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File: 1544390366755.jpg (378.55 KB, 886x814, sugar daddies.jpg)

No. 336991

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't sperg, complain or pick fights.
· Don't racebait.
· Don't fangirl, save that for the Kpop General thread here: >>301262
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about shipping or fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread here: >>301262

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No. 336994

the last thread was becoming a dumpster fire ty

No. 337001

how long do you guys think blackpink will last?

No. 337009

i think its dependent on their next comeback- i dont think knetz will appreciate another 2 years (?) for 5 more songs with lackluster performances so who knows

No. 337012

File: 1544392023926.jpg (39.74 KB, 636x693, tao sperg.jpg)

old, but hilarious milk. someone in the previous thread mentioned tao throwing a public fit when kris left the group, back in 2014.

he literally acted like a 12 year old who just got dumped by their online boyfriend of three days. honestly, kpop idols having to share their formative years with a tiny group of people seems unhealthy as fuck. i wonder how many toxic and clingy friendships there are.

the following is from an allkpop article about his sperging:
When he started to see the feedback he was getting on Instagram as well as Weibo with fans speculating that someone else had written the message, his Weibo was updated again with a message that stated, "I am EXO member Tao. The things said on Weibo and Instagram are by me. I have nothing to hide." He also posted messages along the lines about the truth surfacing sooner or later, further leaving fans to wonder about the truth of the situation.

this is almost as good as t-ara being slammed for "bullying" one of their members, by subtweeting her and making mean posts about her online. kek.

No. 337024

he makes exo sound like a cult, "as they tried to escape" lol

No. 337032

File: 1544394098111.gif (2.66 MB, 343x270, vic2.gif)

i think until their first contract ends and one of the members decide not to renew it because of many reasons.

But they might decide to stick with YG and blackpink because being in a shit-but-bigNknown-company is better then fading into nothingness if you don't already have something going on like being a good or loved actor like d.o from exo.

also the fans and public could turn against the ex-member and start blaming her for "Ending Blackpink" or calling her a snake if blackpink disbands or is doing bad.

No. 337035

Im so baffled as to how blackpink have like what, 10 songs total in 2 years? i know twice debuted a year before bp but theyve shit out so many songs in comparison. Youd think yg would want to milk bp for all they're worth since they're fairly popular. It just makes no sense to me

No. 337045

>But they might decide to stick with YG and blackpink because being in a shit-but-bigNknown-company is better then fading into nothingness if you don't already have something going on
like Minzy leaving 2NE1? people talked for ages about how YG was shit for not giving her a solo and how she'd blow up as an incredible soloist once she was out of the company, but in the 2 and a half years since leaving YG she's only just brought out a 5 track mini album and… this.

No. 337078

>She used to read the f(x) fanforum where you can see who's browsing what section, people used to meme about her reading Kryber fics
Pls elaborate on this, seems milky

No. 337081

minzy.. oh no baby what is you doing. why did she let someone edit this with windows movie maker transitions lmao.

i absolutely love watching low budget kpop music videos. the attached one makes me lose it every time. the nonsense english paragraphs that randomly pop up.. the dancing… god.

No. 337095

I kinda like the song. the only low budget mv I remember is Becoming Prettier by Sixbomb. they spent a bunch of money so the members could get plastic surgery as some sort of gimmick but left barely any money for the actual MV.

No. 337104

It's kinda sad seeing artists that used to be huge going downhill like this when they entered a different company. It's like nobody cares about her anymore except for some diehard 2ne1 fans.

No. 337105

No. 337106

This song is disgusting and sexist af. Reading the comments, I'm surprised people actually enjoy watching this.

No. 337108

You thought she would have changed her ways after YGE started deleting the lazy jennie videos, but no… I've never seen a kpop idol so arrogant like this on stage

No. 337111

is this going to become another jessica vs snsd or hwayoung vs t-ara situation?

No. 337112

her ip got tracked by psycho fans

i feel like there was also something about her viewing a thread about krystals legs

No. 337113

unfortunately(because it brought so many lolz) there wont be another hwayoung situation i dont think
companies are really good at keeping the bullying shit on the low and apparently it has happened in many groups and not much is known about it (apink, after school, secret etc) because people get paid off to keep their mouth shut basically

No. 337115

there is bullying in apink? i always thought the members got along well

No. 337119

according to the first girl and her father yeah but they reneged when they got paid off

she was the richest member, apparently helped some of the other girls by paying for things(according to them) and the other girls "bullied" her and she got kicked

they did a press conference and everything and then they were all "just kidding we didnt mean it teehee" after like..a week lol
im more inclined to believe it was true or they wouldnt have said it to begin with for risk of defamation charges

No. 337120

wow if they really did bully her that's shocking. i would have never thought a group like apink would be bullies. i guess you never know what celebrities are really like huh.

No. 337121

the thing is shes really close to eunji still

and eunji has fallen victim to similar rumors
there was a tumblr that collected evidence of her being "ostracized and alone" just like hwayoung but i dont believe it

its really hard to know what to believe with any of these things because the k entertainment industry is mega weird with the extent they go to hide things

No. 337125

File: 1544405668606.jpg (86.58 KB, 1000x551, 20181209-kwangheejpg.jpg)

ew..do they give you free plastic surgery in the military too? he doesnt even look like the same guy. >its just because he hasnt ate enough and is too skinny

bitch they dont starve you in the damn military

No. 337129

i saw this today and was like wtf. i bet it's just that snow filter thing that shaves your face in half

No. 337131

I want fx to disband so i can see the world burn.

No. 337133

me but with BTS.

No. 337134

sorry but are people REALLY checking for them anymore?
victoria fucked off to china, sulli is living the party life, luna is busy being an ana chan between mediocre comebacks(she deserves better in terms of how talented she is but she can fuck off with the bitchy skinny girl lifestyle crap because its very grating), krystal seems to be more into fashion (just like her sister) and being an edgy indie darling
amber is the only one that seems to even care that much about kpop at all anymore but i dont think her comebacks ever get much hype anymore

im still so damn bitter about red light and that entire album not getting the promotion and video collection it deserved

No. 337135

luna from fx has the most annoying voice i've ever heard. she is an obvious theatre kid who, for some reason, thinks she should be a pop star. she ruins every fx song with her obnoxious singing.

No. 337136

why does this exist

No. 337138


Lol, agree. I'm surprised their fans are still thinking they'll have another comeback when SM seems busy with NCT, Red Velvet, Exo and maybe even the "new sm girl group". SM only gave Girl's Generation some type of comeback even though half the girls fucked off because they were so popular.

No. 337139

red velvet is the new fx and im pretty sure most of their songs were originally meant to be for fx in the first place

No. 337140

when is that new gg going to happen? those girls trained alongside the dreamies and nothing is heard from them except for those 2 or 3 that left.
sm going to drop rv once this new group comes out.

No. 337142

I thought this was a corny 1st gen act just from seeing the thumbnail but it really just came out today

No. 337144

f(x) soon will be 10 years old in 1 year, the non existent promotion is a hint that it's not gonna be celebrated, or they will just officially disband next year

No. 337145

This literally just came out 17 hours ago, wtf

Most commenters are Korean probably because only them can relate to such stuff

No. 337153

BP won't last since Yg is debuting a new GG(I think). Kwanghee out here looking like a creepy santa elf, if g dragon got fat why couldn't he? Unless he's trying to keep the kpop image out here looking like jhope's twin. FX is over. Loona is overrated so is majority of these popular groups. Exo fell out a long time ago that's why they can't keep up. Idol actors/actresses can't act for shit. BTS is a tired ass flop, full of pennywise looking clowns. Kpop ships are to satisfy crazy LGBT SJ fags. All kpop songs are the same, there's no song that can be differentiated from the other. Winner flopped after that member left. Ikon's music sucks. Most GG music sucks ass. Seventeen's music is Chainsmokers 2.0 so there's nothing great about that. 90% of kpop idols look like shit with zero talent. And finally kpop is for retards, it's a joke and the rest of the world agrees except it's incel retarded fans.

No. 337155

Since the topic is kinda on YG new GG I'll admit I don't find sua (unpretty rapstar 2 contestant and yg trainee) talented

No. 337160

File: 1544411129259.png (6.93 MB, 3264x2169, thenking.png)

i thought i really hated boy groups because they all seem gay but looking back on old shit like nu'est, i find them kind of handsome. even the androgynous/gay looking ones.

what is it about current gen boy groups that make them look so repulsive? is it the plastic surgery? did BTS always look so gross?

No. 337161

Only a hat of yg artists are talented. These days kpop companies will only debut rich/pretty idols for creepy men/women to lust over. Didn't he's wife be in a kpop group but yg made them disband just to be with her? That's creepy granny teas right there

No. 337163

File: 1544411335118.jpg (382.82 KB, 1538x2048, 2d4a2eb7a48bec55bbf76e0075a848…)

ren looks pretty basic without the hair/makeup though tbh

No. 337166

damn he looks better without the androgynous shit actually lmao
i guess they just fuck up idols faces now
i wish the flower boy trend would stop

No. 337167

It's the ~flower boy~ trend.

No. 337169

Im that Anon and looking back on it I regret implying she's untalented but I guess with modern trainees there's a missing x factor that older gen groups like 2ne1 had. I think talent and star presence has been compromised for visuals, and yes that story about yg is true lmao

No. 337170

File: 1544411671955.jpg (63.52 KB, 500x356, large.jpg)

its actually fucked up how they were forcing him to do that shit at debut
its gross

No. 337172

File: 1544411932996.gif (1.95 MB, 268x360, lel.gif)

you get to be in the group! the catch is you have to pretend to be a gril lol~

No. 337173

File: 1544412161577.png (229.17 KB, 560x451, uhhhh.png)

No. 337176

good god is the left recent? how much weight has he gained? i didnt think it was possible…

No. 337179

File: 1544413608186.jpeg (166.8 KB, 1024x825, 38BFFD66-9403-4198-8F5D-D8A790…)

No. 337182

File: 1544413839364.jpg (60.32 KB, 610x832, hyuna-and-e-dawn-1jpg.jpg)

gee he looks absolutely THRILLED to be in france with hyuna

No. 337183

Fuck this is disgusting

No. 337185

File: 1544414604456.jpg (105.77 KB, 1000x500, JR-Ren.jpg)

Funny cause Nu'est (now Nu'est W) only got the spotlight recently when they joined Produce 101 to get more attention (1 member got into Wanna One), it also started to work for them when they got rid of Ren's flower boy image lol.

No. 337186

File: 1544414671945.png (118.94 KB, 413x549, ap,550x550,12x16,1,transparent…)

cant say ive seen anyone whos face is a literal kabuki mask but here we are

No. 337187

are you new?

No. 337188

File: 1544414707350.png (368.43 KB, 480x603, ren1.png)

No. 337189

yeah because even the average korean fangirl doesnt want to fuck a(pretend)transexual

No. 337190

he looks like chorong lol

No. 337191

Nah. I know them since 2015, but we all know only nugu groups would join survival shows to gain them more attention. They were never that big before Nu'est W.

No. 337192

Just compare the total counts on Spotify between Nu'est and Nu'est W, and you'll know what i mean

No. 337193

honestly doesn't look that bad, although would obviously be disgusting in real life.
snsd has less views than most of twice's music, doesn't mean they weren't huge.

No. 337194

oops didn't clear the youtube link mb

No. 337195

why did all boy groups go through a "black clothes, eyeliner, high school with a dark atmosphere, fuck the school fuck the system, we are bad boys" phase

No. 337196

You're comparing one group to another group, I was comparing the same group to the newer version of them. If Nu'est was that big, they wouldn't have bothered joining Produce 101, like Exo didn't need to because they're Exo

No. 337197

It was the trend back then. Soon enough all the new concepts we see in 2018 will be a laughingstock in a few years. Just look back at 2009s concepts.

No. 337198

To support my argument:


The members of NU’EST recently explained why they are appearing on “Produce 101 Season 2,” despite being a group that made their debut in 2012.

The first episode of Mnet’s survival boy band show aired on April 7 and showed the 101 trainees getting their first rankings. The second half of the episode featured an appearance by Kang Dong Ho (Baekho), Kim Jong Hyun (JR), Choi Min Gi (Ren), and Hwang Min Hyun (Minhyun), all members of boy band NU’EST.

The members stated that they knew that many considered them a failed boy band, and added, “We’re thinking of this as our last chance. We’re here because we’re that desperate.”

Kang Dong Ho shed tears as he confessed, “There are two people from our agency [Pledis Entertainment] who became members of I.O.I. I want to be like them. I want to be like the people who became members of I.O.I and SEVENTEEN.”

Seeing them appear on stage for their evaluation, trainer Kahi couldn’t help but cry as she said, “I used to be a trainee with them, and I feel so bad seeing them up there.” Kim Jong Hyun also revealed that after his first glance at Kahi, he couldn’t look her way any longer because he felt like he was going to start crying as well.

No. 337200

do korean girls love the oppar is crying narrative? why is there so much emphasis on it?

No. 337202

File: 1544415570275.jpg (71.56 KB, 750x750, 0b.jpg)

ugh wouldnt let me repost this but i forgot to add picture at first

to me the worst male group concept is when they make them dress like grammar school children in oversized "kiddie" clothes, and the sweaters with flowers and knee socks look too, you probably know what i mean

No. 337203

The situation was that bad though:

>The four members performed a rendition of After School’s “Because of You,” but none of them were able to receive an A or B ranking. Only Hwang Min Hyun received a C grade, while the other three received a D.

No. 337204

it's an easy way to appeal to people and get votes. kaeun did the same thing on produce 48

No. 337205

File: 1544415873263.gif (1.19 MB, 335x239, 0fHsZ.gif)

lots of idols do it tbh

you know all those show wins where idols are boohooing and so ~le shocked they won~?

its all bullshit

No. 337206

File: 1544416088347.jpeg (71.27 KB, 835x410, 2-4_gfriend_yerin.jpeg)

this is still the best one
next thread pic? lol

No. 337207

File: 1544416340836.jpg (31.78 KB, 650x650, luhan-650x650.jpg)

It's unsettling seeing him cry with the tears falling over his overdone face

No. 337210

idols often get asked at fansigns who cries the most in the group and they usually answer with a whole list, i get that their culture lets men be more emotional but it's still weird, are all of them that unstable?

crying at award shows is always so fake though lol

No. 337211

File: 1544416556400.jpg (139.94 KB, 1080x723, 20181210_113528.jpg)

Probably to satisfy their fans' weird fetish seeing their idols cry

No. 337212

File: 1544416602141.jpg (27.32 KB, 507x605, images-12.jpg)

I'd have wanted to punch this face

No. 337213

File: 1544416668055.jpg (36.96 KB, 505x714, DaY7SHSV4AAwvrd.jpg)

its to make them appear more ~vulnerable~ and also as if they owe their fans or who the hell ever voted for them "everything" because they voted for them to win a damn show reward

its like the parents that take pageants and star search style shows seriously, but instead its the whole damn culture lol
its happens multiple times a week its not like its an actual grammy or oscar or some shit

No. 337214

looks like he's cosplaying some cartoon character

No. 337215

File: 1544416894576.jpg (106 KB, 900x900, itzy-rumour-7.jpg)

JYPE's upcoming new girl group ITZY look like the rip-off version of Twice. What's with kpop companies debuting the same talentless shit every single time.

No. 337216

i wonder if kpop is ever going to have a trend for a more natural look, i'm tired of stylists making them look like grandmas

No. 337217

They'd have to revert to Kpop before 2010 then

No. 337218

aw girl bottom right has lunas original face

how much you wanna bet all these girls are gonna have completely different faces than they have in these pics when they debut lmao

No. 337226

Ain't nobody looking forward to Sua's debut. Her unpretty rapstar 2 performances were lackluster, and she doesn't have looks or charisma to fall back on.

No. 337250

All these female rappers are either cl or hyuna 2.0s. name me one rapper that isn't a carbon copy of these two. There's none tbh. Kpop and hip-hop is a big no no

No. 337269

still don't understand why sehun would need a sugar daddy. does sm take 98% of the money they make or something, where does all their million-selling album money go?

No. 337274

The old dude is probably a sponsor. It's well-known even when the company is big, they still need sponsors to keep their money flowing. Another guess would be Sehun secretly has the kinks for old dudes cause he seems to enjoy it.

No. 337275

Rich people always wanna get richer anon.

No. 337292

Such a weird group concept. The smaller companies are really willing to do everything in order to create buzz around their group.

No. 337303

File: 1544433832735.jpg (30.29 KB, 1200x242, unnamed15.jpg)

>Ever since her departure from JYP, there was no reason to suspect that things had ended on bad terms as even her father stated that everything was sorted out.

>However, one fan left a comment on her Instagram selfie saying that SoMi looked great and that it was styling and looks that JYP wasn’t capable of delivering to fans. Other fans naturally took this comment as throwing shade at SoMi’s former agency. But the problem began when SoMi liked the comment, causing some critical fans to turn their attention towards the K-Pop idol.

>Fans have been wondering whether she liked the comment because she was complimented on her looks or because the comment was taking a shot at JYP Entertainment.

What do you guys think? This is such an arrogant move cause whether she wants to admit it or not, JYP was the one who debuted her. She could have stayed quiet til things are peaceful enough for her to say anything at all. Why do so many artists act like this now? Like with the Hyuna's case or Coco's case (a nugu artist). Even Jessica stayed quiet about her shit with SM and SNSD til now.

No. 337334

File: 1544436437401.png (332.92 KB, 621x812, pristin_mess.png)

apparently pristin fans are protesting outside their company building. i think the last time they dropped a song, as a group, was in 2017. one of the members (kyulkyung) is chinese and has gotten a lot of solo work there, but i wonder what the other members have been up to. it's kinda funny how chinese idols get treated like shit in korea, but when they have had enough and go back to their home country, where some of them are treated like gods, their korean fans complain?

he probably likes it. like, there is no reason for it to be this public? he is comfortable with this guy posting private pics of him. after all, sehun was the one who posted the after sex selfie with that sj member. i think he enjoys the attention lol.

i think it's extremely arrogant. jyp were the ones who made her and taught her everything she knew. the company gave her so many opportunities and benefits. i think not having her in a group was a good move on their part too, as it would have been the somi show lol. i'm pretty sure they were alright with letting her go because she had made back the money they invested in her? i'm really curious to see how she gets promoted once she debuts.

No. 337336

She acts like this because she's just a kid. 16-year-olds don't think about the consequences of posting or even just liking things on the internet.

No. 337339

They should really give their trainees some manners and psychological lessons. These kids debuting here and there without the proper mental state for it is dangerous for their own wellbeing.

No. 337340

I'm sure YG is gonna treat her even worse than JYP did. Maybe she should fuck her way up to get into Jennie's position now, ew.

No. 337341

she turns 18 in a couple of months, while she is young she has been in the entertainment business for years and should know better. her crazy stage dad probably thinks all pr is good pr though, i wouldn't be surprised if he encourages her to do this.

No. 337366

File: 1544444635685.jpeg (294.82 KB, 1992x832, 0F319CE5-F989-4C9F-A675-29434E…)

No. 337367

File: 1544444734507.jpeg (83.62 KB, 1636x264, 0203BE67-8F2B-44B2-8ABF-C3F65E…)

No. 337378

I'd rather not see the other 3 members get a solo project rather than having this thing happening to them. I don't like BP but those hard-working members don't deserve this shit.

No. 337379

Speaking of unpretty rapstar 2, how are the others doing?
I know truedy is still larping as a black girl

No. 337380

I can't tell which is worse - to be ignored by YG and shoved in the dungeon, or to be his favourite and be creeped on like he did to his wife and Jennie

No. 337383

Jeon Soyeon is in Gidle, Heize really broke through and became a top artist with many hit songs, Hyolyn and Yubin are solo artists, Exy is in WJSN/Cosmic Girls. That's all I remember. It seems like everyone except Truedy is doing well, kek

No. 337384

he's disgusting. jennie might be lazy but i don't think she's inherently bad. maybe this creepy old fucker's obsession fucked her up, i really hope she isn't getting harassed and all the female idols in his company are safe

No. 337394

When you remember they have 10 year old Ella Gross in there tho, lmao

No. 337396

File: 1544450050134.jpeg (97.27 KB, 960x947, 0JXXGLGEnd.jpeg)

..some people call her Little Jennie

No. 337398

Why is this child wearing a full face of makeup? WTF

No. 337399

File: 1544451069354.jpg (8.72 KB, 201x251, images.jpg)

I think it's the filter, anon. She looks naturally like that, which is sadly exploited by her own parents and YGE.

I'd admit she was born pretty and will never need any PS at all, but there's something uncanny about her mature features… like a 10 year old girl isn't supposed to look that mature

No. 337400

File: 1544451287037.jpg (60.62 KB, 620x385, gh.jpg)

I gave a bad example. These pics are more like it.

No. 337405

File: 1544453056655.jpg (39.86 KB, 480x640, kyla.jpg)

>I'd admit she was born pretty and will never need any PS at all
I mean, it could turn into Kyla, or Jihyo-in-Sixteen kind of situation. Puberty is not kind to everyone.

No. 337406

File: 1544453746549.jpg (44.58 KB, 560x747, 1522095845075.jpg)

>tfw Hyuna used to look like this not so much time ago

Maybe Heize? She kinda went for an anti-rapper image

No. 337407

Unfortunately a lot of idols were naturally beautiful until their companies force them to get a shitload of surgery ruining their initial good looks.

No. 337410

Imho, it was sooo wrong to debut Kyla in such a young age when she was clearly fat for korean standards. She has good bone structure and she could have been successful were she older and thinner.

No. 337413

Is yezi not doing good? Iirc she was in a group, so she couldn't solo
i liked her, but never heard from her after

Also has kasper given up yet?

No. 337415

File: 1544455944201.jpg (151.77 KB, 1280x720, rainbow-tell-me-tell-me.jpg)

to be fair when she debuted she wasn't that much bigger than the members, she looked pretty normal and it was just unfortunate that pristin had some super skinny girls she'd be compared to. she gained weight after the debut, but even then it was made worse by the way she was dressed. kpop stylists aren't good at dressing idols that are bigger than the average idol without making them stand out for the wrong reasons. rainbow at one point had 6 girls in crop tops and then the one chubbier girl in a tshirt with a shirt covering her stomach

No. 337420

Yezi did some appearances here and there but Heize blew up and took over.
Kasper was last involved in some mess with Kang Daniel and another rapper girl (the girl claimed she dated him, Kasper jumped in to confirm) and that's the last I'd heard of her.

No. 337421

Yep they purposely gave clothes that were 1-2 sizes too small to emphasize her weight when she wasn't actually THAT fat in comparison.

No. 337422

Lmao it’s just a conspirancy tho. Don’t think too much about it.

No. 337428

shame about the face even then tbh

No. 337430

Blackpink's popularity as a whole baffles me. Yes they're pretty and have "swag" but they blew up instantly when they don't really have anything new going for them - they ripped off 2ne1's sound and Red Velvet's "dual concepts" name. Must have been Lisa's presence giving them an initial boost from SEA fans because as a whole they're just smoke and mirrors to me.

No. 337431

didnt they do that to joy too? i remember netizens crying for her because they felt sm intentionally made her clothes too small

No. 337437

SM gave Joy's smaller clothes to sexualize and show off her body. Kyla's was probably a case of Pledis either not having the budget to commission outfits in her size or them deliberately giving her tighter clothes to shame her into losing weight so she could fit in them.

No. 337453

But the newer generation probably doesn't know much about 2ne1, anon
Since blackpink is pretty, it makes no difference to the teens whether they're 2ne1 clones or whatever

No. 337457

barely related but i just don't like somi at all, she can't rap for shit, she looks white, and is too overhyped by the industry AND fans for being really bland in talent/personality as well as average in looks

No. 337460

i don't get how this is arrogant? to me she is just joking that jyp would never let her act her age. she'd probably be in twice 2.0.

No. 337464

Will tan skin ever come back? So many idols look 10x better with darker skin.

No. 337465

jihyo recently got a lot of attention for spray tanning in the dance the night away comeback

No. 337469

how come she is so popular? i don't really care about watching survival shows so i never understood exactly why somi in particular became the favourite

No. 337473

I agree lol do people see this as some sort of hardcore diss or something? she's dumb for liking stuff like that though. it's just going to make jyp stans throw a fit.

