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File: 1596625800646.jpg (153.41 KB, 540x635, tumblr_pv4rk09bnK1v831lzo1_540…)

No. 102700

There is no active artist judging thread in here so I thought it might be nice. There's no rules: you can post digital art, charcoal, anything.

No. 102704

And out myself as a lolcow user? Nah

No. 102712

File: 1596641435200.jpg (21.21 KB, 500x500, 1512708433935.jpg)

I support this thread, and I'm not a bitch. So someone post their art so I can rate it genuinely instead of just shitting on it.

(I promise you, you are a nobody and no one is going to recognize your art)

No. 102714

File: 1596642681648.jpg (3.73 MB, 4608x3456, 20200802_191227.jpg)

Hey anon! I'm the one who opened the thread.
Pic is my latest drawing, I started drawing ~2 months ago and before that i was a complete beginner.

I'm thinking of opening an instagram for drawing process but i dont wanna end up in the "bad/hideous art" thread here lol. So, what would you guys rate it out of 10?

(I know i should use better pencils/paper but i'm unemployed now due to covid so don't wanna buy non-essential stationary stuff)

No. 102716

Maybe practice another 5 months then come back, beginners aren’t really ratable on a scale of 1-10 tbh

No. 102720

Ah ok, still thank you. Guess it's too early to share for now. I just can't be sure if this was something that looks ugly or average.
My friend told me it was average. "Not something i'd look at twice but not in the bad art category" (her words). i couldn't be sure if she was just being nice though.

No. 102721

It’s not “bad” anon. Bad arts that get posted in the shit thread are distinct from simply beginners arts. Bad artists have little to no grasp of fundamentals AND no desire to change this. All they care about is clout chasing and turd polishing.

No. 102722

Good style, bad comp. Master where the parts should go so they don’t look like God’s Genetic Mistake and you’re golden. That’s always the problem with starting faces is the placement.

No. 102728

File: 1596651609781.jpeg (53.83 KB, 632x632, 1586844727675.jpeg)

so..is anyone posting their art soon?

No. 102731

Is it alright for me to post my art if my art is unfinished and I've stopped drawing years ago?

No. 102733

I think its fine, go ahead anon.

No. 102743

what is op pic from?

No. 102746

Unfortunately idk anon. Its been on my phone for so long, guess it's a tumblr artist or something.
if you're on PC try putting it in google reverse image search.

No. 102747

File: 1596659207253.png (152.16 KB, 720x675, Screenshot_20200805-222500~2.p…)

I did. I put it through a website called "tineye" and just now through "labnol". God damn. Guess we will never know

No. 102749

try not drawing sideways, it might help

No. 102751

google is easy

No. 102754

Cool, thanks

No. 102824

File: 1596729367938.jpg (263.73 KB, 768x565, 20200806_105419.jpg)

Painted this a few months ago

No. 102833

File: 1596730511399.jpg (28.39 KB, 500x333, xetsojlp.jpg)

holy shit anon, this is gud. I love you

No. 102835

File: 1596732765362.png (312.24 KB, 1011x883, Capture10.PNG)

Did this as a birthday gift for a friend!
Does my art remind u guys of anything? Like an artist of some sort. Cuz my friend told me that my art looks nostalgic even though i didnt intended to kek

No. 102837

This is trippy. I love it

No. 102842

File: 1596734585756.jpeg (2.16 MB, 4032x3024, 03D96519-F1DA-4159-A835-2ED338…)

Trying to learn acrylics + to draw still life nature. Any critique is welcome!

No. 102843

Also yes that’s a pizza box kek

No. 102845

10/10, amazing
I can’t think of anything in particular but it does give off an oldschool anime vibe, in a good way

No. 102846

it kind of looks like Card Captor Sakura

No. 102849

das a good-ass leaf. carton makes the colour pop

No. 102854

She is! Its a little hard to get the hair right but I'm glad that u recognize her.
Thank u for ur kind words anon~

No. 102857

File: 1596737419100.jpg (619.73 KB, 1683x2110, 1089-F353-513-D-40-AF-A3-F4-CB…)

and old piece of mine of a fancy fish

No. 102858

I like it! Tres cute. Do you have a finished image of it or plan to finish it?

No. 102861

Ah I love this!! Love all those fish skin details. Please post more of your stuff

No. 102890

File: 1596748326481.jpeg (2.56 MB, 2400x3800, 710CB994-279E-4178-806C-29CF9F…)

Here I go. I’m planning on releasing a small zine in the near future

No. 102891

Cool, I dig it

No. 102896

This is a cool concept and a decent composition, but I think you need more variation in value. Try drawing a value study in charcoal or pencil before starting on the final piece so you remember to include darks and know where to put them. Generally you want your focal point to have the most contrast.

It looks like you're going for a Hieronymus Bosch thing here. Maybe do some studies of his artwork to practice.

No. 102897

File: 1596749175409.png (751.84 KB, 1501x1489, 2017vs20202.png)

i ain't afraid of no ghosts, and i love critique. left is from 2017 and right i did today. is this enough progress for 3 years?

No. 102898

anon I fucking love this please tell me you have more

No. 102900

Definitely not enough progress for 3 years, I'm sorry to say. Someone could reasonably progress like this within a few months if they have the right tutor/intruction.

I'll be honest, it seems like you follow a bunch of random tutorials to make your art "good" when what you really need is basic stuff first! I like your style, colors, etc. But what needs work are your shapes and poses.

No. 102906

This is adorable, my only critique is maybe adjust the position of the right (true left) eye

No. 102912

File: 1596753913930.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.25 MB, 1436x1794, praise me punish me.jpg)

i got banned last time i outed myself as a horny gay scrote, but occasionally i like to draw homoerotic religious imagery (i went to private catholic school in the deep south for 10 years). it's only linework because i made cheap little risograph prints with it, but i've been considering adding flat colors and screenprinting it larger, maybe on shimmery fabric or with metallic ink or something. idk, i want it to look faggy but refined… curious as to what you guys think(horny gay scrote)

No. 102913

you literally could have just not mentioned the horny gay scrote part? but nice artwork, scrote.

