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File: 1541917640110.png (1.62 MB, 1024x831, DFEDA611-4486-437D-9A05-CB7A12…)

No. 730369

IMAGE CREDIT: >>729997


This thread is dedicated to Layla “Too Poor” Shapiro and associated SoundClout cows. The SoundClout umbrella encompasses rappers, producers, managers/promoters/bookers/suits, designers, photographers, videographers, models, &c.


>Layla Shapiro/Too Poor - Instafamous pseudogoth who had a very public and very toxic relationship with both Lil Peep and Tyler Grosso. Is less of a mess these days, is no longer selling her broken nails, bloody tissues and cigarette butts on the internet. Touring as a “DJ” and is purportedly releasing an album.

>Tyler Grosso/Pepper Ann - SoundClouts most hated 3edgy5me tryhard. Abusive narcissistic drama whore. Peddles shit designs that are unoriginal at best and stolen at worst via his clothing brand Superrradical. Hitches his wagon to people more successful than him so he can LARP as someone famous/with talent.

>Paris/prodbyparis - Vacuous Bud Light shotgunning dudebro fuckboi who produced the imaginatively titled album ‘One Night In Paris’ in 2 days. Snapped up by a record label to profit off Peep’s posthumous popularity. Subtweets and deletes shit about other artists and appears to have his foot permanently in his mouth.

>Arzaylea Rodriguez/Arz/Arse - Dated Peep for a month, was his most recent ex at the time of his passing. One of the many scumbags that has attempted to ride his dick for clout, most notably via an unauthorised pop up and GoFundMe campaign which she alleged was for Peep’s family (all proceeds of which are MIA). Has terrible lip fillers and writes the worst poetry known to mankind.

>Cassidy Hill/Cass/hotelshrimp - Layla’s ex BFF turned skinwalker who took her obsession too far when she started dating Layla’s ex boyfriend Corey 2 weeks after Peep’s passing. Known for her atrocious anatomically impossible shoops, terrible makeup and coke-induced Twitter rants. Still desperately trying to hang out with Layla’s friends.

>Marilyn Rondon/sheyatted/intellectualchica - Peep-obsessed artist, constantly regurgitating new age hippy nonsense. Has a proliferation of Peep-inspired memorial face tatts and refers to him as her “twin flame” despite spending limited time together/their relationship being platonic. Has pitched a tent in the comments section of all of SoundClout social media posts. Is in her 30s and way too old for this nonsense.

>Kevin Pouya/Pouya - Rapper associated with Peep, is a disgusting misogynist who has several rape accusations under his belt. Along with Fat “all women are whores” Nick has made several groupie gang bang videos, the surfacing of which lends further credibility to the rape accusations.

>Courtney Neville/Coco/youngbabycoco - Kevin’s girlfriend/enabler. Suffering from cancer yet still finds the energy to accuse her boyfriend’s rape victims of lying. Excruciatingly narcissistic instathot and self-proclaimed ~angel~ whose entire social media presence seems to exist for the sole purpose of convincing people that she’s not a garbage human.


>Tyler has managed to keep his doughy ass out of jail for the time being, is still sperging on Twitter about how much he hates his life. After posting about the death of his dog he copped heat for not being responsible enough to keep a pet which caused him to REEEEEE harder than usual.

>Layla is on tour, still professing sobriety, is yet to drop her album (the suspense is killing us).

>Highly incriminating videos of Pouya and Fat Nick participating in what appears to be gang bangs under coercion have surfaced, both perpetrators are yet to respond themselves. However, leaked messages have shown Coco (a “real victim of abuse”) being a passive aggressive cunt and accusing victims of fabricating their allegations.





















When posting new faces please include a short rundown of who they are/why they’re relevant and what the milk is. Don’t assume people will know who you are talking about, remember cringe fans are not factors, DON’T POST NOBODIES.

NO PEEP PSYCHOANALYSIS. Diving into his psyche or speculating how he actually felt about his flings is strictly prohibited. However, milk surrounding the investigation and SoundClout fallout is still allowed.

DON’T EXPECT TO BE SPOONFED. Read the old threads, get familiar with the basics of the scene. If you are familiar with the scene but new to imageboards please read the rules. Lurk until you feel comfortable joining in on the discussion without being an annoying newfag.

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Chelji milk is strongly frowned upon unless she does something hilariously embarrassing. Before posting about her, ask yourself: “does anyone really give a fuck about this potato?”

All lolcow rules apply. Read them and integrate. Don’t be annoying. No infighting.

No. 730383

No one gives a duck but chelji got signed and it’s hilarious. Changed her IG name (who cares) but she deleted all but 11 pics on her new one and ofc she has peep in the first goddamn pic, and mentions a no jumper interview which SHE DID NOT GET it was a chillin with Adam video and she was straight roasted the entire time. I’ll delete if no one cares but she’s making a fucking dumb ass of herself. Lil lighter than the gang rape shit …

No. 730395

Yeah saw that some page mentioned it was a 5 million deal but c'mon lol who the fuck spread that lie. Sage cause no cap

No. 730397

File: 1541928930293.jpeg (232.68 KB, 749x1105, E8934CE6-F117-474D-834B-A21C70…)

I think the number is hiiighly exagerated

No. 730401

File: 1541929297941.png (2.98 MB, 750x1334, F2A73D81-C5D2-44C5-A9FD-8EEFCE…)

No. 730403


JFC anon, spoiler this! Are you trying to give us nightmares?

But for real, his girlfriend might be cross eyed but unless she’s blind I cannot fathom how she can stand being in the same room as this festering pile of walking smegma.

No. 730404

I love the OP pic so much
A true piece of art

>5 million dollar record deal
Lol no one even knows her…. at all, she clearly just spread that shit herself, they wouldn’t even give fuckin Layla a contract, worth half of that, and she has way more followers.

No. 730407

Plus she’s made her Instagram private, which is an odd move for someone supposedly signed and on the up. Anyway, let’s not speak of the spud lest it materialise.

No. 730432

File: 1541937078967.jpeg (215.68 KB, 750x1204, 581E6AA2-0DB7-4968-BE90-ABF4E1…)

It isnt tho? But let's stop talking about her now, she aint that interesting

No. 730433

File: 1541937876211.jpeg (566.32 KB, 750x742, 20BAF88D-B457-499E-9C1A-20E07F…)

Lay is getting savaged by lunatic Peep stans in the comments on her most recent Instagram post (pic related)

No. 730435

Lol well it is kind of awkward to wear a hoodie of the dead dude who's dick you used to be on when you're being brought to another country on tour with the new guy who's dick you're on

No. 730442

Why the fuck does it look like she has two sagging balls on her face? Them cheeks look baddddd

No. 730443

lmao Future's deal was 20 Million dollars and Lil Pumps was 8 million , no way shes getting even 100k

No. 730449

File: 1541941796974.jpeg (66.04 KB, 750x181, 3315CEFA-5E0B-429F-8783-1530B5…)

As predicted TyTy has deleted all his sperging over puppygate except for this. It’s only a matter of time until he starts threatening to an hero again.

No. 730468

YICK fucking disgusting

No. 730681

yea she’s really not aging good

No. 730706

File: 1541983756519.jpg (13.57 KB, 236x354, e58a8128971d595d0c570b42f4b0d3…)

Actual pic of fat nicks gf

No. 730802

>dead dude who's dick you used to be on
They were together. The on/off relationshit they had wasn't pleasant. She is still allowed to have feelings and grieve it out.
>on tour with the new guy who's dick you're on
COUGH ummm.. no comment.

No. 730810

Nitpick but it’s chelji so who cares her FUCKING NAIL is soooo disgusting does this troll goblin bite her nails or is that a disease
Between her, the fat fuck twins nick and grosso, and geriatric rapist pouya this thread is like a test to see how long one can last without vomiting.

No. 730816

File: 1541999086324.jpeg (11 KB, 198x255, download.jpeg)

>how long one can last without vomiting

The shit you're seeing is nothing.

Never been to 4chan.org/b/ before?! Eh?


No. 730826

No why would I do that go home

No. 730827

>tfw anon doesn’t know lolcow originated from 4chan and is a chan itself

No. 730830

Oh. I know. They're NPC's that might not know.

No. 730845

File: 1542006307922.jpeg (253.95 KB, 750x903, 36ACA60E-2F33-4427-88A0-F5B770…)

1) Maybe use your purported wealth to get some serious therapy instead of buying designer dogs/clothes/girlfriends

2) That commment, kek

No. 730850

File: 1542007285403.jpeg (464.44 KB, 1600x1525, 3D5B4BCE-D005-43B1-A276-3161FD…)

Layla you can rot in hell bitch(autism)

No. 730857

Tyler, the lesson to take from this is to take better care of the one you love next time. Not blame them for dying.

No. 730895

File: 1542020395070.jpeg (333.33 KB, 750x712, 5B44ACA8-4F70-4FF8-9192-75AF73…)

>us “influencers”

yeah ok, pepper

(for real tho, if homeboy wrote a book I would read it)

No. 730904

why would i want to talk to someone about my problems who can barely hold his own life together? if pepper wants to be the messiah of mental health then maybe he should sort out his public image first & stop killing dogs by “accident”. own up to your bullshit, kamikaze

No. 731011

File: 1542049853972.png (33.13 KB, 630x352, 2018-11-12 14_08_19-Mike on Tw…)

seems like the pouya allegations are gaining some traction on twitter

No. 731019

File: 1542051918569.png (Spoiler Image, 3.29 MB, 750x1334, 3B53CA65-1D47-4120-8FB4-5D29F2…)


No. 731036

File: 1542054956724.jpeg (182.48 KB, 750x553, 8155C55E-C5E7-4106-89B9-0E2E08…)

Maybe worry about him being a rapist instead of flexing you stupid cunt

No. 731039

File: 1542055641138.jpeg (118.28 KB, 501x563, 3C0B7FC9-83E2-4959-8693-35FA0A…)

No. 731047

That looks like a feeder + feedee type of sugar daddy/escort kind of relationshit.

Inside the Hungry World of Feeder Fetishes
Vid is very related.

No. 731055

The amount of drugs he does and the garbage he shovels into his mouth.. I cant imagine hes going to have a long life. Hes disgusting.

No. 731059

>The amount of drugs he does and the garbage he shovels into his mouth.. I cant imagine hes going to have a long life.

Yeah. The body can only handle so much. It doesn't look like he has plans of changing anytime soon.

No. 731062

Yeah been thinking the same. Strange that he doesnt already have diabetes

No. 731069

>Maybe worry about him being a rapist instead of flexing
They are both horrible people. They deserve each other!

No. 731070

File: 1542057931488.jpeg (262.74 KB, 1242x1081, 20EFAD14-C1C2-4F35-BF8D-219450…)

What could Pepper possibly be needing to talk to Peeps mother about lmfao

No. 731079

File: 1542058882899.jpeg (884.01 KB, 1125x1523, 1B196A37-B055-4730-A7C2-439AAC…)

He’s trying to get her to let him re-release the hellboy T-shirt - a last grab at relevance.
He’s since deleted everything about it, aside from this.

No. 731082

File: 1542058997967.jpg (16.8 KB, 384x384, oljp3uf0h8xz.jpg)

No. 731086

I should mention that he said the proceeds would be donated to oxfam (Liza’s charity of choice). Still reeks of social desperation tho. Sorry no screenshots, knew he’d delete but didn’t think it’d be brought up here.

No. 731089

File: 1542059480886.jpg (44.58 KB, 770x450, supppp-770x450.jpg)

>I should mention that he said the proceeds would be donated

…and look what happened!

This is tyler. Chances are if he doesn't get the okay, he'll do it anyway!

No. 731091

File: 1542059635852.png (7.92 MB, 1125x2436, A90A8701-80EA-4689-B347-87EEE5…)

This is so gross for so many reasons.
Also nothing about this dude is creative/original. Lil Tracy started wearing pearls as a chain, and now here’s Tyler….

No. 731092

omg lol is this for real? i feel like this is something you'd see on r/cringe

No. 731126

File: 1542063379700.gif (1.92 MB, 540x451, yes.gif)

>omg lol is this for real?

No. 731129

He looks like an old ass lesbian woman

No. 731131

If you have to pay girls $$$ just to tolerate your presence on a first date and to ensure a second date…you might be a desperate loser.

Also, didn’t he get called out for having a bunch of fake LV a couple threads ago? Lol.

No. 731142

can’t blame the guy! he’s probably seen how everyone else releases “limited” peep merch just to cash on his death. gus’ “””official””” store as the brightest example.
anyway moving on

No. 731150

He looks like he smells like shit all the time. disgusting

No. 731158

File: 1542065620711.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1242x1982, 36B57C61-C521-4F7C-AE15-68FF1C…)

the hot sugar allegations are gaining some traction

No. 731160

File: 1542065828006.jpeg (613.27 KB, 1242x1799, CE7A5D01-6779-4009-86B9-730F6E…)

No. 731162

File: 1542065854036.jpeg (268.72 KB, 1242x1819, 8D7ECCE0-55B4-40D6-B03E-0B92D3…)

No. 731163

can someone get an account like this going for rapist pouya and rapist conspirator coco?

No. 731179

File: 1542068321932.jpeg (353.15 KB, 1121x3185, 51D100B8-E45D-4F18-BB34-8BE22D…)

Lmfao peep talking shit on that shirt a week before he passed is still on his on his ig

No. 731180

He speaks loudly from beyond the grave!

No. 731185

File: 1542069675589.jpg (373.82 KB, 780x1152, 20181112_164125.jpg)


No. 731186

Can a mod spoiler that pic PLEASE?!

No. 731187


ffs Pepper Annoying, if you want the “ladies” to pay attention maybe you should go on a diet, think about leaving your basement and spend your money on a gd therapist or even a stint in rehab to help you be less of a garbage person instead of flexing and perpetuating the cycle of sperg/delete on social media. Just a thought.

No. 731191

Tyler is rich and cute. You’re probably all just jealous that he didn’t respond to your dms because you’re all fat ugly pesants

No. 731196

You should become a comedian!

No. 731197

>(in a track called IndigoB, Pouya raps: “We had a ho in trunk, she drunk as fk / Don’t even know if she breathing but really I / don’t give a fk / cause I already f**ked / Passed her to my homie took advantage of her / body cause she nothing but a slut”)

From https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-soundcloud-rap-jokester-accused-of-sexual-assault?ref=scroll which I think was already posted

No. 731201

>which I think was already posted
It was posted before anons came through with all the receipts. Maybe he's a murderer too! I wouldn't put it past him!

No. 731228

Im not sure if i should post here, or in Blade/Melanie/lilith forum but figured its more relevant to peep stuff. Midimurder the director of peeps first posthumous video is being majorly outed for sexual assault right now and apparently peeps camp all decided not to work with him while he was still alive. Just another wtf layer to this shit soundcloud onion.

No. 731231

links? screencaps? sources?

No. 731237

Midimurder is just hot sugars ig name so you can scroll up or go to the ig hoes thread and f4 hot sugar

He served fish narc and sam ray papers that forced them to issue identical apologies for backing up women that accused him while back

No. 731241

There aint no way in hell I am mini modding. I'll let the mod pipe in and speak. LOL!

No. 731243

sorry, somewhat of a newfag. Didn't realize it had been a few days since i checked this thread. So sorry for sameposting

No. 731247

File: 1542075476986.jpg (597.04 KB, 1080x1099, 20181112_181713.jpg)

You mean to tell me this guy is a sexual predator? I am SHOCKED..

No. 731250

File: 1542075686638.png (12.09 KB, 863x82, 15420757322030289.png)

Here's that deleted post.

No. 731251

Relax honey!

No. 731252

dont ban me i was trying not to derail

No. 731253


No. 731254

Settle down

No. 731274

Does he have lips?

No. 731283

Tyler if you read this please respond to my dms I’d love to replace Layla(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 731284

lol stfu tyler

No. 731287

Layla you wish this was Tyler

No. 731316

don't remember him actually ever talking about his puppy. also don't know anything about parvo but from what anons said it was not only preventable but treatable. if he can afford all his shit, rent, mothers bills, brothers college, etc etc he could've saved the dog he claims to have loved so much. fucking puppy killer.

also he was saying he's never been more sad in his life, and i'm pretty sure that's just from the drugs fucking up his brain chemistry. he needs rehab, medication, and therapy. i don't feel sorry for fucking anyone that isn't trying those things, this pity shit needs to end.

No. 731319

Guys i'm so sorry but I have been DUMB emotional about Peep's passing, never liked his music but he was so young and surrounded by these insanely manipulative people who got even worse when he died. I don't think you had to have been a fan of Peep or to know what happened to well to see how truly fucking ugly the people who surrounded him were. I know Peep chose drugs himself, no one forced him, but everyone not only enabled him but used his depressed and dying body to promote and sell their bullshit.

Like I fucking HATE Tyler trying to re-release this and posting Peep wearing it holding a double cup clearly fucked up as hell. Yeah that was his thing but once someone dies usually that's when it gets clear how much of an addict they were, and people respect their struggles.

F tl;dr seeing Peep's emaciated drugged up body about a week before the 1yr anniversary of his passing so fat fuck grosso with a Peep cosplay hair color can make some cash to not take care of his animals makes me legitimately so fucking sad.
I'm not even a Peep fan.(blogposting)

No. 731381

File: 1542089656721.png (142.49 KB, 220x389, 154208966644625437.png)


The desperation! Holy mother of god!

No. 731383

PnP should sign up for this. Free trip and 10k worth of LV, cmon.

No. 731384

>not only enabled him but used his depressed and dying body to promote and sell their bullshit
Yeah and they let him kick the bucket. Did nothing and then looted all his shit. They couldn't stop themselves and were clawing at one another to try and milk his death for fame. It's disturbing to say the least. He was hanging around bottom of the barrel kind of people.

No. 731388

For real. He is legit the biggest cow in the scene right now. I should have titled the thread Tyler Grosso & SoundClout General because Layla’s current shenanigans are nowhere near Pepper’s level of cringe (if we are going solely by her online presence). This is the point where if he had any real friends they would stage an intervention re: his mania before he does something really stupid.

No. 731393

The crossover of my nightmares

No. 731395

File: 1542093555450.jpeg (83.57 KB, 750x602, E16B16C3-C837-4338-9938-3AE539…)


Well this obviously didn’t work, time to bust out the old ~celeb~ flex.

No. 731397

Why doesnt he just call an escort.. literally not much different than begging for girls in social media. Probably costs about the same.

No. 731398


The narcissism levels would reach critical mass and bring about the end of days.

No. 731399

Presumably because in his mind a girl who accepts his offer at least follows him on am ergo has a mild interest and it’s more dignified than straight up paying an escort or a hooker.

No. 731414

File: 1542100567791.jpeg (145.24 KB, 750x504, AE876574-F68C-4D56-8FCD-D61B46…)

Coconut is sounding like fucking Obesion with the amount of times she has screeched about FAAAAXXXX!!!1!!11!1! recently. Tinfoil deluxe: she reads these threads and is going to attempt a Vicky Shingles and DMCA lolcow. Regardless, I’m ready for the milk.


No. 731421

File: 1542102847950.gif (1.62 MB, 615x348, 0F82752A-E36E-4803-B08B-412990…)

>my fucking facts

>my lawyer

*pouyas lawyer that I’m pretending is mine so I can intimidate people into not exposing me for the enabling bitch I am

Lmao lolsuit time

No. 731435

How do these people not understand that going on about your lawyers and shit makes you look more guilty lol like just don't talk about it??? Not like they're responding to any of the questions about it on Twitter anyway, other than Coco running around talking about how she's the only girl that's ever been sexually assaulted in the history of the world

No. 731451

I'm actually sure she reads here because I've noticed she's stopped posting 10+ photos of her posing the same and has dropped it down to a conservative 3 since we roasted her.

No. 731485

looks like coco's confirmed for a lurker lol. what's wrong cokes, realised you've been exposed for the piece of shit rapist enabler you are? i can't wait until this entire thing goes up in flames.

No. 731486

>celeb friend
Ew shut UP. Someone who cares about this kid needs to teach him how to be less insufferable.

And lol at lurking coco, queen of assault victims. Your lawyer doesn’t care if people say mean (true) things about you on the internet. But go ahead and waste your money

No. 731535

Uhhhh Tyler, I think you lose your right to complain about people using you for money/clout when you’re literally begging for a date and advertising how much money you’ll spend for a first date….

