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File: 1572114840758.png (913.18 KB, 596x900, shoop.png)

No. 71076

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mickey.m.johnson.7
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thequeenofdeer/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thequeenofdeer
Previous Thread: >>53920

The Basics:
>Ridiculous and inconsistent shooper extraordinaire from Joliet, IL. Blames her “poor camera quality” and “facebook killing her photo quality” for posting blurry, poor quality, and clearly shooped pics.
>Claims her uncanny inhuman shooping is just her makeup style/circle lenses/lash extensions. Posts pics “without makeup” where she is clearly still wearing tons of makeup + shoop.
>Unshooped pics and video surface in May from ACen and expose the ridiculous extent of her wannabe ana-chan photo editing. Deleted instagram for 5 months following this, but continued to post shoops on Facebook.
>Known to lurk this thread all day every day. Has posted things in direct response to what we’ve said here and her ex basically admitted she was obsessed with this thread.
>Was previously a part of a “Petty Girls Group Chat” with other ana-chans (such as Dae Umeko) dedicated to mass bullying tons of girls’ appearances. Screenshots of this chat got leaked. >>48641
>But stop bullying her for her appearance guys seriously be kind to everyone uwu
>Mysteriously has >13k followers on Facebook despite most of her posts getting <200 likes and almost no comments
>Mysteriously has >16k followers on Instagram despite most of her posts getting <2000 likes, and almost no comments
>Constantly posts about how she can’t go anywhere without being harassed by people complimenting and hitting on her
>Previously very overweight, then dropped to ana-chan weight, now appears to be back to normal/heavier weight but still shoops herself to be ana-chan.
>Weight loss history unclear. Has claimed both “diet and exercise” and rare illness (Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome) as the cause of her extreme weight loss, used to frequently post ana-chan pics of herself in the hospital. Hasn’t drawn attention to her weight loss or supposed rare illness like she used to now that she’s gained weight back, and no one is allowed to ask her about it.
>History of whiteknighting herself on Reddit and lolcow
>Pretty much universally agreed upon to be a pretty girl who doesn’t need to shoop when real pics of her come out. BDD is out of control. A collection of her supposed “Real” Faces: >>60020

New Milk:
>Went to a local event with her Mom where new unshooped pics of her were posted by the event’s page. (See: witch pictures) >>69838
>Claims to be abused every day for years in her home: >>61330
>Gets a job (finally) at a local hair salon, despite having plastic, ratty, mismatched extensions
>Broke up with her “fiance” who she’d been with since at least 2015 (since before the weight loss, claimed they were engaged) and somehow started a relationship with some dude who works at Jersey Mikes in Ohio who she proclaims is “the love of her life” all in less than 5 months.
>Continues to shoop herself in pictures with her boyfriend, friends, and Mom
>Continues to shoop her head so small she ends up with massive horrifying yaoi hands
>We find out she’s a smoker, which would probably explain the teeth. Now also has smiley piercing, which doesn’t help.
>Reactivated Instagram which she had previously deactivated for 5 months following the ACen pics.
>Is now obsessed with shooping herself thicc since weight gain. Shoops entire body and head smaller, shoops ass bigger.
>Now taking on art commissions. Her art style is exactly the same as the way she shoops herself.
>Continues posting cringey SNOW filtered videos that make her look like an even bigger, wobbly mess. Filters can be seen going in and out throughout videos.
>Posts instastory claiming numerous fake accounts are pretending to be her, saying she doesn’t want people to report them because she loves watching them and how they “make up entire lives about me and live in it”. >>70780
>Previously called on fans to report fake accounts, but now specifically says not to. According to Instagram's guidelines the only person who can report "Impersonation Accounts" is the person being impersonated so this is nonsense either way.
>Her ex Andrew popped up in the previous thread, Mickey appears to have thrown a fit in thread.

Insights from the Ex:
>Claims their breakup was mutual
>They were never engaged (despite Mickey previously posting about being engaged and getting married >>48693 )
>Claims he’s had a Tinder date bring up his “exes egirl drama”
>As soon as her ex appears, an “anon” suddenly appears personally attacking him and whiteknighting Mickey and her new boyfriend: “You got dumped and your fat girlfriend upgraded overnight to someone more attractive, so now you're insecure about being cheated on and are lurking here for receipts>>68956 >>68990
>Does not appear to be the mysterious “abuser” Mickey has claimed she’s living with for years (they don’t appear to have ever lived together): ”I wasn't abusive, emotionally distant towards the end of things maybe but never abusive.
>Says he told Mickey to ignore this thread when they were together.

Mickey Exposure Instagrams:

No. 72057

File: 1573116590971.png (843.98 KB, 993x633, 1573113118606.png)

More New Milk:
>The girl Andrew went on a date with from Tinder shows up in the thread, gives out her insta (@dogonaflea) >>71949
>Confirms a lot of what we already knew: Mickey's a bully, uses SNOW, is extremely insecure, they weren't engaged
>Reveals Mickey was cheating: "messaging and flirting with other dudes including her current boyfriend, those are the ppl she was sending nudes to"
>Claims Andrew kept Mickey's nudes and showed her, but has apparently since apologized to Mickey and promised to delete them >>71977
>"He works for her dad, she apparently goes to Ohio to see her new boyfriend all the time and that her parents are sick of funding everything for her (hair extensions, car)"
>The "abuse" Mickey claims is her parents just asking her to get a job and do "adult shit like clean up", her parents are just tired of her shit >>71990
>Inadvertently confirms that Mickey whiteknighted herself by attacking Andrew in thread >>72050
>Illness/Weight Loss still unclear. Tinder-chan claims Andrew thought "that she was sick but he thinks that she just said that to get medicine to lose weight, that she did lose a lot of weight from not eating and getting sick"
>Tinder-chan is admittedly posting out of spite and to try and get back and Andrew for…something. There's a lot of claims and blogposting, read and draw your own conclusions from >>71949 onward
>Mickey gets new tats, including shitty finger tattoos >>72050
>Mickey posts about some baby apparently going as her for Halloween: >>72053

No. 72067

Also I’m responding to the old thread now…
The anon I’m assuming has had a problem with me the entire time,
1. I didn’t do it for attention I added my IG to be a verified source, instead of people think i’m lying. I gained FOUR followers. Relax
2. I never contribute to these things, so idk the proper “forum” etiquette. If you don’t have the capacity to read something i’ll longer than 2 sentences.. don’t?
3. “Edgelord” lmfao cause I said i pick people’s brains cause it’s interesting? I suppose

Anyways, I’m tired of commenting on this thread, and all the information I had I gave you guys

No. 72068

You continuing to respond to criticism from old threads is embarrassing, stop

No. 72073

Fuck offff, I hope Micky drag you

No. 72077


No. 72078

no one cares shut up

No. 72079

“no one cares” as you repeatedly send me requests to follow me on instagram
I’m pretty sure the ppl tryna talk shit are just Andrew at this point

No. 72080

You're embarrassing yourself. Drop milk and cut the fat. We don't care about you and your attention seeking. I barely could get through your posts tbh since you type like a edgy teenager. Why do cows attract other cows?

Can someone just give a tldr of any new info this chick gave? Thanks, it would be really helpful.

No. 72081

Nothing really new or exciting. Mickey is a shitty person, Andrew is a shitty person, basically what we already know, except this chick outed herself as being attracted to that type apparently. Mickey also emotionally cheated on Andrew. Color me shocked.

Anons fawning over this chick were getting so annoying last thread and she claims she doesn’t photoshop herself — like do you want anons to go looking for shit to make a thread about you? Because that’s how you get threads about you.

At this point she just wants a pat on the back, and when she doesn’t get it she says we are all bitches. Like we don’t know that already. Everyone stop giving her attention until she forks up info worthwhile.

Hun you don’t need to sign your posts, we can all tell it’s you because you don’t fucking sage

No. 72083

File: 1573148610506.jpg (39.7 KB, 500x566, e9a738cce2030db498571596a1f316…)

>I’m pretty sure the ppl tryna talk shit are just Andrew at this point
You literally came here for the sole purpose of this and said so numerous times, in almost every single one of your posts. Did you have a stroke since yesterday or are you just that unstable? Holy shit
>I honestly came to provide shit moreso about Andrew
>Maybe I’m just doing this out of spite, only because the people (and him) I introduced him to all fucked me over when I was constantly there for them, especially Andrew
>And ironically enough I came to share the shit about Andrew
>I literally said I don’t like him which is why I commented all of this shit.
> I didn’t like him for the same reasons I’m assuming she dumped him (he’s a bitch, and also wore jorts which turned me off lmao idc)
>Anyways he’s a loser & tried to shit talk me
>Andrew if you read this, you’re a cuck.
None of us care enough about Andrew to shit talk him, you're clearly obsessed with both of them. To quote Mickey self-posting in the last thread: "He's not going to fuck you." (Also who gets that triggered over jorts?)

>I gained FOUR followers. Relax
>as you repeatedly send me requests to follow me on instagram
Are you bipolar? Asking honestly, because you're a flip-flopping mess. Also you don't need to sign off your posts, we can tell it's you because you type like a middle-schooler. I kind of hope you keep posting here cause you're clearly just as unstable as Mickey lmao.

See >>72057
It's hard to summarize because it's so much irrelevant vendetta/blogposting, but I think that covers the more believable parts.

>Mickey also emotionally cheated on Andrew.
Well, it sounds like she was talking to (catfishing) and sending nudes to multiple dudes (including her now bf). I would consider that more than emotional, but I suppose that's subjective

No. 72093

Thank you vendetta-chan for the additional entertainment you have provided us.

Honestly I think Andrew showing girls he just met Mickey's private conversations and nudes is way worse than her having the conversations in the first place. And the fact he retained the information beyond the point it was relevant (which is at the point they broke up)

>what she did to me

What a mess.

No. 72292

File: 1573357229654.jpg (320.71 KB, 1080x1872, Screenshot_20191110-143959__01…)

I rate this yellowy bathroom mirror pic extremely low on my list kawaii things, but nice try Micky

No. 72293

He's pretty thicc himself, makes sense he'd date a fatty. Wouldn't be surprised if she photoshopped him to look buff.

No. 72295

look at the left side of his body, it doesn't align with his shoulders, she definitely edited him wider only because if she didn't, the shooping of her body would look worse

No. 72299

It's a towel

No. 72300

Towel yes, but that's on the right side. I agree the left side (our left, not his) doesn't look right but I'm not sure why. Something's not lining up correctly.

20-something year old fast food worker anime metal dude with a black towel? it's like I can smell the mildew and ass from here

No. 72310

File: 1573384838860.jpeg (52.25 KB, 578x580, E1AEFFD9-C53F-497B-AD90-7205EB…)

She definitely shoop him. He’s not buff like this and the body is very wrong on perspectiv…

No. 72317

He looks like Hagraven's previous Josh the Caveman but younger n with a asscrack chin.

He better start drink light beers at the metal shows if he don't want that but of tum chub to get unshooped Mickey big.

No. 72339

File: 1573417823257.jpeg (351.55 KB, 1080x1872, 81D98AAB-12B7-4952-9299-11CF67…)


She’s edited his body wider than his shoulder on that side, it looks ridiculous.

No. 72346

File: 1573424068421.jpeg (159.06 KB, 743x925, 948990F2-905C-4AB6-954B-3A2A2D…)

>Rare pic of deer girl yelling at boy 2 take better picz
Sorry that his snow-less phone reveals you for the blob of lard you truly are

Also maybe vendetta chan but why in tf do guys do the forehead wrinkle selfie? Does he think he looks sophisticated and older? Cringe

No. 72350

Has anyone actually purchased her artt?

No. 72361

Apparently yes, from her commission posts. I think she usually tags the person she made it for and they don’t seem like fake accounts. She kinda neglected her “art only” twitter as soon as she made it though kek

No. 72362

Lmao it's hilarious how her face is coincidentally the only non blurry thing in that pic.
God that mouth piercing looks ridiculous.

No. 72374

File: 1573433065226.jpg (44.83 KB, 600x400, 5f5f31546da39df8-600x400.jpg)

No. 72590

i guess he thinks having a furrowed brow is manly…is this a softboi?

No. 72696


I think he's fallen victim to the stretching she's willing to do to others to get herself looking smol baby deer uwu. Remember what she did to her mom in that witch photo?

No. 72791

File: 1573774214846.jpg (156.37 KB, 640x1297, 77125393_2730663800288208_2449…)

That sure looks like a Jersey Mikes behind her. So does she just sit around there while her more attractive boyfriend works all day? Not clingy or codependent at all.

>Deer happi face uwu

No. 72792

File: 1573774688087.jpg (290.35 KB, 1106x2038, 75380194_2730946410259947_4233…)

>Literally took this as soon as I got home from work so don't come for me bc my lips look WACK
>But yeah septum.
I don't understand why she's like this. If it matters that much than just take one 5 mins after work when you've smeared your wack lipstick 5 inches over your mouth again? No one asked bitch. She literally has so much shit on her eyes that she can't even close them? And her septum ring is barely visible or noticeable? Just say "felt cute might delete later" like everyone else does instead of just making up an excuse necessary to post her shitty shoops and fish for compliments.

No. 72811

Jesus, Mick, let your man work. Is she not allowed to stay alone at his house while he's working?

No. 72812

She looks like she took this picture in a funhouse mirror. Yeah your lips look wack because you've enlarged them about three times their size, Mickey.

No. 72841

Maybe they're on a romantic date! Nothing says love like free subs.

No. 72847

>that fat girl face

No. 72859

lmfao that orange line on her nose
"its a natural shadow!! my nose is so cute and smol and buttony uwu!!!"
she really thinks we're that stupid….

No. 72880

Has she always had that smiley/gum piercing?

No. 72907

No. 72909

File: 1573879476529.png (380.3 KB, 493x625, iBuIN2.png)

she wants to be belle so bad lmfao

No. 72910

also i love how her chin recoils into her neck fat very cute

No. 72912

the way her eye shifts at 3 seconds and theyre looking two complete different ways looks so reptilian and gross

No. 72913

the way her eye shifts at 3 seconds and theyre looking two complete different ways looks so reptilian and gross

No. 72915

File: 1573882531639.jpg (855.26 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-11-15-21-11-09…)

the caption. she's such a terrible actor… trying way too hard to be quirky

No. 72916

File: 1573883995521.jpeg (708.87 KB, 1242x2208, 8817E28F-2790-441E-9669-4B1A2B…)

LMFAO I’m surprised she hasn’t deleted this yet(cowtipping)

No. 72918


Her boyfriend alerted her. The comment disappeared right around the time he commented. Mickey do your man a solid and fix his receding hairline after you're done fine tuning your nose.

No. 72919

Love how you are logged in and circled your own comment for our benefit.

She really looks terrifying in that video though, those twitching eyes

No. 72920

OP are you retarded? One of those posts you're claiming was Mickey was me. Maybe the other was her idk. Her ex is mad they broke up and came here for attention. That doesn't mean Mickey isn't a train wreck too.

Like the tinfoiling is embarrassing. The problem was there was several thirsty bitches on here trying to jump on his dick. I assume one was you.

No. 72921

The other anon is Mickey, no one mentioned cheating they brought it up. It was confirmed by Tinder girl who shared messages between her and Andrew.
Also none was being thirsty, I think you're the one tinfoiling now kek

No. 72924

wonder if you're the same anon on the kelly/lori threads doxxing randoms claiming it's cowtipping when it's random internet users.

No. 72967

So I actually know her bf in real life…he's actually pretty nice but definitely socially awkward and obsessed with gross horror movies.

No. 72969

seems like the type to not confront her about her editing

No. 72976

He definitely doesnt confront her about it. He loves the hate she gets and talks about it all the time.

No. 72977

So is he like encouraging her to be self destructive so he could feel like he's her savior?

No. 73063

More like he feels special he's dating someone so "famous".

No. 73097

File: 1574181387063.png (479.93 KB, 786x597, deer.png)

A new contender in the Mickey Deer face roulette. What will her face look like tomorrow? Stay tuned.

No. 73100

it's her pet or someone else's? i don't want the loony to own a pet to be honest.

No. 73107

Has anybody else glanced at Adam's 2,700 Facebook friends? It's majority alt girls. Kek.

No. 73109


No overlined lip, eyeliner made freckles and this week's nose appears normalish. Pupils are reptilian again.


Im pretty sure it's her BF's. Which brings me to question who TF is taking care of her rabbit? Does she just leave her rabbit and any other abandoned pets at home while she goes to visit her Jersey Mike's boyfriend 5 hours away for days at a time?

No. 73110


Some of which Mickey has had a very public falling out with online prior to her dating sandwich boy for her overediting and lying.

No. 73133

i guess this is supposed to be her without makeup

No. 73144

Well she still lives with her parents so I assume they are. Her mom spoils tf out of her, that's why she has no capacity to act like a responsible adult. It's why she's so damn sheltered. She doesn't have to worry about having a real job, hence the part time salon job. And she doesn't have to worry about taking care of herself or the bunny she stole from the wild. Mommy takes care of everything for her. She can just fuck off to her Jersey Mike's bf whenever she wants for days on end without worrying about missing work to pay bills, her animals being taken care of, the house being taken care of and watched, etc. like real adults do.

No. 73161

File: 1574233162695.jpg (122.29 KB, 1080x1920, mi.jpg)

Mickey got a pedicure

No. 73162

File: 1574233225051.jpg (104.39 KB, 1080x1406, sailormicks.jpg)

Sailor Moon inspired
Her hands look crusty as fuck

No. 73286

File: 1574279890381.png (513.13 KB, 507x628, teeth.png)

This is truly a goddamn nightmare. Is it supposed to be funny that her tongue is barely even blue? Her BDD has gone haywire, she clearly can't even tell what looks "good" or even human anymore.

Also have her front teeth always been that uneven?

Yeah, I noticed this too. Micks what probably just one of those thousands of e-girls he was trying to talk to. He looks like the type of dude that would comment on every single internet girl's pics about how cool/beautiful/nerdy she is, Mickey was probably the only one to ever bite which is just…..sad for her.

Yikes, having a meltdown over posts from over a month ago is what's embarrassing. The only people that have cared this much about Andrew so far have been Mickey and whoever that Tinder clown was, so, not looking good for you bud.

No. 73290

Y'know I for one find a new Mickey face refreshing. Her usual 5 faces were getting a little stale.

>She can just fuck off to her Jersey Mike's bf whenever she wants for days on end without worrying about missing work to pay bills
This is a good point, how many days does she work? Like, 1-2 days a week if even that? In a salon don't you have to rent your chair? (assuming she's not just like, the receptionist or sweeping up hair). Obviously Jersey Mike has a job he can't ditch for days on end, which is why she's always going to him. She must barely be making any money at all, and even then she immediately blew it all on new tattoos. Imagine being her parents and thinking she may actually start acting like an adult but somehow getting a job makes her MORE childish and irresponsible.

I mean, I'd guess her mom. Even when Mickey is home I bet her mom is taking care of the rabbit, like whatserface said Mickey considers being asked to do basic household chores "abuse" so why would taking care of her own animals be anything less than abuse? She only sees them as photo props.

Ooh, more info on this? I know there was the whole petty girls group or whatever, but who has she had a public falling out with? Any caps? (I'm assuming we haven't seen it since she buries any comments about editing/lying)

No. 73302

I can dig around to see if I have any caps or can find the drama still posted on the girls page. Not sure if naming the one who stood out to me is ok here so I'll refrain unless told otherwise.

No. 73325

File: 1574286435709.jpg (563.23 KB, 1440x2224, Screenshot_20191120-152504.jpg)

Fuck it.
So back on June 12th, for those who want to dig for the comments, Mick's posted this pic titled "me af" Darcey commented with "if she photoshopped maybe". Cue a shitstorm of comments that have since been deleted by Mickey, lots of people trashing Darcy for speaking her mind etc. Darcy made her own post calling her out for her editing and lying. The days following there were posts by Mick's talking about body positivity and other mindless bullshit she does when she feels personally attacked.

Darcy is still friends with sandwich maker. Darcy likes his posts, except for the one where he announced him and the Snow addict are dating.

There are others ( at least two ) but I can't remember the trigger that set into motion their falling out.

Not really exciting milk but funny that her BF is friends with some of the very people who have called her out on her shit.

No. 73328

File: 1574286490290.jpg (216.5 KB, 1440x1470, Screenshot_20191120-152513.jpg)

Darcy's comment. Followed by the post she made.

No. 73330

File: 1574286545569.jpg (342.54 KB, 1440x1204, Screenshot_20191120-150607.jpg)

No. 73470

File: 1574365202645.jpg (782.61 KB, 1438x2097, Screenshot_20191121-134052.jpg)

Hello delusion.

No. 73473

File: 1574366086303.jpg (197.82 KB, 1152x2048, FB_IMG_1574365278627.jpg)

No. 73478

how tf does her mind work? like the amount of denial over her appearance is wild

No. 73484

File: 1574371043250.png (3.28 MB, 750x1334, 718D1626-026C-4780-9C62-28FAB7…)

>full face of makeup to go get back surgery at 7am

Is there a way to embed streamable links?

No. 73488

"I barely had time to do my makeup"
God forbid she leave the house to go to a doctor's appointment nonetheless, without looking like a fucking drag queen.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall of the hospital when the nurses laugh manically at the grown ass woman with the overdrawn lips and make believe freckles.

No. 73489

So she learned how to use Snow and how to edit her photos lmao

Seriously though, it's been said before, but it's disgusting that she uses extremely edited photos to misrepresent how much she's chAngEd

No. 73500

She looks fat here.

I know she’s not ACTUALLY fat but she really does herself dirty editing herself ~smol and dainty uwu~ because it’s so jarring when you see what she actually looks like.

No. 73501

She looks fat here.

I know she’s not ACTUALLY fat but she really does herself dirty editing herself ~smol and dainty uwu~ because it’s so jarring when you see what she actually looks like.

No. 73505


Meh the girl is fat. Maybe not obese ( yet ), but definitely overweight. She hides behind layers of baggy clothes in the leaked pics. Who knows how much she's truly blown up, she's certainly not exercising or dieting.

No. 73508

File: 1574379990661.png (419.73 KB, 716x748, Screenshot_20191121-174538(1).…)

Holy shit her hands look like raw chicken

No. 73513

This is really bizarre to me. Every time I’ve had surgery (even minor) I was instructed to wear absolutely no makeup or jewelry because it can interfere how they monitor you (foundation hiding skin reactions, etc.)

I’m sure the surgeon and nurses were more than annoyed. How stupid to go into surgery with a full face

No. 73514


Don't they specifically tell you not to wear nail polish as they need to monitor pulse/changes in colour? She's demented!

No. 73517

if you convert the video to webm (free converters are out there) you can upload it directly in the image slot.

No. 73537

Looking online, most require you to have at least two bare nails, I bet she got her two pinky nails undone, which is why you can't see it in the picture she took.

No. 73563

File: 1574434786019.jpeg (429.46 KB, 750x960, 61C73B4D-35EC-4BF2-A5E5-7EF904…)

unrelated but her art is so ugly. what the fuck is going on with that neck? did she photoshop so much she forgot what normal shoulder proportions are?

No. 73575


She would've been better off not adding any detail to the neck, yikes. It looks like a flap of hanging skin on the neck as well as the collar bones got pushed up into the throat.

No. 73607

Bashing her artwork seems a bit petty. Shes a talented artist regardless of how you feel about her photoshop or her as a person and every artist has their own art style.

No. 73609

'a bit petty' do you know where you are lmfao

Having an art style doesn't mean people can't call it ugly, stop being sensitive

No. 73613

you seem lost. we have entire threads dedicated to bashing shitty art on almost every board. mickey’s stuff is passable at first glance but the anatomy is all wacky. i’ll give you credit, it’s clear to see where she’s trying to end up with the drawing and she’s not 100% useless at it, but it does need a lot of work if she ever wants to do it professionally.

No. 73616

Oh god please leave

Her art really isn't that good, it's decent enough to be on par with low-tier deviantart digital art. Her anatomy is wack and she needs a lot of work

No. 73629

get a grip, anon. anyone with the smallest understanding of human anatomy can tell her human structures are fucked but she hides it under all the detail and shading in an attempt to draw focus away from it.