No. 102914

Idk how you've gone 3 years and still not learned how to draw a proper face shape. You went from obese, blobular jaw disease to putting fucking timothee chalamet's jawline on a tiny anime girl. It's truly baffling.
The body is also insanely stiff and awkward. It seems to me like you've spent all your time learning to draw Animu Eyes and nothing else. Either you have never spent time studying how to draw humans, or you have unfortunately hit your peak capabilities already. Some people just plateau at a certain point.

This is conceptually great anon, but I think adding more contrast would help it out a lot. Also, for landscapes like this, you'd be surprised how much good a little atmospheric perspective (things getting lighter as they recede into the distance) can do.

This is hilarious, I really like it. I think if I could say anything I would say you could maybe push the variation in line weight even more and it would have an even more pro look.

No. 102915

pretty adequate progress for a casual hobbyist. if you haven't been taking studying seriously it's a decent marginal improvement. your lines are definitely the largest improvement, you're starting to get the hang of line weight. if you dig into studying form/fundamental 3d shape you'll have some passable art skills imo

No. 102916

i love everything about it, especially the composition. it doesn't necessarily need any flats imo, but i think it would look nice as a monochromatic piece, with differing shades of pink and such

No. 102918

Stop drawing anime and maybe you'll get somewhere in art

No. 102921

File: 1596755553165.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.44 MB, 2977x3963, D6500-B21-8-DC0-44-BA-AF33-F48…)

fancy fish anon here, with larvae lady. these are all old af, because now i'm freelancing animu art kek.

No. 102922

You're so talented anon! I understand if you wouldn't want to post them, but do you have any full/finished pieces? I would love to do a creepy-ish style but I'm shit with texture.

No. 102926

Love it! I could see this being a cover of a book or something

You got any more pictures? I love your art style

No. 102933

File: 1596766258624.jpg (272.98 KB, 1689x2048, 116370133_1053185391751244_759…)

Does anyone have any tips for progressing past just perpetually doodling? My art skills have pretty much plateaued due to lack of confidence and being unsure about where to begin even though I'd like to do bigger/more serious pieces.

No. 102936

I love your artwork, horny gay scrote– this is the exact sort of thing I really like (both in terms of the style in subject matter.) If I came across this drawing on social media, I'd like/follow you.

Which brings me to the fact that LCF just isn't the place for you. Try Instagram or a different image board.

No. 102938

Buy a set of markers and actually start outlining. It'll suck, I hate lining my sketches, but you can get past that and then start coloring/scanning

No. 102941

File: 1596769953604.jpg (2.09 MB, 3456x4608, 1596642681648~3.jpg)

It's hard to explain this without a visual, but I'm on mobile and pic related is the best I could do with my finger. There are a lot of proportion rules you can use when drawing a face straight-on.

The mistakes here are all really common for beginners. First, the eyes are too large and the nose is too small. The top half of the head is too short– unless someone is looking up or down, the bottom eyelid is always the exact center of a head without hair. Also, the distance from the fold of the top eyelid to the bottom edge of the nose is three eye-heights. The size of the eye basically determines everything else because it's a point of measurement.

You need to think of the mouth as a group of three-dimensional objects, not a single shape. The fact that it's a different color from the rest of the face is deceptive in that way. Don't let the color distract you; just pay attention to the volumes.

In terms of medium: don't use grid paper. Use large, plain paper (at least 20" tall) with a moderate "tooth" (texture). Textured paper "holds" material better. Your darks and mid-range values aren't dark enough, which is a common problem for people who begin using pencils. Use charcoal or chalk instead– they're much softer and you can make a dark mark much more easily.

No. 102951

3 years? Damn anon this is why you shouldnt only draw Anime

No. 102956

File: 1596776661972.gif (462.46 KB, 577x774, lcb4after.gif)

I take issue with your critique of the lips– it sounds like you're just parroting that common critique about 2D looking lips without actually looking at anon's drawing. The lips are one of the more properly done looking things anon did– they already have figured out that the top lip should be in shadow and seem to understand basic radial shading on the bottom lip.
that said, i gave him some plastic surgery. Clip studio doesn't have liquify, only mesh transform, but i tried my best

No. 102958


She looks cute! tho i recommend looking into some tutorials, your anatomy seems a bit stiff and wonky. The coloring is decent imo. I would also recommend working on lineart aswell, you should add weight to it and such. One anime artist i can recommend watching is SomeNormalArtist, he has a tutorial on how to put on line weight onto your art and many other things, focus on that please.

Just keep drawing and practicing, you will get there some day.

No. 102960

Holy shit the drawing went from incel to chad

No. 102962

No. 102965

File: 1596785278017.jpeg (1.27 MB, 3149x4724, 5AA8C3A1-6D10-43BD-9A55-9BC465…)

I-I have this but it’s way too amateurish imho

No. 102968

File: 1596789976165.png (1.34 MB, 1240x1539, instagramm.png)

Got a request from smaller-following instagram drag queen.
I usually don't do requests but loved the colors and it was a chance to gain some extra followers, so why not.

No. 102970

I love how you use the colours

No. 102974

woah you made my art go from beginner to professional so easily.

thanksfor both of your contributions. i swear i could tell that something was wrong with eyes but for some reason i never realized it was how big they are.

i'm thinking about using rulers and tracing (as a start, not always) since they proportions seem to be something everyone points out. is this a good idea to learn proportions or will it cause me to get dependent on rulers for understanding distance/proportion?

No. 102978

File: 1596809103609.jpg (328.58 KB, 1440x1982, IMG_20200807_190039_887-1-min.…)

I stopped drawing for a good while, just picking it up again a month or so ago. These are a few years old from when I was 17, haven't drawn a finished artwork in years so I'm pretty sure my skill level is the same as shown here. I'd really like to improve how I draw faces, make them more dynamic and expressive, I usually draw them very stilted I feel.

No. 102979

File: 1596809170075.jpeg (359.73 KB, 1920x1080, 5361CC33-F57A-42E3-A951-C5D88B…)

I’m not a pro at proportions but I find adding a grid helps me, it gives consistent reference points and I think it’s more helpful than tracing. Just make sure to draw the grid lightly in pencil or even secure it under your page if the paper is thin.

No. 102999

anon never stop I love this. You are amazing.

