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File: 1589962070205.jpg (34.68 KB, 540x376, c4624da89ff44e790315572e1a513f…)

No. 139461

post your experiences with plastic surgery or future plans
I plan on getting full face fat graft, a nose job and lip fillers

what about you guys

would you get anything done

I hate the stigma about plastic surgery and I hate being average/unattractive, I want to be pretty

No. 139463

I really want to get chin filler because i was unfortunate to be born with a weak chin but I'm worried filler will deform my face long-term, like when you look at celebs using fillers and their faces look all bloated? But maybe if I find a specialist I can trust, I'll go with it.

I hate the stigma about plastic surgery too, it's amazing that you can just go and change a thing you dislike about yourself.

No. 139464

I would like to get lip fillers but only to smooth out the deep lines in my lips. Not to make them fuller/bigger. Unfortunately I don't like needles, can't really justify spending the money and I also don't want to commit to a lifetime getting my lips injected every few months. So I'll probably never actually do it.

No. 139465

I would only ever do it if I had extra money, but I think a subtle nose job would be nice. I like what my nose looks like in profile, but I just don't like how wide it looks from the front. I want narrower nostrils. The price and recovery time are pretty big obstacles unfortunately, but there's a reputable PS practice near where I live, so at least there's that.

Some undereye fillers also might be nice to try. They only last a year or two, but they get rid of dark circles.

No. 139473

I think the biggest problem with ps is the maintenance it requires long after you get it done, particularly with surgeries like nose jobs that re-sculpt the face and boob jobs. I don’t think this applies to fillers but idk.

Maintenance isn’t just necessary to keep the results, you literally need to do it or your face/body will crumble and look awful, and even if you can keep up on maintenance, ps makes you age kinda weirdly.
I don’t hate or even dislike ps btw

No. 139476

>5 posts
>all start with "I"

No. 139477

another sad and pathetic thread for femcels

No. 139490

I’ve had Botox done before 25 for preventative measures, it’s actually brilliant and the lines/wrinkles won’t hace a chance to ever form. Plus, it isn’t so costly and only needs to be done about twice a year.
People always shit on preventative Botox, but then go spend the same amount of money on creams and serums that won’t actualy do much good. Doesn’t make any sense, I’ll stick to what works and fuck the stigma

No. 139491

so? OP specifically asked for personal experiences and/or plans. What should posters do then, talk from a third person perspective about their plans?

No. 139500

there are a lot of surgeries I'd get if I had the money. but I think the top of my list would be the surgery that turns brown eyes blue by lasering off the brown pigment. I've heard it's dangerous though

No. 139515

In Iran almost every woman gets a nose job. If the surgeon does a good job there is no maintenance after it has healed.

No. 139517

do you actually live in iran

No. 139519

My dad is Iranian. Every woman on that side of the family got nose jobs from age 18-60, as is commonplace. Only one looks slightly botched with uneven nostrils, the others are almost perfect and some of theirs were done like 30 years ago. No further maintenance that I know of. Of course any rhinoplasty can carry risks.

No. 139538

If it was dangerous then the people who had such surgery would have been suing those companies for making them blind by now

No. 139550

It does, depending on the filler it might be up to half a year before you'd need another touch up. It migrates from the intended spot eventually.

No. 139584

One I think is really necessary for me to be happy is a breast lift and dramatically decreased areola size. Maybe also a nose job to make it smaller and straighter, but that's not as important to me.

Lol wtf? Just wear colored contacts.

No. 139586

are you that specific anon who keeps sperging about blue eyes?

No. 139588

No, I take care of myself but I honestly judge people who value their looks so much that they would get an invasive, risky, and expensive procedure to fix a superficial concern. I wouldn't judge someone for getting a little botox or for something that is truly damaging to their self esteem though.

No. 139598

um, no? the majority of the population has brown eyes and it's pretty common to want a different color

No. 139600

mmkay. why do u guys only want blue eyes, not green ones

No. 139601

I just said blue because when they laser off the pigment I'm not sure if they can make it green. but I'd take green eyes too

No. 139637

File: 1590048578310.jpg (49.62 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

damn, before this surgery was available (and seemingly less than 40 people have got it so far, and not long enough yet to see potential complications) the only alternative was to implant a eye lense in the desired color below the eye skin, and everyone who got that surgery ended up blind, because it does allow your iris to shrink or expand, and they lose their sight because of it. its actually so insane.
Lasering off the pigment sounds safer, its basically like a tattoo removal. But why? Are brown eyes worse than blue ones? Is this some internatal racism?

No. 139644

It always looks fake, never like real blue eyes. Just learn to like your eyes and accentuate them with makeup.

For example, blue eyes are gorgeous but would not suit me. They would make my eyes look too small and I'd look more evil.

No. 139653

I don't get this obsession with blue eyes some anons here seem to have. I have blue eyes like half my damn country and have never given it a second thought. Literally no one cares about your eye color.

No. 139654

This has to be the most vapid kind of plastic surgery along with the genital ones. Ffs, don't mess with your eyes if there's nothing wrong with them.

No. 139669

File: 1590064401307.jpg (13.61 KB, 500x369, fsdfdsfds.jpg)


That kind of is stupid, some people are naturally born with eye colors that don't suit them, im really pale but i have black-brown eyes, it makes me look awful and unfriendly, i always get "hahaha you have such an intense look, it looks like you want to kill me" as a backhanded compliment.

I started dying my hair jet black so my coloring would make more sense but people keep asking if im half asian or something so it makes me feel like im one of those racefaking weebs, If i had the cash and it was safe i would get the blue eye surgery in a heartbeat.

