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No. 1980600

>Admin note: Please remember this thread is not to discuss general grievances and phenomena of the trans "community". Only post here if you're talking about specific trans cows and are able to provide screenshots of their behavior. Generalized vents don't belong here, nor do your personal experiences. Use the appropriate threads on our off-topic boards for this.
/ot/ gender ideology general thread: >>>/ot/1894283

News sites/Studies:
https://committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/18973/pdf/ (TiM violent crime stats)
https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0016885#pone.0016885.s002 (relation between committing a violent sexual crime and srs)

Gender Critical Writings and Websites:
https://www.chimamanda.com/ (Writings of Chimamanda Ngozi, a Nigerian gender critical feminist)
https://www.jkrowling.com/opinions/j-k-rowling-writes-about-her-reasons-for-speaking-out-on-sex-and-gender-issues/ (JK Rowling's essay)

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cOANC_ykPxL_TZGnkxZCb4HNc-2tvfuK (vile comments made by TRAs)
https://odysee.com/@Skirt_Go_Spinny:7 (documentaries about TiMs and Trans activism)
https://web.archive.org/web/20231021212912/https://www.tumblr.com/chlorinatedpopsicle/654101574490161152/new-and-improved-not-our-crimes-this-never (Violent crimes by TiMs)

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No. 1980603

File: 1711636705065.jpeg (187.3 KB, 828x472, IMG_0938.jpeg)


No. 1980604

File: 1711636726046.jpeg (460.4 KB, 828x1276, IMG_0939.jpeg)

Here’s OP btw

No. 1980605

Nice thread pic. Thanks nonna!
Ah yes, spoken like a true and honest wimin

No. 1980607

File: 1711636889891.jpg (Spoiler Image,43.97 KB, 720x581, GJr40psXYAE65OP.jpg)

Repost but i found it funny that despite trying their best to act like a woman they always hate like a man lol, they are nothing but coombrained adults with their puppy dog fetish

No. 1980611

Why do they all type like babbling Chris Chan-tier retards? There's something so distinctly autistic about this, it makes me deeply uncomfortable.

No. 1980622

File: 1711641401308.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1374, hlGol6h.png)

How much of a pick-me do you have to be to go along with this perversion?(lurk more, this is a repost)

No. 1980625

it's because they're masturbating with the repetitiveness of the words/phrases that arouse their autogynephilia.

No. 1980631

>limited due to hateful content
I'm surprised Twitter flagged this, I thought they were all about protecting troons' right to say hate speech

No. 1980639

its fun being a cis woman and just laughing at it. theres nothing about a trans woman I would want for myself so theres no competition at all.

No. 1980646

File: 1711647051273.jpeg (121.45 KB, 1079x1351, GI2DX8VbgAAETOi.jpeg)

Great threadpic, nonna!

No. 1980654

Whats wrong with his eye

No. 1980657

just 'woman' is fine. don't use their lingo

No. 1980663

one of, if not the only based thing elon has done is changing twitter's rules to somewhat crack down on misogyny from TIMs on twitter

No. 1980667

He lost his eye somehow. I’m guessing from drug use but if you don’t have a glass eye it looks like that.

No. 1980673

File: 1711654455166.png (Spoiler Image,1.45 MB, 1334x750, 4725EBD3-0A67-4625-BF98-F21872…)

nonnas look at this tranny that I found on MAL… topkek
I guess he friend requests random people for attention, as you can see in his comments + friend list

No. 1980680

What a weird platform to choose to put your filtered to hell and back selfies with booty pic included…? Is this common? I have never actually used MAL so.
Also just wanna know who this man thinks he’s fooling. Face blind autists?

No. 1980681

You're talking like a troon

I was thinking the same thing. Like myanimelist? Really?

No. 1980682

File: 1711656965596.png (1.79 MB, 1080x1219, 1000033289.png)

Loving the man legs

No. 1980685

Nta. It's common to dislike the use of "cis" here. Anon does not sound like a tranny.

No. 1980686

Tfw you want to be a pretty laydee but you can't even be assed to wear a glass eye.

No. 1980689

Oh my God I replied to the wrong comment lol I ment to put

My bad, Nonna

No. 1980692

God they always sound so rapey without trying. Makeup and SHEIN dresses can't hide male degeneracy.

No. 1980696

File: 1711659137442.jpg (394.49 KB, 936x1616, 1000031300.jpg)

fell down a depraved rabbit hole on preddit (shocking, I know) and found this horror show: 44 year old bald man who ~discovered~ he's trans thanks to transformation porn and the pornsick obsession with lactating. this guy has made it clear he went on hormones to fulfill his fetishistic desires only then to accept he was Ackshully Truly Trans. claims to have a child already but insists on wanting another, aka an infant. comments talking about wanting to adopt a baby which surely can't be motivated by his fucking lactating moob fetish. I'm horrified

No. 1980697

File: 1711659213427.jpg (370.8 KB, 1080x1040, 1000031302.jpg)

No. 1980698

File: 1711659580510.bmp (330.7 KB, 395x285, 4adrfu2p.bmp)

No. 1980707

File: 1711660507598.png (844.29 KB, 1326x1180, 3453892.png)

>simulate pregnancy
>a virtual baby
>my body thinks it's pregnant now

this literally made me shudder, his post history is batshit crazy. the wanting to have a child thing is disgusting because it's so obvious that he's going to use that poor innocent soul for his depraved fetish purposes. can you believe that men like this walk amongst us? picrel is him btw kek.

No. 1980719

What woman would want to “win” at this? I will gladly be lame if it means I don’t have to put my mouth on a penis.

No. 1980724



Even their post titles are so blatantly moid-y.(learn2integrate)

No. 1980726

>my body thinks it’s pregnant
God what a creep. I hope he gets breast cancer and they have to carve out his moobs so he can’t go near a baby with his disgusting secretions.

No. 1980733

I just reported it. good lord these fuckers literally INFEST everywhere

No. 1980739

men will try to compete about anything lol its pathetic

No. 1980744

File: 1711670040174.png (145.79 KB, 1434x670, Screen Shot 2024-03-28 at 5.55…)

from r/lesbianfashionadvice, somebody is mad ugly attention-seeking tims are getting downvoted….

No. 1980749

Lmfao! The fact it says "trash only" right next to his non existent male ass is hilarious.

No. 1980757

File: 1711672227052.png (3.13 MB, 3067x1945, IMG_6393.png)

It’s kinda terrifying that even my worst nightmares cannot compete with what real existing men will come up with using their selfish, pornsick minds and twisted desires.

No. 1980760

literally only men would go to such lengths to break down their own retarded tranny hierarchy. the absolute state of the y chromosome.

No. 1980762

The handmaidens in the comment, my god…

No. 1980777

>non fetishistic transition

>pretending straigt/bi moids who troon out are distinct from emasculation fetichists

>feminine thinking style because faggy manners must mean you're not male

Funny how le epic self-aware jaded blanchardian troons simply can't stomach the typology they supposedly believe in. They always try to recreate the 'good, true trans' myth. If they don't dilute the fetish into 100 autistic microlabels, they redefine it as an 'alter ego' or 'orientation'.

No. 1980785

>Non-fetishist crossdressers
>J Edgar Hoover
Hello?!(sage your shit)

No. 1980787

The only good thing about them getting injected with estrogen is eventually their dicks stop working.
I find it extremely hilarious when they get gender reasignment surgery with the idea that they'll be able to feel their new faux-vagina only to get a terrible wake up call

No. 1980788

Finnster is definitely not straight, I'm pretty sure he's currently dating an MTF. He's also obviously doing what he's doing for fetishistic reasons, come the fuck on. I'm not sure he gets off on the cross-dressing itself, but rather the attention he gets from it in a sort of exhibitionist way.

No. 1980789

>Usually straight
>J Edgar Hoover

No. 1980790

in 20 years once they eventually 41% we'll all be free of this bullshit

No. 1980791

I adore the cope of putting Choob, Yaniv, and CWC in the "pseudo trans" category

No. 1980792

nonna you may be late to the party because he came out as bisexual and genderfluid sometime the beginning of this month. of course he isn't straight, his past gf and current one are men. it was only a matter of time he drank the troonshine

No. 1980794

>his past gf and current one are men
So his past bf, then

No. 1980796

I knew a tranny who hated CWC and believed he wasn’t tru trans like this chart. They cope so hard especially after Chris raped his mom

No. 1980806

look how hair his back and shoulders are, I'm gagging

No. 1980815

Women don't want sperm in their mouths? Yeah THEY'RE the weird ones
What?? Is he claiming to be asexual but doesn't want to quit getting boners? For what?? I knew the zoomer fake-gays were incorrectly usurping the asexual term from aces, but I didn't realize it was trannies too
Seriously! I'm honestly glad these creeps are preemptively taking themselves off the sex market now, just for the sake of het women lol. Suits em right

No. 1980816

Let’s simplify this chart: misogynist and narcissistic self-hating gay men, narcissistic misogynistic AGPs/pedophiles/autopedophiles (conventionally attractive), and finally narcissistic misogynistic AGPs/pedophiles/autopedophiles (ugly, and mentally retarded) and notice there is not one mention of autism.

Did Zach make this chart, is that why this nobody is including himself as an example of a model drag queen? Lol at the dig at ariel pink, but he’s definitely a pervert of some kind, hope he sees it and moves even more to the right. Kanye exposed as a chaser. Philo tube has had ffs and is on hrt, he should be right next to contra so they can smooch.

No. 1980821

>literally invented electornic music
like who?

No. 1980822

>non-classical transsexual mid intervention
>prime examples: (the girl reading this)
they really just tell on themselves kek

No. 1980842

I assume he's referring to Wendy Carlos. tfw Delia Derbyshire is right there smh

No. 1980855

For real. I swear, sometimes this trans shit comes across as a fuckin indoctrination scheme thought up by skeezy guys.

No. 1980856

good. I’ll also report

No. 1980870

lord, please keep me from alogging over them trying to troon out kurt once more. the concept of gender nonconformity and counterculture just doesn’t exist to troons, does it?

No. 1980872

No. 1980875

File: 1711708823459.png (60.37 KB, 648x429, f1nn-autogynephile.png)

>non-fetishist crossdressers
>usually heterosexual
>not transsexual
aged like milk
he's agp, picrel

No. 1980876

>Yeah now you see what type of server this is
A degenerate server wtf?

No. 1980894

I can't believe I watched this crap. Anyway here are some of the statements that I found worth noting compared to the dozen other troon videos
>Around the 14-minute mark he presents this strange logic where he says "TERFs" only try to appeal to 'white cis heterosexual middle-class petty bourgeoisie people' and no one else. It's ridiculous, like he wants to claim that 'TERFs' are both this mass movement, but their populism is also super narrow. he then goes on a tangent about how middle-class people are prone to radicalization, claiming that shop owners and nuclear families are simply afraid of losing their class status and want to blame queer people for it. Instead, they should join the progressive force that will eventually happen.
>At 23-24 minute he goes another tangent begins about how you shouldn't care about certain groups committing mass crimes and the media only cared about Jessica Yaniv because they wanted to make trans people seem people bad and no other reason, he then claims reddux spreads propaganda and that he knew 3 community leaders who were reported by them.
>At 32 minutes, he says canadians are stupid for blaming any issues on immigration and thinks they should stand against the ruling classes
>At 37 minutes, he makes a sarcastic joke about JK Rowling being a bad writer, and then adds in Helen Joyce as well
>At 39 minutes, he repeats the joke, this time with Sheila Jeffreys and Kara Dansky
>At 42 minutes, he criticizes a Jewish gender critical feminist who wrote some previous piece about how Jews are overrepresented in certain industries and run media
>At 50 minutes, he seems genuinely confused why "poc's' and white canadians were supporting an anti-trans protest
>At 1 hour, he says that banning HRT for minors will lead to deaths and suicides(including his own)
>AT 1 hour and 4 minutes, he takes a clip of Helen Joyce, who talks about how many people who received trans medical mutations might suffer from lifelong ailments, and how we should work to reduce that and he compares that to eugenics. Then, he goes on a rant about how "TERFs will never win" because reactionaries and fascists will always lose against progress and just a few seconds after this "queers will survive the genocide" rant, he spends the next 5 minutes shilling for Nebula and also shills for Jesse Gender and philosophy troon's Nebula originals.

No. 1980899

No and they really show how young or sheltered they are. The 80s were full of guys that'd dress womans clothes and wear makeup and have long hair and these same guys are either speaking against troonism or ignoring it.
It is funny they think they are counterculture and so punk but they conform with gender stereotypes worse than most people and actually enforce these beliefs. They don't go against anything if it's popular enough, their opinions are all mainstream and approved by the media, "right side of history" and all, as if fighting for something were easy and the "right side" always had approval of the masses. They never touched a history book, it seems. They want to be revolutionaries but there is nothing revolutionary about their way of thinking once you go past the surface.
I just find it bizarre these are the people who really believe they are going against the Man… when in reality, they are the Man.

No. 1980903

File: 1711733828134.jpeg (204.29 KB, 1000x1784, GJvfMVYXMAAzGV5.jpeg)

That was the joke I was making, nonny!

No. 1980908

Every day I lament the fact that ordinary gay people have to be lumped in with the kind of creatures in that image.

No. 1980909

File: 1711735320655.jpg (188.66 KB, 1200x750, url(3).jpg)

Makes me wonder why they're trying to claim Cobain specifically and not all of the other rock stars out there who were ten times as "femme" as him. Is it because Cobain was seen as a more "legit" artist than the hair rock guys? Is he just more hip? Help me understand, because if a male celebrity dressed like picrel today, everyone would start squawking about how he's an egg.

No. 1980913

I assume it's because he's dead so he can't speak against it.

No. 1980914

>he says "TERFs" only try to appeal to 'white cis heterosexual middle-class petty bourgeoisie people'
Imagine his shock when he finds out that Black people are the subset of Democrat least likely to support troon shit, and that support for "trans rights" is strongly correlated with having a bachelor's degree is higher.

No. 1980915

Probably because Cobain committed suicide.

No. 1980916

The gay moids I know are just as awful, if not worse Nona. Spend some time talking to and being around actual gay men and you will find that they don't care about anyone's boundaries and that they will not make any effort to hide that misogyny (by saying that women smell like tuna) and the fact that they think that being a woman is some kind of fetish that gets them moid attention like agps do. Gay moids have sexualized dragsonas for a reason.

They are so deluded and mentally ill that they create these convoluted lists that mean nothing. In reality what difference is there between chris-chan and kim petras besides their sexuality? They're both delusional and they're both desperate to appear feminine. Keep in mind that these weirdos don't even like plantered and his job wasn't to side with the feminist crit – it's to provide "clinical help" to delusional, perverse creeps and potentially help them become more well-adjusted and that includes changing the culture and the world so it accepts them. He has a history of basically telling gender criticals that they are ridiculous for expecting that men will stay out of female spaces. He has mocked the idea that women have a right to single sex spaces because he doesn't see that as feasible, i.e. delusional moids don't care about women's boundaries. Being delusional and obsessed with gendered presentations and gender conformity will never be woke. And it will never be healthy for anyone and I don't care what any of the begendered think. They spend inordinate amounts of time crying like a bunch of little bitches about repressing in their circlejerk communities and how hard it is for them and how they spend years doing that.They're not repressing shit besides their disgusting fetish/irrationality and the desire to force the disgusting fetish on everyone. Only feeling comfortable with your homosexuality if you pretend that you're a woman isn't going to fix anything. and if you're looking at any historical transsexuals, that's basically the commonality between most of them. Being jealous of women and being so desperate to be with men as a homophobic gay that you're willing to fuck your health for it. BUt wHaT tHeY nEeD is AcCepTanCe. say the quack "specialists" laughing all the way to the bank. Except that in many cases, if you give these people a critical framework or feminism or whatever to work with they do end up finding ways of coping with their mental illness that don't doesn't involve bodily modification. But suggesting as much to the completely deluded mentally ill Losers is just twanzfobik conversion therapy. They're so fucking stupid it's just mind boggling. The more of them remove themselves from the gene pool the better because them bringing more selfish and annoying idiots to this world will not help anyone.

No. 1980917


No. 1980919

Nta but maybe you should try interacting with gay moids who aren't furries or clubbers? Moids are moids regardless of sexuality, don't get me wrong. But it's not really fair to act like the drag queens who crack jokes about fishy pussy are representative of all gay men, including married normies with blue-collar jobs.

No. 1980920

Reduxx mag racking up the W’s

No. 1980921

I am unfortunately active in gender critical twitter and follow several gay men including one who claims to only have heterosexual male friends. Generally, there will be like the odd.One who isn't that offensive but most of the time , I find that I have nothing in common with any of these dudes and even the ones defending maya forstater hardcore who harp about transitioning children being gay conversion therapy day in the day out will defend fellow gays with their lives if they claim that a child wearing a sexualized getup or fetish gear in public is fine actually. They're all nasty little misogynists at heart and they know that women find their constant oversharing and male sexual obsessions repulsive and they hate you for it. When you're some guy whose followers are like ninety percent plus heteros and mostly middle aged women why court controversy by making weird sexual tweets or defending weirdness? Because they truly do not care about anyone but themselves and the current culture is absolutely enabling pornbrained aholes.

No. 1980930

File: 1711738117794.png (373.26 KB, 486x639, 5324534.png)

apologies for deleting & reposting so many times, i can't get my thoughts together as i am beyond retarded. final time rephrasing myself.

there's a few reasons. prime example being this journal entry (picrel) where he discusses lactation, playing with dolls, relentless bullying in the form of sexual harassment, some weird stuff about extreme sexualization of women, and being afraid to touch his own genitalia. he also wore dresses on several occasions.
i'm not going to lie- in combination with all of this, him being an avid moid "feminist" (predator), and the current "queer" agenda, he probably would have trooned out eventually if he was still alive. he had the same obsessively odd, twisted, fetishy, idea of women that i've seen many other troons talk about when describing their "egg cracking". i absolutely would not be shocked even the slightest if it came to light that kurt stole his mothers bra/underwear for sexual purposes.
they also claim that "been a son" is about himself, but imo its about his sister or women in general.(derailing)

No. 1980941

File: 1711740549784.jpeg (165.47 KB, 1200x1336, 1711733828134.jpeg)

the poor cat has seen some shit

No. 1980943

samefag, but its like… how do i describe this. in the moid's attempt to empathize with the struggles of females (male feminist– this is inverted with incel trannies, with hatred replacing empathy), combined with their inherit hypersexuality (which pornography only worsens), they become absolutely obsessed with women to the point of it being this like fucked up, twisted fetish. add being bullied by peers they perceive to be "actual men" ontop of this and they also develop an extreme insecurity with their own sex ("failed male" as they describe themselves). their brains become so fucking broken that they start thinking in similar ways to that journal entry, or that schizo ramble hunter schafer posted, or the hundreds of other similar posts i've read in these threads. they forever spiral down the tranny pipeline until they actually troon out or kill themselves because they're too incompetent to just get some damn mental help/therapy.
anyway. my entire point is that kurt ticked all the boxes and i absolutely believe he would've trooned out if the current "queer"/tranny agenda had existed in the 90s. i still think its retarded of them to try to claim someone that's dead, but whatever. i get it, i guess.

(sorry for armchairing, just wanted to elaborate on my thoughts.)

No. 1980955

I sort of agree with your take. From what I understand from the documentaries I watched about him, he had a tough relationship with his father who wanted him to be more masculine and he rebelled against the conservative values of his small town in the extreme opposite direction by engaging in petty vandalism and watching porn. However, his troubles started when he moved to Olympia and began reading the material that was popular with the left-wing punk scene at that time. A lot of it revolved around morality, sex roles and values are all bullshit and there was a significant amount of sex-related content as well.

No. 1980959

File: 1711744509990.png (1.71 MB, 1190x1152, Screen Shot 2024-03-29 at 8.55…)

i think its just because kurt is considered cool by gen z and he's dead. they love to crop pics like this as proof and don't acknowledge the fact that dave and krist are also in dresses (and it was for a magazine shoot) but theyre still around and are men so it never comes up. if anyone who actually knew him contradicted them they'd get called a transphobe.(derailing)

No. 1980965

Cobain also famously was severely bipolar, and expressing an urge to be or become the opposite sex is a surprisingly common thing for manic bipolar moids. It happened to the Unabomber as well. Cobain was also a misogynistic narcissist who manipulated and raped a severely developmentally disabled high schooler. So yeah, he'd probably troon out today for attention, sympathy, or mental illness.

No. 1980967

oh god, i didn't even really think about his involvement with the west coast punk scene. he absolutely would've fallen in line with the queer theory bullshit they're plagued by.

>manipulated and raped a severely developmentally disabled high schooler
never knew about this. absolutely vile. i'm glad i've always had a hatred for this man my entire life, and it started out completely unfounded. you just know when it comes to these predators.

No. 1981007

Kurt wrote this?!? Jfc ew, I’m not a fan or anything I only listen to a few of his songs but my sisters a die hard fan, I doubt she knows about this wtf

No. 1981012

File: 1711755130297.jpeg (417.46 KB, 750x1678, IMG_5826.jpeg)

rot boy summer

No. 1981014

>I have an open wound with yellow discharge and cheesy smell that is a clear sign of an infection
>Anyone has any idea what that could possibly be?????
Why yes, sir, it is an open wound is what it is.

No. 1981016

i like nirvana, but i’m glad he died before he trooned out. die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a tranny.

No. 1981020

forever laughing at the ancient hand curated photos of these trans fucks. kim petras hasn't looked like that for a while…

No. 1981031

I love that even though he had it confirmed that his inside out dick smells like inside out dick, he's still deluding himself that common cures for vaginal ailments will do anything for him.

No. 1981048

Tim already has the castrato beer gut and hunter is on the same path. We know what happens to young boys who get castrated and how their hormones and development are fucked forever, yet people still want to pretend that hrt magically prevents it to give troons false hope and keep up the facade.

No. 1981053

Wasn't it literally in his journals that he would steal his mother's underwear because he thought it was scandalous, but seemingly never got caught cause he would put things back perfectly? I just read his journals a few months ago, that's why it's on my mind. If I can find a sc I'll post it.
Yep. Kurt was a fucking sick weirdo. The stuff in his journals is revolting. It's terrible, but maybe he was right in saying that his child would be better off without him. Didn't even make good music either, he wrote in his journals about how he lowkey ripped off Melvins, and when he got with Courtney, she helped him in composing too. Coincidentally some of Nirvana also sounds like Hole. Go figure.

No. 1981055

File: 1711760901035.jpg (290.79 KB, 1080x1648, Screenshot_20240329-210751.jpg)

the yellow discharge is unfortunately what happens in some of these create-a-cavity surgeries. It never stops it's always leaking a little bit of fluid if they use part of the colon tissue and that's why these guys need to use pads pretty much all the time.

No. 1981060

Surprised they aren’t having gender euphoria from his uwu girlie discharge.

No. 1981064

File: 1711763174018.jpeg (116.16 KB, 1080x1080, GJq1UNFXAAATmxr.jpeg)

Is it possible to die from cringe? Some lucky audience members are about to find out!

No. 1981068

If eating nutraloaf everyday of your life in prison was an event.

No. 1981069

Thread pic is fucking kekkers

No. 1981073

>non-fetishist crossdressers
Fucking kek you can't make this shit up. He's literally an Onlyfans/pornhub tranny who was groomed by his gay boyfriend and 4chan/sissy porn. He's friends with that porn star troon Ela hollywood who actively engaged with (more like encouraged) that pedophile horrorcow giggle goonclown. At what point does any of this stop being a degenerate fetish kek?

No. 1981075

Oh no. Not the Whelan's. The horror, seriously ??

No. 1981077

Jar jar binks is a tranny stand up comedian?

No. 1981082

>it starts
>tranny with britney spears wig and ugly thrifted jean vest walks on stage
>tranny lips with bright drugstore lipstick stolen from his own daughter does a smirk
>”and then I said hey, suck my girlcock you lying lesbian terfs!”
>haha ZINGER
>audience cheers
>everybody claps
>disappointed parents claps
>divorced ex-wife claps
>dick-remover surgeon claps

No. 1981085

This was written by the ghost of radfem Isaac Asimov

No. 1981097

File: 1711768081668.jpg (Spoiler Image,616.19 KB, 1080x1653, 1000013736.jpg)

Oh no.(sage your shit/ancient milk)

No. 1981106

>mens fetish > literal infants health and safety to not be used as fetish object
This is why men shouldn't be allowed to hold office. All that matters is coom.

