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No. 728774

no such thing as a stupid question
previous thread >>720441

No. 728784

not to sound like anorectal violence anon, but why are anal sex and choking more "mainstream" than feet? at least rubbing feet is not inherently harmful to anyone's body

No. 728788

I don't know if you'll see this anon, but don't do it. You should never send nudes in the first place tbh because men post them online and send them to their group chats

but there is no way any discharge will look like cum, so please just don't even try this anon it will come back and bite you hard

to be honest you sound underage with a discord bf so please just trust me on this lol

No. 728792

Hey anon, i was checking for answers.
not to be like "myy nigel wouldn't do that" but we're both adults (both 20) and technically he is my fiancee. i never put my face in the pics which i know isn't a good excuse.

i assumed this wasn't a doable plan, i just wanted to ask since creampies is basically his only kink.
thanks for your answer, i really appreciate it. i just hope that i didn't portray him in a negative light. he literally knows about lolcow and is borderline a terf (or at least radicial feminist). so i kinda trust him with nudes. i asked him before to delete all of them when we had an argument and he deleted it from all the devices during facetime immediately as he wanted me to feel safe.
sorry for sperging, thanks for thinking about my safety anon. i guess it's not doable to fake sperm by myself anyway.

No. 728798

I was on a forum with a bunch of dudes and then one guy made a thread about gfs and I don't know if I was witnessing peer pressure thru the screen but every guy uploaded photos of their gfs nude or like up skirts and creepshots of them. I blocked all the dudes involved lol

No. 728801

Idk if its left over edginess from men being teenagers that loved their gay explicit violent games but feet are probably not taboo enough and as someone that loves feet, people routinely think they have ugly feet and they're mostly correct.

No. 728804

20 is still very young, just be careful. Even if he is your fiancee absolutely anything can happen, that doesn't stop him from doing anything awful. I think I'm vocal about this because I'm still not sure if my ex deleted my nudes and I'm scared I'm on some sites, even when I did trust him. It's stressful to think a loved one would do that.

Also if you do need to "fake cum" just be safe and get something from a sex shop or whatever, making something to resemble it and then putting it up your vagina can be.. just not good. Be safe, anon.

No. 728805

>video games
ok boomer. I kid, but no women I know who played and enjoyed violent games as a kid turned out as degen as the men who did myself included so it's gotta be something else. I think your point about people having hangups regarding their feet is likely.

No. 728808

Because men want to cause you pain and also want you to prove how much you like them by doing something you dont want

No. 728810

i think anon was referring to those porn flash games on newgrounds or similar platforms? anyway if feet stay taboo, then anal and choking should be even more taboo honestly

No. 728814

Anyone who has been through a break up knows just how quickly a guy can go from being great to 'I hope he doesn't pull weird shit to get petty revenge on me'

It's not worth doing this dumb shit.

No. 728817

I suspect that while mainstream anal only shows clean anal sex…I do think it being 'the poo hole' is a big part of the appeal.

I used to be so sexually open-minded (or I pretended to be lol) that I was surprised at how many men were leaning towards almost having scat fetishes. I've had a handful of men half tell me that they essentially like farts and the thought of women shitting. That or their dick coming out dirty. One ex offered to cure my painful constipation with some anal

No. 728818

Probably just that those themes are really big in porn but foot fetish stuff is still a niche fetish.

No. 728820

>One ex offered to cure my painful constipation with some anal

No. 728826

Am I the only one here who remembers that there was a sizable population of people who went through a phase of being as edgy as possible when joking, occasionally saying like just stupid purposefully offensive jokes for edgelord points and not because you actually believed them? This phase for me personally was probably around 2011-2013.
I admittedly hung out with degenerate gamer guys (and was an NLOG) but I also vividly remember pretty much everyone at my school casually engaging in offensive jokes to some degree. Even the jocks/normies with no time to use the internet would say the n-word (ending in -a) especially during songs and tell offensive jokes as well. Usually it'd be just one-liners. One I recall is saying "I can't read" every now and again which is a joke in regards to slaves. However I do want to clarify that I think a lot of people my age who partook in it would be utterly disgusted if someone said that today.
Nowadays when I see these cancelling trends I'm kind of dumbfounded at a number of them because they're often getting cancelled for these offensive jokes that were said by the person when they were ~12-16. Usually the people are currently around the same age as myself but on occasion, they're younger. The outrage stems from everyone else who at ~12-16 apparently never went through a phase of saying offensive jokes. They usually say that they've never heard of edgy offensive 'humor' in their life and that at ~12-16 they "knew better than to be [racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist] at that age". Maybe Trump in 2016 changed things for kids and maybe everyone is just covering their own asses to keep their jobs and reputations. But am I alone in remembering this? I feel like I'm going crazy.

No. 728831

File: 1612296818106.jpeg (127.18 KB, 516x721, B1EBB927-7FEE-4B14-9F64-0399C7…)

I’ve been thinking about doing the couch to 5k routine, but I do rowing instead of running, is this a good/ bad idea?

No. 728833

Where is the OP pic from the last thread from? It vaguely looks like Ed from Ed, Edd, and Eddy to me lol

No. 728835

This answer is inspired by my dinner today but thick starchy rice water that's boiled over and dried a bit looks SO MUCH like fresh cum. I was kinda disgusted wiping it up in huge gobs because it immediately brought that to mind.

In addition I don't think it'll fuck up your vag. But it could fuck up your life if you send the nudes, idk.

I've sent nudes to a 4channer online bf and also to my first serious ltr, and the serious ltr was the one where I was threatened with having my nudes distributed. I've never found anything, but I honestly don't think the 4channer bf ever would or did. The serious one, even though I'd ask him to delete nudes right after…not so much.

No. 728836

Do it anon, sounds nice!
also dope art, who's the artist?

No. 728837

>rubbing feet is not inherently harmful to anyone's body

No. 728838

I have memories a few years back of getting counselling for sexual abuse in my childhood. I was (at that time) insanely sensitive to those 'my creepy uncle touched me up lol' jokes. I could not get away from that humour. I heard it non stop in every show and every stand up routine. Now I think it's getting rare. I don't know whether to think that's good or not. But back then everything was fair game and unless you had a very personal reason for feeling triggered by it…nobody batted an eyelid

No. 728840

is there a thread for crypto that isn't locked

No. 728844

What's up with dudes these days wanting to text all the time but never plan to do shit? I just stop responding then they get mad. Plan something then we ain't pen pals bitch…

No. 728848

Can someone recommend ibuprofen I can buy in burgerland that actually works for severe cramps? This is what I've used so far throughout the years:
They only work for mild pain at best, or gives me tinnitus at worst. I tried natural methods too like hot water bottles, heating pads, etc. Doesn't do shit.

No. 728850

Advil is the strongest I have found. You might want to look into a TENS unit like Tanyx.

No. 728851

This differs from area to area, maybe it was the case where you are. Only way to confirm it is to ask any old school friends. I remember particular -isms being more unacceptable than others, for example the one edgy kid that made a racist joke would be called out by almost everyone else. This was in spite of the fact my school was in a very white area and the kids weren’t really exposed to other races and cultures. I don’t think it was so much people being woke as them just wanting to fuck about with kids who had a bad attitude. Meanwhile it was fine to call women whores, make rape jokes, laugh about men in dresses and so on. So I understand that some people said edgy shit back then, but the race stuff is weird to me.

No. 728854

off topic but how does ibuprofen know where to go in the body

No. 728857

Why would anyone wanna watch vtubers? They look awful

No. 728859


No. 728861

I used to watch korone because I thought she was funny, cute and wholesome

No. 728863

No idea who that is but didn't the stiff character bother you or did you mostly just do other stuff? Youtube videos I could understand but I just saw a friend link a vtuber stream and it looked so fucking bad and stiff even thought it was apparently a decent one. Am I just too old.

No. 728865

i want to torrent shit but don't want my internet provider sending any more angry letters, do vpns work? which ones are any good?

No. 728866

It enters your bloodstream and reacts to the presence of prostaglandins, which are produced after injury or illness and basically tell your brain "this hurts."

No. 728875

That has literally never happened to me and for the past 5 years I've been torrenting new Kardashian episodes the day after without fail.

No. 728878

can i train a cowlick back into place

that's never happened to me. but to anyone, my vpn suggestion is surfshark. tons of youtubers have discount codes and you can use it any unlimited devices

No. 728893

Is it possible to never introduce your SO to your parents no matter how long you've been together?

No. 728894

Which one are you ashamed of?

No. 728903

I meant in regard that edge Lords just like the label of explicit and thinks it makes them cool and they're shallow af so the porn things they like have to be edgy and cool too because men are one dimensional af.

No. 728904


dated my ex for four years and never met her parents once. she would talk about me of course, and her mom who is a narc fucking hated me. basically she was super controlling of her and when she met me she started finding herself. and of course this made her hate me. then we moved in together, which made her hate me even more to the point she would talk shit about me to my exs little sister. just a fucking weirdo

she dumps me. starts dating super extroverted and charismatic girl. her mom is still homophobe and wants her to date men, yes. but her new gf actually has the balls to meet and befriend her entire family and they all end up loving her. i had to admit i felt like an idiot, cause i had four years to get things right with her mom and i never did. this girl had her mom in love after a month.

doesnt matter the girl still cheated on my ex lol but yeah i learnt from it and i would def meet my partners family if i want something serious…

No. 728909

When I first started to torrent shit when I was younger I torrented the sims 4 and my internet provider sent a letter to my parents email threatening me for breaking the law or something. My parents thought I was close to going to jail and grounded me kek

I still don't use vpns cause I'm lazy but I haven't gotten an email since. Youtubers give out so many discount codes these days though.

No. 728910

yeah it caught me by surprise. i've been torrenting shit since i was a kid with no problem, then i move in with my bf, torrent something, and get a letter shortly after. gay

No. 728920

Just cause he hates trannies and whores doesn’t make him a radical feminist anon. I understand somewhat the “he wouldn’t do that” trust you have, because you can tell some won’t. But then again most people overestimate their ability to read others. And you gotta think he may not be the kind of guy to spread nudes now but what if you have a really bad fallout, who knows how that changes a guys behavior.

No. 728921

yeah, the streams usually suck, and it's better to watch highlight compilations or select clips posted on youtube by other channels

No. 728923

Just use a decent vpn and you’re good. I got a couple of those letters in high school because my retarded ass didn’t stop seeding after disconnecting. Never got a complaint since. Also never get banned from lolcow again kek

No. 728939

How do you even torrent? I always feel so clueless. Im so jelly of you all..

No. 728943

I tried watching the English speaking ones and they made me cringe too hard. The avatars they use look really nice but the personalities themselves are unwatachable

No. 728960

Google torrents until you find a site that works, I couldn't even tell you what site I use, I've had it bookmarked since it worked, I've had to bounce around a few sites. Use the search function to see if it has films or shows you like.

No. 728962

Oh, download bittorrent it's free, it's how you download off of sites just click the magnet icon. Go for links that have active numbers seeding it

No. 728965

File: 1612310991266.jpg (18.28 KB, 474x350, ty fren.jpg)

thanks anon, I've always relied on streaming sites like putlocker etc. – but wanna get more hardcore lol

No. 728968

>Never got a complaint since.
do you mean because you use a VPN now (and if so which one) or because you stopped seeding after it was done? maybe that's what I did last time… if I don't have to pay for a VPN that'd be great lol

No. 728975

I'm sorry that happened to you and that you had to endure that anon. What you said about everything being fair game is true though, imo the best thing we can do is teach the next generation to be respectful out of kindness and not out of fear.
That's so weird, anon, because it seems to be true now that I think about it! I lived with some white girls from extremely white areas of a liberal state, they were the type to try to cancel people. My own high school was really diverse, 40% white, 27% hispanic, 25% black, and 4% asian. As for what you said, I can kind of agree because guys would've never made a racist joke in front of a teacher but they didn't filter any sexist joke at all.

No. 728976

> torrenting new Kardashian episodes the day after without fail
Anon are you okay? Oh my god

No. 728977

I'm keeping up.

No. 728991

which vpn do you use

No. 728999

1) Buy a vpn service
Here’s a site for VPN comparison
2) Download qbittorrent, open source, no ads, superior to BitTorrent and others in every way
3) Google “torrenting what do”. Bonus points for “maximize download speed” and “torrent trackers reddit”.
4) Cancel your 5 streaming subscriptions.
I used vpn but messed up by letting it seed unprotected. Paying for vpn is worth it anon, it costs next to nothing imo especially if you share with another person. I’m using NordVPN, does everything I need it too. Dabbled in obscure schizzo vpn before and they’re not worth it kek

No. 729014

Anyone know any other places to check online for informative news? I’m trying to remove the habit of going on twitter and instagram. I tried replacing it by going on here but I can’t think of other places that I can go to since the pandemic started.

No. 729018

With the kardashians?

No. 729083

why don't dog owners neuter them instead of letting them hump everything and film them and laugh about it?? do you want more puppies that will be humping each other in a few months? unbelieveable

No. 729085

am I retarded for using utorrent all these years? How does qbittorrent compare?

No. 729087

File: 1612328859182.jpg (162.47 KB, 1200x1655, 1200px-Portrait_of_Ruhollah_Kh…)

need help finding a song ?

it was a rock song about Khomeni(without difrectly mentioning him) and the lyrics said something along the lines "if you don't …… well send you to hell" repeatedly

No. 729111

My dad is obnoxiously right wing and can't stop spouting his dumbass opinions, but it's a bit more complicated with my mom, I never tell her anything and hide everything I do or like from her. She also has this weird overinflated view of me where she sees me as this gorgeous Stacy that guys can't stop fawning over (she probably doesn't know I'm still a virgin at 28), the guy would probably not be good enough. I could never introduce a woman either, my mom really doesn't like lesbians.

No. 729122

How are people able to put ads and profit off of videos where they use other artists’ music? I’m talking about the “chill music playlist 1 hour” type of videos. Isn’t YouTube against that?

No. 729123

most of the ones I've seen have the original music cited in the description so I think youtube takes another cut for the artists and the labels.

No. 729138

Who is anorectal violence anon?

No. 729140

A proctologist with an unorthodox marketing campaign?

No. 729143

an absolute treasure

No. 729148

File: 1612341419526.gif (52.89 KB, 621x67, z601a6095429a8.gif)

Just copying and pasting this
>For anyone that doesn't know, this anon made the first anal avenger thread two days ago in /g/, and then it got locked. Then she made a second thread in /meta/ and it got deleted, then she made 2-3 threads in /ot/, then made this post in the shoeonhead thread >>>/snow/725075 and then spammed these threads >>725054. This anon has lore. They're dedicated as fuck for some reason. The threads she made on this board are still in the catalog.

No. 729153

Why did she get banned anyway? Sure it's a weird and eclectic topic but who the fuck cares, this is LC. I don't see how it was against the rules.

No. 729157

I remember one of her threads got redtexted as "shit thread", which I agree with. It's way too fucking specific for a thread topic and the op post wasn't concise at all. I mean how much do you expect anons to say about that, y'know? If she wanted to talk about the dangers of anal sex, she could have easily brought it up in the kinkshaming thread, although, it probably would have still gotten redtexted as "sperg" for how stupidly long the posts and pics were, at least it would have been on topic.

At first glance I couldn't even tell what the topic was supposed to be because it was paragraphs of info instead of one clear sentence to let us know what's up AND THEN make those long posts afterwards to spark discussion. No one is gonna be interested if they have to read all that shit in the op post.

No. 729158

Rule 4. This is not a forum for dissertations on proctological topics, although I understand how one might get confused.

No. 729159

I think it's a genuinely autistic person who is upset that she got banned the first time, and is just reposting out of spite at this point.

No. 729160

she's been spamming for a week

No. 729162

A dude who claims to care a lot about the psychological and physical damages that result from anal for some reason. An anon somewhere on /ot/ yesterday mentioned searching for it online and found him posting elsewhere on other sites, where he openly admits to being a man and "loving having a penis."

No. 729174

File: 1612344136945.jpeg (51.47 KB, 853x454, noroi-masks.jpeg)

Why are the Japanese so obsessed with rituals? Whenever I'm watching a Jhorror movie or playing a horror game that came from Japan they almost always center around a ritual

No. 729177

Well, they're not Christian, most are Shinto. Viewing other peoples' spiritual cultures through eurocentric judeo-christian lens is pretty bad btw.

No. 729208

File: 1612351725951.jpg (53.16 KB, 636x490, tw.jpg)

Were the actual grown adults invested in twilight hate in around 2008-2012? I swear there were adults that did that, which in hindsight is strange because it's weird to see grown men be so invested in hating a wish-fulfillment romance movie made for 12-year-old girls

No. 729209


No. 729213

I was a teenager at the time, so I only saw other teenagers doing it, which is understandable
I don't think most functional adults hated on it, just some random neckbeards that hated everything that was made for girls to enjoy

No. 729214

Yes, on livejournal. Some of their comments were actually funny though

No. 729218

how do people actually genuinely enjoy HOT hot sauce? like i'm talking the super high scoville heat scale level flavors that have the celebs on Hot Ones choking and dying that apparently don't even taste good. i'm all for flavor over heat so the entire thing just seems pointless to me, do they make it literally just for the sake of making the hottest sauce you can possibly make?

No. 729220

I love pain.

No. 729222

How do you manage mental illness when you can’t get professional help for it? Specifically BPD and depression. I feel like I’m dying.

No. 729223

I don't think i've ever really seen any men interested in Twilight? grown up women though, totally, which yeah, is weird especially considering sexualization of some at-the-time underage actors.

BTW i recommend recent Sarah Z' video about Twilight, took me down memory lane for sure. When it came out I was in the NOT LIKE THE OTHER GIRLS phase and would shit on it a lot, but I finally grew out of it, it's a top tier guilty pleasure, movies especially.

No. 729225

how much do people actually tend to make as sex workers (like camming and only fans)? i first assumed that most girls made a ton of money from it, but as time passes and the market becomes more and more oversaturated i become curious about what the reality actually looks like. so, more recently my opinion is that many sex workers seem to make very little money (shayna, pnp) but now i am curious if they are just really bad examples and have especially poor money saving skills / are bad at marketing themselves? im not interested in it at all but it seems like more and more girls i actually know are flocking to it because they assume its an "easy" way to make money. but how much do they actually tend to make?

No. 729226

Hoping this is not based on self-diagnosis, try alternative therapy.

No. 729227

Short term coping mechanisms like distracting yourself with physical activity / mindless popculture consumption should be helpful; more active ways would be journaling to identify patterns and maybe be eventually able to react to them in advance enough to not completely break down; ultimately though therapy is really advised for issues as intense as BPD. So sorry anon, I hope you'll be able to find help eventually, and manage yourself ok until then.

No. 729228

i was diagnosed but i had to stop going to therapy bc i still live with my very controlling parents

No. 729242

Honestly, as someone who has been receiving professional help for years, what’s been most helpful was the work I’ve done by myself. I’m not trashing the professionals, seeking help is the best option if you can. Just in my case they were shit and I came to understand the best thing in the situation I could do was help myself.

Read up about DBT and all about BPD/depression. Invest in some well-regarded books if possible. Learn the recommended coping mechanisms. You need to have a good understanding of what you’re dealing with, so you can eventually learn to distance yourself when you’re having an episode. Instead of freaking out (or whatever you do), you need to learn to step back and understand it as part of your illnesses. Once you see it as a predictable cycle, you should be able to exercise better control as you know that stage is going to end and the consequences based on your actions.

Also you need to generally help yourself. Doing something optional exacerbates your depression? Stop it. Shitty boyfriend triggering your bpd meltdowns? Dump him. Cutting out any additional shit like that will help.

No. 729244

anon i think your answers are in the sexwork thread on /g/ specifically when a lot of anons mentions MLM strategy and pimp shit im a retard i dont know how to tag the specific response but a quick ctrl+f can get u to it.The spongebob "get a job" soup image is pretty based and summarize every sexwork discussion.

No. 729245

I agree with >>729242. If you want some specific recommendations I've liked The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook by McKay and The Borderline Personality Disorder Workbook by Daniel Fox. It's not easy in general anon but you're already miserable now, might as well force yourself to get through some of these book exercises because that actually gives you a chance to start healing/managing your issues in healthier ways. (Btw these are both on Libgen so being broke is no excuse.)

No. 729255

Anyone know where I can get a good nun costume?

No. 729274


I think of this sometimes too. I seem to remember there was some phase of tumblr where everyone was adding the n-word to their "funny" text posts around the time I was about 12, and before it became infamous as the sjw site. I'm not american and didn't have a lot of knowledge of the context of the american civil rights movement yet. I remember being very indignant at the idea that I couldn't even sing along to songs that used it. My opinion has obviously changed but when you're 12 you think you know everything and think the more contrarian you are, the better.

No. 729290

What percentage of lolcow users are lesbians/bi? Can I make a poll regarding this? It seems to be 1 in 5 users or something

No. 729299

do a google poll maybe?

No. 729302

glowies are at it again

No. 729303

File: 1612366360287.jpg (21.47 KB, 481x306, 1ce.jpg)

I have 4 lemons, what can I make? I don't want to bake, trying to lose weight and lemonade is meh.

No. 729304

Squeeze it into beverages
Have fish or chicken and squeeze it on
Pre-cut a bunch of apples and use lemon juice on them to keep them from turning brown and also give them a tart kick

No. 729305

try some fish seasoned with lemon, or maybe drink some lemon water.

No. 729306

I don't like fish but I was thinking of maybe using some juice to make some dressing or maybe syrup for tea? Could give it as a valentines present. Lemon water is such a no brainer i forgot, will put some in the fridge now!

No. 729307

File: 1612367088925.jpg (92.78 KB, 1280x968, DEYsis123N (1).jpg)

Anons, I implore you, can some of you tell me a few BPD scrote horror-stories? I'm back on my stupid bitch shit and I have this temptation to give into my desires with this one guy, especially since imo he's a good 8, my country is very lax on covid restrictions and he's been simping forever (it's the only way I can describe the vibes I've been getting). But fuck, I've heard he's a pain in the ass many times. That's all ive heard, though.
Tell me what I could be getting into.

No. 729308

everyone with bpd is shit and not fun and you are being a big dummy by pretending otherwise

No. 729309

Do you think lolcow's userbase is attractive?

The standards here are high for women lookswise, and I remember reading a post ages ago about somebody who had met other farmers and said that they were actually very pretty. I'm picturing you all either as Stacys and Naomis sat in luxe apartments or hot alt/edgy creatives with good taste and interesting pasts.
I'm going to out myself as a sub-Becky (a Gertrude? idk) with a flabby fridge body, a dark fanny, probably saggy boobs, no sense of style and no money or love life to speak of. I'm usually picking my nose and wearing dirty leggings and/or shitting when I'm on lolcow.

No. 729310

You already know you're being dumb, stop expecting other women to convince you of shit you already know

No. 729311

shit you're rightrf

No. 729312

Men with BPD can be dangerous. Expect substance abuse, hot and cold treatment, cheating, gaslighting, clinginess, lashing out, mood swings, emotional blackmail when you're not doing what he wants, and more!
Speaking as a recovering BPDchan, they're insecure and very self-centred. Everything is intense and dramatic and they will always prioritise themselves and their emotions above you.

No. 729313

There's so many posts on here about looks that I've stopped caring about any of it. Anons crying about being ugly or wanting an hourglass figure or whatever…I zone out reading most of the looks related posts. I don't know what they look like but I think there's alot of BDD on here.

No. 729314

okay, it was fun the first time, the second time it got old really quick

No. 729315

>dark fanny
tf does that mean, do you mean unshaven? aren't all of them a general pink shade?

No. 729316

Candied lemon slices, anon!
>1 part sugar, 1 part water, bring to simmer in wide shallow pan
>slice lemons thinly
>place in pan in single layer
>leave alone for 1hr, turning every 20 min
>they are done when they turn translucent
>let dry on parchment paper overnight
>alternatively: dry out in low heat oven
>roll in sugar

No. 729317

Anons were talking about pussy bleaching in /g a couple days ago. It's the new nitpick

No. 729318

With all the BPD talks, could someone tell me how do you spot a bpd-chan or bpd-kun? I am pretty confused about this disease. From the experience I had the bpd-chans would be attention starving womanchilds who always put a victim complex / make up excuses about themselves, is there anything else?

I also never met a BPD guy either, but one weirdo of mine is dating a guy whose whole personality is "mental health" and "wholesomity" when its obvious that he is a selfish cunt who throws tantrums at baristas that dont tell him hi. He also seems to be really obsessive w his partner, mutes himself when he is with her friends but always DMs and whines about her friends.

No. 729319

nta but mine isn't, I'm Asian soo

No. 729320

Why would you willingly put bleach on your pussy? Anons, love yourselves.

No. 729322

Stacy doesn’t mean looking like a Ukrainian import wife and being a huge slut you know, that’s a scrote take. Stacy should mean being conventionally attractive, socially adept, professionally/academically accomplished and not being fucking mentally ill. So yes everyone is Stacy here.