No. 139670

losing your vision to pander idiots, no wonder ppl think women are brain dead

No. 139671

lmao men lose their limbs injecting mineral oil for fake muscles so?

human beings care about appearance, it has always been like that

No. 139672

yeah but unlike men we other women have to deal with idiot women's shit decisions because everyone gonna stereotype us based on girls who will go blind because their "eye color doesn't fit them"

No. 139673


Boohoo individuals aren’t allowed to make decisions about their appearance because you care about scrotes thinking women are vain.

No. 139676


>candidly talking about undergoing an operation that could leave you disfigured for life


No. 139679

Its a non invasive procedure that if you do in a shady ass place may or may not cause vision loss, in most of the cases that went wrong because people didn’t want to wait until the procedure is correctly tested and had it done in back end turkish clinics.

Sperg harder radfem, i just want to look good.(hi radfem)

No. 139684

why would that make them a radfem

No. 139691

There's a reason that no reputable clinics in first-world countries offer this procedure.

No. 139694

Christ alive you’re so vapid, how are you going to fuck around with your eyes to fit some kind of ideal you have of yourself while casually dismissing the very real risk of this. You sound young and dumb af.

No. 139695

There's nothing wrong with your eye color. If you went through the trouble of that janky procedure and got your blue eyes you'd probably still be called intense. Conceptions like that are more to do with facial structure than eye color, and you'd know this if you'd have bothered to google this before committing yourself to a drastic measure. It's kind of embarrassing that you're this insecure.

No. 139724

>anons getting triggered by people saying what plastic surgeries they'd get in the plastic surgery thread

Yeah but we're the spergs..

No. 139727

oh anon, nobody thought you were a sperg - just a severely insecure retard.

No. 139730

sorry people saying they want to change their eye color is so horrendously offensive to you. makes me wonder how you feel about your own eye color to care so much.

why is it completely fine to want nose jobs, boob jobs etc but saying you want to change your eye color triggers everyone?

No. 139737

Why do you keep insisting people are ‘triggered’ instead of accepting people are calling you dumb as fuck for risking an entire sense for such a minor cosmetic change…Simply because it is dumb as fuck? But no, clearly all those who think that are just insecure of their eyes too, outstanding logic, I’d expect nothing less from you at this point.

No. 139741

>stop calling me triggered reeeeeeee

Love how you completely avoided my question too lmao.

No. 139754

I did answer you, I said it’s dumb as fuck for risking an entire sense for such a minor cosmetic change, and none of that implies I’m okay with other surgery either, so nice deflect. You just have to be another level of stupid to think changing your eye colour with such invasive surgery will 1) make your face any less intense and 2) is a worthwhile risk.

Brown or blue eyes, you’re still a dumb fuck anon.

No. 139948

Not a surgery but I want to try having my face muscles electrically stimulated to see if it makes me look less sullen/resting bitch face-y..

No. 140687

Has anyone had cheek liposuction? How has your face held up? Have you had premature aging? How is the maintenance (fillers, botox, whatever)?

I have super chubby cheeks and a short chin and I hate them. My face is literally the shape of a circle. I want to get cheek/jaw lipo + chin fillers but I'm afraid it will do more damage in the long run since I know any kind of face lipo can cause premature aging.

No. 140689

Anyone here have experience with brow lifts?
I have very heavily hooded eyes and low eyebrows, like so low my eyelashes touch my eyebrows when I curl them.
I never considered surgery for my hooded eyed much because I thought that would mean eyelid surgery but I've realised my eyes look so much better when I just hold my eyebrows up so now I'm thinking a brow lift might be good.

No. 140699

is there an age too young to get fillers? im 21 and looking to smooth out some fine lines under the eye. any recommendations?

No. 140704

No. 140708

whenever i see someone mention they have fillers or plastic surgery anywhere in some thread online, someone's always there to judge the shit out of them. except if it's a nose job, for some reason that seems to be completely fine with people

tbh that is a little too young unless you have insane eye bags

No. 140719

I was 20 when I got my under eye fillers. I had the worst eye bags. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

No. 140731

File: 1590887822275.jpg (192.22 KB, 1765x2640, pnkuvnli3fe41.jpg)

Brachioplasty probably, I lost a shit ton of weight (went from whale to normal) and my arms are flabby af. I exercised and while it helped tone them up, they are still massive and make me extremely uncomfortable. I don't think I will do it though, I looked at enough pictures to realize that 7 out of 10 times the scar is usually terrible. Take care of your bodies people, once you get past a certain point there's no going back.

If there was a surgery that could change the colour of my eyes without any danger I would do it in a heartbeat tbh, I can't wear contacts and my eyes are the dullest brown colour you can imagine. We will have to wait I guess.

No. 140732

no but ive always struggled with self image. small regions under my eyes arent the same color as the rest of my skin

No. 141047

File: 1591260040289.jpg (48.05 KB, 640x640, 97376305_274128190402195_69591…)

Does anybody else think there's a trend for "botched" lips and they're actually a statement in some cases? People talk shit about pic related and Nika Petrova because the assumption is that they wanted a natural look and it failed but I can't see how hofmannita here didn't do it on purpose, she wears jewellery to accentuate her mouth, it's her defining feature. Is it a mild form of bimbofication that goth girls and their ilk can indulge in without having to go the conventionally sexy route? Can it be a good feature? Is it purposeful, to show that they have had surgery very obviously? Do I have latent homosexual feelings for some of these women? Let me know your thoughts and if any of you have also noticed this trend.

No. 141051

File: 1591263132094.jpg (221.2 KB, 1000x1391, nose-job.jpg)

Absolutely. It reminds me of how something I read about how women in Iran had a trend (maybe still do) of leaving their nose surgery plaster on for as long as possible as a status symbol.

To a lesser extent it also reminds me of that trend in the UK where school girls would leave a deliberate line where their dark foundation ended instead of blending it into their neck.

I don't hate these brash statements, plastic surgery isn't great but being obvious about it feels shady than trying to pretend that you naturally look like that.

