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No. 320422

This thread is for the discussion of transgenderism / trans ideology from a gender critical and radical feminist perspective. It was originally created by Admin as an amalgamation of the TERF and Transgender threads.

Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of feminism, sexuality, misogyny, or misandry.



Inauthentic Selves: The modern LGBTQ+ Movement Is Run By Philanthropic Astroturf And Based On Junk Science


Documenting violent crimes committed by transgender individuals
This Never Happens

Parents and clinicians concerned about transgender youth

YouTube Channels
Elly Arrow
Magdalen Berns
Cathy Brennan / Ally Missandry
Dr. RadFem
Tanith Lloyd
Posie Parker

Previous threads
https ://lolcow.farm/ot/res/312419.html
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No. 320425

File: 1541386562637.png (419.44 KB, 405x593, genderbread.png)

No. 320427

File: 1541386595163.jpeg (242.63 KB, 1200x1138, Dkg3BqvWwAk17jz.jpeg)

No. 320428

File: 1541386619390.jpeg (84.23 KB, 547x547, DlEZ1NwUcAATohJ.jpeg)

No. 320456

Thanks for the insight, anon from last thread!

I've also noticed them increasingly adding trans side characters without any explanation to shitty German daytime scripted reality shows. A couple of years ago they were just played for laughs, and now it's "visibility". Not that I think the former was good, but I really wonder what the intended audience thinks about random hons thrown in the background of their brain-dead shows.
sage because I'm embarrassed I watch that crap

No. 320509


The NHS’s only gender clinic for children and teenagers has criticised a new ITV drama that shows a transgender 11-year-old trying to commit suicide as “not helpful,” saying it “would be very unusual” for a child of that age to attempt suicide.

The mini-series Butterfly, which begins tonight, stars Anna Friel as the mother of Max, who slashes his wrists as his parents struggle with his wish to identify as a girl.

It features Mermaids, the controversial trans children’s support group whose chief executive, Susie Green, was a series consultant. In a recent interview, co-producer Friel said: “I can’t even begin to thank Susie Green enough for all the help she gave me.”

Green, who took her own son for sex-change surgery in Thailand at 16, has claimed trans children are attempting suicide in such large numbers because the Gender Identity Development Service (Gids), the NHS gender clinic for young people, does not treat them properly. She told MPs three years ago that Gids was “a service where there is a 48% suicide attempt risk”.

However, Gids released figures showing that among the roughly 5,000 young patients referred to the service between 2016 and last August, there were three suicides and four attempted suicides — less than 1%.

Gids says suicide among such patients is “extremely rare.” In a statement about the show, it told The Sunday Times: “Suicidality in young people attending the Gids is similar to that of young people referred to child and adolescent mental health services.

“It is not helpful to suggest that suicidality is an inevitable part of this condition . . . It would be very unusual for younger children referred to the service to make suicidal attempts. More positive narratives . . . are important.”

Gids said the ITV drama had found it “difficult” to depict the “complexity” of the clinic’s work. The programme-makers visited the clinic early on but it is understood they parted company over differences.

In interviews, Friel has endorsed the claim that almost half of trans young people attempt suicide, though not specifically in the context of Gids patients.

Michael Biggs, associate professor of sociology at Oxford, said: “It is highly irresponsible for Mermaids to try to mobilise these tragedies for the purposes of their political agenda.”

Green said high rates of attempted suicide among trans children “are real”. She cited a 2016 survey for Stonewall, where 45% of 594 trans young people said they had tried to take their lives.

ITV said: “Butterfly is one family’s fictional story.”

No. 320518

>She cited a 2016 survey for Stonewall, where 45% of 594 trans young people said they had tried to take their lives
Wasn't this that one shitty research that didn't differentiate between self harm and suicide attempt (thus boosting suicide rates) and allowed subjects to self-report, take the test more than once, didn't select participants etc etc?

No. 320541

File: 1541415858788.jpg (49.84 KB, 640x360, kek.jpg)

You should watch "Lindenstraße" then. They have added a trans character for visibility, but he's played by a male actor who doesn't try to fit into this role at all as he still is a beefcake with super masculine features. It's unintentionally hilarious, I don't understand why they didn't pick a actor that suits better. I guess the casting director is secretly gender critical lmao.

No. 320543

No. 320573

File: 1541424032699.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.04 MB, 2400x7000, 1541377256543.jpg)

Just your daily reminder that TiMs are deranged fetishists.

Warning: image is deeply unsafe for work, or indeed anywhere else.

No. 320574


Why is there such a high overlap between pedophiles and MtFs? Has anyone else noticed this?

No. 320575

Youtube recommended this to me. She takes her transwoman husband shopping and says it's like having a teenage daughter. It's telling that he could dress as a man and look good but always looks like shit in woman's clothing

Would you stay with your rich tranny husband for the money?

No. 320582

Look how this article is still calling this detransitioner 'he'. Guess they are trying hard to protect troons' fees fess.

No. 320591

Wow what in the actual fuck is this? Is it from fetlife? They’re like, robot tr00ns? Disgusting.

No. 320624

my theory is that these people are usually socially outcasted awkward shut-ins that spend a lot of time on the internet and in these communities, which is usually interwoven with weeb and anime culture. there's a lot of open pedophilia in anime so maybe they become desensitized and predispositioned to finding it attractive? idk..

No. 320625

whoops *blatant instead of open

No. 320626

{{greentext|>Would you stay with your rich tranny husband for the money?

Yes, I can't support myself and i'm useless.

No. 320627

woops sorry I'm a retard

No. 320631

You can delete your comment and post it again for edit. Though the web gets wonky at times and it won't let you delete.

No. 320637

yeah, i tried that before i posted an edit, it didn't let me delete

No. 320656

File: 1541437305330.png (473.5 KB, 782x902, doubt.png)

They have their own subreddit and it pisses me off how they keep invading our spaces and making it about their mental illness. And of course it's the top answer.

I feel horrible for the children in that server being groomed and corrupted.
Allegedly they also post hard CP in their NSFW channel? Hopefully they'll receive more attention soon and something will be done about this/them.

No. 320681

They're completely disrespecting Debbie too. I wonder how she's handling it.

No. 320845

…so this woman took her 16 year old son to get surgery to make his penis into a vagina?

…at 16? you would need help at such a young age to take care of the post-op, no?

is it really ethical (read: not fucking creepy) for a parent to help their child with er, dilation?

i can't believe people turn a blind eye to this and don't question it. i guess it's because people in first-world countries are pressured into being silent if they dare to question it at all. it's disappointing that we live in a world today where such innapropriate things easily take place between parent and child and nobody questions it.

No. 320848

They're probably not helping with dilation, a 16 year old can manage that easy.

However nobody should be getting anything cut off when they're that young..it's fucked up.

No. 320849

Oh wow…I love the outfit too.

No. 320852

Yeah, a 16 year old making a huge life decision is insane to me. Especially to essentially sterilize themselves and become a full on freak. fucking hell. Poor kid is probably a femme straight dude or a gay man.. nothing more.

No. 320863

I lurk r9k (I know) and from what I gather, it's a discord based cult/psy op preying on underage kids who post there. Some of the troon posters over there are probably posting in good faith seeing as it's a board for weird loners, but there is definitely some very dedicated people aggressively pushing the trans agenda to robots for the purpose of causing harm. I feel like I'm not explaining it very well, but it's quite apparent if you browse there frequently.

No. 320875

No. 320883

File: 1541474191428.jpg (152.88 KB, 872x1204, FB_IMG_1541023830382.jpg)

I saw this on my fb timeline and just…smh

No. 320898

File: 1541479474204.jpg (123.05 KB, 750x914, tumblr_p5ihatwclv1x8vt21o1_128…)

They really know nothing about what they claim to be. Its so transparent.

No. 320915

File: 1541480826744.jpeg (468.83 KB, 1213x1095, ED0A0381-2F3F-4B29-9142-8CE621…)

lol this guy. I posted about him couple threads back. He actually named himself after the main character from a book he wrote pre-transition. Dude is completely delusional. He claims everyone treats him like a woman, but that's probably because after one look they automatically understand he's completely retarded and panders to his delusions out of pity.

No. 320929

File: 1541484342197.jpg (29.8 KB, 187x320, screamingmummy.jpg)

not even /r9k/ robots deserve that, many of them are children, fucking sick

No. 320933

>”the many experiences we have in common”
>believes female childhood is full of pretty dresses and hair braiding and magical rainbow sparkles
What experiences is he talking about again

No. 320935

>believes female childhood is full of pretty dresses and hair braiding and magical rainbow sparkles
Even if it was, it's like… fucking great, we spent our childhood being taught all that matters is being being pretty and doing our hair. As if getting given barbies is such a privilege.

No. 320942

File: 1541486360505.png (91.83 KB, 597x745, gencr.PNG)

Twitter has a verified account to cape for troons

No. 320958

>All these stereotypical assumptions about female childhood

>while I got boys who constantly wanted to prove who could punch the other guy harder in the shoulder

I would have preferred that to being sexually assaulted by one of my male friends at the age of 12 any day, fuck you

No. 320962

File: 1541489371008.png (34.49 KB, 799x310, disgusting.PNG)

So now they have moved on "But you consider black women to be women!!" to "But we have more in common with you than disabled women!!"

Black women and girls experience every bit of sexism that all women do.
Disabled women and girls experience every bit of sexism that all women do.

Men and boys who want to be called "she" and "Avery" cannot relate to us, they will never know what life is like as women and girls.

No. 320963

It's true that women don't all share the exact same experience. Which is exactly why it's fucking ABSURD to claim to 'feel' like a woman, as if it's even remotely feasible to define womanhood as a feeling.

No. 320965

File: 1541490572689.png (23.2 KB, 769x192, twitter.PNG)

No. 320971

Creepy as fuck. Who picked the name Mermaids, anyway? Mermaids are biologically impossible mythical creatures with an inhuman lower body. The most famous mermaid story is about a teenage girl who used dark magic to give up her voice and change herself into something she’s not, whose new feet bled constantly as every step brought excruciating pain. In the end she doesn’t win the prince’s love and dies alone. Of course Andersen didn’t foresee the trans trend but I bet that if this story were written now in 2018 many TRAs would consider it transphobic propaganda.
This is an organisation which targets and lures in vulnerable children with false promises and vague threats (if you don’t transition there’s a 50% chance you’ll want to kill yourself!). Was “Sirens” too on the nose for them?

No. 320977

>You got to have the Barbie dolls and My Little Pony figures
The funny thing is, those were the toys I rarely played with. I actually enjoyed playing Final Fight on Super Nintendo more than anything else.
>You got puberty where your breasts grew instead of your facial hair
KEK I have PCOS which means I got small boobs and some peach fuzz stache.
>I got boys who constantly wanted to prove who could punch the other guy harder in the shoulder
I had friends, male and female, who played these types of games.

I must have a defective vagina, right? I toootally want to be a trans man deep inside. I must be one of those eggs.

Unisex stores already exist, dumbass. Just stop paying attention to the signs.

No. 320979

The dude sure looked good as an asian male with long hair. Shame.

No. 321006

I love how they're like "I'm a woman and that's it, period. Deal with it" when all is said and done, they're dudes and there's nothing they can do to change their very being. They're dudes born with a peen and nature doesn't give two fucks how they feel like inside or who they want to fuck, they're male and that's all there is to it.

Nature doesn't care that a few poor people look the other way and call him ma'am cause they're afraid of losing their job because of a troon fit, or that he changed his name on his passport.

Those people really act like there's a gender police out there, and while I agree that some people can be shitty, nobody ever really make much of a fuss if a girl is trying to buy a man's shirt or a guy to get some boots, if it's within his size range.

Went to Ulta to buy some makeup the other day and the cashier dude clearly had some on (more power to him) without having to be trans.

Yeah exactly, if I recall the original tale, the little mermaid gives up on living as a human and returns to the sea where she belongs and transform into foam, and has to atone for it by making children laugh or something. If anything she tried to be something she couldn't and had to face some punishment for it.

No. 321027


This is such bullshit. Blind women still menstruate. Still get pregnant. Still experience discrimination based on the two previous facts. Still have been socialized as female from the first second of their birth. Still experience delicate hormonal fluctuations linked to their menstrual cycle each month, which can cause health issues. Still were discouraged from doing maths or climbing trees or playing boys' games or cutting their hair short as kids.

Trans women don't.

No. 321030

>Mermaids are biologically impossible mythical creatures with an inhuman lower body.
At least it's relevant in a way, transmwomen's neovaginas constantly smell like dead fish anyway.

No. 321043

Are you me, anon?? I also played with dbz toys and the snes. My friends had barbies and it was awesome because we played with those toys together.

( i also have facial hair because of my puerto rican genetics. oh well)

Same with the play fighting. Both little kids (boys and tom boy girls did this)

They really have no idea that you can't change your sex at all, because a woman is complex. She isn't high heels and makeup. She can do anything she wants and still be a woman.

No. 321044

More like an infected garbage dumb because of their nasty ass open wounds. I dont know how anyone could get near that shit

No. 321045

rofl, they're so mad. But what kills me if they're mad because they have extreme privilege still. Every real woman on the planet experiences a form of sexism and discrimination while men pretending to be women… well, don't.

No. 321046

Holy fuck I want to scream. If this isn't fetishization of girlhood, I don't know what is.
>sleepovers full of hair braiding
literally what the fucking shit this is some sort of uncanny movie representation of what growing up as a girl is. In the real world a lot of girls got ostracized due to petty social drama, had stupid fights with each other, got gossiped on, when puberty started the sexual assaults and molestation came with it and all that not so cute stuff you ladies remember from when we were kids. And no, being a girl doesn't mean that boys won't beat you up. I learned that first hand.

No. 321047

They hate logic and truth so much.

No. 321050

This! A lot of girls turned 12/13 and were creeped on by opposite sex boys who just realized their friends were girls or older men who are pedos. I never met a girl who had a rainbow, hair braiding childhood…

My childhood stopped at 14.

No. 321053

I apologize for blogging- literally got my childhood destroyed at 7. I fucking wished sleepovers with friends and cute frilly dresses and everything these perverted fuckers think young girls and teenagers enjoyed.

No. 321065

I don't even know where to start with this fucking retard…
>he believes movies are real and all girls have a childhood made of sleepovers, hair braiding, rainbows and unicorns à la "women always have it easy REEEEEEEEEE"
>more gender stereotypes about Barbies, princesses yada yada
>he believes boys don't punch other girls as well
>he believes women don't get facial hair
This has to be a one digit IQ coupled with some deep autism and no social interaction at all, there's no other way

No. 321066

File: 1541515865044.jpg (27.63 KB, 500x213, tumblr_inline_p6gwet2yBh1sh122…)

The game is rigged.

No. 321070

The funny thing is that TiMs are so quick and happy to call anyone who disagrees with them a "transphobe"… but then turn around and say something actually misogynistic/homophobic/racist/ableist. They imply that black women are lesser, they imply that disabled women are lesser, they attack lesbians and call them vagina fetishists, they reduce womanhood to sparkly dresses, big boobs, eyeliner and high heels and throw a fit when they realize that being a woman isn't living life on easy mode but quite the opposite.
They're like an alt-right trojan horse that somehow infiltrated the left.

No. 321072

It's okay, anon. I'm sorry that happened to you. Most farmers here can relate. A lot of women in the world can relate.

These disgusting tr00ns think being a girl is all fun and games, but when the world is ran by creepy ass men who want to sexualize girls as young as possible, it's impossible. They are fucking delusional.

No. 321074

The alt-right trojan horse is probably the best analogy i've heard in a while. It really is like they're set up to destroy real women. And that's why i won't ever submit to them. They can call me a terf or a transphobe all they want, but facts are facts. And sex can't change. And being born a man automatically grants you privilege.

No. 321105

File: 1541521480983.jpeg (238.36 KB, 1242x1089, 558B259B-3549-4621-8A61-4298D3…)

Had to google what “gaffes” where, and just…is this supposed to resemble a vulva? Never saw a cameltoe that was actually the size of a real fucking camel’s toe.

No. 321109

This whole movement is super infuriating to me. I peaked trans awhile ago and I feel so alone because all my friends are "trans women are women and if you think not ur hITLERRR" having them coming into our spaces with this sexist mindset on how THEY think what women are. I feel disgusted and insulted that they think that a women experiences/womanhood is all sugar and fucking gumdrops and all you gotta do is put on wig and say "Hi I'm Martha, respect my pronouns".

No. 321116

I remember that it wasn't always like this, was it? Until some years ago I remember that troons recognized their diversity, that's why I was like "Oh well if they acknowledge their diversity then I'm fine with them", while now they actually want to claim they're like biological women and saying the truth is considered hate speech…

No. 321120

Anyone else gender critical but wouldnt dare say something about it publicly/non-anon?

It feels like social suicide to do so.

No. 321130

i'm under the impression that they're all pedos who are so deep into their fantasy that they want to BE the girl being preyed upon.

No. 321135

Definitely. I think it’s the case for a lot of us in here.

No. 321141

After having met other gendercrits irl, including a very vocal one, I've started to speak up. Of course I don't go full "Troons should kill themselves", but I openly say that there are issues with transactivism, that transbians are homophobic creeps, that being trans is a mental illness because it's basically body dysmorphia, that transwomen don't belong to female sports and female lockers, and that making kids transition is nuts. Oh, and that women definitely don't have penises.
If someone wants to cry about it, I let them cry. I won't bend over backwards to someone who lets their feefees step on logic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 321150

File: 1541527709045.jpg (22.09 KB, 200x229, 1541088758457.jpg)

I am so fucking confused every time a tranny says that TERFs reduce women to their genitals/sexual organs.
Obviously our biological bodies (which include a vagina and breasts) are a massive part of being a woman and a woman's lived experience.
But how the fuck do trannys say that they don't when they say if they don't get new porn star breasts or a "designer" vagina they'll die? As if once they get their desired "sex organs" they're suddenly 100% women? How is it possible to be that short sighted and so oblivious to your own logical inconsistency?
Fuck trannies. Fuck transtrenders, fuck "trutrans", fuck FTMs, fuck MTFs, they're all selfish mouth breathing retards.
I don't care about the "good" ones (like there are any). I don't care about the ones that agree with radfems. I just want them all to fucking go away.

No. 321151

Look, an evil TERF… Oh, wait, it's a guy. Can guys be TERFs too?
>"What does it mean to feel like a boy? I'm a boy and even I don't know what it means to feel like a boy. Does it mean that you like trucks… what? If I want to wear dresses and suck dick it doesn't make me a girl"
>"They think they're giving these kids a choice but in reality they're taking it away"
>"When you say you feel like a girl does it mean you identify more with girl stereotypes? Seems pretty regressive to me"
If even male commentary Youtubers get it, what's stopping the PC crowd from getting it? It's so simple…

No. 321158

I know too many right-leaning people who openly shit on feminism and see no problem with sexist, racist, homophobic, ableist “jokes” but when it comes to trans people suddenly it’s
>oh yeah they’re totally legit, they can’t help how they’re born and they’re not hurting anyone
and of course
>lol ugly feminists are just threatened that transwomen are hotter than them

Like I’m aware that trans ideology is inherently misogynist and it should come as no surprise that people who are sexist and anti-feminist are pro-trans, but I hate that these people can “redeem” themselves as still being progressive and open-minded by paying lip service to transactivism in this way. It’s a misogynist double whammy.

It would be social suicide among my friends, definitely. I’ve questioned the transing of gnc children before and they reacted like I was an ignorant moron who didn’t know what I was talking about. It could get me fired from my job, too. My (surprisingly gendercritical) father is the only person I’ve been able to talk openly with on this issue, and the rest is all online.

No. 321160

I personally don't out myself as gender critical. I don't really think that's effective since after getting branding as a TERF people will just stop listening to you. I just act a bit clueless and try to ask questions that will challenge their views. Transgender ideology isn't logical or rational, it's very contradictory and it isn't compatible with feminism or Marxism at all. And by sneakily pointing out those contradictions with some level-headed questions, you force the other person to critically examine their views.

That only works with people who aren't fully immersed into the trans cult or are total libfems, though. Luckily most of my friends only support transgenderism because they think it's just like the gay/civil rights movement and never been really exposed to true gender critical ideas.

However, I'm still wary of being too critical. After all, I don't want to lose my friends over some stupid discussion about transgender people. It's not worth it.

No. 321169

>That only works with people who aren't fully immersed into the trans cult or are total libfems, though. Luckily most of my friends only support transgenderism because they think it's just like the gay/civil rights movement and never been really exposed to true gender critical ideas.

This shit pisses me off. People are always lumping trannies in with gay/bi/lesbian people as if they are even remotely the same thing or movement.

No. 321171

> I know too many right-leaning people who openly shit on feminism and see no problem with sexist, racist, homophobic, ableist “jokes” but when it comes to trans people suddenly it’s
>>oh yeah they’re totally legit, they can’t help how they’re born and they’re not hurting anyone

Really? Because the only support for troons I see is online. Either your regular tumblr left and the only "right-wing" people who support them are 4chan users. Underage or early 20s anime posting idiots (anyone with an anime avatar is a piece of shit 100% of the time). The actual men I see IRL are definitely not on the troons' side, and they don't think that we need "feminine penis" (as 4chin put it) in women's restrooms. The only thing with normie men is that there's a bit of schadenfreude to be had with troon's beating women at sports because "men are not better at anything" narrative annoys them. But they do not seriously consider troons to be women.

You need to differentiate between internet "libertardian" right and off-line conservative men. The actual convervatives will spit in trans faces, the super conservative arabs will throw trans off buildings.

No. 321172

File: 1541532051402.png (2.08 MB, 3560x1580, section4.png)

I wanted to figure out the ratio of MTFs and FTMs but I found this instead. Going to spam some graphs I thought were interesting.

Ultimately, my conclusions are that (non-Asian) POC transpeople are at most risk probably due to conflating factors like being more likely to be poor and un/under-educated. Which is something I already figured, white middle class troongrammers are full of shit tbqh.

source: https://transequality.org/sites/default/files/docs/usts/USTS-Full-Report-Dec17.pdf

No. 321173

File: 1541532084164.png (1.06 MB, 2384x1124, section7.png)

Also apologies for these fuckhuge collages.