No. 729325

>everyone is Stacy here
somewhat wishful thinking

No. 729327

>everyone is Stacy here
I'm very flattered anon, but you're factually incorrect.

No. 729328

I kind of meant that, I wanted to say well-rounded and attractive but I thought anons would kek if I described anybody on lolcow as well-rounded.

No. 729329

You forgot the "/s" at the end. Common mistake.

No. 729335

I was on board with what you were saying until the last bit? I feel like you can be a Stacy and be average looking if you're respected, rich, emotionally fuffilled etc

No. 729336

In need of urgent help: I've skipped evening classes six weeks in a row and I am more or less justified (got a new work which made me work on these hours for a while). I've got an exam tonight but haven't and any time to practice and I'm sure to get an awful grade, whereas I had ok grades for the other assignments. Should I skip tonight too, despite not having an excuse for tonight and invent something? Or should I go and ask for leniency afterwards?

No. 729339

Just bite the bullet and go. A shit mark is better than no mark at all. You know that and you're just looking for permission to fuck this one off, too.

No. 729340

File: 1612369512475.png (33.1 KB, 320x119, potatoe.PNG)

Who's this?

No. 729341

I've been browsing the lefthots thread, and btw, does anyone talk like here on social media? I don't. I get my imageboard "fix" when I post on imageboards, so when I'm on twitter or w/e I post like a normal person. I cringe when I see this stuff on there.

No. 729347

Is it true that white people smell like milk to Asians? Or is it bs?

No. 729350

Is it embarrassing to be approaching thirty and still wearing band t-shirts and jeans as an outfit?

No. 729353

Assuming you'll have to take a re-exam if/when you fail, I'd take the exam so you know what to expect for the re-eam.

No. 729354

OrangeCitrus. Ex PULL mod that was banned there for being snowflakes herself. Also a camgirl.

No. 729355


No. 729357

They don't smell like milk to me

No. 729358

From my perspective it’s perfectly fine. You don’t have to wear business casual as soon as you get the 3.

No. 729362

I think it's a cute outfit, it's more embarassing to take yourself so seriously that you can't wear cute graphic tees anymore. Plus it's easy to dress up ; you can wear a pair of loafers and a nice blazerand suddenly you're a fashionable "french girl".

No. 729364

File: 1612370559762.jpg (67.29 KB, 550x458, 781429ddc5375d000fbd4e1efaf34e…)

Nope, you don't have to stop wearing what you want once you reach 30 kek. Plenty of 30+ women wear graphic tees

No. 729378

Wear what works for your lifestyle

No. 729384

No. People who come to the internet to LARP that they're professional with high standards will say it is, but it's fine.

No. 729414

File: 1612374382049.jpg (72.18 KB, 650x500, rabbit milk candy.jpg)

Culinary Asian here. Yes, but not like milk milk. More like white rabbit candy, the intensity depending on the person

No. 729426

Is it unhealthy to care so much so you get sad if your SO seems to not want to talk to you?

I think someone that was confident, had a healthy/high slef esteem, and loved themselves would not be bothered at all or would that mean they don't love their SO enough/that much?

No. 729427

No it means you're dating a retard who doesn't pay attention to you or cares about you.

No. 729428

had my blood taken from the same vain in the span of 11 days, it's not that short but I always felt I have weak veins and now after 10 hours my vein looks like shit, I don't even have a bruise but the needle mark is very red and it looks like it doesn't heal properly like the first one and it hurts me when I bend my arm, should I worry?

No. 729432

What are these kind of edits called?

It's gonna be better in a few days, dw anon. If it gets infected or feels hot, then you can worry but it's very unlikely.

No. 729434

We need more details, are you fighting? are they busy?

No. 729435

i shouldve emphasized the word "seems" because sometimes you have no way of knowing if it's actually you or they are rather stressed out about something else or are busy, etc?

No. 729436

File: 1612375542322.jpg (167.13 KB, 891x1200, 20210203_200330.jpg)

The fucking pic

No. 729441

they "shouldn't" be busy aka they're on sick leave but they could be busy with other stuff like hobbies or spending time with family/friends, or who knows what else. My question wasn't about the busy (or not) SO, but the SO that feels entitled to their time and gets upset when they dont seem to want to hang out/talk to them

No. 729446

"Content aware", from the photoshop tool used to make them

No. 729447

best thing to cure a head ache/stomach ache when you really really have to work on and finish an essay? im not sure which one causes the other but theyre connected and i feel like shit. took a nap in the hopes of feeling better but it just made me feel worse lol

No. 729452

Yes, a lot of them were women too though. They were the ones typing those giant essays on how Bella was a bad role model, how she's not feminist enough, overanalyzing it and how it's not deep enough etc.

No. 729484

Thank you so much, was driving me nuts

No. 729496

You were right I went and it was much better than not going. Thanks for being my conscience anon

No. 729506

Hey, well done anon! That took strength. Once you're there it's never as bad as you think.

No. 729525

This. Unless he is in therapy and actively trying to get better it could end up very badly.

The bpd-chan I dated turned out to be a Luna-tier junkie and a criminal. Sold drugs and owned guns. He had a habit of pressuring others into doing dangerous amounts of drugs. Me and some of his friends ended up having seizures and/or psychosis. His gf had died of an overdose and another chick just barely survived one.

No. 729532

What should I do when I'm bored at work?

No. 729536

Do some housekeeping; pay your bills, do taxes, etc

No. 729545

>socially adept
>not being fucking mentally ill
lmao how long have you been here nonny

No. 729547

How common is for Japanese men to use "watashi" instead of "boku" or "ore" in a casual context? IIRC it's mostly gay men who say it, right?

No. 729548

No. 729549

No. 729578

Do vaginas visually change a lot after pregnancy? I know the rest of your body changes from carrying the baby but I haven't heard experiences about the vagina changing.

No. 729580

>messed up by letting it seed unprotected
What happened? I seed on my usual wi-fi and so far nothing has happened, I feel like I should be worried though.

No. 729601

Maybe chew some tums or have some pepto bismol? It helps me when my stomach is a mess and gives me headaches. Maybe also drink some chamomile tea, it helps me with the stress.

No. 729620

Don't think I've ever heard it outside of business context

No. 729639

Mine didn’t, but that’s an anecdote and not proof that all of them do. I wouldn’t know.

No. 729675

During the time /ot/ was closed, there was a hidden boards brought up in /meta/ whose name I cannot remember. Does any anon remember?

No. 729684

This is long and about sexual trauma, I'm sorry, but I cannot stop thinking about it.
I got an IUD when I was 15 because I'd had extremely painful unpredictable periods since I was 11.
My mom believed me and was on board, she, her sister, and her mother all had the same problem.
So I got the IUD, my periods got regular, and then they mostly stopped happening, fantastic.
So when I was 16, I got a really bad uti, my piss was green and smelled horrific.
I've gotten utis since I was little, but this one was like nothing I'd ever experienced before.
My mom insisted that I see a gynecologist.
I told her it was my peehole, not my vagina.
She told me it would be easier to get a gynecologist to treat me than a general practitioner, despite the fact that my entire life, on the occasion that once of these utis required an antibiotic, my gp had prescribed it no issue.
My mom insisted.
So she took me back to the same gynecology office that I got the IUD at.
I was told on the phone before the appointment that there would not be a vaginal exam.
When I got there, I went back to the exam room alone, my mom didn't have to come with because there would be no vaginal exam, I would just be giving a urine sample.
When the gynecologist, a young woman, came back to see me, she was alone.
She told me I needed a vaginal exam.
I told her I was just there for a uti and I was told I just needed to give a urine sample.
She said I could have an std, so she needed to look at my vagina.
I said I'd never had sex before, and I was told that I would only be giving a urine sample, I was told there would be no exam, and that I had a history of utis already.
She told me she's a doctor and she knows better than I do and I needed to undress.
If I hadn't been 16, maybe I would have been smart enough to just leave.
She said she would be back to give me my exam when I was undressed.
So I did.
She came back, still alone, still alone.
She made me get into the stirrups with my ass at the bottom of the table, as you do in such an exam.
She had me positioned like that, and then started putting on rubber gloves and asking questions.
I was utterly humiliated, of course.
She insisted that I must be sexually active, and no matter how hard I tried to explain to her that I had an IUD because of my period, she refused to believe me.
She was arguing with me from between my legs.
She eventually pulled out a large metal speculum, of a variety I have never encountered again in almost a decade.
She did not lubricate it before inserting it.
When I reacted in pain, she mocked me.
She kept asking me questions while she examined me.
One of the things she said, "You're sure you're a virgin?" with her hand still inside me.
All I could do was cry.
I just cried.
She yanked it out when I sobbed out loud
She told me to get dressed, calm down, and I could leave when I stopped crying and calmed myself down.
I was too upset to press the issue about not even having given the urine sample, I was a stupid teenager, I just wanted to get out of there.
She left, and I sat up, and there was blood on the paper on the table.
I got dressed and left before calming myself, and when I got to the lobby, my mom was immediately concerned when she saw me.
She asked me why I was crying and I told her, "She stuck her whole fucking hand in."
My mom was horrified, she went to the counter to talk to the clerical staff.
There was a visible flurry of commotion, more than a few people in scrubs rushed into the back, and the woman at the desk told my mom to sit down and wait, someone would come talk to us.
We waited about ten minutes, and the gynecologist who examined me reappeared with two other doctors, one on each side.
She explained that she had to perform an exam to ensure I didn't have any stds causing the infection.
My mom asked why she wasn't told to come back with me since it was the law in our state, asked why there was no nurse-witness if they didn't call her back, why we were told there would be no exam, and why she didn't even get the urine sample.
The gynecologist reiterated that she had to make sure I didn't have an std.
I mentally noted that the two doctors with her looked upset and were staring at her.
My mom asked her questions again, was answered the same way again, and the conversation looped like that for awhile before another doctor came up and told me to come give a urine sample.
I went back, gave the sample, went back to the lobby, and my mom and the three doctors were still engaged.
The two other doctors were no tellign my mom they would get the urine test results right away, and we would be able to pick up a prescription on our way home if I did turn out to have a uti.
I did have a uti, they prescribed an antibiotic, we picked it up and went home.
That doctor was apparently let go that same month.
My mom kept taking me back to that office until I was 18 and could make my own appointments.
My mom never filed a complaint.
I have been bothered by that event ever since.
I think now as an adult, that may have been sexual abuse.
I'm a lesbian but I've never been able to be with a woman because that event always comes back to me when I try to be with a woman.
My mom now wants to sue that hospital group for failing to identify and infection after her hysterectomy, and she wants to add my experience nearly ten years ago to the lawsuit as well.
So I have a lot of questions.
Do I let her?
Is it even possible to do anything about that now?
Should anything have been done about that at all? Like was that wrong to begin with?
If my mom wants to use it now, why didn't she do anything at the time?
So did she always think that was wrong and she just didn't do anything, or is she twisting it now? She never got me therapy.
Should I have done something when I turned 18? Should I do something now? I don't even know the doctor's name.
How did this even happen?
Am I wrong to have been disturbed by it?
What the fuck should I do?

No. 729691

Stop what?

No. 729692

You should get therapy

No. 729694

Ok I initially wrote a snarky response due to the TLDR but this is horrific and not all too far off from a previous experience of mine at the hands of a female gyno.

Your mother is a piece of shit for not getting you therapy and tearing that hospital a new one back when that doctor abused you. You can let her add your incident to her lawsuit if you want but you might be required to testify which might be a huge burden on you.

Since the doctor isn't practicing anymore and it's been years, I'd suggest you work on processing the trauma with a therapist and forgive your mother for your own sake, if you can. It's not required that you tell her you forgive her either, it would be for your own sake and not hers. To free you from the experience, in a way. Prioritize therapy, you absolutely need it.

No. 729695

File: 1612398592259.jpg (79.21 KB, 728x1092, 1c7a6698aa2ca863fa98a6ad1bfa52…)

did dula peep start the e-girl hair trend? (i know it's from the 90s but you get what i mean)

No. 729699

Tacking this on to an existing lawsuit about a missed infection is kind of fucked.

Like other anon said, getting therapy will help you more. Your moms sudden concerns are questionable. Just don't co-operate with her, fuck her lawsuit. Your story is yours alone and not hers to pimp out in court for money years later. Look after yourself because she isn't doing you any favors.

No. 729702

Anon I read it all. I can't believe people are being shitty to you in this thread.

I'm so sorry. I'm so fucking sorry.
I wish I could hold you right now and tell you everything will be okay. I'm so sorry. That was sexual abuse. I know how it feels to have to see/go to the same place that the sexual abuse occured in. That experience was fucking horrific. I'm sorry god I really don't know how to take this pain away from you. This shouldn't had happened. Anon I'm fucking sad. And angry. angry at those people that did this to you. Fuck that nurse, fuck the doctor. I'm sorry.
Just, Idk, I have no legal advice. But your mom also sounds like she's stupid. But if the case helps, let her use it. At least it means you both get some kind of retribution. But I can't fucking believe she kept driving you there and you had to see the same people and the same place even though you clearly told her you had trauma. I just. I just can't believe nobody believed you. I want them to die. I want them to suffer. I just. I know how horrible it feels to be taken your virginity like that. I'm so sorry. I would hug you if I could.

No. 729703

Anon I'm fucking crying, I wish I could help you but I really don't know how. I want you to be happy. I'm so sorry.

No. 729710


literally no she's just chasing what the tik tok and instagram e thots were doing for at least two years now? but she did it uglier, wow such original…

No. 729713

anons please respond fast wtf do i say to someone who tells you that they've been diagnosed with severe depression and their life is in shambles??

No. 729715

How close are they to you and are you even comfortable with talking about this to them?

No. 729717

Well, at least it can only get better form this point

No. 729718

very close and i dont ever mind talking to her about this stuff but i legitimately dont know what to say to make her feel better

No. 729720

Maybe tell her that you're sorry and that you're genuinely there if she ever needs someone to vent to? I feel like it's important to emphasis the "genuinely", cause so many people say "you can talk to me whenever" without really meaning it. Also, maybe you can offer a possible solutions to any of her issues? There's not too much you can say when someone opens up about stuff like this. Just reassure her you're there for her.

No. 729725

thank you anon! took me awhile but i found the right words to say

No. 729745

Why ppl say Beyonce is a illuminati puppet? i know hollywood conspiracy is batshit insane but why Beyonce has that very specific tag?

No. 729747

Quick copy and paste this

I'm so sorry, how are you feeling? You know I'll always be here for you! Severe depression is treatable, just don't forget to do what your therapist says

No. 729761

File: 1612404959290.jpeg (71.86 KB, 500x418, 17C3E65E-36F5-43A2-B440-460CBD…)

I know a lot of you guys are in IT/devs, so I have a probably very stupid question. I’m learning JavaScript right now on Codecademy in preparation for going back to school for either CompSci (saw someone say this is the best foundation for developers) or the school has a Full Stack Cloud Dev program also. If I want to be a front end dev, which option would be best? For context, the only code I’ve ever fucked with in my life was HTML/CSS for MySpace and tumblr layouts… I do have an interest in coding, but math isn’t really my strongest asset. Pic unrelated

No. 729773

Does anyone have any chill/comfy websites or online communities that they can recommend? Imageboards and social media have their value but I'm kind of tired of all the negativity. I'll take pretty much anything since I'm open to learning about new things.

No. 729777

I like the languages learning and studying (studyblr) communities on tumblr, dunno if it's what you're looking for but I always find pretty pictures and interesting info on various topics

No. 729785

That sounds great! I actually really like learning languages (and learning things in general), have been meaning to get back into it recently. How would I find those blogs, just search by the studyblr tag? If you have any specific ones you wouldn't mind recommending, I'd love to know. Thank you.

No. 729788

I am a man who will answer this question ban me.

There is no point specializing when you can learn Web Development easily on your own while you are in school. It also will make you a better programmer by virtue of exposing you to more concepts in CS rather than what is currently "hip" in Web Dev. Frameworks and shit change all the time there really is no point in specializing in something that might be obsolete later down the road.

I'm going to give you a red-pill which is that school will teach you the bare minimum, if that. You'll learn a lot of trivia and be soaked in the general "culture" of the field, but you MUST MUST MUST DEVOTE EXTRA-CURRICULAR TIME IN IMPROVING YOUR SKILLS. You will get into a general groove with uni of doing assignments, taking exams and etc and if you relied on only that to be a competent programmer, you'll be shit out of luck.

Your number one priority when coding is to get to a point where you can create things of value, whether it'd actually be used or not. Too many students go through the motions only to come out of school not being able to do any meaningful work. Imagine you went to plumbing school and you graduated without knowing how to fix a sink. I am serious. You must devote extra-curricular time learning and creating really shitty projects that so happen to get less and less shittier until they are actually passable.

Recruiters filter new grads through two criteria: Their algorithm skills and their personal projects. That's how they weed out retards. Don't get weeded out. School will not help you in avoiding getting weeded out so, once again, you must devote extra-curricular time towards actually being able to hold your own and turn your ideas into reality.

Good luck. Just remember to constantly grind and keep pushing yourself through uncomfortable plateaus. You'll be better than the majority of your peers.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 729789

By "it will make you a better programmer" I mean the CS degree. I'm recommending you go into CS.

No. 729791

Why was it so important for you to proclaim that you have a knob on a question about code?

No. 729792

Maintaining the spirit of the board. But she asked a question I feel I had a good answer to. Would you rather me pretend?

No. 729796

i told my male best friend (who i have a crush on) that i keep having 'dreams' about him and he told me the same. but these are not usual 'dreams', its like a weird combination of being awake and sleeping where we both are lying in bed and still thinking and conviced about talking to each other and talking/mumbling the others persons name even though we are (almost?) asleep? i cant describe it but we both experience the same and its like we are awake and we realize that its happening but we are also in the mode of being asleep? i cant really describe it but what the fuck is that? is there a name for it and why it happens and could it indicate something??

No. 729798

It's true love.

No. 729802

Shut the fuck up and go wash your foreskin or ass crack, scrote. How hard is it to understand how deeply unwanted you are here? Disgusting.

No. 729803

Y'all are soulmates!

No. 729808

Thank you, moidanon. I do appreciate the detailed answer, though you could’ve not mentioned being a dude to avoid the ban. School serves two purposes for me: the degree for my resume so people will perhaps take me seriously and making connections that could lead to jobs. I guess it’s the same thing for everyone, really. I want to make pretty websites is all.

No. 729809

I hate CSS so much so I am glad people like you exist to do it instead.

As for your worry for math. I did a double major math/CS. The CS classes barely had math. The worst you might have to do is calculus in the first year. All the math in CS is logic and set theory to start and then graph theory. They really aren't that tough. Also, I would highly encourage you explore algorithms and such. If you're willing to go into a CS degree you are definitely capable of being more flexible than designing UX/UI for websites. You could get into graphics and/or design GUIs for apps/games etc. Try not to pigeonhole yourself.

No. 729813

anons does it really have a meaning or is it just a myth/saying? i dont know but it keeps happening to us both since quarantine happened so like 3 months already? does this also have a name or what particular is it what causes something like that? i am so confused about it

No. 729815


isn't this what happens in that shitty star wars movie i think it's the last jedi where kaylo ren or whoever the fuck is talking to Rey through her thoughts and it's really weird and confusing. yeah. that's your adam driver right there baby

No. 729818

That’s a great suggestion and something for me to remember. Thanks! Honestly, I’m perhaps being a little overzealous. I’m not that smart, just willing to try anything and try hard. My motivation is pretty simple: I want to do something I actually enjoy in life instead of the same retail bullshit ‘till I die.

No. 729823

he needs you to know that a male helped you out and that he knows more than you

No. 729830

File: 1612413747051.gif (707.12 KB, 498x312, EBA9155C-7A7E-41EB-BB20-587B83…)

If you squeeze your glutes whenever you can't work out (at bedtime for example) does that do anything? kek

No. 729832

Isn't this the plot to 5cm per Seconds? I read a fic inspired by it.

No. 729836

anons is that literally a plot for fanfics? holy shit i thought shit like this never happens in reallife guess i am lucky for the first time!
does it have a fucking meaning or explanation on why its happening? i am interested in reading more about it but i dont know how to search for it? is there a term for it? anons i am desperate to know more

No. 729862

Is it gross to not wrap your used tampons/pads with toliet paper? I've never done that ever because it felt useless since I feel like who actually is just looking at the trash long enough to care.

No. 729871

sometimes it leaves a smell tho

No. 729873

I wrap the old pad in the wrapper of the next pad I'm gonna use. I think it's nice to wrap them if you live with other people. Tbh seeing other peoples bodily fluids can be gross, menstrual blood included. Plus, some people feel more of an aversion to blood than other people. Even if you only see it for a second it can still be gross. It's just a courtesy. I think it's fine to not wrap them if you live alone though

No. 729874

Do they not stink? You wrap cause old period blood is rank and people definitely can smell that shit

No. 729876

I mean would a small amount of toliet paper around it really stop it? I never noticed a strong odor coming from my used products but I also have a light flow so maybe that's why.

No. 729882

For me it's pretty embarassing to just leave it out in the open and my period blood is heavy and smells too strong, so I walways wrap my tampon inside the packaging of the new one after I'm finished putting it in

No. 729931

Dae have these vertical lines in their toenails? Is there a way to net get them?

No. 729935

What's a good way to get rid of buyer's remorse? no mater what whenever I buy something for just my personal use I feel like shit afterward and I want it to stop because I'm usually buying things I need.

No. 729936

File: 1612427988067.png (140.18 KB, 397x399, 1608511945617.png)

Please someone explain why no one can post discord users in the friend finder thread anymore? Was there drama? please tell me the juicy details.

No. 729938

No. 729948

Does anyone know where that violin sample comes from in this song? It sounds…Chinese to my ears but I haven't found any information online

No. 729985

The Friend Finder Drama: During the Great Closure of /ot/ Spergfest of late 2020, anons used the friend finder thread to coordinate mass Pitbull meme shitposting in /meta/. This got the friend finder thread locked, and made discordfags more hated by mods than ever.

No. 730023

Does anyone know around when new swimwear collections for the summer go online? I've been trying to shop for a bikini but almost everything is the old collection on sale with lots of sizes out of stock.

No. 730039

What do you think anus-chan looks like in real life?

No. 730051

File: 1612445982759.jpg (368.02 KB, 1012x1100, Screenshot_20210204_144012.jpg)

Question for those of you that live in countries where wearing a mask is mandatory, is it fine if you wear something like this or does it have to be those boring ones?

No. 730054

I think you'd have to wear a normal mask under it, there is a hole over the mouth, but nobody is stopping you from wearing a mask any time

No. 730057

File: 1612447339637.jpg (17.48 KB, 304x352, ErEHX8uXEAAYCzT.jpg)

I know what a seething cope is but what's a neutral cope what the fuck is that supposed to mean. where does it lie on a scale from "meh" to "dilate"

No. 730058

Wikipedia page for the song credits two violin players and one viola player. Plus, one of the members of Clean Bandit plays cello and is responsible for mixing. I think the weird wavering tone of the mixing is what’s making it sound Chinese to you.

I don’t think it’s from anything in particular, but if you’re searching for something similar try looking up ‘erhu’ aka the two-stringed Chinese instrument played with an attached bow.

No. 730060

I'd argue acceptance is on the opposite end of dilate and meh is the real neutral cope. It's basically an "oh well."

No. 730061

File: 1612447623664.jpg (10.17 KB, 220x181, Kirk_Johnson.jpg)

No. 730065

Can someone please explain wtf the difference is between "e-girl/boy" aesthetic and 2000's emo shit???

No. 730067

egirls and eboys are what emo kids would look like if aliexpress, lip injections and the snow app existed in the mid-2000s.

No. 730073

It's just a modern version of the same thing imo.

No. 730075

File: 1612449061935.gif (2.17 MB, 480x400, rachel-laugh.gif)

kek anon

No. 730079

I think emo was- ultimately - actually connected to needing to express that whole teenage angst while finding a community to belong and egirl/eboy culture is far more connected to clout farming than anything else. Not saying some emos weren't seeking clout on myspace or whatnot but because of how different internet was at the time I don't think it was by any means main definig trait of the subculture; and it totally is for egirls and eboys.

No. 730097

Can someone please help me? One of the HP printers I use at work is listed as offline, the HP doctor and scan shit won't help at all, and when I run the printer troubleshooter, it says that the printer spooler isn't running and that the printer spooler isn't automatically starting. I've been googling for an hour, doing all of that "open services.msc and then restart spooler/stop it, check some folder, start it again" shit and nothing works. The printer spooler is already running when I pull up services.msc and is set to start up automatically even though the trouble shooter keeps telling me otherwise!! Please help. I fucking hate printers.

