck to dressing in lolita or w/e.

No. 70884

File: 1501045884367.jpg (89.88 KB, 1080x887, 1c713e58bf64e14566ee63d72c750f…)

He is as irrelevant in Japan as BATAAR are
It is only the oversea fanbase (well european brazil whatever since no one in Japan cares for them)
What is with these swedish kids trying to become vk lul

No. 70885

Yohio did do a collab song (apparently) with Gackt, so can we all stop with that he stole shit or whatever OP was trying to say hahah

LINKS and boring shit;
Youtube; https://www.youtube.com/user/YOHIOUNIVERSAL

No real milk, just a white guy trying to be vk-desu and his only fanbase is weeb girls thirsty for j cock but will settle for some white boy pretending to be azn. That is it..

Other Swedish fucks…..

SEIKE isnt so relvant, his youtube is all clickbait; https://www.youtube.com/user/TheCLOWNiAC
His band or something; https://www.youtube.com/user/KerberaOfficial

Endigo is awful with clickbait titles and his overuse of makeup to make weebs fall in love with him, tragic
Has a sub parody account for rapping, best song is "osaka no payment" completely filmed in Tokyo, Shibuya, no Osaka at all, what a twat.

Second half sage for being off topic since not strictly Yohio wank but since OP sucks at supplying links lul

No. 70886

I didn't know that Gackt was still a thing and in my opinion, knowing him isn't some kind of achievement.
He's such a cringe-factory.

No. 70887

Samefag but thanks anon.

No. 70888

Gackt may not be so much of a thing in overseas but he's very well known in Japan. Like normal everyday Japanese ppl know who he is

No. 70889

If you know who Yohio is, you should have at least some vague idea of who Gackt is. He's even been in a movie in the west? He may not be a household name by any means, and I get that, but come on, refering to him as just "some guy" is pretty laughable. OP anon could have at least given his name a Google.

No. 70890

>>70887 No problem!
We really need a "western vkei" thread or something, these guys STINK up the vkei world LMAO especially Endigo

>>70886 Do you live under a rock? Limited internet time? Gackt is still "a thing" but yeah that is your opinion. I think to be close to him is an achievement but can easily be done if you know how. Yohio was just lucky.

No. 70891

I vote YES for western vk thread! That shit is a cringefest

No. 70892

File: 1501079161433.jpg (131.11 KB, 913x1200, CnA5MntUkAIItSu.jpg)

Okay I think OP did a pretty shitty job.
Yohio's real name is Kevin Johio Lucas Rehn Eires but he insists that his real name is Yohio because he's a weeb. His dad (who's also his manager) was in a band back in the day and is now vicariously living through Yohio. His dad is also the reason for Yohio's middle name since he apparently heard a japanese musical where the name was mentioned. Yohio's ex claims that his dad is a nut job that only cares about Yohio if it's music or career related.

Yohio has played guitar since he was 12, joined a band with Seike when he was 14 and debuted around 16. He went solo at 17 wearing a lolita dress and singing oshare kei shit. This is what Yohio LOVES to brag about. Apparently Yohio is supper famous in Japan because he apperead on Mezamashi TV once.

Yohio appeared on a Swedish music show and came in second place while the winner was sent to Eurovision song contest. Yohio got fucking salty and during his documentary they filmed him throwing a tantrum like the little spoiled bitch he is.

Yohio became popular amongst little weeb children in Sweden and likes to fight with them on Twitter. He also hates K-pop because it's "sexual" although Visual Kei is pretty sexual too. Yohio himself is allegedly a manslut according to his ex.

Gackt and Yohio have a pretty good relationship. Gackt flew all the way to Sweden to sing 2 songs during Yohio's first live in Sweden. (I was there and let me tell you 99% of the audience was there only for Gackt.) Yohio and his new band DISREIGN slept in Gackt's mansion for a week or so and Gackt likes to call Yohio his "little brother".

Pic related is Mia from mejibray making out with Yohio.

No. 70893

I second this. there are a ton of western vk guys in brooklyn too. it's cringy af.

