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No. 107505

This is a thread for crochet and knitting, and other yarn-related crafts.

Anyone starting any new projects or completing old ones? Share some patterns!

No. 107506

File: 1468104866729.jpg (89.19 KB, 400x511, Detail.jpg)

Not a huge knitter but I go through phases every now and then. I knit this scarf in green for an aunt a few year ago. My other aunt liked it a lot, so I would like to knit her something similar for Christmas, but I can't find many lace patterns that I think she'd like but are still within my means. May just do the same pattern but in cream or light grey. Here is the pattern if anyone is interested, it's a short repeat and pretty easy, a good pattern for someone just starting to move past basic knit and purl: http://www.classiceliteyarns.com/pdf/SALLaceScarf.pdf

No. 107507

I want to make my boyfriend a scarf for Christmas. I made a scarf for a friend last year and my bf hinted/joked at me that he might want one too. So I asked him what his favorite colors were but all I got was an "idk lol".

Any suggestions for patterns? He doesn't care much for fashion so I was thinking of something in a dark, neutralish color with a good thickness for snow. When I knit I like to challenge myself so I want to stay away from the basic bitch ribknit men's scarf if I can.

I'm also going to make a scarf for a friend in Texas. I don't know quite how cold their winters are so I'm not 100% on the kind of yarn I should aim for.


That's a really cute pattern

No. 107508

File: 1468117520608.jpg (199.62 KB, 640x480, 122130680_6cae44158b_z.jpg)


What about this one?

And this cabled scarf:
was a really good learning experience, but I don't know how a man would feel about the cables.

No. 107509

Ravelry dot com is perfect for patterns by the way. I've been using that site for years and years. Only downside is you have to make an account but that's literally it

No. 107510

File: 1549116683471.jpg (84.5 KB, 800x800, s-l1600[1].jpg)

Necroing this thread because I started getting into knitting and oh my goodness it's so therapeutic.

I'm currently knitting my first scarf. The progress started off pretty slow, but in 5 days, I was able to make 6 inches of fabric and 50 loops wide using worsted weight acrylic yarn.
My next project is probably going to incorporate purl stitching and I'm going to use chunkier yarn.
I just ordered some chenille yarn off eBay, I really want to make something extra soft with it, like some socks or a hat. Maybe a simple bracelet or a plush. I think a soft yarn Yoshi or Chao would be super cute.

Hopefully in a few months, I'll try crochet, but knitting seems to be my preference. I tried crochet first, but it was a little too difficult for me at the time.

No. 107511

i can crochet but ive never learned to knit. i thought knitting was a lot more difficult? you find it easy?

No. 107512

Same here. Crochet is okay, but knitting is straight up magic to me. But I like the crafts better. Crochet sweater/tops always look so soviet to me.

No. 107513

i also thought knitting would be more complicated, but the hardest part about crochet is remembering how many loops you have and where to put your hook.
knitting is pretty foolproof because you barely risk making any mistakes since the material stays on a needle, besides the part where you're switching between.

No. 107514

wow this was me, how nostalgic. We've since broken up and he never wore that scarf. my friend loved his tho and wears it.

I find knitting easier, but I just have more experience with it. I'm working on a basic crochet project atm, but for some reason I find the terminology less intuitive? It was also pretty awkward going from two needles to one hook. I also feel like crochet has less versatility wrt to patterns (can you even cable?), but maybe I'm just uninitiated.

No. 107515

File: 1549123775265.jpg (131.21 KB, 600x1176, chart-spiral-rib.jpg)

This is a cute and simple pattern. I'm gonna try this for my next project.
Haha that's funny, I'm glad your friend put it to good use!

No. 107516

i was the same as you anon, i learned how to crochet at age 4 and found it very easy and didn't learn how to knit for the longest time but last year I made it a new years resolution to learn how to and honestly it is not that bad! more tediuous than crocheting for sure, but it's alright! have knitted 6 pairs of socks since lol (not just for me but also as xmas gifts). i prefer to knit in continental fashion bc it's less confusing to me lol and if I get stumped with a particular stitch or something I just look it up on youtube

my only issue is that i can't do it for long stretches of time bc my fingers start hurting, guess that could be alleviated if i used bigger needles&chunkier yarn but i like the fine look. also making coloured patterns is fun! like pixel art in a way!

oh I love raverly! it is also really helpful when trying to figure out how variegated yarn will look like knitted up!

No. 107517

I've been crocheting for years as well and tried knitting on several occasions, but I'm struggling to spend enough time doing it to get familiar with the stitches and getting past the beginner phase. I love the cabled blanket and sweater patterns I've seen but I've kind of given up on ever being able to make something like that. Just can't get the same effect with crochet.

Are socks difficult? I always need more socks for work.

No. 107518

nayrt but knitting socks isn't difficult at all! if you know how to knit stockinette, ribbing, and can do basic decreases, you're golden. only kicker is getting used to circular needles/DPNs if you aren't familiar with them already.

i recommend this pattern:

i've probably knitted ~15 pairs with variations of this pattern and they always fit perfectly.

No. 107519

really depends! you can knit them in plain stich (still can look very cool if you use posh yarn) or with cables/varied stitches or with changing colours etc!
I prefer knitting them toe up instead of cuff down because they are easier to try on that way and the individual knit stitches look like little hearts lol, I learned mostly through youtube tutorials, arne and carlos have a good one for the heel bit (if German short row heel is what you're into) but I used new leaf podcasts video series (vid related) for everything else! I find the foot part inbetween the toes and heel to be the annoying bit because it seems never ending unless I do a cable pattern of some sort (knitting like 70 rows of plain stitch can get to you lol). You can also use cable needles to knit both socks up at once, which helps with the "oh god, I now have to do the other sock" feeling and helps have the tensions match across both socks (so one isn't slightly bigger than the other you know), but is bit finnicky, especially when casting on and doing the heel.

