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File: 1536248966277.jpg (920.79 KB, 1152x1912, 1534337847633.jpg)

No. 29466

Old thread >>119682

Sage your non-milk replies this time.

Old Milk
>LACE dramu
>Comes back to western comm
> Proof she lurks on lolcow >>248672
> Shitty selling practices (i.e. says "never worn" while posting pics of her wearing said dress on IG, makeup stains, smells, etc.)
> Married
> Moves to LA
> Sits on her ass taking "aesthetic" photos while draining her husband of money
> Tries to stay relevant by begging pop up shops to hire her on IG
> Starts a YT channel which she rarely updates
> Tries to start a new BABYDOLL OS never to be heard about again >>602802
> Desperately tags every photo with brands and potential "collaborators"
> Made a public IG post about her husband getting sexualy assaulted in an uber, and makes it about herself >>666200

New milk
> K8 is "Gender queer" >>638704
> Comes out to everyone on IG >>640393
> Starts vague posting about her husband and how he is in the hospital
> Needs money for med bills and starts to "sell all her lolita", at ridiculously scalped prices ofc. (If only she had some sort of trust fund her father left her in case of an emergency like this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
> Creates a Ko-fi for people to donate to, and then posts photos of herself going to extravagant restaurants, as per usual
> Instead of spending time with her husband who is back in PA, she surrounds herself with her ~squad~ of Goose and ClaireMax
> Has the "opportunity to travel across the US" and basically asks to couch surf the whole way >>664017
> Possibly buying followers
> https://youtu.be/W3hO6dfD8zQ

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katiebabydoll/?hl=en
Instagram (Personal): https://www.instagram.com/katiebabybat/?hl=en (shes locked out)
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOQK3vwDGuNAjPQ1H28Czrw

Feel free to add anything I left out.

No. 29467

psst this is thread #4

>teased a documentary with a film agency but dropped it bc boolies

No. 29468

Whoopsie, I guess this is her 2nd thread in snow.

Who wants to guess how much longer her marriage will last? I hope to God her husband signed a prenup.

No. 29469

No. 29470

Some more links for past milk.

KiwiFarms thread: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/girlyhoot-kate-davis-girlytoot.30155/

And the original Sweet Rebel trailer: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av2689282/

No. 29471

I'm still sad we won't get to see the whole thing. Can't believe it's been 3 years already.

No. 29472

File: 1536277096975.png (77.69 KB, 640x638, IMG_7882.PNG)

>possibly buying follows
It's not possibly, she is. She had 32k a few days ago and now it's near 40k. In just a few days? Bitch, you got busted

No. 29473

she probably bought some Russian bots

No. 29474

Wow, she really needed those donations.

No. 29475

File: 1536283819439.jpeg (36.45 KB, 960x536, DDF1F8EC-F359-4090-9BFC-74E2D9…)

Old but never 4get

No. 29476

File: 1536283936071.jpeg (461 KB, 2048x1297, 711CA8C6-63A8-4FA9-B3E4-065FDF…)

Her old COF pictures were great too

No. 29477

File: 1536284218892.jpg (249.41 KB, 958x744, IMG_7910.JPG)

No. 29478

File: 1536284238161.jpg (507.63 KB, 970x1632, IMG_7909.JPG)

No. 29479

File: 1536284260330.jpg (371.07 KB, 1200x956, IMG_7908.JPG)

No. 29480

File: 1536284284237.jpg (224.12 KB, 720x960, IMG_7907.JPG)

No. 29481

File: 1536284311393.jpg (1012.24 KB, 1973x1269, IMG_7905.JPG)

No. 29482

File: 1536284340498.jpg (597.06 KB, 1716x952, IMG_7904.JPG)

No. 29483

Why doesnt she cut the bangs on her wigs? the pinned up bangs look so terrible and remind me of early 2000s scene kids

No. 29484

I transcribed this.

Because I'm kinda, like, savoring everything around me. I'm definitely someone who likes to savor. I eat slowly. Um, sometimes I do tasks slowly because I like to enjoy the moment. I think more people should try to savor things.
I'm very present. Past is meaningless. Um… Future is just something that comes with time. The present is the most important.
You just have to– You just can't.. dwell because it'll make you worried and sick. To worry about… The future, death.
Already, by the way I dress, you can tell that.. What is expected of society doesn't really concern me.
You know, I like to think of myself as someone… Just someone who's like an individual. Like a lot of people believe that they're supposed to be doing things… They're supposed to… Be finishing school in four years, they're supposed to be getting laid all the time, they're supposed to… be exercising every day but how many people are doing everything that society tells us we're supposed to be doing? The number is actually very small. A lot of people have hardships and have things that get in the way of what they're supposed to be doing. I think it's almost a way of society almost controlling us. People live their lives differently and…I think that doing what you're supposed to do all the time makes for a boring life.
–know, when I used to care, I was so much unhappier. I mean like, I was so miserable when people… Yeah! Stop caring about what other people think. The happier you will be. `Cuz I think it makes people… Doubt their own decisions too when they care about what others think. Doubt themselves.
These people in your life should want you to be happy, when doing what you love.
I know it doesn't seem like that but yes, I love being alone. I love doing things on my own. Everyone has the propensity for evil, and I think that there are many people in the world, including myself, who are very self-interested and self-preserving. It's like the music stops, yeah. And there's just this vision of the past and [inaudible: a simple verb? a simple world? I sent the word?] kind of thing, I guess.
eats macaron This is good.

No. 29485

That was so boring that I honestly zoned out like after a little. She wasn't saying anything of interest and her tone and way she acted (constantly eating?) was so offputting.

Didn't she have already file a lawsuit in the past about Sweet Rebel? Is anything going to happen now that this leaked?

No. 29486

should use that money on a jaw shave instead

No. 29487

THIS is the only time I've seen her look actually nice… and beautiful? She still obviously can't coord outside of a set, as those shoes are too sweet to work with that dress. She should have stuck to soft brown hair like that.

No. 29488

That lack of trigger discipline kills me every time I see this cursed image. Idk why I would expect her to know anything about firearm safety, but that’s just basic gun modeling.

No. 29489

Think I just had an aneurysm. Also, I got into lolita maybe a year before LACE was a thing. How exactly did Kate become popular, bc it’s obvious she couldn’t coord for shit. Did people just like her wardrobe in general?

No. 29490

She wasn't that popular before the whole LACE drama and her shit documentary I'd say, people kept saying her glasses (and scene kid wigs) were ugly on cgl and she left some snarky responses/self-posted. The followers she had back then were mostly because of her large wardrobe and some rare pieces.

No. 29491

didn't she also model in shitty apartment listings? that was fucking weird.

No. 29492

Frankly, that’s not an impossible gain. Her like ratio is still good enough for her followers to be real.

No. 29493

She did. They were all unfurnished too and it was creepy.

No. 29494

No. 29495

File: 1536421055071.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, CA9330F9-17C8-4439-B46B-A8A678…)

No. 29496

>me me me me me me me meeeee

No. 29497

"I like to name drop people when something tragic happens to make it all about me! Don't forget how my ex-husband got groped by an Uber driver! Teehee~"

No. 29498

People who make someone else's death about _their_ feelings (unless it's a close family member or sth) are the fucking worst.

No. 29499

Really pulling a Kelly eden here.

No. 29500

Was thinking that too. Cows are all the same.

No. 29501

She posted her husband a bunch in her stories, it’s probably the first time they hung out in a while.

No. 29502

File: 1536877247882.jpeg (29.69 KB, 403x389, 418BD592-0F22-4B6B-A82B-D5247E…)

>from a big U.S. city
>population of Pittsburgh: 304,000
>someone I felt close to on a COSMIC LEVEL

No. 29503

Can you post caps? I'm not giving her any story views. IG doesn't notify you when you take screenshots so post to your hearts content

No. 29504

Surprised they aren't getting divorced. I wonder how desperate you have to be to stick around with a wife like Kate.

No. 29505

I thought she was trying to get away from him?

No. 29506

She said she was in an abusive relationship just earlier last month. What's the truth k8?

No. 29507

File: 1536955530950.png (11.31 MB, 1242x2208, 877B5782-F66C-4FC3-93BE-0EE7C6…)

Not going through them all, they like went to a store and did “goofy” things. He posed like some things on ads and such. Maybe it was like a Walmart?

No. 29508

File: 1536973729980.png (3.34 MB, 1272x2048, Screenshot_20180914-200818.png)

Posting to IG is so inspiring!

No. 29509

I don’t get how someone who is so depressed and ill has the energy to dress in lolita and go out every day.

No. 29510

ot but how old is he? he looks like a high schooler

No. 29511

maybe he's a vampire who feeds of kate's melodrama.

No. 29512

When the Uber groping was a hookup you felt guilty about

No. 29513

Being a fake leech who is sick all the time is very inspiring.

No. 29514

The ego is huge. This is ment to inspire others but all it is “look at me! I’m amazing! Me me me!”

No. 29515

Why try to get a job when you can put your energy into posting on instagram every day and just beg for money instead?

No. 29516

File: 1537450110095.png (463.74 KB, 1361x2048, Screenshot_20180920-082646.png)

She's constantly posting pics of her husband like a creep and making sure everyone knows how much she loves him. K8 if you really loved him why were you out shopping while he was in the hospital from a mental breakdown you most likely game him?

No. 29517


Wasn't she just talking about how she was in an 'abusive' situation? What a fucking slimeball.

No. 29518

I'm waiting for her to have another issue with him, and then claim she was confused and manipulated.

No. 29519

File: 1539201007018.png (2.6 MB, 1080x1781, Screenshot_20181010-144936.png)

Yeah posting on social media about not posting on social media is totally "taking a break". Also you were just on ig live yesterday.

No. 29520

Just leave already.

No. 29521

wouldn't be surprised if this is fallout from Goose getting b& from PGH Lolitas

No. 29522

KEK I hate people who do this. They're there ones too obsessed with social media too. Definitely needs reassurance from the internet to make sure it's okay

No. 29523

What happened exactly? I only know vaguely of Goose, but didn't know she was banned.

No. 29524

Apparently there was financial manipulation going on with multiple members. My guess is she was trying to manipulate people into buying dresses and the like for her by saying "I'm so poor!!". I'm not in the comm though, so I'm not totally sure.

No. 29525

File: 1539530122088.png (801.26 KB, 1080x1775, Screenshot_20181014-101051.png)

How's that social media break going k8? She posted this and a video with her husband trying to prove they're all good now? What happened to your abusive/dangerous situation when you were with him? What happened to being genderqueer as well?

No. 29526

can i speak to the manager- kei

No. 29527

File: 1539531776890.jpg (561.44 KB, 974x1731, Social media break.jpg)

No. 29528

File: 1539531795516.jpg (706.24 KB, 974x1731, uwu.jpg)

No. 29529

That's kind of a dick thing to say.

No. 29530

idk looking back it was never 100% stated that the "abuse" or whatever the fuck her issue was was actually with her husband. i have a hunch it wasn't, and it was with an efamous lolita, and she was trying to get people to ask her about it. then she stopped because she realized that people were thinking it was her husband and not a dramallama friend situation.

No. 29531

idk looking back it was never 100% stated that the "abuse" or whatever the fuck her issue was was actually with her husband. i have a hunch it wasn't, and it was with an efamous lolita, and she was trying to get people to ask her about it. then she stopped because she realized that people were thinking it was her husband and not a dramallama friend situation.

No. 29532

No joke. If he loves you for you, he should like you either way? This just makes it sound like the dude has a lolita fetish tbh.

No. 29533

She posted about the "abuse" before Goose visited….

No. 29534

She also posted an older photo on IG after claiming to take a break. She was sitting on a couch. Looks like its deleted now

No. 29535

it was her husband. The whole reason goose flew out there was because something happened with him and k8 was alone and asked for someone to come stay with her. I don't know why it had to be someone from pa though when she has friends in la.

No. 29536

sauce that it was him

No. 29537

sauce that it was him

No. 29538

File: 1539977689664.jpg (112.75 KB, 721x1281, FB_IMG_1539977702876.jpg)

No. 29539

Good luck selling your nasty stained dresses for three times their value because you're ~*~e-famous~*~ K8.

No. 29540

Yo does this girl know how to wash clothes? They all look so worn out

No. 29541

Probably worn from washing all the literal shit off of them.

No. 29542

File: 1540012085092.png (2.07 MB, 1080x1792, Leavinglolita .png)

Now she can scam her followers without them knowing about her bad feedback on lacemarket.

No. 29543

why would anyone choose an ig transaction over a LM one? i feel way more protected as a buyer on a site that, y'know, is actually made for buying and selling

No. 29544

Idk. I’ve seen several lolitas do that lately and it irks me. If there were no other options I might understand, but like you said. LM exists for a reason. She’ll probably want payment from family/friends too.

No. 29545

Why just these two choices? Rlly…. Instagram??

No. 29546

Remember to sage. Also, what difference does it make? She has positive feedbacks with serious complaints in the comments.

No. 29547

I've dealt with a buyer with a bad social rep. Has a positive score on LM, but selling to that lolita made me uncomfortable. If I refused to sell to that lolita on LM, I would have received negative feedback.

No. 29548

File: 1540328421137.jpg (144.84 KB, 2048x704, Deep.jpg)

Wow really thought provoking.

No. 29549

Not all her followers have lacemarket accounts, and most of them who don't won't want to make one.

No. 29550

Deep. Why does she think she is all that? So basic

No. 29551

She's starting to list stuff for sale on her Instagram. Have to dm for price.

No. 29552

can we get a bunch of folks to DM her for prices from here and then list them here and in the comments on the ig photos?

No. 29553

She is still shady as hell, but I hope she does dial back her involvement in the Lolita community. I really think it would help with her mental health.
Lolita isn't inherently bad for mental health but damn if most of these snowflakes don't use it to create shopping addictions and situations where they base their self worth on clothes.

No. 29554

Did she get that from her mums facebook page

No. 29555

File: 1540858174463.jpg (197.01 KB, 1080x542, Art.jpg)

Inb4 Kate steals art

No. 29556

I don’t think Kate has enough milk for her own thread. She should be in Lolita lolcows.

No. 29557

This isn't even the first or second thread about her. She's been a slow burn for a while but she definitely deserves her own thread.

No. 29558

Does she even art

No. 29559

No silly, remember LACE? She just gets other people to do her hard work for free while she whines about her shit story.

No. 29560

So which generic Chinese eBay pins is she planning to sell?

No. 29561

People aren't screencapping her posts or contributing to the thread lately, but she absolutely deserves the last 3 threads she's had

No. 29562

She's been laying low untill now, and taking caps of what she's selling isn't epically milky, but if there's anything new I usually cap it.
I can't wait for more goose drama to come through.

No. 29563

This girl and her husband are the most unstable people I’ve ever met. Wasn’t she working part time only six months ago for her husbands company?? And aren’t they both unemployed now? Probably why she’s selling the dirty shit she has now

No. 29564

Apparently K8 and her friends have been charging people twenty bucks for pics recently and bragged about it on facebook. Like honestly, you can hustle, just don't spout it online; that's just in poor taste to me. But I guess K8 gotta make cash somehow ayyyyyyyyy

No. 29565

More details for people that don't have fb?

No. 29566

For real. Give the caps.

No. 29567

Just saw it through a mutual friend's of Kate's fb post through my friend's fb account, not mine. I don't bother to follow them, so sorry no caps. It's one of her followers from the LA area though, forgot her name. But yeah apparently there were by Santa Monica Pier and was asking for $20 to anyone who asked for their photo.

No. 29568

File: 1543331931857.png (180.66 KB, 1437x981, Capture _2018-11-27-07-16-43-1…)

Diff anon but her little puppet Nina posted about the incident on Insta

No. 29569

Didn't want to screenshot her story, but on IG she says "I start my new job today! Wish me luck!"

hmmmm k8 working????(necro, contribute properly if there is milk.)

No. 29608

Its confirmed. He husband is leaving her. Which is what all the emo shit posting is about.
And how she's working now. I give her a month before she quits and makes up some sad excuse with how she was mistreated at work.

No. 29609

Any screencaps?

No. 29612

Is it evil of me to laugh at this? This is what happens when mentally ill teens/young adults get married without life experience. No matter how much money they have, it won’t save a rushed marriage.

That being said, does anyone know her actual age? I can’t remember exactly.

No. 29617

I thought she was at least mid-twenties?

No. 29619

where was it confirmed?

No. 29630

She is 26 or 27 I believe. She told me before. But I forget

No. 29738

Has this bitch ever had a job?

Good for him. I wonder what caused them to get married in the first place.

No. 30403

Late twenties, she's no younger than 28 if not closer to 30.

No. 30472

File: 1548880969488.jpeg (230.1 KB, 369x705, 85C0CD35-D67C-4453-9D0B-2AA8E0…)

Just why would you put this on the internet

No. 31145

She's still referring to him as her husband on instagram. Do you have caps?

Maybe I'm weird but I think this looks better than her drag queen make up lol

No. 31183

she looks like those humble braggers who are just "trying it on". or like those itas who don't do their makeup and hair. this dress isn't my favorite anyway, but the lack of makeup isn't helping.

No. 31214

You can screencap IG stories and the OP will not get a notification about it. Please post pics to back up your claims esp since stories are up for 24 hrs only

No. 32282

File: 1549444013872.jpg (75.48 KB, 286x361, k81.jpg)

She got laser eye surgery, that's why she's not wearing eye makeup.

Come on, does nobody care about actual news? This is pretty significant considering the girl has been whining about not having money for… how long? Even if you go cheap, laser is pricey. So she hasn't been e-begging for essentials (we knew that much), but to save for her laser eye surgery fund. That's the kawaii dream people have been blindly (pardon the pun) giving to.
Here are caps of the caption from the post after this talking about it

No. 32283

File: 1549444059046.jpg (80.75 KB, 289x381, k82.jpg)

No. 32284

File: 1549444152234.jpg (91.93 KB, 599x596, k84.jpg)

The way she types is so grating.

Also >>29608
She's posting about her husband so that's a lie.

No. 32328

that soy face lol

No. 32343

She has cataracts iirc, so the surgery was probably covered by insurance.

No. 32371

File: 1549491562679.png (699.41 KB, 588x562, 538292.png)

What is going on with her face here?

No. 32389


Could this be why she was so bad with eye makeup? Like she literally cant see whats she doing?

Maybe her makeup can improve now.

No. 32463

So genderqueer omg

No. 33092

File: 1549812737268.png (527.97 KB, 597x592, Untitled1.png)

Another no-makeup post.
Caption: "I am too depressed to wear makeup but not too depressed to dress up yet ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"

I wouldn't go so far as to advocate for her to stop wearing makeup, but seeing her without any makes me feel like she might look better with very light makeup unlike the drag cake she usually has on.

No. 33100

>too depressed for makeup
She already expended the effort to put on a wig, jump into a dress, buckle up tea party shoes (which are a bitch btw), accessorize, and take a few pictures.
She didn't have enough spoons left to wear some slap at that point? Besides the photo is such shit quality it's not like we could see every imperfection regardless, plus she filters. She just wants the asspats for wearing no makeup #sobrave

No. 33130

File: 1549836579819.png (1.43 MB, 1077x1798, Darkcircles.png)

Deleted post because I'm retarded, but you know line still uses a filter right?

No. 33131

Considering how we can't see a single pore I guess we should take her word for it.

No. 33138

Yeah line pretty much smooths your whole face as standard. She either edited or she has some light makeup on her eyes, even dark circles don't extend to fucking eyelashes

No. 33155

File: 1549848152606.png (3.78 MB, 750x1334, 266F147D-0205-4606-92AC-07B2FB…)

What an attention whore

Completely fake. She has on eyeliner and smudged liner/shadow on the outer corners and under. Dark circles start from the inner corner (close to nose)

No. 33183

Is she not able to confide in her husband or any of her friends?
Is she even close with her friends or do they just take cute photos together?