No. 73630

I really am new here I just ran across this about a week ago when I saw an ig post about her so thank you to the person who was nice enough to explain some stuff to me
I personally think it's good art but I can respect your opinions
Everyone is so savage on here(newfag)

No. 73634

Good lord this is horrendous, especially the neck. Because she used light colors it comes out, making it look like a bulge or flap of skin. It should have been shaded darker. I’m cringing

No. 73654

“I’m exhausted and it shows” .. does it? Does it really? Cause you did an entire face of shit makeup before surgery… she obviously did this for the photo op before or afterwards or something. It’s so strange.
Also.. why do her eyes always look crossed? Does she have cross eyes?
I feel like being put under anesthesia with circle lenses will make her go blind too. That can’t be safe, you shouldn’t sleep in contacts…

No. 73732

I find it funny how she plasters him all over her social media uwu, but you can’t find a trade of her on his. Awkward. I imagine he’s that embarrassed of her, but maybe likes the attention she delivers.

No. 73733


No. 73740

I noticed that too. He must think he’s so fucking cool being reigned the sandwich king. The wrinkles on his forehead nauseated me. They’re truly a revolting couple. You can tell she’s insecure by the trash dudes she dates.

No. 73759

File: 1574635437307.png (784.9 KB, 961x639, snakes.png)

Eh, that didn't seem that weird to me, because it doesn't seem like he posts much of anything. When they first became facebook official his profile pic was from 2017 (which someone pointed out here, so Mickey probably read and told him to update), and even then he's only posted like….2 things since September. His insta only has ~30 pics and that's since 2016. If he was posting selfies every day and didn't mention her, THEN it would be weird. Mickey couldn't possibly date a guy that posts frequently, she has to be in charge of every single image that goes out of her or related to her (I assume that's why her mom/ex hadn't posted pictures of her since like, 2017 or something).

Also went to see how much he had really posted on insta, and I guess we can confirm the snake is his and not Mickey's. So add "snake guy" to list of his appealing qualities and assorted smells. >>73097

No. 73800

I understand hating on her by why go so hard on her boyfriend? He actually a pretty nice guy just a bit awkward. They have only been dating for a little while so its pretty easy to assume he doesnt know how she really is.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 73801

>He actually a pretty nice guy
And you know that how? The fact he's a manager at a Jersey Mike's doesn't mean shit kek

No. 73807


How could he be oblivious to how she is when it's pretty clear he lurks here and has read her history. He KNOWS she look nothing like her pictures and is aware she shaves 60+ pounds of her body and gives herself a facelift everytime she posts. It's pretty clear he knows how she is and at this point is just enabling her bullshit.

No. 73854

Christ, learn to integrate or get off the site. If you don't like what we're talking about then don't read the thread?
>He actually a pretty nice guy just a bit awkward
Honestly are you just him self-posting terribly or what? This is like "more attractive" boyfriend all over again.

No. 73856

File: 1574729427337.jpeg (376.46 KB, 586x932, 8F8FE138-05C9-45A5-BA45-71E52B…)

Lookin like a witch doctor shrunk your head

No. 73857

File: 1574729515586.jpeg (501.42 KB, 750x1067, 8F646D73-35A8-4CF1-98CC-2EC2DD…)

Samefag also what is happening here

No. 73861

It looks like she drew a line for a thigh gap or her pussy done crawled down her thighs.

Mystery of the shoop.

No. 73867

I'm not him but I do personally know him. I havent seen her in person so idk what she actually looks like, but it would be easy for her to manipulate the situation into seeming like shes the victim. Also who cares what he does for a living at least he works full time and pays his bills thats better than a lot of dudes out here.

No. 73869

No one thinks she's a good person anon kek, and no one thinks Jersey Mike's boy is a good person either, considering the fact all he's friends with on Facebook is alt girls. Micks definitely knows he wanted some fame and is desperate for it.

No. 73871

It looks like the string hanging down from her waist. Like a romper with a string belt thing. I think you can see the shadow the string casts on her leg on the left

No. 73872

Thats what I was thinking too. It looks like a cheap romper that usually has drawstrings that you tie in a bow in the front.

No. 73907

It looks like her leg is jagged on the side hahaha. Her calf looks bizarre. You'd think she'd get better at shopping herself thinner after all the time she's spent doing it

No. 74188

File: 1574979446110.png (3.97 MB, 1440x5708, StitchIt_20192811041846_436.pn…)


I love it when she gets called out by mutual friends.

No. 74193

KEK. Holy fuck, is Adam friends with this girl too? This is too good, Mickey is the laughing stock among her mutuals lol

No. 74196


From what I can tell not a friend of Adams, at least not now.

I love that someone posted the "offending picture" in the comments on Mickey's post. The picture itself has more likes and comments than anyone defending Mickey on her post. It speaks volumes about what her "followers" really think.

No. 74197


I urge you to try your best to grow the fuck up
- Says the grown ass woman who transforms herself into an anime doll and lies about it.

No. 74198

That Laviah person looks like a cow in their own right (zoom in on her profile picture)

No. 74199

Oh she is. I lurked her profile.
Cows stick together.

No. 74201

haha ya burnt

No. 74223

Oh God I crept on that post calling Mickey out. Brittany defends Mickey in the comments of that post, and it's the same old "it's contouring, lighting, circle lenses, and makeup!!!" reasoning Mickey's followers have been using. Also talks about how Mickey apparently still looks great even in group pictures, never mind the fact that it's still possible to edit group photos. Feels like Brittany has never actually seen the truly unretouched photos of Mickey

No. 74464

File: 1575327492347.png (2.28 MB, 1440x4643, StitchIt_20190212045025_037.pn…)

People are probably just annoyed by their poorly drawn portraits they are paying for Mickey. Wtf did you do to this poor girls shoulders and tits? You couldn't even be assed to complete the bottom half of her bust. At least take two seconds to crop out your laziness and lack of attention to detail. I'd be pissed if I paid $50 for such sloppy commisioned "art"

No. 74549

>I make most of my money off my commissions
Then why did you have to start working full time at a salon Mickey?

she normally charges $120 per portrait

No. 75012

File: 1575778181899.png (1.32 MB, 1071x1571, Screenshot_20191207-220804(1).…)

You can see the compression from the editing KEK

No. 75361


I’d honestly be pissed if I paid that much money to commission a portrait of myself, and I got one back like this. Unless literally all of her clients are transgender women with strong Adam’s apples, she draws every girl with a huge one.

No. 75369

File: 1576109073599.jpeg (358.04 KB, 1125x1742, 9FB8D7DB-9839-47C6-BDFF-A39478…)

Micks selling size 24 clothes on her poshmark

No. 75377

Why is this milky? Because she doesn't have a size 24 waist anymore?

No. 75399

ntayrt but you don't understand. She was a size 24 - that's not a 24 waist is just the size number. A US size 24 is well over plus sized. It's like an over 40 inch waist. Compare that to her shops and… thats just pretty funny. She really has the guts to be out here selling clothes that out her true size like wtf.

No. 75400


The size 24 dictates waist size, not vanity size. BKEs largest vanity size I know of is 14. However, these shorts were most certainly laying in her closet , collecting dust from when she was actually thin. Notice no modern, recently worn clothing she's been pictured in is up for sale? Because she can't say "I have xs, small and xl clothing up for grabs".

No. 75404

This is for the length of her waste. She was definitely ana at one point.
I've bought jeans at 28 which were the equivalent to size 5.

No. 75408

24 is a size 00 in the US. I honestly doubt she fit into those jeans if she bubbled up to what she is now. If anything she probably bought those as a "one day" pair or just grabbed them at a thrift shop to try to prove she's that skinny.

No. 75417

Dude, those are 24 waist shorts, not plus size 24 shorts. Plus size 24 shorts have a 46 inch waist measurement.

No. 75505

File: 1576265002236.png (43.85 KB, 1080x207, Screenshot_20191213-132216(1).…)

Mickey is moving in with Jersey Mike's boy!

No. 75523


The big news is that she’s pregnant, I bet. Why else would the ham beast have to wait? She wants to make sure she’s not going to miscarry. It’s a perfect reason for her to blow up again.

No. 75527

File: 1576285706277.jpg (224.73 KB, 1440x846, Screenshot_20191213-190836.jpg)


Good theory but yeah she's moving. I kinda surprised mommy and daddy aren't throwing cash at the dumpling to get her out of the house.

No. 75550

File: 1576346082096.png (2.22 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20191214-114710.png)

If she's expecting steady commission art to pay her bills, she's in for reality check. Her art is pretty subpar IMO and not very creative. The fans who want a piece of art from her are going to dry up. Combined with the fact she reuses the same formula over and over. All of her art looks the same. She boasts that she can draw anything but every single example she's shown has identical regurgitated aesthetic. Big eyes, glitter, backgrounds that look like early 2000 clipart. She does have a talent, but she needs to practice outside of her comfort zone and quit using my her edited body as a template for this shitty art. She once wrote how she was banging out these commisioned art pieces quickly and it shows.

No. 75587

>I'll draw anythinnngggg
Her skill, while clearly evident, needs a lot more polishing until she can actually draw "anything"

She should try fiverr or someplace like that, but be very specific about what she can draw, which is feminine, kawaii cartoon portraits from shoulders upwards, without a background. Saying "anything" is asking for trouble in commission-land, I don't think she has any idea how far (entitled/unreasonable) people get with art commissions. All her ones so far are obviously fans who just wanted their deer queen to make some cute art for the novelty factor.

No. 75599

File: 1576382995475.jpg (481.86 KB, 953x978, Screenshot_20191214-220712.jpg)


This. She should focus on learning anatomy and practice drawing it before she commits to drawing ANYTHING. Her full body drawings are wonky ASF. The one she did for her friend has a pocket pussy for a stomach ffs.

Anyone who isn't a devoted follower would nitpick the fuck out of that if that was the final draft and we know she can't handle criticism…

No. 75867

File: 1576654329234.png (649.79 KB, 1236x588, ohdeer.png)

Peeked at her Poshmark, and she's selling a shirt with her art on it.
>Super trendy and cute!
So she bought just one shirt with her art on it from cafepress or something, and now she doesn't even want it? That's somehow more embarrassing than if she bought them in mass to try and sell. Also
>Size L
I wonder when she bought it. I don't think she's ever worn it in pics or anything. Also for someone who supposedly has "16K" insta followers and "13K" facebook followers, she sure seems to be having a hard time making any clothing sales. Don't people with that large of a following usually have a pretty easy time with that?

If she thinks that's what human bodies are supposed to look like, no wonder her BDD is so bad

No. 75884

File: 1576679199282.png (4.02 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20191217-181824.png)

It probably doesn't even fit her anymore, it's too smol. Kek.

To touch on her followers and lack of sales, I noticed she got 1 comment on her most recent selfie. For someone with 13k followers that seems suspiciously low.

No. 75888

File: 1576684457013.png (876.5 KB, 1000x491, red.png)

imagine how insane her lips look in real life.
she looks like she has red mouth you get from drinking too much wine

No. 75905

Her nose looks so dirty too, as if she's just rubbed it in mud.

No. 75936

why does she want people to think the doesn't have a cupid's bow?

No. 75941

christ this edit is SOOOOOO bad her bulging eye and wavy curved lower lashes
also, I'm pretty sure she does that to make her philtrum look smaller but she would look infinitely better if she stopped doing that. She can overdraw a bit over her lip but the way she does it is just looks legit so bad in person

No. 75942

also is it me or are her lips looking a lot more thinner?

No. 75945

She seriously looks like those kids who excessively wipe their noses when they're sick and they get a rash from it.

No. 75987

fr, if she hates them so much why doesn’t she just get fillers
this koolaid shit is just fuckin retarded

No. 76018

>this koolaid shit is just fuckin retarded

I have a customer who always wears her lipstick overdrawn like this. She's special needs. So.. this is pretty accurate.

No. 76195

File: 1576904949951.png (368.37 KB, 1428x500, lipz.png)

Y'know, I've never understood the point of overdrawing her lip THAT much and not shooping out her actual lip line, but turns out that just makes it look even worse?

>fr, if she hates them so much why doesn’t she just get fillers
Fillers have come up before in the thread, because her lip size does seem to vary all over the place even with her shoop. Maybe she was getting them but mom and dad finally cut her off so she can't afford them anymore? Like you can see in
>>60020 several examples pre-weight loss where her top lip is entirely nonexistent.

No. 76687

File: 1577323856016.png (1.66 MB, 1073x1576, Screenshot_20191224-182537(1).…)

Her extensions look so matted

No. 76715

Those look like really cheap synthetic hair extensions. They’re awful

No. 76736

Nitpick as hell but why does she only ever wear that shimmery orange eye color? That look is getting stale.

No. 76927

Wow this is so sloppy. Look at the hair next to her eye, it’s totally warped. And what’s happening with the weird shape of her lip? She’s getting lazy.

No. 76983

Aside from her constant overlining, her videos even with filters and shoop, her lips look exactly like a girl I know who has religiously used those lip-suction-plumper things for years. Like drooping, numb and almost saggy on the top lip, really noticeable in how they move and look when she speaks. It's a really specific look that I always notice now. She probably thinks she's perma-enlarged her lips but they really look like she's had nerve damage.

No. 77039

File: 1577743627152.jpg (673.6 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191230-165503_Fac…)

It just makes everything worse that she shares and uses this word…

No. 77053

Shut the fuck up, purist retard. This isn't even milk.

No. 77078

File: 1577776904539.png (636.95 KB, 860x623, ss.png)

ntayrt but I was going to post this too because it absolutely is milk? Mickey literally still tries to pull the "uwu be kind to everyone uwu" bullshit and then posts shit like this. Just leave the thread if you're THAT butthurt about people calling out her bullshit.

>why does she only ever wear that shimmery orange eye color? That look is getting stale.
I kind of feel like she just took a bunch of selfies in one day weeks ago and is just posting them now (maybe it's too much work to cake her face that much and still have to spend an hour shooping?) If you look >>75884 and >>76687 and pic related (one we missed from a few weeks ago) she's wearing the same thing in all 3:
>leopard print
>same lip color
>same busted hair
>similar/same eyeshadow
Of course there are some differences between the pics, but that could all just be attributed to filters and her never being consistent with shooping, so who knows.

No. 77080

File: 1577777588514.jpg (96 KB, 960x1288, 67146542_2699460600078875_6140…)

Oh shit, this girl just popped up on my "People You May Know" thing on facebook and I thought she looked familiar, and it's one of those girls she went on vacation with a few months ago? Too bad this is the only public pic from that, looking good Micks!

No. 77119

File: 1577830148404.png (210.57 KB, 640x341, 6cd3e439dc449dbc965337f6ecc9d8…)

She sure has some BIG MEATY CLAWS

but it's wild though how she has to be "on" even in a casual selfie.
It's obvious that she's pouting on purpose incase someone sees her thin ass lips

No. 77165

I mean, that's not a flattering angle for anyone obviously but that shit it making it 100x worse. I genuinely can't tell where her chin ends and her neck begins

No. 77365

File: 1578126122863.png (72.88 KB, 487x310, movin.png)

I'm sure this will be a huge success and they will face no challenges as a couple moving in together after only like 3 months of long-distance dating!

No. 77377

Definitely not surprised, I don't get how this was even considered an announcement I thought it was a given lmao. I had hopes she was gonna announce she's preggo

No. 77383

>get to see each other every month or so
>dating for like 3 months
>moving in together

So they've spent maybe 6 days together tops over the few months they've been dating, with huge gaps in between, and she will have to quit her job to do this

Great life choice no problems here

No. 77415


This is going to be a fantastic disaster. Moving away from her mommy and daddy ( $$ ) and quitting her job to live with someone she has only dated exclusively long distance for 3 months. I give this 6 months before he's done supporting her. When she's not busy morphing herself into an entirely different person, she's going to be e begging for commissions to support her matted acrylic hair extensions addiction and meat claw fixings.

Get your glasses ready anons, the milk is about to flow.

No. 77476

File: 1578200385881.jpg (3.95 MB, 5000x5000, pixlr_20200104225725834.jpg)

Why is her bottom water line grey?!
Those sparse glued on bottom lashes are rancid.

No. 77480

it's just shooped anon

No. 77552

Loves sporting that eye infection look, huh? I know shes going for a doe eyed doll kinda look but she just always looks like shes tearing up from all that makeup touching her eyes.

No. 77633

hows a guy who works at a minimum wage job going to support both of them?

No. 77645

I have no doubts her parents are gonna help her pay rent until she finds and actual job. That hairdresser job seemed like it wasn't even part time. She probably only made enough to get her into Ohio.

No. 77649

how long before mickey cheats on him or vice versa lul

No. 77712

>it's just shooped anon
nah remember when she posted that one "no makeup" pic where she had like white shit on her eyes (that was clearly makeup) and she made some wild excuse about eye drops making her eyes look like that? I think she tried to line her lower water line but then she puts so much other gross crust eye makeup on with it that it just becomes a crusty/glue mess.

This is 110% tinfoil and I have nothing to back this up (other than seeing this exact same thing happen/similar things happen more than once in very similar scenarios) but she really seems like the type of girl who would move in and kick his previous room mate out, OR make him abruptly move out to a new apartment with just her leaving his roommate to scramble to find someone to move in AND THEN dump him and move back home after a few months so he now has to pay for for an apartment by himself and has no one to fall back on roommate-wise.

You guys know the scenario I'm talking about? That's my prediction.

No. 77726

Honestly, I think he's gonna find a another e-girl from his Facebook friends list and cheat on her. He'll soon figure out Mickey can't even make a living for herself let alone help provide for the both of them so they could live together.

No. 77896

Something I've noticed over the past week when I search for her name on FB because I certainly don't follow her, is that her followers have been plummeting. Last week she had 14,024 followers, as of today, 13,369. That's 665 followers in a week dropping off. Did they do a bot cleanse?

No. 77918

File: 1578553280218.png (549.09 KB, 861x619, witch.png)

I was looking at the Spirit of Halloween store online (for cosplay shit) and saw this witch hat with the trim around the brim and thought "Where have I seen that before?", and remembered that was kind of what Mickey's hat looked like (and iirc her mom posted something about how Micks added stuff to their hats?). Then I realized….her entire outfit is nearly identical to this one? I'd say it was reaching if it wasn't almost a perfect ripoff beat for beat
>high-low silhouette
>fringe + lace combo
>black boots
>black choker
>sweetheart neckline dress
>witch hat with fringe around brim

No. 77919

File: 1578553366938.png (671.02 KB, 900x586, witch2.png)

Hat comparison. Not the milkiest I guess, but certainly…odd/kinda funny? Like, she must have just googled "cute witch" or something and just copied the first result she saw.

No. 77943


At first I thought oh it's just a generic hat with trim, then I saw the overview and this bitch copied a generic ass Halloween packged costume down to the fishnets and boots. What an unoriginal cow. I expect nothing less though as her entire FB feed is littered with nothing but reposts of other people's content sprinkled with her heavily edited photos.

No wonder her followers are bored with her shit.

No. 78030

>this bitch copied a generic ass Halloween packged costume down to the fishnets and boots
The thing is it isn't even selling a full costume, it's literally just selling a hat? She copied the entire outfit of….a hat advertisement.

It's the fringe/lace combo she was attempting to copy that solidified it for me. This bitch is wearing a lace jacket with a fringe vest on top because she was trying to recreate the lace skirt with fringe on the bottom. It's too weird and specific of a combo to be anything other than that.

Just when you think you've seen every odd behavior a cow can come up with….

No. 78130

Lmfao what a nitpick. Who gives a shit it's not like she was claiming to have designed the outfit herself. I feel like you're reaching

No. 78135

Apparently you since you cared enough to bump the thread

No. 78139

File: 1578686999964.png (131.01 KB, 301x302, heymickey.png)

No. 78140

File: 1578687572804.jpg (82.39 KB, 540x960, 81319461_2843566692331251_4251…)

>I'm sick and my hair is doing some wack shit
>I'm sick
>literal inch of eye makeup crusted on

No. 78142

File: 1578687929381.png (161.65 KB, 400x507, 4356669.png)

painting on those fake-ass freckles and THEN shrinking her nose into oblivion is doing her no favors. It makes it that much more obvious when the freckles on the bridge of her nose are suddenly way smaller and more clustered and curving upward than the rest of them. Pretty sure she was trying to shrink her nose off her face entirely in this one tho.

Also you can literally get freckle tattoos? Why doesn't she just do that instead of this shit?

No. 78144

File: 1578690107735.jpg (225.6 KB, 540x960, 202001108892702577955884850.jp…)

Hello darkness, my old friend

No. 78153

Not Mickey. I just want some actual tea when I come here.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 78157

I'd say this is what Adam wakes up to in the morning, but that ain't even it.

>actual tea
Yeah, you're right, you must not be Mickey cause she's been lurking here 24/7 since day one so she should at least how this all works by now

No. 78163

You right I really dont

No. 78306

So with them moving into together Adam does have a roommate he has been friends with for years. Idk what is happening with that though. He previously had a girl living with him about 7 months ago which abruptly ended. They moved in together after like 5 months.

No. 78344

if thats the case I can see mickey getting fucked in the nearby future. Which will be karma for cheating on her initial boyfriend with multiple guys. Still think it's weird she's moving in with a guy she barely knows and was one of the many guys she was whoring herself online to (since she can't get the same attention irl for a very obvious reason) lmao

No. 78379

Imagine being so bored and insecure you consistantly judge another person's or multiple peoples lives. Lmao. You are all so fucking pathetic and miserable. Work on yourselves.(ok)

No. 78381

File: 1578904661457.png (112.81 KB, 1080x461, Screenshot_20200113-023709(1).…)

Mickey is sure gonna miss mom and dad's money

No. 78411

>cosmetologist license
Huh, I just always kind of assumed she’d never actually gotten licensed. Cause she went to school forever ago and didn’t get a job until a few months ago, was she fully licensed but sitting on her ass that whole time?

No. 78953

File: 1579317892390.jpeg (344.26 KB, 1440x1772, 3DBA55E1-0CB8-44D8-B8C4-CAE06C…)

Is the orange hair and makeup an accidental Harmony Nice cosplay? I wouldn’t be surprised if she finds inspiration from people who have posted about having weight loss on YouTube and then wanting to be “just like them”.

No. 78967

They're kinda similar looking in the makeup and hair department, interesting

No. 79022

Similar in that they both look like they've never washed or brushed their hair maybe. They both appear to shoop the hell out of their pics.

I'm gonna say no, because (despite the obvious shoop) this is still a "natural look" with the brows and freckles. The point is it's supposed to look like she only did eye makeup here and the rest is natural, where as Mickey wants us to KNOW that her entire look is "sculpted" (aka crusty/poorly blended)

No. 80376

File: 1580365009657.jpg (112.04 KB, 777x777, kek.jpg)

No. 80380

tilt your head, she's def gained a lot of weight and I'm 100% this is an unedited pic her mom posted on her fb. Not ugly but her ego is so over the top she really thinks she's more attractive than what she really looks like. Pretty because of the hair/makeup/outfits but face is chubby and plain. Sorry micks!

No. 80389

Now that Mickey isn't in control of her mom's photos of her whenever she decides to visit, we get to see more of these lol

No. 80527

She honestly looks so pretty here. It's really sad she feels the need to edit the way she does.

No. 81514

eh, her face is beyond bloated and her nose is a lot bigger/ eyes a lot smaller. She's avg

No. 81573

I think she's pretty and it just goes to show how demented and fucked up her usual editing is. Hopefully she learns from this saga in her life and appreciate her looks a bit more.

No. 81716

File: 1581151127672.png (1.65 MB, 1079x1853, Screenshot_20200208-023915(1).…)

No. 81717

your bottom lashes look fucked up because you warped the shit out of them with your editing editing, mickey

No. 81719

That'd better be some dust floating by that got caught in the picture, not a ton of dandruff.

No. 81721

File: 1581152788080.jpg (256.08 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20200208-030349_Ope…)

Up close I cant tell what's supposed to be what. Nitpick I know but is that thick dark hunk the fake lashes or thick liner? Looks like a piece of damn felt.

She wouldnt look so bad if she didnt have those jarring ass, super unrealistic fucking shoops. It's not like shes fuckin deformed.

No. 81769


> In case you forgot what I look like


You don't look like this you fucking demented potato.

I wondered why she hasn't uploaded her usual selfies lately. I was kinda hoping she'd grown out of this bullshit when she made a huge change in her life. But no, still bricklaying those crusty eyelashes, looking like a slob and pretending she's uwu I see.

No. 81870

File: 1581251758459.jpeg (337.55 KB, 1242x2208, 7FD8A3E3-1764-406E-8C01-A2F32A…)

No. 81883

our deer queen moon face

No. 81901

she would look normal without this fucking massive mess of lashes.

No. 82103

Her brow bone is so prominent in the candids

No. 82708


What the fuck is that black smudgy shit on her neck?

