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File: 1668894853643.jpg (502.8 KB, 1200x800, 1667298952100.jpg)

No. 1414660

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers
-Ask about art supplies
-Discuss trashy art trends
-Instagram bullshit
-Art theft!
-General Art Bullshit
-Fandom and Shipping Discourse!


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Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:
Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon


Previous thread: >>1361298

No. 1414671

First off: You're based as hell.
With that out of the way:
>I draw femdom as well as a good amount of 'traditional' sexual interactions (female pleasuring male), which I generally believe is where the main turn off for women lies.
It's mostly how your women look. Most women like het art where the woman is very plain, "nonthreatning," and easier to project upon, if not outright POV/faceless woman, etc. I, personally like seeing beautiful couples (Especially het) and all kinds of good pinup art like yours. We need more artist like you.

No. 1414675

>It must be a western mindset, there is only one winner. There is no art "community" because the majority of artists are insecure immature babies who aren't capable of being happy for anyone but themselves

Easterners have better drawing culture. It's treated as a viable hobby and tradeskill, and doesn't exist on our "not a real job"/"a divine talent" polarity. I think the only drama that exists resemble more inter-hobby drama you'd get out of a community, especially those tied to fandom. It used to be like that on the Western side before social media took off.

No. 1414686

File: 1668896448698.jpg (318.03 KB, 1154x1144, funapyo.jpg)

>but Asian fan communities do seem to be better and friendlier
I don't know about that, it's because of the language barrier that we don't really see "drama". Some asian accounts straight up delete their entire existence because of drama and harassment, Pyohato comes to mind. He was harassed off the internet and deleted his entire gallery because people thought he ripped off Mogeko/Funamusea style even though they're both generic westaboo anime art as in angular and simplified. There was also threesibo (korean) who was harassed on their youtube for months account until they finally gave up and stopped posting. They didn't delete anything but you get the idea.

No. 1414703

File: 1668898202010.jpg (22.17 KB, 300x300, vocaloid.jpg)

>Easterners have better drawing culture. It's treated as a viable hobby and tradeskill, and doesn't exist on our "not a real job"/"a divine talent" polarity.
Lots of mangakas I like has talked about how their parents tried to stop them from becoming mangakas. I still think there is a stigma from becoming a full time artist even in Asian countries
Asian artists are notorious for deleting their socials whenever they get involved in drama. Whenever it is they get accused for tracing like picrel or ththey recive any form for criticism

No. 1414707

>There was also threesibo (korean) who was harassed on their youtube for months account until they finally gave up and stopped posting. They didn't delete anything but you get the idea.
wasnt threesibo accused of pushing someone to suicide? her channel was active until very recently

No. 1414710

Agreed! I love art where both the male and female characters look amazing and not plain or self-inserty

No. 1414711

Your picrel's drama was very stupid imo. I remember seeing people wanting to cancel her for using references, not even tracing, but this was years ago.

No. 1414741

What was the drama with picrel?

No. 1414770

File: 1668903345422.jpeg (234.68 KB, 1170x899, A059B820-46B3-4C16-8C77-342CF5…)


No. 1414772

Oh god that shit was so retarded, I wonder why no artists back then defended her.

She was literally just using references or in some cases copy-pasted small background parts from stock images and the japanese 2008 version of cancellers "outed" her for that.


No. 1414781

File: 1668903875682.jpg (101.91 KB, 895x729, doga21.jpg)

wow this is some turbo autism

No. 1414785

I sometimes wonder if Newgrounds is a good platform for posting art, but the site culture/community has major scrote vibes

No. 1414788

holy shit, this is just referencing. feel sorry for this artist

No. 1414811

I liked Newgrounds but some things should just stay in the 2000s

No. 1414812

Japanese vocaloid fans where hostile towards her while western fans where sympathetic. Goes to show that Japanese fan communities are not perfect drama free heavens as people love to claim

No. 1414821

People believe Japanese art circles to be perfect and drama free because they can't read anything being said.

No. 1415245

I used to talk with a main code guy for NG few years ago, and despite agreeing with me the site needs an option to simplify posting ala twitter where you just post the image with text, you still have to compile a page of options for just one image
It's dated and it decided to stay dated

No. 1415277

it's because japan has some of really most insane copyright laws. japanese wikipedia barely has images due to this, for an example

No. 1415436

The community on NG is very male, and the site UI is stuck in the 2000s. It doesn't seem to welcome modern users by choice. I actually give them kudos for staying loyal to their niche community.

No. 1415507

I hate NG for the same reason as reddit, I literally do not understand how it works and it seems to be a pain to navigate through.
Also even when I search for characters I like and go through the horror of finding out which of the results are art related there are maybe three badly drawn pics. Why should anybody move to that shithole?

No. 1415529

NG is only good if you're presenting multimedia projects. It's not bad for illustration, it's not the best for it, but it's a solid non-furry option. If you post multimedia, imagesets, and comics, a not-so-scrotey alternative would be itch.io.

No. 1415611

File: 1668966997841.jpeg (38.88 KB, 500x398, EC975E31-7B43-4573-A081-876581…)

This is OP btw

No. 1415655

And why the hell would I do that.

No. 1415680

edgy NG user #4837

No. 1415936

File: 1668987087132.png (824.79 KB, 1076x1316, 2EA794B3-E7BD-47B5-AB7D-09C817…)

I know I'm preaching to some of the choir here, but I'm sick of shit like this (found this on LinkedIn). Like cool, now game studios will have even less incentive to pay in-house artists. 3D artists and asset designers have always been paid like ass and always the first to be laid off in the first place, and now these tech scrote studio heads will go "WELL LOOK we whipped these up in 30 minutes, artists are redundant, let's cut costs."
Second note, regarding picrel, some of the bottles are pretty, but does anyone else feel like AI art is always just…TOO overdesigned? There's something about it I don't like, like there's just too many uneccessary lines/details weaving all over everything. Does anyone else know what I mean?

No. 1415944

> Second note, regarding picrel, some of the bottles are pretty, but does anyone else feel like AI art is always just…TOO overdesigned? There's something about it I don't like, like there's just too many uneccessary lines/details weaving all over everything. Does anyone else know what I mean?
Yes; that's why it's so easy to pinpoint. The AI has no sense of intention, and the techbros preaching it have no idea about what actually makes things appealing, let alone can barely use the lasso tool.
It'll revolutionize gaming, alright; the market will be even more flooded with asset flipping games that all look the same with no distinct style or sense of consistent worldbuilding. AI shit is about to be the next programmer art.

No. 1415959

excuse my retardation but what is programmer art?

No. 1416072

Nta but usually it's like minimal effort art just to test on textures and other game assets

No. 1416087

>l no distinct style or sense of consistent worldbuilding.
Lead designer will probably have to put more work into making sure the style is consistent or the algorithm with need to be fed specific styles for whatever they’re working on-
I’m interested to see how other programs will advance, be able to detect certain prompts, or what artworks were used as reference in AI work and the lawsuits which will follow because I don’t think any artist would actually want their work fed unless paid

No. 1416089

I’ve seen the excuse “People said the same thing about photography!!” but photography still requires skill and a creative eye, and it’s not the same as just feeding references to a computer. AI art can look cool as a novelty, but it still annoys me when I see these online shops selling AI art as wall decor. People just don’t want to pay artists for anything, as usual

No. 1416095

I'm not entirely sure what happened with threesibo or if it was that extreme (I heard it was bullying), but that also adds to my point about it's not so different.

No. 1416118

It's exactly what >>1416072 said. Usually, it's assumed the programmer can't draw, but also can't always find the right assets to fit their vision so they bite the bullet and try to make something. It usually only exists as a placeholder since better art can be swapped out later with very little adjustments especially if the programmer is an artist, and just needs something there until they can nail the feeling of the game.
Only difference between programmer art and the AI is that the former actually has a charm to it, especially if there's some untapped talent.

This is reminding me how the game industry created a huge wedge between programmers and artists, who were often the same people and were the ones who shaped much of the more iconic parts of gaming and overall UI development. There's always been this weird thing against artists in the industry despite titles relying on them so heavily since text-only games are incredibly niche.

I actually think this is what's going to lead to the burnout against AI. People like art for the design, but love it for the human behind it.

No. 1416169

Nonas what's a non-scrotey place to post art and comics? Is all social media just dead at this point?

No. 1416236

everytime I remember this drama I get annoyed. I hope she is still making art somewhere under a new name.

No. 1416629

File: 1669052741967.jpg (691.21 KB, 1548x1811, [20-07-27] 1287770670173057027…)

I am doing my loomis heads and having fun, but i still cant understand color. Any good resources about color theory and how to make color palettes?

No. 1416635

For theory, "Color and Light" by James Gurney is the tried and true bible on it. For color palettes, play around with Adobe's color wheel: https://color.adobe.com/create/color-wheel

No. 1416730

File: 1669057755712.jpeg (656.26 KB, 1284x1287, FA7A5328-F1E6-4CA2-B60D-7FD862…)

This was on the twitter hate thread but I think it’s relevant here. I don’t care if you draw sexy women but don’t go claiming it’s empowering.

No. 1416733

she could have ignored the obvious ESL, but she had to be an attention whore and victimize herself for moid attention points. I dont have a problem with women drawing whatever they want, but trying to pass pin up porn as feminist is so prentencious.

No. 1416741

File: 1669058661211.png (258.11 KB, 544x917, FeminismCantBsexy.PNG)

I saw this on Twitter yesterday. It doesn't really read like she was calling her art empowering, Jasmin seems to just hate the fact that she was being labelled a "bad feminist" for drawing pinup and I agree with her.

No. 1416751

She could have just ignored those comments. Instead she resorted to being a pickme libfem for pity points.

No. 1416755

She doesn't read as pickme libfem. Scrotes can draw anything they want no consequences but a woman can't draw eyecandies without getting called out (i'm sure it's not the first time) and after being called out she has to take the high ground or else she will be criticized by a whole other type of crowd. Just can't win.

No. 1416756

Obv responding to >>1416751, sorry

No. 1416761

File: 1669059366595.jpeg (571.21 KB, 1080x2400, 5E6F8935-C15A-47DC-9880-35F419…)

I was never comparing her to scrotes. Who cares anyway she’s a troon caper.

No. 1416765

Except she has to be pretentious about it and call anyone who has a problem with the sexualization of women as an "outdated small minded brand of feminism". How condescending is that especially to a woman who lives in SK, one of the most misogynist countries in the world. Might as well have called her an upright prude. She should have just been honest and said it's because sex sells lol

No. 1416779

File: 1669059955205.jpg (265.73 KB, 900x604, __original_drawn_by_yoshinari_…)

somewhat on the topic of >>1416741 but her art and is so boring. I am so tired of generic pretty girl standing, whenever i see her art i just think ''eh, looks nice'' and then forget about it. How can people draw the same thing over and over and not get bored? You can still draw cute/pretty girls and make it interesting, like pic rel. It's like they dont even try.

No. 1416780

Whenever any artist gets a "critique" like that, I just want to alog. Some things just dont need any commentary. It's really out of place, unasked for and reads as jealousy.

No. 1416789

If she truly cares so much about women like any other feminist then she's yet to be peaked
it's not uncommon that women simply havent been exposed to troon degeneracy, just a reminder

No. 1416793

Some people just draw for fun and like what's easy. Your pic seems hard to draw. It's OK to draw boring stuff.

No. 1416794

Agreed. Also fuck anyone who wants fantasy designs to be realistic always.

No. 1416813

that sounds sad, you are stuck drawing the same thing over and over because you are scared of stepping out of your comfort zone and making effort. I think this is why japanese/chinese/korean artists mog the fuck out of western artists.

No. 1416847

nta but it's not that deep. Not everyone is interested in drawing full illustrations like the pic you posted

No. 1416872

OT but I never got the whole “peaking” thing. I always thought troons were misogynist pricks.

No. 1416904

Am I stupid or something? The only one that really looks sexualized to me is the first one. I think the others are kind of nice.

No. 1416933

I think beautiful couples are easier to self-insert upon because everyone wants to imagine themselves as beautiful and desired. I also have a soft spot for cheesy romance novel covers, the trad painter ones not photobashed.

No. 1416937

‘Just be friends’ is still my jam

No. 1417014

This is such a retarded take. Yeah it’s sucks to get criticized for shit men do but just admit that you draw for the male gaze because it makes you money. Navigating the patriarchy by producing patriarchal art isn’t a feminist act but it’s not something to be crucified over either. Her reply and her haters are both retarded.

No. 1417071

File: 1669073844736.jpg (75.56 KB, 750x809, 180fdf6d00641e135cbda110d58630…)

kek what a way of getting all worked up because of a meme caption
Why didn't she just clarify instead of arguing about how "ermmm i know hunny i know". You can't give out snarky responses and act like a victim of le evil femnism
Why are anons even taking sides? they're both retarded

No. 1417072

the man likes pinup sexy drawings of women, how revolutionary

No. 1417122

File: 1669077801589.png (312.29 KB, 467x877, Screenshot_20221121-164034-499…)

Is referencing off of others considered art theft? I've seen some people argue that it's only art theft if it's traced.

No. 1417160

Jaz was in the right here.

No. 1417168

Only if it's traced, but also it's obvious if you steal a character. Take Momokun and her theft of the Japanese Milk Party hentai character as an example. If you're going to recreate the top right image all together, even if you don't trace it, you might as well call it fanart because you can't claim you created it yourself. You copied someone's art at that point. Art theft is pretty easy, I don't know how else to explain it.

No. 1417235

File: 1669083643704.png (77.42 KB, 719x656, madbad.png)

Nah.. This idiot is upset that the women aren't ugly for the most part or aren't wearing accurate armor which are really dumb arguments and which was their first argument. It's a drawing.

No. 1417320

her last tweet, based

No. 1417347

Even with broken english she makes more sense than handmaidens

No. 1417469

If you want to do stuff like pic related then I would also suggest testing out gradient maps cause that's what it looks like here.

No. 1417472

I need her on this site immediately.

No. 1417568


This is so stupid; no one should be obligated to draw anything they don't want to draw just to be a "good feminist" or whatever the fuck else.

This is like people who get angry at you for not drawing enough POC or fat people etc. There's no faster way to hate drawing that to feel like you have to draw for an audience or to virtue signal.

As usual there are men drawing disgusting child porn all over that people could worry about, but who gets blamed and attacked instead? A woman. It's always a fucking woman for not meeting some standard, every single time. So tired of it.


As if there aren't plenty of Asian artists drawing the same thing over and over again. I swear some of you really fetishize these people when at the end of the day they are not some superior breed of human; many of them also pump out self-indulgent, one-note garbage just like Westerners do.

No. 1417793


Rather than just making a solo tweet, she specifically went on a artists post to do this, and it’s weird. I truly hate the idea you can’t reply back since they’re smaller but people in general use this to say all types of gross or weird shit with no percussions on social media because “y-you can’t reply back,”. Also the artists reply to her wasn’t even aggressive either, so painting her as some type of monster is even more weird.

No. 1417801

Give me one reason why people should stop drawing what they find fun
Not everyone sees art as a job or something you have to be amazing at

No. 1417827

I swear it’s like you fuckers were ripped right out of the ribs of /ic/ scrotes, praising “eastern” art as if it doesn’t have the same generic, repetitive predictable slop that annoying ass retards like you think is “better” than western art because it was drawn by the hands of a GENYUSSSS nippon. You engage in an imaginary war in the art world that doesn’t fucking exist for absolutely no reason only to hate everything and enjoy nothing. Not everyone wants to be the best and rather prefer drawing what they want and it’s gonna stay like that for a long time. Seethe more

No. 1417867

File: 1669140115651.jpg (170.6 KB, 800x1131, [21-11-27] 1464523892777754624…)

why so mad, did i touch a nerve? i think its really pathetic if you dont step out of your comfort zone because you are scared of trying something new and ''difficult''. You can draw generic disney girls standing in a white background forever if you want but most people are going to forget about it, it's literally just twitter feed clutter. I am not even saying have to draw like yoh yoshinari, but at least try something different, even pic rel which is just a generic girl standing is made a million times more interesting with a background. Taking my ''infighting'' ban now.

No. 1417879

Also photography doesn't steal other people's photographs, AI art is literally that. It couldn't exist without thousands of artists feeding its pool and gaining nothing of it but some untalented hacks that can no finally create their coomer comics by typing in a few words are proud of it and call it "their" art.

No. 1417881

NTA but not everyone draws to impress others, build a following or something similar, sometimes you just want to grab a pen and scribble something, art is on human's nature.
Why did you took it so personally, there are lots of artists out there go find the thousands that don't make generic animu art kek But if writting paragraphs make you feel better…

No. 1417885

I didn't know it was called like that I always did it with my RPGmaker game because background art takes time so it was the last thing I did and I just used shittily drawn placeholders for it to see if the game and shading works.
I draw samey stuff on paper or beermats to chill or for fun but only upload the special stuff on twitter where I challenge myself to make it look impressive somehow.

No. 1417890

File: 1669141316442.jpg (262.9 KB, 1342x2048, badb2dad03730dd21f483c58f86c7f…)

you are the one who made it personal. I was talking about jasmin's art which is just generic girls standing in the void and then responding to anon who said that the picture looked''hard'' and thats why she didnt want to try. I just think its such a waste to draw such a cute character and it meaning nothing, with a background or a better pose she could be a cute fairy with a personality who tells a story or something, like this she just looks like a cosplayer. Its boring.

No. 1417892

Unrelated to any earlier topics here but does anybody else feel sad or weird about bad or still amateurish art always getting more feedback in communities than anything that's decently drawn?
If you post some shitty sketch with wrong anatomy everybody will ask you instantly if you drew it yourself and say how good it is, but post a pic you took 20h to make and everybody assumes it just "exists" and popped into existence somehow.

The weirdest shit is when I find people reposting or stealing good art and being surprised that there is an artist that actually made then when they confront them. They say shit like "Sorry I didn't know someone made this". I assume what they mean to say is that they assumed it's official art? So free to repost basically? Which isn't true either btw the official comic artists I know prefer to post their covers themselves too.

I just hate this attitude. Even in forums and such where you know that what you see was made by the person that posts it the art that looks like it was done by kids gets tons of comments because people relate I guess? Even if you beg for concrit you won't get it.

No. 1417907

There are background specialty artists for a reason, character designers, storyboarders.. Is the idea of someone preferring to draw one thing over another that much of a nerve to you? NTA, but you just sounds like some idiot who just got in to art school.

No. 1417909

Again, not everyone wants social media validation, not everyone wants to share their art or make a profit off of it, people do art for a variety of reasons. People who draw their spongebob giving birth fetish or their self-insert spongebob fanart don’t do it for external gain, they do it because they personally enjoy it and need some outlet for their autism or creativity. Not every artist is career-oriented or industry-based, chill

No. 1417913

Samefag but you can google “anime girl standing dynamic background” and get a million pictures that all generally have the same look and feel, you can even do AI prompts like that and get something on the same level, but guess who’s going to be following some obscure artist who draws fan art in their own way that people like or draws art with no intention of constant improvement just to masturbate to it? There’s plenty of the latter. You’re trying to make artists feel anxious or shameful for no reason kek, you’re dumb goodbye

No. 1417918

really sad you take it so personally just because i said pretty girls standing are boring as shit. I also never said you cant draw your boring shit either, just that not doing it because you think its hard and are scared to get out of your comfort zone is really sad and pathetic.

No. 1417927

Honestly aren't most of the boring accounts you talk about either coomer shit or flavor-of-the-month accounts that only draw moe and what's popular now to get followers?

It's the hobby artists that do not draw for money that do the great complex stuff, because they love art and want to create pretty art of the series they are fan of.

No. 1417932

File: 1669143065440.jpeg (38.79 KB, 281x355, 7ED9CCB8-620C-4356-AAED-C954FF…)

Seethe more, if allah wants someone to draw this then let them

No. 1417945

File: 1669143585242.jpg (1.18 MB, 2720x1920, yande.re 745719 ogipote.jpg)

>Honestly aren't most of the boring accounts you talk about either coomer shit or flavor-of-the-month accounts that only draw moe and what's popular now to get followers?
thats why i said its feed clutter, jasmine darnell posts like 5 times a day so i guess she's more into quantity=quality.
>It's the hobby artists that do not draw for money that do the great complex stuff, because they love art and want to create pretty art of the series they are fan of.
yeah, most artists i like only post like once a month

No. 1417984

No one cares, everyone here has their own goals and tastes, move on.

No. 1418001



No seriously, AND?

Yeah sure drawing the same thing over and over and never getting out of your comfort zone is uninspired and repetitive.

So what? It's not for you. You have main character syndrome. Move along.

No. 1418166

for someone who ''doesnt care'' you sure care enough to keep responding to me because i dared to give my opinion about lazy artists. Its the artist salt thread, worst things have been said about shittier artists like lavendertowne, its not your hivemind. It honestly sounds like i personally offended you because you are the type of artist i complained about, which is sad, go draw.

No. 1418199

diff anon here but i also think drawing girls standing in a blank background is lazy but i follow a lot of artists who do it so eh what do i know. if the anatomy and rendering is good i'll appreciate the artistry of that. btw who is the artist of that piece, i love the colors.

i think the issue lies in never trying to do something new. i think by doing so you improve faster or at least that's what i've observed in myself and watching others.

what anon says here >>1417881 is also true. i think if you genuinely love doing art you're not worrying about impressing people or want to build a following from it. that also should be considered because a piece's value shouldn't be judge by how many likes it has received. some people wanna draw simplistic stuff and that's okay. obviously if it's a shitty drawing drawn on a white background than it's bad but i think jasmin's art has some merit and artistry to it despite there not being a background

No. 1418217

File: 1669152365940.jpg (521.28 KB, 1707x1280, [20-03-09] 1236911418156310528…)

>btw who is the artist of that piece, i love the colors.
foo midori.
I just think its a waste really, she can do whatever she wants with her art obviously, but i think her characters are wasted standing on an empty background. I like my art to at least try to evoque something in people, but considering her fanbase(moids and troons) they dont care at all and just want to coom.

No. 1418254

File: 1669154831078.png (23.71 KB, 581x113, 20221122190505.png)

>She doesn't read as pickme libfem
She is

No. 1418269

File: 1669155831577.jpg (1.05 MB, 940x1200, 101269902_p0_master1200.jpg)


nah the issue was with you putting asian people on a pedestal and then posting generic mid-tier moe anime art as proof while judging people for making art for fun as if you're some elevated connoisseur with high-class tastes.

if you posted anime art like 寿 なし子 or tabi whose work has actual meaning and uses interesting palettes or lighting, that would be one thing, but you're trying to construct some kind of ivory tower for yourself when your tastes are every bit as uninspired and generic as what you're criticizing.

No. 1418283

not everything has to be dark and ''deep'' to evoque something, drawings can also evoque the feeling of warmth or happiness.

No. 1418297

File: 1669156898582.jpg (1.55 MB, 854x1200, 102495953_p0_master1200.jpg)


does tabi's work look "dark" and "deep"? way to miss the point, but by all means please continue to consume generic-moe-girl-on-overly-rendered-background#3094804958 and think you're some kind of genius.

yeah, jasmin's art is pretty one note, which who fucking cares, but the fact that you think art is automatically "improved" just because it has a shiny, colorful background of is really telling on yourself and just how amateur your knowledge and tastes are.

guess what, the more you understand composition and color, the more you are able to appreciate all kinds of art for whatever its purpose. keep working honey, you'll get there someday.

No. 1418306

>yeah, jasmin's art is pretty one note, which who fucking cares
you apparently because you have been seething over me calling her art shitty and boring for like 5 hours.

No. 1418312

nta but it is retarded how you think that the existence of a background or lack of it automatically determines whether an illustration is good or not

No. 1418313

I want to see a lot of the anons here post their work but I get that it kinda goes against being anonymous to begin with

No. 1418318

What background would you even add to this

No. 1418336

i know shes supposed to be doing the generic pouty face models do, but to me she looks kinda surprised so maybe i would add a little mess in the background and make it look like shes a clumsy fairy or something. Literally anything that gives it a bit of personality at this point.

No. 1418341

its just the easiest way to give personality to an illustration by stablishing a setting and also allows to bring more interesting color. I personally have never seen a character standing in a white background that looks good, its always just meh.

No. 1418342

I can't really imagine that. I feel background blind.

No. 1418362

I could've sworn that there was a critique thread at some point in the catalog, maybe on one of the other boards though. Dunno how much I'd want to participate given the current quality of discussion in this thread though.

And it's pretty easy to stay anon if you don't post your shit to social media.

No. 1418384


do you think every anon who has called you a moron thus far has been the same person?

keep leaning on jasmin as a crutch when the real problem is you don't have the artistic fundamentals to understand or appreciate white space, values, or a competent sketch. replace jasmin's work with any skilled artist making black-and-white pieces and you'll still whine and bitch because you've made it clear you look at art like a baby looks at a shiny mobile.

this is the art salt thread so thanks for giving me fodder; the general public's taste is bottom-of-the-barrel like yours and that's fine, but i can't understand why these shiny, glistening, overly-rendered moe faces with poor values are so popular. it's like the illustration version of overprocessed nature photography. yeah sure it looks nice on the surface but there's a reason it's one of the easiest things for AI to generate well.

No. 1418402

post your art itt or stfu

No. 1418407

File: 1669165309517.png (2.76 MB, 2544x972, literally just standing girl i…)

>white space, values, or a competent sketch. replace jasmin's work with any skilled artist making black-and-white pieces and you'll still whine and bitch because you've made it clear you look at art like a baby looks at a shiny mobile.
I never said that, i was specifically talking about pretty girls standing in white spaces >>1417867
> I am not even saying have to draw like yoh yoshinari, but at least try something different, even pic rel which is just a generic girl standing is made a million times more interesting with a background.
Then nonas took it personally and started reeing about muh drawing for myself and other nonsense that i never said you couldnt do. All of the examples were of pretty girls but made more insteresting by giving them backgrounds and different poses/perspective, unlike Jasmine who just draws the same shit over and over endlessly. Seriously, this thread is so retarded sometimes, you will go to great lenghts to justify mediocrity because, in this threads words >>1416793
''its just easy, drawing backgrounds is hard'' which is lame and pathetic, if you cant even draw a fucking background because you are scared then how can you be capable of creating something something competent or that evokes something, pure cope by lazy artists that just want to stay in their comfort zones forever.

No. 1418409

i forgot to add >>1416779
>I am so tired of generic pretty girl standing, whenever i see her art i just think ''eh, looks nice'' and then forget about it
>You can still draw cute/pretty girls and make it interesting, like pic rel
which shows my original complain was about artists that just draw pretty girls like loish/jasmine, etc.

No. 1418440

File: 1669167811806.jpg (1.11 MB, 1106x4096, Fb83Q4yacAIcTRv.jpg)


good job rewriting history i guess considering the fact that when people gave their opinions disagreeing with yours you just doubled down and insulted people as if everyone criticizing your dumb comments means they all draw like jasmin.

you fetishized asian artists, whined numerous times now about a lack of backgrounds and about people drawing for their own satisfaction, and then posted completely generic, uninspired animu art three times in a row thinking it proved your point.

yeah, her work is also uninspiring, but you can't let it go because a competent sketch of a pretty girl on a blank background can never compare to the grand artistry of a moe girl on a sparkly background in your mind. apparently it's fine for you to ignore people's points and throw out petty insults but it's transparently clear you're the one lacking here in artistic vision dear, not the other anons who called you out.

here's some sketches on white bg you can look at for a little bit and maybe eventually you'll figure out why not every art piece needs to look like lisa frank and why white space isn't "always just meh." gl

No. 1418451

is there any thread were I can post my art and get concrit?