No. 731557

Ewww, why is she so angry? If I were innocent and being accused of such terrible, ugly things I would prob be scared and humble especially considering the subject matter

No. 731629

File: 1542140202241.png (959.62 KB, 1080x1920, 2018-11-13 14.13.22.png)

Sorry coconuts but your bf is still a rapist. Nice try tho

No. 731631

coconuts used boobs x cancer

it was ineffective

No. 731634

She really thought she did something

No. 731635

Learn to sage. Fuck.

No. 731637

I think Pouya's guilty as fuck and Coco knows it but it's reasonable for people to have different reactions to the same situation and if I were being dragged for something I didn't do I'd definitely be angry not scared.

No. 731641

She's angry at the wrong person tho. I'd be sick to my stomach if I was her finding all this shit out but she's attacking his victims and calling herself a "real" assault victim. She's more concerned about how this damages her image then what he did. That's fucked up.

No. 731643

I think that she's having a tough go of it. During stressful times people can have a difficult time thinking clearly. She's probably in full blown fight-or-flight mode 24/7.

No. 731645

Nah. She’s known for a minute. Don’t give her that much credit.

No. 731652

She's pretty thick for someone that allegedly had their body ravaged by chemotherapy.

Such an attention whore.

No. 731661

File: 1542142579314.png (237.57 KB, 594x436, 154214265967385920.png)


No. 731664

She thinks that being sick exempts her from being a shitty person and I’m willing to bet that Pouya will attempt to use it as a shield too (not sure how he can construct a narrative along the lines of “I’m a rapist but my girlfriend has cancer pity me!” but I’m sure he’ll try.

No. 731665

File: 1542143073128.jpeg (90.5 KB, 800x450, 597FCDB5-5416-42FB-A6B3-E42FC1…)


I wonder if he’s planning to an hero

No. 731684

Whyyyyy are her nipples so lopsided lol what a shitty boob job, I’d hire those lawyers to go after her surgeon if I were her

No. 731690

Idk if this is where we are talking about this or if it should go in /ot/ but Nick Koenig's IG has under 1k followers now, I don't knowhow many he had before but he's got the check mark so I assume it was a bit more and the IG thats outing him has more followers.
Its really horrible reading all these stories but it feels soo good to see a rapist actually get what's coming to him.

No. 731694

File: 1542145010232.jpg (59.76 KB, 640x360, SUICIDAL THOUGHTS GFX_15282510…)

He pulled this shit last time when layla broke up with his ass.

No. 731696

He's already been hiding behind…
>my girlfriend has cancer pity me!

No. 731708

File: 1542146019587.png (104.81 KB, 318x610, oh.png)

No. 731710

Who cares

No. 731712

This is lolcow nerd! This is what this site is for!

No. 731713

If you guys are so obsessed with Coco go make a thread about her stop talking about that shit on here

No. 731714


Fat Courtney literally in the video shoveling potato chips into her overweight face while Pouya shoves a groupie's head on homie's dick.

She's complicit.

No. 731733

Exactly my point, fam. The suicide baiting is probably the most disgusting of all his disgusting behaviours. It’s pretty sad that he hasn’t got friends who can/will intervene, tbh

No. 731750

>he hasn’t got friends who can/will intervene
That is not the job of his friends. His friends shouldn't have that weight put on them. They aren't his parents and he's over 18. They shouldn't have to baby sit a grown ass adult. Thats the job of family/ medical professionals to intervene.

No. 731753

>Tyler Grosso's 2nd Annual Suicide Baiting Giveaway

No. 731754

It's the Soundclout General thread, hun.

No. 731758

it’s just one person that continues to post about her too. so annoying

No. 731790

How do you know? The fuck

No. 731802

She isn't in any of the videos you retard, adding dumb shit to an actual story is pointless

No. 731806

File: 1542159406564.jpeg (486.04 KB, 750x977, AD3DE650-192B-4A17-94F1-E29F55…)

Can’t wait to see how much of a shitshow this turns into when all the dickriders and cloutchasers involve themselves.

>inb4 Pepper and Arse both get refused entry and sperg all over social media

No. 731807

File: 1542159437112.jpg (32.44 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>she isn't in any of the videos
People are supposed to back up their claims w/receipts. If she isn't in them, then that poster is just a shit-stirring b8 poster.

No. 731810

There’s a screen cap in the last thread that some anons believed to be her, I’m not going to dig it up because no spoon feeding but all the links to previous threads are in the OP for your perusal

No. 731816

File: 1542160753570.png (107.4 KB, 485x186, 154216074635346380.png)

I can't wait to never get my invitation in the mail! 100% dirty scum bag dirty greedy assholes avoided! No sour grapes here for me!

No. 731833

burden of proof should be on the one making the claim, tbh

No. 731839

File: 1542165079496.png (777.85 KB, 750x792, Image-1(5).png)

Cass posted this supercringey edited video of her smashing a scale with like fairy tale music playing and she looks like she's cosplaying Grimes

No. 731843

The Tyler doth protest too much

No. 731844

File: 1542165434322.jpg (181.38 KB, 750x1120, Image-1(67).jpg)

That comment made me lol

No. 731855

>he made the top
Does corey CREATE these girls?

Does he MAKE them?!

…I am genuinely curious.

No. 731860

File: 1542170115697.png (164.85 KB, 235x449, 154217025324953707.png)

No. 731861

Yeah it’s called a escort you can hire them in private u don’t gotta show the world how desperate you are on IG

No. 731873

File: 1542172370488.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 705.44 KB, 750x1334, 0B0630D4-7137-48CF-9C25-C9DDC7…)

He’s absolutely revolting

No. 731879

File: 1542173006005.gif (2.43 MB, 500x281, giphy.gif)


No. 731892

File: 1542176887680.png (2.25 MB, 1125x2436, 1E8B19DD-D8F6-4D09-86E5-734868…)

this tyler on twitter rn cause someone reminded him its yams bday

No. 731902

This busted pottery ass looking bitch with lopsided nipples trying to what, show us she hasn’t needed to lose her tits (yet) wtf is this even. I hate that brown makeup on her nose it legit looks like she has her nose up Kevin’s nasty ass lmao. Ya dusty.

No. 731903

Holy shit he is actually losing it. Someone needs to come get this mess.

No. 731919

Toopoor, Spooky, and Coco have the most terrifying contouring I’ve ever seen

No. 731926

File: 1542184385095.jpeg (73.52 KB, 750x494, 64A65FE5-A182-4958-9999-AAA761…)

Legit surprised he hasn’t deleted this yet, dude has gone from offering girls money/designer in exchange for “company” to straight up asking if anyone is down to huff dong. You couldn’t make this shit up, fam. I’m howling.

No. 731988

File: 1542202914348.jpg (100.81 KB, 1070x346, 20181114_054017.jpg)

I'm dying. This kid really truly is delusional isnt he? Maybe Enzo Amore wants to get in on it to Ty.. better ask him.
It's safe to assume this would NEVER happen.

No. 731990

File: 1542203435193.jpg (211.52 KB, 1038x757, 20181114_054809.jpg)

Sorry Tyler, but giving away your old clothes to suburban teens isnt exactly charity. Instead maybe give those clothes to some of those affected by the fires burning close to you.. you know the people who have lost everything.. that's real charity. Oh, but I forgot.. nobody would be sitting there in front of you giving you the attention you need. This isnt about doing good, its about feeding your fucking ego.

No. 732026

File: 1542209748275.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1125x1348, 7C875DBE-9226-40AA-BF43-B48860…)

Remember a few months ago when he tried getting WWE to partner with him, got rejected, then sperged? It’s not gonna happen this time either. His 15 minutes are up.

Here he is again, posting old photos of when he was less disgusting. Comments are full of “wow you lost so much weight! You look good! Looks like your off drugs!” Kek no idiots. This is a year + old photo.

His mania is showing

No. 732038

>charity type event
Giving away flex gear to LA fanboys and hypebeasts is not a worthy cause. The fact that he's trying to get WWE and other people to join in on it is pitiful. WWE wouldn't touch that trainwreck. He's acting like this is some annual charity event for him when last year he gave away all his shit in a desperate faux-suicidal shit show to try and manipulate layla to leave London abandon her sobriety and return to being his emotionally abused junkie gf. No one forgot pepper.

No. 732089

What a faggot kek

No. 732108

Her tits always look….. messy. Idk how else to describe them.

No. 732146

File: 1542227646667.jpeg (323.56 KB, 750x650, 48422EEE-BF49-4E1E-8DC4-9B2055…)


it’s called highlighter abuse, you twit

No. 732189

File: 1542232278074.png (176.85 KB, 971x757, 1DxCMWo.png)

breaks scale

No. 732190

Why doesn't this bitch get a tinder?!

No. 732196

File: 1542233545694.webm (14.12 MB, 640x360, 46175060_223719771673469_38580…)

Here's the vid for anyone to lazy to check her insta.

No. 732199

FYI if anyone wants to grab a vid, I used https://downloadgram.com/ to pull the video and then converted the video to webm using https://video.online-convert.com/convert-to-webm

both are free and easy to use!

No. 732237

Wow he sounds like a mouth breathing ignoramus.
Why does thus self centered cow think anyone gives a fuck?

This Powdered Toast Man looking bitch kek

No. 732239

molly soda used to date this guy

No. 732240

All that fake tan/bronzer/whatever makes her look like a middle aged soccer mom trying to look 21 again.

No. 732241

No wonder she's fucked up! LOL!

No. 732245

lmfao literally. i remember awhile back kitty (hot sugars ex who he made that noisey doc on) claimed that molly soda would talk mad shit about her when she started dating nick and was a huge mean girl…what an idiot

No. 732257

File: 1542243824485.jpeg (3.02 MB, 2400x1531, 1499340032243-ChristopherBethe…)

Tomorrow is the anniversary of peep crossing over.

>November 15th


No. 732264

rip but uhhh this is lolcow

No. 732267

File: 1542244438222.jpeg (57.34 KB, 540x720, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

Peep was supposed to bring us more milk but he died. That sucks.(autism)

No. 732307

I expect there to be some degree of milk arising from the anniversary on account of how thirsty the whole scene is and how many of them will try to make it about them.

No. 732341

No. 732344

File: 1542252262831.jpeg (293.28 KB, 750x904, EE143E47-9A62-4E7D-BB72-78CA84…)

>she knows

Clearly she doesn’t or she wouldn’t be spouting this fucking garbage about being an “angel”. You’re not an angel, you’re an abuse enabling vapid cunt.

No. 732355

Is she talking about herself in third person or is she talking about someone else?!

No. 732357

third person

No. 732405

lil xans baby French girl is who and wot lol check his latest gram post(learn 2 imageboard)

No. 732409

Who cares? They'll break up within a week.

No. 732418

That's not her aura honey, it's a cloud of bronzer.

No. 732436

File: 1542271229671.jpeg (87.01 KB, 750x370, E5D6AE66-7F9F-48A9-8A62-22BBBC…)

So you should be, Kevin

No. 732487

File: 1542285193945.jpeg (270.25 KB, 1125x1649, 1F29786C-10ED-419B-8C6D-FC26DE…)

No. 732490

File: 1542285269227.jpeg (239.85 KB, 1125x1775, A3B250A6-B30E-4848-8BE1-6C00AF…)

No. 732509

lmao what on earth?? is this his way of trying to get layla's attention or something? the clout chasing really never ends with this dude

No. 732516

File: 1542289145651.jpeg (78.87 KB, 750x1238, B1D8C976-C549-4C43-A687-EB3ABC…)

Pepper has restocked the hellboy tee

No. 732517

File: 1542289178311.jpeg (166.79 KB, 750x1230, 50252BCC-9130-411A-983A-21DC78…)

Along with this message

No. 732518

how kind of him to put them on sale

No. 732520

“Very lowkey” lol aka he did not get permission and is trying to sell them all as quickly as possible to people who don’t know peep hated him and his stupid brand DONT buy this shit

No. 732583

File: 1542299447278.png (216.25 KB, 316x615, 154229900957534603.png)


No. 732622

Someone should reply to him with this >>731179 or the one of him laughing at Clare making fun him

At time of death Tyler grosso was public enemy number one, peep might have been using arz for on tour stress relief but he was still big mad about tyler

No. 732628

It sounds like peep was being facetious af in that convo…
>nice warm group hug full of love and happiness
No one says that seriously.

Also, that photo with peeps caption and all the top tier soundclouters openly hating on Tyler… not to mention none of them patched things up with him after peep passed and he’s still a social outcast (“Wah wah no one invites me to anything”) It’s all pretty obvious that at the time peep passed it was fuck Tyler grosso. Ain’t no narrative like the truth pepper.

No. 732650

File: 1542309701239.png (3.41 MB, 750x1334, F25C7132-76CD-4B3A-B0D2-3C9C19…)

Kek pretty sure his gf made him do this

No. 732682

File: 1542312093861.png (3.53 MB, 750x1334, 264B8BE6-E15A-412B-A068-524CA4…)

Looks like she's kinda getting her life together, good for her tbh

No. 732695

If he drops all the weight he can change his name to "phat nick" instead of "fat nick". Just a thought.

No. 732737

File: 1542317584823.jpeg (141.56 KB, 1125x1271, D179AFFA-6E65-42C9-855A-9E1869…)

This is so weird what kind of shop doesn’t take PayPal? I would not trust tylers site to be secure.

No. 732831

I'm sure he's banned and can't. I'm not going to repost it, as its been posted more than once…but if you google "tyler grosso paypal" you'll find texts from 2015 about his old paypal scam

No. 732985

Toopoor was supposed to give away $100 for a tp Halloween contest and people are starting to get pissed because she still hasn’t picked a winner and it’s the middle of November

No. 733004

File: 1542342848166.jpeg (101.61 KB, 631x761, B39D23C1-2F12-4B7C-AEC3-0DCB2A…)

No. 733036

File: 1542346173917.jpeg (162.72 KB, 750x764, 0AE6BFD0-8E3B-44C7-B487-7422C3…)

She’s been surprisingly quiet on sm today, I expected her to make more noise about Gus (though she probably copped some nasty responses to this from rabid stans)

No. 733037

Nice timing, Diego

No. 733086

File: 1542357317015.jpeg (101.57 KB, 739x1052, 3B02603C-82C2-4224-B990-A14324…)

Grosso conveniently “forgot” about his most coveted design

No. 733091

File: 1542358017576.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 397.38 KB, 1242x1784, 28D93E39-D922-484E-BDEA-43E4E8…)

LOL this.

No. 733093

File: 1542358311524.jpeg (39 KB, 458x357, FAC69A70-C49F-41A5-BD6C-535A44…)


Fucking golden

No. 733095

Which is the design Gus shaded and which his family didn’t want reissued.


No. 733142

File: 1542366601076.jpeg (183.36 KB, 750x1074, F67A2888-F725-494D-9CF9-934492…)

Lmao grandma peep still hating on Arse

No. 733171

File: 1542374070610.jpg (575.95 KB, 2048x2048, Image-1(71).jpg)

Not only did Cass go to his memorial(I'm assuming with Corey cuz she has no other friends) but she had to post it on her IG story

Still trying to skinwalk nothing has changed

No. 733214

Lol sounds like you dressed up as tp for halloween thinking it was fire and didnt get ur $100

No. 733235

uhhhhhhh going to peep's memorial does not constitute as skinwalking

No. 733307

This lil peep shit is out of control I wish it would just go away already tired of hearing about it

No. 733309


same anon. and this is coming from someone who was a fan before he died. All this forcing him to be a legend is too much smdh

No. 733329

No Layla, I just saw people in your comments getting pissed because you haven’t done it. Get off your ass and pick the winner

No. 733357

No. 733366

pouya and his mom eat steak n shake in bed

No. 733367

File: 1542400498767.gif (424.42 KB, 512x512, 205.gif)

I can hear his bones rattling. rattle RATTLE

Pouya is skeletal!

No. 733376

i can't stand listening to this bitch speak. she sounds like she's forcing herself to talk like kim kardashian.

No. 733390

I wonder if Arse as been sperging about Gus’ memorial on her private Twitter. Any anons following her?

No. 733394

File: 1542403719410.jpeg (102.75 KB, 750x353, B930787E-1DB1-45F7-B8EF-0F1C59…)

No. 733479

File: 1542423630635.png (2.22 MB, 750x1334, 5506BEB2-7FFC-4FE5-8264-EC82F4…)

kek pepper is trying to get nikki sixx’s attention with his unverified acct

No. 733495

kek, no one in the rap game wants anything to do with his cracker ass so he is trying the washed up rockers. This kid has no dignity.

No. 733497

File: 1542426276012.jpeg (359.06 KB, 750x1247, 0700362E-75B3-4E82-90CD-74BAC0…)

>real housewife of Soundcloud

Yeah okay.

No. 733545

probably because she doesn’t even have a $100 to give

No. 733546

probably because she doesn’t even have a $100 to give

No. 733569

spooky is on instagram live with paris if anyone cares

No. 733593

File: 1542442587244.jpeg (131.23 KB, 750x1105, 67015A20-142C-4730-BDB5-29775E…)


No. 733594

File: 1542442762302.jpeg (58.53 KB, 750x500, 85A94897-70EE-479A-8E2E-7D27BD…)

I'm living for this

No. 733596

File: 1542443142688.jpeg (148.01 KB, 747x772, E6D2916E-D2B6-4CD0-BA64-1C44F7…)

No. 733597

The “honey” makes it all the more delicious. Pepper is a fucking clown, I hope Liza drags him to hell.

No. 733604

File: 1542445369399.png (3.97 MB, 1242x2208, FDEF1717-6684-4D45-B504-531A1E…)

What a tool - Pepper Ann is trying to save his ass… lying sack of shit

No. 733605

File: 1542445614710.jpeg (46.35 KB, 750x314, AFC5F59E-35EA-4444-AB07-3AC3DE…)

No. 733614

File: 1542446960391.jpeg (169.25 KB, 1125x923, F78F38DC-406F-49DB-96F3-50F91E…)


god, this is so embarrassing. never change tyler!

No. 733616

liza is a fucking cunt.. fuck that bitch

No. 733618

File: 1542447204003.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1125x2307, 91E63C46-B2DA-42FF-A398-441BC5…)

No. 733627

Not saying that Tyler is a saint but it does seem like his intentions were pure.

I know a lot of people, like arzaylea had some bullshit fundraisers for peep.

But doesn’t it feel like peeps mom and grandma are kinda conspiracy theorists about people taking advantage of him. Like we never really get a straight or full story from them and zero proof.

Not saying that everyone in this circle isn’t completely trying to cash in and stay relevant, However I really do think Tyler was dumb enough to fall for something like that and then get called the fuck out.

I feel like they blame the scene for his passing and all this drama is just a biproduct of that.

No. 733628

to me after seeing his mom being totally against the x collab but basically signing off on it by selling her peep shares i have a hard time trusting anything she says. not a fan of tyler but couldnt see him thinking far ahead enough to fake emails

No. 733629

I think it’s fishy that he said he had “email permission” when the first shirts went on sale (screenshot posted above). Seems like he was just waiting with the fake receipts

No. 733630

Yea I think he should post the whole conversation. If he was emailed first it would make more sense that he was a trolled, but if not where did he get the fuckin email

No. 733631

File: 1542448833717.png (3.15 MB, 1125x2436, 13702B48-A836-43A7-A9C7-A9CDD2…)

I know this picture was already posted but why in the fuck is it still up?? He seriously looks off his rocker on drugs

No. 733632

File: 1542448972733.jpeg (101.29 KB, 735x683, 2BC74FAE-2F73-4FCD-9179-770517…)

Liza deleted her post, wonder how this is gonna play out. She also said the nxrdstrom release was fake

No. 733634

File: 1542449259678.png (2.48 MB, 1125x2436, 44512CE6-C47E-4B5E-96C5-993C15…)

Looks like Layla picked a winner for her Halloween contest after getting called out on here

No. 733636

Exactly how are you so concerned about everyone having integrity with his music and image and then sign the rights to his music away because you were “pressured”

No. 733658

liza is a fucking cunt honestly fuck that bitch. she may be peep's mother but she is worse than any "profiteer" she speaks of. i sincerely doubt tyler has the courage or even brains to pull off a scam like that without getting called out, ESPECIALLY considering how hard he rides peep's dick. the last thing he'd need right now is to get into beef with peep's mother. tbh seems like her schizophrenia is acting up, must run in the family.