No. 337474

literally because shes a halfie thats it

No. 337476

I think she's a lot prettier than many, maybe even the majority of other idols. Her body is great too.
Take Umji for example, she's short, chubby, ugly, can't sing or dance, yet Gfriend is successful as well?
Kpop fans don't give a ahit about talent, as long as they have something to fap to.

No. 337478

Her looks + Big 3 company backing + creepy stage dad capitalizing off her "exotic" appeal as a half-white

No. 337479

why the fuck can't the op post the new thread to the previous one jfc man

No. 337481

are you retarded? just check the front page of /ot/

No. 337484

Creepy men never stop being creepy on their own unless faced with the possibility of actual consequences. If anything, he's probably gotten worse over time.

No. 337526

File: 1544479600852.png (2.07 MB, 1440x1788, Screenshot_20181210-170526~2.p…)

No. 337533

is this real?
also ho is that lol

No. 337537

nta but it's real, it's Uchae from Nature

No. 337538

File: 1544482176392.jpg (2.4 MB, 1600x2482, 1535369211965.jpg)

what the fuck?

No. 337539

I feel bad for the idols when shit like this happens. She's only 16 too. Sucks to be at a cheap nobody agency.

No. 337547

She was on two different survival shows, Sixteen and Produce 101, and viewers liked her personality. Being mixed race made her stand out but it's dumb to say that's the only reason she's popular.

No. 337550

The posts on previous thread already exceeded the limit so no one was able to post anything anymore

No. 337557

The posts on previous thread already exceeded the limit so no one was able to post anything anymore

No. 337558

The posts on previous thread already exceeded the limit so no one was able to post anything anymore

No. 337563

Is that the 13 year old who won Produce48?
If so, yeah they also had her singing and dancing to Side to Side. Her popularity apparently soared after that.

No. 337654

I just want to die
She's a kid. Why do parents allow this shit aaaarghhh

No. 337664

You’re assuming the producers of this show and the parents could even understand the meaning of the lyrics kek

Tbf it flew over the heads of native English speakers too

No. 337665

not sure if this has been posted yet but holy shit i feel so bad for them


like did the interview did this on purpose or something?

No. 337668

Horrible. Sexualizing these young women is awful and that's all they'll do until they're 25 and get married to some sleazeball

No. 337674

Not that anon, but honestly, even if they didn't know what the lyrics meant the choreography is still way too much for a teenager to be doing.

Didn't the producer say something about wanting Produce48 to be like mild porn?

No. 337676

Only the west has that type of toxic masculinity where showing your emotions is considered weak.

No. 337678

they probably did it for clickbait or something.

No. 337697

bts' art director got a grammy nomination for their album package, wow, i'm sure monsta x is dying from jealousy

No. 337701

"Healthy Porn" which sounds worse

No. 337703

File: 1544501683528.jpg (2.34 MB, 2580x1560, 170530_선플_콘서트_-_프리스…)

uhhh what? Pristin's stylists did the exact opposite. Kyla always got verrrry flattering outfits for someone her size. So much so that most people didn't notice that she was bigger until it blew up in the media when they finally forgot to cover her barrel gut at one point.

Besides that, she's always got her flabbiest bits covered up. The stylists rarely ever put her in shorter than 3/4 sleeves, but typically still keep her legs uncovered so she won't stick out too bad from the rest of the girls.
Look at literally any one of their MVs - Kyla gets the most flattering outfit that shows the least skin every time. And it's not like they sacrifice style for her.

I mean, just imagine her in any of the other girls' outfits? She would look much, much bigger in the kind of skimpy clothes the rest of the group often wears.

No. 337733

File: 1544504151690.gif (4.98 MB, 600x517, gf1.gif)

O shit I forgot about this one, too fucking funny

No. 337761

I can't see the tears. Do idols do this for pity?

No. 337762

there are literally korean lyrics on the screen of every performance in pd48, they even translate the english songs. the fancams don't have them because they are unedited.

kek. other idols seem to dislike gfriend because they do fake shit like this and seem generally annoying. yerin performed their the choreography on a tv show where other idols also were guests, and she was talking about out how hard it was compared to other girl groups. kai from exo was talking with taemin while she was dancing, and when she was done he said something like "it doesn't seem that hard, especially compared to boy groups". apparently he got some flack for it. lmao.. this seems so juvenile. i wonder how much idols talk behind each other's backs.

No. 337771

I generally agree with Kai's opinion tbh. It's not the girls' fault because their companies won't let them do strong dance moves fearing they'd look manly, but as a whole boy groups have tougher choreography even if they're not known for being great dancers.

GFriend's "synchronized choreo" doesn't really indicate dancing skill - when I was forced into going for group dance contests as a kid I managed to stay in sync with the better dancers, which made me look like a good dancer by association.

No. 337772

File: 1544510789720.jpg (90.83 KB, 598x679, N5asOTNxzZvJ2XJG5DMdyMUr3jAS0H…)

thought that was way from crayon pop but like.. 20 pounds lighter haha

No. 337773

Bottom left girl looks a bit like Hyoyeon

No. 337778

eww that hair. She looks like those middle school fat kids that get ignored because of their weight. Or a SJ warrior fag

No. 337783

I kind of always felt bad for her because she was the fat/ugly twin and it was like..the butt of a lot of jokes that she couldnt stop eating. She looks better now that shes a normal size and has normal hair.

No. 337788

The opening lyrics are very similar to BTS - Idol. Is this plagiarism?

No. 337790

I mean, this video came out 3 years ago

No. 337793

there is some part in youtube rewind 2018 where they say something like "what do we need? kpop!!!" and bts' idol starts to play and some youtubers reenact the mv. armys are mad at them for "disrespecting bts by deleting the views on their videos and still using them for views on rewind". kpop fans are mad at them for saying kpop and only including bts. i wish they never made a part about kpop in general, it's cringy as fuck

No. 337794

YouTube rewind hasn't been good since 2013 anyway

No. 337796

File: 1544516412960.jpg (108.51 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

her sister literally made jokes about her being fat…it was what she was known for

No. 337797

That's just banter among sisters anon. Also "fat" by idol standards is "ana-chan" by normal standards

No. 337823

ana-chan? does ana-chan mean fat or normal?

No. 337824

ana-chan? does ana-chan mean fat or normal?

No. 337825

Wasn't the joke about those two that they looked more alike and more like twins after they got plastic surgery?

No. 337827

File: 1544526882843.jpg (18.71 KB, 600x435, crayon.jpg)

from this

No. 337828

File: 1544526911112.jpg (54.82 KB, 900x600, dd4397d3dcf116eff801e91e87a7a8…)

to this

No. 337840


Jesus Christ that just, for some reason, depresses me. Why do they all get surgery to look the same?

No. 337842

it means anorexic

No. 337845

if you were gonna fake cry…why like this?

No. 337849

File: 1544530238564.jpeg (166.3 KB, 630x650, F508C165-2C14-4A86-BDD4-84641C…)

kek i remember when she was under fire for ruining a fan’s gift in front of their face

No. 337853

wait what? i know i'm retarded for assuming they didn't have surgery, but i have always found them to be somewhat unfortunate looking. someone paid money to look like that.

No. 337870

i don't understand why fans get so offended over people asking bts if they are learning english or going to release an album in english. it's like.. k-pop groups already mix english with korean a lot anyway, and bts is trying so hard to promote in america, of course people are going to ask about it. bang pd needs to reconsider his "international success formula" if it doesn't even include learning english. no one's going to take them seriously when they can't bother to learn english. millions of people learn it on their own, it can't be that hard for rich men in their 20s unless they have brain damage or something

No. 337876


This is gangnam unnie to the next level….

No. 337948

Can you be an even more obvious newfag. Who of you linked this thread on their twitter timeline?
I really don't understand why she did that. Like, I'm completely indifferent towards what she did, I just don't get it lmao
They've done everything they have so far with just one member that's semi-fluent. They have translators if they need them. If they have personal ambition to learn the language they will, if not, they won't because they simply don't need to. It's just what kpop companies do these days, I mean which kpop group even bothers to learn japanese before debuting there? Kpop has established itself as a niche everywhere and besides a few mainstream one-hits will remain that way. Tutoring your idols in different languages is just a waste of resources for companies at this point. Besides, the majority of the paying fans of these groups are koreaboos/asians themselves and them speaking a different language is part of the appeal.

No. 337955

Who's going to tell armpits that though, they're still labouring under the delusion that BTS will become the next Drake releasing Korean songs.

If BTS want to be mainstream artists relevant to the American general public, they're gonna have to suck it up and release Konglish songs and learn the language, or accept that they're gonna be a big fish in the small pond of Kpop niche. Which I think BTS personally is fine with, seeing how miserable they look every time they come to America.

No. 337961

Are you 12?

But nah, I actually think BTS is the most mainstream kpop is ever gonna get. And I believe they and their team know this. Don't know if I would say they already peaked, but no matter how popular they'll get, that'll be the height of hallyu in non-asian countries for a long, long while.
We had stars like BoA, Rain or the Wondergirls attempt it with learning english, promoting in a western style but it just didn't click, especially not for the time in the early 2000s. There was nothing that was setting them apart from their western, more popular contemporaries so they flopped. There was no power vacuum like we had it with the disbandment of 1D. BTS was familiar enough for a lot of ex-fans to migrate to their fandom, but different enough to be exciting for news outlets to write about them and create more critical acclaim than 1D ever had. It's really interesting how everything came together.

No. 337964

not saying they have to completely drop their korean releases, i just find it very lazy that they want to be recognized in america so bad yet don't show any effort to learn the language. would tutoring them really be that big of a waste of money and time? foreign idols learn korean, a lot of people with lower opportunities learn english, they can do it as well. maybe they just owned up to this being as big as they are going to get like you said, but iirc bighit said they are going to try to promote their new boy group internationally or something like that

the videos i see of them in america are so cringy, even an esl middle schooler who takes 2 english classes every week would handle an english conversation better than your average bts member

No. 337965


>Are you 12?


I agree with you though. Kpop is just going to be another niche like anime or indie films. English-speaking acts like Little Mix can't quite break into the American market, One Direction was the big exception that proves the rule.

BTS knows that their success was like lightning in a bottle, they just got incredibly lucky. The sheer volume of content they put on English-language sites definitely helped them gain their international fanbase; nobody would care if they put their vlogs and updates on Naver or Melon instead of Twitter/Youtube. They must have felt more "accessible" and "real" in a way that 1D didn't.

No. 337970

it really goes off with how koreaboos become so obsessed with korean entertainment they start to see korean culture as superior, that's why you see all these non-korean armys doing korean nationalism on bts' behalf for some reason. "they are proud koreans who don't need attention in the west", "he did this because it's korean culture", "they don't need to learn english, they are korean artists!"

No. 337974

Oh it's for sure lazy. Or… if I may put on my tin foil hat for a second here, maybe it's deliberate to keep them in check? Western pop stars have a LOT more leeway with their management and fans, from partying to relationships to just voicing their opinions. I'd reckon it'd be a lot harder to get sucked into the Hollywood-lifestyle if you don't speak the language and also don't understand the culture around it, so maybe this is an attempt to hold their image together as much as possible. LOL idk, they won't be able to do the same shit with their new group thought because it's an entirely different scenario. I wouldn't be shocked if they actually have foreign members in there.

BTS was even more accessible to the average kpop fan at the time; I don't recall any group doing something like this ever before. Companies like SM were VERY uptight about their idols, and they still are, but even they are starting to understand that kids these days want to feel like they know their oppas, the old-school haughty mysterious idol persona doesn't fly anymore. They opened up 3 fucking youtube channels for NCT ffs LOL

No. 337979

Rapmonster does speak english and they still have him in check. There's nothing that could keep the others from studying on their own - other than their brain…
I really think it's a mix of being dumb and holier than thou nationalism

No. 337981

He's also the one who has put his foot in his mouth the most. Really makes you think huh!
But yeah, BTS's (american) success has always been an ego stroke for korean promotions first and foremost.

No. 337982

if i had to credit bts for popularising something and changing the way kpop idols work it be their social media and video presence. they were uploading short youtube videos of them just interacting and post video diary things since before they even debuted, and that was before v live was around. it's how i found them in 2014 and it's got to be the same for a lot of other people. it meant they got the fandom of a boyband and of youtubers.

the old school variety shows are pretty much dead now and you can see new groups typically being really stiff on air compared to groups from the 2nd gen. variety shows now are just groups doing their own dances at different speeds and then doing other groups dances, i think if bts hadn't gotten so popular off of online videos then 3rd gen groups would've had to get better at variety tv shows instead of v lives.

No. 337984

Kpop groups are generally more open with fansigns/fan meetings and such, but that costs lots of money and is restricted to Korean speakers. BTS was the first group to make themselves accessible for free via social media, which helped them gain a fanbase that'd buy albums.

Which is sad, I really loved seeing idols from different groups interact and shoot the shit together. And those shows were seen by the general public which meant idols had a chance of appealing to an audience beyond Kpop listeners. Now all groups pretty much live in their own bubbles.

No. 337985

IA. I also feel like this is also a result of the idol industry becoming strangely conservative. Like, I could never imagine, say, Twice and EXO doing something like this together. Boygroup stans and girl group stans were always at each others throat, but idols themselves tend to treat the other sex like ghosts, at least on camera. That's why companies like to produce their own curated content elsewhere. Keep the idols and their fans in a nice lil bubble.

No. 337986

they'd be nothing if it wasn't for their social media presence yet they keep denying it

>SUGA: “We also talked a lot about our growth. When people from outside look at us, it can look sudden. But we just have expanded our worldview (BU) we had planned since our debut in 2013. I'm disappointed at the evaluation that the success is because of SNS.”

>Jungkook : "Unfortunately people think that we are getting popular because of SNS, but it's completely wrong. It is because of the love from our fans, our music, performance, the messages that focus on our fears, love and interest are probably become the seeds of it."

No. 337997

I would like them a lot better if not for the fake-wokeness and denial about their roots. If they didn't have a YouTube channel they'd be disbanded by now.

No. 338001

yeah, me too. i absolutely HATE the neurotic fans that feed into it and go around screeching BABY BOI. so gross and when it's not BABY BOI it's DADDY AF. god, please release me

No. 338016

File: 1544554326621.jpg (155.17 KB, 585x1040, DuHCjpqW0AEG-eL.jpg)

coco from cocosori is getting sued

No. 338020

>Who of you linked this thread on their twitter timeline?
No one. I just searched anti-kpop threads and read all till here.

No. 338023

No. 338025

they're a two member group and coco is a streamer or something. coco was shading sori because, according to her, their company was very biased towards sori and went out of their way to hide her solo debut from coco.

No. 338026

I mean it's obvious that they put more money into Sori's solo debut. I understand she got hype from being shit on by YG about her age on Mixnine but they were more marketable as a duo.

They had this twinsie concept along with a quirky Jpop sound and look which was honestly stupid but fun.

No. 338028

same anon as >>338026 Coco did get screwed, put public bashing while under contract was pretty dumb. It's already been discussed how wonky Korea's libel laws are, she's kind of digging her own grave.

No. 338031

I wouldn't be surprised if Coco's label treated her badly but she should've stopped talking about it after the first twitch stream imo. it was probably just an easy way to get donations

No. 338034

now, while the surgery was bad, to be fair they kinda look like they could be in a korean remake of the shining before.
this reminds me of another duo, 15& where one of them got a decent solo debut and the other ended up doing radio and variety shows to make money. Except the one who did radio shows honestly ended up being more popular than the other and wasn't shading her company for not letting her sing more.
I get being pissed at your company for letting you rot but it's bold to publicly shit talk your company while still being with that company.

No. 338041

this is why its gonna be a looong time before we really get that kmusic expose we all want where someone tells all

No. 338043

honestly i think this might be the most shocking before and after kpop surgery ive ever seen and ive seen all of them pretty much

No. 338044

Waiting for the day Jessica and Kris Wu are rich enough to not give a fuck about their NDAs and publish that tell-all

No. 338067

Tao is rich enough

No. 338073

I also see Krystal as a possible tea spiller. Please, Jung sisters, live up to the expectations and give us milk. I want some T-ARA tier k-drama

No. 338112

Man t-ara really had everything didnt they? A shitty ceo who harassed and threatened the girls with "replacement" and proved he was serious by adding a new girl, she had a shitty personality and didnt want to work, has a sister involved in a bully scandal in her own group, the other girls become "mean girls" in the public eye because she plays the victim, her and her sister threaten to kill and maim yet ANOTHER new girl added to the group, the girls pasts get exposed which involved underaged camgirling, high school prostitute gangs, then she leaves the group but their reputation is fucked forever, the girls start faking illnesses and car accidents to cover up plastic surgery/for sympathy, several of them develop eating disorders, they had a disasterous attempt at promoting in the usa(thanks to yet ANOTHER new "member" who was "friends with chris brown" because her dad was in the industry)(even though she was like..13 years old) where they basically toured ghettos, signed shoes, met and hung out in the studio with a bunch of rappers who had no idea who they were, and attempted to perform at a Chris Brown show and were horribly treated and embarrassed while doing so, to the point where they had to be subdued because they were crying and upset after, and one of them legitimately goes insane and her family has to take her out of the group and put her in a mental hospital, and the group tries to hold on but ends up having to go to another country just to make money until several other original members leave(including the only one that could really sing in the first place)

It doesnt get any milkier than that and Im so mad we werent here at that time to document it in these threads.

No. 338125

File: 1544567029877.jpg (268.03 KB, 659x441, t-aran4.jpg)

My favorite part is that they brought Chris Brown a vase.

No. 338141

I know it would never happen in a million years, but their story would honestly make a great TV mini series.

Fuck, I'd blocked this out.

No. 338152

File: 1544567916697.jpeg (195.05 KB, 750x1065, 6AF23985-D8B1-4445-A812-962E09…)

>Chris Brown
speaking of which

No. 338158

A member of got7 is a Chris Brown super fan, people call him Brownie. It makes me cringe regularly. Chris Brown has acknowledge him.

No. 338175

Why would any kpop company give him a second chance after the T-ara thing? If you ask me, I bet Chris Brown was under the impression that he was going to get to fuck with the girls. When it didnt happen, he got pissed and basically fucked them over on stage. He's such trash.

No. 338180

File: 1544570142367.png (262.93 KB, 482x322, chris-brown-interrupts-t-ara-n…)

No. 338187

Could it be Ratmon? Seems like they both share similar views when it comes to women…

No. 338190


>Dua Lipa and Black Pink

>Ed Sheeran and BTS
>Now this

Has k-pop become and easy way to earn a quick buck?

No. 338195

if this is bts, i wonder how armys who praise their faves for their wokeness will react. they ignored nicki being problematic already. bighit would probably avoid any possible scandals though, they've had enough with that japanese producer recently

No. 338206

File: 1544573373882.jpg (559.59 KB, 1080x1596, 20181212_070814.jpg)

Fuck I hate this kind of personality reading, especially the glamorization of taehyung's dumb ass. Can they just admit he's a moron.

No. 338207

File: 1544573602883.jpg (201.07 KB, 1080x643, 20181212_070843.jpg)

Part 2

No. 338209

lol, you can tell this was written by a taekook shipper

No. 338210

Cabi was a good era

No. 338211

File: 1544574150212.jpg (14.37 KB, 251x242, k e k.jpg)

>his gummy smile that army adore is actually a sign of mental health problems
>Jin is the most insecure guy I've ever seen , I can clearly tell from his smile that there's something wrong about him

No. 338217

Sori got some recognition from Mixnine and got into the top 9 so her company naturally are putting some resources into her solo efforts to make the most of it. Coco auditioned on The Unit and if she managed to do well there I'm sure the company would have done the same for her,  but she couldn't even make it past auditions into the actual show

No. 338218

I kinda miss 15&, they're really talented singers. I wondered why JYP stopped promoting them just like they did with Lee Hi. Btw, you mean the one going on radio shows is Yerin right? I don't think she's more popular than Jimin though.

No. 338219

Lmao I like old milk like this. I'm surprised t-ara haven't disbanded yet.

No. 338221

File: 1544576128826.jpg (172.06 KB, 1080x479, 20181212_075239.jpg)

Of course he is "gifted". OP identifies herself with having the same old soul trait as V, why and how anyone could relate to such retardness will remain a mystery

No. 338222

I kek’d, Suga and Jin btfo

No. 338231

what a femcel lmao

No. 338232

the only person she didn't say anything negative about is v lol. this whole "he isn't dumb, he's actually a genius, y'all just can't understand it!" thing is hilarious

No. 338233

didn't you knowing googling "famous artist" makes you a genius, anon?

No. 338246

Really tired of stans who are clearly not shawols, have never been shawols, and have never given the slightest fuck about SHINee (mostly ARMYs) using Jonghyun's suicide to ward off criticism of their idols. I just saw a comment about it on one of the lazy Jennie videos. How can people continue to be so disrespectful? All these stans want to preach about mental health and social justice and then shit all over Jonghyun for their faves, without even a shred of self awareness or irony.

No. 338251

File: 1544584337558.png (680.83 KB, 1078x492, Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 10.1…)

the shit that's on tumblr, wtf LOL

No. 338254

name a more irritating duo, i'll wait.

No. 338258

jonghyun died because he hated fame and people like you. hardest pill to swallow

No. 338261

No doubt about it that it's a big factor among others. I just hate seeing his suicide toted around as an accessory to tell others to "beware" about calling their princess lazy or critiquing their oppars singing.

No. 338263

File: 1544585997783.jpg (42.88 KB, 668x393, wfi2mjip6f99aveapndz.jpg)

No. 338265

I hope Hyuna and Edawn don't magically blow up in south korea after the dating thing. They're so annoying, if they ever make music together… two squeaky rappers. They both look so haggard too…

No. 338266

theyre always going to have fans until they do something ~problematic~ unfortunately

No. 338268

really was that necessary? that's not even the point she was making, sis

No. 338269

"Microdots whereabouts remain unclear and rumors that the rapper is on the run have gained momentum after a media outlet reported that his house is now mysteriously empty.

On the December 11 broadcast of SBS’ “E-news Exclusive,” different stories about celebrities, their families, and long-hidden debts were the focus of the show.

Since Microdot’s parents were exposed for fraud, A growing number of entertainers have been mired in controversy due to their parents’ long-hidden and unpaid for debts and schemes. Unlike some of the celebrities like involved like Dok2, Ma Dong-seok, and former SNSD member Tiffany, when the scandal involving his parents became public late last month, Microdot essentially disappeared.

In addition to stepping down from all of his entertainment programs, he reportedly moved out of his home at an unknown date. One of his neighbors spoke to SBS and said that they heard him moving and that he left sometime at night. A real estate agent confirmed the speculation that he moved out. “The house was sold,” said a real estate official in the area where Microdot lived. Now another person resides at the residence.

In addition to Microdot, his older brother, Sanchez and both of his parents have notably been absent as well. The family’s disappearance comes after they assured authorities and media that they would cooperate with the police investigation and had not “intention of hiding or escaping.”

Last month, police asked INTERPOL (International Criminal Police Organization) for assistance in detaining Microdots parents, who currently live in New Zealand. However, under current law, they were only able to prevent them from escaping outside of New Zealand but cannot forcibly repatriate them.

The prosecution and police also announced on November 29 that they are considering the process of requesting their extradition. However, it is expected that it will take a long time for that to take place due to bureaucratic red tape process.

If they do decide to pursue this option, they will have to go through and wait for a decision by the Korean Ministry of Justice, the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the New Zealand court, and the New Zealand police. “Even if the repatriation is decided, it will take more than two years,” said a police official."

hope he's ok tbh idk the situation but im assuming he wasnt involved and if not, it sucks he's having to live in fear and having to hide for something that isnt even his fault

No. 338271

some crackhead realness, the dude looks like he needs to be on life support. i'm starting to think the name "e-dawn" was a euphemism for the dawning of his true crack head self coming to light.

No. 338274

Have you heard of Triple H anon? It was Edawn, Hyuna, and Hui from pentagon in a group, but I doubt they’ll come out with any new songs now that Edawn and Hyuna left Cube. If you want to hear how annoying Edawn and Hyuna are together look up some of Triple H’s songs.

No. 338295

It's a shame that people only use his death to "protect" their biases from getting hates when what they do is actually wrong, not as a lesson. Literally nobody tries to dig up how problematic Kpop as a whole is.

No. 338296


oh man, where can i find more info about t-ara drama? that sounds milky as fuck lmao

No. 338297

Wait, what does this have to do with Tiffany's case?