No. 321174

File: 1541532103356.png (532.78 KB, 1588x720, section15.png)

No. 321175

File: 1541532170362.png (750.42 KB, 2234x928, misc.png)

There's a ton more info in the full report.

No. 321177


The figure about sexual orientation is fucking infuriating. What is the hell is the difference between queer, pansexual and bisexual? It makes the statistic really hard to read.

No. 321178

Do we have reason to trust stats from a transactivist organisation? Genuine question because I'm guessing you read the methodology and all.

No. 321179

I work in HR and it would get me in some deep shit since there are anti-discrimination laws that include transphobia as a form of bad discrimination. I'm also avoiding the subject with my friends because in the end we're all against discrimination, racism, sexism, homophobia and I have no idea what they think about the genderspecials. I just know that they respect their pronouns for the most part, except for one of them who's clueless and misgenders her fakeboi friend by constantly saying "he…no, she… it. whatever lol xD" when she talks about her.

No. 321185

I think trust is a matter of personal opinion, and I encourage you to take a look and decide for yourself. I'm inclined to be less skeptical of the data as it was a large sample size (~28K respondents), and despite being taken anonymously, the numbers don't seem to be as alarming as most transactivists make it seem (i.e. transwomen are LITERALLY BEING MURDERED ON THE STREETS!!)

Actually a lot of the data showed that trans/GNC people's rates of things aren't too different from that of the general populace. Which is the opposite of what most other transactivists would like us to believe.

No. 321188

I’m talking about people I know in real life, mostly coworkers and some family members. I don’t know their exact political leanings, just that they like to make fun of feminists, SJWs and “lefties” in general hence my assumption that they’re right-leaning. I doubt they know enough about the trans narrative to know about “female penises” and shit like that. Most of them seem to see it as an extension of the gay rights movement which they’re mostly on board with despite mocking gay people on occasion. They certainly see it as more legit than feminism and anti-racism because according to them, sexism and racism are no longer a thing in our country and everyone is equal. Some of them use this as justification for making overtly sexist and racist jokes. Only trans people are exempt.

I think some of them are secretly enjoying the fact that feminists are upset about something and see it as our just desserts for getting too uppity. One guy brought up the sports issue (including the female athletes who were seriously injured as a result of competing against TIMs) as proof that men and women are equal now and didn’t feminists want to be on equal footing with men? We got what we wanted, according to him. Being pro-trans gives them an acceptable outlet for shitting on women while looking open minded and woke at the same time.

No. 321189

Sadly I think this is somewhere where GC women/radfems and right-leaning men are going to meet. Their whole worldview relies on women having female biology, so they can be forced into W&M role. At this point I'm quite happy to align with them, until this is over.

No. 321193

>No pronouns, only their name.
Ok fuck that. I'm fine with using tranny pronouns but I'm not gonna say your name every time I talk about you

No. 321194

Aligning with them would involve throwing all gnc women, especially lesbians, under the bus. I’m not comfortable with that and I don’t see it working, since gnc women make up a very significant portion of gendercritical feminism.

No. 321197

I think I have different experience with IRL men because I'm eastern european and genderspecials and shit are still very fringe here.

No. 321198

Also interesting that there are more transbians than "straight" MtFs, but I'm not too surprised

No. 321203


that's… not where the vagina is

No. 321205

I’m sure that makes a difference. I’m in a large city in a Western European county and trans people are the coolest new thing to virtue signal about here. They’re treated like the gay rights movement 2.0 and my country is one of the most progressive ones in that respect. Criticize the trans ideology and you might as well be a bible-thumping hick crying about how all the gays are going to hell.

No. 321209

you sure???

No. 321212


The vagina is lower, anon. It doesn't sit at the bottom of your torso like a dick does, it sits between your legs.

No. 321217

It’s not supposed to be a vagina, though. It looks like it’s supposed to be a “cameltoe” i.e. pubic mound and labia majora as seen from the front. They’re exaggerated (of course they are, it’s a fetish) but not extremely unrealistic. Some women do look like that in tight pants or leggings.

No. 321231

File: 1541538811183.jpg (419.93 KB, 1070x1310, 20181106_140859.jpg)

This dog is a literal TERF and should be euthanized as soon as possible!1

No. 321234

Usually I would totally agree with that point, but honestly I think only the far-right would be like that ATM, and I would never align with them as there's lots of other points we'd disagree on (race being another important one). Might be wrong, but I think centre-right would rather men were men and women were women, even if that meant some being gay/GNC.

No. 321236

No. Right-wing men don't give a shit about women and our rights. They are only using us when it's convenient.

No. 321240

idk anything about dogs, but wouldn't it have gotten used to the troon after 4 years?

No. 321241

Tbh I'm obviously left-wing but I'd pick right leaning men over troons. Let me explain why: at least conservatives don't pretend they're the good guys and are pretty straight forward when it comes to their intentions. They think women belong in the kitchen, and will say it out loud. Plus, when you disagree with them, it won't be a social suicide - actually you will receive a lot of support.
Unlike troons and the SJW side of the left, who want to be "the good side" so bad when they actually love censorship and will send rape and death threats whenever they disagree with someone and behave like the lowest alt-right scum, basically the devil in sheep's clothing (or like someone else said, an alt-right trojan horse) and will face absolutely no consequence because they're "the good guys" - and disagreeing with their views will make you a social pariah. They also think that women belong in the kitchen, but again, they won't face any backlash for it.

No. 321242


I just had a look at my vagina, just to be 100% sure, and I can tell you, it's not sitting at the front of my pubis.

No. 321244


lol dogs are terfs now.

No. 321245

True that. Right-leaning guys only ever step in for women's rights when they think their access to "their women" will somehow be hindered, eg when lots of refugees entered Germany the right was REEEing because "They rape our perfect women!!" when really they're just mad that someone other than themselves is raping us. I think you can be centrist and be fine with saying that women have periods and have babies. This whole pronoun bs is only big in the US anyways.

Apropos periods, I bought some period panties yesterday. Googled it, and Thinx came up first with their ridiculous "for people who menstruate" shit. I bought from a store that was "brave" enough to use the word "women" (Modibodi).

No. 321248

p sure they were being sarcastic.

No. 321252

can you fucking stop reposting this shit, this is like 3rd time this was posted and I do not even frequent the terf thread

No. 321253

Here's the link of the thread:

I know that some of the responses say that dogs cannot perceive gender, and regardless of the tranny context, I would like to share my experience.

I've adopted a dog from a shelter. I wasn't given her history, how she ended there and so on.

After taking my little dog for walks and socializing, I've noticed that my dog was very wary of men, she would start to squeal and lower her head. Even more so if the man would have any long object like an umbrella or a cane. I presume she was abused by an older man because that's when she's scared the most, and interestingly the dog experts in this thread claim that it's highly unlikely. I heard a similar story from a friend working at a vet where the dog was sexually abused by a man.

Sorry for derailing a bit, it's just that I find it curious. I also don't like to think what my dog when through before getting a proper home.

I wonder if any other species can make the distinction between genders and what it could be really based upon.

It would make an interesting counter-argument that even an animal is capable of grasping biological facts.

No. 321255

I've never seen it before tbh

No. 321257

No. 321262

I know that dogs can sense, for example, when women are on their period. They can also sense fear, excitement, rage, and can read body language. It would make sense to me that they could tell women and men apart, based on hormones or stuff like that that their noses can sniff

No. 321268

> I know that dogs can sense, for example, when women are on their period
Yes, horses as well. I know that for a fact.

> It would make sense to me that they could tell women and men apart, based on hormones or stuff like that that their noses can sniff

This seems so obvious to me, especially after seeing my dog react like that. She doesn't even need to be that close, as soon as she sees the silhouette she can tell.
Then you have these experts in that thread claiming otherwise. Maybe they're right, maybe there are other factors that we don't know of yet.
However, if that tranny in question was on hormone treatment for a longer period, shouldn't the dog perceive her as a "female"?

I wish there was an unbiased expert that could shed light on this.

No. 321273


i hope your dog is okay anon. i'm sending her love and good vibes~

No. 321276

My girlhood consisted of sexual abuse by a next door neighbour as a young child, a traumatic divorce with an abusive alcoholic father who would put my sister and I down for being females and 'burdens' on him financially as he had to pay child support for us, my best friend being raped by her own father at 11 years old, being harassed by pedophiles online because I was naive enough to tell people my real age, and getting bullied at school and ostracised for made up rumours about me being a slut when I was 12 (I never even kissed a boy until years later).

But yeah it was totally wonderful and carefree because I got to play with bratz dolls and have the occasional sleepover right?

No. 321287

Thanks, anon! I will.
She's really spoilt now and gets a princess treatment. She's still scared of her own shadow but at least she seems happy most of the time.

I'm really sorry that you had to go through that. These trannies have the nerve to claim that we have privileges in the same way that incels claim that our lives are easy mode.

The fact that they consider playing with MLP figurines and dolls in secret as something worth complaining about and base their victimization on is quite telling of their vanity and narcissistic nature.

They are men, after all. They will never feel vulnerable the way women and girls do. That is why it never even crosses their mind that there is so much more to being a woman than a twisted caricature of femininity that has pillow fights and sparkly nail polish.

Fuck them honestly. Their victimhood is made up and intentional. No one in their right mind would consider their complaints seriously.

No. 321290

Thanks, anon! I will.
She's really spoilt now and gets a princess treatment. She's still scared of her own shadow but at least she seems happy most of the time.

I'm really sorry that you had to go through that. These trannies have the nerve to claim that we have privileges in the same way that incels claim that our lives are easy mode.

The fact that they consider playing with MLP figurines and dolls in secret as something worth complaining about and base their victimization on is quite telling of their vanity and narcissistic nature.

They are men, after all. They will never feel vulnerable the way women and girls do. That is why it never even crosses their mind that there is so much more to being a woman than a twisted caricature of femininity that has pillow fights and sparkly nail polish.

Fuck them honestly. Their victimhood is made up and intentional. No one in their right mind would consider their complaints seriously.

No. 321291

File: 1541545631625.jpg (110.73 KB, 1098x667, 123434rer.JPG)

lurk moar

No. 321295

File: 1541545687230.jpg (93.63 KB, 901x738, 124343rrf.JPG)

find some new cringe content to discuss cause seeing you talk about the same shit like it's new is embarassing tbh

No. 321301

If you see a repost, just ignore it. This is just autistic.

No. 321302

Just as autistic as seeing anons go 'omg dogs are terfs xDD' for the third (and maybe fourth) time.
It was barely funny the first time and it's not funny now.
But if you like discussing old news, please go on

No. 321306

I remember seeing that post before once but that anon maybe doesn't lurk here that often and just wanted to share something.

Just ignore it and post something ~fresh~ and interesting yourself.

No. 321321

Thanks anon, It is frustrating to see trannies make sweeping statements about girlhood/womanhood as if it plays out like some show off the Disney channel. They obviously have no real insight into growing up female and haven't talked to many women about what their childhoods were actually like. It is just assumed that girls get an easy ride and that we are spoiled and treated like 'princesses'. I guess it is just typical of men to trivialise women's experiences in order to benefit themselves.

No. 321330

I have always been under the impression that dogs can tell the sexes apart. My aunt adopted a female dog from a shelter who was extremely afraid of men wearing jeans and would try and bite their ankles or tear at the bottom the jeans if they got close enough. However she never reacted like this towards women in jeans. It just seemed logical therefore that she could tell the difference. I don't know if it's down to men standing differently, having deeper voices, different body odour or what.

No. 321331

For sure. I was so happy to find this thread and read about others who share my concerns.
For the last couple of years I saw more and more people around me becoming trans. And I felt like l didn’t fit in, for not falling for it and being afraid for women’s safety.
Also I never dared to speak my mind anymore about these issues and try to avoid it most of the time.

No. 321335

You're the only one who's being embarrassing anon. why are you pretending like you 'barely' lurk these threads lmao

No. 321343

I sometimes wonder if some of my virtue signalling mutuals are actually gender crit but just trying to cover some tracks? I don't know if I'd ever shill for delusional troons on my personal social media. I'd rather say nothing at all.

Any anons know where we can find local gender crit/radfem groups? Can't find anything on Facebook but I'd assume everything is private.

No. 321395

I get the feeling that even if TiMs did get the chance to experience their version of girlhood, they'd still be way too awkward and narcissistic to be invited to slumber parties or get accepted into any cliques. And judging by their piss poor fashion/makeup sense, apparent lack of hygeine, and pathetic weight management skills, they'd still look tragic and the other girls would absolutely tear them to pieces. The only thing they have left would their barbies and ponies, which they'll grow out of by 8 in sad hopes of getting accepted by the 'cool' girls who think dolls are lame and babyish.

In the end, they'll just go into ~not like other girls~ mode, start wishing they were men instead, and rage online about the boyhood they never got to have. They'd never be satisfied.

No. 321435

File: 1541569727915.jpeg (261.23 KB, 709x836, B44243AA-D352-48C7-BDFA-D1C3B0…)

Whatever if it’s to be ironic what he’s saying, I hate this fucking world

No. 321461

File: 1541571618887.jpg (62.53 KB, 965x850, BOTE.jpg)


No. 321476

lol this is fucking ridiculous. i checked to see if this was satire or something because i don't want to believe that someone is actually this retarded but no, it's another delusional mtf.
i don't care about trans people who just do their own thing but the ones who desperately want to be a woman while being misogynistic irritate the fuck out of me

No. 321477

I think most people here are that way. And a lot of people see the trans movement for the bullshit it is, even if they don't know anything about radical feminism or gender critical feminism.

I generally don't share my gender critical views as often as I'd like, but sometimes I just stop giving a shit and will like gender critical tweets and shit, not caring if my followers see.

No. 321494

I wonder if troons' friends actually think they're the gender they say, especially the low effort one? I feel like many just comply with it to be polite?

We have a 'smol gay transboy' trying to run for student council using tumblr-type memes and most people just keep sharing 'his' stuff to laugh at and using female pronouns behind the back. But what about 'his' immediate friends that are in SocJus circle of the university?

No. 321503

A lot of people are like this. I'm out in the open in certain spaces and to my closest friends, but not like.. on social media or anything. Most of my peers are extremely pro-trans and pro-nonbinary but a growing amount of them are also starting to realize what's up. Nobody says it out loud though, you just find out during some private conversation that starts with "You know I'm not a transphobe or anything but this is just really…" which evolves shortly into "You know what? Fuck trannies. I'm glad you agree!".

I don't know if I'm alone with this but I've noticed that the most aggressive non-trans TRAs are almost always straight (or "pansexual" but that equals as straight anyway). My most gender-critical friends are lesbian, gay or bisexual.

No. 321504

Most of them are likely friends with them out of pity. They even brag about how much of a good person they are for 'reaffirming' their troon friends' identity all the time.

I wish I had more LGB friends who are gender crit like you. The only two gender crit friends I have are straight.

No. 321507

Honestly, I really believe they don't think they're the gender they're saying. I just don't. They know it's a sham and despite how aggressive they are with their "DON'T MISGENDER XIR REEE" attitude, they know Aiden isn't really "male". It's just like the story about the emperor's new clothes like someone mentioned in an earlier thread, everyone just praises them for nothing and plays into the delusion because they want to be "nice" and "respectful".

If a FTM girl was left alone with a creepy ass MTF that started molesting her, she would most definitely see him as a male and herself as female. You can see the "h-he wasn't real trans!" debate starting any time some tranny is incarcerated for killing someone.

No. 321509

One of my oldest friends from high school went from being a gay dude to being trans over the years. I generally try to do the pronouns thing, even if I'll see that friend as a dude ultimately. We rarely talk nowadays, so it's sort of a moot point anyway.

One of my other high school friends is pretty gender critical, like me. She told me about some dumbass fakeboi who tried to work with her for a while, and we talk about trannies and fandom bullshit, because we both still participate in fandoms.

No. 321534

I'm so mad right now…

"16 Vancouver women facing human rights complaints for refusing to wax transgender woman’s male genitalia - one is a single mom working from home."
>The anonymous individual "JY" has filed 16 separate complaints with the Human Rights Tribunal after being refused a Brazilian wax from businesses that only service women

Either I get unwilling women to touch my dick - or I get to sue the shit out of them. A win-win situation.

But it get's worse:
"JY had also talked about being a trans woman online—in posts asking for advice on how to approach a naked ten-year-old girl to ask for a tampon, and whether it is appropriate to show a young girl how to use it."
>Note his anonymity is still protected.
>Note he is still being allowed to legally harass other beauty salon owners.

No. 321539

>JY said their account was hacked
You and every other pedophile out there this to use this excuse. What makes you think someone will fall for it this time?

No. 321552

Isn’t there different training involved with waxing male genitalia? And why would a man, especially one with intact male genitalia, ever need a tampon, much less from a vulnerable prepubescent girl? Why is this guy who’s apparently not even “out” as trans allowed anywhere near naked pubescent girls?

No. 321557

This is why I shot down my own idea of running a women's self defense course due to fear of experiencing this scenario. It seems like when there's a "women only" business, these perverts or try-hard trannies HAVE to invade it and if they can't get in, HAVE to destroy it.

No. 321559


Gender identity clinic accused of fast-tracking young adults
Tavistock Centre launches review amid parents’ fears over pace of transitioning decisions

Sat 3 Nov 2018

The Tavistock Centre in London

Britain’s only NHS gender identity service for children is reviewing its operations amid claims made by a senior member of staff that it is failing to examine fully the psychological and social reasons behind young people’s desire to change gender.

The views are shared by a group of parents of transgender children, who have raised their own concerns that the Tavistock Centre’s gender identity development service (GIDS) in London is “fast-tracking” young people into life-altering decisions without fully assessing their personal histories.

In a letter to the trust’s board, seen by the Observer, the parents say they fear “the GIDS team is being asked to engage with and assess complex and difficult cases within a highly constrained time frame”.

They continue: “We have specific concerns about the situation of those with gender dysphoria in the age group 17 to 25 who are referred to the [adult] GIC [gender identity clinic], where they do not receive the complex psychosocial assessment offered at GIDS: for these young adults there is little exploration of the family or cultural context of their still developing gender identity.”

Continue reading at


No. 321569

Fucking CHRIST. These people are goddamn predators and they can take women to court for "human rights violations" for not touching his dick? This is beyond sick, it's absolute lunacy at this point.
>One of them, Shelah Poyer, is a single mom who works out of her home. JY was willing to withdraw his complaint in exchange for $2,500.
>If JY is demanding similar sums from the other 14 women, he stands to receive as much as $35,000 for dropping his human rights complaints.
This greedy fucker is only after money or sexual services. What a fucking pervert.

No. 321570

Isn’t this the same institution that was accused by TRA groups of not transing kids fast enough and thereby causing them all to attempt suicide?

No. 321576

There recently was a published article that showed that lab mice were significantly more stressed when they were handled by male scientists, and this actually compromised results. So yeah, animals can tell.

No. 321580


This chick keeps appearing on my newsfeed, and I'm really over her "goth lesbian waifu hates sjws don't hit on me silly boys uwu" videos. She literally would not be famous without the kind of men who frequent YouTube and anti-sjw videos and who would gladly make her property if given the opportunity, lmao. I don't know how you can be a lesbian and defend this shit.

No. 321582

I remember binging on a few of her videos, she certainly watched a couple blaire white and shoe0nhead videos, the specific topics she has interest in Onision lines up with Blaire's.

No. 321584


She does kind of remind me of a goth version of shuwu. Is she also a part of the shitty bdsm/skeptic YouTube cult?

No. 321590

>I don't know how you can be a lesbian and defend this shit.
Tbh? She almost certainly isn't one. She's probably a bisexual or straight girl larping as a lesbian for attention.

No. 321592

There was a similar situation a few months back where a tranny from Saskatchewan was threatening to sue a esthetician for refusing to max his male genitalia. When he was asked why he didn't just go to a male esthetician he said he "wasn't comfortable with them."
I'll try to find the post.

No. 321593

>not touching someone's dick is a "human rights issue"
Not famine, not war, not homicide and rape… but someone refusing to wax your dick.
Fucking incels

No. 321595

I made a little over a minute. Once she started reading a well-written, perfectly level-headed post and stopped at "we do NOT wish trans people any harm" and just went "lmao yes u do that's why u terf" and stopped reading, I lost it. How can people stay this willingly ignorant?

No. 321601

Yeah, because no lesbian could ever do wrong, amirite? Always dem straighties…

No. 321613

Now, I don't like Ben Shapiro any more than you do but I found it chilling how the tranny threatened him and everyone was okay with that.
Imagine that TiM being in the bathroom with you. Just one wrong look and he will resort to violence. Fuck.

No. 321617

We've gone back to the inquisition era… Refuse science or we're gonna hurt you

No. 321620

I know, right?
People in that room were excusing the tranny's threats because Ben was rude. What the hell is wrong with them?
I bet if the tranny attacked him and was recorded doing so, they would even think it's okay because pronouns are sacred.

It's like being in an asylum where loons who think they're Napoleon are considered sane and brave while anyone that doesn't indulge them gets threatened and attacked. What a mad world.

No. 321623

Does anyone else lowkey root/vote for conservative parties in their country just because they make a good shield against the tranny menace?

No. 321624

>The procedure for providing a man with a “Manzilian” is quite different, using a different kind of wax and a different technique.
yes, there is.

>Once JY recognized that Shelah Poyer had legal representation and was going to put up a fight, he withdrew his complaint. No hearing took place.

Seems like a cash grab. Wouldn't be surprised if the amount of men who fake gender identity issues for their own benefit rises.

No. 321626

I dont really know much about the people here
>not american
But holy shit the part where the troon threatens him is extremely unnerving and inappropriate. You can have professional debates without devolving into threats and violence

No. 321627

File: 1541608323582.png (9.86 KB, 601x128, Untitled.png)

The top comment lmao

No. 321631

Trans will never know what being a bio woman is like.

If a women tries to speak she is often not taken seriously, brushed off, men speak over her, and she definitely wouldn't be able to successfully threaten and intimidate men.