No. 733659

idk he used to admit the entire superradical thing, like, many 'drops' were just scams and he'd move paypal money around without sending out product like back in 2016 or whatever

No. 733660

Tyler is this you?

No. 733662

it has to be. while liza's actions have been a little… questionable in the past, i don't trust tyler for a second. how the fuck could you get scammed like this?

No. 733666

I never thought I’d see the day when I’d give Pepper Annoyance the benefit of the doubt but I think he is both too daft to orchestrate a scam and daft enough to be scammed by someone else, so this isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

No. 733677

idk of pepper set up the scam or not, but it serves him fucking right. In the past he said he’d never re-release hellboy merch because even with permission, it’s disrespectful. Now that his clout welll has run dry he made a last ditch effort at relevancy by continuing to use peep for his own personal gain. So yeah… karma. But really, who the fuck falls for fake emails like this? Of course it’s just some kid who wants a stupid T-shirt and is shorty enough to pose as Liza.

I’m 10000% here for Liza publicly stating that Tyler’s not a friend of peeps. There goes half of his social identity! And “lilburnout”@icloud.com…kek.

No. 733680

>a profiteer
pot meet kettle, mom

No. 733681

File: 1542462748592.jpeg (51.04 KB, 750x423, C41C41B6-E6A7-40E0-A888-905A2C…)

Lmao what even, he just changed his bio from "superrradical" to "i love everyone", trying to win sympathy much?

No. 733689

File: 1542463992387.jpeg (739.04 KB, 1125x1628, 1AF79E7F-E517-49DD-982A-16547A…)

Twitter bio now on extra cringe. Big lol about the business livestream - No ones gonna take advice from him after this monumental fuck up.

No. 733696


Thats not even clever god i cant stand that hoe

No. 733709

File: 1542470569075.jpeg (122.22 KB, 741x823, 4AB2D182-1554-4CD7-B341-5C38C4…)

How crosseyed can someone be jeez

No. 733715

>transferred to a third party then to oxfam
>is shocked he got scammed

Also >>733618 is not a good look holy shit.
>trying to bury someone young
The fuck does that mean? This is the ultimate sperg. Wouldn’t be surprised if he rage quits life.

No. 733757

cant even mock her because tbh shes pretty and i'm just lamenting the fact that half her brain is missing and disgusting fucks like fat nick land pretty girls and think they're entitled to them. girls really need to stop doing this, even for clout

No. 733786

>she’s pretty

Gurl. She looks like she has an extra chromosome. And clearly she is mentally handicapped if she lets that putrid fat fuck anywhere near her.

No. 733814

Just imagine how she looks without that mask full of makeup. Shudder.

No. 733824

File: 1542490914137.jpeg (212.47 KB, 750x1082, 5E364428-1A7A-4839-B5D1-65EB86…)

She's a stripper so explains how they met

No. 733840

how much do you reckon her surgeon bills for an ass like that?

No. 733864

>thinking that's her real ass and not shoop

No. 733865


It's pretty funny how there is zero trace of Fat Nick on her IG. Not that I blame her, but still.

No. 733871

She's clearly had some fat transfer. Definitely not soley shooping.

No. 733872

Fucking kek, of course she is. She’s probably a hooker too (not that there is anything wrong with that) because no one in their right mind, no matter what they look like, would touch that rape sack of festering blubber unless they’re getting paid for it.

No. 733873

She definitely shoops away the lumps. You can't transfer that much fat into your ass without it looking somewhat like a sac filled with cottage cheese.

No. 733874

Maybe she should ask her “boyfriend” to donate some of his surplus

No. 733915

Here's fat nicks current life theme song!

T-Pain- I'm In Love With a Stripper (Music Video)

No. 733929

File: 1542507352428.jpeg (70.9 KB, 750x336, BD7803FD-EF1C-46B7-BB65-E25306…)

No. 733930

File: 1542507377699.jpeg (70.11 KB, 257x245, C36C4474-32B6-456C-BD87-9AFDD6…)

No. 733933

File: 1542507586620.jpeg (344.97 KB, 750x973, 188553B1-B7DB-48A2-B86B-ECF08E…)

No. 733950

File: 1542510068725.jpeg (249.18 KB, 1125x1138, 532C6FBC-FD1F-4A04-91CE-5CCB3D…)

I get that everyone who talks to him on twitter is annoying.. but these kids pay his bills and he’s always so rude to them.

No way will grosso give out refunds. I’m sure he sold a ton of those shirts/hoodies and now that he’s seen the dollar signs he’s not just gonna fork it back over.

No. 733967

Pretty generic for a Cuban from Miami for you … yikes

No. 733973

Aaaand this is why I don't believe he was scammed. Lmao he's so trashy

No. 733976

Remember when he dragged Layla to one of these and despite her best efforts she looked so fucking done?
Good times.

No. 733989

So he blocks people who paid for his merch, doesn't tell them whether or not they're getting refunds AND says I'm done speaking on this just like that? Wow

I'm sure the shirts aren't even printed. The shop never sold out. He just took bottomless orders with plans to print them later after cashing in. They don't even exist. The only thing that exists rn is lots of money in grosso's greasy pockets.

He's scammed people before and not sent them merch. He got his start scamming people through paypal and making rip off odd future merch. He 100% faked those emails. It's not hard. If he can pocket money from people and send them nothing and not feel remorse you really think he's not above pretending he was scammed and sending the money to some secret account somewhere? "3rd party" yea ok sure. That's probably the most valuable item his shitty brand has ever turned out in part because he himself said he would never print it again which drove up the value. He's a con artist it's what he does. He wants us to believe that he's dumb enough to send the money away to some scam artist. Transferring the money to a 3rd party instead of just directly to Oxfam doesn't even make sense. He wants us to think the money is gone and that he's a helpless victim when he just made bank.

No. 734003

Yes to all of this. I also think it’s weird that he tweeted and deleted saying he heard oxfam isn’t a legit charity. Almost like he was fishing around for an excuse other than “i fucked up”

No. 734007

I didn't say it was solely shoop, but watch it change size and shape all over her insta. This is not her real ass, anyone with eyes can work that out.

No. 734009

File: 1542516235973.jpg (185.81 KB, 1818x1818, 8uv3a3412vy11.jpg)

No. 734013

The fact that he tweeted about Oxfam being fake before Liza even got involved and then deleted is sooo sus. Wish someone had a screencap. His plan was def to pretend he had permission and then play dumb when Liza caught on. If the proceeds were going to charity dropping the price in half (from $60 to $30) would make no sense. He knew he had a limited amount of time to sell before he was outed. He put them on sale so the largest number of people would impulse buy them as quick as possible. He even turned off the comments on his drop post so people wouldn't talk and become aware that he didn't get permission. I know we all like to mock him on here for his horrible life decisions but he didn't make enough money to crash 2 porsches without knowing a thing or 2 about manipulating situations in ways that benefit him monetarily. Doesn't hurt that his fanbase is mainly young clout hungry hypebeasts either

No. 734017

File: 1542516580518.jpeg (490.46 KB, 1242x1661, D67FF1F5-8AB6-4E8E-B321-B05D14…)

Nice pic anon(pure autism)

No. 734019

Why do you weirdos do this shit? Who cares what an anons insta is

No. 734023

Does anyone else think Tyler made that incorrect email himself as a backup? And sent those messages/ had the conversation? hardcore tinfoil I know

No. 734026

File: 1542517417713.jpeg (150.45 KB, 750x441, D14C113F-C18F-47FA-88C9-539913…)

Here’s an idea, Tyler; don’t be a shady cunt and maybe you’ll make some friends

No. 734030

I think that’s what this implies

No. 734031

lol look at which image this post is responding to

Tyler are you triggered someone posted a real life picture of your fat wad of a head? I doubt this is even the correct anon but if it is ty for capturing grosso in his true form since he wants to post old photos all day and pretend he's not weeble wobble tub of burger king and lean

No. 734032

This ( >>733616 ) is definitely a pepper post as well.

Either that or this was shittily put together in a word processor and he forget to check for typos.

No. 734036

Not tinfoil anons above have implied the same thing. I 100% think that's what happened. He's just crying wolf. Him turning off the comments on the merch drop and him tweeting that oxfam was a scam before Liza said anything was very telling. I think it's proof was trying to find a way to play dumb and keep the money all along. He's slimey but he's not very clever. He outed himself with that tweet imo.

No. 734037


I posted that screen cap ( >>733930 ) and I’m definitely not this person ( >>734017 ) kek. That shot was in the comments to this tweet ( >>733929 ) which Pepper has since deleted, of course.

No. 734039

I swear there is no one on twitter who tweets and deletes at the rate that Pepper does. He has deleted 40 posts from Instagram over the past few days too. He is manic as fuck.

No. 734046

How long til tyler kicks the bucket?!

>He looks like a bloated corpse, already. Any estimates?!

No. 734052

no I’m not Tyler. Liza can go fuck her self(ban evasion)

No. 734054

>I'm not Tyler
That sounds like something tyler would say. LMAO!

No. 734057

Either Tyler or his sidekick Chrissy

No. 734059

Layla gtfo you dirty crack head(ban evasion)

No. 734060

I’d rather see him get clean and sort himself out. He needs to start by getting off the internet and enlisting in an inpatient program.

No. 734061

that new video on tps Twitter with the green day song is fucking cringy

No. 734062

>please to meet
>write person

All signs point to pepper writing this email. He consistently butchers written English.

No. 734067

So cringeworthy. Because green day are totes pUnK aS fUcK!1!!1!! Layla, if you want to play dress-ups in a subculture you’re not part of, at least do your research.

No. 734079

Tracy posting pics of three xanax bars in his hand. these people are so lame(learn 2 imageboard)

No. 734096

Nice try moderator(ban evasion)

No. 734098

File: 1542528750817.jpeg (814.4 KB, 1242x1215, A70B4FFA-D5B7-4022-8C89-2F0A31…)

No. 734123

I like how she picked one of the only girls who wasn’t cuter than her in her own style lol
A lot of girls pulled it off so much better than she does, no prize money for them~

No. 734211

File: 1542552757858.jpeg (198.44 KB, 750x1106, 1912C2CC-0EA5-400E-AE8B-39F128…)

Jesus wtf is wrong with him. Out of all Layla's cringy exes he's definitely the worst

No. 734213

File: 1542553093354.jpeg (73.31 KB, 750x804, D9BD33C4-2F76-4615-A422-D1AFDE…)

Our moonpie made a wannabe edgy video with Paris & its the weirdest thing, kinda reminds me of Toopoor diaries

No. 734222

He's turning into a fat scene girl circa 2004

No. 734225

Tyler is the perfect example for laylas potential suitors that she really doesn't care for looks. I cant get over how unattractive he is. Mix that with a terrible personality and it proves she was with him for drugs money and to make peep mad.

No. 734231

>"I came straight from hell"
>paper towel he wipes his ass with in the background
much hardcore

No. 734267

Those pearls have got to go.

No. 734281


>Big Dick Services

>pearl necklace


No. 734283

File: 1542564666677.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, 8AD47E10-9FB8-46E3-B1A9-804486…)

Still trying so hard to be layla

No. 734286

eh i don't think its fair to accuse her, plenty of people in that scene are trying to sober up and have been posting their milestones

No. 734295

sounds like you’re jealous you didn’t win(ban evasion)

No. 734311

omg the sad forgotten toilet paper roll and paper towels…. degenerate soundclout rappers like him will never find a stable woman to love and support them like they desperately need.

No. 734327

I hope that fuckboi gets tested regularly.

No. 734336

He thinks if he chooses some girly shit he'll be able to pull it off like Peep did, but he's 4 foot nothing with shit bone structure and a body type that's starting to resemble a beach ball. This is so embarrassing. He needs to just give up on himself. There is no fixing this mess. You'll never be attractive or a style icon, Tyler. And Jesus does he have fat baby hands. Refuse to believe this tiny dicked lardass is physically fit enough to fuck anyone between the lean for edgepoints and obviously shit diet. He clearly makes these naive girls do the work

No. 734340

File: 1542572141713.png (2.39 MB, 750x1334, 2FF8069C-C8CE-401A-9DAE-D09E95…)

Who the fuck buys that shit

No. 734344

they look like broom bottoms

No. 734349

i think hes trying to copy lil tracy with the pearls, not peep? unless youre talking about the eyeliner

No. 734354

File: 1542574455841.png (10.4 MB, 1242x2208, 4445923D-DDA2-47FE-AA04-213432…)

Trash, indeed.

No. 734362


No. 734365

Why tf are the corners of his mouth so crusty?

No. 734368

Maybe from sucking dick kek. Nah but probably herpes lip or something

No. 734373

Most likely always dry and crusty from mouth breathing all day and night yuck

No. 734379

Side effect of ganj, opiates/opioids and benzos. They reduce saliva production and cause cotton mouth so your lips get gross and gummy.

No. 734437

File: 1542582838235.jpeg (207.02 KB, 750x528, 103F7C3A-9AD2-4AC1-864E-693A6E…)

Screech all you like, doesn’t change the fact that you’re complicit in assault Courtney

No. 734440

"Fuck money" says the girl who dates her boyfriend because he buys her expensive cars etc. how hypocrite

No. 734487

My boyfriend is watching a pay per view WWE show on TV right now, and I’m pretty sure pepper Ann is sitting ring side in the audience. I’m surprised he’d go to an event like this considering his bitch fest at wwe not backing his ‘charity’ and also his involvement with the wrestling guy rape case

No. 734490

>>734487 oh whoops didn’t see this >>733930 but it’s a different show on tonight. Guess he really is lonely.

No. 734507

File: 1542591627689.png (32.29 KB, 726x282, 1064328597379268608.png)

No. 734510

no one caught tyler's apple id is lilburnout@icloud.com lol

No. 734520


Nah we got it

No. 734530

We did what? What is this we. What is he talking about.

No. 734536

He's talking about Enzo's match I think. Including himself in his friend's accomplishments. Typical.

No. 734547

I literally get nicer looking lashes at the dollar store

No. 734549

File: 1542598945882.jpeg (338.67 KB, 750x1038, 80CB67DC-3D17-4C78-BD39-60300C…)

That hideous piece of shit rapist Enzo is the only person who will tolerate Pepper because they’re both fucking degenerates,

No. 734567

Okay Layla
I like how it’s pretty much confirmed it’s you too since you always get banned from your own board LOL

No. 734586

File: 1542606269380.jpeg (446.22 KB, 1098x2009, 122125EC-7723-4442-8DD2-622331…)

Yeah… he probably does know you. You’re part of why his company was in hot water with a fucking rape allegation. Sick brag pepper.

No. 734597

between the seriousness of the multiple gang rape allegations and pepper being so insufferable the simplicity of layla getting banned from her own board is hilarious and i want to believe it happens frequently

No. 734609

these are 100% the generic lashes that are sold 5 for 75 cents on aliexpress marked up by 10000% lol. I compared the cheap ones I have and they are literally the exact same. I counted the bunches of hairs bc i had to know. Nothing says "fuck money" like marking up shit lashes to sell to idiot pouya fans

No. 734610

you forgot to blur out every appearance of this username lmao

No. 734611

all that caked-on makeup makes her look 35. reminds me of cherie madeleine lmfao (21 but looks at least 40 because of her fake tan + lip fillers). these 20-something girls need to chill

No. 734614

that girl she chose is definitely cuter than her lmao

No. 734708

File: 1542633095977.jpeg (120.54 KB, 743x909, E48FB790-721B-47C4-B5DB-F476EF…)

Lol, thats not even the anon who posted the photo. Its this person

No. 734717

File: 1542635308418.jpg (511.38 KB, 1069x1252, 20181119_054725.jpg)

Lol at his "disguise"

No. 734771

Sorry for sort of off topic but Liv is Enzos ex-girlfriend who he cheated on and she hates him so I feel like Tyler’s “go liv morgan!” Is petty as fuck, or maybe he’s just an idiot.

No. 734776

That observation has me rolling

No. 734836

File: 1542651363244.jpeg (366.04 KB, 1125x2187, 966A9E64-EEFA-495F-A403-0FE30A…)

This is just sad. Peppers has to get his validation from being mentioned on wwfoldschool.

No. 734889

KEK the only downside is he'll do heroin right in front of u

No. 734919

File: 1542662542897.png (2.57 MB, 750x1334, 406C1048-006B-4707-9606-B0BBE7…)

Jeez literally haven't watched his ig since forever and he's still comparing with Cobain. Get a grip

No. 734935

He looks nothing like kurt. He's so far up his own ass. I guess that's the soundcloud scene for ya!

No. 734982

File: 1542670139369.jpeg (281.04 KB, 750x981, EE0AC067-3D14-408C-896E-75603A…)

Her style used to be cute a year ago but rn it looks like trash.. what are those pants even idk

No. 734991

Have you seen her boyfriend and his style? She definitely has questionable taste/style.

No. 735059

with dark hair she honestly looks like peeps mom…

No. 735073

lays been answering a lot of questions on her tumblr again

No. 735085

Rose why do you stalk so hard

No. 735092

at least I have rich boyfriend unlike you fatass(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 735097

caps or link?

No. 735099

No. 735110

Your boyfriend isn’t rich, honey. Also I’m 5’6” and 110 lb. Wbu? Lol(autism)

No. 735112

File: 1542692580334.jpeg (766.26 KB, 1242x2139, DECB4190-66FC-49FF-B0FF-2C6059…)

The why not start a band or learn a real instrument and try to have some talent instead of the shitty ass music you make now?

No. 735115

File: 1542693416629.jpeg (502.62 KB, 1125x1203, 74E21543-718E-42D1-B3C3-6CFA98…)

No. 735116

File: 1542693476679.jpeg (482.58 KB, 1125x1091, 78148505-E19C-46AE-A796-6EDFAC…)

No. 735120

kind of unrelated but why the fuck is this callous-ass psycho sarah stennett still managing peep's shit? is she the one still managing his stuff?

No. 735135

>nothing past 2000s
that's literally when you started processing culture bitch, i'm only a few years older than her and this shit is so mother fucking embarrassing i can't. she is riding an ironically bad wave rn the whole joke is how ugly ad untalented it is and this dumb bitch is like actually down what the fuck

No. 735155

File: 1542700983115.png (3.75 MB, 750x1334, 4DF661FA-ACC3-4F24-BD2B-E4BC9F…)

I can imagine her and coco becoming good friends tbh. Same kind of person

No. 735166

File: 1542702251878.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1242x1873, 54CF962E-8292-498D-893F-326B34…)

She’s actually way cuter than Layla. Good for him

No. 735180

File: 1542705932449.jpeg (216.29 KB, 750x523, 0EA35E20-7AFE-4ED6-9638-80A11B…)

No. 735210

He REALLY needs to check himself into a inpatient mental health facility for a while. He might actually be able to do something with his life if he got his head right.

No. 735231

Here is the location I will be at BUT LEAVE ME ALONE lolllll ok

No. 735243

I’m pretty sure, only because her husband George Astasio produced cowys2 alongside Smokeasac (who’s also currently undergoing a public breakdown)

No. 735244

Why does he have to mention loaning peep money? “I can’t be a bad guy, i gave him money!”
This is his typical manipulation tactic. It’s played out and transparently disgusting.

No. 735246

I’m confused how you know that’s Rose?

No. 735254

This guy seriously is such a mess. Where would he even start to fix up? He’s on a dark path

No. 735255

He’s beyond fixing. He’s just an inherently shitty person and changing would require him to undergo a complete rewiring of his brain.
But who knows maybe he should go to the amazon for an ayahuasca ritual. It’ll give him some edgy brag points that we all know he loves.

No. 735260

The ASAP crew must be so embarrassed to have ever had their name associated with this pudgy loser. Can you imagine ugh

No. 735276

This is the thing though! He can’t always have been such a loser because he managed to make all these connections and friendships and he created a business for himself. He must have some levels of intellect to have got this far. Or he’s just incredibly lucky.

No. 735278

A mix of luck and his willingness to subject himself to being the bitch boy for A$AP

No. 735292

The biggest joke of it all is…not even the clouthungry instathots can put up with him. Look at Coco, sticking with an alleged rapist for money and clout. But Tyler’s personality is so insufferable even the biggest users can’t take him. Says a lot.