No. 1418476

idgaf about evoking shit, you anons treat art so seriously. It isn't for everyone.

No. 1418483

>good job rewriting history i guess considering the fact that when people gave their opinions disagreeing with yours you just doubled down and insulted people as if everyone criticizing your dumb comments means they all draw like jasmin.
never insulted anyone, otherwise i would be banned for infighting
>you fetishized asian artists, whined numerous times now about a lack of backgrounds and about people drawing for their own satisfaction, and then posted completely generic, uninspired animu art three times in a row thinking it proved your point.
yeah because asian artists can actually draw interesting pretty girls that arent just standing in a background and are interacting with an environment, which was my point and why i posted images of pretty girls which i found interesting. Again, making it all about yourself when it isnt and ignoring my original point.
>yeah, her work is also uninspiring, but you can't let it go because a competent sketch of a pretty girl on a blank background can never compare to the grand artistry of a moe girl on a sparkly background in your mind. apparently it's fine for you to ignore people's points and throw out petty insults but it's transparently clear you're the one lacking here in artistic vision dear, not the other anons who called you out.
her art is clearly not sketches, you called me an idiot but you cant even understand the difference between a sketch and a finished piece. Just because they arent painted doesnt make them a sketch, thats clearly just her style.
>here's some sketches on white bg you can look at for a little bit and maybe eventually you'll figure out why not every art piece needs to look like lisa frank and why white space isn't "always just meh." gl
again, it was never about art as whole, just about pretty girl artists and artists that never get out of their comfort zone. The fact that you cant see the difference between obvious STUDY sketches and actual finished art is astounding. I have a lot of b/w sketches and other type of art, but i havent posted them because IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY ORIGINAL POINT. jesus christ you are so dense, and also please integrate that ''ummm sweaty akshually'' tone is really cringy outside of reddit, you arent going to get upvotes for your ''gotchas'' here.

No. 1418539

Off topic but what’s exactly wrong with any of this……?

No. 1418568

She supports prostitution, reduces discussions about self-objectification to personal choice, and excludes women from feminism in order to prioritize the inclusion of men instead

No. 1418573

She is beyond saving

No. 1418576

libfems don't understand that men hold societal power over women, and men are the reason for female inequality. the existence of sex work, for example, exists only because men have the power to turn women into sexual objects. libfems don't question male power, where it comes from, and how men affect how women see themselves (thus affecting our choices)

lib feminism is fluffy do whatever makes you feel good UwU, it doesn't work towards any type of real change

No. 1418786

kek at least the nona who sounds like has evoqued in me some second-hand embarrassment

>which shows my original complain was about artists that just draw pretty girls like loish/jasmine, etc.
yeah, I'll probably be forever salty about how Loish went a bit backwards. Years ago it always felt like she had something new to show, an interesting composition/scene/color scheme or something. Now it's all just sameface girl with a certain color palette.

No. 1418824

File: 1669211454550.png (789.48 KB, 582x869, yutyue6745.png)

fucks me up when some rando painterly lolibait artist gets up to 1k likes. Bonus points that the finger proportion is so odd.

>>187240 ?

No. 1418828

No. 1418881

You could do something else too, maybe like a fanciful border with some props or flowers. Not really a background but it would still make it more interesting.

No. 1418898

Maybe people feel its easier to encourage someone they see as a beginner, and think anything past beginner doesnt need that?

No. 1418903

Semi related but are there any normal or small breasted women in anime? Actual adult women. Pinups are fun but most of the time it’s exaggerated proportions (comically huge breasts) or weird lolis that skirt the age issue because they’re “adults”. I can’t find normal anime/illustrative women being sexy or having fun. Too niche?

No. 1419016

File: 1669227260113.jpg (111.33 KB, 564x1120, aa4e0bc4a6eadfa519289d2d48d211…)

How stupid to complain about lack of background on a character art.

No. 1419040

I think this would look really washed out and maybe even too busy with a background

No. 1419052

Damn, who's the artist? He's sexy.

No. 1419054

File: 1669228647268.jpg (65.51 KB, 564x775, b8ad1ca5dfd04b760790cf5e28ee3f…)

The point is that it is totally fine if a character art lacks background, it is the character itself that should provide information on the "context".

No. 1419059

File: 1669228757586.jpg (99.45 KB, 564x829, 3190ebaa042e9bead72f41faed302d…)

Akiya Kageichi, one of my favourite artists and biggest inspiration at the time.

"Pretty girls standing" can be fun and inspiring.

No. 1419061

I get the point, I was agreeing anon kek

No. 1419067

File: 1669228962448.jpg (41.59 KB, 563x466, 0f152272d798ed375d6b6b52a34d90…)

I know, I just wanted to spam more art Nonnie kek

No. 1419088

>used to go on /ic/
>go on there after years
>they unironically have a loli/shota general
i am not surprised, i should not be surprised because its 4chan but im still disgusted at blatant pedo moids. i wish men were banned from the internet

No. 1419101

You should go to the /cbsg/ threads they're fun

No. 1419111

Posted this on the tumblr thread but it closed right after. Also maybe you girls have some stuff for me:

Can anyone rec me some good blogs for male fashion that isn't boring suits or t-shirt pants combos? I'm looking for art inspo and am annoyed at how easy it is to find interesting high fashion women's clothes but not men's.

No. 1419128

still with this? it was never my point.

No. 1419168


shoujo and josei.

there's plenty of anime and manga targeted at women and girls that have realistic depictions because the art is drawn by women. "a sign of affection" is a popular one right now and both the female lead and her best friend have normal proportions.

No. 1419222

Just hit the exclude feature on any anime/manga sites' search criteria and exclude ecchi and shounen from the results. Boom! 90% of the results will feature women that are actually designed like humans.

No. 1419251

File: 1669236838155.jpg (376.97 KB, 800x750, Pixiv.Id.14505.full.517335.jpg)

Not trying to infight, just want to ask if any anon here also hates drawing backgrounds and how you got over that if at all?

I love drawing people and characters I like because it feels fun bringing them to "life". When I attempt to draw backgrounds I don't feel like I'm bringing a bookcase or whatever I'm drawing for the background to "life" because it's an inanimate object and that removes the fun for me.
I love works like picrel but when I try to imagine myself drawing something similar I feel like I'd be very bored and wouldn't even know where to start tbh. Maybe it's because I'm still a beginner.

No. 1419270

You tagged 3 different people, anon.

No. 1419274

>>1418217 [especially this one where the girl doesn't even match the background at all and the artist couldn't be bothered to blend the two to make it seem like it's not just lazy and using water brushes that don't match the lining of the girl]
Why do you care so much if other people don't give a damn about full photos? I honestly don't like any of the ones you posted. It's not my taste. You're arguing over taste for no reason. You aren't changing anyone's mind who doesn't care if there are backgrounds or not. Just move on and follow your slow updaters.

No. 1419276

No. 1419279

This doesn’t even look like loli bait, the perspective is seems obviously very, very distorted. But it doesn’t read as loli to me, it genuinely seems that she’s just flatter than the sausage boob coom material.

No. 1419296


Nvm, checked out their art actually. Are there no regular anime artists who make thin women, not little girls or loli adjacency.

No. 1419297

Try not to go crazy when you're just starting to do it. Backgrounds like those are similar to the busy designs of characters like >>1419016 They can look really good when properly thought out or utterly terrible and clustered when thrown together without much thought.

Slow down and think about the bigger picture first, populate it with smaller, more detailed objects after you have the larger structures in place. Basically draw the larger objects in the background first and then work your way down to the smaller ones until your satisfied with the image.

>When I attempt to draw backgrounds I don't feel like I'm bringing a bookcase or whatever I'm drawing for the background to "life" because it's an inanimate object and that removes the fun for me.

Think about how the inanimate object compliments the character in the image. What usefulness does it serve to the character or what purpose does it serves in that character's world?

No. 1419298

File: 1669239146879.jpg (79.94 KB, 800x450, cdc.jpg)

No. 1419300

This video unlocked my mind about backgrounds, I hope it helps you!
Especially the bit about thinking of background as characters.

No. 1419311

This was sort of my question too anon and I got >>1419168 and >>1419222 for pretty good answers. Looks like there’s art like that out there.

No. 1419319

if you think all art has to have some deep meaning you might have something wrong with you. character design can stand out on its own, and not everything has to mean something. sometimes you just draw a cool picture you like. get your head out of your ass.

No. 1419338

To be honest this one looks so cluttered with unnecessary details my eyes don't know where to look

No. 1419340

It's just so messy and for all the details, the actual people look so ugly and maleshaped. I can't believe the anon used that as an example of backgrounds and completely disregards the ugly inserts. No life behind any eyes.

No. 1419351

Okay post better then

No. 1419369

Culture of art especially these days is to consume but not consider.

People see something very good and can't grasp that someone made it because they can't make it. Something "that good" doesn't exist as a persons creation it just exists.

"Sorry I didn't know someone made it" I've seen before. So many pictures float around sourcelessly to add to someone's aesthetic or online collection that the disconnect gulf is almost insurmountable.

No. 1419386

If you look up the words ”女性向け” (josei muke) you will get results 'for women'. Yeah it sucks to have to type in this to get shit that's not creep filled, but this'll work.
There's also ”腐向け” for fujos, that'll give you BL results if you want it.

No. 1419388

File: 1669247272819.jpg (381.3 KB, 614x750, 3269380.jpg)

Is this real watercolor or digital made? The artist posted he works with watercolor before but also does digital, maybe its both? i have never seen watercolor look this good and detailed, i love it.

No. 1419389

Looks like real watercolor to me! If you like the medium you should look for more artists working with it, so you see how much can be done, this piece is fairly simple when it comes to level of detail really

No. 1419391

File: 1669248080739.jpg (82.47 KB, 800x558, CowAgrAVYAAVTTi.jpg)

>this piece is fairly simple when it comes to level of detail really
is working with watercolor that easy? that beach looks absolutely stunning to me. I found this from his twitter so it is real watercolor!. Speaking of which, does anyone have good watercolor tutorials? now i wanna give it a try.

No. 1419399

hey, I didn't say it's easy! Just that there's not THAT much detail on this piece, achieving a clean look and controlling the paint and water is a challenge on it's own though. Out of all paints personally I did enjoy working with watercolors the most still, there are a lot of cool effects that actually are easy to achieve. I've mostly used books to learn years ago; looked at YT for you and this vid is a perfect starting point for a beginner; on top of what's said I recommend looking into what you can do with masking fluid and the effect you can achieve with salt, it's a gimmick, but such a cool one

No. 1419463

File: 1669256036484.jpeg (535.5 KB, 1170x1935, 4068153C-D406-41AC-B8CE-1FB060…)

Hate to see an otherwise cute piece ruined by a few details should i edit out the troon shit and repost it

No. 1419473

what artist? saged for autism

No. 1419525

File: 1669259423114.jpg (737.73 KB, 1500x674, 2053c807f0dca49142c1a6c6637cde…)


No. 1419537

Are you the same anon who can't stop spamming their stupid anime background images and making up questions to have reasons to post? Come on, dude.

No. 1419573

they just look like normal gouache or watercolor paintings. Studio Ghibli uses Knicker Poster paint and even sells a painting set, although it seems expensive on Amazon so maybe look around or look for a nice gouache set. I'm not sure who exactly is painting in each vid.

No. 1419591

Likely Yoichi Nishikawa since he's been doing workshops teaching this technique. The main benefit to using nicker poster paint + the specific paper here is cost (both are cheap in Japan) and speed/smoothness of gradation once the paper is soaked with water. The paper is thick enough handle staying wet while repeatedly worked into for lifting the clouds and getting that effect. A lot of the gradation also comes from that wide brush that's worked over the paint while clean and dry.

If you're talking about the painting set that's sold at the Ghibli museum that's holbein watercolor, not nicker.

No. 1419675

I think backgrounds are a completely different wheelhouse. Similar to character design, you're supposed to elevate backgrounds to have personality and purpose too. But it's a specific design language you really have to study for. much in the same way you'd rather draw a fun based fem design rather than generic moeblob #9486.

No. 1419682

the infighting has been silly and baity imo.
Meaning can just be the message and it can just be the way it communicates the design, to be used by a 3d artist or whoever is next in the pipeline.

That single letter makes me go apeshit so much. I see a very tasteful artwork of a vulva, then I see "tdick".

No. 1419951

I thought the digital part was adding the figures to the watercolor background but it looks to be all traditional. The bold outlines of the figures make them cut out rather than blend in to the image. That’s the only thing that detracts for an otherwise good piece.

No. 1420269

This fits with my theory that mediocre/amateur artists have a much easier time making money off their art, and receiving praise from people. Think of artists like Baylee Jae and Lavendertowne.

When an artist is at a Professional level, a disconnect happens between the viewer. Artists at a certain level become unrelatable, and thus viewers can only look in. It's like how people watching a football game will yell at players if they mess up, as if they could ever play football on a pro level. Same with musicians. The artist becomes a performer there to entertain, not a fellow peer creating.

No. 1420421

>The bold outlines of the figures make them cut out rather than blend in to the image. That’s the only thing that detracts for an otherwise good piece.
Thats my favourite part of his honestly, i like how it feels like an anime scene in a way and you can clearly distinguish the character from the background.

No. 1420439

This would explain many observations I made. I noticed that there are so many (sorry) very amateurish artists that draw the same bland poses and cartoony bodytypes that claim they are selling out in hours.

It cannot be the price, because most of them ask for shockingly high sums. One I know wants 170 Euro/Dollar for one of her copy-pasted adoptables that are all the same funkopop-like chibi with different skins but she claims to sell them.

Maybe a lie maybe not. But I noticed too that people rarely engage with artists once they have reached a certain level. Even beautiful art that gets 1000 retweets has often 0 comments, meanwhile something that look only slightly better than Ecstasy A.K.A. "Darks" seems to gain replies. Usually by artist that are on the same level so you are mostly likely right.

As the other anon said, if an artwork is pretty or professional they just assume that it pops into existence without a creator and at best you will sooner or later see your stuff as an avatar somewhere (though I admit that this at least cool).

No. 1420764


To be fair, I think the comments aspect relates also to how much an artist interacts with their fanbase.

I find that popular artists who respond to all or most of the feedback they receive are the type to receive comments regularly. As much as it might suck, being a successful artist on social media often entails cultivating a community.

No. 1420768

File: 1669348246488.jpg (129.85 KB, 383x500, 1660942985511803.jpg)

why do people shit on Loomis so much? Is it /ic/ tards? I checked his books and i think they are super begginer friendly, also they are free.

No. 1420817

It's just memes really. Both always recommending and the shitting on.

No. 1420935

Why do all tablet reviewer youtubers draw like shit? I'm merely a hobby doodler but I'd like to get a budget android tablet

No. 1420942

File: 1669373456057.jpeg (46.08 KB, 640x479, images (4).jpeg)

I'm personally really enjoying my Galaxy tab s6 lite. I'm also q hobbyist, and it has been perfect for me. I wish I had CSP in it, but I couldn't crack it for Android, so I bought infinite painter on a sale and it's pretty damn good, I really like the brush variety and have even made my own by now. I wasn't super into the UI at first but you get used to it.
Also not sure if relevant, but I bought a paper like film and a Wacom titanium nib on AliExpress that worked perfectly for the s pen. I love the texture and the pen doesn't get a dull nib in like 4 hours!

No. 1420948

It gets recommended a lot but for good reason. It’s mostly /ic/ because /ic/.

No. 1420949

I got mine by entering a huion contest, keep an eye on those! The artist who judge actually bother taking a look, and all contests accept traditional art submissions.

No. 1421062

>This fits with my theory that mediocre/amateur artists have a much easier time making money off their art, and receiving praise from people.
They don't. Likes and comments on twitter =/= money and fame.

No. 1421155

Professional artists don’t get money off internet alone, and in my experience they don’t want to use it as an income source, smartly so.
As another anon pointed out, getting replies and clout requires interacting with fanbase and curating it, which most pros don’t do.

No. 1421472

Hah I wish I never listened to this guy years ago when he recommended the Surface Pro as a drawing tablet because I bought one based on his review and found it was terrible for the kind of art I do (i.e. similar to the watercolor anime stuff posted above). Turns out maybe I shouldn't have bought an artist's tool based off of an artist whose art level is a few steps removed from Microsoft Word clipart.

No. 1421477

>700k subs
>with that art
is it that easy to make it as a yotuube artist?

No. 1421503

What was bad about Surface pro?

No. 1421549

Not the anon you were responding to but I imagine it has a lot to do with the CPU not being able to handle the rendering required by art apps like Photoshop and clip paint studio. Apple is really the only company that managed to build a monster CPU (the M1) for mobile devices. Intel hasn't managed to figure out how to reach that kind of processing power without killing the battery in an hour.

No. 1421562

I used it with Clip Studio and I found that the line quality was jittery, there was a slight lag to every stroke I did, imprecise as the cursor didn't quite correspond to where the pen touched the screen, and the pen itself was kind of unpleasant to use in terms of holding it and how it glided on the surface of the screen. All these things together just made it frustrating to use. The first iPad Pro/Apple Pencil was released around the same time, I was weighing my options between the two devices and it made sense to me to pick the Surface Pro since the iPad Pro didn't quite have the same ecosystem as it does today. Was that a mistake. I use an iPad Pro/Apple Pencil now and it's like magic in comparison.

I mean, it was a quality machine if you wanted a Windows tablet but if you bought it for digital art I think you would be disappointed. I've heard artists say they exclusively use Wacoms, Huions, XP-Pens and iPads or whatever but I've never really heard one say they use a Surface Pro.

No. 1421670

How the hell are you supposed to draw from imagination if your imagination sucks or don't have enough skills to do so? I am getting back to drawing again and I am afraid just studying and learning how to draw is going to cause another burnout again. I want to have fun drawing

No. 1421682

does anyone else have more vids of people drawing that arent speedpaints? like this. I am trying to learn how to paint
you dont have to draw form imagination, you can always build a moodboard with refs and work from there

No. 1421697

Always draw with purpose/subject matter in mind, you will never experience burnout. Don't just open a blank document and blindly doodle.

Drawing from imagination simply means having an idea in your head and making it real. It doesn't mean you have to know how to draw everything without references. Once you have an idea you want to draw, the best thing you can do is create a moodboard and gather tons of references

No. 1421854

You gotta build your mental library by consuming content that inspires you or that is new to you. If you're always watching garbage (bad tv/movies) and seeing the same uninspired pretty girl faces/torsos on your TL, it can really constrict your ability to be creative over time. Seeing fashions/landscapes/animals/etc. that you're not used to is good training for your brain, helps it make new connections between things and makes it easier to draw outside of your comfort zone. I like using pinterest for this, making themed boards whenever I have an idea for a piece, going back to it when I feel stuck. Hope I'm making sense, I have a cold and my brain is mush.

No. 1421897

I genuinely don't know why normies follow such people. If I was a kid I would just follow based on if the art is pretty, a lot of the big art youtubers have desaturated and ugly art. It's not even like they're isolated, kids are exposed to a ton of skilled art in modern media.

No. 1421917

File: 1669471562078.jpg (2.13 MB, 2548x2443, media_FdyaGDGaUAU50tF.jpg)

Does anyone have proof/screenshots that Remy Boydell faked being transfemale and their interest in fictional cp?

I like their stuff but its sad to see them being a degenerate.

No. 1421939

I second things like moodboards. You can come up with a base idea, gather what refs you need, then go from there. For instance, a general idea could be a witch on a log or something. Not a very out-there idea but you get all the puzzle pieces and make it a reality, by the end of your sketch maybe you’ve thought of new things to add like mushrooms growing or a spell book or a familiar or a picnic basket. I think imagination is kind of a muscle you have to exercise and it becomes easier over time.

No. 1421991

I would suggest trying to find archived streams.
Some are speedpaints but there are realtime streams here too
ex https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAwi1ZtPc6s portrait (recent)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEUNSmzEFuU 1
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fm2GZ1XH510 2 the artist here has some interesting notes (in chinese, try using the google translate app on your phone) and refs

rinotuna vod
I found these links through ic but try searching for japanese/korean live streams on youtube.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgqpVKzuiXM this guy also does breakdowns of painting processes

No. 1422007

Sometimes some artists post their progress without speeding up in patreons etc, it's worth checking if any of your favorites do that.

No. 1422169

nonnie please send the link for the nibs, I'm stuck with shitty counterfeit ones because for some reason samsung just doesn't sell spare nibs

No. 1422356

File: 1669497794093.png (1.01 MB, 1081x606, delux.PNG)

does anyone know the best/cheapest option for a shortcut remote/extended keypad thing you can use for hotkeys on a PC? using my actual keyboard at the same time as my giant ass tablet makes me hunch over and my drawing arm is always bent, which is annoying. picrel is an example, but i'm not sure whether it exists anymore kek

No. 1422462

Huion sells mini keydials. No idea if they're good. I use the cheapest option- gamepad and program AntiMicro.

No. 1422468

So you liked their fictional CP…?

No. 1422472

Reminds me of Christopher Hart lol His videos are helpful, it's just his style. If his style wasn't so ugly and not American teen book illustrations, his normal color blocking and all might look better.

No. 1422529

File: 1669510719043.jpeg (Spoiler Image,262.28 KB, 750x948, 4434EC70-2740-421E-91C8-092450…)

If you’re from the US I would try this.
I didn’t expect much but I find myself using it a lot with my Wacom, it’s Bluetooth and it even has a mouse in the middle for the price it’s worth a try until you find one that works better with you.

No. 1422569

Does anyone else sometimes witness formerly great artists turning to shit for no discernible reason?
I don't mean ugly designs or anything, but just bad art. I can only assume that they simply lost the motivation and just slap something onto the canvas they felt like drawing and post it. I noticed that a lot of top tier artist reach a point at which they do that, it usually starts with them switching to drawing OCs or chibis first and then the art just gets bad until everybody seems to forget they even existed.
It's of course not the majority of artists, but it happens often enough for me to witness this a bunch of times every year.

No. 1422572

which artists?

No. 1422584

This is scrote-tier media taste, you weebs should be ashamed of yourselves

No. 1422671

It happened to ethe/thousandskies who I used to love so much as a kid and it used to upset me but she's probably doing well for herself so not quite "no discernible reason." Probably just more focused on what sells

No. 1422881

does this also explain the decent ones but with shitty attitudes thriving because their personality is their business model instead

No. 1422895

Lmao no, if I liked their fictional CP, I wouldn't have called them a degenerate.

I didn't like their comics, I just liked their watercolor furry art, despite it being scrotey AF.

No. 1422917

you can get a cheap numpad keyboard and reprogram the keys

No. 1422953

File: 1669547871521.jpg (Spoiler Image,564.96 KB, 1400x1095, FhiWFwlaEAAt9qt.jpg)

Found this artist recently and everyone's acting like this guy's a genious and while I agree that his technique is great, I don't really get why he thinks that it's necessary to draw animals fucking and realistic animal dicks. Picrel is one of his recent works and it's mild, but in his latest one he straight up drew an aroused animal dick on a feral animal. I could understand if the animal was anthropomorphic but this is too much for me. It feels fucking weird.

No. 1422991

Lmao anon, his work is great because of detail, composition, atmosphere, i doubt people are there for the explicit genitalia. He drew two pieces depicting animal sex recently but this is not what his work is about otherwise at all, and you sure make it sound like he's some realistic-animal-dick artist

No. 1423000

>He drew two pieces depicting animal sex recently
But why though

No. 1423021

>>He drew two pieces depicting animal sex recently


No. 1423023

>He drew two pieces depicting animal sex recently
Understandable have a nice day

No. 1423037

Yes, a shitty attitude can be a relatable human trait. When an artist shows a super professional No Flaws image, it can distance themselves further from their fans. It's sad, but if you want to make money on the internet, your ~relatability~ matters more than your skills

No. 1423142

Not necessarily blogs, but vogue and gq magazines had wider variety of male fashion. Pinterest boards following a theme always delivers, too.

No. 1423144

Good photobashing can help with background designs. Don't be afraid to collage that shit in your sketches and build it out. Some artists even use Blender to sculpt a background.

No. 1423197

I didn't even register this as fucking. Just thought it was a bird perched, especially because everything in the back doesn't line up. The tail is down, for one and the bird wouldn't even be low enough.

The fuck is wrong with you?

No. 1423267

>The tail is down, for one
no it isn't, dumbass. that's the bird's feathers. nta but I agree this artist is creepy.

No. 1423332

Not anymore creepy, imo, than the old Japanese artist drawing octopi and women. It looks like they are trying to emulate that type of thing. At least it's not with people.

No. 1423411

I don’t photobash but it’s fine as long as you use commercial free works right? I’m kind of a purist because I think everything has to be done by yourself but I know a lot of people (not even in the industry) use figure programs, blender for background and sketch up and photo bashing in their work. I think it’s annoying when they don’t show their process because it’s assumed it’s all natural talent.

No. 1423429

ah yes, beastiality is totally more normal

No. 1423442

his style and attention to detail is stunning but i question why there's a fox with its dick out shooting cum all over a snake in his other pic. what's the point of that? what does it add to the piece?

No. 1423444

Google what bestiality is anon.

No. 1423446

Male degeneracy ruining otherwise beautiful art as always

No. 1423447

File: 1669578084091.jpg (293.39 KB, 1200x637, Untitled.jpg)

i just googled him and yeah he's just a furry. there's an erect dick on this piece. lol. moids are so stupid

No. 1423458

I looked him up and he's probably a gay furry. Moids aren't shy about their fucked up fetishes. The piece you posted seem innocent at first, but in the context of his gallery it becomes bleak.
People can be shocked and disgusted by both.

No. 1423466

File: 1669578704034.png (41.22 KB, 586x359, jtc.PNG)

Tbh i'm somewhat used to people drawing degen shit and then giving it long, poetic and deeply metaphorical explanations, I used to check every contemporary art exhibition I could because it can be just so fascinating; but sure enough he was asked about this specific thing and didnt even bother to answer. Cum for cum's sake. He could've at least try lol

No. 1423481

drawing animals fucking makes you more than a furry, dumbass

No. 1423483

I never said octopus drawings aren't creepy. I can dislike both and your whataboutism is annoying.

I posted him mostly because he wants to give this deep meaning to a drawing of a fox cumming. He links his patreon under the drawings to explain whatever deep meaning there is to him drawing a fox cumming and a peacock fucking a fox. He really thinks he's doing something real clever.
I also didn't know about him before and I thought his art was really nice and charming at first, but then you zoom in and notice animals fucking and erect dicks in otherwise mundane and interesting pieces. The latest pieces are especially gross to me because they're not even furries, they're regular animals drawn in weird sexual scenarios.

No. 1423485

he obviously wants to fuck animals.