No. 83418

File: 1582151848310.jpg (486.92 KB, 2048x2048, hot minute.jpg)

"It's been a hot minute"

No. 84303

File: 1582626631253.png (1.33 MB, 774x1324, Screenshot_20200225-042952(1).…)

That bottom lash sticking out like a sore thumb

No. 84496

She just straight up shopped out half her nose and was like, “This is fine to post”

No. 86224

File: 1584341496346.jpg (888.09 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200316-025024_Fac…)

How is any of this okay. Her lips look like a bad rash, what is going on with her ear? And she looks like she rubbed her nose in bronzer

No. 86234

If you ignore the retarded tiger stripe of bronzer, you can see she actually doesn't have a small upturned nose. I bet it looks so stupid irl. It only looks ok under a few angles.

No. 86266

man, imagine being elderly and you/your friends/family want to see old pictures of you in your youth, but all you have is pics of extreme makeup and photoshop into a completely different person

No. 86698

File: 1584785145854.png (1.92 MB, 1076x1400, Screenshot_20200321-050424(1).…)

Mickey is slowly redecorating her Jeep to be pink, but I also noticed her license plate sticker is past due lmao.

No. 87868

File: 1586010471152.png (2.35 MB, 1080x1842, Screenshot_20200404-092621(1).…)

How does the manager of a Jersey Mike's have funds to buy a second sports car? Also very funny how he couldn't help Mickey during her move where she had to e-beg with art commissions.

No. 87869

File: 1586010515058.png (1.27 MB, 1077x1580, Screenshot_20200404-092629(1).…)

Newer selfie

No. 87982

File: 1586120342645.jpg (302.73 KB, 1152x2048, FB_IMG_1586120173830.jpg)

Ratchet pink extensions.

No. 87991

I know that looks like an expensive sports car but that's actually pretty affordable granted he doesn't have any other expenses. I'm assuming this retard never went to school so no student loans and bills are split, yeah.
I know people in retail paying $300-400 per month car payments just because they have nothing else going on. But yeah most men are selfish and I'm not surprised he didn't help her regardless of what it is he bought.

No. 88043

Caption said she's going all pink soon. Belle Delphine phase incoming.

No. 88242

Even in a flattering angle she still looks bloated as fuck, how much has she gained since her hiatus of not posting pictures daily?

No. 88243

Love how warped her eyelids are too nothing has changed lmao

No. 88251

File: 1586371950804.jpg (310.36 KB, 1536x2048, FB_IMG_1586120186982.jpg)

Her "I can't edit this" photo. You can still see the fatty behind the flower and how wide she is compared to her ana edits.

Her followers have absolutely plummeted in recent months, by last check, it was over a thousand. Wonder if people are catching on, disinterested, or are just bots.

No. 88374

File: 1586511411121.jpg (263.13 KB, 1080x1920, Mickey mock.jpg)

You can see the chub

No. 88375

File: 1586511448824.png (1.38 MB, 994x1228, Screenshot_20200410-043522(1).…)

Photo taken on the same day it seems like and she's 20 pounds lighter lol

No. 88398


That picket fence isn't playing Mick's games.

No. 88804

File: 1586889255697.jpg (1.89 MB, 4976x4976, IMG_20200414_133224_910.jpg)

Come on Mickey, you're not working and are in theory at home all day. There's no excuse for this degree of sloppy editing.

No. 88854

Oof that's worse than her hair, which somehow managed to look better a half assed pink

No. 89073

File: 1587074989127.jpg (84.66 KB, 1440x619, Screenshot_20200416-170522.jpg)

I'm just going to leave this here.

No. 89076

kek, as if she could fit into anything smaller than a medium.

No. 89097

File: 1587091717231.jpeg (404.54 KB, 535x977, 05DC9BB1-DA20-479D-AE09-DAA663…)

Yeah, keep trying to convince people you’re an xs, Mick…

No. 89111

Aside from the laughable fact that she is delusional enough to believe she is an xs, this picture always reminds me how incredibly small her actual eyes are. Like if you look at all the black shadow she uses to outline and then where her eye actually starts is just lol

No. 89128

She’s gotta be anywhere from a medium to an extra large depending on the brand. Fucking kek

No. 89148

File: 1587157892189.jpeg (229.91 KB, 535x977, 620E7E99-4CA2-4713-AB9A-E8B7FA…)

I was so curious how she’d edit this pic if her mom took it or whatever, so I tried it myself. Quarantine is making me bored as hell, y’all. This is what I came up with. It’s pretty sad how far she goes to make herself look like a completely different person.

No. 89154

It always shocks me how big she is irl. What type of weight reduction surgery did she have? Just curious bc if it’s the band she needs to get it tightened. She’s gaining all the weight back

No. 89204

File: 1587220652820.png (165.96 KB, 1077x899, Screenshot_20200418-093718(1).…)

I honestly don't get the message she's trying to make here

No. 89210

Her be kind to everyone moto is slipping, again.

This cow so dense she doesn't know how to mute or remove people from her news feed.

Meanwhile she's bitching about her inability to find clothing to fit her imaginary body size.

No. 89280

"losing personality points" quite ironic although she's never really had a redeeming personality to begin with

No. 89371

File: 1587434113311.jpg (102.53 KB, 502x1084, yikes.jpg)

Is it me or does their relationship seem incredibly awkward?

No. 89378


Not just you. Their public interactions seem almost "forced".
They rarely post photos together. Haven't since they moved in together, at least not publicly from what I've seen, yet live together, in quarantine.

She lived behind the camera prior to her meeting and moving in with him. Now we only see the same up close to hide the fupa pics she's always done.

I can't help but wonder if their relationship is a bit strained. She's not working. Complaining about being broke, not getting her stimulus check, but still shopping online for clothes three sizes too small.

Where did you find the comments anon? I'm not a follower or a friend so maybe its a hidden post from me.

No. 89388

File: 1587445156585.jpeg (580.4 KB, 828x1020, 1571100810561.jpeg)

It's on one of her older facebook pictures. I remembered seeing it when she posted it months back and wanted to post it on here but I had forgotten. I'm sure the lack of pictures is because Mickey won't let him take pictures of her/them together without her interfering and editing it or else it'll end up like the ones on her ex's instagram. There are no pictures of them really going out or doing anything since they've been together aside from her meeting him, and if they were Mickey would definitely be typing it in all caps declaring it to her 40 active facebook followers. The only place I've seen her go to was his work at Jersey Mike's Sub which is speaking a lot for itself lmao. Regarding their relationship, I'm not sure but all we know is that Mickey is a cheater and her current bf has almost 3k female "friends" on facebook. So you already know he's literally the type of guy scouting and adding women online. Either he'll move onto another girl or Mickey will desperately crave attention so bad she'll cheat on him. It all seems like one big shitshow waiting to happen.

No. 89389

This is so weird, it's almost like she was replying to herself from his phone.

No. 89390


Ah that makes sense now. I was wondering if there was a secret album where these two crusty souls professed their love for each other. I skimmed through her album looking for the pic. It's gone but it took me down memory lane of all her different noses and mishapen eyes, so there's that.

I bank on him cheating first. Anyone with following that many females has a wandering dick. He can at least pull in someone who doesn't have to Photoshop their Christmas cards for years to come.

No. 89836

File: 1587774870975.jpg (345.34 KB, 1080x1025, Screenshot_20200424_203238.jpg)

She has pretty fat fingers for someone claiming to be an extra small. It makes the photoshopping of a lot of her older pics more evident too. I'm surprised she didn't try to stretch them out in these pics.

No. 89987

They don't look natural stubby either kek.

No. 90006

Dude…she better stop wearing that ring before it needs to be cut off

No. 90477

Was just scrolling lolcow for the first time and I am infatuated with this lady. The thinned photoshops where pocked knees n wider legs are simply "narrower" or her chest/booty are still the shape of someone with more weight but "smaller" or going into a teeny waist.. Ive never seen anything like it.

I find it completely unnecessary, I think it is a coping mechanism for insecurity, but I cant say I'm not fascinated. Her face shoops on top of her often extreme makeup are more disturbing. I wish she could feel confident about her real look

No. 91399

File: 1588767282147.jpg (487.91 KB, 1080x1764, 20200506_045938.jpg)

not sure if milk or not so I saged anyway, but this drag queen I follow used our girl as an example and her white knights came to defend! But the queen shot them down so fast. i got as much of the thread i could before it was hidden. this queen is nicer then me. incoming thread pics

No. 91400

File: 1588767424213.jpg (395.51 KB, 1080x1728, 20200506_050122.jpg)

No. 91401

File: 1588767474534.jpg (352.18 KB, 1080x1686, 20200506_050207.jpg)

No. 91402

File: 1588767519243.jpg (332.76 KB, 1080x1440, 20200506_050306.jpg)

No. 91403

File: 1588767549586.jpg (440.37 KB, 1080x1717, 20200506_050340.jpg)

No. 91404

File: 1588767577132.jpg (424.42 KB, 1080x1654, 20200506_050425.jpg)

No. 91405

File: 1588767610398.jpg (302.76 KB, 1080x1479, 20200506_050512.jpg)

No. 91406

File: 1588767664627.jpg (493.89 KB, 1080x1723, 20200506_050542.jpg)

No. 91407

File: 1588767716058.jpg (501.28 KB, 1080x1697, 20200506_050600.jpg)

No. 91408

File: 1588767811227.jpg (435.96 KB, 1080x1671, 20200506_050717.jpg)

this is the last one before the thread was hidden. i'm dying of slaughter though. if only this queen knew how narcissistic Mickey is

No. 92183

File: 1589042533588.jpg (361.01 KB, 1080x1853, Screenshot_20200509_124134.jpg)

New pic…

No. 92184

Looking very saggy and also jagged around the waist and butt. The strap on her purse cuts off weird where her shirt and tights meet

No. 92185

funko pop eyed bitch

No. 92369

File: 1589083409295.jpg (167.72 KB, 1437x989, Screenshot_20200509-225956.jpg)

You're still just a FAT scene unemployed kid who uses snow to lie about your so called "transformation" Micks.
Evidenced by the recent uploads of your wavy thighs and wobbly diaper ass.

No. 92384

I'm going with what that random queen said, her delusion is pathological at this point.

No. 92398

shes still fat and looks nothing like her pictures her jowls are 10x bigger in her filtered pics

No. 92399

*unfiltered pics

No. 92410

more like fat > wannabe ana chan > fat

No. 92747

File: 1589236150578.jpg (82.53 KB, 1080x692, Screenshot_20200511_182749.jpg)

They're only staring because they're trying to process a 30 year old dressing like a 14 year old in the year 2000 lol

No. 92803

File: 1589260498137.png (563.98 KB, 1440x3628, StitchIt_20201105114909_273.pn…)

I've noticed her engagement is absolutely abysmal lately.
For someone with "thousands" of followers, I'd expect more than 2 comments on her "I need validation" posts.

No. 92843

I haven't checked on Mickey for a while but wth is this OP? It's awful. We're really just taking random thread comment and writing them in the OP that they're Mickey without admin proof? Did a newfag write this OP? Or was it the chick that was posting here and in love with Mickey's ex that made it because the level of desperation is the same tbh

This is cringey. "I build my own computers and have been using them for 20+ years" lmao. Also you can't tell via photo properties what editors have been used. Honestly everyone posted in this thread is cringe, even those calling Mickey out. Why do you have some spaz added to facebook that thinks he's special because he lego'd together a computer lmao

The worst part of this thread was always the posters. It's like there's some people that hate Mickey and only come here to post about her and don't even try to fit in with board culture etc. I stopped posting in this thread after ya'll got thirsty as fuck when her 2/10 bf turned up after dumping her fat ass and some of you were flirting with him. I still can't get over the second-hand embarrassment lmao. Wish this thread could revert to like a year ago before the newfags turned up. ib4 out to pasture like it stops shit

No. 92956

>you can't tell via photo properties what editors have been used
Actually you can. Images have a lot of data in them and in some cases you can even tell what tools were used if it was done in programs like photoshop.

If you dont like the thread you can always hide it. No one really cares about your opinion of it and how you think people should or shouldnt act. You can just check the milk posted and ignore the anon's posts if it bothers you that much.

No. 93145

This sperg banging on and on and on and on a out how he invented computers is as cringe as Mickey tbh

As ridiculous as she looked before this weird new identity crisis is bad. I bet the solid colour in her hair blends together her 40 different straw textured toupés a bit better irl, otherwise it's weird to see her drop the highly specific twee 2000s ulzzang garb for ethot fashion

No. 96428

File: 1590624680892.jpg (164.35 KB, 1152x2048, FB_IMG_1590624602335.jpg)

What is this terrifying shit?

No. 96491

oof I cringed so hard, the editing is SOOOOO bad. Her eyes literally make her look like she has down syndrome

No. 96520

File: 1590669187228.png (4.24 MB, 1152x2048, oh god no.png)

I (badly) removed the eye make-up and some of the overlining of this monstrosity's lips. BDD is a hell of a thing.(fanart)

No. 96593

File: 1590705694677.jpg (104.2 KB, 1080x653, Screenshot_20200528_184104.jpg)

I love how she has to throw in that they're "oversized" shirts. The desperation in her constant attempt to be this tiny doll is palpable. Her boyfriend is thinner than she is

No. 96596

File: 1590706117080.jpg (1.76 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoCollage_20200528_18472577…)


Had to make this comparison after my post above…

No. 96640

That picture of him is old. He is chunkier now.

No. 97485

File: 1591044237350.jpg (669.81 KB, 1080x1868, Screenshot_20200601_164354.jpg)

Good heavens. I zoomed in on the actual pic and those bricks are wavy as fuck. Also abusing the blur/smooth tool on her thighs

No. 97495

File: 1591045132095.jpg (448.21 KB, 1536x2048, FB_IMG_1591045047941.jpg)


Kek that flat ass + wavy bricks she's trying to say are uneven.
What happened to your "thicc ass" you were gloating about Micks?

No. 97498

dude the con pics and recent pics don't lie lmfao she's sweating on this. Also those bricks are SOOO wavy wtf is she talking about? + her ass disappeared

No. 97500

also….260 lbs?? that is crazy didn't she lose that in the span of like 9 months or something…

No. 97506

File: 1591046028652.png (2.23 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200601-160139.png)

Just when I think maybe, just maybe this fat cow will come clean, she's pulls this shit.

Where's your ass girl?

No. 97508

File: 1591046068627.jpg (75.83 KB, 720x1280, FB_IMG_1591045821915.jpg)

Seen in the wilds of Facebook

No. 97510

File: 1591046188499.png (265.08 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20200601-170959~2.p…)

Context is ac group in a thread of villager look alikes

No. 97519

File: 1591047512812.jpg (129.18 KB, 1080x1350, 1558228921504.jpg)

no joke, where is her cottage cheese lumpy thighs at?

No. 97525

sis the only thing you lost is your mind if you think you can get away with that shoop. everything is just so… warped

No. 97564

>inspect every pixel of this pic please

Is this.. is she fucking trolling?

No. 97576

Those target mirrors are notorious for making you look thinner than you actually are, and she has it leaning against the wall at an angle so her feet look huge and the rest of her body smaller. Basic instathot photography tricks, plus the very obvious editing.

No. 97710

If that blue thing is a lighter it looks extremely stretched out like she squished the middle of the pic and stretched the outer sides

No. 97736

File: 1591102903417.png (688.43 KB, 724x1271, md.PNG)

This is her from a Trimz video a few months ago. Quite a difference.

No. 97753

Holy shit.

No. 97758


Has to be trolling. The bricks around the middle part of her body remind me of time warp swirl. The bricks might as well be spinning around her lol

No. 97760


That has to be a huge exaggeration just like everything else she posts. From her candid pics I'm guessing she's around 160lbs (even though it's hard to guess weight accurately). That would mean she was 420lbs?! No fucking way. She was fat but she wasn't "my 600lb life" fat

No. 97767

Anyways props to her for not adding an extra piece of ass to the side of her leg + the blurry brick near her left leg. I do think that has to be a troll post because there's no way she's serious right? lol

No. 97781

It seems likely she really was stick skinny at one point, but has gained weight since then and started photoshopping to maintainthe image of it.

No. 97784


At first I was a little apprehensive that this was her. Then I recognized that grandma sweater from one of her videos posted last year. Also the ratty unkept extensions are a pretty good giveaway.

She's bigger than I thought.

Link to the video.

No. 97797

They took it down. Should have recorded it.

No. 97820

File: 1591153189721.png (1.06 MB, 1440x1441, Screenshot_20200602-214822~2.p…)


Still up but here's a screenshot.

No. 97889

LMFAO that chunky ass calve is giving it all away. She's delusional enough to think we can't point out Photoshop when it's blatantly obvious and she took all the effort to bring a mirror outside but couldn't take off the giant Walmart sticker

No. 97903

File: 1591165104318.webm (190.42 KB, 720x1280, Mickey snake.webm)

The filters on this video, damn

No. 97911

yes mickey your eyes are twice the width of your nose >>80376

No. 97916

A frightening scene

No. 97925

Aw, her snake is cute. She looks horrid though.

No. 97929

lmfao dude whatever filter she put on made her head so small just look at the width of her shoulders in comparison

No. 97965

Omg what a cute booper I didn't know she had a snake. I'm surprised he didn't snag himself in that ratty hair, hope he's not too dirty after brushing against that cakeface.

No. 98165

Snake is not hers. The boyfriend has 2 of them.

No. 98178

Love the unsaged comments about her boyfriend confirming facts that only he would know.

No. 98446

Definitely not Adam I just used to be friends with him awhile ago. Also how is knowing he owns two snakes something only he would know.

No. 98448

If you don't have any milk to contribute please write "sage" (without quotes) in the email field so you don't bump this thread.

No. 98468

Wow she a big girl, she must spend sooooo much time shooping to look thinner… It's really kinda sad

No. 98492

File: 1591342507523.png (334.09 KB, 518x527, image0.png)

girl has a big ol double chin, jesus
who does she shoop for? she knows she doesn't look like her edits at all, there's proof she doesn't look like her edits for everyone to see, why keep up with the weird ugly retouching and shaving off of 100 lbs?

No. 98495

She definitely photoshops, but her using them can’t be “traced” from the properties of the image. (Especially if it’s posted on Facebook) .Whoever wrote this definitely has a few screws loose and is not well versed in “software and hardware” .She more likely uses meitu or some other photo-editing app anyways.

No. 98514

Anyone know how old Mickey is? I’m new to this thread and saw someone say she’s 30, but I wasn’t sure if joking or not

No. 98546

From what I remember that girl who outed Andrew and Mickey said that he was 23? So maybe Mickey is 23 too? Not sure

No. 98703

Yes, it can. Image metadata can tell you if an image has been edited and which applications have been used to edit it. It doesn't tell you exactly what was done, but it does still work even if the photo was uploaded to facebook. A lot of what that dude was saying is technobabble, you don't have to be a computer scientist to know how to look at metadata, but he isn't wrong. Mickey isn't smart enough to know how to scrub her metadata, and if she was, missing data would be an even bigger red flag that the pics were shopped.

No. 98705

anon, facebook uploads don't retain most of their metadata.

No. 98741

That guy was definitely not a computer expert. Actual nerds are interested in way more complex things than trying to impress on people that metadata, which can be accessed directly by any user on Windows in a couple of clicks, is some kind of hacker knowledge. Also he was very proud of building a pc which is real beginner-tier stuff.

Source: follow a lot of actual nerds

No. 98742

File: 1591450725852.png (2.11 MB, 1079x1905, Screenshot_20200606-083920(1).…)

New Mickey photo to inspect

No. 98782

I love how it’s so obvious she has no friends hahaha

She’s totally okay with it too because she’s delusional and thinks social media likes means friendship. Hanging out with a group of people who barely tolerate u once or twice a year isn’t actual friendship lmao what a pathetic and lonely life to live

No. 98861

Jesus fucking christ. No wonder her and Adam have such a weird, awkward dynamic.

No. 98907

i honestly dont understand what im looking at here? half her eyes are blocked off by her lashes or is that just due to the edit? her lower lash line looks warped as well. the way she edited her eyes make me think of those sleepy baby toys. It looks off and makes her look "soulless"

No. 98953

File: 1591557560314.png (606.7 KB, 1440x3169, StitchIt_20200706020803_446.pn…)

Kek . She thinks renters insurance is the same as business insurance.
Just one look at how she maintains those lash and hair extensions speaks volumes about how she would maintain a sanitary work environment in her dirty apartment.

No. 98992

File: 1591569215311.jpg (594.06 KB, 1438x2256, Screenshot_20200607-172539.jpg)

So one of her followers and someone who paid for an art commission from her is offering solid advice on covering her ass with the correct insurance by running a business out of a rented apartment. From what I can read he's not trying to sell her a policy but advise her on one to protect her.

Her cousin jumps in with this passive aggressive response. Mickey's response "LMFAO"

Who treats their followers and people who support her like this?
An absolute cunt.

No. 99006

That guy reminds me of the guy in Groundhog Day who starts trying to sell Bill Murray insurance in the street. Good to know insurance people really are like that.

Mickey and her cuz are both acting like teenagers though. I don't think she even realizes what insurance means or why she might need it.

No. 99013

You dumb bitch. You need liability insurance incase you fuck someones hair, nails, or lashes up. Of course fucking your own up ahould be advertising to stay the fuck away from you.

No. 99063

ooof, that guy is honestly pretty pathetic, I'm sure he's just trying to get @mickey, or trying to find a way to talk to her because from his pictures he looks like an autist. He's also in a relationship which lol I can tell just from the way he's typing and him "imagining her with fuzzy bunny slippers" this guys a fucking loser. Also mickey doesn't owe shit to him he's obviously annoying and cringy. Aside from all of that I had no idea that guy was mickey's cousin, I'd seen him in a pic with her beside a car like a few months ago. I thought it was a gay friend or something but it looks like the editing yourself into oblivion runs in the family!

No. 99083

you can't do nails at home in ohio, and you need a fucking license.

No. 99187

If she is just doing nails and none of the hygiene manicure stuff with it, it's not different from giving a kid $1 for playing salon.

No. 99251


Of course I can't see any of this because she already deleted it, just like she does with anyone even vaguely criticising her (even if it's for her own good). I can't believe the way she talks to and about people and then is all "kInDnEsS"… As if this obtuse land whale would even let anyone who sees her pictures online into her house anyway.

No. 99352

Hey Mickey(hi cow)

No. 99354

File: 1591660033399.jpg (1.54 MB, 1440x3291, MickeysFirstNailSalon.jpg)


About that… I present Mickey's first Nail Salon.

No. 99375

LMAO holy shit you're not lying this is literally her nail salon

No. 99389

Are those scented candles near nailpolish and acetone? Brilliant.

No. 99390


Not going to lie, I was expecting an overwhelming selection of polishes. This is laughably pathetic. There's more children's craft glitter than choice of polish colors. Kek

Hope all of her clients love 3 varying shades of pink, glitter and nail fungus!

No. 99515

File: 1591729491771.jpg (844.68 KB, 1536x6144, botchednailsbymickey.jpg)

Her own nails look like shit. Which may be fine for her, but if she's expecting to make this a business she needs to truthfully sit back and assess her skills.

>>Poor application - lumpy polish uneven surfacing

>> Sloppy filing and piss poor shaping
>> Those cuticles are a fucking eyesore ( bottom photo )
>> She drowned her cuticle bed with glue and polish

I know she's is/was licensed cosmetologist for hair in IL., does this include manicures by default?

No. 99616

I thought she got her nails done by someone else, or is this her showing off her own work? Either way this girl is surrounded by people as delusional as her. How do these people find themselves where they can stay in that bubble for so long.

No. 100603

File: 1592159953369.png (7.95 MB, 1125x2436, 582FAC5B-DF90-47A0-AF19-6A5B55…)


No. 100708

where's this vid from?

No. 100728

NAYRT, but this was on Mickey's Instagram story a couple days ago. She was talking about how she piles blush on her cheeks but then she can never see it. Also she was having a sale on her digital art portraits.

No. 100769

All out of order but saved for future laughs. Her delivery for thanking her fans is so fucking insincere.


No. 100869

File: 1592252215530.jpg (217.32 KB, 1186x764, micknose.jpg)

she really hates her nose huh? I tried capturing where she's smiling to best compare the picture her mom posted vs what she posts since when you smile your nose widens. Even in the video when she smiles her nose stays the same size consistently. The eyes are edited as well since they are wider than her nose in the video. Nobody has eyes that are bigger than their nose. Unless you're Rodrigo Alves I guess or extremely botched.

No. 100881

Her chin and cheeks still look bigger than they do in any her shoops even while using snow.
I'd say these vids look more like her irl than anything else she's posted.