No. 735300

File: 1542734817787.jpeg (976.23 KB, 1125x1425, CDC8DF0B-FC39-4CF2-A08F-C98E9C…)

“I love everyone” we’re peeps alleged last words. Still biting on him even after death.

Check out the super cool dudes that are willing to hang out with pepper now

No. 735382


No. 735463

No. 735487

If you have the app downloaded and click on the link it opens right to her tumblr. Works for me

No. 735523

i tried looking this up so i'm sorry, where has anyone said those were his alleged last words?

No. 735529

makes sense as to why cowys part 2 sounds like shit. wow. really still amazes me how dirty all these people did this kid.

if true, that's heartbreaking, jesus.

No. 735545

It’s in the threads during the time of peeps death. Comb through if you want. I believe it was chello who claimed this so I doubt it was actually said. But pepper doesn’t care about factual shit, he’s content with his delusional dreamland.

Speaking of which, why haven’t these two shit shows linked up yet?

No. 735627

File: 1542775457305.jpeg (187.07 KB, 1125x616, C5650102-01EF-486C-B7E4-B838DB…)

Rapists supporting rapists

No. 735631

File: 1542776827755.jpeg (634.94 KB, 750x986, A0B6AF24-2E71-4042-96C3-C4B109…)

I was just about to post this, fucking disgusting. Also, this:

No. 735643

realhotsugar on instagram has a shit ton of text screenshots of all the fucking disgusting shit this guy did to girls. honestly hope he dies in a car fire, fucking rapist asshole.

No. 735644

File: 1542780859706.gif (3.4 MB, 360x270, death.gif)

>hope he dies
He'll die. We're all going to die. lol.

No. 735652

File: 1542782440329.jpeg (480.71 KB, 750x1050, 5666B946-5DCB-467E-8387-B2DB90…)

He looks so enthused

No. 735656

I know peep had his flaws but why dI'd he have to die instead of pouya and fat nick and 6ix9ine? Like can we do a trade please

No. 735702

her body looks so bizarre

No. 735703

Honestly. It’s like we’re being punished for something.

No. 735723

I can’t even imagine being so willing to ignore that my bf is a rapist. Her life must really be a void without him.

No. 735729

File: 1542800942986.png (4.05 MB, 1242x2688, 855E5053-B697-41F7-8B1B-7E69E2…)

No. 735741

peep that BPD. watch out girls!

No. 735745

Begging for blow jobs from randos screams I'm looking for love. Lol

No. 735749

ikr. he at least seemed like a genuinely decent kid in certain respects that trusted too much and at least wasn't a completely misogynistic nutjob/didn't seem like a sexual predator.

No. 735763

File: 1542810077288.jpg (91.59 KB, 1059x335, Screenshot_20181121-061905_Chr…)

Doesnt this guy have an actual family? Wasnt he bragging on how he pays their tuition and bought them a house? Or can they not stand his dumb ass too?

No. 735767

why is hes mouth so tiny?

No. 735814

Banish me straight to hell if you must but a cancer-ridden body is inherently and deeply unsexy

No. 735816

Banish me to hell too but Pouya looks like the cancer victim not Coco

No. 735817

Why does he act like this??? If you look at the actual comments on his Instagram he has people licking his ass constantly and actual girls ASKING HIM to fly them out. It’s like he goes out of his way to make himself look pathetic and desperate

No. 735834

File: 1542820011381.gif (131.72 KB, 361x439, lindsay_blowhan.gif)

It's because he can't keep his mouth shut.

No. 735836

To him, women don’t count unless they’re insta thots. He thinks average girls are below him. He’s a narcissist.

No. 735872

File: 1542825410817.jpeg (572.99 KB, 1125x2056, 705B1612-B2DB-423C-B721-A17BD1…)

These have all been deleted, or course, so sorry for incomplete tweets. This guys ego is out of control.

No. 735874

File: 1542825487335.jpeg (585.52 KB, 1125x2221, 07ACB714-7FD0-4D7F-8B76-3135C5…)


No. 735875

File: 1542825630683.jpeg (573.42 KB, 1125x2225, 3BF7A0B3-9692-436A-9E0A-96FF52…)


No. 735876

File: 1542825663860.jpeg (212.42 KB, 1125x754, 76C30FCD-39D7-4347-8C69-BCD5FB…)


No. 735887

File: 1542826786917.jpeg (564.87 KB, 999x1476, 8A69A605-9951-44DB-9F12-FC9CD2…)

I’m screaming!! The entitlement!

No. 735895

He's looney toons! He's gone! R.I.P!

No. 735908

It wasn't music related.

No. 735912

apart from pepper being clouth hungry & absolutely 100% seeking some advantage from hell boy restock, he does have a point. peep’s fam has been so hateful towards “unofficial merch” even if it was from fans creating their own (ie etsy) and selling their own designs. maybe they shouldn’t have made all of peep’s shit “exclusive” and “limited” and set up a higher price tag with all that money going where exactly? never seen them supporting any charities apart from oxfam which also wasn’t proven. im not rly in the mood feeding people who fucked peep over big time and are now fucking over his art & reputation so soz if i wanna buy a $5 peep shirt off ebay.
also tyty stop being such a self centered twat no one cares about you. lisa is persuing her own mindset you just happened to be in the way.

No. 735915

File: 1542830311690.jpeg (419.85 KB, 1125x2002, 0F92077E-6BD3-41D8-A71B-DDAE6B…)

So is it Liza or the distributor? He’s lost it.

>”I’ll only release it if peeps mom approves!”
>Liza says no
>pepper throws a tantrum

No. 735962


Peep was on good terms with his family when he passed. The fact that they were so opposed to that cash grab abortion of a posthumous song with XXXtentacion makes them waaaay more deserving and qualified to maintain and capitalize off of Peep's legacy than noted garbage people like Fat Nick & Pepper.

No. 735994

File: 1542842279883.jpeg (173.35 KB, 1242x1700, AB5182AF-0404-449C-AC60-A39828…)

Wah wah

No. 736010

Thank goodness! About god damn time!

No. 736168

File: 1542876718670.jpeg (228.8 KB, 750x566, 6CAA5D62-6226-44AD-BDCE-4BD3B2…)

No. 736169

File: 1542876743879.jpeg (376.68 KB, 750x973, 9168D674-E856-4EC9-A596-2B0C6D…)

No. 736170

Looks like a crackhead…..quacks like a crackhead…..

No. 736173

File: 1542877359316.jpeg (104.42 KB, 750x349, 9BA0F02D-3DD2-43A0-B423-39CB9E…)

I don’t even know where to start with this

No. 736174

File: 1542877533027.jpeg (139.89 KB, 750x323, 87AF747C-1A3B-4466-9E45-99B7EB…)

>angel sent from heaven
>with multiple rape allegations against him

No. 736212

Brain. Dead.

No. 736248

>why am i being attained

No. 736263

Pouya looks like he’s got full blown aids and could drop dead any minute and Coco looks like his eccentric career.

No. 736273



No. 736324

File: 1542909226954.png (657.85 KB, 1080x1601, Screenshot_20181122-104821~2.p…)

What does that mean? Cancer related or are her and pouya having some problems?

No. 736326

File: 1542909401424.jpg (23.98 KB, 500x355, 65400288.jpg)

No. 736334

that's because you are a crackhead you slack-jawed brainlet.

No. 736410

File: 1542917841036.jpeg (87 KB, 750x291, 0E80222E-8F9C-44D0-A5DF-BD62C2…)

Wonder what this is about/if the two are related

No. 736411

File: 1542917941054.jpeg (245.41 KB, 750x633, D7A52A8C-04BB-4CC6-95E3-B3DC67…)

No. 736506

Being “attained” loll omg I can’t w this dumbass

No. 736581

File: 1542934895253.jpeg (198.4 KB, 750x496, D8609420-57A6-4B5B-9E00-3529D3…)

I reckon it’s both too. She has already said that she’s not in remission yet, but the comments about Kevin paired with how much he looks like he wants to get away from her whenever they’re pictured together makes me think that they may have broken up

No. 736784

Layla must be laughing her ass off watching Tyler's life implode.

No. 736830

File: 1542993899976.png (337.58 KB, 497x367, How_beer_goggles_work_Funny_Me…)

She dodged a bullet! Gurl sobered up, took a look at him and gtfo! Good for her!

No. 736974

File: 1543012071805.jpeg (146.77 KB, 750x775, 82905519-2F7C-48E8-8619-0ABCB0…)

No. 736975

File: 1543012097307.jpeg (126.52 KB, 750x535, D918F134-C455-412E-8ED6-3E9D92…)

No. 736977

File: 1543012185425.jpeg (157.82 KB, 750x427, E2F37AD5-7857-4EA5-BEDC-1EB449…)

Just why…

No. 736978

File: 1543012495654.jpeg (357.06 KB, 750x726, 08AEACF1-C072-4B28-A192-1D464B…)

I wonder if they scroll through the threads together

No. 736980

A few people from the soundclout scene have confirmed that they lurk here. That's old news!

No. 736985

I know, that’s why I said together

No. 736989

she looks sick

No. 736994

File: 1543015380381.jpg (38.08 KB, 400x496, lol.jpg)

>she looks sick
I think thats the look she was going for!

No. 737001

File: 1543016438555.jpeg (134.27 KB, 750x406, B5FE6466-9AEE-460B-AB56-878E48…)

So the tinfoiling about them breaking up was a bust

>we both getting moneyyyyyyy

>because we both use each otherrrrrrrrr

No. 737002

File: 1543016601660.jpg (115.18 KB, 618x261, bad-publicity-theres-no-such-t…)

OH PLEEEASE! The on/off relationshit will never end. Until COCO is 10 toes up! He doesn't want the bad publicity and COCO wants all the publicity she can get!

No. 737008

File: 1543017133529.gif (471.13 KB, 500x278, 2jg2.gif)

Sometimes I see the relationshit they have like this. He plays the villain caricature that COCO wants!

No. 737009

No. 737022

File: 1543019394216.png (177.12 KB, 240x451, 154301944987495772.png)

All that shit tracey talked and now he's friends with fat nick!

No. 737032

If I never saw another photo of fat nick I think I would die happy

No. 737039

is fat nick white?

No. 737042

This photo is old. No peep tat between Tracy’s eyes.

No. 737069

He is half Greek and half Cuban, he looks pretty ambiguous and I don’t know what he identifies as. Kevin is half Persian and half Cuban yet still manages to look white as fuck

No. 737098

did he post this today? or is this an old screengrab?

No. 737111

Today. You can still see it on his ig story

No. 737325

Tyler really is losing it. He’s turned off all comments on his Instagram posts and his twitter mentions are in shambles of people telling him not to do a drop and send their refunds. He’s posting the hellboy Bart on all swearshirts and slashing prices.
Then there are kids eating it up. They aren’t going to get these clothes, I hope they go to his second annual giveaway tomorrow.

No. 737351

pouyas tiny hands freak me out whenever I see them, idk why they're just so triggering

No. 737389

how is he going to do a second drop before he issues refunds for the pink bart shirt in LAST drop. selling t-shirts doesn't have to be stressful. stop pulling bullshit after bullshit and making everything a tire fire and then feeling bad for yourself. Acknowledge you fucked up and make it right… that's why no one likes you.

sorry guys he's been insufferable

No. 737419

File: 1543090548663.png (78.92 KB, 242x448, 15430904437562911.png)

No. 737421

File: 1543091234487.png (151.46 KB, 1058x642, refund.png)

No. 737423

The amount of people tweeting at him with their phone numbers asking for FaceTime is… something.

No. 737425

File: 1543091516853.png (85.96 KB, 329x619, lol.png)

LOL! That's what his dumb ass asked them to do!!!!!

No. 737426

>Christmas sale
>after screeching about the site being killed off at midnight tonight

Make your fucking mind up, Pepper Annoying

No. 737427

He told them to include it in the order but a bunch of then didn’t so now they’re blowing up his twitter feed even though he told them not to (that post has now been deleted, of course)

No. 737436

File: 1543092406922.jpeg (299.72 KB, 750x1021, 777483ED-74B2-432C-9DB1-30749D…)

This was in response to him tweeting that he likes Tekashi, guess this fan hasn’t heard about the rape allegations

No. 737438

File: 1543092584463.jpeg (245.75 KB, 750x877, A1CAC9DD-13A1-4C34-B72B-3482A2…)

>Dad’s phone call

I do not even know where to begin with this

No. 737490

File: 1543096689389.webm (1.11 MB, 360x640, P7gb4T7kOp-4gZl.webm)

No. 737506

Last night Frances was on live answering questions and a few people asked what she thought about TP. Frances said she followed her for awhile and then unfollowed when Layla said in a live that she thinks Courtney definitely killed Kurt when she was asked about Hole. Also thinks the photos in front of Kurt’s old house are a little weird.

No. 737527

Old Layla probably would have been pretty pleased with herself just for being acknowledged by Frances

No. 737600

File: 1543104657785.png (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181124-170938.png)

The fuel of my nightmares omg

No. 737613

i refuse to believe this doughy poser has ever been able to make a woman wet. honestly chris chan is more of a looker

No. 737621

File: 1543106441548.jpg (178.8 KB, 1000x612, woman-covering-breasts1.jpg)

That pose! He's covering up his moobs! Pic related!

No. 737628

he looks so bad… what kind of drugs can one take to look like that? or is it just eating poorly..

No. 737630

Coke/alcohol bloat and junk food…

No. 737632

Purp, booze, Maccas. For real tho, when he was young he had potential. Personality aside, if he looked after himself he could have been a pretty boy, but alas.

No. 737634

It’s not just bloat, all the empty calories in liquor are the mortal enemy of people with slow metabolisms/who don’t exercise.

No. 737641

File: 1543108575154.webm (6.53 MB, 638x360, prt1.webm)

> Layla said in a live that she thinks Courtney definitely killed Kurt
Layla believes lots of dumb conspiracy stuff unless she's a troll. This vid is her ranting about conspiracy crap.

No. 737643

File: 1543108598143.webm (1.6 MB, 640x360, prt2.webm)

No. 737649

I have no words for how terrible he looks

No. 737651

lmao this info about the pose is so accurate. But honestly, why would he post this? The pearls have never looked worse.

No. 737665

OH MY GOD HES GAINED SO MUCH FUCKING WEIGHT. He’s really binging hard from all the Twitter trauma.

No. 737668

Ehhh I can’t believe he still has that toopoor tattoo on his stomach…….

No. 737702

File: 1543112977751.jpeg (790.06 KB, 1051x1690, 2D94F6E9-85D4-458B-A043-772079…)

…is his television on the floor?! And all the bullshit strewn around. With all that “money” I’d be hiring a maid, or at least live like a civilized adult. kek at the trusty roll of paper towels on the toilet.

No. 737715

lol no he was never pretty. like even when he was like 20 he still just had very boring bone structure and has always looked like a forgettable skater boy

she's a really unintelligent basic mall tier bitch tbh. she kind of has no real opinions on anything and the few opinions she does have are all so terrible

No. 737744

this is what happens when get off heroin. also when you have abused lean to the point of ruining your kidneys permanently

No. 737791

File: 1543124779751.jpeg (22.65 KB, 250x250, C5993132-875F-45E2-A764-3B34F0…)

Tyler, Pete called, he wants his skin back.

No. 737794

he was fat while he was using heroin too though

No. 737796

I can't believe Layla ever accepted this mutant's dick inside her. Definitely a low point in her life…

No. 737798

Yeah heroin isn’t the fat busting wonder drug people seem to think it is. Case in point: Luna Slater (and she purportedly goes days without eating too). It makes you crave sugar like a motherfucker.

No. 737804

being off heroin makes you crave sugar 1000x more than even when you are taking it.
also when you are in kidney failure (from abusing lean) you get very bloated because the fluid cannot exit your body the way it is supposed to. look at fredo santana

No. 737806

You’d think he’d put some of his fortune towards getting his body back in working order rather than squandering it on designer and assorted useless shit.

No. 737824

File: 1543132104970.jpg (59.08 KB, 426x597, 10636cfd9e1aaeb351790dc35ab53c…)

Is he going for the "malibu's most wanted" kind of look?!

No. 737839



No. 737877

File: 1543145251194.png (782.81 KB, 750x1334, F6FA2EDF-7182-4D8A-ACDF-2257E5…)

xkdjdnxkeje this is so gross

No. 737881

could've gone my whole life without that mental image

No. 737882

I just threw up in my mouth. This corpulent cunt and his inbred “bae” are fucking disgusting.

No. 738062

File: 1543173054660.png (273.96 KB, 672x455, 154317286510969734.png)

No. 738104

That sounds like something a rapist kidnapper would say to try to cover up

No. 738174

kek, here’s to hoping. Fr tho, what the fuck is with this whole barnyard’s fixation with ass stuff? First it was Layla posting graphic pics on Twitter, then Cassidy’s coke spergs about her gay boyfriend, now human parasite Fat Nick publicly advertising his quest for a pet parasite. Y’all are gross.

No. 738331

I genuinely thought this was fat nick having lost some weight … holy fuck this is absolutely horrific…

No. 738343

he really needs to stop wearing durags. no white person has ever pulled it off, and especially not him. vomit.

No. 738351

Yams has a lot to answer for, allowing the pillsbury doughboy to make a name for himself larping as someone from the hood

No. 738356

File: 1543214939936.png (528.83 KB, 1125x2436, E243D619-E7D5-4E42-9F1B-1423F7…)

coco milking mac’s death like peep’s whats new lmfao. “can you tell him to text me back” were they even close?? was mac miller’s bff suddenly some irrelevant soundcloud rapper’s gf god

No. 738370

I THOUGHT IT WAS FAT NICK TOO WOW….. that is so sad jesus christ pepper

No. 738385

File: 1543224597408.jpeg (482.26 KB, 750x1060, 559AAD9C-27FE-40D1-A194-D78768…)

What the fuck, is she having a psychotic episode or something?

No. 738410

sure do love how pepper and coco have taken over the lulzy milk supply

No. 738439

Not to speak ill of the dead or anything but yams has a lot to answer for period, asap as a whole ain’t exactly hold up, flacko lucky he’s pretty as hell.

No. 738481

Is there even any evidence that coco and Mac Miller were friends? I remember seeing a picture of him and Pouya in the studio (?) after he died but nothing involving coco. Seems very similar to Tana Mongeau’s claim that they were secretly dating lol

No. 738484

Yeah what….the fuck? Really curious if they ever actually knew each other personally. Seems like her typical attention seeking behavior

No. 738485

File: 1543248819645.jpeg (74.95 KB, 1070x314, 02ADE706-D086-4B94-B25F-08BEDA…)

I can pretty much guarantee this is not what pepper will be remembered for

No. 738526

File: 1543254520858.jpg (222.31 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>layla expresses wanting to be like kurt and CL w/peep.
>That would make her CL.
Layla gurl, projection much?! Feel like you killed peep?!

Then pepper and her went off and did that KC+CL cosplay bullshit! A huge slap in peeps face!!!

No. 738528

File: 1543254855328.jpg (79.84 KB, 638x479, 50-638.jpg)

That's called suicide baiting!

Pepper, Ya looking to kys?!

No. 738531

She has a terminal illness. Is a psychotic episode a huge stretch of your imagination or what?!

No. 738544

He did the same thing last year when Layla left him. It’s just for attention.

No. 738548

File: 1543256606309.jpg (53.47 KB, 698x400, pat-on-the-back.jpg)

>It’s just for attention.
I know, dear. He needs medical attention from professionals that can handle his bullshit. This shit aint normal!

No. 738731

peppers such a fucking basket case
when will he just stfu and seek some help?

No. 738794

File: 1543278943967.jpeg (308.86 KB, 750x776, 3736A286-3BB9-46FC-84B9-CC537C…)

>a few days ago: dude I’m so fucking miserable

Which one is it, pepper?

No. 738797

File: 1543279150021.jpeg (513.19 KB, 750x969, 3BDC7B9C-EDD2-4F2F-828E-2431CE…)

No. 738799

He gets manic and crashes back down into depression?

No. 738806

What is that tongue?

No. 738811

I can’t decide if it’s better or worse than the Oompa Loompa result of not choosing the correct makeup for her skin tone

No. 738813

Looking old as hell, and smuttered w dirt in her face??