No. 1423540

This is the link for the nib I bought. I don't know how it is to use it without the paper like film, but with it, it's great. It's expensive for one singular nib, but worthy it, I haven't replaced mine since I bought it.
https://a.aliexpress.com/_mqFkcXa(imageboard post screencaps)

No. 1423622

wireless numpads are good and cheap, there's also macro keypads with rotating knobs you can find on aliexpress, I'd buy them if I didn't have the numpad already
thanks!! i hate the paperlike film tho, the screen quality is reduced drastically

No. 1423668

What a waste of talent

No. 1423722

would this nib work for bamboo pen&touch?

No. 1423736

Does anyone have good advice on negative and positive space related to composition?

No. 1423768

squint your eyes

No. 1424384

Honestly doesn't bother me. It's not involving people. This is probably some of the least offensive furry art Ive seen from a scrote because of that and the art style.

No. 1424397

This piece could be improved if he added any type of value hierarchy, it's visual clutter as is. Without the weird animal fucking, it's pretty unremarkable.

No. 1424424

Nonnas who chose art as a career path, how do you deal with feeling like a failure? I'm in an art field, make decent money, but haven't achieved my dreams. Idk, I see some of these young grads killing it and I feel so inadequate.

No. 1424442

If you're making a comfortable living, I think that's pretty damn good. I've been freelancing since I was 16 and 12 years later, I still only make a few thousand a year. Most artists aren't able to live only on their art. Pat yourself on the back anon, you can still work on your goals but you still achieved something.

No. 1424446

As bad as it's gonna sound, I gave up on my dreams, or more like - reviewed and adjusted them to my current needs. For the longest time I had some teenage years fantasies lingering around and sucking the joy away from what already is a solid job in which I get to do creative things and make good money. You can try giving a deeper thought to what you really want and how it compares to what you have already. What would you have to do to get closer to that dream? What would you have to lose? Is it acceptable? Are you maybe - like me - still sticking to some old fantasy that would only be fulfilling the dream of teenage you, not your current self?

No. 1424484

If you're making decent money off a career in an art related field pat yourself on the back, you're already successful.

The thing that stops people from achieving their dreams is financial security and a stable living situation. If you have those set, continue to work towards your goals until you die. You're only a failure when you give up.

No. 1424502

Why did they get a ban? It was a link to an item people were asking about.

No. 1424503

Dumbass jannies.

No. 1424547

because someone probably reported it and posting a image along with a link is expected here you would know that if you used this site more than 2 weeks.

No. 1425047

Yeah; there's plenty of completely free and royalty free but affordable resources short of taking your own photos or even building your own models (lots of free to use ones out there) that you can use for photobashing. I'm a "purist" in the sense that I like studying the cheats of yore and applying them to my work. It is, by no means, an easy way out. You still have to know how to blend everything in, unless you're going for a discordian look on purpose.

Though not explicitly labeled (aside from the obvious photobashing tutorials, you'll stumble upon some process videos on youtube that do include a little photobashing here and there. Mangakas are especially known for it. I don't see why anyone would hide it; it's common among professionals.

No. 1425145

youtube keeps recommending this girl to me and i can't stand her personality and everything else about her, but it's always in my youtube shorts recommendations, i dont even watch art videos that much

No. 1425149

super annoying personality wise but i think shes cute and i like her voice

No. 1425173

>i like her voice
not me, she sounds like a girl version of that moistcritikal guy, which i also hate. now that i think about it she kinda looks like him too lol

No. 1425188

I like her

No. 1425190

its nice to hear a woman who doesnt try to sound kawaii uwu for once to be honest

No. 1425213

Well, what is your dream? You work in the art field and make a living for yourself, but you feel like something is missing? What do the new grads have that you don't?

No. 1425291

I need some advice. I have this autistic obsession with a particular artist, where I want to draw like her, but I also hate it because I feel like I already had a similar style, just less refined. I wasn't really creative when I first found her art because I was focused more on fundamentals. Now that I have a solid skill base, I want to start doing more personal art with interesting themes, but I keep getting this feeling that my art will look too much like hers, or people will think I'm a knock off of her. But I only really studied a few specific things from her art, like eyes, for example. Plus, I've seen lots of other youtube artists that draw like her anyway, so it's not like she's that unique.
Ugh I feel annoyed with myself for thinking like this and I just want to draw and enjoy what I make.

No. 1425342

File: 1669715914545.png (128.77 KB, 477x790, cspai.PNG)

watch normies suddenly become "good artists" overnight painting over AI generated anime girls

No. 1425347

File: 1669716235993.jpg (46.03 KB, 625x833, 1666417674663.jpg)

you cant convince me that there arent greedy/evil intentions behind AI anymore now that even big companies are pushing it. Its extremely suspicious how, despite most artists being against it, ALL of the bigger art platforms and programs are incorporating it. The other day i tried to search watercolor painting in Pixiv and the search was completly broken by shitty AI porn being spammed that had nothing to do with watercolor.

No. 1425472

Depressing how so called creative companies aren't on the side of artists either. Surprised CSP was the first to do this instead of Adobe kek

No. 1425541

i usually do digital art but i want to start trying out acrylics. is there any good tutorials for it?

No. 1425633

What do you mean? Adobe was the first to hop on AI art as a function in their program. Everyone else is just following suit.
You can't deny that at this point, Clip Studio Paint/Celsys and Adobe talk to each other.

No. 1426021

Did Remy Boydell actually 'fake it' or are her interests and artstyle so troonish that troons have taken her as one of their own?

No. 1426124

There used to be a kiwi thread on Boydell, I think there was more info there about what the previous anon was talking about.

Aside, and unrelated, how do you get children to fuck off from your social media? I have my account flagged as sensitive content, mark it as NSFW and post pinup art relating to a pretty obscure series and I get deeply disturbed whenever I see someone comment on a drawing and they're a 14 year old girl with a miles long "do not interact" list. Am I just retarded? I see other artists for the same series not have this problem.

No. 1426134

Block the kids. Take an hr out of your week to go through some of your followers/comments, and block them. It's not hard.

No. 1426280

Make your own "do not interact" list and put minors on it kek maybe they'll respect your boundaries then

No. 1426295

Oh, I didn't realize this was about this artist.

Sexual things like ejaculation in art (of animals no less) from a moid is always suspect even if the art is nice and seems "deep". He seems a little bit occult bro who doesn't talk a lot to seem mysterious.

I liked his art and some of his concepts but he is so, so heavily inspired by Mobius in a lot of his work that it's actually a little distracting. I don't know why it bothers me as much with him.

Agree with another anon who mentioned the lack of value in his work. He is skilled but the flat clutter makes the work difficult to look at.

If he's trying to express something with the animal dicks, it comes off more like the occult dudes on reddit who swear that magic has to be done through sex and masturbation.

Things really don't have to be sexual to be base/deep.(integrate)

No. 1426319

Do Peacocks even have dicks? I thought they had like bird pussy or some shit.

No. 1426321

I saw this too kek. It's very beautiful but I couldn't bring myself to like or follow because I was so weirded out. Who would even think of this.

No. 1426350


No. 1426364

Been here since 2016 but thanks for patronizing me. It was stupid on jannies part.

No. 1426556

Is there some way to set one's pen pressure in clip studio paint so that you have to bear down really hard to get pen thickness? I feel that I'm naturally heavy handed when drawing so I can never really have good pen thin to thickness and draw naturally thin lines unless I set the brush size to a really small size, when I try to draw "lightly" I always end up bearing down when doing curves. It's getting real irritating.

No. 1426666

Well peacocks are male for one thing. You must be thinking about peahens.
Praying you’re a zoologist because there are only two types of people who are acquainted with the term.

No. 1426725

There should be a little box icon next to the brush size slider (if there isn't, check the brush's properties by right-clicking on it and check the "change size with pressure" box) click on it and a pop-up will appear. From there either change the "minimum size" slider or play around with the pressure graph.
Sorry I cant be more specific with names, I'm out od my house right now.

No. 1426734

Nta but isn't cloaca just that white stringy thing in eggs?

No. 1426737

Pretty sure it's the shitting/fucking hole both genders of birds have.

No. 1426762

just study other artists?

No. 1427846

Can it actually generate drawings? It appeared to me from watching the introduction that the dataset they were using consisted of real pictures for better or worse but not art. Regardless of controversy, I’m honestly not gonna move programs, clip has way too many features I use, kek people comparing it in functionality to procreate is insane though. Despite the controversy I don’t think it’s gonna make people stop using it either, lots of artists outside the western sphere use it, and I don’t think everyone is gonna jump ship here either.

No. 1427855


Regardless people are already becoming obnoxious as fuck over it and I can’t wait until it blows over and everyone shuts up.

No. 1427865

tbh from what was showcased it seems to be mostly for generating backgrounds or background assets like the bokeh in the video. people are being annoying as fuck about it imo

No. 1427866

Honestly I think it will only flood the internet even more with shitass art because every talentless idiot I see hypes this shit up because they always wanted to be artists but they are lazy fucks who spent their years whining not being able to draw instead of actually drawing and improving like every other artist.
Same. This shit is what shitty CGI is for anime.

No. 1428654

File: 1669914499243.jpg (455.73 KB, 2048x2048, 20221201_120340.jpg)

Guy who draws countries having sex with each other but with weird soccer ball heads. Weird

No. 1428658

How're you offended by this? lol

No. 1428688

I am almost certain this is not a guy kek

No. 1428767

Countryhumans. Loads of people draw art of it for some reason, the way they also like personified art of logos, brands, companies, and sometimes making them fuck.

No. 1428819

File: 1669920989712.jpeg (267.03 KB, 1350x1948, Fi2uHecWIAAKUF5.jpeg)

why is brazil kind of…

No. 1428938

No self-promo allowed here faggot

No. 1428940

File: 1669924532627.jpeg (675.94 KB, 1170x1593, FBAEBC14-8451-4420-A20F-EE3CB5…)

? what’s even the difference between the second and third ones

No. 1428944

1. Original: dark skin dark hair
2. Lighter skin, lighter hair (meaning a change in color palette)
3. light skin, dark hair (lighting the character, and not the overall image)
4. making the hair straight instead of curly, making the nose smaller

That's what I've come to understand

No. 1428959

Its not self promo retard someone suggested i add it to the thread so i did

No. 1428965

If the art style wasn't so dumb it'd be easier to tell

No. 1428973

Apparently black people don't have diverse facial features.

No. 1428984

Black people can't ever be portrayed with straight hair, and you can't just draw simple lines for noses and mouths, that's too Eurocentric. You have to draw them with afro hair only, pig snouts, lines under their eyes and puffy philtrums so that mentally ill Twitter users can properly jerk themselves raw to the diversity of it all. Also, pale-skinned black people can't have dark hair or else that's also Eurocentric, I guess.

No. 1429023

So people are allowed to draw white people with pretty much any fun hairstyle or color or any facial features, but the black ones specifically have to look obviously caricaturely black all the time? wow how progressive

No. 1429026

I'm prettt sure the point is that if a character is originally designed to have a specific look and you change them to be more European or change their skin tone to be lighter, it's white washing. Come on nonnies, I don't even care about whitewashing that much and it's clear that's what it means. It doesn't have to do with original characters drawn how you want.

No. 1429043


it's not white-washing to just draw a character differently. is it white-washing to draw a black character in an anime style? is it white-washing to draw an alternative hairstyle just like black women wear wigs and try different styles and colors in real life? i'll answer it for you: no.

there's no such thing as making the facial features "look european" because africa is the most genetically diverse continent. does iman look white?

No. 1429155

imo they way it's drawn it just comes off as retarded to say you can't simplify black characters and they have to have the "essential" black features like wide noses "because the original has a wide nose!!!" The 4th one is literally the same character with a different hairstyle and simplified facial features. No one would think it's a different character if you posted it as fanart of the first one. And you can make the stylistic choice of keeping dark hair dark to make the character look more consistent even if the light is different such as the third one, it all depends on context. It's not whitewashing to play around with styles or colors, it's whitewashing when you intend to make the character to look "less black" and more "white/light skinned". This is why we have the retarded "diversity" tumblrina art style everywhere that makes everything look like a racial caricature

No. 1429156

File: 1669933362912.jpg (1.86 MB, 3265x4000, africanpeople.jpg)

I wonder if people are aware of how diverse black people are.

No. 1429162

At least in the US, nope they are not aware. If a black woman took an existing black character and made it look like herself for fun and she happened to have lighter skin than the original, is that still whitewashing? The policing over how black bodies specifically are drawn is dumb. Bad intent in drawings is apparent.

No. 1429193

lol no, because twittertards only care about black people if it's the african-american type of black. they only remember that africa is a thing if it's to make their snowflake oc super special and give them double nationality (one of which is usually american).

No. 1429197

I've seen loads of those country head art. especially of Britain and France being in love even though they hate each other

No. 1429206

Countryhumans is like the new Hetalia but somehow 10x worse

No. 1429214

A nona mentioned something about hoarding recs a while ago, and I wanted someone to explain my situation to me, please. I haven't drawn drawn in 10 years so I've totally stagnated and haven't had the mind to move forward. In these 10 years I've been saving art and resources from artists I admire thinking to use them, but I haven't. Is this from my depression and anxiety? I want to draw, but I get so stressed about how mediocre the product's going to look that I end up too afraid to draw. It used to make me so happy, but now I grade myself and it scares me. Idk if this was the right thread for this, but I was hoping someone here could tell me what to do.

No. 1429219

It's always American artists that fail to realise this, not sure why. Does the US not get any immigrants from Ghana, Ethiopia or Kenya these days?
By now even the racist "Africa is just one poor country" boomers here have learned to tell some of them apart by looking at their faces.

No. 1429221

>black bodies
Stop saying this ffs

No. 1429241

Black bodies makes me rage oh my god. They aren’t bodies, they’re people. The fact this term caught on for a short period is so bizarre to me.

No. 1429276

I'm sure there's a difference between, "Drawing a character in a different outfit/haircut" and "Drawing a character the exact same but their hair is straighter and their features are "simplified" because "muh style". " Sort of like when people draw characters who have hooked noses, with straight ones.

Feel like you guys are missing the point of the image. That image is clearly not talking about OCs, but instead fanart of canon characters.

No. 1429280

they mean bodytype you dumbasses

No. 1429283

If the hair and facial features are different, how can you call them the same character? If someone was commissioning you for art, and their character had curly hair, and freckles, and you gave them straight hair and a mole, you wouldn't go, "Oh, these are the same characters I just simplified the design." That's not how it works.

No. 1429290

That is not what it means, and black body type wouldn't even make sense.

No. 1429292

This isn’t meant to be a generic rule but refers to how artists will “iron out” certain features for specific characters.
Like if a character has curly hair why’re you drawing them with straight hair, no one ever does that with straight haired characters.

No. 1429293

What even is that facial expression. Why is this style popular and when will it die. Will something worse replace it

No. 1429365


I can't bring myself to understand how these people think that a green man with a bald spherical head and bare minimum facial features is hot

No. 1429454


No. 1429493

And these are just Africans. Add in biracial people and those of diasporas and you can have black people who can very closely pass as other races as well. Genetics are a toss up, and not all features are universally inherited. Not every black person has coal back skin, nappy hair and a wide bell pepper nose. But of course twitards don’t care because they only like black people until they’re no longer the minority de jour.(race sperg)

No. 1429501

Projection and autism. I once listened to a podcast in which a man on the spectrum explained the typical autistic attraction to cartoons and anime. His theory was that the often simplified, over-expressive simulacrum of human features in the majority of animanga, toony and furry art styles are easier to comprehend than more realistic, nuanced stuff. Autism also goes hand and hand with face blindness so there’s less to keep up with when the faces are literal circles.

No. 1429586


these rules are so dumb, draw whatever you want

No. 1429675

File: 1669978877147.jpeg (843.26 KB, 1170x1752, BE2F6A90-AFA7-4492-BE3C-ED46CC…)

No. 1429680

A guide by someone who can't eveb draw a stick figure lol.

The Maasai guy looks good ngl.

No. 1429731

>coal black skin, bell pepper noses, nappy hair
Interesting choice of words.

No. 1429737

Incomprehensible that pee oh cees can look like anything other than the typical features, isn't it. We all look the same, don't we. How is this progressive again? It's funny to me how in the pursuit of wokeness people do the opposite of what they're trying to do. Troons want to escape gender by stereotyping and gendering everything. People want to cry racism at artists when they have very regressive views on what we can and should be drawn like. I'll draw my lightskin ass however I want lmao.

No. 1429742

this is 100% an autistic tif

No. 1429808

This is very interesting. I am hesitant to say anyone with an anime husbando/wifeu crush is autistic but who knows, maybe autism is more common than we think

No. 1429836

You sound kind of unhinged and racist

No. 1429875

It’s not autistic! It’s just that I live in a bullshit timeline where nobody knows or loves me the way I need them to and life is bleak so I rely on the vanishingly small possibility of a loving future with him in another timeline to help me cope with things
“Husbandos are the copium of the people” or something idk

No. 1429887

ayrt i was using it ironically to mock the woke language, but reading it back i don't think that came across at all sorry

No. 1429906

hey art nonners. i just started drawing more and decided to actually start posting my shit online because i never put it anywhere otherwise and at the very least it's nice to be able to show your friends what you've been making.

i'm trying to work with Instagram but not having much luck;
i posted a drawing today, was showing up in hashtags immediately after posting, thought all was well.

then, a bunch of shitty bots commented ('go DM @art.gallery.instagram.bullshit'), and my post got yeeted off of the hashtags, not showing on any of them anymore.

wtf do i do? do i have to wait some amount of time to get un-shadowbanned? what can i even do about bots making me look bad?

+ what platform could i use instead? is Twitter any good, aside from clearly going down with Melon Grusk lol? i think i'm doing social media wrong, idk. i just want to post stuff and have it show to SOME people.

sorry if this is an annoying question. i don't use social media much and so i don't have this 'common knowledge' i guess

No. 1429908

Seconded. Random shadowbans, shitty algorithm, bots…I'm losing my fucking mind trying to understand Instagram

No. 1429992

I'm pretty sure you can block some common phrases that bots use and they won't show up anymore. Or you can make your comments followers only. But if you're looking to gain popularity on there you shouldn't put too much hope into tags anyway. They can help if you're doing fanart, but I feel like most people only check out art on their explore page or through posts shared in others stories. Twitter is still okay, but last I've heard they were supressing posts with tags unless they were trending. So it's basically all random, just post whenever and how much you want. Twitter and tumblr are just a bit more convenient imo since they have no format restrictions

No. 1430018

Nonnies does anyone know a good vid on how to use Corel Painter more efficiently? The UI and new layer types confuse the shit out of me.

No. 1430031

getting popular on instagram from the bottom in 2022 is impossible unless you post multiple times a day, do the reels, do stories. basically devote your life to instagram. it's the shittiest app for artists.

Tumblr actually has the best tagging system and posts circulate for years. I don't know if it's the best platform to build a business or loyal followers, but it's the best for posts because nothing is suppressed by an algorithm.

No. 1430076

Yeah it's the same with me I cannot even tell crying people apart from laughing people lots of times. I am an artist as well, I can comprehend and create emotions for 2D but real faces are whatever. Face blindness makes it worse, I feel like a lot of people look exactly the same and some look like a different person depending on the lighting or hair style.

No. 1430078

Instagram is retarded shit with no reblogs that forces you to cripple your own art to post it and fuck phone trash anyway. I wouldn't recommend this. Use tumblr or twitter.

No. 1430207

I’m black lol. Those are descriptors black people (and racists) have commonly been used to describe typically African features for hundreds of years right alongside terms like high yellow and redbone. At least in the South.

No. 1430540

Are you planning to draw as a job or as a hobby?
Either way, there is nothing that you do that won't require you to try and fail several times. I understand that the fear can increase when you intend to draw as a job, but the solution might be the same. The less you draw the harder it gets to start, because it becomes a distant and alien thing to you. The best way to improve your drawing is actually enjoying the process, the result is always hard to fully control. Try focusing on quick drawings, big detailed pieces take a lot of time, they are easy to frustrate anyone and make them doubt themselves. I would start with sketches, simple drawings that you don't worry as much for the quality and can move on quickly to a new one, the more you draw the more comfortable you get. Failure will still be part of it, you might improve but it will always feel you are behind, but just know these feelings are very normal for every artist. I hate most of what I do, but as time passed and I looked back on some of my old drawings I actually really like them. I realize part of hatred towards my drawing comes form the hatred I have for myself, I only like some of my older drawing because they now feel distant to me and I was able to remove myself from them in a way and see them as what they are, just drawings. If you are anything close to what I am describing I feel it's really important to reflect and work on yourself as well.

No. 1430621

how do you actually get followers on twitter? everyone's saying instagram sucks (it does) but at least i've gotten to 1k there just by posting my art while my twitter still sits at 30 people. most of my art gets around 10 likes and a few retweets from being found in the tags. sometimes fanart does better and i get a few hundred likes/rts from it but no one actually ends up following me (since most of my art isn't fanart). i see some people with way worse art get a lot more attention but they also socialize with random people all the time and i'd rather kms than waste even more time on social media. should i just give up on twitter until my art is good enough on its own then? only drawing fanart of something like genshin or interacting with gender specials would fry my brain if that's the only option

No. 1430622

It's a very self loathing way to describe features. You could have left it at coily hair, flatter wider noses and bigger lips.

No. 1430623

Basically you do have to interact with people a bunch to get eyes on your art. Tumblr is the best platform for just posting work and going on about your day, Twitter you need to interact with other artists or popular posts so people see you. The algorithm only promotes stuff that's already popular. So unless you only draw fanart you gain followers by interacting with others.

No. 1430632

It's the exact opposite for me.
All I do on twitter is posting a new artwork every 2-3 weeks and I have already 1000 followers. On instagram I posted my stuff too and get maybe 20 likes per pic instead of 1000 or so I had 30 or so followers before I gave up.

No. 1430642

File: 1670036351514.gif (3.23 MB, 498x498, thinkge-thinking-pepe.gif)

I've had this ig account for a couple years now and i've deleted and uploaded content multiple times, i think that kind of fucked with the algorithm or something?
Anyway, i don't like what i've posted and i really didn't draw stuff i enjoyed, i got tired of the account and i was wondering if it's a good idea to just delete it and make a new one
What do you say anons?

No. 1430664

Deleting and starting over feels great. I did that a lot when I was younger. I wish I could do that now tbh but my current social media handles are linked to professional work so I really can't.

No. 1430683

I saw someone else using comments with tags and not in their image description. Will that still show up in tags or is that a way to hide them? I thought it was interesting because it makes the description look cleaner but I’m worried if I try it then I’ll get close to 0 responses because I get poor results already.

No. 1430693

File: 1670043879386.png (82.65 KB, 800x800, oI9GaQr.png)

That’s how we describe it, nonna. It might not be politically correct but they’re considered mostly neutral if not outdated terms. Just like how some people call locs dreadlocks despite being short for “dreadful locks”, and that term came from the British.

No. 1430712

I had no idea that's what it was short for wow

No. 1430721

Please don't say "we." There are black people who don't call people those things unless they hate them personally. Where are you from? I'm around other black people who can be ignorant but they're not the ruled and I take the "Nappy" in the book as reassuring children that having "nappy" hair isn't anything to be ashamed of. The things you said before were just insults towards strangers.
I just don't like ignorant blanket statements for people. Bell pepper noses…Fuck outta here.

No. 1430725

Calm down sis. Black culture is not a monolith.

No. 1430879

I'm the other black anon who called you out, I agree. Don't say "we" when describing your own self-loathing.

No. 1430914

File: 1670071149191.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1170x2030, B059A6B7-29D3-4AAF-A719-21EEE9…)

I’ve been getting videos on “proshipper art style”. I still don’t understand wtf proshippers are i avoided that discourse as much as possible on tumblr. If accusing people of being bad because of an art style is huge then no wonder many younger artists adopt ugly styles

No. 1430916

Is there even a point in working on my twitter art account nowadays?

No. 1430925

Has anyone tried streaming? is it even worth it if you arent popular?

No. 1430935

On twitch, maybe… You get random people coming into your stream but if you don't engage with them right away they leave. It's a slow uphill process like any other social media though. You have to again, interact with other artist streams to get any kind of actual curiosity and attention.

No. 1430982

File: 1670076775308.jpg (110.05 KB, 1000x562, intro-1596210084.jpg)

when most people draw black people, they are not thinking about this in mind. It's usually goes in the direction of dark to light, curly to straight. It's like a character has the coloring of Kelly but they use the color of Beyonce.

You know how you don't like it when characters get blackwashed in remakes? Black people don't like white washing

No. 1430988

>made it look like herself for fun

this is exactly what the blackwashers do, and you're defending this nonsense?

No. 1430989

>black bodies

bitch are you talking about corpses

No. 1430993

Anon, is there something wrong with coal black skin, nappy hair and a wide bell pepper nose?

No. 1431004

don't wanna defend him, but when most people talk about "black people" they usually mean black americans, black americans are overwhelmingly from west africa with varying degrees of wester european admixture and black americans like all americans think their the center of the world and impose their standards on other africans

No. 1431007

Even black Americans in general have widely diverse features due to mixed ancestry from not only multiple ethnic groups (British colonists didn't care where their slaves came from), but from other continents entirely. Not all of us fit that physiognomy. But, you're expecting woketards to pay attention to people who don't look like them despite pretending to cape for them. "They all look alike" is the rule that they run with.

No. 1431024

The crusade against supposed "Proshippers" are by people who are REALLY like self-shipping but hide it behind the morality brigade, or use it to get ammo against an artist they're trying to drag down. That is probably why we've got people trying to pinpoint "a style" they use.

It apparently only applies to "problematic" ships; but it's a very 'rules for thee; not for me' situation as there have been plenty of anti-shipper artists who've ran crusades and had a "problematic" exception.

No. 1431029

> and black americans like all americans think their the center of the world and impose their standards on other africans
Pretty sure it's all shades of woketard americans on the internet doing this. I got into an argument with one trying to police my style and behavior. Never told them I was black. Was very interesting.

No. 1431030

The fact that I just know there are people out there who most likely jerk off to this shit unironically makes me want to kms.

No. 1431078

What do teens have against shipping nowadays anyway?? Back in my day, teens tried to be as edgy as possible. Now, they put on this fake wholesome act (it's fake, because they're all consuming ""problematic"" content on the downlow)

No. 1431101

File: 1670083934800.jpg (280.13 KB, 2048x1454, Get Vamp'd by DrunkenFix.jpg)

Does anyone else feel annoyed with how tranny'ism is so popular within the social art world? I can't help but notice that lately whenever I've been coming across artists whose work I enjoy, I'll come across them on Twitter and many of them turn out to be troons, mostly TIFs as of late with the occasional TIM or NB. I know that you should just separate the art from the artist and I do tend to do that (picrel, an artist who's work I like even though she's a delusional TIF) but it just feels like it's become almost a guarantee that an online artist you come across is going to be some deluded gender-tard.

I guess the reason why it does bum me out so much is because I don't have any art friends and haven't for years and I miss having art friends but the last time I even attempted to try to socialize on Twitter in recent, the artist saw that I retweeted the "LetWomenSpeak" event hosted by Kellie-Jay Keen and I got called a disgusting transphobe and blocked (The artist "identified" as an "enby" even though she didn't put that in her bio description and mostly does fan art).

It just feels almost impossible to make art friends online if you don't buy into the trans cult. It's even more frustrating when you know trans is a crock of shit that can even be harmful to kids but they can't see it and it seems like artists are especially the most loudest of the TRAs.

