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File: 1518048966535.png (2.33 KB, 390x129, twitch 1.png)

No. 497011

Thread for all twitch drama

Recent drama

Mitch jones has another breakdown gets banned from twitch again.

DrDisrespect cheats on wife takes two month hiatus returns then is accused of being racist

Other notable streamers , Ice poseidon Destiny Greekgodx Pink sparkles Trainwreckstv Reckful


No. 497023

DrDisRespect Admits to cheating on his wife.

Returns and breaks twitch record by getting 388,000 viewers.

Called out for Racist impressions

His response

No. 497035


The first thing I thought of upon seeing this was.. Imagine if a high-profile feeeemale streamer was caught cheating. Would she be able to make such a triumphant comeback?

Somehow I highly doubt it.

No. 497036

At least he seems remorseful. I still hope his wife leaves him, though.

No. 497043

Mitch jones latest breakdown stream

And another breakdown from a couple of months ago

No. 497052

What do you guys think of Destiny? To me he just seems like someone who likes to REEEE and bring on literal morons onto his streams to debate so he can look better. I know a lot of people hate him for taking his incest / pedo debates out of context but I was wondering if there was more shit on him rather than just being egotistical.

No. 497094

File: 1518052257591.png (1.87 MB, 1288x741, Capture bf ex dox.PNG)

Was lurking last night. Not sure if it's really drama but holy shit Amouranth has no self awareness of what her audience could be capable of doing. Even if they were shit head ex boyfriends why would you open them up to be doxed like that?
>Lol at that comment by kidkool28
She was pulling up photos of exes just to prove she doesn't necessarily date people for their appearance. Says a lot about her standards tho tbh.

No. 497097

He recently got banned for 7 day because of this clip

No. 497123

kidkool's comment lmao

No. 500836

desTINY really should have his own thread here with all the insane shit he's said / done over the years.

No. 501230

Nyakkj, Russian female streamer who apparently schlicked on cam. Don't know anything else aside from attention whore antics

Someone bitched about her short day long ban and he got banned. People try to get answers on how punishments are dealt and no one comments from Twitch.

No. 501279

This is the fakest masturbation I've ever seen.

No. 501645

One of Amouranth's mods

No. 501788

File: 1518474441990.jpg (77.32 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 505774

Apparently he dated someone who was underage. But on the good side recently he outed this alt-right youtube stream named JF Gariepy as having tried to "marry" a girl who was too mentally stunted to give consent. JF is currently trying to sue him for "defamation" because Tiny man got court documents proving the allegation.

No. 506595

>falls in love with autist
>autist's father doesn't approve
>hires forensic psychologist to examine her
>forensic psychologist shockingly comes to the conclusion desired by the man paying him
>says she cannot legally consent because too sperg
>relegated to a life of house arrest in her parents' home

exactly what I would want for my autistic daughter. never work, never have a life of her own.

No. 512691

Not sure if this is considered drama but it's a tad lulzy.


>Creates on IMVU a virtual chat.The top demographic is middle schoolers.

> These are grown women at least in their twenties.
> Begs people to subscribe to them, gets an attitude when people cant
>Always have stream issues/ Never prepared. Small audience but could grow it more if they weren't so lazy.
>Jinx is an employee of IMVU. Not sure how that isnt a conflict of interest.
> Prim has stated in the stream she considered sitting at home all day in her PJs creating for IMVU a full time job. She doesn't work for them, just creates.
> Prim constantly bitches and moans how much she works and how much hate she gets. At one point she made her Instagram private because of the hate she has gotten.

No. 512851


Ehh not sure it belong on here anon. Yeah it's lulzy but not lolcow material. Though it's funny I use to play IMVU when I was 12 but I grew out of it.

No. 517795

File: 1519926585762.png (865.95 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-03-01-12-03-21…)

Aqualadora (the black chick on the bottom) admitted on stream that she killed a dog. She used to work as a veterinary technician and killed a dog simply because she didn't like the owner. After getting called out on Twitter for doing something illegal, abusing her position and animal cruelty+abuse Aqualadora said she was trolling abt the whole dog thing. People weren't buying that so she tried downplaying the whole thing by saying the owner was bad and the dog wasn't any good either. She clearly has 0 regrets for what she's done and she even laughed about it like it was a joke. This bitch would definitely do it again if she could.

No. 517809

what's with black women and letting die/killing vulnerable people/animals they're paid to care for?(racebaiting)

No. 517846

The dog still would had died if she was white, race obviously doesn't factor into this, it's the person.

No. 517885

The stream in question

The police are investigating her now

No. 517954

what the fuck.. she just said she gave him medication to kill it. and everyone else just looking uncomfortable, i feel so triggered

No. 518008

Not a race thing. It's a disgusting human thing. I'm a black female and would never do this to an animal or a human. Please check your racism at the door.

No. 518042

File: 1519942174689.png (114.88 KB, 720x479, Screenshot_2018-03-01-17-08-53…)

She's on the news now https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Tha4f2HFtAE [DL][Archived Copy]

They featured the wrong clinic though. She volunteered at this rescue clinic, she actually worked at 2 clinic; VetnCare hospital and Pinole pet hospital. VetnCare seem to be trying to distance themselves from her, they just deleted the article she wrote about fleas but you can still find the preview through google.

No. 518057

File: 1519942755978.png (97.85 KB, 551x916, 2018-03-01 17.16.08.png)

Vetncare better make a statement and start their own investigation. I hope the owner finds out about this and sues her ass

No. 518085

>gets asked what's the worst thing you ever done
>brags about killing a dog becuz she didn't like the owner
>gets critisized on twitter
>unfazed,talks shit about the dog saying the dog was a bad dog anyways whatever
>gets featured on the news:"IT WAS A JOKE GUYS I WAS TROLLING!1!"
>Police starts investigation
>deletes everything and pretends nothing happened

What pisses me off about this is she believes she did the right thing and just saying the dog was bad makes it alright~ like why work at a veterinary clinic if you have no regard for life?

No. 518167

She's a sociopath. Zero remorse, zero regard for a life, thinks being spurned for whatever reason by someone (she just said she "didn't like the owner," no like… legitimate reason why?) is justification to kill an innocent extension of that person.

No. 518250

No. 518393

why do you say 'permabanned'? that looks like the same email as normal bans which are often undone

No. 518402

No. 519964

Anyone mind if we discuss xQc here? He's a twitch gamer signed onto the Overwatch League's Dallas Fuel team and has already been suspended once for his twitch stream rages involving homophobic slurs along with multiple temp bans from Overwatch for rage reporting while streaming on Twitch.

Most recently he showed off his nasty-ass room filled with weeks old drinks, spilled food, and mold-filled pans.

No. 519968

And showing off his inability to clean his own cookware for probably a month or more.


His own teammates talk shit about him just as hard as he talks shit on Twitch about everyone around him.
Though he's much more used to screaming at his twitch fans from his family's shed instead of his nice digs now sleeping on a bare mattress on the floor.

No. 541269

I'd like to add twitch said he broke the record. Tyler1 actually still held it at over 400k.

No. 541285

Offline tv crew is starting to get real annoying with the shipping/dating shit

No. 541299

Mitch jones has another breakdown

No. 570231

Fed from offlinetv made a comment that a lot of people took out of context and ran to Ice Poseidon about

here is his reaction, Ice is a fucking joke.


No. 615684

File: 1529478029617.jpeg (361.93 KB, 1242x1396, E8741A5B-BFAC-452A-98BC-529657…)

Surprised Estherlynn never gets called out for her excessive photoshop

Notable mentions:
Sucks up a lot to high elo eboys
Was thirsting over sneaky for months
Posted snaps of them in bed together before they were posting about each other on twitter

No. 779556

File: 1550610679042.jpeg (72.83 KB, 247x654, 27229A24-0E55-422B-AF2E-0888F6…)

No. 794037

File: 1554252348660.jpeg (486.26 KB, 1920x2560, 339F8EE2-46D4-433E-A981-605822…)

No. 819605

I need to know, any drama with Cryaotic and the gang?

Seems discord became a cool kids club for Cry and his groupies.

No. 819606

Almost no one even calls her out on how she photoshops Sneaky into a different person much less herself. Men actually believe this shit.

No. 819827

This is old, dry, crusty hearthstone milk, but it really irks me that Hafu did with Dog what Holly did with ProJared (imo even worse because Dog's girlfriend was supporting him monetarily through his twitch beginnings) and not only did they not get dragged, they're still together being an ~UwU streamer couple~.

No. 819832

OT, but damn I miss the Anisa milk. Is she even still with Ian/Idubbz?

No. 819852

she's gone pretty quiet after Brittany Venti dropped the video on her. poor Pear. I miss the milk too, she was one of the less self-aware cows.

No. 819871

damn, I didn't know that. I'll google the video. Thanks for the info, anon.

I used to attend Late Night with Cry every Saturday for about 2 years, but everything feels like a very exclusive clubs now. The only thing I know is that Cry pretty much abandoned his youtube channel, which is unfortunate cuz I really enjoyed his LPs.

No. 819963

she did two videos (one a reply to Anisa's reaction lmaoooooo) and there's another channel called Pearfax I think. if any other anons are interested it's here (i thought it was posted in here somewhere cbf looking so I'll sage this)

No. 820398

From kiwi:
>Idubbbz buying his GF a boob job for a b-day/xmas gift
Despite constantly preaching self love and body acceptance, self proclaimed BDD/Anorexic Anisa Jomha, is getting a boob job in LA later this month, funded almost entirely by Idubbbz/Ian Washburn. Proving Idubbbz to be the biggest pushover cuck.



No. 820408

yikes, she's so gross. Way to be another stupid bitch who gets big titties for their boyfriend and to please men. I don't get how people even like Anisa. She's got the worst personality and all she does is talk shit

No. 820432

what does she need a boob job for? to milk more thirsty cucks so she can pretend she has an income or because Ian wants his gf to have pornstar titties??

No. 820452

Spoiler because nobody cares, but I talked about her with my bf a while back and he said he really likes her because “she's funny and doesnt give a shit” which tbh didnt makes much sense to me looking at her streams(no1curr)

No. 823023

this retard is already apple shaped with literally no hips. getting implants is a one way ticket to a wendy williams body.

No. 823256

File: 1560794891598.png (268.46 KB, 432x612, Screenshot_2019-06-09-12-21-14…)

Gumdrop's makeup in her racist apology stream is so bad. She uses literal white paint on her face and hands but forgets her neck kek

No. 943206

File: 1583787105374.png (2.9 MB, 750x1334, 780AA312-7BC6-4CE4-B251-5D069D…)

From being called a hero on kotaku for putting on a tshirt and denouncing titty streaming as lazy work, raihnbowkidz is selling nudes

No. 943231

File: 1583791885087.jpg (76.17 KB, 640x853, 5va22eyywpl41.jpg)

No. 943268

Nitpick but it irks me that she couldn't even make the bed and close the wardrobe door

No. 943538

File: 1583849794863.jpg (Spoiler Image, 214.97 KB, 1067x1661, 1067x1661_d272dc2e3bcd2a5ae667…)

They are all up on thothub.

I dont know how onlyfans works but she has 910 fans. It seems like you have to pay the 12 to follow but im not sure.

No. 943560

Yeah they're all against thotting until they realize they can get implants and then rake in the desperate neckbeard cash themselves. Another day, another sellout.

No. 943684

She’s shooping everything but her face, she really threw the “love yourself” ideology out the window.

No. 943689

File: 1583868765461.jpeg (258.38 KB, 750x828, 819DE407-5D75-4E76-8B60-77AB81…)

Damn Chris really be paying for anisa’s nudes

No. 943807

Venti coming in with ALL the receipts, what a wonderful timeline

No. 944098

Eh this was mostly Brittany virtue sperging about prostitution, which I do agree with a lot of the points she made about pornography and how it does way more harm than good in society. Also that sex work is being glamorized as a fun and easy lifestyle when it's actually quite the opposite - unless you're a narcissist/sociopath that literally doesn't give fuck and isn't just saying it to make themselves feel better.