No. 738870

File: 1543286123063.png (6.91 MB, 1125x2436, 5B1812E3-370F-4D87-A938-FF72A8…)

No. 738873

i loathe him more than words for his suicide baiting snd not getting fucking her for his bipolar

No. 738882


Her fucking lashes

No. 738895

File: 1543287780276.jpeg (473.08 KB, 1125x1215, E4647652-D009-46BD-941F-DBB436…)

>attempts to scam people out of money
>gets annoyed by the backlash/people wanting their own money back

Could you imagine the fit he’d be throwing if someone owed him money and they took longer than expected to pay it back?

No. 738898

Fairly certain Yams was just looking for some nobody white bitch-boy and never intended for him to do anything aside from that.

No. 738906

Great business plan. Can't wait to hear his 2 hr live of business advice. Lol. You fuck up a drop that badly then you can expect people wanting to know what's up. There are professional ways to go about this, but of course business guru Ty wont go that route.

No. 738992

File: 1543301288952.jpeg (164.14 KB, 750x538, D1AC120F-73CE-42B2-ACB4-A0CEAC…)

I’d offer you a cookie TyTy but you’ve already eaten the whole jar, so…

No. 738997

File: 1543302485255.jpeg (220.72 KB, 750x846, 8CB967E3-3C83-43D3-B644-422AD3…)

Well that would be one way to lose weight

No. 739003

He probably already has parasites tbqh!

No. 739012

He has to keep reminding everyone that he finally got his first girlfriend, albeit a cross-eyed stripper he is almost certainly paying because no girl in their right mind would go near that walking sack of shit of their own volition unless there was some massive incentive.

No. 739013

She'll probably let him eat ass all he wants.. that way she doesnt have to look at him or actually fuck him.

No. 739014

why doesn’t he just send out a mass email about refunds so people don’t bother him? like, people are posting over at r/superrradical confused too bc some people don’t read his social media and/or constantly check the website. COMMUNICATE god damn. His fanbase is like, mostly young teens where $15-20 is a big deal to them so i understand the concern :/

No. 739015

Anyone else think fat nick and his girl look like they could be related?

No. 739016

It’s probably a condition of their relationship

>okay you can say I’m your girlfriend but in addition to paying me by the hour you have to toss my salad at least once a day or it is OVER


They’re both degenerates so it isn’t outside the real of possibility

No. 739285

File: 1543349860272.jpeg (204.82 KB, 1124x987, 38B186E5-2BC4-4229-8231-A141C6…)

First, you don’t have any rap friends. Second…
>cops are real
Didn’t know anyone was denying their existence?
Next, you post photos/videos of yourself with lean and heroin, Openly scam teenagers and run bootleg “designs”(I guess the difference here is that “rappers” are relevant, whereas grosso is not).
>I called this last week
You didn’t? And even if you did, congrats?
And last but not least, literally no one is going to take this advice from Pepper Ann of all people.

No. 739321

File: 1543352227553.png (54.95 KB, 731x715, lil-tracy-will-not-be-erased.p…)

TP got a mention in Lil Tracy's Pitchfork interview.


No. 739322

from the thumbnail i couldn't tell that was her tongue and thought she had a freakish lower lip

No. 739337

File: 1543353385019.jpeg (167.54 KB, 750x458, 32F0B2B0-AB55-44FD-8F2C-010D86…)

The irony of someone who supports a misogynistic rapist giving advice on how to be a better person

No. 739347

File: 1543353989607.jpeg (565.17 KB, 750x1147, 1FDA27C5-6CF6-4BCA-990D-BE52FA…)

Cass out here looking like mid-meltdown Amanda Bynes on the first day of her new job, according to the caption on this post.

No. 739367

Wtf is that look???

No. 739371

File: 1543354972468.png (167.56 KB, 243x449, 154335502825595942.png)

No. 739373

File: 1543355081863.png (245.87 KB, 333x615, pee.png)

Why are these bitches obsessed with pissing outside?!

No. 739387

File: 1543356112792.png (138.51 KB, 316x614, make-up.png)

No. 739428

File: 1543360174163.png (3.34 MB, 750x1334, 6BEE2138-3A13-4B0F-8BC9-27548F…)

I can’t handle how it always looks like she’s got Pouya’s shit on her nose.

No. 739443

beautycounter isn't even an actual retail job, it's literally an MLM

No. 739469

what's an MLM? and this seems to be a big company (judging by their # of followers), so i'm wondering how she got it w/o any experience or education whatsoever (i guess her clout)

No. 739476

Layla you are the biggest joke out of everyone posted on this thread

No. 739477

You know, we might all be here to hate just the same but you’re sounding extra bitter (must be personal?)

No. 739479

Honestly, good for her for getting a job sk quickly out of rehab. HOWEVER, who the fuck wears a god damn spongebob shirt to their ADULT job? This is pajama wear.

No. 739487

the creator of it died today

No. 739488

File: 1543365617790.jpeg (139.07 KB, 750x390, 084D1098-9EE2-4EF3-BE52-9C607F…)

No. 739496


MLM is Multi level marketing… aka a pyramid scheme. She’s involved in a got damn pyramid scheme. lmao this shit really does write itself.
This photo was posted yesterday
the fuck? That’s a full face of makeup with those nasty ali express lashes. Really?! The nerve.

No. 739503

File: 1543366775574.png (6.9 MB, 1242x2208, BC95A427-D5ED-4549-ADE1-C5CB28…)

No. 739517

File: 1543368995346.png (51.84 KB, 222x374, 15433550282559594.png)

>the creator of it died today
Thanks for the info!

No. 739717

Maybe she subscribes to that Fat Nick style of romance. Eat up coco.

No. 739718

FFS, peep doesnt care who toopoor dates.. dudes dead. And she started dating killstation long after they were over/he died. Theres nothing wrong with what they are doing. Tracy is just a talentless shitbag who only gets attention by association.

No. 739753

Indeed, he's still mad that she didn't want him

No. 739822

Yall seen Laylas new house?

No. 739830


Post pics

No. 739836

File: 1543423760944.jpg (520.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181128-204834_Ins…)

Check her story

No. 739840

What a faggot

No. 739843

She actually looks dusty

No. 739850

based on that pic it just looks like every condo in LA

No. 739890

u sure she's not just apartment-hunting? there's no furniture

No. 739973

"Is this my new home?" doesn't mean it IS her new house dumbass.

No. 739984


She tweeted a week or so ago that she needs a realtor and is looking to buy a house. No cap because it’s. Even deleted, sorry.

No. 740061


Yeah, suuuure. She can't even get her life together enough to buy that nose job she was hyping up all over social media like 6 months ago, Seriously doubt she is actually buying a house, I live in LA and starting price for a house in like Northridge (the most depressing area of the Valley) is minimum 600k.

No. 740148

File: 1543451533875.png (266.33 KB, 778x1124, 1.PNG)

the 1,2 punch here made me laugh my ass off. thank you pepper.

No. 740150

File: 1543451586790.png (419.54 KB, 742x1122, 2.PNG)

No. 740167

File: 1543453366727.jpeg (191.12 KB, 750x630, EF64ACD7-1BBB-4F6A-8B2E-80D244…)

No. 740169

File: 1543453551915.jpeg (303.42 KB, 750x870, A763AB0C-A365-4431-A392-10BE2A…)

Yihihiiiiiikes this reply

No. 740175

If he actually had friends he wouldn’t be coordinating his birthday plans with them over public stories on Instagram. He’d have a group chat like a normal person.

No. 740180

File: 1543454701823.png (348.45 KB, 600x379, NyxYuTG.png)


He's like one of those kids that show up on the news when no one comes to their party.

No. 740182

tbf him/peep had songs where tracy straight up says (from obv before peep died) "if i died today you would try to fuck my bitch", etc, about predatory fake friends, so, while yeah, this is bullshit and tbh i doubt peep even gave that much of a shit about layla beyond fucking with her and humiliating her bc he was a manipulative fuckboy, tracy seems to have a thing about potentially dying and his friends preying on """"his"""" bitch

No. 740235

File: 1543462703923.jpeg (263.93 KB, 750x744, 6A9BB289-EEE7-4712-8AA6-4ED1FD…)

Kevin REEEEEEEing at peta, kek. I’m putting him in the same “idiots who shouldn’t own pets” basket as Pepper.

No. 740238

File: 1543463389007.jpeg (91.07 KB, 750x353, 4F279CEE-B5D5-44E4-950A-EF5EC4…)

He is almost as sad as Pepper too

No. 740245

coco… why even waste time on this. like she's trash but just christ it's better to be alone

No. 740261

File: 1543465876451.png (234.91 KB, 373x464, 154346584996500837.png)

>I’m putting him in the same “idiots who shouldn’t own pets” basket as Pepper.
…but WHY?! sarcasm

source https://www.facebook.com/officialpouya/photos/never-leaving-big-boi-with-fat-nick-again/983734748412920/

No. 740264

so sad. making these poor things accessories that end up being put down or abused or neglected

No. 740266

He is such a piece of shit. For all her shadiness Courtney still
shouldn’t be around these toxic cunts while she’s battling terminal illness. She’s obviously got enough clout of her own thanks to her trashy lash business like, girl, get the fuck away from this disgusting manlet, there is still time to redeem yourself.

No. 740272

mid meltdown amanda bynes is a compliment to this braindead uncreative fucking whore. not even with bipolar/schizophrenia would she be provocative or interesting.

No. 740277

But she dated Pepper Ann and the regular guy before Killstation. They're in the same circle it's not even weird, of course she's going to date someone who's lifestyle was similar to peep's it's clear she was OBSESSED with him, people return to those that remind them of their ex. but yeah i agree with you Tracy on one.

also tinfoil but anyone remember the longterm beef peep had with bones? there's videos on youtube about it, but peep actually "forbid" layla from listening to bones lmao. not knowing much about Killstation my first impression, physically, was that he was a bones clone. i think she's living out her bones fantasy while kill station is living out his peeps-ex fantasy. these people are shallow as fuck it can't be a long shot.

No. 740308

This is 100% that crazy guy

No. 740314

File: 1543475971696.jpg (18.42 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

Peep had that same attitude about XXXTentacion.

Perhaps bones is an abusive jackass.

Didn't bones threaten to assault ghostemane?

Ghost was one of peeps friends!

No. 740315

maybe. layla had admitted attraction to xxxtentacion, and he was notably abusive and dangerous at the time, so it's possible that could be a reason why? like, we're intimate with each other, but youre attracted to people that are not only my competition, but are terrible people, too? have to admit that regardless of actual jealousy, i'd feel slightly betrayed were that the case, but i think it was probably just a bit of a male jealousy thing.

No. 740317

File: 1543476576828.png (36.31 KB, 453x81, 154347677765234071.png)

Nope. Peep wouldn't support abusive dickheads! Peep had nothing to be jealous of! Friends were one of his first priorities! He made the unfortunate mistake of getting a few rotten apples in his bunch, unfortunately.


No. 740320

That's cause he's a huge misogynist

That's actually really fucking depressing, but why set yourself up like that?

No. 740323

File: 1543477334183.jpeg (144.89 KB, 750x461, FD11A23F-0E51-4799-8C75-6244BC…)

Wow, such an ~angel~

Bitch, you keep talking a big game with your purported “facts” but where are the receipts?

No. 740327

Why do I feel like Pouya wants to marry her so that she can’t be forced to testify against him lol…..

No. 740328

Maybe. But really, the whole bunch was broken. This group's misogyny and the glorification of disposable women the meme that male brotherhood exists really did him in. He'd have been better off investing his time and emotions and dedication into layla or emma instead of dropping layla for bella thorne or potato. She at least seems like a good girlfriend when she's with someone who has clout (not when she's with stable, normal-ish guys like corey)

Really and truly it kills me that she's so aggressive but everyone calls her an angel. It's like shuwu tier community gaslighting, like, everyone else looking in can see she's nowhere near angelic or uwu

No. 740329

The relationship was over after she showed him the vid of her snorting coke off some rando's cock after he had cheated on her. There was nothing for either of them to invest into after that point forward. The relationship was over and became a toxic dumpster fire from that day forward. That vid meme still haunts layla.

No. 740330

Peep cheated on emma. She left him. There was nothing to save.

No. 740334

Bella thorne dated him for a week and they broke up. lol. There was zero for him to invest in w/her. Nice joke!

No. 740335

>The relationship was over after she showed him the vid of her snorting coke off some rando's cock after he had cheated on her. There was nothing for either of them to invest into after that point forward. The relationship was over and became a toxic dumpster fire from that day forward. That vid meme still haunts layla.
Layla obviously still wants him to this day. He betrayed her but tried to manipulate her, his fanbase, and her fanbase, into seeing him as the victim. The snorting coke thing was nothing but an excuse to get out of the relationship and trash her at the same time despite him being the one that fucked her over. Whenever he wanted her, she came back to him like a lost puppy.

>Peep cheated on emma. She left him. There was nothing to save.
Emma is like, still posting shit about how he would've come back to her to marry her. It's pretty obvious both she and Layla would've dropped everyone to forgive him and try to be with him if he truly wanted to be with them, especially with his newly found clout. Both those relationships could've been salvaged if Peep decided he wanted to make them work, but he obviously didn't value them and preferred sleeping around and relying on his friends and thought they were more worthy of trust for whatever reason.

No. 740338

File: 1543479141168.jpg (24.57 KB, 590x332, mde_ep101_001_vmnby867iuygas-5…)

I think the only solution is for emma and layla to work this out by scissoring!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 740341

To Emma’s credit he told both of them (and arz too) he wanted/was going to marry them, dude played the field and these girls. With layla he threw that at her when they were fighting, he mighta said it first to Emma too.

No. 740344

Yes, he said it to everyone bc he was a manipulator, but obviously both her and layla wouldnt have hesitated if he came back truly begging to be with them. It was just a regrettable choice for him to specifically, and vocally, take his friendships more seriously and treat his friends better than his partners, while shitting all over women who cared far more about him than his friends did.

No. 740347

File: 1543480373604.jpg (32.63 KB, 579x584, large.jpg)

>but obviously both her and layla wouldnt have hesitated if he came back truly begging to be with them.

No. 740349

all pill talk

No. 740352

I fucking wear this tinfoil for real, I’m surprised it hasn’t been mentioned before. Despite looking like a kiddyfiddling uncle who always shows up uninvited Kevin seems to find girls desperate enough to jump on his internet-famous dick so it’s not like he is keeping her around out of desperation. I wonder what’s in it for her. I mean, sure she looks like an extra from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory II: Ass-Eating Boogaloo but she’d probably have no problem finding another fuckboi to accessorise with.

No. 740353

Emma had a boyfriend and towards the end he was spewing marriage bullshit. She didn't leave her bf and she ignored him.

No. 740356

let's put it this way: if emma knew how meaningless those 'i wanna marry you's are/were and how frequently they were said to other girls, she wouldn't be posting them post death like they were meaningful/sad. she obviously thought he was going to come back one day and really put in the effort. just saying 'i wanna marry you' is not exactly a display of effort worth bailing on your stable guy for, especially when he was at the point where he was no longer sleeping on floors and couldve made a functional relationship happen if he meant it

No. 740362

>f emma knew how meaningless those 'i wanna marry you's are/were and how frequently they were said to other girls, she wouldn't be posting them post death
She knows! She is grieving her childhood friend and ex bf. She also is clout hungry looking to cash in!

No. 740364

File: 1543485189553.jpeg (684.43 KB, 750x1055, 47ECF321-E31C-49BD-B33D-7FF335…)

Imagine being this delusional. This is Onision-tier shrieking into Twitter echo chamber delusion.

No. 740368

Your superpower couldnt have been a cure for cancer? or is that cause you know your whole squad would be wiped out including you.

No. 740369

>tfw your bf is literally a cheating lying rapist but you make 'angel' your brand

No. 740383

Girl his mom and grandma were telling her she was the one too

No. 740415

I'm betting more so he was just a drug abuser who never actually took anything he said seriously. All these girls were interchangeable in the moment and when he was high. He was a 20 year old guy fucking around having a good time getting high. I doubt he really was half as deep or purposefully manipulative as he gets credit for.

No. 740417

That bitch is insufferable with all that angel bullshit. Stfu bitch.

No. 740418

That means literally nothing. Of course they wanted her to be the one.. what a nice little love story that would be.. childhood friends turned happily every after. That doesnt mean they were right

No. 740420

Did you marry the first person you brought home that your parents liked? Just cause mommy says you'd be perfect with someone doesn't mean it's true lmao

No. 740525

File: 1543508578666.jpg (59.38 KB, 586x156, 20181129_081023.jpg)

So violent with his sexual threats!

Animal abuse. red flag red flag red flag Ok """angel"""

No. 740636

Wow I almost forgot about him!! Was wondering who the new cringe poster was…

Ps. Why the fuck are we back on the topic of peeps tRu LuV? He’s dead. It doesn’t matter.

No. 740643

File: 1543520892730.gif (994.55 KB, 500x230, giphy.gif)

>Why the fuck are we back on the topic of peeps tRu LuV?
Ain't nobody said anything about truelove. TooWhore got called out for being a slut!

No. 740651

It's been awhile, old milk, she moved on, not relevant anymore

No. 740657

File: 1543521654886.png (28.97 KB, 470x80, 154352200777766882.png)

No. 740671

>NO PEEP PSYCHOANALYSIS. Diving into his psyche or speculating how he actually felt about his flings is strictly prohibited.

Be gone dommy

No. 740675

File: 1543522800919.gif (492.94 KB, 500x233, total-sluts-summer-heights-hig…)

This has nothing to do with peep! This has to do with toopoor being a skank!(avatarfagging)

No. 740827

oh my fucking god she's not though you redpill psychopath. you know how many women peep fucked unprotected?? all those men?? how many they literally RAPED??

stop talking about layla's fucking vagina, if she wants to get fucked she's a grown ass woman and even in the eyes of a misogynist like you she's barely fucked anyone they just happen to have clout.

she's not even relevant on this thread anymore, it's all peep speculation who was the biggest manwhore alive. she's happy with kill station and we're here to laugh at her dumb music and fashion choices, not take it back to 1920 and get hella triggered this girl got some famous dick.

No. 740831

File: 1543532206689.jpeg (168.53 KB, 750x551, 43A15337-C110-4FAB-91E8-3C591C…)

Pepper is really ramping up the birthday cringe festival

No. 740837

I’m 10000% with you on this but I’ve never heard of peep being involved with rape? Idk I think maybe I’m just misunderstanding what ur trying to say

No. 740857

Dude just go to a high end rehab. You'll have friends when you clean up your shit. I feel bad he was born with Bipolar because he can't control it, but with the right medicine and therapy he could live a decently happy life. I think he won't go because he has to face all the embarrassing shit he did, but that's mental illness and he needs to learn to grow from it and move on. If he did the work and sincerely apologized to the people he hurt there's a good chance either they would forgive him or at least give him enough space to rebuild. Tyler if you're going to kill yourself any way go ball out with the most efficient treatment center you can find and set a REAL example for your fans.

OT but not really Scrim from SuicideBoys "dropped out" of music after his album release because of mental health issues, saying he needed a break and to take care of himself. People, and most importantly kids, looked up to him for that and might even emulate his healthy choices.

2019 is the year of facing your fucking shit, get help.

hey thanks so much for the positivity! i don't think peep was directly involved, i just meant how that cringeposter was like "TooPoor fucked FIVE GUYS over seven years and she's 25(a grown ass woman)! What a whore even though it was consensual!" when there's just ben a huge outing of most soundcloud guys either being rapists or complicit in it. To be honest with you, there's no way peep didn't know, and he has lyrics about fucking girls too drunk/high/mentally ill to care. He slut shamed layla with a blatant lie that ruined her name, and if he had a threesome with Tyler I highly doubt that girl was sober.

Not to mention most of his groupies were underage.. dunno why Tracy's and Yung Goth's pictures aren't in the Rapey Bunch collage since they fucked and Yung Goth impregnated an underage girl.

No. 740860

fuck sorry y'all for the blogpost there was too much tea and pepper ann is my biggest pet peeve

No. 740953

File: 1543540272268.jpeg (313.28 KB, 1125x803, D78FE92A-69DD-4730-B199-D2E5FA…)

I really don’t think that anyone who actually has celebrity friends would refer to them as “celebs”

No. 740961

File: 1543540803278.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1125x1832, 8F185938-535F-4AF5-B3AB-F0AE2F…)

Beans? Is that you?!

