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No. 272194

A thread for discussing hair care, hair problems, hair styles, and hair product recommendations.

Previous thread: >>>/g/194587

No. 272217

Damn, I'm gonna miss seeing those Nell Brinkley drawings. (Not saying anything against this threadpic I just really like Nell Brinkley kek)

No. 272230

this threadpic is so cute!

No. 272233

You ever get that gigahair that grows on a random body part, like arm/hand/or even belly? It's like three times as long as the others but oftentimes so light it's hardly perceptible.

No. 272242

the thread pic is cute but I wish it wasn't cropped
Yes! I had one on my cheek that I swear just popped up one day, no rhyme or reason. I can't comprehend how I could have just ignored that long-ass hair when it was smack dab in the middle of my cheek.

No. 272247

Yeah I have one right below my bellybutton kek. I think I've had it since I was a teenager? I just wait until it gets long enough and then I just pull it out with my fingers, but then it always grows back. Honestly at this point I'd be kind of disappointed if it disappeared forever.

No. 272255

I thought so too! Glad you liked it

Anon, tell me about it! I just thought it was super cute and only noticed it was cropped after it was too late. Sorry I promise to do better next time

No. 272310

I’m 100% sure those have been “ingrown” for a while and then suddenly emerges. I refuse to believe I can grow a 3 cm long light hair on my cheek/jaw over one night. It always creeped me out.

No. 272656

Maybe they'll go away if you get the mole removed

No. 272772

File: 1656615194311.jpg (Spoiler Image, 688.2 KB, 1104x1515, IMG_20220630_205217.jpg)

Ok nonnies I have a silly question. I'm a natural blonde. I've been using minoxidil for the past year and and thank god it worked and my hair stopped falling out, but it turned my hair darker at the top, and I read that can indeed happen. I wanted to know if my hair still looks natural or does it look bleached bc of the darker roots kek

No. 272776

Is there a procedure for chemically un-frizzing your hair? I hate my hair texture but I don't want to do something like Japanese straightening because I want to keep my waves/curls. I just want them to be smooth.

No. 272777

Looks natural and very pretty to me!

No. 272785

holy shit cute hair, looks natural in that pic to me!

No. 272788

Vinegar rinses and flaxseed masks helped me a lot. I even got compliments from my brother, and he never notice theses things. He said my hair looked like a game render kek

No. 272809

It looks gorg, i wouldn't think twice if i saw it irl other than its v nice.

No. 272810

do you use any leave in product? Maybe try using a spray bottle, adding a quart of conditioner (of any kind, just the norm one you use as part of your wash routine) and add warm water, apply to hair in the morning and it should help with frizz. tbh its hard advising not knowing your hair type.

No. 272811

dude I followed like 2 advices from this lady and my hair is so much more smooth and beautiful she is my goddess

No. 272812

to me it looks like your hair may have naturally lightened a bit in the sun, the dark roots are barely noticeable. You have a very pretty haircolour!

No. 272815

File: 1656625641079.png (466.8 KB, 700x525, 5fac5e5998669500182b583a.png)

I've tried that to no avail. My hair looks like picrel right after I wash it, just a bit less curly perhaps. As it gets oilier over the next few days it tames down but still looks bad. I really want to try curtain bangs but it will never look decent with my hair.
Thanks nonas! I will try both.

No. 272817

wishing you success! But if it means anything i really like the full/frizz look, to me its bold, confident and striking.

No. 272820

nta but I have that hair type too and it looks unkempt irl, not cute like in movies.

No. 272825

i want your princess diaries hair. i'm so jealous, i've always wanted her pre-makeover hair. if i had hair like that i would never touch it

No. 272833

Not OP but hair like this is impossible to comb through, it takes hours and gets tangled very quickly. There's so many knots to pull out I'm surprised I even had any hair left kek. Also makes you extra sweaty in the summer.

No. 273033

Has anynonnie done a scalp detox before?

No. 273669

Sorry to bump but this has seriously changed my life. I had pretty frizzy hair with super thin ends but ever since I started putting extra virgin olive oil in it before washing it's shinier, I barely have frizz anymore and it somehow even feels thicker! I put it in an hour or longer if I have the time before I wash it, then I wash it thoroughly, double shampoo and condition after. I smell like a fucking salad for a bit but after washing it's never noticeable (I always ask my mom to smell my hair, she's very honest kek and she doesn't smell anything weird). It costs barely any money either and we always have it at home for regular cooking. I wash my hair twice a week and my hair has benefitted from it so much, I hate having products in my hair so this is perfect, it's so much prettier and healthier now. Gives leave in conditioner a run for it's money.

No. 273676

how much do you use? I've previously tried this with coconut oil but would either end up with very oily hair or terrible dry hair from overwashing to get rid of it.

No. 273678

I divide my hair in half, pour about a tablespoon into my hand and use that amount for either side (so 2 tablespoons). I have waist length hair though, if your hair is shorter use a bit less. I start with putting it in my ends which soak the oil up pretty much immediately, then I re-apply it to the tips and length of my hair, up until the part of my hair that's already greasy. I don't soak it in oil, just put enough in it so it feels as greasy as my scalp and let it sit in one of those claw clips for a while. When you take it out it should feel like your whole hair is greasy (like natural grease). I've also heard coconut oil 'sticks' way more onto your hair which might be part of your problem, I've only ever used olive oil and it works like a charm! I don't even shampoo my ends that much, I double shampoo my scalp and the second time put some in my ends and scrunch it a bit, it's never looked gross or greasy for me (though parts of my hair are slightly bleached, it's not too dry just slightly damaged but I think that could have a lot to do with the absorption of the oil). I have naturally thin/straight hair btw, I don't know what this would do for other hair types but I'm sure there's some info out there. Hope this helps!

No. 273681

Girl it’s crazy how olive oil, plain olive oil isn’t mentioned as much as it should be. I’m curly and my hair loves that stuff, i tried so many routines and olive oil alone really makes my hair sleek and healthy.

No. 273683

Thanks anon, I'm gonna give it a try soon. I hope the olive oil I have around for cooking is good enough lol.

No. 273698

I know right! Best discovery of the year for me haha

No problem! The ones for cooking are actually better for your hair because it doesn't have unnecessary additives like perfume or whatever, it's the closest to natural so no worries! Plus it's way cheaper because you're buying in bulk, well, hair care wise anyway kek.

No. 273708

I’m EU fag and I have no idea what is clarifying shampoo, does anyone know? Or describe what it is so I can look for it in supermarkets

No. 273713

basically, you want a shampoo that has surfactants and no silicones, polyquats, or oils. most basic drugstore shampoos fit the bill - a clarifying shampoo just has to clean your hair and scalp without gunking them up again. if you find those are too harsh, either use them less frequently and/or right after deep-conditioning, or try one with gentler surfactants. unfortunately i don't think i can explain surfactants to you in a meaningful way, but they're not too hard to recognize.

No. 273715

I don't know if it's the same in your country but I'm in the EU as well and you can find clarifying shampoos here under the literal English term "clarifying shampoo" or sometimes called (roughly translated) something like "purifying shampoo". They can be a bit hard to find though, idk if they sell them at supermarkets, not where I am anyway. Yves Rocher has a clarifying shampoo, that store is in a lot of EU countries I believe.

No. 273740

you have to read the label. you can use a tool like curlsbot or inci decoder that explain each ingredient to you. to elaborate on what >>273713 said, surfactants are ingredients like
>Sodium laureth sulfate, Sodium lauryl sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate, etc
they're usually the first ingredient(s) on the list.
silicones have a million different names like
>dimethicone, cyclomethicone, dimethiconol, stearyl dimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane etc etc
oils are oils (duh) and butters like shea butter, coconut oil, Argan oil etc
polyquats are usually listed as lolyquaternium-7 and polyquaternium-10 afaik

No. 273787

File: 1657118128655.jpeg (233.44 KB, 1242x1220, 81557C63-13CE-4CB5-9DD2-11B45F…)

Thank you so much nonies

No. 273898

File: 1657154545696.jpg (84.66 KB, 500x681, 1-long-shaggy-haircut-for-wavy…)

Kek accidentally posted in the old thread. Has anyone here gotten layers, maybe a shag or a wolf cut with fine or thin hair? My hair is virgin medium brown, and I really don't want bangs unless they're pretty long and curtain-y, I have a weird long and narrow forehead, very high and wide cheekbones.
My hair atm is such a dry, wavy, scraggly one length mess.

No. 273914

I have fine hair and will never not get shags! They look so nice and give really great texture and volume. Highly recommend

No. 273931

This is super helpful, thanks anons. I applied it mostly to my ends last night before showering and left it in for about 15 minutes. My hair is fine/curly and prone to an oily scalp/dry ends so I didn’t use it on my scalp, rather applied to my ends and combed throughout my length a bit. I gotta say, my hair definitely feels a lot softer and even a bit thicker. I’ve always had terrible luck with most “natural” treatments so this was a nice surprise. Definitely will use it again. No weird smell after shampoo and conditioning either.

No. 273952

Are there any good Dyson Airwrap dupes on the market yet?

No. 273953

seconding this question

No. 273959

thank you for the reply nona! do you style yours in some way, with products or anything like that?

No. 273966

>have a patch of seborrheic dermatitis on scalp which itches almost all the time
>use ketoconazole shampoo, leave it in for 4 minutes
>noticeably much less itchy after immediate use
>made hair feel stronger
>noticeably less hair shedding than normal after one shampooing
I'm so glad that it works. I was making myself go fucking crazy reading ketoconazole horror stories. I'm using it again tomorrow (you should wait 3-4 days before using it again as per the box instructions) and I can't wait for that sweet, sweet itch relief. I can't believe I put off using it for months, I could have been itchless so much sooner.

No. 273968

Glad it worked for you nona, I'm jealous. Went through the whole bottle of the stuff to no effect.

No. 273980

Question time: I have a lot of hairs sticking up on my crown and some on the top of my head, some on my part, and some on the sides. I want to know if this is most likely regrowth or breakage? I lost a lot of hair (mostly on my crown and part and some on my sides) and the hairs aren't tapered but I did get my hair cut a week ago (so I can't really tell if it's regrowth) but I heard regrowth is supposed to appear all around your head? The most noticeable hairs that stick up are on my crown and part. I use satin pillow cases so I really don't know what's going on. I hope it's regrowth but I don't want to get my hopes up.

No. 273981

File: 1657210612989.jpg (Spoiler Image, 771.05 KB, 1497x1928, hairhelp.jpg)

Here's a picture. Does this look like miniaturization, breakage, or regrowth??

No. 273982

the other regrowth is stuck underneath layers of hair that'swhy you only see it at the crown because that's a spot where the root is exposed lol

No. 274111

Anyone ever got electrolysis/laser hair removal? I want to get basically a brazilian, legs, and armpits done. I guess I'd prioritize the brazilian first though cause shaving that area is hell for me. Idk if I even want a full brazilian I just know I'm very hairy down there and it makes me feel so insecure. I literally cannot shave that area and waxing is rather costly so most of the time it's just bush.

Is it painful at all getting the procedure done? Do you think it's worth the cost?

No. 274873

File: 1657650646179.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.74 MB, 3561x4896, IMG_20220712_201832_edit_23437…)

I'm lost with my shitty hair. It's super thin and super oily, my hairline is super high so my forehead is huge but there isn't enough hair for bangs, not even curtain bangs because I have these big bald gaps on the sides? This seems to look like male pattern baldness but I'm a woman. I think it has gotten a bit worse as I got older and also since using products that make my hair healthier but appearing thinner, because when it was dry it looked fuller as well but it didn't feel very healthy or soft. What the fuck do I do? I can't cover my huge forehead and my hair is so damn thin, do I just give up and grow my bangs out anyway and just accept my 10head and thin hair? I already take iron supplements but I'm pretty sure it's always been like this or similar to this anyway..

No. 274875

Grow out the bangs, shoulder-length medium chestnut brown would be nice. The bangs you have are just highlighting the thin temples. You can hide those if your bangs grow out and you get to tuck them behind your ear, or they hang out parallel with the rest of your hair

No. 274877

Thank you. I don't know about the short length though because I thought short hair makes your face look wider? I have a very wide square jaw as well. And are there any tricks to make my huge forehead less obvious or do I just have to live with it?

No. 274880

Wash it less often and in colder water.

No. 274881

I washed it less often for 4 years and it looked absolutely disgusting on the days I didn't wash it.