No. 33187

Yeah wtf. Does she seriously expect someone to be able to diagnose her from Instagram?

No. 33352

File: 1549983412691.jpg (340.71 KB, 2048x905, Influencer.jpg)

No. 37495

File: 1551026043629.png (1.64 MB, 1237x2048, Gang.png)

Her new gIrL gAnG

No. 37509

What does this mean? Is this like those old web rings?

No. 37523

It's like s4s or an engagement pod most likely.

No. 37858

File: 1551205912056.png (1.93 MB, 750x1334, CF8B23AD-C0F5-4DC4-94D4-DDDF25…)

Don’t get plastic surgery, Kate.

No. 37868

It's almost like there's a cheaper alternative for spoilt bitches pretending they don't make enough bank for fillers, I think they call it "concealer" ….

No. 44268

Unfortunately I don’t have a cap for this since it was in her IG story over the weekend and is gone now. But she was at Tekko this past weekend and in the story she said she hasn’t done her taxes yet. People have brought up her wasting her inheritance on clothes/trips/etc. How is someone this bad at financial stuff still? Especially when for her, doing taxes should hardly take any time. And she probably only brought it up bc someone mentioned it. I just don’t understand.

No. 44270

Actually she said she had to leave to finalize things, not that she didn’t start. Don’t take cgl stuff as fact, they like to make it look worse. Still stupid if the cut off was Monday, but not that bad.

No. 44273

I did my taxes last weekend.

As long as you have your papers together and get them mailed by April 15th, it's not a big deal. We're not all Ned Flanders.

No. 44312


If you have a job they literally withhold taxes for you so it's braindead easy. I did my taxes in 2 hours this weekend and that's probably on the long side because I double and triple checked them.

Unfortunately for her, she does not, so she will have to figure out how much she owes herself. My guess is that if she started this weekend she would have to file for an extension. But I don't follow her, and it's already established she's shit at money, so I'd love if anyone capped it. Sage for pointless US tax bullshit.

No. 44961

Hypocritical K8 did a poll asking if people want to see her colab with dolls kill after previously posting photos of the melty moon bag replica they made.
Now she's asking on her story what kind of jewelry people want to see for her ~colab~. (probably with tacky puvithil) And she wants to shove scalera lenses in her eyes, girl you just got lasik like 2 months ago?

No. 44976

File: 1556135289487.png (832.68 KB, 1080x1794, Hawt.png)

Please stop with the v bangs.

No. 45080


Someone needs to tell her that gum disease ain't kawaii, either.

No. 45171


for gods sake will people cap her shit. this is the fucking farm and i do not want to follow her even for milk. sage for non contribution.

No. 45253

File: 1556298325070.png (3.06 MB, 1246x2048, Screenshot_20190426-115941.png)

I didn't cap it because I didn't think it was milky at the time sorry. But shes now doing this whole edgy lense phase? Idk.
She is also knowingly shilling for a wig brand that steals dreamholic wigs. (didn't get a cap of that rant either, but her sponsored posts are still up.)

No. 45257

File: 1556298676356.jpg (468.11 KB, 1080x1718, 1556298450705.jpg)

Post about the counterfeit wigs.

No. 45363

File: 1556373380739.png (916.86 KB, 1080x1795, Screenshot_20190427-085442.png)


No. 45385

Haha you shouldn’t wear lenses until about a year after lasik. What an idiot

No. 45455

Idk why this surprises her, she based her entire feed and popularity around being an OTT sweet lolita, of course the edgy shit won't do as well. (also, the v bangs made her 10 times less attractive)

No. 46024

File: 1556844302932.png (10.94 MB, 1242x2208, 01AC61AA-FAD4-4805-B78D-F623A9…)

No. 46027

Why does she have to sound so entitled about it? How dare her followers not like a deviation from how she constantly markets herself as. It's as if that specific style is what they follow her for.
So thirsty, jeez.

No. 46031

K8's not being thirsty. a lot of IG users are complaining about IG's algo and how it's used on a person's feed. she's not the only person.

No. 46032

>lots of IG users are actually attention whores too anon!

No. 46033

no wonder IG is testing out a new like feature in Canada. Voldie is pissed abt it

No. 46217

File: 1556913079206.png (1.69 MB, 1080x1781, Screenshot_20190503-145007.png)

What the fuck is with her and these bangs? They're not even centered jfc

No. 46218

File: 1556913082145.jpg (155.24 KB, 1080x1349, 57457119_574672903053391_37457…)

she sticks out like a sore thumb in PGH

look at the kids' reactions

No. 46230

File: 1556922554027.png (1.7 MB, 1080x1806, Screenshot_20190503-172810.png)

Wow she thinks she's real deep huh?

No. 46231

Every spineless idiot like her loves to repeat this slogan so they can pat themselves on the back while doing nothing of value for the world.

No. 46232

As in Pittsburgh? Cause we’ve got people who do this shit in richer areas quite often

No. 46233

Yeah she lives in Pittsburg now with her husband and pinkdreamdoll.

No. 46234

is Kate sharing a bed w/pinkdreamdoll or her hubby?

No. 46235


in her case i think it was intentional irony

sage for wk-ish

No. 46237

File: 1556924945748.png (604.73 KB, 739x541, 1531945701155.png)

Who knows. K8 is ~totally queer~ remember? >>640385

No. 46244

Where are you supposed to wear lolita then?

I hate people who say late capitalism sooo much

Is she doing poly crap now? What a trainwreck

No. 46246

>for years I used lolita as a crutch because I was terrified of being called gay
But kate aren't most lolitas lesbians?

- a lesbian lolita

No. 46262

ok k8 you're super gay now but what about your husband

No. 46263

Wasn’t he nonbinary or something? That totally makes theirs a gay marriage.

No. 46387

File: 1557069098305.png (1.27 MB, 1240x2048, Screenshot_20190505-100906.png)

Get ready

No. 46427

Kate is thinking about getting tattoos on her collar. Yuck

No. 46488

Did you not see >>46387? And sage if you aren’t going to contribute.

No. 46559

Her husband is "genderqueer."
Tbh their whole relationship is so weird to me, they act like edgelord teenagers and i can't imagine them having any kind of sexual relationship.

No. 46747

File: 1557344657471.png (2.08 MB, 1080x1792, Screenshot_20190508-144137.png)

K8, you have no job and yet you can't find time to simply take promotional photos? Also weird flex about all her free shit.

No. 46749

if you saw an earlier story on IG, she was in the hospital

No. 46753

I thought she got a job

No. 46755

Yet she had time all earlier this week and last to dress up. Also sage your comments.
She quit because it was "too stressful"

No. 47240

File: 1557667891249.png (2.33 MB, 1207x2048, Screenshot_20190512-083112.png)

No. 47485

Kate broke her ankle with the platforms she wore and may have a blood infection.

No. 47488

File: 1557799455551.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1635, Screenshot_20190514-104916~2.p…)

For the last time, this is an image board

No. 47626


Ho boy that escalated quickly.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, she needs to take control of her health. It's nice to get all the asspats whining about her chronic health issues, but all of these can be under good relative control without it spiraling into a nightmare hospital admission like this one. And she can enjoy more time in brand.

No. 48180

So she's septic? This is preventable how do you let your health get this bad? Yikes.

No. 52817

File: 1559960025979.jpg (179.33 KB, 1209x1415, Pr.jpg)

That wig is so yikes.

No. 52834

She was recently claiming she weighs 100 pounds because her anxiety is so bad she can't eat.

She's 5'8", this does not look like a 100 pound person at that height.

No. 52863

Her anxiety would probably improved if she stayed off the internet.

No. 52881

This looks like shoop, how's her arm get smaller and smaller as it goes down. Your hand shouldn't be that much smaller than your head. The legs.

No. 52895

File: 1560003472420.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1791, Screenshot_20190607-213354.png)

Please just burn this wig.

No. 52896

Just the wig? Lol.

No. 52970

File: 1560051399365.png (2.85 MB, 1238x2048, Screenshot_20190608-223548.png)

Why tf do people still sponsor her when she can barely post anything on time?

No. 52996

She will brag to anyone who would listen about all her sponsorships but would complain that Pusheen made her pay for things. She cancelled her subscription in hopes of extorting it for free. Kate constantly chooses to hold off buying something in hopes of getting it for free, then later resell it for the retail price when she was done with it. Not even her closest friends were saved from a markup on her free booty.

No. 53001

On a recent live stream she brings up more about moving back. She says she was trying to kill her self and her husband was on drugs for a bit. Called it very successful attempts that led her to go to the hospital a bunch. He was going back home to get help and she was debating going back with him. She had an apartment and job lined up but ended going back with him and getting on some meds.

They seem to be both better now and she wants to move back to la but not downtown as they were too isolated. The only other milk I heard was her briefly mentioning her shitty finances. Someone asked her about a big plusheen plush she has and she got into a bit about how she never liked ppl touching it because it was expensive and how she regrets spending so much money back then on dumb stuff.

No. 53005

they shouldn't be moving back to LA. their priority is to work and shore up finances.

No. 53009

I'm surprised she hasn't tried to get a free tripod yet because she bitches about it every chance she can. Like you can't afford a $60 item needed to do your "job"?

No. 53015

File: 1560111913003.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1782, Screenshot_20190609-152423.png)

Get ready for her pr expertise.

No. 53022

Step 1: Be a shameless stupid bitch.

No. 53071

Not downtown because it was too expensive not too isolated lol holy shit how is middle of the Los Angeles City area “too isolated” lmfaooooooooo

No. 53129

Not trying to WK, but maybe she means too far from her other e-fame leeches? Did she live in heart of downtown and not somewhere like K-town? I know a lot of girls live in ktown.

No. 53172

She literally lived in k-town.

No. 53234

Implying it’s not a bee’s dick away or an uber call to go between the two areas, they are pretty much almost next to each other. Sounds more like someone ran out of daddy’s money and the tax man is coming for her ass now lol

No. 53242

File: 1560287190232.jpg (125.01 KB, 960x1280, Millie.jpg)

Wow I didn't think k8 could look any worse. Her liner is so wonky.

No. 53243

I never lurk in /w/ because I’m not a weeb but is this a popular makeup look??? I clicked the thumbnail on the homepage cause I thought it was Millie Graves from the nicole’s calves thread in /snow/, so is kate getting inspo from Millie or is this just a popular look right now?

No. 53250

She's trying to do a millie Graves lewk.

No. 53254

I thought K8 lived in Japantown when she was in LA, not K-Town.

No. 53270

File: 1560309283337.jpeg (617.81 KB, 1241x1772, 1129C717-99D6-4681-84BE-912759…)

Millie commented, but Kate did mention her. Either way, I don’t care about Millie but she does pull this look off better imo.

No. 53284

She lived in little tokyo. It's right next to skid row and some really shitty areas, and it's a pain in the ass to get to. Locals never go there because it's a tourist infested nightmare, there's no parking, and traffic is awful all the time. She picked it for pure weeb points when she should have just moved to the valley like everyone else.

No. 53353

Ok, did she not fix her eyes? Because you’d think getting laser eye surgery would help her see better without glasses when doing makeup. Did the surgery do fuckall? How can someone who wears so much makeup, so frequently be so shit at application!?

No. 53496

File: 1560473401088.png (941.81 KB, 935x600, Untitled.png)

No. 54052

Apparently the bitch is moving back to LA at the end of the year, guess she didn't learn her lesson the first time.

No. 54135

Nevermind! She most likely ruined it for herself before even arriving to LA with the LACE fiasco.
>implying she would put that much effort into visiting someone else

No. 54142

Where's that screencap? I have it saved but I'm tired of your lazy ass not posting proof

No. 54162

Just check her insta stories you dumb cuck. I don’t follow her so I have friends screenshot it for me. How about you get off your lazy ass instead of bitching about it and not writing anything of use to us.(learn 2 imageboard)

No. 54166

Nayrt but that’s a stupid excuse. If you’re the one bringing milk you should’ve been the one to cap and post the proof. Not everyone even has IG.

No. 54178

This is an image board to document milk. Why would you come here and not post caps?

No. 54361

File: 1561083518957.png (1.46 MB, 1080x1823, Screenshot_20190618-154433~2.p…)

Here you go, since image boards seem to be really hard for you to use

No. 54537

File: 1561178106039.jpg (408.71 KB, 1536x2048, Meow.jpg)

This is painful to look at.

No. 56057

She doesn't even have gagues? She's going to push away all her followers that made her "famouz" with this weird stuff she's been going on.

No. 56058

File: 1562242583623.png (1.93 MB, 1080x1718, Plug.png)

Dropped image

No. 56087

File: 1562274941419.png (506.7 KB, 813x446, safa.png)

Her eye makeup looks so fucking crusty and people are still praising her? I'm so confused.

No. 56088

File: 1562275001690.jpeg (126.91 KB, 666x1000, D8B9878E-E047-4A47-A7B2-04BCE7…)


Reminds me of Dakota roses old shoots

No. 56089

what the fuck is that eyeliner sweet jesus

No. 56090

File: 1562275049672.png (427.18 KB, 810x479, 1e1.png)

Another recent cringe, loving the shade in the comments

No. 56095

Really ironic she’s jumping on the ”uwu selfcare be healthy” train when she was hospitalized for ignoring a blood infection and eats like shit.

No. 56352

I've only just noticed, she has almost 60k followers but most of her posts get 1-3k likes. Is that normal? That's very little for that many followers surely. Did she load up with bots?

No. 56399

File: 1562548709762.jpeg (114.14 KB, 782x344, 5F5B4F4A-82A4-4866-8A57-E49145…)

I’m not sure what % is normal for someone w that amount of followers though since many could be bots.

No. 56443

File: 1562603409509.jpg (456.69 KB, 2048x2048, FB_IMG_1562603376104.jpg)

I was inspired by bubblegoth and cyberpunk and wanted to combine the more futuristic concepts with lolita fashion. I wanted an intergalactic look and this is how it turned out. I really liked using different textures and I think it’s fun and fresh so I wanted to share!

social: http://instagram.com/katiebabydoll

Goggles - ESQAPE
Hair Bows and Choker - Roxie Sweetheart
Earrings - new profanity
PVC set - kiss me kill me
Dress and socks - angelic pretty
Wristwear - 8th SIN
Boots - demonia

Whew lad.

No. 56444

So many ass kissing comments Jesus.

No. 56457

Plus she's at Anthrocon. Why any self-respecting lolita would want to hang out there is beyond me.

No. 56494

File: 1562636943139.png (2.08 MB, 1080x1811, Screenshot_20190706-212708~2.p…)

No. 56515

are we in 2004 again?

No. 56591

File: 1562699618066.png (9.66 MB, 1242x2208, 9627D61C-D9C2-4D4B-AE72-FCF88E…)

No. 56698

>as that knife literally cuts your mouth
Holy fuck I didn't even notice that lmao. She's made herself look like such a sped.

No. 56750

Wait wasn't she super poor only recently? How is she affording more shit?

No. 56880

I follow her on insta and haven’t liked her posts in months. She keeps posting weird ass shit like >>53242. And >>56090

If her stories are anything to go by, she’s noticed that her interactions have gone down.

No. 56915

That's why she resorted to posting on Closet of Frills to find more followers who don't know about her past drama.

No. 56944

I saw her at anthrocon this weekend (I didn’t realise who she was until now) and she made some weird comment about furries being nicer than lolita people after I complimented her it was awkward

No. 56949

Her idea of poor isn’t the same as everyone else. She’ll have $35,000 and wail that she’s poor until Mommy sends more money. She’ll penny pinch $2 with someone who was recently unemployed and calls friend. She’s scanned hundreds of dollars out of the PGL members. But only the old members, which is why she made her comeback because none of the new girls know or believe the shit she pulled. I’m so glad she’s only going to infect LA and PGL. Too many efamers in my community kiss her ass, not paying attention to what she does to friends who hold her accountable. Yuck.

No. 56970

am I the only one whos eyes are not completely offended by this? I kind of like it as a creative oc or something…but its not. I want to see this drawn.

i'm also high so maybe that's why it looks at the very least visually pleasing.

No. 56971

isn't that whats popular on the gram right now.

I'm not on fb does post more on there?

No. 58137

File: 1563808185690.jpg (146.05 KB, 446x794, crackheads.jpg)

No. 58138

Is she dating this person? Thought she was still with her husband and they were monogamous?

No. 62517

File: 1565960201665.png (2.27 MB, 1080x1794, Screenshot_20190816-075507.png)

What the fuck is this look?

No. 62520

Proof of scamming would be good

No. 62565

She posted a story a few days ago about wanting another roommate. So she & her husband are split?

No. 62571

tard kei

No. 62587

Clearance bin at Claire's kei

No. 62676

She's moving back to LA with the hubs.

No. 62679

File: 1566070054420.jpg (240.57 KB, 1080x1243, Sicomode.jpg)

I'm so tired of her shoving her cYbEr goggles and shoes into every coord.

No. 62708

Damn when will her husband just leave her ass

No. 62751

she's not even doing lolita now just shitty cybergoth ala 2008 era. at least her shitty scene/alt hairstyle is finally thematic with her outfits.

No. 63594

Maybe when he grows a pair lol can't wait for her to start fucking shit up in LA again

No. 64686

File: 1566996329971.png (2.41 MB, 1236x2048, Screenshot_20190828-074453.png)

Wow she really thinks she has good advice to give and is worth paying for?

No. 65554

K8 is back in LA.

No. 65555

Sage your boring shit Kate

No. 65558

go look at her IG stories you lame sager(learn 2 sage)

No. 65564

It's relevant to the thread. Anyway hopefully this means there will be more milk before she ends up spending all her, or more likely her husband's, money.

No. 65858

File: 1568002612109.png (853.27 KB, 497x876, whencowscollide.png)

she's hanging out with kelly eden or something, based on both of their insta stories.

No. 65883

They seem like a good match, both attention whores who don't know how to manage money. Plus Kelly is fresh out of friends, and looking for a new roommate she can leech off of.

No. 65900

File: 1568053513428.png (799.76 KB, 1080x1774, Screenshot_20190909-132544.png)

No. 65965

K8 mentioned moving to LA this fall despite bitching to anyone who would listen that she couldn't stand living there. If she meant living with Kels, that would be hilarious

No. 65984

Imagine the milk when they eventually have their big fallout if this is true. kek.

No. 66808

File: 1569005363484.jpeg (568.88 KB, 673x913, E1469CEB-40BF-4408-91C1-63CF05…)

Her head looks so big compared to her body, kek

No. 68593

Kate: I’m gonna tell this teenager to move in so we can have a “roommate”
>uses the teenager to meet guys off tinder and fuck someone with a diaper kink
>husband finds out she fucked someone with a diaper kink so now she hides with a lesbian couple
>she complains husband is abusive because he won’t pay off her $1000 of her PayPal debt, because they are getting a divorce over kate fucking someone with a diaper kink.

No. 68615

Oh please give some proof of anything. This is good milk if it’s real

No. 68635

This smells like bullshit. Please provde proof.

No. 68665

File: 1570464762037.jpeg (575.53 KB, 2048x2048, BECE06AE-D36A-4EE2-8EDD-ADD15E…)

>before she did the kink vs after she slept with him


No. 68672

Holy shit if this is real, Kate talks like a valley girl in text
No wonder she wants to be back in LA clout chasing aside

No. 68675

Who was her roommate?

No. 68691

this is the hottest milk since LACE. Oh girlytoot, how I've missed you.