No. 1981112

File: 1711770612379.png (85.78 KB, 745x811, Screenshot_24.png)

what's up with this subset of troon that types in those most annoying pseud way possible kek.
also this guy is probably going to get exposed for grooming someone someday

No. 1981118

>big nose on the left

if they’re able to successfully spread this social cancer shit to their own, then we are absolutely fucked.(racebait)

No. 1981123

Most normal people don’t worry about the skeletons in their closet coming to light because they don’t have any, but since this is a troon of course he’s stressing about his own dirty secrets. It’s always the same with these men, none of them are without some sort of fucked up history or hidden degenerate interests that they only reveal on their discord channel. There is no such thing as a “good tranny”, they are all awful and this is another case of one telling on himself.

No. 1981140

Is there anything like this made for Tifs?(sage your shit)

No. 1981156

Jesus fucking christ
And his family is just letting him do this, encouraging it I'm sure. I'd punch a motherfucker so quick for even suggesting such disgusting behavior

No. 1981162

File: 1711781345802.jpeg (Spoiler Image,685.72 KB, 750x1322, IMG_5849.jpeg)

this fucking idiot got 4 revisions, just for a gross micropenis.

No. 1981164

I found it in a random thread on 4chan’s /lgbt/ board. The troons there are incredibly honest and it is very eye opening into just how retarded and gross they are, I didn’t lurk in any pooner thread though but I would not be surprised if they had one for tifs. I can only browse that board for like 5 mins max because it’s so off putting lmao

No. 1981168

New York Post just grabbed two random trannies for this, neither of them are the 50 year old tranny kek. Nose on the left just so happens to have MILF, human cow and breast milk fetishes. That poor baby is his girlfriend’s who I think he hadn’t even been dating that long but let him indulge in his fetishes with her baby anyways. Right is some other one named Mika Minio-Paluello who’s viral story to go along with that image is that it was the last time he ‘fed’ the baby before he went to get chemotherapy. I didn’t look into Mika but Naomi is well known for having a milk fetish. There isn’t a single tranny out there that wants to breastfeed children for non pedo fetish reasons but they’re picking the most sick fuck out of them all to be the face of it. Thank you pedo pushing news retards for always inadvertently doing the peaking work for us kek.

No. 1981171

the lactating nipples was an inside joke, i've seen old fan mail asking him if he was lactating while reading their letters. kurt drew a lot of disturbing things and the writings in his journals are no different, he most likely wrote them while high and doing anything to distract himself. troons target him because he was loud and proud about being leftist, feminist and wrote things like "may women rule the world." to troons, if you support women "too" much, you want to be one. for example he supported riotgrrrl which troons love to claim.

No. 1981172

He also lost his virginity to a retard on railroad tracks.

No. 1981175

that didn't happen though.

No. 1981177

They can't breastfeed. It's just false. Even if what they do produce was similar to milk, they make such a ridiculous quantity of it that it can't be called breastfeeding. Those men are forcing babies to suck their niples for nothing. It isn't about feeding babies, it's child sexual abuse. I hate men so much. All they do is lie. The "scientists" who wrote the paper admit in it that they produce next to nothing but still call it breastfeeding because they wanted to further their career. So many lies, just to satisfy men's magical belief that they can control nature. Men's life is a never ending celebration of violence, fucking over women and children and it's allowed because they all believe it. All of it is just lies.

No. 1981188

Yeah neither retarded girl story is true, I heard his high school friends reacting to that first story in a documentary and they said if that happened everyone would have known… He just made shit up. I'd assume the lactating comment is made up as well, it's shock value and "art"/"poetry" plus he was a junkie for a long time, his sex drive was non existent

No. 1981189

Wtf am I even looking at. Was a micropenis the goal…?
Is it the HIV+ one who is a granny maybe? Looked old enough (though mainly because he looked like a homeless addict).

No. 1981190

that was my assumption as well.

No. 1981192

I read this article, they had to put the dude on some super advanced drug cocktail in order for him to produce like 30g of milk over 4 weeks and they had to stop doing it because it was taking up so much of everyone's time to enable this stupid shit. Also fuck the baby who is having to ingest LOADS of chemicals right? It's more important that this bloke feels ~euphoric~

No. 1981196

File: 1711798630623.png (435.74 KB, 676x635, Screenshot 2024-03-30 at 11-36…)

He's baaaaack

>A football team with FIVE trans-identified male players is dominating a women's league in Australia.

>Reduxx can now confirm that one of players is Riley Dennis, a trans activist YouTuber previously accused of injuring female players on another team.

No. 1981200

This is a normal worry nowadays, but the way he describes it and the supposed aftermath makes it sound like rape or pedo allegations rather than petty friend drama or offensive tweets (most people don't care about that). It's never clear with these types if they're going 'woe is me, persecuted tranzwimin' or subtly saying 'who cares if my circle/demographic is rotten and full of predators, you bigot'

No. 1981208

Save her

No. 1981209

I guess now we know where Honter Schaefer got his inspiration.

No. 1981210

Your icon is visible, anon.

No. 1981212

doesn't he have some trubo pick-me gf as well?

No. 1981215

I audibly laughed, what was this even supposed to look like? Where does he pee out of? There’s no hole

No. 1981223

shizophrenia/psychosis/too high on sniffing their own farts like the narcissists they are. who knows

No. 1981230

It was all performance. Many interviews with Courtney Love would have her speaking about him being a lot more normal and a "guy's guy." He worked really hard emulating the punk scene, shock value, but in the end he was your typical moid. Worked on cars, liked male hobbies, etc. My boyfriend was always a huge fan, and the guy was depressed, had severe stomach issues that was both self medicated and made worse with drug abuse. Not sure he was a narcissist, but definitely misogynistic. If he lived, he probably would have been washed up, turned ultra conservative like the bassist or became a normal guy like Dave Grohl. I doubt he would have become a tranny.(derailing)

No. 1981234

Hilarious how you speak of some dude you never met and know nothing about, as if he was an acquaitenance you had.
How about both sides stop trying to speak for a dead person?(derailing/infighting)

No. 1981259

looks just like the real thing!
how do the surgeons get away with fucking mutilating patients like this

No. 1981292

File: 1711824199893.jpeg (139.58 KB, 1290x1183, 42870AF6-9A9B-441B-A6DE-F4D246…)

Based dog

No. 1981294

TERF Shiba irl

No. 1981296

Normal people don’t think that way. Anytime I see a troon talk about how scared they are of being “falsely” cancelled I know they have skeletons in the closet

No. 1981315

this. i hate these moids so much. they know that famous men especially get away with being accused of raping sexual misconduct all the goddamn time, they just worry that they personally might not be as lucky as the more egregious degenerates with more money and fame than them. traumatizing and victimizing women is practically part of being a famous scrote. Eli Elrick is an admitted rapist and he is still getting media work. + wasn't James Charles accused of being creepy towards minors by the miners themselves like not that many years ago? pretty sure that did nothing but end some crappy affiliate deal with morphe and some other company. He's still making $$$ off of content afaik.

It's legitimately scummy to look at what happens in so many cases and still think that false accusations or allegations come out of fucking nowhere. there's usually been countless cases of victims not comming forward before someone decides to risk their reputation, safety and mental health to do it.

No. 1981332

Kind of a blog but the most aggressively my dog ever barks or acts around anyone is when an ex-TIF friend of mine comes over to visit. I feel like her hormones are so out of whack from coming off of T that it sends my dog into a frenzy of confusion.

No. 1981342

it's a private account i only use for rt'ing art, it's fine

No. 1981364

He does. She had a YouTube channel called NeonFiona and I believe he moved to Australia to be with her. Unfortunately this chick is just as delusional as he is and she even calls their relationship "Lesbian". Absolutely sad shit.

No. 1981366

did he switch teams or has his team just slowly been losing women and adding new male members?

No. 1981370

I watched the video through King Critical's commentary because I just cannot watch videos from these halfwits uninterrupted with no interruptions of sanity peppered in. I found it very very retarded when he said that terfs are the ones who try to silence trans people when that is just not true at all and that it's them who take measures to try to silence anyone who speaks against their stupid ideology through means of doxxing, assaulting, threatening assault, etc.

It baffles me how any sane person can watch this man and think he is making intelligent arguments for why men can be women.

No. 1981383

So I already knew a bit about Randy Stairr but I didn't know about the extra details of how he would crossdress in private while wearing his mother's undergarments. I knew he cross-dressed but the info I heard about it wasn't super specific of what exactly it entailed. i just assumed that he was wearing skirts and blouses and so I initially believed that he just wanted to be gender nonconforming but was scared to do that because he wouldn't be accepted by his family and peers. But learning about the wearing of his mother's underwear and prancing around in the house while his parents were out and how he frequently masturbated in class, it's just so fucking clear that this dude was a budding AGP sex-pest but what frustrates me is that people don't seem to clock this (excluding us GCs of course). I know I shouldn't expect much from a guy like Tom but even the comments don't seem to clock that clear cut case of autogynephilia.

No. 1981402

jubilee just put out a video where 100 women try to find out which of them has the highest IQ, and the winner is an obese tranny(not a tranny)

No. 1981407

The fuck is the point of this kind of shit show? It’s degrading and retarded to rank people by their IQ like this.

No. 1981409

Honestly this video really just proves that men, including male trannies, have an advantage even over the dumbest shit like iq tests

No. 1981412

Suicidal breastfeeding women can't take their antidepressants because it might hurt the baby, but this guy can shoot himself up with an untested combination of drugs and feed it to an infant and it's fine? Medical misogyny knows no bounds.

Also, why the fuck is the grandma breastfeeding the child? I would never let my mother breastfeed my child even if such a thing was humanly possible.

No. 1981417

All they measure is autism

No. 1981418

Uhhh,.. what are you implying anon…

No. 1981420

Nothing? It's a known fact that men have an advantage over shit like tests. Especially considering they make the damn things.

No. 1981421

They’re just tests though, there’s no physical aptitude involved

No. 1981425

more tranny propaganda. another video to dislike then erase from my watch history.

No. 1981433

I think what anon is talking about is how IQ tests generally favor men because they are designed by men and measure things that men find important/logical. The same with how someone from Central Africa who is by all real life measures just as intelligent as someone from Eastern Europe will score lower because the test is culturally biased. They also don't measure EQ with is significantly more important when it comes to how intelligence is seen/works IRL. And is also a place where women tend to test better.

All the video is proving really is that trannies are men and think more like men then an entire room of randomly selected women.

No. 1981434

That’s a really awful argument I’m sorry. You’re basically repackaging men rational women emotional but with like a positive spin.

No. 1981438

File: 1711866135039.png (92.42 KB, 750x664, Screenshot.png)

new troon HC'd just dropped.

No. 1981442

>I'm not the mentally ill degenerate akchtually it's you!
Make projection is a constant entertainment.

No. 1981443

I already had people irl call me a trans man in denial to shut me down because men can't speak about feminism. They hate that we are feminist women and that we are right about them.

No. 1981446

them calling other trannies transphobic is so funny to me, they can’t fight with logic so they call someone -phobic to shut down any conversation.

No. 1981448

Actual terves are constantly talking about how it was trans-identified people (especially men) who peaked them and how we should #LetThemSpeak so they can peak more people. The only censoring from the gc side is when women try to keep porn and sexual performances out of schools and children’s libraries. Or maybe they consider deleting death and rape threats and blocking the people who make them to be a kind of silencing, too? Not listening to the men who tell you to kys is a human rights violation actually!

Wow, that’s a new one. I’ve seen them shutting down actual TIFs for being men with male privilege but not normal women. This is completely ridiculous and guaranteed to peak more people so I hope they keep it up. It’s only a matter of time until the only “women” are males and the rest of us are evil TMEs. And then they’ll try and colonise that too.

No. 1981458

I see you fellow kiwi(non-contribution)

No. 1981463

File: 1711885904774.png (545.98 KB, 676x503, Screenshot 2024-03-30 at 22-17…)

NTAYRT, but IQ tests have nothing to do with rationality. They tend to measure things like spacial awareness which men are better at on average. If you really want to get into the weeds of it, the range of men's IQ tends to have more extremes (both very high and very low), whereas women have a more consistent IQ (i.e. we have far less outright retards). With the above video though, I wouldn't be surprised if they'd skewed things to ensure the tranny won; TRAs never pass up the chance to show how men are 'the best at being women' rme.

No. 1981470

File: 1711889177989.png (817.75 KB, 1290x1470, pESS0rJ.png)

redditor learns what sexuality is.(wrong thread, there is an FTM thread)

No. 1981472

i like when TIMs get so mad at other TIMs that the mask slips and they call them men kek

No. 1981474

Put this in the FTM thread where it belongs

No. 1981484

the analysis is
>men developed the IQ test as we know it and it is biased towards men
not "men rational women emotional"
just like acknowledging that men structured society to benefit themselves while putting women at a disadvantage, this is philosophy 101 shit

No. 1981487

trannies lie about everything, there’s no way he’s actually the smartest person in that room. the fact that he’s a tranny already tells us he’s retarded.

No. 1981495

File: 1711896740522.png (Spoiler Image,977.45 KB, 842x847, img-2024-03-31-15-49-26.png)

All of you fighting about IQ and male brains etc are making us look retarded once again. The girl who won this IQ test thing is a real woman, she's just fat and ugly. She doesn't even sound like a man at all. God I hate the retarded zoomers who shit up this thread and can't actually spot trannies and instead falsely malign real women. Like she doesn't get enough shit. This has got to be mental illness? Seeing the troon menance lurking in every shadow?

For the people who are gonna deny it, picrel is a picture of her as a little girl from her Instagram. She also has pics going back 10 years on there and when she was younger/thinner she was very obviously a real woman. I'm not linking her Instagram here or posting her name bc I don't want there to be any chance this thread turns up in Google searches for her, but the curious can find it by Googling her name, profession and "LA".

No. 1981498

Samefag, tagging all you retards so you see this, and I don't care about the ban. The shift of this site from actual radfems/TERFs to right wing tradthot retards who hate other women as much as they hate trannies is so obvious lately. Fuck all of you.
>>1981409(infighting, unsaged)

No. 1981504

can the jannies tag this as bait or smth jfc. it took one cursory skip to the end to see it was obviously a woman.

No. 1981510

File: 1711899728224.jpg (19.18 KB, 360x342, Tumblr_l_464425860916948.jpg)

Yeah this thread is actually making me rethink some things, I fell in love with gender abolition and radical feminism for the smart ideas it presented, but seeing people in here, a supposedly radfem space, go back to "fat woman = male", "man logical, woman emotional" is very disappointing.
The more time passes the more I start to see braindead conservative takes being the norm, what's been happening?

No. 1981511

Yeah, it sucks. The TIF thread is miles worse, anons were outright laughing at some nonbinary girl commiting suicide because she got bullied, and trying to shift the blame to her just to be right. It's starting to feel like a kiwifarms/4chan thread.

No. 1981514

i get it but tbh seeing lolcow as a radfem space is like seeing the l chat as a lesbian activist space. they're both gossip sites dedicated to making fun of people. i imagine the only reason people flock here to talk about trans shit is because tumblr/twitter and other socmed keep suspending people's accounts for it. mods have even said ot/g/m posters aren't using the gossip boards that often so maybe these are mostly 4chan/kiwi posters after all.

No. 1981518

There have been a fuck ton of baiting troons and nlog handmaidens posting in these threads lately. Trannies have always selfposted in the tim threads, I know once a tim selfposted in the tif thread trying to bait anons into calling him a woman but he was clocked quickly. That was probably over a year ago, and I'm positive the women:moid ratio has decreased a lot since then. The tif thread in particular is infested with self hating tifs who think they're ~different~ while trying to gotcha gnc women in the thread. It's pretty safe to assume most of these types of posts are bait by retarded men.

No. 1981526

>anons were outright laughing at some nonbinary girl commiting suicide because she got bullied

IIRC that girl was also a bully and used the nonbinary card to go "woe is me". I did not laugh at her death, but at the many people using her death for the "literal suicide" shit. Same with the AGP boy, he was killed for teens being shits, not because he was "a trans girl".

No. 1981529

The website isn’t explicitly a radfem site unfortunately, there’s hsts troons, kiwimoids, tradthots, 4chan scrotes, and all sorts of people dunking on troons in this thread. Try redfem pod, ovarit or explicitly radfem spaces. There is definitely a demographic shift on this site from the previous administration.

No. 1981530

File: 1711903220671.mp4 (4.15 MB, 576x1024, L__G__B - 1774208701856874712.…)

Vidrel: This guy is so goddamn creepy.

I didn't watch the video, I was just replying to the unhinged 'SO YOU'RE SAYING WOMEN ARE IRRATIONAL?!?!' comment. Tradthot is when saying IQ tests aren't the be all and end all, ig.
Tagging this comment too, as I suspect I wasn't the only one who didn't watch the video. If a tranny won (as the first nonna said), I didn't want to give the video clicks and revenue. So I wouldn't take it as indicative that people here can't tell a woman from a troon.

No. 1981532

is that a tranny with cerebral palsy?

No. 1981534

So gross, couldn't even keep his hands off his crotch and skirt in normal position for a tik tok video. So openly fetishistic. Disgusting.

No. 1981535

People in the thread got gotcha’d by a troll and didn’t actually watch the video because they trusted the poster’s take. Most long breadtuber essays posted here are more than likely just posted to farm hate views from evil terfs so a lot of people don’t bother wasting their time watching a troon or moid pontificate. Aren’t you aware that the current online meta is just men playing pranks on women constantly in order to feel superior? Every reddit post is a fake story ragebait, entire communities like rdrama exists to execute and coordinate psyop operations on other websites. It happens a lot, it’s super frustrating that so many women fall for it over and over due to not being online and naive to how men use the internet to have fun at other’s expense, but try being charitable to other women.

No. 1981538

Complain in meta, they banned us from reporting scrotes larping as women to shift the culture. Take it out on men, for once.

No. 1981540

I’m unsure about other countries but that dress looks like the primary school uniforms in the uk even the colour or it (age 5-11). That and the hiking it up to his crotch makes me so uneasy.

No. 1981543

no they didn't retard, they banned anons from accusing each other of being scrotes with no basis. I report moids all the time and their posts get deleted and I have never once been banned for reporting them. so stop spreading misinfo because you weaponize moid reports to try and get anons you don't like banned. or maybe you're one of the retards that dunks on real women in this thread because they are ugly? no wonder you can't spot a moid poster either(infighting/derailing)

No. 1981547

Yeah I see what you mean. The whole skirt grabbing screamed autopedophile to me already, so most likely intentional.

No. 1981548

>Actual terves are constantly talking about how it was trans-identified people (especially men) who peaked them and how we should #LetThemSpeak so they can peak more people. The only censoring from the gc side is when women try to keep porn and sexual performances out of schools and children’s libraries. Or maybe they consider deleting death and rape threats and blocking the people who make them to be a kind of silencing, too? Not listening to the men who tell you to kys is a human rights violation actually!
I think it's when we say that trans ideology should not be taught in school and being against drag storyhour maybe? I remember when Texas or Florida banned drag story hour, these people threw a huge fit over that when the truth was that drag as a whole was not cancelled, just having it around children. The adults are still able to partake in it if they choose but yet "OMG TRANSPHOBIA" bullshit.

I didn't think about them considering women blocking and/or deleted death & rape threats was a "silencing" because that would be fucking retarded but I think you're right there as well. Because how dare a woman just ignore their harassment, we must take it because reasons.

No. 1981551

General grievances about moderation practices, other users or a culture shift on the website do not belong in this thread. Any further derailing/infighting after this point will get twice the normal ban length.

No. 1981557

he probably does have cp, just not that kind

No. 1981564

Yes, if terfs would just embrace the REAL them and mutilate their bodies with totally natural surgery and pump themselves full of not made-in-a-lab hormones… oh wait.

No. 1981588

File: 1711916871786.jpg (180.24 KB, 720x1555, RDT_20240401_04271173533929946…)

Nyx Cosmetics posted trans visibility day on Easter in their Instagram account and basically the comments are funny

No. 1981589

File: 1711916978926.jpeg (139.59 KB, 1073x598, 1HQn9op1zt69cP5QvTZjrdL5TqZD-4…)

He really tried the "if you hate gays, then you're gay too"??? That explains why TIMs are so misogynists: They hate women so much, they are a closeted woman

No. 1981597

The reason why men are more likely to have intellectual disabilities is because the second X chromosome is protective. Many X-linked recessive conditions cause ID, and if you have XY with an affected X, then there aren't any genes on the Y chromosome to prevent the presentation of the X-linked condition. Whereas, if you have XX chromosomes, both Xs have to be affected in order for you to present with the condition; if you have just one affected X, then you are a carrier.

No. 1981633

File: 1711929935218.mp4 (14.02 MB, 576x1024, 5847159-814732290bd67a991ecc15…)

nice clown make up

No. 1981635

Wtf why is this dude constantly hiking up his skirt and fondling his balls in this clip. Damn that's gross

No. 1981637

That voice, kek. Like Kermit the Frog trooned out.

No. 1981643

File: 1711933442465.jpeg (1.47 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_6474.jpeg)

I don’t browse r/sca but I saw this post on my homepage and immediately clocked this troon, which whatever, no surprise, but the fucking audacity of this man to label himself as female when he is not and never will be female. Out of morbid curiosity I looked at his previous posts and of course, it’s what you would expect. Nonnas I am so tired, when will this hell end.

No. 1981645

File: 1711934732988.jpeg (1.86 MB, 1170x1902, 954424AD-05EB-4A68-BF35-401C10…)

Has anyone else seen this Troon with his Troon buddies on tiktok live-streaming for donations, for 30 hours straight for gender affirming care? They have apparently 1 mil in donations… how much are they going to pocket ? Troons are so shameless when e-begging. Why is getting a boob job or your dick cut off worth donating to? The people donating are retarded.

No. 1981646

>same gender couples
The audacity. I’ve always joked that the world actually did end in 2012 (after the Large Hadron Collider was turned on, it ripped a hole in the fabric of reality and we’ve been living in Hell ever since) and I’m actually starting to believe it now

No. 1981650

yeah I was just on tt before and it showed up twice

No. 1981656

he has the voice of an SCTV character, like this should be a bizarro side character that Bob and Doug McKenzie interact with lmfao

No. 1981662

File: 1711939973837.png (438.06 KB, 601x720, simpsons.png)

Barney wanted to Homer to be a TIM to modeling a bikini, for heaven's sake.

No. 1981670

File: 1711945711934.jpeg (454.68 KB, 1169x2429, AEAF2709-AAF3-4D49-B5F7-CFDB83…)

I was watching a bit earlier. The troons he is streaming with is a personal cow of mine alluringskull and his bf max (picrel). Minor milk but alluringskulls trooned out first then a way later max announces HRT and scheduled FFS. A fair amount of people pointed out the coercion to transition and they had some half arsed rebuttal. But now they are a cute lesbian couple kek.

No. 1981671

>kids sometimes insist on calling me a dad, probably aren’t exposed much to same sex couples
Yeah bud probably

No. 1981676

Aww super cute pic

No. 1981678

Could you go more into the coercion? Did one coerce the other?

No. 1981684

kek he sounds like john c reilly. real rat physiognomy

No. 1981687

He's so brazen in his exihibitionism. Obviously no amount of surgeries or voice training will ever help him impersonate a female accurately. He looks completely deformed and disgusting, an abomination of the homo sapien species, yet handmaidens will defend this creep to the grave.

No. 1981712

File: 1711959880407.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1995x2998, averagefemboymemesposter.jpeg)

This 53 year old man regularly posts on /r/femboy, /r/femboy_irl /r/femboy_memes, /r/puppygirlpetsmart, /r/sillygirlclub and /r/boykisser. Seriously, take a gander in any of those subreddits (particularly the latter three) and just keep in your mind the people posting have a high chance of looking like pic related.

No. 1981714

I keep reporting and blocking the live, and it constantly keeps popping up on my FYP. I almost never get lives, even. But this one shows up so incredibly much. Even with all trans-related terms blacklisted.

