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File: 1592338747309.jpg (39.66 KB, 450x563, 9a1769035f79870679de144df51434…)

No. 142100

A thread to discuss hair and hair issues.

No. 142121

How much hair loss is normal when washing hair?
Btw, gorgeous thread pic op

No. 142157

File: 1592441785569.jpg (693.09 KB, 1104x1655, how-to-dye-asian-hair-blonde-0…)

Do Asian salons do a better job of dying Asian hair? I'm assuming they do but just to be sure, I want a second opinion from you guys.

No. 142163

that's what I also heard, it is better to go to asian salons since asian hair can be different and needs a special kind of treatment, kinda like how it's better to go to a black hair salon if you're black/have curly hair.

No. 142169

I have extremely thick hair and its annoying and sheds so much. in the shower I end up with two balls of hair but my head is not balding?

>>142121 I get massive clumps but that might be from mental disorders or genetics, lots of reasons.

No. 142194

File: 1592500397196.jpg (1.3 MB, 1080x1350, 1561316377786.jpg)

I relax my hair since I can't deal with natural and just eanted to say if any black anons are doing the same, jojoba oil has been doing wonders for keeping it hydrated after adding lotion to it.

No. 142196

I can see the value in doing it when your 4a and beyond. I used to relax my hair and I have 3c/3b hair and it was a nightmare for me. My hair fell out like crazy, it was heavy as fuck and i hated my hair. Natural is easier for me.

No. 142224

You do you boo. Most products that curly girls use in their hair make me break out like no joke, so I keep my hair straight in order to avoid shitty acne.

There was no way I was designed to have curly hair. I sometimes feel like I was God's joke.

No. 142487

I am ashamed to admit to myself that my hair isn't shitty, my products are. I used my room mates shampoo and conditioner that he recommended to me (he has long hair too) and it's so nice, to not have dry hair at all. It's waving again and my scalp isn't dry. I was using very cheap shampoo and conditioner of a no name brand. Tomorrow I'm stocking up on the same more expensive brand, multiple times. My hair is caucasian, thin and I don't have much of it but now I actually have volume … being a poorfag really ruined my hair all this time.
anyone got their fave Europe available shampoos/conditioners that work for thin, frizzy hair well? might experiment around.

No. 142505

I just cut a ton of damage off for the billionth time .. it seems like as soon as I'm happy with the length the ends get way too fucked and I have to start over. I know nothing can really make hair grow faster but I would love to hear tips on just basic maintenance since I am clueless

No. 142524

I heard that wearing hats like beanies and not letting the hair rub on your back (put up in a knot) both can prevent damage. also maybe cut off the tips yourself every month to maintain it without damage overwhelming you.

No. 142526

I’ve got 2B/2C wavy hair and I started the curly girl method a few months ago. It’s so easy to make my hair look cute with very little effort now. I do the whole routine once a week.

No. 142527

File: 1592805875860.jpeg (120.4 KB, 1024x492, A8390A3E-E0D8-42BC-BDA9-4D58E2…)

Pic related. Not me, but my hair looks similar

No. 142533

Is there anything I can do to make my hair hold colour better?

I had it box dyed for years, then recently bleached to get the colour out, was blond for a while, now red but on some places it just won't hold. I'm pretty sure that from the middle it will all wash out in one wash and turn into a brown-ish blonde again. I plan to get it chopped collarbone length (now tit length) but is there anything else I can do besides wait to grow it out?

No. 142535

I've got the same hair. Do you have a link to the method you followed along?

No. 142537

Do you use shampoo that's specifically for dyed hair? Yeah the problem is the bleaching. I had a similar problem however it wasn't quite as bad as what you are saying.

No. 142539

I used purple shampoo but will get one for dyed hair if it will help.

No. 142544

File: 1592827906737.jpeg (67.6 KB, 640x495, 0CA71AF4-32DA-4C1A-9E3A-08CE29…)


It’s a lot of info but worth it imo. You do kinda need to switch over all your products at once but just start at the top with the beginner routine (see pic). For wavy hair the squish to condish (google it) method is wonderful and I’d never thought to apply gel in my hair but I use Hairwonder botanical styling gel extra strong and it’s absolutely great in giving me curls.

No. 142561

iirc, like a lot. Unless you have noticeable bald spots, I wouldn't worry. Just take some biotin if you'd like.

No. 142567

Thank you so much anon!

No. 142646

File: 1592944399334.jpg (220.26 KB, 1125x1241, 0fd3205c03aa35584c781490b9ff31…)

My virgin hair is like pic related. My body hair is light blonde. I tried a lightening spray a few years ago with peroxide (I think?) in it, and my hair turned strawberry blonde and brassy which I didn't like.
Will lemon juice + sun also make my hair brassy? And will a purple shampoo/conditioner help with natural, lemon + sun induced brassiness?

No. 142648

Just go get some highlights done professionally. Lemon juice is gonna dry your hair like crazy and there's a chance the purple shampoo will make your hair turn into a colour that clashes with your skin tone. It's not worth it.

No. 142660

Eh I'm already a day into the lemon juice thing, I'll report back if it looks shit

No. 142688

Is there a hairstyle (without bangs) that creates the illusion of a smaller forehead? My forehead is massive but my bangs become curly in a second if it's humid outside or if I sweat and I end up looking really unkempt

No. 142704

File: 1593034570471.jpg (71.94 KB, 500x500, Shag-Medium-Length-Haircut.jpg)

Does anyone have any haircut-recommendations for mid-length fine hair that isn't variations of "the karen" or perfectly styled instathot cuts? Only one I could find that would suit me was pic related but it does have some karen vibes.

No. 142705

I think it looks cute anon, not very karen-y

No. 142707

Maybe I'm just slowly losing my mind after seeing so many haircuts that want to talk to my manager. I'm glad this one is safe at least

No. 142739


The brassiness is the pigments in your hair, doesn't matter how you lift it, its gonna be orange unless you colour over it. It probably won't lift as much so you might not notice it as much, but the effects as literally the same.

No. 142748

File: 1593086643730.jpg (43.27 KB, 1000x1000, 51dE1bWLeWL._SL1000_.jpg)

Is this a good shampoo? My hair is super dry and I'm looking for something moisturizing without sls. Head&shoulders destroyed my hair

No. 142775

File: 1593110665161.jpg (72.53 KB, 415x221, female-boh1.jpg)

How can I fix or hide that the back of my head is flat?

No. 142776

you could tease the back of your hair and use hairspray to hold it in. Or your could try Bouffant hairstyle to hide it

No. 142789

I tried Weightless Volume. My scalp and hair gets very greasy fast. When using this shampoo I found it difficult for my hair/scalp to feel clean after one wash with it so I work often have to wash 1-2 more times. Once I adjusted to it, it did seem a little better.

However since you want hydration this could be your product. I'd say to give it a shot!

No. 142808

File: 1593152201144.jpg (45.57 KB, 500x670, ffc76c4c0006776d21826a9e249162…)

So are shagg haircut back in style?

No. 142809

I see, thanks!

No. 142827

I don't care, I rock my outdated hairstyle with pride.

No. 142840

I really want to get it done, but I have a hard time disassociating it from 2007's emo kids.

No. 142846

I was watching an old amberlynn and destiny vid today (destinys 21st bday I think) and this is pretty much the haircut that destiny had..

No. 142881

File: 1593265573768.png (222.18 KB, 264x393, sideburn.png)

Any mohawk/deathhawk/undercut/etc. anons? How do you maintain your hairstyle, at home by yourself or with someone's help, or do you just go straight to the barber? I've had my sides shaved for a few years now and always do the maintenance on my own, but as the middle part keeps getting longer I get even more anxious over making mistakes and accidentally clipping off some of the longer hairs that'll take forever to grow back. Especially since a couple months ago I started growing sideburns like in the pic, I have to be even more careful now. If you shave at home, how do you make sure that both sides are even and symmetrical? Any tips on making the whole shaving process a bit easier and less tedious in general?

No. 142883

I pin my hair back, and slick it back with conditioner as to not get any flyaways in the way whilst shaving the sides. Mistakes are inevitable, but honestly they’re not really noticeable. I only really shave it down to the skin during summer and let it grow during the colder months, and even then I just use a trimmer with a guard. My right side isn’t as symmetrical as my left, so I will probably need to go to a professional to help me sort out the symmetry a bit more.