No. 68692

>Ctrl+F "diaper". 3 results. All in this single post.
Holy shit?! I have many questions.

No. 68721

Guess the thong diaper "jokes" weren't really jokes at all

No. 68732

Does anyone know who this John person is?

Pretty sure it was pinkdreamdoll

No. 68737

Seems like that’s the diaper fetish guy who she cheated on her husband with.

No. 68740

File: 1570497642133.png (119.41 KB, 433x565, the saga continues.png)

Funny how Kate's catalyst to any kind of e-fame relevancy has had to do with poop.
This time it's about fucking a man with a diaper kink.
When she first started, it was about taking a giant shit in a bathroom stall while in brand.

My, my, how she has graduated to shittier things.
What'll it be in another few years, will Kate finally reveal it was her fetish all along?

No. 68745

Oh yeah, I remember seeing pinkdreamdoll and k8 posting with each other at times. I noticed pinkdreamdoll has deleted all pics with k8 in them, so seems like some shit went down.

No. 68746

They were roommates in Pitts with k8s husband.

No. 68755

File: 1570501538028.jpeg (49.67 KB, 550x524, 2BC516B6-2D49-4ABE-AEA2-2D932B…)

All y’all right now

No. 68767

Wow I wonder how many other people she’s emotionally abused at this point

No. 68770

For the love of god I hope her husband is finally leaving her. It’s long overdue. And I expect now she’s found someone else to use and manipulate for her own gain anyway.

No. 68798

Lolcow may not like Goose, but she abused her and got her banned from their local comm because K8 had to be the victim.

She throws people away, but always makes them look like the toxic one.

No. 68826


Goose got banned for more than just the K8 bullshit. They can both be shitty people.

No. 68828

Not a fan of Kate, but things goose got banned for
> taking creeper shots of com members and posting them publicly to make fun of them
> scamming multiple people
> harassing multiple members in person and online
> hardcore bullying and emotional manipulation of a couple com members
> sneaking onto a com member's computer while at their house and taking photos of private conversations between that com member and their partner.

cheating on your husband and flouncing dramatically is bad but goose is still the worst.

No. 68830

Goose is a shitty person but I would argue cheating on your husband or wife while simultaneously leeching off of them for emotional and financial support is worse than anything you listed.

No. 68833


Goose did way more damage to the comm than K8 did. The woman Goose took the pic of used to host the big ILD meets. She quit the comm a few months later, and I don't know how that wouldn't factor into her decision. She was working at Tekko too when Goose took the pic. K8 treats the people close to her like shit, but that's like three people.

No. 68834

Being shitty to people you are acquainted with through a hobby is not the same as being shitty to your spouse. Kate has defamed her husband claiming he’s ~abusive~, she’s leeched off of him for years draining him financially, and now it’s come to light she’s cheated. And Kate has a notorious history of treating people she’s close to like shit yeah, and that list is way more than “like 3 people.” Stop WKing Kate comparing her to Goose, this is Kate’s thread. Make a thread about goose if you want to talk about her this much or take it to the Lolita lolcows thread.

No. 68835


I'm white knighting K8? You're the one insisting she has more than three good friends.

No. 68836

I’m saying the people she has been close to in the past amounts to more than three. And you act like she wasn’t shitty to everyone during the LACE debacle, and ignoring her old comm drama. Read these threads and sage your noncons about Goose.

No. 68838

honey, don't ever white knight. comprehend that this fashion is full of entitled white weebs who thirst for dick. K8 isn't alone

No. 68841

That moment you realize Kate’s new girlfriend sells acid to high schoolers to make ends meet, and she is probably only with them for the free drugs.
Wonder if the “leaving lolita”sale is gonna be any good. (:

No. 68842

Proof? And selling acid isn't very lucrative as a job lmao

Also Kate doesn't seem like she would be very into drugs

No. 68843

>K8 doesn’t seem like she’d be very into drugs

You really aren’t familiar with her then. She posts about weed all the time and alludes to other drugs on her timeline.

No. 68852

If you don’t think miss wannabe cyber goth doesn’t do drugs, you are oblivious AF

No. 68855

You can also tell which pics she’s high in and which ones she isn’t. She thinks she can hide it but she’s terrible at it.

Plus on her finsta I’m pretty sure she’s smoking in more than one post.

No. 68856

File: 1570567324380.jpeg (656.16 KB, 750x789, 8169C315-3907-4BA1-98BE-2EEB00…)

She’s a fucking idiot for not having her shit on private

No. 68857

File: 1570567415777.jpeg (702.31 KB, 750x791, D5E6F86E-2877-41E2-9C73-3C477B…)

She’s not smoking here, but look at how obviously blitzed out she is

No. 68859

Weird, I've been somewhat following her for a while and it didn't occur to me. I think there is a difference between weed and hard drugs though.

No. 68861

File: 1570568120319.jpeg (801.74 KB, 750x920, 3C1D94B5-FDD1-4D07-A259-E33051…)

This was already posted here earlier, but here she is smoking

No. 68863

unrelated but god this outfit is ugly

No. 68875

File: 1570577653561.jpeg (116.59 KB, 1040x802, C5953EA1-5B95-4061-ADCF-AFC084…)

No. 68886

File: 1570583002710.jpeg (657.65 KB, 828x871, D0AC2A5F-9B6B-4DCB-9A7D-BF5829…)

I mean she looks like crap here, not surprising if she is high most days.

No. 68888

The weed earrings really tie the 'rolled around the closet and wore what stuck' ensemble together.

No. 68900

She looks like an escaped mental patient here. this is horrendous

No. 68929

When were these messages sent? I'm absolutely dead

No. 69174


>has affair with dude with a diaper kink

>runs to tell someone through DMs, which you can screenshot, that she had an affair with dude with a diaper kink

How dumb is she? Did she think that she could run around telling people about this and that no one would post this online? Or did she just not care?

No. 69279

File: 1570916410467.png (2.64 MB, 1520x2048, Screenshot_20191012-163655.png)

What is this makeup and brows??

No. 69283

I struggled to understand the second part of her caption as well

No. 69464

File: 1571096352198.png (1.96 MB, 1080x1789, Screenshot_20191014-183757.png)

Seems like Kate is low on funds. Trying to sell her choppy wigs and pr items.

No. 69465

jesus that wig is so ratty. that's kind of fucked up to sell it like that

No. 69471

That's…not what widows peak means. That's a v bang wig. Widow's peak means a v hairline, as in a lacefront wig.

No. 69478

Isn’t that wig old as fuck too??

No. 69529

Kate’s idea of being low on funds is still having $30,000 in liquid assets. That’s her being broke. Never mind that most of it is her husband’s money she drained out of their joint account and into one just for herself.

No. 69533

rofl i was just about to say that. She's an idiot and that wig is trash. You can get a brand new wig for $35 on arda

No. 69534

She marks up her nasty stained/ratted/otherwise damaged shit because she wore it so she thinks it must be worth more. Nothing new since she’s done this for years.

No. 69545

Are you allowed to do that? Just take money from your spouse?

No. 69546

File: 1571163184645.png (407.19 KB, 1080x1334, Dollskill.png)

No. 69549

When she can't sell her damaged shit she'll blame someone else. Nothing is ever her fault.

A joint account can just be drained by either parties on it. So if it was a joint account she could drain the money. When that isn't enough she'll manipulate her mother out of money.

No. 69569

Wow this is so desperate and cringe, Dollskill is widely known to be shitty.

No. 69786

Kate: a cringe person who takes advantage of people, and is known to screw anyone/everyone over.
Dollskill:cringe company who takes advantage of people and is known to screw anyone/everyone over

Seems like a match made in heaven.

No. 69842

She was suposed to do an IG Live Q&A but her phone got hacked or something? Not really sure since she posted normally later.

No. 71355

File: 1572365191144.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1400, Bed.png)

I wonder what the news will be. Also shoes on the bed, gross.

No. 71595

File: 1572650069904.jpeg (321.39 KB, 750x1074, 042B41C4-0669-4346-9913-28635C…)

I’m losing my mind over this

No. 71618

I think her reply was sarcastic.

No. 71619

I’m aware, this comment is just funny as hell

No. 71649

Isn’t that Azusas apartment? Why are all these e-whores latching onto her. She was probably fine with the shoes on the bed for the photo but if i came into someones home even just for the pictures, I wouldn’t … put my shoes on someones bed spread jfc.

No. 71655

File: 1572697410965.png (2.08 MB, 1076x1796, Moldie.png)

Could this be it?
Is Kate now desperate to call on any last friends she has left?

No. 71677

They both looked like they got hit by the crackwhore haggard stick lmfaoooooo Should have gotten that therapy when you had the chance =)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 71680

I think Voldie is more desperate than Kate. Flying in from Montreal to Pittsburgh?

No. 71683

And in Kate's story you can see the version where she shooped her chin

No. 71692

K8 usually has the face of a horse but she looks worse than usual here

No. 71708

Either Voldie made a stop in LA or Kate is in Pitts. Voldie is in Pittsburgh right now for a card game event.

No. 71747

her nose piercings are ridiculously crooked wtf

No. 71814

She ranted about the news on her story today but can't say what it legally yet. Who wants to bet it's for Barcroft TV or a divorce

No. 71823

Oh no is Kate gonna do reality TV like Venus Angelic’s “I’m a Living Doll” episode of My Strange Addiction?

No. 71825

File: 1572922746779.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1782, Voldie.png)

Kate confirmed being in Pittsburg and not LA? Voldie is still hanging out with her and was confirmed to be in Pittsburg for work.
She already had to move back again, how sad. Poor Pom, being flown back and forth all the time.

No. 71830

She’s desperate for relevancy, so she definitely would. I mean she was gonna have that one documentary that got cancelled or whatever. She’s an egomaniac.

No. 71858


I'm guessing her divorce. And she's been back in Pittsburgh for a while now. There's no way she can move to LA without her husband's money.

No. 71863

Well she was hyping up about moving back to LA not too long ago. And was with azusa and Kelly eden earlier last month. >>69279
Sad her own wallet lasted less than a month. No wonder she's selling so much literal shit and free pr.

No. 71864

of course these two would be chummy with eachother. they both spent most of their time bawwing about meanielitas and attention whoring all over /cgl/

No. 71873

How do you know she got divorced?

No. 71874

>>71873 Yeah, they were talking about going back in September. That was before their marriage fell apart.
>>71863 I don't think she's divorced yet. She's trying to milk him for every penny she can. And people gossip. She pissed a lot of people off with the way she treated her roommate.

No. 71876

Deets about her and her roommate? They seemed to be friends but I guess something happened?

No. 71919

What happened with that exactly? Her roommate licked her boots the entire time they lived together and Miranda was even skin walking k8

No. 71939

Kate has been in pittsburgh for almost a year now i think.

No. 71941

Honestly, her husband is gross and i don't blame her for wanting to leave him. All he does is post vaping videos and "dank memes" on IG. not much better than K8 i guess but he doesn't even seem like he has enough money to justify how weird he is, if they needed a roommate living in Pittsburgh.

i know the photographer who shot her at Azusa's place and he said she was high as fuck the entire time, like reeked of weed and she could barely stand up. Apparently she's just stoned off her ass 24/7 now.

No. 71946

They needed a roommate because Kate drained him of all their money from living in LA. AFAIK he was the only one making money while she flexed around LA. He had to go home because he had a mental breakdown because of her.

No. 72106

File: 1573162811227.png (1.67 MB, 1080x1791, Bffs.png)

Wow this must be a wet dream for Voldie, finally Kate's only friend.

No. 72112

Jesus they both look so disgusting.

No. 72114

this is a cursed image seriously so many things going wrong.
>that outfit i legit thought this was a weird jeffree star shoop.
>dirty platforms that just look awful
>random sweet lolita with cowboy hat for extra yeehaw meme points


No. 72117

Why does it look like K8 has a dick?

No. 72136

What is with that unflattering jumpsuit? It looks awful and accentuates her shapeless body.

No. 72140

She has the body of a prepubescent boy

No. 72197

They can't even get the quote right ffs

No. 72224

File: 1573313677362.jpg (105.01 KB, 1080x760, FB_IMG_1573313679031.jpg)

The big announcement:

happy to announce that in a long list of cool things happening in my life I am honored to be the new model for the fantastical OTT brand Lolita & Colitas

stay tuned for more cool news

No. 72225

Lmao woooooo!

No. 72234

that's it?

No. 72246

File: 1573334165895.jpg (777.42 KB, 846x1658, uri_mh1573334182072.jpg)

Her lips look like garbage though?

No. 72303

That mirror reflection

No. 72314

If you're going to shoop your nose smaller, you'd best shoop the reflection too. Awkward.

No. 72318

>so long
Is she talking about her chin?

No. 72373

She was leaving a shit ton of comments on that brands posts and DMing them to no end. They're not even a big or well-known brand, it's a cheap Taobao store

No. 72385

Her lips look so lumpy

No. 72386

Without context, if you told me this was a autism girl with her MtF partner I'd believe it kek.

No. 72394

>>72246 Her new place looks like it reeks of cat piss and has a carbon monoxide leak.

No. 72827


Grew up in something similar in Pittsburgh. It's standard fare for dilapidated steel era housing. There are a lot of relatively affordable luxury apartments in the city she could be staying at instead

No. 73019

File: 1574092221791.png (205.41 KB, 1080x1460, Hypocrisy.png)

Yet she still works with Dollskill since "they're nice to her".

No. 73034

Go away yinzer

No. 73037

really love the implication coming from Kate that you shouldn't buy from a company because they treat the people getting the product for free in exchange for promotion like shit, you know, as opposed to the customers actually buying the product kek

No. 73076

That’s the implication, but what she really means is that we shouldn’t buy from any company that treated her like shit. She doesn’t care about other people. If a company mistreats its other influencers but treats her well (e.g. Dollskill) she’ll go “uh well they’ve always been good to me so idk UwU <3”. Up until the moment they fuck her over too, then it’s callout time.

No. 73115

Looks like that Ashleigh horse face girl here, wow.

No. 74588

Did she get her lips done in Pittsburgh? They look awful

No. 74867

How is her husband okay with any of this? Are they open? Like…..how do we know this isn’t just some cuck thing because this is the only way I can see this being acceptable and the only reason why they’re still together

No. 74868

I’d fucking loose my mind if my wife was posting pics like this. How is she not out on the street yet

No. 74904

Nope she’s a bIG GAYYYY LOL-ita now and want everyone to know it

No. 74906

let me guess, now she's like 'husband is super abusive lol' 'i cheated because i got a manic episode and now realize i only like women but women who are men'

No. 74968

They’re not together

No. 74979

Does anyone have any proof of this? They still follow each other on Instagram and were interacting with each other on there at least a month ago (and with pinkdreamdoll as well).

No. 75021

Kate is almost thirty and she acts like a fucking idiot, drama after drama. I bet money she doesn’t like the fashion because it’s cute- she likes it as a tool that has helped promote her as the celebrity she always wanted to be. Her cheating on her husband with a diaper freak is icing on the shit cake she has made herself. I feel genuine pity for this immature, selfish idiot. I hope she sees these comments and this thread, and I hope her husband does too, maybe he’ll finally realized he wasted his youth on a hollow bitch.

No. 75022

Kate supposedly told several of her friends that she planned on leaving her husband but I don’t know the details

No. 75024

She's in Japan with one of her trans friends/roommates/fuck buddies rn and her husband isn't with them

No. 75033

Will she buy another cat when she’s there?

No. 75231

Did anyone else realize that Kate has a website now? I just found it and it’s the most self absorbed thing I’ve ever seen in my life

No. 75232

Did anyone else realize that Kate has a website now? I just found it and it’s the most self absorbed thing I’ve ever seen in my life

No. 75249

Dude, where’s the link?

No. 75257

No. 75260

The quotes, oh my god. I’m cringing.

No. 75262

make sure to have adblocker so u don’t give her money for your click 4 cringe

No. 75265


Actual quotes from her homepage:









I hope she gets help. I mean, what the fuck is this shit?

No. 75268

crack is wack man, but honestly I think she's been on the deep end for a long time. I still think her shit story was made up for pity poo poo points. Everyone poops, Kate, calm down.

No. 75273

I think it’s partly crack and just that she thinks she’s edgy/funny in general

No. 75278


Us too, Kate.

No. 75292

Seeing how buddy buddy her husband has been with their former roommate, who wants to bet money he gets with her and the cycle continues?

No. 75293

The entire website is cringe, this girl has her head up her own butthole so bad, and since when is she back in LA?

No. 75295

Yeah I was wondering if they had a thing going. Does she still live with him? They could be fucking already. Think Kate knows?

No. 75300

y'all didnt even get the best part

>In her spare time, Katie enjoys furthering her neopets clout and playing shitty flash games from the mid-2000’s.

>She is a Capricorn sun, Sagittarius rising, and Libra moon and half-comprehends what all of that means.

>Katie considers herself a high-level meme consumer and likes to allocate time in her day to laugh at non-sensical content as a form of self care.

>She prefers to listen to Kendrick Lamar when responding to collaboration and sponsorship inquiries and additionally strives to live on ten.

>You can find Katie dressed like a mostly-retired emo kid at the Venice Beach bowl posing as a skateboarder or presenting as your average Californian/Zumiez employee trying on $7000 jackets at the Beverly Hills Gucci store until the employees ask her to leave.

No. 75302

"She also idolizes Hannah Rose Dalton and Steven Raj Bhaskaran of posh sounding @matieresfecales, which translates to “Fecal Matter”

Folks, this was copied and pasted from her website. What is her obsession with shit?

No. 75305

Going into a store and not buying anything just to take pics for clout sounds like a k8 thing alright

No. 75306

She’s still in Pittsburgh. She just wants to say she’s in LA to seem more exciting

No. 75313

No, the best part is her saying she does everyday things like grocery shopping dressed as a living doll. Gag.

No. 75331

Nitpick but out of all the lies she tells, I think the biggest one is where she says she has a Neopets account in order to appear quirky.
Lmao. Such a strange liar.

No. 75390

I love how her page seems to have no purpose other than to suck her own dick

No. 75392

is Castles her maiden name? oof

No. 75418

I think Davis IS her maiden name?

No. 75688

File: 1576467482270.jpeg (718.21 KB, 750x1116, F6B90164-BBF7-4754-9D4F-F4E690…)

6% doki doki posted k8 on their instagram and holy fuck is her makeup crusty. Especially her lips

No. 75891

>buckle up tea party shoes (which are a bitch btw)
How fat are you anon??

No. 75909

File: 1576699679907.png (52.78 KB, 406x406, 565BA9C5-8DDF-4AC3-9113-1C4867…)

she really got that yaoi chin going on

No. 75966

Imagine thinking annoying buckles on shoes have anything to do with weight. Weirdos on lolcow.

No. 75993

Imagine going all the way to japan only to have 6% dokidoki post three crusty pics of you on instagram

No. 76056

How does she have the time/money to go around cheating on her husband, fly to Japan, and be stupid despite her health issues???

No. 76061

She has no job and she leeches off her (ex)? husband ¯\_(ツ)_/¯(¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

No. 76063

Couldnt they have smoothed out the dry looking lips?

No. 76100

File: 1576864599738.jpg (191.25 KB, 918x736, Dollzkill.jpg)

Dollskill is totally a job

No. 76107

She loves her health issues because it gets her sympathy and control over situations. Some of her health issues are her own fault. She has the gastroparesis because she used to her diabetes (type 1) to go anorexic. Anorexia left her with digestive issues. But, she loves reminding people how thin she is and so frail. She misused her diabetes in other ways, too. Drove her husband over the edge.