No. 141055

I don’t think Nika was making a statement , a better example would be pnp

No. 141058

I actually didn't mean pnp but i appreciate your contribution. I feel like pnp genuinely botched herself due to bdd and now is going for insta baddie surgery girl as a cope whereas a lot of these quite young, slightly alternative girls are going immediately from flat to huge lips, skipping the whole "botched" requirements of one too many surgeries trying to look perfect when in the case of hofmannita she had already covered herself in tattoos and was clearly not hoping for perfection. I just find it interesting how plastic surgery is supposed to correct imperfection and make you fit in but people are using it to stand out and create imperfection where it wasn't before. I'm probably reading too deep when I tinfoil that some people are doing it ironically though

No. 141501

I've been saving up for a nose job, but I've seen so many girls that looked better before they got them that I'm kind of worried I'll regret it. How do I tell that I actually have an out of proportion nose and not just BDD?

Since fillers require upkeep, 21 seems really young. Especially because no matter how nice fillers look at first, they tend to migrate and make people look bloated. Not to sound condescending, but are you eating well and staying hydrated? I'm 23 and have fine lines that come and go depending on the time of day and whether I've been drinking enough water.

There was a study a while ago that found that when the same images are edited to have brown or blue eyes, most people find the brown eyes more attractive. I'd link it but I forgot the source lmao

No. 141522

how is it that k pop idols look so good after surgery, but when white people go out there to get surgery the results are less good.

does korean plastic surgery only really wok for asians?

No. 141529

Take this with a grain of salt but my best guess is that it's because the facial structure/bone structure of caucasians differ from asians, so the surgeons are simply not as experienced with ps on white people's faces.

No. 141534

File: 1591741071808.jpg (139.25 KB, 1198x1508, elelfanning.jpg)


Im the op of the blue eyes post you quoted and ironically the only study i found says the exactly contrary, blue and green eyes are prefered over brown eyes but blue eyes top green as most attractive.
I've settle for buying realistic lenses, not the same thing but its an improvement, i have no idea why people are so defensive over eyecolor here.
(but tbh i have to admit my issue has a bit to do with internalized racism since im mixed race and the less i look like my non white abusive father the fucking better.)

No. 141536

Maybe this is an unpopular opinion but I don't think most kpop idols look good with their ps. It's a major hit or miss.

No. 141576

File: 1591793179747.png (29.72 KB, 388x364, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.PNG)

is there a procedure i can get for a slightly off center chin/jaw? i don't know if it's a matter of orthodontics or ps. it's not super noticeable irl but in photos my face shape can be reminiscent of the rage comic trollface.

pic related, send help

No. 141577

jawshave to reduce the excess or an implant to balance out the asymmetry. could also try filler sculpting. confirm with your orthodontist first if it's something to do with your bite/oral posture.

I wouldnt say they look good. just improved from before. asians tend to have flat/mild features which is more compatible for plastic surgery than white people.

No. 141581


Just get braces, usually its a problem of jaw misalignment and you don’t even have to go under the knife.

No. 141612

this is probably extreme sounding, but I hate the shape of my head and have always wondered about some kind of skull reshaping surgery. I swear my head is a weird shape, like I look like a neanderthal or something

No. 141624

Fellow neanderthal-chan
I've looked into it and it's very risky. If we only had flat heads, it'd be easy because they'd just stick silicone in the back and that's it.

No. 141883

no offense but i hate people with opinions like this

No. 142019

Girl on the left looks completely fine. She just had to be as airbrushed as she was on the right.

No. 142192

I didn’t get it From the pic you used but I see what you mean on other ones on ig, are their other girls who are going that far? I know some alt girls get huge hella fake lips but not the that extent

No. 142248

does anyone know what a lip flip is? i've tried researching it and i know botox is used…
how is it different from fillers and what exactly does the procedure do?

No. 142330

getting a breast reduction next month, hope it cures my bdd and ed.

No. 142719

File: 1593049588018.jpg (504.61 KB, 1914x901, Untitled.jpg)

what kind of work did mary-kate get done… ? her eyes are what freaks me out, they used to be big and round and they've progressively gotten squintier. why?

No. 142720

those are two different people anon

No. 142722

No. 142724

idk if this is a joke or you think left is a pic of ashley but it's mary-kate

No. 142725

Could be the way she's posing? I don't doubt she's had some stuff, but the whole "smize" thing is popular. A lot of people pose with dumb sleepy slightly closed eyes.

No. 142726

File: 1593058974086.jpg (135.78 KB, 1024x682, 2020_05_14_95253_1589449279._l…)

i'm not sure. she might in some pics but she doesn't seem to be in others and they are still oddly smaller, even though they used to look exactly like ashley's years ago. i have never seen someone's eyes just change shape so much as an adult but i can't think of what kind of work you'd have done for this

No. 142755

So I’m 25

I’ve gotten a nose job, chin implant (surgically) few years ago

Lip fillers (once a year / 3 years ongoing)

Recently i got a little Botox over my brows.

I always read about fillers migrating and not “really dissolving”. Lip fillers may cause scar tissue that will keep your lips looking “bigger” (than natural but not the same as a full injection look). I HAVE had fillers not placed properly which moved a bit , but after waiting a while the “look” went away and since then I’ve been seeing an MD for lip fillers /injectables. It’s more expensive but an experienced injector makes all the difference

I also have my under eyes filled to reduce the volume loss /shallowness there

I’m happy with everything. I use to have a hump on my nose but I got it straightened out/removed the hump/made the tip a little more defined. It’s still a “big” nose but I’m much happier with it

Chin implant helped a lot bc I had an underdeveloped chin and it was uneven.Lip injections, love them 100%. I never had tiny tiny lips but I like them more “plump and round”

Sometimes I play around in my head with the idea of “fox eye” threads but I don’t think I’ll actually do it . It’s a little too expensive (for me) for it to possibly not past too long.

