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File: 1697028712862.png (784.58 KB, 983x1351, troon.png)

No. 1911973

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No. 1911974

File: 1697028784269.webm (4.86 MB, 1280x720, Episode 16 Lesbian Visibilit…)

the hardships of being a male lesbian

No. 1911976

is he… saying that being rejected by someone is oppression now? this feels like the male loneliness "epidemic" 2: electric troongaloo

No. 1911978

File: 1697030801110.jpg (47.68 KB, 757x501, Screenshot_20231011-092159_1.j…)


From the last thread - once again, AGPs with their stereotypical MALE anger problems got another women-only subreddit removed. Always trying to shove their greasy incel dicks into women's spaces.

No. 1911985

I wish I wasn't so shit at searching reddit because I saw a post from a supposed doctor claiming that "because the base tissues that eventually develop into the uterus and ovaries are present in both men and women, it's totally possible for transwomen to experience period symptoms when given the right hormones". I wish I had saved it.

No. 1911987

Meanwhile Preddit doesn't ban any of the numerous nonconsensual porn subreddits despite organized mass reporting.

No. 1911988

File: 1697033162065.jpg (105.01 KB, 1078x1048, F8J1wL_XMAAfzTQ.jpg)

Sir your 5 strands of hair is never going to be "wild"

No. 1911989

File: 1697033682522.mp4 (15.07 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_708649748396199454…)

No. 1911991

He 100% just heard some actual women talk about their untamable hair and he’s deluded himself into thinking his wispy Gollum strands are the same thing I truly can’t. He prob cooks over saying it. I wish they could all join a Heaven’s Gate cult and do a mass you know what. I’ll never get over the way they think taking estrogen will make their hair grow back it’s hilarious to me

No. 1911995

File: 1697034493532.png (207.15 KB, 359x335, riddler.png)

>"Liùsaidh Riddle"

What is telling to me is when he is being interviewed, he is so comfortable spouting whatever bullshit he likes. but as soon as he has to listen to the actual lesbian woman, his body language changes to picrel, because he is hearing how it actually feels to come out and be gay and he knows he is such a fraud.

No. 1911997

Saw this on the homepage and thought it was maxmoefoe

No. 1911998

Or ya know, she’s just autistic(lost newfag)

No. 1911999

does porn induce full blown NPD? how does he go from oblivious and a touch of the 'tism to tight-lipped psycho in the eyes in such a short period of time?

No. 1912001

sir you just turned your combover into bangs

No. 1912002

Lmao she? Think you’re lost bud

No. 1912005

File: 1697035217218.png (198.05 KB, 600x582, 1696959276464.png)

From the Western Animation thread, Some troon comic book writer had the nerve to pitch a comic where Superboy would become a "trans-girl"? Thankfully, DC publishing had the sense to reject this nonsense. But what really gets me is that this isn't just some random nobody; this is a nominated writer who has worked for major comic book companies. One of their comics was even adapted into a live-action show.

No. 1912006

again with the "community" and the idea that you can be denied entry.
>"of course she is white"
>Did I stutter = committing violence

No. 1912008

File: 1697035962803.jpg (127.27 KB, 1154x1549, queenshit.jpg)

some shitty scene journalist gatekeeper threatened an electronic noise musician for her gc views, reduxx mag signal boosted, and the queen herself pulled rank on his stupid ass.


No. 1912009

File: 1697035980397.jpg (1.49 MB, 1079x6075, Screenshot_20231010_221805_Chr…)

>"extreme agression and massive psychological abnormalities"

Ya don't say

No. 1912011

I fucking love J.K.

No. 1912017

KEK suddenly I'm so relieved they made the other Superboy a bisexual wokey with a pink-haired activist bf instead.

No. 1912018

Comics nowadays went to shit when they started publishing woke stuff for people that don't even read it, so I'm surprised they didn't go onboard with that crap.
Also isn't Conner a perpetual teenager? That's fucking creepy.

No. 1912019

Basically yes, he's a cloned super-soldier always in his late teens.

No. 1912020

That’s what they’ve all been saying. It’s like these are the same men who would have made the “I’m a lesbian in a man’s body” jokes in the 90s/2000s, and now they think they can actually make it mean anything. Their entitlement make them seethe when they try and become lesbians only to find out that lesbians are female homosexuals who don’t want penis.

No. 1912021

God this is scary, downright sociopathic. At least now women are fighting back and helping one another. JK Rowling is a hero.

No. 1912023

Lmao it does kind of look like him. God, imagine.

No. 1912024

Why do all of them think that shaving and growing their hair out a bit turns them into a different person? Have these men had the same haircut since they were 14? ALL of the TIM before and afters I’ve seen are literally the exact same picture except that he shaved and grew his hair out. The more manipulative ones take the after photo at a higher angle and/or use filters but you can still clearly tell that they look exactly the same.

No. 1912026

I recommend you see an optometrist and an audiologist to help you with your apparent vision and hearing processing issues, as there is no woman in that picture.

No. 1912027

I can't stand the forced expression of exasperation these troons always seem to use to garner pity, it's so "woe is me, a poor innocent maiden who can do no wrong" with plenty of sighing and pouting that just comes off as a caricature of women being these wistful and overly sensitive beings

No. 1912028

imagine how many men in positions of authority and power have the intelligence and self-discipline to just do this quietly without gloating like an idiot to their targets. and then men bleat, where are all the female musicians, producers, artists? Nowhere! See! Only transwomen and men can make music/program/create meaningful art.

No. 1912029

The reddit search bar sucks. Just go to google or any search engine type reddit followed by what you are searching.

No. 1912031

You absolutely can be denied entry, TiMs and TiFs alike will send conversion therapy resources to LGBs who aren’t woke enough. The drag community in particular literally have a governing body (Black Drag Council) who make the rules and decide who gets struggle sessioned or blacklisted

No. 1912033

>"of course she is white"
>is also white
>"you're a misogynist"
>is a man who hates women
Every time. Also kek at the little incel "I didn't want you anyways" type argument, as if we'd forget that AGPs/AAPs invaded our spaces because of a creepy obsessive desire for us that could literally never be reciprocated. "You're not queer"? You're right! "We don't want you"? Good! If that's all true, let us organize our own LGB spaces and leave us alone. We'll run under the banners of LGB and gay rights activism, and you all can organize under TQA+ and queer "activism". Trannies and spicy straights would never do that, though. They're parasites that need a host.

No. 1912034

Yes, this drives me up the wall! Especially if they’re also pretending to be owo shy and insecure like Violet Parr in the Incredibles (or more likely some anime girl). You are a whole ass hulking man stop kidding yourself.
We need a concise term for this behaviour so it’s easier for me to rant about it

No. 1912035

My hair is an untameable mess but since I'm greying I look like a witch I love it. He looks like a bald creep. Since he trooned out he can no longer go for the shaved head bearded look that saves some men. He's going to look this awful forever lol.

No. 1912037

I understand that and that is what I'm criticising. The man in the video is saying "you are not a lesbian" to an actual lesbian, because she is "denied entry" to the community. It doesn't stop her being an actual lesbian. He cannot deny her entry to her own sexuality. She is a lesbian by virtue of being a lesbian, not because she participates in a "community". Labels and trends will come and go but she will always be a lesbian, and he will always be a creepy man. It's hilarious they think they get to choose who is what.

No. 1912039

It's so unsettling, because you just know that there's violent moid rage underneath their "I'm so delicate and harmless" veneers. The mask only stays on for as long as everyone around them perfectly placates them, and even then they'll still sometimes have random outbursts that no one could hope to prevent. The only thing I've seen that carries the same type of dread are those staged photos of pitbulls with flower crowns.

No. 1912041


Lmao this retarded mofo and his "untameable" grease combover are sending me. His caretakers are being neglectful by letting him on the internet to embarrass himself and scare people.

No. 1912049


This is just pathetic. "Hard to believe these are both me". Delusional. Why do they never make any attempt to "pass"? The greasiness is oozing out of the screen. I guess buying a wig is a bit too much effort for a man who can't even be bothered to wash his Homer Simpson-esque three individual hair strands. I pick out more hair from the shower trap and he can't take the 12 seconds to wash it? And always the hideous NHS-issued glasses. He went from sweaty obese incel to sex offender registry mugshot. There isn't a scrap of femininity here.

No. 1912058

File: 1697044775821.webm (2.49 MB, 1280x720, 1696934536627674.webm)

KEK look at this thing. U can see the autistic aggression in his eyes. I assume this is a crowd of weebs because of all the dyed hair and overweight people.

No. 1912065

Missing the halcyon days of yore when the only crossdressing guys at anime cons were doing it purely for comedic value.

No. 1912073


These lunatics will walk around looking like a pregnant Dennis Nedry with a serial killer glare and have the audacity to be allowed in women's spaces like they're not completely terrifying. Jesus actual Christ.(sage your shit)

No. 1912077

"You are not a lesbian"
This is an honest admission that these men see being a woman and being homosexual as nothing more than performance art. To them these concepts are so artificial that they need peer validation, and the titles can be revoked at any point. They don't see women as people.

No. 1912085

at least some of the handmaidens look embarrassed

No. 1912099

Interesting how "shemale" is censored but not "cumslut"

No. 1912100

>identifies as a woman
Which one is it?

No. 1912101

Of course. Slurs against women are commonplace and meaningless, but any slur against TiMs is a criminal offense.

No. 1912115

File: 1697053701063.jpeg (256.11 KB, 1620x1470, 9B56F4DD-7A2D-46C8-A2B4-F62A97…)

>we looked good
I’m sorry but I can’t stop laughing at the idea of this troon wheeling around a fat OAP tranny former army psychopath thinking that they look hot while people literally screech with laughter at them

No. 1912120

>"you're not a lesbian"
>"you're just a girl who likes girls."

Or so which one is it? Am I a lesbian or not?

No. 1912121

Based employee if the knee slapping actually happened lmao

No. 1912123

File: 1697054660946.jpg (240.52 KB, 1080x811, Screenshot_20231011-125446_X.j…)

Not really sure which thread this belongs in. But looks like Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson still hasn't grown out of this shit, and it might be getting worse.
This is so disappointing. Here's Arin, wishing he could be a girl just so could be "cute and hot", aquire the company of other "hot" women, and so that he could be ogled for being a girl. This is coming from the man who doesn't believe squirting is real and that it's a concept made for porn. The man who in TWO DAYS will be celebrating the ten-year anniversary with his beautiful wife. And here he is posting something like this, that is so disrespectful to Suzy. He is still so male-brained that he doesn't understand women, even after a long marriage with one. His idealistic life of being a girl includes: being seen as hot.
Of course all the comments are stroking his dick about it, offering to share estrogen, and suggesting platforms like VR so that he can dress up as his dream "hot girl".
As much as Suzy pisses me off, I hope she leaves him if he ends up trooning out.

No. 1912124

File: 1697054717731.png (523.66 KB, 708x704, Screen Shot 2023-10-11 at 1.05…)

>I was wearing make-up and passed quite well but still had not mastered my voice

No. 1912125

>American military veteran is also a TIM
Many such cases.

No. 1912127

>Superjail picrel
KEK ily

No. 1912128

It's so funny when TIMs imply that men who blatantly have entirely fetishized, misogynistic, and wildly out of touch ideas of what womanhood is like are "transwomen who haven't discovered themselves yet". They tell on themselves every time they actually say what they think.

No. 1912133

File: 1697056350319.png (122.6 KB, 673x532, tims in military.png)

Seriously we need more data on this, it's ridiculous. I did find some old research from over a decade ago (picrel) and some figures suggest TIMs were double the representation, compared non-trans-identified men. I can imagine that has only increased a lot since 2012. Of course the theory is put forward as they join the military to attempt to "purge their femininity" kek. Definitely nothing related to mental health… I'm sure.

No. 1912138

>it's so haaaaard being a "saphic lesbian" because there are soooo many lesbians who don't see me as a woman, nor saphic!
>no I've never experienced it personally, the women in my life coddle me but I've seen it said on twitter so I'm obviously a victim

No. 1912140

don't do Alice like that

No. 1912141

File: 1697060022985.jpg (787.38 KB, 1079x1782, Screenshot_20231011_233144_Tik…)

No. 1912142

I think it helps that the military is a good option for washout failsons without the skills to do anything else, and don't want to live off minimum wage. From a poor rural town, sooo many boys joined up instead of graduating, and guess who all trooned out

No. 1912146

File: 1697060451800.jpg (460.34 KB, 902x1364, Screenshot_20231011_233541_Tik…)


No. 1912147

File: 1697060717279.png (267.71 KB, 316x335, willam.png)

worse, they don't see cumslut as a slur but instead a "descriptor" of women cause of their porn addictions
He looks like a very low-rent willam at his first drag show (drag queen) with a worse beard shadow kek

No. 1912148

Ugh is this the Stanza guy? They all look alike it's hard to tell

No. 1912154

File: 1697061532119.png (1.75 MB, 1562x880, Screenshot 2023-10-11 at 22-53…)

I can't tell if he's wearing a fake pregnancy belly or if it's just his fat. I'd believe either with these freaks.

No. 1912157

Looks like a standard male beer gut to me.

No. 1912158

always with the thin lipped autistic fat face, istg these threads are full of clones

No. 1912163

You, too, could feel what it feels like to be hot and have a bunch of people be like 'wow he's hot' by just sticking to a gym and diet routine. But that takes work so sure, fantasize about transforming into a hot girl instead.

No. 1912169

is there some kind of deeper lore/symbolism with the ikea shark being a symbol of transfoolery or is it just cause they're all failsons who can't get it together enough to buy adult-level housewears?

in any case i just want them to leave the poor shark alone, the shark does not deserve this gross association

No. 1912177

I can't even look back on those memories fondly because I now believe it was always for coomer purposes, they just hid it behind comedy back then. I used to think touhou crossplayers were funny, now I can't help but feel suspicious and grossed out.

No. 1912182

It's honestly shocking he still hasn't actually trooned out yet. What is keeping him? Do you think it's Suzy? I remember she had videos where she put makeup on him and she seems like the libfem handmaiden type to encourage his faggy nonsense for clout, but do you think behind closed doors she put her foot down and told him she would leave?

No. 1912185

>This is coming from the man who doesn't believe squirting is real and that it's a concept made for porn.
He is completely right

No. 1912187

Yeah that kind of threw me for a loop too lol

No. 1912190

Nigga Moon was the ultimate, let his memory remain untarnished, nona

No. 1912196

Sage for ot but I’d recommend checking out a Frank Zappa song called Bobby Brown Goes Down nonnies, he basically predicted trannies in 1979

No. 1912198

You're right, I'll make an exception for him.

No. 1912202

As for Suzy I think she's oblivious in a way. She feels secure in their arrangement not changing cause they've been married almost 10yr. He's cross-dressed and worn makeup [seemingly] for comedy in the past so it's not weird. It seems to her like there's nothing to worry about and he's just a good ol male feminist.

No. 1912216

why do women say this when the skenes gland is literally proven? or are you just outing yourself as troons under the guise of presenting yourself as based radfems who don't even grasp basic female anatomy?
scientists have proved skene's ejaculate is a separate composition then just gushing. female ejaculate being entirely free of urine, and the thin fluid of squirt only has traces of urine. you dont say men come primarily piss because theres trace amounts of piss in men's cum so why maintain the standard for women just because their squirt glands rest in their urethra? because some pornstars put a syringe of liquid up their pee hole to pee on camera for several minutes doesn't mean every woman's skenes glans are suddenly a nonfunctional evolutionary deadend, thats porn informed brainrot that's seated as antiporn enlightenment.
i swear so many of you idiots rave about men having prostates and that being the reason they are degenerate fags and then sperg at the mention of women having their own functional form of prostates too. just embarassing. next you're going peddle no woman has an intact hymen because you only get your information from porn hearsay

No. 1912220

It's because it's pink, blue, and white, and stuffed animals are typically considered a "girly" thing but sharks are considered a "boy" interest. That's really the extent of their "logic". Stereotypes and apophenia.

No. 1912221

>The present data based on ultrasonographic bladder monitoring and biochemical analyses indicate that squirting is essentially the involuntary emission of urine during sexual activity, although a marginal contribution of prostatic secretions to the emitted fluid often exists.

No. 1912223

You're not special, you're just pissing yourself nonnie.

No. 1912224

That’s honestly funny because TiFs don’t have anything like that. Only things made by men to represent themselves are considered valid enough to represent a whole group, meanwhile TiFs are coping and seething in silence because that’s what women are supposed to do according to society regardless of what labels they use to identify themselves with.

No. 1912226

I love the one where an anon said troons love sharks because they’re predators KEK

No. 1912235

autism. autistic men love structure and guns and have a childlike idea of what military service will entail.

No. 1912253

No matter what it's composed of, it's still something that happens naturally to women and it's not a concept created by men for porn.

No. 1912263

ayrt and I believe this for some (older autistic guys with obvious creep vibes who ask you for a hug) but a lot of them were basically the anime nerd equivalent of drunken frat bros who had lost a bet and I miss that energy lmao
Like I loved going on post-con barcrawls through cities with groups of cosplayers and the drunken guys crossdressing as anime girls who did that were just funny and charismatic. They were aware of the humor value of what they were doing and getting some laughs out of normies at bars was enough for them, it didn't seem at all like a fetishistic thing. but again, that could just be my naivety.

No. 1912267

why the fucking shit are frivolous studies like this even being funded when women face actual medical malpractice from the lack of research on our physiology as it compares to men

No. 1912270

God, I'm surprised he hasn't trooned out already. It almost feels like he's fishing for validation with this one, like he's setting something up. I give it a year, but Arin's (at least used to be) wrapped around Suzy's little finger. She dumped him in HS or college and he wrote letters to her every day begging her to take him back. I feel like if he wanted to troon out and she threatened to leave, he'd stop. But there's no telling what their relationship is like now based on info from decades ago.

No. 1912272

Maybe Arin is the typical “troon out after trapping his wife with a kid” type.

No. 1912279

File: 1697078900186.jpg (50.02 KB, 892x238, d8f7u98daosfis.jpg)

anyone remember the robert "robin" tran comedian unfunny troon comedian who did that nasty incel set about his porn habits? lately he's just been sticking a bow on his head like he's minnie mouse and calling it a day. he's having a show at allegedly thiel-funded little secret in LA with a bunch of haunted carnie meme admins of yesteryear. should be a clash of the cows. when will agents see these guys as the talentless money sink they are?

No. 1912292

could you use less buzzwords please it’s almost incomprehensible

No. 1912295

I’ve squirted before and it definitely was not piss.

No. 1912296

Same reason a lot of gymrats who do roids end up becoming trannies, partly because of too much testosterone and partly because of psychological suppression. When you have too much testosterone (such as through injecting T or TRT therapy) the body actually converts that testosterone into estrogen. Testosterone is a mood stabilizer in men, so when moids get filled with estrogen they actually become extremely aggressive and emotionally unstable (see moidtroons on HRT, bodybuilders who inject testosterone etc, aka two of the most mentally unstable groups of moids on the planet) it’s also why men who use roids are called roidtrannies in the lifting communities because it gives them weird side effects like tits, shrinking dicks and bigger nipples.

No. 1912298

File: 1697081995325.png (850.36 KB, 674x900, A14FBFE2-01F3-4FCC-91AA-E77C26…)

This troon tried to buy underwear on depop from me today. I cancelled the transaction and blocked him then he sent me a message from an alt saying he was contacting his local PD to file a transphobia complaint. JFL. He lives in a different country from me so good luck lol.

No. 1912299

Oh and he also reported my account and left me negative feedback saying I’m a transphobe and that everyone should boycott me lol.

No. 1912308

Kek nonna this guy looks like my troon ex friend, same empty porn addict stare, same stupid expression, same greasy hair, 0 shame, I swear they all look the same. Bet he even likes sonic and death grips and wants to become the goth lesbian of his degenerate fantasies… freaking little clones thinking they are special, breaking the mold and escaping the matrix or whatever nonsense men spout. They're mass produced.

No. 1912309

wtf are the police going to do besides laugh behind his back. what a retard. I'm sorry you're dealing with this nonnie fuck him

No. 1912311

you are based as fuck for this, please keep doing god's work. love seeing new developments in how to generate more tranny seething

No. 1912313

File: 1697084622792.png (672.14 KB, 750x943, retard.png)

isnt that the guy who keeps getting suspended from twitter and is pretending to not be himself to avoid another ban?

No. 1912316

Based on that caption… Is this supposed to be a "good" photo of him? guess he needs stronger glasses kek

No. 1912318

Love how this retard thinks they're proving a point when he literally looks like any other vaguely alt dude with long hair and glasses

No. 1912322

File: 1697086170272.jpg (650.19 KB, 1080x1728, Screenshot_20231011_213905_Chr…)

The replies scrounging up random ugly troons to show how possible it is to achieve hot girl status is so fucking funny to me.

No. 1912325

File: 1697088737828.jpg (152.24 KB, 1080x1023, F8MOCwFXIAE2U3y.jpg)

Waaah women are having a conversation that doesnt include me for 5 seconds, how do I handle this genocide??

No. 1912327

File: 1697089062122.jpg (91.85 KB, 1080x1047, F8MEfBxW8AAVE52.jpg)

This dude wants a vagina but cant wash himself enough to not get his thigh infected??

No. 1912329

Unless a woman has something medically wrong, all women get periods lmao
You cant have a period through a cock, and if your cock is bleeding you need to see a Dr sir.

No. 1912330

Holy moly I'd give it 2 months before the vagina would start to fall off him. Delusional to sit and post that looking for sympathy

No. 1912332

make up your minds. either you’re totally biologically women and definitely get periods or you aren’t and you don’t.

No. 1912341

and then there's the delusional ones who think they have period symptoms like cramping etc when in reality its probably just diarrhea or a stomachache kek

No. 1912344

kek wtf, how can he go through life constantly feeling moisture on his inner thighs and not change clothes nor try to figure out what's causing it? dude is a walking petri dish.

No. 1912355

File: 1697094154383.png (1.74 MB, 1462x1825, superunnervingfacialstructure.…)

They're so predictable. Always go straight to attacking a dissenting woman's appearance.

No. 1912357

did yanderedev finally troon out?

No. 1912366

File: 1697095904720.jpg (234.87 KB, 1080x834, Screenshot_20231012_093122_Chr…)

Probably need to stop using all these filters kek

No. 1912372

File: 1697096421654.jpg (741.76 KB, 810x2560, Screenshot_20231012-033651_Chr…)

>It's so selfish of researchers to think uterus transplants are only vital for cis women

No. 1912373

You're telling on yourself every time if your first retort in an argument is to rip into a woman's appearance.

No. 1912377

He has a depop too then lol.

No. 1912378

Always the same dead eyed 1000 CP video stare.

No. 1912379

The day they choose to put uteruses into men instead of women I will riot in the streets

No. 1912381

Everytime I read one of these ‘Uwu I wish I menstruated blood and could carry babies, I wanna be a mommy sooo bad!’ posts all I can think is some creepy fat balding horse faced 35 year old CWC lookalike who grew up on deviantart mpreg drawings and extreme porn wrote it. Never fails to make me shudder every time.

No. 1912382

God I'm just so sick of men pretending to be women. They're not even "trans-women" they're simply just men who want to be perceived as women. They can dress and wear makeup, talk in a mickey mouse voice all they want but it doesn't change the fact that they're just men. We don't call a jack russel terrier a "dog-cat" and expect it to meow because it's the size of a cat, we don't call a stranded boat a "wheeless car" just because it's out of water. Words have meaning.

No. 1912390

Not really. It's a stress incontinence type of thing. Do some kegels and you need to retrain your brain that stress is not something to be stressed about. It's just more results of men being fucking scrotes.

No. 1912392

Can't you report his account and ask them to remover the feedback. Say he bought from you before on other sites and he send stuff back with cum stains or something and he's harassing you lol. If they can make shit up we can to.

No. 1912394

He looks miserable.