No. 70894

Thanks for the actual info and slight milk, anon

>Making out with the worst member of Mejibray

He would. I'm honestly surprised someone as big and talented as Gackt considers Yohio in high regard.

No. 70895

Maybe I should do it?! Since Yohio isnt majorly active and his milk is long expired unless he has shit going on in Japan

No. 70896

I remember Mejifags freaking out at this shit oh my god. But thanks for the detail Anon I was pressed for time and could only easily dig up links..
Surprised MiA didnt have a shit fit for that being uploaded because Yohio is basically a no body anyway, wonder if tanuki has any shit.

No. 70897

Sure. I'm curious to see what the guys from Cinema Bizarre are doing nowadays, they were kind of popular in Germany at some point and even went mainstream but their mere existence is cringe galore.

No. 70898

Gackt simply is a gaijin hunter.

No. 70899

No. 70900

Why do you think that? He's pretty helpful and responsive to many young musicians, Japanese or not. I know it's cool to shit on him in the West, but lots of Japanese musicians still look up to him, especially in the VK scene. Just look at his relationship with Kiryuuin Shou, who credited his adoration of Gackt for getting him through hard times as a depressed, overweight child.

Damn. Yohio even went with freakin Shinya from Dir en grey to Gackt's birthday last year. He's a lucky little bastard. Maybe he's giving up his booty to those guys or something.

Anyway… Here's an old entry from Gackt his relationship with Yohio:
English translation: http://amaia.livejournal.com/304430.html

No. 70901

I'm sorry, I'm an ESL and maybe I've misspoke.
I thought that Gackt was still famous but not popular anymore…maybe I was wrong.
The last time I've talked about him with my japanese friends (when he cried about "racisumu" in France)they made fun of him. LIke…a lot: They said he's old, gross and foolish.
But I know my japaneses friend's opinion≠japan opinion

Hope it make sense (if not, I'm sorry and I'm going back under my beloved rock)

No. 70902

File: 1501177480391.png (142.26 KB, 259x384, aobaslut.png)

that's a pretty nice cock. made me a bit hungry tbh

No. 70903

I just want to side note doesn't anyone think it's weird that a man half of Gackt's age is going over to his house for a sleepover? There's a huge age gap there. Plus, Gackt wrote a blog about the fact that Yohio is a troubled person and calls Gackt a lot.

No. 70904

File: 1501258400469.png (1.62 MB, 1600x1200, sketch1501258303698.png)

Real life vs. Super japanisu v line and big eyes.

No. 70905

goddamn he looks so much better on the left

No. 70906

These damn weebs and them thinking they look good with a v line smh

No. 70907

he looks like bowie

No. 70908

He's actually pretty cute in reality, just needs better hair and lose the contacts.

It does seem a little weird, but Gackt is a gaijin fetishist and is in general a weird/cringey guy. Who knows what's really going on with that relationship.

No. 70909

Wouldn't that make Gackt a reverse weeb?

No. 70910

You…are on this board and never heard of gaijin hunters?? How?

No. 70911

File: 1501284499919.png (237.67 KB, 720x334, Screenshot_2017-07-28-19-27-07…)

It's pretty known knowledge at this point that the most noticeable gaijin hunters are Ayumi Hamasaki and Gackt. Honestly I think that's the reason why Gackt likes Yohio so much. Gackt is a lil snowflake himself as he use to claim he was a vampire and never revealed his age for majority of his career becuz he was ~immortal~ his age later got revealed after fans decided to do some simple math.

Ayu and Gackt would make a great couple, the christmas special they did together a long time ago was cute but too bad they only like white people

No. 70912

No. 70913

I'm also going to note how cringy those lyrics are.

No. 70914

He's pretty damn attractive. ngl

No. 70915

Dumb contacts and fivehead aside, he really looks great like that. I didn't know he had pretty nice bone structure under that mess of hair. He looks sickly and hiding in on himself on his Instagram.

>Gackt is a lil snowflake himself as he use to claim he was a vampire and never revealed his age for majority of his career becuz he was ~immortal~ his age later got revealed after fans decided to do some simple math.

