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File: 1629564306386.png (566.5 KB, 640x491, imagen_2021-08-21_112946.png)

No. 888183

Check this thread on meta for context

As you might have seen, lolcow is in dire need of help. We either donate and keep this site alive or everything we have built on this website so far will disappear. We are also need a new admin who can code, preferably someone who understands lolcow culture.

I know many of us will miss this website and will have nowhere else to go. So let's all talk about how much we like lolcow and remember the good times together. Alternatively, complain about it and say how much your life will improve without it.

>Don't infight or blame others in this thread please. Actual complaints go on /meta/. Bitching about the website or others goes on /meta/.

No. 888186

File: 1629564340716.png (358.79 KB, 423x334, sick cow harvest moon.png)

>what you can do in case this website shuts down
Save and archive your favorite threads, milk, and helpful resources.
Move to another imageboard or make your own. if you make a new one please call it anonitachan
Make a last effort to talk to others. Maybe you'll make friends with other farmers.
Tell us how much you love this website and donate as a love gesture.
Or move on with your life and be thankful this is over in a happy or bitersweet way. This is the place to say your last goodbye.

or maybe nothing ever happens and lolcow lives forever, who knows

No. 888193

Will we have to migrate to cc? They won’t appreciate that.

Anyway lolcow gave me something to do and actively ruins my mental health. God speed.

No. 888197

Why wouldn't they? That place is dead and is so fucking ugly and messy, we will probably be the best thing that ever happened there

No. 888202

Where can we donate?

No. 888207

This is very bittersweet to me. On the one hand I'm trying to cut down my time spent idling on the internet and I spend far too much time reading pointless shit here, so the site being deleted would force my hand and take out the hard part of walking away. But on the other hand I've spoke to some very nice anons here, some very funny and charming ones too. I'm very cautious and nervous talking to women irl so it's nice to meet likeminded ladies here in a relaxed setting. Things haven't been the same lately though. The Chris Chan thing disgusted me, my late grandmother had dementia and to think of what Barb must've went through was genuinely upsetting. And as an animal lover the ILJ threads made me feel sick. I really started to question how I spend my spare time when I know of such depraved people. Ignorance truly is bliss, I wish I never knew who these people were. Then of course there's twitterfags, the CP and gore raids… it's all very tiring. I love you, lolcow, but maybe we're not so good together. I hope you stay alive for the others nonnas though. ♥

No. 888211

File: 1629566355486.webm (1.09 MB, 300x300, 1628914369011.webm)

I saved my favorite non-milk lolcow threads just now, I advice everyone to do so as well:

"Art that makes you feel something" thread

"Art resources" thread

Banner thread

Board-tan thread

I also tried to save video related on the wayback machine but couldn't. I guess I can always upload it on youtube later
If any of you also saves your favorite threads please share them here

No. 888216

This is one of the very few places online I go to regularly and feel like I'm actually interacting with like-minded people, and anons helped me so much over the years with their advice, I hope lolcow will still exist for at least a few years. But just in case, how's the discord?

No. 888218

Someone archive the tranny threads

No. 888219

File: 1629566670336.jpg (32.28 KB, 585x360, 8ddf95687b0e7a254f3ac024796bc9…)

This is probably for the best. At the same time has anyone archived any cow threads or plans to?

No. 888220

I was really good friends with a girl who used to go on here and on /lgbt/, she was so fucking cool. She’d actually met her gf on a board and flew out to meet her and we were all close friends for a while. We all knew things about each other that no one else irl knew. If an abusive parent came knocking, or someone even saw a cockroach out of nowhere, we were there to witness it. We’d take turns reading shitty books and laughing, and we were all divided across different continents. I really miss them. Now I have no place to argue about retarded stuff. People don’t like to be argued with irl, they immediately cast you out. This is bittersweet, even though I quit imageboards like two years ago and only recently started using them again. I am hoping to cut down on my screen time, but not to be one of those gay “anti-phone” people, instead I would like to be able to become more diligent while rawdogging a constant influx of information, instead of letting it paralyze me. In the meantime, i would only like to sharpen myself, build my discipline (going to be hard), and have fun

No. 888221

if we have to move to the cc we need to give it a makeover. ugly ass site.

No. 888223

Why don't you do it yourself? use the wayback machine

No. 888234

File: 1629567721807.png (281.7 KB, 633x715, DA321A9E-E8CE-4485-BCCE-A74614…)

Ngl this makes me depressed. Been here since I was 18. 5 years on the farm, feels like I’ve grown up here. I honestly want to thank you all anons. This imageboard has not only made me take the pinkpill, it has also provided me with endless of fun gossip shared with you farmers. I do miss the old times where we focused on weeny snowflakes and cows more than infighting and politics. Those days are long gone. So this might be for the best. I’ll never find a place on the internet like lolcow. It’s been my home and part of my daily routine since I was a teen. Love you all farmers, I’ll miss your psychotic asses.

No. 888236

File: 1629567850297.gif (2.34 MB, 480x270, D0BFF4FC-3D06-48EF-9978-FADFB5…)

Hated this website yet I still go on it because trainwrecks are amusing. I’m just really disappointed and disgruntled by anons who are ignorant and exhausting to reply to and also love to argue just to argue. and stacy larp. I accurately predicted that this website probably will not have a long shelf-life however I think that there will be a new admin but something will happen here around 2023-2025 that will make this place disappear off the face of the internet, only to survive and be mentioned in niche imageboard iceberg videos. Crystal.cafe looks crusty and ghetto as fuck but if there is an end to this nightmare, good riddance it has ruined my life and I hate you all.

No. 888237

File: 1629567885114.png (192.78 KB, 640x533, imagen_2021-08-21_124445.png)

Saving threads is very easy. I don't care about the mtf/fakeboi/femboi threads but here are the links in case someone wants to archieve it themselves.

There are a bunch of those threads so I'm not doing it. If an anon wants to do it please post it here.

No. 888238

File: 1629567956735.png (74.18 KB, 300x100, lolcow.png)

Made this banner because I love you all.

No. 888240

So when's the website going down when no one's willing (and suitable) to take it? End of the month?

No. 888241

end of the year

No. 888243

Check the admin post on meta. End of the year is the deadline, so I think everyone is freaking out a little excessively right now

No. 888244

I've used this site to vent my shit and surf while depressed for a bit of entertainment and joy. Strangely it was my introduction to imageboards. If it really is going down, I love you all anons, even if I don't know you.

No. 888248

I feel conflicted because anyone with the obvious skillset required to run this site probably has a real job that pays actual money. I've considered applying as Admin a few times just to save the site but it's really just a huge undertaking that has to act as a passion project. And really, does anyone give a fuck about cows that much? I'm more invested in the sense of community and discussion from like-minded women but even that has been slowly dying with the influx of scrotes.

I can say that LCF and particularly the old PP threads helped me get over abusive men and a horrible sense of self. Sad that newfags can't even enjoy the old PP threads.

No. 888249

I've enjoyed my time on LC but I was never too much into the cow boards. IF LC perishes, I wouldn't entirely mind it if it means boosting CC

No. 888254

Started using this website in 2015 as well on and off, sad to see it go. But this year the board has gone down the shitter.

No. 888256

I'll help. But I think if we're going to archive we should have a little think first about which threads had difficult to find or now wiped info. There's too many threads and most are repetitive sperging or dumb pics, they don't need saving.

No. 888260

I really want to make an imageboard called anonita.chan. I want it to be a place for all kinds of women. It would have these boards:

>pink pilled & radfem

>girl talk
>cooking & gardening
>general media
>husbandos -allows nsfw-

It's my dream, and I could search for some imageboard coding resources to make it true. Thing is: I have no money, and I don't really know how to code. But I would love if it came true.

No. 888265

Alright, here's my honest to god opinion about all of you. I basically think that you all are literally

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 888267

I've only started using this site a few months ago but I'm sad I haven't discovered it sooner. I like imageboard culture but I eventually got fed up with malebrained places like 4chan. Discovering this site is such a relief that I finally found a space with like-minded women and to discuss topics that I can only talk about with other women, so I'm sad to see it go.

No. 888269

Why are anons bitching about how they can’t wait for the site to be nuked? Why are you even here in the first place? Sounds like a cow that just wants their thread removed from the internet.

No. 888278


No. 888280

File: 1629570079580.jpg (20.7 KB, 491x624, granny.jpg)

Bitch how it ruined your life? You came here by choice, stop being fucking weak. If you wanna leave then leave you fucking coward.
Nah. Imma gonna ruin for everyone else too so you all can be as miserable as me, eh? Girl, you're a minuscule thing in the universe and the world doesn't revolve around you, but that's how you wanna live your life? You're pathetic. Stop being a fucking loser and get a grip. Return to the hellhole you came from you fucking cockroach and never leave. You deserve to be stepped with some heavy ugly white sneakers, so we can see your lizard blood spill and be certain this world is finally free from evils like you. Your predictions ain't shit. Go kiss a tranny.

No. 888283

kek if this is the case I beg every cow thread gets archived

No. 888287

I think a board like that would have a lot of overlap already with CC. But the problem with hosting PP and GC content is that it inevitably gets raided by angry men(and men of the troon variety) posting gore and cp until it dies just like asherahs and now this place. Dealing with legal threats from /cow/ boards is also way too much to deal with as a hobby and even if I would enjoy the technical side of it, there's no way I want to open myself up to doxxing from angry cows and moids. Basically, this site and any offshoots of it are doomed to have a short shelf-life.

No. 888292

Men ruin everything

No. 888296

kek love you

No. 888302

Anons that plan on migrating to crystal cafe in hopes of a better lolcow away from the cp and gore raids are retarded, where do you think they’ll target next?

No. 888304

I adore this post as well as the image

No. 888306

If we have til the end of the year why don't we start organising who archives what.

No. 888312

No. 888313

I think I have most of the Nemu threads archived. Might do todokaras next and maybe the very old artist thread.

No. 888315

Do Erin Painter first since the bitch on /meta/ won't shut up

No. 888324

File: 1629571666316.png (98.5 KB, 333x358, imagen_2021-08-21_134437.png)

Nemu threads archived

I'm also archiving this thread we are in so we don't lose the links. Will keep achirving it once every one-two weeks or so, or if something important happens

No. 888329

File: 1629571836970.gif (626.94 KB, 234x176, tumblr_inline_nlehtvJt7B1qbhm7…)

Noooo nonononon noooooo!!! NOOOO! I don't want this to happen!! I'm here for over five years now and is part of my daily life! Where else do I spend my time checking on random things and keep up on whatever anons are doing? For me this is the last sane space of the web, otherwise I do not have any type of place to talk random shit because social media sucks ass. Wew, just the other da I was thinking how the admin situation is doing and then THIS. I'm sad anons, wtf. I know that the situation was bad but wew not THAT bad!

This place is so unique sad face Letting all this go - all the hard work and stuff? I'm bit emotional right now, not gonna lie. All those years of witnessing stuff and having some good heartly laughs here and there…
Hugs everybody Freaking love you, girls!!

No. 888331

The main cows that I follow are talked about more on KF. I don't actually post on there and some of the male takes on situations are disgusting (or just weirdly ill informed when it comes to how female bodies work lol) but it's still my main source of info on cows. I'll miss ot though.

I'll miss being able to share a story that paints me as a massive fucking loser.. and a min later having others admit to being exactly the same way as me. That's the stuff.

No. 888332

File: 1629572051920.png (352.77 KB, 492x428, pasture.png)

No. 888335

I love you


No. 888337

how can there be no one to pay for and run lc when a dead board like cc is still up idgi

No. 888338

I have started archiving the Onion threads, will probably take a while, will link when finished

No. 888340

Asking the real questions tbh

No. 888341

KEK anon
You are the reason this website is worthy of not being nuked

No. 888342

I love the sound of this anon!!!!!

No. 888343


No. 888350

i don't know which threads i'd want to archive, i rarely go back in threads i have already read. the cows i follow i will prob check up on on their social media but i'll miss discussing them and make and share my retarded edits and i'll miss the easy exposure to new cows or interesting threads i didn't read yet on ot/g/m. maybe i'll save soren's threads, they're like a graveyard and more worth saving than cows who are still alive and cowing around

No. 888355

File: 1629573179972.jpg (48.74 KB, 655x527, 02f[1].jpg)

does anyone have the admins email, i want to donate but dont know how to go about it.

unironically we should probably open a patreon, or gofundme kek. i at least want to help with the money side cause i dont know shit about coding.

No. 888358

there's a chance that lolcow won't be closed, right? i'm a NEET, i don't want this place to disappear

No. 888360


No. 888361

Neets should learn how to code so they can help out with the site, put that free time towards something productive

No. 888365

Link them and will do that

No. 888366

It might just be an error on my side but clicking those links led nowhere.

No. 888369

i don't disagree, i just don't think a few months of learning to code would cut it

No. 888372

why are we almost certain that lc is going to close, is it really so hard to find someone new to take over? i never kept up with the owners, but there has been at least one shift before, right? so what's different now? is owner picky and would rather let the board die than pick someone new? if that's the case i'm going to be bitter cus we're obviously many who wants to keep it alive

No. 888375

I think lolcow is converting the thread's link into the short versions, so this is why it doesn't work. Will work on it again

No. 888380

I thought admin already had a few candidates though?

No. 888382

No. 888383

admin@lolcow.farm or the discord

No. 888386

I have a love-hate relationship with this site. On one hand it's one of the few places you can circlejerk about hating moids or trannies on the web, anonymously no less. At the same time this place is shit for my mental health, it takes up all my down time because it scratches the itch that 4chan used to(before it went to shit, and of course I don't have to deal with scrote shit on here). I've tried so many times to quit but I feel like the only way I can move on with my life is if this website no longer exists. I know that's unfair to the rest of you functional thriving kweens but it's just my personal thoughts. LC will always hold a special place in my heart either way.

cc is a moid honey pot

No. 888391

Time to check the catalog and make archives i guess.

No. 888398

File: 1629575334074.png (91.87 KB, 1485x506, 7289374872.png)

was curious if Null said anything about this

No. 888399

File: 1629575397100.gif (245.75 KB, 512x252, WHATGAMU.gif)

thank you anon. i hope my neetbux can help

No. 888400

What gay guy

No. 888408

It works! What's changed? Mine were a mess kek.

