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File: 1603388297464.jpg (295.13 KB, 1080x585, Screenshot_20201022_203641.jpg)

No. 1065805

A tradthot can be defined as a woman who claims to hold 'traditional values' and claims to believe that women are below men but has benefitted from modern day women's liberation and feminism.

They are usually educated women from privileged backgrounds who have led very sheltered lives.

Most of these women are pick mes thirsty for superficial male attention and will just make whatever talking points red pilled incels and neckbeards want to hear.

They often fetishize female bodily functions and traditional gender roles and cringingly over perform femininity.

Many are also racist white nationalists aka 'wignats/wigger nationalists".

A few examples are:

Lauren Southern

Failed journalist who has pissed off both the left and right. Was part of the white nationalist movement but has a thing for ethnic men. Married to a hapa and has a hapa baby.



Robyn Riley

Ex yoga teacher and libfem hippie. Used to have pink hair and a nose ring and spent her 20s travelling and dating abusive bums. Is now a born again Christian housewife after having a baby at 31 married to some Slovakian meat head.






Lisa Britton

Ana chan pick me who wrote an MRA children's book. Is married to some old fat, frumpy bum with greasy hair.





Tradthot subreddits




No. 1065818

File: 1603389401628.jpg (177.37 KB, 1080x670, Screenshot_20201022_205549.jpg)

Lauren, just give up the ghost. White supremacists hate you now.

No. 1065820


So fucking pathetic. Lauren, nazis hate you now, go be a panderer somewhere else.

No. 1065823

Girl in Calico might be a tradthot. I've seen her being talked about on r/fundiesnark. Shes 23,living in a comfy modern Ohio suburb with her parents yet tries to push the aesthetic that she's living on a prairie farm and being all natural with herbs. On Twitter she's liked tweets talking about hating modern medicine, how men in 2020 are weak

Give her a few years she'll probably go full WS to attract a guy

No. 1065829


She appears to be tatted up tho

No. 1065840

File: 1603390638439.png (581.33 KB, 941x1097, SarahthereseUntitled.png)

Sarah Therese, she preaches conservative christian values but shows her ass and other body parts on youtube

No. 1065841

File: 1603390651581.jpg (396.23 KB, 1080x1637, Screenshot_20201022_211812.jpg)

Is this Robyn trying to rationalize the fact that she married a loser?


No. 1065855


This website is a goldmine of trad thottery and pickmeism.

I laughed so hard at this article. Apparently women can only dress sexy, classy or slutty and nothing else exists, apparently. It talks about the good old how 'men r visualll and women r not n women luv erotica n men like porn'.


No. 1065856

It's interesting how pro lifers always call people who are not against abortion 'pro abortion'. Like it's a positive, joyous experience and not a necessary evil. I'm sure some weirdos think like that but they are a tiny minority. It shows how black and white their thinking really is.

No. 1065868

yas kwueen, be his paypig bangmaid for years so he can git gud enough to leave you for me

No. 1065870

From this headline alone I can tell this article is terrible. Many a woman has wasted years due to men with "potential" where whatever they're doing now is what they will always be doing. Maybe 1/100 men with "potential" actually push to achieve that, but I read so many stories, even on here about drongos who either stay the same or get worse as the years progress.

No. 1065889

File: 1603395088815.png (382.56 KB, 591x391, 11111111111111115555555555555U…)

Disliking sex offenders is bad apparently

No. 1065913

>We don't like the amount of sexual assault that happens
>You're enslaved by the victim mentality
Does she… Think that any woman who has an issue with anything outside of hur dur men are victims is "enslaved by a victim mentality"?
Imagine her working in customer service
"Hello this man grabbed my ass please kick him out"
"Sorry you're enslaved by the victim mentality"

No. 1065914

they're loose jeans

No. 1066001

Very ill fitting jeans that are being devoured by her ass

No. 1066008

every pair of jeans is loose when she got no ass

No. 1066012

She just hates women who speak out against anything male, even if that male is a sex offender. She's trying to appeal to men and that means anything they do is good, like assault and sexual violence. Anything women do that helps or benefit them is bad and hurts men's feelings, which prompts Lisa into action to denounce it.

She does this pick me dance and yet her man is an old ugly scrot with beer gut. None of these tradthots and pick mes ever land a hot charming man lol

Coping hard there Robyn. She realized what a loser he is but had potential in the past so she has to drag other women down because misery loves company

No. 1066015

File: 1603408375761.jpg (333.29 KB, 1080x1271, Screenshot_20201023_021206.jpg)

When women ironically call themselves 'traditional' it makes me cringe so hard. Then she has to go and make a big announcement like it's some unique self discovery.(derailing, not a thread subject)

No. 1066019

File: 1603408720370.jpg (393.79 KB, 1080x1073, Screenshot_20201023_021858.jpg)

"Sooo traditional and Sooo not a feminist"

Also she's waiting on her live in boyfriend hand and foot while he appears to be sitting on his ass.

No. 1066020

This person also posts in DDLG subs and appears to have anxiety. Sad.

No. 1066026

My fucking sides.

No. 1066027

There seems to be a cross over with the 'fetish community' and red pill women…

No. 1066028

Tradthot destroyed

No. 1066029

File: 1603410006965.png (534.57 KB, 626x324, thetradmeme.PNG)

>Young woman with a mental illness doing ddlg with a guy almost 10 years her senior in a redpill dynamic

No. 1066030

These sex posi libfems and tradthots overlap a lot because all they do is for male validation. Catering to moid sexuality and ego. “I’ll gargle your scrotum, Nigel, I swear- nobody before you UwU I was sooo sexually repressed before your magical peepee showed up OwO”

Sure… do that nasty thing for a scrote and give yourself that pube teeth flossing, he will surely appreciate you more.

No. 1066032

File: 1603410718690.jpg (439.97 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_2020-10-23_02-49-10.JPG)

How does one even unpack all this?

>She's 23 and he's 48 and ex wife is still in the picture.

> they appear to hoard dogs

> a big dog attacks a little dog

> custody dispute over little dog with ex wife.

> argument ensues and red pill wifey suggests they kidnap little dog from ex wife

> 48 year old man behaves like an overgrown child

You can't make this shit up

No. 1066038


Apparently she is dealing with infertility at 23. It probably has something to do with his jacked up old sperm? She's likely automatically blaming herself for it. It's likely a blessing in disguise that she can't have an autistic, bipolar baby with him.

No. 1066040

File: 1603411369924.jpg (183.19 KB, 1186x660, leftycow.jpg)

OK cows who think they're farmers, get ready for your yearbook photos.

You won't find bigger snowflakes than the pearl clutchers in these threads, lol.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1066041

File: 1603411469835.jpg (57.37 KB, 932x344, Screenshot_20201023_030532.jpg)

Responses are as follows

No. 1066043


You don't know what everyone's political beliefs are just because they are not 'uwu trad 1950s rockabilly gonna bake cookies in my modern fan oven for my hairy alpha cross dressing red pill aspergers hubby".

If you like that shit then you are a cringe lord, pure and simple and you deserve to be laughed at.

No. 1066046

Just because we don't view your penis as female and your desire to sniff your mother's panties as a 'second puberty' doesn't mean we are 'pearl clutchers'.

No. 1066048

These threads are 5% people after lulz, 55% woke contests over who can be more offended, and 40% impotent seething.

No. 1066049

If you don't like it here you can always piss off back to /pol and complain about how you were deceived by Belle Delphine because you donated to her onlyfans and didn't get to see her pussy.

No. 1066051


Can the mods just ban this troon already? They already confessed in the last thread who they are. Pretty sure it's the same anon that always comes to white knight in this thread.

No. 1066053

If you're not after lols how about you piss off back to reddit?

No. 1066056

Oh no…it’s retarded

No. 1066057

Submission is not always pleasant, even when the man beats the wife senseless, so on and so forth. It's the same argument, just dressed up depending on the occasion.

No. 1066089

File: 1603417599006.jpeg (82.13 KB, 1197x423, 42D25F58-4482-4C29-AE97-8DECAF…)

No. 1066101

because it's only okay when alt-right men have been doing it for the past 2 yrs but it's pathetic when a left man does it

No. 1066102

She's the prettiest tradthot by far, though its not like the competition is stiff. I wonder what he husband looks like.

No. 1066103

she's very meh and mannish, midwest is the prettiest imo then again she flatters her features rather than trying to look super young or caking on makeup

No. 1066113

Modern “trad” couples kinda piss me off and make me laugh at the same time because their warped idea of traditional is so far off the mark.

My own immigrant family would be considered traditional (working husband, stay at home wife, gaggle of kids, homemade meals) and my grandmas would never in a million years be catalogued as “waiting on hand and foot”. If anything they were strong willed and men were expected to do a lot more than be a dev by day and play video games after work. My grandpas literally built their own houses and provided whatever was needed. There were no talks of divorce or prenup or leaving their first wives high and dry when they got tired of them in their 40s.

Besides, this kind of family dynamics are simply not compatible anymore with most modern day countries, and especially America. Oh your husband suddenly died or became disabled? Well good luck making it work with a 12 years employment gap and granola making skills.

Honestly more power to women who are no career-oriented, that’s a choice in itself I can respect. But they need to careful choosing their partner because 90% of the time they pick some man child that will believe they hit the wall at 35 and start fooling around.(nobody cares)

No. 1066116

>internet skitzo
>dog nut

every time


lmao @ being a sahw for a boyfriend

No. 1066117

They're just pickme larpers. Most pickmes are also domineering, snarky, nagging women. Think Gimpgirl or Anna Khachiyan.

Real trad women won't even look at a man if he doesn't have his shit together.

No. 1066121

no because tranny jannie is real

No. 1066139

Redpillwomen are often just men larping. But that other 5% make up women with issues. Very trad uwu

No. 1066156

Yeah, this is what i call "trad cope"

No. 1066183

>Most pickmes are also domineering, snarky, nagging women. Think Gimpgirl or Anna Khachiyan.
I've noticed this, too. It's almost like they know they come off as overly domineering control freaks, and it makes them worry that they're unattractive/masculine to men, so they try to compensate by being as "trad"/male-identified as possible (and by trying to drag other women who don't have their problems for not doing the same).

No. 1066216

Making granola really only is a brag-worthy achievement for someone who never cooks or makes anything at home "maybe tomorrow I will try to make a cheese sandwich, so trad UwU"

No. 1066278

File: 1603459907327.jpg (154.28 KB, 1080x496, Screenshot_20201023_163326.jpg)

No. 1066282

File: 1603460133919.jpg (192.73 KB, 1080x645, Screenshot_20201023_163724.jpg)

No. 1066283


lol teach your white son to be a victim, based

No. 1066284

Robyn really thinks she's special when in fact she's the standard apart from her trad larp. Most adults do eventually grow out of being pot smoking vegabonds and at some point most women will have at least one to three kids somewhere in their 30s.

People who rely on self help figures to guide them through life usually have problems thinking for themselves.

This woman needed JP to tell her to clean her room.

No. 1066285

As a white, middle class man your son will be fine. He won't have to worry about being stopped and bullied by police, in fact police won't even notice that he exists. He will have access to a career and further education. If anything you are going to stifle him by making him afraid and giving him a victim complex for no reason.

No. 1066287

Time to resurrect the 2edgy4me meme I guess

No. 1066299

The fact that someone could seriously make both of these tweets and not be a satire account is depressing

No. 1066336

Mrs. Midwest was in that 5% so yeah, accurate.

No. 1066376

My fucking sides. I bet they fuck those dogs too

No. 1066378

Tradthots act like being able to cook makes them soooo special

No. 1066415

It's always barely a real dish, too. Always some single slice of cheese sandwich or other prison looking food.

Even REEEE feminists always make something more impressive with their Blue Apron kits lmao

No. 1066421

File: 1603477183861.png (151.6 KB, 1620x866, 432432432Untitled.png)

No. 1066434

File: 1603478731998.png (22.56 KB, 798x206, CrossfireCapture.PNG)

No. 1066437

Kek anon, good eye for detail

No. 1066501

With her genetics appearance-wise, she'll be lucky if he won't become a fugly school shooter.

No. 1066505

File: 1603483510253.png (794.27 KB, 1228x644, qwertzgfCapture.PNG)


She definitely mogs all other tradthots and her husband

No. 1066506

Based and pinkpilled.

No. 1066507

She's also the most tumblr looking one kek

No. 1066512

File: 1603483835144.png (43.53 KB, 595x368, bs6qztyo9qu51.png)

Tatted or not, it takes a smooth brain to think that it's bad not to pop out 10+ kids during a pandemic and when the future of the world looks grim

No. 1066519

Why did she shave her hair, did she go through chemo or is it a gimp girl thing?

No. 1066520

Why does she have short hair? That's not very trad.

No. 1066525

File: 1603485334359.png (1.2 MB, 1505x569, IndigoClonebuttradUntitled.png)


She kinda looks like Indigo White, it's more obvious from her older pictures. Also, maybe we can expect a nosejob from her.

No. 1066542

They all pretend that they are persecuted for wanting a family and being housewives when 29% of mothers in America are housewives. Being a mother and a housewife is about as ordinary as it gets.

You are always going to get people who have a negative opinion about your life choices but at the end of the day it's none of their business and you can still do as you choose.

These women are not oppressed.

No. 1066561

File: 1603488095321.png (4.35 MB, 828x1792, 4E69310E-6F9D-4E16-A505-5CDE13…)

Allergic reaction

Sure Jan

No. 1066595


Yep, Blonde In the Belly is one example, she REEEEEEs at women who have a career, while basically ending up the same as one of them family-wise by having her kid at 30, except that her career went to shit and she embarrassed herself online.

No. 1066629

Omg this made my day, hilarious.

No. 1066633

Lauren used to be quite pretty when she first started her career. Now she just looks like a botched blow up doll.

I don't understand this filler fad. It makes the women who get it look like ridiculous uncanny valley clones.

No. 1066652

Allergic reaction to her fillers or?

No. 1066667

lmao @ scrotes now focusing their weird oedipal jealousy on dogs instead of cats, love to see it

No. 1066670

It's easier than ever for pretty women and successful men to get into "trad" arrangements today. The only reason why these losers are chimping is because they're so undesirable they think they'll only be able to achieve a "trad" lifestyle if it's compulsory for everyone.

No. 1066683

For once I'm going to have to think she's telling the truth. It'd be super easy to hide that by not posting and wearing a mask outside for a week or two if it was a filler accident.

No. 1066776

kek, I have the same question… I thought tradthots are all about ~embracing femininity~,

No. 1066802

Or she’s posting it to save face from her pictures of obvious lip fillers

No. 1066853

File: 1603523981555.png (417.4 KB, 860x934, 801565AF-EF51-4F76-96AF-514F28…)


Scrotes cannot accept that they are below animals to most women so they cope by seething at pet owners

>Mfw animals are higher ranked in worth than you

No. 1066902

What’s a dad mom

No. 1066925


Well a soiboi, silly libtard, tottally unlike the average conserative manly maleod who tottally does not look like a jawless gimp, as we can see from every tradthot's wedding photo. Nothing but utmost high T features in all of those tradmales.

Seriously tho, why does every con male look like chinless gimp material.

No. 1066936


>Raising my son to be a pussy. UwU

No. 1066940


I noticed this trend too. What is it with the sudden obsession and anger over pet ownership?

No. 1066945

Granted I think the whole "my dog/cat/bunny crowd you see on reddit is my literal baby and everyone has to know about how it's life is more important than that of any person in the world and animals are all my babies and I'm going to collect 100 and sit in my piss soaked apartment" crowd are irritating but I still don't think they are in the majority when it comes to pet owners. I mean we all know that one lady or man that lives in a filthy house and feeds stray cats and they keep replicating and their house is full of poorly cared for animals and you can smell it half way down the street.

Maybe you see it a lot online because internet forums attract sequestered people. But irl no. People like that are frowned upon and considered eccentric.

Being a housewife and having a human child is more of an everyday, outside world occurrence than being an over the top pet owner.

No. 1066953


Most women end up having kids after 30 or a bit before, these hos really think they're special

No. 1066955

File: 1603547912200.jpg (56.29 KB, 960x500, The-Boys-Ryan-Becca-Homelander…)

Did she get the idea from Stormfront?

No. 1066956

File: 1603548044806.png (33.33 KB, 590x328, SmolUWUWUWUCapture.PNG)

Who the shit said that? And if they did, she likely twisted the context like the reactionary cow she is. Why is she reeing at pedophilia critics?

Eveybody knows that short adults do not look like children when you actually look at them, so this is a moot point.

This is prime example of UwU we are so smol syndrome.

I SWEAR we totes look like teenagers! We can't help it if we attract all of the pedos!(which they don't, but they wish they did)

No. 1066958

File: 1603548182782.png (14.96 KB, 598x127, CowFanbaseCapture.PNG)

And responses, well too bad they inherited that monkey schnozz and a busted face he has.

No. 1066960

File: 1603548400620.png (27.57 KB, 596x378, 123123123Capture.PNG)

I bet she's start simpetting if she saw a woman insult a moid politician tho

No. 1066974

Yikes. Imagine your husband saying shit like that. "I married my wife, who is not my type at all, just because I didn't want to have short sons. Meanwhile I jerk off to midgets all day."

No. 1066994

This is in response to a popular viral tweet thread that went around, and it was calling out men who only date petite women who look much younger than their age or only date "barely legal" women. It wasn't shaming petite women, but men who hyperfixate on women being that petite AND having youthful looks for having preferences rooted in pedophilia. But of course this tradthot will just ignore that.

No. 1067012

ANYTHING negative or just plain critical towards men she frothing at the mouth and ready to fight. How the fuck can someone be like that? Men won't piss on you if you were on fire, Lisa. How did get this in her head that male attention on Twitter is so valuable. Is it because her old saggy scrote of a husband just ignores her all day so she seeks out attention online? lol

No. 1067059



Wait till she finds her scrotes loli collection, maybe then some cogs will start turning in the right direction.

Bit you have to wonder, she herself is hyperfixated on being uwu and smol with her anachan behavior.

Much like indigowhite and belle dolphin, she wants to be desired by moids, even if they are pedos.

For you see.. she's not like those other fat old hags uwu

No. 1067065

Women get death and rape threats all the time, even for the simplest shit. Men do not get rape threats or threats using their own bodies against them. I cant stand this logic. Men and women get very different threats because of sexism.

No. 1067074


But calling out rapey males might hurt their feelings!!

No. 1067079

Yeah it's like she goes on twitter just looking for any criticism of men, any nugget so she can blow it out of proportion (oh so ~petite~ women don't deserve love? so she should be ashamed and take horse growth pills is that it??) and her followers will agree and retweet.

It's funny how she can twist anything into men being opressed, like schools not having recess is a plot on men lol i can't even be mad or enraged because she reads like satire

No. 1067082

Imagine his wife finding this tweet. You have to be a literal retard to post a confession like this with what I presume to be a real name and photograph of oneself. Genes also don't entirely work that way. Sometimes they are sporadic in inheritance. She may have had a short grandparent. I hope he does end up with midget kids anyway. That would be so funny.

No. 1067093

I can practically guarantee to you that he constantly says that IRL as a "joke" and plays it off as being sweet. She knows.

No. 1067096


She married that ratfaced microdick with a nose down to his knees, I doubt she has the self esteem to call out his skitzo bullshit

No. 1067114

File: 1603563500307.jpg (226.84 KB, 1080x869, Screenshot_20201024_211710.jpg)

But Robyn what about muh traditional gender roles? Men are not supposed to help with the baby. They're supposed to go out and work all day. Can't you call your mom to do it? Or some woman in the village? I thought you weren't one of those modern women and that your husband was old fashioned…

No. 1067122

File: 1603563992779.jpg (275.88 KB, 1080x940, Screenshot_20201024_212637.jpg)

Hard cringe

I thought Robyn gained like 40lbs after having the baby? (which is normal and nothing to be ashamed of but according to Robyn smol is the only way to be) Is that why she doesn't post any recent pics of herself?

No. 1067123

File: 1603564261485.jpg (192.08 KB, 880x605, Screenshot_20201024_213114.jpg)

Yeah she developed a double chin, this was apparently after losing the first 20lbs according to her Twitter.

I guess it's because she's Canadian and just couldn't vote for Trump so she didn't have smol powers.

No. 1067134

File: 1603565052671.jpg (451.1 KB, 1080x1732, Screenshot_20201024_214538.jpg)

Even her beta orbiters found this post cringeworthy.

No. 1067204

More like you'll gain 50 lbs, lose all your teeth and grow a tramp stamp. Your hair will magically turn a shade of peroxide blonde.

No. 1067212

She's probably defensive about the smolpetite thing precisely because her husband has those tendencies and she doesn't want to admit it to herself.

No. 1067611

KEK. Based.
I'll be honest: I find her physically attractive. I'd like to convert her.

No. 1067655

File: 1603636245115.jpg (226.46 KB, 1080x673, Screenshot_20201025_163125.jpg)

It's OK that my husband isn't white because he descends from good immigrants who were in the military. White supremacists, please click, like and follow me again.

No. 1067657


Wait so is she talking about her own famil or her husband’s asian family?

This is just the “le based minority” shtick that alt lite loves to push

No. 1067658

File: 1603636424073.jpg (134.36 KB, 604x602, Screenshot_20201025_163520.jpg)

Omg she looks rough

No. 1067660


Lol truth. And gain extra 10 layers of foundation and highlighter sitting in your trad wrinkles, along with that hooker blue eyeshadow to accentuate your peroxide aryan hair

No. 1067664

File: 1603636942237.jpeg (95.36 KB, 640x478, 9D48E682-27C8-48E0-A511-0C2847…)

>facts dont care about ur feelings

No. 1067665

Being underweight makes her look dreadful. It makes her look haggard and bony when she likely thinks it makes her look smol, young and cute.

No. 1067666

Lisa and Lauren both need to shut up and eat a full meal. Low blood sugar is probably making them pissed off all the time and they need a reason to be angry.

I have noticed that Lauren has been even more grumpy since she's been ana.

No. 1067667

File: 1603637650929.jpg (321.06 KB, 712x802, Screenshot_20201025_165420.jpg)

Lauren looked healthy and happy here. No doubt her husband is one of those weight obsessed men who start making passive aggressive comments once she goes over the 120lb mark. She's obviously developed an eating disorder, she looks ill and she's in a worse mood than she ever was.

No. 1067677

This bitch sounds like a pickme tweet generator.

No. 1067679

She's just slowly morphing into Ann Coulter

No. 1067681

She does look like a strong aryan woman who can lift hay bales all day and birth ample healthy offspring. Sad.

No. 1067693

I thought this was Faith Goldy before expanding the image, they really do end up looking like haggard clones of each other

No. 1067697


Sarcasm, right? Lauren is pretty damn swarthy without the peroxide

No. 1067698


The tragic part is that neither one of them has nice looking features, Lisa has a weird chin and looks very aged in non-candids, Lauren has tragic nasolabial folds, she looked aged when she was a teenager ffs.

So now they ana-cope in hopes that being "smol" will make them look good. Sad, sad cope.

No. 1067701

File: 1603641097688.png (442.99 KB, 856x605, B3FB2479-921F-41D9-9012-D18B57…)

How is she only 2 years older than me???

No. 1067712

Her fucking patchy dye job under studio lights will never not get me

No. 1067744

File: 1603645175382.jpeg (27.67 KB, 498x400, 1603019426652.jpeg)

I'm cackling, I googled her age after your comment and I'm almost 3 years older than her.
Bitch u is haggardddd.

