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File: 1596625800646.jpg (153.41 KB, 540x635, tumblr_pv4rk09bnK1v831lzo1_540…)

No. 102700

There is no active artist judging thread in here so I thought it might be nice. There's no rules: you can post digital art, charcoal, anything.

No. 102704

And out myself as a lolcow user? Nah

No. 102712

File: 1596641435200.jpg (21.21 KB, 500x500, 1512708433935.jpg)

I support this thread, and I'm not a bitch. So someone post their art so I can rate it genuinely instead of just shitting on it.

(I promise you, you are a nobody and no one is going to recognize your art)

No. 102714

File: 1596642681648.jpg (3.73 MB, 4608x3456, 20200802_191227.jpg)

Hey anon! I'm the one who opened the thread.
Pic is my latest drawing, I started drawing ~2 months ago and before that i was a complete beginner.

I'm thinking of opening an instagram for drawing process but i dont wanna end up in the "bad/hideous art" thread here lol. So, what would you guys rate it out of 10?

(I know i should use better pencils/paper but i'm unemployed now due to covid so don't wanna buy non-essential stationary stuff)

No. 102716

Maybe practice another 5 months then come back, beginners aren’t really ratable on a scale of 1-10 tbh

No. 102720

Ah ok, still thank you. Guess it's too early to share for now. I just can't be sure if this was something that looks ugly or average.
My friend told me it was average. "Not something i'd look at twice but not in the bad art category" (her words). i couldn't be sure if she was just being nice though.

No. 102721

It’s not “bad” anon. Bad arts that get posted in the shit thread are distinct from simply beginners arts. Bad artists have little to no grasp of fundamentals AND no desire to change this. All they care about is clout chasing and turd polishing.

No. 102722

Good style, bad comp. Master where the parts should go so they don’t look like God’s Genetic Mistake and you’re golden. That’s always the problem with starting faces is the placement.

No. 102728

File: 1596651609781.jpeg (53.83 KB, 632x632, 1586844727675.jpeg)

so..is anyone posting their art soon?

No. 102731

Is it alright for me to post my art if my art is unfinished and I've stopped drawing years ago?

No. 102733

I think its fine, go ahead anon.

No. 102743

what is op pic from?

No. 102746

Unfortunately idk anon. Its been on my phone for so long, guess it's a tumblr artist or something.
if you're on PC try putting it in google reverse image search.

No. 102747

File: 1596659207253.png (152.16 KB, 720x675, Screenshot_20200805-222500~2.p…)

I did. I put it through a website called "tineye" and just now through "labnol". God damn. Guess we will never know

No. 102749

try not drawing sideways, it might help

No. 102751

google is easy

No. 102754

Cool, thanks

No. 102824

File: 1596729367938.jpg (263.73 KB, 768x565, 20200806_105419.jpg)

Painted this a few months ago

No. 102833

File: 1596730511399.jpg (28.39 KB, 500x333, xetsojlp.jpg)

holy shit anon, this is gud. I love you

No. 102835

File: 1596732765362.png (312.24 KB, 1011x883, Capture10.PNG)

Did this as a birthday gift for a friend!
Does my art remind u guys of anything? Like an artist of some sort. Cuz my friend told me that my art looks nostalgic even though i didnt intended to kek

No. 102837

This is trippy. I love it

No. 102842

File: 1596734585756.jpeg (2.16 MB, 4032x3024, 03D96519-F1DA-4159-A835-2ED338…)

Trying to learn acrylics + to draw still life nature. Any critique is welcome!

No. 102843

Also yes that’s a pizza box kek

No. 102845

10/10, amazing
I can’t think of anything in particular but it does give off an oldschool anime vibe, in a good way

No. 102846

it kind of looks like Card Captor Sakura

No. 102849

das a good-ass leaf. carton makes the colour pop

No. 102854

She is! Its a little hard to get the hair right but I'm glad that u recognize her.
Thank u for ur kind words anon~

No. 102857

File: 1596737419100.jpg (619.73 KB, 1683x2110, 1089-F353-513-D-40-AF-A3-F4-CB…)

and old piece of mine of a fancy fish

No. 102858

I like it! Tres cute. Do you have a finished image of it or plan to finish it?

No. 102861

Ah I love this!! Love all those fish skin details. Please post more of your stuff

No. 102890

File: 1596748326481.jpeg (2.56 MB, 2400x3800, 710CB994-279E-4178-806C-29CF9F…)

Here I go. I’m planning on releasing a small zine in the near future

No. 102891

Cool, I dig it

No. 102896

This is a cool concept and a decent composition, but I think you need more variation in value. Try drawing a value study in charcoal or pencil before starting on the final piece so you remember to include darks and know where to put them. Generally you want your focal point to have the most contrast.

It looks like you're going for a Hieronymus Bosch thing here. Maybe do some studies of his artwork to practice.

No. 102897

File: 1596749175409.png (751.84 KB, 1501x1489, 2017vs20202.png)

i ain't afraid of no ghosts, and i love critique. left is from 2017 and right i did today. is this enough progress for 3 years?

No. 102898

anon I fucking love this please tell me you have more

No. 102900

Definitely not enough progress for 3 years, I'm sorry to say. Someone could reasonably progress like this within a few months if they have the right tutor/intruction.

I'll be honest, it seems like you follow a bunch of random tutorials to make your art "good" when what you really need is basic stuff first! I like your style, colors, etc. But what needs work are your shapes and poses.

No. 102906

This is adorable, my only critique is maybe adjust the position of the right (true left) eye

No. 102912

File: 1596753913930.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.25 MB, 1436x1794, praise me punish me.jpg)

i got banned last time i outed myself as a horny gay scrote, but occasionally i like to draw homoerotic religious imagery (i went to private catholic school in the deep south for 10 years). it's only linework because i made cheap little risograph prints with it, but i've been considering adding flat colors and screenprinting it larger, maybe on shimmery fabric or with metallic ink or something. idk, i want it to look faggy but refined… curious as to what you guys think(horny gay scrote)

No. 102913

you literally could have just not mentioned the horny gay scrote part? but nice artwork, scrote.

No. 102914

Idk how you've gone 3 years and still not learned how to draw a proper face shape. You went from obese, blobular jaw disease to putting fucking timothee chalamet's jawline on a tiny anime girl. It's truly baffling.
The body is also insanely stiff and awkward. It seems to me like you've spent all your time learning to draw Animu Eyes and nothing else. Either you have never spent time studying how to draw humans, or you have unfortunately hit your peak capabilities already. Some people just plateau at a certain point.

This is conceptually great anon, but I think adding more contrast would help it out a lot. Also, for landscapes like this, you'd be surprised how much good a little atmospheric perspective (things getting lighter as they recede into the distance) can do.

This is hilarious, I really like it. I think if I could say anything I would say you could maybe push the variation in line weight even more and it would have an even more pro look.

No. 102915

pretty adequate progress for a casual hobbyist. if you haven't been taking studying seriously it's a decent marginal improvement. your lines are definitely the largest improvement, you're starting to get the hang of line weight. if you dig into studying form/fundamental 3d shape you'll have some passable art skills imo

No. 102916

i love everything about it, especially the composition. it doesn't necessarily need any flats imo, but i think it would look nice as a monochromatic piece, with differing shades of pink and such

No. 102918

Stop drawing anime and maybe you'll get somewhere in art

No. 102921

File: 1596755553165.jpg (Spoiler Image,4.44 MB, 2977x3963, D6500-B21-8-DC0-44-BA-AF33-F48…)

fancy fish anon here, with larvae lady. these are all old af, because now i'm freelancing animu art kek.

No. 102922

You're so talented anon! I understand if you wouldn't want to post them, but do you have any full/finished pieces? I would love to do a creepy-ish style but I'm shit with texture.

No. 102926

Love it! I could see this being a cover of a book or something

You got any more pictures? I love your art style

No. 102933

File: 1596766258624.jpg (272.98 KB, 1689x2048, 116370133_1053185391751244_759…)

Does anyone have any tips for progressing past just perpetually doodling? My art skills have pretty much plateaued due to lack of confidence and being unsure about where to begin even though I'd like to do bigger/more serious pieces.

No. 102936

I love your artwork, horny gay scrote– this is the exact sort of thing I really like (both in terms of the style in subject matter.) If I came across this drawing on social media, I'd like/follow you.

Which brings me to the fact that LCF just isn't the place for you. Try Instagram or a different image board.

No. 102938

Buy a set of markers and actually start outlining. It'll suck, I hate lining my sketches, but you can get past that and then start coloring/scanning

No. 102941

File: 1596769953604.jpg (2.09 MB, 3456x4608, 1596642681648~3.jpg)

It's hard to explain this without a visual, but I'm on mobile and pic related is the best I could do with my finger. There are a lot of proportion rules you can use when drawing a face straight-on.

The mistakes here are all really common for beginners. First, the eyes are too large and the nose is too small. The top half of the head is too short– unless someone is looking up or down, the bottom eyelid is always the exact center of a head without hair. Also, the distance from the fold of the top eyelid to the bottom edge of the nose is three eye-heights. The size of the eye basically determines everything else because it's a point of measurement.

You need to think of the mouth as a group of three-dimensional objects, not a single shape. The fact that it's a different color from the rest of the face is deceptive in that way. Don't let the color distract you; just pay attention to the volumes.

In terms of medium: don't use grid paper. Use large, plain paper (at least 20" tall) with a moderate "tooth" (texture). Textured paper "holds" material better. Your darks and mid-range values aren't dark enough, which is a common problem for people who begin using pencils. Use charcoal or chalk instead– they're much softer and you can make a dark mark much more easily.

No. 102951

3 years? Damn anon this is why you shouldnt only draw Anime

No. 102956

File: 1596776661972.gif (462.46 KB, 577x774, lcb4after.gif)

I take issue with your critique of the lips– it sounds like you're just parroting that common critique about 2D looking lips without actually looking at anon's drawing. The lips are one of the more properly done looking things anon did– they already have figured out that the top lip should be in shadow and seem to understand basic radial shading on the bottom lip.
that said, i gave him some plastic surgery. Clip studio doesn't have liquify, only mesh transform, but i tried my best

No. 102958


She looks cute! tho i recommend looking into some tutorials, your anatomy seems a bit stiff and wonky. The coloring is decent imo. I would also recommend working on lineart aswell, you should add weight to it and such. One anime artist i can recommend watching is SomeNormalArtist, he has a tutorial on how to put on line weight onto your art and many other things, focus on that please.

Just keep drawing and practicing, you will get there some day.

No. 102960

Holy shit the drawing went from incel to chad

No. 102962

No. 102965

File: 1596785278017.jpeg (1.27 MB, 3149x4724, 5AA8C3A1-6D10-43BD-9A55-9BC465…)

I-I have this but it’s way too amateurish imho

No. 102968

File: 1596789976165.png (1.34 MB, 1240x1539, instagramm.png)

Got a request from smaller-following instagram drag queen.
I usually don't do requests but loved the colors and it was a chance to gain some extra followers, so why not.

No. 102970

I love how you use the colours

No. 102974

woah you made my art go from beginner to professional so easily.

thanksfor both of your contributions. i swear i could tell that something was wrong with eyes but for some reason i never realized it was how big they are.

i'm thinking about using rulers and tracing (as a start, not always) since they proportions seem to be something everyone points out. is this a good idea to learn proportions or will it cause me to get dependent on rulers for understanding distance/proportion?

No. 102978

File: 1596809103609.jpg (328.58 KB, 1440x1982, IMG_20200807_190039_887-1-min.…)

I stopped drawing for a good while, just picking it up again a month or so ago. These are a few years old from when I was 17, haven't drawn a finished artwork in years so I'm pretty sure my skill level is the same as shown here. I'd really like to improve how I draw faces, make them more dynamic and expressive, I usually draw them very stilted I feel.

No. 102979

File: 1596809170075.jpeg (359.73 KB, 1920x1080, 5361CC33-F57A-42E3-A951-C5D88B…)

I’m not a pro at proportions but I find adding a grid helps me, it gives consistent reference points and I think it’s more helpful than tracing. Just make sure to draw the grid lightly in pencil or even secure it under your page if the paper is thin.

No. 102999

anon never stop I love this. You are amazing.

No. 103003

File: 1596818249403.png (Spoiler Image,26.25 KB, 226x290, lmao.PNG)

>tfw all i have to offer is this
I want to get into drawing lewd stuff, but I'm not sure if this disembodied wiener has me heading in the right direction or not.

Slap that shit on a shirt anon, I'd buy it asap.

No. 103004

Not gonna lie that looks good.

No. 103005

Ahh thank you anon, I won't let you down!

No. 103006

I like that he's sweating lol, like he's stressed

No. 103007

It looks good anon! The only thing is it's very bent looking. I know some penises curve upward but it kind looks broken.
Geez we have so many talented artists in this thread.

No. 103011

File: 1596821132805.jpeg (119.22 KB, 1047x767, 5419F535-3C9B-4910-A940-36E346…)

This is more of a recommendation than a request for critique since these are both pretty old, but I want to recommend a YouTube channel. The difference between these two drawings is 2 weeks. Yeah, 2 weeks. The secret sauce? Istebrak on YouTube, specifically her 14-day challenge critique videos. Binging those is like taking steroids for your art.

I think the reason her videos help so much is that she does not hold back and sugar coat her critiques like pretty much all other art critique youtubers. It can be jarring at first to see her tearing people apart, but, well, look at the difference between the left and right drawings. Her concept of “don’t value share!” enlightened me.

No. 103012

I’m actually doing this right now, which videos helped you the most

No. 103015

File: 1596822461384.png (81.95 KB, 287x295, 75266086_2443633742541231_2535…)

I'm sorry anon, I don't think I'm gonna finish this anytime soon cuz I'm still practicing on how to digitally paint. In the meantime, enjoy this piece that I just whipped up.
Noted! Thank u for ur critique anon!

No. 103017

File: 1596824464883.jpeg (2.62 MB, 4032x3024, 310A1021-9374-4C22-86B1-E681E6…)

Acrylic painting part 2: electric boogaloo

No. 103021

File: 1596827272550.jpeg (14.83 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

because of the colors it makes me think of pic related

No. 103035

File: 1596831281442.jpeg (152.89 KB, 749x960, DDF57704-28C5-42A3-B85B-D11EBE…)

New to procreate so I’ve been trying to figure out a good way to digitally shade. I’ve also been slacking on studying anatomy (struggling with it more than usual) does anyone have any youtubers I can watch to help with that? If anyone has tips for drawing faster that be great too! I’ve been struggling a lot recently and it’s been annoying. I don’t get as much art finished as I used too…

No. 103036

The leaves look very nice and vivid, so they kind of make the flowers not pop as much. It's not bad though, just the flowers need more work

No. 103037

This is a pretty stupid question, but can collages be posted here?

No. 103039

i would argue that if you make them artistically and not for some meme kind of thing, they could count if you want them to be rated. OP said "digital art, charcoal, anything", so they technically count.

No. 103041

Aw I really love him. I like your style and lines, it can get really versatile because it isn't too strict and restricting. He looks so lovable though, adorable. Whenever I get rusty, I spend a week, 30 mins everyday, on croquis cafè. It always helps.

No. 103043

Hi, i'm OP. You can post whatever you want ♡ it would be nice to get different forms of art forms here.

No. 103097

File: 1596862168734.jpeg (Spoiler Image,3.21 MB, 3576x5371, E3D2A8B1-72FB-481D-B423-412BE6…)

Hello! I made this a week or so ago. I usually draw portraits and bust shots but I started drawing more background details. I’m not familiar with proper anatomy and i can’t unsee how long I drew her neck.

No. 103098

really beautiful and interesting piece! i can't draw for shit but the upper arms are way too long, compare them to the forearms

No. 103100

Ayrt I definitely agree! I need to learn proper anatomy kek

No. 103107

oooooo anon this is really cute!

No. 103110

NicE, anon!!! I love it!

No. 103138

This looks really awesome, like something you would see a Japanese horror artist like Junji Ito draw. Great work!

No. 103145

This is great! The neck length adds to the photo imo. Like the other anon said, the arms are too long. When you're drawing arms, try to imagine what they would look like if she had them by her side. Arms should always fall mid-thigh.

No. 103161

Ayrt thank you anon! I will definitely remember this when I am drawing! God knows I need help with perspective and anatomy.

No. 103173

Wow anon this is legit super super cool. I love it, would love it as a print

No. 103390

why so much details in the knees anon

No. 103493

File: 1597111449471.png (11.16 MB, 4096x2823, Untitled446_20200811025642.png)

So I did these pieces a while back. While I am personally proud of them, I would like some feedback in order to improve. (If you're wondering why I did two of the same pieces, one of the things I like to do is to do a digital piece and then try and recreate it with watercolour or gouache or vice versa. )

No. 103498

These are beautiful anon! One issue I see is the fabric shading. When you paint fabric folds it's better to have variation in the shading instead of it being just one dark streak. Also, it's lineless, so it doesn't really make sense to have the hair so defined in the digital piece. It doesn't feel like it fits cause it's the only thing that's that detailed.

Either way I think these are really cute, the right looks like the cover of a childrens book, in a good way.

No. 103504

File: 1597117148772.jpeg (Spoiler Image,3.19 MB, 3722x5363, CBE62509-EDB5-49DC-A3F3-19712E…)

Okay so I think the arms here aren’t so bad compared to the long arms I had on the other post. It turned out a little muddy imo.

No. 103514

anon, i love your artwork. i love the way you color and how unsettling your themes are. really cool, keep it up!

No. 103516

File: 1597129242025.png (140.44 KB, 640x1136, 1567EFEB-0C0D-406A-8164-0A0BA6…)

You inspired me to start this challenge.

No. 103521

File: 1597137623004.png (11.7 MB, 2336x3264, Untitled296.png)

My first attempt ever at using gouache

No. 103540

I like how you made the teeth yellow. Those kinda small, unconventional stuff really make the drawings unique.

No. 103546

The coloring is hella cute. I'd rate it 7/10. Nothing special or unique, but nice to look at. If my friend gave me this as a gift i'd put it on my wall.

No. 103547

File: 1597152789579.jpg (540.33 KB, 1926x1356, doodles.jpg)

I swear I have more doodles and ideas than complete pieces lmaoo but hoping to make some finished pieces soontm

No. 103562

File: 1597157899772.jpg (Spoiler Image,4.61 MB, 4608x3456, 159715747521137950790747038574…)

Samefag, i know it's only been a week since i drew this but i made another portrait.
(I know hair sucks, havent watched any tutorials on that since im only focusing on faces for now).
I tried following the advice like making the eyes smaller, nose bigger etc. I'm trying to follow the general rules like the eye is 1/5th of the vertical line etc. but i also try to follow the reference photos. Somehow, my drawings gotten worse lol.
I know i shouldn't expect too much since i only studied like 2 hours this week but i didn't expect to regress this fast.
Sorry for blog-type entry. Just wanted to share it here.

No. 103563

File: 1597157999986.png (323.55 KB, 475x428, jenna marbles.png)

Original pic for reference. I know lots of anons don't like jenna here but she's way too pretty to not draw.

No. 103566

she has a horse face and is average at best lol

No. 103567

The ones on the left are cool. Slap a background and it would be so much better than it is as doodles.
Also the one hand you drew seems to lack… depth? Idk how to say it but it looks like there is no joint at the wrist, so the hand looks dough-ish (english is not my native language so sorry if this doesnt make sense).

I think they're nice anon. But you should improve from doodles to full drawings with backgrounds that tell a story so that it becomes more interesting.

No. 103568

i can tell you're a more detail-oriented person (i love the way you render faces and textures), so my biggest tip for you on making finished pieces is to study composition. there are lots of resources online for this! to practice, draw rectangles in your sketchbook (i can see you're already kinda doing this) and rough out basic shapes with characters in a setting/background. pay less attention to details and more to the way the drawing fits into the rectangle as a whole. try different things, see what looks/flows best! it'll be a lot easier to do a full piece when you have a loose reference for how it should end up looking, rather than just starting and seeing where it goes, if that makes sense? 'cuz once you've got the basic shapes in you can go hog wild with the details.

No. 103572

The eyes are good proportions now I’d say! There is some improvements from the last piece. The only thing is the head seems too round and lacks depth compared to the eyes, mouth and nose. Don’t get discouraged by “regression”, it means your artistic eye has improved but not your motor skills. Keep drawing and eventually they will start matching

No. 103590

thanks for the feedback anon <3 i always draw the head shape last, maybe that's why it ends up looking wonky and round. also now that i look at it, it does lack depth. for some reason i thought i was supposed to fill in the rest of the face as opposed to shade it.

No. 103591

Oh yeah the hand is super awkward, I really need to rely on references more. Thank you I appreciate the feedback a lot! I might scan some stuff I like and try playing around in digital
Thank you! I am not sure how detail oriented ı am actually because I get jittery whenever I try to focus on textures etc but this is nice to hear. I think I might go back to that and try that yeah! I struggle with composition a lot and I remember reading a post on thumbnailing and it was very similar to your description, I always draw rectangles to do thumbnails but end up getting distracted. The shapes tip is eye opening because I didnt see it from that angle, thank you!

No. 103633

File: 1597178507412.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.83 MB, 4608x2592, 20200807_130754.jpg)

can someone give me an honest rating of my junglebook drawing? been practicing traditional art for awhile, but i'm not sure if i suck or not. i hide my art from most people, so i get almost zero feedback. would really appreciate some advice

No. 103635

File: 1597178768443.jpeg (165.68 KB, 1024x841, ESrKaSKU4AEXEVa.jpeg)

I love it! Personal preference, but maybe you could try adding more texture with hatching like pic related? I love this artist and her traditional stuff

No. 103639

Who's the artist

No. 103641

File: 1597181102961.jpeg (Spoiler Image,265.09 KB, 1200x1500, Ee0fNwuUcAAGn69.jpeg)

Sartorial_E on twitter, go get your old hollywood dreamboats, anon

No. 103696

File: 1597212183768.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.3 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg)

Ive started trying to learn how to draw after 10 years of not doing it. The pupills are too small so she looks creepy but other then that what else can I improve with?

No. 103698

The pupils are the right size, that's not your problem. Unfortunately this is a case where I don't even know where to start because you're basically not doing anything right. I know this is gonna hurt to read but I'm trying to be honest.

If I had to say one thing, it's that it's clear you are drawing with symbols, which is what everyone does as a kid, but you need to ditch that way of thinking if you want to make any progress. You need to think about the face and its features as 3D shapes, and then learn how to choose lines that best represent these shapes. Forget what you think a nose is and observe real ones. This is a hard process and it's a skill that all artists continuously develop throughout their lives. I guess you could start with tracing over some photos of real people, as a very basic way to start learning. This will help you stop using symbols.

No. 103699

No this is what I want to hear thank you! I have a bad case of not being able to visualise, are there any challenges to help with visualisation

No. 103700

Well, yeah, like I said, draw from life/from photos for a while first. You have to build up a visual library in order to be able to visualize things properly. If the information is not there, you can’t just will it into existence, and you’ll get frustrated trying. So go enter some information into your visual library and do some studies.