No. 888422

What are you referring to?

No. 888431

DON'T archive my embarrassing posts pls

No. 888438

File: 1629576817067.jpg (24.59 KB, 564x533, snailcat.jpg)

Archived the Lolcow's Own Caps thread #4 (the others were already archived, bless):
http://web.archive.org/web/20210821192517/>>>/ot/ res/827021.html

Copypasta thread: http://web.archive.org/web/20210821192903/ot/ res/621465.html

MS Paint Doodle Therapy thread: http://web.archive.org/web/20210821194537/>>>/m/ res/98544.html

Draw My OC thread: http://web.archive.org/web/20210821194741/m/ res/146757.html

Rate My Art thread: http://web.archive.org/web/20210821195337/https://lolcow.farm/m/ res/102700.html

Glamfur thread: http://web.archive.org/web/20210821194929/m/ res/119852.html

Dumb Bitch Memes thread #2: http://web.archive.org/web/20210821200040/m/ res/71129.html

(Reposted to try and fix the links, hope they work)

My connection's shit, but I'll archive more threads with funny/OC/board culture stuff. LC is very fun and unique. Even arguing and sperging over really stupid shit with other anons is a lot of fun in a way that it isn't on other sites. I don't care what anyone says, having an anonymous board for women is very important.
As an aside to any anons archiving /snow/ threads, the Wayback Machine is known to take down or omit some archived pages, usually for certain news publications. I'm not sure if any cow would have luck getting things removed, but archive.is is a non-cucked alternative that actually doesn't do that (AFAIK). Might want to make backup archives there.

I think there's a Patreon, but I can't find the link right now. You might have to join the Discord and ask about it.

No. 888441

No. 888442

jfyi for everyone trying to archive threads- archive.org has a browser extension that makes it quick and easy to archive whatever page you're on.
>I've tried so many times to quit but I feel like the only way I can move on with my life is if this website no longer exists.
If you don't address the underlying problem that's leading you to spend so much time here, you're just going to waste your newfound free time on a different website. Unless you're talking about becoming a radical pinkpiller or developing self-esteem issues from the thot threads or something, in which case you would probably need to treat the issue anyway.

No. 888443

No. 888445

Ok. This is driving me mad. This is 1-8 of MtF threads. Someone please sort out the links for me then I'll delete. I've deliberately posted with spaces.

https://web.archive.org/web/ 20210306024556/ https://lolcow.farm/snow/ res/867400.html
https://web.archive.org/web/ 20210816233131/ https://lolcow.farm/snow/ res/1031751.html
https://web.archive.org/web/ 20210815221254/ https://lolcow.farm/snow/ res/1049127.html
https://web.archive.org/web/ 20210815154354/ https://lolcow.farm/snow/ res/1070574.html
https://web.archive.org/web/ 20210815161008/ https://lolcow.farm/snow/ res/1086919.html
https://web.archive.org/web/ 20210817070118/ https://lolcow.farm/snow/ res/1098012.html
https://web.archive.org/web/ 20210815032903/ https://lolcow.farm/snow/ res/1112471.html
https://web.archive.org/web/ 20210815231552/ https://lolcow.farm/snow/ res/1131745.html

No. 888446

File: 1629577399606.png (10.07 KB, 942x126, k.PNG)

That's what the meta post says, but this post (in the Dumbass shit thread) says otherwise. There's also the server cost if anyone was wondering btw

No. 888450

Tbh I would like to take the site from the admin but I don't know how to run a website or code or even where to start. I've been here for a long time and althogh I didn't some decisions admin made it doesn't mean I want to see the site gone. AG had a pitiful run and CC just seems barren and whatever activity it does have (besides pinkpill/gc, and those are just a shadow of what we had here) comes off as being rather dog-whistley for moids and pick-mes to join.
This is probably the only imageboard I've seen whose threads haven't devolved into typical moidery seen in other boards. Where everything must be circled back to da joos dragging da (white) man down or how da feeemales are somehow the ones leading to the degeneracy of society and of course the scrote's default status of shoving their coomery in full frontal view. For all the derailmemts I've seen here at least the threads haven't digressed too far to from the point to where you forget the thread actaully had an original topic. Things are generally kept on-topic and conversations are actually intersting and not repetitive and to be honest I chalk that up to the fact that this site is generally populated by women who are still somewhat anti-scrote and actually willing to call out the sexworkers, libfems, picmes (etc) basically any woman who still orients her entire being around males. Even ovarit doesn't do that (they allow males to join so long as they dont get caught mansplaining completely forgetting that moids aren't capable of not doing that and that fact only others members of the site can invite others makes me think that despite the supposed radical lean of the site the women there still hope their feminist prince charming still exsists) and even the gc subreddit still had members who insisted their nigel wasn't somehow a moid. There's also the fact that posters don't police each others vulgarity here for the most part (I've seen both gcs and radfems express that they wish some women shouldn't use this or that word) and our ability to actually speak honestly here is what makes tbis site entertaining.
Anyways, admins says she wont pull the plug until the end pf the year but we're already passed the half year mark an time goes fast. I know a lot the oldfags and frequent posters have grown to hate this site but Ive learned a lot here and as pathetic as this may sound I'd be a lot more thin-skinned and insecure about myself had it not been for this site. Its one of the mer unique spaces on the web an I'll be sad to see it go.

(if there's a fuckton of mistakes or if it sounds incoherent I apologize. I posted this on whim from my phone which I usually dont do)

No. 888454

Tbh I don't think it would be that hard to learn how to run a website by the end of the year, there's probably lots of resources online anyway. Why not partner up with an anon who can code but can't manage a website full time? There has to be at least one anon who would be willing to help out…

No. 888457

ugh i'm going to miss my obscure inactive cows that are too boring for kf to pick up so much

No. 888468

>and CC just seems barren and whatever activity it does have (besides pinkpill/gc, and those are just a shadow of what we had here) comes off as being rather dog-whistley for moids and pick-mes to join.
It seems like an extension of 4chan that's ostensibly for women tbh. The thing that makes lolcow worth keeping alive is that, for better and worse, it has a unique culture that emerged from years of shitposting and the occasional migration wave. And yeah, the fact that the rules are actually enforced and farmers bully people into integrating is really nice. This is basically the only community I regularly visit anymore because it hasn't been completely overtaken by the culture war bullshit that's turned most places into bland /pol/- or twitter-flavored echochambers.

No. 888477

Everyone has been complaining and complaining and shitting on the farmhands for being troons and so on but nobody is actually able to code or administrate the website hahaha, the comedy writes itself.

I wish we could actually take active action. If nobody knows how to administrate at least we should make a donation fund so that enough money is being saved to run the website

No. 888481

File: 1629582077844.jpg (96.98 KB, 700x351, IMG_1040.JPG)

I will worship the anon that saves all the vent threads, dumbass shit threads, and confessions threads

No. 888482

And stupid questions threads

No. 888487

you guys are so fucking dramatic jeez… nothing is gonna happen to the site. someone that knows to code is gonna pop up by the end of the year for sure.

No. 888490

Every generation wishes to be here for the Final Judgement. This is us sublimating that wish into something pedestrian.

No. 888493

Can code, but have managed to escape seeing CP or gore. It wouldn’t be worth it to me, and this place is so slow lately anyhow.

I hope admin does opt to nuke it over handing it to Null. It would be sad though, this is the only place online where women can be petty ass bitches and say what we really think or say retard kek

No. 888494

Null doesn't want the job and I can't really blame him.

No. 888495

Honestly it's better to nuke it than it to a scrote

No. 888497

Agreed. Even so, it's good to archive shit for future generations.

No. 888499

I could code and administrate, I just haven't got the time and I'm not online when the most of the cp and gore gets posted.

But I think there will be someone or a team of people that will save this, I hope so, I would miss the vent thread and I wanted to get help in the hair thread in the future. Also, where would I find pictures of Shayna as a motivation to do better.

No. 888501

I'be been archiving Tuna threads on archive.is, but it's not a perfect solution (NSFW pictures don't save automatically). Is Wayback machine better?

No. 888509

File: 1629585548147.jpg (30.35 KB, 338x500, 115.jpg)

someone edit this so that rei is PT, the sea is milk and board-tan and komaeda are in front

No. 888512

Tbh I like the idea of us taking over cc, we were the ones created it anyway

No. 888516

File: 1629585984651.jpeg (60.82 KB, 512x512, A07473C3-3FCA-4ECD-9300-CFFFD5…)

If this website does go down. What will I browse whilst taking a bath or whilst I’m on the loo? What website will I be able to vent and use the word retard and tranny without consequences? Where else will I sometimes infight and then feel regretful afterwards? Tell me anons!

No. 888518

> I sometimes infight and then feel regretful afterwards

You feel regretful because you know I was right.

No. 888520

honestly this half of the site migrating to cc might be for the best for all of us, I haven't been into cows in ages but there's no other chan site for women that has any kind of visible traffic, maybe we could migrate nay make cc more viable

No. 888521

I do so even if I am right nonny. Maybe I am too sensitive for this place anyways. But I always come back!

No. 888522

we could take over the myproana forum and give them a new reason to cry, kek

I like the idea of invading a site and making it new und better and a nice place for women to bitch about idiots.

No. 888525

same, most cows are boring so i mainly just shitpost in /ot/

also an option, but i still like the idea of taking back a website that was meant for women but taken over by moids and trannies

No. 888526

I think a new site would be nice. Like without cows or anything. I know this is the main purpose of this place and I came here for gossip and drama but stayed for /ot/ and /g/ etc. I love the sound of this: >>888260

No. 888531

Sad to see the website go down if it does, lolcow was such a good place to see others vent and help out others also the train wrecks were pretty good too. Gonna miss the husbando threads and just some funny cows

No. 888536

I will donate some money if there is an option to. I need this site to survive life tbh. I've never been able to relate to anyone else in life like I can with the users on here. I know I'm a huge loser for saying that but it's true lel

No. 888540

it sounds pathetic to admit but i seriously hope this site stays up. i can't really think of any other place online that matches what lolcow has/had. hopefully someone archives the gender critical/anti porn threads

No. 888542

same here

let's migrate to cc please i like /x/ and it would be neat if it was more active

No. 888545

File: 1629588524666.gif (4.88 MB, 400x224, monies.gif)

Speaking of Null, why don't we fund this site like he does?

Null will have little t-shirt runs. I'd definitely purchase shirts just to keep the website up. Admin deserves money for running such a website that can have annoying problems, like gore and tranny posters.

He also does things like sell silver coins related to lolcows. You can do plenty of merch outside t-shirts if you're creative. There's also a link at the bottom of the website where you can donate. I didn't even know this website was hurting, or I'd give it some funds.

I make some pennies off of cryptos and NFTs. Does admin accept cryptos? I like staying anonymous with donations.

No. 888546

Agreed that a cc takeover would be nice. The trannies will go back to /lgbt/ and twitter if enough people are mean to them. Could even nab the lolcow.farm url and make it redirect to cc kek

No. 888550

I'm a programmer by profession and I probably could afford to pay for server running costs but I'm too afraid of being doxxed since I live in an ultrawoke area. My day job takes a lot of my time too so I just wouldn't have the time to take care of all the administrative responsibilities. It's depressing because I really don't want to see the Farm go under since CC is shit and KF isn't even an option, if I could I would gladly take over immediately. I've been contemplating on e-mailing the admin to ask if I could help out in any way but I don't want to make any empty promises and bite off more than I can chew.

Don't know why people keep insisting that the quality has gone down though, the moderation has been really good recently and it's far better than what it was 5 years ago. And while I find the idea of a wholesome girlchan attractive, the fact is that it would be overrun with trannies and larper scrotes. Lolcow's strategic reputation as a gossip board weeds out a lot of them and while I miss the manhate/pinkpill threads they did act as a red cloth to raids and infighting. Fusing the spirit of pinkpill into the board and scattering it across was a smarter option because in the end as a tourist you'd just get a face full of boring girl drama threads and Komaeda anon's nasty erotica. CC got overran by trannies exactly because it advertised itself as a non-stop sexy girls only pajama party. Asherah's garden was slow as a dead snail because while a lot of anons enjoy radfem manifestos for many it's still just banter amidst following cow antics, not something they want to have multiple threads about. It is what it is.

No. 888552

Has lolcow administration been doxed before? Sorry, but I'm basically a newfag. It seems like doxing isn't a terrible problem to start with since even the eternal admins in KF who have 10k+ posts are mostly undoxed except for minor things like "this one is a lawyer" or "this one is a mother of an autistic child."

No. 888553

I think the issue with the cc takeover idea is that as it is right now, cc is almost certainly understaffed to support a larger userbase. And where farmers go angry troons follow, which would only add to the modding issues.

Between that and the inevitable user attrition that comes with a migration, keeping lolcow still looks like the best choice by far. Many anons have expressed a willingness to donate to cover site costs and to be quite honest, I’d consider paying myself to keep the site running for a time so I think it’s doable!

No. 888554

Fair point, Lolcow mod teams have always been very successful with concealing their identities and in the 5 years that I've been here none of them have been doxxed sans Ian who pretty much did it on his own because he couldn't live without the attention.

No. 888555

>Don't know why people keep insisting that the quality has gone down though, the moderation has been really good recently and it's far better than what it was 5 years ago
I don't think anyone is talking about the mods when they say that. The mods have been doing great (except for when cp stays up for a long time, but I know that's not necessarily their fault), but the posts here are what's making the quality go down. I think it's because of the influx of newfags and KF users I noticed a lot of racebaiting/sperging recently, but that's just me. No matter how bad it gets though, I'm gonna miss this site a lot

No. 888556

Wait, what? I was never someone who went to cc much but trannies took it over? Us flooding the board won't fix the tranny problem. Sounds like an administrative problem.

No. 888557

File: 1629589886498.png (321.55 KB, 477x392, EJEvpgVXkAIAFFf.png)

No. 888558

People have been saying that shit for a longtime. I don't know why. I have seen many more trannies here than there, although the size of the userbases are hardly comparable.

No. 888559

There's not trannies unless they're stealth, which is exactly the same as here. They're actually allowed a TERFposting thread and to discuss GC topics, we're the ones who are more tranny friendly.

No. 888560

With the quality it feels like the userbase is filled with bigger retards than usual, and not even the fun kind.