No. 321633

lmao root for conservatives taking away women's rights yeah that'll show us!!!

this aint the way

No. 321634

My partner does this. I would but many conservatives have policies that are harmful to the environment so I didn't vote because I didn't feel confident in any choice ultimately. In my house we are pretty moderate but the tranny stuff pushes us more right.

No. 321637


I used to go to a women's bookclub that got overtaken by MtFs. After a while one of the women restarted a secret women's bookclub held at her house. We didn't advertise it or tell the MtFs about it but at some point they found out and asked what we were doing. We just said it wasn't a club, it was friends hanging out.

I don't think they believed us but they couldn't do anything about it because it wasn't officially a club and didn't have any membership or branding kek.

No. 321643


I used to go to a women's bookclub that got overtaken by MtFs. After a while one of the women restarted a secret women's bookclub held at her house. We didn't advertise it or tell the MtFs about it but at some point they found out and asked what we were doing. We just said it wasn't a club, it was friends hanging out.

I don't think they believed us but they couldn't do anything about it because it wasn't officially a club and didn't have any membership or branding kek.

No. 321646

Considering how garbage the conservative party in my country is, and has been for decades, no. Sadly, the left is just as garbage these days, so I've become politically homeless.

No. 321654

No. Trannies are a small portion of the population. Males in general are a bigger threat.

No. 321656


This bitch should have her own thread, tbh.

Anyone else notice how many of these YouTube "skeptic" chicks seem to fetishize trannies? Why?

No. 321660

This is one of the dumbest things I read today. I have a hard believing this isn't a troll. I really don't care about trans people so much that I'm not going to vote for the local leftist party just because I disagree on one issue.

No. 321664


For women like sh0e it's because they are deeply insecure about their own looks and femininity. sh0e and a lot of pandering skeptic chicks like her want to be seen as the cutest, smallest, most delicate little girl ever. And what better way to do that than by rejecting other actual women and cosying up to MtFs instead? You'll look incredibly dainty and delicate next to the likes of ContraPoints.

No. 321666

What's the difference between the leftist and the conservative party if both will silence women on any matter?
If the leftists are willing to push women under the bus for virtue signalling just because of a minority as you say, who's to tell that they won't do the same for another trendy cause any time soon?

At least with rightists you know what you're dealing with and until they deliberately call for murder of women and advocate for removal of rights, cutting of funds, then they're better in my book.

Most political parties are strong on words, and weak on going through with their plan so I don't see a huge difference between them tbh

And I am immensely disappointed with the left and the state of it in my country for various other reasons, the shameless push of transwomen are women narrative being just one of them but important enough to tell me how much women are valued on both sides.

Besides, that's my opinion. You're free to disagree with it.

No. 321672

>Come across an extremely aggressive woman's social media or blog
>Very entitled and black&white mentality all around, often approving of violence
>This has to be a TiM
Has this been happening to anyone else recently? It's so ridiculously easy to clock someone as a trans even through written text.

No. 321675


Sometimes I'll be reading a comment on Reddit and even if it's not talking about trans issues at all something about it will just seem off. So I go and check. Every single time I've done this it's been a TiM.

You're right, anon. They just have a very distinct something about their personalities that is instantly recognizable.

No. 321683

Be careful doing that, I've done that before and been greeted with disgusting nudes

No. 321686

>What's the difference between the leftist and the conservative party if both will silence women on any matter?
I don't feel like the leftist party in my country (Germany) silences women. Quite the contrary, over 50% of their representatives in the parliament are women. On the other side, only 20% of representatives of the conservative party and 10% of the far-right party are women. Maybe in your country the situation is different, but I just can't think of a scenario where it genuinely would be better for a woman to vote for a right-leaning party.

>If the leftists are willing to push women under the bus for virtue signalling just because of a minority as you say, who's to tell that they won't do the same for another trendy cause any time soon?

>who's to tell that they won't do the same for another trendy cause any time soon?
Well, because leftist parties historically supported women's rights.

But I definitely agree that the left sometimes seems to not care that much about women's issues, but personally that makes me want to be a leftist who stresses the importance of women's rights, not support conservatives.

No. 321688

File: 1541621716284.jpg (53.87 KB, 1125x328, IMG_5540.jpg)


No. 321698

>Well, because leftist parties historically supported women's rights.
The problem is that now men are women. The left as it currently is (or at least the younger ones) supports the rights of anyone claiming to be oppressed (see: HAES), which includes men saying they're women. It doesn't mean anything that a party "supports women's rights" if their definition of woman is "anyone claiming to be a woman" now, does it?

No. 321712

File: 1541625059491.jpg (Spoiler Image,175.61 KB, 1456x1941, yv06gyrr.jpg)

warning: extremely repulsive and horrifying

No. 321727

I'm sorry, anon, but your criticism of the left is rather strawman-y. For every stereotypical 'SJW' who only cares about fat acceptance and queer theory there's an edgy alt-right /pol/ regular. For every TRA there's some old dude on the right wanting to make abortions illegal and politics a men's club again. Overall, I'm very confident that the left does more for women than the right does.

But yeah, you're free to have your own opinion and I definitely get that you feel alienated from the left as a woman. Whatever, we're kinda getting off-topic.

No. 321741

I wish trannies would all suicide tbh

No. 321742

They're getting more rights than real women, it seems though

No. 321745

This dude is like twice Ben's height. I don't care for Shapiro either, but damn… he actually acted very well for a legit threat (hand on neck) assault. wtf.

No. 321748

There's a post going around on radfem tumblr at the moment where people are posting their general locations and @ing people who are near them to connect. I didn't think there would be anyone near me, but there was. Might be of interest for you? I haven't been able to find any groups near me either but I know of a few individuals now and that will hopefully lead somewhere.

anyone who does this is fucking retarded.

No. 321751

File: 1541631603467.png (106.04 KB, 1080x593, Screenshot_20181107-164825_1.p…)

I don't even go here but this really pissed me off. I can't even get a breast reduction because it's not "medically necessary" even tho my boobs cause me constant back pain and bad sleep apnea. But facial feminization surgery should be covered by insurance because trans women don't feel uwu feminine enough. Fuck that.

No. 321758

I'd definitely be too worried that anti-tara would target this

No. 321760

>over 600 likes

Yeah, f uck this shit. I need breast reduction myself and i'm saving up for it because i guess a woman's extreme discomfort for something she is born with is not medically insured.

Having any kind of trannie surgery covered by insurance will just make more trannies (normal people who likes girly thing probably) come out of the wood work. fuck that.

save up for your shitty surgery like everyone else, trannie

No. 321761

What if this was said about people with body dysphoria (not trans)

>Oh im a female who cant leave my house because my face is so ugly. Plz give me unlimited plastic surgeries !!

Absolute insanity

No. 321768

This is why I'm politically independent. Both sides have some agenda that ends up with "holes" that conveniently affects the marginalized. The right are just more front up about it. The left try to be "nice" about it and push to fix their own "mistakes".

No. 321796

File: 1541636112220.jpg (195.63 KB, 1920x1200, TELEMMGLPICT000180185204_trans…)


>A pensioner has begun a legal battle to be recognised as being 20 years younger than his actual age

>Emile Ratelband, 69, argues that if transgender people are allowed to change sex, he should be allowed to change his date of birth because doctors said he has the body of a 45-year-old.

>The entrepreneur and self-help guru is suing his local authority after they refused the amend his age on official documents.

No. 321833

The whole facial feminization surgery thing pisses me off so much. I’ve seen so many posts online from trans women talking about how they can’t wait to get rid of their big nose or wide jaw or whatever - as if women can’t possibly have those ~~ugly man-ish features.~~ They’re so insulting about it. I see a lot of go fund me’s for FFS surgery and it’s so fucking stupid.

No. 321835

Not to mention they always look worse (if that's possible) after those surgeries. You cannot obtain a woman's facial feature because you are not a biological woman. Even the 'ugliest' of women still look like women. trannies get butthurt when you mentioned they'll always look like men.

Look how much surgery robbie (blair white) went through to look like a blow up doll.

No. 321884

being in a coastal liberal state where transgender people are ENCOURAGED is awful. I was in a pub bathroom the other day with the manliest, tallest, lowest effort troon ever and how could I not feel endangered? It looked like a 45 year old dad who put on a party city wig and stripper dress and waltzed into the women’s bathroom. But of course you’re not allowed to criticize men invading women’s spaces, because that’s sexist somehow? sorry for rant but Jesus I hate my state

No. 321886

The dog can probably smell the new hormones and is confused

No. 321892

It's not that lesbians can't be shitheads, it's that they don't like women with penises. This girl is bi at most.

No. 321894

This guy is kind of a troll and media hog who’s most likely just doing this to get on tv (previous media stunts involved talking shit about gay people and defending Osama Bin Laden) so I’m not sure how to feel about this. On the one hand he’s bringing popular attention to how ridiculous self-ID is, but on the other hand his history doesn’t exactly help the image of gendercritical people. We need rational people to publicly speak out against this stuff, not reactionary attention hogs.

No. 321895


she's so cute but so stupid in regards to gender politics

No. 321902

I think it is quite funny.
It could help other people to see the ridiculousness of self ID. Of course it could total backfire and then we had real pedos claiming that they are underage or what ever.

No. 321909

I was browsing through American trash TV on YouTube when I came across a preview for this Dr. Phil episode. Daniel, and his mother Rose, say his sister is grooming her 6 year old to become transgender. Of course, we see her forcing the kid into being a drag-level pink princess. From the preview, I’m going to take a wild guess and assume Daniel is a gay man, so it’s extra twisted to see his sister call him a bigot for pointing out the truth.

I don’t live in the U.S. so I don’t know how to view it, but maybe an American anon has watched this one?


No. 321923

File: 1541667150893.png (253.12 KB, 517x487, Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 17.4…)

Screenshot from a video they linked as being related. Look at this beautiful woman. Tbf, he's not on hormones (because of illness), so hopefully when he snaps out of it he won't be too damaged by this shit.

You can see some snippets from the show btw. It's basically his mum bullying him into becoming a girl.
>Little boy likes colors
>Little boy moves in with his mum who has a step-daughter with lots of princess shit
>Little boy is interested into the princess shit

The "professional" on the show apparently believes that of course the parents only want the best for their child, but the mum literally showed her kid a video about a little kid transitioning with pills and everything. Like why would you do that to a kid? He's SIX.

Dr. Phil apparently believes that the child of course cannot be bullied into it. Of course not. Especially if he doesn't believe that his mum will still love him if he presents as a boy.

No. 321930

I'll be honest, I am afraid that someone will catfish abd hurt one of the women. I am thankful for the link as I found a person from my country and wrote to her. We will see how it goes. Too bad I don't have a radfem blog (I was mostly lurking and reblogging radfem posts between aesthetics one, but I might have deleted some of those).

No. 322004

Reminds me of a blog of a transgender kid's parent that I came across.
>The boy was adopted into the family as a small toddler
>The adoptive mother had two biological daughters in the family
>The boy starts having behavioral problems such as aggression, mutism, delayed development, neurological issues
>The mother realizes that the boy likes being with his sisters and wearing their dresses
>omg my adopted son is a daughter after all!!!
>The mother starts socializing him as a girl at age 3 or so, tells every kid that comes around that "some girls are just born with a penis"
>The other daughter refuses to acknowledge him as a girl until the parents basically force her to
>The other daughter starts being depressed about "not being a real girl like (the son) because she has a vagina and not a penis"
>The mother writes about her "sweet little princess" in such a melodramatic munchie way it's unsettling and creepy
>The son often has anxiety due having to hide his true gender all the time, gets bouts of severe depression when someone refers to him with his birth name
>All the adults (health care workers, teachers) play into this delusion

And for everyone who criticizes the mother's actions she writes a reply along the lines of "You must have such a hard life with so much hatred in your heart, I'd love to give you a hug! Haven't you heard of transgender suicide rates?!". The mother clearly is either extremely naive or just.. unwell. I remember one post saying something like "Of course you can't know if your young child is going to be gay or lesbian or bisexual when they grow up, but gender identity is a COMPLETELY different thing and needs treatment as soon as possible!". What the fuck?

No. 322013

how is grooming a 6 year old kid into ANYTHING not abuse?? i dont get it. it pisses me off so much that this is happening and the extreme left choose to ignore it

No. 322136

File: 1541705610451.jpg (68.58 KB, 554x1199, DrccoqJUcAEDuli.jpg)


this thread made me think of you guys.

If people do this shit with race for attention… People are naive to think those wont do it with gender for attention as well

No. 322180

The thing is that trans rights activists maintain that transgenderism and transracialism are incomparable and that making the comparison means you deserve to be silenced and shunned. Asking for clarification will just make them angrier, and if you’re lucky enough to get an actual answer it’ll be something nonsensical, contradictory or demonstrably false. I’ve seen people call the transracial question a “terf dogwhistle” i.e. anyone who brings it up for any reason is a transphobe trying to rally other transphobes. Even if you’re legitimately confused, congratulations, you’re a terf now, which means you deserve to get punched.

No. 322185

Why can't these people just let their kids wear dresses and hang out with girls and not declare them to be girls? Wanting to wear a dress when you're 3 is not indicative of wanting to be a girl jesus christ. It's just being a normal kid

No. 322219

Exactly. And that's what scares me. I remember being 10 or 11 and hanging out with my mom's friend. She had two boys and my sister and i made them (not made, but you know) put on dresses and have a tea party. we had a lot of fun and played video games later.

None of us grew up to be trans

it scares me so much that people can't let kids or human being humans. i honestly believe we are not meant to be trans and this is a shitty agenda being pushed.

No. 322221

File: 1541717175660.png (262.83 KB, 588x503, just stop.png)

This particular transwomans "journalism" seems obsessed with videogame characters nether regions like wtf

No. 322223

oh, fucking hell. I hate this bitch. I remember watching Jim sterling's stuff years ago before he became such a massive cuck and sjw and this bitch was always there.

He looks awful irl and is obsessed with blue haired characters. Also, he's always going on about the trans agenda and how Destiny was supposed to have a trans character. He's insane and uses his mtf trans bullshit to elevator his status in games journalism.

No. 322225

Warning to anyone clicking that link. There's a very graphic photo of a mtf vagina and i almost threw up looking at it.

No. 322230

My bad i didnt realise otherwise i would have put a warning ty

yeah, its really funny because hes the living argument that transwomen are just agps-his obsessions are just crazy

No. 322350

File: 1541733477495.jpg (443.52 KB, 1080x1470, 20181108_201602.jpg)

Tech blogger Jonathan "Jessica" Yaniv exposed as the transwoman who filed 16 Human Rights complaints against women who don’t want to wax his balls


No. 322367

Wow, he is unmistakably feminine looking and passes as a woman completely!

What a farce. And we are supposed to believe men don't use tranny loopholes to harass women.

No. 322389

A friend who is a beautician says waxing female and male genitalia is completely different and she for one is not trained in waxing balls
To take the job would be unprofessional.

They know someone who did have a passing trans woman present for a wax without mentioning their differences and the female waxer did it because she was too embarrassed to say no.

This Jonathon Jessica person is clearly harrassing these women for kicks. Picked private probably illegal operations to pressure repeatedly

No. 322393

Truly more of a woman than us filthy "cis" women.

Fuck, I'm agreeing with Ben Shapiro in that video up there. Why the fuck are we mainstreaming delusion?

No. 322394

I can't find sources supporting this besides the given link and mumsnet. This is truly disgusting, and I want to share it with as many people as I can (most of the ppl I know are GC or borderline GC), so is there a more "reputable" link covering this?

No. 322398

I found one of the women on FB that he is suing. She's 100000x out of his league so it figures his mentally ill incel ass has to threaten legal action to get her to touch his sweaty balls. I hope the judge of this case will have some damn sense but nothing could surprise me anymore.

No. 322403

File: 1541744438905.jpg (849.28 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20181108_231748.jpg)

Handmaidens, I fucking swear…

No. 322430

Exactly. I'm all for getting rid of gender stereotypes. Pink = girls blue = boys type shit.
But when a boy acts like pink/girl stereotype you dont declare him a fucking girl and chop his dick off.

No. 322435

My lord. I'm reading the article and
>providing intimate body waxing procedures to male clients in the Vancouver area
>check his bio
>from surrey bc

What the fuck he's from my city

No. 322438

File: 1541748056219.jpg (96.93 KB, 576x1024, dcn6ob4xkaaej5u.jpg)

No. 322442

That creeped me out so much. It's very telling that he dropped his complaint as soon as the defendant threatened to use this evidence against him.

No. 322445

His liked videos squick me out. Lots of underage girls


No. 322448


You won't find much that names him outright, just because he has an anonymity order to "protect" him from being outed - despite him being completely open about being transwoman.

No. 322451

Not sure if I can post this here? If not, just delete it. If you google that pervert's number, you can see how last year he was asking a teenage girl if he could use the girls bathroom. He says nothing about being trans. He tells her that he's a guy and he wants to use the women's restroom because he is forced to wear pads (due to being a fatass) and apparently man give him shit for it.


What a lying fuck, could he really not come up with a better excuse? How would guys even know he's wearing pads unless he's changing them out in the open?

No. 322453

File: 1541750911674.jpg (47.18 KB, 673x514, dcn6obwwaaanc2o.jpg)


No. 322454

File: 1541750945605.jpg (52.42 KB, 671x588, dcn6obyw4aaji5s.jpg)


No. 322455

Fetishists believing that there's a secret way of going to the toilet for women lol. I personally would never leave the bathroom without casting a feminine pink flower dust spell on my vagina.

No. 322456


Here's the full compilation of his messages and texts. Just a warning that this stuff is pretty appalling…

No. 322457

Perverted men would never use the trans label to prey on girls in women’s bathrooms, though. Literally never happens. Stop being hysterical and making things up. Everyone just wants to pee! /s

No. 322459

If a man ever fucking asks me while I'm in a stall for a fucking pad, I'm going to be the biggest bitch in the world. Even if a woman asked, who does that? At least wait until they wash their hands. This guy is such an obvious pervert in the worst way

No. 322461

Dry up underwear? What?

No. 322463

File: 1541755512558.jpg (125.89 KB, 683x699, LKDVGVtwitter.jpg)

I just checked out his ED article and he tried to pass this as an empowering, feminist article.


No. 322466

Christ that was all fucking vile. He keeps asking if he's going to see women's vaginas in the changing room and if it's okay to put a 10 year old girl's pad on for her. This is why I'm terrified of men in women's spaces.

No. 322469

File: 1541757451742.jpg (80.11 KB, 540x960, 335cbe8b_d815_4f21_856f_b3ab9f…)

Yeah, all those pointed questions about women being naked in changing room and touching hypotetical little girl.
You know that guy is jerking it thinking and asking about all of this and thinking about doing it.

No. 322477

He's unliked and unsubscribed from all the little girl videos and channels. Good thing we have the archive.

You can't hide your tracks from us, Jonny :^)

No. 322478

Lol how would a man be best to advise a child how to use a tampon? What a pervert
>I'm just a girl like you
>obsessed with other people's vaginas just like every girl!!

No. 322479

This doesn't even slightly look like a woman.

No. 322482

This sounds like a fucking alien from mars asking a human for advice. He should be in a home
>dry up underwear

Excuse me?

No. 322483

File: 1541760890586.png (245.74 KB, 340x694, example.png)

He sounds so excited about seeing naked women and children. He specifically asks if he'll see a vagina in the changing room and focuses a lot on the age of the people he's sharing the bathroom with. Try to tell me that he's not fetishising children and women at the gym. This is excluding how he fetishises periods and using sanitary products. How the fuck is he still allowed to live?

No. 322494

This 6 month old warning post about him is starting to circulate again. The women have been aware that he is the same person who is suing working class female estheticians.


This guy is a psychopath and I'm so glad he's getting exposed.

No. 322497

>would I go into the stall and help her?

Erm…obviously not. Women don't even do that, why would somebody with a dick do it? If he's so fucking concerned, why doesn't he carry around the little instructions paper from the tampon box instead of preparing himself to be a creep?

No. 322509

It's so damn obvious he is trying to become a predator. He sounds like the type of men who molest their own child or stepchild and lie and tell them it was just "a game" or some shit. Or how the gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar would molest the gymnasts by acting like it was part of a routine physical. He's deliberately trying to mask his behavior as something kind or well meaning and it's fucking sickening. I assume his story about the young girl is fake because I have a hard time believing he would tell a little girl's mother he did all that without her calling the cops. Especially with him looking the way he looks (A MAN).

No. 322512


No. 322513

Oh noo… I read them all earlier and they were damning as hell. I'm guessing he's issuing takedowns on all the (and there's a lot) evidence of his obvious fetish for children

No. 322515

I hope that anon has a backup

No. 322516

The story was about someone else, the person he was speaking to who made the screencaps. You'd definitely call the cops if a guy announced he was in the stall with your child. Also agreed with the rest of your post.

No. 322519

Thankfully when you click on the archived copy link, all the caps are there

No. 322520

So he admits there he's a member of a "girls' gym" (the freak doesn't even call it a women's gym). No place is safe for us to get away from perverts. The law now has protections for them to see us changing in locker rooms and apparently we aren't allowed to decline waxing their male genitals either thanks to transgender discrimination laws.

No. 322521

I hate how he kept saying so how many pussies will I see? Calling vaginas pussies when you’re supposed to apparently be a woman is laughable

No. 322522

Am I reading too much into this, or is it kinda telling how often they use the word "girl" instead of "woman"? Most women I've known (at least the ones over the age of 25) rarely call themselves girls unless in a really lighthearted and playful context, but troons are almost always "girls" and "gals", no matter how old they are. FTMs do this quite often too, they're "boys" instead of "men".

No. 322524

No anon, it sticks out to me too. I've noticed they rarely emulate women their own age, they fantasize about being way younger which is disturbing

No. 322527

Yeah this is a huge thing. The only other example of people doing this is in trashy magazines/tabloids when they call grown women "girls" if they want to praise them but "women" when they want to degrade them. It's totally for fetishistic reasons and when someone is a "girl" you'll let silly behaviour and mistakes slide way easier than if she's called a "woman". Even women who are self-conscious of their age still call themselves "women" because it'd be embarrassing to call yourself a "girl" when you're no longer a teenager. But still I see reports from shitty sources where they'll call a 28 year old woman a "girl" and you just know a man has written it.