No. 1981718

File: 1711965696681.jpg (63.16 KB, 910x811, Capture.JPG)

The "birthgiver" is really the cherry on top of the way this guy chose to come out to his mother.

No. 1981719

Maybe I’m reading too much into this but I’ve noticed with these announcements the parents response always seems so careful, like their afraid they’ll get put on blast by their kid if they don’t seem 110% on board and beyond accommodating.

No. 1981724

Same and I just assume there have been prior incidents where the troon has tried to smear his family online. Makes me laugh that he's a grown man or nearly grown and talks to his family through hatsune miku pics AND shares that embarrassing tidbit with the whole internet. Joke life.

No. 1981725

Hope they pay taxes on that shit or they're going to hear from the IRS. People forget that internet handouts have to be declared as income and that it's a crime not to pay taxes on it.

No. 1981727

>cis gay guys who only date trans men
So straight guys, then.

No. 1981740

imagine raising some bepenised sack of shit for 18 smtg years and not only does he mock your sex, not only does he also shove his fetishes in your face, he reduces your role in his life down to just having popped out a baby. bleak.

No. 1981742

What subreddit is the post from?

No. 1981749

Agree with you but it is actually possible. Unlike troons women can induce lactation despite not giving birth to the child. It's likely a mechanism to increase survival rates in a time before formula.

No. 1981754

Why is it always the right-wing gender critical tradthots behind every retarded or dissenting opinion? Are you aware that anyone can post anonymously on here including males? That a lot of anons ITT don't necessarily read or watch the entire article/video that's linked in a post before replying? That even normie women and literal teenage girls can be prejudiced against women? Including this last one because on the gender ideology hate thread, everyone also acts like any woman who is uncomfortable with body hair or whatever is a mean GC homophobic boomer, meanwhile it's just the average woman due to brainwashing since childhood.(derailing/trying to revive infight)

No. 1981771

Okay so Alluringskulls (Jory) had FFS last may after being out as trans for a few years. His bf max came out as trans in July same year then had FFS only a few months later in October. People obviously clocked onto the almost instant surgery and speculated that Jory was forcing Max to transition. This was their video on the comments of coercion, basically called the commenters racist because questioning a black person is white supremacy obviously.

Side note: these surgeries were all after last years trans visibility TikTok stream where they raised $2m for gender affirming care. So I’m assuming they were paid out of that pot for the two FFS. Also a few really expensive 1st class trips took place after that stream…but surely they wouldn’t be using money they raised for others on themselves right??

No. 1981776

If the goal of putting glittery bullshit on his teeth was to distract from how crooked and horsey they are, it failed miserably.

No. 1981784

Speaking from family experience (sadly), it's more likely that he threatened (implicitly or explicitly) suicide. My family members' son did this when they didn't accept it at first, and now they're terrified to step out of line.
Which is really sad to me because it shows that these parents do love their kids, but just have no idea what to do.

No. 1981795

File: 1711995515689.jpeg (454.66 KB, 750x790, IMG_0471.jpeg)

Not sure if this was posted before, I came across this recently

No. 1981799

What in the schizoposting is this

No. 1981800

Is the bra backwards? The little slider on the strap should be in the back

No. 1981810

>she's your sex toy
I promise you basically nobody views troons this way except themselves

No. 1981814

They get me so close to losing it when they make these horrendous fake feminist pieces filled with dreams of being exploited or used. It's the worst part of their LARP, when they pretend they know any form of female suffering or like they ever experienced being used and demeaned in their lives to the point of making art about it. At their very core they do not take female issues seriously, it's all just coom fodder and supports a fake victim personality they've invented. They seriously think women just complain and philosophize then get praise and support for their thoughts. Meanwhile actual feminist think pieces get ignored and no woman gets sympathy from men by crying to them about our problems.

No. 1981816

the only people who view troons as sexual toys are deviants/chasers and are all ebil cis men. how can someone take pride in that is a mystery…

No. 1981854

>funding men cutting off their penis
necessary evil

No. 1981855

There's something really absurd about HSTS troons crying about being skinwalked by chasers. Just …what did they expect? For all the talk about just wanting a straight man, their actions don't reflect that. So much of their online and offline presence is chaserbait, 'how i look as a MALE' and envy/hatred for women, as they never quite graduate from their homosexual inferiority complex. Even their supposed disdain for AGP troons replicates intra-gay competition, they wouldn't care at all if it didn't undermine their own narrative. There are many gays who similarly hate the pitfalls of their dating scene, they just settle with a likeminded man. Gay troons won't accept that for some reason. It's almost as nonsensical as AGPhons complaining about chasers when they trooned out because of shemale porn. Self-hating creepy bisexual men and self-hating HSTS are actually a match made in heaven, they deserve each other.

No. 1981856

sounds like agp to me

No. 1981858

File: 1712011982574.mp4 (3.42 MB, 850x480, jaimeking.mp4)

what a nice jaime king cosplay

No. 1981866

That’s literally retarded and not true, btw the person with the highest EVER recorded iq was a WOMAN, but no one knows about her bc men don’t want it to be common knowledge that the highest iq person ever was a woman. Marilyn vos Savant

No. 1981880

File: 1712015844684.jpg (411.98 KB, 1070x1848, Mercury.jpg)

This creature is an absolute jumpscare. Lesbian larps despite being a man married to a TIF "transman" too of course.

No. 1981881

File: 1712015874690.jpg (911.28 KB, 1077x1668, Rotten.jpg)

bonus horror of his rotten maw

No. 1981885

kek anon this is so random but spot on. he's a straight up Joe Flaherty character. love to see another female sctv fan

No. 1981898

File: 1712017763253.jpg (59.83 KB, 568x454, yawning-bunnies3.jpg)

You can tell he's had a bad nose job. Why the fuck didn't he pay to fix his teeth instead? God, I can only imagine how nasty his breath smells.

No. 1981900

This strikes me as the kind of thing you'd see written in shit on the walls of a padded cell.

No. 1981901

File: 1712018562257.png (2.84 MB, 2125x1008, HIRSCollective.png)

Sage for somewhat personal blog + reddit spacing, but any punk nonnies familiar with the "band" HIRS Collective? I went to a show recently to see a friend's band play, and paid a cover at the door to support them. It turns out my friend's band was opening for HIRS Collective, a "queer" collective (consisting of ogre-like men), lead by a troon named Jenna Pup (of course 'pup' is in the name). I was very pissed to find out that apparently all of the money collected from the door would be given to them.

I noticed how so many people kissed the troon's ass at the show. This is a balding little gremlin of a man who took his shirt off during their set and screamed and flailed around like a retard to terrible music. Looking the band up, I was surprised to see how many people they've recorded with in the past (Shirley Manson from Garbage, Frank Iero from My Chemical Romance), yet also lol at finding Jenna Pup's past GoFundMe campaigns. One asks for money to replace Jenna's "gender affirming clothes" that were stolen from his luggage, and another asks for money to support ~Jenna's dream~ of completing a cross country bike trip. 

Sorry for the blog. I'm staying in more.(blogposting)

No. 1981912

Those nails and teeth! Why can't these trans women practice good hygiene?

No. 1981915

because they're sick perverted men

No. 1981916

File: 1712022265766.jpg (154.1 KB, 1179x1476, GKGS42_a4AIpgeh.jpg)

>younger than 15 boy browsing an eunuch website
remember ya'll pretending you're a woman isn't a fetish!

No. 1981918

They are severely mentally ill and delusional for sure.

No. 1981921

Likewise, warms my heart that someone on here gets it!

No. 1981922

File: 1712022829713.png (387.43 KB, 748x597, J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) _ X…)

It feels like J.K Rowling has gotten a lot more outspoken these past few months regarding the tranny terrors.

No. 1981923

Really glad to see it, that new Scottish legislation is pure dystopian misogyny. Honestly in a way I'm hoping they arrest her or attempt some sort of legal attack on her because I can't think of anything better to cause a mass peaking.

No. 1981927

File: 1712024471629.png (77.99 KB, 777x665, meme.png)

who is going to tell him?

No. 1981932

Does this troon have a neovagina? I guess it doesn't matter, trannies promote SRS either way- post op troons with sunk cost fallacy wanting to drag others down because misery loves company, or AGPs in the depths of their fetish who could not cope with that light at the end of the tunnel being extinguished. If they cant hold onto their fantasy of being physically transformed into a biological woman, they have nothing.

It's an absolute ponzi scheme, fortunately most of them deserve irreversible mutilated genitals.

No. 1981938

Did… did he name himself after Jame Gumb

No. 1981939

If it's not a wound, then why do you have to dilate to keep it from healing itself closed? I suppose if you wanted to be more charitable, you could call it a "piercing."

No. 1981951

I thought they would be happy to claim the term “axe wound”…

No. 1981965

Someone needs to check his basement.

No. 1981966

I think he does because he threatened to show someone his mangina next to an actual vagina.

No. 1981968

File: 1712035888368.jpg (1001.93 KB, 4096x3710, 1000011075.jpg)

Does he have one ring on each of his nails because he's not so secretly Gollum?

No. 1981987

Gross fucking degenerate. He knows what he's doing. What were the comments like?

No. 1981991

File: 1712056171299.png (192.45 KB, 716x784, img.png)

All supportive, except for this bottom one. Had to click through a "potential harmful content" message to view it.
Top one still supportive but including it for the answer to why he's pulling it all up so high.

No. 1982018

File: 1712069194726.png (707.81 KB, 602x1573, GOrj1hX.png)

>Davina Anne Gabriel was a mentally ill hippie man who transitioned to deal with his issues
>he later realized how much of a mistake it had been and how much harm it had caused
>he takes his own life and explicitly calls transgenderism bullshit and regressive
TRAs don't seem to talk about him that much, but when they do, they seem to blame feminists for his death

this was his suicide note
>If you are reading or hearing this, it means that I am dead. I want to thank you all for being my friends, and to say that I appreciate having all of you as friends in my life. I greatly regret any sorrow or distress this may cause to you. All of you have truly made my life richer, and I value having had you in my life. I hope that I have in some way enriched your lives too, and that I have been a good friend to you. Please forgive me for any wrong I may have done to any of you, or for ever having offended you or hurt your feelings. I hereby forgive all wrongs done to me during my lifetime, regardless of their severity, as I wish to take no ill will toward anyone with me into the next life.
>I hope that you may all remember my friendship fondly. It is important to me how you remember me, and that is why I am writing now. Please do not remember me for any of my activism on behalf of transgender causes. If that is what I am most remembered for, then I will consider my life to have been wasted. I refute and repudiate all of that now, as I no longer believe in any of it. The fact is that I utterly despise everything about being a transsexual, and I consider having been one to be a curse on my llife that has brought nothing but pain and misery into it, and prevented me from realizing my full potential as a human being. If I could do it all over again, I would not do it. I curse the day that I ever decided to have sex reassignment sursery, and consider it to be the worst mistake I ever made in my life. But most of all, I curse the social factors which forced me to do this, and deceived me into believing that it was something that was necessary. Rather than alleviating the tremendous pain and suffering that I was already feeling, all that it has done is to magnify that pain and suffering by a hundred-fold. And that is not merely because of any kind of discrimination or ill treatment that I have received as a result of it. It is because simply being a transsexual has prevented me from living a truly fulfilling life, by causing me to unnecessarily direct tremendous amounts of time, energy, emotion , and resources into something that was totally unnecessary and did nothing to make my life better but instead caused it to be worse in every way. Furthermore, I have come to the realization that transsexualism is a delusion, a psychological disorder, and a form of self-hatred. Rather than opening up new possibilities for me, it has constricted my life at every stage and in every way.
>I say this because I have come to the realization that all of the causes of gender dysphoria are sociological in nature, and not biological. That means I no longer believe that anyone is in the “wrong body,” or is the “wrong sex.” The body into which nature places persons, and the sex it gives to them is always the right one. All feelings of being in the “wrong body” or being the “wrong sex” are caused by sociological factors, specifically the way in which sex and sexuality are socially constructed in this society. It is only because people internalize those social constructions that they experience conflict between their minds and bodies. The fact is that there are no internal qualities, traits, characteristics, or modes of feeling or thinking that are intrinsically antithetical to being either male or female; it is only society itself which causes people to feel that there are. No one truly needs to change sex. Everyone is already in the right body, and is the right sex. The belief that one is in the “wrong body” or is the “wrong sex” is a delusion. Unfortunately for me, that is something that I came to realize too late. If there were one thing in my life that I could go back and change, it would be my decision to undergo sex-reassignment surgery. I consider that decision to be nothing other than an albatross around my neck. I hope that someday the human race will be more enlightened, and will come to the realization that no one is in the wrong body; no one is the wrong sex; or believe that they need to change their sex in order to be their “real selves;” and that the curse of gender dysphoria ceases to exist.
>I also regret all of my previous activism on behalf of transgender causes, because I regret doing anything that might have encouraged anyone to follow in the same mistaken path that I have taken. Transgender persons are deluding themselves into believing they are empowering themselves by making it easier for them to change their sex, or by de-stigmatizing gender dysphoria. The fact is that gender dysphoria is the most extreme form of being uncomfortable in one’s own skin; and a profound date of dis-ease; and is based on an assumption of mind/body dualism that is not supported by either science or philosophy. Moreover, it is a form of self-hatred, because it is a hatred of one’s natural biological sex, which is never in any kind of intrinsic conflict with any internal trait, or mode of thinking or feeling. In every other instance, hatred of an intrinsic and natural part of oneself is recognized as a form of self-hatred, but when it comes to hatred of one’s own natural, biological sex, we’ve come to be convinced that this is not a form of self-hatred. But, it is; and it is also a psychological disorder, and a character defect that should be treated by psychological means. Transgender persons will only empower themselves by coming to understand the sociological forces which have caused them to hate their own natural biological sex, and to experience gender dysphoria; and begin to work to change the society that has caused them to feel this internal conflict.
>Remember me for being an individual and a non-conformist. Remember me for my passionate love of the Beatles,, for still being a Beatlemaniac for over 50 years, for my vast knowledge of them; and for my massive collection of Beatles memorabilia. Remember me for organizing a candlelight march and commemorative service for John Lennon on the first anniversary of his death. Remember me for being a hippie since the age of fourteen, and for remaining true to my hippie ideals for all that time, even if some of my beliefs have moderated during that time. Remember me for my love of the counterculture of the 1960s; for my advocacy of psychedelic drugs; and for my love of smoking marijuana. Remember me for my love of nature, and for my passionate interest in mysticism. Remember me as someone who lived things that are unusual, exotic, and bizarre. Remember me for disdaining that which is ordinary, normal, boring, or conformist. Remember me as someone who loved animals, especially cats, and more especially black cats.
>Remember me for my passionate dedication to social causes, and that I never followed any ideological party line, even those devised by causes which I support in principle. Remember me for my dedication to second-wave feminism, and for speaking out against the watered-down, dumbed-down version of feminism that calls itself “third wave.” Remember me for my hatred of all of the things that oppress women, such as pornography, prostitution, hypersexualization, sexual objectification, and gender roles. Remember me for openly being a neo-pagan at a Christian seminary for four years, and for challenging every assertion of Christian primacy, or vilification of pagans that I encountered during that time. Remember me for my dedication to Unitarian Universalism and to religious pluralism.
>Remember me for being someone who did not suffer fools gladly; who detested all forms of pretentiousness, arrogance, hypocrisy, superficiality, shallowness, phoniness, and dilettantism. Remember me as someone who always strived for excellence in everything that I did,, and who believed that anything worth doing is worth doing well. Remember me for my hatred of football, and all of the vulgar things that corrupt our society, and lower the quality of life for us all, and for openly expressing that hatred regardless of the consequences. Remember me for judging the truth or falsity of any matter on its own individual merits, and not on whether or not it was consistent with some ideology or party line. Remember me for my willingness to change my beliefs when I have found them to be in error, and for my willingness to admit that I was wrong, even when it has challenged something that I had believed very passionately. Remember me for my imagination, my creativity, my individuality, and my courage to speak my mind, even when it has brought vilification down upon me. Remember me as someone who tried to live as passionately as possible, and as someone who stood up for what she believed in. Remember me as someone who endured a tremendous amount of adversity throughout my life, but who struggled valiantly against all of those circumstances which have oppressed me, and prevented me from achieving my full potential. Remember me as someone who dedicated her life to living it on her own terms, or to die in the process. But, most of all, remember me as someone who never gave up my search for truth or accepted a comfortable illusion instead of truth.

No. 1982025

he was a detransitioner but realized far too late in, but his death and change of mind is somehow terfs fault? they really cannot stand anyone calling out transgenderism for the bs it is without making excuses to deny it. it really is a cult. honestly bless his heart.

No. 1982032

Well this is depressing. If more men hated pornography, prostitution, hypersexualization, sexual objectification, and gender roles like this guy did, the world would be a better place.
I'm sure that his suicide note will be spread everywhere once the hype dies down enough for it to be legal to discuss troonism as the cult that it is.

No. 1982035

File: 1712074563625.jpg (11.06 KB, 150x141, 1000005957.jpg)

When I heard Ru Paul's book club was selling What is a Woman by Matt Walsh and Irreversible Damage by Abigail Shrier I had a sliver of hope that maybe he saw the light about his woman-face fetish but nah, it was just a dropshipping mess.

No. 1982052

File: 1712076174858.jpg (322.68 KB, 1077x898, Screenshot_20240402-114026_Gal…)

All that money, pain, and recovery time to look like a slightly puffier version of your old self. Literally looks the same. These doctors are as scammy as the troons who are "fundraising".

gotta cup ur balls and show off your programmer socks, just girly things uwu

No. 1982053

Why do men feel guilt about the way women are used and abused in society and their solution is not to be a better man as an example to other men, but to flee the guilt in any way they can, by becoming more of a monster out of spite, like an Andrew tate or transitioning out of being a man and the victim too, both paths which seem to take more effort. Why do men think they have to become the person there are attempting to empathize with? In this guy’s case it seems like autism.

No. 1982068

Looks more like teen-ification, vomit

A cursory scroll through the transgender surgeries sub shows you a ton of mid moids in their 20s looking like uncanny valley teens post ffs. Why trade looking normal for the potential to attract pedophiles or children…

No. 1982070

Honestly makes sense as most men hit the wall so fast. Of course they want to put a full stop ti their testosterone production, try to save their receding hairlines, and get free cosmetic surgeries to look "young" again all on the dime of other people. This gay couple was obviously both bottoms from day one too, so it's pretty obvious why they're leaning into this: twink death.

No. 1982080

Oh Jesus. That's a guy I know named Jake on the right. He moved to Philly and started dating one of these creatures. Last I heard the guy he was dating died. Never thought I'd see him here.

No. 1982082

File: 1712082328874.png (128.25 KB, 1068x686, Screenshot 2024-04-02 211904.p…)

Ex-popular youtuber and current tiktok tranny of my country has set a funding account to get "the last step of his medical transition"(after getting massive tits that were very affirming) which is bottom surgery. Wonder if he actually pulls it of and if he does, what the aftermath will be. The fact his actual name is up there is hilarious.
Also there was a 10 euro donation "for the best pussy in Thessaloniki" kek

sage for not really milk but he has always been an annoying faggot making obnoxious youtube videos and now he acts like he is hot shit despite his super manly body.

PS no relation to the discord lolcow nefeli kek

No. 1982095

File: 1712084607625.jpeg (295.8 KB, 950x1350, handmaidens.jpeg)

shia labeouf has apparently been cast as a troon crime lord in the upcoming Megalopolis film and this image, I think, says all it needs to. i'm genuinely wondering if coppola is trying to make a point or if he just thought portraying a haggard man who's flashing his panties to the general public while surrounded by literal fawning handmaidens would be praised for the LGBTQ+ representation.

inb4 this film gets bashed to hell and back for not making the troon a heroic, beautiful, stunning & brave teenager who can do no wrong.

No. 1982101

it just looks like he got fatter and lost jawline definition, goddammit why didn't i go to med school and specialize in troon surgeries. I really could have had a career where i got paid top dollar to butcher men, unreal.

No. 1982143

It looks like he’s just angling his head down a little bit.

No. 1982145

Who goes for surgery before even bothering with a name change?

No. 1982151

First rule of misogyny: Women are responsible for what men do.

No. 1982161

they get off to thinking about women medical professionals emasculating them or whatever

No. 1982163

File: 1712099642478.png (328.47 KB, 400x887, g0Id5Dt.png)

>an ugly(likely porn addicted) man defining what a woman is

No. 1982164

>Woman is when hot and my pee pee gets hard

No. 1982169

File: 1712102530195.jpg (594.46 KB, 1536x2048, F2136ZqWoAAUo5U.jpg)


No. 1982170

Trannies are indistinguishable from women as this photo so proves.

No. 1982184

People are gonna lose their minds that they didn't cast a true and honest trans woman for this role and instead cast a man with a history of domestic abuse allegations.

No. 1982185

Philly is full of crusty troons

No. 1982195

File: 1712109717324.jpg (52.75 KB, 599x391, lol india.jpg)

India is at it again, jk rowling living rent free in his little empty mind. Hope you get a chuckle farmers.

No. 1982203

Love this

No. 1982207

The first man ever to actually understand radical feminism, and he tops himself about it. Amazing.
It's too bad no one told these guys that shaving down the facial bones won't change the size of your bigass skull.

No. 1982211

File: 1712113517870.jpg (10.13 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

If Shia troons out, the milk will be fucking glorious

No. 1982218

File: 1712119189837.jpg (704.39 KB, 1080x1548, 1000031857.jpg)

ew I'm surprised he actually admitted it. check out this heckin valid woman kek

No. 1982247

I hope he troons out after they try to cancel him so they’re forced to either backpedal and declare him stave and brunning OR accuse him of trooning to get a get-out-of-consequences-free card (which never happens btw). Either way would peak people and honestly, he does seem like the type.

No. 1982257

right after I posted about Joe he died, I'm heartbroken!

No. 1982271

You have a power anon. Use it wisely.

No. 1982273

you know how males endlessly psychological project and pull patriarchy reversals of reality?
these words in the post are nothing more than a confession of how males regard women.

No. 1982338

File: 1712156984619.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1920, UYz8u9B.png)

I really hate to use this phrase, but it does feel like we are clown world, like the how the fuck in any rational society can we allow a perverted fetishist to feed a child and be okay with it.

No. 1982341

In addition to you saying clown word Id like to mention another phrase or idea thats been coopted by alt right faggots and say that its extremely obvious that shitloads of lobbying and funding is behind this. Theres just no way that this many peoples brains have imploded overnight without handsome monetary compensation by the pharma lobby (in the mission to create lifelong medical patients) and some kind of elite pedophile group. Its sad you cant speculate about this anymore without people thinking youre some conspiracist scrote but I think its so blatant its staring us in the face

No. 1982350

File: 1712162306663.png (282.79 KB, 836x610, Screenshot 2024-04-03 5.37.30 …)

KEK of course the Cat killer tranny had a discord gf who is also a male tranny.

No. 1982352

It's absolutely disgraceful. I can't believe there are handmaidens defending this. It's pedophilia.

No. 1982395

File: 1712169941028.mp4 (5.83 MB, 720x1280, 8H3QElGCM.mp4)

This was an actual stand up routine from Hannah Gadsby's special, which basically consisted of 6 "comedians" who were just ranting about being trans and mocking regular people.(specifically women)

No. 1982405

Bizarre to call Christianity a death cult. Real pot-kettle-black situation given what statistics say about young men who swirl into this nihilistic void.

No. 1982411

How is this even remotely funny? Like kek where is the comedy because this sure isn't it

No. 1982430

don’t blame women for suspecting other women of being trannies, blame trannies for creating the confusion in the first place. although, when it comes to women who kinda look manly, it’s better not to speculate. it’s not like most trannies remotely pass, so it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

No. 1982439

The only comedy someone could possibly get from this is the old-fashioned laughing at a man dressed up as a woman joke. Otherwise, there's nothing else that's funny.

No. 1982443

>Men 'vaginas' are better than women's vaginas
>Men better than women at being women
I guaranty you these laughs are a stock audio dubbed on the actual laughs. This is so cringe on so many levels.

No. 1982446

Literally everything he says can be applied to how natal women have been viewed for millennia. Men have been irate about what our vaginas are capable of and what they represent since the dawn of time.