No. 142884

Tie your long bits down really tight and gel/wax the edges down, just make it really difficult to accidentally clip them.
Get a good double mirror setup and let your arms rest, you'll make mistakes if you're tired.
What do you mean by even and symmetrical? The sides will be the same if you use the same grade of clipper all the way around.

No. 142887

>What do you mean by even and symmetrical? The sides will be the same if you use the same grade of clipper all the way around.

I meant like how to make sure that the shaved areas have approximately the same width, shape and placement on both sides of the head. The same surface area, distance from ears, etc. so the middle part doesn't look lopsided.

No. 142939

I dared to do this today (just with a bit less hair) and I finally no longer look like a balding man lol

No. 142940

Ngl that's genius. Might actually work for my giant forehead, thanks for posting anon!

No. 142943

Ah, love this. Might work for my fivehead. OT but her jaw is so good looking, hot.

No. 142946

Is it better to grow out hair, wait until the 'healthy' section is grown to the desired length, and then chop off all the dead spindly ends?
I think I have this problem where I get my split ends chopped off yet the result is my hair never growing because my ends damage so easily that the healthy ends quickly go damaged after a mere weeks. I'm at the point where I just wanna keep on with the damaged ends so that eventually when the fully part of my hair gets to the length I want, I can just chop to there.

Am I making sense?

No. 142947

Anon-chans, I came back to having bangs again after seven years of not having them. Anyone has advice on how to take care of them?

No. 142954

It's always best to trim the split ends as soon as you can since the hair can split even more and travel up. That will fuck up your healthy hair, and it might be why you notice split ends a week after trimming. If you didn't trim high enough, the damage is still there but less noticeable and will keep coming back.

No. 142958

File: 1593368025011.jpg (74.34 KB, 410x298, 550px-nowatermark-Back-Comb-St…)

I just got bangs again too for the first time in years. My hair stylist showed me that lightly backcombing the roots of the bangs help it not look greasy or weighed down to the forehead. It keeps them from section weirdly throughout the day

No. 142961

Blow dry them immediately after washing and in the specific style you want, cos they'll stay that way. Eg I use a big velcro curler to get volume And use dry shampoo liberally.

No. 142964

what kind of gel do you use to scrunch? i cant seem to get the casting down…

No. 142975

Anyone got any experience with getting rid of dandruff? I’ve had pretty persistent dandruff since puberty and no anti dandruff shampoo works before anyone suggests that option. Dunno it if matters but it’s more of an oily dandruff than dry; and I have thick wavy hair. If I was to wash my hair every day like other people can it would become a frizzy mess so I’m so stuck. Any anons help is appreciated

No. 142976

it might not actually be dandruff, if it’s oily it sounds more like product or sebum buildup.

No. 142981

Apple cider vinegar is the thing that finally made mine go away

No. 142989

File: 1593420169427.jpg (21.69 KB, 262x450, 7940a78a195d40c272a0b9faff9d25…)

Bleaching my hair at home this week. Will it fall out?

No. 142990

Who knows, maybe? Let us know in some time. Good luck tho!

No. 143029

Condition the shit out it, anon. Godspeed!

No. 143144

What suits a long face better, a side part or a middle part?

No. 143555

Is there a way to reverse grey hairs? Like with a vitamin or something?

No. 143565

File: 1594209143017.jpg (324.28 KB, 800x625, 87957_800_GARNIER_-_FRUCTIS_BA…)

Can anyone recommend me a good drugstore hair mask or hair oil for moisture? I've been using this but I feel like it's not enough

No. 143568

Use the papaya one of the same brand!! The banana one is so drying, the papaya one actually works and is super moisturising (I have hair fried from years of bleach). Also putting a bit of hair oil into your hair when it’s wet seals in the moisture for longer.

No. 143914

File: 1594575282098.jpg (29.72 KB, 305x404, savane-brossard-tranches-305x4…)

If you started with brown hair inb4 you look like savane cake because you didn't section properly, didn't sature your hair with bleach and started with the roots

Curious about how it turned out anon tho

No. 143924

File: 1594584750807.png (2.11 MB, 1195x1071, strawberryb.png)

How do I achieve a light strawberry blonde like this? These hues might be slightly different but it doesn't really matter, I'd be happy with any of them. I just can't decide what numbers to choose to mix. 9-4/9-55 + 9-7/0-55/0-77? What combination'd be better in your opinion, anons?

No. 143954

I would mix with 9-7. let us know how it turns out

No. 143955

and I mean 9-55 + 9-7

No. 143961

Thanks anon! I'll try it

No. 144370

fellow CG-anons, I need some help. My hair is nicely moisturized for 1-2 days after washing it with the CG method (which is a major improvement from before I did CG) but I can't seem to make that last for more than 1-2ish days. I don't want to wash my hair more than once a week, so I'm stuck with dry hair until I wash it again. How to I either make the moisture last longer or re-moisturise my hair without washing it again?

No. 144393

i am by no means an expert but many people 'refresh' their hair after a day or two between washes. you typically dampen your hair and use some kind of product to add some moisture or definition to your curls

theres some good tutorials out there for people's various cg routines including refreshing their hair, gl anon!

No. 144400

I have long hair (about tailbone length, maybe a little less) and I usually wear it down. I worry about damaging it while sleeping and just during daily life when it gets caught underneath shoulder straps, stuff like that.
What's the best way to prevent it from getting damaged that's still fairly low effort? I don't know shit about hair care to be honest.

No. 144410

File: 1595045610401.jpeg (722.02 KB, 2048x2791, 77FC3759-0740-4326-BDC8-4805DF…)

i’m a natural blonde and i’ve tried to go medium/dark brown for the longest time, but i’ve had some bad salon experiences and i’m nervous. i managed to keep my hands off my hair during quarantine except for trimming it, and now that salons are open in my city, i want to go try to go brown again but i’m terrified of another bad experience. the problem is my hair pulls ash tones like crazy and i always wind up with an almost charcoal color instead of brown. both times this happened the stylists just tried to fix it by adding golden highlights or a glaze and it really just wasn’t what i wanted. it was also impossible to get the color out of my hair, so i was stuck with something i hated for a long time. i just want chocolate brown hair - how hard is it to get something like pic related? any stylist anons have any tips on what i should let my stylist know?

No. 144411

You can get a silk (or satin) sleep cap. Just pile your hair up in it and go to sleep, very low effort

No. 144417

I have hair length-envy for you anon. Tailbone length sounds gorgeous. Anyway you might want to check out longhaircommunity, it's a forum for ladies with super long hair like you and they share a lot of tips and advice on hair care and growth etc.

No. 144423

If you don't know shit about hair care and you have tailbone-long hair then maybe consider going a bit shorter. This can't look good.
For a very long time I had hair this lenght, then gradually went waist, above waist and now mid-back and honestly I find this lenght superior - you get the "long hair looks" but with no "haggard horsegirl" vibe. It also looks healthier in general.
okay sperg off.

If it goes for sleep, basically whatever you can do to prevent rolling around on it. You can put it in a very loose bun, or a high pony (where the pony goes up, on the pillows). The braid is believed to limit breakage, you won't pull on hair, it won't catch up in anything but you can still sleep on your braid accidentaly (and you gotta deal with waves). Same goes for everyday care, wearing hair up will prevent damage. But tbh why wear the long hair up? It's long for a reason lol.
Secure the ends with silicone serum. Read about PEH balance. It's a rabbit hole if you want to truly take care of your hair

No. 144436

Does anyone else has constant hair fallout not just when washing hair? If I spend more than 30 minutes in a room, there's gonna be at least 10 strands of hair on the floor around me

No. 145142

File: 1595769530930.png (103.54 KB, 655x990, IMG_9521.PNG)

Whenever I try to do partial updos there're always a bunch of stray hairs that stick out and make my hair look sloppy, how can I fix this?

No. 145145

Pins and spray, anon!

No. 145185

God Lor is so ugly

No. 145341

File: 1595929366971.jpg (770.33 KB, 1077x1473, Screenshot_20200728-114310_Fir…)

I'm getting a lob with a side part but can't decide if I should layer it or not. Since my hair is thin and I've got a 5head I'd say yes but I'm still not 100% sure because I'll have to straighten it and there will be possibly some stray hairs sticking out.