No. 103722

File: 1597228661947.jpg (419.62 KB, 1000x1250, fun challenge one hour.jpg)

Drawn for a one hour drawing challenge with friends, we had to draw something including these prompts:
neon, woke up married, many horns, e-thot, vampire fangs
Trying to render something was probably a bad idea considering the time limit.

Also I never completed Istebrak's 14 day challenge but it kickstarted my understanding of rendering, so overall her videos were pretty helpful for me.

No. 103731

i like the idea but some things look messy, maybe because of the fact that you only had one hour.
like the guy's torso. left boob seems to be higher than the right one and there is a weird "dip" on his back.
the girl's body seems kinda emerged into the background? like there are parts where you can't tell where her body ends and the surroundings start.
overall, i don't have a good eye for art, but these are my criticisms. i like the piece though.

No. 103810

File: 1597265642959.png (Spoiler Image,2.69 MB, 1910x3002, Untitled336_20200525144232.png)

Recently just finished this

No. 104011

File: 1597370397004.jpeg (5.31 MB, 2337x3072, C67870AC-514E-4079-B651-730FEC…)

I don’t understand how to draw clothing folds and I’m starting to think I never will

No. 104019

File: 1597377022135.jpg (Spoiler Image,67.45 KB, 975x1390, bare-footed-woman-walking-on-t…)

1. Her foot's not going the right way. I can't find a ref pic, but if you stand like that yourself, you'll see the right foot would be pointing forward.

2. Her hair and skirt are being blown in two different directions.

3. If the brown part at the bottom is supposed to be the floor, it doesn't have much depth to show that.

4. Her left foot is too oval shaped. The way you've drawn it makes it look like she's actually standing on the tips of her toes when really shes standing on the pads of her toes, ya'know? Pic related for reference of how they should really look. Change to fit the type of shoes she's wearing obviously

5. Her hair is also a lot brighter where the light is shining than her skirt. The books in the background show that the amount of light is consistent from top to bottom, so the light on her skirt should be brighter.

I hope this wasn't to nitpicky, this drawing is really cute anon!

No. 104020

Sorry for samefag, but on the first one I meant the foot should be pointing out

No. 104492

File: 1597512638610.jpg (278.18 KB, 736x736, 2020-08-15_154638.jpg)

I don't know is there other thread for that but: where should i get clothes ideas from? I'm not creative, which sucks, because i have problem with OCs too

No. 104494

TBQH I actually get my fashion ideas from the quarterly lookbooks put out by labels and department stores. I have a couple from Barney's and Neiman Marcus on my shelf right now.

You can probably call and get on their mailing list. Ask for the studio services department if needed - they send these things to film & tv costumers a lot (which is where I got mine from).

No. 104495

I use shoplook.io, it's the polyvore refugee site. If my character dresses up in a certain trend or fashion I just take a handful of outfits from that category and modify them. Also because they don't use models there's a lot of versatility in how your characters can wear them and how'd they acessorise it. Hope I'm making sense, good luck anon.

No. 104504

Thank you so much anons! I'll look it up

Btw pic i posted is my sketch, so i have questions again. What is the method to achieve manga tier art? I'm not using loomis or anything at all; you can see circle and lines under "lineart" but i used it to draw hair and hair only. I'm literally drawing eyes and then i hoping face will do okay too- which isn't good method and never was. That's why I'm afraid i'll be stuck in the future. I can't learn and it's annoying. Is there hope for me, anons?

No. 104506

Idk why animefags think they can just start off at anime stylization and things will turn out fine. You still have to know the basics of real facial and body structure before you can properly stylize it. Your drawing looks like shit because you don’t know what the lines you’re drawing are based on. Learn loomis and do some figure studies and then when you actually get the basics, you can come back to anime.
Ever wonder why most good artists follow the “draw shitty anime in middle/high school -> drop it and learn realism for a couple years -> go back to extreme stylization only now have actual skill” pattern? There’s a reason for it.

No. 104507

Try pinterest or any kind of aesthetics insta blog. For your, ''manga tier'' question, just look at your fav mangaka and try to emulate the elements. Thats what i usually do.

No. 104515

Like the other anon unnecessarily angrily said, you should focus on learning foundations of things that will carry through no matter how you stylize your art.

Anatomy can be warped to create stylization, but that knowledge is needed in order to make a figure look structured and solid. Fabric folds and weight, lighting, composition, etc, will all affect your art no matter how you stylize it.

What helped me years in was actually just regularly taking figure drawing classes. Understanding how bodies move and work can help you create more dynamic poses, no matter how much you stylize or simplify your work. I would try doing gesture studies, or using posing/model software to start really getting anatomy basics down.

In terms of creativity… very few people are truly creative. Instead, it's a lot of absorbing materials and understanding how to repurpose them - "The art of originality is concealing your source." I'm fortunate enough to work in the industry, and just seeing how many beautiful pieces of concept art I've admired turned out to be photobashes composed of different images really changed my view and opened my eyes to how artists recycle ideas, objects, and concepts.

Plus, I'll 100% be real - a lot of artists have frankly shitty OCs.

No. 104641

File: 1597611480907.jpg (5.32 MB, 3072x3958, 20200817_033807.jpg)

Trying sth else for a change…im getting back again after months and months of hiatus. Im not giving up, things will get better soon…Lets hope for the best.

No. 104646

I think you have a nice idea there anon, but you'll definitely want to study facial proportions and anatomy. Where the eye goes, what the side of the nose/chin area look like, that kind of thing. And on the triangles, if you're going for a geometric look, it'd be a good idea to use some kind of masking fluid or tape for sharper edges so it doesn't look messy.

Try not to abuse white gel pens. You may've been better off using white acrylic in some areas, because some of those gel pen lines look really scratchy and take away from your art overall.

No. 104647

The colors are really pretty anon

No. 104653

honestly i really dig the style. just get better at coloring and you'll be golden

No. 104655

imo you should have kept the eyelashes and the long neck, but I will agree with the other anons that i really love the overall aesthetic and themes

No. 104657

this is really good! But! his mouth is too big, junglebooks mouth is actually kinda small. And his hand is SLIGHTLY too big, hes got big hands but not that big

No. 104679

File: 1597621435123.jpg (166.94 KB, 624x728, unknown.jpg)

A boy I just doodled

No. 104697

File: 1597646209710.jpg (80.37 KB, 883x886, fgfgfgfgf.JPG)

my artistic skills had been in a continues declining but here is a drawing of a picrew i made

No. 104705

So happy to see a thread like this, and anons actively posting! Hope it's gonna thrive.

The earthy colors are so nice! I like your style, do you have any finished work to show? I'm curious how it looks on the more polished stage.
Wish there were some stronger highlights so the skin, just one additional brighter color so it's more vibrant. The pose is really cool though!

No. 104820

File: 1597714815161.jpg (126.58 KB, 600x375, herrscher.jpg)

Yeah I didn't have time to fix everything, just kinda winged it as fast as I could.

Here's a little sketch I'm probably not going to do anything more with.

No. 104823

File: 1597718477739.png (Spoiler Image,591.85 KB, 500x667, qqqq.png)

No. 104824

I love your style

your anatomy is good, was this a sketch or a study?

No. 104828

just a sketch. I should be doing studies by now but im lazy as shit

No. 104846

File: 1597746144096.jpeg (736.61 KB, 1967x2980, 9BD50A2E-6606-4398-8B35-81C649…)

I used to draw this constantly when I was 12-14 lol, like all over my school notebooks and papers. Sometimes I’d give her longer socks or boots and put a hat on her. Notice how badly I did the ribbon in her hair lol. Regardless there was always a thought bubble turning into a storm cloud above her head. She was my own little moody dark gothic character I created, and I cut out this certain drawing and stuck it on my shelf, just for shits and giggles

No. 104855

File: 1597752620766.jpeg (204.74 KB, 1123x1123, FF57F34C-CC94-49C7-B520-200D1B…)

I love art but I barely draw anymore. I get discouraged cuz the stuff I wanna draw involves more realistic anatomy and my skills just aren’t there yet. I’m also not entirely comfortable with using a tablet, it feels slippery to me compared to pencil and paper.
Anyway this is a doodle I did in about 30 mins after trying to draw something more realistic for over an hour.

No. 104863

one word, practice.

No. 104867

File: 1597759561469.jpg (2.58 MB, 3088x3088, 20200818_070507.jpg)

I figured this is a good way to cope with my depression, but I don't feel joy from acrylic painting.

No. 104868

Try oil painting maybe. I love oil painting, it's really soothing, acrylic paint may look similar but it's such a chore, it dries too quickly and it doesn't feel as nice on a brush but maybe that's just my thoughts. Your paintings are pretty nice
I also have daisy earrings!! But yeah if you want to draw something realistic you have to practice first by drawing something with a photo reference, don't get discouraged if you can't do it right away
This is so cute, it reminds me of those notebooks with the little girl printed on the edge of the page

No. 104873

Thank you. I was looking to purchase some fine art tubes of oil and a gesso wood panel. How do you think that would look? Do you use stretched canvas? Also, what are the basic colors I should get? Thank you so much <3

No. 104896

I use stretched canvas mostly, I think wood panels are even better because you can make very fine details without the canvas texture getting in the way. You could also get paper for oil painting, I don't know what it's called but they make these blocks of sturdy paper with a canvas texture.
I don't know what brand of paint to recommend because I use whatever. You can get a set of various paints but if you want to buy individual paints you need:
- titan white and zinc/zinc-titan white (zinc white is for mixing with other colors, titan white is for when you need a really opaque white color),
- a warm red and a cool red (there's lots of variations of their names, the warm red is usually called vermillion or cadmium red and is closer to orange, and the cool red is sometimes scarlet and is closer to purple),
- a nice yellow (honestly I hate that cool lemon yellow I can never find a use for it, it always needs a bit of red so I recommend a warmer color like cadmium yellow),
- dark brown,
- a cool blue and a greenish blue (you could use only a cool blue like almost a navy color, I can't remember some normal names but I remember my cool blue paint is called phtalocyanine blue and it's really nice, you could add some yellow to make it a greenish blue I guess but I think it's worth it to have a greenish blue paint too, like cerulean blue)
- black, you can make a nice natural black from brown and navy but sometimes you just need some true black
You can make whatever other color you need by mixing these. It might be better if you're not sure you'll like oil painting to buy a set of paints because individual paint tubes (the big ones) can get expensive. But it's definitely more worth it to buy individual paint tubes because in a set, some paints will just be used more often than others. I'm sorry if I wrote too much, and good luck with painting.

No. 104900

These are really nice anon. The compositions are good.

No. 105045

Oh I forgot two very important things: you need turpentine and linseed oil. Linseed oil makes the paint dry more slowly and makes it shiny, and turpentine makes it dry faster, you can also use another paint thinner, I use "white spirit" idk what it is but it smells like benzine. If you try to paint with just paint it will be too viscous, you need to dilute it with something, if you don't particularly need your paint to dry faster or slower just make a solution of 50% linseed oil and 50% paint thinner and dilute paint with it.

No. 105360

File: 1598022655897.png (267.02 KB, 672x641, 284781924.png)

I am trying to develop my "painting" style, since my normal art is basic anime-ish.
I was wondering if anyone could give me an opinion in regards to this piece? Color wise, and any tips for blending and all of that in general.
(I wasn't aiming for a photorealistic style or anything btw)

Thanks in advance

No. 105363

It looks weird that you’ve shaded everywhere except under the bangs, which is where the clearest shadows would be.

No. 105366

File: 1598024556193.jpeg (758.07 KB, 2048x2048, 12B6BFF6-E2B6-4188-BA00-475B13…)

I started sculpting again this year and made my mum her little dog styled after a miniature bisque doll, but I'm part of zero art communities so getting critique is impossible. Is there a better method to painting fimo than baking the acrylic in the oven for an extra twenty minutes? I feel like it made it tacky and now I'm afraid to use acrylic sealant on it. Websites all have different advice and info but I didn't like their finished product appearance. One time I used oil and it stained the piece incredibly deeply and it never dried. Nothing removed the colour again, but I'm nervous to try certain things because the damn item itself is plastic. Any advice is so wanted.
Also yeah hindsight 20/20 I would have crocheted a hole in the dress for the tail since now it looks like she's shat herself, but I was on a tight deadline and finished the dress on the final day.

No. 105367

Oh, yes I just noticed i forgot that lol.
Any other thing you can tell me to improve? Thank you.

No. 105371

Sorry anon, I don't have any advice but I adore the dog figure! What breed is it?
Would love you to make a doll out of my pug. You should consider selling those on etsy once you figure out all the kinks!
I second the tail hole idea. It would be so cute to see her tail!

No. 105404

Thank you! And I would but the price/time put into it wouldn't be worth it. I just make them as gifts for family! It's a Frenchie, pugs would be fun to do because they're even more pushed-in looking

No. 106263

File: 1598751393288.png (1.29 MB, 720x1095, sketch.png)

it's a light sketch but I've been recently trying digital art and it's very difficult to get into
traditional art just gives you a better experience than digital idk why

No. 106271

These are so pretty anon! The legs on the girl sitting down are out of proportion to the rest of her body (the legs are too small, and her left thigh and right calf are super skinny) but idk if you did that on purpose.

I think trad art gives more experience cause you basically have no short cuts, and it's harder and longer to do some things. Like blending for example.

No. 106291

File: 1598773732091.jpeg (1.94 MB, 2931x3642, 12BB780B-918F-4EF6-B2C2-270BE2…)

I did this yesterday

No. 106309

Wow, really nice anon.

No. 106311

File: 1598807282630.png (814.79 KB, 1800x1300, test.png)

I've always wanted to do a webcomic of my own but I feel like my art is too stiff and unattractive to manage that, but I've been trying to work on consistency and character design to pursue it anyway.

No. 106314

It is pretty stiff, but it's already more competent than 90% of western webtoons anyway so I say go for it & you'll learn along the way.

No. 106315

I love this. Thank you for sharing

No. 106316

you got some nice lines

No. 106438

I like your art anon, you should go for it! You often see webcomics where the artist's style has improved over time, and you're more than talented enough to get started. So why not follow your dream while continuing to get better? I've seen many others artists who started comics when they were much less experienced but still got popular. Don't shortchange yourself.

No. 106472


Thank you both. I know drawing regularly like I'd need to for a comic will help me improve, and you're both right, I should go for it. I signed up for a figure drawing course this term to hopefully help loosen my art up some, too. I'll keep at it and try to get some decent pages together and up.

No. 107371

File: 1599593159706.png (712.03 KB, 1070x559, Screenshot_2020-09-09-00-17-31…)

I think it would be pretty damn rude to drop my drawing here without offering feedback on others so I would critique their problems but I am in no position to give actual advice though
>>106311 It is stiff but still pretty good
>>106291 Cool atmosphere and design - rather stylized so there's no comment on the anatomy
>>106263 Legs are short but still really cool
>>105366 i have no idea what criticism to give but its so cute

No. 107526


I like the look of your art! It reminds me of detailed fashion art. I think it's good you used a few examples too. I love how you sketched different hair textures, hairlines and facial shapes, that really makes them stand out nicely. Your clothing choices are thoughtful too and I see how you've shown cloth volume through shape and some shading. Keep that up!

If I may suggest since we only have a sample size to work with; find a few photos of people in more poses you find interesting to try. It doesn't need to be wild or in a direction you aren't comfortable with yet, just more variation for you to have fun with and use. Doing a lighter undersketch should help structuring poses and positions. There's a ton of ways to visually break down the body, some work better or worse for people so experimenting is key. Off the top of my head is the 'bean' and 'circle and lines' techniques, might not be word for word on the last. The hands of the 2nd look good; it's a lot of work but keeping their hands out enhances the look a lot in most situations. So if you choose to use the above advice adding in some more hand practice would be great. Of the 4 I feel 2 and 3 have confident lines which help them stand out and (personally) feel more appealing.

On the note of standing out, I don't know what paper you usually use I really feel you should treat yourself with sketchbook paper. Experiment and find a texture you like. What you've shown, to me, shows even more potential. Having a clean page to draw on would help your work and details show through much more clearly. Thank you for sharing your art and giving others positive criticism.

No. 107702

File: 1599835882395.png (103.45 KB, 341x582, ohman.PNG)

hello guys, i started drawing this yesterday and theres just something i hate about the shading but i can't pinpoint what it is? any advice? also struggling with hair shading.

No. 107705

>>106311 You should go for it anyway, these are really well drawn. You should try doing some croquis exercises to help you loosen up some of that stiffness.

Wow your style is really unique, she's super cute! As far as critique goes, you don't seem to have a consistent light source so your shading is kinda all over the place.
The colors you've picked for the shadows look muddy too. Try not to shade with a darker version of the base color, have some difference in hues as well. As a rule of thumb, if your light source is warm toned, your shadows should be cool toned and vice versa.

No. 107706


yes muddy, thats the word i was looking for, thank you!! im going to watch some lighting/shading videos when i get home.

No. 107710

this style is adorable anon, I really like it

No. 107715

She’s so cute, she reminds me of a Pokémon game protagonist

No. 107736

s'cute anon! if you're not already, try using more opposing colors for shading. for example on the cream colored turtleneck, add some blue/purple hues to the shading in order to create depth. same with red corset, try adding some green. the corset has the best shading imo.

keep in mind you are losing line when shading in this piece, especially in the hair and shirt. your linework is really delicate and thin (not a bad thing but it is easy to lose in coloring process). best way to keep thin linework as a focal point is to realllyyyy restrict value changes and color palette, or else you may have to thicken your lines in places where it disappears. just my thoughts, feel free to ignore lmaooo. you have a good style!

No. 107767

File: 1599899395780.jpg (347.43 KB, 1600x1200, vgirl.jpg)

I'm still new to digital art, I'm using clip studio paint. Need some advice. Yes, I used a 3d model.

No. 107770

I'm not sure what kind of feedback you expect here, it's clearly very beginner art. I'd just recommend you study art fundamentals so you get yourself a good foundation to improve your art on.

No. 107786

Something you should focus on is practicing your lines, main beginner mistake is to make multiple, messy lines like this. It's harder to get right with digital art as compared to traditional, but the same exercises will work just fine, for example the very first lessons of Draw A Box - simplified version of these is presented in the video I link here. Draw and delete the same line as many times as you will need, but don't draw it over another lines like here because it's only creating illusion of a defined shape, and will not help you learn.

3D models are okay tool to learn with but not when you trace - place the 3d model next to your canvas and try to replicate what you see, this is how you'll learn basic shape language and better anatomy. Tracing doesn't require any understanding so it's a shortcut that can really hurt your improvement when you're only starting out.

Overall the colors are really nice and don't get discouraged! You'll see the improvement very soon.

No. 107792

Good to see a sculpture anon, the detailed on the face is pretty good. Generally with oven bake clays like Fimo, you paint after baking completely and seal with a spray sealant, resin or a brush on gloss. Hopefully this helps

No. 107793

warm vs cool will take this far, either pick a warm light and cool shadows or cool light and warm shadows and go to town. Also think a little more about structure and form when you're rendering. It looks like youre looking at shadows as a 2D texture instead of carving form into something 3D.

No. 107809

Thanks for the advice!
But yeah, even in traditional my hand is a little shaky, so inking always looks wrong. Also line art tends to be hard to do, so I need advice on that.

No. 107815

File: 1599946489351.png (195.78 KB, 477x589, ee oo ee oo.png)

practiced some more… the blue tones really helped

No. 107868

Oh yeah, the cool shadows definitely broke the monotony.

Careful with the light source, it's unclear where the light source is because the hair, skin, clothes all are lit differently. You can use multiple light sources but it can complicate things since it'll impact forms in a more complex manner. Either way if it's gonna come from the right side then all parts of the render should support that.

No. 107891

File: 1600009128065.jpeg (4.74 MB, 3600x5318, D0618C05-B0E5-4C45-9CA1-D43A03…)

Hello! Do you guys have any advice on portraying transparency—in this case plastic? I just added white lines and I’m not very happy. I want to re-do it but I don’t know how to properly execute it.

No. 107892

File: 1600009931778.jpg (6.91 MB, 3600x5318, img.jpg)

Maybe you could add some more shine like this. But I think it looks very good as you made it.

No. 107897

Ooh!!! I like that! Thank you anon!

No. 107904

i really like your style anon!

No. 107925

Thank you anon!

No. 107929

anon this is sick! what medium is it?

No. 107932

Watercolor and thank you again!

No. 107942

File: 1600073185576.jpg (74.68 KB, 637x847, PicsArt_09-13-10.47.46~2.jpg)

I do not care about any criticism because this is my son no matter what.

No. 107944

this cute, i love it. nobody criticize the birb

No. 107946

i love it!!

No. 107952

Fuck birds.

But yeah, anon, this is a good drawing of one.

No. 107970

He be looking like a juicy peach

No. 107989

File: 1600121161458.jpg (3.42 MB, 4160x3120, batstuff.jpg)

i did this a day or two ago using a variety of micron pens

No. 108042

Heh heh thank you anons. I used Koi watercolors and a Micron pen. I suck at art but watercolor feels so forgiving that I am getting over my dear of sucking.

No. 108043

I couldn't ignore this **fear

No. 108091

I really like her anon, super cute. I can't put it into words well but there's this fine line where pin-up looking stuff will annoy me and feels boring and sexualized, compared to where it feels sexy and playful, and I feel like this is in the latter category. I like her little succubus adventurer design and cat-like eyes. Her right forearm being so thin bothers me a bit (seems like a stylistic choice but a bit too extreme for my personal taste). Other than that, fun concept and good job varying line weight without it being overwhelming.

No. 108124

I like your idea, but I think if there's something that might help it look better, it's to try and avoid tangents more (not a hard-and-fast rule, but here's a guide to spotting them):


At a glance, the heel of the boot and her knee, as well as both elbows have some tangent action. It can get pretty visually confusing as to where one shape ends and the next thing begins, but having more overlap or more separation both help improve that issue.

No. 108149

File: 1600243902349.jpeg (45.78 KB, 800x754, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)

I like to draw every now and then but I am in no way an artist

No. 108821

File: 1600888901473.png (453.52 KB, 2048x1537, Screenshot_20200923-142004.png)

I'm just now getting back into digital painting after trying briefly and getting discouraged. I usually draw more cartoony stuff. This is the first "painterly" piece I've made that I actually like… Any thoughts or feedback?

No. 108828

Hey anon, don't get discouraged, practice will pay off soon enough! I like your anatomy and shapes it has a lot of potential.
it feels a bit too blury, try using a different brush with more defined stokes to define some edges.
As for the values I recommend this proko video.

No. 109088

File: 1601138457153.png (556.1 KB, 1500x1900, Comparison.png)

So I really didn't know where to put this because all I need is some advice on which one is better. I'm trying to go for a specific style with the screentoning but idk which one is better. Some advice would be nice I guess lol.

No. 109092

paint tool sai, medibang has too harsh of screen tones that doesn't complement your art, it distracts form it. Although you could always combine them by using screen tones from each program depending on your taste.