No. 142769


Hey so, since you're already considering fat grafts for your face, I would also recommend at least looking into fat grafts for your lips. This is the only procedure I've done so far after a lot of research and it's some of the best money I've ever spent. I love my lips now and get compliments on them unprompted - and in the cases I've told people I had them "done" I've always gotten surprised reactions, so they look natural.

I'd always wanted fuller lips even before it became a trend, but I didn't want the constant time/money suck of getting fillers every few months. Heard a lot of back and forth from docs about whether fat grafts to the mouth were actually long lasting, because there's so much motion in the area and a chance for re-absorption. But I found a reputable doc in the area who had done a lot of them, had great before/afters, and assured me that the way he preps and injects the fat is long lasting.

It's obviously more expensive than injections up front (several thousand) but it's amazing having the lips I've always wanted and, years later, not having to worry about them disappearing on me without constant upkeep. Basically the only loss of volume is going to come from natural aging over time.

I will say - yes, there's a much bigger recovery period as compared to fillers. Your lips will be MASSIVE for several weeks, like a botched D-list celebrity. Combination of overfilling the fat since some does get absorbed early on and swelling from the procedure. It wasn't painful, but it made eating/drinking difficult for a while. Even after 1-2 months, you're going to look "off." (Thankfully/surprisingly, no strangers commented and my family and friends were supportive.) You also have to avoid heavy exercise for several months. My lips fully "settled" to the point they are now about a year in, but I'd say at 6 months I at least looked natural.

So it's a trade-off of looking janky for a while, but you basically never have to think about them (or pay for them) again. Bonus that you use your own fat so they're as "natural" as plastic surgery can be and feel great.

No. 142782

I have a theory that MK got plastic surgery to look more homely. Seriously. They're all into the ~high fashion world~ aesthetic

No. 142786

MK & Ashley aren't identical twins, believe it or not. I don't doubt that MK has had work done, but her eyes have always looked more subtle and stoner-ish in comparison to Ashley, whose eyes look much more wide and intense. You can see this difference even going back to their early teen years, it's just gotten more noticeable as they've aged.

No. 142788

I recently got my under eyes fat grafted. Bruising mostly subsided with 2 lymphatic drainage massages in the first week after surgery and also this pineapple water tincture. The skin of a pineapple is full of bromelain which helps with post-op inflammation, anyone here considering surgery (especially liposuction) should try it. You boil the skin of a pineapple for 20 minutes and then cool it and replace your normal water with it. Anyway, best decision ever. I don’t look like a tired skeleton anymore.

No. 142810

I read somewhere that she got a facelift at an early age. Like in her late 20s or something

No. 143162

I went to korea for a nose job and was gonna go back for other stuff and then Corona happened and its really bumming me out. I'm even tempted to find a doc in LA but they all seem to have very hit or miss reviews.

No. 143231

Anons… I'm finally getting a consultation to get a nose job. I feel so excited I could cry. I have a really bulbous tip and a hump. I've hated my nose since I was 13 and just the idea that I can exist without being self conscious about my nose is making me emotional… I feel like I might have a chance for a better life.

The reason I haven't gotten it yet is because I always had boyfriends and family who were against it. But I am dating someone who is finally supportive, and I finally have the guts to do it. I knew I would regret it if I didn't finally look into it. I want to live for myself now.

Right now I have a consultation with a doctor that uses Vectra 3d imaging. Do you guys know of any other great rhinoplasty surgeons in the US that uses Vectra? I prefer to find a doctor that can show me what to expect. It's kind of tricky to find them. I am willing to travel for this. I may even consider Korea if you guys know of any good doctors that don't just seem like nose job factories.

No. 143355

Where do I begin with a erm nose job? I’ve decided to get one but where do I start , I’ve saved up about $800 (I know it’s not even close to the usual price) I’m getting there but I’m scared of economic inflation. Also I don’t have a deviated septum or anything just a humpy Arab nose. I’d like to hear real tips and advice from farmers rather than a promotional site or whatever. I would like to get a small, cute bulby nose. I have a hawk like nose now and it’s very harsh looking on my otherwise soft and undefined features.

No. 143356

Samefagging to say I’m scared of economic inflation as in when I finally do get enough money the price will go up

No. 143358

prices are going up every year… but if you're in a country with a stable economy, inflation shouldn't be so drastic that you can't bridge the difference between prices now and prices in say, 5 years time. Especially if you hold a job, wages usually go up along with inflation.

No. 143361

Which clinic?

No. 143385

I will get a nose job, my nose combined with me weak ass chin makes me look like a middle aged Indian woman, which is pretty bad for a hispanic woman in their mid 20’s, after I lose some weight, I will also get some chin filler, maybe also a boob lift since I like the size I already got.

Then there’s the laser hair removal thing, I will get as much hair removed as possible, I hate shaving all of the time because it fucks up my skin but I hate having hairy legs even more.

No. 143405

Just come to Mexico and get everything you want done for cheap lmao

No. 143422

don't they butcher you down there though?

No. 143467

Jin Hong ryul

No. 143484

Anyone tried Profhilo or Teosyal Redensity I? It's not available to burgers yet, so I'm hoping there are some eurofags here who are familiar with these treatments.

No. 143539

Speaking of, does anyone have experience with going abroad for plastic surgery? I saw someone in one of these threads say they were considering going to poland for a nose job a while back. I would be so scared of something going wrong and not having any recourse.

No. 143556

cheers anon
yeah I wouldn't go for bigger procedures that require lots of downtime since I'd prefer to relax at home but for stuff like fillers and other in-office treatments, sign me up

No. 143571

Is there a non-surgical method for reducing cankles?

No. 144079

File: 1594749931385.jpg (56.28 KB, 512x447, unnamed.jpg)

I really want to have forehead reduction surgery. I got a massive 5head and I'm really self conscious about it

No. 144210

Anyone know any websites or ways where I can find the best plastic surgeons near me?