She listed three reasons people go into sex work: money, mental illness, and sex trafficking. However there is another reason Venti missed that I think is the proper catagory that Pear (and Shoe) falls into, and that is just being plain stupid.

In this day and age we know that male approval is the currency women are taught to seek after, either you grow and evolve past it or you succumb and let your life revolve around it. It's very clear Pear is addicted to male attention, to the point that she has no qualms about cheating on her ex with her "upgrade" Idubbbz, blatantly flirting with Chris Ray Gun while being with Idubbbz, and putting other women down to elevate herself to neckbeards (not like other girls syndrome).

She is with a relatively wealthy man so we can rule out money (even if she wants more she is not in a position of desperation), she has exaggerated her claims of depression/anxiety/ED's for attention and sympathy points, so it's hard to believe it's mental illness motivating her to do this, and she definitely isnt being sex trafficked. Considering her lack of substance, talent or motivation to do anything outside of being an e-thot, why wouldn't she blow up her titties and make an OnlyFans account? Sometimes it just ain't that deep and you have to accept the fact that they are only victims of themselves.

No. 944196

I agree with this
Anisa’s personality revolves around being a victim and I think that’s all she’s really good at, everything else she’s done is mediocre at best that includes titty streaming.

She doesn’t seem very bright either seeing that she’s doxxed her own boyfriend and now she’s making him look like a cuck/simp.

She doesn’t seem broke like she claims to be but I think she’s gotten accustomed to a certain “Youtuber lifestyle” and can’t afford all the nice things she wants so opening an onlyfans will give her quick coin to buy expensive goods

No. 944241

File: 1583962623568.png (330.66 KB, 589x489, sdf.png)

No. 944425

I live in the same city as them and honestly she's so plain that I wouldn't know it was her if we passed on the street.Also anyone that brags they can afford fancy things cannot afford shit lol.

No. 944450

The Anisa cycle
>get boosted by idubbbz
>sudden confidence and smug
>idubbbz fans lose interest
>anisa has “crisis”

Just give it some time, her onlyfans images are leaked everywhere, and knowing her laziness she won’t improve the quality of her shoots(like momokun/nigri). Unless idubbbz includes his dick in her content people are going to unsub

No. 944473

I hope she gets so confident she breaks up with him. Its not chump change for 9 photos. I dont know what her tax situation would be though.

No. 944475

i dont find her milky but those implants are so depressing. causing yourself pain, wasting money on an investment you'll have to keep upgrading with time, all to look like this. she looked so much better without them. they look so painful and like really big and wide pecs? they're too big, and too wide for her body. wrong implant profile, not that implants are ever advisable.

No. 944491

I agree, they’re definitely too wide. They also looks strange/unnatural at the bottom, maybe they’ll look better when they heal but you can see the visible implant drooping.

Natural looking implants are achievable but are much more subtle than the look she was clearly aiming for.

No. 944562

I find it so depressing that even when she decided to make this her main source of income she doesnt give it her all and try to take pretty cool lewd shoots. It's literally her looking dumb on a messy bedroom in front of a mirror wtf. Everyone is going to get bored soon.

No. 944589

Idubbbz' subreddit is full of people calling him a cuck and a simp for this.


No. 944591

Same anon; I forgot to mention her subreddit (which she is a mod on) has turned into what you'd expect.


No. 944628

File: 1584036223200.jpg (62.88 KB, 960x664, icuckzz.jpg)

fucking KEK has some good shit on here, fuck reddit but ayy based for once

No. 944649

File: 1584039479761.jpg (1.51 MB, 1242x1990, 4d17227.jpg)

Guess they did get the last laugh after all

No. 944673

people are jerking off to THAT?? ewww

No. 944682

Actually money can be a motivation if she os planing on dumping idubbbz

No. 944684

find it weird that her making an onlyfans was the breaking point for his fans

Not that she openly used him for clout
Not her talking shit about him
Not her leaking his address, real name, and birthday
Not her leaking details of his family he lied about

idubbbz has tried so hard to push his cool guy persona, using a fake name and fake brothers - all that gone because of a twitch thot lol

No. 944685

Kind of hope she gets the stupid confidence to dump him and lose everything. They just want idubbbz, not her.

No. 944689

I don't think a lot of his fans know that information. But it would add fuel to the fire if they did.

No. 944692


his sub censored that information back then.

No. 944705

File: 1584046865378.png (90.35 KB, 760x851, rip idubbbz.png)

idubbbz is getting a simp comment every 5 seconds, they're really ripping it into him lol

No. 944738

Only tourists, fake gangsters, and broke bitches take pics with that car kek

No. 944745


LMAO tons of gold there (link to video, don't forget to turn the sound on)

No. 944873

File: 1584079099161.jpg (55.15 KB, 811x420, iSimp Censored.jpg)

No. 944875

File: 1584079429453.png (630.3 KB, 526x773, upload_2018-1-5_12-27-39.png)

She'll be chasing another.
Her true love.

No. 944892

File: 1584083940116.jpg (69.19 KB, 1043x418, ioddfuaskjas.jpg)

No. 944895

kek. this is great

No. 944896

Do you think Ian is the type to be hurt by this and still stay because he loves her like a true cuck, or do you think it's more of an issue of him not caring about her or their relationship enough to set this boundary?

No. 944900

File: 1584087629209.png (20.7 KB, 518x286, kek.png)

All the comments are scrotes begging for leaks of her nudes or insulting her. Great fanbase there Anisa.

Wasn't she bragging about having money recently? Her place looks like a place some 20yo college boy just moved into. It looks so sad and dirty.

He's sorta like idubbz but with a better hairline.

No. 944903

File: 1584088572808.jpg (176.55 KB, 1080x1213, Screenshot_20200313_083606.jpg)

Catering to literal scrotes

No. 944906

That's what you get when you pander to men lol "please someone leak her nudes that she's a disgusting whore for taking"

No. 944909

That’s idubbbz house, he’s constantly in the stage of repairing it

For their 3rd year anniversary idubbbz allowed her to buy a bed frame for their mattress on the floor. She even got the great honor to build it herself while he went to hangout with YouTube friends lol

No. 944916

>For their 3rd year anniversary idubbbz allowed her to buy a bed frame for their mattress on the floor. She even got the great honor to build it herself while he went to hangout with YouTube friends lol

What a mess. How come she hasn't moved on to some other youtube/twitch famous cuck?

No. 944917

File: 1584093104618.png (610.79 KB, 1298x366, Capture.PNG)

Anisa got almost 3000 subs on her onlyfans now, I'm guessing the idea of cucking idubbbz makes all those simps get off.

No. 944967

They are dunking on him now and not earlier, because it's the current climate/trend in YouTube communities.

This trend started when Slazo successfully turned the tides in his favor after he got "cancelled". The community got a taste of how it feels to turn the tide in favour of someone, and they liked it. It made them feel powerful and important. So they did the same with Jared. Ultimately, people started wishing and calling for Leafy to come back.

But then they thought it must be am even better feeling to turn the tide AGAINST someone. So they started turning on people and groups that were perceived as "the good ones" and were untouchable. The recent fall from favor of the Anti-O community is an excellent example.

It was just a matter of time when Idubbbz got "cancelled", seeing how Leafy was "redeemed". 2019/2020 are the years of turning things on their head, doing 180 on opinions and judgements.

This is why the backlash happened now, if it weren't for Pear, something else would have caused Idubbbz's downfall.

No. 945053

Yeah Idubbbz reputation is now officially ruined. All for a few extra easy thousand, was it worth it?

No. 945099

Very nice recap Anon thank you

I thought leafy coming back was because keem was running low on material, didn’t know about all that other stuff. Let’s hope the prophecy comes through

No. 945133

File: 1584136460201.jpg (96.74 KB, 640x644, iDubbbz Photoshoot.jpg)

No. 945188

this is going to make me sound like an anachan, but her new boobs make her look so broad that she almost reads as fat at first glance. the boobjob was unnecessary. smaller breasts suit a short torso much better. they honestly age her. enjoy the thotbux while they last.

No. 945222

She said Idubbbz was "supportive" of this move. Hmmmm. Well, he didn't use to be.

She missed the opportunity to make it big in the ethot world when she blew away Zoie Burgher and Celestia Vega. The girls had her back and were hugely popular, but she dumped them on Idubbbz's demand. She could have already made mad bank and be set by now enjoying her life.
But she made stupid decision after stupid decision.

Zoie correctly notes that Anisa picked the wrong side.

No. 945242

Not Ana at all, it really brings out her broad shoulders

Anisa has never been fat, she’s average. she just doesn’t know how to dress for her body

No. 945244

kek. I almost hope she jumps onto a new dick just to really get these scrotes sperging over their "lost king".

No. 945246


This isn't relevant to what she's doing. Even if Idud is okay with this, that doesn't mean it was ever a good idea to be anywhere near the hoe squad. He knew it was a bad idea to associate with them, though later he couldn't pull his head out of his ass enough to realize what she's doing now is also stupid. Look at what happened to Zoie and friends. That being said, pearface is a huge hypocrite and ended up being desperate enough later in her "career" to ruin everything. This will go okay for her for a short period, but it wont last. She made herself look so washed up and stupid. She won't be smart with her money either.

No. 945270

she doesnt have broad shoulders. she just has a pretty short torso and huge fake boobs make it look shorter and wider. her figure was nicer without this. i'm just appalled idubbbz has all this money and that he publicly treats her like shit. you can tell she doesn't get treated to a dime, unless apparently it turns him on. honestly, ian is a million times more milky than anisa. he's a shitty person, and she seriously got screwed by a kansas tier surgeon.

No. 945389

I don't get it though. Before dating Anisa, Ian used to creep around twitch boobie streamers, and then started dating one. Nobody said shit about him being a cuck for dating a twitch thot back then and he even got praised for it. But now that she continues thotting, all these videos are suddenly popping up how they are all disappointed in iDubbbz "the thot destroyer".
He was always a cuck you dumbfucks.

No. 945416

File: 1584204641643.png (908.09 KB, 694x764, Coincidence I Think Not.png)

No. 945475

Why are people just now noticing this?

No. 945492

File: 1584215918409.png (502 KB, 747x808, AB17CFF7-0820-4D9E-951D-1D0122…)

Tinfoil: idubbbz edited this photo and made anisa post it

This picture hasn’t been posted anywhere else. She posted a similar one on her Snapchat but it was clearly a different selfie.

We know anisa can’t use photoshop well, her YouTube thumbnails are proof of that.
Idubbbz has yet to publicly address the drama on his accounts, and from what the leaked discord says, I don’t think he ever will. This is his “alpha” move to stick it to all the haters. Pretty lame tbh

No. 945497


I dunno, anon. She looks cute in this pic. He is a balding edgelord so he'd better keep simping.

No. 945507

I don’t mean photoshop for her face I meant the shooped in switches

The Nintendo switch is a meme for cuckoldry

No. 945518

That's not tinfoil, it's sure Ian photoshoped it. Even the zipper on his jacket says "soy".

It's his typical way of reacting to antagonism - "ironically" embracing it. Just like how he shaved half his hair off when Leafy ridiculed his balding hairline.

Except this time around, it's not working quite well. It's one thing to say "fuck yeah I'm bald so what idc", and another to say "fuck yeah I'm a cuck so what idc". Just look at how well that went for Buntyking…

No. 945612

how is he a cuck though? this is the same backwards logic as when onision was being called a cuck while fucking another woman. he's avoiding paying for her by getting her to finance herself and not touch his money. you can tell he doesn't want a real life with her and doesn't want her to get in on his cash. like he gives a fuck if guys want to fuck her. they're not fucking her and he's not emotionally invested in her anyways. he doesn't even want to actually live with her. boobjob was an investment so she could support herself, and also probably because he wanted her to have bigger boobs. 2 birds and all that.