No. 109095

File: 1601141878215.jpg (441.04 KB, 1080x1834, IMG_20200926_193800.jpg)

seconding this, at first I posted that medibang is better because pic related is what I saw on my phone. WHY DOES THIS EVEN HAPPEN

No. 109097

paint tool sai by a long shot, the screentone particles are smaller and create a fine and more pleasing texture. the one on the right isn't bad, but larger dot particles require less sophisticated character designs and bodies imo. the style on the right seems to work well with more 'chibi' style drawings, basically anything with less lines and detail.

don't have much advice, you seem to have a nice hold on anatomy (hands be a lil small tho) and shading, which adapts itself to your style. i really like that lighter part of the skirt near the hip, but it is basically the same texture and shade as the hair so i'm losing it in the overall composition. perhaps lightening it or moving the hair placement minutely can fix that. cute style anon!

No. 109099

WOAH That's weird because I saw them switched place on mine

No. 109276


I agree on SAI. The halftones on the right are too big for a character that detailed. Also I like the shine on the hair.

No. 109310

when you unzoom and zoom on a "mesh" texture, it moves to bigger and smaller spots, try it !
in my mind its bc it's so fine that your computer has trouble making it even smaller while keeping the tiny tiles, but what do i know.

No. 109501

File: 1601436983792.png (9.15 KB, 300x300, art.png)

feed my ego

No. 109502

its bad

No. 109503

File: 1601438015872.jpg (57.83 KB, 843x469, 83089269_1024246654621457_6575…)

No. 109585

11/10 better than all the faggots in the artist salt threads

No. 109589

File: 1601504174121.png (730.89 KB, 1780x1780, lace.png)

still pretty much a wip and needs more work including redoing the skirt and obviously colouring it, was planning to finish it today but didn't get to so i'll post here to get my dopamine release. and also criticism for stuff to fix when i do feel better and continue working on it.

No. 109593

First thing that strikes me is her torso and arms look way too short and small compared to how big and long her legs are. The position of the arm facing us is also really awkward, reads almost like a plastic baby doll arm that's just hanging there. It would probably look better if you had her holding her hand bunched up in her skirt material or something.

No. 109594

tf is up with those calves she looks like a street fighter character missing half the polygons. hair is cool though.

No. 109627

sorry if this is a retarded question anons, I don't know anything about rendering (I do vector graphics but I would like to learn to render) but I see all over the internet that using white as a base is a big no-no, why is that?

No. 109639

As with anything, there's no reason to NOT do it, but it's more tiring for the eyes and influences the way you perceive colors; basically since white is so bright, even light colors will look dark against it and because of it you'll not go "deep enough" with your shadows making your painting look flat / washed out.

No. 109654

pure white fucks with both the art process and the end result. it can wash out or enhance colors, distract the eye, and mess with your sense of value. best to fill in a slightly darker and hued version of white and work off that.

No. 112896

File: 1603559896876.jpg (469.06 KB, 1120x1500, New Canvas.jpg)

Miu Iruma wip. I'm not sure what the other hand should be doing

No. 112936

File: 1603589020982.png (7.4 KB, 400x400, Untitled 10-24-2020 12-47-44.p…)

First try at pixel art.

No. 112946

File: 1603600942065.png (7.46 KB, 308x404, shaded.png)

I love the concept, you should add some shading like this so it's easier to "read" the shapes.

No. 112959

I like the original more lol, the shading looks weird

No. 112960

He looks like he'd steal from me. I love him nonetheless.

No. 112968

I hope it's okay to post art-related questions here, but hypothetically, what is the best way for an artist to deal with someone else tracing their art? Asking for a friend, of course.

No. 112969

NTA but I love the shaded one so much more, it does read much easier and is more pleasant to look at. The original one is too flat and the colors are confusing without shadows

No. 112979

Ayrt, thank you so much for the feedback i love the shading that was done to fix it. that is something i will start practicing!

No. 112995

Please be aware that your pixel art was very cool from the start. You are good at this! Add shading and your work will be pro

No. 113023

File: 1603736301012.jpg (196.93 KB, 1352x1761, rootroot.jpg)

tried these koi watercolors i bought on my sketchbook. i'm not used to drawing men at all so i think i should start practicing that more.

No. 114815

For anyone wanting to improve anatomy and such, I really recommend a site called line of action. It is really good for proving anatomy and helps you learn what to prioritise when sketching https://line-of-action.com

No. 114828

that's really amazing anon

No. 115736

I know this is from a while ago and I wanted to say this before but one eye is way higher up than the other one

No. 116080

File: 1606117235361.jpg (148.99 KB, 800x1200, redstone.jpg)

Same person from >>107767

Not a figure, but still keeping up with digital art. This was done with only a mouse.

No. 116082

File: 1606120202085.jpg (12.88 KB, 554x554, stone.jpg)

I think a few sharp, white highlights would really make this stone look more shiny. And some dark values, it is very mid-tone heavy currently.
Ah, yes kek. You're right, thank you. I really need to measure things out before winging it.

No. 116086

When doing the art, I knew in my head it was a type of semi precious stone that wasn't transparent, which turned out to be coral. But yeah, I think it currently looks very dull too.

No. 116115

File: 1606150286604.png (954.82 KB, 700x701, 1606149036058.png)

I just recently rediscovered watercolors and I'm in love

No. 116116

this is so pretty anon

No. 116120

anon this is so beautiful!! wtf teach me your secrets

No. 116130

The style, the colors, the attitude! Someone marry me so I have a chance to wear a fancy doublet like this

Also anon do you mind sharing what brand you use? There's a sort of chalkiness to this that I really like.

No. 116142

Gosh, thank you! I use St.Petersburg white nights watercolors and then I fill in some details with colored pencils. The highlights on the hair are gouache:)

No. 116144

looks like a soap bar. yum

No. 116269

File: 1606298804480.png (1020.99 KB, 774x932, hhhhhh s.PNG)

What expression does this look like to you guys? I'm trying to go for a combination of terror, pain, and viciousness; not sure if the emotion is displayed right, it kind of looks ridiculous to me after adjusting it so many times.

No. 116272

Yes it looks exactly as you said, it looks amazing. The teeth look a bit too small but that's because there's more of them than normal, so that's probably what you intended. THe light is amazing anon you are the best

No. 116274

Looks good anon! I will say that the forehead looks a bit botoxed compared to the rest of the face, just one darker brow furrow would break that out

No. 116332

Glad you like it! I see what you’re saying about the wrinkles, and teeth, so I’ll focus on those a bit more too.

No. 116392

I think bringing down the inside of the brows more, and adding a vein on the side of the forehead would improve it. Maybe more of a curl to one side of the lip to become more vicious.

No. 116499

Putting this here because I can't think of where else to ask, is it a good idea to start a webcomic while you're still a bad-mediocre artist? I'm incredibly self critical and I'm worried that if I wait til I'm good at drawing I'll just keep running in circles of not ever considering myself good enough. I was thinking I'd pinch an Adventure Time-ish style, so anatomy doesn't matter too much.

No. 116537

do it anon!!! with time your art will improve as long as you gain a critical eye and understand your mistakes, but don't be afraid to make those mistakes. it's all a part of learning. Also a bunch of webcomics start off with a shitty style that transform over time

No. 117920

File: 1607635758253.jpg (964.46 KB, 1673x2439, 20201210_212842.jpg)

Not the best photo and it's been a while since I've painted a bird, but I think I've done ok

No. 117922

Aw anon that's adorable!

No. 117923

This is adorable anon!

No. 117925

Thank you so much :D

No. 118619

File: 1608125185516.jpeg (369.4 KB, 1412x1510, B1AF88B7-F3C3-4A45-B4DC-7281AB…)

I want to hop on the vtuber train and I have been building my avatar, just for fun between work and study. People told me she looks like Gumi and now I’m a bit bumped

No. 118620

I don't think she looks like Gumi, I think she looks like a cool mad scientist who takes cocaine sometimes. I hope your videos will be about explaining chemistry because that would be SO cool. But whatever you do I'm sure it will be fun so good luck.

No. 118664

She doesn't look like Gumi but she DOES look like she's going to kick the shit out of me & I'm scared

No. 118693

Seems like a stretch, anon. They're probably seeing similarities because of the palette, but she doesn't look like Gumi

No. 119220

File: 1608632992812.png (822.48 KB, 1654x1500, thum.png)

Does the anatomy look alright with this? I've only worked on the hair for the shading, and I'm going to revisit the hand lol

No. 119384

File: 1608801435370.jpg (222.48 KB, 981x1289, IMG_20201224_101209_272.JPG)

Does this skeleton look ok, I'm looking at photos online but it's hard to see if it looks weird because I don't know what a skeleton looks like off the top of my head. I think his finger and arm bones might be too thick and his shoulder too forward but I don't know really, what do you think?

No. 119398

File: 1608814491039.jpg (237.6 KB, 1920x1142, skeletonref.jpg)

The shading and the colouring is okay, everything else isn't, the anatomy is broken and it's all over the place. I can redline it for you if you want.

I love the concept and the painting so much, the fingers and arm do look a little too thick and the forearm too thin, the spine drops are a little too long but overall it looks beautiful I wish I can have it on my wall.

No. 119399

File: 1608815504514.png (188.43 KB, 537x601, foranonily.png)

one more thing, there are many ways you can move around a 3d model of a sketelton to see how everything works, to find what I used here just look up "kineman movable 3d human skeleton model " the fingers aren't movable so I couldn't make a heart.

No. 119401

Thank you so much, I am playing with the skeleton model now, it's great. Your heart skeleton is so cute lol I love skeletons.

No. 119539

A good rule of thumb (haha) is that an open palm is three quarters of the size of your face. Your girl has great fashion sense, but little itty bitty baby hands

No. 119798

File: 1609279436159.jpeg (1.62 MB, 2838x3576, C927D863-F966-4085-9C4C-2450AB…)

she looks like a psychopath I think

No. 119800

Fucking NICE anon. Reminds me of villanelle a bit!

No. 119807

I love the eyes. Gives off a smug, sadistic vibe.

No. 120694

File: 1609383459377.jpeg (Spoiler Image,7.35 MB, 3922x5776, C9E5F10D-579E-4693-A4D3-E9470D…)

Hey guys, do you have any tips and technique to draw or paint fur? The one on the teddy bear she’s holding looks clumpy I didn’t know what I was doing as usual.

No. 120782

no advice here since i'm dogshit at drawing fur. i just wanted to say i love the colors you used, they look awesome

No. 120811

I love your work! The way you've stylized the person but still shown you understand anatomy is really good. The colours are amazing.

For the fur, it just needs more variation in colour and light. The fur needs to be treated as multiple objects rather than one.

Try separating the furry object into smaller sections and group together fur that would act similarly. To do that, identify the "shape" of the fur (is it a round curl or a straight hair, which direction is it pointing in, etc) and the position (is it affected by anything touching it, where is it in relation to the light source, etc). Shade and colour each section as if it were its own object.

I'm probably not explaining this amazingly, but I hope you get what I'm saying! Check out Edwin Landseer - he almost exclusively drew animals and he sectioned the fur without adding too much detail and painting every strand.

No. 120822

Thank you!
And thanks for the artist recommendation as well! I’ll check out his animal paintings.

No. 120855


Ughhhhhhhh Anon your paintings are so cool

No. 121021

File: 1609683466801.png (50.25 KB, 394x554, uhh.PNG)

I'm just playing around with a different style but I'd love to know what you think!

No. 121022

This is adorable anon

No. 121026

shading and lighting a part before laying the base color for the others is a crime, another crime you committed is coloring against a white background because your preception will be skewed.

No. 121033

ntayrt but what’s wrong working on a white background? Asking because I’m used to traditional mediums so I don’t know much about digital art

No. 121037

Ntayrt but does the shading before adding the base only for digital? I use this technique with watercolor and it’s less harsh than the latter.

No. 121038

High contrast influences how you perceive colors saturation, so it's good to not work with big surfaces of pure black or pure white as background UNLESS you intend to keep it white/black in the final piece. It's also a common practice in traditional mediums when possible.

No. 121039

Pure white tricks your eyes and once you add a backgroun everything will look different, even if you're not gonna add a background never use pure white but use a grey-ish yellow-ish white instead.

I said shading before laying the base for the whole drawing, you can't shade without a base otherwise you will be just painting, it's saves time and helps you keep your shading and lighting style consistent through the whole drawing.

No. 121041

Oh yeah, I suppose all the paper I use is off-white rather than pure white, ty

No. 121045

File: 1609704772699.jpg (252.4 KB, 750x364, glam.jpg)

Has anyone else been possessed by their 12 yr old wannabe goth selves since browsing the glamfur thread…I wasn't skilled enough in 2003 to participate but now I'm fucking consumed. I'm not looking for a rating I just didn't want to post my goofy OC in the actual thread.

No. 121049

File: 1609708211565.png (593.52 KB, 1540x1920, 03.01.21.png)

Thank you !

Yeaaah I know, but it started as a small doodle I didn't intend to finish. I did it the right way after your post though

I love it ! It makes me want to draw glamfur too

No. 121050

Cute! this is much better.

No. 121051

File: 1609709707532.png (182.83 KB, 1080x1080, 01012021 cow.png)

I've been having trouble painting/rendering things more realistically. I don't have a clue how digital art works

No. 121053

File: 1609710953842.png (1.35 MB, 660x878, polycyst.png)

Does anyone know ways to get exposure online? I've been trying for years with no luck. I've tried Instagram so many times and I've never been able to get over 100 followers despite putting art hashtags and stuff like that. It's frustrating.
I'm the same artist as this one by the way.

No. 121066

People get exposure online with fanart and participating in trendy hashtags, that's an awful reality of it. Your aesthetic is so unique and alien, you could try applying it to these things I've mentioned above if you care about exposure above all else, but I feel like it would take away from it's uniqueness. If it's some kind of income you care for, your best bet would be IRL networking, looking for some opportunities to be featured in art exhibitions, getting interest of local buyers, because I'm sure these paintings could fit some alternative decor flats, or bars, or clubs… unfortunately, it's really hard when you actually bring something new and weird to the table as you do.

No. 121068

samefag, but additionally, when it comes to instagram numbers, try to insert yourself into a community of artist doing the same thing as you do; more in a direction of psychedelic theme in any medium, than just oil painters. Dedicate about 10 minutes daily to just go on a following spree, some percentage of these people will follow you back, then you can just unfollow them; of course many will do the same but ultimately the number will steadily rise which will slowly make your account looks better, at least from the numbers perspective. I think people actually rarely explore tags on instagram considering how messy they can be, so following people that like the same things as you do will be far more effective when it comes to finding these that enjoy what you do than just waiting idly for them to find you in the tags. Also, interact more; if you're just posting your things and waiting for engagement to happen, it will not. Comment on things you like, if you have twitter, post your art in replies (not retweet!) to people posting prompts like "unknown artists, share your portfolios!" and so on. Unfortunately building the following and keeping engagement is a work almost as time-consuming as creating art itself.

No. 121142

Thank you so much for the advice anon! I'll try my best.

No. 121184

I'd follow and promote the shit out of you. Your art is fire

No. 121187

File: 1609874698134.jpg (270.49 KB, 1280x852, PSX_20201221_201416.jpg)

Anon I'm not even an artist and i broke 100 followers on tumblr doing shitty surreal edits like pic related. Just tag your things like weirdcore, oddcore and dereality because those tags/trends are really blowing up lately

No. 121192

If you want to render things more realistically, just find a photo for reference on details. Your cow is very cute, but its nose ring doesn't seem to be going through its nose or maybe I am retard
My friend made an art account for the two of us and she just obsessively follows all sorts of art accounts. We are following 3000 people now but also we are being followed by 1000 people. It's not all dedicated followers I guess and I think we should have let the followers come to us on their own but we have an audience now.

No. 121273

this is so cute anon! love your style

No. 121425

File: 1610096884036.png (270.31 KB, 514x503, completewithmsilyrics.png)

I for one welcome our new glamfur overlords…

No. 121436

That's so good, it really looks authentic. Especially with that font, I think the shading on the face somehow gives it away, I think there shouldb e more contrast maybe

No. 121471

YES god this is amazing. Everyone needs to post their shameful glamfur art. I know there has to be more.

No. 121475

This is absolutely wonderful! I'm one of the main contributors to the glamfur thread, your art is very true and authentic to the style. Great job, and feel free to post more.

I keep wanting to post mine (it's not nearly as good as that anon's, though) but freelance art is currently my only source of income and I'm also very conscious about my digital footprint and don't want to risk being recognized, lol. I hope any other farmers who've made glamfur art post theirs, though!

No. 121578

File: 1610241975383.png (30.93 KB, 400x500, relatable king.png)

the blue thing is a tramp stamp

No. 121582

i’m late to the party but i’d love to have your artwork as prints to hang in my room, really beautiful work!

No. 121739

File: 1610424415702.png (1.03 MB, 1500x2668, DB260049-36DA-4B6A-A469-7FF9A1…)

this is a work in progress but I did this in ibis paint

it’s so weird that I can sometimes make decent stuff and then the rest is awful is it because of my gaps of skill?

No. 121779

your art makes me think of weird 70s psychedelic shit, i love it!

No. 121789

The only thing I could really see here is her right leg looks too short, and her head seems like it could be too big, but honestly it's not a bad piece. If you draw one part of the body more than others maybe that's why you're better at drawing one thing?

No. 121791

Samefag, I should clarify it's our right and her left leg

No. 121866

File: 1610551304290.jpg (1.31 MB, 989x1806, IMG_7794.jpg)

Chronic doodler so no complete pieces , perspective on the hat is so fucked idk how to fix my lack of sense of form (I know studies and practice but it feels like my brain is refusing to understand it). Not asking to be spoonfed obviously but if anyone had the same problem and got over it then tips are very welcome!

No. 121867

i love this anon

i really enjoy your style and (please don't take this the wrong way) don't think i'd enjoy it as much if it weren't for that sketchy pen look that it has.

No. 121871

File: 1610553193972.jpg (99.21 KB, 800x800, rappen-rotring-rapidograph-tec…)

Reminds me a bit of the doodles I had in my sketchbook ages ago, style-wise!
In general, as basic as the advice can be, but you have to push yourself unfortunately. If you want to stick to traditional mediums, what can help is getting some new supplies that would motivate you more to spend time on your stuff. Something that helped me specifically was rapidograph, the way it works kinda forces you to go slower with your lines and be more precise as it's tip is super small and encourages to draw out all the tiny details you'd otherwise maybe not even think of; just because of that it's kinda harsh to rush with it which results in more polished and finished-looking drawings.

No. 121872

File: 1610553653847.jpeg (1.24 MB, 4096x4096, Koi fish.jpeg)

Getting back into it after a long time. Thanks for the feedback. :)

No. 121875

I think the shadows are a bit distracting, everything looks like it's floating above the floor and not immersed in water. The composition is cool

No. 121877

Got it, thanks! Will try without it, and with it bur closer to the fish bodies. Might make it less distracting.

No. 121879

Aw thank you, also no I completely get it! I end up drawing very differently digitally and it is so unsatisfying because it does lose that sketchiness because I try to render and make it look more put together which ends up looking like ass. So I am still figuring out what I want to do digitally
Oh I am happy to hear! Sketchbook doodles are peak comf.
Also yeah I definitely should just sit my ass and push through it. I also never seen those pens, I've been using micron ones since the dawn of the times but I feel like the tip is too brittle. I dont know how similar they are but if I find them I will definitely give it a shot if they sell them here, thank you so much!
I think the fish turned out cute and I agree with anon above with the shadows and composition, I also really like the texturing on the lily pads

No. 121919

>everything looks like it's floating above the floor and not immersed in water
I thought this too, but I fucking love it, the thumbnail looks like papercraft art

No. 121963

This is so cute. I wish I had better feedback, I just really like it. I like the coloring and something about their little googly eyes is just adorable. Good shit anon.

No. 124657

File: 1611971771021.jpg (6.95 MB, 4000x3000, MVIMG_20201230_212758.jpg)

Something I did after a month long break from drawing

No. 124670

beautiful, anon!

No. 124673

So pretty! I love how graphic it looks. I'm jealous of your eyelash drawing skills, I can never get the bottom ones right lmao

No. 124697

more variation in line weight is what you need in order to take this to the next level.

No. 125059

File: 1612141107518.jpg (900.05 KB, 1660x1660, img1612140538361.jpg)

I'm the anon in >>124657 , thank you all for the feedback! Recently I've been trying out a new art style, what do you guys think?

No. 125061

So cool. what is the color made with? markers, watercolors?

No. 125065

Thank you! I did it with coloured pencils

No. 125981

File: 1612453655075.jpg (294.47 KB, 3000x3508, sweater girl.jpg)

>>119539 >>119398

I did this a few days later and wanted to share it. It's still a little outdated compared to how I draw now.

No. 127195

File: 1613020973581.jpeg (591.65 KB, 3661x1550, download (1) (4).jpeg)

I've been doing some pieces on procreate and trying to find my style but I still struggle so much. All the art I love looks so cohesive, but I can't get mine like that where everything just melts together visually and looks so intentional I've been drawing everyday for hours just trying to practice and learn so I would love some specific critiques

No. 127196

do more studies, they look like kids' drawings

No. 127202

Study and work on anatomy and gestures, right now everything looks disproportionate and the poses look unnatural (in the left drawing especially). Be careful with head and body proportions, unless you want the characters you draw to look like kids. The arms appear a little too thin, the breasts look flat and in the left and middle drawing it looks like the shoulders are popping out of place. Shading doesn't make sense.

No. 127207

this looks much better! are there any recent works that you can post?

No. 127228

Thank you! I've been doing a lot of gesture drawings to learn anatomy better but I probably need to do more actual human studies before trying to make it stylistic.. I keep not liking my work and I'm glad someone was able to put into words why it looked so off

No. 129177

File: 1614063921505.png (441.52 KB, 574x792, kgil.PNG)

it's still a WIP but im drawing a koi girl haha

No. 129186

Her hand is on backwards.

No. 129187

And her trapezoidal neck shape is very bizarre, anyway you gotta be careful with them hands kek

No. 129816

File: 1614432169903.jpeg (2.21 MB, 2893x4092, heartsoutfit1.jpeg)

just a quick sketch with color but she looks like ariana grande lol

No. 129819

When copying and mirroring the other eye, change it up a little, make the highlights come from the same side for example

No. 129823

I'd exaggerate the silhouette by accentuating a triangle shape

No. 129825

i love your shapes

No. 130064

Hey anons do you have any good tips and advice for someone wanting to explore and master oil paints and copic markers? I've never used either of these mediums/ materials before so it's all new to me and I feel lost, especially with oil painting. I really want to make amazing art though. I do have a few copic markers and would like to know exactly how to properly use them to get the most out of them. I don't want to be using them incorrectly, and I think the few attempts I have made so far have been hopeless. Got any helpful tips and tricks, YouTube channels, tutorials, text you recommend? Thanks girls.

No. 130086

>master oil paints
Years and years of practice my friend

No. 130098

File: 1614577159173.png (1.09 MB, 1597x1580, aaaaaa.png)

i mostly draw guys.. need to work on drawing girls :T(:T)

No. 130101

It's cute but don't use emoticons

No. 130102

ah right now i'm gonna get a ban for it sigh

its happened to me twice already, god

No. 130107

Just learn to integrate in general, don't rp using asterisks either lol you sound like a minor

No. 130123

Okay i'm prepared for that. But where do I start? Do you use oil paints anon?