Sage for OT, don't ban me Janitor-chan

No. 1067755

Faith Goldy vibes

No. 1067764


Looks like she’s going through her 4th marriage

No. 1067768


That hooker eyeshadow

No. 1067772

File: 1603648765253.jpeg (56.58 KB, 407x612, 8D75CE4A-4459-44A8-82A6-63359B…)

Lisa looks like mra kooter

No. 1067796

File: 1603652015141.jpg (386.72 KB, 1080x1966, Screenshot_20201025_205308.jpg)

"Lisa lives with her fiance to his three children"

So not only is he way older than her but she plays mommy for him as well.


No. 1067798

Bruh I'm 2 years older than her and she looks like she could be my mom.

I guess a carefree lifestyle of money and shitposting keeps you young while being a neurotic indentured bangmaid ages you in dog years. No wonder all trads and flyovers think that women are necrotic past 30, it really is true for them.

No. 1067801

LMFAO she is a literal cuck

No. 1067803

File: 1603652617651.jpg (264.8 KB, 1080x1697, Screenshot_20201025_210456.jpg)

Apparently Lisa wrote a book about the effect of the media on girls'body image.

Considering how anachan and obsessed with her own image on social media she is isn't she a but hypocritical?


No. 1067813


My fucking sides.

YAAAAAAAS cuckqueen!!

No. 1067855


White nationalist:
"Don't ever talk to me or my hapa son again"

No. 1067856


BUT evil femushists are body shaming smol uwuwu womyn like her!

No. 1067986

File: 1603671957750.jpg (240.89 KB, 1080x850, Screenshot_20201026_022300.jpg)

Robyn grew out of youth culture at 30. Now she thinks the young uns are scandalous. She's so special and not like any other woman her age. Most women will wear piercings and ass rips in their jeans in the old folks home.

No. 1067992

File: 1603672371859.jpg (337.99 KB, 1080x1140, Screenshot_20201026_023039.jpg)

I guess Robyn was allowed to dye her hair all the colors of the rainbow, prevent pregnancy, get metal in her face and sleep with new age vegan fuck bois with a man bun and a sun tattoo. But the younger generation has to grow old like her straight away and doesn't get to have fun because now her fun is over and everything she does is better than everything any other woman is doing because Robyn is the one doing it and she's always better.

No. 1067997

Can't wait till her husband cheats on her with an egirl.

No. 1068006

she sounds like a man trying to larp as a woman

No. 1068012

File: 1603673352191.jpg (455.28 KB, 1080x1468, Screenshot_20201026_025026.jpg)

This is Robyn's husband and he's not good looking. He looks fat.

No. 1068028

That's the best she could get with that hole in her septum. Sure she took the jewelry out, but real alpha chads are disgusted she ever had that done. So sad. This white man settling for this formerly pierced, forever mutilated, poser trad.

No. 1068030

“wignat” means right-wing loonies. Make up your own slang, Robyn.

No. 1068053

Checked out her fb and LGBTQ liberal yoga women are liking the things visible on her profile. Lol

No. 1068057

And if you weren't a becky you'd be the one doing the picking.

No. 1068062

Troll face?

>if you shit on women existing enough you too can land yourself a fat old single father with 3 kids uwu

If these tradthots want more women to be like them, least can do is have an attractive man. None of them ever do

No. 1068071

When any woman says that she's been 'picked'un-ironically. LOL

No. 1068082

>mfw I'm a pinkpilled manhater and I picked a husband who pays all my bills

No. 1068083

He also looks Jewish af

No. 1068088

>men having standards
>what men are and aren't attracted to mattering to anyone including them

The cutoff for getting to have any preferences at all begins at 300k a year. Other men will take what they can get, which isn't much at all. Of course you can be a window shopping incel who performatively seethes about pointy elbows, but it's not like they have anything to lose - might as well LARP as picky.

As far as saving the white race goes, you're a cucked beta pickme who fucked herself into settling for fat used goods because you take the words of beta males at face value. I wouldn't be surprised if your husband is already paypigging for a tattooed ethot.

Speaking of, he doesn't even look like a slav, more like a Dagestani or something. Russian passport and last name =\= white.

No. 1068126

File: 1603736783257.jpg (124.6 KB, 1080x510, Screenshot_20201026_202546.jpg)

No. 1068127

No. 1068130

He looks like Bin Laden had a baby with Krist Novoselic.

No. 1068148

>hoping other women get cuffed by trash like this so she doesn't feel like a failure when checking on her former classmates on facebook

Ok gimpgirl

No. 1068242

File: 1603742640371.png (508 KB, 933x430, LarensEXfansCapture.PNG)

Moids are noticing the fillers it seems

No. 1068255

File: 1603743199439.png (16.12 KB, 567x158, robynCapture.PNG)

The coping, she settled for a wurstie and is now telling herself the manosphere koolaid

No. 1068277

Maybe it's because men have a fundimental need to have sex and with no particular woman. They have their preferances but when they have fewer options they can get turned on by virtually any woman available. They have even been known to turn to animals, food items, vacuum cleaners and other males in times of desperation or opportunity.

Women have a fundimental need to have sex with a man/men they already desire and find attractive.

Basically, women can live without sex, in fact they would rather not have sex if they don't want it with anyone in particular.

It's not that any woman will eventually 'fall in love' with any man who puts his penis in her.

No. 1068278

Basically her face is just busted at this point. She's hiding it under an hours worth of makeup application and it still looks bad.

No. 1068281


The truth pickmes fear.

No. 1068283


It's not even hard to get commitment from a male. They are desperate to attach to any woman willing to be a bangmaid mommywife.

Or not even that, basically any woman willing to have a low effort situationship. Then they leech the ego-pumps and sex.

These gimpgirls really think they got something special

No. 1068405

File: 1603752891408.jpg (92.21 KB, 553x526, lol.jpg)

Martina Markota, who kind of disappeared, trying to cope with her trad followers who are finally calling her out for grifting on her sob story about being separated for her husband because of meanie anitfa. Her cope for leaving her husband in england is the thought that her children would not be american is unbearable, as though england is a third world shithole. From Instagram I've waged she's been in NYC for about 6 months now and he's in England, so they basically have no relationship and probably never will unless she comes back, which she won't.

No. 1068414

File: 1603753556021.jpg (493.79 KB, 1080x1534, Screenshot_20201027_010013.jpg)

I predict that Lauren will cheat on her husband.

This picture is really suggestive. Maybe she jumped on him because he had money.

No. 1068417

I don't blame her for not wanting to live in the UK. It's definitely a first world country but it's not for everyone.

I have a friend that lives there and he can't even go outside right now and it's been that way virtually all year, apparently.

She should just buy some sperm and forget about finding a man to parent with at 35 if she wants a baby. Women can go it alone these days.

No. 1068424

She has crazy eyes lol

No. 1068427

I think she already is. She’s been working with some Aussie guy for her documentary. Making Instagram stories about the most uninteresting convos with him, giggling a bunch at stuff he says that isn’t even funny, being alone in the car with him. In my experience that’s kinda textbook flirting

No. 1068428

Yas kwueen, that's why cuckoldry and/or abandoning the male in favor of communal childrearing with other females is a well observed female reproductive strategy in most apes including pre-agriculture homo sapiens. You'd know this if you had any education.

No. 1068438

Their "standards" are also subject to change at a moment's notice. The truth pickmes fear is that men genuinely don't know what they want, or rather they only know it when they see it. Listening to what they say they want is for simp beckies.

Tw blog: my grandma's third husband used to be only into blue eyed blondes and would constantly screech about it in public to anyone who would listen. Apparently he was also pretty desirable himself and had legitimately high standards that he would actually enforce. He would routinely reject and humiliate women who had the hots for him for the smallest flaws. (I'm not from the US and being pickme supreme is normal in my slavshit country, in case this sounds like a complete fanfic)

My grandmother is a brunette with middle eastern features. He's still absolutely crazy about her. She's been taking his money and cheating on him left and right ever since they got together, lul.(Blog)

No. 1068444

I have witnessed this myself too many times. Men talking about how they don't like fat women for example. However a week later they have a new girlfriend and she's 250lbs.

I remember my brother telling me that boys only want skinny girls, but he ends up meeting and marrying a woman who is a size 20 and she essentially rules the man's life.

No. 1068469


Anon, what do you consider a first world country then? the standard of living in UK cannot be worst in America.

No. 1068484

How is this picture suggestive?

No. 1068512

She's sticking her ass out in tiny shorts and pouting her lips at the camera, a typical instathot pose.

She also blatantly posted her legs in a tiny skirt recently and pointed it out.

I guess her husband just isn't satisfying her.

No. 1068516

It's not that the UK isn't a first world country, it most certainly is.

I lived there for some years and just found a lot of the people really rigid and nosy and overly concerned with others. Not everyone is like that but the ones who are seem to get to speak the loudest.

I just didn't like it and wouldn't want to live there long term.

No. 1068520

please for the love of fuck learn how to sage. your endless samefagging is really painfully obvious

No. 1068564

She jumped him because she probably got knocked up and needed to be trad so they got a shotgun wedding. But she already tried to fuck PJW and fucked Molyneux. What's to stop her from cheating like a degenerate lol

No. 1068608

A lot of men also standard-signal because they're embarrassed by what they are really into. In every time and society, there is a certain type of woman that's deemed "high status", and a lot of the time said type is the farthest thing from "commonly pretty" or "fertile looking". Most men desire her, but not viscerally - it's mostly because she would be a status symbol. Associating with her signals prestige and boosts their status. That is not to say that male sexuality is a social construct - it's basically status seeking, cuckoldry anxiety and mate guarding.

Men overall are also more likely to be (at least publicly or initially) into women who are desired by other men. That's why you see completely different features being seen as "beautiful" during different centuries, but men simp for them every time while categorically stating that it's the only thing they're into. The same dudes who shriek about "pancake asses" today would die to be with a typical small ass skinny blonde if it was the 80s.

No. 1068671

Men on the internet give her money because she posts pictures like this. This isn't hard.

No. 1068747


She was posting suggestive pics since forever, she showed legs and cleavage in the trad days too, and she used to cosplay.

I doubt that marriage would stop her from doing it if even the trad-pandering could not

No. 1068781

>Men talking about how they don't like fat women for example. However a week later they have a new girlfriend and she's 250lbs.

In what world does this regularly happen? Most men who are into fat women just fuck them, but never date them because they are embarassed.

What you and >>1068444 are describing is called "settling" and most people do it eventually. Looking for a partner who fulfills all your ideals is futile. Once you turn 30 you realize what you really need is someone who will build a life with you and who you can stand to be around for the rest of it. All people age so your wife won't stay hot forever anyways. That doesn't mean that these men don't still want their "ideal" woman in their head, they just gave up on trying to find her and settle down with someone who isn't their type, but who will be a good mom or whatever.

No. 1068816

This is starting to sound very incelly and not so different to the tweet that we were supposed to be making fun of.

No. 1068837

Look at him trying to look like he has a jawline. How precious!

No. 1068986

It's hardly settling of you simp for the type you say you're not attracted to while treating your "ideals" like shit.

No. 1069004

File: 1603825768612.jpg (88.45 KB, 1080x310, Screenshot_20201027_210759.jpg)

No. 1069045

Cool, take only tradthot rights. They're mentally ill anyway.

No. 1069098

>I don't like voting so NO other woman should vote either uwu I don't own property or land or work for my money either I just leech off men so every other woman shouldn't either and should just be leeching off of men for their livelihoods. follow me women uwu
Why do these retarded tradthots always think that because they don't like something, nobody else should like it either. I see it alot with white tradthots and fundies lately. They think larping as Little Women or cottagecore prairie girls is the only way to live.

No. 1069130

> tradthots larping as Little Women
> Louisa May Alcott being a suffragist and abolitionist

No. 1069197

File: 1603842739931.jpg (20.11 KB, 480x360, hqdefaultd.jpg)

In the last 4 years, Robyn gone from
> blue hair nose ring yoga teacher flitting from country to country
> Jordan Peterson fangirl (that's where the "bucko" twitter handle came from)
> Patreon tradthot
> tradwife influencer
> jihadi bride

In four years! This isn't just reactive, her accent that changed often in the same video suggested a lack of traction of identity.

There is no reason to believe this is going to stop, in fact you'd be foolish to think that having cycled through this (and having believed them all at each step so "deeply") she'll continue to shift identities. She can only go a little further right, though. My guess is marital problems will lead her to slowly reverse course through these steps followed by a sudden backward lunge. She can't stand still, though.

At root of it is mental illness but she seems to function fine on a maintenance level so don't feel sorry for her avoiding treatment and doing (points at thread) all of this instead.

No. 1069242

Because they think that trad lifestyle needs to be compulsory in order for them to find anyone willing to tolerate them. They're that unattractive.
When the bpd hits

No. 1069468

>claims to be a tradlady
>talks shit about other girls dressing this way
lol the audacity of this bitch, seriously she talks so much shit and then she does the oposite, that's not very "trad uwu" of you Lauren!

No. 1069586

File: 1603906603025.jpg (424.24 KB, 1080x1729, Screenshot_20201028_193629.jpg)

No. 1069603


"superrr happy to keep a rape baby, tee hee hee".

I just can't with her at this point.

She just says the most radically far right wing thing possible to try and get a rise out of people and bring attention to herself.

"feelings are not as important as human life"

This is the same woman that admitted to experiencing scheudenfraude when watching videos of police officers beat people to a pulp.

No. 1069620

Yeah Robyn, that will work out really well for the now-born babies when desperate young women commit infanticide after being pushed beyond the brink due to the trauma of having to birth a rape baby.

No. 1069660

>she can only go a little further right though
That's quitters talk anon. Let's see her go full radical conservative Muslim wife to attract Saudi men as they are against the evil corrupt western feminism. For a while I remember that interview Mrs Midwest had with that red pill muslim guy and she was flirting with him talking about she can cook middle eastern food lol. These tradthots know no bounds when they're attention starved from males

She's such a cunt desperate for validation. Someone should remind her that rapists can sue their victims for visitation that's if their victims don't kill themselves

No. 1069821

>"Feelings dont matter"
>uses the feelings of women who are happy with their rape babies as an argument for not aborting rape babies in the SAME tweet

Jesus christ, not only do these harpies have abhorrent "beliefs", they can't even be logically consistent in defending them. How much can you believe in something if you can't coherently argue in favor of it?

No. 1069835

File: 1603924593470.jpg (232.37 KB, 1080x812, Screenshot_20201029_003421.jpg)

She said that she wasn't 'trad', she was just a modern housewife incorporating so called traditionalism into her modern life, if I remember correctly.

Lol at 'boho nationalism'.

No. 1069981

File: 1603932702753.jpg (147.8 KB, 1080x2040, Screenshot_20201029_025127.jpg)

Is it just me or did Lisa Britton take down her instagram?

No. 1070095

Is she confusing hippies with cottage core? Because the overlap there is pretty clear. The only time I find a girl who isn't a trad larper wishing to have no rights because they liked Pride and Prejudice with keira knightley within that aesthetic are witches and east asian girls.

Nothing of value was lost.
I think she was being doxed and hacked for a bit by some people though because her husband is a controversial white supremacist.

No. 1070110


How do you know that Lisa Britton's husband is a white supremacist? Info?

No. 1070349

File: 1603989481108.jpg (372.67 KB, 1080x1163, 20201029_173533.jpg)

Lisa wants women to lean into the wage gap by being uwu trad like her

Because relying on scrotes for survival is such a realiable plan

She just panders to sad males who are realizing women no longer need them and are crying because of obsolete and worthless they truly are. Kekimus maximus

No. 1070353


Her instagram seems to be up right now and she just posted cringe

No. 1070358

"Willing" and "have to do it because of my screeching brood" are not the same

No. 1070363

There are a lot of crunchy granola raw milk anti-vaxx einkorn bread fundies, like Zsuszanna Anderson and The Transformed Wife, so I can see tradthots going down that path.

No. 1070364

If she's going to admit that she believes that the wage gap is nonsense because of people's individual choices then she could at least stop believing that there is a conspiracy to keep western men out of college.

Men are more likely to take up jobs that don't require them to study at college. She still admits that for whatever reason they still eventually go on to make more money on average than women. So what are you complaining about Lisa?

She is never consistent.

No. 1070373

Also, if she admits that women choose for more 'work life balance' then why is she complaining about work place deaths in men? Don't men personally choose to do more dangerous jobs going by the same point? Don't work place deaths happen more in men because they choose to be an electrician, miner or lumberjack over a housewife and no matter how many health and safety laws we have there will always be accidents when the job is naturally dangerous?

No. 1070380

Men often don't even obey health and safety laws. How often do you see construction workers not wearing hard hats for example because they think it's 'gay'?

But I guess men's macho complex is somehow women's fault, despite the fact that women are constantly annoyed with that sort of behavior from men.

By the same logic women just have to 'suck it up buttercup' when they face sexual harassment in male dominated jobs.

Only men are allowed to blame the opposite sex for their emotional fragility.

No. 1070385

Men are also more likely to get jobs without being fully qualified.

No. 1070386

No one can belittle motherhood any more than men did already, sweaty.

Besides, isn't that an individual choice to see it as a burden? Or are choices only okay if it means suspending your career to become a bangmaid?

No. 1070413

Does anyone else think he looks like Heather Sparkles? Even she barely passes.

No. 1070424

It’s not even like women don’t choose to be electricians or firefighters or carpenters or whatever—gross sexist and rapey dudes actively run them off when they try. Bitch can take all the seats.

No. 1070505

Most men never wash their hands after going to the toilet; hardly surprising they'd be unable to follow health and safety regulations when basic hygiene is too much fuss for them lol

No. 1070511

File: 1604000149636.png (611.36 KB, 487x571, AASDFASDFUntitled.png)

Lisa Trollface Britton

No. 1070518

File: 1604000484134.png (471.18 KB, 813x565, uztreCapture.PNG)

Girls with ADHD and autism are underdisgnosed, ignored and have to struggle with no help.

Also, it's not women's fault that males commit more crime, if anything, that means that males are a violent drain on society.

Trollface can indeed take all the seats.

Fun fact: women laid the foundations of computer science, but scrotes pushed them out. Same for the skeptic community.

No. 1070520


Wow, I can't believe Lisa is belittling strong empowered maleoids when they CHOOSE not to go to college!

She's not encouraging them to make empowered choices but is pushing victim mentality on them? Shaking my smh Lisa I thought you were pro-strong-male-tradwaifu how could you UmU

No. 1070539

Her oversized jacket can't hide the fact that she's probably living on 800 calories a day.

She's in a constantly bad mood because she's starving herself.

No. 1070544


Bein thin in an attractive way is an art. These anachan copers can fuck right off.

No. 1070563

>that chin
>that entire troglodyte ass face

This creature has more testosterone than all of her beta orbiters combined.

Pickmes beware: if you wk men online, you basically transition to male.

No. 1070565

File: 1604003872440.jpeg (204.92 KB, 828x1392, 0272764D-C8F1-4E56-A857-81A6BE…)

In Lauren Chen’s likes. I thought she was engaged?

No. 1070591


Me love you long time

No. 1070600

Can't make a hoe into a housewife

No. 1070608

They still aren't married? Didn't they get engaged forever ago?

No. 1070625


Is this one of those cow forever-engagements like Shuwu and Blaire White had?

No. 1070656

Engagement is just a way for a scrote to keep you as a gf while making you face more condemnation if you decide to see other men. I don't even know why something as dumb as engagement exists, you're either married or not.

No. 1070706



No. 1070756

Not very trad of her since she's engaged and supposedly scrambling for 90k to take care of her dad even though he's in canada with socialized health care but he is cute. Cuter than her fiance

No. 1070783

I think she lurks here because she’s unliked it now

No. 1070799

File: 1604024944094.png (468.57 KB, 995x682, Screenshot 2020-10-30 at 02.20…)

>whiter than her fiancé

In other news, Lauren Southern's doing awkward cooking streams on her insta, and letting slip that she 'can't get a normal job ever' after all that has happened, so is bound to making documentaries and milking her celeb status dry.
I'm Lauren's age (like, I suspect, lots of the users here) and have watched her from the start, so can't help but feel bad for her that what seems like her 'edgy' 2016-Milo anti-SJW pickme political commitments have come to define her. Call it dyke fangirlism or whatever, but her documentaries are genuinely good and I hope she's happy and successful.

I really wonder if by 'asian husband', The Atlantic meant in the sense of 'asian' as British people mean it (East Asian) or Middle-Eastern/Desi. The 'type' of asian would certainly have different implications in terms of stereotype for her kind of audience and their attitudes.

No. 1070808

She probably can’t get a normal job cause she doesn’t have a degree in anything…

No. 1070817

Why do tradthots act like conceiving life is so rare and special? All you gotta do is just get a man to ejaculate inside of you. At least let the woman have the choice to abort it if it wasnt consensual. All that matters is that the choice is there because everyone handles trauma differently. Some people may see it as a "light in the darkness" while others may see it as a constant reminder for 9 months and 18 years of the trauma they went through. Let them have the choice to abort or to keep

No. 1070845

Her boyfriend is unattractive and gives "Yeah I used to be MGTOW, you're so lucky I'm giving you a chance" vibes, can't blame her.

No. 1070855

File: 1604034347997.jpeg (588.73 KB, 828x1713, 7D596310-BF64-4F2A-8024-DE7315…)

Nope still there

No. 1070858


No. 1070859

Australian asian tends to be east asian

No. 1070867

>allie stuckley
Her face annoys me. Almost as unfortunate as pro lifer Abby Johnson.

Just have to look at their wedding photos. He's not that tall around her height and a slim figure. I think he's east asian

No. 1070929

Yazidi women that managed to shake free of their captors lost everything, including their community, none of them much less "tons" are "super outspoken" about how "happy" they are having conceived children while being literal slaves.

> her 'edgy' 2016-Milo anti-SJW pickme political commitments have come to define her
Lauren opened her own personal Overton Window and slammed it so hard the glass shattered. She could have stayed with Ezra forever and become the Ann Coulter of Canada. She made the decision to up the ante. I've done some dumb things in my life, I'm sure you have too, I'm also sure you never wound up on a boat in the middle of the night with Generation Identity chodes.

Nobody knew (or publicized) even what country she was in until she made her comeback. Clearly they were holding fire because she walked away from the fray. She could have done anything and nobody would have cared. She's the one who made an announcement of her comeback, began fundraising from her simps again and, uh, goes on Aussie TV to deliver commentary designed to melt them snowflakes.

Double saged for ranting but Lauren defined herself by this, she is still doing so and profiting. She's not been forced into anything.

No. 1070953

Considering it's Australia I think hes most likely Chinese

No. 1070962


What she's doing is skitzo nationalism where you post cringe every day and have a "white" husband and kid

No. 1070963


This aging tradthot can cry all she wants but no fetus can defetus

No. 1070983

>She could have stayed with Ezra forever
This was the case for Faith Goldy, too. It's like they get desensitized and need to go to new extremes to keep "shocking" people the further into right wing circles they go. Maybe Lauren will become a true conspiracy nut and start rallying people to form an underground Catholic church to own the libs, too.

No. 1071276

>her documentaries are genuinely good

This is where you lost me. What she calls documentary have always been a dumbed down form of the unresearched widescreen YouTube videos Morgan Spurlock used to shit out. Those things definitely have their audience though.

No. 1071356

Why does Lauren need a career when she can just be trad and have lots of babies?

She went back to work before her son was 1 year old.