No. 730110

How damaging is chest binding to breast tissue if you do it very rarely?
not a fakeboi, just hate my boobs

No. 730117

How can you tell if a scrote is posting in a thread? I’m being very serious with my question

No. 730119

The vibes would be off

No. 730120

suddenly smells like balls

No. 730131

this is not enough bases. Example: I'm not a scrote.

No. 730150

I want a place to discuss “love on the spectrum” i have so many feelings about it!!!

No. 730154

is it worth watching? I'm curious but I don't like reality tv usually. A farmer review would be great! BTW are you a sperg yourself or just curious?

No. 730159

nta and not a sperg, but you should definitely watch it! I don't like reality tv myself, but it was super interesting to watch, finished it in one day. It's less drama and more of a sociological domunetary (or, if yyou want to use a crueller simile, a nature doc about people on various points of the spectrum).

No. 730162

Not a sperg just introvert so i guess i can relate a little? Some ppl in the show are so cute and I wish them all the best. That theatre girl however is fuckng annoying. I love the two girls dating

No. 730164

Samefag but the only way I found out they’re in Australia and not England was by the sunny weather Lmao I’m so sorry

No. 730169

Who is your favorites anons?

No. 730181

File: 1612459050499.png (234.71 KB, 480x480, maddiloveonthespectrum-1595860…)

the one and only

No. 730190

When you use redtexted words on a post, does it actually do something like alert the mods that a post might be suspicious or is it just a marker like word filters on other image boards and forums?

No. 730191

If there are any D&D fans here, are there any other shows/series like Dice, Camera, Action? I've watched a little bit of DCA and even thought idk what's going on cause idk anything about D&D, it's pretty fun.
Lmao no. Redtext is supposed to make fun of people who use certain words

No. 730192

Do you know Critical role? I think it's the most famous D&D video thingy

No. 730193

The vibes

No. 730196

>Example: I'm not a scrote.
Your vibes say otherwise

No. 730197

I did not! Ty anon. Matt Mercer is the host so that makes this even better

No. 730201

Does anyone else’s boyfriend never cum inside of them even though you’re on the pill?

No. 730203

File: 1612461423191.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1325, IMG_20210204_185512.png)

Where do I find a qt bf like this

No. 730204

He looks like a minecraft youtuber

No. 730205

Fucking high school. He looks too young anon wtf

No. 730206


this is literally that meme that all lesbians post about how their straight friend is like "LOOK AT THIS BOY IM TALKING TO ISNT HE CUTE?" and the guy is buttfucking ugly

qt bf? get higher standars fuck fucks sake anon love yourself the bar is literally on the floor

No. 730207

He just looks like the token cute one in any stem class kek

No. 730211

Not qt

No. 730213

hes probably my age chill

No. 730216

doesn't remove from the fact that you still have bad taste though

No. 730218

Anon, I stand with you.

No. 730221

in anon's defense, this guy isn't fat, doesn't seem to be balding, and doesn't have a nasty beard, so that puts him ahead of 70% of scrotes

No. 730225

Yeah, we both prefer knowing we don't have to stress about it.

No. 730257

Stop spreading misinformation you probably weren't there. Much of what happened was behind closed doors.

No. 730258

Mods got fed up of sperging about discord drama. You didn't miss anything, a lot of people on lolcow are lolcows themselves, barely interact in the server or are annoying.

No. 730261

It makes no difference whether he cums in you or not if you dont use a condom, preejaculatory fluid can get you pregnant just as well.

No. 730262

Please share the details anon, infighting in that thread was minor and I knew it couldn't be a real reason for closing it

No. 730276

thank you sex education-chan

No. 730279

I do this too so I wanted to know
A quick Google suggests it doesn't really do anything but it doesn't do any damage so you may as well

No. 730290

No. 730309

I left my bottle of kombucha out of th refrigerator all night. Its still unopened but it's been room temperature for at least 16 hours. Will I get sick if I drink it?

No. 730316

Sounds like some botulism shit. You should probably throw it out, better safe than sorry

No. 730321

He has very nice nails

No. 730325

nta but I'm someone who complained about this before lol. I was in that chat for the hot minute it existed. Only a handful of them were pitbull posting for lols and nobody was trannies like lc users tinfoiled. They checked our voices and had a terf channel and anyway the gc had to close because of all the bullshit we got and someone inside leaking screenshots of people going "wtf who is doing that we aren't saying anything and nobody on lc cares". I only remember like 2 people who were pitbull posting but they started before I joined, genuinely wanting to make friends. That's all.
It's dumb how farmers were constantly tinfoiling that the gc was trannies, moid trolls, or whatever else. We only joined this chat to make friends like it says in the thread and the chat didn't last as long as anons tinfoiling it was behind things. It closed after a day I think and it's still talked about as a source of evil. Most of us were only in it to make friends with other women on lc, it's a shame about pitbull but I did find it kinda funny. I think someone ban evaded to pitbull meme and that with the screenshots and derailing is what made it bad.
Also the sperging about discordfags, I mean everyone in the thread was posting discords to make friends because it's a commonly used app for chatting online. I'm in a discord for my school even, so anons are going off the rails about it being twitter gamers only or whatever

No. 730331

samefag I probably shouldn't have posted this long explanation. The ultimate truth is that the group chat did cause too much chaos on this site, whether I like the way it's framed or not and so the thread was probably locked for that. But it wasn't a mass brigade by discord trannies. It was still a mistake though

No. 730335

This was way before the friend finder thread got closed but I was actually in there and it was a bunch of people purposely pitbull spamming and even trying to email spam to the mods. There wasn't even actual radfem topics discussed and when someone started posting ss the unhinged mentally ill anons started having meltdowns saying they don't care. They obviously cared since they closed the server immediately after.

No. 730336

Why have all the threads devolved into foreskin discussions?

No. 730344

I guess I missed that then. I'm starting to realize I'm only salty because I wished I could have made friends. Yeah it was pretty messy. I just was annoyed by the way it could have been avoided if it didn't blow up, and screenshot poster was genuinely a creepy bitch, but I didn't realize the extent of the pitbull side of things rip
That chaos really is to blame for the thread closing and I am upset about that so I get it.

No. 730347

i'm ovulating and overthinking about dick

No. 730359

I've been looking for bulges in pics and even on guys I don't find attractive. I am so grossed out

No. 730362

I don't get horny when I ovulate but I get real horny mid flow every month. Weird mother nature

No. 730384

I have my sides shaved and a bob but I really wanna cut my shit into a mullet or something because, who the hell is gonna see me? My mom? Haven't even left the house all year. Has anyone here done a diy coronamullet/shag?

No. 730390

Me kek I say do it if you don't mind people expressing their disappointment, I think it looks cool even though everyone says "you should grow your hair out" I don't care I am cool

No. 730396

I don't really have any boring friends like that, I am mostly worried about me never doing proper haircuts? Yea I have cut myself a bob and shit like that but an actual shape? I have the fear

No. 730412

I gave myself all those haircuts years ago.. No idea if I pulled it off well or did a decent job but at the time I felt badass lol. My issue is once I went that short I've never had the patience to grow it out again. I've wanted to go back to a bob for yeears now and it's still a pixie cut right now because I hate the in between stage and can't just sit it out.

No. 730418

You sound cool, anon! I kinda am itching to get a buzzcut and the fact that a mullet scares me more is ridiculous, thank god I wear a lot of hats as it is

No. 730419

When I've privated my games on Steam, can people I've added still see me in the "x friends already own this game" column on the shop page?

No. 730429

File: 1612478798493.jpg (82.17 KB, 570x570, GPxkitR.jpg)

Is it too autistic that I'd like to buy a slime to play with?

I'm not planning to buy one right away, I'm saving money for other things, but is it wrong that I think that they look pretty cute to play with and I would like to get one some day?

No. 730430

virgin anon here. are most men in the uk cut or uncut? asking for scientific purposes…

No. 730431

Nothing wrong with that, maybe get one from someone who handmakes them or some shit!

No. 730433

Vast majority are uncut unless they're Jewish or Muslim

No. 730440

have any of you had any luck with A Bra That Fits calculator?

No. 730443

There doesn't seem to be an asmr thread on /pt/, would it be a good idea to make one? There's a huge drama among a few ASMRtists involving Crikleluvin and Karuna Satori. Also Karuna is extremely milky herself.

No. 730445

My attitude is that you can buy whatever technically retarded or childish shit you want as long as you have the balance of functioning as an adult in general. I pay my mortgage and buy dumb toys

No. 730450

Based Muhammads and Arkshfjxeks

No. 730451

I think for jews you can use shlomo, it's a common jewish name.

No. 730470

Nope. I play with slime as well sometimes

No. 730482

There was one on /snow/ a long time ago. I'd be down if you made a new thread, last I heard about Karuna during the BLM protests she was spreading rumors that SouthernSoundsASMR lady hated black people without any proof and sent a bunch of people to harass her

No. 730498

Can someone explain the silhouette challenge? Like, I've read girls are filming themselves absolutely naked? What the fuck? And are scrotes really taking the filter out? Like, is it verified that's happening? Why is no one doing anything

No. 730501

Huh? I've only seen photos so far, but people weren't actually naked

No. 730507

I haven't seen anyone film themselves completely naked either (Except for one adult woman, but she is also a sexworker).
>Why is no one doing anything
If you've been on social media you would have seen all the posts warning people about accounts that are taking filters off the photos.

I don't know how true this is, but I've heard that the taking the filter off thing was a hoax and that you can't take a filter off a photo once it becomes solid (?). Idk how true that is, but I do think it's interesting taking filters off of photos was not a thing before this and that I haven't seen any callout posts for specific accs.

No. 730515

no idea about filters but all of these challenges is just catering to moid porn preferences for free, it aint a "challenge" lmao

No. 730520

Someone on my Twitter timeline retweeted a buttass naked dude flopping his dick out while doing that challenge. I hate it here. I have no clue if people are actually successfully removing the filter with some kind of program, but I have seen screenshots of videos that claim they can.

No. 730526

File: 1612488734617.jpg (58.82 KB, 746x447, EVHTfLLUEAUQvKf.jpg)

>do a challenge that sexualises your body
>be surprised that scrotes ruin it and sexualise it too
>pretends to be shocked.jpg
I'm tired of it all. Both the twitterlibs who believe they're "doing it for themselves" when uploading sexy selfvideos and the men who will never let women live peacefully

No. 730549

how common it for 2 women to get stds from each other

No. 730553

Is it safe to get vaccines from different places? I got my flu shot from an actual hospital a couple days ago, but I think I might get the rest of my shots from CVS

No. 730573

File: 1612493826781.jpg (96.67 KB, 640x772, 7-AEF1880-0-F8-B-4602-ACB6-913…)

It's not a hoax. There were tons of naked women, and possible minors. r/SilhouetteUnfiltered was full of scrotes exposing them. Reddit banned them, so apparently they've moved to Discord servers. The Twitter user @lolzycomedy shared videos on how to remove the filter, and several unfiltered videos.
You can remove the filter by taking off the red coloring and playing with the saturation. I don't know the specifics, but I've seen the results.
Don't be stupid, don't do these challenges.

No. 730574

File: 1612493887974.jpg (87.28 KB, 640x925, A064434-D-85-FD-457-E-983-D-44…)

No. 730576

File: 1612494051119.jpg (50.06 KB, 640x277, 05362850-1586-4-A5-C-B716-65-A…)

No. 730577

I don't have numbers for you but I've had 3 lesbian friends who got chlamydia from another lesbian so go figure

No. 730578

Do you think a 12 year old gift card to a national music store still work? It should right?? I don't have the receipt but came across it in a little package in an old birthday card. Idk how the fuck I missed it. I'll probably take it in to check next week anyway…

No. 730579

Based intentions

No. 730581

Any anon here with hypermobility syndrome? is a good idea to take collagen?

No. 730583

Can hard cysts be permanent? I have one underneath my skin on my labia, and a doctor already checked it out, but I wanted to know if it'll just be there forever. I always thought cysts would eventually go away on their own.

Pls don't ask why I didn't ask the doctor cause idk why either.

No. 730588

I had one like that, and I couldn't get it to go away with any remedies. it went away after like ~7 months on its own. now it's like it wasn't ever there.

No. 730602

what's the best method for intentionally shrinking clothing? I know the like, hot water hot dry method but I feel like that only works at random times and/ or temporarily. I know altering is a better option but i'm way too lazy to bother hemming some stuff that should be just a little tighter and the fabrics aren't ideal for that anyway

No. 730633

Depends on the materials really

No. 730655

Can I rip rental DVDs? Lol do they have extra protection or something?

No. 730657

What does having autism feel like? My friend told me it was just having no emotional intelligence, but I don't think that sounds right? (could be wrong though)

No. 730670

how many total anons (farmers/ lurkers/ whatever) do you think are active on lolcow? and what do you think might have been the highest number we've had, like at the height of lc popularity? I run into so many anons lately who i can recognize from other threads purely on the way they type and it makes me wonder how small we are these days.

No. 730673

there's just two of us

No. 730674

so true, hi bestie

No. 730679

Makes sense, I remembered you.

No. 730686

every single post on this website was written by a bot. including this one, as well as the one I'm replying to

No. 730712

File: 1612514760189.gif (1.73 MB, 385x215, 57843987540932436547.gif)

No. 730713

What is a good text to speech app for Android? One that sounds natural enough?
I wanna make a video but I just hate my voice, so I don't think I could edit it without wanting to drop the whole thing cause I just hate listening to myself.
However, I also hate overly robotic sounding voices, like that male and female voice synths that were everywhere.
Of course, it doesn't need to sound 100% human or anything, I just want something better than the standard and that isn't super annoying/distracting.

No. 730714

Just use your own voice or else you just come off as an Indian.

No. 730715

ESL-chan here, what does celibacy actually mean? When I check dictionaries they say it's some form of vow of chastity like medieval monks, but I've seen people use it as just not dating and hooking up, can it be used like that?

No. 730717

Yes. Celibate can mean abstaining from sex AND relationships, or it can mean just abstaining from sex OR relationships. I hope that makes sense lmao

No. 730718

What does this even mean

No. 730720

You got it, it’s evolved into a more casual term to mean refraining from sexual activity. It can still be a religious commitment but a lot of people use it to describe non-religious commitment.

No. 730739

No. 730854

As an occasional LJ thread lurker I would like to ask if Laur ever explained why she calls herself 'the real Roxanne'? The fuck is this supposed to mean?

No. 730873

I don’t know what she means in context but that’s an 80s rap thing if we’re thinking about the same thing?? Called the Roxanne wars, a group called UTFO had a song called Roxanne, Roxanne, a girl changed her name to Roxanne Shante to record a clapback track called Roxanne’s Revenge, and then UTFO made another song where they had a girl take on the moniker of The Real Roxanne and play “Roxanne” in a song and she released some more songs under that name. It’s not like… a common saying or anything, I’ve literally only heard it in reference to the Roxanne wars so idk if LJ’s an old hip hop fan or what lol I don’t follow her threads

No. 730875

Wait samefag just realized you were talking about Laur so yeah it would make sense in the time frame that these songs would’ve been popular when she was younger

No. 730876

Does anyone have that comic of a black woman happily writing a message to some nazi man, and he reads the message and originally it's just shown how he types "N" but somebody made an edit where he says like "Nice to meet you Penny, it's nice how people all over the world can connect through the internet, don't be intimidated by my swastika tattoo, I got it in prison because I was forced to fit in blah blah blah" I don't know what to type in google to find it

No. 730896

NTA but I believe they're talking about how Youtube is oversaturated with videos made by Indians that use TTS instead of a regular voiceover. There's thousands of them.

No. 730903

File: 1612538068199.jpg (374.03 KB, 1200x3100, b39.jpg)

probably not the same edit, but I found this by googling 'wholesome nazi comic'

No. 730908

File: 1612539700648.jpg (135.74 KB, 1200x799, EH-M5ktWoAE2clv.jpg)

>somebody made an edit
That was the actual comic, kek. The character's name is Skyla.

No. 730914

I replied to someone on YT; they were asking where to find the series online. I told them that the series will be finally on DVD. I posted the same comment separately in the same comment section (it has like 10 comments overall) so anyone who's interested could see it. 2 days later both of my comment and reply are gone but the uploader of the video posted the same link I did. Like wtf? Why would you do that?

No. 730919

File: 1612540685380.png (316.13 KB, 1200x775, 46588a1592422889b75220f1862930…)

I'm sad that comic had potential to be cute but the author just had to be a horny racist scrote
>hot retarded teenager who acts like a child is "one of the good ones", every other black character is evil and wants her to hate white people but she's just too uwu pure, all her friends are obviously white because black people bad, female characters have their tits out at all times
they really manage to ruin everything

No. 730923

that's disappointing to hear. TBH I had my doubts from the moment that I noticed the actual comic doesn't contain the prison tattoo part - or maybe it was revealed elsewhere in the story? Anyway the not-nazi seems to be an actual nazi from his screenname, so I don't get why the black girl would like to be friends with him? IDK the premise doesn't entirely make sense

No. 730926

>comic had potential
? it's supposed to be like it is from the beginning dunno why u expected anything

No. 730939

kek selfpost

No. 730943

Thank you very much, I thought it was edited like so many people make "wholesome meme edits" I must have conflated him saying he is not a nazi actually with something else.

No. 730944

And I really thought her name was Penny

No. 730955

File: 1612543918541.jpeg (214.16 KB, 640x640, 2278D250-A8D1-4BF0-96EB-2A165A…)

Anons should I be worried about majoring in graphic design? I already gone through the classes and I’m slowly building my portfolio, but my mind keeps searching for jobs with good security, 401k benefit, and I kind of want to be a truck driver or something related to agriculture, and I don’t have a ruthless bone in my body to be able to compete in burgerland economy, so-

Is it it worth it?

No. 730967

Do they sell "southern living" magazines up North? Like I know they technically can, but are they popular?

No. 730975

Swedefags, how trash are Swedish men compared to the rest of the world? I'm 20, autistic and now certain my life is going nowhere and I'll never be an independent fully functioning member of the society so it's either leeching off a man or roping once my parents get fed up. Do Swedes want uwu housewives dependent on them and if yes, does the kind of man who wants that also necessarily wants biological kids?

No. 730981

graphic design can be lucrative but you have to be very competitive and constantly working to network and build your portfolio. like most creative fields, the vast majority don't make it or end up in a mediocre position

No. 730984

Most around me are ugly, dry humored uwu feminists but still want kids and someone who does most of the housework but make it seem very progressive.

No. 731003

I'm early 30s, autistic and as much as I felt the same way at your age…I own my own house now and am self sufficient. I never saw that day coming.

I had one abusive relationship and noped out of that crap. He paid most of the bills but my wellbeing is worth more than rent money. Autism can make you look like an easy target. Just something to watch out for.

No. 731006

Being a truck driver would be badass anon. Get to travel all around AND make great money. I’m a graphic designer, it ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. You pretty much have to know someone to get into the field.
Swedish men are gross and painfully dull, like most men.

No. 731015

does anyone use paint tool sai? and if you do, do you like it?

No. 731018

File: 1612549495202.jpg (40.41 KB, 960x534, bc7.jpg)

I think what other anons (>>730981 >>731006) said apply only/mostly to freelancing. I've been working as a graphic designer for 6 years now; there's actually quite a few different specializations you can go for; web design, ui/ux, outdoor and digital advertising, brand identity design, packaging, motion design, list goes on. I have no freelance ambitions, love working in a team and going for jobs like that, in marketing agencies and so on, actually can give you a pretty solid job security which is priceless ( for example, no one of my designer friends lost their job during covid); as for needing to know people - yes, networking is important, but you can easily land junior level job without any insider help, and from that point on you start making friends in the industry naturally, which of course is gonna help you in the future. A lot can depend on a general company culture, there's some crunch in advertising especially, but in big cities you'll definitely have a LOT of choice of companies to go to if you don't like the one you're already at. IDK, imho it's definitely worth pursuing, I don't regret it in the slightest.

No. 731021

I do! I think it's great but only for specific things. I find it really difficult to get my drawings looking good on it because I'm more of a sketcher. I know you can make decent art with enough practice, as long as you're using it for quite graphic stuff. The best thing about it is that it has a pen tool that lets you reshape the line and revise the pen pressure which is a feature I haven't yet seen elsewhere. However, if you use it too much, the lines start to look odd and lose their character if that makes sense? I like to get the linework down in Sai and then move the rest of the work into Photoshop just because I'm more comfy with the Adobe suite. The colouring brushes and manga effects are pretty comprehensive, I just can't get the same result from Sai as I can from Photoshop.
Does anybody rate Illustrator for linework? I haven't tried it yet but feel I'd get on with it better than sai.

No. 731033

Anyone know what happened to asherahs garden? Looks like the sites been killed off.

No. 731034

Why do people hype up discharge/komaeda anon? I've seen a lot of her posts but I don't understand the appeal.

No. 731035

How can I finish my school projects/assignments faster? I don't think the amount of hours I spend on some assignments is normal and it makes me really stressed out. I already try to make a plan for how I'll complete my assignments but then things go off course.

No. 731037

Because she's cool and we like her

No. 731039

No. 731042

I just think She's neat

No. 731043

I'm on ADHD medication and I still have this problem. As a starting point, I map out all of my assignments and deadlines in a chart at the beginning of the semester and try to start my projects as early as possible and that's useful. How organized are you? What methods do you use for collecting research and taking notes?

No. 731048

File: 1612552206310.png (231.97 KB, 1081x846, Screenshot_9.png)

I used SAI for I think 4 years. I ended up moving to FireAlpaca (which I liked a LOT more than SAI, namely being able to fucking crop images without having to open it in Photoshop to do so was a blessing). Few years back I bit the bullet and bought Clip Studio Paint, and I've been using it ever since. In hindsight, I really hated SAI's UX and I'm not sure why I stuck with it for so long given the fact that it would piss me off at least once per drawing session. The custom file navigator shit really ticked me off especially. Just a poorly designed program overall.

I work pretty much exclusively with Illustrator now in terms of art. I do pretty much everything in it, apart from sketches… which I more often than not sketch in Paint with a mouse for some unholy reason.

You have to completely rethink how you approach digital art when working with vector software. For some really weird reason, I kind of like it. I did stuff like picrel to learn the ropes (I have a reference photo layer that I'd trace over to get the hang of using points and curves and stuff as opposed to just… drawing lines with a pen tool like you'd normally do).

If you're willing to take on a new approach to linework, then Illustrator might be a good fit for you. You can even have lines with varying weights, they don't just have to be straight lines. There's a fairly steep learning curve, but once you "get" it, it's a breeze. Illustrator is also just a very overwhelming piece of software in general. There are so many fucking tools and so many different approaches to doing vector art that you might feel completely lost (I know I did). However, all you need to do is take things one step at a time. Hence why I learned how to use vector software by tracing. I also liked to trace screenshots from cartoons as well, that was fun. That teaches you how to be REALLY accurate with where you plot points, I've managed to recreate screenshots from shit with near pixel-perfect accuracy. The power of autism.

No. 731064

everytime i try to create a new thread i get an error regarding spam/flood. however, when i go back, the thread has already been created ad it works just fine. why is that so?

No. 731087

is that supposed to be the egyptian skin for zenyatta overwatch

No. 731118

Why do people put trigger warning in food? I don't get it

No. 731120

Muh ED

No. 731135

hell yeah!

No. 731140

do you think I could just give up on fashion and dress like a cartoon character? like, find a really nice, well-fitting pair of jeans and a nice plain black shirt, and just buy multiples of them? I'm tired of trying to learn what looks good on me, I really don't care that much and feel most comfortable in plain clothes anyways

No. 731141

Sure, do whatever you want.

No. 731144

Of course, that's actually what some famous successful people do. They wear the same thing every single day so they can focus more of their energy on their work.

No. 731148

Steve Jobs it up, anon! Who the fuck cares, it's the roaring pandemic!

No. 731149

this is the most pathetic thing i've ever read.

No. 731163

Will there ever be a new viral social media website or app besides Tiktok? Something more like Instagram or Facebook, something that doesn’t seem fleeting like Tiktok? Like another MySpace more for “socializing” with others rather than just liking and following, it’s hard to explain

No. 731218

How? I guess I should've clarified they don't wear the same exact piece of clothing but they buy multiples of the same staple pieces. They're not slobs or anything.

No. 731235

How do I learn to not look away when I see an average to attractive guy? I look away out of insecurity bc I'm shy but what makes it worse is that my standards are super low. These dudes actually aren't good looking at all.

No. 731240

What was >>731026 banned for; is is because of text spacing?

No. 731242

Yeah, they type like a redditor.

No. 731248

What would be the alternative to being a selftaught artists?

Asking cause I always see other artists say they are self-taught, but I literally can't imagine how else you learn to draw and paint unless you do it yourself. I know there are art schools, but I would think someone would start drawing and learning how to draw before they ever consider that

No. 731254

selftaught - at no point received any art related education, so sure, up until certain point everyone is selftaught, but then it can change

No. 731268

File: 1612570550620.jpg (9.38 KB, 480x360, Fred_On_Halloween.jpg)


No. 731270

Does anyone here know how to go about creating and running an imageboard? I want to get into creating websites and I figured an imageboard or a forum would be a good beginner's project. Or is that being too ambitious?

