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File: 1708538768619.jpeg (162.8 KB, 669x654, IMG_0553.jpeg)

No. 1968391

News sites/Studies:
https://committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/18973/pdf/ (TiM violent crime stats)
https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0016885#pone.0016885.s002 (relation between committing a violent sexual crime and srs)

Gender Critical Writings and Websites:
https://www.chimamanda.com/ (Writings of Chimamanda Ngozi, a Nigerian gender critical feminist)
https://www.jkrowling.com/opinions/j-k-rowling-writes-about-her-reasons-for-speaking-out-on-sex-and-gender-issues/ (JK Rowling's essay)

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cOANC_ykPxL_TZGnkxZCb4HNc-2tvfuK (vile comments made by TRAs)
https://odysee.com/@Skirt_Go_Spinny:7 (documentaries about TiMs and Trans activism)
https://web.archive.org/web/20231021212912/https://www.tumblr.com/chlorinatedpopsicle/654101574490161152/new-and-improved-not-our-crimes-this-never (Violent crimes by TiMs)

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No. 1968399

Is chimamanda really gender critical or just hated because her pet cause is female exclusive?

No. 1968400

File: 1708540012270.png (4.42 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_8798.png)


No. 1968402

Then trannies say that dressing up as women isn't a fetish and they go ahead and do this. Monty posted this video on facebook how depraved could you be?

No. 1968404

how does he step outside looking like this, let alone film a tiktok kekkk

No. 1968405

from what I've seen, she's one of those "I'm fine with some tru-trans" but she's still just a liberal who isn't delusional about reality.

No. 1968406

Great op btw

No. 1968417

This whole shit happening on tumblr makes me hate trannies even more, I didn't think it was possible. My dash is usually very curated but even so there were a bunch of "in memory of pedo estrogen" as if the fucking tranny died. There was even a screenshot from some radfem I follow of a person comparing the tranny to fucking George Floyd. Saying "it all starts with someone" hhow fucking nasty do you have to be to compare getting your blog deleted to police brutality. I really wish those fuckers would leave the website already, it is already bad enough to read "girl dick" posts on my for your page, I don't need retarded girls and pederasts acting like there's a tranny persecution happening on tumblr

No. 1968419

what are some good gender critical youtube videos or makers to watch? i've become addicted to watching anti-haes videos at twice the speed recently and want to find some trans videos to watch… without being anti-feminist or too right wing. having trouble finding anything. any recs? thanks(derailing)

No. 1968421

File: 1708543223607.jpg (128.82 KB, 1125x1135, pwdi8FZ.jpg)

he's still on it

No. 1968422

File: 1708543271296.jpg (225.42 KB, 1125x2035, I28ivWR.jpg)

this is the most white man image ever

No. 1968426

I've seen multiple posts that would absolutely make me think someone had died if I didn't already know the context. They're acting like the tumblr CEO killed him with his bare hands

No. 1968428

in the future post this kind of question in >>>/ot/1894283 because this thread for discussing trans cows only. to answer your question though, spirtgospinny is a fantastic radfem documentary maker, but she posts on twitter more than youtube recently. arielle scarcella is a somewhat GC lesbian who posts a lot of videos making fun of troons, but politically she leans conservative

No. 1968430

Insane, retarded, and deranged take

No. 1968435

File: 1708544289711.jpg (108.38 KB, 1125x1027, iETWGvA.jpg)

not even muh palestine made him shut up

No. 1968439

>MINORLY hate crimed
I can't deal with this kek. How is anyone taking this seriously

No. 1968442

File: 1708544901289.png (1.02 MB, 552x3541, lmao.png)

Good news, several big name troon accounts, including predstrogen (now cyprederone) and the dashboard unfucker guy, are leaving the site and taking their followers with them. Tumblr is also banning trannies making car bomb memes or flagging their accounts for sexual content. Seems like staff is culling a bunch of users at once, if this leads to a twansfem exodus then the discourse was worth it.

No. 1968445

they’re all so doughy, butterfaced and ugly. Hideous male autists posting incest and pedoshit threatening men with violence and women with sexual violence. They’re such self-victimizing cowards. Good riddance.

No. 1968446

File: 1708546530029.jpg (140.58 KB, 723x1280, IMG_20240221_171316_662.jpg)

Good. I hope he never come backs and all the pick mes leave with Him

I'm so tired of ppl acting like he died

No. 1968448

Good. Tranny reddit 'refugees' have utterly ruined Tumblr.

No. 1968453

thanks! i'll check them out and that thread

No. 1968454

i'll be honest there are a few tumblr MtF that were there in the 2010s as the token somewhat effeminate token guy with all female friends that is very liberal and fits in with a group of nerdy sjw girls. genuinely never had an "alt right/anti sjw" phase and was pretty much a true soyboy and male feminist from day 1. a handful of them transitioned (picture that alexissocoollike) who were always part of female spaces more than male ones, and so despite their flaws they at least actually fit in to the culture and have enough understanding of social issues to not be a raging incel crybully who is barely able or willing to conceal the fact that he does not actually believe women/cis women are oppressed. these ex reddit mods stand out like a sore thumb because their politics and culture genuinely is foreign to tumblr. so i won't pretend the handful of very classic tumblrina male feminists from the "men of tumblr" posts lol who have transitioned in the interim were ever really the problem. and it's because they actually were very centered around female friends and interests. and i can appreciate that for what it is compared to the redditor and 4chan expats who never once gave a shit about social issues until one minority label finally applied to them and clearly did not at least grow up with a gaggle of female friends. the new wave from the alt right side of the internet have been causing problems on the website because everyone is picking up on their nazi and MRA phase persona and calling them weirdos because tumblr girls do not like that shit, even when cis girls do it. and they have screamed transmisogyny for being rightfully disliked by a community who has never liked them FULLY regardless of being trans. you called yourself bronies and called tumblr a bunch of feminazi libtards 5 years ago why do you think it's going to work out now that you're trans? predstrone or whatever was a central figure in this circle and i don't give a shit if they leave. i don't mind the trans users who were just dorky but well meaning "male feminists" writing gay fanfic with the best of em and have had blogs for 10 years lol, if anything i hope those people stay. i just despise the conservative incel dudebros who think the world owes them something and act like being trans is the ticket. they can go back to the furry con together(autism)

No. 1968464

oops I meant skirt go spinny

No. 1968465

File: 1708549930913.png (295.71 KB, 1080x1619, 1000000971.png)

Believe all victims unless the perp is one of us then ummmm where's the evidence?

No. 1968471

It was also the goth gf meme blowing up and going around fairly recently that made it so moids are now openly fetishizing the goth look and I know many women are so sick of that shit to be treated like a porn category just because of their style, even irl

No. 1968474

I enjoy Amala Ekpunobi and Sydney Watson. They’re not exclusively making gender critical content, but I enjoy most of what they make even if I don’t always agree. They’re both center-right/libertarian, but I would say they share feminist beliefs even if they don’t label themselves as such.

No. 1968479

File: 1708554682958.png (84.18 KB, 662x839, retard take.png)

tumblr nonas, have any of you also gotten an ask about your opinions on trans people? i don't know if it's just me, but with this recent retarded drama i'd figured i'd ask to see if anyone else is experiencing this

runawaysiren940 is my current favourite, i love her videos!

(pic not related)

No. 1968480

Why exactly does he want to have pred(ator?) in his name so bad? Does it stand for something else or is it what it looks like?

No. 1968489

>the goal is to punish men for being smart, etc.
Kek, male narcissism knows no boundaries.

No. 1968491

Smart people don't send death threats to the owners of a website

No. 1968492

This is one of those situations where I’m cringing at the retardation of this take, but also relieved they’re saying it out loud. Comparing getting your tumblr deleted to being murdered by police is a GREAT way to peak normies, and help them to understand how insane these people are and how irrationally deep their victim complexes run. Keep it up troons! You’re doing our jobs for us kek

No. 1968494

They don't understand 5th grade biology and are convinced that diarrhoea from their takeout and Doritos diet is a totally real period
This pool of 'talent' includes Honter, Keffals, Nikita Dragun and… idk, Kim Petras?
Because one or two women in real life smiled and nodded out of obligation at their catgirl thigh high fit of the day? Because they got made fun of by men in the street and called it muh validating catcalling?
See previous 3 points KEK. Whoever doesn't 41% is doomed to a lifetime of dilation, grooming and E-begging. Lord give me the confidence of a single tranny.

No. 1968497

Accurate description, but i remember the classic tumblr TiMs as extremely agressive and slimy despite it all. Like many male feminists their persona concealed immense rage. They were just clever enough to pick individual targets instead of antagonizing the whole userbase

No. 1968499

Not even joking this delusional shit is peaking me, seeing all these nasty hulking moids act like having a blog deleted is like being murdered, didn't even see this level of outrage over that TIF actually being murdered. Hopefully all their blogs get deleted so tumblr is usable again. A lot of women are going to get peaked by this

No. 1968508

File: 1708560721385.png (321.44 KB, 755x764, Fae Johnstone MSW on X Pierre …)

I don't understand how they could lie so much.
They aren't banning you from the public, you can still go to male/lgbt centered shelters and use the unisex washrooms everywhere.

It's not a crime to keep women's safe spaces, only to women.

No. 1968511

File: 1708560993398.png (340.53 KB, 1080x1080, 41.png)

Meanwhile in reality…

No. 1968514

>banning males from entering protected women’s spaces
So… things will go back to the way they’ve always been?

No. 1968520

I enjoy atwistedfemale's content. She also goes on tangents about motherhood and pregnancy, as someone who doesn't want kids, she taught me a lot. I think with this kind of content you have to accept that you won't always agree with what people say all the time too, just take whatever information sounds logical to you.

No. 1968521

He said it was a vore thing (predator/prey).

No. 1968526

File: 1708562753665.jpg (115.97 KB, 1080x1652, GG46wPJWwAAVZtA.jpg)

No. 1968528

Oh yes, lesbian fashion: button-down, sports bra, medallion, beer belly, oreo watch, suspender straps attached to jeans, rings from a cereal box prize, no lips, and male.

No. 1968532

To men, not listening to them and obeying their every delusion is basically murder because they're a retarded level of entitled.

No. 1968533

I wonder if that peaked the CEO too…

No. 1968536

James Somerton has really gone off the rails since that callout video…

No. 1968537

File: 1708564699204.jpeg (25.22 KB, 750x120, IMG_8306.jpeg)

Picrel, normal things to say after having your furry porn blog deleted.
Why did they leave reddit anyway? Reddit is like a TIM oasis of porn and asspats for hideous males.

No. 1968538

Because reddit is the boy site and tumblr is the girl site so tumblr gives them more "gender euphoria," plus it's filled with handmaiden TIFs that fall over backwards to accommodate TIMs

No. 1968540

bc reddit men dont give free headpats

No. 1968541

King Critical, Sailor Uranus (vid related since it might be hard to find her channel), mrmenno and I second Aslightlytwistedfemale even though she is polarizing, she does have some really good gc videos that makes me feel catharsis

No. 1968546

i mean true true, there will always be slime balls among male feminists or among any allies to a cause. but there are some who just are pretty decent as allie's go and fun to have around and you can co-exist just fine. the gender / misogyny factor will always cause issues in any co-ed group, including tumblr fandoms and lgbt circles, but on tumblr there was a certain baseline understanding between lesbians and feminist gay men and the straight sjw boys and straight sjw girls on the site. where tumblr was always good at telling off gays for being misogynistic, running off the ones who were openly women hating and treating them like laughing stocks. and a lot of the tumblr gays at least agreed that misogyny in gay men is goofy and made the effort to be better. or like you said were good at having small petty squabbles instead of causing sitewide uproar, or just left. so i'm not trying to say that a feminist ally is as good as having a woman feminist, there were always some covert abusive freaks, that's the reason why male feminist turned into a derogatory term at some point. but a lot of these guys happen to agree with feminism because they actually are chill and good for an online friend group which is what tumblr basically is. so even with those caveats they really were significantly preferable to the redditors and had the self awareness or effort to integrate.

No. 1968563

we got a side blog of his taken down???

No. 1968565

File: 1708568554120.png (109.95 KB, 665x863, utyut.png)

>we got a side blog of his taken down???
Kek, yes, his final blog cyprederone was suspended, good riddance. He made a co-host post about how the tides are starting to turn on him. I'm starting to see more people question why predstrogen is getting attention when 'brave TWOC are literal being killed by Tumblr staff!!' and the TIFs are upset that TIMs aren't posting more about the nonbinary Oklahoma girl.
I think so. I'm glad the CEO and the Tumblr staff aren't backing down. I would have never guess that Tumblr would take action like this. They've done a better job at it than Xitter kek.

No. 1968567

We need a party to celebrate. To think Tumblr of all places would take such a stand against the tranny menace.

No. 1968572

>h-he misgendered me!
how in the world would the ceo know his pronouns or anything like that? troons are some of the most self-righteous, egotistical, entitled man babies of all time. Their behavior always screams male. To think that some dude that runs a website that was made popular actually by teenage girls in its heyday would somehow automatically know how to address this pedo loser. It’s almost comical how deranged they are. Glad he was banned for good and his spawn are leaving tumblr

No. 1968574

>terminated without reason
oh my god the dorky CEO very specifically said you were banned, permanently, from the entire website. your current and all future accounts. the reason the last one was terminated is because it belonged to you and you immediately identified yourself as such. you don't need to break terms of service if you're permabanned they just need to know it's you and the dude was very transparent that he was going to not allow you to use tumblr going forward and would extend that policy to anyone making violent comments about the CEO. which i find to be a distasteful policy tbh the exploding car with hammers is not what i would call threatening, but it's his website he can run it how he wants. but yea very clearly said "we are not just deleting this blog, you specifically are not allowed back" lack of reading comprehension as always

No. 1968575

troons have just been coddled to the point of thinking that rules never actually apply to themselves, in any context

No. 1968576

File: 1708571201119.gif (182.86 KB, 214x200, tumblr_inline_mq2jvyJkN61qae4v…)

>writing original theoretical interventions on gender and sexual politics for free
Female gender studies majors were doing this on Tumblr in 2010. Nice try.
>TME people were throwing a temper tantrum bc they were using ewwwwe big inaccessible words?
Never happened.
>Bans irl that only get floated when trans girls win at things
Which is whenever you're allowed to participate, because males have different physiology that gives them an advantage at most sports.
>Just living is impossible
Said the suburban white man in his wealthy first-world country.

No. 1968578

File: 1708571340253.gif (639.67 KB, 245x137, officewtf.gif)

>it was a vore thing

No. 1968584

>Gorge Floyd
Speechless. I thought it was a one-time typo, but OP has written it that way repeatedly.
>terminated without reason
Isn't ban evasion generally considered a bannable offense on most websites, even if it's not explicitly in the rules/TOS?

No. 1968585

his defense is that he's french but in france its also…george im pretty sure? he just keeps misspelling it i feel like its on purpose at this point. inb4 racist microaggression

No. 1968590

>They just think hammercar sounds funny! They don't care about ME
Clusterbee moment

No. 1968593

The French variation of "George" is "Georges," so he's full of shit.

No. 1968598

File: 1708576632023.jpg (31.31 KB, 750x672, F9rEVUcWIAAj6nr.jpg)

oh god there's a whole thread about monty's videos
https://twitter.com/Artofhunger75/status/1718895573737029778(twitter tourist)

No. 1968605

KEK was just about to compare them

No. 1968612

Man if he wasn't already mass peaking the tumblr TIFs, he sure is now, fuckin ingrate. They start a potterheads grab your wands tier online protest complete with it's own forced meme, and this is the thanks they get?

No. 1968615

File: 1708581841341.jpeg (459.29 KB, 525x1219, IMG_0230.jpeg)

idk what to even say about this, literally so fucked and gross. blatantly defending and offering all your love to pedos/zoos, narcissistic abusers, and rapists, truly making a great case for the community huh

No. 1968616

File: 1708582090114.jpg (95.68 KB, 1080x620, Screenshot_20240222-005651_Chr…)

Trannies just can't let him RIP.
Unfortunately got to the posts after they had been removed and subsequently deleted. And they aren't archived anywhere. But the post on r/Nirvana speculating on him being trans was only 17% upvoted kek

No. 1968617

>lumping transwomen with paraphiles, rapists, abusers and murderers
What a fucking self own.

No. 1968619

They’re so brave to defend rapists and pedophiles. Truly the Gandhi of our time

No. 1968628

>”if people cared about ME”
That’s it, really. Sums up most of them in a nutshell. Have to be the center of the universe at all fucking times, aka the most male behavior after being a rapist.

No. 1968632

File: 1708586727674.jpeg (333.57 KB, 1125x1475, pox.jpeg)

Imagine a 30-year old woman failing this hard at an egirl makeup trend. She'd never heard the end of it.

No. 1968634

File: 1708586811136.png (134.62 KB, 1046x560, Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 16.27…)

this shit is so corny. havent TIMs been advocating for real women who don't agree with them to be ostracised and exiled for like a decade now? what about those women?

No. 1968636

please tell me this isn't by a libfem.

No. 1968644

File: 1708589570155.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, 1000015002.png)

This entire ordeal can only be summed up by picrel.

No. 1968647

It's unsexy enough when normal women stick their tongue out in selfies, but it's straight up nauseating when troons do it. They always either look like a coughing cat or like they've got a hair in their mouth and they're trying to get it out. It never looks coy or playful like it's supposed to.

No. 1968649

File: 1708591262519.jpeg (184.25 KB, 1125x624, IMG_3435.jpeg)

Sydney Watson is an anti-feminist pickme and a conservative retard, please be fucking for real.

No. 1968652

He’s one of the most grotesque troons I’ve ever seen and the worst one out of Breadtube. His pics always makes me laugh, this horse face really thinks of himself as a hot twenty-something e-girl (also he’s just 30 but looks much older).

No. 1968654

I don’t know how you can see this massive meltdown over nothing and not peak immediately.

No. 1968655

It's actually a decent observation that people can't improve when everyone around them believes otherwise, but that idea has some major caveats. There are some crimes so depraved that improvement is hopelessly unlikely. The level of psychopathy required to rape and murder someone is typically indicative of an incurable personality disorder. Some people are just a danger to society and need to be contained. Most mentally ill people never escalate to the point of criminality. Those are uniquely severe, chronically untreated instances often coupled with terrible life circumstances.

I can tolerate paraphiles and crazies, so long as they're self aware and considerate of others. The issue is that trannies (particularly TiMs) have consistently proven themselves to be neither. The demand coddling while acting like complete cretins, they refuse to compromise while expecting every else to adapt, and they have no sense of boundaries or appropriate behavior. This Tumblr situation is a perfect demonstration of all of that. This Avewy guy and his friends barge into Tumblr acting like Reddit perverts, a-log when they don't get their way, and then act shocked that they get banned because they're so used to getting their way with mods.

No. 1968656

File: 1708591925036.jpeg (59.91 KB, 828x523, IMG_3436.jpeg)

God please let Pissvortex be next

No. 1968664

sorry to derail, this isn't the threat for recs, but aslightlytwistedfemale hates radfems and is crazy af lol

No. 1968668

I personally love exulansics content (twitter/odyssey/some yt content). She has her own controversies and her humor can feel in poor taste at times considering the topics but i choose to watch her anyways as i enjoy a more medical perspective on trans topics.

No. 1968670

The my little pony/furry/anime girl memes in that screenshot made me physically recoil. Totally a real girl u guise

No. 1968672

Same. This bullshit is getting more attention from the “protect trans kids!!!” crowd than a 16 year old enby getting beaten to death. It’s so transparent.

No. 1968675

does he have fucking chicken pox? i've never seen someone fail this hard at drawing on freckles before

No. 1968677

File: 1708598075482.png (136.35 KB, 672x1045, 22224.png)

he doubled down on it. fun fact: his "wife" is @aberrant-angel, the pedo who got posted last thread. they're both DID fakers too, go figure.

No. 1968679

File: 1708599065654.jpg (180.26 KB, 1200x800, z16088506AMP.jpg)

Same vibe but less testosterone.

No. 1968680

File: 1708599387063.png (1.12 MB, 2705x1150, rejected-goddess.png)

samefag, this tranny interacts with both frequently. they're all fucking vile, i truly hope tumblr cracks down on them once and for all

No. 1968683

You should have included the warning about not going full retard in the thread description.

No. 1968685

I really like Karen Davis for any current updates on abhorrent troon degeneracy. Terf Talk Downunder is great also for any nonnies interested in Australian-based content. There's also a detrans butch lesbian who does a good mix of personal stories and interviews (not all necessarily related to gc/detrans stuff) with other women about lesbian culture/history. I've really enjoyed her channel as an isolated lesbo https://www.youtube.com/@SourPatches2077

No. 1968691

wrong thread nona

No. 1968692

oh my god that is quite embarrassing i had both threads open thanks nonnie i wouldn't have noticed

No. 1968694

>The GROSS Twitch streamers using ASMR to trap men

Keeeek what the fuck?? Oh those poor widdle men are so weak for being controlled by the e-thot menace!!

No. 1968697

File: 1708602486501.jpg (801.37 KB, 972x2735, Screenshot_20240222-114345.jpg)

I wonder if the tumblr CEO is going to peak because of this. He seems like a normie liberal guy who is supportive of trans people in an early 2010s kind of way

No. 1968699

Nobody assaults, rapes or murders by mistake oh my fucking god. Troons are so fucking retarded. How surprising that they are eager to forgive violent criminals and are unable to empathize with victims.

No. 1968703

>I support adults making any modifications to their body that they like

So he's against minors transitioning?! Literal nazi

No. 1968707

I was about to say, they're gonna nail him to the wall for that

Fuck him once for allowing such a toxic atmosphere to permeate for this amount of time, where everyone is shocked Pikachu face that they're getting banned for rape and death threats (fucking after years), and double fuck him for shitting on his majority female base by forcing his female employees to use the same restrooms as the tims getting their axe wounds and mental health days paid for. Nothing about this scrote seems to have the slightest idea of what's going on, and at that point it's gotta be wilful

Crucify him

No. 1968713

What’s also creepy is that when I was a handmaiden watching contrapoints, he would use ‘gal pal’ a lot in his videos so seeing philosophytube use it after all this time creeps me out.

No. 1968715

File: 1708606019375.png (Spoiler Image,1.56 MB, 675x9539, woe is me.png)

spoilered due to huge screenshot

tl;dr tim and tif get into a debate about "transandrophobia", tim goes full victim mode after tif talks about her experience with misogyny

this is the type of shit that first peaked me, they're such narcissists it's unbelieveable

No. 1968722

kek, translation of the last post: i had to block this person before replying to make sure that i'm not told i'm wrong and that i'm not confronted with arguments i don't know how to reply to. also i am replying months later because that's how long i needed to come up with something. it's a pretty stupid troon debate though, like the tif is right to talk about misogyny but then trying to connect it with "manhood" and misandry is retarded.

No. 1968724

>emotionally manipulative strategy
>casts himself in the role of poor traumatized victim, while I’m cast as privileged and aggressive, violently denying his trauma
>if I don’t act as therapist and assuage this guy’s trauma, I’m the bad guy. If I disagree with him, I’m the bad guy. So he wins the debate.

Kek, isn’t this exactly what TIMs do every time they’re challenged? Complain about how they’re the most oppressed & raped people on the planet and disagreeing with them is LITERAL genocide? They sure do hate when their own strategies are used against them, huh?