Not very trad Lauren.

No. 1071358

A lot of these women have 1 baby, often after leading modern, secular liberated lives and we are supposed to make believe that they are literally Michelle Duggar.

That's the hilarious thing about it.

No. 1071389

File: 1604109885193.jpg (233.62 KB, 1080x611, Screenshot_20201031_040337.jpg)

Check out Robyn's slutty cat Halloween costume. It just makes her look even more haggard.

No. 1071398

> It's like they get desensitized
Faith Goldy another one that it applies to and you are absolutely right, like any unhealthy brain stimulus they need harder and harder stuff to make the bell ring like it did the first time they screamed "FEMINISM IS CANCER."

Ezra (who has been toeing this line for decades) warned her not to go to Charlottesville, Faith not only ignored him but sat down to record a podcast with the guys from the Daily Stormer while she was there. Again as much as we've fucked up in our lives, I doubt anyone reading this has ever had the record scratch/freeze frame where we find ourselves on a Nazi podcast being asked to recite the 14 words. You have to ask just how many wrong turns you'd have to take to get from where you are now to where "appearing on a Nazi podcast" is something that happens to you.

No. 1071440

They’re more Phyllis Schlafly, having nannies raise their kids because they’re too busy making bank telling other women to stay home. That’s how you get Andrew Schlaflys.

No. 1071512

slutty? anon are you amish by any chance? it's just cat makeup and a black tshirt

No. 1071537

What about that record scratch/freeze frame when you're suddenly fucking Richard Spencer in Charlottesville kek I will never get over that

No. 1071558

I'm not Amish but Robyn virtually thinks she is. For someone who claims to be as godly and trad as she is its most definitely slutty.

No. 1071718


Well good thing she's trad and thus does not need a job UwU

No. 1071724

File: 1604159366821.jpg (530.18 KB, 1080x1598, 20201031_164658.jpg)

WN gets mad about Lauren

No. 1071725

File: 1604159564441.jpg (509.25 KB, 1080x1237, 20201031_164719.jpg)

The new comment was under this relatively old reddit post. But get this… The OP here is an asian male himself.

He's mad that Lauren is into Asian males like himself. That's odd.

No. 1071728

File: 1604160093914.jpg (45.62 KB, 737x233, 20201031_170114.jpg)

No. 1071731

I love it when chuds get chudded. She and Laura Loomer can start a Slack.

No. 1071741

File: 1604161808512.jpeg (652.43 KB, 828x957, 42C24C21-4911-494F-9C97-E903CF…)

Can’t get over how old she looks

No. 1071746

WN makes sage marry and reproduce with Asian women as well. It’s probably much less common for women, but they probably have the same ideas, that Asian cultures are timid, submissive, and model minorities anyways, etc. Not that I actually think Lauren is one, but still. if he really is Asian their baby is probably the cutest kek

No. 1071757

File: 1604163530781.png (18.19 KB, 593x162, filthmoldy.PNG)

Right? If your brain is less fried than hers it makes no sense how you'd end up in that position, but she still defends it to this day. Faith can imply that Ezra et al are cucks all she wants, but she's the one who has to live with being a disgraced nazi who stays relevant by peddling conspiracies about Canadian gun control.

No. 1071775

She dressed her hapa baby up as a yellow character? Problematic

No. 1071850


But anon! Her babby has a GiNgEr GeNe and GrEeN eYeS

No. 1071868

Isn't there some kind of racial joke about bananas and Asian people?
Yellow on the outside, white on the inside.
Probably not intentional, but wew, Lauren.

No. 1071896

I don't feel sorry for her at all. She was an adult when she made all the decisions that she made. It's called natural consequences and she's facing them. What she did wasn't small time things that people shouldn't be "cancelled" for, it was serious shit that showed a sociopathic lack of empathy and actually literally affected people's lives (e.g., boats trying to stop migrants/refugees from getting to land). It was clear that she was never going to be employable by anyone after the shit she did and said and I'm glad it came to pass because it shows that the world is working as it should.

No. 1071924

Lmao she’s so in denial

No. 1071946


Never speak to me or my azn son again


No. 1071999

what a tard, the person who shot someone was a Pinkerton security guard, not antifa anything

No. 1072183

can we get a pick-me hate thread going? don't know where it belongs, either on /snow/ or on /ot/, but it would be way more entertaining than just talking about these internet D-list tradthots

No. 1072186

File: 1604204536865.jpg (523.46 KB, 1080x1556, Screenshot_20201101_062049.jpg)

Robyn blocked people from seeing her twitter after someone leaked a pic of her husband.

No. 1072194

Is faith still working in politics while preaching that women should stay home and make white babies? I bet she's disappointed in Lauren staying in Australia with an Asian baby after all that pandering to white supremacists

Can't show the truth to desperate pick mes following you that being a pick me doesn't land you a 10/10 aryan Chad lol

No. 1072277

File: 1604218734241.png (55.22 KB, 623x245, hz0cDK6.png)

Amazing these people are still in denial over an event that for whatever else they want to say destroyed their movement and gave the world everything they needed to block, ban and isolate them.

> Is faith still working in politics while preaching that women should stay home and make white babies
I downloaded Telegram awhile ago to try to follow some of these people as they were getting banned from other social media. For what it's worth she's never mentioned Lauren on it once, despite them being at one point IRL friends.

No. 1072278

Hooly shit does someone have that pic of him?

No. 1072307

File: 1604223490263.jpg (625.21 KB, 1838x2048, ElsXXQIXEAEU1eB.jpg)


>I couldn’t not do it.

but it would have been so easy not to.

No. 1072407

Love how she’s mentioned his supposed British side, ginger gene and green eyes but is quiet about the fact that he’s Asian lol

No. 1072559

Faith doesn't do anything anymore besides stay at home posting on /pol/ and tweeting, because she decided working isn't trad and that Canadians don't want her to "save" them enough

No. 1072791

File: 1604278865806.png (3.26 MB, 2638x1458, Screen Shot 2020-11-01 at 7.58…)

In the White Noise doc, Lauren expresses concern about the welfare of her children in a white minority nation but insists that the fact her baby daddy isn't white "doesn't matter" to her. She says "he would watch this and be like 'why would you make that a thing.'" Just insane levels of cognitive dissonance.

No. 1072837

Class A retard. Doesn’t she have ADHD

No. 1072851

My sides.

No. 1072854

File: 1604287864838.jpeg (462.59 KB, 828x1062, B28EF080-4072-4B9B-94C7-E981AE…)

Seems like he struck a nerve lmao. Also she got a bunch of plastic surgery to appease the random men on the internet because she’s such an attention whore

No. 1072867


I will never be not surprised how she managed to lock down finance bro chad and live off of his + her daddy's money in a luxury high rise while doing absolutely nothing, being absolutely mediocre, unintelligent, and not particularly attractive.

No. 1072873

Most women who lock down finance chads and live like this are exactly like that. Typically they're not even trophy wife hot. Seriously, go take look at all the women who lead this lifestyle. Then go look at the hotter pickmes and their depressing, absolute shit tier existences.

This site should stop eating up manosphere "you gotta be a 14 year old virgin supermodel billionaire to land a provider chad" memes.

No. 1072876

>at home posting on pol
Being 31 and a poltard. Damn

She fucking promoted that bullshit and now it came to bit her on the ass. These guys don't care about her having babies or married now anymore since her husband isn't white and those babies won't be fully white. Truly leopards eating her face now

No. 1072892

How soon can we expect this documentary to be available elsewhere?
I'm definitely not interested in paying to hear these people make excuses and contradict themselves for an hour.

No. 1072914


Maybe it's a different culture but where I live but no one from the level of education would choose a stay at home mom like her that just sits at home and tweets all day to weirdos and her father's incel fanbase online. At the very least she would be required to have a status worthy part-time "job" (re:passion hobby) like low-tier modeling, or volunteering with some bougie nonprofit that distributes birth control to girls in africa or something like that.

No. 1073038


She's compensating for her family being too mixed for the WN by throwing out hEr ChUrCh CoMmUnNiTy and flashing her marriage. So trad UwU

If she were half as confident in how her family and life are, she would not be posting semi-censored cringe every week.

No. 1073039

Her "what every girl needs to hear" video is still up, so uh, she should be agreeing with that tweet kek

No. 1073040

All of Faith's takes on the April mass shooting are word for word what the /pol/ retards said about it, it's really sad.

No. 1073057

Her 'what every girl needs to hear' focused on getting married and having kids while you were still young, so by her logic hitting the wall is nothing to fear because she's already settled.

No. 1073061

I mean it also focused on being a virgin and not dating around and she has a pretty extensive dating history and lewd photos of her straddling a half black guy floating around, so.

No. 1073080

File: 1604329035362.jpg (235.04 KB, 900x900, unnamed (2).jpg)

When you compare this lady to tradthots the irony hits.

She was a single mom, like the tradthot audience hates, married Cole Labrant and now has 2 more kids with him. And now they have a big family.

While tradthots are trying to hide their hapa babies and "white" husbands from their nazi fans that screech at them how they've hit the wall.

No. 1073087

Wow, he’s honestly better looking that the guys these tradthots end up with

No. 1073089

She should stop wearing false eyelashes. It ages her a lot

No. 1073128


She looks way better and more vibrant than all tradthots combined too. Like lauren looks 40 and 25 at the same time, robyn is a turbo-karen at this stage.

And Cole is fit and attractive, which cannot be said for tradthots husbands.

No. 1073129

File: 1604334955207.jpg (461.55 KB, 2700x1495, timeline.jpg)

Her appearance changed somewhere in 2018. She definitely got lip fillers and cheek injections. Her nose looks different in every picture though, I don't even know what her real nose looks like to come to a conclusion.

No. 1073130

Just noticed the third pic is 2020, not 2019. But my point still stands.

No. 1073167

this was taken at mont des arts, do they live in belgium?

No. 1073182

Her posts seem to indicate she lives in the USA, maybe they just married over there.

No. 1073199

They live in Canada, but got married over there.

Someone posted it to Twitter? Or else, took her some time to notice it over here. She said anything about why she locked her account?

It's posted above in this thread. Might be another one as well, though?

No. 1073204

Right? That "downfall of civilization" single mother looks beautiful and her family is too. Meanwhile tradthots seethe because for all they did, it got them someone subpar or for lauren, someone not even white lol.

Continues to get lip filler and triggered about the wall. She wants her male audience back. Can't believe she got memed into starting a family she isn't really excited about

No. 1073268


She didn't even go to somebody who could make her look somewhat natural, this looks botched.


Yep, being a right wing grifter ages you horribly, as we see.

Lmfao yes she literally got memed into doing it. Or at least she was heavily infulenced by incels. Like that 4chan (probably fake) post about a guy getting memed into fellating a "trap".. but she unironically did it.

No. 1073281

is there actually a picture of lauren's husband or child that proves to people that her husband is asian, or is this some kind of meme

No. 1073316

It's like that on paper, but in practice it's the kind of stuff your rich husband will get you if he wants you. All these meme non-profit jobs that rich wives have didn't exist when they were single.

No. 1073352

There's a documentary that comes out shortly called "White Noise." The director has written an article revealing that she met her future Asian husband while they were filming. Lauren responded that the director betrayed her trust and "friendship" (lol) but contesting nothing about the identity of her husband (or much else that he said).

No. 1073362


Tradthots must be seething when supposed “used goods” find their ideal white husband and have a family.

But then they will quickly call the poor guy a “soy boy”. Trads can’t handle an L.

No. 1073409

lmao. thanks for the info anon

No. 1073476

It's crazy how she has literally everything these women want, all without having to insert herself into insane politics to impress neckbeards who would sooner ditch her for an Asian girl if they had the option, spew hate, get piss thrown at herself and generally be a public embarrassment.

No. 1073524

"Soyboy" and "cuck" is just a cope for chronically single men who are jealous of men who actually get poon.

When tradthots are shrieking about how emasculated men are for being with normie women they're jealous of, they're just trying to ward off the impending realization that men who play alpha with tradthots will happily be "emasculated" for someone hotter.

The truth pickmes fear: there is no such thing as a man who isn't a simp - he's just simping for someone else.

No. 1073703

This just emphasizes how much double-think goes into tradthottism.

Most tradthots have a just-plain-thot background. Very few spent their early 20s as blushing virgins, definitely none in this thread did. When they speak of their lives they talk about being "redeemed" while they demand purity of others. They think this is radical, in reality it's a throwback to the (mostly discredited, even among evangelicals) purity movement.

In this case the only reason Robyn, Lauren, Lana, etc. aren't single mothers themselves is because they used (very un-trad) birth control including abortion.

No. 1073879


"Betrayed" eh? So she was mad she got outed as a "race traitor" to her nazi simps lol

No. 1073911

File: 1604406013427.png (192.26 KB, 981x310, thosethighstelllies.png)

I know this is a bit late and apologies for the extreme autism but no one has said her thigh looks like it might be photoshopped? Am I seeing things?

No. 1073930

I think she looked attractive in 2018. Shame.

No. 1073985


Based and pinkpilled

No. 1074084

File: 1604423386862.png (448.48 KB, 594x474, FeministsAreLiterallyKKKCaptur…)

Ah yes, it is not right wing scrotes who are the most racist, it is the women!

Anyone remember that feminism and KKK crossover episode? Cause racist groups are packed with feminists and totally not predominately male!

No. 1074088

The irony in not realizing white women promote racism to the same extent as men if not more lmao

No. 1074090

File: 1604423622596.png (91.68 KB, 605x522, ScrotesInSchoolUntitled.png)

Wage gap puts women at disadvantage? Nothing wrong here.

Education gap? Will somebody pls think of the scrotums???

No. 1074114

>when college students are 100% female?
Who cares Lisa. Fix your troll face. >>1070511

How do we know it's not her old husband tweeting from her account?

No. 1074122

Acknowledging that violent crime is a moid problem and not a race problem is racism now

No. 1074123

Men had no problem with colleges being 100% male, I see no problem either. Men are only fit for menial labor anyway.

No. 1074138

File: 1604428799239.png (4.91 MB, 828x1792, 0B6BDA30-6237-4897-BBA2-04C555…)

Anyone else think she looks super unhealthy? Eat something Lauren

No. 1074153

Maybe she's trying to be a petite asian girl.

No. 1074161


The undereye, the filter, the filler, whatever tf them lashes are

No. 1074168


Ah, but don't you know that the wage gap is because of women's choices but education gap is society sabotaging men?
And I assume men of other races aren't in the graph because she only cares about white men?

No. 1074173


Seems like she's telling males to embrace victim mentality instead of empowering them shaking my smh

No. 1074184

A Canadian who lives in Australia yet happens to be a Trumptard. Mind your own business, Lauren.

No. 1074400

Those lips are vile. They look like a prolapsed asshole.

No. 1075129

Indeed. Poor thots kek.

No. 1075148

File: 1604538821769.jpeg (24.44 KB, 650x366, images (4).jpeg)

But Lisa, maybe men are just biologically predisposed to not want to learn things?

… I was meant to be joking but I accidentally said the truth.

It's cringey enough when ausfriends act like they live in the 51st state but this bitch is a full on larper

No. 1075208

File: 1604546284527.png (198.76 KB, 369x425, 154141.png)

Kek. Welp, Biden won. You know what it means? Exactly, this is the "Coup-de-grace" for right groups(and more important, tradthots). Embrace yourselves, the shitstorm is coming.

No. 1075237

Tradthots on suicide watch

No. 1075265

File: 1604551089470.png (1.08 MB, 1204x1570, Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 11.3…)

what's with all these canadian tradthot magatards

No. 1075275

Commonthots coping to the extreme. I cant wait to see Southern bitching about it, despiting the fact that she lives in Australia and not US.

No. 1075278

Kek lauren. Gotta pander hard to retard maga simps so they can give her 90k for dad even though they all live in fucking Canada.

I love how they're all pro democracy but demand to stop counting ballots as Biden wins.

No. 1075287

>men are just biologically predisposed to not want to learn things

LMAO ANON!!!! They always say that stupid shit regarding why there's lesser women in STEM but couldn't apply that bullshit logic w their own "b-b-but men are victims of the education system!!" statistics.

No. 1075306

>pretty girls were mean to me in highschool - the thread(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1075307

Is Lauren Chen actually a dual citizen or is it just a MAGA larp?

No. 1075334

> implying these women are pretty
Literally only one of them is attractive.

No. 1075358

File: 1604571055294.jpg (63.34 KB, 488x737, great-expectations.jpg)

Isssn't love grand?

No. 1075423

File: 1604582408602.jpeg (234.59 KB, 828x1030, A67DD19E-D0D7-4293-9B83-88B15E…)

imagine unironically tweeting this

No. 1075425

She's starting to sound mentally ill and obsessed at this point.

No. 1075428

This post aged like she did.

No. 1075466

Also the fact that she says stuff like this every single day across her plaotforms. Like we get the point, you have a cock down your throat 24/7 either ideologically or literally.

No. 1075475

What if it's her husband that's controlling her socials? Posting all this pro man shit because he's some insecure mra faggot?

No. 1075477

Tweet this and you too can be picked by 50 year old used goods!

No. 1075499

tradthots are fucking disgusting. they spend all their time and brainpower getting mad over… what? shouldn't you be popping out children and not having opinions? the only reason these scrotes tolerate you is because you pander to them.

No. 1075527

That would be the better alternative, but since she has published MRA children's books under her own full name it seems safe to say it's really her. As sad as that is.

No. 1075549

File: 1604597640392.jpg (177.6 KB, 1080x525, 20201105_183326.jpg)

What happened here..?

No. 1075551

File: 1604598000709.jpg (450.23 KB, 2896x2896, 20201105_183924.jpg)

No. 1075558

>I'm losing public interest
>it's the feminists fault
Smooth brain

No. 1075577

completely unrelated, but why is this screenshot a bit rotated?

No. 1075593

It's not.

No. 1075602

>CDC encouraging COVID positive people to go out
Is she literally retarded?

No. 1075611


Making collages on a phone

No. 1075626

File: 1604602397023.png (723.63 KB, 1090x580, FillerUntitled.png)

The lip evolution kek

No. 1075631


Not very traditional of her

No. 1075681

Also yes.

No. 1075693

File: 1604608270849.png (16.99 KB, 591x151, lisapls.PNG)

Gee Lisa, it's not like all-male groups in charge of things were the norm since forever and it is a little notable when a group of women take on these roles. Surely it is a feminist conspiracy and will hurt all the men in power everywhere terribly if one all-woman committee is allowed anywhere after centuries of the opposite.

No. 1075695

File: 1604608394402.png (367.73 KB, 583x541, lisawhy.PNG)

pic also related

No. 1075698


It's a concave skull take where she vaguely gestures at alleged hypocrisy and ignores all context. Like all MRAs do

No. 1075700

File: 1604608852332.png (407.33 KB, 663x583, Screenshot 2020-11-05 at 20.40…)

No, it's a thing. Voting is important.

No. 1075705


She is complaining because more people voted for Biden, trump tried to shut down voting.

She's super lowkey about her support for trump and tradcon shit but it seeps through in her various posts.

No. 1075727

File: 1604610967437.jpg (148.72 KB, 561x455, Screenshot_20201105-151553_Ins…)

She looks ridiculous

No. 1075737

File: 1604611477112.jpg (208.53 KB, 613x708, Screenshot_20201105-152402_Ins…)

Wow so natural!

No. 1076056

File: 1604636089395.jpg (269.6 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_2020-11-06_06-11-03.JPG)

Check out Lillian, the postmodern housewife, an attractive Asian pick me Sahm. You would have thought that being such a pick me and pandering so hard to men would find her a masculine, hard bodied Chinese husband that we are all so jealous of… Oh wait.

No. 1076057

Scrolling past I thought this was Lana Del Rey omg

No. 1076060

File: 1604636703355.jpg (639.63 KB, 1080x1733, Screenshot_20201106_062450.jpg)


No. 1076063

File: 1604636881083.jpg (361.27 KB, 1080x1493, Screenshot_20201106_062724.jpg)

No. 1076065

File: 1604636950910.jpg (1.24 MB, 1080x1903, Screenshot_20201106_062908.jpg)

No. 1076070

So? Asian men still make more.

No. 1076074

oh /r/asianmasculinity will love this kek

of course the male she chooses is an ugly neanderthal, typical pairing

No. 1076075

She could have had her pick of hot Asian men but she got picked by yogi bear.

No. 1076076

They couldn't even get the happy wife happy life right

No. 1076078

begone scrote

No. 1076081

File: 1604638587473.jpg (664.53 KB, 1080x1085, Screenshot_20201106_065357.jpg)

She's wearing her grandmother's curtain.

Like most tradthots she has an awful sense of style and likely insults women who wear fashionable or comfortable clothing.

No. 1076082

this is the most obvious self posting, what?low following, looks like a cancer survivor, a bunch of posts in rapid secession. y i k e s

No. 1076085

File: 1604639047277.jpg (456.61 KB, 1080x1757, Screenshot_20201106_070251.jpg)

More like giving her kids psychological issues.

No. 1076086

>I want women to make their own choices
>we don't need feminism anymore
Some women live owning homes and land in their name but she'll never know. Far too busy trying to get aqn audience of Asian fetishists to get her ass pats before they inevitably turn on her.

Someone tell Lilian that men don't give a fuck if tradwife movement exists. https://amp.reddit.com/r/relationship_advice/comments/jngg86/my26m_wife27f_sprung_wanting_to_be_a_stay_at_home/

Men hate traditonalism since it means less money and time for video games.

No. 1076093

File: 1604639459478.jpg (450.17 KB, 1080x959, Screenshot_20201106_071021.jpg)

Her husband looks even uglier when he's not hiding behind a beard.

No. 1076099

File: 1604639820127.jpg (644.16 KB, 1075x1992, Screenshot_20201106_071617.jpg)

Another educated ex career woman embracing the 'trad life'.

She was a teacher apparently.

No. 1076105

File: 1604640170072.jpg (483.02 KB, 1080x1939, Screenshot_20201106_072245.jpg)

This is hilarious

No. 1076141

That's what so weird about all this performative bullshit. The only men who actually like it are weirdos.

The only 'desirable' men who want housewives are the ultra-wealthy ones, and they tend to date average looking trust fund girls who do charity work. If they want a hot girl they'll sleep with a hooker.

This whole mindset is completely deranged.

No. 1076151

File: 1604646632034.jpg (431.9 KB, 1080x1438, Screenshot_20201106_090812.jpg)

I have never seen anyone on twitter call Lauren a Barbie.

No. 1076153

Ironic considering Barbie is Jewish

No. 1076162

The fillers/plastic surgery, going ana, constantly trying to remind herself that she's still young and pretty and desirable, calling other women over 30 ugly and past the wall.

She is coping so hard with aging kek

No. 1076181

Ye ok. Fix your saggy face.

No. 1076182


Be like her and you too- will land a neandrthal looking scrote to clean up after!

No. 1076184

File: 1604651532588.jpg (338.59 KB, 1080x1107, 20201106_093040.jpg)

Trollface goes turbo-trad-thot

No. 1076187


She has nutrient deficiencies, her brain is shutting down

No. 1076189

I really like how she is trying to paint herself as someone who is for 'equality for all' but it's so obvious that she is just pandering to males.

No. 1076196


Shes complaining that the media have been doing "girl power" messages for a few years, while ignoring that women were property fpr centuries before.

Truly a bastion of equlity.

