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No. 275449

Post your experiences and future plans – have you had plastic surgery? Would you like to get anything done? Tell us about it.

Old thread: >>203731

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Old threads

No. 275481

Replying to a question from the last thread. Sorry very long.
All evidence for BII is anecdotal. Silicone implants were taken off the market in the US for about 15 years while they studied for BII and other concerns such as risk of breast cancer. However BII was reported by women with both silicone and saline implants. The reports over these years did not find any evidence to support the theory that breast implants made these women sick, nor do they put you at an increased risk for breast cancer. That doesn't mean that the women who report it are munchies or whatever. There are over 100 symptoms they report as BII such as brain fog, irregular heartbeat, headaches, and gastrointestinal issues, which could be caused by many things, particularly high stress. Plastic surgery and healing puts your body and mind under a lot of stress. My plastic surgeon told me that his belief is that some people just do not react well to foreign objects being implanted, even though the object itself is not causing actual harm to their bodies. Getting implants, healing, and caring for implants, even just the thought or feeling of having implants can be too much stress for some women and make them sick. My surgeon has done several swaps from silicone to saline from concerned women who had read about BII, and told me nearly all of them went back to silicone implants later. Take that with a grain of salt; surgeons are trying to sell you implants after all (the implants I was looking into initially were structured saline, which are pricier than silicones; I ended up going with silicones after assessing the risks versus my desired result, since structured salines only come in high profile) But if you look into the academic papers published about those studies yourself, from several different countries, you can see they all could not find evidence to support BII.
All that aside, implants come with many risks which you should talk about in detail with a plastic surgeon. They are required to go over all of them with you. They include risks like implant rupture, capsular contracture, necrosis, implant displacement, internal bleeding, infection, scarring, firmness, nerve damage, etc. Some of these can occur right after your surgery while others can happen later. Complications can be very serious if they occur. One nona from the last thread had some terrible problems with wound healing and implant exposure due to infection, no fault of her own, her surgeon's. (I hope she's ok) Some complications can happen due to bad aftercare but the majority are caused by the surgery, so you seriously need to find a surgeon you can trust to do the operation. It's under general anesthesia as well which has risks of its own. And some complications can occur even if the surgery and aftercare were done perfectly. One of my worries was silicone leaking in the event of a rupture. I had seen it in Botched where silicone spread through their body. New silicone implants do not use the liquid silicone for that reason. They use one that sticks together, so when a silicone implant ruptures it stays in place in the pocket. That means you need an MRI to detect a rupture. Saline you will know right away if your implants pop and the saline is safely absorbed into your body. I have a relative with salines and they look beautiful. Salines carry many of the same risks as silicones, with silicones being slightly riskier. Many women have peace of mind choosing salines. They don't feel quite as natural but they can look very natural when done right. They're also a lot cheaper per implant than silicone unless you get the structured salines.
Do a lot of research and consult with a surgeon before you jump into getting breast implants. I had mine early this year and so far no major complications. Some changes in sensation due to nerves being cut, which I was told to expect. But I'm very happy with my implants. My surgeon listened to all my concerns and gave me recommendations, and the surgery and recovery went well, so I got the aesthetic result I wanted. Time will tell though if I develop any complications. But they have really improved my body image.
One thing I will say is the opioids they prescribed for the first few days of healing really fucked with me. Coming off of them was terrible. If you get the surgery would skip them if you could bear it. If I knew how bad coming off them was I never would have taken them in the first place, but I took them because my surgeon told me "don't be afraid to take them if you need them" Yeah don't eat those unless you've had them before and know how you'll react. Shit made me feel like absolute garbage and on top of that I was twitching for actual days so it was scary to stand and walk. Never eating those again. Extra strength Tylenol was enough to fill the pain of early healing and I should have stuck with that. I kind of hoped the strong stuff would help me sleep, since you have to sleep upright at first. No such luck.

No. 275650

File: 1657988080100.jpeg (117.27 KB, 899x1599, WhatsApp Image 2022-07-16 at 1…)

Just bought my breast implants from a reputable seller

No. 275652

File: 1657988694192.jpeg (83.76 KB, 1599x899, WhatsApp Image 2022-07-16 at 1…)

>They use one that sticks together, so when a silicone implant ruptures it stays in place in the pocket
This is just a marketing gimmick. The gel from "cohesive gel" implants is actually broken down and migrates thorugh the lymphatic system, hence a condition called silicone lymphadenopathy. Plus, any leftover silicone that is not removed (it's not possible to remove all of it) becomes a silicone granuloma.

This is what ruptured silicone implants look like:

I had mine in for 14 months before taking them out. They looked terrible, I felt them all the time, they flipped all the time. I threatened the doctor with a lawsuit and he took them out for free. A literal weight off my chest. There was no way in hell I'd be one of those women who say things like "Oh I had mine for 30 years and I love them". I think they're just coping with the fact that they don't have the money to take them out, and if they did the result would be terrible due to having them for so long. I don't believe there is a single special doctor out there with magic powers that can make implants not feel like rubber bags.

No. 275655

docs let you buy your own implants like tires to put in your own body? that's extremely sus, like, there's no quality control verified from the doc even if it's a reputable brand allegedly. that's crazy no offense.

No. 275656

Lol no. I bought them to use as cold packs. But yes you can actually buy the ones you want and have them implanted. There's nothing wrong with that since they're just rubber bags.

No. 275662

File: 1657991524007.jpeg (171 KB, 1600x1200, WhatsApp Image 2022-07-16 at 1…)

Look at how massive my 325cc is next to the 140cc one. "No, 325cc is the smallest I'll use on you".

No. 275664

>I think they're just coping with the fact that they don't have the money to take them out
Something went really wrong if your implants were literally flipping. Your bad experience doesn't mean all other women are coping. I can't feel mine unless I squeeze very hard, and I even sleep on my stomach every night. Had them for 5 years now.

No. 275667

File: 1657992278086.jpeg (66.94 KB, 899x1599, WhatsApp Image 2022-07-16 at 1…)

Maybe it's due to nerve damage that you don't feel them. I felt mine all the time, it was horrible, but I got used to it, then I got tired of it. He did something wrong. Made the pockets too big and that gave the implants plenty of room to slide and flip around.

>doc, won't 325 be too big?

>no, it's the smallest that will suit your frame. I can go up to 400cc, not smaller

After the surgery I found his personal instagram and he follows a lot of women with biiiig implants

No. 275672

hoooooly fuck that difference, you got a coomer for surgeon my god.

No. 275673

How long did it take that you had feelings in your nipples again?
I've read that it can be up to 6 months before regaining any kind of sensibility in your nipples, some people don't even get it back.

No. 275675

All of them are. Otherwise they wouldn't devote so much study and time to "fixing" women by making them look like they have biiiig booobz

No. 275679

All men are coomers but I don't think plastic surgeons are more coomery than the rest. There's just a lot of money to be made as a plastic surgeon.

No. 275681

they're similarly coomery, they don't get more for putting in huge tits unless they're specialty cases that are barely legal like saline expandables or going out of the country for illegal massive ones, they just want us all to be huge titted. i had the same happen to me with male plastic surgeons

No. 275682

>be me getting my tits done
>laying down on the table waiting for anesthesia
>male anesthesiologist puts iodine (i think) all over my breasts
>really rubbing it in for a long fucking time, we were alone in the room for a couple of minutes
>says "it feels good, doesn't it?" and smiles
>starts asking if i play handball for some reason while rubbing my tits

Felt really fucking awkward. I've had other procedures and it was always the female nurses doing these kinds of things.

No. 275684

>just woke up from surgery, super groggy
>male nurse who looks like a coomer midget strokes my cheek to comfort me
>feels weird but too drugged to care
>starts holding my hand and stroking my arm
>feels weird but too drugged to care
>tell him i want to sit up straight
>asks if i need help putting my socks on
>no i'm good
>asks again
>no i'm good
>are you sure? i can put them on-
>no i'm good

Sorry if I posted this before kek but as a surgery attic I have some weird experiences

No. 275686

He sounds disgusting, when I had health issues I only had female nurses thankfully. Can you share more of your stories?

No. 275689

Female nurses are angels.

>at a consultation

>within like 3 minutes the surgeon tells me i don't need the procedure and he won't do it
>while telling me this he's grinning and just about laughing at me for wanting something he disagrees with, i feel dumb and ridiculed
>grab my purse and stand up to signal that i'm getting ready to leave
>he grabs my arm and almost drags me across the room towards another chair, tells me to lay down
>he gets all up in my face asking me why i want this, still kinda laughing at me
>"You don't need this. You're not stupid, are you?"
>i feel embarrassed at this point so i avoid eye contact
>grabs my arm firmly
>"Look me in the eyes when I'm talking to you"
>make eye contact
>he's so fucking close to my face that i seriously wonder if he's about to kiss me
>look away again
>grabs my arm HARD and really pulls it like a father scolding their kid
>starts ranting about how avoiding eye contact is rude and egotistical
>he calms down and gets all warm and friendly again
>tells me to get out of the chair, still holding my arm
>we walk out of his office together and he's still holding around my arm firmly (the way couples do)
>go to the receptionist lady to pay for the consultation
>she seems kinda puzzled as to why he's holding me but doesn't say anything
>consider storming out of the building and not paying, i'm trying not to get teary eyed
>try getting my wallet out while he's still holding my arm
>look down at the card reader to insert card
>he commands me to "look her in the eye" while i'm doing it
>get my receipt and walk real fast out of there wondering if that really just happened

Might not sound bad but I was fucking shook, felt like I couldn't say no or leave. I tried kinda wiggling my arm out of his grip but that just made him hold me tighter.

No. 275691

Unless you're giving birth, then they're cunts

No. 275699

Not plastic surgery related but you're totally right
>Breastfeeding while baby was getting shots
>Male nurse accidentally brushes against me and starts acting weird
>Tries to convince me my husband was abusive and pushing for a social worker (husband wasn't even there mind you)

No. 276581

File: 1658287446129.jpg (22.49 KB, 462x460, 1639160400601.jpg)

>have mild teeth crowding
>acquaintance tells me that invisalign is super easy and low-maintenance
>decide to get it on a whim with zero research, turns out to be ~5k at my dentist (didn't shop around either…)
>day 1
>gaps between the edge of the tray(?) and teeth, looks super weird/obvious so i have to take them out for meetings
>caring for them is a PITA
>can't graze on snacks
>exacerbate my insomnia so i have to take them out at night, likely extending the treatment time
>on day 2
>teeth feel somewhat loose and some hurt like hell
>gaps still there
>6 more months of this
Should I just call it a wash and get braces when I'm old and actually having jaw problems? Does it get any better over time?

No. 276586

not a plastic surgery related story but my brother was getting surgery when we were kids, he had a very obviously gay male nurse.
he completely bitched out my mom basically just for asking when she could go back and see him too many times (he had handled the anesthesia badly and the surgery went long)
I guess her being too concerned annoyed the cunt and caused a huge screaming match in the waiting room.
To elaborate, my mom is basically the anti-Karen, one of those types of people that doesn't want to bother anyone or cause problems no matter what is wrong with something, so to end up in a screaming match with a nurse… I never saw her raise her voice to anyone else (other than family) besides that time.
so you can't even trust the males that aren't interested in sexually harassing you either, kek

No. 276609

What did he do to sexually harass you?

No. 276616

Of course you can't eat with them on and it's going to hurt lmao what the fuck were you expecting? However there shouldn't be a gap as they should be properly fitted. Are you sure it is and you're not sperging? Are your teeth sliding in and out of them with ease and locking into place? Remember that nobody gives a shit and looks that closely. If they are not fitted, call your dentist. Braces are worse than invisalign and you could always live with your crowded teeth.

No. 276628

Hey anon I also had mild teeth crowding and invisalign is a great option for those cases
I love how my teeth look now because they just look like they're naturally straight, not that super fake denture look, but I had the option of getting additional trays if I wanted, so if you want that look in the end you can get it.
Anyway I got mine off almost a year ago, they were extremely painful for the first month or two but then I got used to it. I hated taking them out because they were so tight and it was really difficult and painful lol, I did end up losing about 10lbs in the time I had them on, but I did still take them out pretty frequently for snacks after they stopped being as painful. You can get tools on Amazon to help take them out if you don't have long nails. Don't forget to brush the inside of them every night or they'll start to smell gross, sometimes I'd pour mouthwash into the aligner trays while brushing my teeth to freshen/whiten them if I'd been drinking coffee with them on (not supposed to but I did it, used a straw and swished with water often)
Let me know if you have other questions but yeah what you're experiencing is normal and it'll be worth it, I hated it too at first and sleeping was difficult, it's important you try your best to keep them in overnight tho, you could try to give yourself a break right before you sleep then pop them in for the rest of the night
Don't drop them on the floor in the workplace bathroom that sucks

No. 276647

Did you read the fucking post

No. 276660

I did literally zero research beyond word-of-mouth and my dentist didn't explain anything about the process. Yes, I am an idiot and deserve any criticism you fling my way!
I've since heard that a gap is normal for the first few days as your teeth adjust, but I'm going to mention it to the dentist if it doesn't go away.
Thanks for your perspective anon, I really appreciate it! The correction and weight loss both seem like great benefits and I'm autistic about oral hygiene so I guess I'll stay the course. Still going to keep drinking coffee and tea with them on, though!

No. 276671

This is simply untrue, all the surgeons I follow have natural, regular sized results. Many evens tate their favorite surgery is breast reductions because of the improvement in quality of life for their patients. I think seeing breasts so much would actually desensitize you, certainly there are some coomers, but I don't think all of them are.

No. 276677

I read it at least 10+ trying to figure out with the gay moid sexually harass anyone kek, all I'm getting is that he had a scream match with the mother because she asked to see the brother too many times. I'm asking because there's either detail the anon left out or what because the anon implied the gay guy sexually harassed ("even if they aren't interested they'll sexually harass you")

No. 276682

AYRT I happened to be scrolling by kek. I think anon wasn't saying the gay scrote was sexually harrassing anyone, I think the issue was the way he treated her mother.
>I guess her being too concerned annoyed the cunt
>so you can't even trust the males that aren't interested in sexually harassing you either

No. 276725

Late reply but dulled sensation in my nipples started to come back around 2 month mark for me and normal sensation just over 3 months. When and whether you get sensation back apparently depends on a lot of factors like what kind of incision was needed, the size of your implants, and how much breast tissue you had to start with. FWIW I didn't get big implants, I had very little tissue to start, and didn't need a lift so just had the incision in my crease.
As others have mentioned braces are worse than Invisalign and can really mess up your jaw. With braces they try to visually align your jaw and it's more of an art than a science. Invisalign is more precise. Braces not only hurt more than retainer alignment but also you will be very limited to what you can eat as shit always gets stuck in them and you can't just pop them out. Braces are also more likely to exacerbate jaw disorders. Braces are ok if you have no bite issues and just want to shift a front tooth a bit or whatever, but otherwise they're just torture devices with no benefit. Invisalign is good but I've heard the knock offs are shit, not the retainers themselves but they will shift your teeth too quickly and can cause pain and other issues. Invisalign takes longer but it's a lot safer than trying to rush it.

No. 276748

You sound knowledgeable, so I'd like to ask – would Invisalign help with TMJD due to braces?

No. 276754

File: 1658350025051.jpg (67.15 KB, 934x499, 4j1nae.jpg)

>more likely to exacerbate jaw disorders
how so? I'm getting braces for 2 years so straighten my teeth, which will then allow me to get jaw surgery, and then use the braces for 2 more years

No. 276755

btw I'm getting mandibular advancement surgery to fix my mandibular recession

No. 276834

It can help but you need to figure out the root cause and degree of your tmjd with a knowledgeable dentist or tmj specialist. Aligning your bite is usually beneficial for it and for some may be all it takes, but for others it may not be all that you need to stabilize it or make it go away. And if it's too severe then fiddling with aligners could make matters worse. But generally speaking, Invisalign should help your tmj at least somewhat. An occlusal guard is also a good first step if you don't have one already. It won't align your bite but will help protect your teeth.
When you get braces your orthodontist straightens your teeth manually and everything they do is with the purpose of giving you a good aesthetic result. Basically they force your teeth into the shape of a pretty smile. But the manual nature and aesthetic focus of braces means that if your teeth are somewhat crooked (especially if they're crowded) your bite will usually suffer for any major changes, including such devices as palatal expanders. Basically braces are all about making it look visually straight and full without accounting for malformations that could be causing you pain or loss of function. Not only are braces known to cause bite issues like tmj in some healthy patients but more often than not they make existing jaw issues worse. If your surgeon has come up with this plan for you I won't pretend to know better than them. Because it really is case by case whether braces will help. It may be that your teeth are not very crooked and it's just that your bite is misaligned, but if that were the case, four years of braces does not sound right. If you wholeheartedly trust your surgeon you should do as they say. But I think it's worth it to at least get a second opinion before you commit to braces.

No. 276849

A lot of your info is false and extremely dependent on your location. Every person I know who has gotten braces got them to fix their bite. Getting braces solely for crowding is done only in extreme cases where someones' jaw can't fit all of their teeth. In my area,, they are never really done solely for the aesthetics. It is viewed as a far too extreme measure.

No. 276850

Thanks a lot. Here's hoping Invisalign will be enough for my case.

No. 276915

They shill them to fix your bite, but they often make matters worse. Are you an orthodontist or something kek? Braces are horrible obsolete medical technology. Attempts to align the bite by hand are rarely successful long term.
Good luck nona, make sure to meet with someone who actually understands tmj disorders and not some retardo dentist who will send you to an orthodontist

No. 277229

I'm from a country with socialized healthcare where braces are free up until a certain age. They will literally reject you if you don't have actual issues, there's nothing to shill.

No. 277249

Update on masseter botox after ~2 months — I originally had 24 units in both sides and then a couple weeks later I came back to have another 4 in my left because my injector noticed that side’s muscle was stronger (she did this by feeling it but it also looked bigger lol). I’ve tried to compare photos of myself and it’s really difficult to get the angle matched up but I would say that the muscles are definitely a bit smaller but especially on my stronger side, and so my face now looks more heart shaped and less square. The muscles feel softer now and when I try to tense my jaw they don’t pop out nearly as much. The pain is a bit better but I still get popping and clicking (i have bad posture and sleeping habits so I knew Botox wouldn’t fix it all). Idk when I’ll get more done bc the original place I went to was really nice but too expensive per unit of botox — I guess when I feel the muscles being hard again?

No. 277409

>invisalign and braces
>in a plastic surgery thread

No. 277525

Scarjo looked great before in my opinion, but both are gorgeous

No. 277571

My friend who is older (late 30s to early 40s) discovered fillers and she’s gotten her whole face done. She keeps saying she won’t get more and low and behold she’s getting touch ups every couple of months. She looks a lot better with the fillers but it’s scary how addicting it is, most of the women I know have had it. I kinda feel like the weird one because I don’t have it

No. 277598

Yes, but I had to get underweight to see a big difference in cup size. Would not recommend.

No. 277611

File: 1658659405707.jpg (3.33 MB, 4167x2083, Facial-Fat-Transfer12.jpg)

Does anyone have experience treating undereye hollows? I don't have bags at all, but I've had dark circles & hollow undereyes since I was little. It's getting more pronounced now that I'm in my late 20s though, and I think my mid-face is sagging a bit as well.

My first thought was to go for undereye filler or fat transfer to the tear troughs. But it seems like the going consensus online is that filling the mid-face is actually the better way to treat the undereyes, since the extra fat/filler will kind of pull everything up. Idk I'm not an expert, but the b&a pics that I see of mid-face fat transfers leads me to believe that this is a better option than filling the tear troughs directly.
I'm concerned about pillowface though. I already have a round face shape & pretty prominent cheeks. I would hate to look like Noah Cyrus kek. I'm thinking that I'll maybe start with filler, then if I like it go for the full fat graft.

No. 277614

Not very helpful but i have the same problem and it's one of my biggest insecurity. Spent my whole early twenties being obsessed about getting rid of them, i've had undereye fillers three different times with different injectors and it was always shitty and did nothing to help.

Basically my undereye hollows are very dark and the pigmentation is my biggest issue (i'm mediterranean), but i also have very thin skin with little veins showing so anytime i got injected there i would bruise, which actually made my undereye look even worse and more pigmented for two weeks minimum. After two weeks it subsided but i was left with… the exact same undereye as before, it didn't look more plump at all, i think part of the problem was that doctors were always too conservative with the fillers because it's a tricky place to fill. I'm in a European country and most injectors are conservative, i admit i've seen good results of undereye injections before but it was always in the US.

I personally wouldn't recommand it at all. Your picture looks great though, curious to know more about this procedure if any other nonna has experience with it/knows more about it.

No. 277631

Any injector still doing undereye filler is a hack.

No. 278380

I'm planning to schedule an appointment for this. My bruxism is bad and my head is very square it looks like shit with my otherwise small features. Hopefully if I get it done I'm at peace with my face.

No. 278454

I'm in the same boat and I'd never do filler. It looks horrendous when it drags. I plan on getting a midface lift anyway when I'm older, but I am looking into fat transfer.

Right now I'm booked for an appointment to get rid of my veins in that area and I've over the moon. My veins have exacerbated the appearance of my hollows and they aren't really that terrible, but the veins make it look at least 50% worse than it is.

No. 278484

>get rid of my veins in that area
You can do that?? What is the procedure called please. I've heard of 'sclerotherapy' but I thought that was for thighs, hands etc and that you would have to avoid areas around the nose & eyes.

No. 278516

File: 1659061951950.png (753.78 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20220728-193047.png)

Yes! It's with a laser, CoolTouch Varia, though I believe some other lasers can be used. I'm not sure where you live, you may need to travel a bit to a major city because I tired looking around my area and I had to accept I'd travel 50-70 miles. It has no downtime (of course there is some swelling at first) and is around $700-800 so it would suck if you had to majorly travel for it. I've had these prominent veins since I was young so I know it is definitely worth it, people have asked me if I'm abused before because of them, lol.

No. 278517

Vbeam and/or V Excel also will work.

No. 278940

File: 1659268323638.jpeg (1.12 MB, 5347x1242, 7CBD974B-039D-4C18-82EF-C2E775…)

I miss Gwen’s old face. She was beautiful and naturally stunning before, she looks great and beautiful now but she looks like a fake plastic robot that killed and replaced the old Gwen. She always seemed confident and comfortable with herself, I never thought of her as the type to get all these PS procedures done to look like a different person.

No. 278966

Say sike rn, that woman in the green dress is NOT her, I do not accept it

No. 280780

I got the Botox! She also put some between my eyebrows and forehead telling me it helps with depression. Also in my temples and obviously in my jaw muscles. I got it three days ago and me thinks I already am seeing results in my forehead: I cannot look that angry anymore. Looking forward when it fully kicks in in like ten days if I understood it correctly. She also said I should I should go to the dentist and get conservative therapy for my bruxism. Sadly my jaw muscle is not overly big so it won’t shrink that much if at all so no face slimming. All in all a good experience I feel very fancy.

No. 284315

I don't know where else to post this but as soon as I get a job again I am getting lip fillers with my first paycheck. I got them once about a year ago and I loved them. Nobody in my life noticed because they were subtle but I noticed and that's what matters.

No. 285455

Has anyone tried BodyTite? I lost a lot of weight over the last few years and have been thinking about getting a thigh lift, arm lift, and tummy a tummy tuck. However, I'm looking at ways to achieve the same results and avoid extensive incision scars.

No. 285472

I’d love to get subtle lip fillers, how much ml do you get

No. 287411

Anons I have a weird question
These are 3 different women, is it just me or do they all have the same general phenotype? I was wondering if this is something they’re

1. achieving through makeup and plastic surgery
2. They all happen to be naturally born looking similar
3. or if this is the product of FaceTune and filters at work? I’m more inclined to believe this option, the pictures just give me that vibe— and coupled with the fact that I have never seen anyone who looks like this in real life, ever, yet here’s 3 random girls who all do…

Lastly, if it is surgery, I’ll have what they’re having. This is the look I’d like to achieve but with slightly less intense lip fillers. I already have 1ml and the most I’d get is 1 more— I don’t want to go under the knife but I’m open to Injectables, should I try a liquid face lift?

No. 287412

File: 1662952957282.jpeg (2.06 MB, 2743x3968, 8B27006E-45C2-43BB-9BBB-4BDE1C…)

Dropped pic pardon the weird collage

No. 287413

surgery but also kind of template pretty white girl initially

No. 287416

These women obviously have lipfillers but they also have similiar jawlines, forehead, cheekbones, general shape/structure of their face and eyes. A lot of similiarity between the bottom 2 especially. You're not going to get their facial structure with lipfillers if you don't already have it and don't delude yourself into thinking you can have it with injectables (or even surgery and have it look good for that matter)

No. 287418

File: 1662953788285.jpg (34.12 KB, 640x415, helloworl.jpg)

Bit of an OT question but basically I have jaw/dental/bite issues that have lead to a very crooked face and functionality and pain issues. I already had surgery on my nose because of breathing issues.

I started wondering if an orthodonist's double jaw surgery - which I was greenlit for - would be enough, or a maxillofacial surgeon might be able to understand my issues better. What do you anons think?

Just torn because there's pretty much only 2 covered by my insurance, and one does have a plastic surgery background but I'm not sure if I'm liking his reviews.

No. 287419

Interesting, I do have template white girl face and I’m considered pretty/beautiful but there is something putting these girls over the edge into territory where you never see people quite like them just walking the streets, and i can’t pretend I don’t want to achieve that ideally lol, maybe it’s the filters doing that? Even actresses snd celebs don’t look like them, someone like Emilia Clarke has tiny nose, full lips, beautiful eye shape, sharp face shape— but she doesn’t look like these women in her photos

No. 287422

that's not true, filler is literally used to mimic bone structure in jaw, chin, cheeks, etc

No. 287430

Yeah and it looks like shit. Look at Kylie, do you want a pillow face by the time you're 27?

No. 287431

Should I get liposuction on my fat ugly arms

No. 287434


No. 287451

Very heavy facetune and lips like that look ridiculous irl

No. 287454

I think they come across as very bland to me because of how "perfect" they look.

No. 287456

Who is a celeb who everyone claims have had surgery but you think actually hasn’t?

No. 287476

File: 1662986961033.jpeg (137.18 KB, 1280x720, image.jpeg)

I'm sorry but they remind me of picrel

No. 287514

Nona, the reason why we've never seen girls with this face in real life is because they don't exist. It's playing into the Kylie phenomenon - they look great in the pictures on their social media pages because they have full reign over how they're photoshopped/filtered. Although I'd say this particular look is more akin to Diana Deets because it's very 2 dimensional, it's a face trend (I hate that this is even a thing) that cropped up soon after it became normalized on the internet for men to coom to cartoon girls/women.

Anyway, I couldn't help but notice that all 3 of the women you posted actually have very different facial features when you compare them separately. The third woman (bottom right) most definitely would have pillow face if you were to see her in person, whereas the other two's features can be seen as more believable. Although, the first woman (top) really has the dirty nose thing going on where it's visible that she's applied a ton of contour to her nosetip and tried to shoop it to look less grating, so I'm inclined to believe her features are more the result of makeup > photoshop.

I digress, it's important to manage your expectations when you're taking inspiration for future procedures straight from the internet. I can guarantee the majority of what makes these girls so visually interesting is going to be makeup + filters + sometimes literally altering their facial structure in phone apps. If anything, any surgery/fillers these specific women had done is probably an attempt to look like a literal cartoon, making them look uncanny in person. Which, again, is why you don't see this face IRL.

No. 287546

Anyone been to View Plastic Surgery in South Korea? I really like a lot of their work, they seem to have great reviews online, and even the stuff they send me over Kakao is really great – but I'm a bit turned off by the slow response times. I've read that plastic surgery outside the US is generally less attentive and more assembly-line but I'm not sure.

No. 287549

I feel like they photoshop their results better

No. 287552

No. 287638

File: 1663046673447.jpeg (359.85 KB, 1699x912, E1C962AB-AD19-46FC-8BE6-09C0C3…)

How do people live the rest of their lives with a big ass nose implant? It doesn't look comfortable and It looks so bad and obvious

No. 287639

Like a cylinder covered in clay

No. 287640

It migrates and costs more money and has more upkeep than an actual nose job, you should just get an actual one or don’t get the filler.

No. 287647

>I'm not sure if I'm liking his reviews
What are they saying? And can you see any pictures of his previous work?
It wouldn't hurt getting a consult so they can tell you what to expect, what extent they can fix, etc. but do exercise some caution - they're trying to sell you on a procedure, so don't be quick to say "yes" to it. Come in with as many questions as you can and remember that you can always sit on it for a bit.

No. 287648

>I've read that plastic surgery outside the US is generally less attentive and more assembly-line but I'm not sure.
That's the impression I get too, and it's not far-fetched to think that either since South Korea is basically the plastic surgery mecha of the world. Another concern worth considering is that since you're a foreigner, they may feel less inclined to give you a satisfactory result because you'll only be around temporarily.

No. 287678

unless you live in a thrid world nation you should not go there. Have you seen how many look botched in South Korea? Even the stars with a lot of money (look at APink Namjoo'S nose job around 2018 or Naeun)look often fake. And because it is so popular to get plastic surgery there, they have clinics everywhere and barley have time for you. There was even a case, where a man decided to get a jaw shave and he lost so much blood and they mopped the blood away the whole time while the doctor did whatever and often walked away during the surgery (because he did other surgeries at the same time). They did not even did a blood transfusion and he died because of it. This was even recorded by the cameras (and you can see gifs of it online). They do a one procedure for everyone there unless you pay a lot of money and as a foreigner they take you less eriously because sueing them is not as easy as a foreigner and most don't waste their time on it even if they are not happy

No. 287686

South Korean plastic surgery practices are a nightmare. They give the same cookie cutter procedures to everyone, without taking aesthetics, balance and your anatomy into account. Go there if you want to end up botched and not be able to breathe or chew in a decade. The results are always obvious and unnatural looking but honestly that's the LEAST problematic thing about them. They're negligent and careless, it's better you go to western countries(or even just invest that money into therapy).

No. 287724

kybella seems too good to be true. anyone have experiences with it or similar shit?

No. 287725

Jesus Christ, they'd look so much better without the big ass lips that don't suit their white girl faces at all. You're not black or mixed, girls. Let it go.

No. 288312

are bichectomies any good? I've been considering getting one, see if it gets rid of my baby face, but I've been told they make you age faster.
Does anyone have experience with this?