No. 1982449

So called penis envy was a hard cope from men, projecting much, kek.
Also, no need for the 'natal' women. Women, period. We're not a subset of our own sex.

No. 1982459

File: 1712183830165.png (21.01 KB, 536x220, GKPF_TjbgAA57pC.png)

Botox Chucky is the perfect name for this tranny. KEK

No. 1982460

>woman make life
>I’d never take that away from you because I don’t want to
> Franken-pussy does smth you could never do though
>change western politics
Remember feminism was lead by POC trans women, we would not be able to vote without men, we should be thankful to men, men did everything for us.

No. 1982487



No. 1982490

File: 1712196563361.png (18.76 KB, 598x214, Screenshot.png)

He's a drag queen, but imagine having he same nerve to misgender JK Rowling while claiming for trans rights.

No. 1982491

File: 1712196733566.png (818.28 KB, 543x815, Screenshot.png)

Look at this Shrek looking thing pretending he's a woman.

No. 1982495

Tsk tsk cisoid fag, the current narrative is that weaponizing pronouns was evil and tells troons that you only "gender them properly" to be nice and can take that away the moment they aren't good anymore

No. 1982496

File: 1712197169209.jpg (109.47 KB, 680x632, 1712113116542738.jpg)

No. 1982500

File: 1712199142101.png (47.93 KB, 891x332, vGRDFT.png)

a rare moment of transbian honesty.

No. 1982509

No. 1982545

Has anyone else seen this crackhead troon about? Soft white underbelly did a series of interviews with “Rebecca”. The guy who runs SWU stopped helping Rebecca due to him using money given on drugs. The comments are what annoy me “she’s so smart”. Having a basic pop culture knowledge is intelligent now? Something which women have been put down for, fashion interest, idolising pop singers, speaking in a ‘valley girl’ accent. But a crack head troon who’s been given more opportunities to change then countable is so smart stunning and brave for knowing the designer Madonna wore to take a shit in the other week. This same grace would never be given to women without backlash, why?

No. 1982551

New levels of AGP reached.

No. 1982559

petty, but that belt can't define a waist if there isn't one there in the first place. Why doesn't he learn how to dress for the body he has, rather than the one he masturbates to?

No. 1982562

File: 1712228552859.png (2.98 MB, 1439x2010, 1000004836.png)

Nona, I wish I could be your friend. The state of the punk scene is hell. I liked this skramz-y hc band from Florida called Night Witch. They played their last gig last year and the vocalist, Rosie posted this bullshit. And I've been seeing HIIRS Collective EVERYWHERE. I should have known Rosie was a TRA, because I mean, look at her. But it was still disappointing.

I'm sticker bombing my city's downtown and local venues with a bunch of TERF and radfem stickers. Im tired of asking for recommendations for hc, pv, sludge, and grind bands fronted by women and then being recommended a bunch of bands fronted by men. I just went to another show and it was filled with troons. Hardcore is already such a male centric space filled with rapists and their rapist apologist bros.

I might make a thread discussing trannies in punk scenes just because I know mods get mad when we discuss anything not milky here. It would just be nice to reminded we're not alone.

Sage for autism

No. 1982564

Imagine being so retarded you think a mentally ill homeless man in a wig is a woman.

No. 1982566

I don’t get why they think normal people care so much about being misgendered. If someone did that to me I’d known it was a them issue and it doesn’t change reality.

No. 1982570

It’s literally because of the Pritzkers. They fund WPATH too. I really wish we had more than just conservatard weirdos pointing this stuff out too. The guy who released the WPATH files (Michael Shellenberger) was on the Jordan Peterson podcast, and they didn’t even touch on what the files contain. It’s maddening.

No. 1982576

File: 1712235570399.jpg (69.47 KB, 540x680, 20240404_054956.jpg)

You think either one of them would have off'd themselves by now but no. Maybe it has something to do with the whole decades old franchise "fuck you" money.

No. 1982581

File: 1712238053969.jpg (1002.83 KB, 1439x1939, Screenshot_2024-04-04-15-34-47…)

omg yes i got them recommended on spotify and i actually liked the song. then i did a deep dive and instantly lost interest. just leave gender ideology shit out of music, especially grind and hardcore and such. picrel is a shirt they sell. another tranny music cow in that kind of scene is 'Haela' Hunt-Hendrix from liturgy. please look him up if you don't know him, he has an entire manifest about how you should listen to his music etc

No. 1982585

Really hope this retarded faggot ODs eventually.(a-logging)

No. 1982587

File: 1712238872185.png (170.5 KB, 1323x669, image.png)

kek, he can backtrack the matrix into being an "egg metaphor" all he wants, but the fact is he and his brother made self-insert jesus fanfiction wrapped around a sci fi story that got lost in the sauce real quick.
and he became a tranny cause he was into forced feminization and wanted to make it full time.
God his backstory is such a cow trifecta, a woman who loves to troon people out for fetishistic reasons and causing them pain, a woman who was trooned out, hurt, then abandoned, and this fat balding troon who benefited by being a male in the film industry given chances a first time female director with huge ambition never would be. Also I find it extra funny that transbians so effortlessly incorporate trans victimhood into their life that has no bearing on them. Non suicidal troons will claim the suicide stat, non hsts troons act like their sexual awakening wasn't just normal straight awakenings, troons who never had to worry about being jumped claiming they have anxiety in their cushy programming jobs, etc. How does he know Drew isn't an egg? It's not like he made the matrix while being an out transbian so why is that now a requirement to "get" it? Also he says this after selling out his franchise for sequel royalties… if it was such an important "trans" film then he shouldn't have thrown it to the sharks of hollywood

No. 1982588

File: 1712239069573.png (36.55 KB, 1331x131, image.png)

samefag but to add to the point that he benefited being an influential male in fetishland hollywood (the irony of female buck pointing this out kek). Also here's the link to the article cause I forgot it: https://www.thefreelibrary.com/CROSS+DRESSED+TO+KILL;+HOW+THE+MATRIX'S+LARRY+WACHOWSKI+FELL+FOR+A...-a0143323117

No. 1982597

here is an archive link to the Rolling Stone article with even more details. It's absolutely wild, this story should be read by anyone who doesn't know yet how depraved trannies are (and how gross the Wachowskis are) and it's crazy to think that it would never be allowed to be written these days.

No. 1982600

I use more my surname than my name and I get called "Mr Doe". It doesn't offend me, nor gives me gender dysphoria. These men are so weakness for not being called a "girl".

No. 1982601

File: 1712242400130.mp4 (9.69 MB, 720x1280, y2mate.is - the difference bet…)

i'm begging handmaidens to stop enabling these dudes

No. 1982612

File: 1712246275080.mp4 (3.42 MB, 360x638, vFte1U0.mp4)

Never have I seen such a glaring display of womb envy. Here is a TIM using a woman as a surrogate to have his children, and then pretending to that he's the "real mother"

No. 1982614

>What people see as like the core thing that all women do.
Still got the moid thinking, christ

No. 1982624

It doesn't matter how much a troon may 'pass' they're still a fucking man. It's such a stupid argument. What they're really saying is troons who have money should be allowed to be considered women. I don't think a tranny that's just a balding moid in a spinny skirt is any less dangerous than a tranny that gets a ton of work done and can afford nice clothes. The idea of 'passing' at all is just a way for these insidious criminals to separate themselves from those who are more easily clockable to try and seem more innocent/female/harmless.

No. 1982626

File: 1712247932161.png (16.02 KB, 598x118, yeah i wonder what that means.…)

Kek, I'm so happy my personal cow got indirectly posted here. He's an anachan wannabe with a victim complex, is constantly coping about what he's doing to his body, and all of his mediocre "art" is fakedeep shit in jenny holzer's style

No. 1982630

File: 1712248451135.png (Spoiler Image,1.22 MB, 683x913, trannyofswords.png)

Some of his slop.

No. 1982633

> yes they should obviously be more attentive to you
>much more registering and acknowledging of course
Jesus fuck, the entitlement. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think this is in contexts to a baby and me type class? If so adds another layer of absolute sliminess, being upset that you aren’t given special attention as a man at a mothering class. Also at no point have I ever seen a room full of pregnant women (??) and thought that I should be pregnant too. Usually it’s babies that make me broody not the physicality of pregnancy. But I assume that’s the fetish part for them. Ultimate women = baby machine. But when anyone explains being a women as something biological they scream and cry about “some women can’t give birth, some women don’t get periods” 100% right so why must claiming pregnancy and periods be such an integral part of their identities.

No. 1982634

what a fucking loser.

No. 1982637

I'm not familiar with it but isn't that extremely creepy to have a dude there? Poor women. Imagine being pregnant, stressed by your upcoming delivery and a tranny invades the class for "validation".

No. 1982644

i remember this guy, i used to see him and that sweatermuppet tif on instagram and tumblr all the time a couple years ago. honestly he just comes off as a deeply insecure narcissistic fag with internalized homophobia. i wish these fake deep tranny "artists" would shut the fuck up already, they're inescapable at this point

No. 1982645

>hormones and surgery are the stepping stones for self acceptance
>thank you god for plastic surgery

No. 1982649

who's gonna tell him that the oh so detestable twansphobic western civilization developed the research and technology behind his bolt ons?

No. 1982663

Most pregnancy classes and many postpartum classes don’t even allow (male) partners to attend, because women generally don’t feel comfortable discussing intimate topics with men present. Now imagine the man is some crossdressing weirdo with a pregnancy fetish, and you can’t object to his presence without being smeared as a bigot? Bleak.

No. 1982676

File: 1712255246959.jpg (214.68 KB, 1080x1065, IMG_20240404_141949.jpg)

>He looks like a butch pre-transition
Picrel is their choice of evidence to that.
Wtf isn't he at a class for general parents and instead at one aimed at pregnant women? Ok we know why, but fucking gross

No. 1982694

File: 1712260061738.png (1017.51 KB, 663x1186, yhjds.png)

someone's upset.

No. 1982703

He looks like a typical gay guy. Looking like that does not make a butch.

No. 1982725

File: 1712268956743.mp4 (950.06 KB, 480x854, aamb3QS.mp4)

This is literally no different than how most faghags hype up gay moids for being so 'superior' at being women then them.

No. 1982734

File: 1712272694714.png (492.69 KB, 628x754, bloom.png)

Someone should tell him that women also have face hair due hormonal problems like PCOS.

No. 1982748

There are so many awful troons in punk scene. And they are definitely a source of milk for me and my friends that have peaked.

Ah yes, 'Haela' Hunt-Hendrix, spawn of oil tycoons and billionaires. He has definitely been a cow of mine for awhile. And yes, the manifesto is unhinged highly recommend.

No. 1982753

women are expected to do this since they are 12yo to please scrotes he should stop being a faggot

No. 1982755

File: 1712277326209.jpg (92.04 KB, 800x800, c9f53a0f3b59410cb44326b23c52b0…)

>a TIM using a woman as a surrogate to have his children, and then pretending to that he's the "real mother"
I'm going to pretend that he's lying just so I don't have to cope with the fact that I live in a world where an actual woman carried a baby for nine months, painfully pushed it out of her body, and handed it off to a chauvinist pervert. Might as well have fucking left it on a gorilla enclosure.

No. 1982756

Again, this is less like art and more like the insane ramblings of a schizo penned in feces on the padded walls of his prison cell.

No. 1982769

women with upper lip hair getting them threaded again and again just for troons to swoop in and cry about basic grooming.

No. 1982782

rip off Barbra Kruger looking garbage(sage your shit)

No. 1982784

Nta but this was an interesting read and I completely agree with you about everything

No. 1982785

File: 1712287705411.jpg (460.15 KB, 1080x1152, 1000031031.jpg)

Kek I recognize his name, I took screenshot in picrel after seeing him admitting to being AGP in a reply to another troon

No. 1982804

The singer in GLOSS is a rapist.

No. 1982808

File: 1712295539073.png (48.41 KB, 741x605, j82oe.png)

They really like real life is like porn and erotica.

No. 1982810

it reminds me of the troon hunter schafer's schizo scribblings

No. 1982822

File: 1712303540221.jpeg (201.34 KB, 1077x439, IMG_4830.jpeg)

The replies to this are gold

No. 1982824

File: 1712303583870.jpeg (228.03 KB, 1149x670, IMG_4831.jpeg)

When even the other agps think you’re being creepy

No. 1982864

Exactly. And not even just to please scrotes, but to be “presentable” on a daily basis. No sympathy for these idiots.

No. 1982870

>mutilation is salvation
but these people aren't mentally ill

Kekkk Twitter is so fucking based for this

This. Men and even most women will think you're gross if you don't do it. Hate when troons pretend to understand and experience even a tenth of what women experience.

No. 1982881

my immediate response is You Will Never Be Barbara Kruger

No. 1982883

>a hundred thousand needles pierce the skin as the bars of the cage which trap you in the social misperception of your body. each day you slice your flesh to pieces to free yourself but they grow and they grow and they grow
ignoring the horrible grammar and terrible writing, how can someone be so histrionic over spending a minute doing basic self care? I understand that depression can make stuff like that difficult to keep up with, but he just sounds schizophrenic. social "misperception" of your body? is he talking about people being able to tell he's a man? that's not them misperceiving anything, that's just accurate

No. 1982884

Because he’s trying to sympathy farm

No. 1982885

File: 1712325639525.png (38.76 KB, 1026x140, Screen Shot 2024-04-05 at 7.57…)

this is fucking hilarious. "youre making us look bad, please delete".
meanwhile people are talking about how TIMs are sexually assaulting women in women's prisons are his response is b-but men will rape them in mens prisons. its almost like men are dangerous predators who will abuse people who are weaker. so certainly the solution is put them in with women, then THEY can be the rapists.

No. 1982901

Criminal Men have been transvestites for a long time, prisons used to have specific wings inside male prisons for all the trannies, and surprisingly it’s the trannies who instigate sexual violence towards other inmates and seek out “punks”

No. 1982916

If they scammed people for 2mil can you not report them to the IRS? It's fraud and tax evasing.

No. 1982918

File: 1712334307441.png (90.71 KB, 1178x316, 2204.png)

Anyone keeping up with the skinnytuna/blackwinterwells drama? Musician in the Philadelphia scene I think. Part of that weird irony humor clique on Twitter with boygrrI and others.

No. 1982921

Skip to 51:27
This tranny is speaking about his experience in one of the uks most notorious male prisons. “Sarah Jane Barker” went to jail for murder and talks fondly about being a bum buddy in jail, describing himself as “quite cool and pretty” during this time. I watched the documentary a while ago so correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure he explains that he’s glad he wasn’t transferred into a women’s prison because he wouldn’t of had as much sex. Personally I think we should just put the trannys on the nonce wing and have it done with.

No. 1982927

File: 1712335902681.png (Spoiler Image,826.6 KB, 1255x575, drop.png)

Meet 70yo 'stephanie mueller', attorney. He looks like the embodiment of misogyny. I feel that for him and other TiMs, the perverse pleasure they get from shocked expressions is as strong as AGP, if not stronger.

Oh. This was known for a long time and it'd follow him but it was faint in comparison to his fanbase/circle. Genuinely hope he gets what he deserves, at least he won't be able to physically rape anyone now with his rotpocket

No. 1982929

File: 1712336289139.jpg (603.95 KB, 1136x1010, retard.jpg)

This troon has been collecting his dirty needles in a bottle.

No. 1982930

I’ve always wondered how they determine which men go to the special wing for vulnerable inmates. People always say it’s for gay men and pedophiles (and now crossdressers I guess) but what if those gay men (and crossdressers) assault one another? Being gay may put a target on their backs in gen pop it but doesn’t make them inherently harmless. A gay man or TIM may get picked on by other men but then turn right around and pick on his own cellmate if he happens to be weaker than him. Is there no pecking order in the special wing? Are they all kept isolated? Many TIMs are deranged enough that it doesn’t surprise me they’re a danger to other men in the protective wing.
If they can’t control themselves they should be kept isolated imo, and certainly not put in with women. I don’t understand how anyone, especially other women, can excuse that. It’s pure evil.

Womanface. He can’t even pretend it’s meant to be artistic and provocative like drag queens do, if he’s wearing this to work.

No. 1982931

Medical facilities will tell you to store used needles in a plastic bottle like an empty laundry detergent container. Still fucking gross

No. 1982933

The truth is that it’s not possible to stop males from bullying each other in jail (including the guards) and keeping them separate enough is the best we can achieve. Women have hierarchies and bully each other in their own jail too, but add AGPs and gay men to the mix in addition to the problems with sexual assault and pregnancy the male guards cause, it just becomes a clusterfuck with the men having a huge advantage over the female inmates, and the tranny male’s lock up experience no longer becomes punishment or rehabilitation for crimes committed, but a fun vacation for a reigning king over slaves. The goal of separating males and females is to curb male tyrannical violence and prevent children from being spawned from demonic males in a hell-like environment.

No. 1982937

Vengance for what? The only people killing troons is themselves.

No. 1982938

My cousin served some time a few years ago. He told me that since the Bush administration there were a lot of reforms put in place, which greatly reduced prison sexual violence and gang activity. Anyone can report anybody for rape and your sentence gets extended or you lose privileges and no one wants to risk that. both still happen but it's a lot harder to do nowadays.

No. 1982943

Fuck the dude on the right is wearing my fave brand. Barf

No. 1982971

Anon with family who have worked in corrections, with these types of assaults the guards are on board, bribed, or inmates band together to keep the coast clear. Assaults are mostly done by people who already have a lot of time or someone who snaps because of continued harassment.
Te reason more trannies may say they were in high security is because people who commit crimes against kids. Alot of people in prison were abused in some way and are dying to take it out on someone. So tranny who says they had to be put in isolation for their own safety may well be hiding something on their wrap sheet. Normal gays are ignored as long as they keep their head down and don't bother the wrong guy. Men fuck anything and if they're in for long enough so anyone of them will fuck a man. No one actually has to know you're gay or a tranny. The only reason anyone would know is because a guard leaks it, or a moid goes public about it in hopes it will help them get out.
But like >>1982938 says, it's not as common as tv would have your think. It just isn't usually worth it unless someone is overstepping/a threat. Trannies could just "boymode" their way through their sentence and be just fine like everyone else. The only reason to move is to be around women. And the impression men seem to have that women's prisons are nicer. Like women aren't regularly coerced if not outright assaulted by male guards.

No. 1982989

>Like women aren't regularly coerced if not outright assaulted by male guards.
TIMs wouldn't have to worry about that

No. 1982992

File: 1712350862060.jpeg (556.11 KB, 750x1131, 773F1CDF-5D49-49CC-822A-5AFF70…)

tras can't be fucking serious…

No. 1983039

Trannies belong in the protected population sections of male prisons. Simple as. Also interesting that instead of trying to solve the problem of prison rape, they're just trying to remove their own identity group from men's prisons.

No. 1983061

File: 1712368252187.png (560.91 KB, 748x891, hulk.png)

Another day another tranny trying to ruin things for girls.

No. 1983068

They always love to point out that these TWANSPHOBIC accounts have no profile poctures of their face, no real names, etc. which just tells me the internet has been lost to retarded normies… but they 100% know WHY these profiles have no identifying information on them… because people lose jobs for saying transmen are women and transwomen are men. JK Rowling bravely faces the troon wrath and guess what happens? A restaurant owner who shows her support gets a whole brick through their restaraunt window. They fucking know why we go faceless.

No. 1983070

File: 1712372175146.mp4 (3.65 MB, 320x568, ZJ8fZ1Nk3licY-YO.mp4)

ugh the names he gives his ballseye roll

No. 1983072

File: 1712372894338.jpeg (578.4 KB, 750x918, IMG_5982.jpeg)

this lanky ass moid wants to play only female roles now, the delusion. your 15 minutes of fame are almost done, sweaty.

No. 1983076

File: 1712376437264.mp4 (941.95 KB, 478x270, 9GfvjBNpr95DXRBF.mp4)

>the vocal fry
>the hair
>the skit with the other tranny

No. 1983081

this nigga’s face is literally built like motherfucking linguini from ratoutille

No. 1983083

I fucking hate this guy because he sounds so much like David Wain.

No. 1983084

When you order tomato linguini but get troon-with-a-weenie instead

No. 1983110

Spoiler this.

No. 1983122

is he really trying to claim he experiences medical misogyny? Lord. Fuck you.

No. 1983131

YES nonna omg, I remember watching SWU’s videos interviewing this freak and was rolling my eyes at the comments. I left a comment myself but of course people thought I was being out of order for stating that affirming his drug-fueled delusions isn’t going to help him at all, and that we should all refer to him as a MAN since that’s what he is. You are absolutely right though, it irks me how everyone treats him as some sort of genius tortured artist when he’s just a degenerate who needs actual help, not retards referring to him as a “a beautiful woman”. I didn’t know about the recent events though, can’t say I’m surprised he’s still just a junkie.

No. 1983133

Wishing someone would OD is out of order, that guy probably has a family who loves him even if he is a degenerate wreck.

No. 1983141

I'm in a discord server with this creature, unrelated patreon server for someone else. Somehow he used to be of the least annoying moids in there that became so much more self absorbed and annoying after trooning out. He's got a massive ego because he's friends with a few more relevent youtubers. there's some fucking hambeast "true maidens" with beards and beer guts expecting everyone to walk on eggshells around their pwecous womenly feelings uwu. seeing that peaked me so hard, i only stay to laugh at some personal troon cows that are even worse than him.

No. 1983150

>hot nurse man
I thought faggot trannies at least made an effort to pass and look feminine. Is it pseudobisexuality? Is he only pretending because he thinks women constantly gush about random tall men? lol

No. 1983152

To an extent yeah, they’re imitating the hypersexual bimbo archetype (that men invented). But the reason HSTS are stereotyped as more feminine and more likely to pass is because in the past, only that specific subset of homosexual men would be greenlit for transition. Not all gay men are pretty or feminine and the ugly brutish ones would’ve been told not to bother. Nowadays gatekeeping is genocide and literally any man who says he has ladyfeels is allowed to call himself a woman so we’re seeing a lot more ugly hons regardless of sexual orientation.

No. 1983159

I've seen videos and documentaries from the '60s and 70s in the West where psychologists dealing with so-called transsexual patients were featured and interviewed and absolutely no one cared about what these men looked like, and it seemed like skepticism was very common because transsexualism as you can imagine was not exactly normalized. One psychologist that was featured in England which is notorious for being more conservative than America asked a man in a homosexual relationship who did not pass if that matters here at all about whether he was identifying with stereotypes (instead of actual women, even back then it was obvious that these men's conception of woman was stereotype-based.

No. 1983165

The family doesn’t love him enough to house him kek

No. 1983166

Not always true. People can love addict family members and then get sick of their addict antics and have no choice but to kick them out.

No. 1983175

dearest sweetest most empathic nonnie, i understand your point, but please there must other non-womanfacing male addicts to sympathize for.

No. 1983177

File: 1712410303302.jpg (1.12 MB, 1440x2941, Screenshot_20240406-092744_Chr…)

>"I paid the iron price for my womanhood. I had to fight for it, I had to put myself in mortal danger to earn this womanhood. And I treasure my womanhood which you earned simply by being born and have done nothing to earn it."

No. 1983181

File: 1712410817317.jpg (61.32 KB, 679x510, 1658196111801.jpg)

>denies experiencing male socialization
>aggressively proceeds to mansplain what being a woman means to an actual woman

No. 1983183

File: 1712411022212.png (63.75 KB, 1532x326, Screen Shot 2024-04-06 at 7.38…)

same dude posted this. so TIFS have been molded by their experiences as women, but TIMs havent been socialized as men? i wish i had the confidence to spout absolute autistic nonsense like this, damn this female brain.

No. 1983188

File: 1712411230870.png (46.92 KB, 429x287, Screenshot 2024-04-06 2.46.15 …)

>remove this predator from womens jail

So are you a handmaiden or not? Kek

No. 1983210

File: 1712418680072.png (250.58 KB, 608x438, Screenshot 2024-04-06 4.50.34 …)

>surgically enhanced

that's a breastplate.

No. 1983211

he looks like a next level clown looool

No. 1983214

funny, he got better care the second they realised he is a man, and even with the cancer scare looming over his gigantic head, he had the time to be horny? My cancer experience wasn't anything like that, weird.