No. 731277

Why are threads here locked and not deleted? it always annoys me because it looks kinda messy for example when a scrote makes a thread and it's just left there locked and still on the board

No. 731295

Bitch I'm trying

No. 731303

you're free to murder me anon if it makes you happy, i won't mind.

No. 731337

Too ambitious. Social outcasts and degenerates tend to congregate on them, you would need to start with a solid mod team if you really want to do it to practice.

No. 731342

Can someone google search dolph lundgren's dick and tell me if does it look big or small to you? Thundergun iasip episode inspired me to look it up

No. 731344

It's a fucking chode but he is soft so who knows

No. 731347

I am not too versed in dicks so I am totally lost, it looks thick to me

No. 731386

Should I get a nose job? Honestly my looks would dramatically increase, my current nose is okay in size, but it is heavily deviated and crooked from being broken as a kid. Although I feel like I’m too old (23) and that I’ve been below average for this long so it doesn’t really matter at this point. Idk man.

No. 731393

How can you be too old for a plastic surgery? In fact, I think early 20s is the earliest you should be allowed to get ps, cause your looks are still maturing during your teenage years. If your nose is deviated then getting a nose job would be great. I've heard before that doctors who do cosmetic work (fixing the crooked-ness) and and doctors who fix "actual" problems within the nose are different though? Also, just because you're "average" now doesn't mean you have to stay that way. Even if it wasn't for cosmetic reasons, you'd still have to get your nose fixed if it's that deviated.

Anyway, I say yes. Good luck anon! Hope your new nose comes out nice.

No. 731394

Samefag but
>cause your looks are still maturing during your teenage years
*developing is a better word

No. 731418

Do most of you guys post using a vpn? I'm not tech savvy enough to know if I should…

No. 731437

No but i have nothing to lose tbh

No. 731438

Nope, never got why I should and whenever I asked I never got an answer

No. 731440

Samefag but you can use a VPN to watch netflix in other countries because they have different shows. Or for different games access/boards. I've used it to play Japanese games and access content there.

I have a family member who has like 3vpns duckduckgo the whole 9 yards but like it matters if you have something to protect. I also have a friend whose military who uses lots of protectors and messaging apps like Signal so he can be a retard online.

It really depends. Its not illegal to use lolcow/chan/kf or anything like that esp if you're not doxxing. Only admin here knows your IP address basically…

No. 731441


Samefagging but read the post above also if you're the type that doesn't like the idea of companies watching you to consoomer cuck you then you should.

No. 731516

I used to use one years ago so that I could watch big brother canada without being canadian, lol

not anymore though and especially not for the sake of lolcow. not only do i have nothing to hide i also have nothing to lose

No. 731640

File: 1612607569443.jpeg (58.36 KB, 349x427, C77F8FCF-69EF-415F-9202-9BD14D…)

Dunno where to put this but why does Patrick Star still insist on wearing a fucking towel on his head it’s ridiculous

No. 731654

Boomer question incoming, what is yeet? I keep hearing it from Youtubers, is it like cancelling?

No. 731657

He’s bald and doesn’t like wigs as much.

No. 731658

yeet is the opposite of yank

No. 731659

no, it comes from this vine

No. 731660

It means to throw something (usually trash) very far away.

No. 731661

aaah thank you for enlightening me

No. 731682

Dae get a pleasurable feeling when they are holding back poop? And I swear I'm not asking this to entice anorectal anon

No. 731691

what does bias mean when used by kpoppies?

No. 731692

Bias=favorite. At least I think

No. 731696

Me but with holding in pee. Almost orgasmic.

No. 731728

anons who are around 163cm tall, how much do you weigh?

No. 731733

how often do you vacuum, anons? i do it about once a week and i still feel it isn't enough

No. 731734

you okay?

No. 731740

I vacuum downstairs every other day. Then I use a lil pan and brush to sweep the wooden floor in my bedroom every couple days too. Only drag the vacuum upstairs the odd time because that part is a pain

No. 731748

Please come vacuum for me clean chan

No. 731750

61 lbs with 20V cups and a dump truck ass, everyone wants to fuck me and/or is jealous of my incredibly tasteful lolita co-ords.
Don't stress about it, anon.

No. 731751

Glad I'm not the odd one out.
Thanks for the info. Sometimes I'm paranoid that someone might doxx me even though I'm a nobody.

No. 731755

I have two set days in the week for proper vacuming but I'll do extra when necessary

No. 731757

Only when I pirate things jic or in the odd case I need to get around an ip ban or location restriction. They don't go after individuals who pirate in my country but it's better to be safe than sorry.

I've also read that regarding using vpns for privacy, vpns aren't even that solid because you never know if the provider is really doing what they say they're doing with your data and what they might do if a government knocks on their door for your data. And then there's the whole 4 eyes, 9 eyes shit.

No. 731762

Is it possible to change or drastically improve your personality? I don't need to be full of star power and charisma, I just want to be less uncomfortable and awkward. I used to get compared to that angry girl on Parks and Rec that Aubrey Plaza plays and that made me really sad

I've tried to look up advice videos but they all boil down to Just bee yourself:-) and I need the opposite

No. 731763

I'd divulge but you seem worried for some reason and it's poison comparing weights to other. You have different muscle mass, skeletal frame, etc. and that means one weight on one person looks like another weight on another person. How much are you?

No. 731770

if women did sex tourism at the same level that men do, which country/region would be most popular?

No. 731771

Check out the YouTube channel Charisma on Command (https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCU_W0oE_ock8bWKjALiGs8Q). It actually breaks down interviews and interactions with popular figures so you can understand why they come across as likable. Charisma can be trained like any other skill and people who seem “naturally” sociable have usually just focused on interacting with lots of different people for years.

No. 731772

Germany imo. The country's liberal enough for prostitution to be accepted legally, dynamics where the woman is more dominant don't seem that taboo at all, lots of cute guys, and germans are already pretty sexually depraved as it is.
I guess for certain demographics Japan could have the potential to be popular too.

No. 731773

Korea / Japan seems the most fetishized among women so maybe these. I'm sure already plenty of women go there with sole goal of getting laid in mind

No. 731774

File: 1612629718733.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 223.86 KB, 828x1112, 04F7BE84-9487-4FA9-8E38-E29933…)

Jeez seeing Kylies body made me feel so sick she looks so unreal. But honestly I think she got a lot of lipo especially inner thighs

No. 731776

Name 5 hot german guys though? Quite a few women I know from around the world tend to go on little fuck around trips to korea, they're easy but never know how to use a condom

No. 731777

Why are korean and french people so fucking two faced and rude?

No. 731778

Well yeah, aren't all the butt lifts and surgeries they get source their unwanted fat from other areas? Like they suck out fat from their stomach and stick it in their hips and ass. Channel E essentially runs promotion for plastic surgery all day with kuwtk and botched

No. 731779

Def Korea. It's pretty much impossible for you to get turned down even if you're 3/10 and he has a wife/gf. Their conservative image is so fake, it's probably the country where I encountered the most perverts and some even proudly admit to being one. The sex is almost always shit though and their pps really are way smaller on average compared to other nations.

No. 731781

Idk aren’t like arab countries a little famous for this? I remember single women going on vacation to Egypt to pick up some dudes there. If you’re european it’s the place to go or maybe Tunesia

No. 731782

Idk, it was a more or less educated guess of mine.
By what anons are saying in this thread, Korea, Japan and arab countries seem to be a better fit.

No. 731784

I don't know how much of that is just a repeated stereotype but don't women go to arab countries to do escorting? Idk if that would classify as sex tourism given it would be more of a sex work.

No. 731787

Older ladies have boytoys in turkey but i was thinking about younger women, that would still end up in me thinking maybe korea?

No. 731789

i think you’re thinking of the women who go to go to rich arab gulf countries- they’re usually into the escorting stuff. women who go to poorer north african countries like egypt and tunisia are usually looking for a hot younger arab guy to have fun with.

No. 731804

The average Korean man is quite misogynistic and the average penis 6.9 cm according to Womad who made it into a meme.

No. 731807

How hard is it to learn to downsize clothing (that aren't trousers/jeans)? I have basic sewing skills and experience.

No. 731813

That's true. There is quite a big number of submissive and pretty cute looking young guys out there as well though. I don't know why, but they usually use Twitter to find "sex partners" (which is what they call being FWBs in Korea apparently). I've met Korean guys like that and even though they're also shit at sex during the first few times, they've been really polite and it's easy to "train" them if I can call it that lol, they genuinely want to make you feel good and are willing to improve. So for any lonely anons out there who also live in Korea, check out K-Twitter kek.

No. 731816

Is gangly and lanky always considered a bad thing? Can it be cute or endearing or does it always mean Sweet Dee-esque?

No. 731818

It's adorable, anons are just seething and have the stature of Lillee Jean

No. 731827

Yea but we're talking fucking and dumping, not some koreaboo dating dreams. I've known a surprsing amount of people who have gone to korea mainly to fuck, sounds disappointing though.

No. 731830

Do Japanese, Chinese or Koreans have the smallest penises?

No. 731834

File: 1612638336095.png (266.85 KB, 590x880, C_BNDcIXsAEDDOI.png)

Plz convince me to delete reddit app. I hate it and get irrationally angry at posts on r/popular. But the news tab is accessible et addicting. I have no other social media besides YT and here(?)

No. 731835

reddit is cringe. why would you ever want to be a redditor?

No. 731838

All three have ridiculously small penis.

No. 731839

File: 1612638900903.png (43.89 KB, 968x702, dicktime.PNG)

No. 731843

I lurk mainly. Conversations, or "discussions", on reddit are pointless. But some subreddits help keep me up to date with my interests. But 99% of them are inactive. The only thing anchoring me to the app is the newsfeed because it updates daily and… that for me is addicting.. dunno why. samefag btw >731834

No. 731847

File: 1612639923536.jpeg (88.55 KB, 828x733, 63223F43-98AF-417E-AC66-7BC66E…)

group holiday to ecuador girls?

No. 731849

I'm down haha

No. 731850

>body height 1.67 m

How cute, a country full of manlets. I'd like to visit and feel like an amazon.

No. 731855

how tall are you, amazon-anon?

No. 731857

I'm just 1,70 m tall, but will be taller than alot of men in Ecuador!

No. 731861

File: 1612640845323.gif (32.76 KB, 98x100, 1612624981585.gif)

My boyfriend hates me because I told her I was going to kill myself because he broke up with me. Now he won't respond to my follower requesrs. What do I do

If he really cares about me he wouldbt do this

No. 731862

what's up with asherahsgarden reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

No. 731864

You sound manipulative as fuck.

No. 731865

i guess you have to follow through and kill yourself lol

No. 731868

I hope he doesn't contact you back, at all
Go treat your bpd

No. 731870

book an appointment with a therapist anon. do it now.

No. 731871

Anyone else actually like seeing gray hairs come in or am I alone in that?

No. 731879

Guess we need to build a new garden.

No. 731880

why do people post pictures and say "might delete" or tag it "delete later" on tumblr. i just don't get why you would post it in the first place (i'm the kind that only uses reblogs to archive beautiful pictures)

No. 731881

They want likes.

No. 731941

File: 1612646942929.jpeg (117.39 KB, 584x406, FB8098A1-6A30-4779-9970-FF2EA3…)

So, I saw pic related while reading a cute manga and now I want 300 of those rabbits or something similar, where can I find it or how can I make it?

No. 731948

What actually is dark academia? Is it a fashion style for teenagers who wish they lived at Hogwarths?

No. 731952

I'm learning all my basic beginner sewing skills from youtube and friends who can sew, it's honestly been pretty easy and I'm mad I didn't learn it earlier because it always felt "boring" to me but would have saved me a ton of money lol

no my best friend and bf are my two fave people on the planet and they're both a foot taller than me and adorable and one of them is a model, they have like gangly deer energy in a good way

i only have reddit for my niche interests/ fandoms that aren't annoying af/ reseller app tips etcetc, just things that actually benefit me and don't waste my time or upset me. if yu can't delete it you should try to just streamline it, i never go on the general/ popular side of it

literally just a popular new "aesthetic", it's about as deep as like cottagecore and "indie" (that weird new tiktok kidcore tryhard indie, not the good late 2000's twee OG shit) are. a lot of potterheads and kenna-esque girls and ppl who are into older antique level vintage and faux intellectuals seem to like it

No. 731953

Has someone tried valerian pills for insomnia? Do they work?

No. 731955

yes, just seems to be very academic dark english style of clothing. preppy. nothing fancy, but a bit more put together than a lot of style nowadays which is a little slobby/comfy.

No. 731957

I had a cousin who had valerian everything, the pills, the tea and the drops, i think it didn’t really do anything to help him because he was still a nervous wreck that would stress-eat all day and sleep like shit all night.
Try them out though, maybe it could be different for you.

No. 731959

I tried drinking valerian root tea before bed and didn't help at all. but maybe the pills are different

No. 731965

File: 1612649306420.jpg (134.14 KB, 736x736, DA.jpg)

It's a new aesthetic were people want to emulate the style or life of old academia. The style part is the dressing up as academics, hence the fashion term "dark academia", or owning academia like objects, think fancy classical books or pens. The life part is the pursuit of knowledge. This is usually by studying "classical subjects", writing, art, trivium, or reading classical books. The former usually dominates digital discussion, even if they deny it, because the latter is to busy doing stuff.
Use one of those digital well being apps to count how much you average a day, multiply by 365 days, and divide by 24 hours. Now imagine how much time you waste on reddit, 30 min for example is 7 days, looking at content that angers you.
For real though anon you'll have to just slowly ween off, 1 hour a week to 40 min to 20 min so on, and get a super good site blocker and go cold turkey. You also need to break the habit of checking up on reddit and replace it with something else

No. 731968

Not sure if that's the right thread but I was going back home after work today and arrived near my building after crossing the gate leading to it and some neighbor kids who entered right before me waited for me to walk in front of them and at some point as I was using my keys to enter the building one of them yelled something like "Hey I'm going to rape you!!" while laughing. They were like 6 or 8 boys who looked like they were in middle school. What the fuck was up with that? I wasn't worried but while I was their age I was treated like garbage by other boys but never heard that shit. Are boys now even more degenerate than before to the point it shows irl? I should have threatened to call the cops instead of ignoring them.

No. 731977

at the risk of making a fool of myself on here, i actually lowkey dig this "aesthetic" (i dress like this half the time bc i hate looking feminine) and it kind of works as an inspiration to get back into reading like i did when i was younger + spend more time away from video games and more "frivolous" stuff.

of course it's riddled with annoying, obnoxious, pretentious teenagers who make an "aesthetic" or a club or a lifestyle out of everything and anything, but otherwise it's not a bad thing

No. 731981

If they’re still around there, call the police.

No. 731988

I hate how taking pictures like this is normal when it's basically indistinguishable from an actual porn intro

No. 731989

I went home asap because there's a curfew at 6pm because of the pandemic and thought for a second I misheard them because wtf, but if I see them again and they do that shit again I'll call the cops.I bet they thought they could say that shit because from afar and with my mask on I look way younger than my age, but I can easily imagine tvese shitty brats saying the same shit to actual teenage girls living here. I bet they wouldnt have tried that shit with an auntie.

No. 731995

A few years ago when I was living in my first solo apt I had to ask neighbours who were hanging out drunk in the hallway to try and be mindful of noise…one guy replied saying he'd rape me and when I laughed at how absurd and unexpected that was he repeated it. I called the police to nip that kind of bs in the bud. Even if it seems outlandish it's not the kind of thing they should feel free saying

No. 732004

What did the police do when they arrived? I live in an area with several buildings so it'd be hard to see who is who and recognize the kids, and since they're very obviously minors I do wonder if the police will take it seriously. The only time I called the police for help because a family member threatened to stab me and my sister and waved a butcher knife while following us the police officers took their sweet time, conforted the agressors, and told my sister and I to fuck off because we were kids and probably deserved it anyway. Not sure I can trust them completely.

No. 732007

A few years ago when I transfered schools my new art teacher saw me drawing a few lines and immediately went like "You draw a lot in your free time, don't you?" - "Wha–yeah, I used to" - "It's obvious". Art anons, how did he see that? Is it because of how I hold a pencil or something? Because I can't think of any other reason since I literally just drew a few light lines.

No. 732008

Just by the quality of lines it's usually easy to say whether someone has a confidence of a person that does it a lot or not.

No. 732009

The neighbours were from the floor above me so after talking to me the police went up and knocked on different doors to find them. I knew they'd only knock on doors and then talk to them but that's all I wanted. That way if they repeat the threats there would be more action taken next time.

That's all police generally do with first time threats, as far as I know

No. 732013

That's a lot better than what they did with me. I'll still call them just in case if that ever happens again.

No. 732014

Aren't they smaller than the japanese?
6.9cm is being generous

No. 732023

Anons if you partake in this PLEASE be wary of hidden cameras being placed. There's a way higher likelihood if you're meeting to have sex as a foreigner, that shit is chefs kiss to a Korean man.

No. 732046

That’s kind of horrifying, nta, but now I don’t really feel like doing with the whole sex trips thingy, moids ruin everything.

No. 732048

Yeah same, I'm glad gen z is coming up with their own 'subcultures.' The only thing that'd turn me off from this community is the pretentiousness because im smartz en bookish

No. 732055

What's the first skill you learned about sewing?

No. 732059

Wtf is this lucy bullshidd

No. 732060

sounds weird af but is there any way to physically widen the appearance of your mouth? not lip fillers, i have naturally full lips it's just that the width of my mouth is so short, it's only a tiny bit wider than my nose and it throws off my facial proportions. idk if it's always been this way or if it's because my bite/ facial posture is a little off. anytime i put on lip plumper or take photos at an angle where my lips/ mouth are bigger i look way better, but overlining your lips horizontally looks dumb and clownish

while i'm here, are asymmetrical eyelids normal? it's another thing i've always had that i only recently realized, one of mine has two creases and the other uglier one only has one and is borderline hooded. it's very slight to other people i'm sure but i s2g everything on my right side is uglier than the features on my left side

No. 732062

just basic hemming methods and types of stitches, with and without a machine (i have a shitty handheld and am gonna save up for a better quality one eventually so i ca stop using my friend's lol). i'm not aiming to like make all my clothing from scratch or anything, but i'm really into thrifting and have lots of pieces that are boring but have potential to look really cool if i rework them or upcycle the fabric into a different piece.

look through the last day or so of the confessions thread on /ot/, it's 1000% worth reading

No. 732069

Oh i totally missed that the song was posted, now its stuck in my head

No. 732101

I'm going to go and be a massive coomer bitch this evening, and will be filled with copious amounts of self-regret for doing so. How can I alleviate the feelings of self-loathing once I am finished with it all.

No. 732105

Yeah. Most people seem to like the aesthetic, but it's become infamous for the teens audience.

No. 732120

god i hate post-cum guilt so much. every time it happens i literally will have dreams that night involving me like, finding sex toys and trying to hide or take or go find a place where i can be alone with it and the dream always ends up being mortifying and then i wake up even MORE guilty. i know i'm weirder about it because i'm borderline asexual at times and just dgaf about sex and horniness but i have no idea how some people genuinely like and advertise that they unironically like porn, that shit is shameful

No. 732153

You need to delete it. I barely use reddit anymore because it's boring now but when I did I was completely addicted when I used an app because it makes browsing it way too convenient. Every time I redownloaded the app I thought it would be fine but I couldn't control myself and I regretted it. Force yourself to use their desktop browser version or mobile browser version which is even shittier and will put you off. Also don't look at tabs, just pick 10 subreddits that are the most useful to you and only check those ones.

No. 732252

Anons can you tell me if this is a man or a woman?

No. 732262

Can you use lotion to moisturize your nipples? Mine feel like fucking lizard skin, and I'm trying to use vaseline but it's kind of uncomfortable cause of how they stick to my shirt I might have to buy some udderly smooth tbh

No. 732264

Of course you can, just use whatever you'd use for your face. FYI vaseline does nothing for hydration.

No. 732265

Ty anon. I didn't know vaseline isn't a good moisturizer cause I use it on my lips all the time lmao.

No. 732270

How do I get back into writing proper and coherent stuff? I want to write stories so bad but whenever I do I begin to feel very self-aware and stupid when I write out the characters and plot and I start overthinking it, it’s a harmful perfectionist mindset.

No. 732271

It's just a layer that prevents anything that could dry your lips from getting in, but if your lips were already dry before it would not help with solving the problem. TBH I was sure it has hydrating values for the longest time for the same reason.

No. 732272

Tbh she just looks like a butterfaced chick. The limbs and shit though look like a woman to me

No. 732301

where have the goth girls gone?

No. 732332

and where are all the punks

No. 732350

the real goth girls? idk, reading some books maybe

the fake big tiddy goth girls? they have onlyfans and they're egirls/gamer girls now

No. 732385

I just need Lucy anon to tell me how she does her eyeliner and why it's reminiscent of a Japanese girl. I don't know how I'm supposed to move on with my life not knowing.

No. 732388

File: 1612688565168.jpeg (662.53 KB, 828x1296, 1610850569515.jpeg)

Is it true that Jeffree Star looks like this?

No. 732391

No. 732393

really?? but his videos are in 4k and shit

No. 732394

Literally same. I want to be able to picture this entire banger playing out in my head. Oh lucy lucy lucy…

No. 732395

File: 1612688846246.jpeg (82.57 KB, 1100x825, 5dc3192879d7570b1b751332.jpeg)


This one may be a bad angle with harsh lights but like his pics with little makeup you can see that hes a busted looking

No. 732404

i've been wondering the same lol to me it looks like the texture on the skin is edited in, it's sharper than any other part of the photo

No. 732422

File: 1612691342641.png (Spoiler Image, 384.41 KB, 766x662, iHAjm73.png)

the photo is a little shopped, this is what it actually looks like…. it's still pretty bad

No. 732471

who is the lucy lucy lucy anon?

No. 732474

It's archived in wall cow own caps thread but it started in confessions

No. 732484

File: 1612696874305.png (1.72 MB, 1080x1160, youtube.png)

I want to make a lolcow Iceberg, but idk about what entries to add

so far I've got some ideas for the iceberg

the surface
>'female 4chan'
>other imageboards
>lolcow was made because of pixyteri/cgl
>radical feminism
>Borzoi hate
>weird confessions

Below the surface
>victorian anon
>DIY dildo anon
>komeada anon is discharge anon
>the retard-fucker anon in the fetishes you're ashamed of thread
>anarectal violence
>the June /ot/ raid
>pink-pill and man-hate threads

No. 732489

No scrotes allowed

Cows hate reading their own posts
Lucy lucy lucy anon
Confessions threads
/G and /M
Anon x anon fanfiction
((Red Texted))

Middle bottom:
Gimp Girl
Kevin Gibes
Discovering Azaelia is based somehow
Personal cows (automobile fucker)
Actually reading longpost /ot threads
Tranny janny conspiracy

Unironically peaking handmaidens who are hate reading mtf

Gimp girl is a Queen on 4th level interdimensional feminism and her comics are good

Knowing what all of this means

No. 732491



>manure board
>Cream board
>Int board
>Original admin was a male and a simp for shoeonhead
>Protein bar cameron dude on Vicky threads
>Kiki was the sperg chan
>princess doll of amalthea or whatever the fuck
>Looks just like CL!
>Vicky shingles self posting
>That Emily (I think that was her name) wannaroexic felice fawn being baited by a anon and self posting one of her pictures to prove her wrong

Some just from the top of my head
I've been here for too long

No. 732492


Forgot some

Shoop denial
Ostrenga spergging

Analrecto violence chan revealed as scrote
PP being cancelled
PULL infestation

jealous sex workers blogpost seething over fellow sw cows

Abby brown fans decide they like her and want her to do better like how PT did.

No. 732493


Lesbian in the gimp Girl threads who simps for her

Febfemme anon who hate spergs in /G and sometimes /ot

No. 732501

>Febfemme anon who hate spergs in /G and sometimes /ot
Damn she's in /g/ too? Brb, gonna search for these posts lmao

No. 732514


She got on the lesbian general thread and i think maybe in questioning sexuality? Im trying to remember but those are the ones im mainly on. I feel she made an appearance on one of the post hot girls threads. It would be recentish within the past few months

No. 732536

add: /ot/ closing for a week
stamina rose
tranny janny theory
site made by shoeonhead supporter
admin has stress chorro

the two long lost friends that found each other on the mexico thread

No. 732538

add also:
xanax anon
/ot/ skype meetup thread
all the posters that were uncovered by admins (like mistery)

No. 732570

Can u link the posts?

No. 732592

Do you think any celebs, either minor or really famous ones, lurk on lolcow?

