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No. 411848

you can say whatever you want as long as it pertains to romantic or sexual fantasies about other women and isn’t talking about dicks. if its not a fantasy go to the lesbian/bi thread.

Previous Thread: >>>/g/342326

No. 411862

Thanks anon!

No. 411864

Thank you OP

No. 411867

I kind of want a gf with a period fetish because I love having sex on my period. Especially if I'm being penetrated, a week long period can last only a day if I just fuck for a few hours. I want to tell my gf I just started my period and look a little sad about it, and I want her to pull my panties down and tell me she'll take care of me. Relentless, forceful, but also gentle 4 hour sex marathon ensues.

No. 411868

I want to keep an extremely detailed log of her reactions to everything I do so I can figure out the formula to give her the best orgasms ever, I want to make her fucking delirious and to be on her mind all the time. I know she's a bit of a sadist, I would let her hurt me as long as she does it with her bare hands.

No. 411876

I need a girl to sit in my lap and let me comb through her hair with my hands

No. 411879

I want to suck on a "roast beef" pussy.

No. 411883

I love meaty pussies

No. 411893

I have the opportunity to sleep with a woman 10 years older (I'm 27 she's 37) that has never even kissed anyone. This is eating me inside because I definitely don't want to deal with whatever impact this has on our friendship but I want it and I think about it every day. I have developed a virgin fetish because of her. She's all cute and delicate, slightly smaller than me and I just know she'd gasp during kisses and moan prettily. I want to look at her face when she's really close and talk her through things, make her suck on my fingers while I ask if she wants one inside her, eat her out slowly and for a long time. But I wouldn't be interested if I didn't know how inexperienced she is.

No. 411914

i love when women on here use moidspeak i love going on the lesbian thread (i’m not bi i’m lesbian) and seeing girls says bisluts and call other women bitches or whores it’s fucking so attractive i don’t know why. i wish you could be a 4chan egirl but the orbiters are girls and they would want you defend you and also hate the shit out of you, imagine becoming a lolcow i think i would be more like eughhjhhhhhh anymoymous women on the internet are talking about me. i love fucking bitter as shit women who are pissed with the world in a kinda incel way idk. this is so cringe ahhahahahahahahahah yay.(integrate)

No. 411915

observing the birth of a lolcow degradation fetish in real time makes me feel like a field biologist in the rainforest who's watching a brand new species emerge in response to the changing climate

No. 411916

Man… I should just stop coming here

No. 411918

im genuinely so sorry this shit just popped into my head

No. 411920

File: 1720227275586.png (731.74 KB, 800x800, attention-vector-badge-isolate…)

here's that attention you wanted

No. 411925

Same, my gf is a /pol/tard lescel and it's pretty hot when she's rageing about kikes, niggers, and bisluts. There's something so attractive about a woman who's unapologetic about her views.(bad bait)

No. 411933

>seeing girls says bisluts and call other women bitches or whores it’s fucking so attractive i don’t know why
In contrast, I wish I could could throw cow dung in the mouths of those who call people bisluts and whores, but different strokes for different folks.

No. 411937

don’t get the wrong idea i’m not misogynistic or anything like that. when men say terrible shit about women it pisses me the fuck off, i think it’s more about the bitter attitude that it radiates from those posts that i find personality attractive somehow.

No. 411947

Women's assholes are god's best creation

No. 411949

i really like when girls wear boxers. i wanna suck on a clit over boxers.

No. 411951

i want a woman to beat me to death a kill me punch me to death i bleeds it aches ,,, thanks pretty girl :)(stop using emotes and get help)

No. 411953

Scrote moment(scrotefoiling)

No. 411954

I'm weird, I find it sexy to imagine an otherwise masculine woman who wears women's bikini-type underwear.

No. 411961

Im not a scrote wtf

No. 411963

I ain't that old yet but this gives me hope, if I ever grow some confidence and get to be with a woman should I be up front about being a khv or is that too off-putting for most women?

No. 411969

I’m in your same boat, I’m 25 now and still not ready to be romantic or intimate with anyone and I feel like by the time I finally am, no woman will want to do anything with me at all because I’ll be some sort of walking red flag. I feel like there’s no way to hide the fact you’ve never kissed since that’s an acquired skill and I won’t have it. I really feel like it’s over for me. I wish I could have just developed normally like everyone else did. For everyone else it was natural.

No. 411977

Don't let them shame you anon. Idk about the best but it's up there.
I think women always look so hot and confident in boxers. If I had a girlfriend who wore boxers I would probably steal them and wear them myself occasionally, I just feel like sharing clothes is so intimate. Shirtless, or a white tank top and boxers is the best look. Actually white tank tops in general look so sexy.