Dude, it was a stage persona just for Malice Mizer. And Mana was a "French doll" who never talked. Nobody took any of that seriously. He revealed his age himself at the press conference for Nemuri Kyoshiro Burai-Hikage.

If you want milk, just reference the crazy stories about him in the likes Friday or FLASH(which all made him flee to Malaysia) Pearling, sex friends, yakuza-connection, being secret Korean, accused of stealing from charity and love children. Or his self-proclaimed supernatural powers. Kek

No. 70916

He looks very good on the left. Could've been a fashion model, too bad he's short as fuck

No. 70917

anyone remember this abomination he produced? impa really carried the group, everyone else was talent free.

No. 70918

No. 70919

They're awfully generic and tacky, like his songs.

No. 70920

File: 1501417592566.jpg (60.86 KB, 1242x1793, bRoLQ3r.jpg)

Wtf, Kevin?

No. 70921

I decided to look into "Yohio's worries" as Gackt mentioned. Found a swedish show where celebrities dine together and Yohio barely ate anything. The other celebs made some comments about it and Yohio said that "he has never felt hungry in his whole life and that doctors can't help him". Sounds pretty anorexic to me.

No. 70922

File: 1501446182914.jpg (74.17 KB, 750x750, DEe9lE3WsAI5ST8.jpg)

If we were to make a western VK thread what dudes would you guys like to be included for the summary etc? We should probably only include VK guys with new and relevant milk.

And should it be only restricted western VK bandmen or cringy japanese bandmen like Mia too?
(pic related is Mia and yohio looking busted af with some sugar daddy looking dude)

No. 70923

For a boy, being under 170cm is short
average is 178-188cm

No. 70924

Sounds like he starves himself to maintain his twink bjd body

No. 70925

I feel like the "I never felt hungry in my whole life" is bullshit. He's posted food to his Twitter before. Plus his nose is red and his face is swollen in some pictures, which is a sign of bullimia.

No. 70926

File: 1501459174914.jpg (109.58 KB, 770x770, c5485b5e92de4f8d8eb8bbd2dc6883…)

He also used to have way more hair before…?

No. 70927

File: 1501459887704.jpg (22.15 KB, 246x480, IMG_8222.JPG)

Yup, he definitely must have some eating disorder

No. 70928

…is this the same impa currently trying to butt into kpop? I met some white girl named impa with quite a few insta followers, desperate to be a kpop idol or some shit, just as delusional as all the other white girls trying to "make it". Everyone can see your Asian fetish from miles away. If you're truly interested in singing do it in your home country.

No. 70929

You need standards, anon. That's an ugly ass cock.

No. 70930

File: 1501463250511.png (783.6 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-07-30-20-06-17…)

He looks about the same or a little bit worse now compared to that picture.

No. 70931

This is some weird koreaboo shit.

No. 70932

Kevin is next level weaboo.

No. 70933

Oh, shit. I believe it. He is infatuated with being a tiny Japanese twink and emulates men that outside the average body type of a Swedish man. Whenever he is without makeup and effects, he wears sunglasses, smashes his hair all over his face and slouches.

Hanging out with that PS muppet MiA probably doesn't help.

No. 70934

File: 1501547382413.jpg (4.93 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

I honestly don't think he's very attractive as a girl or boy. Though that's what I tend to think of really skinny guys. They're honestly a big turn off.

No. 70935

Agreed. Looks too skinny and weird.

I like skinny guys but what's up with the anatomy of this body? It looks like onision's or some sad vegan's. He needs to tone those pecs and arms or something because he looks like a block. Does anyone know how tall he is? Maybe that's the issue. He just looks sort of stocky and awkward.

No. 70936

Should be a general thread covering those and bloody bangya too causing drama in the vk scene

No. 70937


No. 70938


No. 70939


No. 70940

A good VK/Bangya thread would be interesting anon.

No. 70941

wasn't yohio actually in eurovision one year? also didn't he hold a "draw a mascot for my future vocaloid!" contest that ended up being a shitshow

No. 70942

He's been in melodifest, or however it's spelled, a couple times.