No. 732593

yah, or at least they've taken a glance here once or twice

No. 732596

I think it's only minor internet personalities. I don't feel like this website is as big as some anons seem to think. I can imagine most of the snow cows know about this website, because they aren't that big, but people with larger followings (especially celebs) are probably oblivious to this.

No. 732602

I'm pretty sure that Azealia Banks posts here

No. 732608

Is it always a bad sign if a man watches porn?

No. 732610

a few times I've scrolled the vent thread and seen a post I really relate to or feel I can give some advice about but it's been posted 2/3+ days before. The vent thread moves so fast that by that point its buried by hundreds of other posts. It makes me sad when I see an emotional post asking for help with no replies. What do anons think is an acceptable cut off point when replying to posts like this?

No. 732616

I think it's perfectly alright to answer a post if it's only 2-3 days old

No. 732620

Honestly, as much as this website has shifted my mentality on porn and "sex work," I still have to say…no? Most guys grow up conditioned or pressured into being sexual and liking porn (this does not excuse abusers though). I've asked my male friends and bfs about their porn usage, some of them straight up tell me what kind of porn they like and others express discomfort and describe how their friends are always sending them porn links but they didn't really care for it.

My brother was once caught with playboy magazines (kind of based for an 11 year old with full internet access tbh)and he broke down and admitted he was trying to figure out if he's gay. My bf told me about how his childhood friend became hypersexual at a very young age because an older male cousin would show him porn…doesn't that sound fucked up? I do not want to cape for scrotes in this post but I think some (normal, not perpetually online, non-coomer) men have an equally complex relationship with porn. If you're close enough to a guy to have a conversation about it, I suggest it– sometimes they don't even like porn, they're just conditioned to think they do. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk

No. 732676

File: 1612717583156.jpg (47.64 KB, 640x640, EOwPIY5W4AAxPeA.jpg)

No. 732701

Why are we like this? What makes the people on this site want to be so mean? For me, it’s because I used to be a femcel in high school and now that I have my shit together I want to larp as Regina George

No. 732716

is there a youtube recommendations thread already? would that be something anons would be interested in? Just sharing random channels you'd recommend. Sometimes Youtubes algorithm fucks you and it can be hard to find new and different content, so I thought a general could be handy.

No. 732717

A large part of it has to be the anonymity. Can you imagine being in public and you overhear a conversation between two people talking about someone they both constantly keep track of on social media, despite that person not knowing they exist?
Or a scenario where you're in public and you hear someone say something you disagree with. Would your first instinct be a "the gloves are off" approach where you immediately start calling them pejoratives? I've been perpetually online for a large portion of my life alongside living in the real world, but never in a million years have I ever lost touch with reality to the degree of some of the women on here, simply because I know no one has a clue who I am.

No. 732719

Indeed, there is one! >>>/m/96900

No. 732720

thank you kind anon!

No. 732727

File: 1612721843289.gif (1.09 MB, 400x400, A0171442-8D6E-4027-A9C6-340A64…)

Hey anons, in your opinion, what phone apps have the worst looking interfaces? I’m writing a paper, and am looking for input.

No. 732733

Do you guys noticed certain foods having an effect on your dreams? I read that eating e.g.: cheese before bed can cause strange dreams but I never experienced it myself

No. 732743

im gona test this for a week and then report back to you to confirm it

No. 732750

No. 732751

hehe thank you for your dedication

No. 732761

Instagram, but very specifically since it was changed to be focused around the shopping and tik tok style reels and shit. It's new layout is the opposite of user friendly when it used to not be that bad.

No. 732762

Spotify. I love using it, but it's like content overload while simultaneously being too simple. Even though there are only three tabs on the bottom (i.e. "home", "search", and "your library"), the number of categories they give you to explore music is almost too specific and ends up leading you down a rabbit hole. Also, the "home" landing page is too cluttered, imo.

No. 732777

File: 1612726991277.png (813.81 KB, 664x746, 89455ff5393ccf463a731b22611e38…)

I'm absolutely lonely and alone. Where can I find a discord server where i'll most likely end up lurking fml ? too bad there's no chatbox on this lovely site.

No. 732780

File: 1612727234960.png (25.82 KB, 367x460, 349-3492267_salazzle-sm-pokemo…)

Why is Salazzle so fucking sexy it makes me uncomfortable

No. 732782

It's giving me bedroom eyes! Wretched temptress!

No. 732792

anon from one lonely bitch to another, don’t join discord. it’ll just make you feel even lonelier than you are now. it’s cliquey and full of insincere irony too cool types. you’d be replacing your loneliness with false friendships. i highly recommend that you try to develop your own self and try and become content with your own company because actually finding people who will help you feel less lonely is close to impossible.

No. 732793

any apps that reward you for not snacking? Like some kind of game? Not looking to count calories or restrict, I just need something to keep me motivated to not eat when I'm bored..

No. 732798

Not a pokemon I'm familiar with but about 20 percent of the google image results for it were porny so…confirmed sexy pokemon

No. 732807

try habit tracking apps

No. 732875

I hate it just because it's Kevin Gibes's favorite Pokemon, no offense to the poor beast.

No. 732881

File: 1612736524501.png (462.29 KB, 764x317, wot.PNG)

Why are zoomed-in picture colors different than on the miniature??

No. 732896

File: 1612737731981.png (609.02 KB, 1021x680, this cat is odd.png)

So I looked into this and went into a deep rabbit hole that I fear indicates I may be on the spectrum or something.

I'm going to look a bit more into this, but I downloaded two versions of the image: first was the fullsize image, and the other was the smaller thumbnail image. In the first screenshot in picrel, the smaller thumbnail is on the left, and the fullsize image is on the right. Now, when I open this image in my photo viewer, the image colours are exactly as they are in the thumbnail. This is indicated in the second screenshot. I am absolutely baffled and I want to get to the bottom of this.

So far I can say a few things I know (mostly) for certain:
>when images are uploaded to lolcow.farm, thumbnails are generated automatically that are a smaller size than the full image
>it is likely that this image has some strange properties that, when reduced in size, it causes the colours to shift due to the way the pixels are aligned in the image or some bullshit like that, I could be very wrong here and I'm just going off of what I know

I will report back later if I dig up anything conclusive. I work in IT and I like trying to work these things out in my head, so this is a fun exercise for me. I know for certain I've seen these kinds of weird things happen on sites like Twitter before. There was some strange glitch I saw where a girl uploaded an image of herself in her prom dress, and the thumbnail that ended up getting generated for it had wonky colours that made it look freaky as shit.

No. 732900

File: 1612738392434.jpeg (52.2 KB, 620x465, 471462D5-0EC1-491A-9F9C-BB3EFD…)

do any of you actually hide threads?

do any of you hide saged posts in threads (literally cannot imagine)?

No. 732903


oh this is my screenshot! maybe i can help a little bit, i'm on a macbook air and idk what the fuck is up with it but it has very weird color temperature glitches. like when i hover over the x to click out of a tab the color goes from normal to overly cool-toned, when i watch videos in full screen the color shifts and then goes back to normal after a few seconds when my cursor disappears. also i've taken screenshots like this one before where the result is warmer for like, no reason? the true color of the kitten when i googled it was the color it is when you zoom in on it, it wasn't super warm. tbh when i saw how my post looked i thought no one else but me could see it just because i'm so used to color being off (which makes my side hustle job really annoying because it involves taking and posting lots of photos of clothing and products, and i get insecure about whether the majority of people are seeing it in the correct color tone)

i want to go to like genius bar and see why it's doing weird little glitches like this, but my computer works totally fine otherwise for the most part so i can't really justify getting it fixed or looked at just for that reason. it's annoying af though lol

No. 732904

i hide images i dont like, i hide threads i dont like or dont care for, especially in /g/

No. 732906

Thank you, please update if you find out anything else! I know sometimes social media converts images in a way that will destroy them, but I've never seen a color temperature change like here.
Hmmm normally in your case I'd assume it's my macbook issue and no one else is experiencing this, so it's really weird I'm seeing the same thing on my PC! must be something in the file.

No. 732910

was i wrong to tell my bf that a couple of the guys i play a video game with like me? i told him i don't even consider them my friends… i didn't tell him this but even more than that i can barely stand them. i told him i'm a huge bitch to one of them but it makes him just like me more for some reason. i wasn't trying to make him jealous or anything like that at all i just wanted to be open and honest, i literally don't care about those guys at all.

No. 732913

Why play video games with them at all then?

No. 732915

they are my best friends bf's friends, they're alright to play with but nothing more and i avoid conversation outside of it

No. 732917

I hide threads all time, I only follow a handful of cows and don't care about most topics in /g/. I also hide threads in /ot/ if anons are discussing something that's upsetting to me because I'm a pussy. I never hide saged posts though

No. 732919

File: 1612740845698.png (1.89 MB, 3784x2552, cat autism.png)

I'm glad you came here, because I was suspicious that this was as a result of a MacOS user either taking a screenshot or saving an image in some weird way.

Here's the promised investigation from >>732896. I know now that this has nothing to do with the resizing of the image, but rather that the way the thumbnail image is being generated by lolcow.farm's servers. The basic explanation is:

>ICC profiles are used to standardize the colours that get displayed on a screen based on some set of standards

>This functionality is incredibly essential to graphic designers and photographers, who need to have the colour in their work displayed as accurately as possible to the final product while working on a project
>You can also use ICC profiles to ensure that an image on one screen appears exactly the same colour-wise on another screen
>It seems that Apple uses ICC profiles to ensure that the displays that come with their devices are displaying colours in the most optimal way (and some devices don't seem to have them at all, more on this later)
>PNG files can have ICC colour profiles embedded in them to adjust how your display will represent the colours in the image
>The problem here arises due to MacOS embedding its own ICC profiles in screenshots taken using the screenshot tool
>A screenshot taken on an Apple device is uploaded to lolcow.farm, with the ICC profile embedded in it
>Image is processed by ImageMagick to generate a thumbnail image
>Due to the weird ICC profile shit, when the profile is stripped from the image (you can see that image 2 is missing the ICC_Profile), the colours are now "warmer"
>When you click on the image, you're shown the original full size image with the original colour profile intact

Lastly, to prove my point further, I asked my friend to send me an unadultered screenshot from his Mac Mini, and it also has the same ICC profile embedded in it. I then asked him to take a screenshot of the original cat image, but the image he sent back didn't change at all. I can theorize why: he's using his Mac Mini with a non-Apple monitor, and as I said, ICC profiles seem to be used by Apple to optimize colour display on their own monitors.

Out of curiosity anon I was originally responding to, what specific MacBook Air model do you have? I might be able to help you fix your colour display issues. I know your pain.

No. 732927

File: 1612741782112.png (22.55 KB, 297x164, Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 3.48…)

oh man this is so interesting! I'm about to leave for some errands but here's the info according to "about this mac"

can't wait to see if this screenshot is warm-toned too lol

No. 732928


No. 732930

This is super interesting, I'm a designer myself, thankfully not working on Macs atm but it's definitely something to pay attention to. Glad I've asked about this, thank you for investigating!

No. 732931

File: 1612742000741.jpeg (106.92 KB, 750x1334, 0293607F-B6CA-422C-8D71-9254DE…)

Is it a stupid idea to buy myself a ring and wear it on my left ring finger, then when people ask who I’m engaged to I just say “myself”? kek

No. 732934

Does anyone remember that one muslim anon who was from a religious household but then managed to get her parents to stop being so religious by beginning to lean a little too much into it and starting teetering on being extremist? I can’t remember what thread it was in.

No. 732935

no, go for it queen

No. 732936

You think that's a good idea? Asherah's wasn't that active in the first place which was disappointing.

No. 732940

File: 1612742953984.png (153.94 KB, 330x315, Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 3.26…)

I realized that I completely missed the point in regards to the issue that's happening here, so I'll give a better summarized explanation of what exactly is going wrong: this is not an issue with anon's Macbook, but rather with how lolcow.farm processes images and generates thumbnails.

Due to the presence of ICC profiles in anon's screenshots, when thumbnails get generated for her screenshots she uploads, the colours become altered in the resulting thumbnail due to how lolcow.farm handles the presence of an ICC profile when generating thumbnails. I feel like I have to make this very clear because, admittedly, this stuff is new to me, but I have a good enough grasp on this sort of shit in general to understand what's going on. I don't want to give anyone false information about this stuff, I want to make sure I'm getting it right.

I'm going to bring this up in one of the /meta/ threads and see if I can get to the bottom of this. If something can be modified by the site admins that would prevent ImageMagick from handling Apple ICC profiles so weirdly, then it'd be a net gain for everyone who browses on an Apple device.

Also just for posterity, I'm uploading the screenshot my friend with the Mac Mini sent me (the one with the ICC profile embedded). Let's see if it fucks with the colours.

No. 732945

OK, what the fuck. I think anon's Macbook is haunted. I agree with you, >>732928.

It's not an issue specific to Macs, and I feel like I fucked up a little by implying it was. There's nothing inherently wrong with MacOS embedding ICC profile information in PNG files, it's just that it results in bizarre problems like this for one reason or another.

No. 732953

Made a post in /meta/ like I said I would: >>>/meta/20050

If you're curious at all, I provided one last example proving that lolcow.farms handles this shit weirdly. I managed to generate an image with warped colours, much like the thumbnail that made me look into this.

OP, why did you have to post that question? I'm high as shit and you got me investigating this whole thing for a solid 2 hours. I love you.

No. 732959

I don’t hide saged posts, but I’ll hide threads and images I don’t want to engage with or see.

No. 732967

Yeah that's pretty uncomfortable. I'd be wondering why tf you're even hanging around them then

No. 732975

Anybody here know how to prevent a bug infestation in your computer? I'm moving into a new apartment and like all apartments there's always a bit of a bug problem. My rig consists of a mid-size tower and a mecanical keyboard so there's a lot of nooks and crannies for them to hide. Just want to know if there's a way to prevent that or if I should just stuff it in a storage.

God I wish I could afford to move out of the city.

No. 732989

File: 1612747518874.jpg (189.54 KB, 965x577, a-clockwork-orange-a-clockwork…)

Nah. I take the whole site in as is, warts and all.

No. 733008

I'll admit I don't know much of anything about computer rigs but I do obsess over keeping my apartment bug free. The computer tower should have sort of a casing protecting the electronics right? If you're really worried, maybe you could try spraying raid on some wadded up paper towels (using gloves and being very careful with that stuff) and wiping down any non-porous surfaces on the casing, and making sure the area where it will be sitting is thoroughly sprayed down and dried before putting your tower there, which would hopefully keep them out without risking any of the electronics. The mechanical keyboard is a little trickier because you don't want to be touching bug spray very much, but it should be safe if the area it's in is sprayed.
I'd honestly consider this kind of overkill even for me though. I use the stuff I linked below around my apartment and just follow the directions on the page and I'm probably the only person in my building who almost never finds bugs.

No. 733017

How does smoking cigarettes make the smoker feel?

I've heard so much about how the different ways weed can make a person feel, but I literally don't understand what effect cigarettes are supposed to have

No. 733019

Nicotine is a stimulant. Therefore, it's akin to drinking coffee in some ways, as caffeine is also a stimulant.

No. 733021

i smoked cigs for a couple of years and it made me feel calm and a little bit lightheaded, but that feeling is short lived and i'd start to feel irritated like 20 minutes after finishing one. the effects absolutely aren't worth the habit lol

No. 733025

Is the use of the word "radical" in radical feminist inherently misogynistic or am I overthinking things?

No. 733030

In this context, radical wasn't supposed imply extreme or dangerous or anything like that, but rather that the ideology advocates for a complete dismantling of a system that is too fundamentally flawed to be reformed. It does get misinterpreted very easily as the former definition, though.

No. 733041

is anyone here pro prison abolition? if so, how do you go about rehabilitating rapists?

No. 733086


No. 733087

What about rapists that use objects?

No. 733091

File: 1612757299597.jpg (430.96 KB, 3529x2647, 53862c71eab8ea7f5c1e8977.jpg)


Academia dump incoming on the truth of prisons and rehab etc.:

so my main area of study is sexual offense rehabilitation for male and females so yes i see the worst of the worst pedo rapist etc. etc. all the therapy based around treating sexual offenders is entirely empathy centered. this type is also offered to pedos who don't offend to keep them from offending. personally i'm for offering free therapy of this specialized type (it requires separate training depending upon the state and sometimes different licensing) because it keeps women and children from getting hurt. so harm prevention.

Also i will say for pedos reintegrating into the community the proven best thing you can do with them or any criminal is allow them to have a community and not be full outcasts because recidivism happens when you throw them back into the same circumstances or don't let them back into society. They do have to be able to get jobs and have lives after crime and better coping skills. In america the recidivism rate is 75% and is the highest for violent offenders and actually the lowest for sex offenders. So for violent offenders, who I argue are more dangerous as your chances of being a victim of one are way higher than others, they need copium. drug addicts need reasons to stay sober and clean houses. Even if you wish death upon death for murderers and rapists and sperg out over it (i get it trust me) you need to realize what we're doing ISN'T working.

On top of that, the crime rates in America are the lowest they've ever been and its literally provable in every statistic. there was a spike in the 90s from reagan but that was likely war on drugs related.

the way they do prisons in other euro countries its like a rehab. IMO you go to prison as punishment not to be punished. You need to be treated with basic human rights and dignity and the worse you cage them the more full retard they go (proven shit in criminal justice and psychology). Basically, change the environments they are in. Give them more room (individual rooms), treat them with a human level of dignity. Give them enrichment like showing them national geographic or cool documentaries on stars. Instil hope. Make it so they want to get better and provide options when they get out so you're literally not sending them back to where they did the crime with no money or support.

Female prisoners also need gender specific programming. 70-80 percent have children. Most are the sole custodian for them and most are unemployed (thus wonder how they get into crime… big think). Women who are violent overwhelmingly got involved with a scrote or were victims of scroting and were getting away and claim DV when husband or bf was murdered. Yes there are jodi arias level women who just need to be kept away. But 88 percent of prison women recall being a victim of molestation/rape or domestic abuse violence at an early age usually by a family member or family friend. (this is to counter male offenders who usually claim to have WITNESSED violence at an early age) thus whenever dealing with a female offender you are basically always dealing with a victim of something terrible. You can't build a house on a broken foundation. So for women you need to help them overcome the trauma to lay a new one.

I will say as a professional academic who legit has 2 degrees in both psych and criminal justice that prisons do need to exist…. but they should be reserved for literal dangers to society ahd we pay a social tax to keep those people who are irredeemable away (human traffickers with long reports, high gang members, rapists/molesters with high victim count spanning decades like weinstein and cosby). but even then…

pic related. prison should look like a shitty college dorm or first apartment not literal hell. How can you expect someone to get better in a place that looks like even low security amerifag prison?

No. 733092

Amputation of both hands or a tattoo on the forehead that says “rapist” with precautionary chemical castration.

No. 733093

Some crimes can't be forgiven
Rapists all get the rope, no exception
There can be reasons for murder, there's never a reason for rape

No. 733095


samefag academic anon here

Basically how I think of it is how many innocents would you be willing to subject to the same treatment and be morally okay with it? What's the level? How many are you willing to throw in?


Also anon if you handcut they'll just be on disability after costing more money taking it away from people who need it

No. 733097

samefagging academic anon here but fun fact death penalty used to include rape and in the past scrotes have been executed for it

No. 733098

File: 1612757701595.png (54.44 KB, 1200x1042, index.png)

Very big rock
Drop on head
They stop moving
Never re-offend
100% success rate (fags will argue)

No. 733102

ayrt, thank you for the info and taking the time to condense all of it! the figure in the mirror and doorway scared the shit out of me.

does anyone else agree that taking the man taking the condom off w/o the woman's knowledge is rape?

No. 733106

Nta, but I agree with that. Unless it was something discussed beforehand, it's rape.

No. 733108

Def rape, sex with protection was being given consent to, not unprotected

No. 733112

File: 1612759662969.jpg (19.51 KB, 474x402, 448370d8b3549c61e7110a365c71eb…)

did spongebob ever explain why there are flowers in the sky. is that just all the underwater plants?

No. 733113

Apparently it's just their version of clouds. Sandy even says in the show that they "look like flowers" so that implies that they're not actual flowers.

No. 733114

What happens if you put 2 bipolar people in a relationship? What about borderline?

No. 733128

File: 1612760835725.jpg (15.74 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

They cancel each other out

No. 733160

File: 1612762905454.png (244.65 KB, 638x808, 1496490039830.png)

What does it mean when people say that the nuclear family isn't good enough? Please I want a nice explanation. Pic unrelated

No. 733164

Very cute idea! nice rings btw

No. 733167

File: 1612763327953.jpg (36.08 KB, 252x280, oil-ocean_3.jpg)

So bikini bottom is actually Bikini Atoll which is a real place used for military testing. People have surmised its oil from the testing

According to spongebob wiki it could also just be flowers as a backdrop to me it looks like the top of some sea creatures and if youre stylistically looking at an ocean without a backdrop it looks like shit and plain and drawing reefs is hard but the flowers? Animators dream.

No. 733168


i am borderline and bipolar. my ex gf was borderline.

you get suicide bait and drama if untreated. i was always unsure if she loved me. but she would have breakdowns where she would start shouting i didnt love her and that i secretly hated her. many times. we were together for four years. and even after our fourth anniversary she would have her breakdowns saying "YOU HATE ME ANON! YOU HATE ME ANON! I CAN TELL! YOUVE ALWAYS HATED ME".

No. 733170


So first of all there's two different types of bipolar and even people who have the same bipolar don't inherently have the same symptomology. For example in bipolar type one you can have symptoms such as psychosis you can also be a mean bipolar or you could be one of the ones who really likes to have fun and have adventures either way basically if you got two bipolar people together it would depend upon the cycles of their highs and lows I suppose if they are both treated bipolar and then it absolutely would probably be fine but if there are two very symptomatic especially bipolar type one then it would be cow herd level.

Anybody with an untreated BPD fag is already in a cow relationship. BPD fags tend to on ironically end up with people who are hyper abusive just because they have a really low sense of self and can be easily manipulated and to doing weird shit I've also IRL seen BPD chans end up with sociopaths or other personality disorders that are just toxic. Most healthy people avoid really symptomatic BPDs or people who are hyper vulnerable Because they're decent humans. People who target BPD gf are usually abusive scrotes so BP + BPD chan is insanity

No. 733232

what was PULL like? i heard of the site years ago. but i didn't make an account or read the threads. some time ths ago i searched it again and it's gone.

what was the community like compared to lolcow? were they meaner? what cows were popular there? was it like full SJW or was it edgy?

No. 733236

Side sleeper anons, where do you put your shoulders when you sleep?

>t. stomach sleeper since kindergarten

No. 733237


I only lurked kota kiki threads YEARS ago but there was either pure wk asspatting or nitpick sperging

No. 733241

In general, they were more fake nice, SJWy - but they were super nitpicky with stupid bullshit, especially if you didn't respect grorious nippon or giyomi korea UwU
They also would blog all the time.

"Ugh!!! I can't believe the photoshop in this Kenna picture. And she's eating mcdonald's?? In Japan?? When I went to Japan with my loving asian husband, we only ate shinto monk feet fungi. She's such an ugly poser weeaboo!"

No. 733244



Also they would be SO mad over shoops instead of keking

No. 733248

I sleep on my stomach most of the time, but when I do sleep on my side, my shoulders either go on my pillow or below it

No. 733250


Up under my pillow. Also i have my body pillow that i need to hug always like a retarded koala yes it's a dakimakura

No. 733253

Who's the character? Kek
I also have to sleep holding something, but I just developed this habit after dating. Usually I go for plushies

No. 733255

they also thought cows had a moral obligation to serve as an example to their audience : shooping yourself to death / showing off your stuff / humblebragging causes bad self image in young girls !!!!!1! and so they could feel good about shitting on people because they were just ~exposing the truth~ and ~raising awareness~, instead of just admitting that they liked being nitpicky and toxic.

No. 733258


Garrus from mass effect KEK

No. 733260


I also have 9S from Nier automata and have been meaning to get 2B

No. 733266

kek, don't forget the other classic blogs of people who can't afford to go to Japan
>can't believe Kenna is wasting her time going shopping in glorious nippon! If MY parents were rich and I had the money to travel, I would NEVER step foot out of traditional shrines and temples!