No. 274894

your hair actually looks like it's of decent quantity/thickness and looks pretty, it's just that your temples are thin. do your glasses pull out your hair a lot on your temples? not trying to insult you or anything but i see some women who have very very slight hormonal hair loss present with slightly thinning temples. you could try some anti-androgenic supplements for that and see if they help. like it could be subclinical, or maybe it's just genetic for you to have thinner temples, which is normal too.

No. 274895

I know this doesn't help you but I have this curse too and it's nice to know I'm not alone. I find laying it down with a bit of hairspray helps it look less like baldness… But of course does not solve the issue. My hair has always been like this too I think it's just genetic.

No. 274982

I promise I'm not a fakeboi, but if I want a short haircut that's androgynous/not a pixie cut what should I ask for? I don't want to go to a barber because I have much finer hair than most men and I don't want some man botching me on purpose or giving me shit for cutting my hair, but where I live I'm just as likely to end up with an overly twee pixie or some kind of feathered, matronly disaster if I go to a female stylist.

No. 274985

Could you maybe bring a little more hair from the left to the front? I also have a similar hairline and I find that is kind of helps, although tbh i don't have the same hair texture as you at all. Your hair really isn't that thin imo. There are also powders and products you can use to make your hair looks thicker. As for your five-head, unless you want to get your hairline lowered, there isn't much you can do about it.

No. 275302

I have the same and there's a few things you can try. Right now, I'm trying the rosemary oil+scalp massage combo, which supposedly stimulates the hair follicles similar to Rogain. For a more permanent solution, there's also hairline microblading, which is less expensive than a full hair transplant, but supposedly lasts around 2 years. And there's always products designed to fill in the hairline, like Mamonde's hair shadow.

I definitely agree that the bangs you have now are highlighting it, but most people probably won't notice just looking at you. It's not in style nowadays but I find that a side part and long, swoopy bangs is the way to go to hide my own temples.

No. 275441

what can I do to prevent my hair from getting bleached by the sun? covering up is an obvious one but I don't really wanna do that, are there any products that prevent this?

No. 275450

File: 1657906129944.jpeg (60.25 KB, 464x636, 5FEA8699-58C4-4C72-B827-8DC8C6…)

Bring a pic! And just find a good hairdresser, maybe a woman that doesn't seem old-fashioned/bitchy lmao
I had pixies on and off for years, indistinguishable from a "male" haircut, and they didn't really fight me over it especially when I brought a pic

No. 275458

>maybe a woman that doesn't seem old-fashioned/bitchy
I wish I realized sooner this makes an actual difference. I went to hairdressers my mom recommended all my teens and early 20's and often returned unsatisfied, they were usually staffed by older women. Jumped from salon to salon for a long time. Randomly went to some salon that turned out to mostly staff young women, have been getting my hair cut my women who seem to be around my age (20s) and haven't had an unsatisfying cut since. Not to be ageist, I think it's probably just that younger hairdressers are more up to date with current techniques and styles because they graduated more recently?

No. 275474

Yes exactly, some older women can be great of course but there's a Type that will be annoying about your hair
I think living in a large European city might've helped too

No. 275476

sisters, nonitas, I've decided that I'm going blonde. Nothing and no one can stop me, I'll go from black to blonde and I'll be an unstoppable baddie if I don't go bald trying.

No. 275489

As long as you dont expect instant results. It may take time. If you bleach too much without giving your hair time to recover you may get hay like strands breaking

No. 275530


Yeah, I've bleached my hair a few times at home, so I know I won't get to blonde in one go. I might be chickening out, because I just remembered how shit my hair felt when I finally did get it to blonde.

But I want it so much, life is unfair

No. 275556

Does anyone have advice on hair attachment? I mean, being attached to it so much that you don't want to cut it. I want to cut my hair on my birthday in a few days (to get the split ends of, plus to let go of the negative things and developments that have happened since my last birthday). It is just 3-4 cm but I have not been looking forward to it even though for me it has ritualistic purposes. How do I stop being so attached to my long hair? Call me retarded but I feel like I'm cutting a part of myself of and it's not even for vanity reasons. My hair reaches just above my hip bones so it will still be long if I trim it, I'm not getting a new style either and it won't be drastic so I don't know where this fear comes from. Sorry for the hair sperg but this attachment is so annoying, I straight up have to mentally prepare myself to get my ends trimmed.

No. 275578

I don’t think what you’re feeling is uncommon anon. Hair is important to how others perceive us, especially as women. We often spend so much time conditioning, doing leave in treatments, etc., sometimes it almost feels like a waste to cut it at all. I would suggest to look at it another way, don’t think of yourself as losing hair, think that you’re making your hair healthier by trimming it and taking care of it. View it like a dental cleaning. Hair always looks its best when it’s healthy!

No. 275603

File: 1657962110056.jpg (155.93 KB, 906x1222, olivia-munn-insisted-her-newsr…)

I've found the best hair style on me is something like this, my hair looks pretty much exactly like this now, and I feel like it's boring
Curtain bangs make my face look longer, my bf even told me I look best with hair pulled away from my face
Medium length hair is such a boring length but looks most flattering since long straight hair drags my face down
I'm thinking about at least adding highlights to make it look cooler, and always curling it

No. 275610

My hair is actually very thin and completely flat but it just looks different on that picture, it looks much worse typically. I actually just found out about rosemary oil as well and plan on trying that when I can order it, but I'm still lost about my forehead? Side bangs or "curtain bangs" still show off my huge forehead too much, it's still very obvious that my hairline is super high. So what is worse, the bald temples and having huge bald gaps on the sides and in the middle when having straight bangs, or my really high hairline and huge forehead being more obvious when I have no bangs or side bangs? :/ when I asked a hairdresser for bangs she just cut 2 small sections on the sides which was cute but didn't do anything for my forehead at all and didn't look like bangs.. she also explained I just don't have enough hair for bangs but I'm frustrated about my forehead every time I look in the mirror or look at a selfie. Typing this out I feel like it just is what it is and I need to let go of trying to hide my shitty hairline/forehead but it's upsetting..

No. 275612

File: 1657968964148.jpg (47.84 KB, 474x962, th-227556658.jpg)

I did it I did it I did it! I posted in the last thread about considering cutting my hair short, I did it, like picrel, and it looks so good! I'm so glad I did it, this length looks so much better with my face I wish I would've known sooner.

No. 275616

Love this for you nonna! Best feeling ever.

No. 275727

Are bamboo brushes worth the hype?

No. 275763

Thank you nonna. I do want my hair to look healthy and not have scraggly ends but having long hair is an important part of my spiritual practices. I've decided I will trim it on my birthday (less than a month away) and will bury it in my garden so it's still 'with me'. Your last point helps very much though, I'm trying to view it as getting myself healthier and making a sacrifice for my own sake. I know I sound schizo af lol, I know it's not that deep but I'm very attached to it

No. 275827

Just out of curiosity, what hairstyle do you think would look best for someone with pretty thick, straight hair? I also have a forehead on the smaller side and a rounder face (not prominent cheekbones at all) although I wouldn’t say that proportionally my head is big to my body. I just ask because usually I just grow my hair long and that’s it, but I’m curious if there’s another style/length that might suit me more. I’m afraid to ask my hairdresser since last time I did he recommended I get a perm lol.

No. 275856

I don't know if it suits your style but PrettyShepherd always makes nice hair tutorials imo. A lot are pretty niche but this one (crown braid) is pretty wearable. Also, wearing long earrings like hoops or long dangly ones slim you face down. A half ponytail always look cute too. Hope you find a nice hairstyle anon!

No. 275870

File: 1658064304270.jpg (32.43 KB, 500x725, 500full-kiki-kannibal.jpg)

I have fine limp hair just like Kiki, and it looks so much better when it's a little damaged by bleach/heat. Hairstyles and curls hold way better, I get more volume and it looks thicker. It took me years to figure this out because the number 1 advice is always to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

No. 276298

File: 1658177135728.jpg (34.3 KB, 1100x734, dermaroller-on-blue-background…)

Has anyone tried dermarolling+rosemary oil for increased hair density? I'm about to start and I was wondering if any anons had any experience with it? I'll try to keep at it and update in a (couple of) month(s). I'm gonna be using a .25 roller and I'll be doing it every other day/every 3 days.

No. 276301

make sense to me, do what works for you.

No. 276325

It probably looks better/fuller because the dryness gives it texture. I’ve heard a lot of people say this exact thing though.

No. 276411

File: 1658198659812.jpg (161.16 KB, 680x1024, Celebs National Movie Awards 8…)

I had natural ringlets in youth, but my mother straightened it or put products in it to keep it relatively so. When I turned 11, I started dying it black. It automatically lost shape to fried waves. I've been growing out my natural hair for 3 years now in my 20s. I don't use product and take boiling hot showers. My natural hair is incredibly frizzy but relatively straight/wavy. I'm not sure if it's possible to retain my natural curls or if the changed when I hit puberty. The texture of my hair is thinner and doesn't react to humidity the way it once did. I'm Scottish and my hair is about 1C/2B now. It used to look like pic rel.

No. 276426

I also have fine hair, I’d definitely recommend trying a nice texturizing/sea salt spray rather than letting your ends get damaged. It most likely doesn’t look as good as you think (speaking from experience kek).

No. 276427

It’s normal for hair to go through changes like that in your youth. Some born with curly hair that goes straight. Or straight to curly. Puberty can change it. It even changes when you get much much older and start to grey.

No. 276463

Any nonnas have tips for growing out a mullet/shag without losing my mind? It's currently in the awkward stage where my bangs are too long, but not yet curtain bangs and all the layers are swallowing me up. Alternatively, give me haircut ideas for a long, square face and thick straight hair! I feel like I've had everything under the sun and I'm just bored.

No. 276488

Don't know how long your hair is but it's summer, you can pin your bangs away and wear your hair in a bun or wear a sunhat. Also if your bangs are in that awkward phase, curling them helps with making them shorter and fuller. With headbands you can fully hide them. Good luck growing it out nonna!

No. 276501

nta but important sidenote: Do NOT use salt sprays or other similar products on bleached or otherwise brittle hair. Bleached hair snaps from products like that very easily, especially at the top. Bleached hair is often already brittle and weak and salt sprays dry it out even more. I lost a lot of hair when I used salt spray on bleached hair myself. Volumising sprays with heat protection (with barely any hold) are better at adding texture to weak hair.

Sprays like this are very good for giving healthy hair texture which I think you meant but felt important to mention in case some nonnie didn't know.

No. 276502

Guys can i dye my medium blonde hair blue without any toning tomfoolery first? I’ve not tried dying or anything before.

No. 276514

File: 1658259637467.jpg (60.5 KB, 564x752, dassumgreenshi.jpg)

Generally blues turn really green on blonde hair. If you don't mind it to stay forever as it's impossible to get out of hair, you might be able to do it with Elumen Bl@all.. That is the only blue I know of that needs no toning, but it's seriously impossible to get out.

With other blue dyes you should tone it first to as neutral as possible. You can use a permanent toner or a silver direct dye or just some purple/pink direct dye mixed with conditioner. Toning is easy to do yourself so don't be afraid of toning, unless you want green like this picture.

Also keep in mind that a non-greenish bright blue colour requires a very very light base. I suggest finding before and after photos of people using the same dye on a similar base to see what it will look like. Since your hair isn't platinum it might be better to go for a dark blue colour.

No. 276520

Rah that’s so much effort. Thanks for the information though, I will make a much better informed decision thanks to you ♥

No. 276552

nonas do any of you have advice on how do deal with extremely thin hair (like, bald patches thin) and a double crown that accentuates it? should i just start minox? i'm 18 so i wanted to avoid it because i'll be stuck on it for the rest of my life, but nothing else has worked. is there a particular style i could try that might obscure the bald areas? the worst is at the back of my head, like at the end of my parting.

No. 276762

I did the Tumblr tween side shave style and I really like it. Planning on dying a big chunky streak green or blue after I go to this wedding on Sunday.

Living the dream

No. 276772

I just said fuck it and wear hair pieces.

No. 276783

I have no personal experience with this but I'm thinking you should see a doctor. What if there's an underlying medical or dietary issue causing it? I don't think bald patches are normal for young women.

No. 276817

File: 1658369465281.jpg (651.34 KB, 1500x1101, dcfvgbhnjk.jpg)

How should I wear my hair if one of my eyes is bigger than the other?