No. 1912396

The fact that these doctors still want to go through with this in December just shows what money hungry psychopaths they are. The guy can't maintain basic hygiene and they are going to cut up his genitals that will need daily upkeep?

No. 1912397

It's a natural occurrence related to sexual stimulation. No matter how it happens and what it's made out of, it's not a concept created by men for porn.
Sad how people think they can medically replicate vaginas, yet in reality there's still discourse and confusion around how real vaginas even work.

No. 1912403

This isn't about vaginas. Your bladder fills up and you empty it, when you squirt, out of your urethra as a stress incontinence reaction. This has nothing to do with the vagina. If you mean our entire bottom plumbing system it's called the vulva.

No. 1912410

File: 1697105099041.jpg (200.77 KB, 1080x656, get learnt.jpg)

There's a difference between FE and CI.

No. 1912412

File: 1697105533776.jpeg (364.64 KB, 1169x1992, D3A11D9C-8CE7-40A4-86F6-0419B6…)

>TiM claims he’s better at being a woman
>Actual women join the live and ask him why he thinks that
>He gets pissed, kicks people for presenting an actual argument and claims he meant “trans women are better at being woman than being men”, when that’s his fault for putting a misleading title.
>He refers to women as “you biological females”, he’s a woman but we’re just females? Lmao.
>Two annoying women start defending him even though his misogyny is very clear but women will always support misogynistic men
>A non binary female joins and says trans women are better because of their femininity, showing how misogynistic their ideology as if they think femininity is everything to being a woman.

These men genuinely hate us for being women but women will still support these people and claim they’re real women. I saw so many women being respectful towards him, even respecting his “identify as a woman” when they were telling him to stop comparing “trans women and cis women” lmfao. And yet this man showed that he’s a man when he started getting super angry at a woman who was speaking to him (she wasn’t being rude at all mind you) and kicked her from the live. I wish these women would realise that troons despise them and they show it all the time.

No. 1912413

>They seemed so happy to be able to share experiences and relate to one another.
That’s terrible! They must be stopped!!

No. 1912419

why is he next to the only east asian. it cant be a coincidence

No. 1912421

he also has a set where he jokes about threatening to kill himself which was the only thing that got his mother to 'respect' his 'identity'. he genuinely is so unfortunate looking.

No. 1912423

Lurk more nonna. I understand everything's she's saying.

No. 1912424

File: 1697106535890.png (12.02 KB, 749x163, Capture.PNG)

wtf, dude, you're just a fatass

No. 1912426

cant even scrape the plaque off his front teeth and these handmaidens will bend over backwards to protect a fragile male's ego. we're doomed.

No. 1912427

women will support them because they're naive, brainwashed and/or don't know any better. We're socialised to play nice and not make waves. when you see how women who speak up are treated, is it surprising? We need to make much, much more noise about all that. As a recently peaked nonna, I can tell you it takes time to dive into the rabbit hole and learn. But at least, once you get there you never come back.

No. 1912428

File: 1697107193115.jpeg (183.16 KB, 900x1200, 44F55489-2ACF-45E1-A8AE-322924…)

Yellow fever moids seem to have a very high rate of dysphoria and trooning out. Male anime fans and weebs are predisposed to trooning out. I’ve seen so many moids troon out after listening to Japanese and Korean girl groups and express literally wanting to be girls after watching them. Sneaky became a tranny after dating an Asian girl too.

No. 1912433

File: 1697108512029.jpg (247.95 KB, 1080x874, Screenshot_20231012-065841_Chr…)

I think even Helen Keller would have clocked you, buddy

No. 1912435

File: 1697108934662.png (600.47 KB, 720x1306, Screenshot_20231012-035442~2.p…)

This predatory freak is sick in the head for wearing fetish outfits like this in women's and girl's spaces.

He needs to be on a registry and get psychiatric help. He doesn't need to "remind" himself that he's "beautiful". People need to stop feeding these delusions.

No. 1912438

Thats the malest pinky finger I've ever seen.

No. 1912439

All the filters in the world can't hide these ugly scrote facial features and tragic eyebrow shape.

No. 1912447

Tom Hardy really let himself go

No. 1912453

File: 1697111455854.jpg (171.36 KB, 1175x1174, yikes.jpg)

oh kek I know who that thing is
they work at Cloud Imperium Games in Manchester (UK). I recognise a couple of others in the group. Guess they were out for a work thing.

No. 1912456

File: 1697111923952.jpeg (323.45 KB, 1239x554, 3B03504B-4742-4CAC-88F3-A0974C…)

I dislike RFH but she’s so real for this take. Male sexuality and trannyism is a pathology.

No. 1912459

there comes a point when the troons delusion has gone so far that no matter how good he's at his job you just can't have him around because it's distracting other workers and bringing down the morale of the whole workplace too much. If I had to work at a desk near him I'd be terrified the whole time and uncomfortable that he's making us unwillingly take part in his fetish and delusion.
If he JUST dressed that way without pretending to be a woman and I could still call him a man and he/him, I'd still be uncomfortable, but I could let it pass. Just like if I worked with an anachan who body checked every day I'd be uncomfortable, but let it pass. If the anachan however demanded I call her a fat pig every day to further her delusion I would refuse and everyone would agree that's too far. So why do we have to pretend men are she/her?

No. 1912460

I got lucky that I never had to directly work with him when I worked there. I only bumped into him once at a Christmas party and he fucking stank of shit. I don't keep in touch with anyone in the company anymore who still works there, so I have no idea what this gremlin is up to these days. I wasn't expecting to see someone I recognised in this thread.

No. 1912463

>next you're going peddle no woman has an intact hymen because you only get your information from porn hearsay
wtf, are you lost because who even cares about the concept of "intact hymen" besides religious scrotes?

>uwu guys is it rude????,
he asks on the mtf sub where refusing a troon's sexual advances is equal to genocide. why do they always do this shit when they know that disagreement is not allowed? just post your rant about the existence of sexual orientations directly retard

No. 1912469

File: 1697114972483.jpeg (Spoiler Image,989.81 KB, 1170x1439, IMG_9078.jpeg)

Had the displeasure of coming across this degenerates ig acc.

No. 1912470

File: 1697115106527.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.27 MB, 1170x1613, IMG_9077.jpeg)

No. 1912473

File: 1697116238504.jpg (97.01 KB, 1022x332, Screenshot_20231012_150956_Chr…)

>like a man trying so bad to be included in women's groups

No. 1912474

Is Tran his actual surname? how unfortunate

No. 1912475

I cannot keep up with this motherfucker. if this was a legit bit it would be funny but he comes across as bitter? like he's not wrong but this just feels like infighting kek

No. 1912476

Males could just be hot boys and dress all hot with their hot guy friends and take sexy pictures and drink sexy drinks and have a bunch of girls go wow they are so handsome, but they rather sit on their balls and play vidya all day and night instead. And then jerk off to fantasies of girls at the club.

No. 1912479

File: 1697118165214.jpg (40.96 KB, 720x960, 1467303.jpg)

No. 1912482

File: 1697118299403.jpg (20.28 KB, 284x284, 2520.jpg)

No. 1912485

So true anon. But that would be too much effort for entitled scrotes.

No. 1912492

File: 1697119902466.jpeg (66.94 KB, 720x480, 238EEE50-E1AC-4663-A227-8C70EA…)

Really, and they can’t even use the “but I’m fat!” Excuse because moids are made to not have any fat in their bodies, any moid can just workout 2 hours daily, still eating like shit and barely sleeping, and he could at least be thin enough so he doesn’t look like shit with a man crop top and man short shorts.
This body is literally so easy to achieve for men, but they’re so useless that they would rather stay in their rooms watching the most retarded porn ever conceived by humankind.

No. 1912495

It's always Manchester lol

No. 1912506

For real. Pisses me off because I lift and have to work so hard to actually gain and sustain any visible muscle. I have a guy friend who goes with me to the gym sometimes and his gains come so easily even when we stick to similar routines and diet. Most men are so fucking lazy.

No. 1912507

>They all thought that women = period because that's what we've been told when growing up.

Lol wut? Only males do that equation, real women know that their period doesn’t define their womanhood, it’s just something they go through once a month. And as someone who got her period really late and has wildly irregular periods where I can go months without having one, I never once felt left out whenever my friends talked about it

No. 1912508

My dad, who's 50+ years, shed 48 pounds in just five months by simply cutting out his daily intake of pepsi and beer! It's absolutely insane how ridiculously fast male metabolism can be!

No. 1912511

God the comments on this are insufferable. It's all the ugliest trannies of all time posting before and after pics like they actually look good now and not like men with slightly longer hair. They're so disgusting

No. 1912517

File: 1697124705292.jpeg (988.23 KB, 1170x1165, IMG_6161.jpeg)

He’s so fishing for validation here. I’m truly shocked that he hadn’t trooned out yet and I feel like it’s just a matter of time. He did this crossdressing shit multiple times as a “joke” (picrel was for a Rocky horror crossdressing contest and he won. You can tell he loves it). Literally every male I’ve known IRL who trooned out started out that way, taking photos of themselves in dresses and makeup “to be funny” and then later lamenting online about how much fun girls must have compared to guys. Getting the validation is the next step. He’ll definitely troon out within the next few years, mark my words

No. 1912519


"Not a single one of them knew… because they were taught…" Bro needs to stfu, painting women as misinformed idiots- just because they don't police their own speech to his liking they need to be brainwashed properly or what? Jesus F. Christ leave women alone!

No. 1912521

everyone thinks i am a schizo but all men are bi. that's why you have so many moids wishing to become ''hot girls'' so they be told they are hot by moids, and why so many moids think they would open an onlyfans if they were girls, it's literally repressed homosexuality.

No. 1912523

File: 1697125720804.jpeg (216.35 KB, 1241x932, image0.jpeg)

Hilarious how he told on himself like that

No. 1912524

Men get so pigeonholed into thinking that crossdressing and so called feminine clothing has to be done under the specific circumstances of humorous costuming or a gender specific fantasy, but the reality is a lot of these guys would be a lot happier if they could just accept doing stuff like this without those caveats. Our patriarchal culture makes things like dresses and makeup into this crazy titillating taboo for men but it’s literally just pretty clothes.

No. 1912525

I hope he feels ten times more creeped out and uncomfortable by his chasers than he made those poor women feel. The schadenfreude is great from reading this.

No. 1912529

it's kind of worse/creepier to harass people you know irl through dms though, like at least when it's an internet stranger you don't have to worry about the next time you see them or have to interact with them
what a creep

No. 1912533

As an England nonnie, I am horrified to learn I could run into this freakshow kek

No. 1912534

England nonnie here too, me and you could have walked past each other and this weirdo too kek

No. 1912535

File: 1697127955112.mp4 (4.56 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_728540263869746716…)

they just can't leave this ip alone despite hating the author

No. 1912539


No. 1912543

File: 1697129696483.jpg (101.06 KB, 1170x953, F8Ka5fLWcAASUXf.jpg)

You lost alittle weight but you still look like a thumb

No. 1912545

Are you retarded? Most of them like it because it's sexually taboo.

No. 1912546

kek why are his eyes bulging out of his skull

No. 1912547

He looks extremely ill, like he is close to dying. HRT is magical I guess.

No. 1912549

That happens when you got thyroid issues. The magical hrt is fucking up his thyroid.

No. 1912552

well they are told about side effects like high rates of heart failure but it's not true because their hugbox/circlejerk said so.

No. 1912554

>with girls I knew in person

it's so telling he thought this was acceptable because he knew them. Fucking creeps.

No. 1912556

File: 1697131786189.png (1.23 MB, 1054x1192, Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 18.28…)

didnt dylan mulvaney win woman of the year last year as well or am i trippin

No. 1912560

Imagine being a historian three hundred years from now and uncovering information about the culture of the era we currently live in.

No. 1912566

File: 1697132992872.mp4 (2.33 MB, 720x1280, dylan.mp4)

increasingly demonic looking man. he came to London to accept the award, which Paloma Faith gormlessly presented to him

No. 1912567

File: 1697133014529.png (516.88 KB, 495x652, Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 18-48…)

Hermione in the movies, when played by a real woman, is a trans girl… but she's a TERF in the books LOL. Based book Hermione.

Also they really need a spell check feature for these morons on TikTok.

No. 1912572

they just like the ''humilliation'', make it normal for men to wear dresses and none of these AGP troons would dress like that

No. 1912578

File: 1697134570164.png (171.33 KB, 980x634, 1697008955123.png)

I already posted this in another thread but it relates to this, There exists a specific subset of AGP TIMs, almost all "transbians", who can often be found in fandom spaces and harbor an intense disdain towards straight men, particularly those who are considered attractive to women. they despise them purely because they were never considered attractive in their lives and so this is just barely disguised Incel jealously about getting back at chad. Their chosen method typically involves writing fiction to present "chad" being humiliated and beaten by their trans lesbian OCs who steal their girlfriend or having straight male actually being "trans-girls" themselves. Lily Orchard, Eldena Doubleca5t and magdalene visaggio all exhibit similar patterns, wherein they usually just ignore m/m relationships, whine and raged against m/f ships and excessively fetishized f/f
I remember in his Harry Potter video Lily Orchard talked a few times about how Hermione and Luna should have ended up together and then shared a fan fiction from one of his friend, of Harry discovering he's a trans-girl (and lesbian), like I don't think even the most extreme man-hating lesbian radfem, dislike straight men as much as they do.

No. 1912581

File: 1697134730817.png (516.95 KB, 500x882, andrea_ritsu_nicomaki_tensai.p…)

Stealing from another thread because this troon is such a cow.
This autist troonsbian weeb legally changed his name to his favorite yuri ship, his name is now Andrea Ritsu NicoMaki Tensai. He runs a yuri fetish/review blog and youtube channel and can be seen with his straight female gf at lesbian and pride events where they larp as lesbians couple, or at anime conventions around sweden where he's from.

He likes to dress in masculine clothes, has short hair, usually doesn't wear any makeup, doesn't chance his voice at all, has seemingly not transitioned in any way other than allegedly taking HRT (which there are no physical signs of)

He also hilariously throws a massive hissy fit and gets panic attacks if he sees fanart of his beloved yuri porn where one character has be turned male so it's straight porn instead

No. 1912582

Psychiatrists should dig into that and research it, seriously
Also, kek at them thinking they "own jk", the woman is a freakin multimillionaire. I'm sure she cares a lot what a dirty smelly incel scrote in a basement thinks of her.

No. 1912583

>almost all "transbians", who can often be found in fandom spaces and harbor an intense disdain towards straight men, particularly those who are considered attractive to women. they despise them purely because they were never considered attractive in their lives and so this is just barely disguised Incel jealously about getting back at chad.
damn I just posted >>1912581 and this fits him so well with his hatred of turned-straight yuri porn

No. 1912588

His last name (?), Tensai, also means 'genius' in Japanese.

This delusion, pervert weeb.

No. 1912590

kek now way I remember him. He spammed some shitty and incorrect "article" on tumblr, twitter and his blog about how Fire Emblem Fates is problematic because a "lesbian character" (who's actually a spicy straight) go through "conversion therapy" according to an (incorrect) fan translation of the game. This shit was so widespread that the localizers censored and changed like more than half of the game's story, just in case it would upset him and other troons despite him saying he didn't plan to ever buy the game in the first place, and that was during the whole gamergate debacle. iirc he would post terrible Love Live yuri fanfics back then. Is he still somewhat relevant? I just remember all of this because it sparked huge debates on tumblr back then when people were looking forward to the game's release in the West and I found his twitter account after that but he got suspended or changed his id, I assume because he was arguing with people saying his fake name was racist because he's white.

No. 1912591

Doing this to women irl is way worse because you don’t know if rejecting them is going to make them lose their minds and go on a rampage or stalk you or worse. With men online you can at least block them.

No. 1912592

It’s so weird. As a kid I was a fan of HP but grew out of it and never think about it except when they bring it or JKR up. She lives rent free in their heads.

No. 1912597

File: 1697137608270.jpg (393.04 KB, 2491x883, SEuy2OscgZsxB8.jpg)

Reminds me of the works of Sam Levinson. Riddled with pop-feminism and ironic misandry, but guess what? All the female characters are shamelessly sexualized in pretty much every way. And as if that's not enough, all the so-called 'good male' characters are usually mediocre/ugly looking, often drug addicts and short (a lot like Sam himself, just a massive coincidence) Meanwhile, the bad male characters are always attractive young men, both the conventionally attractive masculine types and the attractive alt guys, and yeah attractive males can be misogynistic and awful too, but it's kinda weird how it's always the attractive men being portrayed badly. Meanwhile, the 'ugly' dudes are just misunderstood geniuses.

No. 1912598

One of my tumblr mutuals back in the day used to be friends with him. The guy is a creepy skinwalker and would ask friend about her interests, hobbies, and then he would get into those interests, act a like a huge fan, and pretend to be more knowledgeable than her about it. That's not even close to some of the other weird shit he's done. The last time I heard about him was that he was being outed as a predator amongst twitter circles. It's no wonder he keeps changing his social media accounts and usernames in hopes no one will notice.

No. 1912606

He is somehow getting both melasma and vertiligo from the wrong hormones

No. 1912611

File: 1697139849888.jpg (106.59 KB, 1079x1378, F8P_TP3XQAAYIFW.jpg)

Give up Andy Samberg

No. 1912615

>I'm about to chug this gallon of hrt infused mountain dew

No. 1912621


No. 1912627

More like 2 months HRT Big Smoke.

No. 1912630

Yet r/dykeconversion is still up because it’s “just fantasy.”
Someone should start an anti-troon subreddit and prose it as a fetish subreddit so it doesn’t get taken down

No. 1912633

File: 1697141822698.jpeg (367.66 KB, 828x1355, IMG_3963.jpeg)

Dan Salvato is the creator of doki doki literature club.

No. 1912646

Report him for harassment. No normal person on earth tries to get strangers banned from Depop for refusing to sell them secondhand panties. Creepy af

No. 1912649

Moid who made a mid weeb dating sim is a tranny, more at 10.

No. 1912651

File: 1697143594899.jpeg (Spoiler Image,215.9 KB, 745x969, IMG_8196.jpeg)

>girl is when le hot sexy porn
I want to a-log.

No. 1912652

Diversity Win! A man with a fixation on the graphic torture and abuse of teenage girls is deeply envious of attractive women because he has completely delusional and misogynistic ideas about what being a woman is like!

No. 1912655

File: 1697143884591.jpg (159.65 KB, 960x712, 34788781-bb3f-586b-976e-151c06…)


Pretty much this

No. 1912658


The dark circles really make your eyes pop, babe! I mean literally though, are your eyes about to burst out? They look like ping pong balls. LOVE that blank, gormless stare! Very feminine. Wildly uncontrolled beetus is magical!

No. 1912662

They will look at it like we look at lobotomies or the dancing plaque in the 16th century.

No. 1912668

I wouldn’t mind starting this if anyone would join. We can call it tranny terrorizing or something

No. 1912672

you guys should go on r/cislezlife

i know the name is cringe but bear with

No. 1912676

>Is he still somewhat relevant?
i know he's still leading panels and activities at anime conventions so he for sure hangs out around female weeb teens which is highly worrying and a massive red flag
>The last time I heard about him was that he was being outed as a predator amongst twitter circles
well that cements my statement above. got any more details on this guy?

No. 1912677

File: 1697146044742.jpg (360.77 KB, 1080x1696, Screenshot_20231012-172511_Chr…)

>Being a girl = free stuff

No. 1912679

I remember just last year or so this guy claimed his country sweden is super trans+homophobic and that gay people aren't even legally allowed to adopt kids there. It took 5 seconds to google that it's been legal for 20 years already, so he's straight up just lying about it for clout/sympathy which is fucked up

No. 1912680

I always hated that disgusting game. My troon-loving soyboy ex played it and thought it was so deep KEK.

No. 1912683

Scrotes that enjoy DDLC are all walking red flags. They either fetishize mentally ill women or want to be a mentally ill woman. It doesn't surprise me that the creator has at least one of these traits.

No. 1912685

But that’s not exciting for them because they aren’t attracted to men (except feminine boys). They want to possess a woman’s body and be around women and stare at a woman when they look in the mirror.

No. 1912691

File: 1697147790620.jpg (275.86 KB, 1080x1012, Screenshot_20231012-175302_Red…)

>girlhood = hair, bras, clothes, and makeup

No. 1912699

>They either fetishize mentally ill women or want to be a mentally ill woman.
most often, they do both

No. 1912703

Nobody taught me these things except maybe some internet videos. Girls mainly learn this through trial and error and observing women. Since they are true and real tm women from day one they should obviously know all of this already and got the authentic experience minus the shaming we get.
Also can't even tie a ponytail? What a looser lol. Lot's of moids can do that without any problem

No. 1912706

>newjeans merch
a girl group that debuted when most of the members were underaged… hmm

No. 1912707

If you cant tie a ponytail I think youre just retarded, its not because you "missed out" on a girl childhood which btw isnt like a chikflik or a porn intro

No. 1912709

I thought not all women had breasts? Why is he whining about it when there’s apparently nothing that inherently separates “afab girls” from “amab girls”?

No. 1912711

The wonders of being a male, being capable of shamelessly asking for shit.

No. 1912728

>defines being a girl as makeup, bras, clothing
>identifies as a girl
>admits he knows nothing about the things he considers "girl" stuff
so why does he think he is a girl? and why is he obsessive over a girl's childhood and associating it with bras and makeup.
>non-embarrassing way
he should be embarrassed.

No. 1912736

A troon I used to know is not only a self-proclaimed transbian, but is also now claiming to be ADHD, autistic, and probably intersex.

It makes me giggle b/c I'm doctor-diagnosed autistic and the last interaction w/that person I had was them screaming at me, calling me a bitch and other obscenities while I just quietly got my shit together.

No. 1912739

Now it is gonna get banned because they lurk here nona…

No. 1912750

Funny how those men are never fans of boy bands like BTS or EXO, which is like what a female kpop fan usually would like, write yaoi fanfics or do fandom projects, just of girl groups and all of them have a convenient asian fetish are lesbians and they don't feel "dysphoric" over that but cry about periods and bras. I hate moids so much

No. 1912760

File: 1697156733008.png (23.59 KB, 645x236, ok edgelord.PNG)

Aw chin up nonita, this energy is freely given to women of all ages. Per a k*taku interview (here is a screenshot of the pertinent paragraph) this story that details a 33 year old woman being murdered by a 19 year old is also by him. https://thoughtcatalog.com/anonymous/2015/06/i-found-a-box-containing-the-story-of-a-19-year-old-girl-who-killed-a-random-person-for-no-reason/

No. 1912761

I s2g the only people who like that game are scrotes and pickmes.

No. 1912765

>holding a spoon in a non-embarrassing way
What? Is there an abnormal way people hold spoons?
Exactly lol. No one showed me how to do a ponytail, I just eventually tried a few times in fourth grade until I got it right.

No. 1912768

File: 1697157316459.jpg (781.18 KB, 1640x1866, 20231012_193159.jpg)

This is so pathetic. Trying on tuxedos made him dysphoric but I bet he was fine using his knob for coom. I want to alog so bad

No. 1912769

>I can't tie a ponytail!
Every male on earth with hair long enough knows how to do this. Except him, I guess.
>age appropriate clothing choices
He's a pedo.

No. 1912771

maybe he just means he dresses like a grandmother?

i really hope he tells her before the wedding so she can dodge the bullet

No. 1912781

File: 1697158485341.png (173.51 KB, 401x622, 1697157871410139.png)

This tranny keeps avatarfagging and selfposting in a 4chan general I'm in. He's quickly becoming a personal cow of mine because of his insistence that he's prettier than "biofems".

No. 1912782

kek which board, don't recognize him

No. 1912784

He definitely means he's like 30 and he dresses like an anime 12 year old

No. 1912787

No. 1912796

It's all about angles for these moids lmfao his hair is extremely flat too, you can see the male pattern baldness already taking place

No. 1912801

The hand… it’s always the hands that gives them away the most sometimes..