No. 733267

i always fall asleep either on my back or sie, but on my side it's basically the fetal position with my shoulders kinda hunched and my arms just go wherever they wanna go? this is so weird to me i've never consciously thought about where to place your shoulders, they're just kinda there

No. 733327

Is it true your vagina is tighter the younger you are and so sex is better? or is it a lie told by scrotes? I'm 25 and a virgin so I don't know

No. 733328

would like to add I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to sexual acts with men either, all I've heard was always on the point of view of guys and it makes me insecure about being older and "not being tight" or whatever

No. 733331

No. 733334

kek no i think it depends on your level of aroused-ness

No. 733336


This is the biggest scrote lie. Also your vagina is a muscle as well so it retightens even after birthing children. If you google it you will see the truth and why men shouldn't be let within 100m of writing policy about an organ they know nothing of

No. 733338

If you're too tight you're likely not aroused. The vagina moistens and relaxes (and labia and clitoris enlarge) when aroused

Like you can kegel and stuff to gorilla grip but yeah

No. 733339

vagina's size actually depends solely on your anatomy, not age or experience. whole meme of virgins being tighter or whatever comes from the fact that a lot of virgins would be afraid of the first sex and not aroused enough for the vagina muscles to relax. ultimately it's the matter of best fit with the penis and personal preferences, there's no "better" or "worse" size.

No. 733340

This, also it’s a two way street. If a scrote ever told me I was too loose, I’d reply “no, your dick is too small”

No. 733363

Oh, the good old Kenna thread. I'll never forget their spergfit over her picking up a fallen cherry blossom from the ground and PULLtards screeching about destroying a delicate holy sakura flower please report this bitch to the authorities reee. And pages upon pages of blogging about how respectful they would be when visiting Japan, only eating traditional washoku meals and sightseeing real Japan. I never gave a shit about Kenna or her drama and barely know what she's even notorious for but I read her thread just to have a laugh at all the seething anons accusing her of yellow fever and Asian fetishization because she dated Japanese guys while residing in Japan. She was living rent free in their heads leading the life they always wanted.

They also had a tendency to spam their fanart of the cow in threads, slathering their cringy "parody" art all over the threads pretending that it's "t-t-totally because I hate her guys!! it's not like I want to wear her skin!". The drawfags over in Lolcow might be insufferable at times but at least it's customary to tell them to fuck off if they start growing an ego or showing obsessive tendencies.

No. 733364

does anyone else procrastinate on peeing? like sometimes for as long as you can possibly hold it? it's especially retarded and lazy in my case because i'm always in my bedroom and i am literally five feet away from the toilet. and yet here i sit, bladder in pain for no reason. why

No. 733366

OH MY GOD I REMEMBER THE KENNA HATE-FANART. truly a new low for pull, the absolute mental illness you would have to have to dedicate time out of your life to draw that shit

No. 733371

That's bad for your kidneys

Also something I've never understood is… why does it feel good when you procastinate on peeing? it feels wrong but it feels good?

No. 733384

Adding to above anon, it can also cause UTIs and damage your bladder and pelvic floor muscles which could lead to incontinence. Surely not wanting to regularly piss yourself at a young age is enough motivation to go pee when you need to.

No. 733387

No it doesn't. Gahwd you people are weird.

No. 733393

Is honestly does. I swear I do not have a piss kink it's literally just how my body is. When I have to pee really bad, it feels like how I imagine strong internal orgasms (cause apparently those are better than clit orgasms) to feel like. It literally makes me cry from how strong it is.

No. 733394

>it feels like how I imagine strong internal orgasms (cause apparently those are better than clit orgasms) to feel like. It literally makes me cry from how strong it is.

I don't have a pissing myself kink either, or a holding in pee kink either, and I totally know what you're talking about. It feels super strong and orgasm-like, but I have no idea why this happens.

No. 733398

I think when you press on the bladder it can also put pressure on the wall of the vagina? I have no idea if that's true or not, but I've definitely heard of it before. That would explain why it feels good when it's full.

No. 733428

>There was some strange glitch I saw where a girl uploaded an image of herself in her prom dress, and the thumbnail that ended up getting generated for it had wonky colours that made it look freaky as shit.
Does anyone have a link or screenshot of this tweet?

No. 733439

Also don't forget how some PULLtard offered help to Kenna on how to make an apology video over some stupid ass forced drama and then leaked the DMs to make it seem like "someone else wrote her apology video". They also doxxed her address and planned to send her packages. Absolute mental illness.

No. 733456


this post just reminded me of the time a friend asked me if it was possible to marry herself and got offended and said that I "just didn't GET it" when I found it amusing and brought up those people who marry objects like the eiffel tower. Nothing wrong with buying yourself a nice fancy ring though anon!

No. 733465


The first cigarette of the day or after a long while can give you a nicotine rush, just kind of feels like adrenaline or the buzz you'd get from lots of caffeine but it only lasts a few minutes. It's more the sensation that you crave. For me, the hardest part about quitting was not having the excuse to go take a break to sit outside or not having something in my fingers to puff on while walking around or doing something monotonous. There is really no benefit to smoking but when you are addictive it feels like a comforting activity you can do when you're stressed, sad, bored, want to socialise, or want to avoid socialising.

No. 733467

how much screaming at home is normal? like parents screaming at you/each other? obviously the ideal answer would be none.

No. 733478


I've seen people say that the nuclear family is outdated because the price of living has risen and societal expectations have changed. A lot of the time both parents have to work which makes balancing childcare, household upkeep, self care, and leisure time very difficult. These days you could have both parents working full time and STILL be living paycheck to paycheck. And women are usually expected to take on the emotional labour of cooking, cleaning, and childcare on top of their own work.

No. 733479

I don't think any screaming is normal anon, I'm sorry. I understand where you come from but it shouldn't be normal

No. 733482

what's the solution to this?

No. 733516

Not having kids

No. 733519

Thanks anon! Gonna treat myself soon heh.

Yeah I kinda of fear it came off as something stupid like that lmao. I finally do love myself after many, many years of not and it's not so much the idea of 'I hate everyone so I'll just marry myself'/'No one is good enough for me so I'll just marry myself' as much as just a nice treat to myself. It's also a weird push and pull of 'I really want to be married one day and wear a nice ring' and also 'I can't be pissed to bother trying to date at the moment while trying to figure out a million other things with my life' so this seems like a nice solution for the time being kek. If I ever get married in the future I would prefer a simple gold band instead of something super extravagant, but I'm young and stupid now so time to buy myself a fancy looking ring!!!

No. 733530

if you could change any moment in your life, which would it be? why?

No. 733554

Probably leave my apartment to go see my grandmother in the hospice a few hours earlier. I had set the time to leave at 12 pm, but decided to leave at 2. I was brushing my teeth at about 1:50 when I got the call that she died.
I could've made it, the trip to the hospice was around 45 minutes. Instead, she died alone, with probably no one surrounding her except for the nurse.

No. 733560

I wouldn't book that flight

No. 733563

quick what are good valentines day gifts for my girlfriend

No. 733564

I would've deleted him, the app, and moved on the moment I realized I was being ghosted by this fuck boy. I think a large portion of my college/post grad years kept spiraling downhill because I let that moment overtake everything. I was a student studying abroad in Tokyo at the time, we had been speaking for about 2 years before I went. That year was supposed to be the greatest year of my life, I was in Tokyo! I was studying at one of the top universities! I had so much opportunity in front of me, so many people who I could have befriended, so many more things I could have done, and I wasted all of it because I wanted to wait on this boy who wasn't my boyfriend and used me for sex and nudes. At the time, all I could think was 'I'm halfway across the world from my friends and family, with no support system here' but I realize now that the few friends I made, especially in the beginning, were an amazing support system to me. They let me depend on them and tried their best for me but they weren't my friends back at home so I always viewed them as people who didn't "get it" (regardless or whether or not they did, they still tried their best for me). I spent a large majority of time declining invitations out to drinking parties or just other fun things because I was too depressed to leave my room. I put the very few friends I made through a lot of trouble trying to deal with me and trying their best to convince me to go out and do things. I didn't attempt to do anything academically worthwhile like getting an internship or even just practicing the language.

I made a lot of excuses for myself, but if I had held my head high and forced myself to move on, I could've and would've been much better off for it. All the odds were stacked in my favor. Being the international student by default kind of made people gravitate toward me, making friends was literally the easiest thing, all I had to do was hold a conversation to almost everyone who tried to strike one up with me. It was so easy to befriend a lot of my professors (I did end up volunteering for a program with one of them towards the end of my program), I could've easily asked for their guidance in helping me get an internship. I wish all the people I came across at that time could have experienced me as I am now, happy and fulfilled and having such a zeal for life. Instead they got the worst version of myself, all because I was too hung up on being ghosted by a boy who never cared about my feelings.

sorry for sperg I'm still kind of bitter about it all but I just try to take it as a "this was a good lesson learned and now I'm a much better person because of it" but I can't help but always wonder how much more different my life would have panned out had I made the most of my time there instead of being a depressed sack of shit

No. 733565

We don't know your gf, nonny

No. 733566

What does she like anon? Is a bouquet of flowers too cheesy?

No. 733571

A lot of people can’t die if there are people around them. She probably died then because she was able to. I saw someone before they died in hospice, they were surrounded by like 10 people and everyone thought they were going to go, we had to leave for an hour and that’s when they finally died. My mom was telling them “it’s okay, you can go now” before they died. I think being around people really makes them hold on when they need to pass.
I think this is similar to how animals go hide when they are ready to pass.

No. 733572

i wish you did this is more difficult than i thought it would be

question redirect. what do YALL want for valentines day

No. 733573

im single

No. 733575

I want to eat tacos and split a 6pack with my bf

No. 733585

what are good gift ideas for my ubernormie sister? makeup is out of the question because she doesn’t wear it much.

No. 733586

A decorative silk scarf!

No. 733592

No. 733595


No. 733596

Basic but nice quality art supplies ?

No. 733601

pretty stationary? a photo album with all the photos you took together? a wreck-it journal?

No. 733604

File: 1612800722335.png (1.01 MB, 570x768, sticker.png)

I want a shitload of cute stickers and a marriage proposal. From anyone really

No. 733606

extended family?

No. 733609

I'm sweaty as shit and, in order to not get any marks from sweat or aluminum, is it best to after applying the deodorant, immediately wash the area with water, as to not allow sweat to cause any stains, or allow the aluminum to stain the clothes?

No. 733612

File: 1612801269341.png (328.53 KB, 523x700, Annotation_2020-01-13_095239_8…)

maybe a handmade carved candle!

No. 733614

File: 1612801309816.jpg (250.96 KB, 1080x1069, IMG_20210208_171626.jpg)

One of these spotify song keychains and make it with a picture of you two together or the album art of one of her favourite songs. You can get them custom made on etsy, I've seeing them all over Pinterest lately. Super cute, original and personal imo.

No. 733623

Flowers, stationary shit, a nice dinner, and to get eaten out.

No. 733632

that’s pretty cool anon i think she’d like it a lot! thanks ♥

No. 733678

File: 1612805808283.png (179.67 KB, 539x303, jinrui0701.png)

Um sure, if you want to wash the deodorant away. Get non aluminum deodorant. Alternatively, just wear black.

No. 733688

anyone ever get worried about or have an irrational fear of being somebody's practice girlfriend or stand-in until they find someone they're truly into?

No. 733689


wait scrotes actually do that? lesbians wins once again

No. 733692

>thinking lesbians don't do that shit too
t. have been 4 different women's practice / experimentation phase

No. 733693

every day. almost all my exes proposed to women who looked like me after they dumped me. funny enough, i'm engaged now and still struggle with that every day. i think it's a common anxiety. especially cause we're socialized to expect replacement as women. always a competition, no rest, ever.

No. 733694

nta but this happens w lesbians too

No. 733696

Yeah. Its been done often enough to the point where terms like "starter girlfriend/wife" aren't rare to see…

No. 733698

Yeah because this happened to me all the time when I was dating men. Like not even once or twice, I think it happened like on at least 4 separate occasions.
>Scrote constantly flirts with me, asks me out, treats me fine, we have a great time for a good while
>He suddenly dumps and ghosts me, I find out a year later he's now engaged to another girl he left me for
Been single for years and too hurt to look for a relationship out of fear of this happening yet again. Two of them even had the balls to come crawling back like nothing happened after they broke up and tried to warm me up again. Lmao fuck off with that I'm not your personal nurse.

No. 733717


uh? if you say they were just experimenting with their sexuality… you're literally saying they weren't lesbians they were bicurious though? unless you're a scrote, lesbians aren't experimenting on you. cause if they're openly lesbian they uh like women. just seems like you dated confused bi girls anon.

No. 733755

A high quality box of chocolates from a local chocolatier, not the shitty store bought kind. It'd be nice to go out to an expensive dinner too even if it's a friend or family member I'm going with.

No. 733799

Is it true that (male) gay porn is popular with lesbians? How so?

No. 733808

Do people make any sort of profit from having those huge 50-100k follower meme/aesthetic instagrams?

No. 733810

lesbians are just broken straight women

No. 733812

Ok scrote

No. 733814

File: 1612816090312.gif (888.54 KB, 220x236, Uhh-What_de268.gif)

No. 733816

is it really that shitty to send a breakup text if we’ve only been dating for a month? to be fair i’m too much of a coward to do it in real life

No. 733817

Wtf no? Most lesbians I've come across aren't even fans of porn in general let alone gay male porn. Fanfic and erotica are far more popular. I guess there are some lesbian fujos but I don't think they're the norm

No. 733820

Why is lolcow so fucking shit now?

No. 733826

Lesbian fujos I can understand. Very female-coded content by women for women. Because yuri is too often scrote-made for scrotes.

No. 733852

underage, twitter and reddit refugees

No. 733921

I am actually considering buying a few wood round things, and doing what pnp is doing on etsy, but not pricing my shit like her. Would that be stupid? I have everything else but the wood

No. 733924

No anon do it. Price it however you think will be profitable.

No. 733925

Why do I sometimes get diarrhea right after waking up even though I didn't eat anything yet? I doubt I'm that dehydrated cause I always drink tons of water when I wake up and before going to bed too.

No. 733942

Someone in this Discord server I'm in randomly linked to a Twitter account that was a middle-aged woman obviously being abused by her male partner. The husband is running the account and selling the clips (and he made that clear from the first posts), but now he's pretending to be her on the account. She looks so fucking broken and hopeless. There's no way she's a willing participant.
I want to report it so badly, but it's all tagged as "kink", "submissive", "BDSM", "raceplay', etc so I know nothing will happen. It's literally like Delia Day, 2021 edition.
What the fuck can I do? I feel like I can't just leave this woman alone, but I have no clue who she is or how to dox her so I can try calling the police. She looks so fucking depressed, I can't get it out of my head.

No. 733954

File: 1612822215172.jpg (329.1 KB, 1500x2250, 15717702265daf4f7245f0f.jpg)

What are some foods you've never eaten but really want to try?

Mine is russian honey cake.

No. 733962

Oh yeah anon, this stuff is my favourite. Incredible flavour, honey and cream cheese, and a kind of chewy dense texture like (English) pancakes/thick crêpes. So elusive but so delicious.

No. 733966

This hurts to read, that poor woman. Is there a way you can drum up enough people to mass report it? Maybe in the discord the account was posted in?

No. 733995

I said to, but I doubt most of them will. I reported it myself just now and asked someone else to in DMs, not sure what else I can do.
I feel like posting it here or blasting it on other servers will just be racebaitish because of the content, and that's one of the worst parts.

No. 734008

True, I have some business sense in me but no way in hell are any of them gonna go for 400 haha

No. 734023

Is there a personal finances thread in here or /g/?

No. 734047

What’s the correlation between Amanda Seyfried and lolcow? The banner always confused me

No. 734049

There should be one made, fits /ot/

No. 734053

samefagging academic anon here but fun fact death penalty used to include rape and in the past scrotes have been executed for it

No. 734056

make one for g

No. 734098

TL;DR: some crazy farmer had a hate boner for her and would sperg about it

No. 734137

No. 734146

Do any of you ever wonder how many times you've talked to the same anon?

Like, I've probably had the same person comfort me and give me words of sweet encouragement when I'm upset in one thread, then brutally insult me in a different thread for disagreeing about something.

No. 734148

so true bestie

No. 734151

yes. theres a longpost in lesbian general explaining it

No. 734153

bc ur here

No. 734156

Yes! I am a driverfag so I know for a fact that I am talking to the same anons there fellow toyfag I love you xoxo
So I always catch myself thinking where else they are posting. Sometimes I wonder if I've fought them somewhere else kek

No. 734219

I'm terrified of how many people realize they've talked to the anon that wants to have sex with an airplane

No. 734221

This is probably a retarded question but I recently have reached out to a faith-based dental clinic in my area that gives dental care to low-income and uninsured people because I am a broke uninsured burgerfag. I am irreligious and I'm wondering if it will matter to them? Like the quality of care I receive or if I should act in a certain religious way to appease them?

No. 734222

Depends, I guess? My ex broke up with me over text, and looking back on it, I think that was better for us. People always say breakups over text suck, but I think I prefer them. Our breakup took like a day or two, a lot of mulling over our responses before sending them, thinking carefully and wording things as precisely as we could. I’ve never been in a long term relationship though, so I’ve also never felt owed a break up in person. I still don’t think I’d like it because I know I would probably turn desperate and be a mess. Text break ups let me have at least a tiny bit more clarity.

No. 734223

Don't worry about it anon. Enjoy your cheap dental care

No. 734229

damn, fellow uninsured burger poorfag i may have to look into this type of dental care soon

No. 734236

I have a christfearing Jesus loving friend who was living in her car at one point who went to a faith-based dental clinic in her city and she got something like 4 root canals and 6 fillings done. Each visit only cost her $15 because they ask for a small donation in return for their services but I think she could have even gotten away paying nothing. I would totally reccomend fellow uninsured burgers to look into if you have a church-run dentist or medical clinic near you.

No. 734238

I hope this doesn't come off as racebait, but where the hell do white people get all those dna percentages from? Like, you'll ask what they are and they'll say something like "I'm 14% dutch, 62% norwegian 2% icelandic 20% german, oh, and my great-great-great-great grandma went to ukraine once so a little bit of that too" like, what the fuck? Where do they get these numbers from? This has been a thing even before ancestry sites

No. 734239

Samefag, I guess I should clarify it's white Americans

No. 734241

I don't understand where the hate for men stems from, could someone fill me in on this?

No. 734243

File: 1612838887533.png (2.63 MB, 1920x1214, Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 9.48…)

No. 734245

>Where do they get these numbers from?
They make them up on the spot. Very few white Americans know anything solid about their family's historical/ethnic background (and if they do, only the background of their American settler ancestors, with little knowledge of where their ancestors immigrated to America from). Most Americans who say stuff like the "21% Irish, 7% German, 13% Italian, 40% whatever" are either entirely making it up (usually deciding what countries to choose by comparing their physical appearances/physical features to what they think a stereotypical person from that country would look like, for example, assuming they have Scandinavian ancestry because they have blue eyes or Mediterranean ancestry because they have brown eyes) or are saying it because they've been told it by other family members with no factual basis. I can't say I know anyone, personally or as an acquaintance, that has actually taken a DNA test to learn more about their ancestry. It's commonly joked about. (t. white American.)

That being said, it's true that the average white American (or average American who isn't a first/second generation immigrant) would generally have a more diverse ethnic background than the average white European, due to North America having had an indigenous population pre-colonization and due to the various forms of immigration/forced immigration that brought populations from all around the world to the US hundreds of years ago.

No. 734249

Okay, have you ever lived life as a woman?

No. 734253

What are drunk desires a representation of? I generally am more attracted to people and their hobbies when I'm intoxicated.

No. 734254

File: 1612840176982.jpeg (255.7 KB, 1200x1237, B6ABF955-8B90-438F-9098-ABC5FF…)

How do you get therapy? Do you go find a counselor or do you try to find a psychologist in your health insurance network or what??

No. 734255

You’re feeling more happy in general and perhaps more open to and positive towards other people?

No. 734256

try psychologytoday. its a website, you can filter by disorders, insurances, areas, etc. you can also probably go to your insurance and see who/what your insurance covers

No. 734258

Lurk moar

No. 734260

Absofuxking lutely not anon psychtoday has so much misinformation im trying not to sperg too hard as someone whose in this field

No. 734277

Are there any websites to watch twitch vods that have expired from the videos page?

No. 734303

Some twitch streamers I like uolsod their streams on YouTube channels afterwards.

No. 734312

>google "therapy in [area]"
>choose a few depending on preferences like private practice or not, distance, cost, etc
>call them asking if they accept your insurance

No. 734342

I got a chest tattoo today and it's leaking a lot of blood and plasma. I'm covered in tatts and never had once leak so fucking much. I'm lightheaded, but also extremely squeamish about my own blood. Should I worry or is it just my anxiety being a bitch?

My artist is pretty light-handed.

No. 734349

I don't know how easy to contact your artist is, but would you be able to message or call them and ask if this amount of blood and stuff is expected for what you got? Your only other option would probably be a doctor if something is really wrong.

No. 734350

>And are scrotes really taking the filter out?
i think they can just desaturate/fuck around with the colors and contrast in any photo editing program

No. 734354

I’ve seen them do this with girls who aren’t wearing bras pictures.

No. 734356

How do you get rid of the type of self esteem where there’s no in between? Where you can’t feel comfortable in yourself unless you’re the most amazing perfect person?

No. 734357

How can you see your own plasma? What does it even look like? I don't have an answer for your question, but hope you feel better, anon.

No. 734367

I've been thinking of what kind of house I want and am stuck on the windows. Anons who have lived with both, sliding windows and tilt/turn windows, have you ever noticed a difference in wind flow (when you slide it open just a bit vs tilt it obv, it's probably gonna be the same when opened completely)? Don't feel rushed to answer, this is a matter that still has a good ten, fifteen years left…

No. 734373

Is casual sex worth it?

No. 734374

Tilted ones suck. Mines are pretty old so they no longer open or close all the way and make a lot of noise

No. 734375

No. 734394

assuming you're straight only with cute, respectful and submissive scrotes (even better if you can become fwbs and mainly have sex with each other which is better for your own safety). other than that it's not worth the risks. tbh even kissing and oral with randos is quite risky trust me i've gotten some bad herpes from simple makeout sessions

No. 734413

I wish there is an art study thread not to be with confused with rate my art thread. Where anon can give feedback from their study and post theirs. Can't stand /ic/. What do you think anons?

No. 734415

Depends on what you want out of it. I like it, you get to touch a male, fuck him, blah blah blah and not have to worry about him later.

No. 734417

Plasma is yellowish transparent. I'm not that anon my mom just works in a laboratory. But I don't think that would be plasma oozing out, maybe uhhh extracellular fluid or something

No. 734418

Art resources and lessons >>/m/119195
"Rate My Art" Thread >>>/m/102700
Oh I see. Maybe it was pus or something then

No. 734419

Fucked up the link on the first one >>>/m/119195

No. 734457

Why is the art thread always full of infighting

No. 734539

it attracts tons of twitfags and general autists who don’t know how to politely disagree with people or even speak to people in general

No. 734547

No. 734570

I hate /ic now but having my art associated with this place could be even worse for my reputation

No. 734580

File: 1612882462770.jpg (82.47 KB, 605x787, how-to-make-the-starring-pastr…)

Late but I'm glad someone's actually intrigued by the cuisine of my country! I've never tried Medovik, but i've been told I should ASAP.
I really want to make Courtesan au Chocolat from The Grand Budapest Hotel for my college graduation.

No. 734581

Studies feel safe to post, unless someone has super recognizable style / cross-posts the same image on their personal page I don't think it would be easy to find who made it. I wish i had a study buddy because it's always more fun when not alone, but then it's such a time consuming thing to do I doubt people would post much ever.

No. 734583

Omg me too I saw a recipe online with yoghurt cream and it sounds so good. I'd make it if my oven wasn't busted

No. 734592

I started wearing a tight sports bra about a year ago and realised I really like the freedom of movement and the look of a flat chest.
I'm not a genderspecial or a tranny, I'm very much a woman, but I do find myself want to buy a minimiser bra or a binder.
Is this a preference I need to examine more closely or am I overthinking it? I just like feeling compact and streamlined.

No. 734594

Be careful, binding too much can be dangerous. But I don't think you should think too hard about it, bras are also garments that change how our body looks and they are normal, why should one sort of modification be allowed and others not.

No. 734595

I've never heard of this but it looks delicious.

No. 734600

That's a very good point. I hadn't thought about it that way. I'll not think about it too much then.
Thank you for your concern, I've been reading up on "binder hygiene" (idk if that's a proper term or not, I'm thinking of it like sleep hygiene). I might try a minimiser first, since they're bras rather than a straight chest corset.

No. 734612

i don't recommend using a binder, you can really fuck up your ribs and lung capacity in the long run. definitely stick to sports bras or minimizers and get creative with layering your clothes, i have a decently sized chest and whenever i wanna go for the flat look layers surprisingly help a lot

No. 734613

Wow me too. I hate how my boobs make my stomach appear larger because of the way my shit falls from them onto my torso.
I also have saggy titties though so I just don’t wear a bra and I look pretty flat chested lmaaao

No. 734615

Shirt not my shit…

No. 734662

Has anyone tried using apps like Bumble to make friends? I'm getting too old for little discord groups and I want nothing to do with the local comms for my hobbies

No. 734672

File: 1612889738828.jpg (Spoiler Image, 287.72 KB, 1080x712, Screenshot_20210209-090556_Twi…)

Sorry, I have another stupid question. How did women in the 50s achieve picrel body? I love the nipped waist with the soft tummy. Ive been wearing corsets for 12 years and I never manage to look like that.
I asked one of friends who's an artist last night. She said it's normal as long as it doesn't keep leaking for more than 36hrs. I guess, because it's close to the bone it bleeds more? Anyway, I feel better this morning. Thanks, anon!
You can tell, because it makes the blood/ink conviction look thicker and gooey, I guess. Weird, because even though it's normal it usually only happens even the body goes past its threshold. Tbh, the chest didn't hurt that much compared to, say, my hands or neck.