No. 1968749

lol if they manage to run him off the site they’ll claim victory, fuck that. I hope he never leaves and the TIMs seethe about it

No. 1968752

I hope the same, but I'm still enjoying watching him squirm. If he peaks at all, I'll eat my hat. His scrote brain can't fathom how they're all like this

No. 1968753

File: 1708614080582.jpeg (169.33 KB, 585x945, 6B7F37FA-636C-4E2F-BE26-5948A9…)

he moved on to whining about it on twitter and acting like he was so unjustly banned and the ceo decided to pull out the alts he no doubt had heinous shit on

No. 1968754

i laughed at that too kek,
>you said that we trannies silence you and dont give you the space to talk so i shut down your ability to talk further on this post
>look what you made me do

No. 1968756

Matt is not dropping this and I am so glad

No. 1968757

File: 1708614667961.jpg (307.65 KB, 1080x1307, 1000037475.jpg)

>TIFs are upset that TIMs aren't posting more about the nonbinary Oklahoma girl.
Picrel the TIFS are peaking.
I don't care if it's petty, he needs to release everything he has on this degen troon now kek.

No. 1968758

KEK I hope he keeps telling the world what a huge degenerates are all trannies, like what the fuck are those names?

No. 1968759

lmao how much free time do trannies have to manage all these accounts…oppressed people don't have that much free time

No. 1968766

File: 1708617101447.jpeg (395.62 KB, 828x1276, tumblrlustfuldykequeen.jpeg)

Picrel- Tumblr trannies are somehow the foulest creatures imaginable. Making Reddit look tame.

I haven't watched her videos on Depp/Heard so I can't say in detail, but other than that opinion, nothing she's doing is 'anti-feminist'. Being 'conservative' at this point is just not being a deranged woke idiot. If you want an anti-troon far-left liberal you're gunna come up short.
No and disagree. She got into a fight because she doesn't agree with Genspect (considers it 'WPATH Lite') and their platforming of 'good' AGPs. Then she got really angry when Exulansic reported her to CPS over their disagreement on the matter.
KEK I'm starting to really enjoy Tumblr's CEO…(lurk more. this pic was already posted)

No. 1968771

>They're acting like the tumblr CEO killed him with his bare hands
If he did, he'd have done nothing wrong and I would support him.

No. 1968773

This has already been posted. Lurk moar.

No. 1968776

LMAO. fuck around and found out, furry

No. 1968778

Holy shit, those are his real alts? That's the kind of shit someone would come up with if they were making fun of the sort of handles troons pick. They're so degenerate they've devolved into parodies of themselves.
Also god bless Matt for dragging this tard. It's not a good look for a CEO and I wish he'd stop, but damned if he isn't serving up some great milk.

No. 1968780

If I said everything I wanted to say about this tranny I would catch a ban for alogging.

No. 1968782

File: 1708619588120.jpeg (102.37 KB, 1125x323, IMG_3439.jpeg)

Nothing screams feminist more than picrel and multiple anti-sjw style vids like 'why feminism is full of hypocrisy' which is just reeing about some Target shirts or whining about MeToo because of muh pwoor men.

No. 1968783

Kek. Love this for him, maybe Tumblr isn't so bad.

It's almost like maintaining two dozen porn blogs are more important to TIMs than the lives of women or children. Shocking.

No. 1968784

Nice Reddit spacing, retard. He's taking a stand against entitled trannies. If it causes him to resign or leave, I'll be pissed. You might not agree with his company policy, but he's doing a good thing here.

No. 1968785

File: 1708619993572.png (16.81 KB, 671x234, sheesh.png)

No. 1968786

Is it a breach of data privacy law or is tranny just coping?

No. 1968787

>The only religion we condemn wholesale is science
He's a tranny so that's a given kek

No. 1968788

It's cope.

No. 1968789

I don't want him to step down either, and yeah this fucking rules and I love it, but he also had it coming for letting them run roughshod for so long.

No. 1968791

100% cope. This is the same idiot that said they were looking into getting legal help because the blog got nuked.

No. 1968793

Off-topicy but are men really delusional about female MRAs? Lots of women have become disillusioned with so-called male "feminists" as they out themselves as being no different from their bros, the concept of a male feminist is a cynical joke nowadays.

But have men caught up with the same thing with female MRAs? Granted, I suppose it's because women aren't as sexually predatory like "male allies" (though their simps would probably salivate at the thought). And while I belive that some female MRAs are genuine in their cause of helping poow widdle men—I'm pretty sure a lot are doing it for the simpbux. Are these goofy aah men not really seeing that they're getting toyed with?

No. 1968796

File: 1708620838814.png (188.23 KB, 602x1416, 1662295944188.png)

I mean probably the only one's whoa are truly genuine are TIF one's, like this loser here.

No. 1968797

Only a fucking moid could believe that rapists can be reformed. They don't even realize how hopelessly male everything about their useless brain is.

No. 1968798

You can practically see this TiF peaking in real time. She understands that TiFs are mistreated because they're still perceived as women. She's so close to realizing that this is an issue of sex, not gender identity. The "oppression" experienced by TiMs is always either plain old homophobia (because normies perceive them as effeminate gay men) or the consequences of their own fucked up behavior. When TiMs get murdered, it's because they're HSTS drug addicted prostitutes whose Johns kill them in a "gay panic." When Republicans try to pass "anti-trans" laws, they're overcorrecting insane shit TRAs advocate like males in women's sport or medical transition of children. TiFs lost the right to abortions, what have TiMs lost? The "right" to lie on official documents in the state of Florida? The "right" to chemically castrate children? Come the fuck on.

"Transandrophobia," is just misogyny, and most of it within the community comes from woman-hating TiMs. They're infuriated when women have opinions they disagree with, so they use all sorts of rhetorical tactics to shut women down, in this case accusing the TiF of "sounding like a TERF," just because she pointed out that TiMs dominate the public discourse on trans shit. He doesn't want to engage with the substance of what she's saying because he can't argue with it. She's right on most of these counts, she just mischaracterizes it as "transandrophobia," instead of misogyny and socialization, which is what is actually is.

No. 1968803

It’s not just the TIFs who are mad, I’m seeing a lot of black users getting frustrated with how this situation is getting handled too(sage your shit)

No. 1968806

i hate contrapoints but the fact that philosophytube is skinwalking him so hard even after all these years is creepy as fuck, like why?
those usernames are barf inducing and even normies will see how disgusting their beloved troons are

No. 1968823

File: 1708628072736.png (205.97 KB, 588x619, 13680.png)

I hope predstrogen is enjoying the attention he wanted so badly. His dirty laundry is getting aired out on other sites, everyone's going to know he's an rape and incest loving pedophile by the end of the week. That and Twitter is less of an echo chamber than Tumblr is. The more he tweets the more he hurts his 'case' and he will not be able to get away with sexually harassing women on there. Couldn't have happened to a better person.
Tranny cope. Url squatting is against the rules too so he just admitted to breaking another section of the community guidelines.
I wouldn't be surprised if he thinks he's actually tranny George Floyd. He unironically uses being Irish as an oppression point.

No. 1968824

Howdy Doody puppet looking ass

No. 1968825

Something that I don't get is how his defenders are ignoring the "pred" part of the username. Like, seriously what else could it possibly be shortened from hmmm???

No. 1968829

File: 1708629441454.jpg (431.4 KB, 1408x920, waybackmachineurl.jpg)

lol these archived urls. fortunately no actual pages or content were archived due to tumblr's safety filter but do we really need that to know

No. 1968830

Those timestamps… does he not have a job?

No. 1968834

So this person admits there are quite a lot of pedophiles, narcissists, abusers, rapists and the like among male trannies? We been knew but thanks for the confirmation. I wonder what skeletons this guy has in his closet in order to defend rapists, abusers and murderers so much. Even IF (a big "IF" considering what troons are like) he hasn't done anything of the sort himself, at the very least he prioritizes the feelings of scum like that over victims of rape, abuse, murder etc. And then he wonders why sane people correctly deduce that he's a disgusting degenerate freak. These coomers are truly incredibly retarded and so very male.

Kek, no thanks. I wish these moids had actual reasons to feel unsafe because they deserve it.

No. 1968838

I don't have any reccs, but I'm interested in the anti-haes videos you're watching(sage your shit)

No. 1968843

I think it originates from the predator/prey dynamic within the vore fetish community. The “pred” is who eats the prey and he did have furry vore art all over his tumblr. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if he picked it as a way to gloat about the predatory stigma around brave and innocent tranzwimmen(sage your shit)

No. 1968847

Isn't he a paedophile? I wouldn't be surprised if he's only using vore as a scapegoat while he loudly and proudly calls himself a predator. There are enough screenshots in this thread that show that the faggots that support him are very much in favour of paedophilia and the such.

No. 1968860

File: 1708635954559.jpg (Spoiler Image,447.62 KB, 1536x2048, FhFFT6xX0AE-gcO.jpg)

after seeing the nudes he posts on his other twitter and taking about pervs on there, im not surprised he got nuked from tumblr

No. 1968863

File: 1708636696604.jpg (229.87 KB, 1200x1200, 1000091667.jpg)

A TIM killed a man and also tortured and killed a cat.

Do not read the article if you love cats.


I hope he gets life in prision.

No. 1968864

File: 1708636911925.png (177.26 KB, 736x732, LEeSV6l.png)

>A woman obsessed with violence and death

No. 1968865

File: 1708636923383.png (80.96 KB, 1119x1075, Screenshot 2024-02-22 152158.p…)

June 1st on the wayback machine

No. 1968866

>old man beer gut
>fat kid tits
>james somerton meat tube neck
>pasty doughball skin
>mouthbreather face

No. 1968870

His stomach looks the shape and size of a planet. If you have a beer belly, then taking pics from a low angle while wearing a tight outfit is the worst thing you could do unless you're actively trying to look bad

No. 1968872

He has a fat fetish and a feederism fetish. It's definitely on purpose.

No. 1968873

File: 1708638391606.jpg (171.77 KB, 1079x1709, FslJR-tWAAA3EWW.jpg)

from his nsfw twitter where he tells someone to kill themself for disagreeing with him

No. 1968875

File: 1708638782690.jpg (Spoiler Image,65.45 KB, 901x676, F88vIdIXEAA4NYs.jpg)

him actively engaging in the feederism fetish on a public twitter account that anyone can see

No. 1968877

Predstrogen was already a personal cow of mine before this shit and every time I would stalk his blog it would have so many posts all made the same day/recently. So no I don’t think he does anything which explains the retarded nuclear meltdown he had over losing a social media account

No. 1968878

fucking hell that’s nasty

No. 1968879

Does he have an STI or something? Why is his groin so red? Troons always have the worst hygiene

No. 1968880

File: 1708639428903.png (9.36 KB, 534x534, u1f42e_u1f92e.png)

it looks like a sweet potato and its touching a burger hes definitely gonna eat. Moids die from natural selection challenge

No. 1968881

tbh i just assumed it was a blending of progesterone and estrogen because i'm slightly stupid and theres no d in either of those words. upon realizing that i figured it's an irony thing like most tumblr URLs. in this case just being insecure about the predator stereotype and trying to make a joke on it. those were just my honest assumptions when i first saw the name on tumblr last year or so, if you're interested in anyones non rhetorical answer to probably a rhetorical question lol

No. 1968882

wait or possibly progesterone, androgen and estrogen . because hrt (samefag)

No. 1968883

that's razor burn luv

No. 1968884

Do you remember seeing anything that would have violated Tumblr's TOS? Explicit photos, links to his OF, loli shit, etc?

No. 1968886

Why is his dick shaped like that eugh

No. 1968887

File: 1708639943407.png (Spoiler Image,1.15 MB, 1212x1526, Screenshot 2024-02-22 161321.p…)

i just found this on the wayback machine on January 25th 2024

No. 1968889

File: 1708640094502.jpg (112.35 KB, 884x884, 209191-scarf-paskkarring.jpg)

No. 1968892

File: 1708640368883.png (173.22 KB, 1080x1340, Screenshot_20240222-172003-264…)

That final sentence. Why can't they be normal for like a SECOND

No. 1968893

Absolutely, other anons are finding his nudes on Archive but I remember he posted them quite often and also had an entire nsfw blog. I’m going to go through my screenshots because I bet I have at least a few from his blog, will post if I find any

No. 1968895

You can tell this is a TIF just from the way it's written. Humiliatingly clockable.

No. 1968899

I've had my run-ins with trannies for the better part of the past decade but this group psychosis still shocks me every time. Whoever this retard is describing doesn't even exist. I promise there are no people who want to fuck male trannies but don't constantly foam at the mouth at how important it is to view transwimmin as le women and how they deserve rights and whatever the fuck else.
>listen to tranny music or read tranny books
I'd rather go deaf and blind.

No. 1968900

>Don't let people hear what the evil terfs have to say!!! It might start making sense!!!

No. 1968901

File: 1708641652015.jpg (177.3 KB, 1080x1555, 1000037477.jpg)

I found prestrogen's old Tumblr, he used to go by fugghut (and I think his real name is Marc/Marcas? The name Marc is mentioned at least three times on his blog before he starts going by 'Macy'). If you go through his archive you can see his slow descent from Tumblr funnyman wannabe to pornbrained troon.

No. 1968906

File: 1708642227780.jpg (460.77 KB, 1080x1920, 1000037484.jpg)

Same anon, he used to look normal compared to now >>1968860. It's scary how porn rots the moid brain…

No. 1968914

BASED. I hope he continues to expose the facts troons didn’t “build” Tumblr and are a degenerate menace to a site that was actually built by teenage girls.

No. 1968919

Wow I can’t believe black people aren’t standing in solidarity with “bigcocktittygf” getting kicked off tumblr, he’s basically the new George Floyd according to troons.

No. 1968923

Wait, so he's not actually Irish? He's also just a white burger moid?? Fucking kek troons using oppression talking points straight out of the 1800s unironically is HILARIOUS

No. 1968926

He's allegedly from northern Ireland but I suspect he's lived in the US for a while

No. 1968928

If he's not in Ireland, that means any problems related to the GDPR are off the table. Not that there was much likelihood of it coming into play in the first place, given that the usernames of side accounts is not at all the sort of information it's designed to protect. It specifically pertains to data linked to someone's real life identity: things like location, phone numbers, cookies, etc. Honestly though, I hope this dumbass tries to take Matt to civil court, because he'd get annihilated and the milk would be glorious. Realistically though the troon will probably just use this debacle as an excuse to fleece a bunch of retards out of their money like trannies always do.

No. 1968929

File: 1708644467031.png (Spoiler Image,1.74 MB, 1071x1499, Screenshot 2024-02-22 172822.p…)

sadhopz February 20th, 2024

No. 1968931

waiting patiently for this one to get nuked too

No. 1968932

This was taken in Oregon. Not going to get more specific than that because we're not fruitfarms, but I was pretty easily able to figure out where this is. It's possible he was just there on vacation, though.

No. 1968933

File: 1708644903920.png (102.23 KB, 808x330, 4568768.png)

Another post from his old blog fugghut. He was being groomed online since he was 14 and he admits that he gets off to the idea of having his boundaries broken. Explains a lot.
Big if true but I do think he's from Northern Ireland. Maybe he has wealthy parents, I don't know how else he's affording to do nothing but post all day. He's also taking a trip to England soon.

No. 1968936

I don't even understand why "Irish" was brought up like it added to his oppreshun status. Irish people in Ireland are not oppressed. Well, the general population. I doubt anyone assumed he meant Irish traveller.

No. 1968937

File: 1708645206302.png (1.15 MB, 1139x1391, Screenshot 2024-02-22 174028.p…)

sadhopz November 18th, 2023
its really funny to me how he was so open about posting nudes and calling out tumblr staff for it prior but now he is an "innocent victim" and only got removed for posting his "progress pictures"

No. 1968939

Irish are the blacks of Europe and the most enslaved people in history according to them, that means if you’re an Irish-American troon you are double oppressed like if you were black and also a Jewish amputee orphan or something, DUH nonna try to keep up with the Oppression Olympics(racebaiting)

No. 1968940

i think he's quoting twin peaks with the final line. the worst line in the whole show kek

No. 1968956

File: 1708648169742.png (388.77 KB, 1116x1241, Screenshot 2024-02-22 183002.p…)

here he is acting like vore isn't a fetish and how he wants to interact with minors

No. 1968962

I am from Ireland and absolutely everyone I've seen online who claims Irishness as an oppression point has been some white American with no recent Irish ancestry. Even Irish people in the North, England, and parts of Scotland who legitimately face discrimination for being Irish don't bang on about the same way that Americans like this do. I guess white Americans trying to get SJW brownie points are just banking on people in the USA not knowing enough about Ireland to realise that we're not under colonial rule anymore. Irish people certainly aren't discriminated against in the USA anymore, so it's a stupid thing to add to his list of oppression points. Especially because someone would only be able to tell he was Irish if he told them, I seriously doubt he has an Irish accent or anything else that would make people think he's from Ireland and not just any other flavour of American.

No. 1968968

File: 1708650297886.png (22.76 KB, 578x250, 876543.png)

I just skimmed through his blog and thought tags on his fugghut blog, he is from Northern Ireland and he genuinely believes he's oppressed for being Irish (he's not a Unionist or Protestant you guys he's NORTHERN CATHOLIC IRISH!!!). It's a popular meme to hate on British people on Tumblr and Reddit so that's probably where he gets it from.
>I guess white Americans trying to get SJW brownie points are just banking on people in the USA not knowing enough about Ireland to realise that we're not under colonial rule anymore.
Yeah, leftist zoomers in America are under the impression that Irish people are still colonized and literally think they are the same as the Palestinians (I wish I was joking). It's just a way for him to get brownie points. Being a tranny isn't enough for him.
And if you call him a 'pervert', you are spreading lies about him even though he posts nudes and talks about his fetishes all the time.
>here he is acting like vore isn't a fetish and how he wants to interact with minors
He did say he had a kink for breaking boundaries because he was groomed when he was 14, so…

No. 1968971


based af but i'm worried he might lose his job over this. we know how trannies are and all the support they get.. the troon is repeatedly lying about things that can be proven like here >>1968968 he knows nobody will care about the truth

>i just assumed it was a blending of progesterone and estrogen because i'm slightly stupid and theres no d in either of those words
KEK same for some reason

No. 1968973

tumblr funnyman humour is so retarded, the ‘value’ trannies bring to that website is just degenerate moid fetishes, repetitive unfunny textposts like ‘i wanna sniff girl armpit teehee’, pics of his lard body in shein lingerie and death threats

No. 1968975

File: 1708651964276.png (27.87 KB, 526x270, 85752925740.png)

Look at how charitable he's being! Only a fool would pass up such a great deal!

No. 1968977

this agp really thinks he’s hot shit huh, watch him spaz out when Matt doesn’t give him the power he wants

No. 1968980

Kek what the fuck does he not understand about being banned for life from tumblr. How many fucking times does it have to be said, he is not getting his accounts back because he acted like a petulant child instead of emailing support and waiting a few days for a reply back like every other normal tumblr user who got their account deleted.


>he comes back
>he comes back yet again

No. 1968983

Sorry for blogpost but these tweets read like my emails to the Club Penguin mod team when I was like 8 and thought I was a L337 H4CK3R. Like the CEO of a social media company is going to be like…. oh, so you'll fuck off if I reinstate all your anime child porn blogs? Well, okay!
He's such a retarded faggot kek I hope he becomes even more of a retarded faggot, this shit is funny.

No. 1968985

File: 1708653493562.png (257.41 KB, 1080x1357, Screenshot_20240222_195743_Tum…)

>d-dont point out our bad behavior!
they just cant help but tell on themselves

No. 1968986

Men trying to shame people into not calling them out on bad shit they’ve done? Damn I couldn’t see that one coming.

No. 1968989

File: 1708653855735.jpeg (524.97 KB, 828x1442, IMG_5297.jpeg)

Can someone more fluent in moid attempt to explain how this scenario makes any sense?

No. 1968990

Does anyone else feel like the tranny vs tumblr thing has produced even more hostile tumblypoo PSAs about twans wimmin and twanmisogyny than usual? It feels like they collectively know that public support is dwindling so they're trying extra hard with this one. Lol. Feels kinda good.

No. 1968991

Samefag, just look at this kek >>1968989 they are GRASPING for straws SO HARD.

No. 1968993

There they go again comparing blog termination to fucking murder kek. These men have never been sleighted in their lives before this and it shows so fucking much

No. 1968994

it would feel better if they all werent lying to the tra retards who will believe anything they say. i really hope they double down on comparing one loser getting banned to genocide because that will start peaking anyone with a brain

No. 1968997

File: 1708654655050.png (185.45 KB, 1080x811, 68294473929.png)

Ignoring the dumb post itself but imagine being a clueless tra, seeing this shit and clicking on ops page to learn more, and the first thing you see is his fat naked ass on the screen and fat fetish furry porn reblogs. how can these people not see how degenerate all of them are? even during the tumblr "trans genocide" they cant stop cooming

No. 1969013

File: 1708659514041.jpg (125.44 KB, 1080x976, screenshot.jpg)

Yes kek

No. 1969018

what fetish does this degenerate not have?

No. 1969020

the way people are decrying this as "the outing of private information" is bizarre because, like, weren't these blogs publicly accessible? how is it private info if any old shmoe could find em?

No. 1969025

So the keychain is a metaphor for acknowledgement of biological sex and sex based oppression. That's supposedly the thing TIFs hold over TIMs. He's saying that if TIFs are allowed to point out that they are female and TIMs are male, and that males have advantages over females in society, then "cis" people will be able to do so too, and this will actually literally kill them to death. This is textbook abuser shit, "you're hurting me by telling me how I've hurt you". They are so desperate not to lose control over the women in their cult, they're going all out with the guilt trips and threats. But still, the women are starting to see through the fog.

No. 1969028

imagine if a woman told people they were dangerous around women for calling women "dudes" kek they'd get turned into a meme

No. 1969029

File: 1708663346870.png (121.21 KB, 708x400, 1651016775692.png)

>tweets read like my emails to the Club Penguin mod team when I was like 8
KEK they really do. This is a grown ass man acting like a petulant child who just got banned from Roblox.

No. 1969030

File: 1708663361316.jpeg (251 KB, 828x718, IMG_5298.jpeg)

What is all this bullshit about data protection laws being breached? Does it hold any scrutiny or is it mad ramblings?

No. 1969032

Hilarious that someone who filmed himself fucking a cheeseburger now deserves “privacy.” Nobody leaked any private information, he published all this degenerate shit on main with his identity visible. The troons have now escalated to claiming anyone who disagrees with them, tells the truth about them, holds them accountable for their own words or actions, or even criticizes them for rape or murder(!) is an evil genocidal TERF. They don’t want equality or fair treatment, they want total unquestioning compliance & coddling. They’re saying the quiet part out loud lately, and it’s peaking people like crazy.

No. 1969033

This. It gives off the same vibe as obnoxious males who cry about how "scared" they are of being accused of rape.

No. 1969035

this is hilarious because no community that's actually persecuted by the majority would act like that. they whine and whine and lie and silence/censor/shame people because they can. not very oppressed minority of them.

No. 1969036

It's baloney. I explained why already upthread:
>the usernames of side accounts is not at all the sort of information it's designed to protect. It specifically pertains to data linked to someone's real life identity.
And all of this supposes that Pred is currently in Europe, which he might not be. Also, GDPR is an EU law, and it's unclear whether it applies to Northern Ireland post-Brexit even he does currently live there. If he's in Oregon, then literally none of this applies and Matt could be at liberty to reveal a lot more and still be acting within the boundaries of the law.

No. 1969041

Where are you guys seeing people get freshly peaked. I mean I want to believe, but all the people I follow on tumblr are either rev logging in solidarity, gently pussyfooting around it, or they’re crypto radfem like me and therefore already peaked and saying nothing.

No. 1969050

Youtube has been randomly recommending me channels with 10 subscribers and I got recommended this tranny that wears pillows in his shirt with the typical hoarder trash in the background. From what I got from this video he want to have "giant mommy milkers" but for people to see him as "more than a giant pair of boobs because I have feelings and emotions."

This dude goes out in public looking like this btw.

