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File: 1660458745125.jpg (549.94 KB, 2049x2049, emilydianegroveakadianadeets.j…)

No. 1615487

Emily Diane Grove, known online as Coconutkitty, illicitkitty69 and Diana Deets (her instagram username, twitter & camsite username[illicit69], and alias, respectively) is an Onlyfans camwhore cow discussed in the Ridiculous Photoshoppers 5 Thread >>1615196 who is attracting more attention than usual since part of her particular ridiculous photoshopping routine involves using child filters found on FaceApp to sell porn of herself looking like a minor, with some twitter users alleging she is attempting to look like her own underage daughter who is now around 14-15. This thread is brought to you by popular demand >>1615046 >>1615123 as it has been pointed out that Emily is connected to the Tate Brothers >>1615064 & >>1615110, alleged sex traffickers and self-proclaimed alpha male pimps who were very well known on right wing/manosphere twitter for years since Andrew's tweet went viral and became a meme format, although he was actually being completely unironic at the time (https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/keep-your-movie); recently Andrew has gone viral again for his misogynistic rants on tiktok and different podcasts, so now you will see a lot of mainstream youtubers talking about him like H3H3 and Logan & Jake Paul. Andrew used to be a kickboxer, was a housemate on Big Brother and also dated Jordan Peterson's daughter Mikaela. Tristan, who claimed to have slept with Emily (in a tweet on a now suspended account) and who she refers to as "my Alpha", is simply known because he is Andrew's younger brother, and it is believed that Tristan takes a cut out of Emily's paycheck and that he does this with other onlyfans whores he "manages". It's important to point out that the Tate brothers are both openly hebephiles/ephebophiles, as noted in the previous thread Tristan spoke out about thinking the age of consent should be lower than 18 (15-16), and Andrew has gone on a podcast to say that he finds women in their mid to late 20s too used up, preferring instead a 19 year old girl who is "fresh" because he can "put his imprint on her" (I will post the video below). Andrew's father was allegedly a grand chess master in the CIA too, there's a lot to unpack here and since there appear to be no other threads covering them you may post about the Tate Brothers, Emily Grove, and other whores and schemes they may be involved with.


No. 1615515

File: 1660463851481.jpeg (310.69 KB, 2048x2048, 7EBB08B5-1C52-4977-BA0B-FF8C7D…)

No. 1615519

Good job nonnita, you're the best! Thanks !

No. 1615531

I think it's very scary that she shoops herself to have facial features that look suspiciously young. You can really see it in the bottom right corner of the thread pic. It's not even egirl shopping where it's just vague, coconut is just straight up doing it on purpose. You really have to wonder what kind of trauma she has

No. 1615534

She doesn't have trauma, she just realized that she was aging out of porn and started slapping the faceapp teen filter on her photos.

No. 1615540

File: 1660470260652.jpg (210.38 KB, 1080x377, Screenshot_20220813-102836_Ins…)

Nice post. Just want to add that recently, whenever she's called out on her horrible shops she always copes by saying it's a "character" and compares herself to the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit. She does this all the while shilling her book that apparently explains everything.
She's also been asking for thoughts and prayers for her children who are going through issues yet is still terminally online, continuing with her poorly shopped pedo bait pics while trying to garner sympathy for her kids.

No. 1615541

Why did she make herself look like Grimes? Kek

No. 1615547

File: 1660471806835.jpg (4.55 MB, 3264x3264, pt2022_08_14_11_08_55.jpg)

Comparison of an old post vs a recent one

No. 1615548

File: 1660471841598.jpg (2.65 MB, 3264x3264, pt2022_08_14_11_03_33.jpg)

Candid vs what she posted

No. 1615553

File: 1660472190349.jpeg (369.17 KB, 2048x2048, 1660460720872.jpeg)

Great job with the thread op! Adding some images from the last thread

No. 1615554

File: 1660472230314.jpeg (570.47 KB, 2048x2048, 1660420374162.jpeg)

No. 1615622

File: 1660482927856.jpeg (442.01 KB, 1242x1893, 124D2A6F-21E2-4B45-A229-65E346…)

If this anon is in here, what website did you use to find a May birthday? I found a September, which seems to coincide with the date on this image from a relative's facebook that was posted to a (now deleted) tiktok exposing her. She has recently shared she's having issues with her ex (probably the father of her children) and she's talking about god possibly taking people from her life, presumably her children because they may be having health issues. It's really hard to feel bad for this woman at all. And it's easy to see why her ex would have issues with her since she seems like a lunatic and possibly an alcoholic or drug addict from the way she talks, her slurred speech is really noticeable, she is probably too busy tending to her hebephile coomer customers to spend any actual time being a halfway decent mother and setting good examples to her offspring and her ex is obviously not too happy about that.

No. 1615626

File: 1660483321151.png (505.94 KB, 500x500, 2758E6E7-B2A5-408F-9409-347485…)

extremely old picture of her

No. 1615630

File: 1660483658903.jpeg (346.14 KB, 2048x2048, BFED9D93-8705-41DD-B0CA-AEF2C7…)

No. 1615638

File: 1660484638950.jpeg (869.89 KB, 2048x2048, 175D34E1-33EF-4981-BDB8-D356EF…)

I'm now going to post screenshots of an account I found that has been exposing her on ig since she is probably trying to have it taken down, it appears it may be someone she knows irl like the anon mentioned above who claimed to be in her ex husband's friend's circles but not actually that person because the way they type is kindve boomerish and they also seem to have interacted with her account.

No. 1615639

File: 1660484783289.jpeg (793.35 KB, 2048x2048, F9FE728F-7415-490D-B895-1EE413…)

they accused her of getting "ran through by numerous people at sturgis" and getting a yeast infection lmao >>1615540 also addressing the "character" claims

No. 1615646

File: 1660485250928.jpeg (595.5 KB, 2048x2048, A9E2884B-2BC2-4E81-BCB9-285F2B…)

surprisingly despite sounding literally braindead she does have at least an associates degree and appears to have had a normal respectable job at some point in time

No. 1615666

File: 1660486324017.jpeg (544.06 KB, 2048x2048, 8C5041C0-3577-4B79-AD36-DDD4C8…)

Some pictures of her with her daughter while pregnant with her son and of her wedding in 2013, coincidentally the same year she was last seen on her modelmayhem account. My guess (from an outsider's perspective) she probably did some trashy lewd "glamour" modeling before getting married at which point she stopped doing that and tried to have a normal job but something went wrong, the couple split and she started doing camgirl porn to support herself. Somewhere down that line she met the Tate brothers who helped her build a following and encouraged her to photoshop herself to look like the teenagers they are attracted to since they know women who do porn pretty much expire before they hit 30 and she was long past that. Tristan still fucked her anyways because she made him money and got him in contact with other younger girls to pimp out

No. 1615686

File: 1660488037421.jpeg (753.37 KB, 1242x2367, 9AB7CEE6-C864-4787-A049-243511…)

Last of the posts on that ig user's account for now apologies for spam just want everything in one place, they seem kind of unhinged themselves lol but they are still speaking facts. It's hilarious how they called out her actual confirmed age and she said "i'm way younger than you think" it's so insanely desperate and shows how obviously upset she is that she doesn't actually look like she's old enough to be her daughter's classmate, disgusting

No. 1615713

Her children? She looks 16 what the absolute shit who is letting her reproduce

No. 1615724

She doesn't look 16. She looks mid 40s.

No. 1615732

Anon that face is not hers. She uses the teen filter in faceapp. Read the thread

No. 1616016

Thanks for the dump

No. 1616038

Honestly she doesn't even look like a teenager in her ps pictures, she's made it look like she's literally 10years old in the face, scary af. I just hope there isn't anything more nefarious with this deranged whore.

No. 1616141

File: 1660523641028.jpg (160.36 KB, 1242x825, 154610C5-F8BD-445C-9AF1-5B392A…)

Learning the whore's lore as I go so bare with me lol, they likely met because she camwhored on a website ran by the Tates, they probably found her on another camwhore site and encouraged her to join theirs, or something like that.

That excuse is just hilarious and doesn't line up with the facts, though even if it did it's still disgusting to be sexualizing the image of a minor. Saying i'm an artist and claiming it's all art is such a typical excuse used by the creepiest fucking people ever, hebephilic ones and those who cater to them. If "Diana Deets" is a character, why are there porn sites uploading videos of her 4 years ago where she's going by that same alias showing her real face if the "character" only came around in late 2019-early 2020? If she means "Coconut Kitty" then that's even creepier because her username changed from "illicit69" to "illicit69kitty", implying the character is meant to be a "kitty" (baby) version of herself out of every possible name she could've chosen for some kind of alter ego which is something sex workers are known to do to compartmentalize and try to separate themselves from their pornographer persona or whatever, but even those degenerates manage to do that without making the alter ego look like a minor, they are one and the same. It's also not ONE child or teen filter like some seem to imply and you can't achieve that with the click of just a button, she has gone out of her way to make herself look younger and younger as time progressed and this is obvious if you scroll back on her IG and watch the different faces she's had over the past years, she's layering and mixing teen and child filters that alter her face by doing things like drastically lowering her hairline, decreasing forehead and jaw size, and giving her wider spaced eyes and fuller cheeks, all to give her an increasingly more neotenous appearance to the point it actually resembles an uncanny valley version of a pubescent girl with an extremely liquified abnormal looking grown body that would require a BBL and rib removal to attain anything resembling it IRL(neither of which she seems to have had, just looks like a botched boob job to me).

Her real face actually looks older than 37 because it's so overfilled, those lips look atrocious as do her overfilled cheekbones while her actual cheeks are sunken in so the contrast actually ages her. She definitely looks older than Kim K for example who has had facelift and countless other procedures (and denies it) and still looks to be at least in her late 30s

No. 1616168


She's like a next level Lori Cerda.

No. 1616199

she also looks like she never used sunscreen a day in her life. that probably doesn't help how old she actually looks

No. 1616562

It's still really disgusting to me that Dollskill had multiple promo post with her despite the fact her content is edited to look illegal.

No. 1616740

Dollskill's management has been straight up retarded for a long time. It doesn't surprise me that they worked with her since they're not exactly known for their ethics

No. 1616764

Og anon here.

I was googling her full legal name and I found some legal documents from her divorce that had more info but didn’t screencap so I found that birthdate on one of those people finder websites. It seemed close the the birthday I remembered and I know she was x years older than me. It could definitely be the September birthdate.

No. 1616798

Does anyone else feel like she edits herself to look like Maddie Ziegler? That’s all I see when I look at her photoshopped face(s)

No. 1616800

No sage retard

No. 1616801

Definitely a botched boob job. Her nipple scars are pretty bad.

She’s got a horse face and low body fat which unfortunately for her makes her look old no matter what. She has no roundness to her face which is youthful so she started to edit her face shorter, rounder, eyes bigger and nose not as long and prominent. It slowly morphed into what it is now.

I think she’s literally taking young girls faces and editing them over hers. You’re right about her not just using the teen filter, she’s going through a lot of trouble to get that look. Like I said above I think she’s mixing Maddie Ziegler in there.

No. 1616813

I've been meaning to test it out in faceapp and use one of her pics with the teen or child filters and see if it comes anywhere close to what she's doing. I feel like it has to be done in an app because she's not smart enough to be genuinely photoshopping these imo

No. 1616843

I downloaded the app and started playing with it. I’m not one to use these apps but I get how people can get lost in these things and develop body dysmorphia. I also see this is how everyone on social media edits their face kek it’s kind of sad.

Anyways, I was able to get a fairly similar result pretty easily. You just click on a few filters and bam. Took all of 5 minutes. You can also face swap with photos, so the idea that she’s using her child’s face is in the realm of possibility. Which makes me want to die honestly.

No. 1617130

File: 1660608924379.jpg (879.92 KB, 1418x946, 1654818128926.jpg)

From the previous thread, it literally is just the teen and child filter

No. 1617156

Yeah I just realized it says Virgo on her profile, so the September date is correct

No. 1617168

the dissonance of those two images sandwiching a classic mid-40s trailer park mom's vaguebooking about "prayers for me and my kids" really perfectly encapsulates what the endgame is for humanity.

No. 1617172

File: 1660611056001.jpg (6.45 MB, 14712x2336, timeline.jpg)

A timeline of her editing progression
>1/19: Looks like herself, heavy editing but still comparable to a lot of influencers and wannabes
>3-4/19: Starts to edit more, last time she ever posted a picture that looks like her
>5-8/19: Editing to look like she's in her 20s
>9/19: Bizarre editing starts, wider interocular distance, softer face, started to apply some sort of young or teen filter
>By mid 2020: Settled into the face she most often uses, looks like a minor. The rest is just different tweaks to the image of a young teen.

She started out realizing she's aging out of porn like >>1615534 said, editing to appear to be in her 20s. Late summer 2019 she began experimenting posting with teen filters and within the year it clicked she can do this to stand out more in what was becoming an increasingly competitive saturated market and reach the top % on OF by providing content that sets her apart from the majority-since minors are obviously not allowed on there- so she came up with her current editing concoction that she tweaks when she's bored of it. It's why she defends herself by saying "This is a business". Under the guidance of pedophilic Tates too and whether it was their idea or hers is up to speculation depending on when they met. The point is, what could at first be attributed to insecurities surrounding aging and body dysmorphia quickly turned into her deliberately making herself look like an underage girl, if there's any doubt in anyone's mind that she knows exactly what she's doing.

No. 1617175

If she would've stopped at the 05-08 2019 style I would've applauded her taking simpbux with a fake version of herself. It's disgusting that she must've seen even younger = more money to that point, but we all know scrotes are disgusting. She's disgusting for engaging in it too.

No. 1617260

I've used faceapp a lot and I don't think she's only using the paid versions child filter. It can be unpredictability different depending on the angle. I think what she's doing is using a specific younger person's photo and utilizing the face merging options. It gives consistently similar results despite angles and lighting.

No. 1617307

I was thinking the same thing.

No. 1617412

File: 1660632210407.jpg (Spoiler Image,127.66 KB, 1242x1533, 453B2497-00C3-E4484694AB8E.jpg)

TW whore privates that looks like a scar between her botched boobs, the scar normally goes under the boobs, armpit or around the nipple, idk if this is some other surgery scar or pectus excavatum sunken chest

No. 1617424

Probably her daughter. She’s a sicko

No. 1617442

like someone else said, wouldn't it make sense that she's using her daughter's image? that's completely reprehensible even more than just making herself look like a teen ugh

No. 1617450

It's possible, but her editing style is easy to replicate once you know how. I tried to edit one of her old photos younger with Meitu and it's pretty simple to do. But perhaps I'm being hopeful, the idea that she's using her daughters photo to merge is so disturbing.

No. 1617636


Andrew Tate is discussed right at the start of the new DeFranco video and he really is a dangerous degenerate.
I'd love for Emily to explain how she is empowered by being pimped by this vile bastard.

No. 1617860

Thank God. Anons were killing the photoshop thread.

No. 1617861

And only getting 55% lol

No. 1618279

Unsure whether she still gives him a cut, seeing as she appears to be in a relationship with another man now and this seems to be what the Tates do with "their women", but she seems to have in 2021.

Doing porn is literally never empowering or something to applaud tbf, thats just a psyop. Most women are led to believe they'll make life-changing money on onlyfans but start out okay then end up making a few hundred dollars a month, getting their content leaked and become a laughing stock to their families and anyone they know who finds out. The ones who already had a decently sized following prior are the ones who get rich and those women were already mostly narcs openly sexualizing themselves accustomed to posting lewd thirst traps so its not a big difference to them. I couldn't applaud anyone for doing anything I'd tell my future daughter she should never do, though there's a big difference between posting cosplays with skimpy clothing and doing porn; if you can milk simpbucks by doing something that could at least be considered somewhat of a creative process you enjoy, putting together outfits and a photoshoot, that's one thing but coomer pressure and competition almost always pushes them into porn even if it wasn't the intent of some to begin with. Regardless, those who insert things into themselves, masturbate or have sex for coomerbucks are all straight up disgusting whores and anyone who feels okay exploiting human reproductive instincts for shekels whether they're giving themselves a different face with filters or not is already irredeemably corrupt, she just makes it 100x worse with what she's doing and the fact pedophilic scrotes have directly profited off it.

Some of her faces do not look like the before and after shown here with the teen filter, it looks to be part of the process since there's a big resemblance, but it's like a proprietary blend lol no one can figure out every step of it. haven't seen her daughters face so can't confirm if that's what she's merging hers with, those accusations are coming from anon accounts on tiktok, twitter and ig that may be friends with her parents on facebook though those may just be/have been public profiles, but it's plausible since they seem to have seen her daughter's face and recognized it on coconut kitty. I know this one fat racist schizo woman who used the child faceapp filters and you could also tell straight away just like you can tell with Emily, but her editing appears to involve more steps that's just one of them

No. 1618293

File: 1660718158722.png (925.23 KB, 1786x1468, Screen Shot 2022-08-17 at 4.34…)

New post on Instagram. Even without the old lady tattoos and hands, this type of content and her taste in music is so indicative of her real age. It's very boomer facebook wine-o mom.

No. 1618297

File: 1660718680022.webm (3.5 MB, 320x568, trim.7D727826-3B17-41B7-8961-8…)

The video DeFranco's talking about where he's saying he can "make an imprint" on teenagers because women half a decade older than those teenagers who are still a whole decade younger than Tate know what men like him are like too well to be interested, he doesn't even mention or contemplate on what he thinks of being with women who are actually his age and Emily's they don't cross his mind at all. So funny that out of all the things Tate has said this is what stands out to everyone because it's so blatantly creepy to any even half decent person. The only good I see coming out this kind of scrote's existence is that they expose all of their scrote fans so any half decent teenager or woman will know who to avoid when they hear a guy watching Tate's videos or hear him regurgitating Tate's retarded sexist and predatory talking points.

No. 1618322

That thread was blessed with milk for once what are you talking about kek

No. 1618833

File: 1660778440876.jpg (234.87 KB, 1032x1068, 404brainmissing.jpg)


She's got so many bots in her comments.
This reply of hers though.
Q: Why do you photoshop your explicit pictures to make you look underage?
A: Actually you are doing that. You are projecting.

Her account needs to be shut down forever.