No. 322543

It's funny how TIMs usually call lesbians "vagina fetishists" when it's actually them. They really project a lot

No. 322562

They can call me a vagina fetishist all they want.they still won't ever have a real woman's reproductive system or be a real woman. Ever.

No. 322563

Wtf is this shit??

No. 322565

It pisses me off because I work with a lot of women and on the rare occasion they'll (or I will) ask for a pad. it happens. It isn't s bonding thing or intimate thing these trannies are disgusting. If you are a man and ask for a pad, I will laugh in your face and ask why?

No. 322568

we don't need to fucking imagine, it's called fucking hentai.

No. 322580

also deleted this

No. 322581

Has anybody ever called a gay man a penis fetishist? If so, I rarely ever hear it compared to vagina fetishist. Troons love to brag about their girl cocks too, but the moment a woman says vagina it's shunned.

No. 322582

Fuck seriously? Why is this creep being protected!?

No. 322583


The OP said they're going to reupload some of the screenshots

No. 322585

i think tims are a lot more delusional and unhinged than tifs. women are socialiased to be more timid. also, i cant imagine a woman calling a gay man a penis fetishist going down too well.

No. 322588

File: 1541782259823.jpg (73.46 KB, 769x1024, IMG_20181109_105051.jpg)

Chelsea Manning has those post surgery bloodshot troon eyes

No. 322589

Bradley Manning is a traitor and I can't believe tax payers had to pay for his bullshit surgery to get his dick chopped off.

No. 322591

He doesn't even remotely look like a woman lol

Noice. I'm fetching my popcorns.

No. 322594

ok off-topic but wtf is going on at /r/drama? I don't remember it being so … weirdly alt-right. didn't it used to be just normal?

No. 322595

Why do TIMs always look like this? Also they never have chins kek

No. 322596

Man like, when I've used gyms I've done it after work and changed before and after so I'm not super familiar with locker rooms. But from the times I've spent in them, there isn't…….a ton of nudity? I mean like, maybe briefly when you take your towel off post-shower to change but at most it's like 20 seconds? We're not all swanning around naked, cooing over each other and giggling? Even when I've been there with friends, chatting while we change or whatever, it's brief and we're mostly looking at….our clothes, not fucking laser-focusing onto each other's crotches to glimpse a tampon string or whatever the hell????

The disgusting way this dude cloaks his obvious boner and fetish for little girls and periods in this saccharine "concern," his ~just wanting to be helpful uwu~, this obsession w/ "bonding" w/ women in the bathroom like we're throwing parties in there……….it's like, join a fucking book club or something if you want that? But then you realize he doesn't want that. He wants the fetish. He's just such a fucking slimy lying scumbag about it. How fucking gross do you have to be to think a little girl would ever want some strange man's fingers """""helping""""" her put a tampon in

No. 322597

Woah, tf is going on? Second evidence link related to this troon gets baleeted in a matter of few hours after being posted here

No. 322602

File: 1541784699418.jpg (48.6 KB, 314x559, 2719eba2823046bda6077cc988ebf9…)

Archives of this link here for anyone who didn't notice the archived copy option: https://archive.is/20181109083015/https://www.yogile.com/pedojyaniv

Pic related. This creepy motherfucker is a good for nothing predator and nothing else.

No. 322603

Let me tell you this– /r/Drama is one of the most malevolent, cruel, coldhearted online communities you'll ever find, and even as a supporter of free speech it appalls me that Reddit would allow such a vile, festering hub of bigotry and sadism to exist. You think [slur]town was bad? That subreddit, if you pick up on the dog-whistles (and many don't even bother with that– say want you want about Stormfront, at least it bans "n[slur]"), will reveal itself to you as Reddit's number one hub for the web's most hardened Nazis, Klansmen, Fascists, and Gamergaters. You'll notice on the sidebar that it encourages members to be as dramatic as possible. That's intentional. They encourage arguments in the comments section. That's intentional. You know the Three Minute Hate (it's from this underrated book 1985, give it a read, it's scary how much it parallels our society)? It's like that, they want to stoke the flames of reactionary rage so they continue to dogpile every progressive and minority who enters the subreddit, normalizing these evil feelings. They brigade from subreddit to subreddit, having an entire cabal of mods spanning hundreds of communities, gaslighting lived experiences of the oppressed and unashamedly bolstering Reddit's homegrown white supremacy movement. They've kink-shamed hundreds of people too, some even… to death. I fear that /r/drama may be producing an entire army of Dylann Roofs and Elliot Rogers, and I highly suggest that nobody dares visit that horrible subreddit, lest you potentially fall victim to its corruptive aura.

No. 322605

Yeah that’s what I’ve noticed too, idk why this troon thinks women’s locker rooms involve women having a good ol’ time being naked with each other lol. There’s usually hardly anyone in the locker room to begin with because people going to the gym aren’t there to socialize in the locker room, they’re there to exercise. Also, I think a lot of women wear their workout clothes to the gym and don’t change unless they’re coming from/going to work. I know when I use the locker room it’s just to put my stuff in a locker so I don’t have to carry it around with me, like my purse and whatnot. This TIM really needs a reality check lol.

No. 322606

I remember when I was around 12-14 and some girl my age approached me online, sending me messages saying that she doesn't have many friends and would like to get to know me because I seem "cool". She instantly went into talking about her hobby, swimming. Only focusing way more into intimate experiences regarding swimming suits, changing rooms, showers and saunas at the pool. For whatever reason it made me really uncomfortable, so I didn't reply to her as something seemed way off. It took me some time to realize that this was an adult man pretending to be a young teen girl to nonchalantly steer the discussion with actual young girls to his personal fetishes and sexual subjects because it turns him on. He had been called out by multiple other girls for doing this sort of stuff.

This person is just like that. He's the exact same sort of voyeuristic pervert as the man trying to get pre-teen girls to talk about their swimsuits. This information should be spread far and fucking wide.

No. 322607

Movies and other media have sexualized the hell out of the female locker room. They always show beautiful, fit actresses in cute bras and panties just hanging around half-naked and being sexy, stripping slowly and in a sensual way for the camera while giggling with each other. It's the same way how troons think sleepovers were "full of hair-braiding" and rainbows and unicorns.

No. 322610

There are threads about him in /lgbt/ right now and there's responses calling the OP a TERF lmao

No. 322611

oh and that he's a false flag created by conservatives… yeah

No. 322612

That board should be renamed /tttt/, it's all troons and troons larping as lesbians. A bunch of worthless autists

No. 322613

It's sad that they do that, then show boy's locker rooms as awkward where they are trying to dress as quickly as possible without looking at each other. The girl's locker room was exactly the same, especially in middle school nobody wanted to stick around in there. I really think the media portrayal of girlhood being fun and cute feeds into their delusions, they hate that their adolescence was miserable and awkward, but don't realize that it was terrible for everyone. This is especially obvious with the period obsession, teenage girls do everything they can to hide that they're on their periods, not prancing around naked with dangling tampon strings. If a girl pointed out someone else's tampon string in the school locker rooms I've been in she would probably get her ass beaten.

No. 322618

Any girl locker room I've been in usually all the girls get changed facing the wall or away from each other and it's done as quick as possible. Gym lockerooms I've only seen 2 naked old ladies before and as soon as they're noticed literally everyone in the room averts their eyes.

No. 322620


Yeah, this is one the things that sticks out the most in shit like this asshole's imaginings–real women know that most of the full on nudity in changing rooms is from 60+ years old women who don't give a fuck anymore.

No. 322622

To add to the discussion about girl locker rooms, the only time I've ever seen girls but like 16+ girls entirely naked was with sports team.
I used to train in a volleyball team and none had issues being entirely naked. I was the only prude that went to the bathroom and changed there.

Otherwise, yeah, everyone does their business as quickly as possible and use changing rooms, or change revealing as little as possible. Nobody's flashing their parts around.

No. 322624

he kept referring to their privates as "pussies" and "tits" too. wtf

No. 322628

From what my male friends tell me, it's exactly the same in the male change rooms. Self conscious guys might change more privately, young guys focus on themselves and old men might walk around totally nude because they don't give a fuck. Why do males and fetishists in particular think women would behave in any different way??

And his whole "bonding with women by asking about period products" is so fucking creepy. Who even wants to "bond" with a stranger in the washroom????

No. 322630

File: 1541791702178.jpg (55.76 KB, 540x960, yanivp12.jpg)

No. 322631

File: 1541791754538.jpg (49.16 KB, 589x817, tampons2.jpg)

He can't even hide how perverted he is

No. 322632

File: 1541791824377.jpg (57.59 KB, 523x766, yanivp11.jpg)

Last one. Because women totally talk this way about other women!

No. 322634


>mentally ill pornsick man trying his damn hardest to see playful underage girls with tampon strings out, bare breasts and exposed vaginas out because thats what porn and hollywood told him it would be like in womens locker rooms

I am fucking disgusted that this monstrosity is protected more than the women who just want to change in peace, christ. Let 2019 be the year when we say enough is enough with this bullshit

No. 322637

And every fucking time he refers to women as "girls". He mentions 10 year olds and acts faux concerned about running into them in the bathroom. I wish the cops would look at his search history and hard drive

No. 322639


Ugh. Could he make it any more obvious he just wants to perv on women trying to get changed?

No. 322640

Does anyone know if this has been posted to any of the Surrey, BC Facebook groups? Local parents need to be warned about him

No. 322643

What a disgusting pervert!!

No. 322644

I want next year to be the year so many people reach peak trans

No. 322645


I'm sadly resigned to the fact it's gonna take something bigger. Like an Olympics category being so dominated by them that not only is 1st a MTF but is 2nd and 3rd.

No. 322646

File: 1541793631560.jpg (131.66 KB, 1366x768, My Sister is Grooming Her 6-Ye…)

Here's the full episode on dailymotion for anyone outside the US:

My take: The mom is transing the kid out of spite, to get back at her parents for sending her to a pray away the gay camp. That mullet on the stepdad is something else, whew.

No. 322648

File: 1541793822829.jpg (100.4 KB, 591x1403, cimorelli.jpg)

It keeps getting worse!!

No. 322651


One of the things that peak transed me was noticing how many TiMs seem to be pedophiles. This guy, Tara Wood, Sarah Nyberg, Shmorky, the list goes on and on. I don't know why there's a correlation but it's undeniable that there is.

No. 322652

I scroll through this thread sometimes and I noticed that trannies have this creepy obsession with periods, tampons, used pads and stuff. I've literally never seen any woman or man talking about periods the way trannies talk about them, it's fucking disturbing.

No. 322653

File: 1541794013733.png (19.13 KB, 619x243, 13.png)

The audacity of this creep suing women when he these kinds of skeletons in his closet. Sorry for clogging the thread with this dude but more sick shit keeps coming out

No. 322656

Don't give them ideas (jk, they already know)

No. 322660

File: 1541795652001.jpeg (206.27 KB, 1293x1304, 48748126-FAB4-41F2-8E26-EC75D1…)

I guess my first mistake was expecting better from the Undertale fandom, but of course Susie can’t be just a GNC girl, she has to be trans.

No. 322661

I played a bit already and pretty sure Susie is just a tomboy, but we're

No. 322662

Oh no, they got anon.

No. 322663

This is going to be good

No. 322664

Literally what about this picture is Undertale what the fuck?? Is that supposed to be goat mom?? what the fuck

No. 322665


>"I'm a kind of person that helps people [with inserting tampons apparently???] […] I won't ever let someone hang like that regardless if they're 2 or 100"

Is he…is he not aware that 2 year olds and 100 year olds don't have periods? No wonder these people believe biology doesn't matter, they don't even know SHIT about biology wtf.

No. 322668

Fucking troons and handmaidens

No. 322669

Toby Fox released the first part of a new game related to it, anon.

No. 322672

>troon we've been posting about sadly putting his dick away reading our posts about what real changing rooms are like

I keep thinking about the fact he thinks
>women are on their periods every day of the year
>all 10 year olds are on their periods

Also if the stories about pad-bonding were true, it's only because the women's stress at seeing a big ugly man in the toilets was mitigated by the assumption he was just an extremely unlucky woman

Because why would a man need a pad (because incontinence, which also seems to be a problem with other period-fetishist troons)

No. 322673

Because thats one of the things they can never experience as a male. They dont understand how many women have been shamed for getting their periods, the pain, all of it. No woman openly just lifts their legs like a dog and change their tampon. But this sick predatory fuck has a fetish for it and hopes its true

TRAs reminds me of furries too much. When Kero & co shit went down, more furries were concerned about how the world would look at them than the actual issue of the men in their group raping, torturing and murdering animals.
Trannies and handmaids more concerned about how anyone who does anything bad arent really trans, the real ones are only good and quiet

No. 322674

This is making me laugh…because it's true and will probably happen

No. 322675


He claims to be intersex and have functioning sets of both genitalia.

He's lying. There's no intersex disorder in existence that will give you a functioning dick and balls and a functioning female reproductive system capable of menstruating.

No. 322683

It's not just you, I've noticed it as well. Gay men call one another girls too.

No. 322690

Random but why do people only focus on princess peach? There's rosalina, pauline, daisy and no one cares. U don't get that for the other video game franchises with a female cast.

No. 322698

File: 1541801883694.jpeg (121.9 KB, 764x1024, CInmP6iVEAAp5eK.jpeg)

Found this ironic.
Well, he found his attention.

No. 322699

It's the new game by toby fox that was just released a week ago, I believe.

No. 322701

Of course they don't know about biology. that's why they're tr00n to begin with. I swear tr00ns and handmaidens are the most uneducated people ever. It makes me sick they think they can really 'change' into a woman.

No. 322702

No. 322705

File: 1541802244439.jpg (334.1 KB, 1080x836, Predator.jpg)

Wtf. He apparently used Twitter to get into skyping with teenage girls about pop bands.

No. 322708

Should we make a thread for this guy?

No. 322714

jfc, he needs to be locked up. Notice the correlation between pedos and mtfs trannies.

No. 322735

Please yes, this is serious milk

No. 322737

Really no surprise they choose to label the most aggressive character a trans woman

No. 322738


where's the archive?

No. 322754

Yes please, he deserves to be on /snow/. Someone should post him on Kiwi Farms as well, they’d have a field day over there.

No. 322755

he's the featured thread on kiwi farms right now

No. 322757

Oh I haven’t been on there today, I gotta check it out.

No. 322761

Check out his sex toy reviews. Absolutely disgusting

No. 322767

Every time I think I've already hit peak trans, these threads and rad fem Twitter dig up scumbags like this guy, and I hit it all over again.

No. 322779

File: 1541815545609.png (207.08 KB, 499x458, 1535665192355.png)

>"Gets my clitoris going like crazy"
>"My pussy got wet just looking at it and seeing the power that it can bring"

No. 322794

Just curious, what do you guys think the percent of male trannies is that are genuinely mentally ill and not ones that are impulsive narcissists controlled by their dicks whose transitions are primarily motivated by their fetishes?

My bf is trying to tell me they're mostly just mentally ill but I really think most of them are just dumb creeps who can't control their dicks to the point that they'll mutilate themselves to get off and he's kind of making me feel crazy for not believing they're mostly mentally ill depressives totally without fetishes

No. 322800

I think all TIMs are mentally ill, but you have a good point about a lot of them being autogynephiles rather than actually transgender.

No. 322801

>not thinking someone who would mutilate their dick and put on a wig to pretend to be a woman isn't mentally ill

Your boyfriend is correct, anon. I honestly believe 100% of trannies are mentally ill. You cannot change your sex. A man liking pink or babrbies isn't a woman. A man thinking outside the gender norms isn't a woman. They're still a man.

We would be in a much better place if men owned up to being men while liking traditionally femme items.

In some countries, forcing your child to be trans is a way to erase gay people. the whole 'i'd rather have a daughter than a gay son.' situation. It's both extremely sexist and homophobic.

No. 322803

at least he admits they’re mentally ill. show him the period fetish troon compilations

No. 322807

I personally know two mtf that have always been cool with me and have never been inappropriate or disrespectful to women in my friend group. Both of them share similar backgrounds: they were effeminate, nerdy and sickly(as in chronic illnesses) as young boys and both were abused.

So for them, I deeply feel it is abuse and trauma that made them this way. Quite a few times, I heard them express that their life as a woman now versus their childhood self is like night and day. It’s like they want nothing to do with their old life and trauma, so they reinvent themselves as a new person in order to cope.

No. 322811

Idk guys, i don't think he's right. I think they're just impulsive idiots with fetishes. Think about it, males are already way more impulsive than females and engage in dangerous, dumb risk taking behavior on the regular. Almost all men do. It's a real problem for them in comparison to women, and I wouldn't say the average man engaging in risk taking behavior is the kind of mentally ill we think of when we talk about this kind of mental illness, but lots of average men do dangerous, embarrassing, retarded shit a lot. Either because of male culture, or their physiology, or both, but it really seems that men trooning out is mostly just a very specific extension of male retardation, just with the added fetishistic element, which is obviously very powerful for men too. Sure, some are gays forced or pressured into it, but they're not the majority at this point.

No. 322821

File: 1541824438023.jpeg (1.51 MB, 2731x1494, F4B854EB-E47D-4970-BBBE-AA4A7C…)

Fuck, this reminds me of this one Korean tranny youtuber who made a vlog about how he went to a women's bathhouse and was disappointed that there were only middle aged and elderly women. This is why anyone born male should be kept far away from women's spaces regardless of whether they're ~real trans~ or not. TiMs will always think and behave like the men they are.

No. 322827

damn, he doesn't pass well at all…

No. 322840


it's unlocked now.

No. 322841

Just noticed that. It looks like half the posts have been deleted though

No. 322844


I don't think any actual dox were deleted, just 'lol' type posts

No. 322847

they're all gross all perverts. Do they seriously think only young and fit 18-25 year olds make up 99% of locker rooms and pool houses?? like wtf, stop watching porn you degenerate fuck

No. 322848

And you know what women have to do ? cope and get through trauma on their own. We dont turn into men or get respect suddenly by pretending to be men.
This is why men will always be weak, and definitely weaker than women. They think changing their identity and 'starting a new life' will make them go on easy mode. You cant become a woman to try to escape your past. And women already have it so damn hard, but fuck me if trannies get all the asspats and privilege of men still.

No. 322854

I get where you're coming from, anon. It doesn’t feel right to call the obvious fetishists mentally ill. Being a self-entered emotionally abusive misogynist and watching way too much porn isn’t mental illness. Where I come from, mental illness means “they can’t help it, we should help them and not stigmatise them” which in the case of pornsick narcissists would play right into their hands and make it even easier for them to abuse victims. Back when I still browsed Tumblr I saw people use self-diagnosed personality disorders as excuses as to why they simply can’t help being abusive and pressure friends into forgiveness and putting up with the abuse because otherwise they’re being ableist. TRAs are already claiming suicide and victimhood statistics from black sex workers and troubled LGB teenagers as their own to manipulate and pressure people, so they’re not above this sort of thing at all. I do believe many of them have personality disorders, but mostly the kind that can’t really be treated because they’ll never admit that there might be anything wrong with their way of thinking. They’re just shitty people, through and through.

Though I do feel that “gender” dysphoria to the point where people want to mutilate their body should absolutely be considered a mental illness, and it should be treated with therapy instead of hormones or surgery. Fetishists are only claiming it because they want access to hormones and cosmetic surgery and I’m sure that once these are taken off the table, many of them suddenly won’t feel a need for therapy. I think the majority of TIFs and some TIMs have a history of trauma which leads to them hating their body and believing that their life would instantly improve if only they could be the other sex. There are a lot of similarities with anorexia.

TL;DR I think people who think HRT and SRS will make their life better should be treated as mentally ill, but perverts who just want to get access to women’s changing rooms to “””help”””” naked 10-year-olds insert tampons don’t deserve any sympathy whatsoever and should be treated like regular sex criminals.

Sounds like most TIFs.

No. 322865

Can I just rant about trannies in Korea for a bit?

The most famous one, Harisu, claims to be a woman but he didn't even know abortion was illegal in Korea. He retains all of his male privilege and doesn't give shit about women at all. There was a woman on instagram telling him he has no idea what it's like to be a woman and listed all the misogyny women in Korea face on a daily basis. His response? 'people probably treat you like that because you're a cluster of victim complex and negativity who doesn't watch what she says. Oh, you get sexually harassed? Before you complain about that, you should reflect on how you appear to other people!'
There was also a time he was on Japanese tv and he mocked gay Japanese performers, calling them ugly. He also shoops his photos so fucking much he looks different in every pic. He's absolutely insufferable.

Anyways, thanks to that prick serving as an 'inspiration' to other trannies, there's been a huge influx of Korean tranny youtubers now. They all fucking say the same shit: 'oh I knew I was a girl because I liked playing with dolls and putting on makeup tee-hee<3' yet they'll deny that being trans is about stereotypes. They all just want to be the hyperfeminine submissive waifu they dreamed of having before transitioning, and have no interest in the lives and struggles of real women.

It's like being a woman doesn't even really matter to TiMs as much as how many people they can brainwash into accepting them as women. They don't care about the truth; just how many people agree with them.

The fact that he's considered to be one of the best passing trannies in Korea tells just how much men fail at looking like women, even the smaller effeminate ones.

No. 322878

Yup, sounds like a man alright. In the end, women's rights and women's issues only affect WOMEN. Even trannies have no say in stuff like abortion rights and getting unpaid, or overlooked for a job because they're a woman.

I'm surprised korea is so accepted of this tranny asshole. As femme as some of the men can be, the women definitely look like women in korea and a man in a dress will always be a man in a dress- anywhere. Trannies who claim to be 'women' but can't understand women's rights and we're fighting for are the worst pieces of trash.

No. 322881

>Anyways, thanks to that prick serving as an 'inspiration' to other trannies, there's been a huge influx of Korean tranny youtubers now. They all fucking say the same shit: 'oh I knew I was a girl because I liked playing with dolls and putting on makeup tee-hee<3' yet they'll deny that being trans is about stereotypes. They all just want to be the hyperfeminine submissive waifu they dreamed of having before transitioning, and have no interest in the lives and struggles of real women.