Any advice or something?

No. 145357

If you are gonna get layers get very light layers, otherwise I'd recommend a blunt cut if your hair is thin.

No. 145401

File: 1595956782577.jpg (47.33 KB, 512x508, unnamed (2).jpg)

How much will it take to embrace my natural hair color?
I have tan skin,dark brown eyes and black hair.but I look awful with black hair and I look great with light brown hair,I have pulled off having light hair many times but now my hair is fried and lifeless like a cooked tilapia fish
Should I go natural already?

No. 145404

ask your hairdresser what suits your face and hair best, a good hairdresser should be able to give you better advice than we can without even seeing you

No. 145419

I'm sure your natural color looks great on you, anon. Healthy hair is the most important part, not the color.

Trim those dead ends and enjoy your soft, healthy hair.

No. 145469

File: 1596002853740.jpeg (29.81 KB, 554x554, 60BEDC03-FB10-44A3-A688-67ADFB…)

So because of corona i had to dye my, usually rainby colors, hair black to match my black roots, I used a cream color not permanent dye, the black was also more like a deep dark purple than traditional black with red undertones.
It now has faded do a dark wine-ish color because my hair was a magenta pink before it all, and oh boy it looks weird, also because i have a pixie-bob so it’s basically three inches of natural hair three inches of the weird wine color.

Since my hair is basically split 50/50 between healthy natural hair and dyed hair will it fry too much if i go straight to bleach?

My hair tends to handle bleach better than average so normally im not too worried but I’ve never had to bleach a black that wasn’t the one in my roots, im usually pretty satisfied with my dye jobs and i was planning to go for a grungy blue now but now im not sure what to do.

No. 145617

Can anyone recommend me a good hair growth vitamin?

No. 145848

i’m not sure if it actually works or if it’s a placebo effect combined with actually taking care of my hair, but i like viviscal. i’ve been taking it for about two years and my regrowth in that time period has felt a lot thicker and healthier. but i also stopped getting tape-ins, using a ton of heat on my hair, overwashing it, etc., so i don’t really know if the vitamins have done anything or it’s all just a result of me being kinder to my hair. i used new nordic before viviscal and they were good, too. i just switched because viviscal had better reviews kek.

No. 145857

I'm pretty sure hair vitamins are a meme besides getting the right amount of vitamins for optimal (hair) health in general

No. 145876

Fuck me then…I was asking because I have almost constant hairshedding. Running fingers through hair? At least 5-6 hairs come out each time. Yoga class? at the end of the session, my mat will be decorated with pieces of my mane. Working from home? There's gonna be a halo of hair around my chair on the carpet. My apartment floor is also always covered in hair, as well as my bedsheets, chairs, literally everything. The drain haircatchers are always full. This has always been this way, since I was a kid, but back then my hair was unbelievably thick (I remember once my hairdressers broke his hairbrush while brushing) and it is much thinner and sparser. And this makes me nervous. What happens if my hair growth slows down but the shedding does not stop? Or am I overworrying and this is completely normal?

No. 145877

>and it is much thinner and sparser

No. 145976

File: 1596285138384.jpg (56.93 KB, 500x625, 58a504365a6cbc4124ad1d52479edf…)

How do I remove tangles/knots from my hair without ripping through them with my comb? I know you're supposed to start at the bottom and work your way up, but I'm still just ripping/tearing through the tangles to get rid of them.

pic unrelated, just pretty hair.

No. 145977

You need one of two things (or both):

1. Conditioner
2. Water flow

I highly recommend that you do it in the shower unless your hair is completely matted and fucked up where water will be wasted because of it. If you don't feel like wasting water just put some water and conditioner (2:1 ratio respectively) in a spray bottle and get your hair wet before combing.

Why people brush/comb dry hair, I will never understand…..

No. 145981

File: 1596288225667.jpg (60.32 KB, 1000x1000, 51nrhPs1nWL._SL1000_.jpg)

Agreed with this anon. Apply a decent amount of conditioner in the shower and very gently comb out the tangles with your fingers or a brush like pic attached. The conditioner is like lubricant and the water will make your hair stretch instead of break as you comb.

No. 145984

Thanks. Wetting my hair in the shower in the morning is not an option but I'll give the 2:1 mix in a spray bottle a try. I assume I don't have to spray it dripping wet? Like how wet should I make it? Should I use a comb like this >>145981 too? Currently I'm using a wooden wide tooth comb.

>Why people brush/comb dry hair, I will never understand…..

that's how I've been taught and I never second guessed it

No. 146000

File: 1596296849583.jpeg (69.54 KB, 683x1025, 43728393_066_b.jpeg)

I'd say start off dampening your hair, not to where it's drenched, even a little moisture will help.

If it's still difficult to work with, try spraying a little more at a time. Im assuming this is in the morning, so I know you probably don't want the wet hair look.

And I personally don't use that comb unless it's when I'm washing my hair and want to get dandruff off of my scalp but I use a brush like pic related on my boyfriend's hair (it's really long and straight) and a denman brush on my hair (textured)

No. 146001

> samefag but sorry if that came off judge-y, I know it's not everyone's fault if they didn't learn it but I figured everyone has maybe tried it and found out that it's so much easier

No. 146025

File: 1596316230080.jpg (24.25 KB, 314x400, moroccangold.jpg)

this product really helps detangle my hair. I have the same problem you're describing and I feel like this leave in mask just works really well as a detangler too? I just use a few spritz when my hair is damp before I start combing and I feel like it works better as a detangler than anything lol. I would try those wet brushes other anons mentioned too

No. 146026

Do you guys know about any good dry shampoos?

I have used Batiste for a while, but it leaves my hair super crunchy and dry. I won't mind buying an expensive one if I know it's worth the money.

No. 146029

Take biotin, you can find it at any drug store. I use it narrow my hair part line and increase growth, and it works amazingly. My hair is noticeably thinner after a while if I stop using it.

No. 146032

Eat more red meat

No. 146069

I used to really like the bumble and bumble pret a powder but after i found out the first ingredient is just cornstarch I started using that cuz it’s way cheaper lol. Neither of them make my hair crunchy but if you have dark hair you have to rub it in to get rid of the white cast

No. 146095

File: 1596373365778.png (250.08 KB, 268x494, Untitled.png)

can anyone take a guess at what haircare products sabrina ableina uses? i'm good on curls, i have them naturally, but her hair always looks so full and non-frizzy. it's how i wish i could style mine but idk how to get it like that. her hair is several inches longer than mine too, but my hair grows pretty slowly.

No. 146211

I already eat meat and eggs too. I' going to try biotin, thanks for the tip!

No. 146284

so i've been sleeping with a satin pillow case for a couple of months now and it has made a huge difference when it comes to preventing hair breakage. i'm considering "upgrading" to a silk pillowcase (i need more pillowcases but satin ones are really hard to get ahold of where i live), any anons with a silk pillow case? do you recommenced it?

No. 146783

File: 1596840671870.png (1.64 MB, 948x1000, (patrick_voice)MY_NAMES_NOT_KA…)

>have a long face and oily, fine hair
>spend years trying to find a style that would flatter me
>it always comes back to stylists recommending stuff like pic related

someone end my suffering

No. 146832

File: 1596856237972.jpg (61.21 KB, 500x622, 1dfa72ad5f5b1b1c6cb2ea1fcc013b…)

I have never been interested in dying my hair until I saw this

No. 146834

I have a Slip pillowcase. I have to wash it at minimum once a week or else I start breaking out - more than I would with a cotton pillowcase.
As for hair health, I can see it working for those with more brittle hair. You can run your head across it and it feels really cool and smooth, pretty much no friction.
I have very healthy virgin hair so I personally haven't seen a difference in breakage. I also can't say I feel any discomfort when I'm in a bed with a cotton pillowcase.
But if you want to splurge and feel fancy as hell, go for it. Just be prepared to hand wash every 5 days or so.

No. 146837

Kek what crack are those stylists smoking because I would think with fine hair and a longer face you'd be better off with a longer bob or something shoulder-length. I'm not a hair stylist to be fair but just seems way more logical anyway.

No. 146854

This is so pretty! But I've heard really cool tones can be quite difficult to achieve.

No. 146855

I can't/don't want to dye my hair for various hair, but if I did I would go for this color. Literal coolness perfection.

