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File: 1624831627069.jpg (309.03 KB, 849x1280, IMG_1206.JPG)

No. 194587

A thread for discussing hair care, hair problems, hair styles, and hair product recommendations

Previous thread: >>142100

No. 194588

File: 1624831653015.jpg (58.76 KB, 367x590, IMG_1209.JPG)

No. 194589

File: 1624831702875.jpg (77.41 KB, 640x496, IMG_1211.JPG)

No. 194590

File: 1624832044904.png (1.24 MB, 3168x2448, IMG_0305.PNG)

I honestly feel a lit overwhelmed when reading about hair care. My hair is thick, frizzy and dry andI switched to a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner called ogx. Idk if my hair could even be considered 'curly' , but I might try the curl girl method regardless. I'm still a bit confused about the image. For 2, do I just use the conditioner and nothing else? and ,for 3, do I just put it into my hair whenever I try to style it to make it less frizzy, and more straight? Are the hair styles I can do limited?

No. 194594

Why did you make a new thread?

No. 194599

Frizz is just curly hairs looking for their friends.

No. 194600

Because the previous thread was more than a year old and it could be nice to start anew. That, and the fact that the thread was 71 replies away from the bump limit, so it would probably take 2 weeks or so for it to reach the limit, though I do admit that it might have been better to have waited for it to almost reach the bump limit

No. 194810

File: 1624979519306.jpeg (402.46 KB, 1445x1800, hedy_lamarr_women_monochrome-1…)

my hair is naturally curly, but I blow-dry it 2x a week. I noticed that whenever it rains and my hair gets wet, the ringlets are really pretty, but I can never replicate that when I try to do the curly curl method by myself. does anyone know what I can do?

No. 194818

File: 1624983173338.jpg (146.24 KB, 700x370, DGzQJJjVCWN71552601786.jpg)

Watching youtubers with similar hair to yours is the easiest way to learn imo
>do I just put it into my hair whenever I try to style it to make it less frizzy, and more straight
No, the opposite, those products are meant to make your curls or waves more defined. It's called "the curly girl method" because it's meant to define curly hair, not make it straight. From your post it sounds like you have wavy hair, i suggest you look up styling tutorials for type 2 wavy hair

No. 194823

File: 1624984506531.png (70.46 KB, 260x226, mlewl.png)

>be 3 year old me
>have cute, short wavy hair
>Dad hates this and attempts to brush out my hair and try to make it straight and long (idk how but he did it
>always think that my hair was just naturally frizzy and weirdly poofy
> realize years later that my hair was supposed to wavy

Did anyone else's parents try to make your hair different from what it naturally was something or similar when they were kids?

No. 194825

File: 1624985861399.jpg (65.41 KB, 1200x630, fotolia_3913149_XS.jpg)

I just know that my dad did my hair like this when I was little, and being white, with wavy short hair alls I can say is that it left for some interesting photos

No. 194829

I was forced to keep my very curly hair in a ponytail because my mom didn't want to deal with it/thought it looked unkept if that counts. She also used a soft bristle brush on it which made it even frizzier.

No. 194840

Do you finger twist your curls into ringlets when they're drying? I find that's the most important stage of whether or not my hair dries looking decent or not.

I use mousse and a small bit of gel too so that they'll hold.

No. 194872

File: 1624997344328.jpg (6.29 KB, 225x225, hair cover.jpg)

I have to wear this at work, is there ANY, I mean ANY kind of fringe I can have with this? I have straight (maybe only because it's long), thick hair but a bit of a widows peak, so I've always had thick fringes.

I'm feeling like I don't have any options since having to gather up all my hair means that it'll ruin any way a fringe can "set" and I'd have to wet and blowdry it every single day.

No. 194875

i always see stuff about brushing while blow drying but i thought you're not supposed to brush wet or damp hair because of hair fall? is it essential for styling or are fingers ok?

i have thick hair with a slight wave.

No. 194876

When you blow dry your hair with a brush, you want it to be 85-90 percent dry already, so just a little damp. You can use just your hands beforehand. If your hair is prone to knotting, you can detangle with a wide-toothed comb or a wet brush while it's still wet. You aren't using a round brush to detangle but instead shape the hair as you finish drying it. If you try to do this while your hair is totally wet you will get breakage.