How long until people seriously reach peak trans? It worries me since women are still struggling with basic human rights and here we have these assholes coming out say they've always felt like women because they want to wear a dress. >>322865

No. 322888

File: 1541840555712.png (138.92 KB, 640x480, Untitled.png)

i know nobody except for me at this point uses pinterest for gender crit stuff/this is slightly ot but im fucking pissing myself at this reply on a comment i made saying "LGB" instead of LGBT.
they also sent an email to pinterest staff. what is these people's problems?

No. 322889

God, this bitch. I see her all over pinterest.

No. 322890

No. 322901

File: 1541842613184.png (565.41 KB, 800x927, chow.png)

A student senator at UC Berkeley abstained from a vote supporting transgender rights last week, then took a moment to explain her thinking. Now, more than 1,000 people have signed a petition demanding that she resign from student government or face a recall.

Hundreds packed a Senate meeting Wednesday night to insist that she go. On social media, students labeled her a “horrible person” and a “mental imbecile.” Her campus political party severed ties with her. And the Daily Californian, UC Berkeley’s storied student newspaper, ran an editorial critical of her statements and refused to publish her written defense.

The uproar began Oct. 31, when the Queer Alliance Resource Center asked the student Senate to pass a bill condemning the Trump administration for considering a legal definition of gender that would require it to match a person’s sex at birth. The proposal would change the federal Title IX civil rights law and potentially remove its protections from 1.4 million transgender people, according to a New York Times story last month, based on a leaked memo. At UC Berkeley, the students’ resolution also urged the university to step up support of “transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming students” and the campus groups that help them.

Isabella Chow, 20, abstained.

Reading a five-paragraph statement explaining her decision, Chow told her 18 fellow senators, who all voted for the bill (another was absent), that discrimination “is never, ever OK.” She condemned bullies and bigots. She said she abhorred stereotypes. And she called the LGBT community valid and loved.

“That said,” Chow continued, voting for the bill would compromise her values and force her to promote groups and identities she disagrees with.

“As a Christian, I personally do believe that certain acts and lifestyles conflict with what is good, right and true,” she said. “I believe that God created male and female at the beginning of time, and designed sex for marriage between one man and one woman. For me, to love another person does not mean that I silently concur when, at the bottom of my heart, I do not believe that your choices are right or the best for you as an individual.”

Chow’s politely worded explanation has set in motion something different from the ideological debate over free speech that engulfed UC Berkeley last year, as left and right battled over whose speech was more worthy of protection.

This is more personal, raising questions of whether judging one’s gender identity is the same as judging someone’s race or ethnicity. And there is no more likely epicenter for that sort of debate than UC Berkeley, where student action on civil rights — from free speech to sexual assault and harassment — is part of the campus culture.

Continue reading at


No. 322920

>1000 people demanding a woman be removed from college organisation for daring to voice (write) her opinion
>no consequences for tons of college rapists

women are treated like dirt

No. 322942


Berkeley doesn't have a history of failing to pursue charges against sexual assault. It's the most overbearingly SJW campus in the world. What is most concerning with this incident is the college newspaper's blatant support of their agenda: this is not journalism.

No. 322966

I knew this character was going to be claimed by troons right from the start. I used to love this style of character until 5-ish years ago when this started getting trendy. Now it just reminds me of the worst people I used to know.

No. 322971

File: 1541860190063.jpg (27.57 KB, 400x280, harisu.jpg)

Christ, he looks awful, too. Even after all those surgeries… as Austin Powers would say: that's a man, baby

No. 323109


This is genuinely horrifying!

No. 323119

they want women solidarity but dont give a fuck bout womens issues because it will never effect them. They will never be women. Just men trying to set women back once again

How did korea allow this to be popular? Just for novelty purposes?

No. 323140

The fuck is this shit

No. 323146

File: 1541874885659.png (46.05 KB, 899x284, lol.png)

No. 323151

I’m sure that she’s jealous because he’s becoming a kawaii gurl and not pissed off that she wasted 13 years of her life on someone who selfishly decided he wanted to role play as a woman and change her whole life…

No. 323152

File: 1541875752725.jpg (260.16 KB, 1080x801, 20181110_114800.jpg)

They're so fucking delusional lmao
Maybe she's salty because you threw away a 10+ year relationship to live out your AGP fetish?

No. 323155

Blame libfems for this shit

Nah. Its almost always the other way around. They are on their laptops on reddit asking if they pass while other women around them are working out, eating right, doing yoga etc. So they have to lie online to boost their self esteem

No. 323157

File: 1541876587107.png (67.93 KB, 897x393, rgr.png)

Also, not to say, but there's a very high rate of attempted suicides among the wives of old transitioners. And they are completely oblivious as to why their wives are shattered and destroyed.

No. 323158

Must be awful when you’re a married to a grown man who suddenly decides out of no where that he wants to live out the rest of your lives together as teenage girls.

No. 323159

Holy shit what a narc all I'm reading is him bragging about himself and how inconvenient his wife is for attempting to kill herself, taking away the attention from him "struggling" being trans. Of course he'd post on the MtF subreddit, too.
I hope she left him. Shithead.

No. 323161

>imagine meeting someone normal at first, they seem nice and okay, in love, marries them, have multiple children and then after a while, your husband, a grown man, becomes a woman

How do you cope? Divorce, take the kids, live with relatives for a while?? His wife deserves peace

No. 323163

do they delude themselves into thinking we're all desperately jealous of them to soothe themselves because they know it's not actually true deep down, or what? i bet they think everybody they pass is staring at them out of jealous fury or such intense attraction that they can't look away. kek.

why would we be jealous of something created 100% by surgery and pills when we have it by nature, without having to try or ever think about it? we have what they're paying money to get/what they fetishize, it makes no sense to be jealous of them.

No. 323168

File: 1541877742377.jpg (403.86 KB, 1080x1693, Screenshot_20181110-121424_Bra…)

He's undoubtedly a narc. Look at this poem blaming and shaming her for leaving his crazy ass. Everything is about how he feels, how he's the one suffering, it's all her fault, blah blah blah…

No. 323169


Being brutally honest: I have met lots of cis women I am extremely jealous of, of different races and ages.

I have never seen or met a single trans woman I felt jealous of. I just haven't.

No. 323175

All the ANTIFA troons make me fucking infuriated. It's just a whole person living their life following a series of trends.

There's a local ANTIFA troon my classmates from highschool praise all the time on Facebook. They're so aggressive and always get into fights with randoms from my town all the time just seeking out to act oppressed every hour.

He's racist, homophobic, and sexist but he gets away with all of it because he's a kawaii twanz cat girrl. He was internet famous for a hot second years ago before trooning out for kissing his other male friend during a Republican rally on camera. All he wants is neverending attention.

No. 323177


They scare me. They're so aggressive and violent but they get away with beating up women because "they're women too so it's ok!!!"

No. 323180

File: 1541879173522.jpg (21.84 KB, 390x242, gaykiss2.jpg)

Here he is, in the green jersey. He goes by Emma Rose now.

No. 323191

File: 1541881769843.jpg (43.96 KB, 392x413, UugGGhhhh.jpg)

UGHHHHHH I'm so disgusted by this…!! Seriously, this creep needs to get fucking locked up!

They are delusional, a straight woman will not magically become bi for you just because you are transitioning while dating and lesbians don't want your dicks too!!

They should just date within themselves, but then again they are raging delusional empathetic pervs…

No. 323192

double post but unempathetic is I meant to say

No. 323214

>My wife is jealous of how I look better as a woman than she does!!
Jesus christ.

>If anybody should have been suicidal, it should have been me
Holy fuck how can one say this? It's no wonder his wife wanted to get away, that line alone shows how entitled and narcissistic he is. He doesn't have an ounce of sympathy for his wife.

How do these people not see how it can completely screw you over to realize that your long-time partner turns out to be an AGP pervert? Oh right, because they're purebred personality disorder mental cases who see their suffering as the worst there is because the society doesn't like their fetish.

No. 323226

No real women is jealous of a troon because we are what they want to he come and it kills them inside that they can never be women kek

Reminds me of a troon that posted in lipstick alley that "cis".women are jealous of him. The ladies on LSA were not having it.

No. 323241

File: 1541890383089.jpg (44.84 KB, 669x799, tumblr_ph0ochkDOp1wrwfj4o1_128…)


No. 323247

File: 1541892283215.jpg (850.31 KB, 1106x182, Screenshot (95)_LI.jpg)

I know that the Kardashians are pieces of shit, but lord, I felt so sorry for Kris when she was crying her eyes out while meeting Caitlin for the first time… He also pulled the "this dress looks better on me than on you"-shit.

Reading through this guys post history is so sad. There are so many family fathers transitioning and all wives want to get divorce/can't deal with it at all. But obviously they don't see how they're at fault. Also kek at that lack of self awareness…see pic.

No. 323252

How do you even avoid the types of men who would do this. Avoid IT guys? kek i want to laugh but this is just sick. Cant troons just date each other and leave women and children alone

Cant help but think of his poor kids

No. 323253

>wife is unconscious on the floor beside pills and a suicide note
>doesn’t call an ambulance

No. 323254

File: 1541894850373.jpg (20.11 KB, 436x432, trout.jpg)

Around TiMs, your future's grim

i can't think of a good rhyme

No. 323278

File: 1541899667460.png (77.65 KB, 412x351, 0768 - JlXtPpf.png)

no one is this retarded

No. 323325

Right? There are a lot of women I wish I looked like because they're younger/prettier but why would I want to look like a man? The idea of being a man terrifies me and if I were to be jealous of anyone it would be someone that would be more feminine than me and not less wtf these men and their sexist fantasies are unreal

No. 323328

Maybe because they are heterosexual women who married a man and feel lied to and duped when decades later he announces he's really a woman, and he expects them to feel 100 percent comfortable with him taking hormones that change his scent, his skin, give him breasts, shrink his penis, and oh yeah they should identify as a lesbian now?

It's a rare marriage that survives a sex change. The partners have every right to be conflicted and upset.

No. 323337

I'm pretty sure estrogen doesn't change their skin or scent at all. That's a sexist meme. It really just ages them, makes them gain weight, hastens balding, and gives them erectile dysfunction.

>oh yeah they should identify as a lesbian now?

No? Their husbands are still 100% men. Crazy men who're ruining their bodies and forcing their wives to play along with their disgusting kinks.

No. 323339

…anon, men and women have different skin and smells because of hormones. It's not sexist to say that men and women have different bodies and taking the hormone of the opposite sex will change the things controlled by hormones.

No. 323340

Yep I think estrogen works on a man in a negating-testosterone way rather than an added femininity way. Reduced T in a man means they turn middle-aged at an accelerated rate, exactly as you said.

No. 323341

File: 1541918365405.jpg (34.32 KB, 500x483, Do-you-have-low-testosterone.j…)

Saw someone post this once here. Estrogen doesn't make them more female; it does this.

No. 323363

File: 1541929310716.png (130.07 KB, 1106x670, Screenshot (99).png)

Reminds me of this kek

No. 323365

File: 1541929619978.png (101.91 KB, 1103x524, Screenshot (100).png)

Browsing r/mypartneristrans is so sad. Some of the women are completely delusional, but can you blame them? If you're young saying just leave him is easy, but some of them were married over 30 years already when he came out to them…
On the other hand all the people talking about ftm partners are super young.

No. 323374

imagine paying thousands of dollars to animorph into bruce vilanch but with osteoporosis, heart disease, erectile dysfunction, and cancer

No. 323377

File: 1541933015129.png (157.79 KB, 602x297, main-qimg-c86087a1bc61499e658c…)

It's honestly hilarious how TiMs think additional estrogen magically makes them into a kawaii girl with big tiddys and wide child-bearing hips when the effects are basically as this image shows. Saggy overgrown man boobs, more abdominal fat buildup and shrunken muscles. And that's not even mentioning the mental effects it has such as mood swings and problems with focusing. All the "before and after" images of HRT are always manipulated with angles, posing, lighting and makeup, sometimes even surgery. Pic very related.

No. 323392

File: 1541935713924.jpg (433.03 KB, 1024x768, 5879000371_c7be810029_b.jpg)

what does this even mean

No. 323395

women can't even be lesbians in peace without some straight dude trying to force his "girl dick" in their faces

No. 323413

File: 1541944125203.jpg (1.14 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20181111-144413.jpg)

Since Fahr's thread is dead, I thought I'll post this here. The mental gymnastics are very worrying to me.

No. 323415

It’s a mental illness when they need hormones and surgery to be covered by universal healthcare. But it’s not a mental illness if someone who isn’t a troon says it’s a mental illness, and you’re a bigot if you think so!

No. 323416


>If you are a thing you are the thing. Because you are.


No. 323425

They're so self-obsessed. Maybe the wife is stressed because her partner is transitioning years into their relationship? Maybe she's tired of being in a relationship with a manbaby who immediately assumes his wife is jealous of his new look? Maybe she's sick of having her feelings invalidated? Maybe she's realised that she wasted years on a man that aks reddit about his wife's feelings instead of just asking his wife?

>my wife tried to commit suicide
>I'M shocked
>If anybody should have been suicidal it should have been ME
>I'VE thought about it
>I have to be the strong one
>I feel like shit

It's lucky that the wife survived otherwise her whole family would probably have had to endure a eulogy by this psychopath about how hard he has it and how she didn't think of his feefees.

I don't think men that are attracted to women have any right to "reclaim" a slur aimed at lesbians.

No. 323430

File: 1541952457169.jpg (92.34 KB, 700x501, ss (2018-11-12 at 02.56.32).jp…)

holy SHIT, I went to high school with one of the users in this screenshot, he had to re-add me on discord the other day because his account got banned, "bc /b/tards raided a server I was in". I fucking KNEW he was one of those r9k faggots who drank the tranny koolaid. apparently starting his DIY HRT was amazing because the girl hormones finally let him feel feelings and he was able to cry or some shit. I stopped talking to him regularly after that + one conversation where he talked about wanting to neck himself because of his dysphoria and his fear that he will never pass. At least he's not saying anything degenerate in this screenshot, I guess.

I recognise one of the other users through my friend too, though I don't know him personally. Small fucking world.

No. 323433

>It should be all about me
It's pretty much the mindset they all have. They never think about spouses or children and how it will affect them.

No. 323434

This poem is awful, I'm cringing hard
>rhymes worry with sorry

No. 323480


>“Shouldn’t you have transsexuals in the show? No. No, I don’t think we should. Well, why not? Because the show is a fantasy. It’s a 42-minute entertainment special.”

VS apologized after everyone came out and denounced them.

My brain tells me im a tree. can I get out of paying taxes now

No. 323513

File: 1541973841933.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1223x1619, 3731AF1E-B471-45DF-8C03-3C0D00…)

At this point I'm wondering what's even the point of HRT and surgery when vast majority of the time it seems to make very little difference. Imagine wasting all that time and money to….look exactly the same?

No. 323544

Can people just leave VS alone already for Christ sake. No one wants to see a troon strutting on the catwalk with his “girl penis” flopping around.

No. 323550

Lmao @ lardass Holliday handmaiding in the article, when cows collide. Of course a HAES supporter had to be a troon supporter as well, they share the same kind of delusion.
>"Waaaaaah they're not letting us delusional men and fat women on the catwalk, it's invalidating our identities and we feel attacked!"

No. 323561

Not only that, but lane bryant tailors to bigger girls. If they want a show, LB can create it and nobody would be bothered. The troons coming out of the woodwork trying to claim VS is another thing. Because grown men want to take another models job based on them being trans


I remember watching this vid and how the words "deserve it" came up. They deserve it. Being born male.

No. 323577

the unnatural looking ott body language mixed with the forced high, quiet voice and extra hissy "s" noises are creepy af to me. it's like they're badly acting out the role of a shy female stereotype. i almost expected to hear a "teehee".

No. 323606


God, both of these posts, but especially that first one…..there's nothing more typically "women in a man's world" than that. She could be any neglected woman whose invisible work keeps a household running. This is one of the things that made me peak–I noticed in my lefty college how it was still the female people caretaking everyone's emotions, organizing schedules, cleaning up after parties, no matter what anyone called themselves. And that's this woman. She's doing the same old devalued wifework for a clueless, selfish man. I hope she leaves this guy and gets to have a luxurious retirement.

No. 323617

this person is a sick freak, kill it with fire.

Why do men have such a childish and perverted idea of what womanhood is like? Fucking troglodytes.

No. 323623

>Wahhh I have to take care of my kids because mommy-wife isn't here
>because she tried to kill herself it may as well have been meeeeee

Wow, yeah peak feminine energy right here thread closed gals

No. 323632

Literal soyboys.

There's only one rule. One- to be a lesbian. And men aren't in the equation.
Leave me in peace, you nasty ass cheesedicks.

No. 323633

Let me enjoy my god damn VS shows. I'm a lesbian and i love watching that shit every year it's on. Tr00ns always need to butt in to specifically female orientated things. They have many male things they can attend, ffs.

No. 323634

I wish that tr00n would commit suicide. it would do everyone, including his poor wife a huge favor.

No. 323638

why do you love watching it? i get that you're a lesbian but it says some pretty crappy things about our society that it's on and that it's a thing really

No. 323641

I actually like buying bras and underwear from VS when they have their semi anuaul sale. And it's visually pretty. i guess that's a shallow reason, but that's all I could come up with.

No. 323652

because autogynephiles like this guy don't need fancy clothes, just the bare minimum markers of femininity for their fetish. ever notice how troons always dress like crap, in things real women would never pair together, like a tattoo choker, pointy heels from a crossdresser store and cheap dangly clip on earrings?

it's because their fetish just needs wearing panties and a skirt. and obviously, this guy and pretty much every single agp away from internet angles, the troon smirk, and photoshop could never hope to pass.

No. 323669

i was watching a fighting game tourney earlier and my fiance and me kept talking about how shitty this tranny was dressed. he was wearing a plaid green ankle length dress and a green cardigan and it looked like shit. it wasn't even frumpy in a way any normal person would be frumpy, it was like chosen but looked like he just stole someone's xmas tree skirt.

he also kept making peace/heart signs at the camera and was overall cringe. got bodied too.

No. 323670

Can you tell me which tournament you’re talking about so I can find it on YouTube?this sounds funny

No. 323716

File: 1542006626031.png (135.11 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_phy2tuNJzx1r3dxh3o1_128…)

No. 323717

God, as if enough bad things haven't happened at VT.

No. 323766

File: 1542021171857.png (680.08 KB, 548x1162, troon gang.png)

Sickening moment a transgender girl gang and their mother-of-four friend, 22, batter a man at a central London station, kicking and stamping on him in 'heinous attack' after a 'minor row'

Gang unleashed 'severe violence' on man at Leicester tube station in London

Attack was launched after 'minor provocation' Westminster magistrates heard

Four defendants admitted violent disorder and will be sentenced at crown court


No. 323767

No. 323768


Wonder if people will start getting angry now they're graduated from beating up women to beating up men.

No. 323772

See, women can be violent too! uwu

No. 323842

>I don't deserve to be an addition. I deserve to be front and center, I deserve to be celebrated.
The narcissism is off the charts, woah

No. 323851

>beating up men with trannies
Oh god, those poor children.

No. 323859

Absolutely disgusting.

Also, how do trannies not see the irony in shaming their wives as selfish for leaving them when they transition? They're the ones dropping a bomb about their gender identity on someone who did not sign up for it? How do they not see that completely disregarding your wife's feelings and going through the transition knowing it means you can't stay together and you're brutally fucking her up psychologically is the fucking selfish thing?

Why can't they just be happy dressing like a girl without mutilating their bodies? Most decent women would accept their husbands being into girly shit. But that's not enough for these people, you also have to be a-okay with their Frankenstein body and if not, then you're magically the horrible one.

No. 323860

This. I'm overweight with horrible skin and I still have never once seen a tranny I think looks better than me. Even ones like Gigi Gorgeous who are put on a pedestal for their looks. Nikita Dragun is the only one I've seen whose ever come the slightest bit close.

The thing is trannies are held to a phenomenally lower standard when it comes to looks. If a tranny can successfully pass for female, they're showered in praise. If they pass well enough where you'd assume female right off the bat (which is extraordinarily rare and almost never happens) they're treated like a goddess even if they're not even particularly pretty.

No. 323861


Exactly. I'm plain, a solid 5/10. But even on my worst days I still have female bone structure, a natural vagina instead of a dick or a nightmare hackjob, and a female voice. Rather than being jealous of trans women, they actually are a bit of a self confidence boost for me.

No. 323865

If a cis woman looked as much like a blow up doll as Gigi Gorgeous and Nikita Dragun do they would be ridiculed endlessly and shamed for getting plastic surgery. Meanwhile men are praised for this.

No. 323872

Not to mention, these results are after multiple facial feminization surgeries and you can still tell their men 99.999999999% of the time.

No. 323964

Is it just me or does the kid here seem neurologically impaired in some way..? It just reminds me of the correlation between transgenderism and autism.

No. 323978

File: 1542049608634.jpg (94 KB, 915x263, shutup.jpg)

This was in the actuallesbians sub on Reddit. I'm sick of this.

No. 323979

As a lesbian, I find this absolutely sickening! No lesbian would ever be attracted to dick even if the tranny in question actually looked almost like a woman.

I wish I could use a flamethrower on these freaks.

No. 323986


If dick is so amazing why can't they all just fuck off and date each other?

No. 323988

Jesus Christ I fucking hate these people so much.
Thank fucking god that the only people that find these freaks attractive are other delusional trannies and loser, closeted men.

No. 323989

> lesbian sex is superior
> ESPECIALLY with dick

are we just ignoring the literal definition of words for their benefit and comfort, now? lesbian sex has never and will never involve a dick, this is some fetish shit. they go on about bi erasure and then try to scare lesbians into fucking them by dangling the "transphobe" label above their heads.

why not just be with each other? why are they so insistent on bagging an actual lesbian, or a straight guy? do they get off on that? smh i'd love to see the reaction if a gay man were to say gay sex is superior with vagina involved, he'd be laughed off the sub.