No. 1912816

He seriously thinks getting dissenting comments on tiktok is violence? What a fucking loser. Anyways, he just ends up making transphobia look good. If being a transphobe will make them stop fucking calling you a queer and stop trying to force you to hang out with them then that's a huge bonus. Thanks, sir, we didn't want to be in a community with you anyways. But if you actually try to do anything to set up a community for women or gay people these creeps just show up to tear it down and possibly even kill innocent people because they can't handle their homophobic and misogynistic rage.

No. 1912821

Are there any threads about @notCursedE
I remember seeing his photo before. He’s friends shoeonhead and complains about terfs all the time like every other troon and that’s all he ever does. https://twitter.com/JurassicParkTho/status/1552029426937913345(this is an image board. post caps)

No. 1912823

so proud of the penis he's currently atrophying. I've seen troons try and troonshine their way into keeping their dicks working while doubling on estro (unfortunately some seem to be getting help from their endocrinologists) but I feel like that concoction is
just prolonging the inevitable. If not it's nice to know they're at least double poisoning themselves
> Literally every male I’ve known IRL who trooned out started out that way, taking photos of themselves in dresses and makeup “to be funny”
it's because men have the absolute gaul and audacity to blatantly bypass your boundaries and lie to your face about it because they know they'd be shamed for their behaviours if they did them more openly. Instead of second-guessing their instincts they instead use what little brains they have to find ways to sneakily do it publicly using people's kind nature, good will, and a good dose of plausible deniability to hide their intent
I don't think it's the tuxedos, him bringing up the idea of being "the man" of the relationship makes me think he's scared of responsibility and is trooning out to escape it.
kek, yeah I'm sure the man hidden behind a thousand filters and makeup yet still hiding his face must be "pretty".

No. 1912826

Most actual women and girls don't do this, because they know that men only send us gifts under the pretense that they'll get sexual "favors" in return. The few women and girls who do try to "use sexual appeal to get free shit" uniformly end up either extremely traumatized or dead. There's no such thing as a female privilege, and the assertion that women are treated kindly and lavished with genuine affection and gifts without being expected to give anything in return is one that is wildly out of touch with reality. We're expected to devote ourselves, body and soul, to any moid that shows us any amount of kindness, no matter how small, even if it was blatantly motivated by a desire to get something from us in return. I know many women who become paranoid when men give them free shit or do favors for them because of this.

No. 1912829

he's so concerned about covering the lower third of his man face that he forgot to do something about the gigantic man hands and knobby knees

No. 1912841

isn't there also a video of Suzy putting makeup on him and he starts crying?

No. 1912847

The second he looks back angrily at the camera put my sides into orbit.

No. 1912861

A lot of women do this- cam girls and OF girls. This scrote is so pornbroke that he thinks normal women who don't show their assholes to the internet just ask for shit. So gross and shameless, part of their humiliation fetish is being bought the way they buy women.

No. 1912879

File: 1697173574383.jpeg (364.23 KB, 1170x1400, IMG_0458.jpeg)

I’m not sure if this has been posted in a previous thread but there was no way I couldn’t post this

I unironically love Alice

No. 1912901

I'll throw reports on there.

No. 1912906

As I said: Most women don't do this, and the ones that do end up traumatized or die early.

No. 1912908

Completely agree, just really awestruck at how their only exposure to women is either their mom, or porn. Fuuuuhhhhhck.

No. 1912914

AGPs are just retards who have made cooming and baiting their entire personality. I've seen gnats and dust particles that individually add more of value to this world that we live in than every TIM combined does.

No. 1912916

Most of them have plenty of exposure to other women and girls, they just don't see any us as human. Many men, tranny or not, only think of any women they encounter as being domestic servants, fuckdolls, or non-entities. The vast majority of men who think this way have no interest in changing this outlook, because it doesn't benefit them to do so.

No. 1912964

>I feel like I should wait until after we are married
This shit makes me want to scream. And I known “why”: it’s because they are literally evil on an subconscious level and they deceive and trap without even having to think about it. They have the instincts of a mindless venus flytrap. At least the other vile troons are telling him to tell her before the wedding (so that HE doesn’t have to suffer the pain of divorce, of course. The wife doesn’t matter). I want to alog.
>him bringing up the idea of being "the man" of the relationship makes me think he's scared of responsibility
Spot on. He has probably enjoyed coasting along in his free-sex-no-commitment relationship being taken care of the whole time like a child, and the thought of actually having to step up and provide real devotion for a wife and family scares him to his core. So he instead wants to bind her with him, and then go “sike, actually I’m NOT going to be the man you married, my vows meant nothing, and you’re stuck with me now. Take care of me for the rest of my life.”

Troons hate being men more than they hate not being women. Many of them are fine with being nonbinary dickgirl agender femboy they/it otherkin gender fucks as long as they are never men. Watch how it boils them alive if you refer to them as men. Reminding them that they are men reminds them of the absolute failures they are, and how they refused to live up to their adult responsibilities in life. So instead they reject manhood and run away to pretend to be little girls, the farthest thing from men that they can come up with in their minds.

No. 1912965

Yeah his reaction and behavior are really fucking weird.

No. 1912966


Love how they think we went to some sort of "girl training", when actually you pick up on that stuff through watching and talking to other women- so if you're a tranny man who doesn't know anything about bras, makeup, or wearing age-appropriate clothes, you could have known those things if you'd cared to actually pay attention or bond with a woman who knows about those things… there's plenty of men who know about fashion stuff from moms, gmas, sisters, wives, daughters, friends, etc. Almost like dressing in shit makeup and fetish clothes is a new hobby you picked up to jizz about, instead of like some deep seated urge to belong among women. And almost like fashion shit is just a hobby for people and not like a defining characteristic of being a certain sex.

No. 1912973

File: 1697198843168.jpg (223.41 KB, 1269x1766, F8O1BFCXcAAokm1.jpg)

"This is without surgery" yes we can tell
Maybe get your lazy eye and teeth fixed before you spend money on your fetish

No. 1912979

I don’t think there’s a single living creature that would have mistaken that Parkinson’s patient lipstick for a cosmetic surgery.

No. 1912980

what would be the reverse?
"I can't kick a fucking football and I don't know anything about porn, video games or cargo shorts. I feel so small when my friends and family try to help with this stuff but they act like it's all so obvious, like holding a spoon."

No. 1912988

>Eldena Doubleca5t
him trooning out was the least surprising development, he was the epitome of every weeb troon stereotype out there. Way too obsessed with lesbian shipping, despised heterosexual relationships (conveniently ignoring the gay male ones), and "ironically" being into femdom and pegging(he brought it up almost constantly)
>Psychiatrists should dig into that and research it, seriously
They should see vidrel then.

No. 1912990

Exactly this. If these men were always "girls/women" why didn't they at any point prior to this gravitate towards bonding with females and female interests? Even if they had an abusive family who told them not to we know plenty of abused gay boys still end up being naturally effiminate because they're genuinely just like that and still loved stereotypical feminine things. Somehow when troons want to be their "true selves" they have no idea how to act or what to do and instead want real women to train them

No. 1912992

>At least the other vile troons are telling him to tell her before the wedding (so that HE doesn’t have to suffer the pain of divorce, of course. The wife doesn’t matter).
Genuinely hoping some of them are secret terfs/GC doing thier best to save the gf by convincing him to tell her before the wedding

No. 1912998

as much as this makes me want to alog, im comforted by the reality that this moid will most likely end up killing himself. the more misogynistic they are, the uglier they are, so i doubt another moid will even do that service for him.

No. 1912999

File: 1697201415918.jpg (184.41 KB, 1080x1257, F0rQTD0X0AAPV20.jpg)

Im kinda shocked theres still therapists who dare try to find the actual cause of trauma or issues that make people wanna troon out (besides the obvious fetish aspect), instead of just immediately drop everything to "affirm" their transgenderism out of fear of being cancelled

No. 1913019

What if the gf already knows her fiance is about to troon out, and sticks around anyway? I hope she has decent enough social support and the common sense to leave before it's too late. Troons are all malignant narcissists who bring nothing to the table, but most women stay with them anyway because they lack options or resources.

No. 1913024

But the thought of fixing his lazy eye and teeth doesn’t make him coom anon

No. 1913046

Only a moid would value the sexual appeal of pregnancy over its function. Women value the baby and bringing new life into this world.
Does back up my theory that most men have womb envy, I think that's why trooning out the moment their wife gets pregnant is so common

No. 1913054

>I think that's why trooning out the moment their wife gets pregnant is so common
From what I've seen form what's been posted in all these threads, they seem to troon out after the wife has had the baby and taking care of it, they see their own child as competition

No. 1913056

They’re definitely outside the USA because saying that here gets your license revoked

No. 1913057

Or they know they’ll absolutely lose everything in a divorce including potentially their employment (and in Canada, their freedom)

No. 1913076

Based therapists telling him how it is kek. Looked up that Dr. he mentioned and well. Must be nice being a "gender therapist" lol aka feeding into people's delusions and getting paid for it

No. 1913086

Also, only a moid would say a woman "carry her man's baby". No, she carries their baby. It's hers as much as his.

No. 1913093

frankly a lot of the TiMs i meet have this fantasy of being part of a girl's friends group and being invited to sleepovers where we all gossip and giggle about boys and braid each others hair and imo them asking for help on the most basic shit imaginable like 'how do i tie a ponytail' (or more insidiously, 'how do i insert a tampon? or find my bra size?') is a way of them demanding female time and attention. instead of just LOOKING THIS STUFF UP ONLINE like all of us are perfectly capable of doing, they track down a handmaiden and hover around her complaining until she does it for them because they have this fantasy of being taken care of and coddled now that they're 'one of the girls'. It's creeping me out just remembering/thinking about this experience.

No. 1913102

It's all from porn or men's fantasies.

No. 1913118

>have this fantasy of being part of a girl's friends group
Tangentially related, but I think a lot of troons don't realize that almost everyone at some point in their life will feel sad for not being excluded in friend groups of the opposite sex. As a kid I was sad because my co-ed sports team of mostly boys made me feel excluded. More insidiously, as adults many women are excluded and abused in male-dominant workplaces. I can understand many men, troon or not, feeling excluded from female dominant friend groups and hobbies. I think it's not wrong to feel this way, it's human to feel a little dejected when we aren't accepted somewhere.

It becomes disgusting when they start fetishizing it and using it as an excuse to act histrionic and beg for attention like you said, and at worst destroy the groups they wanted to be a part of in the first place with their presence. Just because you wanted a certain experience doesn't mean you are entitled to it. Instead of accepting they are outsiders they will demand the MOST coddling for doing the absolute least, and become victims when they aren't immediately babied. I specifically hate the "if you have ever felt like wanting to be a woman, you are a woman", it's just blatantly wrong on a million different levels.

No. 1913135

it's her baby, men contribute very little genetically to offspring

No. 1913137

File: 1697224029980.jpg (278.96 KB, 1563x2048, F8VSBJUXsAM2WiC.jpg)

They cant handle the truth, they only want hugbox echo chamber

No. 1913143

>most men have womb envy, I think that's why trooning out the moment their wife gets pregnant is so common
I don't think that's the only reason. Abusers will often wait until a woman is "trapped" with a pregnancy or new baby to go mask-off, 1) they're psychos jealous of their own child 2) they're angry that the woman is the center of attention and 3) it's easier to control the woman through the child by threatening a custody battle if she tries to leave.

No. 1913149

What the fuck lol

No. 1913156

>I didn't actually want an answer, I was fishing for compliments

No. 1913159

Impending horror.

No. 1913161

That’s not true though, it’s 50/50.

No. 1913169

File: 1697228634155.jpg (74.46 KB, 1080x1058, F8U0EnDXgAE0Td2.jpg)

Some of these read exactly like a troll but I dont think they are, which is scary

No. 1913177

that's an unusual brow ridge for a woman. smells like a troll. or a troon trying to trick people into pretending that this look like the average woman

No. 1913178

kek, the manly man face might be a clue, dude. It's crazy just how deluded they can be.

No. 1913179

Could he not bother changing into a different shirt? you can see his armpit sweat.

No. 1913234

None of this is your fault, but why the fuck are you selling underwear on depop in the first place? I don't know a single woman who would buy secondhand underwear, so pervert men are literally the only market.

No. 1913235

>squirt glands
You are profoundly retarded and you don't understand what a skene's gland is. It's been proven a million times that "skwert uwu" is just diluted urine. Cope.

No. 1913241

KEK i will DIE if its actually him, his retarded twitter posts show up on my feed all the time. him buying used underwear off depop would be the most hilarious thing in the fucking world to me.

No. 1913243

File: 1697241210218.png (194.78 KB, 720x1405, Screenshot_20231013-194807~2.p…)

How true is any of this ???

No. 1913245

File: 1697241259507.png (174.3 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_20231013-194845~2.p…)

Here's the rest of the post

No. 1913248

File: 1697242045419.mp4 (4.8 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_725632930821230110…)

so hot, not!

No. 1913249

>my arms and legs are bent in the way estrogen tends to bend them
wut? kek does he think taking estrogen changes his skeleton?
he is basically putting it down to women = estrogen and men = testosterone. it's desperate and a massive cope. I'm guessing him having low T levels, is part of what made him feel like he isn't a "real man" and had to troon out. pathetic.

No. 1913255

Ultimately all of that, even if true, is completely pointless.
>my T levels are so low that every time I go to a doctor and get a blood workup, it flags a heath alert for my testosterone being below the healthy range.
So a male with unhealthily low testosterone. Congratulations? A female isn’t a man with hormonal imbalances. Imagine being like “did you know humans and wolves’ species differences aren’t as massive as you’d think? I’m female and my tests show I have PCOS, my thick body hair shows I’m so alike to them! Species is a fluid concept!”

No. 1913258

File: 1697243166064.jpg (46.32 KB, 736x562, 0_3sLn8pndr7TCvNaE.jpg)

Bro thinks women are angled like this permanently irl.

No. 1913259

kek this is absolutely a man

No. 1913260

I'm late but glad someone finally commented on that part! God, every day I grow more and more fed up with these men, and it's them and their actions alone that are doing that. Apparently women must be stupid if they're having a conversation on their own while not including men

No. 1913266

Lmfao you can see the filter slip off his face and expose his hulking man chin.

No. 1913268

There is no way they have this little testosterone. If they would they would be dying.

No. 1913270

Why are people still sperging about this? Mention FE and everyone loses their minds.

No. 1913272

It's just the usual autism about trannies refusing to accept the obvious regarding basic biology. The mental gymnastic going on here to basically try to convince whoever that they're "wimin" is something else. No matter how they dress it, how they disguise the facts, how far back they bend over and back again, they are still genetic males. No amount of hormones will ever change their actual hard genetic code, no matter what they are desperate to believe.

No. 1913274

That wig is not doing him any favour.

That Y chromosome isn't going anywhere kek.

No. 1913281

i hope he tells her before the wedding or soon after because this is ground for annulment."i thought i was marrying a man but it was a woman all along!!", also i like how they all claim that they knew for sooooo long - since childhood - that they were troons yet somehow they all trooned out in the past few years, now that living out porn fetishes is promoted to death

kek nonna

>as much as this makes me want to alog, im comforted by the reality that this moid will most likely end up killing himself.
love this hahah definitely something to remember to cheer up.

No. 1913282

>Gave up on the straps lol
Why? Does he think it's cute to look like a retard, or is he just so incompetent that he can't figure out how to tie them behind his neck?

No. 1913285

the manipulation attempt at the beginning of the post is crazy. and isn't bragging about hormone imbalance in troons wildly off topic? idk much about the sub but

>if you call me on my bs you're just sperging and losing your mind

No. 1913287

We need that bee roleplay subreddit to be made soon

No. 1913289

File: 1697248925425.png (Spoiler Image,2.01 MB, 1444x1912, ellyisaslut.png)

It's always autism
It's always a fetish

No. 1913292

File: 1697250155580.jpg (731.87 KB, 1080x3036, Screenshot_20230916-105721.jpg)

it legitimately seems like for some of these trans wife types, they on some level understand that all men are garbage and that as long as they've got one that pays the bills and isn't a complete heel locked down it's all right as rain.

like. this is the state of heterosexuals right now. I don't understand why you would want this when you could have a nice woman friend roommate who won't expect you to play along with her fetish or delusions typically.

No. 1913294

that is a scrote. none but a massive pornsick loser cares that much about that shit. and women's orgasm related ejaculate isn't "squirting" ya freaks.

peeing in a sexual context, barring shit like incontinence, seems kink related. i don't understand how putting pressure on your bladder is sexual at all. maybe moids view it as an analogue for male ejaculation? ick.

No. 1913295

Ewwwww why do men treat makeup and manicures like this sacred rite of passage into womanhood? They act as if it's a fucking enlightening spiritual experience that makes them momentarily transcend their manhood. It's fucking face paint and nail varnish and these retarded scrotes act like it's some holy babtism that transforms the very essence of their soul. It's an immediate red flag when a man does this, not because gender nonconformity is bad, but because he's doing it to try to make himself look nonthreatening and get closer to women so he can gain some voyeuristic pleasure. Whenever a scrote talks about how elated he is to finally be "one of the girls" he's really just aroused from being so close to unassuming women. Scrotes can slather shit on their hairy man faces all they want but they'll never experience even a second of actual womanhood.

No. 1913300

lol, i am familiar with this one, he also goes to the store in really tight clothes and poses in the isles. real autism vibes from him too.

No. 1913308

I'm just not understanding where the argument lies. What "squirt" is made of? Who cares. Some of you just sound bitter that you can't orgasm and that some women can "FE", so you're just trying to convince those women that there's something wrong with them or that it's not real. Get a grip and save it for the troons.

No. 1913310

stop derailing with squirting discussion, bans will be issued if it continues

No. 1913312

File: 1697253690810.jpg (579.96 KB, 2048x1536, F8ThnmgWoAARmoB.jpg)

I stumbled upon this one right now and I'm sadly not British and the people sharing all this on twitter for me aren't British either. So there is a guy singing a "fuck you" song for a gathering of women that endured bullshit because they are women and yes, I could read about it, but please, some nice nonnas may explain all this stuff to me so I might attend something like that next year.
Sry, deleted it, because I forgot to tell you the name, it's called FiLiA and like I said, I could read about it, but I would very much prefer to hear about it from other women.

No. 1913314

damn britian is coming for the amerifat title

No. 1913318

Men like this should honestly just be put down. Porn-addicted women are mostly self-harming and can often recover, but porn-addicted men are just domestic abusers, rapists, and murderers in the making.

No. 1913326

>Tranny is blatantly skinwalking his wife
>Appropriates "black joy" into two separate meaningless terms
>Both of them are as white as white gets
>Acting like a male/female marriage is revolutionary
>Gay pride flag for a heterosexual marriage
I don't even know where to begin.

No. 1913327

Please tell me there are pictures of him

No. 1913328

"no limits" is code for CP by the way

No. 1913329

thats immediately what i thought as well. beyond disgusting.

No. 1913331

File: 1697258454518.jpeg (478.69 KB, 1738x1168, IMG_6292.jpeg)

This disgusting moid is always posting in the selfies. What the fuck is up with troons going out of their way to join any women based group only to spam it with their ugly pictures. How are they this delusional and narcissistic I’m so pissed. It’s like every group I join they are there posting all the time! They use us real women like props to validate them.

No. 1913334

File: 1697259070835.jpg (446.82 KB, 1080x1316, Screenshot_20231013_234912_Red…)

The project the weird sexual violence their pornsick brains come up with to threaten us, like "terf cons" (lmfao autistic retard) would want troons anywhere near us.

No. 1913336

File: 1697259130502.jpg (335.84 KB, 1080x798, Screenshot_20231013_234825_Red…)

On a related note, I've gone too deep into the rabbit hole, requesting immediate extraction

No. 1913338

Kiki if she was missing more chromosomes than she already is

No. 1913339

god, men are fucking weird. i know there are women who like to be degraded but i don’t know a single woman who fantasizes about our entire gender being eradicated and systematically abused by men.

No. 1913355

File: 1697263042956.jpg (7.38 KB, 225x225, xploshi.jpg)

I'm surprised Xploshi hasn't been mentioned here yet. Basically he's some power tripping moid from Scotland who ended up with 400K 9 year olds that tell him he's a pretty trans gorl, because he ripped off of another much older few YouTubers art styles and ran with it. It was also found out that he only makes like 10% of the stuff he puts out didn't even make his own mascot thing. Also confirmed to support transitioning kids too. His 9 year old fans have no idea about his sins and nobody ever talks about it. There's an obscure twitter thread on the matter too


No. 1913356

File: 1697263074229.jpg (60.13 KB, 707x520, kids.jpg)

Supports transitioning kids.

No. 1913358

>you can't orgasm if you don't squirt, you're bitter that you don't piss during sex
what porn does to a mf. nobody said that there's something wrong with you btw, anons just told you that it's piss(derailing)

No. 1913362

File: 1697264176101.png (82.13 KB, 603x466, keffals xploshi.png)

Forgot to add! Xploshi also has strangely close ties with KEFFALS of all people for some reason. Clara Sorrenti is one of his top financial supporters. You will find him in almost every video description as a patron.

No. 1913365

That's not how orgasms work, oh my god. You're either 12 or a scrote if you genuinely believe that shit.(derailing)

No. 1913383

File: 1697267249625.jpg (163.9 KB, 1170x1152, c5fec97b899459.jpg)

Why are so many TIMs and TIFs so often commies(at least on twitter for some reason) when historically communist stated banned homosexuality and even gender expression as being "Bourgeois Decadence/Degeneracy"

No. 1913386

Male brain coomerism is so horrifically tragic all I can do is laugh. Even in their hrt mangled-minds they can’t fathom that all women want from them is to leave us the fuck alone. I can’t think of a single instance where a TERF has physically harmed a TIM, but I can think of a number of cases where gay panic moids have bludgeoned them to death and then fucked their corpse. The call is coming from inside the house.

No. 1913390

oh my god i imagine most people ignore/don’t reply to his selfies and wait until someone else posts something to use the chat again lmao

No. 1913395

File: 1697271288617.webm (7.73 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.App 723491310034703488…)

that's just called constipation bro

No. 1913400

estrogen can't change the skeleton of a full grown man but if he has been on hormones since puberty it can change in which way his skeleton changes. of course this does not change anything about him being a man

No. 1913403

I mean a person like nikkietutorials were on hormones and puberty blockers since a very young age, and while that made him have a more female sounding voice he is still 6'3 and have a huge fucking skull and hands. I think the maleness is gonna come through no matter what age they do it, they think starting hrt at a young age is gonna be the big difference but it just makes them a flabby eunuch

No. 1913405

They love the fantasy of enacting righteous violence on people who disagree with them. Glorious revolution or sending them to gulags. It's a fantasy so the reality of communism doesn't come into it.

No. 1913409

You see a lot of these types in University and Colleges, their "rhetoric LARP" is due to their permanent revolutionary praxis. They need to keep up appearances of being outsiders to justify every shitty decision they make in their own lives. They're identifies would be destroyed if they stopped.

No. 1913410

>"I didn't even know transwomen could get periods!"
That's because they can't, shut up and take an ex-lax, dude.

No. 1913411

File: 1697275861707.jpeg (27.89 KB, 500x529, 1661313363536.jpeg)

No. 1913413

That photo was taken in Scotland, so not surprising

No. 1913416

You just know this poor woman has no self-respect and after she pops out a kid he's going to go even more nuts on her.

No. 1913418

Filia is a yearly women's rights conference. They have women from all over the world, like Afghanistan, talking about their issues. So it's obviously transphobic.

The dude yelling is a drag artist who is probably still pissed off that his drag show for kids was cancelled. It's once again peak degeneracy.

No. 1913419

He's got all those anime posters in the background, he probably DOES think that.
'Feminize' literally related to being sexually harassed and degraded. Saying the quiet part out loud again, I see.
You can look up FiLiA on Twitter. They're very much pro-reality, anti-troon.