No. 107520

File: 1549453060828.jpg (235.4 KB, 511x640, c2ee536a-84ad-4920-b192-ceb877…)

dumping some cute coloured sock work inspo

No. 107521

File: 1549453102684.jpg (641.18 KB, 1280x1241, 31e6699a-9368-498c-bfe3-d0a63d…)

No. 107522

File: 1549453211526.jpg (187.38 KB, 480x640, 1e4502b6-76f5-4187-94b8-0a815d…)

No. 107523

File: 1549453304560.jpg (482.58 KB, 1010x1280, 59f4a33c-6e69-469c-a8d0-a9301c…)

No. 107524

File: 1549453376624.jpg (101.42 KB, 570x445, 965f91cb-9cec-476d-9691-edd28c…)

bit late lol

No. 107525

File: 1549453452205.jpg (157.39 KB, 1080x1350, 2ea25034-935b-4ba5-8384-ad1cc3…)

something about these yarns just looks so cute together idk

No. 107526

File: 1549453515255.png (498.49 KB, 640x443, ff2_medium2.png)

No. 107527

File: 1549453636378.jpg (117.84 KB, 600x600, 30dd1dad423810033168b3bcc824eb…)

No. 107528

Are these patterns dyed into the yarn? That's so next level wtf

No. 107529

I have never been knitting, but all these socks look so comfy and I actually may give it a try one day.
Is it rather hard, or easy and just takes much time?

No. 107530

no! you just use 2/3 different yarn colours and drag the colour you're not using at the time at the back and switch the active yarn out when it's turn for a different colour. pic related how nordic mittens look inside out

it's not particularly hard, just finnicky as you have to match the tension of the two yarns othervise the fabric will curl, best method to do that imo is to knit one yarn English and other continental style but that varies from person to person!

No. 107531

File: 1549460020772.jpg (3.79 MB, 2560x2560, 19-02-06-13-31-09-307_deco.jpg)

1st patterned socks I made pic attached, took me like a week I think but I'm the anon upthread whose fingers hurt when knitting for longer stretches of time

No. 107533

Oh wow so many colors and detailing. Good job anon!

No. 107535

File: 1549462800855.jpg (49.1 KB, 350x270, 6a00d8341c56b153ef00e54f337551…)

thank you anon (heart emoji), it's only 3 yarns (dark green, white and a variegated one) but they do go together well!

cannot believe i forgot the pic smh

No. 107536

oh wait I'm an idiot, in those two pics w pumpkin and sheep patterns they are dyed into yarn, sorry! there are some cool yarns like that but they are bit pricey at least here! sorry!

No. 181866

Anyone have easy classic looking hat knitting guides? Or mittens.

No. 181880

I’d buy this so cute

No. 181920

Ravelry is a really good source. Other than that, you want double pointed and circular needles. I learned how to make a hat on circulars but eventually moved onto double points because it made the finishing of it easier. Hats are really easy and fast. Mittens are pretty easy too but they come with a thumbhole which is quite easy as well.

No. 182364

File: 1619636849805.jpg (271.97 KB, 1454x1080, 5c16488b876561354b81315e51704a…)

I go through phases on knitting, at the moment I'm doing socks in West Yorkshire Spinners Fairylights (it's a seasonal yarn, I ordered it off ebay) and they're going to be so cute!

I usually work with thicker yarn and needles since I'm from Finland and that's what I was taught to do but I'm trying to get more ambitious and try working with different weight yarn and smaller needles.

What projects do you want to sink your teeth into? I want to do a I'm a luxury few can afford-jumper from the eighties at some point etc.

No. 182365

I wish I had a girlfriend who knew how to knitt, I have no patience for it, but I love you all sweet ladies who do know how.

No. 182439

That's sweet nonny! I hope you find someone to knit you all the things!

I knit my father-in-law socks and he's been gushing about how they are the best ones he's ever had and he's had woolen socks all his life! He might be impressed because he likes me but it still makes me happy.

No. 204147

I followed this video to make a shawl for my mom, now I'm using it again to make my own to match the one I made for her.

No. 217746

File: 1639668194540.jpg (137.98 KB, 1000x1331, l50091a_1000x.jpg)

I'm working on this scarf pattern from Lion Brand that's essentially just a 3x3 rib and I keep having this problem where the last purl before each knit stitch is super loose and looks horrible. I thought it was because my tension changes between knits and purls, but I did a few rows with consciously tight tension and it looked the same. Is it there anything I can try, or does it just go away with more experience? I've been crocheting for a year and I just picked up knitting again so I'm still a beginner.

No. 217768

File: 1639675797915.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1108x1115, F14852E9-4DB2-4F1E-9400-661DD1…)

I only knit during the winter because I’ve got no willpower for it the rest of the time
Here’s a scarf i made for my dog

No. 217770

What a cutie!

No. 217792

I love your dog and how fabulous the scarf looks holy shit

No. 218351

It's beautiful anon, great job! Your dog is very lucky to have you.

No. 219570

File: 1640594682473.jpg (71.74 KB, 366x512, unnamed.jpg)

Dear anons, my bf wants me to knit him a sweater, he just wants a plain cabled one really, I have a female sweater pattern that should fit the bill and I have knit up before for myself but it's female. Not to be retarded, but could I get away with it? It's just a straight up and down one, only decreases are around arm cuffs and bottom ribbing.
pic unrelated

No. 219573

You could do that, but have you tried on Ravelry? Hundreds of free patterns on there!

No. 219574

Women's clothing tends to look off around the shoulders when worn by men because our shoulders tend to be smaller and more rounded and our clothing reflects that. It'd be safer to keep looking for a men's pattern.

No. 219575

There are a few things you'd need to consider:
If the sleeves are meant to be quite fitted they might end up quite tight on a man, I'd do fewer decreases than the pattern suggests.
Are the sleeves set in or more of a raglan or dropped sleeve? If they're set in I wouldn't recommend knitting that pattern for a man because it'll be very tight at the shoulders. You might also need to make the sweater a little longer than the pattern suggests.
It's such a pain in the arse to knit an entire sweater that the other anons are probably right that you should just look for a free pattern online.
Good luck anon!