No. 100913

File: 1592263841619.png (60.82 KB, 200x268, UEm9Gd.png)

I agree, her cheeks+jaw+philtrum all look like her old self or her "truest" form. The nose and eyes however do not.

No. 100961

File: 1592304192181.jpg (186.17 KB, 1026x2048, Mickey drrr.jpg)

Didn't see this selfie posted from a few days ago

No. 100989

File: 1592311652911.jpg (90.72 KB, 1080x720, Screenshot_20200616_084621.jpg)

Can't wait to see what fresh hell awaits us with this lol

No. 101161

Between the contacts, super glue and 7 pairs of lashes how the fuck this bitch see

No. 101219

File: 1592428461983.jpg (1.1 MB, 1354x4369, oleflatass.jpg)

New photo new ass. ( I flipped the image to better showcase how much she adjusted her ass )

Hi Mickey, glad to see you still lurk here and adjusted your flat ass accordingly this time.

No. 101220

File: 1592428729198.png (1.75 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200617-161604.png)

Context behind her most recent bullshit.

No. 101224


So she expects people to believe she's lost like 30lbs just since last week??? God damn lol

No. 101225

someone should tell her to check the masonry on that wall. shit doesnt look safe. im very concerned rn

No. 101230

File: 1592430595427.png (4.06 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200617-164045.png)


Not only did she lose weight but she now weighs 100 pounds according to her math.

She started at 360 in her previous post. She's saying she lost 260 here. That leaves 100 pounds of bullshit.

No. 101234

this is too blatent. if shes only pulling her body in that shouldnt be warping the bricks like that. its a simple edit. I swear shes just trolling with this

No. 101295

bruh that ass is sagging hardcore lmfao

No. 101309

I honestly feel bad because she's clearly suffering severely from bd. She's not even unattractive.
It really would be hard to grow up that overweight your whole life. I kinda get why she does what she does.

No. 101317

You didn't feel bad enough to sage your post tho. If you have no milk, type "sage" in the email field in order to not bump the thread.

No. 101542

If she had lost 260 lbs, her body would either have lots sagging skin, or quite a few surgical scars from a full body lift

No. 102104

New milk(?) on Andrew

>Andrew was originally from Massachusetts but he moved out to the Midwest to be with Mickey. He also used be an oogle train hopper that listened to “Leftöver Crack” and “Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains”. He was also in a metalcore band at one point.

>Andrew is now in Virginia and he’s apparently the secret bf of @as_a_woman / caroline_4_you

>as mentioned above, Andrew is currently dating Caroline as_a_woman, who is a part of the Red Scare-podcast scene.

>There is evidence that Andrew might’ve been [one of the people] behind “Clyde Cash”, a notorious troll of Chris-Chan and christorian. There is a bit of a voice match, his voice sounds like it got deeper with time but the cadence is nearly identical.

No. 102117

File: 1592954197641.jpeg (208.48 KB, 745x1038, 525D191F-A940-49A2-8E07-956102…)

Leaned out midsection, shoulders are more developed and it looks like socialist mommy gf caroline had him take care of his eyebrows.

Nose, cheekbones and ears are still the same. Gotta say though the haircut isn’t all that flattering (gives the illusion of too much forehead). I guess your life improves when you stop chubby chasing e-lolitas and get a socialist cougar gf?

Uploading a side-by-side comparison video between Andrew’s voice and “Clyde Cash” later tonight.

No. 102204

File: 1593012672890.png (1.42 MB, 1076x1950, Screenshot_20200624-125857~2.p…)

Is she not embarassed having her place of work post such a shooped photo?

No. 102205

File: 1593013163305.jpg (1.48 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoCollage_20200624_11381858…)


Bruh, I didn't know. They look nothing alike to me…

No. 102395

File: 1593093879135.png (2.44 MB, 1285x1621, qqqq.png)

this looks like shit lmfao i would refund this. this is something every 14 year old with bleach can do to themselves in their bathroom. i can't believe she calls herself a fucking cosmetologist this is just pathetic, poor girl just looks like she hasn't gotten her roots filled in half a year hahahahaha

No. 102405

File: 1593096830809.png (2.54 MB, 1123x1914, cottagecheese.png)

when u correct for the warping the ass disappears

No. 102420

File: 1593100488483.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1125x1286, D1CBF7ED-7019-42C8-A952-C8A26D…)

Hmm I have never seen a Baseboard decor have two different designs and the one just happens to be next to her waist also the fact that its Smudged also between her legs the shadow is different maybe cause the window seen her ass it just happened to glow more there

No. 102474

How is this allowed? Is she a student? That root band is so harsh and everything looks patchy and damaged. This looks beyond horrible

No. 102512


She looks like a poorly cased sausage link. Perhaps she should invest in some editing classes because her edits do her no favours.

No. 102592

The black and pink aesthetic looks really good, not gonna lie

But this one just immediately reads as edited, the waist is too small >>102405

No. 102684

File: 1593205535948.jpg (216.98 KB, 1080x1841, Screenshot_20200626_170424.jpg)

Can someone living in Dayton Ohio please go to this salon and take pictures of her and report back? Lol

No. 102765

File: 1593226365411.jpeg (87.46 KB, 750x1127, AC64C67D-7E92-4C83-AFDE-343EA2…)

All of the employee photos are taken in the same studio. I can’t wait until they put Mickey’s picture up without her getting her grubby hands on it.

No. 102773

photos will be in black and white so they will be more forgiving. You won't get to see her crusty skin. Also she might do a side photo so you can't see her full moon face or bangs covering her hair or w/e bs she always does to hide herself irl

No. 103107

File: 1593360485207.jpeg (26.49 KB, 220x282, FFDA7B49-682C-4091-8315-8A3490…)

Mickey we all know you lurk here so will you please do me a personal favor and take the giant Walmart price tag sticker off your mirror? You’ve left it on for a month now, you can’t possibly be THAT lazy. (unless you still plan to return it lmao)

Also assuming she lives in a cheap apartment complex with her bf, can you imagine being a neighbor and seeing her drag a mirror outside and stand around doing this shit? Embarrassing. This is why people are always “staring” at you Mickey, not because you’re an unspeakable beauty but because you do this type of embarrassing shit in public.

also I love that she’s not even trying to do the “all bodies are beautiful uwu i was beautiful then and i’m beautiful now i’m just HEALTHY” or “my tragic mysterious disease made me lose all this weight :((((“ bullshit anymore, she’s not even trying to hide her ana-chan tendencies, she’s clearly obsessed with her weight and not being “fat” anymore

No. 103112

You ready to see pointless selfies soon!
I bet she’s going to the doctor to get all that that extra elephant skin she’s got and then be like oh it’s from yoga! And pretend She’s at the doctor with her made up sickness for people to feel sorry for her. I guess that’s why she’s been begging for money to pay for her plastic Surgery.

No. 103113

File: 1593362446153.jpeg (341.96 KB, 1125x878, F043A142-2831-42D1-9F8C-9D3DFB…)

No. 103314

File: 1593446321722.jpg (613.09 KB, 810x3596, Screenshot_20200629-115736_Ins…)

She trys so hard to be quirky

No. 103328

File: 1593449637501.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1125x2028, 048048F2-D704-49FA-BC4B-6BA222…)

Mickey has been editing her legs so much that she don’t know what real knees look like. she knows nothing about bondage ties I see so many that have no purpose they just or on there for her drawing pleasure but that’s like all her edits all in the land of make Believe

No. 103343

File: 1593460457890.jpg (573.36 KB, 810x2987, 20200629_145040.jpg)

Can you imagine booking a "full makeup application with Mickey" and then walking in and seeing her terrible makeup?

No. 103361

Christ this is so bad I thought it was one of Spechie's drawings until I realized this is Mickey's thread

No. 103434

File: 1593529393947.jpg (62.12 KB, 800x535, linda-trip.jpg)

She looks like a young Linda Trip.

No. 103543

File: 1593633862761.jpg (664.62 KB, 1440x3804, mickeystillonherbullshit.jpg)

This bitch can't even get surgery without a face full of makeup and milking what I'm assuming is an elective procedure for attention.

No. 103557

we love the warped eyes and ridiculously short nose!

No. 103560

i guess no salon pic if she's going to be recovering from surgery? very smart mick

No. 103564

Now that she got all that money she bagged for Mickey will come out of that plastic surgery looking better and acting like it just came natural

No. 103565

Yeah and the idea that one of her friends said the doctor drew lashes on her photo I have never Hurd of doctors taking pictures of you just to give you a normal operation only see photos when it’s a before and after in plastic surgery

No. 103596

Don't forget the hand 2x bigger than her head

No. 103630

I saw that comment too. So something to do with her face then? Wonder if she's getting her uwu smol nose lol

No. 103631

File: 1593705188489.jpg (498.36 KB, 1080x1866, Screenshot_20200702_115248.jpg)

No. 103632

File: 1593705271123.jpg (268.29 KB, 1338x1607, FB_IMG_1593704626930~2.jpg)

Post surgery pic complete with mirror warping, Yaio hands and missed editing opportunities.

No. 103633

Homegirl needs some muscle, she looks dimply and doughy even with all that slimming editing.

No. 103634


I'm surprised she didn't blur/smooth her legs out in this.
Literally every single picture I have ever seen of her she has a different body shape. The size of her legs alone constantly change. At least try to be consistent.

No. 103636


That dress (or editing lol) also make it look like her boobs start at her belly button

No. 103639

Should've used the pinch tool on that fat girl belly lol. For someone who's been photoshopping for so long you'd think she'd get better.

No. 103664

her face is HELLA wide jesus. it looks like her bf gained weight since his face also looks pretty fat too but Mickey's is on a whole nother level. That phone can't cover enough. also wtf why are her hands absolutely monstrously big?

No. 103665

anyone have any clue as to what her surgery was? Maybe skin removal?

No. 103668

She does need muscle, but because she originally lost so much weight so quickly, nothing will fix her saggy skin except for plastic surgery (thigh lift, butt lift, tummy tuck, etc.). She could probably make a decent name for herself in the bodypos community if she showed off her real body and weightloss skin in an ~aesthetic~ way. But, nah, she's gotta be a Bratz doll.

No. 103688

offtopic as hell but does anyone know where she got those sandals? theyre cute

No. 103707

omg…..dude her hair looks like a mop

No. 103709

You can literally see where her real hair ends this is awful

No. 103715

I saw these sandals at rue21, idk if you have one in your neck of the woods.

No. 103730

Look at her right forearm lol It's massive.

No. 103746

I doubt it was skin removal. I think that has some significant healing time and she wouldn't be back into a tight little jumpsuit so quick. She'd have lots of incisions and bandages.
My guess is she probably had to have that implant thing in her back changed or battery replaced or something.

No. 103874

Oh believe me the bandages will come off in a week and people will be seeing more selfies of her body. I know if it was about her back she wouldn’t be laying down in the bed after surgery but if you say it’s her back then she was telling the truth the whole time cause that’s at least not one of her made up sickness

No. 103889

Isn't it possible they snapped this pic prior to surgery and is only posting it after as an add on for the post?

No. 103901

File: 1593901104785.png (687.3 KB, 850x630, Screenshot 2020-07-04 at 3.16.…)

No. 103906

Lmao her back tells it all

No. 103918

her eyes are so beady irl I can't imagine what it probably looks like without all the makeup on. Also wtf how big is her lower face? I wish she didn't have the mask on but by the contours of it it looks like a tumor lmao

No. 103927


Meaty ass neck.
I've seen drowning victims struggle less than these chokers.

Where's her fucking eyes?

No. 103959

File: 1593971674228.jpg (292.84 KB, 1080x1467, Screenshot_20200705_135258.jpg)

No. 103961

biggest yikes yet. What are you doing sweetie? >>103901 and >>103959 don't add up

No. 103967

File: 1593975556063.jpg (280.37 KB, 1080x992, Screenshot_20200705_145757.jpg)

Her cuticles look so raw and sore

No. 103990

It looks like she naturally has short nails due to the short distance between cuticle and tip, so she probably pushed them down to try and lengthen. It looks swollen and like it hurts. I would not want this to be my nail artist.

No. 103991

Also the nails are too wide especially on the pinkie and ring finger. I don't know if they are gel nails or press-ons, but she should opt for a more narrow nail as that adds to the painful/swollen look.

No. 104006

File: 1593995215305.png (276.22 KB, 594x606, mickey.png)

She's getting sloppy, what am I even looking at here?

No. 104014

File: 1593997650814.jpg (28.51 KB, 340x520, 1593971674228~2.jpg)


Psh.. here she just said fuck it, my shirt is now morphed into my inner elbow.

We know you're a chunker Mickey. No amount of Snow, and using those ratchet hair extensions to cover your huge jowls, thick neck and shapeless body will change that.

No. 104018

Is anyone going to talk about her boyfriend looking like a Nintendo character? He looks like he'd be friends with pikmin.

No. 104053

File: 1594018678972.jpeg (967.18 KB, 2674x2150, 718D9A9F-B618-41C0-B7B3-D5DBEC…)

Dude Mickey is literally a clown haha ! Just google clown you will see that stupid eye makeup she draws under her eyes lol she also needs to layer her hair if she wants that long of Extensions Cause you can clearly see her real hair from her fake(Not milk, derailing)

No. 104089

that clown grill is cute, knows how to apply exaggerated make up that looks good while looking like an /actual/ clown and she isn't cranking the shooping up to 11.

your comparison is bad anon, and you should feel bad.

saged for WK a fucking clown i've never seen in my entire life

No. 104222

File: 1594144557650.png (2.18 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200707-124820.png)

Brush your goddamn teeth Mickey. Not surprised given she has mutilated her eyelashes to the point they will not grow back, I expect nothing less than the teeth of a 40 year old pack a day smoker.


No. 104224

File: 1594145679183.png (5.47 MB, 828x1792, 9AF8F1B5-A800-44AA-8A14-F395BC…)

I could stand her fucked editing, lying, and “quirky” personality up until now. How is she going to claim to be a “bun mom” when she keeps her animal in a cage that fucking small. For those of you (INCLUDING YOU MICKEY) who don’t know, that cage is big enough to be his LITTER BOX and THATS IT. I can tell from those pictures that her rabbit isn’t free range because nothing in her home is bunny proof, and there is also a water bowl in the cage confirming that he stays in there a majority of the time. Also that food on top of the cage is SHIT, nothing but sugar and seeds that rabbits have no access to in the wild which she could have found out with a quick google search. Stupid fucking fat cunt.

No. 104225

File: 1594145963240.png (215.87 KB, 404x496, 0QE7vi.png)

when the filter moves out of focus and reveals your true eye shape :))

No. 104233

Who tf wanders around a store or wherever the fuck she is, making retarded faces like that? Like no wonder she complains about people staring at her wherever she goes. You look like an escaped mental patient

No. 104235


Mickey lives off junk food, energy drinks, Splenda packets and Jersey Mike's. Of course she's going to feed her rabbit cheap sugary shit.

She doesn't know anything about proper nutrition for herself, let alone her rabbit.

No. 104246

You could see the table behind her hair is all wonky and not aligned. Try harder Mickey

No. 104260

>>103901 fucking massive moon face not even her mask can hide that

No. 104261

She shaved off so much of her jaw and flabby jowls you can see it. Mickey you're fat and your obese neck and shapeless jawline aren't going anywhere

No. 104274


Kek her jowls are taking up the entire real estate of that mask.
Also noted her average flat ass in the reflection.

I'm shocked she even acknowledged this was her. It's to be expected for her to block anyone who posts unedited photos of her on social media.

No. 104306

I think she's supposed to be wearing a baggy shirt, probably her boobs poking over her arms.
Holy hell, that chin changed length like 6 times.

No. 104572

File: 1594332336374.jpg (92.09 KB, 1039x1841, FB_IMG_1594332074464.jpg)

I give you the sloppiest edit Mick's has ever produced.

Check out that neck.
Fucking kek.

No. 104574

lmfaoooo her neck and forehead

No. 104582

my favorite part about this picture is her bf not liking it. Even he knows she's pushing it lmfao

No. 104583

also reminder
I keep checking salonnoir for when they'll have mickey's picture but nothing yet. She loves taking pictures so what's the problem?

No. 104593

File: 1594340539761.png (99.08 KB, 304x242, lol.png)

No. 104597

File: 1594343458303.png (494.2 KB, 462x839, dfjdflgjfg.png)

when the filter moves and you lose half your lips lmao

No. 104620

File: 1594358324226.jpg (434.62 KB, 751x1351, Screenshot_20200710-001403_Chr…)

Any one else notice how awkward this looks? Like she's supposed to have that sunken in of an armpit from being ana-chan but still has no curvature to her back. Kek

No. 104621

To be fair, the whole picture looks awkward with the way she edits.

No. 104624

The shape of her face morphing continually throughout the video is great.

No. 104695

It looks like she has a boob on the side of her arm. This whole thing is just terrible.

No. 104774

I swear I know/met the guy on the right IRL.
This was one of Mickey's old bfs? He doesn't look anything like the guy in the first two threads.

No. 104824

File: 1594578913230.jpg (411.58 KB, 1080x1893, Screenshot_20200712_143404.jpg)

This actually doesn't look photoshopped or crazy… That said, even the fattest of thighs can look ok when raised straight up in the air lol

No. 104836


>>even the fattest of thighs can look ok when raised straight up in the air lol

Why would anyone take a photo of a tattoo upside-down unless it was to hide their fat thighs. Suddenly the photo quality is superior to anything she posts that includes her face / full body. No fragments. No pixelation.

That tattoo is fucking trash. The quality is fine. The content is reminiscent of grandma's casserole. Throw a bunch of shit together and hope for the best.

No. 104840

File: 1594590668243.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1242x2046, FF854D2B-3C76-46C1-94C1-2598CE…)

I don’t want to be “that bitch” but that haircut is horrible

No. 104842

The cut is awful, you can see jagged chunks. As for the bleaching.. the fuck thats streaky buttercream blonde, not platinum, platnum is to be stripped of all warm tones.
The tone can be fixed, bit that cut? Goddamned it's going to have to be cut shorter to fix it. Shame on you Micky. You've ruined that poor lady's hair.

No. 104846

Holy fuck that poor women. I'd ask for a refund.

No. 104851

Big fucking oof. No way I'd advertise this cut and color. What a joke.

No. 104868

the fucking leftover strands. i'm not even a hairdresser and i just want to go behind this lady and snip off that part on the far right

No. 104883

File: 1594621852326.jpg (67.61 KB, 739x1280, IMG_20200712_233004_286.jpg)

This is really uneven and I don't think it's supposed to look like that. I zoomed in some which is why her username is all huge.

No. 104890

i hope she starts filming these processes soon. i’d love to see the butcher in action

No. 104894

Wow the cuts are insanely amature. Sage for no1curr but I manage less choppy cuts at home, and I'm by no means professional. I think most of the anons in this thread could do a better job given the chance and we're not charging.

No. 104911

In Mickey's defense this isnt the final product. She went pink and this was the inbetween from her original brown to pink

No. 104913

Holy shit that uneven layer at the bottom - that's not "choppy", thats butchered.

The blonde is fine… enough, only because it's going to be covered with pink which it will work for. But I wouldn't parade it as "platinum".

No. 104968

File: 1594699816864.jpg (476.75 KB, 1080x1517, 20200714_000907.jpg)

This pink that went over the "platinum blonde" looks as bad as her own does. It's so many different colors in weird areas.

No. 104969

File: 1594699900873.jpg (448.93 KB, 1080x1405, 20200714_000923.jpg)

I thought this was the before picture because it looks grown out but no its mickeys version of balayaged.

No. 104972

Wow that's fugly. I'm just thankful she bothered to curl the ends this time so we don't have to bare witness to definitively awful cut.

No. 105005


I guess this at least explains her own shitty, fried rat's nest?

No. 105088

File: 1594761792683.jpg (365.75 KB, 1080x1502, Screenshot_20200714_172229.jpg)

Lol what's she's trying to hide with the stupid flowers superimposed on this pic? Getting that lazy with the Photoshop?

No. 105117

Gross wtf is this cringy ass nightmare? She looks absolutely horrifying

No. 105119

Showing a pic of a character in bondage on your ipad who looks like you is awkward in a weird way

Also pretty sure nobody should be able to see singular eyelashes from several metres away. I kinda like that Mickey does her own thing, but without other colorful girls with weird makeup around her it comes off awkward. Like how Kelly Eden's schtick worked a lot better when she had the fellowship.

No. 105124


I also think Mickey wouldn't be so insecure if she had some friends that are more like her, she seems like a very lonely person.

Fellowship of the Deer when?

No. 105136

god. wtf is happening with her thighs??? she's missing big chunks of them because of the shit shop job. the couch also looks really bad between them.

No. 105142

File: 1594777610455.jpg (282.5 KB, 660x870, ohno.jpg)

She has a job now, there's no reason for her not to buy new extensions. Hers are so fried and obvious.

No. 105188

She missed a lot of cellulite on the inner thigh near the laptop cord! Kek!

No. 105221


No, she left it there intentionally to convince you she doesn't shop.

No. 105238

Maybe they smoke weed and she wanted to hide it. Flower on the right looks like it might have an ashtray/bowl behind it. Could be dirty spots on the blanket or trash as well, couch and rug look dirty

No. 105247

Side table photo

No. 105271

105238 I dont think its weed but she smokes cigarettes so maybe covering that up.

No. 105296

File: 1594856335473.jpg (432.38 KB, 1080x1335, Screenshot_20200715_193841.jpg)

Another cut for the record books, what even is this shape??

No. 105314

Fucking hell, how is she incapable of doing better than this? It's so simple I'm genuinely concerned.

No. 105315

Holy crap, is this some joke. How has she not been fired by now over this

No. 105323

File: 1594865602951.png (1 MB, 1440x1555, Screenshot_20200715-211249~2.p…)


Not white knighting the hack, but this haircut was done by the client, not Mickey. The cut is set to be "fixed" this Saturday which I have no doubt will still look like shit.

No. 105335

Thank God I was beginning to worry

No. 105343

Mickey is only new but you definitely shouldn't send someone home with lopsided hair, even doing a quick trim and fixing it in the next session would be better than what's happening there.

The silver looks really good though.

No. 105372

My bad. Didn't read the caption lol

No. 105638

The carpet is warping LMAO
God, her makeup & editing on her face looks atrocious. Her cheekbones look plastered on.

No. 106136

File: 1595377626928.jpg (348.9 KB, 1080x1718, Screenshot_20200721_202525.jpg)

I'm honestly shocked she'd tag/be friends with her boss on social media. I wonder if they all talk about her behind her back.

No. 106138


Her artwork is juvenile. Who is paying for this trash? Where's the shading on the left bottom dog? Is he deceased or an unlocked character?

You know damn well her co-workers laugh behind her back anon. She's the only stylist without a photo on their page and it's pretty obvious she doesn't want to take one and keeps stalling to have one taken. I bet my left tit she will try to convince the owner to let her take her own photo for their social media. Bet.

No. 106164

Not that you are wrong but the caption says "WIP" which stands for "work in progress." I'm sure she's going to shade the dog lol.

No. 106227

Its a WIP, anon and she does have her own style and everything. Sometimes I think it looks good, but other times no. This time it's not awful and the proportions are relatively normal, but maybe that's because she isn't doing some fantasy piece this time .

No. 106270

Her work is on par with every 16 year old on Deviantart, it's more embarrassing that a 23 something year old is that mediocre when it looks like she's been drawing for a long time lol.

No. 106321

you do realize how dumb it is to say a 23 year old should draw better than a 16 year old.

No. 106343

you do realize you're dumb for not reading "when it looks like she's been drawing for a long time" but go off mickey(hi cow)

No. 107108

File: 1595904678976.jpg (406.21 KB, 1072x1804, Screenshot_20200727_225058.jpg)

Does homegirl even own a brush anymore? Not that her old hair was much better but it didn't look this bad

No. 107109

Hooooooly shit the shooping in this one is so blatant

No. 107125

that face shoop is so uncanny valley. Her face gives off that creepy jane doe police sketch vibe, seriously micks stick to one face

No. 107463

I actually really love her dress in this pic. Her eyes and face look scary but the dress is cute.

No. 107688

File: 1596307621791.jpg (544.57 KB, 1080x1709, Screenshot_20200801_144707.jpg)

Her eyes get bigger with every selfie

No. 107732

File: 1596328303181.jpeg (501.26 KB, 1125x838, E9865D32-6956-4D91-A417-AC963F…)

Is that mirror full of white stuff? Or is that a weird reflection? She also looks like she has lots of haor growth going on maybe that's a nick pick but as a hair dresser you would try to keep hair looking a little nicer

No. 107766


I know the last time I popped in shit blew up but since someone leaked some personal details of my life, I’m just going to address the claims and add some explanations/context before I bounce out of here for good.

