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File: 1706659252385.png (445.08 KB, 618x486, 1706312992999.png)

No. 1961046

>Admin note:
>Please remember this thread is not to discuss general grievances and phenomena of the trans "community". >Only post here if you're talking about specific trans cows and are able to provide screenshots of their behavior.
>Generalized vents don't belong here, nor do your personal experiences. Use the appropriate threads on our off-topic boards for this.

News sites/Studies:
https://committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/18973/pdf/ (TiM violent crime stats)
https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0016885#pone.0016885.s002 (relation between committing a violent sexual crime and srs)

Gender Critical Writings and Websites:
https://www.chimamanda.com/ (Writings of Chimamanda Ngozi, a Nigerian gender critical feminist)
https://www.jkrowling.com/opinions/j-k-rowling-writes-about-her-reasons-for-speaking-out-on-sex-and-gender-issues/ (JK Rowling's essay)

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cOANC_ykPxL_TZGnkxZCb4HNc-2tvfuK (vile comments made by TRAs)
https://odysee.com/@Skirt_Go_Spinny:7 (documentaries about TiMs and Trans activism)
https://web.archive.org/web/20231021212912/https://www.tumblr.com/chlorinatedpopsicle/654101574490161152/new-and-improved-not-our-crimes-this-never (Violent crimes by TiMs)

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No. 1961050

File: 1706659694067.jpeg (256.86 KB, 828x613, IMG_0221.jpeg)

is he having a fucking stroke?

No. 1961054

>Idk if it's really that or something else
lmao go ask a fucking doctor. I wonder how many troons have died from being this stupid

No. 1961057

>burning hot, heartbeat loud, dissociating
Dude you’re having a seizure don’t call an ambulance though(sage your shit)

No. 1961068

You just know he's imagining himself as a blushing animu girl in heat

No. 1961077

He's having a heart attack

No. 1961086

File: 1706665526138.jpeg (160.38 KB, 828x387, IMG_0222.jpeg)

reality is hard to ignore but these troons do it anyways

No. 1961090

There's a level of self-awareness there, no? He knows he's a man despite his mental disabilities.

No. 1961102

File: 1706669240554.mp4 (1.04 MB, 320x180, yuck.mp4)

This guy is now the manager of a uk women's soccer team by the way

No. 1961103

File: 1706669375213.png (424.88 KB, 637x845, GFF1KgkWQAAACD-.png)

No. 1961104

File: 1706669679563.png (71.46 KB, 754x606, tranny.png)

why's this tranny such a lying sack of shit?

No. 1961105

Kek his arguments reliance on secondary sex characteristics. What about the primary ones buddy?

No. 1961110

File: 1706670744468.jpg (605.37 KB, 1080x1284, 1000028972.jpg)

No. 1961111

dear god spoiler this

No. 1961114

and being obviously wrong on top of that

No. 1961123

Kekkk why is the top of his hair blurry? Did he try to photoshop it? Imagine not thinking about photoshopping his ugly mug

No. 1961132

I'd say a combo of filtering thinning, and white roots from the bleach developing faster due to the body heat of his scalp and being too fucking retarded and male-brained to understand that he needs to watch a tutorial if he doesn't want to look like a crackhead who sucks off bus drivers behind the dumpsters of a Wendy's.

No. 1961133

I don't think he has a choice in looking like a crackhead or not. If it walks like a duck…

No. 1961137

This one feels like a cluster b who went to the Luna Slater School of Attention-Seeking

That red eyeliner

No. 1961145

Klaus Kinski is still alive and he trooned out??(shitpost without sage)

No. 1961168

File: 1706697149685.jpg (282.98 KB, 394x391, last neanderthal.jpg)

No. 1961172

File: 1706698985933.png (484.75 KB, 509x486, goblin.png)

No. 1961194

He looks like a bulkier Gerard Way

No. 1961204

>our endocrine system is the driver of our biological variances
and literally every other bodily function, your metabolism, your stress levels, every damn biological process, do these retards think that T and E exist just to make women have boobs and men have penises? do they think the endocrine system evolved over millennia just to spite them in the year 2024? both men and women need these hormones to encourage and inhibit bone growth, having less testosterone than the average women isn't a flex, just means you're a terribly ill man.

No. 1961209

File: 1706709781229.png (258.78 KB, 393x512, nick.png)

this is the man who presumably is welcome in the woman's locker rooms after training, and gets to profit off the destruction of women's sport.

No. 1961219

File: 1706712873124.jpeg (377.19 KB, 828x774, IMG_0229.jpeg)

tranny with a lactation fetish and no understanding of female biology, many such cases

No. 1961220

Why do so many of them have lactation fetishes

No. 1961222

hentai perhaps. this is also evidence of agp/degenerate behavior in HSTS troons

No. 1961223

File: 1706713777679.jpg (42.72 KB, 896x538, img01.JPG)

At this point looking at the r/mtf sub feels like cheating because you can't scroll for 10 seconds without seeing something weird. Picrel is from the same sub. TIMs try not to bring up sexual topics when children are mentioned challenge.

No. 1961225

r/mtf really is flooding in milk kek. what is the commenter even saying here though? do I want to know?

No. 1961234


same here. ESL so idk what sweater puppies mean but with kids in context this is giving me really bad vibes. why are male troons allowed near children anyway

No. 1961236

Sweater puppies means a woman's breasts.

No. 1961246

>I could feel my breast glands
Totally something normal women say, am I right, anons?

No. 1961247

I do believe it's a combination of moids' mommy issues and retardedly seeing it as the "female equivalent" of ejaculation (white stuff coming out of hole(s)? Must be a sign of arousal!!)

No. 1961253

>I have more estrogen than the women who disagree with me!1!
Such a moid talking point. He's basically taking the typical moid insults of calling someone low-T or a soyboy, but gender-reversing it as if women compare each other on the bases of hormones like that. It's obvious that he's unaware of a basic biological fact about women: our estrogen levels fluctuate throughout the month as part of the menstrual cycle. It isn't like testosterone, which declines on a long-term basis as men age. That's why "low E" is not an insult among women.

Sex determination is based on the gametes your body is set up to produce. If you were born with a penis and testes, you were built to produce small gametes and are therefore male. Exogenous hormones don't change the type of gametes your body produces, it just renders you infertile.

No. 1961255

it’s actually so fucking funny like where the hell are they getting this strange fantasy of ejaculating titties from kek if anything randomly came out of my tit I would lose my shit and think that I was dying of breast cancer

No. 1961257

Same logic applies to "squirting." Men think the orgasm equals expelling something, so they decided that when women urinate during sex it's "ejaculating."(derailing)

No. 1961259

this is not nearly on the same level though

No. 1961266

>where the hell are they getting this strange fantasy of ejaculating titties from

Hentai, where else?

No. 1961276

Some medication like risperidone makes you produce liquid from your nipples but if these troons are "lactating" without medication then it might be breast cancer (yes, men can have breast cancer too)

No. 1961302

File: 1706731058738.png (60.72 KB, 969x561, barf.PNG)

op is a tranny that got clocked

as always, men won't miss an opportunity to dehumanize female anatomy

No. 1961303

cope seethe and dilate kek

No. 1961304

And they accuse US of being genital fetishists

No. 1961310

File: 1706732633748.mp4 (1.82 MB, 640x360, 5uHOKDL7YDw0gUNW.mp4)

Jodie Foster and her wife Jodie Foster praising and making a movie about Alok "little girls can be kinky" Vaid-Menon

No. 1961312

the full interview

No. 1961322

This dude is not that special. Why are people constantly fawning over him? He's never accomplished anything worthwhile. OH wow, you wrote creepy poetry and look like a greasy sasquatch with terrible makeup, here's a movie deal. So stunning and brave.

No. 1961325

He's essentially saying, "yeah, I've been doing my own babysitting, caring for and watching over my developing 'breasts'."

No. 1961327

File: 1706737823819.jpeg (269.16 KB, 1830x2048, F4s_NTsawAI1_nO.jpeg)

Reminder of who this scrote is for anyone that needs it.
Seriously wtf has he done that warrants a movie? There are plenty of attention seeking peados out there, that's become abundantly clear.

No. 1961333

It's not surprising that she's working with him. She did work with Roman Polansky. Hollywood hags like her are okay with pedophilia.

No. 1961335

This is while I have sympathy for women in Hollywood, I don't "look up" to any of them. It's one of the big reasons I dislike Amber Heard stans, like she went through shit but let's stop pretending she isn't kinda of a shitty person as well.(derailing)

No. 1961361

Most lesbian porn is made for men, so

No. 1961362

Crazy how todays world is just the real life darker version of those zany 90s comedies, like dad/disgraced coach finds a second chance by pretending to be a woman and coaching women's sports, except those usually had a wholesome ending and everyone learns a valuable life lesson.

No. 1961363

Can we go back to being gone?

No. 1961364

Not to mention, I though men didn’t have actual breast glands.

No. 1961365

Can they EVER not be misogynistic?

No. 1961366

ok so give birth

No. 1961368

Sick burn. Well played, anon.

No. 1961371

File: 1706750561855.jpg (408.79 KB, 1290x1824, GFMUT9TagAAgPPP.jpg)

He looks like the kind of gremlin that would do this.

No. 1961373

Is that one of those institutional doors?

No. 1961391

File: 1706757096162.jpeg (1.87 MB, 1179x2046, IMG_0260.jpeg)

I’m sure he does. Self-loathing personified.

No. 1961396

Every time

No. 1961397

It makes sense considering how men fetishize redhead women and male gingers are considered low caste among incelish types

No. 1961412

File: 1706764288303.jpeg (750.48 KB, 828x1265, IMG_0239.jpeg)

>reeee estrogen obviously makes you female!!!

No. 1961417

File: 1706765012708.jpeg (Spoiler Image,504.98 KB, 750x1048, IMG_4738.jpeg)

kill it with fire

No. 1961423

File: 1706765727598.jpeg (22.06 KB, 332x317, 1706764288303.jpeg)

His torso is literally a face kek.

No. 1961426

Kinda looks like Homer's face

No. 1961433

File: 1706768398065.jpeg (697.08 KB, 831x792, itsbadkek.jpeg)

No. 1961436

sage for nonmilk but does seeing troons with your name peak anybody else a little extra? Ive been seeing an influx of troons using the same name I have and it makes me so much more uncomfortable and angry than other troon nonsense that should be even more obscene and offensive to me. Like id rather look at a dirty mirror selfie of one in shitty lingerie than see a troon using my name.(blog)

No. 1961479

>>1961436 I've been running into it more and more and it makes my skin crawl lol. I have a pretty common/boring name so I guess they're finally realising generic 90s names like Ashley, Emily, Jessica, Sarah etc are less clocky than 'Lilith'(blog)

No. 1961482

I go by the most masculinized version of my given name so they burst into flames before me when I speak it from my effortlessly feminine lips

No. 1961486

so a neovag instead?

No. 1961488

no doubt some ginger girl was minding her business and going about her day and this troon decided to mentally capture her image in that moment and devote every moment of his life to skinwalk her resulting in what we see before us.

No. 1961491

having excess synthetic cross sex hormones pumped into you does not change your sex still lmao. he just gave himself a hormonal inbalance and is bragging about it. the cope is real

No. 1961497

Lactation is associated with women, because it's only women who lactate under normal circumstances. So they eroticize it and crave it just like some of them crave periods. It all goes back to autogynephilia.

>>1961266 also explains it, but fundamentally if those guys hadn't watched hentai their autogynephilia would likely have been discovered, and would manifest in different ways (like skirts going spinny).

The second troon is making a joke and saying he 'babysits' his moobs, which he calls his sweater puppies (uncommon slang term for breasts).

No. 1961515

He’s got the same tattoo as Pumpy kek

No. 1961520

File: 1706805604919.png (Spoiler Image,95.54 KB, 275x192, fishfingertoes.PNG)

holy shit put those grippers away mate
And kek at him trying all the tricks in the book to skinwalk egirls, but just ends up enhancing how male he is.
choker showing how big his neck is.
tight top and shorts to show off how wide his shoulders are and narrowness of his hips.
hair tied up to show off his wide jaw.
some sort of yoga socks showing his huge feet.(integrate)

No. 1961551

File: 1706813110300.jpg (81.36 KB, 440x677, eebaaed22d66f24b47f4020f156326…)

No. 1961567

File: 1706817045492.jpg (219.5 KB, 1080x1132, 1000029574.jpg)

teenage girl posts in /r/GirlGamers about wanting to start a group for women and "non-men" (ugh) only and despite her tripping over herself in the comments attempting to validate and placate them, the transbians and /r/MTF bros aren't having it, per ushe. the bottom comment in picrel was so egregious I had to screenshot

No. 1961569

File: 1706817268990.jpg (90.62 KB, 1080x315, 1000029580.jpg)

this dude, to no one's surprise, is an AGP vtuber with a pornified anime girl avatar

No. 1961578

>girl is when nails and acrylics!

No. 1961625

>the terfs are liek so obsessed with genitals fucking pervs
>will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a "designer pussy"
classic tranny projection

No. 1961655

File: 1706829484393.mp4 (762.53 KB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_732967903546902455…)

dainty tif with her beast(wrong thread)

No. 1961658

File: 1706829936590.mp4 (2.24 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_732545213380390425…)

nice nose

No. 1961738

I was about to say you posted in the wrong thread and then I got jump scared

No. 1961742

The nails are giving me coke head vibes

No. 1961786

MtFC (Male to Faggot Crackhead)

No. 1961789

File: 1706866572617.png (728.24 KB, 846x5890, you need to think about the tr…)

this is so infuriating. made a shitty combination of some replies. you'd think she's trying to make a trans-only server because most of the comments essentially tell her that she needs to better consider the poor tims (and enbies etc…but mosty tims). and she really is tripping over herself to please these people. let this kind of fucks in and it is not a safe space for anyone because everyone has to walk on eggshells.
just use voice verification and your fucking brains. it's not nuclear science to figure out if someone is a tim or just a masculine woman. if an actual female has such a low voice, there's probably a reason for that and they will mention it. these trannies seething about it not being a reliable way to screen people are just bitter because they know they themselves could not get past it.

No. 1961880

File: 1706891283179.jpeg (491.11 KB, 828x1221, IMG_0257.jpeg)

post removed by mods after 1000+ upvotes because it wasn’t a good look kek

No. 1961886

A great cap to send to naive people you want to peak.

No. 1961893

File: 1706893861665.jpeg (178.98 KB, 828x1110, IMG_0560.jpeg)

I just got this on YouTube, lol.(off-topic)

No. 1961895

File: 1706894080347.jpeg (138.15 KB, 1300x435, IMG_3740.jpeg)

It took me FOREVER to find this horror cow again. He was banned off twitter before i thought to post him here. I don’t know how much I’m even allowed to show. I felt like i broke the law looking at this.
>tranny lolicon
>doesn’t even hide the fact he is a pedo


No. 1961900

File: 1706894721186.png (8.1 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_3751.png)

No. 1961901

File: 1706894912460.png (764.04 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_3753.png)

>i want to abuse kids but hitler stuff is were i draw the line
Why do men have zero self awareness? Nazi pedos and tranny pedos are two sides of the same coin

No. 1961902

File: 1706895036350.png (Spoiler Image,7.23 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_3752.png)

Here he is

No. 1961903


I want to commit real world violence when I read that disgusting word holy shit.

No. 1961906

This is the fucking problem. We aren't allowed to have our own spaces without being attacked by men in dresses so you tiptoe around what you really want to say and you end up with a male only space. These men are worse than the men she's trying to stay away from. They're more misogynistic, sexist, and creepy than normal men.

No. 1961907

Why is this thing alive?

No. 1961915

That is one of the most disgusting ways I've ever read a moid describe it. What the fuck

No. 1961928

File: 1706900280101.jpg (93 KB, 982x982, Snapinsta.app_425196772_388165…)

>Shag a totally hot awesome transgirl in your area today!

No. 1961930

I miss when moids like this got drafted and died in wars overseas

No. 1961931

Jfc was his mom on meth while she was pregnant or something?

No. 1961939

File: 1706902845289.jpg (351.13 KB, 1080x1080, 1000009143.jpg)


No. 1961979

These retards only want to fix their ugly looks when trooning out, like, how about fixing it without trooning out, no one seem to think about it, they're either total slobs or on a impossible quest to change their entire looks which is always tied to "changing sex". No thoughts on fixing their rooting teeth and disgusting male hair and taking care of their skin and dress better and being overall a better person to attract people, nah, men strangely can't do that cus that's gay or something

No. 1962013

NTA but this wasn’t the wrong thread though. There’s a massive TiM in the video too.

No. 1962014

'kodocon'…I'm guessing the 'kodo' is short for 'kodomo' (child)?
While my language skills are already hurting me, thought I'd translate that he tagged it with both ways to write 'pantsu' (underwear/panties). Just to make sure all his fellow enthusiasts can find him ig.

No. 1962029

JFC I pulled a muscle laughing at this you're a queen

No. 1962039

they troon out because they think they'll become beautiful but end up the opposite kek

No. 1962040

God I love these arguments. They sound so waterproof to TRAs, and yet the evidence is 'trust me' and 'it's my coom fantasy, shut it'. This man honestly thinks that his gynacomastia is a flex and doesn't understand that he hasn't grown birthing hips, he just got fat. Our endocrine system can be changed directly, by surgically removing it. It can't be changed by coping about your penis failing to transmute into a vagina. Where's the gender critical busting he's promised us? Screaming Sonic speedrun stats won't make you good at the game, screaming trans stats won't make you a woman. How hilarious that their 'proof' of the mutability of gender only proves the opposite.
Shh, nona, don't give them ideas, we need more incels to cut their dicks off voluntarily instead of doing the bare minimum to qualify as human.

No. 1962042

File: 1706921075008.jpg (16.5 KB, 256x392, Lowly_Worm.jpg)


No. 1962045

I need to find that "transphobic" server so I can join.
It's so sad when someone says they want to make a womens only whatever and trannies are like what about THE MEN IN DRESSES OR THE THEY/THEMS AND HE/SHE/IT/HER's. Like why do trannies need to join a women's only server when they have so many choices like; lgbtqyj/tranny only/men only/furries only. leave us alone.

No. 1962049

That just looks like a gay white man?

No. 1962144

File: 1706944550101.png (Spoiler Image,5.17 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_3980.png)

Absolute jump scare from this man, imagine you go on holiday and you find out your housemate is cooking naked in the kitchen rubbing their balls on everything

No. 1962146

>This dude is not that special. Why are people constantly fawning over him?
Because he is paying his way in.

No. 1962147

File: 1706944730938.png (Spoiler Image,4.79 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_3979.png)

Another jump scare he posted the face smoothing filter is nasty. Same seedy old man who posts his baby granddaughter with her full legal name and the parents faces unblurred on his coomer twitter

No. 1962150

no doubt he ran only his right hand under water in the kitchen sink and then ate that food.

No. 1962151

I have a question why do troons always cry about how scared they are when they go in public. Most I know are 6ft+ and usually medium build and have very typical scary man faces yet they act like they’re 5ft4 women being followed by a group of loud drunk men late at night. They love to cry about how they’re so scared for safety yet most of them could over power a “transphobe” especially when faced with women who don’t like them ??

No. 1962154

Because men are the ultimate darvo-ing retards.

No. 1962170

Because being a weak, helpless woman who could be ravaged by roving transphobes is part of their fantasy.

No. 1962172

never compare my husbando Lowly to a tranny ever again!

No. 1962174

File: 1706964078264.jpeg (684.57 KB, 1125x1067, IMG_2759.jpeg)

Nikita still looking like a whole ass man despite the million surgeries

No. 1962175

he got arrested again?

No. 1962176

no, the body cam footage just got released.

No. 1962178

File: 1706965750692.png (112.59 KB, 768x1053, its not ok for women to try an…)

>why do trannies need to join a women's only server when they have so many choices
funnily enough, someone brought that up in the comments. see, it's bad for a women's server to have a trans-unfriendly screening process. it's probably fine for any other server though.

No. 1962181

kek he looks like the main character from a Yakuza game from the back.

No. 1962185

Yes cause when women lactate they make “inappropriate sounds.” Disgusting, they can’t even pretend to not be porn sick freaks.

No. 1962191

>i feel like you're missing the point…
i feel like you don't know either why trannies can't just join a tranny-only server and that's why your only response is to make the other person out to be a retard…

No. 1962192

this video is fucking hilarious. at around 17 seconds he says "you're invalidating my womanhood!" at the female cop he's extra mad at in the most male voice I've heard out of him (when getting arrested he keeps up the tranny voice, I think it took some time for his drunk ass to realize wtf was up considering he threw his drink at the cops right after they said not to). His every demeanor and action just screams male. He acts more like a bro than a typical hsts kek. At around 7 minutes he's in the room and they spend a good bit of time getting him to answer the door, when he opens it he lets out the fakest tranny voice going "oh what's wrong what happened" as if he wasn't blasting music and ignoring them just now and hadn't thrown his drink at the security dude there already.
He's so lucky he's trans and rich, they let him get away with murder cause he was a "VIP" at the place. I'm guessing he pays out the nose to fund his alcoholism because the GM didn't want him kicked, just in clothing (no care for the security guard who got a drink thrown at him). Imagine if a real woman had walked around drunk and naked throwing drinks on people. She'd be beat down in an instant with the footage everywhere

No. 1962193

kek, the thumbnail makes him look like some ajumma in a comedy.

No. 1962194


Very based

No. 1962197

File: 1706972231598.png (3.04 MB, 720x5490, RhxEPgs.png)

sage for non-milk, this might sound be a strange conclusion, but I can't help but wonder how media that portrays males crossdressing as effortlessly beautiful might influenced women and young girls to perceive that men can totally become women with just a little make-up and clothing. For instance, I recently came across awful webtoon where a crossdressing male character was depicted as stunningly beautiful, even surpassing the female main character in terms of beauty.

No. 1962198

>telling the security guard "you don't speak to me"
>wagging his finger at the slightly more attractive male officer to speak instead
flaming faggot behaviour kek

No. 1962201

It's a trope pickmes/faghags and moids love. "Male is better at being a woman than a woman" is extremely misogynistic (it's why males love it, they think they're superior in any way to women without even trying) and it also implies that being a woman isn't simply being born as and existing as a woman, it's instead a set of behaviours that you have to learn but it's also a thing men will always be better at for some reason. I see this in instances where males attempt to walk in heels, you'll have hordes of pickmes going "he's so much better than the average woman!! I can't walk on heels like that!!" even when the moid is struggling to balance himself and doesn't put weight down correctly.