No. 1969053

troon supporters don't care. there's nothing bad about coomshit to them

No. 1969054

its tumblr, dude.
their moidbrains always jump straight to guns and murder

No. 1969056

women all over the world begging giant corporations to stop using the words “uterus haver” and “birthing body” because it’s degrading and dangerous and you’re complaining about the word dude…

No. 1969057

File: 1708670373369.jpeg (262.23 KB, 1170x660, IMG_7576.jpeg)

troon now decides to fake having a mental disorder and blames it on the internet
you cant just get DID as an adult, it only forms during early childhood

No. 1969060

I'm a recent newfag that's currently peaking, if that counts…

I found this site some months ago and only started using it more heavily within the last month. I was on Tumblr in 2011, right as all the trans shit was starting to rise up, and I took the bait. I trooned out for a short time as a teen too. Despite that I've always had reservations about the trans "community", especially when I realized I was struggling with internalized misogyny and not gender dysphoria.

What really opened my eyes initially was a thread on here that had links to different statistics on crimes committed by tims (despite claims that these sort of things never happen), and I kinda just fell down the rabbit hole. I got a lot of deprogramming to do, but…yeah(blogposting)

No. 1969066

File: 1708672470092.png (362.27 KB, 1170x1235, dumbass.png)

No. 1969074

File: 1708673689672.jpg (124.27 KB, 1170x656, Tumblr_l_116307274374901.jpg)

Omg nothing is ever enough attention for trannies

No. 1969079

File: 1708674355513.jpg (Spoiler Image,363.42 KB, 1536x2048, FhFAL-wX0AEqhG0.jpg)

from MoinyaNSFW his public fetish twitter nudes account… how do you have that much nasty musty cock hair(unsaged nonmilk)

No. 1969083

File: 1708675789109.png (6.13 KB, 443x73, Screenshot 2024-02-23 021101.p…)

imagine thinking anyone sees you as anything other than a man and he/him

No. 1969084

I guess he was trying to keep them all separate but yea that’s not the same thing as “exposing private information” lmfao

No. 1969086

I don't post NSFW shit and threats, I'll be fine lmao.

No. 1969099

>Gently pussyfooting around it
I feel bad because I pretty much fall into this camp outwardly. I have too much at risk right now by pissing off the tranny mafia. I think I have been able to identify some of my crypto mutuals through this whole thing though. There are lots of us out here, I think a lot of fellow artists on tumblr are peaked but can't say much.

No. 1969112

I just don't get why specifically this is the random blog deletion they're rallying behind. If there was a conspiracy against them on tumblr wouldn't a lot more blogs be deleted? Why can't one blog possibly have actually broken rules rather then it somehow being a sign of the end times?

No. 1969113

More blogs have been deleted but it's mainly because these reddit migrant TIMs keep sending threats to the CEO guy, or tagging him in posts with threats, and getting insta banned. And every time I see an annoying post about this, I report the OP for sexual content

No. 1969118

Holy shit- i thought this was contrapoints for a minute. The skinwalk is real.

No. 1969125


this video is un fucking believable.

tranny goes to a restaurants, gets questioned by a group of males, takes out his rage on the female waiter for not stepping up to a group of BLOKES.


peak material.(this is an imageboard)

No. 1969126

and of course he has the agp smirk

No. 1969128

He has his own thread, nona.

No. 1969129

File: 1708689098744.jpg (271.74 KB, 810x1338, Screenshot_20240222-225014_Red…)

Yet another receipt for the AGP archives:

No. 1969137

no way , really???? thanks for telling me

No. 1969141

Here anon >>>/snow/1927025

>man sending death threats and posting fetish porn is banned
>They will come for you too!!! Hate doesn't stop at one target!! No one is safe!1
So fucking dramatic. Was it not hateful of the troon to wish death on people?

No. 1969147

First they came for the furry porn, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a furry. Then they came for the troons, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a troon. Then they came for the vore posters, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a vore poster. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

No. 1969149

does she not realise she looks exactly like those video game characters she is calling ugly? they look healthy but average in "beauty", as most of us are. what warped worldview does she have to think this is ugly. sad.

No. 1969159

phimosis. uts kind of interesting how often troids have deformed penises, even before their shit atrophies

No. 1969163

>it LITERALLY KILLS ME to have my loli porn feederism vore blog deleted
>this is also ALL WOMEN'S FAULT

No. 1969164

this is literally exactly like jews in the holocaust. funny these idiots were shitting over a right winger comparing rw shit to the holocaust but now its fine bc the holy transwoman was upset. these ppl have no beliefs

No. 1969168

File: 1708699653459.jpg (214.61 KB, 1080x760, 1000037489.jpg)

Picrel, good riddance! I'm glad they're finally leaving.
Getting banned for posting fetish loli incest feeder porn and threatening violence against women is just like Kristallnacht and Tumblr is just like Nazi Germany and the CEO is literally Adolf Hitler.

No. 1969169

I won't hold my breath because they love threatening to leave while never actually fucking off, but I hope this means I'll see less of their gross coomer URLs in my notifs all the time

No. 1969171

KEK blogpost but I had to block a tranny off of social media because he was unironically posting about the twans “genocide” and as a jew I wanted to strangle him. it’s so retarded and honestly disrespectful. they have no understanding of what genocide actually means
Oh noooo!! What will we ever do without the beloved trannies ruining tumblr too! Kek it’s hilarious because that site is probably the biggest hugbox they’ll find on the internet, besides maybe reddit since half the reddit mods are trannies themselves

No. 1969173

found this on the wayback machine for a discord server he is running
if anyone can get screenshots

No. 1969174

nonnies better hop to it before this window of opportunity closes kek.

No. 1969182

If nobody told you that this was about a Tumblr blog, you would think they were talking about nailing mfers to a crucifix or some shit.

No. 1969184

File: 1708703657665.jpeg (113.48 KB, 1080x1010, WSUwynI.jpeg)

No. 1969185

Yep, we’re in there! I have a couple of well-meaning mutuals reblogging these whiny posts and I wish they knew the whole story. Only a couple though… I also suspect, as you said, a lot of people are saying nothing because they see this for the retarded shit it is.

No. 1969186

>what about the accused has anyone thought of the accused does anyone care for the accused I don't believe victims they're insidious liars
Didn't even have to say they were a tranny, I knew that was a moid moiding as soon as he said he stands blindly by crossdessing moid pedos. Moids be moiding.

No. 1969187

They need to plaster this post in front of every TIF's eyes. They have gone completely mask off

No. 1969188

There’s got to be a breaking point where a majority of people start going ‘huh… these people are fucking freaks and protect their worst at the expense of everyone else. Maybe we SHOULDN’T cater to these mentally ill freaks’

No. 1969192

Native person here feeling your pain lmfao

Bring it up and they go "THE TRAIL OF TEARS I'M SURE INCLUDED THOUSANDS OF QUEERS" which somebody smarter and meaner than me needs to turn into a fun protest slogan

No. 1969193

I'm ignoring it because I see it for the retardation that it is, especially since most of them keep comparing some retard getting banned to the systemic killings of Black and Jewish people, misinterpreting quotes from famous civil rights leaders, feminists, etc. As a POC that shit is peaking me quicker than anything else.

No. 1969194

Unfortunately I've seen plenty of TIFs on my dash reblogging posts about some troon being 'falsely accused' of being a pedo, kinda curious about who actually got accused

No. 1969197

File: 1708705298480.jpg (35.07 KB, 619x172, tc.JPG)

I would say this is a form harassment, so he did violate the terms and conditions and therefore he was rightfully terminated. There were many more violations, so he shouldn't be too surprised. And if you are so stupid to violate the rules on Tumblr and don't have a backup, it's your own fault, everyone knows that they will delete it without warning. I like how stupid they are, kek.

No. 1969200

File: 1708705565423.jpeg (214.88 KB, 828x591, IMG_5299.jpeg)

How mad is he going to be when said ‘lawyer’ tells him this entire thing is a nothingburger and he can’t force Tumblr to reinstate his porn blogs?

No. 1969201

File: 1708705597382.png (467.96 KB, 543x1599, fhc6WHw.png)


Might be Kara of Cohost dev fame. stopscammingartists on Tumblr has made callouts about him being a disgusting moid and I know he's friends with Eevee, known partner of glitchedpuppet (who has her own kiwifarms thread).

archive link: https://archive.is/St3E9

No. 1969204

if the lawyer does try to make a case it could be a wild time when the defense lawyer digs deep and brings all the actual TOS violations to light and the public that took predsterones word will have to contend with it lol. the discovery file on these high profile cases can be so full of dirt

No. 1969207

god that would be so funny, i hope he is dumb enough to do it

No. 1969210

Oh my god he’s preparing the gofundme narrative.
I’d bet a thousand dollars he’s going to set up a crowdfund for the legal proceedings and then disappear off the face of the earth.

No. 1969211

File: 1708706704438.jpg (357.04 KB, 1301x1226, eevee-defend.jpg)

Believe all victims except when it's a tranny? Got it!
Same nona, except I peaked a year before this happened. It's the fact that they keep comparing their struggles to real civil rights movements. A grown man not being able to use the same bathroom as a little girl is not the same as racial segregation.
I noticed that since the TIMs infested the site, Tumblr has been getting more 'radinclus/radqueer'. There's people unironically defending pedos and zoos now, even handmaiden TIFs. I give Twitter a lot of shit, but at least the TIFs on there do not defend the bi lesbians pro-para shit. I do believe more reasonable people are waking up to this though, everyone has their breaking point.
>kinda curious about who actually got accused
Kara and Eevee. Kara is a former Discord trust and safety moderator. He would ban anyone making fun of furries and iirc, he would ignore reports about cub porn. He now helps run Cohost. Cohost allows cub/babyfur art to be posted on the website.
The other 'falsely accused' troon is Eevee. Long story short, he's a pedozoo. He advocated for legalizing CP, said that he could talk an eight year old into having sex, and would often post about wanting to have sex with various animals, including dogs and dolphins. His wife is Glitchedpuppet, another pedozoo who raped her dog Apollo and she would talk at lengths about wanting to molest little boys. Her ex-husband, Marl, groomed a minor (for the purposes of having sex with dogs). GP was aware of this and did nothing to stop it. Both Marl and GP even met the minor IRL. Eevee and GP are most known for Floraverse, an +18 comic that GP and Eevee use to groom children. More information on them is here >>1969201, I'm not too familiar with this Kara person tbh. If people are defending Eevee and GP that is incredibly upsetting because they have actual victims, both animals and children.

No. 1969212

They always want to protect the pedos and harm their victims further. It's an intimidation tactic meant to keep CSA victims silent, because they know troons have a MASSIVE pedophilia and grooming problem. Imagine being a CSA survivor and reading this, knowing people openly will dismiss them and call them liars if they're ever brave enough to speak out - it's telling them they'll side with their abuser 100% of the time, and that truth doesn't matter at all to them. They are vile, disgusting and evil.

No. 1969213

happy you found your way here nonnie, and don't be hard on yourself, with how aggressively transideology is pushed because of how greatly it benefits men it's no surprise young women are being taken advantage of

No. 1969214

Thanks for clearing that up. I used to follow the glitchedpuppet drama and I can't believe it's all circled back to her and her nasty scrotes again lmfao. Even more disappointed in the TIFs for blindly reblogging posts obscuring the fact that the accused troons actually have a history of being pedos/dog fuckers.

No. 1969215

To me it's reads like they're trying to excuse TIM inappropriate behaviour. And basically like, if you're a TIF deal with a TIM who does something that's sexually gross you have to ignore it for the health of the trans community and not pull the trigger. But maybe I'm wrong. That what it seems like.

No. 1969217

File: 1708707834962.jpeg (665.75 KB, 1427x1426, IMG_0837.jpeg)

Dear god make it stop

No. 1969219

File: 1708707927772.jpeg (972.53 KB, 1396x1549, IMG_0838.jpeg)

No. 1969221

Honestly, there have been a few. I can't remember the URLs off the top of my head and don't have caps, but some popular troon regularly posted loli hentai screencaps and was called out for that. I think he was even one of pred's friends. There was the Cohoat tranny too, and other popular bloggers getting semi-frequent callout posts. Even Sarah Z blogged about it in defense of TIMs. It's because TIFs on Tumblr are historically the "that's problematic" crowd and they're cohabitating with TIMs who violate all their moral norms in ways that would get any TIF ousted. In response, TIMs have been working overtime to reframe it as "problematic" and "transmisogynistic" to take issue with their pedo bestiality incest detrans fetishes and TIFs are pretty split on whether to cave or not. All this discourse stems from women trying to protect their space from men who post about raping little girls and then getting a
shamed into silence. It's very bleak.

No. 1969222

It’s sadly hilarious because as soon as I saw the headline I knew he wasn’t a female because XX havers are not capable of gleefully torturing cats and putting them in a blender and killing men. Then as soon as I saw the trans mention I had to take a chuckle. I only wish the worst for the scrote and the people enabling him and skewing our statistics.

No. 1969223

Look at how many fundamentalist Mormons in Utah are still living in polygamist compounds and believing that Warren Jeffs is their prophet who talks directly to God when he is, at this current moment, rotting in a jail cell for raping a 12 year old.

Troonism is a fucking cult. Incidents like these will keep happening, and every incident will make some people peak and cause some TIFs to wake up and detransition, but watching cult documentaries has shown me that a certain percentage of the population will continue to believe and support crazy shit until it literally kills them.

No. 1969224

"Genocide" like trans genocide or Palestine? Either way, them hiding it and just making a little "oh also the man who was brutally murdering cats and a person is a transwoman, so lets be respectful and add this MAN into women statistics" I also watched the video and his voice vs the women is so funny keeek

No. 1969225

File: 1708708461286.jpg (162.67 KB, 1280x1280, FAOyuRIVcAYWbP0.jpg)

No. 1969227

File: 1708709231898.png (190.63 KB, 592x837, 13245678.png)

Predstrogen mentioned lurking Lolcow kek. It's definitely Matt's fault you're being discussed on here…
I can't wait for the Gofundme lolsuit arc. Keffals lives in Northern Ireland too, maybe he can give predstrogen scamming tips.
No problem, nona. GP and her zoo crew are like cockroaches. Eevee still advocates for grooming minors with porn to this day. It feels like I'm going insane when I see posts defending him.
I can only hope that this is the first time most of these women have heard of predstrogen and they haven't looked into it beyond he got 'banned for posting a transition timeline'.

No. 1969228

Exactly what I was thinking. He's going to crowdfund money and then ghost.
This doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of making it to the courtroom so I won't feel sorry for anyone dumb enough to believe his lie of needing to pay for a lawyer.

No. 1969229

he sent that anon himself to that tumblr to try and show that he is being 'doxxed'.

No. 1969235

I have a feeling he posted his link here too. Btw, Marc/Predstrogen doesn't consider feederism or vore to be 'nsfw' >>1968956 so there still could be cub or loli shit on there even if it's not explicit. We have more than enough evidence of his degen behavior on here anyways. My only real concern would be if there's minors on his server but again we already have evidence of him wanting to interact with children inappropriately.

No. 1969240

File: 1708710875539.jpeg (301.21 KB, 1011x1689, IMG_0910.jpeg)

Somehow this post came up on my Reddit feed and not only do you get a retarded question from a retarded moid but also another retarded moid airing out his fetish in the comments and rejoicing in the sarcastic sexist caricature of women while the actual women are trying to respond to the original retarded sexist question.
I don’t understand how TERFs get called paranoid for saying that trannyism is a fetish rooted in sexism and misogyny when there’s so many comments from trannies admitting just that.

No. 1969241

And then they try to appropriate two-spirit natives (who were considered a THIRD gender, not trans women btw) to justify their transvestic fetishism kek
Heh they can never be subtle about their fetish. Everything must be sexual!

No. 1969245

Don’t post his ugly dick nobody wants to see that shit

No. 1969248

of course he’s lurking kek he probably googles himself to see if he’s getting negative attention so he can whine about being literally hatecrimed some more

No. 1969249

lmao embarrassing, pathetic even

No. 1969250

File: 1708711633050.jpeg (542.84 KB, 828x965, D439A3B5-7056-4365-8CDF-007937…)

because you want to be a little girl.

No. 1969251

I hope he keeps feeling like shit so he can finally commit.

No. 1969256

my personal conspiracy theory is that that's why the terms transfemme/transmasc were made like these people dont want to be real ass adult men and women with jobs and lives outside of the internet, they want to be little anime girls and soft bois or whatever

No. 1969259

File: 1708713451407.jpeg (508.13 KB, 828x1111, IMG_5300.jpeg)

You couldn’t waterboard this information out of me

No. 1969261

uhhh that sounds hot honestly. who is administering such orgasms?

No. 1969263

And today, in /thathappened…. or shall I say in /typingmyfetishfantasyonredditandpretendingit'sreal

No. 1969271

fake, typed with one hand, lesbian conversion fantasy, etc. also i've never seen a hint of ftt lesbian porn before

No. 1969279

Wtf why hasn't he seen a fucking doctor about it? Moids are so fucking disgusting jfc.

No. 1969289

If he lurks here he isn't very good at it, because "raids" (cowtipping or touching the poop) are against the rules both here and on Kiwifarms.

No. 1969290

Are there any more caps handy of him telling people to kill themselves?

No. 1969296

he tells people to kill themselves here

No. 1969301

File: 1708717629090.png (105.23 KB, 1046x346, Screenshot 2024-02-23 134845.p…)

madhopz on the wayback machine from March 15th 2022

No. 1969303

File: 1708718003623.jpg (929.01 KB, 1800x1800, 1000026832.jpg)

I keep seeing posts on tumblr basically saying you cant point out TIMs gross behavior at all anymore (left is an example and right is the post being discussed)

No. 1969311

Hi nonnie, your rant/experience is welcome on the hidden board! There’s a vent thread there where you can talk about it without getting banned.

No. 1969316

yadda yadda yadda evil AFABs (women) have the ability to ruin the lives of poor persecuted transwomen (sick moids) with accusations (reports of the shit he did) and if you care about them, you'll defend them and look the other way.

No. 1969319

God, they are so determined to change a cornerstone of terminally online TIF culture kek. TIFs have always heavily policed one another because women in general are very quick to call each other out (too quick, even). They are treating TIMs the exact same way they've been treating each other for years, but now it's literally shooting and killing trannies that TIFs are holding them to the same standards they hold each other to. Men cannot integrate into women's spaces to save their lives.

No. 1969323

File: 1708723169082.png (32.81 KB, 522x245, 5678.png)

The OP of the Cohost callout post was dogpiled so bad that she backtracked on it and is giving money to random TIM's cashapps as an apology and it STILL isn't enough. Btw, the other dog fucking child grooming pedophile is Eevee, a self-admitted dog fucking grooming pedophile.

No. 1969332

trust all victims!
literally the oposite
they aremen through and through

No. 1969342

how to find it with no info…(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1969345

File: 1708725972697.jpeg (143.95 KB, 1080x1756, received_1346053382764481.jpeg)

What an infantilizing rewrite of what actually happened. Also, the gender critical and generally radfem-adjacent tags are completely spammed out with weird fetish photos and people reposting vent posts made by gender critical blogs, probably to make it harder to see what actually is going on

No. 1969353

File: 1708727682707.gif (986.61 KB, 500x361, IMG_2072.gif)

>Can you imagine a tumblr without troons?

No. 1969364

File: 1708729612866.png (89.86 KB, 640x399, IMG_9488.png)

No. 1969377

Holy fuck this is such a Male Brain moment. Imagine this shit in real life, some troon goes into a public gallery or something and posts up their disgusting fetish art. When they’re asked to leave they start yelling about how they hope the owner gets murdered or how they’re going to blow up their car. When the owner trespasses them from the business they start crying transmisogyny and genocide, just because a business isn’t allowing them to behave however they want on their property without consequence.

No. 1969379

>cycle repeats every 2-3 months
The fuck is he talking about, this is the first time I've ever seen something like that happen on Tumblr.

No. 1969380

>At some point you need to decide what you value more: keeping pedophiles and dogfuckers out of your community, or protecting twans wimmins' feewings.

No. 1969390

same person made a post saying the sex offender registry shouldnt exist because "nothing warrants being put on a public list" someone needs to check this bozo's hard drive

No. 1969392

File: 1708734163087.jpg (546.6 KB, 1080x1881, 1000008519.jpg)

Big if true.

No. 1969393

Wow so just #notallmen but for troons, huh

No. 1969395

You don’t have to imagine anything nonna, it already happens in women’s spas and locker rooms and lesbian bars and domestic violence shelters everywhere. Troons scream about their “human rights” to flash their dicks to women, people accommodate them for woke points, troon does something creepy and gets kicked out by management, troons & TRAs protest and hurl death threats and whine about LiTeRaL GeNoCiDe and try to get the business shut down. It’s already real life.

No. 1969408

File: 1708736635771.jpg (70.27 KB, 852x499, 3tTC6Xy.jpg)

more from this fucking freak. yeah man im sure you totally dont have skeletons in your closet and dont deserve to be on the sex offender list. wheres batman when you need him

No. 1969411

It really is funny how men will be men no matter what costume they wear.

No. 1969412

File: 1708737422662.jpeg (50.08 KB, 602x339, IMG_2073.jpeg)

>in the past I have not been a great person
This dude 100% has a stash and has cybermolested multiple children. Imagine how far his stomach dropped into his ass when the CEO mentioned getting the FBI involved.

No. 1969413

File: 1708737539596.jpg (129.43 KB, 854x829, vZBdtqg.jpg)

this freak is allegedly """TME""" aka female

No. 1969414

being pro-sex offenders is definitely one way to pass as male so really props to her for committing to the bit

No. 1969415

He could start by not thinking of the vagina as a device that you "operate". He could also stop watching porn and actually make an effort in bed, but we all know that's not going to happen.

No. 1969416

File: 1708737845494.jpg (176.85 KB, 852x843, vs2AGx4.jpg)

LMFAO well apparently this dumbfuck is a "bigender weirdboy with girlish tendencies"

No. 1969417

File: 1708737968509.mp4 (1.77 MB, 400x880, cheater.mp4)

fucking Canada

No. 1969429

File: 1708740919420.jpg (425.24 KB, 1080x1227, 1000055260.jpg)

Why do they ruin everything? Can't enjoy alt fashion anymore

No. 1969431

Sorry for the necropost but I came here from googling for an image. Neither of the people in this image are women. This image is about comparing hunter schafer trannies to charles clymer trannies.(sage your shit)

No. 1969437

Holy shit based. Tumblr CEO guy TERF arc when? Since Tumblr was responsible for the creation of so many trannies in the first place it'd be amazing if the CEO peaks because of this.

No. 1969438

Porn exists of everything under the sun nonna. That said, this is definitely some moid in a skirt’s cuckold fantasy.

No. 1969439

It makes me sick to see all these paraphilic old moids inserting blatant sissy fetish content into spaces meant for women to share fashion ideas. I can’t even read user reviews for women’s clothing online without some smirking dude’s euphoria boner in my face.

No. 1969441

Source? This is the first I’ve heard of this

No. 1969445

I don't think this is true. The man on the left is definitely 'Charlotte' Clymer, but the woman on the right is as yet unidentified (AFAIK). Clymer claims 'The young woman in that original pic was very kindly praising my work and asked for advice on trans-inclusive policies', so I highly doubt she is anything other than your garden variety handmaiden. I found this in a Pinkews article. If you saw this before I deleted, corrected and reposted it, no you didn't.

Link: https://www.thepinknews.com/2019/07/19/trans-activist-4chan-trolls-circulating-image-online/

No. 1969447

File: 1708747854004.jpeg (611.64 KB, 2372x1657, IMG_7254.jpeg)

Yuck, look at this ugly ogre trying to squeeze himself into a dress.

No. 1969450

it always makes me sad to see photos like this taken at SF cons… like, you can wear a dress and be a dude, no one's saying you can't, especially not in a space like that. Why you gotta be weird about it and insist we all have to call you a woman because skirt?