No. 76134

Kate seems to be losing followers kek

No. 76597

She’s in Japan for Christmas, still friendly with the husband, and enjoys fucking dudes with diapers. She’s living her best life apparently

No. 76599


No. 76699

File: 1577343756422.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1242x1863, F1E9AE27-C438-4729-B6CC-7F6C06…)

Her husband posted this on IG, and Kate commented. Apparently he’s in La without her, and they’re either open or poly now (1/2)

No. 76700

File: 1577343785355.jpeg (317.42 KB, 1242x877, 1B32821A-2D21-47BF-80D1-C275CA…)

No. 76705

He's just typing like a single man, living in a different place, no mention of her, and she's replying like a not-close facebook friend

No. 76716

Good luck, his love life is going to suck if he lets k8 still be a part of his life. She seems like the kind of crazy to stalk him and his new partner and ruin things by trying to sleep with him

No. 76718

Is he okay with her telling everybody he was abusive and beat her or what

No. 76723

I’m surprised he’s not just fucking their former roommate

No. 76745

Aren't/weren't they though? He posted a lot of pics of her a few months ago to his IG

No. 76751

That’s what I’d like to do. But she tries to dump everyone by saying they are abusive to her. She’s ok so toxic and people who lick her boots don’t even realize it. Sad she got her claws in communities like PGL so deep.

No. 76756

He’s also batshit, weird as fuck, and not attractive. All He seems to have is money but since he can’t keep a job, probably not even that. Good luck to anyone who tries.

No. 76778

Hi kate(hi cow)

No. 76787

Idk about batshit but he is bipolar so

No. 76790

Is Kate even a pgl member? When this shit hit the fan most people blocked her so she couldn’t see meets, not that she ever went to them to begin with. She looses friends as fast as she gains them. Once the puppy love of being Kate’s friend wears off you realize how much of a manipulative POS she is. It makes sense that she said matt was abusive, no one wants to accept they are actually the toxic one.

No. 76819

File: 1577492588995.jpeg (769.17 KB, 750x1116, 58ED8BDE-A757-4BF4-83AC-C81D2E…)

This has to be the worst I’ve seen her look. That makeup and hair, holy shit

No. 76821

I usually don’t but honestly wish someone would go gta on her we need a kawaii funeral(a-log)

No. 76822

She’s enough of a member to get people banned after they got used up by her and had evidence on her. The mods kiss her ass so much they can’t accept how she manipulated them into going after others for her. It happened when LACE first got shit stirred and it happens again years later. The sad thing is one of the current mods was one of the girls Kate bullied when the girl wasn’t a mod.

No. 76825

Proof? Deets? Receipts?

No. 76831

homeless kei

No. 76871

File: 1577530794495.jpeg (44.72 KB, 300x424, 9BFE02D1-6D88-4B2D-9DDB-17A2E9…)

Looks like a deranged Katy Perry.

No. 76914

File: 1577580109366.jpg (224.79 KB, 1080x1351, 1577579980751.jpg)

>uneven nose piercings
>plastic wig with wonky bangs
>smudged on makeup
"In the future fashion will look like this". Uh huh.

No. 76916

She said she was getting a cake for her birthday. Watch her disappear for 2 weeks after being hospitalized for eating something she shouldn’t

No. 76921

So what actually IS her medical issue? Because IBS is able to be medicated.

No. 76923

it's literally just IBS which really isn't that bad. she can just take a zofran and fuck off.

No. 76929

IBS, diabetes, and whatever mental issues she has

No. 76930

It’s IBS and the beetus but she takes such shit care of herself to lean into the “uwu fragile” image that she often exacerbates small issues into shit like blood infections as shown upthread.

No. 76954

There won't be any. Goose is the only person banned from pgl, and she probably made that comment.

Kate goes to the tea at Tekko, that's it. She's not really a problem for the comm. Even if she does say she's going somewhere, she'll either get sick and not come or show up two hours late.

No. 76991

Why does she look like she applied her makeup with a spoon

No. 76997

she was probably on drugs when she did it

No. 77004

This is shooped and she’s still butt ugly. How people can claim she’s pretty is beyond me.

No. 77149

File: 1577847223129.jpeg (1.04 MB, 828x1515, 14266913-AB98-431A-A624-712CAE…)

this fucking flex yo

No. 77150

this is like textbook "I am an e-girl with undiagnosed/untreated BPD and this is Jackass" behavior. Starts with increasingly insane drama and self-inflicted health issues, legal hot water, divorcing/leaving their (male) partner to come out as totes a lesbo guize, about 3 months of dating a girl (usually a trans girl because they don't actually eat rug) before declaring they are a transman and their new name is Dallas or Aiden or some shit followed by hitting rock bottom with a splat. Only then will they actually get help and therapy and start trying to make amends and live like normal human beings. Bet, come back to this same post next year and tell me I was wrong.

No. 77151

Both her and her husband are fucked in the head- how can she bang a dude with diapers, and then come out as gay and her ex husband still supports this shit

No. 77152

I wonder if her "girl"friend knows about diaper guy…

No. 77153

What if her girlfriend is diaper guy

No. 77158

What an ugly crackhead looking motherfucker

No. 77159

Her gf is a mtf (no surgery) as expected

No. 77162

Oh cute of course

No. 77164

K8 isn’t gay lol, her new partner is obviously a man and K8 probably sees him that way too.

No. 77169

Proof? That's nasty af.

No. 77215

Look at that face, anon. Do you seriously think that person was born female? Come on.

No. 77216

That gum to tooth ratio tho

No. 77223

I can’t decide who’s uglier

No. 77318

They look pretty similar… If you told me they were siblings I would believe you

No. 77329

Now hang on, there are some UGLY natural women out there… Could just be a very low-quality butch.

No. 77332

Found the partner’s instagram by looking through the comments, it’s @valkilmore. They are not female by birth

No. 77341

Imagine saying you're gay and then just dating a man. Who is less attractive than your ex husband.

No. 77342

File: 1578087580469.png (838.5 KB, 935x542, trans.png)

It looks like @valkilmore used to date Kate's other trans friend, @2warm2rain. Unless they're in some sort of poly relationship where Kate is filling in a trans sandwich.

No. 77349

File: 1578101231180.jpg (102.54 KB, 750x1334, e4a8d83d9e5c094b088a4c9a16de64…)

And I thought her bangs couldn't get worse?

No. 77350

She just keeps getting uglier and more unkempt looking

No. 77356

It’s like she had a seizure when cutting them. Kate’s ability to look disgusting through ratty wigs and makeup never fails to surprise and disappoint me.

No. 77357

He is less attractive but he might be packing- in both ways. there’s no way she would date some poorfag with no rhythm. Obviously something her husband wasn’t giving her.

No. 77366

Val is a drug dealer who sells acid to teenagers. As tragic as Kate's husband was, i think she traded down.

No. 77378

There's no way a dude who badly pretends to be a chick is good in bed. He's trying to compensate for something lel

No. 77381

If that’s the case then wow she’s damaged any brain cells she has left. I’m thinking the anon who guessed it was a mtf first is right about how this is all going to play out. I give them a year before she pulls the ‘abuse’ card

No. 77390

With how much Kate posts about drugs or alludes to them I’m sure she thinks dating someone who deals is moving up the dating ladder. I think she’s found her soulmate. A scummy, unkempt, drug dealing troon who looks as filthy as she does.

No. 77391

There are 2 unattractive socially awkward female lolitas in my comm who are married to beta cis men yet in poly relationships with ugly MTF troons. Both lolitas love screeching about how totes gaaaaaay they are. I wonder why this happens?

No. 77405

File: 1578160932997.png (1000.76 KB, 937x603, kate.PNG)

No. 77414

This isn’t her gf though this is another tranny.

No. 77417

They both have the same fried shitty hair

No. 77455

My previous comm had very similar Lolitas. It's like they're desperate for validation and attention just for not being vanilla straight. It's just sad and pathetic.

No. 77546

File: 1578247988226.jpg (1000.95 KB, 1080x1901, Screenshot_20200105-130811_Ins…)

Its wild how everyone called it. Now the question is….is this the person Kate cheated on her husband with who has that diaper fetish. Sure looks like it.
She seriously has such a shitty real life. Her bought online following is all she really has.
She is so delusional. Poor girl.

No. 77558

I guess we're all supposed to cheer because the two gays can finally be together openly, but that's a shit deal for her husband. Her ex mother-in-law was being perfectly astute–a rarity–and he should have listened. It's actually pretty sad when even your in-laws can see that your partner is over you.

No. 77569

How is her ex husband ok with how she treated him? I can’t believe he’s still associating with her after she basically used him as her personal wallet and then cheats on him to top it off.

No. 77570

Low self esteem is a hell of a drug. Also wanting to only date white girls is a stupidity white boys deal with. He wanted a perfect white Barbie and look how it ended up- her looks faded instantly, her health tumbled fast, and her expense/tax problems drove them to hell.

No. 77573

Not to mention she told pretty much everyone that he hit her.

No. 77579

Is that true tho? It might be maybe that’s why he’s still friendly with her to avoid charges

No. 77582

Bold of you to assume that she wouldn’t take him to court to bleed him for every cent possible if it was true.

No. 77587

Valid point

No. 77594

So it sounds like she lied. Figures.

No. 77895

File: 1578525255486.jpeg (745.99 KB, 750x1116, 90236E1C-6B0A-4692-8106-F4C633…)

Ugly bangs strike again

No. 77947

Glad to see she's shooped them. And her whole face. Nice one.

No. 77988

What the fuck does this have to do about race?

No. 78317

File: 1578864382355.png (2.57 MB, 1241x2048, Screenshot_20200112-152529.png)

A new piercing for her to fail to take care of. Her two nose piercing are already uneven.

No. 78327

Why is she so easily influenced by people? It seems like she started getting all these body mods and took on a more “eDgY” look after she met her new partner. Isn’t she like 30?

No. 78328

I hope she fucks up her body even more with these bad body mods. I remember her saying she wanted a tattoo but that would limit her brand ambassador options. You know they hate nontrad piercings too Kate?

No. 78350

Those russell's signs aren’t something she should be showing off so freely.

No. 78358

No wonder she's so sick and needy all the time.

No. 78360

She looks like she has some edema in that hand that can suggest an ED.

No. 78362

I know muh armchair will probably be the response to this but that story pretty much confirmed it for me.

No. 78377

She claims her gastrioparesis was caused by being bulemic in the past (not a medanon so I don’t know if that’s even possible).i wouldn’t be surprised at all if she’s relapsed.

No. 78412

Gastroparesis can be caused by bulimia and also by anorexia. But also by lots of other things.

No. 78413

It’s possible. Bulimia in particular opens up the door to a whole host of digestive issues.
True but she appears to have Russell’s signs, so Bulimia is the likely cause here. I couldn’t see Kate keeping that to herself, not when she could cry about it for attention.

No. 78437

File: 1578940561069.jpeg (678.94 KB, 750x1071, F6B8EB41-6066-472E-9805-CC8655…)

She shooped out the russell’s signs, lmao

No. 78449

She's so vain she likely wants people to think she naturally looks like a sickly prepubescent boy. Rather than admitting to forcing herself to look that way.

No. 79167

File: 1579480143065.jpg (772.42 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200120_012733_com…)

No. 79168

No just no…

No. 79169

File: 1579480235489.jpg (711.25 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200120_012746_com…)

Ugly bangs again

No. 79187

She could at least get someone to cut them properly so they don’t look like a choppy mess, god damn

No. 79269

what are those eyebrows

No. 79373

How TF do you spend so much on clothing and live in such a desolate home

No. 79376

Pretty sure that is an Airbnb in Japan.

No. 79453

That's whatever dump she moved into in Pennsylvania after she left her husband

No. 79582

File: 1579739758402.png (702.76 KB, 811x587, what.png)

So I think Kate's trans "girlfriend" is married to another tranny? Truly confused.

No. 79588

K8’s probably fucking val’s partner then too, shocker

No. 79626

what.png indeed.

She's getting cucked badly here, they don't even tag her in the post.

No. 79652

Has she been with them that long? That post is from April last year.

No. 79653

File: 1579808367398.png (1.46 MB, 1080x1943, Screenshot_20200123-133852(1).…)

Imagine getting cucked by two extreme literal autists. This is an alt account of the other tranny.

No. 79659

It blows my mind that k8 can have 2 partners, let alone one. She’s a shitty person and doesn’t even have good looks to make up for it, what do they see in her?

No. 79660

They aren't exactly lookers, either. They probably all do drugs together.

No. 79662

It’ll be entertaining to see them all get uglier together

No. 79663

Anon do you really want to be the meat in a drug dealing unwashed troon sandwich?

No. 79737

File: 1579893596689.jpeg (903.39 KB, 750x1082, 40EE35D2-6FA3-46C7-9754-C543B6…)

When you have nowhere decent to take pictures anymore so you resort to dumpy grocery stores

No. 79738

I don't know this cow or follow this thread much but it's pretty obvious she's trying to go for that maximalist aesthetic it being super busy every where and lots of colours. Poorly done but that's what she was probably going for.

No. 79745

ma'am this is a target

No. 79747

>posing by the bleach

Wow so edgy and original. Maybe if she actually bought some cleaning supplies to wash her filthy clothes and apartment her sales record wouldn’t be so terrible.

No. 79761

Imagine being almost 30 years old and still acting like a teenage edgelord

No. 79880

File: 1580007381354.jpeg (135.3 KB, 640x1136, EF19C982-9B2F-4E89-9C59-496525…)

No. 79882

File: 1580007473022.jpeg (172.54 KB, 640x1136, 1D592FE7-C1C6-44BC-8233-4BFA4D…)

This dumbass really labeled this wig as “new” even though she literally has a pic of her wearing it

No. 79955

File: 1580055234737.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x1485, 20200126_093759.jpg)

No. 79958

what a dump

No. 79966

Fuck she plummeted so low, how much do you want to bet the moment her husband moves on she fucks him over and tries to get back with him?

No. 79972

lmao the paper towels in the background.

No. 79974

Those shoes just to top it all off…

No. 79976

She's really gonna do a "closet tour" when her closet is the corner of a shitty wood-paneled basement? All that money spent on clothes and they're literally thrown in laundry baskets, brand accessories thrown on the floor with her shoes on top of them and i'm pretty sure she's actually standing on some wrist cuffs. Why would you put this on the internet

No. 79978

There's wristcuffs underneath some shoes, too.

At this point, I would sell most of my lolita and move somewhere better. Does she have a job?

No. 79981

She’s unemployed, that’s why she bums around at home posting pictures of her expensive clothes and calls it a “job”

No. 79984

Kate is 100% the type of person who would live in a cardboard box and eat ramen noodles every day because she'd rather spend her money on clothes and bullshit she can flex with online.

she has a rich family, got a huge inheritance from her dad's death and her mom still lives in a giant house in Fox Chapel, a WASP-y upper-middle to upper-class area outside of Pittsburgh. She definitely gets money from her family to support her lifestyle, and I wouldn't be surprised if she isn't actually divorcing her cuck ex but just "separating" so that she can still continue to use him for financial support. I'm sure she uses her drug dealer GF for money as well. She lives like trash because she's actually a trashy person and only cares about appearances.

She won't sell her lolita because she knows it's the only reason people care about her. Her "style" outside of it is absolute garbage and it's clear that she has no taste, she only does ok with lolita because as long as you have money it's pretty hard to fuck it up. One look at the "cyberpunk" shit she's trying to do now and it's obvious that she has no concept of fashion or how to dress herself outside of a style with rigid guidelines.

No. 79985

She also looks absolutely awful without wigs and makeup (not that she looks good with them anyway) but it’s an improvement her eyebags, bad skin, and thin hair that’s falling out. If more people saw what she looks like before she gets dolled up I’m sure her instagram followers wouldn’t find her attractive anymore

No. 79988

>beats headphones casually lying on the floor

Bitch what the fuck. Not sure if she put them there on purpose as a "subtle flex" or if she just treats her stuff like garbage

No. 79998

This looks like one of those pictures you can smell. Seriously though, like other anons said, all that brand just haphazardly tossed into a corner of a musty looking room, on the floor. Def looks like an old basement room or even an old trailer. Where does she supposedly live now?

No. 79999

are you a poorfag or something?

that pic is really cringe tho. she's trying to make herself look like an edgy and cool burando hype beast but instead just looks like an alcoholic hoarder. no one is getting jealous of wood paneling.

No. 80002

File: 1580092769508.jpeg (165.93 KB, 939x498, 7E35411A-CBD2-476E-98CD-1AC3C4…)

No. 80004


Isn’t she drinking “smart water”? She lives like trash regardless but I thought Kate was more into drugs than alcohol?

No. 80015

this seriously looks like the dump i use to live in college. damn k8 you really went down, surprised you aren't hooked up with a space with that apartment you use to "model" for.

No. 80049


I think the backdrop is nice, it really makes the caked on, unblended makeup pop. Her blush streaks are so artistically done

No. 80053

>thinking kate would have any standard for living
>remembering her whole aesthetic is 12yr old fuckboi with no taste.

No. 80069

It's okay y'all, she's only pretending to look trashy and poor.

Actually I know a lot of legit poorfags like this. Their cars and closets are decked new brands but their homes are filthy, cheap old hovels because they can't afford a rent with their kind of lifestyle budget.

No. 80235

How is she affording all this shit if she doesn’t have a job? Is she leeching off her new partner/begging her ex for money? Her girlfriend gives off the vibe of being broke as fuck but maybe I shouldn’t assume.

No. 80238

A combination of wealthy family, money from her ex (possibly alimony from the divorce, but more likely they didn’t actually legally divorce so she can continue sponging off of him) and leeching off of her drug dealer gf. The one actual talent Kate has is finding people to mooch off of.

No. 80242

It kinda disgusts me that this chick can get by doing jack shit with her life. And I’m kinda mad at everyone who enables her. Though at 30 Kate should have much more to her name than a couple of dresses. Let me guess she has no retirement account or other assets.

No. 80245

It ain't worth getting upset about. She will deal with her own fallout, who cares she has nice things now.

No. 80246

No retirement is pretty common for millennials. They're usually still paying off student loans

No. 80250

Plus her health will probably decline drastically if she continues fucking up with her diabetes

No. 80484

lmfao. How much you wanna bet she looses a foot due to lack of care for her own health.

No. 80579

Even more likely depending on what drugs she's doing.

No. 80614

>kate never takes care of her health
>us: has never seen kate in sandals w/out socks
Bitch probably got no toes.
Watch her loose her teeth with all the drugs her and her partners do.

No. 80625

If you're going to samefag, please sage your posts.

No. 80632

What makes you think that's samefagging, retard

No. 80633

No. 80634

Because all of your posts are unsaged, about the same two topics, have the same exact typing and sentence style, and you get upset at others when they point it out.

No. 80640

File: 1580519568661.png (1.4 MB, 1854x2048, Screenshot_20200201-101135.png)

No. 80827

File: 1580619891074.jpeg (774.01 KB, 750x1116, 3EFB396A-B6BA-4929-AC33-C25B99…)

What even led to this discussion with a total stranger?

No. 80833

Probably her feeling the need to overshare personal aspects of herself and her life with an Uber driver for no reason. It's just something with attention seekers, they feel the need to bring up completely unrelated things all the time.

No. 80835

>and then, everyone clapped

No. 80837

File: 1580621124560.jpeg (244.45 KB, 750x1013, 04FB6122-52C2-479E-9299-743BA3…)

her ex commented

No. 80856

Classic ego maniac- ‘I’m gonna vomit my bullshit and life all over you but if you dare question anything by engaging or tell me about YOU I’m triggered

No. 80857

They’re both fucked in the head. Him for marrying her and tolerating her shit, and her for being a walking garbage can

No. 80937

Was this an arranged marriage?

