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File: 1533263123885.jpg (201.12 KB, 1280x720, Untitled-2.jpg)

No. 29145

Kelly Eden’s Los Angeles calves who are all clawing for a taste of that sweet social media relevance, all between their mid twenties and early thirties -personality wise, they’re all unique variations on weeaboo middle schoolers from 2008 - down to the public sperg-fests.
>Most notable sperg-fests occur at giant holiday get togethers where they act like obnoxious, INCREDIBLY loud children, usually in nice restaurants/tea-houses - often complete with air horns for some fucking reason.
>Like many cults, members are indoctrinated with a matching tattoo - now in two variants: phallic sparkly anime crystal, and blown out dragon ball z sailor moon weeb tat - both done by Courtney’s husband.

Notable Members:

Dre Ronayne

>Kelly's (ex) ”best friend" and roommate.

Dre has been distancing herself from Kelly for a while now, the most telling moment being when Dre requested they start doing a lot less videos together and Kelly proceeding to throw a shitfit over it on Twitter (literally saying it was wrong for Dre to leave her out of the spotlight she helped create for her) 
>Following this, Dre and Kelly are seen in less and less of each other’s social media posts, and Dre announces she is moving out.
>Receipts are dropped that Kelly may have unfollowed and refollowed Dre’s social media.
>Incredibly defensive and sperges out when people make positive comments about her weight/body, while literally selling “Gothicc” tee shirts and promoting being thicc as part of her brand.
>Claims recent weight loss occurred simply due to carrying a water bottle
>Recently dropped Kelly for Chris Villain, her new ‘best friend’ who she constantly does couple cosplay with - again sperging out at fans for asking whether or not the two of them were dating, despite posting countless pictures of the two of them almost kissing.
>tries to promote positivity and antibullying - but also does a ‘basic white girl’ makeup video, complete with blown up prosthetic dick sucking lips.
>Currently teaming up with hot topic for an atrocious mall goth revival, either in an act of newfound self awareness, or total lack thereof.

Stephanie Michelle

Kelly’s best friend and the first to martyr (Moo-Tyr?) herself to defend Kelly’s bad behavior - Also the oldest of the fellowship, at 31-32.
Seems to be the most genuinely kind out of Kelly’s friends, but can still be a total cringefest.
>Is a ‘body-positive cosplayer’ who posts semi-nudes and lewds, while, in trend with most of these types of cosplayers, really hams out on the photoshop
>Recently married, her husband films/photogs most of her nudes/is completely supportive of her sex work - probably because it rakes in major bank.
>Is always the first to come to Kelly’s defense when Kelly has a shitfit on twitter, will blindly follow her pink leader no matter how stupid/crazy kelly is being
>Used to self-post to r/bimbofication,
>Was added to the fellowship suspiciously soon after Kelly was called out for only having white friends. Quickly rose the ranks as the most annoying member.
>A patreon costhot
>Works in animal rescue (apparently?)
By far the most annoying of the fellowship.
>Not TECHNICALLY a member of the fellowship, but she’s Kelly’s new roommate and best friend forever so it’s really only time.

Courtney Dawne
>Generally one of the more quiet (sane) of the group
>Husband is a tattoo artist, and is responsible for the fellowship’s questionable tattoos
>A fellow cosplayer - suffered through an entire con of Kelly Eden complaining that she should have been cosplaying that character

>Was/is in a band with Dre Ronayne - some kind of emotional revival shit
>another one of the more quiet members of the fellowship
>another victim of Kelly’s trigger happy unfollow finger.

>Another queen of the pastel-vomit aesthetic
>Cosplaying didnt gain her fame like she wanted so she started wearing lolita more.
>Now popular/famous within the lolita community - despite many Lolitas hate-boner for her
>Seems to have a more rocky relationship with Kelly, but was a bridesmaid in Stephanie’s wedding, indicating closeness with the rest of the fellowship
>As a lolita, Claire claimed to have offered Kelly help during The Dress Incident.
>Also complicit in the great Final Fantasy Gallery Nucleus scandal

>Disney ‘expert’/enthusiast
>Confirmed lolcow lurker - mentioned the website on her instagram live, proclaiming her hatred for it. Even mentioned donating to a petition to have the site taken down.
>Another nominee for the NHK’s Kawaii Ambassador thing
>Constantly hounding Kawaii.i and kissing their ass as much as possible
>Of all of the fellowship, she’s the reigning queen of bizarre and obnoxious photoshop jobs - to the point where it’s almost an art form of her own
>Was assigned the job of “Vlogging” Steph’s wedding - thus leaving her out of most of the video of it.

>Another plastic cosplayer/patreon cosplayer, but actually produces content daily
>Gets a lot of unnecessary and costly procedures, like a brazilian butt lift and lipo, despite already having a great body
>Seamstress, usually sews the rest of the fellowship’s cosplays

No. 29146

File: 1533263953573.jpeg (603.42 KB, 750x1057, 8D8E429B-0792-4ACD-B6F6-9FF1D0…)

Envy is probably the worst at taking artistic liberties with her cos-thotting. This is supposed to be a genderbent version of Greg Universe - THE DAD from Steven universe. There’s literally not a fucking thing drawing any kind of a resemblance here.

No. 29147

I really hope she started that shoot in cosplay and is just posting the pics after removing her clothes. Otherwise there's no shame in lingerie pics, just own that and don't call it cosplay.

No. 29148

I was curious about the Fellowship parties and I found this. I feel bad for the men filming them. What kind of guy wants to be involved in this?

No. 29149

It’s usually a member’s boyfriend/husband, but honestly that’s just raises even more questions about the guy.

No. 29150


I mean, look at Stephanie's husband. He record all her lewd content. I wonder if he just want to milk Stephanie for all that she's worth or he secretly gets turned on from knowing other guys masturbate to his wife. Or maybe both!

No. 29151

No. 29152

File: 1533525629911.png (Spoiler Image,622.64 KB, 956x651, confused.png)

Wow, that was A LOT. I did not need to see Stephanie's asshole. Anyway, what is with the confused face she kept making? She seemed out of it in most of these videos.

No. 29153

it's part of what she's into. she's all about "bimbofication", so looking like a blowup doll is her entire goal. she's constantly posting stuff in subreddits like "r/boltedontits" and the like.

No. 29154

Nice thread Anon. I think Vivka is one of the more intelligent ones, but she doesn't really post much or interact with the rest of them. I think Kota is a nice person and not very milky, but very much agreed that Envy is the most annoying one.
The only one who I think has a healthy relationship with Kelly is Stephanie, she seems to have a natural, albeit awkward connection and bring out the best in others.

No. 29155

It makes me sad that Claire is friends with Kelly and Kate because based on what she posts, she really is just like them. What amazes me is how all these raging bitches remain friends when they all seem to be too self centered to even deal with one another?

No. 29156

What's the milk on Claire? I don't know much about her. I have just seen her in some of Kelly's videos and pictures that pop up a lot when you search for uchuu kei.

No. 29157

File: 1533709193905.jpg (170.23 KB, 640x556, ydyxyuk.jpg)

I'm not sure if there's any real milk on her, the most I've seen is some hate on lolita threads and BTB over posting photos of coords that are pretty much the same.

No. 29158

File: 1533864479528.jpg (508.24 KB, 2048x2048, 7A16DD84-7B79-4449-B1AB-429438…)

I had posted this in the Kelly thread because I didn't know about this thread. But here's Stephanie photoshopping herself smaller. Embrace the thigh squish. There's nothing wrong with it. Also she had apparently bought the cosplay from italisalouwho (mentioned in the video)

No. 29159

Honestly? The Lolita culture is one of the nastiest and cattiest places on the internet. Yeah people in it can be nice but it’s overrun with bitches like this. She’s being criticized for wearing a dress she likes a lot??? Wha…

Im just saying if y’all ever wanna see some REAL pettiness over nothing, set foot into the Lolita side of the internet.

No. 29160

Stephanie Michelle Shaw is 34 this year.

No. 29161

I don’t understand this, maybe because I’m not a lolita. Is it really not okay to wear a dress more than once? Aren’t these dresses super expensive?
If anyone in the lolita community can explain what’s actually wrong here that would be cool. Sorry if I’m being stupid.

No. 29162

of all the fellowship vlogs I've seen, this one was actually kind of nice. Mostly behind the scenes stuff and very little autistic screeching.

No. 29163

You can totally wear the same dress multiple times. I think this is more of a criticism of her constantly posting her coords when they look pretty much the same? At least that is what I am getting from this.

No. 29164

This. It's really annoying when girls treat CoF as a personal blog. It's a place people post to show off and get compliments, so posting the same outfit over and over is redundant.

No. 29165

I think that not only was she posting similar coords, but she was posting them really frequently too so people were getting annoyed of her spamming.

The difference in the roundness of her cleavage is laughable too omg. The anon in Kelly's thread who said this doesn't looked shopped must be blind. Even without the right pic to compare the shop on her legs is so obvious and janky.

No. 29166

Yep, she photoshops herself bad. You can see the warped background in some of her pics on IG. Stephanie is 34 and walking around like this…

No. 29167

So glad that this thread is finally a reality. Also, those descriptions are spot on! Superb work anon!

No. 29168

Okay, so now that this is a thread…. does anyone know the deets on Molly McIsaac? She was always in fellowship pics and then she just stopped hanging out with them as far as I know. She's still active on IG

No. 29169

There was some kind of beef between them. I asked her a comment once and she said they weren't hanging out anymore (she was even in a few of Dre´s vlogs earlier on). I asked about her in the Kelly Eden thread, some people replied she was kinda crazy. Anymore milk on this?

No. 29170

I'm surprised kota isn't into her since she's totally Kota's type. Blue haired and tats with witchy vibes. Samantha Luna, vivka when they first met had bluish hair, Rosepetalpalace who she wrote "haunt me" about.

No. 29171

File: 1534782647869.jpg (997.32 KB, 2166x905, i3459x5555qRt.jpg)

Looks like Dre is in on that photoshop game. Not quite Envy/Katie/Kelly level yet but she's getting there.

There's nothing wrong with not having a flat stomach… until you start pretending that you do.

Looks like Kelly, Dre, Phi, Courtney, Stephanie and Envy all went to Disneyland and hung out at a pool this weekend.

Kelly was vlogging the entire time, so I'm guessing that's what video we'll be getting Sept 1st(as she says). Phi and Kelly didn't swim, they just sat in the poolside chairs, fully clothed, what bummers.

Envy was wearing a thong one piece with her boobs spilling out everywhere, I didn't see any kids around but it looks like an apartment building and I'm sure they have windows.

No. 29172

File: 1534806158558.jpg (269.14 KB, 544x1032, Untitled-13.jpg)

Looks like Phi is starting to do YouTube.

She says in her intro that she wants to use the channel to:
> express herself
> talk about issues like racial issues in entertainment/cosplay, mental health
> that's it?

Hopefully she will be serving tea.


No. 29173

God no. this is the last thing anyone needed.
THIS is what gets me about Dre- which is something that has been brought up in the Kelly thread a MILLION times. Dre's whole "brand" is about body positivity, but she photoshops her body flatter while simultaneously contradicting herself and hiding her weight loss/ignoring fans who tout her as anything other than "thicc goth goddess"

No. 29174

File: 1534810864123.png (620.92 KB, 1216x968, Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 5.16…)

Now that you've brought her up - this is really weird. Some rudimentary googling shows that she was obviously a fellowship member at some point. Do any of the people who were commenting on her from the Kelly thread have more intel on this? Kind of strange that a fellowship member with a social media presence just disappeared from the friend group - there has to be some good milk there.

No. 29175

Molly has vaguebooked about a friend group “bullying” her in the past. I’m trying to find the posts but she posts so much that it’s pretty impossible. All of her posts are public though so you can do a search for yourself. I’ll cap it if I find it.

No. 29176

Molly McIsaac overview:
> Original Fellowship/Hogsmeade Hotties member, seems to have been kicked out some time in late 2016 for unknown reasons. (Not present at the '16 xmas tea party but was present at all summer activities
> Current or former roomie of Claire Max
> SJW, triggered by everything, posts trigger warnings
> Substance abuse issues (alcohol/benzos/weed)
> hypochondriac extrordinaire (endometriosis, allergic to everything, BDD, anorexia, PTSD (from rape/abusive relationship), anxiety/depression, insomnia, night terrors, social anxiety
> "pansexual" that only dates men
> member of the child-free reddit group
> starving artist that wants to be in the entertainment history but has no real focus
(stand up comic, actress, writer, model)
> been on a failed reality show (Fangasm/Syfy) and a music video (Hotel Sex - Explode)
> She said she was drunk the entire filming of Fangasm because the producers kept supplying her with unlimited alcohol.
> Grew up in Alaska/northern Idaho in a very conservative family
> Has lived in Alaska, Idaho, Seattle, LA and now Pasadena (on a hobby farm, with chickens + hipster fiance)
> wiccan, talks too much about astrology
> Obsessed with wine culture
> Basically a goth version of Kelly, attention seeking, narcissistic, owns poms, obsessed with Kylo Ren and J-culture, complains constantly about her family yet visits them often and then gushes about them until she goes back to hating them, constantly complaining about her weight and not understanding why she is gaining while eating junk and consuming alcohol
> seems to have deleted/made private all posts on facebook/twitter pre-2018

That all being said, despite her affinity for over-sharing on social media, I can't find any info on what happened between her and the fellowship.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mollyunicornqueen
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/thegeekypeacock
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MollyMcIsaac
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mollymcisaac/

No. 29177

File: 1534910872979.jpg (961.62 KB, 2073x1019, lulz.jpg)

>>29171 So, she models for this company Foxblood, makes pins and Dre merch for it and whatever.
Anyway, she posts this tweet. So, I searched Fox Blood plus size and I get 13 results out of 238 in the store, a store that carries her Gothicc merchandise. And get this, the Gothicc merch goes from S-XXL. So, if you're thick you're gonna be like, at least a large.
She also posts a conversation between her and flat tummy tea (https://twitter.com/DreRonayne/status/997035046509793281) saying that she does "not believe in the morals that they push on impressionable women about their body image" and then proceeds to shop herself in a flat tummy. What a hypocrite.

No. 29178

File: 1534915039737.png (1.17 MB, 1131x729, clairekyle.png)

Molly and Claire have not been roommates for several years now as both live with their significant others.

Saged because not really milk, but Claire is dating (or possibly engaged to, but couldn't find any sources to confirm that) Kyle Hill of Because Science. He has a huge following and I wonder if that is why the fellowship girls keep her around, since she doesn't seem to hang out with them at all.

No. 29179

File: 1535300797949.jpg (586.74 KB, 1097x1036, molly.jpg)

Well, it looks like she still hangs out with Vivka and Claire so she's not that far removed.

No. 29180

I just saw this today and thought of this thread. Anyway, thanks to the anon that did the overview on her, pretty helpful.

No. 29181

So is Vivika still part of the Fellowship?None of the fellowship seems to be following her on instagram.

No. 29182

Literally everyone follows her. except kelly.

No. 29183

Dre was crying on instagram about 3 hrs ago and then deleted the video.

No. 29184

No caps? what did she say at least?

No. 29185

I get the sense the fellowship is no more. We never see them in outings (before they were always doing something, going to the harry potter theme park, having easter parties, etc etc) and they haven't done anything in ages. I think it was one of those friendships that was close in the beginning when people didn't really know each other, and now they have all drifted apart.

No. 29186

File: 1535752968721.jpg (319.41 KB, 630x672, img004531.jpg)

Guessing it was related to this twitter meltdown.

The fellowship is fractured for sure.

Kelly doesn't seem to get along with Dre, Kota, Vivka, Courtney and Claire. They're seen around the least so I think they're reluctantly showing up to major events and that's it.
Nina and Racquel never seemed to be in it to begin with other than dying everyone's hair.

So that leaves… Kelly, Steph, Phi and Envy? lol, friendship fail.
I'm guessing it's 50% Kelly antics and 50% that most of the models to moved to LA to model more are just sex workers now. Which is silly because, you don't need to be in LA, paying LA rent to be a sex worker, you can do that from Iowa.

No. 29187

Re: Molly
The Fellowship is dramatic as hell, as we know, but I wonder if it’s due to Molly’s suuuuper negative disposition. She changes friends more than she probably changes her undies.
I now see her constantly commenting on threads started by equally dramatic/shit stirring girls that are deeply involved in the LA pinup and burlesque scene.
Same shit— “TRIGGER WARNING: guy commented on my dog while I was walking it… SEXUAL ASSAULT”
While I have some mutual friends she is Facebook friends with, I blocked her w d many of those girls because they seem to spend their spare time trying to ruin the lives of others that don’t agree with.
There’s a girl named Dollie something that was more or less run out of LA due to a tattoo she got, inspired by a trip to a slavery museum and also for breaking free from a bad relationship. Everyone, including Molly, called it racist and I saw comments from Molly saying she wanted to find out every bit of info on this Dolllie chick (like employer, real name, etc) so she could “ruin her life”. This is someone she had never met, who was doing nothing to affect the lives of these random internet people.
So basically she jumped on the shit stirrer bandwagon with all of these bored dummies who unhappily sit at their 9-5 and cause Facebook drama while on the clock, pitchforks out, and forced this girl to move from LA and sort of go into hiding because they were hellbent on screwing her over.

No. 29188

Molly is a cow herself. She posts pretty much everything that happens in her entire life publicly on facebook and she has a massive victim complex. She also thinks she's famous because she was on a shitty one-shot reality show years ago and says she's a standup comedian even though she's never done any comedy whatsoever that I can find. All of her exes have allegedly been abusive and she's gotten fired from every single job she's had because she comes to work late, sits on social medial all day doing no work, and takes days off to go get tattoos, but always blames it on the employer. She's also a massive alcoholic. She considers herself a model, comedian, writer even though she doesn't actually do any of those things. I got all of this from her completely public facebook page. I follow her just because she's such a huge trainwreck.

No. 29189

Wow this Molly chick really pisses me off. She is a spoiled woman (seeing that she has no steady employment history) while acting oppressed and badass at the same time.

I'm assuming her fiance/family must be supporting her? So much for being a super magickal mysterious witch feminist then.

But life in Iowa isn't ~glamorous~ anon.

No. 29190

Not engaged. She was married to a guy who she claims is abusive.

Don’t be surprised that she ends up to be just like the rest. She left her perfume? job and now wants to do the kofi/patreon route. Doesn’t want to do lewds like her friends do big time well tell.

No. 29191

Can we just talk about Phi's channel for a moment…. 'Pixel Phi' on youtube.
The most awkward, irritating basic shit I've seen in ages- you'd think for someone who lives with a youtuber + obsessively watches said youtuber (Kelly, obvs) who, whether you hate her or not, has fairly decent video quality in terms of editing and confidence in front of the camera- WHY are Phi's videos so boring and awkward?

No. 29192

Her videos are painful to watch, I can never make it all the way through. Yesterday she posted in her stories that she “almost got in and died. Wish I did TBH” and I thought wow - that’s just not ok to say. Anyone able to cope with kelly enough to live with her must be equally as cowish or worse!

No. 29193

I remember a long time ago kelly, steph, Dre, Kota, everyone BUT Molly were in a live video on ig during a drunken movie night….and someone asked what happened to Molly and they said she “betrayed someone” in the fellowships trust - but to me it seemed like they were bullying and targeting her.

I think they are jealous she found a hot and cool boyfriend honestly. Kelly has copied so many of her interests, quirks, and even mannerisms in some videos. She’s Kelly’s secret inspiration but instead of being able to admire stuff like normal people, kelly must destroy anything that threatens her. I think Kelly’s larp character Leora the blue haired witchy elf is legit Molly’s style. It’s some single white female shenanigans here.Just my theory.

No. 29194

I have no doubt that Kelly is jealous of everyone around her, but Molly isn't exactly an inspirational figure. She's an unemployed alcoholic with nothing on her resume but a series of short lived jobs who can't even write a referral letter because she got fired from all of them.

Some minor Molly milk. Back in 2012 she got a lot of heat on 4chan for accepting paypal donations for a breast augmentation. She claims she got tons of emails from people totally willing to throw money at her so she just decided to add a donation button to her website, which is long since deleted. She obviously never got the boob job, so I guess she just ran off with the money. http://comicbookcandy.blogspot.com/2012/08/cosplay-and-crowdfunding-follow-up-with.html

No. 29195

I thought I blocked her, but one of her statuses popped up on my feed as a mutual friend liked it. She’s boob doctor shopping again because she hates her body so much. Nevermind that her man tells her she’s fine without them and he likes her boobs. She needs them for cosplay haha

No. 29196

File: 1535922688708.png (628.1 KB, 804x591, Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 4.10…)

So Molly is really unemployed then? I guess she is mooching off of her boyfriend to do important things like go to fancy Vegas pool parties? What a feminist and inspiring figure.

No. 29197

Sage cuz irrelevent, but Thanks for all the molly milk guys, im the 1st anon that asked. When i followed kelly on insta after her wedding show, molly followed me like literally 5 min later it was so weird. But then she disappeared from the fellowship so I was curious

No. 29198

File: 1536106754813.jpg (204.97 KB, 1080x960, Screenshot_20180905-011855_Twi…)

No. 29199

File: 1536113926069.jpg (407.27 KB, 611x940, t44299x2323.jpg)

You know you're a narcissist when you are so "upset" that you are crying and you're like… let's take a selfie and post it.

How upset can you be and how genuine can your tears really be if you stop midway and think of taking a selfie? It's so calculated.

No. 29200

Well now we have another confirmed lurker it seems- and judging by Kelly and Stephanie's replies it seems they regularly lurk too.
If you look up your name in a 'gossip forum' you're asking to get burned, girl. You're literally going out of your way to find stuff written about yourself. AFTER BEING WARNED TOO.

No. 29201

She used to be mass follower. She started following my boyfriend out of nowhere. Nothing about him is of interest to her at all. He was even like… why the fuck is this weird goth trying too hard chick even following me? Kinda think it was to get him to follow. So she could, you know. Unfollow
I peeked at her Instagram profile and she unfollowed a shit load of people. She was one of those that made you wonder how the fuck could you manage following 1k+ profiles

No. 29202

File: 1536143177645.jpeg (184.7 KB, 1125x491, 2E28CB19-F456-46F7-9A01-87E4D2…)

So I’m i this beauty group and we get discounts with one of LA’s top plastic surgeons. I was stunned to see Molly replying to one of the posts!
So I guess she’s marrying that dork next year (I swear she used to say she was already married) and wants to show up to the wedding with a whole different body and face!

No. 29203

This is embarrassing.

No. 29204

Kelly doesn't follow the Disneyland Princess and Vividka? So weird. Those girls follow her and have given Kelly so many thoughtful gifts, time, and attention. Remember when Kelly was the "third wheel" at the Disney con with the disneylandprincess and her bf?

No. 29205

What are you talking about? Kelly still follows them. Stop giving wrong information out.

No. 29206

Kelly follows katie on IG but does not follow vividka. Check for yourself.

No. 29207

They’re human they may have had a falling out. Also to reply to a previous post about her cousin who passed. They two pictures that everyone is saying Kelly photoshopped herself and uploaded the pre-edited picture on twitter but not insta, if you look those are two different pictures. You can tell by Austin’s smile.

No. 29208

Cool, whichever-friend-of-Kelly’s this is. Thanks for the correction! She also went on to totally exploit that kid’s suicide for money and attention for almost two months. Any insight on that?

No. 29209

Two different pictures, but her expression/pose is the same and somehow her face drastically changed shape between them?

No. 29210

1. Don't post his photo
2. Kelly shit goes in her thread not this thread

No. 29211

Honestly don’t give a fuck about the correct thread to put this in. It’s all the same shit talking on people who you’ll never know‍♀️

No. 29212

Stop namefagging and oh boy you got us there. Good thing these train wrecks are such attention seeking cunts we're still privy to enough to mock them.

No. 29213

File: 1536528179676.jpg (1.62 MB, 1639x1900, phiphiohno.jpg)

My god, she's this well trained already.
She put out one video and she's already e-begging her followers for some patreon-esque rewards.

How do these people in Youtubewood think regular people deal with unexpected expenses?

No. 29214

File: 1536528437416.jpg (124.71 KB, 638x391, dre.jpg)

Dre is at it too, albeit more subtle. Where does she make videos now, does she do twitch or something? I thought she didn't do YT anymore.

I also thought she was a brand ambassador for hot topic, a paid guest for emo nite, working at Foxblood and a makeup artist working on sets. Doesn't she have like 10 jobs(according to her) that makes her SO busy that she can't do YT anymore, how can she not afford a camera?

No. 29215

Stephanie is in Kelly's latest video starting at 14:06. She looks bloated as hell. It always makes me confused thinking she's is pregnant.

No. 29216

And yet at the Disney auction Dre says she’s willing to drop 1k on a pirates of the Caribbean sign…..these girls are true cows milking their clueless pre teen fans for all they got!

No. 29217

Kelly seems scary codependent. Like Phi or Dre can't leave her side without her getting cranky about it and calling them out. It seems like she's still in the honeymoon phase with Phi, but it also seems like Phi is happy to have the attention, gifts, and money that can be thrown your way when suddenly strangers pay attention to you.

Kelly probably feels like she lucked out with an aspiring actress who is tall and pretty and 100% down to be loud or weird if it means being ~on~ on camera. However you feel about Dre, I'm glad she got away from that live-in amount of smothering crazy.

Kelly very obviously seems to seek out people who she can use to elevate her image and brand, especially tall friends to use a props to highlight how relatively short she is and to get and keep viewers using her friends and their audiences.

No. 29218

File: 1536596120867.png (1.1 MB, 1279x668, thefaceofamodel.png)

I haven't watched Kelly in awhile but whatever she is doing with her hair and makeup lately is making her look really washed out and haggard.