No. 130128

looks very good anon. i like the coloring. he kinda looks like emotionless white boy, tho, you should practice expressions

No. 130134

There are so many resources on youtube if you just search for "oil painting for beginners", it's far better for you to use these than rely on whatever written advice from someone on LC that you can't even actually confirm whether they know what they're talking about or not.

No. 130135

She sounds 15.

No. 130137

nta maybe he is meant to be an emotionless white haired nazi boy

No. 130156

maybe, but he looks like waterhead

No. 130199

nazi kaworu anon needs to show us another piece so we can decide what's her deal

No. 130276

File: 1614657281656.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1500x2668, 353895AD-2B0B-477A-A9A8-B87C65…)

another stupid sketch

No. 130289

The pose is a bit stiff and the arms are too different sizes (the hands also, it seems), but the rest is cute

No. 130317

File: 1614681126426.png (313.74 KB, 562x1000, Untitled-3.png)

The face is super pretty, you have very marketable aesthetic going on. To add what other anon's said, be mindful of your angles, her shoulders are leaning down towards right side so boobs should follow a little bit, yet they're in a straight line; waist should be a bit lower too.

No. 130364

File: 1614706728788.jpeg (67.37 KB, 934x684, CDD8F5A1-2975-4E2B-9411-D07DFC…)

haha he’s not a nazi I just like coloring black clothes and have a preference for white hair! Here’s another piece I did

No. 130369

If he’s a himbo, I want one.

No. 130370

Bitch, is this my robosband to be

No. 130397

I love your style but can we see some emotions on those faces ♥

No. 130500

the verdict of the court: you should work on eyebrows and wrinkles. if one character is emotionless then it's ok, but all of them? It's literally this one thing and maybe you gmi

No. 130518

File: 1614779698256.jpeg (657.81 KB, 750x1334, 4DDA1FDB-2BD1-41BE-882B-9700F8…)

thanks anon for the advice

samefag but i sketched these a week or two ago

No. 130554

No. 130582

File: 1614804341837.png (80.77 KB, 526x713, 7d6a2bb7c7bf5c01084103fd7e488b…)

sorry if hard to see. I don't really do a lot of art anymore because of life woes. But I liked my little sketch I made this week and wanted to share.

No. 130606

So cute! I love this!

No. 130925

File: 1614990577664.jpg (523.26 KB, 1120x1800, my art.jpg)

I'm a weeb

No. 130929

I love you, your art is great, and I want to marry your character.

No. 131034

Is it supposed to be Kanae?
What's with the autism necklace.

No. 131048

this is really cool anon, but the ear looks a bit less correct than the rest of the drawing. Your coloring is impressive, please post more !

No. 131053

Quality weeb stuff, I like it a lot! Love all the nuance you've achieved with gradients, clothes look great

No. 131611


Cute colors but work on your clothes. Nothing floats like that, it just making everything look bad.

No. 131904

File: 1615594049573.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1500x2668, 9F80FC65-E355-4F74-B5BE-0619B2…)

samefag, I just sketch this shit to past time kek

No. 131909

I love her she reminds me of winx. I really like the eye shapes you draw

No. 131916


No. 131918

thank you anon!

No. 131925

weird thought but I feel like I've seen your art in a draw pile server like 2 years ago. its nice

No. 131937

The left arm is a bit short but other than that, it's really cute! I love how you draw faces and your lineart.
I'd love to see lady gaga in the gucci polka dot dress in your style, she looked so gorgeous in that

No. 131976

File: 1615642945245.png (232.8 KB, 557x1003, kinky david.png)

I wish I wasn't too depressed to get out of bed on most days but I drew this as a joke for a friend. I wanna get back to seriously studying art eventually…

No. 132837

File: 1616177320177.jpeg (683.03 KB, 1500x2668, D8FBB217-C468-4E5A-B817-44FA48…)

i really enjoy drawing on my phone even though the quality is still shit lol

No. 132847

The flesh in her calves is migrated a bit too far down and the placement of her right inner elbow is a little too far left. The hair and the colors are good, I like the dress in particular. Ot but it reminds me of the Marching Band outfit from Cencilia

No. 132849

File: 1616184744260.jpg (4.47 MB, 2669x4032, 20210318_164246.jpg)

Sorry about the notes. Trying to draw Yashiro. I've been drawing for a few years but my hands are still so shaky, no matter what I do.

No. 132852

No offence, but her head looks like a squished in doll head; her right eye is placed wrong, but the colors are beautiful.
Try to draw a long line instead of lots of short ones; for me it's easiest if I draw lightly a few lines first and then draw the correct one a bit darker so I can erase all the other lines, because it's hard to draw a long line correctly from the first try

No. 132861

What is good about these colors? Anons, are you blind?

No. 132872

Then tell me what’s wrong with the colors instead of being vague

No. 132918

There's not much to say tho: it's literally flat colors randomly picked of the bunch.
But maybe I'm wrong, I want to listen to anons who called it beautiful because I may be missing something. This thread is like a pity party.

No. 132919

All of the colors work together lmao

No. 132929

Study a bit instead of talking out of your ass, these colors objectively work together nicely. Blue and warm yellow are complementary, yellow and the dark orange-ish of the skin tone are analogous and again the latter still complements the blue. Light pink works well with the white section and also looks good with the blue and gives a nice summery vibe. The rainbow hints aren't too much either so it's fine.
And flatness is about style, not colors. Just say that they're not your taste.

No. 133242

File: 1616434921677.jpg (470 KB, 1748x2480, classic.jpg)

not good at art at all but this bitch looks so weird

No. 133247

This is cute! The only problem I see is the left leg. I know you drew it that way because of the angle, but the hip/thigh is too straight. I wish I could find a ref of your pose to show you, but tbh I'm too lazy to look lol

No. 134612

File: 1617317401803.jpeg (3.35 MB, 4032x3024, 41BD36F5-6327-4D86-B027-D7052E…)

incoming drawfag post

No. 134630


No. 134702

super cute, you should do one with color

No. 135242

File: 1617639855234.jpg (396.43 KB, 2400x2699, alizee.jpg)

lmao I can't believe I attempted to make fanart for alizee the absolute autism

No. 135480

File: 1617738750056.png (19.68 KB, 826x844, rianbowfish.PNG)

No. 135484

this looks creepy af

No. 136114

File: 1617957340070.png (328.92 KB, 415x834, Cap.PNG)

Mindless doodle

No. 136115

I couldn’t tell what it was until I read the file name but I honestly love it. If it was a top (as in the entire design was like a bralette) I would buy it.

No. 136351

File: 1618016920041.png (139.29 KB, 472x671, CD69682E-3B4D-4F34-8066-143393…)

when you’ve been playing too much genshin impact lately holy shit

No. 136355

File: 1618018172984.png (283.85 KB, 900x900, untitled_1.png)

finally decided to contribute
cute, would be cool to see it in color!

No. 136518

File: 1618096089772.jpeg (2.11 MB, 4032x3024, 8A09D914-AE42-4CC6-B4D7-7539D1…)

did some fan art the other day in an attempt to shake off some cobwebs. i haven’t inked anything in awhile and it felt good. i’m ready to get back to original art.

No. 137471

File: 1618463463402.jpeg (695.38 KB, 1536x2048, 073B05B0-DFD8-47BF-B804-DBECDE…)

Character design for a friend

No. 137579

File: 1618516696441.png (3.01 MB, 1500x2668, 7811A26F-2087-47AB-A0D5-F16AB5…)

i’m so embarrassed of my art, I feel really afraid of posting it anywhere else but here

No. 137586

The eyes are kinda weird and I wonder what her hips actually look like but she's still cool

No. 137587

no need to be embarassed, nice job with the silhouette! If you didnt use pure grey but put a litte color tint to it, the color choice would be perfect!

this is so cool, especially that weapon, is it an arrow? or a staff? the shape is really interesting. I hope you're ok with feedback, because i just want to way it would be even cooler if you moved things around for a cleaner page composition! like maybe smaller color swatches to have a bit more space in the bottom half and moving the sketch and head on the top right a bit down to avoid empty space. But I take it's just a reference for a friend not a portfolio work ofc

No. 137676

File: 1618572949292.jpeg (850.28 KB, 1375x2048, 5F8BFE38-9294-43A7-B468-289FCD…)

Aye thanks anon! It’s actually an electric Cello! It’s been a minute since I made a character sheet so I’ll definitely clean up the area! I’ll add the concept poster here too just cause it’s been such a fun project! I should start posting my art online more haha

No. 137680

Ohhhhh I see it now, I've seen some electric string instrumets have the most bizarre silhouettes so it totally makes sense, I could totally imagine such design exist in real life and it would be so cool!
The poster looks great too, nice clean colors, what kind of project is that, a comic? Looking at characters I imagine it could be an interesting RPG campaign with musician adventurers

No. 137688

It’s actually a concept for a TV show! The idea is Pandora’s box, but make it a musical! I’m just the concept artist but I’m really hoping this one takes off! Thank you so much for the crit and compliments anon!

No. 137776

File: 1618612981868.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.04 MB, 1920x2560, IMG_20210417_003155.jpg)

Everyone I love looking at your drawings, please don't stop posting them. Also please tell me is his torso too long and are his hands too small and if you can see the leg outline I drew with a pencil, should I move the leg there or leave it me? Thank you
I think she has a bit too much stuff on her, too many tiny details on accessories, they just distract when you have such nice shapes in the instrument and dress and shoulder things

No. 137783

I dunno anon I really like the perspective you got going here! I really can’t crit too harshly because you put the work in and it shows! Very nice technique! Did you do this with a combo of coal and pencil? Idk say keep playing with angles!

No. 137785

File: 1618615119692.jpeg (Spoiler Image,208.16 KB, 1200x1719, 156A841A-FEB5-4D2C-98B6-38FB71…)

Spoilers for hentai, but I like to draw hentai when I’m bored, and I’ve been practicing a little bit more poses just because I love the human anatomy sooooo much! With toes though, what do you think I should do for the background girl? I also know the legs look a little funk but once it’s all shaded in it should be better haha. I literally suck at feet but I don’t think this piece is gonna go anywhere!

No. 137802

did you use 3d models and draw over it? looks reminiscent of a 3d model trace over

No. 137804

Ding ding! Haha I am trying to lay a solid base but deadass you’re right

No. 137861

Thanks, I made it with oil paints and then with pencil over it. Thanks for mentioning angles, it gave me an idea
The bottom girl's shoulder looks really weird, like she pushed it forward as high as her jaw, if I were you I would make it a little smaller. About the toes, I think it's good how you made them like she curled them like in a fist (but like on a foot… sorry I don't know how to say it) but her feet overall are too small
>I literally suck at feet

No. 137901

File: 1618670166231.png (5.14 MB, 5021x2367, Sukeban (sombra suave) (retoqu…)

Character design I did. First time I made a full piece with a graphic tablet. This a cropped part from a character sheet(?) looking thing
The profile face looks a bit weird because I rarely do profiles and also I realised I didn't know how to make a strong shadow with the light coming from up (if you have any tips for that that's cool, I probaly should had tried looking up a reference)

No. 137907

File: 1618671747552.png (2.8 MB, 2511x1184, bazooka.png)

Hi sorry for butchering your painting in ms paint but from the side an eye looks like a triangle, also there will probably be no light on the lips and chin because the rest of the head casts a shadow over them. Also, the fingers look like gummy worms (no offense). I really like the colors you used and the pose.

No. 137909

File: 1618671987530.jpeg (1.73 MB, 3464x3464, 6AF7DBC4-B9E3-448D-9089-55100E…)

black and colored versions. something about this is really bugging me and I did this on my phone, any suggestions anons?

No. 137910

1) her shoulders are uneven (my shoulders are uneven too though)
2) I love her top
3) I don't think there's anything else wrong besides the shoulders, it's just that she's wearing her clothes so asymmetrically that makes it look suspicious I think

No. 137912

Absolutely adore your style, anon!! It reminds me of those old how to draw manga books in the BEST way possible. Maybe the pants not being as shaded as the rest of her is what's throwing you off?

No. 137913

tbh I did go really lazy on her hand there
Thank you anon, your change on the cheek shadow was also helpful btw (made me realise I need to figure midtones better)

No. 137914


I gotta agree with anon! It’s like, Y2K nostalgia and I love that! Her head does seem a little off to the shoulders, so just expand them slightly and you will be all good!

No. 137916

NTA but how do you draw even shoulders? That's a big problem for me

No. 137935

1) make sure the neck is horizontally and vertically in the center of the shoulders (assuming the person isn't pushing one shoulder up or something)
2) ????
3) Profit!!!

No. 137937

I love this so much.

No. 137943

File: 1618689578804.jpeg (236.46 KB, 2048x2048, D9591A2B-FC70-4C9B-8A4A-CEF0E2…)

Because you all have been so incredibly helpful and cool I wanted to leave a little guide for you! When you draw your skeleton, add triangles to give dimension! I sketched a little guide if you needed a visual aide! It’s not the best, but as artists we all be learning everyday

Thank you guys again for being so cool. I really love the art boards here

No. 138723

File: 1619055854052.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1500x2668, DBD20E52-6D1C-4BFE-9AEB-D9809A…)

something I’ve been drawing on and off for a few days kek

No. 138754

Belly button and the line above it are too low down

The legs, among other things, are atrocious

No. 138760

The stylized drawing on the right is very cute! You're pretty good with lines. I personally really like the shape of the legs, though maybe the hand could be posed a little more naturally.
The drawing on the left has a few more issues, the hand and forearm look stiff and weird (does she only have four fingers?), the top of her head may be too big and uneven. Are they drawings of the same girl? The features look different, like the stylized version wouldn't "translate" to the semirealistic one in that way.

No. 139703

File: 1619583393289.jpg (190.06 KB, 1080x1920, FB_IMG_1619582648374.jpg)

Ahhhh. I've posted this on my personal accounts but for some reason I'm way more nervous posting it here. Getting back into art after years of stagnancy,but really happy with where drawing again is taking me. Trying to focus less on worrying so much about anatomy/realism and going back to my surrealist/cartoon-y comfort zone since worrying about being too cartoon-y really sucked the enjoyment out of art for me, started this sketch in late 2020 and just finished it up last week.

I'm able to do clean line work but long ago one of my art teacher's told me my work looked more interesting when I layered my work and left the under sketching/sight lines/etc visible and I've come to really love the look it gives too.

I'm cool with any criticism, comments…whatever you wanna say about it to me. She started off as a oiran rokurokubi and as I added more and more she's become a bit of a hydra too.

No. 139705

File: 1619583822866.jpeg (102.47 KB, 1011x1920, received_1329723914091795.jpeg)

Same anon with another one of my pieces that started years ago and hasn't been finished. I plan on drawing her palms on the blank sides of the paper, and the backs of her hands/arms on the reverse side of the paper so that when it's folded it looks like she's covering her face then opens to reveal her face and palms.

No. 140898

File: 1620417116561.jpeg (3.5 MB, 3447x2922, 0E2FF293-CF4B-4049-85D6-128219…)

Can I get some critique, please? I’m trying to get back into doing fanart after hardly drawing anything other than the occasional doodle for the last 10 years. This is Utena and Anthy from the Revolutionary Girl Utena movie. I mostly used colored pencils. I’ve always struggled with drawing profiles, so this was definitely a challenge for me. I’m not wholly satisfied with the blush on Anthy’s cheek in particular, how could I make it look better?

No. 140984

Late reply, but I really love this kind of drawings done in pen! Especially the Geisha one is impressive. Love how you did all those necks! The other drawing is very cute, love the idea of her showing her face
The drawing is a good copy of that frame, but I think that the blush could be blended more into her skin. Don't ask me how to do that though. BTW, the shading is super impressive!

No. 140986

The anatomy has the usual issues that come from copying anime, but the hair is slightly jarring. You haven't decided on the hairline of the characters, so it's just like they're bald with comb-overs and no sense of where their head is, with the gaps at the side of utena's head we should see part of an ear.

No. 140994

File: 1620488656381.gif (1005.26 KB, 500x227, 62e (1).gif)

Not OP but you made realize the drawing isn't an exact copy of that Utena screencap. It's very similar, so maybe the original is to blame for the hairline issue? IDK

No. 141000

I would recommend looking at some photo references of people kissing. Even if you're drawing in a manga style, references from real life can be helpful.

No. 141001

File: 1620494771031.png (Spoiler Image,542.11 KB, 559x823, 1620282094376~2.png)

Totally embarrassed myself by posting this redraw in a cow thread. What do I need to do better? Obviously I'm not going to redraw cows' art anymore because it's arrogant and derailing, but I would still really like some advice on the technical aspects of the drawing.

Spoilered because I don't want people to see it on the front page again.

No. 141004

She copied a frame from an anime movie. It's how the kiss was drawn originally so IDK why you suggest references to her. Like maybe they will be useful, but you can't tell based on a copy of someone else's artwork

No. 141014

nta but maybe OP should practice actual poses instead of coping them from anime. Remember, art style is not an excuse, especially when original anime shot didn't include that broken shoulder. So yeah, she should look at other references or look at this one longer.

No. 141022

Given the original was a wreck, this is cute and a definite improvement imo, so most of the hate you got was probably just because anons in artcow threads are sick of redraws at this point. It'd be more interesting to see an original piece from you here to critique since I don't know how much is your actual style/technique and how much is you trying to emulate what you think the original artist wanted to achieve.

No. 141023

>art style is not an excuse
For your original work no, but if you want to copy someone's artwork, that's different IMHO. The whole point is for your picture to look as close to the original as possible (unless you are doing the one exercise in which you improve upon the original, but I guess this wasn't OP's intent)
>especially when original anime shot didn't include that broken shoulder
Valid take, I thought you were focusing on the faces and lips with your previous comment, and this part is fairly well copied

No. 141043

Copying anime screenshots generally isn't a good way to learn/improve though. Most of the best mangakas learned realistic proportions/anatomy before shifting into more stylized work. You have to learn the rules before you break them.

No. 141046


I'm >>140898 and thank you so much for the feedback, I honestly appreciate it a lot. I definitely do want to take some figure drawing classes at some point. I mostly just redraw anime screenshots for now and I'm always torn between a desire to copy as close to the original as possible or to put my own spin on things. I just draw things for fun, I'm not attempting to be a professional artist or anything.

No. 141049

File: 1620535957041.png (583.3 KB, 1700x1788, image0.png)

I'm looking for critique more design wise. I feel like something's kind of off? Or maybe too plain? Not sure where to place it…(the shoes have no laces because I tend to paint those in later)

If anyone has any suggestions lmk would appreciate it

No. 141050

BTW he only has three of those diamonds on his face, it doesn't extend any further

No. 141059

I feel like the purple accents make too strong a statement and take away from the rest of the design. Having just teal and gold as accent colors would be more harmonious, imo. The decoration on the lapel of the dress shirt kind of throws off the design since it’s not balanced by something else (unlike the asymmetric designs on the pants)

No. 141060

It's fine! Come back here with your other pictures whenever you want

No. 141080

The tentacles are too big I think. Try to imagine how they all attach to his back; they wouldn't fit

No. 141085

Yeah I think it would be cool with lavender instead of the royal purple and some other color instead of black. Maybe white with silver stripes

No. 141342

File: 1620745314380.jpeg (3.55 MB, 2800x3850, 36C20B11-A1C1-4CA0-BC8D-91ABEC…)

how do I make my lineart look a lot more smooth anons?

No. 141346

File: 1620747676259.jpg (21.65 KB, 297x239, unipig.jpg)

i drew this

No. 141348

what have you done with my pig son

No. 141353

Turn up the stabilizer settings.

No. 141366

File: 1620756669468.jpg (1.26 MB, 1988x1538, InkedIMG_20210511_0001-1_LI.jp…)

I'm getting into colored pencils for the first time and I love them! Any thoughts on my shroomies?

No. 141367

My thoughts are: lovely

No. 141383

what a lad

No. 141384

I love this, kinda reminds me of the witch comics

No. 141391

Really nice shading and I love the vibrant colors

No. 141394

ah thank you, kind anons!! This made me so happy!

No. 148882

File: 1624018326965.jpeg (Spoiler Image,172.65 KB, 450x640, DA5E863C-7108-43F1-AD80-041133…)

Hey guys I’m trying to incorporate little gore on my art. I noticed that there’s no difference in the way I drew guts and brain so I’m wondering if you guys have any tips regarding that or anything else.

No. 148912

I love this !!

No. 148918

Cool Monster High fanart! At first I thought the left character is only inspired by Draculaura, but then I noticed Frankie… BTW I think your anatomy got better since the last time!

No. 148929

Thank you anon! Yes it is a fan art I wanted to put a gore twist to it(emoji)

No. 148931

You can’t use emojis, nonnie, It’s better if you delete this post before you get banned.

No. 148936

Brains and guts both look slimy and shiny and coily, they do look similar you don't have to worry. Your artwork is great as always

No. 149008

File: 1624073490170.png (36.64 KB, 383x677, Gelatina.png)

xenoverse has me perpetually in OC hell

No. 149024

adorable pixel art, anon.

No. 149263

File: 1624259556146.png (Spoiler Image,1.92 MB, 4800x6000, chrisredfieldwithaboobwindowow…)


thanks anon, i have also do non-pixel stuff which is also SIGNIFICANTLY newer and out of my comfort-zone (yes it is also fujoshi pandering lmao)

No. 149265

You left your signature anon!

No. 149270


ah hell

No. 149294

Could you draw Leon with a boob window? Asking for a friend.

No. 149413

File: 1624373423087.png (2.03 MB, 1500x2668, 7EE558A2-2A16-4E25-A645-BBC12E…)

I love the way that this looks i’ve improved a lot

No. 149414

im not artistic whatsoever but i really love it. It reminds me of 90s shoujo artwork. I cant explain it but its super girly and pretty and it was the first thing my eyes gravitated to on the homepage.

No. 149416

I love this, nonnie!

No. 149424

File: 1624377785162.jpeg (126.14 KB, 750x1008, 0D6AF4A9-4D7B-43DF-BB1D-96BB25…)

thanks anon i was really inspired by picrel artwork. he definitely doesn’t draw shoujo but i also like the way peach girl looks as well

thank you

No. 149764

File: 1624582328267.png (437.34 KB, 743x778, vamapple.png)

finished this for lolcow only

No. 149790

WOW I like this a lot

No. 149864

File: 1624631775377.png (2.59 MB, 1500x2668, 56680B5D-1371-4CD0-AE78-512265…)

if you see this, you’ll get it

No. 149865

wtf are these legs

No. 149866

i love the smell of broken ankles in the morning

No. 149879

imagine not being constructive whatsoever. you didn’t even look at the rest of the picture

No. 149884

File: 1624640861466.jpg (527.18 KB, 2048x2048, image3A3462_chroma.jpg)

My art style is very different than what I typically see being discussed on lolcow so I'm very curious to know what ya'll think

No. 149887

this is really cool anon!! id tile my bathroom with these dudes if i could kek

No. 149893

Slaps, I want this as a print on my decorative pillows

No. 149906

Oooh nice!!!! I would love to check out your other art and follow you

No. 149912

You have no idea how much of a compliment that is to me! I'm only a hobbyist though, so I don't have an online portfolio and it would probably be a bad idea to post my social media on here.