No. 1969460

File: 1708752035831.png (329.97 KB, 1192x1204, Screenshot 2024-02-24 at 14.21…)

twitter infighting is so delightful, but i can't help but wonder how more people haven't peaked seeing dumbass discussions like this

No. 1969463

so fucking hideous. i’m sick of seeing ugly hons

No. 1969465

Tumblr always was and forever will be a cesspool of genderspecial garbage regardless of these events

No. 1969466

File: 1708753880256.png (726.11 KB, 904x1116, 1000003846.png)

Nonnies, does any of you have more info on Cherno Biko and the tif he assaulted? All I can find is his weird self-pitying confession

No. 1969468

Nonnas, whenever you might feel insecure, just remember there’s a tranny out there 200% more ugly than you with 1000% the self-confidence you have. Let us all learn from these stunning & brave trannies about what means to embrace self-love

No. 1969472

File: 1708755340257.png (55.23 KB, 874x226, Screenshot 2024-02-20 180732.p…)

"pursue my dreams" by selling filtered nudes of yourself because your only personality trait is being a tranny.

No. 1969473

File: 1708755552668.jpg (190.99 KB, 1000x792, bafkreiazkguu63fj6ftk4wvbez3sm…)

100 percent of trannies are absolutely the ugliest bunch of freaks you'll ever come across.

No. 1969474

kek at his profile picture hiding his man jaw

No. 1969479

Dr Who is very cool if you're a kid, I wish hulking troons weren't into it.

No. 1969482

And this is why you are being pushed "six feet underground"

No. 1969483

This sounds like someone trying to get ahead of true rape accusations I hate this thread oml

No. 1969488

File: 1708758945264.jpg (212.11 KB, 1080x1137, 1000015081.jpg)

Get a job.

No. 1969489

This thread took a dark turn when Tumblr troons started getting posted. I always knew they were pedo degenerates, but to see them saying the quiet parts SO loud and daring anyone to challenge them is chilling.

No. 1969490

tumblr radfems gets termed en mass on the daily for saying "women deserve rights" and yet do not make self-pitying posts like these. Male mental weakness, when you've been used to being catered to your whole life and never told "NO"

No. 1969491

File: 1708759693461.jpg (85.93 KB, 1080x592, Screenshot_20240224_083001_Gal…)

A fucking troon and a murderer killed a cat in a horrifying way and now was found guilty of killing a man. Unfortunately the media refers to the murderer as "woman".

>"sexual gratification from the thought of violence and the thought of death" (opinion about the troon cited in article)

>A video Blake filmed of the cat killing was considered so graphic it would not be shown in court in an unedited form, Ms Morgan said. But stills were shown of Blake smiling at the camera and of the cat restrained.
Tranny's quotes from the video:
>"Here we go my little friend… I can't wait to put you through the blender."
> "Well I wonder where I learn to do this to a person."

No. 1969492

>men pretending to be women relying on tumblr for income so they can continue being porn addict neets.
Mega kek these retards are finally seeing some minor consequences for their actions.

No. 1969495

This is so upsetting, idk how I'm going to go to sleep after reading the description. And now that crime is pinned on us. Hell world.

No. 1969496

File: 1708760175636.jpeg (43.54 KB, 248x246, IMG_8331.jpeg)

This guy is such a cow, he's having a massive meltdown because he holds records in women's powerlifting in Alberta, but the premier just announced they will be legislating against men being allowed to compete against women in competitive sports (they will have trans/open categories). Hopefully when that's enacted, his bullshit records will be expunged too. He's also the one who said that women just aren't trying hard enough to beat him, and mocked the female weightlifters for having smaller arms with a T rex doll on the podium.
Picrel, he deliberately makes his cutting scars the display frame of his rant videos when he's acting like a victim. Dude is a clown.

No. 1969499

File: 1708760870346.jpeg (497.85 KB, 750x930, IMG_8335.jpeg)

No. 1969500

late but the idea that he can hide behind being in his 20s is hilarious on the site that memes on kids going "wait no I'm a minor" when being called out for their shit. parasites begone
proof this man literally only follows female tumblr users for coom, the primary creators of good (and crazy) thinkpieces on tumblr have always been women. the closest I get to seeing people complain about people and their "big words" are people crying that the terf blogs are too good at making their points and that the words are so convincing that one read could turn you into a terf, hence the reason for blocklists.
unless he means girls laughing at ridiculous words like "cisheteropatriarchal" when the hetero is already part of patriarchy and if you believe in trans then cis would be too cause no women (trans men) are allowed into manhood.
>Female gender studies majors were doing this on Tumblr in 2010. Nice try.
exactly, most internet feminist and gender studies memes came from tumblr blogs. half of these troons laughed at them from 4chan before invading and acting like they could do it better without the degrees or literary background.
the people accused of pedophilia/zoophilia who are innocent are the exceptions, not the otherway around stupid troid
ok but why do those look super shallow and like he did them as an angry tween to try and make someone feel bad but not actually hurt himself. or at most they were a result of uncontrollable anger and not actually feeling depressed or suicidal like a lot of boy's "self harm" is

No. 1969502

File: 1708761222531.jpeg (413.86 KB, 1936x1227, IMG_8339.jpeg)

Here he compares not being allowed to compete against other women to racial segregation. They really cannot stop themselves from appropriating actual oppressed people's struggles.

No. 1969506

File: 1708763532649.png (982.3 KB, 1414x2041, nex.png)

This male spent an entire post sperging about how predatorestrogen was banned and then tacked Nex onto the post as a footnote, without a single word of sympathy. The en masse peaking can't come soon enough. Imagine dying and then having your face on a furry fetish blog. Not to mention the media turning you into an effigy and your fellow community members making your death all about themselves (her tag on tumblr is all me me me too, it's not just this guy).

No. 1969509

False, but nice try.

No. 1969511

>I don't feel uncomfortable when people say I'm a man or boy irl, they just make me feel sad
But being called a "woman" causes problems? It sounds like a misogyny problem

No. 1969512

File: 1708770464222.png (332.78 KB, 1080x1720, Screenshot_20240224-052739~2.p…)

Another dad wants to be mom

No. 1969513

File: 1708770495774.png (354.96 KB, 1080x2098, Screenshot_20240224-052755~2.p…)

Just call your dad "Lolly"!

No. 1969518

These faggots all think they're in a goddamned movie or something at all times, and an awfully written, overdramatic one at that. No one is fucking killing trans kids! People are killing and raping little girls on the daily tho, partially because of the grotesque pedophilic media these guys proclaim is their god given right to create and distribute. Palestinian children having their heads blown off. Real trumpian level "they're actually coming after YOU when they come after me!". Stop being obtuse.

No. 1969519

File: 1708772705641.png (68.22 KB, 637x623, Screenshot 2024-02-24 10.56.43…)

this is the treatment women are receiving for merely posting why predstrogen was removed

No. 1969520

They're so fucking male it hurts. Like violent threats over being recognised as a degenerate rapist.

No. 1969524

I’m shocked that there are people being sort of level, this is some progress at least that these comments aren’t jumping to scream her down and say she MUST let him be mom too.

No. 1969526

File: 1708774972337.jpeg (207.68 KB, 960x1200, IMG_2070.jpeg)

This is the victim btw, Jorge Martin Carreno, an electrical engineer from Seville and one of three triplet brothers. I can’t imagine the grief his family have been through. Losing a child and a sibling is bad enough. Imagine your loved one being murdered by a psychotic troon and having everyone on both sides of the case pussyfoot around it to protect the mental health and ego of the man who murdered your son. Every media report about Brianna Ghey mentioned that they were trans in the headline, “trans teen murdered” this and “transphobic killers on trial” that, so why does it take three paragraphs minimum before this psycho killer being a troon is even mentioned?

No. 1969528

The Irish Independent does not even mention with ONE word that it's a troon. "Cat-killing woman", they say. I hate these people. https://archive.is/wQVa6

No. 1969537

File: 1708778328891.png (36.96 KB, 1024x190, Screenshot 2024-02-24 180407.p…)

please make him go by Baba, it's going to be hilarious

No. 1969545

what's the "joke" supposed to be, this just feels like an excuse to sexualize yourself.

No. 1969548

File: 1708781243907.jpg (281.3 KB, 1080x1706, 20240224_141415.jpg)

(Deleted because of a typo)
Troid has no problem moobfeeding a baby when he has HIV. For a fetish. This was reposted next to a screenshot of a reddit post by some random TiF mother discussing cutting out dairy and multiple aliments just to alleviate her baby's burping.

>i'm serodiscordant with my baby

I want out.

No. 1969549

i hate that this faggot's in the Lolita community, no doubt bc he had money to throw and get asspats for being a gnc male

No. 1969550

Why on earth would you even consider breastfeeding a child? A woman who is HIV+ would NEVER take the risk, yet a man on a cocktail of hormones is doing this to simply get his kicks. Insanity.

No. 1969551

>moobfeeding a baby when he has HIV
I read an article about something like this, when troons do this it's not about actual motherhood, it's part of their degenerate humiliation fetish.

No. 1969555

So women cant breastfeed if they ahve had a drink, but a tranny can give a chemical shitstorm hiv+ prep estrogen milk? fuck this gay ass planet

No. 1969562

Modern day Mengele experiment

No. 1969570

Sage for medfag but modern drugs can make HIV undetectable in bodily fluids and so they are not contagious. Someone with HIV nowadays can live a completely normal life. So women with HIV nowadays can breastfeed when they couldn't a decade ago.

No. 1969572

Is it /2x/?

No. 1969575

What they’re saying is that they want money

No. 1969578

This makeup microtrend has been dead for like 2 years and he's still failing miserably at it.

Doesn't the UK have its own implementation of the GDPR? Either way usernames don't fall under it.

No. 1969584

>older age, younger bewbies[sic]
Lord please grant me strength not to a-log.

No. 1969592

Im glad Elijah Schaefer treated her like shit and her scrote fans attacked her non stop for it. Even tho she pandered non stop to scrotes. Her so called friend TheQuarterPounder made a half hearted defense of her, cause a real defense would makes his misogynist fan base attack him. Fuck this stupid bitch. Pickmes like her deserve nothing, I don't care of they say some right things. They are evil and hate other women.

No. 1969599

>pretending some woman could actually overtake and kill some rando moid

No. 1969600


No. 1969602

File: 1708795581021.jpg (326.49 KB, 1360x1126, GHFPaXCaIAAWN_A.jpg)

No. 1969605

File: 1708795979382.jpg (1.23 MB, 3232x1648, GHFGU4WaEAA1Jgx.jpg)

Troon with Hiv is trying to breastfeed his son.

No. 1969606

File: 1708796689254.png (306.84 KB, 1383x419, 95LseUa.png)

came across this degen recently on twitter, this brave and stunning troon edits photos of real boys and writes about them being "force feminized"

No. 1969607

File: 1708797756089.jpeg (146.51 KB, 1640x1098, freaksmap.jpeg)

I forgot which stuff I'd saved from here and which I saved on Twitter/Tumblr, then didn't see it when I scrolled back to check. Sorry, nonas.
Did you watch the video? Regardless, I stand by my point that wanting political purity is part of the reason we're in this mess; people see that the twans rights bs is the 'leftist' opinion, so therefore they have to support it. Deciding everything you believe in by picking one of two 'teams' is ridiculous.
Same as this person (picrel) or are there multiples of these freaks?

No. 1969609

we discussed this in a previous thread, but this seems to be a common fetish AGPs, grown men fantasizing about "feminizing" little boys.

No. 1969614

Where is CPS?

No. 1969617

This is old. It wasn't made by that tranny you posted. It's actually repurposed Rizzoli and Isles fanart. Some troon added the text and it's been floating around tumblr for years.

No. 1969622

That child will die, how can anyone let this madness continue?

No. 1969628

What are the comments like? I have to imagine this is a bit much even for TRAs. Exposing your baby to HIV for the sake of "gender affirmation" is profoundly selfish and potentially a crime.

No. 1969629

Just because they can doesn't mean they should. One slip up with your medication and your kid has HIV for life. You're better off just using fucking formula.

No. 1969634

Seriously, all these kids of breastfeeding mtfs are gonna grow up with dozens of random "unexplained" health complications, all for this sake of a moid's ego. Imagine growing up and realizing this.

No. 1969641

What child? That’s a prop! Your first mistake is thinking that women and children count as people to these scrotes.

Not just their egos but for these vile males sexual fetish. Absolutely inexcusable.

No. 1969648

capitalize the x

No. 1969649

everyone involved in this should lose their licenses to practice and face criminal charges. absolutely vile.

No. 1969663

But don't worry everyone, it's not a fetish or anything kek

No. 1969675

File: 1708815952264.jpeg (207.39 KB, 1735x1265, buzzl2.jpeg)

Buzz Lightyear troon goes swimming

No. 1969678

File: 1708816285664.jpeg (878.77 KB, 1179x1848, IMG_3716.jpeg)

Why do they love to lie

No. 1969681

I watched this gay(?) guy's zoomer twitter humour Sims 2 videos (most of which he'd deleted) a few years back and I distinctly remember how pleasant it was to see a regular gender-nonconforming moid who didn't troon out. He sometimes wore makeup and feminine clothing in his videos but it wasn't in the usual hetmoid tranny manner, so I had no issue with it. Out of nowhere, around two or three years ago, he posted a (now-deleted) video where he talked about being dysphoric and looking into getting consultations at a gender clinic. I decided to look up his channel again and I'm seeing this. Depressing.

No. 1969683

heres how i imagine this post was made:

>is in the hospital after being beaten, stabbed, and shot eight times

>rips iv out of arm and drags self across room, struggling, tearing the fresh stitches
>finally reach my iphone and make an e-begging post on an unpopular microblogging platform
>pass out(sage your shit)

No. 1969688

File: 1708818074660.mp4 (15.52 MB, WuZGNkK77RemWvQ1 (1).mp4)

does anyone remember this guy who got fired from his job by posing with an AR-15 and making death threats on his twitter about arming TiMs because "muh genocide"? well he's terminally unemployed and is asking donos for bottom surgery because it's a life or death situation if he doesn't get the chop

No. 1969692

File: 1708819622714.png (1.41 MB, 2162x1164, Screen Shot 2024-02-24 at 7.09…)

Men's rights movement.

No. 1969698

>serial sex pests post misogynistic and pedophilic content
>women want distance from such minded people
Love the common thread of women's discomfort being violence and their discomfort being a great tragedy. Someone writing up a callout shouldn't matter either if it's all internet unmaterial harm.

No. 1969702

File: 1708822202781.png (57.67 KB, 542x768, c0b0541a4b9d57a5a3809badc82cfc…)

At this point maybe trannies should stay on Tumblr with how much they tell on themselves there

No. 1969704

meanwhile it was these same retards calling out a 13 year old girl for not liking penis. ok

No. 1969705

Wish someone would reblog all of these posts with screencaps of them harassing that one girl who made gifs on Tumblr until they run her off for blocking creepy TIMs

No. 1969707

File: 1708823091800.png (Spoiler Image,1.09 MB, 1584x1048, wtf.png)

Anyone who donates money to that stunt queen deserves to be scammed. I found his Twitter account and he's claiming he was born physically male with a vagina, male reproductive organs, and he has XXX chromosomes (Trisomy X ONLY affects biological females). He also posted pictures of his bruised face and says it's from getting beat by a moid but if you scroll back far enough he said it was from a bad reaction to vaseline and baby lotion. I'm pretty sure the selfies on his page are stolen too. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time kek. Good find, nona.

No. 1969709

Straight up defending their fellow pedophiles. They are totally fine with being friends with someone who posts about wanting to fuck kids and animals because "kinkshaming bad" and "umm actually criticizing a transwoman is on par with violence". I'm not even surprised, but it used to be more subtle

No. 1969710

The thing that gets me is that he says during the surgery an antibacterial sponge is inserted into the neovagina along with a surgical dilater and he's grateful there's a catheter in after surgery because he can't imagine taking out the sponge to pee and it just makes me wonder if he even knows real women don't pee out of their vagina? moids are so stupid
Also I hate troon mannerisms they're so exaggerated and no woman fucking acts like that irl except as a joke yet I've seen multiple troons (including irl) act like caricatures of women it's disgusting

No. 1969720

…and then ebegging for the multiple revision surgeries he's going to need when his rot wound inevitably goes necrotic or the sloppy surgeon/butcher just staples down his dick (I still kek in delight at the troon who had that happen to him)

No. 1969730

deets on sir staple dick?

No. 1969733

File: 1708827586814.jpg (Spoiler Image,50.31 KB, 612x900, 1692377863313.jpg)

It would be tragic if it wasn't hilarious

No. 1969736

It reminds me of how many of the "baeddel" gang got exposed as rapists and abusers and people just jumped ship and went silent

No. 1969740

File: 1708828153752.jpg (43.97 KB, 950x843, GFHOJVpXwAAscf2.jpg)

>the skirt go spinny act in the beginning

No. 1969741

Kek why does it still somehow look so phallic?

No. 1969743

It totes looks like a real vagina would do you mean nonnie? More totes women should get their penis lopped off.

No. 1969746

I almost died irl from seeing this

No. 1969749

Did they just bend his dick back and cut it in half kek

No. 1969750

This is beyond disturbing. Are those supposed to be labia??

No. 1969751

They usually shove the whole thing up into their abdominal cavity. They straight up just bisected his dick and pinned it to his asshole. Guess he can really go fuck himself now.

No. 1969753

The narcissism radiating off this is unbelievable.

No. 1969758

They really just cut his dick in half and pinned it down and poked a hole through it. Was the coom worth it. It’s funny how they’ll jail scrotes for being into mutilation fetishes but you call yourself trans and it’s okay ??

No. 1969760

Yet it’s violence if people don’t validate them. No, pedophiles and predators or weirdos should be shamed.

No. 1969761

See the thing about the whole paraphile thing is I would be somewhat understanding if it weren't for the fact that every male without fail acts out on it and has zero awareness or shame and posts about it publicly. I've met women who have extreme paraphilia's and almost always (unless they too were trans) they have an intense feeling of shame because of this and these paraphilias tend to come from some kind of trauma or sexual abuse which makes them something they want to keep private. If you want a grasp on male and female socialization regarding subjects such as fetishes and paraphilias this would be it.

No. 1969765

File: 1708835648406.jpeg (393.13 KB, 828x1421, IMG_0601.jpeg)


No. 1969766

File: 1708835674506.jpeg (168.77 KB, 828x263, IMG_0602.jpeg)

I leave this to you all without comment

No. 1969770

This is fucking hilarious because the freak played himself
All breast examinations I've ever had were done by a female doctor (for damn good reason)
If this is real then the doctor doesn't see this troon as a real woman in the slightest kek

No. 1969771

If he were a real woman and this actually happened a female nurse to chaperone would have to be present. A female nurse isn't needed when the examination is between two men (or two women) the way it would be needed if it was between a man and a real woman.

No. 1969776

Too busy indulging in his coom fantasies to realise the doctor was just placating him and throwing some subtle shade.

No. 1969779

Literally just a sewed down dick with a slit in it kek, I almost choked on my starburst

No. 1969792

File: 1708844877556.jpg (54.84 KB, 600x331, 1000021908.jpg)

>how was your day after reading to this point

No. 1969795

I bet they think it's okay to spread call-out posts on terfs though, even if they live in places where being openly feminist is actually a threat to their physical safety.

No. 1969796

They sure did with Red Katherine who was a lesbian living in Russia and had people trying to expose her for being homosexual as punishment for being a TERF.

No. 1969802

>i was born with glass bones and paper skin, every morning i break my legs, and every afternoon i break my arms, at night, i lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep

No. 1969805

kek so fake, nonnies keep joking about certain posts being typed with one hand, this for sure has been typed with one hand in some horny frenzy by some gaygp, the way it's just trailing off here and there and zero quotation marks and random periods, this has to be fake.

No. 1969815

This is insane, he says saving up for hair removal is life or death but not having food or a roof over your head is fine?

No. 1969817

sorry anon but kek you had to read an article to figure that out?

No. 1969818

That's the thing, these fuckers will (literally) weaponize someone's actual homosexuality with no restraint when they're mad yet scream, cry, and dialate over being excluded from the LGB (because they know gays are the perfect shield for them). She's not even the only person they've tried doxxing or reporting to their home country. Menalez got stalked too iirc. They don't care that real gays are killed and tortured on the daily and need to be in actual hiding but then act like being removed from a private owned website or lesbians not accepting nasty troid dick is genocide.

No. 1969819

will take the blog ban for this but years ago I had my social life practically ruined due to "friends" stalking my Tumblr likes which consisted of babycryptoterven posts (I had been a well meaning TRA for a while and was surrounded by troons of both sexes). I'm trying not to seethe over these freaks martyring themselves on tumble and decrying rightful callouts as genocidal(blogposting)

No. 1969822

I usually don't care if someone's English is bad but something about coomer tranny faggots not even bothering to make their sentences legible (if not correct) makes me so much more viscerally disgusted than just knowing what they're into. The other nona who replied is right for sure, he was writing this while getting off to it. Vile.

No. 1969826

these retards are so out of touch with reality. how are they not aware that everyone, troon or not, will be called out and disliked by people if they turn out to be gross sexual predators? people are actually more reluctant to call out troons than normal people since being accused of transphobia is social suicide. on another note, tumblr should consider banning pedos because wtf is this.

No. 1969837

paraphilias like pedophilia or AGP inherently hurt people and they are delusional for expecting people to not call them out on their bs

No. 1969841

File: 1708862447958.png (Spoiler Image,615.71 KB, 759x816, F8GZHQtWAAAUadA.png)

Rejoice, nona! That doctor is famous and has many such victims/happy customers.

No. 1969850

Is that thing at the top supposed to be a clit? Kek. But honestly it’s medically fascinating to see a dick essentially sliced in half and “healed” over so you can see the inside layers. There’s no way that feels pleasurable for the troon, it looks painful just looking at it. I wonder if they have some earth shattering realization while getting fucked by some moid that there’s a dick fucking their cut up dick. Like how does that not hurt or feel like some sort of twisted human centipede type experiment? I feel nauseous just thinking about it

No. 1969851

Oh my god the stupid bent dick stapling is so funny, it's somehow worse than the rotting holes that they usually get. Better than a real vagina, uwu of course~

No. 1969859

that's the worst fauxgina I've ever seen.

No. 1969864

And what's never not funny is that the big gash is the urethra and the actual taint hole they have to endlessly dilate is underneath that whole mess, those skin folds are actually the amhole. That's superior gorilla grip designer pussy for you.

No. 1969869

Being into necrophilia is fine, but they draw the line at people who think that women have uteruses. The cognitive dissonance. This is the exact sort of shit Redditors pull, and now it's spreading to Tumblr.

No. 1969870

>I know so many trans women who live in fear because they have the wrong kinks
Maybe it says something about those people that they're into those things. You could almost say that paraphilias cluster and that overexposure to porn exacerbates that. Like maybe it's not a coincidence that so many trannies are also into diapers, rape, and beastiality?

No. 1969902

>I know so many trans women who live in fear because they have the wrong kinks
>serial sex pests post misogynistic and pedophilic content
>women want distance from such minded people
If this generation ever has their own Ted Bundy he will be wearing a wig and fishnets and people will be ACABing over his arrest

No. 1969903

File: 1708886708157.jpg (811.01 KB, 810x2402, Screenshot_20240225-113015_Red…)

I swear this sub coddles troonbians even worse than r/actuallesbians. And all of the mods are actually women which just makes it even sadder:

No. 1969907

Any subreddit related to women's fashion specifically is overrun with troons. If you want to see some truly horrible fashion choices, look for men in r/oldhagfashion, or anything with lesbian/women/female in the name that's related to clothes, they're full of males in ill fitting dresses and costume jewellery. Some of the dudes don't even ID as trans, they just have crossdressing fetishes that are clear from their post histories but get coddled by the comments regardless. A man could post a picture with the title "I got a boner from this dress" and the comments would be all "looking so slay in that outfit!" or else they'd be banned. The whole website is a cesspool.