No. 945625

careful anon, you’re making too much sense rn, you’re definitely gonna get called a wk

No. 945655

Because he is being hypocritical. He called out people for doing the exact same thing he does.

No. 945663

This is a completley retarded argument, you're trying to absolve him of his cuckery by claiming he has little to no stake in his thot of a gf. They'be been together for over three years now and live together, the dude makes millions and gave her a couple thousand so she could get bigger tits & whore herself out on the internet for other men. This is the same guy that has ragged on people like tana mongeau for doing storytimes about being a whore but now his long term gf is literally living off of coomer money whilst he's getting ripped apart online. It's sad.

No. 945674

youre a retard. i know droves of women with shitty, emotionally unininvolved and uninvested boyfriends who pay for their boob jobs because they want to play with big tits. they barely lived together and she was stuck in canada for quite a while. her discord messages about him were pretty telling too. you are an idiot. he's not getting "cucked" by getting to enjoy the fake tits other men are paying back, and more.

No. 945690

he's playing with big tits that have a net worth of $12 lmao and those same tits have lost him a ton of credibility, he may not be a cuck but he sure is a fucking bozo

No. 945702

Wasn’t onion called a cuck because he watched his wife and her gf fuck?

No. 945703

File: 1584247198618.jpg (433.1 KB, 2748x820, BLACKED iCuckkkz.jpg)

>how is he a cuck though?
If your girlfriend sends nudes to other men without you knowing and you catch her, she is considered cheating even before she gets to have sex.

But if your girlfriend sends nudes to other men with you supporting her that's somehow not cuckoldry?

Also, implying he gets any of the money she's making.

No. 945705

>h-he really isn't that involved in the relationship and lets her cheat on him, s-so he's not a cuck

Go back to your shitty Reddit. The right move if your girl wishes to send nudes to men is to dump her ass.

No. 945706

File: 1584247383680.jpg (44.46 KB, 680x578, ETAw-jXXkAgVxSB.jpg)

It wants to say, "LOOK, GUISE! WE'RE SELF-AWARE!" but instead it screams, "SIIIIIMP".

No. 945712

File: 1584248200209.png (454.29 KB, 575x680, ETDu1VQUYAEEch-.png)

This is what iDubbbz fans unironically think is happening.

They seem to forget that pimps don't date their hos.

No. 945721

it's a bad boob job that just earned her 3865 at $12 a pop. for a $4k investment (and i do mean 4k, they look like cheap, over the muscle salines), she's raking in $46,380 a month. $556,560 a year. onlyfans only takes 20%. i'm sure ian is totally crying that over his 4k investment she'll be bringing in $445,248, that other men don't even get to actually enjoy. and idubbbz isn't someone who is priding himself on integrity. it was always obvious he's a hypocrite. he was a hypocrite the minute he started dating a tittystreamer.

lmfao if he asked her for money she'd give it to him. she's sadly cucked for his ugly ass. you're delusional. and it's not the same thing, he knows everyone is seeing her and wanting to fuck her, but isn't touching. she's obsessed with him and his status. many men enjoy going out with their gfs in sexy outfits knowing guys are jealous that they can't fuck their gfs. same premise applies here. plus money. this is a win for both of them, and i will guarantee this is just getting her off of his back to support her. once again, read her discord messages about him, and the fact that he didn't want to live with her. she has been the one begging for him for forever.

hilarious. you fags are the idubbbz fans, ever holding him to some ridiculous "resident thot discipliner" standard when he has been liking thot pictures for years and dating a tittystreamer for years. like all of you sour grapes sufferers, he was always just salty he couldn't fuck those thots. all of you would 180 these bullshit posts if you could date an ethot.

No. 945723

She got a crescent lift and under the muscle implants at a Beverly Hills surgeon who’s popular with cosplayers. I assume it’s the same doc who did mothers basement’s wife. A lot of parallels here

No. 945730

okay have scrotes infested this thread? seriously no one but degenerate scrotes are this obsessed with "cucking"

No. 945735

File: 1584251525865.jpg (370.05 KB, 1536x2048, ES9Io_8UwAEYAVQ.jpg)

are you fr? maybe the pockets are poorly shapen. doesn't help that the implant profile doesn't fit her body at all whatsoever, cause it looks jacked and like they'll be at risk of bottoming out soon or something. she didn't need a lift at all. she just needed more projection on top. better profile implants with more upper pole projection would've meant she could've gone with a lower cc, less stretching, less stress and would've equalized breast volume itself. who is the surgeon? he sucks. i looked up basement mom's wife and if it's the same guy, no clue why this guy is popular in the cosplay scene. anisa got lucky he didnt do a botch job like this one. shocked she got a lift, really. totally unnecessary.

No. 945737

what fucking credibility. literally what has idubbz contributed to the planet besides saying the N word over and over again and shitting out a content cop once every two years?

this dude never had any credibility. he had droves of retarded underage stanboys and girls. just because you were part of that autism doesn’t mean the rest of the world holds him in any regard.

No. 945745

>lmfao if he asked her for money she'd give it to him.

t. simp

No. 945747

> she's sadly cucked for his ugly ass. you're delusional. and it's not the same thing, he knows everyone is seeing her and wanting to fuck her, but isn't touching.

The cope is real.

If the people buying her nudes are simps, iDubbbz is King Simp lmao.

No. 945749

This autist is so upset iDubbbz has become a cuck that he's double posting lmao.

No. 945750

>What's the big deal with iDubbbz letting other men pay for his GF's nudes? He's a pimp!

Simp cope.

No. 945752

>he had droves of retarded underage stanboys and girls.

And you're apparently talking to one of them.

No. 945754

Shouldn't you go back to r/iDubbbz and cry more at the people calling him a simp or something?(extreme autistic infighting about anisas tits)

No. 945765

File: 1584254788757.jpeg (222.96 KB, 750x691, 579E70DE-C4BC-4212-8A69-ECD5FA…)

Here are her ccs 450/415

The results look like idubbbz cheaped out…

No. 945855

File: 1584288969268.jpg (400.08 KB, 1638x2048, ETA6d8fWkAA64ym.jpg)

Why does she think that big, blocky eyebrows is a good look???

(I don't think she was mentioned here before btw, she's Gab Smolders, formerly known as GirlGamerGab, Jacksepticeye's girlfriend)

No. 945916

All youtuber girlfriends are fucking snakes

It’s like they can’t independently have their own life, it HAS to revolve around their so

No. 945926

File: 1584301833392.png (240.31 KB, 588x869, idubbbz.png)

Iduppps is trying to own it but nobody in the comments is buying it.


No. 945940


He looks like great value Walter White

No. 945953

Anon my fucking sides

No one believes him because he built an army of incel hounds that will tear apart anything when theres blood. His subreddit even peak Idoobz was a trash fire mess of people comparing him to holocaust victims. Half of them originally liked Leafy but tore him to pieces once Ian decided to point out his no chin kek. They have no loyalty, they're here for the "lulz" and to stroke their angsty male teen egos by going after people they deem cringe. Just watch a new edgelord youtuber lambast Ian one of these days and he'll be crowned the new king of the virgins. At least until he gets an ethot girlfriend from the minor internet fame.

No. 945954

Tt must kill him that he's no longer ~untouchable~

No. 945966

you used such a nice pic, usually her big ass mouth just hangs open with her no upperlip ft. huge teeth. never liked her.

No. 945967

he's trying so hard to show off he's not "bothered" but he's so fucking triggered

first forcing anisa to post this >>945492 and now this…

idubbbz is fucking done for

No. 945977

Of course they're not having it. He should have paid attention to what happened to Buntyking when he tried to own his cuckoldry. Smart people learn from other people's mistakes, idiots have to learn from their own.

No. 945994


Balding edgelord nerd with quite a strong eyeglass prescription.

Scuffed as fuck attempt at a moustache.

Actual cuck.

No. 946004


It's like those youtube clips of bikers falling off their motorbike but to try and claw back some control over it they pause before the crash with the 'at this point he knew he fucked up' meme and slap on crying laughter emojis, duck noises etc.

None of that bullshit changes the fact you fell on your stupid ass in front of everyone.


No. 946036

there's a grain of truth in every joke kek

No. 946156

ew he looks like he owns a van and hangs out around kindergartens

No. 946401

Anyone got shit on pokimane?

Seems like she's not so innocent and has a record taking down people with an army of whiteknights

No. 946411

Her history is better documented on PULL

Since the topics covered in venti's video she really chilled out

recent drama:
-her and hassan(TYT) dated for a bit, hassan seems bitter about it but they have a huge age difference.
-a friend of hassan, 39daph was mad at poki for how she treated hassan and her other friends. LSF loved her for a bit, and then poki reverse uno'd and everyone said daph was being petty

No. 946773

No. 946848

Usually don’t like creepshow videos but she did her research

Let’s hope all the other commentary channels jump on this band wagon

No. 946964

Pretty solid video from Creepshow. She's a bit of a flake sometimes, but she definitely did her research and her art has also improved. I remember her just drawing the same ugly face over and over before.

She's got 100k views in a days time. I wouldn't be shocked if a lot of the smaller commentary youtubers pick it up. If there's little to no backlash from Ian fanboys, the bigger ones will likely hop aboard the bandwagon too. This whole Idubbbz is a cuck/simp thing from the onlyfans reveal might work against him in the end. kek.

No. 947037

File: 1584553811101.jpg (30.55 KB, 500x335, iDubbbz Reviewing the Latest B…)

No. 947046

File: 1584556978877.jpg (30.62 KB, 720x259, dfti7B2ZzeDLPAN5wuc8nmAi5NXe5H…)

there anisa goes, lying. (tweet deleted now btw)

she can just say she wanted big fat tits, why does she always have to change the narrative so she's the hero.

I'm selling my nudes to help my DYING DAD guys, I'm doing something HONORABLE

No. 947076

Anisa and her team are going full cover up mode and DMCA-ing anything that shows her in a negative light(the reddit threads on idubbbz and thothub are going down)

F for lolcow guys

No. 947226

The same Muslim dad that was so staunchly against her titty streaming that he supposedly made her stop it?

I saw the screenshots of her mom's insanity on KF. I don't think she's lying here. I think her mom is using her to get rid of her husband and kick him while he's down.

No. 947280

anisa has said on stream multiple times that she's not solely responsible for taking care of her parents (usually when she does a shopping spree and her chat lectures her for spending money)

Maureen has had like 5 kids? 2 of them apparently lawyers, so the fact that she's implying that she has taken the entire burden of housing her father is a big fat lie

No. 947285

"My boyfriend's money is not my own to spend" makes it sound like she either asked him for help and he said no or she just didn't even bother talking to him about it and this is her lame excuse
Either way, whew

No. 947342

>my bf's money is not mine to spend
>asks bf for a boob job

lmfao how is her thread still locked?!? seriously this shit writes itself, this bitch is still the same bitter pick me "not like other gurlz" so much for "dropping the pick me attitude guys" "need some money for my daddy but instead i got a bewb jewb uwu"

No. 947731

File: 1584680675982.jpeg (513.11 KB, 750x1006, 2A18104F-8E0D-40D6-B19D-FFA8CE…)

Idubbbz is doing everything but be home.

He looks unhinged

No. 947747

File: 1584686649195.png (2.06 MB, 1698x904, iDubbbz Covid Distancing.png)

He wishes he was dead.

No. 947751

>lmfao how is her thread still locked?!?
didn't someone just make another thread for her like….recently? or am I having a stroke?

No. 947754

i signed up to anisa's onlyfans and it's so boring. I honestly didn't think her boobs looked bad before the photos, there's no nudity but they're rock hard and uneven. She has one photo with the outline of her labia but that's about as risky as she gets, everything else is covered by pasties.

No. 947755

Riddle me this. Anisa's thread got locked and autosaged because of the autists reeing in the thread, however, many other cows also has equally unhinged anons in it. Also, how is selling nudes in only fans and having a subreddit turns on you not a milk?? Tinfoil: the mods are in cahoots with them because a thot cant handle the bullying that comes for being a thot and has her simp beg for mercy

No. 947756

the mods have always had a weird white knight thing with Anisa, her threads where always auto saged and shut down multiple times.