No. 103003

File: 1596818249403.png (Spoiler Image, 26.25 KB, 226x290, lmao.PNG)

>tfw all i have to offer is this
I want to get into drawing lewd stuff, but I'm not sure if this disembodied wiener has me heading in the right direction or not.

Slap that shit on a shirt anon, I'd buy it asap.

No. 103004

Not gonna lie that looks good.

No. 103005

Ahh thank you anon, I won't let you down!

No. 103006

I like that he's sweating lol, like he's stressed

No. 103007

It looks good anon! The only thing is it's very bent looking. I know some penises curve upward but it kind looks broken.
Geez we have so many talented artists in this thread.

No. 103011

File: 1596821132805.jpeg (119.22 KB, 1047x767, 5419F535-3C9B-4910-A940-36E346…)

This is more of a recommendation than a request for critique since these are both pretty old, but I want to recommend a YouTube channel. The difference between these two drawings is 2 weeks. Yeah, 2 weeks. The secret sauce? Istebrak on YouTube, specifically her 14-day challenge critique videos. Binging those is like taking steroids for your art.

I think the reason her videos help so much is that she does not hold back and sugar coat her critiques like pretty much all other art critique youtubers. It can be jarring at first to see her tearing people apart, but, well, look at the difference between the left and right drawings. Her concept of “don’t value share!” enlightened me.

No. 103012

I’m actually doing this right now, which videos helped you the most

No. 103015

File: 1596822461384.png (81.95 KB, 287x295, 75266086_2443633742541231_2535…)

I'm sorry anon, I don't think I'm gonna finish this anytime soon cuz I'm still practicing on how to digitally paint. In the meantime, enjoy this piece that I just whipped up.
Noted! Thank u for ur critique anon!

No. 103017

File: 1596824464883.jpeg (2.62 MB, 4032x3024, 310A1021-9374-4C22-86B1-E681E6…)

Acrylic painting part 2: electric boogaloo

No. 103021

File: 1596827272550.jpeg (14.83 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

because of the colors it makes me think of pic related

No. 103035

File: 1596831281442.jpeg (152.89 KB, 749x960, DDF57704-28C5-42A3-B85B-D11EBE…)

New to procreate so I’ve been trying to figure out a good way to digitally shade. I’ve also been slacking on studying anatomy (struggling with it more than usual) does anyone have any youtubers I can watch to help with that? If anyone has tips for drawing faster that be great too! I’ve been struggling a lot recently and it’s been annoying. I don’t get as much art finished as I used too…

No. 103036

The leaves look very nice and vivid, so they kind of make the flowers not pop as much. It's not bad though, just the flowers need more work

No. 103037

This is a pretty stupid question, but can collages be posted here?

No. 103039

i would argue that if you make them artistically and not for some meme kind of thing, they could count if you want them to be rated. OP said "digital art, charcoal, anything", so they technically count.

No. 103041

Aw I really love him. I like your style and lines, it can get really versatile because it isn't too strict and restricting. He looks so lovable though, adorable. Whenever I get rusty, I spend a week, 30 mins everyday, on croquis cafè. It always helps.

No. 103043

Hi, i'm OP. You can post whatever you want ♡ it would be nice to get different forms of art forms here.

No. 103097

File: 1596862168734.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 3.21 MB, 3576x5371, E3D2A8B1-72FB-481D-B423-412BE6…)

Hello! I made this a week or so ago. I usually draw portraits and bust shots but I started drawing more background details. I’m not familiar with proper anatomy and i can’t unsee how long I drew her neck.

No. 103098

really beautiful and interesting piece! i can't draw for shit but the upper arms are way too long, compare them to the forearms

No. 103100

Ayrt I definitely agree! I need to learn proper anatomy kek

No. 103107

oooooo anon this is really cute!

No. 103110

NicE, anon!!! I love it!

No. 103138

This looks really awesome, like something you would see a Japanese horror artist like Junji Ito draw. Great work!

No. 103145

This is great! The neck length adds to the photo imo. Like the other anon said, the arms are too long. When you're drawing arms, try to imagine what they would look like if she had them by her side. Arms should always fall mid-thigh.

No. 103161

Ayrt thank you anon! I will definitely remember this when I am drawing! God knows I need help with perspective and anatomy.

No. 103173

Wow anon this is legit super super cool. I love it, would love it as a print

No. 103390

why so much details in the knees anon

No. 103493

File: 1597111449471.png (11.16 MB, 4096x2823, Untitled446_20200811025642.png)

So I did these pieces a while back. While I am personally proud of them, I would like some feedback in order to improve. (If you're wondering why I did two of the same pieces, one of the things I like to do is to do a digital piece and then try and recreate it with watercolour or gouache or vice versa. )

No. 103498

These are beautiful anon! One issue I see is the fabric shading. When you paint fabric folds it's better to have variation in the shading instead of it being just one dark streak. Also, it's lineless, so it doesn't really make sense to have the hair so defined in the digital piece. It doesn't feel like it fits cause it's the only thing that's that detailed.

Either way I think these are really cute, the right looks like the cover of a childrens book, in a good way.

No. 103504

File: 1597117148772.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 3.19 MB, 3722x5363, CBE62509-EDB5-49DC-A3F3-19712E…)

Okay so I think the arms here aren’t so bad compared to the long arms I had on the other post. It turned out a little muddy imo.

No. 103514

anon, i love your artwork. i love the way you color and how unsettling your themes are. really cool, keep it up!

No. 103516

File: 1597129242025.png (140.44 KB, 640x1136, 1567EFEB-0C0D-406A-8164-0A0BA6…)

You inspired me to start this challenge.

No. 103521

File: 1597137623004.png (11.7 MB, 2336x3264, Untitled296.png)

My first attempt ever at using gouache

No. 103540

I like how you made the teeth yellow. Those kinda small, unconventional stuff really make the drawings unique.

No. 103546

The coloring is hella cute. I'd rate it 7/10. Nothing special or unique, but nice to look at. If my friend gave me this as a gift i'd put it on my wall.