No. 194877

File: 1624998669235.jpg (4.92 KB, 201x250, images.jpeg.jpg)

I'll always be bitter about my fucking dad never letting me have long hair as a kid. He would take me to MEN'S hairdresser and tell them to give me this awful bob/bowlcut hybrid that made people mistake me for a boy (he made my mom dress me in plain unisex clothes as well). I had such pretty wavy hair back then, but never got to enjoy it before finally being able to assert some independence at 12, because by then puberty has already turned my hair into frizzy 3A mess.

No. 194878

File: 1624998797841.jpeg (36.92 KB, 450x450, aa6e421a-563b-44b8-a826-1e7ed0…)

can't you keep your fringe in a roller, or one of these (picrel) so it can fit under the net, and at the end of the day it will be a nice retro looking fringe? I used to do it with mine all the time & I have thick hair so those twisty things were good for that

No. 194997

What's the best way to get the wet hair look? I like how my hair looks darker and shinier when it's damp. I have wavy-curly hair. Buying hair gel or something?

No. 195043

there are tons of tutorials on yt,I can't give more help sorry bc my hair takes forever to dry on it's own so when I'v edone a wet look, its just legit styled wet/damp hair

No. 195103

File: 1625093148619.gif (1.37 MB, 207x207, BB533807-5E79-4513-BB38-50F4EC…)

God I love having short hair. Life's too short to worry about people (men) finding me ugly for having a pixie while looking a bit more masculine face wise

No. 195150

I don't get the fucking logic. Your dad hates your hair and you're only THREE YEARS OLD? No offense but is your dad a little slow upstairs? It's not like you were dying it green and shaving it into a fauxhawk, fuck.

No. 195162

No. 198282

File: 1626530545937.jpg (31.63 KB, 500x551, Winona Ryder.jpg)

Have any anons with thick straight hair gotten a haircut like picrel and if so did you regret it? I want to do it so bad but I'm scared it will look too big/fluffy with my hair and not sit nicely like hers

No. 198283

File: 1626530569132.jpg (44.88 KB, 500x684, It's That Girl Again.jpg)

or like this

No. 198284

File: 1626531396995.jpg (92.89 KB, 966x1242, 89e71f8ad00ab8e8240d606c1bb14d…)

I want to grow my hair really long, but at least waistlength. I've just cut the damage and it's back to about armpit length. Anyone here who has really long hair? What are your habits to maintain length?

No. 198289

I have really thick hair and recently cut it sort of like Angie in the pic (mine's maybe a bit longer).
It does get pretty fluffy, it's inevitable unless you thin it out somehow, or are willing to put in the work it takes like ironing it all the time. There's no helping it really, thick hair is a blessing and a curse.
And I don't regret it, it's a nice change from 10 years of just straight hair.

No. 198291

I currently have waist length hair but the only thing that I do to maintain it is braiding it to avoid friction and breakage. And I don't let my hair fully air dry because it can be bad so I gently blow dry my hair with low heat so that it's not completely soaking wet.

No. 198297

Literally nothing. Wash it with any old shampoo twice a week. Doesn't seem to knot so have never bothered with conditioning or brushing. From my understanding hair length is mostly down to an individual's genetics plus having adequate health, apparently trims and the like are old wives tales. If I were you I'd improve my diet if at all needed and massage my scalp regularly to stimulate blood flow.

No. 198319

>Doesn't seem to knot
how is that possible

No. 198363

nta but probably straight and thin

No. 198370

My hair is past waist but just above my crack, i cut it from being mid butt.
I think a lot of it is genetics. I have thick hair which is wavy.
I dont do much. Wash 1-3 times a week, condition everytime. I use sulphate and paraben free products. I always towel/air dry. I dont have the patience or arm strength to spend 1-2 hours blow drying.

My previous job required my hair to be tied back and braided because of the length, which was really great for my hair. It was always a low pony tail braid because my hair is too heavy for a high pony or bun.