No. 146888

I've been using a silk pillowcase for a while (actually have 3 now) and I'd definitely say it helps with tangles/breakage since it's not as rough as cotton. If your hair is very fine/prone to breakage, you'll probably like it. You could also do a silk bonnet if you don't mind wearing something on your head at night, but I like the pillowcase more.

No. 146921

Lol I've tried long bobs before and they're not bad, but they only look full with tons of chunky layers (which aren't in style now) and like an hour of styling which is time that I don't really have

It's fine though, I'm trying to learn all about lace fronts so I can start wearing those full time, it'll be expensive but worth it I think

No. 146950

So I am prematurely going gray. Like the hair down to right under the chin is salt and pepper and the rest is just dark brown (I have long hair, down to a couple of inches under the middle of my back).
Went to a hair salon that is known for dyeing hair crazy colors and told one of the stylists that I wanted gray highlights to make the rest of my hair blend with the grays on top and she flat out told me that it would not work because they would have to bleach at least 3 times and that would burn/melt my hair. Is this true? Or are they just being lazy asses because I have long hair? I saw their IG and they have a lot of japanese women there with white/gray/pastel dyed hair that doesnt look "burned" or "melted". (btw I don't want to dye my hair black or dark in general , I love that is salt and pepper).

No. 146969

Sounds like it could be true to me. I don't know your exact color and quality of hair but three times could very well be true for a good result. Since your hair is so long the hair towards the ends is weaker and more damaged I'm guessing even if you take good care of it. I'd say your best bet to get what you're looking for would be to cut it considerably shorter. Even then bleaching is hell on your hair so it might be best to just rock what you have. Cutting it shorter could also surely fix part of the issue you have in the first place.

No. 146986

thanks for your input!

I already cut a lot off, (approx 10 cms) and I really don't want to cut more so I guess Im stuck with just letting the grays grow….or try to find another hair stylist but Ill probably get the same answer .

No. 147016

So due to a traumatic surgery that messed up my hormones, I now have dry dry dry dry hair. I had very oily hair that I got under control prior to the emergency surgery. I don’t know shit about dry hair. I used purifying plain shampoos to control the oil and now they make my hair straw… please help where to start lol. It’s mid-back length.

No. 147018

Does argan oil spray actually do anything or did I waste like 15 bucks

No. 147020

I mean it depends on the product, I tried one form Nashi Argan and it worked great

No. 147117

yes, it makes your hair soft and shiny. but why did you waste 15 dollars on it when there's cheaper products out there lol

No. 147139

Lay off the purifying stuff, invest in some leave in conditioner that has no alcohol. Switch up your shampoo to a moisturising one but at first try if just changing the shampoo, and see if that does the trick. Leave in is vital for the ends though, you can also add it on dry hair. So, new shampoo, conditioner and leave in to start, actual oils might be too heavy and annoying to get use to at first. Sorry to hear about your surgery.

No. 147152

I was drunk and went to the 24 hour pharmacy for fun and apparently picked up a pretty big bottle of it.

No. 147235

The only thing that makes my curly hair look good is chlorinated water. How do I do this at home every day?

No. 147236

samefag i don’t mean how to get chlorinated water at home i mean how to achieve the same look

No. 147239

have you tried sea salt spray?

No. 147240

lmao I also have oily, fine, pinstraight hair and have top right pic hair rn. I hate that it's the "can I speak to a manager" haircut, but it suits my face really well and makes me look so cute but sometimes I look in the mirror and cringe at myself. I wish I could get an undercut or some shit, love how fucking cool they look.

No. 147242

thanks anon i’ll try that out!

No. 147293

I'm looking to buy an epilator, maybe on of the more expensive ones from Braun, but are they worth it? Any recommendations?

No. 147296

i have naturally straight, somewhat fine hair and i recently noticed just how much breakage i have (all over - it just sort of sticks up from my head and looks frizzy). i rarely heat style (less than 1x a week), am careful with combing my hair when it's wet, and sleep with a silk pillowcase.

is there anything else i can be doing to prevent breakage?

No. 147297

forgot to mention i also don't colour my hair.

No. 147298

Short hair anons, any recommendations for a hair wax/clay? Brand I used have downsized the amount of product you get for the price which is not very pleasing. I have straight hair that's on thick side and need something with good hold but there's so many options out there.

No. 147300

Are you sure it's breakage though? You naturally lose a lot of strands everyday and everyday new strands start to grow back in because of it. Over a long period of time this causes new growth of all lengths.

Other things you could do to prevent breakage are using elastics without metal or scrunchies and eliminating heat all together. Even straightening your hair only once a week is still burning it once a week. Be careful with how you brush it regardless of whether it's wet or not.

No. 147355

omg anon, i never considered new growth. i think that is the culprit! thank you!! looked up how to tell the difference between new growth and breakage, maybe this will help other anons: new growth usually has tapered ends, breakage has the classic 'white' split!

No. 147362

ugh, tmi question, but has anyone dealt with developing a dandruff problem after getting their hair colored? i don’t know that it was a direct result, but it only became a probably after i got my hair done in june. additionally, does anyone have dandruff shampoo recs for colored hair?

No. 147363

Idk about that but don't call that tmi, it's not tmi to talk about dandruff on a hair thread! Hair dyes can be very rough though, maybe try a hair scalp mask and see what happens.

No. 147437

File: 1597340569612.jpeg (300.34 KB, 750x816, BF8242E0-C060-4AA2-9453-091CBD…)

I chopped about an inch off my ends (my hair is straight & even length to my nips) using a pair of really sharp nail scissors and finished with thinning shears. It doesn't even look half bad.

I parted my hair down the middle, wet it slightly, joined both sides in a ponytail juuust under my chin and put another ponytail holder above the ends I wanted chopped off. Kinda like pic

No. 147481

Anons, what products would you recommend to keep the ends of your hair hydrated? I’ve always kept my hair long and I don’t like how after a while the ends get dry and I can see some split ends. I know that getting trims are inevitable for healthy hair, but in the meantime are there any shampoos or hair masks to use to at least strengthen the ends of your hair or prevent them from getting dry once you’ve gotten a trim?

No. 147507

File: 1597372317307.jpg (21.38 KB, 376x391, winona.jpg)

what is this haircut called? searching "pixie with bangs" and "short bob" hasn't yielded any similar results.

also, would a side part change what this style is called?

No. 147508

File: 1597373130522.jpg (72.67 KB, 762x331, db.jpg)

It's called the Don Bluth cut

No. 147522

Maybe a shingle is what you're looking for?

No. 147527

File: 1597390829374.png (559.58 KB, 500x750, 7e21d4b03e83e91ed797a066eceea6…)

I call that the leo.

No. 147533

Does chlorinated water make your scalp itch?

No. 147586

Looks like an asymmetrical short Bob to me

No. 147588

this is the best hairstyle for men. it's a shame eboys on tiktok ruined it

No. 147623

sorry if this isn't the right place to post this but i need some advice.
i've been trying to get to my natural hair color (strawberry blonde) all summer with bleach and dye, but now i just have an uneven gross mess. i don't wanna bleach again and i don't have time to get a stylist to help me fix things. my hair is still very light though so i tried to use a gingerish box dye earlier because i figured it'd just make my hair a darker red, but now that its dry my hair is ash brown? idk how that happened because the dye i used was very orange. and apparently it wasn't dark enough to fix the unevenness so there's some parts that are darker and some that are light ash brown.
i'm really sad and frustrated. my only option at this point is to dye it dark brown, but idk if that's a good idea. i had dark brown hair when i was fake tanning and it was okay, but i'm extremely pale now and not sure if the dark hair would look strange? i don't have freckles, i have cool toned skin and my eyes are blue.
i know it's difficult to tell how it'd look with such little information but i hope its enough for someone to help steer me in the right direction. thanks in advance.

No. 147625

Lillee jean?

No. 147626

See a professional to fix it.

No. 147627

lmaooo fuck. its not that bad but i should've seen that coming.

i don't have time to see a professional and even if i did i feel like its unwise to go to a hair salon rn. i probably should've gotten that across better in my original post but i'm panicking lmao sorry.