No. 29219


Just found this thread. I'm friends with Sal from Fangasm. He said that Molly was pretty irritating IRL.

No. 29220


… am I the only one who dgaf about scratches on my car? Like if I see someone that does it, sure, let's exchange insurance, but the car is driveable. You're reall that broke Phi where you going to ask money for a scratch but not do the giveaway and produce content?

No. 29221

Everyone, both on the cast and viewers, hated her because she was so screechy and obnoxious. She was also very slut-shaming towards other female cosplayers. She was by far the most irritating person on a show full of autistic nerds.

No. 29222

the problem is that the car is a rental she got scratched up.

No. 29223

File: 1536701257049.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180911-222119_Ins…)

I wonder which ones will actually turn up

No. 29224

File: 1536711785486.jpeg (298.32 KB, 1106x1919, 70A9D817-3445-4BB7-9176-848C86…)

Looks like dre is already moving again

No. 29225

I thought she would be a body posi sex positive feminist, why would she slut shame other cosplayers? lol

No. 29226


They also had the bad scene in Fangasm where the group was at a bar and there were women onstage in skimpy superhero Halloween costumes and Molly was OMG TRIGGERED and then there was the worst dialogue about Cosplay Not Consent. It was bad. Trying to remember if there were any other stand out moments in the show. It was pretty bland.

No. 29227

Here's some of Molly's "comedy" if you hate yourself and want to waste three minutes

No. 29228

Does anyone remember when Dre had Snapchat and then one day posted a photo of her boobs with jizz all over them captioned like “lol I got cum on”?

No. 29229

I’m pretty sure that was a dumb joke, also her boobs weren’t even in it, it was just her neck and chest area

No. 29230

File: 1536788748438.png (Spoiler Image,1.16 MB, 750x1334, FF731447-75B9-4285-A371-23C448…)

Definitely showed her boobs.

No. 29231

Why does it look like she has clear aloe around her nips?

No. 29232

why in the hell would she post this? she trying to get in to porn or something?

or is this not actually her? I don't pay enough attention to her to know what her tattoos look like.

No. 29233

File: 1536789857654.jpeg (22.28 KB, 343x429, E693145E-06D4-467A-B911-A33366…)

Found this on google and it was posted on her former Snapchat and looks like her chest tattoo. The irony is she’s in escape the fates new music video holding up a sign saying she’s not attention seeking

No. 29234

yep. does look like her tattoo. guess none of the fellowship have any class, after all.

No. 29235

I’ve lost respect for her since seeing this. Why would you even post this unless under the influence of drugs/alcohol but I do believe she claimed to be edge (not 100% on this though)

No. 29236

>you must be 18 to post here

fucking yikes, when was this posted? doesn't she have a lot of edgelord kids following her too? this is beyond trashy.

No. 29237

I’m op anon but beginning of 2017 i think . She wasn’t as big at the time like 20-40k YouTube subs

No. 29238

Moral of the story is if you hang out with KE your probably a whore

No. 29239

Honestly I can't believe you would bring this up, this was obviously a mistake her posting this, it was up for less than 20mins before her entire snap was deleted

The fact that you have this and saved it for almost 2 years is sad and pathetic. You could be ruining her life by doing this

No. 29240


yeah. i'm sure a picture of a nipple she could easily deny is hers, that SHE captioned and posted, is totally ruining her life.

No. 29241

Not a dre fan, but it can. If she wants to work with any family brands like Disney, which Chris works with and she goes to often, she’s fucked

No. 29242

her chest tattoo is extremely generic. i'd agree if it were identifiably her, but it's not.

at the same time. it's the internet. she's the one that posted it to thousands of people. unfortunately, shit happens. i sincerely doubt anon that posted it is the only one that grabbed it, and it's probably been posted plenty of different places by now.

No. 29243

Did she post it to thousands of people though? Or just one or a few someones on snapchat

No. 29244


Now I'm wondering what "a few someones" means. If it was a small group of friends and this is a friend that saved it as a revenge porn/blackmail/bullshit, dick move. If this was the early days of brand establishment, damn girl, internet lives forever.

No. 29245

not a fan but yeah this should be removed(samefag )

No. 29246

who posts their cum-covered tits to their friends? lmao. thots have no boundaries i guess.

No. 29247

you need to let it go. dre posted it, it's not like people are tweeting her about it. stop white knighting.

No. 29248

Agreed. The Dre white knights were horrible on the KE thread, was hoping they wouldn't come over here too.

How does somebody go through that many steps and have it be a mistake?
1. Take an intimate photo.
2. Edit and Caption it.
3. Snapchat it to thousands of people, even if it was meant to be one person… WHY?! lol

No. 29249

Yes! I think it’s hilarious honestly. This kind of attention seeking just knows ZERO boundaries. I guess nothing is sacred with social media. Not even getting cummed on.

No. 29250

It's not her chest. Her other tatts would be visible in the shot. That underboob tattoo is generic as fuck.

No. 29251

It definitely is her wk. sowwy

No. 29252

I wonder if anon who posted the photo is Kelly, she totally seems like the type. But regardless, it's Dre's fault for posting it publicly in the first place.

No. 29253

Literal member of the fellowship in the thread, otherwise why would you care? Also she was still 20-21 when that was posted and has never said anything about being intellectually challenged or having learning difficulties. Therefore, she should stand up for her dumb choices. Also not like actual sex tapes haven't helped women's careers

No. 29254

That's a sad droopy looking tit

No. 29255

I have a feeling all the cows lurk and post on this thread, dragging each other down about stuff they can't say in real life because they are this super amazing squad of girls that support each other.

No. 29256

That’s her own fault anon. It’s called “think before you post”. If you post something stupid and/or clever it’s guaranteed that someone will take a screen shot. You can delete all you want, but it will be saved by someone. If you post dumb shit, know that it can be used against you.

No. 29257

HARD AGREE I have the same feeling. It’s obvious Phi knows about lolcow, which means Kelly knows and had to tell Phi they were talking about her too, which means Dre knows because I’m almost sure it was Kelly stoking some of the fire about Dre in her own thread, which means Kota and Stephanie absolutely know because kelly tries to make herself look like a victim to anyone and everyone.

TL;DR: yeah it’s pretty confirmed that all the cows lurk here, it’s not a stretch to feel like they’re posting about each other and airing their shit about each other because they can’t publicly.
Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if they all secretly hated each other..

No. 29258

Oh Boii!

No. 29259

File: 1536920614892.jpg (34.34 KB, 480x480, shitty titty tat.jpg)

KK white knights but it's definitely her

No. 29260

They seem like a bunch of attention speakers that would easily get jealous of each other

No. 29261

Ohhhh boiii, why is thicc plus-size accept yourself as you are role model photo-shopped to death? She even kinda reminds me of Stephanie in this pic.

No. 29262

Wouldn't the edge of her makeup brush tattoo be showing though?

No. 29263

no because it doesn't look like it's down that far by her nipple. It was also a very zoomed in picture so.

No. 29264

Idk what you guys are talking about "generic", its super obvious its her tattoo. Its her boob.
But it was 2 years when she was a 20 and probably didnt grasp that social media is an actual career

No. 29265

Oh sush, it's obviously her, and if you don't see it you must be retarded.

No. 29266

I feel like this anon must be kelly since only she still uses the awful R word

No. 29267

Most definitely only her, in the whole wide world.

No. 29268

Lmao this thread is such a joke.
Nice to see proof that Dre is an Internet slut just like the rest of her friends tho(sage)

No. 29269

Dude, you're on a forum that refers to everyone that uses it as fags and you have a problem with the "r" word? Are you lost?

Also, that is definitely Dre in the cumshot, if you can't tell from the stretched and faded tattoo, you can tell from the wide-set outward facing tit.

No. 29270

File: 1537611293492.jpeg (243.49 KB, 624x655, EFBB2EFE-74A7-439A-942B-DF4612…)

Just why

No. 29271

I thought the same! She doesn't have enough money for a $1 razor, or at least, wear a T shirt or something to cover the armpits… so lazy tbh.

No. 29272

But like feminism or something

No. 29273

Well shit..

No. 29274


Eh, I won't judge the armpit hair too much. I hate shaving. However she doesn't promote any type of body hair in her "body positivity movement." So kinda milky, not really

No. 29275

File: 1537990700353.png (51.54 KB, 576x139, st.png)

looks like steph got surgery yesterday. anyone wanna bet that it's cosmetic?

No. 29276

Probably lipo. Hopefully not bigger boobs. Please no

No. 29277

File: 1538325723124.png (363.99 KB, 633x876, wtf.png)

So she masturbates on camera and is naked most of the time, but is not as sexual as people "thinks" she is? Girl, who are you trying to fool?

No. 29278

I mean, I hate dealing with legal stuff and reading medical records bores the shit out of me, but 90% of my job is reading and summarizing medical records for legal purposes. So…

Sex work is her job.

No. 29279

So she didn't want to fuck her boyfriend(/girlfriend? I don't know her dating history) for a couple years and even though that's over now and her whole life revolves around sex and her bimbofiction kink she's asexual?

No. 29280

File: 1538331820449.jpg (668.82 KB, 2048x2048, 6CFCE9BE-3F7B-494F-A12F-C47413…)

It's not adding up. It's hard to see her being asexual when everything is does is so sexual. Even outside of her patreon/ig. Like hanging out with her friends. (Photo from Kotas Easter party a bit back. Hand between her legs) not like the most sexual thing but more than others.

And if she's not a sexual person why is she doing sexual things for money.

No. 29281

File: 1538350838305.jpg (9.75 KB, 249x202, convention.jpg)

Exactly. Here she is at a convention. That's not a professional picture or anything yet there she is being sexual with someone.

No. 29282

I don't want to wk her but I've been there and kinda get what she means

There a difference between being sexual with yourself and being sexual with others. Some might be comfortable just touching themselves but might not like others touching them. And some dress a certain way only for themselves because it makes themselves feel good. If that made any sense?

I don't get why she wouldn't think that people find her a super sexual person now though. If she's not happy with it then why continue to do it? Especially since she has other options to branch out on for money. Guess she just wants to take the easiest route (even though it makes her uncomfortable)?

No. 29283

She said she isn't as sexual as people think she is, not that she isn't sexual. She said she went through a time in her life when she wasn't, but that she isn't like that anymore. And she never said she was uncomfortable with it.

Her entire life is on display and even if she isn't actively working (making a video or doing a shoot), she is promoting herself/her work.

I really don't care for any of these girls, but if you're going to judge them, do it with accuracy. Otherwise completely legitimate complaints/milk will be overlooked.

No. 29284

Did we ever find out what her surgery was?

No. 29285

Dre and Kota are in Chris Villians new “music video.” Super cringe!

No. 29286

you probably should have included the link lol.
Here you go.

No. 29287

Kota has gotten fat, sheesh
All play and no work really adds on some weight.

No. 29288


Wow that was awful. Not one of them sounds good.

No. 29289

Yeah Kota says she's gained like 20 pounds or something

No. 29290

File: 1539537866373.png (248.83 KB, 750x1107, IMG_7093.PNG)

Forgot the photo of the post

No. 29291

Oh my god, if 13 year olds had to do an extra credit assignment in choir, this is what it would look like.

Usually Dre brings down the whole group when she's signing but they were all awful in this. The mashup was terrible, the Maroon 5 bit was the worst of it. Dre is always so awkward in everything she does, you can see it in her face, you can hear it in her voice, every bit of it screams PLEASE LIKE ME. I like that they don't even bother to auto-tune out her inability to hold a note, she's just jumping all over the place from lack of strength.

Chris just over-acts everything, he'll never be able to do anything except amusement park shows. Odd that those two were the worst considering they both supposedly have training in acting.

Kota just seems like she hasn't been keeping up with her voice training, she's much better suited for rock music, every time she strays into pop it sounds strange, she sounds like a kid. I didn't notice the extra weight though until it was pointed out, Dre should have given her some contour. The bitten lip look they did on her did not help, her lips are already so tiny, it made her look like 100% cheeks.

No. 29292

File: 1539994719632.jpg (657.54 KB, 591x1508, Untitled-12.jpg)

I don't believe Dre is as busy as she says she is, in fact, I think she lacks focus and motivation but blames everyone else for her lack of success (YouTube, Instagram, Instagram MUAS, her audience). But, I do love how she just fired shots (albeit, unintentionally) at how literally all of her friends make a living. The patreon bit made me actually LOL. Friendly fire.

No. 29293

File: 1540246062048.png (202.35 KB, 750x896, IMG_7190.PNG)

I had first followed kota because of her super cute outfits. But this outfit is not cute nor flattering

No. 29294

its like she was trying to accentuate the lack of waist definition. yeesh

No. 29295

from the thumbnail it looks cute, but full res… she's all one width til you get to her legs. she looks like gru lmao, poor thing

No. 29296

Agreed that this isn’t the most flattering but at least she doesn’t photoshop herself to death like kelly/dre/Steph/Katie. It’s nice to see someone posting a real body for once.

No. 29297

Has Steph mentioned anywhere what surgeries she got?

No. 29298

She’s built like a refrigerator.

No. 29299

File: 1540609108768.png (170.62 KB, 749x934, IMG_7250.PNG)

I'm not sure what they're doing (they're not on the schedule for a panel and they're not guests) but they're gonna be at PMX

No. 29300

File: 1540673594338.jpg (695.55 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181027-215255_Ins…)

Apparently not

No. 29301

Didnt Phi tweet the exact same message? How weird that they all copy paste the same "apology"

No. 29302

File: 1540742575393.jpg (214.38 KB, 1200x1055, DEKuTEYU0AEVcJZ.jpg)

I was just checking out Bad Wolf's twitter wondering if they came out with any music lately and they posted this awful pic of Dre, lol. I hope that wasn't their best shot.

No. 29303

File: 1540745571235.jpeg (758.41 KB, 1242x1344, 7989EFF9-E441-4307-A62D-03DC9F…)

They all likely decided to say the same thing.

No. 29304

Yikes the entitlement.
“Now it’s just a shitshow”
Yeah or you and your friend group aren’t as important as you think you are. A panel for what? Who would attend that?

“how to have a group of friends where everyone secretly hates each other but somehow you get your shit together collectively to trick companies into treating you like you’re special”

Side note: now I tooootally understand why people don’t like Claire. She sounds like such a stuck up bitch

No. 29305

Claire is so stuck up and only uses people for her own benefit. It’s pathetic how Molly pines after her and always talks about how they are best friends while Claire hides the fact that they even hang out! It makes me laugh. Claire only uses the fellowship.

No. 29306

>We have so many followers!! we're important

fucking hell, I'm so sick of the entitled shits of this generation

No. 29307

This is just unprofessional and embarrassing, and a sure fire way to make sure you won’t get invited to any future conventions. Mistakes and miscommunication in programming happen. To call a convention a shit show (true or not….) just makes you look bad. No one will want to work with you out of fear of being bad mouthed…

No. 29308

Dre made an upload y’all! I don’t mind the video itself much at all really, however it peeves me that she titles the video “BEST BLACK LIP EVERR‽!!111” when from the very beginning of the video she had semi critical reviews of the product, or at the very least she mentioned products she favored WAY more than this one…. so why call it that unless you’re clickbaiting for views.

No. 29309

File: 1540765677015.png (1.78 MB, 1125x2436, 0982229E-1268-48B8-BAB8-F56045…)

Dre seriously out here tryna start shit with a cosplayer who has the triple amount of followers and more talent by a landslide.

No. 29310

I love how while this is happening at one convention at twitchcon vividvivka is working at the dnd booth and did a dnd cosplay panel

No. 29311

Can you post the original post? I follow ModerlyOkay and he is a really good cosplayer.

Why is Dre trying to start shit with him? Over what? Emo culture? is she serious? that's really pathetic.

No. 29312

God Dre is so stupid, the "my culture is not a costume" is for people who think its funny to dress as an Indian or Chinese person for Halloween, not for someone who buys all their clothes at hot topic

No. 29313

This! It's for really offensive shit like Geishas (putting on a bathrobe and yellow facing..) or wearing a xia pao and pretending you're chinese.

She is a scrub and a joke tbh

No. 29314

File: 1540771002016.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1125x1919, 11270B5F-6D07-4FB1-959F-1C54FA…)

There ya go

No. 29315

it was clearly intended to be a joke. maybe it wasn't funny but she obviously doesn't think cosplay is the same as offensive and stereotypical costumes(needs sage)

No. 29316

File: 1540772165582.jpg (42.73 KB, 396x567, CMazPi8.jpg)

are you actually autistic? it's clearly a joke, it's been memed to death. can't find the emo example, but see pic related, it's a whole series of parodies. lurk more

No. 29317

File: 1540772232497.png (200.45 KB, 490x355, utzTCyo.png)


I smell samefaggotry. Like someone trying to be talked about and relevant, for what is obvious a non-event.

No. 29318

Lol guys I know it was a joke, I posted the photo with an eye roll because it’s a lame joke.

But okay. Y I K E S

No. 29319

Two different anons, but context is key. I apologise for not getting it was a joke right off the bat, but with people like Dre, Kelly and the rainbow crew, I couldn't tell right away if she was serious or not.

No. 29320

Forgive me for not knowing how to post an image here, but Steph just tweeted this:

"Taking a social media break. The events of this weekend really made me rethink everything career wise. I feel like a joke, someone who will never make it in the cosplay community and just really, really depressed. Thanks for always being kind to me here."

No. 29321

File: 1540779333608.jpeg (155.4 KB, 720x835, D0679B56-DDB1-40F0-9A51-C3C599…)

Sage for maybe unpopular opinion but I think the way they reacted was justified. If I planned an event an announced it and the con didn’t follow through I’d be upset too. They even retweeted stephanie’s Tweet about it so it’s not like they were just pretending to have a panel. I agree that giving these nobodies a panel in the first place was stupid but If they agreed to it they should follow through. It seems like a small enough con that anybody who requested a panel got one.

No. 29322

I feel like if they were smart they would have checked in with PMX like before the day of, like a week or something to make sure everything was in order. Because schedules come out more than just a day in advanced.

No. 29323


Agree. Just because I was being curious, I checked PMX's Insta like 2 days before and didn't see any Fellowship flyer but saw a lot of other panelists. So when I saw Phi's post, it didn't surprise me.

No. 29324

I feel like if they were smart they would have checked in with PMX like before the day of, like a week or something to make sure everything was in order. Because schedules come out more than just a day in advanced.

No. 29325

Any milk on the girl Dre is kissing in her newest insta post? Jessie Paege? Saged because she isn’t Fellowship but I’m curious.

No. 29326

I only know of her from Saf’s collab with her. Jesse came off really bland in it- I was shocked to see she had such a following.

No. 29327

I really hope she means this. Please leave the cosplay community and stop making people think cosplay = Lewds: because you're so popular

No. 29328

I'm confused… were they supposedly doing a cosplay panel? I thought they were more about fashion/rainbow aesthetic than cosplay (even though several of them do cosplay). I also didn't think Stef considered cosplay her career, I thought she was going more for a fetish model thing with some cosplay on the side.

No. 29329

Tinfoil but I wonder if there was a dispute over guest accommodations/fees at the last minute that caused the convention to pull out/cancel. Or maybe something was never finalized with that. I would not be surprised if one or two of the fellowship expected the con to pay for their appearance.
Regardless, the public tantrums they’re throwing as a result of this will guarantee they won’t be invited to panel again. Con chairs talk, lmao.

No. 29330

I'm convinced they just submitted it and thought they got in automatically without getting confirmed. This happens to well known costhots so Kelly and co. just have their heads up their asses. Many cons don't send out rejection emails at all, and some stupid people end up assuming they got in.

No. 29331

Did a quick internet search to find out if there’s was anything milky… there wasn’t really, but this video was actually kind of interesting. And a lot of flaws he points out about Jessie actually reminded me A LOT of Kelly Eden, especially the “coming out to be convenient for branding” stuff and being a “super fan” of whatever is popular at the moment to seem more appealing to her audience. He words it perfectly. Saged again because she isn’t fellowship, just figured I’d share if anyone else was curious like I was.

No. 29332

She would like to be considered as a serious cosplayer. She's made rants about it on her insta stories. (And maybe twitter) There still might be some one her highlights

No. 29333

So Dre’s big announcement that she’s been hiding all month is just some green shoe design she made for some unknown shoe company?!
(Sorry not sure how to post pictures)

No. 29334

File: 1541015586443.jpeg (373.13 KB, 750x549, 28D07AC1-9648-490F-BA27-8A4F34…)

I guess they’re cute. It’s just a green version of the brands other shoes.

No. 29335

Here's the story from her highlight about wanting to be take. Seriously as a cosplayer.

No. 29336

File: 1541365657301.png (713.19 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7392.PNG)

No. 29337

oh brother…

No. 29338

File: 1541724540076.png (2.12 MB, 750x1334, 62F3602F-32BB-4EB5-AAD4-EE526F…)

it even legal for this company to ape so much from T.U.K.’s creeper designs? Like everything down to the grommets is exactly the same- just slap a different material and some ugly bat wings on them.

No. 29339

>>29338 probably. law fag here. The tuk design isn't distinctive, unique, or original (brands have been making creepers for decades) so I doubt it has been trademarked.

No. 29340

File: 1542641323357.png (70.24 KB, 155x275, Dre Jessie.png)

Thoughts? Are they for real? I ship them.

No. 29341

Dre and the rest of the rainbow crew are all straight women who queer bait their same sex friendships to sell to their audience as ~so gay uwu~

No. 29342

File: 1542686437546.png (181.46 KB, 750x1180, IMG_7690.PNG)

Well the girl has an insane amount of followers so Dre's probably doing it to up her follower count.

No. 29343

File: 1542756755621.png (7.94 MB, 1242x2688, 00E38310-8BED-4C22-835D-D3D480…)

queer baiting coming Dre who constantly had a stick up her ass over people assuming her relationships and made entire videos dedicated to how “two people can just be friends” eg her and Chris villain and how she was always complaining about the people who said they ship her and kelly, fucking kek

I hope they are dating and she’s not just being a cow

No. 29344

Isn't Jessi Page the latest girl that the Onion and his boi wife are super creepily obsessing over?

cow crossover. they happen SO often. not that I'm saying Jessi's the cow. I don't know shit about her other than she's another Billie in the creepers' eyes.

No. 29345

This is queer baiting to the max. Dre's trash

No. 29346

I knew Dre pre-internet noteriaty and she is definitely into girls. No way to know if these pics are just for the attention or not but with 100% certainty, she isn’t straight.

No. 29347


tuk didn't invent creepers

No. 29348

Don’t know her but gotta agree with this. Y’all wouldn’t be questioning her sexuality if she was casually dating men, you’re coming off like a bunch of trash ass individuals right now who are manufacturing shit to stir up.

No. 29349

Cept she has a history of queer baiting with her other ~bi~ friends on her social media so before you jump on your white horses lurk more & learn to sage newfags.

No. 29350

Really don’t think it’s WKing. Her fucking around with Chris villain and being all “uwu why do you think we’re dating?” is pretty different from she and Jesse announcing “We’re Dating”. There’s a lot of milk on these people. Dre being bi is not milk.

No. 29351

That was not an announcement, unless I'm missing something. Dre would post multiple pictures kissing Chris and then say DoNt ShIp US. She posted a video kissing the social repose girl. Jaclyn Glenn. This is just another way to grab attention. Look at Dre's tagged posts if you want confirmation. This is specifically tailored to please bi-curious 14-year-olds.

No. 29352

Jessie just made a video about being happy and single. They are not dating.

No. 29353

Fucking weird since Jesse is the one who tagged the post #girlfriends #gaystagram
Gave me the impression that she was announcing that relationship with those tags, but if she’s spouting about being single, I guess not.
While Dre is the nastiest relationship baiter in the fellowship I honestly think the fault falls 50/50 on Jesse for this one then.

No. 29354

File: 1543171764528.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7755.PNG)

Kota had a friendsgiving and Dre is the only one from the fellowship there

No. 29355

Lol, what big builts? Like when she buys something off another thot? Imagine wearing the same bathing suit or raunchy suit another thot wore, eww. Also, what surgery did she get? Did she ever reveal it?

No. 29356

Hipster goths….who come to California to make rent even more $$$$$$ and create stupid bands.

No. 29357

File: 1543367614958.png (Spoiler Image,100.42 KB, 619x1011, IMG_7797.PNG)

Well it wasn't Lipo from what I can tell but it doesn't seem like she ever revealed what it was

No. 29358

What's up with her face? That's scary

Anyone notice how Kelly didn't wish Steph a Happy Birthday? Also how she hasn't interacted with any of them for a while? Makes me wonder if the "toxtic" video she made was about Steph

No. 29359

File: 1544342841662.png (2.28 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181209-094751.png)

No. 29360

File: 1544395487508.jpg (373.28 KB, 720x659, ihifohefoih.jpg)

Tinfoil but i think she got a second boob job. She's gained a lot of weight since her first one and on her bigger frame her boobs weren't as bimbo/ridiculous looking as she wanted them to be.

pic related, left is now and right is a year ago. They're also farther apart which would be the case if she just got them done.

No. 29361

is it her goal to look as revolting as possible, or…?

No. 29362

She panders to the bimbofication and inflation fetish communities. So yeah basically

No. 29363

She looks like a blow up doll. It’s gross.

Also I can’t believe the day has come that the rest of the fellowship basically dumped kelly. She is barely hanging on by a thread.

No. 29364

She looks like a blow up doll. It’s gross.

Also I can’t believe the day has come that the rest of the fellowship basically dumped kelly. She is barely hanging on by a thread.

No. 29365

She looks like a blow up doll. It’s gross.

Also I can’t believe the day has come that the rest of the fellowship basically dumped kelly. She is barely hanging on by a thread.

No. 29366

She looks like a blow up doll. It’s gross.

Also I can’t believe the day has come that the rest of the fellowship basically dumped kelly. She is barely hanging on by a thread.