No. 1969924

babies can benefit from a hiv+ moms milk (as long as shes on meds, even then many would just use formula) but a males “milk” is worthless. He’s putting his baby at risk so he can jerk off to getting his tube moobs sucked- its probably bait but that might just be me coping

No. 1969928

I'm sorry w h a t ? Am I understanding you correctly- the 'hole' we see there (cut down the penis with the 'clit' part at the top) is NOT the actual hole??
The sad thing is I've seen so much worse.

No. 1969930

File: 1708893175652.png (324.56 KB, 720x803, Screenshot_20240225-151712~2.p…)

I'll be posting this information in this thread and the fakeboi thread but these troons , mtf or ftm , are dumb as hell. obviously she didn't deserve to get beat so badly for what she did , she didn't get the death penalty.(wrong thread)

No. 1969933

File: 1708893999976.jpg (105.56 KB, 720x653, Cab-driver-killed.jpg)

No. 1969943

But she didn’t get beat badly, so has no signs of bruising or even a scrape in the hospital video. It seems like a weird fluke that she died or there’s some other circumstances that led to her death that have not been uncovered. It’s ironic though how fragile ftms are that a scuffle with younger women can kill them.

No. 1969946

It's impossible to create the fake canal where an actual vagina would be, so the hole is always below the fake "labia", not between them. There are lots of troons who accidentally dilated their urethra because they also got confused by the placement. But even gynecologists couldn't tell the difference!!

No. 1969947

>slice of cheese pizza

No. 1969952

Yes, there'll always be an opening underneath whatever flesh sculpture the butcher has created that's actually the "vaginal" opening. Sometimes it's a permanently gaping crescent shape, sometimes it's covered in skin folds like that one, every hack job is different.

No. 1969955

>I might be a pedophile and a rapist but at least I'm not rude

No. 1969959

File: 1708900254249.png (395.04 KB, 680x529, edb.png)

>accidentally dilated their urethra

No. 1969961

File: 1708900351272.jpg (26.36 KB, 439x433, FBPMUh1X0AIB42S.jpg)

He looks like an uglier, tranny version of 80's Al Jourgensen, but not in a good way.

No. 1969974

Omg how did I never know this. So they're peeing out of their neovagina, and dilating… underneath it? Lawd what a horror show.

No. 1969992

>seat left up

No. 1969993

Yes, this is the best solution the male anatomy will allow. I'm all for adding rot pocket anatomy to sex ed classes so more people knew about this. The general population genuinely thinks neoholes and arm skin bologna dicks are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, if they actually knew the reality I it would peak a considerable number of them. Or at least you'd hope they wouldn't tell people they're bigots for not wanting to go anywhere near that shit. Just vile.

No. 1970018

File: 1708911711592.png (1007.06 KB, 911x990, wheretoevenbegin.png)

Holy shit, looked at r/oldhagfashion and every other post is a tranny, most of which aren't even trying. Also there's something particularly nauseating about moids co-opting hag/witch. Can't have shit in Detreddit. Thankfully haven't seen any claim to be a spinster yet but it's only a matter of time

No. 1970019

File: 1708911744184.jpeg (Spoiler Image,310.25 KB, 1317x1684, IMG_6188.jpeg)

Attached an illustrated diagram of a penile inversion, my brain hurts

No. 1970022

Kek even the drawings are fake, they literally never look anything like the last pic.

No. 1970032

>>1969961 don’t ever insult uncle al like that again nona

No. 1970042

>scrotal flaps
jesus fucking christ

No. 1970069

Yeah that made me physically cringe so hard I had to sit down and process it, jfc

No. 1970072

Double post but literally none of them turn out like that, not even close. Even surgeons best examples aren’t anything remotely similar

No. 1970081

Makeup too. the subreddit for makeup for hooded eyes keeps being recommended to me because I clicked through to hateview a troonpost on it once. every single post I’ve seen pushed to me since has been a troon.

No. 1970126

File: 1708942921297.jpg (114.27 KB, 628x878, troonism.jpg)

the tumblr troons are starting to post things like this. "go ahead matt. mark this as sexual content cuz i have my belly out while trans" why do they pretend like there isn't hundreds and thousands of troons with their dicks out under #transgender

No. 1970146

Yeah, I knew they were nothing like the real thing (and that rotdogs are totally non-functional) but I didn't realise the ''labia'' area was _entirely_ cosmetic (or rather, used to pee through. Ew.)
Wait why does the 'neovagina' disappear between 6 and 7 kek. Is it not the 'vaginal stent'?

No. 1970161

Holy shit tumblr's auto detections service is famously awful since before the porn ban was even a thing. It's been a meme for years that the most innocent pictures of even dogs might get detected as porn while porn itself isn't. It's not an attack but these embodiments of main character syndrome are too stupid to realize it.
If you've been on the platform long enough wrongful censorship just happens and people get their blogs taken down by accident all the time too. You just send an email and the overworked manual review team reinstates the account or the posts. To not get reinstated means an actual human went through and decided you were too nasty for tumblr. Tumblr also relies on community reports since they don't have the staff to actually go through the whole site to find rule breakers so it's never some mod on a vendetta because unlike preddit, tumblr actually hires paid workers to do the job. Plus, they're proper professionals as opposed to the retard grudge-filled tranny jannies these parasites are probably used to. Matt also has a company to run, he does not care about random ugly failmales unless they're directly impacting his life and livlihood.
Males lurk moar and learn the site they're on challenge

No. 1970163

How can someone be this unprofessional? You're talking to the CEO of a company. They're not that in-tune with your lexicon as you believe. I wouldn't even dream of doing that to somebody, I would be speaking in plural and with formalities. Threatening to murder someone is quite shocking no matter how ridiculous or exaggerated this threat might be. Imagine if they met face to face. Is that a way to treat another human being? Is the anonymity you have behind the screen what's making you so overconfident and arrogant? When it's completely anonymous I can understand why it happens and why some do it, but his face is visible and he's threatening legal action. Has he no shame? Maybe it's the culture I've grown in.

No. 1970173

I remember youtube flagging? videos with lesbian in the title because scrotes would post porn with it so much. And now trans has the same thing where it is used as a porntag. Ironically most likely the porn posters are troons themselves as regular scrotes call them shemales or something.

No. 1970190

File: 1708961322559.png (516.43 KB, 643x678, Cat killer to serve at least 2…)

The latest tranny murderer (Scarlet Blake) got served 24 years. Telegraph avoiding using pronouns in the headline.

No. 1970200

File: 1708962427477.jpg (215.29 KB, 528x1129, 5cpPHCN.jpg)

yes girl it's totally the exact same

No. 1970211

You'll have to be willfully ignorant to claim stuff like that, even if you look at results by experienced surgeons who try harder and focus more on aesthetics instead of "exploded chicken carcass" or "stapled down penis", they are still unmistakably off. If you have never seen a stink ditch and for some reason can't clock the troon otherwise, you'd still assume they were in some freak accident that shredded their genitals.
And women who for health reasons have dryness or vaginismus should never be compared to those self-inflicted medical disaster zones.

No. 1970222

>“i dont think there have been any studies on this so my evidence is purely anecdotal lol but by virtue of being trans”
So many arguments using the same ‘trust me bro’ reasoning. Being trans gives them the authority to magically warp the laws of nature and biology apparently(sage your shit)

No. 1970233

File: 1708970272458.jpeg (125.45 KB, 1280x720, IMG_2116.jpeg)

Omg they freed Kai the hitchhiker!

No. 1970249

It really is “trust me bro” logic. Troons constantly tell on themselves that they’re really just incels who have never seen a real vagina in the flesh and have zero understanding of female anatomy. The handmaidens that give them asspats are either heterosexual women who have been failed by the education system and really need use a mirror to learn about their bodies a little better, or are just pandering as usual so that they’re seen as the “good ones” and troons are just too autistic to notice their insincerity

No. 1970253

File: 1708975146387.png (403.7 KB, 828x1792, IMG_2083.png)

Musk made Cis a slur on twitter lmfao rare Musk W

No. 1970258

File: 1708976165092.png (55.83 KB, 1036x322, Screenshot 2024-02-26 193706.p…)

Glad someone is calling them out. It made me so mad. https://archive.ph/xKy3p

No. 1970266

Kek, I don't like him but I love it when he makes twittards seethe. This is the overlord they deserve plus a rared based move for him.

No. 1970271

I love how even in the picture it’s trying to look like it’s great even though their dick mutilation never looks like that, and it’s still a million miles away from the asshole

No. 1970273

I also had no idea about this and am in shock. It makes the allegations from delulus saying that their gynos totally mistook their neovag for the real thing even more ludicrous. Does anyone know about the history of those kind of procedures, like who's the Dr Troonkenstein who pioneered those procedures ? And those who helped make them mainstream ? Their names should be documented so we can look back at those butchers in disgust in the future for their total disregard of medical deontology and ethic

No. 1970275

File: 1708980771742.png (155.44 KB, 355x337, Screenshot 2024-02-26 3.50.30 …)

i feel like trans people shouldn't even be allowed to say the word "sexism" they don't even admit that sex is the rationale behind women's discrimination

No. 1970278

Kek, good. I looked at the comments section for Sky's YT video on it, and literally almost every comment was calling them out and saying it's a man. Good stuff.
Love it.

No. 1970317

File: 1708992146232.png (79.79 KB, 790x315, whataboutmeeeee.png)

Ironic considering he wrote a very misogynistic articles about the handmaid's tale saying that as a "trans women", he cannot relate with the pain that women go through, which is oppression as a means to control the fertility of women. There was another video where he seethes about the fact that if he was in the universe of the story all he would have to do is not be trans and he would be fine.

No. 1970328

File: 1708994282207.png (630.79 KB, 2191x1307, aaa.PNG)

Until the mid 2010s the online trans community had no concept of optics. These sorts of stories and pedophilic content weren't just a couple of bad apples, they were the community. Almost all of the major transgender sites were sissy and crossdresser inclusive and this sort of content was shared openly without criticism. It wasn't until it made its way onto tumblr and other social media that trans activists started making a serious effort to distance themselves from "fetishists" because they knew this sort of stuff was unacceptable to the general population. This is both the origin and the purpose of trutrans.

If you were on those sites when they were up or you've ever witnessed tims communicate in private you know they really are all like this. Most of the websites are defunct and/or filled with broken links, but the archives are there, there's terabytes of this shit. It doesn't actually matter though, it's not going to change the mind of anyone that this isn't already immediately obvious to.

Pic related, the staff page for "Laura's Playground." The site had a forum and a few links, but the real attraction was the live chat on every page of the site for discussing trans related topics, with a real focus on "youth counseling."

No. 1970334

It bears repeating that the surgeons who do these are plastic surgeons, not urological surgeons. This is important because plastic surgeons are generalists and don't always know the specifics of the anatomy they're butchering, and they're more concerned with aesthetics than function.

Even if I see one that doesn't look like a horrible accident, I get jarred when I realise the hole is always 3 million miles away from the asshole. They physically can't put the amhole that far back on a man. At best, a neovag looks like the surgeon is working from a drawing by a 9 year old who just had their first sex ed class: all the main parts are there, but it's not right.

No. 1970339

Hope she won't get mad trannies after her.

No. 1970345

File: 1708996823490.png (18.24 KB, 1293x131, Ontarian takes OHIP to court f…)

It's not enough that tax payers are paying for men to get their penis' inverted. One tranny wants to go the extra mile he wants taxpayers to pay for "penile-preserving vaginoplasty" aka Salmacian. This tranny is going by "she/her" but claims he's non binary and therefore wants to keep his penis.

Crazy thing is it actually passed the tribunal but OHIP is blocking it. Insane shit


No. 1970352

She says this as if it wouldn’t be reasonable for a women to not want to date a man with a surgically reconstructed dick too. What if the woman wants children and he can’t reproduce? What if she just wants penetration in the relationship and his fake dick doesn’t work? These people really expect women to settle with someone they don’t fully want or choose a lifestyle that doesn’t suit them just to avoid hurting mens feelings. Imagine settling down with a moid with fucked up useless genitals and being with him begrudgingly for like 50 years just because you want to be nice. Absolute clownery

No. 1970358

File: 1708999006303.png (33.4 KB, 923x305, clocked.png)

trannies are so clockable. imagine finding watermelon sexual

No. 1970361

File: 1708999812305.jpg (199.67 KB, 547x557, 1708999710007.jpg)

Good ol' r/rapehonbians:

No. 1970362

I love the whole “it’s harmful to reject people” bs because it just proves that it’s about entitlement. Women will say no thanks sorry I’m not interested or you’re not my type and they’ll push and push for a reason, as if that makes it okay for them to try and justify why we need to date them.

I won’t date someone if they hate rabbits, doesn’t mean I’m an evil bigot. It’s baffling how they can’t admit they don’t understand consent and boundaries

No. 1970363

File: 1708999887404.png (44.74 KB, 1589x342, f3h54ldfs2.png)

Do you think the guy who set himself on fire in DC was about to trans? I've already seen the usual suspects saying everyone should be calling him she/her.

No. 1970364

That’s something I’ve noticed. Whether or not it’s taking advantage of mentally ill people at least they’re bleeding troons dry of around $30-50K to cut themselves out of the gene pool

No. 1970365

Lilly and Kitty 100% going to Troon or at least closeted.

No. 1970379

Another military autistic retard to agp anime troon with a martyr complex. Can’t wait for it to come out what a complete tard he was just like chelsea manning.

No. 1970380

Trannies are claiming him so he must have been

No. 1970391

I'm just gonna keep reporting,no one wants to see your stanky pasty male asses anywhere.gosh they're absolutely entitled and full of shit.the victim complex is strong with these good for nothing losers.

No. 1970395

This is so funny because I know a Troon that calls himself kitty with his girlfriend that was with him before tranning named Lilly. He made a bunch of money from his fetish diaper website called like Auntie Ems or something. I'm not going to go searching for it. He was into diaper shit way back in the very early 2000s before it was widespread that it was a fetish and made one of my family members buy him adult diapers claiming they were for his grandmother. Sorry if this is a blog but it hit close to home.(blog)

No. 1970396

Animal abusers are right up there with the more vile human garbage you can find. Hope he rots.

No. 1970399

File: 1709008635304.jpg (113.37 KB, 578x618, Untitled.jpg)

transbian game dev who reblogs anime child guro, of course

No. 1970408

The non-archived version of this has over 2k upvotes. There are no lesbians in AL anymore, it's 70% AGPs and 30% spicy straight handmaidens.

No. 1970427

oh fuck, i know that one on the left. that's the bloodborne PSX troon that had a meltdown on xitter a few months ago, isn't it? i'm pretty sure he's like 28 years old too, which is crazy to think about. imagine the level of arrested development to think that posting an ugly thirst trap counts as fighting the power, lol.

No. 1970430

ntayrt but I immediately knew who you were talking about wrt bloodborne troon kek. was his meltdown posted in the mtf general at the time? I'm unaware of what happened and am curious

No. 1970455

>How can I empathise with someone going through something that will never affect me?
Holy shit the second one looks like a zombie. All of them giving serial killer/mugshot vibes. Posting caps of these vintage websites would make for a fun blog/Twitter account.
Kek extremely predictable. I heard he was former military too, which is another troon cliche.

No. 1970465

Seeing this actual groomer gang is making it so hard not to alog

No. 1970480

It's possible that her death had nothing to do with the fight, but it's not unheard-of for kids her age to take a relatively minor hit to the head, seem fine for a day or two, and then drop dead from brain swelling.

No. 1970485

"I can't relate to the handmaid's tale because it still implies I'm not a woman even after I've chosen to permanently alter my body and that makes me butthurt" and for some reason when women point out that you have no real understanding of female problems you and your cabal of ideologues send them death threats

No. 1970489

"women are literally being denied access to a procedure which may save their lives, but i feel left out"

No. 1970490

File: 1709044353747.jpg (Spoiler Image,257.32 KB, 1349x2741, lQxOnEe.jpg)

I know F1NN5TER larps as femboy but he has transbian/agp vibes considering who he is dating and how much of an obvious porn addict he is. spoiled because of his of ad.

No. 1970491

kek the difference between the pfp and the candid of the tranny. Lay off the photoshop, it won't make you a woman.

No. 1970509

File: 1709052570195.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1351, evil.png)

It gets worse when you look into his friends. He's buddies with one of the very worst troons out there (Goonclown, in the middle, raging pedophile, so degenerate it's impressive even by TiM standards). The one in the background is MrBeast's pet troon and associate (also a pedophile). Wonder why he's comfortable hanging around a TiM who has a fetish for exposing children to porn, what could they have in common?

No. 1970512

It’s no shock he hangs out with tranny pedophiles when that’s literally the demographic he caters to the most

No. 1970513

idk if it's some perspective issue but lmao at that gigantic man hand.

No. 1970516

wtf I love Elon Musk now

No. 1970518

Their woman LARP is also actually life saving too, didn't you know?
He calls himself a femboy but poses with fake boobs? Huh?

No. 1970520

I love checking his comments to laugh at the chasers, this moid is a lumpy faced mess on his streams. Theres some ex guns guy who would flirt and blush when this moid went on his podcast, meanwhile he has the deepest voice in the fucking word.
Men are so fucking gay these days, and not even gay for attractive men, but weird chinless catfishes, yet they shit on women all day.

No. 1970521

He's only dated troons, he's a gross troon chaser groomer, who gets off to moids thinking he looks like a "woman".

No. 1970528

File: 1709056280115.jpg (4.94 MB, 4096x5120, GridArt_20240227_125224615.jpg)

Why cant they all just collectively die in a fire? Why do they feel the need to force babies into sucking their disgusting moobs. It's beyond sick.

No. 1970548

Because it’s a fetish. Think of it this way: when you boil water in a pot you don’t apologize to the pot for boiling water in it do you? Now apply that logic to how these men think of women and children, not as people but as objects at their disposal to do with as they please because objects don’t have feelings or needs or feel pain.

No. 1970579

File: 1709065221118.jpeg (368.28 KB, 1170x1153, IMG_8183.jpeg)

Womp womp

No. 1970580

Yeah because he's not a woman, idiot. If people focused on him being trans you'd have a issue, so why can't women get mad when dumb shit like this is being called a "Crime of a woman". These troons always do this shit.

No. 1970581

"I can excuse animal abuse but I draw the line at misgendering!!"

No. 1970582

File: 1709065976455.jpeg (Spoiler Image,224.51 KB, 1640x1404, GHWtIHebQAEfJGj.jpeg)

Grandpas gone wild

No. 1970588

Women don't put cats in blenders. That's sort of the whole problem with calling that guy "a woman."

No. 1970589

if a biological woman looked like this she would be called mid and mocked relentlessly

maybe i should start a twitch and claim to be a transwoman/femboy


No. 1970591

File: 1709067649798.jpeg (Spoiler Image,142.67 KB, 600x800, IMG_2717.jpeg)

all i see is picrel

No. 1970593

File: 1709068019171.jpeg (207.42 KB, 1080x2096, GHQcTtWbEAAYUa3.jpeg)

>Trans-identified male inmate Mark Campbell, who raped his own [10 year old] daughter and is a registered sex offender convicted of first-degree sexual assault of a child, is being housed in a women's prison.

>Female inmate Katelyn McGraw was a victim of childhood sexual abuse by her father. She is currently sharing a cell and bunk bed with Campbell in Taycheedah Correctional Institution, and has expressed extreme anxiety as she described her cellmate's constant masturbating, sexual comments, and aggressive behavior.

>"Anything is better than a cell with him," she said.

>"He [asked] me when he first moved in if I have any friends cuz they're gonna be curious if I [have] seen his vagina cuz it looks great and the surgeon did an amazing job and how it's fresher than ours."

>McGraw said that when she asked Campbell to stop [masturbating below her], saying that his actions were disgusting, Campbell “went crazy” and “snapped." [Campbell] punched the top of my bunk a bunch of times then said, ‘[You] wanna spaz out let’s spaz out,’ threw [his] cast off, put [his] fist up as I’m laying in my bed,” McGraw shared. “Like, wtf, what a sick psychopathic weirdo.”


No. 1970595

I agree that a woman would have to be majorly abnormal to kill a cat this way (I do not want to research animal cruelty statistics), but it's also stupid to pretend it's easy for women to go out and kill a man like he did. Apparently he hit him with a bottle and strangled him with a wire. I think it would be very difficult for the majority of women to pull this off if they tried. Women killers would definitely choose a different method.

No. 1970630

>Panda puts cat in a blender
Turns out to be a man in a panda suit
People will ask why they said it was a panda when it's a guy in a suit.

No. 1970633

File: 1709081185947.jpg (303.84 KB, 1080x1336, 1000008601.jpg)

God forbid something isn't about them.

No. 1970635

File: 1709081337777.jpg (288.16 KB, 1080x1374, 1000008603.jpg)

Continuation of the post. As much as I hate to admit it, they are probably right about him being on the precipice of a troonout but it shouldn't matter in the face of the genocide he was trying to draw attention to through his actions. But again, everything must be about the troons (most genocided oppressed group ever).

No. 1970637

File: 1709081843960.png (495.78 KB, 598x892, excusemewhile.png)

"Misandry do not exist, but is dangerous because it affects TIMs"

No. 1970639

Kekkk I can’t get over them being so emotional over username 'LillyAnarKitty'

No. 1970640

i love the fashion choices tbh but alas

No. 1970668

File: 1709086722872.jpeg (675.85 KB, 1242x1778, IMG_0779.jpeg)

> If being a girl makes you feel good you’re a girl

This was in response to a 16 year old asking if they need dysphoria to be trans. It really is a cult.

No. 1970676

>working in tech
Kek he's stereotyping the retards in his own movement so hard and he's not even wrong. Militarybros troon out either because serving breaks their brain or they're unstable to begin with. Add working in tech (guaranteeing an internet addiction) and trendy suburban "leftism" and you've got a recipe for an AGP. Still, it's creepy as hell that they're posthumously trooning a guy just because of an online handle he had. For all they know, the handle was a joke. By their own logic, isn't that "outing" someone without their permission, or at the very least "misgendering," since he never asked to be called "she" or "they?" If they want to claim what was clearly a suicidal schizo as one of their own, I don't mind kek. Same applies to Elegabus; he probably wasn't a troon either, but it's appropriate that they want to claim one of the worst Roman emperors.

No. 1970677

Imagine any elderly woman doing this and posting it online for attention. Everyone she knew would think she’d lost her mind and tell her to have some dignity. But we’re supposed to applaud when a paraphilic male does it.

No. 1970678

Kek the angles he takes his photos at like he trying to hide his moid bod and giraffe neck.

No. 1970679


This reminds me of my friend telling me all the TIMs he’s encountered playing video games greet people by meowing.

No. 1970681

it's not even just kids, Britney Murphy died cause she "seemed fine" after the accident. hit the brain the wrong way and it can just fail on you unfortunately. a reminder to take every head injury very seriously, no matter how fine you may feel.
male crimes belong in male statistics, but of course troons don't want their crimes outing them for their obvious male behaviour. nor seperate troon stats showing just how many are violent and/or convicted pedophiles…
Statistically, extreme violence like this is totally unusual for women, usually it comes with a lot of investigation into what lead to the act. yet the police never blink an eye or question "how did they get here" when it's a troon committing intense violence (unless it's a tif) and I think that says enough for everyone's true feelings on the matter. except unfortunately the statistics are being ruined and that's going to have a lasting impact. but troons don't care about violence or actually preventing crime from taking place as they have more comradery with the perps than any potential victims (wonder why). Also stats are necessary to predict future events like the current trend of increasing male violence in order to mitigate them.
female inmates deserve better, people keep acting like they deserve what they get but they're not male criminals ffs. they're not cat murderers and rapists, at worst someone there probably killed a rapist. males can keep their prison rape to themselves, and at least they're not in any danger of getting pregnant in jail and are against their own kind. trannies need their own ward, ideally among their own sex. or just let them get what they get in male prisons, they're probably in less danger than actual gays since they're straight anyways
>mentally ill, former army man self-immolates as protest and the mainstream media was mostly not talking about it
>time to make this about their likely porn addiction, they clearly self-immolated as a deliberate choice to annihilate the body and self cause they're trans. please ignore that desperate men are known for self-immolation and other extreme methods of protest
ffs, these bastards can't even pretend to be empathetic. if anything his post makes the act seem more like an obvious choice since they hate their body anyways so why not mutilate it for a cause (also the implication that supporting palestine is just some troon thing)? he's practically at the obvious conclusion that this was a man harming himself at the end of the day regardless of the cause yet he's trying to make this into a trans thing.