No. 734678

Where’d you get that pic? I had never seen bodies that resemble mine so much and am fascinated

No. 734681

It was just a popular body type. Not everyone has the shape for it, and the succeeding popular body type, Twiggy, emerged at least in part as a backlash to the curvy 50s figure. Even less people had the structure needed for that trend though.

No. 734685

If you don't mind me asking: how has wearing corsets effected your body? Are they long term effects? I'm not judging btw, I genuinely want to know

No. 734686

Corsets will never really do that much unless you basically live in it and had a small waist to begin with. It's a body type you have to be born with. A woman with a naturally small waist but with fat on her will get that look. Some people just don't carry their fat on their waists.

The body type wasn't common, it was just the most marketed. Like >>734681 said, it was popular. It wasn't that your average woman had big boobs, tiny waist and big hips, it was that women that had those features were put in photos and films.

If social media wasn't a thing and people had to rely on magazines and movies to see what we looked like, they'd probably think we all looked like a hadid sister.

No. 734691

bump, i'm curious, too

No. 734705

File: 1612893479449.jpg (44.44 KB, 590x350, Jayne-Mansfield-Hollywood-lege…)

I found it on twitter, but you can Google like 50s pinup model or 50s bikini. This is Jayne Mansfield.
When I was regularly waist training and tight lacing (only taking off my corsets to shower and work out) it would take a few inches off my waist, but only for about a day or two, enough for photoshoots and then it would start to go back to my natural waist. I haven't noticed any really looking term effects other than my blood pressure going up when waist training, but I have hypotension normally.

A lot of women who lose inches permanently actually just lost weight, since it's hard to eat large portions in a corset.
I think my body type is closer to Twiggy. That's my nickname that my grandma calls me. I just don't see that particular type of body anymore. Even women who try to replicate it like Dita von Teese don't look like that. But I understand what you mean.

No. 734708

her gut is sucked in to auschwitz levels and she's kinda hunched over in this pic though

No. 734710

It honestly looks like a combo of their natural body and sucking in. I have a body similar to the curvy 50's figure, and the middle of my stomach also has the pinched in the middle, pooch at the bottom look when I suck in.

No. 734717

Samefag, I also want to add that women also wore waist shapers in addition to the cone boobs in the 50's. You can see it the most from a front angle, but that's probably part of the reason they had the pinched look from the side as well. I think models like Betty Brosmer did it for her photoshoots as well.

No. 734718

how early is too early to buy a gift for a bf? i wanted to get my bf something for valentines day (its not expensive) and we've been together officially for less than 3 months though

No. 734721

That's true. I was going to use a Vampira pic, but she just lucked out with her impossibly tiny waist. I'm happy enough with my body now, but when I was younger I would have killed for a curvy shape.
You're lucky, when I suck in, my waist just gets wider.

No. 734726

Anyone know of any books that follow a depressed, weird outcast woman? Kind of in the vein The Bell Jar or The New Me, I can’t really think of any examples but I hope it’s clear.

No. 734727

don't go too crazy! but in general i'm sure he will appreciate the thought

No. 734729

it's a book so nothing too crazy, tbh i don't expect him to get me anything but i still want to do it

No. 734748

Ayrt, I've been scrolling it for a few hours and it's pretty grim. Don't recommend unless you are very hot, boring, and well adjusted

No. 734753

why would you have to be hot for bumble friends? isn’t being clean and well presented enough?

No. 734757


yeah it's basically a meme at this point of white people rattling off percentages, but if they're not straight up lying about it they probably did 23andme or ancestry dna. my mom and I did it and actually found out some really amazing/ heartbreaking origin stories and learned the history behind having indigenous and african (which we did NOT know about lol) dna. I'm from all over the place on both sides of my family but I usually just say I'm mixed if I'm asked unless they really want to know because telling someone all my percentages unsolicited is obnoxious narc behavior

No. 734791

The Edible Woman is in a similar vein to The Bell Jar. Other than that all I can think of are crime novels: The Butcher’s Hook, The Girl on the Train, Dark Places. Good books but lacking a contrast between the weird/depressed character and the situation.

People loved Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, I didn’t but it fits that description too.

No. 734815

It's weird, a lot of women on Bumble BFF have very active Instagram accounts and use the app as another venue to get followers (especially for MLM schemes). Because of that some of them are only interested in "friends" that can improve their status. There are also the usual issues where you might have a great conversation then get ghosted. Typical for all relationship apps really, where people mostly suck but you could get lucky and make a lasting friend.

No. 734929

It’s much safer to travel like that as a man.

No. 734934

This. Basically there's this one tick tock person I watch who travels in her van and she stated multiple times that she has weapons stowed away in her car because she's a single woman but she also has two dogs so

No. 734936

being a solo female traveller is much more dangerous

No. 734938

File: 1612911262896.gif (493.91 KB, 300x240, milkspill_spongebob.gif)

Why do my sketches look way better than my finished pieces? My sketches has a lot of information, flow, and sometimes energy in them but when I try to do digital art it always looks like absolute shit. I tried searching what to do about this but I don't want abstract answers, how do I remedy this? What does this say about me as an artist? Rendering art in general is so difficult and time-consuming.

No. 734941

Is it really that big of a deal for you guys if somebody figures out you're on Lolcow? I know some of you use vpns and 4D chess your identity for something that is basically 100% legal

No. 734943

Bc inking is hard. My best advice I can give you is learn how to put in flat color really fucking quickly in clip studio paint with their different selection tools just so you can preview something and not waste your time.

No. 734957

what the fuk is poggers

No. 734961

File: 1612912255125.png (1.25 MB, 748x991, Screenshots_2021-02-09-17-11-2…)

Anyone got any more of those ugly images with the fake nails and makeup shooped on? I love them

No. 734962

you’re poggers baby ♥

No. 734964

eeewww tell me what it means… its such a fugly sounding word

No. 734965

File: 1612912467872.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 22.2 KB, 739x415, images - 2021-01-14T204009.953…)

Just Google "periodt meme", bit the dumb bitch memes at /m/ has a bunch of them

No. 734966

File: 1612912482015.jpg (21.29 KB, 800x450, pogchamp.jpg)

Something autistic faggots say in games, mostly LoL. Picrel, it's just a stupid reaction face.

No. 734967

File: 1612912581094.jpeg (408.13 KB, 750x1255, 4B645B19-C7F1-49FE-88AA-567DF2…)

Weird, specific question. How often does Walmart restock shit? I saw this the other week and it’s been out of stock ever since and I’m going nuts because I want it so bad.

No. 734968

I swear to God we have someone asking every thread what poggers mean
Ctrl + F, my friends

No. 734969

that picture matches the exact vibe of the word…yuck
boohoo..i mean we can always put a notice for ppl to stfu about poggers once the next thread gets created

No. 734979

I'm from a non english speaking country and most people don't even know 4chan, there's no way they'd care about lcf, especially my monolingual normies coworkers.

No. 734989

I have exactly $20 left on a visa gift card. What should I buy anons?

No. 734990

I really don't care, I talk openly about it with my friends because most of them browse forums too or at least have the same kind of humor. I've been told I come off as someone who goes on 4chan (?) and I have no reason to play coy

The only situation I can think of where I felt like I had to explain myself was something like…well, I have a few trans friends I respect (yeah yeah whatever) and I get worried that they might think I come on here to ree about "trannies." But they know me so it's whatever

No. 734993

I would buy my fave snacks or something kinda expensive but not too expensive I have wanted for a while

No. 735010

Is it possible to have a really small butthole? It feels like it always bleeds (not a crazy amount) when I do a big number 2

No. 735019

Pretty sure that's normal, as long as its just a few drops. if its a lot go to a doctor.

No. 735028

Uh bleeding asses aren't normal unless we are talking tree trunk levels of dookies

No. 735032

eat more vegetables and stop anorectally violencing yourself.

No. 735036

If butts cant handle big shits then I don't know how people do anal
So it isn't normal? Like AT ALL? Because it's been happening to me for a good year or two now
What veggies do you recommend?

No. 735037

what's a good brand for jeans?

No. 735045

Willing to bet it’s not the size of your asshole but your diet causing the problems. Eating too much cheese or bread can cause those problems, along with not eating enough vegetables and fiber. You can usually find decent lists of foods to eat and to avoid for constipation/painful poops online, but if this is how it’s been for a while, you might want to pick up stool softeners or gentle, natural laxatives to get you through until fixing your diet does the trick. If changing your diet does nothing, definitely see your doctor and bully them into testing you for other problems.
t. woman misdiagnosed with no vegetable syndrome as a teenager when digestive disorder stopped my intestines from working for so long they nearly ruptured

No. 735046

More fibre = better, smoother bowel movements. But go and see a doctor too. The only regular bleeding that is natural in the body is your period: anything else is a trip to the doctor. Hopefully you bleeding out your arse for the past two years is just poor diet or something else minor.

No. 735051

I personally really like Uniqlo’s jeans, particularly the cigarette jeans. Regular skinny jeans with a tapered leg make my legs look stumpy, and I like the skinny straight cut of their cigarette jeans (though they also offer other cuts too). They’re stretchy and comfortable. A coworker of mine thought they were jeggings, but Uniqlo’s actual jeggings look fucking terrible on me lol. Roughly $50 for a pair, though I’d suggest looking through their sale section first. There’s free hemming on jeans over $20 ($5 charge if not).

No. 735052

I normally skip breakfast or eat instant ramen/paratha, then have some shit like pasta for dinner and tea at night so my diet is pretty shit. I'll try to switch to a high fibre cereal and add more veggies into dinner. Thank you anons

No. 735059

i really love BDG from urban outfitters,i have like 4 pairs from over the years in diff styles that are great. they make a variety of inseam lengths too so I finally have pants that actually fit my legs. i personally think the designs aren't as good as they used to be though

No. 735101

File: 1612926150271.jpg (64.91 KB, 720x897, 1588127801913.jpg)

Why do seemingly the most annoyingly woke women(specially woke women of WOC) almost always seem to be dating the most boring bland white men ? like not even hyper woke white men ether rater just slightly left leaning moderate white men who vote for the Dems

No. 735112

When should I start counting how long my BF and I have been together? From the day of our first date or the day he officially told me we were BF/GF?

No. 735114

I personally do the second

No. 735142

File: 1612928948687.jpg (43.73 KB, 750x484, Egi81QAWoAEuU0Z.jpg)

>>735101 I ask myself this everyday. I'm someone who is quite left leaning save for some gc/sw stuff. Honestly for me white people are just around more where I live and it doesn't also help that I'm into 'white' things.

No. 735144

I've had a couple relationships where we counted the day we met as our anniversary because we met by chance and it was love at first sight lol

No. 735152

Is there like an alternative lolcow server or are they ever gonna let people in again?
I want in.
I need pettiness injected directly into my veins on a 24/7 basis

No. 735169

I'm not super woke or anything, but I just like white men. Something about them gets me going. Even my first crush was on a white boy. I still prefer other WOC when it comes to women though.
Lmao I love this pic

No. 735197

I guess if you live in a white majority country there's more variety of white men, there's also the fact that in many collages black women will significantly outnumber black men(if there would be any black men) and even in most stable job occupations black women will again be more represented compared to their male counterparts

No. 735201

If you excrements look fiber-ish and dry instead of slick/smooth, you could also be dehydrated. I suffered almost two years of constipation and a bloody anus until I finally decided to force myself to drink at least 2L a day. Still not back to how it should be, but this did help immensely.

No. 735224

How common is it in your country to be and what do you think of a 25 yo university student that's not doing masters/phd?

No. 735245

is sucking in a good indicator of how small my waist could get if I lost weight?

No. 735251

File: 1612937924928.jpg (87.74 KB, 730x783, 1611940854845.jpg)

Anons who own crypto/stock portfolios, do you ever feel weird that your user profiles are often used for statistics? I'm not sure how many women are actually into stock trading and crypto (I don't know any myself) but I'm curious. I don't know, maybe I'm experiencing a "not like the other girls" effect. I want to get to know other women into crypto and stuff, I feel like when I talk to scrotes about stocks and coins they put on the kid gloves to explain concepts to me.
>ask myself this everyday. I'm someone who is quite left leaning save for some gc/sw stuff
Based, same. Also to answer >>735101 I really hate men of my own ethnicity and race probably because I'm surrounded by them all the time, but men of other races seem more appealing to me. I think it's just a scrote thing because I'm fine dating women like me.

No. 735260

I feel you. My mom always told me right from a young age about how my great grandma had a shitload of Hersey stock and how important it is to invest in solid companies. Now that we both have some money to play with, she's looking into companies to invest in too.

Right now I'm encouraging my female coworkers to buy shares with me but there's only really one who doesn't mind spending the money. She has a bit of a gambling side to her so it makes sense, lol. Maybe now that buying crypto is way easier than it was in I dunno, 2012, we'll see more women making it from magic internet money. I'll always regret not buying btc in late 2010 ;( but that's alright, there will always be more once in a lifetime opportunities in the future.

No. 735271

Am I a cuck, by definition (since people misuse it a lot), if I daydream about finding out that my fantasy bf/gf cheated on me? It’s not all the time and I don’t get horny or anything but I enjoy feeling angsty and sad about it. Or does that just make me a masochist?

No. 735273

I think you're just a light masochist, not a cuck

No. 735276

Okay but that didn't answer my question of why the most overly/annoyingly woke WOC(The type that would joke about how much they hate all white people and the "West") seem to date normie white guys

No. 735282

I joke about how white people annoy me sometimes, but it's honestly just jokes and I think it's that way for most poc, including the one's you're talking about. I think it's possible to point out flaws in certain communities while still feeling attracted to them, if that makes sense. Some woke WOC actually prefer non-white men but still end up with a white man just by chance. Some poc could definitely have some self-hate that they're masking with woke stuff as well and that's why they date white people. Some of us just like white men.

No. 735288

Samefag, even the woke poc who say to date within your race but date/marry/fuck non-white people are just hypocrites who don't hold themselves to the same standard. I see this a lot in non-white men.

No. 735303

It's a bit different for non-white men, men from my community absolutely lust after white women and really don't even try to hide it

No. 735305

Ayrt, yeah that's kinda what I meant lol. I just realized I wrote
>Samefag, even the woke poc who say to date within your race but date/marry/fuck non-white people
when I meant to write
>Samefag, even the woke poc who say to date within your race but date/marry/fuck WHITE people

No. 735322

To the anons that read fanfiction of animations/comics do you picture the characters how they're drawn or do you imagine them like a cw adaptation of the cartoon.

No. 735337

Yes. I read Levi Ackerman fics and I always just imagine him to look how he looks in season 3.

Also, what does cw mean? That's some chris-chan thing right?

No. 735343

nope, it's a tv network with shows like riverdale, the 100, batwoman etc

No. 735351

Oh I see. Sometimes I do imagine him as an irl person, but that's really only with AU's (usually modern ones). If it's a canon fic I will imagine him how he looks in the actual tv show

No. 735352

their stupid hyperwoque politics are just a cope for the fact that they’re basically (socially) white. it makes them feel special and it’s more of a social activity/ hobby than actual political activism. they have no real convictions and are deeply hypocritical so of course they date white men.

No. 735355


In fanfiction CW means content warning, as in trigger warning.
Probably stuff with abuse, violence, rape, etc etc

No. 735356

Oh yeah I know that, I just didn't think that's what that anon meant.

No. 735358

Why so zoomers think their beauty standards are better than people's in the 60s/70s just for being more extreme and digitally edited/ps trended ?

No. 735359

It means you’re bored and you want to feel something. Emotional turmoil is the easiest to imagine and funnest to act out.

No. 735360

When did they say that?

No. 735361

Were you in the /ic/ Skype group?
Do you know tehmeh by any chance?

No. 735362


Every time some hot guy or chick who was regarded as such back then pops up, not always tho. I notice internet posters bring this up especially if they have "bad" traits like dark circles under their eyes, slightly misplaced or shaggier hair, non super idealistic body types, ect. Not so much said for those who were extremely popular and very well groomed by today's standards

No. 735370

Oh, you are right. Didn't see the other anon's comment, sorry

No. 735428

What does the white flag emoji mean? I know irl it means peace, but I've seen lgbt people use it on social media.

No. 735430

if combined with the rainbow emoji it creates the rainbow/pride flag emoji on certain platforms

No. 735432

File: 1612958863798.jpg (31.75 KB, 550x412, 437957.JPG)

What novel would you want to see a movie adaptation of?
When I was a kid one of my favourite books were the Wind on Fire trilogy and would love to see it on film

No. 735435

So many rumors about Warrior Cats getting movies (and Bluestar being voiced by Rihanna), but not a single one to show yet. Well, except for SSS Warriors

No. 735436

>bluestar being voiced by rihanna
Oh my fucnking god?

No. 735463

File: 1612961948972.jpg (61.05 KB, 437x648, y648.jpg)

Samefag, I would give my left arm for an adaptation of The Two Princesses of Bamarre, I used to love this book so much ahh the memories

No. 735621

So on lc we hate trannies but do we hate drag queens?

No. 735630

What does it mean when a man is looking at me while I'm walking in front of him and quickly stops staring when I turn back?

No. 735632

It means he was looking at you and didn't want him to catch him looking at you because that's weird.

No. 735637

I think there's a leaning towards finding drag misogynistic.

No. 735643

i find drag stupid, but not misogynistic like others do. mainly because i don't think we should be associating stereotyped traits with actual women. there are also many parts of drag's history that i think are totally acceptable, but current drag being marketed how it is, is really dumb. i think anons who bitch about it being harmful or hateful towards women need some perspective.

No. 735644

because i would like to peg them

No. 735647


It means he's a skin walker and is afraid you might have noticed him changing. they usually run after this. be very careful.

No. 735678

what does it mean when eyes pop out of someones head and looks behind then suddenly slink back into their head and then the head turns around 180 degrees before the body can follow and i look away because i don't wanna be killed

No. 735679


it means you might have covid now. i'm sorry.

No. 735693

If you have two middle names, and a form/document/etc only has room for one middle name, can you just put the second middle name instead of the first middle name? Ex. Jane Alice Lily Doe becomes Jane Lily Doe on a form. I hate my first middle name

No. 735711

how do i make it hurt less to pull out my eyelashes? don't ask why

No. 735715

If you have trich it should stop hurtng after a while anyway, ime

No. 735732

Your name should be consistent across the board to avoid confusion, but you could use your middle initials instead. I disliked both of mine so dropped them when changing my name. Something you could consider if you really hate one of them.

No. 735741

How come NEETs have so much free time but I never see the doing anything creative? There's a lot of hobbies they could do for free but they only seem to be into gaming. They also seem to eat a ton of fast food even though it's expensive. What gives?

No. 735747

depression most likely

No. 735748

low self esteem

No. 735750

Drag queens are men so yes

No. 735762

The way they're drawn. I imagine myself as 2D too or create an oc.

Somewhat related question, how can people summon dreams of their husbando? Looking at content related to him doesn't do anything (doesn't help that he barely gets screen/page time either, there's only so many times I can rewatch the same clips,look at the same fanart etc.) Weirdly enough characters that get even less focus who I barely think about have shown up in my dreams more often.

No. 735773

I agree with previous anons but in NEETs without those issues, I think the problem is that their free time is seemingly endless so they value it less. It’s easier not to engage in hobbies that are more active if your opportunities to do so are unlimited.

No. 735774

>not fat
>not balding
>no beard
That's just every teenage boy before they hit the wall.

No. 735777

drag shows are just lolcow for normies living vicariously. If they knew that they didn't have to watch a bunch of gay scrotes gossiping and infighting and could in fact do it here, then stuff like rupaul wouldn't be popular anymore.

No. 735788

Is weight loss more visible on tall girls? I‘m 5’9 and I don’t know if I can trust my scale, it says I lost 15 pounds but it looks like 30. I don’t know what weight I really am.

No. 735800

I think it's retarded for men to make a mockery of women who engage in overly performative femininity when they're the ones who came up with it and pushed it onto women in the first place.

No. 735847

File: 1612991688119.jpg (88.73 KB, 900x1200, meduka_meguca.jpg)

It's been like a decade since I've watched Madoka, but I still have some questions because 13-year-old me didn't 100% get it, and I barely understood rebellion. Do magical girls in the meduka universe only have their soul gems go greythe more they use their powers, or does it start togrow grey by just existing? Also, are all magical girls destined to go through despair, or is it possible in-universe for a magical girl to never go through despair and turn into a witch

>Inb4 scrote

No. 735850

Why do guys put their hands down their underwear when they’re chilling at home?

Not in a sexual way but the hand is just…there. My brothers do this, my ex did it when I stayed over with him and I just saw this celeb do it on a reality show which reminded me. I always ignored it but it’s pretty gross

No. 735857

I do it when I'm home alone in pjs. My hand isn't on my vag but on my hips or thighs just resting there. I would never do it in front of a brother.. but my brother did if in front of me as a kid and it looked wrong

No. 735859

I put my hand down my pants sometimes too. I can't speak for men cause I've literally never seen them do this, but some anon mentioned they liked doing it a while ago because it keeps their hand warm and a tried it.

No. 735864

just checking for lumps

No. 735867

I do it this too. Sometimes hand on vag (under pants, but over underwear), sometimes on my bare inner or outer thigh. It just feels soothing and comfortable. I wouldn’t do it around anyone except a partner, mostly I do it in bed anyway. Scrotes don’t have that self awareness, or if they do then they don’t care.

I also bend arm and lay it over my eyes, feels so good.

No. 735869

I do these things too but I also sometimes store my hands under my boobs for warmth and comfort, not in company ofc

No. 735882

File: 1612993893375.jpg (20.9 KB, 600x600, 186.jpg)

Do anons take supplements or vitamins daily? I take magnesium, multivita, vitamin d, omega 3 and cranberry something something capsules.

No. 735886

File: 1612994267340.gif (1.59 MB, 246x408, 6AEDFD95-7C1A-456C-B452-6603BC…)

Do you guys have any popsicle recommendations that I could buy at a Walmart, Target, or similar store?

No. 735888

I'm on a four month course of ferrous sulphate, folate, B12 and vitamin D from the doctor because I was so malnourished when I went into hospital.
I was taking a daily gummy multivitamin that was supposed to have all of those things and iron supplements! But clearly they weren't absorbing right.

No. 735897

Thats a whole spread, have you been feeling better since starting?

No. 735904

Vitamin D and C. I think I have a pretty solid + varied diet aside from these. I started taking b12 because I'm veg but stopped since I didn't feel any different– turns out I eat enough cheese and eggs to do without.

I get my omega-whatevers from avocados and ground flax seed.

No. 735905

I take d vitamin, folic acid, and c vitamin + iron for increased absorption. Sometimes I'll have a spoon of fish oil. I also get b vitamins from my daily energy drink consumption atm, I guess.

No. 735906

I recently found out I’m anaemic so I’m now taking iron supplements. Hope they work, the idea of having more energy is so exciting. I also take magnesium too, though that’s of my own choice and I’m not sure how much it helps me.

No. 735926

As long as you actually eat something that has calories you'll metabolise the vitamins.

No. 735940

I have defiencies thank you very much, i will expensive pee on you

No. 735941

I take a multi and milk thistle everyday. I do B12 injections every month just to be safe, because I'm vegan. I was low on iron as a teen, but that's because I ate dairy and it makes the body absorb less iron. Otherwise, I've never had another deficiency. Just take it with food.

No. 735943

If men are successfully pursued for child support it's one of the few things that actually holds them accountable for their actions. And even then they're usually paying the absolute minimum and emotionally damage their child for being an asshole.

No. 735944

Yeah, I've always struggled a bit with deficiencies, but I lost two litres of blood in October and had to have surgery which I think really messed me up. I couldn't walk without getting extremely exhausted, I tried walking a mile and ended up passing out, and when I stood up or got too warm I would pass out too. All my hair was falling out. The doctor kept passing it off as a side effect of my medicine.
I still get wobbly when I stand up but all the passing out, blacking out and dizziness has stopped. I can think more clearly and I don't feel like I'm dying. I'm putting on weight which I don't love but my hair started growing back! I have to have a blood test in April to check how my levels are but I think they will be OK. Thanks for asking, anon.