No. 1619880

File: 1660895256284.png (644.35 KB, 1885x680, 3d99f336b858bb7445c820c39400a8…)

this was just posted to tinfoil thread 11 literally right after i posted it and deleted to correct something but also including here since it's on topic, a tinfoil theory that Tate is co-opted by the Chinese government and may be a sleeper cell agent lol (people are freaking out that he keeps showing up on their tiktok fyp and youtube recommendations even though they dont watch related content) and think he became famous extremely quickly, this guy has been clout chasing for years i've heard of him since 2019 he's gone viral before and he really isn't coming out of nowhere, but if there's any possibility that this is true that makes Emily and everything going on ITT even creepier if that's even possible

No. 1619884

Imagine women having lives and having experience. Jesus Christ. I knew he was a miserable dickhead misogynist but come on. And he acts like all women have dated and slept around rather than the reality that most women have probably had 1 to 2 boyfriends by their 30s???

Who are these mythical drama 'sluts' with their hot messes coming at him? Just a paper tiger basically.

Anyway. >>1618833


Yeah. I'd like you to stop projecting a child's face over your own and selling it thanks.

No. 1619901

File: 1660900503170.png (28.5 KB, 589x194, c79ed920a622652dafddb9eb24ccb3…)

Last part to this post I hadn't seen before, his growth is definitely not all organic and I also don't think the theory that Tate is the product of a Chinese psyop to make American moids more misogynistic, pedophilic, corrupt morals, sow a divide and destroy family values is that far fetched. He is also just another symptom of societal degradation and like another anon mentioned in the tinfoil thread, these kinds of "alpha male guru" scrotes always come around every couple of years. His apparent rapid growth can also be attributed to the fact he's basically running a pyramid scheme with "Hustler University" which is like a self help community for sigma scrotes to make him money, and allegedly, make money themselves in the process. This tiktoker made a video about it: https://www.tiktok.com/@benleavitt/video/7133240928562613509?is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1&lang=en

"Anybody who buys in Hustler’s University is given the opportunity to become an affiliate for the course. As an affiliate, you make fifty percent of anybody else you refer to the program. So Tate’s at the top, people below played full price; they make fifty percent from people they refer. [And] they make fifty percent people they refer.” sound familiar?

Still it's relatively easy to get banned off tiktok, it could be plausible there are other more sinister reasons algorithms are favoring him.

No. 1619936

fuck it, I believe it

No. 1619957

He is successful on that cursed Chinese app designed to make the West more retarded, honestly not that far fetched.

No. 1619959

> Regardless, those who insert things into themselves, masturbate or have sex for coomerbucks are all straight up disgusting whores and anyone who feels okay exploiting human reproductive instincts for shekels whether they're giving themselves a different face with filters or not is already irredeemably corrupt,

Spot on, nona; thank you for stating this in such an articulate manner.

No. 1620030

He’s a very obvious and low-effort scammer and grifter. Anyone promoting him is either doing a psy op or too stupid to breathe oxygen.

No. 1620442

File: 1660953048791.jpeg (306.45 KB, 1170x474, 9F50A09E-E9FE-4FF7-AA65-DA7EF2…)

>if I respond to a negative comment it’s truly only to help them

No. 1620746

File: 1660991792836.jpg (309.42 KB, 1080x1564, Darksoulsthegame.jpg)

No. 1621138

Why does this anorexic red horseface with the skin texture of deli meat and bowling ball tits who literally photoshops herself to look like her daughter on her nudes call everyone who disagrees an ugly soul or whatever. I guess a literal pimp has a nice soul then?

No. 1621518

File: 1661077748708.jpg (297.62 KB, 954x1839, NwksixJsidj_YouTube.jpg)

>>1621138 She has brain damage

Emily needs to be banned next.

No. 1622014

File: 1661125213205.png (344.07 KB, 511x901, 86b13c60c47357fb928b42d1a10615…)

Shut down their own pyramid scheme https://www.dexerto.com/entertainment/andrew-tates-hustlers-university-affiliate-program-shut-down-following-meta-ban-1909692/

likely realized it's not gonna work out since he's gotten banned off all platforms and stripe stopped processing payments for them. if he's actually banned off tiktok too then that goes against the tinfoil CCP op theory

No. 1622031

Twitter fags are starting to catch on to the fact cocohag is fake. Coomers are so retarded I don’t get how anyone can see her pictures and think it looks real. I wonder if onlyfans will take her assets and close her account if people report it for CP

No. 1622065

that's even more retarded than thinking her face is real anon

No. 1622091

True even if you're able to prove she's using the child filters and editing, a lot of whores on OF upload hyper edited content so she could argue it's just filters, that pretty much everyone uses filters, that it's subjective that she looks like a minor and that's just people "projecting" (although it's clearly been proven that's what she's doing) etc, and for that to be the case they'd have to change the legal definition of what constitutes cp since it's a 37 year old woman's altered body not a child's, they legally can't do that to her or they'd have to enforce policies cracking down on a lot of other hyper edited whores. I remember the scandal when Gabby Demartino uploaded cp of herself on there and got suspended, that woman is also absolutely disgusting.

No. 1622093

Big fucking kek anon

No. 1622190

victims allegedly contacted this youtuber with evidence of abuse and sexual assault and this is why people are saying this is the video that got andrew tate banned off social media

No. 1622209

File: 1661146345033.jpg (1.14 MB, 2416x2172, Unaltered.jpg)

I'm laughing so hard "New page unaltered face" and it's just a different combination of editing and faceapp filters that still make her look 20+ years younger, as if the bottom left pic in the OP isn't her real unaltered face posted just recently kek >>1615487 this woman just keeps further proving how insanely retarded and mentally ill she is because now there's no turning back/character she can make up for this face

No. 1622235

even the username screams old woman kek tf is a rabble rouser

No. 1622262

File: 1661156152202.jpeg (30.04 KB, 400x400, QD699zfs_400x400.jpeg)

"unaltered" okay.

No. 1622263

File: 1661156325493.png (1.52 MB, 901x1200, DkaFIX-U4AEJ5uG.png)

She's an idiot. We know what you really look like Emily.

No. 1622264

Kek this ugly faggot would be lucky to get a 40 yo hooker interested in him.

No. 1622271

File: 1661157051717.jpg (549.59 KB, 2048x2048, 585DB635-F9FF-401B-8276-9B855D…)

>rabble-rouser: a person who speaks with the intention of inflaming the emotions of a crowd of people, typically for political reasons.
it's boomer speak for troublemaker, she's jesting at the fact that she gets a lot of haters because duh, as would any grown woman editing herself to look like a young teen.

where did you see this anon did she change her pfp to that then back? dude she is literally 80 iq not being hyperbolic here. it's still altered, but a lot less than the one she actually posted just now claiming it's unedited in the caption. what in the world is going on between those two brain cells of hers. like she could've actually chosen to post that, claim that's her real face but not altered more than any other influencer, and she would've been telling the truth? she's just shot herself in the foot and it'd be hysterical if i wasn't suspecting she is mentally challenged because there's no way.

No. 1622277

Lmfao what the hell, this is such a weird move. She must know her real face is easy to find so why is she just attempting the same failed lie again?

No. 1622284

new video posted 1 hour ago this is what i imagine i'd sound like after being lobotomized

No. 1622330

It was just on google images, I’m sure I could find the other image as well. Re editing photos she’s already posted certainly isn’t the smartest thing to do, especially when claiming they’re unedited.

No. 1622421

can't have the coomers seeing those neck wrinkles and veins sticking out or they'll unsubscribe

No. 1622648

File: 1661197411278.jpg (1.01 MB, 1079x1733, Herpderp.jpg)

Wtf is this

No. 1622658

File: 1661197842397.jpg (325.23 KB, 1080x966, Twitter.jpg)

Is she claiming here that she mixes the faces in her paintings with her face to make the coconut face?

No. 1622667

>coconut face
Idk why that made me giggle

No. 1622791

File: 1661208159416.jpeg (123.57 KB, 960x960, cropped-image-1.jpeg)

Her art is shit

No. 1622843

She is claiming that her brain still produces dopamine from editing, that is it, then brought up the mediums of painting to confirm that her brain does not produce the make fucking sense chemicals or has the capacity for insight.

It’s funny but also she didn’t do this before Tate I don’t think, I doubt she’s been functioning at a high level for too long if ever and it gives me even more bad feelings.

No. 1623264

Bitch looks completely cross-eyed

No. 1623299

File: 1661255282741.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1242x2177, 7AAF0556-58EC-41A3-B80C-82B26A…)

>completely unaltered
she is really a compulsive liar, she doesn't stop

No. 1623303

File: 1661255570711.jpeg (201.47 KB, 895x1041, CC8703B8-FE24-476E-AC7F-0F3740…)

Please tell me she isn't implying what I think she's implying

No. 1623379

>diana deets
>diana deeds

If they didn’t notice her sims-tier photoshopping, or her 50 year old druggie voice, they’re not going to notice or care about her “totally real” face.

No. 1623381

… she literally misspelled her own name, “Deets” became “Deeds”.

No. 1623384

That men are pedophiles and also put a chose boner in a kids movie? Yes and she’s not wrong I wonder how the comments will go, doubt these dudes are going to own up to the demand they created

No. 1623388

I mean not to WK Disney’s pedophillia or anything, but if the priest has a boner isn’t it directed at Ursula? I get it shouldn’t be in a kids movie at all but pointing out how Ariel is 16 and the priest has an erection in the presence of two adults …what’s her point?

No. 1623429

Oh come on nonnas you're not really going to fall for an urban legend that's been debunked for longer than many of the cows on this site have been alive
Next she'll try to convince us that there's a dick on the Little Mermaid VHS cover.

No. 1623441

What is she implying? That it’s ok for women (with a teenage daughter) to larp as teenagers in their nudes because of a movie hoax?

No. 1623453

I was directing the Pedo comments at the fact that Ariel is 16 and married off to an adult. I know there’s no boner in the movie kek. I just don’t understand her point in what she is saying whether the boner is real or not.

No. 1623454

File: 1661271726991.jpg (296.84 KB, 1080x1407, Noshit.jpg)

Nobody wanted to buy her ugly ass paintings
surprised pikachu

No. 1623476

>I don’t need validation
Of course not. That’s why your IG pages aren’t full of your Morrowind face and bowling ball tits.

Oh, wait.

No. 1623497

File: 1661275040359.jpg (343.17 KB, 900x1611, Spedscreenshot.jpg)

Not a single sign of punctuation anywhere in this giant wall of text.

No. 1623642

She has got to be using text to speech here it reads like her post lobotomy-esque ramblings kek

No. 1623677

Guess I’m going to be the one who tells her Gary K. Wolf was an author, not an animator. He didn’t draw Jessica kek can’t even get her weird comparisons right

No. 1623699

File: 1661290041630.png (7.6 MB, 1242x2208, 911CC7BB-6842-40AD-8707-CF703A…)

Wide ass refrigerator

No. 1623701

spoiler this.

No. 1623707

File: 1661290639131.jpeg (1.81 MB, 3464x3464, 89B832D3-3F79-436E-A3CA-E0B370…)

The many faces of Diana D’s “assistant” KhloKitty

No. 1623709

File: 1661290779731.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.57 MB, 3465x3465, B072BAA5-147B-44D0-B62F-6BE3D0…)

Hunchback tries to make herself slim thick with wild proportions like Diana

No. 1623831

She said on her instagram story rant a week ago that she always gets recognized in public? What a compulsive liar

No. 1624023

I thought she was implying that old freaks created a fictional minor character and included subliminal messages sexualizing her, and that it's still a beloved character, so she gets to sexualize the 'character' she created that looks like a teen. I didnt know what else to make of it, i forgot that was ursula. I dont know what she was getting at.

No. 1624025

The only thing real about this picture is her Preamble We the People tat

No. 1624027

>I dont know what she was getting at.
It's okay, she doesn't either

No. 1624098


No. 1624102


No. 1627258

Looks like her Rabblerouserdianadeets account already got deleted. Or she deleted it herself.

No. 1627550

File: 1661635783954.jpg (1.33 MB, 1080x1762, Screenshot_2022-08-27-16-28-41…)

These fucking waist shoops get me. She looks so crazy.

No. 1627597

I hate to reply to a week old post but holy shit… I haven’t seen someone this fucking zooted in a long time and I live in a town where everyone is loaded 24/7. Wow. Just WOW.

No. 1627675

Some of the older coconutkitty edits were pretty and looked reasonably real. But these just look insane.

No. 1627722

File: 1661653689900.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1170x2135, 296FBD0F-BE01-4A48-A8C5-4DE419…)

Nope it’s still up

No. 1628142

Lmao. You are not wrong, at all.

No. 1629587

File: 1661780693608.jpg (435.39 KB, 1079x808, 0829_145304.jpg)

This baby filter shit is really easy to find on pinterest. Her "art" is so complicated to make, slapping a face app filter on her tacky nudes.

Her newer face definitely seems like she is layering someone else's younger face on hers, but I hope to god it's not her daughter. Though someone else's daughter is arguably just as bad.

No. 1630883

File: 1661877042622.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1170x2011, 104DA1C1-18B1-4A2A-9B91-6DFFB5…)

It’s so cringey that she makes her assistant write this shit

No. 1630913

Her hug tits

No. 1630921

wow her face looks actually retarded in this picture, like more so than usual. she has got to be so high

No. 1630925

I know this is said and will be said in this thread ad Infinitum but this is so nasty, that combo of the picture with the child filter in an obvious sexual context and the disgusting Shayna tier pedo description makes me want to a-log.

No. 1633446

I refuse to believe she isn't just writing this about herself.

No. 1636471

File: 1662347515730.png (3.28 MB, 2188x1520, 22090517.png)

More lies. It might not be the toddler face edit, but she's still very clearly photoshopping her face

No. 1636542

Her paintings are so bad.

No. 1636554

So what’s going to be her next excuse? Coconut Kitty is a “character” that is made from “art… hard to say that here when she’s straight up telling everyone it’s her unaltered face.

No. 1636560

File: 1662354549737.jpg (511.58 KB, 1242x1582, IMG_9428.jpg)

It was already proven she's still using the teen filter not that it's needed you can just layer it over itself using her older pictures and check for yourself. Coconut kitty isn't just the teen filter it's that mixed with the child filter and whatever else whether it's her daughter's face or someone else's she clearly intends to look like a teen in all versions of herself she chooses to present to the world.

Emily hasn't intentionally posted a SINGLE picture of herself looking her age in years. She seems to be very literally retarded, often high out of her mind from her videos, and lacks any semblance of common sense. She believes everyone else is equally as retarded enough to believe her lies and in her defense a lot of the coomers following her actually are. The fact they subscribe to see porn of her photoshopped concoctions justifies it in her mind. Last week retarded coomers were asking to see an OF for the "real" her (@rabblerouserdianadeets) and either her or her pig assistant commented back. Imagine that, retarded wagecuck coomers subscribing to not only one but two versions of this woman's mental illness and fetishization of teens. These people all need to be sterilized.

No. 1636596

>just a normal picture
Kek nothing about this is normal

No. 1636938

File: 1662385407199.png (Spoiler Image,1.35 MB, 1170x1969, 8B1E01DB-3864-452B-9265-CF60A9…)

100% it’s her writing them herself. So weird.

No. 1638302

I wonder what her kids think of their mom editing herself to look like their age and selling porn with that edited look

No. 1644695

File: 1662835408340.jpg (1.18 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220910-194216_Ins…)

For some reason she's (poorly) photoshopping the name "Jack" into her heart tattoo. New man perhaps?

No. 1644698

File: 1662835464661.jpg (826.67 KB, 1080x1818, 20220910_194255.jpg)

What the tattoo actually looks like

No. 1644701

She looks like a Hartley hooligan

No. 1645021

File: 1662870533706.png (47.09 KB, 540x309, Screenshot_20220911-012657.png)

Sure jan

No. 1645067

File: 1662873698826.jpg (4.97 MB, 4096x4096, pt2022_09_11_15_20_14.jpg)

Kek the picture that's used is clearly not her at 23. And what's better when you click on it all the related images are her before she went insane with Photoshop.

No. 1645148

She is like Belle delphine from the future, I can imagine her shooping herself into a 23 year old while in her mid 30s

Wouldn't posting photos like this while looking like an attractive, but different and mature woman irl make you feel like shit every day? Like digital self harm

No. 1645292

File: 1662904259578.png (Spoiler Image,673.96 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20220911-105025.png)

A r t i s t
That eagle it's traced lmao, idk about the shading in the second one, her face looks bruised or dirty

No. 1645295

>Samantha from bewitched riding an eagle with dual lighting bolts
>Naked coal miner getting a tattoo
She's got some interesting inspiration kek

No. 1645296

Yes. A couple years ago there were lots of articles about “Snapchat dysphoria/dysmorphia” ie the sudden boom in plastic surgeons being asked to morph women’s irl faces into their filtered selfies. I can’t imagine how much worse it is now. And a lot of millennials/gen x/boomers don’t use these apps & have no idea how advanced filters have gotten in the last couple of years, so there’s a lot of these problems caused by looking at filtered pictures even when they aren’t of yourself.
The more I think about coconutkitty the more disgusted I feel. It’s one thing to warp your own self-esteem but saying she’s 23 while deepfaking a child’s face for pornography is beyond the pale. Orgasms are powerful behavioural conditioners, especially in men. Imagine encouraging and actively participating in this degeneracy, while having a daughter no less. Sick sad world.

No. 1645375

>Like digital self harm
That's what gets me about her. She must hate herself so immensely to go through all this to pretend to be younger. She looks great for her age so it feels so compulsive and unhinged to do all this

No. 1645486

A fully grown woman over 30 who makes faux CP for pedos is just as bad as the pedos. Imagine looking at this fucked up world and deciding that pedos need MORE encouragement, more enabling. Imagine craving pedophile attention.

No. 1645642

That’s the weird thing. She’s not even hideous. Her plastic surgery makes her look older than she is (along side her druggy voice) but if I saw her randomly on the street I would think she is pretty.

People might say she’s too old for porn but if I learned anything from they Shaynus threads; it’s there’s plenty of grannies and they’re more popular that big ol 25 yr old Shat kek

No. 1645758

She probably looked good for her age before her plastic surgery. She looks like she has that plastic surgery cat face going on now. Fuck her honestly, women who recruit other girls deserve whatever self hatred they experience. Especially the ones that Photoshop themselves so heavily.

No. 1646145

There are much older, worse-looking women than her doing fine in porn. Moids will jerk off to anything. What we're witnessing is mental illness, there's no logic behind it.