No. 288382

Getting my second nose job this fall and some additional fat grafting, excited! I’ll also be getting some chin filler after my nose settles, that and some contacts should really transform my lewk! I’ve been wearing glasses forever so I’m excited to leave them behind

No. 288504

has anyone gotten lipo that’s already skinny just for their abdomen?

I’m already pretty fit but there’s some stubborn fat on the sides of my waist and my torso is already very compact giving me a very large blocky look around the waist. it doesn’t make me look fat per say, just less visually striking. obviously you can’t elongate your bone structure but would HD or vaser lipo work to get a hard stomach? bcs I cant diet any longer , the first fat to go is my ass and arm muscles so I just look like I’ve been in a famine or some shit. Or maybe fat freezing would work as it’s a lot cheaper?

No. 288512

fat grafting for what?

No. 288521

Not to shit on nonas with fillers, but my GOD duck lip fillers look so gross and ugly to me. It ONLY looks ok in photos, I've never seen a single pair of filler lips not look gross in real life. Even the "subtle" ones look like they're permanently pouting and doing a duck face. Women getting tricked into getting lip fillers is a tragic trend and I hope it ends soon.

No. 288626

My under eyes, I got hollows for days

No. 288652

File: 1663363974591.jpg (248.36 KB, 776x1254, rs_634x1024-150214174625-634-o…)

I know getting plastic surgery to look like a celebrity is always a crapshoot, but god I wish I looked like Halle Berry

No. 288908

File: 1663628965340.jpg (38.81 KB, 685x703, original.jpg)

anons i just scheduled my first surgery ever! my philtrum turned out to be 19mm long so i'm having a lip lift done. it'll definitely harmonize my face and compliment my other features. i'm so excited!!

No. 288999

Good luck! Did they say how much they gonna shorten it?

No. 289022

me too, I tried fillers but shit backfired on me despite the result being wonderful. How much will the fat grafting cost? My PS for the fillers said the fat usually dissolves in the undereye area. Because of my bad reaction to the fillers I prob will just leave the area alone. I hope it works out for you!

No. 291108

How do I find examples of breast augmentations on my size? I'm like 5'5'', 100 lbs, and I have 32Ds (breasts look average in size). I'm wondering how they'd look with implants and it's hard because most people my size have vey little breast tissue before.

No. 291119

Lucky anon! Please report back! Have wanted a lip lift for so long (mine's even longer than yours) but I have horse face so it probably won't happen sadly

No. 291129

It depends on how perky your boobs are to begin with. If you want implants but your boobs are sagging the surgeons usually have to do a lift and implant at the same time. This can range from a small, nipple lift to a full breast lift with large scars. Bear in mind the implant will be stretching the skin so it actually makes the scars heal worse and more unevenly if you get implants at the same time and can lead to puckering. Just curious. If your boobs are already large why do you want them bigger?

No. 291167

i am going to be getting a rhinoplasty revision, a ponytail facelift and fat transfer in my tear troughs soon and im nervous as fuck nonnas!!!

ive gotten really botched and it greatly affected my mental health, now hopefully with this dr everything will turn out right

ik im getting a lot of work done, but along with having the botched nose, i naturally have downturned eyes, hooded eyelids and very low eyebrows that ive always been self conscious of. before the ponytail facelift stuff became trendy i got shot down about doing anything for it because of my age (even tho mine looked worse than older women who got lifts)

it was really expensive but i just made the final deposit and im starting to do all the pre-surgery stuff (ekg, blood work, etc)

i could blogpost about all my experiences if anyone is interested but i'll keep it short for now. wish me luck nonnies

No. 291171

What’s the point in putting your body through all that? To post selfies on ig and get likes from bots and Indian coomers? To attract some normie Brad who’ll probably cheat on you anyway? Idgi. Just doesn’t seem worth the effort.

No. 291196

to be happy with how i look? lol

naturally i had a big roman nose and i got made fun of for it all my life.
once when i went to a different school and new people started making fun of it, i lied and stole my brothers story of breaking it 5 times so they'd get off my back and it worked. everyone believed and accepted it easily, so you can imagine how unfortunate my nose was.

i got a nose job years ago to remove the bump and fix my deviated septum and i got botched to fuck. i had to get a revision already just to breathe out of it but nothing was really fixed cosmetically.

about the eye stuff, i've always been very interested in makeup and fashion stuff but
having no eyelid or brow space makes eye makeup very limiting. also i feel like it looks very masculine and i like feminine and cute styles. it sounds troonish but i'd like to feminize my face more so i'd better suit the feminine styles that i enjoy.

No. 291209

It probably wasn’t even that bad tbh. One of the prettiest girls I ever met had a huge nose. It was like SJP’s from the front (maybe even bigger) and like Adrian Brody’s from the side. Still looked stunning tho. You probably have BDD tbh; especially with wanting ponytail lifts. It it’s up to you.

No. 291225

File: 1664418651184.jpeg (21.74 KB, 473x205, 44BE7295-4A81-429F-9FAE-1AFC2C…)

i don't really think it's a bdd issue. + the surgeon i am going to, you have to pass a psych evaluation to make sure that it's not.

my family has always been very open with plastic surgery because of the nose genes.
like my mom was only referred to as barbra streisand at work before she got hers done. afterwards that kind of shit stopped and she was very happy.

for my eyebrows and lids, they are very similar to pic rel (random pic i found of a woman who is proabably about 30 years older than me) if people are curious

No. 291242

What's the point in posting this in the plastic surgery thread?

No. 291279

File: 1664436933007.jpeg (227.99 KB, 1617x512, E6743C6C-8C24-4A32-8D6B-DDED7F…)

Does anyone else do this? I don’t actually mind the size of my nose, just the shape. I literally look like that inbred Spanish king sometimes from like a 3/4 angle, vile. My cheekbones are flat and not very defined so I’ve got this soft face with this giant angular nose in the middle, it really doesn’t harmonize well..

No. 291281

Your nose looks fine.

No. 291283

Dorsal humps are cute nonny! Ski slope noses look ridiculous and most people don't even have such noses unless they've had a nose job. Don't let social media get to your head.

No. 291284

Why thank you nona. I disagree, but i appreciate you nonetheless you must be a driverfag

No. 291285

My nose is probably 2-3x bigger than yours and I honestly don’t give a shit anymore. Wanted a nose job for years and finally learned to love it. Your nose is fine, you seem to be nitpicking hard on yourself and the Spanish king thing is honestly bordering on delulu no offense.

No. 291286

I’ve seen lots of women with lip filler irl as it’s cheapish in my country and it always looks terrible.

Honestly, all body mod and surgery trends are retarded. Right now the big lips are in but I bet in like 5-10 years tiny shapely Clara Bow mouths are gonna be back in or some shit lolz

No. 291287

I love noses like yours. Ski slopes don't flatter most people because it makes your other features look out of balance.

No. 291290

Tysm nonnies, I guess I do nitpick myself a little too rough plus my glasses hide the hump most times

No. 291293

This got me googling average phlitrums and measuring mine, it's 2cm. I don't have a long face, it's more round/slightly wide. I knew it was on the long side, but not nearly double the average. I got insecure about it when everyone was calling Tati ugly for her long philtrum, but measuring it sure was a mistake.

The nose on the right looks like it would be impossible to breathe through anon. Your nose is really nice and it isn't as angular as you think.

No. 291295

those ps ski slope noses never look right and even when you do ask for them, they come out so botched much of the time and don't fit most faces

No. 291299

tbh because your nose is so small already i prob wouldnt notice it irl. but also because your nose is so small if you decided to get rhinoplasty your nose could come out looking like what a lot of women consider ideal tbh. it's your decision.

No. 291355

You can go for that nose if you want BUT keep in mind the face trend will change and you’ll be left wanting to chase the next trending nose.

No. 291479

File: 1664525406453.jpeg (41.91 KB, 822x512, 4F0969A5-753A-408E-97C0-80BF8A…)

I’m writing this because I got a nose job. The morph you made is not achievable unless you went to Turkey or Iran. Why? Because you shaved off an unrealistic and unsafe amount of your nose bridge. What does this look like? A collapsed nasal bridge, maybe even a collapsed septum. Difficulty breathing. A deformed frontal. Most importantly, a for sure revision.

I had my nose job done with one of the best surgeons in the country (not an instagram name). He does tons of revisions every year. He flies around the world to do conferences; every rhinoplasty surgeon I’ve ever seen respects him. The man is a legend.

I didn’t have a bump like you; I wanted a refined tip. My original morph looked a lot like yours. He straight up told me I was asking for a revision, lifelong nasal problems, and wasted money. It’s extremely important you find a surgeon your trust. From my first consult I trusted him 100% and am very happy with my results.

So now I made two more realistic morphs for you. The one I’m attaching in this comment is a realistic result where the dorsal bump is shaved down. You have to remember you have bones and structures in your nose that they literally can’t touch, unless they want a lawsuit.

The second morph is with your bump shaved down + a conservative cartilage implant. If tu have enough cartilage in your nose, they’ll use nasal cartilage to make your new nose tip stick out. This creates a more realistic and safe “ski slope”. Gives you the projection you want without removing almost half of your nose bridge.

You can do filler but remember every time they inject, scar tissue will build up in the area. Currently there aren’t a whole lot of long term results (20-30+ years) available for us to see.

If you don’t mess with the tip, healing will go a lot quicker. If you do, expect the swelling around your tip to take ~1.5 years to fully go down.

Your nose is beautiful. It reflects who you are and your ancestry. Maybe you’re not happy about your nose, and that’s fine. I’d be a hypocrite to dissuade you from doing anything. But please do your research; if you want the name of my surgeon, let me know. I get so worried when people post ski slope noses as their “desire” pic because I’ve seen so, so, so many of them botched.

No. 291480

File: 1664525444048.jpeg (42.04 KB, 822x512, 26BB6811-F40B-4FD2-BC1D-5C628E…)

Second morph with cartilage implant. I didn’t touch anything else on the bridge.

No. 291486

No. 291541

You're hyperfixating on a thing no one notices irl. They're seeing your whole face not your nose.

No. 291553

My boobs are high set and perky. I want larger breasts because I've always liked huge breasts. I also feel like people don't realize a 32D is not as large as it seems. I just want big boobs, not average boobs on my frame if that makes sense. But I'm afraid I'm flying a bit close to the sun because it would suck if it turned out my breasts looked better before.

No. 291581

do not get implants nonna. unless something is really "wrong" with your boobs its not worth.
the scars and general risks, and now people are becoming more aware of implant illness and it seems like it affects a lot of women. because of this implants arent approved by the FDA anymore.

No. 291604

Don’t fix what’s not broken

No. 291618

I like this one a lot, I probs would have to get two nose jobs. For now I will probably just wait til I hit 25.

No. 291627

File: 1664586123704.jpg (143.48 KB, 1200x900, aid1749249-v4-1200px-Pay-for-P…)

Where do you get the money for plastic surgery?

I'm 25 and below average face and body. I'm relatively healthy, but with undesirable body fat distribution. I feel like I will only have a fighting chance if I get some help.

I fear by the time I get enough money, I'll be too old to enjoy myself.

No. 291671

Yeah? This is a plastic surgery thread. Are people who’ve gotten things done before not supposed to offer advice? I don’t think she should get a nose job, but if she does, it’s helpful to know this info before she spends time and money on consults. I wish I had someone explain this stuff to me because if they had, I probably never would’ve gotten anything done.
No, they’d most likely do the bump and tip at the same time but they’d probably suggest you stay away from messing with the tip. You’d never want to get two rhinoplasties, stay away from any doctor who suggests this. See how you grow into your nose. I hope you can be happy with what you have because there is nothing wrong with your nose but I figured I might be able to offer helpful info to people who are in the dark about this

No. 291936

File: 1664682136571.jpeg (843.57 KB, 1515x1030, 36E0375B-3A06-478C-9258-288CA8…)

Korean plastic surgery is really good

No. 291945

I don't know what your situatuon is but most people at 25 are working full time and that's how they afford it.

No. 291963

By working and saving up.

No. 291975

I disagree, she was cute before.
On the second picture she has:
her hair done, different hair color with white headband: lighten her skin, make up, fake green lense, not smiling/hidding her teeth, better clothes, better lighting: skin color looks very different and better pose.

Those before/after pix are so ridiculous because the before one is always made to be so much uglier.

No. 291993

>korean plastic surgery is really good
>results look like she won't be able to breathe or chew in a few years

No. 292072

File: 1664757865756.jpeg (80.04 KB, 1200x630, 7BDC8265-32BA-4794-94E1-3C408A…)

She’s 18 and she already got
>4 eyelid surgeries
>nose job(s)
>jaw + chin surgery
going to be botched by next year at the rate she’s going

No. 292090

Subject to a life of thread lifts. Better to get vline when youre that young but she's gonna sag hard when she hits 25

No. 292199

Has anyone got carboxyshots? I am very interested in trying them out and wanted to ask if someone has had experience with them?

No. 292208

File: 1664832917471.jpg (547.73 KB, 1536x2048, 20221003_173333.jpg)

She just popped up on my feed, I thought she was a digital painting

No. 292212

It's just a loooooot of filters and photoshop, not plastic surgery

No. 292216

Anyone got chin fillers done?
I was just about to say that lol

No. 292247

File: 1664850681204.jpg (Spoiler Image,152.87 KB, 1437x957, fgfdgdrtrrthhjjhjg4673653452.j…)

I had the same issue (soft face with angular nose) Only mine was much larger, this was 1 month post-op so it was still quite swollen. It's a lot smaller now though.

No. 292752

File: 1665108433579.jpeg (620.17 KB, 828x1030, C7D96165-A0B9-4175-98E7-572FD2…)

I absolutely despise parents who make their LITERAL kids get cosmetic procedures/surgeries. This kid looks like she’s 8 or 10 and she’s pumped with lip filler, on toddlers and tiara some 5 year old said her mom gave her botox for “wrinkles” and some mom in Japan went viral on tiktok for filming her 11 year old getting eyelid surgery. Just what the fuck.

No. 292757

Does anyone have any experience with fraxel lasers?

No. 292776

my mom got it done for her acne scarring and it made a really big improvement. if you're interested in it for something like that it's worth

No. 292815

Rhinoplasty (nose) is becoming a more realistic option for me. What would you say are some things to look for in a surgeon, and what to avoid? Is this something people typically pursue with a down payment + payment plans given the cost? I'm worried about complications/needing revisions, what should I be looking for or requesting to help prevent looking worse/wonky? What I think looks good may not suit my face but it seems like a decent surgeon will factor that in for me I hope?

No. 293563

Are chin fillers worth it? Do they have a smaller chance of migrating than HA based fillers?

No. 293573

google plastic surgeons in your area/where you're willing to travel to and then check their before/after pics on their site or most have instagrams.
try to find someone that has a similar nose to you and a similar after that'd you like to achieve. ONLY TRUST the pictures and videos of people that are taken in office. if you see a before/after where the after is a selfie it probably at least has a filter on it.
all plastic surgeons are different, like for example some are conservative in that they will do, like trying to change your nose as little as possible but just straighten out your bridge or whatever, where some others like going ham transforming huge schnozes into button noses, so it's what you prefer.
generally plastic surgery is really expensive nowadays and most places offer payment plans. you still have to pay in full before your surgery tho.
also most surgeons have a consultation fee. yes you have to pay to even get to talk to them for the first time and see if they'll even do what you want. the highest consultation fee i've heard is $2k, but if you decide to go with them after the consultation, that money then goes towards your surgery cost
some other general tips are:
>you get what you pay for, don't cheap out. you'll regret it and revisions are more costly and harder for surgeons to work on.
>don't go to a doctor that does both face and body work. you want a doctor that specializes.
>major cities generally have better plastic surgeons, but also often the surgeons have different vibes too. for example: NYC is very conservative "natural" ps, LA is not, so paying extra to travel to someone that does what you want is worth it too.

No. 293590

The photo on the right is shooped like crazy, her face is blurred completely flat.

No. 293591

>but if you decide to go with them after the consultation, that money then goes towards your surgery cost
Be aware though that some will put a time limit on this to force you into a decision. Example, it'll be that the consult fee will go towards your surgery cost only if you decide within 6 months

No. 293596

thank you, this is very helpful and i appreciate it. all the ones in my nearest city advertise all kinds of different body and face shit and products. i will look into other cities in my state since I am willing to travel and pay to do this right!

No. 294135

Do lip lifts ruin your nostrils??

No. 294219

I've had a nosejob at 21y old and i'm so glad surgeons in France are into natural/conservative surgeries. I just want to say to young girls in here to be extremely careful and listen to your surgeons and people telling you not to do too much because i thought i couldn't possibly change my aesthetic views and now that i'm almost thirty they indeed changed.

I wanted a tiny TINY ski slope. I pushed for my surgeon to do it, and when he showed me his estimation of what he could do on me (a very beautiful, smaller but straight nose) i said i wanted it to be more angled (the famous ski slope) and smaller. He said ok i'll show you the most i can do, carved my nose in just a little bit to the point where i couldn't see the difference so i was still saying "more!", and he clearly said no to me. He said he wouldn't do more than that. I wanted this nosejob so bad, wanted it to be done so quickly that i said ok because i didn't want to waste time finding another surgeon, and because i thought even if it's not your dream nose it can't be uglier than what you have right now, and i'm so so glad i did. He was SO RIGHT, and i was so biased by years of insecurity and bullying.

After the operation, i was so happy. And i was still so happy with it throughout my twenties, i thought my nose was perfect, and in fact i was glad right away that he didn't make it smaller because seeing it on your face, moving, and on a flat photoshopped picture are two different things.

Now that i'm getting older i'm even starting to think that i should have listened to him right away and shouldn't have pushed for something a little smaller. My nose is in no way botched, but i finally see what he meant, i finally see that his vision was the better one all along. I would definitely suit a slightly bigger/straighter nose! Thankfully he's so talented that even right now my nose is really pretty, it doesn't look like it fades into my face, it isn't collapsed. But it's a little bit too small and "perfect" looking.

My nose was very big in terms of how it projects from my face, so from a profile view, with a little bump. The bump was somewhat small it was really how much it projected that made it look so big, although i also hated the bump obviously. From the front it was small although extremely deviated (very very deviated, it was the first thing you'd notice about me, my nose was literally pushed to the left side of my face). I think the deviation was the worst, because many people don't like their profile, but being ugly from the front is another thing entirely. It feels like it's more "you" than your profile, if it makes sense.

I see myself in >>291279 (though your natural nose is much better than what mine used to be), she doesn't see it but what she did is TOO FUCKING MUCH, and would look unsettling and botched on her 3D, moving face. On the other hand, this is a very good morph >>291480. Anyway i'm just babbling now but please nonnas keep that in mind, being traumatized by years of bullying and/or feeling inadequate makes us go for the extreme. Be conservative.

No. 294220

Thank you nona, I’m a burger so I was considering going to Europe for a surgery, I’m not sure where I found this information but the surgeons there don’t usually do tiny ski slope noses, but just high bridge straight noses, I like my nose from the front , and I don’t actually wanna shrink anything, I’m thinking England but your post makes me consider France.

No. 294225

I don't know much about surgeons in England, so obviously take it with a grain of salt but i must say i generally don't like what i see whenever i see the results of nosejobs on british women, but perhaps it is because i'm exposed to influencers, mostly.

I know France really has a lot of great surgeons, and one of them here even invented a new way of performing rhinoplasty (less damaging for the bones, therefore less bruising for you in post-op) called ultrasonic rhinoplasty. With this information, you can find his name if you want (he's not the one who did mine). Of course, do your research to find what YOU like, but looking around for what France has to offer can't hurt. Best of luck nonnie.

No. 294228

It depends on the doctor's method but a lot of them do. Some cut into the nasal sills. Observe a lot of before and after pictures and do your research. Widened nostrils is common and I think comes with the territory but some surgeons straight up cut into them which is even worse

No. 294242

Meanwhile everyone here in my part of Europe goes to Turkey for ps.

No. 294248

dont come here (england) for plastic surgery… we have no sense of aesthetics. British celebs tend to go to the states for surgery and influencers go to turkey. also the top surgeons here charge similarly to some of the top US surgeons but are nowhere near as skilled.

No. 294494

This is the most retarded take I’ve seen in this thread. You have it the other way around. Orthodontics is an aesthetic based science. Orthodontists rely upon physics to alter the teeth and jaw with braces. Invisalign is good for those who have had ortho relapse or small changes they’d like to make to the teeth, not those who have prior craniofacial dysplasia. Just because your backwater orthodontist fucked your jaw up, you shouldn’t implore nonas to fix their jaws with “knock offs.”
Any decent Ortho would use elastics to ensure the jaw properly aligns. Sage for tooth sperging but wtf

No. 294578

File: 1666069048250.jpeg (102.35 KB, 1170x815, FBF10DAD-DE93-4449-A908-555299…)

Idk if this is real or not but damn . She had a facelift, eye surgery to get them more cat like and and tear trough implants

No. 294580

File: 1666069905746.png (136.16 KB, 426x547, 56808F5B-B63C-4F50-838D-A017CC…)

that after photo is very edited she looks overfilled in real life. it’s a shame because she was naturally cute and she’s only recently turned 18

No. 294607

How is this even legal? I remember seeing multiple KIDS, like under 15 get breast implants. Why?

No. 294611

What are you guys implying here, that this kid had a plastic surgery? Never seen a child with big lips?

No. 294660

Has anyone had a PS point out other features about you that you didn't even consult for/that are unfixable with surgey? I remember a Korean doc pointed a million other things wrong with my face that I wasn't even aware of and now I'm so self conscious. Then another surgeon's assistant said a certain procedure wouldn't fix me because I have "such a [adjective] [part of body]" (aka universally ugly facial feature). It was awful kek. Didn't get any surgeries, though I wish I could, but kind of convinced me it'd barely do anything anyway.

No. 294799


(sorry in advance for mistakes, I use google translator)

Yes! I understand you, I have exactly the same problem. Unfortunately, plastic surgery does not help all people become conventionally beautiful … but I still hope to change something

No. 294839

it happened to my mother. she just wanted 1 thing done and the surgeon said she needed at least 3 others too. my mom already looks great and what she initially wanted was mostly caused from a major weight loss, but now she's really considering the other stuff.
but i would say korean PS are generally the most insane and unless everyone looks like the same exact carbon copy kpop android there is something "wrong" so don't take it too harshly.

No. 294855

File: 1666214777497.jpg (68.35 KB, 640x640, ab677f4fd7e9ce85013464fab22aa4…)


hi anons! i just got home from my lip lift surgery. all-in-all it took about an hour. the surgery was a bit more intensive than i expected after all that i read online. they numbed me all up with local anesthetic and gave me laughing gas before starting. the biggest surprise was the cauterization. smelling your own flesh cookin' right beneath your nose is interesting. the local numbness was 'supposed' to last 3-4 hours but i started feeling uncomfortable on the drive home. i asked the doctor during my initial consultation if he could provide pain management (acetaminophen 300mg codeine 30mg) and had it filled before my surgery day. i took one pill 30 minutes ago and pain is ramping up (like 4 or 5 of 10 and i'm usually very pain tolerant) so i hope it kicks in soon. can't believe they usually just tell people to take ibuprofen this hurts! i'll be sure to post tons of before/during/after pics once everything is all healed up down the road. feel free to ask any questions! love u ty

No. 294856

oh and the surgeon took off 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm along the bullhorn curve under my nose. he called it a 'cupid lift'.

No. 294872

File: 1666225797244.png (86.15 KB, 263x275, munny.png)

Nonnies…what should I know when looking into maxillofacial surgery? I'm no longer young and grew up with about 5 different bite issues + never got braces, several teeth that never grew in, and it developed into a very crooked jaw + severe facial asymmetry. It's very hard for me to talk and I have constant lower face tension. And idk if double jaw surgery is worth the risk.

No. 294943

i had maxillofacial surgery when i was 19/20, almost 10 years ago. honestly best thing to ever happen to me. i had a dodgy orthodontist when i was a child/young teen who completely fucked up placement of upper and lower jaw trying to fix an underbite, causing me not being able to close on my molars at all so my parents took me to a different orthodontist when i was like 17 to get it all fixed again.
things to know…
>you might have to go through a few years of braces before because they need to align your teeth before they can operate
>depending where you are based you should look into creatively claiming your issue as not cosmetic and insurance might provide some cover
>recovery from my double jaw surgery was honestly not too bad, a week in the hospital and a couple of months swollen face
>depending on the technique used you might have to have surgery to get screws removed (i did after 6 months)
>numbness is common - i had a numb spot on the left half of my chin for about 3-4 years but now it's more or less back to normal

if you have the means i's say 100% go for it. it improved my quality of live so much (plus i'm not an uggo any longer kek)

No. 294963

hope your healing process goes well nonna! i know it's still very fresh but are you happy with the results? very curious to see your before/after. in which country was the surgery done?

No. 295020

File: 1666296244853.jpg (42.43 KB, 700x700, IMG_20220826_231918_543.jpg)

They will probably want you to remove all the teeth that have never grown in (if they are indeed there) and wisdom teeth before you get braces.

f-few months swelling?

I wanted to reaserch this procedure in my country lately because it seems my teeth are finally getting wrecked from misaligned bite and I tried to join some local fb group on the topic, but the disfigured shits deemed my account not legitimate enough I guess, so I can't even get any anecdotal info.
I almost had the surgery at 20/21 but I found out the only qualified surgeon in my city is a 70yo mummy and I'd have to go through the surgery twice, because he's too decrepit to do double jaw procedure at once and I nope'd the fuck out of there.
Now I'm not even against the surgery and 6 weeks(?) of shut jaw but years of wearing braces AGAIN before and after. I wore braces all through middle and high school and 2 first years of college, suicide fuel when I look back at it. Not to mention braces would be paid out of my own pocket. Also I really don't want to drool cause I can't feel my lower face.
It's all so tiresome, why couldn't I have been born with normal skull like everyone else.

No. 295023

sa as >>294943

>They will probably want you to remove all the teeth that have never grown in (if they are indeed there) and wisdom teeth before you get braces.
this is true, they removed 3 baby teeth i had and my wisdom teeth. however getting wisdom teeth out as a teenager is pretty normal in my home country, all of my friends got them out at that age anyway.
>f-few months swelling?
yeh but it wasn't really noticeable after about a month and after a week you just look like a bit of a chipmunk, nothing too crazy.
>6 weeks(?) of shut jaw
this is news to me? i had shut jaw for 3 days while in hospital, the remaining 4 days i was fed soup and porridges and then at home also soft food for about 2 weeks but nothing insane. pain wasn't too bad either and all they gave me was ibuprofen.
i get however why you wouldn't wanna do it from all the other reasons you describe. i was super lucky that i was still under my parents insurance and we had a good orthodontist who supplied them with plenty of letters for insurance to convince them i was so horribly disfigured that it's a medical issue and not cosmetic lol

No. 295026

File: 1666300856264.jpg (7.1 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

Here supposedly if a jaw surgeon confirms you have maxillofacial deformation you are entitled to 1 free surgery, but all other costs are on you (sometimes you have to pay random costs associated with getting the surgery underway, or the hospital stay but that's small beans).
>this is news to me?
Uhh they told me way back then that I'd have to keep my jaw shut with rubber bands attached to my braces for a few weeks, that was for some reason also part of my previous orthodontic treatment, which I hated. Pic related. Hospital stay from what I gathered is longer here too, 7-10 days.

I'm still considering it cause I'm getting some dental problems and I found out if you have bad bite you can't even wear fake teeth cuz they fall out lol. But it's just such a nightmare overall.

No. 295032

File: 1666304659409.jpg (12.48 KB, 480x480, toothy.jpg)

ayrt, all fair points, i guess different conditions/misalignments all need different aftercare. i honestly have to say if i had to make the decision again i 1000% would do the same and have the surgery.
and yes, they told me the same about when you're old you can't have dentures if you're teeth are super misaligned. which is why it's fucked that so many insurance companies bill this as purely cosmetic. it is a nightmare!

teeth are such a pain in general, mine are fucked because my enamel is so weak and it's soooo expensive having them done so i just ignore all my cavities. so totally worth getting le big double jaw surgery i guess.

No. 295067

No contribution but the pics you anons are using for the discussion at hand are killing me. top kek

No. 295457

im not really sure what would fix my "small" manidble. i cant choose between if a chin impant, or some sort of lipo is best. I'm in no way shape or form fat and both of my parents have this exact same issue where we simply do not have jawlines. like cheek to neck. shit out of luck
i would ideally like to made my mandible wider?, but does anyone think it's the best/possible option? I've yet to really see before/afters that fit my issues. BDD worsens this but it's very real with dentists complaining of my small mandible size.
not sure what to do. might have to see some actual surgeons.

No. 295467

I want a boob job to take my A cup boobs to a C cup, a nose job to remove the hump from my nose, braces and I hate my parents for never listening to me throughout my childhood and teenagehood when I directly said I need and want braces and they could easily afford it at the time, and a hair transplant to fix my ugly/masculine hairline. Does anyone know who Kylie Jenner's boobjob surgeon is? Her boobs look natural but apparently they're fake, and I want mine to look like that.

I'm making this comment to hold myself accountable and make progress posts from now on. As of today I'm starting to save up for the surgeries and several other procedures that I want such as laser hair removal, laser scar removal, and laser sundamage removal. I'm going to start working my butt off at my job to earn lots of money and save a lot every single month. Wish me luck, nonettes.

No. 295549

>hold myself accountable
>to get plastic surgery
Why not put that energy and money into bettering yourself mentally? Travelling? Exploring new hobbies, sports, interests?

No. 295562

File: 1666554997078.jpg (135.15 KB, 484x817, 7854.jpg)

Natural jawline or plastic surgery?

No. 295563

My guess is natural but he's sucking in his jowls for dear life

No. 295573

you can try to strengthen the muscles by doing "mewing" stuff. even like chewing gum a lot can strengthen the muscles and make your jaw appear bigger.
other than that i would recommend going to an orthodontist if you've never been and seeing if it could actually be your bite position or something.

No. 295706

File: 1666612888101.jpg (52.14 KB, 391x500, 5a3de5f9bc12186193cb782943eec3…)

Relative of Richard Ramirez.

No. 295836

File: 1666662999401.jpeg (237.09 KB, 800x992, A01FEF7B-EDC0-4D23-86A7-D099B9…)

Some Asians definitely have those jaws naturally like pic rel. He might have gotten fillers on top of it though to define it even more I guess.