No. 29367

When was the last time any of them except Phi hung out with her? It's been months

No. 29368

Her breasts look like rocks. why would someone do this to themselves? nasty af

No. 29369

File: 1544544548835.png (141.54 KB, 747x791, IMG_7987.PNG)

The photo on the left is old not new. She says in the comments it's from her first patreon set

No. 29370

File: 1544562121908.png (945.5 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7984.PNG)

Fellowship 2.0

No. 29371

I mean…it’s a better group

No. 29372

I have to agree. They seem like they actually like each other.

No. 29373

I stan.

No. 29374

File: 1545416045228.png (770.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181221-194516.png)

Anyone knows more about this

No. 29375

So their relationship isnt fake?

No. 29376

Even if it's 'real', it's probably mostly just more publicity for Dre.

This wouldn't be Dre's first foray in to queer baiting. Or just straight up relationship baiting to get people to pay attention and follow her.

No. 29377

Even if it's 'real', it's probably mostly just more publicity for Dre.

This wouldn't be Dre's first foray in to queer baiting. Or just straight up relationship baiting to get people to pay attention and follow her.

No. 29378

Even if it's 'real', it's probably mostly just more publicity for Dre.

This wouldn't be Dre's first foray in to queer baiting. Or just straight up relationship baiting to get people to pay attention and follow her.

No. 29379

Who are all these people? Left to right ? I only recognize Dre.

No. 29380

File: 1545498164938.png (289.83 KB, 749x1085, IMG_8119.PNG)

No. 29381

Looks like a new fellowship. Katie and Dre were a part of kelly’s now dissolved group

Also I think dre fucks around with a lot of people (m & f) anyways..but Jesse and Dre are taking advantage of their young followers liking the stupid ships/fiction bs. They both have a ton of followers so it’s likely a lot of them will go to each gal

No. 29382

File: 1545927602809.jpg (761.35 KB, 2048x2048, 8E22A467-EB83-4919-A8CE-C0BB14…)

I think Stephanie may have gotten bigger boobs looking at the different here. Left is new photo. Right is old.

No. 29383

I think she just gained weight, there's a lot more chest fat on the left image whereas the right is more firm.

No. 29384

Been wondering what those surgeries she talked about were.

No. 29385

File: 1545960602578.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181227-202604.png)

Dre's moving to NYC. Kinda wanted an apartment tour just to see how her room changed from the one at the Doll house

No. 29386

I think she got the bbl surgery/Lipo

No. 29387

NYC is crazy expensive. ugh. No one wants her ass there either

No. 29388

Living there “for a bit” typically implies work. Maybe she got a gig/some kind of contract in New York?
Time will tell. Unless she pulls a typical Dre by responding “UGH HOW RUDE AND INSENSITIVE HOW DARE YOU ASK” to even the politest of questions.

Dre’s biggest problem is and will always be how she chooses to speak to her audience. She’s young so maybe she’ll learn? But as of now she’s so rude and condescending that I can’t figure out how she has a fan base.

No. 29389

File: 1546399332966.png (195.53 KB, 745x935, IMG_8235.PNG)

This boob job is just ridiculous. Is she trying to be like penny underbust? also she just looks so disproportionate since her head and shoulders are small since she's not an hourglass. end rant

No. 29390

File: 1546820557551.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6209.PNG)

She used to be so cute

No. 29391

I think Steph has extreme body dysmorphia. She was really cute and adorable and now she looks dead eyed and empty in all of her photos and videos (especially the porn ones). She looks really ridiculous now too, there was a video of her running in a thong swimsuit and it was really disturbing. Her boobs look like straight up boulders about to explode taped to her chest and her lips look like a baboon's ass. It's sad

No. 29392

Agreed. I see old photos of her and she was so pretty. I don’t understand why she decided to ruin herself.

No. 29393

File: 1547247304994.png (158.45 KB, 750x1334, 808ADFC0-64AA-4414-B9F5-9A397F…)

samefag but I just saw this on Courtney’s Twitter. Why do I feel like this involves Kelly somehow? She seems to have been pretty ostracized from the fellowship lately.

No. 29394

File: 1547252582842.png (58.13 KB, 598x248, cd.png)

No. 29395

that's stephanie on the right?! Wow. The amount of weight she's gained is INSANE. easily 50 or 60 pounds.

No. 29396

File: 1547436870099.png (116.51 KB, 750x639, IMG_8375.PNG)

This is why people have a hard time thinking of Stephanie as a "serious cosplayer". Because it looks like it's headed towards porn

No. 29397

File: 1547440436114.jpeg (420.23 KB, 1486x2009, D739CA14-45FC-4E4B-91C2-0487E2…)

>>29390 this was just on her insta stories. She was so pretty, kind of looked like a young Stevie Nicks. I’m glad she feels better and isn’t starving herself anymore. She just went waaaay in the opposite direction.

No. 29398

Ed is hard, but there’s a difference between learning how to manage your weight and self esteem in a healthy way from not caring at all and gaining so much weight that you become fat/overweight.

No. 29399

Not to defend Steph but I went through the same thing in my ED recovery. It’s very difficult to learn a healthy relationship with food when you’re first “allowing” yourself to eat again. I went from having a restrictive eating disorder to healthy for a bit, to having a binge eating disorder. It’s easy to swing like a pendulum before settling into normal habits. And I hope she does.

No. 29400

she looks like a cheap blow up doll.

No. 29401

To be a jerk. I feel like only reason she loves her body now is because of she giant fake boobs that she gets so much attention for.

No. 29402

It seems like a vague dig to Kelly and explains Kelly's last Tweets. Just gonna passive-aggressive update online instead of resolving your invented conflict

No. 29403

This is an awful photo. I agree with anons saying she used to look better. Even these implants (or smaller ones) on a slimmer figure would look so much better. Looking good is her job so this is just confusing. Awkward and corny

No. 29404

Pearshaped body+implants=you end up looking fatter than you are

Both her and Kelly did this and look worse as a result.

No. 29405

Super childish, damn emo scene made these bitches stupid. "I am so sad, I am gonna go to social media and post my heart out, no one understands me, I have a matching tatoo, I am gonna go and post the saddest thing, now go find me on twitch, My emo self is gonna play a game now, sad gammer girl". If this person is Envy > then I am happy because she was annoying!

No. 29406

Oh lord, this is so shooped! Wish she took some classes or tutorials on photoshop 101. I love the legoland photoshoot (posted along time ago on her IG, I am too lazy to find it, 2 years ago) but the chairs and bench she was sitting on looked so warped in the back to make her stomach thin which is very opposite of herr "thick look at me". Steph you don't need photoshop!

No. 29407

Probably learned all of it from Kelly lol

Except for the Twitch because Kelly never got her shit together enough to stream like she promised everyone hah. Not surprising though, she's probably too scared that she'll get called out in chat and you can't photoshop a livestream

No. 29408

File: 1547780109219.png (64.24 KB, 536x256, c.png)

kek, meanwhile Kelly is tweeting and instagramming about how alone, depressed, betrayed, etc she feels

No. 29409

The fact she wrote "ya girl" when kelly's catchphrase is "ya boy"

The pettiness of these cows

No. 29410

Wow, its a jab. Courtney follows the shit out of some canadian cosplayer and found someone else to attach herself to for fame. I don't think any of them have been close for sometime. Growth of cows to other new cows.

No. 29411

File: 1547963747171.png (870.36 KB, 1366x594, cd.png)

Courtney dyed her hair blue. It looks quite nice on her. Wonder if this is why they fought kek

No. 29412

I doubt they ended their friendship over hair dye, however shallow the friendship may have been. P sure Courtney just had enough of Kelly’s toxic behavior and being an accessory for Kelly rather than actual friend.

No. 29413

It looks like a wig, I don't know why she does those 5-year-olds experimental bangs. She's gorgeous without them

No. 29414

Has anyone figured out what Dre is doing in NY yet? In a recent comments she mentioned now she's only staying for a month, I thought it was a whole year?

No. 29415

I feel like she just there to hang out with Chris villain while he does stuff there

No. 29416

>>29414 She said she was going to be “living there” for a bit, but when someone asked for how long she said a month. Like when I lived in Hawaii. I actually just went on vacation for 10 days kek

No. 29417

To feel important and validated that she is in another stinky city. 'Surprise special announcement, I will be in NY for a year living there, oh wait a month, my mom who is mean is lending me moneyz oh my goth, I can go for a month. She is a NY resident now.

No. 29418

I remember someone saying Envy was a drama starter and got a gal group to fight and hate each other in Florida and people hated her in the cosplay community? Wonder if Envy just added fire to the fuel that was there.

No. 29419


No. 541516

No. 29420

File: 1548103616325.jpg (529 KB, 2048x2048, 3DAFA8FD-A008-43D0-9CFA-3CF15D…)

Screen shot of video on the left vs shooped photo on the right

No. 29421

File: 1548104907371.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, girls-laughing.png)

>that mooseknuckle on the right

No. 29422

File: 1548105252311.jpg (737.73 KB, 2048x2048, 50A4B4F6-E272-4870-9B00-6C1A77…)

It gets worse. It's gotta be so awkward to be on vacation and be like let me take photos for my fans

No. 29423

She looks so ugly, distorted and taking a shit. How can anyone find this attractive?

No. 29424

What the fuck kind of pose is this? This makes my back hurt looking at it

No. 29425

So it's official, Kelly has unfollowed all of the failoship except Claire and Lindsay (and Katie, for some reason) and vice versa

No. 29426

File: 1548117025832.jpg (181.55 KB, 1080x1092, IMG_20190122_002908.jpg)

Ehh crotchless or very badly shooped? She looks horrendous on all these pics.

No. 29427

It's all badly shopped. She shoops her boobs to make them look bigger and perky

No. 29428

wtf is this? lmao. i too enjoy squatting and looking off into the distance while i adjust my ill-fitting swimwear.

the shoop on the one on right makes it look like her legs are on backwards.

No. 29429

Imagine wearing a wig on vacation at the beach. And spending thousands on blow-up doll tits just to shop them bigger

No. 29430

kelly, steph, and dre are all still following each other on twitter and ig

No. 29431

File: 1548179999008.jpg (66.78 KB, 400x312, IMG_0995.JPG)


Stop bringing it up in both threads. It's not milk

No. 29432

Dre just posted on her IG story “an article about my family from 17 years ago just came to light. Maybe I should come clean about my family on my channel.”

Anyone know what this milk bait is about???

No. 29433


No. 29434

File: 1548274134039.png (99.35 KB, 750x909, IMG_8547.PNG)

Those lips are tragic

No. 29705


A more info please

No. 30500

File: 1548898964611.png (Spoiler Image,247.88 KB, 750x1192, IMG_8670.PNG)

This video teaser that Stephanie posted is just so awkward. It really makes me think that her husband is influencing her to do these things. The faces she makes are lack luster and it's got to so weird to be flashing your tits in public all the time especially while on vacation. The running video she has in there really shows how much she photoshops her images. But you know body positivity and love the body your have etc

No. 30512

He works in film/TV and films all these videos. To put it one way, these are all the sexy videos he'd make of her anyway but he is ensuring she monetizes it. It would be different if her SO wasn't right there encouraging and filming everything, I wonder if she'd even have the boob job, or be making these videos and photos.

No. 30538

From what i've heard he encouraged her to have the boob job because he's into the breast expansion fetish. She also claims to be asexual so if that's true, money is the only reason she does this shit.

No. 31205

She has a personal reddit where she posts shit like this (and more graphic) constantly

No. 31253

File: 1549051474642.png (2.75 MB, 1536x2048, E4ED3CDF-9205-4009-A20F-D76DF5…)

Announced on social media that she “landed her dream job”. Mentions it several times.
But how dare someone ask what that new job is because it has nothing to do with social media.
How ever could she get her work done when everyone will be going there to take her picture???
Im ToO fAmOuS

No. 31258

I don’t see anything wrong with this comment.
I was at Disney once when dre was there and she was swarmed with people.
Her fans are all little kids. So I’m sure they’d actually do that.
She could at least say it’s “makeup” or “film” or whatever though

No. 31300

She does sound a little stuck up. She has 200k followers. I'm sure half of them are spam accounts. And who is going to swarm her in nyc? it probably has to do with makeup, but yeah. it's not like she's working at cvs and anyone can just come in.

No. 31330

How are all of these thots getting banned left and right and yet she’s never been hit? She posts uncensored nips all the time.

No. 31351

File: 1549126550451.png (119.08 KB, 750x996, IMG_8736.PNG)

Instagram doesn't care about boobs Or if she's pretending to finger herself

No. 31452

this is bullshit.
Her last "real" job was at morphe in burbank. she herself said she left for youtube, not because she was "too famous" and people were stalking her at work. I've been to that exact morphe store, there is literally a security guard on duty. Anyone who was being weird or making her uncomfortable would be escorted out.

No. 31604

I think Courtney ended her friendship with Kelly Eden because the friend Courtney talked about on who Kelly doesn't like is Vivka.

No. 32177

Go on…..?

No. 32195

File: 1549406772360.jpeg (300.99 KB, 1563x1563, 6EF65134-5A51-4725-BAA0-9D7D27…)

So Kota and Tommy are in a poly relationship it seems?

No. 32202

>>32195 I thought this was common knowledge. The girl in Kota's "coming out" video was her/their gf.

No. 32205

Shit sorry I’d completely forgotten about that tbh but never really considered Tommy’s inclusion 🤷🏻‍♀️

No. 32225

The way she phrased those answers makes it seem like a current situation. They do share the house so possibly a relationship is happening with third or fourth parties

Explains Tommy's bemused expression he always has.

No. 32414

What??? I am confused. I thought Kota and her husband were married?? Now are they all marriedz?

No. 32456

The other folks in their poly relationship aren't married to them. That's polygamy and illegal in the US. Married poly folks will date others.

No. 32527



No. 33148

Kota's coming out video with rosepetalpalace. They were heavily involved before kota and tommy got married ( fall 2016) and then rosepetal broke it off and got a boyfriend. Now rosepetal has shown up in kota's fadedfaeriephoto account and on her kotawade stories.

No. 33450

Dre and Steph were at the movies together on Dres insta story and no sign of Kelly
(Sorry not sure how to post pics)

No. 33461

File: 1550030964502.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8869.PNG)

Super serious cosplayer steph with her nips about to pop out

No. 33465

katsucon has become thotcon and it's really depressing.

No. 33488

Get a corset that fits over the boobs- its not the playboy convention and cosplayer really hate that you show up because they work hard on their outfits while you just playboy everything, also photographers don't like taking pictures of you because they don't want to do porn lewd crap on someone so desperate, you are 35 years old!!

No. 33635

On Phi's instagram, she posted a photo of herself with short hair and talked about how Satan doesn't have a gender, so why should she? She tagged Envy, which lead to her instagram. Envy also has short hair and is talking about being androgynous and having dysphoria.

Talk about cringe. Why can't they just be women with short hair that want to present in a more masculine way and leave it at that? Oh, right, because that won't give you the same kind of attention. Phi and Envy are both another example of boring girls trying to opt out of being a woman in order to appear more interesting and gain more fans.

I wonder how long it will be before Phi "comes out" as non-binary and tells everyone to call her "they/them", that's how predictable this nonsense is.

(sorry for no pictures, my print screen button isn't working and I don't know how else to save an instagram post or else I'd upload the photos)

No. 33642

Envy is extremely female, so is Phi, they obviously don't realize, by suggesting that short hair = I is boi now/I have no gender is restricting the gender boundary even more

No. 33671


Exactly. Snowflakes like Phi and Envy think they're being so "progressive" and "woke" when they say they don't feel like women because they like short hair and looking masculine. It's Onion tier levels of stupidity, yet here we are. This fad is doing nothing but reinforcing gender roles. It's so regressive and annoying that women can't just be women anymore.

Calling it now, I give it less than a week before Phi is asking everyone to use they/them pronouns.

No. 36240

File: 1550459622419.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8940.PNG)

at least she knows she's a thot. But also asexual.

No. 36241

File: 1550459648637.png (1.93 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8939.PNG)

Same fag with another photo

No. 36655

ngl that hair color kinda suits her

but the rest.. y i k e s

contacts don't do her any favors either, she looks even more dead inside

No. 37048

Oh snap … she is looking like Blac Chyna

No. 37535

File: 1551039083117.png (Spoiler Image,177.71 KB, 750x1096, IMG_9005.PNG)

Oh so she's the one that had the hentai panel that turned into an orgy at katsucon. Her asexuality is showing (not!)

No. 37546


She calls it lewds but it's porn.

No. 37657

Every picture she is hiding her boob scars.

No. 38010

File: 1551291645728.png (207.52 KB, 1283x533, dumb.png)

Here we have Phi claiming she prefers the pronouns 'they/them'. Place your bets now: How long before she ends up coming out as a nonbinary transgender male?

What I find hilarious about this pronoun conversation is how unsure about it Phi seems. Like this wasn't even something she thought about until this girl asked her about it, and now she's just saying what she thinks she is supposed to say. It really looks like Phi is just playing a LARP character and she forgot her character stats.

Phi, since I know you lurk here: you're still a woman. Wearing different clothes and making your appearance more masculine doesn't change that fact. Why can't you just be an androgynous woman or a masculine woman? Stop drinking the LA UwU koolaid and being just like everyone else.

No. 38024

She's the fakest people-pleaser I am yet to see on social media. She'd cut off her arm if it meant people would like her more.

No. 38026

she's so vile. this is why the cosplay community is shit, because of stupid whores like her and the mini momokuns

No. 38027

well, anon called it.

phi is stupid snowfake bitch who honestly thinks short hair = masculine

No. 38051

File: 1551312010829.png (131.28 KB, 750x514, IMG_9042.PNG)

She doesn't even know how to pose. Why is she in the front with that big peacock tail

No. 38222

She looks more attractive than the girls behind her, presumably. The three at the back on the viewer's right look pretty, but I can see why Stef is at the front.

No. 38286

It's hard to tell when she's covering them up. Since this is a group photo it would be nice to see the entire group. But she has to be the center of attention

No. 38316

File: 1551479483224.png (685.44 KB, 631x761, pressflasses.png)

this is the saddest thing i've seen. she fucked herself up big time

No. 38322

She was so pretty and down to earth looking before. Like someone you would want to be friends with. But now she just looks like a cheap bimbo blow up doll. That doesn't have a thought in her head besides sex

No. 38324

wow anon it’s like she markets herself to people with bimbo fetish…

No. 38330

nta but wow anon its almost like most people find that disgusting.

No. 38331

different strokes for different folks anon, I was only trying to point out that “she just looks like a cheap bimbo blow up doll. That doesn't have a thought in her head besides sex” is exactly what she’s going for most of the time

No. 38357

She actually had a natural beauty. It's extremely sad how plastic, fake and like a sex doll for men to use and objectify she looks now. She's way passed loving herself

No. 38358

Two different anons

But it's gross and it sucks that it's making it so that people think this is what the cosplay world is about when it's not. People like her, momokun, nigri etc are the problem. Soon people will think about cosplay like they do about furries. That it's all about lewds and sex

No. 38373

I think they already do anon. That ship has sailed. If you do cosplay it's definitely assumed you have a lewd patreon to go with it, or stream your boobs to incels on Twitch

No. 38539

File: 1551648435164.png (423.74 KB, 581x473, sad.png)

More sad

No. 38709

I feel like it must be so weird for herself to look at that difference. She looks like two different people. Or is she like really happy that she looks the way she looks now and hated the way she looked before?

No. 38831

No one goes to the extremes she did to change her appearance if they like the way they looked originally. Plus she's raking in the big bucks with her bimbo routine so why wouldn't she be happy.

No. 38927

Big bucks but she wanted to be sonico but ended up pochaco.

No. 40822

File: 1553219924854.png (Spoiler Image,250.62 KB, 750x1239, IMG_9374.PNG)

She's so gross she's using a poor cat in her videos to undress her.

And she's photoshopping her stomach so much. #selflove and body positivity

No. 40824

File: 1553220700276.jpeg (76.99 KB, 698x867, 5C522029-ACE3-48CD-A279-F2FCF1…)

it’s a shiny dangling string and the cat hops up into frame to bat at it. being cheeky with the cat yes, but using the cat to undress herself? not exactly. she doesn’t make his claw get stuck

No. 40839

In the end the cat does end up pulling her bikini off

No. 41026


She looks like she ate her former self and is just a breeder now with no brain cells left for a single though. Not a good look.

No. 44178

She is turning into Envy ! holyshit

No. 44179

Sorry for missing the 'sage'

No. 44220

this is so creepy. its like bimboification transformation wank art. she's nothing but living fetish fuel and it's weird as fuck.

No. 44244

File: 1555389819566.jpeg (Spoiler Image,129.69 KB, 699x1243, D99CB6D4-C19F-4EF8-9A62-FA04C0…)

Screen shot of a short video Stephanie posted in her subreddit… I don’t know how those guys are able to keep it up when she’s dancing in a tub that looks that crusty(emojis)

No. 44262

This is genuinely depressing as hell. I wonder if living this lifestyle has burnt her out and that's why she thinks she's some sort of asexual now. I know WKs would respond that she's making money and living the glamorous life of being some chick online guys jack off to, but living in filth as a sex object and not accomplishing anything real or creative is just a waste.

No. 44333

She hid her Patreon earnings when lolcow started sharing it, last time I remember it was close to $16,000 a month. Yet, she has a towel as a curtain and cracked caulking on the shower. Men, the only thing you need to pull out is a caulking gun. AND those lipo marks eww. Maybe her money went to butt injection and her husbands failing career.

No. 44832

Stephanie looks like Pete Burns

No. 44854

Anyone know if Molly McIsaac has her own thread? She's a nightmare and just vaguebooked some spiral post that she deleted the other day. I know aside from dog sitting for Kelly a few months ago, she isn't part of the fellowship but boy do I have some somewhat new and caps of old milk.

No. 44932

When did Kelly and Steph have a falling out? They do not follow each other on Instagram anymore, it seems like everything fizzled out pretty quietly..

No. 44933


If it's milk then post it dude. She's fellowship adjacent so this is a good place.

No. 44999

File: 1556150032618.jpg (868.04 KB, 806x2386, JgygVCK.jpg)

Speaking of Molly… I've never seen someone self diagnose symptoms as much as she does.

Profile is her backup cause she keeps getting banned on her main for attacking and calling out all the terrible things men do to her life.

No. 45039

File: 1556167254953.png (8.9 MB, 1242x2208, 552C930B-258A-489B-ACF8-C7D62A…)

No. 45040

>Profile is her backup cause she keeps getting banned on her main for attacking and calling out all the terrible things men do to her life.
Why would her facebook get deleted just for that? I wouldn't be surprised if she was making shit up just like with her self diagnoses. kek

I hate chicks like Molly so much. She is some spoiled woman who acts like she is so much better than the rest of us because she is so woke and alt.

No. 45049

File: 1556178618591.png (6.65 MB, 1242x2208, 9730E2A3-0B2E-4F04-A689-A26D36…)

I don’t think Phi and Kelly are living together anymore. Phi is staying at her mums.

No. 45053

File: 1556182591860.png (2.01 MB, 750x1334, 76774167-4F63-4BE1-BA29-0CD477…)

No her mom came to visit

No. 45057

And her mom and aunt are staying at kelly's or another place?

No. 45093

She's got to be staying at another place while her mum is in town, because Kelly doesn't have an upstairs. (I mean, there's another apartment unit I believe, but not hers.)

No. 45104

Maybe they are staying at her aunts ?

No. 45172

File: 1556251472739.jpg (236.97 KB, 1080x819, 4kF43Y7.jpg)

Welp, look who wants to follow down Steph's path and be disgusting.
I'm honestly surprised she hasn't already gotten lip fillers. She looks toothless when she smiles.

No. 45182

File: 1556261311848.jpg (66.4 KB, 720x720, 46491823_2373600499534312_1583…)

She'd look better with lip fillers than the absolutely horrible way she overlines her lips now. You can clearly see where her real lip ends and it is so ugly.

No. 45378

These bitches are so gross, in the way they act like women have to be extreme petite waifus or boobilious bimbos with no in between. It's crazy how they're women but objectify themselves.

No. 45381

File: 1556390388412.png (136.97 KB, 750x867, IMG_9941.PNG)

She's so gross. Don't expose yourself in public. Flashing her boobs to trump probably isn't the right way to send what ever message she wants to send

No. 45389

We want the Molly milk. I don’t get why she claims to be such a feminist and then wants to objectify herself with massive tits and lips. Even though honestly she is someone who actually NEEDS lip fillers cuz yikes.

No. 45391

She's a feminist because it gives her woke points and clout points. And because it lets her look down on other people. Also because a lot of modern "feminism" is ok about women objectifying themselves because it's their choice.

No. 45557

Some Old Molly Milk of the past:

- Posts hauls of finding all sorts of 'vintage' clothes that she thrifted and makes a big deal in posts about how she will not share where she shops cause she makes a profit on thrifting and doesn't want anyone to steal her spots.

-Posts about how terrified she is about being stalked by her ex but posts her address all over facebook for random people to come to film parties and gatherings at her house. Also uses her real address to ship to anyone who buys clothing from her.

- Let a known predator who stalked Sean Astin and she hardly knew infiltrate her friend group and even LIVE with her. (See: Andrew Blake, this story continues as Claire recently posted about him trying to contact her again)

- On facebook 30 day ban at least 5+ times now after being on her feminist high horse saying how terrible white men are.

- Claims that she is a SJW and still goes on to call white people 'mayo' and get into fights with people online about cultural appropriation. Most notably, arguing how wrong
white woman are for getting dreads but how it's okay for her (white) friend to have a geisha photoshoot.

- Clothing Hoarder. Seriously, she has a separate bedroom just for her clothes and still can't even pick them up off the floor. She's also pulling a Kelly by selling things as new or lightly worn when she has worn them out.