Caroline deep searched, googlefu’d her handles and found this, plus I’d prefer if she doesn’t get dragged into the world of apolitical lolcows and milk any further.

We already deal with left-twitter lunatics and lolcows like Crumps, Samantha Pritchard, Gwen Snyder, Naomi “all women are incapable of consent” LaChance, etc talking about the political necessity of having people assassinate our friends because they have podcasts and twitters that offer critique of mainstream leftism, woke-capitalism and extreme wokeness.

Shits gotten beyond insane in that sphere/scene, so if you’re looking for a new rabbit hole to go down, the world of ‘left-twitter’ wars is a good one lmao

>Metalcore/Oogle Claims

I was never in a metalcore band nor was I an oogle trainhopper. I never got that far.

I do still listen to metalcore, hardcore, screamo but I was never in a band.

I went to a few anarcho-folk shows and dipped my toes in the subculture when I was younger but I grew out of that stuff years ago because I became disgusted with what I saw.

I still listen to some artists (days n daze, pat the bunny, etc) but the whole drunkard-junkie/living in a van-couch surfing/not bathing/rioting shit in that scene is lame and dumb.

AnarchoPunk and Anarcho-Communism promotes a culture of purposefully fucking up your life as a political statement to stick it to the corporations/society but then you realize that’s wasted time and brain cells you’ll never get back.

You turned yourself into a lower class no skill wage slave who needs to take out some serious debt to re-integrate yourself into society after pissing away a portion of your youth. Legit convincing yourself to engage in downward class mobility voluntarily.

anarchists and former anarchist, ironically become the best tool of capitalism: drowning in debt/credit cards, fast food/corn/soy, meds and consuming dumb products for dopamine hits. When you become an anarchist: you’re not fighting the system you’re disempowering yourself economically and making the people you hate richer by setting yourself up to become the perfect superconsumer. A hard lesson in cringe, I had to learn before I found the dirtbag left scene and decided to try my luck at becoming a lawyer via the National Lawyers Guild’s 2+2+3.

Obviously, Anarchism doesn’t match up with my current politics, I’m a Sanders/Corbyn-Dirtbag Left-Modern Monetary Theory guy and have been for sometime. (Cumtown, Red Scare, Chapo Trap House; books by leftist philosophers and authors like Micheal Lind, Jean Baudrillard, Christopher Caldwell, Christopher Lasch).

Rather than having goofy backwards-ass shit like:
•anarchist military patrols with guns to replace the police ala CHAZ
•”autonomous zones” wheres there’s no police so pedophilia is legal ala Hakem Bey & Daniel Cohn-Bendit philosophy. (A lot of freaks join anarchist groups and black bloc and antifa demonstrations as an excuse to be pedophiles/sex abusers and once you find out that the anarchist punk and anarcho-communist communities supports pedos because of their ideological thought leaders being pedos, you want to disassociate yourself from it ASAP)
•people self-medicating with fent-pressed xans, alcoholism and dying of substance abuse before 35.

I just want people to have healthcare, better wages, infrastructure, public works, more worker protections and basic dignity. I’m a socialist but without the cringey anarchist LARPing mall ninja shit.

>Clyde Cash

I was a Clyde Cash back in the day, but remember that there were multiple people who took up the mantle of Clyde Cash at different points during Classic-Era of CWC.

The first Clyde was the Asian Clyde from Los Angles who did the push up video, then the other white Clyde who did the Chair Lifting video to mock Chris.
I was a phone call, Email and IRC Clyde Cash.

Although Chris is famous as the quintessential lolcow, I regret being involved 10-11 years later. I was a teenager but now as I approach the later-half of my 20’s, I kind of wish I never got involved.

I don’t even want to know about the idea guys/dimensional merge shit

(I stopped following Chris shortly after the Un-Clit/Catherine/Sonic Boom Protests Saga, which ended with Chris macing his yellow shirted foe at GameStop)

>New “Relationship” & Caroline

As for my ‘new relationship’: Caroline and I don’t have a label. We met through the community around red scare and cumtown.

TL;DR- We’re just really good friends and roommates.

The “politicians’ answer” is never we had a “what are we?” conversation and we’re both basically still single. We haven’t defined our relationship like that, so she’s not my ‘mommy gf’ or whatever.

We just share a place, eat and hangout together but we don’t have a label or a definition, if that makes sense.

I’m not demanding anything, like I’m not saying “guys don’t talk about” her nor am I asking you guys to do anything or not do anything…. but, tbh Caroline hasn’t ever met Mickey and the only degree of separation between them is me.

I feel like my roommate irrelevant to this discussion but that’s just my opinion. You guys do you.

Truth be told, I’m really grateful to her for giving me a place to live as I do my 2+2+3 program and join the national lawyers guild. I don’t want her to get trolled or go through any more shit because she’s legitimately helping me turn my life around.

At the end of the day, Mickey and I have both moved on with our lives, especially since I moved to Virginia to live with Caroline and go back to school.

I genuinely wish Mickey nothing but the best as we both respectively write our next chapters.

No. 107776

>I’m really grateful for her giving me a place to live
Ah, so that’s why you and Mickey couldn’t work out. You’re both mooches. But, please, go on. Your metalcore or whatever rant was super interesting

No. 107782

Metalcore, hardcore punk, emo rap, Midwestern Emo, “Sad boi pop punk” and screamo aren’t political at all.

That subculture nexus is basically misfit horny kids that want to die and/or dye their hair, clout demons that care about likes/upvotes and dumbasses that get copycat tattoos like anchor that say “I refuse to sink” lol

Don’t get me wrong, I like that scene there are some nice people there but it’s objectively filled with mouth breathers that only think with their lizard brain and genital tingles. Tons of no inner thoughts having ppl that only live off of reactions, stimuli after stimuli.

All that stuff is music for people that are sort of out-of-step with mainstream society but they don’t really think about anything other than getting cummies and social approval. Basically half-normies.

People who got bullied or socially rejected once or twice by Chad and Stacy so now their whole identity revolves around being different but not too different from the mainstream.

That music is harmless cause it focuses on the internal and personal rather than the world going around them. Basically, It doesn’t try to brainwash you because it can’t brainwash you. It’s borderline normie, so there’s very little risk of fucking up your life getting involved with it.

What I was complaining about in that anarchism-punk rant is this scene:





Anarchist music culture WILL fuck up your life or that the very push you back a few years. All the people in CHAZ listen to this kind of stuff, I know because I was one for a couple years.

Not proud of it but learn from my mistake.

Maybe it’s Karma for being one of the Clyde’s and trolling Chris Chan but w/e I can’t change the past https://sonichu.com/cwcki/Clyde_Cash

As for me being a mooch, yeah. We do split the rent but I basically am living on Caroline’s charity right now. I get to live in a nice house, work part time and focus on university. I feel bad about it but I’m also super grateful, it’s just the position I’m in life right now.

What am I gunna do about it? Get assblasted? Cry? Shit my pants?
When you fuck up: all you can do is acknowledge your mistake and move forward, you know?

I have seven months and three years until I can take the bar exam, that’s it. I have my fall and winter semester till I get my bachelors and then 3 years of law school until I get my Juris Doctor. I’m right now working as part-time paralegal, it beats retail but I really should’ve finished school when I was younger.

A few months after Mickey and I uncoupled, the opportunity for me to go back to college in Virginia popped up and Caroline convinced me to live in her home while I’m in school and working. Bless her soul.


The “Red Scare” podcast crowd are nice people if you aren’t a smoothbrain (usually smarter people are attracted to trolling and bantering, most of us here would fit in there) and if can read a non-fiction book like “Culture of Narcissism” by Christopher Lasch, the community will become mad friendly with you. (I can’t stress this enough the average person can’t fucking read a book anymore).

From an ex-troll to a current one: It’s worth linking up with the “dirtbag left” scene because they’ll help you plan out your next step, give you career and financial advice. Might even find a roommate in a nice area or your twitter will go viral. You’d be surprised how many of them are into Kiwifarms and shit and how well they take care of and help eachother. In five years, “the dirtbag left” will be a group of powerful people with influence, numbers and wealth.

Having a face2face tight knit community is surprising but i’m already writing way too fucking much.

TLDR:Check out Red Scare, it’s a podcast hosted by two girls that are friends with Caroline.

They talk about fashion, psychology, current events, ideology/easy to understand philosophy, instagram, online culture, etc with a “mean girl” edge. Journalist hate them and call them trolls/bitchy bullies.

Check out an episode to see if you like it. If you get into it, join the reddit or discord before following people on Insta and Twitter.


Side note- we used actually the theories from the Culture of Narcissism book to analyze Chris Chan back in the day, Culture of Narcissism is how the OG christorians psychoanalyzed Chris on https://sonichu.com/cwcki

“Culture of Narcissism” basically teaches you how to analyze someone, point out their flaws and it basically teaches a person how to be a better, more hurtful and smarter cyberbully lmao

Most people are too stupid to read a book nowadays but it’s worth reading if you want to know more about the human mind and how to analyze and critique people more effectively.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 107788

Nobody gives a shit about your boring ass. Please leave and don't come back.

No. 107793

Does your brain not register sarcasm? Give info on Mickey or go away

No. 107800


so last time this sperg turned up a bunch of anons creamed their pants and started defending this loser, hence why he's back. Good job retard anons, including the OP of this post. He doesn't even provide milk. He's literally here just to cry that he got dumped and Mickey moved on with another simp. That's all he did last time, too.

Anyway no one gives a shit that you got dumped. If you didn't want to get dragged into drama you could have stayed out of it but instead you came here to post. No one gave a shit about you outside of being Mickey's boring ass boyfriend. No one even gives that much of a shit about Mickey as this thread is dead most of the time.

Like why the fuck do you think we care about if you are/aren't with this chick? Fuck outta here.

No. 107802

> the opportunity for me to go back to college in Virginia popped up and Caroline convinced me to live in her home while I’m in school and working.
he found another pick-me i guess kek.

>red scare podcast

>cw wiki
>im an ex-troll
Fuck off newfag

No. 107803

i just went back and read the op and it does smack of newfaggotry. the anons that were accused of being mickey were right honestly.
>“You got dumped and your fat girlfriend upgraded overnight to someone more attractive, so now you're insecure about being cheated on and are lurking here for receipts”
idk why op took this as a defense of mickey??? why would mickey say that shit about herself shes too much of a narc and would never admit to being fat even on anon. this guy claimed he was bring recognized on tinder because he dated mickey, the anon that called him out on that was right because it's ridiculous and he was obviously lying .
can the next op be properly vetted please or at least be left to someone that understands how to make posts

No. 107805

Kek two obscenely transparent pseudo intellectual blog posts totally devoid of a grasp on sarcasm. No one asked so hard I'd almost call it bait if it weren't for my better judgement…

No. 107810


>Caroline convinced me to live in her home

>convinced me to live in her home
>convinced me

do you fucking hear yourself. God I hate homeless moochers because they'll always twist it like this. It's obvious this girl has a thing for you and you're leading her on because you're a homeless bum. Fucking pathetic.

No. 107812


Holy shit dude. Literally no one here gives a shit about you or your life. Get tf outta here.

No. 107844

>Recommending and linking Red Scare
Truly disgusting

No. 107864

>Mickey and I uncoupled
I'm creasing, this man is so clueless. He really sat down and wrote this pages long screed about his whole life genuinely expecting anons to give a shit. Buddy, this thread is just for laughing at Mickey's weirdass shoops, that's it. It's not that serious.

No. 107885

i remember that. it was cringey watching a bunch of desperate anons flirt with this loser. i hate it when an ex-bf enters any cows thread as there's always a few anons that want to suck their dick and will shit up the thread because of it. the op is a mess and needs re-doing next thread

No. 107896

File: 1596470533873.jpg (289.74 KB, 1080x1070, Screenshot_20200803_120107.jpg)

Uh no one wants your ratty ass looking hair micks

No. 107899

File: 1596471587049.jpeg (708.05 KB, 1125x1871, D16F3FC8-8A03-4DC5-80A0-47289C…)

Yeah I was thinking the same thing where she come up with people wanting to be her all the time and that comment about changing people’s hair color like to be more like her lol dude girl you didn’t start the hair color trend and it’s your job to colors people’s hair so if your customer wants a wild hair color most likely you do so unless there hair is damaged so get off the high horse I also guess she wants to be some type of goth to match her man ugh

No. 107902

>recommending red scare to us like the left-thot thread doesn't revolve around dasha and anna

men pls go

No. 107918

File: 1596478588867.jpg (94.78 KB, 595x394, 1559105324397.jpg)

the scrote thinks we don't know about redscare and the sad lives of their pick-me self-hating hosts! Thank you, but we already laugh at them.

No. 107948

I'm only two paragraphs in and I'm in physical pain from the cringe, literally nobody needs to wade into a thread on lolcow.farm to stand up for themselves or their friends. Nobody is gonna be quoting this website as a verified source anytime soon. The fact cows take this site seriously at all baffles me every time.

No. 107949

Ok I've read all your bullshit now, you basically verified that this girl is your mommy gf but you're too much of a fuckboy to give it a label uwu

Also writing 1000 words in response to a one-line post which nobody gives a fuck about is ultimate cow behavior.

No. 107950

Correction, you wrote 28 paragraphs in response to 7 paragraphs

Everyone continues to give 0 fucks about you. Also I now feel sorry for whoever this Caroline person is.

No. 107953

Wait, there's more, another 23 paragraphs in response to 1 paragraph. I can feel the reddit all over this post, also being a kiwifarms loser is not something to be proud of

I'm rather proud of Mickey for dumping your ass now.
In total you wrote 51 paragraphs in response to 8, imagine being that needy and self-centred.

No. 107968

File: 1596507676968.jpg (220.08 KB, 719x634, 213131.jpg)

caroline letting this ugly homeless moid fuck her and live at her place hoping he'll want to be with her while he hides in the bathroom rage posting in his ex-girlfriends lolcow thread

No. 107994

Can we please fuck off with humoring this piece of shit?! He literally posted 2 fucking days ago and you guys are still quoting him. Fuuuuuck off. The fuck is wrong with you people?! I know Mickey is boring but ffs. Is everyone in this thread new?!

No. 108000

Personally can't blame them, that was two exceptionally retarded posts kek.

No. 108021

>derails the thread to scream at a bunch of people saging their on-topic posts

pure autism

No. 108025

Are YOU fucking new? Of course people are going to reply to the ex-bf coming in and sperg posting fucking essays. This is the most retarded complaint I've seen on here in a while. This is literally the entire point of the site, to discuss retards doing retarded shit. Hide the thread if you can't take it you giant baby.
why.. would anyone want to look like this? You can literally see her real hair vs the extensions.

No. 108033

kek youre obviously one of the anons that was sucking his dick last time he popped up in thread

No. 108357

File: 1596825666507.jpeg (1.78 MB, 2047x3720, 5C5D1A82-4060-4E8B-9E8E-382598…)

So is Mickey’s art a copy? Or you think that’s just a Coincidence?

No. 108358

Are you retarded? The only similarity is they're both anime girls with pink hair, of which there are thousands.

No. 108372

Wow ok that’s why there was a question mark? Maybe your a retard! and not all anime girls look like so have fun barking at everybody I bet Micky comes to laugh at you

No. 108373

File: 1596836881367.jpeg (1.92 MB, 2880x3840, 8CDB90FF-E0A6-49D6-9572-23F8F6…)

I guess having pink hair Automatically makes you a fucking anime that sounds like a retard don’t worry I won’t come back to your stupid fat girl chat(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 108376

File: 1596837556932.gif (1.63 MB, 320x240, 240f757066c81bebe4912550e2d959…)

Oh god please go

They look nothing like eachother, unless you think Mickey is copying every pink haired, blue eyed anime girl that ever existed.

No. 108378

No. 108390

File: 1596844697824.jpg (1.98 MB, 1920x2560, 20-08-07-19-57-37-719_deco.jpg)

u guys are big fattie retards mickey obviously copies!!!!!!!

No. 108412

Maybe she took the image as inspo?
The that pose on both pictures isn't really unique and already had been drawn thousands of times. Wouldnt call it copying therefore.

No. 108463


You’re hilarious anon. Please don’t leave I love seeing you get angry for no reason.

No. 108488

File: 1596919907707.jpg (6.78 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20200808_23512082…)

seriously mickey, the fuck happened with her hair?

people are insane for voluntarily going to "fuck their shit up" by her.

No. 108489

File: 1596920122570.jpg (104.15 KB, 1080x1230, FB_IMG_1596920086118.jpg)

please anon tell me how she copied this another piece of shit art based on some popular anime character

No. 108500

Sorry but you're an idiot, the red is the after. The brown hair was the before. Even said that in her caption to the photos.

No. 108501

Ntayrt but I agree. Just wanted to mention she didn't need to ruin the texture of this girl's hair to achieve this colour. I'd understand if this was pastel or cool-toned. But that being said it's not awful.

No. 108504

it looks like straw…

No. 108506

Mickey's bleaching is absolutely amateurish. I really do wonder how she was able to score a chair in an independent salon.

Holy shit, I haven't checked this thread in a week and her ex comes in here to sperg about communism? I don't even like the girl, but I can understand why she dumped his sorry ass lmao. Please, get a job and next time just give us info about Mickey.

No. 108507

It was so thick, luscious and shiny… Now it's so fine you can see through it, coupled with being a frizzy matte. If I didn't see the before I might have given her a pass and assumed the girl's hair was a worse base to begin with.

Kek the unironic recommendation of the red scare actually sent me. Left thots is like our most active thread atm.

No. 108522

Mickey did her dirty. This is absolutely terrible. It looks like she was trying to do balayage from orange to yellow, but it just looks patchy and uneven

No. 108530

File: 1596983731943.jpeg (85.28 KB, 738x418, 85934E85-4986-4A83-92A4-23A238…)

Anyone have details on this? Who is she talking about? If it’s true it’s really sad…

No. 108537

File: 1596987628113.png (1.53 MB, 1440x2189, Screenshot_20200809-114016~2.p…)

If this is true, that really unfortunate. She's talking about her friend Jackson Tyrrell based on the mention of the tattoo and the art piece commission she posted.

No. 108542

i'm an idiot sandwich for messing before and after pics lol please be patient i have autism and dyslexia
i wonder how much did this commission cost for her friend? not being aware of her comm prices

No. 108547

Looking at the black in the parts where the light is catching it, this is black dye. She had to undo black dye. So someone dyed their brown hair black and then wanted it bleached to do to this. Tbh, this type of texture is absolutely expected out of something like this. I'm shocked she didn't lose her hair, but it looks like Mickey stayed off the main root and left some black there to help growout look less shit. not defending her, but that's brown hair dyed black. This customer is a fucking moron.

No. 108557

We just went over this anon.

No. 108561

what the hell are you even trying to say retard? this isn't how anything works.

No. 108562

Ahh, I'd seen Jackson comment a lot on Mickey's pictures and I always thought she had a crush on Mickey or something. Had no idea she was trans. That's actually really sad.

No. 108567

Unfortunately this seems to be true. Many other people who are also associated with that person have alluded to the news. Really sad.

No. 108632

Second this anon >>108561 this kind of aids is not expected from a professional. I've seen better home jobs starting with a darker base. And that's definitely not dyed black, that's her hair reflecting light differently depending on the source kek.

No. 108665

File: 1597064432275.jpg (523.65 KB, 1080x1827, Screenshot_20200810_090038.jpg)

No matter how you feel about Mickey this is really sad

No. 108689

All I got from this is Micky virtue signalling about a dead tranny friend. Like it's unfortunate/sad they're no longer alive but that's about it. Maybe I'm heartless kek.

No. 108691

Lots of "me" and "I" being said but thing about this friend of hers other than what this friend got from her. A true narc.

No. 108695

yeah it's really odd to make a shrine to someone you know, and only include things you made. No photos or sentiments from the person who passed? were they an online friend? grief is strange but this is stranger tbh

No. 108712

it's not that strange given her friend was trans, it could be seen as wanting to show her the way she wanted to be remembered, buuuuuut it's really hard to justify the comment she wrote with this pic.

No. 108713

This is immensely sad but yeah, this statement comes off as Micky bragging about what a good friend she was to Jackson, not actually about Jackson herself? Nothing about her personality, her interests, anything.
Literally just how Micky's art was the best thing in her life? So weird and self-centered.

No. 108832

File: 1597183284916.jpg (392.01 KB, 1080x1850, Screenshot_20200811_180053.jpg)

Can someone explain to me how it's hard to take a picture that's "true to life" lol and the irony of that statement is in itself epic. Also another new face for Mickey.

No. 108833

She looks no different than she does in every other picture…rough looking wise. Caked makeup. Edited nose. Edited body. Making all attention about her.

No. 108836

Aside from this edit being terrible, I was honestly feeling bad for Mickey bc her "best friend" suicided but idk this seems kind of….am I the only one? like life goes on but it seems so off to be posing and taking selfies one day after that happening?

No. 108840

another tranny 41%. who cares.

No. 108857

I felt the same. Like damn that's heavy shit but she literally made every mention of Jackson about HER and how SHE was dealing with/processing it. Then like 24 hours later is all 'hey check out my new jacket I bought to cheer myself up y'alls'… You'd think she was 16 with how she processes emotions.

No. 108859

that nose edit is out of this world.

No. 108862

File: 1597200982347.png (434.85 KB, 1080x1974, Screenshot_20200811-195109(1).…)

Mickey's memory posted on Jackson's obituary.

No. 108865

This bitch is so self centered she used her friend's obituary to promote herself, holy shit

No. 108868

All of the comments from family/friends on the obituary address Jackson as "he" and "Son"
I wonder if they are aware that they were transgender? If not, Mickeys comment kind out outs them… On their OBITUARY

No. 108871

File: 1597206937127.jpg (183.16 KB, 1080x1440, Mickey floor.jpg)

That blurred outline around her entire body lmao

No. 108890

The forearm compared to the upper arm… yikes.

No. 108898

Omg, I went back to the obituary and there's actually a proper write up now and the whole thing is "he" and "him" and then as you say, family members posts saying "he" and "son"… Can you imagine if this cow just outed him to his entire family on his fucking obituary??? This retard knows no bounds.

No. 108900

"I hAvE aN oNlInE fOlLoWiNg"… To have the audacity to write that on someone's obit

No. 108901

"Jackson appreciated all my selfies" She actually wrote that on someone's obituary. Wow.

No. 108909

>I: 10
>Me/my/myself: 12

No. 108910

She used "them" once, you'd think if she wanted to be respectful while not completely outing the dead she could have least used "they" throughout the whole thing.

No. 108911

It kinda bothers me that she keeps focusing on how her friend supported her, supported her art, commissioned her, appreciated her selfies, got a tattoo she designed, like damn maybe talk about who your friend was and not just how they validated you.

No. 108917

Damn that really puts it in to perspective especially when:

-Jackson: 5
-They/she/her: 4


No. 108940

It's a good example of how narcs don't really have "friends" so much as validation suppliers

No. 108943

File: 1597266651396.png (1.41 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200812-160723.png)


She knew what she was doing. She not only outed her "friend" while self promoting her online following and art, the moron had the audacity to include Jackson as a female commissioned artwork.

Any sympathy I had for Mickey went out the window. I feel bad her supposed best friend didn't truly know Mickey and defended this cuntwaffle until they killed themselves.

No. 108980

File: 1597282232810.jpg (405.24 KB, 710x1227, Screenshot_20200813-133802_Fac…)

Apparently she's talking about getting engaged already.

No. 108984

File: 1597285068885.png (1.02 MB, 1440x1880, Screenshot_20200812-211404~2.p…)

Getting engaged, again.

Hopefully Adam is aware of this engagement unlike your ex.

I hope they do it. I want to see these edited wedding pics. Kek

No. 109010

I really have felt empathetic towards Mickey. I know what its like to have bd. But holy shit. She made her "friend's" death literally all about her.
Who tf brings up an online following in this situation like how was that relavent?!
I used to somewhat look up to her until I actually interacted with her and she treats everyone like they are a "fan" and beneath her.
Girl needs to come back down to earth, especially considering she doesn't even look like her shoops.
I'm done feeling any kind of empathy towards this girl after reading that obituary.