Thank you so much!!

No. 149941

I wish I could so some kind of art trade with you, if you wanna talk my discord is cockichi#9543 yes I'm risking the ban

No. 149954

Are these cute little octopuses!!

No. 149955

Astounding. I like your brain.

No. 149973

this is so neat! your style is so unique

No. 150077

File: 1624759678680.jpg (5.54 MB, 4800x6000, WIPleonkennedybutwithaboobwind…)


gotcha fam (it's a WIP)

No. 150082

File: 1624761813851.png (165.83 KB, 757x551, FireAlpaca_HTtE4xOqaI2.png)

i havent drawn much lately but i saw this thread so.. its unfinished but at this rate it might as well be done

No. 150088

anon… do you want us to be honest with you

No. 150089


The face proportions aren't bad, and over as a preliminary sketch it's pretty good.

with some clean lineart and love this can turn out realy well.

No. 150091

File: 1624770321142.jpg (13.48 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>front-view angle eye on a side-view head
>no underlying structure to body
>huge case of tube limbs, lookin like a car dealership dancer (pic related)
>shaky bird scratch lines
>ear sitting at Mr. Crocker height, not even connected to the end of the jaw, floating helplessly like a sad ear island in a bowl of face soup
>lower shoulder/arm dislocated or otherwise horribly mangled in an automobile accident, and gets wider as it goes down… maybe that's why she smokes
>random singular wrinkle directly over boob, suggesting possible concave titty? perhaps related to The Accident

No. 150093

anon thank you for the observations (they actually made me notice some stuff about most of my art) but the car dealership dancer part was a gut punch in the best way possible

No. 150100

File: 1624771684558.jpg (37.94 KB, 513x447, pxlart.JPG)

ive been trying out pixel art, do you think anyone would pay for something custom like this and if so how much?

No. 150104

At least $25 for the singular character, especially with shading like that. Adding in backgrounds can bump one of these up $10+ depending on complexity

No. 150148

there always has to be one bitch who thinks they are so clever
people are discouraging here because if you don’t produce the fucking The Last Supper in your first try or if you don’t draw things that are intended to be “finished products” then they assume you should quit and that you shouldn’t even try. the proportions aren’t that bad, but I think one of the real culprits here is that there is no line variation or difference of line weight and also it just needs a lot more detail and refinement because as you said it’s unfinished. stop responding to bait like that, they themselves probably can’t even draw and it’s LC, draw whatever the fuck you want and only share your art with people who will fairly critique you. they aren’t concerned about you wanting you to be “so much better” anon, just do more figure studies

No. 150157

yikes nonny, you sound like you received a harsh critique on here once and haven’t recovered from the trauma lol. Anon themselves >>150093 had a good attitude about it, so your sperging is excessive and embarrassing
> stop responding to bait like that, they themselves probably can’t even draw
how was that critique “bait”? It was all accurate criticisms, just couched in humor. Also nice cope at the end there kek
>it’s LC draw whatever the fuck you want and only share your art with people who will fairly critique you
Nonny it sounds like your definition of “fair critique” is 2 genuine criticisms peppered into a paragraph of ass kissing. People who genuinely care about getting better want you to cut the fluff and tell them what the issues are. And you’re right, draw whatever the fuck you want, there are no rules! But if you post it in the RATE MY ART thread, you’re going to receive criticism as a matter of course.
>>if you don’t produce the fucking The Last Supper in your first try then they assume you should quit and that you shouldn’t even try
anon it’s painful how much you’re projecting here. Nowhere in the critique was there anything telling the anon to “quit and not even try”. It was literally just points of critique. If just reading that secondhand gives you these feelings, perhaps seek a therapist or find a new hobby where people will coddle you more since you clearly can’t handle criticism.

No. 150162

File: 1624809017781.jpeg (177.58 KB, 1175x981, 2A957E31-F441-48A0-84B4-A3B5F5…)

>yikes nonny

No. 150163

If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen damn. Every single one of anons feedback is on point even if she’s not wearing kids gloves. Go back to baby circle jerk if fee fees are more important than improvement to you. This is why you are perma /beg/.

No. 150164

racist uncle is that you?

No. 150165

Lol of course you’re a salt/dramu fag. Go the fuck back to /snow/

No. 150166

kek anyways >>150082
drawing is heccin cute and adorable in a beginner kind of way! keep going anon!

No. 150172

You're all embarrassing. Critical anon and the artist had a decent interaction, I don't know what got you all triggered

No. 150173


No. 150175

Cringe. And what the fuck is the point of having a "rate my art" thread if you lameasses are going to sperg the second someone breaks the circlejerk? Bullying works, you know.

No. 150179

>accusing anyone who says the word “yikes” of being a newfag
you’re either a self-conscious newfag yourself or too much of a stuckup oldfag to recognize that the word yikes is a better alternative to saying things like “sheesh” or “phew-wee” like a scandalized youth pastor
>bullying works, you know

No. 150190

File: 1624817506308.jpeg (75.69 KB, 750x922, 7E2FD16F-B392-437D-A5E1-AF2BED…)


I can just imagine what you people are like IRL

No. 150203

I'd say that from the waist up they both look very good, maybe be careful because one of ariana's eyes is too small compared to the other and her shoulder seems nonexistent (and her arm looks too skinny and undefined). The legs definitely need work, they're flat and look like they're facing the side because there's no perspective. The blue haired girl's left leg is bent backwards (I get what you were going for, but it's too much) and the other girl's don't properly connect to her waist but seem to be drifting right too much. You also may need to work on hands and feet.

Yeah, this needs work. Everything's too stiff and the limbs look too much like tubes instead of having the natural curves. There should be some kind of folds near the waist and armpits on the shirt. Is he leaning against something? Is his arm resting on the knee? It looks like there's not enough weight to anything. His neck and shoulder area go up too straight for that pose.

No. 150204

File: 1624823182825.png (310.25 KB, 1080x1920, Untitled27.png)

ANYWAY i also draw on my phone sometimes

No. 150206

Just curious, what medium is this?

No. 150207

Damn it’s twitter meme after twitter memes. Hang all newfags.
Cute vibrant colors and clean lines. Left leg is broken. It looks like it starts from the same place as the right leg and not from under left hip.
Stick the right arm elbow out more. Right now it looks like the right upper arm is tucked close to the body but the forearm is reaching across the torso toward the camera rather unnaturally.

No. 150212

I love how angular your line art is, anon!

No. 150213

Acrylic on canvas, the only digital editing I did was to make the mirrored effect

No. 150747

File: 1625177834992.png (1.68 MB, 3386x3732, 8AA538EA-62CB-44F6-AA38-3C6DC1…)

I like drawing stuff like this, but I’ve always been too nervous to post online

I want her to look slightly dead/sick

No. 150749

She definitely looks like both but still very appealing because color palette is so nice! Pinup vibe despite non-pinup-like posing or anything.

No. 150751

She's got a nice expression and I love the concept overall! I think there's a lot of potential and you shouldn't feel nervous. Upper arms need to be longer and thicker. More hands practice will elevate this piece. Hope to see more anon.

No. 150764

I love how this isn't just like, a green pin up girl juxtaposed with an aggressive saying – I love that she has an actually unpleasant expression. I think you should follow this impulse, it's so much more interesting than the million artists clearly terrified of drawing anything that might make their girls unattractive

No. 151028

Thank you so much anons, I appreciate the support and perspective. I didn't really know what to expect, so I'm relieved to see a positive response, and it's a great push to make an account and start posting my stuff online. I definitely try to choose colors that work well together, and to create a strong expression. Making her look distressed, and not overly polished is important to me, so I'm glad it reads well. And I'll be sure to work on the arms/hands!

No. 151034

File: 1625377590513.png (2.03 MB, 3040x3831, 75FD34A7-23CD-4266-8407-11B3C6…)

While I’m here, I wanted to drop the first drawing I did like this - it's a little harsh, which was fun because trying to draw everything nicely can get so boring and stressful. The face is definitely… gritty, but I think that’s why I like it

No. 151044

love the face and hair!

No. 151045

I want to follow you on instagram

No. 151111

File: 1625428081680.png (98.07 KB, 500x700, sketch1551381535592.png)

more phone art, it's animal crossing oc

No. 151113

It's super cool but the faces look like you're holding back the strangeness, don't fear, make them explode with crazy
Wow very nice lines

No. 151114

>Animal Crossing oc
what do you mean it's not a fanart?

No. 151120

nta but in this context it means original character.

No. 151122

Happy to hear it! Unfortunately I don't have an instagram yet, which is why I posted them here - but when I make one soon, I'll post these drawings so you can reverse image search them and find me thankyouthankyouthankyou

And I will definitely work on the crazy, lol

No. 151136

i know, i was complimenting her

No. 151146

File: 1625446726830.jpeg (366.01 KB, 2360x1640, F1373CB1-0AC6-4411-930E-427CEC…)

This turned out not that good imo but I’m trying to get better at procreate

No. 151147

Looks really nice anon, is this fanart of Charles Offdensen from Metalocalypse? If it is you have top tier taste.

No. 151150

I noticed her left arm(our right) is a bit too far back/doesnt connect with her upper arm and her shoulders could be a bit wider. Also the upper arms are a liittle too small. I really like the facial expressions you draw on these characters though! The way you do kind of sketchy lines really fits with the macabre theme and it's always refreshing to see angry girl art lol.

No. 151153


No. 151156

I could tell who the chracter was right away. Just think you need some work on doing a profile his head shape seems off, other than that think its great.

No. 151160

File: 1625452976626.jpeg (675.65 KB, 1500x2668, FC345093-60AE-4934-A65B-F88986…)

something I doodled a day ago because I had no internet, wasn’t made in may I was really bored lol

No. 151196

I really like the shapes, she could be a cartoon character. I especially like how the chain links are not connected, it looks really cool. But the colors, man they just do not go together

No. 151197

gives me a Monster High OC feel

No. 151201

draw my oc kek
I know, she’s supposed to have fugly color combinations she’s not an appealing monster

No. 151287


Okay maybe I'm just dumb but I tried reverse image searching my own drawing and it doesn't show my instagram page, so here it is for anyone interested instagram.com/goldchatte

and thank you so much if you are

No. 151289

File: 1625526040557.png (1.48 MB, 1500x1500, received_1340771089448525.png)

I was playing with the symmetry tool, is it dumb??

No. 151292

That's so cute, I'm saving it

No. 151293

Aww, not dumb at all, it's super cute and the colors are great. It reminds me of old children's book illustrations

No. 151312

Looking pretty good anon!

No. 151320

This is so adorable! I'd love it as a fabric pattern, great work

No. 151324

I love the little pinecones, so cute!

No. 151366

Wow, thank you so much you guys! Much needed confidence booster. I am very unfair to myself which is a feeling I'm sure many can relate to

No. 151403

File: 1625594147098.png (424.83 KB, 924x1294, my finger hurt.png)

a sketch i colored.

not related but i wanna get better at anatomy but i have no idea where to start. what are some good resources?

No. 151416

This is really cute anon!

As for anatomy, it depends on what you're looking to learn. For dynamic poses you definitely want to pause a video (scenes from an action movie for example and redraw frames from that rather than just using a still photo, which will end up being too stiff. As for just basic anatomy practice, there's plenty of books out there for that. I even used to use references from pictures in my high school bio textbook and it was honestly pretty helpful.

No. 151417

I'd legit buy this pattern on a throw pillow or tote bag or smth

No. 151420

thank you! this was really helpful

No. 151448

File: 1625633452597.png (2.78 MB, 1668x2224, D1F495F6-ACDD-45FB-89E3-EC39B9…)

i like to draw shaynus i wish we had a cow fanart thread

No. 151449

terrifyingly accurate

No. 151450

We do, it's in /ot/

No. 151497

God bless you anon

No. 151536

File: 1625689902260.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 1591x2348, IMG_20210707_222511.jpg)

Hi anons sorry for terrible photo quality, do you think I should make the thing glow white or yellow? I think yellow doesn't fit somehow but with the white it looks so sterile. Maybe it would look nice completely red but red lights on everything else wouldn't look good. Also do you have any tips for painting waves because I don't know what I'm doing besides making tiny triangles
How did you make such a perfect likeness of her face, amazing

No. 151537

If you want it to glow, keep it white. Yellow lights tend to appear darker. IMO, Without that contrast between the white orb and everything else, the composition falls a little flat. Not dogging on the piece of your style but what I mean is that the contrast of that white orb gives your eye places to focus, whereas if you toned down the value by making it yellow, there would be nowhere for your eyes to rest and take in the details.

No. 151539

Thank you, you are right and you have convinced me and I will make it so.

No. 151555

NOOO don’t make me laugh anon it’s a chill night

No. 151569

File: 1625720913704.jpg (1.06 MB, 1386x1096, akjfdslkfkf.jpg)

the clear answer here is it needs to be both. Make the yellow brighter by putting a bit of white in the middle, that will make it match the red vein thing it's in and give it some depth. The reason why your white version looks fucked is because going directly from white to red leaves dull pink in the middle. if you do a yellow light make sure to add in some yellow reflection tones in the water. This is what i'd do, picrel

No. 151579

Thank you, that's exactly the idea I got when I went to sleep. I just smudged the white with my finger so it turned pink

No. 151600

File: 1625751130267.png (1.22 MB, 1500x2668, 0E41296F-324B-4217-ACBF-01B024…)

did this on my phone

No. 151603

Looks cute! Do you usually draw digitally or traditionally?
Some tips: maybe work on your anatomy a bit, it's just little details but the pinky on that hand looks broken and the collarbones (if those are collarbones?) should be higher up than that. Her stance is also a bit unbalanced and makes it look like she might topple over, changing the angle of the legs and/or having the hips line up with the shoulders a bit more would help.

No. 151606

Thanks anon! I used to draw traditionally and tbh I prefer it over digital but I'm still trying to figure out the userface of clip studio, paint tool, etc. Also I definitely will but the problem is that I don't know where to start and it's always so confusing, do you recommend anything that's helpful for different types of learners?

No. 151607

This makes me a bit confused as her shoulders are positioned straight on but her body is left facing. The left boob can be turned left a lil as well as rn I assume her nipples are pointing in diff directions. Lots of potential overall anon.
If youtube videos aren't helpful, maybe try subbing to a digital artist who offers step by step guide of their pieces with the software you want to use.

No. 151623

I don't really understand her outfit, for example it looks like the bra is visible but the middle part of it is gone?

No. 151637

No. 151641

Sperg but I hate when people specify "oh I did this on my phone" it feels like either a humble brag or like it's supposed to be criticized less harshly or something either way it's unnecessary

No. 151645

no one asked about what you hate, you're looking into things way too deeply

No. 151657

lmao why did you get so triggered by a mild complaint
bc I didn't asspat you for your art too?

No. 151664

oh my god it’s the sperg again. this isn’t a prestigious art academy anyone can post their art for fun and to get feedback, not everything has to be improved on right this minute. there’s a containment thread for people like you, go there and stop stinking up this damn thread >>>/ot/820866

No. 151667

I didn't even critique their art wtf are you going on about

No. 151908

File: 1625979998099.png (164.69 KB, 576x659, Capture.PNG)

a commission ive been working on for a friend.. i dont draw girls all that much tbh

No. 151921

Great job with hair, both the general form and shading, I hope to get on your level someday!

No. 151936

Agree. The face is also really lovely! The pose is weird, though, reads as stiff and unnatural. The left arm looks like Barbie's with how straight it lies, it's also kind of big for the rest of her body (?). The right one bizarrely wraps around the boob. I think the anatomy itself is good, it's just that the pose is off

No. 151955

Oh thanks for the observation! Will work on the arms more

Thank you! Only recently did I start trying to work on how I shade hair

No. 151999

File: 1626070441495.png (552.58 KB, 1129x895, unknown.png)

hi anons! im trying to draw in a more painterly but anime style and this is obviously just a sketch but i have no idea how to paint at all since i usually draw cell-shade anime & trying to get out my comfort zone. does anyone know any youtubers that have good digital painting tutorials or something?

No. 152015

I think it's lovely for a sketch anon! Hair can be very difficult to paint so be careful with that, although your first try isn't bad at all. Remember to put detail in it but not too much (like, do not paint every strand of hair). Her mouth also looks a bit decentered. If you want tutotials you could check if some artists that you like make youtube speedpaints! I often learn a lot from them. Artists like ruan jia or yuumei or others make videos sometimes. You might also want to look into brushes to have some texture.

No. 152041

tysm! i've never thought about using textured brushes LOL ty so much again for the advice

No. 152043

one thing ive learned is treating hair as sections. especially when it comes to anime type styles.

if you look at splash art for games like LoL, youll notice they render hair in big chunks as opoosed to tinier sections

No. 152087

ah yeah i noticed that when i was watching this irelia paint through! i usually spend so much time on the hair because im focusing on small details when its so much more easier to do it how this person does it!

No. 152092

Honestly I'd draw in the rest of her body and some sort of background. It feels really disjointed and sloppy when you put all this detail into only some parts of the artwork, and not others. Not only that but she's got some facial anatomy problems that you either didn't notice or didn't care about and just wanted to get it over with. Where's the light coming from?

No. 152100

File: 1626169596037.png (360.38 KB, 615x835, blah blah blah.png)

honestly my first post was kind of just experimenting and it was rushed so i didnt care about it so ur right about that part haha, also i didnt add a light source since i kind of just learned about lighting last night.(pic related is what i drew last night) im also working on a new drawing with this similar style so i'll post that when im done too! also thank you for the critiques, i tend to mess up facial anatomy even when im taking my time lol + add detail in too much area and leave other areas messy

No. 152103

File: 1626170358592.png (655.48 KB, 1022x930, received_945477445850675-2.png)

What do you think of my alien kitty nonnies? Be honest if you think something is wack about it

No. 152104

Damn for your first study I think you captured a really nice atmosphere with the lighting anon, it's very pretty

No. 152107

Not an artist but the ears look a bit like strange arms, other than that I really like it

No. 152110

Very pretty, I like your style! Would love to see the whole piece, the shirt/dress looks interesting

No. 152112

Take care to not let your social media be so easy to find k-chan but I think this is your best piece yet.

No. 152141

it looks cool! i really like the little antenna whiskers and the ears

No. 152219

Hold on. You only just learned about lighting last night and yet you did that piece of art? Not only that, but, comparing both pics to each other, your brushwork became a lot cleaner, you're now painting eyebrows behind hair, your facial anatomy is suddenly way better (the ear, for example, isn't too low as it is on the first pic), and your colors aren't as muddy and streaky in the hair as they were before?
Post a screencap of this pic in whatever program you drew it in. Let's see the layers. I don't buy it for a second.

No. 152240

KEK lurk their page and look at the photoshop anime eyes will tell you everything you need to know.

No. 152243

I have no idea how you found it, the reverse search gives me nothing

No. 152244

No. 152248

File: 1626246079125.png (446.17 KB, 1425x927, Screenshot 2021-07-14 015933.p…)

well if u want to see my layers then sure!
i also used a reference for this so the anatomy looks better lol + spent more time on it
woah you find me! impressive detective work anon. just dont look at my old art its a little embarassing LOL

No. 152249

File: 1626246668478.png (510.96 KB, 1283x827, benis.png)

heres the ref i used as well, also sorry for shitting up the thread so much!

No. 152277

File: 1626267990483.jpg (1.96 MB, 3000x4242, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_…)

The light makes no sense, on her hair it is coming directly from above, on the sides of her hair it's coming from left and right, on her face it's coming from left and behind her, on her forehead there are two inexplicable lines of light, on her body there is no light and on her clothing light is coming from the left side. Pick a direction beforehand and stick to it. I find this image helpful, you might too. The cool and warm colors look very pretty together.

No. 152290

File: 1626277235819.png (3.55 MB, 3000x3000, bhjb2j.png)

nonnies im at a loss. I desperately want to get better at art but i can't seem to find my own mistakes, i guess my mental library lacks shit. Be as harsh as you want. Ignore the random % scribbles, this is just an alt of a drawing where i changed the background colour and shat on some light

No. 152292

your anatomy and shading is good, but you are depending too much on symbol drawing for the face. without 3d form to the face the shadows can't really lay anywhere without looking aimless and kind of pillowy. i'd suggest practicing drawing the planes of the face and rendering light on faces with more detailed features/wrinkles/exaggerated expressions.

No. 152298

thank you for this reference!! i couldn’t find any good ones on pinterest so i ended up just drawing random lighting LOL, i’ll make sure to use this ref in the future

No. 152350

File: 1626306668080.jpg (5.86 MB, 4096x4096, lc.jpg)

Hi, the first art style is my usual one but recently I am trying to do something a bit more anime because I am broke and have intentions of opening commissions or adopts.Anime seems to be more popular and idk what it is, but something seems a bit off to me.
Also, I don't have social media presence at all so I have no idea where to start either, any help/criticism is appreciated

No. 152351

anon i like anime myself but i have to be honest and say that your anime drawing such a downgrade from your normal style. like it’s cute and all but your normal style looks great, you obviously have a good understanding of lighting and it just looks so much more striking imo compared to the right one.
obviously do whatever you want but it sounds like you’re trying to change yourself for the sole purpose of appealing to a market, but you should realize that there is a good market for semi-realism as well.
if you want to make yourself seem more “marketable” you could start drawing fanart of popular characters from shows/animes/whatever, that helped me get seen personally.

No. 152352

I think your style on the left would be really good for OCs people make for things like tabletop RPGs or online games. It’s very nice!

No. 152353

thank you for the suggestion! Bless you

No. 152357

honestly both styles are very good but the market for anime style commissions is so saturated that it's going to be relatively hard to get any commissions when you're starting out unless you charge ur work very cheaply (which i dont recommend)

No. 152362

File: 1626323738765.png (1.91 MB, 1500x2668, FE2C615C-81C5-4498-B296-499182…)

drew this dumb bitch a few weeks ago i don’t remember

No. 152367

Her right arm looks severely crippled.

No. 152372

I'm definitely no anatomy expert, but her head looks a little misplaced. Like it's sliding off.

No. 152387

yeah I know, but she still looks cute though so I don’t care

No. 152391

Don't cut your drawing hand off on all that edge anon

No. 152392

No. 152394

Getting pissy because no one's kissing our ass aren't we?

No. 152408

anon, remember this is "rate my art" thread, not "post art" thread. if you like your art and you think it's cute enough, then it's ok. but if you don't want to listen to people's opinions then just don't post

No. 152415

are u the same anon who raged on vent thread (even to anons who said positive advice) about not getting ass-kissed in this thread before >>149864

No. 152420

Why do you get so mad every time someone gives you advice? I wasn't even being rude or anything, I just did what you asked for. Just stop posting itt if it makes you upset when people give you constructive criticism.

No. 152429

You post so much in this thread and everyone almost always tells you that it's nice. This time that someone says what's objectively wrong with your drawing you get angry. You just want to fish for compliments.