It's hard because I now that I probably could be more successful making art friends if I just accepted the ideology but ever since I peaked (thanks to the MTF & FTM threads here), I can't even do that anymore like I used to. I just wish I could find other artists who don't buy into this nonsense and it be like it was in the good old days where at most you just came across annoying shipprs, I'd take them any day over this crap.

Also sidenote, just wondering if anyone has seen other artists (who aren't Troons) have a similar art style to the picrel? Not sure what you can call this style but I like it and would love to find others with a similar style who preferably aren't trans-affiliated lol.

No. 1431108

that's what I said ?

No. 1431142

that neck

No. 1431184

I feel what you mean. It’s difficult to find other female artists who actually identify as such nowadays, but they’re definitely out there. And it’s always so disappointing to find a new female artist and realize she insists she’s a man.
For me it’s easiest to try and find other women by seeking out subject matters that usually don’t appeal much to gendies, ie, very “neutral” and apolitical un-coomerish subject matters. Basic fluffy het romance and ships tends to be a good place to find women too lol.
Over time I’ve muted every vaguely gendie term in Twitter, along with basically any artist who posts gendie content, and this has actually lead to my TL being basically gendie-free. It’s a long process but it makes it way easier to find actually female artists now.

No. 1431201

Almost every person I’ve seen who is adamant about certain ships being problematic or abusive has been revealed to like similar or “worse” ships. I try to avoid all discourse over shipping but it’s still something I’ve noticed over time.

No. 1431245

I just looked at the dumbass tag, and Thank fuck I didnt spend my teenage years with this shit,Literally no kid or adult can explore topics or deviate in artstyle because of these wokestard kids.

No. 1431275

Thanks for the tips. I've heard that muting can certainly help keep the gendies at bay and I think it's time I look into doing that because it seems like the art/fandom side of Twitter is plagued with these people. I'll also take your advice into looking into ships to find women. It doesn't help that I'm actually into a lot of things that gendies are drawn to when it comes to certain fandoms lol

No. 1431290

Back in my day we called them OTPs and characters that were jokes ships were called crackships, also some wrote crackfics and lemons lol. Being aged out of that now I wouldn’t go back into it because my pairs are of older shows but the characters are teens or young adults. I’d probably get called names because of my age. I just wanted cute couples or monster ships lol but that’s even more rare

No. 1431321


I feel you, Anon. As the other Anon said, fluffy normcore het ships have a ton of female artists that are uninterested in trans themes in their art however you might be confronted with a ton of pregnancy stuff. It tends to be either one or the other.

No. 1431333

I'm only into those kind of ships now too and I dislike the fanart of the pairings' potential kids so much

No. 1431348

Being a edgelord isn't cool anymore. Being a woketard is the new trend.

No. 1431351

Quit sperging about muh good ol’ days as if batshit ship wars didn’t exist back then.

No. 1431353

Tfw moids can draw loli porn but a teenage girl can’t like yaoi without being called a faghag.

No. 1431355

File: 1670098779941.jpeg (312.37 KB, 1170x960, 09E0D00F-0D5A-4777-9BFA-E61A19…)

This made me laugh I’m sorry

No. 1431361

Of course it's a coomer artist telling this to a sfw artist

No. 1431374

>you may have deserved being homeless because some people don’t like your art
>I, the shitty fanart r34 artist will judge if you deserve to be a full time artist
Fucking coomer moids.

No. 1431403

This artist's characters are so hot, but are they (the artist) actually a male or a TIF?

No. 1431406

Sure, ship wars existed, but you didn't get called a pedo for liking a 3 year age gap ship and have kids try to dox you and try to get you to kill yourself back then kek

No. 1431408

TIF, I was following them when they announced it. I unfollowed shortly after because they stopped making their comic and made it all about how Trans they were.

No. 1431428

Apparently that's not the artist, just some coomer that defends ai even though it's using someones actual drawing for their pfp/banner instead of ai coomer shit…funny

No. 1431440

Thanks, it's a shame that all the female artists online who are into hot alt-guys are trooning out. Also no need to call her a "they" if you already know she's a woman, kek.

No. 1431443

Maybe stop interacting with kids and get a VPN? Kek

No. 1431492

NTA but how do you get to stop kids from seeing your works if you like to draw fanart and have an art account? Not doable

No. 1431527

There is such a thing as pseudonyms/alternate accounts. I usually post my nsfw/yaoi artworks on a less accessible 18+ blog.

No. 1431532

Also NTA who asked but I've found it still doesn't really stop them and you still get insufferable kids screeching at you even if you don't draw anything taboo

No. 1431542

I block anyone underage so I never really had this problem. Then again I’m not into media aimed at children/teenagers.

No. 1431695

File: 1670118364361.jpg (58.37 KB, 725x1024, 166832719_5323782051027802_315…)

Like >>1431408 mentioned , The artist is a TIF, a woman who thinks she's a edgy rocker boi. Her comic was actually quite interesting until you learn that the main character (the brown haired guy) is a TIF. When I read that, I did keep reading but it felt like the character was a self-insert and I couldn't help but find it cringe and while I'm not entirely sure yet as I haven't read past chapter 4, "his" struggle feels like an identity crisis to his past self as a girl. Thankfully at least so far in the comic, she doesn't focus too much on the troon crap but it's hard to look at the protagonist knowing that it's a woman who thinks she's a man.
But I feel you anon, the way she draws characters is awesome. I love her attention to detail of making character designs that standout without being too much. It's just a shame that she's so deep in the troon hole which is why I'd love to find other artists who have a similar art style but living i reality kek.

No. 1431699

I remember she did an interview back in 2019 or 2020 that I think is still up on YouTube and you got to hear her voice and she sounds like a soft-spoken young woman. I don't think she even takes testosterone which is good on one hand because she's not fucking up her health but on the other hand, it's just funny how she expects people to look at her as a man just because she grew her hair out and dresses like 2000s rocker.

No. 1431703

>pregnancy stuff

Oof yeah that may a tough one since I don't want kids kek But I think I can manage and try to find some of these artists to enjoy

No. 1431742

We could use like a secret code on our bios to identify each other online, as artists that dislike this type of stuff.

No. 1431925


I may fuck around and just cop some of her styling into my own work. I'm sick of the trans slop artists tend to turn into.

No. 1432002

Gendies hate when people don't put their pronouns in their bio, they think it's a red flag, I think it's a good starting point. I've also seen them lose their shit with the Venus symbol, saying it's "terfy".

No. 1432033


I have seen them say people who don't do this are ""sus"". I don't put my pronouns in my bio though and it doesn't automatically keep them away so not all of them necessarily believe that. I just hate putting personally identifying language in my bio. They say the same thing about age.

No. 1432099

I know posting personal info is not allowed in lolcow but I just really want a network of nonnies or female artists who dont follow through the gendie shit for this reason. I'm this close to cutting off old friends because they identify a not girl.

I mostly do OC stuff which is an even smaller niche. But I would love to follow any cute het/oc artists you may recommend!

the other subtle things I saw were 'F' and the female emoji. I feel like you get enough benefit of the doubt if you aren't public about political shit. They might just assume you live under a rock and not aware lol.

No. 1432276

I do recommend putting age (not exact age if it makes you uncomfortable, something like 21+ will suffice) in bio so others know you’re not a minor.
Kek I have gotten away with putting “female” on my bio

No. 1432340

AYRT Yeah I've done the same trying to apply what I like about her style into my own work. I just never knew what to call her art style. I want to say anime but yet something about it doesn't really feel "anime" if that makes sense? lol
Either way yeah, it's a shame when good artists go dwon the trans hole and even worse when they try to apply it to their character's story.

No. 1432346

Yeah that's a good start. I don't list pronouns in my bio.

>the Venus symbol is "terfy"

Awesome, I'll definitely include that in my bio if it may help signal to other artists that I'm not a gendie.

No. 1432358

>I know posting personal info is not allowed in lolcow but I just really want a network of nonnies or female artists who dont follow through the gendie shit for this reason. I'm this close to cutting off old friends because they identify a not girl.

AYRT I feel you anon. Some of my old friends aside from the one who called me a "transphobe" identify as "they/them" and it's sad to see. I understand that growing up a girl to woman can be rough but you can't escape your sex and it's annoying how so many girls and young women are ashamed of their sex. That's why I want to make it a goal next year to meet new artist friends who don't buy into gender shit.

No. 1432363

This was a topic from some older threads but I really have to tell it to somebody. I draw a lot, really (at least 1 fully illustrated picture everyday) and I would totally love to post all of my art online, I would really like to grow my following on Instagram and such but a) I’m not that consistent with posting content, I really wanna improve that but sometimes I really feel “draining” to take the picture from my sketchbook, add the signature digitally and then adding all of the damn hashtags (hashtags that most of the time don’t really help either) everytime, and b) with this “rise of the AI art generators” all over the internet, I’m scared that my art will be taken/stolen by any random nobody for it to use it. My art objectively ain’t that special, but I deeply love what I create and I don’t want to risk any of it. I’m sorry if this is unrelated to the current topic, I just had to tell all of this to somebody.

No. 1432404

I've been putting F in my bio since 2005 like it never changed lol. People still ask me my pronouns every livestream
But I feel you anon. It's so sad, I feel like I can't trust anybody out there anymore because some gender special will out you as a terf and cancel your whole career. I feel like this is why we'll never have an art community like DA again.

No. 1432688

>I feel like I can't trust anybody out there anymore because some gender special will out you as a terf and cancel your whole career

Why do you have this fear? If your art has nothing to do with politics/feminism, you really don't have to bring up gender at all. Even if you draw f/f art, never mention gender or talk about it. People asking for pronouns is pretty basic, as long as you don't act annoyed or offended, nobody will suspect you think gendies are dumb

You don't have to say your true feelings on trans issues, just like you don't have to talk about any political or social issue like global warming, classism, racism, etc. Just focus on your art, and people who follow you will do the same (always block annoying minors)

No. 1432715

>in some art group and someone asks for serious feedback for their coomer art
>blatant bad anatomical issues, very flat like you would see from a beginner in the anime general in /ic/
>do a redline for them and nicely explain why I did xyz
>they come off as defeated by all the issues and they'll have to completely redraw most parts
>doesn't say thank you
?? Why do they do this. Don't ask for feedback if you're gonna mope over it. I hate artists like this. Took time out of my day to point out the lack of loomis and you act emo. Wtf

No. 1432820

I don't, I never have, even when I'm asked. But people are insane and like to dig up things

No. 1432823

I get OP's point, but shit like this being so prevalent online made me forget what actual whitewashing was for a long time. I read the book Wicked recently and was slapped in the fucking face by realizing Fiyero was a foreign black guy and not a white frat boy. Like, so many people are tearing each other apart online over brightness and saturation sliders, meanwhile Hollywood is going to take a literal black character and give the role to a white man in the upcoming movie and no one will care because they're just completely unaware. I don't have a greater point to make, it's just wild what the term "whitewashing" has become.

No. 1433103

File: 1670221697785.jpg (146.88 KB, 942x1500, 81cOrddA0oL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

Why the fuck are Sakura microns so expensive? Nearly 5 bucks for a single piece and the price is not much different if you buy it in a case. I just got a Staedtler fineliner for half the price.

No. 1433105

Where are you getting them for $5/each? A pack of 5 is like $14 on Amazon. Copic is expensive.

No. 1433116

I don’t know if this is the right thread for this but I’m really struggling financially and I’m thinking of making furry art because I’ve seen that it’s pretty lucrative. Do any of you know where I should start? What websites should I use to develop a fan base? Where can I sell my artwork?
I never wanted to make this sort of shit because I think it’s weird but I can’t afford heating or even groceries half the time so I need the extra income.
If this is the wrong thread can a kind nonny point me in the right direction?

No. 1433123

In the local art store in my area. Although, the price is not much different than the ones at chain art and craft stores.

No. 1433124

Just go online, yikes

No. 1433126

The market is already saturated as fuck. The only way you can make quick money is to be willing to draw disgusting niche fetishes and even then a lot of times you will have to undersell yourself if you are starting from 0.

No. 1433133

You and a million other people. Tons of artists looking for easy money hear that furry commissions bring in the big bucks so they make an attempt at it, but forget that you need an audience, reputation and skill to actually be commissioned by them. You have to build your fanbase gradually via trying to get it out there and sometimes no matter how much work you put in it you still don't make it or your style just isn't commercial enough, most of the people who I know making money selling shit to furries have cultivated their business for several years. You're better off just getting a job flipping burgers or packing groceries than trying to peddle $25 emergency commissions to autistic tech workers who want to see their rainbow wolf OC being inflated.

No. 1433160

Ahh okay. Thanks nonnies. I’m physically disabled and waiting for surgery to be able to walk kek so I’m looking for ways to make money while unable to work. But it makes sense that everyone else has the same idea and I wasn’t too interested in debasing myself like that anyway. I’ll look at other options. One was to focus on a niche game I used to play that doesn’t have a huge amount of good new art being made. I think I could potentially make okay money peddling stickers and shit to them. I’ll give it some more thought

No. 1433201


it never hurts to try; you just have to be realistic with your expectations is all.

No. 1433221

File: 1670241123639.jpg (38.63 KB, 640x420, istock-1279862993.jpg)

Nonnie, i am looking for a website where I could get money but without a client knowing my PayPal email, real name or any other private info. The country where i am has all of the info on anyone wide open so getting my adress would be the easiest thing to do.
Ive been using Streamelements but not everyone can pay there unfortunately.
Would kofi show my paypal account, name and email if i connect it or would it be better to use stripe?
I am looking for lots of alternatives so i wont get doxxed. Sadly had an exp with paypal locking my business account for no reason so i am not testing the bullet again with that. Thank you nonnas.

No. 1433237

File: 1670244510619.jpg (291.83 KB, 2880x2880, 20221205_124748.jpg)

1 mill views for what, am I missing something here

No. 1433276


looks like a process video for an anatomically correct, well-rendered image. most people can't do that; of course they're going to want to see how the artist made it.

No. 1433286

Oooo you’re bitter

No. 1433325

Yes, kofi connected to paypal still shows your info since the transaction is made through paypal anyways. No idea about stripe though, but it's probably the same.

No. 1433453

Cashapp lets you use a fake username, though it's only available in the uk and usa unfortunately

No. 1433528

Shouldnt CSP be giving free clippys by now?

No. 1433546

What was the name of that japanese channel that would fix art? it was run by a guy and it has english subs

No. 1433552

Naoki Saito?

No. 1433557

thank you! that's it. Does anyone have any more recs of similar channels? I feel like i am decent enough at drawing, but i have 0 sense of aesthetic so i never finish pieces and i would like to learn how to make a pretty picture.

No. 1433568

Np! I don't know anyone else who specifically fixes art but I recommend lackism on Youtube as well if you just like process videos to study

No. 1433583

Anyone else just totally over the AI art “debate?” Like I don’t like AI art but I’m so tired of seeing the same 10 posts saying “AI Is theft,” “AI is gonna be the downfall of art,” “If you use AI you’re a bad person,” like at this point I’ve heard it so much I’ve stopped caring. The #realartists/#humanartists hashtags are so cringe to me too, like congrats, you’re using your skills as a human being to draw Garfield yaoi, it still sucks.

No. 1433592

i am honestly just happy that people are finally standing up against automation. They have managed to ban NSFW and using artist tags from one of the biggest AIs, and a bunch of artists are looking to sue.

No. 1433648

People like pretty things and that's about as deep as it goes. You're better off making peace with that and doing your own thing or you'll never be happy.

No. 1433668

I hope some kind of class-action lawsuit would be possible at some point. But I believe some of these Ais are funded by big tech and even have NASA on board, I don't know how the average artist is supposed to fight back.

There wouldn't be so much backlash if AI shills weren't so needlessly aggressive and smug over artists. I've seen someone on discord claim that he used AI to spite on artists because "they have it too easy!" it's really just stupid

No. 1433690

AI sucks balls and I hope artists don't shut up about it. I especially hope artists with big platforms continue to call out AI bullshit. Don't let corporations walk all over you

No. 1433724

art sites like arty.ooo and comiss.io might be good. I would also recommend stripe.

I'm quite happy people won't shut up about AI, it's not going to go away if you ignore it. We as artists have to keep the discussion against it and shame them like we did with nfts. If you hate it so much, block the terms from whatever social media you're on.

No. 1433750

AI art isn’t real art. Why are you getting so triggered in a thread full of artists?

No. 1434069

Yaki Mayuru, Cosmic Spectrum Art, and if you can tolerate his personality, Ethan Becker (inb4 people who hate him start derailing, he's not my favorite but some of his videos have genuinely good advice, particularly the reacting to tiktok ones.)

No. 1434099

posted this in another thread but fits better here, How could I(and I'm sure most of you all) could instantly tell you that the artist for this video was eastern european ? seriously the artstyles they use are always district from both western artists and east asian artists

No. 1434143

File: 1670299716820.jpg (244.98 KB, 744x1175, page.JPG)

i really hate these modern illustration styles. they look so childish and trigger every time i see them. am i just a salty, joyless bitch?

No. 1434152

i have seen worse but i hate the weeaboo style too. I think what bothers me the most is the proportions.

No. 1434161

NTA I just wish more people were on board with not legitimizing it by calling people "AI artists" or "AI art." Not sure what they could be called, but I make it a point to not use "art" or "artist" when referring to people who use AI. Autistic, maybe, but I refuse.

No. 1434264

Being a wagie slave pretty much redesigned my goals in life.

Kinda "blackpilled" me about the commercialization of art/media.
At this point I just want to peacefully and comfortably retire while being strong enough to draw leisurely till I die.
My previous dream was to be a published comic/gamedev/etc (i have too many interests) but it feels so congested nowadays especially without making it lgbtq/bipoc/marginalized voice aligned.
In my opinion, if you're making a lot of money and don't have to crunch for it, then you're definitely in the better half.

If you have a goal like to make your own game or whatever, try to do it on your free time. If you want to improve or learn a certain aspect, pick up a class! Totally not late nonnie.

No. 1434298

the reel algorithm is so weird, man. I posted all sort of painting vids and the one with the worst lighting/result got taken to 1m views. Maybe it's the music they used

No. 1434316

I like "AI bros" (derogatory)

More realistically, AI user and AI image?

No. 1434322

The characters also look so aggressively slavic, it's endearing tho (the artstyle not whateverthefuck)

No. 1434518

Could be, also tags or time of day when posted. Too many variables but if you can market yourself to some trends or DTIYS you’ll get more eyes on your work. I think that example reached 1M because it’s from that kpop group black pink (the two heart emojis on the image for example) but I could be wrong; I don’t follow kpop

No. 1434554

east asian art has several particulars mostly in the face and hands of how they draw their subjects (and many deviations within that; it's easy to tell japanese apart from korean and chinese art for example)
slavic artists tend to draw slender and appealing figures, lacking the disneyfication of faces that americans and canadians tend to draw. burgers and canucks also seem dedicated to trying to draw as much face variety as possible, often making their subjects ugly in the process whereas slavic people tend to want to draw attractive faces, and if they uglify their subject they often just have a weird body or maybe some eye bags as opposed to having fat tumblr noses, blemishes, obesity etc like americans/canadians like to draw

No. 1434561

"attractive young women's faces" is by far the most popular type of "watch me draw this" content especially on instagram and tiktok

No. 1434781

AI bro detected

No. 1434826

how the hell do you build an audience on twitter? it was easier back on deviantart but i haven't used my account in 6 years so…
should i try tiktok instead?

No. 1434911

Yeah, looks like Jennie from Black pink, so it has a lot of views from that audience.

No. 1434916

File: 1670362361989.png (1.83 MB, 1818x670, 78879880898900909.png)

What is the line between tracing and a master study? Picrel is Judith Beheading Holofernes by the Italian artist Caravaggio and what my teacher said is a master study where the artist used characters from the anime Naruto? I don't watch anime instead of people in the original painting. I know that there are artist that imitate other artist and sell their paintings under that artist's name resulting in a art forgery. However When I search online for more examples of master studies with characters from various media or animals such as cats which is pretty cute tbh I seem to notice that some of the bodies in some art just not fit? if you know what i mean like there is something odd with the painting that I can't put my finger on.

No. 1434922

why are you being so autistic over a naruto parody

No. 1434941

I think this sort of concept is interesting when the artist can make it work but often it will look uncanny for the characters to be rendered in such a classical style. I do understand what you mean. I've seen it done well before

No. 1434942

I'm not. My teacher glossed over topic of tracing and gave out an assignment where we have to make two master studies one following a painting exactly and the other with people either from books, cartoons or people in real life. I want paint our first female president in a style from famous artist but I'm hesitant on starting since the "tracing" that I know is from using transfer paper and when looking it up it isn't really clear enough for me what is considered tracing. I'm sorry for not explaining it well enough, my first language isn't English nor do I use social media so I'm not well versed in art drama or lingo. I picked the Naruto example because my teacher used that as an example since she showed us art ranging mostly from cats or public figures in our country.

No. 1434943

Are you the same anon who sperged about a fanart based on Cabanel's Fallen Angel painting? I hope some day you'll comprehend what "tracing" means, but seems like it's not today

No. 1434944

This is actually really cool. I love the og painting too and have seen it in person.

No. 1434952

This exactly! I don't want to paint something that ends up in the uncanny valley category since I want to make my money worth considering my teacher doesn't really give out classes anymore considering her age.
No I'm not her. I usually paint landscapes and look for similar artist. I don't really know the name of any artist that specialize with figure painting, I just named Caravaggio because he has a funny name and my teacher mentioned him in that particular class.

No. 1434975

File: 1670365082381.jpg (182.07 KB, 1280x1175, k0brpxlqh7y91.jpg)

yeah, I say "AI images." Or garbage if I'm trying to hurt someone's feelings. They get triggered really quickly kek

I think pieces like this are fun, especially if the original painting fits the character.

No. 1435030

Don't even bother with Twitter at this point imo, the algorithm is fucked and people are leaving in droves. I have twice the amount of followers as I do on Instagram but I always do better there. It's getting bad. Saw an artist with 50k followers only get 600 likes on her latest work the other week. The engagement is just not worth the effort in my opinion.

No. 1435060

Personally speaking, Ai art makes me feel really sad because I’m struggling a lot to learn how to draw digitally, and watching all of these people who haven’t never touched a pencil before making “art” and being praised for that makes me so sick in the stomach. I’m glad if you don’t seem bothered by everything that is happening, but I’m not afraid to admit that I feel sad, frustrated and concerned about it. Anyone like me?

No. 1435097

everyone is pretty much feelingthe same. AI broke my mentally strongest friend and made him depressed.

No. 1435114

The "antishippers" I met so far were like that too they selfshipped so I never even understood what they meant with this. Thought it was being against shipping on principle, but they always ship something.

As the other anon has said I try to avoid every fandom discourse like the plague and just post my art and talk with the few people I am friends with.

No. 1435122

>Does anyone else feel annoyed with how tranny'ism is so popular within the social art world?
I am into Transformers so YES.
Good look finding western fanartists that don't draw every single male character like a woman because everybody on cybertron obviously transitions for some reason. There are SOME good western artists and god bless them but holy shit they are rare. It's like 99% of the Asian fandom is drawing cool canon shit, same with the Eastern European fans, but then you get the west and 90% or more is just tranny art and they all look exactly the same.

>guess the reason why it does bum me out so much is because I don't have any art friends and haven't for years and I miss having art friends

Same here. I love drawing art but there are only two artists I can (rarely) talk to, for the rest I don't even understand their languages. I don't care about the gender stuff but I want to sperg and talk about the series I am into, but the western artists prefer to talk about gender headcanons instead and write greentext stories about their fluffy or porny trans issues (it's not only TF even, I am into multiple fandoms rn).

No. 1435213

Who are some of your favorite/entertaining art cows to follow or keep up with? Can be a personal cow or more well known. Tried asking in the bad art thread because I wanted to see cows with bad art who think they're better mostly but others thought this question fit better here

No. 1435270

I was in the TF fandom too. It’s not only the fans, if I recall MTMTE introduced an MtF couple. I agree that eastern fanartists are the only ones worth keeping up with kek.

No. 1435278

File: 1670377442174.png (26.69 KB, 1142x253, most sane shaynatard.png)

TbrainRot, weird pedo who ships herself with lisa simpson, is a detransitioner and is a shaynatard apparently. She went from trans to lesbian and now she's apparently straight again. Not really milky but super weird overall, she was probably molested or something.

No. 1435282

also her curiouscat is a goldmine is filled by people whoare okay with her shipping herself with a child but draw the line at her being a transphobe, kek

No. 1435344

ewwww why Lisa. best waifu Sideshow Bob is right there.

No. 1435368

File: 1670383165305.png (2.19 MB, 1909x2088, fdsfsdfdf.png)

mento illness. I imagine the years of testosterone rotted her brain or she has autism or something. A shame because her art is pretty decent. It's really sad to see an artist waste their talent drawing degenerate shit.

No. 1435376

I went through her page and of course she's friendly with a pornsick aiden I used to know who would draw shit like nsfw baby neopets.

No. 1435399

Hang in there, lots of us are in the same boat. It is scary when they can take your art from a live stream and 'finish' it before you. The only sort of advice I can give is to keep learning and drawing for yourself. Even if you happen to make really bad art or only do it for fun and not trying to be a pro. Don't deny yourself the skills of being an artist if you are threatened, because that means they win. Being able to teach yourself to draw and paint is something precious. In the end you will be able to do something by hand in a few weeks or months, that they had to spend years programming and stealing for to get hit or miss results. Just some of my perspective so I hope you find some comfort somewhere.

No. 1435419

File: 1670385137675.jpg (634.36 KB, 3530x1661, XZRt0IrY5yG2Pa8X.jpg)

The fuck

No. 1435432

File: 1670385507678.jpg (10.77 KB, 379x370, 147ArB0.jpg)

Stuff like this really doesn’t help the whole ‘troonism isn’t inherently sexual’ thing. The stereotype is that moids are sex pests but ftms can be just as pornsick, especially if they grew up on the internet.
She reminds me of this other weirdo artist that used to be on tumblr. She always had crushes on the weirdest characters like the puppet from Goosebumps, Sideshow Bob, Stewie, King Candy, etc. I genuinely can’t tell if she’s an autistic pedo or gets off on having out there character crushes. She did claim to be pro-lolishota and supportive of MAPs so the writing’s on the wall I guess.

No. 1435437

This is why as cringy as "antis" can be, I will always support them over these degenerates

No. 1435439

whats with early 10s tumblr users forcing themselves into developing weird cartoon crushes just to appear quirky. Nemu also had that autism.

No. 1435440

I just see projared. I looked at her Instagram and her favorite OC is the projared looking one she features in both videos

No. 1435442

My eyes melted from seeing this. I'm blind now.

No. 1435443

File: 1670386631420.jpg (545.68 KB, 1119x1998, EmXNebHVTXt.jpg)

interesting, I have another question, can you describe what exactly are the "tumblr artstyles" that nonnie's were describing on the short comics thread

No. 1435446

Damn, I hate that you used Kate Beaton as an example for that because she genuinely is talented and its not her fault that lesser artists cribbed it from he.