No. 323990

when will scrots understand that being a lesbian means that a woman is attracted to women and not fucking dicks

No. 323993

I had an ex friend who claimed to be a lesbian but was dating a mtf tranny . I told her she was bi in a straight relationship, and she blocked me.

No. 323994

Does anyone have any links on how estrogen affects men differently than women? I’m tired of hearing trans talk about how they’ve become like soooo more emotional and unreasonable since taking estrogen. No real woman with proper hormone levels acts like that. You’d have to have an access of testosterone or estrogen as far as I know.

No. 323998

Doubling up with some grade A delusion.
>i’m a trans girl and it’s honestly so telling that the only lesbians who ever find me attractive aren’t cis, and the only cis women who ever find me attractive are bisexual. just some food for thought.
>just to clarify, this post isn’t trying to say “cis bisexuals are more woke than cis lesbians” at all. the point i’m trying to make is that cis lesbians and the cis lesbian community as a whole (YES even the radically trans-positive sections on tumblr) refuse to address their transmisogyny, whilst cis bisexual women don’t need to do that to seem Woke; they’re capable of finding trans women attractive/dating them/etc whilst still holding deeply transmisogynistic views because they Can and Do read trans women’s traits as masculine/male. my point was that all cis wlw need to sort their shit out and y’all are refusing to do it. y’all refuse to call each other out and the only thing you do to for trans women is put on a fake smile and say “this includes trans women!! trans women are welcome here”. because surprise surprise you gotta fucking Make us welcome; you can’t do that on pleasantries alone. fucking do something for trans women.
>i want to mention that this isn’t just an informational post, it’s a call to action.
>every time a trans woman makes a post like this, we are opening ourselves up to being targetted by violent hate groups such as terfs, and sure enough, this morning i’ve woken up to a handful of messages calling me a sexually violent male, and replies to this post calling for me to end my life, etc.
>i knew this would happen, and i made this post anyway. why? because what i had to say was worth saying despite the dangers associated with a trans woman daring to criticize cis wlw
>we, trans women, have to constantly endanger our lives/jobs/well-being just to talk about the ways in which cis women treat us, because terfs will harass us and lie about us and occasionally dox us. don’t make these sacrifices for nothing. change how you act. this isn’t a criticism, this is a call for you to be better people.
>the fact that terfs so easily found my relatively untagged post just highlights how y’all aren’t doing enough – these people must have found my post through following your blogs, and they’re only following your blogs because you are not vocally trans-positive enough.
>start doing your bit to help trans women today. it’s not good enough to just say “trans women are women 💖💖“ a couple times a month, internalize it. believe it. read up on literature and social theory that trans women are writing. participate (but stay in your lane) in trans women’s discussion and conversations. go out of your way to learn more. you have to do this, because if you wait for us, you are waiting for us to open ourselves to the danger of malicious hate groups.

Tl;dr: Have sex with me and tell all the lesbians you know to have sex with me, otherwise you're literally killing people, that's the tea sis.
Oh, by the way, the post has 25,610 notes.

No. 324001

Jesus. I'm bi so I like penises but even i find the concept of "lesbian sex with dicks" revolting

No. 324004

File: 1542051562948.png (396.19 KB, 516x481, agp.png)

A picture of the transcel OP.
>Autogynesmile: check
>Retarded outfit where nothing fits at all because you have no idea of how women dress: check
>Retarded pose because you have no idea of how women pose: check
>Aliexpress dd/lg heart choker: check
>Weird hair: check
>Calling yourself a lesbian: check
A prime example of a troon

No. 324007

>lesbians refuse to address their transmisogyny

aka, "put aside your own feelings and prioritize mine. validate me."

lesbians aren't obligated to do shit for you. people can't force themselves to be sexually attracted to something they're not, end of story. why do they get away with this kind of manipulation and aggressiveness so easily? again, the blame rests on women for "killing people".

funny how they talk about how they were born trans, but somehow think lesbians can just… ignore their nature, just to make them feel better.

No. 324008


Wow it's almost like bisexual women are attracted to men and lesbians aren't…

No. 324009

Seriously, wtf is that outfit? Literally everything clashes.

No. 324011

"i’m a trans girl and it’s honestly so telling that the only lesbians who ever find me attractive aren’t cis, and the only cis women who ever find me attractive are bisexual."

I agree. It's so telling. It tells me that you're a fucking man.

So this is some longass bullshit that's saying that lesbians should be forced to like these lumbering jackasses and their dicks.
Also terfs are violent towards them apparently and they're risking their lives speaking out. All of this is apparently happening but there's no record of all these many deaths of trans "women" at the hands of women.

No. 324012

It's also particularly hilarious how he tried to go for a high waisted skirt thinking it would give his body the illusion of a thin, feminine waist… but he forgot that the trick only works on actual women, and ended up looking like a fridge instead.
It's not even high waisted if he puts it right below his nipples.

No. 324013

>i want to mention that this isn’t just an informational post, it’s a call to action.
Excuse fucking me? I'd rather call that a threat against lesbians and possibly bisexual women.

No. 324014


“Stay in your lane”

How ironic

No. 324017

For sure there is at least a speech impediment. But the narration is off-putting as well, as if it's catered to the neurologically impaired or very young children.

No. 324024

I’ve seen plenty of dumb and entitled posts by female SJWs on tumblr but they all pale in comparison to this. This is so obviously written by a lazy narcissistic man.

>Hey women, I demand that you fight my battles for me but like, only in a submissive way because I feel threatened when women are too outspoken.

No. 324027

File: 1542054076088.jpg (53.01 KB, 540x960, tumblr_inline_p6kto4AZPQ1rswky…)

Totes not a fetish guys.
In case anyone wants to have more laughs at this narc, http://plaidos.tumblr.com/tagged/my-face

No. 324031

>Gap between lashes and eyeliner
>No mascara even though wearing eyeliner
>Eyeliner covering half the lid
Damn, I don't even wear make up outside of important events, but even I can see that this is lazily applied.

No. 324032

I for one am shocked that he has a porn blog. Truly unexpected.

No. 324033

A porn blog with lots of (real) pussies and lesbian sex, nonetheless. Who would've thought…

No. 324035

Oh, and no dick in sight. How strange

No. 324037

>view my porn blog


No. 324038

File: 1542055035276.png (319.62 KB, 480x620, Screenshot_2018-11-12-15-36-49…)

I was not prepared for this outfit…

No. 324039

LMao I was just about to post that hahahaha

No. 324049


This won't sound super credible because I don't have screencaps (all of them were sent to me on a very old Skype) but this person actually groomed one of my friends. She used to be a fakeboy and she gravitated towards this dude who was 16 at the time (she was 12 I believe) and was told things like 'age is just a number' and other sexual, nasty shit. I wanted to throw up when I read that. Troons really are a special kind of degenerate.

No. 324050

Wtf is with trannies and those heart chokers? they wanna look like 16 year old tumblr girls so bad lmao

No. 324051

They think it's a good cover up for their Adams Apple

No. 324054

Lmaoooo that male torso, wew

No. 324074

Where the fuck is that skirt? This guy has a barrel body and it just looks so bad… Like he seriously looks like he has some disease that gives him a huge male torso without any definition whatsoever and then stick legs.

What is this makeup? Who wears eyeliner without mascara? Does this guy not own a mirror?

No. 324079

File: 1542062004136.gif (616.07 KB, 500x336, eyerollgif.gif)

but you're a man, hon.
(tfw lesbians cant even have their own safe space away from men. wtf!!)

No. 324086

>"B-but feminine dicks!!!1!"


No. 324087

Right here anon >>323341 as you can see, they will never be women, just fucked up men.

>entitled mentally ill man orders lesbians to fuck him or else its misogyny because he calls himself a woman
>20,000 lib fems hold him like simba with praise while demonizing wlw for not liking dick

I hate this.

No. 324089

File: 1542063953768.jpg (497.89 KB, 485x700, desfile-victoria-secrets-8_328…)

Exactly lmao, that's not only just a male body, but a very unfortunate looking one with shit weight distribution. Huge box shaped torso, no hips and unnaturally thin shapeless chicken legs.
>"B-But there are box shaped ciswomen toooo!"
A woman without a tiny waist is still way more feminine and delicate than any troon ever, pic related

No. 324092

>scrolling through it
>attractive women with real vaginas
>"girl dick is cute"
>..oh no
>"do you ever see a girl and want to suck her dick"
>oh no no

Surprising how hardly transgirls never reblog transgirl photos unelss its for asspats. Every aesthetic picture they like are just normal sensual women

No. 324093

They want nothing to do with other "amayzing transgals" and "girldicks", that's why the only (very few) times you see a troon couple, it's a MtF and a FtM, never two MtFs. They always go for real women. But transwomen are women, guys…

No. 324096

i can't fucking get over the fact that a fucking CIRCLE SKIRT is stretched WIDEST at the waist. Only a male could ever make a circle skirt do the opposite of what it's supposed to do. I'm never making fun of shuwu's circle skirts ever again.

No. 324098

>When your waist is larger than your hips

No. 324106

Also it's up SO high. If an 8 year old girl can get dressed, why can't he? If you are a woman, how come it's so obvious you've spent approximately 5 seconds observing our makeup and clothes in your lifetime?

No. 324107

Seriously, I've seen many gay men with a good knowledge of women's fashion. Why are troons so clueless? It should be in their interest

No. 324126

found a radfem group on facebook run by a TIM who enjoys silencing womens views on childbirth.

fuck you, man.

No. 324133

Just providing my insight after lurking primarily MtF communities for months now. I notice a pattern, particularly among the younger ones.

They are usually shut-in types, not popular, ashamed of their looks, desperate for female contact or to get attention and feel wanted. They get obsessed with this idea of "becoming the girl" because they crave it so much either out of wanting one as a girlfriend they can't get or wanting the attention and validation that they believe being a girl will get them.

They enter these trans communities where they are constantly given compliments, attention and circlejerked. Everyone encourages them to continue and basically feeds them lies. They end up so deep into it that they can't leave and they don't want to because it's the only way they can get validation in their life.

I don't feel pity for them but it is a sad epidemic targetting lonely and depressed men especially young ones.

No. 324135

Post screenshots please. Im really curious on what they say

No. 324139

>silencing women's views on childbirth

how the fuck–?? that's gross as hell.

No. 324141

I hate this too. I don't understand how women can claim safe spaces and not be there for each other after everything we've gone through in history and STILL go through.

Men are garbage and the handmaidens who demand lesbians love them are sexist and horrible. I don't like dick and lesbians dont fucking like dick. Period

No. 324143

File: 1542071136811.png (236.46 KB, 1680x714, shiggy diggy.png)


A collection of comments from the thread.

No. 324148


Are TiM self-aware? He criticizes "cis men" for having an opinion that has nothing to do with them… yet he's doing the same shit. Do they read what they type EVER?

No. 324155

lol no one with any sort of self-awareness would become trans, anon.

No. 324178

File: 1542078875962.jpg (739.31 KB, 1080x1706, _201357.jpg)

It figures he has this on his FB pics. I censored it because the girls depicted look way too young and creeped me out.

No. 324181

>censored it

that's kind of weirder than the post, anon.

No. 324183

I felt grossed out by it. Figured I'd point it out that yet another tranny thinks young girls get naked together in the bathroom. Maybe he'd say it's a joke but you can't tell these days with trannies

No. 324307

The bright side is that all these losers are sterilizing themselves. It's like eugenics

No. 324396

Why do these guys always still wear men's glasses post transition? They both got new glasses inbetween these photos being taken. I don't understand it, chunky frames just make your face look more angular.

No. 324409

>participate (but stay in your lane) in trans women’s discussion and conversations
Troons always shove themselves into any women space and topic, will talk over women, will make women issues about themselves, but women must stay in their lane my dudes.
I bet this dude was going to say "stay in the kitchen"

No. 324448

This just came up in my recommended videos. It's from a year ago but it's pretty interesting. The people being interviewed seem to be right wing conservatives but I was agreeing with them up until Schofield brought up homosexuality. He was extremely unfair and outright hostile towards them.

No. 324548

I've noticed male trannies do this a few times, it definitely seems like physiologic autogynephilia. If "orgasmic birth" exists, it only occurs for a very small percentage of women. The reality of childbirth has always been extremely painful and potentially deadly for the majority of women even with the advent of modern medicine, it's pretty disgusting that they sexualize childbirth so much.

No. 324559

File: 1542146230557.jpg (45.73 KB, 618x412, Martin-Shkreli.jpg)

I've seen that look before.

No. 324571

All this is so awful and so selfish for the children. Surrogates and adoption are a better idea, but these men will stop at nothing for their fetishes . So unethical. I hate the world.

No. 324610

Orgasmic birth sounds so fucking made up by men. fuck that bullshit. Every mother i have ever spoken to (i'm in my 30s, so i know a few) have said it was extremely painful and even with meds, they wanted to die.

No. 324652

I think guys hear that some women, because of hormones and blood flow, are sometimes more orgasmic in the early stages of pregnancy and just assume it must last all the way through to the time the baby comes. Also that whole thing about sex being able to induce labor. They're just dumb enough to think that if it works for some women it will work for all.

Most doulas will stress heavily that it's possible but not a given.

No. 324667


i think it has to do with a sudden spasm in your nerves while having the baby but i doubt it would be like an orgasm.

i had my child naturally into a water bath with a midwife, and while that shit hurt a fuckload, it does also feel kind of weird (?) but in like a spiritual way, like it was the first time i felt like my instincts kicked in.

(also before anyone bitches at me, natural childbirths are just as safe as any other way when working with a good midwife. most maternal deaths occurred due to lack of knowledge and poor or non-existent aftercare) sorry. i just got really annoyed at the pregnancy thread on /g/ with all it's misinformation and bawwing about how women need to use modern medicine etc.

No. 324712

Agree with you. I don't see how laying on your back, pushing against gravity & cutting your perineum is any safer than having a natural birth.

No. 324719


Tbh i'd prefer to go to a birthing centre that just has female midwives who listen to what you need rather than being stuffed on a bed

being on your back makes it easier for the OBGYN (in history, used to be men)

No. 324723

I think some kind of middle ground would be ideal. Hospitals or birthing centers allowing women do have more variety with position, as long as it’s not a risky birth, and more transparency and freedom with medicine (or lack of) and doctors/nurses over involvement. I agree the current way we do hospital births is bad, and all they care about is profit, but giving birth at home alone or with some unqualified hippie is risky. It would be ideal to be somewhere with all the equipment and life saving intervention if something goes wrong, but to have the freedom of being at home.

No. 324733

It's only America who thinks midwives are hippie new age bs, the rest of the world sees them as respected medical professionals. In northern Europe most women give birth with midwives only and doctors are only called if needed.

No. 324755

I'm bi and I would never fuck a troon. Troons are instantly a turn off for the mere fact they are troons.

I want my penis and vagina attached to mentally sound ppl.

No. 324758

I know I shouldn't get too upset since troon logic is fucking insane, but it's amazing how they can be mad at the only biological women who'd actually fuck them (aka some bi women, none of my bi friends would want neovag or arm skin meat tubes either) because they're somehow transphobic because they don't have an issue with troon dick. It's beyond ridiculous that they'd alienate the only group of women willing to fuck them. Just be honest and say you want to fuck lesbians because it's like a status symbol to you, as it is to all men. "Turning" lesbians is a fantasy millions of men have, just because they claim to be women doesn't change this fact.

No. 324761

I used to be bi and it was the same for me, I remember even one anon in previous threads shitting on bisexuals because "they're the ones who have sex with troons" and I was like… no way in hell I would. I think that troons are universally gross, unless you've got some sort of fetish for them

No. 324807

There's been a few master posts of this guy's shit on Tumblr, including his name and twitter and shit. Showing DMs where he's talking about "teaching" a little girl to put a tampon in and other horrible shit like being disappointed that he didn't see enough nude women in changing rooms, and wanting to know if it's common to see the tampon string hanging out of women's vaginas when they're changing. Genuinely horrific pervert shit.

No. 324812

No. 324814

lmfao you just know they're REEing to each other/online about how transphobic you guys are
I'm anorexic I can't leave the house because it makes my body dysmorphia worse :( please gib free liposuctions
you can practically hear his heavy breathing through his messages. this is why the death penalty should be imposed.
Please be the change you want to see in the world queen. I'm not Canadian but I'd be on that shit in a heartbeat if I was, parents specifically need to know about this.

No. 324816

mentally ill but deserve 0 sympathy like all narcissistic and psychopathic males lol

No. 324817

File: 1542217577448.png (41.72 KB, 855x383, asktg_loli.png)


>fapping to loli incest porn to cope with muh lost girlhood

No. 324818


I swear it's like you scratch a MtF and a pedophile bleeds.

No. 324819

File: 1542217610973.png (51.23 KB, 892x466, asktg_loli2.png)

No. 324820

Remember anon, those arent REAL trannies. Real trannines are suffering 24/7 from violent terfs, getting murdered everyday and being quiet perfect people uwu

No. 324823

File: 1542218167612.png (41.69 KB, 685x286, mumsnet.png)

So the Mumsnet thread on Jonathan Yaniv has been taken down.
This was also the highest google hit on the story when you searched his name.

No. 324827


He can try threatening legal action as much as he wants but KF won't take their own thread on him down kek.

It doesn't matter anymore. The cat is out of the bag. Women have begun warning each other about this creep. Men underestimate how much women warn each other.

No. 324829

File: 1542219589478.jpeg (86.08 KB, 434x700, 1AE9F344-BE24-487B-BB69-D41F84…)

No. 324834

How does this creep manage to take down every single photo album, facebook post and even forum thread about him? Not even the Mostrengas managed to do so much. Who's protecting him?

No. 324838

File: 1542220773527.jpg (34.68 KB, 500x640, AAHHAHAHAHAHAHA.jpg)

No. 324841

File: 1542221113914.jpg (10.25 KB, 275x155, 1534079974343.jpg)

>"most sane people agree with me"
>"this is a fact"

>those poll results

This kills the troon

No. 324845

sorry to spoil your fun but it's a parody account

No. 324847

Then it kills the 10% who voted "Yes"

No. 324862

Facts are not the same as 'muh fee's fees' opinions

And rofl at those poll results.

No. 324906

i've listened to someone who identifies as genderfluid and stuff she said was like "i knew that i was genderfluid when i was 6, i just didn't have the vocabulary to describe it. sometimes i liked to appear feminine but i hated dolls, i liked cartoons and video games that were aimed at boys. i used to have more male friends than female friends. when they seperated boys and girls into 2 groups, i didn't know where to stand"

i don't care if a man or woman doesn't want to fit in to stereotypes or wants to be feminine/masculine, a feminine man is still a man, a masculine woman is still a woman. i think these non-binary, genderfluid and the alikes are just feeding into what they claim to be against. they get mad at the gender stereotypes but also associate everything with them, no one cares if you want to dress up in men's or women's clothes, you are still biologically female, the way you feel insulted for being called a woman makes you look pathetic.

No. 324921

my friend's husband came out as trans last year and now i cannot even hang out with her without husband ruining our whole dynamic by trying to be "one of the girls." he drunkenly confessed to me a few years ago that he was jealous of the bond his wife and i had and it feels like he's trying to replicate that with me but it's so unnatural and makes me uncomfortable. i love my friend so much but i don't want to cozy up to her hairy husband in a dress and thigh high socks.

No. 324925

Every genderfluid/enby I’ve ever talked to has been a huge hypocrite. I have a particularly bad one on FB and I had to mute her because her daily nonsense was driving me crazy.
>“Women don’t have to shave their body hair! Down with the patriarchy!”
~*one day later*~ (not an exaggeration):
>posts makeup-less selfie in tank top with one arm draped over her head, prominently showing off armpit stubble, captioned “Feeling really masc today! He/him they/them #nonbinary #genderfluid #boy #pastelboys”
And naturally when you ask her why she has to be nb instead of just a woman who doesn’t like makeup and shaving it’s the same story of not identifying with 100% of sexist female stereotypes and not liking to be sexually harassed by men. You know, because us female-identified women love that shit.

No. 324931

Yeah sometimes I dress masculine. You know what I'd call myself? A woman who appreciates comfort.

No. 324974

Ew that's so uncomfortable.
Is your friend actually ok with him transitioning?

No. 324986

The whole gender fluid/non-binary thing is such bullshit.

Legit, no man dresses 100% masculine and no woman dresses 100% feminine.

>omg, i'm a woman who hates makeup. I must be non-binary!

bitch, shut up.

No. 324989

File: 1542235816033.gif (1.19 MB, 408x230, tenor.gif)

Preach, anon!

No. 324991

I feel really sorry for your friend, but she needs to file for divorce, asap

No. 325003

File: 1542236847690.png (1.07 MB, 793x893, porn mem.png)


No. 325007

If these stupid ass so called feminists and liberals actually spent some time trying to help and prevent trafficked women instead of saying sexwork is empowered, we'd live in a better place.

No. 325055

Should have had mtfs in that meme too. Since they base their ideas of femininity around just porn of women.

You cant even bring up the topic of sex trafficking without liberal feminists REEing about how bad it is to shame sex workers or how sex shouldnt be bad….. when its about sex slavery..and sex trafficking….

No. 325062


she says she's ok with it and wants him to be happy and doesn't share any issues she has with him regarding his transition besides how ~hard~ it is for him. her mental health has been a mess this year though. hm wonder why!

No. 325073

File: 1542239714845.jpg (134.13 KB, 1130x324, kk8gpfv21cy11.jpg)

This is "melanie" kek

No. 325169

kind of passable because he used cropping and trans angles, but irl? nope nope nope. they will never pass irl, when they open their mouths or display their entitled, nerd boy attitudes.

look at that uneven, crunchy hair. petition to buy the agps some deep conditioner and olaplex? i mean, if you're so obsessed with being a sexayyyy blonde sissy gurl because porn made your brain as fried as your poorly bleached hair, at least try.

as per usual, troons would have killed themselves instead of whining about it on reddit hugboxes if they had been born female, because they are weak little manbabies that need the constant validation.