No. 888562

i hope the admin at least puts a notice on all the boards (especially the most popular ones like /snow and /ot) so that the entire user base knows about the shutdown and hopefully can coordinate something. there's no use in trying to migrate to crystal cafe if only 10 users end up doing it

No. 888563

I don't think migrating to crystal.cafe is the right answer. This board is a generally more salty place and I don't really want to alter crystal.cafe comfy vibe.

lolcow.farm has it's own board culture and the structure of the board is just perfect for what we need. It's a much better idea to just keep this board up rather than use weird places like an ana forum.

No. 888564

Where was this posted?

No. 888566

What the fuck, lolcow can't shut down this is the only place to be terfy, bitchy and nice to other women goddamit.

No. 888567

The admin literally said there are some potential candidates for replacement, but she's trying not to put all her eggs in one basket.
I don't think the site's going to die, even though it's what incels, trannies and KF tards would want.

No. 888571

Nevermind, I found it

No. 888573

If the stir needs donations/staff, I think a site banner with a link to an info post about why and what's going on is a great idea.

No. 888575

>The admin literally said there are some potential candidates for replacement
She also said that only cows applied to be admin though, so who even knows what's going on

No. 888579

Someone pls do this, I would do it if graphic design was my passion but is not.

No. 888585

>this is coming from a degenerate
we can tell

No. 888594

File: 1629593598074.gif (89.12 KB, 220x216, DA9D3FE5-7495-4AE4-BEA8-D61B0B…)

>Imma gonna ruin for everyone else too so you all can be as miserable as me, eh? Girl, you're a minuscule thing in the universe and the world doesn't revolve around you, but that's how you wanna live your life? You're pathetic. Stop being a fucking loser and get a grip. Return to the hellhole you came from you fucking cockroach and never leave.


No. 888596

File: 1629593695477.jpeg (20.98 KB, 275x275, A025D5B2-9121-403A-8BF2-E3EFD1…)

i am really going to miss this place. anons please save it, i'll donate. there is nowhere on the internet like this. cc is just full of neet femcels making hundreds of threads on how to catch a man, and otherwise obvious moid bait threads. i don't use social media and the vent threads are lowkey therapeutic.
cc is flooded regularly with cp ever since r9k found out about it

No. 888604

your posts give off of the vibe you have BPD

No. 888607

I bet you either are underage, a twitterfag, a tranny, or have BPD

No. 888609

Another one chiming in that I'd buy a t-shirt to keep the site running

No. 888611

No. 888612

We have a Ko Fi donate button now, but it seems like it only shows up on /meta/

No. 888613

this post smells like waxy scrotum

No. 888614


No. 888615

BPD energy

No. 888617

Take your meds please

No. 888618

take your meds, anon

No. 888620

damn. time to archive all my favorite threads, the sexual fantasies ones, and hope no one ever sees them on my computer kek.

No. 888621

No. 888622

File: 1629595502412.png (434.2 KB, 629x742, imagen_2021-08-21_202457.png)

No. 888623

File: 1629595558330.png (7.72 KB, 434x195, server.PNG)

Seems like we'll at least have the site for next month

No. 888624

Can anyone tell me what software is LC running on?

No. 888626

File: 1629595611773.jpg (49.23 KB, 640x486, 020.jpg)

No. 888628

Vichan, but in another thread admin said that she will update the software before ownership is treansferred.

No. 888630

File: 1629595838045.png (91.99 KB, 301x168, imagen_2021-08-21_203040.png)

Here's some imageboard coding resources for you all to check out


apparently vichan

No. 888632

This seems exorbitant for a monthly price. What’s the explanation?

No. 888633

what thread is this?

No. 888634

lolcow stores a shit ton of archived content. the server costs are naturally gonna go up the more gets stored.

also no offense ladies but none of you have the skills required to run let alone make an imageboard…

No. 888639

Anon what? My cute snoopy is BPD-tier but not the unhinged anon who is taking it way to personally?

No. 888640

Does anyone know if the admin and the owner are the same person?


Can be expensive if regularly hit with DDOS

No. 888642


No. 888643

should be

No. 888644

oh god no, stop confusing me for them pretty please

No. 888645

Nta but >>888446 it was in the dumbass shit thread

No. 888646

we're the same person now, there's nothing you can do about it.

No. 888647

The server cost are pretty low, it doesn't make sense that we couldn't donate to keep it up so long as there's a banner and easily accessible and promoted. Admin seems open to transferring to someone else but what exactly would fulfill the requirement of being "competent" enough to run it and how would someone go about proving that?

No. 888648

you can gladly take out the trash and go back to kiwifarms, thank you.

No. 888649

i think so, usually imageboards list contact information for the board owner and the admin. LC only has the email for the admin (admin@lolcow.farm)
this board isn't kiwifarms, idk how much admin pays for ddos protection

No. 888650

what are you talking about, BPD-chan?
this, lol.

No. 888651

admin should make a sticky/pinned thread with the donation link and an explanation post about the site's current situation

No. 888652

File: 1629596965764.jpg (51.78 KB, 748x553, nonnie.jpg)

If the admin is the owner; I wonder is she attempting to transfer ownership or just the admin responsibilities? If she intends to retain ownership, she should be responsible for it's funding - whether that be banner ads, t-shirt sales, what have you

No. 888664

goddamn they got to $130 dollars already?

No. 888670

So the goal is at 810% right now, via crowdfunding the server bills could be paid for a few more years maybe. What is the admin gonna do with the money if he can’t find someone to be the new admin.

No. 888672

File: 1629600036769.jpg (163.73 KB, 850x1047, 1584112959968.jpg)

I donated $1k but under the condition that admin uses 10-20% of it to treat herself.

No. 888674

Are we allowed to blogpost in this thread? I hope I don't get banned, I barely post here but I'm a daily lurker.
I discovered lolcow around 2015, when I was still underage. I'm sure it was the first imageboard I ever visited and I came across it because a couple of anorexic girls I followed on instagram posted about being posted here. Ever since then, I started lurking daily, until I stopped for a couple of years, but I came back around 2019, or maybe before that. The Lillee Jean threads made me a daily lurker, but during the vast amount of time I've been here, I doubt I've posted more than 50 times.
I will try to donate whenever I can, I know this place can be toxic like most online communities, but it feels great to have a mostly female space online, even if some posters might be moids in disguise, the fact that I don't have to hide being a woman makes me feel safer than other places online.
I don't want to believe that this place will actually shut down, but if it does, I'm very thankful that it existed because it has brought me lots of distraction when I was painfully sad, and it has made me feel less lonely when I read about other women struggling with similar issues.

No. 888675

Based richanon saving Lolcow

No. 888687

It's the least I can do. I started visiting lolcow when I was at the absolute lowest point in my life, and while I can't say that it's improved my life (though it actually did help me onboard to my current job lmao), it's been a major source of entertainment and procrastination through all those years.

No. 888688

File: 1629601102842.jpg (16.93 KB, 360x355, EHGTtVBUwAAQWPx.jpg)

omg you crazy BITCH. You're amazing

No. 888690

LOLCOW SAVED MY LIFE. I came here following the venus milk when she was 17. I've been a long time lurker because my english is not very good. I visit this site everyday because I am a NEET but I know so much about cows my best friend call me a cowpedia. My favorites are the earlier Luna's thread, Soren (rip), PnP, Nika and Jaelle and now unicorn mahou shoujo Lucinda Belinda. Also OT. I love you all girls. Wish I could meet some of you I'm sure there should be other mexican neets here. Something in my heart tells me this won't be the end of LLC but if it is, Goodbye stranger it's been nice!

No. 888692

Lolcow helped me stop dressing and acting as retarded as pixielocks, so I am forever in debt
It also teached me how to know the difference between loli art and actual good art
It truly helped me grow up

No. 888695

Anon I'm begging you to delete this I didn't know I was logged in and I'm currently messaging admin in a panic to delete it off the public page

No. 888697

Thanks anon you're a queen

No. 888699

k sorry but still thanks for donating you bad bitch

No. 888701

Girl just own it

No. 888702

Lmao anon be more careful next time

No. 888706

Meant to direct >>888697 at you for deleting so fast, hope you enjoyed your exclusive look into not only my professional page but also my sordid fandom past

Just a warning to anyone with a kofi page that even if you donate "logged out" via the widget on /meta/, as long as you enter the paypal email connected to your kofi it's gonna stab you in the fucking back smh. Anyway I've scrubbed anything referring to my irl self from that profile

No. 888710

File: 1629603035104.jpg (24 KB, 439x396, 37c4b45c4dcc1fa02c87072d6634e4…)

Based rich anonnie, please pick beautiful colors for your theme
I'd suggest coral or orange themes, but you could also have a purple one since you're royalty

No. 888711

This is so beatiful! wonder if those themes could be used by the rest of us as well

No. 888712

just gave $20, sorry I'm a broke bitch but I hope it helps. I owe this site something after all the time I've spent here.

No. 888718

I would've donated if a certain somebody in the staff didn't call me a fatass.

No. 888720

Who called you a fatass?

No. 888721

No. 888727

Was this a rogue mod ban? Don't let one bad apple get to you. It's not like the money is going directly into that specific person's pocket anyway.

No. 888728

Need proof or didn't happen. You can't just come here and said shit and have 0 intention to follow through, that's a typical attention whoring tatic. Fatass.

No. 888730

I want to contribute but am scared my information might be visible to admin or someone else.

No. 888731

And? what about it? eat a lettuce dumbass. Your money is not the only money there is in the world, plenty of anons donated a lot of money already. Do yourself a favor and use the money you were going to donate and get a gym plan if some random nobody admin hurts you this much.

No. 888732

NTA but you dropped your mod tag, jannie

No. 888737


No. 888745

don't mind me just posting goodbye songs

No. 888746

No. 888747

at this rate I left for awhile and came back during the chris chan drama, contemplating leaving again. it's dead half the time and a lot of the same circlejerks keep happening, and I find this site makes me feel worse and worse as time goes on. It's not to say I didn't enjoy some of it but I think I need to embrace my time in reality and I'm not surprised with the staff stuff going down

No. 888748

No. 888752

>I'm not surprised with the staff stuff going down
What staff stuff?

No. 888768

File: 1629608863724.jpg (1.37 MB, 1728x1993, endoflolcowquestionmark.jpg)

Just for you, nonnas.

If anyone wants a full poster length version for text edits, let me know

No. 888773

I love you anon

No. 888776

I choked laughing at this, god bless you anon

No. 888778

add a borzoi pls

No. 888779




better cross that off the list. some of you are afflicted with a retardation so deep and inherent that results in the most humiliating displays of “intellectual” faggotry

No. 888781

Tradfem sure, but radfem? Do you know where you are anon?

No. 888788

yes, and it doesn’t help that most radfems have no idea what they’re talking about. it’s like 1 out of 100000 times when anyone displays a nuanced and thorough understanding of…….anything, actually

No. 888794

Disagree. Let the infighting commence.

No. 888795

I'm too stupid to figure out how much the server costs are. How much are they? I make a decent salary and can help fund a month, maybe more depending on just how much this costs.

No. 888799

Come on now just search the thread… >>888446

No. 888801

File: 1629611787631.png (6.67 KB, 407x162, kofi.PNG)

It's 90 euros, but check the Ko-Fi. We went well over the goal. I'm really bad at math, but I think there was $1,108 donated in total, so we should be good for a couple months until Admin decides if we get a new admin, or if the site will shut down.

No. 888804

Mine would be called something like Grendel's Cave and the users could be called cave dwellers. Only women allowed obviously. It would have a media section for books, movies, video games etc. A section for mental health/self improvement, then an off topic/random one. Maybe a political one too but probably not because it would cause too much infighting and raids. Possibly a /d/ section for drama/gossip.

Probably never gonna happen though, as I have jack shit for coding skills and don't want to dedicate that much time/money/effort to running a web site.

No. 888806

What is cc?

No. 888808


No. 888820

Ugh, sorry. Again, I'm stupid.

Oh wow, this is nothing. I don't know why I was expecting like $3000 a month. I can fund this basically indefinitely if Admin is interested. I only know HTML so I'm worth jack shit as far as coding goes but you've at least got one anon willing to cover the server costs 100%.

No. 888822

You can email Admin privately if you don't wanna make the donation via kofi. I'm sure something could be set up!

No. 888824

My favourite placebo song, thank you.

No. 888826

This is pure and absolute perfection, pls do full length poster with text edits I need it.

No. 888828

Omg anon, I'm an ESL too but I'm not from Mexico. I'm glad there's other hispanic posters interested in Lucinda though, she's an absolute favorite of mine. I'm sure this won't be the end of the site, I have hope that it won't

No. 888831

What is admin going to do about it? Call you a fatass?

No. 888833

Thanks anon! Just sent the email.

No. 888839

Just a note for people who end up taking over CC, I was a longterm CC user and they have absolutely handed out unwarranted permanent bans to anons using that site. A ton of people would complain about it and it's the main reason why it's dead. The admin constantly go out of their way to ban anons for the most non issue things

So, be careful about that, and if someone ends up on the admin/mod team for CC, lift the fucking bans

No. 888840

File: 1629614345294.png (8.75 KB, 412x51, a.PNG)

Why do you guys keep publicly donating…

No. 888842

Uh, that's not what I'm worried about. If we're under that new admin who's a guy, I just want to keep my credentials safe.
Does anyone know if Kofi shows sensitive information to whoever you're sending to?