No. 338298

I had a suspicion the 'e' part is actually for 'ecstasy', being the crackhead that he is kek

No. 338301

File: 1544594628800.jpg (41.49 KB, 636x421, images-16.jpg)

Lmao I think they're trying for the Trouble Maker situation. Sadly it won't happen cause the crackhead can't sing at all. It worked when Hyuna did it with Hyunseung, I even thought they'd come out as a couple but no. Speaking of Hyunseung, his career is over I think.

No. 338309

Honestly its not easy to find it alltogether. I was on 4chan for years and it was all posted there as it happened. Im pretty sure most of the tumblrs/blogs that posted about it are defunct now.

Tiffanys dad is apparently involved with some shady mob tier stuff and she recently revealed that she was scared for her life and the life of her group members because of it. As other posters have stated though, it seems fishy. But thats where the similar ends I think. Nobodys blaming her for her dad's stuff, but people seem to be under the impression microdot is on the run because he knew something or something idk.

No. 338320



Here you go anon. T-ara really had some great songs and would have probably overtaken SNSD by 2013 if the scandal hadn't happened. Thankfully they're famous in China and making good money there so they're still set for life.

No. 338335

No. 338339

>would have probably overtaken SNSD by 2013 if the scandal hadn't happened
No chance, they had hit songs but they had scandals prior to the bullying drama for being lazy and disrespectful to seniors, and they lacked the talent and personality that made SNSD members popular. Shinsadong Tiger could have given their songs to anyone and they'd have been popular, because t-ara themselves were mediocre.

No. 338341

Pleaaaase I was hoping to erase this video from my memory

No. 338343

You're right, but in terms of digitals T-ara were monsters. The general public probably wouldn't give a fuck about their charisma as long as they had good songs (see: Jennie and Blackpink). Jiyeon used to get a lot of media attention for looking like Kim Tae Hee - she used to beat Yoona on those dumb polls of "best visual" whatever - and Eunjung was a rising actress.

My point is they definitely had potential, and if they'd started promoting in China as a scandal-free group they'd definitely have a huge Chinese and Korean fandom to rival SNSD and KARA in Japan. But anyway it's pointless to speculate because T-ara is a fulltime Mandopop group now and their name is dirt in Korea.

Also interestingly Soyeon was a couple months away from debuting as SNSD's leader and main vocal - it's nice that she became successful as a T-ara member even if it was shortlived.

No. 338344

What… That's too vague. How come people link Microdot's disappearance with Tiff's dad?

No. 338345

>Thankfully they're famous in China and making good money there so they're still set for life.

the china stuff is mbk mediaplay + chinese t-ara fans using bots. ask any random chinese kpopper if they know who t-ara are and most won’t. the t-ara chinese bar preorder sales are extremely low for “one of the most popular kpop groups in china”. they could barely fill a small 7k arena while touring there. the only country where they’re still somewhat relevant is vietnam, literally 90% of the comments on t-ara vids are in viet

No. 338346

Really? Well, that's sad. At least they have Vietnam I guess

No. 338350

Microdots parents scammed somebody out of some money and so did Tiffanys dad. It's an ongoing scandal happening in Korea right now, a lot of celebrities whos parents have scammed other people are outed. It's called #debttoo lol

No. 338410

Nah, I meant Jimin when she was doing after school club and stuff like that, but you might be right about her being more popular, I just assumed Yerin was more popular in Korea.
god the t-ara scandals were fucking hilarious, I wish something that milky would happen again.

No. 338414

>tfw Ratmys roast BTS more than we do

No. 338437

File: 1544628718093.jpg (139.99 KB, 900x1200, DuOeFdtXcAApXmi.jpg)

imagine being payed to take these pics, the guy looks so plasticy it's alarming.

No. 338439

jimin is creeping in to the gangnam unnie (gangnam oppa?) territory. i really wonder how the bts members are going to age, they all will be bald and saggy by the time they are 30.

No. 338442

File: 1544630512602.gif (1.09 MB, 200x270, 1541812361032.gif)

God, can you imagine them at 50-60 years old? Especially Rat and Lizard

No. 338455

MAMA sucks so much now ever since they decided to split it up across 3 countries and three nights. The last good ceremony was in 2015.

No. 338462

yeah and no sm groups or idols this year. dumpster fire.

No. 338463

yeah and no sm groups or idols this year. dumpster fire.

No. 338466

No YG groups either, which means Song of the Year won't go to Ikon like it should. Love Scenario was by far the biggest hit this year. Blackpink's DDDD won't win either, Bboom Bboom is another candidate but it's not even nominated, so BTS will likely walk away with another undeserved payola award when both their songs didn't come close to Love Scenario's impact.

No. 338473

Who cares, EXO's new song is shit and Regular Irregular and Simon Says are not too good either. Really Bad Boy is awful as well.

No. 338474

i'm not even that into ikon but love scenario deserves to win. i hope fake love or idol won't win because of bts' popularity, both songs are garbage. iirc bts got soty in another award show last year with spring day, which is one of their better stuff. i wouldn't care about fake love or idol winning if they were actually good songs but they really aren't

No. 338475

Ikon won Melon Music Awards song of the year tho.

No. 338476

holy shit, i didn't even know MAMA was occurring today until i came in here, i guess that's how shitty it's been the past few years LOL

No. 338480

ok i think you arent understanding they arent saying its linked per se, just that the situation is similar
they could have mentioned yeeun as well because it happened to her too

No. 338489

Melon and MAMA are different ceremonies, YG and SM have beef with Mnet mostly. YG artists haven't won at MAMA since 2016 when they gave Blackpink some token award.

No. 338493

BTS and Twice fans are happy for the YG-SM boycott because it means their groups' shit songs will have a bigger chance of winning kek

No. 338494

if sm and yg didn't go, what groups even went besides BTS and twice? must've been a lame ass event, especially when MAMA is considered one of the "bigger and better" events to kpoppies, at least when i used to be an avid one it was, idk.

No. 338495

Second-tier ones like GOT7 and Monsta X, and even they only showed up today. The first day was full of nugu rookie groups like The Boyz and Loona.

No. 338498

Gayest thing i've seen all day; legitimately dumb asf. Taehyung sounds like he has a frog in his throat when he's "singing." You can't tell me ratmon and suga boi aren't at least a little bit embarrassed about doing this kind of shit, especially when suga acts like he's so bad

No. 338530

How do armys fangirl over this overdramatic and unprofessional shit….At least their 2016 Mama performance was gay as shit yet put somewhat put together.

Maybe their just high on all the pussy and weed coming their way.

Anyways…Why is MAMA separating everything this year?

No. 338533

i hate how every performance they do now has to have some woke underlying meaning so their nutty fans can spend hours analysing this shit

No. 338535

i'm confused as to why the fuck bts has a song called anpanman when it's a japanese thing? right? what happened to superior korean bs

No. 338541

Jhope looks so old even though he’s just 24.

No. 338542

>>338541 twentyfuckingfour? he looks at least 30

No. 338556

SM, YG and even JYP have had disagreements with MNET since years ago, and MNET deserves it. They mistreat unpopular idols, and idolise popular idols and it's so obvious with their sudden interest in BTS. Like they are money hungry and fans of those favored groups are blindly accepting it. MNET have been unfair to so many groups during the past years and that's why companies are taking a stand against them. Newer immature fans should know that there's actual reasonsfor companies boycotting it, not that they 'flopped' so they won't receive any awards.

No. 338563

lmao the fucking downgrade, their 2018 performance looked boring as hell. they really stopped caring didn't they

v has such an annoying voice and needs to learn that shouting isn't singing

No. 338570

I kind of liked Jhope here, he looked less cringy clothing wise at least. I can't stand V's voice though, it's like the joke voice one does when they are trying to sound retarded/dumb.

That intro was really terrible. Them all in white floating in a white background was cringe lol at least give me a song that matches the feel of the intro, why Anpanman?

No. 338606

File: 1544669910023.jpg (112.04 KB, 671x479, brown.jpg)

Korea companies is trying to break into the US market, and US artists are trying to get some hype by collaborating.

Both sides are just there for the money. The fact Chris Brown is still allowed to be a thing tells me no one gives a fuck about anything but the green. And fans are just stupid sheep.

No. 338607

have you seen them together back when they were doing interviews as a group? The guy looks like his soul is trying to escape all the time.

Then he gets up to do a dance and he's a different person.

No. 338608

something has to be going on. Like remember Sechs Kies and how YG purposefully torpedoed the group because he was afraid of his wife getting too popular because he wanted to date her?

I wouldn't put it past YG to let Jennie do whatever if she called him "daddy" if you know what I mean.

That's how infantile he is.

No. 338610

sorry not Sech Kies, I meant Swi.T

No. 338618

im a card carrying armpit and even i thought this performance was lackluster. the intro, the costuming and the staging is so bland. they brought nothing new that they haven't done before. their best mama was 2016 like >>338530 said.

theres no reason for mama to be split over so many nights and countries. shameless cash grab.

No. 338627

why is the retard yelling

No. 338628

hate to sound crass but wouldnt be surprised if he OD's within two years at all tbh

No. 338631

funny how when BTS first debuted, big hit had them doing "grown concepts" and made them into total try hards, and now that they're actually grown, big hit now has them in stupid little boy outfits and is giving them the man child concept. kpop is so weird.

No. 338633

18+ lol

No. 338634

No. 338635

File: 1544676445838.gif (1002.08 KB, 332x332, fdfadfdf50b34fc18fe511a18b041e…)

ugh, hyena unnie is just so lucky~!! you bitches could never get yourself a crack head oppa like ecstasy-dawn, seethe hoes

No. 338637

it's because their hip hep concept didn't bring in fans. the flower boy concept does, specifically 11-13 year old fangirls who bts is most popular with in sk

No. 338645

File: 1544678368826.gif (2.25 MB, 268x370, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

This face Soyeon from gidle makes is so annoying. I couldn't find a completely accurate gif of it but she does it in every performance. It looks so try hard.

No. 338647

to me it looks like shes trying to do that glare that hyuna does often. she also tries to sound like her with the nasally rapping. idk unpopular opinion i just feel like cube is trying to recycle successful elements from 4minute. their hann comeback just all around reminded me of 4m’s volume up era. one girl w/ long wavy red hair, the very similar outfits, and similar song style.

No. 338649

idk she looks kinda like a vampire tbh and thats hot to me

i dont follow that group though is it one of the ones with 34574975349857 girls in it?

No. 338651

her face looks caveman-like

No. 338652

What's worse than girls acting cutesy is girls trying to act badass. Fans will hype any girl who's got a sexier/girl crush image like the second coming of Christ and they're inherently more talented because they wear fishnets instead of schoolgirl socks. I like Soyeon and she has potential, but she's really not the next Tupac. And her glare in those light contact lenses is just creepy.

No. 338653

G idle are the worse when it comes to this. Mamamoo are often praised for their girl crush concept but they aren't nearly as try hard. Imo the best is an inbetween cutesy and sexy like snsd

No. 338654


ITZY is believed to be the name of their upcoming Japanese GG? Poeple were making connections to the words ichi/ichiban. Ofc all just speculation

iirc there won't be any Korean members in this Japanese group, either so Im not sure if we can really connect jisoo, chaeryeong and ryujin to this.

No. 338655


Companies recycling concepts from their past acts isnt anything new…

fx=Red Velvet

No. 338656

Not to play SJW but can Gidle please stop using Middle Eastern/Arabic elements in their performances, it's cringey. I don't normally care about "cultural appropriation" but this might be one instance where it's justified to use. Picking up things here and there is fine but don't make your entire schtick "ethnic"

No. 338657

the fact that soyeon just calls it "ethnic" and wasn't really specific about the theme was probably one of the most retarded things i've heard. really shows how they view other cultures; koreans would probably have a fit if you called their hanboks "ethnic"

No. 338659

They're using Middle Eastern culture to present themselves as different, so this really is an instance of "using culture as a costume". It's especially bad when you see how badly they think of the cultures they're ripping off.

No. 338660


idk about that.. It just seems to me that they are just riding off the whole trend of the latin/mediterranian/arabic aesthetic.

Eric Nam(potion), DPR Live(playlist), Super Junior(lo siento) and Mamamoo (egoistic).

Each of the examples I listed draws from different cultures in their visuals but the uniting factors are the warm tones/bright colors/flowy outfits/detailed patterns etc. So their concepts are largely trend-driven.

I like the way Gidle does it the best because it does have a more femme fatale vibe to it. This trend will die just like tropical house in kpop so its whatever.

No. 338661

GD = literally anyone who YG favors at the moment (CL, Jennie, Bobby, BI, Mino…)

No. 338662

Soyeon talking about wanting to do "ethnic" concepts is retarded though

No. 338664


Point taken, but the point with the next GD thing is being a one-man engima: stage prescence+composition skills.

B.I was the first to be pushed as so. He went on SMTM3 w/Bobby before Mino(SMTM4) and YG really wanted to empahsis his producing skills before his debut. Now he brags about how much he makes in royalties. They never really pushed Bobby like that. Mino got similar attention because of his past with underground hip-hop and how close he is with Zico.

Jennie has no claim to the title since she has no songwriting or producing credits, just performance.

They are now doing this with Bang Yedam with the Treasure Box show because they keep pushing how he self-composes and played some of his songs on the show.

No. 338666



No. 338667


YG throwing Blackpink in the dungeon when they don't even have 10 songs yet…..and he wonders why BP haven't overtaken Twice yet

No. 338668

the odds of him fucking them are so high

No. 338669


I wonder if this is him trying to make his SNSD/TWICE gg…

Im a sucker for girlgroups so as much as I would hate to admit this, I'm begrudgingly looking forward to this.

Too bad he doesnt realise how much of a gem Blackpink are though. They have a lot of fucking pull. I'm Rose's bitch uwu. Lisa (+BP) basically has all of SEA in her hand.. I mean look at the Shopee situation lol

No. 338671

He's such a misogynist I wouldn't be surprised if he's actively preventing Jennie from releasing self-composed stuff.

No. 338675

He's obsessed with recreating whatever GG is on top. He had something unique in 2ne1 and threw them away because they weren't as feminine as SNSD. Idiot didn't realize that they had fans BECAUSE they weren't like SNSD. He just latches on to whatever other girl groups get praised for without aiming for any kind of originality.

I feel like he's obsessed with SM groups in particular; SNSD for sure, but he also copied Red Velvet's "dual concept" name.

No. 338676

He definitely is a misogynist but whats new?

That's just wishful thinking on your part… CL is known for composing for 2ne1.

There is no evidence that Jennie has solo composition skills, and she was never really teased as such. Its not a detriment to her though.

YG pays special attention to Jennie for sure, thats why she gets her solo first, the lazy jennie video was struck down, jennie commenting on how YG personally picked out her outfits for 'SOLO', her predebut song with GD and it goes on. BP was built around Jennie.

The only member in BP who would realistically be able to self-compose is Rose. If each member actually does get a solo gig I predict that hers will be a fully or party-composed acoustic piece.

No. 338677


Good point about the name-copy. With Blackpink I always though 1/2 of the members were "black" and the other "pink"

Black would be more femme fatale while pink would be more upbeat? Here is how I initially categorized it; Black (Jisoo/vocal, Jennie/rap) Pink (Rose/vocal, Lisa/rap)

but like theres nothing to support that. I think of the big 3 RV has the best and most clear concept but I cant shake the fx thing…
Also I think adding Yeri wasnt the best choice for RV. Overall they just feel odd but im getting off-topic from YG stuff sorry

No. 338678

Oh no I'm not saying that Jennie is Mozart. There's just a huge difference in how he treats his male and female trainees. BI once mentioned that the male trainees were encouraged to learn how to compose songs, and I just don't think the female trainees were granted that same privilege.

CL is the exception, and anyway now YG is holding her back from releasing her music because he doesn't favour her anymore. As much as Rose wants to compose I don't think YG will even let her have a go at it simply because she's not Jennie

No. 338679

I actually can't tell the difference between their Black and Pink sides musically - I thought Stay, Whistle, PWF were Pink side songs (aka not swaggy club bangers) but apparently it's just AIIYL? With Red Velvet there's a clear difference.
If they want to present both Black and Pink in one song, Teddy's not doing a very good job at differentiating the two.

No. 338680


CL cant be the exception considering the ratio of female to male acts in YG. Calling CL an exception is just trying to make your argument easier. I'm not inherently disagreeing with your main point: YG's misogynistic behavior and favoritism. Im just pointing out specifics.

Rose did compose an acoustice piece for a cover performance for BP's Japan concert earlier this year. Here is her hinting at it on IG: https://www.instagram.com/p/BlIX7azBAiu/

Here is a clip of performance:

Also Id be hesitant to make an absolute statment about Rose's potentital. Its easier to assume that we dont expect YG to do so, but I personally think its possible for her solo.

No. 338681

personally i could tell stay, whistle, boombayah, PWF, and DDDD were "black" songs while aiiyl was "pink" side, at least i think they are? I think black pinks issue is that they just don't have big enough of a discography for there to be a clear difference of what is and isn't intended to be what. i think just in general the lack of experience and music is black pinks overall issue tbh

No. 338682

I dont think BPs concept is the same in practice as it is in name with Red Velvet.

Red Velvets concept is the stark visual and sound contrasts between their title tracks.

Blackpink only really contrasts in name. I think its really meant to showcase how the girls can be femme and badass but in no contrasting way, but rather a blend. Maybe its like their concepte is more sour-patch kids?

No. 338683

File: 1544683523158.png (385.66 KB, 436x538, hyuna.png)


No. 338684

File: 1544683687841.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.44 KB, 1280x720, 3409347-cover.jpg)

No. 338685

Did they only put foundation on half of his face

No. 338687

so glad granny and pawpaw are still energetic enough to take photos documenting their day to day lives for us youngins

No. 338691

Can't believe they missed a noticeable part just below his hairline…


No. 338695

"Look guys we're so in love! We're so happy! We're doing just FINE, fuck Cube! EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!"

No. 338717

File: 1544699134502.png (570.67 KB, 1240x1075, 23434o1.png)

Breh Hyuna looks like those faceapp memes. They're trying SO hard for that heroin chic/current gucci aesthetic it's absolute cringe.

In other news, that tell-all we've all been wanting might come sooner than later! Jessica being kicked out kind of marked my disillusion with SNSD and Kpop in general, so I've been parched for all the juicy details ever since.

No. 338725

File: 1544700562711.jpg (316.21 KB, 1000x1000, UqYEGgcn.jpg)

Do these two ever spend time apart?

They look like those couple that are 24 hours together, like they are one person.

They eat, sleep, sing, work, dance, dress up and shit together.

No. 338741

Lmao thats cringey af

No. 338742

Tbh i dont think she would share all the milk. She could be sued doing that knowing how shitty defamation law is in sk.

No. 338746

File: 1544706040307.jpeg (97.18 KB, 1024x738, 10F451AC-7264-4C6C-BA3D-44C105…)

never forget lmao

No. 338749

bts' fake love is most likely going to win soty. thoughts?

No. 338751

kpop contracts must involve crazy NDAs because even former idols that killed their career in korea don’t talk shit about their companies. hangeng ditched korea nearly 10 years ago but only really said the absolute minimum he had to about why SM is terrible, the rest of what people know was kind of pieced together from evidence. even former trainee stories are pretty weak, they’ll talk about how awful and life ruining it was but then just say “this unnamed trainee was a bully” or “we had to diet and practice a lot”

No. 338754

this makes me remember a k-pop event i've been to (lame, i know). there were cardboard cutouts of some groups in the event and armys went crazy on the bts ones lol. at the end of the day, their cardboards were the most damaged ones. they were bitten and ripped off, some armys took pics making it look like their ships kissing or fucking and shit. there were a lot of young fans and their moms were shocked. the representative armys on the bts stand apologized after the event but it was so embarassing

No. 338758

File: 1544709623828.jpg (83.52 KB, 639x960, 47688866_502909066785565_12832…)

She honestly has such an unfortunate body shape, its a wonder why they would dress her in something like this that makes her look so disproportionate with that flat ass hair and too thick waist that makes her look fat even though you can see her abs

No. 338760

That sounds terrifying anon, I can't imagine how much worse they'd act if they were around the real BTS. I can't help think the band actually hates their fans for being this obnoxious

She literally looks possessed

No. 338767

I was actually pretty disappointed with Tempo, but I don't mind this at all.

No. 338769

she's fine you jealous nit picker
she also has a better face than all of RV combined

No. 338771

>>338769 sis, that is a dorito chin on a hog body

No. 338772

File: 1544713291939.jpg (191.81 KB, 750x1200, d660951b701b26380616d1debe29a1…)

No. 338773

File: 1544713410518.jpg (159.19 KB, 1280x1030, General2-1.jpg)

i'd like to think that companies also know all the shady and dark stuff about their idols that the company could use to destroy the their career.
So that could be also a reason why idols rather just move on to another company and stay quiet.

we already know that companies try to bury scandals and pay news outlet to also hide it.

There's no doubt that there are idols who
do drugs
sleep around
are pedos
bully Or just have a rotten and nasty personality

No. 338774

I'm the complete opposite LMAO thought Tempo was good, this I had to turn off after 30 seconds. SM's musical direction has been all over the place for their groups this year tbh

She's built like spongebob but whether you like her face or not is subjective. Both of you stop.

100%. If you're on your company's good side, you're luck and they're pulling the strings behind the scenes to hide your bullshit. When you're not.. well, the smear campaign and blacklisting against JYJ and the like speak for themselves

No. 338776

File: 1544714158359.png (359.62 KB, 600x580, 1490138632998.png)

that's exactly what it looks like

No. 338777

what the fuck is going on with her hair? is that one or two strands just super long or is it something else? wtf. kpop stylists are terrible at blending weave it’s kind of laughable.

No. 338778

File: 1544714719095.gif (877.76 KB, 320x180, GleefulHappyKakarikis-max-1mb.…)

I think that she looked her best in Wow Thing, she wasn't straining herself to look "hot and badass", just the little edge female kpop rappers have.
She's really cute but the blue/green lenses need to go.

The thing that I find most amusing of those "badass" looking idols is how they all end up making cutesy faces in selfies with edits to look more childish, just like your next Twice member. It's weird.

No. 338781

tempo was okay but the production was kinda messy, i like the production in this. i think exo's 2018 releases are better than 2017

No. 338783

I used to be a fan of EXO (and kpop in general, but after finding out all the shady shit going on behind the scenes it's like nope) and looking back I don't get what I saw in them or why I wasted so much time on their bullshit. None of them are particularly attractive and it's kinda funny looking at how they really proportioned, I think someone had posted an image of them with Ivanka and I honestly thought it was photoshopped. Also, the cult like behavior that many kpop fans have is kinda creepy, I initially got into it because a friend of mine was badshit for it, calling her bias her "baby boy." vomit

No. 338789

>calling her bias her "baby boy."
kpop fans do this often and i find it weird too. their uwu baby bois would cringe if they actually got called that by a fan irl lol

No. 338790

It freaking weird, like these are freaking adult males and at the time we were in a mid teens. Like, I think her bias was Jinki from Shinee (who I think looks uguu fight me) and the lewd shit she would want to do to him is nightmare fuel but then in the same breath wants to baby his ass. Praise Jamaica for banning Kpop, they know what's up.

No. 338793

File: 1544717970523.jpg (128.74 KB, 1000x500, bigheadedexo.jpg)

>I think someone had posted an image of them with Ivanka and I honestly thought it was photoshopped
omg lmaooooo i can't believe i forgot about that

No. 338795

Those giant heads lol

No. 338796

same anon, anyone got any pics of some more kpop idols next to other people where their big heads are noticeable? this shit is so crazy i need some more

No. 338797

lmao are we looking at the same rv??? Irene looks old asf and she still looks better.

tbh i don't find her face attractive either, her mouth really messes her up for me but like the anon before me said, she has that spongebob body that's really hard to be envious of.

No. 338798

xiumin's head is just unbelievable compared to ivanka

No. 338801

File: 1544718315738.jpg (89.64 KB, 1050x700, soo-young-rosie-huntington-whi…)

this one isn't too bad but Sooyoung looks kind of weird with her doughy face

No. 338805

File: 1544718496864.png (379.5 KB, 500x406, large.png)

There's this classic as well

No. 338806

File: 1544718544112.gif (1.77 MB, 290x207, b67bc2d3fd33c0dd1fea4412f96abd…)

eatyourkimchi was something else…never forget this

No. 338807

File: 1544718573170.png (55.49 KB, 576x361, lulz.png)

No. 338808

My sides! What's funny is that the girl I was talking about previously believed on a spiritual level that her dear "boys" would never lie about their height. Bullshit. Also, I know Simon is pretty tall but seeing SUJU next to Martina is lolz af. I believe she's like 5'10 or somewhere around there.