No. 325171

can we discuss /lgbt/ or /tttt/ lmao. i go on there and laugh at them when i feel down and need a pick me up. i might be a loser, but at least i didn't meme myself into thinking i want to be a soft anime girl because i looked at transformation art on /d/ too much.
no one on 4chan is hsts. they are all agp. if you think you are hsts, you are actually experiencing autogynephillic pseudo bisexuality, because you didn't fry your brain with sissy porn, you did it with trap porn.

No. 325176

>no one on 4chan is hsts. they are all agp.
>you didn't fry your brain with sissy porn, you did it with trap porn.
are you saying there's a difference between a sissy kink and a sissy kink? lol someone's spent a little too much time on radfemblr. hsts and straight trannies are equally disgusting agps.

No. 325213

imo, trap doujins are about wanting to fuck the trap and how taboo it is, which is why it's weird for guys to imprint on "trapcore", sissy porn is about internalized self masturbation.
hsts are annoying, but in the same way that gay guys who barely bother to hide their disgust of women are, because there's an enormous overlap.
i don't really hate gay trans, i just feel immense pity for them, because they're the ones that actually bother to physically transition. i just want to shout "it's ok! just be a femme gay guy! you don't need these chasers!"
i wonder what they think about transbian tankie dickgirl culture? i don't think these two groups hang out very often, haha.

No. 325214

No. 325223

hetero men are uncomfortable with gay culture and don't understand it, what else is new lol. i read a post a while back about some old ass troon complaining his daughter kept talking to him about the gay rights movement and drag queen activists. idiot homophobes show up late to the party and expect us all to serve them punch in a golden chalice.

No. 325244

Anyone got the pic of the TRA who was really into enema pregnancy stuff?
I need it to disgust a few of my friends ASAP

No. 325247

satana kennedy aka zinnia jones. he's got a kiwifarms thread if you feel like looking. (the real worst part about him is how much unwarranted self importance he has for a high school drop out that shoves tentacle dildoes up his ass for an exhibitionist fetish and makes mediocre socio-policial commentary on youtube to dunk on the terfs, truscum and ray blanchard.) i mean, i hope that's who you're talking about, there's probably enough to fill a convention center.

No. 325248

bruh I'm a bit too impared to use search right can you just post it

No. 325251

File: 1542255950975.png (12.42 KB, 828x44, trann.PNG)


No. 325257

I'm literally done with anyone who thinks drag is transphobic, while blatantly ignoring the fact it openly mocks women and is sexist as hell.

No. 325258

Women are stronger than men in general. We go through so much shit every single day of our lives and we barely complain. Tr00ns are men in dresses. They look like shit, never pass, and need constant validation or else they sudoku.

Men are weak.

No. 325302

troons would have been fine if they were born females because they'd have been raised female and we don't generally become these kind of arrogant shitballs.

No. 325368

I felt bad for her until ~one man one woman~
What if she were asked to vote to support LGB rights? This whole thing is a mess

No. 325372

You took the words right out of my mouth, anon

No. 325390

File: 1542275972274.png (576.22 KB, 800x857, no girldick monologues.png)

Oh, take a guess at which "women"!

Departments of Diversity were a mistake.


The WRC announced its decision in an email, which came after the center evaluated responses from a survey. Survey respondents opposing the production consistently indicated they were concerned that the play centers on cisgender women, that the play's version of feminism excludes some women, including trans women, and that overall, "The Vagina Monologue" lacks diversity and inclusion.

Modifying the script to the play written by Eve Ensler is not an option, due to copyright laws, the WRC stated.

"We feel that making this decision is in line with the WRC mission of recognizing and celebrating the diverse representations of women on campus along with the overall mission of the Department of Diversity and Community Involvement, in which the WRC is housed, of supporting and empowering minoritized students and challenging systems and structures that perpetuate inequities," the email from the WRC said. "We truly believe that it is important to center our minoritized students and this decision is in line with this mission driven value."

No. 325392

>Survey respondents opposing the production consistently indicated they were concerned that the play centers on cisgender women

So? Let us have something that's just for us. I wouldn't begrudge MTFs a girldick monologues.

No. 325393

Lmfao, RuPaul drag race is somehow transphobic to TIM? Now look at the other side we have loads of 'straight' TIF who are into the show, so they can say 'boy can wear makeup and be feminine uwu'.

Usually these TIF keep saying how 'gay' they are in every single sentences, equally annoying another side of the coin

No. 325395

File: 1542276979146.jpg (65.25 KB, 725x959, tumblr_phujz5NwbT1w4teq4o1_128…)

>comparing declaring yourself trans and attempting to change one's identity, even down to policing how others treat you, which is an inherently self-absorbed course of action, to adopting a child

No. 325396


Imagine if troons tried to define mother as 'a woman who doesn't have any kids' and then screeched at anyone who disagreed that they were being exclusionary.

No. 325397

File: 1542277069956.jpg (80.2 KB, 750x828, tumblr_phujz5NwbT1w4teq4o2_128…)

Some of these points are interesting, though, tbh.

No. 325398

File: 1542277095993.jpg (89.79 KB, 750x925, tumblr_phujz5NwbT1w4teq4o3_128…)

No. 325399

File: 1542277130016.jpg (90.88 KB, 741x959, tumblr_phujz5NwbT1w4teq4o4_128…)

No. 325400


His maleness is showing again. Adopted mothers do hear stuff like this, rather frequently.

No. 325405

Not really, the whole argument revolves around an obvious false equivalence. You don't need to be a biological mother to be a parental figure, you do need to be a biological woman to be a fucking woman. You can't fake guardianship of a child unless it was some sort of scheme, and if you did you'd be caught out and lose any associated privileges (tax breaks, respect, whatever), unlike faking womanhood and demanding all the associated privileges.

No. 325407


Nor would I if I could trust that in reaction the public would reach peak trans rather than validate girldick as female.

No. 325408

File: 1542278451186.png (830.45 KB, 800x1068, pedo tranny cop.png)

Stacey Pool, 30, formerly known as PC Nick Pool, was jailed for three and a half years in 2017 for grooming and possession of child sex pictures


No. 325409

File: 1542278793830.png (462.56 KB, 799x1196, nz self id.png)

No. 325411

File: 1542279066725.png (611.58 KB, 797x1046, people with uteruses.png)

No. 325413

A little video made by Standing For Women about Jane, a woman, an adult human female.

No. 325418

reducing us to walking uteruses again. joy.

they insist they're female and just as much women as us, so where is the issue in "female body"? deep down, they probably know they don't have one and never will, which is why they get so butthurt. now women have to be excruciatingly specific just to not hurt their feelings, which they put above ours in our own spaces. sounds like typical men to me. i swear the word "transphobe" is used like a weapon.

we genuinely can't have anything for ourselves anymore, not even a play about… vaginas. if this was flipped and women wanted in on every single corner of their spaces, we'd get all sorts of abuse and victimized crying back.

No. 325424


It's the nature of the mental illness. It can't abide ANY separation between us and them. If women created a word that means adult cis AFAB people or something like that then they'd want that too. We could be calling ourselves wumpuses and within a year or two they'd be screaming that they're wumpuses too.

No. 325427

It’s a really shitty time to be a gay female lol, I have to hold back so much when it comes to my queer social circle…all these fucking ’uwu I’m a boi’ bitches are just mentally ill with an overload of internalized misogyny.
I think that’s what bothers me the most about it tbh, like you’re that disgusted by females that you can’t even handle a pronoun anymore?
No shit you don’t identify as society’s definition of a ‘girl’, that shit was just created to sell us shit.
It doesn’t mean you’re a fucking boy, why can’t you just be a neutral person with actual interests and talents, why does your gender have to be a defining personality trait for you?
Even after they start hormones they never shut up about shit or seem happy, they cling to any negative comment instead of living a stealth, normal life.
Sorry for venting, obviously I’d never say this because it would make me seem like an asshole, and I do still have compassion for them as human beings, but it’s the truth.

No. 325431

Just read through most of the thread and realized you guys mostly talk about Mtf’s, sorry if my post doesn’t fit
Luckily I don’t really associate with any of those, only one from when I was 17 and funnily enough they’re a ‘lesbian’ even though they were a gay man beforehand? And claim they get their period…
Idk how anyone can see that level of delusion and not equate it to mental illness

No. 325433


You can talk about ftms too anon, it's fine. We just talk about mtfs more because they tend to be the violent rapey ones.

No. 325472

File: 1542292529926.png (430.34 KB, 800x893, comic relief.png)

Comic Relief are getting a surprising amount of pushback from GC for choosing Lili Elbe.


No. 325473


Whereas 10 years ago…

No. 325475

This reminds me of that one Blaire White video where him and his favorite handmaiden JG went around to ask random people which one of them was trans, and most people pointed to Jaclyn. However, you could see they only did it to "be nice" and not hurt Blaire's feelings, because even in video he was clockable as fuck with the caveman browbone, the monkey philtrum, the overly PS face, the broad shoulders and gorilla stance. And let's not even bring up his voice…
They just never pass, ever. A dog can't be a cat.

I've been lurking on 4chan after a long time these days and I was pleasantly surprised to see that outside of /tttt/ they hate troons even more than they hate women and black people. Every single time troons are mentioned or one of them comes in the thread and discloses themselves, the anons there have no chill and straight out tell them to kill themselves and that they're disgusting. So the troons always migrate to /tttt/, some of them to /a/ (you can spot them by their obsession with "loli" reaction pics) and that's it. I thought we were aggressive towards troons, but on 4chan they say even worse things. There goes TIM's delusion of women being evil terves and "the only ones who hate them because we're jealous teehee" lmao

No. 325476


Nobody hates troons more than straight men. Men just don't usually have an excuse to talk about because it's usually not their spaces troons invade.

No. 325477


How is Elbe's story extraordinary though? I find it, and how Elbe died, very sad.

No. 325478

File: 1542293241997.jpeg (74.36 KB, 1162x693, DrjxsyIW4AAmGOc.jpeg)

"Trans Kids: It's Time to Talk"

21st November, 10pm, C4


No. 325479


If the LGB movement did stuff like this we'd be called abusers, predators and pedophiles. Even quietly acknowledging that some kids can be LGB gets us screamed at for trying to convert kids.

No. 325481

File: 1542293825037.png (235.97 KB, 590x515, fakenews.png)

No. 325482

Tell me about it, sometimes I see cute butch/tomboy girls and I'm afraid they're genderspecial or troons

No. 325483

File: 1542294731179.png (24.76 KB, 592x188, 1 Comic Relief on Twitter L…)

No. 325493

I saw that too and it made me kek. Truly exceptional.

No. 325519

>not religious
>the first woman from the Bible was actually trans!!!!

No. 325526

alright guys we can pack it up now. nothing more to discuss ever again.

No. 325529

you said correct you if you're wrong so, here goes:
you're wrong.
From someone who was brought up christian: Eve was made out of Adam's rib but she was still female.
However, Adam was made out of dirt… So if we're saying this person's logic is sound, then this proves that all men/mtfs are dirt goblins.

You know what, you might have a point.

No. 325538


On top of the stupid false equivalence here as other anons have said………adoptive mothers AREN'T the same as birth mothers and that's okay? I have pretty extreme endometriosis and it is likely that I won't be able to conceive, so I've spent a lot of time thinking about what adoption might mean for me. And right up front, you confront that you will not be having the some experience as a birth mother, and that birth mothers deserve their own spaces to discuss what they go through. It would be insulting and stupid and painful to every single person involved, especially the child, to pretend otherwise. And a lot of that onus is on me, if I become an adoptive mother, in terms of respecting what the other parties will go through. To say nothing of how exploitative and abusive the "baby trade" often is.

This asshole, in turn, should be working to accept that he is not female and that female people deserve their own spaces and terms. But it'll never occur to him because men are coddled babies who'd rather force women in impossible positions than risk not getting what they want.

No. 325546

i know you're trying to be funny, but with that logic women are all dirt and all trans so…

No. 325551

you guys are always hating on mtfs but what about ftms? i see so little talk of them here

No. 325552

Vent Hypothetical question. How would you deal with if your friends troons out (FtM), then they happened to detransition later and regretted it? Mine are clearly fandom type and seem like a phase than anything else, but they're definitely looking into getting T and mastectomy

No. 325557

Ftms don't do much worth talking about, it's mtfs who are killing and raping women, destroying women's spaces and events and trying to redefine words.

No. 325562

Theyre talked about often here. Most women here hate them too.

No. 325565

Yes, for the most of insane contents. But a while back we've seen posts from a while back about an FtM threatening suicide because women with breast cancer are more of a priority mastectomy operation than them. Or the ones that go to harass shop owners.

And they definitely try to redefine words?

We've got a surge in FtM for the past few years and they're milky most of the time.

No. 325567

Blanchard is a 73-year-old cis man who was once the head of the Clinical Sexology Services at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, a facility that has come under fire for its “conversion therapy” type tactics, among other problems. He is probably most infamous for coming up with a typology that classifies trans women as either “homosexual transsexuals” or “autogynephilic.” Simply put, he believes trans women are either predominantly attracted to men or predominantly sexually aroused by “becoming” women.

The theory has since haunted trans women, as it conflates the erotic desire to embrace one’s gender identity—which is a universal experience shared by cisgender women—with a fetishistic interest in one’s body. That discredits trans women attracted to other women and centers transitioning around straight trans women, erasing queer trans experiences.

No. 325568

We dislike them as well, but they're way less threatening than TIMs. TIFs are female, are socialized female and therefore don't get as bold and threatening as their male counterparts.
For example, I've never heard of them redefining the male body or talking about their "boy vagina" because 1. they're still scared of men; 2. men don't take them seriously and aren't scared of them.
Granted there will likely be someone who does it, but they're not enough/not as vocal as TIMs.

No. 325569

This question gets asked every single thread

We have an entire thread dedicated to ftms on /snow/

No. 325570

you've honestly never heard an ftm talking about her bussy/boi pussy? do you just avoid ftms entirely?

No. 325572

Pretty funny since the concept of transitioning is so similar to the concept of conversion therapy, especially when done on minors, which means against their consent.

No. 325573

Assuming you're posting in good faith, check thread #7 dude. We're getting increasingly fed up with them.

It's worth mentioning that Blanchard actually does support transition for AGPs whose dysphoria he deems severe enough.

No. 325574


Troons hate this but in my experience it's largely true. Autogynephilia is without a doubt a real thing that many troons have.

No. 325576

If an adoptive mom tried to enter pregnancy groups to talk about ~her pregnancy~ and REEEd at anyone who pointed out the obvious, yes she would be delusional.

>mutilating your body, pumping yourself full of opposite sex hormones, and getting extensive surgery to satisfy your body image issues is equivalent to being a parental figure to a child that isn't biologically yours

w e w

No. 325586

That's why I said:
>Granted there will likely be someone who does it, but they're not enough/not as vocal as TIMs.
I tend to avoid troons in general and again, TIMs are way more vocal, so that might be why I didn't hear of that.
The term boi pussy is as retarded as girldick anyway.

No. 325604

"bussy" and "boi pussy" are terms gay men used to describe their assholes. ftms are more likely to refer to their vulvas as dicks or penises from what i've observed

No. 325610

Lol not really, I've heard of them talking about front hole a lot, we have shitload of Grindr screenshot to prove that.
If you know fakeboi thread. One of them referred to herself as 'cunt boy' and being all edgelord NEET trucum.

No. 325611

i've definitely seen them talk about their own assholes as bussies as a way to imitate gay men. or at least i'm assuming they're talking about their assholes

No. 325639

i’ve never seen bussy used for anyone except gay male bottoms, why can’t i shake the feeling that the ftms trying to claim the term are fujoshits who spend all their time reading slash fanfics

No. 325676

Fujoshits look like a huge percentage of newly discovered FtM (which rate is surging) these days.

No. 325730


Uh, as a cisgender woman I have never experienced something like "the erotic desire to embrace one's gender identity"?

No. 325744

File: 1542322272756.jpg (80.96 KB, 687x645, r3.jpg)

More stuff about JY coming to light

No. 325750

File: 1542323171719.png (146.34 KB, 283x279, pedo.png)

Posted this in the dumbass shit that isn't a vent thread at first, but finally got around to bringing it here since it's more on topic:
In the disgust at MtFs, I think a lot of GC people seem to overlook that many FtMs are female pedophiles.
I think it's because there's a lot of crossover between fujoshi and shotacon fetishists, who go on to become fakebois, who go on to actually transition.
In Kale/"YaoiGoddessKeale"'s case, they're a huge shotacon who used to draw the stuff in public during their early, early-2000s fujo/fakeboi phase. They ultimately doxxed and stalked an actual 13 year old boy at one point, and talked about almost getting a criminal record over it. They have a thread on KiwiFarms detailing everything.

No. 325752

File: 1542323435679.png (403.53 KB, 493x599, 1537124641136.png)

Another example is Kayce Murray Dygert, a self admitted pedophile who self identifies as a "MAP" (minor attracted person). Used to run an IG for autobiographical furry comics based on being a "MAP", but deleted it after facing backlash. Still put out a "paraphilia alphabet book" that included pedophilia (and the "little girl lover" symbol) as an art project under the guise of "sex positivity". Hasn't been kicked out of college or faced any real life consequences for openly being a pedophile, despite several calls being made.
Once posted a comic about owning a jersey that read "SHOTA", and being nervous about someone seeing it.
I have a feeling this shit is pretty widespread, but people don't talk about it as much for some reason.

No. 325783

File: 1542333181456.jpg (176.65 KB, 1676x1288, DsFHZXzU8AEw6gy.jpg)

Looks like the troons and handmaidens have been reporting Meghan Murphy's tweets to Twitter.


No. 325790

File: 1542334989474.jpeg (175.24 KB, 750x1281, 0BEFEEDC-26E1-41A9-903F-774273…)

The Her app has like 20 different gender options and this woman hating fuck is still poorly attempting to trick people. Why the fuck is Liam so set on being a liar? (“Lily” Madigan the tranny who is somehow holding a woman’s political position and can’t politically debate for shit)

No. 325794

>her app
>lesbian app
>wlw app
>multiple gender selection


No. 325797

>that leg

No. 325801

I think he thought he was being really smart with this one but it doesn't really work because mothers of adopted children know that they are not the biological mother and they didn't conceive that child or grow it in utero. Some adoptive mothers may lie to the child and others about being the bio mother but this is usually for social reasons and not actual delusion.
We call them mothers because it signifies the social role they play in relation to the child. I don't think you can say the same for trannies, they fail miserably at socially acting as women and end up falling into an 'other' category in most people's minds.

No. 325803

God what the fuck. I saw this post earlier and thought they looked familiar. I just realized it's because it's their fb icon and they post in local groups of mine and attend AAs. I'm assuming they are from the Fraser valley somewhere. Talking to them at their booth is awkward as fuck and I loathe it. But while I browse AA they always say hi first and I feel too awkward to just walk away.

No. 325808

Also want to add the last time I saw them… maybe a year ago? They looked fucking disgusting. Idk if there are pics out there but theyve gained a lot of weight, long gross nerd hair, and a scraggly beard.

No. 325834

This is a false equivalence.
First, people are willing to call adoptive parents mothers because of the social role but they are not the child's biological parents. If they were to insist that they ARE biological parents, especially in an important medical context, people would point it out and they would not be monsters for doing so. Just like how a lot of gendercrit women were once fine with calling ftms 'women' casually, but drew the line at using it in a biological way.

Second, "socialized childless" is a retarded fucking attempt. If socialized maleness isn't a thing because of this stupid analogy, then I can go get a spray tan and say it doesn't matter that i was socialized as white because i don't appear white anymore.

Calling people delusional when they're delusional isn't unreasonable, even if it's uwu mean. It's not delusional for a woman to adopt a child so therefore we can't call anything delusional anymore? Ridiculous

Same with the rest of it. hurr durrr nothing i do is harmful or delusional because if it was an entirely different situation then your words would be cruel!!!

No. 325849

There’s a video making the rounds on my FB feed about Thai ladyboys and how progressive they are. It literally says that we have a lot to learn from Thailand when it comes to this issue.
Surgically altering vulnerable young gnc gay men and boys to look like pornified women and pressuring them into the sex industry is so fucking woke, y’all!

No. 325865

I'm from Thailand, the thing about the way we view them there is not very fitting into QT narrative. They are not seen as real legit women but they also most don't go REEE with all the insane shit we have here. It's its own culture that's kinda 'trans-friendly' but in a different way to what American trans friendly 'wokeness' would look like.

No. 325870

This is depressing lmao, I have some fujoshit friends who are considering transition. Really don't want them end up like that.

No. 325871

>I’m from Thailand

Land of the ladyboi

No. 325885


This. Furthermore, I am not a woman because I identify as one. I am a woman because I was born as one. I do not "embrace my gender identity" because "gender identity" does not exist.

The term "cis" is a tool of oppression used by trans activists.

No. 325886


Radical feminism does not exclude TiF's >>320427.

They are not discussed as much here nor in social media because they are not the vocal majority in trans activism and because they are not a widespread immediate threat to women.

However, cultural shifts and legislative changes made on their behalf do undermine women's rights. The primary court battle over bathroom legislation was filed on behalf of a TiF student. That this case became the focus of trans activists was probably no accident. A case about a TiF avoids the issue of males entering women's spaces for nefarious reasons.

Did you read about the Brown study? It was primarily about young TiF's.


Terms to do with reproduction, pregnancy, and childbirth were first changed in midwifery and lactation groups years ago to be more inclusive of TiF's.

No. 325894

What the fuck is this person going on about? It's a complete false equivalence, parental figures are not the same as gender which is ABSOLUTE and biological. Or is it implying that motherhood is an essential part of being a woman despite numerous women not choosing or not being able to have children? You don't need to give birth biologically to be a parent for fucks sake.

No, they're really not. This is stuff adoptive mothers hear sometimes. However it's true that an adoptive mother does NOT know what it's like to be pregnant and can't relate to it, but it doesn't make her less of a parental figure. But as for a woman, you're a woman if you're born as one. It's not a role that's assigned later in life like parenthood. This person is just being hyperbolic and comparing an issue to another unrelated issue like they're linked together.