No. 1646912

File: 1663058160686.png (499.91 KB, 733x798, 042a757f6d572e49904685feedea6c…)

Another woman using teen filters to sell porn

No. 1646917

File: 1663058464236.png (1.52 MB, 1412x692, oliviacastamaria.png)

Just watch, as filters become more advanced more whores are going to start editing like this

No. 1646926

File: 1663059846128.jpg (578.97 KB, 2048x2048, 09A15186-C193-469E-80E9-27D284…)

last one of these, emily was just the first to hop on what is becoming a trend but emily's editing is more extreme. maria (this woman) also edits her jaw to look less square. i also disagree with people itt saying emily looks good for her age, she has a horse face. this model is naturally prettier but neither of them have feminine, yin rounded features, they have more angular faces which means they look more mature to begin with and this is what they're trying to reverse. these filters do nothing to enhance naturally soft features.

No. 1646962

File: 1663068553731.jpeg (690.73 KB, 2048x2048, 4158ECD4-B630-4504-A7E2-FF3804…)

Her latest IG post on the left reverse searched is a picture she already posted but she added the teen filter and edited out the neck wrinkles. If she got so much plastic surgery to look better why does she only repost pictures from years ago that she re-edited with the teen filter? This is what doing porn did to her sick brain

No. 1647507

Don't these thots get tired of larping as 16 year olds for moid attention? Just as trannies will never be a woman, these women will never be 16 again.

No. 1648282

File: 1663198261537.png (1.54 MB, 1192x1396, 01590124.png)

The lack of grammar proves she writes them herself.

No. 1648283

File: 1663198338647.jpeg (142.33 KB, 900x1200, FcomWZOakAAldp8.jpeg)

More terrible editing. Look the left side of her waist

No. 1648351

usually it’s her husband you can tell bc if you go back far enough he puts in weird anecdotes about cars and the good old days of creeping in girls’ windows and watching them undress. can’t imagine she would write that. honestly she might not write any of her captions herself.

No. 1648357

File: 1663203745700.jpg (260.37 KB, 1080x1263, Screenshot_20220915-110242__01…)

Caption aside (kek) how can anyone take that seriously with this thing staring from the background?

No. 1648513

What baffles me is how do people in their lives not intervene in the same way you would with someone who is catfishing as another person? They are both in their mid-late 30s trying to look like teenagers for millions of followers even if they keep it hidden eventually when you amass a big enough audience, people find out.

No. 1648516

Is she married? I thought that was her boyfriend, she has the same last name

No. 1667561

File: 1664962182383.webm (5.42 MB, 720x1280, nVVByfC_rCvUmiwD.webm)

A new face and new groundbreaking poetry

No. 1667625

What drugs do that to your voice and this video is so scary jfc reminds me of those dudes who wear latex masks. Her face is so smoothed out with filters it's uncanny

No. 1667898

I feel like any woman I’ve met who’s voice sounds really raspy and gross like this, they’ve always been an opiate/heroin user. But that’s only been like a handful of times in my life. She could be a pill popper.

No. 1668380

Probably benzos

No. 1668606

File: 1665061404766.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1242x1594, EE7E5BA6-5059-44FC-A6A3-EE9B17…)

I second the anon who said it's probably opiates cause heroin whores often do have awful voices as well as brain damage from overdoses but could be any downer, benzos can make you sound retarded like that if you take xanax bars pressed with other shit too especially and not low doses which is what doctors prescribe.

Looks like she randomly met some celebrities.

No. 1668695

Long term opiate use tends to fuck up your looks and give you a specific kind of gaunt face…but we couldn't tell, could we? The amount of filters she uses.

No. 1668720

The filler in her face looks like it is going to explode out of her lips at any moment like a pimple popper video.

No. 1668842

How does she edit her waist in videos on her ig? Is it some kind of chink software?

No. 1668929

She probably uses SNOW or Meitu, if I remember correctly SNOW has a real time body editing filter

No. 1668952

No, she's been confirmed to use faceapp. If she uses snow it's only for the videos and in conjunction with FaceApp. Snow can't alter your face too much without looking straight up uncanny and not younger than you are so most people who use it hardly use the feature changing tools, and snow typically looks more natural than snapchat filters and a lot of instagram ones. She 100% uses the teen filter on FaceApp.

No. 1668954

I don't know about her body though, probably Meitu like other anon said

No. 1669288

Haven't had a chance to listen yet but she appeared on some podcast https://karmatoburnpodcast.buzzsprout.com/1977784/11433030-the-coconut-kitty-vibration?t=0

No. 1669706

Emily's part Starts at 11
>Got a psychology degree from Chico state
>Went to EMT school to try to become a firefighter
>Stench coming from old woman's house made her pass out her first intern call
>Signed up for court reporting school (explains this picture >>1615646 )
>Book "Power of Now" inspired her to focus on her "art" (paintings, poetry)
>Sold 8/200 paintings, would "miss them too much"
>Said she painted a character, the character became Coconut Kitty
>Her reason for turning the character into digital art is "most people can't afford her art"
>"Started working with digital art", edits by hand with apple pencil and "photoshop and other things that would be under an NDA"
>Talks about her brand deals with Dollskill and FashionNova
>Said her entire life changed when she "started to wake up" after reading The power of Now
>Says her career has been evolving since and she has something big coming but doesn't disclose what it is

Not once talked about her camwhore days, Onlyfans, Tristan Tate, or anything new. Still don't know if she uses her art to create the Coconut Kitty face but it's clear the teen face filter is part of it. Basically a bunch of bullshit since >>1617172 Coconut Kitty's face has changed drastically through the years.

No. 1669751

What a load of garbage

No. 1677507

File: 1666009366664.png (797.03 KB, 1170x1226, 08E920EA-9884-4166-AA58-B247E1…)

No. 1677509

File: 1666009473483.png (391.13 KB, 1170x1526, 8B5EFF2D-2736-41DA-8A12-081658…)

Why the fuck would anyone want this

No. 1677571

holy fuck, i've never engaged with this thread but this is just insanity to me, how the fuck did this even happen? this has got to be a scam.

No. 1677607

What the actual fuck is this. An animated series?! Who asked for this?

No. 1677638

Kek a pornified drawing of a woman surrounded by a bunch of farm animals. Totally not implicational at all.

She probably convinced some basement dweller animation student to do a web toon for youtube. I doubt any company is picking this up.

No. 1677662

That's literally John Kricfalusi's art.

No. 1677670

that’s fucking john k (animator sperg)

imagine getting a child rapist to draw you graphics

No. 1677732

It is a scam. The merch sales will fund the production of the teaser. Meaning they're not in 'pre-production' stage at all kek they don't even have the funding for a trailer let alone a pilot ep or anything else

No. 1677752

The first post she says they’re in “pre-production” of the animation and then the second post says the shirts will help fund a teaser.

So where’s the money for the rest of the series? Kek. She got 100 likes and 10 retweets. Clearly no one cares

No. 1684806

File: 1666740338505.jpeg (418.3 KB, 1440x1799, B77B24CB-9EB1-44B3-AB6C-337A60…)

Another new face. And she’s still trying to advertise her shitty animated series. As if anyone would be interested in watching a 45 year old pedo pandering, photoshopped onlyfans whore.

No. 1684825

Wow her shoops are getting even more ridiculous

No. 1684836

File: 1666742684643.jpg (36.6 KB, 460x346, 20221025_210412.jpg)

No. 1685118

She looks like she is crying in th bottom left picture, just so puffy >>1615487

No. 1685124

That's intentional, pedos love crying kids

No. 1685324

The lumpy ass, creepy head proportions, pointy ears, shitty blurring and warping… this is all just screaming uncanny valley midlife crisis.

No. 1690825

File: 1667301804573.png (1.93 MB, 2176x1578, 2210344345.png)

It appears that she's doubled down on the photoshop on her coconut kitty accounts, so she can try and pass off these edits as the 'real her'on her other account

No. 1690974

is society becoming more pedo-ish or what.
She is already pretty before, are the new generation of coomers not aroused unless its underage, is this why all these thots keep making themselves look underage???

No. 1690993

Incel viewpoints are definitely becoming way more mainstream thanks to weirdos like Andrew Tate. These men all have Madonna whore complexes and fetishize retardation, virginity and naivety because such girls are much easier to manipulate and control. Coomers also resort to harder stuff when regular porn gets boring which usually means CP. So yeah, all of these factors culminate in fetishization of youth and pedophilia.

No. 1695074

If Andrew Tate did get revealed as a closeted trans woman, he would not be taking more Ws and getting more guys on his side again. But "be kind" is programmed into women so hard even to un-out predator enemies, that is why women don't win and men play the destroying feminism game better than them. Oh well, just let Andrew take more Ws and set women's rights back again then by saying older women and sluts are useless and washed up, not wife material. And men will boldly follow suit cuz it is their true nasty base desire and nature to make women have shit. Like in the olden days.

It's obvious he is, besides the upfront signs, read Andrew's eyes, same exact look of some moid wanting to trans to female. Guy looks like Violet Chachki out of drag and young before-plastic surgery Karlie Kloss.(its you again)

No. 1695131

OP here sorry haven't checked this thread in a month. Lmao where is this trans shit coming from?

Her diana deets acc pics are literally the same as coconut kitty at this point

No. 1695453

ignore them, it's the same troll anon from /ot/ who sperg-tinfoils about ben shapiro being secretly ftm

No. 1695563

File: 1667776357845.webm (872.27 KB, 682x1280, TzZI1v1d8skN8u72.webm)

She's lost her mind

No. 1695592

literally what the hell did she mean by this

No. 1695698

Looking like a Develv drawing with bolt ons

No. 1696714

File: 1668045085122.jpeg (885.65 KB, 828x1337, 3BB4973D-3C7B-49AE-858C-674783…)

I feel like at this point CCK is saying her shops is a character and she’s trying to make it into satire by making the shops super obvious because too many people know about her real face and she gets called out all the time.

No. 1696735

File: 1668046859471.png (2.22 MB, 1174x1466, 01101172.png)

She's making the editing super obvious so she can pass this editing style (pic rel) as the 'real Diana Deets'

No. 1696749

this chick just fascinates me. we know she has a preteen/teenage daughter and a young son. i'm so curious what their home life looks like. either she's taking these photos at home while they're around or on the daily she's leaving her kids at home so she can indulge her midlife crisis. neither option is great.

No. 1696754

File: 1668048899900.jpeg (546.27 KB, 828x1329, F451B03C-B072-473F-A7CB-F29312…)

>just a character!
It didn’t seem like that when she first started, also she made so many posts and stories raging at people for saying she shops and is an older lady before she started saying it’s ~just a character~.

No. 1696762

And the saddest part is scrotes genuinely believe this low effort grift. Half of humanity is somehow as retarded as she is.

Did she suck a bunch of random celebrity's dicks in order to consolidate her story and get this animated series in the works? Suspicious timing that when she has her public meltdown because of getting called out she started the Diana Deets larp and was pictured with a bunch of famous people.

No. 1696824

Oh god she is beyond dumb. this reads like an 12 year old wrote it

No. 1696842

Kek not one but two lol’s, so very unbothered. God she’s a piece of work. I genuinely worry for her children.

No. 1696883

It's not even in the works, they're trying to collect money for a trailer kek it's just another grift

No. 1696974

KEK I love her Jessica rabbit autism, it's so ridiculous. It's like she saw who framed Roger rabbit growing up and decided she would stop at nothing to skinwalk a character that exists as a parody of cartoon erotica. She's like some kind of horrible drawn together one off character that became real, whorenoccio.

No. 1698889

>I am manifesting everything
Lol okay so the crackhead thinks she’ll get a book and tv deal if she writes that they’re coming in her captions. Her agents must be the voices inside her head.

No. 1699547

File: 1668423730983.jpeg (65.34 KB, 1170x324, 4C94EF2F-A00F-4D04-9BCD-323E85…)

This is new, she’s apparently had a lot of surgery. Previously she had only mentioned her eyes and lip injections

No. 1699651

naw weve known she had shittons of surgery anon she admitted to that the funny part is she uses that to lie about her age and denies being as old as she is. its like she expected it to make her look younger but instead as she says herself she filled her face up with so much crap filler which stays and migrates and leads to a pillow face it aged her horribly and shes in denial wishing people couldn't tell she isnt actually a teen. gross ass woman

No. 1700083

File: 1668478900670.webm (3.07 MB, 720x1280, 312978000_166731605981150_4768…)

No. 1700130

Why does she sound as unhinged as those welfare mums who have children purely because of the baby bonus in my country?

No. 1700960

File: 1668569650414.jpeg (144.45 KB, 828x1413, E0FA1D48-2CB0-4634-8791-B363B4…)

CKK showing off her teeth kek. During the middle of the clip the filter makes her teeth pixelated

No. 1702139

why is she bragging about how she's never had braces like she doesn't need them, kek her teeth are not straight

No. 1709198

File: 1669364585445.jpg (2.71 MB, 3072x4096, _pt2022_11_25_18_53_19.jpg)

She's officially lost the plot to the extent that even her followers are being savage. She posted another weird incoherent super uncanny video and these are the comments.

No. 1709244

She never should have posted videos talking if she wanted to continue her teenager larp. Especially those 'poem' ones.

No. 1710203

There are some fellow whores in the comments defending her "coconut kitty character"

No. 1719353

File: 1670279238536.webm (4.06 MB, 1080x1920, 167779037_126611380257397_7334…)


No. 1719356

File: 1670279417848.png (1.8 MB, 1816x1474, Screen Shot 2022-12-06 at 9.20…)

Even though she was being exposed by some smaller accounts on TikTok/youtube, if she kept quiet, never posted these drugged out videos talking, she could have continued with the image she created. She's ruined it now

No. 1719506

File: 1670290593655.jpg (217.97 KB, 1080x1529, Screenshot_20221206-123337__01…)

Her new content is even more terrifying. She seems to think she can get away with it by leaning into the editing, and claiming her other account is her real face, but people are calling her out on that too. Also

No. 1720102

>Ms. Grove, how many substances have you abused this evening?

No. 1720428

File: 1670371128376.jpg (3.93 MB, 4096x4096, _pt2022_12_07_10_57_32.jpg)

Something tells me these posts are going to upset her audience kek

No. 1720438

That guy looks like he likes to shoot deer from his Jeep while shotgunning PBR and working on his 3rd DUI.

No. 1720620

Kekk too real

No. 1720821

that is the most white trash human I can think off

No. 1721044

Annoyed. This jackass is swimming in money from pedos looking for loophole material so they "dont re/offend", or whatever the "MAPS" community is trying to normalize.

Tbf all that money, like every single last penny, should be given to real groups that fight underage sex trafficking. There's real vigilante groups, and there's always media professionals that could use the funding to make visible and effective campaigns. Her having a fetish is one thing, like i dont give a fuck if she wants to transobjectify herself into Mr. Peanut and go all the way off, world war 3 is a real threat and idk do what you can to be happy but keep it anonymous. Don't make your living off of this, especially not when your demand is male sexual depravity. If she's on drugs heavy enough to turn her skull into an acid vat, fat doubt shes happy and her daughter deserves a mom who can admit mistakes and make the hard decisions. Porn is programming and the studies they managed to do on it before it was banned gave the most fucked up and heartbreaking results on how it litetally made girls and women feel not human, that it deeply encouraged rape culture that conditioned them further. Most adult actresses have had severe sexual abuse in their lives, but men normalize this shit so much. Diarhea Deets needs to do better, porn isn't the positive kind of sexual liberation where children and women aren't seen as sex objects with trauma to exploit.

That said if she's down with plastic surgery, she could do a lip lift and some jaw contouring, get thoae gross fillers dissolved and do a mini lift. After that heals, tasteful fat injections and microneedling. Darker hair or more reddish like her edits. Her as a milf would be so much better and im not just saying that. Way more fun ways to interact with customers too.

But shes youth obsessed and smokes cigarettes so doubt there is getting through to her with reason. Men projecting their actually deep seated hatred of their own aging, futility, failure, looking like their absent fathers and still loathing their obviously older mothers, is the biggest psyop, taking it out on women so they can claim pdophilia is "normal, youre just jealous of children", as if anyone would want to go back to an age that unsafe because of men like that, which is too fucking many since they eat this right up never, ever looking at the consequences because it creates more abused young women to prey on. The only thing i miss was not knowing how evil male sexuality is. Sorry long post im so fucking over it and how the rampant demand for this isn't dismantled at the root, not some rando online who will get replaced.

No. 1724100

File: 1670696439507.jpg (193.29 KB, 1067x1814, Screenshot_20221210-131540_Ins…)

Must be high as a kite to post something so bold kek

No. 1724150

I hope someone who knows her like that deranged exposing coconutkitty exposes some modern day candids.

No. 1724188

Never bothered to look at this thread before. Wow what a cow I fucking hate her, I hope this thread takes off!

No. 1724663

She's contorting herself ridiculously in everything she uploads on her main now so she can fall back on the "this is just a character" schtick. At the same time she's upped the editing on her rabblerouser account, it's now back to being as bad as it was before she got caught and made up the character lie in the first place. Idk if she thinks she slick or is just a druggo at this point.

No. 1724771

I’m going to go with the druggo/mental illness scenario. This woman is completely unhinged.

No. 1725795

File: 1670877126101.jpeg (372.03 KB, 1242x2688, 2B98E2BE-DC66-4012-8E89-F426F2…)

Idk I think you’re all wrong. This is clearly the face of mental clarity and sobriety.

No. 1725798

File: 1670877337646.jpg (304.75 KB, 1042x1294, Screenshot_20221212-153434_Ins…)

Kek what is this

No. 1725906

File: 1670885103639.jpeg (202.03 KB, 899x1200, EqkA1dFXYAAnk95.jpeg)

Compare that to an older edit. She thinks she's 'winning' but no one is falling for it. She never said coconutkitty was a character until she started getting called out for her insane photoshop >>1725798

No. 1725993

she looks like a downy asian baby

No. 1726017

yeah, her blatantly resorting to extreme photoshop so she can claim she wasn't trying to catfish as a 13 yr old girl is so pathetic. i can only imagine that this is just driving away coomers. they paid her to get off to "jailbait" not off-brand jessica rabbit.