No. 70943

He was announcing the score one time at the ESC and that was fucking weird because he started with 'konnichiwa mina-san" (sorry my only knowledge of japanese are animus)
I watched it with my family and they've been to Sweden a couple of time so they fucking knew that it wasn't swedish he was speaking.

No. 70944

Will somebody make one?

No. 70945

Wanting to be famous just because you're a foreigner is NOT the right reason. There's so many more reasons to be famous in the first place, like hard work.

No. 70946

god i remember watching eurovision for the first time (live in america, so i was completely new to the whole thing) and when he first was on screen i was just thought "uh okay i guess this is different i guess" and when he spoke japanese i fucking lost it. sweden deserved better

No. 70947

Also doesn't anyone find it weird that for that WITHIN THE VOID music video Jenziih and no doubt another dude (probably Tias or Valentin) were rubbing their hands on him?

No. 70948

Oh god that's just as cringe when a weaboo or koreaboo performs on a talent show. "KONICHIWA MINNAAAAAA" is what they usually start with. I don't understand why they don't see it as cringy either.

No. 70949


No. 70950

File: 1502413679829.png (151 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-10-20-06-48…)

I'm pretty sure this sounds just as weird to you as it looks.

No. 70951

I like the fact the guy who replied asked, "In what way do you love him?!"

No. 70952

It's typical fan service for the fujoshi.

But he probably sucks dick anyway.

I don't think it sounds weird at all? He owes Gackt so much. He would not be able to come back to Japan so often without Gackt's influence and connections. Basically, he owes Gackt his butthole.

No. 70953

>> his butthole

No. 70954

Why the fuck was this twat even arguing with people on Twitter in the first place? It just makes him look dumber in the first place. Plus he tries to be all deep and edgy with his posts.
"Know Thyself and know all the mysteries of the universe." sounds cringey af.

No. 70955

>Know Thyself and know all the mysteries of the universe

I physically cringed

No. 70956

Let's not forget the person who asked on his Twitter what it's like to be a living legend and he said, "It feels like being a legend that's alive."

So fucking cringey and it's a dumb response. I don't know why he boasts that he studies SO much, but then says something as stupid as that.

I wish I could say to him, "No shit, Sherlock."

No. 70957

File: 1502638728862.png (572.96 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-13-10-37-51…)

Found this gem of a picture from before.

No. 70958

File: 1502638876147.png (176.38 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-13-10-40-31…)

That one comment at the bottom though xD

No. 70959

File: 1502639292776.png (1.6 MB, 1600x1200, sketch1502639123771.png)

I never really understood why he said he looks like a girl since he's grown up and looks like his dad without all the shoop. It just makes me think he wants to look like a girl and it was his own choice.

Therefore, he probably was never picked on for his looks. He probably was that one kid in highschool who had no friends though.

No. 70960

Them wrinkles from smoking though. He looks sad tbh

No. 70961

File: 1502707427470.jpg (35.49 KB, 300x450, Yohio-yohio-33855488-300-450.j…)

It honestly pisses me off he thinks he can pass as a girl because he is one UGLY girl, yet he criticizes people. Please, Kevin, get off your ego trip for once and realize you're not the famous person you wanted to be.

No. 70962

File: 1502708170842.png (608.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-14-05-47-44…)

What pisses me off even more is that he's becoming more of a Gackt clone. First it was his singing, then attitude, now looks.

He always needs something to copy because he has no originality and if everyone knew how lame he actually was they wouldn't like him. He's like one of those scene kids who went into the weaboo living doll phase, but failed completely.

Even his music sounds like a cheap rip off of Dir en Grey and he looks like Dadaroma in his music videos, but he says he's having fun!

It's because he gets all the money he wants to play with toys and play rock star! I just hate it when people don't put passion into music and just use it as a leeway into being SUPA JAPANESU ROKUSTA (or whatever genre they want) because they have money. Ugh. He's male Kiki Kannibal.

No. 70963


Can you guys share his cringiest posts or more incidents where he was behaving as you say? I don't understand Swedish and English and Japanese information about his drama is limited.