No. 947762

File: 1584691925548.jpeg (380.94 KB, 2048x1536, 0A621D3E-08BD-4726-9DEE-ADB533…)

Why would she post this

No. 947763

File: 1584692380081.jpeg (380.49 KB, 750x1197, 460828DC-AFB3-4E9E-94B8-B6DFC7…)

Imagine… renting out a studio and using ring lights only to use your phone with a remote shutter

No. 947768

Her body looks like a crumpled tin can

No. 947780

File: 1584699067297.png (1.27 MB, 1267x565, alsoconsider.png)

wouldn't it be more like..

No. 947802

No, her thread was unlocked briefly. I was one of the people who thought there was no real milk on her and thought her previous threads were shit, but recently, I strongly believe the bitch fucking needs a thread. The milk is pouring hard right now and this is likely only the beginning.

No. 947810

I think the mods disliked the Pear threads because there was only like 5 of us actively participating in them. The rest of the userbase was of the opinion "it's just another thot, nothing special to see here", like the anon above me.

No. 947886

Also one of the mods turned out to be one of anisas pay pigs and when the thread was invaded with spam the admin did nothing until 2 hours later, lol its a fact that mods and admin alike have a vendetta against the thread because right away when someone made a thread it got locked

No. 947992

>Also one of the mods turned out to be one of anisas pay pigs
Sauce? That would explain sooo much

No. 948031

It was in one of the old threads it was right before it was permanently locked

No. 948046

Eh, I remember people accusing the mods, I don't remember seeing any proof.

No. 948062

File: 1584757865853.jpeg (187.38 KB, 750x979, 00D574FE-F6EE-4DE1-9547-B141EC…)

Even anisa’s ex friends are subtweeting her lol

Remember anisa ended this friendship because celery wouldn’t break up with her gf

No. 948095

that's a really stupid tweet though. sometimes people who are afflicted with serious conditions can't be at home because you can't provide them with emergency services that homes are prepared for

No. 948271

i know this completely off topic but i agree. People who have never been put in the position of having to take care of someone who is psychically ill or in their final years just how emotional draining, depressing, and just down right stressful and hard it is. this just annoyed me!

No. 948314

File: 1584829095861.png (344.86 KB, 481x843, baddd.png)

anisa doing "Art" again

her mom is hardcore whiteknighting recently

her mom had a boob job before so i guess she feels closer to anisa now lol

No. 948414

3 years is not a huge age difference

No. 948420

5 year age difference

No. 948435

im sick of these brainlet manlet political/philosophical “debate” faggots. none of them are beneficial members of society, theyre all equally worthless and not entitled to an opinion. they have no self awareness being total neets who dont interact with society, thinking they know how society works and how it can be changed for the better. theyre narcissists, and shitty ones at that.

No. 948436

What’s wrong with this? It’s not good or anything but there’s nothing wrong with referencing.

No. 948463

NTA but she's been outed as a tracer multiple times, so the fact that it's a digital piece makes it hard to tell if she just traced it or actually used the image as a reference.

No. 948482

File: 1584873266320.jpg (116.35 KB, 517x624, hoecakes.jpg)

How pathetic

No. 948486

you can tell it's not traced, it doesn't match well at all

No. 948494

File: 1584877079362.jpeg (506.35 KB, 991x874, 48AAF679-9714-4CAD-BF9F-15D6B5…)

No. 948500

I like how she makes this basic ass blond bitch look like a goddess in comparison to her.

No. 948570

File: 1584897453522.jpg (30.08 KB, 600x222, jeffkoons-puppies-comparison-6…)

I'm not any of those anons but this is not how referencing works. Usually people only reference the little details that they need but they create a piece of their own.
But when you copy a photographer's composition entirely (that is, when you're basically copying another artist's work), it's usually done only for practice and it's common etiquette to tag it as so and to include the original picture along with your own.
But to post it, as anisa does, with a caption like "look at MY art from MY stream" is a big no no.
This is because photography is an art on it's own and copying another artists work is not only shitty but literally illegal. Pic related is an sculptor that got sued and lost in court for copying photography.
If this was the artist salt thread she would have been ripped a new one for this, idk why anisa gets so fucking many free passes on lolcow.

No. 948572

File: 1584897713924.jpeg (599.7 KB, 2500x1875, DF21186B-A9EC-46B6-AF46-264860…)

Anisa be like, let me put on a literal wig on my eyes - that’s sexy

No. 948573

File: 1584897912534.jpeg (129.83 KB, 960x1280, DB54874D-9800-4DC9-89B5-D9E215…)

PT poopin

No. 948575

File: 1584898160324.jpeg (96.37 KB, 960x720, 80797A39-F4F4-4828-9023-6BDC13…)

No. 948585

Anisa here is modeling the "I'm a drunk divorced mom trying to be sexy for the blackout frat boy I took home from the bar" look. Idk who her friend is but I can't stop looking at her oddly posed foot. Ladies y'all need some help.

No. 948595

Anisa looks so bad. She has no muscle tone and she is really unsexy in every way

No. 948608

those fake eyelashes look soo unflattering on her holy fuck

No. 948617

Looks like she contoured her tits

No. 948651


OMFG this is some Moo level droopy-cross eyed shit there.

I can't wrap my mind around how Ian had an issue with Anisa's desire to assimilate with the 'hoe squad' but here we are years late, her being on the edge of doing the exact same thing.

No. 948829

the blonde girl looks like she's embarrassed to be there

No. 948916

a leafy impersonater commenting on the situation

No. 949499

File: 1585160178639.jpg (108.12 KB, 1242x1638, H7azjX0.jpg)

No. 949500

File: 1585160256977.jpg (171.94 KB, 1242x1656, S9Q7NJ4.jpg)

No. 949501

File: 1585160351418.jpg (400.67 KB, 2500x1875, 1MmrdRE.jpg)

No. 949502

File: 1585160373963.jpg (542.06 KB, 2500x1875, VFE9pbZ.jpg)

No. 949503

File: 1585160412876.jpg (116.8 KB, 960x1280, 960x1280-709cc66db3932ac53e098…)

That just dont look right.

No. 949504

File: 1585160447693.jpg (635.06 KB, 1925x2500, cISTEKS.jpg)

No. 949505

File: 1585160468516.jpg (317.99 KB, 1434x1912, Z6Hmmt1.jpg)

No. 949506

File: 1585160834995.jpeg (416.65 KB, 960x622, 4120C27B-A098-4999-B64F-BC80A0…)

No. 949507

She should work with Heather Sparkles.

No. 949508

so anon are you going to spoiler any of these pictures or not?
She does look a bit better with a different hair color tbh. Her black hair makes her looks like a man.

No. 949511

File: 1585161661668.png (504.2 KB, 594x926, 9464163.png)

Anisa hid her subscribers and dropped pricing from $12 to $10.

This is after she bragged about being the top .05% of Onlyfans creators.

No. 949526

Her face is the cranial equivalent of "I don't know what to do with my hands"

No. 949530

She lost her pear face but gained a drooping eye

with a hint of sanpaku

No. 949569

Why do these thots always get fake tits? it always looks fake. it's like rocks bolted onto their chest.

No. 949581


The boobs looks awfully fake. It's such a shame! I think she looks really good with that hair color and the longer hair really suits her.

No. 949634


Girlfriend went hard with the liquifying tool on her jawline.

She looks like a sad fruitbowl with a slightly overripe pear and two busting grapes.

I love how even her dog judges her deeply.

No. 949653

File: 1585193082282.jpg (191.86 KB, 508x456, tripod.jpg)

this shit kills me

using a remote shutter on your own? sure, idubbbz sure as fuck isn't going to help.

But you're visiting your friend, doing a collab together, and even she doesn't want to be your camera man?

PT tricks don't die

No. 949665

File: 1585195058595.png (449.59 KB, 463x412, shoop.png)

>liquefying tool on her jawline
Her jaw is all kinds of wonky up close in these. I guess all those jokes about her face being pear shaped got to her after all.

No. 949688

File: 1585203780812.jpg (247.75 KB, 2896x2896, 20200326_071949.jpg)

Dirty feet and ingrown toenails for 10 bucks what a bargain….

No. 949876

imagine being in a relationship with a millionaire and this is the absolute most you ever aspire to with his money. not going to a good school or traveling overseas or anything, but getting fake tits and taking pics in your basement in cheap lingerie to sell online. anisa…why.

No. 949885

diesel patches calling out idubbbz and anisa.

No. 949945

Who is this angry mgtow?

No. 949951

She didn't listen to constructive criticism, even when coming from her target group.
People who subscribed to her onlyfans told her that smiling would make her pics much better. She thanked them for the advice, but didn't follow it.

And they (and you) were right, this is the only pic where her facial expression isn't mega awkward.
Some, but very few women, can pull of the "serious and sultry" look I guess she's going for, but she's definitely not one of them. Like the vast, vast majority of people, she looks better when she's looking happy.

No. 949958

File: 1585243478382.jpg (96 KB, 720x499, Tay's.jpg)

No. 949982


The long hair and bangs is much more flattering on her face shape, and this colour looks quite nice on her.


Thought this was someone else at first, one of her best pictures from this set i think probably only cos shes upside down and therefore less recognisable

No. 950034

File: 1585259905712.jpg (1.28 MB, 1440x1911, 1585255675789.jpg)

gotta love living with a millionaire with trash on his floors

No. 950149

never thought I'd see daph's name mentioned here, tbh she seems above that stuff

No. 950150

is she trying to not look sexy on purpose? what is with her deadpan stare and open mouth? she looks like a dead fish

No. 950153

I really liked daph but she really is becoming “not like other girls”

Her hanging out with sliker, ggx etc feels so weird, people rag on poki being a clout chaser but at least she hangs with people in the same fandom(LoL), daph just chases any popularity

No. 950157

File: 1585286492833.jpeg (53.59 KB, 533x594, AD1B6B22-9B3F-4CEE-8938-EDB470…)

>that plywood bed frame and rock hard tits

No. 950183

damn that ass looks painfully pointy

No. 950268

No. 950300

she has such a masculine body. she looks trans

No. 950387

File: 1585367712234.jpeg (32.16 KB, 638x480, 47E8F1AF-66FC-4FA6-AC6E-BF5078…)


No. 950395

File: 1585369429792.jpg (422.39 KB, 1440x1920, 1584404846992.jpg)

Her ass is sad tbh. It's no wonder she has to pull moves like >>948573

No. 950397

a retarded manchild who makes sjw cringe compilation

No. 950400

File: 1585370589483.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.43 MB, 1440x2125, 625912F9-C4B3-4598-B516-24EE64…)

They look so hard

No. 950407

Jesus, the way she's holding them looks painful, like why is the skin so red?

No. 950514

File: 1585410938445.jpg (185.4 KB, 1080x473, Screenshot_20200328-165444_Chr…)

No. 950535

not trying to tinfoil and just general speculation about her shape- did she get stomach lipo? her waist just looks so damn tiny and the rest of her looks the opposite of that. just wondering since we know idunce is willing to pay for stuff like this now.

No. 950539

File: 1585414384867.png (24.76 KB, 578x193, Capture.PNG)

fuck off thotnisa

No. 950544

Are you blind? She looks boxier than ever with the new cans (which are particularly uneven) >>949499
Shes tapping into badly editing her body & twisting and turning into more flattering poses

No. 950589

File: 1585422911305.jpeg (303.38 KB, 667x500, E4F8E150-168D-4784-8B67-67F4EA…)

She’s just shamelessly using angles and posing

For example here she is showing off her THICC gains cus she works SO HARD at the gym. Pics were taken on the same day

No. 950595

Idubbbz actually addressed the only fans thing and wow he has definitely become a loser cuck

tl;dw “YOU guys are LOSERS, IM SO CONFIDENT and support my WAMAN”

No. 950599

this is the most likable i have ever seen this man

No. 950602

Skipped around but
>Just because one person brings in the cash doesn't mean the other person feels fulfilled

Um, your girlfriend needs to sell images of her body to loser men so she feels fulfilled and have her own money? He could help her start any business she wants or go to school…or idk pay go to therapy to talk about why she feels like she has to seek attention online through her body.