No. 103547

File: 1597152789579.jpg (540.33 KB, 1926x1356, doodles.jpg)

I swear I have more doodles and ideas than complete pieces lmaoo but hoping to make some finished pieces soontm

No. 103562

File: 1597157899772.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.61 MB, 4608x3456, 159715747521137950790747038574…)

Samefag, i know it's only been a week since i drew this but i made another portrait.
(I know hair sucks, havent watched any tutorials on that since im only focusing on faces for now).
I tried following the advice like making the eyes smaller, nose bigger etc. I'm trying to follow the general rules like the eye is 1/5th of the vertical line etc. but i also try to follow the reference photos. Somehow, my drawings gotten worse lol.
I know i shouldn't expect too much since i only studied like 2 hours this week but i didn't expect to regress this fast.
Sorry for blog-type entry. Just wanted to share it here.

No. 103563

File: 1597157999986.png (323.55 KB, 475x428, jenna marbles.png)

Original pic for reference. I know lots of anons don't like jenna here but she's way too pretty to not draw.

No. 103566

she has a horse face and is average at best lol

No. 103567

The ones on the left are cool. Slap a background and it would be so much better than it is as doodles.
Also the one hand you drew seems to lack… depth? Idk how to say it but it looks like there is no joint at the wrist, so the hand looks dough-ish (english is not my native language so sorry if this doesnt make sense).

I think they're nice anon. But you should improve from doodles to full drawings with backgrounds that tell a story so that it becomes more interesting.

No. 103568

i can tell you're a more detail-oriented person (i love the way you render faces and textures), so my biggest tip for you on making finished pieces is to study composition. there are lots of resources online for this! to practice, draw rectangles in your sketchbook (i can see you're already kinda doing this) and rough out basic shapes with characters in a setting/background. pay less attention to details and more to the way the drawing fits into the rectangle as a whole. try different things, see what looks/flows best! it'll be a lot easier to do a full piece when you have a loose reference for how it should end up looking, rather than just starting and seeing where it goes, if that makes sense? 'cuz once you've got the basic shapes in you can go hog wild with the details.

No. 103572

The eyes are good proportions now I’d say! There is some improvements from the last piece. The only thing is the head seems too round and lacks depth compared to the eyes, mouth and nose. Don’t get discouraged by “regression”, it means your artistic eye has improved but not your motor skills. Keep drawing and eventually they will start matching

No. 103590

thanks for the feedback anon <3 i always draw the head shape last, maybe that's why it ends up looking wonky and round. also now that i look at it, it does lack depth. for some reason i thought i was supposed to fill in the rest of the face as opposed to shade it.

No. 103591

Oh yeah the hand is super awkward, I really need to rely on references more. Thank you I appreciate the feedback a lot! I might scan some stuff I like and try playing around in digital
Thank you! I am not sure how detail oriented ı am actually because I get jittery whenever I try to focus on textures etc but this is nice to hear. I think I might go back to that and try that yeah! I struggle with composition a lot and I remember reading a post on thumbnailing and it was very similar to your description, I always draw rectangles to do thumbnails but end up getting distracted. The shapes tip is eye opening because I didnt see it from that angle, thank you!

No. 103633

File: 1597178507412.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.83 MB, 4608x2592, 20200807_130754.jpg)

can someone give me an honest rating of my junglebook drawing? been practicing traditional art for awhile, but i'm not sure if i suck or not. i hide my art from most people, so i get almost zero feedback. would really appreciate some advice

No. 103635

File: 1597178768443.jpeg (165.68 KB, 1024x841, ESrKaSKU4AEXEVa.jpeg)

I love it! Personal preference, but maybe you could try adding more texture with hatching like pic related? I love this artist and her traditional stuff

No. 103639

Who's the artist

No. 103641

File: 1597181102961.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 265.09 KB, 1200x1500, Ee0fNwuUcAAGn69.jpeg)

Sartorial_E on twitter, go get your old hollywood dreamboats, anon

No. 103696

File: 1597212183768.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.3 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg)

Ive started trying to learn how to draw after 10 years of not doing it. The pupills are too small so she looks creepy but other then that what else can I improve with?

No. 103698

The pupils are the right size, that's not your problem. Unfortunately this is a case where I don't even know where to start because you're basically not doing anything right. I know this is gonna hurt to read but I'm trying to be honest.

If I had to say one thing, it's that it's clear you are drawing with symbols, which is what everyone does as a kid, but you need to ditch that way of thinking if you want to make any progress. You need to think about the face and its features as 3D shapes, and then learn how to choose lines that best represent these shapes. Forget what you think a nose is and observe real ones. This is a hard process and it's a skill that all artists continuously develop throughout their lives. I guess you could start with tracing over some photos of real people, as a very basic way to start learning. This will help you stop using symbols.

No. 103699

No this is what I want to hear thank you! I have a bad case of not being able to visualise, are there any challenges to help with visualisation

No. 103700

Well, yeah, like I said, draw from life/from photos for a while first. You have to build up a visual library in order to be able to visualize things properly. If the information is not there, you can’t just will it into existence, and you’ll get frustrated trying. So go enter some information into your visual library and do some studies.

No. 103722

File: 1597228661947.jpg (419.62 KB, 1000x1250, fun challenge one hour.jpg)

Drawn for a one hour drawing challenge with friends, we had to draw something including these prompts:
neon, woke up married, many horns, e-thot, vampire fangs
Trying to render something was probably a bad idea considering the time limit.

Also I never completed Istebrak's 14 day challenge but it kickstarted my understanding of rendering, so overall her videos were pretty helpful for me.

No. 103731

i like the idea but some things look messy, maybe because of the fact that you only had one hour.
like the guy's torso. left boob seems to be higher than the right one and there is a weird "dip" on his back.
the girl's body seems kinda emerged into the background? like there are parts where you can't tell where her body ends and the surroundings start.
overall, i don't have a good eye for art, but these are my criticisms. i like the piece though.

No. 103810

File: 1597265642959.png (Spoiler Image, 2.69 MB, 1910x3002, Untitled336_20200525144232.png)

Recently just finished this

No. 104011

File: 1597370397004.jpeg (5.31 MB, 2337x3072, C67870AC-514E-4079-B651-730FEC…)

I don’t understand how to draw clothing folds and I’m starting to think I never will

No. 104019

File: 1597377022135.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.45 KB, 975x1390, bare-footed-woman-walking-on-t…)

1. Her foot's not going the right way. I can't find a ref pic, but if you stand like that yourself, you'll see the right foot would be pointing forward.