No. 1913424

Typical male behavior not believing women when they tell them something, until they experience "it" themselves.
Not a period buddy but thanks for the sympathy adjacent I guess

No. 1913427

File: 1697280656035.jpg (113.05 KB, 505x631, F8U-hymXgAAUG3n.jpg)

The difference in tims and tifs next to eachother is always hilarious

No. 1913429

In my head canon, these two met on a dating site and when it was time to meet up in person they both looked at each other like "…oh."

No. 1913430

HA so 5'0 and 6'4
Even just skull size is insane

No. 1913432

I thought it was a tim and a cisman. We have more of these tim towers over regular people memes but why is there something more if a tif gets towered by a tim?

No. 1913433

Some women buy second hand bras because they are cheaper especially if you have a big cup, honestly weird but yeah it happens
But if were talking about lower half underwear, then yeah no woman does that

No. 1913437

It's not unusual for women to buy vintage lingerie and sew a new gusset.

Can't say I've ever bought used panties myself tho, but I have thrifted cute bras

No. 1913438

Because they don't actually read and are lazy slobs who think communism means free money and no one works, when in reality they'd be the first ones made to face the wall the second a "revolutionary" takes power. They're the biggest hypocrites and the ultimate consumers. If anyone has that one essays that details how troons are the final, most perfect consumers and enablers of capitalism, it'd be a good refresher.

No. 1913439

This is him and his wife/fiance in vidrel. Start about 1 minute in. (he linked to his youtube channel in another post about him being wheelchair-bound).

No. 1913442

File: 1697283358421.png (371.35 KB, 718x352, witchesvstroons.png)

samefag. here he is next to his wife.
>no different to cis women
even taking into account the height variations and shoulder width between actual women, he is so obviously a great big hulking male. so it's really funny to read his post back with this image in mind.

No. 1913443

To be fair, early commies did actually talk about this stuff. For example, the Bolsheviks decriminalized homosexuality and were also serious in their attempts to wipe out religion. That said, they suffered from the same problem every communist group faces when they stop LARPing. They get taken over by a strongman, typically a man who understands at least basic tenets of Marxism but can use populism effectively to take over from within. Neither Stalin, Saddam, nor Mao were the leaders of their parties initially; they seized power from the intellectuals because the intellectuals were fighting amongst themselves and couldn't get the peasants on their side.

No. 1913444

that right there is why most women are scared and won't say a thing when they see a tranny like him. Imagine having that gigantic, mentally unstable hulky male coming at you?

No. 1913446

kek yes, between the size of him, his manly man hands and his voice he can't be arsed to even try to make sound less male…just deluded all around. It's just the poster face of degeneracy

No. 1913448

File: 1697284146634.png (194.05 KB, 673x614, 10.png)

he is over 6ft. says his wife is 5'7" which is actually quite tall, and he still towers over her. looks like she is gonna be his full time carer for his fibromyalgia now. these health problems are very relevant to his hormone post >>1913243 interesting he doesn't mention them…

No. 1913454

>pretty muscular
Kek where? The pic upthread he looks like a standard big fatty. 6’ and just under 300lbs is obese.

No. 1913455

File: 1697285725951.jpg (861.13 KB, 810x2872, Screenshot_20231014-075258_Chr…)

>"I'm not a feminine man, I'm a women. Physically, mentally, and biologically"

No. 1913456

right… which is why you need surgeries, and artifical hormones to be perceived as such. let's be honest they never believe in the
the whole "gender and sex are different"thing if they're making claims like these(sage your shit)

No. 1913457

>300lbs and muscular
>cannot be under 200lbs because of naturally muscular build
>immediately says he was 115lbs and anorexic
clearly just delusional. and by the sounds of it a munchie who fucked his body up with hormones.

>pronouns and everything

No. 1913458

which is why they need to enforce the use of specific pronouns and force us all to play along or else. If it were clear they are "biological wimin" they wouldn't need to do so.
Kek at this based redditor spittin' the straight facts, high five

No. 1913464

File: 1697289082493.png (3.87 MB, 2066x1976, thatharlotcharlotte.png)

I recognize him from reddit. That's his wife of 13+ years. Not sure if she's a TIF or just gets a kick out of the role reversal.

No. 1913470

They have zero sense about how to dress. Somebody tell this faggot that short legs don't wear long dresses, and hulking skunkape legs don't wear short dresses.

"Duh duh duh I wanna wear da short dresses tho bc am womanz" like they're too autistic to look any deeper than the basic anime and porn depictions of female fashion.

No. 1913474

Why did Davie504 troon out?

No. 1913483

maybe it's just because she is standing besides the hulking TiM but I think she looks kinda cute in the long dress

No. 1913485

I was just admiring the woman's witchy outfit, even though she is standing with a creepy misogynist, and now I want to caption this photo 'Witch vs Patriarchy'

No. 1913489

Ithink it's more that the vast majority of people desire stability - nobody except a small portion of natural radicals wants to live in a state of perpetual upheaval and violent revolution.
Any revolutionary leader should be prepared that at some point the masses will want to cash in their wins and cut their losses in order to live peaceful lives, and if the communists proper can't make that transition to stability, they'll rally behind whatever power will make it happen, whether thats reactionary counter-revolutionaries or some red-painted tyrant from within the party.

No. 1913490

File: 1697293905927.jpg (583.55 KB, 1080x2200, Screenshot_20231014_093143_Sam…)

Shit, I should've worded that better bc I wasn't referring to her, she cute af.

Picrel is an example of how women don't just go "I like the idea of this style so I'm gonna wear it without even considering how I look" the way troons do

No. 1913493

i was literally thinking how the tranny has such a loud garish dress and hair and makeup all screaming for attention and yet the woman is wearing a simple black dress and witch hat and looks a million times better than her boyfriend lol

No. 1913495

Moids are so beyond repair. They really think women would come up with any of this kind of shit. It’s always projection. Like other anons said, all we want is to be left the fuck alone.

No. 1913496

File: 1697295155935.jpg (209.22 KB, 1079x1366, F8Zj4MeXgAAOj4P.jpg)

Work alittle harder

No. 1913497

It’s extremely rare for any woman let alone a terf to get pleasure out of beating, torturing or mutilating anyone. Violence and sadism are primarily male traits. If they want to make their creepy little coomer fanfic more realistic they should call it “moidcon” kek

No. 1913503

Maybe he should get a job so he can stop wasting materials.

No. 1913506

Nature really hasn't done that ugly moid any favors. Tragic

No. 1913515

The outrage on twitter was hilarious, ngl. Honestly this was expected from the get go for Dylan to win lol

No. 1913516

Another factor is how frequently these radicals (often from the upper class) misunderstand human nature. There were many Bolsheviks ahead of Stalin, but they lacked charisma and didn't comprehend how people, especially the peasants, thought. When Lenin passed away, Stalin seized the opportunity to organize his funeral. The other Bolsheviks didn't think much of it, but that's where he gained power. In front of tens of millions of people, he had Lenin enshrined in a tomb, delivered a stirring declaration to him, and declared himself the leader. This is how he came to power, and then he simply ordered the arrest of the other Bolshevik leaders who were ahead of him on false charges.

No. 1913518

Knew a male friend whose eldest brother was a troon of 11 years, and has a history of sexually assaulting (child-on-child) the male friend. He was traumatized, and knew the brother would commit rape by deception with the rotpocket surgery. Fairly recently his baby relative visited the family, and the troon brother seem to want to stealth/cover up in the presence of the kids and baby that he is a tranny or a man. Going stealth in the workplace is everywhere on the internet but there is yet to find similar stories of going stealth in front of younger relatives or newborn siblings.

Sage for blog but its something food for thought.

No. 1913519

To add, he (the male friend) told me that his eldest brother wanted him not to divulge that he is a troon in hopes the baby and kids would perceive him as an "aunt", and now is re-traumatized by his brother. I decided to post this here bc its quite sad for the children involved.

No. 1913523

Why is he being allowed around new children, despite having a history of sexually abusing relatives? Why do families not disown creatures like this under any circumstances? People are so retarded.

No. 1913526

The family dishonored the troon just being a disgraceful eldest child and it probably stops there. Its because he forces himself on them, wanting the kids to see him as a "ciswoman" because its the same basis as rape by deception.

No. 1913533

File: 1697303728743.png (2.75 MB, 2048x1536, langford.png)

laughing at this new WaPo puff piece about the troon (remember "Artemis"?) who joined the Kappa sorority at Wyoming uni. pure gaslighting: https://archive.ph/wZFAh

>autism diagnosis

>compares a horrific homophobic attack from 25 years ago where a man was KILLED for being gay, to him being bullied by women who don't believe he is a woman
>sorority sisters framed as mean girls bullying a poor victimised twans wummin who is only 6ft and 250 lbs uwu
>dismisses the women's discomfort as bigotry

No. 1913536

it changes the skeleton through osteoporosis

No. 1913538

>"no biological advantage, we take estrogen so we're the same as cis women now!!! you can't even tell trans women were born male!! some cis women pass worse than us!!!!"
meanwhile they always look like picrel next to real women

No. 1913543

The only "murdered for being gay" story this dude has to worry about is this one. You keep forcing yourself where you're not wanted, someone will push back.

No. 1913548

File: 1697306249434.jpg (301 KB, 1080x910, Screenshot_20231014_194825_Chr…)

No. 1913553

File: 1697306781974.jpg (258.46 KB, 1080x745, Screenshot_20231014_200059_Chr…)

The fact that a judge refused to rule "what is a woman" just shows how far down the hole we are.
Also, poor 200 lbs frail little "wimin" being bumped into. What is the police doing.

No. 1913555

samefag and a bit ot but i searched reddit for this guys name to see if troons were defending him. they were not, because he doesn't make them look good, i suppose. but what i noticed was that there are a lot of male-dominated subreddits (i know that's an oxymoron, but the kind that are dedicated to shock jocks) are allowed to take the piss out of trannies, including langford, and say actually offensive shit, and not be banned. but a feminist subreddit so much as uses the wrong pronoun or question the sexism involved, they get harassed and taken down. maybe we should invent an AI shock jock and create a subreddit that pretends to be centered around him, as a way to avoid reddit bans.

No. 1913557

kek who is gonna bump into him? you'd dislocate a shoulder. the narcissism of all this victimisation. not once in the piece does he stop to reflect on how HE might be making OTHER people feel. i know a lot (not all) of autistic people are like this but it's not something that should be affirmed/encouraged ffs.

No. 1913559

File: 1697308276793.jpg (1.08 MB, 749x765, tKoHAaX.jpg)

So many signs of maleness but I think my favourite is the hat that is too small for his massive male skull.


No. 1913562

This is exactly why they only pull this shit on women, they know what happens when they do it to men.

Got in a retarded argument w my Nigel about how trans murders are homophobic crimes committed by toxic machismo Latin American dudes hiring a tim prostitute and not being able to deal w post-nut clarity. That's why they have so much overkill. But my Nigel couldn't wrap his mind around that bc gosh, tims are women y'know

No. 1913563

We're still repeating the lie that Matthew Shepard was murdered for being gay?

He was a meth dealer and killed in a drug deal gone wrong.

If I remember correctly, one of his killers was a homo too.

Facts don't matter though.

No. 1913564

File: 1697310037097.png (168.15 KB, 292x318, langford-is-alleged.png)

Such a regular girly gurl

No. 1913567

Those girls look like the stereotypical basic white girls who freak out about Taylor swift, pumpkin spice, try to be nice to everyone (but can be huge bitches), are like 5’6 max and have names like “madisyn”… then there’s that…. Did he ever say why he wanted to be in a sorority so bad? Other than to be a creep?
>>1913553 glares he deserves tho so…

No. 1913571

I cannot imagine how much these girls loathe having this hulking incel in their private space. Imagine how he prob like, goes thru their things when they aren’t around. God knows what kind of nasty shit he prob does. Just LOOK at him.

No. 1913573

Why are you still dating this moid? Men who advocate for TIMs are all degenerates. You're making a huge gamble by staying with him.

No. 1913574

File: 1697312135236.png (234.95 KB, 595x621, Screenshot 2023-10-14 3.31.41 …)

yeah… i think she knows women typically sit to pee. she wants tims to see it.

No. 1913575

Are you telling me that the dude in the orange shirt is clearly a man? No way, I wouldn’t have noticed, he clearly looks like the girls!

No. 1913580

What was the point of your presumptuous tirade against the actual women in this situation? Being a conformist normie may be embarrassing, but it's not a moral failing. They're still women who deserve the right to female-only spaces.

No. 1913586

Men can sit to pee, but it would probably be more difficult to do so if they have an erection. If they have a flaccid micropenis it might actually be easier to sit and pee than stand and pee, but a man with a tiny dick and erectile dysfunction still isn't a woman. That being said, I don't think AGPs really care about either practicality or hygiene.

No. 1913590

Wasn’t the SuperStraight sub initially started by and for straight guys who were grossed out by troons? That took a little while to get banned, but by that point it had attracted a lot of gc women so maybe that’s what signed its death warrant. I guess for a successful cover all female users would need to maintain accounts that look like they belong to men.

Male socialisation and autism is a terrible combination. Add that he’s physically huge and identified into the priest class and this guy must be a nightmare to interact with. Autistic women don’t get the same grace, naturally. We’re supposed to bend over backwards to make these guys feel better about themselves because “you should know better than anyone what it’s like to feel excluded!”. And most of my negative experiences with autistic men took place before 90% of them coomed themselves into thinking they could be their own girlfriend. Bleak.

No. 1913594

dude looks like the great pumpkin

No. 1913608

I'm sorry that a short sorority girl rejected you nonnie…but it's okay to like popular things. Some people might contend that things like Taylor Swift and pumpkin spice become popular because they're good…and these women still have a right to have a space free from moids

No. 1913615

>What was the point of your presumptuous tirade against the actual women in this situation?
clearly just bitter imo

No. 1913623

File: 1697321860073.jpg (68.93 KB, 607x832, mememe.jpg)

i swear to god there is no end to this narcissism. how up your own ass do you have to be to make this conflict about yourself? it's like nobody can have problems in the world without TRAs trying to bandwagon onto the tragedy and get sympathy as a result.

i would also love to see these kinds of people claim not being able to get hormones is 'trans genocide' and 'denying my gender is violence' when ACTUAL genocide and ACTUAL violence is on the table. I'm disgusted.

No. 1913625

File: 1697322022762.jpeg (150.26 KB, 1080x900, A4360ABA-2669-4A61-8A3F-A4DA34…)

There is literally nothing they won't make about themselves. And then tell us about.

No. 1913629

ntayrt but it's exactly what >>1913093 is referring to. He thinks joining a sorority means he's going to be introduced to a 'girl's club' where we all prance around in our underwear and invite him to sexy pillow fights. and yeah you came across as extremely nasty and resentful by snarking about 'basic white girls/huge bitches/heights & names' instead of just recognizing them as PEOPLE who have had their privacy invaded and the rules of their organization disregarded in exchange for elevating one pervert's emotional well-being.

No. 1913630

my bad, 'you' should be referring to >>1913567

No. 1913631

those feet kek

No. 1913632

You know he got off on having a puff piece made about him. Tired of these men getting 15 minutes of fame for nasty predatory creeps. Absolutely revolting.

No. 1913633

File: 1697323215127.jpg (595.32 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230930_032211_Ins…)

Saw a post on Instagram about JVN being on some podcast a few weeks ago, decided to take some screenshots of the comments

No. 1913634

File: 1697323251258.jpg (558.48 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230930_032438_Ins…)

No. 1913635

kek is that furry art on his door? they’re so hopelessly autistic..

No. 1913636

it's extremely telling that comments are turned off on this article.

he didn't even meet the GPA requirements. that alone should have disqualified him from being part of the sorority. the fact they overlooked that to coddle him is just more evidence of how women's organizations are being steamrolled by the 'trans rights' movement which will literally bully them into oblivion if you don't cave and give them what they want.

No. 1913638

File: 1697323380888.jpg (465.91 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230930_032449_Ins…)

No. 1913639


play stupid games (gender > sex) win stupid prizes. Anita B. organizations's twitter account? deactivated. all because they simply asked cis men to stop lying about their gender in order to hog the job fair that was intended for WOMEN.(this is an image board. post caps)

No. 1913641

File: 1697323488606.jpg (436.49 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230930_032533_Ins…)

No. 1913642

File: 1697323537714.jpg (385.23 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20231008_221114_Ins…)

that's all I got, extra unrelated screenshot at the end for some sanity

No. 1913643

File: 1697323928464.png (185.09 KB, 799x550, segev.png)

holy shit. this is insufferable.
see picrel. why are these the only two articles he has published in the past 5 years? i hate when people make everything about their own pet projects and how it affects them personally… if he has really been on this anti-zionist train for the past 5 years, then he would have boycotted the medication ages ago. absolutely pathetic.

No. 1913647

i included that picture in the hopes someone would know what the fuck that art was meant to be. whatever it is, it certainly seems to be playing into his persecution fetish, with it it's uwu expression

No. 1913650

File: 1697324256519.jpg (171.78 KB, 1080x891, F8bW0cJWgAEc8cz.jpg)

Company dodged a huge bullet there

No. 1913651

>I needed help to heal, and sensed that growing a rounder, more tender body would help me connect with the justice-loving feminine child inside of me, and that having such a body would help me grow from that soft place.


i just want to scream at them that their personality is not their body. it's fine to have 'feminine' interests as a man. it's not psychologically sound to fetishize the body of the opposite gender so much that you want to inhabit it yourself like buffalo bill. this dude needs therapy, not hormones.

> “Excuse me,” I said when I went back to my pharmacist. “This estrogen is produced by an Israeli company, and I am a supporter of BDS. Could I please have a prescription from a different manufacturer?”

imagine the entitlement of getting a 'necessary, life-saving medication' and then deciding it's not good enough because the company that makes it doesn't agree with your political leanings.

No. 1913654

very unnerving photo, he looks like he is about to break J.K. Rowlings ankles and force her to rewrite harry potter with more trans representation. creepy fucker

No. 1913656

it wouldn't matter to them even if JK Rowling included a fully trans 'heroine' in her next book. They are so intent on being victimized that they are willing to ignore basic facts. Like, the HP game got boycotted despite including a fully trans character in a supporting role. that still wasn't good enough for them because they hate the author of the IP so much.

No. 1913657

Restrain me

No. 1913659

File: 1697325405165.png (185.52 KB, 364x427, ita.png)

I looked up this author, Ita Segev and he is so sinister. he tries to cloak his misogyny and fetish in poetic, artistic language cos he's different from all the other perverts, you see. (wealthy art school kid/performance artist). picrel is him bragging about using women's spaces.

No. 1913662

Anon, learn to crop. You're doxxing yourself

No. 1913676

>took a little while to get banned
It got banned after like 2 weeks. They had the audacity to raise 1000's for one of the women's shelters that lost their funding for being "transphobic". So they had to go.

No. 1913683

…Hoping the male in your profile picture is not you

No. 1913711

File: 1697337374582.png (1.29 MB, 920x920, Screenshot 2023-10-14 at 20-35…)

>through the momentary stealth looking-glass

yeah, ita's real stealthy. the absolute delusion-land these people live in…

No. 1913713

File: 1697337489007.jpg (626.54 KB, 2000x2738, kan-1.jpg)

looks like they got nose surgery but still all i can see is napoleon dynamite in a slip dress

No. 1913718

Butterflies are attracted to the scent of decomposition. Maybe they're looking for the rot pocket

No. 1913732

No. 1913738

this is a great idea but unfortunately I think the poor cleaning ladies are going to be forced to take these off with their shitty schedules and minimal cleaning supplies. But honestly I think this would be great for gay bars allowing trannies to take over women's nights cause the owners will have to remove it and see people aren't happy
maybe hsts and those living the larp are more likely to sit like women as opposed to the kind that gets a kick out of being men dressed as women who just stand normally. they even brag about that shit
It initially started as a tiktok hashtag by this straight dude and the poor dude was doxxed pretty quick with the sub that started based on the movement coming down at around the same time. he might have been involved in the sub too but he started on tiktok
considering msm in america and england supports israel i almost wonder if the reason only tranny articles in support of palestine are going up is cause they're all narcisistic piles of shit focusing on themselves instead of people worrying about the children and women there thus not adding nuance to the conversation anyways so no danger

No. 1913740

Troons love children for all sorts of reasons, including fooling them. This one is probably a rapist-by-deception in the making.
I know of memes troons made about fooling their senile grandparents or parents suffering from dementia that the gender they try to pass as is their real gender, on tiktok and other platforms.

No. 1913744

It never began. The agp closet was transparent.

No. 1913756

File: 1697344639153.jpg (385.45 KB, 810x1991, Screenshot_20231015-001625_Chr…)

More oppressed than actual gay people!

No. 1913764

File: 1697345630500.jpg (1.7 MB, 810x6111, Screenshot_20230923-024953_Chr…)

In case anyone is curious as to what v-coding is, I'll let the testerics from r/traa explain:

No. 1913771

File: 1697347124160.jpeg (41.72 KB, 894x530, IMG_1956.jpeg)

What is it about the male form that is so beastly and hideous. When a male wears women’s clothing, it high lights how fucking ugly they are and makes me question if they are even human. These men look jarring, disgusting, unnatural, and terrifying. But when a women wears men’s clothing, she still looks feminine, non threatening and graceful.

No. 1913773

Take them please!!

No. 1913782

oh jesus, thank you for the heads-up, i'll make sure to crop next time lol
and no that's just a throwaway account hehe

No. 1913784

They were trying to pander so hard with Sirona. He’s written as this sassy badass barkeep who takes no shit and everyone who talks about him gushes about how great and wonderful “she” is, which isn’t done for any other character. It’s really obnoxious. They also let you make male characters who get to use the girls’ dormitory and bathrooms but afaik there are never any NPCs in there, let alone using the facilities, so I’m sure that was a huge disappointment to any TIMs playing the game.
I’m so annoyed with the developers for this shit. Like they were obviously trying to placate the TRA mob but it didn’t make a bit of difference, which they should’ve known would happen if they had paid any attention to what happened with JKR. She started out very sweet and understanding and even says in her essay that she knows and loves trans people. They still bombard her with death and rape threats. Likewise the inclusion of Sirona didn’t stop any TRAs from calling the game a genocide simulator or sending death and rape threats to women who play it. They should’ve realised that TRAs were never going to accept this game and just ignored them.

No. 1913792

FiLiA is a women's rights conference discussing abuses like female genital mutilation, forced pregnancy and abortion, sex trafficking, and many other horrors faced by women globally. As this doesn't centre extra special men, TRAs pressured the venue into cancelling the reservation, but FiLiA's legal reps said they would sue (rightfully), and the conference went ahead. There have been rumours that JKR would be attending so troons are out for blood. I cannot stress enough how anti-women the Scottish National Party are and how they now care more about perverts' feelings than independence, but a surprising thing happened. First Minister Humza Yousaf condemned the protest. This was probably accidental and he didn't realize he was criticizing the sacred troons. The wikipedia article has been completely vandalised to look like an anti-trans organization so he'll be walking back his statement as soon as his aides show it to him: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FiLiA

No. 1913795

Gay and effeminate men are typically subjected to more sexual and physical violence in men's prisons than heterosexual and gender-conforming men, too. We don't let them into women's prisons because they're not women. A male will never be female, no matter how victimized he is by other men. It's not women's responsibility to solve men's intra class struggles, and implying that it is or that it should be contributes to female oppression and male privilege.
Not that I believe that the largely straight, white, upper-middle class men writing about this are actually concerned about going to prison, anyway. The eager and cavalier way they write about their supposed "real fears of oppression" reminds me more of something like >>1913334 rather than something someone with actual fears of oppression or abuse would say, even as a dark joke.

No. 1913806

I'm sorry, but as grim as american prisons probably are, this sounds way too much like some degenerate troons sissyfication fanfic. I cba to look up the supposed study to verify but I would be very surprised if even a quarter of this is actually true.