No. 1729329

File: 1671255070794.jpeg (395.57 KB, 1242x1355, 7EB3B8C4-8B69-429F-8BA5-85AE85…)

She posted an animated clip of her new “series” coming out and the comments are tearing her apart. She’s currently defending the fact that the animators want to remain anonymous. People are accusing her of scamming. She addressed the “anonymous animators” in a voice audio clip defending their reasons to go anonymous. Idk how you can produce something anonymously?

She’s also claiming to be the voice actress but in the clip it clearly sounds nothing like her drugged out voice and they’re calling her out on that too. It’s kind of a mess kek

No. 1729330

File: 1671255097980.jpeg (669.4 KB, 1242x1990, 90087503-98B5-44F9-823D-06BBDC…)

No. 1729334

File: 1671255262739.jpeg (477.38 KB, 1242x1450, 65918CFA-F827-43AA-A790-1E6FA1…)

Her claiming the voice you’re hearing(her actual raspy heroin voice) is just the coconutkitty character voice kek

No. 1729338

File: 1671255702199.jpeg (507.61 KB, 1242x766, E4E5AD2C-F7B9-4E32-9A46-0635AF…)

A still of the clip she posted. Looks like a horrible photoshop collage honestly.

No. 1729345

Honestly I can't wait for the show to premier on YouTube kek

No. 1729388

Oh wow the erase marks around everything this is bad bad

No. 1729478

Someone post the videos here before she deletes them

No. 1729720

File: 1671319181252.jpg (400.39 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20221217-161925_Chr…)

Nice uniboob

No. 1729829

I agree with the anon’s that she’s posting ridiculous photoshopped alien-faced pictures to coconut kitty so that she can pass this “Diana deets” face as her own.

No. 1729996

File: 1671369358684.jpg (2.76 MB, 4096x3072, _pt2022_12_19_00_11_41.jpg)

Agreed, she's gotten so delusional now that she posts these videos where she looks like a 40 year old woman with a creepy ai looking filter on her "real" account as well. I don't think she has any concept of what she looks like at this point but I tinfoil it's fueled by drugs or alcohol.

No. 1729997

File: 1671369504337.jpg (379.35 KB, 1080x1750, Screenshot_20221219-001722__01…)

Samefag but she unironically posted this a few days before. I want to believe this is all some big joke.

No. 1730017

wtf is happening with her teeth with these 2pixel filtered messes. I like how with each advancement of technology thot photos and videos get blurrier and blurrier

No. 1730023

File: 1671373532567.jpg (134.53 KB, 1284x2283, 320626778_1902184183453436_849…)

Her speech to text ramblings are so funny

No. 1730030

Is she jealous of herself shooped as a teen? That she specifically created for pedo men?

No. 1730034

>I sound and talk like a crack whore because I’m sick and also because I -want- people to talk trash about my voice. But also it’s a character like Jessica rabbit and it’s just acting

No. 1730039

She's always saying she makes so much money off of this or whatever but how? She doesn't appear to have an onlyfans so what is there to monetize?

No. 1730050

Maybe coomers send her money or something. It’s weird she doesn’t have an OF I wonder why. Every e whore does so what’s stopping her?

No. 1730327

File: 1671407218615.webm (7.59 MB, 720x1280, Myteefarefuckingperfect.webm)

He's an unhinged rant I caught about being unbothered about her teeth or something

No. 1730332

File: 1671407726524.jpg (2.05 MB, 3072x4096, 10347483917232.jpg)

Samefag here's some of the funnier questions she answered
>Cartoon is apparently going to air on Fox
>She doesn't watch tv or movies because she's a creator kek
>She is very touchy about being called a drug addict
I think in one of the comments of her photos on IG she compared herself to van gogh when someone told her to get off the drugs. I'll see if I can find it.

No. 1730338

kek at all the gray hairs, so much for trying to be a "teen"

No. 1730340

No. 1730346

File: 1671408768407.jpg (243.12 KB, 1080x1589, Screenshot_20221219-111125__01…)

I thought the same thing myself. Nothing wrong with grey hairs but her larp is so sloppy. I found the exchange I was looking for btw, that fact that it's pinned makes it even more hilarious.

No. 1730403

> I'm not bothered by it
> makes videos to talk about how unbothered she is

Anon's called it.

No. 1730948

>networks that still except adult humor
>I said more of my time creating
>miss understood
Between all the run on sentences, lack of punctuation, rambling, misspelling, etc. She's not doing much to make her look any less of a junkie.

No. 1731014

Van Gogh also killed himself, is she going to try that too?

No. 1731142

File: 1671492844690.png (385.29 KB, 1202x1276, poor.png)

Her coconutkittywins account seems to be gone. She's also spamming shit like this on her twitter account. Struggling for money perhaps?

No. 1731541

File: 1671858536591.webm (1.66 MB, 720x1280, 27484848299223.webm)

She's absolutely lost the plot since her account got temporarily removed. It sounds like she's gone on a multiple day bender by the time she recorded these.

No. 1731542

File: 1671858602863.webm (3.59 MB, 720x1244, 47372819128281.webm)

No. 1731661

My god, this filter

No. 1731752

Jesus she literally sounds like a Nikita Dragunesque Troon in the video.

No. 1731756

File: 1671925814008.jpg (11.5 KB, 348x349, 03u3ik0xkfm91.jpg)

Kinda looks like her pimp right there kek

No. 1732628

File: 1672142982184.jpeg (313.84 KB, 1170x1215, E3DEF7B3-07AB-4A0E-B987-54D45B…)

No. 1732629

File: 1672143072024.jpeg (292.49 KB, 1244x2048, 240C98DD-3AB1-453D-B993-C25DAD…)

No. 1732641

>I’ve had a shitload of plastic/cosmetic surgery and use whatever products a salesperson hawks to me but I’m still insecure so I have to lie about wearing a full face of makeup, extreme photo editing, and filters

No. 1732642

File: 1672146797131.jpeg (92.04 KB, 638x1024, 1672145317500.jpeg)

does anyone here "fear" Tate? he's a weird looking lanky guy

No. 1732648

Well, I am afraid his spray tan will stain my clothes…

No. 1732654

File: 1672149232625.jpg (46.01 KB, 806x817, Fk9y_3bXwAANAKM.jpg)

Reminded this is what he looks like outside of specifically framed photos

No. 1732677

Kek is he a manlet? He sounds like one.

No. 1732683

Chad phenotype kek

No. 1732685

File: 1672154136375.jpg (235.9 KB, 750x1334, 9oic6x11apk81.jpg)

he's actually somewhat tall but he has a weird bodytype that, that combined with the his lack of chin and DSLs make him look really gay imo

No. 1732690

If this guy could suck his own cock, we’d never hear from him again.

No. 1732748

I’m guessing there have already been multiple comparisons to Pepper from AHS Freak Show

No. 1732878

I would not go bald if my head were so small

No. 1733101

he looked just as bad even when he had hair

No. 1733128

File: 1672228090126.jpg (2.65 MB, 4096x2304, _pt2022_12_28_22_47_26.jpg)

I think in an attempt not to sound like a middle-aged heroin addict she's started incoherently rambling about anime… who's going to tell her anime specifically refers to Japanese cartoons?

No. 1733136

He’s a naturally lanky skinny ectomorph with a shit ton of steroid induced muscle. Which is why he looks so weird and disproportionate. His muscles are huge due to steroids but his frame is skinny and his wrist and ankle bones are thin. This is why it looks so odd.

No. 1733137

He’s so naturally dorky and awkward, much more polite and shy in this video.
Shame he had to invent a whole arrogant asshole alter ego.

No. 1733139

His accent is so weird. He sounds like a posh highland Scottish kid mixed with a Cornish farmer with random American words thrown in.

No. 1733161

File: 1672233218974.jpg (220.83 KB, 750x1334, Try_hard.jpg)

>His muscles are huge due to steroids but his frame is skinny and his wrist and ankle bones are thin. This is why it looks so odd.
that makes sense
He spent half his adolescence in the US and the other half in the UK in his mother's small town

No. 1733165

File: 1672234881952.jpeg (206.02 KB, 640x904, 78ECE9E0-A3D6-4357-9FB5-35A375…)

No. 1733166

File: 1672235039938.jpeg (123.24 KB, 640x611, 6AB3CB55-861E-4975-A114-EB4A45…)

No. 1733167

this is actually really fucking funny based greta

No. 1733170

Love her for this

No. 1733171

File: 1672235951248.jpeg (86.83 KB, 750x678, 3FAC96EB-B283-42BC-BDBB-418B4D…)

Here’s a better image

No. 1733177

Get his ass Greta

No. 1733178

How do people follow this man, he's so lame, insecure and frankly compensating imo, I can almost Jordan Peterson or Joe Rogan have an audience, but what does tate offer to his audience

No. 1733183

He provides a role model for other lame cringey insecure men, simple as. Birds of a feather.

No. 1733190

I am aware of that, but those types usually present a masculine image for their audience, Tate is the exact opposite, he's very flamboyant ans flashy, obsessed with shoes, his cars, his clothing, brand names

No. 1733301

His audience is extremely young. Literal teenage incels who are mad no one has given them their first bj yet are who watches Tate. It's extremely creepy tbh

No. 1733309

The world is full of retards who are extremely impressed by wealth and will suck any rich persons dick. You don’t understand how many people are NPCs who worship the dollar.

No. 1733310

That was such a lame comeback, even in a joking context. He’s so cringe dumb and lame. Should have just said something witty back or nothing.

No. 1733311

He just looks like a squid to me.

No. 1733312

Who keeps big ugly ass guns in a glass cabinet lol he’s so mentally ill

No. 1733315

I’m 99% sure those are fake toy guns lol. Which makes him even lamer. Romania has pretty strict gun laws afaik you are only allowed to own certain kinds of pistols and even then it’s only older models I think. You definitely aren’t allowed AKs or machine guns.

No. 1733317

File: 1672252375641.jpeg (910.96 KB, 1242x2088, 334B6632-896A-4084-8613-9BA035…)

It says only certain government employees and police are allowed to own guns and even they have to be short pistol types only, non-governmental citizens aren’t allowed. So yeah those are definitely toy guns and replicas in the case unless he’s genuinely retarded enough to openly show himself breaking the law, how pathetic lol.

No. 1733323

Same reason why the Kardashians are liked. Even retards in /ot/ call Kim kardashian a Stacy.

No. 1733351

File: 1672258161420.jpg (53.85 KB, 330x630, Fk7mcDcXwAEj-sT.jpg)

does he have any confirmed kids? I have seen him claim that he has "legions of children out there in the world" but I don't think even he's that retarded to risk potential alimony payments

No. 1733694

File: 1672322657914.jpg (43.8 KB, 900x628, FlGYjQqXEAAQL0g.jpg)

And of course this 36 year old chinlet has to sexually harrass a 20 year old on twitter.

No. 1733698

I want to throw up

No. 1733699

What is this age gap discourse autism? I'm not saying the tweet isn't gross, but 20 is old enough to have sex, period.

No. 1733700

She is still only 19, btw.

No. 1733701

Normalise bullying middle aged men and calling them pedos and creeps for flirting with 18 - 30 year olds. Normalise it. I don’t care if it’s irrational and you shouldn’t either.

Also, middle aged for women starts at 40 but for men it starts as soon as they lose their hair or get a beer gut. So if you’re a 22 year old baldy with a beer gut, you are a pedo for hitting on an attractive 30 year old woman. Sorry I don’t make the rules.

No. 1733702

Greta is a sensible young woman when it comes to her body. She wouldn't do it the disservice allowing a roided out, baby-faced shitheel to touch it.

No. 1733703

Yeah but her birthday is in less than a week so she's pretty much 20. Either way it is gross as fuck to be tweeting this shit out. This girl is getting sexually harrased by all the Tate minions.

This is the same shit many groomer scrotes say to avoid being called creeps. If you're over 30 and you're trying to hit with 18-21 year olds you're a creep to me especially considering this is Andrew Tate we're talking about. His brother had sex with a 17 year old.

No. 1733704

It's not even flirting, either. He's harassing her. Fuck this wierdo moid.

No. 1733706

Samefag but attached the video of tristan tate admitting he slept with a 17 year old.

No. 1733707

I can’t imagine how many rape and death threats she’s getting. Or maybe the Tatecels are just spamming her with “you’re aging” like they do to pokimane.

No. 1733725

Who here said she wasn’t old enough to have sex? The age gap IS relevant bc it’s a middle-aged chincel sexually harassing (and encouraging his followers to harass) a teenage girl who was minding her business, that’s just pathetic. And the fact that people are even discussing if she’s “old enough for sex” is disgusting. P.S. sage your moidposting next time.

No. 1733758

I agree. We also need to shame the women who choose to get into relationships with ugly creeps

No. 1733804

Sure, with other people their age

No. 1733881

File: 1672345610293.jpeg (127.11 KB, 720x726, 22843547-5F18-47E4-87EF-BE1DC7…)

His house got raided, I wonder if its because of the gun pics or something bigger

No. 1733885

God I love this song

No. 1733891

it's because they are under investigation for the kidnapping of two young women

No. 1733918

Romaniananon here, he's been all over the news. He is also being persecuted for kidnapping and rape. Apparently he's been under investigation since spring this year. Right now he's in custody for 24 hours, his brother as well

No. 1733923

do you think they'll prosecute him?

No. 1733951

File: 1672353039697.jpeg (235.33 KB, 899x899, 503D9F13-AA0E-4EE3-AE65-2803D8…)

Hope these Slavic countries as well as Asia and Africa start cracking down on western sexpats. Men are disgusting and shouldn’t be allowed to buy sex from impoverished women who have been forced into prostitution.

No. 1733957

I still think he is gay. He looks at Luc in a weird way like he’s in love with him or something.

Tate wincest fanfics incoming.

No. 1733974

File: 1672355575300.jpeg (59.99 KB, 1024x570, 3A0F9E03-FF6B-42D7-A6E5-FAADD3…)

Apparently Romanian authorities have been looking for him for a while since he ducks and dives in and out of the country all the time.

In the tryhard video response he made to Greta (cringe) where he tries to make it look like he’s getting pizza delivered to him, he doxxed himself by ordering pizza from a Romania pizza shop that had a local number on the box. All the police had to do was ask the shop which address they delivered to. He’s so fucking dumb lmao.

No. 1733988

the incel alpha king is a fucking retard, who would’ve guessed

No. 1734009

he's probably at best a tranny chaser, There's a lot o traffickers who traffick young women and flaunt that but fuck trannies and will never talk about it and/or have some troons lovers helping them pimp out troon. A similarly bald ugly dude from a reality show, also is a sex trafficker/pimp and I remember his baby momma making a comment like, "My baby daddy used to date that trans" with a throw up emoji. the same trans tyga allegdely dated and he's good friends with the dude who is accused of pimping, another weirdo. He's probably bisexual

No. 1734016

I agree he has definitely fucked trannies. Tate has major daddy issues and daddy issue moids are always fruity

No. 1734091

The scrote seethe this tweet has generated in men all over the world has been hilarious. They really are that fragile. I never really cared for her before this but I like her now.

No. 1734092

Took him 14 hours to come up with that response. Then got arrested almost immediately after. Funniest thing to end 2022 with.

No. 1734109

Never cared for her? Ambivalence or dislike? She’s a smart young woman who wants to save the planet and makes old men seethe for some reason, I think she’s awesome.

No. 1734127

Ambivalence. I saw a bunch of scrotes fetishizing her for looking 12 and it grossed me out so I avoided her content, but now she’s triggered them I think she’s great.

No. 1734139

File: 1672374964308.jpeg (57.86 KB, 1242x225, DA5AC42A-6C14-49A8-9E95-F0FF36…)

No. 1734188

Misogynistic retard doxes himself while trying to come up with a comeback to teenage girl who called him small-dicked? Fucking epic. Thank you Thunberg and Romanian police.

No. 1734207

File: 1672390706346.jpeg (859.96 KB, 1238x1285, 0F5CE997-342D-4B6B-8571-66CABB…)

I’m so happy about this kek. Absolute W for Greta.

No. 1734210

Samefag but I don’t get how he was trying to own Greta. Like, “I’m destroying the nature on purpose lmao” how is that an own unless you’re a total brainlet? Ok, you’re retarded, thanks for telling us.

No. 1734220

Double win for her.

He doesn't think. That has been made apparent so many times that this last stunt is just a number on a list.

No. 1734222

File: 1672392265585.png (319.31 KB, 615x606, 38B7C63F-899E-44E9-8940-D36140…)

No. 1734228

File: 1672393096974.jpeg (72.4 KB, 1080x522, AF89D918-BE22-4FC9-A40F-2D41E1…)

She’s pretty based in some ways

No. 1734237

Absolute gigastacy knows a shrimpie male when she sees one.

No. 1734245

No. 1734281

Is he still in jail and has he been charged yet? There was some dumb tweet on his account and all the scrotes are saying this means he’s free. I think they’re only allowed to detain him for 24 hours. So if they don’t bring charges before then they might let the bastard out.

No. 1734288

File: 1672403077629.jpg (91.04 KB, 1080x642, Screenshot_20221230_132314_Chr…)


No. 1734337

My respect for her has massively increased.
I really hope they get him and he rots in Romanian jail. He went there to make other humans suffer (commit crimes against girls) now let him suffer where he choose to be.

No. 1734363

Why do the scrotes keep believing that he’s been released? There’s no proof. Just because of that dumb tweet on his account. I swear he’s still in jail.

No. 1734394

File: 1672420133505.jpeg (938.3 KB, 1242x2030, 3BBDD196-349A-4901-BF49-1AF39A…)

Seems that a former policewoman's house was also raided and she was also detained in connection to the sex trafficking charges against the Tate brothers. She apparently dated one of them

No. 1734395

File: 1672420207475.jpeg (91.68 KB, 1110x1090, 8954DE84-1950-47A1-A3C8-34BDA1…)

the few media outlets reporting on this are including very blurred images with yassified filters, however…

No. 1734398

File: 1672420514652.jpeg (678.52 KB, 2048x2048, 8BE33F2B-1023-442A-821F-E34BC0…)

did some digging, found her twitter and onlyfans account

No. 1734399

That sounds like US policy and they’re in Romania. Do they have a similar policy for detainees? Are they even considered Romanian citizens? Some countries you can buy property and not be a citizen. Therefore they wouldn’t be confined to the laws of Romania.

No. 1734404

File: 1672421285395.jpeg (507.39 KB, 2048x2048, E5850DAB-101C-41F3-AA40-E54D40…)

some more natural images of the woman detained in connection to the tate brothers sex trafficking charges, lc exclusive since you wont find these in any other news outlets as of yet.