No. 1970682

I've encountered this in the wild w a roommate who catfished as an unfortunate irl actual lady vidja player. Meowing irl too, cat ears, whole thing.

So many scrotes think they've cybered over voice w that YouTube girl bc of him.

No. 1970686

File: 1709090610436.jpeg (246.02 KB, 750x725, IMG_8404.jpeg)

They've started using only they/them pronouns for him now.

No. 1970689

File: 1709093479959.png (6.08 KB, 642x96, YkMMefg.png)

Once again, the troons are wrong. He sent an email to Crimethinc containing a description of his self-immolation plans and a link to his Twitch account the day of the incident. He also explicitly stated his pronouns in the email (lol), which the author of the article mentioned in a footnote (picrel).


No. 1970690

This guy was mentally ill as fuck, so maybe they’re on the money.

People can tout ‘how dare you insinuate that the horrors in Gaza alone aren’t enough to make someone self immolate’ and yeah, fuck, it breaks my heart what’s happening and god do I want it to end, but he was 100% mentally ill and/or chronically online. His post history on Reddit was all pro commie, pro the women at the music show being raped good evidence for troonism

Pretty disgusting that they can only feel sympathy for this dude or hear out his cause (no matter how misguided and wasteful) if he ticks the appropriate Twitter bio boxes.(sage your shit/learn2integrate)

No. 1970692

You're absolutely right! Don't worry, I'm not disputing that he was incredibly mentally ill or that the troon sympathy is entirely opportunistic. I also saw his post history and it was painfully stereotypical of that type of 30-something "true leftist." He cried about evil terfs on Reddit, and his cringe Twitch username also made me assume he was a tranny at first. I just don't think this should be attributed to troons, especially since he had no reason to provide his pronouns in his suicide note to a washed up anarchist org. They're all freak Twitter warriors latching onto him as a source of pride for troonery in general when he made a conscious choice for whatever reason to leave no room for speculation.

No. 1970715

If I felt like fucking with these people, I would be accusing them of terrible transphobia for denying that trans women who exclusively use he/him pronouns exist and are valid, and they're heckin' misgendering him whenever they use she/they. Hopefully someone is out there doing that, even if they mean it in earnest. Let them fight.

No. 1970742

File: 1709114837286.jpg (174.15 KB, 1034x500, 1000030439.jpg)


No. 1970744

They switched up the dysphoria requirement to euphoria so more of them could 'justify' trooning out. Thanks Tumblr.
Twitter wokies have already turned on him anyway. Wompwomp.

No. 1970749

>why the fuck should I believe y’all really see me as a woman
You shouldn’t, because they don’t. Nobody does. Glad that’s settled.

No. 1970751

Ok but the idea of two troons alone together is so funny. No filters, no one to "validate" them, just two males in female underwear talking with a fake high pitched voice kek. Do they even bother larping then?

No. 1970753

This is so fucking sick, I can't believe they put a fucking pedo who assaulted his daughter in a cell with a woman who got assaulted by her father as a child. It's so twisted and sadistic, I wish it was made up. And of course, when she voiced her concerns, they put her in the psychiatric unit because she was 'delusuional' and probably drugged her with crazy pills so she would be inapt, whilst the fucking kid diddler was in his cell dilating with 'bananas and shampoo bottles'. She also mentions how his gash smells like rotten chicken. The statistics are very damning :
>Of the 161 biological men who are housed in Wisconsin Department of Corrections facilities who self-reported as transgender, 81 (50.3%) have been convicted of at least one count of sexual assault or sexual abuse as of late July.
How womanly of them.

No. 1970754

Wait the wokies turned on him already? They were simping so hard just yesterday morning.

With this dude & the teenager who died, they’re frothing at the mouth for more.

No. 1970792

Knowing that he was on the whole "my pronouns are xyz" train, that he specifically wanted he/him pronouns and still disrespecting him to bring attention to MtFs is wild.

No. 1970793

File: 1709133219597.jpg (92.71 KB, 1140x643, 1000037789.jpg)

>Wait the wokies turned on him already?
Yes, because he's white kek even though he agreed with them on everything.
"How can I make this about me?"

No. 1970795

>give me another explanation
>unrealized plan to pass over his Twitch account to someone else (maybe a tranny he was friends with)
>unrealized plan to become a vtuber (still could point to trooning).
>a joke/in-joke among him and his friends
>an attempt at opsec or avoiding someone else that didn't quite pan out
>catfishing someone on Twitch
>him briefly transitioning (or considering it) at some point, then detransing or dropping it after realizing he didn't want that life
Sure, he could've been dysphoric, but there are also some other possibilities. If he was trans, why try to publicly out him and refuse to use the pronouns he stated for himself? "I feel like he was just keeping it secret" means nothing unless you knew him personally and that he'd have been fine with it. In fact, if the theory is true and he didn't want his goal mixed in with transgender politics, making posts like that instead of keeping the speculation private derails his plan and disrespects his wishes. I know the whole troon logic is a narc smokescreen, but it's insane when they contradict it themselves.

No. 1970800

File: 1709135482706.jpeg (341.59 KB, 1290x1624, GHUG3lHb0AALfIg.jpeg)

Oestrogen is magic, y'all.

No. 1970802

One more dead degenerate. Cry me a river

No. 1970806

Seeing older normal-looking males transition is so strange to me. Like what did he expect was going to happen?

No. 1970810

File: 1709138176517.jpg (135.98 KB, 1080x582, 1000037795.jpg)

The predstrogen drama is old milk now but I just thought this was funny. Marc is blaming his temper tantrum over losing his blogs on his 'period' lmao.

No. 1970811

>or just let them get what they get in male prisons, they're probably in less danger than actual gays since they're straight anyways

This is what I don't get. Their main argument is that troons need to be in women's prisons due to the threat of sexual violence. Gay and GNC men, small weak men, men without gang protection etc. also face this threat in prisons every day. Why does their suffering matter less than TIMs? Since the authorities are already admitting moids are violent rape apes, wouldn't the solution be to implement more safety measures in men's prisons, instead of exposing women prisoners to the threat of males too? Making women's prisons less safe doesn't do a single thing to make men's prisons safer.

No. 1970814

>male saying he was a “cunt” because of his make-believe “period”
What an embarrassing fucking retard

No. 1970815

>tfw these failmales can be openly misogynistic without a care in the world now that they declared themselves as woman
No, you were just acting testerical, you dumb autist.

No. 1970820

I'll never understand these moronic men who can clearly see that they look both aggressively ugly AND aggressively male and they still try to "transition". In what universe do you have ANY hope of passing in the slightest. A total waste of time and hormones. What a fucking idiot.

No. 1970826

File: 1709141330748.jpeg (179.68 KB, 1290x1497, GHE_D3CaYAMYBKp.jpeg)

It's like the Buzz Lightyear troon >>1969675 and the walking chin in picrel; they've really been deluded into thinking that hormones will magically reshape their bones and make them into a cute anime girl.

No. 1970829

Kek-ing at the fact men say women age worse yet when they take estrogen it makes thier skin look better. Obviously still a male but his wrinkles look less intense. Compare that to FTM whose skin declines rapidly.

No. 1970840

Dutch angles won't disguise that Neanderthal brow and male jawline, my dude

No. 1970848

I hate being the 'uM aShKuLlY" guy but the middle isn't goonclown, that's jean/Ella's Hollywood. a TiM pornstar who detransed to a he/theymab. Jean has been affiliated with GoonClown but Finn himself is not. He's still degen and isn't gonna make much of a diff if he eventually troons out or quits the femboy clout chasing. But I doubt that last part will happen.

No. 1970850

god this makes me want to a-log. So glad these fetishists are enforcing the stereotype that women are “cunts” because of their periods and not a health problem that should actually be taken seriously (PMDD.) but obviously their goal is for women as a class to have as little respect as possible because it makes their boners big

No. 1970852

File: 1709146870261.jpg (55.45 KB, 2048x269, 1000002746.jpg)

he's apparently going to a men's prison (thankfully), but the records are still calling him "she" and in this one his gender is left blank. I will never understand media lying about TiM crimes as Women's and insisting on respecting their bs identities

No. 1970876

Old moids attemtping to transition will always be hilarious to me. There’s a unique kind of retardation in 50 year old scrotes trooning out because they think they’ll magically become female. Imagine spending money on putting horomones in your already decaying body and the only change was that you shaved your beard KEK.

No. 1970877

Why do they never lose weight first. Who wants to be a fat AND a ugly tranny. Pick one struggle old man

No. 1970878

i hate him so much aghhhhh why cant he and his timmy friends just delete all of their socmed accounts and never be online again

No. 1970886

Because he wouldn't get any attention that way and would subsequently wither and die.

No. 1970887

File: 1709154475186.png (492.54 KB, 676x698, Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 21-07…)

>The man had asked the family for a new sari, ₹1,100 (approx. $13 USD), and a coconut, reported NDTV, as part of a long-practiced custom wherein hijras, or eunuch-transvestites, dance at weddings and childbirth ceremonies and perform ritual blessings in exchange for gifts. The tradition has been declining in recent years, while hijras’ participation in organized crime, particularly sex trafficking, has skyrocketed in the past decade.
>In July of 2021, it was discovered that a group of hijra men in Assam organized a sex trafficking racket that involved [kidnapping and] forcibly castrating young boys and pimping them out in Delhi. The man behind the organization, named as “Pinky” in news reports, would take a percentage of the profits the boys collected after having been dressed as young girls and forced into prostitution.


No. 1970888

File: 1709154553263.mp4 (Spoiler Image,3.26 MB, 352x640, hjira-surgery.mp4)

Also, from the comments section I saw a video of what hjira 'bottom surgery' results look like, and thought I'd share the horror with you all.

No. 1970889

I really shouldn't have hit unspoil also why are they clapping like retards? didn't bother to put on audio

No. 1970892

Not sure (don't speak the language) but could be related this this:
>“The hijra mafia that controls the castrations operates secretly throughout the country. They have a network of hijra mandis where a newly castrated eunuch is auctioned to the highest bidder. The auction is conducted with claps - a single clap means Rs 1,000. Fair, clean-limbed boys who can earn more, attract highest bids. Victims are threatened with death if they break silence,” reveals Bhola.
Either that or it's just an obnoxious drag culture thing.

No. 1970895

Let’s be real, troons in the west would be doing the same thing if anyone was stupid enough to give them “third gender” status with special legal protections. They’re all pedo groomers.

No. 1970913

File: 1709159523665.gif (360.24 KB, 260x195, 1458600352550_Original.gif)


It really is just a gaping hole. There’s not even an attempt at a vulva - just nothing but a space that looks like a grotesque version of pin the tail on the donkey.

No. 1970915

look at where those men are living, too. sick. I bet that there's mental illness going on there (besides whatever is associated with being homosexual in a repressive homophobic culture) there's no way that anyone other than a select few weirdos is doing this.

No. 1970916

Men never taking accountability for their actions once again I see.

No. 1970959

File: 1709169952380.jpg (567.62 KB, 2880x2880, CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER.jpg)

It really is just a disfigured hole. This reminds me of a screenshot I read of a man recounting the time he had sex with a MTF and said how even in the dark it felt more like a man because the hips felt narrow and the neovag didn't do anything because it's not a muscle. Seeing this is insane to me. No wonder they're all so detached and crazy, if they weren't they'd first have to acknowledge a piece of their body has been cut off and carved out.

No. 1970980

does anyone know roughly how many reports does it take to get a tumblr blog taken down? I know just one is not enough because I've been reporting trannies with explicit rape/furry/general degeneracy fetish blogs since the pedostrogen drama and they're still up, but couldn't we make a thread or something to share tranny posts to report so at least we'll have ONE social media free of their skirt go spinny retardations?
dealing with the tif infestation on Tumblr was one thing, but the redditards are too much. idek why they became "refugees" in the first place if reddit is THE tranny site.

No. 1970987

Oh shit, you're right kek. I guess i mixed them up because their brand of degeneracy is too similar. Thanks for the correction

No. 1970988

File: 1709177470437.jpeg (115.88 KB, 1343x1800, IMG_3245.jpeg)

Don’t open this nonnies. I promise you it is so much worse than you could ever imagine. Just when you think you couldn’t be more disgusted with troons, the crotch hole gets deeper.

No. 1970989

File: 1709177555151.jpg (151.7 KB, 1290x1250, GFra5cnbwAAoT60.jpg)

he transitioned into the 80's

No. 1970991

holy fuck he looks like a product of inbreeding thats also married to his cousin

No. 1970992

Legit could be the main character in a horror film post transition with that whole outfit.

No. 1970994

You can see tartar on his teeth and it's absolutely disgusting. I'm not going to attack him for not having straight teeth but there is never an excuse for them to be dirty.

No. 1971000

A retard becoming even more retarded? Shocker!!!

No. 1971014

Joe Dirt's backwater cousin look a like

No. 1971022

I truly believe most of these guys are just gay and they think by trooning out claiming to be a woman it makes it more okay to date men than just being a gay man. OR they think their access to women will open up because lesbian women now will see them but they don’t realise they’re just freaky men with a cross dressing fetish and deformed bodies now

No. 1971023

File: 1709190611477.jpg (230.29 KB, 1080x673, 1000030407.jpg)

young agps are somehow creepier to me than the normal 25-50+ age range. this weirdo has an extra fetish for crying

No. 1971024

File: 1709190648622.jpg (284.96 KB, 1080x878, 1000030409.jpg)

just girly thangz

No. 1971025

I’ve actually wondered that too because you’re right. Gay, effeminate, small, low iq etc men still end up in prisons and if they aren’t ruthless or affiliated with a group they get targeted. Also every time they let a Troon into a woman’s prison they either sexually assault or violently assault the women there? I know a lot of handmaidens are deluded by watching orange is the new black with the passive trans character who ends up being a victim* but they always let their male side come out in prisons. Look at Nikita Dragun and his arrest

No. 1971026

Imagine coming home and finding out your son gets boners in your clothing after you’ve spent all day working. Freud would love this.

No. 1971083

In my naivety I used to think that "Psycho" and "Silence of the lambs" were exaggerated.
Turns out that moids keep making horror tales about sociopaths doing autogynephilic stuff because they know what's in a moid's mind.

No. 1971086

Is it actually a hole? They're eunuchs, so I think they may have just carved out the whole male anatomy and left the nasty mess we see here.
The articles say that they often get the young boys they kidnap hooked on drugs to coerce them into sex work/getting the chop, so that no doubt has an impact on their state of mind and living conditions.
Omg will these freaks stop wearing their female family members' clothes, goddamn.

No. 1971113

File: 1709214471356.png (519.17 KB, 720x1309, Screenshot_20240228-170747~2.p…)

This guy's trans identity is likely a scam to get money because his bio is literally just black trans woman and almost all of his posts are about needing money. He's missing $350 , he needs money for rent , he's only sharing posts from other people asking for money , etc.

No. 1971123

File: 1709218241411.mp4 (5.58 MB, Snaptik.app_734078036995793233…)

troon butthurt that he got banned from an online women's book club

No. 1971124

you know what, more power to him, more people should pretend to be troons and make bank.

No. 1971127

This thread is always so precious. I only see it because front page or catalogue and it's always pearl clutching like this kek.(shitposting)

No. 1971129

I'm inclined to agree, and the more it happens, the more it'll spoil the reputation troons try to cultivate of being pure and deserving of all support
The more people that take advantage of this blind kindness, the sooner it'll stop when people catch on

No. 1971132

File: 1709220864981.png (90.71 KB, 540x898, Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 09-17…)

The cognitive dissonance is always entertaining:

No. 1971133

File: 1709221827213.png (58.38 KB, 618x484, Screen Shot 2024-02-29 at 8.50…)

I saw this sidebar in r/OUTFITS and I cant help but think this was a response to MTFs posting their gross fetish shit all the time. This is actually a genius move to keep out trannies, since 95% of their accounts are NSFW.

No. 1971136

File: 1709222615428.png (198.71 KB, 588x625, Capture.PNG)

idk if this has been posted at some point but wanted to share, at this point there's probably enough random shit this guy posts for him to get his own thread

No. 1971138

>"egregious act"
my man talking about being banned like the book club comitted a war crime

No. 1971141

Should have fixed his teeth before trooning out.

No. 1971143

LMAO, they didn't even technically ban him, they reject his request on discord.

No. 1971148

File: 1709225586087.png (942.4 KB, 1000x667, 7ERM5x1.png)

A lot of people assume that Hijras/Khusras are like transsexuals in South American countries, but they are way more fucked up. They are essentially a cult, their origins are a hard to trace, but they seem to be men who rejected basically everything in nature and rather than becoming wandering ascetics, they became the most extreme type of degenerates to offend everyone. They are considered so spiritually unclean, that being around them will give you "bad karma" so people literally throw money at them to leave.
Also, the way their cult grows is that they kidnap orphan boys and castrate them.(if they don't kidnap them, they they bribe them with money and food to join) If a boy has been castrated and he lives, then he'll be considered spiritually impure and have bad karma and he will have no chance but to stay in the cult. again It's beyond fucked up.

No. 1971154

Never forget this creep has a baby yet he posts things like this. Funny how a few weeks ago he was saying he posted loli as a joke and isn’t a bad person anymore, but then he still tweets gross sexual content like this while having a child, who he had shared all over the internet pre transition and has no privacy. Imagine growing up with this as your father. Sad

No. 1971155

Ntayrt but what the actual fuck… are there any non-trannoid sympathizing articles to read more about this?

No. 1971159

No. 1971162

It's really not a great look for troons to flaunt Bridget, a guy raised unwillingly as a girl and an inspiration for Boku no Pico, as a twans icon. But I guess they've always been pedos so maybe they really don't care how fucking creepy they come off as.

No. 1971165

They managed to influence the current game creators to officially troon him out… they have no self-awareness of the optics of doing that to a character with a backstory like that. Didn't know he was an inspo for BnP though, ew.

No. 1971170

interesting, why essentially a character which is basically always intended as "pedophile bait" got so popular troons.

No. 1971172

samefag, as one of the article states they also engage in prostitution, but not with themselves, rather they sell the young boys and people are aware of this, they will show up to weddings and childbirths and just outright say "if you don't pay us to leave, we will curse you and one day we'll your future son and castrate him, sell him and make him one of us" so people just pay them to fuck off.

No. 1971178

>Didn't know he was an inspo for BnP though
Isn't that a myth?

No. 1971181

>>1971178 Sorry for splurging.
no it's true. the original character designer for Pico outright said Bridget was the main inspo. In fact he is the reason why so much femboy/trap content is linked with shotacon. Not like most Nu_Bridget fans care because they only like his Strive design and ignore the past and history of who the actual target audience was for him in the first place.

No. 1971190

>who the actual target audience was for him in the first place.

No. 1971195

I called him peado-bait maaaany years ago and got told off because apparently the creator just wanted another cute character and thought they'd make it a boy for a change. I didn't buy it then either.
>In fact he is the reason why so much femboy/trap content is linked with shotacon.
Fr? What's the context for this nonnie?

No. 1971197

kek based book club. Autistic moids like him need to go away.

No. 1971198

File: 1709239322179.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x1594, 1000030478.jpg)

I'm semi local and looked the group up. wonder why he'd want to join women who get together on retreats and hang out in hot tubs? he's also calling out the founder by name and saying she's homophobic

No. 1971201

"comedian" hannah gatsby has made a "comedy" special on netflix featuring a bunch of mtfs and ftms, and groomers like Amok.

No. 1971205

File: 1709241273757.png (26.34 KB, 1203x142, Screenshot 2024-02-29 211227.p…)

This sounded familiar and I indeed read a review by someone who went to the show. It sounds completely unfunny and incredibly cringeworthy.


No. 1971207

Can't wait for it to completely bomb.

No. 1971209

Braces are a fraction of the price of having your cock chopped off, pal.

No. 1971211

the silence of the lambs book is actually rather interesting nowadays because buffalo bill is explicitly written as a "fake" trans. He's convinced he is trans, but it's not out of dysphoria but because he's skinwalking his ex (another fucked up tranny) in an attempt to get some form of identity. In order to find him the investigation looks into males who'd tried and failed to get a sex change as back then the psych eval was more "legit" and would have spotted a man with other issues like probable male bpd (even if we can all agree transing dysphoria away isn't the solution). This plot point couldn't work today because fetishism and lack of personal identity is not a preventative factor for being trans. All the things disqualifying him as a man back then would be turned around as valid reasons to be a transwoman today. It's one of the main "criticisms" of the book and claims of it being transphobic despite being seriously pro-trans. It "educated" people on the "appropriate" response to dysphoric males, but AGPs aren't dysphoric therefore it's wrong now
the best case scenario isn't any better than being kidnapped, parents decide to send away their gay (or suspected gay as well as intersex) sons to be castrated and turned into Hijras. There's no decision made by the boy and it's done to them as young children. One day to the next they're taken from their families, castrated, placed in huts or barns, then put in a life of servitude and rape. Even if they don't start out selling themselves, men know they're free to rape and the older "guru" hijras will pimp the boys under their charge anyways because they get a cut of all their earnings and prostitution makes more than providing the religious services. Not a single one of these boys comes out sane, it's a brutal situation all around. And the worst is that the cycle is basically designed for them to be brutal to the new round of kids as retribution for their own experience as older hijras become the masters of the new ones. Oh, they're also either in the untouchable caste or right above it so they're not permitted to interact with regular people. They can't touch or initiate interactions, only be touched and are generally spoken to but that doesn't stop some from threatening others. Nobody cares about them and the system is designed not to help. They've got a terrible reputation for being psycho men too which eliminates any sympathy for new victims

No. 1971215

File: 1709244456740.jpeg (99.43 KB, 700x700, hatecrime.jpeg)

Late but I just thought of this and I had to.

No. 1971216

Everyone who defends this creep should see this. Especially the retard who employs him.

No. 1971217

Refreshingly based. The lesbian subs should do the same thing (but they won't.)

No. 1971218

We went from wall-eyed gay man to wall-eyed Bret Michaels.

No. 1971221

File: 1709245072277.jpeg (200.48 KB, 1290x1560, GHhfJhCbkAA4t0r.jpeg)

Presented without commentary.

No. 1971229

File: 1709246114131.jpeg (179.42 KB, 1290x1860, GHeERK1aQAAqGpo.jpeg)

Lipstick on his teeth in this one. Ig they're hard to miss.
He's also tweeted about his period cramps, how sad for him.

No. 1971230

File: 1709246174015.jpg (92.76 KB, 788x768, 1000003636.jpg)

No. 1971235

Massive kek. Next thread pic please!

No. 1971252

File: 1709250223992.jpg (65.25 KB, 715x1010, chasers.jpg)


No. 1971258

So trannies constantly think about murdering women, got it.

No. 1971260

But those are just memes about how ugly trannies are

No. 1971280

File: 1709259114872.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x2025, IMG_8848.jpeg)

oh shut the fuck up

No. 1971283

File: 1709259411639.jpeg (781.45 KB, 750x1102, IMG_5243.jpeg)

this guy must have mental illnesses yet to be discovered. he needs to be studied.

No. 1971290

KEK he definitely has all the tattoos to distract people from his obvious moid frame. Even if he got them before he trooned out, trans shit really is just an extreme form of body modification.

No. 1971294

Jesus Christ, nona. I just ate and you subject me to this?
This one is obviously full-throttle retard even without the trooning.

No. 1971295

File: 1709265180674.jpg (921.2 KB, 1440x1689, Screenshot-Reddit-Trans.jpg)

I just know he spergs out about JK Rowling.