No. 411987

Depressed because I'm not straddling her lap and making out with her. Her hands are so warm and she has such a firm grip. I want her hands on my hips while she kisses me. God I want her so bad. I feel so guilty for getting distracted every time we talk because I'm just thinking about grinding on her lap and nipping at her neck. I wanna get her heart racing.

No. 411996

I haven't kissed anyone either but come on it can't be that hard. Just be bold and fake it til you make it. Next time you kiss you won't be a kissless virgin anymore

No. 412062

I keep fantasizing about being pregnant and my wife worshiping my body, totally spoiling me in every way, unable to keep her hands off me because she thinks I look so good like this

No. 412259

I fantasize about a lesbian gang bang

No. 412264

Is it weird that my pussy likes this but my brain rejects it? Like I get simultaneously turned on and turned off by this.

No. 412393

same lol

No. 412403

I wish there were lesbian glory holes, then I could have my pussy sucked by dozens of women

No. 412405

i love sloppy cunnilingus

No. 412435

Honestly, fucking same. Sit on a chair with a pussy hole and let me eat that mf.

No. 412436

I think about this often. I always feel guilty about it after kek. But I have this fixation on getting shy and closing my legs only for a woman to force them open and start eating me out or grinding against me. I think not knowing who she is and not being able to see her would make it a million times hotter.

No. 412458

I want to be FORCED by a woman, I want her to spread my legs and fuck me hard

No. 412480

I’m bored and horny so retarded reply session
Me too, if I ever get a chance with the girl I like I would be so attentive to her, I want to give her the best time of her life. Kinda cringe but I’ve seen het women on the internet gush about being with a guy that just knew how to do things so well, like they felt like they were becoming completely undone. I want to be that for a woman.
Wait, what was the problem was this message? Everything you said here was so real. I want women to orbit me online and everything… or I want to be a part of a group of orbiters for a cute girl ha. I kind of am secretly, there’s just not a community of women like that. Honestly have thought similar things about the internet for a couple of things - embarrassing but I used to go on porn subreddits and all the flirty titles for each post were always geared towards men, talking about giving them an erection and the like. It’s kinda isolating to consume that crap as a woman and I would imagine a parallel universe where women were posting themselves naked on the internet asking if they made other women wet kek.
ARE YOU ME? I think this is my biggest turn on. When you can see the outline of the vulva through the boxers too… oh my god. I get horny instantly. Need to mouth at her clit through her boxers.
Mod is right you need help but I also want a girl to kill me honestly. Or even a romantic suicide.
I don’t see the rush. Maybe it’s just me but I think experiencing firsts with someone you really like is way better than just hurrying up and hooking up with someone for the sake of it. With the right person it can make the experience really memorable and overwhelming in a good way. Just let it happen when it happens. I used to cringe when I saw people say they want their SO to be a virgin (even straight nonas on here) but I think I’ve started to understand it, if the person you’re dating is experienced then it’s cute, if you’re both virgins then it feels kinda special. Basically there are definitely pros. Of course it depends on the person, if hook ups seem like fun to you and/or there’s no romantic appeal then this is basically irrelevant.
I have a fantasy of a truth or dare session turning into this. Party game fantasies are fun especially if you’re the type to crush on friends like me. I like to imagine the aspect of pretending you totally don’t want your friend to lick you pussy.

No. 412521

I need a lesbian “fuckboy” tbh. Not into super-mascs, fuckgirl just doesn’t sound right i guess

No. 412663

i don’t understand what was the problem with my post either. the mod said it was the way i typed but i don’t really understand since this isn’t a serious discussion thread and the cringe writing is because i was kinda embarrassed so i when i feel like something i say is stupid i make it sound stupider on purpose. i’ve always "orbited" girls and was obsessed with them or whatever but it just sucks that you can’t "expose" yourself to an exclusively same-sex audience. like girls used to post themselves on 4chan and get orbiters but they were all ugly moids, i don’t even care if the girls where ugly but it would be impossible to gain female "orbiters", the same way that you can get male ones. i hate that we are raised to be ashamed or whatever i wish girls could be more openly perverted and creepy IDK.