No. 45558

File: 1556555148498.jpg (672.22 KB, 810x3160, VNbcWs8.jpg)


Here's the post that Claire made about a month ago regarding the creepy predator that Molly let into their lives.

No. 45665

This isn’t even the milkiest of it.

-known scammer who likes to claim to be “so broke” to get people to pay for/buy things for her

-scams tattoo artists for free tattoos in exchange for “promotion,” until they realize that she doesn’t have the following she says she does and can’t actually bring them business, so she finds a new artist to scam.

-Apparently works in “PR” despite not knowing what she’s doing. Her only clients are her friends who have too much money to blow. The only thing she really does for her “clients” is buy them followers.

-Has been fired from any actual job she’s ever had for constantly being late, sitting on social media all day not doing any work, and skipping out of work to go get tattoos/go to Disneyland

-is an alcoholic. Hardcore. She’s admitted this herself before and calls herself a “functional alcoholic.”

-used to be a stripper. Says she “worked at a bar.” Despite claiming to support sex workers and be sex-positive she still lies about having been a stripper.

-major social climber. Tries to infiltrate any popular group she can.

-ran a gofundme to raise money to get breast implants years ago. Never got the surgery obviously. Ran off with the money.

I’m sure there’s more that I can’t think of right now.

No. 45678


A highschool classmate of mine was on Fangasm with her. Said she was incredibly obnoxious irl and in what was edited.

No. 45709


well, that's a good way to guarantee a terrible tattoo

No. 45792

File: 1556746459163.jpg (522.94 KB, 1080x1652, xMKoO4p.jpg)

"This personality trait is what makes me such an awesome publicist"


No. 45833

File: 1556763783179.jpg (1023.89 KB, 810x3154, ngbng5j.jpg)

You feel like you sold out cause you have, Molly.

Everything about her is faceted to get attention and feeling that need to fit in. Maybe this is what happens when you're homeschooled and only had internet friends growing up.

But for real though, what kind of makeover show do you all think this is for? Surgery or just a closet swap kinda deal?

No. 45851

File: 1556774468053.png (559.73 KB, 526x655, molly.png)

You feel like youre selling out because you are, molly. You don't want or need the makeover, you're just doing it for money. That's the definition of selling out.

She says they're not going to change her hair, so what are they going to do? Just dress her in a different oufit? She can do that on her own. Theres nothing stopping her from doing natural makeup and putting on a normal outfit. She's done that plenty of times before when she had a job and had to go to events in a professional capacity. You don't even have to scroll that far back on her instagram to find pictures of her looking pretty normal.

They can't get rid of her tattoos and she said they're not going to change her hair so what are they going to do to change her appearance much more than this?

No. 45864

She can be really self obsessed and dense.

No. 45876

File: 1556796875042.jpg (582.89 KB, 616x760, r19b6wo.jpg)


The fact that she dressed up over the top on purpose for this interview hoping it would help her get it makes it obvious what her intentions were.

Half of her photos lately on fb or twitter are her living that 'chicken lady' life and wearing no makeup with hair up in a sloppy bun.

Its clear that she wanted to get cast and any remorse and sadness she feels is just her identity crisis talking and need for attention.

Of course, shes just one of those people who need the attention and wants to be on reality tv, regardless of how they 'falsely portray' her.

She was just posting recently how she auditioned and was upset she hadnt heard back from WWE after telling everyone she was going to be the next Paige.

No. 45882

I really hate rich white woke women who sit on their ass all day scolding people while acting sooo high and mighty.

I am rolling my eyes so hard on this one. Cry me a fucking river.

No. 46152

File: 1556868782324.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1523, DE6A18A9-9D7C-442D-86FE-7D30D6…)

I do feel like Molly deserves her own thread. She calls herself an “Internet personality” but she’s not, except when she manufactures drama to try to draw attention to herself. It seems like every day she’s having some new crisis.

No. 46153

She admits that she didn’t know this person and divulged personal information to them and was surprised when she got burned. How stupid can you be?

No. 46158

Is this Andy Blake aka Amy Player aka Jordan Wood aka Victoria Bitter aka Thanfiction? Because hoo boy that’s some vintage fandom milk.

No. 46176

Yes it is, thanfiction came back with a new name qned tried to infiltrate the LA nerd group via molly

No. 46317

File: 1557003911974.jpg (592.34 KB, 1065x1278, Screenshot_20190504-140303.jpg)

No. 46320

you know what’s annoying and insufferable? posting things like this on your Facebook. surely this raises more questions from people who don’t get it.

No. 46332

the fuck is this mary sue monologuing shit

bitch probably self posts itt

No. 46334

>hey everyone who follows me on facebook with any curiosity, please google my name to find the 5 posts about me in the "calves of Kelly Eden" thread on lolcow, I am very special

No. 46347

"someone had sent me" gtfo.

We know nobody sent it to you and that you lurk here with hopes of reliving your five short minutes of internet fame

No. 46356

File: 1557042073203.jpg (728.23 KB, 1080x1593, Screenshot_20190505-003804.jpg)

this is a public status btw

No. 46357

a glass of wine per night, if you have it every night seems like alcoholism to me…

No. 46358

File: 1557043733149.jpg (182.72 KB, 990x386, Screenshot_20190505-010711.jpg)


she also has reported physical withdrawal symptoms in the past :/ i hope she gets help

No. 46361


This self worth BS matches Kelly's posts from Twitter. And also if she is talking about lurking on here, arent most the posts even mentioning her from her recent daily pity posts? She puts herself out for the world to see and shares everything.

It does seem like she needs some help with the drinking if she was having withdrawls that badly. Hope she really is getting the help she needs from whoever is in her life.

No. 46406

File: 1557083008883.png (4.35 MB, 750x1334, D0AF8E58-2B95-4F06-BB6C-6AB2B9…)

Do you think Phi moved out and is no longer living with Kelly? She seems to be posting from her aunt’s place a lot.

No. 46410

She probably just needs a break from Kelly and her neediness

No. 46417

File: 1557092098502.jpg (88.15 KB, 640x697, IMG_0070.JPG)

Stephanie has been tweeting that's she's sad and burnt out

No. 46418

File: 1557092140050.jpg (54.71 KB, 640x381, IMG_0071.JPG)

No. 46424

>make your whole "career" about your body
>get surgical procedures to take said body centric career to extremes
>"Why do ppl treat me like I am only my body :((("

One thing I dont get about girls who choose to be a thot for a living is when you act like a stereotype, dress like a stereotype, get surgeries to appear like a stereotype and go as far as make money off of BEING a stereotype… how can you possibly be offended people approach you as one?
When you make 90% of your life your body you can't get upset nobodys instinctive reaction is to ask you about your amateur art hobby or whatever you spend those 2hrs out of your day on.
Idk you dont see Ronald McDonald depressed that people think hes a clown.

No. 46440

I used to love Steph, she seems so negative now, ever since she's been hanging out exclusively with the sad girls club, Envy, Dre, Courtney and Vivka.

I find it odd that she's frustrated with nobody taking her seriously when she paid thousands of dollars to feed into a sexist stereotype, the bimbo. You know that was a stereotype created to discredit women so nobody would take them seriously, right? It's kind of poetic, actually. I don't have anything against sex workers but, I feel like most girls know going into it what they are sacrificing for easy money.

All I know is, both Steph and Kelly are horrible without each other. It's like they made each other tolerable. I don't know what I ever saw in them. The failowship has really gone down the shitter since Courtney moved there and Envy joined. I hope Phi leaves soon, she was such a flop.

No. 46452

I actually thought the same thing, Stephanie and Kelly seemed to balance each other out really well when they hung out on camera. Both were more appealing in the other person's company.
Phi is just boring - worse, she's cringe-inducingly fake, which is bad because her job is as an actress and she's a bad one.
I think Dre and Steph were good/better with Kelly and vice versa. Steph is really boring now, absolutely agree with >>46424 too, I guess she's regretting the bimbofication. Maybe her patrons have got bored now and the money isn't so good. Anyone would get bored and regretful at times, if having giant fake boobs and wearing a thong was their entire life. Even Belle Delphine has more variety. Maybe she can save up, get a reduction, and rebrand.

No. 46506

How is Dream Daddy a notable PR project?

No. 46507

Yeah I don’t get that. It was popular because of the game grumps, it didn’t need or seem to benefit from whatever extra promotion she did for it.

No. 46540

File: 1557187612020.png (119.5 KB, 750x694, IMG_0075.PNG)

That Photoshop on her stomach to make it look flat. If she's so for body positive and self love she should leave it the way it is. Such a hypocrite.

No. 46554

You're gonna mention that and not the absolute nightmare that is her face?

I never noticed before that her tit job is uneven too. one of her nipples is a good inch higher than the other.

No. 46566

It really sucks she did this to herself. With or without photoshop that body is grotesque.

No. 46984

It took her a year to upload this video and she looks like a hot mess. Its so sad she cant even get through making a video without drinking.

No. 46994

Where are her lips?

No. 46997

File: 1557510700149.jpg (171.96 KB, 425x198, sK5ErEj.jpg)


That makeup… Yikes.

Nobody even cares about these boring haul videos anyways. She doesn't do anything to make them different and stand out from other youtubers except yelling at her animals and drinking wine while showing off the money she wasted.

No. 47079

File: 1557550815628.png (757.36 KB, 750x1334, 1E3590D0-CCF7-4B86-8E11-98ACA0…)

Here she goes over sharing on social media again. Her alcohol problem probably contributes to this bad habit.

No. 47097

Absolutely nobody:
Molly: I had an abortion. I was raped. I bled everywhere and had to go to hospital but I don't regret it.

I sympathise with this story but I don't understand the purpose of randomly telling it. I assume it is a subtweet/Facebook-vague directed towards a pro-life friend, considering the recent news stories regarding abortion laws, but if you need to talk to someone via subtweets you shouldn't care that much about their opinon in the first place. Like you are not close enough to DM them? Don't waste your time and embarrass yourself. With the onset of weaselgate, I wonder if Twitter will become the new place for oversharing, replacing Facebook.

No. 47135


She's only playing on the whole Busy Phillip's story that was trending a couple days ago cause she came out on national television. Molly is probably just hoping to get added to a "Trending: Women come out and tell their abortion stories" feature on Twitter. She always plays on trends hoping for new followers and then posts "look guys! People are either loving or hating me on the internet!" Screencaps to her Facebook.

No. 47173

File: 1557619293351.jpg (87.96 KB, 600x242, no.jpg)

Nah, it's a thing, people are sharing their stories about abortions they have had that would now be illegal under the heartbeat bill to show the many legitimate reasons to have an abortion after 6 weeks. This is a petty nitpick.

Can we talk about how thirsty ass Stephanie "take me seriously uwu" Michelle was just on twitter the other day asking someone to pay her $1200 to sniff her feet? She went on another huge twitter rant trying to be taken seriously as a cosplayer despite the fact that she just gets a wig, thong and a bikini top for a costume, meanwhile other people spend months making their full costumes with props. lmao

I don't think I've ever seen an e-thot have to beg for customers before. Times must be tough, maybe she should have gone for mass appeal instead of some very niche fetish for which she's exhausted her customer base already.

No. 47420

LOL, burnout ? from having a fake job? Try working three jobs Stephanie because shit doesn't get handed to you by your family. You made yourself into a bimbo because some Asian dude cheated on you.

No. 47496

some asian dude cheated on her? do tell

No. 47592

File: 1557879601470.png (176.61 KB, 575x572, sm.png)

Stephanie: preaches about body positivity etc
Also Stephanie: retweets crap like this

Steph has become more and more of a bigger cow as time has gone on. She's trash kek

No. 47666

File: 1557926170161.jpg (12.17 KB, 589x103, odRUTdO.jpg)

What notable thing has she written to call herself a writer? Just another excuse to explain her destructive behavior.

I bet she suffers from imposter syndrome, she doesn't even know who she is.

No. 47700


she writes popular fanfiction lol

No. 48004

A lozer asian guy cheater on her with a busty asian girl. So hence why she always felt inadequate when she was adaquate. She got with Justin who is a struggling film sound visual guy. Then became this e-thot. But her parents give her loadz of money.

No. 49125

Impostor syndrome is the term for the phenomenon of highly intelligent and accomplished women commonly questioning the authenticity of their achievements & abilities due to the chronic effects of sexism on their self-perception. It has nothing to do with lack of identity.

I feel like every unsaged post that's this level of retarded is probably one fellowship (or ex-fellowship member) taking a swipe at another, tbh.

No. 50026

Does anyone know what molly does for work?
She obviously doesn't have any kind of regular job but she's constantly going on trips and buying shit.
i'm so confused how these bitches survive in one of the most expensive cities in the world while doing nothing but taking selfies and whining about the patriarchy. I think the only members of the former fellowship who have actual jobs are claire and katie. maybe dre too

No. 50038

She’s a publicist, she mentions it pretty often on Facebook. I know she did PR for that game dream daddy when it came out and worked in a Hollywood firm for awhile but now she seems to be freelance. She said something recently about working for an international artist, which is I guess why she travels so much

No. 50039

File: 1558594626075.jpeg (205.22 KB, 1125x687, 384E99F4-990D-404C-8EA8-830FA1…)

Found the status

No. 50062

Imagine being this aggressive and then being surprised when people don't want to reach out to you. Perfect personality to be a publicist, though

No. 50064


Who’s even gossiping about what she does ? And what was the big secret why she wasn’t shouting this job she loves out to every corner on the internet. It isn’t like her to not just call out the person who is saying stuff about her. Molly’s always full of either rage, passive agressive attitude, thirsty for attention or what we can assume is making up scenarios to make herself seem interesting or a victim.

No. 50119

honestly idk what youre talking about, all I see molly post about anymore is her chickens & her wedding, she seems to have chilled out a lot

No. 50159

tbf, we are gossiping about what she does for work. So, it's not really that unbelievable that other people might be too.

No. 50544

Most publicists represent big clients, especially in LA, so it’s not weird she wouldn’t talk about it. She probably works for someone well known & has a discretion clause.

No. 50577

File: 1558725373256.jpeg (528.1 KB, 1125x1809, C49EB7FE-6D9A-4F94-8879-4208C6…)

lol THIS is her wedding dress?! did she not get enough attention as a child or what? she’s so annoying. and who the hell is stupid enough to marry this freak

No. 50588

>wedding dress reveal
>lets the dog roll around on it

gross. and wtf is that dress even?

No. 50610

File: 1558740979588.jpeg (365.43 KB, 1125x2186, 85D0E521-0520-4F6E-84FA-5A2C92…)

It’s a stupid ugly mess to hide how fat she is is what it is. What a hideous cow. I can’t beljeve her fiancé didn’t barf at the sight of her, I would run the other way if this was my girlfriend

No. 50611

you know how people make those tulle skirts by tying it around a waistband or whatever? this looks like someone just threw tulle all over her and the corset is what’s holding it to her

No. 50614

I’m usually on board with everything that’s said on here but is this really happening? Are we really dragging a woman for her choice of what she wants to do for her own wedding? This is getting so petty, I assume one of you must be Dre or Kelly hating on her because I can’t figure out why anyone else would be so angry at a girl who just seems to be living her life without hurting anyone

No. 50615

Like look at her. She’s happy. She’s in love. What has she done lately that’s bad? I wasn’t that familiar with her and I’ve been following her online for the last month because of this thread and she seems sweet and like she doesn’t do much except hang out with her chickens and dogs.

No. 50619


Yeah, farmers go too far sometimes. It's fun to make fun of cows' idiocy, so I think it's easy to forget that they don't exist only for our entertainment.

No. 50622

From what I’ve seen she doesn’t even seem to want to be internet famous anymore. She barely posts on Instagram. She makes videos but they seem to be things she thinks are fun and funny for herself, not for other people. I think this cow has been milked dry

No. 50640

I agree. This is just petty useless nitpicking.

No. 50661

I also agree. Leave her alone and let her be happy. Whoever wrote those cruel posts especially right before a wedding (cough Kelly) is obviously hateful and jealous of Molly and her relationship.

No. 50663

The amount of fellowship samefaggotry in this thread, holy crap…

Just so y'all know, it's really obvious when you're self-posting to white knight and shade each other.

Spill the tea on Kelly already. How many times has she made you look bad? Told your secrets? How many times has she ever apologized? She's playing y'all for suckers, smh.

No. 50698

i reaaally hope she didn't spend too much on this literal aliexpress tier LARP outfit.

no one is jelly of that, probably not even kelly. if we just ignored everyone who seemed to be happy and not hurting anyone, there'd only be 3 cows on the site.

No. 50746

File: 1558812632528.jpeg (350.73 KB, 1125x1788, 4F5C765D-E823-467D-87F3-1E6964…)

I don’t think her dress looks cheap, from the few pics she’s posted it seems to be really nice

No. 50778

Who the fuck posts their wedding dress before the wedding? It’s weird enough that she had a viewing party for it that involved her fiancé, why is she posting herself done up and wearing it? :s I can’t be the only one who finds that weird. Also, I just found her twitter which is full of lols

No. 50782

The desperate need to hate this poor woman is laughable. You obviously have a personal vendetta.

No. 50787

I agree, I don't get all the nitpicking on Molly. I find her to be a bit much and the alcoholism thing is sad but, I dunno, I really like her real life rpg style. I like the dress, the hair and the crown but I think she should do natural makeup with it and go with an elf queen kind of look. I think that the issue is the makeup is über goth and it clashes with the dress.

I also don't think Kelly would come in here and shit talk her since she's one of the few people Kelly is on good terms with now. I'm shocked Molly took her back after the fellowship banished her and were all sorts of petty about it. I guess that's probably what they bond over now. What a ruthless bunch of LA thot mean girls that just outcast anybody that ceases being useful to their career. It seems like the fellowship went downhill after Dre joined.

Dre was such a snowflake and was butt hurt all the time, and then they invited Envy in, who is the ultimate butt hurt snowflake, crying about her PCOS, that isn't even that unusual to have. Tons of women have it, they all work and maintain relationships.

Vivka has just always been a snobby bitch, she still has the ego of a late 2000s suicide girl but she's always been a butterface. Phi is just pathetic, god, I don't even know where to start on her, and even if I did, who would care?

No. 50789

uhhh no, i just find it extremely strange that someone would do these things so I’m commenting as much- which is the whole point of this website and these threads. If you don’t care to gossip maybe find a different site? ‍♀️(emoji)

No. 50793

You find it weird that someone is having a non-traditional wedding? You must not get out much.

No. 50796

Idk if you’re a child or just daft but I was clearly talking about what I’d mentioned earlier - that she got all done up to show everyone, including her fiancé, her dress (and let her dog lay on it) and posted photos of it before the wedding. Stop detailing with your stupidity/wk nonsense.

No. 50797

Yeah dude, I know, it's just not that weird. She's not Christian so it doesn't make sense for her to follow Christian tradition of not having people (especially your fiancé) see your dress before your wedding day. It's not unusual at all in the US. Take your vendetta to passive aggressive twitter comments, where they belong. A lot of people ask their fiancé's opinion on their dress before they purchase it even and have both parties involved in every part of the planning process, especially if it's a theme wedding. WKing requires defense without reasoning. You're attacking without reasoning, why is it weird to share every step of your wedding with your friends?

No. 50803

WKing Molly: check

Shifting blame from Kelly while pretending not to be her: check

Claiming the fellowship "banished" Kelly after she wasn't useful to their careers anymore and were "petty" about it when the only one being petty about it to begin with was Kelly: check

Dre (who Kelly resents and threw a shit fit over for passing her in terms of social media popularity),
Envy (who Kelly resents because Envy refused to do everything for Kelly while she got her useless cosmetic surgeries),
Vivka (who distanced herself from Kelly first/was seemingly posting on Kelly's threads first and who Kelly never seemed to get along with/always seemed somewhat jealous of her body),
then Phi (who lives with the bitch but always shadily calls Kelly out on her shit over social media without actually mentioning her and has been caught posting in the Kelly thread),
all while conveniently leaving out those who naturally drifted away (Kota, Courtney, Katie, and Steph): check

Suspicious… I'm just surprised that nothing was said about Steph kek

No. 50830

Oh stfu people who are saying picking on this girl for something not worth anything are not white knighting or secretly fellowship of the rainbow members. Good lord. Get a grip & stop spamming up the thread.

No. 50848

Unsaged posts sounding like cringy high schoolers sitting on a moral high horse
"You guys shes not harming anyone let someone be happy you're being cruel its petty abluhbluh UwU"
Shes a diet cow but still a cow associated with the fellowshit and posting cringe tier "fuck the haterz zomg public personality lifu" fb posts before showing off a dress whos bodice is so wrinkled and unflattering you wonder what Aliexpress store it came from, she doesnt have a bad shape to her however that dress doesnt sit right and no amount of "reee shes just happy, reee 5ever love, reee wedding" is gonna make her immune to basic criticism.

No. 50849

Yeah, the bit about not being useful to their careers anymore sealed the deal for me. Kelly felt so betrayed when Dre was ready to build her own brand (that melodramatic tweet about sharing the spotlight). That whole debacle was a window into how Kelly views personal relationships, and it's very transactional. She lacks the insight to realize that this is very distorted, so she assumes others think and feel the same way she would. She notices that their careers don't get boosts from including her in their content, so presumes that it's the same scenario as the exploitative friendship style she projected onto Dre.

Plus, I don't think there are any farmers who believe Kelly is above talking shit on the girls she's on good terms with - half her threads are about how envious she is of them. And it's not like she went to great lengths to kick it with Molly before the rest of the fellowship gave her the cold shoulder, I'm sure she's never liked her all that much. She's just desperate for friends rn. Molly and Kelly have presumably been talking about all this nonstop, and I think Molly would definitely say all these things. Also, it's more articulate than Kelly, and saged - Molly knows her way around board culture a little.

>>50830 Is clearly Kelly, since it's unsaged and retarded in a lowkey manipulative way - the poster was talking at length about fellowship drama, not just saying "hmm some of this is a lil nitpicky."

"Retarded, in a lowkey manipulative way" is actually a great descriptor of Kelly's personality, & half the fellowship, too.

No. 50851

I would love to get an IP audit of this thread and Kelly's from admin/farmhands. Egregious self-posting & using lolcow's privilege of anonymity to perpetuate your own drama has been the grounds for every post reveal in the past, and in every single one of these threads there are posts that farmers have pretty valid reasons for pointing out as sus.

At least half of these girls have got to be completely clueless at covering their trails, especially Kelly, who has likely been posting since her very first threads. Pretty please, most based admin?

No. 50927

File: 1558907676508.jpeg (363.42 KB, 828x893, DF3A5A36-3978-420D-B19C-8263E9…)

No. 50943

Why is Dre so hostile lmao calm down it was just a question that a lot of people have been curious about for a long time. They were shoving their friendship down everyone's throats then all of sudden, nothing. Of course people are going to wonder.

No. 50948

File: 1558911921092.png (347.32 KB, 576x436, sad.png)

this is so sad she used to be so cute

now she looks like a constipated Pete Burns.

No. 50956

I’m definitely not Kelly. The paranoid geniuses in here that have everything figured out are funny though. Whoever is on about wedding dress girl seems to be an obnoxious vendetta, though. Or too petty to know what is good milk or not. (Saged)

No. 50994

Dre is hostile because Kelly made her. Dre was no one before Kelly and is no one now.

No. 51003

Honestly she’s always been “defensive”, even before they ditched Kelly

No. 51004

File: 1558944480065.png (315.03 KB, 936x741, kek.png)

The hostile entitlement of these two, topkek. "Muh privacy" Steph, you literally show your vagina online.

"if you were a fan you would know I don't talk about this topic and won't" BITCH WHERE? Where did you ever publicly announce or post that you don't want to talk about this? You're the one always subtweeting and posting stories shading Kelly lmfao Steph needs help

They were fine posting about their friendships everywhere on social media when it got them clout but now they're backtracking and saying that they don't want to talk about it, all while still talking about it instead of choosing to ignore it (like Courtney did)? Wow, they're no better than Kelly. Makes sense that they were friends for so long.

No. 51006

Courtney is probably the only one in the group I'm rooting for/don't really fully suspect posts here. Could be wrong but idk, Kelly was such a cunt to her at times like with the PPG cosplay, but iirc she hasn't really been responding to this shit or shading Kelly through subtweets.

No. 51014

Agreed. She's always seemed like the calmest out of the group (Kota, Katie, and Lindsay too) who kind of just minds her business and goes about her life. Dre, Steph, and Phi are the kind who seem sweet and nice at first but are brimming with attitude and holier-than-thou ego, at least from what I've seen. I get that vibe from Vivka and Envy a bit too (and Claire a tiny bit). And Kelly is just straight up attitude and ego kek. And Molly is just… Molly. Although I kind of feel bad for the girl (despite her blow-ups every time she's posted about here)

No. 51049

File: 1558976933227.jpeg (125.58 KB, 750x838, E8E96107-FB41-411F-89EC-E46EAC…)

Replied back to Steph saying “you don’t follow Kelly, so I guess that answers that.” Got blocked. Kek.

No. 51070

Getting blocked by thots on Twitter is a mark of honor. Imagine being so sensitive to any commentary at all, while also choosing to look like a blow up bimbo and plastering images of yourself with bikini wedgies all over the internet.

No. 51078

File: 1558992073682.jpg (454.39 KB, 1482x1997, ew.jpg)

y i k e s those lips
starting to look like lisa rinna in a bad way

No. 51079

How do you know molly & Kelly are cool again?

No. 51080

I honestly can’t wait until Molly snaps and finally calls out what all these girls did to her. I’ve seen vague posts about it here and there about a friend group that really hurt her and bullied her but I can’t believe she’s never called them out since she does with anyone else who wrongs her.

No. 51090


About a month ago she posted an instagram story with one of Molly's chickens. She's been friendly with Claire and Molly again since the fallout. It's really ironic considering how standoffish she and the rest of the fellowship were to Claire for still being friends with Molly after she was kicked out.