No. 338809

I think them looking like that kinda has to do with their height since the tall ones (Chanyeol, Sehun and Kai??) look okay but the short ones look like little boys next to Ivanka lol

No. 338811

I liked it too, but I think I liked Tempo better. The chorus on this one is a bit weird, like it worked better on the teaser but not so much as multiple parts in a song. I don't know how to describe it, like it doesn't feel appropiate as a chorus? Anyone else feel the same?

What I'm really sick of is idols and guns, they look so fucking childish all the time. And if they don't have a literal gun they are doing that weird shotgun movement with their hands lol stop it!!

No. 338812

which ceo is that on the right?

No. 338814

take a guess

No. 338815

But they're like so manly, and nothing say manly like waving around a fake gun/pretending to use one. How fans find that edgy or sexy boggles my mind.

No. 338816

yg or bang pd?

No. 338817

omg yesss, finally someone else has noticed this phenomenon.

i met a kpop group at a meet & greet about ten years ago, the biggest impression they made on me was how huge their heads were relative to their bodies, we were allowed to hug them since this was in north america, and seeing them super up close with the gravity-defying layers of makeup and hair styles made them look like real-life Bratz dolls at best or actual aliens at worst (with the surgically-enhanced v shape chins and optical illusions of gigantic eyes from double eyelid tape/surgery, contact lenses combined with heavy eye makeup & eye lash extensions), their tiny neck area with protruding collarbones and stick-like legs holding up the huge head illusion is surreal up close in real life.

The other thing I noticed was the impressive amount of acne that's successfully hidden under the makeup on camera. It was very noticeable in person but I've never seen a picture of a kpop star with visible acne issues online.

No wonder these people get body dysphoria after growing up in the business and never looking natural a day in their life

No. 338818

our classic creeper mr YG

No. 338819

is there any pictures of idols without any filters or where the caked up makeup and shit is crazy? american celebrities have tons of pictures where their makeup is terrible or they're unedited, but with kpop idols it's almost like it's illegal for them to have such pictures

No. 338820

Yikes! For all the praise they get for having great skin and being "all natural" they're fake af. It's hilarious how their fans try and justify all of the photoshop and plastic surgery yet parrot how woke they are to "loving yourself". Like kpop fans are the ultimate contradiction of values lol

No. 338822

File: 1544719457847.jpg (101.46 KB, 598x640, yeeks.jpg)

No. 338823

which one?

No. 338827

File: 1544720305910.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.19 KB, 600x592, 2f85cafd2549ae9258ec2031fd8b09…)

They're rare.

When I was new to kpop I was always confused why they were so obsessed with head sizes.. Now I always see it and it's so fucking funny to me somehow. It's even worse because a lot of idols are so skelly so they look like walking lollipops

No. 338828

>>338793 this is totally ot but why is it that almost everytime a group has a completely matching outfit, there's one dude with different shoes? kai for example.

No. 338830

I sympathize with her because I have no waist either, but their idiot stylist doesn't know how to dress her. Waistless girls should NOT be wearing pants that high.

No. 338834

Same, I never understood it until the Ivanka picture. The only ones that look slightly proportional are Kai, Sehun, and Chanyeol. Do you think them using fillers is adding to the problem with the moon face?

No. 338838

Lollipop is actually an insult in Korea, for the same reasons you mentioned. Always made me kek when girls would sigh about how they're a "chupa" and furiously hide half their face behind their hair.

No. 338840

Same, I never understood it until the Ivanka picture. The only ones that look slightly proportional are Kai, Sehun, and Chanyeol. Do you think them using fillers is adding to the problem with the moon face?

No. 338844

Yeah this is close to what I remember their makeup looking like, as if they covered their face in baby powder to hide the pimples. Although given that this is a press picture, it's still at least somewhat flattering.

Wonder Girls and JYP (during Jonas Brothers US-Canada 2009 tour). The girls were actually really sweet and patient with the fans.

The event had nothing to do with JYP, but he could never leave WG's side for a second and was always trying to insert himself as the center of attention, to the point where he actually kissed some thirsty fan girl who was harassing him during the meet & greet. Like to be fair, she was a big JY stan in the community and I think she was over 18… (hopefully), I also think he was single at the time but who knows. I was a teen back then and most of the fans were probably also teens so I thought it was kinda unprofessional tbh but whatever he clearly has no shame.

That being said, he looked normal and proportionate next to westerners given that he's a giant next to other Koreans.

No. 338845

File: 1544721154729.jpg (79.61 KB, 1000x500, kyuhyun-kpop.jpg)

No. 338846

Wouldn't cutting back the heavy makeup and having a good skin care routine fix a lot of the acne? Also, isn't the emphasis on "glass skin," aka drown my face in olive oil, contributing to the acne?

No. 338848

File: 1544721232081.jpg (216.35 KB, 748x856, ekUEaze.jpg)

idk if this is photoshopped or not and even if it's not her skin isn't terrible, but just goes to show even their goddess isn't perfect. she actually has a few pictures of caked face.

No. 338849

File: 1544721323116.jpg (157.53 KB, 1200x751, DW8ciTiVMAAh_XB.jpg)

Martina is only 5'7 - tallish but not model-tier - so these guys really are tiny. Keep in mind that they're probably wearing insoles as well, so it's quite funny how nearly all of Suju claim to be around 5'10.
As far as I know Korea is the tallest asian country, many young men there are tall, so no idea why there are so many twinks in the idol industry. Is it the same as in AKB and Johnny's in Japan? That they purposely choose the "sm0l" ones?

Here's anther pic with Ivanka. CL isn't too bad but the guys…Brilliant kek

No. 338850

File: 1544721384320.jpg (116.21 KB, 458x617, 4.jpg)

i noticed that boy groups wear soles so often lol. most male idols are shorter than what fans think they are

No. 338853

Overworking and starving teenage males at a crucial stage of their physical development might be stunting their growth? Just a guess.

No. 338854

Huh, I never thought of that, it would make sense since their idea of dieting is not eating.

No. 338855

File: 1544721611820.jpg (310.78 KB, 1280x720, z5kyb.jpg)

Nah, that's simply bone structure.
Omg anon you just found the cure to acne!
Maybe? SNSD mogging AKB in this picture makes me laugh every time though

No. 338856

are you serious? your oppas are manlets, accept it

No. 338857

Please tell me where I was "defending" them. I'm just speculating. I don't even like exo.

No. 338859

ivanka is 180cm and the average korean male height is 170cm, they're normal kek

No. 338860

Their height would be fine IF their head size would match that height…

No. 338863

File: 1544722267157.jpg (100.51 KB, 1000x500, misc_1476493798_acne9.jpg)

Irene used to have pretty bad cystic acne and oily skin. I saw the video from these stills a while ago and it was more evident, but I can't find it anymore. Must've been deleted.

Which members had acne? I used to be into WG and in videos their skin always looked flawless

No. 338868


yeah the plastic dollar tree guns irked me a bit. with such high budgets for mv's they couldn't have gotten something a little better than squirt guns?

No. 338870

Well, they are supposed to be plastic since they have alcohol in them. I'm guessing it's a gun that you can buy already for that same purpose. They really didn't bother me as much as the finger guns while dancing lol so sexy guys. Such a dad move, terrible.

No. 338876

what u dont like this

No. 338877

File: 1544723821641.jpg (33.24 KB, 615x596, 7f018a2c2c6a12d96182b4618da86e…)

No. 338896

File: 1544729252197.png (560.84 KB, 622x598, Capture1412.PNG)

Some really salty replies under this tweet because OP spoke the truth

No. 338897

yeah, kpop fans don't know how to take a joke or any criticism lol. hyuna looked fucking awful and sickly with that blonde hair blue eyes look but her current look is just as terrible. i have no idea how she thinks this looks ok…

No. 338901

She let herself go FAST

No. 338903

File: 1544730221184.png (548.49 KB, 632x763, DaddyShindong.PNG)

ELFs providing superior milk since 2006

No. 338904

the veneers fuckin killm e

No. 338905

File: 1544730445079.png (641.14 KB, 1300x860, Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 2.45…)


thoughts? there's no way she'll drop any hot tea on SM or SNSD, probably just a bland life story that's blander than her clothing line, but the thought of a considerable person from one of the big three dropping shit about what they went through would be so interesting.

No. 338907

File: 1544730907086.jpg (123.66 KB, 1600x898, pop2.JPG)

compared to 2012…

No. 338908

She's not gonna drop an expose yet. Kris and Luhan won't either since they left on good terms with the EXO members themselves (which means they might not want to publish anything that'll harm them)

Tao would probably be the most likely one to spill tea since he comes from money and was always a petty drama queen. Either way the ex-EXO members are still technically "signed" to SM until 2022 so we'll still have to wait for any milk. Or until Jessica ditches Tyler Kwon for a billionaire husband who'll pay off her NDA violation.

No. 338910

File: 1544731105345.jpg (368.76 KB, 640x640, 5ce42de53a9245f72424e511d221c3…)

eh lots of idols have this shape, but the clothes are unflattering for sure

high waisted shorts are shitty but ~we dont want to show belly buttons uWu~ is a thing in korea

No. 338911

even if they didn't have NDAs wouldn't korean laws keep them from saying much without getting sued anyways?

No. 338914

File: 1544731553624.jpg (111.1 KB, 480x800, tiwKanP.jpg)

sometimes even the makeup cant hide it

heres one of my faves

No. 338916

File: 1544731717117.jpg (13.33 KB, 424x324, 2ev47jp.jpg)

i refuse to believe anyone likes shindong. it feels like pity from fans. lol one time he signed a photocard saying "im sorry if you get this card, it can't be helped" or something. how fucking whiny and attention seeking

No. 338920

he's legitimately obese and he ALWAYS looks like he stinks like sweat and dirty gym lockers

No. 338921

This has to be a troll. If not I hope she learns to love herself one day LMFAO

Y'all really are allergic to reading the goddamn thread huh. It's been posted already.

No. 338922

How is he STILL fat after years of dancing and idol diets? Does he not exercise? Thyroid problem? A female idol as fat as Shindong wouldn't be allowed to debut

No. 338930

File: 1544732467981.png (324.3 KB, 500x670, fatdong.png)

he did manage to lose quite a bit of weight in 2012 or so

while browsing for this picture i found this allkpop article from last year where he's completely ballooned up again though

No. 338931

File: 1544732491846.jpg (63 KB, 1000x500, Shindong_1486483841_af_org.jpg)

No. 338932

I went through her Twitter account and she is 100% serious about her love for Shindong

No. 338936

m all for not being stick thin and ana chan, but he literally looks like hes wearing a fat suit especially in his face and that CANT be healthy

No. 338978

Not to derail the thread, but a few threads ago someone had brought up the whole bit of Jimin throwing a tantrum because a 14 year old boy was showing him how to clean a plane properly. I'm a bit new these threads, but holy shit that little fucker should have been pulled aside, told to shut the fuck up and apologize to the kid for being an overgrown/troll brat. I cannot stand the whole age bs and how their fans were justifying that fuckhead's attitude. I swear, if that son of bitch talked that way to me in my own home country he would be in for a rude awakening. rant over.

No. 338988

No. 338991

Found it, the kid come in at the 20:30 mark. That feel when a 14 year old is more mature than this shit face.


No. 338994

damn that was really kinda yikes
even tho jk is younger he seems a lot more mature / unbothered
i like how it immediately moves to suga who just minds his own business and does the job

No. 339014

How is sort of behavior is accepted "bcuz age m8" pisses me off. The ego of these boys pisses me off. I get that they're older, but a real man would not act like a spoil child. Props to the 14 year old for giving no fucks and doing his job well.

No. 339015

samefag I can't type to save my life *this

No. 339036

is it the angle or are their heads really that huge (or is ivanka’s head small…?)

No. 339043


Who is this?

No. 339051


Sorry, double posting and I forgot to sage but I just read further down and it's Shindong. How is this even acceptable or possible

No. 339052

jimin has manlet rage/compensation problems lol

No. 339066

It kills me that there are some fat fuck males who can be idols but not a single female.

No. 339075

Don't know but as afaik he's a grade A asshole as well as looking like he does.
Here's a quote I found of his regarding women and weight
>“If someone had to lose weight, I would tell that person to lose weight. Lose some weight, why can't you take care of yourself. When I say this, the person might think, 'Look who's talking,' but I would reply, 'I'm a boy and you're a girl.”

No. 339100

Blackpink are promoting in the US 2019. Uhh….don't these bitches only got like 4 songs?

I can get why BP will come to America since 3 of their members speak English, but I heard Twice was going to promote in the US too… Why go to the US if you're not willing to learn the language that's mainly spoken here esp for TV interviews???

I get that most US entertainment pose to be progressive and accepting of all but honestly none of the GP wants to deal with that subtitle shit, and just like the other Asian countries they visit and whose language they learn, no one would mind a little Engrish. People actually pretend to understand Ratmon.

idk the US music market is huge but it's also like can Kpop please stay in Asia

No. 339118

>idk the US music market is huge but it's also like can Kpop please stay in Asia
Especially BP. Spoiled talentless group. They can all go away tbh.

No. 339120

afaik wonder girls only really performed two songs (nobody and that one they made for the nickelodean movie, and snsd only performed the boys when they came here, and t-ara had none and all you need is one member to ~translate~ for the rest of the group but its probably doomed to fail regardless

No. 339164

File: 1544773195178.jpg (62 KB, 885x960, 48377356_975501189307948_32455…)

lol i cant
like…i feel bad for her sort of but jfc she looks utterly ridiculous

No. 339169

The second 2ne1's "US advancement" was announced in 2012, YG began teasing photos of the current BP girls - so he's right on schedule with one thing I guess? Anticipate Blackpink 2.0 starring Ella Gross around 2022!

Also YG doesn't understand that just speaking English is not enough - the moment Lisa raps something like "bitch I'm a star no Patrick" Blackpink is going to get laughed out of performances, if they get any attention at all.

>>Twice was going to promote in the US too

Most likely they'll just do concerts, like Red Velvet. I think JYP got burnt badly enough by Wonder Girls, and maybe he knows Twice's kindergarten music won't appeal to the West at all. They'll come for Kcon and do American concerts. I don't think they'll try doing anything else.

No. 339175

I'm just waiting for the inevitable problamatic shit coming out of these koreans mouths that will destroy them in the America media. Just imagine them saying an pff color joke about black skin, they will be cancelled like a hot potato

No. 339177

Ew i fucking loathe the thing with ella gross, she'll be used just like jennie, worse cause yg will be even older than now

Idk anon, wendy did a similar thing but people seem to completely forget about it

No. 339179

File: 1544779370578.jpeg (58.48 KB, 446x511, 9C7D7C36-72D2-414A-8463-E2335B…)


jungkook had super bad acne for a long time and fans seemed so horrified that their oppar was a human being with bad skin that just had good makeup/filtering, it’s bizarre how these fangirls don’t even see them as people despite “stanning” them so passionately lol

No. 339181

>Also YG doesn't understand that just speaking English is not enough
Also YG doesn't understand that just because somebody speaks English, doesn't mean they speak it well. Here's 23 year old Jennie sounding like a stoned 10 year old.

No. 339184

I've never heard her speak before and fuck me it's trippy hearing an idol with such a familiar accent.

No. 339185

>some fat fuck males who can be idols
Isn’t Shindong literally the only fatass idol? I don’t think any male group could get away with debuting an overweight member now.

No. 339187

he got lucky because he debuted before social media was cool, otherwise many ppl would have shit on him and his group for debuting such a fatass like him

No. 339190

Well since I'm not a native speaker of English, I can't find what's off with her English but the way she moves her head plus that dumb expression are so disturbing, she really does look like a stoned 10 year old

No. 339197

whoah, has she done something to her hips? she used to be built like wendy williams, she had really skinny legs and disproportionate breast implants.

when he debuted super junior was still meant to be a rotational group, that plan would’ve had him leave after a year or two to move on to variety work. there’s no way they would’ve let a tvxq or shinee member be fat, super juniors just a weird group since they weren’t meant to permanently be idols

No. 339198

Has anyone seen the dance version MV of Solo? I am aware that Jennie was lipsyncing on this one, but it's done so badly. Idk if it's the way she opens her mouth or her expressions, but the song just doesn't match the dance, like they are two separate things. You just know that she gave the wrong expression when she sings some particular parts of the song.

She tried to maintain her cold expression and didn't want to open her mouth too wide that it looks so fake. It's like I'm watching a dance cover by some random dancer (who has no idea how to sing the song correctly) and not the real singer lol. It's an MV and not a dance practice video, it should have felt more real I think.

No. 339199

It's embarrassing that even a nugu artist could have done it better than her

No. 339200

i mean everyone around the ages of 15-20 is suffers from acne at some point, idols who got into the industry at these ages having acne problems is normal. fans think that all idols have uwu perfect skin because they always see them in makeup

No. 339204

i never knew that lol. super junior is a really weird group indeed, they used to have this guy named kibum who was a weird addition considering he never got any lines and even if he did it's just for a very short rap line, then he wen on a verrryyy long hiatus before SM stated that he was no longer part of suju.

No. 339208

There's nothing wrong with her grammar or pronunciation, there's just 0 charisma, personality or anything interesting to say.

No. 339209

right, she lacks everything you'd expect from the ~~hottest~~ female solo of the year

No. 339210

She's probably just grasping for words because she hasn't used English in a while and doesn't hang around an English-speaking crowd (like Amber's gang of jobless expats).

She does have Rose to practice with but I don't even know if she talks to Rose off-camera, let alone talks to her in English.

The disconnect between what she really is like (soft-spoken, girly, timid) and what YG wants her to come off as (snobby swaggy rich bitch) is so apparent here.

Americans will sniff out the fakeness almost immediately - BTS could sell the "we're not like those other Kpop fakers because we write our own songs" image. Blackpink are as manufactured as it gets.

No. 339211

lmao yes, those random movements and eye twitches can't lie. she's unlike her stage persona that yg forces onto her. it's so weird that kpop companies are forcing personas on their idols. i don't like hyuna but at least her dumb bitch persona is close to her real one

No. 339219

i don’t think it’s yg forcing an image as much as it’s her genuinely believing she can become g-dragon 4.0 if she just wears enough designer clothes and scowls a bit onstage. she seems like she believes her own hype more than the other members and it makes her the least likeable. rosé and lisa might make their voices sound cuter to seem more uwu smol but they still don’t feel like they take themselves as seriously

No. 339231

>she seems like she believes her own hype more than the other members
I don't see this at all tbh. I believe she was excited during their debut but quickly grew tired of it. It shows in her perfomances:
Nowadays she either looks tired, bored or straight up terrified on stage. She's simply not a gifted singer or dancer and a black hole of charisma so when she's not putting 100% into it it's.. bad.
I do think she enjoys the modeling/brand ambassador aspect of being an idol though, YG should've just promoted her as some kind of ~it girl~. I remember watching her and I think Jisoo on Running Man and being shocked at how meek her demeanor was. She's simply not a tough girl.

No. 339234

File: 1544797612126.gif (2.16 MB, 253x478, 94cc85895990396ef94a60fd6eccab…)

>Americans will sniff out the fakeness almost immediately

true but also other girlgroups with innocent pure virgins(we don't know what sex is, never heard of sex)concept and wearing a school uniform dancing in a sexual way would never be accepted.

imagine what their reaction will be they see women in their 20 acting and dressing up like they are 12 with cute songs and pigtails but also bending over and shaking their butts.
They are gonna be dragged up by some groups like parents, femenists and people in general who feel just disgusted by it.

No. 339235

File: 1544797895214.gif (923.99 KB, 250x378, LiveHastyAsiaticlesserfreshwat…)

same anon
pic related

No. 339236

File: 1544798301347.gif (6.07 MB, 450x600, ee3d75e0f9c96fc3f620a392021c86…)

last one.
done spamming.

No. 339237

>>339236 i'm all for sexy coreo but in what kinda mess would this be ok i'm baffled

No. 339244

Just some hardworking kids making their tiger moms proud. /s

No. 339245

I'm surprised korean parents arent against this, at least ive never heard of any boycott case

No. 339246

Yeah, kpop stans love to talk about "muh cultural differences, conservative society, innocent blah blah - not like you dirty westerners" kek
But in reality they're all fine with minors slutting it up

No. 339249

Recent news:

>Red Velvet Irene Says She Doesn’t Have Any Close Celebrity Friends

From august:


>Red Velvet’s Irene reveals she’s close friends with BLACKPINK’s Jennie

I just love how she's being inconsistent. Maybe she realizes that admitting jennie as a close friend doesnt bring much benefits for her other than "wE wAnT bLaCk vElveT" from Jenrene shippers.

If you have no idea how crazy they are, I'll shed you some light

They are just as crazy as Taekook shippers, minus the hardcore baby cow narratives

No. 339257

Oh, true. It's kind of funny to see the divide between the "rich bitch" tough image with the bullying allegations, and… this

No. 339266

File: 1544806581840.jpg (192.95 KB, 1200x908, hmm.jpg)

Today bts won artist of the year, where Jin in his speech said that at the beginning of the year, they were thinking about disbanding.
This reminded me of earlier on in the threads were anon posted about the Jungkook self harm rumour, coming out at the same time they wanted to disband. Makes me wonder how much longer bts are going to be around for (even though they recently signed a 7 year contract) or if something is going to end up happening

No. 339280

Irene doesn't actually need Jennie as a friend, she's doing just fine. She landed endorsement deals with the biggest brands in Korea and is more famous than her group + Blackpink members + Twice members individually.

This Jenrene stuff benefitted Jennie the most; I remember seeing Irene tell a fan that she hadn't taken any pictures with Jennie. Fans saw the tweet and were all "omg Irene and Jennie take a picture together!" And lo and behold, a week later they're exchanging choreography and Jennie posted a video of Irene hugging her. Doesn't take a genius to see this strategic play for an "alliance"

No. 339281

I’m so confused at some fans saying that Kpop is becoming “more western”, hasn’t it always been heavily inspired by what’s popular in America?

No. 339282

So if they didn't receive the award they would consider disbanding? What is kind of spoilt braty behaviour is there that?

No. 339283

Kpop is American pop in Korean but the rip off version

No. 339284

No. 339285

they won't do another 7 years under the one agency, i'm sure of it. tvxq lost key members at their peak, bigbang are still all there but have 2-3 year hiatuses all the time and have major scandals, exo lost members. snsd, 2ne1, t-ara all crumbled in different ways, kpop groups can only get so big. i'm not surprised members wanted to just quit, it must be scary knowing you're reaching the peak of something that doesn't last long. either popularity fades and they're left being remembered as "wow they're a legendary group" but nobody actually buys their stuff or cares anymore, or they're going to break up in some way. kpop groups just aren't built to last, companies aren't there to protect their special unique baby boys, they're there to make money off them.

the only thing i really wonder about is if it's going to be an exo situation where members leave one at a time, or if it'll be a tvxq and the group will split in two. luhan, tao (and lay?) were going to leave eventually, that was obvious after kris went. yoochun and jaejoong were the obvious ones to leave tvxq, the only shock was junsu since he was primed as sm's golden boy and the male boa since he was a trainee. suga and jungkook exodus when?

No. 339286

Can they do ONE interview or performance without talking about how much they've suffered? No wonder armys have such a huge victim complex if their oppas themselves play up their pain (I'm not saying their lives are great, but why do they talk like they're still nugus? They're undeniably the #1 group in all of Kpop)

No. 339288

File: 1544811443116.gif (2.66 MB, 540x250, tumblr_pjqgioBX7f1qehiaao6_r1_…)

jeshfjskjehskje not our rat boi trying to wipe away fake tears

No. 339292

my bet is suga leaving first; i could totally see jin fucking right off shortly after and becoming a full-time actor.

jungkook would probably do the best as a solo artist but i doubt he'd risk going solo when he's been with bts since he was a kid. and he knows he wouldn't be where he is without the group (also they make him look good by comparison lmao).

rat, horse and jimincel would probably stick around the longest because they're the uggos who should know they're nothing without the more ~*visual*~ members present.

v could either go into acting full-time or stick around, don't really think he gives a fuck anymore if he ever did but he's probably the least predictable as far as leaving bts or not goes.