No. 950606

File: 1585426171811.jpeg (150.43 KB, 723x881, 9F41C8A5-6511-4D71-AAF9-4F0795…)

I don’t know if it’s idubbbz deleting comments or youtube algorithm but this comment had 2.2k thumbs up and was on the top, and it’s deleted now

People are copy and pasting the list in the comments and they’re disappearing

No. 950607

Well they were filing fake DMCA notices >>948482
, so they probably are deleting the comments too.

No. 950610

>Just because one person brings in the cash doesn't mean the other person feels fulfilled

Yeah that stood out as odd to me too. Is onlyfans fulfilling her? If he loses enough subs to this they'll be down money overall, I mean the comment section is not looking good right now.

No. 950611

I hate to be that person, but can we finally get back the Icuck's GF thread?
With all that milk pouring it is pretty much time…this thread is all her since her OF is live.

No. 950612


i thought this was blaire white for a sec lmfao alright transnisa

No. 950613

mod said multiple times "no", we just have deal with what we have

No. 950622

the deleted comment was archived


No. 950623

Yeah the problem was never that she decided to be a sex worker. The real criticism is that she did it after years of shaming other streamers like Celestia or Zoei. Also, is not about feeling -fulfilled- when she tried other stuff and failed miserably.

No. 950625

her waist does not look tiny kek

No. 950627

what the fuck how is her torso that short

No. 950630

File: 1585429405949.jpg (534.74 KB, 2048x1536, EDgUHkuUcAAnF2k.jpg)

another candid because she's such a small bean and ALSO thicc #notlikeothergirls

No. 950632

He's pretty much addressing his male viewers who just plain hate women making money from sex but he's ignoring all the people with actual points to make about her being shitty and a hypocrite

He'll lose fans, take a financial hit and then she'll dump him and walk away with all this free publicity having bumped up her nude sales

No. 950641

Its nuts to me how people are claiming he's "pro sex work". Its like all the woke twitter users just see incels complaining and dont realize they are dethroning their OWN incel king. You dont suddenly start praising a dude for being the wokest of woke and "supporting strong women" when his claim to fame was following a 19 year old girl to her shitty con to say the n word and make her uncomforable so she'd make a shitty storytime about it (something that every storytime youtuber fucking does).

Tanas gross and problematic herself but how people were cool with Ian purposely causing that shit show with his stank girlfriend is beyond my comprehension. Apparently telling shitty embellished story times is the worst thing you can do because its "bad content" and it had nothing to do with Anisa being butthurt with her sperging about Tana and Ian equally being butthurt when she said he hoped he broke his legs kek. What a shit show of conflicting opinions. People will roll out the red carpet for a shitty inflammatory youtuber as long as they say "women naked r good".

No. 950642

anyone else notice idubbbz has been trying really hard to recreate the cancer crew?

The entire robot video was being carried by the others. If you removed idubbbz out of the video, it would've been more or less the same.

No. 950645

yikes, those boobs are far too big for her frame. They looks so painful and heavy as well.

The thing is, he can say he supports his girlfriend no matter what, the fact that he rarely talks about her or promotes her stuff really gives the impression that he feels some type of way about Anisa going full thot mode. No matter what, becoming a sex worker when you are privileged and not financially desperate usually is a sign that you demand attention at all costs. She is exactly the kind of person he would have made fun of. It doesn't help that Anisa has spent time shaming women who rely on their bodies for money and clearly all this time she was jealous of them. You really also have to wonder what is going through his mind when he decided some as horrible as Anisa was a good catch.

No. 950646

They aren't going in hard enough, which is shocking for 4chan.

No. 950648

File: 1585432454958.png (37.35 KB, 889x347, lol.png)

>he can say he supports his girlfriend no matter what, the fact that he rarely talks about her or promotes her stuff

yeah he contradicted the point of his entire video by not saying her name even once.

also look at these youtube tags, her own boyfriend is calling her a twitch thot lmao

No. 950698

i kind of have to agree, he seems a lot less annoying than usual in this video

No. 950807

File: 1585465378735.jpeg (117.71 KB, 1125x841, 9DE13910-2DBD-43B6-AFE8-CAFDE8…)

No. 950811

Anisa and idubbbz are going full pokimane/alinity and copyright claiming videos. The pearfax one had 500k views the last time I saw it

Very funny idubbbz was complaining youtube took down his leafy videos for bullying, but it’s okay for you to do it when people are “bullying” your girlfriend?

No. 950821

the most shocking moment in the video was when he said "I love my girlfriend"

he has never acknowledged her existence before in a video.

No. 950822

File: 1585473519867.jpg (25.1 KB, 640x292, EXbBdPqI2BSj6dSeOipZYRuaX8eplL…)

I mean…

No. 950828

Fuck his blood pressure looks high in his simp response video, kek. He's trying to take a moral high ground and even throwing around boomer. This is actually gold

No. 950843

File: 1585479638543.png (148.82 KB, 637x1401, pear.png)

She's trying to defend herself on twitter (read from bottom to top)

No. 950870

god this is so pathetic "okay now shut up" totally sounds like something someone who's in the clear would say! And tracing art to learn how a drawing program works? Is she legitimately retarded?

No. 950882

I've come to the conclusion that she's just dumb and ignorant. She's incapable of understanding criticism. Is not about being a sex worker, is about being one after years of shaming her own pals for choosing to do so. Also, the whole fullfillied thing is bullshit! She only decided to be a sex worker because she failed miserably at everything else.

No. 950886

and they said anisa isn't milky enough to have her thread reopened…

shit is just getting good and I never thought idubbbz would be at the receiving end of criticism. Thot is cheapening his edgelord reputation.

No. 950892

I wonder why he didnt link her onlyfans account if he really isn't bothered or at least mention her name? He is weird about her. I'm actually surprised he made a video at all!

No. 950895

She really is. Guess that next content cop is never getting made. If it does eventually come out though, I wonder who he's going to try and aim at to try to claw out of this one.

No. 950905

Good job saving it, she’s deleted it already

Anisa is blocking anyone who posts memes or the leaked discord chats on twitter lol, what happened to “I never block because that’s weak :^)” anisa

No. 950923

It looks like anisa is idubbbz first girlfriend.
Idubbbz probably never had a girlfriend before her and we all know how first love is like and he is letting her do whatever she wants to avoid a breakup.
Dont get me wrong idubbbz is a incel and he is trash but anisa is the manipulative one in the relationship.

No. 950958

Pewdiepie is defending ian deleting comments because they’re too mean to anisa! And the list of points? Irrelevant

Who knew the fucking nazi would defund the “Holocaust wasn’t so bad” chick?

No. 950987

He's right about incels complaining that Ian is somehow a simp for not controlling literally everything Anisa does, but also a total hypocrite for not addressing all of the women he has targeted over the years. The whole 'I call women skanks for flavor' is such a fucking cop out, especially because he says he'll probably do it again. The whole 'Ironic lampshading' stick will only get you so far.

If neither of them had really brought up this topic before it really wouldn't matter but there is so much documented evidence of the two of them bullying people for something they're now capitalizing on. Anisa has to sell nudes to feel fulfilled because she can't make a career out of anything else, not because she's passionate or inherently good at it. Once the hype dies down everyone who's fallen for this will realize just how unremarkable she at everything she does.

No. 951027

Pewds held a silent grudge against Idubbbz for getting an unlimited N-word pass while he himself got crucified over one utterance. It's obvious even in that video.

Because of that, even Pewdipie is glad that Idubbbz the edgelord king finally got dethroned.

No. 951032

File: 1585521167267.jpg (66.42 KB, 640x589, ns6ehacvpop41.jpg)

remember when anisa wanted that sweet pure smol bean youtube persona? lmao

No. 951040

Where was his undying support for sex workers when he forbid anisa from joining zoie burgher's "hoe squad"?
Why is he cherrypicking mentally ill incel's opinions and completely ignoring all the people with valid points?

No. 951067

If you scream IT'S A JOKE like a chimp you can't be called out for it doncha know

No. 951074

yeah because pewdiepie has wanted to take that position for ages since filthyfrank ended

No. 951077

NTA he probably wasnt stopping her from being a hoe in general but just didnt want her hanging with the crashing ship that was ZB who was in drama every three seconds.

No. 951078

Joining the "hoe squad" could have been a bad idea due to the association. I get why he would advise against joining that specific group of people, I mean look at where they are now. I'm not defending them with this whole subject minus that part. I think it was more of a bad business move thing. That being said, what's going on now isn't any better. It's actually worse considering how she shit on everyone who did her own "pick me" personality. She says she dropped that mentality but she really didn't. She now has all the attention she wanted and all the money she was looking for. Now she suddenly feels bad for shitting on other women constantly. Funny with the whole "Laci has that pornstar face."

No. 951081

File: 1585528530516.gif (3.65 MB, 500x288, Kui5Mxc.gif)

seriously? how in the hell does idubbbz girlfriend's thread still locked? we are getting plenty educated milk here! the fact that idubbbz is out here defending her like her personal white knight/promotion pony. I am amazed. I love the fact that nerd city and the rest of the edgelord fags are staying silent about this whole thotnisa shit. hypocrisy at its finest, the milk is so good!

No. 951083

File: 1585528621117.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.08 KB, 487x768, omgy.jpg)

he's back girls

No. 951085

reminder that Anisa had a huge boner for leafy, so this is gonna hurt her twice as hard, she even admitted that she was saddened when leafy got a content cop done on him, he better deliver!

No. 951088

File: 1585529327817.gif (2.98 MB, 305x220, 1411095861106.gif)

How much you want to bet Leafy has messages Anisa sent him before she started dating Idubbbz? That would be amazing.

No. 951102

do you guys really think he is gonna pull those up? I mean he could have done that but wow if those actually do exist this is the perfect time to pull those up.

No. 951116

File: 1585536451504.jpeg (160.63 KB, 522x817, FE2B0873-4BC2-4EBB-BF42-24A853…)

Someone on kiwi farms is saying they used to casually see idubbbz, but idubbbz were too pussy to actually fuck. His way of flirting is so fucking cringe, reminds me when he wrote anisa a note with memes/chocolate when they started dating lmao

Big if true

No. 951118

No. 951125

holy shit wow he is even a bigger cuck than we thought, pathetic, little by little his untouchable status is falling. big bag idubbbz is not as big anymore. But its funny how the edgelords still hold back and try to defend him.

No. 951131

File: 1585538238761.jpeg (109.03 KB, 750x950, 280042FB-15FF-43D8-B29D-8E450E…)

Update: the evidence checks out

Ian has a soft spot for artistic busty girls


No. 951137

File: 1585539264666.png (184.41 KB, 740x1364, idubbbz the simp.png)

idubbbz FWB full story saved for prosperity's sake

No. 951139

File: 1585539571860.png (59.97 KB, 625x702, hippo idubbbz.png)

So sexwork shouldn't effect you getting a job, but liking a tweet with the N-word will?

if she's qualified for the job why would it matter, just like you morally stand by!


No. 951148

File: 1585541321565.jpeg (49.59 KB, 640x466, C1A6A7BF-31BF-48DE-B20D-D5AD43…)

Ok honestly… I find this kind of cute.. in a dorky way

No. 951169

so who's CreamyKitty1 ?

it's an obvious joke anon, please.