No. 276824

1) nearly everyone has one eye bigger than the other, I can assure you it’s not as noticeable as you think 2) if it really bothers you that much, opt for some sort of asymmetrical style, or something with a choppy or tousled look. It will draw attention away from your facial asymmetry and make the whole look more cohesive. I would avoid tightly cropped hairstyles, or anything super sleek and pulled back. Also getting super straight blunt bangs is not a great idea as it provides a straight line on your face for your eyes to be compared to.

No. 276870

Side part and some layers around your face should work, I think.

No. 276874

same coconut oil did nothing for me. I have so frizzy hair at the top and next to my neck, the rest is okay, but damn I regret using coconut oil so much because just like you said it is either terribly oil or dry thanks to overwashing it

No. 276999

where should I part my hair?
omg I have blunt bangs at the moment

thanks nonnas

No. 277031

Just part it anywhere except straight center nonnie. Even a slight part 1cm on the side is enough, and you can choose which eye you want covered up a bit more with hair. Don't go too close to your temples because it looks dated, imo.

No. 277309

File: 1658544113777.jpg (39.23 KB, 499x600, 1-dark-burgundy-hair-with-high…)

I made my hair too burgundy (picrel not mine) after putting copper hair dye over ash brown (but it was closer to gray brown than I wanted) and I was wondering if anyone knows a quick way to make it a neutral brown? I already used the red to cancel the ash and I know dye only covers dye.
Also my hair is curly, hence why I don't like the red. I look like the clown from the Simpsons

No. 277311

Sorry for the retardation but basically, ash brown looked ugly and too blue/gray so I used copper dye and got picrel. How to make more neutral brown?

No. 277312

Bless thank you Nona, I have blue hair dye I think too

No. 277338

If you’re trying to neutralize burgundy, wouldn’t you want to use green?

No. 278390

File: 1659012157422.jpeg (286.09 KB, 750x694, 5062CFAA-E78A-4BB5-8D68-011F70…)

What hair colour is this? I cant tell if level 5 or 6

No. 278409

Ashy light brown.

No. 278602

File: 1659113068344.jpg (98.03 KB, 750x743, 894f88288824eb43f84589dd5e15f0…)

You know how there's always these pictures of dramatic bad bleach job "rescues" and it goes from looking a frizzy mess to super glossy, bouncy and smooth?

What the fuck are they using to get that glossy, bouncy smooth look?

Doesn't seem to matter what the fuck I do, protein treatment, deep condition, leaving in oils, etc, my hair looks frizzy and split end like. Even when I cut it all off and grew it out natural then didn't style it for all of COVID so no product or heat damage, it had that frizziness.

I assume they use a gloss treatment for the glossy part but what the actual fuck keeps it so perfectly smooth looking?!!

No. 278676

File: 1659132467472.jpg (129.44 KB, 960x720, Curly-Girl-Method-Transformati…)

Your pic rel seems to have naturally straight hair. The bouncy, silky look is a combination of pro products, blowout/straightener and her natural texture. Maybe you have wavy or curly hair. Have you ever tried following the curly girl method?

No. 278696

what hair dyes do you nonnies use? i've been using overtone for a while because i love how it makes my hair feel and how vibrant it is but the shipping takes so long, i can't wait three weeks for hair dye and there aren't any other options.

what dyes would you recommend?

No. 278704

For acne anons.

Is there a good way to wash your hair less but also avoid zits?
I'm super acne prone and if I don't wash my hair for even two days I get cysts and pustules on my scalp or around my ears. Also dandruff like a motherfucker.

Am I just doomed to have to choose one over the other? So far I choose my skin since it gives me a headache and I deal with enough acne everywhere else. But my hair isn't ideal, especially since it's naturally wavy.

No. 278720

Does anyone else take collagen in pill form? I know the existing studies are at best questionable in their legitimacy but I swear that my hair is recovering now that I use it. I used to have hair that was long enough to sit on and then a string of really stressful events all in a row made it start falling out and for the longest time the hair maintained at about waist length but was sparse and horribly dull. It's almost to tail bone length now.

No. 278724

What kind of shampoo do you use? Do you get that reaction with every product you use? I have super sensitive skin and thought for years that I was just naturally prone to acne but then I realized I just had a lot of reactions to a wide range of products.

No. 278732

The shampoo I use is fine, it's just when I skip shampoo that I break out.
Most of my other acne is almost definitely hormonal/diet related, but my skin products are also as safe as possible for both regular acne and fungal acne.

No. 278740

My bad, I think I misread your post. Are you worried about damaging your hair or just tired of washing so often? The only thing I can think of would be protective treatments to your hair or laser treatments. I hope your skin clears up nonna!

No. 279108

I have platinum bleached hair but keep getting bored of it. Are there any temp colours that would actually wash out without staining or needing to be bleached back out? Or is that impossible and dumb?

No. 279138

I have had long hair all of my adult and teen years and I really like the idea of cutting my hair into a short bob but I'm scared I'll regret it because I have a chubby body, I think it would face my round face but I'm scared about the body part and it's the main reason I've had long hair most of my life but when I tried shorter hair in the mirror or on apps I thik it makes me look younger but I'm unsure how it would really look like.
My long hair sometimes weights on my head so much I get headaches and my middlepart has been growing wider by the years so that's another reason to cut it.
I also can't style it for shit because it's so fine and easy to tangle on top of damage from dying and heat.
I talked about it with the guy I'm currently interested in, at first he was against it but when I showed him how it would look he became as confused as me, mom is against it, I have no one to give me a real answer.
Should I just go for it and get a cute bob?

No. 279177

You’re giving a lot more reasons to cut it so I’d say just go for it anon. It will always grow out again if you don’t like it. Even if you do a fairly short bob, you can grow it out to medium length again in about a year. I wouldn’t worry what the people around you think, they don’t have to wash/style your hair all the time. They’ll get used to it.

No. 279191

I'm confused, what's the connection between long hair and your chubby body? Long hair doesn't cover/hide your body, is it about an illusion of comfort? Anyway hair grows back, if you don't like it, it'll grow back. You should definitely cut at least SOME of it to prevent headaches.

No. 279195

I get a bit headachey from long hair too and I cannot emphasize enough how light and freeing a bob felt. Soooo pleasant, and it felt way healthier. That said, I got bored with it and am growing it out again. It only took about a year to start looking decently long again, so it really wasn't a big deal either way and not worth fretting over. If you do it and don't like it, it's not the end of the world but at least you'll get a few months with a lighter head and a big improvement on any damage.

No. 279268

I've been wanting to grow my hair autistically long for a while, but ever since the last year I can't seem to get past tailbone length. I do regular trims (1-2 cm every 3 or so months), don't dye it/use heat tools and put olive oil in it before I wash it. The ends get really dry and gross looking a while after I trim it, it even tangles like crazy even though the rest of my hair never does. Is this just how long my hair can grow (and look nice)? Does anyone have tips for growing really long hair?

No. 279274

I have no advice personally but check longhairforum, it's a forum dedicated to exactly what you're doing so it's a good resource!

No. 279282

Thank you nonna. I find yt videos about it often have a really excessive routine, or they're just trying to sell you something kek. I'll check it out, thanks again!

No. 279571

This looks like a picture of me lol

No. 279669

Pastel warm shades wash out easiest. Crazy Color dyes fade very fast if you mix with conditioner. Just don't do anything too bright and you'll be fine. Pastel pink is the easiest to make blonde again.

Also you generally dont need proper bleach to fade direct dyes since bleach powder with just shampoo does a lot. Dries hair out but doesn't damage it the same way.

No. 279673

File: 1659655652107.jpg (38.98 KB, 564x701, prrettyhairlevel6.jpg)

In my country almost everyone has this hair colour me and all my family included kek. 5 would be noticeably darker. Definitely 6. If you turn blonde in the sun you could be a 7, the blue light makes it look so ashy that it's hard to tell what undertone your hair has.

No. 279741

I am just now coming to he realization that I have low porosity hair (idk why it took me so long, I have bleach and heat virgin hair, but it’s straight rather than curly, so maybe that is what confused me). No wonder all these methods for high porosity hair have been fucking mine up. I tried an ACV rinse, a rice water treatment, and an aloe mask and I swear this stuff caused more drying and breakage than I’ve ever seen. Well, time to invest in one of those heated caps.

Any low-porosity product recommendations?

No. 279746

Is there something you can do against a very round face? My face is basically the moon and no amount of losing weight makes it smaller. The big cheeks are the worst part. Is there a haircut that will make it smaller?

No. 279788

File: 1659734683439.jpg (339.29 KB, 1080x1064, Screenshot_20220317-134240_Pin…)

Is it feasible to have long hair but with the ear area cut short? I like my ears to show like in picrel but I don't want to just tuck the hair. The rest of the hair would be really choppy.

No. 279792

It's called a mullet nonna

No. 279795

Like a long mullet? Much longer than the pic I posted? Maybe I am overthinking this kek thanks nona

No. 279810

Is there a way to wash out hair dye/brighten the color at home without damaging it too much? I see a lot of "put lemon juice and baking soda in your hair" kind of solutions but they all seem awful. My natural color is something between dark blonde/light brown, but I've been dying my hair darker shades of brown for quite some time now. Lately I've been obsessing over changing my hair color to blonde, but I don't want to bleach it for now, so I'm trying to focus on lightening the color as much as possible.

No. 279811

File: 1659739771928.jpg (331.65 KB, 2000x2000, shag-haircuts-nunziosavianosal…)

look up shag haircut also, might be closer to what you're looking for. not a hairdresser but mullet always sounds like the short to long ratio is super obvious. shag is more sublte/blended

No. 279814

Nonnas! Those with rectangular faces, what hairstyles do you recommend that don't have bangs? I have short, wavy and borderline curly hair and I look terrible with bangs of any sort, unfortunately. When I look up haircut recommendations for my face it's usually stuff with bangs and straight hair. Sorry for retarded question.

No. 279829

What would I (cool toned) have to keep in mind if I wanted to dye my hair black and have it look as natural as possible?

No. 279842

A dark brownish/black similar to >>275603 looks more natural on people with lighter hair/cooler tones imo. Deeper blacks with blue or silvery undertones tend to look a bit more unnatural or sorta goth-y.

No. 279853

AYRT, I always go for shag haircuts because my hair is very fine and it gives great texture, but what I'm asking is, will it look retarded to cut the hair above the ear to like 1/2" so the ears are always showing, with a long shag. Thank you for the reply!! I think I'm just gonna go for it. My hairdresser said no but I'm going to force her kek. I have neck-length layered hair, like a grown out pixie cut with the "above ear hairs" cut short, I'm just gonna keep it that way as I grow the length out. I think the shagginess will help it not look like a literal notch of hair awkwardly cut out. I have no idea if I'm making any sense kek but ty for the additional inspo

No. 279863

Does anyone have a recommendation for a clarifying shampoo?

I used to see neutrogena shampoo recommended the one in a clear bottle the anti residue but I heard it got taken off because of cancer issues. After that, the other popular one recommended was the sauce clarifying which absolutely made my hair brittle.

I'm currently looking at mixed chicks clarifying shampoo for that clarifying shampoo.

No. 279869

I am so jealous that some people just don’t have frizzy hair. I don’t get it. Like they can just shampoo and air dry or do whatever and they have no frizz. Meanwhile I always have some amount of frizz.

No. 279875

File: 1659777913555.jpg (16.23 KB, 351x550, 712XQSy2OUS._SY550_.jpg)

I use Ion Hard Water Shampoo & Conditioner. I think it'll work just the same to clarify even if you don't have hard water where you live. It's really nice.

No. 279904

How do I help my eyebrows regrow? I pluck them as a nervous habit and yesterday I went a little overboard. But it's the first time in a looong time that I've done it, so I'm confident they'll grow back, but I'd like to know how to help them along.

No. 279907

>>279904 I found that putting on rosemary oil in the evenings helps them grow thicker. Not sure if it is just placebo though

No. 279912

Recommendations on where to buy nice, good quality bundles? Currently have 3 bundles of Indian hair installed from a new place I tried called mayvenn and they suck. Constant breakage and frizz! Pricing is good but I’m at the point I’d rather go back to paying $1800 for less breakage.

No. 279913

File: 1659805875172.jpg (149.56 KB, 1014x2000, 18446_2chic_UltraVolume_Shampo…)

NTA but I also use this one every few weeks and it's pretty nice. While it doesn't lather much, it cleans well without being too drying. I also like picrel, which can be used more frequently IMHO.

No. 279914

I don't… have rosemary oil, lol. Anything else?