I would LOVE to see a video of Molly and Kelly exposing the whole fellowship. All of the petty revenge, surgeries, most desperate things they've done for money, I just want to see their little rainbow world burn.

LA Thot Cult exposed: Steph does whip-its before she does her "sexy" videos which is why she looks full on retarded in all of them, Envy's weight issue isn't because of PCOS, it's because whining doesn't burn calories, Courtney makes Dan do an extra shitty job on Kelly's fellowship tattoo out of spite. Dre knewe can't sing all along, she's just copying Trisha Paytas' troll attempts at singing, that's also why she acts so triggered all the time. That group trip to Mexico? It was because they got a group discount for back alley fillers in Tijuana. All imaginary of course but it would be entertaining.

No. 51123


Seriously. rofl How can someone like Steph be offended by an harmless twitter reply when she makes a living looked like a nasty ass blowup doll

No. 51153

Read it again, Molly.(autismoing, hi cow)

No. 51215

File: 1559077563343.jpg (297.22 KB, 591x972, oye.jpg)

She just doesn't get it. When cosplayers have an actual costume, it shows off their talents, sewing, crafting, acting, creativity and ability to think outside a box. It takes them months to prepare a work of art.

Nobody has an issue with her being a sex worker, it's just that there is no talent in lewd cosplay, how much talent does it take to throw on a wig and bikini and have huge tits? That's your surgeon's talent, not yours. How much talent does it take to pose with your mouth open and looking surprised an confused? None. How much creativity does it take to cater to the same old sexy bimbo stereotype basement dwellers have been lusting after for centuries? None.

Nobody gives a shit that you post nudes for cash, the problem people have is when you shove it down everyone's throat, pretend it's your main personality trait and beg for "donations" and demand that everyone praise you for it.

Do you really have nothing else to say or show the world than your tits? Is that why it offends you so much when people don't like them? Not everybody likes that but you can have other parts of yourself or things you stand for that people can like and you've gotten rid of all of them . She's just the same insecure girl she's always been, hiding in a plastic shell, begging to be loved, and getting confused that when people lust for her that she's been truly accepted. There's nothing envious about that, it's sad. If you want to sell nudes for money, have it be your job, not your lifestyle. Be an e-thot from 2pm-10pm and then be yourself the rest of the time. You have to turn it off some of the time or you'll drive yourself insane.

Sorry for the rant but this is just all she posts about anymore. I used to love her as Zilla308.

No. 51238

I’ve never seen her support a cosplayer who cosplays for talent and who doesn’t do lewds/oversexualized cosplays. I think she has a problem with the more conservative cosplayers tbh. She doesn’t like them distracting away from her “business”. She’s mad mad because she can’t get a normal job and sits on her obese ass shoving food down her throat after going to get more injections and she’s lashing out because this threatens her lazy ass lifestyle. What a cunt.

Also, that’s a Blastoise, not a Bulbasaur you airhead. It even says so in the photo topkek

No. 51526

Cool Girls like Steph hate women who don't live our lives performing for the male gaze, because it shows how empty and pathetic her life really is. Women with actual interests and talents are absolutely threatening to her, because we challenge her worldview that having some men wanting to put their dicks in you is the highest honour attainable, and not actually something almost every female experiences regardless of whether she's trying or not. She should get those ridiculous fillers and implants dissolved/taken out and start doing something sort of meaningful in her life.

No. 51592

File: 1559295694893.jpg (90.26 KB, 750x746, 3ep9tj0vr6131.jpg)

Saw the image on the right and thought of Steph. That's what she looks like in person.

It's sad because she actually was entertaining to watch when she was zilla308. Now she's just become an empty shell of a person. Her dead eyes and inflated lips only grow more and more prominent. Girlfriend needs therapy and to get away from her enabler husband.

No. 52044

File: 1559613199313.png (481.7 KB, 936x768, kek.png)

What a hypocrite

Make up your mind Steph. We all know you hate doing this, we can see it in your empty dead eyes.

No. 52068

Not to wk but you can like your job and also get burnt out from it. A month is excessive but everyone needs a vacation sometimes, including sex workers. This isn’t really milky.

No. 52794

File: 1559953545749.jpeg (160.99 KB, 724x771, 5260A2F4-EB02-4907-A77E-E99D05…)

I thought this was Steph for a second kek

No. 53351

File: 1560375250403.png (2.6 MB, 750x1334, 988D5E2F-7127-4A54-942C-60DB15…)

Those lips are so tragic.

No. 53600

File: 1560543968566.jpg (118.58 KB, 525x430, 81205_231529.jpg)

She does make a really classy fish though

No. 53704

File: 1560637803116.jpg (946.4 KB, 491x3815, 70908_142004.jpg)

She needs a regular job. Can you imagine fighting both for and against social justice on twitter all day everyday?

No. 53774

She only fights for "social justice" when it suits her lol

Stephanie is honestly no better than Kelly in regards to getting butthurt about anyone challenging her.. the "IM BAD CANCEL ME" is so fucking disingenuous and self victimizing. She's gross.

No. 54251

File: 1561004798328.png (Spoiler Image,2.78 MB, 1488x2560, blehh.png)

sage for no contrib but with those huge honkers, janked proportions (small shoulder frame), and her dead-eyed stare into space, steph always reminds me of a Randy StarFru1t character come to life and it's just super jarring. It's a wonder how she doesn't have neck/back problems.

No. 54269

>> i dont know what cp looks like, but you must have seen it otherwise you would know call my stuff cp

Oh wow…

No. 54272

I think this trend of "if you cosplay an underage fictional character sexually you're a mean disgusting pedophile" is retarded especially since Stephanie looks very much like an adult woman. And this interaction is proof as to why you should never bend to their will or apologize because they really do not give a fuck about protecting kids or the issue at hand overall. But man…Stephanie really could have handled it way better. Damn.

No. 54282

Nta but sexualizing uniforms minors would wear and generally playing into tropes of that nature the same as the "teen" category in porn is gross. Making references to childrens media for men to jerk it to is questionable and people should be allowed to find publicly find it so even though i can fully agree repeating "pedophiles! You're all pedophiles!" Is just spergy, but also doesnt mean there isnt truth in some of the shit they're saying kek

No. 54293

IDK I guess I just care more about actual real children being groomed and manipulated and abused/sexualized, not some bimbo who looks like a middle aged mother wearing something HP related. Agree to disagree I guess.
But the sad fact is this sperging about fictional characters and lumping people into being a pedophile which is a hefty fucking accusation/label to give someone is pretty rampant and the norm in geek culture nowadays. I am not saying I don't agree with you but I just feel like it takes away from the bigger picture.

saged for obvious reasons

No. 54295

Bulbasaur? Ain't that Blastoise or something, or is she referring some pics not shown?

No. 54307

She mixed up her Pokémon, she admitted she doesn’t really watch or know them

No. 54410

File: 1561113113904.png (Spoiler Image,1.29 MB, 1142x1146, IMG_1935.png)

She doesn't have neck or back problems because she lays in bed all day kek

It's so sad that she celebrates going downhill…

No. 54422

She has to be joking about the lips right? Does she seriously think that looks ok??

No. 54480

She looks so much more beautiful in the before. She has naturally nice proportions and features which she fucked up to appeal to degenerates' inflation fetishes.

No. 54578

Does anyone have any milk on this new Phi sexual assault accusastion made by jessthelarper on her twitter??

No. 54617

No. 54638

She used to actually be a natural beauty. She must be mentally fucked up to think the after is 'better.' Very sad

No. 54683

File: 1561279185561.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1393x1803, 7D09CE57-17D8-41B1-A2E8-CECB5E…)

Kelly’s ex-friends speaking out against her current friend. Another reason for their fall out?

No. 54697

Oof. Wasn’t phi Stephanie’s friend prior to phi meeting Kelly? P sure Kelly and phi met because Kelly needed a roommate so Steph introduced them.

No. 54725

These posts seem to be about Leo Camacho rather than Phi, but I'd really love to see what Phi's friends have to say about the accusations.

No. 54750

Kelly is totally the shitty kind of woman who fucks a man she knows is in a relationship. Like yeah for sure it’s primarily HIS bad, but honestly Kelly is still a fucked up person for engaging. Plus the Disney video had all kinds of “fuck me like the whore I am” vibes Kelly goes for. Puke.

No. 54891

Which video are you referring to? I know Kelly pulls that card on her friends boyfriends all the time, but was there something specifically with Leo in a video??

No. 54953

Claire just posted that she was present at Molly McIsaac’s wedding this weekend.

No. 55008

She was a bridesmaid

No. 55396

Dre making such a deal and secret of CHANGING HER FRICKING HAIR COLOR is such a stupid thing like jeez, just dye it and that is it. No need for a countdown and mentio ing it every day

No. 55406

Bet she dyes it blue kek

No. 55427

My guesses are blue or black/grey. Maybe red. Can't see her doing another color besides those

No. 55676

Any news on Phi & the “sexual assault”?

No. 55710

Interesting that Nina does a great job on Dre's hair but does poor jobs on Kelly's

No. 55721

I think she fries everyone's hair, Dre just has thick hair to start with whereas Kelly's is thin. Dre's blonde pic looks fried. Hair doesn't need to be lightened to 10 to do the deeper fashion colors Kelly and Dre do.

No. 55729

this is an imageboard, summerfag. pics or gtfo.

No. 55742

File: 1561977634002.png (621.11 KB, 809x581, drw.png)

No. 55767

So she teased the color change so much just to go from green to… neon green. Am I missing something here?

No. 55781

Is Dre's head really that far up her own ass to think this was a good idea?! Even her followers are shitting on this.

No. 55786

File: 1562017705351.png (926.4 KB, 744x732, Ss (15).png)

So not worth the hype, honestly

No. 55790

Dark green with black roots to bright ass highlighter yellow-green seems like a difference to me? But maybe I’m different. It was kind of obvious to me she would stay in a similar colour range.

No. 55794

Me: Dre might just go a different shade of green, but you wouldn't need to bleach out all the prebleached hair for that

hair reveal ok so Nina just likes frying people's hair

No. 55798

Don’t make me WK but your hair does have to be white to be even for such a light color.

No. 55813

So now Dre, Courtney, and Vivka all have the same hair color? Kek

No. 55815

The editing/shoop on her hip area….yikes

No. 55836

I don’t see anything warped.

I wish she went blue though. Mostly to fuck with kelly’s Nasty hair.

No. 55860

File: 1562084557109.png (1.1 MB, 739x730, badshoop.png)

not that anon but you can see the direction of dress's gathering is straight up horizontal on the right but the gathering is ridiculously warped diagonally on the left, going completely against the design of the dress. gathering doesnt work like that so it's clearly shooped

No. 55861

also same fag you can see how randomly shrunk in her left boob is compared to her right. this looks like a low quality meitu shoop

No. 55923

File: 1562131948405.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, 6BEFC78A-4A00-46F8-8ECD-F97EEA…)

No. 55963

Tinfoil for sure, but I wonder if Courtney, Dre, and Vivka all went the same shade of green to piss off Kelly? Wasn't it her who made the rule in the fellowship that no two members could have the same shade hair at the same time?
I bet it's all to spite her, absolutely hilarious

No. 56028

I want to believe they are all grown up enough to not do it for such a childish reason…but who knows.

No. 56032

Vivika had the green for a long time now. probably just a coincidence?

No. 56347

File: 1562514903378.jpeg (163.87 KB, 280x513, 80CADED6-90B2-46EF-B07F-B94BE8…)

Big oof

No. 57454

Big, indeed.

No. 57703

When Faye Valentine ate the Corgi.

No. 59396

No. 59399

Jesus everything about this is cringy. Both her and Kelly comment about it when it's like….y'all know you CHOSE to get massive fake tits, right..?! But this is obviously less about it being annoying and more about her bimbo pandering so kek

No. 59569

This was just 6minutes of her playing with her preast…

No. 59663

Somebody tell Phi to stop squishing their cheeks all the fucking time. It's not cute. It's annoying.

No. 59755


It's clear that this video is a joke

No. 60134

Embarrassing pandering for quick views.

No. 60335

She's become such an embarrassment

No. 61259

Is no one else bothered by Phi’s boob squeeze thing she’s been doing on Insta stories? It rubs me the wrong way after her rape allegation. It’s also just plain cringy to me.

No. 61282

I mean much of phi is pretty cringe. The nonbinary identity politics for a start and the weird forced “yes I always agree” personality.

No. 64078

Funny that Kelly was invited to go to Germany with Phi last year, but didn’t go. Now Steph is invited this year.

Sorry I didn’t take a proper screenshot.

No. 64079

File: 1566694117712.jpeg (1.43 MB, 3024x4032, DD4CB422-7D65-40C6-9ED1-0F6EFF…)

No. 64093

So Phi has completely moved out of the kelly eden house? I guess she's out of america in general?

No. 64097

Maybe. Kelly was sketching a picture of Phin and showed it off on her IG stories two nights ago, but I didn’t cap it, sorry. Wonder if it was a farewell present for her?

No. 64108

It'd make sense. Phi has seemed over Kelly's shit for a long time now and Kelly's bf has been spending a lot of time at the dollhouse. I wouldn't be surprised if he's moving in or has already moved in

No. 64140

File: 1566738646808.png (297.97 KB, 406x591, IMG_0056.png)

Phi is outtie.

By the way, I used to live in LA a few years ago before moving and that much rent is enough for your own place. Kelly is 100000000% super overcharging her roommates, this even with rent prices going up every year. They should definitely make contracts through the manager/landlord instead of through Kelly. Rent shouldn't be that high for one room, especially in a ghetto Hollywood area like where Kelly lives. Not to mention that the roommate probably can't even contribute to the rest of the home knowing how nitpicky and particular Kelly is about the "dollhouse".

topkek "good energy and harmony". Kelly you literally are the only one that causes drama in that place.

No. 64142

Finally she moved out! Now who would want to move in with that bitch.
I remember Phi offering Kelly to go to Germany for Xmas last year but that never happened kek. Imagine showing Stephanie to your parents during the holidays.

No. 64502

Wait, how are you able to see that post? I went on her fb and i can't see it.

No. 64523

Friends on fb.

No. 64787

That's way too much for a single room in an apartment in a shitty part of town, with no central AC, no amenities, etc. And what if they dont want or need the studio space? they gotta pay for it anyway because all of her friends bailed?

No. 65170

So dre and katie’s “fellowship replacement” group all hung out and dre wasn’t there. Do you think they are done with her too?

No. 65175

If by replacement group you mean the Foxblood gang probably not, she's probably just busy with work. Unlike the other former fellowship members, she has a real job. She's an MUA for the Overwatch League studio or something. She also has a new boyfriend, so she could be going through the classic "girl got a new boyfriend so unavailable to hang" phase.

No. 65207

Didn't Dre also move to New York for work? That could also be why.

I noticed that Courtney is moving to NY for work as well along with dying her whole hair pink

No. 65215

That was temporary, she's back in LA now and just recently moved into a new apt… again. She's dating some pretty alt model/metal boy named Alexis Montalvo.

Speaking of Courtney, is she even relevant anymore without the FotR? I saw on her twitter she was crying about losing followers on IG.

No. 65218

Looked to me like she was with the new boyfriend since he was in town.
She probably just ditched them for him. I don’t think that relationship will last though.

No. 65227

Ah I see. No clue but I see all of the FotR sans Kelly always interacting with each other on social media, mainly commenting on each other’s posts on IG or tweeting each other

No. 65236

File: 1567464023320.png (187.12 KB, 587x516, CDTweet.png)

No. 65237

I more or less just meant it seems like she has no special identity beyond being the "purple one" in Kelly's rainbow clique. IIRC she had zilch for followers until Kelly started posting videos with her. I guess she could be considered an e-thot, but not on the level of Steph, Vivka, and Envy, and her cosplays are mediocre. Her patreon is minimal and I don't think she's streamed on twitch in forever. She may still be friends with the rainbow fellows, but it feels to me without Kelly and her cult following she's a nobody.

No. 65239


She always was the quiet one in the group. IMO one of the better looking ones of the bunch tho, probably could make more money if she tried harder

No. 65243

Does anyone else get a gay vibe from Dre's new bf?

No. 65246

Dre's always had a lesbo vibe… oh sorry, I mean pansexual. It's one of the criteria for being an alt influencer afterall. I suppose they balance eachother out.

No. 65248

It’s funny that’s she’s complaining about this when most of her followers are bought. You can tell by looking at who followers her and they’re just bot accounts

No. 65250

I mean I agree but she seems like she does most of her work outside of social media now. She's apparently working as a seamstress now and she posted about working on Lil Nas X's VMAs outfit. I do get a little bit of the whiney vibe from her, but out of all of them, she has seemed the most chill and quiet.

No. 65251

Well, besides Kota* I totally forgot about her.

As for Dre, I've always gotten the bi vibe from her but I 100% get the gay vibe from her new bf. He may be there for looks and to get people to stop "shipping" her and Chris Villain.

No. 65418

Well Kota is too busy being a hermit and claiming to be every sexuality out there. How can you be Demi and poly at the same time

No. 65537

Me either. I honestly think he's with her because she has a wee bit of e-fame. She does like parading him about on instagram though, doesn't she?

No. 65717

File: 1567874240754.jpeg (144.33 KB, 750x803, 55539A46-5D21-4568-B359-71D261…)

I’m not one to tell people not to sell their underwear but it’s pitiful that this is Stephanie’s solution to paying for a vacation. What happened to her? I feel so bad that her life turned this way.

No. 65720

So Kelly had an "ask me" on Instagram like a week ago and someone asked what happened to the FotR, she said she doesn't associate with them anymore and asked that people give her some space with it while she's healing. Anyone know anything about it?

No. 65803

i just don't understand how all these e-thots and adjacent personalities think it's a good business idea to
a) name a reason why they need funds (true or not)
b) admit that they're lacking funds (true or not)

instead of just launching another thing and marketing it as a "favour" they're doing their audience by offering it up.
i'm not sure whether i'm lying here but i feel like Belle Delphine has not e-begged but instead her or her boy toy are pretty good at marketing her as a luxury good, as desirable, as in power, as scarce.

whether or not my specific example is true, i still don't see how Steph gains anything from putting herself in a position of "request" to her audience instead of adding this to her bimbo transformation narrative. "you lucky incels get to lick my gusset if you pay me a pretty penny"

No. 65854


Depends on the audience I guess? Unsure if this is the case with Steph, but if your audience isn't the 'you're a goddess and I'm blessed to be exposed to you' type, that attitude won't fly. I imagine, with the bimbofication stuff, maybe seeing her as pathetic is what they want

No. 65869

Lil Nas is a broke mf for hiring her as a seamstress. His shit wont fit and i imagine high water pants and kid sized jacket kek. Courtney can't even sew correctly or follow patterns from seeing her bad cosplays in person three times.

No. 65870

They ditched Kelly. My money on who started the hate train is on Envy (the chubby e-thot) who got hurt about Kelly asking her to care for her after cosmetic surgery. Envy went on a tirade about "my pms, and ovaries are in pain …I don't have time to care for crappy friends". Then Courtney as a follower…. followed Envy (they are close from rescuing kittens and fostering). Dre cares only about Dre and being a self centered asshole, Vividka purchased a house, kota is doing 50 shades a grey and having two relationships (girl and husband), Stephanie became a porn personality so she works with Envy sometimes and Envy influenced her to hate Kelly. Then katie probably was hurt she was never close to Kelly, as the others. It is all e-fame pain, fuck the followers y'all and hugs and be there for your friends.

No. 65936

I mean Kelly was never a good friend to begin with so I'm not surprised that they ditched her forever unstable victim-card-pulling ass kek

And Steph has always been a porn "personality" lmao they all used each other these friendships were doomed from the beginning

No. 65982

File: 1568108867959.jpg (969.68 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190910-105106_Ins…)

Kota finally mentioned it

No. 66068

I second this. Was Envy even really a part of the group in the earlier years? I don't remember her coming around until like 2018. Kelly and co all have their [many] flaws, but to me there was always something really off-putting about Envy. She just seems like one of those girls who likes to stir the pot and instigate crap with people then turn around and play victim. She seems no better than Kelly in her own right. Makes you wonder if they'd still be friends if she hadn't come in and initiated the cancelling of Kelly (had to use her favorite word).

No. 66105

Envy just randomly popped up in one of Kelly’s vlogs without so much as an introduction, from what I remember. I think she was friends with Stephanie first through their porn crap? She was one of those people claiming to be sexually harassed by Vic Mignona, a mob-mongering SJW who likes to call out people on the tiniest details but is never self-aware enough to see how awful she can be. Sells her naked body on the Internet and kept complaining about not being respected by gamer boys in e3. I hate her type, and I don’t doubt that she instigated the witch hunt against Kelly, but Kelly has always been a mega pain in the ass anyway so I didn’t think it took much convincing. It’s just shocking that the fellowship actually DID drop her, despite having gone through years of her narcissism, which makes me think Kelly did something especially bad to start it all.

No. 66107

^ Samefag but forgot to mention. She’s actually worse than Stephanie in that she has a legit porn video out there. Fucking. Gross. Disgusting woman.

No. 66109

I recall someone either on the Kelly thread or FOTR thread mentioning Envy would end the FOTR friendship or stir the pot, this was months before the fallout. Going on about Envy doing the same thing to old friends in Florida, and then five years ago in Los Angeles?

No. 66112

Kelly is a narc but being away from those porn & twitch girls Stephanie, envy, Courtney, Vivika, would work in her favor. Those girls were doing some desperate shit for money, like= Selling used dirty underwear(steph), sharing your husband around for pic or videos with other desperate "models"(Envy), the pete burns lips(steph). Kek. Kek

No. 66113

The FOTR videos were becoming sad to watch. Steph deep throating a corn dog, envy cellulite butt, courtney showing her ass and wearing the same purple top, steph lips becoming bigger and wearing less and less.

No. 66303

You're right, it was on this thread >>29418
Someone definitely called that one.

No. 66361

File: 1568420203655.png (94.8 KB, 744x634, boobs didnt get me attention.p…)

Just some background on Envy.

From CGL and cosplay deviants, Envy was always a shit-stirrer. She was a jealous cosplayer in the Florida scene before she moved out to CA and was fame-hungry for cosplay spotlights so she joined the easy route via cosplay deviants in 2011 I believe. She didn't get noticed until she did Velma, otherwise, she was just an ugly fat blob on cosplay deviants trying to get noticed for being 'curvy' [thicc wasn't the cool term yet]. >>29418 Yes. She caused a whole group of them, the group Envy would cosplay with all the time and mostly Alychu, to stop hanging with each other and got some deviants involved that coddled her due to 'fake drama' she was spreading and saying Alychu was jealous of her and literally sabotaged Alychu's rep at the time. No one was collabing with her now.

The cosplay scene in Florida was very Miami 'notice me' Chola-like, but Envy started to become really spotlight hogging and the biggest event there was her breaking up with Alychu and ditching her out of nowhere once her Velma kicked off on cosplay deviants. She has a porn video you can still find online that she's tried to bury for years because she didn't want it associated with her new cosplay curvy girl brand. She rode her Velma train to LA and started doing more cosplay deviant events around the area and to cons where she'd be their booth girl at. She stopped doing cosplay deviants once she felt she could make a living off of patreon and from there I think she joined FotR.

Envy also had a cosplay group at MetroCon with SuperMaryFace and Penny Underbust. She and PU were mad that Mary got a lot of attention and ripped the con apart for their attendees not acknowledging them, being rude to them in cosplay and basically Penny went on a rant via her Patreon about how she and Envy were body-shamed in outfits that didn't fit. The usual victim card scenario, but with added 'my fat body and tits didn't get me attention and I'm insulted'. Envy became a real self-centered cunt. [They had no problem feeling good enough to film a video during though]

She's always been into drama, always on a side that's being attacked, usually one of her slutty cosplay friends pulling shit. It's been the past two or three years she's suddenly become so 'tame' and 'love everyone' and picking up on the body love thing when she's always talking about how fat she has gotten 'but happy' then she turns around and says how sad and unhappy with her body she is. She's a mess and the coddling and needy nature of Stephanie is what grabbed Envy into the FotR because they have the same mentality. Me, me, me, but also 'depression, give me money'.

No. 66376

Courtney finally dyed all of her hair hot pink. I wonder if this will set Kelly off kek

It's kind of sad that a lot of the FoTR have dyed or tried to dye some or all of their hair pink after ditching Kelly and after she went blue/teal/whatever the fuck her hair color is now. Imagine wanting to dye your hair and your friend not letting you or trying to manipulate you to dye your hair a different color (kind of what she did with Phi and the yellow). Nobody "owns" a hair color

No. 66386

Thanks anon, never knew much about Envy, her name really fits. Wonder how she got away with breaking up two groups without being figured out.

No. 66390

Courtney is such a loser trying to get her followers to guess what stupid hair color she is doing. Acting like she is 13, and not like 30 year old.

Envy seems like a psycho. Her velma cosplay is mediocre. I like that she tries to be taken as a serious cosplayer for wearing nothing at all. Envy that is called porn. Go to porn.
She normally doesn't do this, but your reddit says otherwise in which you state to sale used couple days old underwear for sale and lingerie.

the relationship of FOTR seemed so superficial.

No. 66391

well thats great tea, thank you Anon. I believe FOTR would have been friends still if Envy didn't appear. She is not liked in LA circle of cosplayers/thots. Def not a nice person and acts famous for ???Kek. Vivika on the other hand is nice. I think she is trying to copy stephanie now.

No. 66392

Can confirm on Vivka. I've met a few of them at cons/events and Vivka was the most genuine feeling one. Dre and Steph both very strongly gave off the fake-nice vibes. Steph moreso. Courtney was shy I guess, I didn't really talk to her and she stood off to the side. And Kelly was Kelly, a walking disaster as usual. I haven't met Envy, Phi, Katie, or Claire.