No. 147629

Dark box dye that isn’t multiple rounds of jet black will likely come out patchy again because (1) you have sections of hair that are more saturated with dye than others because of poor application (it happens) and (2) because of varying cuticle porosity in the strands from bleaching it. You need a stylist to remove the dye and lift your hair to the same level to get even coloring, even if it’s dark.

No. 147632

its worked for me before but ur probs right. thanks for explaining it. i'll just put up with my current color bc i don't wanna make it worse. and that other anon made me realize how lillee jean my situation is and that was honestly such a wake up call

No. 147640

File: 1597443126839.jpg (50.85 KB, 442x880, e59861a39394b498fcd9b090588b4c…)

what color would you call this? cant decide if its blonde or light brown

No. 147641

Looks like my hair color. It's a dark blonde aka golden/sandy/dishwater blonde depending on how flattering you want to be lol. It can look light brown in low light but in the sun you can clearly see warm yellow tones.

No. 147644

Light brown

No. 147646

If you do a Google image search for dark blonde hair followed by light brown, you get like 90% of the same images. So take your pic, if you're trying to get a stylist to color match it just bring reference pics.

No. 147647

File: 1597447413572.jpeg (114.48 KB, 1710x900, 19D64E5E-26E7-485A-9A9D-656450…)

What do you guys think of this type of hair on a rounder face? I have big curly type 2c/3a hair which can have a lot of volume when shorter but when it is longer, the curls become stretched out and slightly weighed down. I have a similar face shape to Natasha and am thinking of getting this cut, but am worried it might come across as unprofessional at my job.

No. 147664

I think that's a really nice haircut. this style of curly shag is in fashion right now, it doesn't seem unprofessional to me

No. 147682

I don't think this is the ideal hairstyle for a round face. For a round face, ideally you'd want something that slightly enlongates the face rather than a hair style that accentuates the width.

No. 147698

File: 1597499465451.png (1.58 MB, 1022x1022, Screen-Shot-2019-12-07-at-12.3…)

anons i really want a shag haircut like a softer version of pic related, do i take the plunge? is this something that most stylists know how to do?

my hair is inbetween 2A/2B and falls to my waist, no layers, oval face. i think having short layers near the crown is adorable but don't wanna end up with a mullet…

No. 147701

Depends what kind of shag you want. An authentic shag has the short layers on top, flowing out into gradually longer ones, otherwise you're really just looking at a layered long cut with a soft fringe. It wont really be a mullet if you keep the top layers a bit longer than a few inches, and I really think shags suit most people, other than myself. I had one and because I have a small face/head, it swamped me entirely, even with some of the weight being taken out. I say go for it but do your research for local hairdressers who can do it. I found mine through instagram.

No. 147783

I have a shag haircut and it really looks cute with my curly hair.

No. 147789

File: 1597595294927.jpg (115.36 KB, 1500x1500, 6132ELqtfQL._SL1500_.jpg)

OMG guys help please…Half a year ago I dyed my hair dark auburn colour with a semi permanent box dye. I did not like the result but I thought that in a month or two, it would fade anyway. It did not, so today I used a hair color remover to get it out, The problem is, it did not remove the hair dye, it just made my hair a couple of shades lighter and now it is bright red!!! For fucks sake I can't go to job interviews looking like Carrot Top. What do I do?? Should I just buy a dark brown boy dye and dye it again? Would that do further damage to my hair? The hair color remover made my hair texture weird and it also smells rancid. pic is the product that I used

No. 147790

*box dye, not boy dye, obviously

No. 147795

Is there a way to test a (darker than my natural hair) haircolor that can be washed out quickly and doesn't cause any damage? I've been googling a bit but I keep getting results of semi-pemanent hair dye's that only wash out after weeks. I really only want to see how I would like darker hair before committing and then wash it out at once.

No. 147796

Not really, I mean a few washes is the best you can do unless you just wanna use a spray. Why not just edit you hair darker? Takes a few minutes.

No. 147818

Editing a pic, that's actually really smart anon, I hadn't thought about that. Thanks!

No. 147872

Samefag, if anyone cares, I redyed it the next day, now it is a cool toned brown and looks and smells nice. Lesson learned: porous hair + freaky color = permanently stained cuticles that not even a color remover can remove

No. 147874

What happens if someone with dyed brown hair uses purple shampoo?

No. 147971

Garnier fructis has these banana pots that are 3 in 1, conditioner, mask and leave-in. People following the "curly method" love them because they have no parabens, sulfate etc etc.

No. 147975

any resources for someone who cannot braid at all? I can braid a strand of hair but anything else looks awful. I've attempted french braids but my hair is really long and tangles together. rip.

No. 147982

Is there anything that would help having a lot of baby hairs near my hairline? I have my hair parted on the side and in that area there’s a bunch of small hairs that wind up sticking out or are impossible to tie back. I was worried it might mean my hair’s receding or thinning out.

No. 147985

It will make your hair less brassy

No. 148000

I second this! I use the macadamia nut one and it's great

No. 148025

File: 1597752129532.jpg (72.8 KB, 560x808, IMG_9902.JPG)

I've been pretty apathetic about my hair for most of my life, and only use Tresemme's 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, but I started getting interested in making my hair not look like trash. My hair is very thick, frizzy and dry and I want to make it soft and tousled sorta like pic rel but shoulder lengthed. What can I do to stop my hair from being so frizzy and dry? What are some websites that can give more info regarding hair care?

No. 148157

File: 1597814292354.jpg (41.48 KB, 800x800, 2557762.jpg)

absolutely nothing

you want actually visible "toning" on dark hair you need helluva lot more pigment. pic related

I love it until my eye gets to the long bits. So much cuter just making that a shoulder length cut.

No. 148158

File: 1597814602377.jpeg (92.71 KB, 819x778, 3EAA726F-E552-484E-8D42-9D7C7F…)

I would invest in good shampoo and conditioner. Biosilk is available at most grocery stores and has worked wonders on my dry hair! It’s really lightly scented and gentle which I love. You can also invest in some single use hair masks and just do those once a week or every other week whenever you feel like you need it. You can find them at target or Walmart in the ethnic hair section but I feel like anyone can use them? Idk it’s really worked for me and I have thin straight hair that gets dry easily. Also biosilk has an oil you can use a little teeny bit of on your ends which helps prevent splitting! That’s my advice product wise, I really don’t style my hair much. Maybe Pinterest tutorials !??

No. 148293

NTA but just wanted to chime in and say I bought yesterday and used this along with the same shampoo and my hair is so fucking soft. I've been using sensitive shampoos and thought that'd do the trick but it became dry and frizzy. The difference after using this once is immense.

No. 148569

File: 1598153094956.jpg (118.91 KB, 1280x720, k.jpg)

i am not paying 500 dollars for any beauty or hair product, not now, not ever. but i fucking want the dyson airwrap so bad. does anyone know any quality dupes for less or hair curlers that use similar suction techniques to fix the curl?

No. 148577

is the right side the after??

No. 148578

nah that's her damp natural hair, sorry i used a shit pic for an example. the product can be used as an air dryer, curling iron and straightener all in one. here's a video of the curl part being used

No. 148616

File: 1598190206404.jpg (1.06 MB, 3024x4032, ff6dd1de28496f800e83943f84c77f…)

I accidentally dyed my hair way too bright pink/purple/idk. I had medium brown hair with some balayage and I used Directions Cerise to dye it. I don't feel great about my new hair colour, I think it makes me look even trashier. Does anyone know if I can go from pink to dark brown at home? Should I wait until the pink colour is almost completely washed out?
(Pic is not me but that's pretty much what it looks like.)

No. 148617

I don’t think there’s anything on the market like the airwrap curler but if you’re interested in the round brush attachment Revlon makes a decent one and so do japanese brands like tescom and panasonic

No. 148618

File: 1598190410738.jpeg (1.49 MB, 3464x2595, 0416A19B-509F-468A-8B32-A12202…)

Are we encouraged to post our hair transformations? Either way, I'm posting mine. My hair has completely changed overnight! When quarantine started, my hair went nuts. It wouldn't stay clean longer than a day, wasn't nearly as wavy as it'd been in the past no matter what I did. I found out that coconut oil molecules don't penetrate the hair shaft, and cut those products out of my routine. My hairdresser friend suggested I use a 2:1 conditioner:shampoo ratio but that gave my hair an awful residue/build up. Luckily I went to see him for a bangs trim the day after trying his cowash suggestion and his senior stylist came over and gave me the advice that's changed my life!