No. 109026

Wow this is bad. She could have literally rewritten all of this and made it not obvious and disrespectful. Like for example just change “I can’t even express how close I was to THEM” to “I can’t express how close we were” and “I love JACKSON more than anything” to “I love you more than anything” but no she had to make the whole thing fucking weird as hell

No. 109038

She'd actually need friends to pull this off though

No. 109064

i can't stop laughing at this. "he liked my selfies rip :("

No. 109158

File: 1597421843292.png (136.05 KB, 1080x758, Screenshot_20200814-091533(1).…)

Promotes her art on her friends obit, then posts about her sale

No. 109228


No. 109437

she's always been like this. every boyfriend she's had she's tried to get engaged to as fast as possible. She's just one of THOSE girls. Has had a ring (or more) picked out for nearly a decade. It's (obviously) totally meaningless and just another way to separate herself from reality and create a fantasy world to live in.

No. 109530

File: 1597707693170.jpg (393.78 KB, 1068x1870, Screenshot_20200817_194049.jpg)

I'm surprised Mickey wasn't there to teach the class lol. Suspiciously absent when it looks like the rest of her co-workers were there. Probably why she still doesn't have a photo on their website yet too

No. 109531

Maybe she was there but refused to be in the photo because she would have no control over the editing, lol

No. 109674

File: 1597906998017.jpeg (471.77 KB, 1242x1939, 2608EAE0-DF7B-4162-80DB-0F652F…)

No. 109681

Lmao there’s that fat head of hers

No. 109700

Funny how that doesn't come up in her tagged photos. I wonder why kek

No. 109704

I think she approves them so its all manual. Just give it time. No way she lets people auto-tag her and it shows up under tags. Yes, you can make this a setting.

No. 109710

omg its hard to make out features bc of the brightness but on the right side her face looks SO wide. You can also see where her nose bridge starts where it covers up her eye a bit

No. 109721

Thats hilarious. She's really not bad looking (other than her awful makeup and ratty hair) but when you compare it to her shoops, her real face is just so jarring.

No. 109881

File: 1598081202510.png (1.86 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200822-021307.png)

She sure is proud of this business card design with the illegible typeface mixed with a modern font. I have no idea what this business name is because it's so fucking cluttered and inconsistent in both design and composition. Learn the basics of graphic design Mickey before you charge people for this embarrassing trash.

Saged for nitpick.

No. 109891

I like how it has a self portrait of Mickey on someone else's business card

No. 109905

LOL I love when cows self insert themselves onto other peoples' stuff. This is like Vicky Shingles and her self portrait tattoos.

No. 109945

..b..bilzu Bobsy beauty?

No. 109969

this looks like the angelfire website banner of a teenage girl obsessed with doll makers kek

No. 110004

I mean it makes as much sense as Bitzii Botzii? I'm about 90% on that being what it says. I dont speak this language. At least we know the people that choose mick's art are also retarded.

No. 110017

8itzii 8atzii?? Jesus that font made me have a stroke

No. 110073

File: 1598206203140.jpg (501.04 KB, 1080x1777, Screenshot_20200823_191021.jpg)

This girl has like 40 insta accounts

No. 110074

I prematurely posted, sorry, but seems it's bitzii batzii, some chick who's definitely got the same 1 scene kid brain cell left as Micks, except this one looks even worse

No. 110285

File: 1598452147807.jpg (125.28 KB, 1080x698, Screenshot_20200826_102943.jpg)

Don't forget how humble you are too, Mickey

No. 110286

We've seen her cosmetology "talents", uneven cuts, patchy color/bleaching.

No. 110298

File: 1598459102298.jpg (31.85 KB, 600x444, 80b.jpg)

>that second pic

No. 110319

the amount of asspats this girl needs for being mediocre at everything she does is unbelievable

No. 110896

File: 1598904172083.jpg (314.15 KB, 1080x1619, Screenshot_20200831_160312.jpg)

Is there a reason the dude looks like a ghost in this portrait? Also not sure how Disney would feel about this lol

No. 110898

I've noticed that in all of Mickey's commissions, she draws the subjects in question really rushed-looking, ugly and sloppy, but when she's drawing herself she makes herself look like a beautiful, detailed animu princess that looks nothing like herself.

No. 110900

bitch needs to learn how to do linework

No. 110905

No. 110955

THE HAND, yikes. Who is giving her money for this?

No. 110963

Saged for nitpick
But does anybody else get irked by the way she overly highlights the bridge of her noses? You can see this especially whenever she draws women of color. Like idk if it's a stylistic choice that she made or she genuinely sucks at drawing noses.

No. 110970

File: 1598968407042.jpg (1.16 MB, 1440x7760, MicksDodgingPictureDayHard.jpg)

Couldn't help but notice Mick's still hasn't shown up for picture day. Two new hires since she was brought into the salon, both of which had their pictures taken for the salon business page within a couple of weeks.

What's wrong Mick's, don't want your simpleton followers to see you you in your true form?

No. 110974

Dezirae gives me Mickey vibes

No. 110996

I would avoid that photographer too, they really did that second girl dirty with that angle.

No. 111119

File: 1599111177354.jpg (436.81 KB, 1536x2048, micksthevicks.jpg)

full sized photo of new mickey selfie

No. 111121

File: 1599112245006.jpg (29.59 KB, 380x854, FB_IMG_1599085920810.jpg)


How much back fat did you have to scrape off to distort the lamp and table in the background Micks?

No. 111126

File: 1599116562688.jpg (577.65 KB, 734x1520, Screenshot_20200903-015551_Chr…)

Her arm tattoo looks hilarious, I can't believe she can't improve her editing skills knowing how much she edits herself.
You can see her real proportions just looking at the other arm, she forgot to photoshop it, what a joke.

No. 111134

File: 1599126319342.png (298.49 KB, 314x400, ampit.PNG)

you can see where the editing starts on the arm hole lol

No. 111158

You can't hide your fat fingers, Mickey.(nitpicking)

No. 111443

looks like festu trace

No. 111499

File: 1599435788625.jpg (472.2 KB, 1080x1788, Screenshot_20200906_194324.jpg)

Is it normal to have one thigh be bigger than the other?? kek

No. 111568

File: 1599496475740.jpeg (198.26 KB, 828x1306, 934C0330-C505-4288-A682-AA43CC…)


No. 111693

File: 1599586975422.png (465.03 KB, 720x1269, Screenshot_20200909-034100~2.p…)

what the fuck is this photo why does she look so old

No. 111694

File: 1599587063883.png (376.85 KB, 720x1136, Screenshot_20200909-034131~2.p…)

also, sage for extremely irrelevant, but God i hate the font on her phone like you know damn well whatever she had to download to get this 2012 Tumblr ass font has given her phone bugs(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 111702

File: 1599593352951.jpeg (592.22 KB, 1242x1017, 49ECBE26-6B03-4900-BFFC-00F261…)

Do you think she edits with those huge ugly eyelashes on?

No. 111705

Lmao!!! This one takes the fucking Photoshop cake. Her waist is literally smaller than her fucking head. Internal organs? Never heard of em

No. 111708

I just keep wondering how her family, friends, boyfriend, hell even coworkers, deal with this shit lol I have second hand embarrassment for her when she posts these pics. Like they must've just resigned themselves to the fact that she's not mentally well?

No. 111709

she looks like she just got done with her shift at the strip club and is on her way to go pick up her 2 kids

No. 111712

File: 1599601234743.jpg (996.8 KB, 1316x2340, 20-09-08-14-38-31-231_deco.jpg)

She shrunk her chest n rib cage to make her waist look small. The hip edit isnt how hips work and the wall is bent towards her. Proving she shrunk her chest lol. Why does she do this.

No. 111714

Gonna have nightmares over this fucking finger now, thanks kek

No. 111739

god is this actual text between them two? this is so fucking dry I'm cringing. This is the type of shit I respond to people I can't be bothered with lmao

No. 111775

texts clear picture of a dog
"What is that?"

kek well now we know why he doesn't find her shooping strange. Poor man is brain damaged

No. 112268

File: 1600055929225.png (3.06 MB, 2194x1945, k25JZWhQDE.png)

Mickey got new extensions

No. 112323

did she forget to shoop her right arm in the right pic? It's way fatter than left kek

also her extensions look like shit and are badly blended, as usual.

No. 112330

The area above her lips looks like when a kid licks their lips too long.
She did, you can see the grains of the wood beneath her arm in the left pic are magnified and also the edge of the photo completely warps downward lol

No. 112336

It’s so gross when people just smack extensions in their hair without doing anything to them. They’re like…skinnier than the rest of her hair and there’s a big, obvious shelf between her hair and the extensions. That looks like shit, why not blend them in? Isn’t that her whole job?

No. 112339

File: 1600085262310.png (129.48 KB, 136x494, lmaomick.PNG)

Just a melting arm, nothing to see here

No. 112364

The hair looks pretty imo but I would love to see these photos before she hit them with the liquify tool.

No. 112379

File: 1600112845281.jpg (170.93 KB, 586x483, fatarm.jpg)

ol' Mickey one fat arm

No. 112487

File: 1600199779794.png (14.74 KB, 504x145, mickscomish.PNG)

random facebook update, but she's getting a hand tattoo soon and asking for commissions so she can pay it off. tbh it would be a wiser choice to see a therapist instead of getting more tattoos that she'll eventually photoshop the hell out of you can't see the original piece.

No. 112678

File: 1600363550880.jpg (864.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200917-102534_Fac…)

>>I look like shit but I stole a turtle so we/e

No. 112707

File: 1600385935629.jpg (121.61 KB, 1080x929, Screenshot_20200918_094047.jpg)

Lmfao Mickey please

No. 112708

lmao that turtle looks so saturated. Her shoops are extra bad lately.

No. 112768

her teeth match her hair lmao smoking is so uwu cute

No. 112773

Look at the floppy leg on the left of the tortoise, not even animals can escape the shoop.

No. 112799

she has a filter on her mouth you can see it above her bottom lip. teeth aren't meant to be bright white anyway. stupid nitpick.

No. 112826

File: 1600427925923.jpeg (24.29 KB, 128x366, 350875DD-A037-4E04-9DAC-1928E0…)

kek facetune for some reason doesn’t like to move the last few pixels around the border so creates these weird distortions between the original pixel placement and where you’ve liquified the pixels to, so i get a rough idea on the size of her arm prior to editing. krop it next time skinny kween.

No. 112924

I mean my yeah but you can tell the difference between people who have good oral hygiene and don't. I don't smoke and my teeth are pretty fucking white. Thats definitely from smoking.

No. 113150

File: 1600620659956.jpg (581.85 KB, 810x1640, Screenshot_20200920-094508_Ins…)

No. 113151

File: 1600620699657.jpg (420.95 KB, 809x1113, Screenshot_20200920-094538_Ins…)

No. 113167

Hair looks great here
Hair looks bad here. The extension is double the length of her own hair, it's just never gonna blend at that length.

No. 113169


When is she going to learn to stop posing in front doors?
That door is bulging.

How much weight did you carve off today Mick's?

Choose your surroundings better. You're making these awful shoops too easy to pick apart.

No. 113203

File: 1600641069417.jpeg (672.79 KB, 828x1546, 83F8D5B4-672E-48A5-AA37-4CB431…)

that’s one long ass hand.

No. 113208

She has borzoi hands.

No. 113230

Lmao all of these cows would save themselves if they just posed in front of a blank canvas. Look at the wall corner by her ass, it's so distorted. The hair extensions all squiggling at the same area too.

No. 113308

the size of that paw next to her face.

No. 113347

File: 1600755051765.png (6.24 MB, 3072x2048, MEI1tDW7DiFayso.png)

New pics

No. 113363

File: 1600768333416.jpeg (354.24 KB, 828x490, 1F97512B-6318-428C-ADEF-A3AD13…)

She has to be joking, how do you miss shopping out those large back rolls?

No. 113443

I mean we all know she's the shooping queen but this just proves it. No one who was actually that "smol" would have layers of back fat like that, it's not possible. This is just getting sad at this point

No. 113445

File: 1600811949935.jpeg (377.22 KB, 679x605, 76F6586E-CC86-4954-ABAE-DABDFF…)

Wtf is growing there ??

No. 113449

Probably lipoma. Fatty tumour, like what Onision has.

No. 113454

our girl is getting smart, even photoshopped her shadow here. well either that or those boards are just wobbly.

No. 113600

File: 1600954640666.jpg (425.8 KB, 1080x1546, Screenshot_20200924_093741.jpg)

Is it just me or does anyone else get Hagrid vibes from this?

No. 113605

File: 1600956587195.gif (619.54 KB, 245x247, giphy.gif)


Yeaaa, I'm sure it was FB that butchered it.

No. 113632

Love the copy-pasted pattern that doesn't adhere to the shape of the fabric. Please watch shmoedraws video on how to do this properly (it's just manually warping the pattern after pasting)

No. 113666

When she draws her smol animu OC self it looks half cute, when she does art for others it looks like this. How insulting lmao

No. 113676

Look at those wonky ass eyes.

No. 113967

File: 1601162737358.jpeg (986.18 KB, 828x1456, 95FCECC4-D717-406C-B786-503A6F…)

new pic

No. 113969

File: 1601162941040.jpeg (1.04 MB, 828x1724, 7BA79768-7F1B-467F-B2A5-F0DB2D…)

the mirror is literally sinking in the middle. also, nice bent table leg.

No. 113983

File: 1601167895494.png (648.27 KB, 395x671, shoesmicks.PNG)

warp city around the right side of her waist and legs lmao

No. 113989

lmao "deluxe" for her apparently means abuse the burn and dodge tools as much as possible and add more highlights on a glow layer.
Lens flares and luminosity don't make your artwork look better, Mick. It's just a bedazzled turd.

What makes it worse is that judging by the brushes, she uses Clip Studio Paint which makes it so easy to warp and transform patterns.
Such a great amount of effort, I'm sure it was well worth the price. /s

No. 114043

File: 1601217612604.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1536x1090, 48CD078D-FC8E-4904-815C-236886…)

No. 114059

Lol, she wishes.

No. 114177

Don't do Jareth dirty like this, anon.

No. 114221

No anon, she is doing him dirty all by herself

No. 114269

File: 1601329407219.jpg (58.18 KB, 661x661, FB_IMG_1601328923564.jpg)

One of her hand tattoos she of course designed herself. God forbid she allow someone with actual talent draw something that will translate from canvas to skin and not look dated in a few years.

This is going to age like shit.
In 15 years she's going to have some poorly drawn Lisa Frank style tattoos on her hands she can't hide.

No. 114323

It terrifies me that she plans to get her hand tattooed when it's the part of her body that is the most warped and badly shooped

No. 114425

File: 1601439401076.jpg (325.7 KB, 1536x2048, 120507063_3551772768177303_201…)

This looks painful. Is this much swelling normal?

No. 114426


Tattooing her hand pink with red blotches, what a novel idea. Now she can explain away her chunky hands as always having a rash/allergic reaction/injury rather than having to shoop them into massive chicken paws to make them look thinner kek.

No. 114427

not that i know much about tattoos, but wouldn't a hand tattoo like this fade quickly since we're always using/washing our hands?

even without that factor, yikes.

No. 114428

Feet, hands and neck do tend to swell up more than other areas.

No. 114429

This looks reallll bad. Unless you view it from the right angle it is just a meaty mess.

No. 114433

All her art reminds me of Lisa Frank/sparkledogs but shittier anatomy and with obvious self-insert OC traits she wishes she had.

No. 114460

yeah this is gonna age like shit. she's a hairdresser, she's got her hands in water/chemicals/whatever else all the time and it's haaaaard on your skin. i'd give those pastels two years, tops.

No. 114464

Where's this hand tattoo everyone keeps mentioning? All I see is a trotter.

No. 114472


The black should hold up ok if it was done properly. Those pastels however, with her line of work, will start to blur and fade in months.
Add in the the lack of any real black line work combined with her undefined art, that is going to turn her "kawaii" tattoo into a blurry puddled mess in short time.

No. 114478

You're totally right. I work with chemical dispensers and have a hand tattoo that had bold colors and I've got what? Red green n black on it left. The subtle shades are gone. Mick is gonna have to get a lottt of touch ups.

No. 114481

File: 1601482856841.jpg (38.53 KB, 575x575, FB_IMG_1601482636155.jpg)

As if pastels weren't bad enough, she's going with tan and peach tones for her other hand.

I'm excited to see how bad these look in a year.

No. 114484

File: 1601484207996.jpg (414.59 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20200930_124308.jpg)

At first I thought it was because she was taking pics before it was wrapped but now this is today. Has she never heard of tegaderm?? I thought that was like a new standard of care for tattoos

No. 114485

shit's flaky af. she needs to rewrap it.

No. 114521

that's a fucking paw of a hand. a ~size 00~ like her wouldn't have this fucking hock of a hand unless she blew the veins in it shooting up.

No. 114523

Anyone else feel like it only looks this swollen because we are seeing her real weight in her hand plus it being swollen? lol

No. 114535

Yeah, it legit looks like a skin condition. I thought she'd had an allergic reaction to the ink or something with that background rash she's got going on!

No. 114551

It's a flakey tattoo, anon chill. She should lotion it up or use saniderm

No. 114558

I mean hopefully she's smart enough to wear gloves at work… lots of sensitizers in hair colour, lightener, shampoos, whatever.

No. 114576

Tattoo fag here, two things. You guys are calling it flakey but if she got it done yesterday it should not be flaking, that happens no earlier than 5 days in to healing. Secondly, I don’t have my hands done but I have both wrists done and my wrists did not swell up like that and I had heavy blackwork on both and not sporadic stars + shading so we’re definitely seeing some of her real weight there mixed in with hand swelling

No. 114578

Sorry I meant hearts not stars I’m dumb

No. 114585

maaan i thought the artwork was actually kinda cute but it really did not translate well to be a tattoo, especially on a hand of all places. is it just me or are the colours way lighter in the actual tattoo than they are in the artwork?

No. 114603

as a person with heavy hand tattoos, they will swell, but yeah, this is also a case of oh look at my fat hands.

No. 114738

>And yes, that's her eye socket
I'm still tryna wrap my head around wtf this means… Is she saying the eye with no defined sclera is supposed to be empty and randomly reflecting light sparkles? Legit just thought she drew some uggo heterochromia and ain't sure how anyone would guess that depthless mess to be a socket?

No. 114748


I didn’t even notice that until you pointed it out. I just thought it was a different colored eye. No ones gonna know that’s an eye socket.

No. 114864

File: 1601840433744.jpg (148.65 KB, 1280x1237, IMG_20201004_124046_687.jpg)

So brave

No. 114907

Not that flakey and wrapping it is a bad idea.. Most people honestly let tats air dry unless in a shower after the first few days and apply lotions just when needed. She honestly looks like she has eczema on the tops of her hands with how the skin is raised specifically.

No. 114958

So wait, she got a tattoo of a kawaii sparkledog with one eye, and put a galaxy bg in the socket? If she hadn't said anything I would have never noticed, you can barely tell there's a difference in the eyes.

No. 116682

File: 1603148620436.jpg (456.31 KB, 1440x3097, micksbeingherusualbitchself.jp…)

She asks for opinions, someone posts their thoughts
>You don't have to participate

You should be grateful anyone pays for your subpar artwork to start, being a passive aggressive cunt to those who support your delusion will do you no favors.

No. 116736

this deffo reads as Micky thinking she was going to make them and charge a lot. Nothing worse than an untalented bitch who thinks they deserve money for their middle school weeb tier "art".

No. 116745

>Tell me if you’d be interested in this! But only if the answer is yes.

What a bitch. And premade characters are the laziest money grabs, even for artists whose style developed past 2008.

No. 116746

Lol this girl is trying to save mickey from wasting time making art and then getting upset no one's buying them for $400

No. 116837

the patronizing "love" at the end I can't what a self serving delusional cunt

No. 116942

File: 1603296449051.jpg (174.11 KB, 1536x1550, mickeyhands.jpg)

She got the other hand tattooed.

No. 116946

Ah yes because the first one looked sooooo good!

No. 116947

Lmao you can tell Mick got upset cause she internalized the "unproportionate to the amount of work" part. Yeah that's right, your thoughtful scribbles aren't worth hundreds in actuality. Deal with it.

No. 116952

These aren't bad aside from you guys not liking her style, tbh. They just won't hold up at all either, which I think is what she wants. I bet she will cover these up in a few years once the pastels have faded enough.

No. 116954

I think they're cute and have a nice concept but they'll age horribly.

No. 116960

She has literally no definition in her hands. Full on fat-girl hands. There is no way someone who is the size she shoops herself would have completely smooth rounded paws like that.

No. 116965

Kek stupid.

No. 117030

Her wrist bone doesn’t even stick out, nor do the veins or bones stick out on top. A thin persons hand would have those at least somewhat present when doing this hand stretch

No. 117038


Why do they already look faded? I feel like I really have to squint to see some of the detail on the first one.

No. 117046

KEK that first tattoo healed horribly, it already looks faded and fuzzy. And it was the one that had more definition with the greys so that 2nd one is bound to become a sad blob of pink/red in a months time

No. 117126

Looks like Vic did it tbh

No. 117140


The shop she went to has all talented tattoo artists.
Rebel Rebel Tattoo.
This is the fault of the artist not the tattoo artist. I hope the shop had her sign a waiver surrendering touchups.

It all goes back to her grade school art not translating well to skin. The lack of bold lines which help keep a tattoo from looking like mush are lacking.

The tan one is going to be a muddled faded mess in short time. Kek

No. 118826

File: 1604254391375.png (2.23 MB, 1539x2048, Screenshot_20201101-114819.png)

She has no business designing tattoos for anyone.

There's no black outline in these jewels to hold the color together. The pastels in the jewel are going to fade and bleed into each other. The extra small details such as the hundred + tiny beads, are going to age fucking terribly. She's not taking into consideration the additional cost the client is going to take on having all these ridiculously painstakingly small details. Most artists charge by the hour, not the piece.

Whoever is having this designed for them as a tattoo would be much better off having an actual tattoo artist design their piece so it holds up for longer than a year.

They are paying for her to draw this eyesore, will have pay out the ass to have it done, then be left with a mushy tattoo for life.

No. 118905

File: 1604285270004.jpg (85.06 KB, 1080x767, 20201101_214723.jpg)

No. 118924

File: 1604294736691.png (1007.19 KB, 1080x1391, Screenshot_20201101-232446(1).…)

How does Mickey fuck up a bowl cut this badly?

No. 118928

File: 1604295906234.jpeg (194.32 KB, 400x400, E1912E79-B7AA-48D3-8D76-20B817…)

Isn't it supposed to be bad on purpose? Looks to me like this is a Oliver Tree costume, bad bowl cut included.

No. 118942

I'm pretty sure any decent tattoo artist who was shown this by a customer would make sure to?cover their asses by explaining why this is a shit design for a tatto, exactly as you did, to avoid facing the wrath of an idiot Mickey fan. Interesting how Muckey seems to be the only person who actually commits to putting those busy pastel-vomit aesthetic-blob "designs" on her body. Have any of the people who paid her for tattoo designs actually had them done?

No. 118972

File: 1604334644976.png (1.71 MB, 1201x2048, Screenshot_20201102-102909~2.p…)


This unfortunate girl did.
Not nearly as bad as the drawing above, but certainly not a piece that will hold up over time.

No. 118977

This is actually kinda cute. I suspect the head and antlers will hold up ok since it has some outlining, but that messy what-is-going-on part under that that already looks messy, will look like a colorful blob before long.

No. 118981

Thats exactly it. Looks like the dude will probably shave it all off later or maybe do a short mohawk.

No. 119164

File: 1604505487742.jpg (118.28 KB, 952x952, 123219776_3651036721584240_787…)

New pic of leg tattoo

No. 119167

File: 1604506361013.png (89.16 KB, 240x210, 1.PNG)

Me too, girl.

No. 119171

Lol the mirror has an hourglass shape

No. 119175

Omg she has no definition in her legs, squat girl or jog, something.

No. 119181

Is the cat alright?

No. 119190

Them giant meaty hands and feet kek

No. 119195

Hopefully it's just a pic of the cat while in motion but a cat pushing it's head into something like that while in an unrelaxed position usually means something serious.

No. 119203

In the description she said she was taking pics of her leg tattoo and her kitten was mid face plant in one of the pics and that's why she posted that one.

No. 119205


No. 119211

where is this from?

No. 119580

File: 1604793833965.png (244.81 KB, 1080x1573, Capture _2020-11-06-21-02-15~2…)

Mickey has COVID apparently

No. 119628

This sounds kinda fake, I haven't been tested but afaik all testing is done basically at pop-up clinics, not ER. Then I highly doubt a doctor would tell her she'd be better in a "week or so" when it's known to affect people for an average of two weeks up to months. Nothing about self-isolating. Seems like she's slow on her commissions and is just pulling a dramatic excuse.