No. 1076219

File: 1604658207705.jpeg (66.56 KB, 602x602, FD76499D-D23B-4A6D-8F51-ABDEC3…)


Her man looks like the goblino meme.

No. 1076237

File: 1604661026063.jpeg (419.59 KB, 750x457, 2631A695-C9A0-4857-844D-40E92C…)

Not really milky, but since we’re on the topic on tradwives being picked by unremarkable looking men, here’s anti-feminist Inez Stepman and her catch.

No. 1076241

i'm all for shittalking these retarded tradthots but why is it half the time that you guys only talk about how (un)attractive their husbands are? most of them look like regular men

No. 1076249

Because tradism promises an alpha chad that can hunt game and grow food and build shelter with his bare hands while the woman cooks and cleans and manages the household and yet their husbands all seem to be soy-filled and look like they're going to develop diabetes in the future

No. 1076251

Late but I kind of feel similar, especially after it was revealed that her dad is very much involved/influencing her/using her. Many seem to forget that she really only was 20/21 during the height of her "fame", and even if she were to completely change her mind (grow up from her pickme-ism) there still wouldn't be any going back because the internet never forgets.

Her picking a non-white husband makes sense, thinking back to her fanmeetings with all those old white pigs… But I still don't really believe that he's east asian because that wouldn't be so bad in the eyes of most alt-righters, so that she'd have to hide it so desperately. East asians are considered "honorary" whites.

No. 1076255

She just acts purposely stupid and dumbs down all her anti-feminist and pro-Trump posts, hiding it under "b-but why can't we all just get along?" She knows what she means, and her followers do too.

No. 1076262


Trollface thinks she's slick, but it's so obvious. If you google her you find a ton of trashy looking, bleached blonde photos of her.

Now she's trying to be classy or sth, it's not working.

No. 1076270

Exactly. Tradthots can't say the truth though or they'll lose their male audience that fantasize about having a woman do everything while they sit on their lazy asses doing nothing. Tradthots, if they were h honest, would shame the hell out of gamers and average income earning men more than women who have aspirations on earning their own money and home.

It's been a meme for a while that the trashist party girls will go full turbo trad thot just for online attention.

No. 1076311

Most of them are reasonably attractive women. They could get far better looking men. The fact that they can't shows there is likely something wrong with them.

No. 1076312

Lauren's husband is half white half some sort of Asian. She admitted it.

No. 1076317

most of them look totally average and regular. you're putting these women's look on a pedestal imo, there's definitely looksmatching going on with most of these tradthot couples.

No. 1076321


These women don't look that good, but their husbands or forever-fiancees look like goblins

No. 1076333

Probably pick goblins so they would seem attractive and a man wont run away from them.

No. 1076341

who is supposed to be the goblin here >>1076093

No. 1076365

File: 1604680465295.jpeg (134.47 KB, 1080x1080, 01519CAE-1608-4E16-919D-EE1295…)


Because in their heads they think they can catch a chad and wind up with chinless slobs. They’re always gassing up their husbands, and when they post pics for bragging rights it’s exactly like you said, just some dude.

Shame they have kids; their sons will grow up busted looking and their mentality will be riddled with reactionary bullshit. A new generation of incels will commence and it’ll be a never ending cycle of men who aren’t worth being with for the next generation of women.

The ride never ends.

No. 1076394

Honestly disgusting. Do you what you want with your life, but don't use your kids as social media pawns to get e-validation for your "tradwife" larping.

No. 1076398

if he's catholic my money's on filipino

No. 1076555

These girls are going above and beyond to suck up to men and their existence revolves around appeasing them. At the very LEAST their reward should be a hot guy, otherwise wtf is the point of being such a pathetic ass kisser? Literally anyone can get a dude like that, without sacrificing their dignity and self respect on the internet.

No. 1076631

File: 1604703293744.png (16.13 KB, 599x154, PickmeRevolutionCapture.PNG)

Lisa is going to spearhead the pickme movement to get all of that senile, malformed, deformed chode

Join it and you too, can get the chode-cake

No. 1076635

File: 1604703535311.png (13.9 KB, 592x107, OkandCapture.PNG)

Why does this bother her? Shouldn't she stand behind her beliefs if she is so sure that her candidate is the best candidate?

This is that reactionary self-victimizing logic. Where you get to say shit, but also are entitled to have evrybody foregt what you said if it inconveniences you.

No. 1076642

File: 1604703799026.png (691.88 KB, 808x556, IndigowhiteCapture.PNG)

She's not doing the maga cringe shit this time it seems

No. 1076665

File: 1604705496992.png (189.15 KB, 1010x712, pn234_434d.png)


How old is she? These two pages have different numbers on them.

No. 1076796

she's 25, her reddit probably hasn't been updated for a while

No. 1076959

Most of these men look like toads. I'm admittedly less conventionally attractive than most of these women and I have never had a relationship a man that looks like any of these men. They could do even better than me based on looks alone but they don't lol.

Proves that being a pick me lowers the quality of man you get, despite how you look.

No. 1076966

> looksmatching

Sniff sniff… Smells like ballsack and sadness in here

No. 1076967

… is this a serious question?

If he's half Filipino my money is on his dad being white and his parent's marriage having a lot to do with why he'd hook up with Lauren.

No. 1076982

Admittedly most of these women are conventionally attractive. No one can pretend they are not and the fact that they are doesn't invalidate any points we make in favor of how pathetic they are. That's why they get into tradthottery in the first place.

Tradthottery wouldn't work so well if they were some dumpy Becky who wore a size 10-12, had a mousy face and had snaggle teeth. Unattractive women are essentially invisible and don't get noticed for anything they say or do unless it's negative most of the time. They gain a few orbiters but they won't gain a massive following and tonnes of praise and attention from masses of men. the fact that tradthots attract massive attention and praise is mostly due to their looks in conjuction along with telling angry men who feel disenfranchised what they want to hear. They're essentially virtual girlfriends for many of these spergy neckbeards and they give these men hope that they will find their trad waifu one day despite not being very remarkable themselves.

Tradthots essentially market themselves as 'unicorns'. Women who are too good to be true.

No. 1076983

Serious question: Lauren is jealous of that plastic ass bimbos or nay?

No. 1077061


I agree that they're not unattractive.

But wipe away the makeup, dissolve the filler and most of them are plain.

Lauren esp. She's nothing special, she just bleaches her hair and cakes on makeup. She also has filler pumped in regularly.

Just look at her old photos. She's a saggy, lipless haggard mess.

No. 1077071

To some greasy troll faced neckbeard all of them are stacies. Any woman that isn't fat, is under 45, has all her teeth and has a face full of makeup is Stacy to them.

No. 1077437

Both progressive and trad women buy into male bullshit.

>Trad means I won't have to work!

That's a lie, you will. It'll just be a dead end service job or some gig economy shit like watching other people's kids. Even if you end up in a vanishingly small percentage of well off single income households, your moid will grow to resent you unless you're a stacy who can ditch him for another provider in a heartbeat. That's assuming that you still have the legal protections pertaining to divorce and so on.

>Prog means I make my own money and get respect!

Misleading. If you're based and pinkpilled, that'll work. If you're a normie straight woman who bought into "muh nuclear family, kids need a father figure" meme, be prepared to wagecuck AND bangmaid for nothing but permanent toll on your career progression/pay in exchange. Even if you make more money than your moid, you'll still do more housework. The moid will grow to resent you either because you have the money to ditch him, or because you're emasculating him by being the breadwinner. In the end it's roughy the same as option one, except you're also generating more income for the male.

The fact is, if you're involving scrotes in your life in any socially accepted way, both economic systems will be used against you. Males don't care what's trad and what isn't, they care what rhetoric extracts the most out of women at any given moment. No matter what you choose, as long as they have access to you, they'll adapt like any parasite would.

No. 1077456

They are Beckies, just skinny and relatively young.

Stacies don't need to bend over backwards to get men. Men do that to get Stacies.

No. 1077562

If your internet platform is based entirely around getting a husband and how much better/hotter/nicer you are than other women for having a husband, then you better have the most 10/10 husband in the world.

No. 1078056


That and you better look like a VS model but trad.

Which none of them do.

No. 1078059

File: 1604866047764.jpg (137.51 KB, 1080x380, 20201108_210308.jpg)

No. 1078075

File: 1604867546904.jpg (75.44 KB, 425x620, millieminna-jeff-rector-promot…)

Millie Weaver from InfoWars was a wannabe Paris Hilton with a fameball "bad girls club" in Los Angeles when Paris was a thing. They used to show up as a group to parties and things like that, though their main activity was just trying to get photographed and written about for being hot girlbosses.

No. 1078083

>aCtUaLLy tHe rEAl fAsCisTs wErE tHe NAzis iN WW2!!
Lmao lauren you support those real fascists of 1945 too. It's funny that she's lived in two countries now with evil communist socialist programs like accessible healthcare but still is angry about it all.

No. 1078111

What the fuck is wrong with her mouth? she looks like the wut pear meme
She looks like a frog

No. 1078347

They're still way more attractive than the men they end up with.

I think you are the troon that regularly posts here about how much he loves Lauren.

Someone needs to ban this freak already.

No. 1078403

File: 1604906259419.jpg (73.28 KB, 1013x214, 20201109_081701.jpg)

No. 1078404

File: 1604906606557.jpg (158.12 KB, 1018x486, 20201109_081908.jpg)

Trollface at it again. This is THE SAME argument that mgtow and shartpillers use.

The apocalypse LARPing that would somehow turn the world tradishunal and that femuhnists would turn submissive and regretful or sth…

Lisa your frumpy old husband would be the 1st to go if there was an apocalypse.

Not to mention that women have better pathogen resistance and need less food per bodyweight, so scrotes would be the ones dropping like flies in harsh conditions.

Also why female astronauts are more viable than male.

No. 1078406

File: 1604907081275.jpg (391.56 KB, 1080x907, 20201109_082722.jpg)

Lisa keeps sperging about Amber, but when will she sperg about Trump/Epstein/Weinstein allegations? Can she not hear those over chodes?

No doubt in my mind she is consumed with jealousy when she sees what a stacy Amber is

No. 1078414

Throughout all of human history women have worked, built and fought. It’s only when a society is extremely comfortable that women are expected to stay home and only do housework while men are the sole providers. A society in crisis can’t afford to have over half the population confined to the kitchen making casseroles.

No. 1078417

>imagine what would happen during a major crisis
What, like a world war?

Oh yeah sure I'd stay home wiping radioactive apocalypse dust off the shelves waiting for my non-existent husband to return from the front lines with some rations. Just like grandma.

No. 1078468

Amber Heard is the lowest hanging fruit for people like Lisa who love to screech about women on twitter. They pretend to feel so bad for Depp but spend the whole time sperging about how women are just as bad as men after all.

No. 1078473

it really doesn't help when people wanna be taken seriously and they use mentally ill chan terms like this

No. 1078500

Honestly I'm so fucking tired of hearing about Johnny Depp and Amber heard as it is. It was never interesting to begin with.

It's interesting how when pick mes want to point out male oppression they always choose examples of men who are loaded and extremely privileged. Johnny Depp will be absolutely fine. The publicity is actually helping him.

The same pick mes will say "well he deserved it" when a random black man gets shot and killed for being cocky with police.

No. 1078554

File: 1604934201685.jpg (164.83 KB, 1080x1321, 20201109_155934.jpg)

Lisa used to act too

No. 1078556

File: 1604934240774.jpg (212.45 KB, 1080x709, 20201109_155953.jpg)

No. 1078563

Apocalypse larping is hilarious. These retarded pick mes and their useless mgtows followers forget women also own weapons like guns and will shoot them off their land. There's a global fucking pandemic already and women are on the front lines of healthcare.

Lisa is useless in the grand scheme of things and knows it. If we ever face something like their Walking Dead fantasy, she's the first to go since those scenerios require hard people with multiple survival skills, not being delicate and feminine uwu

No. 1082254

Was she actually the one who beat his ass? Holy shit alpha af

No. 1083201

File: 1605480215525.jpg (75.15 KB, 1000x1000, 612Hj8uBqwL.jpg)

Lauren venturing into the publishing industry with a moronic, aesthetically ugly childrens book. This one's about how you shouldn't trust the lying media.

No. 1083209

Couldn't she have commissioned one of those white supremacist furries to illustrate it for her?

No. 1083344

This is even worse than Stonetoss

No. 1083451

Wait did she play a character with "white trash" in the name? lmao

Holy ugly furry bullshit

No. 1083565

that is the most feminine-looking “Henry”

No. 1083943


Lauren should now focus on sth like "positive asian masculinity" because she has a mixed family AND she's an MRA pickme.

No. 1084511

I feel like I already know the whole plot from the cover and your description.

No. 1085035

Lauren Southerns new children's books has typos in it lmao.

Not surprising considering the quality of her previous writing

No. 1085051

She’s not a good writer, idk who told her she was

No. 1085073

Yeah but I thought properly published books had editors and shit.

No. 1085113

Also does she not have spell check???

No. 1085123

Her last book was full of errors too, so clearly Lauren has better things to do with her subscribestar simpbux than hire an editor or post her manuscripts to a publisher that would use one.

No. 1085195

File: 1605672553083.jpg (555.46 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20201117-220730_Ins…)

No. 1085373

So the first word of the book is a fucking typo? How embarrassing

No. 1085441

Her kid is in this story and looks hapa af

No. 1086754

File: 1605839754426.png (174.77 KB, 593x612, niceonetrollface.PNG)

Lisa showing her true intentions in likes/cow crossover

No. 1087281

File: 1605904277016.png (3.47 MB, 828x1792, 1FD0B5E5-01FE-4606-A8A0-A675DA…)

No. 1087282

Does anyone know why Robyn locked her account? Did she go mask off again with the racism and get a bunch of twitter warnings?

No. 1087310

File: 1605905753818.png (191.06 KB, 592x557, okrobyn.PNG)

She joined in this dogpile rw twitter has been doing for days on this artist who talks about having her own business and not having kids, and people defending the other woman started to flock to Robyn's account

No. 1087311

File: 1605905775455.png (17.58 KB, 584x147, feelbadformefordogpiling.PNG)

No. 1087314

File: 1605905952070.png (33.79 KB, 594x322, doubt.PNG)

She claims the people criticizing her were also saying shit about her child, but she also conveniently purged all the tweets that these replies were made to

No. 1087317

File: 1605906137791.png (387.36 KB, 588x661, robynsperging.PNG)

Last one, I don't want to clog the thread or anything but she seems to have been sperging a ton over this. And, you know, claiming targeted harassment while… engaging in targeted harassment.

No. 1087321

Someone needs to tell her that the failure is her, the married woman who needs to attention whore on Twitter to get validation from strange men.

No. 1087399

is robyn an anti-vaxxer?

No. 1087457

She describes herself as being against muh big pharma when it comes to birth control pills and SSRIs/SNRIs, so most likely

No. 1087487

I disagree with the people attacking Robyn's kid and family life but she really does bring it on herself. She deliberately says the most emotive thing possible to get people reeled up and she baits tumblrtards and SJWs. She has zero self awareness.

This woman has the potential to be such a big cow. I wish we had more milk on her.

No. 1087511

>claiming targeted harassment while… engaging in targeted harassment.
That's most tradthots MO. Cry victim then go around to harass others knowing their loyal army of incels will attack and harass anyone she highlights.

Honestly, since Robyn locked her account its just a countdown now to when she deletes permenantly and jumps into Parler. I'm surprised Lauren hasn't but I think she's scared of being confronted by her old white supremacists audience there over her mixed kid.

No. 1088196

Someone commented on Lauren’s insta post that her kid is Asian and she deleted it. Stop being in denial lmao

No. 1088323


I know this is late but if you think about it the overlap is really common, as they consider the woo shit to be trad as well.

conservative/trad -> homeschooling -> conspiritard -> magic herb beliefs

also see fascist occultism/paganism

No. 1088338

I wonder what happened to Robyn to make her change her views so dramatically

No. 1088721


I wouldn’t necessarily say her views have changed dramatically from the sounds of it; she was a yoga teacher and probably drifted from her parents’ religion to ‘spiritual’ white-girl antics and back again. I’d imagine her favourite thing to read is a self-help book-know anyone who is constantly thinking they’ve figured out ‘the secret’? That’s what Jordan Peterson pushes, and he’s a very mainstream figure with a bestselling book. I can see her watching his videos, enamoured, and then clicking further and further through the notorious Youtube algorithm to her redpilling. She clearly at least found the McSpencer podcast, from her choice of guest.

And of course, it’s normal to feel lost after a years-long relationship ends in your late twenties and you suddenly realise you travelled for so long and smoked bowls for so long that you haven’t built the life you want to settle into, as happened to her. I suspect she looks at the world in a way that assumes everyone is headed the same way as she was, in her extended adolescence.

No. 1088809

What's hilarious is she's exactly the type redpillers hate in a woman - someone who fucked around with drugs and traveled in their 20s only to settle down with a beta guy for his money. She relies on him to pay for everything since she's trad now and believes women shouldnt vote or work.

I think party/chill girls with low self esteem and confidence find trp, panic because the bs it spews can somewhat apply to them and their choices, so they go full tradthot for acceptance and validation

No. 1088864

You can easily get a man who pays for everything AND doesn't believe in any psychotic redpill crap. Tradthots are betas teaching other women to be beta.

No. 1089021

File: 1606084692668.jpeg (285.03 KB, 750x747, 5EBD6C53-73E4-4591-A98D-EAF5F3…)

No. 1089022

File: 1606084785073.jpeg (246.24 KB, 2047x620, 684464C2-89EC-4BA2-9CC4-94A36A…)

No. 1089023

File: 1606084893831.png (718.41 KB, 2047x828, ED509045-C3D6-4FC4-ADCC-370E68…)

No. 1089027

File: 1606085012875.jpeg (29.3 KB, 1308x112, 63F2B031-AB96-4F1F-ACA9-4ED617…)

No. 1089028

File: 1606085127367.png (394.66 KB, 2046x500, 2ACF1041-5D1F-4864-9711-F88E79…)

No. 1089041

Lol Lauren you will NEVER escape your past, it will follow you forever. It doesn’t matter how much back peddling you attempt, you will always be known as a racist and white nationalist.
Karma’s a bitch.

No. 1089066

Holy shit. This is so embarrassing and unhinged, she should go read her baby her misspelled picture book and blow off some steam.

No. 1089402

File: 1606140092424.jpg (253.91 KB, 1080x912, 20201123_145710.jpg)

Trollface is sperging again. Scrotes are mad because they don't get a bangmaid anymore, that is oppression apparently

No. 1089447

File: 1606144477848.png (44.93 KB, 598x464, gototherapy.PNG)

Her followers are some real winners, huh?

No. 1089466


Scrotes who off themselves after divorce are like parasites who shrivel up after losing a host.

No. 1089473

File: 1606147052395.jpg (353.95 KB, 1080x931, 20201123_165216.jpg)

More cow crossovers as Lisa tweets about the same image as Robyn.

No. 1089475


Shut up Robyn. Go change your "white" husbands diaper.

No. 1089477

File: 1606147487833.jpg (517.51 KB, 1080x1548, 20201123_170233.jpg)

This channel is a trainwreck. You can find some insight into what kind of a person Rebecca is. A bitter failer "career" woman. And a Karen in the most literal sense. She sounds unbearable to be around. Oh they also did a podcast with roosh piss.

No. 1089484

File: 1606148326984.png (514.08 KB, 800x450, 6D331D8A-4CC6-49B1-A789-825029…)


Douche V got outed as a sex pest, and now is doing a 180 of being a good Christian man.

Retard should have been that from the jump; religious posturing worked for Weird Mike and Posobiec. Now he’s sad he isn’t a husband and a father so he’s catering to the purity crowd about God and fostering a redemption arch like Robyn.

I guess the pick me act isn’t just for women.

No. 1089532

sorry your "provider" husband won't buy you chanel

No. 1089535

Been hearing this shit for a century and yet statistically it's women whose desire to marry is on a steady decrease. Moids really think they can cry wolf until some dumb thot panic settles for them.

>This is bad for society

Unmarried men commit more crime, not unmarried women. It's not being unmarried that's bad for society, its being male.

No. 1089554

>cost and dangers

Show me where Sally hurt you, scrots. It sounds like they're terrified of women, which is ironic since all women who cohabit with men have to accept the fact he might chimp out and kill them all one day

No. 1089557


Doing free work for "love" is the biggest ruse of all time and she's still peddling it. Meanwhile men actually pay each other for their work.

No. 1089578

File: 1606157195959.jpeg (324.45 KB, 750x845, 056C213A-4005-4EE0-8006-A01FCE…)


>> Loading pickme.exe…

>> File could not be executed.

No. 1089589

>women only vote R when there's a nagging cockchode hovering over them

I do not disagree

No. 1089609

File: 1606158857147.png (2.78 MB, 1788x1316, 9999999994444444666545Untitled…)

Here we see a comparison between how haggard pickme tradthots who dedicate all of their life to male catering age… and how "selfish" modern career women age. Tried to match all ages to dates of photos as accurately as possible.

No. 1089643

You can’t really compare them to celebrities. Their concept of aging is different from your average independent career woman anyway. And choosing unflattering webcam tier pics or in the middle of talking to compare. I don’t think any of the women in the picture are especially haggard.

No. 1089706

File: 1606163932147.jpeg (4.46 KB, 251x201, download (2).jpeg)

I mean, married women literally gave reduced life expectancy. Co-sleeping with your husband also makes you chronically sleep deprived, not to mention the chronic stress from walking on eggshells around a male (no matter how "progressive" he is, males are incapable of handling their emotions without taking them out on their loved ones in some way or form - they can't sustain proper coping mechanisms).

t. mid 20s, married for a year and I feel like I've aged a decade. Keep in mind that I'm comfortably upper middle class and don't work, and yet at this point I honestly feel like it felt younger and fresher wagecucking. Sage for blog.

No. 1089707

Lisa trying to convince useless mgtows to love is going to end up with them harassing her until she deletes everything. But she'll end up still blaming women for it.

KEK Conservative pick me tried to be picked, ends up getting told to stfu. Why do they even bother? Especially with roosh who has been banned from some PLACES, took shrooms and is now some hardcore christian fundie in his 40s with no family. His mother and sister supported him. He's going to die alone, is scared of that, and he still thinks it's women who are miserable being alone. All projection

No. 1089904

File: 1606175913601.jpg (396.89 KB, 1080x1197, Brit.jpg)

Where do you guys think the Sellners are getting their money?

Imo Brittany Pettibone's such an oddity in the tradthot mix. I got the impression Brittany and her sister were rich and took on writing as a hobby because they didn’t really have to work, and her family are clearly all very supportive of her political activism. Where’s Martin Sellner's money coming from? Is he living off Brittany’s trust fund or is it coming from somewhere else? I don’t think Brittany works outside of YouTube videos and surely being a neo-Nazi is not an especially lucrative or stable gig.

Baffling why she’d choose him to marry when she’s pretty and rich, probably well-connected enough that she could have her pick of respectable spouses.

No. 1089911

I wouldn't be surprised if she came from money just solely on the fact that she believes all women should just stop working, find the nearest male and make kids. Poor women have always worked their asses off. But brit seems to think all women work in some miserable 90s office cubicle.

Her husband being a leech off her money would be ironic lol

No. 1090200

i'd bet he's leeching off her. as far as i know his reputation will prevent him from working basically ANY job in the german speaking area of the world (besides his little probably non-paying right wing internet projects), so…!