He looks like he is copying MiA more these days.

No. 70964

File: 1502818246070.png (156.82 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-14-19-59-32…)

I can see MiA now in his pictures.

Exerpt from an interview he had. I can understand being bullied for wearing makeup, but… He's not that girly? He just seems like a normal guy. It just seems snowflakey because of the fact that there are people who get picked on for their looks.

Interview link: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thelocal.se/20121123/44618/amp

No. 70965

File: 1502818354614.png (1.12 MB, 1600x1200, sketch1502758472744.png)

Yohio the apparent life guru.

No. 70966

File: 1502819469812.png (1.19 MB, 1600x1200, sketch1502819324504.png)

Because apparently he's the smartest person on Earth, has common sense and is comparing the right things because apparently people dying is equivalent to him kissing MiA. rolls eyes

No. 70967

Totally isn't immature and isn't trying to be an edgy 14 year old making suicide jokes.

No. 70968

File: 1502939036104.jpg (133.93 KB, 1200x899, DEg_Vb0XYAAUGks.jpg)

I actually feel kinda bad for him because it looks like he's losing hair in this picture. Eating disorders aren't good, bruh.

No. 70969

File: 1502939334030.png (565.65 KB, 720x720, sketch1502939284979.png)

Idk but I think he's shooping more hair on his head.

No. 70970

If you didn't make it in your own country, why are you trying in Japan of all places? Isn't Japan doing shit in a lot of areas?

No. 70971

My own question is what is a the depth of Kevin and Gackt's relationship. Gackt recently went back to Japan and around the time Gackt left Kevin posted a picture of himself and he had a hickey on his neck. If it were true, I'm not sure if I would be ok with that since they met when Kevin was fourteen, which is strange in itself.

No. 70972

Kevin posted in Japanese saying about how hard he worked to get where he is… He couldn't be so wrong. The self entitlement is strong with this one.

No. 70973

I just really hate when he says he works hard but all he does is copy others… It's so irritating.

No. 70974

>And innocent people doesn't deserve to die.
Your logic is irrelevant (…)

Damn, he sounds like Onion.

No. 70975

Holy shit you're right

VK Onion coming in with style and plagiarism

No. 70976

It is just plain strange for a 40 something year old man to be inviting 20 somethings to his house for a sleepover.

No. 70977

If he sounds like Onion, does that mean he's capable of some things?

No. 70978

File: 1503878707836.png (810.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-27-19-03-01…)

Because posting a picture of you eating food and your face shooped to hell and back proves you don't have an eating disorder.

No. 70979

File: 1504004473898.png (534.46 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-29-05-59-53…)

When the only thing ya boi shoops is his eyes because he needs to keep that kawaiiii animu desu look

No. 70980

File: 1504015723318.png (184.8 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-29-09-07-07…)

"Safest country on Earth."

He really is a big weaboo.

No. 70981

File: 1504015818301.png (201.75 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-29-09-07-34…)

I do feel bad for him anxiety wise though. That missile was really close.

No. 70982

Why is he acting like Japan is his birthland? I doubt he would be this protective over Sweden if they were under the threat of attack.

No. 70983

Because Swedes have had social justice beaten into them so they're not allowed to be patriotic for fear of it hurting the poor migrants, after all Sweden is for everyone! Lol

No. 70984

I bet if his homeland got hit by missiles, he would be like "bye dad lol"

No. 70985

It's not just his eyes, it's his square chin too.

No. 70986

I also realized that Gackt is in favor of Kevin because of his extreme uguu patriotism (despite the fact that Gackt probably left Japan because he was stealing money) or Kevin won't stop fucking talking Gackt's ear off.

No. 70987

File: 1504023149837.png (371.39 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-29-11-10-56…)

I also have a feeling he lurks here because after the thread started he didn't post for days, posted something about staying happy and proceeded to lay off the shoop some lmao

No. 70988

Just found this thread and oooh boy. He sounds just like someone from an anime convention who is hanging out in the karaoke room, its their turn, and hes singing the english version (which cant connected to the beat because our syllables vs japanese syllables make match up) of a song. Its so bad. Maybe when I was 16 Id like it, MAYBE, but jesus. Hes awful.