No. 295840

File: 1666663479864.jpeg (Spoiler Image,721.54 KB, 2098x1407, AAB0F609-B698-4567-A5B1-1F8B11…)

Idk what exactly it is in terms of facial aesthetics talk but i’ve always felt my smile in profile and my profile in general looks really flat. I don’t know if it’s my teeth that are kind of small that make the bottom half of my face look rat-like or if it’s just that the bottom half of my face isn’t projected enough if that makes sense. Or is it just that I have a fat chin. what do you think anons?

No. 295841

File: 1666663714862.jpeg (Spoiler Image,684.9 KB, 2113x1565, C251E6AF-6394-43C3-8669-7DAABD…)

here’s my profile not smiling, ignore the weird concealer lump in my nose crease lol. i think my chin not being prominent enough is clearer here.

No. 295845

Yes, your jaw is slightly recessed and on the weaker side. However, it’s not that severe.

No. 295848

You look pretty anon

No. 295849

I like your mole, it's very cute

No. 295853

You're really beautiful!

No. 295863

this. it works on you. usually chin filler can help slightly recessed jaw but tbh I don't think you should do it

No. 295884

I think you have a very beautiful side profile. For me it doesn’t look like you have a recessed jaw. Maybe because I don’t spend much time on here so I can’t recognize it, though. You might not like this but I don’t think you should either. Stuff like this needs to feed onto something, and you’re giving it something to feed on right now. And you have a really cute smile/lips, anon. I don’t think you need to get anything done.

No. 296120

you look very nice in these nonna. i think like >>295845 said, your jaw is on the weaker side. but it doesn't impact the attractiveness of your face or stand out as something 'wrong' with you at all, it's just a normal variation in how faces look. personally i wouldn't worry about it since your profile is cute and tweaking it might make things worse.

No. 296749

Does anyone know how much I can expect to pay in Turkey for a revision rhinoplasty, breast augmentation with lift and bullhorn lip lift with a decent surgeon?

No. 296751

I was saving money for a nose job, because I've always thought my nose is the only thing that stops me from considering myself really attractive, but after reading lots of stuff about rhinoplasty going wrong and seeing this shit I think I'm gonna say no thanks, I don't think the risk is worth it

No. 296753

Also injecting fat from your ass in your face, another bad idea

No. 296757

File: 1667151407197.jpg (30.11 KB, 960x540, 138779072_241359794232392_8398…)

You have a very pretty smile and nothing to worry about regarding your face. I'd just add that I had a very undefined jaw and weak chin and realized some time ago that it was partially due to my tongue posture - basically my lazy tongue wasn't touching the roof of my mouth but rather just laid there. I've been consciously fixing that posture for a few months and have seen clear changes (really if you try to move your tongue between the two postures and check your profile in a mirror you'll see the difference especially around the jaw area) without much effort. Still have a chin on the weaker side because genes but my jaw looks sharper. Not saying it is your case but it could help anyone reading this : anons check your tongues right now

No. 296792

>I was filming an appreciation vid to our boss for gifting us facials.
Is this normal for people in the beauty industry? This sounds insane to me.

No. 296794

File: 1667172079328.jpeg (306.66 KB, 600x800, 48481870-257D-44A5-A1AA-606BBA…)

I think it’s so funny how hard people lie about plastic surgery. I work in the beauty industry and I have several older coworkers who are in their 50s to 60s. I thought it was amazing how they had smooth skin and did not have sagging whatsoever. Whenever i asked what they do they always say it’s genetics, no botox/filler and they have a very minimal routine (like one cream).

I just came to the realization that almost all of them got face lifts. I noticed they all had vertical line scars around their ears when I was filming an appreciation vid to our boss for gifting us facials. It’a so annoying how everyone is so insistent that they are ~aunatural~ when they are not. It’s especially lulzy how my coworkers were talking about the max amount of face lifts you can get in a life time and talking about wanting to get a face lift in the future and they don’t need one atm.
That’s cuz yall just got them done lol! I’m not saying everyone should disclose their PS but it’s pretty ridiculous how some go out of their way to make ppl think they are naturally blessed with good looks and 0 wrinkles.

No. 296796

Any updates nona? I hope you are healing well!

No. 296805

>sounds crazy
It’s really not, it’s common for ppl in my company to make videos outlining the night we had whenever my boss takes everyone out for dinner. Prob our company culture is different than the norm, idk.

No. 296815

I am so happy these people are being exposed by plastic surgeons online and other plastic surgery enthusiastics. I just wish they would be honest, they don't have to tell us what they did, just say it's surgery and that's it.

No. 296816

I've been thinking about a nose job for many years too, far too many things can go wrong and I find that people don't get the perfect nose until their second go around. The surgeon who fixed her face did an amazing job, but fuck I wish there was a way to get it done with one try. I want a nose job so bad.

No. 296830

File: 1667185443834.jpg (2.79 MB, 3072x4096, 22-10-30-23-03-38-181_deco.jpg)

face lifts look uncanny valley esque most of the time. I get "reviews" recommended to me by an email sub thing and I have never wanted anything less

her face looks unnaturally taut even in photos that are taken years after the procedure

No. 296832

unrelated but my parents spent over 20k out of pocket (w good insurance) for braces + some orthodontal procedures that did jack shit. I had straight teeth for getting braces and they looked the exact same afterwards.

the only thing that could fix my issue at this point is surgery but I don't have the money and am a coward. :(

No. 296836

Super late but these aren't necessarily an unattractive eye type. First thing I thought of wasn't 'downturned' but 'Lara Pulver'.

No. 296851

looks better than the before to me

No. 297299

File: 1667426597341.jpg (Spoiler Image,278.4 KB, 1236x1388, WIN_20220901_11_05_01_Pro.jpg)

hi anons here's an update! the incision is finally healed (it got infected and i've been taking doxycycline and washing with hibiclens) and after my 2 week follow up earlier today i was told i can wear makeup and resume tretinoin! i got this surgery as a service to myself in the spirit of self-love after a long and hard year and i'd say it was one-thousand percent worth it!! i feel so much more confident and content with myself and i don't plan on getting any more plastic surgery in the near future (okay maybe some chin filler for my dimple one day). my scar is still pink and i'm using a silicone gel given to me by my plastic surgeon twice daily. will check back in at the three month mark when it should be significantly more healed with more detailed pictures.

No. 297608

Perorial mound liposuction or endoscopic cheek lift? I've been wondering which is more worth it. I am not fat (5'4'' at 100 lbs) but gain weight in my face and it is a square face shape, which I don't mind, but I wish I could get rid of my perorial mounds somehow.

No. 297620

did you actually just post your face here what

No. 297621

Omg. I think anon did……

No. 297622

Turn on a light, why are you sitting in the dark

No. 297627

Honestly this is the best case for a lip lift and it turned out great nonny

No. 297641

Love your result. We look similar so I consider to get it done too.

No. 297655

Farmers really mog the fuck out of their male counterparts, amazing

No. 297667

Girl what the hell

No. 297669

It looks great but fuck you for being this reckless, don’t post your face sis

No. 297674

Girl this is not a safe or private site. A male has probably already saved this to his private collection

No. 297979

File: 1667736710758.jpg (Spoiler Image,36.5 KB, 617x493, Noseknows.jpg)

I've always hated my nose. It has always been large and wide on my face and I was bullied for it in school. I finally have enough money for a rhinoplasty, but all the surgeons I have looked at have no before and afters with noses like mine. I am trying to avoid looking like Michael Jackson. I'm not really sure what can be realistically done to it.

No. 297982

sorry for off topic but girl have you tried doing thin eyeliner with a bold lipstick color? i think it would work with your face.

just a reminder that its worth to play around with styling before getting surgeries. i wanted several but after i got into fashion and dyed my hair it cured about half my insecurities.

No. 297987

what's wrong with that nose tho? you don't want to be able to breathe freely?

No. 297990

Your nose looks fine anon, kids get bullied for literally everything in school. I second the anon who suggested you try some different ways of styling yourself first.

No. 297997

I like your nose

No. 298039

I did not click off this spoiler filter expecting to see the most normal-looking, inoffensive nose you can imagine.

No. 298138

File: 1667801487581.jpeg (30.85 KB, 500x329, C28FFFFD-A05A-4CC6-815B-4D8C4A…)

Is there any way to get curly lips with fillers only? I know they do a lip sewing surgery in Asia but that seems too extreme. I really like avrils lip shape.

No. 298214

Nonnie i'm so happy for you, your results are great, you're gorgeous, I'mma let you finish, but please never be so reckless again and respect your privacy
I hope your results last and it doesn't leave a scar!

No. 298540

You have the world’s most normal looking nose, instead of plastic surgery you should look into a therapist for body dysmorphia. If you want to blow money on self abuse go get into alcohol or something like that. Plastic surgery is for femcucks.

No. 298956

File: 1668285528678.png (885.67 KB, 1000x500, jennifer-aniston-s-hair-evolut…)

What did she do to give herself this weird monkeyface?

No. 298970

You can flip the ends up with a corner lip lift, but I don't think there's much you can do to alter the cupid's bow shape without it looking off.

No. 299059

Blog incoming; I've been wanting to get lip filler for years, and always had this idea it would "fix" my face and harmonize my proportions. Now my lip is swollen due to dental surgery and it doesn't really make much of a difference. Like my lips look nice, but I don't think I look better overall. Nice to be able to cross that off the list I guess. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Gotten used to your features, changed your mind etc?

No. 299081

File: 1668345379881.png (798.11 KB, 895x896, D32EAF51-3CBC-481D-BDD1-0CB766…)

Kek she looks like the journalist monkey.

No. 299083

File: 1668346123496.jpeg (1.13 MB, 3464x3464, F61372DA-4675-4865-96BC-D72307…)

Well, I've always hated my asymmetrical eyes, but yesterday I was looking at myself in the mirror while getting my hair done and I was, like usual, trying to "fix" my face by poking and holding the "problematic areas" to see how they would look like after some surgery, but when I noticed that my lips and nose are also asymmetrical (shocking right?) I thought
>what the fuck how much work would I even need to get done to have a perfectly symmetrical face? I'm sure I would end up looking like those women and moids that get a bunch of shit done to their faces just to look like a caricature of themselves.
And then I stopped thinking that it's necessary because otherwise I will always look ugly in pictures, when in reality I just need to embrace my asymmetrical face and pose like Paris Hilton in all of the pictures I get taken by others.

No. 299085

That's a cute monkey

No. 299107

I needed to read this because I also have asymmetrical eyes, I only just learned and thought I was one of the few. I took comfort in celebrities like Themi and Billie but had no idea Megan did too.

No. 299134

Yep. I have hooded eyes (though not as extreme as some) and always disliked them, but now I’m not bothered in the slightest. My eyes are nice and my brows are bomb so who cares if I don’t have the kind of lids you can do a winged eyeliner look on? I prefer a soft watercolor flush of makeup anyway. I’m glad you got to see what you’d potentially look like with the filler without having to do it, Nonna. The potential for something bad to happen keeps me away kek

No. 299277

Whenever I talk selfies, I always instinctively arch my eyebrows and lift the corners of my lips up. I am known for having a "resting bitch face" and whenever I see photos of my face at rest, it truly is mean looking. Will I need surgery to fix this for good? I would rather not go the botox route if possible. Is it possible I can "teach" my muscles to not look like that naturally through repetition? Help is appreciated.

No. 299323

botox is honestly less intense and fake looking than many other things people do to their face. I have the same problem and the only thing that would fix murder eyebrows is a brow lift… which means they unpeel your forehead and slice some off. and one wrong millimeter and you have a shitty uneven surprise brows like ariana did for years

No. 299324

I thought that surgery is more cost effective long term, but you have a point about it possibly resulting in revisions or simply messing with your face.

No. 299343

I have the same issue. The fact is that other women have trained themselves to hold their faces tense, with eyebrows raised and eyes open wider, and most have also trained themselves to smile all the time. I had a conversation with my friend and she literally struggles to relax her face because she's conditioned herself to have an open expression all the time. I've seen women make jokes about this on tiktok as well. Personally, I never realized I was 'supposed' to do this so I never did and now, as an adult, people tell me I have resting bitch face. The good news is you can train yourself to hold a different expression without surgery. I'm working on this now, but I know it's possible because I've permanently changed how I hold my jaw and head to improve my facial appearance. Try focusing on improving your expression for a few weeks and see if it starts to come more naturally. I also wonder if having a rbf has to do with being neurodivergent. Anyway, I hate the term and I hate that women are expected to look like friendly idiots all the time while men can have neutral expressions without being called slurs, but it is what it is.

No. 299382

File: 1668494110598.jpg (14.99 KB, 200x266, Curling-Edin_Niklas.jpg)

Nta I never knew other women are doing it too because I always thought it's just so stupid. I trained myself for over ten years to have a more open and attractive facial expression. I have problems with relaxing my face and with migraine and nerve pain in the face now. I'm trying to resolve the damage I did to myself by holding so much tension in my face for years. Daily meditations and massages to somehow relax. But maybe you in know how to do it without tension? How did changing your head position help your face and how did you do it?
Because I hate my face relaxed so much my plan is to first get rid of the tension and then get a brow lift. I used to hold my brows up and it looks so much better. I was hesitant at first to really get an op because everyone tells me no you shouldn't do it. But I cry often seeing myself and I will just do it silently. I have the same eyes as Niklas Edin picrel

No. 299383

Nonny can you afford to buy microcurrent facial massage devices

No. 299415

Ngl please don't flame me for this, I already have a legit one, but I stopped using it like a year ago. I think it helped, but it requires maintainence. I was hoping for a more permanent solution

No. 299433

I think this is just aging, anon

No. 299552

I'm sorry nonna, I don't have any advice about that. I only started mewing and holding my head higher which I found makes a big difference on its own. Reading about the nerve pain you got is really scary, maybe botox/surgery really is the way to go to fix rbf if holding your face can cause such damage.

No. 299855

Actually I just want surgery so I don't look like my mom anymore. Is this bad? I don't think my nose is bad but it looks like HERS. My face in general is pretty ok I'm sure but I look like my mom and I hate it. I just want to look different.

No. 299859

You need a psychiatrist, not a plastic surgeon.

No. 299862

Look, I see where you are coming from. But my mother wasn't a good mother. I'm still working through all the bs she put me through. And why shouldn't I make it easier for myself by changing features so I'm not reminded of her.

No. 299871

i think the pain and anesthesia in your body is now worth something you can overcome with therapy. Your mother's actions wont dissapear with you changing your look and though yes, you won't see her nose every day to remind it to you… is it really the piece of flesh and bone on your face that's doing it? It's your brain reminding you.

No. 299886

Do those at home dermarollers work, I’ve got a mom belly

No. 299911

If mommy issues could be fixed with plastic surgery medical insurance would cover it. Lest you end up like oli london

No. 299920

Somewhat, it lessens the appearance but it's still obvious it's there. And you have to do it religiously. My mom did it years ago with her old stretchmarks and they did significantly diminish and tighten up. She got a special kind of roller though, with much finer needles than the commonly found ones.

No. 299921

I understand you nona. I look like the female equivalent of my father and I hate it. No amount of plastic surgery can change the bone structure though.

No. 299933

Different anon with a rbf but somehow holding my head up makes me look even meaner kek.

No. 299981

A little. Is it for sagginess or stored fat? I feel like ultrasonic cavitation worked miracles for my mom pooch

No. 300319

I've always hated the way I look with my hair pulled back off my face. No one thing on my face is "off" it's just overall masculine. I don't know what caused it but in the last couple of years I've come to think of myself as having strong facial features instead of manly ones, and it's completely changed the way I look at myself. I don't try to hide the sides of my face with hair anymore, I just pull it all up into a sleek bun and accentuate my cheekbones with makeup.
Actually TIMs are probably responsible so thanks TIMs kek

No. 300334

Bella got that MJ nose

No. 302049

File: 1670049932496.jpeg (23.61 KB, 392x530, bcnghnj.jpeg)

I wanna ask nonnies for advise about face balance and correcting it. I have a round face and most of my features are more ying (to use a Kibbe term) than yang. My eyes are a little bigger than usual, my lips are standard northern european small-ass lips, my chin is weak, and my body is ying (round curves, I'm a little chubby). However, my nose is very narrow and tall and in addition to having a hump it also points down substantially (a true aquiline). I feel like it throws off the other features I have. Picrel has a similar face structure to me, I think, but her hump is bigger than mine and my nose is more downturned than hers.

I say I hate my nose specifically, but I actually appreciate hooked noses on people whose faces balance such a strong feature. It can be really attractive, I'm not shitting on all hooked noses. I have pinned so many pictures of Bruna Tenorio as a self-esteem motivator, but come on. I will never be like her because her facial features work with her nose, not against it. On me, it has always been one of my biggest insecurities, in no small part because it has been the feature people highlighted to bully and tease me in school. Even as an adult, people find a way to sneak in demeaning comments. Ugh, I remember being ten or something and hearing this boy at the pool say in my native language "hell no, I would never ask her out, she has a really ugly witch nose!" to his friends or something. And that apparently is a core memory, RIP my self-esteem. I hate that I remember it so vividly.

Anyway, even though rhinoplasty has been on my mind ever since high school, I am worried about the feasibility, I guess. I'm nervous that if I aim for a non-downturned nose, it would still not balance my face because it might make my philtrum look too long and my lips even smaller. Correcting the hump might be good but I think I hate the way I look head-on the most, especially when lighting conditions emphasize how downturned my nose is. The hump doesn't bother me as much as the downturned-ness. I feel like it makes me look unfriendly and older. So I don't think I would be entirely happy unless the rhinoplasty involved correcting the tip.

Does anyone know of success stories with aquiline rhinoplasties that involve balancing the face and not just correcting a bumpy bridge? Are there sometimes instances when the natural shape isn't good but surgery will make it even worse by disrupting other parts' harmonies? And no, I don't think a nose job will make me magically happy with how I look but damn, at least I'm exercising to lose weight— what can I do for an ugly nose I was born with? Even contouring tutorials don't help much because people view me in 3D so the illusion only works in pictures.

No. 302055

When I tried lip plumper I realize over plumping and lining my lips really throws off the way my eyes and nose are set. It would emphasize the rest of my features in an uncanny way if I filled them too much, and though I don't like their shape I figure changing them would somehow make my cheeks sag or lengthen my already too long philtrum, all of which will make me look much older than I am.

I also used to hate how much baby fat I had on my face but it's finally beginning to recede. I've always had awful dysmorphia, it would probably worsen if I got surgery and could no longer recognize my old face, so I want to shy away from plastic surgery as long as I can

No. 302276

Any nonnas have experience to share about mastopexy/breast lift? I've always had small breasts, but after gaining weight fast (25kg) due to medication and now losing it, now I think they are too saggy. I'm just not sure if its worth the scars. I can trace a photo and post a drawing if it helps.

No. 302281

Nona why not book a consultation? Should be free. No one here is going to be able to answer your questions adequately. I'm sorry that boy was such a twat. x

No. 302298

should I get lipo on my stomach and fat transfer to breasts now or after I have kids someday?

No. 302314

I have a pretty large nose and I really like big noses on both other women and myself, I think they look great.

Partly because I used to go on instagram all the time and literally every woman there had the same identical cookie cutter miss piggy Turkish rhinoplasty nose. It became so boring to me.

One or two boys also said shitty comments about my nose when I was younger and for a while it affected my self esteem but honestly now I don’t care. I also travelled to Asia and realized lots of Asian people literally get silicone implanted into their nose just to make it look taller and bigger. It’s funny everyone wants whatever they don’t have.

I also found some girls on YouTube who were absolutely gorgeous despite having big noses and that has helped me too. One of the girls I followed ended up getting a nose job, but she looked the exact same from the front tbh afterwards and lost her uniqueness from the side, she also said she didn’t feel much different afterwards and it’s not like her love life or social life improved afterwards either. If your nose is genuinely making you so unhappy then yeah just get it done and over with. But you may also learn to love your large nose like I did. I honestly couldn’t care less what people would say about it now, I genuinely love my big humpy nose and would never change it at all now.

No. 302315

I considered a breast lift too but after researching thoroughly, I wouldn’t do it unless the sagging was very severe. It’s a gnarly surgery and they have to cut a large portion of the breast away and sew the nipples back on. The scars are very gnarly and imo it’s not worth doing it for a body part that is probably be covered in public for 99% of your life. Even the nipple only lift is risky because it puts so much pressure on the little circular wound around the nipple and often leads to puckering of the skin and sometimes the stitches burst open too.

No. 302319

Have you tried doing upper body exercise to tone? Having an internal “bra” structure of muscles helps a lot, esp if you were naturally small to begin with.
>t. worked for me n my naturally small chest after I finished nursing

No. 302344

ah its terrifying to admit because i do think that plastic surgery can easily look cheap and tacky, or lead you down a rabbithole of getting anything and everything done to appear ‘perfect’. i’m super insecure about my nose and my under eye bags but i dont want to get anything done in order to fulfil some sort of ‘male gaze’ i might have going on.

my nose isnt particularly big but it changes drastically on different angles and is very roman and straight. on some angles it looks hooked, others it looks bent etc etc, its an eyesore and ruins every photo i have taken of me. i’m also considering getting tear trough fillers because its not permanent and could possibly alleviate some of the insecurities around my nose. i’m so scared to make any big decisions but i cry basically everytime i look in any mirror so maybe itll b for the best.
any nonas have advice on rhinoplastys or info on what a nose job or fillers would entail? itd b greatly appreciated

No. 302748

Never, because it doesn't work. I did it twice.

No. 304293

Can you change the shape of your smile? I don't mean my teeth. I mean how my muscles pull over my teeth, like my lips. It doesn't "pull up".

No. 304304

No. So many muscles and ligaments are involved in a smile. Even if a surgeon did promise to change it, it would probably be beyond botched looking. You can do some mirror work instead and adjust to smiling a different way, if you really want to go that far

No. 304308

Some things can change your smile a little. Lip piercings, a philtrum, dental work, botox probably.

No. 304603

File: 1671373902431.gif (1.37 MB, 569x676, A35E23E1-A955-4850-B2DA-2B3737…)

Name and shame Dr. Coomer

No. 304986

File: 1671903356600.jpg (484.46 KB, 1936x1936, 38429827.jpg)

Thoughts on lip flips? It's supposed to give you bigger looking lips by injecting botox near your lipline. I was thinking of getting that done and also maybe a little bit to my nose tip?? I'm a bit worried if I start injecting I won't be able to stop, but at least botox is temporary?

No. 304990

It’s definitely a very fine line to walk. There are some people who look classier after surgery but they’re very few. Most people end up looking cheaper. Bella Hadid for instance looks classier and richer after having surgery. But I think that’s because her results aren’t so perfect. They are nicely done but also flawed in a way that makes them almost seem natural. It’s not uncannily perfect, it just looks like she has very good genes (like Carla Bruni who she tries to imitate)

Meanwhile when people get those surgeries like those pointy ski slope upturned Turkish noses or lip fillers I feel it looks so cheap.

No. 304991

File: 1671909313380.jpg (101.98 KB, 960x960, foreheadaugmentationfiller.jpg)

I have a slightly more pronounced forehead ridge for a woman, like picrel. It's something that has made me self-conscious so I've always worn bangs to cover it.
Recently I attended a seminar about identifying bones, and on a scale of 1 (female) to 5 (male), having a forehead ridge like this on the skull was considered "androgynous" (somewhere in-between). That stung a little. Maybe I've hung around the trans threads too long as well.
Is fixing something like this even worth it? Do people actually care or notice forehead ridges? You can get fillers or some people get forehead implants.

No. 304994

You’re hanging around on the mtf thread too much, brow ridges are normal features that many women have. It’s not the presence or absence of one hyper specific feature that lets us clock someone as male or female, it’s the entire structure of someone’s head neck and facial fat. Plus, that filler will migrate and make you look dumb as hell.

No. 304995

Thanks for the advice nonna. I suppose I feel like I'm not always "feminine" or "cute" enough (I know, sounds stupid) whenever I see women that have those smooth small foreheads. Similarly to how you'll often see small noses be praised for being "cute". I compare and get self-conscious.
>brow ridges are normal features that many women have
I guess I just don't see it very often, or don't notice.
>that filler will migrate
Good point

No. 305004

Anon I have the same issue and it's only something I started noticing when hanging out in spaces that pick on trannies. No one notices it in real life or thinks about it but us, I promise

No. 305056

Has anyone had permanent eyeliner done?

No. 305273

File: 1672170113665.png (3.58 MB, 1630x1478, Screenshot 2022-12-27 at 3.27.…)

fuck it, i've decided i'm going to get filler in my nasolabial folds. picrel isn't me but hers are very close to mine. i'm only 23, but i feel like i look 50 because of them, they make me feel so disgusting and i notice them every single time i catch my reflection. my own face makes me cry. i'm sick of it. it's fixable and i have a high enough credit limit to afford to fix it so i'm going to fix it. i may end up getting other fillers as well. cheek fillers seem like they're commonly done at the same time, i'm also interested in lip fillers but i don't care about that as much. it depends what the doctor says when i get a consultation. if it looks like shit then at least i'll know i tried. if it looks good, i'm willing to keep getting it touched up forever, or at least until i'm old enough that they look normal. i'll post before and after photos here once it's done. any advice from people who have gotten this done before is appreciated.

No. 305279

I know quite a few people who have and the black ends up turning blue or green and the color bleeds pretty bad because of thin skin.Look into the places results and ask if they have any 5+ year out pics to make sure it's going to be worth it

No. 305280

It's never ever worth it unless you're ginger or just look sick without anything lining your eyes, even then eyelash extensions are a better investment

No. 305281

>Moid plastic surgeon
Just stop right there. Unless he was Dr youn then he's crappy. When I was reviewing doctors for mine one of them was trying to neg me into getting a bigger size by saying he thought I was a B cup, I'm a 28H! Stupid moids wanting all women to be anorexic with basketball tits

No. 305286

i really hate to say this but i literally had no idea what the difference was in the before and after image until i read your post. if you and her are the same or even just 'similar' i don't think you have anything to worry about. have you been memed into caring about it from lolcow or the internet?

No. 305291

If you’re young, a main cause of those lines can be side sleeping, try putting frownies or something similar over the sides of your mouth before bed and see if it helps before you get filler

No. 305293

the idea that a ginger of all people would benefit from having a dark line permanently tattooed is laughable, gingers need light makeup that matches their skin. anyway tattooed eyeliner is a bad idea for everyone. it doesn't take that long to put it on and it looks way better than a tattoo. what's the point?

No. 305328

What are frownies? How do they work? Not the original anon btw

No. 305331

File: 1672203052180.jpg (171.07 KB, 1125x1129, 621f1754d8f358695b6bd633_IMG_7…)

They could get a brown liner then right? I don't think permanent eyeliner looks good on anyway unless you're getting something super light. It's the easiest type of permanent makeup that fucks up plus most people who get it anyway are tammys

No. 305343

Nasolabial fold filler migrates like hell, causes drooping later on, and is extremely risky because of the area's blood vessels. You could literally end up losing your nose or upper lip. Doctors who still do it are hacks.

No. 305374

what's your problem? why are you so mad about people talking about getting cosmetic procedures on the plastic surgery thread? you seem very rude and angry and like you're more interested in larping your meangirl fantasies than actually giving advice or having conversation. and what the fuck is your comment at the end saying i'm calling little girls whores? what is wrong with you? didn't your mother ever tell you that if you can't say anything nice, you shouldn't say anything at all? i'm not responding to you further so don't bother.

No. 306836

File: 1673131926127.jpg (79.47 KB, 966x286, 20230106_131754.jpg)

I have a rhinoplasty scheduled for the 10th in Turkey. Be brutally honest, would you get your nose fixed too if you had one just like mine? Picrel.

No. 306837

don't post pictures of yourself on a website visited by men who will repost your pictures with the intention of degrading you. pls delete for your own good

No. 306838

I'd get lip filler if I were you tbh

No. 306839

File: 1673132124560.jpg (223.01 KB, 800x450, oldman.jpg)

How many times must we teach you this lesson, newfags?

No. 306841

there are unhinged scrotes who kept galleries of womens pics that they posted on here, please delete this unless you wanna be added to it

No. 306842

File: 1673132408408.jpg (196.41 KB, 1488x891, 20230107_175952.jpg)

My lips are actually quite good

No. 306843

I'll be extremely hot after my surgery so I don't really care tbh.

No. 306847

No. what are they even gonna do to it? It’s (perfectly) straight already and lined up with your mouth.

No. 306848

It's very bulbous and I've been bullied for it a lot

No. 306853

i think you're missing the point nonna..also people could probably figure out your location from the background

No. 306854

Its a grocery store

No. 306861

anon please do not do this. nasolabial folds are not an indicator of old age, it's totally fucking normal feature for young people to have these and you will fuck your face up by the time you'd actually benefit from filler. fwiw cheek filler will actually exacerbate those folds.

you're responding to an ai image, look carefully at the background. that said, if it were a real photo it'd prob be a scrote sockpuppeting as some girl he stalks, its typical channer behavior

No. 306864

File: 1673135876036.jpg (655.53 KB, 2268x1496, 20230107_185753.jpg)

Not an ai image, I just zoomed in because my shirt had an embarrassing logo on it. My nose is bulbous and I'm very insecure of it.

No. 306873

I find your lips and chin very cute, dare I say, kissable? (no homo). The nose adds a little wildness to your face. You just look extremely cute and have memorable features.

No. 306879

Ty anon :>
I'm not changing anything else on my face, just my nose

No. 306903

File: 1673152648668.png (115.52 KB, 1689x699, Untitled.png)

I think that a lot of people have the assumption that injectables are the more "natural" choice of aesthetic modification but they couldn't be more wrong. Nothing beats a scalpel. You're not adding a foreign substance, youre working with what you already have. And the results are way better. Fillers just make your face ever-expanding.

No. 306907

You look fine nonnie

No. 306917

Please stop recommending girls in their twenties to get facelifts you idiot

No. 306961

Where did I say that retard? I'm saying stop slowly accumulating filler over your life like most celebs and age naturally until you want the surgery

No. 307056

This is more of a feels post but definitely fits in here… Back in 2020 I went in for a macs lift consultation (I have premature jowling thanks to having an underdeveloped jaw). The estimated price for the procedure was $5k USD but I decided to hold off. Fast forward to now, I go back to the surgeons website after some reconsideration to see that the projected base estimate for the procedure has now jumped to $12k… Fml. Should I hold out some hope that it might change in the future? And (maybe this is a fat chance) but do you think if I schedule another consult and ask the surgeon about the price hike he might lower it?