No. 1913812

It’s tranfiction. Men who are determined to be too vulnerable for gen pop (because they’re very effeminate, disabled or pedophiles) are moved to special protective wings. Some effeminate gay men (or AGP pseudobisexuals like Richard Speck) request to stay in gen pop because they enjoy the perks of being desired and having boyfriends. That doesn’t mean prison rape doesn’t happen of course, but it’s not as simple as this guy is making it out to be.

No. 1913824

Aw man, you ever see the video of Richard Speck doing coke off a black dude's dick? He's topless w his disgusting estro moobs out the entire time, talking about how much he loves getting railed by black dick, while he's telling these other prisoners about how he killed all those nurses. It was another one of those serial killers that cops gave crazy privileges to bc it was the early days of profiling.

No. 1913831

>And you think that's entirely based on gender?
No, it's entirely based on sex, you blithering idiot.

The only thing 'metal' about a mixed sex Olympics would be the constant serious injuries incurred by female competitors.

No. 1913838


Choose what tho? Like do they really think tweeting about Israel/Palestine is some kind of political action? Like bro is writing as if he's actually physically involved in some way but it's all a daydream bc he's just writing articles about dumb shit and pretending it's praxis all while getting his wrong-hormone therapy from the same pharmacy as usual but maybe whining about it. STFU, useless failed man.

No. 1913839


Nonni, if your man can't tell the difference between men and women in a private conversation between the two of you (I understand some people are worried about how being publicly sane would affect their jobs and stuff), lose him. You're out of his league and deserve better than a delusional troonlover.

No. 1913852

if he's prettier then why does he hide his face?

No. 1913859

I took a look at it, it's not even a study, it's from a 2018 issue of the Indiana Journal of Law and Social Equality and it's an account of a testimony. It just seems reworded to make it sound extremely dramatic and like a sort of genocidal procedure with a codified name, when violence and rape against gay/feminine prison inmates has always been systematic and casual. I don't know why they act like prison bitches are new.

No. 1913870

File: 1697376854948.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1082x1844, 04B55DFC-A142-4669-A99C-A71D88…)

No. 1913875

I want to vomit. You just know he constantly jerks off and prob has stolen underwear. The fact he asked them about how their vaginas look is so vile and foul. His little smirk says it all, he made it into the hen house and nobody is getting him out. Those poor girls. I hope something bad happens to the fat tranny or his muh mental health struggles are just too much and he’s forced to drop out of school. I can’t imagine how helpless the girls feel having to share a house with that.

No. 1913877

Imagine having this fat sexual predator living in your dorms. Yuck. Hope he dies of sleep apnea.

No. 1913881

His smug expression makes me want to alog so hard

No. 1913885

File: 1697378893452.mp4 (3.67 MB, 480x846, artie.mp4)

Of course he is into politics too, wouldn't you know.
Vidrel: He received a standing ovation from lawmakers in the state House of Representatives in 2020 after being introduced as a page. The Albany County Democratic Party elected Langford as its state "committeewoman" in March.

Note the heavy mouth breathing kek

No. 1913887

He is REPULSIVE. Also notice him not wearing any kind of bra so his nasty moobs are visible. He looks especially male. The little head nod he did makes me want to deck him. You’re not a woman reeeeee he’s LOVING his life the only thing he’s upset about is that no girl wants to be preyed upon by him.

No. 1913890

the moobs are horrifying. and this is such a stark contrast to the WaPo piece where he is framed as a shy, "socially awkward" lil autistic twans girl who just wants to fit in. here he is being quite clearly seeking out political leadership roles and doesn't mind setting people in their place, as the speaker says. he knows exactly how to spin this and gaslight those women.

No. 1913894

Brilliant way to avoid trans people, act like a confused normie to misgender them and the troon in question won't want to work there anymore

No. 1913902

I hate this fat piece of shit predator so much and I fucking hate that he's still getting fluff pieces written about how stunning and brave he is when he stalked women at his own damn sorority house (where he didn't even live)
This is one I'm really holding out for to 41%. Like do us all a favor bro

No. 1913906

>has three young sisters
Oh my God, keep them safe from him

No. 1913910

File: 1697382647926.jpg (349.61 KB, 1080x1250, Screenshot_20231015_170743_Chr…)

Based Costa kek

No. 1913920

Kek Costa are trying not to end up with staff like Starbucks'

No. 1913930

Don’t all job applications do this? They need your legal name and for you to indicate any name changes to run background checks lol not everything is an attack

No. 1913933

They need the same name as is on the right to work documents (to legally work in the UK). Lol at them asking if it's legal to ask that… that's the fucking point you idiot!!

No. 1913956

suggesting setting fire to law schools and lawyers even as a joke is beyond retarded and shows how little some trannies know about the world around them, you don’t even need to go to college to know lawyers aren’t responsible for how prisons are run?

No. 1913974

File: 1697390449718.jpg (65.73 KB, 1080x645, F8fxQfTW8AA6LM4.jpg)

God theyre disgusting, just fucking clean yourself its not that hard

No. 1913975

File: 1697390719474.jpeg (29.19 KB, 480x360, IMG_6099.jpeg)

Why why why are men and especially trannies so absolutely hygiene challenged I’m gonna hurl, I’m gonna blow chunks—

No. 1913981

I have no idea what this moid is even asking or what advice he even wants. The obvious answer is take a shower and use soap but he probably doesn't want to hear that. Genuine question, is he sticking his balls in his ass or something to tuck? And wtf is being intimate while tucking? Im going to throw up trying to decipher this.

No. 1913997

I think he’s putting his dick into his own asshole and is taking it out to use the bathroom while out and about. That’s how this post reads and with the state of troon hygiene…

No. 1914009

Most of them voted the troon in. There were 40 members and only 7 opposed him joining.

No. 1914012

definitely many of them are handmaidens calling those who spoke out transphobic. but also a lot of intimidation and silencing.
>the online ballot asked members to identify themselves with their emails, which intimidated women who felt uncomfortable with a male joining the sorority.

No. 1914013

I'm so sure that absolutely no social coercion was involved in that process, and that none of those girls regret their choice in the slightest.

No. 1914015

Welp, a lot of us were handmaidens before we peaked. Can't blame them for not knowing any better. At least now they will know.

No. 1914016

File: 1697398309049.jpg (636.41 KB, 1073x1523, Screenshot_20231015_212711_Chr…)

Was this one posted before ?

No. 1914017

File: 1697398352511.jpg (474.66 KB, 1080x1537, Screenshot_20231015_212733_Chr…)

The troon…sorry, brave pretty wimin :

No. 1914018

File: 1697398383597.jpg (484.9 KB, 1080x1634, Screenshot_20231015_212940_Chr…)

And him at the trial

No. 1914020

File: 1697398867958.jpeg (69.84 KB, 1080x744, received_678471727581807.jpeg)

I found his profile and it gets worse kek. There is a very unfortunate woman out there who has to deal with her husband keeping his own genitals in his unwashed asscrack all day before trying to have sissy roleplay sex with her on top of secretly taking estrogen behind her back.

No. 1914021

File: 1697398927924.jpg (284.12 KB, 1080x844, Screenshot_20231015_214131_Chr…)

It gets far worse when you dig deeper in the article

No. 1914024

Omg this is horrifying…so he puts his dick there and then have sex with his wife ? I'm gonna puke. Fucking hell, why are they so vile.

No. 1914026

This doesn't sound like something that would ever happen to your typical affluent white AGP. This is yet again extremely privileged straight men hiding behind the oppression of poor effeminate gay men and then holding women responsible for the actions of men. Women are not shields to protect underprivileged men from other men. Prison rape is fucking horrible no matter who it happens to, but they can just isolate the prisoners at risk of sexual assault from the dangerous men. They don't need to be placed with women and that will only increase the risk of more sexual violence but this time against women. God AGPs are so manipulative. They have the HSTS as their main representation in the media to look squeaky clean because at least most HSTS know how to act good while the cameras are rolling, then when the HSTS get murdered because of homophobia and male violence the AGPs use those statistics for publicity. AGPs are like parasites on HSTS and they actively rely on HSTS for their publicity, but even moreso, AGPs rely on HSTS and abused male children being victimized and tortured by violent men in order to keep their narrative. As much as I hate HSTS I still find it sickening how the straight troons treat them. It's literally just the male hierarchy all over again- the masculine heterosexual rich white men at the very top and the poor gay and effeminate men at the bottom.

No. 1914032

He claims the "female" him didn't do it, but the male one "might have done it". Quotes include:
>"Douglas didn't stop, Donna stopped it."
>"I'm not going to admit I killed anybody, I didn't. Donna has killed nobody."
>"I don't know if Doug did it or not, it was 20 years ago and I have no idea whether he did it or did not."
>"I can imagine that there was also a little bit of jealousy."
>"He picked some attractive victims, perhaps more attractive than he could ever plan to be as Donna and he felt that they were squandering this beauty by giving sex to other men who didn't necessarily have the purpose that he had. He was mission oriented."
He apparently owned 49 guns and 20k rounds of ammunition, and allegedly told a cell mate that he killed nine prostitutes.

No. 1914036

I would love to sell sugar pills to these retards. They talk about HRT the way kids act when you pretend to give them alcohol or edibles.

No. 1914037

That anon. I think that came off as wrong phrasing wise (kek tho. Deserved it) Nothing wrong with liking those things but he just looks so out of place. Did he really think he would mesh, get to be a perv surrounded by girls all the time and get away with it? He sticks out like a sore thumb. Everyone knows why he’s there. I am still in awe this even happened I guess

No. 1914047

File: 1697401429886.jpg (422.41 KB, 1440x868, Screenshot_20231015-162250_Pix…)

ethel cain briefly losing his uwu fragile coquette mask on tumblr over the most milquetoast critique. he deleted his post (on the right) in less than 2hrs

No. 1914048

>prison rape is horrible no matter who it happens to
Nonna…there are men in prison who 10000% deserve it and worse, not gonna say more and derail but pls

No. 1914050

the use of the word ‘retard’ damn I hope his handmaiden fans on tiktok cancel him for that kek

No. 1914051

File: 1697401804057.jpg (Spoiler Image,67.94 KB, 878x878, mHYNSHU.jpg)

Dylan Mulvaney should play him in eventual Netflix biopic.

No. 1914052

Kek full mask off. Where is he even getting the weird like pedoshit he just spewed. The “coarse hair around your pussy and asshole/you’re a BEAST” is SO MISOGYNISTIC LMAO. Like tell me you’re a super assblasted male even more. God he’s a troon I’d love to punch in the dick.

No. 1914057

Bless you anon. I lost the cap of his post. What the hell is this dude talking about anyway? Where did this even come from? radishgirl doesn’t post that sort of shit

No. 1914059

man who writes pedophilic songs think grown women with body hair are beasts, more news at 11

he really tells on himself that his ideal view of womanhood is 12 yeard olds getting raped

No. 1914064

Another hsts that also has the same agp pedo view of women.

No. 1914066

but it never happens …

No. 1914070

he's so gross, literally only him and his fellow trannoids think women=object of consumption to men. the ''he's not gonna fuck u'' out of nowhere at the end is just the cherry on top on the shit cake of misogyny

No. 1914071

File: 1697403545450.jpg (710.92 KB, 1079x1874, Screenshot_20231015_225555_Chr…)

Talking of…found this one this morning. Not related to Cain but birds of a feather…and of course the trannies will defend the degenerate.

No. 1914073

What on earth, nobody even brought up "12 year old anime girls", he's projecting big time.

No. 1914077

File: 1697404316704.jpg (137.02 KB, 769x882, first_neanderthal_heroin_addic…)

I hate this guy lol. Coquette catholic for teenage girls is pathetic all on its own, but imitating it as a scrote is so gross and cringeworthy. How he calls himself God's favorite with this face baffles the mind.

No. 1914088

Truly. He is SO ugly and so masculine kek he looks like my middle aged neighbor. I think it’s very telling that he just seems to be larping as a JT Leroy book character or something. I hate the fact he goes by “mother” in his handles too tbh. YWNBAMother, “Ethel”

No. 1914091

File: 1697405106581.jpg (235.25 KB, 1080x956, Screenshot_20231015_222315_Tum…)

Someone's fragile ego was hurt

No. 1914092

Blah blah bitchy gay man speech blah blah. I can’t wait til he hits his late 20s and starts getting even uglier and maybe fat unless he goes full anakun to try and stave off twink death kek

No. 1914093

Oh he hates nymphets now? Lol someone should tell his entire fanbase, as well as the basis of his hack career.

No. 1914094

He hates nymphets because he can never be one, only a pathetic bony man playing pretend.

No. 1914096

Twink death hitting like a semi kek.

No. 1914098

Kek he reads lolcow. Clearly hits a nerve to know he's an ugly dude larping and making shit music

No. 1914099

male fragile ego

No. 1914100

I will suppress the urge to say hi cow but good to know he reads here!
>>1914077 tbh he looks like a lot of the redneck guys I went to high school with. Cut off the hair. He dresses the same and is just as misogynistic as them. Speaking of that: is he actually from Alabama? I thought he was a nepo baby?

No. 1914102

File: 1697406212211.png (277.16 KB, 1757x865, Troon_Reddit.png)

Of course troon has to announce it to everybody that he's a troon. Can't just ask how to change a pokémon's trainer name. Nope. Immediately set out with the attention seeking deadname nonsense and just had to announce the toonery in search of validation. They make up the most ridiculous reasons in order to seek out validation in different communities. Dumb shit could have googled the answer.

No. 1914103

>man realizing he isn't one of the girls.
>reads lc.
KEK. Hi Mr Cain!

No. 1914104

File: 1697406719935.jpeg (144.77 KB, 635x784, E0672178-5D80-47DF-B845-572C66…)

Tik tok stop recommending me tranny streams please

Kek absolutely malding

No. 1914106

Squirt is piss, lmao(derailing)

No. 1914108

thank u for the schadenfreude nonnie. this guy is so fucking creepy. i saw him getting called out but knowing he saw it and it has wound him up so much is excellent kek

No. 1914109

He's so fucking ugly, it's actually outrageous. He used to be a cute guy, the tradcath nymphette larp does nothing for him and his music sucks ass. I'm glad he reads there tho ♥

No. 1914111

But no matter who the post is 'geared at' (retard) you're still malding at actual women. Faggy freak, it's always good that they basically have flashing neon phrenology saying "SEX PREDATOR" though. >>1914077 Monstrum in fronte monstrum in animo in full effect.

No. 1914113

Kek right how much you wanna bet he’s posted here/tried to larp and/or derail threads with horrible takes

No. 1914116

he looks like randy stair

No. 1914117

I wonder if that moid is the retard that’s always derailing every thread with aggressive comments and CP like how the usual moid does whenever he sees something he doesn’t like.

No. 1914119

Noticed an influx of weird tranny/ low-effort posts spamming in /snow, might have been him

No. 1914121

>psych ward regulars
As always, men projecting.

No. 1914123

gay male speak + even the most disgusting woman is still more feminine than you and your stinking dick. and we can tell that the part about getting fucked by an old man is pure projection, macon.

No. 1914124

In what godforsaken world is a mild critique from some random woman "punching down" when this idiot is touring with Swift? He must search his mentions to have even found this post. Are your thousands in handmaiden pitybucks not enough to elevate you from a poor oppressed minority, you pornrotted woman-hating rich white man? Disgusting.

No. 1914125

he's been reading here and malding for quite some time now >>1649457, rent free etc

No. 1914129

File: 1697411428185.jpg (78.57 KB, 1080x679, F8fmL98XkAAqjSD.jpg)

Reddit moment, look at how well this "joke" was taken in by the trans echo chamber

No. 1914131

>oldest of 5
>3 younger sisters
>1 younger brother
those poor kids

No. 1914133


No. 1914134

christ. i looked up the user who posted it and was not surprised to see:
>gun nut
>loves anime
>twox and witchesvspatriarchy poster
>autism implied
every time.

No. 1914136

just 1 to hold the bulb in and the world revolves around him

No. 1914138

I would think they’d get placed with incredibly violent moids because troons are more likely to commit crimes like sexual violence, or some form of child abuse (CSA/grooming) etc so the prisoners could get vigilante justice or something.
None of this seems true and it feels more trannies giving themselves a fake problem to continue their victim larp.

No. 1914141

he's as ugly on the inside as he is on the outside, taking his male rage and shortcomings out on women since he realizes he'll never amount to anything. he's always going to be seen as a creepy hideous insufferable failson and he knows it

No. 1914142

Whats with TIMs and their proximity with kids/younger ones? Eldest TIMs are unironically giving off this vibe

No. 1914150

good one, i was going to go with we don't know because they keep hanging themselves on the pull string.

No. 1914155

He cares so much about sex as the end goal, like women can't get easy, worthless sex. He's projecting his male sexuality onto women.

No. 1914158

Oh my god, anon he does… I never saw it until now and now I am kinda creeped out

No. 1914160

um TIMs are men and who gives a fuck whether they're feminine or not, still not women.

No. 1914161

Kek, more feminine how? Post examples, no photoshop, no angles, of a very feminine TiM and a regular man.

No. 1914163

did you mean to say more masculine? most tims are more masculine than their peers, and just by the sheer act of attempting to steal womanhood they exhibit such male entitlement that it outclasses most other men in what they think women owe them
TIMs, by trying to be women, ironically are just highlighting how male they really are

No. 1914165

He(probably he) doesn't know about 'transmaxxing' by some incels

No. 1914169

I’m gonna have to disagree with you there, Hayden. If anything, your caricature of feminist only serves to highlight how grotesquely male you are in its mockery of natural woman.

Anyone got that pic of these unwanted moid sitting wit his filthy feet out in run down shack surrounded by guns? SeW feminine.

Got a funny story about the faggot trying to fuck my friend at a party when he still lived in Tallahassee and he his two takeaways were that his music sucks and he smelled like shit

No. 1914173

He came off as a Weyes Blood or Florence Welch wannabe to me but all two minutes browsing on his tumblr and it’s filled with pics of him doing anime girl sitting poses, cheerleader outfits and rolling around naked on the ground. OFC this cumbrain thinks calling women coarse and hairy is a gotcha

No. 1914179

OT but is the faggot in question a tim?

No. 1914190

File: 1697421933626.jpg (228.46 KB, 1077x961, Screenshot_20231015_220419_Tum…)

Tumblr tranny retardation

No. 1914191

The faggot Tim here being Hayden, my friend he tried to fuck is just some normal dude

No. 1914192

File: 1697421988989.jpg (858.04 KB, 2048x2731, Tumblr_l_6686127664523.jpg)

Fat tran who said this

No. 1914193

ngl this post is very normal and mild and pleasant. i gotta call it like i see it this is fine

No. 1914196

>hey can you dance around reality for me I'm disgusted by the way you have sex even though I'm reading your fiction about sex

No. 1914212

kek at him imitating female typing styles, I’m sure he supports lesbians making horny posts under the #wlw about how much they love vagina then

No. 1914217

He probably followed the recent waves of tumblr girls here which makes the freak out over it funnier
Forever following #justtumblrthings made by actual women and girls wishing he could fuck them and trying to be them instead cause he's terminally online. Also is this moid connected to ayesha erotic as well or is it just SOPHIE? the agps who jerked it to similar types of girls and make music larping them all start to blur together after a point lmao. granted it's not like i've bothered listening cause why would i follow the copy when real women exist

No. 1914223

That typing style and way of speaking really does feel forced and unnatural in this context. It's like seeing elements of your friend's art style in AI art.

No. 1914226

File: 1697427032005.jpeg (255.9 KB, 1284x988, ethelcain.jpeg)

No. 1914229

File: 1697427372073.png (300.79 KB, 724x1296, image_2023-10-15_233634838.png)

lmao i saw this. here is more context, he also deleted all of his posts related to this.

No. 1914230

Nothing pleasant about a man with dangling cock and balls fetishizing femaleness, wanting to be praised and celebrated like a cocker spaniel because that’s what he sees women as. Go back.

No. 1914238

I hate what Ethel Cane does for handmaidens. I don’t think there’s another troon with the same number of sycophants that go “omg literally me so relatable!!!”. I like Brittany Broski and think she’s funny, but she capes so hard for troons (and gay moids) and had a whole episode of her podcast dedicated to Ethel Cane and it was so annoying.

No. 1914240

>tiktok word censoring
what an odd combination of bannable offences. Truly cannot place the origin of this newfag.

No. 1914241

File: 1697428810309.jpg (272.25 KB, 720x1265, 0sense of self awareness.jpg)

since we're on the topic of cain, Twitter troons are agreeing with him because of course but I can't get over them claim radfems have a pedophilic view of women knowing how they present themselves. ah yes a penis and testes. very normal cis women traits

No. 1914242


what a way of missing the point c0ck worshipping retard(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1914252

from the point of view of someone who doesn't know much about this guy he sounds schizo to me

No. 1914253

Only a moid could post shit like this and still get to tour with Taylor Swift. She got crucified for dating too many guys, could you imagine the media shitstorm if she ever posted anything close to this level of pornrotted insanity? I hope the lack of blowback he gets for this reminds him of how even his diehard fans only see him as a giant drug-addled gay man. Also cope and seethe Mr. Cain, a woman having pubic hair doesn't make you any less of a massive hulking fugly moid.

No. 1914258

>you’d have to accept the traits you’re criticizing on trans women is an also trait of an average cis woman
Y chromosomes, penises, and balls???

No. 1914260

Sorry for the lack of milk but just curious, has any tranny, EVER, been killed by a verified 100% terf, just for being a tranny? Genuinely wondering, because I feel like I would have seen such a thing plastered in the news for weeks on end, at minimum. These faggots will constantly piss their pants and scream over how they're being literally genocided whilst blaming it on ebil terf white womanz (???) even though literally the only people killing them are other men that they've tried to trick into having sex with their fetid neovagina

No. 1914263

Nope! But the reverse has. Anybody remember any of the names associated with that case? The black lesbians and their son who were murdered.

No. 1914264

I don’t think so. It’s hard to find cases of trannies killed by women in general. The only one I can think of is that recent Japan case where a lesbian, with the help of her father and mother, killed a tranny that had deceived and raped her.

No. 1914265

Were they terfs though? I thought they all belonged to the same biker club and they supposedly were friends before the guy went apeshit for no reason

No. 1914266

David Chester Warfield AKA "Dana Rivers" murdered Patricia Wright and Charlotte Reed, a lesbian couple, and their son Benny Toto Diambu-Wright. He tried to burn the house down to hide the evidence. After being convicted he attempted to plead insanity. Thankfully he got life.

No. 1914269

a bit misinfo, wasn't a TiM but a fetish crossdresser. he was only a "woman" when dressing up to take advantage of women but lived his day to day life as a man. piece of shit and death was deserved but he was just a run of the mill CD

No. 1914270

File: 1697431725335.png (49.91 KB, 832x570, clip.png)

Yes iirc you are correct; I haven't seen anything confirming they were actual TERFs. They even trusted him enough to let them into their house, which he then used to murder them. Here is some info from a news article https://afterellen.com/trans-activist-dana-rivers-found-guilty-of-murdering-lesbian-couple-and-their-son/

>The defense argued that a fifth person must have been in the home, helping Rivers with the murders, believing a 61-year-old could not single-handedly commit such a thing. However, prosecutors argued that “Rivers spent weeks gaining Reed’s trust, arranged to spend the night, waited for the victims to fall asleep, then used a gun equipped with a silencer to shoot Reed and Wright in their beds,” according to The Mercury News.

>“They all went to sleep that night expecting to wake up the next day,” Deputy District Attorney Abigail Mulvihill told jurors.

>Prosecutors claim the motive was a disagreement between Reed and Rivers, who are reported to have been on and off-again friends. The feud apparently centered on Reeds’ departure from a defunct “all-women” motorcycle club, “the Deviants.”

>Rivers has a “1 percenter” tattoo, referring to the small percentage of motorcyclists who join gangs. Authorities say Rivers had usurped the role as “enforcer” for an “outlaw motorcycle club,” seeking revenge on Reed for leaving the Deviants.