2. Her hair and skirt are being blown in two different directions.

3. If the brown part at the bottom is supposed to be the floor, it doesn't have much depth to show that.

4. Her left foot is too oval shaped. The way you've drawn it makes it look like she's actually standing on the tips of her toes when really shes standing on the pads of her toes, ya'know? Pic related for reference of how they should really look. Change to fit the type of shoes she's wearing obviously

5. Her hair is also a lot brighter where the light is shining than her skirt. The books in the background show that the amount of light is consistent from top to bottom, so the light on her skirt should be brighter.

I hope this wasn't to nitpicky, this drawing is really cute anon!

No. 104020

Sorry for samefag, but on the first one I meant the foot should be pointing out

No. 104492

File: 1597512638610.jpg (278.18 KB, 736x736, 2020-08-15_154638.jpg)

I don't know is there other thread for that but: where should i get clothes ideas from? I'm not creative, which sucks, because i have problem with OCs too

No. 104494

TBQH I actually get my fashion ideas from the quarterly lookbooks put out by labels and department stores. I have a couple from Barney's and Neiman Marcus on my shelf right now.

You can probably call and get on their mailing list. Ask for the studio services department if needed - they send these things to film & tv costumers a lot (which is where I got mine from).

No. 104495

I use shoplook.io, it's the polyvore refugee site. If my character dresses up in a certain trend or fashion I just take a handful of outfits from that category and modify them. Also because they don't use models there's a lot of versatility in how your characters can wear them and how'd they acessorise it. Hope I'm making sense, good luck anon.

No. 104504

Thank you so much anons! I'll look it up

Btw pic i posted is my sketch, so i have questions again. What is the method to achieve manga tier art? I'm not using loomis or anything at all; you can see circle and lines under "lineart" but i used it to draw hair and hair only. I'm literally drawing eyes and then i hoping face will do okay too- which isn't good method and never was. That's why I'm afraid i'll be stuck in the future. I can't learn and it's annoying. Is there hope for me, anons?

No. 104506

Idk why animefags think they can just start off at anime stylization and things will turn out fine. You still have to know the basics of real facial and body structure before you can properly stylize it. Your drawing looks like shit because you don’t know what the lines you’re drawing are based on. Learn loomis and do some figure studies and then when you actually get the basics, you can come back to anime.
Ever wonder why most good artists follow the “draw shitty anime in middle/high school -> drop it and learn realism for a couple years -> go back to extreme stylization only now have actual skill” pattern? There’s a reason for it.

No. 104507

Try pinterest or any kind of aesthetics insta blog. For your, ''manga tier'' question, just look at your fav mangaka and try to emulate the elements. Thats what i usually do.

No. 104515

Like the other anon unnecessarily angrily said, you should focus on learning foundations of things that will carry through no matter how you stylize your art.

Anatomy can be warped to create stylization, but that knowledge is needed in order to make a figure look structured and solid. Fabric folds and weight, lighting, composition, etc, will all affect your art no matter how you stylize it.

What helped me years in was actually just regularly taking figure drawing classes. Understanding how bodies move and work can help you create more dynamic poses, no matter how much you stylize or simplify your work. I would try doing gesture studies, or using posing/model software to start really getting anatomy basics down.

In terms of creativity… very few people are truly creative. Instead, it's a lot of absorbing materials and understanding how to repurpose them - "The art of originality is concealing your source." I'm fortunate enough to work in the industry, and just seeing how many beautiful pieces of concept art I've admired turned out to be photobashes composed of different images really changed my view and opened my eyes to how artists recycle ideas, objects, and concepts.

Plus, I'll 100% be real - a lot of artists have frankly shitty OCs.

No. 104641

File: 1597611480907.jpg (5.32 MB, 3072x3958, 20200817_033807.jpg)

Trying sth else for a change…im getting back again after months and months of hiatus. Im not giving up, things will get better soon…Lets hope for the best.

No. 104646

I think you have a nice idea there anon, but you'll definitely want to study facial proportions and anatomy. Where the eye goes, what the side of the nose/chin area look like, that kind of thing. And on the triangles, if you're going for a geometric look, it'd be a good idea to use some kind of masking fluid or tape for sharper edges so it doesn't look messy.

Try not to abuse white gel pens. You may've been better off using white acrylic in some areas, because some of those gel pen lines look really scratchy and take away from your art overall.

No. 104647

The colors are really pretty anon

No. 104653

honestly i really dig the style. just get better at coloring and you'll be golden

No. 104655

imo you should have kept the eyelashes and the long neck, but I will agree with the other anons that i really love the overall aesthetic and themes

No. 104657

this is really good! But! his mouth is too big, junglebooks mouth is actually kinda small. And his hand is SLIGHTLY too big, hes got big hands but not that big

No. 104679

File: 1597621435123.jpg (166.94 KB, 624x728, unknown.jpg)

A boy I just doodled

No. 104697

File: 1597646209710.jpg (80.37 KB, 883x886, fgfgfgfgf.JPG)

my artistic skills had been in a continues declining but here is a drawing of a picrew i made

No. 104705

So happy to see a thread like this, and anons actively posting! Hope it's gonna thrive.

The earthy colors are so nice! I like your style, do you have any finished work to show? I'm curious how it looks on the more polished stage.
Wish there were some stronger highlights so the skin, just one additional brighter color so it's more vibrant. The pose is really cool though!

No. 104820

File: 1597714815161.jpg (126.58 KB, 600x375, herrscher.jpg)

Yeah I didn't have time to fix everything, just kinda winged it as fast as I could.

Here's a little sketch I'm probably not going to do anything more with.

No. 104823

File: 1597718477739.png (Spoiler Image, 591.85 KB, 500x667, qqqq.png)

No. 104824

I love your style

your anatomy is good, was this a sketch or a study?