I also met Kota at LoJ. She was super nice. I like Kota the most out of them all tbh she kind of has always just seemed to mind her own business

No. 66398

Im just glad people are asking about her because Ive been waiting years to expose her shit. She's always been a huge bitch and it really shined the most before she moved to LA to try and get big off of cosplay at the time which Jessica and Yaya [specifically] were big. Vivka had started premiering with great reception on cosplay deviants and aside from Madison Valentine, Envy didn't have a get into until she latched onto the top cosplayers on that site. That was her big in when the company was still small. Once Velma blew which was like her 3rd or 4th set, and shitty as fuck, she started getting more collabs and event invites and she tried harder and harder to hide her porn video. I remember her going off on CGL one time about finding someone posting it. She was going mad in the cosplay deviants chat about it and pigeon foo was there and madison at the time I think. She's just a super self centered cunt who is mad she fucked up her past and its online and can't do anything about it.

Im really really shocked no one came out about Envy's money hungry fame tendencies, but like I said before too the past few years shes become all peace and love and I literally think that's Stephanie's doing and Vivka since she lived out there and both were genuinely nice. Then Stephanie got a boob job, started collabing more with Envy because she felt bad for her 'fat girl, no Im thicc' act and yeah thats where we pretty much see where everything else happened with Kelly and them.

I really really dont know how people have not talked about her before or maybe CGL was just the wrong place to bring her up years ago because they dont do drama.

No. 66399

Also wnt to add that Envy cannot sew or craft at all. In FL she relied on AlyChu to make all her outfits. She was real gunho about using DC to try and get herself viral for being 'curvy' and 'body positive', so she turned to cosplay deviants for easy fame which still didnt work.

No. 66438

Envy is incredibly fake! The vibes I always got were the "please pay attention to me, I am thick girl and the only person of color in the thot scene". girl… this is LA! She leached on to Stephanie -from the blue hair and copying Stephanies vacation balcony porn pics. Vivka did the suicide girl, deviant thing and she is very nice and not fake at all, I question why they all let Envy in their circle. Envy reminds me of a Garbage Pail Kid

No. 66439

Envy and being Body positive— but shoops her cellulite and makes her waist look smaller.

No. 66524

File: 1568620538878.jpg (Spoiler Image,181.55 KB, 964x504, 902751.jpg)

Oh absolutely. Its not as bad as it used to be, going to say that right now since she's turned full 'love everyone' mode, but yeah. Her edits were BAD and IRL she looks bad too without filters and such.

No. 66574

The Velma shot barely looks like her and the second photo, she looks like a tía

No. 66580

The photo on the right, EW! What is that supposed to be for?
People like Envy should know the difference between body positivity and skewed “body positivity” that just makes you look tasteless and disreputable. You know it has the opposite effect right? You just look like a methhead meathole.

No. 66592

When she left her florida group and started doing more cosplay deviant after dark things.

No. 66622

I don’t want to WK but you literally found the worst photo that’s like a decade old. She’s not pretty but that is the absolute worst photos I’ve seen. Even her Velma shit is years old. Spoiled old milk.

No. 66629

File: 1568779034154.jpg (87.62 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nqeafbeFxY1qhk81qo1_540…)

I gave background on Envy, anon. You don't have to get mad and even her selfies aren't good looking. The only thing spoiled is the older photos, but she's heavier than ever now, so not like much has changed. She looks good when shooped and she only posts things with filters now and SNOW editing.

No. 66695

From the vlogs with Kelly, she’s never looked so great either. She’s just sloppy-looking, period, and that photo may be old but it still speaks for her.

No. 66700

Is Envy the Camillar Martinez that has all those cgl posts about her? She sure made some people mad

No. 66701

File: 1568874715563.jpg (67.85 KB, 640x960, 13658947_961017177341992_28902…)

Yep. She has been known to shit talk other cosplay deviants and he old Florida scene, especially Aluchu. I dont know what the hell happened between the two of them, but Envy, after the split, really had a bashing streaking on sites like cgl. No one had heard of alychu until cgl when envy and her had duo cosplay photos that were posted and mocked in the bad cosplay thread. Then when envy started getting more popular on cosplay deviants, she started getting extra clingy to madison valentine and showed up more at events. People wanted to see the velma and she acted like she was the first person to ever cosplay her and would wear her nonstop because thats the only set and character that fit her 'curvy' look. Well she started talking shit about some deviants, said she'd make more sets for months via other social medias but nothing ever got accepted and she started rotating to selling her own content and got patreon when she could. She seemed to only hang with vivka and madison at this point.

No. 66823

A little more information came out about the Kelly/Fellowship saga in this video.

No. 67184

File: 1569266080724.png (2.79 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7052.PNG)

Ooof, Dre looks like she gained some weight…

No. 67256

File: 1569303182067.png (89.32 KB, 809x736, 1428428649592.png)


Finally found it. Yeah, she was posting about Aly thinking she was anonymous, but she's a dumbass. Girl is a massive cunt.

No. 67263

File: 1569312136289.png (632.52 KB, 846x353, 1428428794933.png)

Ooof yep that's her alright. I wouldn't be surprised if she's been hounding these threads as well

If she's been posting here too, then that means the rest of the FotR most likely knows about these threads too. Which makes me wonder which of them was talking about Kelly in Kelly's early threads.

No. 67293

>A little

she's looking pretty awful, especially with the lime green hair.

No. 67514

File: 1569599242627.jpg (55.55 KB, 500x500, 194c46d5921ab1d99ee84c0433ac4e…)

This isn't milky at all i just thought they looked really cute together here. They both looked so much better, unlike now with their blown up sex doll bodies.

No. 67524

File: 1569616400442.png (778.81 KB, 750x1334, 7EC70748-AF0C-452A-9F56-50EEDD…)

Guys I’m dying Phi finally moved out lmaoooo

No. 67535

Also here. I mean, I can understand after seeing the video why stephanie decided to have breast implants, but they could be a decent size, instead of those mammoth alien things she has.

No. 67553

Btw, the makeup she did in that video doesn't look very clown like, it looks more like some sort of weird kawaii geisha thing.

No. 67658

Wow, Envy is a troll that forgot to hide her profile pic. Always had my suspicion she posts a lot on the Kelly thread.

No. 67667

Damn. Kelly looks gorgeous and Steph is fucking adorable (sans that trainwreck of an outfit). Why did they have to turn themselves into hentai characters?

No. 67671

wow i bet Envy was the one who started posting crazy on the Kelly thread when it got started a year ago. remember someone claimed she was a friend of the fellowship, claiming that no one was happy with Kelly but couldn't provide any good milk? Cunt seems like she enjoys starting drama. Envy you're such a fuckin fakeass backstabbing bitch!

No. 67730

That girl always rubbed me the wrong way. I always got the impression from Kelly's videos that she was fake as fuck. Plus, they were all moderately good looking (even Katie) and Envy just stuck out like a thumb. I still wonder how she can make a living being an e-thot, looking like that. I guess people will wank to anything really.

No. 67745

yeah i said months ago that she's not that pretty plus she's fat too. she has that derpy punchable face. Dre is a big girl but still looks good but Envy is the ugly fat girl of the "hot girls" group and you know how the "ugly girl" will get jealous and try to start drama. Stephanie introduced Envy to the fellowship around the time Dre was moving out, and that was when the group dynamics started changing.

No. 67898

File: 1569873253897.png (Spoiler Image,465.35 KB, 1102x627, hypocrite.png)

"I try my hardest to put my content behind a paywall where kids can't see it"

proceeds to tweet nude video from very public twitter account

Stephanie is fucking dumb.

No. 67968

She's gone full bimbo holy shit she's stupid

"celebs have nudes and y'all never bring that up"

That's because almost all the celeb nudes are leaked nudes that the celebs didn't want out there! How is she equating her choosing to throw her nudes out like candy to having nudes leaked? Did she stop cosplaying an SJW finally? Because that's not very woke to imply celebs should be punished just like her for their non-voluntary nudes being put out there.

No. 67970

With all this talk of Envy i just keep thinking about Kelly's "E3 was not what i thought." Video and how in it Kelly was all like, "You're the speaker of my soul, i love it when you're around." And all this other shit to Envy and the fuckin soul ambassador Envy bullshit, it's just hilarious.

No. 68005

i was just gonna bring that up. Most celeb nudes are revenge porn or leaked by the paparazzi. Why is she such a cunt against people unwilling to have their bodies exposed?

No. 68034

"y'all, y'all, y'all" jesus i can't stand it when people try to speak AAVE online. she's not black, lol. she sounds dumb af and needs to stfu.

No. 68035

i was thinking how strange it was that Kelly immediately welcomed and latched onto Envy when Envy was introduced to the fellowship shortly before the group breakup. Kelly even did a painting of Envy's ugly ass face! i think this shows us that Kelly is too trusting of new people and will cling onto new friends right away.

No. 68064

Dre’s boyfriend gives me gay vibes. Maybe he is or maybe he isn’t, but Dre looks so much like a very tubby beard when she keeps posting pictures with him posing and shit.

No. 68090

Isn't y'all just a southerner thing? She's mexican living in LA so it's still a mismatch.

No. 68091

Kelly really tried to welcome Envy and she still destroyed her friendships in return. A real piece of work.

No. 68116

I've often thought the same, it looks like he's piggyback ridding it´s way to fame using her. She's all over him, and he doesn't seem very bothered at all. Karma, lol.

No. 68524

File: 1570356579388.jpg (859.34 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20191006-110025_Ins…)

Not quite milky but new information for me anyway.
Do you think FoS drama got in the way or just Dre moving details?

No. 68627

I think it’s more so that Kota’s Band isn’t active enough to keep its members. And it’s probably easier to just be Tommy and her since they live so far away. Dre was their like 3rd bass player since I started following. And they got rid of their drummer that had been with them for a while

Also Dre posted in her story she gets zero money from YouTube so that’s why she hasn’t been posting videos

No. 68748


Also Kota's music is all so repetitive and sounds exactly the same, so maybe aspiring musicians wouldn't see a future by staying with them anyway :\

No. 68914

File: 1570598811609.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x2012, 489DD176-3873-4A68-A084-566C9D…)

Dre and Katie chillin

Why doesn’t she get revenue? That’s weird

No. 69054

Something happened a while ago (I believe she was still living with kelly when it happened) and she got demonitized.

No. 69136

What a fucking greedy bitch. Many people do youtube because they enjoy it, not to get $$$. I imagine it´s why the e-thots stopped doing it also, like Steph.

No. 69271

What happened that she got demonetized?

No. 69277

>>69136 That’s a strong reaction, man. I don’t blame people who cut back if making vids is taking time and not making money. I think money is the end goal, obv.

She was using one of those companies a lot of YouTubers use where they promote and seed your content and take a cut of your adsense. I think she left the service when she wasn’t making enough to justify using it, and YouTube demonetized her account as a kind of fluke.

Stephanie, meanwhile, has had problems with YT because her stuff is just too porn-y these days.

No. 69293

Phi seems to have a new personality in her update video uploaded Oct 12th on Youtube. Trans thing: dropped, and just seems to speak differently and less "fake" than her LA persona

No. 69295

Samefag, she really goes on an angry rant about Trisha for not liking "they/them" as pronouns and for looking feminine

Yes, the transtrender Phi who thinks cutting her hair makes her a man is here to tell you how "trans" you are and whether you are allowed in the club, while wearing makeup and a low cut top showing her cleavage.

No. 69304

File: 1570939314851.jpg (14.88 KB, 400x400, lUpCZ6rF_400x400.jpg)

Anyone know why Stephanie privated her Twitter? Also her profile picture on there is fucking scary in a really bad way

No. 69313

idk but her and Envy are both doing their usual, monthly when they have paying subs, 'Im too depressed and need mental health time off'. They literally milk this shit. You have people who have been 5150'd who work more than them. They just want to relax and not work.

Steph canceled LACC 'last minute' and was still able to book a villa in Mexico when a lot of schools have break right now for fall. You know they are just using money and using mental health as a scapegoat. Im so over these two. They talk about how bad it is when the immediate next day 'Buy my porn!!!'. Come on.

No. 69320

File: 1570951439077.png (41.16 KB, 601x325, steph.png)

>>69304 This is why heh

No. 69321

Exactly. Her and Envy pull this shit every month and drag their dumb neckbeard fans into thinking all this is legit when they are really just using their money to skip out on conventions like PLANNED with money for COSPLAYS and instead go fucking drinking in Mexico last minute because 'mental health'. Fuck them. I hope that photo makes its way around Twitter so people can see what 'mental health detox' looks like.

No. 69322

File: 1570952524607.png (47.45 KB, 830x411, My MenTaL HeaLTh iS ImpoRTAnt.…)

Are you though?

No. 69333

She sounds just like Shayna in the bottom tweet jfc Steph

No. 69345

not trying to WK or Envy (I hate Envy lolll) but if they make enough money on Patreon, I don't see why they can't use their money to take a few days off and go drinking in Mexico? It's not like they're begging for money and doing nothing. They sell lewds and promote themselves on social media, that's literally their job. If they did quit making porn and kept begging for money, then yeah that'd be cunty of them.

No. 69362

Why is this retarded typing style so popular with internet SW? I'm guessing the customers like it…

No. 69363

Just imagining Kelly Eden getting friend-dumped via a text (as she has stated multiple times in videos is how it went down–) written like this

No. 69410

You arent following the part where they make commitments to their fans to.show up places and then bail for bs mental health to get drunk and party the fuck off elsewhere. Ive been following Envy since cgl and cosplay deviants. Shes ALWAYS done this bs. Even bitched about not getting attention even though her tits were hanging out at a convention. Her and steph pull this shit every. Month.

No. 69413

have their patreon followers ever complained about their pledges not being fulfilled?

No. 69432

Late rewards? No complaints but late shit. Every. Month. Envy switched to onlyfans to help make posting easier. Steph will get one soon too.

No. 69764

File: 1571296852556.png (122 KB, 911x728, yt.png)

No. 69846

File: 1571367438702.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, 03C05774-1C22-4A46-8F48-E1EF2B…)

No. 70028

File: 1571453864985.jpg (707.87 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191019-035635.jpg)

Kota is looking rank these days…

No. 70038

I think a while ago Kota said on her youtube that she gained weight from medication she was taking. but yeah, she looks so different now… wow.

No. 70090

File: 1571513053625.jpg (109.11 KB, 1200x799, EHLgis-UYAEvRev.jpg)

WTF is going on with Steph's lips? She looks disgusting, literally from a nightmare. Posted to Twitter

TBH I feel bad for her. She's one of the fellowship members I can actually stand who doesn't use her mental illness for pity and instead does things to actually help and spread awareness of it, unlike those like Kelly and Envy (and Steph sometimes too).

No. 70108

File: 1571530872594.png (1.27 MB, 1440x801, 30 minutes later.png)

She looks like a bad piece of digital art. It's probably just the photoshop making her look this weird though

Incidentally kelly has a (less busted) photo of her in wings she started inserting in her most recent video. The tattoo removal one.

No. 70112

Those are her dick sucking lips. Gets all the neck beards to quiver

No. 70146

holy fuck this is bad, she needs to get that dissolved and re-done, they look like a pair of lumpy sausages

No. 70226

Literally hurled in my mouth. Who in the world can find this attractive???

No. 70276

File: 1571640265580.jpg (774.99 KB, 1080x1098, Screenshot_20191021-074128_Ins…)

Wtf did katie get done to her hair!? Granted, her hair was split and scraggly before, but this…this is just awful.

No. 70279

File: 1571641265023.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1242x1878, 36F5320E-BA29-427D-9BE0-FD8C68…)

It seems like all the ex fellowship members have changed a lot since dumping Kelly. I wonder how much of their old personalities were based on being friends with her/what she wanted them to be.

Claire I think is the only one who still follows Kelly and Kelly follows her back. It seems like she dropped the whole kawaii lolita thing and got into cyber punk style and is super into fitness. This is so different from how she used to look

No. 70340

I audibly Ew'd holy shit

No. 70355

She posted that she had a serious hair emergency and had to get a lot cut off to fix the damage. IMO The shag is cute.

No. 70379

I agree, it’s cute and frames her face nicely. This color is good on her too

No. 70419

I agree with the previous anons, the cute isn't bad, much better than that mullet she was thinking about doing. She did the best out a bad situation. She does look like herself in those pics, but in her own insta, remains the queen of photoshop. I wish she would gain ownership of her look, and stopped perpetuating impossible standarts of beauty.

No. 70442

Claire is literally cosplaying here.She’s working out and showing her stomach nonstop but she’s still the same color hair pastel Lolita trainwreck.
Such a reach that anyone based their personality off of Kelly. Everyone is the same, just minus her.

No. 70599

File: 1571839577851.png (311.42 KB, 379x709, Capture.PNG)

I actually feel bad for Vivka. Her new house (like, she's not even moved in all the way) was robbed the other day and it looks like they came back again. That's pretty scary.

No. 71045

File: 1572056958519.jpg (Spoiler Image,26.45 KB, 400x400, rbSY6NyQ_400x400.jpg)


No. 71139

File: 1572163608628.jpg (297.72 KB, 1080x1770, 20191027_005738.jpg)

Stephanie put her IG profile on private Friday. Is it because she fears the recent crackdown IG is doing on sexually suggestive images?

No. 71154

File: 1572179774917.png (2.87 MB, 1242x2208, 1572173690776.png)

No. 71166

That is so rich coming from her. What, now she suddenly has a separate private life? She is so disgusting now. It’s so crazy what has happened to her.

No. 71193

that sucks, what part of L.A does she live in? Isn't L.A generally safe? I think Kelly lives in West Hollywood, I am not sure about the others.

No. 71196

she is so disturbing to look at. Like, her body looks like it would be in constantly pain. i dont get this gross bimbo fetish she has

No. 71197

Damn, that's scary. Hope she went to the police before posting on IG though, because what the fuck

No. 71198

File: 1572214224904.jpeg (691.02 KB, 2048x2048, FBAA0DDB-0FDA-4F88-B1D9-4167A6…)

Dre and her boyfriend are total cringe

No. 71199

Gross wtf

No. 71207

No. 71208

WeeeirD as fuuck. Why would you dress as twin sisters and kiss romantically like this. WEIRD

No. 71219

They're into all the fetishes doncha know!
This was for a party at Kota "swingers" house and the caption says she loves a man in a dress.

I have "fetishes give me personality" fatigue at this point.

No. 71221

It's funny she is so serious while morphing her ladylike original body into a literal joke - bimbofication (sp) is about looking like a laughing stock.

Sitting at home taking lewds while looking like a clown is "working"

The truth is she probably doesn't go out because people look at her like she is a sideshow attraction. In which case I feel really sorry for her. I wonder what her parents think of all this.

No. 71225

I know, i remember watching that old video she did with her mother where they went to Disneyland and they looked like they had a really good bond. She has literally degraded herself as a person so much it's not even funny anymore.

No. 71231

Because “IM TOTALLY PAN” dre only dates men and has to pretend to be into women with fake shit like her straight bf in dresses and posed kisses with Jesse paege or whatever.
This is as disgusting as cosplaying as a sexy child. Now you’re promoting incest?

Gg dre.

No. 71478

File: 1572488454943.png (4.35 MB, 750x1334, 80F2CE3A-CFAD-45A6-9643-496415…)

Jesus, those lips are horrendous.

No. 71484

File: 1572496595406.jpeg (246.02 KB, 1080x1920, 6C86F47F-C4DE-4CAF-94F9-E0C49E…)

Dre released her new hot topic merch today and it’s a rip off of a small designer (no surprise)
Sorry for the bad collage. I don’t have editing apps for it on my phone.
Basically the brand mallgothtrash has had this design since 2017 and Dre’s looks similar, minus the word trash. She’s acting like an entitled brat in the comments and sending her boy toy to fight for her too.

No. 71485

Hmm. That’s actually a different font, though they are in the same wheelhouse aesthetically. Mall goth is also pretty common slang, so I think they’re okay there, too. Nothing about either one of those designs looks original enough to be considered creative theft, really.

I’m sure Hot Topic has stolen art before, but this isn’t really a strong case.

No. 71486

It’s the same design but without trash on it. The font is different but it’s pretty damn close. Hot topic steals all their shit and are just as bad as dollskill.

No. 71487

Literally every single letter is different here.

Plus, the Hot Topic one looks like a ‘00s goth font and the other artist is using what looks more like an early ‘80s horror font.

No. 71490

File: 1572499087110.jpeg (163.02 KB, 699x262, 3A9C18AF-F347-4A43-8D0D-BB6528…)

The Hot Topic font looks very similar to the store’s original logo, too.

No. 71504

File: 1572540166251.jpg (494.19 KB, 1080x1542, 20191031_053328.jpg)

Hot topics on font, not the same words in it, and mall goth has been on shirts before.

The artist who is but hurt has other "original" designs such as a coffin with an upside down cross on it, and 666.

No. 71514

Omg they look like they’re about to explode!
I bet the reason why she doesn’t do anything besides “work” is because she doesn’t know how to act normal any more. She only knows how to be a porno girl when she needs to be sexual all the time

No. 71521

File: 1572562111845.jpeg (157.99 KB, 750x1051, 25B210CF-6F62-455D-9C94-3C756A…)

An old picture she reposted today. Her body does not look like anymore. Now she’s just fat.

No. 71934

>I don't get this gross bimbo fetish her husband pushed her into

It's kinda obvious where Stephanie got the money and inspiration to turn herself into a messed up Jessica Rabbit from

No. 72104

wait so i just checked her linktree and not only does she have patreon (as a way for fans to pay her/support her) but she also has a premium snapchat (obvs), OnlyFans, ManyVids, Cameo, a PO Box for free shit, more than 1 amazon wish list AND ko-fi?! woooow yet she manages to take a month off her "work" because of what now? i had to check wtf some of those links were cuz i've never heard of them…..such a shameless broke hoe like hello? get a real job maybe!? see if you could take a month off when you work as a barista LOL wow i know i sound so bitter maybe cuz i am

No. 72108

she's married, her husband is a professional cinematographer and probably makes good money, since they live in L.A, I don't know if he provides for her but she probably gets enough money to take time off. not sure why you're so mad, people are free to give money to her whether she's hustling or not. get over it lol.

No. 72128

Bimbo aesthetics aside, she probably peaked here. The new lips are atrocious. I can't imagine what they must look like outside all the filters and shop.

No. 72149

It’s bizarre because Stephanie has mentioned several times in ig story question replies etc that she’s asexual and doesn’t get sexual gratification from her sex work stuff. What’s the point? If you’re not enjoying it and being fake. Kinda sad

No. 72170

The point of sex work is to earn money from it.

No. 72182

Good to know

No. 72187

Hey, it seemed like a new concept to you.

No. 72255

That's not bizarre at all. I've watched several documentaries about porn stars and the female porn stars usually say they don't enjoy it at all and are just doing it for money.

Just like almost any other job.

No. 72614

File: 1573605728475.png (3.92 MB, 828x1792, 7F302395-3EF5-4099-A796-D25FC2…)

Really Dre? This is so gross. One photo was more than enough. The world doesn’t need or want to see this shit.

No. 72630

She's trying hard to pretend she's not a beard. Most adults in relationships don't need to post proof that they kiss.

No. 72672

this is some 15 year old 'i just got my first boyfriend' bullshit. isnt this cow in her 20s?

No. 72710

Yeah she’s 24 I think. Or almost 24.

No. 72778

Kek he looks so gay he just might be transitioning soon. Dre’s wasting her time with all this weird couple posting. Do any real couples even do that weird shit? Not really.

No. 72837

File: 1573808352308.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.2 MB, 1429x1649, 20191115_085723.jpg)

Steph come on, this looks awful and uncomfortable

No. 72843

Holy shit she looks like a monster. What the fuck happened to her? She's borderline obese and her face is so botched now. I miss how cute she was in her early YouTube days, she looked so much happier. She just looks dead inside now

No. 73116

File: 1574199920376.jpg (Spoiler Image,181.9 KB, 716x1099, Screenshot_20191119_164415.jpg)

This is so cringy. It sucks cuz I use to like her but now she just looks bad

No. 73255

They have both got to the point where they look like blow up dolls and no longer unique. I can’t stand it personally.

No. 73407

File: 1574309607985.jpg (152.86 KB, 462x890, dre.ig.jpg)

not so subtle hit at the matching tattoo with kelly

No. 73421

I’m pretty sure that’s in reference to the big Union Jack heart she had for her high school online boyfriend. I honestly can’t stand dre since her emancipation from Kelly. She did a q&a and answered zero questions about her bf and just shit posted. She just is such an attention whore and troll

No. 73744

File: 1574624107881.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 973C3636-6CC1-41BA-B689-1AFA2B…)

Kota hosted a birthday party for Stephanie and she looks terrible

No. 73745

File: 1574624164261.png (871.21 KB, 750x1334, 9B416D46-58A8-42DE-A3F3-005C72…)

But I wonder if she photoshops her lips bigger. They don’t look as big as they do in her photos. Or maybe it’s just the angles

No. 73796

That eyeliner yikes

No. 73947

File: 1574815179680.jpeg (169.79 KB, 640x640, 2DA88C37-78BE-485D-8FF7-977E66…)

No. 73949

File: 1574815645139.png (5.06 MB, 1125x2436, E6ADB2C0-7795-4E03-9353-F12FAC…)

No. 73950

wow Dre is such a cunt. I'm no Kelly fan, but Dre was an obese ugly nobody with a horrible haircut when she and her ugly skinny ginger BF first moved in with her and she had no following online. Ungrateful wench.

No. 73955

I came to post this too, why have they also shopped out Courtney?

No. 73956

Don't think it was intentional, since they're two different pictures. Courtney must have been on the outside of the pic next to Kelly in the one shared.