No. 219880

Ty nonnies for all the advice! I tried scouring raverly for patterns but they'd either be a clusterfuck of different cables and stitches or paywalled. Or you work panels in flat and sew them together, which I'd like to avoid. The pattern that I want to use has dropped, loose sleeves which made me think it could be feasible. Might come back here in a month crying aha.

No. 245516

File: 1645549820977.jpg (303.55 KB, 1031x2048, Tumblr_l_3653384457694.jpg)

girl dont do it

No. 245583

File: 1645572767759.jpg (183.85 KB, 1600x1066, thrummed-mittens-inside-out.JP…)

Learned about thrum/thrummed mittens, so sad it is like end of the winter now, they look so comfy and fun to make!

Nta but I saw a discussion thread on this elsewhere and apparently if you weave in some strands of your hair it counters it? Love the slightly witchy/Victorian vibe of this superstition tho. Have any knitanons experienced the sweater curse?

No. 245635

File: 1645588459554.jpeg (19.75 KB, 276x300, 20180208_114112-01-276x300.jpe…)

Ah, I really wanted to crochet thrummed mittens like last month but decided it would be too late for it. I'm not really a mitten person, but they look so cute and cozy.

No. 245699

How did you all learn to knit? My great-aunt taught me how ages ago, and when I picked it back up again recently I tried to learn from online tutorials and I could not figure out purls until my mom showed me the lazy way to do them in continental style. Somehow I became convinced that I had been taught Russian-style knitting, aka that weird shit with intentionally twisted stitches, when I had actually learned regular continental all along and all my projects were coming out wonky as a result.

No. 245702

You could just make them now and wear them the next winter, though?

No. 245734

seconded. i was never taught to knit or crochet, is there a kit that i could buy to start learning?

No. 245756

ayrt, the best way to learn is to have someone show you. Most local yarn stores (i.e. not the big box hobby stores) have some kind of knitting and/or crochet classes, and if you're lucky you can find one for beginners. Other than that, VeryPinkKnits on YouTube is a great channel. I don't really like how she teaches continental purling, but I also think that most American tutorials over-complicate continental purling. If you just put the working yarn over the left needle like it's another stitch and guide the right needle through with your left thumb the stitch practically makes itself, but I digress. As for kits, all you need to start is some cheap yarn, preferably bulky/category 5 because it's easier to work with as a beginner, and then either knitting needles or a crochet hook of the appropriate size. You can just get the size recommended on the yarn package if you're unsure, or if you're following a pattern use what the pattern says. For first projects in either knitting or crochet, squares and/or simple scarves are good. For knitting, you can try first garter stich (knit each row) and then stockinette (knit one row, purl the other, and so on). The first things you make will probably be hideous but that's OK. If you get bored of the beginner's rectangle, make a Ravelry account and try looking for easy patterns. Hats are usually not too complicated, but most knitted hats will require circular or double-pointed kneedles so those are better tackled once you're past the beginner phase. Have fun!

No. 245763

Crochet, not knitting, but I'm 100% self taught. None of my older relatives know how to do anything crafty, so one summer about 5 years back, I picked it up and learned everything via online tutorials. Some video, mostly blog posts and beginner's patterns.

No. 245770

I had knitting in school but I never learnt it there, had my parents help with the projects we had to do and couldn't do anything besides plain knit stitch. Then like 3 years ago I learned on my own via youtube tutorials because I wanted some cozy knit socks.

Anyone here has any experience buying yarn cones? I just realised its much cheaper than buying normal balls of yarn even if you go for high quality stuff. I read about the waxy coating and stuff but was wondering if anyone here has practical insight/negative experiences with them.

No. 245796

File: 1645666846346.jpg (616.69 KB, 1752x2560, Diamond-Weave-Throw-Blanket-Cr…)

Anyone want to share your favorite free patterns you've made?


I love this stitch so much.

No. 245798

File: 1645667454739.jpg (28.45 KB, 240x218, 2_small.jpg)


She comes out lovely, considering trying to scale up the pattern for a huge snail.

No. 245834

anon this is so cute! now i want to make a massive one with chunky yarn

No. 245840

Crochet, but I only taught myself recently with videos. I just saw yarn in Walmart and decided to pick it up.

No. 245866

File: 1645721996710.jpg (36.8 KB, 528x528, Edited-4-copy-9.jpg)

I made this scarf for my mom and I almost kept it for myself because it's so warm and squishy.


No. 245910

File: 1645736037102.jpg (606.52 KB, 1588x1588, il_1588xN.3320699653_fif0.jpg)

https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/WoolCoutureCompany This ladies etsy shop is so lovely, it makes me want to get into crochet and knitting. I love the kits she does!

No. 245911

File: 1645736069738.jpg (191.38 KB, 1588x1588, il_1588xN.1865614374_c76q.jpg)

So sweet!

No. 245930

File: 1645747021665.jpeg (173.13 KB, 640x640, Cow_Free_Pattern_Image_medium2…)

No. 248172

File: 1646689694377.jpg (264.72 KB, 640x640, IMG_2419.jpg)

Per request of the anon in /ot/, this is the page I was talking about. These are Creative Grandma's stitch of the week patterns. I said 50 in my posts, but I now realize that it's actually 257 stitch patterns. They're all free and I plan on trying them all.
Pic is just a random picture, not from the site.

No. 248362

File: 1646782314763.jpg (125.75 KB, 750x423, IMG_20220308_182947_087.jpg)

Oh my god what a perfect thread! I'm a pattern """designer""" (of zero fame with no audience) but I'm knitting myself a sweater right now and designing it as I go. I've posted about it in /ot/ without knowing about this thread! My night has been made. I did German shortrows at the back so the neckline doesn't choke me to death, its hard to take pictures of but I'm nearly at the sleeve separation now. I recently made a croptop too but my photos of it are shitty.

No. 248363

That yarn is so beautiful! I don't know anything about knitting, but it looks great so far anon.

No. 248364

Thank you kindly, anon!

No. 248600

That yarn is gorgeous, anon! Would you mind sharing the brand/colorway?

No. 248723

That's beautiful, anon! The idea of doing my own pattern terrifies me, the most I'll do is tweak an existing one. Please post pics when it's done if you're comfortable doing that!