No. 412728

I want to be a free-use slut for my woman

No. 412746

This is so embarassing and dumb but I want to work in a lesbian maid cafe/butler cafe, serving only female customers. I just know I’d go all out on the fanservice and desperately strive to be the patrons’ favorite. I’d give them special nicknames, kiss their cheeks or hands, and try to act all confident but really I’d totally be blushing and shy (the customers would say that’s my charm point). If you come in on your birthday you get to have me sit in your lap. Just whatever. God I have such a huge thing about wanting to be of service to women.

No. 412757

i’d love something like this. i went to a maid cafe in japan when i was 15 years old and the maids were so cute it made me blush like a tomato ahah (embarrassing), they call you princess if you’re a girl so i think it got to me haha. but there were a lot of creepy guys too, so it would probably suck to work there, but like if the customers were women it would be so cool OMG LIKE imagine loser women who like anime going there and they’re all shy and shit and you want to be their favourite maid. idk ik it’s also kinda dumb but it would be soooooo cool. sorry i type like a dumb ass when i think about dumb stuff.

No. 412784

Kinda wish thread pic was a different one because getting peaked on prostitution and learning about the mangaka's weird fetishes ruined it for me

No. 412836

Who cares, she’s a freak but the threadpic is absolutely captures the vibe of what it feels like to fantasize

No. 412911

I love pervert lesbians

No. 412946

meatier/bigger labia minora looks so cute when the woman is aroused, the way it gets all plump and swollen and the color deepens and moisture gets trapped between the folds and webs between the lips……… salivates

No. 412952

I love it when the labia minora is much darker/more pigmented than a woman’s skin tone. I don’t know why but it’s sooooooo beautiful and sexy as fuck to me.

No. 412959

File: 1720473077339.jpeg (808.66 KB, 1179x1121, IMG_3986.jpeg)

God I love women

No. 412997

File: 1720481879854.webp (Spoiler Image,145.68 KB, 640x634, IMG_9265.webp)

unfortunately i'm getting really horny thinking about ancient minoan women and their dresses that fully exposed their breasts. i can't handle it. sorry. i know, i'm a danger to society and abnormal. take me to jail now. there's just something about it, or several. i wish i could have seen them in real life just working with their boobs out, though i'm sure it probably wouldn't have been so sexy to me and just normal had i grown up desensitized to that. the otherwise almost full coverage of everything aside from the boobs is literally turning me into a primal animal right now like i'm in heat

No. 412998

I love this album

No. 413002

Sort of related but when I was peak lonely I'd always go on random cute girl's lives and give them a buttload amount of tips. Their reactions are so cute especially if you persistently give them tips, the higher pitched the voice the better imo. Some of them would call me really cute names. When they read my messages aloud I'd blush

No. 413003

Historical women thirst is one of my favorite types of thirsts to read in these threads, don’t apologize nonna. It is humorous to think about how women in history would probably have no idea that women centuries later would be attracted to them. It’s also kind of wholesome in a way, something something women loving women throughout all time something.

No. 413102

Nta but I get it nona. Like imagine arguing with an angry lesbian and trying to make a valid argument but suddenly she shuts me tf up by putting my mouth to better use, as in, between her legs. Better yet if she calls me a bislut and makes me do ungodly things only to point out that me consenting so enthusiastically to her awful treatment further proves her point.
I swear I'm usually not like this, but there's something about unapologetic angry women, they can fucking ruin me and I'll thank them.

No. 413145

I'm bisexual and I love the idea that bihet women should serve lesbian women (sexually) as if they were superior.

No. 413151

Wow so edgy

No. 413152

still hot asf

No. 413153

I'm a lesbian and I love the idea that lesbos should serve bi women (sexually) as if they were superior.(bait)

No. 413155

women who likes males are not superior(responding to bait)

No. 413157

Kek bislut tears are so hilarious.(infighting)

No. 413165

I wish moids had the same thought process as lesbians

No. 413166

Their dresses are amazing but the hairstyles… are a choice. Probably great for the heat, but it looks like they tried to shave their heads and the electric razor died 3/4 of the way.

No. 413167

Ayrt not a lesbian but yeah, one of the things that has really turned me off about men is considering what they like about women and finding it so unrelatable and alien compared to to the things I’m attracted to in women. Like there’s an extra level of creep factor when you are also attracted to women, I think straight women can’t even conceptualize how deeply fucked up the male sexuality is at its core. It’s just not right. Imo.