I don't really think Dre needs to be grateful to Kelly forever. Sure she got a big boost from being Kelly's goth roommate but if Kelly was a massive cunt to her (which lets face it, in their videos it was obvious there were times Dre was annoyed by Kelly butting in to her videos sometimes but was still trying to be nice) then why should she have to keep bowing her head? This really sounds like Davey's vague-ing about people (namely Dre) "needing to remember where they came from" lol

No. 73978

Thats 100% intentional. Why not just put steph over kelly and leave the rest of the photo alone. There was zero reason to crop it more than it needed to be.

No. 73980

I don't think you're understanding that they're two separate pictures. Their expressions are different, not just the placement. Maybe they don't like Courtney anymore as well, who really knows, but I'm just pointing out that it isn't like they shopped the placement or anything.

No. 73982

File: 1574831987932.png (1.99 MB, 750x1334, 1C7ADB55-EDAE-4DFC-AF11-2F8BBF…)

This is the post you all need to be talking about.

No. 74005

I also agree. The entire time Dre was rooming with Kelly, Kelly always shoved the camera in Dre’s face. It was clear that Dre was working a lot during that time and she looked obviously exhausted in some of Kelly’s videos, but nope Kelly kept pushing her to do so and so for the sake of entertaining fans for ad revenue and Dre always complied, even when it was obvious in her face that she didn’t enjoy what she was doing. In any case most of the fellowship don't always look so happy in Kelly’s videos because I suspect Kelly never asks for fucking consent. I agree that Dre is fat bitch who has too big of a snowflake head for someone who looks like an albino whale with makeup off, but in the end she nor the rest of the fellowship owe fuck-all to the absolute narc disaster that is Kelly. If anything, Kelly’s presence might have contributed to their cow status right now.

No. 74245

Lol are you high? They aren’t even friends anymore, why should Dre have any obligation to thank kelly at all? Bitching about this now has zero relevance. They haven’t been associated for almost a year now lmao

No. 74312

Dre is a working makeup artist. I get that Kelly helped her build up a following, which is mostly used on Instagram these days, but so did her friending/collabing with Chris Villain, Jessica Paige, and working with Foxblood people… Sure, Kelly massively helped with her YouTube channel, but she’s not doing YouTube anymore.

No. 74782

File: 1575582057127.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, 642FE882-4E61-4FDF-8602-4C150F…)

Kota has been posting her memories on her instagram stories of the year and they’re all so cringy

No. 74828

How exactly is this milky though

No. 74909

File: 1575680869301.jpeg (192.81 KB, 749x1059, 4461BC40-3B53-4024-942A-5C9B22…)

“I’m posting bare face, wow growth”
She’s become so narcissistic and look at me I’m so odd I'm a goth ninja. She’s becoming just as boring as Kelly

No. 75234

Kota has always been boring though. Why are all these random Kota posts coming out nowhere?

No. 75315

Dre has deleted all vids /
Photos of her boyfriend from TikTok and insta etc …

No. 75339

Well, that didn't last long.

No. 75376

Huh? No she didn't…

No. 75378


Everything is still up on her Instagram.

No. 75380

They definitely weren’t there earlier — I checked after I saw the post above.

No. 75394

Looks like they have a very healthy relationship where they break up and then not and then break up again

I checked it earlier too and it was all pictures of her. Now he's back.

No. 75488

They both definitely deleted and or archived their pictures of each other yesterday and then put them public again.

No. 75649

A good number of people have asked her about it. How long until she flips out about people having the nerve to ask her questions anout her obvious attention whoring like she usually does? I still don't get how she has fans when she's snapped on them so many times for asking questions about things she dramatically posts about

No. 75716


No. 75746

File: 1576521862271.jpeg (272.36 KB, 1125x1218, C52E5F92-9166-48BE-9825-0C32C4…)


No. 75760

>Star Wars is my main personality pillar


No. 75765

This is just AMAZING

No. 75773

Holy shit she'll never stop being the most cringey will she

No. 75782

>>75746 this is… confusing. Her aesthetic seems to be crystal-collecting witch/fairy elf in the woods. I see she posts about Star Wars on FB, but her YouTube doesn’t have anything there and on Instagram it looks like she dressed up like a… elfy witch sith a few times. Wtf is she talking about?

No. 75806


"I have Kylo Ren tattooed on my ass. Why am I not invited to anything?"

No. 76489

Old milk, but Steph looks so cute here. It´s a major step up from the sexualized mess she is nowadays. Her instagram is a platform to sell her sex pics and vids, and she doesn't do anything creative, apart from looking like a botched plastic surgery got wrong sex doll.

No. 76528

File: 1577195839771.png (651.02 KB, 821x562, meitu'd.png)

i like how dre did a lazy shoop on all her photo's with mcr. she fucking airbrushed all of them kek

No. 76577

I feel like she even brightened her hair in the huge group shot she showed. There's no way her hair stands out that much. Its also impressive how often she makes herself look sooooo much smaller than she is.

No. 76605

For all of them except Solo, you had to be in one of the official clubs (501st etc.) and had to be very active and chosen by Lucasfilms and command of the clubs. This is because they do charity events and aren't allowed to get paid for anything, so they give them some tickets for active members who do a lot of charity work.
For Solo they had some social media influencers, but they were all people who were friends with the right people and got invited (like Her Universe got a block of tickets etc.) So apparently you're not friends with the right people who know about Star Wars being your whole personality Molly.

No. 76693

Jenny Nicholson, Dre Ronayne, Chris Villain and a ton of YouTubers got into press screenings with red carpet celeb stuff, so it’s not just charity driven super fans.

No. 76701

A few people commented on her post saying that they got their connections through Disney, and molly is not exactly a family-friendly Disney person. The way she publicly blasts her SJW shit all over the Internet, there’s no way Disney would touch her with a ten foot pole. She shot herself in the foot of thats the kind of “influencer” she wants to be.
Plus, her following is pathetic. She acts like she’s famous because she was on a shitty reality show no one watched.

No. 77980

Looks like kelly is calling Dre out on her current insta story

No. 78126


This is an image board.

No. 78795

File: 1579222607731.png (980.04 KB, 750x1334, 8DC04E37-8DB8-4063-B20B-018EBF…)

Stephanie made her instagram public again and has story upon story in her highlights of “dating advice” because she’s such an expert

No. 78837

This is good advice, but ironic coming from someone who panders to people with bimbofication fetishes.

No. 78910

Maybe now that she has all these followers she believes she can be something more than a bimbo. That she can “influence” people. Be something or substance. She’s probably getting tired of being a Bimbo.

No. 79188

Does anyone know what happened with dre and Chris villain? Someone mentioned on the kelly thread about her using him and I realized they haven’t been seen together in a while.

No. 79207

They were (and still are?) living together. I think she’s been busy obsessing over her boyfriend and traveling to Mexico a bunch to see him while Chris’s Insta has turned into an abs and cosplay account, basically.

No. 79259

File: 1579534655298.jpg (97.88 KB, 698x570, Screenshot_20200120_103719.jpg)

When did she do this… Also I didn't know her name was Josephine…

No. 79260

File: 1579536056710.png (287.27 KB, 1080x1746, 20200120_075647.png)

Molly McIsaac and her husband are divorcing after a grand total of 6 months of marriage lol

No. 79277

Yeah, JosePHIne.

No. 79294

So she just wanted the wedding?

No. 79299

Surprised she is acting so amicable about her divorce and not using it as a way to trash her ex. But she is acting a little too happy about it. Rarely are people friends after divorcing.

No. 79302

Wow. Just wow. She’s only been married for a few months. (And I feel like they’ve been together for a while — which is amazing, considering how flaky Molly is.) What the fuck happened?

No. 79308

She claimes they both realized they were better off as friends and aren't actually in love, which really seems like something you should have realized BEFORE getting married. IIrc they've been together 4 or 5 years, but it seemed like he didn't really want to propose and she pushed him into it. She also announced that he's already moving out.

No. 79323

File: 1579579943225.png (475.81 KB, 1203x724, hmmmmm.png)

hmmmmm the timing of these. I think they still stalk eachother

No. 79342

Lol at comparing Dre to Tess

No. 79346

Steph isn't a bright one topkek

No. 79372

Imagine thinking THAT is a compliment. Comparing Dre to deathfat legend Tess Holiday - she’s probably pissed. I’m sent.

No. 79385

Steph is a bad friend for encouraging Dre to not consider her professional contracts and become a full time e-thot like the rest of them. Crabs in a bucket, much?

No. 80023

File: 1580112126939.png (26.43 KB, 602x228, 7Uza6WW.png)

No. 80030

Embarrassingly short relationship broadcast publicly on social media: check

Think it was obvious he was in it for clout purposes.

No. 80041

She just spent an entire month in Mexico with him. Funny how they broke up right after. They’ll get back together though.

No. 80076

They're both no longer featured on each others IGs. Also, she literally just got back to LA yesterday after traveling with him for a while. WTF.

No. 80095

Anyone know how old he is ? As keeps being mentioned he’s still at school.

He’s never had that many followers, can tell he’s been using her for a while now

No. 80098

His FB says February 1993, so he's almost 27. He's actually older than Dre – she's only 24.

No. 80221

whatever happened she went to insane lengths to get rid of everything to do with him. she even deleted all her tweets that even refer to him.

he's been tweeting a lot of stuff that implies she was emotionally abusive to him and he's the one that ended things with her.

No. 80224

This is an imageboard, post screenshots

No. 80247

What's his twitter?

No. 80255

File: 1580271840097.png (2.95 MB, 750x1334, D46793CC-D29A-42D0-9C51-943C25…)

Stephanie had a dig at Kelly in her stories. Someone asked about getting more tattoos, as well as getting any removed. She was, like, “removal? Never! No, why, no, what?”

No. 80268

File: 1580278402003.jpg (13.5 KB, 442x112, Annotation 2020-01-28 221331.j…)


since the other anon won't do it, ask and you shall receive

No. 80272

Looks like she may have deleted it

No. 80278

I think he’s actually younger than her. He is in college for nutrition or something.

No. 80290

blameAlexis is the username

No. 80293

Nah, it was an IG Story. They delete after 24 hours. (I posted about it when it was already getting close to its natural deletion time.)

No. 80309

File: 1580322225450.jpg (50.03 KB, 616x574, Capture.JPG)

No. 80330

File: 1580331996670.jpeg (560.15 KB, 1242x1054, C87EDCD7-3F8E-4355-969C-AF16E8…)

No. 80342

I was an idiot that didn't take screenshots immediately and now he's deleted most. They were just a bunch of retweets about how bad it is to have to beg someone to give you any amount of kindness or attention and that you should reevaluate the relationship if you find yourself doing that.

No. 80355

File: 1580343044191.png (20.84 KB, 599x168, Capture.PNG)

No. 80357

File: 1580343653711.jpeg (765.58 KB, 828x1337, F1E8720C-45A7-4DFB-8983-290669…)

No. 80358

File: 1580343677206.jpeg (543.86 KB, 828x1489, A41DF173-91DE-4213-8314-35EE96…)

No. 80359

File: 1580344097550.jpeg (580.24 KB, 818x1395, F4CD80DC-6CCB-4E6A-BB8F-5810DD…)

No. 80361

ALL of these people are so fucking dramatic. about everything.

No. 80364

Steph, you're purposely selling yourself as a dead inside sex doll. Don't act so surprised that people get bored of you easily, especially when you keep botching yourself more and more

No. 80374


It's almost like being a sex worker isn't an infinite gravy train and is unsustainable for the vast majority of people.

No. 80375

he hell, you say? you mean, being a professional, vapid blow up doll isn't a viable long term career plan? and that it might not be fulfilling to be nothing but meat and silicon to every one you meet, sell your smut to, and who follows you online once the initial thrill of making money and the ego boost wears off?


No. 80381

This bitch permanently botched her body and for what? A 3 year long career? Kek

No. 80395

Isn't Stephanie in her 30s? Hope she has saved up money from her career. Or that her husband has money.

No. 80427

If she wants to do the whole "bimbo" thing why doesn't she get in shape? At least Kelly keeps getting bad lipo to try to keep up with beauty standards. Being a BBW bimbo must be a pretty niche market.

No. 80593

File: 1580484128358.png (2.53 MB, 750x1334, 8066C51C-60F1-427D-BCED-47165E…)

Dre posting a lot of pictures from “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” Ah, the moping break-up posts.

No. 80615

File: 1580506468158.jpeg (488.85 KB, 822x1085, D79D18B7-7E2E-4556-83A5-ABE9D8…)

No. 80668

File: 1580541878992.jpeg (327.89 KB, 1242x833, 38BAB929-7060-45F7-BC30-A4669B…)

No. 80708

I mean, when follower numbers impact spons and income, I get why losing followers after a breakup is a double whammy… and that’s pretty sad, but when you become a social media star and influencer you really fuck with reality boundaries.

Regardless, they always had an awkward as fuck vibe on Insta. They never seemed comfortable with each other. At least, that’s how they came across when they were filming each other. Not a great sign that there’s a lasting connection.

No. 80743

I feel the same , he just never seemed As much into her and she did him, she was always posting soppy videos and photos on insta and he would just copy them half arsed and he always seemed uncomfortable in them.
She leeches onto everyone just look at her roommates , friends etc they all seem to be youtubers what not she was a nobody when she come to la and just seems to ride on everyone else’s back , I know she a makeup artist but she knows how to play the game with who and what she posts

No. 80953

File: 1580692878769.jpeg (171.1 KB, 820x1482, 9651BB32-95FB-4D79-AC21-B62A81…)

No. 80969

Gurl, were you even together that long? Six months in your 20s isn’t much of an investment.

No. 81200

File: 1580811604602.jpg (Spoiler Image,515.09 KB, 1216x2160, 1216x2160_44ec84f2e27861de500c…)

who ordered moose knuckle(spoiler imgs like this)

No. 81222

jesus anon, spoiler that shit. that's horrifying.

No. 81223

Sorry if this has been discussed before, but has she had a labiaplasty? I've seen puffy/"innie" labia, but this looks odd.

No. 81225

She's just fat, anon.

No. 81241

Hmmmm no that pussy looks different, not your traditional chub puss. Idk something is off here…

No. 81246

nooo why do these stupid sluts get their labia removed? This looks so weird and creepy

No. 81325

Her pussy looks like a black hole wtf?

No. 81346

This looks like a child it’s disgusting and Pervy af

No. 81676

File: 1581119536234.png (2.13 MB, 750x1334, AFE99DA1-D012-42FE-B0D9-6C4F65…)

Stephanie’s family came to visit and she had to hide all her lewd things (fanart, figurines, her own calendar, her “to do” list mentioning OnlyFans, etc) — I’m surprised they don’t know what she does. Don’t they have questions about how she makes a living/supports herself?

No. 81732

File: 1581172806000.png (2.71 MB, 750x1334, 5104D8D5-F683-430B-90AF-C59F0D…)

I wonder what they think about her getting her massive tits and lips.

No. 82040

File: 1581363121802.jpg (38.95 KB, 375x634, Capture.JPG)

I bet you Molly divorced her husband of six months because of this guy.

No. 82291

File: 1581559167406.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1852, 731A4A89-9BD1-4D52-94B6-205E45…)

Definitely. He’s her “new roommate” that she flew across the country to bring back to LA. La is full of people who need roommates, you don’t travel thousands of miles to move in with someone unless you’re fucking them.

How long has she been divorced? A week?

No. 82322

File: 1581587167697.jpg (54.46 KB, 812x586, ahshitherewegoagain.jpg)

ah shit here we go again

No. 82328

Well it took them about two seconds to get back together.

No. 82329

File: 1581598237312.jpeg (392.97 KB, 825x1449, BBFBD83B-66A5-4158-B293-6BB4B3…)

No. 82588

File: 1581717155866.jpg (39.84 KB, 370x614, Capture.JPG)

Calm down, it's not even freezing outside. (I live in the same city where Katsucon is located.)

No. 82591

Also there is really no need to go outside during Katsucon. The convention center and the hotel are literally the same place.

No. 82605


In her defense, it probably is pretty damn cold when your mode of dress is covering up just enough to not get arrested and/or end up on the registry.

No. 83676

File: 1582247040151.jpg (37.64 KB, 602x381, sm.JPG)


No. 83867

it was the warmest katsucon we had in years. she's such a drama queen

No. 83868

She's gross af

No. 83876

File: 1582380678556.jpeg (975.65 KB, 828x1399, C381DB15-C251-48AC-A22C-E3562A…)

No. 83981

Translation, she wants to move to Mexico to be closer to her boyfriend.

She is hardly overlooked and underappreciated, she's doing very well for herself. How much demand is there for Goth makeup artists/Plus sized models? She's pretty much cornered the market there. Imagine being one of her friends and hearing this whining, like what else do you want?

No. 84076

Oh well, bye! Spoilt brat.

No. 84326

Js, your bad grammar really gives away who you are.

No. 84794

File: 1583003802094.jpeg (256.8 KB, 828x1549, 9B1EF59E-D598-46A0-B0F0-4F1331…)

Blackcraft did Dre dirty lmao

No. 84804

How so?..

No. 84819

NTA but she looks like a demented character from a horror movie…

No. 84822

The brand is called blackcraftcult and she's wearing a shirt that says "sinner" … that's the point…

No. 84863

>thats the point
NTA but congrats however they’re still bad photos and she looks like a witch neanderthal in the bottom pic. Nothing “sinner” about looking like your forehead is bloated, no brows and the tilted down witch laugh in that lighting ages her 10-20years.
Feel i could cut myself on that nose kek

No. 84876

You can look like a s1nn3r*~ without looking like Ozzy Osborne in crazy train

No. 85115


It turns out, he is her new boyfriend. She says she's poly and they were dating when she was still married and that her divorce had nothing to do with it. Sure, Jan.

No. 85164

File: 1583339562617.jpeg (181.54 KB, 750x708, 4D71D24B-8FD9-4884-8828-5F8F02…)

Kota really has let herself go

No. 85197

>>85164 Kota has explained before that the meds she is taking/dealing with a bad depression episode brought on weight gain.

No. 85219

Idk how to post videos, but Dre’s insta story is so cringy. She’s kissing her bf in Hottopic and he tries to pull away. It seems pretty obvious he’s only there for what little clout he can get from her. He’s not into her at all.

No. 85227

I thought she said it was from birth control

No. 85228


Seriously he doesn’t look into it at all

No. 85479

File: 1583708548505.jpeg (391.83 KB, 828x1269, 6B885775-F4BF-4F12-A493-908430…)

No. 85549

I’m confused pls explain

No. 85675

File: 1583911059406.jpeg (97.51 KB, 747x476, 9386F6AA-5199-466F-AEF1-59EA6C…)

Oh god

No. 85690

Holy fucking shit.

No. 85693

that is terrifying.

No. 85711

Nice to see stephanie is still ruining her life and heading fast and hard toward being a washed up piece of plastic trash when she's 40. Cute.

No. 86443

This is what efame and catering to men do to you. She used to be so cute. Now it's only downhill

No. 87149

File: 1585135818623.jpg (156.08 KB, 550x487, 2ADOAsQ.jpg)

what a bunch of clowns(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 87874

File: 1586018093913.jpg (155.88 KB, 1374x2048, EUosHZ8UYAE3ZSj.jpg)

steph recently tweeted this, can't even with her awful shoop.. what was she thinking????

No. 88393

something about watching her make her fetish a lifestyle is really saddening

No. 88712

Stephanie’s Twitter is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen. The glazed, empty look in her eyes while she flashes her tits makes me wonder if she’s being forced into this lifestyle or if she’s on drugs. It’s such a waste. I really hope her husband at least won’t put her into straight up prostitution.

No. 89087

File: 1587081887122.jpg (Spoiler Image,69.95 KB, 1080x360, wtf.jpg)

Reposting bc forgot to spoiler image

Agree with you.

Honestly wtf is this second pic? Steph tweeted this yesterday and I'm horrified. She's just getting worse and worse and she keeps butchering her face.

It's sad because she used to be so cute and she was fun to follow. Her YT channel used to be so enjoyable. How is she okay with turning herself into Frankenstein's hideous monster?

I feel bad for her and it really does feel like her sleazebag husband is the main factor in doing this to her. Her personality has evaporated as well. She spends all her time acting 'holier than thou' while promoting sex work and will vehemently rage on anybody who says otherwise and then turns around and act all positive and smiley. Envy and Vivka do this too and they're all trash tbh. Airheads. When will the instathot trend end

Can't wait for the day when Steph hopefully opens her eyes and does a 180, and is divorced while whining about being abused by her ex online. Maybe her personality will return then as well but it's too late for her butchered and bloated body. Super pathetic.

No. 89091

File: 1587082967959.png (82.99 KB, 571x330, bitchnmoan.png)

Dre constantly tweets and bitches and moans about being fat, most of the time she's complaining about it in the fashion industry. Seriously, if anybody spends five minutes reading her twitter they'll see it all. It's always phrased in a way where her insecurity and jealousy of skinny girls is blazing through. Hun, if you ate less+ate well, worked out, and stuck to it, you too can be the skinny girl of your dreams!! Or you can go the Kelly route and get lipo, but you'll probably gain it all back+more like she did and also be stuck with a permanently botched body.

It's ridiculous that she will do this and then tweet about "body positivity" when called out (or she'll ignore it altogether and bitch some more). She purposely avoids responding to skinny people who talk about their health struggles too. We get it, you're a plus sized "model".

"Just cuz you're skinny doesn't give you the right" Bitch, I've been seeing fat people everywhere making jokes about quarantine bodies too. It's literally one of the many jokes going around to help people cope with the times. Take that stick out of your ass. She always has a self made problem to tweet about (i.e. her recent bitching about Dolls Kill being "toxic", when her Strange Cvlt creepers were sold on there). God, what an insufferable cunt.

Calling it now that if she ever gets skinny in the future, she will be spamming everywhere with barely clothed photos.

No. 89092

>Calling it now that if she ever gets skinny in the future, she will be spamming everywhere with barely clothed photos.
Wtf now I want to see that. I'm so sad cause she'll never have the willpower.

No. 89237

I remember when she called me out on Twitter (I think 2018?) because I made her a compliment about her weight loss and if she has any tips (I also had probs with my weight). She attacked me lol. And I never knew she posted my comment on Twitter. Thanks to Guru Gossip and this page I found it out. She should not going too far how she reacts and reply… since then I unfollowed her. And she told the people she tried to reach out to me! Funny lady, she never did and she had the chance on Instagram because I wrote a message.

/ To Steph… it's sad how she looks. Do you guys think her husband… forces her? Sometimes she looks like she has fun.

No. 89243

I remember that. And then she said that the reason for her weight loss was that she "started drinking more water." like that on its own would make anyone lose weight.

I don't think steph's husband forces her to do anything, I think she built a following for herself in a very niche porn category (bimbofication) and now she's stuck and has to keep going further and further in order to keep making money.

No. 89246

File: 1587261065509.png (165.99 KB, 565x633, here we go again.png)

here she goes again

"not a complaint" ok dre.

we see you lurking.

No. 89247

No. 89248

Do you know what picture was posted? It seems to have been removed. Steph probably reported it kek

No. 89249

File: 1587261366606.jpg (529.98 KB, 2048x2867, 33r294hh6ft41.jpg)

"This before and after genuinely makes me sad. She used to be so beautiful" is the thread title

No. 89250

Biiig yikes. Just found the photo on the bimbofication subreddit too, along with a ton of other cringe posts on that subreddits front page from Steph. So so sad. What a waste.

No. 89251

File: 1587263083039.png (Spoiler Image,983.27 KB, 1085x676, steph.png)

This is reallllly sad. She's very obviously mentally ill and on some heavy drugs, or both.

Wonder if Justin supplies her with drugs to keep this going.

Her family must be so ashamed bc I can't see anybody being ok with this without some underlying bullshit.

Hope she gets the therapist she clearly desperately needs soon.

Spoilered pic bc it's very much needed

No. 89254

Sex work is empowering!! Get that cash! Hustle!

She looks miserable honestly in that left pic. Like a feeder's wife just getting through the day.

No. 89264

correct me if i'm wrong but the weird faces shes pulling is part of the fetish is it not? she's trying to look like a lifeless blow-up doll or a classic "air head bimbo".
I do agree with >>89251, she really does look mentally ill it's a borderline joke at this point

Seeing the comments on reddit >>89247 makes me feel more sorry for her, even the majority of men think she's ruined her body. Shes did this for a small % of men with the same fetish her (i assume) her/her partner.

No. 89271

It's wild that almost 2 years ago I was posting pretty much this exact sentiment but got shut down by wks yelling "This is HER choice! It has nothing to do w her husband as they are CLEARLY VERY HAPPY TOGETHER, OK?" I told you so doesn't mean much on a site like this, but at least people are starting to noticed how fucked up her body and lifestyle has become as the main breadwinner.

Isn't Justin some never made it self proclaimed "freelance" videography bro? Imagine shooting and filming someone you allegedly love do this to themselves because they are your meal ticket. All the surgery and injections can't be cheap to maintain either. It's so sad.

No. 89525

yeah, the weird facial expressions are part of the fetish. She's trying to look dumb and vapid, like there's nothing behind her eyes. same with the weird finger sucking thing she always does.

No. 90330


Dre needs to sit down and pull her head out of her ass. Of course people will ask her for sizing guidelines. For brands like Killstar or anything else from Dollskill, it’s near to impossible to find the correct size, regardless of the sizing chart. They rarely run true to size and they don’t allow reviews on their clothes, so the only realistic guideline we can get are from people who obviously shop from these brands, aka goth influencers like Dre. Girl needs to mature a lot. I’m still waiting for it to happen.

No. 90413

Steph used to be gorgeous. So sad. I wonder if she secretly regrets doing this to herself.