Currently im working at a job who doesnt care, and i can see the difference of always having it down. Im constantly having tiny baby hair fly aways at the top of my head now. I think this might be also to do with a newer shampoo i tried as well though.

I dont agree with the other anon saying not to trim it. I wouldnt trim it every few weeks or months but at least twice a year or before an important event. After about 5 months or so i feel like a ratty elementary school horse girl if i dont trim my ends. I notice it with other long hair girls too, it looks bad if you never trim it.

No. 198373

>From my understanding hair length is mostly down to an individual's genetics
Yup. My hair grows up to my bra line and never beyond. This just means my body cycles hair faster than average. It's amazing to me to see people who can grow it all the way to the waist, I'm physically incapable of that.

No. 198374

This is a very specific question but is anyome else's head very flat in the back? And if yes what hairstyles do you usually wear? And how can I not look like an alien when I wear my hair in a ponytail?

No. 198377

ayrt but in his culture when he was younger, straight hair was prefered. That's why he wanted it to be straight

No. 198378

File: 1626607589670.jpg (136.2 KB, 750x1054, potosity.jpg)

Is it possible that the porosity of your hair varies depending on your hair length? It generally takes 2 hours and 30 min or so for my hair to fully dry, but I notice that it takes longer for the lower parts of my hair to try. I also did pic rel, and one end of the hair was at the top of the water, and the other end of the hair was at the bottom of the water, so idk

No. 198379

I think the ends of your hair may have a higher porosity due to damage and as a result take longer to dry, but that's just a guess.

No. 198383

File: 1626608220176.jpg (61.26 KB, 564x564, Bixie.jpg)

Is it true that ,in order to encourage wavy hair to curl, it's a good idea to get a layered haircut so that your hair isn't weighed down?

No. 198384

Yes! It made a big difference for me

No. 198389

Britfag anons with 2A/2B/2C hair, what clarifying shampoo, conditioner and gel do you use?

No. 198393

I basically have the same hair texture as Hagrid from Harry Potter. It is wavy/curly + poofy & frizzy - even when I don't brush it. How do I fucking manage that shit? Frizz sprays won't help. I tried to get layers but it still looks like shit because the curls are now different sizes when I don't brush them.

No. 198401

Yes, and just short hair in general.

No. 198430

Only brush your hair when it’s wet, like right after the shower or in it and use a wide tooth comb. Also, look into implementing a gel and a leave in conditioner into your shower routine

No. 198435

I had the same problem but I really wanted waist length hair so I just decided not to cut it at all. It's been 2 years since I've cut it and its to my waist now.

The ends are dead as hell but you can only tell if I straightened it, otherwise leaving my hair in its curly natural state it looks fine.

I hate the knots and tangles though. Didn't realize it would be this much of a hassel.

No. 198439

My hair is asian straight and feels a bit flat. Whenever I'd get a pixie cut the bottom part sticks out and it annoys me.

Also what's this haircut called? I wonder if this would work on me since my hair doesn't look that wavy. I'm afraid I'd end up looking like a beatles member or it would just end as a shitty bowl cut

No. 198444

glad it worked for you anon, I'm sick of my basic ass long straight hair so I think I'm gonna go for it too. It must feel so amazing to lose all that weight off your head too

No. 198447

I have knee length hair. Wash once a week, no heat styling (microfiber hair towels work nicely for cutting dry time), use a boar bristle brush. Avoid brushing your hair while wet.

Also avoid ponytails since elastics can cause breakage at the crown. I usually put my hair up in a low bun with a stick during the day to keep it away from damage.

I do daily search and destroy trimming to manage split ends personally, but that can be a bit of a time investment.

No. 198456

What do you use to cut your hair with? Like did you invest in proper hair dresser scissors? Just wondering since I heard those are expensive. Your hair sounds like a dream!

No. 198461

I use a normal pair of scissors and sharpen them, but shears are definitely better if you don't mind the investment. Sharp as you can get is best for a clean cut that doesn't start the split end process all over again.

No. 198501

Ayrt, I haven't cut my hair since 2015 and it's been bra strip length all that time. Like I said, my hairs go through their cycle faster than average, they reach that length than fall out so new starts growing.