No. 1962203

it's actually painful to watch him act like bitchy femme fatale, every line and act sounds like it belongs in a movie and not when actually being arrested.
>"don't let a motherfucker step to ME" to "oh~" when the officer confronts him
>bending ass out and moaning and whimpering(the officer being baffled and asking what tf he's doing is hilarious tho)
>"i only respond to the gays and the girls".
>"(?) silencio"
>"i think i might have to be CARRIED" then "omg i fell~"
>singing some song while getting escorted out
>"thank you guys for at least letting me get ready for my mugshot"(just to look like a washed up rat)

>"you're invalidating my womanhood!"
after so many men describe him as female even in front of him at times, call him "ma'am" still this one woman is the one to get harassed. the female officer telling him "girl, this is not Game of Thrones" is topkek.

No. 1962204

File: 1706974414314.png (2.34 MB, 1908x1146, 9CiVplG.png)

I need to sperg for a minute. So, males crossdressing as a disguise isn't completely unheard of. It has happened, but it's relatively rare. The cases where it has happened involved men wearing big dresses and tons of heavy make-up. The point is to disguise themselves so no one would suspect them. A modern version would be various insurgents wearing the heavy abbiyah to sneak in and carry out terrorist attacks(picrel are a group of ISIS fighter. But, there would never be a case where a male could disguise himself throughout his adolescence and also be considered incredibly beautiful. Look up the case of David Reimer, who was actually raised as a girl and didn't even have testicles and was given hormones. Even without knowing it, he remembers being considered "mannish and ugly" by the other girls, cause he was a biolgical male.

No. 1962208

File: 1706976420961.jpg (448.56 KB, 2048x2048, el chino.jpg)

No. 1962217

I've seen men disguise themselves as women wearing veils when begging in the streets.

No. 1962219

His point (which he doesn't come right out and say, curiously) is that he doesn't want any servers to be able to exclude him, ever, even if they're servers he would have no interest in personally. He's horrified at the idea of women gathering in spaces he can't access because it interrupts his delusion that he's a woman and prevents him from creeping on them. He's a typical male who feels entitled to whatever he wants.

No. 1962223

happens in my country as well, criminals dress up in veils and men let their guards down, then they pull out their guns or knives and just rob them, happened to my cousin.(blog)

No. 1962228

That sounds like it could be everything that is supposed to exclude males. No wonder they're so obsessed with marking their territory in women's bathrooms.

No. 1962229

Even men who are very feminine and delicate looking by male standards, like Andrej Pejic, look mannish and off by female standards. He’s still pretty imo but there are hundreds if not thousands of female models who pull off that look better than he does. He went from exceptional to mediocre simply by changing category. The idea that any man who isn’t already internationally known for his androgynous beauty could ever look more womanly than actual women is laughable. There’s a reason many TIM influencers avoid being photographed next to real women, especially in candids.

Does this fool women too? Many men seem to prioritise artificial culturally determined factors (long hair, lipstick, abaya, veil) over biological sexual dimorphism when determining whether someone is male or female and I’ve noticed they often have a harder time clocking TIMs than women do because as far as they are concerned, dress = woman = dress.

No. 1962242

omg whatever happened to Trail mom Erin?

No. 1962245

Big kek

No. 1962246

File: 1706986416051.png (607.96 KB, 1280x1280, amnUWrc.png)

>Does this fool women too?
sometimes, unless you focus in on them or hear the sounds of their voices, you probably couldn't tell if someone is a man or a woman if they were wearing a full veil, this only type of "female disguise" that actually works in reality, same goes for the example of the big dresses and extremely heavy garish make-up.(derailing)

No. 1962249

File: 1706987831813.png (54.32 KB, 743x400, no.png)

No. 1962252

>Many men seem to prioritise artificial culturally determined factors
i think men can spot the very obvious ones, and can spot the others by just looking closely but that would require looking closely
and thats why i think for the ones that they dont spot, is because men tend to ignore women they deem ugly, so they wouldnt even give them a second glance, they just would think 'wow thats an ugly woman' and then continue on with their day

No. 1962254

He's probably still being an annoying faggot on Twitter and neglecting his child, if I had to guess.

No. 1962257

He's engaged to another tranny and still tweeting about tranny laws and bans.

No. 1962259

File: 1706990871506.png (47.99 KB, 736x443, A gender fluid man won the wom…)

No. 1962260

I don't understand what he's trying to say. Is he saying that it's unfair to expect people to "live" (i.e., present) as women before insurance pays for them to have the chop? It's not an unreasonable rule, though I think the better thing is for it to be considered cosmetic and for insurance not to cover it at all, and for people to be at least 18 or even 21 before doing it. And that's if you set aside the fact that no one born with a penis, regardless of how they "present" or whether they have surgery, is female. Troids should have to save up money to botch themselves just like any other BDD nutter.

No. 1962263

that and i think he may also be trying to say that even though a tim may outwardly appear male, wear male clothing and look 100% the same as an ordinary man, they are still 'women' and will present as such when comfortable, whenever that may be

No. 1962267

At this point I don’t even mind when moids do this. They just draw negative attention to themselves, peak a whole lot of people, and get banned by every sport’s regulatory body. They vindicate TERFs every time they try to compete in women’s sport, since their mere presence makes it glaringly obvious how far they are away from being women.

No. 1962273

Lmao!!! Priceless. I love how he was too drunk/high to keep up the larp and started yelling aggressively in a deep manly voice as soon as they left him alone with an actual woman. They can never escape their DNA.

No. 1962279

File: 1706995789777.jpeg (612.46 KB, 750x2534, IMG_4802.jpeg)

tranny writes fanfiction about himself and posts it for other men to masturbate to it.

No. 1962283

holy fuck kek. It just got more and more unbelievable as it went on. Please tell me they weren't buying this in the comments.

No. 1962284

>they took me aside to tell me I’m more of a woman than half the ladies here
>and then everybody clapped
Why are they all so obtuse? Is this just the male inability to pick up on social cues? The fact that they pulled him aside to tell him that makes it obvious he doesn’t “100% pass”, this is just regular Canadian handmaidenry. No one would say this to an actual woman.

No. 1962285

why are they saying she's antisemitic for the goblins when she was clearly just being terf from the beginning?

No. 1962286

File: 1706997461055.jpg (138.72 KB, 811x756, moreofawomandurr.JPG)

Someone called him out and this was his response.

No. 1962288

Why tf is he telling all these abuse survivors’ business? Is he trying to pretend womanhood is measured by virtuous character? Men are so stupid.

No. 1962289

this happened in 2022. i haven’t heard anything about him in a long time, is he still an aggressive, psychotic train wreck? i’d say i hope his ass gets locked up in a mental institution or rehab, but he’d get put in the wrong facility with women who’ve already dealt with enough shit.

No. 1962292

File: 1706999495247.jpeg (880.24 KB, 750x1495, IMG_4803.jpeg)

this is him kek

No. 1962293

File: 1706999623649.jpeg (425.55 KB, 750x1312, IMG_4804.jpeg)

he’s so triggered kek

No. 1962296

Why is a gay scrote so obsessed with female validation, surely it's all about tricking het scrotes into having sex with them? Feels really weird. HSTS are catty, vain and vapid, literally all the stereotypes they like to impose on women.

No. 1962298

He just wrote in the comment here >>1962286 that he suspects one of the women at the shelter to be a terf, so what is it, has ever met a terf or not? Even more proof this whole story is made up.

No. 1962299

This may be the most misogynistic and racist piece of tranfiction I've read to date. Also, his clear obsession with motherhood and his retarded "woman = feminine virtue" belief system are both extremely creepy.

No. 1962306

To suspend my disbelief, what woman's shelter is going to complain about maladjusted women? Isn't it common knowledge that being abused fucks you up and that any type of woman can be a victim of abuse and that generally case workers and volunteers would already know that?
It's also funny how he goes on about "the power of womanship~" while slagging off the other residents as soon as he can, and that he's the only nice one there and he's such a madonna type. Sure dude, sure.

No. 1962308

anyone else find it funny that the name he used in this fiction was 'summer'

No. 1962314

Seriously! He's in such a loving, caring pod of women, but his BFF is a crackhead possible "fucking terf" and he talks shit about all the women there and thinks he's a better woman than they are because women with issues apparently aren't true women… Damn, pick a story dingus.

No. 1962315

That second paragraph is something I was thinking too, but you put it into words perfectly. He's such a hypocrite.

No. 1962316

he’s “seww motherly and more of a woman than everyone else uwu!” Yet lacks any kind of empathy or understanding for victims of abuse who are clearly still under the influence of a manipulative boyfriend/husband, jfc

No. 1962317

yesss queen such a womanly thing to do to bring up other women's business to make yourself look like an angel. you're soooo motherly, caring and sweet feminine princess!

No. 1962325

Wow, the mask slipped real fucking fast there, didn’t it? They can’t even maintain the uwu feminine sisterhood larp for one measly Reddit post. It always degenerates into misogyny, bitterness, and “b-but I’m more of a woman than these evil cis terfs!” He’s also essentially doxing these women (if this story is even true) by posting all the details of their traumatic situations along with his own identity and location. Hateful unhinged moid who doesn’t belong anywhere near a women’s shelter, but that’s troon worshipping Canada for you.

No. 1962326

> their sole source of power over us
So you admit it? The evil feminazis don't actually have any means to oppress you, and the victimization you imagine yourself to be experiencing is solely a result of reading mean words on the internet?

No. 1962339

File: 1707010022250.jpeg (762.15 KB, 828x1265, homerchest.jpeg)

No. 1962344

I'm dead

No. 1962359

So if these women are so bad and complete crackheads and awful and blah blah blah like he’s saying, would a compliment that they give him mean anything since they are such horrible women? According to him that is?
Because the previous post he was gushing about woman supporting woman and how lovely they have been to him and suddenly gets called out, and now those women are awful crackheads?
Also why did he out extremely personal and vulnerable information about these women?
What a menace

No. 1962360

i mean, it's reddit, what do you expect(sage)

No. 1962363

Ok but if you somehow managed to capture and mimic the minute-by-minute interplay of the four main hormones and many other secondary hormones involved in my menstrual cycle, does that make you just as much as a real whamen as me? Do you win at womening? Or do you still NOT HAVE A WOMB??

No. 1962381

Private Pyle?(sage)

No. 1962388

>Staff pulled me aside to tell me how much more of a woman I am than these other women
>women are strong because we empower each other
shit head moid

No. 1962394

File: 1707023253402.jpg (138.65 KB, 918x1238, GFcG1ViXwAAuXwP.jpg)

TRA's see this and still think trannies deserve rights

No. 1962396

I really want to believe this is satire

No. 1962398

Pure creative writing, all of it, for so many reasons. It honestly reads like a parody of tranfiction.

No. 1962399

File: 1707025338983.jpg (956.23 KB, 1536x2049, GFcwjmlboAAw325.jpg)

>has a two month old baby and wants to leave him/his wife/inlaws behind for a fetish

No. 1962401

if they're thinking men can become flawless women due to crossdressing bishies or traps in animanga, they were already a lost cause

No. 1962403

always gotta drop their seed then leave the woman in their most vulnerable position to go larp

No. 1962404

why is it not more common to bully these guys to the point of suicide

No. 1962407

those moids with rubber mask fetishes are horrifying, very BTK

No. 1962411

They're literally just deadbeat dads in a wig and dress.at least other larping moids do it when they're teens or something instead of leading on and deceiving a woman after building a family with her just to leave her to raise his kids all by herself

No. 1962412

3 weeks is all it took for him to start considering destroying himself and his family. never trust a moid.

No. 1962421

File: 1707033778356.jpg (218.28 KB, 1080x827, 1000008164.jpg)

Sorry, not exactly milk, but I hate the way they feel the need to make up convoluted lies just to ensure that they can continue working their fetish into everything they say and post.

No. 1962447

I swear this scrote was posted here over t
15 threads ago, anyone else recognize him and remember what he was posted for?

No. 1962460

upper right is uncanny…

No. 1962461

File: 1707046684924.png (1.42 MB, 2162x2344, whatmakesyoufeellikeawoman.png)

Remember, it's never about stereotypes!

No. 1962467

File: 1707048931489.png (288.67 KB, 640x789, LDop4xe.png)

>this happened in 2022. i haven’t heard anything about him in a long time, is he still an aggressive, psychotic train wreck? i’d say i hope his ass gets locked up in a mental institution or rehab, but he’d get put in the wrong facility with women who’ve already dealt with enough shit.
Immediately after being released and losing his relevancy, he started an onlyfans account

No. 1962469

>going on womanly walks, drinking my tea woman-like
KEK how do you do those activities “womanly” and “non-womanly” what the fuck are these troons yapping about

No. 1962471

it should be illegal to go outside with those masks, every establishment should have the right to refuse service whenever they catch one on the premises and kick them out. Imagine seeing this as a little kid, I wouldn’t be able to sleep for weeks

No. 1962472

i remember learing about those masks from a csi episode where a moid uses one to skinwalk his dead wife

No. 1962477

No. 1962492

BTK wore something similar. Any man who purchases a mask like this needs to be put on a watchlist.

No. 1962504

>she's my friend, everyone shunned her except me
>she's an evil far right crackhead terf and i hate her guts
which is it lmao?

No. 1962516

>Long hair to hide the lack of waist, G-string pulled up to his shoulders, hips pushed so far back they're in another dimension
>Immediately clockable as male despite all that effort
Who wants to bet that he'll shut his OF down because he's only attracting chasers instead of actual straight men and lesbians?
He looks like a terrible AI rendition of a badly embalmed corpse and it's still more convincing than his actual face.

No. 1962529

It's obviously his fault, but the wife is a bit of an idiot for choosing to have a baby with this retard after she found out that he was a troon.

No. 1962530

File: 1707059043110.jpeg (924.03 KB, 1426x1320, IMG_1863.jpeg)

>Wanting to produce milk is not a fetish, it comes from the same feeling: missing out on a female experience. And as any teenager she reacts with anger…

Some of the comments on this are insane. I don’t know about some of you guys, but I’ve never had a baby and never felt any type of anger or jealousy towards breastfeeding mothers. Many women don’t experience that and we still don’t fetishize it. I’m not even going to comment on referring to a 40 year old male as a teenage girl.


No. 1962533

I have never in my life thought "jacket" was a "fake-out" for cock in that song. These moids are completely porn-brained.

No. 1962536

File: 1707059492966.png (7.5 MB, 3567x1917, IMG_1867.png)

This guy is always spamming his weird breast plate selfies in multiple subs. It’s so uncomfortable.

No. 1962537

Jesus christ what a piece of shit

No. 1962538

There is no way this is real it has to be bait

No. 1962540

The way the other men on that post are justifying him verbally abusing his breastfeeding wife due to “dysphoria” tells you everything. These moids are not women and never will be. They hate us as much as all other misogynistic males do, except even worse because they’re also bitterly jealous of us.

No. 1962541

I wish but everything discussed here is common troon behavior. I’m so glad this woman can speak honestly about it

No. 1962542

The comments all range from “buy her a personal styling session as a gift so she can find appropriate ways to express her femininity” to “be sensitive discussing breastfeeding around her because her lactation dysphoria is making her sad.” Basically telling her to bend over backwards and walk on eggshells to keep her fetishist husband happy while recovering from childbirth and breastfeeding an infant. These people are disgusting.

No. 1962543

It's hitting too many of the tropes I think it's a shitpost
Still shocking people in the comments are taking this seriously and even justifying it
"Does she have a lactation fetish or does she just want to feed your child"

No. 1962544

>I’m not even going to comment on referring to a 40 year old male as a teenage girl.

Ah yes ladies, remember that phase when we wore "Slut" tank tops and stripper heels at the grocery store at 10 in the morning? Just normal female puberty!

No. 1962551

Kek I saw this post as well and it pissed me off. I didn’t check but the op types like a tif tbh

No. 1962559

>as a young girl I've always dreamed of breastfeeding said no real woman ever

No. 1962562

>No amount of filters can change his uggo male face
Its funny how troons always post the most filtered photos of themselves and think they’re pretty, lmao who are you fooling fr? They can’t even confidently post their real face because they know how ugly they are hahahahahah(learn2integrate)

No. 1962566

The sad thing is that even if it is bait or a shitpost, the comments still reveal how so many people think when they defend it.

No. 1962567

File: 1707064208515.jpg (76.28 KB, 576x1024, drag race star troons out.jpg)

I just read the comments in the thread and it makes me sad how many women are still with their moids after they trooned out.

No. 1962571

Is it not disturbing that a 31 year old scrote groomed a 20 years old? That's how old they would have been when they met…barf. That trannie is a gigantic piece of turd.

No. 1962572

>moid trooning out during his wifes pregnancy
every time

No. 1962573

>At this point I don’t even mind when moids do this. They just draw negative attention to themselves, peak a whole lot of people, and get banned by every sport’s regulatory body.

Honestly, I agree. TRAs will scoff and say, no he's faking! He's not one of us! and the entire argument for self-ID collapses.

No. 1962574

Men's dreams are women's responsibility to accomplish. They're due our physical and emotional labor to accomplish their goals. Gimme a break.

No. 1962583

File: 1707067975734.png (69.3 KB, 1280x952, 1692406088173.png)

male abuse increases during preganancy and after

No. 1962589

File: 1707069389041.jpeg (37.17 KB, 960x422, received_1054373035816355.jpeg)

Very disturbing. That is what happens when you enable mental illness

No. 1962595

It is disturbing and I feel bad for her. I imagine she is suffering from some sunk-cost fallacy over losing her twenties to this guy and trying to force herself to be okay with things.

No. 1962596


No. 1962619

File: 1707073482796.png (43.98 KB, 948x843, squidward.png)

No. 1962666

File: 1707080725975.mp4 (13.71 MB, 1280x720, 1754148595517788205_1.mp4)

local flordian TIM feels like he is being erased out of exsistance because he can't legally lie on his ID anymore. Gotta love how their immediate response is to move to a new state due to this alleged "trans genocide" happening

No. 1962669

File: 1707081366500.jpeg (425.29 KB, 1179x1760, IMG_6633.jpeg)

not a fetish though

No. 1962670

Jesus those dark circles, he should take some time off cooming into his sister's underwear/to furry diaper porn and get some sleep.

No. 1962682

>sleeping with long hair must be uncomfortable
What? At this point moids will turn everything women do into mythical tales. What's next? Woman is when paintable nails? Or woman is when wearing necklaces?

No. 1962687

I really hope this post is bait because it’s such a sad story about a woman who most likely was groomed by a man 9 years older than her when her brain wasn’t even fully developed. I hope she will recognize the abuse and can leave this bitter man who puts his fetishes before his wife and child

No. 1962689

"Not being able to lie on my documents makes me a second class citizen uwu"
I suppose this is the worst level of discrimination this privileged white boy can imagine.

No. 1962692

File: 1707087405286.jpg (224.01 KB, 1392x783, Daria-Bloodworth-Veronique-Mar…)

>Transgender American Seeking Refugee Status In Canada After Claiming To Have Been The Victim Of A Transphobic Crime
>Bloodworth credited seeing the Barbie and Oppenheimer movies with providing him motivation to continue fighting for refugee status in Canada.

And in good news, the troon that they were going to let off the hook for molesting 15 kids including a one year old (due to being 'no longer a threat because lady hormones'), has been reclassified as a 'sexually violent predator' who should be held in a secure unit indefinitely.

No. 1962696

Heres the Reduxx article.

But for nonnas who cant read it, this disgusting tub of lard called the police because his roommate, who has PTSD, pulled a gun because he thought the troon was breaking in to their house. Roommate got scared because he heard the door handle rattling around because this retard would stay out late and never announce when he was coming back. The tranny says he's too oppressed to stay in Colorado because its a transphobic Dystopia which… no its not. But he's in canada now and is a cryptocuck who got fired for some reason
>Bloodworth claims to have been fired by TD Canada Trust bank in 2023 for being a “whistleblower” but it is unclear what he blew the whistle on.
He also can't ride a bike. kek

No. 1962716

What a disgusting looking man.

No. 1962717

It makes me so happy that these disgusting troons can feel a minor taste of their own medicine. Don't want women-only spaces? Then why don't you stop being a male who tries to take them over! We wouldn't even have thought of these IDs if your sickening pervert brethren hadn't tried to take over every women's space possible. ALL TRANNIES ARE A THREAT TO WOMEN, DO NOT EVER THINK OTHERWISE!!!

No. 1962731

File: 1707104111891.png (2.14 MB, 1600x900, - MtF_Trans-Identified Male Ge…)

he walks like a ghoul kek

No. 1962745

File: 1707108090376.jpeg (401.75 KB, 750x2274, IMG_4830.jpeg)

No. 1962746

>so hideous that people think you're a female pretending to be a male
if you think about it this makes no sense

No. 1962747

Yeah, it's weird because most of the times TiFs tend to be cute if you ignore the terrible state in which their health, both physical and mental, is at.
If anything it's usually the other way around, TiFs sometimes can look like moids trying to look like women and failing miserably, but only when they somehow are so absolutely hideous that they just look like weird moids.

No. 1962748

File: 1707108753299.jpg (571.1 KB, 1080x2306, MTXX_MH20240205_155305903.jpg)

The jokes write themselves.

No. 1962751

I saw this posted on KF and even they thought it was a TiF. I don't know whether to be impressed or laugh that he can only pass as a woman trying to look like a man, which ironically just has his own side call him one and its intended to be positive lmao

No. 1962753

>TiM calling TiFs hideous
Clown on clown violence

No. 1962756

File: 1707114527878.png (1.99 MB, 1278x2000, ds7GTca.png)

well at least he's honest.

No. 1962757

File: 1707114926155.png (499.69 KB, 558x808, Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 10.36…)

>What's that? It's Pat!

No. 1962760

haha cuz girls have such dumb and frivolous thoughts like that amirite ladies? They don’t worry about anything like men do!

No. 1962762

if he’s like 40 there’s absolutely no way he looks anything like the last panel kek

No. 1962763

he fucking wishes he could be even remotely as hot as Pat. Pat is MOGGING this man.