My hair is fine, low porosity, average-to-thick density. It hates conditioner. No matter the amount or the brand, ingredients, etc. it'll weigh my hair down without a doubt. She suggested I go with her routine, as she has similar hair to mine:
>On wash day, cleanse hair with an astringent shampoo (I use Carol's Daughter Wash Day Delight)
>Follow with a much more moisturizing shampoo (I use Shea Moisture's Manuka Honey and Marufa (jojoba) Oil shampoo), working it through the hair like you would a conditioner — starting from the ends and moving up, finger detangling the whole time. Let sit 5-10 minutes as you complete the rest of your shower routine.
>Rinse hair with warm water.
>Take a shower brush (I use a boar bristle one) and run it through length of hair so as not to have any residue, especially at the scalp.
>When out of shower, take a large cotton t-shirt and wring hair out via a scrunching motion. Go in with styling product of your choice (only one I use is Miss Jessie's Soft Jelly Curls) applying first with prayer hands before raking it through. Scrunch the hell out of your hair and let air-dry. Can also diffuse it once hair is 50-75% of the way dry.

I've also discovered the Godsend that is satin night caps. I feel like I'm going to milk some cows when I put it on, but it's made a significant difference in how much I need to refresh my hair in the morning. The only downside is that it flattens my roots.

No. 148622

I'm only 23 and as I'm getting older my hair is falling out at alarming rates. I'm not sure why but I've started to try and eat more and put on weight in hopes this might help. I'm 49kg and thinking it might be hormone related because I have a problem with my periods randomly stopping and starting and general hormonal problems.. it literally looks like I have a bald spot on my hairline and around my forehead and it's so stupidly thin

No. 148627

Depending on your height you might be underweight. Also get your thyroid checked if you haven't already.

No. 148631

File: 1598199455157.jpg (96.16 KB, 667x1000, faa08fb937f4995609f6bee6a8121d…)

I want to get a long, layered fringe (something like pic) but I have a cowlick in my front hairline. Is getting a fringe a bad idea?

No. 148632

>>141823 from previous thread reporting back with an update.
I've been using nizoral shampoo and minoxidil (Rogaine) consistently for just shy of three months now and it seems to be making a difference. I went to see my stylist who also happens to be my older sister for my first cut-and-color in six months due to lockdown and figured I needed to disclose what happened and what I was using in case anything might react to another. Broke down a bit, told her everything, and god bless her, she was so supportive. We're not super close so it helped a lot. She looked over my scalp and told me that I have so many baby hairs coming up already that she's guessing the next time we do my hair it's going to be totally different. I've been applying it around my hairline too so I can more easily see the difference as it grows and it's definitely denser. I'm still pretty anxious about the whole situation, but I wanted people to know that Rogaine is an option, it's not male-only (women can even use the 5% that's usually branded as "for men only", just only use it once a day rather than twice like the "women's" 2%), and AS LONG AS YOU APPLY IT CORRECTLY AND CONSISTENTLY (directly to the scalp, 1-2 times a day, EVERY. DAY.) it seems to be working. If it keeps improving and I like where it ends up, I honestly almost feel kind of obligated to spread the gospel. I was so ashamed to need it, but seeing an actual difference now makes me want to dismantle that shame and stigma. I had considered using it before all this because my hair was already thin and fine and I was always jealous of girls with thick, full hair, and now I wish I had just gone for it way back then.

No. 148635

I had the same issue. Turns out I had very low iron levels.

No. 148641

File: 1598203237557.jpg (37.12 KB, 768x420, Haircolor_55_768x420.jpg)

I'm trying to decide whether I should get light or dark highlights. I want to make my hair more _unique_ somehow but don't want the constant upkeep or damage.

My hair is dirty blonde I suppose but depending on the light it can either look quite light, or very dark brown. I think it's like pic related.

Any ideas on what I could do?

No. 148643

you hair is brown

No. 148647

Hair in pic is 100% brown anon, no doubt. From what I've seen, dirty blonde hair usually has naturally high/lowlights. Anyway I don't think there's anything you can do to alter the color without upkeep and/or damage, so if you're not down for that just leave your natural hair be. The haircolor in pic is pretty and if it's healthy you're better off just leaving it as is. Unpopular opinion I guess but imo natural, healthy hair looks almost always better than altered "unique" hair does.

No. 148656

File: 1598211577416.jpg (103.45 KB, 667x1000, 3677e0e9c8f95d5c08c4ca113ae2ce…)

This is what it looks like in the light, though I suppose it's too dark to be dirty blonde.

I think in this case I'll leave it be, I hate how colored hair looks great the first few days then it just looks messy and ruined no matter what you do with it.

No. 148657

What does everyone have against brown hair kek, no Karen it's not dirty blonde.

No. 148658

My hair was dirty blonde growing up so I'm used to calling it that. I hated it because it was so mousy. It finally darkened in my 20s but I always admired darker brown hair. Nothing against it

No. 148661

your hair is goals anon! I have the same wave pattern as you and I'm currently transitioning from blow drying it straight to wearing it natural, still trying to figure out how to style it properly

No. 148743

File: 1598266535175.jpg (436.31 KB, 1024x683, Swedish Model Frida Gustavsson…)

Since ash blonde is currently the subject; i've been thinking about letting my hair go natural/virgin.

I have been slightly lightening it with camomill extract spray (which is a natural way to bleech it essentially), but it's still damaging.

Like most Nordic people, my hair is a natural Ash blonde, often referred to as rat/mouse coloured, and I've always felt like most people think it's ugly or dirty looking since they call it "dirty blonde".

But since there's a new trend to have literal old people grey hair now, I'm wondering if it's become more trendy/acceptable to have ash coloured hair??

(see pic for the average nordic ash blonde hair, mine's ashier/less brassy, if that makes any sense)

No. 148749

I guess it's because of the "blonde" label that people are after, but brown hair looks better than dirty blonde anyway, coming from someone with dirty blonde hair. There's just something unappealing about this color that's not quite blonde-blonde, not quite brown and just murky looking. I'm not a fan lol.

No. 148807

If your hair is in healthy condition, then it's a very beautiful ashy tone that will only be enhanced by style choices like a flattering haircut or the colours your choose to wear. But imo the bottom line is that healthy hair is beautiful hair

No. 148811

Wait, what? People don’t like this hair color? It’s unappealing? I’m super confused, I’ve always thought this was a super cute hair color (I have dark brown hair)

No. 148817

You should never use a boar bristle brush on wet hair. It looks like you have a lot of breakage in the second picture, and that is probably why.

No. 148832

In the nordic's it's seen as a very noncolor, boring mess even thought it is perfectly fine, in fact a few years ago when it first started popping up in a bigger way, I was jealous. I have pretty dark hair and most people assume I dyed it from that mousey greige/roadside brown.

No. 148858

Thank you, kind anon! I hadn't known that — I'd just grabbed one from Target when I hadn't seen any silicone ones.

No. 148869

Yeah, you should really only be using detangler brushes (with thick plastic "bristles" that are far apart, ideally bendy) when your hair is wet. The boar bristle brush is for dry hair, it basically takes the oils from your scalp and distributes them across the entire hair shaft.

No. 148955

I have shoulder length brown hair, slightly wavy and it poofs up a lot + gets messy easily these days. I've never been one to style my hair day to day, are there any easy styling options for me so it can look neater +more professional?

No. 148958

does brushing it make the poofiness worse? i'd experiment using different brushes, try the wet brush.

No. 148975

Does anyone else here use bar shampoo? How is it?

I bought one for sustainability reasons (I've been experimenting with reducing my plastic waste and shit) and after a few washes, my hair got used to it and it's doing really great now, however, I find that there's a LOT of dry grey skin flakes on my brush now. You can't really see them in the actual hair (unlike when I was struggling with dandruff), but my brush is full of them.

Anyone else had this experience?

No. 148976

I know lush is treating their employees like shit, but I love their shampoo bars. Tried drug store ones, but they didn't do it for me.

I never hat this issue before, maybe try out different shampoo bars, you skin might like them more?

No. 148977


I've been boycotting Lush all my life lmao, their stuff is way too expensive here, like 2-3 times as expensive as in the US. I bought mine from a local seller and even consulted my hair type with her, but I guess it just wasn't a perfect match, which is a shame, cause it makes my hair look great other than the flakiness.