No. 413170

File: 1720541611877.jpeg (443.07 KB, 964x1442, IMG_1644.jpeg)

It’s because they are all closeted homos. They grimace just by seeing a female body that doesn’t look like a plastic smooth barbie doll yet they look like hairy, smelly beastly sasquatches. This quote explains male sexuality in the most poignant way possible(derailing)

No. 413172

We're literally trying to hornypost, no one wants to read this

No. 413173

I keep thinking about the small boob discussions in the previous thread. I want to be laying down on the bed while women lean over me and collectively lift my shirt up and expose my tiny chest, inch by inch. Maybe one of them has me lay my head in her lap while looking down at me, and the others are all crowded around me. Gently poking at me. Playfully teasing me and chuckling at how I don’t even need to wear a bra, calling my boobs cute and small. I’d get red and look away in embarassment and try to pretend like I’m staying calm but I’d absolutely love it. I love the idea of a group of women observing me like that, like I’m their plaything that they look at so fondly. Sorry for being repetitive on this topic and being a huge pick-me for women, but ever since some of you started posting about your small boob fetish I can’t stop thinking about it. It makes me so happy.

No. 413193

Cute nona.

No. 413194

95% of this thread is bihets with bfs kek. You can tell by the soft uwu fantasies and shitting on horny lesbians for "being a scrote".

No. 413196

I don't love the magic wand, but I think it's kinda sexy that it's so large and in my dreams where it vibrates exactly the way I like it, I have this fantasy of sharing it with someone by making out with it placed right between us.

No. 413198

>shitting on horny lesbians for "being a scrote"
As if a lot of you don't say the same degen shit scrotes say. Except scrotes would get eaten alive for it while your abuse kinks and whatnot get a pass.(derailing)

No. 413201

but the vast majority of the "abuse kinks" said around here literally aren't scrotelike in the least and as feminine as ever with said abuse being directed towards the poster and not another woman(derailing)

No. 413204

Where. Go ahead, point to the posts you mean.(derailing)

No. 413205

Exactly. The next version of this thread should state lesbians only. I’m so sick of having to watch bisluts post about strap ons and melt down over something every two posts just because they can’t handle the fact that lesbians think they’re whores (which is literally true, mentally or physically)(bait)

No. 413206

no offense but how can you even gatekeep "lesbians only" on an imageboard? just scroll past the posts you don't like and post what you're into

No. 413208

File: 1720556725988.jpg (38.45 KB, 512x497, 1000034822.jpg)

Can you log off now holy christ how are you still going. I think you must want to date a bi woman you're so obsessed, and don't act like lesbians never post about craving penetration.

No. 413209

Ever since my girlfriend sucked my fingers while I fingered her I've been thinking about how her face looked in the moment. Just pure bliss, eyes closed arching her back and she sucked them so eagerly. It feels like I'm fixated on it. I've been travelling so we've only been able to message and talk on the phone but I've gotten off three times in the last week just thinking about how pretty she looked with my fingers in her mouth.

No. 413230

Found out the woman I have a crush on has never been eaten out and I feel like I'm going to fucking die from how bad I want to eat her out. She says she is indifferent to sex, but I can't help but think she has just been having really bad sex. I want to kiss her thighs and work my way up to her pussy and just make it all about her, listen to her about what feels good, find every spot she likes until she comes undone. I'd make a fucking spreadsheet about what positions feel best ofr her and what places she likes being touched most. I would kill to see her cumming because of me, grabbing my hair and closing her eyes and throwing her head back and moaning and losing herself in the moment and goddd I need her so bad.

No. 413241

It's one of those larping political lesbians who hates herself for being bisexual (or just straight) and makes a huge show of bashing bisexual women to compensate. True autism.(derail)

No. 413243

>if you hate trannies you're a closeted troon/actually want to fuck them
This but with bishits ITT. Truly pathetic kek.

No. 413246

>I'd make a fucking spreadsheet
I wish I was the woman you were crushing on. Best of luck anon I hope you two get to scissor

No. 413248

>post about strap ons
Idk if you're lesbo larping but lesbians famously like straps. I do not want this thread to turn into something where people start sperging at you because you post about straps.

No. 413253

you must really have no life…

No. 413260

What's next, you're gonna say my dick is small? Your retarded bihet insults don't work on women. Keep seething that lesbians refuse to fuck you like a troon.(ban evading sperg)

No. 413261

i don't want to be "fucked like a troon" that sounds gross and probably involves incest roleplay and buttseks kekk. they can fuck me normally though(falling for bait)

No. 413263

could you fuckless retards fuck off already

No. 413295

I know I do. I love how I look in a harness and lately I've been thinking about a POV of a woman riding me, I'm tempted to draw it and I never draw smut.