No. 740999

He didn't call the celebs his friends. Re-read it.

No. 741039

Ok sorry about the nuance? I’ll clarify/rephrase.. Anyone who hangs out with celebrities doesn’t refer to them as ‘celebs’, or really brag about their relationship with them on social media. He’s a try hard, stroking his ego for his delusional echo chamber.

No. 741040

Yep. I agree. They are just objects of status like everything else to this shallow dickhead. He can't keep his mouth shut and he name drops like a mother fucker!

No. 741052

Where did you hear this? Is there caps? I've heard rumors but I've never seen anything confirmed. Good for him. He's setting a great example. Mental health > clout.

Meanwhile Tyler brings up his wealth and possessions 25/7, constantly tries to flex on everyone, is rude af to his fans and completely neglects his mental health.

No. 741053

Sorry made some typos. He doesn't exactly flex his drug use anymore. He likes to act like everything's fine and act like everyone's too retarded to notice drugs in photos and references like "dog food". Hence him neglecting his mental health.

No. 741055

>He doesn't exactly flex his drug use anymore

…Why is this screen cap about him getting HIGH?!

No. 741056

Remember the coedine bottle tree? Such a role model this kid. Then he wants sympathy when his kidneys start to fail. Stop glamorizing your illnesses by romanticizing dumb shit like the 27 club you disgusting fuck.

No. 741060

Isn't that just an e-cig? Idk even if it isn't weed is hardly in the same category as lean and fucking heroin.

No. 741062

Wow he actually thinks he would make the list of great musicians and artists. You make bootleg streetwear dipshit.

No. 741063

>Isn't that just an e-cig?
He didn't say what he was vaping.

No. 741068

they just said it might be weed, stop being so nitpicky

No. 741072

File: 1543551492341.jpeg (160.84 KB, 750x490, 341177F6-6FD4-4A91-AC12-4BC1B9…)

Kunty Kevin got the $13K designer dog. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

No. 741074

It's definitely weed. Tyler couldn't pass up on the opportunity to tell people he's smoking weed. He's like a freshman in hs. Plus he said he was high and I've never heard anyone refer to the buzz from nicotine as a "high"

No. 741075

File: 1543551694826.jpeg (332.64 KB, 750x1044, E0DB278B-DE6D-41E1-BDE8-692121…)

The dear little hound does not deserve being entrusted to this flagrant asshole.

No. 741077

Why are people upset about him buying a dog when he has sexual assault allegations? You know how many rich people buy dogs instead of adopting? Is this really getting him in hot water? Hardly news imo

No. 741078

Name her idindunuffin

No. 741080

Because he is screeching autistically about it on Twitter. It doesn’t make him any more or less likely to be a rapist but his sperging does reinforce how much of a prize twat he is.

No. 741102

idc about him buying it but is there anything that even makes this puppy worth 13k

No. 741132

It shits diamonds and shoots laser beams from it's eyes.

No. 741134

kek, but seriously tho, it shits me no end that these irresponsible fucktards have high maintenance temperamental dogs like pit bulls, they’re pretty much the worst breed for these clowns. I wonder if Courtney will stand by her man when his dog mauls a toddler. And we’ve already seen what happens when Kevin goes on tour and leaves his pets with Jabba the Hutt.

No. 741142

File: 1543564514119.jpeg (190.2 KB, 1068x1200, F5ED74B4-52DF-49E0-B494-35CA27…)

Okay, but what is going on with that boob?

No. 741149

Her boobs are always trying to escape from her clothing. She should invest in buying some pasties.

No. 741207

Of course she would… the toddler would be a liar. And she would have to stand up for the real victims of dog maulings.. like her. Fuck that toddler and their lies. She only believes in facts. That toddler will be hearing from her attorney.

No. 741211

File: 1543578831971.jpg (95.25 KB, 634x1132, C7yvXjzW0AAM3dS.jpg)

I dont get how her tits look like she breastfed 10 kids and is 45 years old. Girl invest in a fucking bra and a swimsuit with some support. Nobody wants to see your floppy ass tits

No. 741212

Just another idiot wasting money on an inbred, er I mean purebred, dog that's probably going to have a whole host of health problems and die before it should. Slow clap for you dumbass

No. 741245

File: 1543585827128.png (80.52 KB, 1080x483, Screenshot_2018-11-30-07-15-08…)

lilith levesis sneaky edited her peep post to make it sound like they were tight when she used to hate on him in her lives and they never even fucking met

inb4 "she has her own board" bc I know but this seems more peep oriented and it's sad the extent people will go to milk this kids death

she also used to make fun of tyler for cosplaying kurt cobain and not doing heroin it was on an older thread if anyone remembers

No. 741246

shes got really big boobs. this si what happens when you have big boobs. theyre fine. her choice in men and her decision to be pathetic is the problem

No. 741248

i guess her hating on tyler and layla's cosplay for pretending to use heroin (tbh kind of rightfully so, that shit was pathetic) and peep backing her up for hating on them in the comments are the extent of these 'amazing memories' lel

No. 741258

also wearing superhuman amounts of bronzer

No. 741431

File: 1543610465038.jpeg (418.95 KB, 750x1086, D9571F80-12A6-4EC1-B506-8B7697…)

No. 741437

File: 1543611121452.jpeg (571.45 KB, 750x1108, 04E08C44-9740-4C1A-8374-CFB2B0…)

>looking good


No. 741478

Jeez I understand that having big boobs is a struggle but at least try to wear a fucking bra if you dont wanna have grannytits in a few years. Nothing sexy about those fat lumps

No. 741541

They always look so…. messy?

No. 741625

Idk why anon deleted but that's literally all there is to her
>dating pouya
>ali express lash scam
>calling herself an angel
>being short
>horrendous abuse of bronzer

She's painfully self obsessed for no good reason.

No. 741627

you'd be self obsessed if you were a pure perfect living angel too anon (sarc) fr tho everytime she types words or records herself speaking it becomes apparent how vapid and one-dimensional this girl really is

No. 741681

excuse me? she was an ACTRESS who went to school for like business management, or acting, or something. that's multidimensional af! the segue from 'attention seeking actress' to 'attention seeking instathot with a rapist 'musician' bf' is VERY unexpected and multi-layered

No. 741686

Innacurate.. might get banned but I have big boobs.. fairly close in size to hers and they most definitely do not look like that.

No. 741713

No. 741743

Yo I literally still can’t believe this bitch is TWENTY FUCKING EIGHT

No. 741748

Ok so not to boobsperg but ffs stop spreading the no bra/sagging breast myth jesus. A simple google search will tell you otherwise

No. 741749

Ok so not to boobsperg but ffs stop spreading the no bra/sagging breast myth jesus. A simple google search will tell you otherwise

No. 741751

File: 1543640662294.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1125x1908, 62E5B00D-6936-4E48-A60A-4DB1D3…)

I think we got a lurker…


No. 741795

File: 1543651546577.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, 79F2AC60-3C5B-4291-B1D0-62855E…)

It’s midnight and no ones at his suite he’s so fucking pathetic lmaooo

No. 741797

File: 1543652246109.png (7.64 MB, 1242x2208, 27011859-6C47-4E34-8EB1-AC2755…)

Too bad, so sad.

No. 741798

He's got all that Ca$h m0ney! He should be more than happy to have everything surrounding himself! People are no different than furniture to him!

No. 741861

File: 1543668840537.jpeg (250.54 KB, 1073x999, 4C243FBA-8C4B-48A8-B581-BE8706…)

No. 741867

I think everyone saw this coming

No. 741874

File: 1543672184071.gif (1.7 MB, 415x212, giphy.gif)

No. 741875

The “celebs” must be hiding under the bed

No. 741903

oof, this is… really embarrassing

No. 741913


the lengths he goes through to hide his man boobs tho

No. 741936

I almost feel bad for him

No. 741981


She has comments on her photos from Peep, one on her ass that says “yummy”. I will try to find it but it was wayyy back there and I don’t know if I can stomach looking at her that much

No. 741996

File: 1543695127341.png (2.72 MB, 750x1334, 9AB96053-92C9-434A-8C55-711FE6…)

THose fucking lips holy fuck

No. 742034

Everything about her just looks sloppy. Lips,boobs, lashes, bronzer. She’s literally a mess.

No. 742065

As much as I think hes a shitbag… this is really sad.
He shouldnt have set himself up this way.

No. 742146

File: 1543709330149.jpg (182.04 KB, 998x750, 514b305161c8917fb5195a58963c8b…)

pictured: leaked photo of tyler on his birthday

(i actually feel bad for him because his entire scene is full of clout chasers and ofc no one wants to be around a guy with bad rep)

No. 742149

Am I the only one that thinks it's fucking hilarious and he deserves every second of it? Get help tyler.

No. 742159

File: 1543711602853.png (3.93 MB, 750x1334, 4A9DAB87-ED40-4302-A5D1-92B8E4…)

Million dollar bank account but chooses to eat at canes ok pepper!

No. 742168

don't feel bad for him, anon.
>…this hurts me. I do everything for everyone and they don't care
He literally expected people to come because he is such a great and generous guy.
He's a selfish, scamming, narcissistic piece of shit. Given the opportunity, he would take advantage of all the girls and guys around him and gloat about his grandiose self and be perfectly "fine" despite all his addictions and wrong-doings.
He is either pathetic or has delusions of grandeur (while still being pathetic) all the while using everyone around him

No. 742172

I love this shit

No. 742176

File: 1543713075411.jpg (88.81 KB, 461x692, puddles-pity-party-2017-galler…)

It's Pepper's Pity Party

No. 742181

wow such memories it sounds like they were really close

No. 742185

foods other than chicken tenders are way outside his In-N-Out comfort zone

No. 742186

also casual reminder that his DOG won't be seeing another birthday AT ALL because it DIED from medical neglect (but it left him like everyone does… so sad for Ty). He could have had his furry friend keep him company instead of throwing himself a pity party and maybe lighten the fuck up and do something worthwhile

No. 742190

>I did everything (and by everything I mean nothing) for my dog but it didn't care, it died and left me
sorry for double-post but I'm living for this shit

No. 742193

File: 1543715477621.jpeg (379.76 KB, 750x774, A9A60E55-C16B-4DC6-9A16-0AA4CA…)

>moshi moshi tinfoil desu

This is the only tweet made by this account. I’m wagering that it’s Pepper himself

No. 742194

File: 1543715517809.jpeg (267.3 KB, 750x646, 2B3541B5-F9D9-4678-AA0F-138A53…)

No. 742332

File: 1543730419721.jpeg (355.08 KB, 750x747, B55133AC-20FE-4DB2-BF05-73E682…)

Didn’t know angels had “aggressively and gleefully threatening people on social media”, “supporting rapists” and “calling victims of abuse liars” in their job descriptions but okay.

No. 742333

Coldhart posted a video of Tracy bent over in a chair passed out did anyone catch a screenshot? If he keeps this up he’s going to end up like peep

No. 742342

File: 1543732937728.jpeg (378.71 KB, 750x783, 5FD58EAB-14DF-4118-AC8E-7F9DAC…)

The cringe

No. 742370

File: 1543747489239.jpeg (243.03 KB, 750x706, 1A2AFB48-A4AC-48A0-8705-3B6B57…)

No. 742374

pics or it didn't happen, tyler

No. 742375

pics or it didn't happen, tyler

No. 742379

File: 1543748458575.jpeg (335.04 KB, 750x1125, A2D37481-A61B-45FB-A53E-A05FE5…)

Quarter life crisis in full effect

No. 742382

File: 1543750164971.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 898.18 KB, 750x1067, 453CCD30-E1BF-461A-8F26-5CD728…)

This made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

No. 742385

File: 1543750525272.jpeg (262.32 KB, 750x986, 18432258-C31B-49A8-82C5-9D831D…)

Fuck this rapist piece of trash, thinking it’s funny and trying to be an edgelord retweeting this like he is above the law.

No. 742386

Old pic

No. 742387

That caption tho. This dumb cross eyed bitch clearly has no self esteem

No. 742390

Pretty sure it's Nick who wrote that caption himself lmao

No. 742405

File: 1543756915869.png (Spoiler Image, 2.71 MB, 750x1334, 69B476FD-2AFB-4FE5-B63A-DC7D29…)

This is too fucking much holy shit ew

No. 742416

this is what you see at your feet when you have sleep paralysis

No. 742417

he kinda sounds like Trump

No. 742733

File: 1543800706234.jpeg (254.53 KB, 750x793, CE842518-3A9F-4C8A-A0A3-55408C…)

Pepper’s posts about hotel strippers are gone (of course) and have been replaced with this nonsense

No. 742747

Sure he can do anything… except lose his man boobs lol

No. 742749

pure delusion

No. 742767

so lil xan and hotel shrimp (cassidy) can fuckin check in to treatment but you CANT pepper? lol

No. 742843

File: 1543820407129.jpeg (182.75 KB, 750x586, 62A0B292-C613-4A9A-A403-4BDF12…)

Layla sounds like she’s having a psychotic episode

No. 742844

File: 1543820433485.jpeg (267.16 KB, 750x719, F931D38A-F7C9-4D44-8F57-C87582…)

No. 742851

I wonder what layla is praying for.

No. 742856

File: 1543822362116.jpeg (97.09 KB, 750x254, FC43A858-50F0-4E86-BC93-B6C0C3…)

How does this nasty little manlet have a music career

No. 742857

File: 1543822365759.png (90.27 KB, 234x446, 154382244038847662.png)

>she's having a psychotic episode
it's possible

No. 742859

File: 1543823135891.png (362.91 KB, 931x600, 15438224403884766.png)


No. 742866

No. 742889

Maybe shes having a hard time not relapsing?

No. 742891

Or maybe she did relapse.. or maybe it's some real dumb shit.. which is more likely

No. 742893

Maybe but even if he did have some intelligence at one point in time all the drugs have done their toll and the money has made him dull.

Hoooooly shit guys….. drugs… so not worth it.

No. 742937

December 1 was 14 days after the anniversary of Gus dying.

No. 742978

File: 1543852262159.jpg (89.35 KB, 1200x806, Cme_09_UMAAqacj.jpg)

Killstation fans hating on lil tracy in the comments!


No. 743012

File: 1543856738392.png (46.13 KB, 448x85, 154385682594598622.png)

You forgot about the nine people he stabbed.


>He probably did other horrible things that the public doesn't know about.

No. 743030

sage and sorry ahead of time for random off-topic but i came across an old hot sugar music video and given his getting outed as an abusive predator/ blade's sort of recent death, watching this creeped me out a LOT. just super weird that the girl resembles melanie so much, not just in terms of looks but the camwhoring/ OD'ing at the end, also koenig's character being a creep suits him so well lol.

idk it just really bummed me out and felt like an unsettling omen about this whole nasty soundclout scene

No. 743097

Not expecting to get spoon fed but I’ve been googling a bunch trying to get the story about what happened between Blade and Hot Sugar?

No. 743136

File: 1543870030557.png (1.03 MB, 1075x1694, Screenshot_2018-12-03-14-36-08…)

She big mad

No. 743139

Courtney just accept that your mans cheated on you a FUCK TON and lures his fans into creepy gangbang situations. There's multiple stories you can stay willfully ignorant if it makes you feel better but KEVIN CHEATED ON YOU. A LOT. YOU ARE THE TYPE OF GIRL THAT IS OK WITH BEING CHEATED ON.

She's just mad because the truth hurts and she knows all of the criticism is valid.

No. 743141

Courtney, stop with the angel shit already, you’re a mean girl and a giant thundercunt in general. Your cheating ass boyfriend is a rapist and you’re an internet thug who defends him, so you can fuck right off with your victim blaming.

No. 743143

File: 1543871172147.jpeg (430.46 KB, 750x800, 0E9DA57E-1024-4973-ADA8-2A2569…)

For the love of all that is holy, please don’t ever let these two assholes breed

No. 743149

idk what she expects when she put him on blast herself about cheating on her and then got back with him lol

No. 743151

So Pouya can bully toopoor and send his angry little manlet minions to hate her en masse and she sees no problem with it yet when anyone on the internet has anything negative to say about her she can't take it. Guess it's only ok when Kevin bullies people. He gets a pass for everything huh court? Rape included

No. 743155

File: 1543871783374.jpg (64.62 KB, 1200x1007, Need more smug post smug pleas…)

girl u wish
the louder it screeches, the less angelic it becomes

No. 743156

she has cancer cells all over her body they are not having children

the fact that he callously reminded her of that with this post just to get some likes on twitter proves that he's a POS milking their relationship for clout and she can't see it

No. 743158

Lmao i cant with this fucking pic she looks so pissed off

No. 743159

but Kevin doesn't deserve a sick woman uwu sadface

No. 743160

this. seriously. that's so fucking low and conniving, and she thinks it's a display of affection. that's straight up onision/lainey tier e-manipulation

No. 743189

Didn't she reeeeee about him 'betraying' a loved one cancer? If you can cheat on someone when they're fighting cancer you definitely don't give a fuck about them.

THIS. One thing I won't call Pouya is dumb. If you looked at his posts after he 'betrayed' her they were all incredibly manipulative. He knows what to say to get in her head and to convince his fans that he's not in the wrong. It reminded me of Tyler's faux suicide posting but way more subtle and obviously a lot smarter. She thinks she can unfollow him on instagram for a day or 2 every time he messes up gives her control over the situation but it doesn't. She has 0 power.

No. 743205

i don't have much info either but she was just one of the dozens of girls he fucked around with, not anything big. if he had been exposed before her death/ if she were still alive i'm almost positive she'd have some dirt on him since it seems like literally all of his romantic interests have at least one bad thing to say about him. even girls like molly soda who admit he wasn't sexually abusive towards them personally are admitting that the relationship was toxic or manipulative in some way. nick koenig absolutely belongs in that thread pic with all the other rapists in this scene

No. 743251

File: 1543881934705.jpeg (510 KB, 1124x1956, 4E115ED9-A19A-4631-AD51-F7F339…)

But guyyyys! His new album art is kinda sorta supposed to look like her!

No. 743260

>aka the drawing has a better body than her minus the sloppy tits and similar haircut

No. 743272

literally the only similarity is the hair. this girl is super toned and has a completely different body type. nothing wrong with her body but this ain't it.

No. 743278

Right? The girl in the album art has small perky tits too so like the polar opposite of her in every way. It's some sick art but it couldn't look any less like her. She was never in anything before and hardly on his feed. Sad bc she's probably finally getting the attention she's always wanted from him that he denied her when was off fucking groupies and doesn't care about his motives.

No. 743281

File: 1543885392079.jpeg (52.09 KB, 572x411, F4026FBA-0959-4BCF-852B-694D4F…)

Lmao yeah totally supposed to look like her….

No. 743285

Lol he's seriously such an asshole

No. 743286

File: 1543885869761.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1125x1679, 7BB44FCA-EF00-4646-9FE7-FE0380…)

Lmao she’s still claiming it - Twitter this time. Even a week after he denied it. Just say it’s her and be a decent boyfriend wtf

No. 743299

File: 1543886374320.jpeg (194.05 KB, 900x900, 15438865287461049.jpeg)

>supposed to look like me but not at the same time
Pick one coco.

No. 743332

You and I both, fam. As much as Courtney is a shady bitch the way that greasy little billy goat treats her is horrendous, she has zero self respect.

No. 743343


Girl, stop with that style bottom. You dont have the body for it. It makes you look like a 40 something mom trying to hide her saggy mom belly but still be sexy.

No. 743352

>>743030 wasn't it more about athena (xanaxprincess on tumblr). guess how old athena was when she overdosed? i recall reading about them hanging out.

No. 743387

Can't her narcissistic ass sit down accept that it isn't supposed to be her? Like it's his album and he openly refuted it. As much as I don't like him he created something and she didn't. It's like when grosso makes his friends accomplishments an "us" thing. It would've been nice of him to tell her it was inspired by her but it's cringey as fuck that she feels the need to spin this false narrative and insert herself where she doesn't belong.