No. 80948

what the hell, is that really a conversation you should be having in instagram comments

No. 80955

File: 1580695633659.jpeg (387.54 KB, 750x1127, 2A4DA4A9-6051-47C5-9F26-E337DD…)

Divorcing her probably DID make him happier though (this is on her ex husband’s insta)

No. 80984

His reactions to everything seem more mature than hers so far. He seems like he's genuinely trying to get better, acknowledges his issues, and isn't treating the divorce as some weird "cure all" like she is? Meanwhile she's still up to the same shit, but is also suddenly slapping GAY on everything she does and bragging about her divorce all over public social media.

While living off the floor in a corner of some musty looking room no less? She really needs to get her priorities straight.

No. 81030

I called them both being beards for each other years ago

No. 81035

Except Kate isn’t actually dating a woman now, she’s dating an ugly man in a dress.

No. 81054

Idk it seemed like they were in love before they got married, being attached to the hip and all. Seemed like they went downhill right after their wedding. I mean who tf flies to Japan ALONE right after getting married? Even he was all worried if I recall

No. 81187

Kate also looks like an ugly man in a dress so they’re perfect for each other

No. 81233

Honestly probably was just a good excuse for Kate to cheat on her husband by saying oops it's because I'm gay! tee hee

No. 81283

Didn’t she cheat on her husband with a MAN who has a diaper fetish?

No. 81340

Who has the diaper fetish? Her current partner?

No. 81432

I thought that was the John guy. Unless Val IS John

No. 82082

File: 1581392690693.jpg (434.86 KB, 1072x1174, Screenshot_20200210-224250_Ins…)

The only reason Kate is with her is to get free load off her and stay in Tokyo. She just doesnt want to find a real job. It's so obvious. I mean look at this poor girl. She probably thinks shes hit gold dating Kate….what a mistake.

No. 82135

Maybe once they live together a year she’ll see what a nightmare k8 is

No. 82232

K8 is dating a drug pushing tranny im pretty sure they’re equal levels of insane.
The new boyfriend looks just as dirty as K8’s living conditions and its bound to be (spoilt) milk in a couple of months when they settle kek

No. 82312

They're not in Tokyo. They were there for barely a week in December

No. 82632

File: 1581745719560.jpeg (537.07 KB, 750x1116, 2B408248-8357-4B95-8381-D755E7…)

why do they look like siblings?

No. 82667

Most likely because they both have that long man chin face I think. Birds of a feather do drugs together I guess?
Also wtf is going on with Kate's hair in this pic LOL

No. 83777

File: 1582310286354.jpeg (879.94 KB, 750x1117, 51A6C3AC-1A60-4F67-B36B-C196F4…)

She looks like an ape whenever she does this face, can she stop

No. 83894

She started shopping that wig

No. 84333

File: 1582654186349.jpeg (Spoiler Image,506.07 KB, 1242x1678, 035BDFD5-19FC-4A0B-8191-F3921C…)

She literally looks like she’s on meth here. How can anyone think this looks good?

No. 84361

She most likely is on meth

No. 84685

File: 1582918741246.jpeg (823.66 KB, 750x932, 5E6C3463-057A-496A-9C5C-B15516…)

The goal is to look “cute but sickly” when you wear these, not look like a meth head with corona virus

No. 84688

Is this samefag or do none of you really know how to sage your non-milk?

No. 84689

it's been days, anon, get a grip.

No. 84913

File: 1583104394466.jpeg (196.24 KB, 750x687, AE72D4A1-3C93-49A2-A2E9-AFF112…)

people are dying from coronavirus, meanwhile k8’s pissed that she can’t travel as much

No. 84918

Who looks at this image and posts it the mouth alone is enough for a laugh paired with the lack of eyebrows (some people can pull off fashionably not k8), ugly lenses and godawful wig and outfit. Isn’t she almost 30?!? Stop it. She isn’t ugly and I could see her being cute in a cozy more otome lifestyle brand but she chooses this. Porque

No. 84943

She's not even wearing the mask correctly so why wear one at all?

No. 85311

considering all her health problems, she is deemed a flight risk

No. 85656

File: 1583889255338.png (190.13 KB, 1080x996, 20200310.png)

She is wearing it to look edgy ofc.
1. You need to be covering your nose to be wearing a face mask correctly
2. Corona is too small to be filtered by face masks, so there is no point anyway

No. 85661

File: 1583893675435.jpg (1002.75 KB, 1076x1177, Screenshot_20200310-222633_Ins…)

I haven't been up to date on Kate milk in forever but stumbled on this latest pic and jfc she is looking slim

No. 85671

shmegeh 2.0

No. 85674

holy stretched aspect ratio!

No. 85682

what a pig sty and a ratty mop of hair she has

No. 85694

she looks like she can be snapped in half, but that’s probably her goal because she wants so badly to be uwu fragile

No. 85703

Hovel kei! Lmao @ the pathetic backdrop, she didn't even try to frame this better. She was too focused on making her legs look like elongated toothpicks. The picture distortion makes the hanging dresses look like ageplay outfits for midgets.

No. 85710

Don't do drugs, kids

No. 85738

File: 1583971246003.jpeg (798.67 KB, 750x1042, 5F134178-616A-4B27-A213-35B787…)

Not surprising she supports kawaiigoods

No. 85739

She looks like an 80 year old woman here. What the fuck happened to her hands? Why did anyone think this was OK to post with her stomach like that? Everything about her looks like shit here.

No. 85750

How is anyone influenced or inspired by this?

No. 85770

She looks awful and sickly, not kawaii at all

No. 85789

I bet her next thing is fakeboy phase

No. 86146

Dare I say she looked better in her chunky glasses phase than she does now? As awkward as she was, at least she appeared semi healthy? She looks like a corpse now.

No. 86574

File: 1584654880566.jpeg (214.22 KB, 750x578, 59EC73EE-9C29-4754-A51E-B53A35…)

K8 really went and made a tiktok. I don’t have an account so I can’t view it, but kek

No. 86583

You can view on the web, just add /@katiecastles to tiktok.com

No. 86631

>katie castles

y tho

No. 87176

File: 1585156456202.jpeg (514.53 KB, 2048x1976, ET96FjbXgAI51fz.jpeg)

Wow this photo is depressing as fuck. Kawaii Crack house.

No. 87213

Damn, she aged horribly

No. 87693

File: 1585753491773.jpg (802.15 KB, 1079x1408, Screenshot_20200401-160422_Ins…)

she looks very unwell at this point, its really worrying

No. 87694

There are tasteful ways to be on skid row and this isn't an example. Sad that she probably thinks piling her nice things on the floor junkie-style is aesthetic when in reality that signals mental illness or a lack of character. She's shameless.

No. 87695

Ew, her legs. also, why is all her clothing in a giant pile?

No. 87697


She doesn't take care of herself in the best of times. Pittsburgh being on lockdown is just going to make it so much worse. You don't have to be, but I'm going to be a little sad.

No. 87699

File: 1585764723764.png (1.01 MB, 1280x720, nui.png)

Just driving by this cow I've never heard of, she's got that same strawberries and sour cream crazy vibe as Harime Nui

No. 87700

It’s like she’s smiling but her expression is just a cry for help. I also noticed in her last few pictures she just shows off her stuff in the background i mean it makes sense since she can’t travel to a “kawaii” location. But it really shows off how much she values things and expensive pink useless crap, and undervalues looking things like food and idk not looking like you already dying from aids.

She reminds me of Rayon from Dallas buyers club

No. 87706

I remember her saying on her instagram story once that she wanted to get lip and under eye fillers, meanwhile she can’t even take care of her physical health

No. 87710

I’d be miserable too if I was broke and lived with an ugly drug dealer. She probably regrets leaving her hubby because he was her entire support.

No. 87714

she looks like she won’t live past 35

No. 87716

Did she… roll down her socks to show off her bony knees on purpose?

No. 87730

She gotta let everyone know how ~fragile uwu~ she is

No. 87744

Serious question, but is it possible she's on meth? Her teeth and skin look horrible. Also she looks malnourished af. Like an Ana version of Luna

No. 87758


I'm pretty sure she had bulimia before and that's why she developed gastroparesis but someone else might be able to confirm.

It is really sad because nobody deserves to suffer that sort of illness.

No. 87767

She did, and if you scroll up even just a little in this same fucking thread you’ll see her russell’s signs are back.

No. 87784

Can confirm. I do not have screen caps because it wasn’t through any text, but she has explained how she used her Type 1 diabetes to also ana herself. That, along with her bulimia, was how she developed her gastroparesis.

No. 87821


oh she had diabulimia to? man that's dangerous

No. 87823

File: 1585945802579.jpeg (161.62 KB, 659x775, 8F3A4D37-764D-49D5-89DA-50CA6F…)

That’s from last August dude what happened to her ??

No. 87825

Can you sage these bullshit noncon posts?

No. 87884

can you shut the fuck up

No. 87889

File: 1586031161713.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x2190, C092BC14-E77C-4725-AF7C-080590…)

Kate’s still clinging to the ~genderfluid~ shit that she never ever talks about anymore. I bet she completely forgot about making that claim until she got asked about it.

Acting like an edgy retard who doesn’t care about boardculture may fly on /cgl/ but making posts like this just outs you as a newfag

No. 87892

“I’m genderfluid because I don’t wanna wear frilly dresses all the time ~teehee~”

No. 88257

File: 1586377641352.jpeg (208.63 KB, 828x797, C4BB6364-4149-4A1E-9414-BC3252…)

No. 88270

concentration camp kei

No. 88275

is she hiding a colonoscopy bag?

No. 88284

I don’t agree with people saying she looks deathly thin, but boy oh boy does she look like shit. the filters she chooses to use just make her look even more dirty and grimy than she usually is, which is really saying something considering she looks like she hasn’t bathed in a month irl

No. 88286

Yeah she doesn’t look like she’s dying weight-wise I guess, but it looks more that way because she’s generally so unhealthy looking. I also think having no curves adds to that.

No. 88288

Chalk that up to her consistent terrible hygiene and drug usage.

No. 88325

she is definitely underweight

No. 88370

An image you can smell

No. 88849

Bulimia hands

No. 89825

File: 1587763113773.jpeg (641.04 KB, 750x1116, 317D64F5-147C-4166-9DFF-43B592…)

Now she really has no way of leeching off him, kek

No. 89833

Jesus she looks so ill. Kate go to therapy.

No. 89850

I’m trying to comprehend what her right arm is doing

No. 89932

File: 1587850706977.jpg (985.97 KB, 1079x1358, Screenshot_20200425-223835_Ins…)

I am genuinely worried for her health now

No. 89933

“If I still had myspace this would definitely be my profile pic” I think she’s captioned like 5 different posts with that now. We get it, you were a former emo kid. So were millions of other people, ffs shut up you’re not special

No. 89988

and what of all these projects, dreams, and ambitions she had? what happened to babydoll code or whatever? what about her part time job? is she just going to drift through life?

No. 90009

I get that the "Work Sux" "I know" pins are a reference to a Blink-182 song, but it's just funny because I don't think Kate has ever had a real job in her life.

No. 90059

I just came here to post this exact thing. I’m sure the irony is completely lost on her.

No. 90112

She uses that along with "i hAd tO dO iT tO eM", "lOoK aT mY hArDwARe" and a couple other captions that she recycles every couple weeks

No. 90131

she probably thinks she’s “not like other girls” too

No. 90179

I've had a few conversations with Kate. She honestly thinks she is a revolutionary for…wearing clothes. She thinks of herself as an artist and talks about how she wants to inspire people, just by buying clothes and putting them on her body. There's something to be said for being a good stylist and putting together looks, but Kate isn't even that. She has one technique when putting together an outfit and that is to pile as much shit onto herself as possible. But she sees herself on the level of people like Fecal Matter who actually create things and have unique ideas that aren't just drowning yourself in hundreds of dollars worth of pastel garbage.

No. 90230

It's obvious she thinks of herself highly. Got any caps?

No. 92036

hey gorls, OP of the infamous poop greentext from several years ago

I posted that in that thread and never went back there again, but now i'm here because a friend mentioned that she saw that my greentext had become a thing to some people. I'm both feeling a little bad and super amused. AMA(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 92041

Nobody cares. You aren’t relevant and this isn’t milk.

No. 92046

aight nvm

No. 94586

New video discussing LACE and past shenanigans with Kate.

No. 95024

It's a good video but several years late

Also wew @ all those dislikes

No. 95086

Did lace even "help" anyone like the comment asked? Ofc this video makes Kate seem like the bad guy, because she was in it for the recognition/AM award. She always comes up with bullshit ideas and barely thinks them through before announcing them. What happened to ~Babydoll ios~?

No. 95091

But its not good content. Nothing in her video is new or ground breaking. Anyone can easily find Lace drama by going through archived threads.

Good content would be if she reached out to the people involved, including moderators for their side. Or if she covered recent issues with K8.

How about the k8/Goose drama? Or k8's barely legal roommate that she screwed over? This is drama from the last 2 years.

No. 95093

The video was bad made on a stale, half a decade old topic. Nothing was provided that couldn’t be found by a very surface level browse of her threads here. Tons of gaps in things because the maker was incompetent. And nobody wants to watch her play a shitty game where she makes bad coords. She couldn’t have put up more relevant images? I guess that would require effort.

No. 95114


the second sweet rebel trailer that was lost to the sands of time has been found

No. 95130

It helped Pixielocks get fame.

No. 95157

This was posted in this exact thread already…

No. 95163

My mistake. I must be thinking it's the first trailer that's lost to the sands of time instead.

No. 95226

Reminds me of leafy style videos where he plays games while talking. Its lazy. The video is also just lazy. There is no real introspection, no real research…everything based off of cgl with no interest in the stuff outside of that. Cgl isnt a source of info, and missed stuff like how RC threads were, what even was posted here about the doc trying to be sold, and how she pivotted to egirl life and quietly posts now and then on cof without mentioning her big flounce.

No. 95650

File: 1590326869978.png (79.47 KB, 1080x587, Screenshot_20200524-081559.png)

What happened to knowing Japanese? Ofc they're not selling face masks for $100. Why do you have to be such a judgmental cunt about it?

No. 95651

File: 1590326932481.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1801, Screenshot_20200524-082542.png)

No. 95652

Lmao the masks are a free gift with purchase if you spend over ¥11000 (~$100). Even if she can't read Japanese you'd think she'd realize that this seems odd…

No. 95672

She’s just jealous she blew through her dads money and can’t afford them. She’s so transparent. Surprised she hasn’t been ebegging lately, though I guess her expenses are covered by her troon “gf”

No. 95682

How much money can her “gf” possibly have though? I mean look at where they’re living

No. 95736

I get the feeling she didn't want to come across too biased. I think it's obvious she lurks here and on cgl, but openly making a video documenting a more controversial event means she's automatically seen as salty. I get the impression she was trying to seem fair.

No. 95818

Her ex husband was a programmer. "babydoll ios" was obviously his idea. He was always trying to get her to actually do something rather than just sitting around the house taking selfies but she's clearly not interested in that.

No. 95934

File: 1590421343839.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1242x1481, 00987CFE-5E4F-4084-9EB9-4EFB54…)

Wearing different clothing makes you a different gender or erases it. Whatever Kate.

No. 95940

why do all gender specials make wearing pants a man thing? like putting on a pair of pants makes them grow a dick. like it’s the 1920s and you’ll get stoned for wearing a pair of britches. it’s not revolutionary and i’m tired of seeing it.

No. 95953

How do her followers see how sickly and haggard she looks and still think that’s ok??

No. 95960

If she believes gender isn't real, why is she implying with her image that distinct types of clothing indicate separate gender identities…?

No. 95963

kek thats a stupid way of thinking in your opinion she should wear what ? a sack? kek

No. 95971

What are you even trying to say, and why did you feel the need to say "kek" twice?

No. 95975

Your reading comprehension is shit. Anon is saying that if K8 really believed “gEnDeR iSn’T ReAL” she wouldn’t be implying that wearing pants makes you masculine. Anybody can wear pants ffs

No. 96114

“Wearing clothes makes me a revolutionary”: 2020 edition.

No. 96359

Get one of these masks and risk being judged by Kate, a sick druggie who lives in a crackhouse? However will I survive?

No. 96513

You're right, they love to reinforce gender through stupid things like wearing trousers. She really needs to be called out by an even woker person.

No. 96603

She didn’t seem to care about social issues until recently. Ever since she got with her tranny gf she’s been reeing about “bernie 2020!! support local business!! body posi uwu!1!”

No. 96642

Yet she stans Jeffree Star, who is abhorred by the woke crowd.

No. 96798

What irony, considering how transphobic she was about her then-husband exploring his own sexuality and gender. One of the ways she claimed he was abusing her.

No. 96813

I hope her gf finds out about that and dumps her ass

No. 97670

She created a separate account for her Jeffree Star/Dollskill/pin related things. I do wonder if it's because she got backlash for supporting racist brands


No. 97774

Can someone cap all her dolls kill stuff? I’m not on her page so I can’t. I’d like to see her exposed for supporting this brand before she deletes everything to save face

No. 97810

File: 1591145860444.png (103.24 KB, 1080x587, Screenshot_20200529-083549~2.p…)

She would have to delete half her posts if that was the case. She posted this last week claiming to not work with them anymore

No. 97825

I wish I got screen caps of it, but before she started working with them she asked her followers if it would be bad to. She knew they sucked but didn't care until it became more relevant recently.

No. 97924

I’ll bet the reason she stopped is they finally started treating her bad, just like they do to all their influencers eventually

No. 97954

People told her not to work with Dollskill, but she said they treated her well so it was ok. I wish I had capped her initial posts now… Darn.

No. 97975

File: 1591207798549.jpeg (596.99 KB, 640x962, B3CCA4AD-02A4-45C6-BA0F-4AFDEB…)

I can’t believe she’s STILL wearing the mask wrong

No. 97998

She’s always been an idiot but lack of proper nutrition is probably making her even more of an idiot.

No. 98003

Plus drugs. Double whammy.

No. 98153

File: 1591226618774.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1242x2025, 210BF762-72D2-478D-AF10-E4A416…)

She just posted a photo supporting Jeffree on May 13th.

No. 98241

Why are the wrist cuffs backwards and why are there scabs all over her fingers

No. 98554

File: 1591372847904.jpeg (623.27 KB, 750x1116, 0D53276C-B538-46EE-83B5-048082…)

Of course k8’s only going to share the ~aEsThEtiC~ BLM posts for clout. She doesn’t give a shit about the movement or black people.

No. 98560

those posts are so dumb, Sailor Moon would never condemn an entire group of people based on their occupation lmfao. how embarrassing to pretend a childhood hero from a fucking cartoon has the same opinions as you

No. 98601

who would post this pic?
>backwards wristcuffs
>gross scabby fingers
>press-ons are just wonky and not even on the nail
>glue all over her fingers

No. 98606

Her responses to comments are so cringe. She talks like a soft boi

No. 98680

THe scabs are from purging. She's bulimic.

No. 98688

File: 1591418995609.png (1.46 MB, 918x1377, sm.png)

OT, but reminded me of this.

No. 98699

The longer you look the worse it gets

No. 99576

File: 1591750912458.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, 13D875E3-4DCD-4062-9957-A69A50…)

Looks like k8’s deleting her dollskill shit

No. 100088

She had no choice now that Dollskill is in more hot water than before. She’s just trying to save face. Otherwise she’d never give up the opportunity to collab, because she literally has to beg any brand to work with her in the first place.