No. 339293

there are idols who have basically been disowned by their parents though because they joined a kpop group

they dont really talk about it anymore because all kpop variety is just turbo fake bullshit cultivated for mentally retarded fans to eat up with no question, but they used to discuss those things on variety sometimes

and on the other hand, there are stage parents there jkust like in america, who think theyre gonna get money/fame out of it

No. 339294

File: 1544812132006.jpeg (285.14 KB, 1200x1674, B1027994-1C89-48F8-8864-6D8F66…)

No. 339296

taehyung can't act to save his life

No. 339299

the red haired dude looks like he's wearing a hat.

No. 339303

Why do their fans lose their shit over watching grown ass men cry? There's just something so manipulative about it, like oh hey fans if you don't vote for us we're going to cry waaaaaaaaaah.

No. 339304

This is….unpleasant to look at

No. 339315

what have they been through in 2018 though? unless there is something going on behind the scenes that no one knows about, they are just going through what any other kpop group goes through. while i think most of them are fine and just playing along to the depression and self-love theme that became their selling technique, some of them might actually be going through some shit, like the rumor about jungkook selfharming. maybe something's going on in their personal lives but jin was talking about the group disbanding, if they are not lying, i wonder why they even thought about it since they have been selling well

No. 339316

Wait, why are they "crying"?

No. 339317

Suga definitely won’t leave first. I can see V leave before he does. Suga loves the fame, money, and women being in BTS brings.

No. 339319

Might be a manipulation tactic.

No. 339321

it comes as a little uncalled for to receive a big award when you are the #1 kpop group, go upstairs and say that you thought about disbanding… it's just not right, leave that to another different moment and space perhaps? It's like the whiny attention seeking kind of people constantly oversharing and making everyone uncomfortable. Yes you are going through some shit but… don't

No. 339325

But "mental health" and "mah depression" sells, and that's something I've noticed specifically about this group when compared to others. I wasn't into Kpop when BTS first started getting popular, but since that topic is rather popular rn it would make sense for them to latch onto it. I'm not saying they don't have issues (like JK) but the way that shill it just speaks for itself.

No. 339329

I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them had a fetish for guys crying.

No. 339330

Honestly to me all of them seem to have issues: personality,emotional issues and EDs but it's a jerk move. How are the other idols in the audience suppose to feel? Pity? When half of them are probably nugus who are still paying their debt to their company and sleeping in the floor and getting 100k views in their MVs

No. 339332

I hope my comment wasn't insensitive to those who do have issues, but whenever companies and money are involved I take pause. Their tactics remind me of how certain YouTubers shill their depression/anxiety to their young viewers, many of whom are struggling and don't want to feel alone in whatever they're going through. It just makes me sick that people have no shame in making money off of pity points, it feels so disingenuous. And the point you mentioned about smaller idols is spot on, but remember, because they're not uggu bts bois that means they are lesser barf

No. 339347

Honestly it wouldn't surprise me if they considered disbanding despite being at the hight of they're career. They're fans haven't even really liked the songs they put out this year, they just stream it just to boost the numbers.
So they're being over worked to make alot of shitty songs, alot extra content to make up for the shitty songs and they probably know they're Western popularity isn't genuine and they're seen as nothing more than a foreign novelty.
To top it all off, I imagine whatever dirt dispatch has on them is probably weighing on them too because once they lose too much public favor it'll come out.

No. 339348

i hope dispatch spills some milk about bts and bighit one day

No. 339350

It's only a matter of time before their deal turns sour, I'm giving it end of next year for that to happen.

No. 339351

I think “superficial” depression sells more than actual, clinical depression which makes me raise an eyebrow whenever I see fans use the “don’t criticize oppa, he’s depressed TT” but talk shit about idols with actual mental illness. Also there’s a clear double standard between the way fans treat female idols with depression vs male idols with depression.

No. 339352

Never forget that one time Big Hit included questions specifically asking if respondents were feeling sad or depressed in a 29-page survey. They are definitely using mental health as a marketing tactic.

Here's the link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8p2PVeJIwe_N830-ZmW1QqlE3IZOVDBIL-bWnb7Nho9Do8Q/viewform

No. 339356

this whole entire thing was fishy when they uploaded it, and the fact that fans were praising them caught me off guard.

This whole love yourself bullshit is taking advantage of their mentally ill fans 100%

No. 339357

he seems more sick of it than the rest of them though. he might plan on stepping back from the spotlight and become a full-time producer or whatever (which is what he wanted to do in the first place before becoming an idol).

he’ll still have money and sex, just minus all the idol bullshit that he clearly hates

No. 339359

Exactly! Young teens and young adults eat that shit up because it makes them feel like their oppar's and bighit listen to them. It gives them this false sense of being involved, even though their involvement is a marketing tactic to make sure they keep buying into this fake reality.

No. 339361

i wonder why he didn't leave when the other rappers who were bighit's trainees left the company to do their own thing but he wasn't making any money as an underground rapper so he probably stayed for the money. he has the opportunity to do whatever he wants now

No. 339364

v and jin leaving to become actors could even be better for bts since they are the most incompetent performers lol. don't know if they can pull of acting though

No. 339365

barely anyone would care about jin leaving but v is the most popular member alongside jungkook afaik so that would definitely impact the group negatively when it comes to fans (no matter how much it would benefit them on stage lol)

bts are subpar on literally everything so one more incompetent member here or there wouldn’t make a difference to fans bc they’re a cult who will obsessively hype up anything bts does no matter how bad it is, but removing the top layer of the twink/fujoshit bait machine they have going? they’d be doing themselves a massive disservice.

No. 339367

Jin went to college to study acting. I don't know how good he is, but he seems to want it more than V does. He also seems to be a functioning adult instead of a barely socialized autist.

The only publicity V will get 10 years from now is for his multiple rape charges - he just screams "misogynist" to me.

No. 339369

The reason idols do the crying crap is because in Korean culture, humility and self deprecation is a huge part of "manner". This is why they constantly apologize and are ott for stupid shit all the time. Took a shit without telling the fans? BETTER APOLOGIZE! Dont bow at a certain degree? YOU'RE A HORRIBLE PERSON. Criticize someone who is older than you for literally anything? PIECE OF SHIT NOW YOUR BAND IS GONNA BE OSTRACIZED UNLESS YOU APOLOGIZE OR THEY KICK YOU FROM THE GROUP. Etc. In these cases its a feeling of the fans having ownership, as people have described previously. The fans control the votes(lol except thats bullshit because payola or "sajaegi" in korean is a thing) so therefore you owe them humility and tears and your life. In the world of kpop, a fan is on the level of an "elder" or ceo in their own way. And showing tears is a way of saying "We owe you everything because our life revolves around these votes and only YOU can help us get them". This leads to the fans having such big heads and thinking they own the idols. Its a fucked up cycle thats part Korean culture and part industry culture. Its one of the reasons I will never beleive an idol can be truly happy. Despite how much money they eventually make.

No. 339377

Fair point, the way that whole industry/culture works is pretty fucked up. Anyone see that whole thing crashing at some point, there's no way that it's sustainable long term?

No. 339386

v is living a very lucky life for someone so talentless. i don't understand why a lot of people blindly like him, he has literally no talent, his personality is so fake and unlikeable. finding out about how much of a retarded country boy he is made me dislike him even more but i've found him insufferable even before that. there is also the "he's the most handsome man alive man alive!!" thing going on which makes me wonder if armys have never seen any other man throughout their entire lives or something, he just looks like an average guy

sorry for the hate sperg

No. 339409

I think about this too a lot and tbh it will all come crashing down soon (which is bad for Korea I guess because it’s what put them on the map. And didn’t the president say Koop was a big part of their economy??). Kpop is very disposable genre and is not sustainable long term, on top of being nothing more than a trend. Kpop’s peak moments were 2009-2018, and I don’t see it being able to last decades the way western music is able to do. Then again who knows? Everyone also never thought that BTS would come as far as they did, especially without being from the big 3.

No. 339473

She sounds like she’s dead inside on anti depressants

No. 339474

i wouldn’t be surprised if she’s on something and that’s why she’s so boring and dead

No. 339480


Listening to Jennie speak is so grating. She can’t even formulate her thoughts into coherent sentences or stay on subject lol

No. 339484

unrelated but why do people keep using this stupid glasses bts boy profile pic? I've been seeing it a lot recently.

No. 339485

Have they never listen to other bands outside of Kpop? The Kinks had some pretty moving songs about remembering the working class, the village green preservation society anyone?, but oof, they speak English and don't have flashy clothes, can't have that.

No. 339488

>>339473 now i got it, she sounds like a pageant queen with the fake laugh and stuff.

No. 339489

which picture?

No. 339491

anon deleted their original post but the twitter's pfp was one of the bts members wearing white circle glasses. idk his name but a lot of army have as their pfp.

No. 339492

Looks like Jin, it's hard to tell with how much surface those glasses cover

No. 339495

They did it in preparation ‘Jin day’ or something (probably his birthday).

No. 339497

File: 1544839349262.jpg (100.57 KB, 1024x658, tumblr_pjq9aiSe6i1s70o1po1_128…)

there is just too much plastic and waxy faces in this picture for me to handle

No. 339498

if shes having to dick down old men, im sure she IS dead inside

you can see it when you look in certain idols faces
i remember how stellar looked when they were pussy popping and molesting eachother and their back up dancers for the eyes of sponsor oppas

No. 339499

Yikes their faces are shiny, JHope's face looks particularly uguu.

No. 339500

janet and lil kim are like..the same person now lmao

No. 339502

They all look so wet and greasy

No. 339505

lol no. it's to appear humble and like you're the boy-next-door, which is the whole appeal of idols. they're just regular boys and girls, not rich celebrities.

No. 339506

This is some freakin nightmare fuel. I shouldnt have enlarged that.

No. 339507

File: 1544839914471.jpg (29.38 KB, 384x352, tumblr_pjr2xvEpg31t2r7xg_400.j…)

I like how they give the most retarded jewelry and styling to the most retarded member. Even in >>339497 he's wearing some ugly ass jewelry and his styling is wack.

No. 339508

nah that explanation was accurate

No. 339509

File: 1544839995210.jpeg (821.5 KB, 1242x1262, FDA49B05-7D66-4258-9D2D-1D236B…)

They can’t just admit he’s slow lol. They have to turn exhalt his behaviour in some way.

No. 339511

~pure soul~
proceeds to write up some fanfics about raping them

No. 339520


I really wish they’d ask her about the lazy Jennie shit! Or YG would give some sort of explanation/statement. I know it’d be bullshit but it’d be interesting to see what they have to say about it. I’m guessing they aren’t going to address it in hopes that it’ll just die out soon.

No. 339521

it's all an act. i don't understand why anons call him a retarded autist when it's obviously put on. watch his recent vlives. boy is cold as hell.

No. 339530

>>339521 do you expect me, a lazy anon, to search this all by muh self? link that shit pls

No. 339533


I remember reading a nearly 400k fanfic called House of Cards, and the writer had actually subjected the "fictional" members to all types of abuse, and there was this scene (I'll never fucking forget) of one of the members getting fucked by a gun…..

The most popular fics either tend to be basic premises or the most twisted shit where they vividly depict rape and murder, and glamorize suicide.

I really do wish I could take back all those wasted minutes I spent reading sick shit on ao3.

No. 339535

File: 1544845578573.jpg (41.57 KB, 540x540, IMG_20180810_144358.jpg)

same anon.

Yes, I'm still on this, but the same writer also has a fic where she graphicly depicts Jimin fingering himself, shoving a condom? filled with cocaine up his ass.

No. 339543

No. 339547

why would you read this unless you're a bts fan?

No. 339551

nta but most anons in these threads are (ex)fans, it's been discussed to death already

No. 339552

he looks so weird

No. 339553

File: 1544847167929.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, Girls.png)

> imagine being a fan of bts now or then

No. 339554

lmao is this the kind of shit armys flick the bean to, can't they get off without imagining their oppars getting raped by a dragon? i don't know where it's from but i've seen a thread of tweets making fun of weird k-pop fanfics and there was a fic where bts members were getting kidnapped and raped by a criminal group for their experiments or something, and there were comments like "i hope you make them suffer more!!" under it. i find rpf disturbing to begin with but writing rape stories about real people is just disgusting, anyone would be bothered by some creepy stranger writing about them getting raped in great detail.

No. 339557

>>339543 thank u, i skipped around and why the hell is that he just talks and talks but doesn't really say anything? this has some creepy vibe to it.

No. 339558

Thought I was the only one who found his styling awful, that head to toe baggy brand clothes look is ugly. If they want to make him wear expensive shit, at least pick stuff that looks good together
It's also ironic for him to always wear the most expensive clothes when he said his ideal type is "a girl who spends his money wisely" lol

No. 339559

muh camera angles… they def are fucking

No. 339562

>v is in the video sitting next to jhope
>"Y’all he’s lookin at Tae lmao"
when you are too deep into the delusion

No. 339563

What is that accent? Australian? British??

No. 339564

oh my godddd lmao
i'm surprised he's being so blatant with it too

No. 339566

File: 1544848735468.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 348.24 KB, 1242x685, 6DF53508-282E-45A9-B7F7-23758F…)

No. 339568


Kiwi, she lived in New Zealand.

No. 339569

speaking of sunmi, homegirl did not give a fuuuuuck about even attempting to lip-sync, she's so off during the whole performance and it's rather annoying tbh lmaooo

No. 339577

Sunmi never has been a good singer at all, she'd be nothing if not for the gashina dance making her relevant again. To her credit she does pull off the "lazy/stoned swag" image well

No. 339578

It doesn't matter how bad the others look in a picture, J-Horse will always be the most fucked-up looking to me. It's actually amazing

Lol wtf this is literally something my grandma would wear

No. 339579

Sunmi never has been a good singer at all, she'd be nothing if not for the gashina dance making her relevant again. To her credit she does pull off the "lazy/stoned swag" image well

No. 339580

It doesn't matter how bad the others look in a picture, J-Horse will always be the most fucked-up looking to me. It's actually amazing

Lol wtf this is literally something my grandma would wear

No. 339581

It doesn't matter how bad the others look in a picture, J-Horse will always be the most fucked-up looking to me. It's actually amazing

Lol wtf this is literally something my grandma would wear

No. 339589

why does v's hair always look like it was dyed with a kindergartener's watercolor set, he always has the most obnoxiously bright hair colors

No. 339600

File: 1544859295855.jpg (28.19 KB, 684x358, LOONA-Odd-Eye-Circle1.jpg)

why does this company force their idols to wear such short shorts/skirts? they're barely 20

No. 339601

ew sunmi you can do better

No. 339606

To attract uncle fans and pervs ofc

No. 339607

skipping around his vlive, it looks boring as hell. how do they watch this shit for 1 hour straight

No. 339611

Little OTT but I need to rant.

So some idiot tweeted 'Never forget SM donated x to Jonghyun's foundation. This is why I stan SM'. And I'm thinking you stupid, delusional, ignorant piece of shit. Jonghyun gave almost half of his life to SM. Donating to his foundation is them doing the bare fucking minimum.

I remember watching BN last year where Jonghyun was like 'I'm not planning on releasing any new music this year. I'm going to rest and focus on my health. Even if Lee Sooman calls I would tell him the same thing'. Next thing you know he's promoting, doing agit concerts etc. Even up until his death he was doing some or other shit.

Is SM directly responsible for his death? No, but they weren't helping the situation. Knowing what they knew about him and his mental state, would they have ever given him a year off to get inpatient treatment or something? Hell no because they'd be losing money. The only way he would've gotten a break is if he had a failed suicide attempt and even then he would probably have to do some show as soon as he got out of hospital.

I don't understand how people thought he was okay. Yeah he looked healthy physically but for the whole of 2017 he looked so exhausted. I'm not blaming SM but if we're being honest, their lack of giving a shit about their idols was definitely a factor as well as lack of awareness within that whole society. But people will tell themselves whatever they need to sleep better at night.

Fuck all of these companies, fuck kpop and fuck Korea. Rant done

No. 339630

File: 1544877927759.png (596.71 KB, 500x700, A7854BE1-3A50-4DD6-B575-B496FC…)

lmao and even then armpits have absolutely nothing on exo fics back in the day.

there’s hunhan where sehun is in his late twenties/early thirties and luhan is 12 or younger, luhan as a minor getting gangraped by the rest of the exo members, sehun raping luhan where the former is the latter’s biological dad, one where luhan had his tongue cut out and served as dinner to an unsuspecting sehun by xiumin before sehun later (somehow) raped luhan to death where the reason luhan didn’t say no was bc he’d had his mouth forcibly glued shut by xiumin who then suggested he and sehun rape luhan’s corpse together, more necrophiliac and pedophilic stories, luhan as a 13yo prostitute getting raped by his dad, a schizophrenic sehun hallucinating his murdered baby sister’s bleeding corpse crawling around, d.o pulling out all of xiumin’s teeth, luhan slashing kris face open before cutting off his dick and stuffing it into the now open wound where his face used to be, luhan getting raped by four other members back in high school only to come back, murder them all and then eating their flesh…

shit was wild

No. 339631

what the fuck is wrong with kpop fans

No. 339633

the most important question is how do you know all of this

No. 339637

Lmao yeah anon

No. 339638

All this talk of fanfiction gave me war flashbacks to when Anterograde Tomorrow was the hottest shit and you could send any EXO fan into hysterics by quoting it.
It was a Kai x D.O fic where I think D.O. had anterograde amnesia and couldn't remember anything from the previous days so he would have sticky notes of all the important things he needed to remember and somehow his neighbor, Kai, gets caught up in helping him remember shit and they fall in love or whatever but Kai's got fucking lung cancer or some shit, I don't know, I never actually got past part 1.

I do remember, however, some weird ass SHINee fanfic where (I think) Jonghyun and Key were fucking hardcore and at the end we find out Jonghyun's schizophrenic and Key never existed.

And my friend in highschool made me read some GD x TOP fanfic where they're like 8 years old and jerking it in a bathroom and when I told her that that's some fucked up shit she started whining about how it doesn't matter since none of it's real.

No. 339640

saging bc no1curr

luhan was my exo bias back then and i have a huge rape kink but it’s impossible to find well-written non-con without having to filter through all that insane shit i’ve since moved on to doyoung from nct but there isn’t much content in that vein on him sadly (yet)

No. 339641

tinfoil: she wrote it

No. 339642

the story would be interesting if it stopped with the amnesia, but ofc there has to be cancer and other overly dramatic shit. when i liked bts i only read one fic because it was really well-written and i was waiting for a logical ending, but at the end of it the rape victim fell in love with the rapist and they lived happily ever after. i had no idea that this shit is popular in fanfiction, at least in my language, idk about english but it's probably the same

No. 339643


>she started whining about how it doesn't matter since none of it's real.

This is what most RPF shippers resort to when their told their headcanons, fics, and art are fucking disgusting.

Do they not realize their oppars/unknees arent anime characters or is this apart of the marketing scheme?

No. 339646

It's that weird disconnect where people see idols as almost not human. If they knew their oppars personally I'm sure they'd find their weird fanfics/artwork much more uncomfortable

No. 339648

Technically they are not causing any physical harm but literally any human would be disturbed by someone writing about or drawing them getting raped. Their oppars and unnies wouldn't want to be around anywhere near them if they knew who they are and what they are doing. How do they do this kind of shit and still be like "I love my babies so much, meeting them is the goal of my life!!", I don't know.

No. 339650

Damn, she really sounds like her soul has left the body. Like a female Suga.
She sounds pretty fluent though. I mean, it's understandable that she would be, since she lived in NZ for years and even had a group of friends who were all locals… But in some instances, when she's in Korea and tries to speak English, she sounds super slow even in remembering the most basic words, like in that video where she talks about what to buy Lisa for her birthday. Is it possible that she would fake being less fluent in English than she is when in SK?

Wew, now I get why ratmys hype up V's looks so much. He's literally the best looking one in there, even with his basic face.

No. 339653

I like her, but I agree. The one WG who should've made it big is Ye-eun, she's a professional who's actually worked a lot on those singing lessons.
Hyelim has an interesting voice and I would've liked to hear her more, but it seems that she quit the idol life and is doing well in university. Good for her

No. 339655

Yeah it's a bit surprising that out of all the Wonder Girls, Hyuna and Sunmi hit it big. 10 years ago everyone would have thought Sohee would be THE star.

No. 339688

File: 1544892691381.png (Spoiler Image, 243.15 KB, 386x593, b352fe55f31d4d55a4367b2101a4ab…)

it's borderline rude to look this fucking bad

No. 339689

They are causing psychological harm though, I refuse to believe idols, their family and friends never look at this shit or see it by accident. It would hurt me a lot if I were them.

No. 339690

i never really understood sohee's hype? she wasn't the prettiest to me, she kind of looks like a rat or something. i wasn't really into the wonder girls back then but i don't recall that she was even that good of a singer? tbh i don't remember that much about sohee, just that she was super popular for a moment there.

No. 339691

File: 1544893107857.png (16.92 KB, 723x118, tvxqyj.png)

they do see it. fans will send fanfics to idols in the hope that they read it. other times idols will just see it online. https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/idols-read-fan-fictions-written/

No. 339692

Damn, I remember when her hair was fried as shit around her "I" era, it literally looked like actual plastic barbie blonde hair it was so damaged.

No. 339694

Nta but maybe you shouldn't be so sensitive then kek imagine getting upset over fucking fanfiction

No. 339695

Nta but maybe you shouldn't be so sensitive then kek imagine getting upset over fucking fanfiction

No. 339696

It's because of that "omona" gesture of hers in Tell Me. Idk why but somehow Korea went NUTS over that gesture, plus the public seemed to like her visuals, so she was everywhere.

No. 339697

Sunmi's vocals had a lot of potential when she was a teenager, here's a video when she's 14-15 singing on par with Sunye and YeEun who are 17-18. None of them had groundbreaking vocals at the time but they also weren't incompetent singers by any stretch.

>Sorry for the ancient blurry video, Sunmi sings first verse on the far left, Sunye is center and YeEun is on the right. You can also briefly see Hyuna sitting down in front of them.

To be fair Wonder Girls did sing live during all their performances, even their debut. The other day MBC uploaded the WG video from their ~kpop history~ series and I was genuinely surprised to see a Kpop group performing their main stages without ANY MR/backing vocals. That's probably non-existent nowadays.

The problem with how Sunmi's vocals evolved is a bigger overall problem in JYP with female singers. He composed their tracks and coached them to have cute/high-pitched/nasally vocals even when it strained their voice and didn't complement them at all. He also choreographed their songs and wanted their dance moves to be as simple and catchy as possible. YeEun butted heads with JYP a lot due to the fact they were never able to experiment with more powerful concepts or have any creative control until much later in their careers.

YeEun left the company because JYP sees an "artist" and "idol" to be two different things. That's why she doesn't perform on music shows to promote her indie singles, because stages are an "idol" thing. The same thing happened with Twice and Minyoung in sixteen. She would have been the most skilled vocalist in twice but JYP shamed her for being too "artist"-like and kicked her out at the last second. Twice also follows the cute/simple/catchy song & dance pattern, their vocals are infamously horrendous and get more squeaky with every release.

>tl;dr Sunmi was trained out of giving a shit about vocal talent, despite singing live in her youth, she doesn't give af about lipsynching now because that's what all idols do. YeEun will never get the fame she deserves because her musical talent makes her not an idol.

No. 339706

JYP had the nerve to shit on Shannon Williams' singing when Twice sound like this:


Say what you want about SNSD but they never sounded this horrid. Maybe JYP could have copied adding a competent singer or two while he was ripping off SNSD's everything.

No. 339709

Ta, but maybe you shouldn't be such an edgelord pushover.

No. 339713

No. 339714

anon was talking about the fanfictions about real people that include fucked up shit like rape and pedophilia. it's disturbing to see even if it's written about people you don't know, i'd be terrified if someone did that to a friend, a family member or me

No. 339715

They sound like mice ewww.

No. 339716

You can hear them struggling to breathe through significant portions of the song, yikes.

No. 339717

And they only sang for one minute without dancing

No. 339725

I used to be a WG fan and comparing them to, say, Twice, I was legit wondering whether was I wearing stan goggles while thinking of them or were they actually better than nowadays popular girl groups. Turns out they really were.

No. 339733

I'm not any of those anons but this concern is a joke. No oppa feels "harassed" by little foreign girl's fantasy diary. I think you are too self conscious. So long as the fantasy isn't too realistic, meaning it's not about an author self insert stalking and raping people, then it should be given a pass. It's part of normal sexuality and shaming people for it is unhealthy.