No. 1962764

What "religious text" is that comment referring to? I don't remember this being in the Bible.

No. 1962770

He's not referring to a real religious text, it's just twitter slang to refer to any sort of book you like a lot and has had an impact on you.

No. 1962784

File: 1707128852809.png (750.08 KB, 575x591, iiiiiiiiii.PNG)


No. 1962796

Ew, cult recruitment posters in public.

No. 1962823

>don’t die wondering
Stealing yet ANOTHER saying from lesbians. I’m so tired.

No. 1962827

Not to mention that it was a slogan used by lesbian feminists in the 70s, the type of women these men would probably want to kill today.

No. 1962830

I swear these autogynemoids think horsepiss is going to magically make makeup and fake nails grow out of the blue, they already believe their entire skeletons are going to change for fuck's sake. They absolutely don't seem to understand the reason HSTS look more "female" is because they actually put in the effort to perform OTT femininity with their hideous drag makeup and surgeries. Ugly women just don't exist to these men, they cannot process the fact some women don't wear makeup etc, yet still look 100% female because they ARE.

No. 1962840

"i would commit genocide to have a support system"
interesting thing to say

No. 1962864

Woman is when long hair.

No. 1962879

I don't know why, but this reads like a drug commercial to me besides the whole "we're waiting for you" cultishness
>don't wait, try transitioning! call your local doc and remember to ask for your favourite hormone brands! fund trillion dollar drug companies and ruin your life today!
This guy's autistic so he probably seriously believes the drugs were supposed to do some magic after some time and every medical professional supposedly here to do no harm never bothered checking he understood what he was doing nor explained jack shit. society is so pro-troon and anti-questioning it seems nobody even informed him "social transitioning" is part of the "journey" and just acts as if this massively autistic man wholly understands and knows what he's doing. It's sad cause regardless of if he went to an "informed consent" clinic or through the system with their "docs" the result would have been the same.
He an autistic man who said he wanted to be a girl guys, he must be believed without question! Lunacy. And now he's allowed to be in any private space for women under penalty of lawsuit or discrimination charges brought upon you

No. 1962881

File: 1707152869394.jpeg (1.2 MB, 3000x1468, ECB32A1D-B1D1-46A0-A1A7-D878BF…)

It’s sad when kinda cute moids transition. Porn addiction is a hell of a drug.

No. 1962889

File: 1707154313159.mp4 (3.31 MB, 576x694, atheistathenian - 175416050015…)

Another ugly moid complains that he's been told he can't call himself a lesbian.

No. 1962896

He looks like a more masculine Dolores Umbridge

No. 1962911

>kinda cute
Anon that guy looks like a dude who sells Adderall on college campuses

No. 1962917

>"only women can call themselves lesbians"… so she outed herself as a terf
Didn't even say that she called him a man lol just went ahead and lumped himself in with men because he knows what he is.
>I am a lesbian… just because you're not attracted to me doesn't mean that there aren't lesbians who are attracted to me
So the entire basis of his entire identity is being the object of desire. Interesting. Definitely not agp.
Where is the cute moid

No. 1962919

It's so easy to "ruin" these dudes days kek. Such fragile egos.

No. 1962920

If he's doing that to himself to play out some weirdass sissyfication fetish, he isn't cute at all. He's ugly.
I bet he's a weirdo and that's why no girl approached him.

No. 1962934

Note that this grown man specifically wished to be a "girl". At least "woman" would've been age-appropriate.

No. 1962949

You can't tell me this man isn't from some troon version of Dance Moms

He has to be, look at him

No. 1962953

ya this is a self post(sage your shit)

No. 1962956

sorry sorry i forgot to sage can you forgive me this one time(no, delete & repost next time)

No. 1962961

just delete and repost if you don’t wanna get redtexted by jannies

No. 1962968

>Receding hairline
>Acne-ravaged face
>All the filters in the world can't hide his ugly scrote features

Kinda cute? Kek, catch yourself on, anon.

No. 1962971

omfg this tranny is in all the subs and he spams them multiple times a day and gets maybe 15 pity upvotes. how do men not get discouraged its fucking insane

No. 1962972

kek he went from a square body to being a toothpick with a tiny waist? lol okay

No. 1962973

File: 1707171950889.png (920.08 KB, 940x1602, W6pwHru.png)

I looked up the author and he's really something, he embodies every single AGP stereotype imaginable. He is obsessed with lesbians (of course) and has created three webcomic series, two of which revolve around lesbians. In one of the first jokes, he portrays an annoying old woman who adores her baby, and his female OC's, almost kill the baby to the shock of the mother. His only other comic which has a straight romance, focuses on femdom, pegging and bondage.

No. 1962974

> lambate (elaborate? lament? lambast?)
> just because you're not attracted to me doesn't mean that there aren't lesbians who aren't attracted to me
> the completely immobile hair

No. 1962977

Anon that's idubbbz

No. 1962983

>I also remember my entire middle school being made fun of for walking/talking/sitting/ acting “like a girl”
…doesn’t that happen to literally every boy?

No. 1962990

File: 1707174277819.jpeg (516.06 KB, 1170x1557, 58DDCD2F-C176-46B2-A115-66ABD4…)


No. 1962992

'Why do I pick female avatars and love lesbian porn?'
B-because you're a heterosexual male?? These gendie therapists need a lifetime ban from the profession.

No. 1962995

File: 1707175669402.png (485.54 KB, 540x1609, f8qdeHB.png)

No. 1963000

File: 1707176569591.jpeg (Spoiler Image,523.22 KB, 1179x1844, IMG_6645.jpeg)

standard agp who thinks he’s hot shit

No. 1963001

wow if the username bothers the faggot so much why cant he just fucking change it lulz

No. 1963008

i want to inject him with boiling water(alogging)

No. 1963009

File: 1707179590596.jpeg (113.76 KB, 260x384, IMG_4020.jpeg)

Agp makes all of your self awareness fly out the window, imagine being a 40 year old man with fried hair and thinking people actually want to see your greased up naked wrinkly old body

No. 1963014

Looks like a filthy idubbbz impersonator who's just as unshowered as the real thing
>idubbbz in a wig with makeup
Do I dare say this creature is worse?
I legitimately didnt see this before typing above out KEK

No. 1963015

File: 1707180730653.jpg (363.17 KB, 1080x1216, Screenshot_20240206_015352_Chr…)

Glad she got out

No. 1963016

File: 1707181406509.png (3.28 MB, 2202x853, 38g74fp6xegc1-imageonline.co-m…)

Tranny fanfic with the bonus of the breathtaking beautiful trannie that has captured the attention of the totally not fictional vendor scrote

No. 1963024

Help I thought that was his fucking face

No. 1963030

the walk out scene made me scream jesus thats horrifying. these white autistic troons are so dramatic, like one piece of id has their SEX on it and theyre like "I'm going to die standing instead of kneeling and move to a different state" boy its one letter on your fucking drivers license, a card ur dumb ass takes out of ur wallet a couple times a week at best, or never at least. how is one letter erasing ur existance?? so fucking weak, thanks for the laff at least

No. 1963031

File: 1707186026484.mp4 (6.04 MB, 480x630, hello meth my old friend.mp4)

This is the guy trying to convince people to tranny out their kids.

No. 1963034

File: 1707186627469.jpg (263.18 KB, 919x2048, GFk-F5eW4AELQP4.jpg)

Remember to get up and walk away if a man in a dress ever tries to sit near you.

No. 1963035

File: 1707186877072.jpeg (25.98 KB, 515x158, IMG_5640.jpeg)

It’s so funny that they think they’ll be found out because of their voice. Moid behaviour is identifiable from a mile away (see: username with “step on me mommy” in it)

No. 1963053

>because of our misogynistic patriarchy society women will prefer to sit with people they know rather than strangers
Jesus Christ how did he just miss the whole fucking concept of stranger danger

No. 1963064

Literally so brain dead. Of course someone is going to sit with someone they know. Of course strangers can be dangerous and being cautious of strangers is the rational normal thing to do to protect yourself.

No. 1963072

File: 1707202841966.png (495.88 KB, 1170x606, 8nbFtLk.png)

I saw a TRA post Dworkin quote as a sort of response to the idea that men's and women's sports should be separated. It suggests that the idea of separation is a male supremacist notion that weakens women by design. How would you respond to this?(derailing)

No. 1963074

What the hell is on the side of his face? It looks like rat shit but I doubt he’s that gross

No. 1963101

File: 1707217295428.png (1.93 MB, 2162x1848, getonhormonesasap.png)

I wouldn't put it past the r/MtF moderators to have requested this post's deletion from Bing cache, which typically caches most reddit posts in real-time unless it's instantly removed by automod or something, in order to save face. Times like these are when I really miss having access to pushshift's reddit archive that reddit shutdown public access to last year. At the very least it was a way to hold predditors accountable.

No. 1963105

Right, how is this the first thing that came to him?? And then they claim to be genocide victims… They are truly fucked in the head. Maybe it's a rare instance of honesty, he's admitting that although he wouldn't lose anything precious to him to achieve his goals, he would gladly kill en masse

Educate yourselves anons, wanting to seat with your female friends is actually a sign of sexual competition and feeling threatened by other women!

No. 1963108

> "i would commit genocide to have a support system"
wow really thought you were exaggerating with this comment, but no. that's a direct quote. wtf

No. 1963113

point out dworkin had a degree in literature not biomedical sciences
also nothing in that image suggests she thought men should compete with women

also point out…
>men run 10% faster
>there is a 25% gap in weight lifting for men and women of the same height and testostrone supression only reduces this difference by a fifth
>men on average have 8% bodyfat women have 16%
>men are 30% stronger than women of the same height and weight
>men have 50% more muscle mass in their legs, 75% in their arms
>men have 2.6 times the punch power
>in atheltics thousands (if not more) men competeing in the mens catagories surpass the womens world records, for example see:
>Florence Griffith-Joyner the fastest women ever's record is 10.49 seconds, Usain Bolt is 9.58, this difference doesnt seem like a lot but Flo-Jo would rank joint 9,567 in the mens division. There are over 9,000 men between the fastest woman and fastest man
>send them to https://worldathletics.org/records/ to see from themseleves, set timing and wind to all for the full results

>also point them towards this site that shows the difference between female olympians and highschool boys


No. 1963114

This guy seems a second away from snapping someone’s head off. Scary.

No. 1963115

File: 1707223800088.png (645.42 KB, 1050x1050, strength.png)

also show them this graph of strength in men vs women

No. 1963116

File: 1707224526693.jpg (196.9 KB, 600x788, june.jpg)

Thus moid couldn't have a pornier, moidier artstyle if he tried. Fees like Robert Crumb is speaking through him. Barf

No. 1963117

god this art's so freaking ugly. Can't TIMs come up with something better besides poorly disguised fetish bait?

No. 1963118

It's incredible how unappealing this is

No. 1963129

File: 1707227521774.jpeg (119.25 KB, 954x984, GFi1GiLbQAAaqmi.jpeg)

Holy shit, literal Uncle Fester troon.

No. 1963133

this is legitimately scary

No. 1963144

File: 1707228788513.jpeg (304.28 KB, 828x862, IMG_1713.jpeg)

couldn’t figure out why this seemed so fake but checked the account and it’s a man. what’s with the obsession with lying about women or anyone being attracted to them

No. 1963147

File: 1707228979717.jpg (1.5 MB, 2560x1920, 24-02-06-14-17-41-098_deco.jpg)

And then everyone clapped

No. 1963154

File: 1707230431908.png (731.37 KB, 1430x1080, SO_TRUE,_BESTIE!.png)

Not surprised he has an itch.io. That site's infested with programmer TIMs, for example if you click on the "lesbian" or "yuri" tag, you'll be blasted girldick shit.

Picrel, is a comic example: https://valerie-halla.itch.io/animal-girlfriends-its-normal-for-girls

No. 1963156

File: 1707230960019.png (483.89 KB, 720x1278, Demi_Trans_Lesbian.png)

Another example.


No. 1963158

File: 1707231094905.png (146.03 KB, 720x1068, ''Lesbian''_tag.png)

No. 1963159

File: 1707231186470.png (200.23 KB, 570x563, 6ohKt4B.png)

These types of TIMs were my my peaking moment; I encountered them when I was young and in the owlhouse fandom, reposting from the previous, an example I personally witnessed when I was more involved with the Owl House fandom was with the character Hunter. My god, did every troon on twitter in the fandom hate Hunter. They despised him because, in this mostly female cast, he was the sole male character and was extremely popular with the teenage girl audience that the show was intended for. He was shipped with most other characters and even self-inserts. Now, I do think there were some issues with Hunter's writing towards the end, but the Twitter troons didn't care about that. They hated that he was supposedly ruining their queer lesbian fantasy. So, they claimed that the showrunner, Dana Terrace, was racist and sexist for centering the story around a white male character (worth noting that he was an elf boy voiced by a black man). Even then, the main female characters still remained the main focus; Hunter just had some B-plot episodes.

No. 1963160

Lol, the fuck? I too was into The Owl House when it first started airing and I never knew Twitter troons hatred of Hunter as he was really popular from the general fandom. People were so giddy for him before it took of his mask. It thought the only people who hated him were 4chan /co/ pedophiles who thought he was getting away with their uwu pure underage sapphic ship… who they made porn of.

No. 1963161

> It thought the only people who hated him were 4chan /co/ pedophiles who thought he was getting away with their uwu pure underage sapphic ship… who they made porn of.
4chan is filled with troons, so this checks out

No. 1963164

File: 1707231838979.png (955.44 KB, 1263x645, LuzMeetsHunter.png)

The hatred most likely stems from Hunter's proper introduction being a copied scene from the shows pilot where Luz looked like she was going to kiss a prince.

No. 1963166

File: 1707231994411.jpeg (39.34 KB, 480x639, TheOwlHousePilotPrince''Kiss''…)

From the pilot. Doesn't help they look similar.

No. 1963168

File: 1707232299124.mp4 (18.93 MB, g4jr3f (1).mp4)

Well, they are the same group more or less. The difference is that one group gets a disproportionate amount of power within fandom spaces. "Lily Orchard", real name is Jerry Preet, was a big hater of Hunter, but he has a long history of this. People call him 'misandric' but in actuality, he just hates women being attracted to handsome men because it reminds him of how much of a loser he is.
like vidrel he's claiming that JK Rowling and Christie Golden have the same view of women as Ted Bundy, his porn addiction and fetishization of lesbians really jump out in the end, cause even he's allegedly making fun of Incels, his fetish has to include lesbians in it. and it would be one thing if this man wasn't take seriously but he was for a brief period and that author Christie Golden had to publicly apologize for stuff she never did and later on, had to include a trans-character in one of her works, so she wouldn't be considered transphobic.

No. 1963169

Uncle Fester looking ass

No. 1963183

no wonder he couldn't make it as a comic artist.

No. 1963184

>"why do i always choose lady avatars when gaming"
>"why do i like to draw and read yuri manga so much"
this is so fucking retarded, there's being emotionally disconnected that you don't feel any emotions strongly anymore, and then there's being so emotionally retarded that you mix up your arousal by beauty with admiration and desire of beauty. you are no pwoor opwessed lwesbian, you're just a male, like every other degenerate hypersexual male that has every existed, you choose female avatars bc you're sexually attracted to women, seeing anything of women is more sexually rewarding to you than a man, besides, even seeing other men would make you realize your own shortcomings as a hideous post-wall male, it's like the reverse of spicy straight women, they mix up their intimidation of attractive women with attraction and start calling themselves bi or kweer.

No. 1963187

what was the reason for Blahaj being so popular among troons again? it was related to shark week being slang for periods right?

No. 1963189

File: 1707234702043.jpg (46.22 KB, 605x605, 2023071201237.jpg.jpg)

considering he was wearing one of these, it's possible the cashier did joke about needing to be old enough to buy booze and his delusional ass invented a whole story about being hot when really he just looked like a child
>the decent guys know they post a threat to women and stay out of their personal space
if only the hands writing this had any self-awareness
also wtf what does competitiveness have to do with preferring to sit with someone you already know? if anything it would be pretty rude to bump into someone you knew on the bus then blatantly ignore them to sit next to a stranger. also stranger danger does apply somewhat to women too, but of course this moid wouldn't know true fear of being a victim of a misogynistic hate crime or just an easy target by moids who dehumanize us already.
I'm amazed he was downvoted but it's still crazy how bold and insane some are that they will promote hormones to kids without any care to learn the effects it would have on them.

No. 1963190

>even seeing other men would make you realize your own shortcomings as a hideous post-wall male
Jen Izaakson often brings this up. Many TIMs think of themselves as failed men (which is true). Instead of improving themselves, they want to join the 'women club,' which they perceive as being filled with losers. They believe that we, the failed people, should stick together from their perspective.

No. 1963192

pockmarks the size of craters and blackheads probably, like a copycat François Vérove.

No. 1963194

File: 1707235037242.jpeg (102.13 KB, 720x1281, Fy_7muYaAAA_cb9.jpeg)

I know literally nothing about this show, but apparently SOME gendies liked it/him (picrel). The TIF/TIM divide rears its head again kek.

No. 1963196

TIFs did self-insert as him cause he was an angsty elf-boy, but the outright hatred came from TIMs.

No. 1963199

You hit the nail on the head. Plus, trying to perceive themselves as women and especially "superior" women is easier for them because they base the worth of women on arbitrary features, just a list of requirements they have to fulfill, for example long hair, tons of cissy women fail this requirement, and I've filled this requirement, so surely I'm in the top league of women! And since they're dishonest men, they make the rules and also break them and will reduce the expectations of the arbitrary features and amp it up when it comes to real women, like for them their shitty anime wigs are good enough, their "budding" gynecomastia bumps are good enough, relationship troubles are no problem, but for real women, your hair doesn't reach your butt? embarrassing, your cup size starts with B? shut up washing board, you've dated exactly two men in your life? proof that men like the "dolls" more than you.

No. 1963201

Nta, but I'm still holding onto the theory they are so detached from reality they view life in 3rd person and due to being the failures in life, they get off to the fact of playing the act as a humiliating failed "woman".

No. 1963206

File: 1707237860708.jpeg (262.31 KB, 1080x3052, 9alDe1t.jpeg)

some drama between op and another troon idk

No. 1963208

Men, as always, getting mad when women like a fictional character. Nothing new.

No. 1963211

Troons dictating a woman’s value based on their own arbitrary ego and outward perception of the person? I wonder where that quality comes from..

No. 1963212

>People call him 'misandric' but in actuality, he just hates women being attracted to handsome men because it reminds him of how much of a loser he is.

Lol, this literally explains TIMs obssesion with yuri.

You know how Japanese idols have to have no boyfriends in order to sell the fantasy to their male fans that they have a chance? And how this happens even with female anime characters meant to appeal to moids—and when their waifu gets it on with their husbando—the otakus lose their shit and scream "NTR!!!!" (look up the Erased and Kannagi fiasco).

This is basically it. Weeb tansbians hate het ships with their waifu featuring an attractive husbando because they subconsciously see him as competition for said waifu—as well as the male character being a constant reminder of having traits that they don't have that women irl like.

So they invade yuri since it's the only romance where there's no "competition".

No. 1963213

Considering the higher prevalence of Autism and ADHD among TIFs and TIMs, it's not too far-fetched to consider.

No. 1963214

There's not a single slogan they haven't just copied from Gay Liberation. Amazing.

No. 1963215

Jerry/'Lily Orchard' is horrifying, true a-logging material. I hate how he's generally known as 'that autist who cared too hard about cartoons' when he's actually deeply sinister. IIRC he made up a gf, inserting elements from his own personality into her fake biography (eg: incestuous relationship, CP ownership). He came out shortly after this feminine alter ego 'died'. Turns out he molested his actual sister for years, starting when she was a toddler and was incredibly violent towards her aswell. The details are stomach-churning.

No. 1963220

Love seeing troon on troon violence.

No. 1963237

>that spoiler
So I knew he was a horrible pervert, but I never realized he was an actual rapist, did he admit this?

No. 1963240

File: 1707245803797.jpeg (530.48 KB, 1290x1579, GFdWK8zbAAAuCdw.jpeg)

They picked the perfect troon to sit up front for the pic kek.

No. 1963241

File: 1707246036549.jpg (5.17 KB, 225x225, images (1).jpg)

Looks like he's wearing picrel

No. 1963242

File: 1707246208505.jpg (165.17 KB, 1440x600, Spongebob_Muscles.jpg)

No. 1963251

File: 1707247622049.jpg (47.13 KB, 900x345, geodude.jpg)

(Deleted to add reply)

He did not admit to doing anything. He admitted to being violent physically but i'll doubt he'll ever face what he's done

No. 1963254

File: 1707247740674.png (310.04 KB, 397x556, Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 21-30…)

Uncle Jack's seething with envy.

No. 1963262

so how do you know? not trying to imply youre lying bc i swear i head something about him coercing women im just curious, did she come out against him?

No. 1963268

Looking like a fucking gorilla kekkk

No. 1963269

File: 1707251800415.jpg (43.43 KB, 640x691, blahajescalator.jpg)

It started on tumblr with pics of a bunch of them around a table, then on Russian internet (picrel) in 2018, then some troons on reddit co-opted it in 2020. There's no logic or reason to it other than troons have no culture of their own, it's all stolen from somewhere.

No. 1963271

File: 1707252324403.jpeg (1.81 MB, 4032x3024, german-ikea-ad.jpeg)

and every day at around 7 am I have to see at least 5 of these ads and be reminded of troons(blog)

No. 1963272

File: 1707252551882.jpeg (687.9 KB, 1170x938, IMG_6970.jpeg)

Hunter Schafer looking like Beck in the trailer for some new horror movie. Male genes always really pop around this age, just as this pervert’s “career” is about to take off…kek

No. 1963273

I remember how he attempted to deflect the responsibility for his abusive tendencies by solely blaming his dad, and then had the audacity to claim that the only reason he resorted to violence was because he attended a Catholic school. He even went as far as linking it all to European colonization and how he's supposedly suffering from generational trauma caused by colonization(he's like 1/8th Native American)

No. 1963278

Oh, yes she did (forgot to mention it, my bad). She made a post and i believe she even talked about it on a twitch stream

No. 1963279

Did they get Pinhead to sit up front because his legs didn't fit under the table or did they want to show how feminine Donkey Kong could look in a wig?
Dear god that moid neck is really not doing his LARP any favors. Neither is the alien incel face, no amount of bolt ons and shoop can save a twink from his fate.