No. 1435450

I didn't mean it like that, I respect both Kate and Emily Carroll

No. 1435477

NTA but Kate’s work is so good that it inspired a generation of terrible smol bean noodle arms that could just never fully capture what she can do.

No. 1435519

Then don't trace, plan out a grid. Grid your paper and grid the example your teacher wants you to use and do the art that way, but edit it into characters of your own choosing. The tracing she is referring to is probably the shape, not literal tracing. Artists do shape tracing all the time without details to get the proportions right.

I honestly don't know why you're in this class for master study when it seems you don't even have basic fundamentals of how to reference trace.

No. 1435602


There's something sleazy about their art style specifically and I hate it.

No. 1435609

File: 1670398198901.jpg (35.79 KB, 596x428, 0v.jpg)

why am I attracted to this cartoon fuck boy character?

No. 1435622

is that gillian andersen?

No. 1435632

Cause you want to fuck projared nonny

No. 1435643

kek i was hyper obsessed with her ocs last year after watching the mixed messages music video. check her "buttons" tag on tumblr for more if you like him
i cant unsee the projared resemblance now after anons pointed it out…

No. 1435648

he looks nothing like projared, he's just skinny and has a big nose but the hair style, attitude and body are completely different

No. 1435685

I'm hoping it will go the same way as the NFTs did, it was hyped up for a while and then died out. Artists are vocal about not liking it and the pro-AI people aren't artists and don't understand the workflow and the massive expensive legal issues "accidentally" using someone elses art through AI would be for them/clients, so their input in the discussion isn't valued as much. AI users can only sell privately to normies who don't care as much

No. 1435699

I think so too. At the start of this AI shit I just told myself I didn't care because it's not going to be mainstream, but then I kept seeing it become more and more developed and popular. I struggle with my art already and now seeing a computer coming up with something far more beautiful than what I make in a month in just a few minutes is destroying my confidence. What's the point then? Normies consume art in just a few seconds on social media, now that AI "art" can take so little to shit out it's just going to become more appreaciated than real art.

No. 1435848

I kinda love it. Not really the style in general but the artist who did that work is really talented. I loved how they balanced the semi relaxation proportions while still being really cartoony.

No. 1435948

I heard someone is developing a program that is able to detect AI and the actual art that was stolen to create the image

No. 1436127

nta but I doubt something like that can be made. Reverse image search at it is still sucks at finding the original image if the one you give it has been slightly altered, with AI art it would be infinitely harder since it doesn't 1:1 copy from one picture.

No. 1436145

god I can’t wait til the day she clowns herself bad enough to warrant her own thread. this bitch is my own personal cow. she’s spent the past two podcast episodes of her podcast and a whole YouTube video whining about the “hate comments” she gets AKA people telling her “where’s your art”? because all she does is make YouTube videos about how to “make money as an artist” despite not actually selling art, just fooling dumb amateurs into buying her notion templates because they think she knows what she’s doing. spoiler, it’s cause her artwork sucks so bad she has to label it as “impressionist” because that’s the only way to make sense of the 4 paintings she’s made

No. 1436155

you could easily do it with the same technology ai art uses to make images.

No. 1436193

Is it this anon?
It goes through databases that are being used by a bunch of the AI’s to see if your source pic is in the references or is it something else? I’m curious

No. 1436268

I really don't think it's that easy at all. Trying to reverse engineer an AI image to find the art it used to create it would be useless because you wouldn't get a couple of specific images, you'd get the entire database it was trained on since it "learned" from all of it. At least that's my understanding.

No. 1436382


I am so sick of seeing her smug little face in the the thumbnails when I search art topics. I hate how you can't block certain channels from coming up in search because she permeates the results on youtube with her useless videos.

No. 1436565

File: 1670451575630.jpeg (545.02 KB, 1500x2000, 03AB832C-7815-42C6-A428-C3D1E0…)

A little late but clownstongue came up in the fakeboi thread. Extremely NSFL. Browse at your own risk.

No. 1436572

based, thanks for a cool terfy artist to follow!

No. 1436573

No. 1436578

I don’t want a (hi cow) ban but…

No. 1436582

She’s not supportive of MAPs, stop lying.

No. 1436585

I don’t care if she’s your friend. Quit derailing the thread.

No. 1436595

idk who that is but judging by the posts above she clearly likes to draw kids in sexual situations how is that any different. dont say its just a drawing you dont see many people draw scat just to draw it

No. 1436596

I literally don’t know who the other anon is? Jesus christ, paranoid much? I was just browsing for my daily milk and liked her art

No. 1436711

NTA, but if you're going to make claims about people being supportive of pedos, then post it. Otherwise it does sound like you are making shit up just because she draws ships that upset you.

No. 1436794

>renders each individual strand of hair and eyelashes
>can't be bothered to render necklace beyond a blob

No. 1436800

The whole neck down looks unfinished which is probably intentional.

No. 1436835

Someone's brain has got to have been rotted to sludge if they're drawing binding of Isaac porn

No. 1437608

i'm the same way kek. i felt this way about little shit like picrews too. i want to create my own art, but like other people are saying, if i'm this shit and there's a program out there that can do what will take me years to even grasp in a handful of minutes – what the fuck is the point kek. i feel so useless

No. 1437621

I have a question on whether something is a bad practice. I’m getting back into digital art after a long break, and sometimes I’ll use photo pose references but map out the general pose using lines and circles, essentially making a sort of stick person so I get the proportions right. Is this considered a form of tracing? I don’t trace any of the actual anatomy and I do pose studies in traditional mediums once a week, but I don’t want to hold myself back from improving if that is what my stick figure method is doing.

No. 1437651

File: 1670527062798.jpeg (298.52 KB, 730x943, 2C1554C3-8892-4142-8A95-8FD8D5…)

I don’t get why Adam Warren’s art gets praised. Sure, his rendering is good but besides that it’s hideous. It seems like he’s trying to emulate Japanese doujin artists without any of the charm. I especially hate the coomery way he draws women.

No. 1437764

File: 1670531078255.png (18.45 KB, 540x538, FYfWu7jXEAAljoJ.png)

late to reply but, folieloaded on twitter/gynandromorph on tumblr admittedly her art has gotten a lot better and most of her milk is ancient now. typical DID they/them nlog TiF but still loud and proud lesbian who draws comics about her alters. used to be in an abusive polycule with only TiMs older than her who wanted her for sex, and even admitted she as coerced into making a porn art side account that she never wanted but is someone who capes so hard for them that she refuses to admit thats what caused all her relationships to crumble, since breaking up with all her abusive exes she is asexual now and lays a lot lower than she used to. made a few webcomics, got backlash with her first one that i think sent her into a spiral but she finished another webcomic and is starting another one. her first one and current one star TiMs and she continues to put them on pedestals despite her abuse that was so public. anyway i know a few other nonas in here also follow her as she has been posted in the fakeboi thread before

No. 1437780

File: 1670531927120.jpeg (31.81 KB, 750x336, 1AFA57B9-0C8B-4833-9468-11E3BE…)

That's probably because 3 year age gaps weren't considered "pedophilia" back then. Age gap discourse definitely played a part in that

No. 1437797

A fakeboi who doesn't like hiveminds and censorship, wild

No. 1437798

Why does it sound like she's cosplaying an edgy 2014 gamergate incel kek

No. 1437849

I always hated his monkey faces and the too-small heads he puts on his male characters.

No. 1438109

Isn’t this the artist who made that furry webcomic Dropout? I actually really enjoyed the story and chose to just ignore the preachy tranny shit. Wish there were more lesbian stories like it.

No. 1438129

That's alright, just don't neglect practicing figure drawing every now and then.breference from more than one pic.

Also, whenever using tools like 3d model tracing, you just have to make it look natural and not soulless traced.

No. 1438218

does anyone else hates having artist friends? it feels so fake, at least with mine you can never criticize their work because they get mad.
a shame, her art is kinda good

No. 1438458

I love the art friends I made back in the dA days, we meet every 1-2 years when we can still. I got so disillusioned with the "networking" way of modern socials, tho. I more easily make friends in other fields like programming or videoediting and it is a nice change of pace

No. 1438627

YES nonnie I've always hated his dumb fish lips and always felt insane how his art seemed to be put in such high regard. I think you put it succinctly when you say its an emulated art style without the charm.

Also looking at that page the randomly bolded and underlined words are starting to piss me off too

No. 1438666

File: 1670601642639.png (1.74 MB, 1186x2257, zemotion.png)

Have you nonnas seen this case? Dude copies photographer's work 1 to 1 on his painting, wins money prize, she still loses the copyright lawsuit because it's apparently not "unique enough", despite her being an established professional and the copy being practically identical down to flower petal placement. Of course reddit trolls imply it has something to do with her being a woman and wanting to take men's money. Bleak af.
I remember following her work ages ago in deviantart's best years, her work is and has always been unique, it's hard to believe court ruled otherwise. She elaborates more in this thread https://twitter.com/zemotion/status/1600529480099196928

No. 1438672

If the only thing you have in common is that you draw, even if you both like each others art, the friendship won't be very strong. You need to have some other hobbies or interests in common to make genuine friends.

Avoid artists with huge egos, or really insecure artists. Both these type of people will befriend you for ulterior motives.

No. 1438678

I don’t hate it at all, I wish I could meet up with my artist friends more often but we’re all busy these days. I’ll admit though it’s harder to find chill artists because the neurotic ones stand out more.

No. 1438705

I saw that and thought it was extremely fucked up. Using reference for an exercise is one thing, but actually making money from copying someone else’s work is another thing entirely. Those Reddit trash moids have probably never made anything in their entire lives.

No. 1438707

File: 1670602775111.jpeg (117.32 KB, 1200x881, download.jpeg)

Wrong ruling. Kill reddit moids. I feel so bad for her.

The AP photographer who took the photo of Obama that got turned into the famous Hope poster won a case of copyright violation, even though the graphic design was much different than the photo, and got to share monetary rewards with the artist.

This degenerate male did a 1:1 copy of her photo, down to every shadow and petal. He might as well have submitted her photo and said he painted it.

No. 1438808

I don’t consider it pedophilia but it’s weird how men always go after younger women (I have a 30 year old employed male relative dating a 20 year old TikToker and it’s pathetic) Sage for OT.

No. 1438850

Absolutely disgusting. The art isn’t even that great of a replica- not just because it doesn’t add anything new or original- it’s just so lifeless. Sometimes I hate artists who draw “realism” purely because they can’t draw anything outside of a picture they’re referencing- they’re literally human printers

Really don’t want to get into this topic, but it has always been a red flag to me. Guys can say that it’s “evolution” to look for young women as partners but they just don’t want to admit to being so pathetic that they can’t find someone in their own age range because young women are the only ones who can deal with their bs because they don’t know any better

No. 1438906

File: 1670612738711.jpeg (152.02 KB, 711x1064, CE44D2C7-5EB0-4D28-8DD4-EAA27C…)

Why are Japanese moids so damn autistic

No. 1438917

I never understood their weird justifications
>Muh looks/evolution
As if they can't find plenty of more attractive women their own age? Idk why they would need to seek out fertility unless they're actively willing to marry, financially support the woman and raise the children long term including when she will inevitably age out of their preference, but most men don't want to do that
>Submissive/virginal/better at sex/etc
I'm convinced men who say this never met hormonal and jealous younger girls kek

No. 1438921

Relatable tho

No. 1438926

what does this mean…he gets attracted to cankles? kek

No. 1438929

Here I am thinking that everywhere had the law like in the US where if you make it, you have the copyright to it–not that you have to prove it's originally, expression, fixation, etc. Sucks for photographers. They always get the shaft no matter the laws anywhere

No. 1438932

of course he stole from an Asian artist too. Stealing from a minority female artist. i hope he dies. Men do this shit so much. I am convinced most of our inventions were made by women but men took the credit for it.

No. 1438936

Those replies are vile. Makes me think of the pick mes who think sex work is work and men give a shit about them, but when a women is making her own money, men want to steal it. This is heart breaking. I will share this on my own twt to gain traction. Men are below subhuman.

No. 1438941

Maybe some subtle racism going on too? Like since it's a portrait of an east Asian woman, that somehow means lack of originality

No. 1438945

asian women get shat on and shafted so much, but because they tend to be less vocal about it, no one thinks it's racism. there are massive amount of microaggression towards asian women. This was done in a way he could get away with it because I bet this coward would not have done it to another race of woman.

No. 1438959

Males are incapable of creation, artistic or not. Barren bodies = barren minds. Never admire a scrote because the blueprint must have been created by a woman. Our justice system is vile, she should be allowed to stone him to death in my eyes. Genuinely.

No. 1438992

File: 1670617872893.jpg (52.17 KB, 450x696, bekkab.jpg)

>This was done in a way he could get away with it because I bet this coward would not have done it to another race of woman.
He did. He also copied from white men.

No. 1439163

Exhibit A: Just because you know how to perform the task of painting and have the skill doesn't mean you're an artist. Can't wait until there's no rewarding this kind of NPC-tier human photocopy bullshit, he is no better than AI

No. 1439255

desaturated , undetailed, soft looking art?

No. 1439350

>The changes were meaningful enough
>transformed the photo into a work of art
It looks like he literally just traced the photo. Moids should shut up about art because they obviously aren't capable of higher thinking.

No. 1439354

Now it makes sense why men are the ones pushing AI. I'd love to see a female painter copy one of his "paintings" and submit it to this gallery. Moids only understand morality when they are hit with their own medicine

No. 1439483

AI will replace those same scrotes lol, generic moid-pandering coomer art and straight up copying photos will no longer be valued when a computer can do it faster and no one's admitting to AI generation. They're digging their own graves without realizing it, which is part of why I'm not that opposed to it. No more big booba FOTM waifu bullshit being venerated when literally anyone can make it.

No. 1439635

it means his interests changed from something obvious to appreciating the smaller things (optimistic)

No. 1439660

>changes chair into an exotic weapon

No. 1439737

dull colors and the sword hilt fucks up the composition. absolutely mogged

No. 1439934

>it's not a big deal, the changes were significant enough that the painting won an award
Dumbass moid, the judges probably weren't even aware that this was copied, and the stealer was making money out of stealing, which is why the original creator is having to point it out. But because it's a woman being stolen from of course they think it doesn't matter.

No. 1440227

It's 2 different mediums and you can recreate it without tracing. I don't see a problem with this anymore than artists doing paintings over photographs of the Eiffel Tower.

No. 1440811

Doesn't matter if it's not technically traced (which you don't even know, that guy could've literally traced it), it's still basically a 1:1 copy. And it's not even close to that because a random painting of an Eiffel Tower picture wouldn't win you a prize unless the composition and colors were good and in that case it would also just be a copy

No. 1440943

File: 1670759474077.png (466.05 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20221211-034837.png)

The eyes do look a little weird tho…

No. 1441003

You're telling me this isn't porn? I don't know this moid but you can immediately tell the reason why he's held in such high regard among scrotes.

No. 1441007

It's like they're trying hard to reproduce the feel of Japanese anime art but failing miserably and it comes off as particularly cringy, especially the expressions. They use western cartoon proportions I guess
I knew because I recognized the art style from some other thread where a video of hers was posted. But in all seriousness, I can't describe exactly what makes Eastern European comic artists so identifiable, but the same can be said about practically any region. French style, American style, Japanese style, Korean style, Latin American style, Chinese style, SEA style, you get the idea.

No. 1441352

> I can't describe exactly what makes Eastern European comic artists so identifiable, but the same can be said about practically any region.

This. I wish there was a way to define these overall trends because I think that it’s so cool that this happens for almost every artist. Like, even if the person draws in an anime style, sometimes the stylization differs from American to European to Japanese

No. 1441534

File: 1670793433489.jpg (61.73 KB, 602x503, witch.jpg)

One thing is WITCH influence. It was popular in some eastern european countries, webcomic artists (for example Phobs) were copying this style and everyone else was copying them.

No. 1441547

WITCH? is that the series name? because i saw this image and it instantly made me remember so many childhood memories about seeing these characters that i had forgotten, and i want to know more lol.

No. 1441563

nta but technically it's W.I.T.C.H., spelling it like that should get you correct search results.

No. 1441589

ranking from best to worst
>high tier:Japanese Style, Eastern European Style, SEA style
>mid tier:French Style, Latin American Style
>shit tier:American Style, Korean and Canadian style

No. 1441619

What's an example of SEA art style? Also why Korean so low in the list? They seem to have the same aesthetics as Japanese.

No. 1441665

Where’s Italy?

No. 1441675

File: 1670796575865.png (699.34 KB, 643x683, ArtistNKorea.PNG)

I'm not the anon above but I'm guessing the placement of Korean artist has a lot to do with webtoons. Even if the stories are interesting, most of the artwork featured in webtoons are lackluster. It may be a bit unfair though. Just look at the Pixiv "Artist in Korea" artbook for example: https://www.pixiv.net/special/artbook/kr/

No. 1441685

As someone who has a better understanding of anatomy than coloring, finding someone who seems to have okay coloring but no grasp on anatomy/perspective/where things should go like pupils… It completely confounds me. Like, the coloring of this image are fine, but she's so cross eyed.

No. 1441705

File: 1670797392082.png (914.23 KB, 640x728, soulless-korea.png)

People love to use that dude who did Magna carta as an example of a good korean artist, but their art is really boring and over saturated. Magna carta's art is soulless. this is the official cover

No. 1441757

File: 1670798422247.jpg (1.14 MB, 791x1222, O26uAxj.jpg)

IIRC, this comic is a fetish comic about a super heroine who always finds herself in some kind of bondage. It’s supposed to be tongue in cheek but it’s obvious that this is just for moids to fap to. The character herself started off as an OC he’d draw for fetish commissions but then he turned it into a full comic.
I think one of the heroes is an insecure black girl who’s sole personality trait is that she’s angry and jealous of blonde, white women.
I just looked it up. Her actual name is Sistah Spooky. It seems Adam Warren really liked her backstory, since it got it’s own spinoff written by him a few years ago. Thankfully it wasn’t drawn by him.

No. 1441795

File: 1670799169340.png (1.39 MB, 1280x1024, reith.png)


The artist isn't responsible for the cover art in this case; that's the designer.

If this is what qualifies as "oversaturated" to you, I can't fathom what you must think of Mika Pikazo's work.

No. 1441810

File: 1670799426886.png (7.88 MB, 2003x1956, American Art before Steven Uni…)

>american style
its sad how tumblr style, calarts and steven universe forever soiled the american style to the point its used as an insult nowadays, it used to be so varied and interesting. For me its
pre 10's american style> Japanese style> Eastern European style
my least favourite would be the french westaboo style >>1441534
, i hate it.

No. 1441813

holy shit the anatomy is awful, this was actually used as a game cover? they look like the worms from men in black, uncanny as fuck

No. 1441822

I remember seeing this promo art in a game magazine when I was a kid and being very off put by it. I think it was the face and those rosy pimple cheeks

No. 1441824

koreans draw so uncanny. Rinotuna is the most passable one, but his/her men proportions are always so fucking creepy

No. 1441833

File: 1670801102377.jpg (651.69 KB, 2297x2608, INZVUNA.jpg)

Is this the same guy? It seems he’s traded in that weird wormy anatomy for clean generic anime semi realism now

No. 1441847

File: 1670801741861.jpg (117.72 KB, 736x920, 5d32223dbb77513c496d085062c52e…)

yeah, hes mostly known as a character designer. His men always looked awful to me.

No. 1441867

File: 1670802988364.png (1.98 MB, 955x855, rinotuna.PNG)

I think the uncanny feeling comes from the faces. Rino's style is like Miyuli's but with more rendering which ends up making the anime like face stick out more. I actually really like their style tho.

No. 1441920

File: 1670805364571.jpg (628.09 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20221211_235250_Fon…)

Saged in case this isn't the thread for this, got an ad for ai image generation for profile pictures, was that fast or am I slow to catch up kek

No. 1441922

Samefag didn't mean to tag smh

No. 1441926

Based Anon. Italy is my favorite one

No. 1441934

File: 1670805675745.jpeg (135.89 KB, 800x573, 6B53FA6F-59AE-4B9E-9BAA-5557F8…)

Sergio Toppi, Gigi Cavenago, Crepax and Guido Buzzelli will forever be my favourites.

No. 1441979

The funny thing is, you're right. This is what I thought for all these years as well! I have also started drawing when WITCH came out and my style still resembles the original comic in some way.

No. 1441980

this series and the comics that came with it were decent and good, never understood why it didnt reach the same relevance as winx..

No. 1441992

Winx skewed towards a younger demographic and took place in a magic school so it had more merchandising value than WITCH. WITCH’s storyline had a definite beginning, middle and end through its arcs, so it wasn’t as easy for new readers and viewers to jump in at any point. When it looked like the Winx characters were going to graduate the next season soft rebooted to roll them back to school age.

No. 1441999

hey i know ot for this thead but since we are on the topic of witch can anyone link me that site that had all of the witch comics to read for free? I stumbled upon that site many years ago but now i cant find it.

No. 1442003

I’m pretty sure you can find most of them at readcomiconline

No. 1442007

I really admire the linework of 1970s Italian artists - though I really wish most of it wasn’t so porny.

No. 1442067

thanks sorry for still derailing but how old was the blonde snake guy, im asking because i always found his relationship with that one girl weird since im pretty sure he was a adult and no one really knows her age since she was a secondary character.

No. 1442077

You mean Cedric? Oh yeah that choice was weird (especially in a show aimed at preteen girls). He has an adult love interest in the comics though.

No. 1442089

>He has an adult love interest in the comics though
thats a relief.

No. 1442093

File: 1670815731804.jpg (77.49 KB, 600x839, hyungtaewtfudoin.jpg)

I have a love-hate relationship with Hyung-Tae Kim's artwork. I think he does some really gorgeous work sometimes (I have the War of Genesis III artbook,) but then there's batshit insane anatomy like picrel sprinkled in places.

No. 1442139

Ok so you're just a lonely retard

No. 1442157

By law, it does matter. That's why the courts didn't side with the photographer.

No. 1442164

It's weird because his character designs aren't offensive, but the anatomy is wild.

No. 1442172

I'm so tired of ai. I know people in these threads are probably tired of hearing about it too, but I'm so tired of seeing people talk about it, and being constantly reminded of how much techbros hate me and want my job. I don't even view it as a threat, I'm just tired of feeling so damn targeted all the time, when all I wanted to do was create and I feel like I'm being punished for that. I have to be reminded every day that everything I like to do (writing, drawing, composing music) is pointless when a robot can do it better. Even though I've only ever gotten hobbies for myself, it's all useless because it won't save the industry money. Probably being dramatic but that's the point of venting.

No. 1442187

File: 1670822816770.jpg (158.57 KB, 751x931, 1657901890046.jpg)

i dont care much about the ''its going to steal our jobs!!!'' aspect of it, but it saddens me how in the course of a century art decayed so much and became fast food for mass consumption thanks to techfags appropiating the industry. Movies, Advertisements, cartoons, comics, videogames, and even manga and anime is so generic and dull looking nowdays. AI and the generic, samey, fast results are just a symptom of a greater disease. Art is dying and it saddens me to live to see it.

No. 1442206

Jaiden became a vtuber and her design is the ugliest most generic streetwear thing possible, did she even drew it herself? i like the hair but whoever drew it did an awful job, not only is it super generic and boring but is also really low quality since it looks so blurry

No. 1442220

Yeah I don't care about the job thing because everyone talks about how draining and underpaid an industry job is, so I never wanted one to begin with, and because of what you said, I think people will always prefer indie stuff, especially with how accessible and advanced art softwares and game engines are getting, but I'm tired of being expected to have an opinion on ai, by both the people who make it and the people who hate it. They all want me to hate it so bad, for me to feel like it's going to replace my entire being just because I'm an artist.

No. 1442336

File: 1670831493545.jpg (307.62 KB, 966x753, heShouldGoDieInaWar.jpg)

Tomislav… what a fucking dissapointment I think "never meet your heroes" applies here.. His work inspired me a lot back in the day, turns out he's really stupid. Asks his followers "Am i evil for doing NFT's" and then gets shocked and butthurt when they say yes. Like what did he expect lol? Then the classic "I'm slav! u wouldn't understand we diffent!" yea our scrotes are diffent… difefrently stupid.

No. 1442355

who the hell still falls for nfts at this point?? All of them fell in value hard. Just do youtube videos if you need extra income

No. 1442364

File: 1670834094463.jpg (1.03 MB, 1920x1080, NIJISANJI-EN-Luxiem.jpg)

why is it so hard to create good male designs? does anyone else feels this way? 99% of times i dislike male character designs even though i am a massive yumejo. The reason why i never picked up reverse harem/idol/romance anime is because the designs are so generic and bland to me, yet i often find myself really liking female designs. I only like Ensemble Stars and Luxiem designs honestly, too bad the latter are wasted on 3DPD moids who are sex pests and ugly.

No. 1442382

i really like his artwork and i always see people worshipping the ground he walks on, goes to show no matter how popular you are someone will dislike something about it

No. 1442386

I followed this dude because I've seen his art somewhere else and it'd be nice to see it once in a while. Then one time my dash was full of him raging over how everyone is an idiot and people who unfollow him are retards etc. I didn't even know this whole mental breakdown was over NFTs, hell I didn't even know/care that he did NFTs. But the manchild tantrum really solidified this guy as unsalvagable for me no matter his art quality.

No. 1442514

It doesn't help that most male designs are drawn with hideous visual-kei hairstyles, noodley bodies with no sex appeal, and flat cartoony faces. Ensemble Stars is ugly by the way, those guys are so unsexy and might as well be flat girls.

No. 1442519

this horrific soundcloud moid who commissioned me 2 years ago finally "rebranded" with the work i made for him. i declined to do any colour work myself in the end because he was micromanaging - he literally sent me a copy of the lineart he'd coloured in himself on MS Paint.

i gave him permission to employ someone else to work on the colour and sure enough he did. it looks awful and genuinely makes my lineart and character design look worse. i don't care very much because i haven't been active since january but what a poor choice. i didn't even retweet it, it's embarrassing.

No. 1442558

Males are so unpleasant. They'll act completely retarded but still feel like they're superior geniuses, definitely smarter than any woman they encounter.

No. 1442569

>Art is dying and it saddens me to live to see it.

I think corporate art (this includes art on social media favored by the algorithm) is generic and samey and soulless. But there will always be people creating unique art until the end of humanity.

The internet is amazing. I'm actually grateful we're born in a time where it's so easy to get your work out there. Never a point in human history has there existed a chance for regular people to get their art in front of thousands of people. You always had to go through the gallery system, wealthy commissioners, and corporations. Now you can just post online. Boost artists you like, it's the only way to change the tide of generic bullshit.

No. 1442600

How come I'm not allowed to say this about Nana

No. 1442624

I was reading it out of context and I thought it was about Nana. Also flat visual kei girls are cool, why did they say it like it's a bad thing.

No. 1442626

Well I misspoke because bishounen don't actually look like girls to me; they just have a weird amalgamation of feminine traits that don't even register as attractive to me, so they might as well not even be considered men. And visual kei girls are cool. Unattractive men aren't.

No. 1442633

OP not that this post is inappropriate here, but I think it'd be more relevant in the bad character design thread.