No. 279947

You could idk buy it?

No. 280543

If you used permanent hair colour you could try something like colour b4 colour remover. It may dry your hair out a little, but it's not as bad as bleach.
Seek out a brown-black hair dye, not just pure black. Anon in a previous thread recommened me garnier olia 3.0 soft black and it produced great results. Fades to a dark brown and doesn't make the hair look synthetic.
Castor oil is said to help with promoting hair growth.

No. 281283

is there anything aside from minoxidil/medical products that help with thinning hair? does rosemary oil actually help?
my hair is so thin and I barely have any of it and I feel it's starting to thin out even more, plus it's always oily no matter what I do so I'm at a loss
my blood tests come back good and I don't have any health issues causing it as far as I'm aware, only unfortunate genetics

No. 281289

I mean you could look for studies if you want to know for sure but ny thoughts are that if Rosemary oil is the big miracle worker against thinning hair, we would've known..

No. 281291

Rosemary oil like infused oil you make at home? It stimulates blood flow which can help encourage the follicles along with a gentle scalp massage. It was studied and found to be nearly as effective as 2% minoxidil. So there’s at least one actual study on it?
The carnosic acid in rosemary that you’re infusing in helps promote healing to damage follicles or something like that. I make rosemary water with a few drops of peppermint and spray it in.

No. 281579

I've seen a study it has similar effects to minoxidil as >>281291 linked, so not tons of research but there is some hope
thank you I am going to give it a try, the rosemary and peppermint water sounds good
do you use it every single day?

No. 281729

Is it possible to make your hair thicker? I doubt there is a way but maybe some wise nonna knows a good tip.

No. 281731

I don't really think so, at least not with anything otc. I've used a lot of hair growing products (they're mostly natural based, so things like castor oil) and while they made my hair really nice and soft I never ended up with thicker hair. Whenever I straighten it it looks so thin so I have no choice but to keep it natural to get some form of volume.

No. 281754

My hair is very fine and delicate (breaks super easily) so I’ve tried a lot of things to make it feel thicker/less frizzy, hot oil/protein treatments, biotin, Brazilian blowouts, all kinds of deep conditioners, imo you can’t really change your hair type. Any effects are temporary, but protein treatments and keeping your hair hydrated will make it feel nicer for a bit. Rice water has worked surprisingly well for me. Protein is good to help your hair be stronger.

No. 281758

My hairdresser recommended me to try davines thickening tonic because she thought it was concerning how thin my hair is and she said she saw huge results with clients at her last salon. It's in the mail right now so I'll have to report back

No. 281781

Obviously hope it works for you but hairdressers shill you their products all the time. Mine tried to get me on Davines too kek. Thin/sparse hair is simply a hair type and it can't really be changed.

No. 281790

File: 1660474800766.png (157.63 KB, 500x500, PPLDUOREPAIR22W.png)

Nta but has anyone tried picrel? I've heard good things about it, the price is just kind of ridiculous so I don't want to buy it without knowing if it does what it says (rejuvenate/hydrate).

Thanks nonna's, it's what I guessed but oh well. I have heard that castor oil enhances hair growth, I guess it doesn't hurt to try, rosemary oil got rid of my dandruff for good so I have some faith in it. Can't find that tonic in my country sadly, but I don't have thinning hair just genetically fine so I'm not sure what it would do.

No. 281804

How do I fix my hairline? My hair is thin around the sides of my head (you know the temple parts where men start seeing hair loss first?) I hate it and it makes me feel unfeminine. I never wear my hair back or parted on the sides because of it. I’ve been actively trying to take better care of my hair but I think it has just made it worse sadly. I am now seeing short hairs around my hairline that I think are breakage, especially right in the center. Maybe my satin cap is doing it? I don’t know what makes the temples thin though.

No. 282310

I fucked up dyeing my hair at home. I have dark hair and was adding copper tones but it’s come out way brighter in the roots in the middle of my head than basically anywhere else. How long should I wait until I get the same colour and dye it again?

No. 282432

Can't speak on the product but L'Occitane is now a MLM so I recommend staying away

No. 282435

I am SICK of hairdressers saying they can cut/style curly hair only to show up and they be visibly overwhelmed by the curls I, IN DETAIL, told them about via email/phone. Just say you don't have experience with curls!!
I had one hairdresser when I was younger ask me to straighten my hair, she'd cut it dry, mistaking heat damage for dead hair and cutting way too much off. Now as an adult my options are to travel far (in the UK there are like 10 salons that specialise in curly hair) to get an overpriced cut OR do it myself. I have a consultation with a local non curly salon, highly recommended and hopefully they can cut my hair though I really don't trust it unless they advertise as such. I'm biracial, so I have a lot of texture which throws hairdressers off. I'm just frustrated I guess. OH and curly specialists are way more expensive, plus the added cost of going out of town or being on a 4 month wait list FFS.

No. 282436

How dark of hair are we talking? Brunettes with red undertones can naturally get copperey hair if you use lemon juice and sit out in the sun

No. 282439

what the fuck? they were successful and had a good reputation and people paid out the ass for their products, why would they want to sully it by becoming an MLM when MLMs are known to be tacky? i swear to god people are so retarded

No. 282670

What is the best way to make slightly bleached hair less dry without cutting it? I haven't dyed my hair in 1.5 years and probably won't for quite a while but I'm trying to growing the bleached bits out. I'm only trimming my hair monthly right now, of course I want to cut off all the damage eventually but I really don't want to go short right away (I have waist length hair and would have to cut it in a long bob to get rid of it all).

No. 282679

neutral henna

No. 282687

I can answer your question but would need to see the dye you used. There are 2 types of dye and the ones in stores tend to have stronger developer than necessary to penetrate gray hair since its one size fits all. Due to this the hair shaft is opened more than necessary to just deposit tone and the warmth of the scalp develops it even faster, and depending on if you dyed your hair before, what color it is, what color you're using, you may get strange results.

No. 282906

I have this problem too. I had a hairdresser style my hair by having the air dryer HOT and using a bristle brush, when I specified I wanted a cut for my CURLY hair. It made me want to cry honestly

No. 282910

File: 1661084608929.jpg (569.49 KB, 1080x1912, InCollage_20220821_052322748.j…)

It's a 10 hair masks. If you're a burger, Sally Beauty has really good dupes that are sometimes 4/$20

No. 283030

I wish I could put lotion on my scalp without making my hair disgusting. I need to do a coconut oil soak soon. Blegh

No. 283361

>be me
>have dandruff 2 days after washing hair
>tell my hairdresser
>she sells me a fucking 18€ anti-dandruff shampoo
>use it
>have even more dandruff

What am I supposed to do nonnies? I think I have a dry scalp.

No. 283485

if it is dry scalp you can try doing a hair mask once a week, also it might be fungal related or seborrheic dermatitis so if anti-dandruff shampoo and hair masks aren't working you could try using diluted tea tree oil

No. 283487

Try diluted apple cider vinegar as a rinse after shampoo and conditioner. This is what worked for me. Don't do it more than 2x per week though as it will become drying.

No. 283500

Rosemary shampoo (from Petal Fresh, it's only 5 euro's) got rid of my dandruff. If it's available where you live give it a try, I've been using it for 3 years straight now and will never go back.

No. 283503

In usa i use a rosemary set that does wonders by pacifica! I love the smell and its so effective! all the beautiful nonnas smell like rosemary

No. 283513

honestly, I heard dandruff is caused mostly by stress. I mean whenever a pet has dandruff the vets also say that the pet is stressed so why should it be different for humans?

No. 283524

Ketoconazole shampoo is the answer, most people who think they have dandruff actually just have seborrheic dermatitis. I used to flake really badly 1 day after washing my hair but after going through treatment it only flares up when I'm super stressed.

No. 283942

File: 1661637488817.png (824.89 KB, 807x781, Captura de pantalla.png)

Nonitas should I get terf bangs

No. 284017

File: 1661677591402.jpg (49.57 KB, 634x765, 35100732-8901943-image-m-17_16…)

Absolutely. To be honest though, I think a lot of people don't pull it off. If your bone structure isn't somewhat soft; if it's angular/severe I think it looks weird. Think Courtney Cox in Scream 2. It made her face loom haggish and old imo. You could argue these are baby bangs but the principle stands.

No. 284025

If you have regular bangs already why not? They're easy enough to grow out, I say go for it nonna!

No. 284358

Hairanons, can someone explain why blue and black dyes don't do anything for my hair? I'm a natural middle toned redhead (not like strawberry blonde light) I wanted to go black maybe even dark blue for a change, but I haven't found any super dark semipermanent dyes that actually stay in my hair. I tried the manic panic dark star blue but it barely tinted my hair, meanwhile the vampire red goes in fine and I don't even need to bleach my hair for a rich color. I did another black dye but it made my hair a chocolate brown and faded out to my natural hair in a week. Just curious as to why my hair doesn't take to the dark colors, does it have to do with having red undertones?

No. 284367

This looks like me when I locked myself in the bathroom at 3 years old and gave myself a haircut.

No. 284368

I'm not a hairdresser or anything but the only thing I can think of is that your hair has a lot of very pigmented, golden undertones to it? Since yellow is opposite to blue in the color wheel, maybe your hair is just too pigmented to take in the black. The only thing that I can think of that would help is to bleach it a bit to get rid of the pigment. You could use a toner beforehand but I feel like that would just fade as well. But either way you sound like you have very beautiful hair.

No. 284372

I feel like terf bangs is such a risky haircut..

No. 284393

Please don't listen to the other advice to bleach your hair. Stop using box dyes and go to Sally's, pick out the semi or demi color you want (you can mix if you're indecisive), a level 20 developer, and enjoy having black hair (black will NOT wash out completely- be warned.)

No. 284435

terf bangs? In my country they are known as left-winged bangs (who overly support trannies)

No. 284822

i would appreciate some advice, i rarely blow dry my hair and when i do i use a heat protecting product on my hair and i have never dyed it. yet one side of my head has 2b hair and the other is completely flat. also there are random streaks of hair that are just fried to hell (especially noticable when all of my hair is wet but those patches look like hay). are there causes of damage other than heat and bleach?

No. 284835

Anons–what's your take with someone with naturally tanned skin that's close to the depth of their hair and eyes?

For example my hairdresser said some parts of my natural hair is bluish/olive/cool-toned. Most of the time it looks extremely drab and even swampish in certain lighting, but beautiful in the sun. My skin is very warm, muted, with gold undertones and maybe a slight hint of red.

I look kind of rustic and, idk, very paradoxically bland and I'm not really sure what to do.

I asked my hairdresser what she'd do if she was me and she said something about peach tones, which I still find hard to believe.

No. 284837

can anyone recommend some oils I can use for my scalp? I want to start doing oil massages regularly because I'm fed up with my dry flaky scalp, and don't want to be dependent on shit like head&shoulders (Which is what i think fucked up my scalp this badly in the first place).

No. 284846

I was just thinking about my coloring, I'm a soft autumn and have pretty much same colors as you, but my hair is definitely very warm for a medium brown. I have been thinking about trying some ginger but with shadow roots with my natural color. Peachy sounds pretty nice unless you hate the idea?

No. 284855

File: 1662079752514.jpg (123.1 KB, 2400x2400, Kiehls cbd oil.jpg)

I've used a few as I had a similar reaction to using head&shoulders:

Ultimately I used a CBD-extract oil made for sensitive skin (KIEHLS CBD OIL) that gave me the best results and thankfully after one bottle I was then able to use these two in a blend to help.

Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil

I would also do a lazy heat treatment so load up my scalp in the oil, wrap it in clingwrap, put a shower cap over and then use a heat pack on top of my head while I chilled online

No. 284856

I'm getting a keratin treatment in two weeks, I'll be sure to report back. I'm excited.

No. 284892

Looking forward to hear from you anon & hope it goes well. I've tried using some leave-in keratin products at home but they all seem to go away with tomorrows wash. Suppose the salon stuff should be more effective, though.

No. 284969

So I spent the weekend bleaching my (dyed) black hair and got a mixture of medium-light browns, blondes and whites throughout. I have very thick waist length hair so I know I'm never going to manage a fully one-colour hair. I'm aiming for a medium grey hair. I used grey permanent dye and my hair blends from an ashy blonde to grey.

It might be a stupid question but I don't really know where to go from here. It looks nice, just not what I was aiming for, so I don't need a quick fix. Should I do another lot of grey dye or should I focus on getting the orange out of it then dye it? How good is coloured conditioner?