No. 307124

File: 1673287132873.png (1.06 MB, 1200x630, snooks3.png)

Kylie jenner is the biggest example of the mature face issue. She looks good, but she does not look her age. Kim sometimes even looks the same age as her, which makes sense since Kim had a surgery/filler free adolescence. And Kylie is fortunate to have the best plastic surgeons/filler specialists in the world, and she still looks old.

Many celebrities went the filler route because it allows quick recovery time while they have really busy schedules and intense paparazzi coverage. But it definitely isn't the best method. Nicole Polizzi (snooki) is also a good example. she pumped her face with filler only like 2-3 years after her massive weight loss but now she's gone and aged herself again.

She looked great with the minimal face alterations, and somehow way younger than her party chubby self.

No. 307438

File: 1673465467099.jpg (Spoiler Image,216.82 KB, 865x1026, jaw.jpg)

I already have a chin implant but I would really like an honest opinion on how worth it it would be for me to pursue jaw surgery? Functionally my bite seems fine, I just have TMJ issues, but in terms of aesthetics my face is quite long and has 0 forward projection which I'd really like to fix.

No. 307439

Snooki is 35, she looks fine. If anything it was the constant tanning that damaged her skin, it still looks pretty smooth to me though

No. 307440

Lol Aella is that you?

No. 307441

In my experience, invasive surgery only gets more expensive with time. Last year I got quoted 2000 bucks for a rhinoplasty in Turkey, now it costs 8000 by the same doctor.

No. 307443

File: 1673466076840.gif (612.73 KB, 245x175, E0F0D427-4F15-4970-9F6B-8845DA…)

I still don’t get why ScarJo is the OP pic for this surgery thread lol. She hasn’t had surgery, she’s literally just wearing nose contour in the second pic + different lighting.

She was like 13 here and looks the same, she was always naturally beautiful.

No. 307445

Never get jaw surgery unless it's for medical reasons, there are too many complications down the line. I hope the chin implant is new and still swollen.

No. 307446

Bulbous tips seems so hard to fix. I had a nose job and the tip got a bit better, but still. Seems really hard to go from bulbous to that sharp Bella Hadid tip without getting Michael Jackson'd. I wanna go to Turkey/Iran too. Are you going alone, nonnie? Or do you live there?

No. 307447

Lol no I've actually had it for years now. I'm assuming that means it doesn't look great (Which I agree with).

No. 307448

Why is getting a face lift in your 20s any dumber than filling your shit full of filler? Like another nonnie said, scalpels > filler. That's what female celebs are secretly doing, face lifts before 30.

No. 307452

>face lifts in your twenties and early 30s
Zero examples of celebrities who look good with theirs. Bella looks 40, Ariana has facial paralysis etc.

No. 307455

Bella looks 40 because she's literally a skeleton + buccal fat removal.

No. 307459

Okay so tell me what good does a facelift do for a 20 year old who has no jowls, no neck sagging, no excess skin? Literally what is the purpose? It just creates scarring, stretches the skin, and moves the fat pads around to anatomically incorrect positions.

No. 307460

You get snatched and sexy

No. 307464

You really don't though, you just look like the cat lady at 23.

No. 307467

Are you trolling? It stretches out your skin that wasn't even sagging to begin with. It causes premature aging and then when they're older they will want another facelift but their skin is already stretched from the uneeded one they had when they were young

No. 307470

I am not really familiar with this person so I'm not sure if this is a bad thing haha

No. 307491

My breast are small and pointy. I have been considering surgery to make them round (i don't want them big). Is it true that you have to change the implants every 10 years?

No. 307498

yes and you get autoimmune illness, not worth it. pointy tits are cute and stylish, they're a fashion statement

No. 307505

If you don't want them big there's breast reshaping options. I also noticed a lot of women who get areola reductions end up with rounder breasts

No. 307552

Is facial feminization surgery if you’re not a troon, but look very masculine?

No. 307553

*Worth it if you’re not a troon. Fuck,

No. 307566

Oh thank you, I don't want any medical trouble because of a plastic surgery.
Are they really trendy? I have never seen someone famous with my breast shape
Thank you! I didn't know about that. I'll research it.

No. 307590

35 is going tbh. and also, she didn’t tan as much like her cast mates because she’s actually indigenous Chilean and was adopted by italians. She is genuinely just that dark naturally.

checkout videos of her in motion, you can clearly see the filler migration around her lower mouth now

No. 307591

35 is young*

No. 307606

No, the doctors pretty much just fuck your shit up with that procedure, that's why many of them still look manish even after the procedure. Maybe consider asking a plastic surgeon for their opinion on your facial harmony.

No. 307706

File: 1673645643740.jpg (91.83 KB, 1080x856, 20230114_002718.jpg)

My nose job made my face 10x cuter. And I no longer have a deviated septum, nor a collapsed nostril, nor a weird looking profile.

No. 307708

File: 1673645701619.jpg (48.63 KB, 720x570, 20230114_002820.jpg)

Before pic btw

No. 307711

It's good if it helps you breathe better, but you looked perfectly fine before

No. 307719

File: 1673650064606.jpg (58.85 KB, 734x468, 20230114_014640.jpg)

My before face was more asymmetrical too

No. 307721

File: 1673650180382.jpg (79.49 KB, 1080x656, 20230114_014723.jpg)


No. 307722

This is the ugliest fucking nosejob I've ever seen. No way it won't be falling off in a decade at best. I'm so sorry for you

No. 307723

girl this looks like a momokun nose i'm sorry

No. 307724

check your eyes

No. 307725

how does the front view even remotely look like momokun's? also the tip always drops after the nose heals.

No. 307726

Your forward projection is fine. I think your profile is pretty.

How much did you pay for the chin implant, btw?

No. 307727

My honest advice: Get a lawyer. Your surgeon might owe you money.

No. 307728

No. 307739


No. 307742

File: 1673654761433.jpeg (199.93 KB, 750x1252, 075C234F-66C9-4AF1-A900-333C15…)

Turks really just copy and paste the same piggy nose on to everyone kek. I think it looks horrible from the side, but people say it droops and looks more natural when it’s healed. Glad you can breathe easier now anyway nonnie

No. 307743

Unpopular opinion here but I like it. I like these kind of noses and wish I had it. I’m too scared and won’t ever get a surgery because something could go wrong and I’d end up disfigured and now my nose isn’t that bad.

No. 307745

I think some of the anons here are just bitter because they have personal issues.

Ski slope noses have always been a beauty standard, and if you want one, you shouldn't be afraid to go for one. Just be open with your surgeon

No. 307747

When I was 26 I went to a cosmetologist to get filler in my nasolabial folds which were very similar to your before photo and she actually laughed at me, told me she doesn’t see anything, I don’t need it and sent me home. She told me even little children have those and that fillers migrate a lot so she wouldn’t recommend them anyway. I’m glad to this day she was this kind and real even though she basically lost money. My folds mostly disappeared now that I’m getting closer to 30 when I broke up and stopped smiling a lot (kek the only upside). Because of that I believe they really aren’t indicator of aging but of emoting. Hope you don’t get the fillers.

No. 307754

would've been nice if it wasn't too short.. doesn't fit the face size.

No. 307755

The tips usually drop a significant amount during healing, afaik

No. 307756

it's gravity, not smiling. the no smiling trend to prevent nasolabial folds is creepy and genuinely depressing. but that was a good doctor

No. 307786

Would you chop your arms and legs off too if it meant scrotes would like you more, retard? It looks fucking ugly regardless of the standard. Plus, there's a reason only Turkish surgeons do the "look" because it's fucking illegal in the west. You can't take the amount of cartilidge they do and NOT expect serious complications. But you would just say the international health committes are sooo jealous of your new nose

No. 307790

I’m not doing any trend. I just noticed the lines aren’t there anymore.

No. 307791

No. 307793

File: 1673687239242.jpg (311.59 KB, 1701x939, Untitled.jpg)

I don't get the appeal.

No. 307794

Nona is this actually you?

No. 307796

Dumbest thing I've seen in a while. Paying money to make yourself look like one of those inbred dog breeds that can't breathe properly.

No. 307797

Take no notice of the others. They're just bitter, jealous, big long hook nose uglies. I've actually seen natural noses look very similar to your surgical nose. The tip will droop a little and you won't see your true result until a year or two. The frontal shot looks great. Definitely not a momokunt nose.

No. 307798

You used to be pretty and now look prettier. Who was your surgeon, anon?

No. 307799

It’s sooo cute! Loads of poor/insecure children on this thread I’m guessing.

No. 307800

Nta but I'm Turk and the reason Turks take more cartilage out is because we have bigger noses naturally compared to Europeans and therefore more cartilage. It's not illegal and most of those surgeons do put cartilage inside your nose for support. Though in any kind of nosejob, you're %10 going to have complications because it's a surgery and you can't predict how the tissue is going to heal.

No. 307802

Kys. Just shut up and kys. Only a pickme retard would say she or any woman getting plastic surgery was doing it for a moid. Maybe she did it to correct flaws to feel more beautiful and confident. Maybe she has her own idea of beauty. Maybe she just wants to realise her most ideal self. But the truth is, you don't know why she did it. You just project and assume and instantly jump to the conclusion she's doing it for worthless scrotes. Fuck off.

No. 307803

No. 307804

> Maybe she just wants to realise her most ideal self
This is literally tranny thinking.
>I need to butcher my body to become my authentic self!

No. 307805

This kek, treating body dysmorphia with surgery is just a few steps away from treating gender dysphoria with surgery. Same logic, anyway, but one is more extreme.

No. 307806

Why do anons come to the plastic surgery thread and have autistic meltdowns when people talk about GASP plastic surgery?

No. 307808

For me it's because it's such a risk and I think the result usually looks worse or the same compared to the natural. I think it takes advantage of mentally ill and easily brainwashed people who are sold this bullshit by social media influencers. Looking at this thread it's all perfectly normal looking people going under the knife for no good reason.

It's as if this site had an unironic pro ana thread where people talk about the best ways to purge and such, it's bound to at least occasionally attract people who oppose the practice.

No. 307811

File: 1673691830206.jpg (814.32 KB, 1488x2640, 20230114_132343.jpg)


My cast rn

No. 307812

Oh god its erin painter kek

No. 307813

Thank you!

I went to Dr. Tolga Bilece in Istanbul. He is an ENT and he only does noses.

I'm still in recovery

No. 307814

Then don't browse this thread. We also have an anachan thread even though starving yourself will %100 cause in death. Though anons bully bddchans way harder than anachans for some reason.
Anon please don't post identifiable pictures here for your own safety, there are a lot of male and mentally ill female anons that'll repost them or try to doxx you.

No. 307815

File: 1673692967369.png (29.99 KB, 900x92, 2023-01-14_11-42-20.png)

I JUST saw this in the mtf thread. It could come from here.

No. 307816

Lol fuckin thank you.

If you look at my front profile, you can see that my old nose was crooked and bulbous. I had a deviated septum and a collapsed nostril, and wasn't thrilled with how my nose looked in general.

I really like it now and I don't give a shit about attracting men. I think I'm asexual anyway

No. 307817

Prettiness is attractiveness, pursuing it is pursuing appealing to potential partners. This is burned into your DNA at such a fundamental level that you might be blind to it, but that doesn't change what it is.

No. 307818

So people shouldn't try to be attractive?

What if I like women more than I like men?

No. 307819

It's fine to want to be attractive, but it's not fine to be in denial about it.

No. 307820

This is the plastic surgery thread. Nobody is in denial about anything

No. 307821

Nobody cares if you like women, the societal standard is modelled according to scrote tastes anyway.

No. 307822

Omg that is such an annoying mentality. Women mostly prefer compliments from other women.

No. 307823

No, making little tweaks to your natural female face is different from giving yourself a whole new body plus taking hormones.

No. 307824

Sorry but both is giving into and succumbing to your mental illness unless you had a freak deformity that actually affects your quality of life. TIM's get facial feminization surgery too you know and do "little tweaks" to appear more feminine, just how women succumb to beauty standards to appear like a more idealized version of what a female should look like.
Like I said, one is more extreme than the other, but both are retarded.

No. 307825

You sound like a boomer

No. 307826

Why are people such bullies when it comes to women getting plastic surgery? It screams either insecurity or misogyny. I feel like it’s repackaged misogyny rad feminists can get on board with, no one ever spergs about men getting dodgy hairline transplants in turkey! But a cute girl gets a nice nose job… instant bullying.

Get off the internet if you hate women, die.

No. 307827

Encouraging women to love their natural bodies is misogyny. Enlightened take.

No. 307828

Of course women should be comfortable naturally, but if they’re not they should be allowed to change themselves without judgment.
Bullying women on the internet for having a nose job, pick me femcel behaviour. Even telling her her perfectly fine nose job is ugly to bring her down to your level.
Can you see how this reeks of misogyny and jealousy?

Not being supportive of certain trends or beauty standards is fine, but actively attacking the women who are trying to survive and be happy isn’t.

No. 307831

>everything women do is to attract male to fuck them reee
Ok but what about the lesbians who get plastic surgery? What about straight men who get plastic surgery? Lmao.

No. 307832

Only women I've heard mock women for plastic surgery were the ones who were naturally ugly themselves. None of the girls with naturally thin bodies and ski slope noses care if you get surgery, the obese ones who secretly wish they could change their whole face are the ones that get mad.

No. 307833

her nose looked perfect? wtf did she do

No. 307834

Doesn't change the fact that the standard itself caters mostly to the tastes of men, cope and seethe.
Plastic surgery is a huge risk taken for essentially nothing since your appearance will, first of all, deteriorate anyway as you age (according to shitty beauty ideals anyway) and secondly, a woman's value shouldn't be based on what she looks like, but going under the knife for minor things just reinforces the attitude that looks should dictate your life choices and determine your value as a person. It's not misogyny to point out that the choices you make can be based on internalized misogyny, and claiming otherwise sounds like a retarded libfem take.
>no one ever spergs about men getting dodgy hairline transplants in turkey!
I don't sperg about that bc I don't care if a dumb scrote fucks up his scalp lmao

No. 307835

Women’s worth shouldn’t be based on her outward beauty, but it is. It really is and always has been and will never change.
This + capitalism selling us remedies and fixes means it’s even fucking worse.

Where’s the line between not supporting plastic surgery and the pick me “I’d NEVER get plastic surgery” and literally just hating on women for how they look? Making fun of the new nose of an obviously insecure woman. That looks perfectly fine btw.
Wishing them to get botched, etc.
It’s misogyny. It’s hating women. Wishing harm on women.

Shit on the industry all you want but leave women alone.

No. 307836

she already had a good small nose before so of course it’s gonna look bad when you cut into it.

No. 307838

You're all absolutely 100% certified retards. Ancient Egyptians were actually one of the very first to strive towards realising their most ideal self, both women and men. Hence the wigs and makeup, which is about enhancing appearance. Plastic surgery is just another way one can enhance their appearance. Attractive, beautiful people are perceived more favourably by society and having plastic surgery can really improve one's life if it's done right. It can even increase work related opportunities. For example, in South Korea, people have to attach photo of their face to their application and are judged on their looks and presentation. I don't know what reality you are living in, but here people judge others based on their looks and are bias to attractive people. Hence why plastic surgery can be a confidence booster and improve one's quality of life.

No. 307839

NTA and I don’t mind plastic surgery but why would that be an insult? Do you hate older people? Kinda ironic to use age as an insult in this context considering your arguments for PS

No. 307840

And you sound ageist.

No. 307841

Im the turkfag from before and even our men get nosejobs, it's not about appealing to men's standards but rather about trying to appear more white passing. You're obviously hating on anon because she's a woman who dared to make a choice that goes against your beliefs, you're not based.

No. 307842

Everyone's worth is based on their outward beauty. I don't see the value in ugly men, in fact, they shouldn't even exist because they're just the physical manifestation of shit tier genetics that shouldn't even be given the chance to exist with the possibility they make pass their shit genetics on and downgrade a woman's genetics by mixing their DNA with hers. And even children perceived as ugly are often neglected and abused by their parents.

No. 307843

all nose jobs are racist

No. 307847

Haha no, as a white woman getting a Eurocentric ski slope nose isn’t racist. My two sisters have the perfect nose and I wanted what they have, I was born with breathing difficulties a deviated septum and a fucked up jaw from a recessed chin/overbite. How is getting what I should have had naturally if I wasn’t born “deformed” racist?

No. 307848

Same could be said of the anons who immediately went "u r ugly and jelly" when someone dared to criticise getting surgery for a normal looking nose. And I wasn't wishing for anyone to get botched, for the record.

No. 307849

Yes because it’s ugly pick me behaviour

No. 307850

Anon stop arguing with them. It's true that ski slope is a eurocentric standard but that doesn't mean wanting to fit that standard is bad. Anons here who are hating on plastic surgery and calling normal women bdd-chans are the same anons that make vents about hating how they look. Good looking women never hate on other women's looks as much as these anons do.

No. 307852

cases of deformation are different, but i'll also approach this as if you weren't literally deformed (since i know other white nonas will read this and think "yea i'm white and i want another white nose"):
why are you rejecting the white, european group that ensured your existence for another? that is racist. white people can experience racism.

No. 307853

Literally. I knew an ugly girl who planned on getting her jaw shaped, nose done and eyelids cut off and the same girl told my friend's with a nosejob that she could never get a surgery even though she was actively hating her face and researching procedures.

No. 307854

Nta but
>white people can experience racism
Kek. You just proved you're 80iq.

No. 307855

if you think racism only ever applies to non-white people, you're delusional.

No. 307856

And immediately calling women who disagree with you ugly as if that is the worst insult isn't? I couldn't give two shits if someone thinks I'm ugly, and I do recommend adopting that mindset instead of wasting your money and endangering your life for the sake of a smaller nose.

No. 307857

You're chronically online. You believe women do everything to get men to fuck them and that whites face racism. Go outside, Becky.

No. 307858

It’s crabs in a bucket mentality. If I am not/can’t be beautiful, nobody deserves to be and it’s morally wrong to make yourself beautiful or improve yourself!
I’m morally superior because I’m HAPPY being ugly, okay girl, good for you. Now if you were so happy you wouldn’t be spreading your hate and shit opinions. Go be happy, ugly and thriving offline not on a thread about plastic surgery.

or at least go to some shitty rad fem twitter circle jerk where everyone will agree with you and you can stroke each others superior “not like other girls” ugly egos there.

No. 307860

Bet they aren't radfem but rather libfem since radfems wouldn't assume every womans end goal is to fuck men, libfems would. Anyways, that anon should go outside and learn how to do proper self care. Everyone can look at least average when they do proper selfcare and she admits she's an uggo.

No. 307862

File: 1673704848111.jpg (575.01 KB, 1080x1290, Screenshot_20230114-135841_Bra…)

Picrel is said anon

No. 307865

how is plastic surgery rejecting said anon’s whiteness? and why are so many white pride types popping up on the site? please take this shit back to /pol/ or wherever you guys hang out nowadays.

No. 307868

i didn't say any of those things, i just pointed out racism. it's not even about moids. i'm not speaking for/against plastic surgery as a whole, but if you think the deliberate destruction of any phenotype's features is not discriminatory and rooted in racist ideals of homogeneity, you are not living in reality.
lol are you a "looksmaxxing femcel" or something? talk abou chronically online.

No. 307869

By white he meant jewish, lmao.
Ever heard of "becky with good hair"? It's a name basic white women, not everything is about being a femcel or wanting men's approval. Quit projecting.

No. 307870

why is acknowledging racism now /pol/ shit? because i think all races and their natural in-group and out-group variations are beautiful? if you think white people need to look a certain way, and/or that other racial groups should follow, you are the one from /pol/. diversity = good

No. 307871

sorry i'm not from twitter, you're the only one projecting with your male obsession. good to see you have no actual response to what i'm saying though, bye

No. 307876

my direct ancestors were all rapists and murderers. why shouldn't i want to look different from them? also, no, white people don't experience racism. at least not in any way that actually matters.

No. 307878

maybe the men were.
>white people don't experience racism. at least not in any way that actually matters.
it all matters.

No. 307882

samefag, the features currently pushed also belong to rapists and murderer ancestor scrotes lol

No. 307887

The features that are being pushed are small noses, big lips and big asses. When you put those together I can't quite imagine a serial killer but ok.
Becky with the good hair is from a song lyric, tard. Also you're calling others twittards while acting like you're oppressed for being white, lmao. You're not ugly and pathetic because you're white, you're ugly and pathetic because you're yourself.

No. 307891

Are you saying my white working class family living in Europe are rapists and murders for having natural conventionally “attractive” features? What the fuck.
I’m not oppressed, at least not for being white. Maybe slightly for not being as -beautiful- as my family are or being raised with no money or low class, but never for being white. I’d even say even though I’m not conventionally attractive I’ve got away with at least some pretty privilege in my life cause other than my nose and fucked up jaw I’m not ugly per-se. At least average.

Can’t believe this has got into this race bait shit. White people (or anyone?) aren’t racist for having nose jobs. Go outside!!

No. 307892

sure, men with big lips and/or small noses totally never kill or rape anyone. are you going to start going on about "evil/inferior" skull shapes and physiognomy next lol? sorry to tell you, but rapist/murderer moids don't all look one way.
>Becky with the good hair is from a song lyric, tard.
i really didn't ask.
>Also you're calling others twittards while acting like you're oppressed for being white, lmao. You're not ugly and pathetic because you're white, you're ugly and pathetic because you're yourself.
i'm white and "ugly and pathetic" because i don't worship plastic surgery, think all groups of women face discrimination…i'm definitely sensing some heavy projection, even aside from you randomly bringing up men's feelings. i hope you get the help you need aside from having your face and ass changed, anon. best of luck. btw, being "ugly" or a "becky" definitely isn't the worst thing on planet earth for a woman to be, no matter what scrotal messages you've overdosed on. what's actually pathetic, surgery or no, is that mindset.

No. 307894

are conventionally attractive, working class people incapable of raping or murdering? news to me.
>White people (or anyone?) aren’t racist for having nose jobs. Go outside!!
you either have no reading comprehension or you didn't read the thread and just got mad. multiple anons even before me have explained it. no one is racist for getting the procedure. it's the standard and the logic/enforcement behind that is.

No. 307895

fair enough but i didn't get my looks from the women unfortunately

No. 307896

The mental gymnastics you’re pulling to put other women down for having a nose job are absurd. I’m not, or any of us aren’t responsible for how or why we have our features. We also aren’t responsible for the amount of fucking pressure society puts us under to look a certain way. Stop feeling morally superior to other women cause you like your big stinker of a nose. Well done!

No. 307897

who said you were responsible? saying the procedure is fucked up and society's standards are too has nothing to do with the women who get it. i said one thing and one thing only about nosejobs, and you've made it about yourself because ig you're in love with plastic surgeons or companies or something.
>Stop feeling morally superior to other women cause you like your big stinker of a nose.
i have a "conventionally attractive" nose, but alright.

No. 307903

Ah so it’s easy for you to put other women down for trying to fit the beauty standards because you already fit and benefit from them? Okay okay pick me pick me

No. 307904

and now you're being intellectually dishonest, on top of such an actual pickme that you're defending scrotes forcing this bullshit on all of us. i must be "ugly", or i must actually have a conspiracy to hurt and put down "ugly" women because i told the truth about the beauty standards. keep simping for men nonny, surely you'll be chosen and then you'll be satisfied if you just conform hard enough.

No. 307906

>Shit on the industry all you want but leave women alone.
I agree, but the issue is that even some anons ITT are now at the point that they're defending the industry. They become so wrapped up in all this shit that they literally identify with the institution, like a cult, and think it's a personal attack when people don't support plastic surgery itself.

No. 307907

Boomer is more of a mindset than an age.

No. 307908

Europeans usually have big noses. The ski slope is more Asian imho.

No. 307909

I don't disagree with you, but most white people have big noses lol

Asians have ski slopes

No. 307910

Turks are already way cuter than whites tbh

No. 307915

Don’t argue with them, there’s no use. That anon has some issues and is projecting some weird stuff onto you, I guess some white people pissed her off and shes taking it out on you. Quite common on lolcow

No. 307916

Turks are white you retard

No. 307917

so am i a white becky from /pol/, or do i hate all white people for thinking white women don't need to change their features to appease a shitty society? choose one narrative please.

No. 307922

They're mixed and originally from Asia lol

No. 307923

What the fuck does any of this have to do with race anyway? I didn't get a nose job to look more "white", I got a nose job to look cuter and have a nose that'd match my face better.

No. 307924

Oh, and again, I also had breathing issues that were fixed.

No. 307928

No it's not. My god you're retarded, just shut up already. You say really stupid things. Do you even think before you comment? Yeah I didn't think so.

No. 307929

A lot of white people have fine features and small button noses. And asians have flat faces that's why you all get plastic surgery to get better definition and projection. All your idols, models, actresses/ actors and celebrities get rhinoplasties to make their bridge more prominent so their noses don't look so flat and wide. So shut up and go get your double eyelid surgery your parents paid for as a graduation present and bleach your skin while you're at it lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 307931

Nah lots of Asians have high nose bridges stop being a racist tranny scrote POS thanks

No. 307933

Asians themselves say they don't have high noses but ok

No. 307935


Thank you nona. I'm not sure now because after Aella comparison and seeing her thread on snow with everyone talking about how ugly and manly she is and the one reply that they hoped my chin implant was new and still swollen I'm like…okay yeah I guess I need something done lol.

Also it was some years ago now that I got the chin implant and it was done in tandem with a rhinoplasty so I'm not exactly sure on the cost, I'm sorry!

No. 307946

Anons ITT, and actually on the rest of the board too, really need to learn what "pickme" actually means.

No. 307949

what if i told you there is an internal male we are all trying to appeal to subconsciously

No. 307952

File: 1673737439777.jpg (Spoiler Image,208.54 KB, 1824x1368, 1665184175796.jpg)

Idk why anyone would want SK's insane standards where they do shit like this.

No. 307953

It’s more to do with how Koreans have high standards in everything they do including for aesthetics and beauty. It’s why they aren’t all obese like westerners. Americans think not making effort and looking like a disgusting slob is normal and good. Koreans believe that everyone should try their hardest to make the best of themselves.

No. 307954

You realize not all Asians are flat faced south Han Chinese from hong kong right?

No. 307955

But they take it too far though to the point of looking creepy. neither extreme is good. They aren't any more healthier than westerners, just the opposite end of unhealthy.
>It’s why they aren’t all obese like westerners
Yes instead they promote legit eating disorders, especially amongst idols.

No. 307956

According to this, even Eugenia Cooney is obese apparently lmao fuckkng retard

No. 307957

No. 307958

Samefag but also the whole tiny head obsession doesn't look "aesthetic" at all. Just looks weird and eerie imo.

No. 307963

nta but the standards for mens' beauty are waaaay lower than women's tbf. they rarely get anywhere near the same amount of work done that women get.

No. 307964

there honestly shouldn't even be a plastic surgery thread in place where there's a whole flat out 3rd wave feminism board kek

No. 307977

Want a breast reduction again so bad. Last surgeon didn’t remove enough and I’m basically back to my pre-surgery size.

No. 307983

>3rd wave feminism

No. 307987

Lol I'm a different anon and pro plastic surgery. I'm tired of people crying about "eurocentric beauty standards" when small noses are not really eurocentric. Japanese anime makes fun of white people by portraying them with big noses.

No. 307988

File: 1673751082786.jpeg (33.25 KB, 640x360, images (32).jpeg)

Lol okay

No. 307991

File: 1673751621205.gif (129.41 KB, 930x455, pub-291_01.gif)

Straight from Japan's immigration services website

No. 307998

did she shave her brow ridge and get something done to her eyes too?

No. 308002

We are not white

No. 308003

So you're ignorant, low IQ and support racial stereotypes. Bssically you're racist. Got it.

No. 308004

Yes you are kek

No. 308007

File: 1673758195882.png (147.96 KB, 850x293, Photographs-show-a-typical-Asi…)

Okay ricecels

No. 308008

File: 1673758257924.jpeg (58.88 KB, 529x579, images (34).jpeg)

We're not.

No. 308009

File: 1673758321622.jpeg (40.41 KB, 513x598, images (31).jpeg)

English teacher tranny.

No. 308011

No, I'm just tired of people accusing girls who get nose jobs of trying to conform to "eurocentric" beauty standards.

No. 308012

File: 1673758491872.jpg (97.75 KB, 392x500, 20230115_045214.jpg)

The typical flat face of ricecels like you kek

No. 308013

I'm gonna be honest I have no clue what your pic means. Caucasian included Turks I thought, but feel free to correct me

Tragic, she had the perfect nose before. Now she looks literally deformed. It's far too short both in height and width

No. 308014

File: 1673758589935.jpg (200.08 KB, 1181x674, 1671524452076793.jpg)

Okay tranny.

No. 308015

Can you guys stop racebaiting. White people typically have high nose bridges, while asians typically have shorter nose bridges. They're both cute, now stop arguing

No. 308016

Animu isn't real life neither are cartoons. Has the internet really rotted your brain this much? And the rest have had plastic surgery, especially the japanese actress/ idols. The last Asian example looks like a man lmao what was your point posting this exactly?

No. 308017

*flat nose bridge

No. 308018

Ah my bad, I meant flatter yeah. Anyway my point is that they're both cute, neither is superior. I don't understand why nonnies are arguing about this

No. 308020

One on the left does porn for ricecels and has had plastic surgery. One on the right isn't a prostitute at a maid cafe pandering to negative value scrotes.

No. 308021

File: 1673758983561.png (402.64 KB, 437x581, a96iopow65z11.png)

Japanese people don't have as much plastic surgery as Koreans or Chinese, but even when they do, it's not to look like europeans.

No. 308022

File: 1673759054349.jpg (138 KB, 921x1130, 1665083353814740.jpg)

So you support Ann Coulter?

No. 308023

Yeah, we are Caucasian but white supremacists don't consider us white like anglos or nordics

No. 308024

File: 1673759251602.jpg (457.7 KB, 978x1361, Screenshot_20230115-050559_Chr…)

Why are you posting 4chan incels? Picrel is the typical Asian male before plastic surgery.