No. 1090206


She looks haggard, her cheeks are saggy as shit

No. 1090208

I was reading that article from The Atlantic that was published months ago about Lauren Southern and holy shit this is what being a pickme gets you:

>Boisterous diners were enjoying one of summer’s first long evenings on the restaurant’s patio, but Southern and Hutcheson mostly sat in silence, scrolling on their phones. Southern dipped into a red sauce next to Hutcheson’s burger. “That tastes non-European, are you allowed to eat that?” she asked sardonically. “Yeah, tastes non-European,” he confirmed, without a hint of irony.

>After a drink, the couple loosened up a bit. Southern told Hutcheson that she dreamed of graduating from short videos to feature-length films. Sure, her direct-to-camera videos offered strong arguments and reached a lot of people, she said, but they were starting to feel derivative. If she could pursue longer narrative projects—brought to life with Hollywood-level soundtracks, sweeping drone shots, and high-resolution cameras—she thought she could tell more powerful stories.

Hutcheson looked uneasy as his girlfriend continued to talk about her career ambitions. “All of us Europeans have the responsibility to reproduce,” he interjected.

Southern looked down at her plate. “That’s a very cold way of putting it,” she responded. “Do you want to have a family for the sake of love or just because it’s a duty thing?”

“Motherhood is to women as war is to men,” her boyfriend replied stolidly. “I want to serve my nation.”

Southern’s eyes glazed over as Hutcheson kept talking. Finally, the waitress arrived with the bill. Hutcheson gestured for Southern to grab it. “Okay, cool. I’ll make it a business expense,” she whispered. Earlier, she’d told me that her boyfriend leaned on her financially. (Hutcheson did not respond to our request for comment.)

No. 1090225

>Finally, the waitress arrived with the bill. Hutcheson gestured for Southern to grab it. “Okay, cool. I’ll make it a business expense,” she whispered. Earlier, she’d told me that her boyfriend leaned on her financially. (Hutcheson did not respond to our request for comment.)
Lmao. “Motherhood is to women as war is to men,”, talking trad but can't even pay a fucking restaurant bill. Bet he'd never give his life up for war, either.
And this is the breed of men (and overall lifestyle) Lauren and these other tradthots were advertising and encouraging to tons of women and young girls. Shameful.

No. 1090227

Single childless 41 year old man who literally lived in his mother's basement negging single childless women. Imagine caring what dude thinks.

No. 1090258

Ngl I’m fascinated by this guy and his European-only diet. Does he eat potatoes? Corn? Chicken? Sugar? Spices? Most of our current staple foods were introduced to Europe through colonisation (both ways) so depending on how strict his diet is, it must be incredibly bland. Imagine living exclusively on lamprey and acorns because ew brown people icky.

No. 1090265

This is so funny and exactly what she deserves.

No. 1090266

My mum has a husband, family , career and designer bags and she looks younger than Lauren southern. What’s the most satisfying and healthy is not being a salty fucking loser.(no1curr)

No. 1090276


"You can't have it all" is a cope for doormat pickmes who have let their child-neglecting husbands steal their career and are bitter.

Or who aren't capable of making a career so no woman is allowed to.

No. 1090279

File: 1606228795851.jpg (170.02 KB, 1080x545, 20201124_153847.jpg)

Somebody needs to post this on a mgtow or another incel forum, so she can get lots of incelloid "fanmail". Maybe it would wake her up lol

No. 1090282

If you have a husband who isn’t a total piece of shit, he actually makes things possible that couldn’t be if you where alone. I think my mum did so well in her career because she had my dad to pick up slack for her instead of doing all the childcare and housework to boot. Many women do have it all but thick headed Lisa never will because she spends all her time tweeting.

No. 1090310

File: 1606230873720.jpeg (179.84 KB, 1400x734, 83F4A784-E2FA-452C-A079-8454B3…)


>> I only have this many dollars.

No. 1090329

The MGTOWs already found it >>1089447

This is the most depressing thing I have ever seen, imagine thinking this is some sort of goal for women that modernity is making us all miss out on

No. 1090408

No money but he does have a nice serial killer stare going for him.

No. 1090459

>motherhood is comparable to war
Shouldn't this scrote then have enlisted? Instead of larping as some battle-harden european warrior.
>can't pay the food bill
Oh my fucking God you can make this up. He's so pathetic and lauren is such a doormat. Serving his nation by making his pseudo mom pay for his food.

No. 1090469

File: 1606242097864.png (138.53 KB, 850x222, 5555438zzzzzz0856Capture.PNG)

Lauren says in this video that her book is commenting on how the media is twisting the truth. Didn't she twist the truth in her documentary Borderless?

That Atlantic author exposed her, she interviewed immigrants in Paris, but cherry picked their quotes to create her own narrative.

And now she's complaining about how others twist the truth. Maybe she should have taken hew own advice when she was making her documentaries.

No. 1090487

File: 1606243110122.png (1.04 MB, 960x640, 54B81AF0-7DA3-4BA8-918D-57E102…)


I was going to say from here he looks attractive but goddamn. No. Nope.

No. 1090495


Article says he's around 30??? Yikes, he looks 45-50

No. 1090505

he looks like this was taken on the set of inglorious basterds and he's background nazi #54

No. 1090525

He looks like a psycho serial killer character played by Jim Carrey here

No. 1090577

It has to be the case. Martin has a useless degree in some humanities bullshit and is a failed graphic designer. This is not a desirable career path which is going to pay the bills. Meanwhile life in Vienna is expensive and they seem to be leading a decent middle class lifestyle and being able to afford some luxuries as well. Brittany is earing some pocket money with her book writing, but it still doesn't add up. The whole movement identarian seems catchy af imo. They appeared out of nowhere, had all the funding ready to grow big from 0, and had all the big connections right from the start. This is not organic growth, they must have some huge money source in order to the able to fund all of this.

No. 1090699

He looks serbian. is he from there?

No. 1090706

The wall was cruel and unforgiving to this one

No. 1091131

> make video called "The Great Replacement"
> video is cited in a mass murderer's manifesto
> press around the world report on this
> lmao why do you say I'm known for my Great Replacement video

Being Lauren Southern must be such a precious experience, like snorting pixie stix and dropping acid at the same time.

No. 1091136

> Weird Mike and Posobiec
Mike Cernovich livestreams are still my guilty pleasure, they're actually funnier now than they've ever been. He spends most of the time insulting his chode viewers in his whiney lisping voice while proclaiming himself a genius. He self-owns more often than Rodney Dangerfield, but only one of them is TRYING to be funny.

No. 1091521

File: 1606331508953.jpg (183.73 KB, 1080x820, 20201125_201050.jpg)

Lol trollface is backpedalling after mgtow chodes got mad at her for insinuating their "movement" is bad

No. 1091522

What a coward bitch lol.

No. 1091524

File: 1606331776445.jpg (190.98 KB, 1080x482, 20201125_201416.jpg)

Another reply she got to her other tweet.

No use Lisa, this specimen still won't say you are a cool special girl, maybe try to be more of a handmaid next time.

No. 1091676

straight up never seen a single "man hater" whos actually mad at migtoes, if anything they're mad that migtoes never actually go their own way

No. 1091677

what is this "plantation" and what exactly is their "current predicament"

No. 1091837

I've never seen a woman or self proclaimed wgtow make youtube channels dedicated to yelling at men for making them leave relationships. Or make a subreddit with thousands of followers. They just… Go and be happy. But Busted Trollface believes women saying no to men is a hate crime because those poor mgtows are suffering victims robbed of a wife with no rights or autonomy by the evil platantion of society.

She reminds me of Serena joy who'd have no issue if all women were second class citizens with rights
Until it hurts her personally

No. 1092024

She can't win with them, no matter how hard women try to pander to them they'll just keep getting accused of manipulation.

No. 1092042


Every mgtow always was and always will be invisible, nobody would even know or care if the average mgtow offed himself.

But they LARP as desireable and pretend that women care about them not marrying.

No. 1092054

Unless they livestream it.
Then a bunch of female twitterfags go "omg that's so sad, i would have given him a chance, blah blah"

No. 1093510

>what is this "plantation"

They use this metaphor to compare themselves to escaped slaves.

It's a cope to avoid facing the fact that we're all happy to see them fuck off to Canada forever.

The metaphor obviously breaks down when you consider that slaves never voluntarily snuck back to the plantation for sex, but MGTOW just can't seem to completely go their own way in that respect.

No. 1094462

File: 1606666959422.jpg (47.32 KB, 214x239, Screenshot_20201129-102145_Ins…)

No. 1094576

Why doesn’t she use her beta bucks to get her teeth fixed

No. 1094650

because she's using them to bux betas like

No. 1095207

File: 1606749637001.jpeg (141.25 KB, 828x848, 294536A8-EE6D-4236-A52A-2E1A47…)

No. 1095209

File: 1606749670223.jpeg (168.32 KB, 828x756, CE12C543-FD3F-4CE6-AA40-0A723A…)

When u use the same joke over and over again. She posted the same thing on her Instagram too

No. 1095215

He looks like some stereotypical 'scary mafia man'. Why every tradthot dates men who look…like this? While claiming u will get the biggest chad in the world.

No. 1095216

that's not him lol. she's just trying to be funny

No. 1095217

are you serious right now?


No. 1095225

File: 1606750659592.jpeg (267.91 KB, 750x495, 069214BD-B91C-4767-9B76-44254D…)

Anon… thats the current president of the Philippines… she’s joking.

No. 1095261

My bad anons, never checked this thread before. Reacted only because I saw it on a 1st page.

No. 1095370

her teeth are straight?

No. 1095375

Why do (rad)feminists hate slutshaming yet refer to them as thots? Lel

No. 1095382

Not everyone on lolcow is a radfem.

No. 1095390


No. 1095492

File: 1606770574548.jpg (788.27 KB, 1080x1691, 20201130_160524.jpg)

Faith Goldy is looking more ana than ever to the point where her followers are calling it out in the comments, and will be fasting for "her enemies" for totally only religious reasons this holiday season.

No. 1095524

1. Not everyone on lolcow is a radfem
2. Slutshaming is more of a libfem "choice feminism" talking point, radfems are fine with criticizing women for objectifying themselves
3. But in this case, "tradthot" is used because they themselves claim to uphold traditional values as they whore themselves out

No. 1095540

Yuck, that decor is putrid. Looks like she went to an estate sale and bought all the shit some grandma wouldn’t even display

No. 1096502

File: 1606857565988.jpg (300.34 KB, 1080x1103, Screenshot_20201201_231749.jpg)

Apparently some old journalist has threatened Lauren. Is there really any evidence that it's actually really him? I wouldn't put it past Lauren to share these emails without confirming that it was not a troll first.


No. 1096509

File: 1606857738107.jpg (187.99 KB, 1080x733, Screenshot_20201201_232141.jpg)

He claims not to know her

No. 1096523

File: 1606859130878.jpg (598.56 KB, 1080x1929, Screenshot_20201201_234323.jpg)

Tinfoiling but I wouldn't put it past her to stage all this herself.

Lauren always seems to feel the need to be surrounded by some sort of controversy. You don't see other right wing female journalists with as much of it as her. Her career has essentially thrived on drama.

There seems to be no evidence as of yet that the man in question, a small left wing journalist for medium was the one who actually threatened her and that this is his email address.

He would have to be very stupid to threaten Lauren Southern using his real name at least. I have a hard time believing that anyone could actually be that stupid.

He's an elderly small film maker who barely anyone has even heard of who doesn't seem too tech savvy which makes him seem like an easy target.

Someone seems to have Googled the email and this came up.

However when you Google the email lots of records come up for various people with this name. There is still no evidence that it is the man who Lauren is claiming is threatening her.

The whole thing seems a little sketchy.

No. 1096550

File: 1606860450876.png (185.28 KB, 999x646, AverageTradthOt.png)

Many thadthots in a nutshell

No. 1096557

File: 1606860922427.png (36.61 KB, 598x447, Lisa5555555Capture.PNG)

Lisa is at it again with the tradthot talking points

No. 1096567

blessed image

No. 1096569

Tradcels will never understand that nothing that's actually worthwhile needs to be upsold this much.

If you have to perpetually shill "family values" like its some kind of a pyramid scheme that you NEED TP ADOPT EARLY OR YOU'LL MISS OUT!!, chances are it's shit that nobody wants.

No. 1096582

File: 1606862044351.jpg (192.72 KB, 1080x695, Screenshot_20201202_002642.jpg)

Most of Lauren's fans seem well… Slow.

It's not surprising that they have all gone after this man without any real evidence that he's the exact person that threatened Lauren.

One thing I have noticed is that Lauren's audience have dragged out the same inside jokes and subjects for years.

Lauren did a video around 4 or 5 years ago at least where she exposed gender self ID in Canada and how problematic it is.

While I actually think this was one piece of half decent journalism by her her fans are still talking and joking about it every single time she posts something of any kind.

Honestly you would have thought the joke about Lauren being a man was completely done by now but I guess not…

No. 1096585

Panic mode? What a cope. Never met a woman who regrets not getting married. It's always the opposite. Even elderly women are happier when their husband dies and they get to live for themselves and that they regret wasting most of their lives on living with a man that didn't care for them. Reality is that older women don't give a fuck anymore. They got money, home and land to do whatever they want. Women are giving up on lazy scrotes that want to play video games and jerk off to ig thots all day while their gf works, takes care of the home and the family. Those men need a mommy to take care of them. Way more older men on dating apps looking for someone to care for them than women too.
Captain save-a-scrote Lisa is trying to help males feel better by making them believe that women are scared kek.

Yup they talk excessively how trad values are natural but they have to shove it in people's faces to sell it. And that it's actually global brainwashing that made women realize they're people lol

No. 1096597

2015-2016 is when Lauren's career peaked and it hasn't been quite the same since. She hasn't done anything notable for years now. She published farmlands which became fairly notable. I can't comment on this documentary as I don't know much personally about what was happening to Afrikaans farmers.

She published borderlands which was a complete flop.

There are also some claims that she wasn't the brains behind any of her own work.

No. 1096599

Jokes aside, she must have reverted her legal gender - if that stunt was real - or else migrated to Australia with male written on her passport.

No. 1096604

She hasn't published any further information on this stunt since which leads me to believe that she wants people to keep on guessing so a part of her can remain in her heyday.

It wasn't a bad piece of journalism. It did at least help expose how ridiculous and problematic gender self ID is, but at the same time Lauren is so insufferable at this point I don't care to watch anything she puts out. You can see she's blatantly a grifter and not an independent journalist.

No. 1096605

You can tell Fergus never made a bed in his life. Weird how Twitter icons can be so revealing.

No. 1096609

File: 1606863824563.jpg (180.71 KB, 1080x645, Screenshot_20201202_005829.jpg)

Lauren refuses to admit that she's privileged.

She is fairly wealthy, has never been on the wrong side of the law, grew up with an intact family that appear to be upper middle class, is formally educated, has become famous with her career(even if it isn't as great as it was she earns more than most women in her age bracket) has never dealt with domestic violence, never grew up around substance misuse, has never lived in poverty, she received the best antenatal care during her pregnancy and never faced poor treatment from professionals for being black or poor or for growing up in foster care or being in a violent relationship.

But you're not privileged Lauren. You're one of the little people, we get it.

No. 1096619

We are supposed to believe that Lauren isn't privileged because of her evil political opponents and just how impossible they have made her life. Apparently and she can't find a day job. Although she seems to be doing just fine and has enough money to make her lips look like a baboon's ass and her face look like it's about to melt when the sun shines on it.

I agree she might have political beliefs that are considered on the fringe and that could potentially make a person marginalized but Lauren is so wealthy and privileged as it is that this barely effects her and she's still sailing through life.

No. 1096664

Why did she blur the dog’s face out?

No. 1096669

I'm guessing the dog has a really unique and distinguishing feature and is a family pet /belongs to someone else and other people could potentially be identified through the dog.

I can't think why else unless she was one of those insane pet moms who thinks it's unfair on the dog and the dog has somehow lost autonomy by having it's face shown online.

No. 1096707

>I'm not a white nationalist
>made a video promoting the white great replacement theory that was about how white people in white nations need to make babies or else
Lauren really wants to shake off how much pol and stefan Molyneux influenced her. Too bad though

No. 1096761

A white nationalist is someone who advocates for an ethnostate and advocates for national socialism.

An ethnostate is a jurisdiction where only people of a certain ethnicity are allowed to live or be a citizen. North Korea could be labelled an ethnostate.

I don't think Lauren is genuinely a white nationalist, although at one stage she did play about with the ideology for popularity and publicity. She will always be associated with white nationalists because that's who she associated with at the height of her career and how she became famous.

She's now trying to re-brand herself as a right leaning centrist but she's doing it badly. She's being very careful as not to piss her old audience off.

She can no longer do anything but refute the claims that she's a white nationalist now because her husband is hapa.

No. 1097084

File: 1606902851425.jpg (122.76 KB, 1080x327, 20201202_105315.jpg)

JKR > Lisa Trollface

No. 1097087

Radical feminists have been talking about transsexuals coopting women's struggle since the 1960s, but go off Lisa.

No. 1097099

Two insights into what probably drove Lauren to make her bed. From the Atlantic article.

>“We have almost the same symptoms as addicts,” she declared, apropos of nothing, clutching her phone. I thought back to an interview I had with her in Russia, where she first mentioned her “addiction” to celebrity. “You get a little high when you get all those likes on YouTube, when you get all those shares when all these people are talking to you. It’s a crazy sensation and feeling that I never had psychologically prepared for.”

>Southern found that she loved being a contrarian. She didn’t necessarily believe the things she said or did, she told me, but the power of making her teachers squirm was intoxicating.

No. 1097203

White nationalists don't have to be natsocs and she's always denied being a white nationalist, even when she was promoting the Great White Replacement, which is definitely a white nationalist theory. It's not like she only denies it now she has a hapa husband.

It is possible she lied when she promoted those ideas, but it's also possible she's just a hypocrite. She wouldn't be the first person to completely go against their own ideals or morals and have some excuse in their mind why it's OK.

It would have been an awful lot of commitment to the bit for her to travel to the mediterranean to block refugee boats if she didn't buy into any of it. I think that boat was full of people who are immune to cognitive dissonance, Lauren and her people-smuggling friends: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jul/27/anti-migrant-boat-crew-arrested-famagusta-cyprus-people-smuggling

No. 1097228

Someone should tell her thats lib fem she's talking about

No. 1097249


Radical feminists have also pointed out (ALL the way back in the 70s) that straight women choosing tradshit ideologies often stems from disillusionment with left wing men, which makes them realize that being some trad dude's sole "protected" property is superficially safer than being gangbanged by leftist cucks under the false pretense of "equality". Your entry level brainlet takes aren't groundbreaking, trollface.

No. 1097260

She’s a college drop out, not formally educated

No. 1097281

File: 1606930480393.png (1 MB, 595x987, WHHHGThgzu54Capture.PNG)

More manosphere talking points

No. 1097282

>>1097260 this point still stands about Lauren being privileged and it's an insult to people with real struggles in their lives that she would deny being privileged.

No. 1097283

What am I looking at? What's the hot take here?

No. 1097288

Something something modern women bad trad good

No. 1097289

I think Lauren is an awful person but I don't think she's a white nationalist.

I think she is definitely a narcissist and a grifter.

I don't actually think she has any of her own beliefs. She's a political chameleon and she believes in whatever is convenient at the time.

No. 1097355

>own apartment in a fashionable area
>messy because you don't have a nagging meat dildo passive-aggressively chimping at you for not cooking and cleaning every second
>bunch of shit impulse bought from amazon because you have your own money and can actually enjoy it without Explaining The Purchase
>shitposting online with no one hovering over you
>dressed comfortably
>cute cats because no scrote with his filthy dog he abuses

Lmao this is supposed to be bad? I'm married and I'd kill to live like this again for even a week.

No. 1097397

I think someone complaining about the amount of brown people in France not speaking English is a white nationalist

No. 1097480

>this is supposed to be bad?
she's trying to keep up appearances on a zoom call while everything is falling apart due to corona

No. 1097486

That's how everyone is now though, so I don't get how this is a manosphere talking point unless troll face is implying that this is some example of UNMARRIED FEMALE MISERY. If anything, she looks fortunate enough to be able to work from home? Tradcel logic is too avant-garde for me.

No. 1097499

are pickmeishas whores too?

No. 1097552

It could be, but because Lisa is the one posting it and the cat detail, it's safe to assume that she's trying to make jabs at muh unmarried women. Unlike her trad self uwu

No. 1097608

She clearly promoted those ideas as part of her grift.

Non white men are good enough for her to date and have sex with as proven by her black ex boyfriends and hapa husband.

In reality Lauren follows the money and political controversy and so do a lot of these people on the alt right.

There was a wave of white nationalism being trendy among right wing circles in 2016/17. Notice how many stopped talking about it once it stopped being trendy and now they are all born again Christians now. In 2010 they were all athiests and in 2012 they were all Ron Paul style libertarians. In 2015 they were all about sjws and anti feminism.

I wonder what bandwagon is next?

None of these public figures seem to have a consistent political ideology. They exhaust one ideology until they have said all there is to say and then they move onto another one.

No. 1097645

The next (current) bandwagon is berncelry and "dirtbag leftism". Wonder what comes next.

No. 1097883

File: 1606978409397.jpg (144.6 KB, 822x462, AUG16_MARKUSOFF_REBEL_POST01.j…)

I think there's too much thought put into establishing these people's motives. Lauren has yet to formulate anything like an original thought in the hours and hours of recordings that exist, I don't think she's ever had one. She didn't have some crazy "awakening" and probably didn't think too much about the finer points of these things.

Lauren got famous from making fun of feminists. She had to keep that bell ringing. If you're going to play with taboo subjects none is more taboo than sex, followed by race. Check and check.

Today she would likely claim to have been "in over her head" (though first she would exhaust the "it's all memes bro" defense) but the truth is what she did follows the internet-based right she was part of almost exactly. Edgy "melting snowflakes" and then you got lots of money and attention and were touring the world and you're fighting antifa in Berkeley on a stream with your Patreon address. And then somebody got hit by a Dodge Challenger and most of them scattered.

No. 1098017

Trad twitter is sharing this as an example of modern women, and also a lot of MRA retards have been sperging about how this is okay but "male living space.txt" exists and claim it's a double standard and that women are allowed to be messy but men supposedly aren't.

No. 1098070

File: 1607012491068.png (387.43 KB, 593x545, R44321Capture.PNG)

Robyn published an article

No. 1098074

File: 1607012668838.png (182.63 KB, 609x428, BrittanyCapture.PNG)

This woman is apparently the co-founder of that magazine.

No. 1098076

File: 1607013017037.png (114.01 KB, 594x463, LisaBrittanyCapture.PNG)

Lookie here, Trollface retweeted their MRA article which whines about muh family court and muh divorce rape.

No. 1098127

>have babies even if you're poor, undereducated and can't take care of them
Can't tell women to only have babies with only normal and financially stable men that will care for them, her incels will rage

Men live longer when married because women take care of them while their lives are shortened. But sure trollface, marriage is only bad for men because muh divorce

No. 1098153

File: 1607020191469.jpg (541.26 KB, 1600x4290, oswald.jpg)

Interesting thread originally posted on KF about fail chud Millennial Woes, Robyn and fake tradwife twitter LARPing.

No. 1098182

God what a bunch of losers. People with no real jobs

No. 1098189

File: 1607022518612.png (5.62 MB, 828x1792, 9707D740-A75C-4A23-8297-19BF40…)

This is what she actually looks like

No. 1098197

Most models do not look as great as they do in professional photo shoots but this is something else.