No. 285425

you can try that purple toner like shimmer lights to remove all the orange/brassy tones, it helped when I bleached my hair, I would try and get the orange out before dying it if I were you

No. 285910

my hair was thinning from hypothyroidism but taking the meds has made it all out in literal handfuls, it's incredibly thin now and just looks so terrible I'm too embarrassed to go out. I'd just shave it of so i don't have to have a mental breakdown everyday but it's too socially unacceptable where I live. I've tried all the topical treatments that have some studies backing them but nothing is helping. Idk anything about wigs or hair pieces, and I'm pretty sure hair extensions just ripped out more of my hair… does anyone have any tips on finding wigs that look natural, or would those attachable ponytails look natural? Maybe clip in extensions would do less damage too since i would only have them in for a few hours unlike other extensions…

No. 286229

Question–what is a good maintainance/casual braid style that includes braids near the top?
Preferably with two braids, because my scalp can't take the weight of one well.

I also have very thin, fine hair and honestly it's such a huge mess after the slightest bit of wind that I don't understand why I spent so many years wearing it loose.

No. 286262

Synthetic wigs with bangs and a fake scalp are going to be the cheapest and easiest to look natural (though IMO, cheap synthetic will always look wiggy). You can soak the wig in fabric softener to lessen the plastic shine.

Human hair wigs with HD or invisible lace are going to look the most realistic, that is if you go through the trouble of plucking and cutting baby hairs (provided the wig is not pre plucked), bleaching the knots (which are the tiny little black dots you see on the lace which is where the bundle of hair is connected to the wig) (again, if the wig is not pre bleached), and gluing it to your hairline (though if the wig has bangs you are more likely to get away with not gluing it down). If you really want a natural looking wig with human hair I recommend luvme hair, hairvivi, and ashimaryhair. Human hair wigs are going to be more expensive than synthetic, and will typically run you about 150 USD and up. I don't have much experience with synthetic, all I can guess is that the higher you pay for synthetic, or even getting a synthetic/human hair blend, it will look more realistic. People will say to never pay more than 70 USD for synthetic wigs, so keep that in mind when shopping.

No. 286273

File: 1662588776481.jpeg (34.16 KB, 757x405, images (14).jpeg)

I like doing Dutch braids as they make my hair look fuller

No. 286283

This only really works for long hair but braid your hair in two braids starting with the back section so the front 'overlaps' on your face a little bit more, then pull the braids through that front section of your braid. You'll have nice double braids and most of the weight will be on top of your head instead of just hanging. Also you can't go wrong with milkmaid style braids like >>286273 Also braiding the front sections of your hair and putting it into a top-knot along with the rest of your hair is very cute imo (though depending on your style it can look kind of animu).

No. 286496

File: 1662655209387.jpeg (316.81 KB, 1097x1097, E94A3117-2E3A-46A1-B013-4DA107…)

Do you think I, with no experience, could cut my hair like this? Are there any good tutorials for shaggy super layered hair?

No. 286501

This fees very scene kid early myspace era—- DO IT

No. 286502

probably, you can look at wolf/shag cut tutorials and I highly recommend getting a hair razor for the thinning, just work in layers and have two mirrors

No. 286543

If you have waves/curls to your hair then yeah, it’s not too hard. but if it’s pin straight you might be disappointed with how it comes out unless you want to style is everyday

No. 286630

doing a hairstyle like that with curly hair would take a lot more effort tho. you'd have to straighten it every single day and the bangs will barely stay down kek.

No. 286650

Curly hair looks super cute in a shag. But the girl doesn't have straight hair. She has clear texture, loose waves. Straight hair does not look like this when you cut it into a shag, yoi would actually have to curl it.

No. 286832

Just saw this but please nona make sure to update! What's your natural texture and what do you want to achieve?

No. 287043

File: 1662833688309.jpg (296.13 KB, 2048x1152, 1658205919726.jpg)

Question–is there even really a short hair cut that looks cute on very fine, thin, straightish hair? I finally realized what's up with my hair–it has absolutely 0 texture. And, I realized that all the short hair cuts I have fawned after through my life were on textured or much thicker hair. I'm not really sure what to do because my hair looks so basic, so accountant that it's unbearable.

No. 287044

Also–I have a huge, square forehead and unfortunately my hair isn't thick enough to handle bangs which…yeah. That sucks.

No. 287073

this is retarded but if i find rosemary or castor oil at the store branded as "skin care oil" it will still work on my hair right? or is the…strengths different?

No. 287075

They're usually mixed with something, refined or simply overpriced. Better to buy from some other source imo.

No. 287077

Thanks, do you know the best kind of place to go? I've gone to whole foods and drug stores but only found essential oils or skin care oils. I dont trust amazon products. What kind of things would I look for on the label, like what extraction methods?

No. 287078

pixie cut?

No. 287080

File: 1662844707455.png (38.88 KB, 940x227, dgdg.png)

Basically yes, and check the ingredient list. Look for unrefined, cold pressed etc. It will vary depending on the specific oil. When people say they use rosemary oil for thinning hair or whatever, they mean the essential oil. But it needs to be diluted in a carrier oil - it's way too concentrated as is and it can burn your scalp. This is a great article specifically for hair loss http://science-yhairblog.blogspot.com/2017/02/scientifically-tested-over-counter.html?m=1

As for where to buy, check health food stores, normal grocery stores, drugstores, pharmacies and compare prices. I think iHerb also carries high grade essential and beauty oils, personally I never had an issue with them.

No. 287171

Thank you so much nonnie. So I need to buy an essential rosemary oil, ideally cold pressed and mix it with something like jojoba oil? I'm going to try.

No. 287180

Naissance is really great brand when it comes to organic and cold pressed carrier oils. Highly highly recommend (especially their argan oil).

No. 287197

Easy tips for training straight bangs without using heat? I cut them back after not having them for like two years and they don't want to stay put and keep separating with my middle part. I don't want to fry them all trying to heat tame them

No. 287240

Have you tried setting it with a comb and using hairspray?

No. 288362

i got my hair cut very similar to this and after it was done i was so pissed because it looks terrible unstyled BUT it takes like 2 minutes to make it look passable just flip your head comb with your fingers a bit, fluff it up and set with hairspray and play with it a bit until it's cute.

No. 288500

If I have low porosity hair, and medium porosity hair is the most desirable, and high porosity hair can be caused by heat damage, should I start using heat?

No. 288619

Nonnas, is there a way to tint your hair darker? I’m not sure what I’m asking is possible kek. I’ve got virgin dark brown hair that’s been sun bleached and I’m just looking to deepen the color. I think permanent hair dye would be too much and could leave a line if my roots grow out. I just want something that would add color but fade nicely if I get growth. Years ago I tried Liese bubble hair dye and it did this for me, but the color I originally used is discontinued now.

No. 288622

File: 1663355226144.jpeg (109.19 KB, 1500x1500, F11AF1D7-32CF-4B66-A547-D10F10…)

As a PSA for curly haired nonnies I want to share my favorite brand of hair gel. It’s curly girl approved (no silicones that build up in your hair, alcohols that dry it out, etc), holds well, and costs like $3. I love the stuff. Though keep in mind that my curls have a big diameter. I recommended the brand to a friend with tight curls and he said it held too well, so that it gave him a “ramen hair” look that he didn’t like.

No. 288625

i use indigo. you don't even need to use henna beforehand, that's a lie

No. 288643

Tea and coffee soak. Boil some water with black tea and coffee. Nice and rich. Let it sit and steep after a few hours. Then put in hair and let sit for an hour. Rinse like normal tada

No. 288659

Please tell me why I thought everyone stopped using hair spray after the 80s and that everyone’s hair just stayed nice and perfect some other way. Am I retarded.

No. 289178

I thought this too, I don’t think I’ve ever used hairspray in my life. Do regular women who aren’t 50+ and get perms use hairspray?

No. 289189

Lots do, so many different types of hairsprays are manufactured for there to be no market. Especially if they're they type to use hot tools regularly, they def use that and other product

No. 289196

Interesting, I used to blow dry and flat iron frequently but I never thought to use hairspray. I always associated it with big 80s hair. Not sure why I never considered it.

No. 289207

I used to curl my hair every morning and without hairspray it would straighten out before I'd arrive at work. Kinda cringe about how much I stunk of Elnett on the bus though.

No. 289240

any natural black nonnas around to recommend a good deep conditioner?

No. 289248

File: 1663773490163.jpg (62.32 KB, 700x700, pink-hints.jpg)

I dyed my hair bright red and it's now faded to a really pretty pinkish blonde like picrel,but I honestly love it. Is there a way to get this color without waiting for it to fade out? I've looked at pastel dyes but even those are a bit pinker than what I'm aiming for

No. 289261

This looks like the ''rose gold hair'' that was trendy few years ago, hopefully that helps with your search?

No. 289275

File: 1663779852255.png (89.82 KB, 374x326, Screenshot 2022-09-21 130317.p…)

This is my most favourite hair mask. It's pricey, but worth it. A little goes a long way.

No. 289281

Can I ever get my hair back? It used to be between 2c and 3A. Not sure without a human picture of it but now it's around 2A and I'm not sure how to get it back and yes I tried that curly hair no poo thing that was popular but no dice unless I did it wrong so idk what to do. I'd straighten it from a young age too like maybe since I was 11 or 12 and stopped when I was like 17 or 18 and I'm 20 now

No. 289314

I was in the same boat as you except I didn't even realize I had curls until I was 20 kek. Try doing finger curls with some gel, it's very painstaking but after a couple weeks using this method my hair started forming nice curls on its own

No. 289315

It can take a while, i used to chemically relax my hair and it's fully curly now. A hair routine has to work for you, I use sulphate shampoo for example. Keep at it, experiment, might need to scrunch/manipulative the curls at first.

No. 289324

It's possible you damaged your hair so much that your damaged hair can't curl anymore but your new growth will, but it's also possible you simply lost your curlpattern all together during your teens. Hairtexture/pattern, like the new growth, can change during your lifetime.

No. 289374

>Hairtexture/pattern, like the new growth, can change during your lifetime.
I was always hoping this would happen to me kek. Has anyone actually had curly hair that became straight later in life? Sounds like witchcraft ngl

No. 289391

I've only heard of the opposite happening. A coworker over the course of 3 years had her hair turn curly when she entered menopause. It went from maybe 1c hair type to natural ringlets from the scalp. I actually like it more now.

No. 289393

Just use a shit ton less red dye and use a conditioner as a filler. Should give a pinky cast.

No. 289497

File: 1663838548297.jpeg (148.82 KB, 750x915, 652B7715-0CF3-400B-960A-82BB67…)

How do I style my hair like this? I asked for it cut like this so I guess it is, but idk how to style it to make it actually look this way.

No. 289538

side part your hair with more hair on desired side, blow dry and or straighten.

No. 289601

Anyone else letting their bangs grow out? I just want to know if there is someone somewhere sharing my struggles

No. 289614

My hair is ultra-frizzy. It’s curlyish/wavy for a day or two after washes, and then wavy for the rest of the time. Does anybody know a really good leave in conditioner to control the frizz and the flyaways? No curly girl method stuff though, if you may.

No. 289669

I recently shaved my head because of how brittle and dry my thin, scraggly hair was. It was shoulder length, but I think due to how fine it is, I'm gonna grow it into a nice pixie cut and keep it that way.

What are some nice things I can do to and smear on my scalp now as I'm growing my hair from the start again?

No. 289671

Have fun bleaching and coloring it while the hair is too short for damage to matter!

No. 289682

Does anyone else have a weird problem with a smelly scalp? I was taking a pic with my friend and sniffed her scalp and it had this really weird fusty smell. I remembered a few weeks earlier I had used her brush. Lo and behold, my scalp developed that same gross smell, so I assume it must be some kind of fungal infection that she spread to me. Does anyone know how to get rid of it? It makes me so self conscious.

No. 289686

Lather up Nizoral shampoo into your head, maybe add a couple drops of tea tree oil. Leave it on for a while before washing out. Wash your scalp every day like this for a while until it's gone, you have to be consistent. Yeah it'll dry your hair a bit but it resets later

No. 289694

File: 1663900058969.jpeg (30.99 KB, 481x637, images (26).jpeg)

I have 2A hair (Asian-type). I'm trying to grow it long this time (always had it short) but it noticeably falling off more. Is it normal for longer hair to shed more? Also some note said my hair is growing slowly (my nails and body hair grow normally). It was like picrel 10 months ago and it's just reached shoulder length now.