No. 308026

No idea who that is. Don't care either. Who they are is irrelevant as the post was made to to compare and contrast their looks and judge their appearance. Their name, who they actually are, is of no significance. You're dumb.

No. 308027

File: 1673759634182.jpg (40.49 KB, 268x381, jun_matsumoto.jpg)

Asian guys are way cuter than 90% of white guys.

No. 308028

Ayrt, thanks for clarifying. So wouldn't saying Turks are not white be upholding white supremacist standards? Or do Turks also believe they shouldn't be classified as white?

No. 308030

I'm not arguing here but why did you put a picture of an onlyfans girl and then fucking Ann Coulter. That's disingenuous as fuck kek at least post a white women who is also considered pretty

No. 308031

I think the western obsession with race is very stupid, some turks are blonde and some are very dark. Just like jews

No. 308034

I mean, you could just look up "アニメキャラクター白人" on youtube and tell me what most of the Japanese comments say.

No. 308035

File: 1673760119438.png (281.37 KB, 746x292, typical-flat-asian-face.png)

Then why are you here and not busy fucking them? Oh you're a ricecel like picrel and you didn't get picked. You have a good face for sitting behind a computer screen.
And your husbando has visited a plastic surgeon a few times.(racebait)

No. 308037

Nona I can't read Japanese nor do I care about the argument you guys are having. I just think it's disingenuous to post the asian woman who would probably be universally considered very pretty compared to a white woman who is considered ugly kek. I don't think even her boomer racist fans consider her pretty

No. 308039

I have been with a qt asian boy before, and it always makes the ugly white men jealous. Are you an English teacher tranny?

No. 308040

Why do you care so much about what white males think and why are you paying attention to them long enough to notice them being supposedly jealous? Really weird flex but okay kek

No. 308041

File: 1673761116744.jpg (572.11 KB, 1080x1486, Screenshot_20230115-053655_Gal…)

>I have been with a qt asian boy before
The qt asian boy

No. 308044

File: 1673761707098.jpeg (54.04 KB, 768x432, 4d71fd0a3a784b187a7bf8771cc85b…)

Funny how there was an Asian woman who got tonnes of plastic surgery to try to look like a third rate Miranda Kerr.

No. 308045

Most Asian women don't want to look like her, though.

No. 308047

this thread makes a very convincing argument about why pickmes should be banned from the internet

No. 308048

You are a jealous balding white scrote.

No. 308049

thread filled with actual racism…lol i'm so convinced plastic surgery doesn't encourage mental illnesses.

No. 308061

Anyone who gets surgery for cosmetic and not reconstructive/health reasons is very mentally ill in general

No. 308074

you are retarded, there are multiple threads on this site filled with racism against asian and black people because the people that lurk this site are white tranny males.

No. 308134

What if you have medical issues and want an aesthetically more pleasing look at the same time.

No. 308135

White trannies love to try to compliment themselves by saying that any woman who wants to become prettier is trying to look white or eurocentric or something.

They also don't want cis women to mog them even more

No. 308143

omg they keep giving these girls pig noses. their nostrils are completely facing forward

No. 308156

I’m the anon you’re replying to and I’m also Turkish myself with multiple plastic surgeons in my family. I know what I’m talking about. Europeans also have massive sniffers but they almost never do the extreme procedures Turks do because it’s I-L-L-E-G-A-L. You will be heavily penalised and perhaps even lose your medical license. Yes, all plastic surgery is dangerous. But it gets infinitely more dangerous when you mutilate yourself. Are you illiterate or just slow? Super glueing a chunk of plastic on mutilated bone fragments isn’t even comparable to having a functioning nose.
Notice how all of these groups are very fringe minorities in the general scene of plastic surgery victims.

Plastic surgery is for spiritually weak women who weren’t loved enough as children. I would never even consider plastic surgery because my mother loves my face more than any other face in the world. Even if she didn’t, I wouldn’t change my face for the sake of other women. When you dye your greying hair the women who don’t look older. You PUT the pressure you’re complaining about on your sisters’ shoulders. You PUSH them to mutilate themselves with their hard earned money in order to be accepted by society. Men bully other men who get plastic surgery so they’re not forced to get it too. You’re so devoid of political intelligence you can’t venture outside of the box men have trapped you in. You don’t live in a glass jar, your “individual choices” affect other women negatively. What will you tell your daughter when she comes crying to you about her own nose? That she’s ugly and needs fixing? That’s exactly what you’re doing by getting your perfectly normal nosed butchered to the shape of a pig’s. It’s your hooked nose genes that will be passed on.
Changing your appearance for the viewing pleasure of others is a sign of submission. It’s spiritual weakness and the telltale sign of a low-ranking beta. If you’re truly qualified for a job your nose shape will never get in your way, only because our grandmothers died fighting for our rights. Surely you can manage to live life without 2 pints of juvaderm inside your face.
Stop the ‘COPE’ and start to self reflect. It’s not your face that is the problem but your spirit. Don’t even bother replying with “but it’s my choice, pickme” because I know you don’t believe what you’re saying either. Get real, sis.

No. 308159

No. 308189

Absolute stacy

No. 308199

You're so melodramatic.

Turkish surgeons are ranked as the best by people from multiple countries, and most botched surgeries come out of the US.

If my daughter hated her nose, I wouldn't be offended if she wanted plastic surgery to correct it. But I didn't even inherit my nose from anyone in my family and it's MY face. Nobody else's business.

No. 308202

File: 1673855418115.jpg (92.33 KB, 998x1024, youdroppedthisqueen.jpg)

>Changing your appearance for the viewing pleasure of others is a sign of submission.
I want this on a T-shirt.

No. 308214

Calling other women spiritually weak is very nlog behaviour actually. Also implying that all women want children and want to pass down our genes. Fuck off

No. 308218

Why are there so many anti-plastic surgery spergs in the PLASTIC SURGERY thread.

No. 308219

Seriously, fuck off.

No. 310640

File: 1674998514610.jpg (259.74 KB, 1200x1152, kate-beckinsale-before-and-aft…)

What procedures did she have?

No. 310646

I know a thing or two about cosmetic dentistry. She had a "gummy" smile before, which means a part of her gums were visible, its more common on women and 100% genetic. There are two ways to modify it
>Brackets, if her gummy smile was simply caused by malformed teeth
In her case, her front teeth were slightly downturned which she surely fixed with brackets, as you can see in the right pic, her teeth now looks straight
>Surgery, if that's just her facial anatomy
In her case, her upper lip was too short to cover the gums anyway so she got injections, too. Now her upper lip looks fuller

No. 311860

Anyone else hate how "breast reduction" has essentially become a buzzword/less embarrassing way of saying breast lift? It sucks it just shits up information about women legitimately getting a good amount of breast tissue removed and not just lifted. I get it, it's more socially acceptable to have a breast lift over a reduction but still just keep it to yourself if you can't be honest

No. 311872

Breast reductions/lifts in general can fuck off. I’ll happily keep my big tits until they’re sagging to my ankles.

No. 311892

Breast reductions are a medical necessity for some women. Not everyone wants to deal with backpain for the rest of their lives.

No. 311900

Not everything is about YOU or ALL women. Anon is happy with hers. Personally. As an individual. As a private citizen.

No. 311913

Girl no one told you to get one. I want a breast reduction because my back is thrown the fuck out. It's hard finding information from women who've legitimately got a good amount of breast tissue removed since so many breast reduction forums are filled with women who just had lifts. Good for you if you don't want one but I'm too active and thrown out my back too often while running and sailing and such

No. 311919

Anon said breast reductions in general can fuck off. As if no one needs them, just because she doesn't. I never even said I had big boobs, I'm just not retarded to think they're unnecessary.

No. 311962

Not to sound like that anon but for a while there was a troon larping as a girl with large breasts, obsessing over studies that men prefer ridiculous large tits and shitting on women for getting reduction

No. 311968

Macromastia fetishists or just crunchy people who attempt to talk women out of a medically needed surgery are the worst. Saggy breasts can cause an extreme amount of discomfort, rashes, make it impossible to find appropriate clothing, etc. Breasts that are too large can cause a whole heap of medical issues and reduce your life quality by a lot but moids don't fucking care that I can barely pick up what I need or get out of bed without feeling tons of pain because "hehe big titty good". Breast lifts can be embarassing and more frowned upon since most people see it as cosmetic than necessary where as people typically don't question women with breast reductions so it makes sense women who go in for lifts are just claiming they're getting a reduction

No. 312387

No. 312578

A lot of women get both things done at the same time/around the same time, so no. Not everyone who gets a breast lift needs tissue removed but a lot do. Easier just to say reduction in passing. I'm not seeing the information online getting muddled between the two.

No. 313355

File: 1676778796837.jpg (91.08 KB, 828x675, EbqYrOBXgAE4uqe.jpg)

If I could get a nose job that looks like the nose of this actress (Najwa Nimri) I would do it in a heartbeat. Literally the cutest nose I've ever seen in my life. Mine is also aquiline like hers but my tip is way more bulbous and I've been called a witch before. Her nose is so petite and delicate looking.

No. 313356

File: 1676778817936.jpg (107.05 KB, 1440x805, EbqYrOFWoAI_vcn.jpg)

No. 313357

File: 1676778929152.jpg (66.25 KB, 735x812, EbqYrOCXQAA8obV.jpg)

No. 313397

How do I decide between a chin implant vs genio?

No. 313403

You need to go to a maxilofacial surgeon to figure that out, I got told to get a genio because I keep breaking my molars in my sleep, but if you don't have any issues with that, maybe all you need is an implant.

No. 313488

Well, with anons here claiming every woman who isn't a pear shape or has visible shoulders is a troon, I can't blame anyone who wants to get that surgery now. I don't like trannies as much as the next anon, but I feel like in order to look like a woman to TERFs, it's like you need surgery at this point.

No. 313515

oh man, you didn't even try.

No. 313533

NONNAAAAAA!! Wow. Thank you for posting her picture, I can't believe how good her nose looks! Not sure if her bump has been messed with but I love that it's not a perfect ski slope and yet looks beautiful. This is definitely going into "learn to love my features" folder. I still wish my aquiline nose suited my face better, but I'm really not sure how much messing with it with surgery would actually help my facial harmony.

No. 313545

File: 1676862996006.jpg (588.75 KB, 828x1069, bleph.jpg)

Is under eye bleph quick and easy? The jp doctors make it seem like there's no downtime, no swelling, no redness, nothing.

No. 313654

what an evil surgery… the actress I am in love with has very prominent pudge under her eyes that is so cute, one time a magazine came out where they over-photoshopped her face and I panicked because I though she might have had this done but then other photos came out and she didn't, it was just photoshop, so I'm okay ♥

No. 313677

Not sure if jaw surgery for genuine pain and discomfort goes here, but for nonnas who did get it, how much did it help?
I'm tired of the stress of my jaw not sitting right and it being effortful to hold it in a "normal" position. The main thing holding me back is that I feel like I'll get judgement for such a drastically appearance changing surgery.

No. 313795

Can someone tell me what she did to the ridges on the her chin and around the mouth? Is that filler?

No. 313820

File: 1677039738702.jpeg (534.67 KB, 1344x667, ECE82752-9CC3-443F-BFAF-3A0BCE…)

Anyone hear about this dude? This vietnamese guy spent 17k usd on plastic surgery after being mocked and told that he was too ugly to get a job. He shared his plastic surgery story to inspire others that there is hope. Tbh his “story” is kinda dumb, since when did you need to look amazing to work a normal ass job? I’d have sympathy if his story was like that Japanese lady Vanilla.

No. 313823

plastic surgery "transformations" always are someone going from slightly ugly to uncanny valley. Personally I would rather be ugly than scary and alien looking

No. 313826

He's using filters

No. 313883

Sorry for replying to an old post but this is my exact forehead, though my brow ridge might be even more pronounced than that… Combined with a bulbous triangle nose and a giant horseface I look like an actual tranny. I have no idea what surgery is best for my forehead long-term, no matter what I search for the only thing that comes up is facial feminization surgery for men.

No. 314682

Nonnas who’ve had breast enhancement surgery: how do you feel now? Are you happy with your surgery? Do you feel different, both in terms of health and how you carry yourself and how you look? Are you more confident? Did it live up to your expectations?

I desperateky want breast implants but I’m scared of breast implant illness and that maybe it won’t have the effect I’m hoping for.

No. 314728

I did for tubular breasts and it's the best decision I've ever had. I actually enjoy sex without wanting to kms or not taking my shirt off, I can wear clothes that I like and don't need to worry about being super skinny to have a proportional body. I finally feel happy. I tried to accept and love myself but just can't. I don't care what moids say since all of them fap to fake breasted women anyway. I'd rather get the surgery instead of spending years hating my body. If I die within the next few years I'd rather do so happy with myself than hating my body

No. 314744

File: 1677634308168.png (101.98 KB, 768x432, jaw-surgery-768x432.png)

am thinking about getting double jaw surgery for my recessed jaw and gummy smile. i have actual health issues that make it necessary but in my case the cosmetic benefits would be insane and i'd look like a whole new person (i look like the bottom right of picrel rn). the recovery is brutal though and around 10% of people who get it have permanent nerve damage (although the area affected for most patients is reportedly small). anyone here have any experience with djs or any sort of orthognathic surgery? how'd it improve your life?

No. 314858

I'm happy with my implants. I was flat chested naturally. I didn't mind my body naked but I hated it once I was dressed because I'm thick on the bottom so I looked like Grimace with slimming filters. It made me obsess over my breasts a lot more than I think is normal. I didn't go big with my implants just enough to look proportionate. Now with implants I feel like I look normal and whenever I do think about my breasts it's just about how nice they look in a particular outfit. But usually I'm not thinking about my breasts at all which is great. At first it does feel weird to have something foreign in your body but that goes away. As far as BII some people's bodies do react badly to having anything implanted but in the odd chance it happens to you removing them solves the problem, it's not like an actual disease but your body's immune system fighting against having an implant inside of it. It's not specific to breast implants but it got that name because breast implants are the most common type of implant.

No. 315561

Has anyone gotten liposuction on their chin/jaw area? I am normal weight but I always have a double chin and fat neck, no matter how much weight I lose. It's not a recessed chin either just excess fat and maybe some skin from when I was more overweight. I hate myself so much because of this and my husband agrees I should get it done and he will pay for it. Any experience?

No. 315564

I hope the only reason your husband agrees with this is for YOUR happiness.

No. 315565

No. 315571

Fat distribution is genetics. Liposuction is a meme. All you can do is build more muscle mass and be leaner

No. 315578

??? How am I going to build muscle mass on my chin? I have seen before and after pictures, it's a huge improvement.

No. 315971

is it possible to shave the browbone down during a rhinoplasty or does it have to be done separately?

No. 315988

File: 1678325922566.jpg (1.17 MB, 3072x3840, nosereference.jpg)

How do you afford a nose job? Where should I go? What should I avoid or look for? I'm 21 years old and I dont have any credit built up but I want a nose job really bad. I'd prefer to get it done somewhere in Europe(Im gonna start living there sometime next year,4 school) but Idk where I should go to get the best possible results. I am african american and I've heard a lot from people saying that they got messed up. I still want a black nose. I really dont want to end up with a weird looking dolly nose or anything like that. They are really cute on some girls but maybe it's make me look weird. Do any of you have any advice. Everytime I ask people they just try to tell be I should love myself or whatever but my nose is absolutely humongous.

No. 316038

you will have to either find a surgeon that is black or is in a big city where there is a larger population of blacks with afro features (so like maybe not large caribbean population for example because at least half have that euro facial feature blood in them, so reduces odds of skilled surgeon being familiar with the balance for your face). otherwise it is like when whites go to Korea to get surgery on their face, and the results look asian on a white body, and often just looks weird.
you'll probably have to just start checking surgeon websites and Instagrams and looking at their patient pictures. real self might be helpful, so you can spend a day scanning through profiles on there for various cities. if it was anything else except facial surgery i would have said go to Latvia, but when it comes to the face you just gotta go find out who the best person is and go there.

No. 316045

>Changing your appearance for the viewing pleasure of others is a sign of submission
But what about changing your apperanace to benefit yourself?

No. 316063

Go to a surgeon that specifically works with black peoples noses, make sure to talk to more than one previous patient of theirs and learn more about the experience, etc. Take things slow and at least see three doctors before deciding.

No. 316064

Your husband shouldn't agree you need plastic surgery. Not having a sharp jawline is perfectly fine, sharp jawlines usually only exist in men, anorexics and women with masculine jaw structures.

No. 316069

What are the self benefits? Long term benefits? Short term?

No. 316081

take away your mirrors

No. 316086

File: 1678388136992.png (386.59 KB, 550x367, 19AF7934-ED6E-43A3-8B53-7AEA31…)

Is this an improvement? I have a nose like picrel and while from the front it looks cute, I absolutely hate how large it looks on the side. I feel like it would boost my confidence having a better side profile, but at the same time I’m not sure if the risks are worth it.

No. 316087

the woman in your picture also had work done on her lower jaw, maybe fixed an overbite? that improved her profile a lot.

No. 316091

A fellow pointy nose anon! Mine is the same where it’s narrow looking straight on but from the side it’s like a huge triangle with big open nostrils. I kinda like it but definitely throws off my profile more than it already is, I’d look for other options if that’s the only thing you think is wrong. Realize most people have some sort of “ugly” feature especially in a side profile where most are comparing themselves to some American girl with delicate features. And I’ve noticed people obsessed with side profile are ones that have procedures done for it anyway.

No. 318638

Any Nonas here get plastic surgery in Mexico? I might wanna get a nose job for cheap there

No. 318649

Sorry if this is a dumb question, idk much about cosmetic procedures at all. When I was a kid I was partially paralyzed and the left half of my face was affected while the right half was fine. Now as an adult the muscles on the left side of my face are still weaker and it has made my face look kind of lopsided. It's not so bad as when someone has a stroke or anything, it's pretty much exclusively my eyebrows; the right one droops way lower than the left one, so does the eyelid, so I kind of always have that side of my face tensed slightly to try to match the left. I have BDD so I know that what I'm seeing is exaggerated, but I feel like the older I'm getting the more prominent it's becoming. If you just look at the left half of my face I genuinely still look like i'm 20 when I'm almost 30, but the right side is aging a bit more… naturally, I guess? and so I think it looks strange. Is there anything I can do to even them out? I've thought about getting Botox on just the right side to try and match the left but I don't really know if a doctor would agree to do just one side? I also don't know if that's the best option either, again sorry I'm a dummy I feel like this is probably such a basic question lol but I'd love to hear your thoughts! I trust y'all at least slightly more than I trust miscellaneous google search results

No. 318716

Autosage for slight OT / blogposting

I've been thinking about getting my boobs done since I was in high school. I'm not actively researching or anything but it's always been in the back of my head. I've been lifting / working out for a while and started to follow fitness influencers / bodybuilders on instagram for motivation. With some algorithm magic I started to get more Korean fitness influencers and noticed they ALL got their boobs done.

Ok, maybe not all, but I'd say 95% of them all have insane lean muscular bodies (like 6 pack) and big tits, which isn't ~impossible~ but very rare, especially with Asian women. It gave me insane body dysmorphia because I'm quite flat (A/B cup depending on if I'm cutting or bulking). However I've never seen an actual strong looking Korean bodybuilder in a sense where they look like they got enough muscles to lift heavy, a lot of them are just extremely lean and conventionally "skinny". During my kpop phase I thought that was the 'ideal' but now they look too thin, especially compared to American / western bodybuilders and influencers.

After coming to terms that the fake tits will just get in my way of lifting / being strong (like downtime from surgery, risks, etc), I've decided I won't get my tits done. But that weird voice in the back of my head always makes me feel insecure. Idk nonnas, just wanted to see if anyone out there is in the same boat as me.

No. 319267

File: 1680252518838.jpg (96.22 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

Small boobs are lovely anon. I bet you look great with your muscles. Almost everything on fitness social media is fake in one way or another, using roids, orthorexia, plastic surgery, etc. Just work on being healthy. Take a break from social media and keep working out to be healthy, and have a good way of releasing endorphins/mental health. Looking good is only bonus, not the goal.
Besides breast implant illness is a thing.

No. 319273

You could definitely get Botox on one side. The result probably won’t be perfect and you will likely still have a bit of asymmetricality but it’s worth a shot if it’s really bothering you.

No. 319276

I have a large nose and I never had a problem with it until society started trying to brainwash me to hate it and convincing me that only upturned little ski slope noses are feminine and attractive. Honestly thankfully that period only lasted a short while, I love my big nose now and I will never get surgery on it. If someone else doesn’t like it that’s their problem, not mine.

The woman in your pic certainly has a larger than average nose and slightly recessed chin, but she looks prettier imo on the left side, despite her not meeting conventional societal beauty standards of a strong chin and straight small nose.
Notice how she appears plainer and kind of unremarkable on the right despite her ‘flaws’ being fixed and changed to meet beauty norms, the kind of face that would be lost easily in a crowd and doesn’t make you remember it.

Personally I love unusual or big noses on both guys on girls and I think they look great and make a face so much more interesting. I’m really tired of the influencer Turkish surgery nose, it’s so boring and samey, but each to their own.

No. 319277

Anon please don’t get brainwashed by the Korean side of instagram, people on there have serious body dysmorphia and shoop their heads to be tiny and muscles to be huge and all kinds of ridiculous stuff. They are not strong, they are all on roids and inject everything from anavar to illegal weight loss drugs to meth. It’s easy to get these weird chemicals smuggled from Russia and North Korea you see. A lot of them are former ana-chans or people with serious BDD, and have extensive plastic surgery on their faces and bodies too. It’s kind of like a living freak show. K-pop beauty standards are already toxic enough, k-bodybuilding is all that but dangerous substance abuse on top. Please don’t fall down that rabbithole.

No. 319316

I got orthognathic surgery (only lower jaw) about 6 months ago and got the last metal braces taken out just last week. My tongue was blocking my trachea for up to 50% while I was awake, probably a little more while I'm asleep.

Not only is the recovery long and painful, the aftercare requires a lot of effort and is, if your health insurance won't cover it, expensive.

I didn't have to pay for the surgery, or the braces most patients need afterwards(Eurofag with socialised health care). I am still not able to eat normally, as the braces still need to do their part. Most patients need this kind of after care, because even with perfectly fine teeth prior to the surgery (and almost nobody in need of this drastic surgery had good teeth to begin with). Speech therapy is also necessary for many patients (still ongoing for me)

I was able to leave the hospital three days post-op and oh boy, I felt like I was dying for 4 weeks straight. My mouth was wired shut for 3 weeks and there was no way I could swallow pain killers. Opiates here insanely hard to come by where I live, so even when the wires were taken out, the pain was barely manageable with the prescribed medication. I was out of work for two months (which was not a problem since I still get paid, but it might be an issue for other people).

My tongue was barely paralyzed for months after the procedure but luckily all the nerves fully recovered. I wasn't able to taste anything for a long while though.

"You will get a new face" is true but I can tell you nobody will actively notice if you're not comparing photos. Your face will be swollen to the max for weeks on end and the scar tissue builds up quickly as long as the metal braces remain on your jawbones. Patients who stayed with me in the clinic complained about having a moon face for over a year.

No. 320500

I used to not care too much about how I looked, but I met my estranged father for the first time in 20 yrs and now whenever I look in the mirror I see all the features I inherited from him and it really depresses and upsets me. I have his eyes, his hair, his eyebrows, his nose, his lips, his chin. It's awful, I wish I was made of wax so I could reshape my features entirely, or just smash the entire thing and be done with it. I'm strongly considering surgery just so I don't have to see him every time i look in the mirror now. I know at bare minimum I'm going to dye my hair and look into coloured contact lenses and wearing makeup to obstruct things. Is it unreasonable to get surgery over this? Will this feeling pass?

No. 320565

get surgery if it makes you feel better YOLO

No. 320664

Following any k-body image stuff is incredibly mindfuck-y. Flag all those recommended posts as 'not for you' and the algorithm will take the hint after a couple weeks. If you fall down that rabbit hole niche, you will always be chipping away at yourself and health to try to achieve the <100lbs anachan shit they have. Not to mention, Korea has countless diet food brands (e.g 100cal diet donuts at the local 7/11) to enable their lifestyles. If your country doesn't, you'll drive yourself even crazier trying to match that unsustainable lifestyle.

No. 320665

Could looking in the mirror to see all the features you got from your mom help? Don't get surgery over this lmao, that's letting your cuck dad win. Spend those thousands of dollars and time doing something nice for yourself instead.

No. 320773

File: 1681015017352.jpeg (395.19 KB, 2430x1822, 81660954-1C74-4EB6-9567-13F82B…)

My two biggest facial insecurities are my thin lips and square jaw. I really want masseter Botox as I like the subtler look without the jaw shaving surgery and I think it’ll make my lips look larger in comparison to the rest of my face. plus it relieves tension from constantly clenching and grinding your teeth which I tend to do.
the only issue is that I can’t possibly afford getting it redone every 3-4 months and I don’t want to give that much money to the plastic surgery industry. ugh. I feel like this would legitimately help me feel better about myself while not being too invasive and crazy, just wish i could get it done once and have it last forever.

No. 320798

You can train yourself to stop clenching and grinding. And square jaws are attractive, anyway. Paying for a procedure every 3-4 months to repeatedly "fix" a natural facial feature that many women have is not a smart use of your hard earned money

No. 320805

I am finally getting a nose job!
It will probably make little difference in my life but it will let me breathe easier, be more confident in photos, and disassociate with the past. I always wish I did it sooner but at least I won't be remembered as the person I choose to be.

No. 320806

Oh I have that feeling too. Sometimes I sre myself and see those who abused me. It's sickening. The temptation to drastically change yourself is there but start with subtle changes, you don't have to do so much.

No. 320807

Be careful, it's a risky place for surgery. There's many places for medical tourism that are safer, there is always a risk but many botched surgeries from Mexico, but by saving money you probably can't fly to them.

Anyway Czechia, Greece, Turkey, or Thailand are tourism spots, South Korea as well but it's not the cheapest, better for Asians than non Asian, and they have a lot of ghost doctors.

No. 320810

Dont go to korea for nose jobs, they use silicone implants that have a %10 rejection rate which isn't worth it.

No. 320829

That's only for Asians looking to raise their nosebride. You don't get implants if you are looking to make it smaller.

No. 320842

I've heard them use it on Europeans as well so wouldn't recommend either way. Even when you're getting your nose shaved down, they put cartilage grafts to support the structure so they do need to add some support and koreans prefer synthetic materials that can cause long term complications.

No. 320845

Im in the same situation. I really want to get a nose job because of that. His nose is pretty unique looking and my nose is the same. Im not speed running to a surgeon and deal with my nose. But when the feeling is still there in a few years I will just do it. Without telling anyone.

No. 320888

You need help for your psychological issues not a surgeon’s scalpel. Doesnt matter if you slice your nose up, you’re gonna have his DNA running through your body for eternity anyway, so I suggest you get used to the fact and leave the ancestral guilt bullshit behind.

No. 320908

Wanting to change features to stop seeing them in your face is a lot different than expecting to change your genetic makeup. Why are you so hellbent against people doing what they want to their own face? It's weird.

No. 320911

Stop being a coward and disfigure yourself for free

No. 320939

Would love to get surgery to make my chin a bit smaller and more symmetriyal(one side is a bit bulkier than another) and wondering if v line surgery would be the proper procedure because my jaw i am content with and its not super strong like the only issue i have is the chin area. I am living in central europe and in general its quite difficult to find good doctors or people sharing their experience. I know such surgery is more popular in korea but i wouldnt want to do surgery in another country. Anyone maybe got experience regarding chin shaving/shortening surgery?

No. 321764

I love when anons agree with my intrusive thoughts kek.

No. 328240

File: 1684082799652.jpeg (39.04 KB, 1035x628, 84AEBA6E-C262-49D2-AAE8-21E81B…)

Why do some women do this to themselves? Looks disgusting, like a prolapsed gay guys rectum.

No. 328316

Body dysmorphia. Or they are trying to conform to pornsick male standards. Either way it's mental illness.

No. 328339

Want to get forehead botox (chronic migraines) and modest lip fillers. Where do I search for a good place to get it done, yelp? Also, has getting work done actually made you feel better about yourself? I just want something that will be a little bit of a confidence booster/ will perk me up a bit for summer.

No. 328761

Some people, after getting plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures for a whole, sort of get used to how they look, and keep getting more and more and begin to look disfigured. Not sure if I explained that adequately.

There's also the whole bimbo aesthetic which some men are into and may request or pay their sugar baby or girlfriend to get procedures to look bimbo-ified like an exaggerated barbie doll.

Otherwise, it could just be pure mental illness and/or a strange form of self harm or attention seeking.

No. 328762

Do any anons know if the transgender surgery FFS (facial feminization surgery) could be done but for a biological woman?

I have deep set eyes and a strong brow bone which I somewhat dislike, and my nose has a hump and my nostrils are large and noticeable, even from a side view. My hairline is square and kinda naturally looks receded at my temples. I think FFS would look subtle and natural but is it even performed on natural women?

I really don't want to go for like 4 separate surgeries when I could just get it all done in 1. I'm even willing to travel to a different continent for it.

No. 328769

I mean afaik, FFS is just a combination of surgeries done, that are not exclusive to trannies for the most part. You can have any combination of surgeries at the same time, as long as your surgeon thinks it is safe and that recovery wouldn't be too bad(ex. tummy tuck + rhino). But if I were you, I'd really just focus on one or two things that stand out the most on your face.

No. 328802

File: 1684256551591.jpeg (3.84 KB, 153x160, gofyasscat.jpeg)

Do any nonnies know how long it takes you to be able to breathe through your nose after a rhinoplasty?? I will get one in July but I just don't want to become a mouth-breather. Also, when can I start playing sports like volleyball and football after the surgery??

No. 329112

I've never seen a single person woman or man who looked better after a rhinoplasty unless they were getting reconstructive surgery for some accident. It really screws up the balance of a person's face. Cancel it and play some sports instead, it would be better for you.

No. 329188

I disagree + that's such an irrelevant opinion.

No. 329476

I have a narrow and thin face, what kind of fillers should I get to make my face a bit wider?
I was thinking about cheek fillers but most of the time they just make the face more angular and I am going for a softer effect

No. 329479

3 days.
You end up w an average nose after rhinoplasty so if your previous nose was terrible, it'll be a subtle improvement but it won't magically fix your psychological issues or make you super pretty.