No. 144211

When you go for a consultation do that show you like a 3d model of yourself to show you what you will look like afterward?

No. 144216

Do not get fillers! They migrate over time, and wind up looking like cheap trash. Anyone I know who gets over half a syringe in their lips looks awful within two years. Injectors market filler as an alternative to surgical procedures when it’s really just a cheap shortcut that doesn’t work well. There are a few exceptions to this (lip filler half a syringe and under, tear trough filler) but other than that it’s a waste. Things like cheek filler will look good for a few months, but the filler will eventually migrate and give you a fat face. The idea that fillers dissipate over time is a myth, they just migrate and go all over your face.

No. 144217

Real self. It has the best reviews and you can search by area, preferred cost, and what the surgeon specializes in

No. 144218

You don’t need to have the full amount. A good nose job will run you 8k minimum, if you need bridge work not just tip 10k plus. Most surgeons do in house financing, or they accept medical credit cards. You need a score around 650 to qualify for a medical card, If you have bad credit just get a secured credit card for a few months and build it. Don’t go to a discount surgeon, and don’t go to anyone who doesn’t specialize in facial plastic surgery. If someone does noses and breasts it’s a bad sign. If you don’t live in a major city I would recommend traveling to one and going to a well known doctor.

No. 144919

File: 1595574066567.jpg (48.48 KB, 750x530, img-fece-philtrum-07.jpg)

I've got a long philtrum, but I'm already showing a lot of teeth so a lip lift would be out of the question. Is there a way to create an illusion of a shorter philtrum? Maybe lip filler in the upper lip?

No. 144973

File: 1595613804473.jpg (106.22 KB, 654x960, 855edf2c011849219d62eb7cc0e4c2…)

What work did she get done to go from this…

No. 144974

File: 1595613882512.jpg (263.76 KB, 1280x1736, amber_heard_the_art_of_elysium…)

…to this? She looks completely different but can't put my finger on what she changed on herself

No. 145062

Maybe I'm not seeing right but she looks the exact same to me. Just a different makeup, hair style and expression but all her features look the same

No. 145063

What do we think of bichectomies? My chubby cheeks are the only part of my face I'm a little bit self-conscious and I doubt I can lose them if I lose weigh

No. 145078

I think chubby cheeks are cute and makes people look more youthful

No. 145079

She may have had some work done, but this is 90% makeup. Makeup can change a LOT and she is wearing two very different styles of makeup in these pics.

No. 145168

I had the same problem and lip filler in the upper lip helped quite a bit. It’s obviously not the same effect as a lip lift but it did improve it somewhat.

No. 145337

Lori Hill has recently done a video about her

No. 145595

All of my Iranian co-workers had nose jobs and other PS procedures, one of them had their whole family done by the same surgeon.

No. 145827

This might be a stupid question but does Botox erase existing fine lines? Or it just prevents new ones from forming?

No. 146322

Lines can be dynamic (appear as a result of facial movements) or static (you still see them when your face is neutral). Botox will fix the former and hopefully prevent the latter from happening, or if you already have them stop them from getting any deeper/more prominent, but can’t reverse static lines with just Botox. However it could still help as a lot of the time what people think are static lines are actually dynamic and people are just unaware of how much they’re moving their face.

No. 146413

Not a surgical option but tastefully overdrawing your top lip, particularly at the cupid's bow gives the illusion of a shorter philtrum.

No. 147381

Isn't hairline lowering pretty expensive? Why not just get bangs?

They give you model tier cheekbones, but you'll age really poorly.

No. 147382

Has anyone gotten surgery on their nose for a deviated septum? I have a severe deviated septum and I'm trying to fix my crooked outer nose at the same time

No. 147400

It is and I'll probably never going to be able to afford it lmao. I tried bangs but my hair is super fine and my forehead is oily, so in a couple of hours I usually end up looking really disgusting. The other thing I thought about is getting my hairline microbladed but I am not sure if it doesn't look weird up close

No. 147429

I was thinking of maybe getting some fat dissolvers on my double chin. I'm gonna wait until I get to my goal weight because it may be gone by then

No. 147509

i actually came here to talk about this, i just got referred to an ENT doctor and was told my sleep/breathing issues are due to a deviated septum and collapsing nostrils (they sink in when i breathe). he said the septoplasty will straighten my nose and make it less crooked looking in general. i have to decide if i just want that or to get a rhinoplasty to make it cuter (if anyone has experience with this please let me know). what do you mean crooked outer nose anon? like a bump on the bridge?

No. 147615

I had a nose job a few years ago when I was 18, and it was a great experience, but over the past few years I've been feeling like I want to get a second one done. There's nothing wrong with the nose they gave me, I just really want a cute, ski-slope nose and I feel it'll fit my face a bit more. I will say though, my surgeon did miracle work on my nose. Before, it was basically a giant bulbous triangle with nose shape if you saw me from head-on, and now it's a fairly well defined, smaller button nose. Unfortunately it doesn't look that way from the side, which is what I want to get fixed.

No. 149761

File: 1598971011552.jpg (114.79 KB, 510x926, img1.jpg)

Not sure if I should be posting this pic here but what would you all recommend I do to my nose? I really want a cute sloped nose (just like everyone). I dont know if I should get fillers for my bridge or just get a full rhinoplasty.

No. 149764

i have this nose too. why don't you want it?

No. 149765

I don't like the little "hump" and my nostrils are somewhat wide. I don't think it's horrible but it doesn't suit my face

No. 149767

Nothing.. your nose is completely fine. I can guarantee no one notices your nose is not completely straight/sloped and the fact you talk about a sloped nose "like everyone else" proves you didn't even notice that most people around you don't have perfectly sloped noses.

Your nose is so completely inoffensive that'd be a total waste of your money to get it "fixed".