No. 1963290

File: 1707257483590.jpg (25.81 KB, 213x285, 1540871481047.jpg)

This tranny bullshit is an absolute stain on the lolita community, when will it end???

No. 1963292

Abby TiM Miller for sure.

No. 1963304

I don't want to make it sound like i have sympathy for this guy, i acknowledge that he probably thought that taking cross sex hormones would automatically make him a feminine woman without any effort on his part. But i think the weird thing is that if it's been 3 years, you can say that he has clearly made an effort to look like a normal man in need of a good haircut, because that's what he looks like to me. I question if he is even being serious about taking hrt and isn't a troll. My main takeaway from this is that he sounds like he found himself in the trans pipeline exclusively because he thought it would solve every issue in his life and give him friends, not even sex like most males who find themselves in this pipeline. He saw troons who really look like men and thought he didn't really have to make an effort since they didn't and every one in the trans and tra community always goes on about how they don't owe anybody masculinity/femininity. If he is being serious, he's a man, it's so fucking easy for them to make friends idk why he is struggling so hard. Just open discord ffs.

No. 1963316

Also it’s blue with white teeth and belly and pink tongue, the colors of troon flag.

No. 1963317

File: 1707265702003.jpg (265.19 KB, 1622x976, GFePB1sa8AE5D8y.jpg)

obviously the tranny am i right fellow lesbies

No. 1963318

File: 1707265762363.jpg (205.3 KB, 1284x1469, GFgDauUXgAA06yY.jpg)


No. 1963324

I don't give a shit if I'm alogging. I hope this moid gets his disgusting moid head smashed in by a huge boulder(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1963325

The audacity to post this in a LESBIAN GROUP. Porn needs to be outlawed asap.

No. 1963326

File: 1707266793106.jpg (534.66 KB, 1080x1408, retard.jpg)

Some troon is having a meltdown on Twitter because he doesn't realize that calling Margaret Hamilton 'tgirl coded' is sexist and it undermines her accomplishment. Calling women tgirl coded or clocky will never be a compliment. I would be insulted if someone said I look like a tranny kek.

No. 1963327

>outie vagina
That's called a prolapse, my friend, and the only one you have is the one falling out of your butt from anorectal violence

No. 1963344

they arent even saying she looks trans theyre saying that because shes so smart she was instrumental in putting man on the moon that shes "tgirl coded" and everyone is saying that if youre upset by this you are transphobic and should be flattered which just reads as "cis women arent smart with computers like we are"

No. 1963347

she makes troons seethe incontrolably because shes everything they wished they could be.

No. 1963370

No. 1963371

File: 1707279818561.jpeg (139.33 KB, 1492x749, IMG_0335.jpeg)

No. 1963372

File: 1707279931705.jpeg (378.57 KB, 828x834, IMG_0336.jpeg)

another transbian of reddit! this time, written with one hand

No. 1963401

Please post the comments nonny, I want to see the lesbians in that group mass peaking (I hope the did peak)

No. 1963408

Why is he feeling down only trannies are contacting him? I thought trannies were true honest valid women!

No. 1963412

>wait, women don't like people to grope their breasts without permission? strange, i a woman find it super hot

No. 1963419

I would consider the female to be more female

No. 1963420

What sub was it?

No. 1963423

This is so bizarre in so many ways, I don’t even know where to start.

No. 1963434

Facebook, not Reddit. It says in the screenshot that it’s a group for UK single lesbians over 30.

No. 1963438

I definitely remember it being a thing with troons before 2020.

No. 1963443

>How to please boobs?
>Particularly big ones?

No. 1963446

"My gf is not ecstatically bouncing boobily and exploding milk like in my hentais, how to fix?"

No. 1963455

>how to please large breasts
Bro, what? These men are so fucking pornsick it's actually baffling

No. 1963461

File: 1707320080137.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1216x1166, GFttT5fbAAAwnPP.jpeg)

Seeing Japanese Twitter have the exact same 'trans women are women'; 'no, humans can't change sex'; 'they're women that's all you have to know' etc interactions is hurting my brain.

No. 1963462

File: 1707320123734.jpeg (1.02 MB, 2048x1156, GFttS7ba4AAdIJy.jpeg)

"I have a woman's heart/soul"

No. 1963463

Interesting how they’re all at ages where Japanese women would be wearing more mature modest clothing than that.

No. 1963465

I feel genuinely bad that this western epidemic of degenerate retards has spread to east asia, where women’s status is already severely lacking

No. 1963466

File: 1707321124043.jpeg (656.8 KB, 828x1405, IMG_0338.jpeg)

it’s fascinating to observe how trannies interact with each other within their own communities

No. 1963467

Ikr. There are so many AGPs who have no shame over there.

No. 1963468

Honest to God what is up with TIMmies and their diaper fetishes? I require a scientific explanation, it's disgustang.

No. 1963470

File: 1707321450632.jpeg (566.94 KB, 828x962, IMG_0339.jpeg)

more from 4chan /tttt/. the level of delusion and cope kek(Not related to specific cows)

No. 1963471

1. paraphilias cluster together
2. many tims, like moids in general, are honest to god pedophiles. at the core of agp is the desire to become what you sexually desire, so the idea of wearing diapers and acting like a “loli” sexually arouses them

No. 1963472

I'm starting to think this is also about never growing up. They don't want to be adult, responsible individuals.
They take their incel moid lazyness to the next levels and want to be so lazy they don't even have to go to the bathroomn to poop.

No. 1963473

I wonder how many of them troon out without understanding they're now about 99% likely to only end up having all male gay orgies for relationships. Only poor women who are already trapped when they troon out are willing to stay for a while (before inevitably leaving due to to peaking)

No. 1963474

agreed, I think both are factors in the diaper obsession. let’s not forget the majority of trannies are severely autistic retards who view themselves as “failed males” and can’t cope with normal life

No. 1963487

Japan has been perverted and pedophilic for far, far longer than the tranny wave in the anglosphere. the porn addicted AGPs there were probably way ahead of the trend

No. 1963491

but random posts from reddit are? retard tranny janny(take it to /meta/)

No. 1963493

I find it hard to believe this phenomenon isn’t just some mass-mid life crisis with extra steps. There’s no way all these middle aged men have felt this way all their life.

No. 1963494

File: 1707327064000.jpeg (67.95 KB, 550x1000, IMG_0343.jpeg)

farmhands are truly retarded and ruining this site
good point. reminds me of the agp manga like picrel popular with western troons

No. 1963495

Gotta love that he absolutely had to include the "useless lesbian" """meme""" that's gotten popular with troons and spicy straight women.

No. 1963496

You can tell this moid wrote the whole post with one hand. Who the fuck doesn’t know what to do with a boob? Who are they fooling? He just wants jerkoff material in the comments

No. 1963497

The post replying to the tranny is just unrelated blatant misogyny. Maybe that's what the farmhand meant.

No. 1963500

Using heavy handed misogyny to try and comfort yourself and other trannies, a classic. I get that troons hate real women for a variety of reasons (envy, male-mindset developed misogyny, etc) but do they need to constantly remind people?(several unsaged posts)

No. 1963503

File: 1707329890410.png (20.54 KB, 605x235, 1702306614982.png)

I remember years back when he started a hate campaign against author, Christie Golden. She wrote some tie-in books for video game series, including Assassin's Creed and World of Warcraft, and was living her best life, writing her own vampire romance novels as well. Apparently, this man (who claims to be a feminist lesbian woman) didn't like how the female characters had romantic relationships with men, He accused her of being a racist (because she got facts about some Arab and warcraft fantasy culture wrong), of being a misogynist (again, for allegedly not handling her female characters well), a pedophile, and a fetishizer (for having a 20-year-old male character fall in love with a middle-aged female character) She had to turn off her account for a few months cause of this, and the accounts where he made these claims have been deleted.(He has a history of basically scrubbing away his offensive and controversial claims, like his pedophile MLP fan-fiction, but I remember when it happened.)

No. 1963506

File: 1707329962765.png (14.03 KB, 530x270, m5ZUrDq.png)

samefag, here is him just admitting that he did get banned for accusing her of being bigoted numerous times on his previous account.

No. 1963514

the butch probably doesnt need mile long bangs starting from the middle of her scalp to hide her male pattern baldness. lmao. seconded btw nona i wish we could see the comments ripping him a new one
lmfao. i thought t4t was better than dating nasty 'cis' lesbians?
>by doubting your womanhood youre more of a woman than a transwoman aggressively insisting he's just as good as a cis woman
mental fucking gymnastics. like a fat girl having 'body dysmorphia'. you dont have impostor syndrome, youre a hulking male in a dress bought from amazon

No. 1963516

File: 1707332112580.mp4 (3.95 MB, 600x1080, troonytoons - 1754894205342879…)

Imagine seeing this on your street

No. 1963517

these pedophiles need to be fucking castrated

No. 1963520

File: 1707332824416.jpg (403.58 KB, 1080x1150, 1000029739.jpg)

>A trans-identified male in Kentucky has reached a plea deal after being charged with sexually abusing a baby and will avoid prison so long as he meets certain conditions. Maria Childers, a former daycare worker, hired a prominent trans activist lawyer to represent him in the sickening case.
>According to witness testimony, a co-worker had asked Childers for assistance in changing an infant’s diaper. While Childers was cleaning the baby’s genitals, the co-worker noticed that the infant appeared to be in distress and asked Childers if he was hurting the baby. She then witnessed Childers rub the infant’s genitals in a “circular motion,” while saying “that was her clit area and she likes it. It just made her day.”

No. 1963553

What the fuck was the plea deal? if he was openly doing that to a baby in front of a coworker he'll go further when no ones looking. I don't even care it's a tranny, anyone who does that should at least end up on the sex offender registry

No. 1963559

From https://reduxx.info/exclusive-transgender-daycare-worker-avoids-prison-after-sexually-abusing-baby-during-diaper-change/
>Childers’ bond was reduced from $100,000 to $5,000
>Childers struck an apparent deal with prosecutors. In exchange for a guilty plea, his charge of 1st Degree Sexual Abuse of a Victim Under 12 was amended to Class A Misdemeanor Sexual Misconduct, and the remaining abuse charges were dropped.
>Childers was handed a 12-month penalty, but the Judge withheld sentencing and imposed a conditional discharge for 6 months.
>If Childers abides by the conditions set by the court during the 6-month period, he will not serve any prison time at all,

tldr, he sexually and physically abused babies and got out of the punishment by pretending to be a woman

No. 1963562

Trying to perpetuate the stereotype that lesbianism evolved from women trying to please men i see

No. 1963568

Men have severe lack of foresight and self-awareness. Many TIMS are also autistic which just makes that worse.

No. 1963574

>This is basically it. Weeb tansbians hate het ships with their waifu featuring an attractive husbando because they subconsciously see him as competition for said waifu—as well as the male character being a constant reminder of having traits that they don't have that women irl like.
and that's what ultimately peaked me, Because I had misandric friends (who ironically are pro-trans today, weirdly enough), but the way they talked about men was very different from how these "trans-women" expressed hatred against men(and boys, cause they seemed to dislike little boys as well). The hatred they had was the exact same hatred I saw Incels express towards "chad", and it hit me, that these trans-women were all just Incels and it felt like this veil had been lifted.

No. 1963585

File: 1707345501740.jpeg (86.64 KB, 1080x1090, mra.jpeg)

They are. I mean, they wrote a whole manual (transmaxxing) for incels to convert, but people will still ignore that fact. Incels just found a strategy that worked; they flipped the oppression Olympics that were going on to put themselves at the top (ahead of 'Chad' and 'Stacey'), and got themselves an army of women who'd previously hated who would now fight tooth and nail to defend them.

No. 1963665

Actually fucking sick, how can you sexually abuse a baby and get away with it? Do they even realise how bad this makes them look.

No. 1963670

wtf? this is insulting. I hope the mother fights back.

No. 1963716

Can someone please explain to me what the hell the joke is supposed to be here?

No. 1963721

You could dump any one of those guys in a pond and skim ugly for days.

No. 1963722

The one with the uterus. Hope that helps kek

No. 1963724

I encourage anyone who still thinks Asian troons "pass better" to take a look at that photo.

No. 1963761

File: 1707378746974.gif (3.73 MB, 498x498, Y6GmWFt.gif)

>Can someone please explain to me what the hell the joke is supposed to be here?
The joke is they like inserting their fetishes into everything, like this guy(EldenaDoubleca5t) who got popular for his tumblr shipping video's would always included this "joke" whenever there was a ship between an assertive woman(or a female character HC'd as assertive) or any sort of pretty/young looking male character, and unsurprisingly he trooned out.

No. 1963770

File: 1707382216690.png (1.2 MB, 1286x734, ew.png)

idk if the bar is so low for trannies or just handmaiden pampering, probably both
ok so sage for derailing
Remember that tims are autistic incels, they think women live in "easy mode", pampered by society, no responsabilities cause we are not the "caregivers". to them we don't have a care in the world, like children basically, but sexual. the feminine ideal they want to impersonate is completely infantilized and higly sexualized. The next step is to wear diapers and masturbate in their own shit and piss. Tims don't want to be women, they want to be bimbos (wich literally means baby), a male made fetishized female archetype.
women are desired, with an intensity they experience everyday and are never able to satisfy. So their rotten coom brains creates this short circuit and goes trans. They want to become the object of that desire, as a way to "escape" it. Their brains are really fucked and are unable to empathize with or understand real humans outside their fantasies, cause they don't even know what it's like to not be horny 24/7.
I honestly think they are unfit for life, maybe castration would be a solution.
writing this stuff about someone is so sad but then it's people like >>1963520 we're talking about, and all troons are somewhere on the same spectrum.

No. 1963771

Rachel probably only said that because they were in a movie together and probably wants to look like they like each other. She prob had her assistant type that out

No. 1963776

File: 1707386804144.png (477.33 KB, 684x468, ogre.png)

her simping comments are under all of his latest ig posts. You may be right, it also sounds like typical handmaiden bullshitting
btw just compare their arms kek

No. 1963781

That comment seems so passive aggressive under a picture of his uncanny washed out horsey visage Kek.
Rachel was probably just trying to be nice though, she seems to gas up absolutely everyone that was in the movie with her. Even the actors that played random tributes have comments from her. She's the type of handmaiden that goes along with it to be nice not knowing how depraved troons are or how fucked transactivism is. I bet she was wondering why Hunter seems low-key creepy during filming.

No. 1963816

File: 1707404559734.png (1.07 MB, 1440x1590, mo6kj4xdy6hc1.png)

The only thing you have in common is the clock.

No. 1963827

File: 1707405860878.png (Spoiler Image,613.63 KB, 426x1623, download (4).png)

I know I shoulndt be surprised because reddit but I fucking hate looking at my timeline and being bombarded with a tranny picture. And of course if you check its profile it's a lesbian larper programmer. All the comment were kissing its ass as well.
Spoiler bcs screencap dunni if it will be huge

No. 1963829

The number of ‘female sex offenders’ has skyrocketed, I wonder why..l

No. 1963839

Using constant PR campaigns to try and artificially inflate the desirability of your group is extremely male behavior.

No. 1963840

a heterosexual male into heterosexual women? color me surprised!

No. 1963843

Side part? Sir, you mean comb over.

>Understanding of femininity
AKA "ugly masculine bulldykes don't make my peepee hard"

No. 1963845

This is local to me, it got a single article when he got arrested but there's nothing about his sentencing when so many other crimes have a follow up article of their result after trial. Also saw the part where he was listed female now (wasn't at arrest), did they put him in the women's part of the jail too? Sad when red-af western Kentucky of all places isn't gonna be harsh on a tranny pedo, no justice for the baby victims because the perp is a freak and it's more important to placate creeps than protect victims and prevent further crimes.

No. 1963855

What's up with troons skinwalking the typical 2010 tumblr feminist look in 2024? Why are they always lagging behind?

No. 1963861

im sorry his name is QUIM?!?!??!!?

No. 1963863

File: 1707413419882.png (193.26 KB, 599x660, s3INWQT.png)

>look up his account
>pornsick male humour
"wow", what a surprise

No. 1963866

File: 1707415273405.jpeg (148.55 KB, 1290x940, GF1QRlQaEAAdnxB.jpeg)


No. 1963870

File: 1707415933162.jpeg (824.04 KB, 1800x1800, 351EDEF6-6D53-4F4F-A549-45B04B…)

They’re 3 fucking troon in this community now. Why do they accept these degenerates ffs

No. 1963873

Moids just have to rape everything they see with their disgusting dicks. If they can’t physically rape women then they will rape our spaces and communities by invading them as much as possible, right down to invading clothing and underwear that was made for us.

No. 1963876

File: 1707416954822.png (250.13 KB, 749x643, img_867.png)

Kinda impressed with myself that I could instantly tell this was made by a troon, rather than a gender-special woman

No. 1963886

It's literally just a straight couple where both characters are "tough" and "emotionless."

No. 1963890

File: 1707418378664.jpg (76.52 KB, 1075x316, Screenshot_20240208_195206_X.j…)

This user is a plague.
I hate how people have fully embraced ~yuri is the purest form of love~ yuributaism because of people like him.

No. 1963892

see >>1963212 f/f relationships are just a form of Inceldom for them.

No. 1963894

Given that most Yuri mangaka are male, and that lesbian porn is popular among straight moids because they don't have to see another man at all, I think the actual "nonsense" here is thinking that Yuri fans aren't overwhelmingly straight men and AGP troons.

No. 1963896

Not to encourage cowtipping, but you should contact your local politicians and make a stink about this. This is red meat for Kentucky Republicans.

No. 1963900

Gross ass sissy and age play fetishists were trying to claw their way into EGL from the very start. Back in the day we outed, rejected, and mocked them viciously. Then all this gendie shit happened and suddenly the coomers get their way and get asspats for it.

Every female hobby under the sun gets this particular curse now it seems.

No. 1963902

I wonder if he even had to register as a sex offender. If not then that's ridiculous.

No. 1963913

I am a logging in my heart and soul as hard as I possibly can. May he get everything that is coming to him and more. How many more stories like this are going to get buried before one actually causes serious problems for their whole cult and media darling status?

No. 1963918

Even if it is cow tipping, you should still make a big fuss over it. He will obviously offend again and will keep getting a slap on the wrist until someone says enough.

No. 1963920

It's saddening because those dresses are so pretty.

No. 1963922

Lmao it's the TIM version of TIFs getting mad at the "fujo fetishizing pure mlm bois" allegation.

No. 1963929

File: 1707425067652.png (565.94 KB, 1080x1626, lRwcgWy.png)

sage for technically not being full troon milk but It's still something worth discussing, So Jane Ward is a very stereotypical queer academic who discusses "feminist porn" and the radical aspects of non-heterosexuality. She essentially 'encouraged' her adopted son, Yarrow to transition by initially dressing him in mostly girl's clothes and strongly encouraging him to embrace a transgender identity. He did so for a while, but then he realized it wasn't what he wanted. He asked his mother to allow him to be raised as a boy. She became upset and blamed "cis-hetero-white patriarchy", calling her son a coward for not wanting to confront his true identity. It's incredibly fucked up to read about.

No. 1963930

File: 1707425205230.png (559.25 KB, 887x547, jiLWTKL.png)

mind you this is how she was raising her kid, this wasn't trying to raise him without sexist bullshit, it was basically gaslighting and grooming to hope your child become trans.
here's the full article for anyone wondering

No. 1963933

>if you have a child with a penis
>if you have a child with a vagina
But it's TERFs who are reducing people down to gentials?

No. 1963937

I'd wager this parenting method could produce quite a few serial killers.

No. 1963938

File: 1707426128246.jpeg (60.18 KB, 1080x470, GF1DA7ZXUAETTx-.jpeg)

Major kek

The amount of likes these things get makes me lose the will to live. I have to believe they're in every engagement circle/bot website ever. For my sanity.
The amount of child abuse perpetrated in the name of this movement. Truly disgusting.

No. 1963940

Troons are infamous for skinwalking the women that they know or the women that give them boners. Maybe he hung out with a bunch of SJW women in college or maybe if he was an altrighter, it's some kind of hatefuck skinwalk thing. Moids are a disgusting mystery.

No. 1963942

fucking kek. they’re just catching on now?

No. 1963944

>Weird thought, do lesbians not like sharing forums with men who skinwalk them?

No. 1963946

File: 1707427254458.jpeg (965.99 KB, 1284x2170, IMG_1211.jpeg)

all the twitter chrannies are going crazy lately, one dummy converts their meth lab to a hrt homebrew station without cleaning that shit first and now everyones going bonkers! this kind of laziness kills, fellas

No. 1963949

Poor kid is withdrawing in on himself and probably developing an anxiety disorder from his mom’s weird attention seeking behavior and she’s still just like “Maybe one day he’ll put on the pink shoes I got him and decide he wants to be Mommy’s little dancing monkey!!!”
It’ll be interesting and likely heart breaking in a few years when these kids come out with their stories about the dysfunction they suffered through.

No. 1963950

File: 1707427715327.jpeg (87.5 KB, 828x736, GF0x6DQaMAENuEs.jpeg)

A follow-up on this theme. Once again, the answer is a resounding 'yes'.

No. 1963952

…if sex was outward sex characteristics, sexually non-dimorphic animals would literally not have a sex…. sex is about whether your body plan is intended to produce egg cells or sperm cells. Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

No. 1963958

>changing the pronouns of the characters in a story
>doing so from page to page
That sounds really confusing and frustrating for a kid to witness, like imagine someone is telling you that a guy went to a market to buy oranges but then /she/ decided /she/ wanted to buy apples too.
That kid must be mentally exhausted 24/7.

No. 1963968

File: 1707429384404.jpeg (1014.09 KB, 1290x2963, Image.jpeg)

Even if the post is bait, the comments are still infuriating. This one specially. Of course it’s written by a misogynistic TIF lmao what’s new. Absolutely retarded to think that a fully grown 40 YEAR OLD MALE injecting himself with horse piss is the same physically and mentally as a 13 year old girl going through puberty. Ladies, raise your hands if you wore colorful anime wigs, stripper heels, short skirts and crop tops with the word “slut” on it when you were a teenager!!