I found her on this romanian website, cant get to pc atm but if someone translates the page you may find her real name in there


No. 1734421

+ just to add, based on what im reading, he may have just been detained and they are deciding whether to arrest him. some outlets are saying arrested, others detained, more reputable ones like reuters are sticking with detained so we may be too early with celebrations.

No. 1734447

File: 1672424476424.png (30.75 KB, 384x554, gjg.png)

No. 1734467

Thank you nonna, that’s very helpful.

No. 1734488

yes thank you. i think the confusion is whether the arrest implies hes charged but arrested is still the right word to use, i think in a lot of people's heads it just implies they were already charged when that's not decided yet.

there is also confusion going around social media about whether it's just money laundering charges, sex/human trafficking or both

No. 1734495

File: 1672428437246.png (35.45 KB, 272x410, gjg.png)


the arrest warrant was for organized crime, human trafficking and rape. tho prosecutors are also talking of intimidation, constant surveillance and sexual exploitation. same source as above.

also, update. if no decision is reached in the next half hour, they're free to go.

No. 1734503

File: 1672429717829.jpg (42.23 KB, 970x565, romania-a-ajuns-in-presa-inter…)

hearing's done, andrew and tristan are in preventive arrest for 30 days

No. 1734506

File: 1672430795683.jpg (49.15 KB, 480x720, d8578a7c90c9944169a16241ca3920…)

Meaning there was enough reason to lock them up to prevent any further crime. Prosecution has 30 days to build their case I'd wager, but I'm not a lawfag. I hope that's the case.

No. 1734507


No. 1734516

I just LOVE how scared he looks
Is he still going to be singing Romania’s praises after this?
Stupid dickhead should have been living in Saudi Arabia with the rest of the tacky nouveau riche pedo Muslim rapist scrotes that he wants to be sooo bad.

Tf is a dollar gorilla

No. 1734520

Love his look of cornered prey.

No. 1734524

their lawyer appealed the decision, so they'll be back in court on jan 5th. but if the Court of Appeal finds that the preventive arrest was fair, then they'll be held for the full 30 days, after which there's the trial, yeah.
the two women were also arrested.

a gorilla made out of dollar bills, is what it specifically says originally

No. 1734542

They should keep him in custody because he’s definitely going to leave the country and try to go somewhere with no extradition

No. 1734618

Ot but both the Tate brothers have such dark/frightening looking eyes. If I saw them in real life I'd definitely be compelled to avoid.

No. 1734623

File: 1672445713985.jpeg (58.93 KB, 602x903, 6738D37A-4CCF-4BD2-BD6C-2293E2…)

Does this mean myfreecams goes down too? We can only hope.
They’re so ugly and they have those sociopath eyes. Andrew Tate literally looks like a sea monster from the Wallace and Gromit universe, look at his head is literally shaped like a potato, bro’s head is smaller than his neck. I’m glad to see he got arrested.

No. 1734624

He will most definitely be brutally raped in prison his bald head reminds the inmates of a phallus, they’ll slap it while they hit it from the back and run a train on him so hard his coin slot inflates and looks like silentos bootyhole (google at your own risk)

No. 1734638

perhaps, but why did you both think of that and type it out to share with people?

No. 1734649

I'm glad to have the image of prison convicts slapping Tates chode head while they give him a little bit of butt love. And I'm glad the first anon posted so the second could reply and build on what she wrote. That's why they typed and shared, sharing thoughts and ideas is enriching for us all!

No. 1734705

Tate is a faggot who deserves to rot but alog somewhere else, I don't think 90% of women want to listen to your rape fantasies.

No. 1734707

Kitty cat ayrt thanks for the explanation. Whatever happens, I just hope justice wins.

No. 1734727

File: 1672462808706.png (1.02 MB, 1190x1683, 24311186A86.png)

Trying to change the narrative

No. 1734769

They keep trying to trick people into thinking they’re out and the scrotes are falling for it.

No. 1734812

how is he tweeting this?

No. 1734835

Social media manager

No. 1734886

Most public figures have someone running their social media’s for them even nobody influencers like Emily Uribe have them. You pay someone to tweet for you. A lot of celebs/influencers won’t be up front about them whereas some you can tell/they’ll even list in their bio that it’s not personally run by them.

Andrew could’ve been tweeting before but now it’s 100% not him and his SM doing it for him.

No. 1735272

I fully support a matrix if it puts misogynistic rapist and pedo scrotes in jail, not sorry either.

No. 1735273

Their eyes are soulless, they have the coomer 1000 vagina gaze.

No. 1735300

Hopefully Tate gets the Epstein treatment in jail lol rest in piss

No. 1736198

penguinz0 as a troon

No. 1736260

File: 1672716813298.jpeg (833.53 KB, 1242x1197, 6D66C87C-C786-48E0-A751-D5B100…)

I think Romania may just be my favorite country now

No. 1736261

Someone said the driver was a woman too lol.

No. 1736268

Love to see it! I must say I’m surprised the MRA reddit: “buh buh anyone have the vid sauce??” “R/HolUp” moids donated enough of their their coom-cash for 36 awards.

No. 1736303

Romania's still a poor corrupt nation and a rich american like Tate might be able to buy his way into freedom and leave for another poor nation, so I'm not getting my hopes up

No. 1736319

File: 1672732909255.jpg (131.85 KB, 750x662, FlcFw76XwAEUpuK.jpg)

"Luana Radu, aka Ellie Dely on social media, was a cop until 2014, when she listed her wealth at just $480, reports say."

"She then started working in adult chat rooms, which was how she met Tate, who ultimately hired her as his administrative assistant, helping him to manage his online business empire, the UK Times said.


Same way Coconut Kitty met the Tate Brothers

No. 1736327

File: 1672733700467.png (684.6 KB, 622x631, 5fa3371e8a7b9cadde694b63f56292…)


Georgiana Manuel Naghel, 28
Both women are now sharing the same police cell in Bucharest after being accused of helping to “coerce” and “control” at least six women whom Tate’s alleged enterprise forced into producing porn, multiple UK reports said.

“These two women are Tate’s trusted lieutenants and his angels,” a police source told MailOnline.

“They are an important part of the crimes that took place because they made sure that the women being held against their will did as they were told."
“The Tate brothers financially benefited from these crimes, and so did these two women. They live a fantastic life which is not in keeping with their financial position.”

Romanian investigators have accused Tate of using “the loverboy method” — seducing unsuspecting women before forcing them to perform in porn under the threat of violence from his organized gang.

That is the exact method that the teenage daughter of Romanian political analyst Cozmin Gusa says the one-time champion kickboxer attempted to use on her when she was just 16.

No. 1736643

This is so satisfying. Well done Romania.

No. 1736658

Yeah that's what I think too. He's too rich and will just buy his way out.

No. 1736761

Why did this become a fucking Tate thread? Can we just make a separate thread for him and get back on topic since there's clearly enough shit going on currently to fill a whole other thread? I don't see how much of this relates to Coconutkitty anymore.

No. 1736798

It's a coconutkitty AND andrew tate thread, not just coconutkitty

No. 1736825

This was always a coconutkitty & tate thread & it actually was ahead of the curve in exposing his pimp business with onlyfans whores, please read the OP

No. 1737295

Ok why don’t we make this the Andrew Tate thread, and you can fuck off and make whatever thread you want? Or post her in the ridiculous photo shopper thread if you want to autistically nitpick her shoops.

No. 1738287

File: 1672970013052.jpeg (379.97 KB, 1170x1495, A9E14559-C0E0-42A9-B19B-BF3A30…)

She’s now featuring her totally not photoshopped ‘real self’ on her onlyfans.
Unsurprisingly, her moids prefer these edited diane photos to the recent ridiculous edits of ‘coconut’ >>1725798

No. 1738332

Men are absolutely retarded to believe anything she posts but at least this isn't her blatantly larping as a child.

No. 1738356

File: 1672974895029.png (7.4 MB, 4159x2277, 166061105600123.png)

How long will it take for 'Diana' to have coconuts face again? I'd give it another month or two and Diana will look exactly like the older coconutkitty edits

No. 1738438

this was inevitable. it was her plan from the beginning of the drama. she over exaggerated her pics for a while until they were cartoonish and not hot to her fans. then she asked if they want the “real her” and of course they’ll agree to the new option bc she forced it. so now she can claim Coconut was a stylized character, not pedobait, and she keeps her fans.

No. 1738536

File: 1672993184143.jpeg (342.7 KB, 1170x1919, F1A159FD-3D28-4932-A3C0-600D20…)

Despite getting multiple comments telling her she looked skinnier, she went live pretending people were calling her fat all because one comment said the proportions she photoshops herself into aren't possible. She really needs to keep her larps in order because if coconut kitty is a “character” she made up, someone saying the proportions are off shouldn’t set her off so much. The creator of Jessica Rabbit certainly doesn’t get personally offended over it kek It’s nice to see that she showed her stretch marks, though. That is tiny progress.

No. 1738569

Unhinged. She's also claiming that she needs to shop in the kids section for clothes.

No. 1738570

File: 1673001198036.webm (9.99 MB, 1080x1676, Snapinsta.app_10000000_1772089…)

‘Watch me wash the dishes,
and I’ll call it art,
Watch me make my bed every morning,
It’s still art,
I brush my teeth in the most artful way’

What talent.

No. 1738670

wtf I love this thread, this deranged crackhead is so milky and the Tate/Greta drama is just the icing on the cake

No. 1739047

File: 1673066859731.jpeg (346.37 KB, 2048x2048, 68EC08B1-BA76-49FC-977A-8E8711…)

sure, diane.

No. 1739738

File: 1673184005976.jpeg (474.44 KB, 1170x1999, 1A4D7110-A875-4AA1-AD5D-FF6284…)

No. 1739740

File: 1673184294305.jpeg (302.2 KB, 1170x1003, 0CA0948D-D93E-48D1-9D49-B3AD63…)

No. 1739753

So she’s back to claiming that coconut kitty is her real (altered) face huh? So much for claiming it’s just made up art. God she’s retarded.

No. 1739821

Kek he's soooo ugly and bald, no wonder he's so insecure.

No. 1739879

File: 1673202960377.jpg (50.13 KB, 597x510, FkuBgIRX0AUltSP.jpg)

No. 1739881

ik im late, but i dont think he can bail out for exactly that reason.

No. 1739914

Hypermasculinity looks gay.

No. 1739919

even women with tons of plastic surgery take the filter off. she’s saying she still looks like a bratz doll while 25 yr old kylie jenner is out here looking like a 40 yr old divorcee? nah.

No. 1739921

File: 1673207344453.jpg (61.61 KB, 848x453, 7eb3c00795.jpg)

The most masculine human being I can think off is Brock Lesner and he doesn't come across gay like Tate, maybe its cause he's married to a strong woman and is a loving and supporting father to his children

No. 1739924

File: 1673207841993.jpg (29.67 KB, 655x468, images.jpg)

also I'm 99% sure that Lesner's daughter, a shot-putt athlete and national champion could kick tate's ass

No. 1739973

i feel like the scrotes who are constantly making their personality being with women / that they can just naturally "get any women" while degrading or belittling them are the gayest when cameras are shut. especially the ones who bitch and cry about how men have it harder in life and that everyone (not just women) should just automatically stfu and obey them… like get a fucking grip

No. 1740049

File: 1673227412619.webm (3.83 MB, 720x960, N7INdiCCetRIvVfu.webm)

>Edits photos to look skinner
>People call her out for it
>Makes 3 videos talking about how much weight she has lost and how she's sooo tiny

This woman is legitimately retarded.

No. 1740088

my god, luna speaks better than her. what a junkie. imagine watching your mom go from a beautiful woman to a doped up fiend who edits her photos to look like you, her preteen daughter. bleak.

No. 1741531

Yeah but women are conditioned to accept mediocre men more than men are conditioned to accept mediocre women. Some women are just choosing what they are conditioned to accept. I mostly feel bad for women who date creeps… they are veiwed as "not good or attractive" enough to land a "non creepy guy" which is hard enough to find on its own. Kek we should help the women dating the creeps by convincing them they are too good for those idiots. Women ganging up on women is what pushes misguided girls into the hands of the patriarchy!

No. 1745257

File: 1673773027668.jpg (354.49 KB, 1080x1510, Screenshot_20230115_095431_Ins…)

Tate accused of rape again, there are three girls so far (I think). This one has voice recording of him saying how he loved when she didn't want it and how she should be lucky he fucked her. Hard to say if the recording is real but I believe he's scum.

No. 1745260

File: 1673773377846.jpg (218.03 KB, 1080x1606, Screenshot_20230115_100056_Chr…)

No. 1745261

>“Am I a bad person? Because the more you didn’t like it the more I enjoyed it,” Tate said to the women in a voice note obtained by Vice. “I fucking loved how much you hated it. It turned me on,” he continued. “Why am I like that? Why?”

Andrew then went on to claim in the voice messages that he only strangled the woman a “little bit” and that she should “chill the fuck out” about the alleged assault. He also sent her messages that read: “I love raping you,” and “Monsters are monsters. When ur under my control, I do whatever I please.”

“You didn’t like that I was thinking I can do whatever I want to you,” Tate said in another voice note published by Vice. “That’s what it is. I’m the smartest person on this fucking planet.”

No. 1745262

File: 1673773627214.jpg (73.04 KB, 1080x449, Screenshot_20230115_100551_You…)

Johny Depp trial really fucked things up for female victims of rape and abuse

No. 1745265

File: 1673774262358.jpg (1.03 MB, 1182x4096, MTXX_PT20230115101426753.jpg)

And BDSM bullshit also ruined chances for female victims of abuse to ever be believed.
So far his fanboys don't even give a shit.
>it isn't true, it's fake AI audio and he's being set up
>if it is true, it's being taken out of context just like Johny
>if it isn't out of context, it was just a kinky bdsm rape play

No. 1745308

There’s videos of him openly beating a woman with a belt hard while telling her to say she loves him, not exactly a stretch that he’s a rapist.

No. 1745310

Can you post?

No. 1745311

The amount of rapist and murderer scrotes who have used BDSM as their defense while on trial is terrifying. Luckily judges usually see through it. But not always.

No. 1745314

Sorry reposted due to my shit English.

He claims it was roelplay but the first girl comes in with bruises and then locks herself in the bathroom to get away from him, and the blonde woman seems unenthusiastic and uncomfortable too. It seems she genuinely wasn’t expecting him to hit her face either.

No. 1745315

These are literally bots, look at their account names.

No. 1745317

Another bot with the same kind of name. What a surprise.

No. 1745326

That is possible but YouTube has been changing user names to bot sounding shit lately. My username got randomly changed into user2636484849-ish thing too.

No. 1745403

I don't doubt the narrative given the scrote in question, but I must admit I thought the audio sounded a little chopped up as with the texts having no identifiable information because of how cropped they were odd. We probably wouldn't accept those texts as milk here so I find it strange they look so fake despite portrayed as hard proof. I find myself wondering if Vice intentionally cropped them to make them look fake so that it sparks controversy and thus traction for them? They're scumbags so I wouldn't put it past them to profit off of the suffering of women by goading Tatefags into defending him in the comments.

No. 1745404

You’re right about the texts but the audio is chopped up because it’s not a single recording but voice notes

No. 1745497

He belongs in jail regardless. For being a scammer, groomer and a general misogynistic piece of shit who beats women.

No. 1745648

I didn't say he didn't, I said it's weird the audio and texts are chopped up, not that he isn't guilty. Particularly the texts because >>1745404 makes a good point as to why the audio would be. If they had released both in their raw forms there'd probably only be the BDSM defence for fags to rely on.

No. 1749489

File: 1674302897659.png (Spoiler Image,523.25 KB, 669x531, PicasaPhotoViewer_CHjmqdtCan.p…)

not really milk but i was looking for some smut on my phone and i saw this ad, just shows how coomers actually see it. as jailbait

No. 1749507

2 years ago a moid I was fucking told me that I have the body all the women on instagram photoshops their bodies to be and have surgery for. I told him he's lying but he said it was true, but that no one can tell when I wear clothes (I wear loose tops and mom jeans). He also said all the women on instagram showing off their bodies are the ugliest bitches irl, both in the face and body (he means they have bodies and faces that have massive flaws and are disproportionate, like a wide back and waist, short stocky legs, huge nose, and of course no ass or hips, bad skin). I was like no shit, they use photoshop for a reason.
He is a 10/10 chad with an instagram presence so I reckon he has plowed though many of these women so I believe him. This was after we had sex multiple times, so it wasn't him complimenting me to get into my pants or continue to fuck, and he said it right after sex. He's also a genuine person outside the bedroom tbh. I did look myself in the mirror afterwards and I do have good genetics when it comes to proportions. It's just weird how these scamming women get the most attention from moids but women who look good naturally don't feel the need to show pics of themselves online. Oh well, if moids don't understand these women use photoshop then they get what they deserve.(no1currs)

No. 1749518


Get adblock browser on your phone, blocks most ads

No. 1749533

What possessed you to write this long irrelevant personal essay here dumbfuck

No. 1749546

It's funny how moids fight for shopped bitches. I saw this woman's unshopped wide midsection and was shocked that I, who don't even work out and ate ice cream for breakfast, have a smaller midsection and have a nice ass without even going to the gym. It's hilarious how they spend hours on photoshop for a crumb of moid attention, and the moids give it to them. Tbh they deserve each other. I also see these instagram models irl on trains etc and they look disgusting with their old stringy extensions, caked on makeup and uncomfortable clothing and I'm over here wearing whatever just chilling, clear skin, and long natural hair in a bun. Moids will stare at the shiny brass of course and that's what their primitive brains deserve.

No. 1749570

This is an anonymous imageboard. No one cares about you, your shitty moid, or what your body looks like. You could be an old fat dude larping from his trailer for all we know or care. Demanding attention from strangers who came here to make fun of cows is the weirdest and saddest form of validation-seeking. If you want to be a cow so bad, start a thread about yourself you fucking retard.

No. 1749611

Wow you really took his not like the other girls script as a valid description of yourself. You know these type of fuccbois say the exact same thing to every woman, also not like these blind moids who can't tell the difference between a tranny and a real woman are good judges of physique. Top tip, guys who shit on women in your presence are not good people. Men who review women like takeaway orders are not good people. Taking one of these moid reviews as fact is ill-advised.