No. 289717

I definitely notice more shedding when my hair is longer, I always thought it’s just that the individual strands are longer so it seems like there’s more. The shedding also feels lessened when I get regular haircuts, so I dunno, maybe keeping your hair short helps with shedding a bit. As for your growth, going from a pixie to shoulder length in less than a year sounds like normal to fast growth to me. Apparently about 6 inches a year is normal growth. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

No. 289721

Imagine the visual difference in shedding 10 strands of hair that are 5cm long… and 10 strands that reach your lower back. More noticeable shedding =/ more strands lost

No. 289722

I don't have advice for you but this made me figure out why my scalp was so itchy despite having washed my hair 2 days prior with nizoral and it's because my lazy ass didn't properly wash my hair brush so there must have been some cross contamination.

No. 289728

Thanks a lot nonnas.
Guess I do need a trim after all. I thought long hair would be more convenient in terms of I don't need to get frequent haircuts. I'll try to keep growing it out and while finding a suitable hair tonic. I don't put things on my hair since it gets oily easily.

No. 289995

My hair generally grows 1/4" per month but I read that Asian hair grows the quickest at up to 1-2 inches per month: "On average Asian hair grows between 1 and 2 inches per month. Asian hair grows 10% faster than caucasian hair and nearly as much as 30% quick than African American hair." Source: https://hairday101.com/how-fast-does-asian-hair-grow/
If I got that pixie cut 10 months ago (caucasian) I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be at shoulder length by now tbh.

No. 290203

Oh nonnies idk what to do. I want to change my hair color. The problem is that I dyed it with henna and it’s red (like Lunas hair atm ew). I’m tired of it. I kind of want to get brown but idk if it will wash me out or make me look like snowwhite.

No. 290835

I saw a lot of other women tearing apart a cow's relatively new pic with short hair. Saying it looked awful, that it "needs" volume and acting like it doesn't work at all because her hair isn't naturally thick enough. To me it didn't really seem extremely thin, just sleek.

Is thin, baby fine hair really that terrible to people?

No. 290843

File: 1664323029706.jpg (81.42 KB, 600x414, Untitled.jpg)

idk what to do with my hair anons. i feel kind of bored of it but not sure if i want to cut it. i have been growing it for a long time and dont style it much.
picrel is how my hair looks

No. 290961

Not sure what your style is but maybe you could dye it? All black, black with coloured streaks, skunk stripes or bleach the bottom layer of your hair? Maybe cut a fringe if you're able to style it every day? I have similar hair and have done a few shoddy bathroom dye jobs to keep things interesting, atm I have the sides shaved and bleached, pretty easy to style and maintain and it looks pretty cool when put up. My hair also looks normal when it's down so I get the best of both worlds. How would you cut it if you were to get it chopped?

No. 290964

I am! They're reaching my mouth now. Someone I know mentioned it and said they miss the bangs and really threw me into a hole of doubt. I'm sticking to it though, my hair is too thin for bangs and I was really just fooling myself all these years.

No. 291321

File: 1664463433761.jpeg (68.22 KB, 700x1000, E0206243-0ADB-477A-AA7B-B990B1…)

Should I say fuck it on hair products like mousse or spray? My hair is curly and when I moved to the fried chicken south from middle of nowhere Canada. the products I swore by are making my hair super greasy and limp. Doesn’t help my hair is a bob now either.

No. 291351

Me too! Though the longest layer is only at the tip of my nose now and it's such an awkward length. Too long to wear as bangs, too short and stubborn to style as curtain bangs.

No. 291379

What is a messy haircut that isn't a mullet? I want to look like it was cut with a lawnmower but with style you know

No. 291380

Textured hair cut

No. 291551

File: 1664554452262.png (97.39 KB, 273x614, unknown.png)

i'm currently hesitating on my new hair colour, for reference i have chunky highlights with black hair

No. 291554

The hot pink, and blue are really pretty.

No. 291559

Enchanted Forest is a colour that looks good on anyone imo

No. 291578

I'd pick Enchanted forest! If not that one, Mystic Heather.

No. 291659

ty anon
ive had super short hair and chin length before but i don’t like how it looks unless i straighten it which is a pain in the ass

No. 291660

enchanted forest or shocking blue!

No. 291661

wolf cut

No. 291696

File: 1664608084018.jpg (92.83 KB, 494x607, tumblr_ltn0mdM3uQ1qgapm9o1_500…)

This picture has been floating around for a while but has anyone actually tried this thing? Can it actually put little hearts in your hair or is it just marketing?

No. 291700

Could you fake her excitement?

No. 291711

Even if it works, it looks like you've got to glue your hair with hairspray or gel into a thick crusty slice of hair to make it last for longer than 10 seconds..

No. 291715

Had this as a kid and yes it works. It's just heat. To be fair tho my hair is straight and even a bobby pin leaves and indent that lasts for hours.

No. 291816

I have bronze, yellowish skin, murky hazel eyes, and very ashy, light cool hair (a stylist said it's even bluish on top) that is near the depth of my skin. Very low contrast features. Should I try darker hair or a different tone? IDK, I just look so weird yet bland in terms of coloring irl. People say dark brown and burgandy clothes look good on me.

No. 291822

File: 1664652924742.jpg (49.47 KB, 570x745, 5f1bff5da11538ab14bc5b96a9df89…)

Yeah, remember all this stupid shit?

No. 291824

Getting my hair cut on monday, what should I get? I've had a shag for a while and I'm bored. Previously I had a bob, lob and all sorts of bangs. My hair is straight, no texture whatsoever. My face is kind of an upside down triangle I think. Narrow, skinny, long mid face and a prominent jawline.

No. 291846

When should someone NOT get layers?

No. 292401

those are great for adding volume to your hair, though. crimp the underlayer and it's instant volume.

No. 292427

File: 1664937121489.jpg (67.63 KB, 480x720, 1463000933-hair-britney-spears…)

don't talk shit about crimped hair

No. 292437

I know this shouldn’t be any more damaging than a flat iron, but somehow this pic makes me smell burnt hair kek.

No. 292456

>so I dunno, maybe keeping your hair short helps with shedding a bit
You were half right that it's because they look longer, the other reason is because they're more likely to fall out if you have short hair, and they're also more likely to go down the shower drain.

No. 292771

File: 1665120537264.jpg (1013.25 KB, 1080x2015, IMG_20221006_232534.jpg)

someone talk me out of, or, in to doing this
i used to bleach my whole head blonde by myself when i worked at a beauty supply store, could/should i do this myself at home or go to a hairdresser

No. 292779

Going to the hairdresser in 1 hour, I have very curly hair and I feel like they look better with layers (especially in the back) but they are way healthier and less prone to breakage when all cut straight across/one length. What should I do?

No. 292786

you can do it yourself imo. i feel like i'm never fully happy when i have others lift and tone my hair

No. 292822

How difficult is it to upkeep bleached hair yourself? I'm afraid to pull the trigger because of the possibility that whenever I re-bleach the roots whenever they grow out, they will be a different tone/color than my already bleached hair. If it helps, I have light brown hair which lifts very very easily. I know the basics if using toners as well, but only all-over, not any kind of correction to avoid bands of weirdness where the regrowth bleached hair meets the old bleached hair.

No. 292850

Not trying to crush any dreams here but VERY difficult over the long term. It’s hard to get the color to match and not have stripe-y roots, it’s also hard to avoid re-bleaching areas of your hair over and over right near the root, so if the damage gets really bad you are stuck with committing to a very short cut if you want to get rid of the damage.

No. 292959

AYRT, fuck, I thought as much. I really want to go blonde again but ahhh idk if I'm willing to pay $150-$200+ every few moths or so for upkeep at a salon. RIP my hopes and dreams

No. 292960

I feel you anon. I really want to bleach my hair and try different fun colors, but it’s already fine and dry and breaks easily. I know I will destroy it completely by bleaching but the temptation is so high sometimes.

No. 292989

File: 1665212234284.jpg (4.73 KB, 217x233, download.jpeg.jpg)


No. 293161

ok, this is really dumb but does applying oil to eyebrows actually help them grow?

No. 293191

It depends. Oils help to condition and protect your brows so they stay on your face longer basically. Rosemary oil has been shown to promote actual growth. Castor oil is popular for brows and lashes but I don't think it's been proven to do anything. If your brows are naturally sparse or if you've been plucking them for years, don't expect big changes from any oil though.

No. 293194

File: 1665302905651.jpg (56.16 KB, 600x600, Asian-Black-Blue-Hair.jpg)

I really want to dye my hair a muted, dark blue shade but I know it's a bad idea. I'd have to pay someone to bleach my hair to shit, make sure it is as blonde and cool toned as possible so that the dye doesn't turn green and then I'd be stuck with blue hair until I cut it all off. I miss being a teen and not giving a shit about any of this and impulsively dying my hair.

No. 293266

What bright color would look good with warm black/very dark brown hair? I would love a cobalt blue but I feel like it will clash, red would make me feel like a 12 year old emo kid (I'm only dying my bangs). Any suggestions?

No. 293300

This is such a cute look and ugh I just love pretty girls in big black t-shirts. I know what you mean though, hair color/correction is so expensive.

No. 293342

I think your best bet is a warm colour, maybe pink? It's easy for brights to clash with warm browns so have you considered something like >>292771 ? It's a very cool look I think and doesn't look that teenagerish

No. 293418

File: 1665427711864.png (643.11 KB, 556x560, screenshot-www.fotor.com-2022.…)

I really like acid green and orange, but any color can work imo.

No. 293613

File: 1665536829887.jpg (1.21 MB, 1540x1540, 1200Wx1200H-400395-1.JPG)

does anyone have a dupe for Oribe's detangler? i've been searching and can't find anything specific other than some shitty articles.

the only specific product i've seen that's decent overall for super cheap is Garnier Hair Care Fructis Pure Clean Detangler + Air Dry - but i've never tried it

for reference i'm light brunette to bleached (platinum-ish) blonde, really love Oribe but just can't do the price tag most of the time

No. 293614

File: 1665537120566.jpg (42.85 KB, 1500x1500, 51Y5oRJfcVL._SL1500_.jpg)

This is absolutely not what you're looking for, but since I love it so much, it is 6$, smells divine, and has light, nice ingredients.

No. 293625

File: 1665539954903.jpeg (170.18 KB, 997x1425, cde3f7e1-24df-4b35-a6ce-17fabd…)

thank you anon, would you say it's moisturizing/hydrating enough for bleached hair? Oribe's smells really good too so I might give this one a try, since it's cheap and i'd rather avoid Garnier

side note, I would always use Suave Kids Apple when I was young and I remember being obsessed with the smell, been tempted to order a bottle for shits and giggles but the reviews are mixed for adults (or if they just changed the formula/ingredients)

No. 293629

tbhhh I think they might have changed the formulation on the pipette as well.
I think it still is very moisturizing; people do say that it's kind of like conditioner in a bottle because the spray is almost nonexistent, so you're stuck dispensing it onto your hands. a little does seem to go far, though.

No. 293728

Any anons know a cool goff/weird/messy hairstyle for long, straight hair that's not the typical bat's nest one? I have terf bangs but I've been growing my hair out for a few years (waist length now) and don't want to cut/shave it. I love it because I never have to style it but it can get a bit stale sometimes. I have long fake hair available and love braiding so if that's needed it's no problem! Also, any inspirations for different/uniquely cut bangs? I have bettie bangs and tried to cut them more choppy just now just to have something different. I don't like colored hair on me but I'm so incredibly bored with my hair right now because I've had it this way for so long. Sorry for the long post, thanks nonna's ♥

No. 293731

I have never been able to grow long hair in my life. It will get to about shoulder length fairly quickly but then refuse to grow any longer, I spent like 2 years trying to grow it out before getting frustrated and going back to a pixie cut kek. My mom has waist length hair that grows insanely fast so I figure genetics isn't the problem. Should I try supplements or something?

No. 293743

What is your hair texture? If it's dry/porous it's possible it 'stops' growing because the ends break off, many people have a 'limit' when it comes to growing their hair out. If you dye or heat-style it that could have much to do with it as well. I have tailbone length hair because I barely cut it for about 4 years kek. I think those supplements are a scam but if you want and can try them I say why not? Also if you have coily or curly hair you could try having braids or fake dreads for a while so your ends are protected that way.