No. 1963971

Samefag, but of course she’s defending the TIM lashing out at his wife who just gave birth and excusing his fetish.
>As for the breastfeeding issue, next time she feels bad about all of that, maybe tell her something like: oh honey, I wish you could experience this too. I know it's not easy for you. But don't go into it. Anything else you say can hit a sore spot.
Like god forbid the woman feels bad that her husband is cussing her out for fucking feeding their baby. Please be careful, you can huwt his feewings ok?

No. 1963973

>It makes me feel like a monster when my community bullies women out of their social spaces and colonizes them
I mean. You're not a "monster," you're just an inconsiderate moid who enables other entitled moids.

>Do lesbians really view us this way?

It's not a question of "viewing." I don't "view" the sky to be blue, I can plainly see that it's blue as a matter of fact. "Lesbian" subs on Reddit are disproportionately filled with TiMs, and there's plenty of evidence to substantiate that. That's not a "view," it's an observation.

No. 1963976

With some birds, like doves and penguins, you literally cannot tell what sex they are outside of breeding season without a blood test. That doesn't mean that they're sexless animals, or that sex doesn't exist in their species. Trannies stay coping with mental gymnastics and semantic games.

No. 1963980

File: 1707430476208.png (21.59 KB, 585x204, 675651.png)

Classic moid talking point about how women who disagree with them are always stone butch bulldykes. It's like when moids argue with women, they're required to fall back on one or more of the following: 1) lies 2) saying that women who disagree with them are ugly or 3) threats of sexual violence.
I've been in the GC community for years. It's very diverse, with women of all ages, ethnicities, aesthetics, and sexualities. I've seen "high femme" straight black women and butch white baby dykes. We're united in our desire to protect women's rights and safety.

No. 1963989

unironically colonization from the west to the east

No. 1963991

File: 1707431330047.png (121.57 KB, 1503x908, 675652.png)

God that comment section is a goldmine. Check out picrel, an AGP MRA whose based wife left him for a GC lesbian.

No. 1964009

Terminal pickmeism. Whenever a woman complains about her male partner mistreating her, the main "advice" given is to walk on eggshells and avoid making him angry. It's the old "well what did you do provoke him?" but make it woke.

No. 1964012

Lmao that's gold. 'They mocked penises' - oh, the humanity, say it ain't so!

No. 1964018

Looked at his post history and he's a boomer hon disabled veteran. Classic moid indeed.

No. 1964020

File: 1707434647633.png (662.54 KB, 1190x1216, Screen Shot 2024-02-08 at 6.26…)

this is such a clever caption kek
you can force your way into women's spaces but you can't force them to stay in there with you! picrel

No. 1964023

File: 1707435926924.png (91.43 KB, 1032x589, nooo rape victims enjoyed my d…)

it really is nonnie
TIL it's a man's soul that rapes, victims feeling uncomfortable about genitals is not normal!!! fucking tranny wisdom

No. 1964030

File: 1707437520506.jpg (257.45 KB, 1080x1368, Screenshot_20240201_194545_Chr…)

>Did cis lesbians left actuallesbians?
Why, yes they did, sir, kek

No. 1964031

File: 1707437635812.jpeg (396.94 KB, 828x1515, IMG_1117.jpeg)

kek r/justunsubbed is filled with peaked women leaving r/actuallesbians due to the trannies

No. 1964035

>Woman thought I was gay for not leering at her
>This is a complaint


No. 1964036

File: 1707438288645.jpg (269.84 KB, 1080x1133, Screenshot_20240209_012634_Chr…)

Kek, even non lesbians are peaking

No. 1964038

Every single fucking time. That's one of the reasons I'm so frustrated and I've posted in the "making lolcow friends" thread. Because every single time I find a space "for women" to enjoy and share hobbies, or have discussions about nerdy topics, it's always, ALWAYS bulldozed and taken over by troons and handmaidens. LC is literally the only place I've found, offline or IRL, where troons aren't welcome to shove their way in.

No. 1964042

Truly retarded logic, I almost don't know what to say. This has to be deliberate because no one says, "No, she wasn't raped by a penis, but a man!" and believes it, unless they are that stupid.
It's hard not to, you start paying attention when it happens so frequently. They are so self-absorbed.

No. 1964048

so, he didn't stop being friends with him when he admitted to raping women, only after he called him ugly. lol. moids are so typical

No. 1964065

The trans are invading women's and children's spaces. Even Monster High

No. 1964070

spoiler this

No. 1964072

The troon looks pretty 41%coded tbh

No. 1964073

File: 1707446864361.png (638.04 KB, 736x766, LOL.png)

>dainty and petite

No. 1964074

File: 1707447020156.jpg (209.25 KB, 1128x850, GDlSVZlWMAAxIl-.jpg)

He turned into steven tyler

No. 1964075

File: 1707447291779.jpg (64.2 KB, 760x297, retards.jpg)

Hate these kinds of retards

No. 1964078

kek everyone wave goodbye to his hairline as it fades away

No. 1964094

>people rape people
Gee, I wonder what this faggot's take on guns is.

No. 1964099

File: 1707453663098.gif (39.02 KB, 201x92, Ita!.gif)

those poor dresses deserve better
why would a teenager be thinking about breastmilk production and feel sad if they knew they couldn't produce it to the point they'd throw a tantrum?

No. 1964100

File: 1707453690596.jpeg (Spoiler Image,702.5 KB, 2560x1440, IMG_0359.jpeg)

>TIM gloating about being stealth post-op
>posts picrel

No. 1964102

What the hell is going on with the left side oh my God. If I was him I wouldn’t get waxed and draw attention to it.

No. 1964103

Taking some poor woman's silence as confirmation of their delusions, every single time. Looking like mechanically separated raw chicken there my man.

No. 1964104

I thought that was a photo of a rash or burn scar on someone's neck. Is it not a bad idea to wax a surgical site that looks like it's one step away from infection or tearing open?

No. 1964109

I thought it was his armpit at first

No. 1964111

Looks like the surgeon forgot how many labia there are supposed to be and just started slicing willy-nilly.

No. 1964114

i am once again asking for that photo analyzing the "lain ideal", e.g. nerdy men trying to become a washed-out, miserable nerdy girl

No. 1964119

you can find it on /2X

No. 1964123

thank you!

No. 1964130

File: 1707467487801.png (243.9 KB, 1108x1180, Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 12.32…)

That comment you posted was removed from the thread by mods, of course, and the thread was locked, of course. But it's so refreshing to see the comments in that thread, holy shit. I'm glad people are noticing.

No. 1964131

File: 1707468089947.png (1.58 MB, 1188x1442, Screen Shot 2024-02-09 at 7.37…)

Sage because I'm not sure if he's got a thread here (and I don't use KF) but I kek every time I hear people use "her" for CWC. Didn't he admit that he identified as a transbian so that he would have more chances of getting laid?

No. 1964133

the worst thing for your daughter to ever interact with is an MTF who harasses her out of STEM

Also I hope more "allies" wake up and see the hatred they have for real women already

No. 1964135

Bragging about committing a literal sex offence is such moid behaviour

No. 1964136

File: 1707470261174.jpg (597.82 KB, 972x2512, 948758934753.jpg)

Ah yes, because we totally do this with our friends all the time. How very womanly. And of course he posted on r/actuallesbians.

No. 1964138

Geno calls Chris "she" in all his videos now. Fuck that scrote.

No. 1964143

what better way to push your son into the far-right? At least he might keep his dick over there

No. 1964153

as annoying this site can get, I'm very grateful for its presence. I hope more online/real life places follow suit

No. 1964155

It's a way to avoid the YT ban hammer for "misgendering"

No. 1964156

File: 1707474951936.png (175.13 KB, 743x774, Screenshot 2024-02-06 081405.p…)

the mods are quick to shut it down lest the normies catch the peak kek. Little personal, but i've been on a few meme subs starting out fine until the TIMs poured through the cracks and shoved down their ideological fetishes down everyone's throats. every other post consisted of femboys, trans rights, and other other poorly disgusted wank post. A naive me would've been fine, but as I've gotten older can't unsee what it really is: absolute lunacy.

not sure if this fits but found a trueoffmychest post where a woman couldn't continue the relationship all thanks to his crossdressing fetish (two bets he gonna troon, seen someone claim it's crossdressing or being bigender, but fuck that nonsense). My heart is aching for her because jfc, in her place I'd instantly dump his ass and hope to never see his ugly ass face again. IDK why TIMs can spend several years in a relationship than all of a sudden want to be a "catgirl" one day? Could chalk it up to midlife crisis or boredom, but it's all still insane in the end.

No. 1964160

File: 1707475687052.jpeg (343.7 KB, 750x1994, IMG_4935.jpeg)

not even lipstick on this pig. he wishes he looked like princess fiona as an ogre.

No. 1964161

File: 1707475907691.jpeg (Spoiler Image,153.06 KB, 1280x960, GFotALpaoAAy89A.jpeg)

Picrel: NSFL. He's had his 'boobs' done though I can't tell if this is before that or just a uniquely weird pic of them.

Same. A fellow Twitter on TERF linked me this place and it's been amazing. I just want spaces that aren't dominated by constant TRA bullshit and troon worship. Can't join a fandom without being drowned by everyone's 'trans headcanons' rme.
Kek she wouldn't have complimented his voice if she thought he was a woman.

No. 1964162

Have these surgeons never seen a human vagina before? It wasn't even placed on his anatomy correctly

No. 1964163

File: 1707476535195.jpg (331.46 KB, 1080x1424, Screenshot_20240209_120127_Chr…)

(Link in German - I read via Google Translate, screencap is also translation)

Some TIM pedo in Germany got a shorter sentence, even though he possessed multiple CP materials. He explained himself claiming that helped him to discover his "trans identity".
Fuck these pathetic shits. I hate this world more and more.

No. 1964164

File: 1707476560545.jpg (273.83 KB, 1080x1346, Screenshot_20240209_120144_Chr…)

Additional screencap from translated article.

No. 1964167

Pedofilia and predating on children and women is a staple of German moid culture. This doesn't even surprise me.(racebait )

No. 1964169

File: 1707477088665.png (362.74 KB, 970x390, pR3880e.png)

More like a serial killer. Obviously I'm not defending or justifying the actions of serial killers, but many of them had messed up psychosexual childhoods.

No. 1964174


I'm pretty sure that's a myth spread so they can justify misgendering Chris Chan. If you read into it, he really is as valid trans as any other MtF, I believe he even saw a professional about it at some point. Which hilariously leaves the predicament of whether to respect Chris Chan's pronouns or invalidate their ideology.

No. 1964175

That's what I was thinking. They don't seem to realise that these women are "complementing" them on things that stand out and they think they're insecure about. "Your voice is so nice and definitely not like a man's voice, man who is obviously trying and failing to pass as a woman"

No. 1964178

File: 1707479879714.jpg (180.04 KB, 1080x1227, Gross.jpg)

It's always disgusting when trannies skinwalk women, and it's even more disgusting when they outright state it. Pathetic.

No. 1964179

i think that is an understatment, perhaps the largest understatment i have ever seen
I feel like i have gazed into the abyss and the abyss gazed back, i also now know understand what hp lovecraft was writing in his works about unimaginable cosmic horror that drives the sanest man mad

No. 1964183

I wish I could find a source for this that isn't published by some racist news outlet

No. 1964187

>Hi fellow gals, can you help me trick my friends into having sex with them by painting it like it's for their own relief and not because I desperately want to fuck them? It's how us actual lesbians do, right?
I can't even blame those scrotes for thinking that women are this stupid when they're coddled by handmaidens that validate all their delusions. I hope he just goes for it and peaks all his "friend" group aka some lesbians that had pity for the crazy man in a dress

No. 1964196

>predating on women and children is a staple of german moid culture
you forgot animals
the fuck is the context of that pic

No. 1964207

Sorry I had no clue. I didn't know this newspaper as I'm not German, I saw someone sharing this article online on a website from my country.

No. 1964213

He fully believes in the porn fantasy where all women are at least bi-curious, so being a lesbian is just an effortless parade of sex and making out with your hot friends. Male moment.

No. 1964214

File: 1707496272948.jpeg (246.5 KB, 772x1354, A6B5B61E-DB5A-4164-B221-6A0287…)

Troon have posted this on actuallesbians. Massive copium kek


No. 1964215

This was posted like 30mins ago with 2 upvotes and no comments…
Like it's dumb but this is weird

No. 1964217

Nonna what the fuck am i looking at

No. 1964222

File: 1707499810834.png (1.22 MB, 619x926, Screenshot_104.png)

he took this ocean = femininity shit from hunter. i despise the way they harp on about the "divine feminine" by the way.

No. 1964226

File: 1707500483786.jpeg (317.04 KB, 1170x1948, GF4qjQDXkAAQTwx.jpeg)

Picrel: Vile tranny fantasy about raping lesbians, shared to the not-banned-totally-allowed 'r/dykeconversion'

I've been accused of understating on here before, so I should probably work on my warnings kek
I believe he is being a 'sexy' 'sissy'. The pig face is his thing. I will spare you more pics, but they exist.

No. 1964227

This is how they see us, brainless expression and weirdly twisted body in an attempt to look I guess cute?

No. 1964228

I looked through the user's posts and I'm really not comfortable on this planet anymore. It's report to the FBI watch list shit. Every post is about rape, wtf. Immediate death penalty.

No. 1964229

it took this man 3 years to find out he is still an ugly man despite hrt, who knew kek

No. 1964230

>their body would give in to a good rape
wtf are men's brains made out of. also what a great example of terf being a meaningless term that usually just refers to lesbians and how men will put a signifier in front of "women" so they can talk about all the vile shit they'd love to do to all women.
"trust me guys, I only want to rape the evil, acceptable rape targets uwu"
inb4 this guy inevitably transitions into being a transbian, there isn't a single man out there this focused on terfs who isn't a closeted tranny or at least a chaser

No. 1964232

someone really needs to invent some kind of brainscan that can detect moids with rape fetishes and or rapist intent
then they can be castrated, thrown in prison, or executed
the world would be a lot safer

No. 1964233

You would think with how much big data is tracking us online they could flag someone who constantly posts about rape everyday to the police. Doesn't seem hard. Instead I keep getting ads about stuff I already bought. I don't need another coffee machine.

No. 1964235

Jesus, why the fuck are men so scary when we don't want to fuck them? Just masturbate or fuck your fellow men.

No. 1964237

Wuornos would have had a field day with these fuckers.

No. 1964245

This serves as further proof that the term "CNC" is used by violent males in the same way "just kidding" is. It's a lie they tell to save face when they admit that they want to abuse women. In his fantasy, there's no prelude in which the "TERF" lesbian consents to having sex with him while pretending to be raped, the fantasy is of actually raping a woman who is fundamentally incapable of being attracted to him, as he views rape as a "fair punishment" for women who reject him for any reason.

No. 1964246

I don’t think there are enough prisons or executioners on earth for that nonna.

No. 1964256

Any woman who defends irl “CNC” is fucking retarded. I don’t care if it’s your kink or childhood trauma or whatever reason. The moids into that shit are extremely dangerous. Look at all the women who got beaten to death and their murderers walked out of court on a “rough sex” defense. Never give a moid “consent” to do any type of violence to you, bc too many will take it as license to escalate beyond anything you could consent to. And you‘ll get no justice bc hey, you consented! Straight women with rape fantasies should work it out in therapy or read vampire smut fanfic or something

No. 1964264

File: 1707508922165.jpeg (345.02 KB, 828x759, IMG_5136.jpeg)

What a fucking cult

No. 1964279

>being sexually penetrated makes you a woman

No. 1964282


reddit, where you cant have a women-only group but violent men can openly talk about their rape fantasies

No. 1964298

But anon it's CNC therefore it's totally fine to talk about it because it's a "kink" and "kinks" are 100% safe and not degenerate at all!

No. 1964303

File: 1707516900572.jpeg (580.1 KB, 1290x2100, IMG_5753.jpeg)

The porn addicted male brain in action. Also… the month long period kek. I really want to believe this is just some trolling, but I know that’s not the case. “The chocolate cravings are way worse”We’re a joke to them.

No. 1964304

They're just coping and malding since ovulation is when a lot of actual women tend to get horny, not their period.

No. 1964308

File: 1707517736969.jpeg (371.49 KB, 643x1926, D285202B-5048-4066-97A7-481D9C…)

In case you’ve ever wondered what kind of man-moid would date a troon.

No. 1964310

File: 1707517864241.jpeg (113.2 KB, 576x1024, IMG_0298.jpeg)

Samefag sorry — this first pic kills me, where the fuck even are they is “she” keeping him hostage in “her” super girly bunker??

No. 1964311

At least they’re being gay by themselves and leaving lesbians out of it.

No. 1964312

how could they get chocolate cravings when the craving of chocolate is apparently related to magnesium defciancy due to blood loss

No. 1964314

Chocolate has become female coded through marketing and advertising, they're using tropes to larp as nothing about them would be female without stereotypes.

No. 1964322

>their bodies would probably shamefully cum
retarded rapist moid doesn't even know most women don't cum from penetration

No. 1964323

Maybe it's because I'm an amerifat but I've never met a moid who disliked chocolate. It's fucking baffling that some of these retards actually believe that enjoying chocolate is a LAYDEE thing and not like… a human being thing.

No. 1964324

File: 1707522577502.jpeg (44.21 KB, 1170x544, quitporn3hr.jpeg)

Lmao these troons are fucking beyond repair

No. 1964325

Kek they're having dick measuring contests over the length of their periods and how bad their symptoms are. Male moment.

No. 1964326

how are they so male even now. up there w comparing the "depth" of their inverted dicks. major moid moment

No. 1964337

>I've been doing it for a couple of hours
>a couple of hours
how addicted must this moid be

No. 1964350

The more sexually experienced you are and older the easier it becomes, don't give up yet G Spot orgasms are chefs kiss(derailing)

No. 1964365

He said the "twice a year" shit because he's also a furry. Big fucking shocker. Dogs go into heat twice a year.

No. 1964373

File: 1707530744910.png (227.87 KB, 1080x1316, BurnTheOil.png)


No. 1964375

File: 1707531056649.jpeg (100.3 KB, 1080x1440, op 5 days ago.jpeg)

No. 1964377

How the fuck did I see a sad, bald male from the front page and immediately guess it would lead me to this thread.

No. 1964379

File: 1707531833509.jpg (196.63 KB, 720x1227, 1000010067.jpg)

never beating the grooming allegations. unsurprisingly he passes it off as a joke

No. 1964380

they are really unashamed for preying on minors or young adults. and are also openly misogynistic. if only people can see that.

No. 1964381

File: 1707532453268.jpg (338.46 KB, 1536x2048, 1000010068.jpg)

he looks like this kek

No. 1964387

File: 1707534064451.jpg (62.12 KB, 544x680, GFjkTLWbUAAGv88.jpg)

No. 1964388

File: 1707534179740.jpg (11.26 KB, 300x250, 1614239972908.jpg)

>I got periods even before I started HRT

No. 1964389

I'd rather they just be in gay relationships larping as straight than be actually straight and larp as lesbians

No. 1964390

File: 1707534634896.jpg (235.65 KB, 779x951, penisGONE.jpg)

saw the top post while browsing random women’s health subs on reddit and had to click on this account because it immediately felt off. speechless

No. 1964401

File: 1707537036972.png (994.44 KB, 1853x880, CANADA Metro Vancouver Transit…)

>Police can't say if its a man or a woman even though they have his semen sample

No. 1964419

Keep her name out of your dirty mouth, she is a terf queen

No. 1964423

>i feel like no one will ever love me or want me
When this point hits it almost feels like the regret is setting in and permanent mental illness follows after. Too bad he couldn’t learn to appreciate what he had!

No. 1964425

I like how he's asking about lesbian women's opinions on trannies but prefacing it with "I need virtual hugs desperately" kek. It's a warning that only positive answers are allowed and that he does not want to face the truth.

No. 1964432

All I can say is I'm blessed for every day I don't completely lose it. Women are being erased, we are now being put in the same category as nasty fucking rapist moids. It's the patriarchy dream.

No. 1964433

>You're GNC? You should castrate yourself, teehee!
I wonder how Alan Turing would feel if he knew that hundreds of young gay men are being manipulated into taking the same drugs that were once forced on him by the British government as a punishment for being homosexual. Manipulate gay and autistic people in sterilizing themselves, but make it woke!

No. 1964435

Wow, so beautiful and womanly and completely unclockable.

Why are Native men always so fucking ugly?(racebait)

No. 1964436

>Man cuts off his penis
>"Help, I can't orgasm!"
Natural selection at work

No. 1964439

Lol, he's the "where's my hugs" guy but digital.

No. 1964453

Those trannies posting on women’s health subreddits, they genuinely think they got an actual vagina installed and not just gotten castrated and having their penis reversed. Scary.

No. 1964472

What the fuck is wrong with that country? Remember that they did an "experiment" by grouping orphan kids with pedos

No. 1964473

Well, the pinned post is a mod telling women to shut up when they complained about being overran by men larping their fetishes. The hypothesis that troons have invaded all women-targetted subreddits as mods hold a ton of water.

No. 1964478

File: 1707565517940.jpeg (156.22 KB, 1250x423, IMG_4979.jpeg)

No. 1964480

As someone with vaginismus i wish him a merry go fuck yourself

No. 1964497

Kek A+ work

No. 1964499

This artist is such a schizo but this comic is funny.

No. 1964517

you've got sane stuff like 'don't force your daughter to have long hair' but it's nestled in among absolute insanity like describing little boys and little girls clothes as 'butch and femme aesthetics'

No. 1964521

Exactly what came to mind for me. That country is always at the forefront of perverts' rights activism. It was like this even back when troons were called 'transvestites'

No. 1964535

Literally has agp in his username, hiding in plain sight

No. 1964552

File: 1707584775315.jpeg (215.77 KB, 1290x1432, GF35XA4aMAAYOas.jpeg)

No. 1964561

Leave it to a true and honest man to out-nasty Tuna's collection of stuffies. Those poor things deserved a better life than to turn brown on a tranny's bed. Though I have a sinking suspicion they're mostly pre-used because some seem rather old kinds so either this guy has been doing this for over a decade, or he's been buying used children's toys for his fetish which somehow feels worse than if they were all new.

No. 1964563

I got scared we were getting raided again and someone posted crime scene evidence…why are they all so serial killeresque..

No. 1964566

>she didn't notice anything abnormal about my vulva
so you agree? you think that your genitals are abnormal?