No. 248757

This is so beautiful! Amazing work so far nonna, I hope you share the finished project when you're done!

No. 248789

Thank you!! It's just a Michael's Store Loops'n'Threads brand. I'll link it! I like it because its an incredibly soft acrylic meant for baby blankets, but I notice that it gets fuzzy really quickly. The colourway is called Blossom in case the link doesn't go to that colour directly.
Thank you! Tweaking patterns is how you begin to make your own, that's how I started! Eventually you get really comfortable with not using a base. I'll post if I remember! >>248757
Thank you so much as well!

No. 248802

How do you anons feel about using free patterns to make things to sell? I’ve considered getting a booth at a local shop and selling these hats I like to make (not because I need a side hustle, it’s because I have fun making them, but have run out of family/friends to gift them to.) However, the pattern is a random internet person’s free pattern, so I feel kind of weird about doing something like that. Using it to make a profit.

No. 248803

I don't think there's anything wrong with it but I'd feel a bit weird about it personally as well.
You could always contact the person and ask their permission if you're unsure, or maybe find a similar free pattern by a big company like Lion/Red Heart/Drops etc where it would feel less like a big deal? Is it a really specific pattern or is it quite simple?

If it's just for fun rather than profit, you'd maybe feel less weird about it if you gave any profits to a charity or something? Of course you don't have to do that, it's your time and your work, just a suggestion!

No. 248812

File: 1646954678415.jpg (41.08 KB, 794x794, cloud.jpg)

Does anyone have any cute sky-themed amigurumi patterns? I've been trying to make a mobile for my friend's new baby. So far I have a bunch of clouds and raindrops, plus a rainbow colored base I'm attaching them to. I'm thinking about adding a sun and some birds or bees, I'm not sure yet.

Thanks for the link nona! I was just looking for a resource with different crochet stitches to try out.

Also I just watched one of her videos and for whatever reason it really hit me in the kokoro. She really reminds me of my own grandma who passed away like 10 years ago. She was really good at knitting and sewing but I never got a chance to learn from her.

No. 251070

File: 1647876522284.jpg (30.75 KB, 600x900, cover.jpg)

This is more of a rant, but I hate when I find a pattern I really like, but the instructions are unclear as fuck. I'm looking at a pattern for a case and they don't even include the instructions for every part of the case. It's not too complicated, so it won't be hard to just wing it but it's still very annoying.

No. 251246

Which parts are you confused about? Creating the bottom portion before you start crocheting in the round? I hate when patterns are like that, too. Sometimes the pattern creator has a "contact me" portion of the pattern if you get confused though near the end.
Also I just started knitting a beanie. I know it's Spring but I'm hoping to have stock for the winter and for Christmas gifts without overwhelming myself come Winter again. I'd post a picture but my lighting is pathetic right now. The yarn is an alpaca, silk and wool mix so it feels kinda soft but kinda rough. It's not plied very tightly either so it'll be super fuzzy

No. 251338

File: 1647984151657.jpg (414 KB, 794x794, cardigan.jpg)

I love knitting but unfortunately it takes way too long. So I bought a knitting machine for 50 Euros and now I am able to knit a cardigan in two weeks. I am too shy to post my stuff here but I found something similar to mine. It is inspired by an outfit Harry Styles wore to a concert.

No. 251344

I was thinking about buying a knitting machine but it looked kinda complicated to use? what has been your experience with it nonny?

No. 251851

File: 1648239999763.gif (372.38 KB, 640x640, HeartfeltTastyKodiakbear-max-1…)

>tfw I get yarn barf

No. 251866

who the FUCK invented UK sizing

No. 251892

I've just realized that when I'm working in a round I can put a marker in for every last stitch instead of tediously counting my stitches for every round. I feel so retarded for not doing this earlier, especially since I've been marking every last stitch in a row on a blanket I'm working on. I just didn't think to do it with any other projects.

No. 252027

File: 1648343623538.png (1.55 MB, 656x1154, vest.png)

I just started learning to knit a few months ago and I love it so much, it's so satisfying and meditative (when I'm not fucking it up)

I am about to start knitting this vintage pattern out of cotton worsted for summer. I love the photo because it's how I imagine I'll feel wearing my stupid little vest

No. 252034

That is so cute anon! It looks like it will be very comfortable

No. 252968

Can anyone guess what yarn weight is in vidrel? She doesn't say and I'm a beginner so I'm not good at identifying weights. I thought it may be alright to use the same weight of yarn that was instructed in the original pattern for the cats but I've never made a garment before (other than accessories) so I'm not sure if it would be alright to use worsted weight yarn for a sweater.

No. 253237

File: 1648838439503.jpeg (198.45 KB, 1024x945, 356B084A-4E52-46D3-8E0F-72B602…)

Since she used a 5mm hook, it sounds like you’re right that it’s about a worsted weight. Good luck with your sweater!

No. 253299

Thank you so much anon! I appreciate it.

No. 253306

File: 1648851050351.jpg (171.19 KB, 794x963, shawl.jpg)

My biggest pet peeve regarding patterns is when someone makes an entire video tutorial for how to make an item, and then you have to pay for the written pattern. I prefer reading written patterns so I can watch other stuff when crocheting so it just sucks. I know people wanna make money off of their work, that doesn't bother me (it doesn't even bother me when pattern makers do stuff like say "no selling items made with this pattern") but why would you make a free video tutorial if you want to charge for the pattern.

No. 253531

How can I fix a gaping hole in a wool sweater if I have no prior experience in knitting or sewing? It's aprox 2 inches wide, a bit less. Is it even worth trying?

No. 253568

Because it's a great way to advertise and get people to buy your pattern. I understand your frustration but you can't just expect things for free. They deserve compensation for their artwork. I hope you get what you need though anon!

No. 253597

File: 1648940647706.jpeg (1.48 MB, 3027x3027, 947EE08F-24D4-40C6-B542-BFE06C…)

There are a handful of ways to mend a hole in a knit. If the hole is vertically short enough you may just be able to kind of “sew” it shut with similar yarn. If it’s a larger hole, maybe get a speedweve darning loom of the necessary size and a tapestry needle set. There are a lot of YouTube tutorials showing how to darn with one. Look for one that shows someone darning a knit garment (for some reason a lot of ppl use them for darning jeans too).