No. 70989

Here's one of Kevin's ex girlfriends posting about how he's an alcoholic:

Apparently the same alleged girlfriend got into contact with a 12 year old fan that said some things about Kevin too, not sure exactly what. I'll update on it if I get more info from the forum I'm reading :)

No. 70990

isnt he like 23 or something now? seven years of practice (and the money for voice lessons, dad owning a record label yada yada) makes a difference lol.

No. 70991

I got nothing about the 12 year old but if anyone else wants to check out the forum it's this link : https://www.flashback.org/t1989618p38
You can easily translate it to English with Google Translate and it has legible results.

No. 70992

Samefag but the forum also said him being intelligent is a complete facade and that he's actually pretty dumb when he talks to others lmao

No. 70993

Ok I got to the end of the forum and they were talking about the fact that for the 12 year old fan that Kevin wouldn't even give them an autograph. What an asshole.

No. 70994

File: 1504033271199.jpg (84.78 KB, 430x699, sommarkryseet-ellen-yohio-430x…)

jfc he looks terrible here

No. 70995

I thought it was MiA lol they both looks fucking terrible anyways

No. 70996

He looks like Jared Kushner…

No. 70997

I mean he literally looks like he's going to collapse like holy fuck

No. 70998

Do you even see how gaunt he looks? He looks like a fucking skeleton.

No. 70999

File: 1504063645113.png (646.14 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-29-22-26-15…)


No. 71000

If someone isnt fat theyre a skeleton and if someone is a bit fat theyre a fucking landwhale.

theres no winning with you guys lol. He looks pretty ok imo

No. 71001

Uh… No offense but if you've seen pictures of when he was younger he definitely wasn't as thin…

No. 71002

I also am comprehensive of the fact that there are two different extremes on lolcow, but I'm one of those people who knows when someone actually is fat or skinny because holy shit people are rude on lolcow. Plus I've struggled with an ED before in my life…

No. 71003

It also could be because of how his hair was styled too but it still proves my point of how thin he is because you can easily cover up how thin or wide your face is with hair.

No. 71004

File: 1505036921790.jpg (287.98 KB, 540x720, IMG_20170907_194411__save.jpg)

(From the temp thread)
I put his actual face shape on one of his shitty shooped pictures

> spaghetti too much regretti

No. 71005

The fact he is replying to Patrik makes me dry heave from laughing

No. 71006

Old post but I know someone who's close with seike's girlfriend and through her they learned that yohio has a disorder where his body doesn't get hungry. he has to set a timer to remind him to eat etc.

No. 71007

Even if nothing ever happened between theme, I'm sure Kevin would love for such a rumor to go around. The visual of Gackt thrashing his scrawny ass with a many pearled "magnum" is pretty funny, though. Needs fan art.

I honestly think Kevin is devoted to the task of wearing MiA's skin one day.


What visa is this boy on? It's strange that he can feel so close to Japanese people but be such a scaredy cat about North Korea. It's literally all foreigners crying like this while real Japanese are being quite blasé about the missile threat.

Fashion-wise or physically? He doesn't look like a smug fetus here, so not bad looking for me.

No. 71008

Well your body size can change obviously

No. 71009


Honestly if he had that condition he would be on TV for it because it's VERY rare.

No. 71010

His face/body creeps me out in that picture. Like it makes me wonder if his clothes were tighter fitting you could see his bones like MiA in one of his instagram pictures.

No. 71011

Yohio toured with GACKT.
I am frequently in Japan and a family member my age has several foreign friends. Apparently they met Yohio several times with his crew, dressed up and all weeby in bars with masks on and awkwardly only communicating with foreigners. Apparently Yohio speaks flawless Japanese though.

No. 71012

Tbh in that one picture it looked more like a noose mark than a hickey. Especially since it was near his Adam's apple. ?

No. 71013

File: 1505503832107.png (82.13 KB, 750x921, IMG_9982.PNG)

Aaaand as soon as he meets Mia again he starts kissing him.