No. 101085

File: 1592335656712.jpg (760.27 KB, 808x1885, Screenshot_20200616-152637_Ins…)

What the fuck is this? How is this a before and after? I'm just so confused

No. 101098

Why would she go to a BLM protest when the Wuhan flu is going around? Have chronic diseases is too risky.

No. 101103

She’s a retard so she thinks the risk is worth all the attention this will get her.

No. 101151

“This movement is not just a hashtag”
Proceeds to post protest pics for clout

No. 101187


I like how she hasn't managed to repost a list of black owned businesses. That would be doing something good, so not really her style.

No. 101268

If she had to go to a protest without posting about it on social media, she wouldn’t

No. 101299

I never see her around any black lolitas in pictures…

No. 101447

File: 1592537759427.jpeg (1 MB, 750x1201, E8D529F1-84C3-4EC5-9EC8-87F0B8…)

This is what she calls “thriving”?

No. 101448

>K8's girlfriend is the spitting image of womanhood.

A lacy tank top and manboobs don't make you gay, K8.

No. 101452

He’s ugly as shit lol

No. 101509

They are both so hard to look at

No. 101532

Is this the trans friend k8 is living with?

No. 101555

She’s dating him

No. 101571

At least she can finally hide her enormous chin with her face mask.

No. 101618

I don’t believe she has any black friends. If she did, she’d use them as props to show how “inclusive” she is

No. 101716

Is it just me or do they look like the same person?

No. 101758

They honestly look related

No. 101945

Y’all need a life. I’m not Katie but you need a fucking life(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 101946

File: 1592858450138.jpeg (1.7 MB, 2048x2048, 94D05572-F172-4516-9EFA-3CE7EC…)

This is you guys <.<

No. 101957

>I’m not Katie
Sure Jan.

No. 102660

File: 1593198381124.jpg (775.51 KB, 1080x1414, Screenshot_20200626-130308.jpg)

She's looking really bad these days

No. 102669

Her stomach area looks so weird

No. 102670

She looks especially terrible here. Why does she think people want to see her crotch?

No. 102676

Does she have an eating disorder? She looks dangerously thin here

No. 102681

she’s bulimic

No. 102690

what is that patch on her right side?

No. 102693

>>102690 I may be wrong but I assume its to do with her diabetes?

No. 102764

Jesus. She's looking spoopy.

Pretty sure it's a CGM, continuous glucose monitor.

No. 103190

Did anybody ever figure out if Katie ever had a sugar daddy or not? I actually saw her profile up on SA a year ago or so, but didn’t bother to screencap. I do remember the pic she used for her profile tho

No. 103201

I didn’t know she ever had one?

No. 103203

I'm calling bullshit until caps are posted. Sorry but why isn't your first instinct to screencap it? People can delete or change things really quick, like the pee incident in Usagi's thread. How that didn't get screencapped is beyond me

Half of the recent posters need to sage their shit btw, especially if they're not adding any new information

No. 103219

she had a Something Awful account? only her would she pay 10 bux to post in that slagheap

No. 103227

That anon is probably referring to Seeking Arrangements, which is a site that connects leeches to their hosts.

No. 103365

I’m curious as to why you wouldn’t screencap that? If this was a year ago then that means she was still with her husband, meaning she was cheating.

No. 103441

Oh she definitely was with other people while she and her husband were married, they were just sepetated.

No. 103457

No one doubts that she cheated. Everyone's skeptical that she made any money doing it. Her current girl friend is a downgrade in terms of finances. Sage.

No. 103467

pretty sure she cheated even when they weren’t separated

No. 103527

Thought it was a dude

No. 103568

It’s a tranny

No. 104227

File: 1594147540580.jpg (10.94 KB, 210x249, FB_IMG_15941474077287784.jpg)

These bangs, jfc why does she ruin all her wigs? Also she was selling some free pr dresses on her stories.(necro)

No. 104254

File: 1594165160744.jpeg (548.94 KB, 750x1082, 5E5F6D94-FD43-4FBB-84B0-13164B…)

She’s also a fucking dumbass for sitting on something that could be covered with corona. Does she not know how long it lasts on metal surfaces?

No. 104331

File: 1594196761121.jpg (309.29 KB, 1079x1353, 107460158_303202214201473_2344…)

Surprised this one hasn't been posted yet. She has been looking very ill lately. Is Kate going to ascend into the ED thread?

No. 104466

She’s had bulimia for years. I don’t know why she’d need to be grouped in with the ED thread over the lolita lolcow general since most of her milk is lolita/jfash related anyway. If her thread gets consolidated into another general it’s be back into the lolita threads

No. 104537


i'm a random lurker in this thread, i dont even care about this bitch at all but god….she looks so fucking bad. like so fucking ill. the wrinkles, the dark circles, the absolute skeletal nature. she looks 100% horrific

No. 104622

After all these years she still can't cut or brush her wigs

No. 104785

I saw this posted on cgl awhile ago and I'll say here what I said there;
She is visibly in the process of dying from ketoacidosis
Check those lingering injuries below her knees, in particular, if you're in the diabetes-know
t. me, some type one diabetic

No. 104786

File: 1594518717096.jpeg (880.07 KB, 1440x1608, 92F2BD8D-9723-42BD-8540-DE3162…)

I'm starting to believe you anon. it's either that or meth?

No. 104788

There's pics of her dexcom (type of insulin pump) showing, I think the bulimia she has is diabulimia, which is when you don't take as much insulin as your body needs
It makes you lose weight real easy, but the downside is that your body starts cannibalizing itself, when there's no fat cells to utilize, your body moves to organs and has to reduce normal maintenance functions
Those odd injuries below the knee line are indicative of diabetic nerve damage
K8 if you see this, if your leg hair is falling out, please just start taking care of yourself, I'm not even saying see a doctor, just start bolusing more and up your basal rate, this is fucked up

No. 105243

File: 1594825662280.png (5.34 MB, 1800x1800, IMG_0538.PNG)

Holy Hell, seeing these two images one after another in her Instagram story, it really hit me just how unhealthy she is looking now

No. 105244

Jesus fucking christ this is bad.

No. 105249

Why would she even post the right? Ignoring her weight the mainpiece isn’t even pulled on right. How lazy can she possibly be? Or have the drugs just fried her brain entirely?

No. 105264

Those wounds on her legs are a bad sign.

No. 105365

it's a pretty well-known fact to anyone who has ever hung out with kate that she either cannot take care of her own health, or refuses to. Her ex-husband used to message people he knew she'd be hanging out with and ask them to look out for her and watch what she ate, because he knew she would load up on carbs and sugar and spike her insulin levels and get sick. I've witnessed it and so has any comm or group she's spent time with. There have even been instances at cons where she's passed out/thrown up and had to be taken to the ER. She KNOWS she has gastroparesis and diabetes but she intentionally does things that make her sick. I don't know if it counts as an ED but it's definitely some kind of masochism or self harm.

No. 105392

Since this isn't cgl and I can actually speculate here, as a fellow type 1 diabetic with gastroparesis, she probably just wants it to be over
The health complications that come with type 1 are bad, they get worse and more plentiful over time
Just looking at that last pic, I can tell you she's also experiencing pain and numbness, gastroparesis is internal nerve damage, you don't get that until after your other bits outside have already gone fucked up
It's extremely hard to want to live like this, I guarentee that's why her and all her shit is dirty
She wants to be dead, like anyone who's had type one over the 15 year mark
She's probably thinking she'd rather just live as much as she can and die, no not ironically, healthy, as compared to dying with no feet, blind, plugged into a hospital in her 40s
Just throwing this out here because I'm anonymous, diabetes literally makes me want to kill myself every single day, I have to fight this shit every day, I get sicker anyway because that's just what the disease does, meanwhile the exit is as simple as pretending I'm not sick, I can't even blame the bitch
Lmfao she's braver than I am

No. 105406

Thank you for being so honest, that puts things into perspective. Tbh, I had no idea what life with type 1 is like.

Wishing you the best, anon. Keep on keeping on, I’m sure life still has some lovely things in store for you.

No. 105407

I'm sure that living with diabetes is no joke. But why try to kill yourself in your 30s? The average lifespan of women with diabetes is almost 70 years. I don't think this is normal behavior among diabetics at all.

If we're going to armchair here, I wonder if her behavior has to due with the divorce and having her easy source of money cut off. Since she has no career or education I wonder if she's been panicking about how to fulfill her luxurious lifestyle. Did she not get enough money from her divorce or trust fund?

No. 105415

damn, thanks
now I feel like an attentionwhore tho lol
It's not because the life would be short, it's because the difficulty level gets higher, so to speak
Of course some people do well, obviously I'm not a great example, but the biggest cruel joke in diabetes is that it's an endocrine disorder, which means stress can literally kill you
Not like in a heart attack way, but the more stressed you are, the worse your endocrine system suffers, so if you start racking up co-mirbid disorders, (nerve damage etc), or just normal shitty life things, (suddenly not being able to afford things for example), your endocrine system will suffer worse and you'll rack up more complications, even if you've been properly caring for yourself, never mind if you've been neglecting your health already
Also you're right, it isn't normal behavior at all; like I feel like I want to fucking die yes, but I'm like, a normal mammal and so I still do everything possible to stay alive
Also, she's got diabulimia (google actually has decent results for this), it's a psychiatric/eating disorder

No. 105420

Again, having diabetes must be really hard, and I didn't realize how much it could affect someone until now. But I don't really feel sorry for Kate.

>just normal shitty life things, (suddenly not being able to afford things for example)

I don't know if you were talking about Kate, but her not being able to afford things is in no way "normal." She had a substantial trust fund and she chose to do things that alienated her ex husband. She also chooses to have a materialistic lifestyle centered around premium, luxury items that no one needs instead of being able to save sensibly.

As much as I don't care for Kate, I think it would be good for her to consider therapy or reaching out to loved ones before killing herself slowly or doing permanent damage that she will regret.

No. 105421

Please don't think I'm excusing her, I was ribbing her
Like I said, we all want to die, but most of us still wash our laundry and didn't have rich parents to bolster us

No. 105442

She literally prioritizes clothes and useless shit over her own health. I’ve never seen someone so careless in my life. I remember a while back she mentioned wanting some surgeries on her story (lip and under-eye fillers) and I was baffled as to why she would do that to look good, but couldn’t be bothered to make sure she wasn’t withering away

No. 105443

I agree, Kate is so materialistic and would rather prioritize random crap over her own body. How could she afford surgery right now?

And I'm not a health expert, but couldn't diabetes make it more difficult to recover from surgery considering how diabetics often have blood flow problems? No respectable doctor would allow that shit.

No. 105446

>couldn't diabetes make it more difficult to recover from surgery
>No respectable doctor would allow that shit
You'd be appalled what you can get away with lying to doctors about, fingers crossed anyone she talks to gets a look at her hands tremor-ing

No. 105447

I am one of the people who helped her. I even nursed her infected foot back from an open wound with infection, helped her clean up accidents, and even had to call 911 when she took double her insulin. She’s incredibly selfish and destructive, to herself and others, but in the end it is about only her. The attention must be on her. She’ll use her health to do that, and I admit I fell for it. She uses people and then tosses them away when she’s done, and lying isn’t above her. Everything to keep herself a victim, even to the point of coming close to death. Part of why her ex-husband has his breakdown was her refusal to take her healthcare seriously, but will let other’s for it. I saw her guilt someone into buying a $300 bottle of insulin, someone who was living in their last dime to try and help her and her husband.

Everything is about her. She is the victim. Her health is evil, any person who starts to figure her out is evil, and she’s got the right people ready to be her flying monkeys.

I hate her and have no sympathy for her, not anymore.

No. 105452

>I even nursed her infected foot back from an open wound with infection
>I helped her clean up accidents
(I assume vomit?)
>I even had to call 911 when she took double her insulin
We call this "weaponizing the disease"
Pretty fucked up that that weapon only works on people who care about you, like those are the only people bothered; people who hate you aren't going to be disturbed by you puking and bleeding all over yourself, she is literally only hurting people who care about her (or people she can step on anyway), on purpose

also jesus christ, sorry you saw all of that, I still hide that kind of shit from my bf

No. 105485

Didn't she have an ED before? I wonder if she likes the side effect of drastically losing weight and the attention it might bring on in addition. Her priorities definitely seem to be in material goods and social media attention over her physical health and quality of life over all.

It's kind of sad to see someone so clearly unwell. But I guess that brings us to what >>105447 and >>105452 are saying.

No. 105585

Her ED (bulimia) is what caused her gastroparesis in the first place. Her poor choices have constantly made her sicker.

No. 105620

File: 1595071976568.jpeg (193.12 KB, 720x570, 4C0A558D-3B86-476E-9135-567E30…)

so I guess in addition to everything else k8 is also a racist, ripping off a POC's style

No. 105621

She has a bachelor's degree in marketing. She posts about helping "grow people's insta" and how hard it is to work on colabs on several occasions. She will ss their stories praising her but never tag them directly in her stories. I find it odd.

No. 105635

How does it make her racist just because the tard's copying a non-white? Like what am I reading? Let me get this straight, so she's devoid of originality and apparently has ripped off some inconsequential shit from a salty POC, which in 2020 renders her racist JUST BECAUSE it happened to be a non-white? If that's actually the case this is backwards tumblrite logic. Let me guess it's not considered racism when a POC does it to a white person right kek?

No. 105636

File: 1595083331609.jpeg (2.24 MB, 1536x1533, 91C480F9-B912-466F-A113-3E66BC…)

This is what Avina is crying about? It’s a reach. She doesn’t own “looking like a thrift shop $1 bin”. Just because someone else is looking like a dumpster fire doesn’t mean they’re ripping you off Avina

It doesn’t actually make her racist. But people will accuse her of that anyway. I doubt Kate is actually racist so much as she just doesn’t give a shit about anyone besides herself, white, black, whatever.

No. 105637

Kek, that's as inconsequential as I had assumed.
>I doubt Kate is actually racist so much as she just doesn’t give a shit about anyone besides herself, white, black, whatever.
Thank you for being the voice of reason.

No. 105640

Yeah I'm no fan of Kate but I'm just not seeing this one. Maybe I'm behind the times, but since when were we supposed to credit people we get outfit inspo from anyway? Like I'm sure Kate saw Avina's coord and maybe it did inspire her to create her outfit, but so what? She didn't copy any of the individual components and Avina didn't invent this style.

No. 105642

Aside from the silhouette being asymmetrical there’s nothing else the two outfits really have in common. Avina just wants to cry about being a victim at all times, and since there’s nothing actually making her a victim currently she latched onto this. I can’t believe I’m actually siding with Kate on something given how much of a shit person she is, but this is genuinely fucking stupid for Avina to cry about if it is in fact Kate she’s crying about. Avina’s a whole cow to herself though so I’m not surprised at her trying to garner sympathy with this asspull.

No. 105644

Are we even sure this is in reference to K8? The original tweet is so vague it feels like OP could have just been throwing shade at anyone honestly. Was there something more that I missed that indicates that this was about K8?

Literally what the fuck are both of them wearing here? Both of these coords look like garbage. Nor do they look similar enough for the stolen style claim to hold any water.

No. 105645

File: 1595085947515.jpg (805.58 KB, 1536x1533, 1595039881581.jpg)

Grabbed this from /cgl/, it's one of K8's insta captions for this coord. K8 bought this dress from the same small Japanese indie brand that Avina's bag is from, Ramarama (https://www.instagram.com/__r_a_m_a.r_a_m_a__/). Which doesn't prove that she's the one Avina was talking about, but it does strength the case for it.

No. 105647

I’m not at all surprised that Avina is trying to act like if anyone buys from a brand she likes that they’re copying her even if the looks look entirely different. She’s a retard and an attentionwhore of the highest degree who must constantly be a victim.

No. 105653

Sounds like there's a lot of milk on her but she somehow hasn't been mentioned before. Got stories?

No. 105671

Avina and Kate have a lot in common- both materialistic, big attentionwhores, genderspecials, terrible coords, obsessed over social media, narcissistic personalities

No. 105686

Name and shame or shut up. Vague posting is too attention seeking

No. 105691

Avina is on hiatus because of other drama that she herself partook in. Despite saying she deleted her SM apps she's still keeping tabs on everyone and logged in to vague about Kate. The girl can't stay away from drama.

No. 105703

how is that post vague posting?

No. 105782

Nta but it's because she didn't name the perpetrator of the behaviour, just whined about it vaguely.

No. 105912

File: 1595246212042.jpg (641.47 KB, 714x1308, Screenshot_20200720-075624_Ins…)

You can really tell she is skin and bones here

No. 105915

What else did she stir up?

No. 107001

File: 1595852814547.png (261.05 KB, 1074x874, 38843606.png)

How tone deaf and narcissistic.

No. 107029

No. She shit her clothes. I was so stupid and cared for someone who had me convinced she was the absolute most helpless person.

I’m not mad at her having the health problems, I’m mad that she purposefully sabotages herself to manipulate people, and that when I began to question her… I was her abuser. She has done this for years, to others, and was one reason for the build up to the LACE drama. She is a drama warlord, pushing people over the edge and then instigated drama towards them, and those who are still brainwashed make excellent flying monkeys.

She is a toxic terror. A massive bully who hides behind her health problems.

No. 107033

If you don’t have caps to back up anything you’re claiming can you please sage your posts? Until you have proof it’s just heresay. This isn’t /cgl/ where you can claim whatever and have everyone lap it up

No. 107074

anon can you stop scaring the milk?

No. 107079

It’s not “milk” if there’s no caps retard. Anyone could just as easily come on here and make up a bunch of shit about a cow. Kate is a shit person but until there are caps this is heresay at best.

No. 107091

How do you expect someone to cap irl experiences?

No. 107097

Anonymous 41 seconds ago No. 107096
>still no sage

I expect you to at least have caps of other things to back this up. Caps of people recounting these things, caps that back up what you’re saying by alluding to similar events, etc. Kate is a cow but she has other cows who dislike her like Goose that are known for lying about her.

If something else is posted to confirm what is being said besides

>k8 shidded and farded again!!!

Then I’m all ears.

No. 107162

File: 1595942297884.jpg (465.31 KB, 1080x1080, 257569855.jpg)

Her last colab flopped, I wonder how this one will go.

No. 107163

Also having a in-person event during covid, yikes.

No. 107164

File: 1595942825800.png (1.29 MB, 1015x745, kbd.PNG)

For all her talk about safety and being "extra vulnerable" to covid she seems to have basically stopped giving a shit aside from wearing a mask out. If her insta is to be believed she was at a DJ set the other day (sage because this isn't very milky).

No. 107192

>shit not puke
please share how this happened, if butthole loosening is another thing I have to worry about, I'm gonna lose it lmfao

No. 107199

>being so new you don’t know the start of all of Kate’s drama

Are you serious?

No. 107204

File: 1595969383174.jpeg (461.95 KB, 827x1444, EA2541F4-49CC-493E-91B1-E63A4C…)

Didn’t know K8 was friends with Naturally Racist

No. 107205

How about when she moved to LA, she was so well known for her drama that even in meets when she'd show up(late always) she had no one to talk to and everyone would just ignore her. The only people who would hang out with her in LA were people known for drama themselves.

No. 107208

Makes sense since they're both in the Pitts comm. Also Naturally Racist is drawn to drama.

No. 107209

That’s not new behavior from her so it doesn’t definitively back up what blogpost anon is saying because they could have just as easily read about it on here or /cgl/. If there’s milk you need to drop caps or fuck off. Why can’t you retards sage your nonmilk posts?

Place your bets for how long it inevitably takes for this bridge to burn. I give it six months max.

No. 107212

File: 1595971648051.jpeg (81.73 KB, 800x613, 47E51127-F7DE-4233-812B-9AFD22…)

With all her chronic illnesses, she shouldn’t be going to the zoo.