>Rivers became known in 1999 after being fired from Center High School in Sacramento County, California, for discussing gender self-determination in class with students. Rivers had also been active in “Camp Trans,” a campaign against Michfest, a female-only festival in Michigan that Reed and Wright attended frequently. Rivers’ campaigns against female-only space were not raised in the trial, even though the murders took place within one year of the final festival.

Of fucking course he got fired for trying to groom children into his gender bullshit.

No. 1914271

File: 1697431766424.jpeg (977.35 KB, 1796x2585, IMG_6360.jpeg)

One of my mutuals on ig came out as a TiF while dating a TiM; and what’s even worse is he’s on the women’s roller derby team.
Moids will find any excuse to invade our spaces.

No. 1914274

This is why I don't do derby anymore, it's ABSOLUTELY taken. Fucking heartbreaking, and it's like these fucking handmaidens have a cognitive block keeping them from realizing why they keep getting hurt, having new jammers surpass them, why they're on B team despite trying so hard.

Getting hurt sucks, but it's the pointlesness of it that's heartbreaking. I've been a dumb jock all my life, nothing beats being on a team with other passionate women, but tims came in an WRECKED everything with their hideous male bodies and took the joy out of it. Girls I've known for ages honestly don't understand how they've lost their ability to win bouts.

No. 1914277

File: 1697433121872.jpeg (511.56 KB, 1335x1555, IMG_3252.jpeg)

Every lesbian's dream: dating a man and listening to him reee about his non-uterus-having dysphoria for 9 months.

No. 1914279

thats just what happens when men are left alone with each other. they should leave real women out of it.

No. 1914280

Fucking same Nona. I’ve gotten too old to take a hit and a fall from a man. Can’t even imagine how the girls are doing it now days.my heart breaks for the women growing up to think it’s ok for dudes to bully and take advantage of them out of “acceptance “.

The handmaiden TiF is just as bad also, I don’t see how she could condone this.

No. 1914281

Sorry forgot to sage

No. 1914282

File: 1697434828517.jpg (775.95 KB, 1080x2025, Screenshot_2023-10-16-06-39-29…)

Tf do you mean to stay alive

No. 1914284

Either he thinks that "adult human female" implies…all that, or he's choosing to argue against a pedophilic/misogynistic view of women that he knows RFs don't hold because it's easier than confronting actual RF criticisms of genderism. Neither paints a pretty picture of him.

No. 1914285

Suicide threats.

No. 1914286

I honestly don't really see the difference anymore. He's the same as any AGP that is "boymode" around his family or whatever the fuck.

No. 1914289

there's no difference between TIMs and fetish cross-dressers.

No. 1914313

The fact that they gaslit everyone though suicide baiting is so disgusting and shows how immature they all are. Honestly at this point, prove it. See how many of them actually kill themselves over…. a lack of fucked up hormones that harm their bodies.

>wasn't a TiM but a fetish crossdresser
The amount of time of the day the male is identifying as a woman shouldn't matter. If he identifies as a woman for a fetish he's trans - the trans community itself has decided that's the case, you can see thousands of reddit posts asking if "only feeling like a girl when I have a boner" makes them trans and they all say that yes that means you're a valid transwoman.

No. 1914315

this is fucking mental. The dude basically did everything we know trans activists do - forcing themselves into women spaces, campaigning against women-only events etc. This is so very symptomatic of why you cannot trust them if you're a woman. Fucking entitled males as usual. The world will never wake up from this bullshit because white males driving this have all the rights.

No. 1914317

Is there no way to create a team away from them ? This is so annoying. I work in tech and they are everywhere, and will invade any woman-only event or project or group.

No. 1914318

>The amount of time of the day the male is identifying as a woman shouldn't matter. If he identifies as a woman for a fetish he's trans - the trans community itself has decided that's the case

Heck, you can be a fully bearded 300 lbs male with intact genitalia and say you're a woman - according to their gospel, so be it, you're a woman now!

No. 1914335

Same, nonna. I quit because of the hulking ex college football player who joined my squad. It absolutely disgusts me they were allowed in so easily to what I considered one of the purest sports for women. I just rollerblade by myself now, sold my derby quads and pads and stuff. They truly have colonized almost everything and it’s so disheartening. The fact that no tumblrina is calling out the NASTY PEDO POST BY ETHEL CAIN and only the retard part says it all. I hope a plague that only affects troons happens.

No. 1914347

File: 1697452670421.jpg (270 KB, 1640x1939, F8h0YEFaIAAkReo.jpg)

They always pay for ffs which doesnt even do shit before they get their teeth fixed

No. 1914349

They literally are just getting bad face lifts kek he looks terrifying and (surprise surprise) still 100% male

No. 1914351

>or he's choosing to argue against a pedophilic/misogynistic view of women
This is what everyone trying to defend him will claim, but it is obviously not what he was saying. The OP was making fun of his persona because he is a grown ass MAN who based it off tumblr aesthetics. At no point the OP implied that women should not have hairs or whatever the fuck. But because he was offended and is insanely misogynistic, he let out his male rage, detailing his pedophilic view of women and obviously projecting, as evidenced by "u are a nasty little slug too". Even if his second post was unrelated to the first exchange, he literally said that women with hairs are "beasts", so how is he arguing against pedophilic standards? I hope the screens of his posts that he cowardly deleted (which again is an obvious admission that he knows he fucked up by going mask off) will be plastered everywhere on social media. It's good to see that despite all the handmaidens praising him, he is still a self-hating, insecure, agitated faggot.

No. 1914352

The fact that he tried to dirty delete and LC has the cap must have him positively seething kek. Tbh I’m surprised we didn’t get a raid of gore/CP posting right after, but I suppose he’s not quite stupid enough to be that obvious after a blatant mask-off moment of pure male pedo rage

No. 1914353

Afaik they usually put their dick between their ass cheeks, so this grown man is literally asking how to wipe his own ass.

No. 1914358

getting their teeth fixed doesn't make them COOM

No. 1914362

>Dad, I have something to tell you
>I’m straight
>but my new boyfriend wears dresses
And then everybody clapped.

If not suicide baiting then their claim that they will get murdered on the street if they don’t “pass”. Which, from what I can tell, never happens. Every time I come across a story of a TIM or even just a normal gay man in the West being beaten up (not even murdered) for being gay/trans it turns out he had been sexually harassing his attacker. Or it had nothing to do with sexuality/gender but was spun that way in hindsight to make the victim look blameless. These men want to be oppressed so badly but as long as they don’t go out of their way to aggressively provoke another moid they are in zero danger.

No. 1914364

File: 1697456592673.png (405.83 KB, 511x500, 1665908924250.png)

Less thankfully, he's in a women's prison rn.

No. 1914367

File: 1697456991658.jpeg (505.62 KB, 1365x2048, brookevalley.jpeg)

boy = chill and normal
girl mode = hysterical, emotional and ditzy
hehe uwu

No. 1914374

I'm generally not a person who likes to dunk on anyone's looks, but something about this pic in particular is sending me. Those sausage legs stick out so bad. He's angling himself so hard to have curves but it's so ineffective.

No. 1914377


It's almost like you need to properly identify yourself before anyone is willing to hire your background-check-needing ass. Let's just throw out any safeguards that don't allow creepy men to change their names at will and be unidentifiable strangers, because it makes him recognize he's not actually a woman.

No. 1914381

lbr he probably didn't pay for that surgery, we did.

The only thing that makes me feel better is the thought of how much it must hurt to slide down the floor at high speed in their stupid fishnets

One of the tims in my squad, a middle aged "single mom" who didn't have custody or pay child support, went on a tear on social media shitting on tifs bc of how much harder it is to be a male troon. idk what brought it on except maybe he got tired of hearing the reality of how often tims rape tifs, but whatever it was, he got zero backlash. Because ultimately, derby is only a troon-friendly as the sticky moids invading it will allow, bc I know for a FACT if a tif wrote it, everyone in our entire league would go for blood, refuse to compete against us, etc.

No. 1914382

Why do male trannies become addicted to pickles? I don’t get it.

No. 1914384

>went on a tear on social media shitting on tifs
Shitting on plain ol' women not enough he had to shit on tifs to accuse them of 'covert terfery/transphobery'?

No. 1914387

>Why do male trannies

No. 1914388

It's an ancient Hollywood myth that pregnant women crave pickles. I'm sure some actually do, but it's basically a misogynist trope at this point, just like all the other shit they learn from media like the hot lesbian sleepover trope and stuff like that. Everything they know about women they learned from watching movies and anime.

No. 1914389

That scar is going to look really great when hes completely bald

No. 1914391

There are no more nerds. Zoomers are made of completely different material from millennials. Everything back then was for the fun of it.

No. 1914392

Either the troonshine gives them cravings, or they've heard about how a lot of women crave them while pregnant or on their period.

No. 1914395

Yeah it was really weird, it was right after he had his pocket installed and he was flying back and I don't remember if it was bc they wouldn't give him a female TSA to pat him down or what, but he was railing hard against tifs. This is after months of trying to convince me I'm one bc I'm butch. Like he was grooming me so he could be shittier while pretending to be Le Rainbow Family~

No. 1914396

File: 1697460804271.png (42.7 KB, 632x294, pickles suck.png)

They can have them all I fucking hate pickles. I found an article talking about it and apparently its because they crave sodium. Still confusing why they don't just eat a pretzel or dried sausages instead of stinky gross pickles but they are all dumb as rocks.

No. 1914408

Naaah men getting assraped is SEXY.

No. 1914413

File: 1697462449211.jpg (527.41 KB, 720x1816, Screenshot_20231016_152046_Tum…)

I cant wait for this faggot to tank his career

No. 1914414

File: 1697462523043.jpg (594.27 KB, 1080x2001, Screenshot_20231016_142141_Tum…)

The fag backtracks quickly after his male rage shows

No. 1914417

kek it is so apparent he has been reading lolcow. He should stop digging now.

No. 1914418

He'll get away with it, but I'm hoping we can at least make enough fuss that the women he tours with know what he thinks of them

No. 1914420

>i dont demonise women for having body hair
>i just view them as beasts and slugs

No. 1914426

More projection; nobody wallows in (pretend) victimization more than troons. Actually no, they jerk off to it. He is sweatinggggg trying to sound so cool and unbothered and really own the terfs but I see him. Also people who make a big deal out of having trauma and make albums glamorizing the worst kinds of things that happen to girls and women but then are like “I don’t have to tell you about my personal trauma!!!1!1!1” are all fucking phonies. Does he have a rot pocket btw? Or is he the sort to want to keep his rapestick?

No. 1914428

ALL men sound the same if they're triggered enough. Whether he's larping as a Greek statue pfp faschist or Catholic anime girl they all CHIMP OUT the same way.
I've observed many different ways women rage, some silent others frequently violent or passive agressive. But men… They're all carbon copies of each other. They start screaming and shitting their pants and whining like piglets and you will have to physically beat them into silence. They can't reason or argue only testerically scream. And if you don't like that you're supposed to hit them on the back of their heads with something really heavy and drag his body to the city waste disposal. They're agressive animals deep down

No. 1914429

Accurate as fuck nonna. They ALL chimp out the same way, no logic or reason, like little spoiled children and also psychos.
>And if you don't like that you're supposed to hit them on the back of their heads with something really heavy and drag his body to the city waste disposal.
Kek based

No. 1914431

File: 1697464775829.jpg (208.79 KB, 1080x1254, F8kNM7QWoAALB1D.jpg)

While I actually do not think its okay to take pics of strangers in public, imagine this being your life, he sounds absolutely miserable

No. 1914433

You just know it was because the girls were the kind of girls he’d want to creep on. I hope more young women and teen girls mock trannies.

No. 1914443

File: 1697465647875.jpg (688.83 KB, 1080x1833, Screenshot_20231016_160719_Chr…)

>Tiffany Scott, 32, went on trial last week(…)convicted of four assaults, behaving in a threatening or abusive manner(…)
>Her previous convictions include stalking a 13-year-old girl by sending letters from jail while living as a man in 2011. Scott was put on an order for lifelong restriction (OLR) which is reserved for the country's most violent and serious offenders
>She is being held at HMP Low Moss, near Bishopbriggs, after a failed attempt to be moved to a women's prison
>Other convictions include earlier assaults on prison staff which resulted in Falkirk Sheriff Court being locked down in 2017 due to security fears

Fucking hell. Would journos stop pandering to these mentally ill men? Why are they calling him "she" when he's clearly a male? So violent and agressive, a whole prison had to be locked down because of him.
But well, he's a womanly woman ain't he ?

No. 1914445

File: 1697465726259.jpg (857.11 KB, 1063x1646, Screenshot_20231016_161511_Chr…)

Such a feminine female woman

No. 1914450

>publishes a photo of "her" nipples
report the journalist for publishing indecent images (as would be the case if they published photos of a topless woman on the front page). that will teach them not to use "her".

No. 1914453

I agree, but honestly when it comes to these creeps, I don't have any sympathy anymore, they should be openly mocked. Countless times of troons taking pics of random women and posting online to "own" the terves saying how "clocky" they are. They don't give a damn when it's women they don't deem attractive enough or commit wrongthink getting mocked, so I think it's only fair they get the same treatment. I mean, it's peak female experience they're totally missing out, being mocked for their looks by total randos while you're minding your own business #justgirlthings

No. 1914455

File: 1697466372082.jpg (55.32 KB, 523x222, 67567768.jpg)

ethel cain threw a hissy fit on tumblr and subtly revealed he lurks here kek

No. 1914456

Ntayrt but I'd be worried of them chimping out on unsuspecting young girls. A lot of these trannies are disproportionately agressive and violent when confronted by women. I wouldn't encourage anyone to openly make fun of them. I'd be scared for sure.

No. 1914457

Yeah it's been posted before, he absolutely lurks here. His latest fit just revealed as much, he even paraphrased some of the comments made here kek. He must be seething.

No. 1914458

Good god men age horribly. Also you can literally SEE the rape in his eyes. Disgusting. I’m glad he isn’t being placed in a women’s prison.

No. 1914459

I get you hate them both but no. the guy in that case knows he's a man and wasn't unironically claiming to be a woman. fetish crossdressers know it's just a fetish and don't demand others to treat them as women or force their way into women's spaces on a legal level. TiMs genuinely believe themselves to be a type of woman

No. 1914460

I knew his chimpout would get screenshotted and posted on Twitter with a bunch of troons and handmaidens praising him. If a TERF said something half as deranged as him and it got posted on there the same people would be shaking and crying about how triggering and scary it is and how radfems are all evil violent bigots who want to kill the poor innocent trannoids.

No. 1914461

He's fucking unhinged and this school shooter rant is reminding me of Honter Schafer's deranged notes/IG posts.

No. 1914462

Now we will have a new wave of newfags, and moids posting CP.

No. 1914463

Did you not know that estrogen is literally LIFE SAVING MEDICATION?! If his skin isn’t softer than he will literally have no choice but to sewer slide.

No. 1914465

The straight men he masturbates to floss their teeth with my coarse pussy hairs

No. 1914466

Wouldn't want to touch us with a ten foot pole? Good. We're in agreement.

No. 1914468

Gay pedophiles get caught and are heavily penalised more often than their straight counterparts. This often leads to them being pickier about their victims. You wouldn't want to risk lifelong incarceration for Mister Shoeface. Many gay boys develop complexes about perverts picking their cuter friends and girls over them and I think this is the case for Cain. He's jealous of women's (and cuter gay men's) childhood trauma and it's disgusting. Autopedophilia in action.

No. 1914470

File: 1697468061915.png (78.06 KB, 530x850, IMG_6112.png)

Not my cap but reposting from celebricows. He really is retarded kek radfems do not equate womanhood with female children’s traits, nor do we sexualize them. He is continuing to read here and mald, prob pulling out more of his stringy, limp strands. Speed up that male pattern baldness, Hayden. >>1914468
Yep, exactly

No. 1914471

Yes you literally need to use your legal name on work documentation even if you have a preferred name.

No. 1914472

Samefag, his hatred of real women is PALPABLE. He’s furious we called out his testerics for what they are. Yes, it absolutely was a male moment. Women don’t do that shit, sorry.

No. 1914473

The saddest thing about Mister Shoeface is he's too old to be a part of the 41% gang. At this point his suicide would be ruled as andropausal midlife crisis.

No. 1914475

Imagine taking the time to type all of that bullshit out just to still have XY chromosomes at the end of the day. Sorry Mr. Cain kek

No. 1914476

very good point nonna, even people who play the pronoun game cannot help showing in countless ways that they don't believe any of it.

nta but no, (adult) TIMs also know full well that they're men. it's all a game (fetish) and when nobody entertains them, they're either ashamed and stop, or get violent (hence the importance of their echo chambers and the constant censorship of dissenting opinions). and i'm not even talking about those - the vast majority - who have zero issues with, and even love, their dick and misogyny. also, invading female spaces whether in practice (even occasionally) or on a legal level is bad. i guess there's a difference if the fetish crossdesser only crossdresses in private spaces or mixed spaces without expecting anything from others, but it seems quite rare these days.

No. 1914477

File: 1697468785735.png (80.24 KB, 604x318, monopolosing the female gender…)

one of the replies to the ethel cain post from a TIM
>monopolising the female gender

No. 1914478

They hate lesbians so much it’s unreal. Claim to be us but then completely try to erase and reinvent lesbian terminology and culture. It’s gross.

No. 1914481

I don’t even understand what this person is saying. How do radfems up hold a pedophilic concept of womanhood? Or are they talking about nymphets/coquettes?

No. 1914483

Notice how it's always the ugly gay men trooning out and never the ones with 1000+ unread messages on grindr…

No. 1914484

Actual women have to deal with upskirt photos and catcalling, what’s he complaining about?

No. 1914486

They’re literally trying to Uno reverse because THEY have a pedophilic concept of womanhood (always calling themselves girls and whining about missing girlhood etc) and they think it’s big brain to just go “no YOU think that!!!” It’s painfully stupid and I can’t believe any real woman could be a handmaiden for these freaks.

No. 1914488

File: 1697469709762.gif (1.51 MB, 498x276, scary-movie-you-just-hate-me-c…)

>female subjugation which transwomen also face
Kekk this is gibberish, troons talking about misogyny will never not sound like a parody

No. 1914491

kekk it's hilarious how he cannot stfu now, explaining over and over again what he truly meant, all while acting condescending like he isn't the one panicking and sounding retarded rn. can anyone confirm that he dropped the coquette aesthetic six years ago? i feel like it was still kind of his shtick when i saw some posts about him recently on celebricows

No. 1914493


How are these dudes this retarded? These two things are literally incompatible.

No. 1914495

and also lol at "westernised" as if his concept of "female" is something that women across the globe face and can relate to, and radfem talking points are purely western phenomenons (like having two x chromosomes, being born women, getting periods, and sharing issues we face like rape, FGM etc. you know, all that westernised nonsense)
just more gaslighting. they will co-opt modern feminism and render it utterly meaningless and useless, and then point to the ebil terves as the divisive gatekeepers setting women back.

No. 1914498

It’s literally still part of his schtick lmao. He’s trying so hard and failing. I hope he keeps seething so we have more to laugh at

No. 1914500

>Radfems equate being female to being juvenile
Pick one, gay boi.

No. 1914502

Dude was already invading women’s bar nights and you can bet he was using the women’s restroom. If Japan was as far along as the US in terms of trans nonsense, he would have demanded people call him a woman and she/her as well. These guys are all the same, slimy little worms who push and push as soon as they have the enough protections against fear and shame.

No. 1914503

I went on his instagram and he appears to have marks on his knuckles, probably from punching things. Typical scrote anger issues .

No. 1914507

Ethel Cain is bisexual, it used to say so on his damn Wikipedia page. The backtracking is clearly because he’s aware of how he will be viewed if he’s honest about his bisexuality.

No. 1914509

This explains his predatory and often sexual behavior against women. He has rapist eyes

No. 1914510

He's spilling spaghetti all over the floor in the most male way possible. Not only he is furious from being told the truth, he's also condescendingly mansplaining them pedo tradthot radfem whores why they are totally not understanding his trans feminine genius.

No. 1914514

what I don’t get is why people think he actually said anything of substance… just incoherent moid rage. and when you actually try and decipher it, it’s just him being jealous that women can be small and dainty and a victim of female-specific trauma like he wants to be so bad. He assumes that we want to be small/dainty preteens as grown women like he does as a grown man and therefore calling us pubic haired beasts is meant to make us feel bad about ourselves.

No. 1914515

Too long to read. If we were wrong, he wouldn't care about us gossiping on an obscure website like lolcow. You are a man. Get over it.

No. 1914517

>chimps out when called out on his bullshit
>goes on to post multiple misogynistic school shooter tier manifestos
>proceeds to blame everyone else for setting him off (in this case it's some female boogeyman he's made up)
typical male behaviour kek you know he's just malding and seething behind a computer screen right now

No. 1914523

No, but there are several tranny killers
>this guy >>1914017
>dana rivers
>randy stairs
there are way, way more. The first ever transgender inmmate killed 3 women. Runwaysiren has a whole youtube playlist on tranny killers/pedos, but it never happens, right?

No. 1914527

Someone needs to submit his posts to trans critical twitter

No. 1914531

This was my first thought too. Even the sad uwu artistic ones want to wear our skin and get off on our trauma, they are just a little bit better at hiding it. If you see their private writing or piss them off enough the mask comes off.

Funny how he immediately jumped to
>I-I didn’t want to fuck you anyway!!1
out of nowhere, like men always do when they argue with a woman.

No. 1914534

Mr. Cain, are these pedo tradwife radfems in the room with us right now?

No. 1914535

we need to bully him more

No. 1914538

When JKR (or any gc woman) says something reasonable and compassionate, TRAs are quick to explain that we must ignore her actual words and read between the lines to see that acktchually what she means is to genocide all trans people. Then when a TIM writes multiple unhinged, misogynistic school shooter manifestos, they say we’re just too dumb and bigoted to read between the lines and see the reasonable meaning underneath. It’s amazing how it apparently doesn’t matter what anyone actually says because the priests of gender will always interpret their “real” meaning to fit their own narrative. And they don’t even have the decency to do it in dactylic hexameter.

No. 1914540

jfc, what is it, his fourth post about this? he sucks at being unbothered ironic twans mother for sure. you're an annyoing moid, nothing more, shut up already.

No. 1914542

File: 1697475806225.png (116.71 KB, 407x485, bingo.png)

Mr. Cain's manly mantrum inspired me to make this.

No. 1914543

Honestly this is the funniest part lmao. The original post that set him off was extremely mild and short and he's been writing paragraphs of unhinged shit in response to it ever since.

No. 1914546

This rant barely even makes sense. Hes trying so hard to spin this chimpout into some grandiose protest against transmisogyny or whatever but he's clearly just having a meltdownbin public about being called a man with an obviously fetishistic way of dressing himself and just that set him off this badly. He really is male, huh?

No. 1914547

Putting the ludicrous caricature of womanhood in this comic aside, it's interesting to see them essentially admit that taking cross-sex hormones turned them from a stable, well-adjusted, calm adult into an unhinged emotional basketcase. I'm sure a lot of it is confirmation bias (they think women act like that, so they're pretending that HRT is making them into a weepy uwu hysterical woman) but I wouldn't be surprised if there are very real effects that HRT has mental health.

No. 1914548

>radfems don't bother me because….
>5000 word essay on how he's totally not bovvered
lmao ok sure bud

No. 1914550

kek at him complaining about having to see radfem posts. women have to deal with stalking, misogyny, violence, pedophilia, harassment, etc from men online yet seeing a few feminist posts every now and then is enough to set him off. men are so fragile and self-victimizing

No. 1914557

I like how his strategy for dismissing radfems in this post is to pretend they're coquette tradwives when before he clearly knew that radfems were icky hairy "beasts." I guess ragging on feminists for not looking like prepubescent children was a little too mask off and now he's trying to claim it was the feminists themselves who were the sexist pedos all along.

No. 1914580

I love a good fragile male freak out in the evening. He's making even less sense then usual. Stay mad bro.

No. 1914581

I almost feel bad for the troon.