No. 198505

Samefag, just to add
>The ends are dead as hell
Mine aren't, they look fresh and healthy despite not cutting my hair for 6 years. It's because it cycles so fast, the hairs on my head are not actually 6yrs old, those fell out and were replaced.

No. 198506

>knee length hair
Oh my god anon! How long has it taken for it to get that long? How do you deal with it in the heat (my hair is past my shoulders, and not thick, and I get so irritable) Your hair sounds like fairytale princess lol

No. 198507

I am always losing hair strands at night, I wake up and my sheets have loose hair over them. I feel awful and gross, I have tried silk pillowcases, which helped, but in this heat, I haven't used it. So I have bought this silk wrap bonnet thingie, I hope it helps! Do any of you anons sleep in any kind of wrap to protect your hair from breaking etc?

No. 198529

It's about 11 years from bob, but I maintained a few lengths along the way. Breaking it down more, it was about 5 years going from waist to knee. The aim is to see what my terminal length is.

The heat isn't too bad if you tie it up! I usually just throw it into a nautilus bun in the morning and it only takes a few seconds. It's actually easier to deal with in the summer than the bob was.

No. 198565

>long face
>need bangs to even it out
>keep getting recommended thick, blunt bangs
>have ostrenga-tier thin limp hair

eeeeeeee anons help me out, anyone here have a similar problem and find bangs that work for them?

No. 198577

Try curtain bangs or long (on or past your brows) wispy bangs. You don't have to totally hide every bit of forehead under hair to visually shorten your face. A little soft fringe to break it up can do a lot for you.

No. 198582

I plait my hair at night to stop it breaking.

No. 198596

Do you have any wrap recommendations? I don’t trust reviews to be real any more.

No. 198669

Would an egg mask be good for dry hair?

No. 198670

File: 1626804850726.jpg (43.71 KB, 683x1024, PROTEIN-OR-MOISTURE-683x1024.j…)

Egg is protein, might want to find out if your hair needs protein or moisture before doing a mask, particularly with eggs, you could end up with very brittle hair.

No. 198731

Oh wow this actually makes sense…a while ago I read somewhere that protein is good for dry hair so I bought a keratin hairmask which I've been using ever since and I was surprised that it actually made my hair feel drier. Which makes sense, since keratin is a protein. Thanks for the info!!

No. 198739

How do I stop my hair from being dry in a very hot country? located near the equator I tried to condition more and shampoo less often but the heat makes my scalp sweaty and stinky, especially when I move around a lot.

No. 198831

File: 1626899870821.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 166.54 KB, 1097x535, 429A750D-11BD-4ADC-A51E-84C2B3…)

My ponytail thickness hasn’t changed in years, I don’t find a lot of hairs on the pillow or pull out clumps, but my part looks SO wide and sparse. It looks awful in photos taking in the sunshine, but even generally my part is wider / more noticeable than everyone else’s.
In fact, my hair density is such that when I hold my hair straight up I can definitely see right through my scalp all over, but the hairs themselves don’t seem extremely thin and I have medium thickness overall.
Is it possible to have low hair density but not be losing hair? Googling doesn’t give me much help and just makes me constantly panic about going bald. I don’t have PCOS or take birth control.
pic related, that’s my stupid head

No. 198832

Nah Eddette, just get a normal product from the salon or store or online store.

No. 198856

have you tried parting your hair on the other side for awhile? it might help with regrowth

No. 198868

Maybe like other anon has said change your parting every so often. Also maybe head massages would be good, stimulate blood flow in your scalp. Have you ever asked a hairdresser about?

No. 198871

I should, it’s hard to train it to stay over, you think it’ll naturally fall into place?
No, but nobody has said anything either, not that it means much. Actually I’m wondering if it looks really bad as people do notice but don’t say anything. I haven’t noticed any shedding but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any I guess


No. 198874

My hair use to be annoying to part, after you get out of the shower change the part and use a hairdryer to set it, or even at night switch the part and plait it in place. I always sleep in plaits after Audrey Kitching said it stops hair breakage and reduces damage. Failing that you could also use hair grips.