Most IG girls are genuinely pretty with nice faces so he was also talking shit for sure, they just don't have pixar butts. But in tagged/unfiltered they tend to pretty with pear or mild hourglass shape bodies. Anyway, congrats on sleeping with an instagram fuckboi I guess

No. 1749676

This dumbass really took some cheesy line a misogynistic Instafag told her to heart and came to the Andrew Tate thread to write a whole earnest dissertation about it, I’m screaming kek

No. 1749980

Honestly the sperg was so irrelevant and oozing with pickmeism I doubt it was an actual woman at all.

No. 1752745

File: 1674740808629.jpg (102.05 KB, 960x711, FnU-fuQXkAEHIX2.jpg)

>retard moves to romania for its lack of human rights to exploit women: haha fuck yeah!!! yes!!
>same retard being thrown into a romanian hellhole prison that lacks human rights: well this fucking sucks. what the fuck.

No. 1753508

Buy the ticket take the ride, ol no chin havin ass

I hope they seize his cars and everything else

No. 1753643

Apparently Romanian police have seized cars and other property estimated to be worth around 4million. Love to see it.

No. 1753668

File: 1674814423863.jpg (112.22 KB, 1336x678, txRWP9FNIAAbX.jpg)

its obvious the only reason he has that ridiculous beard is to hide his obvious lack of jawline

No. 1753689

Hell yeah, gotta love just deserts for egomaniac rapey moids.

No. 1758486

File: 1675281502102.jpg (1.36 MB, 1170x1968, IMG_3084.jpg)

Well, she's back from her little hiatus of posting on IG. "From rehab to hospital"? I wonder if she is finally addressing her obvious drug problem. It's a new dad, after all. Hilarious she still shopped her chin into a point for this post.

No. 1759596

File: 1675380103665.jpg (455.65 KB, 1169x1941, IMG_3088.jpg)

No. 1759599

File: 1675380418092.jpg (1.29 MB, 1170x2053, IMG_3108.jpg)

No. 1759990

File: 1675417225645.jpeg (150.66 KB, 1164x1557, 58405298-9BCE-4A62-BA5B-01EF9A…)

Andrew “shaved head by choice, because men don’t need hair to seduce women” Tate was of course just balding.

No. 1759991

File: 1675417377958.jpeg (886.17 KB, 1170x1583, 7426F0EF-0DCB-452B-855D-ECDA7E…)

And a bit of a cow crossover

No. 1759993

wait are people surprised? he had a receding hairline when he was in his 20's

No. 1759997

Top kek

gotta love onion defending Andrew Taints great George Costanza cosplay

No. 1759998

Yeah his fanboys are seething kek

No. 1760001

fascinating, he seemingly has the worst facial features of white and black men, a moid hand crafted by nature to be ugly in every way

No. 1760005

I cannot believe this thing ever got laid

the women I know (like, any woman) wouldn't look at him twice or take his "alpha" shit. he would be laughed at to his face. maybe I just know too many stacies though. but no, all women are stacies compared to this malding deathgripping receding chin headass

No. 1760006

He gets laid because he literally buys those women, he’s a human trafficker

No. 1760022

File: 1675423835857.jpg (19.54 KB, 736x736, taint.jpg)

ayrt, true. forgive me.
I hope he enjoys the prison experience, to gently-alog.

No. 1760079

I find him quite hot, but he has a terrible personality

No. 1760097

Nonna… how?? He makes my ovaries shrivel.

No. 1760107

No. 1760146

File: 1675441905221.jpg (57.9 KB, 472x840, Andrew-Tate-Age-Height-Weight-…)

even if he wasn't an awful person, his face and body are just weird looking

No. 1760257

ewww he has that thing where it looks like there’s a skinny guy wearing a muscle suit up to the shoulders

No. 1760266

It looks like he has top surgery scars kek

No. 1760460

Nonna wtf, his jaw is so weak and he has a chin like a bob's burgers character, and that's just the tip of the ugly iceberg

No. 1760733

>Of model, musician, author
Greg will never not be hilarious to me

No. 1761504

File: 1675598456047.jpg (470.95 KB, 2000x1334, andrew-tate-brother-tristan-ja…)

what's funny is that is his brother has the exact same genes as him and yet is vastly better looking

No. 1762869

File: 1675764592617.jpg (56.93 KB, 1080x1080, FoTNb2sacAA2yCz.jpg)

Andrew Tate claims that he is donating $100M to start a charity to help men that are falsely accused

No. 1762946

Because his brother doesn't look like a mutt

No. 1762983

kek, I bet Greg hasn't gotten this many likes in a while

his brother looks better but he looks low iq

No. 1763573

So is he out of jail

No. 1763749

Yup. Just what men need. More protection from the law. I wish that if i killed myself the whole world would end with me.
All that money and you cant even help a truly vulnerable group? Heck id rather you help immagrant men from being discriminated against in the work place… but no he wants to go protect rapists and others who assault women.

No. 1765731

File: 1676128283980.jpg (986.97 KB, 1080x1514, Screenshot_20230211-145744_Ins…)

What the fuck is up with that terrible teeth shoop

No. 1765873

File: 1676139735359.jpeg (381.13 KB, 1125x823, 7B20775E-0D59-4C36-BB52-0BFC9F…)

Just scrolling by this thread, but does she always give herself Down Syndrome ears? Looks awful kek.

No. 1766308

he's set to be released in 27th February

No. 1767162

I hope someone kills him in prison before then

No. 1767168

File: 1676290556992.jpeg (406.3 KB, 1242x1118, 5F360159-E506-41D0-93BA-9BFF68…)

Lol, scrotes are already well protected by the law. Only 8% of reported rape cases in the US lead to an incarceration.

Likewise, in the UK, the conviction rate for all reported rapes is 1.6%.

The last thing scrotes need to worry about is going to jail over a rape accusation.

90%+ of men who are accused of rape will never even go to court over it, let alone spend a day in jail.

No. 1767186

oh no poor andrew! i hope he won't have to make up false accusations once he's out of prison, he'll have plenty of real ones.

No. 1771384

she killed herself.(this is an imageboard. Post proof or gtfo)

No. 1771387

>>1771384 huh???

No. 1771389

>>1771384 Post proof

No. 1771402

File: 1676774383439.jpeg (325.21 KB, 1190x2048, FpSlHm3akAAaXfC.jpeg)

Posted on her Twitter

No. 1771403

File: 1676774447109.jpeg (185.65 KB, 1284x1179, FpSlHm3aMAAYGBI.jpeg)

No. 1771404

File: 1676774552175.jpg (874.95 KB, 1079x3531, Screenshot_20230219_024120.jpg)

Not the person that posted that she died but this is the only thing I could find from her insta.

No. 1771406

File: 1676774644381.png (161.07 KB, 585x380, snip.PNG)

No. 1771408

this weirdo spent so much time lying online that I still won’t believe anything she says

No. 1771425

I mean she was in the hospital and rehab recently. She was clearly zooted out of her mind 24/7. I can believe it. She’s got kids, I doubt she would be so cruel as to fake her own suicide.

No. 1771508

I could see her faking it to get out of having to stay online though. People were catching on to the photoshopping and stuff so maybe she wanted out? The kids wouldn't be affected by that

No. 1771522

Fake suicide seems pretty extreme? I mean she just admitted she was in rehab. She could have easily said she was retiring for her health. I’ll happily eat my words and it would be milky if she did fake her own suicide but I totally believe she an hero’d.

No. 1771525

Maybe she wants to stop coconutkitty and just have a normal life, not online. others have faked their deaths online for similar reasons.

No. 1771705

I had vibes the cArToOn wasn't even gonna come out (like when you start a project or something and it's jinxed, so you won't complete it and you know it) but fun day I'm she really khs
I don't think she taking it
Bitch can't stay away for 3 days not even for rehab so yeah
Going for h'OD(sage your shit)

No. 1771706

I'm phoneposting kek I meant "but damn son she really khs"
And "she can't stay away from ig for 3 days"

No. 1771711

I hope she's not dead but I must admit this gives me the same feelings as that Vietnamese girl with the edgy gasmask photos. The one who faked her death, came back under another alias and then actually took her own life (I think her name was Gigi?). I hope this is just part of the act and a way for her to disassociate from the coconut image and go live a normal life.

No. 1771713

File: 1676809865057.jpg (251.01 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20230219_062713_com…)

Aged like the finest milk in the county
Also if you Google coconut kitty suicide there's a video from a Nahasappemapetulan all over yt saying good knows what
Probably praying to cows or goats and trying to phish crypto seed phrases

No. 1771715

If this is true I think it's more likely Tate had her suicided since he is a literal criminal, and she doesn't seem like someone who could keep a secret based on her instagram ramblings.

No. 1771716

File: 1676811112947.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1170x1922, 6D98BF68-4FCF-4660-A2D5-05400B…)

I’m not buying it. She allegedly suicided last Sunday But her assistant khlokitty has still been retweeting other onlyfans creators and was even shooting content with some only a day ago. if your ‘best friend’/boss committed suicide, surely you wouldn’t be active on twitter retweeting other whores a few days later.

No. 1771718

File: 1676811509785.jpeg (76.83 KB, 770x534, A33657FB-41A5-4D8E-A517-1AA907…)

She was looking very rough and unwell on her livestream last month.

No. 1771719

Good catch, I feel like it’s plausible that maybe she just thought Diana was in rehab again with no phone? And just got told today with the public.

Personally, I don’t buy it at this moment. And it is really going to piss me off if she’s using it as a way offline.

I’ve tried looking up obituaries and all I found was one that listed her age as 24 lol, clearly just someone who copy pasta’d things from her online bio after seeing her IG post.

No. 1771721

She live streamed somewhere without a filter? How was this not posted about, she looks like a drug addicted sex doll corpse

No. 1771723

Given her mental state I really don't think she can be offline. She wouldn't get offline for hospital, for her sick children nor for rehab, I can't imagine her going hard offline. As some mentioned, another 3 day hospital rehab would've "made sense" for her persona.
These women are completely deranged that's the cold hard truth.
Look at her last videos.
As for the assistant posting other whores I say check Khloe's connection with the Tates, it might be why she's still sharing whores.
Would be good if someone reported when was her last onlyfans connection and post.

No. 1771727

>last seen Feb 14
>Last post Feb 13
So she supposedly >>1771723
khs the last day she was online in of…

No. 1771756

I think it's true. Her sister made a post: https://www.instagram.com/p/Co098fVrhPy/

May she rest in peace

No. 1771760

File: 1676815977010.jpg (73.92 KB, 1080x538, Screenshot_20230220-011006__01…)

Me neither I want to be respectful if it is true but given her history I hope she's just logging off this online persona for good. This is just a moid post but supports the theory.

No. 1771763

File: 1676816263517.jpg (314.6 KB, 1080x1520, Screenshot_20230220-011601__01…)

Sorry for samefag but
Post caps this is an imageboard. If it's not true she got her sister in on it which would be highly disturbing.

No. 1771780

The amount of incels on her instagram asking if she killed herself or if her "character" killed herself is too damn high. The fact that that is even a question being asked shows that everyone has gone insane.

No. 1771798

There’s no obituary yet. She is a married mother of two who’s not completely estranged from her own family - so there would almost definitely be a funeral or wake or obituary at least.

No. 1771803

File: 1676820566783.jpg (407.56 KB, 1080x1265, 160436_Twitter.jpg)

One of her subscribers LOLOLOL.
Good representation of her following id say.

No. 1771815

File: 1676821384292.jpg (254.39 KB, 1080x724, 164222_ge.jpg)

Cows colliding

No. 1771854

Wow she looks dead already here and extremely unwell. She clearly looks like she is on death’s door. I still think she could have easily stepped away from coconutkitty by using her health as an excuse especially if she looked THIS bad.

Where did you find her livestream?

No. 1771971

File: 1676837985599.jpeg (921.08 KB, 1242x2014, 437D7FA6-0D36-4DD2-AF62-B5B577…)

the only sites i can find reporting on her death have her age wrong but it could just be because she's not that well known and much less for her real age and name, but crazy if true

No. 1771973

oh wow didn't see this, that's actually really sad. i was hoping for a moment she meant that she killed the character which is what we would all have wanted. but we knew she was some sort of addict, always high or drunk in her videos. i feel for her children most of all.

No. 1771982

File: 1676839591684.jpeg (284.71 KB, 2048x2048, A4E87D99-B5B5-4BB9-8565-3AABBE…)


I'm still not 100% convinced either because this "vacation" post is VERY sus, she could have however planned on going to rehab (or an actual vacation), planned that post in advance, and killed herself the day before she was meant to be sent off/leave so it auto posted for her after her suicide. I wonder what was plaguing her if she did commit, you'd imagine she would at least be at risk of losing custody of her children if she was an addict, or already had. Maybe her cartoon didn't work out too, maybe she feared continuing to age, I would hope she just killed her persona/coconutkitty and Emily is still alive but out of all of this her sister's post including her childhood photos and the ones with her children is the one thing that makes me think it's real. Let's just stay on the lookout for an obituary or any legitimate news source

No. 1771986

I hate those people who see a skinny woman and are like "OOOOH SHE TOTALLY HAS AN EATING DISORDER" but her arms are really skinny, could also be from the drugs, I can't help but feel sorry for her.

No. 1771987

Holy shit she looks like she's decomposing

No. 1772020

File: 1676843690045.jpeg (97.48 KB, 1170x442, 90AB263B-F9DB-415F-AE8E-21A343…)

Her followers are so delusional blaming it on tHe HaTeRs. They’re completely ignoring that she admitted to being in rehab, all the drug fueled rants, slurring, and >>1771718. Sex work is soooo empowering though!!

No. 1772120

This makes it seem legitimate. I was hoping she had just 'killed' her characteer and would go on to live a normal life offline. She seemed like a deeply mentally ill woman, I hope she's now at peace.

No. 1772121

Yeah a morbid part of me was like maybe she wanted to leave the persona behind and finally get rehab/help and she felt like it would be a cleaner cut to post a “bye I’m dead” but I think it’s genuine and as much as we shit talk suicide is always sad

No. 1772123

As for the post she would’ve queued it and since she had a large following she likely has a team of assistants/message writers working on it so they probably logged into shut it all down etc after the post auto uploaded

No. 1772131

As for the post she would’ve queued it and since she had a large following she likely has a team of assistants/message writers working on it so they probably logged into shut it all down etc after the post auto uploaded

No. 1772135

You're saying she has a team and assistants managing her social media? Are they the ones posting all her drug fueled rants and horror shoop? Come on nona.

No. 1772190

You can get people to moderate your comment sections and do crappy copywriting for your OF while doing everything else yourself. A lot of people do this when they blow up on social media… it doesn’t mean they have zero access to their accounts and can’t still post whatever they want when they want.

No. 1772227

She’s divorced and her ex doesn’t really …. She’s a mess and he’s embarrassed.

No. 1772271

I Don't believe she's actually dead, her real name Diana, was not mentioned. Whoever wrote that kept referring to her as 'Coconut'. I think Diana just wanted out and a lot of attention so she did this stunt.

No. 1772306

Apparently yes

No. 1772318

Her real name is Emily Diane Grove. It’s in the thread title and pic.

No. 1772324

Do you know when she was divorced? Something obviously happened in her personal life over the past few months, she started editing a different male name over the one she has tattooed on her arm.

No. 1772407

Nothing was posted on the rabblerouserdianadeets account either.

No. 1772437

It was between 2015-2018 I believe. I worked in the tattoo industry for years and know her husband quite well. I’ve seen her come in some of the shops back during their marriage. I believe her marriage just kind of fell apart. She was a serious alcoholic/addict and got clean and sober in her early 20s. I believe she relapsed within the last few years and really went downhill which caused the intensified editing as her looks faded extremely fast.

Her mother posted 14 hours ago on Facebook and it was a picture of Keanu reeves and replied to comments laughing. I highly doubt this is a grieving mother.

No. 1772454

File: 1676889291153.jpeg (332.05 KB, 828x1285, 39DD2A7D-6365-4443-82C9-1EECC4…)

It was filed in 2020

No. 1772463

Ciara is still alive and got her entire family to act in on her ‘death’ so I still don’t really believe it

No obituary or funeral notice or death notice from her town


No. 1772465

‘Vacation’ = forced rehab or baker acted. That’s the only way she could be dragged away from the internet. I assume her family or the courts did an intervention on her because she is deemed at risk to herself. And she knew she was going.

No. 1772467

Damn, all bullshit aside, this picture hurts the soul, if you have one. Uuuffff. Where tf all this supposedly close, grieving family at letting her deteriorate like this, if true? Fishy af. Sad times.

No. 1772475

File: 1676892638814.png (35.99 KB, 615x360, 1.png)

have you guys seen these replies under every youtube video of her

No. 1772477

no proof for this retard moid. ciara died from an OD.

No. 1772483

can you please post screencaps of the mothers fb posts youre talking about? idk if its allowed here because its family but this calls the death into question. unless she hated her daughter

No. 1772494

what video was this from anon?

No. 1772502

You can go under videos of obese kids on Dr Phil and find comments just like this from "family members". Take them all with a grain of salt.

No. 1772521

i wouldn't feel bad for an emaciated guy who jacks it to cp so it's hard to feel bad seeing this photo, if she is dead it's a good thing, she's a pedo mentally ill or not

No. 1772550

she's not a pedo, she is or was pedo pandering for sure but it clearly stems from severe mental illness and possibly like the anon who knew her from the tattoo shop she went to said they saw her looks fading fast bc of substance abuse and alcoholism. the editing got more extreme as she deteriorated mentally and physically. its one thing to bring all of this to light, which should be done, it's another to slander her as a pedo and revel in her death

No. 1772555

Don’t make excuses for her pedo pandering. I agree she wasnt a pedo but her porn was disgusting and she made her face resemble a very young teenage girl. Looking at some of the earlier photos on this post made my stomach turn. Shit is gross and she made it acceptable. I’m sure there are actual teenage girls who looked like how she edited her face and some gross moid will look at her and think of coconutkitty and the nasty shit she was posting.
If she is dead it’s sad but she was still a terrible person to do what she did.

No. 1772562

File: 1676907734688.jpg (Spoiler Image,113.43 KB, 696x786, fb.jpg)

this is her mom's post. she is not laughing, she just have a heart to some comments.