No. 1983227

File: 1712422842430.jpeg (195.5 KB, 578x1103, IMG_0651.jpeg)

in denial of being two gay fags

No. 1983229

why does finnster have such a tiny little head

No. 1983230

As a woman with large breasts, I would have been called unprofessional if I showed up to court like that. But he gets to handpick his tit size every morning and walk around like that cuz ~yass queen~

No. 1983243

File: 1712424068939.png (277.23 KB, 510x508, 1709478148975.png)

He doesn't. He has a giant man head he shoops to look uwu and dainty

No. 1983261

Lets put him in any country that treats its women like shit to test this "mortal danger"

No. 1983273

Why every girl has a bowridge, its called like that so you can glue ribbons onto it. UWU

No. 1983278

hate to admit it but he does pass. secondary aging will come for him like it does all trannies though

No. 1983293

>He does pass
Kek, nona, do you need glasses? Even with the obvious Photoshop he does not.

No. 1983299

I hate that I know the exact circle you're talking about strictly because of that streamer, 99% of the regulars of the discord server are trannies who get salty whenever women's rights are brought up. The only women in those circles usually get chased out.(sage your shit)

No. 1983303

pass as what? anorexic legolas with bolt-ons?

No. 1983304

I've seen it happen, the one actual woman i talked to in that place ended up leaving because some of the troons decided she was an evil terf. Most of those circles are all the same, glad to at least know i'm not alone.

No. 1983308

Next to her? No way, he looks like a chinless incel and ffs made his nose look even bigger. The problem is that his sharp Nordic nose is his only attractive feature, and is only feminine on a male. On a female it doesn’t work. He shouldn’t have touched his face and detransitioned to get work as an elvish male in his late 20s-30s like an Orlando bloom type.

No. 1983310

>anorexic legolas with bolt-ons
kekkkkk, i'll think of this everytime i see him
Schafer is abnormally pretty for a troon so he 'passes' because we're all used to ogres, skinny ghouls with shit hair and hyperchads in pink tutus. I wish someone would forcibly detransition him, letting him become the bishie actor he was always meant to be

No. 1983313

Saw a trailer for a movie recently where he was the main female character. I felt an overwhelming sense of wrongness when I looked at “her” but I assumed it was just an actress with a lot of work done being uncanny valley, then I saw his name at the end and it all made sense

No. 1983315

>Openly transgender
As if going stealth was an option kek

No. 1983322

File: 1712439616256.jpg (43.03 KB, 874x1024, 4b0c12e6f3ebcea9.jpg)

Between Ellen and Trooner, which one do you think is going to be the first celebrity detransitioner? I think he still has a shot at a career once he hits the wall (very soon) if he detransitions back into an attractive man. As he is now he's only a gimmick actor and won't survive this current generation of Hollywood stars, but he does have some real staying potential if he unimplants himself before he starts getting blood cancer from HRT and injecting himself with fillers.

No. 1983324

a perfect showcase between male and female bodies.

No. 1983325


No. 1983327

Nonnie… Even Kojima is attracted to him and he's a massive fag. As a male he'd be ethereal. I'm just as sad as the next person he went the tranny route, he'd be a beautiful man.

It was the same with Ellen, she was also considered one of the most beautiful actresses of her time and had multiple video game creators disgustingly lusting after her.

No. 1983329

he looks like a skinny teenage boy, if he was allowed to a teenage boy he could be cute but as of now he's a a walking corpse and if de-transitions then male hormones are gonna hit him hard, also don't describe people "ethereal" it's cringe, the men attracted to him are just pedophiles.

No. 1983330

Hunter looks like some regular fucking guy, there's absolutely nothing special about him and if anything if he detransitioned he would be even more disgusting because of his narcissistic actions.

No. 1983331

the fuck is a “bishie actor”? it’s too late for him, the damage is already done. if he doesn’t have a stinky rot pocket by now, then he probably has a micropenis.

No. 1983332

I think Hunter would probably look better than Ellen if either one were to detransition. Testosterone has been quite rough on Ellen and she also has those weird ab implants. Whereas Hunter would probably just look like a feminine but normal guy if he detransitioned.

No. 1983333

I don't buy that he'd be a beautiful man. Now he looks like a creepy loser little boy with the big nose, small chin and void stare. And his pictures are edited. As a man he'd have even shittier skin, shit beard and a receding hairline by 25. It's the long hair that makes you think he's "ethereal", but with a regular man getup he'd look lame and average.

No. 1983334

File: 1712441271982.jpg (40.92 KB, 275x272, 1648637467017.jpg)

Idc, male actors are supposed to look hot on screen for me and then be thrown in the garbage when their looks start to sour. He'd make a cute scandi actor if he hadn't been mentally ill and that's a shame. In his current state he can rope for all I care. But I weep for his wasted potential as a disposable eyefucktoy.

No. 1983335

File: 1712441287748.jpeg (168.71 KB, 1277x559, IMG_5990.jpeg)

was it cuckoo? his character is supposed to be 17-year old girl kek

No. 1983338

it’s just a skinny blond twink, anon, he’s a dime a dozen. i’m sick of the movie industry shoving him down our throats because he’s trans, he was the worst actor in Euphoria.

No. 1983340

your the one gazes at a hormone riddled man who looks likes a child with bolt-ons?

No. 1983342

File: 1712442141047.jpeg (295.04 KB, 2048x1365, licensed-image.jpeg)

Is Hollywood giving us any of a choice, really? Where are all these dime-a-dozen blonde twinks on my screen? This alcohol-bloated anorexic toad is what Hollywood is pushing down our throats as an attractive male. Forgive me for thinking that a potentially un-transed blonde scandi twink is attractive in comparison.

No. 1983343

Holy coke bloat

No. 1983345

Not sure if this has been posted before but this level of handmaidenry is actually insane

No. 1983347

>abnormally pretty
He just looks like a blond Ezra Miller.

No. 1983354

This is clearly some troon trolling about how hot he is, just ignore them.

No. 1983360

>women are not a monolith etc etc

No. 1983366

Kek who is this? I get a kick out of these types of weebtroons.
Was that other tranny in that video the anime youtuber hazel or whatever?

No. 1983369

File: 1712447700873.jpeg (211.33 KB, 750x1455, IMG_5998.jpeg)

> 2 hair transplants

No. 1983379

doubt its gonna happen. very rarely do you see openly trans celebs or influencers also openly detransition or say anything negative about their transition

No. 1983397

Oh you're right

I'm fascinated by how easily they believe in hugboxing. I know a big part of it is AGP delusion, but still kek
It's easy for them to blame it on reddit 'gaslighting' when it's an absolute proof of how male socialized they are. Even the most socially inept ugly woman who believes in pity compliments is aware that her looks are 'wrong', that she will be judged (even if she doesn't quite know why). It also reflects how low energy they are. Just dragging their sad, bony/doughy bodies, sporting a norwood 5, dead eyes, aliexpress clothing. Every drop of vital energy that normally goes into presentation and charisma, wasted on porn

No. 1983403

The copes in the comments
>You're probably just ugly
>You transitioned too late
>You lost the genetic lottery
>I look at presumably cis women IRL to feel better about myself
One of them also had this to say
>If someone asks "do I look like a girl" or "how fem do I look" or "tell me I'm pretty" of course the correct response is probably to humor them and say yes no matter what. But "do I pass" questions really need to be taken seriously by the community.
How is "do I look like a girl" different than "do I pass"? Just admitting "girl" is a fetish term to them now?

No. 1983408

Maybe not who you’re thinking of nonnie but I was catching up on this thread, and that pre-troop Randy stair wrote exactly this

No. 1983420

>Blaire White
>Classical Transsexual
So I've been wondering about this and my question is, is it possible that Blaire might have AGP as well despite being a gay man? It barely has to do with his fake implants and how he can't help but love to show them off. I can't help but feel deep down that he gets some sort of sexual high from "atraight" men ogling and commenting on them. Like I don't necessarily think he gets off on wearing the clothes he wears but definitely the chest implants because there really was no reason to get them.

No. 1983440

More of them need to come to this realisation.

Yeah I expect that if they do detransition, it will only be after completely disappearing from public life. Ellen especially. The way her ‘coming out’ was timed to eclipse the ruling on Keira Bell’s case, and the way she keeps being trotted out to do interviews about trans joy even though she looks like a depressed terminal cancer patient, makes me think she’s being used by people on her team to push the agenda. There’s no way they’d let her detransition in public view. It wouldn’t surprise me if she mysteriously dies from an overdose at some point, MJ style. I really hope I’m wrong.

He definitely gets off on being attractive to straight men, but I don’t know if it counts as AGP if he’s not attracted to himself ‘as a woman’. Dylan Mulvaney does strike me as a gay man with AGP. Blaire’s look is like a checklist of what the average straight man is supposed to find sexy, whereas Dylan’s skinwalking feels more niche, fetish-inspired and pedophilic.

No. 1983444

To me it seems like HSTS TIMs can develop a kind of secondary AGP where they are not attracted to the idea of themselves as women (like real AGP) but instead to the idea of men desiring them. It's just a symptom of them being such massive faggots.

No. 1983446

It is yeah, he mooches off the marginal irrelevant net fame the other has all the time.(learn to sage)

No. 1983453

File: 1712477498125.png (159.48 KB, 2500x2591, 136rkia.png)

>The comic

No. 1983454

File: 1712477545476.png (1.94 MB, 600x5251, Shen replies.png)

The reactions to the comic are so damn telling, they are so clearly porn addicted men with a yuri fetish

No. 1983467

How long before he goes tranny?

No. 1983468

The best part about this is that you just KNOW the dude writing this shit is the most self-centered, abusive, demanding, immature and egocentrical asshole you could imagine.

No. 1983500

>Being obsessed with fictional lesbians. Something a truly cisgender, heterosexual man would do
Genuinely, yes, it is. A large number of men fetishize lesbians because it's two attractive women instead of one, and because there's no man in the picture to be jealous of. It is the absolute straightest thing for a man to be into.

No. 1983501

HSTS and AGP mostly describe the reasons people troon out to begin with. After transition, many of them aquire a trait called "pseudobisexuality," because they care more about validation and themselves than they do about the sex of the person they're dating. 80% of MTFs are narcissists; they don't feel love for other people, they just view other human beings as tools for validation or sexual fulfillment.

No. 1983502

a troon I know with a long history of dating women, even 2-3 at once, once trooning out he casually found himself attracted to males. Oddly enough, it was younger males (barely legal, ofc he played on power dymanics) and other troons. They don't like actual males, they like anyone who will validate them. Sich as shit.

No. 1983519

File: 1712503210657.jpeg (151.99 KB, 750x568, IMG_0635.jpeg)

No. 1983520

I don't think so. AGP is self directed sexual attraction, but Blaire White getting a sexual thrill from straight men thinking his carefully posed and angled make up slathered self is attractive is just a gay man feeling like his skin walking campaign to open sexual options previously unavailable to him is working.
Gay men are attracted to men but not all men are gay. If you troon out, as a gay man, there's a hope that the men previously unavailable to you will be accessible. Similar to straight men trooning out trying to access lesbians.
There are definitely predatory gay men with the fantasy of "scoring" straight gay, and then trooning out plays into this fantasy

No. 1983534

>woman is when you see women as people and not as object.

No. 1983556

The fuck?

No. 1983558

File: 1712512726481.png (55.75 KB, 727x271, Screenshot_20240407_135712.png)

>professional author
>most popular book according to goodreads is an isekai story about some dude becoming a girl cat in a wizarding school

No. 1983560

This scrote is so pornsick his addled brain can’t comprehend treating female characters as people unless it’s for a sexual fetish and his dick feels. Males really are next level retarded, how embarrassing.

No. 1983561

>only trannies are capable of writing female characters with complex inner lives
Clearly not given the sort of tripe I've seen troon authors publish. If anything, writing women properly is in indication that a man won't troon out, because one of the prequisites for it is viewing women as stereotypes and/or sex objects.

No. 1983567

Why are trannies so obsessed with Harry Potter if they supposedly despise it and think that it's garbage?

No. 1983584

Escapism, these people live off pretending to be someone more interesting

No. 1983589

The Harry Potter hate is a massive cope. The financial success of Harry Potter is more than everything troons have done combined. The average troon still loves Harry Potter but JK Rowling is the devil incarnate for saying women deserve rights. So they cope and seethe about how shitty Harry Potter is because of “plot holes” and “poor world building” and insist their sissy fetish isekai hentai slop makes them the next Hemingway when it really just makes them a laughing stock

No. 1983613

>"saved by Afterlife Social Services"
>Literally "saved by ASS"
I bet this pornsick retard thought he was being very clever when he wrote that.

No. 1983626

File: 1712536475528.mp4 (5.88 MB, 320x568, vj2_Ug_ILcVQ-nfX.mp4)

dumb analogy is dumb

No. 1983636

>Owns train whistle and conductor cosplay as an adult
>Makes train analogies
>Special interest: trains

Classic Kannerian autistic moid.

No. 1983641

so you admit it? anyone can don a hat and toot-tootie in front of others and pretend to be a train conductor with enough confidence that the only people who know better are actual train conductors? and if you self-pity, suicide bait, and victimize yourself enough, non-train conductors and pitying train conductors could shut up train conductors in the attempt to validate a fake one?

No. 1983656

File: 1712549865456.jpg (480.61 KB, 1037x2048, 2rssdgytr.jpg)

another one bites the dust

No. 1983658

File: 1712551330321.png (729.47 KB, 482x650, SK1487843YQWEUY124318473198418…)

he even has an example of who he plans to skinwalk ready. gross.

No. 1983660

omg pls, i need to see, can't wait to see this 5'9" white manlet incel try to skinwalk this petite Asian model.

No. 1983663

File: 1712553239730.png (378.13 KB, 486x521, alexhood.png)

they all really do have that look to them, don't they.

No. 1983666

File: 1712556394633.jpg (144.33 KB, 900x1200, 1000023701.jpg)

Probably inspired by this book written by another tranny

No. 1983668

way to admit it's unique for a man to write women as well rounded characters. the delusion is that agps are somehow not writing single dimensional female characters
>people who guessed I'm trans are good diagnosticians
more like people with identity issues are at a high chance of trooning out these last few decades
>I'm jealous of beautiful women
a pandemic trooning I see
and he's going to use this picture as proof males can be women cause "if she can dress 'butch' so can he"
pornsick dead eyes
wonder if his "jealousy of beautiful women" is his jealousy of onlyfans girls

No. 1983671

From what little of the comic I can see, it just sounds like he has BPD. I doubt that he'd be as excited to accept that diagnosis though, since admitting that he's BPD wouldn't give him the handmaidens or pass to disregard women's boundaries the way that calling himself trans does.

No. 1983676

Off-topic but could you imagine how negative the reaction would be if this was a woman saying her mind is full of fictional gays? The replies would be calling her an evil fujo fetishizer.

No. 1983681

100% she would be crucified, even if she was a TIF. As always: misogyny. Not that either is good, both would be degenerate but the TIM ass kissing would be palpable. It's a strange thing to think about how beyond their insular communities where people would be very supportive, a TIF would be spat on and a TIM would be seen as "brave & stunning in exploring their sexuality!" Repulsive.

No. 1983682

>So I've been wondering about this and my question is, is it possible that Blaire might have AGP as well despite being a gay man?
I'm seconding other anons: while it's possible to have both from what we've seen of him, probably not in his case. He's one of the few pure HSTS who trooned out because he was gay. That's why he can so confidently bash AGPs knowing he's "safe" as he's different than them. As >>1983440 said Dylan Mulvaney is a perfect example of a HSTS + AGP. Dylan is turned on by himself looking like a hot (to himself) man pretending to be/dressing up as a woman - that's why even 2 years in he doesn't even have boob implants (despite having had extensive surgery and a shit ton of money) which is practically step one for any troon, and he "proved" he was taking hrt by doing it wrong and out of camera view suggesting he doesn't even take hrt, and he loves showing off and pointing out his dick bulge.
Blaire on the other hand wants to look like a woman because his erotic target as a gay man is other men, and because of internalized homophobia and trauma. But of course to women and kids it doesn't matter what their reason is, both kinds are harming us by pretending to be us, and by pretending to not be what they really are - men.

No. 1983683

I used to follow him a while back but then a lot of his comics started focusing on penises and depicting penises and gay sex so I unfollowed. It's creepy that he announces his trooning out nowbl after veering towards the porno path last year. Ew. Another one to add to my blocklist.

No. 1983684

I'm just surprised by how positive the comments are. Is it just because he's a man? Don't they know how creepy it is for a man to obsess over lesbians?(sage your shit)

No. 1983691

Not anymore, the consensus now is that being obsessed with lesbians as a moid is "egg behaviour" and moids who prey on lesbians should be encouraged to troon out because they're obviously just lesbians themselves, and even more oppressed than "cis" lesbians because of it! I'm actually also seeing more and more of the opposite sex variant with fujos actively groomed into aidening because "fujos are actually gay transmasc eggs they should be encouraged to find their true selves not bullied"

No. 1983695

Males can’t have gender dysphoria. There’s no male version of seeing a “hooters” for the first time as you’re just growing breasts. Theres no male version of cutting the fat off your hips and rubbing feces on your open wounds. Males could never comprehend our suffering. Misogyny is the cause of dysphoria and obviously they never experience it. They perpetuate it. “Transwomen” are appropriating and gentrifying a mental illness they know nothing about. They willingly DESIRE and sexualise the same thing that brings us pain. All trannies are either autogynephiles or faggots and neither of them are suffering from dysphoria.
Transgender ideology used the suffering of women to gain sympathy, just to throw them under the bus for perverted men.
When I hear a man bitching about his masculine shoulders I want to push his top half into a meat grinder and mould the minced meat coming out of the machine into a dildo and fuck his ass with it but I don’t because he’d probably cum(a-logging, not even saged)

No. 1983696

what the fuck is that thumb

No. 1983699

>rubbing feces on your open wounds

No. 1983705

so you're just a-logging them because theyre not rubbing shit in their wounds like you did? this is a you problem. youre just retarded

No. 1983706

Male gender dysphoria is caused by autism, nona. They have a physical disconnect to their changing body, and their obsession with labels and categorizing, combined with how gullible, sheltered, and raised on the internet they are, makes them an easy target of groomers.

When a troon talks about gender dysphoria, my mind flashes the letters A U T I S M.

No. 1983714

>tied a lot of threads together
what? his journey of introspection was completed by observation of something external? which is just a picture of a woman sitting on a motorcycle? is there something I'm missing, because that seems like a huge gap in reasoning

No. 1983716

None of you have any reading comprehension and I think you deserve being in a constant state of misunderstanding

No. 1983717

File: 1712578260020.png (3.19 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_6465.png)

Imagine showing up to court and see this gargantuan thing on the bench…we are too tolerant with these men(lurk more/repost)

No. 1983719

Here’s a clip of him in action

No. 1983720

imagine how a woman would be treated if she showed up with her nipples on display like this

No. 1983722

women are judged as unprofessional even when they're completely covered up, simply for having breasts. this guy is showing 8 inches of (fake) cleavage. he'll probably win some sort of woman of the year award.
do you think dudes can even believe theyre allowed to do this? do they just laugh their asses off every day that they can flaunt their fetishes in public.

No. 1983723

Listening to his coming-out episode because i'm bored
>starts with 'i'm a layyydeee' in the burliest voice ever
>calls himself a 'bitch'
>alludes to COVID and excessive twitter use 'helping' him 'realize'
>says 'i-it's not perverted or warped actualy' multiple times
>opens up about his lack of self-esteem and dysmorphia
>alludes to being a misogynistic faggot and straight up 'hating women'

No. 1983730

File: 1712580962095.jpg (45.95 KB, 696x696, what.jpg)

>rubbing feces on your open wounds
what the fuck are you on about

No. 1983731

File: 1712580995928.jpg (123.66 KB, 1200x1198, FhQXNdbXgAABgHU.jpg)

No. 1983732

File: 1712581071300.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1944x2989, IMG_6698.jpeg)

And trannies say you can't tell lmao

No. 1983738

File: 1712582298388.gif (Spoiler Image,36.75 KB, 1119x1125, 001.BoxingGloves.gif)

such beautiful art, he truly doesn't have the soul of a 12 year old boy

No. 1983752

That specific comic feels so arrogant. To assume that people care enough to assign more than a passing thought to you fills me with a narcissistic compulsion to be “seen”. Overcomplicating one’s identity because they are unfulfilled in other aspects of life but to make actual progress is too hard. What a farce. And everyone is clapping just like they wanted. Every lonely semi-popular niche internet man will go through this pipeline.

No. 1983753

maybe they're talking about Kelly Ronahan? I'm actually too grossed out by her thread to read much of it but it sounds like something she would do.

No. 1983773

Sorry if this is OT but why do some late stage FTMs look like burn victims? The two on the bottom with the red faces are perfect examples. I know one that looks like this, too.

No. 1983789

I think it may be the testosterone mixed with whatever unhealthy habits they partake in for the sake of being more "manly", like not doing skincare or eating like shit.

No. 1983792

T raises the blood pressure, and your skin changes texture.

No. 1983795

I'm so tired of this specific flavor of male troon. They're the most annoying to me because they're self hating but simultaneously self obsessed so you get this ceaseless monotone whining that they think comes off as detached and jaded but really just reads as insincere.

No. 1983798

File: 1712595404323.jpg (884.98 KB, 1080x2286, 1000018898.jpg)

No. 1983801

File: 1712596634622.mp4 (8.14 MB, 576x1024, pissdrinkertranny.mp4)

The Statistically Nicer >>1980079
tranny from previous thread strikes again.
Can someone please give me a tl;dr on this troonslop? I tried to read it online but couldn't find anything.

No. 1983803

does he use some filters or clothing tricks to make his head look that huge? does he want to look like a real life chibi or smtg?

No. 1983806

I can’t stand this guy, it’s so obvious he wants to reach to kids

No. 1983807

File: 1712600464620.mp4 (1.18 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000co7gvonog65os4d0b5…)

oh, I don’t know, maybe because he came to the conclusion that you’re actually a man???

No. 1983808

nta but what circle is this? is he building a Gundam or a garage kit type figure?

No. 1983823

I thought he meant lemonade until he mentioned it was a sexual thing
what the fuck

No. 1983829

Is the bottom left Anthony "Erin" Reed? He went from looking like a methhead to having a huge gut. If he thought getting fat would make him look like a woman, he thought wrong.

No. 1983831

Least shocking troonout ever. I'm too lazy to find it, but he had a gross comic where a pair of TiMs were sucking on each others' ripples. Vomit inducing.

No. 1983833

I wish they would leave Asian women alone. "Yellow fever" moids are a cancer.

No. 1983834

Arrested development. They refuse to move on from the consoomer shit they enjoyed as children.

No. 1983835

File: 1712604720103.jpeg (3.09 MB, 3776x3021, FVPQOgtXoAInewr.jpeg)

he starts off mentioning gunpla, which like gundam models, then the other guy says something about robot girls. It's probably something like picrel, which are kits that are either existing mecha but instead of a cool robot it's an anime girl, or just an anime girl with refrigerator parts on her. The kits are always hypersexualized, of course.

No. 1983837

Nona once you're unbanned you HAVE to come back and explain the rubbing feces in your wounds thing it's so demented I can't stop thinking about it.

No. 1983839

File: 1712605630238.mp4 (3.78 MB, 576x1024, BubblePinkelleAlt April 8 2024…)

Looking at some of this moids other videos, he talks about fucking his food, fucking his plushies, and fucking his "step sis", who is another tranny

No. 1983840

Literally looks like a neanderthal. I don't understand how these freaks could ever think they pass as females.

No. 1983843

I think she's (exaggeratedly) talking about how TiFs purposefully neglect their titchop incisions so they get more obvious looking scars, but I'm not certain. Anon might just be a schizo kek.