No. 149768

You know that's actually such a nice thing to hear. I see a ton of bad in my nose and it's the thing on my face that bothers me the most. I spend so much time worrying about it that yeah I guess I don't realize how it looks to other people. Thank you.

No. 149771

Your nose is a gorgeous shape anon, I really wouldn’t worry about doing anything to it..

No. 149815

I don't know if you're still here, but maybe you could try this, anon?

I would pay money for this nose anon. Also I think a lot of women with natural noses like yours literally look worse after rhinoplasty because it changes the proportions of their face too much. If you do get something done, maybe you could get a tiny little implant to correct the bump? It's hard to tell if your nostrils are too wide from a side profile, but they're probably fine. You don't want a Michael Jackson nose.

No. 149820

If you insist you don't like this beautiful nose, i'd absolutely suggest filler, it can do wonders. After watching this, it really turned me off from nosejobs even though she was kind of dumb from the get go with the surgeon choice.

No. 149909

So I've read that fillers tend to migrate. Does this depend on where the filler is injected? If I got undereye fillers, is there a possibility that it would go to my cheeks?

No. 150251

File: 1599295371574.jpg (81.04 KB, 750x700, ciin15051802-01-Bella-Hadid-Ca…)

Can we all agree on how creepy it is that Bella Hadid's plastic surgeon basically just copied Carla Bruni's features??

No. 150318

Also interested because I’m having my eye hollows filled soon

No. 150320

anon your nose is super cute!

No. 150321

File: 1599370440120.jpeg (103.29 KB, 749x619, ADBD73C3-164B-49E2-B7A8-F45904…)

This is the pic that proved to me she’s low key botched. Her eyebrows are so high

No. 150324

This is late but I like your nose anon, it's really cute. Idk I find the little bump adorable tbh.

No. 150329

File: 1599379750416.jpeg (837.31 KB, 1242x1205, 4EE2667B-AE0D-45FF-B14D-EBCC59…)

This only happens if you get injected by a shit beautifician. Filler only migrates if they use a bad one like juvaderm, that one moves like crazy.
I’ve been injected by actual DOCTORS and not “beauticians” and my filler didn’t move, they look like I was born with them and they would never do anything that doesn’t look natural.
I recommend Consultant clinic for this yall should look them up or research a good injector in your city/country, if you pay cheap for filler your will get a cheap result

No. 150562

File: 1599542098322.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 30.3 KB, 281x496, 0C0E5C5C-B22F-4B71-9ECF-BC8F5C…)

I need a nose job so fucking badly. I honestly have the worst nose I could possibly imagine. Why does it look like the bell in the Taco Bell logo? It makes me want to kill myself. I have cried for hours on end because of how much I hate it. I hope I'll have enough money to fix it one day. I'll probably neck myself if I can't, honestly

No. 150564

File: 1599544749989.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 107.93 KB, 281x496, 924D6C21-8A98-4835-8CB2-F5CFEE…)

I really think your nose is fine and doesn’t warrant a nose job. If you’re convinced you need to alter your appearance, though, you could look into non-surgical nose jobs. You would get filler in the upper bridge of your nose which would then give it a straight appearance, like pic related. It’s cheaper than traditional rhinoplasty, but the money is better spent on therapy for fostering self acceptance and other self care.

No. 150566

it’s a beautifully strong nose that defines your entire face, it makes you you. learn to love it please because i’d kill for such power

No. 150571

I'm already in therapy. I just cannot stand my appearance and it's all I think about 24/7 basically
I'd like anything that would change how it looks, but fillers not being permanent makes me not want them. Because I could use that money on rhinoplasty instead of yearly fillers. Your edit is basically exactly how I'd like it to look though, maybe a tiny bit upturned but fucking anything is an improvement at this point
I appreciate your kind words, anon. I really do. I think it is easier to compliment it based on the photo I posted, where you can't see my entire face. It's just honestly…so atrocious in every sense of the word on my face. Like, there are some really beautiful women with similar noses as I have. But on me, it just makes me look like some fucking inbred abomination. My profile looks extremely wrong. I've had a complex about it and my nose since I was 11…forgetting what it's like to not depise my face tbh

No. 150572

I forgot to thank you for what you said. Thank you anon, it means more to me than you know. I hope I can learn to at least not utterly despise it, someday.

No. 150573

That sounds like body dysmorphic disorder to me.
Your nose is beautiful, it makes you YOU! It's so sad that so many women with stronger features want plastic surgery to end up looking all the same.
I've always hated my nose as well, it's big and asymmetrical, I wanted surgery since I was 9, but when I became an adult old enough to actually go through with it, I decided to start accepting myself and working with what I got instead.
Think about it, anon. You would look like a whole other person with a new nose.

No. 150575

I have very similar intense body dysmorphia, but mine is related to aging. Funny thing, I started worrying about aging and developing the dysmorphia when I was only 16. Wasted my youth fretting age.

Anyways, I only wish you the best anon. I know how hard it can be

No. 150576

Does anyone know what Taylor R has done? I unironically want to follow her lead. We have a similar face (pre-injections) and I think she looks great

No. 150577

Who's Taylor R?

No. 150578

I think Botox in the forehead, and fillers in the undereye+cheek area

No. 150583

Also mayyyyybe a subtle Botox eyebrow lift? The distance between her eyebrows and her eyes seemed to have grown a bit but it could easily be just a makeup or a camera angle thing. The fillers and the forehead Botox I'm 100% sure about

No. 150584

it’s a tragedy because your perception of a beautiful feature is corrupted. society’s fault. i hope one day you can see your nose the way i do. perfect

No. 150587

Wow, both of those things I was already planning on (under eye/cheek filler & forehead Botox). I’m excited lol. I hope I can pull it off as tastefully as her

No. 150599

Anon, wtheck! Your nose is great and unique, please don't let media fool you. I hope one day you will be able to accept yourself.