No. 1971297

Hope those ladies don't give in, that sounds like a nice group to be involved in. Wish we had that here.

No. 1971298

File: 1709265528768.jpeg (551.2 KB, 1125x1839, IMG_1058.jpeg)


No. 1971299

File: 1709265562307.png (341.04 KB, 381x401, LEollieface.png)

>when someone calls you a man

No. 1971303

File: 1709266694825.png (630.76 KB, 840x886, face like gravel.PNG)

More trannies with faces looking like catfood in US politics.

No. 1971307


No. 1971308

I can just tell this is the kind of moid who goes on reddit venting about how women didn’t want to befriend him (even though he can’t even be bothered to shower) and so he troons out so that he can get hugboxed by the handmaidens who want woke points and pacified by everyone else who don’t want the tranny to go full ape-mode, and then he returns to reddit to gloat about how he’s treated as “one of the girls” now since he’s too autistic to understand the intricacies female socialization. Many such cases

No. 1971309

Genuinely really creepy looking eyes, damn.

No. 1971310

Poster boy for horse face

No. 1971311

I agree, something predatory in them

No. 1971312

Kek it has got to massively piss Contra off that Megamind over here poorly ripped off his whole personality and aesthetic and is more successful than him with acting gigs and fully produced stage plays, and he can’t say shit because to point at one fail male troon for skin walking is to call them all out.
Karma at its finest.

No. 1971316

He looks like a serial killer or something equally deranged

No. 1971325

Handsome squidward if he was trans.

No. 1971329

This outfit is hilariously bad and reeks of moid trying to copy the edgy egirls he sees online who wear mismatched clothes and those large fluffy white boots. The croptop only exaggerates his barrel shaped man torso…

No. 1971334

At least contra wears normal clothing for his age, not like this thing

No. 1971341

File: 1709287285726.mp4 (8.01 MB, 1280x720, Im In Heat….mp4)

No. 1971342

Contrapoints has been half naked in many of his videos, he just frames his exhibitionism as art and playing a character. Both are coomers, but Tube is too dumb hide it at all. Or maybe the fetish is so far he doesnt even care anymore. Contra must be seething. Skinwalk women, get skinwalker troon kek.

No. 1971384

File: 1709297531524.jpg (350.98 KB, 1080x1095, Redditorweapons.jpg)

"Why would a mother be anxious with me, a trans woman, being around her child?"
Redditors always tell on themselves.

No. 1971387

It is so nuts the things some people post while talking about their jobs.

No. 1971388

Why the fuck is some gun touting anarchist tranny teaching in preschool? That's weird, and it's also weird that he worded this one sentence like "I feel very upset that I am losing my relationship with a student." Yea, you're so upset you're losing a relationship with some preschooler you teach?

No. 1971391

How the fuck did the school let him get away with the “cut here” tattoo right on his wrist

No. 1971392

sage for blogpost but I'm a middle school teacher in the eu and I had to sign countless safety paperworks and antipedophilia documents to teach like two times at week, no visible shoulders, no offensive/inappropriate tattoos and how the fuck is all of this allowed in burger PREschools???

No. 1971395

some parts of the country are orderless hellholes where identity politics are prioritized over the safety of children. many parents are choosing to homeschool their children because they have little trust in the educational system.

No. 1971396

males should NOT be pre school teachers. period

No. 1971401

The child seems like a girl based on the father's reaction. Massive red flags for the "losing a relationship" line if true. (Would still be weird for a boy but any man, let alone a violently inclined skinwalker should be alone with a little girl in the bathroom)

No. 1971402

File: 1709300480292.jpeg (199.25 KB, 1487x699, imgonline-com-ua-dexifXdGA3wLt…)

when i saw this i thought "that's a creepy thing to say to someone" then when i looked at the profile, it all made sense. only trannies would be flattered by something like this, most biological women wouldn't.

No. 1971403

File: 1709300643581.jpeg (243.17 KB, 1290x1733, GHYQTEMa4AALhYN.jpeg)

Thank you!! Gunna start telling troons how Bridget was the inspo for shota for men specifically.
Kek sorry nonna. I had to see a good dozen of them in the same thread, so it could've been worse.
Anime (Pokemon) top in the the 'before'. Every time.

No. 1971409

Interesting that fighting games are tranny territory now. Gaming communities are obviously sausage fests, but now going to any fg event as a woman you absolutely get singled out due to womb envy from troons there. Discord mod types who are really spiteful if they learn you're female. Ten years back it was less misogynistic.
Similar with speedrunning but even more obvious. The big "women only" event people only watch to tally up troons vs actual women, of course it's mostly troons. It's depressing to watch how regressive things are getting.

No. 1971410

Ridiculous low-effort grift, this scrote literally just threw a hairbow and some earrings on and called it a day. But TRAs and handmaidens deserve to be scammed so I’m not even mad at him.

No. 1971413

>gun, violence and suicide-obsessed troon
>statistically male patterns of sex crimes and pedophilia
>alone with 4 year old girls in the bathroom

Geez, what could possibly go wrong? Why would a parent ever be concerned about that? Must be transphobia.

No. 1971427

For real, the super smash bros scene has been completely taken over by troons. I was often the only female playing in local tournaments 10 years ago, and I’d likely still be today if I still went, except for now half the dudes there have trooned out. Like most women, I don’t enjoy or feel particularly safe being the only woman in a room full of guys, so I stopped going. It’s fascinating how oblivious troons are to their own male behavior where they so easily take up space in male-dominated spaces and push real women out

No. 1971437

Forget about the bathroom thing, I am deeply concerned why this man wants to bring a gun to a preschool. I don’t care if it’s a joke or not anyone who makes a statement like that should be investigated and kept away from children. I hope the father keeps pushing the issue until he gets fired, since he’s the only person around this walking red flag with sense.

No. 1971452

Genuinely don't know why women are expected to be perfectly OK with HSTS when this is literally just peak gay moid behavior. Even the horniest of het women would never do the kind of shit gay scrotes get up. Not to be a pearlclutcher but this level of coomer hypersexuality makes me uncomfortable like sorry I want to get as far away from STD infested troons as possible.

No. 1971455

File: 1709312486645.jpeg (1.94 MB, 3464x3464, 46C525CC-82D3-49ED-BE99-14B5F9…)

Contra seems to dress normal outside of videos. While the other wants to skinwalk teenagers

No. 1971459

Jeez Abigail Thorn really does not know how to dress for his body shape at all. How could he possibly think he looks good here? Wasn’t there a study done that showed how females underestimate their attractiveness and males overestimate it? He has the opposite of body dysmorphia kek. Let’s not whiteknight for hontra, though. He might be better with filters and angles, sure, but he’s still an ugly unapologetic agp all the same

No. 1971462

kinda surprised neither of them got massive bolt ons

No. 1971467

I genuinely can't tell these unstable white men apart sometimes

No. 1971468

Note to mention that if they’re using topical hormones it can fuck you up because you know these sickos aren’t using it properly or being considerate of women/children whom it could potentially have irreversible consequences for. Troons of any persuasion should be avoided for health reasons imo.

No. 1971469

my tinfoil is that coomers like them, don't get the big shit done because they want to leave the "option" of de-transitioning without having to remove shit tons of plastic and deforming themselves. Only the gay ones wanting to date "normal" men will go the full mile in getting boobs and body surgeries. The ones who are into women and/or transwomen or don't want to date at all don't really attempt to change their bodies. They just take hormones and/or don't do shit at all but throw on a wig, make up, filters and female clothes.

No. 1971470

Contra only looks slightly better, Phil is so fucking ugly and musty looking, that I can always tell it's him. His long huge head, the thrist in his eyes, his receeding hair line, thick ass neck. Contra looks like Eminem but at least he looks like he bathed.

No. 1971477

olly again proving that you can clock men by the kneecaps alone (I mean if you cover up the rest of his disgusting fridge body)

No. 1971481

what's up with his arm? is he trying to be like a teenage girl by 'cutting' too?

No. 1971490

Contra just has a "higher class" vision of what a whore is in his mind. You can still see his underwear through the dress at the bottom half.

No. 1971492

Montana is a red state and 53 is a red district. He'd have no chance even if he didn't look like a serial killer with poorly-dyed hair.

No. 1971494

This person shouldn't be allowed within 500 yards of a school, let alone working at one. How the fuck did a perverted gun nut get a job like this in the first place? Don't they run background checks?

No. 1971499

He's duplicated his hair badly in photoshop to make it thicker lol. There's got to be a heinous fivehead under there

No. 1971504

Kek you're right wtf. He's fucking bald under that duplicated hair

No. 1971508

File: 1709320949835.png (74.97 KB, 350x320, thearsonist.png)

It wasn't that long ago before Mr Thorn was just a normal man who even publicly denied seemingly in earnest that he had never thought about being a troon. He is a textbook agp to the highest degree and honestly hontra looks less like a degenerate in comparison, despite prancing around in bdsm gear as whilst still identifying with his natal sex.

No. 1971509

Meanwhile there are teachers getting fired for not obeying the gender cult.

No. 1971518

File: 1709323607996.png (2.11 MB, 1216x1112, lcultatroon.png)

I don't know if this person has been posted before but the Ulta sub recommended him to me a year ago a few times and I ignored the original posts. It did it again just recently . Is apparently an Ulta employee. Also in WitchesVsPatriarchy.

>Last time I posted here, it ended up with me getting death threats (from being shared on a anti-trans Twitter page) BUT-the possibilities ARE beautiful and EVERYONE deserves that chance! And that why I continue to do what I do!!! Shout out to Cue the New today!

>It’s Cue the New Day!!! If you remember-the MOD Cue the New was my first real day on the floor last year! I’ve grown sooo much in the year and I cannot thank my Ulta for being such a HUGE part of that Growth!!!!

No. 1971528

Well, that's one way to discourage preteen girls from crowding their stores.

No. 1971543

I genuinely believe that he trooned out mainly because he realized the level of social capital he could wield as a tranny and only partially because of coom. Like it's already paying off with all the work he's getting now that he definitely wouldn't have gotten as a bog standard, nothingburger regular ol' man.

No. 1971555

>shota for men
what the fuck is he talking about?

No. 1971556

never read the book but the near ending of the movie holds a special place in my heart, where we see a female MC kill basically kill the personification of the male gaze, I wish we had more of that in media.

No. 1971559

who is this? cause I feel his behavior is more in like with AGPs then a HSTS troon.

No. 1971569

He's on horsepiss now

No. 1971571

>"I am losing my relationship with a student"
What teacher says this about exclusively one of their students after changing their entire class? I'd understand being upset you had to start fresh with a whole new class but it's odd he's fixated on this one kid's "relationship" with him after swapping all his students. Sounds more like the dad had a good pedophile radar and was worried about the relationship in the first place, glad he got the school policy changed to only allow female teachers in the washrooms with the children.
maybe they thought it wasn't a cutting reference since he has no visible scarring kek
being a self-harming troon is one thing, but a non-cutter referencing cutting is extra sad tbh
the worst part is these troons never experienced real ostracization within these groups nor ever experienced the lack of practice that comes from not being able to play at every tournament or group party if they were too "boys club" to be safe alone or you couldn't find a buddy. let alone being targeted to be taken out of the tournaments early by every guy who feels angry by our existence in gaming spaces they keep trying to designate as "theirs". yet they're given grace female gamers had to fight hard (and were mocked) for and get access to female tournaments made for people without the same lived experience as men and then even go out of their way to mock the "need" for women's spaces since they lived a boy's childhood filled with video games and allowed into male spaces and can obviously play just fine. there's a reason girls mostly play solo games despite making up around 50% of gamers. mixed spaces become male spaces where only troons feel safe
Hontra simply skinwalks different women from Oli. He's a classics guy, he wants to feel like a woman out of history but for equally disgusting reasons as his own personal skinwalker. The women he likes are simply more modest looking compared with today, but he still ruins this look with black tucking undies showing through that are probably holding back his boner (if hrt and opioids haven't nuked its function) which shows it's still about coom over fashion for him. Also I tinfoil his inspiration for some of his video's outfits are victorian prostitutes so I think he fancies himself a courtesan tbh
it was only a matter of time before the coom took over his attempt at sense with staying male. kek, it's going to go so bad so quick. I can't wait to watch. I hope he goes through the stages faster since he's jumping into the deep end after staring at it so long

No. 1971587

File: 1709341772228.jpg (32.19 KB, 400x400, 1000012043.jpg)

Just found out a YouTuber I used to watch as a kid trooned out. The fangs kek. (Just2good, who makes videos about lego stuff). This happened around six months ago but I haven't seen it mentioned here.

No. 1971588

Looks like the "hehe straight hetero guy who crossdresses for fun (attention)!" shtick is up. Not sure how anyone thought this guy was anything except an AGP.

No. 1971596

He looks AGP (copying and skinwalking a tumblr egirl) but he’s definitely a HSTS ex-twink

No. 1971601

File: 1709343325894.jpg (272.07 KB, 1080x1607, Picweapon_Reddit.jpg)

Oh no, he has lots of cutting scars too (the faint, desperate for attention type)

No. 1971605

aw shit, that's disappointing. i really found it funny when the trannies were seething over the fact he wasn't one of them and looked a million times less greasy than the average tim

No. 1971608

Not to be weird about scars but they look like scars from accidentally getting caught in snake wire kek. Testerical attention seeking type scars and tattoo.

No. 1971612

Conforming to gender roles, just fantastic and very progressive. Can’t be a man into feminine things, “real” men just don’t do that!

No. 1971614

File: 1709345551190.jpeg (26.81 KB, 640x297, IMG_7241.jpeg)

He never got a single bit of attention when he was his regular moid self, then he puts on a dress, make up and a wig and was suddenly fawned over, told how attractive he was by handmaidens and degen coomers, as if he was ever gonna go back to never being looked at or noticed.

No. 1971620

No. 1971624

OT but Edward Norton looked so fine in this movie. I want to Make a irl fight club so the moids can be men again.(off topic)

No. 1971633

File: 1709351338549.jpg (671.2 KB, 2047x1787, FuvmSKjaAAAyOKQ.jpg)

He'll need an axe wound and someone to shave off that giraffe neck of his to become a true and honest "woman"

No. 1971634

File: 1709351455204.jpg (596.38 KB, 2169x1779, GHe72xiawAE-rzJ.jpg)

I wheezed when I saw this before and after.

No. 1971636

File: 1709351705181.png (213.92 KB, 845x647, 9eEw6KG.png)

No. 1971638

This makes me realize how much troons abuse angles kek. They just look like gay men.

No. 1971639

File: 1709352118943.png (853.18 KB, 748x1205, Screenshot.png)

What? They couldn't find a decent women to hire?

No. 1971640

File: 1709352415759.png (267.48 KB, 367x718, 790.png)

Troons are irl bl manga

No. 1971641

File: 1709352490693.jpg (400.6 KB, 1536x2048, GHKCkKsW0AAGzLG.jpg)

and yet retards still fawn over about how much they totes pass.

No. 1971643

Corny. Corny. CORNY.

No. 1971658

Holy male voice

No. 1971659

Women do this sort of shit and worse to animals in exchange for money, mostly in Russia and Asia, I won’t go into any more detail but I’d advise against looking it up if you’re sensitive to such things. My point is, unfortunately women are capable of being just as psychopathic as moids
And this comes as a surprise to absolutely no one, kek. I hate this degenerate misogynistic faggot so much. He’s already starting to get fat, I hope he becomes even more hideous because it’s what his repulsive fetishist pedophilic ass deserves

No. 1971670

While anyone doing is inhumanely revolting, there's a pretty big difference between getting trafficked or coerced into zoosadist content due to extreme poverty and just killing cats for shits and giggles. Women rarely do the former unless severely fucked in the head or out of coercion.

No. 1971676

He always looked like a fat 14 year old boy in a dress to me, moids who were attracted to him were just pedophiles imo.

No. 1971677

they get this shit fully paid by insurance and many of them already have had kids when they troon out

No. 1971678

File: 1709374614715.jpeg (28.66 KB, 500x375, 30py6j.jpeg)

>They are considered so spiritually unclean, that being around them will give you "bad karma" so people literally throw money at them to leave.
kek so pic related?

No. 1971679

File: 1709374944874.jpg (600.13 KB, 1780x1080, Screenshot_20240302_110500_Gal…)


No. 1971680

the point is, he's a level of porn-sick, it doesn't matter what his original sexuality was, he's just cooming and escalation.

No. 1971681

>"look how well i'm doing on my own"
>is posing with a fursuit
his autism level must be so high

No. 1971682

was gonna ask which was before and which was after until I spotted the frankenstein stitches on the forehead

No. 1971688

yes, but they're like 20 of them and they'll place a curse on you and your family if you don't pay them to fuck off, so they'll show up at a wedding and demand for money and if you don't pay them, they'll curse the marriage, that the wife will have infertility issues or the child will be born with disabilities.

No. 1971690

File: 1709379134427.jpeg (375.14 KB, 1290x1940, GHpOMUKb0AABDrp.jpeg)

Mother sues for full custody after her troon ex-husband wants her to punish their 10 year old for telling her that she 'needs her daddy'.

Lmao I thought it was the other way round

No. 1971693

A pornsick AGP trooning out? Must be a day which ends with an 'y'

No. 1971694

File: 1709380711965.jpeg (163.97 KB, 828x1384, IMG_5822.jpeg)

randomly clicked on this post that Reddit recommended just to see the comments and immediately burst out laughing at the pinned. I think you can imagine what took place in the replies (apparently with the way men piss this part of the toilet gets dirty?)

No. 1971695

I love when they don’t have a million filters their man features come through no matter how much weight they lose, makeup or plastic surgery. Genetics truly don’t lie

No. 1971700

What even happened to Contra? I feel as if I haven't even heard anything about Contra forever, but i used to all the time 3-5 years ago. I had heard some rumor about Philosophy tube sexually assaulting him, because of something Hontra tweeted out had implied it. I guess now he knows what women feel like when their ex abusers transition in order to get access to them, but he probably can’t point it out because of exactly the same reason you mentioned.

No. 1971701

I heard a while ago that he was possibly groomed by ultra rich people into becoming a femboy,’and that his boundaries were slowly eroded. It would be sad if this is

No. 1971702

he’s always uploaded at a snail’s pace. I just assume he’s probably still struggling with the addiction, who knows. During detrans/retrans cow Isaac’s most recent phase of clarity (from which he has since declined in the most hilarious and retarded way), I remember him mentioning offhandedly in one video that hontra is the type who will probably detrans one day. That always stuck in my mind, because I can kinda see that happening. So during the long gaps between his videos I always wonder, what if the next one is the detrans announcement? No such luck so far…

No. 1971703

probably working on another 5 hour video malding over JK Rowling that "intellectuals" can drag out when you ask "tell me where JKR said something transphobic".

No. 1971707

Last I heard he was injuring young women while playing on a women's football team. I never paid attention to his YT though.

No. 1971708

File: 1709387757071.png (3.36 MB, 1352x1374, 1000037893.png)

That was Riley Dennis not Contra.

No. 1971712

Woops, legit thought they were the same person haha. Thanks nonna.

No. 1971714

>"A lot of the trans community started popping into my streams and interacting with me and that had never happened before"
yeah he was def groomed into trooning out

No. 1971717

i hope shes able to keep her daughter away from him. he already has so much resentment towards her and it'll be made worse by the fact that she's going through the female puberty they fetishize.

No. 1971723

"being" a girl makes you feel good bc you're sexual deviants, it's the endorphins you fucking idiots, mindbreak is truly a male-made concept bc they'd be the ones susceptible to it

No. 1971724

you're trying to reason with the men that think if predators can end up in women's restrooms anyways why should transwomen be prevented from using them since "assault's gonna happen anyways"

No. 1971725

>obnoxious drag culture thing
it's this, not sure about what you've linked but hijras are just known to clap like this and for being obnoxious(bc they hang with criminals and impoverished people that their manners and language becomes so foul)

No. 1971727

He wore shitty cosplays/lingerie as a joke for twitch. He got more donations from this so he kept doing it. Nobody groomed him

No. 1971728

so you don't think the people who initially paid for him to dress like this and who encouraged it and his AGP "girl"friend influenced this decision in the slightest? You would not describe this kind of behaviour as grooming?

No. 1971732

Plenty of streamers wear costumes as a joke and don’t troon out. Also why do you care so much? Are you finnster? Is this a cry for help?(derailing)

No. 1971749

This makes zero sense. Why are you trying to defend this degenerate coomer?

No. 1971752

not shocked at all, he clearly finds glee in the attention he gets for dressing feminine from both "heterosexual" men and the tranny committee, and cluster b types are common among transgenders so it was only a matter of time. and how much he's told he looks pretty when he's dresses girly encourages this too, reminds me of that very old detrans man whose first domino was his granny putting him in a dress and showering him with compliments giving him hits of oxytocin he'd never had before.

No. 1971753

Ayrt but I’m not? How am I defending him?

No. 1971755

this is so hilarious bc if you'd just photoshop his long hair and face out the way and cropped the other whoevers out, it'd look indifferentiable from those TT thirst posts about men's hands or whatever

No. 1971762

You wish we cared about your small, limp, unwashed dick. Isn't it?(responding to bait)

No. 1971763

I never really looked into this guy but his content would pop up in my feed every so often and I just got an obnoxious vibe from him and his "teehee, I';m a straight guy who likes to look pretty uwu". So I'm not surprised this sadsack is embracing his Autogynephilia.
I just have to wonder, can there ever exist a straight guy who likes to look feminine and it not have to be autogynephilia? Because it seems to be that any self-proclaimed straight guy who is into crossdressing, it's always a fetish compared to gay men.

No. 1971767

File: 1709408141375.png (88.07 KB, 710x615, Screenshot_20240229-192911~2.p…)

this is amusing kek

No. 1971768

File: 1709408198548.png (330.35 KB, 720x714, Screenshot_20240229-192915~2.p…)


His photo

No. 1971770

he really does have irl yaoi proportions

No. 1971776

File: 1709409396877.png (2.17 MB, 931x2000, nexplanon-tim.png)

wtf, so im on the nexplanon birth control (implant) and i go to their website to see if im experiencing symptoms related to it or if it was something else, and they straight up have a tim model representing their birth control brand.

it just makes absolutely no sense to use a MAN to model as a birth control patient for fucks sake, he cant even use the product or even get pregnant. how ridiculously offensive to actual women.(bait)

No. 1971781

I'm not great at clocking, but this doesn't scream man to me

No. 1971782

I'm saying he did it without the thought of being trans ever coming up, it wasnt until his Troon audience kept berating him about it.

No. 1971783

is this not just a regular woman?

No. 1971786

This has to be bait kek

No. 1971789

Plastic surgery is no biggie but taking a tweezer to those ratty eyebrows is too much work huh.

No. 1971791

Gamer gaters won, they kicked women out by being “progressive” and they’re working on pushing all women out of the public sphere. Never underestimate left-wing misogyny

No. 1971793

Looks distantly related to Trisha paytas

No. 1971805

Not surprised, but disappointed. You could see at the start he was dude just doing this for shits, giggles and moolah and when guys in the chat would come on to him, he seemed visibly uncomfortable. However, the past years he's just been screaming AGP more and more, especially with the trans gf. There goes the 'I'm just straight femboy, that online bros can use to stick it to eTHOTs LARP'. SMH.

No. 1971807

As a woman who recently found out she's attracted to feminine men, it's super frustrating. The only time I find a man where his femininity is his natural state of being, he's gay 99% of the time. In contrast, With straight guys, it's very affected and performative. The majority of them end up having a 'sissy fetish' that want me to dom them, because he's just 'not man enough' and wants to be another more than 'a hole'. They don't see how sexist it is and why I find it so fucking creepy and off-putting. I'm a dominant woman, but I don't think of myself as a man.