No. 1442771

File: 1670865064382.jpg (94.22 KB, 720x1165, 00eb0f91073982021b052548d99864…)

what do korean artists have against male chests and facial rendering

No. 1442857

While on the subject of Nana, I don't like how protected from criticism Ai Yazawa's work is. I mean I get that we don't have much josei manga out there, but that's all the more reason to be more critical of her work, because I don't see why we should settle for her borderline glorification of abusive relationships when we already know how much better content made by women for women could be. Her protagonists are self inserted, weak-willed women who settle for abusive men, Nana (the punk one) is most likely based off of a woman she knew in her life that tried to talk some sense into her and clearly failed. Yazawa's views on relationships are just too fucked up for her to handle the topic of them in her work properly, and there's at least one troon in her work (that I know of) which I guess is fine if you're willing to overlook that, but I always take being expected to take a trans character seriously as anything besides delusional as an insult to my intelligence. I'm not saying there's no importance to her work at all, or that you're not allowed to like it, but I think we can do better, and we should seek out and create better josei rather than just talking about Yazawa's work all the time.

No. 1443130

I remember reading that he was inspired by Falcoon and other fighting game-scene artists. I do like both artists and a lot of art from that scene, so wild anatomy is the norm.

No. 1443227

File: 1670878116617.jpg (94.01 KB, 720x645, Pedos and proshippers go hand …)

Nonny, she is. That is something she tales pride in the most.

No. 1443312

Personal pet peeve but that username is so UwU tryhard.

No. 1443379

The pink theme really ties it all together.

No. 1443385

It was kinda camouflaged for me since I'm using the Girltalk style kek

No. 1443432

I blame Toboso Yana (kidding) (kind of)

No. 1443452

That’s not her, it’s just another artist who likes Lisa Simpson porn.

No. 1443535

>another artist who likes Lisa Simpson porn
There are multiple…

No. 1443560

her designs are cute though, i like the designs she did for twisted wonderland. I mean something like idolish and uta no prince sama

No. 1443702

Don't think pedophllic terf artist is a hill you want to die on nonny.

No. 1443721

File: 1670912891516.jpg (303.95 KB, 1200x675, loomis heads.jpg)

any tips for studying? i am trying to get back to drawing after stopping for almost a year, this time i want to get serious about it and actually learn how to draw

No. 1443746

>I don't!

Didn't she literally post shit about some tifs she was pretending to be friends with in one of the animation industry threads?

No. 1443751

link it

No. 1443754

Horse legs lol
Falcoon's style is horrible imo

No. 1443755

There's no way to prove this is actually her but going off some things from her previous callouts, I'm personally convinced this is her:


No. 1443760

No. 1443770

I don't think it's just male designs. Anime character designs in general have been following this trend lately of having wild hairstyles with really obnoxious random colors and overly detailed outfits with nonsense design choices. Like they think the more shit you put on them the better the design, like a kid's dA Sonic OC. But either women have superior taste than men, or bishies are just drawn worse than bishojo (like >>1442514 said). Or both. The artwork is also pretty bad usually. There are actually good female artists who do bishies and know how to draw hands, clothes and bodies that don't look like they're made of paper, but for some reason they always hire the ones with the worst and most uninspired artstyle, maybe because of it even.
Bishies didn't even use to be that bad, I find a lot from 10+ years ago attractive but this horrible fad (I hope it's just a fad that's about to end) of trying to make your designs as """unique""" as possible while somehow making them more generic than ever, is just making everything worse. And I mean everything, from male idolshit to AAA video games. That, combined with how joseimuke media is becoming more common but also so lazy and soulless (just like media for moids) makes it harder to find something anime for women that's actually worthwhile or that looks decent and unique, and isn't just another shitty cashgrab that's similar to 20 other franchises

No. 1443771

at this point i am convinced everyone working on the animation industry has draw weird as shit porn and thats why they try to compensate by putting politically correct bullshit on their cartoons.

No. 1443772

Facial rendering is because in anime, the more lines and shading on the face the more realistic, three-dimensional and "uglier" it is. Anime faces have to be as clean as possible otherwise otaku will find it impossible to coom to it. I think it's hilarious that at the same time, anime porn artists (who draw either sex) tend to render the body as much as possible. That's partly why ecchi and hentai shit looks so uncanny a lot of the time. "Realistic" body with a cartoon head. I don't like it on male characters either, it'd be better if the rendering on the face matched the body a bit more.

No. 1443799

where have you been the last 20 years? this isn't new by any means

No. 1443827

NGL it kinda bothers me how quick anons here are to call other anons "based" just for posting about their fetishes when I guarantee that if they had tweeted about it instead, it would have been screencapped and posted here to be mocked. Being born female does not exempt you from being a coomer. I'm not saying it's "just as bad" as when men do it, I'm saying that porn rots your brain, and there's plenty of studies that prove this. Everyone can call me a moralfag now.

No. 1443849

Women can consume things in moderation unlike moids. Men lost their horny rights decades ago.

No. 1443850

I hate my huion tablet, i should have gotten a wacom. The trash isnt even 2 years old and its already giving me troubles, god what a piece of shit i want to kick it back to china.

No. 1443854

live and learn. invest in a wacom for the future

No. 1443856

Sucks ass tho because i am tabletless now…fuck

No. 1443873

Did yours have a screen? I'm kind of scared now because I just ordered a Huion haha

No. 1443881

NTAYRT but I have a screen Huion that's 4 years old and still working perfectly.

No. 1443885

Nah its screenless for some fucking reason my pc wont recognize the tablet and it keeps disconnecting and saying "usb not recognized" after a while. I am so angry, i want to smash it into a wall

No. 1443888

Meanwhile I have 2 huion models after using wacom for 10 years and constantly suffering with driver software problem, sudden loss of pressure etc

No. 1443893

Interesting! The one I got is screenless, so it might give in earlier

Oh my god, that's so frustrating. It happened with my old tablet all the time, I had to keep switching cables and usb ports and try not to move it or it would disconnect. I hope you can get it replaced soon!

No. 1443909

File: 1670932854761.jpg (11.04 KB, 443x449, 0e803f7b0e65a5ba.jpg)

My Wacom Cintiq 13HD keeps unplugging (?) when I'm using it if I move it even slightly, I'm worried that problem is in the receiving port in the tablet itself and not the cable. How fucked am I if it's that?

No. 1443916

not too fucked, you can replace the port; I had it done in Intuos Pro recently and it costed something around $50

No. 1443925

nona, it's the driver. install a new one.

No. 1443929

Oh well that is way less worse than I imagined. Are there specific places that fix those or did you have to send the tablet somewhere?

No. 1443934

I found a place that is a certified distributor / service for Wacom and dropped off my tablet there, it was possible to send it too; and fixing took a few days. AFAIK Wacom doesn't have their own official servicing shops, at least not in my country.

No. 1443944

Thanks nonna!

No. 1443947

i swear i tried before, but i will try again. Its not the first time it happens, it comes and goes.

No. 1444036

I got a wacom intuos and for some reason it only works the first time I turn it on/plug it, if I turn it off and then on again while my computer is on it stops working lmao I don't mind it much since it fixes itself upon re-starting the computer, but it still sucks having to do that every time i stop using the tablet for a few minutes and it turns itself off.
I bought it 4 years ago if i recall correctly but only started to draw with it back in august, so it only has a few months of use. My sister has a prehistoric wacom bamboo and though it still works, it also gave her lots of headaches with the drivers and usb.
I dont have experiences with other tablets, but from what i have read online driver problems are very common in blind tablets regardless of its brand.

No. 1444047

NTA the level of detail isn't new, but the level of nonsense detail is. I blame the gacha game phenomena amping it up, which is already about a decade old, but has permeated a lot of anime-styled media. The more accessories on a PNG, the more money it looks to be worth, which translates to a "more interesting character" for consumertards. That's permeated into other spheres.
The Sonic OC comparison is apt; it appeals for the same exact reasons: colorful, detailed, and easy-to-read, but highly simplified expressions. It's why these characters feel so boring despite being living glitter bombs. It's also why the fanbases surrounding them seem to have no idea how to behave themselves. It is said that these are traits that tend to appeal to certain kinds of autism.

This. Even if women make fetish art, it doesn't shape their entire lives or affect the people around them like it does for male artists. Rare cases exist, but it's practically the norm for male coom artists.

No. 1444063

don't think drawing a cartoon character from the 90s is deserving to be called pedophilic. Weird, yes, but it's literally not fucking real

No. 1444115

She (you) should draw Lisa as an adult and not sexualize her as a child then.
>it's literally not fucking real
I wonder where I've heard this one before

No. 1444179

Still can't keep it to themselves, just like any other coomer if they feel the need to post about it here. Not that they're gonna be punished for that since they're always praised whenever they mention it.

No. 1444201

File: 1670954044880.jpg (295.24 KB, 1149x1149, FhacQkLVEAACAv3.jpg)

So I've been listening to some of Twisted Disaster's livestreams because even though I find her annoying sometimes, I think she's okay mostly when she's not around gendie friends who say much more stupid shit then she does and in her last stream she was talking about why she has stopped doing YouTube because aside from not getting the views she wanted, she also didn't like how people would dunk on her art by saying that they hate it but they liked her personality and they'd buy her merch out of pity only to throw it out.

I hadn't seen her art in awhile and I wanted to see if she had improved and nope, she's still more or less in the same level she was from before. Faces look wonky as always when it comes to her drawing human characters and anatomy looks odd. She says that she tries to go for a cartoon style and I get it but yet her stuff just looks off. I remember a few threads ago there was mention on how she over emphasizes shadows & highlights which is what makes her art look so awkward and how it highlights how jumbled her sense of anatomy and face work actually is. I feel that if she insists on drawing eyes and noses so big, she should go for a flat or minimalist shading style instead. That or finally scale the eyes down and space them a bit more instead of drawing them so close together.

It's not surprising that those who stumbled on her videos disliked her art because she has one of the most fundamentally unsettling art styles around and though she has people who praise her art, I feel like they're mostly younger artists who don't have anatomy skill neither.

No. 1444202

File: 1670954189001.jpg (320.21 KB, 966x1250, FhJmUvZUAAAQ0B6.jpg)

I'll give her some credit though, when she draws non-human characters like her mascot character (picrel), it doesn't look that bad compared to when she draws straight up human characters.

No. 1444291

What expression is that even meant to be

No. 1444348

Not sure. It's hard to discern whether the character is angry, shocked, or surprised lol.

No. 1444368

I'm sure you're still free to shame female artists for having deranged tastes on an anonymous board for the same reasons why they're free to share their tastes within reason. I'm just tired of going after people for wrongthink. A lot of artists indulge their sexuality, and many make a living for doing so. Not defending the Lisa Simpson artist, but unless she's out here using her art to groom and justify pedophilia, I'm having a hard time getting triggered.

No. 1444381

Clearly I'm not free to if all I have to do is say that I think fujoshi are gross and anons rush to their defense. I'd say I'm the one considered to have wrong think if all I have to do is imply that maybe female artists are capable of gross things, only for somebody to tell me that doesn't matter because men are always worse. And by posting something like the pedo Lisa stuff you are automatically promoting pedo behavior by posting images of it and presenting it as normal, yet being shocked when people are disturbed by something disturbing.

No. 1444466

Nice find anon. Can you name all the artists? I recognize a few but I’m more interested in the illustrations than cartoons. Looks like they’re all traditional too which is another point because American artists rely too much on their iPads today and end up with waxy coloring.

No. 1444471

Nonas I can't set up PayPal for my Ko-fi and ive been wondering if Stripe is a safe alternative…
Have anyone used it? Any pros and cons?

No. 1444489

character designers are always more creative with female characters for some stupid reason. male characters get:

1. bishounen with fancy suit
2. bishounen with fancy military uniform
3. bishounen with basic streetwear
4. bishounen with fancy suit
5. bishounen with fancy suit, but with a prince twist (gold trinkets here and there and a cape)
6. bishounen with fancy suit (and a hat)

No. 1444493

I only see 2 suits..

No. 1444496

The military uniforms aren't even good, they're usually Genshit-inspired crap like the ones generated by that Chinese art AI

No. 1444513


nta but tbh save for the guy on the far left all of them have outfits that are either suits or inspired by suits/are some form of generic male formalwear which is just as cheap

No. 1444555

Final Fantasy series has interesting male costumes. Most shiny anime games have generic designs, not surprising.

No. 1444569

File: 1670974527128.png (53.05 KB, 590x432, 1670915097310198.png)

politepuppet/handsomehugs/340678002x9 aka Vee/Ang went on a huge spiel and meltdown over moids on 4chan commenting on how fucking lunatic she is, which eventually lead to suicide threats last night (not screencapped), the deactivation of all social media & baiting her friends into worrying about her.

No. 1444577

File: 1670975331438.jpg (266.51 KB, 1440x959, flodo.JPG)

so much talent wasted on generic cottagecore bullshit

No. 1444610

Study things you like, don't waste time forcing yourself to draw what you find boring and hateful. In my experience doing the latter sucks all the joy from art and sends me into a slump. If you're practicing anatomy use references that interest you in some way, even if it's just a model you find attractive. Then once you actually get good you'll have an easier time learning to draw the less interesting things. You might have more fun then because you've learned to enjoy developing your own style. Maybe it's not the ideal approach of seasoned artists but if you struggle with motivation and energy this is what I suggest. Better to be drawing at all than hating it and creating nothing.

No. 1444620

I'm always curious when people talk about wasted talent… what would this artist have to do for you to consider it not wasted?

No. 1444633

I fall in the range of "proshipper" but she's insane for this. Even that take about fictional ships. I actually prefer things the current way (if only there were less harassment) because it signals good cultural values overall. Like at least I agree with them that pedophilia is abhorrent, and that matters more than getting hate for my ships. If everyone were proship, pedos or not the degeneracy would be inescapable. I only wish people live and let live like they used to with these things (minus undisguised ship wars lol, now it's under a layer of moral self-righteousness)

No. 1444661

Why can’t you set up a paypal? if it’s because you don’t want personal information attached, you won’t be able to use stripe because you need to confirm your identity before being able to receive any money.

No. 1444767

I think this is very nice, and being visually pleasing doesn't really make it generic

No. 1444873

How do we know they haven't been harassing and tormenting her on all social medias they can, reporting and getting stuff taken down due to raiding her accounts? There's more info we need here besides just "She baited suicide" because harassment can get that bad depending on your mentality and she doesn't need normal.

No. 1444927

Yeah, idk what op is talking about from their post, but The only form of wasted talent I see is when an artist goes in full coom territory or (when looking at insta artists) draws the same form without anything else to add

Kek, So true

No. 1444966

This makes you look like you're siding with 4chan incels if you're not even one of them yourself. You know they have a history of harrassing people and ruining lives right?

No. 1444979

I definitely agree with you. I hate the term “proshipper” since it can encompass anything from mundane toxic yaoi pairings to whatever the fuck >>1436565 is drawing.

No. 1444991

File: 1670990163721.jpeg (84.92 KB, 600x838, 6A8AA484-5788-4F9D-9AD3-4818A1…)

do any nonnies remember emmy cicierega? i used to be obsessed with her stuff when deviantart was really popping back in the day. looking at it now with different and matured taste i must say it’s disappointingly boring and generic

No. 1445018

Do you even know who polite puppet is? You’re picking to side with a person who draws incest and pedophile shit and constantly talks about kids on her twitter

No. 1445021

Yeah I remember her. I used to like her art too but it's so generic to me now.

Speaking of which, this is some personal salt but I'm sick of browsing youtube and all the most popular illustrators making videos and art advice topics are all normie women making normie plant/dot-eye/froggie mushroom blob art. As a woman it really feels like there's this established agreed on'style' you can't deviate from on youtube which is 'chill vibes, lo-fi fake soft voice pale color' aesthetic. gods forbid if you draw anything else interesting.

No. 1445040

Nta, but I’ve always hated the need for these labels to “identify” yourself as bc it’s either “you don’t like that people explore dark themes” or “if you write about said themes, you support it”- like ofc no one except those few degenerate pieces of shit actually support that sick shit.
Like, remind me why people still support these labels if it isn’t used to go on a crusade for their holy justice war across the internet?

No. 1445046

Yeah. Like find some topics gross (anyone who likes loli shit is sick in the head) but i don’t think drawing your yaoi ship having hate sex or whatever is supporting irl abusive relationships.

No. 1445065

If she's stopped doing youtube, good riddance honestly. I haven't seen her art in a while and it's still those dopey goofy expressions and that heavy handed coloring. All she does is mope and whine. I wouldn't be surprised if she was on tiktok more often now where she can continue to desperately seek the attention of teens who suck art and have poor self esteem like she does, and try hard at being 'an old but relatable artist'
Same bullshit she hasn't changed. Wherever she goes she's miserable.

No. 1445113

File: 1671001280009.jpg (221.06 KB, 2048x1269, The ZodiacLord Fg003hPWYAArEuz…)

Ironically enough anon, what you said is actually true. Michie has stated in her streams that she's more active on TikTok these days and most of her fanbase are teens though the main reason why I suspect that is because some of the comments she gets in her streams say things like "I wish I could commission you but I'm not old enough to have PayPal" and similar comments like that. And aside from Holly who she's now in a poly relationship with, her other friends are in their late teens and baby 20s with her being the oldest at 30.

And it's kinda funny because her one troon friend TheZodiacLord actually has improved her art and it no longer resembles Michie's style anymore with the dopey goofy expressions, she actually evenly proportions facial details (picrel). Don't get me wrong, she's still pretty cringe with the insistence that she's a man when it's clear she's not taking testosterone and sounds like young woman (not that it would matter, she'd still be delusional even if she was on T) but I gotta give her some credit when it comes to her art and how she's improved.

Back to Michie though, she still complains quite a bit about any minor inconveniences from having a stuffy nose to a headache and how it impedes on her not getting commission work done and having to take a personal art day and then mention how far behind she is in her commission queue as per usual. She also claims to be working on a bit of NDA contract art as well.

I feel like it's pretty clear though that aside from her views dropping and supposed copyright strike issues on her videos, I feel like another major reason she stepped back from YouTube was because it was only platform where people around her age would stumble upon her work and not be afraid to say how bad they think it looks compared to younger, much more insecure or amateur artists who will think her stuff looks great.

No. 1445121

File: 1671002057023.jpg (669.26 KB, 2348x2003, StarHeavenly.jpg)

I also wanted to ask about this person since they've been a part of a lot of Twisted Disaster's streams for quite a while. Is there any milk on her troon friend "Sawyer" aka Starheavenly? I haven't actually looked into her but I feel like there's some funny ridiculousness behind her. She's arguably the most obnoxious of Michie's streams for me because of how it's so obvious Michie and Holly roll over to make sure to constantly affirm her "maleness" by calling her "the boy" and the constant need to use he/him pronouns. But the true obnoxious quality comes from how it's so obvious how she thinks that being rudeUWU makes her totally a guy and it's just so pathetic. And to add some cringe, she's in a relationship with another TIF who she met from Michie's Discord (I think) and they claim to be a gay couple. Said "BF"'s voice is hilarious because she sounds like a little girl. Either way as annoying as Michie can be, I find her to be tolerable when it's just her and/or Holly in her livestream.

Anyway just curious if there was anything on this person because it feels like I might've missed some milk on her. Like is there a reason behind why she thinks she's a man? Did she go to art school?

No. 1445154

I have a huion, usually what gives me issues is incompatibility with background program. Stuff like Steam mess it up for some reason.

No. 1445161

se appealed to them directly so she kind of deserves it, tbh
lolicon/shotacons are deranged in general and will constantly harass and blackmail the artists they like

No. 1445163

I don’t remember too much about them but they used to be pretty big on the art commentary side of YouTube and like all commentary youtubers they didn’t add much to the conversation

No. 1445223

Sorry if n00b question, but I’m genuinely wondering why so many artists don’t add any signature/watermark at all?

No. 1445232

being gay is nothing like being a pedo you absolute clown

No. 1445233

Bastien Vivès is getting shit talked online by everyone and his expo at Angoulême is getting cancelled because he's a degenerate incest loving pedo (allegedly), I love it. This guy published some degenerate shit while saying in interviews he wished he had a big sister because he'd be a siscon so it's not coming out of nowhere.

No. 1445268

Retard question but do I really have to study anatomy in depth if I just want to draw generic pretty anime girls? I always get the advice to start with the hardcore anatomy for any kind of art, and I get that it makes sense if you actually wanna get really good at art, but I truly don't care to draw realism or knowing what every single muscle fibre looks like. I'm not talking about just general knowledge from observation, but reading and studying hundreds of pages of information on how muscles attach to each other etc. Maybe I'm just lazy but wasting hundreds of hours on it seems boring and unnecessary

No. 1445305

It's pointless for majority of people, you'll be much better off practicing gesture drawing.

No. 1445377


Strong anatomy is absolutely one of the cornerstones of the anime style. Even though some series may have exaggerated figures, artists are able to do this effectively because they already know the fundamentals.

If you want to draw a more cartoonish style of anime, then I guess you could get away with having weak fundamentals, but if you're looking to make art on par with CiloRanko or ccroquette, then yeah, your anatomy has got to be solid.

That being said, you're overinflating just how much work you need to do to study anatomy. You do not need to learn every single muscle fiber, but you do need to have a solid grasp of things like size, proportions, major muscle groups, etc.

No. 1445384

I think it depends on the artist. I don't put my signature bc I don't want it taking away from my piece. I've seen a lot of artwork getting destroyed by large, distracting waterworks when I used to be on dA and didn't want to do that.

No. 1445651

NTA but this is honestly a good take, especially if you maintain the goal of wanting to do more with them. When you want to do more with your favorite subjects, it forces you out of your comfort zone. I'm trying different methods that I'd shied away from in the past because my desire to reach a goal is so high. If you take it up like treating your favorite subjects more as muses and less as comfort zones, it's perfect. In my case, I learned that different mediums can put me in a situation where I enjoy subjects I normally don't care for. That got me learning about them, and bringing them back to include in my passions.

No. 1445713

You don't have to study every muscle and bone unless you plan on drawing human muscle and skeleton diagrams. The important thing to study irt anatomy is proportions.

Learn how long, short, big, small, and the location of every body part is in relation to each other. And draw people from life so you learn how to draw believable movement and fluid poses.

If you want to draw an anime girl with huge eyes, you should be knowledgeable enough about human face proportions to know how to draw the mouth, nose, forehead, ears irt to that change to not make her looks strange.

Long anime legs are great, if you know how long to draw the torso and arms and how big to draw her head to make her not look weird with long anime legs.

It's all about proportions when it comes to drawing humans.

No. 1445814

Gotcha.So just the usual topics like "My art teacher hated me" and stuff like that? lol

No. 1445918

File: 1671049021955.jpeg (879.66 KB, 1170x2009, 9D3DBC48-1CB5-48F6-A0E9-86C881…)

Twitter needs to quit it with recommended videos wtf is this

No. 1445965

I honestly don't mind coomer art as long as it's not disgusting. Also is it frames though or are they using the lazy as fuck Sakimichi and other low budget hentai warping?

No. 1445993

> she still complains quite a bit about any minor inconveniences from having a stuffy nose to a headache and how it impedes on her not getting commission work done

Yeah I noticed that too with commission work/videos/streams, I’m not the biggest fan of her work but it kinda irks me that she says that she can’t do work over something so mundane. I rather take the excuse of depression than “oh, I have a runny nose”

A bit of a tin foil hat but I wouldn’t be surprised if she and her friends hopped onto the thread every once and a while to see what people say about them, I say this because I remember when she first said that ppl didn’t like her art was when she was more popular on these forums

No. 1446066

Exactly. It's just so odd (and pathetic) how she uses these minor inconveniences as excuses to not get her work done and then she keeps on opening for more "emergency commissions" from time to time and adds to the already long queue that she already has. I could understand if she caught a cold or was genuinely sick or even having depression bouts but she's even in the past went so far as feeling too hot (it was during summer) to work on commissions and I was like, "Bitch, just get a plug-in fan and get back to work". This is why I'm convinced that most of the people who commissions her are teenagers of freshly young adults because the wait times she has are ridiculous and that if she did have more adult clientele, they would more than likely want a refund after a month or two of waiting.

>A bit of a tin foil hat but I wouldn’t be surprised if she and her friends hopped onto the thread every once and a while to see what people say about them, I say this because I remember when she first said that ppl didn’t like her art was when she was more popular on these forums

Yeah I wouldn't be surprised as well. She had Holly on a few streams ago and they brought up the sketchbook slam challenge that Holly created back in 2016 and they both were laughing at how much disdain it got saying that the people critiquing it "just sucked" ("It sucks to suck I guess" - Holly). And well besides YouTube, that "challenge" got plenty of critique and negative feedback here on the site back in those days.

No. 1446120

Why do you think this was supposed to be an advice video? It's 1 minute long advertisement of his school, pretty straightforwardly said in the description too, only the thumbnail is baity.

No. 1446355

File: 1671068324974.jpeg (70.25 KB, 437x600, 613FD485-D01D-473B-AFA0-A82F44…)

I’ve been going through old issues (70s-90s) of HM. It’s an eclectic mix of trash and treasure - from shitty Robert Crumb comix to masters like Druillet. Even though a lot of it is basically porn, I highly recommend checking them out.

No. 1446399

Meh, the only cool one I think it’s a copy

No. 1446418

Yeah, I wouldn't put too much weight in a one minute video. It's not that big of a deal.

No. 1446433

File: 1671072818807.jpeg (86.36 KB, 495x619, 3FEF7706-804E-47C3-9F4F-030A55…)

How wrong can a person be
Enstar is the dying example of a good character design: simple, on point, lines are confident and minimalistic - no messy overlapping elements, distinctive visual features for every character’s personality, good pleasant pallets, no obnoxious clashing colors, anatomically correct body, no yaoi hands, no unnaturally broad yaoi shoulders, no elongated body and limbs, no comically long and thin hands and fingers, also no male boobs, no ugly dry big muscles, no pointy chin sly eyed “male anime design tm” face
But idk, maybe you prefer trash like charisma house or twisted wonderland designs, maybe even nu carnival, kek, that way I have nothing for you

No. 1446490

File: 1671075949386.jpg (500.94 KB, 1920x1236, thumb-1920-840368.jpg)

honestly the biggest reason why i named ensemble stars aside of what you just said is the face shape, its not too pointy nor too round, you can tell they are men even if they have softer features. I think peak moeshit design for me would be idolmaster cinderella girls, they all have subtle features that make them really distinct from each other even if they still have generic anime faces. Of course, just talking strictly about moe and otaku stuff there are miles better character designs out there.

No. 1446491

I hate enstars cause they all have that babyface sameface just with different hair, even the ones who I think are supposed to be older just look like teenagers.

No. 1446495

they are teens though

No. 1446517

I'd give you a new tablet if I could, anon.

This is the truth. Studying things that you like helps you retain what you learn.

No. 1446542

File: 1671083532866.jpg (46.61 KB, 563x626, 1670365138411.jpg)

i get your point but this doesnt work with me because i just like drawing everything. Its a sword of double edge, because it makes me feel overwhelmed with the amount of content i would like to be able to draw. I wish i was born with KJG's mind so i could draw literally everything. I was mostly asking for studying methods. Thanks anyways, i feel like that applies to most people.