No. 119677

Well if she was so sick she had to go to the ER they would have tested her then. But yeah the rest of it doesn't make sense. I thought you had to quarantine for at least 2 weeks

No. 119707

Don't you need be quarantine 2 weeks even after you recover? Some healthy people are been month in hospital (not risk group) and she says see you in week?

No. 119735

Mickey would 100% fake having covid so idk if I believe this. She didn't have a job for ages and was living off her parents, so I half think that she's making this up so she can just sit at home and draw all day like she used to

Also even if she was super sick why wouldn't she go to the covid test places instead of ER? Most places I've seen don't go the testing in the ER

No. 122238

File: 1606169321577.jpg (174.83 KB, 1493x1851, 127237099_3710666388954606_597…)

>The deer behind the art

No. 123013

File: 1606591918409.png (2.21 MB, 1080x1912, Capture _2020-11-28-15-59-55~2…)

Mickey uploaded a video of her kitten swatting at her bunny while it eats in its super small cage. She shouldn't have pets.

No. 123040


That cage is so depressing and considering how her kitty feels, that bunbun never gets a chance to enjoy any freedom hops.

No. 123098

Oh lord, the cat's paw is inside the cage and the claws are out. That poor bunny. The cage should be up on a ledge or something, the cat's treating it like a living cat toy.

No. 123346

Anyone know what happened to the wild rabbit she 'rescued'? >>123013

No. 124055

File: 1607016241342.jpg (301.07 KB, 1080x1930, Screenshot_20201203_122303.jpg)

Looks fucking terrible and why does every picture she takes of herself look like it was taken with a potato?

No. 124062


It's warped to shit in post to hide her fat fucking thigh.

She could have had her boyfriend take a full body photo to show the composition on her body, but it's easier to say I couldn't get a decent photo of my ugly tattoo myself. Camera timers exist for a reason Mick's.

No. 124136

She seems to have a lot of loose skin, she probably just pulls it back with one hand then takes a pic

No. 133943

File: 1611342058366.png (2.06 MB, 1062x1646, kekcow.png)

cow never seems to learn does it?

No. 133946

not sure which looks more uncomfortable, the Younique eyelashes or the rejecting piercing.

No. 133955

As a piercingfag, it's definitely the piercings rejecting for me.

She has enough of them already to know proper aftercare. Jesus.

No. 134057

>as a piercingfag
God I hate some of you so much

No. 134157

Is this Mick's bf? or Mick herself? Kek(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 134340

File: 1611592298731.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1125x1920, E52B6C1B-DBDF-44F1-B303-21C933…)

the usual bent bricks and bent in doorways also can't forget the marble floor seems to be straight gray between her legs

No. 134490

Idk about that anons, because dermals are so invasive it might just be them healing.
I can’t lie I do not like her at all, but I still hope it heals fine and doesn’t need to be taken out since that shit truly does suck.

>God I hate some of you so much

I haven’t checked this thread in a minute so I’m catching up and this killed me

I never would have had it click in my brain how useful masks would be for Big Miks until seeing this photo (Unless someone had said it outright), I‘m so used to mask selfies from popular asian-shoopers or all the uncanny valley cosplay weeb shoopers who have worn them pre-pandemic.
Actually, Mickey probably does fall into the latter doesn’t she?

All that extra time not having to edit her nose or mouth, yet she still does such poor body edits. Can she straight up hardly see?

Maybe it’s best that she’s chunky IRL because otherwise she’d just be all loose skin (Which is obvious even now so it seems like she just has unfortunate genetics). I’m sure she’s much happier being a chonk and editing herself smaller than if she were to be actually petite and super saggy.

No. 134495

She did get skinny at some point and was a bit saggy, having a bit more weight seems legitimately healthy for her. She doesn't post as many selfies now, or Facebook anon just isn't posting them itt anymore.

No. 134692

She talked about getting them not to long ago on her fb. They’re just fresh. For now.

No. 135631

File: 1612139631603.jpg (92.02 KB, 1080x1440, FB_IMG_1612139630044.jpg)

Her eyelidssssss and those lashes honey WHYYYYYY

No. 136036

File: 1612282690906.jpeg (370.35 KB, 1125x1077, D5D8EA66-83AA-4B69-97FE-4ED04D…)

No. 136060


I though her life was perfect and happy! Nope here she is panhandling to her followers for birthday money during a pandemic where most are struggling to pay their rent.

Meanwhile she's getting multiple piercings, tattoos, shopping for more anime junk and clothing.

Then she has the audacity to ask her followers for money by casually tossing in her PayPal and Cash app.

What a fucking out of touch narcissist.

No. 137532

File: 1612983126709.jpg (373.44 KB, 1080x1855, 20210210_135016.jpg)

Just dumping some of her recent milk. Her fail art here is, for anyone who also frequents the pixie thread, very anatomically familiar kek. Wide stance = thigh gap.

No. 137533

File: 1612983974992.jpg (68.14 KB, 1080x778, 20210210_135006.jpg)

She wants money for a nose job. But she also wants to make it clear she doesn't need one!

No. 137534

File: 1612984010752.jpg (258.71 KB, 1080x1708, 20210210_134954.jpg)

Every comment is basically the same, no need to cap.

No. 137536

File: 1612984319655.jpg (Spoiler Image, 311.17 KB, 1080x1831, 20210210_134940.jpg)

Spoiler. View at your own risk. Its totes not infected and will look AMAZING when it heals.

No. 137537

File: 1612984449204.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.14 KB, 1080x1440, FB_IMG_1612982260973.jpg)

Last one, I seriously vommed looking at this. I havent checked up on her posts in months and i come back to THIS.

No. 137574

oh my god, my eyes. also that finger is seriously fucked up

No. 137590

eating and don't want to look if it's real nasty, does anyone mind giving context to what the photos are?

No. 137591

>>137590 scabby, flaking tattoo. i wouldn't open it while you're eating

No. 137684

flaking and scabbing is pretty normal, but this looks dry and nasty. I would be surprised if that scab doesn't take half the color underneath with it when it goes.

No. 137686

File: 1613034025445.jpg (112.15 KB, 1025x671, lolok.jpg)

lol "I love my nose that's why I edit it to completely not look like my nose" Honestly you need more than a bridge shave if you're trying to look like your shooped self. Which, even then is still impossible with a nose job. I love how she gets a comment on her nose being so tiny and cute and having to fake her response because it really isn't.(nitpicking)

No. 137691

Yuck, that looks like she’s developed a staph infection. Peeling and flaking is normal. This looks too .. scabby and dry to be normal healing.

No. 137756

How tf was this nitpicking

No. 137798

File: 1613093455020.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 78.94 KB, 636x382, B7CE9354-F02F-4988-B7F9-7BB98D…)

Holy shit. Reminds me of picrel

No. 137818

Yeah, she should check herself cause she has a bad addictive behavior I’m seeing it with her piercings. nothing wrong with getting some work done but she’s going to come out different than how she wants it to look and then keep going back to fix it and she’s going to get botched cause she’s already mentioned lips, nose, Loose skin and I know it won’t stop there

No. 139820

File: 1614586955747.jpg (889.45 KB, 1080x1843, Screenshot_20210301-211400_Fac…)

I don't really understand the point of getting freckles tattooed if you claim that you naturally have them.

No. 139845

she is so fucking stupid

No. 140418

It’s so she can lie and say “ I have them naturally without make up!! “ and try and pretend some of the tattoo ones once healed are real ones. Then point out the “fake ones” when we know all are fake.

No. 140688

Starting to be a gnarly number of holes in her face which will not age well/leave scars later, I see a cheek, lip, nose piercing plus questionable "tattoo" freckles. Not the worst tattoo freckles I've seen but they definitely could be done with a more natural style and dispersion.

No. 140689

Edit to add: three nose piercings so that's 5 face piercings already.

No. 141008

File: 1615523115798.jpeg (241.15 KB, 827x1456, 607859F8-8CC0-4F00-A34C-4925BF…)

Mama thick like a moon(don't use emojis)

No. 141009


Where did you find this gem?

No. 141015

Omg where? Was this on her job site lol

No. 141028

File: 1615545800884.png (357.39 KB, 561x576, lolxd.png)

I've been fooled again. I truly thought this time she had lost weight lmao

No. 141031

I love that she keeps the term SIF alive
(Secret internet fatty) haaaaa

No. 141033


No. 141061

Ironically her fat face looks way better than her shooped one.

No. 141069

File: 1615575693071.jpeg (170.61 KB, 828x1136, 3E6A6CF0-A7B8-46A0-976C-9DD634…)

No. 141070

File: 1615575732836.jpeg (183.34 KB, 828x1182, 16CA5FEC-676B-43ED-B600-CF76F7…)

No. 141077


How long until she removes the tags is the question.

I can't believe she allowed anyone other than herself to take photos and tag her so publicly.

I'm sure there's some very light handed editing here and there to tuck her double chin and make her appear thinner, but she looks human for the first time since she was caught in the wild Halloween 2019.

No. 141086

File: 1615587125003.jpeg (256.1 KB, 827x1688, 040C63C9-8DA6-429E-BB1E-ACA9EB…)

They finally put up a picture for her salon profile. She was putting it off for so long

No. 141095

agreed, I know anons nitpick about her weight but I think it's really because she shoops herself so alien-thin that seeing how she normally looks is shocking.
I genuinely think she looks gorgeous in >>141069 and >>141086, like a regular, pretty girl. over the top makeup still, but she's not hideous. it's insane how ugly she edits herself, purposely.

No. 141120


Agreed. I'm not WK'ing the girl, I still think her personality is absolute trash for being such a narcissistic liar but she's genuinely a pretty girl albeit crazy makeup but it's her style. I could see her being incredibly successful as is. No smoke and mirrors. Hell she could have an even larger following for being more relatable to the average follower.

No. 141127

I like it as well. I hope since she's less online, she's more grounded in reality and the people around her instead of Photoshop land.

No. 141133

agree with both of you anons, her online personality is miserable, I wonder how much is just based on weird weight-based insecurities and the fact that she's been larping as a bratz doll online for years, and I wonder how much she can fix herself just by getting off the internet.

No. 141135

File: 1615604178343.jpeg (187.93 KB, 827x1425, 442B01A8-7808-4108-8DFD-686ED6…)

She reposted a shooped version of this pic. She upturned her nose of course, and I think she changed her lips and jaw slightly. Pretty sad because it was a beautiful picture and didn’t need to be changed. At least she looks like a normal human being for once.

No. 141139

lol, oh my god she posts this as soon as people point out her normal self then goes and takes the same picture and edits her bridge and nostrils smaller, jawline smaller, bigger lips, bigger eyelids and a higher eyebrow tail….lol….. watch her frame this edited picture of herself and put it in her room as she does with all her pictures..

No. 141142

Thanos I love your work!

No. 141145

File: 1615610817193.jpg (1.64 MB, 2560x2560, 21-03-12-23-46-26-497_deco.jpg)


No. 141155

She deleted

No. 141196

Funny how her edit looks markedly worse. I think a lot of excessive editing and filtering women do is a response to how phone cameras warp your features, since this photographer used a normal camera at a normal distance, the features are proportional rather than warped and needing "correction."

Agree with the other anons, I find her more appealing as her real self.

No. 141221

File: 1615662694090.gif (6.49 MB, 452x480, 91A144C0-4B9F-4D36-8D62-9FB6DF…)

The differences in a gif

No. 141223

Anyone else notice that 4/5 pics that were professionally taken of her, her eyes are closed? For someone saying how in love with themselves they are, and how they can have anything and any person, it's quite ironic. If she wasn't such a compulsive liar about her appearance, have such an ego and shitty personality she would be likable even with all the editing.

No. 141294

File: 1615740814171.jpeg (277.12 KB, 1125x1114, 81A9448B-B293-41EE-A03A-EB0027…)

Is she wearing false lashes in these photos? I mean Nothing wrong with false’s but I know how she seems to always say I don’t wear them I have extensions

No. 141325

Homegirl literally draws on her lashes from excessively using extensions and losing her entire bottom row of lashes.

No. 141609

I'm late to the party but the professional photos of her look really cute, I like her style of clothing. I wish she would realize she's genuinely pretty and doesn't need to edit herself into some goofy looking bratz proportioned doll. It's extremely obvious she is very insecure about her nose, there's nothing wrong with it but idk why she doesn't stop getting all these tattoos for a moment to save her money she could get a rhinoplasty to have the upturned nose she edits herself to have

No. 141721

I remember someone from here (since they used photos from here) posted her on Instagramreality ages ago and people there noted that her real nose is essentially the same as her edited one. She really doesn't need any surgery whatsoever, just some confidence. A smaller nose than her real one is gonna look very silly and probably voldemort-tier.

No. 142501

I agree, her nose looks fine, especially with that weird contouring and highlighting at the tip she does to make it look smaller.

The most jarring thing to me between her candids and her edits is her real life moon face and I don't think there's much she can do about that. It's clear she's lost weight but she's not a 60lb waifu like she pretends to be. She still has a very large, round face.

No. 142627

She looks pretty, but she doesn't look like her edits or videos. She keeps her same eyes nose lips jaw etc but edits them to be much bigger / smaller. In her edits her nose looks the same from the front but in her unedited pictures you can see her nose is much wider since she edits her tip and nostrils to be so narrow. Her eyes are closed in almost all of her pictures but her eyes are much smaller in comparison to her edits too. Her jaw is bigger and rounder. She edits her lips to be bigger too, her natural lips fit her better since they are not that jokingly big. It's nice to see pictures of her real self, because she looks human and her features are not exaggerated like her pictures are. She just looks like a normal pretty girl.

No. 144947

File: 1618200356471.jpeg (986.76 KB, 1125x1785, 97E5CE66-826A-4247-99E6-24CD94…)

She said she’s ready to get into that zero two suit she better watch it Lori lewd might come for her haha

No. 145777

How tall is she, has it been speculated before? Her hands are pretty big. She's very pretty unedited, but nothing i would stop and stare at.. shes just a regular white girl who likes to dress up.

No. 146277

File: 1619052659858.jpeg (430.04 KB, 828x1064, 2374F4BB-C31A-4E28-B9C7-1FBE4C…)

Just some more pics from her page

No. 146278

File: 1619052738227.jpeg (749.99 KB, 828x1187, BBD15B99-72C2-419C-8D15-E4DAD3…)

She always has a different look to her face when she edits but THIS takes the cake for me recently. Wildly inconsistent.

No. 146290

File: 1619058207012.png (42.21 KB, 486x586, realitychek.PNG)

kek, half of these pet peeves are her projecting
>needs a reality check
>needs to make the situation about yourself
>thinks the world is bending to their will

No. 148118

File: 1619851416731.jpeg (667.45 KB, 828x1224, 23A5C6DC-4AC1-467A-A49D-E1C22A…)

She needs to stop, also how vain do you have to be to consistently get your own artwork tattoooed on you, let the artists have some creativity for once

No. 148125

All the red tones just make her hand look like…meaty. Like literal meat.
The cat tattoo is already faded and I don't have much hope for the new ones faring any better.

I don't think there's any problem with her tattooing her own art though.

No. 149879

File: 1620927012401.jpeg (345.71 KB, 2056x1608, AB4DE71B-7E01-47DC-9479-BA8C38…)

It made me laugh seeing her upload a picture of her significant other looking like this! but then shops herself to the maximum whose arm starts from top on their shoulder?

No. 150014

File: 1621015266890.jpg (49.04 KB, 1080x311, Screenshot_20210514_135940.jpg)

Speaking of that photo of her, someone commented this which of course she left up even though she used to screech about people commenting on her weight or appearance. Don't fret Penelope, it's just Facetune, she's just as chub as ever

No. 150050

File: 1621030715658.jpg (526.3 KB, 1536x2048, 4913.jpg)

This is very accurate even though you can't see her face. Her eyes are way smaller and her face longer/ wider chubbier jowls. >>149879 this was a really really bad pic, imagine if he did that to her lmao? The caption for that picture too said "doll" mickey really likes to envision herself as this ethereal doll like being when all of her features are edited to be extremely exaggerated. Like someone said she's pretty but anyone who puts the same amount of effort into their hair/clothes/makeup can be pretty too.

No. 150558

File: 1621280570937.png (1013.08 KB, 1717x2048, Screenshot_20210517-154020.png)


Fucking kek.

No. 150576

God if she could just hear herself
>> money making scheming hood rat deer god
I wouldn’t brag about ripping people off and being a lier

No. 150946

File: 1621551352381.jpeg (464.79 KB, 962x515, 85D6399D-32CE-4F82-ABCE-6F197C…)

Would you like some meatballs with that hair your eating

No. 151026


are those meatballs and leaves just cut and paste on top of hairy spaghetti?

No. 151079

File: 1621633656960.jpg (390.72 KB, 1080x2982, modifiedmyself.jpg)


Bitch you created a whole new face.

No. 151110

>>I look Identical to my mothers features
Sure you do she’s such a lier why don’t she just not reply like every other comment on there she’s so full of shit

No. 151352

omg………the secondhand embarrassment I'm feeling for her rn is too much. She really said that? Also from what I've seen she looks EXACTLY like her dad. She got her dads wide jowls weak chin and round face from him. Her nose is most similar to her mothers, where the bridge sticks far out isn't straight and her tip is fleshier and much wider. This girl is such a compulsive fucking liar.

No. 151522

File: 1621804271743.jpg (2.62 MB, 1440x15721, bruh.jpg)

We're probably going to have an influx of drive by onlookers after her latest post.
I can only speak for myself but when Jackson died most here expressed sympathy towards the loss of a friend to suicide. I don't commend bashing Jackson. She wasn't a cow. Mickey is.

Hi Cara.
People have called her out. She deletes the comments and they get blocked. No editing? Either you're as delusional as Mickey is, which is likely or you're in desperate need of an eye exam.

No one here is jealous of a mediocre artist who spends her days shaving 50 pounds off their frame to fit an aesthetic for followers.
Mickey is posted here because she's a lying, narcissist, with a history of being a hateful cunt towards other women. Her claims of being a naturally perfect uwu creature is damaging to some of her followers.
Her enhanced features are physically impossible with makeup alone. It's blatantly obvious she edits and the more you defend her nonsense the denser you and her followers look.

Instead of being quick to defend someone you only see the positive highlights they offer you, go back and read from the beginning .

She's a pretty girl without editing. Her true personality and lies make her ugly.

For your viewing pleasure, an unedited photo posted by a photographer versus what she posts.
She admits low-key she modifies herself, she just don't admit to what degree.

No. 151555

I couldn’t agree more she is pretty without all the filters/snow gives her but then go on a say people are jealous just cause they call you out is so pitiful
it’s just cause she’s mad she’s been exposed and that upsets her.
them fake images she puts out is what makes her happy cause she has low self-esteem and needs help bad! she needs learn to love her self the way she is also might be cause she sits on second life that don’t help

No. 151557

When she says "modified" she means body mods e.g. the piercings and tattoos. Though her Facebook fans who continue to believe that's her real face in her images are always amusing.

No. 151593

File: 1621822077453.jpeg (459.61 KB, 1860x1860, 8F7F09DC-2342-4D05-B179-F5A2E2…)

Seriously….like come on, people.
“Blessed by my bloodline uwu”
Yeah, Blessed by whatever mental illness they passed on to you that lets you continue to live in this delusion without an-heroing

No. 151601

wow…..I know I saw that irl pic already but side by side the comparison is shocking. She looks crosseyed on the right pic too. I cannot believe she is delusional enough to think people are jealous of what she actually looks like. If you weren't such a compulsive narcissistic liar you could be likable Mickey.

No. 152407

File: 1621864336111.jpg (2.12 MB, 2560x2560, 21-05-24-09-48-13-839_deco.jpg)

I think pretty much everyone knows she's fat and fake & just plays along because she's clearly been coddled and lived in a bubble her whole life. People like that have some weird shield around them that always protects them from having to be directly hit with criticism or the consequences of their actions, everyone around them just continually enables the bubble mentality for them, it's baffling. The less aware they are the more people coddle and enable them to be unaware. My point is, I don't think anyone is really jealous of Muckey's real face, because if they were she wouldn't feel the need to Dakota Rose every single pic of herself.

No. 152408

Adding to this, what else does she really have in life? She lives with her mom, doesn't seem to have IRL friends, sucks at her job, never really goes anywhere or does anything… Her fake selfies are all she really has to get attention, her style is fun and her face is cute but being so fake and fat just ruins it. Not to seem simple, but really how hard can it possibly be to stop overeating and walk a little more? If she lost the weight she wouldn't have to shoop or lie as much.

No. 152410

She could be Vicky Shingles lost sister. Same puffy Face

No. 152412

>She lived her femininity, through me.
Wow this girl is conceited.

No. 152428

I'm assuming she means the person was not femme irl and only in the portraits Mickey made for her, but Mickey didn't need to write any of that.
The thread is mainly about her shoop, the friend was barely mentioned yet she makes this long post about it.

No. 152542

Honestly, she's not even fat. She's just genetically unlucky and has all her weight go into her face. The fat on her jawline makes it wider than her actual head. I also love seeing these unedited pictures of her bulbous humped nose, small lips and pisshole sized eyes in comparison to how big and wide her jawline is. Sorry to break it to you Mickey, but even with your shitty caked on makeup, hair dyed pink to get attention and piercing and tattooing every inch of your body, it doesn't make you any prettier. Going above and beyond in your physical appearance doesn't change the fact that there's nothing unique or beautiful about your face. You're not Madison Beer, Taylor Hill or Loren Gray who have the right to be full of themselves because they're actually beautiful. It's offensive when someone as plain as you edits themselves to that extreme and acts like a conceited cow. Start embracing the ego of an average looking girl because that's what you are, stupid cunt.

No. 152554

File: 1621907183438.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1125x1569, 1FA1328C-601E-4683-813C-BF5188…)

Didn’t she say she sold that rabbit painting? Lol she even has to lie about that I guess

No. 152558

She slimmed way down, but didn't she gain a bit back too?

No. 152559


Some old guy bought it from her out of pity and likely told her to keep the eyesore. No one wants to hang that glitter mess in their home, let alone some 60+ year old man.

No. 152563

File: 1621908446893.jpeg (505.48 KB, 1125x1591, 16C510D6-7C63-4FAC-839A-BE8562…)

I definitely wouldn’t call her fat but she isn’t skinny like she shops her self

No. 152570

File: 1621908982143.jpg (784.02 KB, 1440x3865, myfirstfingerpainting.jpg)

No. 152633

what in the eyebrow mustache tarnation

No. 152717

Poor thing's got a nipple where her elbow should be

No. 152755

File: 1621978738518.jpg (255.36 KB, 1080x1440, 188527476_4233100980044475_356…)

No. 152784

I extremely feel bad for her if she keeps it up she might be like that tiger man and her hair looks literally damaged it looks all broken off and when she cosplays is she just going to keep all them tattoos showing and piercings on her face? I guess she going to be the Suicide girl zero two? I can’t wait to see all that photoshop she going to do in them photos

No. 152801

her fake freckles look like morgan freemans freckles it's so fucking bad. I also audibly gasped her hair looks so thin and wispy

No. 152802

i also can't tell is she wearing eyelid tape? she has 3 creases going on her eye?

No. 152809

File: 1621999595132.jpeg (21.4 KB, 433x265, 1619052738227~2.jpeg)


I suspect she just has saggy eyelids. Those massive lashes are probably a participating culprit along with dehydration, bitch lives on energy drinks.

If she's sagging this bad in her early 20s she's going to have alot of Botox in her future.

No. 153294

Not to WK her or anything but she hasn't lived at home for a long time. She lives in Ohio with her boyfriend. She's also doing pretty well with her job too. I used to think what she posted of her salon work sucked initially but she appears to be getting better. There, that's as nice as I'll be to her. She can drop the shooping and the conceited bs any day now because she just looks like a normal, average chubby girl.

No. 153302

It doesn't help that she has an army of weirdos who blow smoke up her ass anytime she posts a pic. I've never seen so many women gush about what an amazing otherworldly deer beauty etc etc she is. She really just collected fans who will post stuff like this all the time. She hadn't been that milky in awhile until that weird recent status about Jackson.

No. 153545

As far as the MtF threads are sadly going now in /snow/- in that they atrocious baits and you have to brace yourself, I miss Mickey's diet milk in comparison for being funny but not over the line.
Sage for bullshit

No. 153791

File: 1622530377862.jpg (757.35 KB, 1440x5223, nomakeupnewface.jpg)

It's always a glorious day when Mick reveals another new face. We are back on our no make-up selfie bullshit. Let's just ignore the eyeshadow, lipgloss, and contouring/blush…

No. 153795

How is this the same person. I’m fucking dead. How. HOW.