No. 1772576

Definitely a pedophile who was skinwalking her daughter. I only feel bad for her kids(sage this)

No. 1772611

she might have been shit person, but she still had family and friends who loved her, imagine how her children will feel when they grow up without a mother

No. 1772612

i'd rather think of the victims she's creating by fuelling pedophilia each time someone jacks it to her fake kiddy porn and they decide to take it a step further, hopefully their dad is giving them a stable life

No. 1772614

she endorsed this/allowed her assistant to write this about an image like THAT, nothing of value was lost

No. 1772615

i think the daughter was actually a stepdaughter and her ex husband's cause i checked her moms fb and she posts about how emily has only 2 sons

No. 1772635

Ciara was literally seen in a CVS 2 months after she ‘died’ lol(please sage)

No. 1772665

>sOcIal fUckINg mEdIa a bluh bluh bluh

Moids will do anything to defend their coom cow because "coom is justice" to them. I guess calling someone out on their blatant narcissistic bullshit is bullying now. If anything (assuming this isn't some faked death that she got her family in on), the substance abuse is to blame for her instability and suicide.

No. 1772667

Otoh imagine how her children would feel, learning that their mother was posting nudes edited to have a child's face

No. 1772671

File: 1676918596986.jpeg (243.54 KB, 828x1792, F8A28490-76B3-495F-9103-FF1890…)

The last thing her dad shared on Facebook. She supposedly died on February 12th, this is the only thing he has shared since that date. Emily is supposedly very close with her parents. Doesn’t seem like the kind of thing a grieving father would post. And no obituary using her real name? Seems suspicious to me.(learn to sage)

No. 1772677

Emily has two children. Jack being the youngest. Her other child is around 13 now I believe and is a transgender male. Born a female but transitioning to male. He has since changed his name, but I can’t remember the information. I was the original creator of the Instagram page and tiktok exposingcoconutkitty143, but I took down my page because I was tired of being so deeply involved. She threatened me multiple times as well, of course. She was especially angry when I sent her a comparison of her edited face directly next to her daughter (now trans male, of course). I never posted this publicly, because I would never post her child’s face on social media. However, she was extremely angry and quite obviously denied that she was editing her face to look like her child’s, and accused me of threatening her child. I will have to go back and see if I have screenshots of this interaction with her.(he/him for a girl)

No. 1772678

Every cliche in the book written about her here, not buying it. They're just words people put out without meaning because they sound good for an obituary without a hint of originality. I guess they have no problem with a mom who supposedly loves her kids and loved "being herself" so much, she used her daughter's/step-daughter's face to make pedobaiting porn.

No. 1772680

agree, nothing of value was lost and the world has one less ewhore monetizing pedophilia

No. 1772681

no wonder her daughter transitioned, look at what her mom was doing? What the fuck. I'd want to pretend not to be a woman as well, if I was watching my mom behave this way.
And not to mention as termially online as this lady was, her daughter was probably also online seeing what her mom was doing and all kinds of other shit. Holy shit thats sad

No. 1772687

Oh so she photoshopped her son's name "Jack" over "Andy" which I assume is some scrotes name on her pedopandering edited pictures.

No. 1772688

>she trooned out her daughter

No. 1772691

The daughter probably trooned herself at the mere sight of her own mother's pedo pandering antics

No. 1772695

either way, I hope her and younger brother get through this

No. 1772696

No. 1772704

File: 1676922227290.png (1.7 MB, 828x1792, DEA7D4B0-6A90-4B8B-950B-AAF3DE…)

I had this account deactivated for over a year and just signed back in. I may do some more digging to find out if this is a hoax or if Emily actually passed away. Will more than likely post an update of my findings on that Instagram.
I also have a LOT of messages with a guy with used to be her personal assistant a few years back, may post some of those here.(Nobody wants to follow your Instagram. )

No. 1772709

stop posting about unrelated shit like a dead girl youre obsessed with in this thread you retard

No. 1772725

File: 1676923444604.jpeg (1.4 MB, 874x1805, 2511A37F-68FE-42DD-875A-2E47EE…)

The fact that she used the child/teen faceapp filters in photos next to her son on facebook is all the proof you need that it was never a character, what a disturbed woman. The people who know her irl were probably very weirded out by it seeing that, and it goes to show it wasnt something she did just for coomers, she is or was very insecure about her appearance. Her post before this one was from 2016 with her husband and part of her real face, something happened in those 4 years that must have fucked her up in the head. I hope they recover, whether she's really dead or not, can't be easy having someone this deranged as a parent to a point they use pedobait filters even in family photos

No. 1772765

are you referring to her actual son or her confused daughter

No. 1772791

The child next to her is wearing boy clothes so I’m pretty sure she’s referring to her actual son.

No. 1772824

i wonder if her ex husband left for a younger girl and she became jealous and frustrated to some extreme extent? either way it is extremely selfish of her to kill herself when she has two children and disgusting that she'd photoshop herself to look like her own daughter…i feel terrible for the kids and i hope they are in good hands.

No. 1772842

File: 1676936199815.jpeg (1.12 MB, 3464x3464, AA60654F-9180-49F9-808A-F1BF14…)

This is her in comparison to her daughter. For reference, her daughter was 9 in that picture. The conversation to the right is where she claims that she doesn’t edit herself to look like her daughter (and threatened to get me arrested for some reason). Absolutely vile for practically exploiting her child’s face for money from p3dophiles. Can’t imagine a mother doing this.(p3dophiles)

No. 1772854

So she was basically selling CP of her own kid then…bleak.

No. 1772905

I mean, your daughter IS gonna look like a younger version of you, which is what the facetune filter is doing, so it’s not really based to say she used her daughters face.
Either way I think she had body dysmorphia severely bad and possibly even a secret pedo fetish of her own.

No. 1772955

I’d probably troon out too if my mom did this. Poor kid. I hope dad gets her into therapy if she isn’t already.

No. 1772966

i have a feeling that she may have just accidentally overdosed on opiates but suicide sounds more sympathetic or might be considered a little less "shameful" to the OF coomers that follow her coconutkitty accounts. the comments on more recent drugged out videos of her were full of guys who could definitely tell she was on pills/some kind of fentanyl analogue and she'd always be super snarky and defensive in replies to them. it might also be why her parents haven't posted anything about it outright, i've seen similar hesitation in announcing/family members trying to imply it was suicide instead of an accident with other ODs

No. 1772989

I agree, I don't think her intention was to look like her daughter, but obviously a younger version of herself will look like her daughter.

She was mentally ill, with bad body dysmorphia and found editing her face younger equated to more money. She's not the first woman to do this and she certainly won't be the last.

No. 1773008

Tbh it could just be prescribed benzos and possibly alcohol. Not everyone can keep breathing when they overdo it even a little bit on benzos, especially if they’re alone.

No. 1773013


Please show me where I said I feel sorry for her or expect anyone else to, weird bitch… merely stating that it’s grim af to see a totally alive human being looking worse than some corpses I’ve seen. It’s a sad state of affairs, that’s all. And it’s never “good” for someone to die, especially someone with kids. Go take your meds.

No. 1773208

>I mean, your daughter IS gonna look like a younger version of you
There's a new teen filter on tiktok, and mothers showing their teenaged kid next to them while the filter is on look very similar, like sisters. I can't imagine how unsettling this must have been for her kid to see her mom sexualizing someone who looks like her.

I hope she's not really dead, and just killing off her shitty pedobait character. Her dad's lack of posting suggests she's still alive, >>1772671 surely there would be some reaction.

No. 1773340

You’d be surprised what people do in grief. It’s usually irrational. Blog but a neighbor of mine who was in my class was tragically murdered right before graduation, and I could see her parents having a pool party two days later like nothing happened.

No. 1773551

>The fact that that is even a question being asked shows that everyone has gone insane.
I mean given the antics she pulled it's completely reasonable to come to that conclusion. We all got roped into her insanity it seems.

No. 1773733

I mean call me awful but my first reaction was is it true, because this wouldnt be the first time someone faked it to get out of the public eye or leave their old life behind and tbh im still dubious.

No. 1773882

It does seem suspicious that both her parents are acting normal on facebook, and her assistant, who claims Emily was her best friend, has carried on like nothing happened across all her socials. I do hope she didn't really suicide, just killed the character. The sister's post is the only thing that makes it seem legitimate, but I could see a family member doing that for another if they were as mentally ill as Emily, and they believed it would help them get better (by going offline.)

No. 1773922

Was actually looking for this account Incase there were new posts as I saw it on the thread.
Hilarious how the fucking turd cleaners have to edit your post as if you were trying to farm followers
Sad fucking simp losers kek

No. 1774075

File: 1677060363213.jpeg (516.81 KB, 828x1184, 6D0B9FB3-FF53-4DC8-A83D-E2606B…)

It’s being reported by sizeable news outlets

No. 1774080

I don't think you're awful at all anon. It's only natural to be skeptical given the circumstances.

No. 1774094

they're still referring to her as diana deets, ny post isn't the most reputable news source, im waiting to see anything at all referring to her as her real name and age, emily grove, 37 years old, and an obituary. and i'm way more inclined to believe it was an accidental OD they chose to portray as suicide to make us all feel bad for "bullying" her (exposing her pedo pandering and connection to sex traffickers). but a part of me still really wants it to be a hoax because i actually do feel bad, for her family and specifically her children, not for the woman who edited herself to look like a minor and possibly faked suicide to avoid ever taking accountability.

No. 1774096

So is this now gonna be a Tate thread ?

No. 1774099

Her little half sister is the only one who said anything and it was the least … legitimate grief post ever. I don’t believe it. She has two others who haven’t said a work, including her mom and step dad.

No. 1774104

Lookout for confirmation of Emily's death, until then she's still a subject. But yes, if her death is confirmed, it's going to be a Tate thread and focus on him and others he's involved with. I'm going to do an info dump here shortly, in case the twitter accounts I found posting it get suspended, but I'd like to turn the attention also towards this whore, Vivian/Irina/Kissofacobra, who has vehemently defended Andrew Tate against the sex trafficking and rape allegations. Further posts will show that Andrew sex trafficked this woman from Slovakia to the UK and had been grooming her since she was 15 years old. She then started to help him recruit others into the camwhore business and it's why she's been defending him

No. 1774106

File: 1677066546230.webm (3.7 MB, 480x264, IMG_242414784.webm)

Andrew Tate talking about Vivian, this video is from about 7 years ago as she's now 28. In it he says she was 21 and they had been together for 6 years

No. 1774110

File: 1677066936916.png (1.84 MB, 2440x1556, vivien.png)

At first I was wondering why the account posting that thought Irina/Kissofacobra is Vivien, as I couldn't find that information anywhere else and considering the age difference, but it appears the video is just many years old and Vivien or Irina is an alias, unsure of which is her real name. So the pimp hebephiles groomed an underage girl, who then helped them bring in other girls and women, and now defend him against these allegations.

No. 1774111

File: 1677067132807.png (33.81 KB, 1026x468, dd724794bc46efb32fad403aa7633f…)

A post i found from 2018 referring to Irina/Kissofacobra as Vivien. There's also a sex tape out there of Andrew and Vivien.

No. 1774116

>Lookout for confirmation of Emily's death, until then she's still a subject. But yes, if her death is confirmed
its confirmed by her family and a news outlet >>1774075, its confirmed

No. 1774120

File: 1677067855235.jpeg (111.78 KB, 1280x720, d9138456cb3c5361730201efcda347…)

God he's just so damn ugly, it's like he has the worst features of every race

No. 1774123

Notice how the ugliest men are always the most evil.

No. 1774136

a confirmation is an obituary, outlets reporting her real name

No. 1774160

can you please tell me for what reason she would have her entire family and friends lie about her death

No. 1774187

her entire family didn't post about it, her sister did. i'm not saying she isn't dead, there's just been no actual confirmation.

No. 1774207

have you seen her edits? I would want to pretend to be dead too

No. 1774232

why not delete her account and just laylow for a few months

No. 1774239

Nonnie, I'm asking s as genuinely as I can, but if you were a public figure very well known to be associated with a human trafficker and it was well known knowledge that you yourself were helping in this trafficking process, would you remain a public figure? I am of the personal opinion that she has actually killed herself because porn stars do it all the time but there's plenty of reason for her family to help her exit the public eye

No. 1774274

File: 1677082626626.jpeg (788.61 KB, 1242x1776, 8923F18D-27F6-42BF-BF73-7B3B38…)

nta but it also looks like, as of yesterday, that sex trafficker's jail time was prolonged yet again. celebrations are in order

No. 1774282

Tbh whether she is dead or alive, I strongly suspect it had to do with her very obvious opiate addiction. She was seemingly getting worse and could barely speak in many of the clips she was posting. Either she OD'd or her family got her into rehab and are trying to play damage control with the "character" by claiming someone stole her identity. I don't think Emily or Diana or whatever you want to call her would have come up with or done it herself. She was too out of her mind most of the time.

No. 1774355

nypost also reported that the booby teacher was just trolling, source: his neighbor. you can pay a social media reputation scrubbing site for publicity like this with enough money

No. 1774399

Are you underage? Hysterical mentally ill drug addled cows love pretending to be dead. Especially when their online reputation is irreparably trashed. Tweets from a handful of people and clickbait websites don’t mean anything.

No. 1774530

Vivian is Andrew's fiancée. They've been engaged for a while and in a relationship for at least 10 years. A Romanian whore from myfreecams, who used to date Tristan, informed me of this fact.
I discovered Tate back in 2015, the same year the dumbasses Vivian and Andrew were so hard up for cash they thought it a great idea to have sex on Skype for money for a degenerate from myfreecams. Apparently Tate is technologically illiterate and lacks any foresight because the based degenerate from mfc screen recorded the whole thing and shared it with many from the site lmao.
It's quite disappointing no one really focused on her over the past few years during his meteoric rise, as all her mfc usernames incorporated 'cobra' into them. Not to mention the gigantic fucking cobra tattoo on her torso was the other giveaway. Crabcrawler1 on twitter has a bunch of screenshots of conversations between Chinlet and Vivian, the Slovakian prostitute (2500 a day is what she quoted me 8 years ago), that Chinlet had posted to Twitter but had since removed. She's been hiding out in the UK telling him she's waiting for him. I really want to see her do prison time as well. She was his recruiter. His loverboy shit was a total ruse to scam socially retarded idiots. She was always bringing new models on mfc with her to cam with. The first and most prominent was British but she vanished.
I still remember the day, around 4 years ago, when he was in the beginning of his grift on twitter, where he was scolding men who watch Star Wars and laughed because I only knew him as the nobody boxer Vivian was dating with 300 followers on ig.

I have the sex tape, as do a bunch of others from MFC and it's already on the new zealand equivalent if you're that desperate to watch chinlet in action.

No. 1774544

File: 1677106152855.png (Spoiler Image,465.84 KB, 1079x1602, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-R0Ux…)


No. 1774598

File: 1677110172732.webm (2.26 MB, 404x480, trim.608BE8FF-B15E-4216-8B92-6…)

he started grooming her when she was 15, said they'd been dating for 6 years when she was 21, so they've been in a relationship for 13 years now. which is interesting because in this more recent clip from 2 years ago he claims to not even know her birthday. whore was happy receiving crumbs from this hideous chinlet scrote as long as she's getting money out of it- money he earned because of the women she helped recruit into his sex trafficking business. just a soulless transactional engagement.

No. 1774609

File: 1677110887176.jpg (1.15 MB, 1242x1782, IMG_8003.jpg)

i meant to write "earned" because he didn't actually earn it, that account also posted how his defense attorney's excuse is the same one emily used, he's playing a "character", and the judge isn't buying it.

entire thread debunking this too https://twitter.com/crabcrawler1/status/1621202387863044098?s=46&t=H7aURz46mGLAuVajFj9T-g

No. 1774612

File: 1677111002814.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.36 MB, 2815x1440, 20230223_080812.jpg)

I really don't get why she hasn't been extradited from the UK. She's sperging out on twitter because she had her Instagram shut down.

No. 1774658

Why is he such a gossipy little queen always posting his drama and dirty laundry like it’s gay twitter kek. Bitch just throw some glitter on that non existing chin and a lace front and go dancing, we all know you’re a fruity little fag.

No. 1774659

File: 1677114394475.jpeg (227.33 KB, 863x1390, A4E63CC0-A2CB-47A1-8EBC-F2BDF5…)

>scarlet bouvier
>top 3 prettiest faces of all girls you’ve ever fucked
Kek. Looks like a British cavewoman. Is this the best he can do? Rentals of bogged Neanderthals chicks?

No. 1774666

These same retarded MSM outlets reported that those snake island dudes in Ukraine were killed by Russia which also turned out to be bullshit. These articles mean nothing.

No. 1774669

Is Vivian/Irina also his baby momma or is that another woman?

No. 1774676

File: 1677115411394.jpeg (293.67 KB, 1242x936, EBFA77E0-1BBF-4920-B016-506603…)

I thought he doesn’t have kids? That video where he makes the little girl kiss him on the lips seems to be his niece. Most of the comments were full of Tatebots spam but I did see some actual humans noticed the little girl didn’t want to kiss him on the lips and says ‘no, no, cheek’ to which he ignores and is creepy.

Adults who insist on passing their permanent adult oral herpes to children should be castrated.

No. 1774678

Most kids cringe at kissing opposite sex adults on the lips unless it’s their mom (and even then). It makes them uncomfortable. 99% of the time child-adult lip kisses are the adults idea not the kids.

No. 1774716


I mean I would let her destroy my pussy ngl

No. 1774727

He doesn't. They're Tristans.

No. 1774729


Is that Tate's pencil dick?

No. 1774732


No. 1774743

His voice is hilariously faggy. Who could consider him an alpha? Men are so lost.

No. 1774761

File: 1677121930359.png (402.65 KB, 828x1792, 8AF5D59C-D861-4CD9-B701-BB7D62…)

Back to Emily shortly..I didn’t really believe that she passed away until I saw this and her sister shared something on Facebook with a bunch of family commenting about her passing.
Looks like she’s really dead..

No. 1774768

That is one fucking disturbingly ugly dick. Explains so much.

No. 1774770

what video is this from?

No. 1774771

Why is his penis so thin? is it cause of the steroids he took

No. 1774776

That pretty much confirms it then, I was hoping it wasn't true. The photos from that post are pretty depressing. She seemed like a normal lady with a normal life, normal friends who cared for her.