No. 339740

>an author self insert stalking and raping people
This is the thing that people find disturbing anon

No. 339748

Well no wonder they never sing live

No. 339752

No? No one mentioned those types of fics. They just said fanfics involving rape, which aren't the same.

No. 339755

fans always complain when idols use too much lip-sync or when they don't let those who primarily dance (because they suck at singing) sing but i say they're doing us a favor tbh. plus when they're doing all that dancing there is no way their singing is gonna sound good.

No. 339758

lol one of the reasons i loved Full Moon was because its a song that you can struggle vocal when singing, just like she does

No. 339759

god shes fucking disgusting now

it makes me sick that i used to find her pretty

No. 339771

The "eh-eh-EH"s really make her sound like she's
dying and is gasping for breath

No. 339797

Ah yes, I remember when I was still into EXO and before the Chinese members left the fanfiction was some of creepest shit I've ever seen. Seeing shit like this makes me fear for the future lol

No. 339811

This is just my opinion but nothing about Jennie feels genuine IMO. Obviously I don’t know her and she might be totally different from what we see, but I feel like every move that she does is calculated. The crying on Running Man, the uwu soft polite voice, her forcing a "friendship" with Irene and Nayeon and other popular girl group members; she seems like the kind of person who plays nice to people/situations that benefit her. Just my opinion though

No. 339820

Any creepy fanfic recs? I want to laugh.

No. 339823

>>339820 honestly, just go to ao3 and use gross tags

No. 339827

I don't remember the names of them but ao3 is full of weird shit involving animals. There was one involving Xiumin getting plowed by various creatures. At first, I laughed, and then I felt dread. Rip my brain.

No. 339831

I blame my weird ex but they linked me exo fic that had two members who were actual fucking fairies with blue tentacle dicks. I think xiumin got pregnant too. I fucking regret everything.

No. 339832

Oof the freaking tentacle porn crap, what is it with fangirls and watching their bias get plowed by an octopus?! I remember an ex friend of mine was super into Jinki from Shinee and was into watching him bottom for girls and guys, even animals. Again, I fear what the next generation will view as normal human interaction.

No. 339853

No. 339857

This is turning into a kpop cringe thread and I am not too mad about it, anons.

No. 339860

its definitely looking very..4chan /mukpg/ lately but meh could be worse

No. 339861

Same, it's nice to have a place where we can discuss this shit without having a bunch of stans sperg out. It's honestly kinda worrisome how addict some of these people are to it, they take it as a personal insult if you don't kiss the ass of bts.

No. 339866

File: 1544907914708.jpg (212.55 KB, 900x811, CP7.jpg)

speaking of cringey k-boos, this was mentioned in one of the previous threads but i still think kpop cosplay is one of the stupidest things i've ever seen

No. 339869

>>339866 It's bizarre when they cosplay the idols they're going to see? Taped eyes and all

No. 339871

like..theres a lot of female kpop outfits and stuff id love to copy but im a GIRL and its strictly from a "wow that looks cute maybe i'll buy a top or dress like that" but man does this fake boi shit skeeve me out

No. 339881

BOY in big letters. cringe

No. 339884

just like all idols

No. 339885

(It's a brand) but I really do not miss every group wearing those damn Boy caps or spiked caps in general. That was a bad era.

No. 339886

this image displeases me

No. 339887

File: 1544909402578.png (2.27 MB, 1960x7910, Screenshot_2018-12-15 방탄소…)

I spent quite a while doing, ahem, research. It's all yaoi there's no stalkershit.

No. 339888

fun it's "bang tan boys" when they're kinda racist af

No. 339890

Mother of God those tags. My sides. You know these "writers" take their creepy rape/pedo fanfics very seriously. Where's FBI chan when you need them lol

No. 339892

it's old but can someone explain the "chanyeol and baekhyun got married in spain!!" thing? was it just a meme?

No. 339894

Wasn't that a fanfic AU or something? I remember seeing those float around on asianfanfics and ao3 back in the day.

No. 339895

i don't understand how these descriptions and tags are supposed to be appealing to anyone. ao3 is a whole cringefest

No. 339938

Ao3’s worth a thread on it’s own tbh.

No. 339939

there's also the cringey fan edits, a lot of nsfw ship edits use vauge Asian porn to replicate idols and odd themes from camboy's to sugardaddy edits. it's so fucking weird cause they spend hours and even days siphoning through explicit content so it replicates thier shipping narrative.

No. 339944

I remember there being an exo lookalike tumblr page completely devoted to lewd shit. Idk if it still exists but that stuff was mentally scaring

No. 339949

There's even tons of Tumblr blogs dedicated to rebloging porn of people that look similar to whatever members, and explicit captions about the members fucking each other or whatnot.
Thank God tumblrs about to nuke them.

No. 339957

using someones name in your gross fics is not part of normal sexuality, you fucking dimwit lmao. why do you think "all persons fictitious" disclaimers exist? because your fiction writing ass can get sued for defamation

No. 339959

using someones name in your gross fics is not part of normal sexuality, you fucking dimwit lmao. why do you think "all persons fictitious" disclaimers exist? because your fiction writing ass can get sued for defamation

No. 339962

There's even tons of Tumblr blogs dedicated to rebloging porn of people that look similar to whatever members, and explicit captions about the members fucking each other or whatnot.
Thank God tumblrs about to nuke them.

No. 339968

the majority of people on these threads seem addicted to come here to say disgusting things about some random Korean girl just because they she's ugly, isn't that worrisome and sad too?

No. 339969

a lot of these accounts are run by fans from the ages 14-25 it's fucking wild how they can spend hours fantasizing and getting off to these illusions and characters of real people, there was a bts fan artist that drew yoongi getting fucked by her weird monster oc cause apparently bestiality is hot to her, I was truly scarred seeing that display.

No. 339971

using someones name in your gross fics is not part of normal sexuality, you fucking dimwit lmao. why do you think "all persons fictitious" disclaimers exist? because your fiction writing ass can get sued for defamation

No. 339973

Do you think a company or an idol would sue a fanfic writer for creating rape/pedo fics about them? Back when I used to read kpop fanfics I would see authors and readers joke about not wanting to get sued or arrested for their fetish porn.

No. 339975

are there korean fanfics tho, one would think they'd be too rdy to sue everyfuckingone so nah

No. 339977

>>339968 so who is your red velvet bias, anon?

No. 339986

File: 1544917959393.png (124.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181215-184537.png)

there's also one chick on YT who made a load of gross BTS would you rathers, checking on her channel now I guess she unlisted all of them probably because a lot of people "hated" on her by saying it's wrong to think of them in such a diguesting way, either way she tries to sell her shitty photoshoped bts pics as merchandise on redbubble it's so trash I'm cackling.

No. 339987

File: 1544917993140.png (425.89 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181215-184641.png)

No. 339989

File: 1544918015905.png (323.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181215-184716.png)

No. 339992

nope, companies are the ones that exploit their image in the first place and they want to keep the crazies. i was just saying that this doesn't mean rpf isn't morally wrong and you can definitely shame people for it

No. 339993

samefag, I just find it astonishing how some people actually buy this garbage lol

No. 340038

File: 1544921190283.jpg (525.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181216-074219_Sho…)

YG opened their official online store in my SEA country (you know how big Lisa is here) and people have to pay approx 50 USD for this garbage. This isn't even a low quality pic. Even local shirt brands are 1000x better than this. Ppl don't realize how this is a mockery to their obsession, i bet YG thinks they can sell Lisa's used toilet paper and ppl will pay at least 1000 USD for that. I won't support a company that can't respect ppl who feed them.

No. 340039

File: 1544921303798.jpg (393.05 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181216-074103_Sho…)

Plus many ppl receive their beloved lighsticks in such awful condition. I never owned one but I know how valuable even the box is cause when you decide to resell them one day, the condition of the box also adds to the value of money

No. 340045

Ah okay, that's interesting considering they larp as being a "conservative" society and that they value innocence. Damn, this would thing is so all over the place, makes me glad I never got too far into the fandom.

No. 340050

File: 1544923270671.jpg (24.88 KB, 414x512, d4e25eb41155559084a1401c6807d5…)

taeyeon scares me

No. 340052

i don't like judging people on their looks usually but the kpop plastic monsters are repulsive

No. 340055

yunjae shipping tops any other popular kpop ship. the yunjae fic gashiyeon was so popular that the line “it’s you, the beauty from class 8” is the go-to quote for any tv parodies of fanfic, it was on an snl skit. they knew about the fic themselves since they talked about it.

part of why it was so big was because it wasn’t pushed hard all of the time, other tvxq ships were pushed harder in the beginning, yunjae just stayed popular. there’s still fans who would swear that yunho and jaejoong are together, despite them only having one public meeting in the last 9 years. shippers analyse videos to say they heard the other one laugh in the background, say they share clothing, try to match up timelines, everything. but companies like ships, as long as fans still bulk buy for their faves. ships like yunjae and taeny are beneficial for whichever one is least popular at the time

No. 340056

File: 1544923790785.jpg (25.29 KB, 474x382, taeyeon.jpg)

it's hard to believe she was born with this face…

No. 340059

She is probably seriously depressed.

No. 340062

Is the reason why you hold these beliefs a faulty understanding of defamation? Defamation requires both an intent to harm and damages done. Malicious rumors would get sued, clear fantasies that are posted on fanfiction specific sites are obviously completely harmless. It is normal sexuality, people daydream about having sex with celebrities all the time. Trying to portray that as something oh so problematic says more about your backwardness than anything else. There's so much problematic stuff in kpop to call out without resorting to pearl clutching.

No. 340067

Not sure anons here know what autism is, a lot of people regard autistic people as "cold as hell" especially those with asperger's.

No. 340069

This is just sad, she looked fine before they touched her face. I don't get the obsession the companies have with fucking up a perfectly good face.

No. 340071

literally what is autistic about him? because he acts like a child to attract 11 year old female fans?

No. 340078

I don't think that's a reason why he's autistic either, just pointing out that no one here fucking knows what autism is.

No. 340080

it is weird seeing a discussion about the ethics in rpf taking place at the same time as other anons speculate over whether or not a kpop idol is autistic or not

No. 340085

Anon, I don't think anyone here truly believe v is legitimately autistic, it's just funny.
He just lacks social awareness, which seems to be common in korean male celebrities, and used to play up the retard/~4d~ act for fangirls

No. 340087

Ewww that's so greasy, I couldn't imagine wanting to bone a dude who acts like a dumbass. But then again these girls also want to bone dudes who act like small children, so I guess that just adds to this fucked up sandwich of a fandom.

No. 340088

File: 1544928501764.jpg (85.84 KB, 600x970, taeyeon-kbs-music-festival-3.j…)

honestly it just makes me sad i cant even hate her

how do you go from this to that like you have to be fucked in the head
she was by no means a visual queen, but she had a cute little face and her slightly strabismus eyes were unique and even considered pretty
wtf taetae…

No. 340089

well their main fanbase is in sk and most of their fans there /are/ children, so

No. 340110

no one here cares that someone is getting off to a celebrity, people pointed out how writing about real people getting raped or written as a minor for "fantasy" is gross, it's not a normal sexuality. and yeah, shippers in disguise, writing about a real human raping their bandmate isn't any better than a self inserting one. why are you so defensive over fanfiction anyway?

No. 340123

File: 1544936194197.gif (3.34 MB, 368x368, O3e8H3P2R8dNAZ_n_1.gif)

I don't know how she managed to look even worse than this. She looks 10 years older than she actually is

No. 340132

It's like I can kinda see it's her but at the same time I wouldn't have known it's her if you didn't put her name there. This is sad

No. 340134

It's like I can kinda see it's her but at the same time I wouldn't have known it's her if you didn't put her name there. This is sad

No. 340144

she looks way younger than 30 anon.. still botched though, what a shame

No. 340157

Do you think she looks younger than 30 in that pic holding up the sign? I don't see it

No. 340174

SEA? Nta but she looks like 28ish

No. 340176

i know its not a fangirl thread but jonghyun was so cute wtf

No. 340178

File: 1544941292151.png (26.4 KB, 523x294, Screenshot (119).png)

these comments about Red Velvet are so sad

they're really leading young girls to believe that they can achieve those drastic transformations without surgery, the fans are blaming it all on weight loss, even though some of the girls clearly struggle with EDs

>Beauty treatments to make her cheeks more tight

these girls are gonna be in for a rude awakening in their 20s when they realize no amount of spa treatments and starvation diets are going to make them look like Irene

No. 340180

SEA kpop fans are so brain-numbingly stupid. you can tell they're from malaysia or some shit because of the way they attempt to communicate in english.

No. 340220

Can't argue with that. >>340174 Maybe not 10 years older but I would say early to mid 30s. These days people are 30 could pass for 25 so I'm basing it on that

No. 340222

anybody who looks at irenes freak show of a face and thinks its not plastic as fuck is a retard in the highest regard
she literally looks like michael jackson

No. 340223

This is a mess

No. 340224

File: 1544949582459.gif (869.54 KB, 431x251, giphy-3 (4).gif)

Stans are

No. 340229

File: 1544950896059.jpg (42.54 KB, 444x595, images.jpeg.jpg)

I can't tell if this is Irene or Taeyeon and I don't mean it in a good way.

No. 340230

Wew, the anons talking about the lsa invasion weren't kidding. This thread is such a shitshow now.

No. 340231

File: 1544951066380.jpg (34.55 KB, 739x415, images.jpeg-1.jpg)

Hyuna's transformation though

No. 340234

File: 1544951700930.jpg (483.84 KB, 1080x1202, 20181216_161423.jpg)

Like, wtf

No. 340236

this sounds like the k-pop tinfoils in that illuminati forum

No. 340243

SEA Kpop fans are pure cancer. And what's more embarrassing is that so many of them are in their late 20s and 30s too. Most of the hate comments Kpop idols receive, especially on instagram, are from SEA fans. If you see a Tweet making nasty comments about some group, 90% of the time the person is SEA. Idols going to SEA countries are molested and manhandled (see: Taeyeon, Nam Joo Hyuk for recent cases)

They act as uncivilized as the rest of the world thinks they are.

No. 340244

File: 1544956194068.jpg (66.46 KB, 500x750, 5274d33597641ad54d8238508aafa0…)

She looked her best during the Red era, it's a shame to see how far she fell since then

No. 340246

Where did they come from?

No. 340247

Irene has thicker eyebrows, this is just a wonky filter. I don't know why stylists insist on lightening/plucking her full brows, they're the best feature on her face imo.

No. 340248

Go back to thirsting over Jimincel and Junglebook on LSA with your retarded GIFs please

No. 340249

She looks like a red velvet member. It's just tragic. How did they(hyuna and taeyeon) go from sort of normal plastic people to grandma plastic looking in just one era?

No. 340250

It's Irene, anon. She used a filter in this picture to look like Taeyeon.

No. 340251

i feel like some of them are twitter stans too

No. 340254

Could be, or just losers from Kpop general migrating over here to criticize idols they don't like (while thirsting over the ones they do like in the general thread)

LSA posters…let's not even get into that retardation. Their other threads are fine, but the Asian celeb thread needs to be nuked

No. 340255

Does Sm take taeyeon's pic to every surgeons for their idols and trainees? Some of them one way or another look like her

No. 340257

More like they look for people with similar features and then give them surgical tweaks to become even more like each other physically


No. 340258

More like they look for people with similar features and then give them surgical tweaks to become even more like each other physically


No. 340272

jesus christ…

No. 340277

This is even creepier than the retarded reptile himself

No. 340282

Honestly it's creepy how Lucas from NCT has started to become Minho 2.0 physically, only uglier.

No. 340295

I think Lucas is good-looking, but he has too much of a fratboy attitude for me to find him attractive. Minho is much less annoying.

No. 340334

He looked so fine before that hideous makeup.

Any thoughts about this?
>Idiot K-pop fans force hundreds of passengers off plane

No. 340339

Wanna One fans managed to combine the worst insanity of all fandoms into a one-year timeframe. I'm so glad they're disbanding.

No. 340345

File: 1544976495068.jpg (219.21 KB, 800x526, 05586210410052762842962.jpg)

bts not getting a grammy nomination for their music is definitely about america's xenophobia, yeah

No. 340347

Wow, these people are freaking delusional. No one outside their creepy cult likes kpop.

No. 340354

I fucking hate these bitches, acting like their bts oppars are any different from regular xenophobic koreans.

No. 340355

So it was Wanna One? Honestly the fandom is full of sasaengs and akgaes, I wonder how they'll fare individually after they disband.

No. 340357

Anyone notice that when an idol leaves a group, a group disbands, or someone gets a boyfriend or girlfriend the stans start threatening suicide in the worst case follow through? I remember a girl had committed suicide when Luhan announced he had a girlfriend, I think that was when I concluded Kpop wasn't healthy for anyone. How could someone throw their life away for some empty shell, plastic surgery cog.

No. 340383

The world has gone retarded. I bet these 10y/o fucks don't know what xenophobia means. America don't care about these tired ass, crusty ass, not talented ass kpop boy groups. Kpop is a trend, a joke, something that won't last just like ricegum. They're full of shit

No. 340385

LY albums are pure hot traaaash. that album would probably make me hate myself for listening to that shit. Taeyeon out here looking like gollum from lord of the rings with her wanna be casper the friendly ghost headass.

No. 340391

>general public doesn't take bts seriously for being a group that makes mediocre pop music and has an insane fanbase
>"my boys are real artists and you bigots can't see the true meanings of their songs!! xenophobic america!! oppression!!"

No. 340393

>losers from Kpop general migrating over here to criticize idols they don't like (while thirsting over the ones they do like in the general thread)

every thread has been like this. every time an anon here starts accusing other anons of being secret stans or thrifting over idols i just assume they’re projecting. it’s not that serious.

No. 340395

I just assume that anyone who doesn't sage when they're not contributing comes from twitter.

No. 340396

Reminds me of that one dude from NCT

No. 340397

File: 1544984427172.jpg (133.73 KB, 1200x578, DnJTLa3UwAUweel.jpg)

nct looks more like a football team than a music group

No. 340400

at least japan keeps their sports teams of 48 groups with their own country (outside of AKB48). the fact that SM is trying to make huge ass groups like NCT popular in the west is hilarious and it's never gonna happen. it's just funny seeing SM attempt at a successful rotational group for over a decade and fail everytime.

No. 340413

Yuta and Taeyong (I think, the third guy standing starting from the right and the fifth guy second row starting from the right) have literally the same chin and the same jaw.

No. 340414

I like NCT but I don’t see how it can work in the long run. It’s gonna get exhausting keeping up with new members every year, individual members will struggle more and more to have a fan base. SM are just focusing on a few members as is, it just seems like they’re amassing backup dancers. Sorry for the wall of text it’s just frustrating how transparent this cash grab idea is

No. 340420

the only member of nct that i can recognize is taeyong and it kinda confused me for a second, they look very similar

No. 340421

Kpop fandom involves stanning all members of a group (at least for appearances sake so you don't get ostracized for being an anti) while AKB48 only encourages you to pick 1 favorite to spend all your money on.

The way the NCT system is set up is probably meant to mirror that, except where SM fails is not giving other members not named Mark and Taeyong any opportunities to gather individual fans, plus the "OT18" nonsense is still encouraged when ideally an NCT fan shouldn't have to give a fuck about anyone else if her bias is Taeyong.

Also if SM wanted to go ahead and make money off this, they would have held a senbatsu every year for center position, but they wouldn't dare give up control and let someone else other than their chosen boys have the spotlight.

No. 340425

How tall is Lucas? Male idols lie about their height all the time but he seems legit tall

No. 340430

Yeah we definitely got posted on LSA or ONTD. Not sure where as I occasionally browse both and havent seen it, but between this and the celebrity thread, yikes.

No. 340431

Google says he's 185, so around 6'1" maybe?

No. 340432

uh oh…….

No. 340433

It's okay they'll come here, get offended at us using retard and leave when they realize they can't get us banned for that

No. 340438

ONTD is still a thing? lmao

No. 340439

Barely. Its the same people circle jerking over how offensive everything is all day.

Anyway to keep this on topic, Jennie is still winning shows. How long before accusations of Sajaegi?

No. 340444

Honestly if SM had NCT go full 48 they'd be worth stanning lol. Uncle fans are being catered to en masse with these produce shows but there‘s nothing on that scale for fujoshis. I wish they were just shameless about it and stopped trying to make them mainstream. As a group it‘s never gonna happen.
I haven‘t checked this thread in 2 days and all I see now is people talking about fics they used to read.. like wow, there‘s disgusting fanfiction. How is that unique to the kpop fandom and why should we care.
Never. YG has somehow memed the general public and international fans into believing that they‘re all ~about quality music~ and that anyone saying otherwise is a dumb hater, despite their shit not having evolved since 2012. There‘s literally no difference in sound or visuals between 2ne1 or bp. Even SM let go of dubstep and box sets for their main groups LMFAO

No. 340455

My life goal is to fail upwards the way YG does. He was born with a horseshoe up his ass, if he hadn't gotten Big Bang under his wing he'd be nowhere today

No. 340491

File: 1544993265321.jpg (162.68 KB, 783x1200, Dp8DD3uWwAAFSSm.jpg)

He's about 5'11"-6'. Here's him next to Han Hyun-min who's close to 6'3". Hyun-min is a model, so I wouldn't doubt his height.

No. 340492

File: 1544993324779.jpg (7.38 KB, 320x180, loona.jpg)

When is Loona going to fire their clown makeup artist?

No. 340494


Dont think it'll ever happen. Everything YG seems to release explodes in popularity, so if jennie's song has gotten so "big" thanks to sajaegi, the jennie/yg fans will say it's just YG being popular/mainstream in south korea.

Kind of sad too because songs like solo and gashina are plain but south korea eats it up.

No. 340501

when the asshats realize a white face and bright red lips is not a flattering makeup trend.

No. 340520

Damn. Hope he doesn't come across Bts, he would send Jimin and Suga on suicide watch

No. 340540

I’m probably not the first to point this out but why is YG okay with that mino guy skinwalking GD?

I didn’t know about him until this solo debut and I’d imagine any casual viewer like me would just straight up mistake him for GD who happens to have a new face piercing. The similarities in their performance styles and appearances is eerie.

It can’t be a concidence they let this guy debut during GD’s military service. Just kinda reinforces that he really does model his new idols after his other successful ones.

No. 340542

1 minute and 55 seconds mark, he looks so much like GD that I actually thought it was him.

During his part he literally sings "GD isn't here so follow me".

Weird as fuck.

No. 340547

GD's very own skinwalker in the same company as him. That's so fucking creepy. Maybe that's another reason mino's doing well (I recall his latest solo getting a win, staying long on the charts) If GD can't comeback because of all of his scandals + military, mino's gonna straight up replace him lmao !

No. 340572

Lol at the title though. Idk much about journalism, but is it ok to write "idiot" as a title on an official news?

No. 340574

Not to be too ot but I wonder if Korean journalists have their own version of Florida Man.

No. 340580

>>340542 I know the topic was on Mino but this entire song (and imo seungri in general) is a mess

No. 340598

seems like no one posted this yet. thoughts?

No. 340603

Stuff like this has happened so much im not even surprised anymore. Just like Krystal with her anemia, various idols with their eating disorders, members of exo and other groups breaking arms and shit, wet dangerous slippery stages, the companies dont care. They still make them perform and its not gonna stop until someone literally drops fucking dead on the stage. And even then they'll still try to weasel their way out of taking responsibility. They knew she had the damn flu. Its inexcusable. Fuck kpop.

No. 340647

I’ve seen people comment things like “she CHOSE to perform!!! Her company didn’t force her!!”
Its just delusion, even if she did “choose” for herself to perform it would have been a decision made due to pressure from her company and fans. It’s not like she really wanted to perform while she had the flu just out of passion…

No. 340713

File: 1545068086697.jpg (111.57 KB, 1080x1080, 46652073_332896047302911_21130…)

I thought her looks couldn't get any worse but…. If she makes a comeback with some other agency, they'll have to do wonders to fix this mess

No. 340717

Her poor hair is screaming for help.

No. 340724

File: 1545068628727.jpg (Spoiler Image, 113.67 KB, 645x1024, 70da4e765a51eccb45e0b6aaa2456d…)

>>340713 she is pete burns reincarnated

No. 340742

File: 1545070668698.png (466.73 KB, 422x511, Hyun Ah hyunah_aa • Instagr…)

Damn, e'Dawn looks like THAT?

No. 340762

File: 1545073387425.jpg (84.77 KB, 717x463, white_chicks_2.jpg)

No. 340782

Nice to catch up on the hot mess that is kpop.