No. 329490

I friend of mine got her nose done in April nonnie (me and her had a very similar nose shape before; hooked nose) and I think hers turned out pretty cute, thats why Im going to see the same doctor as her in June. Honestly I have no problems with my nose from the frontal view its the side profile that bothers me and thats the only thing I want to fix.

No. 329496

Gain weight. Fillers migrate, become lumpy, stop bloodflow, and never fully go away.

No. 329579

She looks cuter in the before photo imo.

No. 329653

Any nonnas here had their armpit fat/axillary breast tissue treated? Like, with lipo or anything else to remove the stupid bra bulge? Would love to hear what you chose, how recovery went and how the longterm results are

No. 329655

I fixed the bra bulge for free with 1 simple trick. Stop swearing a bra

No. 329688

File: 1684589607166.jpg (86.64 KB, 1000x663, 799aa9e3018324c7b18d14a4aca9dc…)

I have a wide shapeless nose with quite thick skin. I feel like I would look ten times prettier with a more refined, slimmer nose. I'm just petrified of botched rhinoplasty stories and terrified of ending up with some Michael Jackson monstrosity. I know I would only have myself to blame if it went wrong and looked even worse. I can't stop ricocheting between desperately wanting one and getting cold feet

No. 329691

Thats actually very uncomfortable for women who don't have tiny perky breasts.

No. 329692

If you have axially breast tissue you'd probably need surgery for that but it's best to get the surgery as it's a medical condition rather than an aesthetical one. Whichever it is I hope you get it sorter soon.
She's like 15 in the before. It's creepy to say a woman is cuter as a teen and I honestly doubt she had surgery in the first place (her nose maybe but still could just be her growing into her face as she became an adult) so saying a woman is less cute because she's now an adult is creepy.

No. 329708

Her original nose was really cute rip and fits her face much, much better. Can you really not see that? Baffling to me that anyone would say the after is better, it looks totally wrong on her face. Like someone photoshopped someone else’s nose on.
Nta but
>saying a woman is less cute because she's now an adult is creepy
KEK you know that’s not what anon was saying. Hilariously retarded reach. Why so defensive that you’d grasp at straws like that?

No. 329717

>It's creepy to say a woman is cuter as a teen
Damn, relax. I just think noses with wider larger tips look cute.

No. 329725

Can't relate.

No. 329726

No, it's not. Unless you grew up dependant on bras throughout puberty so your musculature never developed adequately, which is an abnormality and not natural.

No. 329741

Shut up, you sound like a dumb scrote.

No. 329764

Ayup all these tribal women who never wear bras sure have super muscular, perky breasts

No. 329766

Lol that "study" from France should not be referenced for anything, it holds no weight. Actually look into it before spouting dumb shit

No. 329772

Male/chestlet(flat tits) logic. Perky tits depend on if a woman lost weight and her genetics more than anything. Also majority of your tits ain't muscle but fatty tissue but you wouldn't know because you probably don't have tits, kek.

No. 329912

Do you Nonnies think going from an A cup to a C cup through boobjob would look natural? Would an implant or a fat transfer work better? I want bigger boobs so bad and have since about 12/13 but I can't get past how fake boobjobs tend to look 99% of the time. My boobs went close to a D cup when I was breastfeeding and I loved how my body looked, they suited my frame.

No. 333356

Do any Nonna's here have any good resources or insight on PRF fillers (like EZ gel)? They seem too good to be true and I'm wondering if they even last that long or of they're even worth it.

No. 333617

Keep seething because your worthless sacks of fat need to be restrained with corsets for you to function like a normal person. Saggy little fatty

No. 338495

Should I get a threading lift on my saggy boobs

No. 338496

File: 1688240139969.jpeg (Spoiler Image,321.95 KB, 1920x1080, FDED9218-70AF-4E0A-8944-98C4DD…)

If you get implants get teardrop shaped ones. Sydney Sweeney has them.

No. 338715

i'm pretty sure hers are real, unless she had something done post euphoria season 2.

No. 339022

i had braces throughout my teens and while they did help, my teeth still look terrible. i used my retainer properly and have had the braces off for years so it's not like i need to give it time and adjust. earlier this year i even went to a dentist and asked if there was anything non invasive i could have done that would improve them and was told that there was basically nothing else that could be done, they were as good as they were going to get due to the shape of my jaw and the size of my teeth. am i basically fucked? should i consult a different dentist? should i get veneers? should i just learn to cope?

No. 339099

File: 1688602790116.jpeg (120.05 KB, 683x1024, Db4vwZ3UQAA5I6y.jpeg)

She has implants.

No. 339235

she's only 25 nonna this pic is from back when she was a teen, she probably grew tits after puberty

No. 339653

File: 1689000971194.png (198.02 KB, 305x398, Screenshot 2023-07-10 at 4.56.…)

What can I do here…

No. 339657

do nothing, it's perfectly fine and normal. you probably don't suffer breathing complications either.

No. 339658

your nose is so perfect don’t touch it!!

No. 339672

this is one of those posts where I don't know if it's a troll or a brainwashed by terminally staring at filters on social media-zoomer

No. 339680

What do you even want? This smells like someone is fishing for compliments.

No. 339695

>this smells like

No. 339706

File: 1689025197843.jpeg (105.9 KB, 723x1069, IMG_1161.jpeg)

I feel like it’s bulbous and not an even line? Am I going crazy? Like the tip sticks out too much it’s bumped. I think that pic was a really good angle lol.

No. 339707

you nose is literally perfect, stop obsessing and touch grass

No. 339710

You've thought about it too much and lost your mind. There's nothing wrong with it.

No. 339713

the only thing wrong here is your mental illness

No. 339733

yep, when i saw these pics the first thing i thought was "what a disgusting bulbous nose that doesn't have an even line. so bulbous and uneven that i may even vomit."

No. 339737

Bitch people pay to have this exact nose. Its a perfect cute ski-slope nose.

No. 339740

Those aren’t implants.

No. 339741

No offence but you’re retarded. She’s older and heavier now than back then and she even did an interview where she said she was so embarrassed for developing breasts earlier than her peers, that boys would comment on them to the point she felt violated and hinted that she would try to flatten them to stop drawing attention to herself in her teens.

No. 339763

You have a very, very cute natural nose. Better than most noses. If you want to perfect/beautify your nose even more, imo, have the tip reduced to be slightly less bulbous. Don't mess with it too much bc it'll end up looking unnatural with the rest of your facial features

No. 339764

Is it worth it to get breast implants if I'm plannibg to fall pregnant and breastfeed within the next 10 years? Will falling pregnant and breastfeeding destroy the boob job?

No. 339776

Its not worth it at all unless you want your hair to fall out and to feel like shit at all times

No. 339784

yes totally. I'm throwing up and crying right now at the sight of it. it's really too much to subject our eyes to these images without at least a spoiler. it's so tragic my heart goes out to her

No. 339845

I have a long philtrum so I’ve been considering a lip lift, but then I also have a gummy smile so wouldn’t that just make it worse…? What should I do?

No. 339847

Get your teeth fixed maybe insurance can help or do it in mexico

No. 339852

you should stop worrying about it

No. 339862

File: 1689114528871.jpeg (Spoiler Image,123.08 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_0340.jpeg)

Yes it would make it worse and the scarring can be significant and visible (definitely is visible at first). A lip lift is not a procedure for young people, it’s another one of those things like bucal fat removal that was designed to remedy serious sagging in old age but got shilled to young people. it doesn’t work for young people and doesn’t look good
Spoiler is not a horror show it’s a normal before/after prior to healing so you can see the stitches clearly

No. 339863

i have an overbite but im scared to get it corrected because my chin is long and big for my face and the overbite sort of hides it
but also i feel pain in my tmj area sometimes. so im not sure what to do.
if any nonnas have experience with dental work to correct an overbite please let me know… i know it isnt exactly plastic surgery but its similar kind of.

No. 339926

File: 1689169331159.jpg (36.2 KB, 460x550, 082fbd2f60f41e59e894db8e08edb3…)

Nonnies I have a classic witch nose, when I smile it dips down a lot, spreads very wide, and my smile is so, so ugly. However I don't want to look perfect or even great or anything, I just don't want to be so ugly when I smile. Do I need a full-on rhinoplasty for this? Even though my nose is ugly, I'm honestly fine with it when I'm not making any expression. I was hoping because of this maybe there would be some alternative I could get than a full rhinoplasty, I was imagining something like severing (?) a muscle or something that causes my face to contort like this. My smile itself is also ugly in that when I smile the corners of my mouth go downward as well, so I think there is something going on with muscles that might be able to be corrected. Is anyone here familiar with anything like this or can commiserate?

No. 339950

Sadly Invisalign has been making my smile gummier, but I’ll wait for it to be finished before doing anything else anyway.

What should I do instead if my mouth and nose literally look exactly like the before pic here?

No. 340127

File: 1689291655504.jpeg (18.59 KB, 225x225, IMG_4101.jpeg)

Nonnies do you think 27/28 is a pointless age to get a nose job? I feel like I’m so gaslit seeing women in the media/online get them at like 19 because they’re born in well-off families & by the time I have enough coin it’ll be “too late”. In my thirties I’d hope to have just made peace with my face, but we’ve got one life and I don’t want to look back n think why the fuck didn’t I just do it. I’ve had a couple drinks and seeking the wisdom of the farms.

No. 340184

You've been lied to. If you would feel happier and more confident with a nose job, and can afford a good one, then do it. Nobody cares and those girls are gonna be getting surgeries in their 30s,40s,50s, as well

No. 340187

If you really want to, do it. But I'm warning you now that it may not end up looking how you want, may give you a result that clashes with your face, or could get botched requiring a revision surgery. With that in mind, go for it.

No. 340195

Nta but revision surgery is a good point. A nose job should be a one time procedure but sometimes they’re not because the way you heal determines the outcome and you might not like it. There are a lot of procedures that require maintenance and more money down the line and I think people forget about that. veneers have to be replaced every 10-15 years if you want them to look good (the whole point of getting them), liposuction starts to look weird as the fat around it changes, etc. I can see why celebrities age poorly when they no longer have the money and lifestyle to maintain the work they had done

No. 340200


These are all immensely valid points thank you!

No. 340324

File: 1689423536918.jpg (578.45 KB, 1920x1280, fillers.jpg)

So to confirm with you nonnas, there's no other way to treat nasiolabial lines other than with fillers? And are fillers really temporary and soluble?

No. 340449

File: 1689491207859.png (534.35 KB, 554x856, 18326F47-A99C-40C2-99AE-48064F…)

Fillers migrate, and they are “temporary” they never leave your face but they move down and then you’ll have to get a new injection every few months and wind up with a puffy kardashian face. I think trying a gua sha might help before you jump to going under the knife/needle

No. 340450

File: 1689491292552.jpeg (99.49 KB, 700x1050, DA4174ED-EB3A-4CFC-86D0-5982DB…)

How she looked before

No. 340451

Ntayrt but I have similar concerns, I’ve also tried gua sha (at home) and I don’t feel like it’s made any difference yet

No. 340466

That sucks but thanks. I knew it sounded too good to be true for fillers to be temporary and completely soluble. Although supposedly if you opt for temporary fillers they can be dissolved with an injection. I have read that hyaluronidase (that dissolves HA fillers) should be the last resort because it can cause serious allergies. Still… it all sounds risky and if you get over filled, it can lead to some nightmare results.

No. 340471

I've heard it hurts a lot to have them dissolved.

No. 340481

In that case, I will get fillers if there's absolutely no alternative in 10 years. I'll stick to a minimal beauty routine + healthy diet and lifestyle in the meantime.

No. 340726

It's not plastic surgery, but I feel like this is a better place to ask about laser treatments. Has anyone done IPL (intense pulsed light) or fractional laser (like Matrix IR) treatments? Most of the reviews online are from older women. These were recommended to me for treating skin texture and some mild lines (marionette). I guess relevant is that the recommendation comes from the dermatologist who successfully treated my acne (ciscutan aka isotretinoin). I have some hyperpigmentation and mild scarring; to treat this I set aside a budget for laser treatment after the medication.

First my dermatologist recommended needling for the scars, but my only other insecurity is incipient marionette lines, which unfortunately run in my family. Then she suggested skipping needling and doing a double treatment of IPL and fractional laser, to treat both the texture/pigment and the marionette lines. She specifically said filler would not be a good idea, especially considering my age. But are these treatments effective? I am sure she profits from them but she also never charged me for follow-up office visits and my acne medication was covered by insurance, so I don't automatically assume she's ripping me off. But I have a finite budget for now and three IPL/IR sessions costs exactly what I set aside. So I want to make sure this is a good option.
I was told these treatments would help nasolabial lines, although I don't personally care about mine at all, they aren't deep.

No. 340730

I don't know if I understood correctly, are your marionette lines surface-level or deeper? Afaik deeper marionette lines can't be treated topically and you have to have threads, a face lift or something else to lift up and tighten the structure of the lower face. For surface-level lines I can see laser being an option.

I've had fillers for years and what >>340449 says isn't totally wrong but you will absolutely not "have to get a new injection every few months and end up with a puffy kardashian face" if your injector is a medical professional. Anon is just fearmongering. Gua Sha is a total myth, too.

They can migrate if the filler is low quality, the wrong type for the injection area, or if the injector doesn't know what they're doing (ie if they want to use restylane for under eye hollows, run).
There is also danger of hyaluronidase dissolving the naturally occurring HA in your face and making you lose additional volume, so pay attention to that.
With that being said, if you want good results with filler
>find a good doctor or very experienced nurse
>don't go to a medspa and don't take lowball offers
>get a free consultation with several people and pick whoever seems best to you
>don't take cheap filler when offered
>discuss long-term goals with your doctor

If nasolabials are your concern, beware of people trying to inject there directly. That area in particular is not only where your nerve endings are, but it's also prone to migration and won't solve your problem in the long run. Instead, they usually fix it with cheek filler but I don't really know what your face looks like. A doctor would probably show you during a consultation.

No. 340735

omg thanks for replying. I can tell you know a lot (yeah gua sha is total BS).

hm, I don't actually know if my lines are surface-level or deep. How can I tell? I suspect that they may be or get deeper. I have a heart-shaped face with substantial cheeks and everything that goes with that. My marionette lines (and mildly downturned mouth) + acne were the things I wanted to fix so it is a big deal for me. I got a tiny amount of botox in the muscles pulling my mouth down, and that seemed to work well, but I haven't done anything else. I am lucky not to have wrinkles under my eyes or anything yet despite being over 30.

Do you think I should get another opinion? I feel I'm kind of far off from getting something like threads but idk… I haven't even read about them tbh. I definitely feel like getting a face lift in my early 30s, especially to treat one thing, feels depressing and scary and also like I could mess up the youthful features I still have. But I am worried this laser and light treatment isn't going to fix the problem even temporarily.

No. 340739

Nta, but I just wanted to say the phrase 'substantial cheeks' is the cutest thing I have ever heard. I bet your smile is contagious if it matches the mental image induced by that phrase.

No. 340747

So in the end, I will have to pay every month to get my hair removed from my legs forever? I just don’t want to shave anymore, my leg hair is seriously long and uncomfortable, I also hate my weird mustache that grows because of my hormonal issues, and if I can remove the hair under my chin, I would appreciate it.
I want to try getting laser hair removal treatment thing something whatever, but I was told that I would still need to get it redone every month or the sorts because the hair will grow back again. Is that true? Have you gotten that laser removal thing done? How did it work?

No. 340759

thanks, nonna, you really made my day, esp since I have some hang-ups about my face! I don't know how to describe my face shape, it's not fat or round, and you can see cheek bones, but when I smile my cheeks are pretty prominent. I was gonna theorize that this kind of face is more susceptible to marionette lines but I felt I'd reached my quota of bullshitting for the day after compulsively spamming a small group chat with a bunch of unsolicited theories about geomagnetic storms so yeah. Thanks for being a fren

No. 340825

How did any other mom anons go about with their post breast feeding nipples? Mine are huge and bumpy? Should I dermaroll it?

No. 340826

I breastfed but my nipples look the same… Perhaps see a specialist about your nipples. Also DON'T dermaroll them, omg. Please don't. The only thing I can recommend is nipple reduction surgery. Keep them moisturized with nipple cream but don't do anything extreme to them yourself please…

No. 340827

I'm considering getting hyaluronic acid lip injections. Very small amount, just to make my lips look less dry, a bit plumper, without changing the shape or size too much. My question is, is it possible to do this with no migration or that weird thing that happens to the top lip with fillers? Like it goes under the skin and looks obvious?

I live in a small city and met a girl who had lip fillers but they looked insane… Very obvious. I'm scared mine will look like that.

No. 340838

Whoever said that was lying to you. You go back every month for 6-10 sessions and then might need a top up for it once a year or once a year and a half after that. I stopped getting touch ups completely because there's no point anymore, finding a hair that's still managed to grow is just a matter of plucking it out on the occasion I find one and if I can even be bothered.

No. 340843

A fat transfer could work well for this but it depends on how well your body absorbs the fat. In some places you can get in for 1.5k like in South America where my aunt had it done and it was in a nice hospital and the doctor was certified.

No. 340989

Any nonnas familiar with double eyelid surgery? My eyes are uneven, one has a double eyelid and the other doesn't, been thinking of correcting it. How's the healing? Chances of it getting botched? Worth it? Also, what about eyebrow tattoos? Do they turn blue/green after awhile? I'm an Asian that looks like the mona lisa, it'd be nice to have realistic looking eyebrows tattoo'd on instead of drawing them all the time.

No. 340995

Double eyelid surgery is very commonly done in Asia, just find a good surgeon who's been doing it for a few years and you'll be fine. If it makes you feel prettier and more confident, then do it. Regarding your eyebrows, look into microblading and MAKE SURE the person who does it is very experienced and has pictures of microblading results they've done. Make sure they're qualified and doing it professionally. You could always tint your eyebrows at home for longer lasting definition.

No. 341000

> If it makes you feel prettier and more confident, then do it.
I don't see it as being prettier or more confident but correcting what could have been, a little like braces? Speaking of braces, it's mostly a cosmetic thing and yet people don't consider it plastic surgery which is hypocritical in my eyes. I see my double eyelid the same way but I'm just sperging off topic at this point. But I most likely will do it later down the road when I can spend the money and recovery time, for now it's double eyelid tape.

> look into microblading and MAKE SURE the person who does it is very experienced and has pictures of microblading results

gosh the insane bit is that the places I've seen most results posted are on instagram pages where the tattoo person works from home aka I have to go to their apartment for the work. Which not gonna lie is sus in itself (I don't think I will get attacked, they're all also women and I live in a country that is very safe compared to other Asian countries) but commercial places don't do microblading, and I've actually seen one of those places with their own rented shop fuck up my older sister's eyebrows by making them stupid thick and it made her look stupid as fuck (it wasn't microblading either). The scariest bit was that it was supposed to be for me but I got lazy to go so she went instead. I dodged a bullet out of laziness, holy fuck. So what are your thoughts about those more home DIY sorts as long as their portfolio on their gram pages look good? Is there any way to check these people's reviews in public places that aren't curated by them?

No. 341748

My mum got her eyebrows tattooed. The style in my hometown is pretty chavvy so she took a while to find someone whose work she liked. They did work out of their home but it was an actual little salon and not just a machine next to the dining table. It was supposed to be done over two sessions a few months apart but she was happy enough with the first one she didn’t need the second.

Definitely check out their work, a lighter touch is better and everything needs to be hygienic.

No. 342192

Has anyone had botox to fix uneven eyes? One of my eyes is more upturned than the other and I want to try botox to make it more even through a brow lift on one side

No. 342210

I'm almost 3 months post op facial contouring surgery and I'm just over the moon with it. I spent 5 years mulling it over, and I went to South Korea on my own to have it done, and it was just all worth it. I know the general consensus here is negative on plastic surgery but I'm really happy. I wouldn't recommend facial contouring to most, but I had a very specific bone structure and even though I'm still swollen, my face shape suits my other features completely now. My family were all absolutely against me doing this and thought I was pretty as I was, but they agree that it looks natural and suits me well. My dentist also approved kek. I really think cosmetic surgery has it's place for certain people, but even then, I'm against fillers and trying to fit a beauty standard. Sorry for the long ramble!

No. 342214

>against fillers and trying to fit a beauty standard
>literally flew to Asia against friends and family advice to get face bones shaved down
Hm. Ok.

No. 342286

I’m against fillers because they more or less mask a problem rather than fixing it, and the stereotypical ‘filler face’ just looks awful. Secondly, I had a very defined square jaw which fits the beauty standard in the west anyway, but it wasn’t harmonious with my other features at all.

No. 342352

Have fun with the whole not being able to chew thing that happens with bone shaving after a few years

No. 342500

did you get vline surgery? How is the pain in the beginning and swelling? i am intrested into getting a mini vline surgery but i am kinda scared of the pain and recovery because they operate near the mouth area and wondering if there is trouble with eating and teeth brushing(i know people are on liquid diets and that you have to gently take care of the area but how is resting or sleeping affected)?

No. 342523

I got jaw angle reduction, but I was originally going to get full vline (which is jaw angle reduction and chin genioplasty), but my doctor advised against it because he felt I didn't need my chin messing with - I went to an oral maxillofacial specialist, and they only do facial bone surgery there, but they're a lot more professional and imo better than going to a full plastic surgery clinic. I did a lot of research on clinics so that should be your first step if you haven't already. The pain was minimal and it was mostly discomfort more than anything. I couldn't eat solids for 2 weeks and after that I was careful for the next couple weeks about not eating particuarly chewy food. After a month I was eating whatever I wanted though. Swelling lasts for 6 months, and after 1 month all the obvious swelling is gone, but for the first week after the surgery you will be really swollen, walking helps the most though. I brought a baby tooth brush to help with brushing, and until you have your stitches out you are supposed to brush with disinfectant instead of toothpaste (the clinic would give you this) and also gargle with it to clean the stitches which are all inside your mouth. Sleeping was the worst for me personally because for the first week you have to sleep sat up and it wasn't easy, but I managed somewhat. After that, you should sleep with extra pillows to keep your head elevated to manage swelling, and try to sleep on your back. I went back to sleeping on my side about 2 months post op. I hope this helps nonnie, and I recommend the asian cosmetic surgery section of purseblog for research, as well as other people's experiences.

No. 345658

Anyone have any good recommendations or experiences with particular nose job surgeons? Preferably in Europe or Turkey or Asia, not the US.

No. 345667

Don't get it done in turkey if you're not middle eastern imo. They carve it out too much and your nose will collapse.

No. 345672

I'm sorry if this is retarded, but I find trying to look stuff up about this online overwhelming so, experienced nonas, can you tell me, would it be strange to go to a PS or CS and just ask them what they recommend I get done? I know I don't want anything with my nose or buccal fat removal, but beyond that, my face is really asymmetrical and I think I'd like some work done to address this. Also, is there anyway they can like..photoshop a version first so you can see what it'll look like? I dont love my face now, but I'm scared of spending insane money to end up not liking my face afterwards..

No. 345690

I heard Korea is cheap but they give you a MJ nose. Mexico has some cheap and good ones

No. 345691

Has anyone done cool sculpting? Im losing weight and I’ve got these love handles my ex called me a cheese burger and it hurts my feelings cause I don’t think the folds are ever going away

No. 345692

I would not recommend that at all, you are right to be scared in not liking your face at the end. If you want to get something done it's best you decide what is it that you want changed, don't let another person pick that for you. You need to take responsibility in this, it's your face. Everyone's face is asymmetrical but if there is something you want changed I highly recommend you analyze your face and pin point what you truly hate and really research about the surgeries available. Try to look up bad PS results as well. I think it's a risk you need to be aware that can happen to you.
> Also, is there anyway they can like..photoshop a version first so you can see what it'll look like?
Even if someone does that, don't believe it a 100% or get attached to this, nobody knows how you'll look like in the end because there is a lot that can happen in the healing process, they can't predict it with certainty.

No. 345703

Imagine being self conscious because of words spoken by men. Couldn’t be me. Imagine spending money butchering yourself because your ex lover asked you to. Kekkk

No. 345705

kek i was gonna say the same thing but didn't want to catch a ban for infighting. but yeah agreed.

No. 345707

Should've told him "cheeseburgers are delicious. your point is?"

No. 345723

File: 1692589827154.jpeg (309.82 KB, 1170x1674, F543F958-A7BB-4B04-B6EB-8C42C1…)

Probably not the best picture to use since she seems like her head is tilted a bit, but this is the severity of the asymmetry of my eyes. One is quite lower down on my face than the other. Is there a procedure to fix this? No one has ever noticed to my knowledge and have only acknowledged it when I pointed it out myself, but it bothers me, especially in pictures taken straight on.

No. 345731

She's proof asymmetry doesn't make anyone uglier or prettier. If you have pitosis/droopy eyelid, you can get that fixed but otherwise shaping your eyebrow should be enough. A lot of people have obvious asymmetry on their faces but we don't notice if because we don't flip their pictures, you notice it on your pics because they're the flipped version of your mirror self and you're not used to it.

No. 345737

Most people have this to a certain degree and no it’s not fixable unless you want your midface sawed open then shaved down on one side and fused back together. No offense nona but nobody cares about this shit stop overanalyzing yourself in your iphone selfies.

No. 345743

Rosie Huntington Whitley (sp?) Has this. There is not outside of traumatic surgery that would involve inserting screws that adjust the width of the space between your eye sockets etc. I only know this because I was high once and got scared while looking at pics of slayterrr. Makeup and glasses can help distract, maybe thicker lashes than you're used to

No. 345750

File: 1692608533116.png (295.96 KB, 482x621, ada56d4a65wwa654d.png)

Nonna her head is tilted as you said, if you look straight it's a natural asymmetry that everyone has, nobody has a perfectly symmetrical face.

No. 345752

File: 1692610067925.jpg (15.98 KB, 200x249, shanneneye2.jpg)

Is it like picrel? I don't think there is a procedure for it, but you can compensate and create symmetry in other ways, e.g: cut a side bang, pluck one of your eyebrows more and fill it in more on the other side, draw your eyeliner thicker on one side, etc. Maybe you could try a Botox browlift but only on one side and see how it looks?

No. 346100

File: 1692833724338.jpeg (23.54 KB, 619x495, images (20).jpeg)

My face shape is like pic rel but slightly longer and I hate how my masseters look. I also have a teeth grinding problem so I was thinking of getting botox on on my masseter muscles to make them slightly slimmer. Has anyone gotten botox to slim their faces before?

No. 346104

Big masseters is sexy. But maybe try massages and exercises to relax your jaw so you wont grind your teeth, as well as stress reduction in general.

No. 346162

What procedures should I get to help the texture of my postpartum loose skin and stretch marks? They’re very severe and I hate my body. I had preeclampsia and gained 70 lbs while pregnant. Mostly towards the end, resulting in severe stretch marks and loose skin. I’ve lost 30 lbs and I have about 25 more to go.

No. 346182

Anyone gotten breast surgery? Not implants, but reduction or a lift? My breasts are really really heavy. I have no luck finding a bra because I have a large back and even bigger breasts. My doctor asked me if I wanted to be on the waiting list for reduction.
I'm not fat or anything, I just have a inverted triangle ass body.

No. 346189

I have, mostly because it started hurting and my teeth were going to shit. Didn't really work (it made me look weirdly pinheaded with bulldog cheeks but the pain was still there) so I got a night guard and massaged them instead which helped.

No. 346277

File: 1692977089217.jpg (44.17 KB, 720x415, lipflip.jpg)

i finally decided what i want done and i'm going to get it in the next few weeks. i was torn between a couple of options and i decided to go for a botox lip flip vs filler for a couple reasons:
>no one really knows how long filler takes to dissolve
>filler migrates
>filler is more expensive
>filler looks less natural
>botox is much cheaper
>lip flip doesnt add volume to the lip so it looks more natural
>lip flip will help my slightly gummy smile
>lip flip reduces length of philtrum
basically biggest reason is: botox goes away quickly and so if i hate it i dont have to go and pay for it to be dissolved. possible downsides to botox are that it could cause loss of volume (if i get it repeatedly over a long period of time), might not give very noticeable results (in which case i just won't get it again, no harm to foul), might cause problems drinking through a straw (i never do that anyway so whatever). while i'm at my consultation i'm going to ask about botox possibly being used to reduce my constant frown, but i'm not sure that it will be able to. most information online talks about botox being used between the eyebrows and i don't have a problem there, it's just that my mouth is literally downturned. maybe the lip flip will help, who knows. i've just decided i really want to avoid filler because there's too much of an unknown and i find it makes people look so much older than they really are if they get it young (i'm 23). so many people online say their lip flip did almost nothing but it's very inexpensive so i'm willing to try it once and see how it goes. picrel is a before and after with a before that is very similar to my current lips. i'd be ecstatic if i got similar results. anyway, i'll post updates with my own before/after in a couple weeks, wish me luck.

No. 346280

>botox goes away quickly
>it could cause loss of volume (if i get it repeatedly over a long period of time)
So basically either it does nothing or it does something and you like it and you're fucked because you can't keep it up without risking volume loss. Isn't this a loss-loss situation?

No. 346285

>botox goes away quickly
how quickly depends on the person–some people find it lasts up to six months, some find it goes away in like a month. if i'm a month person, i probably won't get it again. if i'm a six month person, then i probably will. it's hard to say whether it's worth it or not before i get it done.
>botox causes loss of volume
this can be kind of difficult to say because people who get botox repeatedly over a long period of time are also getting older over that period of time meaning they lose volume naturally. so if you have someone who gets botox for ten years between their 40s and 50s and in their 50s they notice loss of volume, is it because of the botox or because they aged? it does cause muscles to atrophy because they aren't being used if it's used continuously, but frankly if i end up needing filler 10-20 years down the line, i'm fine with that. filler seems to work better for older people imo. i just don't want to end up as one of those twenty somethings that looks a decade older than they are because they're all puffy from juvederm. if i like the results, i plan on getting it intermittently (the way i get lash tints/lifts now) before special occasions or when i feel like changing things up, not making it a regular part of my routine. but again, if it does cause problems ten years down the line, i'm fine with filler then. i'm also in a line of work where i expect to be making a good deal of money in the next ten years, so the cost issue of filler shouldn't be a problem.

No. 346291

For a downturned mouth, try doing massages to release tight muscles pulling your mouth down. My mouth started drooping after stress frowning and its really helped.