I think it's better to spend a long journey on self-acceptance because in the end one plastic surgery can just turn into a big pile of plastic-surgery-addiction hell.

No. 150614

Don't do anything. There's objectively nothing wrong with your nose, it's small and nice.
Don't even think of nose fillers, you risk going blind. Not worth it.

No. 150627

File: 1599583359915.jpg (60.69 KB, 640x452, hpb61us77bw11.jpg)

Everyone generally assumes she has fillers but I always thought she got a fat graft considering how close she lives to Korea and how swollen she looked in pic related.

No. 150693

Anyone here who did jaw slimming with botox? My masseters are huge

No. 150719

What is a fat graft and is it worth it?

No. 150722

It's a procedure where they take fat from another part of your body (usually thighs, stomach or buttocks) and inject it in whatever spot you want to fill in. It's more of an invasive surgery than fillers obviously but it doesn't wear off, doesn't migrate and doesn't carry the risk of an allergic reaction.

No. 150724

I think you're right, I looked it up and swelling is extremely common after fat grafting

No. 150727

I’d go for this in a heartbeat if it wasn’t so expensive. How do normal working people afford this shit? I can barely entertain the idea of paying for fillers

No. 150770

You are blind if you think she looks great. She looks like a clown when she smiles.

No. 150793

She used to be a cute girl but she looks absolutely horrific now, don't do this to yourself anon.

No. 150794

File: 1599680523858.jpg (33.86 KB, 465x612, gettyimages-80035641-612x612.j…)

I fillers in my midface/cheek yesterday for youthful volume/projection and had some filler left over so I impulsively asked the doctor to put it my upper eye area and today I look like a fucking goul, I wanted to have nice volume "swoosh" inbetween my eyes and eyebrows but I feel I just look like he put in directly under my eyebrows so I look like a fakeboi mtf trying to look more masculine, also one side is way more swollen then the other so my eyes looks wonky. Everybody is telling me to wait until the swelling goes down but I feel like I just want this shit out of of face, it wasn't even what I wanted. I feel like the MF basically gave me a eyebrow lift which I don't understand given that only old woman in their 50s with droppy eyebrows ask for that. My right cheek (the only thing that isn't swollen for some reason) looks great though, exactly what I wanted. Super refreshed. I really wish I had just stuck to my original plan w/o getting greedy, I choose this doctor based on his cheek filler photos and wasn't going to ask for anything else. Advice to all anons, don't make my mistake and don't make random decisions based on the fact that you have extra product left.

No. 151009

File: 1599788177294.jpg (62.75 KB, 400x600, Girls Sun Les Filles Du Soleil…)


I think she had some kind of botched cheekbone implants because of side of her face has a weird indent, but I think that was after your later photo. Besides that she has also clearly had veneers and a lot of botox esp around her midface which looks weird and frozen when she smiles now. I think besides that her beauty is natural, shame she is psycho and clearly had a shitty lifestyle which ruined her beauty.

No. 151257

I got fat grafting to my cheeks + lip lift a week ago and I'm so happy. I know these procedures are a bit risky when it comes to results and I literally bawled my eyes out the night before, thinking this is it, this is the surgery that'll leave me botched. Despite not being able to get a refund ($5700), I seriously considered cancelling the surgery.

My cheeks are still swollen (but way less than those Taylor R pics). I know a lot will get absorbed so I hope not too much of it fades.

The lip lift looks really cute and made me look much more feminine. My philtrum went from 16mm to 9-10mm. I can't wait to do my makeup again and see what my new everyday look will be. (I remember contouring my nose for the first time after my nose job, literally couldn't stop looking at myself lol) On day 3-4 I thought I'd ruined my nose job because my nose was looking really distorted and I've seen patients who get permanent pig noses from lip lift. Thank fucking god my nose is nearly back to normal now.

I'm not sure why fat grafting gets so much hate. I've had cheek fillers and they did nearly nothing, but cost a shit ton. I wanted lip filler, but now I don't need that either because of the lip lift.

No. 151267

File: 1600004420183.jpg (48.55 KB, 1024x576, EWWY63MUcAAFj2x.jpg)

I have the typical mouthbreather facial structure with basically no chin, weak jaw line, and a persistent fat pocket under my chin even at a low weight. Is something like cool sculpting or chin lipo a waste of time?

I don't care about it enough to go for a corrective jaw surgery as that's painful and expensive, but just for cosmetic reasons I'm considering lipo and possibly a chin implant or fillers in the future if just removing the extra fat isn't enough.

No. 151279

Unrelated, but I cackled at how even though the filename is obvious gibberish, it begins with EWW. Describes the picture pretty well

No. 151286

Which kind of lip lift did you get? And does it make your teeth show when your mouth is at rest?

No. 151290

I got lip injections recently (last month) and HATE them with a passion. I always thought I had normal lips but lost some volume from aging (i'm 40) so I thought going 1ml would be fine and not much of a change. They are HUGE now. They stick out like fish lips and gave me a "i still suck my thumb at night" look. I highly suggest going less than 1ml if you're unsure. My nurse talked me out of going any less than 1ml because she said it'd just cause trauma to the lips and wouldnt make any difference look wise.

No. 151291

File: 1600020765838.jpg (992.03 KB, 1587x1426, lips.jpg)

Here's my lips from 1ml of Juvederm Ultra. Its been 1 month since I got it so the swelling should be done with. I'll probably get them dissolved next week. I went to a popular plastic surgeon in my town. So disappointed. They look awful in person.

No. 151292

I like it, although your natural lips are fine

No. 151294


haha thanks. :)
They don't look that bad alone but I'm really petite and they look huge/silly on me. Just went back to work and everyone was like "OMG you got lip fillers!" I wanted more of a natural look. I think 0.5 ml would have worked way better.
I considered trying the botox lip flip at first but my doctor said most of her patients that got it hated it. According to her, it'll lift your lip up and show your teeth. lol So be careful with that!