No. 152433

1500x2668-chan, you're such a cow, kek

No. 152453

Look here anon >>151287

No. 152454

You’re a treasure nonette! Thank you

No. 152460

Bitch built like chloe grace moretz but I think that’s a charm point if only you yourself aren’t such a snowflake. Left tit too close to armpit. Eyes are diff shapes. Her hat? is like just taped to the back of her head or what.

No. 152487

File: 1626406348513.jpeg (176.63 KB, 566x800, 2403C683-9FBA-4DBC-9CE3-821FFD…)

No. 153624

You bitches slacking off? Draw somethin

No. 153887

File: 1627469740519.png (1.76 MB, 3275x4096, received_569864753771545.png)

What do you guys think of this? There's something about it that bugs me, idk. I know you are you own worst critic but I'm so unsatisfied with this. Is it the composition? Is it the fact that it's a vector so it looks like…stiff or artificial?

No. 153892

I think it looks very cool, the composition is very good because it looks great even in a small picture. When I opened the big picture what bothers me is that the rabbit's outline is so much thicker than everything else; it reminds me of when I draw something too small by mistake and then resize it and the new outline is too thick. Also the background color is too similar to the colors in the drawing, it would stand out better if the background was lighter or a different color like green

No. 153897

I think it looks good, it reminds me of flash games about cooking! The shapes and lines are nice as well. I think the bunny is cute, its color and the meringue tail are cute ideas and make sense to me.
The chicken is a little confusing though, it's very cartoonish compared to everything else and just seems out of place. Its color is also very different from all other elements which makes it seem even more off. The colors in general are a little bad. They are too similar to each other and the background, it all melts together. The color of the lemon is way too saturated compared to the rest, especially its green leaf. Also personal preference, but I think going for a warmer yellow compared to the background might work or at least making sure that the background is clearly separated colorwise (either by changing it or outlining the different parts or putting any shape or decorative element between the background and the illustrations).
Your composition is fine, I don't think it's stiff or artificial at all. Right now everything is arranged in a square shape, maybe a circle would feel less stiff to you? Like moving the bunny down a little and leaving more space between things? Maybe even adding some decor like stars or such, but that might turn it kitschy and I don't think it's what you were really going for, it's just something to tie a composition and make a picture look less empty.
Sorry for the rambling, it's just what I noticed and would change personally, I'm not very good at giving helpful critiques kek

No. 153902

that bunny dummy thick

No. 153903

It looks like a nick jr. flash-player game. That doesn’t mean it looks bad, that’s just how it looks to me. I think the lack of depth and texture is what is annoying you. Try putting shading in the egg-white where it folds.

No. 153913

Clipart from 2007, points for making me nostalgic for 1st grade computer lab

No. 153918

this gives me nostalgia in right way and I hate nostalgia, it just looks so cute and fun! the problem I have is that the items surrounding the bunny needs to have more flow to it. it looks like the pie is floating aimlessly in the background and looks disconnected to the entire composition. my suggestions would be that you could change the idea and make it into a composition where the bunny is the one baking, make it make sense but it's so cute

No. 153941

The line weight of the bunny was more to kind of separate from the background elements but I am for sure going to take that into consideration
Thank you for such a detailed response, this is actually really helpful!! I'm going to make some changes when I get the chance and maybe post a little update
Yeah you're right, it feels really flat, thank you for the advice! >>153902
U kno it bby

Thank you nonitas!

No. 154190

File: 1627626715976.jpeg (175.58 KB, 479x477, 44C582EF-8C56-481B-B085-AB8457…)

pixel art apps are always fun to use

No. 154255

File: 1627677014419.png (474.64 KB, 688x1182, wolfgang-new.png)

Sorry, I'm a filthy OC-let…

cute! what's the app?

No. 154291

he's equipped with multiple hands for multiple pussies. also the app is pixel studio from the apple app store, nice job anon!

No. 154294

The hands look a bit small/round/childish for the lankier body and sharp looking face. I think adjusting that would make the character concept as a whole look more cohesive. Love the soft shading and the colors.

No. 154303

File: 1627712210850.png (874.34 KB, 1162x1423, 6BD99F41-B5C0-4BC2-AE38-2215B0…)

Allow me to post a life drawing sketch
But more importantly… how should I use hashtags for posting art? I’m not on social media otherwise so I don’t know how to best utilize them. Pls help me

No. 154312

File: 1627721426169.jpg (668.46 KB, 2236x2868, CamScanner 08-25-2020 23.06.54…)

go rate me girlies

No. 154313

It's cool, but the perspective of the buildings looks off. Where is the horizon line supposed to be?

No. 154316

I referenced the bg from a photo i no longer have saved

No. 154323

very nice painting style, love this so much

No. 154332

Tbh the upper body and lower body look like they come from pictures with pretty different perspectives and pose. I have trouble understanding whether she’s sitting or floating in thin air or even what angle is this from. How come you can draw feet like that but hands like that? Right leg is too high up on the torso and foreshortening is off so it looks like it’s growing out of her back. Left leg is fucking with my mind.
You have a pretty cool thing going. Her neck is long long and head too big. The face will not be at 3/4 from back view. Most people have trouble turning their head 90 degree into the shoulder. Part of the jawline would be behind or next to the shoulder at this point. Consider reducing hair details to make the character more readable.
Lovely OC. Your hand gestures are very nice. Clean lines and colors too. I don’t have anything to say except my personal preference would be spacing the sets of arms out more.

No. 154398

make a comic pls. otherwise i feel like it’s too dark, it needs to be a little more balanced with the negative space but damn you really nailed the 80s/90s manga feel

No. 154532

And… what about the hashtags?

No. 155513

File: 1628650773181.jpg (176.98 KB, 833x1000, shindanmaker succubus doodle.j…)

A doodle based off a shindanmaker prompt (which included monster hands) where I tried hatching and drawing without sketching but couldn't really figure it out.

No. 155519

Woah do you have any socials would be willing to share?

No. 155523

File: 1628657482661.jpeg (121.47 KB, 1080x1080, Euopb7xXEAQhe6k.jpeg)

wow, I hope your artistic vision goes beyond anime tiddy someday, I would normally scroll right past this subject matter but had to stop and look at this…your abilities are the foundation of something special.

No. 155524

Overall really good anon, love the details in the clothing, hair and horns. You could benefit from studying fabric folds a bit more because the right arm's sleeve looks a bit off since the arm is fully extended and there are folds where her elbow is.
The pose is kinda stiff & unnatural and I know she has monster hands but the way she is holding the staff is very awkward plus it looks as if she is wearing big gloves (reminds me of some chrono cross characters)
There are a lot of details and nice shading throughout except for the face and the staff, which look out of place to me. Composition wise, I think the picture is cut in a weird place, you could zoom in a bit more or zoom out, but cutting right at her fingers is not the best choice.
Lastly,her expression is confusing, why does she look so concerned?
Despite all of this, I think you are really good!

No. 155527

File: 1628661238066.png (5.01 MB, 1547x2147, boo.png)

I'm still only at around 300 followers on instagram. I used to think my art was good but I've really internalized that whole numbers means how good you are/ what a marketing genius you are. I feel so lowly, slow and steady I guess.

No. 155528

I think you should reconsider how you stylize and/or render faces. If you're going to do the no-nose thing you shouldn't have such clear planes, light and shadow, painterly style. You're giving some indications this is a "real" head then taking the nose away and placing her mouth exactly where a nose would go. You've caught yourself midway between moeblob and portrait so that makes the lack of nose look like a birth defect instead of cute. Otherwise I like your rendering style and I think her outfit looks great.

No. 155529

Yeah that is true I was trying to go for that nendoroid chibi + my style but you're right it does look weird. Thank you for the input as well if I go back to drawing chibis I'll definitely figure out a way to draw the nose and mouth to be cuter.

No. 155530

File: 1628664854129.jpg (71.74 KB, 550x425, www.jpg)

Usually I don't draw anime tiddy, this is the exception to the rule…
Thank you for the critique, I know there's a bunch of issues and most of them are because I didn't sketch it out / start drawing with a plan.
This is closer to my usual subject matter, but my style is all over the place.
Easiest way to get a feel for it is to copy other people's chibis, although it's hard to add shading to anime.
The direct lighting with unsaturated dark shadows also makes it feel a bit uncanny because the subject matter is supposed to be cute but the way it's presented doesn't match, although that could be on purpose.
It's mostly the face that makes it look weird as the other person said. Nendoroid mouths aren't as high and they have a slight nose.
Instagram doesn't mean much, don't worry about it. I abandoned my own account a year ago.

No. 155532

Your art is really cute and I love the style, I'm just a passerby and not an expert artnon but you shouldn't feel down on yourself because as far as I can tell that takes a lot of skill.

No. 155534

Awe thank you anon that was really sweet and kind of you to say. Definitely gave me a little pep in my step today.

Love the eyes

And thank you for the input as well. Ohh wow might be off topic and if you don't mind me asking how else are you working on exposure or do you not care? I would like to make this a career but everyday kind of seems like a farther and farther away dream.

No. 155535

I'm not currently looking for exposure, since I think it's hard to monetize without doing commissions. 99% of the little money I make from art is from fanmerch on Etsy which would sell better if I had a following but doesn't require it.

No. 155536

Ahh thanks for replying. Yeah, that's true good luck with your etsy too. Social media has really become super saturated with everyone becoming an ipad/procreate artist. One chick online spent 9k in ads and it seems like that's the new normal. I need to learn to chill out thanks for the different perspective.

No. 155601

D-do you draw cute anime boys in compromising positions? …just wondering

No. 155603

I was going to say that skipping the sketching part sounds very challenging. You have a really nice style and your characters look intriguing anon!

I feel you, it is hard to promote your art on social media but don't worry, definitely doesn't mean your art is bad. You have to learn to separate those things because it will make you miserable and in some way kill your creativity (like you will try to just do things you think people want to see)

Selling and promoting yourself is another set of skills that you need to work on in order to get yourself known.
For insta, I think engaging with your audience will help a lot and maybe try different hashtags, do some challenges like "draw this in your style" or any others like that just to get you started.
Other options could be doing fanarts, joining groups/discords and even using other sites like Twitter,deviantart,artstation,fb and tik tok. I know amazing professional artists that don't really have social media presence at all besides their artstation and portfolio so don't beat yourself over it too hard.
Now, several anons pointed out that the rendering style doesn't go with the cuteness of the character but there might be a way of making it work if you draw the nose (even if it is a chibi) and maybe change the facial structure a bit.
Your work reminds me of the cute stuff of Svetlana Tigai (tsvetka.art) I think having a well shaded chibi can definitely work, just keep experimenting with the features because it shows that you have a really good grasp on colors and design. The frame looks so nice

No. 155990

File: 1629054876701.jpg (1.68 MB, 1691x2129, IMG_20210815_210449.jpg)

I got this bat for the scout in team fortress that when you miss you hit yourself, so I kept missing on purpose to hear him cry in pain (it's good) and it made me think and that thread of hurt people keeps getting posted in and I wanted to post there but I was afraid they would boo me for not understanding the spirit or being ugly so I post here

No. 155992

No. 155996

Thank you, you have warmed my heart

No. 155998

More pls

No. 156007

File: 1629066113376.jpg (682.5 KB, 1797x2336, IMG_20210816_002005_191.jpg)

Okay, sorry I was out of inspiration so it isn't as cute, maybe some other day. Also sorry I have a horrible camera and it's night

No. 156016

Ugh, i love you anon, this is gold and Medic looks hot af

No. 156026

Básèd. Post more hurt bois when the inspiration calls nonnie.

No. 156418

File: 1629258093662.png (443.93 KB, 495x594, Screenshot from 2021-08-14 15-…)

made this using coloured pencils.I'm still learning so any tips would be appreciated

No. 156419

This is pretty good anon, but you should try flipping your drawing if you haven’t. The proportions are just a little lopsided.

No. 156422

File: 1629260042886.jpeg (709.41 KB, 2480x3508, FAB92F34-0257-4A8E-9973-F973AF…)

I deleted this but should I attempt to make this into a picrew or meiker.i?

nonny this looks good but why did you leave the watermark in there? you don’t want people harassing you

No. 156429

thanks i will keep that in mind next time

No. 156431

oh i didnt notice that
how do i remove it?

No. 156533

Very cute, keep drawing anon

No. 156544

Left leg looks smaller than the other one (calf and foot especially) and both arms and hands need work. Right hand looks very small and undefined (were you trying to hide it behind the skirt?), left forearm is a lot shorter than the right one. The eyes also look slightly misaligned. Other than that it's nice, the head looks a little big to me but I guess that's the kind of look you were going for. It would be interesting as a picrew.

No. 156548

that looks pretty nice anon, just a couple suggestions.
The fingernails on the right (our right) arm make a tangent with the top of the purse, it makes it difficult to tell whether the purse is in front of the hand or behind it. You may want to make the fingernails overlap the bag, or bring the purse further away from the body so it's not touching anything.
The other arm and especially the hand is in a bit of an awkward position. If you repositioned it, like made the arm bent and her hand on her hip, it could flow better with the rest of the pose and would make more sense with her leaning stance. You may want to practice drawing hands when they're at rest beside the body, I've seen many people fall back on drawing a clenched fist when they don't know how to draw a relaxed hand.
The foot behind the front foot doesn't make much sense. It's hard to tell whether it's facing backwards or forwards. Remember the structure of the shoe, because it looks like all she's wearing on that foot is a sock. You probably could redo the whole back foot to make it better, and if you do, draw the entire foot, regardless of what is covered by the front shoe. Then erase the unseen parts after.

I like the way you've drawn the face and the top, the image has a lot of potential.

No. 157181

File: 1629684661539.jpeg (1.5 MB, 2480x3508, CA22B8F1-07C6-4636-9531-C8A3B3…)

I can’t believe I was so fixated on making an inspired design of her this was fun as hell

No. 157182

That's very cute nonny. Def better than the original.

No. 157188

This is cute! The proportion of the girl on the right's legs (especially the calves) is off though, imo. Also, if she's standing then her feet could be a little less pointed.

No. 157201

You really need to practice hands and feet, they're deformed or nonexistent in every drawing.

No. 157249

I won’t be doing that because I’m not a professional artist, thanks though!

No. 157255

Why do you keep posting your art and getting upset when people comment on it? But then you keep posting knowing these comments are coming. I'm not trying to be snarky or rude I'm just curious.

No. 157256

Practicing drawing surely isn’t something only professionals do?

No. 157261

You sound dumb saying this in a critique thread

No. 157262

I just realized this was a critique thread, my bad

No. 157269

Seriously? After posting so many drawings in a thread called "rate my art"? You just want to show off and get compliments. And even if you're not doing this professionally, it's always nice to improve and you should. But be happy about your stub hands I guess.

No. 157274

Improving anatomy is for incredibly smart people

No. 157275

That’s embarrassing, considering everyone told you that the last time you posted, too. At the very least, the colours are pretty nice.

No. 157277

No, everything about it is pretty cute to me. I don't care, you're never going to knock my confidence and make me stop.

No. 157279

File: 1629741428688.jpg (83.86 KB, 623x856, 20210823_205024.jpg)

Hey anons.
Glad to see my thread is still getting attention. I wanted to ask something to you all.
I took a loong break after the drawing below.
I know i somehow manage to regress (even tho i was pretty bad to start with). But can some of you give advice on how to use colored pencils? I will add another version of the same drawing. Tell me which one you prefer please ♡ thanks everyone. Sorry for the long post

No. 157280

File: 1629741556039.jpg (78.13 KB, 606x934, 20210823_205035.jpg)

Samefag. My camera quality kinda sucks. Sorry.
How do i use colored pencils woth more confidence? I either use them too lightly to the point that everything is extremely faded - or i color in the hand like a child, with harsh limes and no room for highlights

No. 157281

>be dementia-chan
>post in criticism thread
>already lost, brain too gone to realize it’s a criticism thread and you’ve already posted here
>get valid and simple critique
>some people even think it’s cute despite some flaws
>nobody has said anything relative to what you’re crying about
>miss your grandkids
>repeat next month

dementia-chan I love you but it’s time to lay down

No. 157283

anons wanna be old woman positive until they experience an old woman, smh

No. 157284

Hey anon! The first one is the better one because of the readability of the darker lineart.
For coloring with color pencils, you should have the fundamentals of coloring in general. Like lighting, values and such. I'd recommend Marco Bucci's videos and James Gurney's Color and Lighting book (also his videos)
You can also learn by watching other artists that heavily use it. I'd recommend this one, I really like her art style but of course you can look up some other artists that cater to your tastes better.
Good luck! I love coloring with pencils, it's very relaxing and forgiving.

No. 157285

Ouch that makes my hand hurt. Okay the fingers look a little weird. The middle finger especially, the second bone of the finger, starting from the fingertip, looks very short. Try posing your hand like this and taking a photo to see how it would look. Also if I were you, I would move the pinky finger so it doesn't overlap with the other finger, I think that would look less confusing. I don't know much about colored pencils, but you should try using more different colors and pressing lightly to make more new colors. For example putting pink and orange on most of the hand and brown where shadows would be, and red on some parts (when I look at my hand, my fingers and the wrinkles look more red than the rest), and maybe slightly erase parts which are the shiniest. I don't think you regressed from your last post, I think you did very well.

No. 157288

Thank you both. I didnt realize the finger overlapping was confusing but now that i look at it, it does look awkward.
Also thank you for coloring recommendations. I will watch the video.

No. 157290

File: 1629745943519.jpg (816.78 KB, 1584x2040, that freakin pyros a medic.jpg)

Hi, I made another beat up scout, but something is really messed up about his head shape I think, but I can't tell what, what do you think?

No. 157291

Please draw more pyro too, I love your drawings!

No. 157294

File: 1629747601902.jpg (1.25 MB, 1584x2424, IMG_20210823_203532.jpg)

Okay, I will; thank you very much. I just got an amazing idea, I'm gonna draw him in a pool full of candy! Here is one more

No. 157295

Once again you have blessed us! I love these so much hhhhgghg

No. 157346

File: 1629779880451.png (481.44 KB, 416x565, Screenshot from 2021-08-24 10-…)

This was my first time drawing a realistic portrait. Can anyone give me tips on drawing hair?

No. 157347

the jaw looks a little small / underdeveloped, but the hair looks fine considering the lighting! if anything, make sure you don't just focus on refining how you draw faces / heads and make sure to include practicing bodies - the shoulder & clavicle area look wonky

No. 157350

Anon take your meds next time

No. 157351

Just ignore permabeg-chan’s posts from now.

No. 157352

His expressions are great woof woof!

No. 157358

Your Medic is so fucking hot anon, great work

No. 157364

File: 1629798260023.jpg (51.15 KB, 800x300, howtodrawhair.jpg)

Very cool. When drawing hair for me it is the easiest to imagine the hair as lots of clumps (like sims 4 hair), and then imagine how the light falls on those clumps, and then draw in hairs so it looks like hair. I think this image illustrates it well. Did you draw this with oil pastels? The colors are so wonderful
Thank you everyone, your responses make me so happy. I'm gonna draw more medic, I like to draw lots of shadows and his face looks great with lots of shadows. I'm just not sure if I should keep posting here even if I don't have questions about how to proceed with my drawing, but I don't know where else I would post - I would post in the "cuties with an ouchie" or whatever thread but what if not every drawing fits that thread. I know this is not my personal blog to post my drawings but I don't want to post my drawings on a blog, I want to share them with only my farmers. And isn't posting new original content more valuable to imageboards than reposting already seen content? Why do I feel like an attention whore then? I'm sorry about the blogpost; in conclusion I will post in the "cuties with an ouchie" thread in the future if applicable

No. 157372

Nah you're thinking about it too much. Your work is wanted so keep posting here anon. This thread is slow anyway, only nerds care about spamming in /m/.
I'll wk you if a bitch calls you an attention whore. Lc absolutely can use a lot more original content. It's easy enough to pick out the ones posting in bad faith.

No. 157377

File: 1629809572335.jpg (1.22 MB, 3696x3696, RDT_20190807_09342187810103621…)

Watercolor is really hard. I don't really feel like I'm doing so well with it, I think I'm too impatient to let layers dry in between or to build up color a layer at a time instead of just taking too much pigment from the pan. I feel like my work comes off looking sloppy, then I feel sad I ruined a drawing I liked.

No. 157379

Ooh I love it, the watercolor has a great combination of transparent and more solid areas and really gives it shape. And I love sphynx cats

No. 157381

No way!! You're overthinking it. Look at this image in a few days and you will see it looks amazing. You blended the colors together perfectly, my favorite parts are the blue bits, like light from the sky is shining on him.

No. 157382

As a lowly digitard I have no clue what you're talking about technically but personally, I think you did great, I can tell the texture of sphynx skin. The kitty herself looks absolutely precious. Can't wait to see your next piece that you took the time to be patient anon.

No. 157384

Aww jeez thanks you guys, I feel so motivated now kek. I'll be sure to post my next one!

No. 157386

This is so gorgeous nonita, I love the colors.

No. 157413

i love it!!!! super nice colours on a cute kitty. It's not sloppy at all

No. 157422

thanks for the tip

No. 157424

yeah… i just eyeballed the proportions while making this without studying the anatomy

No. 157425

wow this is so good

No. 157426

I think that's pretty great for just observational drawing! I hope you keep it up and practice lots, I really love the way you render. The colors are so vibrant.

No. 157428

I love this, the use of watercolor to achieve such vibrant colors is beautiful.

No. 157432

You girls have given me a major confidence boost, I really appreciate it. I am really hard on myself and will literally cry after I finish something because I am so convinced it's muddy crap. I'm actually excited to use my watercolors again.

No. 157446

File: 1629825002641.jpg (6.42 MB, 4096x7281, CollageMaker_20210825_02045320…)

Welp i know ive got a bunch to improve on, what do you suggest as the first step?

No. 157448

I think everything looks pretty good, the anatomy is fine (except the lady on the upper left, her hips are ridicolously wide) and their poses are dynamic, there's nothing you could improve except drawing continuous lines

No. 157510

File: 1629858146477.png (1.01 MB, 1000x1214, lolcowmybeloved.png)

ah fuck it lets post

these are all fairly recent, im really bad at finishing pictures and tidying stuff up (none of these are really 'finished') and a lot of the time idc much about doing these things. my fundamentals are still bad but i love using colour a lot

No. 157514

thank you ! it was made using coloured pencils btw

No. 157516

i like the top left one!the colours are really nice

No. 157519

The bottom right is so cute, anon! I like your use of colors and the different brush styles you use. It all feels experimental but in a good way.

No. 157528


This is gorgeous. If you're looking for similar paintings, what would you call this type of art?

No. 157560

nta and I may be wrong, but the closest I can come up with is pop surrealism

No. 157625

File: 1629944380110.png (1.29 MB, 1242x2208, C9EB6176-1E28-47E7-AF16-9FA900…)

Hey, I got roasted on webtoon general a few months ago and I worked hard on improving.
I drew this oc on my phone in ibis paint.

No. 157630

>being scarred from having your crappy art boolied on an anon board months after the fact
anon, grow up. and get an ipad.