No. 735954

I take vitamin D and magnesium before bed

No. 735961

Holy shit, that's a lot of stuff happening to you. Glad you're on the mend now, I need to go check my levels again soonish, my hair has been falling out as well. Nutrient rich 2021 please.

No. 735962

I don't take anything. I had ibs symptoms for years which somehow cleared up.. And weirdly enough supplements set that off again. Not messing with that.

No. 735969

I spilled some water on my Macbook Air keyboard and cleaned it up then turned it off after 3 minutes. I’ve left it with the keyboard side down for about 24 hours now but might leave it until 48. Do you think my computer is a goner or is there a chance it can still work?

No. 735990

How the fuck do poorfags from burgerland get their dental needs met if they have a serious problem?

No. 736002

Either pay with credit or make monthly payments to the dental office. Very expensive though.

No. 736012

Is there an interior design thread or other resource that a total idiot could use to figure out some basic design principles beyond "make a mood board"?

Everything on insta and youtube looks like people are living in the homewares section of Kmart, but I just want the knowledge of how to make my apartment feel less meh without larping as a farmhouse because some gay guy said so.

No. 736015

Make a moodboard is unfortunately solid advice because the thing about interior design is that you just have to look at a lot of it before you start figuring out how to do it. That being said I always like browsing pinterest, youtube, old room threads of /fa/ and yeah there's >>>/g/109507

No. 736090

Cheers, I'll have a look

No. 736109

The only time old women are attractive to the xy-chromosomed is when they're young. And of course most women don't like little boys. Seriously what's the deal with milfs? Is this why they grow to be borderline pedos? because they spent their youth jacking it off to their own mom?

No. 736110

Older men want younger women to drain their light and youth out of them and they can have someone fit and healthy to do house work and clean their ass when they're old

No. 736111

Wh-what anon??
Who have you been spending time with??

No. 736115

File: 1613009541439.jpg (12.12 KB, 216x266, drinks on me ladies.jpg)

anyone made a friend on lc before? i kinda want a farmer friend..

No. 736132

i do this too tbh. its just comfortable. its just on my hip or side, i dont do it in front of people. i think i just like the pressure of the waistband.

i've known of some faith-based dentistries

there's a friendfinder thread. but tbh good luck finding someone compatible as friends

No. 736138

that thread is gone fyi

No. 736139

What are some good free vpns that you guys use?

No. 736140

Opera has vpns, but a lot of them are banned on this site. If you want to use them you'll have to switch to Europe and retry a couple times to get a working one. I don't recommend it if your using them for site, but if you need a vpn for something else it's fine.

No. 736141

Why do people take vitamins if there's technically nothing wrong with them?

No. 736143

proton vpn

No. 736204

not gonna tell you cause they'll ban me lol
this is a joke post

No. 736257

was reading the scrote-like farmers thread- why Tarantino, am i missing sum?

No. 736270

File: 1613027025079.png (146.04 KB, 499x500, 1.png)

There's some anons complaining STILL about wanting to close and nuke /ot/ on meta. And all I wonder is, why? Why you gotta be this fucking salty? If you don't like the board fuck off.

No. 736276

It's so funny cause all of their arguments either don't apply to /ot/ or they apply to /ot/ and the 5 other boards as well.

No. 736301

Is anorectal violence anon still based now that he was revealed to be a guy or is it the biggest disappointment ever ?

No. 736306

He was never based to me, just amusing, but I am biased because of my own personal tastes. He was also revealed to be a man pretty early on in his crusades, it was no surprise to us experts on the Anorectal Violence lore.

No. 736325

who is this one tard calling women cunts together with calling men scrotes?

No. 736327

Probably a dude who wants to smash the lolcow anons

No. 736331

An actual retarded scrote, reported them earlier

No. 736338

It was the fact he doesn't oppose porn that debased him for me, not his peen.

No. 736340

So is he just super squeamish about ass stuff and autistic enough to obsess about all anal needing to cease. He wants to watch his porn without the risk of anal?

No. 736345

Look at this thread >>>/ot/736216 and scroll to the bottom

He literally made a whole chart rating pornstars buttholes

No. 736348

I don't get why scrotes can autistically obsess over fictional or real life women but as soon as women write a fanfic, do shipping, or rp it's "cringe"
This is far more pathetic and embarrassing than what most women do and so many men are like that. Truly the cringe compilation gender

No. 736349

Oh lol, so he likes perfectly pretty little intact anuses then. He's just as porn sick as the guys that like massive insertions. Just his own autie flavor of porn sick

No. 736354

The sheer autism of moids and the depths to which they will sink for the sake of cooming never ceases to amaze and sicken me.

No. 736357

So a coworker from a previous workplace asked from my number and I gave it to him because I didn't want to hurt his feelings. He's in his 50s and always emphasized that he's just divorced and looking for a 'new opportunity'. I have no romantic interest in him, I just appreciated that he was always nice to me (as opposed to my other coworkers). Should I feel shitty that I haven't picked up whenever he called?

No. 736360

No. He should feel shitty for having the audacity to fucking call a young woman, he deserves to be not only ignored but called out for being inappropriate.

God, society really has brainwashed women to be overly apologetic and nice to the point of absurdity, huh?

No. 736364

>as opposed to my other coworkers
>Should I feel shitty
you should feel shitty that your coworkers hate you

No. 736365

If my widowed dad pulled this shit on younger women I'd disown him

No. 736371

Just posting to try and bury the walls of texts that nobody cares about

No. 736372

Men are literally a living cringe compilation. They're like really bad performance art.
Case in point, the nonsense upthread right now.

No. 736374

Single anons, do you sometimes treat yourself on valentines day or no?

No. 736376

Ooh man, will you shut the hell up?

No. 736378

but if these matters are important, then why do you still consume porn and have weird fetishes? doesn't make sense.

anyways move on

No. 736382

look you're right, anuses should be healthy and stuff and the research you post makes sense. At least your fetish is having a nice anus?? idk. But this is weird man, this hyperfixation on people's anuses is just… beyond me. Why do you even like healthy anuses??? Don't women get hemorroids after birth? And people get hemorroids from sitting on the toilet while playing with your phone all the time, does that make you angry too or? Idk

No. 736383

File: 1613044079451.jpg (50.55 KB, 392x500, P4yrdbHpQJSvYfZLQMF-JUQspu3Z8i…)

so anorectal violence chan doens't even care about violence he's just a scrote who thinks unfucked assholes look hotter

No. 736384

Do you various artist anons make art based on your emotions? I read a death metal musician saying he can't make the same kind of music because he's not in the same state of mind, but I draw dark and slightly disturbing things (honestly I think they are not at all disturbing but everyone says so) and I am not at all depressed, I am very happy with my life. I just like to draw that sort of things. Is this normal or do most people make art based on their feelings? Maybe I should worry a bit next time someone shows me sad art. I always just assume they are like me
No I don't care about valentine's day, it's just a marketing ploy

No. 736385

The more that we address a certain retard, the more that retard will parrot the same shit. Can we agree to all ignore tardo or? Cos I feel like we need team work on this or we're goin to be stuck in this loop forever lol

No. 736386

File: 1613044296040.png (72.78 KB, 1080x683, Screenshot_20210211-123917~2.p…)

I recently realized I haven't seen any new tweets from a JP artist I really like, so I went to check their account and picrel appears, plus I've been unfollowed from them. Does it often happen? I'm really surprised to see this, especially since they don't seem to have done anything wrong.

No. 736387

I see the cute displays of choc and that shite and can't help myself. This year I got a teddy bear for my old ass. They got me with that display.

No. 736388

its funny tho

No. 736389

I can't blame you, who could resist chocolate

No. 736392

That just happens when they violated some kind of twitter rule but haven't done enough to get banned OR there is suspicious activity coming from the account, like logging in from various areas or something.
>If your account has been limited because it may have violated the Twitter Rules,
>If your account appears to have exhibited aggressive following or aggressive engagements (such as, like, Retweet, and Quote Tweet), which violates the Twitter Rules, you will see a message that your account’s features have been limited for a specified time.

No. 736440

How long does it take a peen to get erect? As in completely stand up? Does it just go up like a spring in two seconds? Is it gradual? Much to think about…

No. 736477

File: 1613056396981.png (1.01 MB, 1241x1094, il_570xN.1545536443_ye7a-Recov…)


Sorry for the autism but I have an extensive snack catalog in my brain. I made my suggestions assuming you're in the US because I saw >Target, Walmart

I met a super cool anon via friendfinder thread who had a lot in common with me both mexican illustrators but she deleted her discord. Hi if you're out there anon

No. 736500

The coconut Outshine bars are fantastic when you have a sore throat. I have a box of them in my freezer just for when I get sick.

No. 736517

Holy shit Im laughing so hard I tried to answer two separate questions (>>735101 and >>735886)
with two separate images in one post anons I'm sorry I just came out of anesthesia I don't remember what the other picture was

No. 736526

can the komaeda husbandofags explain his appeal? i never played the games, all i know about him is his appearance and in that aspect he is not my type at all.

No. 736531

Genuinely are gc/pinkpilled/man-hating discussions shut down or banned? I’m not one of those radfem fags trying to start a conversation, I know the obvious reason but I don’t know the exact cause. Was there an all out flame war that pissed off the jannies and admins? Fill me in I want to know if there was

No. 736532

It causes a lot of infighting if I remember correctly. Just let it be known all of lolcow is antimen lol

No. 736534

oh my god we have those outshine bars lmao when you leave them in the freezer too long the flavor gets so stale and I have no idea why

delicious ass taste anon,

No. 736540

inflates as blood is pumped in by heartbeats, so in little steps like blowing up a balloon with quick short breaths (it's visibly stepwise if the man is perfectly still). takes about 30sec to 2 minutes but it probably takes longer as men get older.

No. 736552

File: 1613061130118.jpg (86.06 KB, 658x500, 4xn2ct.jpg)

No. 736553

File: 1613061290434.jpg (31.1 KB, 750x861, FB_IMG_1594801282291.jpg)

Why are anons calling for the closure of /ot/? I don't even visit boards outside of /snow/ but don't understand their arguments. It seems like a sudden, orchestrated effort. Why doesn't the admin step in and put an end to this nonsense. Cows are dried up and /ot/ definitely keeps a lot of traffic around.

No. 736556

I would be so annoyed if they closed it, it's probably the board that I visit the most, I don't even care about individual cows tbqh, I'm just here to talk about random shit.

No. 736558

This is my problem with /meta/ in general. Admin could just post once to end the pointless spergy discourse but because she says nothing, anons just continue their old senile ranting about /ot/ being "cancer" while they continue to post hundreds of comments about Shayna and Bell Delphine's vagina.

No. 736560

/ot/ is the only place I come to on here anymore, I've been here since 2015 and after a while repetitive nitpicking and bitching about boring people gets old. I like interacting with anons on here, you're all so funny and smart.

No. 736569

I think some people are just genuinely mad a group of spergy women, some who dont like men, have a spot to post on. That instead we arent focusing all our energy on caring for a shitty bf or manifesting milk to nitpick at (as if the whole year hasnt been dry). We already had ot close from raids for two weeks. Instead anons and the people from some discord server started spamming meta. It bled into m or something too where mr worldwide became their savior.

No. 736571

Honestly this might sound tinfoil-y but I’m pretty sure the remove /ot/ bait in meta is just optics to ruin the website. They know exactly why it’s a popular board, they know it’s supposed to function as containment and other ways to keep anons on this site, but they’re pretending to be stupid in the name of muh nostalgia for the old days. Could even call it deliberate concern trolling

No. 736573

I wanna know where are the anons who hate ot so much but I guess they wouldn't be here huh

No. 736587

No. 736595

Their main argument is literally
>ot is fucking cringe
Fucking lel

No. 736607

Most of the people who bitch about ot are probably the ones on the discord talking about Nazis

No. 736617

File: 1613068330841.jpeg (272.44 KB, 750x451, 2F4BDEC8-068C-42A2-8866-6BD2FC…)

Would the world would be more peaceful and safe if it were actually gynocentric?

Nothing too serious, it’s just weird imagining what the world would really be like if it were female-only, and what would happen to bisexual or heterosexual women? Some like to jeer that “we would still be in straw huts” because the scrote creating civilization meme but tbh that sounds nice. it’s like they rather have perpetual violence and chaos rather than peace and tranquil.. it’s odd

No. 736632

Is it okay to have innocent crushes on coworkers as long as you don't intend anything by it?

No. 736633

I've dated coworkers anon wdym

No. 736634

Having thoughts isn't a crime, just don't act on it if you think it's a bad thing.

No. 736635

tfw you will never live in a society of chill lesbians in impeccably woven straw huts, living off the land without destroying it, not getting in retarded wars over nothing

No. 736639

File: 1613069767427.jpg (35.93 KB, 803x1023, depositphotos_125050328-stock-…)

So I got a physical evaluation today, and the orthopedist told me I had mild scoliosis and kyphosis (forward-neck). Obviously I got anxiety aboutthis right away.
Should I get a posture correcting corset, or just do excercises? Or just leave it alone?
ngl i've wanted a corset for a while now as well

of course its okay, what are your coworkers going to do? Are they mind readers?

No. 736643

I have mild scoliosis and restrictive clothing like a corset would fuck me up for a week. I tried certain braces in the beginning and learnt that quickly

No. 736644

kek, i fucked up. I mean if you have a partner as well?

No. 736650

well, they're just thoughts, yeah. But if it's coming from a place where you realise you're unsatisfied with your partner, it could be a sign you need to change something about your relationship.
Otherwise, no, you can't cheat on someone just by thinking about someone else in a romantic way.

No. 736659

You should lead him on (not for long) then humiliate him and let him know he's a piece of shit for chasing after someone so much younger than him. These fucking moids need to be put in their place.

No. 736666

Yeah, I have a bf and am satisfied for sure, but there's a girl at my job that is really nice to me and we talk about anime a lot, my trauma-fueled "omg if they're nice they like me!" radar is going off so I'm trying to remain calm and acknowledge that friend crushes are possible.

No. 736669

My sister had really bad scoliosis and wore a professionally fitted posture correcting corset/brace. I think it helped relieve some of her pain, but didn't stop the progression of her curvature.
Why not try both and see what works? It's not quite the same, but I have four herniated discs right now and wear a lumbar brace and it really does help at relieving pressure on nerves and pain, I also do physio.

No. 736686

Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter are dated sites that take way too long to say the job is closed without so much as an email. How do I make ends meet in job finding?

No. 736699

File: 1613074048072.png (2.25 MB, 870x11024, 12460.png)

>It bled into m or something too where mr worldwide became their savior
I'm not part of the discord but I still thought that was funny tbh

No. 736710

What cows do you think would be good friends if they ever interacted with each other?

No. 736711

Dump him and date her instead.

No. 736725

Use Indeed instead. It's still garbage but leagues better than those sites. I've gotten every big girl job from there too.
>also craigslist but you had to scroll through a ton of shit

No. 736732

/lgbt/ards seething. No seriously, they admitted to brigading lc because they think we're responsible for peaking normies.

No. 736750

What do you do when you feel as though you're on the spectrum? I do experience a lot of the symptoms in women but I don't get comfortable and show who I really am to absolutely anybody so I don't think anybody notices. It's embarrassing but I don't know who to talk to.

No. 736759

whats that website that lets you see how many fake followers an instagram account has? it shows it in like a pie chart

No. 736773

File: 1613079144070.jpg (25.73 KB, 280x400, little man.jpg)

In every account of heroin addiction I've ever heard, the first time way great and every subsequent time (+ the addiction) came from unsuccessfully trying to recapture that first high. If you went into heroin as a one time thing, knowing that is will never feel that good again, would you still get addicted? Would you even get withdrawal symptoms from just one time? Also for context both my parents were heroin addicts, so I think I'm predisposed to addiction, I want to prove I'm better than them by not getting addicted. Is this a bad idea?

No. 736779

I mean, IME, I also heard many accounts of people doing heroin a couple times (smoked, dripped, not injected)and never got into it. Usually those people favor uppers and find nodding not as fun. Or they already burned out their feel good receptors with other drugs that heroin just didn't live up to the hype.
You already lost if you feel you need to prove yourself better than dopeheads.

No. 736782

Does anyone else go through phases where they're sort of asexual?
I've been questioning my sexuality and like a week ago I got horny looking at a woman. Yesterday I tried looking at hot women and felt nothing. Out of curiosity I tried looking at hot men and also felt nothing.
To be fair I did masturbate earlier so maybe that played a role. Generally tho I still go through short times where I feel nothing towards hot guys and relationships repulse me.

No. 736785

…That's just how a normal human being works. Sometimes we're not in the mood. We aren't men chimps who feel the need to coom constantly.

No. 736792

My sex drive either retreats for a while or I take turns being attracted to men, then women, then only one type of man, then butch women and men will look gross.

I took testosterone quite a few years ago and was attracted to a whole lot more people on it. Felt more comfortable calling myself bi at that time because my sexual tastes were clearer. My sexuality was literally on steroids lol. I think alot of us questioning asexuality and whether we're bi or not are just low sex drive. It makes it hard to confidently describe our tastes.

No. 736799

How common is it for women to experience multiple orgasms during heterosexual sex? Do most women who engage in casual sex have this, or do they have difficulty experiencing true pleasure/orgasm too ?

No. 736804

I had one ex who gave me orgasms from oral. That's it.

I slept around alot of guys back in my twenties and had one other serious long term partner. Still the only orgasms I've ever had that weren't self-reached were from that one guy during oral.

I've had guys assume that I orgasmed when I didn't. I've also had guys just not care or ask or try. I don't know which is worse. I don't come from either so eh? lol

No. 736811

File: 1613082087121.jpeg (179.22 KB, 1148x625, 9E024333-58AA-4E7F-B69D-94DE66…)

Women only want one thing and it’s disgusting: mediocrity

No. 736814

I'm similar to you anons. If it's low sex drive do you know how to raise that up? Not to coom, but to feel regular attraction to people & actually know my orientation…
personally I can't get off my antidepressant rip

No. 736815

Who is a volcel here?

No. 736820

File: 1613082589385.jpg (16.63 KB, 287x329, 1598390091775.jpg)

Your parents were addicts and you have their genes, why would you ever consider this? You can't prove you're better than biology. Just stick to other drugs like mdma or even weed, which imo are better because they don't ruin your life through addiction and are actually fun instead of heroin where you sit and do jack shit.

No. 736825

Me! I find the idea of having sex with anybody physically repellent, like I don't want to be that vulnerable with somebody. I've had sex before in relationships and it's OK but nothing special, and not worth the hassle. Plus it's nice to make my own decisions and have lots of time for myself and my goals.
I prefer to have close platonic friendships and a vibrator.

No. 736826

my main solution to upping my sex drive
bipolar mood swings
and getting off ssri's because they never did shit for me anyway

No. 736829


No. 736833

Me. I'm an aspie virgin and would like a bf but afraid of getting pumped and dumped. I'm not that into sex either

No. 736834

I started to dread sex midway through my last relationship, when it ended 3 years ago I was just relieved about not having to deal with sex anymore.

That's a repeating pattern for me so I'm single and turning down any interest in the last few years. I love toys though.

No. 736836

It's not worth it anon. Please avoid heroin. It will destroy your life.

Are you on any forms of birth control? I've taken the pill in the past and I currently have a hormonal IUD. When I was on the pill I had no sex drive. I felt so fat and bloated all the time. When I had a period (once every 3 months), it lasted for a month long. I hated how my nipples looked so swollen and were overly sensitive all the time. I just felt disgusting. I ballooned in weight, too.

With an IUD, I generally only become what I can only describe as sex repulsed when I'm near my period, or just struggle with a low sex drive near that time. A lot more manageable than how I was before.

When I was on the pill I was also (needlessly, I had a shitty psychiatrist) taking SSRIs. This was a double whammy, I couldn't enjoy sex at all. I think I orgasmed once when I was on the pill and antidepressants, and it was miserable.

No. 736838

i don't think anything good would come out of this, anon. you don't have to inherent your parents' issues. who are you trying to prove it to and why?

No. 736839

File: 1613083337102.jpeg (114.01 KB, 1200x672, C5763520-7538-42DA-B366-EA0303…)

Why are people using Kin as
>I kin character
Instead of
>I kin with character
>I’m kin of character
I don’t get it, the whole terminology is retarded but that shit bugs me a lot.

No. 736849

It's because saying you "kin" something is short form for "I'm kin with".

No. 736870

Are any of those sites you can use to view Instagram stories anonymously working? What changed? I tried a few sites on a few profiles (that I know have posted stories) and they're showing nothing, although the sites were working on the last few weeks.

No. 736872

storiesdown. you can view posts and stories

can u tell us what you're lookin for..i want the gossip

No. 736877

samefag, that was working the other day but not today and i can't find any that work?? that's weird

No. 736886

Me, I love hetero sex but I've been too disappointed for too long. I have to reintroduce sex to men as a fun thing people do with each other, not as a means to get them off. Even if I weed out the ones who don't get their ego bruised by being directed, it's still exhausting and unfulfilling a lot of the time.
Although I've made a point that I'm going to date women when I do start again, in the past I've used having crushes and dating as a means to distract me from bad feelings. Now it's been about a year since I stopped trying and actively focusing on myself is so rewarding.

No. 736890

Lmao sorry anon no hot gossip just stalking my exes new gf, she seems like fun but is also a trashy bpd fat mess with an onlyfans… Kind of perfect for him tbh, I'm weirdly happy for them.

No. 736895

It's nice when exes meet people that meet your expectations of what they deserve lol

No. 736914

my ex also happened to be a trashy bpd fat mess. she is now dating a non-passing trans woman despite having trauma from being sexually assaulted by a male. I don't understand.

No. 736946

He has a thing for maid outfits, I refused to wear it because he couldn't afford a non - cheap one. She wears the cheap maid outfits as everyday wear. It's honestly a match made in hypersexual, weeby, clout-chasing heaven.

No. 736947

congrats for them, i wish i was that simple

No. 736952


No. 736955

How tall are you, nonnies?

No. 736956

No. 736958

about 160cm

No. 736959

File: 1613090063104.jpg (18.61 KB, 601x601, 447.jpg)

183 cm yes really no I'm not male

No. 736960

File: 1613090128686.jpeg (61.87 KB, 519x454, 77C0E8B1-445D-4A6C-A888-F70CA6…)

Any other anons here think that their own non-abusive mother or family finds them ugly? I wouldn’t know how I personally rate but besides that my mother hates it when my hair is messy indoors, we’re indoors and I would never show my hair outside like I do inside. This is personal shit but to give the question context her comments about my hair just makes me jump to huge conclusions that she thinks I’m very ugly. Does anyone ever have suspicions from other family members that their backhanded advice is more of just indirectly calling you fugly?

No. 736962

5'5 1/2
the half really counts to me

No. 736964

174cm, wish I was shorter

No. 736965

No. 736974

Yes, my mum never acknowledged my appearance but would always call my sister beautiful, a princess, etc.
They are both beautiful with olive skin and dark hair and eyes, but I'm pale, freckled and blonde like my dad. I used to think I was a stupid hideous freak because she never ever complimented me on anything. Once I asked her if I was pretty when I was twelve and she paused for a long time and eventually said "looks aren't everything".
Now as an adult I try to cope by thinking maybe she was threatened by me.

No. 736977

172cm. I love you anon.

No. 736978

there a MtF thread and fakeboi thread and we are allowed to call people trannies and shit. so obviously "transphobia" isnt an issue most of the userbase cares about.

so why is gender critical banned? whats the difference between a MtF thread mocking trannies to a gender critical thread? when they were around i didnt read them, im legit curious as to whats the difference im not trying to fight anyone.

again, im not trying to start a war here about if gender critical threads were good or bad, i didnt read them cause i didnt care. im just curious as what the difference between those threads were as i always assumed gender critical threads were just posts about crazy trannies.

No. 736979

I have a Mirena IUD atm and am just getting off of my period. The only medication change I've had since my sex-crazy relationship was that I added adderall bc I got diagnosed w ADHD.
Idk anon I think my dad thinks I'm weird for getting physically disgusted and making a face (unintentionally) when some sappy couple shit is on the tv. I always cringe whenever I see those damn Hinge ads, especially because I've used that app before and it sucks.
I don't think I have a low sex drive when I'm in a relationship though. Over a year ago I was in an LTR and we had sex at least once a day.

No. 736982


Snap! And ilu2, but why?

No. 736997

5'2". I want a tall gf so bad

No. 736998

173.99 cm

No. 737000

File: 1613093182655.png (52.97 KB, 1033x793, dreams.PNG)

How often do you remember your dreams? I started logging my dreams exactly a month ago and it confirmed that I dream very vividly almost every night. Pic related, yes Im autistic and tag each dream with whether it was good or bad. Each log I write is fairly long as well.

No. 737001

Not often.

No. 737002

I remember them practically daily.
They say keeping a dream journal is good for lucid dreaming, which I wanna do, but I already remember them anyway so I don't see the point of writing it down?

No. 737003

161cm, that one cm matters to me, anon