No. 1774784

Seconding this. Average scrote dick isn't this spindly as far as I'm aware. Is there something wrong with him or he just has unfortunate genetics?

No. 1774809

Why did you cut this off?

No. 1774839

As someone with an addict parent, it isn’t sad. Like at all. She was probably awful to her kids, they all say their kids were the world to them but she was a pedophile enabler and she probably would’ve let her man diddler her children. Rest in piss

No. 1774842

It’s definitely genetics. Steroids affect balls, not the penis. I mean look at his face and head shape and you know this guy is a genetic failure so it’s no surprise that he has an ugly dick

Agree nona. Enabling pedophilia isn’t cool even if it’s because you’re mentally ill. The world is probably better off even though it’s taboo to say stuff like that.

No. 1774848

God I fucking knew he had a small pencil dick. It looks revolting like a bologna Astropop. Barf. All the money in the world can’t buy you a better cock.

No. 1774851

Just curious does anyone know of any other cows who were the main subject of threads here who committed suicide? Or is this our first?

No. 1774863

Soren is another. Although some anons question whether they truly died…very sick cow, either way. >>>/snow/1685917

No. 1774868

File: 1677130072168.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1170x2044, 5A4BBBD2-78DD-4CAB-9A2E-991835…)

Samefag but it’s incredibly jarring to see normal picture of her with the sister, and then this is the second one. I feel for the family but sharing these weird provocative, highly edited pictures on instagram announcing your sister’s suicide is an odd choice. At least she chose less egregiously child filtered ones?

No. 1774872

I was just about to post this anon. It's so weird to post her real face right next to the child filter ones

No. 1774882

that feels insane to me, on Emily’s part. no relative of hers has a recent photo of her that she didn’t take and edit herself. i bet her kids don’t even have normal photos with all of them in it. all they have to mourn is grainy old pictures and thirst traps. fucking bleak.

No. 1774915

There was a young girl several years ago, who’s name I cannot remember, I think she lived in a shed? She was very mentally disturbed and iirc she committed suicide. A few others have died from drug ODs.

No. 1774920

julie terryberry

No. 1774994

It's disconcerting but it's very common. Funeral programs or obituaries for young people will use super filtered selfies because it's the best and most recent picture there is. Just imagine your family having photos of you up to age 6, and then all other documentation of your life was in cosplay. It's especially fucked up when they're high or partying in all the adult photos.

No. 1775032

If the stuff she posted was "a character" and she did not trademark her "character" then couldnt people technically continue selling her pics without issue?

No. 1775036

Lil Bo weep OD’d last year and her thread died with her. Parents said sui cide but she was a known drug addict and her friends admitted she OD’d.

No. 1775083

I don't know about that, my uncle(though he was actually a distant relative) was a perpetually jobless alcoholic who died in an accident when both his kids very young and his kids ended up idolizing him, his eldest daughter literally named her first born son after him, meanwhile my dad told me how much of an awful person he was and how he wasted every opportunity in his life to get high or drunk
she was objectively a bad person but she's still their mother and they don't have many negative memories about her

No. 1775099

The local police in my area uses Snapchat filtered photos for missing runaway teens and it fucking drives me nuts. Literally some girl with hearts floating in her hair and her face distorted at an extreme MySpace angle.

Is it just me or does an accidental OD sound “better” than suicide? Like why lie and say the killed themselves instead of the fact they actually OD’d? I think it’s more sad when someone OD’s . Being a drug addict is also very selfish like suicide so I guess it depends.
It makes sense Emily’s family would say suicide and then point to gossipers and rumors as her downfall. It was everyone else’s fault and not the family’s for enabling her obvious drug use and ignoring her “career”. All celebrities and public figures(even social media ones) are subject to gossip. It’s what happens when you’re in the public eye. And if you choose to do controversial shit, like simulated cp, you better have the backbone for that backlash.

No. 1775128

Try archiving the Facebook post instead of using a cropped screenshot. Use archive.is and enter the url

No. 1775140

I always think it’s such a shame when families won’t admit overdose. It would raise so much more awareness and sympathy for the addicts that are still living and need help.
People just don’t want to admit it was something they could’ve addressed while she was alive but obviously ignored until the end.

People really need to stop putting a dirty image on addiction and realize that the cause of it is depression which they can do something about.

No. 1775177

that doesn't look like her sister, it's her trainer and friend. she has 2 half sisters. is the sister's fb you're referring to public? i looked for her in her mother's friends and the only one i found has a private profile. i don't see this particular post as proof she undoubtedly killed herself, since it's her trainer, but it is more heartfelt than the rest. any way you can share the post you're talking about?

No. 1775203

File: 1677174900956.jpeg (390.51 KB, 2048x1514, FFFE6123-6224-48FB-BF75-7B856B…)

samefag but i was about to post commenting on this too, though i think the ayrt meant her sister shared something on fb and that this post isn't the sister's, just more people who know her confirming her death. and it is wild posting that it doesn't even look like the same person, if i didn't know the story behind it and saw these pics next to each other i'd be confused. but it really does appear that she did die, i still wonder how she khs and whether it was really an OD and they're lying about it to make people like us feel bad for cyberbullying, which is really just drawing attention to her connection with sex traffickers and the insanely disturbing porn she was making

but exactly, you can't make porn edited with child and teen filters and not expect the backlash, and if she couldn't handle it and refused to change, that's on her.

No. 1775256

They have the same face shape in other pictures I looked through on that insta, I’m p sure this is her real blood sister.

No. 1775260

File: 1677180531258.png (491.49 KB, 828x1792, 61D8AE7A-DD4B-4659-8108-1A9DCA…)

I didn’t say THAT post was her sister, the one I screenshotted from Instagram. Although her sister did make a not very heartfelt post about Emily on Instagram. This screenshot is her sisters Facebook post that I was referring to. Looks like a family member shared something that’s private, but all of the comments are sympathy about Emily passing. Someone else already posted this in this thread, may have deleted it though

No. 1775367

Addiction is a dirty thing. They are the most selfish evil people ever and the worst parents who'd sell their children for a goddamn crack rock. She probably would've recruited her daughter into her sex work like that other creepy onlyfans hag who made content with her daughter. Why the fuck do so many people not realize that the kids are probably going through it even WORSE than their druggie parents.

No. 1775392

They do realize. But who do you want to take care of the kid? You’re not gonna adopt them and do that. No one is. So the best choice is to try to help their parent. It’s definitely an entire family issue but a broken home is hard to get to work together to better themselves as a whole.
That one fitness Instagram woman who looks like Emily and might be her real sister has posted all over her socials that her mom died of breast cancer and she went through addiction after that and turned to fitness for her grief healing.
If that’s Emily’s mom too then it looks like Emily just never recovered from that trauma and ended up passing it down to her kids.
Very sad indeed but so common it’s sick.

No. 1775504

File: 1677205146406.jpg (29.1 KB, 308x276, image.jpg)

well, if she is really dead there's someone often online on her onlyfans account

No. 1775517

No, this is Emily’s mother. They apparently have a very good relationship too, Emily posted about her parents quite often.
I hope Emily’s children are in good hands. No excuse for all that she put her children through(doxxing family)

No. 1775602

Sorry to ask for a spoonfeed this isn't my usual thread hangout, but does that mean Tate is the father of this woman's daughter? For the love of god please someone say no.

No. 1775606

No, Vivian’s a different woman. Her kids father (the boy at least, I’m not sure about the daughter) is a sacramenro tattoo artist named Andy campoy

No. 1775608

Oh good, thanks for letting me know. Sorry I should've read further in the thread, I was just kind of skimming and got worried Andrew Tate was now responsible for her daughter.

No. 1775610

It’s already been talked about that she has an account manager. It wouldn’t be weird for someone to be managing her finances especially now that she is dead. Just because she’s dead doesn’t mean that money stops coming in.

No. 1775699

Doesn’t matter.
The point was trauma (any kind, not just parental death) can ruin people and lead them to hurt others unintentionally (through addiction or actions) because they haven’t healed themselves.
Emily was obviously ill and unintentionally hurting others because she never addressed her own issues first and foremost.

No. 1775740

Sorry anon but if it made it to NYP, it is at least a creditable death. I wouldn't 100% trust all other details but you can believe something like that. Especially if it had been up for hours or days.

No. 1775799

File: 1677253280766.jpg (516.83 KB, 1080x1372, Image.jpg)

No. 1775803

File: 1677253400585.jpg (498.32 KB, 1079x808, Photo.jpg)

Damn her downfall came FAST. She looked so healthy and normal. Her obsession with looking like her fake persona is 100% the reason she is dead now, but yknow empowering and harmless btw.

No. 1775878

Diana Deets has been confirmed deceased by family. Going forward, this thread should be used to discuss the Tate brothers and other women associated with them. New threads going forward should exclude Diana in the OP.

No. 1776763


No. 1777674

America is a fucked up society(learn to sage)

No. 1777746

File: 1677428302076.jpg (237.45 KB, 1536x2048, FprgNJgXsAAnJO4.jpg)

does this belong here ? Sneako might be converting to Islam

No. 1777776

Damn, damn, damn
Why do all of my favorite cows keep dying?

No. 1777781

Oh interesting, is this her ex husband? She used to badly photoshop her "andy" tattoo to say Jack after they divorced. I always wondered about this guy

No. 1778428

I dont think she killed herself. The old hag finally realized she was operating way past her expiration date. So many women like her born in the 80s online whores are all drug addicts now. You can identity them by the butthole filler lips and old, rotting breast implants. I know a lot of them who are hooked on heroin and they do livestreams on tiktok for a crumb of attention. They always have at least one oops child around 5-10 years old.

No. 1778433

You can request no funeral; some people do that so their family doesn't have to take out a loan to pay for the funeral. Others don't do one because they see funerals as "worshipping the dead" but I don't think that applies to Emily.

No. 1778443

She's a white woman past her prime. The rotting implants and filler isn't going to make you into a hot 18 year old. A lot of white women like her on social media who can't accept that they are aging and that pregnancy and childbirth permanently changes your body (her waist will never be small again or plump skin). Theres a trend on TikTok where women try to convince people they look younger than they are and it's cringe as fuck.(beating a dead cow)

No. 1778451

Lmao. She's one of the "girlfriends" he took to Romania to camwhore for him. She wasted 15 years of her life on this fag. There are surgeons her age. I hope she can move on with her life but she's probably an alcoholic and possibly a drug addict from all the years of parting and getting jaded from camwhoring.

No. 1778531

I dont understand why white women can't be like black women and accept their age. Maybe its because white women age quicker and expire?(derailing, racebaiting)

No. 1778533

You never see a black woman or a latina using teen filters. Its always a white woman or an asian(unsaged racebaiting)

No. 1778580

File: 1677527429874.jpeg (37.6 KB, 500x375, D5278B5D-AC9F-463B-9E50-E60FD7…)

No. 1778583

begone scrotes

No. 1778592

Filter abuse is rampant in all communities, Nonna.
These flawless kweens love to use bratz filters on their infant/toddler girls to make them look like viral pickme baddies.

No. 1778652

Damn it's true asf. The vast majority of cow pedobaiters are yt women.
Grimes, Belle Delphine, and the person in this thread.
They are all either using teen filters or literally cosplaying as a an Asian trying to get Asian coomer fetish moid attention like it's a factory

No. 1778703

You guys are stupid. You stick out like a sore thumb "yt" Anyways I never understood why people lump Latinas with black and Asian women. I know "Asian don't raisin" and "Black don't crack" I'm Latina and the older Latina women I see are all weathered faced and fat short apple shaped bodies and overplucked eyebrows and hair damaged from bleach. Also there are tons of black and Asian pedobaiting ewhores, they are just not as well known they come in all shapes and sizes it's just a plague.(responding to redtexted bait makes you just as retarded)

No. 1778799

It’s just a marketing strategy. Most men with Yellow fever are shameless betas and simps, those women are just trying to appeal to a demographic of men who are more likely to throw money at them.

No. 1779402

The thing about white women not accepting that they are old is true though. It has to do with them getting the most amount of attention by far while they are young to 0 when their necks start to wrinkle. The pale soft skin and pink pussy shit is also pedo coded. I see Asian women do this too with the whole petite smol anime girl fetish. Diana looked like those DDLG Tumblr lolita whores from 2011 with her red hair and bangs. She couldn't accept she was 43 years old. These grown women pedo baiters are still around, mainly on tiktok.

No. 1779404

If this thread is going to be about Taint, there should be s new thread about grown women pedo baiters. It's becoming more common. The ones i see on TikTok are either fat white women with saggy tits or horse faced skinny old white women like Diane here. Idk why they are so obsessed with acting like they are underage girls but the psychology is interesting.

No. 1779407

Same fag but I also noticed a high number of yt troons pretending to be autistic women and sexualizing that by acting naive and dumb. Wtf is wrong with these people.

No. 1779869

Y'all I don't believe for a minute she committed suicide. I only knew her for 6 months, but I am pretty sure she was using dope, she was always nodding off & shit. And no one commits suicide on D. She OD'ed plain and simple and the family doesn't want the stigma of saying she was an addict. Tho suicide isn't exactly a better alternative.(newfag)

No. 1781232

File: 1677802614494.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1242x2115, 210C88B2-9E67-4CD8-AC7F-235D0F…)

I agree with the farmhand that we shouldn't beat a dead cow or continue to talk shit about her here but i just wanted to make this post cause i found this and havent seen it posted here or anywhere else- if this was posted right before she died and she sounded heavily drugged this calls into question the cause of death. She showed her real face before she died on her main account too which I didnt know about.

No. 1781237

File: 1677802840141.jpeg (62.96 KB, 828x1155, CD8726AB-06AC-4BE9-90C6-66B4F5…)

another screenshot of that post i found but i wish someone had recorded the live, she must have been high and or drunk out of her mind to show her face on her coconutkittywins account and now that she's dead and allegedly killed herself i wanted to know what she said. so if anyone has that recorded or finds it, please share as its apparently from shortly before she passed

No. 1781246

File: 1677803471359.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1242x1817, 220144E8-EE85-4BB4-9ABA-0D89F4…)

In other news, Andrew Tate may have lung cancer

No. 1781254

Boo fucking hoo

No. 1781630

File: 1677843342840.jpeg (541.8 KB, 828x1234, 8809366B-36E6-4AF5-977D-FF1C82…)

God is Good

No. 1781996

File: 1677882158192.jpg (57.18 KB, 720x590, 231752.jpg)

Confirmed. Lung cancer means it's pretty much over. In other cancers, like skin cancer, they try to prevent it from spreading to major organs because it's a sign it's too late. He'll die within the year, my guess is mid or late summer. Karma is collecting these misogynistic degenerates like pokemons. Catch them all!

No. 1782005

I also saw people posting it’s confirmed that he doesn’t actually have cancer. Maybe it was a ploy to get a release. Also I don’t use Twitter anymore but god damn it’s become a complete cesspool of human garbage supporting shitty people and shitty opinions. Did not expect so many people supporting a rapist sex trafficker.

No. 1782047

File: 1677888459436.jpeg (194.69 KB, 1272x2048, 2C0B8197-14B0-4742-BCBB-828AA4…)

I saw that too, the crabcrawler account that has been covering him posted this

No. 1782048

File: 1677888485956.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1908x1440, 7E296175-606F-4A74-A2AF-28F47A…)

this as well

No. 1782052

File: 1677888868867.jpeg (769.67 KB, 1242x1247, 103E4F17-F6EB-44EC-96C7-1C8BB3…)

he allegedly wants to convince the court to let him go to dubai see his doctor, who is a friend of his

No. 1782210

likely he was hoping to escape with the help of his friends, he isn't slick nor very bright. i am sure they had come up with some big brain scheme to sneak him off to king's, then try to run him out the back door, and possibly have him hide out somewhere. the irony in this all being that he is constantly preaching about acting like a man on twatter, yet here he is acting like a punk ass coward.

No. 1782866

File: 1677990488091.jpeg (476.17 KB, 1125x819, 64C56CC6-AD7E-4984-901C-5F5F5A…)


No. 1783581

You should post in the thread requests thread in pt, say you’d like it to be in snow and give some examples of cows.

No. 1784988

File: 1678287267448.webm (9.12 MB, 320x568, ZZWwQclyGJ0NpHmu.webm)

A video of Andrew Tate resurfaced where he reveals he thinks it's "gay" to have sex with a masculine TIF and then an hyperfeminine MTF

No. 1785498

File: 1678368270047.png (58.05 KB, 745x442, 1678345277296153.png)


No. 1793254

File: 1679503586135.webm (1.47 MB, 640x360, 1Dhfhps2OduWYL6Z.webm)

Adam22 and Sneako(Tate's biggest dickrider) casually discuss how disgusting vaginas are and how'd they prefer sucking dick to eating a woman out, that's how much they hate women.

No. 1800446

File: 1680355108882.webm (3.16 MB, 320x464, kWLYuRACmkMOPM5N.webm)

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan finally released from Romanian jail after 3 months behind bars. They have both been placed on house arrest. Vidrel is Tate's first video after being released

No. 1800451

He is totally going to spend the rest of his career boasting about what a badass criminal he is now, despite only being in for 90 days.

No. 1802707

File: 1680703723118.jpeg (35.79 KB, 640x427, 4C88DAF7-DE38-46DA-837E-FA57F7…)

he looks fucking awful

No. 1810744

Emily Diane Grove aka Coconutkitty aka Diana Deets is 100% still alive, she got a new cell number and carrier in late March and is still residing at her $1.4 million dollar mansion in Shingle Springs CA. So utterly disgusting that she would fake suicide just to duck out of all the backlash she's received. This is a slap in the face to all of those who've truly lost someone to suicide or those who've struggled with suicidal thoughts.

No. 1811151

https://vimeo.com/521656259 "wE lIvE oFf ThE LaNd" haha no you don't you live in a big mansion with a few box gardens lmao 6271 Mr Magpie Ct, Shingle Springs

No. 1829122

File: 1684350419646.png (162.79 KB, 650x912, Screenshot 15.png)

The Hell is going on.

No. 1833696

File: 1684952891193.jpg (121.69 KB, 1079x836, Coconutashes.jpg)

They put her ashes in a coconut.

No. 1833740

The house is on sale and it has been. Let's hope that money goes to her kids alone…

No. 1834986

File: 1685117560750.jpg (81.01 KB, 510x680, Fw9ZS-nXoAAZ5fW.jpg)

What the fuck is he doing?

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