No. 347031

does anyone here have experience with djs? or just problems with tmj, sleeping, breathing, etc?
im in my early 20s and i recently got braces to help fix my tmj, but i did some research online and im wondering if djs could also help me. i dont have a particularly "bad" profile, it doesnt look like a mouth breather, but the lower half of my face does look recessed. i overall have quite a "flat" face. i feel this constant pressure almost on my nose. i have quite a small mouth as well, even the dental assistant where i got my braces kept commenting on it and saying how i have a "tiny little mouth". i find it hard to smile without feeling this weird pressure.
i tripped and smashed my nose head first into linoleum tiles when i was 16, and i am wondering if that could have caused the issues to some extent. who should i see to help with this?

No. 347055

Can I get a nose job where they just shave off my bridge hump without touching the ball or making it look different from the front?

No. 347502

So my face is ever so slightly on the longer side and round at the sides despite me being pretty low BMI. My cheekbones are also a little bit low. I really want high cheekbones and a sharp jawline. Will fillers be able to give me a defined jaw?

No. 347526

yes you can

possibly, if they dont shift

best of luck!

No. 347527

you can get botox for this instead of a full surgery

No. 347605

fillers will make your face look rounder

No. 347639

maybe, but probably not. fillers shift a lot and stay longer than they're supposed to, you're more likely to end up looking puffy.

No. 348573

op here, i got this about 8 hours ago. she used 4 units of botox and it cost me $40. i know it isn't supposed to kick in until 24 hours with full results at 2 weeks, but i can literally already see it working, my cupid's bow is more pronounced and my gum line no longer shows when i smile. i'm very pleased, i'll post update pics and a review after a few months to see how long it lasts.

No. 349187

Definitely planning on getting labiaplasty. The only thing that scares me is the reports that some women lose sexual function, that’s horrifying and makes me question if it’s worth the risk. But I really do think I can probably get it covered by insurance, I’ve wanted to cut that shit off since I was a kid.

No. 349201

File: 1695085514396.jpg (179.52 KB, 1080x651, IMG_20230919_040635.jpg)

I think we should start killing east asian plastic surgeons. I'm Turkish and we could've made him even more masculine with lip fillers and jaw implants. This is so sad, his face looks like my butt now. They did the opposite of what they're supposed to do.

No. 349202

No, they will make your face look fat permanently.

No. 349203

He asked for it though. But I agree he looked better before. He was a man and turned himself into a boy unfortunately.

No. 349205

This is the most retarded surgery on earth please love yourself anon it's insanely painful recovery and for WHAT. so pornsick men can look at your pussy and think "wow looks just like a childs labia, perfect"??? god. Pathetic and sad.

No. 349207

He was hot asf before. I love natural Asian features especially really pronounced cheekbones or monolids or whatever.
But apparently having strong features is seen as negative in Korea and I’ve even heard people will judge you as a bad person if you have strong masculine features as a man there. They think men should look like boys and women should look like kids because it makes them more innocent purehearted or something (as if getting surgery makes you a better person kek). Really fucking weird.

No. 349208

one of my biggest celebrity crushes got her eyes & under-eyes done by one of these fuckers and it literally aged her 10 years and looks so unnatural on her face. It's so fucking horrible. She has an unconventional face shape that she has admitted to being self-conscious of and I'm worried that now that she's bit the first bullet she's going to get more done by one of these butchers who turns everyone's faces into spoons with pointy chins.

No. 349209

I hope this is bait. Labiaplasty is a ridiculous and unnecessary 99.99999% of the time surgery nona. Unless your flaps are literally dangling to your knees and bleeding from rubbing together, there is absolutely zero need for it. Don’t get it.

No. 349211

I believe it. Koreans seem to think that if someone looks young and beautiful outside that they will automatically be good people inside. It’s like the concept of ‘never judge a book by its cover’ has never even occurred to their society.

Beautiful = good person there. I understand that many people in every society give pretty people more credit than is due and that pretty privilege is real, but in Korea they literally worship beauty as a personality virtue. Whenever I go on a Korean news article and is about some celebrity who did something bad, the comments will be like ‘See! I told you her/his eyes are too close together/have too much canthal tilt/their lips are too big, that’s why they are bad people! Physiognomy is science!’ Like it’s genuinely crazy lol. And if the person is good looking and did something bad, they’ll blame the victim for being shallow and basically blame them for being taken advantage of by such a good looking person, or say that they deserved it.

No. 349216

The labia flaps are separate from the clit and sexual parts so there’s no reason to lose sexual function unless you have an absolute hack surgeon. If you’re hearing that any women lost sexual function in the area that you are shopping for surgeons in DO NOT go to any of them that’s crazy

No. 349217

he looked like an ugly unwashed neet before. more mature, yes, but moids age like milk.

No. 349218

I do think it’s a retarded surgery for most women who obsess over their labia and it’s literally the most average normal parts probably .5 cm long, that’s tough to see women call their parts hideous when yours is so much worse, that shit is more hurtful than the dumb incel terms imo. I’m an outlier with hypertrophy, they’re pretty large and asymmetrical to boot. I personally don’t care about what they look like to moids, I don’t plan on having sex with anyone except my current husband. They’re just annoying and in the way, it would help basic quality of life so why not? I don’t even need perfect results, just within normal variation.

No. 349219

No he was hot and I want to kiss left pic. He looks like pedobait on the right.

No. 349220

Many of us naturally have innies. No need to accuse us of being children or trying to get pedos just for being born with innies you know.

No. 349221

>in the way
In the way of what? Like are they blocking your vagina or urethra opening or something?

No. 349222

Are you talking about Ariana? Lol.

No. 349223

Asians still look like 15 when they are 35 lol what you smoking

No. 349226

Koreans have the right idea. Self improvement should be a lifelong goal.

No. 349227

Reductions and lifts both leave pretty hideous huge scars all over your tits, unless your boobs were pretty small and light to begin with and your nipples were upright so they could do a keyhole lift or whatever it’s called instead of the full anchor lift. I’ve never seen a lift on a woman bigger than a B cup that looked good. If it looks nice then they’ve probably photoshopped out the scars. I would rather have big pendulous tits that sag than some perky ones covered in anchor shape scars and puckered nipples.

No. 349229

Dont derma roll your nipples. I honestly think dermarolling is the devil. I did it on my face and now in the light there are tiny little holes (not pores, literally little hole and bump type things) that I am 100% certain were never there before: noticed zero improvement in fine lines too. I hate dermarolling and think it’s a scam.

No. 349230

? have you met a 35 year old average asian person. they look their age

No. 349235

not moids though

No. 349236

Well yeah they are usually covering just above the entrance of my vagina, it’s annoying when I have to spread them to shower, have sex, dry after peeing, not be able to wear certain underwear/tight clothes or go commando etc etc it’s just a lifetime of extra maintenance I was randomly doomed to have and be shamed for. Like not a single day goes by where I don’t have to look at it and face the fact I’m kind of a freak compared to every other woman, some days I’m insecure and some days I couldn’t give a fuck. I just know it’d be easier to be normal.

No. 349238

no but hers probably looks terrible too. I straight up don't even find the woman I'm talking about attractive anymore after she fucked with her eyes, she looks like a grandma now despite only being late 30s and has a totally different eye shape. It's seriously so sad to me, plastic surgeons take unique beauty away from the world at best and create unfortunate artificial features at worst. Now whenever I see old pictures of her they don't make me happy like they used to and they just make me depressed, because I know that face I loved so much is gone forever due to some moid with a scalpel.

No. 349248

Isn't this normal for women without innies?

No. 349251

He looks very cute in the after. If all men got these surgeries then the orgasm gap wouldn't be so big. I'm sorry you've been brainwashed to only find ugly hypermasculine men attractive.

No. 349261

I'm curious, post a pic?

No. 349267

File: 1695117045413.jpeg (259.22 KB, 525x720, ACDD619D-AC0A-4945-A623-93FDEF…)

Did any ethnic anons feel ashamed for removing their features. I am Mexican and I have a super prominent nose. I’m really on the fence about a nose job because I’ve seen them TikToks with the little dark age native pride or whatever, it is kind of cool, i sort of look like this from the side or makes me sad how they considered this beautiful over there back then I could’ve been a real beauty queen kek.
Another thing that sort of adds to my insecurity is whenever people compliment and say my type of nose is unique and regal and mature and elegant like NO I’m 22 it feels weird like I just don’t want to be seen as that already. I’m some elegant poised mature woman, this might seem like I’m bragging about having striking features but I just don’t like people thinking I’m mad or serious or old

No. 349274

Mature doesn't mean old, it means grown, which you should be at 22. People use it as a diss at women to call them old or a euphemism for granny porn or whatever but that is not what mature is. You can't be a baby forever and will just make yourself miserable trying to escape the inevitable truth that everyone grows up and matures.

No. 349279

File: 1695127420131.gif (520.1 KB, 290x170, 2175F1FF-F93F-4FF5-AF55-5A6541…)

I always thought mature meant older too, it’s not that bad it just kinda rubs me the wrong way when ever I see someone praise an aqua line/Roman nose and they’re like “omg they’re lovely and give character they’re very classy” “I love to draw them” just say im pretty, damn or my nose is actually nice or something, those sorts of compliments are so contrived . It seems like people are being overly nice cause deep down they know that it’s not considered attractive it reminds me of when a group of friends posts a TikTok and everyone over compliments the fat/chubby one like “aww she looks like she gives good hugs” “the one in the green slayed”
I will say it’s way better than being called SQUIDWARD or Gabbie Hanna felt like crying and vomiting after my sister saidthatgoblin, witch, etc,

No. 349280

I think a better way to describe the type of noses you are talking about (to me at least) is elegant. I am generally just attracted to and drawn to noses and let me tell you, the least interesting/attractive imo is a stupid little ski slope/button nose. Noses are the rugs that tie the rooms of the face together. I bet yours suits you and you’re 22, I guarantee you look young kek

No. 349295

That’s literally normal though. Women be calling themselves “freaks” for having natural grown woman anatomy. Holy shit.
Not that it means much to anyone, but I’m literally exclusively attracted to people with noses like that and I’ve actually harbored a low key obsession with the art of ancient mesoamerica for many reasons, the shallowest being I really like the noses.

No. 349304

Yeah , if you don't like labiaplasty surgery , than okay , but it's odd when anons on here compare having or wanting to have something closer to an " innie " as having children like genitalia and or wanting to attract pedos.

Again , I totally get why some might not like the surgery but saying the stuff above in response to someone wanting to get it done is odd as hell.

No. 349330

The majority of women experience labia minora growth as a part of normal puberty. The extent differs, but it’s a feature of an adult body. Paying someone to surgerize you to get it all “tucked back up” like how it was before puberty is what’s weird as hell. The connection might make you feel uncomfortable, but that’s not going to stop us from drawing it. The fact of the matter is many of the hallmark standards of female beauty set by men favor child-like traits (hairlessness, no visible inner labia, proportionally large eyes and small nose, narrow shoulders, shorter-the-better stature…) and that is weird as hell.

No. 349374

girls go through puberty, not women. it's a normal part of a female childs anatomy.

No. 349378

inexplicable response… seems like you are either accidentally arguing against a point you agree with due to poor reading comprehension, or are so bad at articulating yourself that I truly have no idea what you're getting at.

No. 349393

I’m op who posted about the surgery for myself and all I want is to be within normal bounds. I don’t want to get them fully chopped or look like any porn star, just make it more manageable and evened up. I do think the surgery for purely cosmetic reasons is sad and disgusting, seeing how women are desperate to please men who see them as objects to judge on a number scale.
Ngl and no hate but it’s also annoying when people with “innies” have to come in and complain because they’re offended at the body standards being called out and it happens every single time. No one is blaming women who naturally have minimal labia for pandering to the pedo porn market, they’re just pointing out how warped it is to normalize one sort of vulva as the most desirable to men. If you have an innie then congrats you don’t have to suffer the feeling of wanting to cut your genitalia off with scissors since age 10 or so.

No. 349395

I got lip fillers a few weeks ago, the first work I have gotten done. I have plans for more but I am concerned about how my weight loss will change my face. I'm planning on losing another 15kg or so (already lost 10).
My lips are still small so I want to get more filler, but I'm considering waiting until I reach my GW. I'm thinking about chin filler as well but that is one I will definitely wait to lose weight for.
What do you anons think, would it be smarter to wait until I lose the weight or does it not matter for lip fillers?

No. 349402

I got masseter botox today. It was not painful at all. Since it was for TMJ related issues, he only put 15 units on each side. He told me to report back in a week to see how my headaches are doing to see if he needed to up the dosage or not. So far, it's only slightly swollen but that is to be expected.

No. 349411

I have zero inner labia and puffy outer lips and I don't really care how it looks or anything, but I personally keep lots of pubic hair because I hate how prepubescent the freshly shaved look is on my type of labia , it's personally disgusting and embarrassing imo. If I had a longer labia I'd be more open to trying different pubic styles

No. 349438

Only applies to women, asian males age like shit.

No. 349496

just disagreeing with the
>it's a feature of an adult body
part because i've seen that idea pop up a lot and it bothers me, a 12 year old going through puberty does not now have an "adult body." live laugh love etc.

No. 349502

No. 349609

yeah it's a bit of a nitpick but it's a point i think it's important to be really specific about because of some experiences in my own life. you're free to disagree but kek i don't know what to point of that reply was. let us stop our infighting i really do not care.

No. 350090

Nonnie nonnie nonnie. First things first, your nose is never going to be a picture perfect button nose, rhinoplasty isn’t magic. But that isn’t a huge issue when it comes to your own beauty - as long as your nose is in proportion with your other features to a decent extent, it won’t infringe on your attractiveness. You might just be hyperfixiating on how your nose looks and over blowing the problem. The thing is with rhinoplasty also, is that it rarely impacts the persons overall face. By that I mean, it doesn’t make someone become anymore beautiful than they were before. If you are unhappy with your appearance, always look into orthodontics and your facial bone structure and growth before anything - because that is what makes or breaks a face. For the money that you could spend on rhinoplasty, 9 times out of 10 it won’t be worth it.

No. 350277

File: 1695848644929.png (4.92 MB, 2551x1435, lipflip2.png)

well it's now been 2 weeks since i got my lip flip so here's the results! i'm extremely happy with how it looks. i think a lot of people who don't feel like it did anything probably did not have a gummy smile/thin upper lip to begin with and were expecting it to work like lip filler. it definitely is NOT lip filler. but i love my smile now. i had virtually no side effects. i think it's maybe a little harder to drink with a straw. i already have my appointment booked to get it done again in two months because i absolutely am obsessed with it. sorry to delete and repost kek the image was giant, hopefully i fixed it this time

No. 350278

fuck i meant to spoil that but i forgot when i reposted. oh well.

No. 350309


No. 350314

idk who that is or if this reply is meant to be mocking how my smile looks but if it's the later that's pretty mean lol

No. 350439

You have a rosebud mouth shape, it's really cute and pretty nona.

No. 350464

It wasnt mocking you at all I genuinely thought you were a tiktoker sorry

No. 350465

thank you!

hahaha for some reason the only spencer i could think of was spencer from icarly and i was googling pictures of him trying to figure out why you would think our mouths looked similar… sorry for assuming the worst lol

No. 351039

File: 1696296829828.jpg (42.45 KB, 354x354, fashion-blogs-slaves-to-fashio…)

Body type trends are yet again exhausting. Are we reverting back to the anorexic with implants era? Why are there so many people who are angry if you point out a woman has had surgery if not denying it all together?

No. 352598

File: 1697108108570.jpeg (903.39 KB, 814x1463, 608FF28E-519D-40AF-AB12-B9ED45…)

This woman keeps popping up on my feed. Apparently she’s almost 50. I’m amazed she looks this good but it has to be surgery too right, her boobs are fake for sure. Wtf I’m getting mogged by a grandma.

No. 352600

>Wtf I’m getting mogged by a grandma.
skill issue

No. 352601

1. Women frequently lie about their age on TikTok
2. All of this is filter, she probably looks botched af in person. Those sausage lips look barely good online, if you've ever seen them in person they're so fucking uncanny

No. 352606

Her face is pretty bogged but I can’t deny her body looks amazing for her age. Her boobs are a bit weird and very spaced out, but her stomach legs and arms look amazing, Also I’m 100% sure her age is real because she was a celebrity and a grown woman appearing on TV shows in the early 2000s. It’s annoying getting this coomer bait constantly on my reels but I guess in a way it’s inspiring showing women can still look really good or even better in middle age, even if it is a bit surgically enhanced.

No. 352622

>I guess in a way it’s inspiring showing women can still look really good or even better in middle age, even if it is a bit surgically enhanced.
NTA but this makes it sound even more bleak actually.

No. 352647

do you not understand that there exists filters for bodies too

No. 353587

Apologies if this has been asked in a thread before but do any (average, non-celebrity) people get plastic surgery to look less like their relatives? You know how people say some daughters can look like their fathers, or what if a family member is associated with abuse and you don't want to think about that trauma… Are the (visual) results good? Would I get laughed out of a plastic surgery consult or

No. 353592

I've never heard of that before, but if that's what you want you don't have to specify it's for that reason.

No. 353608

Imagine having to be around her, eugh.

No. 353656

I think it might be a reason I might have to state if I would be like "make me look more like my mother" or [insert relation here] or ask to have work done on features so they're more far away in appearance to my other lineage but I don't know. I guess I thought it would be different from asking for something like a rhinoplasty.

No. 353697

Get therapy, I look like my mom and it sucks cause she was abusive and also vocally insecure about things she passed on to me. Thanks mom

No. 354738

Anon who discussed labiaplasty and the more I think about it the more I think this is necessary sadly. Even women in my family recently have joked about terms like roast beef kek it’s tough but really validating for my choice, I sit there and smile like it’s funny but inside I’m dreaming of mutilating myself. People really do care about it and judge it as being gross despite what everyone tries to say to make you feel better. It’s really one of the only surgeries that can truly be for yourself because it’ll never be in public view. Besides my husband, I’m the only one that will ever even know. If it ruins feeling in my clit though I’ll probably end it all.

No. 354742

>people care and judge
>only fucks one person
makes sense
>people care and judge
>labiaplasty is truly only for oneself
also makes sense

No. 354743

I’d rethink this. Sounds like a bad decision.

No. 354745

Let’s do a list of pros and cons.

>have slightly less skin on your inner labia which no one will ever see

>memed into mutilating your most delicate parts by society using your own hard earned money
>cutting up your pussy is never going to be pleasant
>may lose feeling in clit, ruin sex forever
>risk of killing yourself

Idk nona this is a toughie.

No. 354746

I’m not memed into it, I’ve hated it since I was a kid, since before I even heard any opinions or saw anything online. And of course all surgery has risks, that’s why it’s a long process to choose where you get it done and how. You can make these lists of cons about any plastic surgery or treatment like oh you’re really going to bust your face open to get rid of a small bump in your nose or risk paralysis to get some filler? The benefit is for the way I view myself, because I am the only person that has to live with myself and my vulva for my entire life.

No. 354765

Any man that makes fun of or is grossed out by a vagina is gay. Ffs I had a bartholian cyst or whatever and my boyfriend got aroused because he thought my swelling was me being ultimately aroused. Men love vaginas I'm sure your husband goes nuts for yours.

No. 354797

outside of the fake love yourself speeches - how truly long is it? only asking because I remember seeing a documentary about a woman who got labiaplasty and when they revealed her vulva it was like, at most an inch or two long. I guess in weird freakish situations where the labia is like 5+ inches yeah it would probably be more comfortable/convenient to get a labiaplasty but I doubt that's your case

No. 354813

Mine are uneven and the longer one is pretty long, I haven’t measured it officially but definitely a few inches. The other one is fine, I actually wouldn’t bother with any of this if they were both that same length. So it’s not a matter of aesthetics, for anons who say I want a pedo pandering child vulva or some shit. But in the surgery forums I do see plenty of teen girls wishing for this surgery out of insecurity and wanting to look like some edited onlyfans porn star. That’s pretty bleak because they’re the ones putting down their normal appearance and making actual outliers like myself feel worse. I can’t really blame anons for jumping to the conclusion that I’m insecure from porn and wanting to be some perfect sex object for men because it’s rare for me to find discussion from the perspective of women with actual hypertrophy or discomfort.

No. 354828

Honestly if mine was over three inches I would consider it. Probably wouldn’t follow through due to not trusting surgeons but it would be on my mind. That’s got to be an annoying length.

No. 354842

A FEW inches? Anon, few means 3+. Are you fr? If one side is really that long then yeah I can see why that would be uncomfortable.

No. 354858

It’s actually not even that uncomfortable or anything that some women complain about like friction or rubbing, just annoying and freakish to deal with. I plan on using the discomfort excuse to try to get the surgery covered by insurance though. The most difficult part is going to be accepting the fact that doctors are going to have to examine it which sounds hellish since I have medical anxiety alongside the insecurity and shame.

No. 354861

I have an innie and afaik my female family members do too, I’ve literally never heard a woman talk about roast beef or make fun of another woman for having large labia, I think your post is bait

No. 354863

what a stupid take you have

No. 354864

nta but I've also never heard this from women in person and can't really recall seeing it on the internet outside of lolcow kek

No. 354867

Kek I wish! I love when people with “innies” have to give their two cents and accuse my experience of being fake because they never dealt with it. Sure it’s not a common occurrence or point of discussion but I have heard people irl joking and berating those kinds of features. The previous time was very recent which is why I posted. It’s only been a handful of times but extremely uncomfortable seeing how everyone in the group goes along because they agree with the sentiment. That’s like saying I don’t think fat people are made fun of because I’ve never seen anyone do it. Or like women who’ve never been assaulted saying well I don’t think it’s that big of a deal you’re just overreacting.

No. 354871

(NTAYRT) that's because it's an intimate matter and genetic lol

No. 354873

Okay calm down it’s not that serious. I think you’re overthinking it. You shouldn’t have any shame if you want to change it for comfort and you can trust a surgeon not to fuck your shit up, but I can’t relate with the self loathing. It’s just a long labia, chill.

No. 354877

I can sympathize nonna, mine are super uneven and sometimes I feel kinda insecure about it. One side is an innie and the other is massive, like at least 3 inches long. I literally have to make sure it's tucked in so it doesn't get pinched in an uncomfortable or painful position so I've entertained the thought of having it sized down too. Not sure if it's worth the money and risk though, especially considering that size isn't too far out from the average which is around 2 inches. Also hate the idea of looking like some moids pornified idea of a vagina.

No. 354888

It’s probably some baiting scrote trying to neg women ITT and make them insecure so they’ll get labiaplasty, literally no women make fun of other women’s flaps irl or even online ffs only troons and scrotes do this

No. 354892

Yeah but she’s not making fun of other women she’s talking about her own. She does sound insecure though which is a shame, she probably internalized some criticism.

No. 354896

By referring to your own labia as ugly and gross you’re literally negging every other woman with the same feature, how can you not see that kek

No. 354898

Idk what to tell you, you really don’t think women will make fun of other women for having unconventional features so they can feel superior in comparison? Ever heard of pickmes? And I don’t think vulvas should all be the same, I think almost all of them look better before surgery, it’s just that mine are on the more extreme end and I’ve felt ashamed of them since childhood. I’m not sure why this is so controversial compared to other surgeries or why I’m even accused of making this all up kek

No. 354899

This sounds like some shit they would make up on twitter kek. It's like saying someone with a big nose calling their nose ugly is putting down everyone else with a big nose. Someone saying they don't like a feature on themselves doesn't mean they're insulting other people who have it. In fact, often people dislike something about themselves but don't mind it on other people.

No. 354903

Nah it’s like saying ‘I hate being black, black skin is so ugly god I hate it I wish I was white Im gonna do skin bleaching’ then saying to another black girl ‘ohh but your black skin looks so nice honey, I’m happy for you!’ Nobody is falling for that shit lol, stop with the fake solidarity you’re just trying to neg any women with larger labia and make them feel freakish about themselves

No. 354904

I have never ever ever heard of a woman making fun of another woman’s labia length. Ever. You’re clearly a baiting moid. 90% of women have protruding labia, it’s literally completely normal and most women have it.

No. 354905

Wtaf are you talking about. I don't think i even need to explain how bad that comparison is but
>you’re just trying to neg any women with larger labia
I literally do not care about anyone's labia size. I'm also not going to get upset at someone for not liking their own body.

No. 354909

This entire thread is negging then because it’s making people feel bad about their features if you want to get a boob job or nose job etc. Why can’t I hate a feature of my body which btw I haven’t even seen represented in those body positive vulva catalogs? It has nothing to do with other peoples labia when I talk about my own.
Good for you, I’m aware it’s normal and I’m not saying it’s not. But I won’t be gaslit as if I made up overhearing or seeing how my own features have been judged. It’s probably more taboo now for sure but when I was in high school it was popular for people to post sandwich memes and derogatory references like that on Facebook to make fun of women, and other pickmes would repost and share that shit to be ~one of the boys~

No. 354918

You don’t know what negging is lmao

No. 354919

If you decry a perfectly normal feature as ugly you’re literally making every other woman with that feature feel like shit lol, you know what you’re doing, stop brewing so passive aggressive

No. 354920

You’re literally just gaslighting now.

No. 354921

You’re making shit up because I don’t use horrible insulting language, I’ve been neutral about it besides describing my feelings of being an outlier. Mine literally isn’t within normal range which is why I want surgery to make it normal…also I would never call anyone else’s ugly when I know how idiotic it is to judge something so personal and meaningless as another woman’s private parts.

No. 354922

(Nta) You’re gonna see posts about being insecure or not liking some part of your body in the plastic surgery thread. You don’t have to take it so personally or image there’s an agenda behind it. I don’t think long labia are bad but if you think about it for five seconds there might be a reason nona feels this way, and if you have an annoyingly long labia like some of us you might see the appeal of reducing the size. I remember thinking about it a lot after puberty for practical reasons like it being uncomfortable but decided it wasn’t worth the trouble, now I never think about it and got used to it. Maybe she hasn’t had time to get used to them idk. I don’t know who told her people are judging it as gross (aside from her own family making jokes which is hard to tell if they’re being mean or just joking about an insecurity) and I don’t think most people care or would comment unless they’re looking for a way to be nasty assholes… that’s too bad. But I remember a woman showing me blue waffle dot com when I was 22 like it was gore so I know those women are out there. Sad fact. She shouldn’t let it get to her but it has. You yelling at her and calling her a scrote isn’t gonna change that

No. 354934

I mean, the anon was talking about one specific person saying a joke about roast beef, not that everyone says it or that its even common

No. 354935

are you the same anon accusing everyone of being scrotes over any discussion relating to vaginas ..? I remember you were in the other thread claiming an anon was a scrote because she liked her vulva better after she gave birth

No. 354936

I am begging you, please allow women to vent about their insecurities.

No. 354938

>anons think it's more likely that trannsexuals are conducting mass brainwashing schemes by pretending to be insecure women on lolcow than the idea that an insecure woman is venting about her insecurities

No. 354956

yeah no woman would ever make fun of another woman’s vagina-
shayna thread enters the chat

No. 355045

Yes. I remember when belle delphines vagina was revealed it was mostly women openly making fun of her for having a long labia. Or the anon that zoomed in, filtered a picture of her in the bathtub to "prove" she had an outtie vagina.

Either way why do anons only want to cry troons when an anon is in distress? At least it's not the situation where you all traumatized a woman who got beat by her husband until she miscarried because "she didn't go to the hospital therefore it must be a troon larping his abuse fetish", yet somehow can't spot them larping in any other situation. I guess traumatizing women is a top priority to keeping out the entire 3 troons who reveal themselves anyway

No. 355047

Anon with long uneven labias here, who also was bothered about it since childhood but don't care anymore. Whatever you think, this is not 'necessary': it is an aesthetical change that won't benefit your health, and could even cause issues down the road. Yes, as you said, it's the case for every surgery, but every doctor will tell you that you need to consider the risk/benefit balance for any treatment as >>354745 did for you. To me it doesn't seem balanced and reasonable. I might have longer labias than you because they can be uncomfortable if I don't tuck them in, but I barely think about it. It seems like your vagina's appearance is often on your mind, maybe because of your environment (online toxic spaces and your own bitchy family). That is not healthy or normal, and I'm sorry to hear someone be so distressed about a perfectly functioning and healthy organ. If anything, I'd advise trying therapy to see if this issue cannot be fixed otherwise.

No. 361531

coming late to the party here but i wanted to share the only plastic surgery experience i have. it worries me that you talk about what others think of labia and if you would be fine with them if it wasn‘t for shit others talk. other nonnas reacting so strongly make them seem like coping hypocrites. is not shaving your legs also pedo-pandering? aside from that, i never heard anyone ever talk about labia while growing up, only at 21 and that was in favor of big labia and not something i asked for to know. yet i was so bothered by it from the beginning of puberty. i liked to fantasize of getting it fixed, even though i thought i will never do it, that it wouldn‘t even work and i just need to live with it.

i only told my mom around 15 how much i hate the asymmetry, and she was just like „i also have that, many have, no big deal, blah“ and i knew, yeah because it‘s less severe. fast forward 7 years of having to tuck and fix it constantly while walking somewhere in tights, wearing long coats so people don‘t notice, constantly having to fix it while having sex so it isn‘t uncomfortable or blocking. i really tried to get used to it but without success. out of all flaws i have and would like to change, this one was the worst one, something that not only looked unpleasant to me but also felt awful.i saved a lot of money that i could have used for other things in my poor student life but this was just the highest priority. my mom took it seriously this time and helped me financially. i felt the need of surgery was valid since i didn‘t believe anything could make it worse, it would just be shit in a different way. so at 22 i went to a clinic of a female plastic surgeon with a good reputation. she said she doesn‘t do complete „innies“ (if that means basically no inner labia at all) and that she won‘t be able to make it 1:1 perfectly symmetrical since one side was not just longer but thicker than the other, but that it won‘t stick out and how it will be unlikely to feel any numbness and that in contrary to what some online believe, it‘s not a delicate area where removing something could really be so damaging because of the nerves. of course she didn‘t get close to my clit or anything that would really be a delicate.

i could feel it was swollen a few days after surgeries and cooled it a lot but it wasn‘t painful. after that, the result was already incredible. it was way more symmetrical as i had expected, i personally couldn‘t really see it, there was enough labia left that it didn‘t look like a weird designer pussy. when i open up in some positions when i shave myself, there is still meat that kind of hangs „out“ and i don‘t find it so nice to look at, but in no way is it sticking out like before and not at all in all other angles. they are long enough but not too long, the feeling in panties is so comfortable, especially right now years later, when i remember how bad it used to feel. nothing is uncomfortable anymore like it was with that one-sided thing hanging out. someone here wrote how it‘s actually never uncomfortable and you can just tuck it but maybe we all have a different length in mind. there is also no need to be so sensitive about it or bring moids into this. a boyfriend i had got cut (noone in my eurocountry is) because he had too much foreskin and putting on condoms was always an annoying hassle for him and i could tell he was embarrassed too. i could understand his decision and i liked his dick just as much without some extra skin. i am sure he wouldn‘t feel differently about my pussy now where there is a little piece missing too. i don‘t think it‘s such a drama, especially when it really ruins your life quality.

i sort of wished i had done this way earlier and could have spared myself so many uncomfortable situations but i am so happy i did it at 22 and not only at 45. i don‘t want to advertise for it but i wanted to share and balance the negative takes from anons who have no experience with it and seem kinda triggered lol. and no, i don‘t want people to mutilate themselves if not needed, but if you are like i was and it‘s not bdd in the sense of being delusional, and you are suffering greatly because of it, i feel really bad for you and recommend considering this alternative. i never had other surgeries or corrections for other flaws, so i am not a plastic bimbo surgery fan but someone who knows how badly it can affect you and how fixable it can be. some radfems weird view of pedophile moids being the reason you don‘t feel comfy in your skin and you are supporting pedophilia is so batshit to me, (also in a plastic surgery thread, whats going on?!) don‘t let anyones opinions or taste shame you for what you have and don‘t let others shame you for what you want for yourself. consider the (realistic) risks, read about good and bad experiences, take your time. i wish you good luck with whatever path you choose to deal with this.

sorry for reddit spacing but can‘t handle putting everything into one sausage when i write a little essay.