No. 888843

File: 1629614589183.png (1017.3 KB, 994x595, anon's art.png)

No. 888845

I was permabanned the other day for absolutely no reason and I'm still salty about it because not only I was a poster there since 2017 (admittedly I didn't post there since 2018 or so, but still), but the thread I made before my ban is still open and was in the front page for a while

No. 888846

What if she wakes up and finds herself on /snow/???? You bitches are prepared to make a thread about someone from five years ago who gave you a weird a look after hearing your aural fireworks display in the public bathroom stall

No. 888847

Are you guys using a dynamic vpn? Maybe someone was using your same ip address before and they got banned for posting some shit. If thats not the reason then I dont see any other possibility

No. 888848

nta but no, wasn’t using a vpn at first

No. 888849

Not at all. I tried to ban evade with a VPN to try and talk to admin (I appealed and it went nowhere) but I also couldn't.
If there ever is a great lolcow to crystal.cafe exodus I'll be fucked lol

No. 888850

File: 1629615090594.png (1.54 MB, 1920x1080, 59E64622-8998-4451-B6FE-6D19D6…)

what do i do now im not able to endlessly scroll here at 3am and avoid sleep

No. 888851

File: 1629615148392.jpeg (11.77 KB, 287x312, unimpressed rover.jpeg)

No. 888855

as cringe as it sounds, I wish I knew some anons here irl. I’ve never met any other like-minded girls elsewhere, so I’ll miss that

No. 888860

No. 888862

What about migrating to tattle.life for cows? It's not an imageboard but it comes off as more of a female bitchy version of KF. I like that you can filter posts on a thread by their reactions so the readthroughs are funnier

No. 888863

I like it but also hate tht Komeda is somehow synonymous with lolcow (like we are 13 years old kinnies) just because of one attention whoring anon. Sorry. Borzoi would be better

No. 888867

Samefag but we could investigate which cows are only tracked on this site and nowhere else (I think a lot of/w/) and make sure there are alternative threads to post on somewhere else now that PULL is gone too

No. 888875

One major appeal of lolcow is the format, not just discussing cows and a regular forum wouldn't be the same. If it's not 100% anon, I'm not into it and I'm sure that's the same for a lot of others.

No. 888881

I just clicked these and it says "the wayback machine has not archived that URL"

btw, how do I download a thread? I'd like to download the reddit hate threads and possibly some of the manhate threads, as I might need to reference them in the future

No. 888886

nevermind, I figured out how to download it

No. 888888

The thing is that I don't think it's a VPN issue. I'll give an example of what CC hands out bans for: there is a thread where everyone larp as a moid and it is explicitly titled "Moid LARP thread". If you reply to anons on that thread, women larping as moids, you receive a week long ban for interacting with a male.

I received my perma ban for reporting a picture of a cock to the admin team. I was posting for like an hour before this, reported the post, 5 minutes later I was banned and weeks later I'm still banned.

Someone got perma banned recently for posting a thread about her friends mum telling her a story about women in her country being starved during puberty by their mothers to stunt their growth and keep them petite for marriage. Because this wasn't posted in the misandry thread- poof, perma ban. They posted about it here on LCF after a ban. There was no "you should have posted this here". It was just immediately being tossed out

For a while CC was being spammed by an anon who kept making weird claims about the admin purposely keeping the user base small. I actually believe them now

No. 888893

i'm dumb how do you do it

No. 888894

Nayrt but I also remember that CC wanted to lock all of the anti-troon threads there out of nowhere? I wonder if they are still alive, hopefully yes because that was the only reason I visited it.

No. 888900

File: 1629621282738.jpg (87.81 KB, 709x609, 123456.jpg)

depends on what browser you're on. I'm on chrome and I did it like this. just look for "save page" "download page" etc.

No. 888902

Absolutely based richanon, we're all in your debt

No. 888904

File: 1629621895962.jpg (82.92 KB, 540x575, uncle female.jpg)

Blessed be!
>there is a thread where everyone larp as a moid and it is explicitly titled "Moid LARP thread". If you reply to anons on that thread, women larping as moids, you receive a week long ban for interacting with a male.
Oh kek I remember reading in that thread some anons would report, then immediately regret because they didn't check the thread before reporting. The mods probably didn't look into it deeper and just banned. smh
Yes, they're still alive: https://crystal.cafe/b/res/102150.html

No. 888906

Is this a joke? This is my favourite place on the internet, wtf I’m going to cry.

No. 888908

I feel the same way. This site holds a very special place in my heart. I donated, but really wish I could do more to keep this space for all of us. I only work a few hours each day, so I will be trying to learn as much about coding as possible before the end of the year. Been meaning to learn for a while anyway.

No. 888915

The Chrome extension "SingleFile" is even better, you can download the whole page as one html (without any folders) and it's also correctly formated.

No. 888920

sounds like a dream, i will get it asap

No. 888940

Cute art, anon

No. 888941

Omg your amazing! Thank you so much for your donation I would miss this place so much!

No. 888955

Jesus i never realized how long I've been browsing this place. It really was way more fun 5 years ago, but I still get my kicks and just scroll past all the arguing. This site needed more love behind the scenes

This is adorable!

No. 888957

Scrolling the early Pixyteri threads. How far we have come farmers. I’ll miss this so much.

No. 888971

hmmm sounds like you have musky balls

No. 888978

File: 1629630828284.png (13.53 KB, 462x367, 1621427262434.png)

I love how these both sound. I wish they came true, so then they could be sister imageboards. I just don't know how to code.

No. 888981

Crystal Café is moid heaven. It's useless. Let's make our own imageboard.

No. 888985

File: 1629631813915.png (372.64 KB, 720x656, imagen_2021-08-22_062905.png)


No. 888986

It is! Be sure to click "expand all images" (on the right, above the hide saged posts text) on the threads you want to save though, or else it will only save thumbnails.

No. 888988

File: 1629632007064.png (279.89 KB, 682x549, imagen_2021-08-22_063216.png)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i need my daily retardation!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa where else am I going to let off all my steam and be told to take my meds???

No. 888989

worked like a charm thanks nonnies

No. 888991

File: 1629632166763.png (326.01 KB, 526x512, 1629511122726.png)

Honestly Where else am I going to get my honest and helpful girly advice from. I literally have 0 friends and hate everyone and this is why I love asking stupid questions here. Please let's either save this website or make a new one so nonnies never die!!!!

No. 888992

godspeed thanks anon

No. 888999

File: 1629633019156.gif (3.18 MB, 320x234, 1623366170312.gif)

where else am I going to talk about my love for that one midsommar scene

No. 889003

and trigger that one sperg whi thinks it's shit and we are too dumb to understand the heroine is in a cult, kek

No. 889004

File: 1629633278519.png (444.01 KB, 1292x664, Sin título.png)

I swear to god I'm archiving threads via wayback machine and they DO appear in their website but when I link them here the URLs get all messy and don't work, this fucking sucks

No. 889006

File: 1629633474518.png (387.21 KB, 566x446, imagen_2021-08-22_065723.png)

I kinda wanna play pic related for a last time and call all my animals the names of different lolcows. Is anyone interested in a playthrough of that?

No. 889012

I was actually gonna do a similar thing with Stardew Valley. I recently cut down my gaming hours but if this place gets nuked I guess I'll be upping my hours and becoming le epic gaming addict again. I'd definitely watch a lolcow themed playthrough though! I'm not into streaming much but hanging with a bunch of anons in the chat watching someone play could be really fun.

No. 889015

Omg is that magical melody? I miss my gamecube

No. 889021

This makes me ridiculously sad. I discovered lolcow in 2012 (I think) , and I've been lurking ever since (mostly /ot/, /snow/ and /g/). Aly was my favorite cow back then. I really hope it will survive, there's no imageboard that even remotely compares to what we have here imo.

No. 889032

anon be my sugar mommy

No. 889034

Extraordinarily generous. Thank you anon ♥

No. 889054

File: 1629638899478.jpeg (29.69 KB, 319x447, 984FE6BB-1003-4690-84CD-4F096D…)

Can your ko-fi be traced? I’m thinking about donating a few crumbs since I do have money but idk

No. 889061

Is that THE Chad Dylan Cooper?

No. 889063

Oh my gawd it’s Chad Dylan Cooper

No. 889064

What does the website need saving from?

No. 889066

You're amazing

No. 889067

Since the money issue has been solved so far, how can we help anons who want to help with coding this site etc? What do they have to know?

Absolute legend! And all the other anons who have donated so far! Will def contribute!

No. 889068

Admin doesnt want to admin and will soon stop paying the server bill

No. 889073

Read the OP dummy

No. 889094

Has there been any attempt to put together a team of admins rather than just one admin? If some anons who can code were gathered together as a group of maybe 3 or 4 then they could share the load instead of just having it put on one admin

No. 889100

nonnie you are amazing <3

No. 889109

I love you, you absolute queen. I wish good luck to the new admin, hope things go smoothly when the time comes. And thank you to current admin!

No. 889120

File: 1629645319490.gif (2.19 MB, 498x381, pingu-penguin.gif)

Can't believe this could all possibly come to an end. I'll genuinely miss this site. It somehow
gave me a better mindset and more confidence. Hopefully this site would last longer. Will miss all of you wonderful nonnas. Only the wonderful ones kek. Kidding!

Wondrous rich nonna! Stay blessed!

No. 889126

My thoughts exactly, we should have like, a team of 3 admins, one of them should be a coding master and can teach the others as well

No. 889127

Hm, is LC going to find a new admin if the new admin expected to PAY (server fees) to work for free? Doubt it. If current admin actually wants to find a replacement, the details of ownership and funding need to be explicitly clear. It won't happen otherwise.

No. 889129

I think that's why the ko-fi page was made, so the fees are covered by the users and some even donated more in order to give admin-sama a bit of pocket money. It was said that the server fees are covered for at least over a year. If I did the math right, we have over 1,500$ so far.
see here >>888622

Agree with other anons that we should find farmers who can code, bc this also needs to happen.

No. 889136

no where else to sperg about bodycon dresses and ugly puff sleeves

No. 889139

name one of your animals a driverfag and another one a borzoi, pls
>t. guess who

No. 889141

So, if server fees are covered for the year but admin is leaving the site in Dec, I share the same questions as another anon who asked what would happen to the money if no new admin is found. If people want to donate to admin out of appreciation that makes sense to me, but obviously money alone won't keep this site running unless paying an admin is an option.

This is the only post that I've seen that actually discusses the potential of transfer of ownership. Admin is going to be hard-pressed to find an admin to work for free on a site they are retaining rights to. If admin wants to retain ownership (which is very understandable), they should consider paying someone to admin the site. It needs to be very clear if the person who is taking over the admin role is also taking ownership of the site itself. When the year is up, what's the expectation? That the new admin crowdsources server fees for a website they don't even own? It shouldn't be vague whether or not the admin will own the site after the transfer. Perhaps this information would be revealed once qualifications were determined, but I would imagine that this lack of transparency is deterring potential candidates.

No. 889144

why do you think shes not transferring ownership? shes giving up the site. she doesnt want it.

No. 889146

It just hasn't been stated. Admin has discussed transferring admin responsibilities, but not ownership of the site. Admin =/= ownership

No. 889147

admin owns the site, its obvious she doesnt want to run it, hence why she said her role has reduced to technical stuff. why would she want to keep owning it when she obviously wants to leave

No. 889159

>admin owns the site
Thanks, no one else has been able to say so definitively

>why would she want to keep owning it when she wants to leave

It's not unheard of to transfer admin responsibilities but retain ownership of the site. Perhaps she would want the option to find a different admin if she doesn't like the direction the new admin takes it in. There are a variety of reasons that this could be the case.

No. 889162

File: 1629648524866.png (1.21 MB, 1280x928, imagen_2021-08-22_110731.png)

Alright I will start my last playthrough of Harvest Moon: Magical Melody later today. We need a name for the main girl though. Give me suggestions!

will do!

No. 889163

Read this anon >>>/meta/25835

No. 889179

what is the difference between transferring ownership of the site and transferring the administrative role? wouldn't the current admin/owner just do both? it sounds like current admin/owner is looking for someone to completely take over her current role, which would mean a new admin and owner

No. 889213

No. 889214

>>889179 summed it up pretty well, so I'm not sure why you're confused? Think of it this way: owning a theme park and operating a theme park are two different things, and the owner of a theme park can hire and fire operators as they please if they fail to meet the owner's expectations.

No. 889221

the admin doesn't want to own or operate

No. 889227

Why are you acting like lolcow is already dead? I've seen a few ppl say they can code. Why not set up a server fund + pay admin fund so it's worthwhile to whoever is the next admin?

No. 889229

I never said she did? I was just explaining the difference.

No. 889262

same, I feel like I found my tribe in my fellow farmers. I've only been here a couple years but wish I'd found it sooner

I love it

I would be all over anonita.chan especially if it allowed pink pill discussion

No. 889266

Name her Nonnie, it's the only choice

No. 889267

Donating all i can. I love this place too much to let it die.
Is the discord still active?

No. 889268

Nonna Vaquero

No. 889278

love it but
cringe, just call it home and cooking or something

No. 889339

If this site is going to be saved can we pretty please get a new color scheme or something? I’m tired of the 80s Tampax colors it looks hideous

No. 889340

File: 1629657794943.jpg (505.73 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-08-22-15-41-29…)

Admin said in the coffee that the sponsored themes will be available for everyone to use! (I wish it wasn't board specific, but beggars can't be choosers)
Really excited to see the new themes!

No. 889349


No. 889354

>annoying posters
love you too

No. 889368

thank u rich anonita, you're a sweetheart

No. 889375

File: 1629660925824.jpg (15.02 KB, 300x250, a2373bd8672c97de68f5f6d5f7dcdc…)

based nonita, thank you so much for helping the farm

No. 889377

don't worry nonny
everywhere you go you're retarded

No. 889382

There literally has been/is several capable anons willing to take over the admin position for years the admin is just mentally ill

No. 889391

so why did admin sound the alarms before even trying to fundraise or brainstorm any type of problem-solving? seems a little alarmist to get people worked up over the site "closing down" and then finding out the "annoying" userbase is willing to pay for your server costs for over a year.

No. 889394

funds are great but you still need someone to actually run the site

No. 889397

it's still 3 months til the end of the year though

No. 889398

Admin searched for a replacement for two or three months now (see the banner texts), she just stressed it again now because people/cows applied to the position with malicious intend.
We also had a patreon for a short time but it didn't take off.

No. 889400

File: 1629663718161.png (1.41 MB, 840x1408, barchelors.png)

Ok I'm between calling her Admin or Nonny

we also need to chose a husbando! pick your favorite everyone

No. 889401

Blue is Lolcow-tan’s husbando.

No. 889402

Lolcow is my little escape from the rest of the world. I started browsing it as a freshman and I've since graduated and work and important job. Throughout my whole life, lolcow has been there for me. I barely post, I just lurk. But it gives me laughs every day, whether it's just a quick chuckle at infighting or howling in absolute laughter during some golden moments like the moid in Vicky's thread. I check it at least 5 times a day, only for a few minutes while on the bus or in the bathroom, but that's are my 5 minutes with my community. I haven't met a group of like-minded terf women with chan humour anywhere else and I'm deeply going to miss you guys if we get shut down. Thank you for being there with me throughout my journey from a girl to a woman, and influencing my terf politics.