No. 151295

Your natural lips are so pretty

No. 151308

Your nose is super elegant and pretty to me. I hate mine because the nostril is too turned up and visible from the side so I would kill for that. The grass is always greener

No. 151316


Try getting fillers into the chin/jaw to build it up before removing anything. When you have a weak chin, it gives the illusion to everything else around it being flabby/saggy.

No. 151345

Bullhorn lip lift. And yes it does make your teeth show. I had slight tooth show already but not enough.

They look super cute though

No. 151348

Pretty! Was it 1ml in each lip or 1ml altogether?

No. 151350

File: 1600086641339.png (408.23 KB, 581x581, fe89c9e86bc007a34dfe179746c174…)

Does anyone have any experience with tear trough fillers?

I have horrible hollow eye sockets, it makes me look tired and older than my age its also really jarring because aside from that my face is very round and full.

No. 151358

I can see why you'd want them dissolved, they're really overdone. I don't think the doctor did a good job.

No. 151382


I got it done about a month ago but I only opted for the outer rim. Best decision ever. I still have my inner tear troughs that I've had since childhood so literally everyone perceives me as the same person, but somehow, I look "so nice and young and healthy" kekeke. Even my own mother is oblivious.

No. 151385

File: 1600112860779.jpg (9.9 KB, 270x85, bh.jpg)

Has anyone done anything to change the shape/position of their brows? I have straight brows, but they have almost no shape or tilt so they don't look cool like Bella Hadid or any of the straight brow celebrity/kpop looks, they just look pic related (that is me). I hate it because it's one of my least flattering features IMO and just looks weird with my rounded eyes, if I had long almond eyes maybe it would vibe better. I don't think brow shaping or even Botox Brow lift would be enough to give me an arch but I'm open to suggestions

No. 151387

I think you have a nice eyebrow shape, they complement your eyes. Before committing to a filler you can always shave the ends off and draw the line out higher/longer than your natural brow.

No. 151388

i think you're nitpicking, your eyebrows look good with your eyes.

No. 151389

Kinda looks like billie eilish… anywaya your brows look really flattering but as the other anon said, you could shave off the ends a little and draw them going more higher? Doesn't hurt to experiment

No. 151390

File: 1600114605484.jpeg (391 KB, 1158x1260, 645B2A6D-98CF-457B-B3DD-CBC607…)

Please ignore my terrible skin lol. Over the last year I’ve lost a lot of volume to my face. I think my fat has always positioned lower (with higher but flat cheekbones) so when I lost a lot of weight due to illness I became very sullen looking. I’m close to biting the bullet and getting a consultation, but has anyone here sought treatment for something similar? What were your results, the cost, and are you happy with it? I’ve heard fillers in the cheeks will also help with the naso lines which have gotten a lot worse for me since weight loss. I feel like my whole face shape looks weird and it causes me a lot of grief

No. 151393

Fox eyelift i guess but that tends to look like shit, see kendall jenner but more importantly: anon you're so beautiful give me a kith

No. 151395

I legit think there is nothing wrong with you. You look gorgeous.

No. 151400

Not to try and invalidate you but your skin looks excellent (clear, smooth, and glowing) and judging by the fullness of your lips and the shape of your jaw, you look way too young for fillers imo. I know there's a plethora of info in this thread but from everything I've read if you get them too young they can actually age you by stretching out your skin prematurely and also making you look like an older woman trying to recapture her youth (that you actually already have) .. just something to think about.

I'm in my mid-30s with pretty deep naso folds and sullen cheeks - I also lost a bunch of weight a few years back - and I still don't think I look bad enough for fillers.. but it's all subjective. You look great I think but you should do what makes ya happy.

No. 151401

Can you all believe we all sit here and browse this imageboard alongside anons this beautiful? Your skin looks amazing, that glow is everything. Sorry for not being helpful, make sure whoever you seek consultation has good reviews so you don't end up with anything you'd regret.

No. 151405

>terrible skin
Anon please

No. 151416


aw thanks. Im going to get an eyebrow shaping done, maybe that will be good enough.

No. 151429

You might be turned away during a consultation. Despite being 26, when I went in for a consult in regards to fillers & Botox, the doctor turned me down. Despite my own personal nitpickiness about my own face, doc said I had no visible signs of aging and to inject anything would be a horrible idea. At the very least going in and hearing that boosted my confidence, so if you’re insistent on changing your face maybe just go to the consult and you’ll be told the same thing (if it’s a reputable doctor not out for your money)

No. 151434

Damn, your ear is tiny

No. 151455

I feel like these are troll posts. You literally don't need to do anything.
In case they aren't troll posts, what you actually need is therapy.

No. 151599

File: 1600286331302.jpg (100.38 KB, 1822x303, IMG_20200916_202941.jpg)

Can I do anything to fix asymmetrical lips?

No. 151600

are those your lips? they're freaking adorable and honestly very barely look asymmetrical. everyone's face has slight asymmetry that nobody really notices. I wouldn't do anything unless it REALLY bothers you

No. 151604

I think your lips are cute and it's unnecessary, but filler or fat graft would do it.

No. 151605

this level of asymmetry is really minor anon, I bet it's completely unnoticeable when you're talking or smiling. I know you asked for recommendations to 'fix' it but my opinion is that your natural lips are lovely and need no altering - certainly the risks of doing so outweigh the actually need for any kind of correction.

No. 151611

i think your lips are fine, but it is more than likely a jaw thing. see an orthodontist or get invisaligN!

No. 151643

It looks like this girl got her upper eyelids filled too.

No. 151645

Which doctor did you see anon? I am wanting to get these two exact procedures but finding a doctor that does both has been tricky. Miguel Mascaro seems perfect for the lip lift though

No. 151692

These look like two different people

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