No. 1098204

File: 1607023220014.jpg (35.95 KB, 310x417, Tom-Araya-s-Yearbook-Photo-sla…)

It's Slayer frontman Tom Araya!

No. 1098223

>gave hpv and dumped her
>tradthots said nothing
holy shit I hope that girl is doing alright

Figures Robyn and other tradthots would turn a blind eye to abuse. Their incels are trad only because they fantasize about abuse

No. 1098245

File: 1607025376569.png (14.05 KB, 595x116, AntivexxerTradthotCapture.PNG)

Ofc she's an antivaxxer too

No. 1098251

My fucking sides

No. 1098253

With tradthots it's almost always women who are somewhat hot, but not actually hot. They will always feel the need to prove something.

No. 1098336

There's quite a rabbit hole with this Millennial Woes thing that I haven't gone down. Some of it looks like serious drama but the guy is such an autistic loser that it still confuses me why anyone would care or be surprised. Wow, a chronic masturbator who lives in his dad's attic at the age of 40 and has failed to hold a job his entire life is a creep. Says something that tons of these chodes revere a guy who looks like he smells like a giant butt.

Anyway, basically back in March or April it was men in the RW movement in the UK that exposed him doing this to at least 8 different young women, tradthots said nothing. These were people who invited him to their retard rallies and worked with him at them, which is where some of the incidents took place.

MW said some of it isn't true "but some of it is" and "retired" to work on his "personal issues." And then he released a video reading a denial a few days ago, then privated it.

No. 1098344

File: 1607030820467.jpg (95.23 KB, 983x528, toilet.jpg)


No. 1098385


No. 1098416

>Our strength
Assuming she's ripping on "diversity is our strength" like she always does, is she implying that only non-white people do the squatty potty thing? Someone has clearly never heard of Freelee the Banana Girl

No. 1098483

File: 1607037815755.jpg (63.85 KB, 966x217, 1488.jpg)

> is she implying that only non-white people do the squatty potty thing?

Oh Faith doesn't speak in code like Lauren, she's saying exactly that.

No. 1098856

Plenty of western people leave the toilet in a filthy state.

I have seen (including white western) adult women emerge from the ladies room and leave piss, shit and menstrual blood over the toilet seat and leave used feminine hygiene products exposed. Many lean over the toilet because they think they will 'get an STD or something' and spray piss all over the floor and toilet seat. I understand the urge not to sit on the seat but it's perfectly possible not to spray piss if you do it carefully enough. Someone has to be pretty fucking dumb to piss over the seat.

I agree people should at least have the decency to wipe the seat after they use it but like many things this isn't race or culture specific.

Canada also isn't a white country. Canada has always been multi ethnic.

No. 1098858

She's low key implying that non white people are dirty and uncivilized and that white people never are. She's nitpicking and using cognitive bias.

No. 1098862

France has squat toilets, has done for a long enough time she can't blame it on immigrants or refugees.

She's uncultured, quelle surprise.

No. 1098864

File: 1607081954170.jpg (103.31 KB, 1080x357, 20201204_123717.jpg)

Does Brittany know who writes her articles kek

No. 1098890

Straight men have more kids than gay men? Who knew.

No. 1099310

I know she doesn't use codes like the more mild ones, but I just don't understand how someone can live being so retarded

No. 1099347

File: 1607116337818.jpeg (119.27 KB, 828x323, ED407D9F-6021-4F20-8F3E-3EAC57…)

Your husband is Asian, Lauren. There’s no ginger gene.

No. 1099353

Is he confirmed to be east asian? He could be central asian or something

No. 1099506

I guess her argument is that kids won't be exposed to feminine and gay men because I'm sure she's not so dumb as to think feminine and gay men will be bred out of the gene pool because that's not how it works

I thought he was hapa

Also is she saying you have to be Irish to have ginger hair?

No. 1099547

Still wants those white supremacists to fund her life since she's unable to get a job anywhere.

No. 1099682

He's hapa, so he might actually have Irish genes on the white side.

No. 1099749

Her husband is partly Asian and partly European. He's not fully Asian. The Atlantic article stated this.

It is possible for a hapa person to have children with a fully white person and have a child with red or blonde hair if there is a gene for such from both parents and the child doesn't inherit a gene for dark hair from either side. However you can clearly see that Lauren's kid has dark hair.

No. 1100016

She always "brags" about european and white origins of herself and her family, but she never mentions the Asian side. She's sooo transparent.

No. 1100017

It's blatant homophobia in any case, but I wouldn't be surprised if she'd actually mean that. She absolutely is dumb enough.

No. 1100032

File: 1607172529127.jpg (59.4 KB, 1144x523, IMG_20201205_064805_022.jpg)

>Canada also isn't a white country. Canada has always been multi ethnic.

No, it really wasn't. It's certainly multicultural now, but just like America, it was founded by Europeans.

No. 1100038

There were established indigenous populations throughout all of North America before Europeans "founded" it.

No. 1100042

Stop with your retarded semantics, you know exactly what I meant.
Obviously there were native populations everywhere, but they didn't come together and officially form the nation states and countries/societies we know as "Canada" and "America". They had their own, much smaller and different territories.

No. 1100045

Millenial Woes is a "former" gay man who worked as the world's cheapest rent boy when he was a student in London. There's a 1000% chance sexual contact will cause multiple infections.

No. 1100069

To think this wouldn't even be conversation if the native population didn't teach European settlers to farm and live off the land.

No. 1100071

nta, but stop sperging about muh indigenous people. Canada as a country was founded by Europeans.

No. 1100140

Aren't those immigration rates, rather than pre-existing population rates?
The land Canada was formed on has never been fully or even really majority European, and since those people never ceased to exist, anon's point stands.

No. 1100143

i see, you dislike indigenous people

No. 1100146

oh you mean the europeans who lied to the native tribes about trading values to get more for free? before enslaving 70% of those same native men as trade-slaves to build the canadian-european railway? those europeans anon? you want us to believe colonization preceded the people who were colonized? shit bait.

No. 1100156

Man, fuck off with your anglo centric view of Canada and the complete disregard for indigenous folks who were enslaved, raped, killed, and tortured so that the Euros could profit and steal their land. Let's also not forget the disguting treatment of indigenous youth during residential schools and the intergenerational trauma that still exists today.

No. 1100531

actually let's forget. take your sperging elsewhere retard

No. 1100636

File: 1607218397755.png (248.85 KB, 592x796, kaschutatakes.PNG)

Been wondering if she belonged here for a while, but Alex Kaschuta is a Romanian tradwife in similar circles to Robyn and trollface, a "post-leftist conservative," antifeminist, and a professional at caping for sexist takes on twitter.

No. 1100637

File: 1607218445376.png (24.28 KB, 590x293, badtake.PNG)

Another example of her trying to soften overtly shitty tweets

No. 1100644

File: 1607218859917.png (498.12 KB, 788x408, zzzzzzzzzzzzz2.png)

Also looks pretty different candidly from the photos she posts of herself, similarly to Lisa

No. 1100681

The people who were living in canada before Europeans emigrated were not white.

No. 1100687

Let me guess you are that cross dresser that comes here to white knight for Lauren Southern.

No. 1100695

Ironically you are the same people who complain about 'the great replacement' and get upset by Muslims flooding into Europe and trying to spread Islam and sharia law. In that case you shouldn't feel too bad about it as they are just doing what Europeans did some years ago to Canada, Australia and the USA. By that logic you should hand your country over if you see them as the most dominant group of people. After all might is right when it comes to Canada belonging to white people.

No. 1100722

By her logic shouldn't she be just as critical of men who 'meow'at women dressed like haridans since they are lustful sinners and are reducing themselves to animals in their behavior? Wouldn't that make those particular men' pigs' at least? or are women completely responsible for men's behavior? Are men just primitive animals that even make animal noises that women can completely control or manipulate? I thought that Christians believed that we are above animals if we just embrace God? In that case aren't those men ungodly and why is it not worth a mention about how men should evade the sin of lust?

How would she enjoy it if some greasy tatted up homeless alcoholic made animal noises at her when she was walking down the street? Shouldn't have bleached your hair or wore lipstick Anna. You are advertising yourself to that man.

She would most likely be the first one to screech about how unsettling the experience was and look for some other explanation as to why it happened.

I know that her choice in clothing and styling may be less extreme than the example she provided, but she's still trying to deliberately make herself look more sexually attractive by manipulating her own physical appearance just as the woman in her example is doing.

By her own logic she's 'milking her sexual power' and she's responsible for how men react to her on account of it.

I can at least have some respect for religious 'trad' women who are equally as critical of male debauchery and negative behavior. Their beliefs are consistent at least and they expect an equal return for what they put in.

This woman also unironically uses the term 'chad'. Please. That's embarrassing. Speaking like a teenage boy on 4chan as an adult woman is shameful.

No. 1100730

They always go for the lowest hanging libfem bs fruit out there. It's so repetitive and boring no walidner they can't get blog or youtube channel going. It's the same "women bad" until they get too old for their audience's liking

I've already read posts from men like redpillers and "trad men" who condemn tradthots for being "regretful past whores" and to ignore them no matter how much they'll spew anti feminist messages.
So is the mild attention from a fe twitter scrotes worth it?

No. 1100782

she has 2007 internet energy. she's at least 35 and has no kids

No. 1100820

She has ADHD as well and feels the need to tell everyone about it.

Why are all these people neurotypical?

It probably explains why they don't understand how society really is and see everything as a caricature.

No. 1100868

she's clout farming and unprincipled… she just wants attention

No. 1100938

File: 1607244834696.jpeg (271.92 KB, 1079x1636, D8C525B4-ABE2-4A53-9AFA-A4597B…)

“and then everyone in the Uber clapped”

No. 1100989

File: 1607252738928.jpeg (378.31 KB, 750x859, 84C6BCB0-BFD0-4E86-97B4-B0EDB7…)


Behold ladies, an Alpha. Don’t you want to settle and choose this to sire your children?

No. 1101029

She, like many of the tradthots, was a professional woman (Alex lived in the UK during her professional career) then moved back home to get married and be trad and make banana bread while mocking women who do the same things she used to do on twitter

No. 1101043

File: 1607262337731.jpg (86.2 KB, 600x600, trent lapinski.jpg)

Ride into the danger zone with Kenny Loggins.

No. 1101095

She looks like that lady that injected cooking oil in her face.

No. 1101123

she wasn't successful as a feminist so she found a new grift. yawn

No. 1101137

It's the same Every. Time. Tried to work, failed at work, drop out to become a grifter for anti feminists and the right because they love to simp for mediocre women online that say what they want.

Lauren S, Faith, Robyn all of them like having jobs and influence despite wanting to remove women from work and public. They all think they could be the exception. Candance Owens did this since she was liberal before she was doxxed and decided to blame the left, paint herself as a victim and become their token black girl. But we know it's a matter before her very wealthy white conservative in-laws call her a nigger and her kid a halfbreed, and she'll play victim to grift some more. Rinse and repeat

No. 1101258

File: 1607280687505.png (41.31 KB, 595x436, okalex.PNG)

But anon, she can't have any male friends outside her marriage (what the now deleted quoted tweet was about) because every single man either wants to get with her or use her as a status enhancer due to her beauty! No man can resist her Crisco-infused charm!

No. 1101928

She can't have male friends but apparently it's OK for her to open up a Twitter account that receives loads of male attention and she interacts with these men.

No. 1101937

File: 1607310047231.png (15.04 KB, 587x151, grifting.PNG)

Yeah, weird how that works, right? And since she's clear that none of them can be her friends, she must want their attention for something else. What, oh what, could it possibly be?

No. 1101962

she’s always being called a grifter. there are people who spend all day debating her

No. 1102109

A grifter is someone who bandwagons for money and/or popularity and doesn't form any of their own beliefs.

That's like 95% of tradthots.

No. 1102126

Isn't a "grifter", at least in the political sense, someone who actively attempts to persuade people to change their views in favor of their (the grifter's) own views, usually through subtle methods? Like tactically convincing a left-wing person to slowly adopt more and more right-wing views until they're no longer left-wing. Take Google's definition: "a person who engages in petty or small-scale swindling."

No. 1102151

Most people use the term "grifter" to refer to people who will say or do whatever will bring them more notoriety or money.

No. 1102162

File: 1607343689803.jpg (193.93 KB, 1077x578, 20201207_132032.jpg)

Idk Trollface, to me it just seems like we haven't pwned enough moids yet kek

No. 1102168

File: 1607344220648.png (29.6 KB, 595x251, notagriftertho.PNG)

She's pretty overt in that she wants to make more money from her twitter presence in any way possible

No. 1102181

Where do these bitches even get these strawwomen from? Women asking "where are all the good men?" is a 00s myth, that shit is from "nice guy" era before incels even became a thing

No. 1102200

They think all single women are two dimensional sitcom caricatures

No. 1102209

They get all of their talking points from shitpill mgtow. These unhappy single women only exist because they want them to exist so badly. Males are not needed to make women happy and that just terrifies them. It absolitely ruins them inside to know it.

No. 1102305

Does anyone know if this indian chick is @margaritaevna95?

No. 1102311

yes, that's her

No. 1102312

Women are starting to turn on her
Someone wrote an essay tearing her apart

No. 1102345


No. 1102359


Which one? I only see two here: https://www.eviemagazine.com/author/megha-verma/

Also, gotta love Indian tradthots. If they love being treated like shit by small pricked scrotes then they should go back. Last I heard the government was extremely right-winged and gender stereotypes are enforced.

No. 1102361

@default_friend argues with her every day. she has a newsletter thats one big alex kaschuta subtweet

No. 1102392

I was really curious about this but it seems to be paywalled. Are you subscribed, anon? Any juicy caps to share?

No. 1102407

File: 1607368248527.png (70.92 KB, 1688x268, df1.png)

No. 1102408

File: 1607368269825.png (291.6 KB, 1598x1212, df2.png)

No. 1102409

File: 1607368292097.png (130.82 KB, 1568x580, df3.png)

No. 1102416

No. 1102424

absolutely based, true and applicable to lefthots as well.
also don't forget the lie that women didn't have to work Back Then, which is provably false.

No. 1102434

You know what only betas believe? That pick up techniques of any kind work on anyone except other men. The only ones who might be getting pussy through PUA shit are the men selling PUA shit to idiot beta simps, because that gives them money they can spend on pussy. The idea that you can "become alpha" with a couple of spicy negs is pure cope, you're either born genetically fit or you're rich.
The only girls you might get through alpha-LARPing are pickmes that would be into you regardless, and they're usually the ones you find so utterly uninteresting you don't even count them as women, thus continuing to claim that you can't get laid with a straight face. That's because when men lament their lack of female attention, what they really mean is they can't get laid with someone monumentally out of their league.

No. 1102443

Reminds me of that one time incels took a bunch of "attractive older business woman" stock photos and made tinder profiles LAPRing as career women asking where all the good men are.
The male congenital need for autistic wish fulfillment and reality warping is probably one of the most terrifying parts of the prolapsed anus that is the male mind. I truly have never seen women doing anything remotely similar, at least not if they're older than 12.

No. 1102448

A great tradthot lolcow I found was this bitch named @becomfy on twitter. She rants on and on about how proud she is to be white and Trad despite not only being married to a Jewish black man at one point but also having a kid out of wedlock. She apparently got exposed recently after sending titty vids to random men in her circle and deleted her Twitter her are some milk screen caps

No. 1102451

File: 1607371210885.jpg (29.34 KB, 443x960, Amy-Marie-Christensen-9.jpg)

No. 1102471

File: 1607372912445.jpg (52.59 KB, 443x960, Amy-Marie-Christensen-1.jpg)

No. 1102477

Thanks for sharing it with us, anon!

No. 1102683

>She apparently got exposed recently after sending titty vids to random men in her circle
Lol of course, putting the thot back into tradthot
>"feminism ruined all women! all of them are whores now!"
>"look at my tits you guys uwu"

No. 1102864

File: 1607425272176.jpeg (237.75 KB, 512x752, 83042B6E-CAF2-403D-98DF-3F9A28…)


Found one of her fanboys in the @‘s and uh..

>> Only want one thing.

>> Not be a responsible dad.

No. 1102872

>The male congenital need for autistic wish fulfillment and reality warping is probably one of the most terrifying parts of the prolapsed anus that is the male mind.

I am rolling on my sides kek
have you got screencaps?

No. 1102968

>men only want to be financially responsible, protective and loving fathers uwu feminism is ruining everything
>Number cause of death of pregnant women is homicide
Tradthots live in another world

No. 1103449

man i wish some milk would arise from this cunt. i go on her twitter once in a while for a laugh or to get angry, depending on her level of retardation that day. she's not a regular tradthot, she's a cool neuroscientist logical tradthot! /s

No. 1103588


You notice too how it’s just the pregnant woman? No family pic that shows the father present?

They really tell on themselves a lot.

No. 1103593

Her article on Disney Princesses is the most hilarious shit I've ever read. Girl, you're in your mid 20's. This Disney Princess fantasy is some pre-school shit.
>The Golden Era Disney Princesses Were Right About Femininity
>The modern feminist view of princesses is far more sexist than the Golden Era, which actually believed that the female story was worth telling and celebrating.

I can't believe she's aspiring to be a neuroscientist. I mean, not to undermine her but hasn't neuroscience debunked this femininity masculinity bullshit or is neurosexism still worshipped and studied in STEM focused unis?

No. 1103650


She’s going to use her STEM degree for some evo psych shit. Guaranteed.

No. 1104239

kaschuta's starting a pod

No. 1104435

Of course she is, she needs to find some way to monetize her shitty takes further

No. 1104462

Robyn Riley has deleted all her twitter posts and only has 2 retweets up.

I wonder who she has pissed off this time?

No. 1104554

Lauren Southern did the same thing a while ago.

No. 1104578

>hasn't neuroscience debunked this femininity masculinity bullshit
Not exactly, most evo psych is bullshit and male and female brain anatomy is roughly the same, but there are some innate differences between the sexes, the hardcore blank slatism embraced in radfem-leaning spaces is as delusional as evo psych. Hormones have a substantial impact on psychology, testosterone is proven to increase violent behavior and risk-taking for example, you can read FtM accounts on it

sage for sciencefagging

No. 1104968

File: 1607690045966.jpg (335.24 KB, 1080x1149, 20201211_133154.jpg)

Don't worry, Lisa. As a femoid I will even it out: You have a trollface.

No. 1104972

File: 1607690252433.jpg (130.45 KB, 1080x428, 20201211_133547.jpg)

A burden that is primarily pushed on women, while tha mens get a free pass for not carrying it. She loves to just ignore all context.

No. 1104986

kek lisa, the projection is too much. shes just mad she always gets percieved as a burden by the people who "care" about her.

No. 1104987

It's shit like this that motivates me to never stop making fun of manlets, their fragility is astounding and even their handmaidens know it

No. 1105095

Its like she was hit with a shovel sideways and her face just stuck >>1070511

Noone thinks kids or the elderly are a hden, only that women who do take on the role of caring for them are shit on while single dads and male caretakers are praised for doing the bare minimum. Does Lisa even have kids?

No. 1105327

File: 1607725441403.gif (1.97 MB, 480x480, giphy.gif)


No. 1105331

File: 1607725541678.jpg (440.86 KB, 2223x1586, PHOTOFEST_GREMLINS_caroling_cr…)

No. 1105513

File: 1607740018431.jpeg (755.38 KB, 828x1617, 1339CB3F-E0E0-41A7-88B4-4EAA35…)

So much filler

No. 1105560

She sucks so much at marketing herself. Could have easily changed her aesthetics, started some psuedo tradthot mom blog with boring recipes or basic tips on child caring and made her simps pay her bills because she'd be still playing up her 'women belong in the home' card with it. How much times do we have to hear from her how communist bad while living in fucking australia.

No. 1105576

Wow she sounds like a complete retard.

No. 1105691

>hardcore blank slatism embraced in radfem-leaning spaces
where? lmao

No. 1105705

LMAO what is that pose, it's literal wood. Also why does she look like a 40yo divorced mom.

No. 1105788

The ankle of her foot on the ground is straining so hard lmao

No. 1105789

Probaby the Evie magazine tradthots told her that her tweets are too obvious. They are trying to be lowkey-trad.

No. 1107007


I wrote for them and yeah Brittany wouldn't publish my articles that were too edgy.

No. 1107142

File: 1607950308164.jpg (185.57 KB, 1080x515, 20201214_135037.jpg)

What is her point, even? Biological women already never participate in male categories, there is a reason why this conversation is always about MtFs. She's so dense.

No. 1107163

What kind of strawman is she even making here? Obviously the people who want sports leagues to be separated based on biology don't want women to be in the men's leagues either. Who is this a gotcha for? Feminists? People who liked the movie She's the Man?

No. 1107182

It’s just petty bait for the misogynists to start going off on how wimminz are weak and that only men should be Olympians anyway, it doesn’t have to make any sense as long as they can find a way to berate a female.

No. 1107200

Wait until we'll start seeing her tweet that women shouldn't work out, get abs and lift weights because that's masculine. Yet somehow, women should be expected to be slim and fit.

No. 1107207

File: 1607962854979.png (139.76 KB, 1424x800, Screenshot_20201214-110722~2.p…)

Here's proof about her sending titty videos and nudes to men.

No. 1107227

totally off topic but i don't understand how women willingly send nudes to men? even my own bf asks for them and i tell him no every time… just use your imagination wtf

No. 1107231

File: 1607966478893.png (91.31 KB, 1433x380, Screenshot_20201214-111923~2.p…)

No. 1107232

Same here I've had weirdos on the internet ask me for nudes repeatedly and I always say no. You're just begging to have them leaked at that point.

No. 1107265

File: 1608034803602.jpg (87.7 KB, 1080x296, 20201215_131732.jpg)

This is the biggest smoothbtain "no u". Male has always been the default human in our culture. The default "main character" the default viewpoint and experience.

Women being represented is oppression, apparently.

Damn, someone really hit her with a shovel, making her face AND brain wonky.

No. 1107266

Men are visual creatures. "Use your imagination" is not going to go very far if you want to stay in a relationship. If you're not gonna give him nudes, he'll look for them elsewhere…

No. 1107291


Her greasy old boyfriend is probably preparing her replacement already

No. 1107323

"men are visual creatures" kill yourself

No. 1107327

someone who goes around bothering women for nudes like a dog humping legs isn't worth dating anyway.

No. 1107334

Gimpgirl! Thanks for gracing this thread with some of your wisdom.

No. 1107340

Enjoy finding your nudes on some shady porn site few months later..

No. 1107409

File: 1608049713272.jpg (14.36 KB, 264x400, s-l400.jpg)

From the head down she looks great. She obviously puts a lot of work into her body.

However her face looks like a latex mask. She probably can't move it properly at this point. What's more, surgery face always looks even worse in person than it does on camera.

All the rich ladies get it done where I live and they all look like even bigger freaks outside of Facebook.

No. 1107412

Lisa pointed out that troons 'biological males'. Wait for the backlash.

No. 1107420

File: 1608050976604.jpg (95.93 KB, 473x495, Screenshot_20201215_184835.jpg)

>she likely can't even move her face at this point

No. 1107452

I don't think she did much to her face (except her lips) tbh. Making just one part of your face smaller/bigger can really throw off your proportions.
Her face looks normal to me in those Skynews videos. But her lips…good lord.