No. 293765

File: 1665621930081.png (3.17 MB, 1080x1467, 1663820272541.png)

Nonnies who have suffered weird hair loss in the past–what did you find out was causing it?

I do intend to ask for labs to be done from my doctor in a few days and unfortunately it might still be a while until I am able to go see a hormone specialist.

No. 293766

File: 1665622133270.jpg (Spoiler Image, 212.82 KB, 1237x1280, hair.jpg)

I've had good results doing diluted vinegar washes for my hair but can't quite get it as shiny as I'd like.

What works for other people here?

No. 293789

How the fuck do you olaplex effectively?? I have 0 and 3, I'm supposed to saturate my hair in 0 but it feels impossible because barely any comes out and it would take half a bottle to cover all my hair, not to mention it takes so long that it seems to dry up. And you're supposed to do it on clean hair, then wash it again right after? I'm supposed to wash my hair twice in a row? It's so damn expensive and it hardly feels worth it, goddamn.

No. 293809

What haircuts exist for curly hair.? I’m so jealous of women that can get the wolfcut meanwhile i feel like for curly hair I cauld only ever have the same look. Are there any unique curly hair styles out there? I’m also really afraid of doing something to my hair after it has dried because the curls get messed up easily

No. 293811

I did the wolf cut on 3c hair and it looked bomb HOWEVER I'd have to style it everyday, keeping the shortest "fringe" part in check and I'm lazy af so it's growing out now. It is manageable, there's a few people who've done it on curly hair so you could look it up and see how it looks on them before you try it. Also depending where you live you could look into getting a dry cut, or to DIY something use the ponytail to the front method for easy layers.

No. 293826

I spent a good year trying to find out why my hair kept falling off in chunks at the top of my head. I did alot of tests and after all that the cause ends up being stress and depression. I've changed jobs and gotten treatment and my hair is growing back. Ppl notice it now and ask me what products I'm using that fixed it so it must be a visible difference.
I hope you find out what's causing yours soon so you can treat it if it's possible.

No. 293831

don't use the retail line, buy the salon ones. you can buy them on ebay from licensed people who sell in small portions. you're obviously paying more than what you would were you licensed, but it's still cheaper than going to a salon to get it done. don't bother with the retail line. that having been said, even their salon line is overrated. it works, but it's overhyped

No. 293978

is looking like you have bald spots from certain angles when you've got a buzzcut normal or am i actually bald

No. 293991

I've been shaving mine for years and I don't get it but I notice women with finer hair (not balding) tend to have it going on. I wouldn't panic over it.

No. 294001

ok thanks. another beautiful day of not being bald

No. 294147

What kind of oil I should use on my hair to help with frizz?

No. 294904

Nonas how do we make a new hair part? I've always had this hair that gives more volume to my left side leaving my right side really flat. Id like to even it out but whenever I'd comb it it goes back to its original way

No. 294922

It always takes time. You can part your hair and then wear braids/ponytail to keep it from moving back over. It can also help to use mousse/gel/hairspray/any hold product of your choice on your hair to get it settled.

No. 295194

Are there any nona's who are trying to grow their hair autistically long too? What's your hair washing regime? I put oil on an hour or so before washing it twice a week, I cut off a cm every 1-3 months (mostly depends on if I forget kek). Any other tips?

No. 295202

I’ve grown my hair from ear length/buzz cut to now just about to hit classic length and the things I swear by are a silk pillow case, a high quality wooden brush and using hair sticks/hair forks instead of styles using hair elastics at least some of the time. It ultimately does just boil down to time and not doing any drastic cuts though, it’s taken me about 5 years to gain this much length

No. 295231

File: 1666392251651.png (9.02 MB, 1242x2208, 1664854198555.png)

Pic is some random from the UK weebs thread. Is this a dye job?

No. 295244

File: 1666398344092.png (622.52 KB, 596x472, hair nona.png)

Looks like slice foils with a light beige blonde toner

No. 295310

Thanks nonna! I'll be looking into hair sticks, I've thought about getting a wooden brush but they're quite expensive (if you actually want to get a nice one) so I'm saving it for a special occasion. I've been growing my hair out from a long bob to waist length now but I want it to grow down to my knees or as long as possible, it's been 4-5 years since I started. It makes me a bit self-conscious seeing women with extremely long and thick hair though. I don't have thick hair naturally, it's medium thickness but the ends can get very dry and break off so they look very thin. It's the only reason I trim it to begin with.

No. 295433

Nonas, how do you figure out what hair color looks best with your skin tone?

I have kind of yellowish, muted tan skin that is very low-contrast looking with my mousy and ashier/cooler toned light brown hair. I wouldn't be asking if not for how…drab I look in regular lighting. And, ok. I think my hair color looks shitty on me and I'm not really sure why.

People have off-handedly said I look very good in dark or dark brown and yellow clothes so that's really all I know.

No. 295435

Any nonnas with baby fine hair have any tips on extending the life of my wash? First day is always the best but even the second day it gets nasty and greasy. I use dry shampoo but it’s not enough and dries out my hair.

No. 295437

File: 1666497061015.jpg (14.71 KB, 723x723, images.jpeg.jpg)

I finally just accepted that I have to wash my hair every day. Co-wash (washing w conditioner) doesn't do shit for me UNLESS it's picrel, which has sulfates, so almost defeats the purpose of not using shampoo every day. I just try to condition my ends with leave-in treatments (It's a 10) and dry oils.

No. 295439

File: 1666498993268.png (688.03 KB, 1000x1500, color analysis.png)

You could do a online color analysis that helps to identify which undertones suit your skin best.


Also your natural hair & skin tone have low contrast so a half head of foils can help to create depth and increase contrast

No. 295440

Honestly I've given up mostly and do the following:
Sleep with it in a messy, loose bun on top of my head, and just wear side braids through the day usually. Weirdly enough, the braids always look good and are very easy to make look thicker. When undone, it leaves the shiniest waves. Ponytails look terrible in comparison. However, regardless of what I do (hats aside) I just use dry shampoo on the top of my head because there's really nothing I can do to help it otherwise.
IDK. I just ignored braids for years and was pleasantly surprised by how they look in my hair.

No. 295451

File: 1666506902130.jpeg (742.08 KB, 828x1378, 8E44EB73-D223-465A-9524-7E7BB9…)

I want to cut my hair short like picrel. How do I get this look without looking like a mom?

No. 295452

I have a haircut just like this & I asked my hairstylist to cut the hair above my ears super short so they are always showing. It's cute as hell and edgy enough not to look like a soccer mom. Alternately you can do a cool dye job or some panels of bleach or not natural color around your face or peeking out under some of the layers

No. 295454

Find a younger hairdresser with good reviews and show them the pictures. Explain you don't want to look mature and ask them to slightly adjust the haircut to fit your features the best.

No. 295468

So my hair is naturally an ashy light brown but the sun lightens it so my lengths are an ugly brassy dark blonde. I really want my cool toned hair back, what's the easiest/cheapest/least damagign way to achieve that? I've read about silver shampoos, toners and dying it. What's best?

No. 295489

Be extremely attractive. Honestly most short hairstyles are ugly af on normal women, the only reason you see short haired women who look good like in your pics it's because they are extremely attractivrle and have perfect features, stong defined jaws and slender long necks. All of them would be even more stunning with long hair.

No. 295506

>All of them would be even more stunning with long hair.
Strongly disagree with that one, they'd look more plain with long hair.

No. 295517

Or if you're youthful looking/cute, I hate Kibbe but his Gamine classification is a good representation of what I mean

No. 295682

Best thing I did was give up. I tried and tried to sit in the grease for weeks to "train" my hair, washing after 2-3-4 days but it gets dirty overnight on day 1 no matter what. I shampoo+condition every morning, my hair didn't turn to straw as I thought it would. I used to stretch to washing every other day with dry shampoo but it made my scalp really itchy.

No. 295817

What is a safe way of mildly darkening hair? An yes I am aware of the coffee rinse. I did try a color gloss for dark hair and I realize if anything it's given my hair a very light auburn hue, but pretty much 0 darkening.

No. 295819


No. 295965

Is there a specific haircut that makes the back of your head look less flat or accentuates it in a nice way? I have a round face but a high cranial top and it's flat at the back. My current hairstyle is regular long/slightly layered hair with bangs. I don't mind my head shape that much but I think I'd look a lot better with a haircut that is more out there.

No. 296143

Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think you can use henna on hair that's already been chemically dyed

No. 296168

Yeah, don't do that! It'll fuck up your hair

No. 296355

File: 1666907181027.png (193.89 KB, 431x382, ahhhhh (2).png)

Back! Yeah, I'm a soft autumn as far as I know. Here's a sample of what I'm talking about. I have no idea why, but my hair looks so rich in the sun with all sorts of tones, but in a lot of lighting it looks so…swampy on me? Am I imagining things? I'm still not sure about highlights.

No. 296369

nta but I think it might be because most artifical lights will miss the richer colors the sunlight catches because artificial ones only emit a smaller wavelength of light that's a certain temp while the sun is the full range and your hair will reflect that.

No. 296382

Please help me. I have thick wavy hair and I did the stupid fucking side shave thing and regret it and now I want to grow it out. It just looks so bad sticking up when I go without shaving it too long. Is there anything I can do to hide it while growing out? How long will it take to look to not look totally retarded?

No. 296463

File: 1666985553548.jpg (106.25 KB, 800x800, light-ash-blonde-81.jpg)

Can I get some help? I know nothing about hair, always hated mine so never cared, but I want to "improve" myself and hair is a big part of that process. My hair colour is like picrel, I would love to have a hint of another colour in it, like red, rose, maybe a little bit brighter, I don't know. What are things I could use that aren't permanent for starters and wash out over time. I never dyed or bleached my hair, I just need something different, something I can start with.

No. 296515

Going lighter always means bleaching, which is permanent. You can buy rosegold non-permanent dye in most drug stores. Just make sure it says on the box it washes out.

No. 296540

Honestly if you don’t have a lot of experience with hair stuff, I think you should just go to a salon with pictures of what you like. Tell them you’re looking for color and ask for a consultation, get feedback from the stylist on what would suit you, how long the processing is, what the end result will likely look like, etc.

No. 296552

no bleaching for me, that would be something to be done by a professional. I might give Elumen Play a try, they have some nice colours.

I get what you are saying and I agree with you, but every salon around me seems to be unable to work with any hair structure that isn't 100% straight and what they're providing isn't worth the price it comes with.

No. 296560

Yeah don't go to a salon, it's not worth it. I have never once gotten what I asked for at a salon and have paid hundreds for results that were plain bad. I think most hairdressers are just shit and don't know what they are doing and also lying about their competence (like being able to do balayage and then just giving you shitty highlights). I just learned how to do my own hair, it's much cheaper and I get what I want.

No. 296572

I think you should try temporary products like the Hair Tonesfrom Make-up Revolution (or their Rainbow Drops, which can be added directly to your usual conditioner and you can choose the intensity you want) or a pigmented conditioner.

Also I entirely agree with you about salons being unable to work with anything other than straight hair, but learning to cut and style your own hair makes a world of difference.

No. 296575

How does one maintain curtain bangs, especially when the hair is greasy? They're the only hairstyle that suits my face. While they looked great, they constantly got in front of my eyes, and that bothered tf out of me, and I couldn't do anything about it. And when the hair got greasy, the bangs would just make me look unkempt, especially considering I couldn't put them behind my ears with a tied hairstyle. It's been 5 months and they've grown to chin length and while it's way easier to maintain them now, it doesn't look as structured and great anymore.

No. 296596

ara ara… just got bangs for the first time today and I'm not sure how to feel about them. They're new. Which is good. I think they would look waaaayyy better it I was a bit skinner, I have potential but I CBA to actually go through with it and lose a few kgs.
Idk I'm also really conflicted on whether I should keep them spread out or split them from the middle
+ really not excited about dealing with some of my acquaintances tomorrow, since even a simple jacket change will get them talking

No. 296605

File: 1667067108068.jpg (16.13 KB, 236x292, 44c352300e1547646829cca78525de…)

1. Washing them along with my face in the morning. Used the la Roche posey blue bottle on both my face and bangs together. Sounds messy but it's quick and not drying at all (no I did not condition them). It'll feel awkward at first but it's kinda refreshing. Make sure to work a bit of the face wash into the root area and rinse well.

2. Towel drying my face and bangs well then using a cylinder shaped hot air brush to dry them into a nice shape. It won't make your banks super old school round like some people think. The bigger the cylinder especially, it'll just give them a bit of body.