No. 889404

I vote for Kurt, he looks edgy

No. 889405

What are the wife options for the lesbians here?

No. 889407

Basil seems cute and wholesome

No. 889408

I spent many, regretful years on places such as 4chan, surrounded by misogynistic and depraved men who contributed nothing positive to my life. Finding a place such as lolcow that is aware of these horrid communities whilst also providing a pleasant and supportive replacement for girls alone has been so refreshing. I have gained so much from the advice and support received in various threads. Before I could not even dream of responses of this ilk that enjoyed a healthy balance between brutal honesty, an understanding of details that are overlooked in mainstream environments and sisterly support, but now I have learned a lot. The anonymous nature that graces every imageboard like this has also always attracted me greatly, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the ability to discuss virtually anything freely and openly. I seriously appreciate so much about this website and hope it will not die anytime soon. I must have a place where I can reveal my ultra-virginity and inexperience in return for solid advice without being ostracised by people irl, kek

No. 889410

File: 1629664292497.jpg (111.13 KB, 899x1599, barchelorettes.jpg)

Sadly in the english version you can't be a lesbian. It's possible in the japanese version though

No. 889416

All these guys in a farm game and no cowboys?? At least your husband helps you with the farm? Because I played that old harvest moon game and married this motherfucker, Cliff was his name, and I had to find him a job so he would stay in town and marry me. The guy never helped me with the farm, he never even gave me the salary of his fucking job I got for him!!! And I had to talk to him everyday or else he would leave me!! These fucking husbands, so demanding.

No. 889418

That's too realistic

No. 889423

I vote for Ann

No. 889436

Thanks nonnie. I relate to Ellen (she even looks a bit like me), but I could go for either Eve or Ann. Gwen is cute, but I don't fuck with horse girls.

No. 889441

eve is so cute!

No. 889455

I've been here for a good few years and I don't know what I'm gonna do without it if it's really over. I've tried to use cc but it's not the same. it's concerning to me that users aren't as anti trans as we are here and there's a weird "board culture". I could easily believe that it really is overrun by trannies. On top of that I've seen it described as a "femcel board" and mentioned on r9k far more than this place. I think the bitchyness keeps the trash away a tiny bit more.It was eerie to me how users talk there it's like being on twitter or reddit or something.

No. 889462

which has the fewest trannies?

No. 889464

anon.cafe has a cuckquean board so maybe not that

No. 889467

First thing I saw on sushi was cp, no where is safe

No. 889470

File: 1629671301857.png (410.55 KB, 640x480, 276988E2-0015-4645-829C-941DEB…)

thanks for the warning

No. 889476

Just saw that weird cgi cp on anon.cafe, I've also seen the same image pop up on cc a week or two ago, stay safe anons

No. 889486

Kind doesn’t seem too bad, I think, I haven’t lurked that much though.

No. 889502

Too bad cc seems to be the only one to enforce a no moids policy. Tired of sharing a space with moids.

No. 889504

CC is the only kind of viable alternative, the rest are dead and gay. Lmao a cuckquean board, are you for real?

No. 889505

CC is shit, let's make our own anonita.chan

No. 889508

we should take over cc and bully out the moids. if we made our own board it would probably be even less active

No. 889531

wow, I just don't like cc at all. I've tried it from time to time, and there's just something about that place that sucks. It's weird, because on the surface it seems like it should be a lot like lolcow (their banners are cute, I have to admit), but the posters give off this nasty discord tryhard vibe. Whether it's humorless women or humorless men larping as women, it's no replacement for lolcow. Is there something I'm not getting about that place?

No. 889538

There's like a mixture of weird sad males and femcels posting. And nobody on crystal cafe has any fucking reading comprehension either, it feels like talking to a wall on there sometimes.

No. 889551

what would be the advantage of creating a whole new board over someone taking over this site? i'm not trying to be rude i'm genuinely curious

No. 889556

Have you been to CC? Genuinely curious.

No. 889557

what I said has nothing to do with cc, are you illiterate or can you just not read past the first sentence of a post

No. 889561

Wait howd you do that

No. 889562

File: 1629684329791.jpeg (447.89 KB, 1270x2257, 73C84127-2A13-4F61-BC1C-D56B99…)

Important ko-fi anonymity info for anyone who’s thinking about donating. I basically doxxed myself by donating, so don’t be retarded like me and make sure to make/use a paypal business account!

No. 889565

Not the anon you replied to, but CC is entirely relevant to what you just said. CC is well known and kinda old and yet it has a out 20 active users at most. That and CC is run by retards who ban people permanently at random

No. 889566

Crystal Cafe is too fucked to be an option. Once the user base rises about half of us are getting yeeted by CC admin and it won't be long until the half who made it are picked off

No. 889567

File: 1629685029002.jpg (1.45 MB, 1728x2592, endoflolcowposter.jpg)

here's the full sized version for anyone who wants to add text

I tried to draw a borzoi but it was very ugly. If anyone wants to add one (especially a skilled dog drawer, like an ex-furry or something), please do

No. 889572

If admin wants to mail me a pipe bomb thats her right I guess

No. 889574

This just shows how we really have to preserve and keep up lolcow.farm. Our culture is aggressively keeping men out and I don't want to share a space with any of them, no matter how "comfy" a board is.

No. 889576

File: 1629685848381.jpeg (684.45 KB, 1728x2592, F85C8A80-936A-45CC-A5C9-93632C…)

Graphic design is my passion.

No. 889577

I am getting real scrote vibes from this. Most women have so-called "traditional hobbies", but we're not going to larp like it's little house on the prairie and cater to men and backwards religions. Trad life in the modern age is a meme.

No. 889582

This, it's also the only place I've found online that has women who are willing to call out other women on dumbass shit.

No. 889584

I keked thank you for this beauty anon

No. 889585

I second this, LC is the only place that doesn't pander to moids and is aggro and critical towards towards them. We need to have a space of our own because there are none out there, anywhere.

No. 889586

Please correct me if I'm wrong, I added the tradfem board because it's like cottagecore isn't it? Like, a stay at home kinda woman

No. 889587

someone pls keep adding to this masterpiece.

No. 889588

Kikomi needs to be there too.

No. 889589

File: 1629686872521.gif (1.71 MB, 239x239, giphy.gif)

I'm wondering if any of the actual anons who say that they're willing to be the next admin, fund, or can code are doing. Because holy shit they better be contributing to supporting the website. I know I complain about this place going down the shithole with the new annoying twitter zoomers and they/thems, but as long as I have this board to lurk on and it's majority female users (yes, even you aiden) I wouldn't complain.
if i have to, I'm willing to moderate and help clean garbage up. Jannies and mods you can have the last laugh after i've been bashing you guys

No. 889591

I thought cottagecore was sort of like mori kei? A fashion style that romanticizes woodland and cottage life? Or are there cottagecore/mori kei "lifestylers"? It sounds like something that could go under a fashion board.

No. 889592

Oh I would love for this to be real. I have very beginner-tier coding skills though, but I would absolutely get better if it meant this could come true

No. 889602

Tradfems are often right wing pickmes

No. 889613

It is possible to create a normal forum and disable accounts/make everyone anonymous. There are sites where you can host a forum for free.

No. 889616

File: 1629688635093.jpg (27.24 KB, 300x450, 673-02141190en_Masterfile.jpg)

On the topic of archives, everyone is archiving wrong, too. You need to have archives saved on your computer. Online archive sites are very unreliable.

I was apart of a /cgl/ group trying to archive old lolita fashion websites on the internet. We'd go back and figure out that waybackmachine would just delete some site archives. If you don't have power over the archive site, it's not truly archived.

No. 889623

Ah shit I didn't know. Then I'll just call the board housewives and neets

No. 889626

File: 1629690215673.jpg (325.83 KB, 1280x1920, goodnight, my queen.jpg)

I tried my best

No. 889628

this is the best one

No. 889629

Sounds retarded, how about /@Home/? Or /AtHome/?

No. 889630

Love it.

No. 889641

The reading comprehension thing is wild. Every interaction I've had is someone sperging out over a sarcastic remark or just straight up not understanding something. It makes me really appreciate farmers, especially those who don't speak english as their primary language. Shitposting in two languages - now that's a talent (ily guys)

No. 889642


The only time we can Driver-fag out of our thread.

In all seriousness though, I would hate to see this site go. I've been here from day one and Stamania rose was nuked.

No. 889680

Seconding Basil. He's Snufkin bf material. Second choice would be Blue since I like his design and how stoic he comes across (+1 for pitchfork). Third choice would be Carl. He would represent a genderbent CC since he dreams of opening up a cafe some day, which sounds pretty comf but gay. He would be the doormat bitchboy bf we mistreat.

No. 889705

Based anon, these would be my exact choices kek
Also Dan is cute, but he's a lazy slacker so fuck him

No. 889710

i’m going to FUCKING relapse

No. 889719

Please be safe, anon. Love you, your life matters.

No. 889824

File: 1629719567219.gif (909.9 KB, 500x278, SaltyDescriptiveKittiwake-size…)

can we get a tutorial on how to donate anonymously on kofi for dumbass anons such as myself? I want to keep the farm alive!

No. 889852

Well it sounds like the issue isn't money, enough farmers, myself included, are on good salaries and can bankroll this website to eternity. It's the lack of willing talent to take on administration and maintenance.

No. 889856

If you have a kofi account just log out to donate I think, I don't have an account there at all and it let me type whatever I wanted in a name field when I clicked to donate. You can just write Anonymous or Anon or something in there and I think when you give your email at the end only kofi sees it internally to send you a receipt, the email does not show up on the main page.

No. 889909

I scoped out alternatives just in case shit does hit the fan and ugh I can’t. This place has a weird sense of community that you just can’t find in other places. That and we’re all women..
I think it’s partly due to my age but, the internet is crap compared to what it was. RIP the good old days 4eva.

No. 889959

This won't keep you 100% anonymous if you're using a personal paypal account, because ko-fi shows your name and email address on the paypal transaction between you and the donatee. Make a paypal business account (which allows you to set a username instead of using your legal name) and use that to donate if you're trying to stay anonymous, nonnas.

No. 889976

I'd be willing to take over, I've got the money, time and skills, but only if I can bring GC threads back.

No. 889982

so apply and do it, please

No. 889996

I love all anons on here and I’ll miss you< 3 except for dogfag dorito foot fungus fetish anon and anon that called an Adidas top ugly, fuck you with all my heart.

No. 890004

that pink corset shirt? pretty much everyone here hated it except you lol

No. 890005

Please do anon

No. 890008

Shhh anon you should hide that fact until after you become admin and then unleash the glorious GC fury

No. 890033

File: 1629737719094.jpg (436.58 KB, 1825x2331, R.jpg)

Damn I'm gonna be sad if lolcow goes. I'm holding onto hope that it won't happen cause we don't know for sure yet. I've been here since mid 2017, and I've been visiting at least two days a week ever since. I'm gonna miss all the stupid shit and hilarious jokes and interesting conversations and casual talks and lovely (and batshit) anons here. It's rare to find a female-centred site on the internet, so thanks for making an….interesting experience, for lack of a better word

No. 890034

Not saying that a GC thread wouldn't be nice, but you should be careful what you wish for. You know how virtually every thread on 4chan gets derailed by /pol/lution and every tweet that gets traction turns into a racebait fest? If you let radicals get too comfortable then the most passionate ones will take it as a sign that they're allowed to shit up the entire site.

No. 890038

dont let null take over this placee dont let a fucking scrote take over a female only space. He is trying to manipulate and divide us he is a lying manipulative scrote. I dont even think admin hates white people or TERFs but banning the gc thread was for another reason and realistically speaking you cannot run a GC mandate thread in the open in the current political climate. It should be disguised under a code name. If you have threads like that out in the open Trannies will immediately find the site and it will get taken down. Please maybe we can have 2 or 3 admin samas at the same time? I figured out it is better that way since administrating this place is way too much work for a single person

No. 890057

No. 890082

File: 1629741647830.png (33.19 KB, 1910x663, Screenshot (230).png)

Does anyone else get this whenever they click the archive links? why is this? I've downloaded multiple threads but I don't think I'll be able to upload them via the Wayback machine

No. 890114

i think you're supposed to archive the actual browser link and not the link to the thread (>>>/ot/888183 and not >>>/ot/888183)

No. 890116

(samefag as >>890114) just copy and paste the link in your browser to the archive machine when you use it

No. 890120

I hope Lolcow does not become kill. And I don't want that Null guy to take over, unless he takes a very hands off approach.

I don't know if he is too concerned about female spaces online - but I am optimistic that he is interested enough in internet history to want to preserve this place if it came down to it. I watched some of his streams on Youtube and a lot of his content comes across as a typical 4chan guy. Just kind of overly edgy and unkind. It's why I can't join Kiwifarms. Same vibes over there.

I like having this imageboard. I grew up on 4chan but grew out of it because it was so misogynistic and generally deranged. I like the /ot/ boards on here. I like talking to other females about stuff. I wish I had ladies like you guys in my RL. The humour on here cracks me up. I'll be really, really sad to see it go.

I understand that. Containment threads/boards sometimes have a habit of just allowing certain types of people to cement themselves in the community.

Granted I am also interested in gender-critical discussions, because I am a detrans female. I like gender crit discussions as a societal phenomenon and where it concerns psychology. Dedicated gender crit circles that talk about nothing else tend to narrow down and narrow down into more and more niche things, and I think sometimes lose sight of the bigger issue. I lurk Ovarit sometimes, and while they have good moderation, even they descend into outrage fests. Sorry, just thinking to myself.

No. 890263

This is good to know. Ty anon!

No. 890292

Wow. You truly are retarded.

No. 890295

The server bills have already been paid many times over, it doesn't need more donations until it's confirmed that a new admin is in place. It could still be shut down until then. So unless the goal is to crowdfund the admin a full time salary i wouldn't keep donating…

No. 890378

Crystal cafe is ded af. I love lolcow, I will still be here as long as it's up but do any fellow anons know any ACTIVE female boards centered on paranormal, occult, astrology and witchcraft??
Long live lolcow farms!!