No. 1964567

like a woman would ever so obviously point out the state of someone's genitals, male or female, at best, she probably thought that this was some FGM survivor.

No. 1964570

Sadly he prob would be turned on to imagine himself in the place of some poor girl or woman who experienced FGM. Ugh I hate them sm

No. 1964571

Kek, wasn't this the same faggot who was gloating about lesbians fawning over him after he "transitioned"?

No. 1964572

>i damn near jumped one of my roommates friends
male moment, making your degenerate violent hypersexual tendencies out to be a teehee ooooh i'm so horny moment.

No. 1964573

He's casually saying he nearly raped his roommates. Wtf. Do these girls know they live with a degenerate ? Barf

No. 1964575

lmfao hes so ugly that i forgot he said that. such a blatant lie and so many of his ogre friends liking and seeing his lie as hope for it to become true for them too lol

No. 1964578

It's funny you should say this, because I remember there being drama over an anti-FGM advocate on Twitter (I think she called herself Dr. Clit?) mistaking the troon rotpockets on the Wall of Vaginas for FGM. She got angry that the wall was "normalizing FGM," and then she got dogpiled by trannies because after figuring out that they were neovaginas, she said that troon holes (rightfully) don't belong on the wall, either.

No. 1964605

How dare you

No. 1964609

File: 1707597554607.jpg (Spoiler Image,343.52 KB, 1079x1563, Screenshot_20240210-195228.jpg)


No. 1964611

is he wearing fake halloween monster teeth too?

No. 1964627

nightmare fuel

No. 1964634

File: 1707603224940.mp4 (873.28 KB, 876x720, XxtraEstroGenny - 175538176304…)

Wrestler-turned-shameless AGP Tyler Reks ('Gabi Tuft') talks about his inspiring origin story of wearing his mother's underwear.
Also, this hilarious article:
>On one of Tuft's first trips outside of the family home dressed as a woman, [he] was wrongly identified by a store clerk, leaving [him] feeling 'crushed'. "I bee-lined for my truck and cried for half an hour," Tuft told the San Francisco Chronicle. "I didn't present (as) female for over a week — it crushed me."

No. 1964641

It's bizarre how moids always wear the most retarded clothes and everyone is expected to respect their ugly asses. Most women wouldn't even be allowed in most establishments with just a spaghetti strap top and random pants, specially if you're supposed to be interviewed.

No. 1964642

File: 1707605296882.png (53.22 KB, 1314x199, ezrwxei.png)

picrel explains his type.

No. 1964643

File: 1707605320156.jpg (425.17 KB, 1080x552, 1000029886.jpg)

apologies in advance if this is considered a blog but for fuck's sake, TIMs are truly inescapable. picrel is from overwatch on PC. I reported both for inappropriate names and have since gotten one "we took punitive action" message from blizzard kek

No. 1964644

How is it that they all have stories of stealing clothes and underwear from female relatives?? There was a time when society recognized this as psychopathic behavior, and now we're just supposed to forget all that and act like it's totally normal to intimately violate your closest family members' personal belongings. We're supposed to not just accept but celebrate this type of male depravity. Has any ftm ever talked about stealing her dad's underwear? This is so obviously one-sided where agp's are the ones getting away with all their heinous shit.

No. 1964645

nah this guy wasn't gnc in the least, this is a peak example of agp+pornbrain. making people go along with his fetish is part of it too

No. 1964649

That's because YOU are a monster,a total monstrosity like all trans "women".

No. 1964651

This has to be satire, right? But then why does he own the plastic breastform?

No. 1964670

File: 1707609604930.jpg (589.6 KB, 2367x1100, uj8e8p93p6q81.jpg)


No. 1964671

File: 1707609827349.png (588.67 KB, 809x661, Screenshot 2024-02-10 160534.p…)

cant imagine why

No. 1964687

File: 1707612064776.mp4 (2.45 MB, 576x1280, mathildahogberg.mp4)

Probably ragebait but I guess woman ("girl") is when makeup.

No. 1964700

This isn't a tranny, unless he trooned since the last time I watched his skits

No. 1964752

he turned into gaddafi lol

No. 1964759

talk about a male living space. yeuck.

No. 1964767

What in the gooncave

No. 1964770


No. 1964773

I'd love to know what qualifies as controlling behavior. In that graph it shows up only during and after pregnancy, it makes me wonder if it's just natural biological instinct to protect the family. BTW, what do the numbers indicate?(derailing)

No. 1964774

If I didn't know any better, I'd think that there was some kind of law banning trannies from owning clothing irons. Can one of these faggots iron their goddamn ugly flags just once? Or are they so cheap that they only buy plastic shit that can't be ironed?

No. 1964779

he looks like an underage boy .

No. 1964800

You need to put a towel on top of them to iron a polyester flag, which they're not smart or active enough to do.

No. 1964804

Being inconsiderate of other passengers, just girly things

No. 1964811

Some anons have pointed out that you can just hang on up in the bathroom while you shower but I guess they don't do that enough to benefit from it.

No. 1964813

careful now nonna, they'll probably come up with some 300 word call out explaining how it's so ableist and telling them to take better care of their stuff is so totally like eugenics and it's also "transmisogyny" bc you're so totally having these expectations of them bc they identify as women and it's transphobic to expect some poor tgirl to iron his fucking politics and not lengthen the rotting gap between his legs.

No. 1964838

Do they think women are just in a perpetual state of putting on makeup? Like, usually you'd just put on your make up at home before getting on the train or put on your makeup after you get off the train and before the final destination or event. Who the hell puts on makeup on a train? That's possibly the worst place to do it, the lighting is inconsistent, you don't have a big mirror, if the train isn't good it rumbles and sways.

No. 1964852

it's also usually filthy, those "skincare girlies~" on instagram doing their skincare on a plane are doing it bc it's routine and also for clout and bc they're influencers. on transport you don't know what's on your hands or what you've managed to pat into your skin.

No. 1964855

File: 1707664628908.jpeg (174.16 KB, 1290x1116, GGCHuqza8AAAgj1.jpeg)


No. 1964861

File: 1707666539800.jpg (325.5 KB, 1046x1386, 1000008265.jpg)

God, this sucks.

No. 1964863

>ew why is his tongue out like that

What in the fuck is going on here

No. 1964865

I swear to god nerdy women can't have shit to themselves, especially
with scifi art in which the woman isn't sexed up and looks normal.
To be real, i doubt any womans clothes could fit that monster of a man, not even plus sized clothes would fit him. He'd need to buy custom shit from people who make clothes from drag queens and that wouldn't be "affirming".
Also, i find it very telling he would turn off his troonry just like that, this is why we need libs and fence sitters to stop affirming trannies cold turkey and most of this bullshit will disappear completely. Of course, it's not easy when you can big pharma and lobby groups who stand to profit from troonery.

No. 1964872

And are the spent, ravaged cis lesbians in the room with us right now.

No. 1964873

Really sick of this freak being shared ironically all over Twitter, even by men who claim they hate drag queens because it's just misogyny. His act is only funny if you're a gay misogynist who shares humor with 11 year old boys.

No. 1964881

File: 1707674857394.png (258.4 KB, 1439x554, FLYHVa7.png)

sage for no real milk, but any theories of why a subreddit like r/SapphoandherFriend has such a high troon userbase(both mtf and fmt)?

No. 1964882

I’m guessing because “sapphic” became a catch-all term for anyone at all.

No. 1964886

bc it's a lesbian sub so obvs it will attract agps, and it's rife with misinformation and rewriting of history which these dishonest men will of course frequent for.

No. 1964889

File: 1707677058657.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1170x2016, IMG_9383.jpeg)

Comments are turned off… wonder why

No. 1964890


Monstrosity aside, I hate the way these morons pluralise TERF as "terves". TERF has basically lost all meaning at this point.

No. 1964894

The mask slips off so easily, of course these misogynist scrotes don't give a shit about menopausal women.
I swear "terves" was started by actual gendercrits as a joke, meanwhile troons seriously tried to make FART ("feminism appropriating radical transphobe") a thing.

No. 1964897

Who put wifi in the special Ed room?

No. 1964898

File: 1707678979730.jpg (1.04 MB, 1079x1735, Screenshot_20240211-191717.jpg)

Tracklist of Kim Petras new album. Hate this hon

No. 1964899

TIL only penis havers own computers and draw pictures of skulls.

No. 1964901

It really was, I remember gc groups using as a joke and even here on lc around the same time they came up with "FART". They just take everything from women and pretend they did it. Remember troons claiming kikomi creator is also a tranny? They have nothing so they just keep stealing shit, it's the only thing they know.

No. 1964902

"Terves" was around a few years before FART. I definitely remember FART being made up a tumblr user in 2018 or 2019

No. 1964904

File: 1707679681057.jpg (54.43 KB, 450x578, url(1).jpg)

Are you new? It's because AGPs are straight men who lust after gay women and desperately want to barge into lesbian spaces. Only the most brainwashed lesbians and bihets stay while all of the actual lesbians leave because they're tired of dealing with perverted moids, so the spaces reach a point of being dominated by troons.

No. 1964906

File: 1707679901362.jpg (953.52 KB, 1658x2562, a-bracelet-vendor-in-bangkok-v…)

Kek this reads like those profane bracelets people sell in southeast Asia.

No. 1964907

It's fucked that his songs are so sexual when this eunuch boy has probably never felt sexual attraction before.

No. 1964919

File: 1707684026713.jpeg (1.09 MB, 2834x4000, IMG_5483.jpeg)

totally a ‘cis girl’ and not a tranny, forcefully offering headpats to another brain rotted moid whose HRT is making him crave iced coffee (official girlbrain beverage). don’t miss the floorboards literally rotting underneath his feet in the one picture.

No. 1964922

KEK some of them are better than kim petra's titles. "Pussy terrorist" is superior

No. 1964928

Awful larp, actual women don't spend all day coddling TIMs on the MTF subreddit. And that's not even anything close to a rectangular skinny woman, just a blatant man with a giant head and twig limbs.

No. 1964929

Petras was trooned as a kid so I kinda feel bad for him. Made into this ridiculous hypersexualized image of a woman but probably not really that sexual himself since being castrated young.

No. 1964942

Wtf, so foul.
Yeah, I'm not sure if he was blocked early enough to have never experienced sexual attraction, but he's sure sterile and devoid of sex drive and the ability to orgasm now. He's literally the most depraved eunuch fantasy of a sex doll that is incapable of serving anyone's pleasure but his own.

No. 1964961

>that male hand

No. 1964964

There's not enough garbage and cat hair in this image

No. 1964977

There was a literally a HRT shortage in my country due to trannies taking up all the prescriptions. Leaving hundreds of thousands of menopausal women depressed and suicidal (some actually took their lives) but yeah let’s make sure BIMBOTGIRLFUCKDOLLXXX has his titty skittles so he can keep anally probing himself into a coma. Fucking wastes of flesh.

No. 1964987

It's just bizarre. It's funny how you can ask handmaidens if they like his music and most of the times they will just tell you generic answers because his music is shit. Kek.
I don't even feel bad about him, castrato or not, I'm sure he's old enough to decide what to do with his life and to stop this ridiculousness, but making money is too easy when you're a moid, and it's a walk in the park if you're a tranny moid.

No. 1965002

Samefag, why did mods delete the post that said something about them thinking that troon was Azealia Banks on first glance, it’s just going to fuel the tinfoil that Azealia is a farmhand kek

No. 1965003

would it be possible to make a terf/radfem reddit page and disguise it as a fetish sub? like the titles could be "seeing transwomen mad makes me horny" but still have normal discussions?

No. 1965006

File: 1707708617999.mp4 (2.16 MB, 320x440, twitter.mp4)

Sounds like he's projecting this slutty image when all he is, is a penisless man

No. 1965009

File: 1707709261076.jpg (178.25 KB, 1080x1080, ElyDI07XUAAP69n.jpg)

No. 1965012

this fee fi fo fum looking ass thought he had a chance to be a "cute femme"

No. 1965013

Sir, I can see your facial hair shadow. Not even hirsute women have that

No. 1965015

The language he uses is so manipulative, kek. Attempting to rebrand what TERF means (relating to upthread) and saying the ONLY way forward is accepting troons. Ridiculous, idk how people can buy into this

No. 1965021

File: 1707711732147.jpeg (945.33 KB, 1170x1836, IMG_8528.jpeg)

why the fuck do they have to be everywhere. It’s seriously infuriating at this point. I just wanted eyeliner advice. Ofc the comments r full of handmaidens calling him lovely and beautiful. kek pathetic

No. 1965023

File: 1707712280770.jpg (103.39 KB, 691x842, wa161d8xf7011.jpg)

No. 1965024

He's so funny I'm sorry

No. 1965027

The awful part is you can tell he copied the mannerisms from teens.

No. 1965032

I was gonna reply that this is a clever idea but now I'm sure TIMs would 1) run with it and try to frame it as a le sincere fetish 2) actually get off on it

No. 1965046

He's 31 now though like at this point he can take his own decisions and he decided to keep acting gross and misogynistic..

Kekkk nonna ET is so much cuter though

No. 1965054

Ntayrt Fair point. A lot of troons cope by saying terfs wanna have sex with them and they’re just in denial. I guess you could run it as a normal gc subreddit but have it listed as +18/a fetish subreddit. And if trannies want to screech about how it’s oppressing them the mods could just point to all the misogynistic porn subreddits and say “if you ban us, you have to ban them”

No. 1965057


There’s no point in trying to trick Reddit into allowing a gc sub because they’ve already decided that anything gc is against their rules and misogyny is not. You can point out the hypocrisy to outsiders (where is that meme with the barrels when I need it) but point it out to Reddit admins themselves and they’ll just shrug. They know. They don’t care. They’re not going to allow it.

No. 1965072

Ahh yes, 70s feminism, notoriously only a bunch of het women. Do they actually believe their delusions or are they actively lying to fit their insane narratives? I know it's the latter, and it's absolutely insane how they have no qualms about rewriting history and gaslighting on such a large scale. They KNOW troonery didn't exist on such a large scale before, nonbinary shit didn't exist at all (if it did, all those girls would have been they/thems back then too but no one cared about gender shit like this) they HAVE to make up lies about how they always existed etc etc, when just like now the only things that did exist were effeminate gay men and degenerate coomers.

No. 1965076

>they have no problems rewriting history
On that note why is every second person saying we owe gay rights to fat black troons? I just wanna know which troons sharted that obvious lie into the public consciousness, and why people believe it.

No. 1965079

File: 1707732789254.jpeg (167.33 KB, 960x712, 1678900792132.jpeg)

I got you nonnie

No. 1965083

Imagine seeing this and not wanting every last moid dead and mutilated

No. 1965089

File: 1707737098237.png (559.69 KB, 675x2777, marshaplies.png)

Actually, it was virtue signalling wokies on Tumblr (picrel).

No. 1965090

beyond disturbing. if an asteroid destroyed our world, I think that is okay now

No. 1965118

When Fred Sargeant was assaulted it was so upsetting. I can’t imagine living long enough to watch your entire community turn against you when you helped protect it to begin with.

No. 1965125

File: 1707746163863.png (1.22 MB, 1170x1685, oN6XaFN.png)

Because we all know, every successful revolution was done by "queer accelerationists" and not actual well established communist groups of people in touch with regular people.

No. 1965143

The stonewall myth about trannies pre-dates the stonewall movie and Tumblr by decades

No. 1965144

>Queer people are all those who relate differently to the division of reproductive labour assigned to them by patriarchy
So Paris Hilton and other affluent straight women who pay poorer women to raise and even give birth to their children for them are actually anticapitalist queer revolutionaries? Noblewomen who employed wetnurses were queer? What is this word salad

No. 1965149

File: 1707751109946.png (1.11 MB, 2060x1330, Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 00.19…)

god, they really just let anybody publish shit nowadays huh. the author is a tim who calls himself a "biological catgirl"

No. 1965151

this just looks like self-published erotica
the absolute faggotry kek

No. 1965152

File: 1707751674424.png (192.85 KB, 400x400, D1HY41N.png)

>The Gender Accelerationist Manifest, or known as G/Acc in online fora, is a piece of political writing done by Vikky Storm and Eme Flores discussing the ‘slow death of gender, trans and queer liberation through accelerating this process’. This booklet offers a more radical perspective

>The authors begin the manifesto by outlining the main message. The abolition of gender, but that gender is already dying and that it is our job to finish the job, to accelerate it.

>Therefore, this is how gender differentiates herself in all cultures across the world. As stated in the booklet, cultures like the Bugi of Indonesia have a total of five genders rather than two. Instead of this example only serving to prove that a gender binary is not inherent in humans, it shows us how the division of reproductive labour outlines gender. Furthermore, in the Bugi people, aside from the first four genders (Calabai, Calai, Oroané and Makkunrai), there is a fifth gender stated, Bissu, who’s role in society is their own, which are special ceremonial religious practices along with helping the other four.
>Yes, we are born with biological features like beards, breasts, vaginas, chromosomes but we are also born with other discontinues variables like eye colour. Although some of these examples are genetic, it does not prove that having features like hormones are inherently gendered. Furthermore, the ideas that chromosomes are inherently gendered is also a modern and not consistent idea. An example mentioned in the book is the Spanish hurdler Maria José Martínez-Patiño, who in 1986 despite having every quality which supposedly makes up a ‘AFAB biological woman’ such as breasts and a vagina failed a chromosome test because she had XY chromosomes. Three years prior, she had passed the test due to older methods.
>These people are not out-liars or extremes with roughly one in fifty people possessing intersex characteristics (~1.7%).

so this is just typical pseudo-intellectual babble made by a "woman"(100% most likely a tranny or a pretentious pick-me) and this moid, and he looks exactly what you expect him to look like.

No. 1965153

This is why separating gender and sex was the worst thing to ever happen and I'm not even exaggerating. The entire basis of the troon movement is gender and how it's metaphysical and whatever they say it is, now they're trying to get rid of it? I swear whoever wrote that is ESL from a language where they don't separate the two.

No. 1965154

it’s hilarious when trannies claim to be marxists so they can pretend to be edgy “revolutionaries” when marxism is blatantly anti-gender ideology as it’s anti-bourgeoisie materialism, anti-identity politics, and pro-material reality. these “marxist” trannies want to sound intellectual when they really just sound retarded. unfortunately, academia has been captured by gender ideology so their drivel is coddled and affirmed

No. 1965157

File: 1707752320680.jpeg (216.3 KB, 828x493, IMG_0370.jpeg)


No. 1965162

>but mooom you don't understand, I don't want the responsibilities women usually have, I just wanna cooom in my room like a common teenage boy
Yeah that family of his are peaked already.

No. 1965163

Well well well, if it isn't the consequences of my actions.

No. 1965164

uh oh being a woman is not so fun anymore! I thought it was only wearing pretty dresses, getting head pats, crying uncontrollably and being called a “good girl”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1965172

This is why I never feel bad about men being hurt or killed, they pretty much all deserve it and even the ones that aren’t overtly terrible are complacent about other men being scumbag fucks

No. 1965177

>>1965125 what is so revolutionary about giving your money to pharma for your hormones and relying on them for decades, and destroying your body only to achieve the status of a socially constructed role which exists for the purpose of being performative? sadly enough, self-acceptance is more revolutionary at this point

No. 1965184

Tranny Sue
Same, makes me sad that he told his husband he was going to protest because 'who else will?' He should be enjoying retirement, not having to fight for the same things again.
I remember there being an 'it was either a butch dyke or a drag queen' sentiment in the early noughties at least, but idk that the Marsha Johnson stuff is that old? Feel free to correct me though.

No. 1965185

The one time misogynistic stereotypes work in out favour. Based family. They should ask him when he will give birth.

No. 1965187

>ACKSHULLY just being queer is totes revolutionary!!!
troons wanna roleplay as revolutionary heros without actually doing any work. They can barely handle a starbucks boycott but think they’re the next Che Guevara with their faggy painted baseball bats

No. 1965198

>they’re the next Che Guevara
i mean theyre nearly there considering che…
>hated gay people
>hated black people
>hated the poor
>hated women
>thought he deserved sex
>and gained sexual pleasure from killing(derailing)

No. 1965204

File: 1707757810041.jpeg (90.85 KB, 466x877, IMG_0371.jpeg)

troon on troon violence, with a side of racism

No. 1965206

someone of these absolute bs
>hated gay people
so were 99% of people back then
>hated black people
most of those quotes are from his time in the congo where he dealt with the incompetency in leading the Congolese
>hated the poor
>hated women
>thought he deserved sex
>and gained sexual pleasure from killing
this is all made-up though.(derailing)

No. 1965210

File: 1707759484857.jpeg (458.64 KB, 1170x1768, F87BFC0D-39E1-407A-AFC3-C04B22…)

Fakebois are trying to flirt with troons on tumblr in retarded ways and the trannies actually are trying to reframe it as sexual violence against them from men KEK all of these peoples blogs are a mess. I want to alog so bad

No. 1965211

They LOVE to try and steal oppression clout from black people with these kinds of insane false equivalences. Telling an ugly tranny his hair is vanishing in real time is nowhere near the level of telling someone black they are/look like a monkey and I’m certain they know it. I hate troons so much.

No. 1965212

Why is he acting like he doesn't have rights?! He's a white man, he has THE MOST rights.

No. 1965215

one of these insults is simply making an observation, while the other is unhinged levels of racist delusion. only a tranny would think these things are one and the same, but they love to co-opt the (imagined) experiences of black women because it makes them feel valid

No. 1965219

>this is all made-up though.
it litterlay comes from his writings and those of his friends
he even raped women, even minors

you can read more about stuff here as this is not the place to discuss what a fucked up moid he was

No. 1965220

commie troon kys(infighting/troonfoiling)

No. 1965236

The sun shining on their bald 5head melted their brains

No. 1965239

File: 1707764527005.png (596.01 KB, 926x1212, Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 7.01.…)

university of edinburgh (scotland) just named their newest rector - Simon Fanshawe, who helped form Stonewall and, noticeably, the LGB Alliance. i can only imagine the tears are coming…

No. 1965249

Lol he has a mod badge. Every time, without fail.

No. 1965255

Every political theory text should have the authors’ faces on the cover

No. 1965265

File: 1707767355811.jpeg (870.67 KB, 1179x1698, IMG_7178.jpeg)

No. 1965266

It was. Real name Jeffrey.