No. 951173

File: 1585550606137.jpg (1.62 MB, 2334x3112, 2334x3112_a2000dbcc110fcb4f820…)

No. 951174

File: 1585550723059.jpg (1.57 MB, 2384x3179, 2384x3179_07892d6bab283d631389…)

No. 951175

File: 1585551302332.gif (Spoiler Image, 8.52 MB, 320x569, ddddddddd.gif)

No. 951176

File: 1585551347955.gif (Spoiler Image, 10.42 MB, 320x569, ezgif-6-50b47147ebd9.gif)

No. 951177

I'm amazed on her ability to make anything she wears look cheap, she looks like a 50 dollar hooker at the Las Vegas strip. Not to nitpick but man thats a shitty boob job but then again she did say it cost isimp 4000 dlls I guess you get what you pay for.

ok wow what a disgusting piece of shit I guess he deserves to be treated like shit, both him and pear deserve eachother, cant wait for this little autist to ask her to marry him.

No. 951178

that sagging ass lmao I can't

No. 951180


she's messed with the saturation so much that the flowers on the dress don't look red anymore.

she'd probably look cute in that dress if she actually wore it, she has very long legs and it'd distract from her awful upper body

No. 951182

File: 1585552311719.jpg (60.2 KB, 540x810, dress.jpg)

my apologies forgot to embed the dress

No. 951188

her implants look terrible, I honestly feel bad for her, could Ian not fork out a couple thousand more for her to go to a proper clinic instead of an alleyway surgeon? What's the bet these are gonna ripple or go rock hard within this year lmao

No. 951199


how does this tryhard manage to make everything look so damn budget? soda can with the logo purposely not showing, why even bother? also her poses and sets (loool) are so bad, just no effort put in anything. just the same 4 poses ad nauseum, super bad lighting, I'm bored looking at these. but I don't wanna give her any ideas, I enjoy how pathetic she is at the same time. what's your five year plan, anisa?

oh, and keep the idubbbz milk coming! his response video was his worst decision (apart from pear) and I'm here for it!

No. 951266

this is pure trailer trash aesthetic

No. 951306

that's so sad, this girl is trying to say Ian had a spine back then and now he's a SiMp but honestly he was a steaming POS to this girl and now, despite being an idiotic hypocrite, he's supportive and defending his girlfriend. The way this girl is trying to portray him as a tough guy or whatever is pathetic.
I don't like Anisa and I very well remember her antics when her threads were on fire, but I don't condemn Ian, if it wasn't Anisa that would be very nice of him to support his sw gf, hypocrisy or not. But yeah. It's Anisa

No. 951315

LOL yeah Ian is a garbage piece of shit and he was to that other girl I mean she should be happy she dodged a bullet, man both are garbage people you know what sucks is that now all the edge lord community is all come on guys stay out of their business when they shit on people like tana and snipperwolf but oh no, not idooobzz girlfriend guyz. That's crossing the line!

No. 951317

Wears a $160 dress, manages to look like a trailer park pass around. kek.

No. 951328

and of course the edgelord cocksucking whiteknights have arrived lol Atozy had made a video about this shit now he made a response where is basically backtracking. now you have these two retards defending Idooobz and Anuspear, seriously the mental gymnastics man these two fuckers could be accrobats. They both are saying "yehh I wont let my wife do it but I mean its idubbbz girlfriend so its okay" but then these are the same retards that trash talk trisha paytas for doing the same shit Anisa is doing lol the hypocrisy

No. 951331

File: 1585595528247.webm (14.67 MB, 720x1280, fS140-gshYZuWGEa (1).webm)


No. 951332

I don’t really think atozy backtracked, he was just being too polite. But everyone who is at all familiar with his videos and who watched their first vid on icuck knows him and his girlfriend think it’s pathetic lol. He was just being way too nice in this last response. The way icuck was so offended and triggered over atozy’s whiteboard was hilarious. His pathetic little lispy mumbling under his big ugly pedophile stache. Never realized how sad looking/sounding he really was til now

Basically I love how Ian has turned so many people against him, like everyone from feminists to incels think he’s a sad joke now. Only the most delusional stans and some select retards are sobbing “B-BUT YOU DONT GET TO FUCK HER AND THATS ALL THAT REALLY COUNTS!!!” And of course youtubers who are scared are remaining “neutral”.

No. 951334

Oh wow…Are these people for real? Seriously? Anyways creepshow made another vid about it as well. But unlike them, she is calling anisa out on her bs

No. 951338

lol I swearrr! they either remain "neutral" or all just "come on guyz its their personal life leave them alone" but oh shit if it were rice gum, jake paul or any other content creator they would be shitting on them and all the comentators would be like hungry hyenas but IDOOBZZZ GUYZ king simp! no one shall disrespect the pear! or big bad idooobz is gon get chooo!

No. 951340


It must be hell for all losers with square lens, thin black metal frame glasses to have to try and COPE with first Jordan Peterson internet boomer daddy turning out to be a benzo junkie who got Weekend at Bernied by his idiot daughter and the Russians turning his brain to mush and THEN millennial internet daddy disappointing them by preferring to keep getting laid now he already got their adsense clicks. Cucks.

No. 951342

lol idooobbz fans on suicide watch.

No. 951373

>everyone from feminists to incels think he’s a sad joke now.
I'm not even following sjws but I've seen A LOT of posts in his defense on Twitter with big amounts of likes, I'm talking >50k. The sjws, lib feminists and just regular tolerant or better word woke people that don't know the drama, are on Ian's side because uwu supporting sex work, owning his incel fanbase yass queen.

No. 951383

Sorry I should’ve clarified non libfems, and I don’t use twitter but all of the comment sections on YouTube are flaming him full on (with some low IQ defenders sprinkled in). Of course he still has his die hard fans who will go full braindead for him

No. 951399

since idubbbz showed how triggered he was over the simp/cuck memes, his fanbase is going to send him a shitton of memes for his bad unboxing lmao

Almost feel bad for the guy, but then remember he cultivated this audience. He's toxic and so is his fanbase. gj icuckkkz

No. 951405

>Atozy had made a video about this shit now he made a response where is basically backtracking

That doesn't look like backtracking. Sounds like a legit callout against iDubbbz taking him out of context.

No. 951422

I'd touch myself over that for a week straight

Isn't Ian rich? Why they still live in a broke college students house? Anisa is probably tired of it.

No. 952032

lul are you talking about her shitty apartment in Canada or his disgusting looking meth house in sandiego because both places look like shit tbh, he really ruined that property, bet the value of that drop like a fly as soon as he moved in with all the shit he has done to that place.

No. 952051

I'm starting to think that she might be infected, this is the second photo where you can see the skin on her Brest is redder than the rest of her body.

No. 952066

File: 1585618699723.png (Spoiler Image, 1.36 MB, 694x932, egoraptor.PNG)

Another only fans leaked pic

No. 952082

Ntayrt but yeah agree, it was my understanding a vast majority of his supporters are the sexworkers he previously to shit on. That video is just him promoting Anisa and desperately trying to ride the wave of ~bodi posi, sex posi~ "feminist" BS. His points are terrible, but they appeal to the vast majority. I hope he enjoys his new audience, kek.

No. 952131

my fucking sides, the resemblance is uncanny
watch out Anisa KT might come for you

No. 952156

Just have to say that Anisa has the ugliest LOWEST EFFORT paid content I have ever seen from a "sex worker"
From the outfits to her dirty ass room to the weird photoshops(?) it's like she tried to be as awkward and unappealing as possible because she knows dudes will give her money anyway because….idubbbz

No. 952172

I don't know if that's an infection but it does look like when blood begins to pool in the breast due to poor aftercare.
It could just be bad lighting though.

No. 952178

Yeah she's solely relying on the shitty boob job, nothing about her "sets" are cute… including the boob job

No. 952181

for the first month she went against her doctor's advice and took off her compression garment to do photoshoots/stream for 2-4 hours.

personally I don't see any redness, I just think her skin is disgusting with those moles and complexion.

No. 952186


she is suddenly looking better… not amazing, but this is certainly an upgrade…

No. 952194

File: 1585651184937.jpg (54.87 KB, 600x450, full.jpg)


No. 952198

Her tits look wonky as fuck, goddamn

No. 952201

makes me happy when cows actually take farmers' fashion and style advice

No. 952210

File: 1585658254198.jpeg (193.76 KB, 750x986, CD267374-E890-41DB-91D2-AEA9B8…)

anisas Instagram has been raided by idubbbz fans, there are too many comments to highlight but anisa has been autistically replying to individuals to prove them wrong.

I see why idubbbz made the video to defend her now. She got the attention she wanted but it was overwhelming, so she asked her boyfriend to come save her lol.

She’s not having a good time if she’s replying to randos on the internet at 4am PST.

No. 952242

There's Anisa thread on /tv/ and everyone is disgusted. I'm actually suprised lol

No. 952246

File: 1585668829793.png (766.95 KB, 615x835, 1507234911383.png)

Remember when she made fun of someone with a disability and then when the girl came for her she was just like "I was just making an obeservation".

No. 952264

So this happened.


No. 952278

well, this was anticlimatic.
even for a troll.

reopen the anisa thread.

No. 952280

I was expecting a ten minute video… what was the point in that?

No. 952286

all of these people who spent the last few days ragging on about the "leafy redemption" must have fucking forgot that this guys content was soley csgo surfing videos with mild douchebaggery overlapping. any highschooler couldve made the same content, hes always been just another uncreative "commentary" channel. the two of them are equally as pathetic, and make content that panders to the unaware teenage boy. it was only a matter of time before their careers tanked.

No. 952290

> and make content that panders to the unaware teenage boy

Really is the worst group to bother appealing to. They don't care about all the shit anisa has done, all they care about is
> well if I ever got a gf I wouldn't let her post boob pics!

No. 952291


This was already taken down? What was it?

No. 952294

File: 1585677131767.webm (673.18 KB, 426x240, Content CUCK_ (iDubbbz is a SI…)

iDubbbz could make a better Content Cop on himself than Leafy did.

No. 952296

A very short clip of leafy calling idubbbz a cuck

No. 952298

Leafy didn't need to say anything more than that. This is the level we're on.

Really what Ian should've done was something similar. A ten second video saying 'i don't care, fuck off'. Instead he made it 10 minutes long, avoided addressing all the main criticism levelled against him, and looked like he was about to burst into tears all the way through it. Worst thing he could've done. He just made it clear this whole thing has really upset him which will only encourage trolling.

No. 952310

When I first watched it I got flashbacks to the filthyfrank vid where george appeared and talked about himself with a bit of vulnerability..then his audience shot him down and he removed the vid. Basically keep making memes and don't show yourself to the audience.

No. 952348

back in the day filthy frank would have roasted icucks Ian to oblivion.
(if they weren't friends that is)

No. 952415

Filthy Frank is a massive simp himself. he dropped the edgy memelord persona so he could make mediocre sadboi mumblecore to get pussy much more effectively. it's so flagrantly obvious that he realized it's easier to lure in thotty IG hoes with the premise of music videos than ~alt-humor~ memes. none of the girls he's been publically thirsty for were gonna get with his hammerhead shark with Grave's disease lookin' ass prior to his music career.

good on him for leveraging his loyal audience and moving from unmarketable absurdity humor to low-effort music in order keep the cash and popularity rolling in, but let's not act like he's much better than icuckz for making lofi beats to crywank to in pursuit of pussy.

No. 952454

pretty sure FF stopped the persona because the anxiety/stress of doing stupid shit for views gave him seizures.

also I wouldn't say joji is a simp, e-fuck boy is a better fit. i dont think he ever had problems getting puss, there's countless vlogs of girls flirting with him. he had a FWB with kimmismiles, and even dated kiko the japanese model for a while.

meanwhile idubbbz has? some groupie sending him nudes? a washed up titty streamer?

No. 952493


keem: did you know idubbbz gf flirted with you
leafy: who?

No. 952499

an archive of her onlyfans


No. 952556

I think I actually understand the appeal of her onlyfans sets, they look extremely amateur and aren't very good, but the give the vibe of personal pics shared with the paypig(s). Like anisa is personally cucking idubbbz for the viewer lmao

No. 952557

I don't understand how people find her attractive, she sounds like a boy and her face looks boyish too

No. 952558

he also dated a bunch of famous asian celebrities like Lauren Tsai and Lily Maymac. He also dated some amateur porn star when she even made a few cameos in his vids (the girl that was riding the alien) this guy drowned in pussy but mostly because he had such a fuck boy persona, I dont know why all these dumb fangirls wanted to paint him as this sweet pure boy when in fact he was raunchy as fuck.