No. 104828

just a sketch. I should be doing studies by now but im lazy as shit

No. 104846

File: 1597746144096.jpeg (736.61 KB, 1967x2980, 9BD50A2E-6606-4398-8B35-81C649…)

I used to draw this constantly when I was 12-14 lol, like all over my school notebooks and papers. Sometimes I’d give her longer socks or boots and put a hat on her. Notice how badly I did the ribbon in her hair lol. Regardless there was always a thought bubble turning into a storm cloud above her head. She was my own little moody dark gothic character I created, and I cut out this certain drawing and stuck it on my shelf, just for shits and giggles

No. 104855

File: 1597752620766.jpeg (204.74 KB, 1123x1123, FF57F34C-CC94-49C7-B520-200D1B…)

I love art but I barely draw anymore. I get discouraged cuz the stuff I wanna draw involves more realistic anatomy and my skills just aren’t there yet. I’m also not entirely comfortable with using a tablet, it feels slippery to me compared to pencil and paper.
Anyway this is a doodle I did in about 30 mins after trying to draw something more realistic for over an hour.

No. 104863

one word, practice.

No. 104867

File: 1597759561469.jpg (2.58 MB, 3088x3088, 20200818_070507.jpg)

I figured this is a good way to cope with my depression, but I don't feel joy from acrylic painting.

No. 104868

Try oil painting maybe. I love oil painting, it's really soothing, acrylic paint may look similar but it's such a chore, it dries too quickly and it doesn't feel as nice on a brush but maybe that's just my thoughts. Your paintings are pretty nice
I also have daisy earrings!! But yeah if you want to draw something realistic you have to practice first by drawing something with a photo reference, don't get discouraged if you can't do it right away
This is so cute, it reminds me of those notebooks with the little girl printed on the edge of the page

No. 104873

Thank you. I was looking to purchase some fine art tubes of oil and a gesso wood panel. How do you think that would look? Do you use stretched canvas? Also, what are the basic colors I should get? Thank you so much <3

No. 104896

I use stretched canvas mostly, I think wood panels are even better because you can make very fine details without the canvas texture getting in the way. You could also get paper for oil painting, I don't know what it's called but they make these blocks of sturdy paper with a canvas texture.
I don't know what brand of paint to recommend because I use whatever. You can get a set of various paints but if you want to buy individual paints you need:
- titan white and zinc/zinc-titan white (zinc white is for mixing with other colors, titan white is for when you need a really opaque white color),
- a warm red and a cool red (there's lots of variations of their names, the warm red is usually called vermillion or cadmium red and is closer to orange, and the cool red is sometimes scarlet and is closer to purple),
- a nice yellow (honestly I hate that cool lemon yellow I can never find a use for it, it always needs a bit of red so I recommend a warmer color like cadmium yellow),
- dark brown,
- a cool blue and a greenish blue (you could use only a cool blue like almost a navy color, I can't remember some normal names but I remember my cool blue paint is called phtalocyanine blue and it's really nice, you could add some yellow to make it a greenish blue I guess but I think it's worth it to have a greenish blue paint too, like cerulean blue)
- black, you can make a nice natural black from brown and navy but sometimes you just need some true black
You can make whatever other color you need by mixing these. It might be better if you're not sure you'll like oil painting to buy a set of paints because individual paint tubes (the big ones) can get expensive. But it's definitely more worth it to buy individual paint tubes because in a set, some paints will just be used more often than others. I'm sorry if I wrote too much, and good luck with painting.

No. 104900

These are really nice anon. The compositions are good.

No. 105045

Oh I forgot two very important things: you need turpentine and linseed oil. Linseed oil makes the paint dry more slowly and makes it shiny, and turpentine makes it dry faster, you can also use another paint thinner, I use "white spirit" idk what it is but it smells like benzine. If you try to paint with just paint it will be too viscous, you need to dilute it with something, if you don't particularly need your paint to dry faster or slower just make a solution of 50% linseed oil and 50% paint thinner and dilute paint with it.

No. 105360

File: 1598022655897.png (267.02 KB, 672x641, 284781924.png)

I am trying to develop my "painting" style, since my normal art is basic anime-ish.
I was wondering if anyone could give me an opinion in regards to this piece? Color wise, and any tips for blending and all of that in general.
(I wasn't aiming for a photorealistic style or anything btw)

Thanks in advance

No. 105363

It looks weird that you’ve shaded everywhere except under the bangs, which is where the clearest shadows would be.

No. 105366

File: 1598024556193.jpeg (758.07 KB, 2048x2048, 12B6BFF6-E2B6-4188-BA00-475B13…)

I started sculpting again this year and made my mum her little dog styled after a miniature bisque doll, but I'm part of zero art communities so getting critique is impossible. Is there a better method to painting fimo than baking the acrylic in the oven for an extra twenty minutes? I feel like it made it tacky and now I'm afraid to use acrylic sealant on it. Websites all have different advice and info but I didn't like their finished product appearance. One time I used oil and it stained the piece incredibly deeply and it never dried. Nothing removed the colour again, but I'm nervous to try certain things because the damn item itself is plastic. Any advice is so wanted.
Also yeah hindsight 20/20 I would have crocheted a hole in the dress for the tail since now it looks like she's shat herself, but I was on a tight deadline and finished the dress on the final day.

No. 105367

Oh, yes I just noticed i forgot that lol.
Any other thing you can tell me to improve? Thank you.

No. 105371

Sorry anon, I don't have any advice but I adore the dog figure! What breed is it?
Would love you to make a doll out of my pug. You should consider selling those on etsy once you figure out all the kinks!
I second the tail hole idea. It would be so cute to see her tail!

No. 105404

Thank you! And I would but the price/time put into it wouldn't be worth it. I just make them as gifts for family! It's a Frenchie, pugs would be fun to do because they're even more pushed-in looking

No. 106263

File: 1598751393288.png (1.29 MB, 720x1095, sketch.png)

it's a light sketch but I've been recently trying digital art and it's very difficult to get into
traditional art just gives you a better experience than digital idk why

No. 106271

These are so pretty anon! The legs on the girl sitting down are out of proportion to the rest of her body (the legs are too small, and her left thigh and right calf are super skinny) but idk if you did that on purpose.

I think trad art gives more experience cause you basically have no short cuts, and it's harder and longer to do some things. Like blending for example.

No. 106291

File: 1598773732091.jpeg (1.94 MB, 2931x3642, 12BB780B-918F-4EF6-B2C2-270BE2…)

I did this yesterday

No. 106309

Wow, really nice anon.

No. 106311

File: 1598807282630.png (814.79 KB, 1800x1300, test.png)

I've always wanted to do a webcomic of my own but I feel like my art is too stiff and unattractive to manage that, but I've been trying to work on consistency and character design to pursue it anyway.