Image related

No. 107222

sorry dude, it's been like a decade

No. 107255

wasn't kate sperging about people staying home for people like her? i don't want to say she's hit a new low, because she seems to take it as a challenge.

No. 107268

Don't lie anon. No one talked to her at meets and if they tried to, she'd give a one word answer, sit on her phone or stay in the bathroom for half the meet

No. 107306

Remind me again why people like her?

No. 107326

They don’t. No one likes her. if someone is hanging out with her, either she’s using them or they’re using her. She has no real friends.

No. 108307

I wish you the best but that's mad. maybe because I'm in a country with free healthcare, no one really does that. I have close family and friends with Type 1 and they're fine. I have a feeling anons are trying to speculate Kate into something deeper than she is.

I'm sorry it's like that for you, anon. unfortunately she just sounds like a mess, who enjoys victimising herself. I promise you you're the braver one in this scenario.

No. 108834

File: 1597183868258.jpg (996.59 KB, 1080x2220, Winnerm.jpg)

Look at this pill popper

No. 108837

File: 1597186223659.jpeg (559.34 KB, 750x748, 9D55A915-61F7-4CF3-AD7F-F0476B…)

Why would you post your body when you look this bad? Also her feet look so odd, like she’s missing toes or something

No. 108839

It’s a bodycheck. People with eating disorders do this a lot

No. 108851

that cameltoe

No. 108852

File: 1597195529994.jpg (714.43 KB, 1080x1350, Screenshot_20200811-212444_Ins…)

Who would have thought he'd have a mental break down while she cheated on him with guy who wears diapers,, and she become gay, anorexic and a druggie one year later.

No. 108855

I’m surprised it’s not a bulge

No. 108891

Nitpick, or are you zooming into the individual pixels of Kate's crotch?

No. 108897

Half her photos these days seem to be poorly-concealed bodychecks, she's always extending her arms etc.

No. 108899

Why the heck does she put the backdrop if she shows the surroundings??

No. 108950

Goodness she's looking worse and worse

No. 108972

And jumping to show off her twig legs

No. 108987

It is a bulge, look at the shadows. Also peep the stain by her left hip

No. 108994

Jesus. She needs help.

No. 109276

That aside, the coord is awful - I honestly don't get how she still gets praised

No. 109359

File: 1597585875983.png (1.38 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1324.PNG)

Is her hand just really dirty here or is her flesh rotting?

No. 109361

That’s obviously dirt anon, are you blind?

No. 109386

NTA but why…why is she obsessed with being grimy? It is bc she’s a druggie now?

No. 109450

What's with the big file size? Insta and Facebook pics are like 200kb when you save them

No. 109461

She’s always been filthy and unhygienic anon.

No. 109477

not her; do you actually think she was asking if k8 is a zombie? lmfao

No. 109501

Don’t be retarded. Diabetes can cause necrosis, aka rotting flesh if not treated properly. So It’s not that anon would have thought she’s a “zombie” but that her beetus is finally making her limbs fall off

No. 109560

diabetes-chan again; assume I have no life, you are correct
Diabetic necrosis almost universally works from the feet up, though it's possible to happen anywhere
You're right to keep an eye on her injuries and piercings, she's prime for a puncture/cut/scratch to be unable to heal
Even if she were a clean person, wounds that can't close will absolutely get infected, and since she's already in ketoacidosis, her body won't be able to fight infections either
And that's how flesh-rot is born
So that thing between her eyes is probably pretty fucking gross inside

No. 109659

he had a mental break down because of it or unrelated?

No. 110568

Hi there. I am becoming concerned with Kate’s situation. I am a fan of hers, but I recently have witness behaviors that have been discussed on this board. I am well aware that many of you hate her, and I respect that. I am so concerned and worried about her weight, how she has missed on promises and is using her mental illnesses as excuses. I have hope that she can indeed change, but I just don’t know what to do. It’s frustrating seeing someone let themself go.

No. 110575

I wouldn’t hold on to that hope, anon. She’s been like this for years and hasn’t changed, despite doctor’s warnings and losing all her friends because of her behavior.

No. 110589

I feel like I might send her a message with everything that is concerning. I won’t phrase it in anyway that would be unhelpful. But what other things has she done that really has hurt you all? If she could change anything, what do you think should be brought to her attention? What could open her eyes? She knows about the weight issues, she’s self aware but it’s horrible to see her play it off(newfaggotry)

No. 110590

Do yourself the favor and log off. Messaging someone you dont know about their personal life because you are a "fan" is weird. She is well aware that this site exists, she has eyes and can read. Its her choice to self harm and we cant help her.

Let her live/die in peace

No. 110593

Read through this thread and previous ones to see what kind of person she is. I guarantee you she’s not worth helping

No. 110599

Sorry that you worship shitty people. Look up to someone who isn't a selfish, compulsive liar

No. 110606

you aren't concerned, you sound exactly like us
>I'm concerned with her behavior, what has she done to you all do you think?
if you were concerned, you would tell her to stop skipping insulin, stop wearing open shoes, keep her skin clean, let her piercings heel, and floss

No. 110627

And eat

No. 110708

Does anyone have her old lolita unboxing haul saved?

No. 110724

She eats; she has diabulimia
You can eat as much as you want of anything you want and lose weight rapidly by simply not taking enough insulin
Diabulimia is basically an unstoppable force in teenage girls, btw
If you're careful, which she certainly appears to be, the only /immediate/ side effects are pain, nausea, and fatigue, which you get anyway with type one no matter how good you're caring for yourself, so she might not have even realized shit was getting worse until she started /visibly/ deteriorating
I suspect her body checks aren't even really about weight
Btw, that's why she's always sick, there's never enough insulin inside her body
Her piss must look like bubble bath suds

No. 110914

File: 1598914105307.jpeg (721 KB, 750x1334, 11FBE10C-A457-41B6-99EE-01BDD4…)

Who wants to bet that she’s more worried about her source of money than her mom’s health?

No. 110932

This is too personal. Why would anyone post this about someone else in a hospital setting? I’d never do this in the realm of social media.

No. 110940

Why take a picture of her feet in a hospital bed? How tactless. There are some things you shouldn't post to the internet

No. 110946

She also outed when her husband was assaulted in an uber. She has no concept of others privacy.

No. 110947

File: 1598944202852.jpg (458.16 KB, 1079x1228, Screenshot_20200901-000931_Ins…)

I still can't believe she's managed to sucker people with actual talent for these collabs. They all either bombed or are immediately forgotten about. I feel bad for the artists.

No. 110954

“Caring is cute” You only care about yourself but ok k8

No. 110987

K8 loves herself and nobody else. She probably tweeted the picture of her mom in the hospital because she only has fans, not friends.

No. 111029

File: 1599043963868.png (4.37 MB, 750x1334, 5DA9D840-E818-45E5-BF5F-65CFB3…)

Popped into one of her lives for like a split second because they're usually mind numbingly boring but noped the fuck out when I read the username of the only comment I saw.

I never liked girlytoot but I don't know why all the anons in here are talking as if she took a foot fetish pic of her mom or her corpse or something i.e
>Why take a picture of her feet in a hospital bed? How tactless. There are some things you shouldn't post to the internet

Sorry but reading this before I saw the actual cap of the story I'd assumed she must have shared some sneaky foot fetish photos and that was a far more disturbing mental image than the pic in question.

I feel like it does come off as distasteful and weird but I don't personally see how dirty sneakers are somehow an identifiable personal trait? I've seen plenty of photos on public "normie" fbs that often show family members faces unconscious in hospital beds or for boomer pity shares but I'm not seeing how this is different from that garbage other than this is a milder and unable to be liked or reshared? I know having even an occasional grain of sympathy for any snowflakes on /w/ is viewed as a sin or wk these days but a part of me still hopes what happened with her mom isn't something major because as unlikely as it is I don't want to see a cow go through grieving a family member possibly dying unexpectedly or having major medical problems again because it's just depressing in most cases. On an unrelated note -
yeah I don't think I buy that she's only got a weed addiction either, haven't followed this thread in months but something has felt really off about her visible rapid health deterioration and I can't tell anymore if it's just her obvious ED getting worse or if she's got something like a stimulant addiction because that'd explain becoming more skeletal too or a mix of both tbh.

No. 111048

I can’t be the only one who finds it hilarious that kate who is now traveling into skelly territory is hanging out with a fatty-chan this frequently. There’s no way she’s not doing it to make herself look even smaller by comparison

No. 111093

It's the fact that her mom is suffering in the ER and she took a picture of it. Let her recoup in peace instead of flashing it online for pity points

No. 111938

File: 1599789691512.jpg (268.23 KB, 466x752, Screenshot_20200910-215726_Ins…)

Damn she's fucking anorexic now.
Fucking skeleton. And as usual loving it.
She had some serious mental issues.
I think she's bipolar.

No. 111999

What’s that thing in her belly?

No. 112026

Feeding tube or some insulin thingy

No. 112093

She's starting to sell of her sweet AP on Lacemarket. I wonder why, it's what gets her the most Instafame(imageboard)

No. 112113

Dexcom continuous blood glucose monitor, (cgm)
They're garbage, every reading can be up to 50 points off, she never has check marks below her wrist either, so she probably boluses based off of those readings without manually testing
Cgm'ers always waste away, their a1c gets too high because they don't even actually know what their blood sugar is
You never see a fat diabetic with a cgm, and she loves showing that thing off
It might make her look sicker to normies, but all I can see is, "It's not my fault I can't stop losing weight, ever since I got the cgm, I have ketones all the time"

No. 112126

She’s probably going broke and she can’t leech off her mom if she’s still in the hospital. Can’t leech off her ex husband anymore either.

No. 112131

Needs money for drugs probably

No. 112150

I like how the majority of items are stained or stretched out yet they're listed in great condition

No. 112160

What’s her LM?

No. 112195

I'm always scared I'm going to buy something not knowing it's hers, since she doesn't disclose that it's all unwashed and ruined

No. 112202

No. 112203

What is with the influx of newfags in this thread lately? She hasn’t done anything that milky to draw people in in a while

No. 112466

File: 1600185270609.jpg (441.74 KB, 1071x1646, 20200915_165522.jpg)

another day another body check

No. 112496

File: 1600204163787.jpeg (243.43 KB, 554x846, 217210D7-2866-4EB8-9AAF-4F6CDC…)

The owner of plushiepink had a meltdown On Facebook after being called out for copying designs. Kate mentioned previously working with them and the owner replied with this.

No. 112503

Finally some actual milk

No. 112509

Even if it's thrifted, you're still supporting dollskill by posting photos of it.

No. 112510

File: 1600209526822.jpeg (143.82 KB, 828x735, 724A60C5-A3A8-4EF2-A176-2BFD27…)

These comments were left on one of her photos, maybe related? Idk the people involved

No. 112585

For anyone who doesn’t understand the context of this (I didn’t) it’s all on Caspian Okazaki’s fb page as a public post.

From what I can gather, Kama Cook (owner of PlushiePink) outsourced some redbubble-tier prints to sell on leggings, sweatshirts etc. One of these prints was a rip off of a Hello Cavities design from several years ago. Caspian decided that the reasonable thing to do would be to start a witch hunt against Kama who, in true oblivious-gen-x fashion, accidentally posted some girl’s address in a DM screenshot. This in combination with a previous faux pas (#alllivesmatter) incurred the wrath of kawaii insta, and now she’s a white supremacist who doxxes people. Top kek. The jfash jury are now trying to sabotage her business and get her husband fired? Naturally Kate stuck her oar in too because of course she did.

tl;dr everyone involved is lame, weebs have no grasp on reality, Caspian & Kate are narcissists as always and this will all blow over in a week.

No. 112620

I didn't understand why k had to mention she worked with them and for some girl to DM her about it but it was likely bc of narcissism. Why bother posting in that call-out thread at all if you aren't involved

No. 112714

Sage because not about Kate, but didn't Caspian Okazaki rip off or steal from that princetteparty brand? As in they were dating or something and she stole either products or casting moulds or something? I remember she was called out not that long ago by that brand so it's kind of funny she is trying to look like a saint in calling out others now.

(Also find it funny she still hasn't been called out to change that made up Okazaki name, she is a white girl from the UK right?)

No. 112946

pretty sure she's Turkish, her real name is Alemdar

No. 113104

File: 1600599104946.png (305.12 KB, 902x710, Screen Shot 2020-09-20 at 3.51…)

k8 is claiming she got these pants at a thrift store. What are the chances she found a pair of Dolls Kill pants in her anachan size in a bumfuck pittsburgh thrift store? Pretty sure she's trying to hide still shopping at dolls kill since they got "cancelled"

No. 113172

File: 1600629084315.png (4.09 MB, 750x1334, 80A2BB26-BD17-416D-A831-D0B958…)

She’s had these pants for a while and all of a sudden she wants to act like she thrifted them

No. 113262


what's the deal with this pose though

No. 113265

File: 1600682596574.png (97.01 KB, 639x240, epicgamermove.PNG)

gamer meme

No. 113267

She's built like a midget stickman

No. 113286

To be fair, the pattern on the pants doesn't match the Dolls Kill listing.
Could be a knock-off from Taobao.

No. 113458

Oh she absolutely got them from that store, I shop at the same thrift store and looked at them. They're a size 0, so I'm not surprised she got them.

No. 113487

You know cloth can vary in pattern depending on where it is cut, right?

No. 113501

>no sage
>hey I go to that same particular thrift store coincidentally around the same time
>by the way did I mention it's a size 0?
……uh huh.

No. 114020

File: 1601203581888.png (337.41 KB, 883x654, Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 3.47…)

Nice try, they don't even come in numbered sizes.

No. 114986

File: 1601924079249.jpg (771.74 KB, 1047x1576, Screenshot_20201005-195548_Ins…)

this is horrible, she looks dead already.

No. 114991

File: 1601925807033.jpeg (241.13 KB, 828x849, 36B30ABE-66FB-455E-99A2-B883C2…)

Nta but what’s happening to her looks like she’s dying before our eyes

No. 115017

Pom Pom looks so unhappy

No. 115051

Those eye luggages are wild

No. 115081

File: 1601983378888.gif (977.3 KB, 480x265, D250FC01-0C04-43C3-A796-AE6912…)

Since we live in a world with concealer I’m sure she WANTS to look like this uwu *~menhera~*

No. 115254

Not just her eyes either, the skin on her neck looks fucked too. She has this nasty green tint to her skin

No. 115282

>she's dying before our eyes
Kek, let's not get melodramatic and feed into her complex just because she's crusty and doesn't hydrate, k.

No. 115284

visibly dying from ketones; please take the fucking insulin

No. 115599

No. 118161

File: 1603814770754.png (4.32 MB, 750x1334, 75B96042-1A18-4FDC-9575-B9A181…)

She looks so bad wtf happened to her. She sounds like she chain smokes too…

No. 118163

File: 1603816453017.jpg (135.87 KB, 1016x558, 12.JPG)

K8's going full transtrender. So stunning and brave. Gotta keep getting that attention somehow.

No. 118172

Trying to look like an elfgutz doll

No. 118178

in 2020, how embarassing

No. 118212

She looks like a homeless crackhead lady you’d see sitting outside your local gas station every day

No. 118223

you could buy one vial of insulin, or one haul of hot topic hair dye and claire's accessories, wygd

No. 118232

Why would you willingly wear this uneven rats nest of a wig and take pictures in it?

No. 118258

Dumb nitpick but what irks me the most is those godforsaken bangs which she always does, is it because she's just bad at cutting wigs (although it's REALLY not that hard to do a neat job there) or does she genuinely enjoy looking like an electrocuted troll doll?

No. 118756

Didn’t she try this before? Claiming to be this or that when her ex husband did it first? I’m glad for him that he ran away from this shit. I wonder who divorced who first

No. 118785

Yeah she did, despite going batshit when her husband wanted to explore his gender expression

No. 118926

Sage for no contribution but what did she do when her ex was finding out what mental issues and gender they were?

No. 119375

if I recall correctly first she got all mad and weird about it, then she hoped on the train and was like 'i'm bipolar and binary too!'

No. 119823

File: 1604950267162.jpeg (630.01 KB, 750x1070, 591A3849-2930-40DA-89F7-7CE040…)

Holy fuck

No. 119948

good god thst sallow, jaundiced skin. this goblin is very ill. get help bitch!

No. 119952

Jfc is this why she divorced her husband? So someone would stop giving a fuck about her? Because her new she-man clearly doesn’t

No. 119979

She's fuckin ggooonnnnneeeee. Like checked out.

No. 119983

Kate doesn’t seem to bring up her “girlfriend” much, so I’ll bet they’re not happy together and/or embarrassed by each other. I’d be embarrassed too if I was dating either one of them kek

No. 119995

This looks like someone dressed up a bloated corpse that's been left in the water for a brief period

Not like a oh no pity them or delicate angel suffering way either, just like fuck you're disgusting don't breathe near me I feel like I'll catch aids just making eye contact way.

She reminds me of that anorexic ashley girl in the way of you're just waiting for them to die or off themselves

No. 120041

Brands should stay away from her, she tarnishes their image so bad.

No. 120047

fuck. this feels more like Luna’s thread with every post

No. 120051

Wow. Us here at lolcow are actually going to witness the death of one of our cows.

This is truly shocking.

No. 120052

Am I the only one here who thinks she just looks weird because she's wearing cakey foundation with no depth and didn't draw on her eyebrows? She wants people to believe she's sick just cause she's ugly, lol.

No. 120058

yes, you are.

No. 120065

Aight, K8 deadpool when?

No. 120066

I don't understand how nobody in her life is telling her she is visibly allowing her kidneys to shut down.
I don't know why everyone in this thread thinks she's on drugs or just filthy, she is literally visibly dying from diabetic complications.
Her renals are shutting down and her entire endocrine system is malfunctioning.
This is an extremely painful way to die because it takes so long, she's clearly nursing herself with some amount of insulin, which will only make the suffering last longer.
That pic is fucking literally what diabetic corpses looked like in the 1940s.
This is fucking miserable, she must be doing it on purpose at this point, she probably wants her parents to reach out and act like it matters if she lives.
She can afford more insulin, I do not understand.

No. 120086

File: 1605138578661.jpeg (87.78 KB, 362x640, DE2728AA-44D9-4B04-976C-F77017…)

> I don't know why everyone in this thread thinks she's on drugs

Because k8 herself talks about doing drugs. Often.

No. 120089

Please excuse me, exclusively on drugs.

No. 120237

No. 120243

>from los angeles
>living anime doll

she really can’t accept that she’s almost 30 and is still stuck in bumfuck pittsburgh

No. 120549

TFW anon called it two years ago

No. 120590

Coming from someone who saw her true ugly colors, she is indeed one fake bitch and liar.

No. 120669

What's funny when I met her years ago she was a stuck up snob about drinking. She said she didn't like to drink and it wasn't good for her. She actually had some meat on her bones than, and looked way healthier than now.
Honestly I thinks she fakes the whole drug and alcohol thing to come off as cool. I do think she is anorexic though, and not taking her insulin properly to stay looking like a skeleton.
Her girlfriend looks like a total druggy though so maybe she did give in to peer pressure

No. 120729

Can you even drink as an out of control type one diabetic? That's asking for an ambulance.

No. 121079

She doesn't fake her weed use. She's basically spent the entire last year high out of her mind. And her gf sells acid so i wouldn't be surprised if she does that too, especially with some of the weird as fuck memes she posts at like 4am.
I have never seen her drink though. As someone with gastroparesis and diabetes, it would probably be horrible for her.

No. 121582

She'll agree to articles like this but irl complains that everyone assumes shes into anime.