No. 148999

Yeah I have the grey fluffstuff on my brush/comb aswell. (Is it really skinflakes?) But I started washing my hair with CG-approved ingredients and using that shampoo bar at the same time so I thought it had something to do with the lack of really harsh cleansers in combination with hard water. But I'm not sure. Regardless my hair looks fine so it doesn't really bother me, you really can't see anything when you look at my hair.

No. 149008

Anybody here tried biotin but kind of felt like it has no impact on your hair? I'm taking it for a over two weeks now and idk I just realized that I get really greasy hair, but do not feel like my hair got stronger or has grown faster?

No. 149024

I went through one bottle (I think that lasted 3 months) of 10.000 mcg. I was mainly taking it for my nails but I noticed no difference. I did notice my bodyhair growing noticibly faster though. I'm not sure about my (head)hair because I didn't measure it or anything.

No. 149025

Pretty sure it works like all other vitamins - only if you have a deficency?

No. 149055

those kind of shampoos are just kind of drying in my experience. or maybe it has rice/other kind of starch in it that keeps depositing on your scalp and giving the appearance of skin flaking, or maybe all the shitty fragrance in it gave you dandruff-like reaction. sorry, this post isn't really as helpful as i thought it would be, but it must be one of those three.

No. 149101

File: 1598486575304.jpeg (111.08 KB, 1500x1500, 08C3F7EF-C081-4DF6-91E1-90F2C5…)

I started using this a few months ago bc i hate using conditioner and my hair seems to be growing really fast, its always soft, and it never feels dry or greasy. Definitely recommend, its $10 at target

No. 149115

can someone pls recommend good drugstore/marshall’s shampoo and conditioner for : wavy / curly / balayaged hair?

No. 149234

How good are Lush hair care products? I've gotten a pretty substantial raise at work and now I don't feel bad spending a bit more on my hair.

No. 149374

File: 1598640067776.png (1.26 MB, 838x886, Screenshot 2020-08-28 at 21.37…)

what hair color is this? it's pretty

No. 149378

This color is sooo pretty to me

No. 149379

Looks like honey blonde to me

No. 149414

I wouldn't advise you to slap dark brown box dye on your head at home just to cover the pink, it has somewhat high chances of looking shitty and low chances of being removed succesfully when you get tired of the upkeep or want to go lighter again.
Just wait for the pink to wash out unless you really hate it that strongly. If you shampoo it several times in a row and rinse with hot water whenever you wash your hair, you could probably get most of it out in two to three weeks (assuming the brown is virgin hair). Then I'd do a bleach bath (look it up) just on the balayage bits to get whatever's left over out of there as well. It shouldn't put up much of a fight, pink is one of, if not the easiest color to remove in my experience.

No. 149423

File: 1598653655140.jpg (188.59 KB, 1080x1350, barely-there-wispy-bangs-alexr…)

I've been wanting to get wispy bangs for a while now, but I have super thin patchy hair (I have female pattern hair loss). Has anybody had experience with bangs and thin hair or would it be better to just steer clear altogether?

No. 149424

I have the same problem and I had wispy bangs for a while and I got a lot of compliments on them! Tbh it depends on how bad your hair loss is but as long as you go for the thin and wispy look instead of the thick bangs look I think you’ll be fine. If you’re still unsure I’m sure you can ‘trial’ what they’d look like on your face by doing a faux bang look, there are a lot of youtube videos on that I think.

No. 149458

I have the same colored hair as you and I came to the same conclusion as you have about it. That was ~2 years ago and there's one more trim to go before it is 100% virgin hair again. I'm so glad that I made the decision and now I get to reap the rewards finally. haha
I looked it up a while ago and got such an ego boost from all the articles about how mousy blonde hair was in and how to get it. Look those up for inspo lol
I was also extremely over dying my hair as I had been doing it for like 10+ years. The atrocities…

No. 149620

I love this color, I've been thinking of dying my hair this shade.

No. 150059

How to deal with very thin oily bangs? Any tricks? When I have just washed my hair it looks okay but it very quickly turns oily and it's very thin and flat too. So I just end up with a few thin wet looking strands on my forehead lmao. I have already tried different shampoo and it helped at first but my hair somehow adjusted to it and now it's back to oily and thin.

No. 150089

Two questions from a total noob in hairdye:
1. If you go darker than your natural hair color (so no bleaching) can you remove the color?

2. If you go darker, does it still damage your hair?

No. 150090

It probably depends on your natural colour. I had very very fair hair before I dyed it dark brown and it never really came out but I suppose if your hair was fairly close to the dye colour it would come out eventually?

No. 150102

this basically answers both your questions. for permanent dye. not really. dying your hair with permanent dye, even darker still actually requires some color removal, since the dye works by filling in your empty hair shaft. that's the difference between permanent and semi permanent dying.

No. 150108

Dry shampoo (use it BEFORE you get greasy, not after) and washing your bangs more regularly, like on their own not necessarily with the rest of your hair. As for the thinness, maybe try to blowdry them with a velcro roller to give them more volume.

No. 150158

Which one is better for the hair, blowdrying, or letting it dry naturally?

No. 150200

Heat is always worse, may look worse but in the long run it's better no matter the care regimen or oils with excessive heat.

No. 150201

I'm not an expert, BUT it depends on a few things, like the hair dye because there are different types of dye. I'm assuming you mean permanent hair dye which goes into the hair shaft. yes it damages your hair, but not very much, not as much as bleaching it. bleaching your hair actually puts holes in your hair and makes it thinner.

for your second question, I don't really know to be honest, again it would depend on the hair dye. there is such thing as demi permanent hair dye which doesn't go into the hair shaft (it just clings to the outside of your hair) and is supposed to come out eventually.

No. 150248

I dye my hair black and it fades every time with demi permanent dye. Just don't do permanent or box dye, that's how I got permablack that looked like shit. Go on Amazon and get a low volume demi developer and mix the colors you want.

No. 150351

I wash my hair at night, every day, when I wake up it's already flat and oily again. If I make it wet again and dry it like that is it actually going to stay like that the whole day?

No. 150356

Thought I would write this here, I have always had thin-ish hair. I would always wake up with strands over my pillow, but I have been using a silk pillow now for a couple of weeks and I no longer have hair over my pillow. So I rec 100% if any of you girls have the same issue!!

No. 150858

File: 1599719737600.jpg (846.96 KB, 1669x1839, 20200909_222355-1-1.jpg)

Pic related is my hair
I'm obsessed with red hair. Do you think my hair is too dark to be dyed a natural looking red, or is would it have to be bleached? Also ignore the unicorn toy in the back lol

No. 150864

So shiny I thought you had grey hair from all the reflection.
It would be a pity to lose all that shine by dying it.

No. 150865

I like your natural hair colour, it has uniquiness in how shiny it is!

No. 150867

Agreed with this and my motto is: healthy, natural hair is always better than dyed hair.

No. 150874

She's not asking if she should dye it, anons. I think your hurr natural hair is better durr comments are inconsiderate when she clearly says she wants red hair. Her hair won't all crumble from a dye job, she can dye it back or regrow it virgin if she doesn't like it. But it's cool to try new things.

To answer you question, anon, you don't have to bleach it, red will work on dark blonde.

No. 150876

It's not inconsiderate to compliment someone, lol
Bad day, anon?

No. 150891

This. All i wanted to say is that i really liked anons hair.

No. 150933

File: 1599763063314.png (347.21 KB, 460x550, 094732057436.png)

To actually answer anon's question…

I don't think you have to bleach it, your color looks close to mine and I've dyed mine red several times with no trouble. I actually use henna, which is nice because it doesn't cause damage to hair cuticles. My hair always feels very thick and full afterwards, and the color turns out to be a rich auburn similar to pic, which I think looks nice and natural.

I have wanted to go more of a ginger/coppery color, which would likely require bleaching, but if you're good with a richer red than you should be good to go.

No. 150959

File: 1599772950840.png (595.06 KB, 483x481, henna.PNG)

From what i've heard you can get a very good results using henna to dye your hair which is not damaging since there's no bleaching, here you have an example of the resutls before (on the right) and after.

No. 150960

don't forget that henna is really difficult if not impossible to remove, so it's a commitment.