But then I remember they do this to themselves. They make themselves easy targets of ridicule by larping as women.

Just be fucking normal. It's that easy.

No. 1914583

i hope the girls post his pic here so we can all have a sensible chuckle

No. 1914584

File: 1697480494160.jpg (658.63 KB, 824x897, just girly things.jpg)

No. 1914585

anybody with sense can see how insane the screed is, the troons are doing us a favor signal boosting it and hurting cain's reputation amongst normies. i love friendly fire.

No. 1914586

>tradwife babydolls who equate womanhood to femininity
he says this as if he thinks it's incorrect, when it's literally what all trannies have to think to be able to consider themselves women
>are a group of radfems
>shut "trans women" out of womanhood
well if he doesn't think womanhood = femininity, and he clearly doesn't think womanhood is related to biology, then what does he think womanhood is? just an arbitrary collection of people who consider themselves women? fucking christ what a moron

No. 1914589

File: 1697481155116.jpg (318.89 KB, 1497x2048, F8k_D49XYAAUmfh.jpg)

Yes we call around calling random women sir in the hope we accidently bump into a totally not obvious troon, what kind of mental gymnastic is that

No. 1914593

School shooter to tranny pipeline

No. 1914594

Laughing at that LOOOOOONG palm kek what an ape.

No. 1914595

His hand is so big it looks like a foot

No. 1914597

Nonnie I thought it was a photo of one of the Columbine shooters and I am not even joking, scary stuff. Mr. Hayden Horner has predator eyes

No. 1914599

The most commonly prescribed antiandrogen in the US is a diuretic, it's the same reason even the young ones look so ashy.

No. 1914603

>Near-masturbatory levels of wallowing in victimization
Damn bro, that's some tranny friendly fire right there…

No. 1914609

That Ethal moid fashions himself as a preachers daughter, but behaves exactly like a preachers son. Hope he goes the full larp and picks up fentanyl

No. 1914611

Wow those are some REALLY hairy arms.
Wishing no hate to hairy nonnies though, just scrotes like him.

Since Mr Cain is clearly reading this- please in your next moidrage rant explain where radical feminists (orany actual women) said that shaving or being 'girly' is a unique, gender affirming experience.

No. 1914618

he looks like he smells like slim jims and stale sweat

No. 1914630

File: 1697485515716.png (267.97 KB, 671x771, the irony.png)

so close yet so far…

No. 1914638

File: 1697486690214.png (258.23 KB, 562x518, ftfy.png)

No. 1914645

I like how they can NEVER have a valid answer when faced with this argument. It's fine to become a woman while being a man but it's not fine to, say, become black or asian while being white. They don't know why one is okay and the other isn't, they'll just call everyone presenting this argument an idiot but they won't explain anything because they can't. With the trans race thing their entire ideology falls apart immediately.

No. 1914650

File: 1697488415669.jpeg (187.87 KB, 746x793, IMG_1888.jpeg)

Ayrt, thanks nona. Kek he scrubbed this from his instagram early on, thank god the internet never forgets. Hope these make new rounds on twitter and tumblr. Just a violent fruity male who is seething about women because he will never be one lmaooo

Time will come for you Hayden. You’ll be looking like a beast sooner than most natural born women do, even with our beastly body hair, due to your unfortunate Y chromosome and the fact you’ve chosen to destroy your body with hormones that have no studied results longer than 10 years ago. Enjoy the ride while it lasts, creepy sexist faggot

No. 1914651

File: 1697488418511.mp4 (492.58 KB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_691677263317015270…)


No. 1914653

>mind-numbingly boring rhetoric they pass around like a blunt in their echo chamber
At least we don't need that echo chamber to confirm that we're women, thanks to biological sex being more than an ideological concept.

You very much depend on your own blunt rotation more than we do when your "womanhood" is made of memes and you have to rely on infecting others with the idea that you're a woman in order to keep it.

No. 1914657

Based parents

No. 1914667

That one always makes me roll with laughter. They're the ones that had to bend the law over backwards to fit their narrative that they're "actshual wimin", they're the ones that have to rely on drugs for life, the ones that need to literally mutilate their bodies, the ones that have to force themselves in actual women's spaces by threatening violence "or else", the ones that need a gigantic echo chamber/hugbox aka reddit to "validate" them and hear what they want to hear rather than the reality of it. But we're the ones in an echo chamber with a problem kek…sure Jan.

No. 1914670

Why do they all have the same deeply parted permanently greasy stringy hair

No. 1914674

tbh I hardly even consider lolcow to be an echo chamber with the amount of disagreement that goes on around here, it's just one of the few places where women can actually talk about certain things

No. 1914676

File: 1697489984507.jpg (85.8 KB, 1170x1015, doyouprefer.jpg)

Oh, I recognise that queerido tryhard.

No. 1914678

amazing how they always end up circling right back to old school homophobia.
almost as if they're straight or something

No. 1914680

I like how cheerful the AI voice is lol wonder why he doesn't use his own voice

No. 1914687

File: 1697491692421.jpg (478.16 KB, 810x1716, Screenshot_20231016-163050_Chr…)

The grooming urge is strong:

No. 1914689

File: 1697491727732.jpg (408.09 KB, 810x1674, Screenshot_20231016-163822_Chr…)

No. 1914696

kek it's not bdd if you actually look like that

No. 1914697

File: 1697492375335.jpg (69.84 KB, 750x951, revelation 6:12-14.jpg)

No. 1914707

You know how you can usually sex an artist by the style? The original comic is most likely a TIM pretending to be a woman to legitimize being a creep. See: all the sockpuppets on Reddit pretending to be female AGPs that were all the rage

Otherwise they spent way too much time on Newgrounds in a nlog phase, but i find that unlikely.

No. 1914740

The absolute temerity of these faggots, thinking they know more than actual endocrinologists and pushing bathtub estrogen on middle schoolers. Troons shill the youth transition shit so hard because they live vicariously through the young ones, who they delusionally believe will "pass" better if they chemically castrate themselves as children. It does fuckall to actually help them pass. They either grow up to be linebackers like NikkiTutorials or fat eunuchs like Jazz Jennings and Kim Petras. They're like lemmings goading each other into jumping off cliffs.

No. 1914746

File: 1697497565913.jpg (83.17 KB, 800x764, u52op.jpg)

>Assholes who misgender tons of cus people in the hopes that they misgender a trans person at some point
Gotta be of the most hilarious copes I've ever heard. It's like they live in an alternate universe where no one can differentiate between men and women.

No. 1914751

File: 1697498288344.jpg (119.11 KB, 1000x800, 7-17-13-toadlet-021.jpg)

>You toads
Toads are cute, I take that as a compliment. I'd rather have a toad in my house than a tranny any day. With all this seething, he's not going to have time to cope or dilate.

I suppose he views the women who disagree with him as some kind of self-contradicting hive mind. Those damn trad wife feminists, simultaneously hairy and clean-shaven.

No. 1914771

File: 1697500645487.jpeg (923.87 KB, 4096x2048, IMG_6291.jpeg)

why do they lie like this?

No. 1914777

Sounds like part of the 41%.

Sorry but, ugly man = uglier woman. Not that looks matter in the long run, but for these weirdos its what they are all hung up on. "Looking feminine enough" "acting feminine enough" "being perceived as feminine enough" "being accepted as a woman"… you will never be a woman or even come off as feminine enough because you are a man. A big, hulking, masculine man.

No. 1914788

File: 1697501555296.png (1.34 MB, 1010x1604, Screen Shot 2023-10-17 at 11.0…)

> comparing radfems to coquette, conservative tradcaths

Why does it happen every time? And of course this person is a TIM as well.

No. 1914794

aren’t most “coquette” trend girls 16 year olds going through their NLOG phase, why is this 25 year old moid calling minors pedos and obsessing over their sex lives

No. 1914797

kekkk these men are so mad and bitter that even unlikable women are still women, whereas they will never be no matter what they do.

No. 1914803

I'm gonna drop the biggest fattest hugest kek in lolcow history. There's not even a shred of plausibility there. He's so lazy, not even trying. It's so obviously just him telling his fantasy. Also, poor Gwen Stefani. The woman is a stunner in many ways and deserves better than being associated with this degenerate.

No. 1914804

I'm so glad they're reposting the meltdown everywhere with zero self awareness. I was knocked out of my handmaiden trance after seeing something like that kek

No. 1914820

I'm convinced that in their mind all women who don't like them are the same.
Religious women? Trad women? Radfems? Regular milquetoast feminists who got out of the trans cult? Detrans women? That grandma who misgendered them at the store? It's all a nebulous mass of women that they don't like and they'll have all the attributes the troon hates, even if said attributes go directly against eachother.

No. 1914852

Did anyone hear about the psycho Columbia University student who beat some Israeli student with a stick after the Hamas terror attacks?

Student went by the name "Malaika Friedman" on campus. Tell me how I knew some psycho beating Jews with sticks was a TiM:

>Hate crime charges have been filed against the teen who attacked an Israeli Columbia University student during an argument linked to the ongoing Israeli war, Manhattan prosecutors said Saturday.

>Maxwell Friedman, who uses she/her pronouns, was charged with assault in the second and third degrees as a hate crime, as well as harassment and weapons possession for the Wednesday evening attack outside a Columbia University residential hall.

>A friend of I.A., who is also an Israeli General Studies student and spoke to Spectator on Wednesday on the condition of anonymity, citing fears for his safety, said that Friedman said she was Jewish and asked to join a group of students in Uris Hall putting up posters with names and photos of Israelis that Hamas has reportedly taken as hostages.

>I.A. said Friedman continued to stay with the group throughout the morning. Around 5:30 p.m., Friedman began tearing the posters off the wall outside Butler, I.A. said, while wearing a bandana covering her face. When the students approached her, I.A. said Friedman screamed obscenities toward them and hit him with a stick.

>“Fuck you. Fuck all you prick crackers. I disrespected you. What are you going to do about it. Do you want to talk about it like adults?” Friedman said, according to the complaint. “If you have a problem, we can deal with it right now, fam. Pussies.”

No. 1914854

File: 1697504995096.jpg (516.13 KB, 810x2058, Screenshot_20231016-210037_Chr…)

TIM claims he's always had female socialization

No. 1914859

That's not what female socialization is. You literally can't be female socialized because society didn't treat you female growing up. If you were treated male you are male socialized.

No. 1914866

gay effeminate boys are not the same as girls
a boy getting bullied for being girly isn't the same as a girl being fed self hatred from every direction every single day
>spends all day on the computer and can't talk to people normally
sounds more like autistic socialization anyway

No. 1914870

“I was socialized as female except it was traumatic because I was forcibly socialized as male” which one is it, troon?

No. 1914874

File: 1697505911531.jpeg (162.54 KB, 828x640, IMG_1090.jpeg)

Sage for sperg but he said he’s glad he’s done touring next week, maybe he’s bitter that the only people who buy his tickets are 17-25 year old “nymphets” who wore out their Ultraviolence records and are looking for a new schtick since they won’t repost recent pics of Lana. That’s basically what he is: take every Lana trope like cherries, red lipstick, cheap champagne, little black dresses, daddy etc and replace it with edgy analogs like piss, Marlboro reds, roadkill, camouflage trucker hats, and daddy again but this time incest and he’s filling the exact same Americana niche. What does he even want out of his music “career”? If you hate women so bad and wanted to attract men instead why not make music for men???? Him Petras and his ilk probably gets his dick sucked by club gays daily.

No. 1914885

File: 1697506997339.png (1.48 MB, 810x2770, RothaiRedPanda.png)

God, they're so fucking weird

No. 1914886

Kek even autism and terminally online behavior largely manifests differently between the sexes.

No. 1914902

File: 1697510160936.jpeg (1.02 MB, 2517x3449, DAAE3A6F-DA8C-4415-9015-F67716…)

No. 1914903

holy fuck this nonce is actually nauseating to read. the only one reducing girls to "small breedable 12 year old anime girls" is you with that disgusting projecting male language and calling normal human hair that comes from puberty on genitalia a beastly trait is equally pedophilic and a male gaze concept , proving exactly the accusation. DISGUSTING!

No. 1914912

with how many inches of bone they shaved off of this guy's jaw, I bet he doesn't dare try to bite through a hard candy.(sage)

No. 1914913

all that surgery and he's still immediately clockable. kek.

No. 1914915


Wow, those are serial killer eyes. Whose skin is he wearing?

No. 1914919

Guys, that's literally two different people, look at the beauty marks. Left pic has one under the eyebrow, left pic has one on the cheek.

No. 1914920

images are probably reversed. You can see the beauty mark on the other side of the face in the first pic.

No. 1914922

I don't see it. I'd need to see other pics to be certain.

No. 1914935

…this would go in the tif thread, dumbass, are you her?

No. 1914936

File: 1697517264057.png (90.99 KB, 832x391, KEKW.png)

Based commentary

No. 1914941

I read the title backwards, my bad. Ignore it then. I can't delete it now.

No. 1914949

File: 1697520447342.png (2.47 MB, 1622x2981, r-Ethelcain.png)

No. 1914950

>freaks of nature
as if they aren’t a complete monstrosity
these people are actually a menace to society

No. 1914956

File: 1697521378082.jpeg (126.52 KB, 750x1089, IMG_1862.jpeg)

This is so incredibly obnoxious.

No. 1914958

Entitled men pretending and portraying themselves to be nervous anime girls rather than oppressive cunts ready to chympout at the slightest hint of pushback on their entitlement is just one reason more why I as a straight woman no longer bother with scrotes.

No. 1914959

>drop the crimes of cis men at the doorstep of transwomen who are MORE oppressed by the patriarchy than women

Bruh. When you can literally just put on pants and stop your so called 'oppesssion', you legit are not oppressed. And even now if trannies were oppressed more than women? They'd be facing some pushback but no they aren't. Trannies are allowed into women's spaces without any oversight and how is that not peak male privilege???

Also threatening women with violence. Just girly things!

No. 1914966

To answer the question, no if you're a troon it is never safe and you are not welcome anywhere with your gross fetish, go away

No. 1914967

Bayonetta would slash a tranny in half.

No. 1914968

>drop the crimes of cis men at the doorstep of transwomen who are MORE oppressed by the patriarchy than women
Just like how we all know poor transracial white people in blackface are MORE oppressed by racism than black people!
What is it about being a troon that makes you chuck logic and common sense out of the window?

No. 1914972

It's not that based, firstly if you go by troon rules the brain being "gendered" female has fuck all to do with physical reality anyway because gender is purely a spiritual concept. A female brain is really just a brain of the female sex.

There are no "in-between" sexed brains, it's not compatible with life. Humans aren't made up of parts, you get a whole sexed body and the brain is attached to it. An underdeveloped male is still male. A female with a DSD is still female. People with DSDs are not trans to begin with, to say they have anything with trans people to do because they were born with a disability is rude as fuck.

No. 1914974

>gay effeminate boys are not the same as girls
Right, why can't troons fucking get that "effiminate male" is a fully male experience, it literally only happens to males and is a fully natural variation of males. They really can't get it through their thick male skulls that men can be anything other than a burly G.I. Joe and they're still… just men. The trans movement is a regressive movement at the core.

No. 1914975

>Cis woman: "my mental health is so bad I have a disorder that makes me think I look like a male, disgusting"
>Troons: "omg relatable"
kek yes it would be, because troons ARE and do look like disgusting men

No. 1914982

love how their retarded logic starts biting them in the ass
terf and radfem are such meaningless terms they include pedo pandering nymphetes as terfs and is seemingly more upset that he can't pedo pander like they can as opposed to anything else kek
or twink death, can't forget freaking out they can't age as pretty as we can
he's probably already on ketamine or some shit. Moids with dead eyes like this >>1914584 are always on something strong
> Petras
petras had the chop and I think was blocked at or prior to the tanner stage that start the ability to sexually mature so he's literally making gay coomer music he can't enjoy like if Jazz Jennings were to do so
did he transition himself white?

No. 1914989

File: 1697530969444.jpg (210.8 KB, 1342x823, Untitled.jpg)

No. 1914992

Male moment.

No. 1914993

He is medicating his boyfriend with estrogen too by using gels. Also anyone who touches him, as he might have residue on other parts of him like his hands. Imagine having to handshake with a troon in a professional setting, when too much estrogen is linked with health risks for a woman… Thankfully they almost never have proper jobs.

No. 1914995

'If not more!’ kys now

No. 1915000

File: 1697535705295.jpg (364.37 KB, 720x1369, 1204124416.jpg)

I can't stand this moid. The previous post is literally yet another humble brag about gettinf sexual with his chaser boyfriend. Apparently he likes it when his boyfriend rubs his knee on his festering wound. Maybe I'm retarded, but as an actual woman I've never heard of that in my life. To me it seems to indicate his wound is either defective, or at the very least this is some juvenile shit zoomers do.

No. 1915002

File: 1697536476809.png (37.07 KB, 747x347, phm.png)

Just checked out this sub. These people are delusional, holy shit lmao

No. 1915005

File: 1697537820382.jpg (Spoiler Image,306.73 KB, 810x1337, Screenshot_20231017-061211_Red…)

No. 1915008

Yeah, I can almost always tell too, and I definitely got that vibe.

Women have evolved to be better at spotting males too. Something else he'll never be able to do. Cope!

No man would ever pull over to compliment an outfit KEK. Especially not a straight man. He saw that man face, bro.

>What are you going to do about it. Do you want to talk about it like adults?
Says the deranged, raving tranny.

No. 1915009

Yes they should do that after looking at young girls, as penance for looking at young girls and pretending it’s just bc they’re “jealous of experiencing girlhood” and not blatant pedophilia

No. 1915013

Ahh got it, to me it's hilarious and could pwnd a troon reading the OP post

No. 1915014

I've only ever seen teenage coquettes pretend that is a thing that really happens. Its fucking heterosexual tribbing.

No. 1915023

They really think being told no is a hate-crime.

No. 1915030

File: 1697544751691.jpg (152.03 KB, 1242x1244, FGBa4VdXMAQJsCQ.jpg)

No. 1915039


Had to look that one up due to the location. I fucking hate the IL SAFE-T act, apparently the FBI keeps informing local authorities because this guy is making terroristic threats to shoot up schools and they let him go TWICE. The first time no bond, the second time they "couldn't hold him". Like they can't arrest a guy threatening school shootings- what's the fucking point of policing? They're seriously gonna wait until he does something violent, it's so disheartening.


No. 1915040

People who use those gels are supposed to scrub their hands thoroughly afterwards but most men don’t even wash their hands after using the toilet, so you know he’s spreading it to every person and surface he touches. Testosterone gel is even more dangerous in this regard and should be banned entirely IMO.

No. 1915044


I wish I still had a reddit, I'd respond to all those posts like "Yes, men are obviously allowed to participate here in this Bayonetta sub, ya absolute dunce."

No. 1915046

File: 1697548652098.png (391.38 KB, 684x968, sfddfsfdfd.png)

No. 1915049

File: 1697548743875.png (372.36 KB, 496x550, ssadsadsdasadsda.png)

troon in question btw

No. 1915055

File: 1697550016230.jpg (67.5 KB, 1080x556, F8otPWFWoAANH4I.jpg)

I hope youve sterilized yourself forever, let the troons kill their legacy off themselves

No. 1915060

Reminds me of one boomer (de-)tranny, Corinna Cohn, who says the thing that made him peak is when women told him "why do you see yourself as a special kind of woman instead of a special kind of man?". Obviously women shouldnt have to explain things to men but i do find this concept very useful when needing to deescalate discussions in forced social scenarios like work. It probably wont work on ultra wokes, but for normies it can be a way to quickly say how your views differ while also staying compassionate.

No. 1915067

Kek, I really hope he will be barren forever. Please do not reproduce. Although the downside is these trannies pushing for legislation to exploit women's bodies to get them pregnant for their own benefit.

what the actual fuck did I just read. This is such a male fantasy btw, degrading and physically beating women. What is wrong with these people. What has the world and women done to them?

No. 1915070


No. 1915089

>your idea of femininity is based on the ideas made by the men who rape us, the men who rape little girls, the men who demand we be hairless and skinny
so that's it now they're going to hide behind this new found argument of terfs upholding men's pedophilic standards? it would be most audacious considering the number of pedos in their community and the fact that transwomen have NOTHING but male ideas of femininity to cling onto. the OP, and GC women in general, never use femininity as a way to exclude TIMs, they are using biology; the OP on tumblr was not even remotely talking about femininity but the TRA just copy pasted his standard answer "reee you're supporting pedos, in 50 years you will look back and regret!!!1" without reading.

No. 1915140

always the shein “””goth””” dress, shitty black lipstick with no other makeup and the mousy unstyled curly hair.

No. 1915154

I’ve never seen a single one accurately give a description of radfems or radical feminist theory.

No. 1915159

It’s fucked up both ways imo. I get feeling like you missed out on something, but being legitimately envious of a child when you’re a fully grown adult is just bizarre.

No. 1915164

>talking to a girl from uni
>high hopes, she’s cute, talks about johnny depp being an ugly abuser, says stuff like men have something wired in their brains which makes them violent and perverts etc etc
>seems incredibly based for once
>’yeah (some guy) is such a piece of shit cause he’s against trans rights and stuff’
i can never have anything nice

No. 1915171

Peak peak and fall in love with her, Nona. You can do it!

No. 1915173

File: 1697558879086.jpg (675.91 KB, 1438x1574, Screenshot_20231017_180745_You…)

Oh the irony. This is a German transgender YouTuber. He identifies as female and mocks LGBTQ stupidity but he himself supports it with being trans. Make it make sense.

(Video Title: that's how a real transwoman looks like)

No. 1915178

File: 1697559336216.jpg (117.04 KB, 1079x1032, F8l4_anW8AIftzz.jpg)


No. 1915181

>a floral scent
When will men stop saying vaginas are supposed to smell like flowers and perfume? Dude is probably just stuffing some chemical ridden scented tampons up there.

No. 1915182

Threadpic material

No. 1915183

he is one of the few troons that actually look better as a woman though, probably because he lost about 100 pounds since transitioning

No. 1915185

Troon has never smelled a vagina confirmed. The fanfics they write about what our sex organs smell like is enraging. Every woman knows vaginas have a natural, almost earthy kind of musk. It’s unique to women, and everyone’s is slightly different. Fuck OFF with this “smells like flowers” bs when we know full well your axe wound smells like festering shit. They also try to say we smell like fish all the time too. I’m filled with hate.

No. 1915192

Kek, I guarantee the only "floral" scent he's getting is carrion flower

No. 1915200

> infection
> smell my dilators
Sepsis sweep PLEASE

No. 1915203

File: 1697564737214.jpg (150.25 KB, 1080x1778, F8lqqQfWwAAO0DP.jpg)

This is most likely fake but I still lol'ed

No. 1915208

File: 1697565500976.png (676.4 KB, 1174x1052, rowling.png)


No. 1915211

Telling trannies "No", they will write a billion articles about how JKR hate crimed them (again). Love how she keeps dropping these truth bombs.

No. 1915225

>Typing style that combines "creepy DM from a much older man" and "serial killer's journal entry about his sexuality"
>"how much more fembrained can your typing style get"
I would say a lot more, if "fembrained" were even a thing to begin with.

No. 1915232

File: 1697568703393.jpeg (82.61 KB, 750x399, IMG_2041.jpeg)

this moid’s fans are as unhinged as he is.

No. 1915242

Kek no one twisted any of his words, he came right out of the gate with multiple insane pedo misogynist rants while responding to a post that said the exact opposite of he accused the OP of saying.

No. 1915257

I'm so glad this is happening I hope he gets crucified. His whole aesthetic is so disgusting to me. "Oh no I fetishized being a wheat farmer's wife, sue me", no moid, you're fetishizing an abused young woman and that diatribe about hairless girls in formaldehyde proves that. Those are all his own ideas, no feminist would use that description of womanhood.

