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No. 107505

This is a thread for crochet and knitting, and other yarn-related crafts.

Anyone starting any new projects or completing old ones? Share some patterns!

No. 107506

File: 1468104866729.jpg (89.19 KB, 400x511, Detail.jpg)

Not a huge knitter but I go through phases every now and then. I knit this scarf in green for an aunt a few year ago. My other aunt liked it a lot, so I would like to knit her something similar for Christmas, but I can't find many lace patterns that I think she'd like but are still within my means. May just do the same pattern but in cream or light grey. Here is the pattern if anyone is interested, it's a short repeat and pretty easy, a good pattern for someone just starting to move past basic knit and purl: http://www.classiceliteyarns.com/pdf/SALLaceScarf.pdf

No. 107507

I want to make my boyfriend a scarf for Christmas. I made a scarf for a friend last year and my bf hinted/joked at me that he might want one too. So I asked him what his favorite colors were but all I got was an "idk lol".

Any suggestions for patterns? He doesn't care much for fashion so I was thinking of something in a dark, neutralish color with a good thickness for snow. When I knit I like to challenge myself so I want to stay away from the basic bitch ribknit men's scarf if I can.

I'm also going to make a scarf for a friend in Texas. I don't know quite how cold their winters are so I'm not 100% on the kind of yarn I should aim for.


That's a really cute pattern

No. 107508

File: 1468117520608.jpg (199.62 KB, 640x480, 122130680_6cae44158b_z.jpg)


What about this one?

And this cabled scarf:
was a really good learning experience, but I don't know how a man would feel about the cables.

No. 107509

Ravelry dot com is perfect for patterns by the way. I've been using that site for years and years. Only downside is you have to make an account but that's literally it

No. 107510

File: 1549116683471.jpg (84.5 KB, 800x800, s-l1600[1].jpg)

Necroing this thread because I started getting into knitting and oh my goodness it's so therapeutic.

I'm currently knitting my first scarf. The progress started off pretty slow, but in 5 days, I was able to make 6 inches of fabric and 50 loops wide using worsted weight acrylic yarn.
My next project is probably going to incorporate purl stitching and I'm going to use chunkier yarn.
I just ordered some chenille yarn off eBay, I really want to make something extra soft with it, like some socks or a hat. Maybe a simple bracelet or a plush. I think a soft yarn Yoshi or Chao would be super cute.

Hopefully in a few months, I'll try crochet, but knitting seems to be my preference. I tried crochet first, but it was a little too difficult for me at the time.

No. 107511

i can crochet but ive never learned to knit. i thought knitting was a lot more difficult? you find it easy?

No. 107512

Same here. Crochet is okay, but knitting is straight up magic to me. But I like the crafts better. Crochet sweater/tops always look so soviet to me.

No. 107513

i also thought knitting would be more complicated, but the hardest part about crochet is remembering how many loops you have and where to put your hook.
knitting is pretty foolproof because you barely risk making any mistakes since the material stays on a needle, besides the part where you're switching between.

No. 107514

wow this was me, how nostalgic. We've since broken up and he never wore that scarf. my friend loved his tho and wears it.

I find knitting easier, but I just have more experience with it. I'm working on a basic crochet project atm, but for some reason I find the terminology less intuitive? It was also pretty awkward going from two needles to one hook. I also feel like crochet has less versatility wrt to patterns (can you even cable?), but maybe I'm just uninitiated.

No. 107515

File: 1549123775265.jpg (131.21 KB, 600x1176, chart-spiral-rib.jpg)

This is a cute and simple pattern. I'm gonna try this for my next project.
Haha that's funny, I'm glad your friend put it to good use!

No. 107516

i was the same as you anon, i learned how to crochet at age 4 and found it very easy and didn't learn how to knit for the longest time but last year I made it a new years resolution to learn how to and honestly it is not that bad! more tediuous than crocheting for sure, but it's alright! have knitted 6 pairs of socks since lol (not just for me but also as xmas gifts). i prefer to knit in continental fashion bc it's less confusing to me lol and if I get stumped with a particular stitch or something I just look it up on youtube

my only issue is that i can't do it for long stretches of time bc my fingers start hurting, guess that could be alleviated if i used bigger needles&chunkier yarn but i like the fine look. also making coloured patterns is fun! like pixel art in a way!

oh I love raverly! it is also really helpful when trying to figure out how variegated yarn will look like knitted up!