No. 1983846

Abolishing mental institutes was a mistake

No. 1983856

While a-log nona was probably referring to TIFs' bad aftercare, munchausen horrorcow Kelly Ronahan did at some point rub fecal matter into the open wounds on her legs back when she still had them (legs)

No. 1983868

Nah roids will have a more profound effect than any lifestyle change you could come up with. Even insecure young men who roid age like 20 years facially and older men like brian shaw or joe rogan end up developing garden gnome like face which the ftms actually look like.(derailing)

No. 1983869

thanks for letting me know who to block next nona

No. 1983879

File: 1712617935866.png (237.98 KB, 1495x1217, get the fuck out of our sports…)

No. 1983880

File: 1712618121459.png (183.75 KB, 443x250, IMG_6703.png)

Yes it’s him lmao and his troon husband next to him. It’s funny seeing Erin/Anthony get fat, happens to so many after the big chop.
So many are like this, hence why the pooner meme depicts them this way. It’s possibly due to insufficient estrogen, red complexions and hot flashes are symptoms of menopause and these ladies are pretty much experiencing early menopause.

No. 1983883

What makes you a train conductor is the level of experience that helps you efficiently complete a task with appropriate training and experience. You wear a uniform because it's something that companies have done to distinguish your position and to align themselves with a company that eventually became the norm for all train conductors. If you wore the uniform with no experience and not ability to complete the task as a train conductor you are a fraud. Trans women don't have any equipment to complete the biological task of giving birth. While a woman without a uterus cannot complete the task, most of their biology is still geared toward that task. Living as a woman is the experience in which we navigate our gender and societal norms. The uniform/dresses/feminine norms, like the train conductor are all just reinforcing the real identity. His analogy work. Kek.

No. 1983908

This pisses me off because his fetishism is so overt, the sex doll makeup and the giant breastplate with nipples poking out, yet gays and leftists on twitter are YAS KWEENING him and acting like acknowledging this fact is bigotry. As women our instincts tell us when something is the slightest bit dangerous/sleazy/“off” and everything about this man is screaming sexual predator and pervert, yet we’re not allowed to feel uncomfortable about it just to spare tranny feelings.

No. 1983910

Getting that eunuch pot belly build already kek

No. 1983911

he has such a chris chan-esque autism inflection on his speech, it's hard to see him as anything but a caricature

No. 1983921

File: 1712630484706.mp4 (460.72 KB, 480x270, ickle.mp4)

the disgust on those women's faces

No. 1983922

File: 1712630620090.jpg (363.52 KB, 1376x745, GKmCBM6XYAAt_0N.jpg)

now trannies are claiming menopause too!

No. 1983923

File: 1712630851904.png (876.79 KB, 1577x987, dont say bald.png)

what kinda hairstyle is this? The half mullet?

No. 1983924

Losing my mind at this combover LOL(sage your shit)

No. 1983950

that is what we call a skullet

No. 1983980


No. 1984006

File: 1712657764304.png (570 KB, 1080x2098, 1000021687.png)

Horror story. Woman posting on dead bedrooms lamenting her porn addict TiF who cheated on her twice while she was going through cancer treatment won't fuck her anymore.

No. 1984009

File: 1712658693491.jpg (34.67 KB, 526x492, 9zqrna3x1im71[1].jpg)

This is bait. It reads way too much like people making fun of AITA posts.

No. 1984011

How much you wanna bet the transvestite saw his gf get cancer treatment and was jealous at the attention she was getting and decided because of that to begin the dick inverting arc, too. Disgusting, narcissistic freaks all of them.

No. 1984016

Wait is the partner MtF or Ftm?

No. 1984018

must be MtF and with "she was female when we met" she probably meant "he was already a tranny when we met", just no surgeries? But it's very confusing when you are not allowed to call a man a man anymore under any circumstances.

No. 1984021

File: 1712666718803.png (410.25 KB, 600x692, FR.png)

Imagine disrespecting the men and women who fought and died for the sake of their actual freedoms and liberties, and then making it about your personal bullshit identity.(sage your shit)

No. 1984024

Disrespecting French people from hundreds of years ago isn’t milk

No. 1984026

25?????? He looks 45???

No. 1984030

It's cringe tbh, like saying that a bunch of bones actually belonged to a tranny because they where near some womanly woman objects and/or manly man objects.

No. 1984031

Yes, clearly that person clearly sincerely believed they were waving pride flags during the revolution.
Just because you saw something that made you mad on Twitter doesn't make it milk. It's boring. Sperg about it in your group chat instead.(infighting)

No. 1984041

It's just a silly post, anon, plus with how retarded everyone acts on Twitter, I wouldn't be surprised if everyone suddenly began saying that the clearly photoshopped picture was definitely real.

No. 1984125

No. 1984171

T + possible unhealthy habits

No. 1984188

File: 1712718026235.png (156.72 KB, 795x1243, giggle lawsuit.png)

This exchange made me realize how very fucked this world is where buying women's clothes and getting an crotch rot is enough to call you a woman.

No. 1984213

i hate this stupid faggot country
legal definition of a woman according to australia:
>no facial hair
>long hair
>feminine clothing

No. 1984245

Comment oses-tu!? Envoyez-la à la guillotine!

No. 1984261

File: 1712743101809.jpeg (672.49 KB, 1170x1325, IMG_1549.jpeg)

the irony of bringing up tifs lol. wait till you see what he looks like nonas

No. 1984264

File: 1712743291103.jpeg (794.24 KB, 1170x1526, IMG_1551.jpeg)

abundant is not an inaccurate description here. also notice how his appearance irl (im guessing with filters, obviously) and his desperate attempt at hiding his inbred-the hills have eyes face in his pfp do not match at all. didnt know they made dolls with several chins

No. 1984267

I believe this is a bio female larping as MtF which I wholeheartedly support. Get those troonviews and troonbux girl.

No. 1984269

@fbi check his hard drive.

No. 1984270

>this transition gave for a lot of girls during her time
yeah no, even most of the holy forefathers of troonery in the 70s-80s didn't look like this.

No. 1984272

It’s always funny to me when HSTS call obvious agp hetero men “dolls”. Also the term “dolls” referring to ugly hulking moids is funny in itself.

No. 1984275

why is he putting tampons in it?? hes likely ripping off any healing skin by forcing a dry cloth into it daily. this is so disgusting,

i used to work in a homeless shelter and let me tell u that female staff talk like this to the troons. like in reality i dont care however they always let them into the womens area and in every single case the troon has sexually assaulted or beat one of the women and was banned. EVERYONE. women need to stop pretending that being closer to perceived femaleness makes u less of a threat or in less of a bad situation.

No. 1984276

sorry nona, but that's an HSTS male

No. 1984288

this is gonna sound retarded but why do they call themselves "dolls" aside from being narcissistic? does it have to do with how their body relies on 99% of surgery to pass?

No. 1984297

HSTS brought it over as lingo from gay/drag spaces and the rest of the troons adopted it

No. 1984301

'Elder dolls' kekkk
'Elder queer' has to be one of the worst words in troon lingo. They either use it to mean 'found family' (corny and creepy) or to defend old moids' behavior. If you walk into any troon social club (especially alt/punk ones) you will see a bunch of hulking, openly pedphilic 60yo stunning and brave women with a tiny 18yo or younger TiF on their arm. Troons look the other way because you can't question 'elder queers' and their ways

No. 1984305

doesn't sound like cult language too kek? like "elders are going to be very upset with you"

No. 1984315

They think that being one hundred percent plastic makes them perfect. They need a word for themselves that positions them as better than women, as the ideal.

No. 1984322

wait wait wait wait what's the context for this? is this related to that giggly goonclown degenerate??

No. 1984330

Kek my personal cow calls herself "elder queer" despite not even being 30 yet, it's just because she decided to become non binary in 2016, which is ancient by internet standards I guess.

No. 1984335

File: 1712765382262.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1170x1528, IMG_1741.jpeg)

It’s about a women’s only dating app being sued for “discrimination” by some gross rapehon refusing to leave women alone

No. 1984337


This is the first time I've heard this term and I'm rolling. I am absolutely using this at every opportunity.

No. 1984345

Giggle wasn't even strictly a dating app, it was a general social app for women only. Chatting, meeting up, whatever.

No. 1984374

The app counted 20k members when this happens. The tranny had been initially cleared as female by an AI app (let's not get into how fucking bad this tech is). So he couldn't possibly have been singled out out of the blue. Who wants to bet the rapey tranny sexually harassed women and that's what got him banned?

No. 1984385

File: 1712778189469.jpeg (798.16 KB, 1284x2272, IMG_7906.jpeg)

looks like hayden got tired of larping as an AGP tranny

No. 1984390

He's entering his fat LDR trailer park era to cope with male aging

No. 1984395

billy bob
dont validate this faggot he will never be fat lana

No. 1984396

Dude is ready to go to a Limp Bizkit show

No. 1984434

If he was wearing a skirt he’d look exactly like the thread pic kek. They even have the same hair

No. 1984436

ewww even when they're talking about being "respectful" to each other in their community they're still so weirdly sexual, i just know this tranny is trying to imitate his porn-rotted idea of how teen girls talk. also can they not call it the doll community? i'd prefer it if they left my female-dominated hobby alone.

No. 1984438

don't worry nonna, LDR stands for little dick retard

No. 1984442

File: 1712796486393.jpg (2.8 MB, 3000x3239, 1000004996.jpg)

this isn't even milk, I just found this while I was doing orders and it made me giggle kek

No. 1984451

lmao you're right, they're lurching around the exact same way

No. 1984460

Saving this for future generations

No. 1984472

nona I was going to say we live in the same city because I've also seen a troon dr but apparently that's a fairly common street name? wtf

No. 1984474

File: 1712807224258.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x1976, IMG_2199.jpeg)

This moid is fighting for his life right now after a clear confession KEK

No. 1984478

Omg I love her

No. 1984484

File: 1712814090921.jpeg (160.77 KB, 1041x1600, B58yduG.jpeg)

>Can someone please give me a tl;dr on this troonslop? I tried to read it online but couldn't find anything.
I read this when it was popular on Tumblr for a hot minute(this was before I had peaked) Like most pretentious autobiographies, it's just the vignettes told through a pretentious lens. In this case it's about a sex-obsessed guy who works as a rent boy and wants to transition. likw hen he thinks he's HIV+ but he's not and then he goes back to his job to have unprotected sex with men, there's another panel where he has sex with trans proustite in a park or when he gets harassed at an actual job and he intentionally fucks up so he can get fired. wokie reviewers loved this when it came out but nobody mentioned the fact that he openly manipulates women for personal gain. He outright states that he seeks out slightly chubby, introverted girls and uses them for bed, housing and a place to stay until they find out he's a gay tranny prostitute,
you can read the whole thing here(NSFW obviously)

No. 1984489

File: 1712814845244.jpeg (1.29 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_7797.jpeg)

This is a very common street name lmao

No. 1984490

File: 1712815310544.png (357.27 KB, 842x1382, glltybanned.png)

Not sure if anyone here actually cares about old FGC milk, it's no secret there are a ton of predators in the fighting game community, but one troon in particular keeps popping back up, ironically going by the name "Gllty". He got banned from events, dropped by Capcom, etc. after it came out he was sexually harassing women and other trannies at events. Initially he admitted to it, but now, years later he's posting long rambling borderline religious manifestos and claiming he was the victim and is asexual. picrel is an article about some of the bans in 2019.

No. 1984491

File: 1712815409888.jpeg (402.74 KB, 828x1442, IMG_4898.jpeg)

This is by “juniper” some annoying Twitter tranny that’s ban evading. I dunno why so many people follow him and circle jerk his dumbass opinions.
Taking bets on how this one will get cancelled and replaced by another tranny.

No. 1984492

File: 1712815476764.png (371.43 KB, 2670x864, gllty_meltdown.png)

And here is his recent bizarre manifesto. Mostly posting this in case anything comes of it.

No. 1984495

>regularly looks at porn
>ERPs online
>cheated both physically IRL and emotionally
>wants to insist upon a ""poly"" relationship (to continue unfaithful behavior)
Garbage TIM that should have been dumped with the rest on Tuesday. I hope when she breaks up with him that she screams at him telling him what an absolute worthless piece of shit he is, because he sounds like a horrible partner that just wants to lay around like a fuckboy sexpest.

No. 1984496


No. 1984506

File: 1712819134695.jpeg (830.48 KB, 828x1567, IMG_4899.jpeg)

So far what I’m reading is he’s a nasty sex addicted gay prostitute who is a terrible and unsympathetic person and I imagine the only reason it got traction is because it’s about a TiM.
This is such a weird troon power fantasy. He probably went home crying after someone just yelled the truth at him.

No. 1984511

oh my god why did he have to draw the characters as snoopy and charlie brown

No. 1984512

File: 1712821048471.png (1.71 MB, 1469x837, image_2024-04-11_173658960.png)

Well, that was a jumpscare

No. 1984517

A troon having violent deranged fantasies. More news at 11.

No. 1984518

File: 1712828577181.jpeg (145.63 KB, 723x725, IMG_6803.jpeg)

I just read it and it’s shit. Try-hard and pretentious, waxing all this poetry when he could have just said “I’m a gross man who fucks for money and uses women at my own convenience.” Also this part made me lol, spoiler alert troon: all tranny stinkditches are “bad” but they are most definitely not vaginas. Plus it kinda rubbed my the wrong way for them to joke about “bad vaginas” but I guess moids are gonna moid.

No. 1984521

troons learn to use watercolours and fineliners and think it's some insightful soulful shit.

No. 1984525

Two troons worked on this, and I'm not sure how to feel about that beyond general disgust.
Also I should have clarified that 4lung is the reason I posted that frame.

No. 1984531

Pretty sure this person turned out to be an FtM larping as a gay guy or MtF for "gender euphoria", and she got cancelled. It was discussed in another thread.
Her art style and way of writing is extremely girly, specifically "indie emo girl who likes emo boys" type.

No. 1984534

File: 1712836062400.jpg (342.82 KB, 1080x1690, 1000030089.jpg)

Why does it look so familiar lol. Austin powers

No. 1984542

which thread is this for? now I'm curious to know

No. 1984557

Can't find the exact thread I saw (IIRC it included a callout post that also talked about her lying about being an MtF), but here's some other stuff:
>Remy Boydell, artist of Image Comics' "The Pervert" has recently gotten a callout thread on twitter exposing her interest in child pornography and bestiality lol.

>Surprised that the fact she poses as a transwoman when she's cis hasn't been circulating.

>Thread here: https://twitter.com/nonervana/status/1167968764970692610

>is anyone familiar with remy boydell? i followed her for years and it's interesting to me how she's pretending to be a transwoman after detransitioning (she was a TIF when i followed her but subtly moved onto scengirl aesthetics and went from jeremy to remy, but apparently her birth name was jessica) and now incorporates a "transgirl" aesthetic and orbits all these other TIM artists like the black dresses band

>Does anyone have proof/screenshots that Remy Boydell faked being transfemale and their interest in fictional cp? I like their stuff but its sad to see them being a degenerate.

>Did Remy Boydell actually 'fake it' or are her interests and artstyle so troonish that troons have taken her as one of their own?

>There used to be a kiwi thread on Boydell, I think there was more info there about what the previous anon was talking about.

KF isn't loading for me right now, but there's probably more on her there.

No. 1984574

File: 1712845021249.png (126.78 KB, 1026x607, f4uIIdx.png)

>Pretty sure this person turned out to be an FtM larping as a gay guy or MtF for "gender euphoria"
There's another case somewhat similar to this, I'm sure most of us have heard of the pedophilic Asia Argento directed film with the Sprouse twins 'The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things' you the one where a young boy dresses as a babydoll hooker and "seduces" a grown man played by Marilyn Manson. The film is based on a semi-autobiographical book by JT LeRoy, whose two semi-autobiographical books were relatively popular in gay and certain feminist literary circles. They describe his past as an Appalachian underage cross-dressing prostitute for truckers with an abusive prostitute mother and his experiences being a religious figure, the gay night life and the alleged industry of "boy-girl" prostitutes. The books were recommended in gender study classes, showing the "situational nature of identity and gender" and queercore and riotgrrl bands sang songs referencing the book. Figures ranging from Kathleen Hannah, Judith Butler, Billy Corgan, and Lena Dunham had all read and praised the books, but all of that was bullshit. The real author turned out to be a woman named Laura Albert, who unlike her pretend persona, grew up in an upper-middle-class household in Brooklyn Village, moved to San Francisco, and worked as a phone sex operator and erotica writer and reviewer. The whole story of the boy cross-dressing prostitute was just made up, yet people fully bought it. It should have been obvious considering the sex in the book was heavily pornified and eroticized and featured no venereal diseases or anal fissures. The fact is thousands of important intellectuals believed this shit (and probably still do). A lot of pedophiles undoubtedly got off on it.

No. 1984577

File: 1712845788103.png (4 MB, 1940x1348, 41% done quick.png)

got recommended a games done quick video (a large and well known speedrunning organisation) and clocked a troon immediately. went to have a look if this was a common occurrence and sure enough, not even in one full month out of 24 videos, 14 were MTF (interestingly 0 men using male pronouns). they shouldve gone the route of using vtuber avatars like most of the female/they/themmer/xe-xer/tif's do on the channel considering all the troons look like neanderthals.

No. 1984594

Holy shit. Confirms my suspicion that many 'sex workers' who defend prostitution are lame women with overactive imaginations, as they think men paying for rape means they're desirable or something. This is 100% a sexual fantasy to her and her readers

No. 1984595

File: 1712848923045.jpeg (333.9 KB, 828x729, IMG_1598.jpeg)

Kekkk prisongay troons can’t even make each other orgasm while larping as lesbians for their fetish

No. 1984597

File: 1712848949479.jpeg (752.18 KB, 828x1267, IMG_1599.jpeg)

Here’s OP

No. 1984598

File: 1712849554441.jpeg (84.54 KB, 828x475, IMG_1594.jpeg)

Another cap from the lovely ladies of r/MTF. Did you know foot fetishes are an overwhelmingly male paraphilia?

No. 1984604

Fetish is general are a male thing because fetish is described as someTHING not someONE that turns you on. How many women do you see around with gross fetishes (if they're not autistic or chronically online)?

No. 1984606

gooooood mythical morning!

No. 1984607

File: 1712851340388.png (258.77 KB, 1080x1959, X1 (1).png)

Yes, because that's the fuckin point

No. 1984608

Nonny I am fucking choking on laughter, I hope you have an incredible day

No. 1984612

Speedrunning is absolutely riddled with TiMs, it’s ridiculous. But also makes the connection with autism and transgenderism all the more clearer. There’s a women’s category called frame fatales; and yep, most of them are TiMs.

No. 1984625

>"this website was created to abuse women and girls"
>"i'd love to use to get myself off!"
>"….ok sure thats valid"

the fucking state of handmaidens

No. 1984627

File: 1712858390247.png (62.62 KB, 1460x350, Screen Shot 2024-04-11 at 11.5…)

samefag but of course this creep has trooned out his kids.

No. 1984630

this is the fashion equivalent of gore

No. 1984647


saw this on reddit this morning and downvoted so fast, thought of posting here but glad someone beat me to it

No. 1984652

File: 1712863544569.jpeg (154.71 KB, 1284x727, IMG_8094.jpeg)

samefag, anyone else saw ethel cain jrk ff a gun on twitter? apparently it was on her youtube live(censoring, no sage, newfaggotry)

No. 1984654


No. 1984656

File: 1712863917908.jpeg (514.33 KB, 1170x1149, DC462CC4-6985-4E65-923B-7A6F56…)

No. 1984657


my bad, muscle memory from having to pretend these troons are actually women on the rest of the internet(still hasn't learned how to sage)

No. 1984659

GODAMMN the bong genes are jumping outta this moid

No. 1984682

File: 1712869028379.png (264.13 KB, 376x382, ghjdjyt.png)

i bet he will start producing enough milk to earn his own thread in a couple years when twink death + trauma from whoring himself out on the internet + chemical castration + drug addiction + alcoholism kicks in. like all OF "content creators" he will go down the degeneracy spiral and end up doing hardcore bdsm to keep the money and attention coming. it's already happening
i give it 2 years before he either detroons or contributes to the statistic/dies some other retarded way because he is a retard. he nearly choked on his own vomit recently it was so fucking close ugghhhh

No. 1984710

rapehon is a 4chan tranny term they use to distinguish themselves, the CUTE young based boymoders, from the ugly shameless old men, poster is likely a /ttt/roon infiltrating

>t. I was a /lgbt/ user in my pooner days

No. 1984713

he already has his own thread on KF kek. on the plus side, you can't technically misgender him if even he still considers himself a man anyways. But many self identified "genderfluid men (really just crossies) take on the trans label nowadays. not surprised in the slightest how it ended up for him. Twink death is already approaching for him anyways and it's only gonna rapidly come now that he's on troonshine

No. 1984714

i know he does nonny i read it like morning paper
i've seen this word used a lot outside of 4chan by non-trannies. lol when i think about it rapehons are just the next evolutionary stage of "boymoders". like pokemon

No. 1984726

It didn’t look that bad from the thumbnail, then I opened and you were correct.

No. 1984729

File: 1712875006774.jpg (46.81 KB, 500x436, troon deloon.jpg)

I kinda feel bad for him since he's been basically groomed but I can't help but laugh when I see his shops, he makes himself look 12

No. 1984742

File: 1712876832301.png (765.8 KB, 602x904, finn shota.png)

>replies to JK Rowling with shota porn for no reason
+ staying friends with jean hollywood after he got exposed. he can go die

No. 1984746

I love how he confirms her point.

No. 1984764

If he was an actual woman people would call him a conservative gun nut for always flaunting his firearms like that

No. 1984765

what exactly is up with mtfs and dogs/puppies? i assume it's a petplay thing

No. 1984768

Sorry for blogpost but I dated a guy (I was 24 he was 40…) who was into puppy play. I broke up with him shortly after discovering his dog masks. It makes me feel sick to this day. But he later trooned out, his bestie was a “transbian”. It’s probably the porn pipeline.

No. 1984771

male crime rate projection onto women and paraphilia clusters. Men commit over 90% of bestiality related crimes but say women like to fuck dogs so when a porn sick autogynephile decides to "become a woman" guess what paraphilias he probably starts showing interest in…

No. 1984772

100% an anime thing. Anime girls with dog/cat ears and tails are popular with mtfs already and it ties into the 'headpats' obsession they used to have. These days it's morphed more into actual petplay and other degen shit because their fetishes always escalate.

No. 1984777

>greek on the left
>roman on the right
he doesn't even know his history

No. 1984778

>it ties into the 'headpats' obsession they used to have
yeah I remember that, it went alongside the "goodgirl" thing

No. 1984786

File: 1712884304811.png (508.73 KB, 833x606, Ontarian wins legal battle for…)

>tranny won a lawsuit where he gets to have a vagioplasty preserving his penis covered by taxpayer money
>he's doing the surgery in America (of course they have that)
>this is totally normal surgery to have

No. 1984789

It’s so appalling that they even call this shit “vaginoplasty” it’s not a vagina and it never will be. Well done reducing vaginas to just any kind of hole. I know it sounds petty, but women who have gone through FGM or burn victims/awful birth complications THEY receive vaginoplasty. Troons just get Ken dolled and another asshole added.

No. 1984811

what now?

No. 1984817

See how all the thumbnails have "FF" on them? That's because all those videos are from their "all women" Frost Fatales event.

No. 1984821

File: 1712893118363.jpg (855.22 KB, 800x790, 5756565-352c92d56a5958efb772e7…)

No. 1984825

Nona, not to be nitpicky but that's femboy shit, not shota

No. 1984827

same thing.

No. 1984837

>stranger yells degrading things at woman
>woman rushes over to beat him up
hell yeah, grrl power! honestly i don’t get why cis women always let men get away with catcalling them in public and making derogatory comments. trans women are the only women who actually bother standing up for themselves. it’s not like trans women have violent moidbrain and moidstrength or anything. just another example of why cis women are inferior to real women (troons)

No. 1984839

Lol whoever directed the photography must be terfpilled. Perfectly framed the adams apple, man chin, and stringy hon hair.

No. 1984847

File: 1712911795903.png (7.4 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_4625.png)

That blizzy maguire troon whose wall was covered in naked women and porno magazine cutouts like a serial killer, pictured in a mac ad. He stands out so much against those actually attractive people kek

No. 1984848

they had to shrink his giraffe ass to fit in with the women but his proportions are still very obviously those of a tall male lmfaooo

No. 1984849

They shooped him smaller, that is so funny.