No. 1915263

imagine for a minute any female artist saying something like this. imagine lana del rey tweeting about small breedable 12 year old nymphetes in formaldehyde jars or whatever on earth this deranged incel is malding about. there’s no way she’d 1) say that to begin with, no woman would ever come up with something so male, and 2) get away with it. hell, imagine a male artist without trans plot armor saying this without getting rightfully labeled a pedo freak. trannies do and say creepy shit with total impunity all the fucking time, it’s sickening.

No. 1915269

Super based dad.

No. 1915273

File: 1697573572240.jpeg (287.6 KB, 1283x1389, IMG_6304.jpeg)

imagine going to the beach to relax and seeing…this

also this trans slack i’m in is a goldmine for keks

No. 1915275

Is that a work thing ?? The slack I mean

No. 1915276

We all know he will not get any pushback for this. Chris chan can rape his own mother, but he's a Galpal Soul, so gendies will break their own spine to protect them. They'll go through more effort to protect these men than men who DON'T wear their daughters underwear.

No. 1915277

File: 1697573938845.png (21.4 KB, 729x196, Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 22-17…)

They are freaking out on reddit to lol

No. 1915281

They can't handle being called out on anything. Are people just supposed to not complain when he flies off into a misogynistic rage?
Also lol @ the moid rage. Men's first instinct at being told no is is violence, which is why you constantly see troons talking about punching and hurting terfs meanwhile the most a woman will do is tell them to 41%. Women don't hurt men, they just insult them. Men hurt women and then say "you made me do it (by disobeying)".

No. 1915285

this state is california level of insanity, thanks pritzkers!

No. 1915286

they do it on purpose and get off on the idea

No. 1915290

File: 1697575812489.png (1.62 MB, 1170x2532, 25DA82B9-E7DF-4C3A-B6C6-B46172…)

A troon came into r/blatantmisogyny to defend his rape fetish

No. 1915292

does he want to attack his own reflection, what expression was he trying to make?

No. 1915293

The funniest thing is that he brought all of this on himself, he could just shut up like most celebrities do instead of writing like four separate posts because a girl on Tumblr mildly criticised his music and aesthetics, lol.

No. 1915304

someone push this beached whale back out to sea.

No. 1915313

>"I'm not a misogynist"
>"everything is free for women because they have an ATM between their legs"
>"I'm not an abuser or a rapist"
>Has a "fetish" for raping and abusing women
>"I beat my wife because it turns her on"
>"I'm a woman"
>Is a male
"People" don't like facts, indeed.

No. 1915319

File: 1697578790919.png (1012.9 KB, 1080x660, jennifer james pritzker.png)

your mention or pricktzers made me realise we need to be making more fun of that troon. this week he was presented a Caregiver Ally Award for the Elizabeth Dole Foundation by Tom Hanks kek

No. 1915320

They don't want to be normal women. They want to be the manic pixie goth girl that they had a crush on and couldn't get in high school. It's so blatant and embarrassing. Everyone can see this guy's fetishes on display whenever he parades around like this.

No. 1915326

Such a late reply but I'm so happy to see there's a fellow lolcow terf in Manchester lol. All I ever see is trans rights!! Trans women are real women!! Scribbled in all public toilets and it drives me insane!!

No. 1915327

r/blatantmisogyny is handmaiden central so they deserve it.

No. 1915330

Late reply but I just started scrolling through.
>you're no lesbian, you're just a girl who likes girls, you're a threat. Look at this meanie woman committing violence against a poor wittle tranny!
Good. I'm happy you feel threatened and victimised that there are women who won't bend to your retarded definition of lesbian and that we have what you never will, timmy. Your kind needs to feel threatened and victimised more often, so you'll shut the fuck up instead of playing victim for handmaiden sympathy.
>I'm more oppressed than her and she's marginalising me, poor me! Me me me you are not kweer cos you're white and hate trannies such as ME!
I hate these narcissistic idiots piggybacking off LGB, and then pushing LGB out claiming that trannies are far more special and therefore the arbiters of all LGB. And you're not marginalised at all if you can freely talk about how a woman needs to shut up and cater to you cos you're a male in a dress.

No. 1915332

File: 1697581584667.png (4.86 MB, 1479x2200, Action_Comics_Vol_1_894_Textle…)

Looks like he's trying to cosplay/channel Death from Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics. Popular with comicbook nerds. So not even a real girl he had a crush on kek.

Ia. Also this guy is proof that all the money in the world can't make you pass as a woman.

No. 1915334

Woah, right on. I forgot about that.
I have noticed that a lot of gooner men have a taste for goth girls.
In general its easy to see that the troons are really interested in becoming the girl they couldn't.

No. 1915341

he definitely only goes on r/blatantmisogyny just to jerk off

No. 1915360

literally german blaire white they even look the same and make the same poses in the thumbnail

No. 1915361

File: 1697587711966.png (327 KB, 640x360, metalocalypse.png)

holy shit tranny dick knubbler

No. 1915363

You nonnas need to archive when you come across stuff like this. It takes like two seconds. All his comments have been removed and I can't find his username (It's Diana is his profile name) to archive his comments page where they would still be located.

No. 1915379

No. 1915390

where's the photo of that freaky long rat foot this chimp hand is the long lost partner of it they need to be together

No. 1915392

Neil Gaiman spends decades writing about 12 year old girls "raping" grown men and defending kiddy porn on twitter. Pedo troons love to skinwalk Neil Gaiman character.
really makes you wonder…

No. 1915393

samefag but I wanted to clarify that Neil writes the teen girl characters as the sexual aggressor and has them go after the grown men (30s-40s) in his works. Its justified through the old "she was mature and wanted it" rhetoric every rapist/kiddy diddler uses in court

No. 1915406

File: 1697594534840.jpg (702.77 KB, 802x1893, Screenshot_20231018_040204_Chr…)

It's all still there if you use the old.reddit address


No. 1915407

Bitch ass moids will never understand female sexuality. If anything, male bullies are the ones who made me sexually aroused by the thought of beating and subjugating moids lol. Fuck their gentle femdom mommy uwu fantasies, I want to choke a moid out while he tries to gasp out how wretched and inferior he is to me. I will rail against the notion of female = meek and docile units the day I die. Fuck trannies for undoing 50 years of sexual liberation for women in 5 years.

No. 1915408

File: 1697594872904.png (866.2 KB, 810x3680, danrapemaster0.png)

OK was able to piece together some context. Troon says he beats his wife because it turns her on:

No. 1915411

How do these people even exist

No. 1915412

Nonna I just need you to know that I love you and share your rage. Fuck troons.

No. 1915427

His wife needs to get to a crisis center, and he needs to go to jail for life.

No. 1915429

ily nonny

No. 1915431

File: 1697599000698.png (1.44 MB, 1730x2157, shewhosearchs.png)

He considers himself a nonbinary political lesbian kek. Also totally didn't chop his dick off for fetish reasons.

No. 1915432

File: 1697599073448.jpg (336.29 KB, 1080x1371, Screenshot_20230107-072626_Chr…)

Samefag, but the rot pocket smelling like nectar bit reminded me of #4 in picrel:

No. 1915433

Late but isn’t a floral scent a symptom of some bacterial infections?

No. 1915434

Exactly, I fetishize violence against men because men fetishize violence against women. I started out peaceful, living in this world made me this way.

No. 1915436

He’s larping, he probably doesn’t even have a wife

No. 1915438

Rot had a sweet smell, so, yes! They are smelling decay (in the horrifying cases where they aren't full of shit (they sometimes literally are full of shit))

No. 1915467

Moid(hi moid)

No. 1915469

Which characters are these?
I’ve always suspected that Neil Gaiman was secretly a sex pest but never had anything concrete to justify it. He and his work just feel slimy somehow, so I never got into it. The only one I read properly is Good Omens, which was only good because of Pratchett.

No. 1915477

Sweet/flowery + acidic is exactly what rotting fruits smell like once they start to ferment kek. These fuckers are really out there smelling rotten flesh and calling it feminine and natural.

No. 1915478

File: 1697612330568.jpg (120.78 KB, 1080x843, F8rTHMOXUAAlbsY.jpg)

Whenever I see a post like this I just know theres alot more going on than "just" him being trans, he is probably an incredibly draining, demanding and narcissistic who needs people to baby him 24/7

No. 1915480

>Bitch ass moids will never understand female sexuality.
True and amen.

No. 1915487

File: 1697616946859.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1284x1657, IMG_9120.jpeg)

Shout out to this terf toilet bin I saw in Portland the other day

No. 1915489

same nona, or I'm at least south of Manchester. I was pleasantly surprised to find a terf poster put on a sign not far from my house, but it of course got removed by the next day.

No. 1915490

Wow, hopefully this is a sign that Portland is healing. Also thankful to see another sane woman from this area, because it's hell here.

No. 1915491

Dude it’s a cesspool here. I wish I could find more likeminded women near me.

No. 1915493

oh I love this "fix"! Sometimes it's enough to write "don't" before "matter" but there's usually not enough space

No. 1915500

Well it's not like they have jobs to go to

No. 1915502

File: 1697621403569.png (1.68 MB, 1622x2774, troonperiods01.png)

Phantom period time again on r/MtF:

No. 1915504

File: 1697621946868.jpeg (103.8 KB, 1440x1080, 1679872943787.jpeg)

are you referring to dylan's clawfoot? cos thats what came to my mind kek

No. 1915506

I really hope that was because he used distorted lenses to look more dainty because otherwise jesus fucking christ what is that thing!

No. 1915508

how many reels can he make about having knee sex with his "taco" jfc he's so disgusting and constantly repeating the same stuff. sometimes i feel bad for his bf and wonder if he feels stuck lmao bc the troon made their relationship his entire personality & social media content and the guilt tripping behind closed doors must be intense but oh well it's a moid after all

i wish someone would ask which sub, it's such an obvious lie, saying "yes you're welcome" is literally the ONLY OPTION on reddit unless you're fine with the whole sub getting banned. why would it even matter that you're a troon on a video game sub??? i know back in the days men would mock "girl gamers" and basically any girl supposedly trying to get attention in ""male hobbies"" but imagine if women did this shit "is it fine to use this website as a female teehee" despite the internet always assuming you're a male.

No. 1915514

File: 1697624801543.jpg (539.76 KB, 1080x1448, Screenshot_20231018_112607_Chr…)

No. 1915516

Trannies whine about having a female soul and socialization but they always, always side with other troons no matter how misogynistic and retarded. Actual women have no issue calling out female celebrities if they say retarded/harmful shit.

Good comparison, she was mocked/cancelled for saying some shit about preferring vulnerability to sexiness and he is praised for straight up insulting women

No. 1915517

I guarantee that (if anything happened at all and he’s not just making shit up) “hate crimed into oblivion” means that a handful of people asked him what being trans had to do with the subject of the subreddit. Many Reddit users don’t realise that even reasonable, polite questions are considered transphobic now so you still get this kind of oblivious “transphobia” from normies in non-trans subs on a regular basis. I hope he chimped out all over that sub and peaked a bunch of people.

No. 1915519

File: 1697627158192.jpg (131.31 KB, 976x549, amygeorge.jpg)

The trans pedophile that lured a girl into his car and molested her just received a 20 year sentence
>Officers found Miller still sleeping and wearing a bra, silicone breasts, female underwear and tights.

>Miller told the police he had stopped to "help" the child as she "looked freezing", saying it was a "motherly thing" and that he was being a Good Samaritan and had "put her in bed with me to warm up".

No. 1915521

File: 1697629540097.jpg (215.28 KB, 1080x1427, F8tePfKW4AA79yt.jpg)

You look like a total moron mate

No. 1915525

that's the squarest man jaw i've ever seen

No. 1915534


He looks… not great. I don't know how plaid dress is supposed to = being a woman, but he's got his math all wrong.

No. 1915539

lol gay

No. 1915541

Help me nonas, I think I have been womaning wrong. I have never "synced" with female roommates or friends and neither have we even talked about such a retarded concept. Isn't this just some "tee-hee women" myth on the Internet?
Also lol why would you bother to use a period tracker if you don't need to track your actual menstruation? Who would have to track for phantom "PMS" symptoms? Only insane trannies.

No. 1915544

syncing is a just myth

No. 1915545

It's a meme, cycles aren't 100% stable and shift around a bit, eventually you're gonna have an overlap with someone you know. It's been thoroughly debunked.

No. 1915547

File: 1697636572347.jpeg (78.18 KB, 1400x900, miller.jpeg)

take away the wig and the over exposure and what do we get? this pedophile.

btw in the court documents he states that he wants the press to use he/him pronouns so that his offence doesn't harm the transgender community. but showed zero remorse for the girl he abused.

>"I note that you are recorded by the risk assessor as talking in detail about your desire to limit the impact of your offending on what is referred to as the wider trans community. By way of contrast, however, the assessor reports that, during her discussions with you, you appeared to deflect from the harm your sexual assaults have caused to your victim."


No. 1915560

>weird poop
What ??? why are they always so very gross??

Yeah I've been perioding wrong too apparently, I did not know I was supposed to have mood swings and eat ice cream. Fetch me a spoon and the B&J please

No. 1915561

File: 1697639557358.png (406.3 KB, 598x566, Screenshot.png)

I love how this post try to be supportive to these moids but it compare them with potatoes. Which is a big insult to potatoes.

No. 1915565

God what are they even talking about. Vagina and vulva smell like vagina and vulva. If you smell like a glade plug-in down there, regardless of if you have a penis, vagina, or rot pocket, something is wrong or you’re delusional. Or you need to stop putting anything scented there.

No. 1915566

His story snow glass apples is the most blatant example. I saw a tumblr post recently but can’t find it right now

No. 1915568

This is why it makes me so annoyed when you see “womens” gaming teams or groups that are almost all men. I was a child in the 90s and was relentlessly mocked by both boys and girls alike for being too into video games, and it feels like another slap in the face when they act like they’re not allowed to play games or it’s some big feat. They’re the same kids who would have been making fun of girls like me.

No. 1915575

File: 1697642213870.png (74.33 KB, 1009x655, wtf.png)

Nta but I looked it up and what the actual fuck? What the fuck. What the fuuuck…edited by edgy troon Poppy Z.Brite as an icing on the shit cake.

No. 1915580

File: 1697642611859.jpg (1.1 MB, 2560x1920, IMG_4454-scaled.jpg)

It makes me think in that moid that, to avoid to go to a doctor to get antibiotics, tried to wash his rot pocket with water, soap (I bet not the vaginal ones) and even vinegar to discard the rotten smell. How can they claim they're better than women if even women know that a bad smell down there is a bad sign? Sex education is a joke, specially for TRAs.

No. 1915588

I think it's actually grosser than that. I think the troon is saying his trench stench is so powerful that it fills the room, as if someone put the smell into a glade plug-in. In a way, it's weirdly self-aware, as most troons/moids have no idea that they reek and everyone can smell it. But of course, he only notices because he gets off on it.

No. 1915589

i mean, i have talked about it with friends jokingly
it's also a fairly common misconception. many people are stupid or naive, they can't help it. a myth yes, but not exclusive to the internet

No. 1915592

I hate this “sociopathic/monstrous child lures pedophiles to kill or feed on” trope. On the surface it looks like a revenge fantasy but it always focuses heavily on how irresistibly attractive the child is and how much power/agency the child has in their sexual encounters and often describes these sexual encounters in detail. I say “child” instead of “girl” because one of the better known ones is Let The Right One In where the child in question is a (beautiful and effeminate, naturally) castrated boy, but most of these characters are of course girls. And these stories are always written by men so it’s not like they’re writing about their own traumas. It’s fap fodder, and they make the child violent so they can justify it to themselves and others. It’s horror, not porn! But it’s literally the pedophile version of the sexy succubus trope. Male sexual fantasy.

No. 1915614

File: 1697652567990.jpg (113.38 KB, 1080x1324, F8updAaWwAEqj5N.jpg)

I think the e here might be ecstasy

No. 1915615

Lmao so he put on a dress and a necklace and got 1000367281x worse eyebags?

No. 1915616

Yeah, I can never take these kids of stories seriously when a man wrote it. They have no idea what it’s like being a little girl who is ogled and predated upon by men, and it always comes off as sick wank material.

No. 1915622

ironically he could pass for a TIF in the first one. second one there's no hope for, guy looks like the coomer wojak irl

No. 1915632

Just went from someone I would be slightly nervous around to someone I would be very nervous around. I wish I had troon glasses so I could see what these people are seeing

No. 1915651

File: 1697659643199.jpg (88.23 KB, 1080x822, F8vUSgEW4AAVIos.jpg)

No. 1915653

Based kids.

No. 1915664

Finally troons that did some good. They made a kid laugh hard.

No. 1915668

That looks AI generated.

No. 1915669

it wouldnt shock me that he probably just pulled the troon card at last minute knowing he's on the verge of being kicked out because of his stupid shit, that way when he gets kicked out he can claim its because he's trans and not because he's in his 30s and a slobby disgusting neet wasting resources. Lazy genius

No. 1915671

File: 1697663893473.jpeg (Spoiler Image,917.27 KB, 1891x4096, IMG_6309.jpeg)

“sadie”’s disgusting TMI about masturbation with a neovagina. these men are sick

No. 1915676

>brings up "small breedable 12 year olds" out of nowhere
somebody search this dude's hard drive now

No. 1915681

Nona I'm pretty sure this one hasn't gotten the chop, and is just calling the head of his flaccid penis his "clit".

No. 1915682

The judge was a senile Reagan appointee, of course he's going to side with the scrote.

No. 1915686

File: 1697668835477.jpeg (1.07 MB, 828x1427, IMG_1949.jpeg)

No milk just came across this cow during the recent hardcore and furries discourse on twitter the other day. The furries do themselves no favors when half of them are sex pests like this one. Check his profile for a (disgusting) surprise

No. 1915687

>because they are, just in a different shape
Imagine looking at a scrotum and penis and saying "that is a differently shaped vulva and clit"
Are they actually hallucinating?

No. 1915690

"girl in home depot! so rare bc girls don't understand complex hardware!"
These troons have the most dated view of women.

No. 1915702

I have another hypothesis why these poor unsuspecting customers turned their head. Poor them.

No. 1915704

>"People are staring because I'm an uwu pretty gorl"
>Is an obvious AGP male acting out porn imagery with the caulk in aisle 3
>"Silly men don't know that GIRLS can know about hardware, too!"
>Is a man who is implying that it's unusual for girls to know about hardware
>"Le witches you never burned"
>Probably starts witch hunts against any woman who isn't sufficiently subservient to him

No. 1915711

Since when is a tube of silicone "super complex shit"? FFS

No. 1915718

File: 1697671734476.jpg (593.11 KB, 1080x1634, Screenshot_20231019_002807_Chr…)

if you ever want the fright of your life, look at the picture reviews of fake silicone boobs on Amazon

No. 1915723

I hate that shit so much, it's not like we tried years to get away from the image of the dumb woman that can't do anything and doesn't know what she wants at a hardware store. And no, you ugly troon aren't a witch, you were never in any danger, not even back when they burned a horrible amount of women, because you are a man and will always be a man. Hope he strangles himself with a shower hose.

No. 1915728

they won't mention that he is trans or even a crossdresser in any of the live news reports, despite it being a part of the crime. he's also not wanting to be referred as a woman either as to not make the trans community look bad.

No. 1915732

It looks like he facetuned himself hips lol

No. 1915735

File: 1697673701146.png (25.09 KB, 647x231, delusionandhubris.png)

From the thread's comments, why are they so unhinged?

No. 1915737

Dude has never met a butch lesbian.

No. 1915739

File: 1697673869128.jpg (Spoiler Image,468.56 KB, 1536x2048, F7D0KGabgAAvW1c.jpg)

Morbid curiosity will be the death of me, I swear.

No. 1915741

I blame 4lung for the insurgence of insane "puppygirl" troons

No. 1915749

File: 1697674575001.png (206.69 KB, 598x499, Gretchen Felker-Martin.png)

From the same moid that wrote that infamous misogynist "horror book" that was more a moid wet dream.

No. 1915774

wtf. first of all I can't stop laughing at how fugly the eyeliner is and how retarded it makes him look with his distinctly male shaped face. trannies in general are so grody and repulsive on every level possible. everything in these images is bad

No. 1915775

didn’t gwen stefani literally say she identifies as japanese after fetishizing japanese women for years? she must low key be their idol

No. 1915780

She did, after being also into their culture for "so long", ignoring the fetishism for her back dancers. Still, that doesn't make her an Asian-American like any kind of "flattery" would make that moid a woman.

No. 1915783

File: 1697682115893.jpg (448.78 KB, 810x1458, Screenshot_20231018-221545_Chr…)

WTF! Canadian troon breastplate shop teacher vibes kek

No. 1915785

File: 1697682153961.png (65.41 KB, 817x953, creepy.png)

slight blogpost but weird creepy mtf around 21 years old (constantly lies about his age) i regrettably, used to be friends with was secretly a porn addicted freakish groomer zoophile all along while desperately pretending he wasnt an awful person and constantly attentionwhoring so people would give him head pats and tell him hes super valid uwu. he had admitted to fucking his dog which i later found out from a mutual friend of ours, as well as dating a girl (who mysteriously became 'transmasc' after encountering this creature) minor and going on to groom a group of mid teens nonbinary/transmasc afabs online (basically autistic girls that are easy targets). has a tendency to go after gnc or trans afabs and has fantasies about masculinising them and then feminising them according to my friend, who is unable to access receipts to that. super moid brained, spent all his time re-writing berserk but it's cannibalistic rapey furry lesbians (bc of course) and essentially re-creating hearts of iron iv in minecraft as furries. theres been multiple call out posts about this freak and every time he grooms a group of people, gets kicked out and moves onto another deranged account themed on one of his furry ocd, he steals the name of one of his previous associates like a hunting trophy. a true degenerate, does he deserve his own thread? hes kind of run out of spaces to try and infiltrate so his new twitter is private, but theres a lot of shit in his past to uncover.

in light of now knowing all this, i thought picrel is extremely fucking funny (included discord tags so you guys can avoid this person if you ever have the misfortune of coming across them)

No. 1915791


goth/metalhead nonnie here, i go to a lot of goth events concerts etc and my inner friend circle is kinda goth, and these fucking troons absolutely obsessed with becoming omg big tiddy anime mommy gf (and sex workers who use their awful tasteless'goth' clothes to appeal to scrote cooombrain) makes us actual goths, especially women, get treated like utter shit. goth girl isnt a normal way to describe someone, it has now truly become a porn category to apply to alternative women in the scene who are often just minding their business. a guy on my uni course called me 'that goth girl' and it made me furious. i wish people just went back to regarding alt people as weird freaks because i would honestly prefer it to whatever that to being lumped in with this awful shit lol. we have like a monthly goth club night and the agps crawl out of their holes to dance in their horrific killstar/amazon basics getup fishnets and ugly backpacks it hurts my eyes, i dont think they even realise how much they stick out vs all the other beautiful and well dressed people there KEK(still blogging)

No. 1915792

why does he look white in this pic and black/hispanic/mixed in >>1915686
is he transracial too?

No. 1915793


phone cameras struggle to capture my tan-ish skintone properly, comes up as all sorts of different colours depending on the lighting so that's probably what it is

No. 1915798

there's an AGP that attends every goth night in our city and has done so for the past 5+ years. There's always a WIDE circle around him on even the most crowded dance floors because nobody except the kindest/most misguided handmaiden is willing to dance next to him. They never make the same mistake twice.
feels like even innocuous alt events have now becoming fucking preying grounds for these types

No. 1915801

File: 1697684574972.jpg (448.11 KB, 1440x783, Screenshot_20231018-225818_Chr…)

He transitioned from looking like a serial killer to looking even more like a serial killer. Congrats kek

No. 1915802


i live in a pretty troon-friendly place so people just seem to pay them no mind (but they only dance with eachother or kind misguisded women like you said). the first night i went this bald creepy cenobite looking fucker who either read as agp or something very similar asked me to do a pirouette and i obliged because i was a bit scared, overwhelmed and didnt know how to act, it was my first time attending something like this. after spending some time there i learn he tried to sexuall