No. 1107534

>She obviously puts a lot of work into her body.
imo she looks average. She doesn't have toned arms or legs or anything. Maybe skinny fat.

Many of these tradthots love to preach about being feminine, delicate and slim but hate lifting weights so their audience doesn't think they're getting too masculine by getting toned. I think it was that old scrote Richard Cooper that tweeted about bad itw as women to be toned because he called it too masculine.

No. 1107536

File: 1608058023870.jpg (233.93 KB, 708x822, Screenshot_20201215_203804.jpg)

You tell me what you think, but this was Lauren in 2015/16 before she had any work done.

Here she looks like a regular, attractive young woman with unique facial features. Her face is also more animated, particularly her eyes and forehead.

Nowadays she looks vastly different. Her brows look like they could have been lifted, she has had botox, lip fillers and the chin dimple has gone.

No. 1107543

File: 1608058392888.jpg (172.9 KB, 857x715, Screenshot_20201215_205022.jpg)

Who bets her husband is behind her working out like crazy and getting tonnes of work done?

I mean, she just looks so vastly different. This was her when she worked for Rebel media which was around 5 years ago.

Now she has that manufactured botox, gym bunny bimbo look that every insta thot has.

No doubt he's one of those bitter hapas that never got the girl before and wants to transform Lauren into his trophy wife.

No. 1107547

File: 1608058664396.jpg (180.95 KB, 832x461, Screenshot_20201215_205442.jpg)

You can't see the guy's face but the body language between them is fairly tense from what you can see here.

She's desperate to prove to everyone that she has a perfect marriage but her husband is probably a narcissist and an ex incel who threatens to dump her if she looks as she did in 2015.

No. 1107574

yeah "men are visual creature" so he's gonna look at me when we're together. why the fuck would he need my nudes with him at all times? also that's basically begging for your nudes to get leaked or to show them to his friends

No. 1107605

Literally every radfem-leaning space attributes human behavior to socialization exclusively

Of course she did, even her choice in handle is 100% pickme vibes

No. 1107642

Ok pick me

No. 1107644

That's also predatory af. Just block him and move on.

No. 1107814

Just because people did it in the past doesn't mean it's good to do now.

No. 1107842

File: 1608077979085.jpg (191.22 KB, 2048x1561, lillian1.jpg)

this one's just like your typical self-hating diasporic asian woman, except unlike most of them she wasn't even good-looking enough to bag the highly coveted aryan white chad…

No. 1107843

File: 1608078075041.png (67.13 KB, 597x730, lillian2.png)

yeah sounds like perfect tradwife material uh-huh

No. 1107863

File: 1608079146573.png (664.41 KB, 1440x1619, Screenshot_20201201-042224~2.p…)

I found yet another tradthot like becomfy who's also a single mom

No. 1107963

What does the "Under the Sun" bit mean?

No. 1107970

People shouldn’t shooting out nudes all willy nilly, but at the same time it’s pearl clutchy to act like it’s that big of a deal anymore to send some faceless nudes to a boyfriend. There is such an excess of porn and nudes online that if you don’t put your face in the photo (or you’re not a celebrity who people are trying to hack), it really just doesn’t matter much. Unless you have identifiable tattoos or something, there’s very little chance of anyone being able to identify you and it won’t affect your real life

No. 1108009

File: 1608095098789.png (394.87 KB, 591x883, 1546684078871.png)

sage for old milk, but one of my favorite tara mccarthy moments

No. 1108011

Black sun maybe

No. 1108017

i don't usually post itt but holy shit this is so fucking funny, i bet she got ratio'd to hell and back for this

No. 1108043

The ironic thing about this ugly bitch is that she used to be an anti natalist vegan libtard.

No. 1108095

Oh! I forgot Tara existed. The last I saw from her was this video

I thought she was interesting looking, and she is compared to Robyn, Lauren, Faith, etc. But that's because she's East Indian lol

> she used to be an anti natalist vegan libtard

The funniest part was that she was all those things in like 2015! She flipped within like months from homeopathic yoga muppet to WHAT SHOULD WE DO WITH THE JEWS. I hear prison can do that to people but she just got dumped by a sugar daddy.

No. 1108171

She obviously tries so hard to be white. The self hating Asian women that do always wear the red lipstick and the ugly grandma's curtain dresses and they suck up to ugly, bitter non Asian men who couldn't get their Aryan princess.

I feel sorry for her hapa son whose going to grow up thinking that his Asian side makes him unattractive to women.

No. 1108179

File: 1608125742613.png (17.77 KB, 575x400, tara-mccarthy-harassment.png)

Tara Mccarthy quit in 2017 after she said that whites should support feminism and that patriarchy was something that uncivilized brown people do.

Of course her audience lost their shit and turned against her and she deleted all her accounts and disappeared off the internet.

No. 1108195

File: 1608128956450.gif (828.81 KB, 260x146, 8E243CB9-3B15-4505-BC80-B3C498…)

Baked Alaska was arrested last week for clownery and assaulting strangers, and it reminded me that I hadn’t thought about Ashton Whitty/Birdie since her meltdown when she cut herself on stream. Her Twitter is nuked and her Instagram is private. Anyone know what miss MAGA Berkeley is up to nowadays?

No. 1108239

>Baked Alaska was arrested
Good. He's been doing that for a while on his streams but has only gotten warnings from cops until now

No. 1108347

Isn't this the same broad who constantly preached about making more white babies? Huh, you mean to tell me that pandering to the lowest of the scrotes is not a good long term strategy? Shocking

No. 1108410

Ecclesiastes 1:14-'I have seen all the works that are done under the sun, and behold-all is vanity and vexation of spirit' perhaps.

No. 1108412

she is apparently back on youtube but her channel doesn't have any videos. baked replaced her with a literal homeless crack head.

No. 1108442

Sage for slight OT sperg, but this is the paradox behind TRP et al. Sorry about redpill language, it's for the sake of convenience.

Evidently, everything shilled by redpill is designed to help betas, not alphas. Alphas are not affected by "the decline of western society", "muhfeminism" and other imaginary neckbeard nonsense. They'll get top shelf pussy either way simply because they're genetically fit.

A redpill tradshit society based on resource coercion and pity fucks ensures that betas get reproductive access, because women can't exercise proper selective pressure, which in turn ensures that their sons will also be betas. Most self proclaimed incels are victims of the very social order they're desperately trying to uphold kek.

r/hapas is one place that's dangerously close to realizing it, since their whole thing is having a complex about being descended from hot Asian women and ugly white sex tourists who would never be able to touch them if it wasn't for their immense economic leverage. But if you look closely, this applies to all single-race couples as well. Do you think mayocels understand this deep down?

No. 1108475

Baked also has COVID, you love to see it

No. 1108500

If she does miraculously continue past undergrad shes gonna be Deborah Soh II, publishing in reputable scientific journals like Playboy and Medium

No. 1108512

Women are material creatures. "Let's split the bill" won't get you far in a relationship. If you don't want to give her money, she'll look for it elsewhere…

No. 1108526

File: 1608155242021.png (331.92 KB, 828x1792, 483CE1D8-186C-4864-8ED8-2AF09F…)

Her new account

No. 1108528

File: 1608155298454.jpeg (79.99 KB, 1080x845, 1CC09727-A32F-4EB9-8496-A72232…)

Lauren’s deleted tweet

No. 1108531

She just assumed that all Asians are used to living in pods like those Japanese hotels.

No. 1108765

She became a tradthot when she was with Cory Mccarthy, a vegan tradcath bodybuilder. But apparently he ditched her and he's married to someone else now. I wonder if she's still a nazi larper now that she's not with him anymore. You can't mention the name "Tara" on his youtube channel, the comments auto-deletes due to his filter.

No. 1108780

So… The white privilegie card dont work for felony. Lol

No. 1108833

God, imagine knowingly dating a grown man with so many autistic labels. A normie woman is texting her friends to call her with a fake emergency the moment "im vegan trad cath bodybuilder" comes up on a date.

No. 1108947

Yes, Lauren, this tweet is so relatable and funny! Being a homeowner at 25 in Sydney is totally normal and relatable. You probably could only afford a tiny $1 million home and is why you have to complain about living space. Poor Lauren.

No. 1108970

She’s probably renting

No. 1109010

what's with the awful forced crying? she looks so fucking stupid

with this >>1108179 in mind, i wonder what shes sperging on about now

No. 1109161

Wow my sides are hurting I can’t breathe (not).

No. 1109276

File: 1608240319263.jpg (83.04 KB, 1200x560, Tara-McCarthy-Lauren-Southern-…)

And quite the specimen of male vitality he was!

No. 1109279

It is the moment of the great lolcow crossover, when Ashton was recounting going viral as an idiot after Dasha from Red Scare said she had brainworms.

No. 1109456

File: 1608255550645.gif (4.5 MB, 480x270, AFA6EC41-3430-4BC5-A704-210433…)

Simple little vain thing that she is, I always did feel a little bad for her. She got literally every single thing that was coming to her, but it’s rare that that happens that way. I do feel bad that InfoWars tossed her out after they promised her a job and now she couldn’t get a job folding sweaters at J. Crew, but you know. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

That interview really was Dasha’s shining moment though. It cracks me up. I wonder if Ashton knew who she was fucking with when she clomped up to her.

No. 1109602

wow Aryan Chad and Stacy realness

No. 1109610

She spotted the sailor costume and assumed she's a stupid thot like her.

No. 1109661

I don't know, I would have felt bad for her if she had a come-to-jesus moment. But instead she rebounded from this by dating and actually wanting to start a family with Baked Alaska.

No. 1110260

Kinda dont wanna throw the @s but there are tons of porn addicted tradwife tumblers, white genocide white nat virgins and women and trans, these people are all a mess, failed internet addicts

No. 1110896

You can at least post screencaps with relevant info censored lol.

No. 1111035

Dasha sounded stupid as fuck here I don't know what the other anons are talking about. Stop changing objective reality of someone being unable to provide cohesive arguments or backing up their stance just because Ashton acts like a dumb bitch.

No. 1111040

Yeah tbh it seemed like Ashton won. She asked a bunch of standard questions and Dasha just gave her unfunny meme responses.

No. 1111150

No. 1111185

Tell me where Dasha said something smart or funny

No. 1111230


it’s two piles of shit having a perfume contest, nobody won

No. 1111293

Tinfoil but I think this was staged. Dasha Nekrasova is an actress. Infowars probably paid her.

No. 1111347


This. It was a Youtube comments section-tier "argument" that went absolutely nowhere, and in which both participants basically talked past each other.

>b-but Venezuela!

>b-but healthcare!

No. 1111754

We're laughing at Ashton for looking like a sperg.

No. 1111845

File: 1608556481680.jpeg (51.94 KB, 540x960, download (2).jpeg)

Not sure if she fits here, but she is a rabid MRA pickme Romaarmy. Active on tiktok, and keeps screaming about how poor mens are so oppressed.

Some of her topics are muh false raep accusations and toilet seats.

She sadly has n abusive ex who was horrible to her, too.

No. 1111865

IMO she fits in here since she makes money in the same way as the tradthots off the same topics, but she does lean into the whole "one of the guys" style more. She's always screeching like June, in a way that makes her nearly impossible to listen to, but she's a colossal pickme.

No. 1111963

Honestly this cow might deserve her own thread, but for now this is a good place for her

No. 1111988

File: 1608573502560.jpeg (71.13 KB, 827x825, 83C6B4B1-2A10-46EE-A6F3-83B40F…)

No. 1111991

File: 1608573537469.jpeg (69.46 KB, 828x585, 2F0BA62F-277E-45C3-88AD-39D87A…)

No. 1111992

File: 1608573602093.jpeg (25.81 KB, 827x704, 58AAB25A-E71A-4117-9665-7B48E6…)

No. 1111994

File: 1608573633115.jpeg (59.35 KB, 827x990, 50C7B06D-7BA4-40C7-9ED6-0E1539…)

A story told in 4 parts. Also lol @ the ratio

No. 1112002

I mean that's a retarded argument because you can't cough heroin onto someone

But I do think telling people who they can and can't see in their own homes is pretty authoritarian and a governmental overstep.

Which is to say I'm surprised after all the russian larping shes done that she would have a problem with authoritarianism.

No. 1112016

File: 1608574945954.png (2.58 MB, 828x1792, IMG_0892.PNG)

She posts a lot of anti government/media stuff to her stories which sometimes includes Republicans but she's clearly still conservative. Down with the establishment type shit.

Doesn't seem like she's doing much of anything. No man who's been posted

No. 1112164

File: 1608586176975.jpg (108.75 KB, 686x706, mycherieamor.jpg)

And here. we. go.

No. 1112178

Good on them for using a picture from before she had the work done, lmao

No. 1112205

File: 1608588400933.jpg (36.78 KB, 627x189, gummy-brain.jpg)

She was having galaxy-brained "both sides are the same!" moments before she went dark though there was never any question she was still on the right (in her own special mentally fluffy way)

No. 1112208

She mentioned people saying she has gotten work done on the podcast she was just on. She said her nose was popped back into place lmao sure Jan

No. 1112269

>the water is wet

No. 1112274

File: 1608594872848.jpg (103.34 KB, 884x803, 158872061243.jpg)

Aren't drugs (from a conservative perspective) only supposed to be used by the poor and by homosexuals? Or do I have to sense that she is above good and evil and all that BS?

No. 1112327

File: 1608599212248.png (87.01 KB, 623x379, 33.png)

You are not prepared for how deep Ashton goes.

No. 1112424

File: 1608610552221.png (339.22 KB, 724x1200, Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 10.0…)

I think she's become increasingly resentful of all the right wing people she used to associate with, she was a moron, but they really took advantage of her stupidity and properly fucked up her career prospects

No. 1112545

Who knew not going to college/learn a trade would fuck up your career prospects? What did she expect?

No. 1112547


Well she could just go back to school again? Start a new career far away from politics.

No. 1112550


>been looking up to alex jones since I was 13

neglectful absentee parents that didn't do the bare minimum to supervise what their 13 year old child was doing online, how am I not surprised

No. 1112577

She went to college. Berkeley is kind of the only thing about her.

No. 1112596

I mean, yeah, you fucked up your own life by being a pickme to wannabes.

Learn to code!

No. 1112675

File: 1608660880111.jpg (75.5 KB, 648x365, kevin_stills_medium_a_l.jpg)

What actually is the future for people with such a toxic online footprint? Lauren Southern's facing a similar problem (though has too much money to be seriously worried), and I wonder this about Shayna. Are they doomed to man tills while constantly dreading that a customer will recognise them from their video about white genocide and report them to the manager?

No. 1112716

File: 1608665513577.png (88.57 KB, 602x439, 22.png)

Ashton was working as a waitress even when she was making that video 2 years ago. Lauren was also working as a waitress while working for The Rebel when she got well-known too. It's not like these people sacrificed their competitive slot in med school to cradle guns next to their cleavage and sperg about feminism.

No. 1112750

File: 1608668691271.jpeg (34.23 KB, 261x199, 81BEC8A2-0360-4259-BE92-D0A78F…)


You get what you fucking deserve.

No. 1112755

Honestly I don’t think they ever planned on trying to make something of themselves; if they did they would try harder even at their shitty “careers”. You don’t have to be talented or intelligent to qualify as a mighty race warrior, or suck dildos for a living.

No. 1112994

Redpillchick was in med school but wanted to sperg out about feminism and talked about how useless it is to be educated and have a job as a woman. She thought she was set for life since she had a relationship and all she had to do was go full trad and look at dropping out
Last I read about her, her white fiance dumped her and she had to work at some real estate company lol

No. 1113042

I don't even think she made it to med school. The way she talked about med school sounds like she disappointed her brown parents and coped with talking about how trad is the way kek.

No. 1113182

One of you fuckers cowtipped didn't you

I hope you enjoy not having any milk. I regret sharing with you losers, I was having fun on my own.

No. 1113639

No. 1113670

Yeah, I distinctly remember us all tinfoiling that her hatred for women with educations, careers, actual ambition etc was because she was so bitter about not getting into med school.

I miss RPC, the milk was short but sweet.

No. 1113701

File: 1608764365766.jpg (77.69 KB, 750x1334, whh6scr0bt661.jpg)

Since they haven't been posted yet, here are some screenies from Mrs. Midwest's deleted Reddit account and some retweets.


A comprehensive post:


Some bonus speculation about the state of her marriage, though none of it is too far off:


She currently is pregnant with their first child, a son. One of the really sad things about this is that prior to marrying her husband, she had female friends and looked genuinely happy.

No. 1113718


I don't mean to blog post but I'm very pregnant at the moment and feeling so frumpy.

Looking at that horrifying outfit makes me feel way better about my own awful wardrobe choices right now.

No. 1113786

Fundiesnark and I think there's a tradsnark or tradwifesnark sub also follows MMW. I read that she's pretty much cut off from her family because they didn't like her husband and how he treats her. Hope having a baby while having no communication with your family was worth it I guess

No. 1114193

She's not a tradthot tho', she's just a religious housewife.

No. 1114198

Most of her audience are males although her videos are apparently aimed at women. She obviously enjoys the attention.

No. 1114204

Be assured, anon, that all of your choices including fashion have got to be better in comparison.

Also, congratulations!

No. 1114286

She is a tradthot, anon. She caters to a majority incel audience with thinly veiled fetish posts about being the perfect aryan, christian waifu. Did you read any of the aforementioned links at all?

No. 1114697

She’s also a major troll, she knows how to get under people’s skin on reddit.

No. 1115827

I thought initially "when you set up a channel for Christian wives it's pretty hard not to attract the incels and manosphere types" but I have since seen her likes and retweets of Molymeme and that "men prefer debt free virgins without tattoos" woman on twitter. Yikes.

No. 1115842

Isn't this the realization blackpillers come to? I'm not pilled enough to understand all these various pill permutations but whatever the one is that tells incels to stay in the basement and forget the urge to reproduce is the correct one.

No. 1116206

File: 1609112803797.jpg (139.24 KB, 1882x1080, kmv83o5ilm761.jpg)

Husbear’s smile is gross.

No. 1116208

No. 1116215

Wow he is seriously ugly and goofy looking lmao, how desperate was she to get picked??

No. 1116281

The artificial grimace of a man who's been through conversion therapy a few times. Glad she got picked though.

No. 1116302

Apparently he negged her and made her feel like shit when they dated and from her old posts, he prefers porn over her, so she has no self esteem and no support from her family because they didn't like him. Feel bad for that baby

No. 1116408

pickmes never get picked by anyone worthwhile, change my mind

No. 1116419

This man looks like a damn child molester.

No. 1116709

More from the deleted reddit for mrs. midwest.


No. 1116717

>don't worry about being an orphan: almost all Disney princesses were orphans

hahaha, what the fuck? what's with these fucking tradthots and Disney princesses? it's like they never went past their childhood idolization of mary sues and are now trying hard to be like one badly.

No. 1116901

File: 1609197623629.jpg (86.78 KB, 640x1136, Zt15H0CxZ0lkEOcGbPW6XIQInDe0EE…)

Her tits are creeping me out in this, why are they so lumpy and misshapen? Did she middle school style stuff her bra or something? So much for ~extremely heavy, back breaking D cups~

No. 1116904

Ugly men are easier to control/manipulate.

No. 1116967

File: 1609203719408.jpg (135.87 KB, 750x1334, dbtGNmh.jpg)

She always makes topics about her chest somehow.

No. 1116977

Lol this, I thought I was the only one. I also noticed in her supposed heavier days her boobs were like 5 cup sizes smaller than they are now. She's going to have a field day once she starts breast feeding we're literally never going to hear the end of titty talking. I also notice when she's wearing very tight clothes her boobs are lumpy like she put socks in there or something

No. 1116983

She wears two bras. She did a post about it a long ass time ago. She wears a lace, sexy type bra first and then layers a smoothing/shaper type bra over that for "modesty". She also says its to support her huge chest.

No. 1117000

Okay so she wears a push up bra then a normal bra to make it look like she's a busty girl who's actually trying to compact her giant tits then passing it off as a "so busty, you wouldn't know" type deal, then going out of her way to do poses and angles to make her boobs look bigger than they actually are, and then constantly going out of her way to talk about her tits, and then saying she was ~uwu so insecure about my MASSIVE heavy chest~

No. 1117037

It's probably for her incel audience thats only interested in her for their larping trad fantasy of a woman pregnant, barefoot, and in the home with massive tits.
I'm just surprised her husband got her anything at all. Trad males aren't known to give gifts beyond some allowance

No. 1117059

File: 1609213348187.png (346.58 KB, 522x669, Screenshot_20201228-214219.png)

>I use to be so insecure about my large chest I would minimize it and wanted to be a small-chested petite girl
Any smaller she would be completely flat chested. There's nothing wrong with having average sized boobs caitlyn

No. 1117079

File: 1609216127585.png (326.52 KB, 886x703, Capture.PNG)

No. 1117188

Isn't Candace Owens from a wealthy carribean family? Or am I missing something?

No. 1117238

There was that time her grandmother laughed at the idea of buying an 18 year old a BMW convertible.
Write that off as a struggle.

No. 1117929


>She currently is pregnant with their first child, a son.

Future Marc Lepine, I bet.

No. 1118510

File: 1609386782902.png (443.02 KB, 828x1792, 3AD585CB-C255-4E5A-8CD3-B9DAFF…)

Lauren Southern’s director for her new documentary is super mature and professional

No. 1118512

File: 1609386807728.png (476.03 KB, 828x1792, 30020E20-ABD1-4046-8847-9EC8B6…)

No. 1118652

File: 1609405691676.png (1.16 MB, 1440x588, lauren.png)

What in fresh hell did Lauren do to her face?

No. 1118677

She looks like a smug camel pissing on a small animal. Lip fillers?

No. 1118691

No. 1118695

But anon! She's a huge tiddy tradwaifu, just look at those humongous milkers! Holy bazonkers! They are so big they flail around when she does chores, knocking over casserole ingredients and spraying walls with milk as white as aryan skin.

No. 1118704

Definitely lip filler, I know that face. She looks as ape-ish as kalel when she started that.

No. 1118730

File: 1609419185785.png (442.65 KB, 424x532, lauren.png)

To be fair she had barely any lips before, but it looked so much better. Even if she just got a little bit of filler in her top lip and kept it natural… now she looks like a fucking monkey.

No. 1118870

I work at a plastic surgery clinic and there is 0% doubt in my mind she has had extensive fillers, probably about 2 ml in the lips and 1ml or more in each cheek. Possibly chin as well based on the forward projection.

The shininess of the forehead, lack of eyebrow movement, and the significantly higher brow positioning from earlier photos indicates botox.

I see altered faces every day and she looks like someone who went a bit overboard, probably 5ml or more filler across her whole face.

It's not a good look.

No. 1118894

She’s 25 wtf is wrong with her that she already got all this done

No. 1119031

she's a repressed bisexual who will forever live in denial.

No. 1119046

imagine hating that you're attracted to women so much that you'd rather destroy your life to get fucked by Chester the Molester. Should've gone with the camp counselor Caitlyn

No. 1119348

File: 1609475847626.jpeg (78.43 KB, 640x873, 7DF44324-1094-4366-BC78-269D78…)

This sexuality issue does seem to be really common amongst tradthots. Caitlin and Wife With A Purpose are confirmed LGBT and I get…vibes…from some of the other women. Like the idea of the gay skinhead/curious but ashamed little nazi overcompensating on their masculinity is a familiar meme, but is this a case of it going the other way?

No. 1119404

When was Wife With A Purpose confirmed LGBT? Did she mention a similar crush on a woman like MMW?