No. 106314

It is pretty stiff, but it's already more competent than 90% of western webtoons anyway so I say go for it & you'll learn along the way.

No. 106315

I love this. Thank you for sharing

No. 106316

you got some nice lines

No. 106438

I like your art anon, you should go for it! You often see webcomics where the artist's style has improved over time, and you're more than talented enough to get started. So why not follow your dream while continuing to get better? I've seen many others artists who started comics when they were much less experienced but still got popular. Don't shortchange yourself.

No. 106472


Thank you both. I know drawing regularly like I'd need to for a comic will help me improve, and you're both right, I should go for it. I signed up for a figure drawing course this term to hopefully help loosen my art up some, too. I'll keep at it and try to get some decent pages together and up.

No. 107371

File: 1599593159706.png (712.03 KB, 1070x559, Screenshot_2020-09-09-00-17-31…)

I think it would be pretty damn rude to drop my drawing here without offering feedback on others so I would critique their problems but I am in no position to give actual advice though
>>106311 It is stiff but still pretty good
>>106291 Cool atmosphere and design - rather stylized so there's no comment on the anatomy
>>106263 Legs are short but still really cool
>>105366 i have no idea what criticism to give but its so cute

No. 107526


I like the look of your art! It reminds me of detailed fashion art. I think it's good you used a few examples too. I love how you sketched different hair textures, hairlines and facial shapes, that really makes them stand out nicely. Your clothing choices are thoughtful too and I see how you've shown cloth volume through shape and some shading. Keep that up!

If I may suggest since we only have a sample size to work with; find a few photos of people in more poses you find interesting to try. It doesn't need to be wild or in a direction you aren't comfortable with yet, just more variation for you to have fun with and use. Doing a lighter undersketch should help structuring poses and positions. There's a ton of ways to visually break down the body, some work better or worse for people so experimenting is key. Off the top of my head is the 'bean' and 'circle and lines' techniques, might not be word for word on the last. The hands of the 2nd look good; it's a lot of work but keeping their hands out enhances the look a lot in most situations. So if you choose to use the above advice adding in some more hand practice would be great. Of the 4 I feel 2 and 3 have confident lines which help them stand out and (personally) feel more appealing.

On the note of standing out, I don't know what paper you usually use I really feel you should treat yourself with sketchbook paper. Experiment and find a texture you like. What you've shown, to me, shows even more potential. Having a clean page to draw on would help your work and details show through much more clearly. Thank you for sharing your art and giving others positive criticism.

No. 107702

File: 1599835882395.png (103.45 KB, 341x582, ohman.PNG)

hello guys, i started drawing this yesterday and theres just something i hate about the shading but i can't pinpoint what it is? any advice? also struggling with hair shading.

No. 107705

>>106311 You should go for it anyway, these are really well drawn. You should try doing some croquis exercises to help you loosen up some of that stiffness.

Wow your style is really unique, she's super cute! As far as critique goes, you don't seem to have a consistent light source so your shading is kinda all over the place.
The colors you've picked for the shadows look muddy too. Try not to shade with a darker version of the base color, have some difference in hues as well. As a rule of thumb, if your light source is warm toned, your shadows should be cool toned and vice versa.

No. 107706


yes muddy, thats the word i was looking for, thank you!! im going to watch some lighting/shading videos when i get home.

No. 107710

this style is adorable anon, I really like it

No. 107715

She’s so cute, she reminds me of a Pokémon game protagonist

No. 107736

s'cute anon! if you're not already, try using more opposing colors for shading. for example on the cream colored turtleneck, add some blue/purple hues to the shading in order to create depth. same with red corset, try adding some green. the corset has the best shading imo.

keep in mind you are losing line when shading in this piece, especially in the hair and shirt. your linework is really delicate and thin (not a bad thing but it is easy to lose in coloring process). best way to keep thin linework as a focal point is to realllyyyy restrict value changes and color palette, or else you may have to thicken your lines in places where it disappears. just my thoughts, feel free to ignore lmaooo. you have a good style!

No. 107767

File: 1599899395780.jpg (347.43 KB, 1600x1200, vgirl.jpg)

I'm still new to digital art, I'm using clip studio paint. Need some advice. Yes, I used a 3d model.

No. 107770

I'm not sure what kind of feedback you expect here, it's clearly very beginner art. I'd just recommend you study art fundamentals so you get yourself a good foundation to improve your art on.

No. 107786

Something you should focus on is practicing your lines, main beginner mistake is to make multiple, messy lines like this. It's harder to get right with digital art as compared to traditional, but the same exercises will work just fine, for example the very first lessons of Draw A Box - simplified version of these is presented in the video I link here. Draw and delete the same line as many times as you will need, but don't draw it over another lines like here because it's only creating illusion of a defined shape, and will not help you learn.

3D models are okay tool to learn with but not when you trace - place the 3d model next to your canvas and try to replicate what you see, this is how you'll learn basic shape language and better anatomy. Tracing doesn't require any understanding so it's a shortcut that can really hurt your improvement when you're only starting out.

Overall the colors are really nice and don't get discouraged! You'll see the improvement very soon.

No. 107792

Good to see a sculpture anon, the detailed on the face is pretty good. Generally with oven bake clays like Fimo, you paint after baking completely and seal with a spray sealant, resin or a brush on gloss. Hopefully this helps

No. 107793

warm vs cool will take this far, either pick a warm light and cool shadows or cool light and warm shadows and go to town. Also think a little more about structure and form when you're rendering. It looks like youre looking at shadows as a 2D texture instead of carving form into something 3D.

No. 107809

Thanks for the advice!
But yeah, even in traditional my hand is a little shaky, so inking always looks wrong. Also line art tends to be hard to do, so I need advice on that.

No. 107815

File: 1599946489351.png (195.78 KB, 477x589, ee oo ee oo.png)

practiced some more… the blue tones really helped

No. 107868

Oh yeah, the cool shadows definitely broke the monotony.

Careful with the light source, it's unclear where the light source is because the hair, skin, clothes all are lit differently. You can use multiple light sources but it can complicate things since it'll impact forms in a more complex manner. Either way if it's gonna come from the right side then all parts of the render should support that.