No. 952597

he's a bit different now though, he's been with Adri for over 2 years now and has no internet presence, anything thats posted on his account is from 88 rising. Kinda sad how disconnected he is now, dedicated to this new persona.

No. 952602

File: 1585720600864.png (978.38 KB, 1070x544, 231.png)

What is even going on here. kek

No. 952615

I think the idubzz drama is some of the stupidest and most nitpic drama ever. She looks fine. I get this site is for talking shit but this topic is unbearably boring. I’d rather focus on her being problematic not Ian being or not being a simp or cuck. Not sure why so many people still get so angry over chicks doing sex work. Just my opinion.

No. 952618

>none of the girls he's been publically thirsty for were gonna get with his hammerhead shark

anon. my fucking sides. He really is a hammerhead looking mothafucker

No. 952624

newfag no doubt

No. 952626

Definitely a pullfag. It prefaced nearly everything it said unnecessarily despite being anonymous.

Sorry to disappoint, but this place isn't a hug box, which is a breath of fresh air when %90 of the internet is censored to shit. If it's boring and you don't think she looks like a fridge with bolt-ons don't read it kek?

No. 952645


Joji has always struck me as a scumbag fuckboy NYC chigga. In the vlogs with the "cancer crew" he always seemed bored with all the nerd shit Ian and Max were up to. His tumblr was filled with JAV porn too.

I might be misremembering this but I recall a vlog where he was behind the camera filming Max and Ian horsing around, mumbled how dumb this shit is and turned around to either film the scenery or some girls.

No. 952650

File: 1585743735807.jpg (Spoiler Image, 224.68 KB, 1280x877, 1474824285385.jpg)

The term "cancer crew" brought back memories, and I recalled everyone calling joji a fuccboi in the very first cancer crew thread (which later became the Pear thread saga).

I looked up that thread, and in it was a pic of Ian's balls.


No. 952657

Truth but damn y’all don’t hold back on my shame thirst lmaooo

No. 952659

Idk if anyone knows which stream date it was but

Anisa heavily defended onision when her chat asked, she proceeded to say “even if he DID cheat on his wife, abuse girls, abuse his kids - its no one’s business but them and the police. The internet is too mean and even onision doesn’t deserve the amount of hate, and forums dedicated to him. We should just rely on the police to do justice.”

No. 952666

File: 1585748642147.jpeg (131.18 KB, 747x595, 8D97A0C2-73E7-4B5F-90CD-F597B8…)

How many years were there between Tana using “the n-word” and her CC? Maybe she should’ve added “:^)”…

No. 952667

sounds about right, she's said on stream that she says things to be contrarian and has said similar things in the past (eg defending lionmaker and saying that people shouldn't call him out because he hasn't been convicted)

No. 952674

No. 952686

i thought she was doing this because she wanted validation though? kek

No. 952700

why is he yelling?

No. 952723

Tana said the n word at age 12

Anisa attacked her when tana was 19?

Fucked up she wants forgiveness when she was such a bitch

No. 952787

Because half on this thread are either scrotes or ian fans who have a hate boner for Anisa

No. 952877

sage because irrelevant but how DO you dress a body like that lmao? asking because i may or may not look like her minus the titties

No. 952991

File: 1585804290979.png (121.3 KB, 570x787, d.png)


Anisa's mom is fucking insane, she's been constantly trying to prove random people wrong and threaten to sue them??

Major Margo vibes

No. 953006

Imagine defending your daughter on twitter when shes getting backlash for trying to sell her nudes, wtf is the Jomha family

No. 953007

Holy shit, she's been going off for hours (probably even days, I got bored of scrolling).
It's all classy stuff - calling kids online "morons" and "butthurt angry little stans". Very mature.

No. 953022

pretty sure her mom has a mental condition, I mean she also moderated pear's titty streams back in the day, fighting and banning everyone who criticized the crazy ass options of her skanky ass daughter.

> tfw your mom doesn't have a life of her own and fights your battles for you.

No. 953028

maybe if she didn't spend all her time whiteknighting and modding anisa's chat, she could keep an eye on her husband that keeps going missing

No. 953029

File: 1585817886015.jpg (722.68 KB, 2500x1875, 3264x2448_1e2656f336e8321d43be…)

No. 953030

File: 1585817923529.jpg (720.66 KB, 2500x1875, 3264x2448_010af1a0cb967f05046d…)

No. 953041

these pics really bring out the 7 y/o boy in Anisa huh?

No. 953048

can someone get the grown woman a real haircut so she doesnt have that greasy looking sidepart anymore? it really bugs me

No. 953049

ZERO sexappeal. zero.

also she only has one facial expression. see one of her "lewd" photos and you've seen them all.

No wonder idubbbz said in his video that her pussy isn't special. "it's just a pussy"

relationship goals

No. 953050

I was expecting her to be gorging on pork, why not disappoint your father all the way, eh?

This is a very special type of revenge porn - a wife gets revenge on her muslim husband by encouraging their daughter to sell her body. Like all fetishes, you don't get the sex appeal unless you're into the same freaky shit.

No. 953218

jfc she looks like michael jackson

No. 953313

crazy maureen is at it again lol this bitch is fucking insane, I remember all the shit she use to tweet at laci and basically harassing her when she was dating chris.

No. 953320

File: 1585864023579.jpeg (184.81 KB, 750x1094, 08AFC5DA-2B53-4C9F-AE9D-602CA8…)

Idubbbz ex FWB says he has a big dick

No. 953362

I don't get it. If you want to make money off your body, why not put some effort into making it look good? A personal trainer would've gone a lot further than her ridiculous boob job. I'd be embarrassed to show my ass looking like that.

No. 953584

The rumours say he was a virgin till anisa though, so high doubt he had a FWB prior.


No. 953596

It was clarified in >>951137

he refused sex but they traded nudes and hung out in person

No. 953597

File: 1585914684507.jpeg (98.82 KB, 1331x431, 5512F342-99B4-411D-A06F-3B728C…)

No. 953654

how is she an absolute sinkhole? lmfao she can't even get him, a literal millionaire, to buy actual furniture and fix up his disgusting house

No. 953664

ok but what does the size of ian's dick have to do with any of this?

No. 954030

But that's what ProJared's ex-wife said about ProJared despite evidence to the contrary.

No. 954161

our boy leafy came through!

No. 954168

Holy crap, I wonder… do you think idubbbz and/or Anisa will respond to this?

No. 954172

you can bet that! I know pearslut is def going to say something on twitter like "guyz it was just a joke" "I had a boyfriend at that time when I was making those tweets" "clearly I was being sarcastic :^)"

No. 954180

happy to see leafy back even if it is just to shit down Ian's neck. those fuckbois/filthy crew were getting a bit cocky.
you aren't untouchable, you just have 12 year old fans. and we know you're a manchild idubbbz.
who would fuck either of them? the heads on the pair of them. or, should I say, the pear of them.

No. 954181


I don't get why everyone is defending Ian and Anisa.

No. 954184

its h3h3 what did you expect, ethan rides icuckz cock all the way, also I mean all the edgelord youtubers are either staying quiet or going and defending idubbbz lol I love it! such a shitshow!

No. 954226

I am not watching a 2 hour long h3h3 podcast lol. Even their highlight videos are boring

No. 954305

Leafy is shit but that video was excellent.

No. 954321

ethan is occasionally right. he is right in this video.

No. 954327

her once intense hatred for laci green is the milkiest thing in this whole situation. ian previously treated her like shit and has never had any respect for anisa. still doesn't make someone a "cuck" to have a girlfriend who posts sexy pictures online. leafy literally looks like a downy version of link from wind waker so while this video was also shit, literally he has no room to talk about anyone's appearance

No. 954328

aww im sure pear chan and her boyfriend would totes let you watch them fuck <3 such kawaii white knights! tell me does it feel good tho?

No. 954329

i mean im a straight woman so

No. 954330

1….2…. Idubbbz will never notice you UwU

No. 954331

ive been nothing but critical of him. he's unfunny and unlikable, and always has been. it still doesn't make him a cuck to have a girlfriend who posts sexy pictures online. logically, that just doesn't follow, like, at all

No. 954335

tbh I could care less if she starts an only fans or if she livestreams her vagina for all the horny neckbeards to see. I have an issue with Anisa as a person she doesn't seem apologetic at all and never admits fault, the issue was never her only fans but her disgusting personality, she always blamed others and made fun of sex workers now she is trying to become one, dont you think thats a bit ironic?

No. 954342

yeah, totally, ragging on ian with "simp" and "cuck" relentlessly "was never about her onlyfans". like, even creepshowart's video was incredibly contrived and mostly milkless. no doubt anisa is a kind of crappy, unlikable person. the only people pressed about anisa are legitimate nlogs that are upset that an nlog like themselves is camwhoring or whatever. anisa was always a hypocrite and an attentionwhore. venti is just as much of a hypocrite, basically. venti was always a tittystreamer too until recently, now everyone that does the same "i'm not a tittystreamer" tittystreamer is her target. anisa's worst offense is being semi-edgelord-y to fit in, but she really never went that far tbh

No. 954346

I agree with you, lets be real Anisa's personality is so bland and boring, thats why she never became relevant and she was just another great value brand titty streamer, but once she started dating idubbbz she was like "im not a titty streamer anymore guyz" trying to appeal to idubbbz edgelord fanbase, there was a time where she was copying his style and everyone called her on that. This girl is a gold digging whore, I bet if Leafy would have given her a hint that he was attracted to her she would have dumped idubbbz in a heart beat, from all the past threads we know she was thirsting for leafy, then joji and then she had to settle for iautist. She even made fun of tana and a few years later she was trying to dress and look like her. seriously Anisa is such a cow and I am totally here for it.

No. 954353

i think you missed the point of my post.

No. 954366

at this point this is just anisa and idubbbz thread

has anyone seen the shit that was going on with valorant yesterday? apparently, if you were streaming under valorant category, you had a chance to get a key for beta. so the category had nearly (last time i checked) a mil viewers, most ppl were streaming themselves watching gameplay footage and analyzing the details

summit1g at one point had 200k viewers, so ppl are saying that the company not only paid him to talk about the game but also paid for bots. other popular streamers had high viewer count as well before they even got to play the game

i know summit's number could be higher since he's a pro csgo player and valorant is fps (though it's more similar to ow) so ppl might be excited about him playing it, but i don't see him getting over 100k viewers… last time i remember a streamer having over 100k viewers were with asmongold when classic wow was released

so right now valorant has 15k viewers and summit is streaming himself playing csgo

No. 954375

and this is milky because?

in other actual milk worthy news did you guys hear about that twitch streamer girl that cheated and that callmecarson guy with his best friend fitz lol talk about scummy both knowing the guy had depression.

No. 954398

Yeah fuck katerino, she’s exactly like idubbbz gf

I really though Carson and Katerino were good together because she was so plain, but it turns out egirls in general are just clout chasers

No. 954401

yeah she seem like a simple girl that just wanted a legit thing with carson but she turned out to be some slag that just wanted to jump on some famous dick, seriously why are some girls like that and I saw a few clips of her and she was borderline pick me but she knew how to hide it well, lol she got so triggered when carson was hosting pokimane and she right away called him but she was all "haha its so funny guyz" but yehh she probably snapped at him for hosting pokimane

No. 954425

Twitch drama, here I come.
I already asked in the personal lolcow thread if I should post this, and since two weeks have passed and the individual hasn't responded, I want to share with you guys.
Streamer is Resonance22, known for Age of Empires 2, but will ban you if you ask him to play it again.
He recently had (another) meltdown and thinks there is a conspiracy aganst him because I left my mod position.
I found out about the shit he's been lying about, the people he trashtalked, the chats he deleted and made a 52 pages long document on him proving his lies.
If you want to eat some popcorn and decide why this person is not worth any of your money, here you go. Add an "f" to the end of the link to see it.