No. 150961

my hair was way darker than yours before I went red and it turned out fine. No need to bleach. the only thing to keep in mind that red dyed hair is a bit of a hassle to maintain because it washes out super fast.

No. 150966

File: 1599774123558.jpg (266.63 KB, 426x640, IMG_6713.jpg)

Ok anons im the bitch from the vent thread who had pictures used to catfish, my hair is currently a weird faded out turqoise-green color, pic related.

What can throw over it that's not black, (my natural hair is black and you can see the roots in most picture so you can tell its me) over it asap that's going to look somewhat presentable?

I was thinking of ginger red and also dyeing my eyebrows ginger, but will the green mess it up?

No. 150967


Red cancels out green, that's actually one of the easier colors to put over it.

No. 150976

Blue seems like the most obvious choice? Going with an opposite color like red would have me worry that it's gonna end up looking really muddy.

No. 150979

This girl went from green to purple

No. 151112

Those who have used henna, what was your experience?
I've watched a few videos and it seems kind of like a pain in the ass. Like, you have to mix it with lemon juice and and tea and then let it sit for 4 hours and then leave it in your hair for 5 hours or something. And then it doesn't show up in your hair for like 48 hours. Is it worth it?

No. 151117

I don't know what type of henna you've been looking at but in my experience it's been way more straightforward. It's pretty similar to a typical dye where I just poured out the powder, mixed with water and applied. No waiting or anything. You are supposed to leave it in for several hours but I wear a hair cap and just leave mine all night so my hair gets as saturated as possible. When I wash it out in the morning it is a bit of a mess and looks like you've been murdered with all the red color in the shower, but it's immediately visible. I have no chill when it comes to my hair and wouldn't have bothered if it was more complicated than that.

No. 151119

did it stain your tub/shower when you rinsed it out? also, what brand did you use? genuinely curious

No. 151121

File: 1599865942626.png (193.23 KB, 214x433, 798574367043.png)

There's some residue that gets left in the tub but nothing I couldn't get rid of with a bit of scrubbing. I use Surya Brasil, which is noticeable for its image of some fancy long-bearded old dude with a pretty lady haha. More recently I bought a box of Light Mountain, which has cute animals on it. Similarly simple instructions, although I do see a segment that talks about optional lemon juice and tea. They list that as a "special effect" you can include which is supposed to help "bring out golden highlights in already light hair."

No. 151135


I have been a long time henna user. I usually let my henna sit for four hours in a warm place and then you can keep it on your head anywhere from 1-5 hours (I usually just watch a movie) If your hair isn't naturally black you will see color immediately but it does take 48 hours to 'settle' into its real color. Pros
Great for your hair and if you have any sort of scalp issues.
Fixes damage.
Looks shiny and healthy (if you use red…I find that using indigo to make black or brown makes my hair look dull?)
If your hair is long and thick it can be a pain to apply and wash out.
It can be hard to get an exact color because all hair is different.
I have used henna from NightBlooming on Etsy (kitsune fire fox), Light Mountain (dark brown) and Henna Color Lab ( wine red, black, dark brown. If you want more information sites like hennasooq and nightblooming are great places to start, also there are lots of forums like long hair community with peoples stories/how they mix their henna

No. 151137

I was thinking of switching to the Surya Henna cream just for ease, does your hair feel nice afterwards? I am trying not to damage my hair when I color it. I love henna but I want more of a maroon red then the fox red I have and surya has a really pretty Marsala color. Would you recommend it?

No. 151146

Can you get cool toned/ashy colors with henna? I've googled it but I can't really find a straight answer. All websites seem to talk about how you get such full, warm colors from henna but that's not what I'm after.

No. 151147

ot, but that's such a saucy packaging for a henna cream lmao

No. 151230

Ran out of shampoo and washed hair with shower gel (sanex to be precise), followed up with usual hair mask but now my hair looks so good, it's smooth and shiny and holds heat styling exceptionally well. for the reference I have fine straight hair. wtf, should I just use shower gel?? or is this some fluke? am I turning into a 3 in 1 product scrote?

No. 151233

File: 1599969694668.jpeg (72.91 KB, 665x960, A9BF3AFB-710F-4A67-AABF-29B8A2…)

Is this hairstyle outdated for the modern age?

Asking for a friend

No. 151235

I like it. Unless you dress in a dated fashion as well I don’t think it’s look out of place in today’s fashion.

No. 151237

It's technically outdated but can be a statement if you style yourself right. If you can't rock a bold fashion statement, you're gonna look insane/frumpy. Could work though!

No. 151242

File: 1599978191048.jpeg (81.52 KB, 749x495, 8BBE3C3F-FF6D-461C-81BF-7DEA30…)

A bob with bangs isn’t outdated per se but the horizontal parting of the bangs kind of is. If you want it to look more current you could part and cut the bangs more like a triangle shape.

No. 151260

It's worth a few more washes to see if it's a fluke or not. Most shampoos are chock-full with sillicones and what not, maybe it's just a certain ingredient in your shampoo that doesn't work for your hair and the lack thereoff in the showergel boosts your hair?

No. 151270

From what I have experienced you can do a cooler tone brown or red and a neutral tone black but you need to mix indigo and possibly amla. Places like hennacolorlab are reputable and have it pre mixed so you don't have to do the guess work. Generally just henna will give you only a warm red tone and you have to add other herbs to change the color. Henna builds though so a lot of people that henna for years their hair will go towards burgundy.

No. 151364

File: 1600097969206.jpg (72.05 KB, 680x850, shupthefuckupscrote.jpg)

Do keratin treatments do anything? I have thick, dry and frizzy hair and been thinking of getting a keratin treatment for £70. Are they worth it?

No. 151367

I did an at-home keratin treatment a few years ago and it transformed my coarse, dry, frizzy. wavy hair into smooth stickstraight hair, but it was gone after literally one wash. I now wash my hair with a shampoo and conditioner without sillicones, sulfates and drying alcohols (=all extremely drying ingredients) and my hair's now smooth and moisturized most of the time. That has been a much better solution for my coarse, frizzy dry hair.

No. 151422

Off topic but I love this picture haha

No. 151601

File: 1600287906005.jpeg (43.16 KB, 255x360, B8C09744-A4A2-4314-8621-2794DD…)

I’ve been using exclusively curly girl method for about 5 months now, and this is the first time that I tried to skip hair gel and other styling products in my routine. With full routine my hair looks like every girl with wavy hair on the curly hair subreddit. Now my hair looks kinda like pic related (not me). Straight on top but wavy at the bottom. It’s very similar to how it was pre-CGM but much softer and now, 4 days after washing, it still looks and feels fine with 0 effort.

The only downside is that my hair feels a bit slippery (but not oily) and no hairstyles will stay, I sleep with a braid in and it’s everywhere in the morning, and hair bonnet is a lost cause. I can only wear my hair down and obviously it gets in my face like that. But doing a half updo or pinning it back makes it look lifeless without the curls, probably because of the way it was cut. I will do my full routine again next wash day which includes a protein curl cream and gel so that the waves are more evenly distributed through my hair instead, but I’m very happy with what CGM’s been doing for me.

No. 151642

File: 1600324908760.jpg (110.68 KB, 695x1024, 1600324703540.jpg)

Do you think Karen Gillan's hair matches her skin? This might sound like a dumb question I guess, but I saw someone on a forum a long time ago saying it didn't, and now I'm paranoid because I really want this hair color but I'm afraid it won't match. I don't have her exact skin tone but I'm naturally a brunette so I'm worried it won't match my skin tone and I'll look stupid. I have no idea what her natural hair color is.

No. 151652

Same here! I've stopped using gel and any curl-forming techniques all together when I discovered not doing that gives me really nice waves. I like the waves much better than my curls and it safes a ton on product and time in effort

No. 151673

I think it fits her perfectly, to the point I'd think she may be a redhead naturally, obviously with the color touched up with a dye but just to make it look more even / intense.

No. 151679

she is well known as a natural ginger. as a quick google would have told you

No. 151704

Just because someone is a natural something it doesn’t mean it actually suits them, my natural color looks awful on me.

She looks good with red tho.

No. 151807

Ok. Didn’t say otherwise but ok

No. 151851

Is it counted as virgin hair if someone has dyed their hair 10+ years ago and has grown hair after shaving their head?

No. 151852

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