I mean your hair doesn't look thin from the photo but I can see what you mean about the part, but I can that some stands are going to the wrong side which could make it look gappy for lack of a better word. Also you mention ponytails, even using hair elastics can damage hair. My friend use to always wear her hair in a low pony with a scunchie and it visibly thinned where the scruchie made contact. Sometimes wearing different hairstyles can be good for your hair even though it can be annoying to learn new styles and rotate them.

Maybe your scalp around the parting just needs a bit of tlc.

No. 198876

Damn, I didn’t know that about the elastics. I’ll stick to loose claw clips from now on. I’ll try the hairdryer method too, thanks anon

No. 198877

Just remember what high tight pony's did to Jojo Siwa's hair lol. Like I use hair elastics almost daily, it's just not good to like pull at the hair strands all the time.

And you're welcome hehe

No. 198880

This is why you get satin or silk scrunchies. I have fine hair and was always getting it caught up by the scrunchie, or tangled in it. Also it hurt like hell trying to pull the scrunchie out. But not no more.

No. 198906

File: 1626927762698.jpg (67.2 KB, 500x564, 843a6094407ee4cf4c22e5f4968a6a…)

> This is why you get satin or silk scrunchies
I agree, and I have also found that spin pins (like picrel) and spiral hair ties (like the invisibobble) are less damaging than the average hair elastic.

No. 198954

File: 1626965303282.jpeg (78.21 KB, 538x799, 008E6952-3F4E-437C-B2EE-75E914…)

Why did women in the 70s have such nice long hair? From what I understand they didn’t have good hair products, only used shampoo and no conditioner. Were people just generally healthier and better nourished back then?

No. 198964

Actually, yes. They went outside before pollution and climate change were big issues, most of their food wasn't yet filled with chemicals and preservatives, and they had access to actual healthcare and medicine instead of just pills, treatments and talk therapists.

No. 198965

I wonder if it's to do with genetics, like is hair length getting shorter over time or does it depend on geography and the opposite could be true. Is there a long hair or short hair gene, I have never been able to grow my hair far past my shoulders, but my mum has photos from the 70s and her hair is long and thick af, unlike mine.

No. 198972

No. It's just what was popular back then so it got photographed more and shared more. There's plenty of shit hair 70s peple pics too, way way more than any of us can stand to see in 2021.

No. 198976

idk, pollution was a big problem in urban areas especially then and later in the 80s. and food was most definitely not healthy.

No. 198978

This would be my explanation also. Photos of the past were just as staged as ours. Most people in the 60s were conservative dressers and weren't fucking like jackrabbits either lol.

No. 198979

samefag. *60s and 70s.

No. 199103

So basically the pics only show a small fraction of people whose gene were good despite the bad food and hair products?

No. 199136

I have this too, when I wear my hair down I usually backcomb the back a little bit and it looks alright. You might want to try out a ponytail extension, the wavy ones give a lot of volume in the back and basically cover up the back of your head

No. 199341

Anyone have any advice on how to deal with premature grey hair in terms of color? Would babylights or sth like that help blend them in? Or should I just give up and dye my whole head? All I can find is advice for people who are 60+ and everything is so outdated and gross ugh
On another note why is hair for older women so ugly? It's like most hairdressers (or people really) want to make older women look like shit

No. 199342

File: 1627229656355.jpg (57.54 KB, 563x830, b.jpg)

*greying light brown hair specifically, like picrel

No. 199350

that's light brown? It looks blonde to me

No. 199352

Looks blonde to me too.

No. 199361

Right, but if I'd said blonde there'd be someone saying that's actually light brown. People get weird about gatekeeping what blonde is.

No. 199363

I'd call it light brown too but then people have different cut off points on when they think one color flips into being the next.

No. 199376

Lol, I didn't know that. Fair enough. People can be weird about red hair too IME.

No. 199380

>People get weird about gatekeeping what blonde is
This is absolutely true. I grew up with an unusual shade of light brown/blonde hair and I was relentlessly teased by other girls for having 'grey' hair. It made me want to lighten my hair to a 'proper' shade of blonde, and I was only 7 or 8 years old.
Nowadays, blonde people tend to say I have brown hair whilst everybody else considers me blonde. It's very strange.

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