No. 361816

This is nice to read, I will likely end up getting it in a few years, I regret not getting it sooner since I’m in my mid 20s now but I have such anxiety around surgery/doctors that it’s going to be hell even getting the first appointment. I personally don’t care at all about getting a perfect look either, it’s not like I’m going to go down there with a hand mirror and compare myself to anyone, but having something sticking out so much is a nuisance in normal everyday life and if it wasn’t there I’d be perfectly content with myself. I see it as any other surgery, like if you’re getting wisdom teeth out or something, it’s unnecessary so why not remove it if it’s causing issues.

No. 361839

You hate your labia because men say it's ugly, just like almost any other fucking surgery discussed here. The cosmetic industry, like every damn thing in this world, was built by men for men, and we are simply submissive meat willing to get cut for their pedophilic aesthetics. Don't fool yourselves, this is all about pleasing the male gaze. Your vulva is not the problem, it's your brain, it cares about what men think. And it is a big deal paying money to mutilate your vulva.
>but it hurts when I wear lacey undewear or have my bush shaven!!!
The hair is there for a reason, to protect the delicate area, shaving there (or anywhere) is another pedo aesthetic. Lacey underwear is polyester trash that doesn't let your skin breath. You're vulva doesn't need fixing, it's not a flaw nor a defect, the Y chromosome is.(ma'am this is the plastic surgery thread)

No. 361856

Isn't having "uneven" labia completely normal? Doesn't it prevent chafing? Men's balls are uneven so that they don't grind against each other, since the labia are somewhat analogous I'd imagine it's like that for a reason
But yeah it's bleak out there, moids are becoming worse and worse about their blatant pedophilia and faggotry

No. 361868

I’ve hated it since I was a kid before access to social media or any outside opinions. I’d sit on the bathroom floor wondering wtf why I’m such a freak debating the pain of cutting them off with scissors and dealing with the aftermath in private. I was maybe 9 years old. It’s fucking uncomfortable and long and a nuisance to deal with, I hate when anons try to say I’m a failed feminist doing everything for male gaze because I want a surgery to improve my basic comfort and quality of life. I promise that when you’re thinking of long labia your image isn’t even half of what mine is like. Direct these opinions to the delusional people on Reddit or something because this isn’t me. I wouldn’t consider any surgery if it was just for aesthetic. It’s essentially a deformity and it’s not like I’ll even benefit from the appearance change like someone would from a nose job or boob job.

No. 361884

For any nonas who have large or dangly labia, did your develop before or after puberty? Maybe I just never looked at my vagina before then but I actually can’t ever remember having small labia

No. 361885

Lots of women have innies naturally, shaming them for pedobaiting when they have no control over their labia size is as bad as shaming women with large labia that they have no control over either, just stop.

No. 361896

OP of the whole labia controversy and I feel like I’ve always had it, at least I never noticed a change so it must have developed pretty quickly. Definitely had it before puberty.

No. 361898


Mine developed during puberty. One of my labia was much longer than the other, I mean 3 times longer. It was uncomfortable. When I got scar revision surgery (I was in a car accident,) I asked the surgeon if he could make my labia even, and he said yes. Tbh, he should’ve said no, and sent me to a gynecological surgeon to get it done, because that man ended up cutting off my ENTIRE left labia.

I mean, yeah I don’t have a super long labia any more, now I just don’t have one on my left side at all lmao. I get UTI’s a little easier and have to be more careful but it doesn’t affect my life that much, and I’m sure I could get it fixed again later.

To be honest, it was still worth it. The excessively long labia was more uncomfortable and bothersome than the missing one is, at the end of the day.

No. 361904

For me, the worst part about having a long labia is the sensitivity issues. As I've more flesh, pants and shorts feel like hell as well as sitting, I keep "reorganizing" my labia every two seconds so it doesn't get stuck in an awkward position. I cum way too fast because again, I've much more skin down there so i feel everything, which makes me sensitive to touch

No. 361905

Same, I get overstimulated just from clothing rubbing against my labia and I hate it because it sends these gross tingly feelings over me when I’m in nonsexual situations. I’m considering getting my lips cut off simply to dull the overstimulation, but because they are so sensitive I’m scared of developing nerve pain from the surgery. I think i might have that permanent genital arousal syndrome or something.

No. 361913

I have oversensitive nipples but I am not cutting them off. Just buy pants that fit better around that area. I've had the same problem with my labia (and my perineum) and it's easy to solve by buying cotton underwear and trying out thoroughly any pants before buying them. Today's clothes quality is shit so what can you expect.

No. 361966

Sure Jan

No. 361970

That’s bizarre, I have very little (sexual) feeling in my labia minora. I thought everyone was that way? Like I can feel when they’re being touched (mostly, not super well compared to other parts of my body), but it’s not erotic. It’s like touching your knee. Of course the clit and actual vagina are a different story but my minora don’t feel much at all. Is that not normal?

No. 361971

Me too, barely any feeling. Though I dont want to cut them off even if theyre long wtf barbaric. Body parts shoudlnt fit clothes, clothes should fit body parts

No. 361981

File: 1701370615839.jpg (92.77 KB, 1024x694, 1-Cheek-Augmentation.jpg)

Anyone have any experience with cheek silicone implants? I have no fat in my face, my eyes look so hollow and sullen and my cheeks are very flat and old woman/male looking. Fillers are obviously a no go, and fat transfers are kind of shit, too (variable results). I've seen some decent looking results with implants, but it seems uncommon. Pic related

No. 361985

Is your picrel supposed to be a…. good result? Because if so, then don’t do it!

No. 361989

You think so? I think it's a definite improvement. Her eyes look less sullen now.

No. 361993

Ntayrt but I agree totally, 1st pic is so much better. Im shocked for that poor woman's results. Just awful. If you want fuller cheeks, it would probaby be better to just gain a lot of weight than do whatever is going on in that photo!

No. 362000

she looks uncanny.

No. 362006

Those looks awful, way too big for her face

No. 362016

What are actual signs of FAS vs TikTok FAS? I constantly get asked if I have FAS but when I tried to get corrections for it I was told by the doctor I have no signs of FAS

No. 362018

Idk what was wrong with the first one, she gives out vampire vibes in the first one in a sexy way. Now she looks like a PS addict country club mom

No. 362136

File: 1701443288427.jpg (100.67 KB, 1024x1024, Tear-trough-implant-before-and…)

It's less that I want full cheeks and more to fill in the hollow undereye area. It fills out the area so you don't have those giant craters. Pic related. It's the only effective and reliable way I can find to eliminate them.

No. 362187

File: 1701462651957.jpeg (6.26 KB, 168x300, download.jpeg)

you probably don't have it, accusations of FAS on tiktok have just been used in attempts to try to neg beautiful women. Even so, people with FAS rarely exhibit blatant physical signs, most "FAS detectors" probably wouldn't even clock someone like Reese Witherspoon who actually does have FAS, but tiktokers seem to think all women have FAS for some reason

No. 362197

I mean I can totally see why that women wanted to get her face "fixed", I'm not going to pretend a sunken/hollow face is generally considered attractive, but the after is just so obviously plastic surgery-fake.

No. 362198

Reese Witherspoon has FAS???? How did I never know

No. 362238

Joaquin Phoenix, Daniel Radcliffe, and Jim Carrey have FAS too

No. 362242

I have slightly tuberous/underdeveloped breasts and I’m really insecure about them. I have barely any breast tissue on my upper chest and I pretty much can’t have any cleavage no matter what I try. I think it might be because I was an anachan at 12 when my breasts should’ve been developing normally, idk.
I go back and forth on whether I want to save up for implants. I’m a broke student and i think it’s pretty bleak to save up for something like that at this point in my life, but at the same time my insecurities have really affected me all my life. My body changed a lot during my teenage years, I went from overweight to skinnyfat through anachannery until finally working so hard with the gym/my diet so I could finally get a healthy attractive body, yet I’m still reminded that my dumb ass fucked my body up during puberty and I was never able to develop the way I was meant to. no matter how hard I work on the rest of my body, I still feel unattractive because of my weird breasts.
sometimes I wish that breast deformity correction would be covered by my insurance the same way giving troons implants is

No. 362252

I have it and I have small ears, a small head and I’m like kind of retarded but I have an alright looking face, I just CANNOT. be seen with my hair down.

No. 362257

You might could contact your insurance and see if some doctors can help fight for tuberous breast correction. Please don't let people meme you out of getting surgery though if it's affecting your quality of life

No. 362265

That stuff is genetic, it wasn't your fault so don't blame yourself. You'd have it even if you were fat or thin all along. Contact a few doctors and see if you can get surgery for cheaper prices as it's considered an anomaly. Best wishes

No. 362290

I'm so sorry nona. It should be covered, tubular breasts are a congenital anomaly. You wouldn't have been able to influence anything. I would save a little. You might go back and forth on what to do but it'll be a comfort to know you have a little pot. Breast correction used to be widely available on the NHS, now it's something women have to fight for. Ditto effective treatment for hirsutism. Laser hair removal and implants for men though? No problem! Men are given vouchers because it's 'medical'. Women with malformations or PCOS side-effects are told it's 'cosmetic' and they must self-fund. It's a fucking disgrace. We're living through such a strange misogynistic time.

No. 362296

Im planning to get a face lift when I'm 35-40 depending on my looks. I'm 30 now. Anyone got experiences?

No. 362299

35-40 is crazy young, most women barely have any wrinkles or sagging by then.

No. 362300

some people age unluckily (smokers, heavy partyers, people who go tanning etc) but it’s really rare to need aging treatments in your 30s. it seems like in recent years people have a fucked up view of what 35-40 looks like, for some reason. hence people telling women in their 30s “you look so good for your age!” when they just look normal.

anon, don’t gaslight yourself into getting anything done prematurely, waste of money and can end up making you look worse.

No. 362335

nta but this being said, would it be wise to pretend to be a transgender to get gofundme surgeries if this hasn't been done already?

No. 362342

Get one when you’re like 50.

No. 362591

Thanks, I think i’ll try to see if i can get it covered. if shayna got it for her breast deformity hopefully i can too kek.
It’s genetic? I guess I never considered that, I remember learning that malnutrition during puberty can stunt your growth in height (which I’m pretty sure happened to me too). but thank you for letting me know. I wish there was more research into what causes it/if it could be prevented somehow.
my country is especially bad for that, I just saw a post on the mtf thread about how in Manitoba breast augmentations for moids are paid for but breast augmentations for actual women are labelled “cosmetic”

No. 362720

nona I feel you, I've genetically had sunken eyes my whole life. I tried tear trough fillers last year to see what they'd be like. It did work, but they wore off after a few months and I don't want a puffy filler-face, so I'm not getting it done again. I've since been using retinol every night, upping the concentration every month or so. You could try that? I also quit alcohol over 2 years ago and that's had a big improvement on my face in general.

No. 362722

That's way too young, you can do other stuff in your thirties like micro-needling. But get it done professionally, don't buy those cheap rollers online.

No. 362960

File: 1701766725077.jpeg (55.51 KB, 640x470, B8AF4465-86B5-497C-9358-ECDFFB…)

I wanna get a nose job and my nose is actually pretty flat it just has a dorsal hump. It’s a native nose and it’s not even that big but I feel like it is very strong looking and doesn’t really fit my otherwise kinda flat and soft face, as you can see on the right my jaw looks more defined because my sharp nose isn’t overpowering It iykwim but I do like my nose size and tbh I don’t even wanna reduce the size of the ball I just wanna shave the hump off slightly and I’m scared I’ll get a doctor who shaves off more than I ask for I definitely don’t want a pixie nose.

No. 362961

Even your drawn result lacks character. If you have low-key and gentle features a smaller nose will make you look like a smiley face.

No. 362968

File: 1701769808608.jpeg (32.74 KB, 236x222, C4437A34-4B12-497F-A1D0-27158C…)

I don’t really want it smaller I want the doctors to not touch the ball so it still protrudes as much as it does now which isn’t all that much tbh and then just shave the bump off a bit, i still want a hump but not as severe like Angelina Jolie’s nose in maleficent (idk if her nose was prosthetic in the movie) I don’t wanna diss my nose too much because it feels mean to my fellow big nose chans but I just feel like it doesn’t match me. My mom has a small nose and similar cheeks and eyes and face shape to me, but my dad has my nose except he’s got defined cheekbones and a good jaw, so his matches him more. I don’t want a little pixie nose but I just want it a little softer looking if that makes sense, I would kill have inherited my dads jawline instead. This Google picture looks like my desired result

No. 362975

A small humps looks like a button nose that's been broken. I think it looks worse than a normal big one but it's your face so it's not my place to tell you what to do. But I would seriously recommend not going through with it. Keep your dollars, nonna.

No. 362985

Have you considered that your chin and jaw area is the problem and not your nose? Being a chinlet with a weak underdeveloped jaw can make a nose look gigantic when it's not. But I understand wanting the hump to go away, I'm in a similar situation and I prefer looking less ethnic in general.

No. 363032

I will definitely consider what you’re saying.
Yess, i have an overbite, I hate use lookmaxxing terms but I have sort of a mouth breather face. I kinda like looking my ethnicity it’s just my schnoz I could do without. What’s your ethnic background nona?

No. 363035

>A small humps looks like a button nose that's been broken
The nose in anon's pic is literally the most common, average, non-offensive nose in existence. If you pay attention to it you'll notice loads of people have that nose with the slightest bump, do you think all of those people are walking around with "broken button noses"?

No. 363060

100% pure specific arab tribe. But they're an ugly tribe because of incest and "keeping it in the family", horrible diets focusing on carbs and sugars and malnutrition since birth. I was born with tons of health issues because of this and I got my nose broken as a toddler but never got medical attention for it. Was left to suck on a pacifier and bottle until the age of 4, giving me an overbite and fucking my upper teeth. I have alright cheeckbones and eyes though, minus the eye bags. My jaw is defined but too receded so I'll have to fix that and my chin before fixing my nose. I want my nose to be in the center because it's too croaked to the right, and to remove the hump on it and give it a smoother bridge. I also want to lighten up my lip color because it's too dark, because of genetics and living in an environment filled with smoke 24/7. My endless health issues and genetically inherited issues make things worse as well. My eyes are my only saving grace with long lashes and shit. But they're too tired and sleepy to be beautiful tbh. At this point I'd peel my face off and install a new one or something kek.

No. 363062

I don't know, I'm middle eastern so we usually don't have noses like that. It registers as weird to me. The nonna asking the question is also middle eastern so I think she gets me.

No. 363064

You don't have to "fix" anything for men who look SO much worse than you thanks to incest and carbs. Don't even bother becuase your husband won't either. I'm so sick of the plastic route it's filled with so much regret and watching others fall for the meme is nightmarish ordeal

No. 363083

Who tf said I'd fuck those retards or mary one of them? I'm aiming for cute white guys and chinese men. And not even long term or serious. I also want to look good in the mirror and camera just because. Plus my nose issue is fucking my breathing up and giving me chronic allergies, sinusitis, and post nasal drop. So I have to fix it function wise at least. Plus you're in the plastic surgery thread, what did you expect lol

No. 363101

Stop moralfagging in the plastic surgery thread you retard and go to another thread

No. 363163

Anon I’m sure your face isn’t nearly as bad as you think it is I like how MENA girls with aquiline noses look, maybe you should keep the bump but just slightly reduce it and straighten it? Perhaps I’m biased cause I just learned I kind of like my nose I just want sort of a more palatable version of it installed but before I just wanted a button nose, I have a friend from Iraq with a hooked nose, it’s downturned and she’s gorgeous she’s also got the super long lashes and thick eyebrows. I love the dark “bags” too they make your eyes look defined if you know what I mean It sucks how your parents letting you suck pacifiers fucked ip your teeth I didn’t even know that was a thing, it makes sense tho. I get wym with the shitty diet I’m struggling with acne+weight too because I live with my family and all they eat is greasy garbage fry bread and tortillas and processed meat like spam and hot dogs, it’s hard not to partake when I smell them making it.

No. 363175

No woman needs a nose job

No. 363176

>I'm aiming for cute white guys and chinese men.
Like clockwork kek

No. 363197

I don't care what you do but how the fuck does a nose job fix allergies lol

No. 363246

Not her but it fixed mine. I had a badly deviated septum and one of my nostrils was always 80% blocked at least, my nose would get irritated from me trying to breathe through it and would swell even more and allergies made it worse. Both my nostrils are so much less blocked now after getting a nose job. I’m not encouraging her to get one tho. I got mine purely for a medical reason.

No. 363248

From what I’ve heard Chinese men like large noses on women, because high nose bridges are very desirable in Asia, and large noses are also associated with wealth and luck in Chinese culture/physiognomy myth. White guys almost all have big noses themselves so they’re used to it as a feature and generally don’t give a shit about a woman’s nose unless it’s built like an actual mountain. Btw, having a small nose isn’t the only way to be beautiful. Don’t let anyone ever tell you it.

No. 363324

What’s wrong with that…

No. 363333

Hello nonna, I was wondering since you got yours done for medical reasons did you altar your physical appearance much or was it a minor change? I have terrible rhinitis and also cant really breathe through my nose half the time. I wouldn't mind fixing the small bump on my nose but it's not something I need, I just mostly want to live my life without constant runny noses and intense sneezing

No. 363337

File: 1701949358876.jpg (52.45 KB, 584x377, before-after.jpg)

Thank you for your kind words, but my bump isn't a natural part of my nose I was born with, it's a result of a metal pot lid falling on my nose bridge when I was 4, which also croaked my nose to the right, so it's not in the center of my face and looks off. Other than that, the tip and wings are alright, and I noticed losing fat made my nose tip less bulbous so as long as I keep a healthy fat percentage and don't get bloated with food and drinks it will be alright. Both of my parents and my siblings have straight nose bridges, so it's not a genetic thing in my case. All my cousins, aunts and uncles have straight noses as well. I'm the only exception.
Fascinating to know, thank you for telling me. Mine isn't actually gigantic, it's more my receded chin and jaw and my overbite giving an illusion that it's big when it's not. Something like picrel. But I don't want a chin implant since they migrate, and my chin is prominent enough, so I'll probably only get jaw surgery or braces even though braces seem too inconvenient and high maintenance.

No. 363347

She looks nice in both and hardly any difference between them tbh

No. 363349

Yeah she does have good features overall, but to me the after is better with a more defined head shape and more "complete" for lack of a better word. If I could make my profile like the after one I'd look very good in pictures. And my front would also benefit from it. Even my lips would look fuller after it.

No. 363438

has anyone gotten cheek filler? how long did it take for you to notice a difference?

No. 363488

i feel like some nonas in this thread are trolling because they don't want to admit plastic surgery ever makes anyone look better. there's a clear difference between those two pics and the right is going to be much more attractive to basically anyone.

No. 363831

Are consultations really a good idea? I’m afraid surgeons try to convince you to get more surgeries than you need, but maybe I’m just being dumb? Would an online one be better?

No. 363871

File: 1702155026833.jpg (61.09 KB, 602x696, main-qimg-ed0875e18085b4f64eb0…)

This "snake face" trend is horrible.
That crazy V line jaw shaving is so uncanny and unnatural it looks like half of their skull is missing.
And the moment they gain some weight all their lines are ruined and their facial fat starts "bulging" due to the lack of space on their face.

No. 363900

File: 1702156488125.jpeg (55.96 KB, 602x803, main-qimg-d3923027c3ecab97fa8b…)

They only look good in certain angles.

No. 363911

I have this face shape naturally, I didn’t know it was a thing in Korea kek.

No. 363929

This one is just filter.

No. 363933

File: 1702159723732.jpg (113.41 KB, 507x518, va.jpg)

Your jaw is a straight line from your ears to you chin naturally?

No. 363936

File: 1702159979911.jpeg (101.08 KB, 736x1122, 42DAF15A-6A8A-45EB-B07C-90A25C…)

I like it and think it’s cute as a concept but I haven’t seen anyone who got plastic surgery to get it and looked nice afterwards with it. Karina is weird looking to me and kind of looks like a bald British man in a wig or that actor Wallace Shawn or something lul. I get that they’re going for that classic snake beauty look like pic rel which is idealized in Asian culture. I’ve only ever seen a couple famous Chinese women with it naturally. Koreans tend to have very square faces so theirs is almost always surgical and it looks very odd, I wonder how they even chew anymore, having such an extreme procedure for a non medical reason is just gross.

No. 363942

Honestly yeah my jaw looks very similar to that pic of hers lol. My head isn’t quite as round as hers at the top though. I didn’t know Koreans are a fan of that look. Guess I maybe know now why Asians seem to hit on me the most and why the old Asian lady at the store randomly starts calling me beautiful when I’m buying dumplings lol.

No. 363944

I’ve had some stuff done:


It works but is almost disappointingly subtle in effect, I don’t think you get a lot out of it until you have stronger wrinkles. Baby Botox is kind of a scam if you aren’t pairing it with other collagen induction like tretinoin or chemical peels. I get 12 units across my whole face because my face is small and my facial muscles aren’t very strong to begin with.

>lip filler

Top and bottom lip will wear off at different rates. My top lip filler is holding strong while I’ve touched up my bottom filler. I have half a syringe between both lips. I think it’s subtle.

>chin filler

Your jaw will feel sore for the first two weeks because there’s pressure on the skin. But after it’s fine and I really like it. I got it to fill in a slight dimple but she applied it to make my face more symmetrical and it makes a difference. I got some units of chin Botox to help the filler settle properly and not migrate. It lasts a long time. I think chin filler looks more natural than many other kinds of filler placement provided you don’t get too much injected but it’s biggest con is of all things, more acne.


Braces count IMO. Awful experience. If straight teeth weren’t so highly prized and such a strong class signal I wouldn’t have bothered getting them. It looks good though.

Wouldn’t get any other filler, this is enough.

No. 363956

I’m betting you literally don’t need any of this and I think your post says you know that too.

No. 363966

It’s too late to undo the braces. The filler I’m gonna leave as is, so far the only thing I’ve needed to get touched up is my lower lip. The Botox I’ll probably continue to get once or twice a year timed to coincide with a chemical peel. I don’t really want to do a lot or look like I do a lot.

Chemical peels are underrated and I think they’re less popular now because dermatologists cant charge that much for them compared to laser. Low strength peels are pretty easy to do at home and you can spot treat with them on stubborn hyperpigmentation. Makeup Artist’s Choice 25% Mandelic Acid is my favorite because it is goof proof.

No. 363980

I'm in my 30s and plan to get braces next year. I will forever hate myself for not wearing them when I was 10 but at this point I just want straight teeth.

No. 363984

Even if you’d gotten them at 10 your wisdom teeth could just have shifted them out of alignment again. And now orthodontists know that orthodontic treatment is ‘forever’, you could have worn the braces but then stopped wearing the retainers too soon (you need to wear them the rest of your life) and the teeth would just shift again. It happened to me. But I’m fine with my bottom teeth being a little crooked it’s still better than before.

No. 363985

What I’m saying is don’t beat yourself up about getting them now. Adult braces are really common.

No. 364010

File: 1702164690445.jpeg (72.49 KB, 640x858, 09C4A361-F55C-46C9-AA6A-89AF8C…)

People always tell me I would look like her if my nose was smaller and less humped, which is weird because she’s so gorgeous and I don’t think I’m all that, but my nose is definitely my ugliest feature. I regret not getting a nose job when I was younger, because I’m 30+ now and feel like it doesn’t really matter anymore because I wouldn’t be in the public eye and wasn’t destined to be an actress or anything anyway. If I was famous I would definitely be super self conscious of every feature.

No. 364017

It kind of makes you look like you have a weak bone structure. Good bone structure helps you to age well.

No. 364018

In my humble opinion if you have the same fine features as Hussey not even the most misshapen nose in the world can detract from your beauty. FWIF her nose slopes down and is quite wide when she smiles and she's still drop-dead gorgeous.

No. 364020

People would tell me I’m pretty but that my nose ruined it/knocked a couple points off lol. When I was younger I wanted to be an actress and was seriously considering a nose job, but I ended up getting sick and having to take a completely different path. Guess it was never for me lol.

No. 364029

Weaker/thinner bone structure is desirable in Asia. They seem to hate wide faces, wide square jaws, sharp slanted eyes and large cheekbones. A slim pointed face, round downturned soft doe eyes, low cheekbones etc is what they like. In Asian culture people don’t worry about jowls or sagging skin as much because it doesn’t seem to affect Asians as quickly or severely as they consume so much meat and protein.

No. 364102

this only happens if you see conservative male surgeons. If a doctor has been in service for like 5+ years and has less than a dozen pics on their portfolio, don't go to that doctor. don't see doctors who do BBLs or breast fat transfers, don't see doctors that do 800cc + implants, see female surgeons if you can. It's also a GOOD sign if previous clients on realself said the doctor denied surgeries since it shows doctors put patient safety above making a quick buck

No. 364126

Thank you so much! Screencapped for safe keeping.

No. 364143

I'm 34 and got braces fitted last year, it's not so bad nona.

No. 364148

Anyone know the best country and type of surgeon to get a bbl from? Money isn’t an issue.
>inb4 “don’t hop on this moid-manufactured trend! It’s got a high death risk!”
I used to be pretty chubby until I lost weight some time ago and I honestly miss the pillowy softness I’d feel whenever I sat down compared to the grinding of my bony ass against whatever hard chair or bench I’m sitting on. Also only 1 in 3000+ women die from bbls meaning there’s a less than 0.03333333333% chance of me dying. I’ll take that chance.

No. 364167

Lmao imagine killing yourself for a porno ass

No. 364170

Did you even read what I said

No. 364171

Stop being lazy and do squats

No. 364172

get those fake butt cushions instead. they're both trashy and weird but at least you can throw the cushion away once you realize how stupid it is which is something you cant do after a bbl

No. 364173

Tried that already. I’m pretty fit and guarantee I work out more than you. Some people just don’t grow as much muscle as they’d like to have.

No. 364174

Reading all this reminds me what a dystopian nightmare society we live in where women feel the need to implant silicone balls into their bodies and risk a lifetime of complications and malaise just to feel sexier to men

No. 364178

Nevermind, I honestly think I’d have better luck asking on Reddit.

No. 364189

they will give the same advice as i did but ok. why dont you just use one of those undergarments though? not that different than wearing a push up bra or a corset/slimming undergarment.

No. 364190

how i wish it was men having to get dick lengthening surgery instead, at least itd be actually useful kek

No. 364205

The maintenance and dedication to keeping the bbl in good shape is more time consuming and painful that doing squats or waist training and gaining a little weight, that might be why you’re getting negative replies. You cant sit on your ass for months, it’s hard at first not soft, it shrinks during recovery, you have to wear shapewear forever, and eventually your body shape drifts naturally (hopefully it doesn’t look weird and blobby, and if it does then you have to go get it worked on again.) You have to make sure you never plan to change your body weight again because your shape will not change with you naturally once you’ve moved the fat around with surgery, you should make sure you have the money/time/health to get work done again in 10, 20 years or you’re gonna look freaky later. I’m not trying to tell you to do it or not do it but your post didn’t make it seem like you considered any of this you just said you miss your soft pillowy butt (I’ve never heard a bbl described this way, have you ever felt one?)

No. 364245

I'm no expert but I second what the other anon said about working out and gaining fat healthy to grow your ass. Safer and easier. I'm planning on doing that too because I have a boney ass and it hurts to sit on chairs, and it looks ugly, square and flat.

No. 364249

File: 1702220356541.jpg (61.22 KB, 960x640, unnamed (10).jpg)

It starts to look terrible after a certain age

No. 364277

She looks good she’s just wearing no makeup and an ugly outfit.

No. 364308

>after a certain age
Let me guess she's 70?

No. 364370

File: 1702237416123.jpg (41.1 KB, 342x599, 55n.jpg)

You will look like a midget. It makes your legs look super short.

No. 364414

File: 1702242493604.jpeg (118.57 KB, 1500x948, IMG_3712.jpeg)

it’s cheaper, easier and far less painful to just go to the gym. In the time you would spend recovering from your bbl you could grow a better looking ass that doesn’t disappear the second you gain or loose weight. I know some people find it difficult to target their glute muscles in the gym but it is possible if you find some workouts that use weights. Once you figure it out, it’s extremely easy to gain muscle on your butt and it’s very noticeable. I gained weight while targeting my glute muscles in the gym over 5 months and saw a huge difference, everyone I know told me it was noticeably bigger too kek. So please don’t waste your money on such a painful and risky surgery.

No. 364446

love this, but you should drop the workout plan, nonny