No. 890452

I may be a retard, but I can afford to be a retard.

No. 890514

File: 1629772433494.jpeg (27.54 KB, 371x355, EDD75111-7362-47DB-87FB-53397B…)

Anonita pls apply. I pray you are our 100% female, xx chromosome savior.

No. 890546

>gc threads
>dead lc

Easy choice. The constant chimping and autism that goes with anything gc is why it got banned. Bringing that shit back would just be adding aids to the cancer.

No. 890582

Nah I think it would be based af

No. 890583

Are you poor?

No. 890586

Cringe and reddit spaced

No. 890635

File: 1629788942974.jpg (38.71 KB, 563x505, 7ad60438a728df39e360a3e12bd93d…)

love you anon thank you

No. 890769

The problem isn't the subject matter, I would love to be able to have gender critical and pink pill threads again. The problem is that newfags take the existence of a thread to mean that the whole site is free for all for their hot takes. Any one who disagrees or tells them to keep it in the correct thread then gets called a scrote, troon, handmaiden, etc. Crystal Cafe has the same problem. Their admin needed to add a rule that gc and feminism discussion must be kept in it's own thread.

No. 890775

Nta, but I agree. I think we also had the same rule (that radfem stuff should be kept in the correct board) before 2X was banned.
Also, I think admin was kinda right about that board attracting moids, and considering the gore that occasionally gets posted because of trannies that don't like the MTF thread, we would probably need more staff to have 2X. I hope we get more anons willing to be jannies if we get a new Admin that brings the board back I would apply, but I don't have the time

No. 890806

Nta but how is that any different from the current situation? I don't go into the cow boards anymore but at least here on /ot/ and /g/ there's man and troon-hating posts and anons calling posters scrotes, troons and pickmes all the time. Am I missing something here?

No. 890815

File: 1629803358677.jpg (62.89 KB, 640x360, gangsta.jpg)

ayo how do i donate anonymously? is it strictly paypal? does paypal show ur info or what?

No. 890816

I think with more jannies and stricter derailing rules it could work, otherwise I’m not so sure about it since everything which draws too much attention to this site has been proven to be a hassle for the janitors.
You need to change to a paypal business account if you don’t want your name shown afaik

No. 890817

>pink pilled & radfem
now this i would donate towards

No. 890818

this anon 2021

No. 890819

I think we should have a gender critical/man hate thread but it should be hidden so it won't attract men or troons that will try to take down the site. It should have another name like "puppy posting thread"

No. 890821

Basket weaving general

No. 890823

No. 890826

> I like having this imageboard. I grew up on 4chan but grew out of it because it was so misogynistic and generally deranged. I like the /ot/ boards on here. I like talking to other females about stuff.
Same, I was so happy when I discovered lc some years ago after finally abandoning 4chan, don’t mind if it’s slow. Sure it has it’s problems but I love the discussions and rules here, it would be such a loss if it would be gone.

No. 890910

>Also, I think admin was kinda right about that board attracting moids, and considering the gore that occasionally gets posted because of trannies that don't like the MTF thread,
well then what's attracting the CP spam? I don't think the types of boards or threads allowed make a difference

No. 890951

Ironically since the man and troon hating has nowhere to go it just seeps into every thread, which is a good thing because it keeps scrotes from getting too comfortable here. And there's still man and troon hating, I never get banned for that stuff. If you really want a 100% man/troon hate space then take it to the lolcow discord with a new channel.

No. 891013

Lolcow has saved my life in a few ways. I saw my future in /snow if I didn't get therapy. Ive vented and confessed and shared positivity instead of self harm.

It's the only place to align with other females without having to worry about an avatar, likes or being doxxed by aggressive handmaiden and gendertards.
Don't… Go… Please.

No. 891015

>Ironically since the man and troon hating has nowhere to go it just seeps into every thread
"Containment zones" always, without exception, make the problem worse.

No. 891035

Image boards get spammed with CP links because it's easy. Get a VPN, advertise CP, no account needed. The majority of CP posts aren't targeting LC in particular. They look up lists of image boards and then post to every one of them.

No. 891047

it worked for driverfagging though, why wouldn't it for radfem discussion? The secret board was based

No. 891067

LC would probably have to go the 4chin route and get a vpn blocker to help block spergs and CP posters

No. 891073

File: 1629830105388.jpg (429.5 KB, 1000x563, edt.jpg)

>VPN blocker

No. 891074

Bc scrotes and trannies don't care about driver

No. 891075

With such a tiny user base that will actually kill the site

No. 891084

File: 1629831377409.gif (828.17 KB, 498x362, lkjoijojljoijlj.gif)

So in case Lolcow does get the plug pulled, does anyone know of any good resources to learn how to create and run imageboards? How long would it take to learn? The ones posted upthread look simple enough to make although I'm sure its a lot easier said than done. And what about servers willing to host imgboards? The choachan anons were able to it seemingly quick why not one of us?

No. 891089

>The choachan anons were able to it seemingly quick why not one of us?
Yeah this is what I'm confused about, what level of coding is required for the admin job for this site? If it's not high level coding, then it'd be pretty easy for someone with a little coding knowledge to brush up their skills in order to add little things/maintain the site.

No. 891097

The biggest twist is the k-pop posters being able to assemble their own board quicker and with much less fuss than everyone else.
Is there a way to seek their help in setting things up, especially if >>888260 ever comes true?

No. 891113

I thought the problem was containment thread leaking into /ot/, but maybe I misread
>Bc scrotes and trannies don't care about driver
Glad the opposite no longer is the prevailing theory lmfao

No. 891136

What board?

No. 891138


No. 891140

kpop board

No. 891183

File: 1629838495533.jpg (3.35 MB, 5965x4473, 1537538082762.jpg)

I'm sure there is existing software for imageboards you can use. You could probably code a rudimentary imageboard in about a month or so. But I expect that most of these sites are using some premade with modifications.

No. 891187

Now I'm wondering just how many of you use one.

No. 891201

Looked at that other chan and they use https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/LynxChan

seems simple enough.

No. 891204

File: 1629840427195.jpg (46.6 KB, 640x640, saddest-cat-on-the-internet-1.…)

i don't want lolcow to go please

No. 891216

Another anon shared some here >>888630

No. 891243

I never thought I’d cry actual tears over lolcow. Please save us, this is the only decent corner of the internet that’s left.

No. 891252

Agreed, I genuinely felt panic seeing this thread. I love you bitches and I love this shithole

No. 891275

Let’s call it some obscure culture that does basket weaving or something like “orchid cultivation”

No. 891287

setting up an imageboard especially on lynxchan requires a lot of coding skill. idk why you guys assume those anons were talentless idiots just because they're into kpop

No. 891308

Lynxchan was coded in MongoDB. Most other image board's based around vichan use PHP.

No. 891315

yeah and vichan is shit and the reason this place gets spammed to shit with CP with no way to stop it. wouldn't recommend using it

No. 891317

MongoDB is a database PHP is a language

No. 891322

doesn't MongoDB use MQL though

No. 891323

But sites using Lynxchan still get spammed with CP. Lynxchan was used by asherahsgarden and it's used by alog.space.

Ah sorry, I'm not a programmer.

No. 891325

Asherah got spammed so much because it had like one person on staff who was never there. Also not sure what version they were using but the newer ones allow you to ban images by hash which would solve a lot of lolcows problems

No. 891327

why make a whole new imageboard rather than just get a new admin for this board?

No. 891331

Honestly who would want to be an admin for a website that is easily targeted? Probably why the current admin wants to quit

No. 891334

any female-based imageboard that actively seeks to keep men out will be targeted, sadly

No. 891335

Nobody is targeting choachan and they have a no males allowed rule

No. 891337

File: 1629852175929.jpeg (25.79 KB, 645x475, pinuporchid.jpeg)

I love the code "orchid cultivation" kek
Let's make the hidden garden board

No. 891340

I have mixed feelings about LC, because it isn't all bad, but the bad outweighs the good. Navigating this site is like sifting through piles of trash in order to find diamonds. It was nice to chat with anons, the freedom to speak your mind is great, but there are better, less chaotic places on the web. I'm growing out of it really.

No. 891341

choachan is like 95% kpop shit, meanwhile lolcow is frankly viewed by nonusers as a gossip/bullying board - unless you plan to not allow any discussion of cows (namely mtfs, who seem to be the ones spamming gore and such), lolcow and any replacement will continue to have scrotes spamming shit

No. 891367

File: 1629855042339.png (18.77 KB, 786x630, anonita.png)

I was thinking about it and this is how I would make anonitachan:

[lounge] - Starting page for everyone. Every other board is hidden, you have to lurk on lounge to get redirected to other boards.
Maybe we can have a thread for female hand confirmation.
This will help with the problem of gore and cp in every other board.

[ot] - Offtopic, everything else goes here, including random threads
[adv] - Vent threads, stupid question threads, and confession threads go here

[girl] - Girl stuff, period talk, etc
[fash] - Fashion and makeup, including alternative fashion
[house] - Housekeeping, cooking, gardening, etc
[art] - Arts and crafts
[xx] - Super hidden board for pinkpilled, manhating, radfem and gender critical discussion

[kb] - koreaboo
[wb] - weaboo
[m] - general media
[h] - husbandos

[meta] - for complaints etc
[trash] - shit threads

No. 891368

did you learn how to code yet

No. 891369

you might want to change the "fash" name lol

No. 891370

No. 891371

sometimes it's used as a short name for fascism

No. 891374


No. 891376

You're retarded. MongoDB is a data base ffs. Good luck geniuses!

No. 891381

why do you need to split up boards into even narrower topics than we have here? there's no point in splitting /g/ into so many boards, especially since there will not be very many users.

No. 891382

Cute that everyone is responding to her as if this pipedream would ever happen.

No. 891384

I mean that's the thing lmao, anons are being incredibly naive and think that making an imageboard is like making a blog on wordpress or something. at this rate why not just move to discord, especially if /snow/ and /pt/ are going to be eliminated?

No. 891386

I'm a scrote because I can see from a mile away that you have no idea what you're doing? Huh..

No. 891388

>anon expresses skepticism
>accused of being a man
get a grip

No. 891393

Nta, but anon is kinda right? The OP even saud she doesn't know how to code so this isn't likely to happen anytime soon. It's just been an idea that they've been posting about for a couple of months

No. 891442

Learn to code first kek

No. 891443

anon you’re hilariously retarded

No. 891460

So, did the admin actually come out and say anywhere of how much the site costs to run per month? I don't feel like skimming through the clusterfuck on meta to find out, I would just feel more comfortable to know what the goal is and what's already been donated, whereas I feel a lack of transparency is just the site ownership trying to get the most that it can out of the userbase and not just what it needs to survive…

No. 891467

It's 90 euros >>888446 The donation like is in meta and it's already been posted multiple times here, just ctrl f

No. 891471

I appreciate it anon, thank you.

90 euros a month isn't as bad as I thought, I was estimating 300 euros a month kek.

No. 891472

Samefag, the donations have reached 1056%, I don't feel like doing the math, but that's like $1,100+. On Ko-Fi the Admin said the money will go to the next admin, idk what will happen to it if we don't get a new admin.

No. 891505

couldnt the next admin just run off with it?

No. 891550

> setting up an imageboard especially on lynxchan requires a lot of coding skill
Really? Like what? All I see for lynxchan is that you need to set up the configuration and the infrastructure like servers. Why would you need to code, the Lynxchan already has all the features and they keep adding them.

No. 891562

Do it yourself then

No. 891566

Anon who said you'd be willing to take over, can you update us? Do you really have the intention of applying for admin? Or are you only thinking about it?

No. 891568

Am I the only one who thinks /ot/, /g/ and /m/ are solid as they are? One of the reasons I dislike cc is because there's too many boards. If I were to start a new imageboard to replace LC I'd copy /ot/ /g/ /m/, I think this divide of subjects and amount of boards is ideal for this userbase. Maybe add a (hidden) 2X and of course a meta. LC is fairly slow, I just don't see reason to divide boards further on a replacement imageboard, it's only going to look deserted.

No. 891569

If it's yours you can do whatever you want dude
I will check emails over the weekend in case anyone hasn't gotten back a response.
I am actually in the process of trying to upgrade the site to lynxchan but I also need to archive everything. If any interested anons read up on lynxchan documentation it would be helpful for the transition. I also recommend being comfortable using CLI but I'm also willing to help with the basics.
If anyone wants to contribute to the front end shoot me an email and I'll add you as a contributor. Javascript html/CSS knowledge recommended

No. 891571

I agree with you anon. Forgive me if I'm wrong but in CC I think the reason why there's so many boards is because how inconsistent posters are with making new entire posts for stuff that could've just easily fit under a pre existing thread subject and having interesting threads die subsequently. It's a problem a lot of smaller/newer imgboards seem to have. There's no strict moderation done about it either from what I've seen. I like how clean this site feels comparatively and I think each board subject serves its purpose well enough (some threads on /m/ could better belong on /g/ though).

No. 891575

What I'm saying is awfully rude, but CC seems to attract a specific type of really limp wristed, dull girl. A few of them also seem a little… "slow", to say the least.
What you say about the boards and thread bloat (especially with how few users there are) is very true, though!

No. 891587

Yeah the posters there seem like the /r9k/ browing "femoid" types. When I first visited there out of curiosity, it really read to me like a imageboard for chronically online teens. I find it funny because one of the rules is something like "don't post immaturely" but then you see posts like "wat does it mean when a guy says 'ur cute'?? does he like me??? uwu"

No. 891624

The problem is and will always be money. A fundamental flaw of a niche, anon board is that you don't have enough traffic for display ads, individual sponsors won't touch you because of CP and gore raids. Users won't pay for upkeep because it violates anonymity, (and most are ashamed to be users in the first place) .
Monetize this place even for a few hundred dollars a month and a qualified, semi-sane admin would be easy to find. Affiliate marketing may be the answer. Have a marketplace board where anons share online shopping links, get one of those widgets that strips outgoing Amazon links and adds your own affiliate code. Maybe even dropship merch like pins with the little pixel cow, have new ones every year that come out at the same time as lolcow awards. Keep it subtle so anonymity is maintained because there's plausible deniability that maybe someone just likes the cow design.
Of course money means paper trail so the admin would need to be wary of cows campaigning to dox/shut down links from vendors because this is a boolly suicide site. Tangles and problems everywhere. The question is, does lolcow.farm even have the will to live? With a user base whose only unifying quality is critical nitpicking, is lolcow driving itself to a musty death? Or will it rise from the NEET ashes?