No. 90433

File: 1588204038336.png (128.48 KB, 546x442, stfu.png)

Dre is such a dumb ungrateful bitch kek I hope she loses all of her fans and sponsorships. She doesn't deserve them

No. 91659

File: 1588855635922.png (251.48 KB, 442x707, dre.png)

She tweets about not talking about the weight of people then talks about her own weight then gets pissed off when people talk about her weight.

Dre sweetie it's so obvious you are immensely insecure with your body. Especially by adding a gif of anorexic Paris Hilton.

Maybe if you weren't such a hypocritical egotistical cunt to everybody, more people would like you. /shrug

No. 92543

File: 1589145410977.jpg (324.93 KB, 1080x1565, IMG_20200510_231538.jpg)

Dre's latest posts on twitter

No. 92575

This looks like someone who is also her size looking for encouragment, but of course she's so insecure she took the offensive.

She is in Mexico with the bf so any weird posts (most recent two) are probably because they had another fight. This seems like he makes nasty comments on the reg >>91659

No. 92702

smh the person sounded like they were being vulnerable and wanted help.. instead of replying positively, she publicized it. imagine if that person follows her on twitter and saw that? and right after she tweets about how she wishes people would be real with her.

she always talks about disliking it when people always bring up her weight, but that's all she ever tweets about? she's only inviting the topic to be discussed by doing that. just say you hate/are envious of skinny people and go.

she's a fucking mess. you're right dre, get off social media. you're a bad person and shouldn't be a social influencer. go work out your own mental issues first.

No. 92789

That exactly happend to me. I don't have Twitter and she shared my compliment (+tips how she lost so much bc I also struggled with my weight) without cancel my name or face. I felt like shit when I found out "I was public" at this moment. I hope karma finds one day the way to teach her how to be nice and not rude to other people with also healthy problems and struggle with depression because she's not the only one.

No. 92794

Why do bitches do this?? Posting a DM to put someone on blast, even when their username is hidden is beyond childish and wrong. Yes, go take a break from social media, you fat cow

No. 92959

how does Dre actually still have supporters? She's done this to SO many people who have sent her DMs. She's constantly reposting them then shitting on the FAN that sent them. Then Envy/Steph/whoever show up to retweet it and shit on the fan more. It's become a pattern that happens almost monthly with her. Not to mention her other antics of queerbaiting with Jessie Paege. Where she convinced everyone they were dating and so gay and then it just stopped when they got all the attention they could out of it. Or when she baited with Chris Villain and then FLIPPED in videos/instastories/twitter for people DARING to ship them. After they did nothing but couples cosplay and kiss pictures.

she treats her fans like garbage that it's a real mystery that she still has any at all.

also does anyone know what happened with chris? did she just drop him when she got a real bf?

No. 93333

I feel like Dre secretly liked Chris and he obviously didn’t return her feelings on a romantic level so she got over defensive when people ‘shipped’ them like “wow no way how rude” when in reality that’s probably all she ever wanted.

No. 94442

Might be the case. Or he just stopped being useful/ giving her the attention she thinks she deserves. He doesn't even follow her anymore so I guess he realized he was just being used. She still follows him though. I've seen them interact in person before and she treated him like an accessory that was supposed to do everythinh she wanted and if he talked to other people she pouted. I'm glad he removed that from his life

No. 95121

Dre actually lives with Chris and two others.
We all know she uses people , she soon got bored of Chris once he moved in , lack of videos / posts / photos or anything with him.
Now she has her model boyfriend she will ride this as much as she can , then onto the next person, she was a nobody and latched onto kelly to start , then her friends , then larger you tubers and company’s constantly tagging them and brown nosing until they gave in and used her.
She a leach and will take what she can from anyone

No. 96374

File: 1590594416313.jpeg (210.25 KB, 732x1035, CD77F41A-0536-44BB-98A5-D4897B…)

This is just me nitpicking. But those are some unfortunate extensions on Kota

No. 96407

File: 1590614217514.png (193.78 KB, 564x740, IMG_0058.png)

Steph made a post about how her cat got really sick and somehow made it all about herself and snuck in subtly promoing her content/ showing off her botched body? This girl is fucked in the head

No. 97184

File: 1590980699517.png (588.91 KB, 751x596, bob.png)

Wants to be ""taken seriously as a cosplayer""… this is her cosplay of Bob from Animal Crossing….

No. 97454

leave Bob out of this you god damn thot

No. 97465

Looking at her makes me feel such disgust. I need a bucket for my puke.

Really so sad what a waste she is. Sure this is probably making her money now, but I can't wait to see her get old and be begging for handouts when her looks and plastic surgery don't cut it anymore. She had such potential to make a career out of her personality when the iron was hot but she dropped it and now has to resort to whatever the fuck this mess is. She looks like a botched beast. I'm sure her family is rullll proud.

No. 101762

File: 1592725680745.jpeg (804.91 KB, 828x1444, FEC473DD-90C4-48A4-81E2-73913F…)

She been in Mexico for months with him at his place and by the look she’s back in la , and they have split … again ! How many time’s is this now

No. 101773

I don’t feel like they are a good match. They are always braking up and making a huge deal out of everything.

No. 101896

Ohh myy nobody cares Dre.

No. 101948

File: 1592858948433.jpeg (269.98 KB, 828x1140, 9065D3BB-EBE3-4BBD-BFAF-6154B7…)

No. 101955

File: 1592864482167.png (6.91 MB, 1125x2436, C8EF3682-AFA9-4203-8992-231FDC…)

No. 104333

File: 1594199016150.jpeg (181.55 KB, 813x320, 82D81D3E-965A-4DA0-B202-953BDF…)

No. 104800

File: 1594542101429.jpeg (281.5 KB, 828x631, E5CAAA55-1B3E-4E78-89AA-CADEB8…)

Dres ex alexis has been posting on Twitter and insta things like this … he also did it
Last time they broke up.

No. 104854

File: 1594597354407.jpg (558.62 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200712-194131_Ins…)

No. 104857

is her hair badly photoshopped blue or is that an equally sloppy dye job?

No. 104860

But she DOES make porn
Fingering yourself counts

No. 104940

File: 1594677598536.jpeg (104.38 KB, 828x370, 3BB678C5-39B6-43F4-AE16-FB87D1…)

Strange, after years of wanting to move in with her best friend Chris villain ( yes I know there’s two others also friends in the apartment ) she’s now moving out.

I’ve noticed she never posts anything with Chris anymore since they moved in together , they were always doing YouTube videos, instagram etc and seen nothing for a long time,
Also noticed she went back to her grandmas after breaking up with Alexis and been at Kotas for a while.
Seems she’s pissing off more people

No. 104983

File: 1594703033196.jpg (444.22 KB, 1066x1600, Abbey-Bominable-017.JPG)

Just randomly found this when searching the name of a Monster High doll used in a cosplay by someone else. Kota used to look very different.

No. 105092

Kota used to look so cool and interesting now she’s just a dime a dozen hippie emo aesthetic insta girl

No. 105260

You’re nuts if you think this is the look

No. 106330

File: 1595483368699.png (43.3 KB, 553x237, dreidiot.png)

how long until she realizes hating on skinny people isn't going to make her into one? we get it, you envy skinny girls

don't ever preach body positivity again you hypocritical pig

No. 106472

The butthurt of this post. Thin bodies are the standard in fashion. Dumbass zoomers who don't remember the 90s or 00s but want to rock it's ugliest styles. People generally tend to lose their shit over thin women regardless of what they wear. Did she say anything negative about skinny bodies? Or was just making an observation about reality? Get a grip if you find this offensive and any way.

No. 106521

Listen Dre/wk, this isn't the first time there's been "subtle" airing out of jealousy and looking down on skinny women via tweet. This was clearly sent out as a fake "woke" tweet to disguise the obvious hatred being harbored. It's not hard to see.

Remember how many tweets there were saying to not talk about her body even whenever people make positive comments about it? Pretty hypocritical since she's always blabbing about skinny people. Replace the word "skinny" in her tweet with "overweight" or "fat" and see how bad it still sounds.

Get over yourself.

No. 106527

File: 1595570445879.jpg (732.6 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200724-015843_Ins…)

No. 106537

nta but I don't really see it as a wk? Like that's an entirely fair point to make because there is a lot of ugly styles that people lose their shit over because you guessed it, the model is thin. That being said it's super obvious Dre is sort of co-opting that point to vent her jealousy, doesn't she still shoop ant pics she takes of her body?

No. 106551

I don’t understand how a body can become so huge but kinda “smooth” i mean no folds on her tummy or miffintop

No. 106552

you can literally see her muffin top and

>>>endless shopping

(also potential lipo I don't follow the rainbow cows enough to know if she actually had it done)

No. 106649

Literally swipe right before posting anything to Instagram in the story mode. Use the Paris filter. It does this. SNOW too which she uses.

No. 106810

You can’t be ace and bi at the same time.

No. 106891

Apologies for subjectfagging, but one can be a "biromantic asexual", implying that they're attracted to both men and women but don't desire sexual interaction.

No. 106967

I don’t think she’s that

No. 107070

omg fuck off back to where ever you came from

No. 107072

Hey but with all her not "porn" videos does that still make her Ace? Because I thought that was the disinterest in sexual intimacy. I know Ace people can like porn but she's actively posting lewds. I'm just really confused.

No. 107086

I do you really think any sex worker actually gets off on posting lewds? It’s a job, for money.

No. 107142


Ok but she is self employed. Meaning she has chosen to make her whole life and livelihood about taking sexy pics. Or rather, her husband, who I guess she has little to no sexual relationship with if she's "ace."

Like why would you make that career choice? I think most people try to do jobs they somewhat like or are interested in when they work for themselves. It sounds like bullshit because it is

No. 107275

She chose to make it her career because she has a niche body type that people will pay money for and she can make bank. She also doesn't have any other marketable skills or education. The whole "bimbo" thing is a huge fetish and there aren't a lot of girls who are willing to degrade themselves and destroy their bodies in that way in real life, so there's definitely a market for that kind of content, as gross as it is.

Unfortunately, sex work (especially in such a specific niche) is not a long-term sustainable career, and iirc she's already in her mid-thirties. I hope she's at least smarter with her money than most thots.

No. 108540

File: 1596988849948.png (29.38 KB, 513x358, Capture.PNG)

So now this is a change in story. It's her husband who asked for a divorce after she made a big deal of "we both realized we don't actually love each other" which came after 5 years together. I'll bet he got sick of her shit. It's interesting that she used to post "I don't talk about Chris because our relationship is strong and I don't need to splash it on social media and now with her new man, she posts about him regularly. Does that mean she's not secure with her new relationship or did her husband just not mean anything?

No. 108607

File: 1597018323725.png (30.39 KB, 508x325, d.PNG)

Of course she "had" corona. How self obsessed is this girl?

No. 108614

>>108607 Just a cough? I know some people get coughs with COVID, but it’s not really one of the more common or notable symptoms.

No. 108621


It's so strange, from posting about how he's her best friend and referring to him by his name, she now calls him "the ex" like…okay? Is that how it goes? She claims he's her best friend, but I refer to my friends by their name. I know he probably dumped her with her being SO in love with Khal Drogo, but it feels like she so easily just discards people no longer relevant to her. In fact, for him being her best friend, the only thing she really cared about was being able to have a fantasy wedding shoot and that he was taking his dog with him back to Georgia

No. 108622

>>108614 but how would she be special if she didn't have this? She'd be dull if she was just regular sick

No. 108633

What are you on about? Coughing is one of the most typical symptoms of covid.

No. 108638

He wanted a divorce because she tried to force him to be "poly" (because she wanted to cheat and get away with it). Unsurprisingly, she is now monogamous with her new bf, who is also someone she started dating while she was still with her ex husband.

No. 108662

God I hate these fake polytypes who just want to fuck and not be called out for their cheating. I seriously do agree though, she's gone from "I don't need to tell Chris I love him" to "UWU LOOK AT MY MAN! HE GAVE ME FLOWERS UWU I LOVE HIM MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN THIS WORLD, I'VE NEVER LOVED ANYBODY ELSE"

No. 108727

But just a cough? Most people seem to have more things going on, like flu type symptoms, loss of taste and smell, chills, weird headaches or jaw pain, etc. Just a cough could be anything.

No. 108791

File: 1597152312418.jpg (470.96 KB, 1500x1996, vnuowie.jpg)

No. 108793

Lol she is such an asshole whenever people comment anything on her pics. She always has to call out her fans like it's some sort of compulsion. She can't ever keep it to herself. This lady is so bitter and mean.

No. 108800

Then delete it already jeez

No. 109140

then when nobody says anything she complains about THAT and claims her pics were fire so she just doesn't understand why people don't comment and like!!maybe because you find fault in ANY comment someone leaves and people are getting more and more sick of it.

No. 111015

File: 1599013473120.jpeg (280.67 KB, 750x776, A197F6F2-B42E-4460-9481-98CDC2…)

Isn’t Cushings one of the things Kelly said was wrong with her and why she kept gaining weight back? Maybe when they were still friends Kota had brought it up and Kelly copies her?

No. 111249

Was it cushings or was it Hashimotos? I wouldn't put it past Kelly though

Kelly also claimed that she's bipolar on a tweet recently and then a few days after Steph tweeted about the difficulties of dealing with bipolar people topkek

No. 111288

I remember her saying she had Hashimotos.

But I also remember her saying (to reason her lipo) that extreme weight-gain after 25 is genetical for all of the women in her family…

No. 112043

File: 1599867743646.jpeg (836.87 KB, 1125x2089, A32C1730-6811-47B5-8006-8C1652…)

Hi Molly! :)

No. 112861

File: 1600449745376.jpg (161.44 KB, 1440x1440, kodda.jpg)

Hey remember when Kota was a glamorous faerie with long silver hair? She looks like Holly Conrad now!

She seems to be a nice person and her music is underrated imo but her health has definitely done a job on her.

No. 112863

Also I will add that I hope her health improves, I was just surprised how relatively quick her health problems took their toll. Kinda sucks since she has a lot of potential in different ways.

No. 112870

Im sure she's healthy, anon. Not mentally, but gaining weight doesn't automatically mean she isn't healthy anymore. She's just fatter.

No. 112877

She has a chronic illness and the meds she was talking made her gain a ton of weight. Still hasn't found a cure/treatment yet.

No. 112907

I think she also is doing recreational drugs which could add to decrease in health. I think she also used to be active and now just stays at home not really doing much.

But she is a really good song writer and singer. She would make a lot of money and feel accomplished if she worked as a song writer for others

No. 112909

Maybe don’t have your personal facebook posts on public Molly

No. 112941

Say what you will about the rest, but I actually like Kota and Courtney. They're pretty nice and lay low and I think Courtney spends her time fostering animals the last time I checked. Kota replied to one of my comments years ago and was super sweet and helpful too.

Now, has anybody seen Stephanie lately? Woof. idk how to post a video here but her lips look like they're about to explode and not in a good way. She keeps gaining weight too. She and Dre both rub me the wrong way, they're always immediately hostile. Vivka and Envy I don't know much about to judge. All I've seen from Vivka is her constantly making tweet threads being self righteous about everything and Envy I just know about her from this thread.

Molly, Claire, and Katie are all not memorable people.

No. 113054

Asexual Stef is a full-time blow-up doll for the sexual amusement of men, mostly her husband who is the photographer of all her porn.
Kelly who adamantly doesn't want kids now wants kids, because her boyfriend Stefan wants kids.
These women are real walkovers, huh.

No. 113055

Also they seem to attract dudes with power fantasies over women, like their main hobby is manipulating their girlfriend to do the opposite of what she naturally wants to. So: creeps.

I wonder if it's being a manic pixie dream girl trope that attracts such manipulative scum, or just bad luck (emphasis on Stef with this line, I don't think having kids is anywhere near as bad of a life choice as what Stef is doing, but both choices still oppose the true expressed wishes and interests of these women)

No. 113264

File: 1600681768881.png (691.2 KB, 775x762, Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 2.47…)

Claire is interesting in that she went from lolita to full bodybuilder. She looks like this now.

No. 113364

That's definitely a huge 180 change.. but good for her ig. Better than being unhealthy

No. 114546

File: 1601506715393.jpeg (698.32 KB, 1125x1308, 0A7C1071-8073-4B3E-BD01-BF69FE…)

I think Claire looks amazing. She’s really been putting in the work.

No. 114575

Okay claire.

her non stop need to change her look seems like borderline personality disorder(hi cow)

No. 114588

good for her, she looks great. Kelly must be seething since she refuses to go to the gym for more than 3 weeks at a time and ends up doing to the doctors for the same, botched, result.

No. 114592

Sage your "hi, cow" and retarded armchairing next time.

Claire seems like one of the more stable members of the former fellowship, and aside from not wearing lolita anymore it's not like she's going through crazy Abby Brown-style phases. She posted on IG that she doesn't wear much of her lolita anymore because it doesn't fit since she's gotten so muscular. I'm happy for her honestly, she seems much happier and at least she's changing her body in a healthy way and not turning it into a blow up doll horror show like Stephanie.

No. 114676

Stephanie's lips lately are stuff of nightmares. Her family must be so embarassed of her

No. 114763

File: 1601693502757.jpeg (205.93 KB, 1694x1125, 6C7D426C-B1B0-4BD2-88F3-DA6126…)

Her videos are literally steps away from pornography. How long until she does actual penetrative porn?

No. 114782

Shes so fat her pussy doesn’t even open when she spreads her legs gosh It’s so sad to see actually

No. 114784

Feminist queen doing porn under a sign that says "office cum dump"

Ironic also in that she'll never be able to get a normal job again after doing this shit. Even an actual office slut is higher tier than this, but repeating and acting out hateful sexist tropes is real great, Stef.

No. 114838

File: 1601798494173.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1242x1685, F0123F21-F737-45B6-8259-4CC20A…)

This is horrific. Not only does she look awful, she looks nothing like the character she’s supposed to be cosplaying.
What is she going to do when she ages out of the “bimbo” aesthetic (which will be soon;, I think she’s already in her mid-late thirties)

No. 114869

Her lips are actually disgusting and her shoops are always terrifying. Steph, hun, take some photoshop classes for the love of god

No. 114874

I don't understand why she gained so much weight. Is it part of the bimbo fetish? She must have gained 100 lbs since she started this bimbo journey. Does she need the extra weight to carry the gargantuan implants? Is her husband a feeder?

No. 114898

She looks pregnant or just really fat in her recent video

I don't know how to clip a video to here. She tweeted it with her recent nauseating bimbo vampire cosplay.

Asexual Stephanie tweeting about wanting to suck cock. What an absolute mess topkek

No. 114901

A lot of women gain weight when they get implants, especially ones that huge, because they legitimately make it harder to be active. Imagine trying to work out with those things strapped to your chest. That or she is just trying to pander to the “thicc/curvy” aesthetic.

No. 114910

Just really fat because it's all over, not just her stomach. You don't magically become fat all over in the first few months of pregnancy.

No. 114911

She panders to the bimbo fetishists. She acknowledges this and bigger is better for those types as long as you keep the hips and bust bigger than the waist, you can be a fat bimbo.

No. 114931

It's a specific type of anime character she started emulating, but then pivoted just to the blow up doll shit she's doing now. I think she just loves to eat.

No. 114949

I mean honestly Stephanie, there we're so many other ways you still could've been sexy/thot/attention whoreish without making yourself look the way you do now. I feel that people like her never look into the future because her image will not last forever, she won't always continue getting the attention and money from it all that she is now, she literally has a few years left before she'll be absolutely scrapping the bottom of the barrel because literally no one will be interested in her half assed desperate blow up doll looks anymore

No. 114960

Jfc Stephanie has become so fat, stupid, and ugly. She’s become a real lowlife and it’s sad. I wonder if she is going through depression because of how people see her these days. On that note does she still have contact with anyone from the fellowship?

No. 114964

File: 1601914899856.jpg (648.09 KB, 2880x2880, 93d2e19.jpg)

The sad thing is that Stephanie was legit beautiful before she had any of the surgeries. I mean, it would be a tragedy even if someone unattractive had all this shit done to them but she could have definitely done the sex work stuff as an alt girl without making herself look like a parade float monster.

No. 114988

Yeah I see her interacting with the rest of the girls on Twitter. They literally all stayed in contact except for Kelly. Yet kelly thinks the rest are all the problem and she’s perfect top kek

jfc this is so sad to look at. She could have made a killing on YouTube bc she was interesting to watch back then but she went this route instead… I’ll never understand

Wish she’d stop with the bs asexual claims though. You can’t be a pornstar pretty much literally at this point and still claim to be ace. I feel bad for her husband. She probably wanted someone to take care of her and give her a roof while she stuffs herself with food and silicone while not touching him and leaving him with blue balls while providing jackoff content for scrotes with money online. Keep pretending to be pc and nice, Steph. You’re no better than toxic ass Kelly lmfao

No. 115007

The thing is, her husband films her content and I think is often involved in it’s creation, such as suggesting outfits, acting as an off-screen talent (a hand that fondles, etc)…

No. 115113

Her husband is definitely as involved, if not more involved in this whole thing than she is. I wonder what her life would be like if he wasn't there, as in some other dude was there instead - probably still doing lewd stuff, but would it have gone this far without his daily encouragement and camera lens?

No. 115203

I think I read it in a past thread but don’t have a source, that the fetishes she decided to become involved in were his fetishes, and that’s the reason why she got the boob job in the first place, etc. because he’s into it. Just tinfoil but it does make sense, she wasn’t doing this kind of stuff prior to getting engaged to him. She had real jobs for a while, I’m pretty sure she worked for lime crime at one point.

No. 115917

I don't even think that's tinfoil at this point.

There are women who get into the bimbo shit by themselves, but the rapid pace and dedication Steph went to look like a horrifying porn cartoon doesn't fit someone who secretly had this fetish all along

No. 116467

File: 1602991462006.jpeg (78.82 KB, 960x960, 461B48E7-3560-4C9F-980B-02E972…)

Can’t remember if Vera was a part of the Fellowshit or not, but she’s been cast as Poison Ivy in a fan-made DC film

Real talk though I did a double take and thought it was Courtney heh

No. 116477

Because it's not mentioned yed, is she supposed to be Fujiko from Lupin the 3rd? If so, then she does to a degree look like her. Otherwise, I have no idea who this character is.

No. 118501

File: 1604017228098.png (732.19 KB, 750x1334, AF80F532-C2BE-47E2-8FAD-F0DA7F…)

Does anyone know who or what Dre and TT are talking about?

No. 118502

File: 1604017280460.png (2.55 MB, 750x1334, 58B54C58-E68E-4F6D-B696-007843…)

No. 118504

File: 1604018110848.png (2.68 MB, 750x1334, 5A8670A1-E3C6-4546-B0AC-EC1830…)

No. 118583

They are referring to someone named Adora Batbrat wearing a "rape victim" Halloween costume. She apparently deleted everything but there's a Reddit thread about it here: https://www.reddit.com/r/goth/comments/jjexli/adora_batbrat_needs_cancelled_immediately_for/

No. 119409

File: 1604636250848.jpeg (Spoiler Image,958.53 KB, 1125x2337, 56B0BF20-C299-4AF5-B9DB-121417…)

Warning: NSFW Image. Welp, looks like Stephanie is doing legit porn now.

No. 119842

Depressing to see this stuff escalate in real time, happening to Belle too.
>thot thinks X is easy money
>scrotes demand more and more
>lewds become hardcore porn
>career and self-respect is over

No. 123318

File: 1606708063151.png (5.62 MB, 1125x2436, 8D72DD61-C31B-4ADA-9DBC-0A62C4…)

I guess she broke up with the guy she left her husband for…

No. 123925

I’m in some Facebook groups with her where she has talked about this. She didn’t leave her husband, they were poly and she just happened to be dating this guy when she and her husband got divorced. It seems like she and her husband weren’t having sex but I guess they’re still good friends, I’ve never seen her say anything bad about him. I guess the new guy wouldn’t stop yelling at her and she broke up with him. She’s annoying but I actually wish her the best with that, no one should be yelled at so I think she did a good thing.

No. 123982

She and her ex husband aren't even on speaking terms anymore, she's mentioned that several times in groups and on her personal page. She also said that part of why he broke up with her was because she "forced" him to be poly. Basically she wanted to cheat on him and get away with it.
If you've followed her for any amount of time, she has a history of this. She can't stay single for any amount of time, she rushes into relationship after relationship but doesn't actually bother to get to know anyone before jumping on their dick so the relationships never last.

Tbh i feel bad for her ex husband, he was the nicest and most stable guy she's ever been with. She's an insane narcissist who always has a convenient excuse for her behavior that you can't call her out on without looking like the asshole. She's now claiming to be autistic and ADHD so you can never criticize her behavior or else you're ableist.

No. 124040

Yeah I just wanna confirm this. I'm sure she's telling people it was a chill separation like in >>123925 but she's just softening it to save face. She absolutely did leave Chris for her internet boyfriend. He was so upset about being ignored for a stranger (right after they got married too, they barely even lasted 6 months) that he eventually stormed out and left her ass. Then she moved the new bf in immediately from across the country because she was convinced they were in twu lub. Unsurprisingly, as with all of Molly's rationships she's now been crying for weeks about how he abused her and is milking that for endless sympathy points. Molly is a trainwreck

No. 124122

They are literally always interacting on twitter and he still follows her everywhere, I don’t think they’re on bad terms. Like I said, I’m in quite a few Facebook groups with her and she never says anything bad about her ex husband. I definitely think she’s annoying but the story you’re saying doesn’t seem to be the true one.

No. 124123

How do you know this, do you know her in person?

No. 124127

File: 1607047944721.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1125x2010, AA3FC23C-98F9-4E42-BF22-E48AE3…)

No. 124128

File: 1607047991273.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1125x2036, 83123C70-C8A2-400B-A9CF-6833CD…)

No. 124158

>three anons post three posts on lolcow.farm
>crying, attention