No. 107891

File: 1600009128065.jpeg (4.74 MB, 3600x5318, D0618C05-B0E5-4C45-9CA1-D43A03…)

Hello! Do you guys have any advice on portraying transparency—in this case plastic? I just added white lines and I’m not very happy. I want to re-do it but I don’t know how to properly execute it.

No. 107892

File: 1600009931778.jpg (6.91 MB, 3600x5318, img.jpg)

Maybe you could add some more shine like this. But I think it looks very good as you made it.

No. 107897

Ooh!!! I like that! Thank you anon!

No. 107904

i really like your style anon!

No. 107925

Thank you anon!

No. 107929

anon this is sick! what medium is it?

No. 107932

Watercolor and thank you again!

No. 107942

File: 1600073185576.jpg (74.68 KB, 637x847, PicsArt_09-13-10.47.46~2.jpg)

I do not care about any criticism because this is my son no matter what.

No. 107944

this cute, i love it. nobody criticize the birb

No. 107946

i love it!!

No. 107952

Fuck birds.

But yeah, anon, this is a good drawing of one.

No. 107970

He be looking like a juicy peach

No. 107989

File: 1600121161458.jpg (3.42 MB, 4160x3120, batstuff.jpg)

i did this a day or two ago using a variety of micron pens

No. 108042

Heh heh thank you anons. I used Koi watercolors and a Micron pen. I suck at art but watercolor feels so forgiving that I am getting over my dear of sucking.

No. 108043

I couldn't ignore this **fear

No. 108091

I really like her anon, super cute. I can't put it into words well but there's this fine line where pin-up looking stuff will annoy me and feels boring and sexualized, compared to where it feels sexy and playful, and I feel like this is in the latter category. I like her little succubus adventurer design and cat-like eyes. Her right forearm being so thin bothers me a bit (seems like a stylistic choice but a bit too extreme for my personal taste). Other than that, fun concept and good job varying line weight without it being overwhelming.

No. 108124

I like your idea, but I think if there's something that might help it look better, it's to try and avoid tangents more (not a hard-and-fast rule, but here's a guide to spotting them):


At a glance, the heel of the boot and her knee, as well as both elbows have some tangent action. It can get pretty visually confusing as to where one shape ends and the next thing begins, but having more overlap or more separation both help improve that issue.

No. 108149

File: 1600243902349.jpeg (45.78 KB, 800x754, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)

I like to draw every now and then but I am in no way an artist

No. 108821

File: 1600888901473.png (453.52 KB, 2048x1537, Screenshot_20200923-142004.png)

I'm just now getting back into digital painting after trying briefly and getting discouraged. I usually draw more cartoony stuff. This is the first "painterly" piece I've made that I actually like… Any thoughts or feedback?

No. 108828

Hey anon, don't get discouraged, practice will pay off soon enough! I like your anatomy and shapes it has a lot of potential.
it feels a bit too blury, try using a different brush with more defined stokes to define some edges.
As for the values I recommend this proko video.

No. 109088

File: 1601138457153.png (556.1 KB, 1500x1900, Comparison.png)

So I really didn't know where to put this because all I need is some advice on which one is better. I'm trying to go for a specific style with the screentoning but idk which one is better. Some advice would be nice I guess lol.

No. 109092

paint tool sai, medibang has too harsh of screen tones that doesn't complement your art, it distracts form it. Although you could always combine them by using screen tones from each program depending on your taste.

No. 109095

File: 1601141878215.jpg (441.04 KB, 1080x1834, IMG_20200926_193800.jpg)

seconding this, at first I posted that medibang is better because pic related is what I saw on my phone. WHY DOES THIS EVEN HAPPEN

No. 109097

paint tool sai by a long shot, the screentone particles are smaller and create a fine and more pleasing texture. the one on the right isn't bad, but larger dot particles require less sophisticated character designs and bodies imo. the style on the right seems to work well with more 'chibi' style drawings, basically anything with less lines and detail.

don't have much advice, you seem to have a nice hold on anatomy (hands be a lil small tho) and shading, which adapts itself to your style. i really like that lighter part of the skirt near the hip, but it is basically the same texture and shade as the hair so i'm losing it in the overall composition. perhaps lightening it or moving the hair placement minutely can fix that. cute style anon!

No. 109099

WOAH That's weird because I saw them switched place on mine

No. 109276


I agree on SAI. The halftones on the right are too big for a character that detailed. Also I like the shine on the hair.

No. 109310

when you unzoom and zoom on a "mesh" texture, it moves to bigger and smaller spots, try it !
in my mind its bc it's so fine that your computer has trouble making it even smaller while keeping the tiny tiles, but what do i know.

No. 109501

File: 1601436983792.png (9.15 KB, 300x300, art.png)

feed my ego

No. 109502

its bad

No. 109503

File: 1601438015872.jpg (57.83 KB, 843x469, 83089269_1024246654621457_6575…)

No. 109585

11/10 better than all the faggots in the artist salt threads

No. 109589

File: 1601504174121.png (730.89 KB, 1780x1780, lace.png)

still pretty much a wip and needs more work including redoing the skirt and obviously colouring it, was planning to finish it today but didn't get to so i'll post here to get my dopamine release. and also criticism for stuff to fix when i do feel better and continue working on it.

No. 109593

First thing that strikes me is her torso and arms look way too short and small compared to how big and long her legs are. The position of the arm facing us is also really awkward, reads almost like a plastic baby doll arm that's just hanging there. It would probably look better if you had her holding her hand bunched up in her skirt material or something.

No. 109594

tf is up with those calves she looks like a street fighter character missing half the polygons. hair is cool though.

No. 109627

sorry if this is a retarded question anons, I don't know anything about rendering (I do vector graphics but I would like to learn to render) but I see all over the internet that using white as a base is a big no-no, why is that?

No. 109639

As with anything, there's no reason to NOT do it, but it's more tiring for the eyes and influences the way you perceive colors; basically since white is so bright, even light colors will look dark against it and because of it you'll not go "deep enough" with your shadows making your painting look flat / washed out.

No. 109654

pure white fucks with both the art process and the end result. it can wash out or enhance colors, distract the eye, and mess with your sense of value. best to fill in a slightly darker and hued version of white and work off that.

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