Anon, you've given me war flashbacks bc good fucking lord, I remember being hella tired of that bullshit. By the time I left the fandom though, I remember it had been found to be a plagiarized work (someone had read the original and outed it). Or it could be a different overpopular fic, it's been years so my memory is faulty.

Yeah there are. There's a rather infamous Yunho/Jaejoong one called 'Thorn Year' (to give an example) that has been printed into book format and has been translated from Korean to English on LiveJournal. I think there's manhwa adaptations of some parts as well.

And years ago when I was an EXO fan, I remember an incident where a Korean fan had printed out a Baekhyun/Chanyeol fanfic and presented it to Chanyeol at a fanmeet, asking him if he read fanfics with himself and if he liked any. I recall that his response was yes and that some were pretty good but I get the feeling that he was probably saying that to be polite.

No. 340809

I can just hear her fans tell her she's beautiful and YAs QuEEn !!1! She looks like a balding ghost with too much lip fillers.

No. 340818

Is the hair supposed to be yellow or blonde? It’s not a good dye job if you can’t tell whether it’s a fucked bleach or shitty color

No. 340846

File: 1545092944575.jpg (51.95 KB, 540x513, tumblr_pa9v57jABE1xn07lwo2_540…)

speaking of idols next to other celebs, sunmi and bella hadid.

No. 340864

The difference in western and eastern beauty standards is crazy…but honestly Sunmi is a lot more ‘runway’ than Jennie or Hyuna

No. 340871

File: 1545096320287.jpg (468.33 KB, 1080x1580, 20181218_082429.jpg)

Surprised ppl are interested in the red haired granny

No. 340873

pretty sure it's not just "random" people and just armies acting like they aint know him for some strange…bragging right?

No. 340875

I know this is the anti thread but Sunmi looks a lot better imo.

No. 340884

Thought so too
I'd like to see Krystal next to a supermodel

No. 340885

File: 1545097107347.jpg (79.78 KB, 1024x949, 44260934_166078867684492_88926…)

This is some skinwalker-tier shit. I thought SK netizens shit on Tzuyu for a while for being tan and not Korean but they're modelling new faces after her now?

No. 340888

They might shit on her skin tone but they've always admitted she's pretty, anon
It doesn't feel like that because Nayeon is pushed far more than her
Seems like she's the Yoona of this gen now

No. 340890

they look insane. anyone who thinks they benefited from leaving cube are lying to themselves. it's clearly two people having a mental breakdown together.

No. 340903

What do you guys consider to be Western or Korean beauty standards when it comes to idols?

This may sound weird but I personally consider western beauty standards to be "look healthy and alive", and korean beauty standards are sometimes the same, but even idols like seolhyun or tzuyu or jihyo they praise for being healthy aren't healthy at all, so I'll say "look dead but make it fashion"

The only idols that look healthy and most likely are are Hwasa and some of the girls from Loona since their company actually lets them eat and be different sizes.

No. 340914

From my impression korean beauty standards for idols feel more like a checklist, idols typically need some specific traits to be considered beautiful

No. 340917

Korean beauty standards are extremely rigid.

Double eyelids and large eyes, pale skin, an oval shaped face (the "V line"), preferably tall height but this isn't always necessary, long hair for women, a high nose bridge, and a small face. You will rarely see a popular Korean celebrity noted for their beauty who doesn't possess a majority of these traits.

No. 340918

the beauty standards in k-pop are usually tiny, pointy noses, the anime looking jawlines, double eyelids, pale skin and being extremely skinny. most of the idols have dyed hair with bangs too

i'll say the korean standards are more cutesy than the west. thin bodies being preferred rather than curvy bodies, aegyo, etc

No. 340921

>>340918 i think that's what they are aiming for, cutesy anime style but somehow with a mature look or fashion… mannerisms too from what I had seen… i feel like they're trying to imitate what made anime so popular and just try it on people instead on 2D characters… and just added the badass look when they're trying to grabbed western fans attention since they are usually the most vocal with wanting anything less cute and leaning to the sexy side… idk if what im saying makes sense.

No. 340944

While the west has it's own standards of what is considered beautiful (we seem to be slowly moving away from the Kardashian fad yayy), there's definitely more wiggle room and I don't feel as though I'm held to a checklist or that I'll be made fun of for not getting butt implants. Korean beauty seems to be a contradiction, be cute but not too cute, be sexy but don't wear a low cut top. But I do agree with the other anons, it feels like their ultimate aesthetic, whether it's intentional or not, is to look like a waifish anime character.

No. 340954

Most Korean idols are the complete opposite of Western (lbr, American) beauty standards.

What is considered beautiful here, e.g. a strong or square jawline, high cheekbones, healthy tan, thicker lips, seems to be discouraged over there. The innocent puppy eyes look that's popular among female idols gets weird after a certain age.

No. 340999

What if… they're not copying anime, and it's just the regional beauty standard that's reflected in all parts of society?

No. 341077

daum is a Korean search engine, so Koreans looked up a Korean celebrity?

Guess BTS is not as famous after all.

No. 341085

Yeah, Janet Jackson's massive Korean fanbase managed to get V to #1 on a Korean search engine because they just happened to search him up en masse.
….Nah, it was just armies, much like every other time people claim that normies are noticing BTS online

No. 341087

Lmao right? I was so fucking confused about that.

Kinda contradicts the fact that bts is supposedly the best selling artist of the year and is quickly on track to outsell tvxq, suju, h.o.t etc (I forget the exact order of top sellers), meaning they’re soon going to be the best selling kpop band in history… idk maybe the stats i was reading were unreliable or fan propaganda bullshit.

But they seem very out of touch with the Korean public, usually these types of groups are loved throughout the nation, even older generations became familiar with most of the best selling groups.

Are we witnessing a shift in the kpop industry where success and sales no longer correlate with popularity in their homeland but noroiety aboard instead?

No. 341101

Sure seems like it. Also Daum isn't even Koreas biggest search engine, Naver is the biggest one. Daum is like the Bing of Korea so, if coordinated, getting something to trend on Daum isn't that difficult.

No. 341108

Does anyone here post in the kpop threads on 4chan located in the /mu/ board? It's mostly image posting with discussion and memes but you can find some answers there since it's always active. It's probably the best place on 4chan to discuss kpop if this is too slow for you

No. 341109

I thought the kpop thread on /mu/ was nothing but neckbeards fapping to twice

No. 341112

yeah, what in this thread would make you think that we'd want to go and post on 4chan's version of kpopfap, of all things…?

No. 341115

Not really, there's a variety of groups that get posted. There's also more girls posting there than you'd think, especially during recent years/months.
Recently there's been lots of talk about insider info on BTS there, someone claims to have read sources from forums about rumors of the different members and some rumors end up being right. I actually learned a lot about kpop and idols by regularly posting there and it can be pretty fun, just ask something and usually someone will join/engage with you.

No. 341133

I posted in various 4chan kpop threads from 2012-2016ish. I got to know a ton of the people behind the posts through discord and it was legitimately terrifying. Be careful what info you give out, always get rid of any data in any photo you post. Honestly its not worth it.

No. 341135

No way I'm going to wade through all the perverts for the occasional actual discussion, it's still overwhelming about the girls on 4chan.

I spent most of my time as a kpop fan on kpsm2 and it's various iterations. I dont like it much now but it was good back in the day.

No. 341142

Sighs, if only the groupthink on reddit isn't so strong.

Would there be an audience for a kpop critical sub on reddit I wonder?

No. 341146

>it was legitimately terrifying
>always get rid of any data in any photo you post.
who posts personal photos on 4chan lol

No. 341150

Like what

No. 341188

It's been a while since I've posted there but I had some nice (short) convos about music there, it gets pretty boring soon though since it's mostly waifu posting.

No. 341306

The chance of getting attacked is huge. This is the safest place to shit on kpop.

No. 341321

funny how fans made kpop out to be such an untouchable and sensitive topic it's hard to find somewhere where you can be politically incorrect about kpop and keep a conversation going without kboos losing their shit. they are so, soo easily offended. tweet something like "v is dumb lol" and thousands of armys will mass report your account and make threads about how he is actually a genius smol bean.

No. 341357

Yeah, it’s highly unlikely that they’re inspired by anime, of all things.

No. 341368

File: 1545222627567.jpg (121.72 KB, 1027x1172, HyunAEDawnKiss.jpg)

the hobo couple is looking better lol

No. 341370


So Hyuna is working on new music. Who's going to give a fuck about it though, her sales were declining even before the dating became public. She hasn't been musically relevant for ages now and Cube's real moneymaker is BTOB, with G Idle on the rise. Cube will do just fine without her. The only ones I feel bad for are Pentagon, they were on the rise before this and now they're done. It'll take a miracle or a Shine 2.0 for them to breakthrough

No. 341407

File: 1545231537245.jpg (75.87 KB, 530x645, YEHYU.jpg)

She clearly wanted to leave CUBE in order to get a contract where she had more control or benefits as a veteran artist. When you're already established, it's easier to leverage your popularity and negotiate with different companies for contract length, creative control, percentage of income derived from music sales and CFs/brand deals, sometimes their contract entitles them to stocks in the company (so they are invested or own a small portion of the company), sometimes they sit on a board of directors or have other executive roles behind the scenes. These types of negotiated contracts are only for veteran artists that companies want to retain or pick up after their original idol contract expired. In Hyuna's case, there was lots of speculation as to what Cube offered for her to stay after dismissing the rest of 4minutes members. But whatever it was, it wasn't enough for the long term and she clearly realized she made a mistake.

I think people forget that Hyuna is still close to her old WG members like Sunmi, she's actual best friends with YeEun. She witnessed the success they had going their own way with new companies. YeEun is very vocal and honest about her relationships with other idols. She's also generally critical of the idol industry which is why she was the first female artist signed under her current indie label and is into third-wave feminism. There's no way Hyuna isn't influenced by her best friend (they've actually said that they skip small talk and discuss personal issues together and will call each other in the middle of the night). I'm pretty sure making her relationship public and leaving the company for greener pastures was inspired by her friends.

Anyways, she's always been a very strong personality and rumors of her sexuality/dating have proliferated since she was literally 14 years old. She's always pushed the wild girl-crush concept even as a trainee and stated that she feels empowered by her sexuality many times throughout the years. Idk she's always been a sort of proto-feminist but now I think she takes her sense of agency seriously. Her music/image might be a bit more experimental under her new company, but i'm anticipating more of the same old Hyuna. All in all, she'll be fine.

>her sales were declining even before the dating became public

Sales are non-existent for all female soloists. It's an industry-wide thing. The only exceptions would be BoA and Lee Hyori from the early 2000s but those were different times. To be fair, I Think Hyuna was actually the leading female solo idol for a few years. In any case, female idols are lucky if their singles do well in downloads, their physical sales never take off and there's no chance for concerts/tours. They mainly make money from appearances, short performances and CF deals (like Sunmi as the face of Dior).

>pic related hyuna & ye eun from earlier this year

No. 341415

it doesn't explain why she was ok with sacrificing her boyfriend and his nine bandmates' careers though. it's really bizarre. pentagon won't recover from losing their most famous member after their hit song.

No. 341432

File: 1545234732539.jpeg (87.25 KB, 681x900, DuxgBtfUwAAiPZE.jpeg)

there is this account making jokes about bts' dead grandparents, them passing out and shit and they recently tweeted this. it just looks like a troll or a ratmy attempting to make blackpink fans look bad but armys eat it up as if bighit is going to sue someone with 20 followers for making a joke on twitter

No. 341450

She might be fine but what about her boyfriend and Pentagon?

Edawn might produce her songs and somehow make a living off of that but Pentagon except Hui is fucked. They haven't built a solid fandom yet, their album sales aren't getting any bigger, and new people probably won't join the Pentagon fandom because of this mess. I don't know if she anticipated that this would happen to them, but she's been in the idol industry for years now. Honestly it just felt very immature on her part, taking down the careers of other people because she wanted to "tell the truth" or whatever bullshit reason. All she had to do was lie low until promotions ended and those stupid sexual assault rumours would go away - they weren't even close to being actual allegations anyway. But she couldn't even do that. And now thanks to her, those Pentagon boys have lost whatever momentum they gathered from Shine.

Also she already had plenty of freedom under Cube image wise (she does like dressing sexy onstage even if the songs aren't to her taste), I don't see what more she could have gotten from them that they weren't already giving her. She overplayed her hand, thinking she was above the company, and it bit her in the ass plain and simple.

No. 341451

yeah, if she just wanted to leave cube and make a better deal with another agency, why did she have to drag edawn with her? it may be that he didn't really want to be an idol or stay with cube either though. overall it looks like they just left into nowhere without having any plans

No. 341454

What success did YeEun have? I view her moves to release songs in German bizarre.

No. 341474

In the Korean market? Absolutely no success whatsoever. I haven't heard about her German songs or anything like that, but that's probably not gonna bring her much success either anyway

No. 341498

File: 1545249429993.jpg (158.87 KB, 1080x660, 05205.jpg)

Idk if all this is true but I'd love to see what's going on behind the scenes in yg

No. 341500

If this is true and I put my tinfoil hat on: Jennie helps with some songs but since YG just wants blackpink to a group of 4 pretty girls singing about having fun fun fun wile being dumb dumb dumb, he's trying to hide it.

Semms pretty fucking stupid and selfish though. Because whenever an idol "helps in the writing of songs", they're praised.

No. 341505

Or she's fucking lying and staff is trying to cover her shit up in case someone that actually writes/produces the songs says something differentlol

No. 341506

there’s honestly no reason for yg to claim no aren’t writing if they are. misogynist ceo isn’t going to change that getting to call them a self producing group would be beneficial. boygroups jumped hard on writing producing after bigbang got popular for it, see how tvxq were making their own material from about 2005 but barely any of it got released until 2008. having a member who at least writes lyrics is bordering on mandatory now, it isn’t enough to set them apart anymore when so many do it. compared to that, there’s still relatively few big girl groups who make their own songs other than a token acoustic guitar b-side - it’s rare enough that it’s something pretty notable, but within a couple of years that could change and it’ll just be another thing expected of them. ikon would be nowhere without a solid producer in them, having bp framed as so multitalented that they also write would take down one of the biggest criticisms of them which is that they’re just models who perform sometimes.

even a shithead of a ceo is going to see an easy way to make bank and realise nothing comes of downplaying their involvement in the music. honestly i think she might have just changed a line or two and thought the low bar for a co-writing credit would include that.

No. 341511

Kek mte. I mean YG usually has no qualms letting his artists overstate their involvement, but his MO has always been promoting his idols as superior creative artistes and not just mere idols. If she was really writing at all, it would be milked for media play non stop.

No. 341544

This song is SO bad and cheesy. I though YG had more "badass" concepts what is this? I will never understand why kpop groups can't stick to a genre. This is so diferent from their previous tracks, it's terrible. How is alienating the fans you already made (that liked previous songs and would hate this) profitable? Also the styling and look of the MV reminds me so much of BTS's latest MVs and I hate it.

What's the black haired guy called? Because he's really frightening. I think he beats every other plastic idol besides that weird looking one from that rookie group. Can't remember the name.

No. 341545

File: 1545260375279.png (541.56 KB, 861x394, ew.PNG)


No. 341555

i’ve always thought he looks like a bad creepypasta character. tommy taffy looking kind of guy.

No. 341571

>I will never understand why kpop groups can't stick to a genre
For some companies/groups, it’s just throwing shit at the wall until something sticks and makes money. A more extreme example of this is MINX rebranding as Dreamcatcher when their original concept was a flop. Tbh, it just adds to the artificialness of the whole genre.

No. 341596

File: 1545264951971.jpeg (99.25 KB, 640x789, 88AE8F3C-0E79-4512-94F8-75DABF…)

Why would anyone upload this picture

No. 341608


Looks like someone is talking to her with stank ass breath

No. 341629

File: 1545272484456.jpg (11.46 KB, 236x354, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

It's jinwoo. He straight up looks like Jhorse's rip-off with that nose

No. 341630

File: 1545272511056.jpg (7.59 KB, 184x274, images.jpeg-1.jpg)

Another one

No. 341648

ew those huge nostrils wtf

No. 341685

Gayoung from Stellar just came out and confirmed Stellar was whored out at least "visually" by their agency.

"On December 10, Insight met with the former Stellar member at her cafe in Seoul. Gayoung, who runs a cafe business following Stellar's disbandment, opened up about the hardships she faced during 7 years of Stellar promotions.
Gayoung said, "At the beginning of our debut, our concept was close to cute. We received a lot of attention because we were a group produced by Shinhwa's Eric." However, Stellar did not do well for 3-4 years. The group ultimately left Eric's agency and decided to release "Marionette" with a sexy concept.
The MV producers demanded a member to "weakly leak the milk while drinking it."
The member simply followed the directions but the scene was edited in a sexual format. Gayoung said, "I was very shocked. The member who drank the milk was 20 years old at the time. She couldn't drink white milk since then due to shock. She was hurt. We really did not know it was like that (during filming)."

Gayoung continued, "During 'Vibrato,' they demanded us to wear provocative clothing on the day of filming. We told them we absolutely cannot dance in that but they said, 'Just do it. Why are you complaining without even trying?' So after taking only 5 cuts, we said, 'See, it's too provocative.' But those photos went on the album.

Gayoung revealed, "When we told them, 'We don't want to do this,' they said, 'You better think of the contract with the agency.' At a young age, we were scared of that. We were afraid that we would have to pay the violation fee."

Stellar is a memory Gayoung wants to erase. She said, "I don't want to go back." To the people who dream of becoming an idol, Gayoung said, "If you are trying out of curiosity and because the idol world seems fabulous, I want to say don't do it. If it's your dream then work die hard for it. If you did work hard but it didn't turn out well, don't think of it as a 'failure.' Just find a path that suits you better."

She doesnt mention the dances in which the group members literally get felt up by their back up dancers so Im expecting their to be more milk there. Hope she doesnt get sued. Kpop needs to be thrown away tbh.

No. 341686

how many fucking cafes are needed in sk?

No. 341687

Im glad she could get a normal job at least.

No. 341700

That butt rub is the funniest shit I've ever seen lol and you can't tell me the member didn't realize what the "milk" was supposed to represent at 20 years old like come on?

Some of these agencies are so gross damn, I have no problem with sexy dances but if the members are super against it,it's really terrible to force them.

No. 341727

File: 1545292245934.jpeg (187.76 KB, 1242x875, 6E0B2193-B35F-467C-97F6-F186B6…)

Armies really believe that bighit and their baby boys will arrest and sue people for them bc they matter that much kek

Some context: apparently a bts fan was doxed on twitter by blackpink stans and there’s a shitshow going on.

No. 341729

File: 1545292718075.jpeg (837.37 KB, 1242x2083, 1D2974E2-2E62-4279-BA1C-FC96FE…)

No. 341732

Too bad their popularity and wealth won't last for long

No. 341733

I hope you're saying 'jesus christ' at how dumb that so called research is
>attributing all consumer export growth to BTS
>only stated figure is 1 billion for those exports and the other couple of billion has no mentioned source

I guess we should all just forget every single other contribution ever made by the decades old hallyu wave because clearly BTS is to thank for everyone who buys bb cream now. Japanese hallyu fans have been milked too hard for too long to be disregarded like this.

No. 341737

What type of dumb shit is this? Do they expect us to clap our hands and congratulate them? For what? Foh. In less than 5/10 years, bighit's stocks will hit the decline(like YGE) since BTS will be old, ugly and irrelevant men full of controversies

No. 341739

Yeah they were saying that the income is expected to rise over the next decade or some shit like that…but I highly doubt it since we all know once they hit 26-27 they get put out to pasture and fans start to care less….So?????

No. 341741

Why do I feel like bighit is spreading all this shit to feel validated(paying people to be more accurate)? What's his point? Is this done to cover up shit that we don't know about?
Is Kpop starting the "I look like a crack head" trend or what? That winner dude with yellow hair reminds me of the infamous ecstasy-dawn(e-dawn)

No. 341744

Big Hit does this all the time, I remember a few months back there was some news about alleged financial troubles which got buried quick by them releasing info about BTS renewing their contracts and Jin buying an expensive apartment.
If there's news about how much money BTS is making, that's definitely a move to cover up Big Hit's monetary troubles by mediaplaying that everything is fine, because look at how rich BTS is!

No. 341763

>Also the styling and look of the MV reminds me so much of BTS's latest MVs

YG being eternally pressed over BTS' success and trying to copy it in every way possible will never not be funny

No. 341766

Speaking of Ikon - Blinks were also using BI not being credited for BP's "Whistle" as an example of YG's oppression when BI himself said that all he did was suggest some chord changes, which isn't nearly enough to get a songwriting credit.

Also using BI as an example is just weird because he has writing credits for literally every Ikon song and can probably live off of Love Scenario's royalties alone for the next five years or so.

Misogyny is definitely rampant in YG but if Jennie had made some sort of meaningful contribution beyond suggesting a lyric here and there, YG would make sure to mediaplay it to the heavens about how talented his Chosen One is. This isn't adding up IMO

No. 341768

someone: i don't like you.
rats: this is an attack towards bts and bighit. did you really think you can get away with hate speech? see you in court. @reportarmy

No. 341771

>portray group as super successful world stars
>increase status in Korea
>get more/better CFs

That's really what it comes down to. Korean mediaplay is honestly disgusting but we can't act like Bighit is alone, it has been happening forever and people are too dumb to notice all the lies and misinformation.

No. 341774

SJWs are ruining the world. 90% of these special snowflakes run kpop too. These motherfuckers need to learn that not everyone will support/love their talentless oppars. A deep hole need to be dug and put all these fucks.

No. 341793

they are so entitled.. they want thought control over everyone kek.

No. 341822

File: 1545320801373.jpg (64.05 KB, 540x762, 201812201837489410_1.jpg)

When will Korean makeup artists stop making idols' faces ghost white? I almost didn't see the tragic outfit because of how bad her makeup is.

No. 341849

That shit looks like a bath robe made for pornstars

No. 341850

This is so tragic. I don't understand why koreans dont blend their foundation down to their neck. If they want to wear shades 5 times lighter, it'd be a lot more credible if they blended it.

No. 341880

Seriously. Looks like shes at the AVN awards red carpet.

No. 341888

File: 1545331129864.jpg (115.93 KB, 540x1365, 201812201806249410_1.jpg)

Grey eyebrows, horrid matte brown lips that make her lips look like dead worms, brown(?) eyeshadow…..who is doing Mamamoo's makeup?

She pulls the outfit off better than Solar IMO but this looks more like a stage performance costume instead of a red carpet outfit

No. 341893

Anon this is a Kpop thread please take your vendetta over to Man-Hating instead

No. 341914

Why don't you tell him to take it back over to /r9-fucking-k/, you asshole?

No. 341948

dude why

No. 341949

I-Is that… Solar? What the hell happened to her face?

She looks so much like Hyuna in this picture, it's uncanny

No. 341954


anons ITT acting like e'dawn is a pure uwu baby who had no say in any of this always makes me laugh. acting like hyuna is the evil whore who ruined his career, as if we wasn't a grown ass man with complete control over his own decisions. he could've easily chosen to break up with hyuna if he wanted to stay with pentagon. i don't even like hyuna, but you guys literally sound just as retarded as all the koreans who think idol dating should be banned because the evil female idols are out to corrupt you innocent wittle baby boys.

No. 341974

Or, both can be overrated annoying uggos with little to no talent.

No. 341993

it’s hard for people making fun of them to not have it seem one sided when he looks ready to die in half of their photos together while she grins like some kind of goblin or smushes her face against his. they’re both attention seeking and with any luck they’re heading to an ariana grande and pete davidson level of mess in 2019 if they keep acting like middle schoolers who need you to know urgently that they’re in a relationship. it’s still funnier to point out that edawn seems to radiate regret in some of their photos together

No. 342000

Anon it's really not that deep, we just find them cringey and annoying
Pentagon died for these starving Victorian children smh

No. 342003

They're obviously trying to sell themselves as the Brangelina of Kpop. For that to work, both halves of the couple have to be well-known. Nobody knows who Edawn is. Baekhyun and Taeyeon were more of an idol power couple than these two anorexics

No. 342011

pentagon have potential. f

No. 342020

edawn is not innocent, he's just a nobody. without pentagon fans he's irrelevant, his story is over. hyuna is a cringe attention seeker and the only reason why people still care. any hope of this dating idol rebel couple working is going to be based on her star power.