No. 1119505

File: 1609508035632.png (147.58 KB, 739x655, 9B49C64E-C775-4DE1-B0D4-47E65D…)

No, she both dated women before her husband and cheated on him with a woman.

No. 1119540

Ever thought you might be projecting and wishful thinking on your end? Fucking creepy as hell when gay people keep making up conspiracies about how straight people are "just repressed". You're not any better than men who say lesbians just haven't found the right dick yet. I know turning straight people is a popular fetish but not every woman you find attractive is secretly gay.

No. 1119702

File: 1609530002545.png (932.72 KB, 585x835, Screenshot_1.png)

the ring is so tacky kek

No. 1119703

Dunno why she larps as "Margarita" when her real INDIAN name is Megha

No. 1119705

God, that looks tacky and cheap. The heart shape is so infantile.

No. 1119715

Those nails are HUGE holy shit. And I don't just mean… long, they are just so BIG.

I think the ring is cute tho, but it looks way too big.

No. 1119717

are tradwhores trying to reclaim the word "picked"/pick me now?

No. 1119722

Nta, but did you read the aforementioned links on MMW or not? She posted on leddit talking about her same sex attraction and how she prayed it away. After she married, she also lost all of her female friends for no apparent reason. Go sperg somewhere else if you can't be assed to read before making a retarded comment.

No. 1119724

File: 1609534566821.jpg (590.75 KB, 750x1440, 5c99a42.jpg)

She really does sound like a young Lori Alexander. Not surprised that she retweets some of her content as well. That home is going to be an even more depressing place once that baby is born.

No. 1119853

yet they will rarely show by who. Most of the time, they're picked by the ugliest males kek. They love to post about fit masculine men with strong jawlines and blonde hair but their real husbands are fat and mediocre

No. 1119914

File: 1609548581542.jpg (130.34 KB, 612x1167, 0443psddvq861.jpg)

Duggar bullshit, as per usual.

No. 1119920

Jinger counts as more of a tradthot than Jessa imo

No. 1119929

She probably fell for the boomer meme that women start to age badly post-pregnancy, then noticed one line under her eye after waking up and freaked out. Getting any amount of fillers under ages 30-35 just makes you look waxy and stupid.

No. 1119948

I think it's more likely the comments about her "hitting the wall" got to her.

No. 1119954

File: 1609555614123.png (684.73 KB, 1080x1360, twkgEyH.png)

Can't even do basic shit right. It's okay to make a mistake but why did she think this was okay to post.

No. 1120129

>imagining the look on anyone's face biting into that
Eugh. Heat was up way too high. Some people are stupid and use high heat for everything, thinking all it means is the food will cook faster but as a result she has torched dumplings that are cooked unevenly.

No. 1120131

You might be onto something. Lauren has huge lesbian vibes as well

No. 1120157

She made food and diarrhea medicine all in one uwu

No. 1120158

I'm sure that all tradthots are salty about abortion cause the medical waste from those clinics looks more appetizing than their cooking.

No. 1120159

That tacky ring shape, ffs that looks like cheap jewelry a 12yo would hoard. Not to mention that it doesn't even fit. There's so much extra space kek

Looks like her trad provider couldn't even get a ring that fits or looks halfway legit.

No. 1120300

Dude.. I checked out the rest of her cooking videos and not a single thing she makes is not burned to a crisp. She also feeds her kids white bread and a can of beans for lunch. Very trad.

I laughed very hard at this video tho.

No. 1120323

At least the canned beans and bread with processed cheese slices looked better than whatever those meals she was preparing for herself were. Yeast glop with cocoa powder poorly mixed in and some kind of burnt to shit flatbread dipped in mashed up avocado and cream cheese?

No. 1120406

She herself used to make videos about women needing to get a husband and kids young because "you don't want to be 30 competing with 20 year olds" so I imagine she's desperate to stay hot looking to have any value in her circles.
Bonus: manosphere dudes (who were mad she was getting donations from their target audience) were calling her ugly and post wall years ago:

No. 1120426

Implying anyone wants the older dudes who try to fuck 20 year olds. Every 20 year old has to swat them like flies as they mumble "the male wall is 102" under their breath and act like you are to be impressed with a coffee date and a scented candle.

I assume tradthots don't remember dealing with this their 20s because most are sheltered and autistic, and have never been courted by hot men their age. Otherwise they'd know that nobody goes younger to treat the younger girl better. The main reason is usually "they don't have the hangups and demands of older women and you can mold them", which is a spot no sane woman older than 27 wants.

No. 1120465

there are always a few embarrassing girls with daddy issues who will bang the cringe older dudes

No. 1120471

Imagining her saying this in her deep husky voice is hilarious tbh

No. 1120612

Having your appearance picked apart by your male viewers that think women hit the wall at 14 will do that to you

No. 1120619

Slightly OT but it's fucked that men and half of young women on imageboards, including this one feel the need to treat any woman over the age of 24 like shriveled up, unlovable grannies when they're still clearly young in the face. I don't feel bad for Lauren specifically because she herself used to shit on older women and karma's going to continue kicking her ass for all she's said, but the increasing amount of mid-20's to early-30's women opting for fillers and plastic surgery they don't need because so many retards online nitpick the most microscopic lines and pores on their faces is just sad.

No. 1120642

Only basement dwelling tradthots are affected by the opinions of window shopper omegas, who by definition have 0 impact on the so-called "sexual market".

No. 1120649

You need to remember that this is a board consisting mostly of shut-in girls and weeb /cgl/ refugees. Their beauty standards are very much influenced by what unfuckable nerdy males theorize is attractive, which is usually something resembling the only thing they know - vidya/animu. Literally no normal finance Chad is interested in Belle Delphine and other snow filtered types.

Women like Lauren are a cautionary tale of what happens when you try to appease the male population whose opinion doesn't matter. You don't snag anything of value by meeting omega expectations, in fact you will only end up mangling yourself in the eyes of normal people and/or desirable men.

No. 1120658

It's a nice soapbox but this is all assuming that the fillers etc. aren't Lauren's personal standard of beauty.

No. 1120671

File: 1609640593556.jpg (76.94 KB, 828x1088, 2021-01-02 20.21.37.jpg)

Lauren cries that her simps aren't coughing up enough money to pay for her "content."

No. 1120675

File: 1609640758189.jpg (113.11 KB, 1113x1280, 2021-01-02 20.24.14.jpg)

Lauren is not a grifter. She's "risking her life for footage." Now pay up, simps.

No. 1120682

File: 1609641487402.jpg (94.23 KB, 598x667, ss13.jpg)

Apparently she spent New Year's Eve arguing with chuds on twitter over "donations," her face, how trad she is, etc. Which is an even better idea to promote a movie released the day before New Year's Eve than… releasing a movie on the day before New Year's Eve.

No. 1120703

The only time I see people using this meaningless buzzword, on chans or anywhere else is when the person who typed it is clearly the one seething.

No. 1120709

Is Brittany Venti still considered a tradthot? Has anyone been watching her stream tonight? I can’t make out if he’s joking or not but she’s been ranting for the past hour or two about how ugly she is. I don’t know if to take it as a half joking troll stream or if she’s actually being serious with her tantrum. I felt bad for her at one point but then she started sperging about how she was donated $99.99 by a viewer ‘like she was a cheap hooker from a 99¢ store’, my brain can’t comprehend how to feel kek

No. 1120710

influencers in general seem to aim for “movie star” but hit “small-market weekend tv news anchor,” what with the filler and the Botox and the giant hair curtain and the tight but oddly unsexy clothes

No. 1120758

It's sarcasm

No. 1120797

>ctrl f
>seethe found 6 times
>scrote found 30 times

No. 1120838

File: 1609669356512.png (458.46 KB, 1488x580, lol.png)

Speaking of the Postmodern Mom, someone got featured in Hot Masculinity Takes, lol

No. 1120857

Imagine making your whole personality about how "trad" you are yet you manage to burn simple ass plain basic dumplings. My sides

No. 1120876

File: 1609679720496.jpg (48.21 KB, 418x407, Screenshot_20210103_151139.jpg)

This woman has a hardcore thousand yard stare. She looks like she has had part of her brain removed.


Who the fuck posts their burnt cooking in order to impress people? I'm in disbelief. Her gorilla of a husband is probably holding her hostage and paying some spergy engineering student on Fiver.com to larp as his wife on social media.

Lillian, blink 3 times if you need help.

No. 1120881

Her cookware looks greasy as fuck. That halogen oven or air fryer or whatever it is that she put the sausages into made me want to throw up and yes everything looks charred.

I'm not going to critique her for giving two small kids baked beans on toast. If you are a parent and are not blessed with a laid back kid you will understand how picky they can be and how difficult it can be to get them to eat a vegetable of any kind. She could have at least melted the butter, though. Those kids are literally eating hard butter on their toast.

It also makes me laugh how hubby isn't even at the table for lunch, he just comes into the shot to spoon some baked beans onto what appears to be a butterless piece of toast without even sitting down. He's probably the type to drop food all over the house and all down himself. Even when he's sitting at the table for the last meal he's just shoveling spaghetti into his mouth like a pig.

No. 1120906

Lmao sorry for blog posting but my mum worked full time and still kept a cleaner home & cooked better food. Is she proud of this?(no1curr)

No. 1120916

This. Whenever I stop her videos she has this creepy evangelical stare on her face. It’s like those weird tiktok videos where teens use the time warp scan line to create creepy facial expressions

No. 1120992


She looks like a blonde Laura loomer with Martina Markotas goofy facial expressions. Why do they all end up looking the same eventually?

No. 1121028

People have always been shitty to women although in recent years there seems to be a focus on women's age. Almost no one calls women fat or ugly anymore they just say "woah, I thought she's 35/40" and get 0 pushback because it sounds like a genuine opinion even though you're implying they're unattractive/tired or rough looking.

No. 1121041

I mean she's not wrong, better to know the guy is a retarded mra as soon as possible

No. 1121095

It’s probably because of the body positive/antibullying movement. Calling someone 40 isn’t like an outright insult, it’s more passive aggressive than saying they’re fat or ugly

No. 1121122

It's a good question
How successful is propatriarchy with dating having those goals outright. He'll eventually die alone and forgotten, angry that he wasn't able to abuse a woman for his benefit. Bet Postmodern wants more women to be apart this so she could get more attention though. Youtube views are abysmal and nobody checks her blog. Nobody cares about "trad wives" wanting to be praised for doing basic activities every adult should do. Misery loves company

No. 1121130

>Make it clear that she's about to jam her clam on a gargantuan amount of crazy

No. 1121168

File: 1609707804896.jpg (627.14 KB, 750x1440, 6d5ebec.jpg)

Without all the filters, supposedly. Still feels off, but I'm not going to pretend that she isn't conventionally attractive.

She also put the changing table in the baby's closet, though I can't imagine how practical that is. Not that big of a deal, but leddit is sperging about it.

No. 1121170

File: 1609707834245.jpg (687.65 KB, 750x1440, 9b69295.jpg)

No. 1121204

She is pretty but her personality is so off. It’s not even just the trad shit she’s just so artificial. If she had a more down to earth personality she could’ve easily found a tall good looking dude who isn’t a small town cop

No. 1121265

I mean, her older social media posts prior to marrying that crusty fucker showed her wearing short skirts, had nothing but girlfriends surrounding her, and going on trips/seeming genuinely happy. She's got a degree in marketing and she obviously knows what she's doing with her blog and channel by catering to the undesirables.

It's just a shame because it makes me wonder what exactly happened to make her want to become this. Remember when she deleted the post about not being a virgin and then she changed it to how she waited until after marriage? It's like, girl, you were relatively normal prior to this douchebag so what gives. I'm not saying she has to become a leg beard cat lady, but all this for someone with anger issues, porn addiction, emotionally absent/distant, gets retarded about things in the house being "too girly" (she was so happy when she decided to paint their laundry room pink, because she declared he would never be in there so it was her space), etc.

Her own family was apparently controlling, so who knows. It's just depressing all around. No dick is worth this.

No. 1121427

Legbeard cat ladies are some of the happiest women, which is why they live rent free inside the heads of BPD scrotes. I honestly wish I could be one of those "miserable careercunt wine aunts" with cats and no one to invade my personal space. Sage for blog, obviously.

I understand her situation on some level, because I also come from a batshit abusive family and certain other adverse circumstances. Without getting into too much detail, marriage was my only way to escape. Women like her don't know any better, they're just passed from one gaggle of nags (home) into another (husband). They're lied to, believing that it's their ticket to freedom. It's just another trap, however.

The lack of personal space and her absolute euphoria about having a laundry room to herself is another one that's relatable, because as a housewife, you truly don't have any time that's 100% free, and at some point your husband will nag you out of your pink laundry anyway. The thing is, a wagecuck comes back from work and he's "off". You're on call all day. All the time you have, whether it's on the weekend or during work days, is never "time off". All of your vacations are always with family as well, and what do you do then? You take care of them. In the end, even if it's the kind of work people envision as "easy", it's a work that's perpetual, with no clear leisure time. That shit ruins you psychologically because there's no corner where you can be alone with yourself. If you get minimally distracted, enter the inevitable resentment about "what do you even do all day". It's like you're watched by an invisible NAGGING eye in some dystopian labor camp, hovering over your head and monitoring everything you do, demanding you constantly prove that it's getting its money's worth. There you go, a little snippet on why these women really age in dog years.

No. 1121572

File: 1609737833480.jpg (183.23 KB, 1242x2688, tp7xzzg6g5961.jpg)

This was a beautiful post, thank you so much. Its been very difficult for me to understand exactly how someone ends up here.

In other news, lmao it got locked..


No. 1121596

Forgot to add - a bangmaid's labor is janitorial and thus (if you are into Marxism at all) inherently "alienating". All you do is basically cook and clean all day only for it all to be undone. You have to start over, every day, only to watch it all be destroyed. When you do it for yourself, it's just maintenance. When you do it for a husband, it becomes a job, except you don't even get paid - your "pay" is room and board. It's inherently different from having an actual "goal" in a career, one that provides a sense of accomplishment and won't be torn down the next day - there is no direction, no breakthrough, no appreciation.

There is an obvious reason why this lifestyle needs to be shilled as "a true path to happiness" with insane amounts of fervor - no one would choose it unless they are pressured, tricked or deceived. Pleasurable things don't need to be advertised - they are sought out instinctively.

If anyone here was even briefly swayed by incel sales tactics, do keep this in mind. You're missing out on absolutely nothing except aging a decade through the first year of your marriage and completely dying inside, and that's with a relatively wealthy scrote who's nowhere near as bad as what the tradthots ITT are married to.

No. 1121679



I honestly find these sorts of comments rude and contemptful.

I can tell you as someone who has been a SAHM for years and enjoys it that setting boundaries are a thing and you have times where you want to rest or make time for hobbies like everyone else. If you have a normal husband and not some neckbeard autist with no empathy he will see you as a person too and will understand that you have responsibilities just like he does but you are not his servant.

Having kids in general puts you on call 24/7 whether you stay at home or not, whether you are mom or dad or whether you work or not. Do you honestly think all men get home from work and just ignore their their kids? Let's not turn this thread into an antinatalist circle jerk about how pets are better than babies and how women who have children and husbands are all unhappy.

That mode of thinking just as cringey as as telling everyone you are trad and wearing some curtain dress from modcloth.

If you want to be a wine aunt who lives in an apartment full of cats and that makes you happy that's great, you do your thing, but drop the superiority complex. I don't particularly like animals and I don't like drinking wine or any form of alcohol (it just makes me sick) but that doesn't give me the right to deride other people's choices or to deny that it could make them happy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1121689

whats "cringey" is the part where you tell someone to drop their superiority complex and follow that up with your personal opinion on animals and drinking.

>so many people want it
kek, i guess thats why you have to beg for donations?

No. 1121697

jesus, calm down.

No. 1121698

Anyone can get fired from a career though? tradthots are sucky but, imo it’s their judgement and condescension towards other women that’s the main reason they suck. You can be a stay at home mom and be content and not be a tradthot. Not to wk but I do think mrs midwest is one of the more redeeming ones out of many of these women, she has her faults but she doesn’t really strike me as a hardcore mean spirited misogynist like Robyn Riley or Lauren southern

No. 1121706

I agree. Feminism is all about giving women a choice and part of that is that women can chose to be housewives. Saying there is no woman on earth who could possibly find taking care of a family fo be fulfilling is just as misogynistic as scrotes saying that women who don't want that are all legbeard catwomen.

Not every housewive and mother is a tradthot and is serving her man like a slave, so maybe cool it a little with your hateful rants about people living a lifestyle that you don't agree with.

No. 1121708

>I don’t particularly like animals

Psychopath confirmed

No. 1121736

That’s true. Not all housewives are miserable. But let’s not pretend that’s it’s all rainbows and unicorns. Often, housewives are responsible for everything in the home. It’s so normal for women to go without more than a few hours of sleep while their child is young and needs to be fed at night. And then cook and clean and feed the child during the day, and do the laundry and bathe the baby and wash dishes, and make sure the baby is entertained and happy and developing properly, and deal with all the inevitable tantrums.

SAHMs very often lose their identity, everything that isn’t about the baby or the home has to go. But I don’t know a single man that had to do that. To only leave the house to buy groceries and baby stuff. A man never has to choose between a career/job or being father. He can do both (obviously biology plays into this). There’s nothing wrong with being a SAHM/housewife, but when the only adult you talk to is your husband, it can be so bad for your mental health. I just want SAHMs and housewives to get the respect and rights they deserve, and recognition and pay for their work. It is mentally and physically taxing.

No. 1121775

None of it was hateful towards sahms, get a grip. It's just a perspective that isn't very mainstream in exactly this iteration (being a sahm is overall still very normalized).

No. 1121792

No one's arguing with that. But if you're not going to analyze or break down the social, cultural and political dynamics/factors involved of being a housewife, then there's no fucking hope of making being a housewife or parenting better for all women. stop silencing the conversation if it doesn't apply to you.

No. 1121806

stay at home dads exist (especially in same sex relationships) but they get praised like fucking war heroes for doing what millions of women do every day

No. 1121808

File: 1609777298511.jpeg (130.51 KB, 640x713, 323D6928-AFBF-45D7-83EA-FBCB3F…)

>being this delusional

No. 1121809

File: 1609777579130.jpeg (142.54 KB, 640x859, 675B225A-856D-4FB9-9ACE-5F31CA…)

and some replies kek

No. 1121814

She talks shit about so-called "ugly people" when she's no looker herself. Trad pick me's are some of the saddest, delusional people out there kek.

No. 1121821

They’re normally very unattractive and homely looking. It’s bizarre people who spend all day talking about the importance of aesthetics look so bad themselves.

No. 1121824

No desire to be perceived as hot but her profile pic is in full makeup and appears to have a blur filter on it. Huh

No. 1121825

>I have literally no desire to be perceived as "hot"
So she admits that she's at the bottom? This is so strange, the things she says and does are against her self-interest.

No. 1121829

Sorry, this is just my experience. Obviously there are women who like it, but I highly doubt it's everyone, or even the majority. I also don't want children, which could make it feel extra unfulfilling to be a caretaker.

No. 1121831

Trad pickmes truly believe that if they go trad, marry and have kids, they will be not be harassed and insulted by incels who hate women because they're "the good ones" only to find out those incels don't give a fuck and will harass them anyway because they hate women kek

No. 1121834

I'm glad you mentioned that, tradthot - I wonder if you're aware that traditionalist monoandry (i.e. every man is guaranteed a wife through cultural and economic pressure exerted by beta male majority and their collective bargaining) that you're gushing over is a beta male attempt at bypassing female selective pressure. Surely you don't think that in natural "dominance hierarchies" more than ~10% of males get to reproduce, right?

No. 1121977

File: 1609790607117.jpg (171.14 KB, 1080x1974, 5ey2a5byka961.jpg)

>SAHMs very often lose their identity, everything that isn’t about the baby or the home has to go. But I don’t know a single man that had to do that. To only leave the house to buy groceries and baby stuff.

Genuinely not trying to be a contrarian, but my mother and stepfather's marriage is like this and has been since after my oldest half-sibling was born, plus two more that they really didn't need to be having. He only leaves home to go to work or to take one of the kids to sports practice and that's it. My mother isn't a sahm, but works full-time and she also only leaves the house to work or to do groceries. They don't have identities outside of this.

As other anons have said: No one was bashing anything and there was no need for you to feel so personally slighted. This is a thread about women who completely lose themselves in stagnant, often unhealthy and unfulfilling relationships and lifestyles all for a crumb of dick. To add insult to injury, they're unnecessarily cruel towards other women who mind their business in the process. No one said that all housewives are miserable and no one asked you to come here and prove yourself to any of us. If its your bag, then live it up. I'm not judging you. I just hope you're safe and happy, that's all.

Anyway, new MMW milk in picrel. I wish she didn't do this 'helpless woe is me' act.


No. 1122128

Print this shit as the intro to new editions of The Feminine Mystique

No. 1122497


kek at "softly screaming". Sometimes she's too good not to be a satire

No. 1122969

the weirdest thing about these tradwhores like robyn and "margarita" and the rest of them is that they enjoy pandering to online men who genuinely hate women. i think this makes tradwhores inertly self hating and hateful toward their entire gender, whether they express it forthright or not.

No. 1123201

File: 1609890414182.png (380.17 KB, 592x804, hmmmoklisa.PNG)

Lisa made tweet one in this thread and then when she got a reply asking "how often does this really happen?" she replied defensively, and then made the second tweet saying someone claimed "this never happens," totally misrepresenting what the reply said. Classic trollface, never telling the truth or saying what she really means.

No. 1123343

Embarrassing. You pack a lunch for your kids, troll face, not a grown adult man who should be able to a basic adult function like cook a meal. They give big talks about how men created civilization yet crumble and need mommy to pack their lunchables.

Tradthots don't want to be victims to when incels go attack women. So in their minds if they agree with everything those incels say about women and act like the perfect anti feminist trad wife, they'd be considering a good onea dn respected. And it never works lol

No. 1124136

File: 1609974202518.png (230.62 KB, 960x475, u5rtothy0s961.png)

No. 1124137

File: 1609974266634.jpg (116.68 KB, 640x1138, kcyozoewjs961.jpg)

No. 1124232

Morgan from Paul and Morgan? What a brain dead retard. They met on fucking tinder kek. He was actually somewhat normal living in LA and a hair dresser. But I think his religious family got to him. So he shamed her for not being trad or a virgin when they met so she drank his religious kool-aid and is now shamed by his parents for being infertile because only women are infertile according to them. And her political takes are as retarded as her. Biden isn't even president the fuck does she think he can do?

No. 1124237

File: 1609982193236.jpg (137.96 KB, 1080x2280, UKFyHsX0_M0vIKwQrnuEkVkaU9sNCe…)

Yes, that Morgan and I have no idea what she's expecting. Here, have another Christ-like bit of wisdom from her.

No. 1124439

Sage for OT: some really good books about this are "The mask of Motherhood" and "Wifework" by Susan Maushart. Not super well received, because she says what many wives (including me) and mothers feel guilty or embarrassed to say in public.

No. 1124450

File: 1609998981590.png (Spoiler Image,106.69 KB, 1440x861, Screenshot_20210106-010320~4.p…)

Sage for OT: alt Right men talk about how women belong at home but this dude wants to be provided for by woman. These men are oversized kids I swear

No. 1124760

Wtf she looks like a whole different person, what happened to her?