No. 1446547

I can see it being helpful to avoid surprising your followers/watchers if you post about something "problematic" but I would use another phrase than that because like you anons said, many of those using that label are a mess. I don't care that much about ships even if a character is younger, but so many self-identified "proshippers" have crazy autistically degenerate accounts that go over the top to be edgy and then act surprised when people have even mild negative reactions. The ones that also constantly engage "antis" instead of muting/blocking them like god intended I would not wanna be associated

No. 1446633

Sorry which artist is this

No. 1446713

Why does the hair look like a illustration of a petri dish containing all kinds of pathogens

No. 1446802

Any tips on how to deal with boring/tedious commission work? I like taking commissions but damn, sometimes the clients' characters are so ugly and cluttered that it's a pain in the ass. I can't really refuse them either because I don't have a good excuse beside personal taste…

No. 1446827

>I can't really refuse them either because I don't have a good excuse beside personal taste…
In the future, remember that this is a good enough excuse to turn down a commission. You don't have to tell the client that. Just tell them 'no thanks,' or 'it isn't clicking with me.' Lots of artists make a note about having the right to turn down any and all commissions, and them and their ugly cluttered characters aren't owed a reason.

No. 1446834

Make people fill out a form and then choose from the submissions which ones you want to accept. Just make it clear that it isn't FCFS and you'll be picking who to respond to.

No. 1446858


As far as I'm aware, KJG wasn't some kind of savant; he just drew all the time. He would fill a sketchbook in one day.

If you want to be on KJG's level, follow in his footsteps. There's no magical solution to being good at drawing; sure, studying fundamentals from books helps, but 99% of learning to draw involves just drawing a lot.

No. 1446911

talked to an artist who knew him and she basically said this. He was always drawing

No. 1446992

File: 1671121337463.jpeg (3.11 MB, 1197x16354, 892usYF.jpeg)

If anyone needed a good reason to not feel sympathy Angela Vondra aka handsomehugs/340678002x9/politepuppet she surrounds herself with open sex pests now despite claiming to be anti abuse. There's a rabbithole of degeneracy to find here.

No. 1447008

Literally who?
I looked her up and it seems like her twitter is already suspended.

No. 1447034

Charge more for complicated designs. If they decline, hooray you don't have to draw it, and if you have to suffer you are at least getting paid more.

No. 1447038

Nona please get a hobby, why are you wasting your time like this. Direct this energy toward pedo males actually harming children.

No. 1447288

Anon’s manip is retarded but her defending tranny pedos isn’t a good look.

No. 1447903

misako flodin on youtube! I'm subscribed to her, I like turning her videos on as background noise.

No. 1447937

NTA but she's on Baraag, she was posted about before >>1444569
I've seen her mentioned on /co/ before. She's a degenerate pedophile who likes drawing straight shota and her audience is full of 4chan pedos

No. 1447939

It's nice. Better use of talent than drawing some fujo porn.

No. 1447958

File: 1671168633172.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1170x1902, E1965C15-AF0E-49AC-9386-665C68…)

….where’s the joke

No. 1447973

I hate this greek troll man so fucking man, also this belongs in the bad comics thread

No. 1447981

File: 1671171581554.png (1.82 MB, 2114x1230, clippy.png)

reminder to collect your free clippys

No. 1448003

File: 1671173652765.png (38.23 KB, 640x400, PONKAN_1115.png)

What are your 2023 art goals? for me,
>build a fanbase
>finish all Loomis books
>be able to make something similar to pic rel by the end of the year

No. 1448078

I want to stop rushing boring art just to post it on social and focus on bigger illustrations like you nona

No. 1448179

File: 1671191561738.jpg (26.09 KB, 400x400, tumblr_5170628d39f8c4f6990927e…)

Good luck nona! My 2023 art goals
>Draw majority original art instead of fanart to strengthen portfolio.
>Make mini book projects like a mermay compilation or sketchbook zine, etc. throughout the year.
>Attend more cons.
>Get an illust agent by the end of the yr.

No. 1448267

Oh I forgot and miss this trend, my art goals for 2023:
>build my brand by creating/selling merch (possibly join at least one con this year)
>post more art(even if just studies)
>try to create more environmental pieces
>practice animation

No. 1448392

Best of luck and strength for all art-chans in 20203!!
>Shifting my mindset to become more focused on my art (I get too distracted by my dopamine desires to just consume)
>Consistent streams to build audience
>Build a new website/portfolio site and include a shop
>Go part time at work to spend more time on art
>Start comic & set up patreon for said comic
>Finish coloring book pages

I love the book project idea! I've had a burning desire to either make or collab on a zine for a while now.

No. 1448420

Idgaf I will die on the hill that is remy boydell

No. 1448481

The shit tier flat rendering on the only thing he had to conjure from his mind really shows the level of that "artist" kek. What an absolute mediocrity.

No. 1448560

Unrelated but I love PC-98 pixel art. I wish there were more artists inspired by it. Best of luck to you nonna.

No. 1448832

File: 1671228766025.png (26.62 KB, 592x400, [21-01-03] 1345822385639981057…)

thank you! gonna do my best to plague the net with pc98 inspired anime boys

No. 1449197

>Focus on pieces that can tell a story: an elaborate pic, a game, or a comic
>Finish website that will host all of this. It'll be a portfolio with interactive stuff
I share overlap with you both

I hope I find you and your boys someday! I've been getting back into pixel art, though not to the extend of pc98. I've been interested in the hi-bit era styles.

No. 1449352

Any procreate artists you guys like? I recently got a new Ipad and procreate. It would be nice to see what people have made with the program, alongside (hopefully) brushes.

All the default brushes arent too great imo

No. 1449420

Anna Steinbauer and Randy Vargas are pretty good with procreate.

No. 1449584

Be better at my fundies, and at least can draw some pretty decent digital art.

No. 1449588

I really like the Jingsketch brushes! I think some of them come with demos/process videos on Gumroad too

No. 1449592

I know this is rather minor but I just drew a guy yesterday! And it looked good! I was never the kind to actually went out of my comfort zone but now I feel great because I can have the confidence to draw more things rather than just pretty anime ladies.

No. 1449596

finish that rampaging femcel comic already, i want to kill porn moids from my country in a comic

No. 1449600

File: 1671275612191.jpg (428.68 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20221216-184148_Ins…)

Im very suprised this artist hasn't been posted here.(I mentioned her in the bad art thread)I used to follow her for great gatsby comics but stayed for the weird rants she goes on her stories. If I remember right she also had beef with a big artist
She's clearly mentally ill but she doesn't like being told to not to post her rants . Her antics are wild

No. 1449610

post the milk at least

No. 1449799

File: 1671285966191.jpg (951.32 KB, 1079x1983, Screenshot_20221217_081905_Art…)

So artstation has been having an AI related chimpout for the past week or so, as most of the nonas here already know. As much as I despise AI art, I think the concerns of artists are unfounded because AI art is always glaringly obvious to anyone who isn't an aesthetically inept reddit coomer, and I actually don't think it will ever overcome those limitations. It will evolve in terms of rendering, but that's all. If anything, it only makes human artwork stand out more - the more you look at AI shit, the more you can spot it. As >>1431428 correctly observed, it's because everyone can actually tell it's AI derived without being able to point out why, which is why it's already devoid of value to the very coomers pushing it.

I'm not just talking about the crab hands with 7 fingers or the blobby eyes. Like one of the nonas said above in this thread, AI art lacks all intention and sense of design. The algorithm doesn't know why the metal swirly motifs around the bottle need to be in a particular location to convey something, it just slaps them on because it can easily detect its edges in whatever trash tier mobile game asset art it's bashing them from >>1415936. Because of this, AI artwork always looks absurdly busy and overrendered for no particular reason, even though it looks solid in terms of light and shadow. There are people who draw like that, but their work also "loses" to those of artists with a good taste and is generally unmemorable.

Perhaps one day AI will have taste and intention, but that's probably as far away as true full self driving. The redditor type that hypes up the "it's over for humans!!!" perspective is fully delusional about the actual potential of AI and machine learning in general. They think their basic code monkey skills grant them expertise on vastly more complex topics in computer science. That's how they all fell for Musk's bs, for example.

Which brings me to another point - the only ones who actually should feel threatened by AI are the "artistic" subset of the crowd that pushes AI art - coomer gravure artists who serve programmer paypigs. AI is remarkably good at creating blandly posed, generic, blank faced, autistically overrendered eye candy with "sexily" broken anatomy and genshin impact tier outfits - you know, that art. They will absolutely have to step up or be largely eliminated by midjourney et al. It's kinda funny to see them gloat about "replacing" artists when that's absolutely not what's going to happen. It's just going to devalue the already mediocre work of their coomer friends. I can see most assets for $3 anime datesims nobody plays being AI generated in the near future, and it's exactly what their audience deserves anyway.

Finally, AI tools are supposed to let people who do not have technical art skills to express their ideas through a visual medium. But what's lost on most non-artfags is that people who don't do art generally do not have anything interesting to visualize in the first place. The mind's eye is equal part talent and honed skill. People who never bothered to convey their ideas visually don't have it. From what I've seen, the "I have so many ideas and I have stable diffusion now, watch out!" types burn out after their Nth iteration of "Donald Trump HR Giger style" and quietly fade away.

Sorry for the TL;DR and more AI shit. This is mainly for people like this nona >>1442172.

No. 1449892


you seem to be under the misconception that the general public has anything resembling good taste. they do not, which is why you have AI accounts on twitter and instagram with more followers than competent artists whose work is genuinely good but lacks mass appeal.

people love generic and overly rendered, which is one of the reasons that artists with poor fundamentals can become popular by camouflaging those problems with rendering. meanwhile, no one particularly is interested in a beautiful, anatomically accurate and well-shaded sketch except for artists who have developed that sense of appreciation.

people by and large are philistines; it's specifically only those who actively try to hone their abilities who are effected by limitations in art or style. you don't realize it, but your entire thesis here spells out exactly why AI is dangerous to commercial artists.

No. 1449936

File: 1671291259086.jpg (514.63 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20221217-202817_Ins…)

Although some of the major things that happened on her stories. Ie; documenting her breakdowns and stuff with the artist(she got really angry about it) have been deleted (I didn't know lc back then) . She keeps changing her name and deleting some stuff so it's often I lose her .she's not a bad artist per say I would say she's atleast eccentric maybe . Her political rants are always funny though

No. 1449960

Yes, this is exactly what I think is likely to be automated away - lowest common denominator coomer pinups. Ai completely shafting emerging coomer artists is entirely possible. Why pay some wlop/kronprinz/sakimichan for a polished anime turd with knights/overwatch nudes if you can get something similar from a prompt? Getting established as an artfag has never been easy, but serial coom art has always been a good shortcut. It will be interesting to see what happens to it now though.

The argument that art is defined by plebs rather than somewhat inherently elitist is debatable, but you are correct in a sense that the most accessible art will be devalued. I'm not convinced that it won't improve the situation for artists whose work is interesting, though. Humans recognize patterns and AI artwork is more clockable the more you look at it. Rather than devaluing art as a whole, a possible outcome is AI art (and real art most resembling AI art) will be devalued.

No. 1449964

AI is rotten at its core with its use of artists' work without permission. That boundary of disrespect has already been crossed. This protest was never about how ~good~ the generators are. Retard AI pushers who think artists will be replaced (ie: that companies will pay for AI images) still don't get how they're violating copyright. I hope big name artists never shut up about it until copyright protections are put in place with these generators.

No. 1449998

Unpopular opinion, but as a traditional + digital artist I tolerate AI and even find it useful sometimes.
I think screwing around with different prompts and seeing the outputs help realize/organize my thoughts, or even act as a creative springboard.

If you're a traditional artist anyway AI poses no threat; they can't paint on canvases or walls (yet), and even if they could, the kind of person who is willing to shell out thousands of dollars for a commission is not the same person turning to AI for something quick and easy.
If you're a digital artist, I think you've just got to wait out the storm or adapt. I honestly don't think AI art is going to be the big deal that most people are crying about. To me, it just seems like a fad; the majority of the people who are using it are normies stylizing their selfies or coomers.

What's more, AI is shit at drawing hands, feet, and, sometimes, faces. Human digital artists still have a good ways before AI poses a genuine threat, if ever. I'm generally pretty luddite about a lot of things for various reasons, but AI doesn't seem like a big bad bogeyman to me. The only real downside it that a lot of the AI compositions are made from works created by real artists, which is a pretty tricky scenario to navigate. I certainly don't want my art to be plagiarized by these machines. I definitely agree with >>1449964 to an extent.

No. 1450032

File: 1671296276536.jpg (88.73 KB, 720x1195, 1671248185852555.jpg)

I advocate for stealing AI "art" on principle. Some particularly deluded proompter code monkeys love to talk to themselves about how they're "replacing" real artists and how they will be able to sell their AI shit. The problem is, he'll still be outdone by someone who can use AI AND can draw.

I think I might raid some AIfag artstation gallery and see if any of that cloying shit can be made into something cool.

No. 1450083

Maybe stealing their AI images is the only way these moids will get it kek

If anyone is willing to spend a little time, create a redbubble account and put various AI images on things to sell, and advertise your shop under the AI tweets or posts. Even if it gets taken down, annoying these losers for a day would be worth it

No. 1450195

This is the best writeup on the AI discourse I've seen. There's a HUGE elephant in the room regarding AI art: it's able to replicate a lot of things because it's feeding from a market that's been hyperproducing material at a fast rate that doesn't vary much at the foundation.

AI has amazing potential as a tool. It could easily be used to source artists, designers, and photographers who opt their collections into the dataset and be paid royalties each time their image gets pulled (and a bonus if their name is used), similar to how Soundcloud pays a royalty each time a song is played. That's just one example.

Unfortunately, with it being released during a high period of ridiculous levels of consumption, this realization may never come.

No. 1450246

I'm a trad and digital artist who's been using AI to make mood boards, ideate a concept, get color pallets. I'm old enough to remember the trad vs digital debate, when there was never really an argument and that digital helps a trad artist set up for large scale pieces, save their artwork digitally, have easier access to printing, and plan out their colors.

This is what I've been telling other artists to start doing. We know how to build on top of the generated spam while making it more than just a basic "fix" with the lasso tool (they bring that up a lot), or a paintover. These AIbros spam by the hour, so there are tons of things you could take for your work. There isn't a damn thing they can do about it. ArtStation, Pixiv, DeviantArt, Twitter. Go there and take the most popular pieces and from the most popular accounts. It won't matter if another artist uses the same base you do, because it won't look the same once you're done with it.
Bonus points if you sell it as a trad piece to remind these bros how flexible artists and their skillsets are.

This is the way.

No. 1450278

i support this idea.

No. 1450429

>These AIbros spam by the hour, so there are tons of things you could take for your work. There isn't a damn thing they can do about it. ArtStation, Pixiv, DeviantArt, Twitter. Go there and take the most popular pieces and from the most popular accounts. It won't matter if another artist uses the same base you do, because it won't look the same once you're done with it.
Bonus points if you sell it as a trad piece to remind these bros how flexible artists and their skillsets are.

This sounds like a great social media art challenge. Take popular AI images posted by techbros and paint over them and claim them as your own work (well it would be) I think this would only make an impact if many people participate with a consistent hashtag.

No. 1450459

File: 1671318072780.jpg (16.7 KB, 256x350, nibru_by_wredwrat_d2bm81t-350t…)

Kek, it would be like the legendary Nibru thread on conceptart.org (too bad it's deleted now, shit was hilarious).

No. 1450485

Was that the dude with the literal donut steel "I don't take commissions" OC that everyone re-drew?

No. 1450562

Yes lmfao

No. 1450631

The (autistic??) struggle of wanting to mindlessly draw my favorite male characters and OCs but also not wanting my art ""career"" to be known for the glorification of an romanticized fictional male that literally does not exist irl

No. 1450767

you should do more research, its not just about AI stealing jobs, its about how unethical it is by infrighting copyright and stealing personal data and how the AI developers are profitting off all of that, plus how scummy it is that every mayor art site is in favour of it and shitting on its users rights and their art despite the negative reception. I recommend you to watch both this vid and the video Proko did with an AI researcher, they are very insightful. The ''AI is going to steal our jobs!!11!'' is just a smoke screen to makes us forget that the database also has all our private photos, illegal images, gore, etc. Also, the same creators also did a music AI but only with copyright free music because they dont want to get sued by music labels, so there is obviously a double standar.

No. 1450791

File: 1671339172015.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20221217_184516_Art…)

Oh, I know about the copyright aspect. It's absolutely disgusting, but unfortunately the art industry doesn't have the same amount of shills music does.

No. 1450793

File: 1671339420218.gif (2 MB, 512x512, 1643881705393.gif)

i think everyone who defends or shrug off AI at this point is either a shill or incredibly ignorant. Less than 6 months ago this was the best the AI could do, its not at ''its limit'' because it has infinite learning material, and it will keep getting better until there is no distinction between something made by a person and by an AI.

No. 1450796

File: 1671339554884.gif (737.45 KB, 512x512, 1643881316966.gif)

here's another one, these are from february btw, when people said the AI was already at its limit. Its learning incredibly fast and by next year it will probably be able to recreate with ease something like the top pixiv images.

No. 1450826

Can the feds get involved when inevitably moids use AI generators to make CP

No. 1450830

Feds likely won't do anything, because every first world country's government needs/wants to get savvy and on top of all sorts of AI generation. Banning it actually puts them at a massive disadvantage to other countries, not an advantage. It's too easy to use it for operations, and they don't want to be vulnerable.
They'll likely clamp down on those individuals who make CP, but they probably won't neuter AI image generation as long as China and other parts of the world are still using it. Certain models have literally rolled back updates or filtered out NSFW content because they realized people would/could far too easily make illegal content.

No. 1450831

not illegal but i remember when the top images of dall-e were all of pajeets making ema watson pregnant art

No. 1450835

AI-generated art is gay and AIDS. I use that shit for color information and textures. It's like looking at clouds for patterns, you have to have a strong enough imagination to even conceive that shit in the first place. 99% of the idiots using it just use it for instant gratification, basically "I type in shit and get art, whee I don't need to try any harder than that."

No. 1450851

File: 1671346468270.jpg (1001.26 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20221217_204729_Art…)

It will always be clockable because AI doesn't understand design or intent, which you can see from the poor outfits and meaningless scenes. There is no way to tag some random swirl on some Korean mmo tier chick in a way that explains why it's there and why it's a specifically (for example) a jacket swirl, not a piece of jewelry on her head. This is why AI designs generally look simultaneously bland and busy, and even plebs will be able to tell that's something's off.

The rendering will improve like what your image shows, but that's all. You can make an argument for AI filling out technical skill gaps, but you still have to be able to draw to produce anything truly competitive with the kind of AAA artwork AI trains from. Also proompters are devoid of taste, so for all their talk about AI unlocking the hidden potential of people who can't draw, all we see is some variant of "big booba anime girl" or "cool ninja cyborg knight vray 4k ultra hd". There's literally nothing else. Their ideas are pleb tier and always will be, because it's generally impossible to have someone with artist quality concepts and absolutely no desire or ability to realize them via artistic skills (unless we're talking artfag who lost their hands in an accident or something). People who don't draw/photograph/direct films simply can't have any sort of skill-locked unique vision because "inspiration" and "creativity" need to be constantly trained and developed. Look at pic related, the AIfag is trying to pull the "use AI and then manually clean it up", but it looks like corny, broken shit because he fundamentally can't draw or design.

Some problems in computer science can absolutely be solved by feeding more data to a ML algorithms, but some will cap out at a certain stage. Autonomous driving is a great example. The AI simply does not fucking understand what it's actually looking at if the context changes, and I can guarantee that autonomous driving image recognition is miles ahead of shit like midjourney lmao. That's why the notion of relying on computer vision alone in that problem was buried a long time ago.

No. 1450856

Shit like that pic is why you don't use anime in your algorithm. Look at that godawful anatomy. But it's too late, it'll never get fixed.

No. 1450859

You don't understand you pajeet exclusionary radical feminist, it really is over for you artfags. True and honest trans-artists with stunning, superior ideas like pregnant furry Emma Watson are no longer held back by their lack of loomis. You are already obsolete.

No. 1450868

Why did the AImoid upturn her nose and turn it into a pig nose kek He also fucked up her teeth and hair, and took the soul out of her eyes. The face the AI was taking from was drawn by a professional while the loser on the right struggles to make ~changes~

And you're right, normies don't have the imagination to create interesting images. If they had a bone of creativity in them, they'd already be drawing or knitting or sculpting.

No. 1450957

You were me until the MS paint part. He was so nitpicky it's like he just wants a base drawing to paint over on.
He's so unbearable that it was like he'd commission people just so he could spam their inbox lol.
>I didn't even retweet it
Been there…

No. 1451085

good luck nona.
I want to reach a good point in my webcomic so I can go on hiatus again. Not much a goal but I hope to actually finish my commission queue from who knows when. I haven't taken any money because I knew I'd be swamped but not like this.
Along with work and comics, I want to have a good balance with my health and art. Like figuring out when to exercise and still feeling productive art-wise.

No. 1451412

Mine would be
>finally finish working through anatomy studies
>solidify my art styles, I have a few
>create an updated portfolio with these new skills
>hopefully get work, whether that's a contract or a gallery or whatever

No. 1451592


this just sounds like major cope. an AI prompter already won an art competition using midjourney.

No. 1451616

A tracer who can't draw a sword won a competition too and had his work sold. So? Shitty art winning competitions or making money isn't new.

No. 1451656


except that it just makes life for actual artists even more difficult.

saying "but it doesn't look good to me" is nonsensical in a world where sakimichan is one of the most popular working artists out there.

saying "it doesn't have artistic sensibilities" doesn't help the artists who have had their work stolen and plagiarized without permission or compensation while the people feeding the AI with licensed works are charging for its use.

the problems with AI aren't imaginary and they're not a lifetime away. they're here right now, in the present.

No. 1451708

You have to remember that drawing like sakimichan by hand is still rare, and very few people can actually do this even though it's pleb tier among artists. She's also very prolific and spammy. AI can actually do what she does (floating overrendered pinups). What's gonna happen to artists like sakimichan and their popularity? Yes, a ML algorithm forgery won now. What's gonna happen when there's more AI spam everywhere and everyone's brains are used to it?

You see, your opinion is that once everything is terminally saturated by midjourney, art will be devalued as a whole. I'm leaning towards the opinion that this will lead people to seek out things AI can't do. AI is impressive at a glance. It gets very old very fast the more you look at it.

It very much reminds me of early trannies on the internet and how everyone was "fooled" by them, but now everyone can clock them the more of them are around. "Visibility" entirely killed the concept of "passing", and the more superficially "convincing" they become, the more uncomfortable and out of place the details appear to look.

No. 1451764


again, you're making it about the future when the problems with it already exist in the present.

people's work has been stolen and others are making money off it literally right now. if this were about 1:1 plagiarism, i doubt you'd be sitting here handwaving it and making excuses for it like you are with AI.

No. 1451844

File: 1671392904397.jpg (1.02 MB, 1920x1859, 20221218_1444_Ai__Artists_.jpg)

I'm not making excuses and I'm 100% in favor of banning artwork from datasets, because it's not getting "inspired", it's literally photobashing with stolen assets. There's no argument for banning this for music (and even coding, funnily enough) but permitting it for art.

All I'm saying is that AI isn't going to take our jerbs, it's just probably going to change which human art is valued more.

No. 1451890

File: 1671395571657.jpg (258.22 KB, 716x724, 20221218_1527_Babydoll_Anchors…)

Because that AImoid has some base level of skill (shit tier in my opinion), but it still miles away from the level of artists AI is photobashing from. That's why his corrections are fucked in terms of both fundamentals and design (lmfao at the crooked pig nose and the obligatory odd laser eyes). Which to me suggests that in order to even utilize AI as a tool effectively, you have to possess a trending on artstation 4k ultra hd™ level of skill to begin with.

This is a proompter that can already sort of draw, mind you. Proompters who can't are absolutely fucked.

No. 1451896

File: 1671395927999.jpg (871.09 KB, 2048x2048, tumblr_34b9cb412d34faccc500ebe…)

This artist is 19 omg. I'm 23 and I am absolute shit
Does anyone have a good practice plan to follow?

No. 1451899

By "practice plan" I mean a weekly schedule. Like 'draw figures Monday, master study Tuesday', etc.
I need to return to job hunting next year and I have a huge senior project to finish so I am picking the absolute worst time to get back into art but I so totally regret wasting these past few years on doing nothing but coasting through university…I wanna draw again nonas pls spoonfeed me

No. 1451906

cool post nona

No. 1451910

>inb4 ai art sperg comes in and rees about how it's totes not photobashing

No. 1451911

You wanting to be spoonfed is part of your problem. If your passion is any deeper than "this kid is better than me and I don't like that" you will find a way. Look at their work and tell me what you like about it. Isolate what you want to improve.

Do you want to learn backgrounds? Go do that. Perspective? Go do that. Character design? You know what to do. Draw draw draw. Going by the example you posted, and not to knock the artist because I'm not familiar with them, they've got a handle on a somewhat interesting perspective but the concept is just "floating rpg fantasy islands with fantasy person gazing at them". There's story for your imagination but this is nothing that you can't achieve. The use of brushes provides texture, and this artist knows how to imply shapes through the grass and island in the bg without getting caught up in detail. The figure is neither here nor there, but they can clearly forgo excessive detail in order to get the whole across.

The colors (imo) are too bright and lack nuance. While there is shadow in the pic it's not executed in a way that implies light cast over the whole image (at least not in a very clear way). The background distance is muddy in it's execution. The light and shadow resembles an overcast day but that seems like more a result of the colors used than something executed on purpose.

I don't mean to bash this artist at all but this work is not particularly amazing. It's nice, but it's nothing you can't do once you understand what you're looking at.

Biggest point though Nona is not to fall into the age trap. You're not old, you're not that much older than this artist, and you have to understand that your age group has SO many resources available for both traditional and digital artists that just weren't around when I was your age, for example. You'll kill your own creative spirit if you play this game with yourself. Draw, stop looking at pretty art online with an envious eye. Instead, figure out what you like and learn to do it.

No. 1451912

anon, this isn't very good. just how bad are you?

No. 1451929

Don't make OP feel even worse, it's good composition, color palette and concept-wise, maybe these are things OP is struggling with?

No. 1451972

Sorry for late reply but I'm curious where you and other nonas find pc98 art? I recently found out about pc98 (I grew up late 90s early 2000s but wasn't into anime at that point/wasn't online much. Feels like I missed out on a lot kek). I really love pc98 and I wish to use it as inspo as well in 2023, but just searching google images doesn't seem to give me a solid variety! Are there any blogs or websites that are dedicated to it?

No. 1451977

It also takes them longer to fix it than it does for us to draw it from scratch. Even just being apt at painting and editing, who wants to play 'hunt the derangements in the picture'?

No. 1451982

Oh he SUCKS, I can see his mediocre ability shine through clearly in the AI image he painted over. No sense of color, flat face, soulless eyes, no purpose or meaning or intent. The only ones who see AI as a "tool" are low level scrotes like this.

No. 1452001

I will just ask /ic/. Thanks nona

No. 1452002

This artist understands how to block in large shapes and how to use a mix of warm and cool colors to indicate light and shadow.

My suggestion would be to do painting (not drawing) studies of photos with different lighting. Studying from photos is great because the hard work of achieving good color has already been done for you by nature. All you have to do is observe.

Watch this video and follow his advice!