No. 123558

File: 1606796988706.jpg (118.35 KB, 1080x1440, FB_IMG_1606796854189.jpg)

Does she trim her wigs blindfolded?

No. 123584

Yep, her wigs have always been this poorly trimmed, even back in her square glasses CoF days

No. 123585

She must genuinely enjoy the look

No. 123794

Everything about this is terrible

No. 123888


Because it is as ugly and as shitty as her soul, and it reflects well.

No. 123900

sage your shit newfriend

No. 124693

KBD is in league with Toshi Salvino (aka Dollfille).
Go figure.
That's who designed K8's new wig (pictured a few posts above).

No. 124887

File: 1607479340863.jpeg (612.22 KB, 572x1120, 2CB97CF0-9BF8-4116-B0FE-C901AE…)

Anyone catch this? Popped up when k8te scalped some dirty ass Lolita hear

No. 124888

No. 125072

File: 1607537100092.jpeg (110.97 KB, 484x645, 4C16380B-9ED3-4AB6-A950-CB372A…)

K8 is now scalping her pee-pee stained 2010 sweet with 14 bidders all dying to get a piece. Rofl

No. 125077

I can't believe two idiots paid $400 and $350 for dingy pony bags

No. 125085

they were pretty dingy, yeah. but what's mindboggling is that every time she lists her brand, her hugbox trendlita following immediately jumps on it. i wouldn't pay even $100 for a stained dress, nevermind $330. i'm missing milkyfawn more every day

No. 125271


I can smell this picture. Mustiness and cat piss. Sage.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 125680

File: 1607826564802.jpg (192.63 KB, 1080x1440, FB_IMG_1607826435415.jpg)

Wasn't she complaining for people to stay home earlier? Now its ok to turn every grocery store trip into a photo shoot? You cant have it both ways.

No. 125685

if anyone should be staying home it's her. she's jaundiced and dying of her ED but goes out in her platform slides to take feed pics in the Target hair care aisle

No. 129766

File: 1609461112047.jpg (24.07 KB, 228x405, Screenshot_20201231-224650_Ins…)

No. 129768

File: 1609461141033.jpg (24.19 KB, 228x405, Screenshot_20201231-224654_Ins…)

No. 129769

File: 1609461163309.jpg (23.5 KB, 207x369, Screenshot_20201231-224705_Ins…)

No. 129770

File: 1609461188489.jpg (22.18 KB, 207x369, Screenshot_20201231-224713_Ins…)

No. 129823

>i have an illness
t. every person who denies having an ED, ever

No. 129864

I hate this. ‘I have an illness…it’s very hard…I look so good in jfashion tho…but actually it sucks being so small and kawaii’

No. 129888

The funny part is that she looks so unhealthy and decrepit that she doesn't look good at all.

>I really hope y'all know (especially the younger bbs) that you don't have to look this to wear jfashion.
Thanks, Kate. We know that, and we don't want to.

No. 129999

Is she really so delusional she thinks people want to look like her?

No. 130002

A lot of people do, which is the sad part. Just look at her insta following and how many people kiss her ass. She is idolised by a lot of people, and she surely gets a kick out of it.
People with EDs love that attention because it validates their illness.

No. 131233

so when is K8 getting cancelled for constant AAVE use and using Black people as props for content?(necro)

No. 131613

File: 1610305914564.jpeg (405.43 KB, 750x1190, 938AD373-3356-4569-B7C2-B60A28…)

Kate’s going out to get another piercing after virtue signaling about staying home all over her insta. No doubt she’s going to let this one get crusty and infected as well.

No. 133640

She has no room to squawk about staying home because all her recent photos were taken inside Target and CVS stores. She also went to Texas and posted pics with the owner of Ota Q which begs the question: did she fly all the way there during a pandemic?

No. 133647

File: 1611195899581.jpeg (378.28 KB, 828x1439, 8AEA95C9-B05A-4C45-BC06-D9BA7E…)

Pulling your facemask down in a store for a photo op during a pandemic isn’t very kaweewee, Kate.

No. 133811

File: 1611270134220.jpg (262.47 KB, 512x643, Screenshot_20210121-180108_Ins…)

Look at this gorgeous woman

No. 133844

I thought this was Lori's door mat Kevin for a hot second kek

No. 133848

>making friends along the way
how lonely do you have to be to consider the people you interact with at target your friends. do any of these kate-tier "influencers" actually have real friends?

No. 133903

File: 1611324195189.jpg (248.67 KB, 1600x1162, before anorexia.jpg)

They don't need friends…. They just need likes to feed their egos.
The next generation is going to be fucked. no one will want to actually work irl.
Their lives exist in a fake online world.
When they are all old they will be all alone in the world, when they have lost any good looks they once had and can't post online because they are old and fugly.

No. 134374

No, especially if you’re kate, who fucks over anyone who tries

No. 137107

remember when she was decent looking, healthy, still married? did she even love her husband or was he just a walking bank for her?

No. 145747

File: 1618701640110.jpeg (580.72 KB, 750x1062, 10412A21-AB07-4751-B933-00128D…)

Guess she’s engaged now

No. 145756

oh fuck no

No. 145770

Can’t wait to see who wears the wedding dress - her or the tranny.

No. 145852

You know her ring must not be that great when even her bra strap is more in-focus.

No. 145893

Dear god I hope she posts wedding photos on social media. I can’t wait to see the downgrade from wedding #1 with a normal looking man to wedding #2 with a tranny crackhead.

No. 145924

That didn't take long.

I'm surprised this thread was bumped and was expecting to see the picture of her nasty fingers.

No. 146049

is it me or is she looking much healthier these days?

No. 146065


She’s slowly gaining weight again, which is good. She for sure is struggling with ED but she is really happy. Also who cares if she didn’t want to stick with her husband? I think she’ll be happier, even if their partner isn’t the most attractive. I want to see her come out of this one a better person, I really do.

No. 146091

you know, i can second this. does she look like a garbage troll? yeah. is her partner also a garbage troll? double yeah. but i'm glad she doesn't look like she's literally dying anymore. i can't be mad when two people are happy together, even if they're gross.

No. 146164

She looks scabby and bruised so I vote no

No. 148157

why in the fuck would she get 1) remarried, and 2) remarried so quickly after a divorce? What is the point of her getting married at this point? To have a stable life and home? Have kids? Or get more valid woke points for finally being a 'gay married woman'

No. 148158

I wonder then if her ex husband wasn't very helpful to her? he seems kind of weak and less likely to tell her what to do whereas the crackhead seems more likely to punch her if she doesn't.

No. 148859

so I guess Wonderfinch isn't going to go after k8 for "prison squatting" like she did with Lor?

No. 148872


>wasn't very helpful to her

>less likely to tell her what to do whereas the crackhead seems more likely to punch her if she doesn't.

You have a very weird definition of helpful.

No. 148878

what's the point? wouldn't get her any attention

No. 148900

As much as I dislike her, it'd be funny to see WF bring it up. k8 has loads of cringy prison squat photos and trying to act gangster.

No. 148914

actually I think it would. remember when she posted with random black people at Target? colonizer vibes tbh

it's one of her go to poses. I was honestly pretty surprised WF/CK never called k8 out for it, especially since k8 has a much larger following than Lor

No. 149663

File: 1620788972382.jpg (120.87 KB, 1156x1496, page_1.jpg)

Sweetie… You do this to yourself to stay like bones. You only found out your pro-an@ since you're posted as a diabulimic now and you lerk

No. 149667

you're pretty late to the party, we've already had other type ones blog posting about how disgusted they are by her here

No. 149672

Was the wonderfinch thing brought up in any other threads, sounds milky. Imagine getting triggered over people squatting. kek

No. 154667

File: 1622926485114.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1125x2027, C9C22E9D-103F-4814-AB57-0C4F29…)

I hate that this exists. At least they didn’t incorporate those hideous bangs.

No. 154670

Whait is this a collab??

No. 154692

The bangs. Every time.

No. 154979

It's a colab between Pulip and DOKIDOKI, not Kate herself. She's just cosplayong as the doll. God knows why dokidoki chooses to work with her.

No. 167169

File: 1628711190951.png (764.33 KB, 573x591, kate.png)

Instagram put this in my explore page today, and there is something absolutely terrifying about her face. Why does she look so manic?

No. 167221

Because she's a middle aged woman with an extreme eating disorder dressing like a deranged teenager.

No. 167288

I refuse to believe this isn’t MtF

No. 167335

I’d say she looks a little more nourished than before? But why does she have zero tiddies? I think that’s what’s weird about the picture, the body looks like a boy or a child and face says 30 year or weeb

No. 168448

she still does her eyebrows like that? STILL?

No. 180800

Wait, how old is Katie? I thought she was 30 at max(necro)

No. 187318

Kate was featured in a truly vid today

No. 187328

“I use they/them pronouns and no one respects it.”
Her friend: >her

No. 187358

>"transform into a cool instabaddie"
>wearing the most boring basic shit

I knew these shows are garbage but jesus christ

No. 187365

At the Tekko tea, they had to sit with Naturally Racist because no one in the comm will talk to them.

No. 187405

Details? Why won't they talk to her?

No. 187560

>their style is decora and cyber pop

They couldn't use the word lolita? She doesn't wear decora at all.

No. 187599

In the lolita thread recap it explains
Here’s a copy n Paste of Jenna’s milk

Jenna /Naturally racist /Naturally cute
Instagram: strawberrydollqt
Twitter : dollqti & dollqty
>Gets banned from PA comm after years of harassing community members with racism, Islamaphobia, and fatphobia. >>177079

Some black Lolita also included their experience with Jenna without name dropping her. At this point the community knows about Jenna, but everyone wants to avoid her

No. 187600

No, I meant why they wouldn't want to talk to Kate… Everyone already knows about Jenna.

No. 187638

Homegirl is putting on some chonk

No. 187647

Anon’s over there pretending to be confused because you didn’t use Kate’s pronouns.

No. 187692

At least she doesn’t look like she’s about to fall over and die anymore

No. 187915

Nobody talked to her in LA when she attended meets either. Nothing's new.

No. 189880

File: 1640218389301.jpg (275.62 KB, 525x846, Screenshot_20211222-190800_Sna…)

This came up on snap kek

No. 189886

good, that means she's actually taking insulin injections now

No. 189905

I noticed she deleted this post, wonder what happened there

No. 190021

File: 1640275088864.jpg (136.98 KB, 1012x742, k8.JPG)

It looks like K8 and the tranny bf are still together as of December 12.

No. 192461

dont do drugs kids.
Her pos girlfriend is what happened to her

No. 195857

File: 1643679569269.jpeg (632.91 KB, 750x752, E4017B9E-0A17-4683-AB4C-7604A6…)

speaking of drugs…

No. 203302

I dono if I love or hate the fact she is no longer posting Secrets about herself and claiming " bullies" ….

No. 204162

File: 1648643268066.jpg (39.89 KB, 1080x575, FB_IMG_1648643194742.jpg)


Looks like she can't self post anymore LOL!!!

It was fun Kate. Too bad!!
No one hated her more then herself

No. 204175

idk why they don't/didn't move to Tumblr, it's a much better system for anonymous interaction (via asks) and the platform itself has great functionality, Livejournal's functionality hasn't changed whatsoever in however long it's existed (and it's all just russian spamblogs and bots now, presumably why they disabled anonymous comments)

No. 204247


Maybe after this it will revive?
Maybe after a while when she needs more attention, she herself will make her own BTB and then really milk herself !!!!

I can't believe anyone supports her. Her self posting and being caught and called out is the lowest of lows!
Spreading FAKE FEAR and trying to spoil something that's so special to people. No wonder she's not into Lolita anymore.
Shamed herself out of it !

No. 204363

Has she been self posting recently? I thought that had long stopped by now

No. 204373

Don't think so. Not after she decided she could branch out into the J Fash world.
After being outed, she could run away to different trends.
Only way for her to stir anything is maybe to post here.

Her insta seems dead. Not alot of comments on her stuff really considering her followers.(learn2sage)

No. 204381

BtB has been revived on dreamwidth

No. 218742

File: 1654739891657.jpg (739.57 KB, 1080x1256, Screenshot_20220608-185610_Ins…)

Kate posted with some new guy

No. 218746

could be her ex-husband

No. 218774

File: 1654756465375.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x2062, Screenshot_20220608-233211_Ins…)

Doesn't look like it

No. 218788

new guy could literally pass as her brother lmao

No. 218903

poly saga incoming

No. 219003

She must miss her ex husband. New guy has a similar build and the same hair

No. 219975

Guess she missed the D

No. 220004

No more engagement ring there from her disgusting gf "thing".
Guess she decided to stop milking that phase and go back to men.

No. 220006

File: 1655147834411.png (781.42 KB, 570x570, fake.png)

look how much rainbow clothing I can wear to try and pretend to be gay. O sorry I mean I am a "them" now. O sorry I mean…Im just confused now.
O thats right, I just like to hop on trends for attention. hehe Im actually straight, it was just a phase.

No. 220107

She can stop pretending to be gay now that the divorce is old news. She would never want to admit she probably ruined her own marriage, so she stuck with the gay facade

No. 220369

I bet she regrets cheating on him with a diaper dude lol. I don’t blame her though, her ex was becoming a gender bender too

No. 220372

100% this. she had it good with that guy and wrecked it because she sucked ass managing her money and is in constant need of attention. the fact that she baited with the idea that he was abusive to her/suffocating her when she was the one airing out his SA and business is hideous.

No. 220646

I just noticed that her new guy is wearing a they/them pin so Kate can still pretend that she’s in a “queer” relationship despite never touching another vagina in her whole life. Hopefully this guy is a step up from the crackhead tranny tattoo scratcher.

No. 220682

Sweetie you can like rainbows and be straight. You were a sweet lolita before you became this dumpster fire.
Big shock her lesbian gf didn't work out. She looked like a meth head for f sake.(sweetie, you can also sage your nonmilk)

No. 221333

File: 1655665762175.jpg (281.45 KB, 853x1280, vani.jpg)

I know the post I'm responding to is rly old but I think the doll is somewhat inspired by Vani, an OG Dokidoki shop girl. Katie's wig is a dollar store iteration of her bangs

No. 229250

Well, you were pretty spot on.

No. 232603

She’s calling this guy her partner on Instagram so I wonder what happened to the tranny?

No. 234053

File: 1659228885324.jpeg (508.68 KB, 1440x1800, E938A6AE-EECF-42A9-960C-02DDE8…)

She looks so unhealthy

No. 234186

COVID would probably put her on a vent

No. 236696

File: 1659719356308.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1125x1275, D0C0A32D-6CE8-4BDB-9FBA-F75F28…)

it didn’t work out, she just posted about her new guy. she was engaged to the tranny too, so I guess she isn’t the lesbian she claimed to be lol. she’s in her 30s now, divorced, a known cheater, has a diaper fetish, and now bouncing from man to man. how long will this one last?

No. 236915

lmao at the fact that this is basically Matthew no. 2. She seems to miss him so bad but watch her fuck up this relationship too

No. 236918

File: 1659748011143.jpg (823.33 KB, 1080x1229, Screenshot_20220805-180519_Ins…)

With the mask on, I would've thought it was her ex

No. 236930

to be fair he got kinda ugly, but she had it made with that dude. he was buying most of her fashion/paying all her bills and tending to her medical needs. in fact if she had been more stable herself, he would have advanced more in his career and spent more on her. at one point they went to india because of his old work.

No. 236935

You'd think she wouldn't be so picky though considering she's always looked like a horse

No. 237023

Lolita looks gross with tattoos

No. 238754

I give it 6 months to a year. They barely met each other before getting a place and moving in together.

No. 239061

File: 1660240876597.jpg (622.5 KB, 1080x2026, Screenshot_20220811-105426_Ins…)

No. 240422

Not surprised at the diaper fetish considering they came out of Pittsburgh…

No. 240575

Lolitas and aspies, both equally likely to troon out.

No. 241575

Sorry "Girly Toot" …..taking on the name of RinRins will never catch.

Just continue to look like a walking billboard.

No. 241620

Very interesting that they chose the name Rin right after seeing RinRin at Tekko.

No. 242303

first Katie Castles, and now Rin. God they are mental.

No. 243092

they already started turning this guy into the next ‘tranny/queer’ bf so they can keep claiming to be gay(learn2sage)

No. 243113

No. 258628

File: 1665871875290.jpeg (185.67 KB, 828x578, 2CB9BA7C-5534-44DA-9343-677B9E…)

Katie changed her Instagram handle to rincastles and now is officially going by Rin and is upping the ante on the they/them stuff.

No. 258646

File: 1665877011734.jpg (289.64 KB, 1536x2048, 307371838_175788614976399_4150…)

She is in the selkie group I am in and is doing this weird lolita normie hybrid shit…..

No. 258647

File: 1665877121101.jpg (325.5 KB, 2048x2048, 300373302_168300482391879_5876…)

No. 258663

You’d think with all the money she throws around on fashion, she’d pay someone to cut the bangs on her wigs so they don’t look like pure shit.

No. 258975

"model" no you're not k8, posting pics on Instagram isn't modeling

No. 312830

damn she only lasted a year with this one. how long until she dates another trans, and/or begs her ex-husband to take her back.

No. 317990

File: 1705551234644.png (Spoiler Image,2.75 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_1626.png)

Would be disappointed in btssb contacting her to model but I also feel that this was all made up.

No. 318083


unfortunately i can see that. it looks like nyfw is at least in part run by btssb in sf who has questionable taste at best, and nyfw is getting overrun by influencers looking for 10 seconds in the spotlight. but lol 'i have been toiling in obscurity' doing what girlie? making occasional sponsored posts on ig?

No. 318095

NYFW only takes contracted models to model the show for them hence last year for the VM show we’re all tall boring models. It’s not some anime convention where they have weebs lined up to “model” runway.
The way they worded their post is also unusual as they would be the bitch to shamelessly brag every single detail about their “successful model career.”
I don’t think they were lying about being invited to the show but modeling for NYFW is a stretch.(sage your shit)

No. 318102

I think she misunderstood getting invited to go with being a model. Baby invited quite a few efamous lolitas to go to the show. There was no model call and so why would they pick 1 lolita who isnt model standard?

No. 318106

That's a woman, anon

No. 318113

I thought they changed their name to Rin to be become they/them, no?(sage your shit)

No. 318116

go back to twitter retard

No. 318125

lol sure anon.(sage your shit)

No. 318128

integrate or go back to twitter tranny

No. 318130

lol it’s called X now, anon.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 318133

File: 1705705511909.jpeg (24.03 KB, 500x557, E7jFHP4WYAUCJWA.jpeg)

what kind of shitty bait is this

No. 318139

File: 1705710980155.jpeg (214.48 KB, 1179x812, IMG_1635.jpeg)

No. 318142

>story about how you made it
>don't actually do the thing which signifies the making it
>no proof it happened at all
Sounds like an influencer photo op like other anons said, not modelling, and surely if it was so significant you would do the thing?

No. 318144

ot but how the hell are they gonna cram NYFW models into btssb? i'm 5'6" and it already looks questionable on me, not to mention models are usually a US 9 / EU 39 or higher in shoe size

No. 318149

Not all modeling agencies solely employ giantesses. There are plenty of petite commercial models

No. 318154

Oh so she did make that bit up that is so embarrassing(sage your shit)

No. 318269

100k followers and only 400 likes…she really is irrelevant these days(sage your shit)

No. 318270

$40 for her skanky used socks anyone?(sage your shit)

No. 318281

File: 1705884304181.jpg (318.59 KB, 1080x1903, 1000005489.jpg)

She's moving to Texas. Guess she's gotta find a new comm with unassuming people to take advantage of

No. 318310</