No. 284135

How difficult is it to learn to crochet? I saw an amazing project I really want to make, but I have no crochet experience. Does it have a big learning curve or does mastering a few basic stitches allow you to make most things? Compare it to sewing if you can.

No. 284136

It can be a bit hard to get a hang of the basics (slip knot, chain, slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet and double crochet) but yes after you learn those you can make most things. Any other stitches that a pattern might call for will be easy to learn if you already know those.

I recommend vidrel, the Crochet Guru. When I was learning I used multiple different tutorials but this channel helped me the most.

No. 284687

who keeps bumping and deleting

No. 299404

What would be the best way to get started dyeing my own yarn? Do people just buy white/plain yarn like cotton or wool, and add those dye packets that you can use for clothes, or is there more to it than that?
Sorry to necro a dying thread, I have hope that it will thrive again!

No. 299426

Oh nice! Had no idea there was a thread for this! I hate chenille and plush yarn, talked about it in art salt like a week or two ago

No. 299443

File: 1668532399038.jpg (59.46 KB, 320x309, proxy-image(4).jpg)

Plush and chenille are up there with black yarn on the list of yarns I hate but roving takes the (yarn) cake. Even faux-roving like Red Heart Unforgettable AKA Unforgiveable makes me ragequit like a Fortnite-playing moidlet when I inevitably try to frog it.

No. 299512

I had to look up what that even was. Sounds evil.

No. 299523

Maybe a stupid question: How do you choose a garment pattern ensuring that it's flattering on you? My fear is knitting my first sweater, putting in all that effort, and it looks busted

No. 299553

It definitely deoends, to a degree, on how you're caring for/using it… But roving yarn also holds up like shit over time IMO. Hands down the worst.

No. 299554

She's a TiF, but handweavers on tumblr is probably an approachable person to ask this question to.

No. 299900

Plush and chenille is so fun to work with for me. I love it!

No. 299982

What are some of your favourite simple stash busting projects for crochet? My motivation to start a long project is frazzled but I still want to be making something.
I’m working on a little book pouch/sleeve currently to keep my book safe if I’m carrying it in my bag and it’s a perfect mix of simple and quick to just switch my brain off

No. 300008

I'm trying to teach myself, and am casting on okay, but literally can't figure out how to add a second needle. Does anyone have any videos that may help? The ones I've found still leave me a bit hopeless.

No. 300013

It’s pretty boring, but I just make granny squares. Someday I’ll get a blocking board and also have enough to make a massive blanket, I hope. Only have like 20 or so right now.

No. 300014

To those of you who knit and crochet, so you find yourself being more picky about yarn material with crochet? I was trading leftover yarn with a friend who knits and she rolled her eyes when I said that I can’t stand acrylic because of the way it rugburns my fingers.

No. 300033

This is the one I used. She also has one for continental style. It still took me lots of pausing and repeating and slowing down the speed though.

No. 300225

File: 1668921968678.png (269.42 KB, 720x960, cat.png)

I'm being forced to check the gauge for a garment I'm working on, and no matter what hook I use it's always one or two stitches more than I need.

No. 300313

I am terrible at remembering numbers so I can only loom. Could I knit, or is it alot like crochet in that you have to remember your rows?

No. 300317

You can just count rows and stitches in crochet

No. 300404

File: 1669047361675.jpg (252.27 KB, 794x1461, il_794xN.3628546544_k4c0.jpg)

You tend to handle the yarn more when you crochet so the risk of slowly garroting your fingers is higher than with knitting, plus crochet tends to make a denser fabric so shitty yarn really screws up the drape of the finished product. I only ever crochet with shitty acrylic yarn when I'm testing out a new technique or making a functional item that needs a tough, structured fabric. Recently I made a wonderfully rigid pencil case from this horrible scratchy acrylic that would not be suitable for any wearables other than maybe a biblically accurate John the Baptist cosplay, and it cracks me up that it's advertised as a blanket yarn (picrel but in taupe).

No. 300405

you have an astounding way with words anon

No. 300618

File: 1669151327202.png (136.78 KB, 521x642, 1663005832823.png)

NONNIES what should i gift to a woman who loves knitting? would just yarn be enough, or ? maybe there's something cool!

No. 300627

nice yarn, nice needles, nice pattern book

No. 300642

File: 1669169298461.jpg (215.86 KB, 1280x1280, 630183__01469.jpg)

You could get her a yarn bowl, picrel is a basic one but there are tons of cute kitchy ones out there too, like my mom has one shaped like a sheep

No. 301517

Returning to the thread because I bought and started using this for a project, and while I don't regret it (the color is really nice), it is an absolute mess to work with and I can't ever undo my stitches

No. 301571

How do you follow YouTube crochet tutorials when it's a mess of knots and you have no clue where to stick your hook in next kek

No. 301578

By trying more than one channel and turning the speed of the video down

No. 301799

I usually put the hook where I think they’re telling me to put it, and keep going for a while because it’ll become very clear if I’ve made a mistake. Then I’ll just rip the stitches out and try again, usually it becomes a bit clearer after I’ve fucked it up a few times. Time consuming but the payoff is worth it

No. 301901

File: 1669961279819.jpg (48.88 KB, 480x600, yarn.jpg)

What's your favorite yarn anons? It can be a brand, a type of yarn, or your favorite fiber. I personally like anything soft, fluffy and thick (like chenille or the Lion Brand hometown yarn). The process with fluffy yarns is a struggle but I think they make nice projects.

No. 302128

The cleanliness of your work and ability to interpret it will get better with practice, and there's not really any way around that other than just continuing to go for it until you get there, like >>301799 says.
There are a lot of tutorials out there dedicated to how to read your work, though, if you want some extra help. Not going to be much use until you get practice in to the point where things look consistent, though.