No. 1984853

man white standing in front blocking out the 2 black women, wow so progressive

No. 1984861

>2 black women
the one on the right is obviously a man, he even has a little mustache(retarded bait)

No. 1984864

it is shota bc greeks didn't fuck femboys, they fucked whichever unattended male child they'd get their hands on. it's called pederasty.

No. 1984866

why are men so gay? straight women aren't schlicking to tomboys

No. 1984867

File: 1712923919777.png (58.99 KB, 670x471, dailymail.png)

From a Daily Mail article about him. Jesus.

No. 1984869

Fucking horrific. I feel so bad for those girls.

No. 1984871

I am aware of pedastry, which is overlooked and reduced down to "UwU femboy twink bottom" bs. but I think it's inappropriate to be calling those boys "shotas". especially considering this type of stuff happened irl. shota is an anime trope and that looks nothing close to generic weeb shit

No. 1984872

Holy shit, Tim's are extremely creepy and juvenile and it's genuinely crazy that so many people will double down on this disgusting behavior to defend these men and claim that you're oppwessing twannies if you call out their preverted retard behavior.

No. 1984887

Male shayna? I could see his popularity taking the same course hers did after her "Tumblr famous" days. They have the same ratty face too. kek

No. 1984891

>cant orgasm with another man
welcome to "womanhood" ^_^(emoji)

No. 1984892

you're gonna get redtexted but i kekked

No. 1984893

and when your creepy, violent son gets kicked out of one sport, just move him on to another. fuck this piece of shit's enabling, coddling parents.

No. 1984895

nobody besides us cares when women and girls suffer humiliation and are made to feel unsafe in their own spaces but endless people will rush to defend a troon who claims that not validating his fetish is soul crushing

No. 1984898

File: 1712934717826.png (1.21 MB, 2048x1619, pdKohqt.png)

troons being honest is so satisfying to see, but still utterly disgusting.

No. 1984902

File: 1712935683516.jpg (522.97 KB, 1077x2254, Screenshot_20240412_172456_Chr…)

Yeah, clearly the problem is women and girls haven't been exposed to penises enough.
OP is a pornsick tranny that sounds autistic (no surprise).

No. 1984910

Oh my God, the art on the left is from the Brazilian boy pedo misogynist Saabs something something (he likes drawing art of fictional women being violently raped but for some reason his underage "femboy" stuff is soft and romantic). He's probably not aware of where or who's it from, but sheesh.

No. 1984911

>some women aren’t used to other women having penises

No. 1984915

i think that he's a woman-leaning bisexual misogynist, bc males don't make him coom as hard that he actually has to try at composition and anatomy. ot but drop male ryona acc recs pls

No. 1984916

He's probably aware, he's a pornsick internet dude lmao

No. 1984917

Love when they admit they can’t get off while fucking other True And Honest laydees.

No. 1984918

>Finnster the moid who has owned art of shadman the known pedo who drew porn of actual children
>is known friends with groomer pedo goonclown
Yeah no he definitely knows where that art came from

No. 1984919

So you know where the pedo art is from, but don’t believe this creepy troon does? You’re either naive to troon degeneracy or even more degenerate than he is, which is really saying something kek(infighting/scrotefoiling)

No. 1984920

irl yaoi

No. 1984927

This argument doesn’t even make sense from the perspective he’s trying to frame it from. It’s so clearly a bullying tactic to get people to unequivocally support injecting Jungle Juice into their bodies(sage your shit)

No. 1984932

This mentality is what peaked me. Trannies saying that if you think pedos should get the chair then you're transphobic because people say trannies are pedos or something? Why would you willingly associate yourself with predators like that and then get upset when people accuse you of being one? Any sex crime deserves the chair, it's noone else's fault that trannies just so happen to commit them so much.

No. 1984937

They misrepresent the fuck outta the law too… it's not about people getting caught with cp on their computer, the law specifies it's for rape that causes "grevious harm to the genitalia". To claim its gonna genocide trans people for wearing a dress in public is just pure fiction

No. 1984946

If you can handle guro, I rec Madobuchiya of Feeding Lamb fame.(off topic)

No. 1984953

It’s because men can only empathize with other men. They don’t want another man to get in trouble for it because they can conceive of themselves doing it. They don’t think it’s wrong because they’re good people who would never but could potentially be falsely accused because something they did was perceived as being inappropriate but it wasn’t. What they fail to realise is that masturbating to children/rape/bdsm/bestiality/incest is wrong and they should feel ashamed for doing it. They’re ashamed of what’s become of their sexuality and think they can escape it by claiming womanhood, because in their minds it’s ok for women to be brain dead vapid porn drenched sluts because porn told them so.

No. 1984965

File: 1712952271742.jpg (36.03 KB, 426x600, th-1315765106.jpg)

why does he look like angela anaconda

No. 1984978

File: 1712955314263.jpg (145.31 KB, 1080x534, 1000033750.jpg)

yes, but also a lot of them are dogfuckers unironically. paraphilias come in clusters after all

No. 1984983

File: 1712955941495.jpg (442.15 KB, 1080x1091, 1000033997.jpg)

No. 1984984

File: 1712956030769.jpeg (527.84 KB, 750x1946, IMG_6114.jpeg)

i wanna see a picture of this freak so bad.

No. 1984986

File: 1712956227395.jpeg (385.12 KB, 1283x2036, IMG_6115.jpeg)

he probably looks like a younger version of this.

No. 1984988

Just another typical mentally ill tranny. No matter what guy he ends up dating, he won't be a "good guy." Surgery or not. He probably looks horrific.

No. 1984992

Nooo!! Don’t you dare say that about her!! I will die on this hill

No. 1984995

There's an old pre-troon pic of him where he's sitting in the middle of a hoard of guns. He tries to LARP as Nicole Dollanganger, but his actual vibe is Columbine shooter. I think he has a microdick, and when the guns didn't make him feel better about it, he decided that he might as well try to be a woman. Standard failmale shit.

No. 1984996

Note how he gets to have his whole face in the frame while the brown woman is being pushed out. An apt metaphor if there ever was one.

No. 1985003

>dude for what
"Misgendering" the other guy while getting fucked in the ass, kek. Also I think "overstimulated" is code for "couldn't stay hard." Damn, even guys who are literally in prison have better sex with this. Troons can't even manage to be prison gay without fucking it up.

No. 1985010

Imagine paying taxes just for the Canadian government to use your hard earned money for some disgusting little tranny to fulfill his disgusting pedo fetishes. Canada is tranny heaven.

No. 1985017

reminds me of that one tranny from 90 day fiance who found some Moldovan neanderthal to fuck him in exchange for a greencard and housing.

No. 1985039

>If you want to avoid problems, change in a private stall
>Nooo reeee I want to whip my dick out in front of women and little girls!!1!

No. 1985048

Notice how even the other tranny telling him to change in a private stall would do it "to avoid conflict" (ie for his own comfort) not to avoid making women and girls uncomfortable. Scrotes will never change.

No. 1985055

>2 BBLs
This bit sounds like fiction to me. Just getting one BBL is difficult, expensive, and dangerous. Unless he counts having a revision done on the first procedure as a "2nd BBL," I don't really see how this part of the story makes sense.

No. 1985058

The troon in that case also says he plays on a women's hockey team. Who'da thunk. I guess these just men love invading and destroying women's spaces while using identity nonsense as an excuse to injure female athletes.

No. 1985059

Comments are illuminating. He clearly knows his sister's right as he repeatedly defends her (citing her good character, activism and concern for his ED/self harm) but he still wants people to feel sorry for him. I kekked at the AGPs accusing the relatives of being jealous and a 'misandrist' even when the troon insists it's not the case. Wish his sister could see how affirming him and being genuinely concerned for his health only earns her a snivelling post on Reddit.

No. 1985062

blizzy's face makes me so uncomfortable, he's not the ugliest troon to exist but he looks like an alien wearing human skin. and i get shoved his unfunny twitter account shoved in my tl too.

No. 1985066

His sis is about to get radpilled.

No. 1985067

I’ve noticed a lot of celebs dissolving/reverting filler/procedures/Botox and speaking on natural beauty. I hope this is a turn on women stepping away from plastic surgery even if it’s just in fear of looking like a troon… still maybe a win?…I mean in 20 years when most people who get boob jobs are male, why would a women do it?

No. 1985072

File: 1712974363922.jpg (173.85 KB, 946x1311, GK-pi6wWQAAJD77.jpg)

No. 1985073

Agp freak goes out and exposes himself and his fetish to innocent people at park and then rape-ape-murder-stares them down when they look at him with disapproval. They really do tell on themselves dont they?

No. 1985075

It's always the damn thigh highs and chokers with these freaks

No. 1985078

Calling it 'gear' kek, as if the fetish can't be more obvious.

No. 1985079

Harsh contours are also extremely out. I kind of love how women shifted back to a realistic norm after this. Maybe it is partially due to the coof and an overall reduction in makeup sales as well

No. 1985084

"girly gear"

No. 1985087

I hope he knows pedastry is grossly overestimated by modern historians we speaking on the ancient world because something something equality (even though pedophilia isn't homosexuality kek). Society at the time found it depolorable and it was commonly associated with the degenerate oppulance of the elite and frequently used in public character assassination. Men insulting other men by calling them fags and bottoms has existed foe thousands of years. And it's no different here, ancient Romans would've bullied him until he became part of the 41%.

No. 1985093

Not only that but it was considered weird and abhorrent if a man continued that relationship after the child became a teenager, so it wasn't some fag femboy loving society, it was just rape and pedophilia for rape and pedophilia's sake. At least in the case of Sparta where pedastry was supposedly ingrained into a young boy's education, I'm not that knowledgable on the other Greek states but I'm sure they didn't have too dissimilar views on it. God I hate modern wokie historians and the people spearding their misinformation.

No. 1985095

It doesn't really matter in this case but you're way over-generalizing. Your basic premises are true, but the specifics vary between cultures. There are ancient cultures where it wasn't practiced at all, like Ancient Egypt. Also, in most cases, it wasn't homosexual sex that was considered bad, it was "bottoming;" because it was considered unmanly to be penetrated. If we're talking specifically about Greece and Rome, pederasty had a lot of rules. 1) The father of the eromenos had to approve of the relationship 2) penetrative sex was frowned upon 3) the relationship would typically end once the eromenos got married and 4) the sexual/romantic component was not required, and some of these bonds were more like masters and apprentices. Attitudes toward pederastic relationships continuing into adulthood varied by time period, region, and even profession. For certain military positions, it wasn't uncommon.

I agree that it's presentism to interpret these interactions through the lens of modern day views on sexuality. The concept of a preference based on the other person's sex didn't exist back then. Everyone was expected to marry unless they were a slave, a priestess, or a priest, and people usually weren't attracted to the person they married, because they were typically arranged. Love marriages were the exception rather than the rule, and there were few consequences for male infidelity. People really need to leave their priors at the door when they begin learning about ancient history.

The obsession over ancient Greece is dumb, anyway. Ancient Egypt was superior. Their women had the most rights of any woman in the ancient world, and they didn't believe in the concept of virginity.

No. 1985110

i've read Feeding Lamb kek but didn't think to check out her other works, will do(off topic)

No. 1985111

the usual rule is that if a society is extremely misogynistic, the whole "boy love" thing will be expected and semi-normalized.

No. 1985114

Don't you fucking dare compare her to him ever again.

No. 1985115

Yup. Reminds me of those Pakistani bus drivers raping boys.

No. 1985121

File: 1713003836191.jpeg (374.07 KB, 1170x2072, IMG_1380.jpeg)

Entitled fag in a dress #4,653,000..

No. 1985122

File: 1713003864328.jpeg (33.04 KB, 242x450, IMG_1381.jpeg)

No. 1985123

File: 1713004301239.jpeg (21.88 KB, 187x450, IMG_1382.jpeg)

No. 1985124


Troons like these make me think the suicide statistic is total bullshit because male troons are so self-obsessed and have no self-awareness to even consider suicide.

This cretin thinks he is a woman.

No. 1985126

>thigh socks over fishnets
When you don't know shit about fashion and just dress to maximize coom. This sounds horrifically itchy.

No. 1985127

Mmmm yeah 18 year olds, come get this hot 38 year old molester wearing granny clothes from goodwill while it's HOT!

No. 1985132

Brynn Woods/"Valkyrie Brynn"

A highly successful stealth troon with 2.3 MILLION subscribers who makes thirst trap gun videos where he jiggles his ridiculously exaggerated bimbo implants for the camera.
When not doing that, he is making attempts at tiktok 'humor' which consist of poking fun at war crimes in the middle east (Brynn claims to be a veteran, this may or may not be true). Some of this humor has gotten him into hot water with e-leftists and continues to do so.

Each video manages to have thousands of right wing retards and boomers in the comments saying "now this is what a REAL woman is like", completely unaware that they're lusting after a tranny in his mid-40s.
There isn't a single video or picture where he doesn't utilize a freakish thousand yard stare either.

Brynn is very adamant about LARPing as a bio woman.
He constantly refers to himself as a "mommy GF" and claims to have given birth to multiple children.
On his onlyfans, he attempts to badly photoshop a real woman's pussy on top of his own gash at any opportunity possible. This leads to wild inconsistencies between each photo. Rarely, he will leave his axe wound unedited if he's proud enough of the angle.
He also attempted to forge a picture from the 2000s of him on deployment as proof of his womanhood, with horribly obvious photo warping.

It doesn't even take a deep search to figure out he is a troon, yet this is considered tinfoil territory by ardent defenders.
His old r*ddit account "Brynnofthewoods" has posts on r/transpassing.
Trans pornstar "Brandy Alexander" has the same face, expression, and skull tattoo on the arm, missing some later additions to make it slightly different.

This act has apparently been so convincing that multiple websites repeat Brynn's claim as a true and honest biological woman.

No. 1985133

File: 1713011094669.png (2.99 MB, 1828x1040, brynner.png)

proof of troondom for any skeptics

No. 1985136

Just going from the pics here but … Is it not super obvious for anyone else that that's a man…

No. 1985137

>A highly successful stealth troon
Nice selfpost faggot

No. 1985138

apparently not, I went on 4chud /k/ to poke fun at this and several anons still defended xir womanhood against all odds

No. 1985139

File: 1713012912209.png (575.64 KB, 979x737, 5675.png)

I never said he passed but apparently to millions of gooners on youtube shorts he is unclockable

No. 1985141

File: 1713013638475.jpeg (417.73 KB, 1283x1729, IMG_0314.jpeg)

stunning and brave and beautiful

No. 1985147

The Japanese barber had a blade that worked as a permanent body hair depilator? Kekkk

No. 1985158

File: 1713021068579.jpeg (1.46 MB, 3862x1782, IMG_6862.jpeg)

Holy shit scrotes are so retarded. I feel like any woman watching this would instantly clock that something is off with the way he acts, sounds, the way his proportions are weird and so clearly male even with all the implants, but then there are just hundreds, thousands of moids in the comments applauding “her” for being the perfect woman, or commenting on “her” ass/tit jiggle. They can’t even tell it’s just implants jiggling, let alone that they are attached to a man’s body. Why are men so incapable of clocking tims Jesus Christ. This dudes body is weird as hell and the layers of filters he uses often glitch and reveal his lack of hips, and yet men are in the comments drooling over his “hour glass figure” which doesn’t even exist lmao. Plus his real, very masculine looking face is shown multiple times but I guess men can’t tear their eyes away from the gross man boobs long enough to notice and realize that they’re actually looking at a guy.

No. 1985162

File: 1713021886416.jpeg (Spoiler Image,32.34 KB, 387x793, IMG_6864.jpeg)

Samefag but Jesus Christ this man and his disgusting stinkditch terrifies me. It hangs so far down like a deflated ballsack.

No. 1985167

Just how much photoshop does he use to give himself that waist?

No. 1985168

We didn't need any proof. Can smell he's a man even from the heavily edited photos.

No. 1985171

I wonder if he does this for the fetish or to be a pick me(sage your shit)

No. 1985172

Lmfao he has the same proportions as the threadpic in the two screenshots on the right

No. 1985173

>photoshops waist but not the instantly clockable pelvic area
Are moids that blind to not realize the shape of his pelvic area is clearly male?

No. 1985174

Well thanks to him we now know what Elon Musk would look like if he trooned out

No. 1985177

Why are moids so disgusting looking?

No. 1985179

File: 1713023334998.jpeg (190.79 KB, 828x1217, IMG_6866.jpeg)

Here is the picture he posted as proof that he’s always been a woman, even back when he served lmao. How do people fall for this.

No. 1985181

Kek @ his gigantic and moidlike grabbers and forearms. All the rightoids and boomers lusting after him have to be some of the most mentally deficient drooling retards that walk this earth.

No. 1985182

File: 1713023899148.png (Spoiler Image,878.31 KB, 1016x796, ddfd.png)

horribly photoshopped snatch vs the real gash
be warned

No. 1985183

File: 1713024245273.jpg (101.32 KB, 682x930, GK_4TuyW8AAxM4W.jpg)

He posted a follow up comic, lol.

No. 1985184

The tiny man nipples on the huge implants kek, what a psycho eyed ogre.

No. 1985185

File: 1713024782459.jpeg (Spoiler Image,223.38 KB, 828x1096, IMG_6872.jpeg)

(NSFL)This man really does edit actual real vaginas onto his axe wound. You can clearly see evidence it’s been shopped in. What a freak.

No. 1985187

File: 1713024981427.png (366.54 KB, 884x448, lols.png)

absolutely stunning

No. 1985191

File: 1713025372336.jpg (137.43 KB, 949x828, uh.JPG)

Even if you didn't read the username it's so obvious by this creepy post alone that this is a transwoman.

No. 1985192

He's larping as the /k/ waifu he wants but will never get. Because they don't exist because women aren't retarded about weapons. Unless they're an autist

No. 1985194

File: 1713025545274.png (149.38 KB, 736x322, r9k.png)

seeing this thread in the wild is what prompted me
they really are none the wiser

No. 1985198

What a terrible day to be morbidly curious and have eyes. Moids are so retarded, this shit stain's rott pocket is in the wrong place, even the photoshopped one is clearly badly placed. There should be a test in which whatever moid gets aroused by this shit, it must be shot on the head to avoid letting their defective genes getting spread anywhere. Literally braindead rape apes.

No. 1985199

If you go to a decent surgeon, sure. He got 6 rounds of major surgery in 2.5 years, it's safe to assume that he absolutely did not have surgeons who gave a shit about ethics or safety in any capacity.
It's so lifelike and realistic that nobody can tell the difference between a rot pocket and the real thing. You can barely see the part where his dick was turned into a hotdog bun with a box cutter and a stapler by a man who's never seen a vagina.
It's glorious to think that so many porn addicted rapists are willingly castrating themselves because they see shoop and immediately believe it's real.

No. 1985200

That's not even where they're supposed to be positioned…

No. 1985201

What did he think was going to happen when he overshared about how bad he is at sex? What response could someone reasonably have besides "lol that's pathetic"?

No. 1985202

Kek nona

No. 1985203

And Afghanistan’s bacha bazi.

The suicide statistic IS bullshit. The 41% stat came from an online study of self-reported LGBTQ+ (not just trans) people and included anyone who reported having ever thought about suicide, not only attempts. The vast majority of TIMs are far too narcissistic to ever commit suicide, but they will use the threat of it as a control tactic.

No. 1985204

makes sence, if it was 41% there would be such a small amount of troons around

No. 1985205

Why do you always spell "rot" with two t's? There's only one t.

No. 1985210

Also the demographics for attempts and actual suicide deaths are different mainly because of the method and motivators. Women make more attempts, but white natal males are the group most likely to die from suicide because they usually use more lethal methods (guns) and are more impulsive. Severely depressed people attempt a lot without dying, normie moids who have a sudden emotional breakdown because of a life event blow their brains out if they happen to have a gun on hand. Moids also want their surviving loved ones to be traumatized by seeing their head exploded, whereas women want to choose non-violent methods like pills to minimize the emotional impact on others. Socialization pervades even here.

No. 1985211

It wasn't even for a green card and housing! The troon was just sending him money. The moldovan guy didn't even bother coming to America or pretending to be serious lol

No. 1985212

This guy went from bragging about his dick to sawing it off and editing over the wound. My god males are retarded.

No. 1985213

>A highly successful stealth troon
Kek. Lol, even.

No. 1985218

>I've had plenty of short-term dates and exes who thought that you shouldn't hug your girlfriend because hugs are only a form of emotional labour women did for men back in the old days and being touch repulsed is the new, modern, feminist way to go.
Have you really, though? Because that sounds like an opinion so insane that nobody actually has it, let alone "plenty of" women.

No. 1985219

File: 1713032875344.jpg (202.95 KB, 1080x1403, Screenshot_20240413_142731_Gal…)

"thick and strong" …. yup.

No. 1985220

Jesus Christo, spoiler that nonna.

No. 1985221

If this is real, I think those women are only saying that so that the troon won't ask for hugs.

No. 1985223

File: 1713033832377.png (445.49 KB, 882x642, y55.png)

literally pretending to shit on troons while being one

All the comments are "WOAH SHES BASED?? :O"

No. 1985225

kek i literally went to his page, saw that video and then saw the exact screenshot. My tinfoil is that it's not that every moid is fooled, he probably deletes comments saying, "thats a man" because I didn't see ONE comment pointing out how fucking weird the boobs looked in that thigh squeezing videos, or his clearly male face. I know moids are retarded but not ONE moid was like,"Yeah thats a fucking dude" or even, "thats a ugly ass woman with bad surgery". he clearly deletes comments, men are so fucking cruel for someone who looks like that to get mostly praising comments.

No. 1985226

this looks so badly edited kek

No. 1985239


No. 1985240

File: 1713036235384.jpg (326.71 KB, 1080x1420, Screenshot_20240413_152210_Sam…)

found more of their old reddit "brynn of the woods" lol.

No. 1985241

File: 1713036350128.jpg (Spoiler Image,45.36 KB, 321x689, Screenshot_20240413_151452_You…)

theres some revealing that hes a troon and some comments replying to deleted main comments about it.

spoiler for troon implant stretchmarks

No. 1985242

File: 1713036568161.png (52.36 KB, 591x876, 564466.png)

r*dditor defending brynn's womanhood
"who hurt you" lol

No. 1985244

File: 1713036743609.png (442.35 KB, 916x696, 88.png)

awakened individuals in the comments

No. 1985248

File: 1713037896909.png (394.67 KB, 573x549, 566.png)

"You were laying down being lazy but your stepmom has a job for you that involves cleaning up her juices , are you ready for this job?"

No. 1985251

I feel like this dude is terminally online and probably spends all day defending himself on socks from people exposing he's a man. In fact, the "Women's sports" thing is clearly a desperation to throw people off the scent of his man musk.

No. 1985255

File: 1713040021603.png (1.13 MB, 963x513, man man man man man manly man.…)

I don't know why i find this moid so funny, I mean look at him kek.

No. 1985257

i think i know where i recognize this guy from, i think he made some tiktok about being 6ft and his ass being the size of a king size pillow and his (likely fictional) male partner still asking him to sit on his face with that retarded "glory glory glory" audio that was stitched by a shit ton of moids.

No. 1985261

The picture on the left…it looks like he’s holding up his ballsack then just photoshopped a vagina onto his gooch?

No. 1985262

I really hope this guy isn't around any children(sage your shit)

No. 1985267

oh my god his stupid tiny head on that censored picture keekkkkk shaped like a bowling pin

No. 1985272

Let’s be real, even if those societies weren’t extremely misogynist to the fullest degree moids would still be raping small boys

No. 1985273

He's just so goofy looking, tiny head, his skin looks so loose and strechy, kek, he looks like he used to be fat and lost a lot of weight or something. How old is he?

No. 1985278

File: 1713049391380.jpeg (371.31 KB, 1170x1863, IMG_6386.jpeg)

>”as a woman”
>coming from a coomer male socialized troon who wines all day on xitter about female video game characters

No. 1985284

This chick has to be the queen of all pick-me's.

No. 1985292

The contrast of the normal woman standing next to him. How can you see his body and horseface next to an actual woman and not immediately clock him?

No. 1985293

Even Nicki Minaj's ass implants look less fake compared to this.