No. 413301

I've never been with a woman who uses straps and never pitched it, but I think it'd be so hot especially the ridged kinds. One of my biggest fantasies is to sit directly on a woman's strap and kiss her while she grabs my hips and slowly works me down on it. I think it's because I love being able to make eye contact and feel more face-to-face. Must be why I like tribbing too.

No. 413360

I’m a nasophile and I want her to breathe on my face really close up. If she touched her nose to my face and then breathed out… fuck. I’m clearly broken because this fantasy is more erotic to me than imagining making out.

No. 413369

Huh, do you have a preference for nose shapes or will any nose be fine?

No. 413380

To save an OnlyFans girlie/pickme/tradthot/Muslimah with the power of my loooooooove.

No. 413383

File: 1720630388515.jpeg (Spoiler Image,114.05 KB, 2022x2008, E134768D-C924-45B4-A10F-13E943…)

Oh boy do I. I’ve only had a crush on like 4 people in my entire life, and they all had this nose type. Long but with a low profile, with a slight bump, a rounded tip, and sexy ala (just had to google the word for that part of the nose kek.) spoiler for my retarded nose fetishist example drawing.
Looking at it objectively, i just realized it kind of looks a lot like how profiles were stylized in ancient Maya art. Which also happens to be my favorite ancient art style… hm.

No. 413396

This also made me look up nose terminology, I had no idea there were so many parts with names. I hope a woman with a sexy nose breaths on you one day nonna

No. 413522

I normally don't fantasize about anything crazy but last night I was thinking about having a woman ride my face.

That's a -philia I never heard of til now. I guess that's me, I'm attracted to women with sharp features and certain nose shapes are really attractive to me. My ex GF had a cute nose and I like mine.

No. 413537

What's a language you like the sound of that if a woman spoke to you intimately in that language you'd blush or fluster? For me, it'd probably be Russian or Spanish.

No. 413587

arabic in a sexy dialect. you're based nona, south american spanish is very sexy to me too.

No. 413995

this is something I’ve thought about too. all shades are nice but the contrast of dark labia does something to my brain lol. porn pushes the pink pussies since children have lighter genital pigmentation (estrogen darkens the labia and nipples) and moids just think whatever’s in porn is hottest.

No. 414000

The girl I like is Italian so now whenever I hear the language all I can think about is her speaking it to me softly. I would melt.

No. 414063

File: 1720809367685.jpeg (Spoiler Image,53.22 KB, 736x726, 65C02AF0-A9DF-4F2E-A442-32FAE8…)

I was going through my photos and this one reminded me of your post

No. 414113

NTA but she's super hot, damn. I had a huge crush on a woman with a nose like that.

No. 415068

This doesn’t seem to be very common with SSA women but I really like petite cute girls. The ones with the cute little dresses, ribbons in their hair and sweet perfume. I also just love girls who are… lovely. You know those smiles that just radiate. Girls like that have my heart, I want to dote on them so bad and pick them up and spin them around kek. I would cuddle with her and play with her hair and caress her cheek telling her how much I love her over and over.

No. 415136

File: 1721091288726.jpeg (212.19 KB, 1080x1045, IMG_8466.jpeg)

i'm sorry for being such a coomer but i came across some woman's tumblr audio post of her touching herself and orgasming and i can't lie it was really hot. i don't think anything's made me that horny in a while, i'm so weak. it wasn't exaggerated or porny at all imo and the format is exactly perfect for fantasizing. sadly she has a fanbase of trannies that send her asks about girlcock that she responds receptively to but i found that out after i was done i'm so lonely i fantasized about having a girlfriend that would send me that kind of thing or make me watch her masturbate in general to teach me what it takes to get her off… i'm getting something akin to "post nut clarity" as i type this kek

No. 415140

Real. It'd be cute if she could sit on my lap and then I can touch her thighs. The ribbon thing you mentioned just gave me this idea of having her thighs wrapped around with them, KEK, whoops if that sounded corny.

No. 415231

Kek learning how to get someone off in that way seems like a great idea actually, I might suggest this if I find a girl I can do this with… one day…
Audios are really hot to me too nona, I think I’d enjoy getting those over nudes for sure.

No. 415458

i need to eat out a butch line cook so baddd. i need to smell the grease and sweat in her pants as I go down on her and help her relax at the end of the day

No. 415467

God same, wtf. I bet she'd run her fingers through my hair and grip it tight to hold me there.

No. 415517

Russian, italian, german, britbong english. I have a blooming crush on a woman with a strong italian accent. Every voice message of hers is delectable, i need her cute voice inflections like i need air.