If there are feminine straight men, the first thing they see when the google themselves just leads them to men with AGP, so if they don't have it themselves, they'll be groomed into having it.(blogpost)

No. 1971808

no way… jeanette forced sander to troon out too?!

No. 1971809

If Sander did it, it would be out of a subconscious drive to further humiliate Jazz

No. 1971810

he released a three hour video about twilight yesterday.

No. 1971816

same case here nonna. I'm also into feminine and androgynous guys, but it's rare to find any who aren't blantly gay. And if they are attracted to women, it's their idea of being feminine almost exclusively comes from hentai and they can never just dress or be normal about it. It's worse when you start seeing or hearing warning signs towards trooning out. ie: taking on a nonbinary identity, thoughts of hrt, etc. It'd better to be safe to just keep your attraction to fictional fem moids. the crossdresser/femboy to TiM pipeline is all too well recorded.

No. 1971821

File: 1709420277238.jpg (1.71 MB, 2560x1707, 1599552267710.jpg)

Anime top, as always. Though it being from a body horror manga seems appropriate.
Yep. They found a better strategy; trooning out gets them all the handmaiden support and asspats, AND companies can say, 'look, we're diverse now!' (picrel)

No. 1971834

File: 1709423813072.png (1.78 MB, 906x1100, autism.png)

Sage for autism and I'm not gonna put her name/links bc I don't want her to come up on lolcow when people search for her lol, but I double checked and she's female, she has pics on her socials going back to her teens and pics besides other women and shit, def female. You transvestigating anons make us all look unhinged(derailing/taking the bait)

No. 1971836

interesting, they have a sorority girl normie thing going on which is fine, good for them. but even as a spectrumy female myself lol i would not be joining, i just sense we wouldn't vibe well and i wouldn't feel at home. why join a book club with women who likely don't share your interests or favorite authors anyway? making your own club is clearly the best idea but just leave them alone sheesh(no1currs, derailing)

No. 1971837

KEK. The one on the far right has the annoying orange face.

No. 1971839

Anon, trannies post pics of women in these threads to try and bait people. He was here seething yesterday kek.

No. 1971840

There's definitely actual women doing it too, making us all look bad in the process. Posting a couple pics of some ugly/masculine woman and immediately screaming troon is unhinged. The only transvestigator I support is the infallible nona with a 100% success rate who clocked the tunnel troon before anyone else did.

No. 1971843

He wasn't groomed, grooming is a term we shouldn't throw around Willy nilly. The man was peer pressured at absolute worst, if a teenager jumped off a bridge with their friends we wouldn't not mock them for their stupidity, an adult man deserves more mockery.
He was an adult who decided to become friends with famous gooners (one of whom gets off to corrupting children, it's well known) and it's his fault for listening to all the bullshit they told him about the wonders of HRT, while having no dysphoria to prevent him from doing research into its validity or not. Not to mention he literally fell into the porn/AGP side of things on his own as a fully grown adult after pretending to be simply chosing to cross dress for years. Not excusing dysphorics, but at least their reason for not checking it's all fake is their own delusions. This man made his bed on his own and gets to lie in it with all his fellow pedophiles

No. 1971844

He’s a textbook terminally online pornsick misogynistic faggot like the degenerates featured in the femboy thread (hyperkyun, cafebeef et al, obsessed with gaming and animu pedophilia). They all started out as edgelord /pol/tards who thought they were “owning” women by being fawned over for their femininity ergo being “better women than actual women” while still maintaining that they were he/him moids rather than she/her troons. They all end up on horse piss and more mentally ill than ever

No. 1971847

How do you know when it’s anonymous…

No. 1971853

Pattern recognition

No. 1971854

File: 1709429976379.jpg (66.89 KB, 884x595, gaytranny.jpg)

Isn't he gay though? On twitter he referred to himself as a "gay son" and some anon said he's dating another troon.

No. 1971856

The same way it’s easy to recognise all the baiters have been troons then? The pattern is they have always been baiting trannies kek.

No. 1971857

gay son or thot daughter is a common meme/line in zoomer culture (im one).

also god damn he is ugly

No. 1971858

He does daye trannies. If he also dates real women he’s Bi. Maybe gay if he hasn’t dated actual women before.

No. 1971861

Apparently he hasn’t dated any women, only troons, but prior to his “coming out” claimed to be straight. He’s just a faggot with a fetish, he clearly hates women and was probably never attracted to anyone who isn’t male

No. 1971863

File: 1709431537810.jpeg (839.36 KB, 1170x1486, IMG_0926.jpeg)

His pinned tweet, this is nothing but a pornsick fetish

No. 1971864

File: 1709431582473.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.15 MB, 1170x1604, IMG_0927.jpeg)

I fucking hate this degenerate faggot so much

No. 1971866

Not shocking. He’s probably the autist pornsick gammer type who fails with IRL women if he was ever interested in them. The payment aspect I don’t think awoke it, it was probably always there.

No. 1971869

File: 1709432850574.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 1170x1569, IMG_0928.jpeg)

Yeah I agree, he’s just an AGP coomer, he would have trooned out sooner or later

No. 1971871

File: 1709433278481.jpeg (935.53 KB, 1170x1588, IMG_0929.jpeg)

Goddess give me the strength to abstain from a-logging

No. 1971878

haha woman thot haha so original

No. 1971880

File: 1709436239693.png (62.58 KB, 603x555, 1709337885385.png)


Those older Japanese women won't take shit from ugly trannies.

No. 1971884

>tunnel troon
kek, always hilarious that he chooses to go by "Kala", the masculine version of the Hindi word for black.

No. 1971885

chipmunk looking ass

No. 1971886

don't like the guy but I respect the hustle

No. 1971892

File: 1709442568397.png (165.3 KB, 921x362, FireShot Capture 767 - Kris Ty…)

Chris changed his name to Ava

No. 1971893

File: 1709442707589.jpg (51.56 KB, 480x853, 427736257_794714849143214_6993…)

His hairline his a goner

No. 1971897

File: 1709442866827.png (2.97 MB, 1536x2048, GHch6IUWcAE_kSW.png)

Ruining Sailor Mars for everyone too.
He dyed his hair for this and it ended up looking greasier than usual.

No. 1971907

holy shit, almost didn't recognize him, how has the skin on his face become even saggier

No. 1971908

File: 1709446187340.jpg (98.23 KB, 634x783, 1000037928.jpg)

I feel bad for his kid. He can't even brag about his dad working for MrBeast kek.
Why do AGPs become more disheveled as they transition? Picrel, Chris was never attractive but at least he looked put together. He looks so greasy and doughy now. Dark shit.

No. 1971919

He was always a porn addict, so I knew this was gonna be his fate.

No. 1971923

Smoothing filter and airbrush working overtime in this pic

No. 1971944

was this the one with the loli shadman prints or was that another mrbeast troon? being a straight woman in the year of our lord 2023 is hell

No. 1971945

File: 1709459854607.png (514.39 KB, 372x746, t3324.png)

its 2024 nona

(+ ugly troon tax)

No. 1971951

Because they are spending all of that time sitting in their room posting on discord for hours and hours and expect estrogen to do all of this transformative magic on its own that it doesn't.

No. 1971954

How isn't he (and his friends) ashamed? HOW? He lived a relatively normal life until now, there's no way he suddenly forgot how utterly ridiculous and disgusting this is to normal people. Also kek @ him picking a new name and claiming that he's also "known as" this name, no you are not, retard. Omg

No. 1971960

kekkkkkkk his hairline…

No. 1971969

File: 1709465864049.jpg (279.84 KB, 1080x1489, 1000027477.jpg)

Found this in a group I'm part of on Facebook

No. 1971971

File: 1709465885069.jpg (295.25 KB, 1078x1437, 1000027478.jpg)

No. 1971972

File: 1709465912022.jpg (133.94 KB, 1080x985, 1000027476.jpg)

And he posted this on his timeline

No. 1971978

File: 1709467123263.png (250.99 KB, 421x527, slayed the shampoo manufacture…)

I can't believe I'm saying something nice about a coomer but at least Finnster washes his hair.

No. 1971983

without the beard helping to define his otherwise already blobby features he just looks like your typical limp-dicked pervert aging badly. >>1971908 proves he had a shot at looking normal, still below average and like a coomer but at least relatively normal. He’s fast-tracked himself to looking more pudgy and disgusting than he probably ever would’ve looked had he not trooned out.

No. 1971992

outfit looks photoshopped on

No. 1972004


No. 1972009

File: 1709474011869.jpg (90.08 KB, 922x1280, mr-beiste-received-an-individu…)

No. 1972014

I genuinely think that he started doing this as a joke but he got more and more positive attention, his channel grew, he earned money and he probably got groomed into it. But as the troons started getting angry at how he was appropriating their "culture" or whatever the fuck, he needed to find an excuse. So he picked out the label gender fluid. He could still be part of the LGBT community so trons would leave him alone AND he could still call himself a man without people raising an eyebrow. Thus both the troons and the people who are into femboys/traps would be satisfied. About him being bisexual I don't know, but I genuinely believe it. And yeah, I do think he has AGP however he clearly wanted to find a middle ground here. Why would a moid identify as nonbinary or genderfluid without a motive? Their brains don't understand microlabels like TIFs do. Think about it.
Is he having a stroke

No. 1972024

File: 1709478050774.jpg (399.52 KB, 2048x1160, GHspmybXAAANz6z.jpg)

I feel so mad for these girls.

No. 1972026

File: 1709478148975.png (277.23 KB, 510x508, Finn-sideshot.png)

No. 1972029

File: 1709478312289.jpg (Spoiler Image,955.35 KB, 3514x1604, GHotesVaEAAYFfD.jpg)

Don't open if you ate lunch

No. 1972032

>Why do AGPs become more disheveled as they transition? Picrel, Chris was never attractive but at least he looked put together. He looks so greasy and doughy now. Dark shit.
bc your picrel is technically not put together either but it's the standard for an average looking man nowadays bc of the abysmal state of men now, but the standard for a put together woman is higher, so when he's tried feminine styles and "behaviours", it becomes obvious how poor his dressing sense and grooming is, long hair makes you realize how greasy his hair is, his attempts at looking cute in photos shows how little he knows poses and angles, when men's clothing is just hoodie after a different hoodie with jeans, he doesn't know how to dress in women's clothing. it really is like "being a little teen girl" except that instead of kaweewee sleepovers or prom night or barf getting your cherry popped or other AGP delusions, its dressing stupid and taking bad photos that you think you look good in, but it's actually pathetic this time bc you're a grownass man with a child.

No. 1972038

holy shit, i thought he fished around in his asshole with his nails before noticing the glitter.

No. 1972045

File: 1709479477907.png (32.03 KB, 840x263, Screenshot.png)

this happened over the weekend too

No. 1972046

File: 1709479535381.png (44.12 KB, 755x300, queerwoman.png)

No. 1972062

File: 1709483310166.png (360.1 KB, 776x390, hmm.png)

these two vids came up on my recommended, didnt watch the troon video but the contrast is insane.

No. 1972070

File: 1709484875926.jpeg (999.78 KB, 828x986, IMG_0648.jpeg)

The size of his rib cage holy shit kek. I feel bad for his ex-wife (picrel), but she seems happier without him

No. 1972071

File: 1709485056438.jpeg (1021.94 KB, 1290x1778, IMG_0647.jpeg)

The state of this subreddit, bleak.

No. 1972075


No. 1972083

File: 1709488146978.jpg (47.89 KB, 636x382, 79263641-0-image-a-25_17032673…)

Sick of people like Jon Stewart arguing that "trans athletes are rare, so we shouldn't be concerned." Huh, that's strange, because those same people stop caring about rarity when it's a school shooting. Should we ignore those because they're uncommon? It only takes one cheater to ruin a whole game. It doesn't matter how frequently or rarely rules get broken, they exist for a reason.

No. 1972084

The fuck, why is his face so small compared to the rest of his gigantic head? Has he had work done?

No. 1972086

Good. I love when the grandmas of the world take a stand against this shit. Old people don't give a shit about canceling and they're past the age where being polite is practical. Years ago I remember an anon telling a story about how the elderly Latinas at her local pool wouldn't put up with that shit. Fucking based.

No. 1972087

Don't say "Goddess," it makes you sound like a tranny. "God" is already gender neutral because it's a proper noun. You don't call a female doctor "Doctress."(infighting)

No. 1972089

What the fuck? he looks like a melted ice sculpture

No. 1972090

ntayrt, but kek nonnie, when i hear "Goddess" all i think about is the "inner goddess" from 50 shits and that edgy teen girl from Nevernight.

No. 1972093

Kek it really is the cringiest shit and immediately clocks you as a retard even if you aren’t a troon. Same thing with saying plural “Gods” as if you’re a game of thrones OC.(infighting)

No. 1972098

He looks like a male Pixyteri

No. 1972103

He gets fucked in the ass wearing this doesn't he

No. 1972104

Don't you ever dare to use the name of the queen in vain like this again.

No. 1972106

What a sad, hideous group of mentally ill. I'm glad I trusted my sixth sense and never got that into video games.

No. 1972112

birmingham phenotype

No. 1972117

File: 1709500639287.jpg (53.82 KB, 859x221, 1000012115.jpg)

A comment on Hontra's Twilight video kek.

No. 1972128

Lusting after that emo/scene girl who probably rejected him back in 2009 lol

No. 1972129

Fuck john Stewart. Left because Trump was too much and now he’s back worshipping trannies. Fucking wanker

No. 1972132

deja vu from gregory gorgeous who insisted for years he's a feminine gay man kek

No. 1972138

File: 1709505848869.jpg (511.75 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2024-03-03-16-42-47…)

Oh kek, I was confused about his face but he has two lines cause he's using contour. Picrel shows the jaw underneath the rounded contour (which removes his chin from the side cause of how much needs to be removed for the illusion). He's getting fatter around the jaw which disguises it easier now into his neck, but it's going to have a reverse effect as more fat deposits on his face

No. 1972140

anon i'm not entirely convinced that jaws work like that.

No. 1972143

File: 1709507017515.png (53.7 KB, 844x493, fashionadvice.PNG)

kek you forgot to include the best part nonnie. Comments were jumping on him because he attention whores on multiple femboy and sissy subreddits, and handmaidens (+ mods) were rushing to his defence.

No. 1972145

I don't know why these chubby twinks think they can get away with calling themselves women because they're slightly more feminine than the average male. No amount of face framing bangs or makeup can cover up that masculine bone structure kek

No. 1972146

File: 1709507598773.jpeg (Spoiler Image,394.71 KB, 1284x1914, IMG_9362.jpeg)

i don’t know any woman who enjoys her discharge. disgusting

No. 1972149

kek that’s nasty. the only reason women have discharge is because the vagina is self-cleaning. that shit is just from being a gross coomer

No. 1972154

File: 1709509012186.jpg (265.24 KB, 925x1669, 1000030575.jpg)

No. 1972155

Imagine being a good looking normie woman, thinking you found a normie sub average mood to marry and live happily ever after with, now you’re a divorced single Mother tied forever to man who posts pictures of himself like this >>1971897 on online for the world to see, actual nightmare.

He has the ugliest side profile, looks aggressively british.

No. 1972157

shota aimed at men? gay pedophiles

No. 1972158

I mean that’s just life, trooning out is kind of like cheating in a way because you can’t really control a person, just hope for the best. I hope she is doing better though.

No. 1972160

Fellas is it trans to have long hair?

No. 1972163

Anon top is his weak jawline bottom line are swollen lymph nodes

No. 1972167

File: 1709511543098.jpg (552.75 KB, 1080x1680, Screenshot_20240303_092846_Red…)

I knew this would be here the second I saw it. The bar is so low for men. The comments are all "omg the TERFS!" but they don't realize it's just actual lesbians that are sick of these perverted men. Just leave the sub to rot from the inside like their stink ditches.

No. 1972168

File: 1709512319918.mp4 (8.64 MB, 1080x1920, 1000053442.mp4)

I hate getting "lesbian" content recommended to me on Instagram. The voice threw me off but I wanted to stay polite incase it was just a very masculine women but nope, it's a mtf singer from a band called Against Me.

No. 1972169

Samefag I'm talking about the second person in the video incase anyone thinks I meant the actual woman in the beginning, forgot to mention.

No. 1972173

The physiognamy of his face really shows what a repulsive man he is. He looks like he crawled out of a sewer with that aggressively male profile.

No. 1972175

it looks like his face has slipped down his head

No. 1972181

File: 1709514395809.jpg (251.06 KB, 825x1200, 1000030583.jpg)

holy shit anon thank you for posting this. I took a gander at the general response on Twitter (I think troonytoons made a post about it) and my evening was completely made by the dozens upon dozens of direct responses from JP women telling men/troons to fuck all the way off. picrel is the situation that prompted it all

No. 1972185

File: 1709514949775.jpg (491.01 KB, 1080x1250, 1000030585.jpg)

>I love dressing as a dirty anime slut

No. 1972196

Laura Jane Grace treated his ex wife like shit. also, his ex is badass and sexy. vidrel is a straight couple

No. 1972214

You misspelled 'tom gabel'

No. 1972219

So this nasty moid spills bong water ALL over their apartment, doesn’t clean it up, and then decides to degrade his handmaiden by blaming the smell on her vagina? And she must think this behavior is really cute and charming because she’s giggling like it’s just so sweet. The way these women deal with their troons remind of me of boy moms thinking that their son’s bad behavior is just the cutest thing in the world and we all need to see just how adorable it is!
I remember reading that this man (can’t remember his actual name) was so ~jealous~ of his exwife when she was pregnant with their child that he treated her like shit. I’m sure he treats what looks to be his several decades younger wife the same way. That’s why his first instinct is to degrade her body instead owning up to how nasty he is.

No. 1972231

This could be secretly based if she was actually making him do tons of house ~girly~ work before she leaves him.
Validating? That’s fucking smegma or dead skin. One of the most moid like behaviors is having disgusting underwear. Now that he’s wearing tight underwear and sniffing it he’s noticing his dick cheese that has been right there in his boxers the entire time. Right next to the skid marks. What social media is this from?

No. 1972236

That body language says everything Mr. Beast is leaning away the only one in the back holding onto the couch is the one furthest. How long until he's given shut up and fuck off money?

No. 1972240

File: 1709532297375.png (25.63 KB, 717x256, J2Fl21.png)

proud of myself that I could instantly tell this was written by a troon.

No. 1972243

Good! Every one of these freaks I know is moving to japan and they are already joining programs to facilitate moving to Japan in order to “escape the trans genocide”. Soon the country is gonna have a big problem in their hands.

No. 1972246

ok but isn’t the joke here that she has a lot of men over and not that she herself is trans? i’m pretty sure the dude would know the “woman” is a male well before looking at his toilet.

No. 1972249

i think Aella wishes deep down she was a "prude" because her life is miserable as is

No. 1972250

Congrats- you did what every man does, try to find common ground with women in order to get in their pants!

No. 1972256

your local serial killer

No. 1972257

Am I wrong or is the discharge really high up? Like it should be in the middle, but it's where the pubic mound is???

No. 1972258

Kek that's where his dick is, the same reason why axe wounds always end up being ridiculously high up.

No. 1972271

That is not a jawline, you are just retarded

No. 1972272

>chubby twinks
You dont know what words mean

No. 1972273

Wait wait - why did I think LJG from the band against me died?

No. 1972274

“Matt Hodges” with a clearly male profile photo “if you need a girl to talk to I’m here” where’s the girl?

No. 1972275

The handmaiden was a fan that slid into his DMs and basically decided to marry him after a month of talking online and meeting once in person. Some very obvious mental illness and clout chasing taking place.

He legit looks like he could be shayna's beady eyed little brother. Tragic.

No. 1972291

kek the buffalo bill tuck

No. 1972293

Fucking kek nona, I was just about to say that he looks like he could be related to Shaynus in profile, glad it’s not just me who sees it

No. 1972317

So this lying piece of shit is a gross weeb but he didn't know bathing suits aren't allowed at the onsen? Please. There are reminders in English in most establishments. Also if EVERYONE else is naked, a normal person gets the memo, it's not "cool, you do you lol". He's just a sexual predator. This is enraging.

Kekk, thought the exact same thing

No. 1972321

it’s from a trans slack group i’ve infiltrated kek

No. 1972325

File: 1709560588158.jpg (253.57 KB, 2048x1104, GHohkmzXsAES9Vi.jpg)


No. 1972327

Every girl Mr. TIM dates troons out into a TIF. Which makes sense because the only women that would voluntarily date TIMs are handmaidens with low self esteem. Like attracts like.

No. 1972329

"why not speak up, cowards?" redditards favorite phrase knowing damn well the mouthbreather incel mods will ban you in 00.2 seconds if you do lmao

No. 1972337

File: 1709563846898.png (187.78 KB, 658x557, ibPao1C.png)

"misandrist TIMs" in a nutshell.

No. 1972340

File: 1709564929160.jpeg (284.98 KB, 1080x1794, GH0WQ9dXIAAydeV.jpeg)

Follow-up on this. Soon-to-be-ex husband insists that he NEEDS his ten year old daughter to affirm him. Based mother tells him she isn't his emotional support animal.

No. 1972344

It’s so refreshing to see mothers not take shit from AGPs in order to shelter their kids. I could not imagine a more fucked up situation for a parent to demand their child affirm their AGP parental figure.

No. 1972345

he transitioned into a jojo character kek

No. 1972360

Kek tragic body

No. 1972362

File: 1709572177005.jpeg (608.63 KB, 750x2430, IMG_5344.jpeg)

“yass queen! you’re voice is so deep and gravely, it remind me of my chainsmoker uncle. tall girls with giant foreheads and shoulders are so hot, damn. i wish my feet were as big as yours, i could kick men in the balls harder. you’re bald but your chest hair is so thick and luscious, do you put conditioner in it? you’re so brave”

No. 1972365

Of course.

No. 1972369

How to wound the fragile male ego
> compliment him
> don’t compliment him
Scrotes are such children.

No. 1972370

Of course if nobody complimented him, he’d still be whining.

No. 1972372

>The handmaiden was a fan that slid into his DMs and basically decided to marry him after a month of talking online and meeting once in person. Some very obvious mental illness and clout chasing taking place.
what the hell, was he a TIM before he met her?

No. 1972378

Unsolicited comments and backhanded compliments are part of the female experience, this should be euphoric. You're just making up for the lost time of female childhood where you're criticized and called ugly even if you aren't. Congratulations

No. 1972393

in his basement

No. 1972394

They really need to bully any gender nonconforming people into their group. This guy has openly stated he's sick of people trying to say he's trans or needs to transition because you're not allowed to just be a feminine man anymore. This is why we can't have nice things.

No. 1972421

File: 1709585251060.jpg (258 KB, 1080x1310, 1000011854.jpg)

Apparently TIMmy can afford to go to another country but can't afford to buy food.

No. 1972428

TiMs are consistently terrible with money, probably because of their hedonism and general retardation. If you ever need a good laugh, the youtuber Caleb Hammer has had several troons appear on his financial advice series and they’re always trainwrecks with no self-awareness kek

No. 1972465

File: 1709595401529.mp4 (1.59 MB, 720x1072, EndWokeness - 1764724659088482…)

This creature ('Samanatha Hudson') was just made brand ambassador for Doritos Spain.
He is also a self-described paedophile (more in followup tweet), and has made such statements as:
>"I hate women who are victims of rpe and who turn to self-help centers to overcome their trauma. What—heavy whres," he wrote. He also assured that "if a minor came to ask me for help because she is being a victim of s*xual harassment, I would spit her face."

No. 1972468

File: 1709595649067.jpeg (341.03 KB, 1160x1418, GH2QGNFWIAAFeqo.jpeg)

More of his tweets in picrel. He also has 370k followers on insta.

No. 1972470

File: 1709595868333.png (571.88 KB, 720x948, Screenshot_20240304-183054~2.p…)


No. 1972475

This place is not Twitter, you can say "rape" and "sexual", but what a disgusting skinwalking nonce.

No. 1972477

I was quoting, the censoring isn't mine.