No. 342026

File: 1545342265575.jpg (122.96 KB, 1024x702, tumblr_pk1csj4s9K1w15kmho1_128…)

did taehyung/v do something to his forehead???? i remember it being more of an 8-head and not a 5-head?? am i remembering wrong tf?

No. 342033

this picture is obviously taken on snow so i wouldn't be surprised if he asked his friend to edit it lul

No. 342038

maybe he did have a hair transplant. it was shown that he had baby bangs, that could've been the growth of the new hair follicles.

No. 342039

i thought you weren't supposed to bleach your hair tho for a little while after doing one? idk i don't keep up with him so his hair is always bleached to me so he might've had a moment where it wasn't

No. 342040

I'm sorry, would you mind not typing like a retarded teenage twitter stan? I know you come from there but learn to behave you fucking cunt

No. 342042

I'm not from twitter, I'm not even a newfag and I usually don't post in this dumpster fire of a thread, dumb bitch. I just saw that retarded comment while scrolling.

No. 342044

Majority of BTS are already ugly. Doesn’t stop delusional fans.

No. 342049

they say give it 3 months then you can go back to doing whatever you want. he was brunette/'natural' for quite a while the first half of the year or whenever fake love and their second bbma trip was

No. 342058

File: 1545348457820.png (484.52 KB, 906x469, Untitled-1.png)

sorry for the lq pic of the baby bangs

No. 342061

the dark roots and bleached hair combo are probably more flattering to his hairline

No. 342067

File: 1545352317162.jpeg (310.58 KB, 1800x1800, 1C495A06-091F-4065-8EEC-A28CD1…)

He always had a big head
I think it’s just genetics.

No. 342074

hello, retarded ratmy. we know he has a disgustingly large forehead, we're arguing that he got a hair transplant.

No. 342076


guys, could we not turn this thread into another shitfest and just keep the tone civil - in the spirit of the holidays or whatever.

No. 342077

I’m not a ratmy you dumb fuck. But I’m not denying it was a hair transplant. Just commenting on his forehead kek.

No. 342087

the spirit of the holidays takes the form of an overweight, too-drunk uncle that makes everyone uncomfortable by ranting about politics and hitting on his underage nieces. with the head of a burnt turkey and the wafting scent of grandparents disappointed in your life choices.

they're acting appropriately imo.

No. 342114

File: 1545360138310.png (47.57 KB, 593x301, Walmart_on_Twitter_BTS_&_Loona…)

Bruh lmao

No. 342117

when bts antis act just as irrational as armies its amusing to me. cmon guys aren't we supposed to be more rational than the delusional stans?

No. 342118

>>342114 I really thought the loona hype was dead. Maybe it was just repressed this whole time

No. 342120

i hope no girl group collabs with them, some female singer who did a song with one of them got attacked. ratmys hate women who dare to get close to their autistic manlets, i don't want anyone to go through their bullshit.

No. 342122

i'm pretty sure stankmies still hate suran for that one song she did with suga or whatever, and that was a while ago. tbh armies hate almost anyone that have collabed with BTS besides steve aoki and a few others, either that or they pretend to care about them and then sooner than later they're completely irrelevant to armies unless they benefit BTS again in some way.

No. 342181

Loona hype exists only on Twitter now. The only thing keeping them relevant is Chuu's apple heart that all the other idols are copying, but Izone and Gidle are the only rookies anyone cares about. For all their Twitter trolling Orbits can't even get 10 million views on any of Loona's videos, and YouTube views are the barest minimum that an international fandom should be doing.

No. 342182

So Luna of f(x) is coming back with a solo album in January. Toxic f(x) stans who shit on Red Velvet and Taeyeon had better put their money where their mouths are this time and buy the album. If she sells 2,000 copies like she did last time she won't get another comeback.

No. 342184

they love aoki for not making fun of rm and jk's horrible pronunciation in that full english song

No. 342243

File: 1545403567847.png (456.56 KB, 470x554, Hyun Ah hyunah_aa •.png)

Am I the only one or Hyuna's nose looks like it's melting off her face? A couple days ago she did an instagram live and when I opened it, I was also puzzled by the same thing. It's looking different to me, but not in a nosejob way. Tinfoil hat on: I think she might be snorting coke, they both look like they do drugs anyway, and I doubt that the kpop scene is drugs-free.
Someone in the comments also pointed out the rings they're wearing as earrings. Engagement rings?

No. 342249

Why does she look so weird here? I don't normally think Hyuna has anything mannish about her, but she genuinely looks like a man here.

No. 342257

she looks like ratmon here wtf

No. 342266

Imagine going all the way to France to cosplay junkies breaking into someone's apartment for drug money

No. 342277

hyuna and edawn are trying so hard to play out a bonnie and clyde image. i can't exactly feel bad for them because of their dumbness. they could've kept dating privately or went public in whatever way cube wanted them to and still have a career while not fucking over pentagon.

No. 342282

File: 1545411105986.png (519.07 KB, 491x535, predebut vivi.png)

Vivi's surgeon ruined her face, her implant is like Yuta levels of bad. She looked pretty good before

No. 342291

File: 1545411838886.jpg (133.37 KB, 900x1200, 1960a3e1280e8645e2e30112ebaf72…)

Wow she looks so much better there. Didn't know she was Chinese, she looks super Japanese in that photo actually.

Most idols look so much better with some color and not that white paper skin. I'm a super pale redhead and I still look warmer than them. They just look sickly.

Are they uploading like 10 photos a day? So obnoxious, who would had though Hyuna would be the annoying "I love bae" type that uploads daily about their partner. They really look bad for each other, I bet if they didn't have a relationship they would be better off. They just give me real crackhead, together until the end even if we're a terrible couple vibes.

I saw the Shine MV the other day and got a bit sad, I really liked Pentagon and Edawn was an essential member; I even kind of liked his sickly look until he went 100% with it during Triple H last comeback.

I hope Pentagon gets another hit and they forget about him. The other members are super talented and deserve more attention.

No. 342298

File: 1545412999978.jpg (48.16 KB, 483x600, yoobin so hot.jpg)

Too bad the industry in Korea doesn't see that anymore. 10 years ago the idols and stars were pale but not paper white, they looked a lot better and less plastic

No. 342306

most of the natural color of east asian people is like a yellowish brown or really light olive color. they really fooled people into thinking they're naturally paper white as a whole. seeing 50s-90s korean and japanese actress/singers really shows that

No. 342318

East asians are naturally lighter than SEAsians because they don't live in tropical areas. Most EA aren't chalk white though

No. 342343

For some reason most Korean BB creams and foundations have a pink (or gray) undertone too, despite the fact that 99.9% of Koreans have yellow undertones.

No. 342352

File: 1545418665154.gif (1.92 MB, 500x543, a113eb794bf864c33c959a1c6cfbcc…)

she went to the same surgeon as taeyeon

No. 342359

to me she looks like if tomochin lost half her jaw in an accident

No. 342361

File: 1545420473301.jpeg (47.99 KB, 750x242, BC42F4F0-2316-4D7C-8093-0ACC02…)

i was looking for a particular scandal and found a living kboo caricature instead

No. 342376

To me she's cute, I also thought she was Japanese. Here's to hope they leave her face alone, a chin implant can still be taken off/replaced, but stuff like jaw shave or rhinoplasty is permanent

No. 342387

>le wrong nationality~

No. 342390

>"nct's official toe sucker"
>wonders why people consider kpop weird

No. 342488

File: 1545433162091.jpeg (127.22 KB, 747x713, 063E8C31-A7BD-4B82-ACB8-CB06D3…)

referring to armys as “ratmys” makes you a racist just fyi

No. 342489

File: 1545433199247.jpeg (139.76 KB, 1024x850, C3B9CDDA-4C23-4F3F-8E72-EF19AB…)

>the quality of this “””article”””

No. 342498

File: 1545433661052.jpg (26.01 KB, 511x287, tumblr_inline_payazfbPB01spt7r…)

kpop fans should be put in internment camps

No. 342499

Huh? I thought the word "ratmy" was because of Rat Monster + Army?

No. 342506

no people call them rats bc they’re a pest. lolcow came up with the rat monster nickname i’m pretty sure

my apologies if that post was lq bait i’m tired

No. 342530

Agreed. The state of those fandoms is an embarrassment for humanity.

No. 342538

>racial slur against asians

It's literally just an insult

No. 342551

File: 1545441839164.jpeg (113.37 KB, 1280x720, 3720D596-FC7F-4F51-8855-86BFB0…)

Nah that was Fox News

No. 342571

wtf i love trump now

No. 342585

as an asian I've literally never heard of rat being an insult specifically to asians lmao I fucking hate BTS stans claiming everyone and their mom are racist for not liking BTS

No. 342595

File: 1545446851215.png (389.21 KB, 527x562, 1.png)

guys #selcasforjungkook is trending on twitter and it's kind of amazing.

No. 342597

File: 1545446877141.png (410.95 KB, 578x572, 2.png)

No. 342612

doesn't he hate selfies lol why are they doing this

No. 342616

oh my god

i feel bad lol

No. 342619

… But why? Do they think hes gonna look at that tag?

No. 342621

File: 1545449017434.png (396.79 KB, 549x586, screen.png)

The ultimative Oppa, please notice me!!!

No. 342624

so does this confirm that girls that like male kpop groups are literally the fat girls in school that get made fun of and dont really have any friends? is kpop the new harry potter?

No. 342653

damn did shoeonhead make this comment?

leave kpop fans alone unless theyre being particularly milky, this thread is about the groups

No. 342660

yes? the whole concept of kpop is a boyfriend/girlfriend simulator

No. 342676

Well ratmy isn't their only nickname right? There's shitmy, stankmy, skankmy. I thought ratmy was ratman(ratmonster) + army. What's the big issue here? Well they call us antis so we call them ratmys simple.
She looks like a ghost here. Doesn't kpop follow the 'I want to be an alien👽' trend?

No. 342685

i like how snow made her double chin v-shaped too. tbh idk why snow is so popular with western kboos, that shit is literally so ugly looking, it doesn't flatter them. it's clearly made for more asian faces, and even with them it's ugly looking.

No. 342690

literally no one uses the word ratmy in that context, unless bts fans are a separate race on their own or something. it's also ridiculous how this kboo thinks anyone who is a k-pop fan has to adore asians, their mindset is like you either worship them or be racist towards them, no in between

No. 342802

File: 1545491781804.jpg (28.12 KB, 500x566, 41711239167.jpg)

No. 342810


No. 342821

Snow looks insane on white people. It makes your eyes bigger, your skin paler and your face less round. White people already have bigger eyes, paler skin and less round faces than Asian people, so they end up looking like gray aliens when they use it.

No. 342833

Never heard of asians being called rat.

No. 342842

the only asian i've seen who gets called a rat is rm and it's usually aimed at his personality and botched ps, not his race. armys love making everything about race

No. 342875

File: 1545503065281.jpg (78 KB, 750x926, Du8JQmaWoAAK3g9.jpg orig.jpg)

have you guys seen this? it has over 20k likes now like what the fuck
groups can't even do variety shows anymore

No. 342878

who's going to tell them that… bts didn't invent… variety shows… and exo is an older group than their oppas

No. 342881

What a bunch of conceded assholes. Daily reminder that they precious bts oppars didn't perform at the Olympics (my sides still haven't recomved over the comparison pic of Ivanka and EXO, never have proportions looked so lolzy)

No. 342882

good, these twelve year old looking twinks probably suck even harder

No. 342886

that's the funny thing with exo-l and army fights, they both won't ever accept that maybe their faves aren't the most talented performers on earth. no one in bts can sing, d.o and chen are okay singers so i'll give them that, no one in both groups is a good rapper (or dancer, except like 2-3 of them). both groups made it big for their marketing, not their talent

No. 342889

surprisingly, i feel like EXO aren't good at keeping the image of them all being close friends, even though that's a part of what helps groups get popular

No. 342902

Jungkook said in a group chat with a bunch of armys that he wants to see their selfies, thus the hashtag was born soon after
I don't really think that's an important aspect anymore, blackpink and nct are some of the most popular kpop groups at the moment, but even their fans know how disastrous the members relationships are. I think exo do actually try to come off buddy buddy (the amount of fan service they do), but they're just shit at it (they seem so stiff and fake anytime I watch a video of them)

No. 342910

do people know NCT have disastrous member relationships because of their size, or are there specific incidents where you can tell?

No. 342911

What do you think the specific cliques in NCT are? I don't really follow them so I can only say that NCT Dream has good group chemistry, I don't know about the rest

No. 342914

Xiumin in particular…..a human bobblehead

No. 342915

I used to follow someone who was a nctzen, and they retweeted a popular tweet saying how its sad that not everyone in nct is going to get along, due to being the size of a whole classroom. I've seen other people talk about it, but I don't follow up on nct to any extent where I'd know any incidents

No. 342917

Mark and Haechan generally seem close but had a huge argument once about something that meant they were very obviously on bad terms for a while. There's pictures and videos of them clearly pissed off with each other over something.

No. 342918

All Chen does in every song is scream adlibs. I don't know how that's any better.

No. 342924

>we are also protected by copyright
>a 26 yo adult writhing something this stupid

what even

No. 342929

i'm pretty sure this is how it happened

No. 342931

compared to all the vocalists in exo and bts, he's pretty good. these adlibs can be nice when someone actually pulls it off, i don't really remember him fucking it up in live performances

No. 342987

>Jungkook in a group chat with a bunch of armies
>Wants to see their selfies

Is there any possible way to interpret this besides him trying to weed out the hot ones and get some coochie?

No. 342989

Makes sense, even smaller groups get super cliquey I can’t imagine NCT avoiding that when members just keep getting added. Slightly OT but I wish NCT Dream would just be a fixed unit, I don’t know how they’ll stay popular if all the members are eventually swapped out, imo their group chemistry is good so it seems counterproductive to split them up.

No. 343018

anon-unnie how could you think that?? our smol bean kookie starts to have a seizure whenever he's 10 ft around a girl!! he's too pure, he only asked it for baby boy purposes!! smh

No. 343054

File: 1545518420982.jpeg (74.97 KB, 750x426, 834164B5-F1D5-4AE2-BFB5-DB786B…)

there’s a chinese unit called vision coming up and the members involved there seem to be pretty close. three rookies who aren’t official members yet are going to be part of it so we don’t know much about them, but the other chinese members hang around each other a lot and seem very close. makes sense when they speak the same language in a foreign country with varying korean skills.

No. 343106

Woah they´re cute!!
Am I the only one who thinks that exo may end soon? Their last debut was kinda bad and I barely hear about them anymore idk

No. 343109

you retards are in the wrong thread. oh and by the way, nct is such absolute trash that you actually have to be a maladjusted ugly outcast teenage girl who wont touch a dick until the age of 29 to like them, they look like a bunch of underage korean plastic surgery specials with atrophy, and the music is so bad not even the fans buy it, now fuck off to the kpop fangirl containment thread where you can shlick to your heart's content to all your disgustingly off-putting fifty shades korean jailbait edition ao3 fanfics written by 12 year olds where you can self insert as your overly feminine oppa all your underdeveloped little girl brain wants.

No. 343115

Damn bitch, who slapped you this morning

No. 343123

thread got interesting again

No. 343132

File: 1545525846697.jpeg (62.36 KB, 968x681, 1540931783225.jpeg)

Not only is anon an absolute bamf but also a scholar.

No. 343177

File: 1545537519932.jpg (106.02 KB, 1124x1044, DndAUZnXgAUTRQj.jpg)

i like loona and i'll most definitely take pleasure in watching their rise and fall (don't when that'll occur :/) but i cant help but feel their company is really fucking stupid when it comes to promoting them, and choosing Vivi to still be in the group after her botched PS. I'm pretty sure she was casted when she looked like >>342282 and not like an old Granny.

The only thing I can congratulate Loona's company on doing is efficiently creating a hivemind mentality for their international fandom (theyre all over twitter), dedicated fans who'll go to every fanmeet, and drop money to meet people they'll never truly know.

But then again, that's the entire goal of Kpop, right?

Bonus image: Ghost Yves

No. 343196

wasn't there some drama going on around the fandom about someone spreading a rumor of jungkook actually talking to one of the fans from his fancafe group chat or something like that? wouldn't be surprised tbh.

No. 343199

Lmao if that's actually what he does then he's got to be borderline retarded. Sure Fansites and sasaeng fans will kept shit quite to protect their faves reputation but random ass hoes, they'll brag about any kind of attention they get.

No. 343200

Not only did he not mature past 15 but it looks like he has the brain of a 15 year old fuck boy too kek

No. 343201

looking it up on twitter, i might be wrong but they are saying that a korean site posted an article with some random fan's selfies and tried to spread a dating rumor. it's not real

trying to pick up groupies from twitter or their fancafe sounds pathetic but i wouldn't be surprised if he tried to contact some fans he found hot on private

No. 343202

They spent $2 million on their debut, those girls need more fans than loud Twitter stans or else they'll be "companions" to sleazy rich men very soon. 50k albums is really good for a rookie group but they're going to need Mamamoo or GFriend's success to make any money

No. 343203

He can barely speak English so those pickup attempts must've been as tragic as the ones average Korean men use on foreigners with KKT accounts. I don't think he messaged anybody - I scrolled through that tag and honestly couldn't find one remotely hot person, not one.

No. 343224

It's that or he felt the need to say it to validate ARMY. I mean, can you imagine the fallout if he said he didn't want to see them? Lol

Dang they're cute. They actually look different from one another too. Hope it goes well for them.

No. 343255

We'll see, SM hasn't got a great history with their Chinese employees

No. 343263

File: 1545577506038.jpg (164.29 KB, 823x1199, Du9-iVPXgAEzOMx.jpg)

Go to your own thread, jesus fuck. And who cares if they're cute, you pedos.
>Don't fangirl
Also, it's not going to go well for them because SM can't into Chinese groups, because NCT's concept sucks in general and it's never going to work like AKB48 and because nobody really cares about them.

On an unrelated note, Seulgi's hair is really looking like shit.

No. 343266

File: 1545577933228.jpg (26.91 KB, 484x492, 687d110f44f6cc668fde13a0c782fe…)

I agree, this thread is anti kpop and people seem to forget that they have another thread to drool about their faves instead of coming here and try to bash other artists just because they aren't their oppas…ffs

No. 343272

the first post was an objective response to a question about them so it was perfectly on topic, retard. posts like >>343109 shitting themselves in rage and adding nothing to the discussion is the kind of hatesperging that ruins these threads, not neutral discussion.
>using pedo as an insult
this is shatmy levels of infantile behavior.

No. 343273

Again, go to fangirl about NCT to the right thread, this is the antikpop one.

No. 343274

>using pedo as an insult
Wew, that explains a lot.

No. 343275

File: 1545579399119.jpg (529.42 KB, 1359x2048, 54a88604a075d2d699b0997ea10551…)

Those twinks from NCT freak me out, they all look the same. Is like SM build a machine with the same face characteristics.

No. 343276

The blond one in the front really looks like Ratmon's long lost brother

No. 343280

It doesn't make a lot of sense… aren't the vast majority of NCT in their twenties?

No. 343282

File: 1545581150313.jpeg (89.44 KB, 600x515, 28851774875737623637.jpeg)

mfw the group filled with xenophobes, anachans and wrist cutting emos preaches about self love

No. 343286

Calling someone cute doesn’t mean they’re a fangirl, you sexually repressed hag. Not everyone has a deep hatred for every single k pop star. Anti Kpop doesn’t mean we Only have to bash.

No. 343289

>Anti Kpop doesn’t mean we Only have to bash.
Except for the fact it does. If you want to fangirl about the NCT kids, go ahead. In the K-Pop thread, that is. There's plenty of people like you there.
Please, don't get mad, it's just K-Pop. We're all here to have good fun, aren't we? You just have to know where.

And NCT still sucks ass.

Look up NCT Dream.

No. 343291

>NCT Dream

You mean the bunch of 19/18 year olds and one token 17 year old?

No. 343293

I don't know what it is with nct, but pretty much all the members either creep me out with their faces, or I just think they look ugly. I see people fangirl over taeyong and johnny alot, but they look like straight up aliens. How can a group of now 21 look so fucking bad, some of the new chinese members look nice atleast, but that's probably because sm hasn't forced them under the knife yet. Will never understand their hype, especially on this site too

No. 343295

fangirls who got bored of exo and bts and finally realized that chanbaek and vkook aren't real started to stan them because a gay couple MUST be real if there are 50 members

No. 343297

what fun is this thread without making fun of fangirls? go back to onehallyu pls

No. 343301

File: 1545583852681.jpg (50.51 KB, 500x751, 1d381df8ea8f352608dcdf84366d57…)

Too many nct members remind me of kim jion kek, have they all fucked with their jaws? I swear exo and shinee dont look like this

No. 343304

File: 1545584182632.jpeg (71.95 KB, 800x1200, nct-mark-smile-9.jpeg)

Mark has got to be the ugliest.
Also I can't imagine they're earning much considering that they have to split their money between 18 and that they're flopping.

No. 343306

I'm not sure but I feel like they must split the earnings for each subunit between the people in that subunit instead of between all 18 of them. Kun literally does nothing, why should he get the earnings from a bunch of comebacks he didn't take part in?

No. 343307

>>343304 looks like a balding, old, gay japanese wannabe key?

No. 343308

>>343304 looks like a balding, old, gay japanese wannabe key?

No. 343318

>anti kpop means hate only!!!
except these threads have been called kpop critical for many, many threads now specifically so people would be able to have critical, nuanced discussions about kpop without hatespergs like >>343109 shitting it up every time someone tries to discuss something without having to insert insults into every sentence.

these threads would just be people spamming ugly pics or jimincel and jhorse if they were still strictly anti and not critical. just because something isn’t frothing hatred or a hurl of insults doesn’t mean it’s fangirling.

No. 343322

Also, us sperging out over fairly minimal things can drive people away because we look just as unhinged as the Kpop stans.

No. 343324

>wow these NCT guys are so cute uwu!!
>Nuanced, critical discussion

Come on. Like, come on, Anon. You can do better than this. You have a whole other thread to call them cute and to fangirl over them.

No. 343326

File: 1545585918068.jpg (38.38 KB, 635x332, Krystal_1520443962_k4.jpg)

No. 343327

File: 1545586021541.jpg (35.03 KB, 635x318, Suho_Krystal_Amber_Jonghyun_Mi…)

No. 343330

Not to derail the copypasta faces of NCT but I don't get the appeal of Taemin's face. There's something really unsettling about it that bothers me. I think it might be with width of his mouth, but I could be wrong.

No. 343332

File: 1545586527065.jpg (55.15 KB, 540x756, 6c051e51f80ac8f87584fc2940dc09…)

It's his lips. His cupid's bow is extremely weird. I think he's even pointed out how freaky it is before.

No. 343335

It's not as noticeable when he's not smiling, but yeesh it looks weird when he does a closed mouth smile. I remember some exo stans would compare how similar Taemin and Kai looked and I don't see it.

No. 343336

is the final fantasy guy who usually stands out a work of extreme plastic surgery or he just has a naturally unique face?

No. 343337

File: 1545587095613.jpg (85.85 KB, 1024x1024, 7afe6e2614b31061a49bd9da799b57…)

Taeyong? He's definitely had some PS. I'm no expert but looking at his predebut pics I'd guess eyelid surgery and maybe something on his jaw. Everything else seems to be the same.

No. 343340

File: 1545587517801.jpg (111.8 KB, 1024x768, img_20180818_121540.jpg)

No. 343349

File: 1545588769037.gif (5.4 MB, 480x270, are you sure about that.gif)

>but that's probably because sm hasn't forced them under the knife yet

No. 343351

i was referring to objective posts like >>343054 not the ones calling them cute. but even then those positive comments were blown way out of proportion; at least those anons only mentioned it in passing and weren’t sperging out like the anons who got butthurt over them.

like >>343322 mentioned the hatesperging makes the thread look as deranged as the stans we make fun of. it’s embarassing.

No. 343354

File: 1545589423346.jpeg (37.47 KB, 500x237, 0A0E3D34-2ADA-40B3-9ED3-688273…)

is it just me or are male idol anachans offered way more compassion and concern than female ones?

donghyuk from ikon was used as more or less a horror story and a member openly admitted to forcing him to eat. meanwhile wendy mostly seemed to get a bunch of yaaas qween’s and fangirls screeching about her “””abs””” uwu!!!

both cases are horrific and seem to be about as bad as each other but they were received so differently, both by k-fans and i-fans.

No. 343357