No. 415535

This made me have a fantasy of my gf going on a work trip and leaving sexy polaroids for me and making me stay on the phone with her while I masturbate to the pictures

No. 416014

I have a fantasy of having a sleepover with a friend and hearing her get off after thinking I had already fallen asleep. Also I really love super horny women. Sorry for being another TiF-liker I swear it’s just this one but she’s so autistic and maladjusted I have to excuse her going on the pipeline a bit, since her personality got her bullied in high school school before transitioning ironically. But she is so unapologetically horny kek. She’s a fujocoomer and also has a suspicious amount of pictures of half-naked anime women in her camera roll. I should cringe but I find it funny and endearing. Knowing she gets off to it is also… hard to ignore, I can’t stop myself from imagining it, and ah it’s so embarrassing for her, to know she’ll be lying there and rubbing her swollen clit to not even actual pornography but just scantily clothed waifus. I bet she wouldn’t be able to hide being horny, I want to pull up similar images and watch her get flushed and awkward, then get her off while she looks at it.

No. 416361

I have dark sexual fantasies
im ashamed

No. 416391

okay, share with the class

No. 416631

Is it just me or are these threads moving slower lately

No. 416643

Need a tall girl to dominate me so bad. I need her to talk me through it. Then i can cuddle on-top of her and bury my face between her breasts. Brb cryin cause i cant have it

No. 416661

yeah it's because I haven't been posting kek

No. 416665

Post more kek I miss reading this thread, honestly it’s helped me so much with my sexuality and becoming less ashamed of it / become more in touch with those feelings. Unfortunately I am hornier now though.

No. 416666

i can't, i fell out of love with the woman I was obsessing over so I'm in a depressive slump. Someone will have to take my place as the most annoying retard on this thread. godspeed.

No. 416678

Oh no, I wish you the best nona. I will try to do my best to fulfil your role.

No. 416705

I need hands all over my body and I need my pussy eaten. And I need to bury my mouth between her thighs and feel her clit get hard against my tongue. There’s something so erotic about a woman’s legs spread out showing her vulva… the moment before I see her with her pants off is such a moment of anticipation for me, taking them off to reveal a part of her I’ve never seen before and could only imagine is overwhelming, it feels so lewd. I feel like a pervert for feeling this about someone I’m attracted to being clothed. I feel like I’m the only one who gets this horny kek, it’s like my brain turns off and I can’t suppress my desire any longer.

No. 416715

I have a thing for tentacles and I wish I could get fucked by a girl who is also a tentacle monster(like ursula from the little mermaid, or like poison ivy b/c of the vines she controls). The tentacles could be any shape except not like dicks though b/c that'd be gross. I want her to restrain me and then eat me out and then fuck me with the tentacles. Nonnies am I retarded? I have had this sexual fantasy since I was like 11 (I am 22 now). This is honestly one of number one fantasies and I masturbate to lesbian tentacle rape embarrassingly regularly.

No. 416719

samefag I'm more into the restraint thing then the tentacles TBH. The idea of not being able to resist a woman and being totally helpless as she rapes me is so hot(in theory obviously, actual rape is bad).

No. 416722

If you're into it like this then just be into bondage kek

No. 416726

but wouldn't ropes hurt?

No. 416730

need a tall girlfriend specifically for the purposes of being hugged by her from behind in the shower while she rubs my clit and her wet hair drapes around my face and shoulders

>the moment before I see her with her pants off is such a moment of anticipation for me
for me it’s when you can see the vulva pressing against her underwear, it’s so enticing and just makes me wanna put my mouth on her immediately. also the entire expanse from the mons pubis to the navel is so so so sexy, i love the lower tummy region so much

No. 416733

>while she rubs my clit and her wet hair drapes around my face and shoulders
Why would you say this anon now I’m imagining this with the hot androgynous girl I like. She’s 6’0, kek

No. 416754

I need to feel her walls pulsing around my fingers and her thighs to squeeze and tremble around my head as I go to town on her.
Also I need her to get me so worked up to the point where I'm doing all the work and she doesn't even have to move her hand as I ride it. I think the right woman could teach me how to like penetrative stuff.