No. 891635

>The question is, does lolcow.farm even have the will to live?
I mean considering how many farmers donated and posted about being upset at the possible end of this site…

No. 891639

didnt we have an anon donate 1k? despite the constant trashing on admin and farmhands most users must really like this site

No. 891652

Agreed. There's a lot of criticism but at the end of the day this is a rare female-only space where you're allowed to express certain ideas that get you shunned off mainstream social media. Many of us see value in that and I don't think it's surprising anons seek to preserve LC and chip in for that reason.

No. 891704


That's just not true, I would easily be able to afford it and I'm just one anon. I just don't have the coding skills, but I'm happy to donate anonymously

No. 891738

A screenshot of your comment and the reply was posted to CC kek.

No. 892050

lmao, link please, I can't find it

No. 892076

Am I the only one who thinks that having multiple Admins might not be a great idea? I can't help but think that could cause conflict.

No. 892126

No. 893128

The irony, anon

No. 893288

I have to second this, it isn't the mods or the admin who are the issue. I had posted a rant in /meta/ a few months back out of frustration because the post quality has slowly been going down the tube since March of last year, when all the schizos and other normie faggots were forced to use the internet for the first time in their lives. I haven't really been here in a while and it's honestly not shocking that the site might go under. As another anon mentioned, the one thing I loved about lolcow is that so far, we haven't had to deal with all the culture war bullshit that has turned every other online "community" into an angry cesspit of absolute ignorance, and that's really difficult to do nowadays with how determined people are to turn everything into the QAnon knitting club and fringe conspiracy posting. I really can't deal with anymore vaccine sperging, Trump tears, nigger hate Olympics, and whatever else normies get up to these days on Twitter and Failbook.

Realistically as it is, the only way(s) lolcow could feasibly survive is if the mods/future admin allow low quality retard posting, normies to come in and inevitably start with all their political ranting, racesperging, and PC softspeak, or start allowing ads and whatever and having subbed posters who pay to get special privileges. But honestly, I think it's better to just let the site go to the archives than let it become what 4chan inevitably turned into - a bunch of angry boomers still hung up on PizzaGate and future school shooter neo-Nazis having 24/7 meltdowns about "muh jews and negroes".

I would suggest in general maybe looking into have a lolcow.onion or something like that on the tor network, I know it's a pain in the ass to deal with downloading and disabling shit to safely surf the deep web without being hacked, but with the way the surface web is changing, that's my only lame last resort option, and you still have to wade through CP and extreme gore so, idk. I wanted to become an admin but I don't know if I could afford the server bill right now.

No. 893328

>Realistically as it is, the only way(s) lolcow could feasibly survive is if the mods/future admin allow low quality retard posting, normies to come in and inevitably start with all their political ranting, racesperging, and PC softspeak, or start allowing ads and whatever and having subbed posters who pay to get special privileges.
I don't get it. Why is it so difficult? Choachan has its own /ot/ board with threads that are basically replicas of ours here, and they're doing fine. If I didn't hate k-pop, I'd even say we should/could just go there if LC falls under.
People are freaking out ITT precisely because Lolcow is important to a certain subset of women on the internet. It fills an underground niche. I don't think it needs to change into 4chan, Twitter or FB. Clearly, there are enough people who like the site as it is.

No. 893341

I'm just being honest anon. As it is now, the site has already changed a lot and it's pointless to try resurrect something that's already long dead. All the original, older anons who made this place what it was jumped ship and I doubt they will ever come back. Lolcow as it is has basically turned into a refugee board for the twitter SJW culture warrior set, teenagers with their fucking tiktok cringe, and now the Lipstick Alley cunts have started coming here trying to racebait and sperg every fifteen minutes. You guys just don't want to admit that the site, culturally, is dead, and that not everyone comes to lolcow because of /ot/ and /g/. Most of us came here for milk and drama.

>I don't think it needs to change into 4chan, Twitter or FB. Clearly, there are enough people who like the site as it is.

If you like it, that's great, but again, not everyone is here just for /ot/ and I don't understand why everything else has to be nuked in favor of that. I agree that lolcow doesn't have to change (and hopefully shouldn't!) into 4chan or Twitter, but it's becoming increasingly more and more difficult obviously to maintain the site with the influx of schizoposting, raids, and whatnot. At some point, something has to give, and it's easier just to let the site RIP for now or make some adjustments here and there. But honestly, I don't really see the place lasting more than a year or two. It started slowing down after all the iconic cows' milk began to dry up. It was nice while it lasted but it's just never going to be what it was before.

No. 893957

This is tangentially related, but IDK where to post it. Is there a browser add-on that overlays all images on a website with something until you click on them? Alternatively, it could blur all images until you hover/click. I think that it would greatly help with the gore/cp issue. I've looked but only found an-add on that permanently changes of pictures to Nicolas Cage. Would something like that be even possible?

No. 893962

there is hardly any cp on here for that to be an issue. if you are this scared of being triggered then imageboards are not for you.

No. 893964

>if you are this scared of being triggered then imageboards are not for you,
Oh my god, not that again. Fuck off, I've been here for years.

No. 893967

ok? then why are you looking for an addon that blocks every single image in the slight chance this (dead) imageboard gets raided? maybe go to therapy instead

No. 893971

…this board was literally raided with gore pics a couple of months ago. And I think somebody posted cp on /g/ like a week ago. Some people just don't want to see that shit ever. God, you must either be a scrote or a sad, jaded woman if you don't mind seeing cp or gore pics every now and then

No. 893972

how about you stfu if you don’t have a suggestion, edgelord

No. 893973

>an add on that permanently changes pictures to Nicolas Cage
I fail to see the problem here.

No. 893974

I'm sorry I'm not as hardcore as you and don't want to see a 5-year old child being raped by two pedophiles, as I did 2 days ago.
>maybe go to therapy instead
LMFAO every therapist would take my side. Anyway if seeing that kind of images is normal to you, maybe you are the one who should. Or at least look at cp/gore professionaly, so that your complete lack of empathy is put to good use.
IDK why am I even arguing, you are probably a scrote if an idea of a solution to an issue of raids offends you. Women fucking off from here for that reason is exactly what they want. And if you hate this dead imageboard so much, why are you still here?
I've seen that one and it's cool, but the problem is that in order to see the pictures, you would have to turn the plugin off (as I understand). Something that would easily display original pictures would be the best, but I couldn't find it. I may give this a shot, though!

No. 894002

>slight chance
Have you looked at /meta/ once, ever? It happens often.

No. 894010

I've been here less than a year and in that short amount of time I've seen the board raided almost every week. So maybe fuck off.

No. 894012

File: 1630160971681.jpeg (200.09 KB, 414x639, B78E8D0A-E3AD-4153-9CDA-114D45…)

Sounds like a nice idea, Nicolas Cage will protect us from the mentally ill.

No. 894014

File: 1630161345598.jpg (154.96 KB, 936x433, Screenshot_20210828-103254_Chr…)

i sense the possibility of a moidrage, tantrum-fueled [attempt at a] raid in the near future

No. 894016

I've never heard this one, is this a troon word?

No. 894019

File: 1630161760394.jpeg (27.88 KB, 500x303, 5CC29F92-6A8A-4F58-AE05-A00C8E…)

Looks like that word is what happens when an incel troons out, it honestly took them a while to start using it since the incel to tranny pipeline never fails.

No. 894021

chan culture trannies are now using biology as an insult?

No. 894038

Imagine thinking biology is an insult kek

No. 894053

File: 1630165638890.jpg (251.24 KB, 1017x936, IMG_20210828_174137.jpg)

Update with the requirements and admin's stance on the discussion a few posts above.

No. 895478

You could get a new home in Vecchiochan, it needs more anons

No. 895495

But I don’t parle pizza pasta.

No. 895545

I parle pizza pasta but I want a female only board

No. 901855

4 months left nonnas

No. 901879

I'm getting really sad nonnie. The future looks bleak. Only four months…

No. 901891

wtf, is it confirmed lolcow is kaput?

No. 901894

Not quite, but the current admin's still looking for someone to take over at the end of the year. The fundraiser was successful and server costs are basically covered for another year, but idk what's going to happen without a new admin.

I wish the whole thing was a little less opaque. Like you still have to go to /meta/ to figure out what's going on. I feel like there should at be a brief summary of the ongoing situation in the announcements area (the one that currently still has the kiwifarms migrants message) so everyone's at least on the same page.

No. 906309

Bump. Did any anon plan to apply or did apply?

No. 906318

Please, farmers, we can't let this site die. Donate and apply. Help the way you can.

No. 906339

I know there's enough NEETs on here to run this place.

No. 906346

There's no need for more money right now, just someone who has the resources to actually manage it.

No. 906904

The problem is that those either can't code (or else they wouldn't be neets kek) or are too autistic for the community decisions of an admin position.
I, for one, would find the ability to investigate post histories too tempting.

No. 906943

Please, NEET nonitas of lolcow. One of you could study this months and rise as the new rightful neetadmin of this place. I believe in you. This is your destiny calling! YOU CAN FEEL IT, THIS IS WHAT YOU WERE BORN FOR. ACCEPT YOUR FATE QUEEN

No. 906947

Former admin is probably going to steal the donations and pocket it for rent money because no one wanted to be the new admin, kek. Why do you think the admin is trying desperately to get rid of her position? Why would anyone want to be an admin for a site like this? this place sadly won’t last

No. 906948

If i had the skills I would totally do that tho.

No. 906952

why nobody wants to be admin here is because of how fucking insane most of the users are. The current admin has been called a troon and harassed by "radfems" countless of times for not bending their way and deleting the gender critical thread(which was done to protect the website, if troons found a gender critical thread out in the open they would take the entire place down). They tried doxxing her and making up all sorts of rumors. Why would you want to give your time and brain cells to take care of a place with people that gossip about you and that will find all possible resources to try doxxing you and ruining your life. All the unthankful brats are still whining and crying lolcow will be taken down when they have actually contributed to the downfall of it by harassing admin and turning it into a very hostile place towards other users and admins. Political discourse doesn't mix well with gossip, this place was more organized and less hostile 4 years ago before the radfem rise. They are independent women and they should make their own imageboard.

Taking care of this place is not even hard and you don't need genius programming skills, but I doubt anybody wants to put up with all the shit, you must be a masochist to become admin here

No. 906953

>it’s all the radfems fault waaahhh

No. 906955

When did anyone try to doxx admin?

No. 906956

You sound like a [spoiler[tranny[spoiler]tbh

No. 906961

>harassed by radfems

The admin doesn’t like troons either, stop trying.

No. 906968

I dont like troons either and I'm not a scrote but let's not pretend what happened didn't happen. After GC got closed there were threads full of anons screeching and calling admin a troon. She deleted the gc critical thread to protect the website from being taken down because nowadays radfem discourse is comparable to nazi discourse. It's not her fault this is how the world is works. Try keeping up a website focused on criticizing troons and you will see what will happen. I can go through older threads and link hundreds of posts with tinfoil about admin being a troon. I'm just incredibly lazy and you attack me because you feel offended by me saying that admin was attacked for taking down the GC thread because you have probably made posts about her being a troon.

No. 906971

As if being called a scrote or tranny by anons on an imageboard is the worst fucking traumatic thing that could happen to and admin. Kek. I like how you don't list real traumatic stuff as cleaning up CP and gore spam but OBVIOUSLY you don't cause you are a tranny or a scrote.

No. 906972

Tl;dr scrote

No. 906978

>She deleted the gc critical thread to protect the website from being taken down because nowadays radfem discourse is comparable to nazi discourse. It's not her fault this is how the world is works.
Uhh, no it's not. The radfem police weren't going to find out about this site and shut it down. Stop being a handmaiden.

No. 906979

become admin and see what's like having a bunch of anons calling you names and making up shit about you just because you don't bend to their every desire. Radfems are very aggressive and hostile as this post shows I have been called a scrote and a troon 5 times by trying to address the issue of admin being harassed by "radfems" for not giving them everything they want. You're just proving my point further. Good luck finding anyone masochistic enough to run this place or maybe you could do it if you think having 60 strangers constantly shit on you and call you a troon when you are taking care of the website they use the most

No. 906980

>She deleted the gc critical thread to protect the website from being taken down because nowadays radfem discourse is comparable to nazi discourse

Who’s going to tell this biological male that’s not the reason why the GC topic was banned and the main reason was because it attracted CP/gore posters and incel raids because of course when women are allowed free speech, it immediately compels detractors and trolls to shut down the discourse just like what you’re trying to do, not because of the evuhl radfems making weak gay men upset from pointing out their fetish.

No. 906981

File: 1631365787783.jpg (105.29 KB, 400x300, totallyagrill.jpg)

"I dOn'tLike TrOOons EithEr M'FellOw Grills"

No. 906982

You are OBSESSED and ALL the posters clocked you in 5 seconds. You are digging your grave deeper and deeper with this stupid replies.

No. 906985

yes exactly it would get the website taken down good reading comprehension. Yet after it got taken down the website was flooded with tinfoil about admin being a troon or a pickme handmaiden. Yes, I'm an evil ebil troon and handmade just because I said something you didn't like. Whatever, good luck finding someone willing to take care of this shithole

No. 906987

File: 1631366066008.jpeg (71.9 KB, 612x180, 69E9A265-D99D-4634-93C7-F5B1DB…)

picre is you

No. 906989

Please tell me how it would have got the website taken down..

No. 906990

This place has turned into a reddit like cesspool where if you say something slightly different than the majoritary opinion you get harassed and called a troon or scrote just like troons call anybody with a slightly different opinion a TERF. I genuinely hope admin leaves with all the money in her pockets after everything you've said about her

No. 906992

Explain me, since you dodged the question, why you have this hyperfixation on the horrors of being called a tranny or scrote instead of focusing on the real horrors like CP and gore spammmers. Why did you and continue to bring up only the "omg they'll call u tranny or scrote how could anyone recover"?