No. 1452006

color isn't good in my opinion, the floating land is blendi with the sky too much and the greens are too bright.

No. 1452008

pc98 art is gorgeous but a large portion of the games are hentai or just werid. If that doesn't bother you, here are a few resources.






Here are some resources if you'd like to play the games or just get images. Search the ones you like specifically and youll find more. I recommend playing through some as many have guides and aren't too hard. You'll get the best art and can make screencaps this way.

GL Nona.

No. 1452009

I wouldn't necessarily suggest /ic/ but I hope you get what you're looking for

No. 1452014

File: 1671402641975.jpg (156.59 KB, 1224x893, 20221218_1729_Ai__Artists_.jpg)

Unrelated, but seething /ic/ moids trying to redefine pajeetry or shilling for pajeetry as "female behavior" will never not be funny. You don't even need to write an algorithm to predict when an upset front pole is going to project onto mommy, you just know it's guaranteed to happen.

Also ngl, watching male artstation fags (who, like all moids, no doubt unknowingly fap at revenge porn or CP in their pornhub coom sessions or even directly reference it for their pleb pinups) screeching "I DO NOT CONSENT! THIEVERY! DELET THIS! EXPECT LOLSUIT" is giving me a hearty kek.

No. 1452026

nta but do you mean the unpopular opinions thread? because they were actually correct, its not photobashing and thats part of why feds won't ever do shit. still theft tho

No. 1452030

why censor their names even? they chose to say those things publicly

No. 1452034

/ic/ will unironically just tell you you're too old and it's over

No. 1452059

File: 1671405347601.jpg (774.07 KB, 1920x1920, 20221218_1813_Ai__Artists_.jpg)

>not photobashing
>is littered with clipped signatures and watermarks
>you can find actually identifiable, pixel to pixel copypasted regions in some AI work

No. 1452061

Probably some artstation janny policy.

No. 1452073

Good advice.

No. 1452085

the problem is those arent actual signatures, they're random scribbles approximated because it doesn't know what it's even doing, just that having writing in the image is what the model prescribes. all of it is random shit guided by someone's prompts and whatever model it's running on.
>you can find actually identifiable, pixel to pixel copypasted regions in some AI work
i've never seen this, link? though i have seen AI "artists" do this on their own to try and improve their deformed generated pics or try to "fix" real art with it using inpainting etc, the AI doesn't do it automatically

No. 1452133

man i fucking hate my lineart, I don't know what i'm doing wrong. Im trying to get into clip studio, I've been experimenting with different brushes and such all week. Downloading different ones to try them out and I hate my lineart. It just looks so sloppy or weird? I've been watching videos too and I don't know what else to do.

No. 1452135

Try messing around with the stabilizer on top of trying different brushes. The stabilizer has helped me a lot in gaining confidence with my lineart.

No. 1452148

I have been messing with the stabilizer a lot since I use a mouse, but it still just looks so messy and inconsistent. I feel like I didn't have this problem with paint programs in the past like mypaint. Maybe I just need more practice. Thank you though

No. 1452152

Damn, you're a real one for using a mouse. Kudos, nona. I hope you're able to find a way to help your lineart.

No. 1452156

Lmao thank you nonnie, the power of being a poorfag!!!

No. 1452189

They are signatures and those mangled writings resembling Alamy and Getty logos are in fact Alamy and Getty logos. It only looks "very approximated" because it's being photobashed from a million images simultaneously instead of 5-10. The sheer amount of data that's being stolen from is what creates the impression of learning and reinterpreting, but it's not what's happening at all.
Have you tried proper vector graphics nona? It's a lot more mouse friendly.

No. 1452206

> I use a mouse
Mental illness

No. 1452261


My lineart only improved when I practiced with a dip pen and ink on paper, or even multiliners. Then again every time I want to do a study or improve on any area of technique, I start out with traditional media. The stabilizers and vectors can only take you but so far. If you're using a mouse this might not be as applicable, but it's something to think about.

No. 1452264

the process of making a model in itself doesn't work that way, there are tutorials but my connection's too crap rn to link.

No. 1452326

Of course your lineart sucks, you're using a mouse. Invest in a cheap tablet, you can get one for less tha $50 these days. Not only are you damaging your wrists, you are making things unnecessarily harder for yourself. It's not something honorable, it's just stupid.

If you can't afford a tablet, draw traditionally with a pen to practice inking.

No. 1453001

ay dios mio i'm not trying to be honorable I just can't afford it right now and was hoping there would be some good tips. in art you always hear it's not what you have but how you use it so I didn't want to make excuses
still interesting and good to know! thank you for the advice

No. 1453023

Can i have yalls opinion on corel painter and if its any good?

No. 1453130

I used a mouse once for a digital assignment because I had to do it at home where I didn't have a pad. The lines may be very uniform bc mouse can't use pressure sensitivity, is that why yours looks shit? It's why mine did at first, so to add visual variety in a different way I used thick line weights for large shapes and thin for details. I also used cel shading which favours uniform lines. Does any of that help?

No. 1453370

this is a shit tier critic, the drawing is good

No. 1453382

File: 1671495096695.png (40.99 KB, 640x394, PhotoGenic_03.png)

There are also large collections on e-hentai, so if you find one you really like i recommend searching it there to find the rest of the game CGs. There are also a bunch of ps1 VNs with the same style.

No. 1454386

>2023 goals
Website finished, shop opened, build a collection of work and add it to my portfolio/shop

No. 1454617

File: 1671904585774.webm (19.36 MB, 1920x1080, Нейросети против художников.we…)

No. 1454661

Nice pedo bait art dumbass
Doesn't change the fact you can't draw a stickman KEK

No. 1454724

I hate that since the Chainsaw Man anime started like 80% of the series’ fanart has become rehashed references to other shit. Draw something interesting FFS

No. 1454943

Does anyone know how Mastodon works and if it's good for posting art?

No. 1455065

Not worth it. It’s a containment center for lolishota art and a whole lot of degen

No. 1455096

>humanity gets the ability to use AI to generate anything
>moids use it to draw child porn
This is why we cant have anything nice

No. 1455103

It’s so bad I’m surprised Pixiv hasn’t started banning AI accounts. There are guys posting hundreds of shitty AI images for their fetishes and almost all of them are porn transformation progressions

No. 1455482

hey nonnies mousefag here guess what my boyfriend got me for Christmas kek

No. 1455598

The fact you approve of AI because it will replace artist you personally disapprove of is concerning, specially your glee over dating sim artists losing their jobs because their art goes against your radfem ideology or something (most of the artists for this kind of shit are women).
Everyone deserves to be rewarded for their years of training no matter if you find it generic shit like sakimichan or wlop. AI is going after concept artists too, not just anime and coom, just anything that is very trendy and sells and thus there are many artists posting those genres of works online that the AI can steal from. If we all move on to do something else the AI will start to learn how to replicate that "else".
Again AI is only great at generic concept art, rendered gravure anime and semirealism because this is what plagues the internet the most, so it has more data to borrow from.

No. 1455666

Drawing anime girls isn’t real art unless you stylize it to the point where it is no longer strictly “anime.” It’s the most ephemeral “art” of all time. Become art historically literate and stop being so satisfied with your slop, imo. Talking about “drawing for yourself” is the same excuse as people who watch the lowest common denominator TV shows all day and shout “I like what I like” and “let people enjoy things.” Go have an actual aesthetic experience!

No. 1455820

Ok, it’s not real art. No one cares.

No. 1456955

File: 1672263086597.jpg (64.09 KB, 828x505, FkZbU_nXoAcKHEL.jpg)


No. 1456959

The guy from the AI art looks high as fuck.

No. 1456965

is that chadshua moon

No. 1456966

people who say this are salty because they cant anime

No. 1456972

they are both soulless

No. 1457071

Except "drawing for yourself" is actually not a very fulfilling goal if you explore it to its limits. The symbols available to you are no longer just religious icons, and drawing materials are now widely available, but what is the use of "drawing for yourself" if you're stuck mindlessly drawing corporate coom mascots and fujoshit? Sure, it's gratification, but the average anime artist will never know the mind-expanding and mystical sides of art making. It's true freedom.

No. 1457104

the old masters were just drawing bible fanart

No. 1457105

i paint as a hobby and "paint for myself" (though i come across commissions occasionally) and i find it extremely fulfilling, but then again i love delving into art history and try to base my style on my favorite masters, and pick subjects of intense meaning to me (family, friends, etc) and try to make that come across in my work. i agree that these chronically online ipad kids who just draw their deviantart OCs with no sense of improvement or anatomy or skill or aesthetics cannot truly be fulfilled by it because they have no commitment to bettering their craft, but i think it is possible to take art seriously and improve just for your own enjoyment

No. 1457130

nothing more mystical and mind-expanding than being able to put the images and feelings in your head on the paper, even if for other people it would look completely mundane

No. 1457152

Yeah except this corporate blob art is not considered art by anyone and has been widely derided for years. Also it's vectors, not paintings, generally used for website design and scalable ads; nobody thinks it's art including the people who made it.
And the ai art is sourced from real skilled working artists (muh trending on artstation) creating concepts on commission.
So they are both commissions but for different purposes and clientele.
The wierdest thing how ai bros shit themselves over remixed art while deriding the artists who painted it, reminds me of how moids shit on women despite desperately wanting a woman to love them kek. I'm pretty sure the venn diagram of ai bros shitting on artists and men who say women are all hoes who hit the wall at 30 is a circle

No. 1457257

Anon did you come out of a time machine from the 1600s kek

No. 1457932

I want to try procreate pocket but is it worth 5$?

No. 1457989

File: 1672365361095.jpg (139.16 KB, 905x888, Wacom.jpg)

I have been using a Wacom tablet for almost 10 years now and I don't know if I can justify sinking £1000 + into an ipad pro. Does anyone know if its worth buying? From what I can tell they've kind of cornered the market but at the same time… 1k?? Ahhh

No. 1458052

does anyone use canvas pads/paper for oil painting? i want to get one to use for practice exercises but am unsure of which brands are good/don't buckle

No. 1458053

If it's not broke why fix it? Is there stuff that you could only do with an ipad? Would you take advantage of the portability or use it for other things? Don't just fall for hype.

No. 1458077

I wouldn't recommend paper I only ever used canvas.

No. 1458087

The iPad is portable in a way my tablet isn’t. I use procreate in place of photoshop and Manga studio 5. If you’re willing to adapt and work around the tools and play with brushes procreate isn’t bad. There’s another one I forget the name of that functions like a free SAI on the iPad too.
It’s not exceptionally good. Unless you have a reason to change I wouldn’t get it unless you can use it for more than just drawing and have other reasons.

No. 1458102

Canson Graduate Oil was fine for me so far, even after thick layers of paint.

No. 1458235

The only artists I’ve ever seen say stuff like this are ones with no understanding of lighting, anatomy, perspective, composition, color theory, character design, etc and need some sort of cope so they can feel better about their art.

No. 1458238

The Wacom is broken.
Thanks for the suggestions, I'll watch some tutorials today and see if it looks useful. Probability is a huge pro too.

No. 1458252

Congrats mouse noona . Which tablet did he get you?

No. 1458253

I do but you have to prep them before hand . Would recommend if you want to be experimental. Canson has some good ones

No. 1458277

Can you try it in the mall?
I went to a mall yestrtday and admittedly i enjoyed Samsung tablets pencil feel a lot more than iPad. The hype around iPads makes me feel as if I am guilty and SHOULD know that somehow they are better than iPad. Samsung also had CSP installed there whilist with iPad i had to try their ProCreate app the interface of which i didnt like too much. Maybe theres something wrong with me idk.

No. 1458284

does acrylic gesso work fine to prep? i use that to prep my wood boards normally

No. 1458330

thank you! he got me an xp-pen 15.6 pro. works great and i'm having fun with it. the difference is insane

No. 1458557

I was watching this video by Marc Brunet on the steps you would take to improve your art. The first thing he talks about is clearly establishing a concrete long-term goal to keep yourself motivated as you undertake your art journey. This is easy to think about if your goal is to make a career out of art but what goal would you do if you're simply a hobby artist? I know I want to make pretty illustrations and fanart but I feel like that is not so concrete of a goal as say, working at a certain studio or creating your own comic book. My art motivation at the moment is kinda vague and it leaves me feeling like what's the point every time I encounter a hurdle in my studies.

No. 1458561

Do you have an artist you look up to? You could always pick an artist you like with the goal of getting as good as them. You don't have to copy their style or anything but maybe they draw backgrounds or character interactions in a way you like.

No. 1458574

I have this idea to make an illustrated fic in the format of a short book/zine kind of thing, but I'm not sure how to post it online? I have an Issuu account, but you can only post for free twice a year, it's really shitty to read on mobile and has tons of annoying ads. I suppose I could just post spread by spread online

No. 1458578

Why not get a Samsung for half of the price? It doesn't have procreate, but CSP and Infinite Painter are pretty good.

No. 1458700

Vouching this. Love my S6. I think the S7 uses the newer pen so it should have a better feel. If not, you have lots of options.

No. 1458889

Do you have an image in your head that you want to get good enough to draw?
I have a whole list of ideas of how I want to draw my husbandos and it's just a matter of getting good enough to do them justice.

No. 1458946

File: 1672462856319.jpg (49.08 KB, 448x324, bear shy.jpg)

nonnies what is the best resource to learn how to draw muslces? i want to draw hajime no ippo yaoi

No. 1458955

Ooh which pairing?

No. 1458957

File: 1672465091821.jpg (56.46 KB, 540x596, 1670019551101.jpg)

miyata and ippo or ippo and takamura. I would like to draw pov femdom too, since there isnt much of it.

No. 1458967

Search up how to or artbook with muscle on e-hentai, there's a lot of books.
Also Anatomy for Sculptors or just looking at real life reference.

No. 1458969

File: 1672466139738.jpg (101.65 KB, 805x976, 20220319_205921.jpg)

Good taste anon. May I suggest ippo + alexander and ippo+ Sendo? May I ask for you to grace my eyes at some point with these?

No. 1458982

There's a Japanese website just for photos of muscular Japanese dudes to be used as art reference. I forgot the address

No. 1458987

egg cat

No. 1459810

If you haven't seen his stuff already, Proko's anatomy course isn't bad. I started following it recently. His premium resources like ebooks can be found for free online too if you're broke like me.

No. 1460229

File: 1672600475386.png (748.01 KB, 1017x989, 16.png)

Are people really getting suicidal over AI art ?

No. 1460251

Some of these sound ridiculously fake to the point of parody. I wouldn't be surprised if most are made by the same person with alts. Reminds me of the larp threads schizo AI shitters make on /ic/.

No. 1460294

Probably. Most artists can't or don't want to produce what AI art can. If every normies can produce art in five minutes with godly rendering, then it's over for the average artist if they don't care about artistry. And let's be honest, the average artist isn't that skilled.

No. 1460297

I mean the only people I feel that can get "hurt" by this are porn and furry artists,

No. 1460328

A shit ton of artists have art related jobs but they can't do what they truly want. Their cope is doing art on the side and most of the time, it's enjoyed by normies. Most of it happens offline, so no porn or furries. If the normies start not giving a shit, it's going to be difficult. That's why they are depressed. They are afraid of only being left with a creative but shitty job.

No. 1460336

File: 1672608909163.jpg (49.35 KB, 890x632, 65864c9b-0372-4a2d-993e-d8c8d3…)

I've no experience with taking commissions, but does anyone know if there is something like skeb, a commission platform, or a good place to start taking requests?
Would love to maybe take a couple of requests when I can't think of what to draw myself.

No. 1460349


No. 1460360

totally forgot that fiverr exists, thanks.
I'll see if I can find someone on there with a similar skill level/style to compare pricings and such

No. 1460506

File: 1672617735466.png (1.8 MB, 1619x2048, ROB.png)

Silly artists, no average joe would subject themselves to adjusting art for CMYK printers, mass ordering prints, mass ordering acrylic charms, and regularly going to the post office to send out mail just because their computer did a third of the work for them.

No. 1460604

There is a site called artistsnclients, it has a smaller userbase but you're more likely to be noticed when you put up a new slot. They basically handle the transaction for you so neither side can get scammed, but they take a cut of the profit.

No. 1460749

Will m00kie ever stop kinning that guy from haikyu and giving him inflated lips, heavy makeup and wide hips? Can't she just make an oc?

No. 1460767

In the middle top post, OP saying their friend is selling AI art prints for $400…? There is no way that is real, who on earth would pay that price for some AI art kek

No. 1460774

me and a friend were for a while, i dont think its uncommon or weird. The world is changing way too fast to keep up, it's becoming dystopian.

No. 1460775

That's just wrong, a lot of basic gamedev assets are already able to be AI generated so anyone who does that is soon to be out of a job because we all know that indies will say it's too expensive and big companies will love the lack of money they need to spend on artists.

The average artist is going to have to rely on people just really wanting art of their OCs for the most part. Normies don't care if something is AI or not.

No. 1460792

>a lot of basic gamedev assets are already able to be AI generated
Like what? game has to look unique to stand out and sell when there's so many devs on the market right now. Ai could be only helpful in the pre-alpha stages of development, just as a placeholder, can't imagine anyone achieving success with generic ai amalgamations though

No. 1460810

you say this but most AAA studio games look worse than AI

No. 1460816

No normies is going to do it but someone who wants the money is going to. AI isn't going to do everything but slowly everyone is going to use it and it will become more and more automated. That's why everyone is depressed.

No. 1460828

No wonder artists are worried if consumers are as blind as you lol

No. 1460832

look at cyberpunk 2077 and tell me it doesnt look like something an AI shit out, it looks generic as shit

No. 1460835

Pure delusion

No. 1460840

Being generic doesn't mean it looks ai generated lol. Ai art is literally so clockable

No. 1460926

Games don't use low-res 2D illustrations. Even the most basic baby's first visual novel will need scalable assets with transparency and different layers.
As someone who's in the indie game scene, I can tell you the only AI-generated indie games I've seen so far are the ugliest, clunkiest coomer visual novels that no one will actually buy, or games that switch to commissioning a real artist mid-development because the AI assets aren't actually scalable/technically usable.
Literally the only job AI could replace in gamedev is concept artists. That's a tiny portion of what game artists can go into and it's been oversatured for years anyway.
That's not even considering AI art can't be copyrighted. No studio would want to use assets anyone else can take and use freely.

No. 1461025

Ngl, I see a few people probably becoming suicidal. AI programs can now rig automatically using sound waves on some basic level outside of high quality Disney type only tech. A lot of people's livelihoods will be taken due to concept arts and other basics being able to be funneled through AI and it'll get worse in a few years. Specific will still exist through commission work, but if you think artists are paid bad now, just you wait.

No. 1461102

File: 1672686798944.gif (327.82 KB, 220x186, 1669361111916.gif)

How do i stop caring about how much attention and likes i get on my drawings? I'm a hobbyist so that shouldn't matter but i still can't stop obsessing over numbers, i'm in need of constant validation because of my low self esteem. I genuinely can't stop, the moment i see that the art i posted got no attention i get so sad and frustrated and i feel like i'm not achieving anything. Some nonna here more mature than me send help i just wanna not care.

No. 1461107

something that has helped me is movimg away from traditional artist social media platforms like ig, because i felt like a failure for not leaning more into the social side of things. i now only post my art online in one place, this really niche forum where I have my own art thread– that way, some people are still able to see my work and comment on it which always feels nice, but I feel a lot more comfortable knowing that it's usually only me seeing it. that way I can focus more on improving.
it's really hard not to hyperfixate on the amount of attention your art is getting, I know the struggle too well, but social media definitely is a large part of the problem. but good luck nonny I believe in you!!

No. 1461111

samefag but also contributing to the lolcow community boards has also weirdly helped me feel better about my art/not care so much about external validation!!

No. 1461146

It’s not just you nonny, I think every artists, hobbyist or not, get fixated on the numbers. I generally don’t find myself caring for numbers but once and a while I’ll catch myself obsessing over it. I blame the format of websites conditioning us to obsess over the “success” of our works

No. 1461247


No. 1461260

>social media definitely is a large part of the problem
I agree with this, i think social media is frying my brain, maybe a break can help me calm down.
Thanks for the advice nonna ill see what i can do, good luck with anything you want to achieve in 2023 aswell!

I think the internet would be better if likes and number of views weren't public on social media.

No. 1461269

>better if likes and number of views weren't public on social media
Why isn't that an option to disable?

No. 1461281

>contributing to the lolcow community boards has also weirdly helped me feel better about my art/not care so much about external validation
Because you're participating on an actual community who is retroactive, unlike whatever bullshit Instagram is trying to sell, which is addiction disguised as social interaction

No. 1461415

I have an add-on that hides all my numbers and it honestly just makes me way less stressed not to even see that stuff

No. 1461442

What's the addon?

No. 1461561

Twitter demetricator

No. 1461719

The only place I know this is possible is tumblr. I don’t mind that it’s tumblr, although I know some might. But it seems like most people get less engagement there than on other sites with heavier traffic.

No. 1461721

I’ve seen a lot more people using ko-fi for them recently. I think you can set up part of it specifically for commissions. I purchased one from someone through it and it went smoothly.

No. 1461914

No. 1461920

Oh wow, thank you for this. I've been using this beefcake blogspot all this time, lol.

No. 1461942

Is it cringy to give one of my OCs my appearance? She's not meant to be a self insert, I just have an outfit that looks great for her and a similar haircut would fit her too.

No. 1461944

no not cringe

No. 1462026

Cringe? Yes. Why should you care what's cringe, though? Plenty of creators have applied their own likenesses to their characters in varying degrees since time immemorial.

No. 1462512

>>1461942 I like giving my OCs alternate versions of my favourite outfits. I think we can't help but (consciously or subconsciously) insert a fraction of ourselves in any form to our OCs.

No. 1463207

It's better than me accidentally cutting my hair and buying the same vest i put on my oc

No. 1463439

Not at all. OC-sonas exist.

No. 1463570

File: 1672890375079.jpg (58.8 KB, 512x512, Si2fpby.jpg)

Sorry for the animu but I'd like a bit of critique on my work? I'm trying to get better at drawing anime/cartoonishly. This was just a practice sketch that I did in pencil so I won't post it anywhere else
Sorry for the weird crop/low-res I took this on my crappy old phone kek

No. 1463579

File: 1672891415685.jpg (205.06 KB, 800x1108, buddha-1648127.jpg)

Hell Osamu Tezuka would just throw himself into his comics.

No. 1463580

Drawing anime will not help you get better as an artist, period. Practice drawing from real life.

No. 1463582

I like the shading on the face. There's not really any singular anime style so it depends on what you're going for, but the proportions seem a bit off. In my opinion, the head should be a bit broader and the face and nose a little less long, so that the eyes are closer to the tip of the nose.
Then you have a typical anime boy but like the other anon said, if your aim is to get better at drawing in general/anything else, anime won't help your progress much.

No. 1463585

So should everyone just not draw cartoons? It's not just about "drawing from real life". I don't mean to be defensive or anything I just wanted to try practicing a different art style
Thanks for the feedback. It's supposed to be Light Yagami from Death Note. I probably should've mentioned that in the original post

No. 1463589

Nta but no one said you cannot draw in a styled way, just that to improve you need to practice fundamentals which includes drawing from real life people. If you dont study irl objects, people, animals you wont understand how to properly make them and in the long run will keep making the same mistakes then wondering why everything looks so off. You must break away from your ego and accept that things will look terrible before it gets better. That is why art improvement is more like a line going progressively up but not in a straight line.

No. 1463616

I see what you mean. I'd just also prefer specific critiques for my sketch so that I know what to work on

No. 1463618

What do you guys think is an appropriate price for a (digital) five-page colored comic commission slot? Not too cheap but not too expensive either to the point of scaring potential clients. Like in US dollars anyway.

No. 1463717

The light source isn't super clear to me and doesn't feel like it's properly showing form. I would use reference even for stylized things.

The nose seems a touch long

No. 1463718

200 a page

No. 1463745

So Twisted Disaster made a summary video of how 2022 was for her.

>Lots of Family emergencies. Her father needed surgery for appendicitis that had complications.

>Pissed off at hospital for not telling her and her family sooner about what was wrong with her father for 4-12 hours.

>Father in law had a stroke, heart attack, a blood clot found in his brain, brain aneurysm, Covid, and RSV. Almost died but thankfully survived and is in physical therapy

>Again pissed off at hospital for not operating on him sooner and her and her a husband got a night nurse fired who supposedly neglected her father-in-law during the night who refused to clean his poop-filled mess (he's special needs) She says she has video footage of this but can't post it.

>One of her in-laws relatives passed away from a heart attack and the hospital was responsible for it for not seeing him sooner (her words)

>Mentions her breast cancer scare that she mentioned in a previous video (and does this in the most annoying way)

> Says she caught Covid twice. Also got a few colds (I feel like her being a borderline hermit has really weakened her immune system, she gets sick a lot it.)

>Went and visited her friends during summer (even though she admitted that it wasn't the best decision financially though she said that in a stream)

>Is upset that her YouTube views have been low and that she has been making next to no income from YT adsense and how it has killed her motivation to upload content.

>Mentions how she's annoyed that people say she complains about money troubles a lot and she says that she makes "decent" enough money (Which if that were true, she wouldn't be complaining then now would she? I feel like she's in denial of her financial situation…)

>Complains about how annoyed she feels that the only way her videos will get views is if she talks about dark subject matter and/or drama, clickbait, or uploading daily to get views (You don't have to upload every single day, most art YouTubers don't do that and still manage to be okay)

>Thinks there's a conspiracy against her that every time she hits 50k subscribers, they magically disappear. (I don't know much about YouTube technicalities but I feel like maybe she's losing subs because she barely uploads content.)
>She keeps reiterating and having to remind the viewer that it's not just her having these YouTube problems (The only friends I'm aware of hers are Holly Brown and Starheavenly and both of them have been largely inactive so I mean…. What do you expect?) Says it's "a lot" of YouTubers she follows are complaining about this stuff and I'm confused as to who these "lot" are.

>Pretty much says she's gonna be posting to Twitch more because she feels she gets more views and subs there instead of YouTube (I have thoughts on this…)

>Feels the need to say that YouTube is not notifying people when she uploads (I can't help but feel this is bullshit, all of the people I'm subbed to I get notifications for so what BS is she on abut?)

>Has plans to continue YouTube but just not a lot. Again upset that YT views/subs have been low yet on Twitch, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram have been better for her.

>The whole time through the video you get to see her art drawing process as per usual and see her whack ass way of drawing faces.

No. 1463746

I don't wanna come down too hard on her, I totally understand her frustration towards the hospital situations since those kind of circumstances are truly awful to go through, especially when it's family.

But one thing I hate about how she explains awful circumstances like when she was talking about her breast cancer scare is how she stupidly makes it out like it's quirky to not want to have things like breast cancer or negative hospital-related situations. Like bitch stop, no woman wants to have breast cancer, no person wants to have a loved one in the hospital. She just does this a lot and it's so fucking retarded and I get that she's more than likely trying to be "UWU sarcastic" but she overdoes it and it becomes more obnoxious than endearing.

Her complaints about YouTube, I don't get how she doesn't see that the reason why her channel's viewership has been down is because she hasn't been active. And the videos she does put out, she doesn't edit the audio leaving long pauses in between secti