No. 107517

I've been crocheting for years as well and tried knitting on several occasions, but I'm struggling to spend enough time doing it to get familiar with the stitches and getting past the beginner phase. I love the cabled blanket and sweater patterns I've seen but I've kind of given up on ever being able to make something like that. Just can't get the same effect with crochet.

Are socks difficult? I always need more socks for work.

No. 107518

nayrt but knitting socks isn't difficult at all! if you know how to knit stockinette, ribbing, and can do basic decreases, you're golden. only kicker is getting used to circular needles/DPNs if you aren't familiar with them already.

i recommend this pattern:

i've probably knitted ~15 pairs with variations of this pattern and they always fit perfectly.

No. 107519

really depends! you can knit them in plain stich (still can look very cool if you use posh yarn) or with cables/varied stitches or with changing colours etc!
I prefer knitting them toe up instead of cuff down because they are easier to try on that way and the individual knit stitches look like little hearts lol, I learned mostly through youtube tutorials, arne and carlos have a good one for the heel bit (if German short row heel is what you're into) but I used new leaf podcasts video series (vid related) for everything else! I find the foot part inbetween the toes and heel to be the annoying bit because it seems never ending unless I do a cable pattern of some sort (knitting like 70 rows of plain stitch can get to you lol). You can also use cable needles to knit both socks up at once, which helps with the "oh god, I now have to do the other sock" feeling and helps have the tensions match across both socks (so one isn't slightly bigger than the other you know), but is bit finnicky, especially when casting on and doing the heel.

No. 107520

File: 1549453060828.jpg (235.4 KB, 511x640, c2ee536a-84ad-4920-b192-ceb877…)

dumping some cute coloured sock work inspo

No. 107521

File: 1549453102684.jpg (641.18 KB, 1280x1241, 31e6699a-9368-498c-bfe3-d0a63d…)

No. 107522

File: 1549453211526.jpg (187.38 KB, 480x640, 1e4502b6-76f5-4187-94b8-0a815d…)

No. 107523

File: 1549453304560.jpg (482.58 KB, 1010x1280, 59f4a33c-6e69-469c-a8d0-a9301c…)

No. 107524

File: 1549453376624.jpg (101.42 KB, 570x445, 965f91cb-9cec-476d-9691-edd28c…)

bit late lol

No. 107525

File: 1549453452205.jpg (157.39 KB, 1080x1350, 2ea25034-935b-4ba5-8384-ad1cc3…)

something about these yarns just looks so cute together idk

No. 107526

File: 1549453515255.png (498.49 KB, 640x443, ff2_medium2.png)

No. 107527

File: 1549453636378.jpg (117.84 KB, 600x600, 30dd1dad423810033168b3bcc824eb…)

No. 107528

Are these patterns dyed into the yarn? That's so next level wtf

No. 107529

I have never been knitting, but all these socks look so comfy and I actually may give it a try one day.
Is it rather hard, or easy and just takes much time?

No. 107530

no! you just use 2/3 different yarn colours and drag the colour you're not using at the time at the back and switch the active yarn out when it's turn for a different colour. pic related how nordic mittens look inside out

it's not particularly hard, just finnicky as you have to match the tension of the two yarns othervise the fabric will curl, best method to do that imo is to knit one yarn English and other continental style but that varies from person to person!

No. 107531

File: 1549460020772.jpg (3.79 MB, 2560x2560, 19-02-06-13-31-09-307_deco.jpg)

1st patterned socks I made pic attached, took me like a week I think but I'm the anon upthread whose fingers hurt when knitting for longer stretches of time

No. 107533

Oh wow so many colors and detailing. Good job anon!

No. 107535

File: 1549462800855.jpg (49.1 KB, 350x270, 6a00d8341c56b153ef00e54f337551…)

thank you anon (heart emoji), it's only 3 yarns (dark green, white and a variegated one) but they do go together well!

cannot believe i forgot the pic smh

No. 107536

oh wait I'm an idiot, in those two pics w pumpkin and sheep patterns they are dyed into yarn, sorry! there are some cool yarns like that but they are bit pricey at least here! sorry!

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