No. 153802

I came here to post this too hahahaha holy shit, who is this person? Mickey we've all seen your salon photos, this person isnt you, this doesn't even look like your shoops. Were you drunk when you posted this??

No. 153816

I love how she acts like she oops did her so called perfect bun and oh I don’t know what I did to my hair but i woke up with my hair looking like this cause I’m a perfect bean!
I still like this look for her even if it’s fake

No. 153822

File: 1622562769175.jpg (667.96 KB, 1116x5768, ihave3nosescantchangeyourgenes…)

That large average nose is sending me. Such a stark contrast to these, one also with > NO makeup.

No. 153827

This new face might be Mickey being brave and starting to show some of her actual features instead of crazy warped ones.

No. 155208

File: 1623278262806.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 412.95 KB, 1284x1914, FBFB610C-20C2-4DF9-B0FE-5AF9B5…)

That loose skin though

No. 155211

Holy cow, that looks like a huge blister that just popped.

No. 155214

That's a nutsack.

No. 155236

they should show this picture to people when they start to let themselves go…

No. 155260

Yeah its not pretty but u know what I'm gonna give her props for not shooping it out. That's a step in the right direction.

No. 155272

No it isn’t lol. She talks about her saggy skin so her fans already know so she won’t shop it out

No. 155300

is this a video? Wtf was she trying to do?

No. 155320

she never has anything to say she just poses and does the lip-smacking sounds she makes like If you're going to upload a video say something besides saying how beautiful you think you look with your snow app lol

No. 156278

File: 1623962307126.jpg (205.42 KB, 1422x1987, FB_IMG_1623961935615.jpg)

Ah.. new week, new face and a fresh new game of spot what Micks fucked up while running her pic through filters.

No. 156280

Her hands and mouth area looks strangely sore and red, though she nailed the Bratz facial proportions in this edit. We'll ignore the weirdly triangular right cheek under her hair.

No. 156326

File: 1623998450788.jpg (84.8 KB, 623x883, FB_IMG_1623961887554.jpg)

I was noticing her frail ass wrist, courtesy of Snow of course, not because she's thin, when her hand tattoo caught my eye.

As expected, in less than a year it looks like faded shit.

No. 156339

Im not a fan of the woman but you are a bunch of fucking freaks - ironic how you suggest she has no job or hobbies yet devote so much time into investigating her private life. I saw someone pull up her old home address, and zooming into the fabric of a car seat. Its obvious that she photoshops, we have established that, what is your objective??? Its concerning that most of you are fully grown men that care about this - is there really that little going on in your life? I cant imagine any successful/ attractive man giving this topic the light of day.

You are just as bad as her, seeking validation from other pimply smegma neckbeards

No. 156340

You are truly the most depraved of the human race, bet you are all disgusting mongrels irl with mummy issues. Spend less time giving clout to e girls and work on building up emotional maturity and accepting yourselves. The irony of you having this much time on your hands, you are a direct parallel of her. cope harder, successful people don't do this lmao

No. 156341

If you did this in any other environment you would be ostracised yet smelly little virgin platforms like this allow you to feed off each other

No. 156342


… lol okay so anyway

are you surprised? we all knew it was going to turn to shit pretty quickly

No. 156346

why do you CARE????

No. 156348

ignore me like the rest of society ignores u retard(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 156377

>Its concerning that most of you are fully grown men that care about this
Welcome to lolcow, this is a female imageboard. If you think men are zooming into a girl's makeup and bad edits to criticize them you have a very poor understanding of men.

No. 156382

hahaha i know, men can’t even tell the difference with photoshop. also wouldn’t we be taking about her sex appeal only ? not bad photoshop, style, art, and makeup skill ?

No. 156467

File: 1624056393945.jpeg (1.2 MB, 2880x3840, 16523098-4FA2-4EB5-8F11-01CB43…)

I know she is editing her nose to be an all anime girl and shit but why is she tattooing her full body is that anime-like to get tattoos? And not too long ago she posted her more accurate nose then upload Michael Jackson's nose it doesn’t make any sense. her followers don’t care what she truly looks like, they like her for her but she doesn’t even like her self and that’s sad

No. 156483

lol omg that's absolutely criminal this edit looks deformed

No. 156733

Her real nose is actually so cute and fits her face well, I don’t know why she hates it so much to the point of Michael jackson-fying it in edits and doing the super exaggerated eye makeup to distract from it irl. It’s a nice shape and again the size isn’t even big and suits her face well, she is genuinely pretty in the candid shots her job took. Do her coworkers or clients not say or think anything about her drastically different edited face when they see her post on social media?

No. 156755

Maybe she has some form of body dysmorphia that makes her think she's supposed to look like an anime caricature of herself? The anime/kawaii bugged fox eyes and upturned-mosquito-bite nose is a popular shoop style for GenZ and under30's who spend too much time online looking at coomer media, even the ones that don't like anime itself very much.

No. 156775

File: 1624299674854.png (117.58 KB, 1069x885, Capture _2021-06-21-15-50-36.p…)

can't wait to see this mess

No. 156815


Not even the most exotic models with a shit tonne of face tape look like this. If her face, as a grown adult, was actually built like this, this bitch would be an anomaly and could profit heavily by being an absolute freak of nature. Also, can we talk more about how she's trying to look like a fucking child. Insulting her natural appearance just adds fuel to the photoshop fire but she's really dumpy and derpy looking and I hope she hates herself, she's clearly delusional and a horrible person on-top of all of THIS.
Girl needs to learn to work with her actual fucking fave instead of drawing an entirely new one on-top that makes her look special needs. I would be disgusted getting my hair done by someone who's this encrusted.
One thing I will say is that she doesn't deserve hate for loose skin, but it's also her so, fuck it.

No. 156824

lol didn't she once say she wishes she had lip filler but she's never gotten lip filler because her lips have been naturally full since she was little? (which btw is a fucking joke) I cannot wait to see this moron fuck up her face

No. 156879

… you don't use Botox as lip filler though? Still cannot wait to see that mess kek

No. 156895

Botox Lip Flip is a thing, so yes, it is used for lip enlargements

No. 156925

File: 1624390556348.jpeg (274.76 KB, 827x1349, 44F5180A-EA04-4D6D-9B23-C06065…)

I’m terrified.

No. 156932

Baboon ass lips aside. Wtf is going on with those "freckles" under her eyes. She said they were tattooed so they shouldn't smudge. Those editing apps are doing her dirty.

No. 156938

Yeah by the looks of it she did more than Botox lips don’t look that full with Botox
Good catch! dude them freckles doing a full dance around her eyes lol

Too bad, they didn’t post an actual picture of how she actually looks like. I’m happy she got it done but.. too bad that’s not the end of it. she will soon be on the show hooked on look looking like crazy crack whore saying she needs more and they be the size of her face cause she needs to go see a therapist

No. 156939

girl, that's a bootyhole

No. 156948

lip fillers that big never look good in person, I used to get my lips filled to be that big and looking back on old pictures it was terrifying. It looks good in pictures when your face is in a flattering angle/motionless but smiling and irl it looks like formless sausages. Not to mention filler migrates too. It's swollen and idk if she edited the picture so her lips look even bigger because they look blurry and HUGE. Legit taking up her entire lower half. I can't imagine how bad candid pics are going to look like…

No. 156992

there's so much blurriness around her lips kek she couldnt even let herself show the actual result, she just has to edit everything

No. 157134

I can't get over how she shoops her eyes to the size of tenis balls.

No. 157234

File: 1624607824887.jpg (68.41 KB, 966x1671, aUuCol.jpg)

It's so funny to me whenever she does videos of herself in an attempt to prove that she looks like her pictures (and even still she has some kind of filter on it) it only shows how awful she really looks. Poor girl looks like a mix of Michael Cera and Meghan Trainor

No. 157241

Is that new? It looks like the filler from her lips already migrated.

No. 157357

were only her bottom lips done? the left side looks bulgy… and idk if i'm seeing things but in the same area of where it's bulgy in the video, in this >>156925 … is that the injection area i see? does anyone else see the dot on her bottom lip?

No. 157444

Yeah it is. I winced looking at this, fucking tragic kek.

No. 157699


Goes through the pain of lip fillers, still edits the results.
Her face already hangs, the irl result is gonna have her looking full retard.

No. 158611

File: 1625354222188.jpg (1.29 MB, 1920x5717, Edited_20210703_204606.jpg)

No. 158617

While I'm actually shocked she's finally admitted to editing I don't believe she'll stop.
I'll believe it when I see it. This girl thrives off attention. She won't receive the same ass kissing she once did when she pretended to be a uwu doll. She's going to delete half? Why not just delete them all if you're finally going to come clean.
What do the comments say? I'd love to see what some of her idiot defenders who said we were just jealous of her beauty have to say.

No. 158635

She still edits the fuck out of her pics what is she on about

No. 158643

I think she's trying to excuse her "new" face. She's still editing, but coping.

No. 158652

Did she delete this? This is actually something to be proud of her for. I wanted to like her status but can no longer find it. Also, admitting is the right direction and she did post a less edited selfie. Her recent pics are very edited though, but at least she's being open about it now.

No. 158653

She didn’t delete it, I don’t think, but it’s not public, it seems to have a friends only setting if you look at the top

No. 158669

As much as I wanted to believe she was being sincere, I think this is the most likely reason she even posted that to begin with.

No. 158693

File: 1625406243783.jpg (145.94 KB, 810x1080, ayyy lmao.jpg)

Ayyy lmao

Yeah, this unfortunately. Tbh I think she needs professional help, I don't think she even knows what's normal anymore. This is some serious fucking dysphoria, giving yourself gray alien features anatomically impossible for humans.

No. 158888

File: 1625514626896.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1125x1914, 74FAF5ED-DAA3-4EB1-8281-860BA4…)

Yeah I still see she’s using filters I think she just posted that so she can say she no longer use them cause she won’t be trying to do it so dramatically as she did also her bf calling her cringe makes me laugh cause that video is super cringed but most of her videos are. get help Micky!

No. 159034


Damn, good for her. If only she told the whole truth and just ripped it off like a bandaid but I guess it's something for now.
I just wish as someone who has body dysmorphia and possibly had an eating disorder she would understand the implications of posting spoopy photos online and how that influences people to hate themselves.

No. 159927

File: 1625935680728.jpeg (803.64 KB, 828x1474, 432BEFF1-CEE4-414E-929A-E77BE6…)

She got a playboy bunny tattoo on her face..

No. 159933

These look like temporary tattoos you'd get free on a magazine as a little girl, are they really permanent? She needs an intervention if so

No. 159981

Kek all the comments are telling her how good and professional it looks, I think they’re brainwashed

No. 160031

File: 1625997743914.jpeg (124.91 KB, 828x530, 3E572AC2-E163-411B-B01D-5E66CE…)

I checked her FB and she confirmed it’s real, yikes

No. 160155

The irony of this post with that profile picture lol

No. 161125

File: 1626377516571.jpg (277.75 KB, 1080x1080, 2021_07_15_15_29_22_783.jpg)

More Micky Deer irony… She made a post about someone using her pictures and that "you're enough BB you don't have to copy me" (barf), but I had a hearty kek at this reply that she heart reacted to about catfishes being weird, like Micky is THE definition of a catfish… Sage for no real milk but I laughed

No. 162293

this is beyond retarded. On her fucking FACE as well.

No. 163147

File: 1626914078053.jpg (221.76 KB, 1080x1384, Screenshot_20210721_202944.jpg)

Why do I feel like this is gonna turn into a Micky Deer OnlyFans saga? She also recently posted about buying a $3,000 LV bag so that's part of my suspicion for her wanting extra cash.
On a sidenote It's honestly kind of weird reading her describe anything remotely related to sex or sexuality for some reason. I've heard about her sending nude pics to other dudes when she was with Andrew but she just seems so… Unsexy… I don't know what it is.

No. 163195

if she goes the OF route, it will be a photoshopped nightmare. thats going to be interesting

No. 163196

Maybe I’m kind of a prude but its… weird to post this shit on fb. Especially when etsy, land of a million custom furry butt plugs and fox ears exists.

No. 163237

That's exactly why I'm speculating it's part of some bigger initiative. She's got her mom and the rest of her family on her FB and is posting this, like holy fucking cringe. And you're right, like just google this shit or go to Etsy. Seems like a thirst trap to see what kind of replies she gets.

No. 164129

File: 1627260295102.jpeg (190.16 KB, 807x938, 1BAFA3DF-F771-4E9F-88DC-B7DE2C…)

just saw this pop up on fb and thought it was interesting..especially the last part. she was maintaining a level of
professionalism until then. i wonder what happened

No. 164228

I'm curious about this too seeing as her and the salon owner seemed pretty friendly with each other. I'm assuming drama with other stylists maybe. My tinfoil is they found lolcow and we're making fun of her at work. It's not like she was trying to keep her online persona a secret with her boss on her FB friends list.

No. 164282

File: 1627332480161.jpg (853.56 KB, 1440x4785, drama(1).jpg)


It appears it was with the owner as her profile from the website was washed and any trace of her or her work was deleted quickly. Mickey was tagged in this post, 21 hrs ago it was edited. She's claiming gaslighting but knowing her inability to ever take criticism gracefully has likely spilled over into her workplace. Her posting about her furry assplay fetishes publicly probably did her not favors with her coworkers either.

No. 164298

I'm honestly surprised this hasn't happened sooner. As soon as I saw her boss commenting on her posts I was like oh boy, she's actually letting her real life boss and coworkers see her online persona and pictures. I sensed that was the beginning of the end but yeah her gross personality was probably the bulk of it. She's one of the most narcissistic ego centric cows in these threads.

No. 164317

"and they will always have that heavy burden of being them" my god is this cunt self righteous. I'm so positive she got criticized and her fragile ego couldn't handle it because she thinks she's much better than what she actually is. About time someone irl put her in her place lmao

No. 164325

Lmao the coping

No. 164345


This makes me think this post was about her boss >>146290

No. 164349

File: 1627362943725.jpeg (320.18 KB, 1125x958, 0F6DFF4C-44A3-467D-91DE-C804B0…)

I love how one minute she cries abuse then turns around calls herself that bitch she sounds like she is abusive one

No. 164463

File: 1627409986305.jpg (935.3 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20210727_130527_com…)

I thought she was going to stop shooping her pics?? Kek
Instead of spending all her money on garbage tattoos and designer handbags she should go see a podiatrist. She has the grossest, crusty, black, ingrown toenails. At least slap some nail polish on those things

No. 164464

File: 1627410063375.jpg (34.49 KB, 281x300, Screenshot_20210727_142050.jpg)

Samefag for close up

No. 164470

Looking back I think that’s what was stoping her from uploading bullshit photos of her self was her job so buckle up and get ready to see more shops

No. 164473

Why do her legs look so aged and battered? She must be using the same filters as Lori with her massive veiny elongated clobbers.


Agreed. It only took her a fucking year to finally agree to doing a salon photo for their website and still couldn't help herself from editing the best photos ever taken of her. I'd be peeved too if I was the owner of the shop.

No. 164475

Her face looks completely different yet again, hard to make a judgement since it's low-res, but this looks unlike her shoops nor the candids we've seen

It seems like there was a long-running war between Mickey and the salon owner resulting in her being ousted. If the photo here >>164282
is Mickey's work, her hairdressing is very good, so it must be purely a personality clash.

No. 164496

Nose looks like it wasn't edited but her jaw and neck lol >>152563 >>150050 we already know the truth girly..

No. 164497

also is it me or do her ears look extremely warped?

No. 164498

Ew she looks like a crack head.

No. 164507

she edited her head so small her fucking feet look like hooves

No. 164527

That surface piercing on her chest is rejecting, fucking yuck. She’s so busted.

No. 164543

File: 1627429934021.png (70.21 KB, 319x153, 3zlxT2.png)

wtf is that on her nose?

No. 164549

one of those dumb nose chains that turned TNDs nose green
that hair is 75% extensions. They're not even blended correctly so it looks like the girl has a bowl cut with long hair underneath. Her real hair end above her ears.

No. 164603

File: 1627446917805.jpg (13.47 KB, 148x249, FB_IMG_1627446326823~2.jpg)

What the fuck is this tan blob alongside her melted cauliflower ear?

No. 164640

this is so warped lmao the corner of the room looks like it's on a slope, also the area to the left of her by her hips where you can see a hole of the floor between the chair arm looks very manufactured.

No. 164753

>her hairdressing is very good
Uhhh… Anon… Did you not read the past thread

No. 164819

God the ratty unblended hair extensions behind her in the mirror. Her real hair looks fried as hell too. Embarrassing.

No. 164941

Her hair has always looked like shit which is hilarious since she's a hair stylist. I don't know why she insists on wearing those cheap ass looking Halloween hair extensions. They're so ratty and gross and unblended. I dare say Britney Spears' extensions look better than this.

No. 164947

File: 1627580458544.jpg (76.37 KB, 1231x632, t28gKu.jpg)

lol this bitch really needs to ass pat herself for just existing doesn't she?

No. 165006

It's called pareidolia and it's not even a medical phenomenon, it's just a tendency literally every human being has.

No. 165025

File: 1627628523656.png (273.1 KB, 351x660, 60uXAq.png)

No. 165028

File: 1627630241058.gif (476.52 KB, 200x200, 200.gif)


This narcissist fuck has a shopped picture of herself hanging on the mirror for her clients to see. I'd kill to be the fly on the wall when one inevitably asks who it is and she claims it's her. Kek

No. 165033

File: 1627631494478.jpg (88.52 KB, 1309x1687, image1 (3).jpg)

she actually has 2 now, this one being especially worse. So much for her deleting her pictures when she did "edit the fuck out of her self" Mickey is retarded enough not to realize how having extremely edited pictures of yourself framed is fucking beyond cringy. Like she really thought butchering her face in these pictures and then having them public for her clients to see the absolute difference in person was a good idea. This just keeps fueling her delusional mindset.

No. 165036

File: 1627632327150.png (4.4 MB, 3207x1746, mickey!!.png)

samefag but seeing it side by side helps. This is the abomination she thinks is okay to have in a "professional and quality" salon

No. 165039

Whenever I see her candids I'm fucking amazed she manages to slim herself so much, even with the wonky end result. She has the mug of morbid obesity in those ones, only lacking the fat lids that start to sag over the eyes. I feel like she's got to be way heftier irl than we understand

No. 165096

Wow really! stuffed animals in a Salon is that sanitary? Is she going to hire a cleaning lady or care for it as she does for her own hair? She would have been better off doing hair in clients homes but I think this was a show off to the girls she used to work with

No. 165138

there is a lot of liquify warping around her head and face.

No. 165145

File: 1627668149416.png (115.67 KB, 1438x1126, Screenshot_20210730-130117~2.p…)

I'm just going to drop this here.

No. 165176

>I put on 10 pounds of makeup for attention and now I'm pretending to be shocked that someone commented on it

No. 165280

I have no doubt whatsoever that whatever happened to her at Salon Noir had to do with her social media persona vs. her real self. Her boss and coworkers were probably bothering her and pestering her or trying to give her advice about how to accept herself for who she is and to stop editing herself into this Freakshow she insists on being on the internet. Sage for autistic tinfoiling, but I stand by it.

No. 165404

I feel like that could be a possibility considering >>158611 her admitting her editing, maybe she did feel pressured by her coworkers. God I can't help but cringe but someone confronting Mickey in person as to why she heavily edits is giving me 2nd hand embarrassment. Or telling her she doesn't look like her pictures. I think it's insane she even added her boss on facebook to begin with. People let her slide with so much shit because she looks like a mess in person, she reeks insecurity and it's fucking sad. She said this was the worst thing she had to go through, so if it really is because of social media that's a fucking kek

No. 165444

The part of Ohio she's located in thinks that a single stripe of unnatural hair colour is cosplay. It really doesn't take much to get this type of reaction from people in that area. Asspat yourself harder Mick.

No. 165537

Exactly, too many weird coincidences as of late. That post admitting to shooping herself to hell and back and that she was going to delete all her old pics which she didn't and continued to shoop to oblivion.
Then that whole post about how her work was "gaslighting" her… She is absolutely the type to take any sort of criticism or advice as gaslighting.
I could also see her being the type to be super unprofessional at work and she also alluded to that in her big "goodbye job" post, something about how now she's free to "be herself and talk about what she wants without criticism and judgement. I just imagine her and her clients talking about cosplay, hentai and butt plugs for some reason, meanwhile she's got a memaw getting her hair permed in the chair next to her kek.

No. 165589

I’m guessing she made a stink about her profile pic on the salon’s website being just right, they saw how she acts online and realized this runs deep. Imagine getting so bent out of shape about your image you lose a job over it.

No. 165939

Her admitting this is funny because she only admitted editing because she started posting a new face and even her followers kept commenting “you look different now” she had to say something if she wanted to keep posting her new face ! Now she can pretend her new face is her real face lol

No. 165989

also my theory

No. 166118

File: 1628023735632.jpg (443 KB, 1282x2048, 231788309_4435344463153458_419…)

omg lol

No. 166120

Her chest piercing looks like it's rejecting / infected

No. 166131

Jesus christ this is scary. So much for photoshopping less lol

No. 166149

Oh god like anyone’s eyes would be that humongous just like I thought bitch be uploading more unbelievable make believe photos

No. 166272

she looks infected. I'm shocked she would post this

No. 167075

File: 1628638237348.jpeg (582.44 KB, 828x1319, AB3FCB07-05AD-4490-9BC3-4B34C8…)

We all know she’s contemplating one

No. 167080

She needs to learn how to edit her face properly before she even attempts to edit her saggy bare skin and flapjack titties. I don't feel bad saying any of this because she's a narcissistic cunt. She's done well hiding behind kimonos and high waisted shorts / jeans. Keep it that way. She rarely shows anything below the neck fully clothed and if she does it's edited all to shit.

No. 167237

File: 1628733006902.jpeg (809 KB, 828x1556, 935688C4-69F6-4484-92D9-1A574A…)

She’s becoming more and more sexual lately

No. 167238

File: 1628733111963.jpeg (430.81 KB, 828x1361, 4A589736-B810-4F68-8250-DE69F4…)

Regarding OF

No. 167243

Funny how she's suddenly expressing this interest soon after losing her job. Guess her "private salon" isn't working out for her. kek

Can't wait to see her wonky bodyshops

No. 167253

Cow self-sabotage is a curse. She was one of the few cows on lolcow with a job, but clearly the ego got in the way. Onlyfans is a massive mistake imo for her.

No. 167268

>stopped editing
she's right back to where she was before kek. Anyway, looking forward to her Onlyfans arc and eventual breakdown over earning $50 a month for 200 hours of photoshop work

No. 167310

Well luckily for her, she already looks like a freak and works in a field that probably doesn't give a shit about having an OF on the side, especially now that she's her own "boss babe"… It's not like she does office work or works for some big reputable company that would care. She has no reputation work-wise to ruin really.

No. 167322

It's a mistake in regard to her already clearly subzero confidence (the excessive shooping combined with excess and constant body mods does not scream "happy with myself") and then offering herself up to pornsick moids for review seems like a recipe for disaster.

No. 167357

So true she can’t even stop her self from shopping a Friends only post >>167237
her left shoulder and arm is looks bad the way she edited it like what is the matter with just leaving some photos alone her fans don’t care she don’t have a Ana body

No. 167422

why admit to editing to just keep doing it? her photos from videos don't even remotely look like the photos she edits herself into. it's beyond shocking at this point

No. 167427

File: 1628833732347.png (91.42 KB, 250x524, 7XTbaP.png)

No. 167477

Tinfoil but she never actually meant anything in that post. I think something was going on at her job and with her boss. Like we've all discussed already she had her boss on her friends list and I'm sure her photoshopping had come up at some point. My guess was they were trying to get her to realize how insane it was but she took that as "gaslighting and jealousy"… All these things were too coincidental to happen all at the same time - that post and then her quitting (or possibly fired)

No. 167547

File: 1628903644657.jpg (632.77 KB, 1440x4210, 2019.jpg)

This bitch is really out here lowering the quality of a video filmed in 2019 to hide her filterless face. Same photo used on her
>I wish this wasn't such low quality video
is on her FB page. If you're going to lie at least be consistent.


No. 167555

I just watched it before coming here and omg hahaha like why even post something that looks like it was shot underwater with a potato.

No. 167556

Also it's halfway through August

No. 167560


The absolute best part is you can tell even with the lowered quality photo that she edited both herself and him. She may need an OFs after all, she's fucking dense.

No. 167600

Lmao doesn’t matter how low res it is you can’t hide that massive pumpkin head

No. 167906

File: 1629091449410.jpg (73.11 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210816-002347_Ins…)