No. 71014

File: 1505503861496.png (92.86 KB, 750x916, IMG_9979.PNG)

No. 71015


I'd like to imagine he is so lame that he reads here and is responding to the ongoing MiA talk.

Blowhio: your lips aren't even connecting. Use tongue, you faggot.

Does anyone know how he financially supports himself and how he is in Japan so long?

No. 71016

It perplexes me that he knows Japanese so well, but he's so weeby… Most of the time they're really ignorant when it comes to things like that because he's already pretty ignorant about Japanese culture.

No. 71017

Plus he already seems pretty insane. Especially since a lot of the songs he writes sound like psychotic ramblings with not actual content, or they evade the meaning.You can tell too because if the way he responds to things… It's kinda creepy.

No. 71018

He got a rich family and most likely is on an entertainment visa

No. 71019

This was my initial thought when I saw these pictures on my twitter… he has to be lurking here no doubt and since Meji are going on hiatus soon it doesn't surprise me MiA and Yahoooo will be tongue fucking every chance he gets lul

No. 71020

Yohio is a 汚いヤリチン。I bet he's he's collecting 性病 like pokemon lol

No. 71021

Not saying that he's a good or a bad writer, but most works of "art" that are considered "good" usually have a few layers of complexity to them instead of being bright as day.

No. 71022

I understand that but the way he writes makes him sound nutty. Look at the way he reacted to North Korea firing missles. There's gotta be a screw loose there.

No. 71023

>>71021 And what I mean by evading the meaning is not even being related to the song at all.

No. 71024

He already had chlamydia. I wonder why his dick is so yellow though… Ew.

No. 71025

I also feel a lot of people could give less of a shit that Kevin is kissing MiA… They're both kinda below average looking.

No. 71026

Does your friend know Japanese because otherwise I doubt he speaks that well.

No. 71027

You'd think that but apparently Yohio's fans have never seen fan service, they're going mental over him kissing MiA, but it's so obvious he's trying to be like him too

No. 71028

Reminds me of that recent Beauty and the Beast remake where Gaston's friend loved him so much, he wanted to be him.

No. 71029

Still creepy. He's like a character from a book level psycho. If you don't have someone to copy, who are you? I feel like people like him need to figure out who they are.

Tinfoil hat, but I think he also thinks of MiA to the level of a God because he thinks people dying is equivalent to him kissing MiA.

>Gackt with his pearling assfucking Hoehio

Please don't make me throw up in my mouth.

No. 71030

Do you want to have things someone else has so badly you have to copy them? Why? It's so fake.

It just makes you a liar and not yourself. Just be yourself. People will like you otherwise.

No. 71031

Who cares if you're not as dark as you say? It's fine to be different. You don't always have to like Metal or things in that genre either. If you be different, you can be more creative too because you won't restrain your true self.

No. 71032

File: 1506487103398.png (887.83 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-09-26-23-36-22…)

You weren't even original then, Kevin. You copied lyrics from another person's song. Was there ever a time you weren't a sellout or do you always do this shit?

No. 71033

>Inb4 you're acquaintances with Yohio

No. 71034

It makes me kind of agree on how Yohio seems lazy and doesn't get much done. The last time he released an actual single (which was quite generic) was in December of LAST YEAR. He also keeps on making music videos with the same visual that he had last year too.

No. 71035

File: 1508636159634.png (825.44 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-10-21-20-33-29…)

Oh boy lookie here, it's the same visual as the Christmas album but with leaves.

No. 71036

Gackt is bi, right? I remember in an interview he said he was.

No. 71037

That terrible shoop on his jawline.

No. 71038

It honestly makes kind of wonder. People always thought the things that Gackt did on stage was an act, but in truth there could be something else there. Just like with Yohio. Yohio could be bi for all we know.

No. 71039

He honestly looks so skinny it scares me.

No. 71040

Anyone else experienced the scat fetish he has ?(necro)

No. 150655

i've always disliked him but was never into vk enough to invest much of my time.would love to know some milk in general and if this shit(pun unintended) is true kek

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