No. 302170

wool with tweed

No. 302886

File: 1670448603353.jpg (104.33 KB, 750x900, 1-im-a-knotty-knotty-hooker-cr…)

Does anyone else find the hooker jokes pretty corny? It was funny at first, but I kind of roll my eyes when I hear them. It doesn't have anything to do with my personal feelings on actual hookers or anything, btw

No. 303026

normie humor

No. 304993

I'm making last minute Christmas scarf. Pray for me.

No. 305003

File: 1671916534148.png (2.04 MB, 1218x1274, lmao.png)

agreed, hooker jokes are cringe. its in the same category of thing as "doggo" and "heckin good boi"

speaking of crochet cringe, there was drama in a facebook group I'm in because some moron is making crocheted packers complete with ball hair and shaft veins. I guess several people had the AuDAcItY to click the LOL-reaction which caused the OP to start frothing about transphobia. i didn't want to get banned from the group so I restrained myself from pointing out that no one is desperate enough for "gender affirmation" to stuff a cartoonish wooly knob in their pants.

No. 305013

I find this super cute lol

No. 305046

Imagine the smell of those acrylic sweat-absorbers inside the panties of an unwashed fujoshi, cooking in that fleshpit for multiple days.

No. 305048

File: 1671949729549.jpg (779.99 KB, 1090x710, 20211116_095741.jpg)

After the holidays I will use my yarn stash to make a shongololo. https://www.projectarian.com/shop/product/shuttle-the-shongololo-free-pattern/
I pray.

No. 305049

oh my god i have the exact same pipe dream. i managed to do that designer's octopus and dragon so i can personally say she's an excellent pattern writer

No. 305051

Are those…hairy fucking balls?

No. 305052

Omg, I saw this yesterday and wsntbto make it too! It would definitely be a long-term sort of project for me. Thank you for your prayers nonny, I am very nearly done with the scarf.

No. 305079

I've seen these before but.. sold as lil gag gifts. Which is what they should be.

No. 305091

The OP was getting pissed at anyone in the thread even making a lighthearted, well intentioned joke about these. It also amuses me to no end that they photographed most of them in a dim room with flash lighting at weird angles, just like a real dick pic

No. 305093

Thanks nonnie, I will make this one day.

No. 305173

Can more knowledgable nonnas help? I'm a begginner with crocheting and I made the 2nd sleeve of my cardigan too lose. It required less rows compared to the 1st one and is only a centimeter higher. Other than that, they're almost identical size wise. Would it still "work" or will it ruin the whole project? I'm quite anxious about it since this is my first cardi. All of your advice is appreciated.

No. 305177

Did you do a gauge swatch? Also it may be more helpful to post this on the crochet subreddit.

No. 305179

I havent, I dont have the tool for it. I didnt even know what that was until now kek. most of the results are related to knitting, but i didnt know that it could be used for crocheting too. But thanks nona!!

No. 305182

File: 1672076801717.jpg (909.52 KB, 2000x1333, The-Importance-of-Crochet-Gaug…)

You shouldn't need anything but a ruler or measurement tape really. Gauge is just how many stitches are in a 4 inch section of your crochet pieces. It's pretty important for most garments (like your cardigan) to make them fit properly, and patterns usually have how much your gauge should be at the beginning.

If the second sleeve is looser, you may have just loosened your tension. I also meant to ask, did the pattern say the sleeve required less rows or did it just end up looking like it needed less rows? I was gonna say that if it's not a noticeable difference you may not need to frog it, but it might end up looking weird when you inevitably have to wash the cardigan.

No. 305187

File: 1672078743087.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.23 MB, 3072x2533, IMG_20221227_021008.jpg)

yes, I didnt put as much tension on the 2nd sleeve like i did with the first one.

The pattern i'm following didnt specify how many rows it should have, rather, it told us how much inches it should be. the 2nd looser sleeve had less rows since the loose stitches made its height longer. so instead of it being 18 1/2 like the 1st sleeve, it's 19 inches instead. so yeah, it ended up needing less rows.

pic rel. are my sleeves. left (1st) right (2nd)

like you've stated, i dont think it will be noticeable if my sweater is chunky and cuffed anyways, but i'm always open to other advice!!

No. 305189

How did you nonas learn to crochet? Do you have any book or online video/tutorials/courses you can recommend pls? There are so many out there, I don't know where to begin.

No. 305194

I suggest this

No. 305212

File: 1672098547583.jpg (208.36 KB, 735x1102, 02f8170c186530158ce1c892487d17…)

Has anyone here ever made their own hooks (or needles)? I'm seriously thinking about buying molds, resin, and clay to try and make my own

No. 305306

Hate magic knots.

No. 305869

To be honest Clover Soft Touch Crochet Hooks are my gold standard. I crochet a lot and my set of clover hooks are very comfortable and durable. As much as I love the cool resin and sparkles of custom hooks I would not recommend investing in them purely based on my love of how smooth Clover hooks feel to use.

No. 306265

File: 1672807245693.jpg (1.91 MB, 3012x3765, a37f27f1b1cc13cb8d9f264af1a6f0…)

I've never made any, but I inherited a couple hand carved crochet hooks a few years ago and I think they're so neat. I suspect they were made around the Great Depression era. Pic isn't mine, but looks similar enough.

No. 306272

File: 1672812577186.jpg (123.47 KB, 740x1665, how-to-single-crochet-row.jpg)

British terminology literally makes no sense at all. Why would this be called a double crochet?

No. 306317

It’s stitched through the loop below the top I think. Normally for single in that second image I would stitch through the top string not where their hook is.

No. 306320

I don't mean that picture specifically kek (I'm pretty sure that was called a single crochet), I just used that one because it's a picture of a single crochet.

No. 306346

I thought it was a very cool set of wands, Harry Potter inspired but even more awesome.

No. 306491

those are my favs too

No. 306502

How did they know how big to make the hook?