No. 157632

Work on cleaner lines and anatomy (especially with body proportions, the arms are too long). Also, you must be 18 to post here.

No. 157633

I wouldnt say I was scarred.. I only put the pronouns to say she was a girl, idk everyone does it
And thanks I’ll take the anatomy advice!
I’m also 20 years old and saving up for an ipad

No. 157635

this has to be a troll, if not lolcow is 18 and over so get off

No. 157636

I just said I was 20..
do y’all need a birth certificate or something, I thought this was an anon board

No. 157640

File: 1629947388750.jpeg (3.07 MB, 4032x3024, BDB44D4E-2C13-4535-BF6B-F746CB…)

Drew Number 5 from The Umbrella Academy

No. 157645

Kek no way you drew this unironically and brought it here, you're totally fucking with us.

No. 157647

Don’t listen to the hate anon it looks amazing!

No. 157648

yes please post your birth certificate (or email to admins)

No. 157650

Why are her legs dislocated.

No. 157654

>months of improving
Honestly, just give up

No. 157657

You don't have to suck her ass, you don't help her by lying to her. I mean sure we're being a bit harsh, but you doing the exact opposite isn't going to fix anything.

No. 157658

anon I don’t really want to make a minor cry or feel insecure just because they’re not amazing at one thing. maybe they’re lost ok?

No. 157659

She said she was 20, so is she a liar?

No. 157660

it’s either a troll or a minor lying about their age

No. 157663

Kek NTA but damn you bitches are mean. They're obviously a minor, calm down crankypants.
Cute drawing. I'd recommend you study anatomy more cause the arms and hips look a little wonky, but it's still cute. Try practicing drawing lines confidently and making your drawings more symmetrical.

No. 157667

Thank you for the actual advice anon. I’ll make sure to use it and work a bit harder.
Don’t know why everyone is being harsh only to me, it’s a bit discouraging. I used to draw when I was 15 but stopped for five years, obviously i’m gonna suck. I didn’t think my art was the most juvenile in this thread though. Anyways, thanks.

No. 157682

I apologize for being rude anon, I don't want you to stop drawing or anything like that. Please keep going.

No. 157683

File: 1629972764554.jpeg (293.28 KB, 1421x1786, received_2494484897466115.jpeg)

What do you guys think of this composition of this sketch? I want him to kind of like, fit into the frame, so his back paw will be against the right side and his front paw will be again the bottom left corner.
He's an Andean mountain cat, the shapes in the left background are bofedal wetlands and the diagonal cut on the right is going to be a mountain (cause like the name suggests he lives in the Andes). I feel like maybe his back leg looks kind of awkward and maybe when I paint the mountain I could have it resting on a foot hold? Or does this look okay the way it is?

No. 157688

File: 1629976721469.jpg (69.96 KB, 396x800, d0e58243bd02b1a1c206923c13951e…)

Why don't you pose him more like those chinese tiger paintings? Seeing that the framing is vertical rectangle. Right now he looks like he's being forced to fit the sides and it makes his torso rigid. Using the entire diagonal length of the space will give you room to articulate him more.

No. 157690

Thank you anon! That would look great, I could draw him like he's running down the mountain! Maybe I'll even have his front paw do a little splash in the wetland area

No. 157697

Cute very cute
Yeah it looks amazing but I think it would be perfect if his spine was curved, I hope you post again when you worked on it

No. 157844

File: 1630057955795.jpg (52.11 KB, 1080x804, tumblr_e870fc5c19d1e760d92cb55…)

How is my cat?

No. 157854

Use more values to distinguish shape and body parts. This image does not read well.

No. 157870

File: 1630080679836.jpg (55.12 KB, 1080x804, 1630057955795.jpg)

Seconding this anon's recommendation. If you put it into black and white, you can see how poorly it reads. Make the background lighter or darker, and make the front paws darker than the back paws or vice versa. I think it has a good shape overall but it's hard to see that shape.

No. 157903

I think I understand. Thank you anons.

No. 157910

This looks so cute and well done, i love animal portraits! To make it better you could do the grey outlines a little bit darker.

No. 157959

File: 1630169449714.jpg (1.36 MB, 2397x1806, IMG_20210828_173434.jpg)

Hi, I wanted to draw scout lifting his shirt up to wrap bandages around himself. But then I remembered he has a tattoo and I didn't want to draw that anymore… So I drew sniper instead. Where do you find reference photos for poses for people? I like those deviantart accounts where they post stock photos but I can't always find what I need, so I imagine it but it looks awkward as you can see.
I agree with what the other anons have said but I wanted to add its head looks amazing. The shapes are so cool

No. 158002

Omg this is quality content (i use pinterest for references)

No. 158010

Plus do engie

No. 158056

You got it
Thank you I didn't think of pinterest! My mom browses pinterest for crafts ideas so that's all it is for in my head

No. 158863

File: 1630707627818.png (4.16 MB, 3000x3000, dot2.png)

after a month i am back, judge this old man. Saged because i dont want this to be the reason the thread bumps

No. 158925

Nice it looks good overall but if I look for longer I see some mistakes. Like the bow tie just hanging around under the collar for some reason (seriously have you never seen a bowtie anon this is so funny) and his shirt arm holes are too big - I don't know how to explain it but it looks like his arms and torso are fused together, also you drew some clothing folds that make no sense like the long diagonal fold on the shirt. And his nose has that pointy ovally shape on it for some reason, I know sometimes people draw that shape instead of a nose but since he already has a nose it doesn't make sense

No. 158928

HAHAHA no i have never seen a bowtie to be honest kek, i will keep that in mind. Also thank you i can definitely see all the things you pointed out. As for the nose…i have no idea. I don't want to use the excuse "it's muh artstyle!!" but i don't know how to draw a good nose that fits my style

No. 158929

If you just removed the line on top of the nose, I think it would look good. If you look at them for a while, all anime noses make no sense really so you can draw whatever you like, because people usually don't pay attention to the nose.

No. 158930

i see, thank you for taking your time to respond to me nony <3

No. 158932

Try using a different hue from base color for shadows and highlights instead of just different shades of the same hues. The gradient type of coloring looks amateur and dirty. Try varying line weight for readability.

No. 158933

sorry, not native in english so I'm wondering what you mean. As I understand it, you mean to not shade, let's say blue with another type of blue?

No. 159204

File: 1630943653711.png (751.13 KB, 1080x1080, board tan.png)

No. 159206

Love love love it anon

No. 159209

Technically skilled but kind of bland imo. Why is Board-tan looking so somber?

No. 159210

What a pretty board-tan, the neck looks off though.

No. 159262

are we allowed to do paintovers? Im not good at explaining

No. 159290

thanks for the feedback guys
paintovers and redlines would be useful imo

No. 159451

File: 1631082176416.png (794.44 KB, 779x759, usagi brush test.png)

Testing out some brushes since I got clip studio paint fairly recently, thoughts? I'm not sure about the eyelashes personally…

No. 159453

I think you should focus less on finding new brushes and more on figuring out what humans look like

No. 159457

That's fair, do you mind redlining the anatomy mistakes for me?

No. 159461

File: 1631086381575.gif (2.85 MB, 779x759, ezgif-3-e8571bfda069.gif)

Nta and this still very wonky because I made it with snow liquify on my phone, but I hope it helps to give you an idea.
The eyes are wonky - by that angle, the one you put higher (right eye) should be lower. That also makes the forehead look wonky.
It's missing a lot of cranial mass - the back has basically no head showing, so it kinda looks like she has microcephaly.
The neck is too thin and kinda wonky as well.
The war is too far back on her head and also kinda low, I couldn't correct that on my phone.
On that angle, the nose should be a bit more in front of the right eye, also couldn't correct that on my phone.
I also put her chin a bit more forward, as well as her cheeks, but brought her forehead a bit more inward since she's in an angle.
I do really like the colors though, nona, they look really nice. Maybe I'd just put a bit more of contrast in the highlights, but that's just me.

No. 159463

File: 1631088316329.png (574.87 KB, 779x759, 16310821764162.png)

Not "redline," but here.
You need to focus on shape and form.

No. 159464

File: 1631088358902.gif (512.72 KB, 779x759, ezgif-3-d86fb7e0c9cd.gif)

and a gif, for funsies

No. 159465

Thanks for the tips! I'll definitely add them to fix my piece.

No. 159471

File: 1631093781118.png (372.98 KB, 489x694, aggie.io.july2.png)

ill never finish this so im posting it here

No. 159480

First I thought omg is that a rainbow dash mermaid shrimp thing? And then I realized that is fluttershy. Very cute very nice and I like how fluttershy has a normal person body and not uwu anime body

No. 159487

File: 1631106686778.jpg (256.67 KB, 1029x607, redline.jpg)

here, I made one so you see how off everything is. It looks to me that you weren’t sure about the structure and what angle the head should have. On the right there are two examples of perspectives I made. I really recommend you to plan your drawings like that, clip studio has loads of helpful assets too! Don’t be afraid to use them. You have a very pretty rendering style and color choice by the way!

No. 159516

Is she taking a body pillow to the beach?

No. 159533

nta but it's a floatie, you can see it is transparent

No. 159545

I know everyone's already given anatomy corrections but honestly I kind of like the wonkiness. It's like Sailor Moon ft. surrealist Dali universe which I didn't know I wanted until now

No. 159757

File: 1631264604638.png (442.79 KB, 916x1120, flwoerelf.png)

was drawing average scrote and I couldn't get the face right so I went off the rails and turned him into an elf.

No. 159758

Elves >>> normal men. I like his little fangs and tasteful eye shadow.

No. 159772

nta but I had no idea, the blue on blue doesn't read as opaque, but as solid

No. 159793

Heh nice

No. 159794

yeah I would agree with you here it doesn't read as transparent to me either

No. 159800

how people look in my dreams for some reason

No. 159806

But you can see her arm through it, though

No. 159822

Lmao this has to be a troll. Bitch is meltin'

No. 159823

kek this shit is too funny so I appreciate it, but why are you all replyin to an obvious troll/bait?

No. 159840

I looked at the pic three times before you mentioned it and didn't see it

No. 159935

that doesn't mean it reads as transparent, the intention is there but the execution is lacking

No. 160008

This is really nice anon, post more

No. 160029

File: 1631403686104.jpg (385.69 KB, 1000x1000, asuka.jpg)

I feel like once I've done the bare minimum, I get bored and just rush it :/

No. 160030

It's cute, but the ears are too far back, try to imagine it without the strands of hair. The eye that is farthest is also wrong, because it doesn't show the rest of the face's skin, and that's anatomically wrong. The headplugs are also pretty flat looking. Not only that, but it kinda doesn't read like Asuka to me, but rather someone cosplay as her.

No. 160043

It looks like a traced drawing that you added the headpieces and pigtails to because the skill level doesn't match and the overall line work feels flat and wonky.

No. 160046

This screams traced. You can always tell by looking at the linework– beginners do the kind of chicken scratch you see here, a bunch of unconnected little lines with no larger sweep to them, which would make it impossible to draw something cohesive like this. Idk why you even posted this anon. Go draw something yourself, and then we can help you.

No. 160054

File: 1631416860486.jpg (95.71 KB, 1000x732, 1612762325759.jpg)

And that's it, thanks for the feedback.
Apologies if you read the threads, I'm not that sane.

No. 160055

Holy shit. My friend, the issue is that you are insane. Hope that helps.

No. 160056

Fuck off tripfag

No. 160058

>I lashed out and I got a ban for threatening to eat the moderator who banned me, twice.

please, tell us more

No. 160060

File: 1631417566404.jpg (672.94 KB, 2048x2048, 1612811022715.jpg)

I'm the Kanye West of /ic/
Apologies, is to remember I posted it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 160061

This isn't 4chan. Kys tripfag.

No. 160062

I hope the tripfag’s power shuts down forever, specially when he’s on his deathbed, looking at his own shitty drawings before everything stops existing for his useless, talentless and irrelevant self.

No. 160063

Why am I treated like this? Why am I insulted like this?
What have I done to deserve such insults, my posts! I must delete them.

No. 160088

File: 1631441430351.png (355.56 KB, 720x1058, Screenshot_2021-09-12-02-04-26…)

I was inspired by Tumblr to draw my husbando Sauron. I drew this is the memo app on my phone and its not very good lol but then again it's the memo app and I almost never draw. Anyway I always feel like my my faces look exactly the same and i can only draw them from one angle.

No. 160097

File: 1631445412924.png (534.02 KB, 695x857, lily.png)

started this a year and a half ago, but never got around to finishing it. i'm thinking of finishing it now, but first i wanna see what you guys think.
i have to fix the line weight on the umbrella and tweak the anatomy of the arms a bit, but does anything else stand out?

No. 160101

Now I want to draw him too, needs more beautiful elf husbandos. I think I saw your post about liking him, good taste and not too bad for someone who never draws. The face is a bit too long compared to the head but his eyes are very pretty!
The way your did the shading, to be consistent there should be a shadow from her arm on the dress. Consider that with line weight, thinner lines make something appear more far away than thicker lines, so maybe try around a bit with that. With everything having the same line weight it is a bit hard to have a focus point to look at and make out the distances, the part where her hand holds the umbrella looks a bit like it merges with the arm and shoulder behind because of this.

No. 160139

Since the colors aren't done yet, I just wanna say it would be super cute if the dress and umbrella were the same pale yellow as her jaw in frog form. But if you design it to match the actual clothes, that would be good too - I just think the yellow should be included somehow to match the character. Looks great so far

No. 160180

File: 1631486088085.jpg (1.6 MB, 1652x2284, Hmh.jpg)

I resent myself for linking anime back in the day cuz now it feels like it permanently bled into my art and I want a more realistic style.

I'm trying to get back into drawing and want to get better at everything and finally be like those artist that I've been admiring for so long.

No. 160183

>I resent myself for linking anime back in the day cuz now it feels like it permanently bled into my art

Lol same. But I think your art looks cool.

No. 160184

what is your light source? it looks like a coloring book filled out by a vary ambitious 6th grader, sorry. The hair seems like it's the same texture as the skin, all of the shadows are the same blurry, undefined mess, etc. I think you need to go back to basics on rendering bc the coloring on this is not working for me.
Her ear is a bit high, it should start where the nose ends and end between the eye and the eyebrow. Nice style though.

No. 160187

File: 1631490389992.png (1.44 MB, 2647x1102, smr12.png)

Hope it isn't too NSFW for the board

No. 160193

File: 1631493674211.png (250.15 KB, 561x581, B540DBC4-C023-4067-A77C-C1D335…)

No. 160194


No. 160196

I honestly love your style

No. 160197

Are there resources that don't include watching video tutorials? I can never sit through them.

No. 160198

I was quickly scrolling and knew this was him! Your lines are nice. Maybe a smaller forehead?

No. 160200

Thank you !

No. 160213

love love love

No. 160221

screams moid, is this another /ic/ scrote?

No. 160226

there are books, but if your attention span can't take videos it probably can't take books either

No. 160233

I love your style! do have any finished stuff?

No. 160258

Where can I follow you?

No. 160262

Thanks a lot!
I mostly have sketches and whatnot, not much very detailed stuff unfortunately.
Is it the tank ? I like mechanical things.

No. 160334

Its the weird porny shit

No. 160336

File: 1631584682655.jpg (104.62 KB, 1238x1751, 90134567.jpg)

i've been very stuck does anyone have any good tips on rendering curly hair?

No. 160337

It’s dogshit, take your fatty fetish elsewhere

No. 160342

I'll draw flowers and cats next time.

No. 160352

fuck off back to /ic/, scrote, or stop shitting up the thread defending your right to draw obese women with sweaty pussies every time someone says "ew

No. 160387

File: 1631624539262.jpg (79.78 KB, 728x1024, portland-press-herald_3625092-…)

You better

No. 160389

Just look at a photo of curly hair and try to draw it like that, there is no better tip. Also the ribbon around her neck looks strange going straight down like that, I think it should be tilted to the right.

No. 160422

thanks anon, I was thinking of getting rid of the ribbon and necklace altogether but I’ll fix it first and see if I like it more

No. 160524

File: 1631722350350.png (837.22 KB, 1800x2250, leonkennedybutwithaboobwindow3…)



No. 160527

He's PACKED anon it's pretty good. Some shadows are a bit confusing imo but it's well rendered.

No. 160528

File: 1631723066282.jpg (11.78 KB, 300x250, kermit.jpg)

God I forgot I requested this (for me, not my friend btw)
And what is this suddenly in /m/? A sexy Leon with pert nipples?! THANK YOU NONNIE!! ily

No. 160535


honestly that's why it took me so long, the shadows were making me big mad so i did the minimum i could get away with (what are light sources? i don't know her)
sorry it took forever aaaaa

No. 160608



No. 160609



No. 160611



No. 160613

are you having a mental breakdown bro

No. 160614

Why are you bro-ing on a women’s board?

No. 160615

Something about the way you're studying is flawed if you aren't improving.
Nta, but to me bro and man are slang and have been for so long they aren't even gendered for me anymore. It's funny to me and I like the casual tone of saying stuff like dude and man.

No. 160616

are you on crack?

No. 160617

File: 1631763995574.jpg (987.97 KB, 3816x3078, Poodle.jpg)

Is there movement? Have I invoked movement?? Or is it as stiff as ever?

No. 160619

same anon, said bro because it sounded like a scrote losing it

No. 160622

File: 1631767472180.png (90.56 KB, 850x483, 6705D0DF-9C5F-496D-896B-7E0CE9…)

nonners I’m sorry but this is so funny, I love it a lot it’s cute. i feel like there is nice movement in there, but i feel like you would really benefit from gesture drawing to make it feel more dynamic. find pictures of animals including dogs and make gesture lines like picrel to really get a feel of how they move, if realistic movement is important to you. regardless i love it it feels shitpost-y

No. 160633

You shouldn't ever say you're garbage and i like it
also leon is hot

No. 160635

File: 1631790982225.png (1.89 MB, 1387x2006, Mozart.png)

Is drawing cutesy versions of composers cringe?

Don't bother giving this guy any attention, anon. He's just an inflammatory schizo from /ic/.

Seconding what >>160622 said. Love the watercolor/ink medium!

No. 160636

I think it’s cute!

No. 160637

I don't think it's cringy at all, your design is very cute while being somehow similar to the real counterpart (I like that you didn't make him into a hot bishounen or a waifu). The way you use colors is lovely!

No. 160647

This is great anon! I love the concept and execution. Looks dynamic. Please post more.

No. 160664

this is so cute! reminds me of the comic cucumber quest

No. 160666

very nice i like it

No. 160674

This is gorgeous and so dynamic and totally not cringe in the slightest. Love the mood.

No. 161207

i love this and would love to see more in the same vein! the subject matter is interesting and your style is cute and dynamic

No. 161318

File: 1632285181682.png (435.87 KB, 1000x1557, 120C7DB8-401D-4DF9-9022-7DF971…)

I’m nervous posting because I don’t usually draw stuff like this, but I really wanted to try something new
And I wanted to capture a feeling of peace and reflection… and floating

No. 161321

The colors are cute, but my first advice is to study shapes and how the light affects them. You're doing some pillow shading right now and it looks pretty flat.
It's also a bit stiff for the floating feeling you're looking for, doing some quick gesture drawings everyday will help it to look more dynamic. And I mean quick-quick, like 15-30 secs on each drawing.

No. 161344

Good to see you back. This has a nice vision behind it anon. Use more line weight to make body parts pop out from each other and the subject from the background. It will communicate the transparency of her shirt better as well.
Personally I think the simplistic coloring has is charms, I could see this with some pop art touches like using thicker black lines and polka dots. Maybe experiment with coloring your lineart. Keep going!

No. 161405

Thanks anons. I definitely find it difficult to make lines that are neat, but still fluid and show motion. I will practice gestures drawing. The colors are my favorite part too, and probably where I spend most of my time playing around with combinations (when I should be focusing more on lines and shading lol)
Also I didn't think anyone would recognize me!

No. 161708

Anyone know some interesting and actually challenging art challenges that aren't just "draw your favorite___/oc" etc?

No. 161810

File: 1632605504999.png (1.03 MB, 1600x1600, a boy.png)

i haven't drawn in years but i'm going to try to spend the rest of the year doodling and improving as much as i can. i at least want to finally – finally – master hands by january, 2022.

anyway tell me what you all think of scribble.
and if you see me post this to /ic/ well, oops.

No. 161840


gives me fashion draft vibes, not bad imo

No. 161861

File: 1632649021397.jpg (672.17 KB, 834x1194, grey_cat.jpg)

Anons, I know that everyone and their grandma does pet portaits these days so the niche is kind of saturated already, but do you think my art has the potential to generate some interest? I really enjoy drawing animals, so I figured why not try to make some extra cash out of it lol

No. 161862

File: 1632649751445.jpg (446.57 KB, 2320x2156, 20210926_014610-1.jpg)

Does anyone know where I can learn to draw more realistic portraits, I especially need to improve on noses lol

No. 161865

It has a certain charm anon. If you developed it a little more I think it would attract some people! I think it's important that you don't go the hyper-realistic way, because there are tons of famous artists and their copycats who do realistic pet portraits. Definitely keep it stylized.

No. 161877

saw this earlier, came back just to comment.

i love it anon, i really do. it almost reminds me of, and please don't take this the wrong way, the softness in children's books. your style seems like it can really be open to expressions too so if someone has, say, a super playful cat i think you could totally capture it.

No. 161879

I don't know but aAah it's so cute!!!

No. 161882

Many thanks nonny. I'm definitely going to work on improving my stylization as realism isn't really my thing. I'm hoping to eventually develop my own, recognizable style.
Thank you for your kind words, I'm actually really happy you're getting kids' illustration vibes from my style! I'm only beginning to take my drawing from a hobby to a way of making money but my number one goal in the future is illustrating children's books.
Thanks nonny! <3

No. 161883

File: 1632676726914.jpg (1.31 MB, 2268x3298, 20210925_185028.jpg)

Something I did at a friends house maybe about a year ago. Just a lazy painting and I was drunk n high but it turned out alright I think

No. 161897

I love this

No. 161899

File: 1632683682451.jpg (1.51 MB, 3065x3016, 20170929_162620_(1).jpg)

Yo is your painting interested in having my painting as a pet? I know he looks kind of pissy but I'm sure he's got a heart of gold or something

No. 161901

I’m not and have never been an art student or anything, but when I finally made myself start taking anatomy more seriously I would just draw faces and bodies from magazines or photoshoots. I also suggest just going to the library and seeing if you can find drawing or anatomy books to help learn the bone and muscle structures of the face. It isn’t fun but it really does help you if you do it consistently. This book is old but I still find it useful.


No. 161904

Haha YES it's perfect cuz kitties are the best and the color scheme goes together really well though. Seems we have kind of a similar style? It's so cute and I love it

No. 161905

File: 1632686223219.jpg (2.09 MB, 2973x3041, 20210127_221931_(1)_(1).jpg)

This was actually new for me! Usually I fixate on small details and end up over rendering a piece, even if I meant for it to be loose. I usually end up leaning toward realism when I'm trying to be more stylistic about it. I think I'm getting better though! The cat is from 2017, here is a cat-lamb thing I did a few months ago.