No. 416969

i want a low empathy, funny, edgy sperg 4channer gf. i've tried getting into some of those 4chan egirls but they don't do it for me at all. i hate how attention-seeking, insecure and troubled most of them are. bpd traits and baggage turn me off like nothing else can. what i want is a confident "blackpilled" woman in her mid to late 20s who is indistinguishable from the average /pol/tard, doesn't have any trauma and doesn't whore herself out online for attention. she'd do stuff like go on dating apps and pretend to be a man to get nudes from women and then ghost them as soon as she gets the pics, then she'd show them to me and ask me to rate them 1 to 10 while smiling like a creep. i'd spoon her while she's in bed online terrorizing people and i'd hand-feed her while she games her days away on the latest online school-shooting sim so she doesn't lose her winning streak. we would be the happiest couple and i'd enable all her bad traits like i'm getting paid.
i also imagine her as an androgynous lanky natural blonde with that distinct porn addict dead-eyed stare and a creepy leering smile that doesn't reach her eyes who dresses in sweatpants, hoodies (both partially covered in mysterious stains) and old running shoes exclusively. i don't want anyone that doesn't fit this exact description which is why i'll die a lonely virgin. i also imagine fucking her so hard she'd be shaking and crying out of pure bliss when we're done.

No. 417118

i want this too but i don’t think it’s real and even if she was real she wouldn’t want me

No. 417150

>i seeing girls says bisluts and call other women bitches or whores it’s fucking so attractive i don’t know why
>i wish you could be a 4chan egirl but the orbiters are girls and they would want you defend you and also hate the shit out of you
Based. I have a similar fantasy of acting as autistic as possible and shitting up female-dominated generals on 4chan and other women either get mad at me or find my retardation endearing and funny and they all sexually harass me to either scare me off or make me sperg out more.

No. 417158

File: 1721578185968.jpeg (Spoiler Image,36.17 KB, 430x206, IMG_9355.jpeg)

i fumbled a cute emo tif in the past and while i'm over her as a person i'm not over the concept itself. she permanently cemented my type in women with her influence. i can't stop fantasizing about having one squirm under me with girlish moans after the whole man larp ahhh…

No. 417160

Women who are shotacons are so hot to me for some reason. I want to dress up as a little boy and have one of them pretend to molest me. I had a trans phase once a few years ago and the only woman who thought i was male thought i was a little boy lmao. Something about the way women like that are often so deranged and porn addicted while still not actually hurting anyone is so hot.

No. 417173

I want to smear my wetness on her sexy, handsome face. I can cum just by thinking about her face, that’s how stupid sexy it is. Fuck my life.

No. 417203

need a tall girl (one specific tall girl) to flirt with me and as we get bolder and bolder and things start to get real, she gets a little shy, and that's when I strike. she might haltingly lean in and move her face a little close to mine, but when she hesitates to make the first move, I'm the one to kiss her and stick my tongue in her mouth and I'm the one to push her into the sofa and straddle her and suck and bite her neck and slide my hands under her shirt and so on etc. until she comes hard and she's left spent and speechless.
you want to fuck that one lacryboy roachification picture. be honest.

No. 417208

This thread consistently reminds me i'm not unique with my fantasies, and i'm thankful for it.
>bpd traits and baggage turn me off like nothing else can
Exactly. I need the female equivalent of a neckbeard, doesn't matter what she looks like. Not a cluster B. I had a devastating crush on this skinny, very smug boyish woman who wore fedoras and was a kind of NLOG (i mean this in the best possible way). Probably not a channer but she is the blueprint for this fantasy
> i can't stop fantasizing about having one squirm under me with girlish moans after the whole man larp
Yes… She doesn't even have to be a TiF, as long as she's the nerdy/lanky emo type who never sees the sun and is always hunched over her sketchbook/phone/computer, giggling to herself. Feminine fujos are perfect too, i really just need a pervert weak woman to ruin.

Same… It's not necessarily about LARPing as a boy myself (though i can imagine her being flustered by a tomboy/butch), just knowing she's that weird is enough.

No. 417232

the legacy of the lacryboy roachification picture can't be understated. it marks a before and after in my life tbh.
also same to your tall girl fantasy.
honestly i'd be okay with her not wanting me as long as i had access to her in some way to at least adore her from afar but i also believe a woman like that doesn't exist. sad for us. closest thing i can think of are those neet schizoid fujos and himejoshis.
>i really just need a pervert weak woman to ruin.

No. 417238

This thread gives me hope that one day a hot woman will love me despite my autistic behavior and being kind of a pervert.. anyways. Here's one of my mildest fantasies: Her having a feast on my neck. And I mean devouring it like it's the least piece of meat on a bone. It's one of my most sensitive places and the closest thing I got to it was a (ugh) moid kissing my neck. Tfw no vampire gf

No. 417239

Agreed. I wouldn't want to rp as a little boy or anything but I do really love women who just indulge in their depravation while still being functional. Women with those types of weird disturbing sexual fixations in general are very attractive to me, especially when they have a creative outlet for them and are good at it. The combination of genuine talent/skill and rancid coomerism really gets to me. I get a little crush on them instantly.