No. 307026

File: 1673226464368.jpg (354.13 KB, 750x2250, sesame street.jpg)

These new-ish sesame street yarns are so stinkin' cute

No. 308246

I’m looking for a pretty afghan pattern, with up to 4 different colors

No. 308249

Knitting or crochet? What kind of vibe are you going for (cosy/rustic like a granny square blanket, something more modern, idk)? I usually use ravelry if I want to find a specific pattern but I wouldn't blame any anons here for not wanting to use it troon owner etc

No. 308251

Use ravelry, Pinterest or ribblr.

No. 309560

File: 1674119517372.jpeg (144.43 KB, 640x640, 1601CEF7-5AA2-4D8B-9570-FE29E2…)

I picked this one

No. 310404

File: 1674769851450.jpg (167.92 KB, 1200x630, Scrap-Yarn-Crochet-Pattern-FB.…)

I've been diligently collecting my scrap yarn to turn into more, new yarn, and I'm starting to realize how different my definition of scrap yarn is to other crocheters. I consider scrap yarn to be like, the little pieces you cut off after weaving your ends or when I have an extremely tiny amount of yarn left after a project, but other people are able to make entire projects from their scrap yarn kek.

No. 310641

I'm doing some amigurumi and I was thinking, what happens if I do all my increases/decreases next to each other instead of spacing them out? Like if instead of doing for example, (3SC, inc)*6, can I do instead 18SC continuously and then 6 increases continuously?

No. 310657

all the increases would be concentrated in one area. you can just do it yourself to figure out what it would look like. I've seen it used for more pronnounced shaping i.e. a nose on an animal head or something

No. 310730

I have only done amigurumi in the past, but am trying my hand at crocheting a blanket for the first time. It's a simple afghan, just the same alternation of sc and dc stitches over and over again. For the border, just sc all the way around.
Now, the pattern gives a specific number of recommended rows to accompany the number of starting stitches- around 205.
Will there be any issues if I don't keep track of the exact number of rows I have? Or am I good to just keep crocheting rows until the blanket is my desired size?

No. 310817

It's just a blanket so yeah you can do it until it's however long you want.

No. 310839


No. 311028

Help me make an army nonnies

No. 311045

Cute! First amigurumi?

No. 311061

Making an amigurumi without a pattern using a very fat yarn. I need a flat, circular base, and therefore tried doing the typical magic circle of 6 chains, and then increasing by 6 stitches per round.
I believe it's due to the fatness of the yarn, but I'm ending up with a bowl shape rather than something flat. What should I do?
Increase more frequently? Add more stitches to each increase? Start with a larger number of stitches in the magic circle?
Any help is appreciated!

No. 311068

Are you doing your increases after a certain amount of stitches? Like doing an increase every 2 stitches in one round, then an increase every 3 stitches in the next round, and so on.

No. 311129

Yep, I'm doing what I usually do when making an amigurumi.
Ended up just using a MUCH larger hook and that resolved the issue.

No. 311369

File: 1675496816510.jpg (92.37 KB, 1200x675, b038e229d69b8fa96fe9883e01583a…)

Anybody able to figure out how Asako Ito does her work? Rather than the traditional amigurumi made primarily from going in continuous rounds, it looks like she crochets individual panels that she then joins together (in a manner closer to traditionally sewn plushes). Does that sound about right?
I really like the greater level of flexibility this seems to lend her shapes, and am curious about trying the technique.

No. 311773

Has anyone ever bought yarn online (particularly any North American nonas?) The place where I buy my yarn doesn’t restock its colors as often as I’d like and I’m thinking of ordering on hobbii or somewhere like that. I also prefer using 100% cotton, but I think most stores carry at least some cotton yarn so that shouldn’t be a problem.

No. 312993

I'm not familiar with that artist, but this technique sounds interesting and I think I'll try it soon as an experiment.

No. 314006

Whenever I feel like giving up on crochet, I just remind myself that I am The Chosen One and destined to do this because I basically immediately grasped how to do a magic circle

No. 314072

Anybody have a knitting or crocheting business? I got pretty far into a scarf I was planning to sell until I noticed that I made a mistake I couldn't fix so I unraveled the whole thing. It's not something that the average person who doesn't knit would be able to notice without looking closely so I'm wondering if I should have just finished the scarf anyway. What are your thoughts on this? Would you sell an item that had a mistake in it?

No. 314318

Yeah. You're a person doing handmade items, not a machine. Imperfections will happen. If the mistake isn't really noticeable, I doubt anybody would mind.

No. 314409

Yez ♥

No. 315024

Update : I have made way too many and given them all to my perplexed coworkers

No. 317045

i've bought from lion brand's website, premier, bamboomn, joann's and amazon. what did you have questions about nonna?

No. 324013

I want to knit some useful gifts for a soon to be mom friend. I was thinking about burp blanket (I don't know the name but the thing you cover yourself when your baby nerd to burp ). I'm not sure about the optimal dimension but I'm more worried about the yarn to use so it dont become ugly and faded after multiple wash. Would a cotton or acrylic be best ? I guess the way the yarn is spun would play in it looking ok after the wash

No. 337478

Crocheter here, I fucking hate working in my ends because I feel like a little pieces always ends up sticking out and they never feel secure. But sometimes that's like the only choice cause for some projects its hard to weave the ends in so I'm just gonna keep doing it and get some fabric glue to hold it down

No. 337541

File: 1687674924622.jpg (188.49 KB, 1500x1419, woobles.jpg)

Has anyone here heard of these The Woobles kit? They're pretty popular for beginners. A kit like picrel is $30, and while I don't think it's an insane price, I think its incredibly silly that people are paying $30 to make this ugly little thing when you could everything you need for less than $30 and make something way cuter.

Also, the kit comes with a magic circle/first round already made even though magic circles come up multiple times in the pattern. So whoever buys this is going to have to learn how to make a mc anyway.