No. 1965267

File: 1707767463896.jpeg (149.99 KB, 828x578, IMG_0377.jpeg)

it was a TIM, but of course only conservative media will admit that

No. 1965272

Kek so much for the " all shooters are straight white right wing men" narrative. MS will forget this happened by tomorrow

No. 1965295

>Women shoots up school: report it as female shooter
>Man shoots up church: media reports it as female shooter
Men will never take responsibility for their actions and pushed tranny shit to purposefully muddy the water on recognising the overwhelming prevalence of male violence.

No. 1965314

wow, there is literally like nowhere reporting this person as trans… are you sure? is our press really THAT controlled? frightening.

No. 1965319

Wojak pfp and a Twitter post comprised entirely of buzzwords. I already want to fucking a-log.

No. 1965322

Also brought his 7 year old son with him. How the fuck do you bring your kid to a shooting where you're almost certainly going to get shot by the police at the end

No. 1965324

This is misleading. It was actually a TIF from what I can find. So, just like that autist girl who shot up the school a while back.

No. 1965330

Fox says it’s male who now identifies as female aka MTF.

No. 1965334

File: 1707774611436.jpg (94.7 KB, 631x891, 160309-odom-martian-drawing.jp…)

No. 1965335

File: 1707774750255.mp4 (3.58 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cn4liunog65rt12vtq…)

God this is so stupid

No. 1965340

his moobs are gross. all mtf trannies should wear bras

No. 1965348

Kek, maybe the gorilla comment aside from blatant racism was because he looks like one himself and it makes him seethe.

No. 1965352

I’m pretty sure they’re wrong. Other news sites are saying the opposite, that the female name is the birth name but she had a male name she wanted to go by.

No. 1965361

Oh my God I am so sick of these fucking loons doing crazy shit and then including my people's name in some way. I wish these freaks would get a clue and leave us the fuck out of their bullshit.

No. 1965376

I’m seeing some say that the woman is the real shooter’s mother and a victim of identity fraud. The real shooter is alleged to be the woman’s son.

No. 1965385

File: 1707784141253.jpg (74.9 KB, 620x945, DIKhBeTUwAA0M0P.jpg)

Cone head forehead

No. 1965388

i'd prefer that they just wear full burkas everywhere

No. 1965391

File: 1707787162114.jpeg (Spoiler Image,164.72 KB, 1846x1080, IMG_1879.jpeg)

I think tif tbh. Spoilered mugshot

No. 1965394

literally is, except a major university published it under their press via a masters' creative writing program. if the best they can push out is some troon's self-indulgent pornography, then i have to wonder about the state of their creative courses

No. 1965403

Non hispanic?!

No. 1965441

He did. He has a baby with his partner too.

No. 1965446

in my too online TRA days, any tranny I knew of who called himself a baeddel hated women even more than the average moid/TIM. they constantly raged over le evil afabs and did the shit in picrel a lot

No. 1965451

File: 1707799764082.png (125.85 KB, 1078x416, Screen Shot 2024-02-12 at 11.4…)

> every quality which supposedly makes up a woman
> XY karyotype
> testes
> no uterus
Hmm. It is true that people with CAIS appear completely female throughout their lives, are socialized as such, and thus for all intents and purposes may be considered women. But the way this anecdote is cited shows that the authors have no clue what they're talking about (unsurprising given the spelling errors and general word salad quality). Sage for medsperging.

No. 1965456

File: 1707801095396.png (60.88 KB, 400x134, IMG_3058.png)

I remember when someone posted in one of the older threads that this troon passed. Even if you can get past the fact that he looks like Jack McBrayer in wig, the hundreds of posts about how tight he is a pretty good indicator that he’s a creepy AGP.

No. 1965466

No. 1965471

File: 1707806322932.png (368.86 KB, 662x1052, 58ZwR1h.png)

It actually seems this may have actually been a TIF

>Enrique Carranza wrote that he and Moreno met in 2015 when both worked at the Spaghetti Warehouse in downtown Houston. He noted that she became "abusive" soon after they married.

>Carranza, in court records, referred to his wife as Jeffrey.
>"Jeffrey is a diagnosed schizophrenic, so daily it was a new battle or fight in her realm," documents read.
>Carranza states that Moreno also had lupus but stopped taking her medication and became pregnant. He asserts that she continued to use other drugs, however, and their son was born prematurely with drugs in his system.

No. 1965523

Shit is weird. I’ve never cared about how “tight” I was in my entire life. It’s such a moid obsession, to the point of those “husband stitches” being a thing. No woman naturally cares about that shit unless it’s causing a medical problem.

No. 1965537

pornsick moid whose life is dominated by his fetish reduces women to their genitals, what a shock.

No. 1965550

Not even just to their genitals, but to how pleasurable those genitals could potentially be for men. Barf.
Yeah, a TIF with a long criminal history apparently. TRAs already trying to insist she wasn't trans and was legally going by Jeffrey for unrelated reasons rme

No. 1965652

File: 1707847989679.jpg (505.36 KB, 1080x1682, 1000008298.jpg)

Kek I've been seeing this too. It's funny and pathetic. Have also been seeing an uptick in "A cis woman can laugh while a tranny must chuckle" type of posts lately too. Stop harassing these dainty delicate women!

No. 1965654

You Will Never Be Cool Girl Monologue

No. 1965658

I wish troons actually followed all of these "rules" that are apparently in their heads but they fail even at being insecure enough to do that

No. 1965669

Woe is me

No. 1965671

If tightness was always better then moids wouldn't actually enjoy vaginal sex over anal but most do and even the ones who like anal wouldn't totally switch out real pussy for anal unless they were porn ruined. Also idk why they seem to think vaginas can just immediately take dicks without foreplay and stretching unless their only experience seeing women having sex is porn.
Also from all accounts, the inside of a rot pocket is like fucking stretched ears when you fit because it's not a proper muscle, it's a wound crafted from assorted tissue stretched to fit things. While opened wide enough for sex, it's going to stay wide open. it can't squeeze and react like a real vagina, it's just a hallway that needs to be widened to fit anything in. Also if they make it too wide it's even worse for the dude, not stretched out enough and it won't fit or could hurt or injure the tranny to attempt sex. It could only be "tight" and give the illusion of grip (because true grip requires muscle) if it's kept at a lower dilation which doesn't seem very enjoyable for use and probably jumps into the fire of if it will close up again. And regardless the inside is still a loose stretched ear so if sex can get going (without fear of tearing up the insides), even under the best circumstances it's unlikely to feel much better than prison sex toys.

No. 1965681

In actuality:
“Im a nonthreatening feminist trans girl, come talk to me on Discord! talk to me on discord about your problems as a woman i sympathize i'm girlmoding at 25. I’m a T-Girl I know what 'menstrual' means. Man I'm so horny today. Sorry. I'm sorry. I feel so bad. I just came out and said it.
Inappropriate. What do you like to do when you're horny? One girl to another. Just normal girl over here. What do you think of this unlabelled image of my girlcock? I sent it to you titled "image.PNG". Are you surprised by its girth? I apologize. How rude of me. I'm so sorry. I really need to get better at this I'm sorry. I'm learning so much. All humans must go through growth and I know that better than anyone, I mean I'm in a women's studies class right no Liveblogging my women's studies class.”

No. 1965692

File: 1707856288568.jpg (463.75 KB, 1080x1491, Cbsns.jpg)

No. 1965694

fucking ew

No. 1965698

File: 1707856800903.png (1.8 MB, 1280x1851, IMG_3067.png)

Literally every word out of their mouths is manipulative. If a teenage swiftie posted something even close to this pathetic to her less than a 100 tumblr followers they would descend upon her like a pack of vultures and decry her white woman tears.
They openly celebrate making women and children feel uncomfortable and unsafe while expecting everyone to coddle every feeling they’ll ever have, or else they’ll kill themselves and it’ll be our fault for perpetuating a trans genocide!!!
Anyway, picrel is the kind of shit they make after going on and on about how docile and innocent they are.

No. 1965707

File: 1707857773066.jpg (147.19 KB, 1280x1109, I PASS AKSHULLY.jpg)

Every troon who posts these rants also posts for hours about how they have no friends. This is like a mass shooter manifesto but for men who wear used pads stolen from bathrooms and have meltdowns over real life lesbians avoiding them like the plague.
Picrel isn't related but it made me laugh so hard.

No. 1965708

god moids have no sense of design or aesthetics especially when it comes to colors. This is one of the ugliest pieces of "art" i've ever seen, it's a visual assault in the worst ways possible.

No. 1965712

Guarantee every tranny reblogging this has a url like catgirl-balls or puppygirl-foreskin while crying about being sexually harassed by aidens

No. 1965716

File: 1707858997758.png (77.36 KB, 1064x212, Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 21.15…)

how much you wanna bet that the tifs hes speaking about are aidens who dared to speak up against one of these trannies making them uncomfortable lol. lets brush off that most trannies are 4chan tier nazis, that never happened and never happens, but tifs are actually male and super oppressive actually because reasons.

No. 1965720

File: 1707859335696.jpeg (325.3 KB, 1290x1640, IMG_5780.jpeg)

Not surprising that his name is a reference to Evenlynn from League. Fags and troons love her because her character revolves around sex (which she uses to lure men and kill them but of course they gloss over that part kek). The Eve mains subreddit actually died down because the mods got fed up with gay men and troons posting vile memes so they migrated to an even worse sub (Picrel). Ofc one of the characters in the list is male

No. 1965728

Gigastacy bartender

No. 1965754

Pathetic. I have no idea if they actually feel any level of guilt but given the whiny, manipulative tone of this post, I'm guessing not. This is incel behavior, it ought to make him dysphoric kek.
Side note but I like it when shit from tumblr gets posted here. There's a particular flavor of self entitled troid over there that fascinates me.

No. 1965757

In case anyone hasn't notice the text in the bottom right, he's threatening J. K. Rowling with violence. You know, just how typical women respond to people they don't like.

No. 1965772

This twitter caption is literally just a word salad and none of those terms mean anything outside the internet

No. 1965786

Yuumi is a literal cat. Gross.

No. 1965811

>reference to animated tifa porn being shown in the Italian senate
They really can’t help fitting every stereotype about them huh

No. 1965824

File: 1707878998543.jpg (170.61 KB, 1080x678, 1000008324.jpg)


No. 1965825

File: 1707879383332.png (277.31 KB, 1197x1683, 89698695.png)

No. 1965830

It's more like watching the most disgusting train wreck of all time and it's trying to ruin things I care about at the same time. Like a nasty critter that needs to be stepped on

No. 1965847

>amabs growing up with no compliments on things like their appearance, intelligence
Gotta love men whining about not being complimented for being ugly and retarded
Because it's funny that MTFs try to paint themselves as entirely asexual, pure, harmless beings in the public eye and then you read what the average TIM actually has to say and it's the most degenerate, pornbrained thing you've ever seen being touted as totally normal by the rest of their kind. Cope in the second comment thread is insane.

No. 1965856

>why are transphobes obsessed with this sub?
because the milk flows endlessly kek

No. 1965859

File: 1707889917587.jpg (Spoiler Image,592.44 KB, 1920x1920, FunPic_20240214_134631021.jpg)

Some Netherlands singer made fun of trans and Nikkie got offended, wasn't it Netherlands folks who also clocked him before him coming out to his audience?

Not really anything cow-ish by Nikkie but I find it interesting that this is what got to him

Edit : nvm, Anouk is a a real lady, so that's why he got triggered, basically sending his legions of handmaiden to cancel the singer, he can cancel Ellen (partly) so he's doing it twice now, sorry for the triple post mods

No. 1965860

Maybe those amabs just weren’t good looking or intelligent? Leave it to males to believe compliments are something they’re owed instead of freely given. Also why do they always sexualize their mothers? If they’re not stealing their panties to jerk off in, it’s some creepy “mommy” kink. Having a son must be hell.

No. 1965864

every man who claims that terfs are nazis was a nazi at some point in their life
he must have been a particularly ugly child to have never been called a handsome young man kek
and particularly useless to not notice men are complimented on shit that matters like intelligence all the time even when they're not that smart compared to the women around them
>down to earth
no wonder she's a terf kek. hope he was a fan, her music is very nice

No. 1965879

kek the PERIOD. Yeah bruh, you'll never have one

No. 1965901

Posting a pic of a toilet bowl with your used tp in it is kinda cringe but as long as it's making trannies seethe I'll support her.

No. 1965925

Second part of the Nikita Dragun footage came out. He's calling himself male, using his male name, told the officer he identifies as male, says he has M on his ID. But the second he got in front of the judge it was all "I don't belong in the men's unit" for sympathy.

No. 1965931

>'Know your place'; 'The men could take me, but I'd mop the floor with your ass, btch'; 'You look worse than the men do'; 'my shit says M for MALE'; constant cringy ranting about GOT*
The amount of misogyny coming out within like 2 minutes of talking to this female officer. I'm gunna stop quoting, but I'm 5mins in and he's threatening to cut her, calling himself the alpha, saying nobody wants the woman, saying the officer's 'skin isn't soft'… the officer hasn't said a word.

No. 1965933

I don't know where the fuck this idea that women are swimming in compliments is coming from, all the women I know have way smaller egos than men. Only time women get an unsolicited compliment is from other women, or from men wanting to fuck. If men want compliments, give compliments. Typical men though, never thinking about what they should be giving to get a solution, just what they should be receiving.

No. 1965939

theyre literally just mras. this is shit mras complain about and the reason they dont get compliments is bc men are shit and women giving compliments invites their sexual harassment. IDENTICAL rhetoric

No. 1965940

love that as a woman im beating him in "handsome young man compliments" (from people who mistook me for a guy, im just flat chested w short hair lol)
it's MRA shit. women live on easy mode etc etc. they dont realize it can be rough for women who like other women to discern flirting from being nice and that we dont compliment men as much because whenever you do you run the risk of the guy stalking you for the next 20 years or some shit. bc they have no brains or empathy. meanwhile our "compliments" from men are some grown man in a car shouting "nice tits bitch" to a 15 year old girl in high school. but yeah easy mode and somehow men have egos the size of the sun

No. 1965944

he sounds like every singly annoying catty gay moid.

No. 1966016

File: 1707937542854.jpg (2.97 MB, 1125x5533, creepy troon.jpg)

This is OP btw. Lmfao. In a prison gay relationship with a TiM who wears a fetish collar in the workplace

No. 1966019

Finally some good milk! What a freak kek

No. 1966023

he didnt even bother to hide the seam between him and his fake chest

No. 1966074

File: 1707947952450.jpeg (529.9 KB, 723x1592, IMG_0818.jpeg)

So on the ballet subreddit there was a POC female dancer (I assume she’s black) who was talking about body shaming, racism, and classism she’s dealt with. These are very serious issues in the sport which influence who typically becomes a professional dancer (almost all of them are from wealthy/privileged backgrounds). Leave it to a random troon to come in and write paragraphs about “transvestigations” and people being sexually attracted to troons which have absolutely nothing to do with our sport and the discussions of racism, classism, and body shaming.
The kicker is that he positions himself as the most oppressed with his rambling but then reveals himself to be a white straight male “transbian” AGP freak. I guess he thought it was good optics to hijack this poor woman’s post and make it all about himself? I am certain that this scrote’s interest in ballet is rooted in a fetish btw, it just has to be, eugh.

No. 1966087

File: 1707951373386.jpeg (111.69 KB, 1280x960, GGMUim6aIAAltbL.jpeg)

No. 1966091

File: 1707952587281.jpeg (302.43 KB, 595x1800, IMG_0823.jpeg)

Samefag but this is the guy. He claims to have made a name for himself in dance but there’s nothing to support this and speaking as a dancer, his posing and sense of body control in the photos suggests that he has the skill of the average male and nothing more than that kek. Moids are so fucking delusional. Also peep the misogynistic slurs like “basic dancer bitch” and “hag” in the bio.

No. 1966092

File: 1707952959202.jpg (287.89 KB, 806x614, RealisticAutistic.jpg)

His reddit history is like a bingo card
>loves guns
>violent impulses
>doesn't have a real job
>joined an activity for access to women

No. 1966093

It’s also like, most of the compliments I give and receive are to and from other women. Telling them I like their hair or outfit or whatever. Men should be the change they want to see in the world and compliment each other more often if it’s that big a deal.

No. 1966094

Thanks for investigating nona, I’m so skeeved out by this moid but I’m even more annoyed that he got upvotes on the original deranged and obviously unrelated/inappropriate comments that he left on that post. Wtf is wrong with handmaidens.

No. 1966099

how mediocre moids have the balls to enter a highly competitive, physically intensive and cutthroat industry like professional ballet is beyond me but the male ego knows no bounds. He has watched his hulking moid form in the mirror next to ultra fit and petite ballerinas and didn’t feel even the slightest bit of imposter syndrome, kek

No. 1966100

A troon trying to step in and compare his woes of not becoming his fetish to misogyny faced by nonwhite women and also throwing in his fetish of prostitution and exploitation of women. Typical.

No. 1966103

Most men do not voluntarily engage with women outside their dicks. They go onto the pages of pornstars, camwhores and instathots and see that they get walls of comments telling them how hot they are. When women complain about creepy men talking to them, they presume that's just women flexing and boasting about the sexual attention they get 100% of the time, because they'd kill to get a smidge of that attention because they overestimate the sexual value of men. In all, a lot of fetishes like sissification, cross dressing and agp, which all exist on the same gradient of degeneracy, is the male cope of recognising that men have absolutely no sexual value as a collective. I know other anons are thinking about the compliments that women give each other, but i've seen them whine about how when women compliment each other we are all just lying to each other and being shady, especially when complimenting a woman who isn't conventionally attractive maybe because she wore a very nice dress or has nice skin, along with non-appearance based compliments. To men, compliments exist to do nothing more than to assure them of their sexual desirability, that's probably why they don't give a fuck if another man was tell them they were intelligent, or they wouldn't give a shit if their male peers told them they were a hard worker. The only thing they want to hear is that they are worthy of sex. Men suddenly showering each other in compliments won't do shit to fix their minds that have been rotten by porn.

No. 1966106

The levels of autistic moid retardation never cease to surprise me.
Nitpick but that's not what imposter syndrome means, not when you're LITERALLY an imposter kek. They're literally predatory wolves in sheeps' clothing.

No. 1966107

i mean anyone can enter professional ballet, they just wont get any roles lol
ballet is one of the least woke industries, they only like extremely thin young white girls

No. 1966111

How tf are there so many tif shooters? Like half of all female mass shooters i know of are Tif. They seem so over represented kek.(wrong thread)

No. 1966112

exogenous testosterone is one helluva a drug apparently. TIFs seem to either take out their rage/distress inwardly upon themselves through self-harm or they have violent outbursts towards others and some of them unfortunately own guns. Plus testosterone + their probable autism can both decrease their abilities to empathize with others.

No. 1966144

It's just being addicted to being lied to. Egregious compliments are never real. Revolving your entire life around the idea that women just go around gushing at eachother and doling out tons of compliments and encouragement is so funny–this does not happen. When women made viral posts talking about random drunk women complimenting you in a public bathroom, they didn't mean all women do that all the time. I see such weird expectations, women aren't you're nurturers. Ain't nobody got time for that.

No. 1966145

Testosterone is a bioweapon.

No. 1966147

Everytime I see a troon ballet dancer I remember that video of that ballet troon jumping and how you could see the floor literally trembling under his weight kekk, it is as funny as the ice skater troon, and by funny I mean hilariously bad.

No. 1966152

>Never receive compliment in life because shit in every possible way
>Troon out so people humour you in fear of being cancelled/fired/you chimping out on them
>Get off to the forced "praise" while still being a worthleas human with no redeeming qualities
Sounds about right

No. 1966153

The art looks like 2014 tumblr.

No. 1966155

They’re trying to pass as moids duh, senseless acts of violence are par for the course

No. 1966157

I love how the male mind always jumps to "they get off on hurting us" like keep telling on yourselves, I've seen countless screenshots of them saying the same thing. You're just revolting and hilarious, unfortunately no combination of events or qualities you might orchestrate would render you sexually attractive to women, however much you long for it

No. 1966158

File: 1707969289969.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1179x1570, IMG_6845.jpeg)

No. 1966162

File: 1707969669714.jpg (427.33 KB, 2190x1654, wtf.jpg)

trannies are insane

No. 1966165

kek right? transvestigation is not fetish-related, it’s schizo shit in the same vein as gang stalking or believing Beyoncé songs have a secret satanic message when played backwards. But god forbid we claim men troon out because of a fetish even though there’s so much evidence that confirms it

No. 1966169

>pointing out an obvious aspect of someone's appearance is equivalent to saying that a black person isn't human
This is why black democrats are the type of leftist least likely to support troons. Every time a white TRA says something like this, another black person peaks.

No. 1966170

Normal adults have to do this shit regardless of sex, anyway. If he's old enough to post on Leddit, he's old enough to clean up after himself.

No. 1966171

>we dont compliment men as much because whenever you do you run the risk of the guy stalking you for the next 20 years or some shit
The fact men regularly stalk exes from decades ago as a matter of course, some of them violently, or the fact women have been killed for not accepting advances of random strange men, maybe they should try being less terrifying and obsessive if they want compliments. Literally the only person who can safely compliment a male without it going sideways is his mom or current partner.

No. 1966179

>turns compliments into a sex fetish because you're a retarded moid who has to shoehorn sex into everything
>reee why don't the evil femoids ever compliment poor widdle men!?!?

No. 1966180

>people only ever do things because they're aroused. this must be why women ridicule us!
Peak moid logic.

No. 1966181

You can't say anything nice to a man (generally, unless you're already well acquainted and know the atmosphere) because then he thinks you want him or gets really weird about it. They created tis environment on their own. I've noticed in general men take women's really disingenuous "fluffy" compliments to heart even though they're clearly just white noise and saliva.

No. 1966183

In kind of confused but I feel like the men's unit is legitimately dangerous in this situation.

No. 1966186

>this is a mans world bitch
I love when the alcohol causes someone's true face to come out.

No. 1966190

>killer his brother and traumatized his younger brother
human garbage

No. 1966197

Brave woman, I have to take a look at her music now.

No. 1966203

Kek I remember this too, also the pole dancing Shaggy lookalike troon. Sports and dancing bring the best milk I swear.