No. 162156

File: 1632847561976.jpeg (989.09 KB, 2480x2860, 8A27C410-D862-4042-91E6-0828D5…)

i got bored so i sketched board-tan and cc mascot

No. 162159

This is so fucking adorable and your art is great! Please finish it for us anon

No. 162171

I will, thank you anon lol

No. 162195

Omg yes can’t wait to see it finished!

No. 162229

I know it's nitpicky, but shouldn't the shadows under the chins be facing the same way? (I only noticed because they're the only shadows, and it's otherwise cute)

No. 162274

You’re right lmao I didn’t notice that, I’m definitely going to change that. Thanks nonny!

No. 162308

this is amazing, can't wait to see the end result

No. 162397

Anons, I have a question. Coomer art is usually ugly and cringy. But do people still like artistic nudes? I mostly like drawing female nudes with different themes, with an undertone of sexuality, but not in an overt pornographic way, more in an emotional way. I want to draw what I enjoy but I don't want to feel like another gross porn machine

No. 162416

File: 1632992279296.jpg (Spoiler Image,225.4 KB, 900x611, nude-female-reclining-1922-mar…)

I do, especially when they're drawn by women. There's nothing wrong with using nudity to express yourself emotionally or as a way of showing appreciation of female body and it's usually easy to tell from porn or fetish art. It also largely depends on your style and technique. As long as you avoid things like anime stylization and overly detailed boobs, butts and vaginas put up front and center I don't think anyone will accuse you of pandering to coomers.
Picrel is an example of a nude painting by a female artist that I really like.

No. 162444

File: 1633017974869.jpg (7.08 MB, 4624x2604, IMG_20210930_165849.jpg)


No. 162531

File: 1633052499311.jpeg (329.11 KB, 750x704, ABC37282-31BC-428B-9FDE-9EDCCE…)

caught in 4k

No. 162574

Not really sure what have you caught, its still my painting just getting feeback from both sites, since I am not sure how this one works ;D(;D)

No. 162575

Fuck off, retard.
If you want feedback, your painting is trash, it’s distasteful, the kind of pictures you see at a bazaar which makes people wince and pity the poor idiot who spent their time and resources on making such a useless piece of shit.
Oh, nice you can use red, yellow and blue! Wow, impressive, how creative.
Get a job.

No. 162576

Lmao destroy newfags on sight

No. 162579

if you want something nice, it looks very "beginner art student". practice more, try doing something else other than just slapping colors and gold onto a canvas.

No. 162593

What's the title, dehydrated piss stain?

No. 162650

File: 1633137475057.jpg (149.88 KB, 822x818, abstract-glow.jpg)

Since abstract art doesn't represent a literal subject, I think it's important to focus on the colors, shades, textures and overall physical 'paint' aspect. I enjoy abstract paintings based on how it catches my eye and leads it around, just like a typical painting with a subject. If there's nothing to catch the eye, it just becomes a flat blob to me

picrel is a painting that I thought was similar to yours, but more fleshed out in texture and lighting

No. 163295

File: 1633647708810.jpeg (1.24 MB, 2441x1418, 1D6B1A66-06B3-4B4B-AABC-B9BE45…)

I am a hobby artist, transitioning from traditional to digital. I mostly do portraits, can’t do anything else really lol. I’m trying to simplify my work, learning not to draw every detail and to have more painterly approach. I also have trouble finishing anything.
here’s some quickish sketch, from screencap reference.

No. 163297

ooh thats really nice anon, i like it! digital can take some time to adjust to when youre used to traditional but this is pretty good.
some minor critiques: the hand on the left and also the glasses look a bit off, and i think the left figure's face could be… im not sure how to say it, more dynamic? if you used some bolder lines on his mouth and some other places i think itd convey a bit more character

No. 163298

thanks for the feedback! It’s hard to see mistakes in your own work after staring at it for hours lol. I also tend to overdo my drawings, or when trying to fix mistakes I end up screwing it all. digital is great in that aspect that I can just undo or use layers, though I still use it as a sketchbook and usually end up doing everything on 2 layers only.

No. 163408

File: 1633708955561.png (Spoiler Image,2.13 MB, 2500x2500, B930B2B6-58D4-484F-B897-6078DE…)

Hi anons, I'm no artist (like can't even draw stick figures) and I installed procreate, and followed a tutorial. I'm very shakey but I had so much fun. I don't have anyone to share it with, so I'm sharing it with you guys.
Thank you for allowing me to post here

No. 163410

Looks cute. Make us a phone bg or something with vibes like that.
Anon your skill level is beyond what this thread can offer. But sick work and keep posting if you like lol

No. 163411

This is really cute anon, I like the color palette a lot. Your hand will get steadier over time, keep at it!

No. 163756

File: 1633920305502.jpeg (711.04 KB, 2480x3508, DEE70616-BB7D-41F4-98DF-19F6A8…)

I think I got slightly better

No. 163766

Stupid question, but why is one of her arms white?

No. 163769

It's really cute! The hand holding the bottle looks really fucked up though
I think that's a glove, anon lol. It's the same color as her socks

No. 163770

You did the hands and feet nicely, congrats.

No. 163788

Is she a christian witch holding a love potion? I'm confused by the accessories.

No. 163810

It’s a dumbass glove anon, kek
I know! I don’t know if you’re talking about the anatomy of the hand or the fact that I accidentally made the white outline on the same layer as the lineart.
Thanks anon
I used a 70s model as a reference, it was supposed to be a coke bottle but it turned out fucked up and I changed the entire outfit. Probably all of those things tbh

No. 163861

File: 1633989135324.png (208.48 KB, 457x652, Capture.PNG)

nonnas help!! her boobs look like balloons and im stuck on how to render

No. 163863

File: 1633991043419.jpg (96.73 KB, 1000x1333, jojo-blouse-crepe-satin-white-…)

You already started out with anime tits, of course they'd look like balloons kek. I think if you want to, you can keep it at that, it actually looks kinda good, it's appealing. The places where you put shadow colors make sense, if you smoothed it out it wouldn't look too out of place, people are used to that coomerish look anyway.
But a blouse like that would realistically stretch in somewhat of a straight line down to the skirt, not hug the boobs like that. In this image you can see the folds it would have a little easier since it's satin, but try collecting some more references while and even before drawing and look at them closely if you don't want things to end up like that. Your rendering and choice of color is really nice overall, I think you should try to improve your anatomy skills next, the hands look so sad.

No. 163867

File: 1633992018809.jpeg (91.67 KB, 457x652, 5544EF81-D040-4151-82AF-5F3A34…)

They start and end too high up her chest. Perhaps lower the neck line like this to make the illusion of more human boobies.

No. 163878

This is hideous. The head/face, hair, hat, and shitty sleeves are the worst parts.

No. 163881

Have to disagree anon, the color choices and rendering look pretty balanced and neat to look at. They just have to practice more anatomy, they’re already pretty good

No. 163883

youre free to paint over and red line to your hearts content

No. 165336

File: 1634676938207.jpeg (85.31 KB, 768x768, BAEB132F-6EB3-451C-890A-2AE74F…)

This is my first time posting, sorry if I did something wrong! This is my most recent digital “painting”. What do you think?

No. 165338

File: 1634677024617.jpeg (607.06 KB, 1001x1147, 87801F8A-6DA2-4E41-93A6-D72901…)

Here’s my first attempt for comparison

No. 165342

Pick up an anatomy book. Also your username is showing, Yan.lavendere

No. 165368

Start practicing anatomy, colour theory, and gesture drawing. Stop coming onto this image board because you are a minor. Consider changing your art username or completely rebranding seeing that you just exposed your identity here.

No. 165371

Use that year until you're 18 (and actually allowed to be here) to practice art fundamentals.

No. 165422

I like it anon, so cute. Just so you know you can get a nice smooth outline by using the bezier tool.

No. 165580

Nta but this was done in procreate I assume, so no bezier or vectors etc. but in procreate you can set a streamline in brushes that will give a nice and steady flow. But nevertheless I’d suggest to train drawing curves and circles to create a muscle memory.

No. 165583

Why even put a watermark on art this shitty lol

No. 165895

Wow… very nice you did very well, I don't know who that is so I can't say anything about that but his jaw and neck look as if they've melted together, there is nothing separating them.

No. 169098

I really like it!

No. 169102

Who keeps bumping the thread and deleting? Bitch I wanna see your art

No. 169832

File: 1636843623913.jpeg (780.1 KB, 1748x2103, 5124DC77-7B49-425A-8FEE-57F07C…)

it was me (one of these), sorry nonna. it’s just that the more I stare at my creations the more I hate them. I am kinda self conscious about my ‘art" and that one i posted here i was particularly displeased with. so here’s something as an apology for you. i don’t hate it that much because it’s old ish
it’s suppose to be jack davenport in case it’s unrecognizable lol

No. 169834

You shouldn’t feel ashamed about your art, it’s nice. That’s a good portrait too.

No. 169836

thank you.
it’s the perks of being a perfectionist i guess. i only see mistakes, little things that could be improved, but often times when i try to make it better, it ends up worse

No. 169842

artist here! I think you did a great job. Great details on the nose, lips and jaw.
If you need any pointers: Eyes seem unbalanced (Left eye is way too low). Value and texture can be more refined (instead of heavily relying on grey, focus on the darkest and lightest parts of the photo you study from). Otherwise, great work! Looking forward to see what you draw next.

No. 169843

thanks for the feedback! I am learning values, I often get caught in the details and the result is off because of that I suppose. like I know what’s wrong, I can see it, but when i try to fix it, it somehow gets worse… I think I just need more practice, and maybe more confidence

No. 169891

Ayrt here and I'm super late with my reply but I actually love this! I agree with other anons, you've got tons of potential so don't stop practicing. A lot of artists sometimes get stuck tweaking their drawings and end up getting frustrated. I've found that when I'm not sure if my drawing is finished it helps to not look at it for a day or two and then see if I still think it needs improvments. Or better yet, show it to other people. It builds confidence and getting a different perspective on your art can usually help you figure out how to fix mistakes you got stuck on.

No. 169992

Ngl I thought this was chris evans but you're skilled anon, keep at it!

No. 170217

File: 1637130582635.png (256.46 KB, 719x857, Capture.PNG)


No. 170219

it looks like this is supposed to be cute but it's coming across as nightmare fuel creepy to me. He looks like he's gonna shank me with the knife he's hiding in his other hand and no one will find my body. His cold, unfeeling eyes. but if that's what you were going for, then good job. Is it like a killing stalking aesthetic thing where a cute asian guy commits Domestic violence on you?

No. 170221

samefag but i just figured out what this reminds me of. it's like if someone humanized a character from Happy Tree Friends into a kpop boy.

No. 170223

It looks like you heavily referenced the entire body, including the clothing, from a photograph and then stuck an anime child's head on it. Not quite working for me. I like the coming-out-of the frame look though.

No. 170224

I think the head looks stuck-on because judging by the shadow cast by the bunny ear on his hair, there's a harsh right-hand light source going on and yet no shadow of his head and neck being cast on the back of his clothing. Like you need to draw a line out from his chin to the edge line of his jacket and color it all in shadow (following the rounded contour of the shoulder of course)

No. 170227

hes just a humanized version of an animal crossing character

funnily enough, i actually didnt reference anything for this so not sure if i should take that as a compliment or not

should have added more shadows there good point

No. 170231

I feel like giving him a wider, more natural looking smile would help a lot. Right now his mouth is looking creepy. Other than that I think it's cute.

No. 170268

I’ll keep that in mind thanks

No. 170290

I can see the type of Instagram artists you follow. You have knowledge of the basics but like others said it’s very referenced and imitated stylistically. The head is pasted on the shoulders. Try more anatomy studies.

No. 170296

It’s not referenced and I only follow my friends on twitter but nice try

And I’ll keep the actual advice in mind

No. 170306

Damn anon, I love this! I'd commission you. I don't really have a lot of feedback because I'm not a good artist, but I think that giving him a wider smile like that other anon said might help a little.

No. 170415

File: 1637273137957.jpeg (792.63 KB, 1727x2048, 43843C00-0A97-4315-A37B-19AFF6…)

a wip portrait from a photo reference. i struggle to avoid getting caught in the details and also retaining likeness and values while painting in color. if anyone here have some advice on that, i’d infinitely grateful

No. 170438

File: 1637278904298.jpeg (253.63 KB, 1045x1125, 3113269A-6472-4213-966A-ACF3BA…)

You oughta revisit the scale of his shoulders, anon.

No. 170439

Yea, looks like bobble head, I see it. I tend to focus on the face and everything else escapes my attention

No. 170440

File: 1637279265550.jpeg (464.85 KB, 750x966, EA505C45-CB26-4BA3-A5FD-287F95…)

the reference image

No. 170444

he does unfortunately look kind of creepy but I think it's because his smile looks fake. when we smile genuinely our cheeks make our eyes squint from the bottom. arc and raise the bottom eyelid and it'll look like a more cute natural smile.
i really dont care for the random hard edges vs soft round brush line work some parts look really lazy like the phone.

No. 170451

File: 1637285289971.jpeg (764.3 KB, 1033x1024, 8596A41F-0206-42EE-B8A9-EE01AA…)

artist here. I saw the reference photo you attached, unfortunately the picture you chose happened to have bad lighting, in which I can see you were attempting to "lighten up" in your study - resulted in using artificial colors that don't blend in very well with the entire painting.
the part in picrel is where you did very well in distinguishing between local color for the skin, to the gradient lighting on top.

my suggestion for photo study next time is picking up professional photographs instead of screenshots/gifs from a tvshow. The way motion pictures can trick our eyes Alot and it's too early for you to replicate them at the time. Best of luck anon!

No. 170455

>I-it’s not referenced i SWEAR
anon no offense but you might not be mature enough to use this thread. It’s obviously referenced judging by the difference in skill level and realisticness between the anime boy head and the body, as multiple anons have pointed out. It’s literally find to use reference when learning, everybody does it and should do it. Denying reference being used when it’s obvious makes you look autistic or underage.
The eyebrows aren’t aligned, one is much lower than the other. Look at the reference picture and you’ll see what I mean.

No. 170468

File: 1637293202928.png (1.62 MB, 3083x5920, pooptuber.png)

hello nonnas! i'm kind of designing my own vtuber and just wanted advice on some good designs? i'm not really a creative person, but i really want to make her look cute :). should i keep the demon horns or give her another design? sorry for the big file btw(:))

No. 170469

Depends on the content you’re making tbh, it’s better to create something related to what you’re trying to sell. So if you’re making videos of your avatar talking about video games with demons, the horns are a good idea and you can create a personality based on that. But if you will talk about cooking mama, you will have to make sure that the horns are not too distracting, unless you want your character to be some sort of hot anime girlfriend who acts like a mom or some cringe shit like that.
The thing is that you can just go to some random dress up game, click random, use that as your avatar, and nobody will bat an eye because all the viewers of Vtuber want is some quirky anime waifu who is a DeviantArt OC but animated.
And yeah, you can go to DeviantArt and look for OCs made by 13 years old, it’s basically what a tubers are, you could fit in.

No. 170475

here's a tip: don't try to be a vtuber they're incredibly lame and primarily liked by coomers and retarded middle schoolers

No. 170476

samefag but if you absolutely positively CANNOT give up the dream of being a kawaii vtuber, at least go with something original. 80% of them have demon horns and/or elf ears. The clohting you chose is very typical of vtubers too. Your design is pretty but completely forgettable. It looks like if you averaged every vtuber design with AI and created The Most Stereotypical Vtuber Girl

No. 170484

anon this looks like a TDA miku mmd edit

No. 170485

nta or ayrt but for the non mikufags this anon means "it looks bad" lmfaooo

No. 170492

Thank you so much for your reply!
The reference is definitely not the best, I can see my picture is too light, I was planning on darkening it, but maybe I just find a better photo lol and let this one be
I like to use references from screenshots and paint actors because I can see them from many angles and in motion, which is the closest to drawing live as I get.

No. 170494

I can't give you advice on design but your art is very good so props to you for doing it by hand instead of taking the easy way out

No. 170572

File: 1637345127476.jpeg (143.46 KB, 608x1228, 8A35D4B7-598C-464C-B3B1-86503A…)


No. 170577

The eyes are throwing me off. They don't look lined up properly on her skull, because her head is slightly upturned and the eyes seem to be on the same horizontal line if that makes sense. Plus, they aren't focused, so she looks like she's spacing out. I'd probably brush up on face mapping if I were you, anon, because you seem to have a lot of potential and with practice I'm sure you could fix that issue really fast.

No. 170578

Her eyes are kinda looking in two different ways and her left hand is a bit small imo. I know what you were trying to do with the tie but I'm pretty sure that despite gravity it would still rest in the middle of her chest and follow the curve of her breasts. Work a bit on drawing face features too, they do look a bit off and too simple.

No. 170579

Not to be that bitch but this looks traced af. You have great shape designs and volumes but the lineart is no bueno. That one strand of hair on the left is made out of 3+ strokes when it could be a single curve. The tie does not align with the chest maybe because it was not in the design you traced so you tried to nail it. That would also explain the issue with the eye alignment (them being wrong) yet the hair got great volume, proportion and pretty strands on the bangs… Please anon tell me i'm wrong.

No. 170580

I literally have a time lapse recorded on iPad if you give me some time to crop and upload lmao

No. 170581

I’ll keep all of this in mind thank you

No. 170583

No. 170585

never been so happy to be wrong.

No. 170588

I drew this laying back in bed so it’s probably where all the ugly traced looking lines come from

No. 170598

Kek I love this thread. It motivates me to draw cuz I wanna see bitchy critiques. Underage fags just blow smoke up your ass for no reason elsewhere.

No. 170625

It's been months since this was posted and I still remember it whenever I scroll past this thread. Anon if you're still here, I really like it a lot.

No. 170632

this isn’t that bad at all, i just wish there were more line variation and weight. the eyes do look crossed but otherwise it looks pretty cute

No. 170633

Doesn’t mean the frame of the character wasn’t traced from something

No. 170640


Why are you guys so surprised someone knows how to draw without tracing lmao

No. 170641

Thanks it seems that everytime I post here my issue stems from the facial expressions/over all features

I’ll need to do some expression studies

No. 170644

AYRT. Gifs as replacement for live painting should be fine if you're studying expression/weight/motion from it. Uploaded online gifs are already reduced in quality, so when you pause a frame you'd see all the colors greyed out, and the details won't be as smooth when you watch a 8-frames loop.
I think you got good grasps on lighting already, so probably pick a better photo to study from next time!

A lot of surface/depth mistakes here.
Starting from the tie not resting on the girl's upper body (needs to be aligned with the buttons).
The shoulder is too narrow, the character's right arm does not extend well (either to the side - or to the back, the shirt's folds didn't enough indication which makes her right arm looking ruler-straight).
Hip and legs don't align, especially her right foot cannot be twisted to that direction, pay attention to her knee and work down to the foot which should be facing forward or to her left.
I had watched your timelapse, and I'd recommend drawing grids on your finished silhouette sketch to avoid the typical surface/depth mistake. Best of luck anon!

No. 170650

look into what tangents are and how they make your volumes look flat. you have a couple going on here but easy fix if you do proper lineart. I like the realistic body proportions though reminds me of older anime.

No. 170651

i'd just like to stream anything, like a multi-streamer! and i have been looking at plenty dA OC's actually but never thought abt doing the dress up game idea, i'd have to do that! thanks
i've just always wanted to have a cute anime girl persona since im not the prettiest person but i love to stream, its a little hard to get attention as a streamer if u have no cam. and yeah, i felt like the demon concept was basic and was going to add some type of animal ears but that felt even more basic.
haha i haven't heard of mmd since forever. i can kind of see it, any advice on how i can improve it though?
thank you very much! i'll end up taking the easy way out in the end if i ever finish this design thoughh. i plan on making the design first and then commissioning an artist and a rigger to make the model for me so she can come to life! drawing a vtuber is such a long process that i just dont have the patience for lol

No. 170654

If you’re doing this as a hobby, just do whatever makes you the happiest. But if you want to sell your content to a public, you will have to pick a lane and be autistic about it.

No. 170659

File: 1637380476006.png (1.18 MB, 1080x848, catskulls_(1).png)

Some cat skull studies I did with watercolor pencils and white gouache. I admitted don't study very often and I feel really guilty about it. I have a lot of anxiety while drawing, my family used to shame me and compare me to others all the time and it's left lasting impact on me. Do any anons have tips for getting past the anxiety? What do you think of my skull studies?

No. 170663

i'm guessing its because the lineart looks a bit sloppy, traced images usually look like that. doing longer strokes or cleaning up the outsides a bit with the eraser tool might help. also, using the stabilizer tool will probably help you with it, my lineart is also a bit shaky and uneven when i dont use it

No. 170664

These skulls are pretty nice! The purple one in the right can use a pit more darkening or outline near the back of the skull, just a note.

As for anxiety issue, your situation is quite specific I think? I'm doing arts professionally for ten years without formal education, I remembered being discouraged from my family in pursuing arts in college. My brother even said something like "you will never make it in the world as an artist", I just held onto my stubbornness and studied different major while self-taught myself arts through doing freelance.
I think being around with other artists will help boost your self-esteem a lot, find chill artist friends that give feedback and do art trade & collab with you, I'd even doodle in the postcards I sent to my online friends too - I was definitely looking forward to those.

Not sure if this will help, I do hope you can overcome your anxiety and find the people appreciate you and the arts you make.

No. 170731

File: 1637457817472.jpeg (926.56 KB, 2480x3508, A1D525C7-0310-4324-8363-4829B6…)

i drew ningguang because i was inspired by crazy ass clothing i saw in that shang abi video lol

No. 170792

Lovely outfit anon! The anatomy looks nice overall but the head looks too big to me. The glasses on her head are wonky, the bag at that angle makes little sense, and don't hide the arms and hands so much.

No. 170853

Pretty much what this anon said ^

No. 170854

You did well

No. 170855

File: 1637532834768.png (84.75 KB, 361x814, Capture.PNG)

Ignoring stray lines/colors and the un even sword thing…


No. 170858

Her legs are very unusual. They are too far apart and the thigh part is too long. Her arms are short too, usually when people's hands lay beside them the fingertips reach to the middle of the thigh

No. 170861

looks traced? other than that you have alot of potential. i kinda want to see a piece from you with more colouring/shading

No. 170995

File: 1637612272563.png (68.11 KB, 528x454, fgh.PNG)

three years old ms paint sketch from the archives.

No. 171013

File: 1637620424257.gif (2.98 MB, 712x900, Beatrice kills the crab optimi…)

Something old(global rule #4)

No. 171019

Wow her eyes are so pretty
That's so cool, did you make the background with paths or how are those curves called? It's amazing, I only think it would be much better if the shadow on the woman was blue hued and not black.

No. 171020

hued shadows are a trend, i think >>171013 looks amazing and has that classical feel to her.

No. 171028

Begone /ic/ scrote

No. 171029

hued shadows are a trend? what lmao do you live on another planet with no atmosphere?

No. 171034

fuck off scrote

No. 171037

I was hoping it was a female but it's just some ukranian scrote. shame.