No. 954442

>pd file
lul yehhh you should have posted an imgur album instead nobody is gonna download some rando's document, seriously…

No. 954458

Oh damn, forgot about that, sorry.
Will post imgur images tomorrow, excuse me!

No. 954466

didn't leafy used to date a nude model? he really has no room to call ian a cuck

No. 954471

Oh yeah haahha that reminds me of when the private snapchats of him and his girlfriend got leaked, and one of the videos was him smacking her ass going "mmm yeah…look at dat" Or something of the likes, And everyone was like llmao who are these videos for?!?

No. 954500

The difference is leafy had a fling with a amateur porn star

He didn’t say he loved her
They didn’t move in together
She didn’t claim she was anything more than just a piece of ass

Meanwhile anisa and Ian are trying to be on the moral high ground

I’m selling nudes to pay for my dying dad
Sex work is A respectable job

It’s all about hypocrisy

No. 954505

I don’t think people actually care about her onlyfans (besides his incel fans). It’s the fact that she’s a hypocritical cloutchasing piece of garbage and calling him a cuck is rubbing salt in the wound that his toxic community is turning on him.

No. 954516

She's pretty good at acting. She was even in this cringy "dating show" with fitz a few months ago, it has aged poorly lmao. Also I wonder if there's any milk on the misfits crew they all seem pretty milky to me

No. 954582

Here is everything as pictures; open a single pic and enlarge it if you have trouble reading.

No. 954589

lol he is basically a great value dsp, wow I swear all these twitch people are fucking trash.

No. 954619

i had to look up the definition of dsp but damn .. that's so fitting
never heard of this guy before and i love him already !

No. 954690

Because he's ugly he can't say iDubbbz's GF is not that hot?

No. 954817

All these e-celebrities turn out to be turds chasing money damned the cost. If a girl starts to talk to you and they know you're big on the internet, you may dip your dick just don't commit to using the word "girlfriend", you have a prostitute on call.

No. 954821

sir are you lost

No. 954822

I like plain looking girls but, this one has so much makeup on her face, her eyes have this souless look to them, throws me off. Don't know how people find her hot. Wanna see a picture of her without makeup.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 954824

>How many streamers have come back from being shamed? Pokimane is the biggest thot out there, and she's still going strong. People underestimate the thot powers. 🤣
go back to reddit, retard.

No. 954867

yeah, I'd beg to differ since Anisa used to be so eager to jump on Leafy's cock

No. 954886

stones in glass houses aside this video is gold

No. 954896

never seen insta thots having this much trouble jiggling their ass


No. 954910

File: 1586138334583.png (962.53 KB, 1066x612, LMAO.png)

No. 954916

why cant she just apologize for all the wrong doings, why cant she just admit she fucked up and resume with her life, she brought this upon herself for never owning up to her actions

No. 954957

Didn't you see how her mother and boyfriend jumped to her defence? She'll never own up or apologize as long as she's surrounded with such white knight enablers.

She always surrounds herself with white knights and uses them as shields. Remember when she had a spat with Gross Gore and brought some cringy simp to defend her literally using him as a buffer?

No. 954982

Cuck memes aside, Ian knows that as soon as the dregs of his career finally die off after he was stupid enough to alienate his fanbase with his last video, she's gonna bail and hop on the next up and coming e-famous dick, right? Her entire dating history has been just trying to find a richer, more popular internet funnyman.

No. 954993

File: 1586162656824.png (374.36 KB, 434x540, iDubbbz Epic Prank.png)

iDubbbz's only recourse of action is to turn his channel into a Prank Channel.

No. 955002

Her latest video >>954896 shows she’s not at idubbbz house but at a hotel

So she’s ignoring social distancing ordinances in her county to do “lewd cosplay”, maybe even hook up with her cameraman lol

Also does anyone else find it funny that Jessica nigri is doing onlyfans for free and the production is 100 times better than anisa’s?

No. 955016


It's confirmed that Anisa is taking down ~critiques of her behavior~

No. 955067

File: 1586184162441.png (305.78 KB, 310x444, e2933a2c-e285-4d12-b938-03be94…)

get you a girl who looks at you the same way Idubbbz's girlfriend does when watching a leafy video

No. 955116

File: 1586192963936.png (266.72 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20200406-190210.png)

Anything4views goofs on Idubbbz.

This is funny, until you remember that anything4views has a tattoo of Idubbbz on his buttock.

Then it's doubly funny.

No. 955156

i think the real tea here is that m3n want to FUCCKS wit a PEAR SLOOT BOYS(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 955406

memeology made a video of anisa simping for leafy. wonder if she'll try to take this one down too.

No. 955458

File: 1586272265827.png (925.68 KB, 1331x695, fed.png)

The Offlinetv Fed Yuna egirl drama is HILARIOUS and extra juicy.
>Fed goes on Egirl prostitution site
>finds Grandmaster jungle thot
>attractive? Asian? Good at games? has a body of a 9 year old?? fake anime voice??!?!
>plays a bunch a games with her for $500
>falls in love
>meets up irl and introduces her to everyone
>gets exposed, its revealed her bf is a grandmaster jungler called ttylpark and Fed was playing with him this whole time

Fed is crying over dropping $500 just to play with some girl's boyfriend has to be funniest thing atm.

I saw Yuna's profile on egirl.gg before the Fed stuff. I thought it was odd how there was a somewhat good looking girl claiming to be Grandmaster, whenever a girl is a high level player, she will LET everyone know. She had no stream or any links, it seemed fake af but I thought I ain't gonna judge, she's probably Grandmaster in the Ethiopia server or something. And now she's been exposed as a fraud, I haven't lol'd this hard in so long. She changed her price from $5 to $20 after she got attention from appearing on multiple streams, she got exposed by her bf after she dumped him hoping Fed would take her for a win-win situation. She's a pathological liar, a leech (no surprise), and a user. She dropped her bf at a drop of a hat when she knew Fed had something for her, she wanted attention and fame so bad. Her bf wasn't ok with her playing with Fed either, he kept telling her to stop and she basically told him to stfu and play with Fed. professional user. And now Fed is on suicide watch after he embarrassed himself by introducing a catfish liar to his precious animu family. Some people have been praising Yuna for refunding the money, um of course she's going to refund the money. She would look like a even bigger piece of shit if she kept it. If she was truly sorry she would've refunded everyone who ordered her, Yuna is only sorry cause she got caught.

Lol@Fed's stream drones supporting this Simp ship :joy::joy::joy:

Links to the drama:
Fed's "first date"

Reddit detective:

Fed on suicide watch:

ttylpark exposes her on his chat:

Reddit covering the drama:

No. 955464

File: 1586272603777.png (109.59 KB, 613x669, Drones.png)

And I can't tell if this is satire or if this is real, people getting sad over Fed getting all sad for being catfish scammed. There are multiple comments like these, why the fuck are y'all crying and depressed over some thot lying and making some nerd sad?

No. 955466

File: 1586273048843.png (402.13 KB, 629x356, fed drama 2.png)

Yuna, the thot in question. She deleted her account right after the truth came out and now she's back. She's truly enjoying the clout.

No. 955643

I honestly have no sympathy towards Fed anymore. He doesn't give a shit about anything, least of all himself and his stream. All he does is simp for scamming egirls like Yuna and Pokimane. He's said before that he gets depressed and loses motivation, but whatever man. Get help or quit complaining. Idk how anyone can stand his stream when it's 80% complaining.

No. 955644

I can't feel bad for him, in a podcast he and toast said their perfect girl would be subservient and have no other hobbies but to love and support them.

Toast can get away with that because he's a millionaire, but even with Fed pulling in 40k a month that's not enough lol.

Until Fed changes his type of "perfect woman" he's going to have a lot more clout chasers like this.

Also lol I can't make out what Yuna is saying at all in those clips, is she slow?

No. 955656

File: 1586301398079.png (525.89 KB, 1809x902, smh.png)

>he and toast said their perfect girl would be subservient and have no other hobbies but to love and support them.

Good luck guys, women like that only exist in Anime. That desire for that kind of non existent woman is so sexist. They basically want a woman whose sole purpose is to be their property. No desires, no goals, no personality, no ambition, everything about them is just to cater to their every need and desire. Disgusting. This is borderline Incel territory they're sliding on.

>Is she slow?

She might have some cognitive issue or disability, I remember there was a small number of people asking the same thing in chat or comments.

Yuna honestly thinks she can ride the clout and attention she got from basically being a phony clout chasing liar. She thought she could succeed off using and leeching because of the successful leechers like Lilypichu, Pokimane, Emiru, and all those other girls. She got her profile back and running and made a Twitch account. On her stream she tried making herself the victim. The thing I don't get is why come back? Everyone knows you're a fake and she can't even provide her phony services anymore now that her bf is gone.
She legit thinks everything is good because Fed's fans were not burning her at the stake and basically defended her actions.

Do you really want your name and face to be synonymous with lying, leeching, using, thottery and cheating? This cap was taken today.

Offline Tv's reaction to the drama:

No. 955657

File: 1586301649417.png (272.03 KB, 501x292, 323705354.png)

There are consequences to bad actions but it doesn't seem like she understands that concept.

Also her nose job looks terrible

No. 955815

Surprised none of the tea channels are using this video for Content

Because Anisa thinks accidentally praising nazism is cute!!

No. 955888

File: 1586362566660.png (294.97 KB, 377x741, hoes.png)

It looks like she starves herself for a stick thin body to bait Manchildren and Simps. Basically your average Egirl/thot.

No. 956035

Fed has to be the biggest loser ever. he's still in contact with her and checked up on her to see how she's holding up. He met this hoe on a gaming escort site, paid for her service, and only knew her for 4 days.

No. 956121

lul dont forget he payed to play with her but instead he was playing with his boyfriend, man Fed is such a fucking loser. He couldn't even get pokimane

No. 956184

File: 1586396310168.png (217.46 KB, 490x248, hoes 2.png)

Her Twitch name is imcuteuwu and she ain’t even that cute. She’s average at best and her pics are a blurred photoshop mess. Fed and his Drones musta gotten to her head.
Someone on PULL recorded her apology from her Stream

her “apology” is filled with contradictions and more lies. I didn’t listen to it all because her voice is like nails on a chalkboard.
She tried to blame everything on Park (her now ex), trying to come off innocent, only made an account on Egirl.gg as a “joke” and thought the site was sexist. If the account was a joke why did she accept all those orders? It sure wasn’t a joke when she was knowingly scamming all those people and cashed out when the sessions were over. If it was truly a shitty joke, she wouldn’t have taken it this far. And why tf is she contributing to the sexism if she finds the site sexist?? Like all the other E-Leechers, she’s terrible at coming up with lies. She said she doesn’t feel bad at all for any of the people who purchased her before Fed and feels the guys could’ve gone to better sites for coaching instead of going for her. How are the customers before Fed any different?? They all used their credit card to buy time to talk and play games with her. For the coaching stuff, a lot of Grandmasters charge more than $5-$20. The people who chose her for that likely thought they were getting a deal on top of playing with a girl, and saying “there are better sites for that(coaching)” doesn’t mean you’re not a scammer. Keep in mind she had 100+ customers before Fed.

Fed is stupid as fuck. She hurt him soooo bad and he's still talking to her and worried about her? S T O O P I D.

No. 956191

File: 1586396759838.jpg (377.43 KB, 856x389, hoes 3.jpg)

pt 2
Yuna's text apology is different than her stream apology, she's trying to be a little more apologetic while still refusing to take responsibility for her actions. She lied about not having Twitter to Fed when she had multiple accs


No. 956252

She would've went for Fed if he had more popularity, she's and opportunist always looking for the next bigger thing to latch on to for clout.

No. 956359

File: 1586435620760.png (1.51 MB, 1068x1584, Maximum Cuckoldry.png)

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