No. 906993

File: 1631366371276.jpeg (92.99 KB, 662x617, 63A35E88-DAC3-45EC-B405-05BE16…)

gtfo cry harder

No. 906995

It started getting really bad when reddit closed the gc subreddit. Gc anons posted relatively normally here until then, and went on reddit when they wanted to talk ideology. But when that closed down, they took all that ideology shit and reddit hivemindism here.
I too feel sorry for admin for being attacked by them and am not at all surprised she's had enough.

No. 906997

>why is /ot/ being used to talk about off-topic stuff!

shut up.

No. 906998

Lol wut

No. 907001

File: 1631366881317.jpg (28.2 KB, 640x427, smell.jpg)

I smell samefagging

No. 907012

Report us and see if we get banned.
The inability to comprehend there's opposing views is staggering. And lulzy

No. 907017

They're right though. I've seen anons venting about personal issues get called trannies or scrotes, or the scrote witch hunt in the COVID thread. This site deserves to be shut down if none of you can handle having a conversation on an anonymous imageboard without shitting your pants about the mere idea that there's a male posting here like srs just go on Facebook groups or something where you can obviously see the posters if the idea of a male being here scares you that much

No. 907023

You do realize that’s part of being an admin right? Admins/mods get shit on all the time, especially on image boards. Her case is not unique. Literally why should she care what a bunch of randoms have to say, if she’s an actual woman she has nothing to worry about. Also there’s a good chance it wasn’t just “radfems” trying to doxx her.

Imo if you can’t handle getting called names you just shouldn’t be on the internet

No. 907028

Nayrt, but the problem is nobody wants to be admin now. Except cows who just want to take control to remove their own threads. And why would they when the selling point is "come get shit at"

No. 907035

File: 1631368534155.jpg (17.55 KB, 474x474, warrior.jpg)

>>907028because this is a beautiful, unique and precious community and must be protected at all costs.

No. 907036

It's not about "not handling be called name" it's that it completely defeats the purpose of an imageboard meant for communication if no one can communicate without having a shit flinging fest. If you wanna let lolcow become a place where you get "SCROTE!!!" Screamed at you anytime you post anything at all that they decide is scroteish, which is almost everything, then that's on you but I personally liked coming here and having conversations with other anons

No. 907040

File: 1631368856311.jpg (41.5 KB, 512x512, yJMthbMx.jpg)

stop bumping this thread, i'm trying to pretend it doesn't exist

No. 907041

Crying on meta wasn't enough for you, huh?

No. 907042

it's okay anon most of those that constantly call others names and tell them mean shit over slight disagreements literally die inside when someone replies something negative to their posts or tells them something bad.

Anyway, I do hope admin pockets the money. It's compensation after all the shit anons said about her. I was in "radfem" discord servers from lolcow and anons from lolcow would say the most unhinged shit about admin to the point they even wanted to doxx her over being a troon and closing down the sweeet sweet GC thread. Most anons that think they are "radfems" are not even radfems, they just hate scrotes and troons. If they were radfems they'd be in a women's shelter helping out, instead of harassing and calling other women on the internet "scrote" or "troon" over slight disagreements.


No. 907043

>nobody wants to be admin except cows
Always have been, always will be

No. 907044

"Being called a troon on the internet : the ultimate tragedy"

No. 907048

File: 1631369420162.jpg (31.01 KB, 500x272, 50r2x0.jpg)

>waaaaah waaaah I hate Lolcow and its users!!
Then leave.

No. 907053

File: 1631369621828.jpeg (2.1 KB, 35x27, 98C102D8-F7F2-4BF3-8D4E-76ABA1…)


No. 907067

Welcome back.

No. 907070

lmao imagine the biggest tragedy in your life is being called a scrote or troon on an imageboard. how fucking fragile can you be?

No. 907073

this has almost nothing to do with being afraid of some internet random calling you a troon. Lolcow has a very small userbase, and there just aren't that many people who have the time to admin - combine that with the programming requirement, and it fully makes sense that we're having such a tough time finding a replacement admin. If you look at this thread and the thread in meta, there are a ton of people saying that they either have the time but not the programming skill or vice versa.

No. 907092

Holy shit can we not discuss one of the main issues as to why lolcow is getting shut down without you retards acting as if we're overdramatic? We are just saying, no one's saying it's the worst thing ever or anything weird like that. Sorry the world doesn't revolve around what you seem acceptable, did you just not want us to talk about this or? If so then why are you here?

No. 907093

>Lolcow is being shut down
>This is why it's gone to shit
Have you never heard of criticism? Do you not leave your house? Have you ever held a job or any sort of education?
>Yeah you're doing this wrong

No. 907094

seems like certain anons are more upset about admin being called a tranny than the admin even was, which is what is confusing about the fixation on that point. she mentioned it like once and moved on but anons continue to harp on about how offended they are on her behalf because of it.

No. 907104

Yes anon, the main issue is admin being called a tranny, drama from 2 years ago and anons occasionally mis-calling eachother scrotes for acting like scrotes. Definitely has nothing to do with raids and the cp and gore that is spammed for months now.

Whining "I hope lolcow dies!! YOU'RE ALL SHIT AND I HATE IT HERE" is not criticism.

No. 907112

are we all pretending that this isn't just tsundere-anon going on her weekly tear? She was even kind enough to include
>Political discourse doesn't mix well with gossip
as a clue lol

No. 907117

She's right tho,
>lolcow does not pander to your ideology

No. 907118

Also almost verbatim the line about women shelters >>892299 and telling us (again) about her experience with the lc discord.

No. 907119

>gc critical
Anyway, I'm hoping that one anon that said she wanted to take the site and bring back GC/PP actually comes through.
I don't think it matters who the admin is, as long as this place continues to exist and we don't have to bow to scrotes and trannies.
Also, anyone who's making a big deal of being called a scrote or a troon is dumb as fuck. This is an imageboard, we all insult one another and move on. Everyone from anons to admins should be able to shrug that shit off and move on when they know it's untrue.

No. 907120

Nobody cares about tsundere anon. You derailed the unpopular opinion thread 3 weeks ago about her too. I can't even recognize her posts.

No. 907121

She derails threads herself with her dumb posts.

No. 907123

Does anyone else remember when the radfems had there own image board but it closed because no one posted on it?

No. 907126

>I don't think it matters who the admin is, as long as this place continues to exist and we don't have to bow to scrotes and trannies.

I care about her moving on.

It was closed because it was ddossed and spammed.

No. 907141

what is this false narrative?

No. 907146

It slightly matters because no one should be honestly engaging with this person. She doesn't want to save lolcow, she's been posting the same thing about being happy to watch the site die because it's filled with hypocritical radfems for weeks now.

No. 907154

What is the correct narrative?

No. 907184

NTA, but I'm pretty sure it was posted right there >>907126 kek.

No. 907211

But if asherahsgarden was closed because it was constantly DDoS'd and spammed with gore and CP then why is this poster >>906968 a scrote for pointing out that admin protected lolcow from the same fate?

No. 907227

Probably because in AG's case, GC was the point of the entire site, rather than just general threads or a single sub board, and there was (most likely) a far smaller team of mods trying to defend the place than LC has.
Besides, isn't that the poster the unhinged sperg saying admin should take everyone's donation money for the site and run? How does that not scream "bitter tranny/scrote who wants to punish the terfs while concern trolling for the current admin"? Pathetic behavior.

No. 907282

>GC was the point of the entire site
The site was for general radfem discussion, it wasn't just for GC.

>Besides, isn't that the poster the unhinged sperg saying admin should take everyone's donation money for the site and run?

She never mentioned admin taking the money and running in that post and yet she was still called a scrote for pointing out the obvious.

No. 907533

>The site was for general radfem discussion, it wasn't just for GC.
Don't men hate radfems in even a general sense anyway? They don't even like liberal feminists, kek.
>She never mentioned admin taking the money and running in that post and yet she was still called a scrote for pointing out the obvious.
In that post they didn't, and yet, everyone was somehow able to call BS from a mile away. Women's intuition at work?
And honestly, the site still gets spammed with gore and CP now that GC is banned, and it even happened before the threads were a thing. We haven't really been "saved" from anything. Scrotes will always resent that any space for women can exist, it just comes with the territory. They won't be happy until this place is Kiwi Farms 2.0.

No. 907589

>In that post they didn't
So why is she being called a scrote for making that post?

>call BS from a mile away

But she didn't post bullshit.

No. 907959

>literally only posting about the anon now
"She" (maybe you) did post BS, and I explained why. Give it up already.

No. 908351

>anon says that admin banned GC to protect the site from scrote raids
>asherahs garden was taken down due to the hosted GC discussion causing scrote raids
>anon is a troon and a scrote for daring to point this out
I don't get what you're trying to say.

No. 908373

anon, stop arguing with them. They're from a lolcow radfem server I was in and that I left because I just didn't enjoy being there anymore. Since I left when they can spot my ideas or writing style they reply to all my posts with "scrote" or "troon" and they try convincing everyone I am a scrote or they attempt manipulating public opinion their way. They also tried turning me into a lolcow meme although nobody cares about me here but them because they cannot stand someone with a slightly different opinion. They've created some sort of weird cult. They keep on posting about tsundere anon which is me although literally nobody cares and nobody can recognize my posting style. They also made fun of me for being a sex trafficking victim although they are "radfems". They make no sense. They did horrible things to me like posting my private information or LARPING as me. I can try linking the posts but I am too lazy. It's been happening for 2 months now I think. They are crazy and all of them are from the same server. They also think everyone that disagrees with them is me.

No. 908505

i recognize your posting style and i don't use any server (or discord in general lmao). didn't you say you were gonna leave the site? any day now..

No. 909260

Reread >>907533.

I've never joined a radfem server, and I have no clue who you are.
I can't be bothered with the rest of your post, but if Lolcow is so bad and you're convinced people are gangstalking you or whatever, just leave. No one's going to beg for your return because we're all anonymous.

No. 912957

File: 1631728553637.jpg (1.57 MB, 1393x112, update.jpg)

Posting for those who haven't seen.

No. 912963

You repeat the same words and phrases in almost every post, you write giant walls of text and have the same typos in each one, you talk about the same things over and over again and always accuse people of copying you or larping as you. I am not in any lolcow related server at all and I don't visit this website often, and I still recognize you.

No. 912966

Please share the posts. That's crazy.

No. 912967

hush anon or she will come back to own "rad fems" again

No. 913139

It's just her damage controlling with "someone us impersonating me!! " ever since anons pointed out her posts are recognizable, which they are due to the tism or whatever her issue is. The post of her getting "made fun of for being a sex trafficking victim" was pointing out that she should take a break from lolcow because her typing style is so traceable that it reveals personal information, like her being an ex-camgirl and now twitch streamer who has been shitting up the board about (anti-)sexwork takes and sperging about radfems for a whole year. And no, I'm not part of the discord either.

No. 913142

>those rad fems are copying meeee!
>complains about rad fems copying her in every post
>no that wasn't me, it was rad fems larping as me!
>im too mentally ill to get off lolcow and get a real job, my life is unfair! it's those first world rad fems!

gee i wonder what the truth is

No. 913146

Well at least she learned to write radfem as ome word now. And the post is 3 days old so lets hope she got some help or became somewhat lucid.

No. 916269

Man I’ve not really been here for a few months and there’s a possibility the site will be gone?
No matter this site’s flaws,I don’t want it gone

No. 917479

same & i thought there was enough donations so its saved now?

No. 917581

no one is gonna donate. no one with true knowledge and care of how to run the site will take over. honestly, i'll miss some parts of this place but it's for the best to get rid of it.

No. 917582

>no one is gonna donate.
Anon… The server bill has already been paid for a year through donations.

No. 917594

Bumping 'cause it's important

No. 917597

i swear nobody has even read this thread or the post in /meta/ before making retarded assumptions

No. 917672

and what happens the year after?

No. 917949

There's over a year left to figure that out.

No. 918673

People are probably going to donate again? Like isn't that how everything works?

No. 922176

Why not? I would gladly give my basic attention tokens to this site.

No. 924693

what have i missed
also what if u guys make a board with that one webring site? bad idea?

No. 924702


No. 929222

sorry, yeah
you make a board and own it but they could delete if they wanted to i think (considering ours would have pinkpill and gc threads especially likely)
per the site,
Admin: All permissions
Global staff: All permissions on all boards excluding account management and news updates
Board owner: Permissions to board-specific settings, reports, banners and bans and some post actions
Board moderator: Permissions to manage board-specific reports, bans and some post actions
Regular user: Permissions to report/delete/spoiler posts

No. 954165

This website was unironicallu great before men found it.

No. 954190

men have always been here, they will never leave us alone nonnie

No. 954201

File: 1635561490623.jpg (135.4 KB, 1080x1273, Tumblr_l_489807433825860.jpg)

Mods won't let me periodically post cock and ball torture to keep them away.

I even made banners.

No. 954559

LC was actually started by a man.

No. 957324

is….is that young post malone

No. 957333

File: 1635874498423.jpg (72.63 KB, 540x557, tumblr_f4db70b79b006c15a4faeb6…)

No. 957338

that doesn't work either(I have seen this playout with discord raids) if they are moids willing to raid a female majority site they don't fucking care what you might counterpost
the only solution is sage and report

No. 957346

There's always been an ebb and flow in the number of male retards on lolcow, the best thing to do is to continue to post normally. Attention-seeking scrotes find actual female discussion boring so they never last very long here before they wander off for gayer pastures.

No. 957362

Moids are the biggest drama fags

No. 957368

Is the matrix room down?
is email best way to contact admin?

No. 957381

It seems to be working for me?

No. 957430

>#lolcowfarm:rage.lol is not accessible at this time
do I need an invite or something? not familiar with matrix

No. 957920

I really hope lolcow doesn't tank. I've been a lurker for years. I've always been more comfortable in anon forums than anywhere else on the internet. It's stupid but lolcow made me a better person, I've actually learned a lot from anons and posting anonymously has helped my anxiety. I really wish I knew some of you irl and could be friends.

No. 957942

the matrix chat is an absolute wasteland. i miss discord, it was retarded but it was active

No. 957944

No. 957949

Did you see the admin announcement in meta? There’s a new discord

No. 957951

i hadn't seen it! thanks anon

No. 958006

Ur lonely

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