No. 1985299

File: 1713056120364.png (Spoiler Image,689.18 KB, 569x532, yuck.PNG)

Last one of this freak but why he's straight up posting his nasty ass,he literally has five o clock shadow, he looks fucking disgusting. This is clearly someone's 45-year-old military dad who got some horrible work down to his ugly ass body. Why is this shit even allowed on youtube?

No. 1985303

He looks like a blown up Leo Thomas. That unmistakable retarded look.

No. 1985309

A 40-something year old man playing dress up and showing off his ridiculous bolt-ons and bbl for braindead coomers on YouTube. It’s just unreal.

No. 1985320

This is why I don't take "transphobic men" seriously. They're awful at detecting troons.

No. 1985322

Or any kind of plastic surgery, for that matter.

No. 1985354

did dude find out the was posted itt? several 8+ year old posts have been bumped in an effort to hide something…(sage non-milk)

No. 1985371

Same anon, here’s an in-depth article about it:

TL;DR the 41% statistic isn’t accurate whatsoever.

No. 1985380

Kek, I just creeped his youtube channel (my feed is going to be fucked now but) I can't believe people actually think this is a woman. The face is so creepily uncanny and filtered in his face close ups, the body proportions are fucked and look like some deformed hentai cartoon, and everything about him screams male. Even the way he sighs is male. Also kek at him dropping his empty nutsack on the dummies head while smiling, he looks like the kind of troon that would wear a woman's skin, completely unhinged.

No. 1985381

Samefag, what the fuck is thissssssss kek the look on his face is haunting

No. 1985383

You're responding to two anons. And not that it matters, but if homosexuality/pederasty is used as character assassination, (especially by political opponents) and openly denounced by popular philosophers like Seneca in ancient Rome (eg. Cicero accusing Marc Antony, Quintillion denouncing playwright Afranious, Cicero accusing Catiline ect) it seems unlikely to be something thought of in a positive light by the majority of society. That's compounded by a number of court cases that actually prosocuted the act. Although their morality was different, the act of pederasty was about as terrible as adultery, which was something Roman society actively hated. That's all I was saying, I wasn't commenting on Greek pederasty despite the retard equating the two. I don't know much about it but it genuinely wouldn't suprise me if it was also overblown by the same people who fabricate lies in academia to push transgenderism. His shota fantasy is just a fantasy no matter how hard modern historians cope-rewrite history to normalise this shit in the present.

No. 1985384

KEKKK how the fuck does he have over 2 million subscribers? I know scrotes are retarded because who else would be aroused by this uncanny valley shit

No. 1985399

Yo did we all just do the same thing & creep on his channel? The noises he makes in the skull crushing video are very male. That’s why he doesn’t talk a lot, his voice gives it away.

No. 1985413

File: 1713099077423.jpeg (380.47 KB, 828x1128, IMG_4906.jpeg)

No. 1985425

File: 1713102872655.png (66.99 KB, 750x520, Screenshot 2024-04-14 at 14-52…)

probably could literally fill this whole thread with insane tranny takes™ from tumblr. what a cesspool that site is now for anyone thats not an agp nightmare.

No. 1985434

File: 1713104355094.mp4 (9.08 MB, 576x1024, tumblr_s2nntoVgI71z7ukda.mp4)

No. 1985437

File: 1713104966171.png (67.61 KB, 750x645, Screenshot 2024-04-14.png)

No. 1985438

Being gender affirming is so much more important than the safety of passengers on an airplane. How tone-deaf and self indulgent

No. 1985440

File: 1713105397382.png (181.86 KB, 706x1396, Screenshot 2024-04-14 1.png)

oh boy i love when trannies whine about misogyny as if they have any right to do it

No. 1985441

Is this the guy that skinwalks ContraPoints or is it the other way around?

No. 1985442

I can't stand how smarmy this ugly bastard looks and sounds while he blabs about penis machines. Who gives a shit about an embarassing experience for someone with a fully embarrassing existence? Evil reinforcement of the gender binary is when TSA.

No. 1985445

File: 1713106131233.png (56.6 KB, 750x444, Screenshot 2024-04-14 2.png)

No. 1985446

imagine having to touch a trannie for the sake of passengers' safety and some pretentious troon says you're "groping" him, like that's something to enjoy.

No. 1985447

female doctor helping ruin the life of a MTFtard? get that bag, sis

No. 1985452

Is that a TIF?

No. 1985453

shit sorry that was meant for the other thread

No. 1985456

why would you let me embarrass myself like this?

No. 1985462

File: 1713108563187.png (73.7 KB, 500x843, Screenshot 2024-04-14 3.png)

my bad, here's the biggest display of handmaidenry I've ever seen to compensate. Context: a post urging "dykes" to read Fucking Trans Women, a zine instructing you on how to suck dick among other things

No. 1985468

kek i rolled my eyes so hard the first time i saw this one
"can we get a shoutout to men who don't wear makeup"

No. 1985482

Hell, this is nasty. "Woman with penis" is the most ridiculous phrase I've ever seen in my life.

No. 1985485

EIGHTEEN. hes THIRTY EIGHT setting his minimum to 18. you know this pedophile would go lower if he could. glad hes gonna die off alone.

No. 1985487

My favourite is the
>when women don’t shave or wear makeup it’s seen as a Fuck You to the patriarchy but for some reason not when men don’t do those things????
Gosh yeah I wonder what the difference is.
I mean are these posts terfbait? Are they saying this shit just so a woman responds with the obvious and they can get her banned?

No. 1985500

a lot of almost-peaked comments

No. 1985513

File: 1713121045670.jpg (58.54 KB, 680x680, tradwifewojak.jpg)

bro is literally trying to larp as the tradwife wojak but cant cook and lives in a shithole

No. 1985526

Yes this is contrapoints’ skinwalker.

No. 1985531

>It's not sexual when cis dudes don't tuck
Men who cosplay superheros get shamed all the time for not wearing a cup. No one wants to see a stranger's penis.

>trans women who don't want to risk damaging their testicles

Saying that quiet part out loud that most troons don't actually dislike having dicks and balls and are in fact just perverts. Not to mention that "cis" women are expected to do unhealthy things all the time for the sake of appearances and these faggots don't take issue with that.

No. 1985533

>scrotes are retarded because who else would be aroused by this uncanny valley shit
Supernormal stimulus. This is the same demographic that gets around by pastel horses when someone draws tits on them.

No. 1985543

I lot of scrotes blaming women, saying he’s based for “trolling the system” and that women voted for this etc etc too though.

No. 1985554

File: 1713133705371.webp (58.47 KB, 720x881, 1000004813.jpg)

The shit I get in my Facebook page(Lurk more/repost)

No. 1985556

File: 1713134122964.png (169.18 KB, 680x493, IMG_1734.png)

Well, most men are heterosexual kek cope, seethe, and dilate

No. 1985557

>"If I'd made it, I'd make it so that it called every woman strange if she didn't have a penis"
Fascinating how this "joke" specifically targets actual women, and doesn't target any men.
>"which would be extremely funny"
A male that thinks misogyny is hilarious, how original.

No. 1985559

hetero moids have many flaws but not being attracted to dick isn't one of them

No. 1985560

Of course a disgusting, degenerate tranny is so jealous of real vaginas that he can't even call them that. How vile to call vaginas holes…So transparent.

No. 1985566

This makes no sense. Women don't grow penises spontaneously. What a cope and very disgusting to be calling a vagina a hole. Was this supposed to be a joke or a gotcha?

No. 1985568

A lot of moids wouldn't marry a post-op troon, either. It's a matter of wanting biological kids (in addition to just being straight.)

No. 1985569

File: 1713136746518.jpeg (435.71 KB, 828x1409, IMG_1739.jpeg)

Not a joke, and he’s still going

No. 1985570

For the nonnas that still use Reddit, is the word 'troon' banned there? I'm sure the mods know it's a slur for trans people. 'Troon' is the name of a Scottish town and golf club so it may not be feasible to ban the word.

No. 1985571

I mean, yeah, a lot of moids view women as sexual objects. That's nothing new. But also, people have orientations. Gay men want to date men because yes, dick is something they're attracted to. Human beings are motivated by sex, because at the end of the day, we're animals.

No. 1985572

File: 1713137161874.jpeg (54.19 KB, 828x194, IMG_1740.jpeg)

True, and he clearly shares this misogynistic view of women with his fellow moids. Regardless, he’s just saying whatever to fuel his massive cope atp kek

No. 1985577

If people aren't allowed the "assume" your gender based on your physiology, and they can't try to guess it based on stereotypes, then how the hell do they expect to be "gendered" correctly? Mind-reading? If the only thing that makes them a woman is "feeling" like one, what the hell does that even mean? Describe the "feeling."

No. 1985578

>genital preferences are gay
Yes, gay people prefer members of their own sex. That's what being gay is.

No. 1985580

man discovers homosexuality, more at eleven

No. 1985581

Yet it's ok for trannies to have genital preferences when they want to get a stinkditch or rotdog installed.

No. 1985597

>talks about how humiliating it was to be flagged by the machine and then groped by tsa
>then says he would make it so women have to experience the same and that it would be funny
these dudes literally cannot open their mouths without exposing their hatred for women lol. I'm glad we have moids like him and >>1985569 they're doing the hard work for us.

No. 1985607

A hole is what you have "Stacy" Women have vaginas.

No. 1985609

File: 1713143350799.png (341.04 KB, 381x401, LEollieface.png)

>outed by the machine
I don't think you'd have that problem.

No. 1985611

File: 1713143686913.jpg (20.49 KB, 750x413, GLKQpNoWwAAKJVH.jpg)

He blocked her for that but he ended up deleting his tweet, following up with this great take.(repost)

No. 1985616

transmaxxing is the dumbest shit and makes no sense to me. aside from icels thinking women live life on easy mode compared to men, willingly making yourself a TiM does the opposite effect

No. 1985641

File: 1713152459720.jpeg (666.26 KB, 1284x1874, E9A606F0-248A-456A-92BA-816145…)

Another banger from r/actuallesbians

No. 1985643

>transbian 1 posts about how he enjoys using his penis with an actual woman
>transbian 2 also wants to use his penis with an actual woman, so he’s glad to hear this coming from another transbian

No. 1985646

File: 1713153425248.png (92.39 KB, 665x598, 1412682552504.png)

>Lesbian with a penis

Holy homophobia, Batman.

No. 1985647

I hate this timeline

No. 1985652

Straight man likes putting his penis in a woman's vagina, more at 11.

No. 1985670

How gay of him

No. 1985723

Its funny how this never works the other way around. If there was a heterosexual couple and one of them realised they were actually gay, no one would dare suggest that they get over their "genital preference".

For some reason its only prejudiced when used to stop trannies fucking whoever they want.

No. 1985737

As has been theorised by other people, a lot of men aren't attracted to women, but by 'femininity', so a man 'performing 'femininity' would be under that purview. Which is why a radfem's definition of a woman is anyone's that's female, for a lot of scrotes it's anyone they consider 'fuckable'. There's also the masochistic emasculation fetish (MEF) element too. Men that get off on their emasculation (or in their view, their 'feminisation'. Ugh. Because, of course. We women don't have our own ontological category separate from men, we're just where the 'failed men' go.) Also, the reverse of that, men that get off on the idea of dominating men.
Plus natal males have a /far/ higher propensity to develop paraphilias than natal females, it's likely that can induce same-sex attraction.

No. 1985748

It’s apparently okay for them regardless. There are so many posts on Reddit or MtF explicitly stating they only want a “cis” woman.

No. 1985760

File: 1713187901441.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1170x1538, IMG_1647.jpeg)


No. 1985761

troons wish they looked that pretty

No. 1985764

Black women, tall women, Eastern european women, women with PCOS, South asian women, women with not-round faces, women they want to fuck, women they hate, women they envy. There isn't a woman who's safe from the spiteful 'clocky' accusations for not being the surgery-ridden bimbo they aspire to become

No. 1985766

their brains are so rotted by pornsickness that they think any woman who doesn't look like a pornstar must be a tranny

No. 1985772

Troons are just trying to throw all of the statements they can throw at people in order to confuse your average retard.
>w-we want to be women because we were born in the wrong bodies!!
When that began getting questioned, they all began vomiting the most retarded shit like:
>actually! Black women are being mistreated not because of the centuries of slavery, but because they look like men!!
>women with PCOS aren't getting the medical attention they need because they look like men! Not because women haven't been considered medically for centuries!!
>actually! Misogyny happens because fat women look like men! Not because men hate whatever they don't want to fuck!!
>in reality! Women are hated by men because they look like men when they're tall, have some muscle mass and small breats! Not because men hate the idea of a woman not being delicate and vulnerable all of the time!!
And so on, this makes people retweet and repeat the same shit over and over again, and it makes sense to them because indeed, men hate women, but they don't understand /why/ is it that men hate women, so they use any statement above in order to justify their paraphilias and hate towards women, by naming us what they hate the most, the idea of being a man.

No. 1985773

Women = feeling inside a man’s head.

No. 1985780

>bringing up the olde stereotype of eastern european women being "masculine"
You guys notice men who are at war with other men always drag the "other" team's women into it, and call them ugly? All that to still hypersexualize them, make them into prostitutes/mail order brides/etc? Not surprising to see trannies celebrating that.

No. 1985781

I think it’s because they are attracted to the women/want to be them. So they try and bring her down to be more on their level. “She’s trans coded” shit is just them trying to get closer to their skin walk.

No. 1985787

and these are almost always the same people that talk about "opressive colonialist racist eurocentric beauty standards" and how harmful they are to twans wimmin. retards

No. 1985805

that woman is extremely beautiful, this delusional trannoid wishes he looked anything like her.

No. 1985809

File: 1713205131194.jpeg (286.66 KB, 1421x2048, IMG_1654.jpeg)


what he looks like btw. blue eyed white man larping as a maori woman. schizophrenia.

No. 1985822

File: 1713208933827.jpeg (677.84 KB, 1170x1367, IMG_1657.jpeg)

hoarder (of food and belongings)

No. 1985826

File: 1713209962293.png (321.85 KB, 720x802, 1000039671.png)

found it kek, male with a face sitting obsession

No. 1985831

Does this pornsick moid really think that women literally plunk themselves down on a man's face with their whole weight? Or is he too ~uwu weak~ to hold himself over someone's face using his daintee thigh muscles? Either way men are retarded.

No. 1985832

File: 1713211022092.jpeg (220.12 KB, 1410x2048, this is what he looks like.jpe…)

I found his twitter @ThisStupidTwink

No. 1985833

File: 1713211507789.png (327.02 KB, 591x567, Screenshot 2024-04-15 170412.p…)

I wonder what's up with trannied and being delusional

No. 1985838

he was cute before this is so tragic

No. 1985840

not trying to be rude but you have some quite shitty tastes

No. 1985851

might be banned for blogging, sorry, i don't have anyone to talk to about this. i just hope that the constant push for actually identifying as trans can lead to society/lefties just settling for calling trans women trans women. not "women". i don't actually care that much about tranny's existences because they're going to exist no matter what, but if we could peacefully accept differences and say, not let them into women's shelters and instead trans shelters or something, it'd be great. it feels like segregation might happen because fewer trannies seem to be trying to hide the fact they're trans as "trans pride" is a thing.(blogposting)

No. 1985852

He literally looks worse now

No. 1985853

yeah except we can tell it's a woman because the shoulders and hands are small (trannies are always clockable by the shoulders which is why they're obsessed with posing in a way that pushes their shoulders back, and their man hands but they can't make their hands any smaller)

No. 1985864

>smile gone forever

No. 1985865

What part of this is supposed to be "badass" or "sexy"? The grimy fuzzy hat or the Coldwater Creek pastel grandma shirt? You know he would never use those words to describe a real woman dressed like that.

No. 1985867

there was a TIM I came across(I even posted him here once) who would constantly reply with grainy photos of eastern european women and say "do you think this woman is trans" and he was obsessed with pegging as well, total fucking degenerate.

No. 1985876

We can tell it's a woman because she's clearly a woman. There really isn't any need to go deeper than that. Trannies are literally men in skirts and make up. It's so hilarious that idea of being "clockable", which seems to imply that there is a chance they might not be instantly recognisable as men. In 99% of cases, they are all clearly male, even if all you see is their face.

Nona….they don't need shelters. They are the perpetrators.

No. 1985885

his smile and optimism: gone.
I hate to admit it but you're not alone in this nonny. what a downgrade

No. 1985898

File: 1713227538090.jpeg (859.1 KB, 1125x1893, IMG_0583.jpeg)

This tim I know had transitioned over the pandemic and won’t stop dragging real women constantly, also became a sex worker within a year of transitioning.

No. 1985900

File: 1713227947400.jpeg (440.55 KB, 1125x1038, IMG_0584.jpeg)

Also the extreme paranoia is insane.

No. 1985909

Good lord, I do think I've ever seen hair so damaged. The fuck did he use to bleach it, antifreeze?

No. 1985912

It also wouldn’t matter even if she did look masculine? A “clocky” woman with big hands & shoulders is still a woman, and a dainty feminine troon who passes everywhere he goes is still a man. It’s just buying into troon bullshit to agree superficial appearance is what makes someone a man or a woman. Sex is real and “gender” is social performance, nothing more.

No. 1985916

>While trans people get eradicated
Are trannies going to mass 41% in 2025?

No. 1985918

Imagine thinking American women will be “twiddling their thumbs” in a right wing military state run by the same people who just destroyed their reproductive rights. Troons love to pretend they’re the only oppressed people on earth.

No. 1985920

>Be white man
>have fetish
>Live fetish out full time and bully people that don't comply
>Can literally go back at any point in time to being the most priviliged group
>Only thing stoping is belief that liking feminine thing somehow makes you a woman
>"Omg we are literally going through a mass genocide"

No. 1985924

No clue but he posts so much schizophrenic nonsense. When he was a regular dude he used to constantly complain about sluts, was hyper masculine and loved growing a beard. When his girlfriend trooned out in early COVID he decided he was nonbinary then trans.

No. 1985928

File: 1713236829951.jpeg (842.96 KB, 1125x1714, IMG_0585.jpeg)


No. 1985929

File: 1713236886251.jpeg (579.9 KB, 1125x1188, IMG_0586.jpeg)

2/2, it only gets worse if you look at his page more and other links. Spoiler alert: he doesn’t think he has a porn addiction.

No. 1985936

Wait, I thought the eradication they're paranoid about was supposed to happen last fall, or maybe back in 2017 when Trump took office. They're always saying it's just around the corner! It really is like an apocalyptic cult mindset.

No. 1985939

Save the date girlies

No. 1985951

File: 1713243240812.jpg (580.27 KB, 722x1348, 1000034074.jpg)

splatterpunk as a literary genre is overwhelmingly trash; badly written drivel dominated by men with badly disguised pedophile and rape fetishes who hate women. it is filled to the brim with reddit-tier, plotless slop as an excuse to fill the pages with scrote snuff film fantasy. I did manage to find a female author tho! picrel is the stunning and brave "Judith" who's magnum opus can be summarized thusly:
>Man got in their car.Uninvited, unwanted, and unhinged…The Man has no name, but he does have a gun… a knife… and a bag of "toys".What starts as a forced ride into the desert escalates into a disturbing series of crimes and assaults.Jodi and her children will soon pray for This novella is incredibly disturbing. It features graphic scenes of sexual violence, torture, and gore. It is not intended for easily offended readers. The print edition of this book includes an exclusive short story, which is not availble on ebook. It is also gross and disturbing.

No. 1985952

What's the full name of the author and the book? I want to pirate it now to see how godawful it is and maybe post some excerpts.
Now I'll have to research more about authors in splatterpunk and "extreme horror" which is another term used for more recent books which are just full on gurofag shit 90% of the time. I never actually thought it was a breeding ground for troons, but it does check out.
Poppy Z Brite wrote a book in this genre called "Exquisite Corpse" which is just weird yaoi snuff porn shit disguised as literature, tends to go on lists for the most disturbing books of all time.
To the surprise of no one, she pooned out years later.

No. 1985954

im sorry sisters but I have to vote for republicans this year. I need these people to leave by the time the 2030's roll out.(bait)

No. 1985956

Nothing will change(sage goes into the email field)

No. 1985958

sorry but youre retarded if you think this wont fuck you over as well

No. 1985960

Moid alert(scrotefoiling, not even saged)

No. 1985961

Where are you people coming from?

No. 1985962

The right and the left are two wings of the same gay bird

No. 1985964

What the fuck, is there more milk about this? Not even googling retarded shit like "Emmy Rākete callout" brings up anything about the racefaking.

No. 1985968

File: 1713251297645.jpg (227.02 KB, 1080x1197, jokeswritethemselves.jpg)


No. 1985969

Lmao why of course, your organs will all change the same way a vagina will simply pop into existence, hormones are literally magic, every scientist behind it went to hogwarts.

No. 1985971

here's the book nona. compared to most splatterpunk, exquisite corpse is a masterpiece lol. granted, I don't have a lot of experience with the genre, but the half dozen or so books I've read are genuine garbage written with no talent whatsoever

No. 1985972

I'll care about his so-called genocide when he cares about women's sports, their right to compete fairly and safely, and their reproductive rights. Funny how no tranny has said a thing about any of it huh? It's almost as if they are men.

Exactly! Even the most "masculine" woman is still clearly female. Her proportions or presentation changes nothing. The most morbidly obese woman is never confused for a man. The tallest woman with larger hands and feet is still clearly female. Meanwhile, trannies look like scrote ogres no matter how much bone they have shaved off their neanderthal brow ridges.

No. 1985975

File: 1713261700592.png (367.04 KB, 609x749, TXzoa66.png)

this is the third time I have seen a "goth feminization" comic by a TIM, what the fuck is up with that?

No. 1985976

fotm porn obsession

No. 1985977

I wanna see how this creature actually looks like. Also
>goth gf
>woman dressed like a stripper but black clothes instead of pink

No. 1985985

That finnster troon has an alt gf so I assume theyre skinwalking him now? He does have some quarterback shoulders like most of these guys so at least it's an easier goal to attain as well.

No. 1985995

I think 'goth girls' are stand-ins for dommes. They wear black, some shiny fabric which translates to domme in their pornsick minds. Boomer crossdressers often have the same taste (mature domme/autopedophile in pink), only more vintage. Notice how the domme has a pencil skirt and tights, whereas the tron wears a pleated skirt

No. 1985998

there's nothing goth about this outfit

No. 1986008

they die like flies from medical issues

No. 1986010

That "alt gf" is also a troon btw

No. 1986015

This makes so much sense. It always annoyed me to no end that troons think black = goth. The "goth" gf is literally always portrayed in a dominant role - I used to think that was because troons are so pornsick that they couldn't imagine anyone not dressed like a bimbo/child to be "submissive," but using goth girls as a proxy for dominatrices makes way more sense.

No. 1986021

why do people wear shirts with their own faces on them? it just looks weird

No. 1986026

Goth just means wearing black lingerie at this point, because of the meme becoming so popular, it’s so disgusting how fetishized and watered down that style has become. Men think if you’re goth you’re some kind of secret slut freak and women don’t help when they play into it for quirky special points. It’s because they’re all terminally online so the only goth they know is the coomers that post their fantasies and the whores who post their nudes/porn to ride the trend.

No. 1986027

TiFs also have an unfair advantage because the T they take is basically an exogenous steroid. None of the other women would be permitted to do that, but the TiFs get a pass because muh identity. TiFs and TiMs both cheat in different ways, and in both cases normal women lose out. It's horseshit. Bio males should be in men's sports and TiF athletes shouldn't get a free pass to use steroids.

No. 1986033

File: 1713276393355.jpg (638.73 KB, 1080x1472, Screenshot_20240416_155925_Chr…)

As a woman working in it, glad to see this tranny's career took a left turn. When they troon out on the job, they never take the pay cut that goes with the gender they larp as. They are insufferable and force themselves into women in IT spaces and conversations.

No. 1986034

No. 1986035

They really believe shooting up estrogen is a magic youth serum.

No. 1986036

File: 1713277226254.png (2.35 MB, 1000x2399, f4CIpNM.png)

reminds me of picrel. Does anyone else get pedo vibes from this?

No. 1986038

Wait wait wait wait. Time the fuck out. Did he just gloss over "I would never pass a background check under my dead name"?
Gee… I wonder why..