No. 743405

File: 1543895815354.jpeg (975.63 KB, 973x1771, EE02AB22-DEE2-48DA-8F9B-4D4B3D…)

>don’t talk about my body
>posts this

lmao her face is so far from the focus of this photo and wonder why no ones talking about her ~new glasses~ Recovery shrimp is somehow more annoying and cringey than ever before

No. 743422

Everyone knows if you want to accentuate your new glasses you post a Picture in your thong. ..Cue biggest eyeroll ever..

No. 743423

Is she still in rehab or has she gone home yet?

No. 743429

File: 1543898850454.jpeg (261.13 KB, 750x777, E717DAA7-F294-40F0-9AEF-C29370…)


It’s not even funny at this point, it’s desperate and depressing. Get some self respect, girl.

No. 743432

File: 1543898961819.jpeg (100.25 KB, 750x378, 90B75365-1A96-4D0F-B3AF-E3A0E1…)

Kevin, take a seat because I have some news for you.

No. 743433

is this what recovery looks like? lmao

No. 743456

She's out of rehab and got a job at a MLM call center a few weeks ago. Dunno if she still has the job.

No. 743465

A lil bit of levity amidst the cancer and rape and whatever else is going on with these clout chasers, this shit with Snow’s girlfriend snatching Tana Mongoloid’s weave at Adam22’s birthday party is fucking hilarious (and surprised it hasn’t been mentioned here seeing as pedo Adam is part of the SoundClout cringe factory).

No. 743469

no fucking way, i never knew they knew each other but i DO know that athena OD'd when she was like, 16 years old, which means she was 16 or younger and hanging out with that fucking creep

No. 743480

So weird this randomly popped up on my
YouTube feed today.

No. 743485

File: 1543911052828.png (Spoiler Image, 263.29 KB, 595x588, one.png)

No. 743487


OMG yes!! Also I've been watching some of Lena's vlogs lately and yiiiikes dude. On her most recent one from Adam's birthday they're shopping in Bev Hills and a homeless lady asks him for money for food - he doesn't skip a beat or even look at this woman and just goes, "sorry, I'm broke" while walking past her carrying a Gucci bag and Lena just laughs. So gross. Lena's life seems lowkey depressing for many reasons but mostly because Adam is just pure human garbage.

No. 743488

File: 1543911397439.png (153.89 KB, 314x548, two.png)

No. 743489

File: 1543911821570.jpeg (169.12 KB, 750x463, 631A11A3-5BE1-4819-A7FF-5CF428…)

Lena is such a piece of shit, just like her cunt of a boyfriend. As if he wasn’t trashy enough already he’s out here advocating for fellow rapist Tekashi. I’d heard about the birthday party incident but I had no idea Snow responded until the clip popped up on my feed, presumably as a result of my YT music views. So glad it did, because both Snow and her gf are a treasure trove of hilarity.

No. 743491

enough with the self promotions about this person who no one knows about
just stop. this person got barely any views on their stupid youtube views but got over a million views on the one they put tanas name in. stupid

No. 743509

idk it doesn't feel like self-promo to me given her connection to adam22, scumbag overlord of the soundclout cesspool, also who in their right mind would degrade themselves here of all places?

athena looks very similar to how his ex (kitty) around that time looked but sure TOTALLY just for the music, no stranger danger 2 see here!!!

No. 743512

She’s a pretty successful rapper with millions of views on her music videos going back years completely independent of any retarded drama, I highly doubt she’d be self promoting here of all places. This is specifically about a situation pertaining to scumbag Adam, ergo relevant to the SoundClout scene.

No. 743570

This is the first time they’ve been mentioned here?

No. 743604

this x1000. the dude got run out of NYC and he's in LA right now anyway, so the crossover potentials here are high. where is the motherfucker lurking.

No. 743704

She’s constantly pinning for pregnancy/having a kid and being a mommy with a happy family - while then selling her body on Snapchat (which doesnt inherently means she’s unhappy but with the environment she’s in I can’t imagine it being healthy and out of body positivity) and letting her partner openly have sex with and tell her he wants to have sex with basically every woman he comes in contact with. Also he’s an alleged rapist and constantly talks about how he wants to sleep with underage girls. I have no sympathy for her but I definitely feel some empathy. I don’t think she’ll ever achieve her dream of having a stable family while her boyfriend (husband?) is running off acting like he’s one of these 20 year old drug addicted soundclouters. I wouldn’t want to raise a kid around that atmosphere. To each their own though.

Sorry if this is OT ; is Adam considered part of the Soundcloud hive mind? That dude has enough weird shit surrounding him and his partner to fill a whole thread - not that his fans care lol

No. 743736

Nah fam, you good. It was established in the early threads that No Jumper/On Some Shit idiots like Adam are part of the Cloutyverse. As milky as he is I’m not sure he warrants his own thread, so his antics are fair game here.

No. 743798

File: 1543964827105.png (89.41 KB, 605x553, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 6.06…)

kek. someone's been lurking.

No. 743812

Such an angel! For real tho, she is a garbage human being.

No. 743857

Just a nitpick but they way she's constant chomping gum reminds me of a cow chewing cud.. not to mention all gum has aspartame and that's linked to cancer. Definitely an angel.

No. 743876

lots of gum doesn't have aspartame (xylitol and stevia gums are everywhere)

aspartame hasn't convincingly been linked to cancer, either

No. 743906

Is he really constantly talking about fucking underage girls, I thought it was maybe two tweets (still disgusting)
What the fuck is wrong with these guys

No. 743991


There's a SoundClout thread over on Lipstick Alley that says that not only does he talk about it, he and Lena do in fact sleep with underage girls. Take that with a grain of salt but Adam is such an arrogant disgusting prick who has gotten away with being a piece of shit for so long that it would not surprise me in the least.

No. 743995

nah i believe it. it's too obvious to say fuck adam because he's the worst, but his dumb fuck gf lena gets all this woke cred and it INSANE because she's a pedophile too. she's out there objectifying the shit out of girls/women and herself just so adam can have a bottom bitch he can brainwash.

she talks sooooooo much about women's rights but she's just as bad, if not worse since she should know having been an underage girl once and what that was like. she's the worst clout chaser imo

No. 744040

File: 1543991804805.jpeg (208.59 KB, 677x1203, F425E092-A8C6-459F-B377-099E18…)

This looks like a fan meet and greet. I wanna know what their “relationship” is like behind the scenes.

No. 744058

The gum chewing drives me INSANE. It’s like she’s on MD gurning 24/7

No. 744062

Tyler has been uncharacteristically quiet on social media since his birthday (or so it would seem). Does anyone have notifications switched on to confirm if he has been tweeting and deleting or has he gone completely dark?

No. 744071

Looks like 6ix9ine dressed as a woman

No. 744088

File: 1544002563259.png (246.39 KB, 720x405, lead_720_405.png)

She's a backpage instagram escort. She is literally a stripper.

It sure is a deep and meaningful relationship. sarcasm

No. 744092

File: 1544004267417.jpg (13.02 KB, 343x364, 2cb25f92b7544d87186534081924ae…)

he look like this to me for some reason

No. 744104

coco literally looks like liza minnelli

No. 744106

Fucking kek anon, I just coughed up a lung. I wonder how much he is paying cross-eyed Camille to be his “girlfriend”. Surely she can’t be desperate enough to subject herself to him free of charge

No. 744110

coco literally looks like liza minnelli

No. 744112

Don’t do Liza like that anon!

No. 744134

Don’t do Gus Gus like that anon!!

No. 744144

File: 1544016117038.jpeg (824.23 KB, 1125x1288, 1567B963-0DB0-4199-9544-C0CD5D…)

He’s been extra quiet, no tweets. I saw a since deleted photo of him sipping lean in his stupid Real World suite… isn’t he dRuG fReE by court order? Wonder if his dumb ads though his probation officer wouldn’t see that, and he got locked up?

I’m sorry I don’t have screens! I wouldn’t have brought it up without receipts, but anon asked! (Photo was on @tylerbenz ig story).
However, in the meantime here’s pepper wishing himself a happy birthday with an iPhone 5c

No. 744199

I know he already looks awful, but can you imagine what he’ll look like when he starts aging and loses his baby face? shudders
…if he lives that long

No. 744257

She was probs one of those insta thots that got shat on by rich shiekhs before Fatnick found her. Or shall I say “bought” her.

No. 744260

I still can’t get over how he brags about being rich and can’t even buy himself a newer iPhone

No. 744324

File: 1544043199004.jpeg (100.6 KB, 750x602, 0B7E613D-60B7-4ED4-A673-A9210B…)

Looks like we’re really getting to her

No. 744327

Ok but where are the receipts she keeps talking about? Kevin saying “I didn’t do it” doesn’t count

No. 744328

File: 1544043796688.jpg (Spoiler Image, 328.49 KB, 876x1200, 1389610447846.jpg)

Is she going to be okay?! Is she going to survive being assblasted?!

No. 744353

File: 1544046112369.png (922.17 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6627.PNG)

Damn you're right she actually really really does look like 6ix9ine

No. 744354

That's 6ix9ine in drag. Prove me wrong! Protip: you can't!

No. 744414

File: 1544055060323.jpeg (73.84 KB, 1095x539, 37978BF2-9632-4104-8E9B-470C7B…)

Could be right?

No. 744421

File: 1544055428225.jpeg (74.1 KB, 750x488, 2C08C4EB-5908-45D7-9D8D-847D9F…)

Pretty sure saying “suck my dick” is what started the “rumours” in the first place, Kevin

No. 744430

>he thinks the best defense is offense in this case
guess he'll make friendly with 6ix9ine in prison

No. 744435

Love that all the replies to this are people bitching at him about not shipping out orders lol NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU TYLER

No. 744514

File: 1544068472544.png (124.86 KB, 1080x498, Screenshot_2018-12-05-21-42-58…)

She filed a lawsuit against IKEA lmao anyone know why? How much time and disposable income does this girl have. Guess the Ali express lash repackaging business isn't all that strenuous

No. 744524

Wow now we really believe you're not a rapist Kevin ty for clearing that up

No. 744528

The mark up on those lashes must be steep for her to have the funds to do this. Then again IKEA will probably just roll their eyes at this and give her a refund. She's just posting this to throw her weight around like she does when she threatens Pouya's victims with imaginary receipts.

No. 744529

p sure it costs little to nothing to file a lawsuit unless it actually goes to court which it definitely won't

No. 744532

lmao what a basic let me speak to your manager ass bitch

No. 744613

File: 1544080954995.jpeg (856.83 KB, 3072x3072, 500CB656-DA95-4F51-9C38-019C54…)

It’s insane

No. 744614


>I’m a pure little real life angel

>I threaten people and screech obscenities at them on Twitter multiple times a day

Courtney, use some of your aliexpress markup profits to get that schizophrenia treated

No. 744620

doesn't layla go yachting? i always thought that was how she supplemented her income.

No. 744623

Fucking kek! Where the hell did you get that idea? I mean, it’s not outside the realm of possibility but given how much of an exhibitionist she is we’d probably have seen some evidence of it by now.

No. 744626

Layla sells merch and djs how tf is this relevant to anything being discussed unless you're trying to steer the topic away from Coco's lash scam for some reason…..

No. 744627

i wish gay men never found lipstick alley. you dont talk about lipstick because cloutchasers log on and start lying. people should just naturally find it. like the farm. you dont talk about the farm cause the cows find it and start lying.

lena acts like she hit the lottery with him. i actually came to the thread to ask what is their dating history? i just watched adam pathetic "in japan" vlog. lena reads real young. she dresses up like a kid from the 80-90s. giving adams tweets I think she looks young by design. did she dress/act like this before adam or is she doing this to keep him? I hate her camshows but i think she could do better than adam.

I thought that adam was saying all the pedo stuff to be edgy but after really looking at the women he surrounds himself with– i think he maybe a legit perv thats hiding behind edgy. I am starting to get a bad feeling about why he is clout chasing. why he wants to be in the young rap scene so bad. he acts like he doesnt even like rap or bmx. Its like he wants to be the guys.

No. 744630

This is so wrong. No wonder her company is so "successful" she's charging $7 when she's only paying 15 cents a pair and she doesn't even have to deal with manufacturing costs. Her profit margins are ridiculous because she's repackaging cheap shit from India she buys in bulk. MLM schemes are more legit than this. This is hardly a business she's just repackaging someone else's product and marking it up.

No. 744631

Worried you're about to be exposed as a scam artist coconuts?

No. 744634

in the usa cosmetics and facial items need to be packaged in sterile conditions. i doubt she has the proper paperwork for her eyelash reselling business. if she keeps the threats up someone will report her. now in some area she maybe able to sell locally without a license but she is selling on the internet. to sell on the internet you most have paperwork. just like the soap sellers on ebay. you can sell at the swapmeets but sell one bar online and its a serious offense with fines.

No. 744639

If your business was legitimate you wouldn't have to worry about people "fucking with [your] money" that is if you can even call what you do a business. You repackage and sell cheap shit to naive clout chasers who only follow you because you're dating Pouya and they think you guys are "goals" because they don't know he assaults his fans and has cheated on you numerous times. Accept that you're only "successful" because of the residual clout you get from associating with someone whose actually accomplished things in his life besides taking tit pics and sucking famous dick.

She keeps barking but she has no bite. People don't fear exposure if there's not something to expose. I doubt she even sued IKEA.

No. 744676

do we know for sure her lashes are repackaged ali express lashes? like is there proof

No. 744685

You make a good point. Is there anyway to figure out her manufacturer if she has one? Until we have definitive proof it's all tinfoiling.

No. 744687

I mean its 8 bunches of v shapes that look the exact same so idk believe whatever

No. 744699

6ix9ine cosplaying az a womyn 2 escape prizan

No. 744707

File: 1544108111298.gif (1.16 MB, 240x240, 7a4ed984-154f-48ec-80b1-4f315e…)

No. 744725

This is creepy

No. 744784

when lil pump was “in jail” for a little a while ago… did he secretly go get plastic surgery or something. he look so different now compared to month or two ago and why did he never have to go back to jail like they kept saying he would. he cancelled his tour and then all of a sudden had tour dates in Europe

No. 744817

I don’t think she’s yachting type. Rich old men prefer classic beauty not face tattoos

No. 744840

This is amazing!

No. 744862

File: 1544130687157.png (269.6 KB, 432x399, 154413051734737053.png)

No. 744940

File: 1544140187871.gif (7.45 MB, 480x262, 2DC104C4-FA74-457A-90AC-404C9B…)

No. 744944

This anon said they compred the two and counted the lashes >>>734609
these are 100% the generic lashes that are sold 5 for 75 cents on aliexpress marked up by 10000% lol. I compared the cheap ones I have and they are literally the exact same. I counted the bunches of hairs bc i had to know. Nothing says "fuck money" like marking up shit lashes to sell to idiot pouya fans

No. 744960

Can I just say I ordered her lashes when I was an idiot who didn’t know about Pouya allegations (ended up reselling them for less) - and the packaging was so unprofessional, there was no lash glue included and no protection whatsoever. The little heart shaped holder the lashes came in was cute, but not actually a secure lash holder if you plan on reusing them. I was bummed because I actually liked her at the time, needed some good lashes and thought it was a win-win but serves me right I guess lol

No. 744984

why do people on this site sperg so much about the fact that cows repackage things to their audience as if that's not a legitimate business practice? like, you guys realize this is not at all uncommon and it happens in stores and shit, stores you probably are patrons at? like the eyelash thing obviously is dicey and she isn't doing it safely, but i see people sperging about cows selling stuff to their audiences that they got cheaper somewhere else as if it's illegal, like, that's a thing irl

No. 745000

File: 1544148706629.png (73.24 KB, 720x425, Screenshot_20181207-030303.png)

she's so insecure of her sex appeal, she has to broadcast it everywhere. So hypersexual and trying to live that baddie image because that's goals. Will she just combust if she does not talk about sex constantly? Tragic

No. 745057

>happy healthy hot

Pinocchio called, he wants his nose back

No. 745058

File: 1544157896271.jpeg (353.29 KB, 1125x1242, FC3491F0-4F14-4B47-9394-696D9E…)

How come teddy was gone from social media for 17 days and his face looks really different.

No. 745059

File: 1544157923748.jpeg (238.1 KB, 1125x1211, F2E4D706-6C7D-4526-99E0-7598B0…)

No. 745061

File: 1544158276098.jpeg (287.8 KB, 750x777, 516171AE-8B7A-469D-AE43-FB88BF…)

So that makes it acceptable to bully rape victims on the internet? Yeah okay.

No. 745062

wow what a gripping life story of being a special princess. fuck she's insufferable.

No. 745064


Tinfoil lite but I doubt she was ever “cute” or “popular”, she was just a typical annoying OTT theatre bitch and people “abandoning” her was really just them getting jack of her nasty narc bullshit.

No. 745066

File: 1544158969336.jpeg (365.38 KB, 750x1057, F9780BA9-C28F-4926-AA91-333466…)

Holy shit she is delusional.

No. 745077

I like how she annoints herself the cutest and most popular like the narcissist she is

no wonder everyone got sick of you

No. 745081

>no one was mean to me
>I hope they learned their lesson
>I didn't even get asked to prom
>but everyone loved me

girl make up your fucking mind

No. 745085

It sounds like she wasn't the "cutest most popular girl" in hs and now she wants misfit points even though no one ever did anything fucking bad to her.

A lot of us go to hs and aren't the hottest girl in school grow tf coco and stop acting like you were oppressed. No one's impressed that you grew massive jugs and used them to snag a clouty dick. You didn't do jack shit with your career. She acts like she overcame terrible odds to actually achieve something it's pathetic.

No. 745088

This is the equivalent of a hot dumb gold digger showing up at her hs reunion and trying to prove to everyone that she "made it" even though everyone knows she really just spread her legs

No. 745089

>i'm gonna waste money to try to brown nose people i haven't seen in 10 years, that'll teach em!


No. 745090

File: 1544162387073.jpeg (103.61 KB, 1125x305, 1E498EF9-008E-4875-9F91-D9429C…)

Probably because she’s claiming “high quality”

No. 745095

File: 1544162781675.jpeg (1.18 MB, 982x1872, 70CE552D-4529-4C8A-B950-40D26C…)

I went to her site and hooooooly shit she might be the most self-absorbed person in the world. Using her ig photos all over the site, none of them accentuating her lashes. The fuck.

No. 745102

>natural looking


No. 745149

File: 1544169003644.jpeg (716.32 KB, 750x1100, C1E01090-A64B-4169-A0CC-1E840C…)

Arse is finally embracing her bovine status. Bonus kek points for her plastic face that looks like a tub of Ben & Jerry’s that’s been left out in the sun.

No. 745151

Nah fuck that. I 100% agree with >>745090 She's claiming high end quality like she actually cares about her (Pouyas) fans and went out of her way to create something special for them. No not all cows do this. TP has custom merch and used to hand make her merch with a sewing machine and so do a lot of other cows. Not everyone relies on scamming people. She's an uncreative hack and this >>744960 is proof that she truly doesn't care. The fact that she spergs out about being an angel 24/7 makes it worse. Yes a lot of cows do this but they don't all claim to be a pure perfect angels. She's a dellusional hypocrite.

No. 745157

File: 1544169610512.jpeg (206.47 KB, 750x596, 9BF9C413-48A3-48FC-B3C3-40A0E2…)

Imagine being not only an obese, festeringly ugly rapist piece of trash but also this fucking retarded. Where is natural selection when we need it?

No. 745270

I mean just because other businesses do it doesn't mean it's not bullshit, especially when this cheap crap is being advertised as 'handmade'. It's a scam whether you get it from her or from Target.

No. 745272

lol that girl is cuter than his 6ix9ine lookin ass escort tho just saying

No. 745288

File: 1544203118985.jpg (Spoiler Image, 740.99 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181207-120947_Ins…)

Beyond gross

No. 745289

File: 1544203143013.jpg (Spoiler Image, 457.49 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181207-121556_Ins…)

No. 745293

this is something you see during a night terror honestly

at least her feet are clean is the only positive

No. 745309

Profile pic, anon

Coco is very obnoxious.