This doesn't take more than 5 minutes for me and bangs look fresh every day

No. 296613

File: 1667068929538.gif (3.05 MB, 300x262, mind-blown.gif)

>treating your bangs as part of your face and not of your hair
legit never thought about it like that

No. 297010

I'm not wealthy enough to be able to afford bespoke haircare like function of beauty, are there cheap alternatives that still give pretty good results? I'm looking for something to strengthen my hair and help it grow longer and thicker (I've been growing out a pixie cut) without leaving residue in my scalp. If anybody has some decent recs that I can get in the UK I'd appreciate the help!

No. 297032

No shampoo is going to make your hair grow faster or thicker. The best thing you can do to support your hair while it's growing out is eating healthy, what you put in your body matters more than what you put on top of it and washes away after minutes.

No. 297048

Check some unsponsored function of beauty reviews, I've seen some horrid stuff. Like other anon said you will want to make sure your nutrition is good because shampoo is nothing more than a soap that cleans your hair and scalp.

No. 297057

Since I have androgenic hair loss screwing me over and I'm getting annoyed having long hair, I wanna go short which I've only done once before. Which is better for me to do?
>A)Cut it short and learn how to do the back of my hair.
How often do people with pixie cuts need to trim it? Gotta admit I know for a fact I'm too lazy to go to the hairdressers or upkeep it myself.
>B)Buzz everything off and get a short wig.
But I'm still self conscious about wearing wigs. I've been shopping around and don't know where to buy from or what to get because I've seen wigs worth hundreds and $20 ones worn by fashion youtubers who make theirs look natural. I've been burned trying to buy one that costed that much from a shit shop but human hairs will always get damaged and fray and I'm wary of all these generic shopping sites with fibres from god knows where that say they're kanekalon or even human (which feels sketchy after I saw a documentary exposing the hair trade, women in poorer countries get paid pennies for it or are attacked by people who literally cut and run).

No. 297073

Is reverse ombré not worth it if you have dark hair? I recently went to the salon and I’m lighter by the roots and slightly darker at the rest. I was not supposed to be this dark all over, my face looks better with not a lot to contrast it/contour it around. As it grows out I don’t want the same intensity and want lighter, similar to the roots, but what’s dark will probably have to stay dark because it’s already over-processed hence reverse ombre. I kinda wish I had asked to wait to come in later when my last stylist was in but I didn’t know when I was gonna be off again from work and wanted something new for start of November. I hope this all makes sense

No. 297087

samefag but I also wanted to clarify I don't want to loose length which is why i'm not growing it out then cutting it

No. 297556

Why is dry shampoo making my hair even oilier? I have very fine, very low density virgin hair and don't use heat products. Normally my hair already starts to get oily one day after washing so I thought dry shampoo could help me have day 2 hair for once in my life. I spray about a foot/30cm away and let it set for 5 or so minutes before shaking my hair with my hands. I don't section because it's easy to see my scalp when my hair's starting to get oily. I'm using Berlin Pulp Riot dry shampoo which a lot of reviews said was good for their thin hair. Any advice?

No. 297559

It seems pretty unlikely it would make your hair oilier, but maybe that brand isn't good for your hair and is making it feel gross? There's only one brand out of all the different dry shampoos I've tried that actually keeps my hair oil free AND feeling decent (Batiste).

Also make sure you put it on before your hair gets oily, not after.

No. 297569

it's probably build up and I don't think you should keep using it. I ran into a similar issue alongside just being allergic to all the dry shampoos I tried, and I ended up just using a little bit of baby powder (I think with arrowroot powder). It does leave some residue but at least destroys the oil and has 0 smell.

No. 297642

Does anyone know of any drugstore silver shampoos that has blue pigment not purple? Most shampoos don't specify online or on the bottle but they're usually purple.

No. 297673

If you want blue shampoo then mix blue anti-brass toner into your shampoo. Purple and blue shampoo is just toner diluted with shampoo.

No. 297690

Just buy some cheap manic panic or other blue hair dye then mix it with lots of conditioner.

No. 297922

nonas i have a dilemma…
for the past 6 months or so i have been going back and forth on dying my hair black. im naturally a warm brown with blonde highlights and honestly i like my natural color, but i have this compulsion to dye my hair black. i dyed my hair with black box dye in middle school but it always came out patchy and along with using heat i absolutely fried my hair and it took years to recover. i also had a problem with pulling out my hair, which i dont do much anymore. i do have a problem with obsessing over my hair texture though. my hair is currently a long bob with side bangs, and i just cant stop pining over photos of girls with black hair.
my concerns are…
i want to grow my hair longer, at least to my bust line. i dont intend to use heat on my hair, but will dying it make it damaged enough that it wont be plausible to grow it longer?
is this compulsion to dye my hair black a bad idea?
will dying my hair black make others see me as some goth girl fetish fuel? i already dress edgy, often in japanese lolita esque or emo/gothic styles and have for years but im afraid of being pigeonholed into a porn category.

No. 297927

If you don’t want to look too goth-y, try a soft black/darkest brown color. It’s a lot more flattering on naturally lighter hair. Whether or not your hair gets damaged from the coloring depends on what kind of color you use, how you take care of your hair, etc. Get more frequent trims if you’re really worried about the damage, but of course it will take a bit longer to get to your desired length.

No. 297940

Have you considered indigo henna?

No. 297959

How about you ease into it with a semi/demi permanent brown black, darkest brown or natural black? Go to a salon and explain that you don't want it to last long or damage your hair. If you really want to do it on your own, use the weakest possible level of developer you can find and only leave the dye on for 25 minutes. This way your hair shouldn't suffer much damage.

No. 297970

You'll get awful looking roots after like 2 weeks.
When you go lighter, you can have 1 or 2 cm of dark roots and still look somewhat fine. but lighter roots on black hair will make you look like you're balding with just a few millimeters (and I have darker hair than you). Black hair will give you a lot more trouble than just damage and fetishization (which will happen even if you're not alt, black hair is as much of a fetish as blondes now)

if you go for semi-permanent dye, you can say goodbye to your white shirt collars. and your bangs will stain your forehead when it gets too hot outside too. I haven't tried demi-permanent since middle school, but it might be a smarter choice.

I miss my black hair so bad sometimes but I really don't miss the nightmare maintenance (and the even worse nightmare that was transitioning back into natural hair)

tl;dr : yes, it's a bad idea

No. 298030

I always wanted black hair too but this is why I haven’t done it kek. Dark semi permanent dye just sounds like a messy nightmare that will dye your whole bathroom and permanent will have an awful grow out stage. Growing out a lighter color always looks a million times better.

No. 298285

Tips for growing out a buzzcut? I'm about a month or two in and while it looks cute and stylish right now I'm aware that in a few weeks I'm going to hit the awkward puffy stage. Any tips on getting through this as painlessly as possible?

No. 298303


No. 298313

ive done demi permanents, with black anything you do stains the cortex. demi is the same as semi, yeah itll fade but only like 30% at most and leave a rusty sheen

No. 298333

i hate my nipples so much that im not going to let my nigel touch them or see them naked until i can afford getting laser hair removal several times. fucking hate nipple hair, my nipples look like shit compared to all the candid nipples ive seen in my life

No. 298334

your nigel isn't spending a bucketload of money to visually improve any body part of his for your viewing pleasure, he probably doesn't even shave his balls for you, so maybe you should calm the fuck down about your nipples of all things.

No. 298342

There's a separate thread for body hair, but it's probably not as bad as you think and i doubt your guy will care as long as he gets to see boobs and fuck.

No. 299405

What kind of color would look best on very oily and very thin hair, plus a huge forehead? I thought blonde would make the huge forehead less obvious, but might make the oiliness more obvious? What kind of shade or color would you get if you had hair like this?

No. 299487

Whatever colours clash with your complexion will make your flaws stand out more, whatever colours are in harmony with your complexion will make you look better. So it depends on the colour of your skin and eyes.

No. 299498

Uh I'm pretty fair, I think I have yellow/olive undertones, vague eye color tbh it's like a mix of grey/green maybe blue

No. 299519

File: 1668549224644.jpg (238.61 KB, 2515x1676, GettyImages-145679137-scaled-e…)

I'm wanting to get some color tint shampoo and conditioner, can any nonnas recommend a brand they like? I get choice paralysis like a mf. I have medium blonde hair that lightens nicely with sunlight, it's medium thickness and wavy. I'd like to go with a strawberry tone. Thank you in advance for your recommendations.

No. 299654

Dark colours hide oily hair a bit better. I have similar colouring to you and I dyed my hair soft black, I'm very happy with it. My natural colour was dark blonde, my oily skin and scalp would show through in the hair in mere hours.

No. 299767

My bangs were sectioned/cut too far back so I'm trying to grow the top part out (if that makes sense). Does anyone have tips? They keep falling forwards and pinning them just looks a bit strange.

No. 299853

Don’t use John Freida. His red tint conditioner and shampoo are purple based. They won’t make you strawberry. Maybe go for gingerful since it’s more red toned? It uses henna I think though so make sure you don’t plan on using metallic salt based dye on the same strands. You could also mix your own with vegan semi dye like arctic fox in your regular conditioner.

No. 299854

Head bands, hats, headscarf’s if pinning doesn’t work. Maybe braid the smaller strands back. You can also try curling your hair to help it blend sometimes.

No. 299970

so I have a big forehead that's been bothering me lately, but I don't know if bangs would be a good idea since my hair is extremely thin (plus I don't have a lot of it) and it's always oily no matter what I do
should I risk cutting it and try out bangs, or should I give wigs a try instead?

No. 300007

Same situation as you anon, I had bangs for years and it was such a struggle keeping them tidy. They would be always clumped together with oil unless I blasted them with dry shampoo and hairspray every morning. All the dry shampoo I used gave me a very itchy scalp with gunk buildup. They did a poor job of hiding my 5head because the hair is too thin, there was too little of it to have full bangs, and they had to be like 5 inches long. Best thing I did was grow them out, now I tuck them to the sides and wear a hair band, it gives a similar look to side bangs and still does an OK job covering most of my forehead. I'm unsure about wigs as I've never tried them, sorry.

No. 300015

Thanks nonna, now that you said it I could braid some fake hair into it and it might look like a conscious choice instead of a bad haircut kek.

No. 300249

oh wow that sounds like it was a hassle, I guess I'll avoid getting bangs because that same scenario will probably happen to me if I get them

No. 300890

I'm an idiot and accidentally dyed my 7N hair 6W instead of 6N I meant to grab. It's demi. Can I just put a demi ash over it, or a green semi, once it fades a bit? Demis always start out surprisingly dark so I wanna off myself rn becar it's basically auburn and I just painstakingly got stubborn red couple months ago. Pray for me, color oops will be my last resort.

No. 300895

It's hard to say for sure without being able to see it and any color treatment you've ever done to get your hair to where it is now going to play a factor. A pretty safe bet, or at least what I would do, is opt for the greener shade in semi-permanent and do a strand test. From that you can adjust the processing time and/or dilute the dye with conditioner.

No. 300955

>I haven't shampooed or brushed my hair in 6 years
Yeah, I can tell.

No. 300956

Are you jealous or something? I've seen freshly washed curly hair that looked somewhat similar.
My hair looks much more dirty a day after shampooing and it's straight and very thin.

No. 300963

I used 2% Ketoconazole shampoo because I had itchy scalp and dandruff since I was little and nothing helped. Dermatologists had no idea what it was. Anyways, this shampoo helped. Feels so good! BUT I lost so many hair while using it. I would say maybe 1/3 of my hair. And I still lose hair… but I think not so much since I stopped using the shampoo but I’m not sure. I developed some kind of anxiety disorder when I see how much hair I lose kek yes it’s very dramatic. Anyone else experienced that?

No. 300967

>53min video
I guess I'll never find out her hair care secrets

No. 300987

She washes her hair with rhassoul clay. I've actually seen a lot of black youtubers back in the day, naptual82 in particular swear by this and imo her hair always looked great. I don't think the woman in the other video looks dirty. Ngl, i did do it once and whilst my hair was incredibly clean and my curls are very defined, idk if i would ever do it again because of the clean up and the risk of getting clay stuck in the drain. Honestly, everything in the video is stuff i hear black woman talk about doing to their hair from oiling the scalp which i completely recommend btw. The video is long for a reason, it's very detailed.

No. 300989

Ketoconazole has been proven to reduce hair loss because it inhibits dht. If your hair is falling out, it's not because of the shampoo.

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