No. 337542

File: 1687675260749.png (1.87 MB, 2000x2000, EasyPeasyBeginnerBundle_1024x1…)

Samefag, and this bundle is going for $120. One hundred and twenty dollars. But I do get the idea that their target audience probably isn't people who want to learn how to crochet, but for people that just want a quick craft project and to make something cute.
this amigurumi has hella gaps btw

No. 337547

I don't knit, just saw your post while browsing. IMHO, this kit looks adorable and I guess it's more of a gift thing that something a serious knitter would buy.
I think it's like that "paint by the number" pictures that you can gift to someone, they are pretty fun and you can do it just in one weekend and than get the result to sit on your shelf.
Although I guess it's would be a poor gift for a pro. I draw in ink and my classmates once gifted me an adult coloring book. I didn't knew what to do with it, since it's not my cup of tea (if I like drawing, than sure I would love a coloring book… uh, no?). But at least I had fun coloring it with brother when we had a blackout. So, a funny gift, but I guess not everyone would be impressed with it.

No. 337566

Just curious, how expensive in materials would something like this be? Is this doable for someone who hasn't crocheted before?

No. 337580

Hi anon, that's the Cozy Days Daisy Blanket by AllaboutAmi. It should be a fine project for beginners. The hardest part would just be putting it together, it would probably benefit you to join as you go. The pattern says she used 11 skeins of yarn in total, how much that would cost would depend on what brand you buy. She used 900 yards of the blue color, 311 yards of the white and 46 yards of the yellow. She also used a bully weight yarn. Find a bulky yarn you like and look at how many yards comes in a skein. Then figure how much you would need to buy of each and that's how much it would cost. Here's the pattern.

No. 337582


No. 337595

Something rubs me the wrong way about forcing random Chinese factory workers to make all those magic rings (and they are all human made) just so buyers don’t have to start with le scary magic ring. If starting a mr is THAT big a source of anxiety I don’t get why they don’t just tell them to start with ch 2, working into second ch on hook.

No. 337711

Thanks for the detailed response! Super helpful ♥

No. 341526

Dishie yarn is really nice and very affordable. The only problem is that it's a small size, you you either have to modify any patterns you make, or just accept that they'll be smaller than the example.

No. 344085

File: 1691703610646.jpeg (395.1 KB, 1421x1338, IMG_8116.jpeg)

would it be possible to make cardigans that look like these as a total beginner if I took it slow and was very meticulous? I'm assuming it'd be very difficult and take me a long time but is still doable

No. 344092

Since they're made in panels and supposed to be oversized I think it would be pretty doable. Just make sure you're using similar yarn for all the panels and they're all the same size and you should be fine

No. 344105

what about doing different designs, like making the frogs or the fruits? I found this tutorial for crocheting custom pixel designs, would I use a similar technique to this?

No. 344108

samefag I'm posting this here for future reference and in case anyone else ever wants to make their own crochet pixel art, this tutorial seems a bit more thorough than the other one especially for beginners

No. 344114

It would be simple in the sense that you're only doing one stitch, but maybe a bit tricky to juggle multiple yarn colors at the same time (something I've never been great at lol). Regardless, I still think you should go for it!

No. 344125

thanks nona I'll definitely attempt the full cardigan! keeping track of the different colors does seem tricky, maybe I can do a few small projects just for practice first and then move on to the cardigan

No. 344568

Do you know any yt channel/blog/book to learn how to design your own crochet clothes? I'm not looking for specific patterns but rather general guidelines about different pieces of clothing. I guess looking individualy for free patterns and then adding my own modifications could also help but I was wondering if I could find somewhere the basics for each garment.
Also, are blocking mats worth it? I'm almost finishing my firts two pieces, a shawl and a scarf, and they're too big to block on my ironing board. I could buy blocking mats for 30€ in my local yarn shop, that doesn't sound too pricey since I intend to use them after I finish all my current and future projects. My mother disagrees, she thinks it's not worth it but she doesn't do any crafts so maybe I shouldn't follow her advice.

No. 344814

File: 1692139948934.jpg (71.36 KB, 1133x1500, 61EgsLW7lXL.jpg)

I'm forever stuck in a loop of buying a gazillion of these and then loosing all of them. I don't een know where they go.

No. 344969

I find it helps having a tools kit with pockets and zippers. That's how I managed to keep my stitch markers in a place where I know I'll find some. I put my tapestry needles in there too.
The problem is having enough stitch markers when you have the tendency to have a lot of WIPs at the same time.

No. 348157

Just splurged and ordered some hobbii yarn, hope it's good (i'll say something here if it's not). I'm a real snob about only using cotton and my local craft store has been cutting back on the colors they offer in cotton so i'm resorting to desperate measures.

No. 348785

File: 1694800450939.jpg (152.24 KB, 700x700, dahlia-front-700xauto.jpg)

Have you tried them yet nonna? Hobbii has some really pretty yarns, I like these dahlia ones.

No. 348801

>>348785 nope, unfortunately I’m in the IS and I don’t think my package has even left Denmark yet. Tracking just says it’s awaiting shipment on USPS’s end. Might go and bitch about it to them but I know my expectations for delivery speed are spoiled by Amazon.

No. 349633

Finally got my yarn and had a chance to use some of it! picrel is really pretty, but I crochet with thicker yarn so I can't really speak on it. I got some Friends 8/8 cotton and Rainbow 8/8 cotton (does anyone know the difference between those two lines? they feel exactly the same to me) and I thought i'd share some of my thoughts on the yarn here: First of all, this is my first time messing with cotton that's got so many threads. it's interesting because it gives it a slightly rope-like texture when it's worked up, compared to the cheap store-bought worsted weight cotton i've been using. It also sheds a lot less which is nice. What I don't love about it is how small the skeins are. I knew they were small going in so I'm not saying i got duped or anything but i got a single ten pack of colors and I feel like there isn't enough to do a whole lot with any of them. (it's the warm colors set though, so maybe i'll make a leaf garland or something). It took about a week for it to arrive to me in NA from Denmark, which isn't too bad all things considered. Given the small quantities of yarn per skein though, I'd say it isn't a particularly good deal or super cheap or anything. I could see myself sampling a few other yarns from them in the future though. I've got my eyes on a few of the wool blends.

No. 350759

File: 1696111944285.jpg (121.67 KB, 686x1192, 1cbed17c-52da-4eaf-babc-d96dc5…)

This was my first time making dolls but I think it came out really good.
Pattern is by Greenfrog crochet.

No. 350775

Soooo cute omg

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