No. 745359

File: 1544213533352.gif (1.55 MB, 498x276, tenor.gif)

i legitimately gagged at "pouya's long toes"

No. 745365

If you zoom in by her toe and the top left of his mouth… what is happening. Gum disease? Weird shadows? Idk, mouth looks fucked up

No. 745378

File: 1544216699622.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 302.06 KB, 750x1093, 3B3CB4EB-090F-4E34-9A7F-FC7298…)

They really are long lmao

No. 745379

I agree, he is obviously brain damaged as a result of too much lean, which is only going to get worse with the parasites he is bound to contract from his ass-eating fixation. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy tbh

No. 745381

not just any profile pic, that's crazy Rima from the Kiki Kannibal threads

No. 745384

Seriously how much is he paying this bitch? He is so fucking disgusting, inside and out

No. 745390


lmao what. I'm not one to hate on someone's feet but goddamn those are nasty

No. 745433

File: 1544226249732.png (1.35 MB, 1125x2436, 542995B0-A6BA-46D4-8E28-6C8A03…)

lmao @ coco quote tweeting a video about a judge putting someone in jail for mocking their family member’s victim in a drunk driving accident…girl i doubt an actual court cares about u fighting for your rapist bf or that he actually deserves justice somehow HAHA

No. 745530

His fuckin grubby fingernails (to better suit the rest of his festering existence I suppose). I get distressed at the thought of one of those greasy sausage links anywhere in/near a human orifice. brb, vomiting in my mouth.

No. 745539

lmao holy shit anon nice catch

No. 745573

File: 1544243789249.jpeg (157.03 KB, 750x561, 7ABF53E1-F88E-4682-98C4-55EC12…)

This totally sounds like a healthy relationship…

No. 745630

File: 1544247373571.jpeg (270.83 KB, 750x611, 29CB2E1E-421E-45B7-BF3D-3DB656…)

Grosso has resurfaced on Twitter to continue sperging about drugs and refunded merch (quelle fucking surprise)

No. 745649

For the super junkie he likes to pretend to be he sure doesn’t know his pharmaceuticals. Norcos are hydrocodone and percs are oxycodone which are different opioids.

No. 745651

percocet isn't norco, nice try trying to flex your opioid knowledge though. lmfao he's not even good at being a junkie.
Then again Pepper earned his Pharm.D from Soundclout University so idk what I expected.

No. 745671

lmfao he is SO full of shit just admit you're not giving those kids your ugly shirts or their money back grosso

No. 745685

I rolled my eyes at that too. I can’t speak for the US but I’ve not heard of people taking hydro recreationally anywhere near as much as oxy. Grosso strikes me as the kind of person who would take absolutely anything if someone he perceives as being “cool” suggested/offered it without question.

No. 745876

Lol anyone know her handle now?

No. 745955

File: 1544314255662.webm (8.79 MB, 640x800, 47678513_202192610709648_69709…)

Layla removed this post. I assume it's her showing layla+toopoor combined?!

>inb4 over-analyzing

No. 745957

File: 1544314951097.png (62.36 KB, 428x164, 154431487857658224.png)

No. 745982

File: 1544317282191.png (138.99 KB, 1366x673, 5.png)

No. 746002

No. 746218

File: 1544352839963.jpg (122.56 KB, 720x1184, 1sZ3IAK.jpg)

No. 746389

File: 1544380104108.png (892.31 KB, 750x1334, 3AAB248D-FFED-40E3-826B-1162DF…)


No. 746393

File: 1544380715608.png (Spoiler Image, 165.34 KB, 237x449, 15443810164002544.png)

No. 746394

File: 1544381357444.png (321.59 KB, 322x628, 154438101640025.png)

No. 746397

File: 1544381469293.png (176.99 KB, 319x601, 1544381016400254.png)

No. 746415

Lol what about this anon?

No. 746416

File: 1544383841167.jpeg (360.09 KB, 750x887, 416A3A54-0F49-44B7-AAA6-105080…)

That photoshop tho

No. 746422

This picture gave me heartburn

No. 746426

File: 1544386069502.png (264.32 KB, 565x705, image.png)

Some Soundcloud dickhead named Lil Breezy uploaded a video of he and his friends harassing a Doordash delivery driver because the mcflurry machine was broken and the guy couldn't get the flurry they ordered. It's some seriously disgusting shit; they laugh at the guy as he has a panic attack. The fact that these assholes have so many fans is worrisome.


No. 746450

Damn this makes me sad, who the fuck does this guy think he is with his 500 followers? Pathetic

No. 746476

File: 1544391587759.png (2.5 MB, 750x1334, 6DA29E92-8F67-44A2-9437-FC9314…)

Spooky used to be so basic damn

No. 746480

She still is. Trust and believe when she's deemed too old or the SoundClout shit dies, she'll go back to her basic self.

No. 746490

Fucking disgusting animals.

No. 746520

Why does she insist on breaking her back in every photo she takes???

No. 746529

What a strange sidewalk

No. 746531

Really fucked up but at least Doordash compensated the dasher after the incident

No. 746546

Really fucked up but at least Doordash compensated the dasher after the incident

No. 746561

ugh i've been seeing this a lot on my timeline but the good news is that EVERYONE on twitter hates them for it. they're getting a shit-ton of well-deserved backlash, tbh it's incredible that anyone would take the time to upload this several times (it's on youtube too and has an insane dislike to like ratio) and actually think it was FUNNY let alone that it would be well-received. like the poor doordash kid clearly has some severe anxiety or mental health issue and seeing his hands literally shaking as he pulls the money out broke my heart

No. 746591

how old is audrey turning today?

No. 746593

i read that someone started a gofundme for the dasher & he's donating all the money (more than $1000) to charity

No. 746615

File: 1544406611500.jpg (42.84 KB, 600x390, Emodadandson.jpg)

She's turning 45 today. She's looking to hook up with emo dad!

No. 746676

File: 1544413845924.jpeg (201.02 KB, 750x580, D457A986-29D3-43F0-8B81-708C09…)



No. 746680

File: 1544414050871.jpeg (382.75 KB, 750x818, DF78AE0E-BC5A-4A48-A987-9CE9DA…)

Fucking hell Courtney, this repeated screeching about how much you love FAAAAX and receipts is the bitch who cried wolf tier nonsense. Enough with the vaguetweeting and distinct lack of actual receipts. Either spill the tea or shut the fuck up.

No. 746684

File: 1544414330979.jpeg (242.24 KB, 750x816, 2740E2BD-BCD5-4855-9FD6-20AC34…)

Grosso still sperging about orders

No. 746685

File: 1544414381396.jpeg (144.01 KB, 750x451, 072F5AB1-FAE6-47C6-9DD0-F300D0…)

Tinfoil: this is his favourite lean mixer

No. 746776

File: 1544436003911.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 107.07 KB, 750x364, AC3366FA-4BB7-4E4D-B512-DC9D80…)

Whatever y’all need to tell yo selves to feel better, my dudes.

No. 746789

God now thats something i really didnt want to imagine

No. 746790

File: 1544439337324.png (2.41 MB, 750x1334, C6629E7C-F75D-48F0-9A20-C6BEF8…)

Aw clout chasing friendship goals

No. 746791

File: 1544439557765.jpeg (146.3 KB, 750x1334, F45C461C-C90C-4B35-A716-B26F06…)

Tp on live shitting on the toilet kek

No. 746801

JFC Layla just when we think you’ve graduated from that shit (literally and figuratively) you pull this fuckery. Don’t do yourself like that, girl.

No. 746812

File: 1544448775640.png (2.17 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0725.PNG)

She's insufferable

No. 746814

She thinks she's so privileged, it's insane.. probably was hella spoiled as a child.
also nose contour looking like shit again

No. 746819

onision and her are almost the same person
they forgotten there is a special place in hell for people who harass service workers

No. 746825

someone prob said she looked like a dude or something

No. 746828

He’s trying to be all badass but this just comes off incompetent - “firing whoever’s job it is” - it’s your company and you don’t even know who should be responding to emails?

No. 746829

File: 1544453363236.jpg (16.46 KB, 418x336, zIUOWDP.jpg)

No. 746894

Does she…….. literally draw a circle on the tip of her nose????? I’m so confused by how this bitch presents herself, she looks like garbage.

No. 746924

So she's just abusing Pouya's security detail and no one's putting in her place. That's what I got from this. Not impressed. Nice little addition gaslighting his victim though.

No. 746939

Or she was out with friends and sperged out and security listened to her bc why would someone act like that for no reason? Reminds me of a bratty kid screaming until they get their way. I love how she didn't add any details or explain what they did bc it def didn't warrant her reaction.

No. 746949

>I didn't like how they spoke to me

sounds like they didn't do anything yet she decided to cause a huge scene because anytime someone doesn't suck her tits and worship her it's a problem

No. 746951

this face she makes straining her lower lip SO HARD to be pushed out in a pout is the ugliest fucking thing right next to that brown nose contour

No. 746952

I guarantee you he's understaffed and instead of hiring more people to help his existing employees handle shit he just blames them for his incompetence and fires them because he never accepts that he's at fault unless he's trying to manipulate people and then it's I'm a sucidal piece of shit waaaaah I can't do anything right so I'm gonna KILL MYSELF BECAUSE YOU'VE MADE ME FEEL SO BAD

No. 746958


THIS. seriously peppers pattern to a tee. I'll be here watching when his sketch empire collapses

No. 747154

This shit makes me detest her so much, she is such a fucking bitch and thinks that it’s acceptable because she has cancer. Bitch no. You don’t get a free pass for being a cunt because you’re sick. She’s a garbage person, just like her kiddy fiddling looking ass piece of shit rapist boyfriend.

No. 747240

that's barely a tinfoil haha

No. 747264

I know, I was being facetious, kek. I wonder if he really is going to shut down superrradical at the end of the year, he’s been yapping about it for months but how he gon’ buy his Louis Gucci Fendi Prada with nothing qualifying him for gainful employment? Stacking shelves at Walmart? Dealing? Trust fund? These are the burning questions, fam.

No. 747315

He was fired by the manufacturer of SR. It's already shut down. He has to sell shit, refund people and close up shop. It's over.

No. 747375

File: 1544513886990.jpeg (232.18 KB, 750x764, 7418DF1D-4107-4E16-ABEB-4798DF…)

Look, I hope for Courtney’s sake she goes into remission because I wouldn’t ever wish cancer on anyone but enough with the fucking angel shit. Surely these people are trolling, because no one who sees the aggressive mean girl cuntery she posts multiple times a day could think that she’s ~so pure uwu~

No. 747379

File: 1544515109422.jpeg (596.75 KB, 750x1151, 5276081C-0927-41CB-B424-D0FB82…)

Fat Nick: when you’re so repugnant not even Tekashi spliced with Paris Hilton’s wonky eye will go near you unless she’s being paid for it

No. 747393


where'd you hear that?

No. 747427

Waist is shopped

No. 747487

File: 1544544783541.jpeg (35.07 KB, 405x626, 154454443046341599.jpeg)

Read the thread. Here's the receipt.

No. 747505

if he wasn't scamming people with cut and paste designs id feel bad he never wanted his company and turned himself into a brand because he had no other skills. if he wasn't such an asshole to other people, like how does he expect anyone to feel bad for him after how he especially treats women and all of his exes? bitch you used your platform, that you ~didn't even want, to abuse people and i'm not even saying that from just layla it's how he tried outing his other exes and slandering them unmercifully. he may not have wanted this and obviously it's really stressful but it's karma, how did he think his exes felt or the artists he ripped off? what a stupid fucking baby so many people would literally kill to have his opportunities, he's an untalented abusive white man that got as far as he did because of pure luck. the more i think about it the more i hate him

No. 747524

File: 1544550457468.png (79.39 KB, 489x307, 154455110431333486.png)

>white man
Italians aren't white anon. lol!(derailing)

No. 747530

I wouldn't feel bad regardless. He got lucky as fuck. So many people would kill for their brand or any business venture to take off like his did. How're you gonna feel bad for how he chose to live his life. He's had more than enough money to save, invest, get much needed mental help yet he choses to crash designer cars and flex 24/7 and everytime something goes wrong all the money he's accumulated via his clouty brand is suddenly not worth it and he "never asked for this." He loves the money he just makes poor decisions and wants to paint himself as some tortured tragic figure who was thrust into stardom when he's nowhere near that known or relevant and he could be lowkey and run his brand without any over the top antics if he wanted. He thinks he's KURT COBAIN incarnate and that he's some tortured famous person when he's barely in the limelight and he's the only one publicizing his demented lifestyle choices. His whole "I never asked for this" shtick is just him larping Kurt as is his romanticisation of the 27 club.

No. 747551

slightly ot but does anybody know what ever happened with him and paris and/or post? i might've missed it and hadn't been paying attention but i just find it interesting he's not trying to name drop them 24/7 anymore

No. 747594

You‘ve clearly never been to north Italy or in the Italian speeking parts of the Swiss or Austria.(derailing)

No. 747601

File: 1544560465653.jpeg (216.12 KB, 750x497, FE3540A2-7B5D-4676-BE19-014058…)

Hold up, i-is this some self-awareness we’re getting a glimpse of? Or just some narc perpetuation of the “angel” narrative via rationalisation?

No. 747604

File: 1544560637620.jpeg (119.1 KB, 750x446, F9B0B22F-C53F-42DB-9BD0-675620…)

Good one, asshole. Stop abusing women and then we’ll talk about how you “don’t want to hurt anyone”, you predatory piece of shit.

No. 747627

File: 1544563152246.png (30.68 KB, 461x83, 154456345939372407.png)

No. 747684

File: 1544570039250.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1420, Screenshot_2018-12-11-17-12-02…)

Grosso is white.(derailing)

No. 747686

Lol wait is Kevin the "friend" she's reffering too

No. 747688

Babe you're no fun since you got diagnosed with an aggressive rare cancer it's such a bummer to be around you now

No. 747694

I'm sure Paris distanced himself from him. He seems snakey and grosso is definitely bad publicity based on how he acted on tour. What an L for Tyler. He was so eager to replace Peep and blow his untalented friend up and of course it backfired horribly. I'm sure he thought Paris would feel indebted to him afterwards but nah. No one likes constantly being reminded that they'd be nowhere without you. I love Post but putting Tyler's Frankenstein soundcloud creation on tour with him was an idiotic move. There's so many more talented unknown artists he could've helped out. He's too nice and Grosso definitely took advantage. Guess it didn't work out in his favor because it looks like Paris wants nothing to do with him anymore.

No. 747707

Lol I was in a relationship as childish as theirs once. But then I turned 17.


No. 747722

File: 1544573710975.png (80.52 KB, 758x156, 15445634593937240.png)

>They aren't white.

Are Italians White? Find out in less than 7 minutes


No. 747806

Okay the name might have an Italian origin but that doesn’t make Tyler Italian???

He’s white af and also WHITE TRASH AF(derailing)

No. 747810

File: 1544581440065.png (799.37 KB, 1194x790, carl.png)

>he's white af
No he aint.

No. 747820

File: 1544582009204.png (206.75 KB, 322x607, 154456345939372.png)

Your new tattoo will go over great with your probation officers ty and over at jail! Another smart decision!

No. 747890

WOW he is really fucking dumb lol perfect timing Ty Ty

No. 747909

He's as white as they come. If you have white skin you're fucking white. White isn't a race. This sounds like some Coco shit. Tyler is a blonde haired blue eyed white boy. Look at his doughy pale pilsbury belly and tell me he's not.

White trash strikes again.(derailing)

No. 747911

Report for racebaiting and stop engaging come on guys

No. 747914

I copped a charge once for doing something super illegal FUCK THE POLICE. Ty seems like the type to get arrested once for legitimate reasons and act like he's dealt with severe police brutality. I bet he was a rude little bitch boy as soon as they pulled up too. He definitely thinks this gives him some sort of street cred. Wouldn't be suprised if he met someone actually from the hood and tried to act like they have some sort of shared experience.

No. 747915

Seriously, he’s a fucking white boy born in fucking America stop with the technicalities no one gives a shit. He’s privileged as all hell and gets literally everything handed to him.

No. 747917

You sound stupid as fuck

No. 747918

File: 1544597003778.jpg (196.26 KB, 1600x1200, Cg8hcB5WYAEXfc9.jpg)

An angry tyler grosso appears!

No. 747919


Not Tyler but in America white-passing is still white. Cry harder

No. 747920

File: 1544597936985.jpg (58.83 KB, 500x363, mere-cat.jpg)

>Not Tyler
That sounds like something grosso would say.

No. 747921


Youre definitely a YT

No. 747954

>in America white passing is still white
>White isn't a race
why are americans so angry and retarded lol

No. 747992

Downright sick of Italians claiming to be like “ethnic” or coloured, alright dead set my heritage is Italian and croation and I don’t consider myself like Anglo Saxon white yeah a shit ton of my family is pretty olive and tan but/ white supremacy was born in Italy???? Like unless you’re skin is actually dark or if you belong to a culture that is ACTUALLY experiencing gentrification or discrimination MAYBE shut the fuck up about nervously ranting about how you aren’t white you aren’t white my parents aren’t Italian like shut the the fuckkkkk up

No. 747994

Are Italian**

In other words, being Italian and having a lik melanin in ya skin doesn’t make you a ducking minority

No. 747996

It makes you a human being that has seriously advantaged from human evolution and culture because a) Italian culture assimilated into western culture, fine, just fine, and also, Italians are tanned, dark tan, white, very pale, but never black. And there fore, you generally avoid visual discrimation. Furthermore, names such as Grosso, and bernetti, or fucking aren’t discrimated against and aren’t seen as being ghetto or less then so yeah get fucked with this shit please and this goes to coco and pepper


No. 748015

File: 1544624921961.jpg (11.11 KB, 320x333, 0tpc4rs62i321.jpg)

no one cares sperg

No. 748035

jesus are farmers really this easy to bait these days? this is such a weak ass bait. Do not engage

No. 748044

yes. yes they are.

No. 748113

Continued derailing will result in lengthy bans.

No. 748115

File: 1544639924096.jpeg (62.48 KB, 502x771, 5D2338A2-4F83-4F51-A103-6C2DA2…)


No. 748155

looks like she has been eating poop w her nose

No. 748157

File: 1544643052951.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 464.77 KB, 1240x1670, 03622A47-00B0-4005-90BE-4C8803…)

What is happening here?

No. 748161

much goth. much edge

No. 748202

too high to notice she broke her left arm?

No. 748214

First time her eyebrows dont look fucked tho

No. 748335

becoming goth in your 20s is so ugly and desperate. let broken children have their own thing

No. 748355

File: 1544667982396.jpeg (126.52 KB, 746x726, B744C9C0-17B5-4718-AACC-D5503F…)

old layla

No. 748402

File: 1544674950151.png (427.53 KB, 750x1334, 0A7CB1FA-498D-4FB3-B4E8-3CCDDB…)

Hope I’m doing this right cause all I do is lurk, but surprised no one brought this up. Apparently Adam22 and Lena have rape allegations against them with a chick with one arm?? Was too lazy to watch the whole video, but I thought it’s funny he’s only speaking up about this, when there’s many other allegations against him. Video titled “responding to the allegation”

No. 748413

File: 1544677268451.png (3.91 MB, 750x1334, 8E4ECAEF-0892-4950-A52D-687445…)

Literally what shape are her brows supposed to look like

No. 748434

They resemble the arch of the McD logo, the Bulimics' church. Since she's not vomitting anymore I'm sure its her remember-me-by for her favourite food joint and second home

No. 748442

lol that's laylas favorite. was it ever confirmed shes bulimic especially considering how thin she is now despite always having McD, unless she has one of their 'meals' every few days idk

and of course cass made her hair blue like the attention seeker she is goddamn. the female fedora is colored hair.

No. 748443


I like how he admitted he filmed it and showed it to his friends. He is such a fucking toxic scumbag and it is beyond depressing how many very young kids look up to him.

No. 748455

File: 1544687371958.jpg (700.68 KB, 1267x3284, twitter-lenatheplug.jpg)

just don't write anything in any of the fields (except for sage in the email field).

No. 748477

She shared her side On her instastory. Officialuglyduck. Adam and Lena are trash

No. 748525

Video on youtube called
Responding to the allegations
Adam 22 and Lena the Plug, I tried to download and attach but phone wouldn't let me….maybe someone else can?

No. 748528

just paste the youtube url into the youtube slot and post it here as a comment. re-uploading is only a requirement for specific cows.

No. 748537

nta but here's the vid

they both look like absolute hell

No. 748538

here's thedailybeast article they reference:

there are others from pitchfork and billboard now as well