No. 417249

>i'd be okay with her not wanting me as long as i had access to her in some way to at least adore her from afar
This reminded me of an old cow discussion on 4ch (i think) where some anon complained that his female roommate was a rancing fujo. He could hear her vibrator buzzing if he stopped near her bedroom. I imagined living with a woman like this, sometimes being invited in her room because she's friendly enough depsite her fixations. Coming across disgusting doujins or sex toys tucked under clothes on her bed. Hearing her masturbate at night, moaning things (my name, even). Getting a feel of her life and state of mind through the things she drops in her bedroom or in mine, because she's too focused on terrorizing stangers online to have a decent hygiene. Sleeping next to her after we watch a film or chat for some time. Then hearing her masturbate next to me, silently humping the bed because she needs her yaoi fix or himejo fantasy to sleep, anything goes. Making it clear i'm still awake and watch her go from deep embarrassment to bliss as i help her relieve herself from all that pent up lust. Seeing her try to enact her retarded dom fantasies she got from 10+ years of masturbating to scroteshit, grabbing her hand or sextoy or whatever she's using to use it on her instead.

No. 417252

You all need to love yourselves. Good lord.

No. 417261

only if you love me first, anon

No. 417264

Most of these traits listed sound exactly like my gf and she's absolutely perfect ngl

No. 417282

Nobody is jealous of your e-“relationship” with the retarded lolipedo baiter, anon.(baiting/infighting)

No. 417286

Except you who keep bringing her up in every thread. It's okay anon, you can admit you're in love with her.

No. 417288

No. 417290

>be easily identifiable (due to chronic retardation)
>get identified
>”you’re only identifying me because you want to fuck my pedophile girlfriend”
Kek you two are meant for each other. I only wish you guys would spend more time RPing on discord and less time shitting up /g/(infighting)

No. 417293

i, personally, want to hear more details about her and her “pedo” gf. i’m curious.(derailing)

No. 417304

>be a terminally online NEET
>have a vendetta against a personality fag on your favourite mongolian basketweaving forum
>every post that vaguely alludes to the yuripedo boogeyman is enough to trigger you
Take your meds schizo.(infighting)

No. 417306

ok kek whatever you say…

No. 417308

File: 1721603509821.jpg (9.2 KB, 161x174, laughing_backgrounds.jpg)

But we already met each other irl and we're meeting again in 2 weeks.(derailing/baiting)

No. 417315

>it’s not me U R SCHIZO!!
>ok it is me
kekkkkkkkkkkkk my sides, I guess she likes you because you have the IQ of a child

No. 417317

File: 1721604931967.gif (622.11 KB, 480x304, 1368692320265.gif)

We're not the same poster, dumbass. I just popped in to clarify that I've actually met my gf irl.

No. 417322

what in the newfaggotry

No. 417324

Just keep the cope and seething coming, my gf and I really enjoy when we spot you calling random posters "yuripedo" across the website.(personalityfagging)

No. 417327

i literally don't even know what you're talking about. summerfags is2g

No. 417334

Every weekend feels wasted because I'm not spending it in between her thighs. I don't want to run errands or go to the gym or hang out with friends. I just want to bring her home with me on a friday, make her dinner or get takeout and drinks, and then spend as much of the following two days as possible between her thighs. Not even just sex, I just wanna lick and kiss and nuzzle her thighs while she's watching sports or playing video games or whatever. I'd kiss her all the way down her legs and calves to the tops of her feet and up to her tummy and neck and ears and occasionally look up at the tv to see whatever she's watching. I already know she just goes home and does nothing after a busy week, so it's dangerously easy to think about how I could enhance her downtime with my tongue and hands and anything else she wants from me. She could spend the whole weekend unwinding however she likes and worshiping her soft chubby thighs would be my entertainment. We could put on music and go for a walk at night to enjoy the warm summer air and then come home and fuck. In the morning, we could walk to the diner a few blocks away and bring a little secret baileys for the cheap diner coffee and then come home and fuck. And when she left on sunday, the residual thrills would keep me going through the week until the next day off, when we could unwind together again… If only there was a way to tell her that I'd do anything for her if she wasn't too repulsed by me being a boring depressed loner.
You're not wrong, but I get it, because women can be so buttoned up and repressed that it's super hot to think about someone who's either shamelessly perverted or so furiously horny that she's absolutely desperate to be taken care of.

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