No. 1966207

Stumbled across this v-tuber programmer TIM and I cringed so hard.

No. 1966211

I had this older female coworker who regularly complimented our younger male coworkers in a very motherly but rather condescending way (e.g. “Is that a new (clean) t-shirt? It looks lovely!”, “Oh you’re wearing deodorant, well done!”) and they would all talk behind her back about how desperate she was and how she was in love with them. All she did was encourage them to practice basic hygiene and they all thought this 50-something year old woman wanted to fuck them. Never compliment moids.

They can just put him in the special protective unit with all the other gay men.

No. 1966224

Super off-topic but, eeeeew who the fuck throws their used pads in the toilet?? You're not supposed to do that unless you want the toilet to clog up.

I'm sorry but there's a very special hell for women who do that.

No. 1966231

It’s toilet paper.

No. 1966233

File: 1707994638583.jpg (80.31 KB, 1080x269, 1000029988.jpg)

I'm in agreement with the other nona, you got any more milk on his dude? lmao picrel was a response from another manly agp

No. 1966234

TIMs discovering the word "intersectional" have been the greatest mistake since the Vietnam War.

No. 1966235

File: 1707995182303.jpg (939.55 KB, 1080x1652, 1000029990.jpg)

definitely has a dancer fetish on top of the obvious autogynephilia

No. 1966237

Is that the Reddit poster?

No. 1966239

Those Nikita Dragun arrest tapes should be mandatory viewing for anyone who thinks “the gay ones” are harmless and that we should make exceptions for them.

No. 1966242

I hate this
Agreed they can put him in the 'pink' ward, but moreover, why should protecting this violent moid take priority over protecting all the women who'd be at risk if they were locked up with him?

No. 1966250



No. 1966280

Well in many cases the studios will coddle them and silence the women who are uncomfortable. And their lack of skills is being overlooked ironically in a cut throat industry that excludes people based on the length of their bones or the height of their arches. For example, see the Royal Ballet with that hulking man beast who got into their program and then stuck out like a sore thumb among actually talented female dancers. These moids are too delusional to notice that they suck, they just really think they’re “making a name for themselves” in the dance world KEK like actual dancers despite being brand new to taking dance classes. The delusion. And they’re too narcissistic to realize that it’s done with woke points in mind to display how “diverse” and “progressive” a ballet company is since they’re letting the Make A Wish charity case mentally ill moids dance. It’s actually ironic because it’s kind of like when average moids complain about DEI giving advantages to minorities except rarely does DEI result in an actually incompetent minority being hired, HOWEVER you see many cases of subpar to below average skilled troons getting ahead and being designated the “star” of the team for troon ally points. An example I’m thinking of is that sorority that let in an obvious incel, mediaplayed about having a troon, then told the women that he was staying no matter what and that the women should quit if they’re uncomfortable around him.

No. 1966282

File: 1708008606148.mp4 (8.33 MB, ReduxxMag - 175564556774765410…)

An actual real world court case where a tranny is suing his former partner (who also used to be a tranny iirc) to retrieve his severed testicles from his fridge.
He also uses the phrase 'deez nuts', with a straight face, multiple times.

No. 1966289

It kinda feels less like a dancer fetish and more like he's literally skinwalking a specific girl he knows or a famous dancer. This specific pic looks like he's taken a picture of an actual girl and (poorly) attempted to recreate it

No. 1966311

Yeah, I honestly don't feel like looking for any news of teenage girls killing people right now, but I'm pretty sure that they're referred to as "teenagers" and not as "girls". It's crazy how most people are okay with changing their world's perception for the sake of moids' fetishes, specially when they're committing so many crimes basically daily, how can no one see a pattern here?

No. 1966320

File: 1708013892640.jpg (350.56 KB, 1068x1476, Screenshot_20240215_171722_X.j…)

Being a straight man is actually stunning and brave and praxis if you coat it in enough academic queer word salad.

No. 1966322


More like wall-eyed chest tubes(no contribution no sage)

No. 1966328

Just embarrassing, truly. Wasting everyone's time and energy to for an excuse to say deez nuts, like it's funny or appropriate in court. If he wanted his balls, he would have left them in his scrotum… or picked them up at some point during the year they sat in the other guy's fridge. Which, ew.

No. 1966330

Kek he bought his "big naturals" from Amazon for sixty bucks. Moids are so dumb.

No. 1966340

xitter retards like this should be sentenced to hard labor at a penal colony, one year per tweet. experiencing real problems would fix them.

No. 1966346

yeah, it's about as much of a fetish as a "manic pixie dream girl" or a goff gf is, just a basic trope from female characters that he's happened to develop a taste for, bet he's skinwalking some tiny coquette balletcore aesthetic account.

No. 1966353

File: 1708018441268.jpeg (275.84 KB, 828x1037, 401DEED2-9DBD-4FB4-BED4-A1F8C9…)

theyre not predators though

No. 1966372

File: 1708023203077.jpeg (358.39 KB, 828x1690, IMG_0435.jpeg)

kek I had to go see this retard for myself. this delusional, creepy male is constantly writing word-vomit essays on xitter about “feminism” and “lesbianism” for his transbian hugbox. meanwhile, he’s too retarded to face one, simple truth: YWNBAW

No. 1966378

It's curious how the women who they direct their frustrations that are never heterosexual or attracted to them, though…. hmmmm

No. 1966379

Isn't suing like extraordinarily expensive in just about every country on the globe? Why does he bother when he isn't even going to get his balls back?

No. 1966383

This is the hardest I've laughed all week, what the fuck

No. 1966396

He said he wanted them in his fridge, instead of his ex's.
You're asking for logic from a dude who castrated himself and kept his severed testicles in a fridge, kek.

No. 1966406

File: 1708028990106.png (202.59 KB, 1136x1000, Screen Shot 2024-02-15 at 3.31…)

a) cowtipping is against the rules and never productive b) I'm pretty sure its not a breast form anyway

No. 1966421

This is just the TIM version of calling one’s female haters sluts or whores. “If I sexualize the woman to debase her, then I win.” Male tactics never change.

No. 1966423

Is he trolling? I can't understand why he would be making weird jokes about "deez nuts" if it caused him so much trauma he had to lob them off. And if deez nuts were important to him, why leave them behind? It's a blatant money grab and attempt at petty revenge. Potentially part of a humiliation fetish, too. But oh my god is it hilarious

No. 1966424

File: 1708033087336.png (293.27 KB, 1080x888, Screenshot_20240215-133032.png)

its almost like they get it. to boot, the person thing this is a trans "bi lesbian"

No. 1966425

are you sure this isn't parody? it's SO on the nose. has anyone pointed out the hypocrisy?

No. 1966432

unfortunately no, it's made by the same group of bloggers who did the fake cool girl style monologue. seems like the moids on tumblr have ran out of female things to larp and have moved onto literally taking radfem points but swapping the words. if they didn't feel oppressed these people wouldn't feel alive(sage your shit)

No. 1966440

epically owning your haters by sexualizing yourself and outright admitting you got turned on from the comment.(learn to sage)

No. 1966445

File: 1708035935005.jpg (Spoiler Image,202.22 KB, 1080x1367, creeeeep.jpg)

Have seen this freak around for years, his moobs are small but he is obsessed with the concept of having ~mommy milkers~ so he wears push-up bras and poses in certain ways to make them look bigger. Wouldn't put it past him to use a breast plate or edit his photos to look larger, hard to say. Also not shocked he sexualizes random anons given he sexualizes his own cat.

No. 1966448

So you're saying that a man in the men's unit is more dangerous than a man in the women's unit???
This has to be a joke. No judge would allow someone to say "shit" and "deez nutz" in a real courtroom.

No. 1966449

that poor cat

No. 1966454

He doesn’t even try to sound female kekkk. What a fucking schizo.

No. 1966459

He's calling them "Dee's nuts" (he named himself Dee) because he's mentally ill and thinks that will make him look endearing

No. 1966463

>the pause for laughter that didn't happen

No. 1966470

comparing lesbianism to communism, what the fuck is he on about

No. 1966472

see >>1966016
you can see the seem

No. 1966473

This makes me seethe because black people in classical arts get so much bullshit thrown at them and TIMs are allowed to stomp about with all the grace of an inebriated hippo and be celebrated. Ballet is infamously cutthroat and sometimes, it's not even a race thing. You can be white but if you're too tall, too short, too curvy, if you have large breasts or visible muscles, if your hair is too short, if you're too tan and you want to be a ballerina, you'd be taken out back and beaten within an inch of your life.

No. 1966500

File: 1708050020979.png (186.67 KB, 1080x888, troon.png)

Insane specimen. Jfc the way that they think themselves to be true, real women because they're trying to replicate another moid's caricature of one. Imagine finding your true self through porn tropes. "I'm a woman because I act like an oversexualized fictional woman that another man came up with"

I had to do it. Sorry

No. 1966501

Thanks for the kek, nonna

No. 1966516

File: 1708055085976.png (372.93 KB, 535x1026, IMG_0441.png)

No. 1966518

>and expect ro get a gf
Of course

No. 1966520

>‘loli’ in username

No. 1966521

tranny in the newest edgy film? he sticks out like a sore thumb

No. 1966522

File: 1708056484084.jpg (132.52 KB, 901x621, Screenshot 2024-02-15 200926.j…)

shots of him

No. 1966549

>loli in username
>invades actual women spaces
>expected to grab a gf at said space
>”expected” as in, he is owed a gf
> perpetuates untrue stereotypes about women being super emotional and having meltdowns every 5 seconds

why are they all life this? why are they obsessed porn and their entire existence is based on having sex? someone needs to check this person’s hard drive and porn history

No. 1966559

File: 1708078386879.jpeg (285.61 KB, 828x1440, IMG_7047.jpeg)

Why are they like this.

No. 1966567

File: 1708081059026.png (470.03 KB, 687x607, Screenshot 2023-08-13 at 21-59…)

Sorry to break it to you nonnas, but this is real life now.
>Brianna Kingsley, 40, filed the claim against William Wojciechowski, 37, in Pontiac’s 50th District Court on Thursday. In a handwritten affidavit, Kingsley wrote: “Defendant retains possession of my surgically extracted testicles, preserved in [a] Mason jar, kept in [the] fridge next to the eggs. Demand immediate return of my human remains specimen and damages of $6,500.”


No. 1966568

File: 1708081192752.png (707.5 KB, 584x539, iiiihuh.PNG)

and they say its not a fetish..

No. 1966573

>Share my pornsick fantasy as activism.
>I'm totally just joking.
>Ties sex and human rights.
Male moment.

No. 1966574

posts like this actually scared me tbh, they remind me of that pervert who beat his son to death after discovering those crossdressing pics of him.

No. 1966575

The irony of claiming it’s not a fetish and they just want to exist peacefully when all of them post some weird fetish bs or gross over sexualised womanhood spiel. Women have to constantly censor themselves to be taken seriously, we can barely wear a bikini at the beach without some weirdo questioning our right to safety.

No. 1966576

Loli obsessed weeb moid expects a gf, newsflash this isn’t 100 gfs who love you anime where girls fall for a mediocre man

No. 1966596

What are the basic human rights that trans people don't get

No. 1966597

These mfs perception of reality is so screwed by anime that they genuinely believe tsunderes are real.

No. 1966598

Maybe I'm being a little too optimistic but I feel like OP is a troll with a username like that (like terfsbeware). Again, I'm being optimistic…

No. 1966599

this is such a wierd thing to do, why on earth would you keep human body parts in the fridge where you keep your food

No. 1966604

that subreddit had 10x the users r/gc had

No. 1966606

"accelerationists" are always closet fascists in my opinion

No. 1966607

peaking black women on tranny nonsense is always a pleasure, because troons make it soo fucking easy

No. 1966609

nah from my experince their just liberals who want to pretend that their "lifestyleism" is somehow revolutionary action.

No. 1966611

>i had a huge girly girl fem emotional meltdown but they still didn't see me as a woman!!1
how do they not realize how fucking sexist they are

amazing nonna

No. 1966620

The meme implies that those things are basically interchangeable. Wish I lived in a world where lesbians aren't constantly threatened with corrective rape.

No. 1966622

> I'm pretty sure its not a breast form anyway
You can literally see the collar, anon. Plus it's a totally different color from the rest of his skin. Fuck the retard who cowtipped, though.

No. 1966630

Ah, of course, so when people feel obliged to share for the second message, they can say, 'see?? Lesbians DO like girl cock!!'
So it doesn't rot, ig.

No. 1966636

These selfish bastards never post about them eating pushy or sucking the girldck themselves (we know why), it's always "pleasure me!!! Me!!! Me!! I won't give anything in return!!! Me!!! Me!!! Me!!! All that matters is my* pleasure!!!!"

They must really think they're kawaii uwu pillow princess when they're just the typical lazy moid.(learn2integrate)

No. 1966642

Seriously, it's some serial killer shit. I'm pretty sure that those people could get other preservation methods that don't require their insane asses putting dead body parts in the fridge next to the food.
Or, since they already dropped a bunch of money to remove the body parts and keep them, these retards could buy some other fridge or some shit for that kind of stuff. It must be quite revolting, having to look at a pair of fucking testicles in your fridge, specially knowing that they come from a mentally ill freak.
Plus the whole concept is so retarded, does he think he can put the balls back in his body after he gets tired of playing extreme dress up? Isn't the sole idea of having something he removed for the sake of the sads, quite the opposite of what he should have done with his testicles?
This is why I don't read too much about trannies, their logic is so twisted that nothing makes any fucking sense like at all.

No. 1966644

>keeping body parts on fridge
i understand that Jeffrey Dahmer would have never been arrested if he was a trans ally dating a man on a musulim crossdress.

No. 1966649

File: 1708100734423.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1729x2683, EC0E61C2-55FB-4BCE-B2ED-AA0C15…)

Not a troll, unfortunately. Just a turboautist incel who identifies as a kawaii animu wesbian

No. 1966652

Recently a lawyer used a Bleach filler comparison in a case.

No. 1966675

File: 1708105605384.png (426.46 KB, 540x888, turban.png)

Wait, so the turban he wore to court was was supposed to be a hijab? It looked like the Sikh turban worn by young boys kek
Also the dupatta (the scarf) is so laughably small on his massive male frame. That thing should swamp him, but it barely looks like it fits over his head and shoulders. The outfit also looks badly fitted but the retard probably didn't realize it's supposed to be a custom fit. If the clothes come pre-made they're usually made with lots of seam allowance so you can take in and let out where needed, even more modern off-the rack ones. Then again, the fabric isn't stretchy so he'd probably rip it trying to get it on if it actually fit around his male chest and massive arms. You have to be rather delicate with them. They also need to be hand washed which worries me considering the laundry on its own is usually too much for these trannies… it must stink!
The incel-held belief that every male is owed a sex slave because coom is a "requirement for life"
The fact that he left his testicles "by the eggs" feels like it was a sick joke to his ex. Imagine seeing white round body parts right next to white round food, disgusting freak. Leaving it there until the guy threw them out makes me feel it was punishment for the breakup

No. 1966704

top left is 100% serial killer shit

No. 1966722

File: 1708114992320.png (17.96 KB, 493x149, Screenshot_533.png)

TIM claiming he "accidentally" sent a picture of his new moobs to his sister. Like I'm supposed to believe he isn't thinking about them 24/7.

No. 1966750

hes literally just one of the million obese moids on the internet.

>pedophile term in his username
oh wait its actuallesbians. its just other rapey moids lmao. this shit wouldnt fly in actuallylesbian, or maybe im just coping lmfao. its reddit after all.

"sneakily" gushing about his incest fetish. moid behavior.

No. 1966788

Kek @ top right because once again it's a tranny trying to pass his incel mentality as a philosophical reflection about capitalism. He supposedly did therapy to get rid of his toxic masculinity and misogyny and yet he still doesn't understand the concept of men taking their wives/gfs for granted and expecting unconditional love/attention.

No. 1966790

File: 1708129025193.jpg (831.69 KB, 2248x2048, GGfI7emXgAAr5mS.jpg)

Women is having your photo taken with a whip in your hands

No. 1966794

when britbongs brag about their superiority towards americans i just think of this shit. i'd rather die in a shooting than see this creature irl for even over a second.

No. 1966796

File: 1708129556328.png (1.49 MB, 1653x2048, lies.png)

spot the ""difference""

No. 1966797

File: 1708129721363.jpg (103.9 KB, 1033x751, GGCaigUa4AARDJ6.jpg)

No. 1966804

File: 1708131775683.jpg (481.93 KB, 1080x1646, Screenshot_20240216_170029_Chr…)

You can't escape these disgusting fetishists. I'm glad they're doing it though, it'll definitely peak more women who don't want to see this shit when they're just looking at clothes online.

No. 1966806

File: 1708131927101.jpg (Spoiler Image,898.17 KB, 2367x2048, F--Kh5eXgAAS1QF.jpg)

We can only hope the great peaking begins soon. Just imagine this guy as your flight attendant.(spoiler this)

No. 1966809

File: 1708132265544.png (Spoiler Image,932.22 KB, 872x1014, 1708129721362.png)

This person just joined our community and immediately outs himself as a fetishist, is it possible for an MtF not to be AGP?(spoiler this)

No. 1966827

Not to be a design sperg, but (Except daddy) being before "no boys allowed" is irritating me.

No. 1966835

File: 1708139183921.jpg (47.38 KB, 1364x491, GFcOU38XkAA_t6h.jpg)

Her writing is also fiction just like your mangina.

No. 1966842

What would tight writing be??? Does he mean tight like "swag"?

No. 1966844

File: 1708141292318.jpg (896.73 KB, 1800x1800, 1000026742.jpg)

The TIM this was reblogged from got his blog terminated yesterday for regularly posting degenerate fetish content and tumblr is acting like he got actually killed by staff. Under 24 hours and 15k notes even though the troon is already back on an alt posting the same type of stuff that got him banned. All day ive been seeing shit about how tumblr staff is perpetuating a harassment campaign against transwoman over this its insane

No. 1966846

File: 1708141426953.jpg (109.72 KB, 1080x723, 1000026743.jpg)

Heres a post from his new blog about how urgent the situation is

No. 1966852

File: 1708142426217.jpeg (191.39 KB, 1078x1115, BuPWwQf.jpeg)

Before I even enlarged your image, I knew this was about predstrogen and his stupid fetish blog. The userbase had such a fucking meltdown over it. Shortly after, Tumblr staff proudly announced that 1/4 of the userbase is LGBTQIA+++ (bc "queerest place on the internet"), and the userbase had another meltdown and ran a bunch of polls trying to prove that the userbase was actually 95% queer. The tranny infestation and its consequences. Picrel was one of many trannies trying to prove staff wrong kek.

No. 1966859

File: 1708144985470.png (3.14 MB, 1799x1000, elena winters.png)

this guy had a surprisingly good womanvoice but i still clocked him after hearing him speak for a minute. i was so proud of myself and after i saw what a fucking beast he was i had to post him here. these guys think women all talk with breathy voices and a slight nasal quality, and when they overdo it i can tell instantly

No. 1966865

File: 1708147293675.png (153.13 KB, 601x635, H1hPqVr.png)

So, a big cat meme account recently posted picrels, and the troons and libfems are losing their minds over it.

No. 1966866

File: 1708147575441.mp4 (326.02 KB, 576x1024, Kitty.mp4)

Nta but grabbed the video for those who want to see it.

No. 1966878

Sometimes truth is stranger and more hilarious than fiction. The silly little dog in the pink harness and the fact that it was bought up to the stand and the internet meme being interjected just seals the deal. This is actually brilliant.

No. 1966888

File: 1708156144410.png (39.76 KB, 512x512, IMG_1547.png)

KEK at his failed attempt at sounding like an anime girl, this is so embarrassing

No. 1966893

kek stunt on em

No. 1966895

trannies learn to vacuum and mop your floors challenge

No. 1966898

So this guy is only a trans woman on tumblr?

No. 1966899

>they erased a ~trans woman’s~ existence
I really fucking wish they did

How dare this troon be expected to follow the same site rules everyone else has too, how transphobic. And it’s his fault for not saving his pics elsewhere. Don’t use tumblr as the sole platform to save stuff that you’d be sad to see deleted, get a usb or external hard drive idiot. Men are so fucking dumb

No. 1966915

File: 1708166117912.mp4 (5.93 MB, 480x854, VouSCkE.mp4)

>troon "humor"

No. 1966916

He sounds like Winnie the Pooh

No. 1966927

My guess is he means she writes too much pointless stuff. A common complaint about her Strike novels is that they are too long and people are like "she thinks she is too famous/good for an editor who would tell her when to stop" (actually I think this already happened with HP starting with book 5). But honestly they don't feel long or meandering when you read them.

No. 1966936

Based kitty. But now I have the sense of impending doom, I hope trannies don't start killing cats because of this.

No. 1966938

>they erased the existence of a "Trans woman"
>If a tranny performs gender in the middle of the woods, who will be there to validate it?

No. 1966962

File: 1708180561565.jpg (410.59 KB, 1080x1776, Screenshot_20240217_093602_Red…)

Trannies are absolutely doing themselves in rn after this whole Vaush and loli porn business. They're defending him, and outing themselves at the same time. It's hilarious. And then they turn around and call h3h3 transphobic when they inserted themselves into the narrative (looking at you Keffals)

No. 1966970

I'm having a hard time finding shit on google about it so asking here. Nonna's, is it illegal in America to send hormones to teens? Like what Eli Erich was doing? It's technically drugs so I would think it's illegal right?

No. 1966974

he also supported a pedophile. He bought loli prints from Shadman

No. 1966982

didn't he make some creepy comments about his own son as well?

No. 1966983

File: 1708184941281.jpeg (176.54 KB, 1290x1443, GGfirR1bgAAC2TI.jpeg)

Yeah, it's drug trafficking. People flagged it to law enforcement.

No. 1966984

File: 1708185520324.jpg (666.72 KB, 810x1917, Screenshot_20240217-102950_Red…)

Just another straight couple:

No. 1966999

File: 1708188116105.png (1.3 MB, 882x1028, Am I a sinner This was 2 hours…)

oh its this guy

No. 1967000

File: 1708188288542.jpg (190.77 KB, 1080x1440, GGZZS55bQAI6qo_.jpg)

Didya know dr. Eggman is trans?

No. 1967006

Does any ESL-chan or tranny whisperer know wtf he means by "new born lesbian"?