I think I hit my peak trans again

No. 325896

One thing about TIF is that they most seem very hypocritical about women's right things, they would complain about how gender expections are harmful for women, rape, discrimination, etc. However a lot of them tends to conflates between gender and gender roles when it comes to themselves. They want to have cake and eat it too and I found that frustrating.

And the whole trying to redefine biology terms to suit their needs is a further erasure of women's problems.

No. 325897

It truly is. I'm a gay female with a very tomboyish personality and when I was a few years younger during the initial TRA wave I felt pressured into becoming a trans. A lot of butch/tomboy women have drank the kool-aid and started HRT and surgeries, only to become more depressed after ruining their body. I rarely see masculine lesbians nowadays and when I do, I'm always dreading that one day they'll change their name to Ayden and start taking HRT. It's a fucking mess. People often forget about how masculine women rarely have role models or anything to validate their existence because they often end up being the butt of the lesbian jokes and disregarded as not being "real women". This leads to the situation you see now.

No. 325904


"She" lmao, if you can describe cringy MtF is 'he' please to it all the same for cringy FtM too. What an actual trainwreck of a person though.

No. 325905


Kathoey aren't even considered women. They're seen as more similar to gay men than anything else. There are even special terms for men or women who are attracted to gay men and kathoey. There is no term for someone who's attracted to women and kathoey only, because it is assumed if you like kathoey you like men.

No. 325909

I personally just call someone by how they look. It's actually a challenge and feels unnatural for me to call that disgusting creature a "she". Most MtFs still look like men, so it's the same for them with "she" pronouns.

No. 325917

They'll deny it when cis people are watching on Twitter, then slink back to /lgbt/ on 4chan and admit it's all true.

No. 325922

stupid question but i really don't know anything about the topic, can trannies feel sexual pleasure and have orgasms after transition surgeries, like do fake vags and penises get wet or hard like the natural ones? and do ftms get artificial prostates?

No. 325924

one of my biggest lesbian crushes ever, a really handsome and beautiful butch, came out as a trans man “he/him” a while ago and changed their name to aaron. i’m bi so maybe i shouldn’t care as long as the important bits are intact but seeing that shit just reenforced the notion that yeah, okay, it’s no longer acceptable to be masculine as a woman in today’s society.

No. 325928

That actress Bex Taylor-Klaus has jumped on the enby trend. She's a cute butch lesbian, but now she's claiming nonbinary and talking about wanting to "change her body". I guess she could just mean working out maybe, but I swear, I won't be shocked if she starts going on HRT. Nonbinary always seems like the stepping stone for trannies.

No. 325955

I know it's rose-colored glasses and all, but the androgyny of the 80s was amazing, to me. Grace Jones is one of the coolest people I have ever seen.

No. 325961

Seems the ideal situation about troons imho. I would've never reached peak trans if they didn't start saying they're "actual women" and that saying otherwise is somehow comparable to being a nazi, policing the female body and shoving themselves in women spaces. At first it was just "As long as they don't hurt anyone, just let them live", then they started to want more and more and it went all downhill from there. Entitlement and misogyny is the hill they're going to die on.

No. 325964

That's the reason why I peaked in the first place too, I thought I'd never be in doubt of transgender people because there's nothing to think about. Until this current wave of TRA in the 'western' media, having them trying to get into women space, people claiming to be trans to get away with sexual assault etc. As well as how fujoshi on Tumblr starts saying they are gay men in a very forced way.

The saddest thing is that it is infiltrating my country at the moment with people who wants to be even more 'progressive'

No. 325965

File: 1542378692819.jpg (48.86 KB, 474x639, 9f0149dd348457cdb7a4c72f3a2f29…)

There's this model, Madison Paige, who could've simply been a qt butch. But noooo, we're in 2018, it's "non-binary" duh.
What's funny is that in 2014 she said "So far I know I am a tomboyish girl who enjoys rocking menswear and skateboards". Then the era of genderspecials arrived.

No. 326084

I don't frequent mumsnet but it seems that even on that site they have to walk on eggshells in calling a man a man

No. 326087


Exactly. I was happy to give them the inch, but then they started trying to take the mile.

No. 326089

Gender Trender has been taken down!!


No. 326092


It posted about Jonathan Yaniv recently so I bet that's why. He went after Mumsnet for naming and shaming him as an abusive predator too.

No. 326093

File: 1542395720386.png (558.58 KB, 619x681, Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 19.1…)

>I look great
Why are they always so full of themselves? Is it the male entitlement?

No. 326095

is this not the dad from phil of the future

No. 326097

>apparently starting his DIY HRT was amazing because the girl hormones finally let him feel feelings and he was able to cry or some shit.

I see SO MANY guys saying this, are men psychopaths?

No. 326100


They're severely hung up on gender roles, so once they start thinking they're a "woman" they let themselves start crying instead of repressing it.

It's the same reason they all start admitting they're attracted to men and then claim estrogen caused it. What caused it is actually their latent homophobia loosening its grip on their psyche.

No. 326130

Beat me to it.
Troons are in full force trying to shut women up.

This is utter bullshit. Males doing the absolute most to shut women up that don't agree with them and their "girlcock"

No. 326135

His head is massive jesus that 5head. Troons never pass with those ape-like skulls.

I honestly think they are so warped in their troonery that they actually believe their a BOOTIFUL ladees so they can jerk off to themselves in the mirror.

Men getting off themselves by dressing in the same strick gender roles they forced on us.
They probably think "welp if no hot ladies don't wanna fuck me I will become the hot ladee and fuck mhself." But that is never enough is it.

Totally not a fetish you gaiz

No. 326139


They don't seem to realize that women are used to be stepped on and silenced. If they stop us from speaking openly, we will warn each other privately. They can't stop us.

No. 326140

File: 1542399902110.png (301.91 KB, 603x1041, lol.png)

I doubt this dude was the one who reported it, but the hypocrisy made me laugh

No. 326143

He has his own online radio station. I wonder how he'd feel if someone reported it to his provider.

No. 326148

They don't get wet but they can feel sexual pleasure. It is affected by how well they heal from their surgeries though. Some suffer complications that massively negatively affect their sexual functioning, others heal fine.

No. 326149

File: 1542400982426.png (47.26 KB, 607x419, Untitled.png)

It's fucking sad. I'm not even a lesbian, but seeing these women reject the fact that they are female because of the stupid trans/nonbinary trend is disgusting.

I saw this on my Twitter a few days ago, and this is totally unsurprising. When are people going to wake up to what a fake phenomenon this shit is?

No. 326162


Terf Hunter/DJ Gripper, a racist troon who bullies women full-time, is claiming responsibility

Also down is Gender Identity Watch

No. 326166

yep, tumblr. i've had so many friends who trooned out shortly after using tumblr. around 2012 is when the genderspecial era started arising in the furry community shortly after some dumbasses felt like protecting otherkin.
i honestly don't think the genderspecial era has it's hit it's peak yet.

No. 326195

File: 1542406657492.png (316.64 KB, 796x712, 1538263502372.png)

I just joined a Discord server and watched someone get ripped to shreds for saying there's differences between males and females and half the people there were saying "biological sex isn't real"
I want to die.

No. 326198


Same. I was trying to explain radical queer ideology to my mom the other day, and we both came to feel that the loss of 70s/80s androgyny really laid the groundwork for all this.

Case in point–Grace Jones! I remember the first time I saw a picture of her. I had no idea you could be a woman like that. Thank god I internalized HER and not…….everything else. The whole queer scene WISHES they'd come close to her level of attitude and individuality.

No. 326199

>Men getting off themselves by dressing in the same strick gender roles they forced on us.
This shit right here. Fuck. The hatred is real and runs deep with them.

The way I see it, with how popular mainstream media pushes trans, the more people care less about them. The more is pushed onto shows, movies, music etc the more people are pushing back and not giving a fuck. Like that doctor who claimed anime encourages kids to become trans. Got dragged on twitter for saying something they all admit to when they're anonymous on 4chan

No. 326201

We all know Tumblr us a cesspool of sissy troons but sometimes I just type "transwoman" and I'm bombarded by males, a few who pass with angles, androgyny, filters but does anyone feel creeped about attractive troons…because it's fucking creepy… It's a grown fucking man, who decided to live his days becoming the sexual fantasy of his fellow man.

I don't understand where they get we are jealous…I'm disturbed, they are a stone throw away from trying to take our damn uteruses (uteri?) from our bodies and implant it into themselves delusional and pornsick enough to think they can grow a fetus in their body like what the fuck is this world coming to?

You come to realise that troons prove that gender roles are really just made up fap material for men, that's all it is. We didn't create femininity and masculinity, males did, to get the fuck off. And now troons are just the worst of male perversion when they become their own fap material.

Males are just sick fucks and it really fucking sucks that nothing will change in my lifetime, it's just gonna get more and more fucked up as it seems male perversion is starting to overflow into daily society.

We litery have Megan Murphy have Twitter say it's offensive to say men are not women like how long till men just say fuck it and take away women's rights without the doublespeak and trans dictionary.

We are heading down a road I worry about.

No. 326206

Which is why we need to speak out at every opportunity.

No. 326242

I think someone posted about this. It's telling either way how people are trying so hard to rewrite biology for trans feelings. And a doctor who tells it like it is is called a transphobe.


No. 326405

ABSOLUTE blashemy! Francis kill this clown

FTMs might be annoying and BPDish and whiny but they don't actively kill women and rape girls and masturbate to used tampons. They're like a little bit of sideshow entertainment compared to MTF's truly horrifying, disgusting and dangerous antics. Plus I'm sure pretty much any woman can sympathise with not wanting to deal with all the baggage that comes with being a woman.

I disagree with Blanchard on a few key things but I also support transition for AGPs, starting with castration and penis inversion!

No. 326407

Wasn't that crime statistic that showed how MTFs retain male patterns of crime also showed that FTMs have increased violent crime compared to cis woman controls? Is it because of the testosterone or the massive comorbidity with personality disorders or something else entirely, do you guys think?
But yeah also wouldn't be surprised if the vast majority of FTM violent/sexual offenders were bi or straight ("gay twans boiz) but don't @me

No. 326408

out her as a pedophile publicly lol

No. 326410

I just feel terrible for lesbians who got duped into transition via social pressure. I was on that path but thankfully got off it. literally all the TIFs I know who got on T around 18 are balding and have terrible acne now.

No. 326411

yep this was my case.

No. 326414

>Is it because of the testosterone or the massive comorbidity with personality disorders or something else entirely, do you guys think?
either that or because being aggressive, shitty, and violent is a part of convincingly mimicking male behavior.

No. 326426

In the case of my friend he's gay and incredibly mentally ill; depressed to the nines, and his parents are brits so everything is very stiff upper lip. He's being doing a shit tonne of drugs, and frequently talks about wanting to neck himself, but refuses therapy, and doesn't see the point in it. I definitely think he's one of those weebs who sees the cute girls in SoL anime and thinks transitioning will fix all his problems (he wants to forgo all the gender clinic requirements – at least a year of RLE, mandated therapy sessions and whatever else, and just get his titty skittles and surgery to make it all better).

I haven't yet confronted my friend with the screenshot (I've shown other mutual friends who aren't down with the tranny thing though, including his best friend, who wants to just ignore it and pretend he never saw it because "that's enough thinking about how fucked up the world is", and is an absolute coward,), but I'm considering doing it, just to tell him how ashamed I am of him and how he's a disgusting, lying scumfucker, because I thought he was a lot more reasonable/rational than this.

>are men psychopaths?

Considering there were so many people actively participating in that server, even if they weren't interacting with the self harm/HRT coercion/hardcore cp, and doing nothing about it, I'd have to say yes.

Generally speaking though, I think an element of it is that expressing feelings other than angry, hungry, or horny doesn't fit in the "Act Like A Man" box, so men in general repress that shit, but in >current year and considering how """woke""" we are, I think that's a hugely bullshit excuse compared to a man raised in, say, the 50s.

No. 326434

File: 1542469982135.png (28.81 KB, 471x481, lmao.png)

old but hysterical tumblr post of some delusional coping tranny

>and every trans woman vanished from the world, never to return

if only

No. 326436

Agree with second point in that it's self-imposed, I have a male friend who freely admits that he cries almost daily and is generally sensitive.
They just meme themselves into psychopathy and then blame women or muh biology depending on what they want to argue about.

No. 326437

>brainwash yourself for the sake of my feelings
Lmao, gold

No. 326446

What the fuck is up with troons and being "traps".I don't understand it.

Its disgusting, men preforming the worst sexual stereotypes forced on women, to lure a men for sex which does happen.
I have googled why men like traps and honestly there is so proper explanation. It's just another thing males use to get off. Troons just try to mimic anime traps which is even more fucked up

Why are males so perverted? Is there a biological reason. The world is driven by male sexual perversion and tr00ns are just another branch of the male fapping tree.

It would be fine if they just fucked each other and leave women alone but they don't, they are not satisfied with fucking each other, they have to force their dicks in women spaces and sexuality for their own sexual gratification and you don't see women do this, it's only men

Why do we have to suffer from male perversion? Every man has a fucked up fetish whether they say so or not Why are men so fucking disgusting perverts? I don't get it and Google cannot solve this question cause I'm just seeing more disgusting porn instead of solid answers.

No. 326447

He's definitely mentally exceptional though.

No. 326451


Even otherwise liberal men are shockingly homophobic. They feel an immense amount of shame and self-hatred over any sort of gay urges in themselves.

Hence traps.

It's a fantasy for men because they can have all the gay sex they desire but they don't have to take responsibility for it, because they were "tricked" into it. It lets them indulge their gay desires without needing to confront the fact that they want to fuck men.

No. 326452

He's definitely mentally exceptional though.

No. 326454

File: 1542474279106.png (1.19 MB, 1664x1372, Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 17.0…)

Haven't posted here in a while, but saw this and had to vent/get some sanity.
Well, there we have it eyebrows=women. Who knew it was that simple?

No. 326456

He doesn't really pass but to be fair he does look a lot more presentable than most troons.

No. 326458

File: 1542474587268.jpg (154.2 KB, 680x592, DsJWWVhWoAA0LPe.jpg)

No. 326459

Good job grooming yourself man. Basic stuff, doesn't make you female.

No. 326460

That some mentally ill person's blog right?

No. 326464

Topkek, I imagine the guy who wrote this as the Crying Wojak meme, but with a Party City wig slapped on his head as he slams on the keyboard "WOMEN HAVE PENISES WOMEN HAVE PENISES WOMEN HAVE PENISES" surrounded by piss bottles

No. 326466

KEK I know a fuckin of Italian, Latino, and Black men who get their eyebrows done every couple weeks and none of these men have an ounce of troonery in them. They even go get pedicures on special occasions. On top of that, majority of these men are heterosexual.

No. 326480

No, it's a published paper. Link is in the tweet.

No. 326497

it's really dumb. i know literal mafioso that will get their nails and toes done and have done so for many, many, many years (clear coat, but still). this shit is so dumb. this is such bullshit because again it excuses men to just be disgusting slobs by acting like taking care of yourself is 'so fem' and like an indicator that you're about to troon out

No. 326506

When did the idea that taking care of your appearance means you're gay or a woman come from?
From the pre-twentieth century lit I've read, young middle to upper class men took good care of their grooming and fashion.

No. 326507

I read an academic study once that managed to conclude that three year old girls had a preference for toy cooking pots over balls or trucks

Bias is overwhelmingly a thing.

No. 326510

>when your dysphoria is typing

Why do we have to agree with the opinion of the mentally ill? Think what you want, but I don't have to agree with it

No. 326516

did you guys read the monkey studies where like, female monkeys would play with the 'boy' toy and 'girl' toy about the same (i think the boy toy was like, a car that rolls, so just, like, a more interactive and engaging toy and the girl's was like a primitive doll thing), and the male monkey also played w it about the same, but preferred the truck for like 2 more seconds? they also categorized like, tearing up the toy or beating the shit out of it as 'playing with it', iirc. these are horribly designed studies and the funding could be better used to study dogshit

from this, ofc, they concluded that there's some kind of female/male brain that makes anything - human or animal, that's dudely love trucks and hate dolls, and so, everything gendered is so because of innate preference blah blah

No. 326530

>i know literal mafioso
Tell us more.

No. 326628

Since I study teaching I have to take psychology classes. I remember reading in a rather oldish book (already from the 80s/90s) that a study they did showed, that if you were to give little girls toys for boys and vice versa, they like them just as much as the toys designed for their gender. Only when we reach school age the two genders start thinking differently - but only because they unconsciously learned it from how the people around them behave and treat them.
That's why it's completely ridiculous when trannies give playing with dolls and liking pink as a 5-year-old as "proof" for being born in the wrong body. Their parents simply allowed them to play with non-stereotypical toys.
(the same book also talked about how girls are generally believed to talk more even if they speak a lot less than boys in class, how teachers unknowingly treat the genders differently and that the believe that girls perform worse in science really affects our brains in a way, that stunts our ability to reach our full potential. However, it's not in English)

No. 326635


To be honest, I can't understand this one either. There's a specific type of guy out there:

>not aroused by regular men

>aroused by women
>especially aroused by traps, crossdressers, shemales, et cetera
>also aroused at the thought of becoming a woman themselves

I guess the last two parts go together, but it still doesn't explain why some guys have this overwhelming erotic fixation of becoming a woman (or at least, becoming the oversexualised parody of womanhood that exists within their heads). And I doubt we'll understand any time soon, what with the trans lobby kicking up a fuss every time someone mentions AGP, even though five seconds browsing your average troon forum will tell you it's a goddamn fetish.

I think the main takeaway here is that male sexuality is completely fucked up.

No. 326657

i've seen troons try to call their bimbofication fetish "gender euphoria" because "you don't need to have dysphoria to be trans!".

No. 326660

The male ego.. These guys think they're passing AND gorgeous. A below average woman will usually know she's no supermodel.

No. 326663

>you just find out during some private conversation that starts with "You know I'm not a transphobe or anything but this is just really…" which evolves shortly into "You know what? Fuck trannies. I'm glad you agree!".

True. I'm honest about my hatred of trannies, and during conversations most people agree. Then you have a laugh over tranny encounters and funny looking ones you've seen in public.

No. 326668

its a humiliation thing and an obsession with transformation, submission/domination and having power they can never have (female reproductive power). theories about the male "death drive" and how it influences their sexuality are incredibly fascinating, you should look into it.

plus of course Blanchard's pseudo-bisexuality theory.

No. 326669

A LOT of "progressive liberal men" have massive amounts of homophobia despite saying otherwise. When drunk, they make homophobic jokes. When someone even implies of anything related to homosexuality being pushed upon them, they are absolutely mortified. It's laughable.

But the trap fetish in itself is very often comes from the place of hating women's autonomy and wanting something to replace them. Hence why traps are usually extremely slutty and submissive. Tranny chasers associate troons being just sex machines who want to pleasure them in exchange for validation of their gender because that's how porn usually displays them.

>That's why it's completely ridiculous when trannies give playing with dolls and liking pink as a 5-year-old as "proof" for being born in the wrong body. Their parents simply allowed them to play with non-stereotypical toys.
The ironic thing is that these "I was trans since childhood" people often WEREN'T allowed to play outside of their assigned gender stereotype. I've noticed that a lot of the non-AGP perverts had conservative parents who would freak the fuck out when they would display any sign of gender non-conformity, like that one bible-thumping mom that was posted in the previous thread saying that she tried to "pray the gay away" until she "realized" that her GNC son was actually "a girl".

No. 326680


It's because they have a hard time applying their obsession with women to a woman. It's the same reason a lot of men hate/resent women. A mentally healthy man would say, ok I am obsessed with women, I love women, I should cherish them and have them in my life. A mentally unhealthy one thinks of ways to hurt the demon who has possessed him/internalizes it and becomes the woman.

See also: Women's jealousy can be turned into admiration and friendship. But it can also go too far into obsession and skinwalking.

Not trying to excuse it or sympathize, just thinking about the different stages of obsession, admiration, and how toxic it can be if not dealt with correctly.

No. 326702

I was working in a primate lab when that paper came out and it was the big joke of the week

No. 326708

File: 1542508500311.png (1.36 MB, 1868x1202, Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 21.5…)

I went to check if Mallory Ortberg had detransitioned yet and was instead greeted by this beautiful queer couple: "Daniel" and his girlfriend "Grace"

No. 326716

do any of your peers hold retarded beliefs like this or is this kind of shit universally shunned? because it really picks up traction even in, i guess, neuro communities and psychiatric communities and it's insane how bad this science is

No. 326717

It wasn't taken seriously at all by most, others were offended by the bad science. Think it was in Evolution & Human Behaviour as well which is a joke-tier journal anyway. I always browse their abstracts when I need a good laugh.

No. 326723

File: 1542512488945.jpg (91.02 KB, 625x415, 16-times-you-in-danger-girl-is…)

No. 326725

File: 1542512682151.png (104.65 KB, 534x669, lolwhy.png)

No. 326726

i like how they know sex and gender are separate, but only focus on the gender aspect because GIRLS HAVE DICKS

No. 326735

He barely upgraded to unkempt woman so … better than most trannies.

I doubt he really pass IRL but honestly the biggest thing helping him is that his jaw is rather small and he doesn't have extremely big features most men do (nose, sunken eyes, prominent eyebrows, etc)

No. 326746

File: 1542520520090.png (297.22 KB, 1248x1036, Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 11.5…)

Did anyone see this TIM getting crucified on twitter for admitting to having male privilege prior to transition?

No. 326748

File: 1542521317296.jpg (36.02 KB, 650x318, mail.jpg)

No. 326764

File: 1542523712229.jpg (95.39 KB, 640x512, image028.jpg)

Seems like we're finally getting back on track

No. 326783

File: 1542529983322.png (12.37 KB, 327x273, whoopsies.png)

No. 326784

literally says it's a fetish lmfao

No. 326785

Yes, it's not just the speech impediment. Most videos with trans children, you can tell they either have undiagnosed autism or they're just simply homosexual.

No. 326789

File: 1542531431484.png (60.32 KB, 325x877, 84w5yt0rd.PNG)

>She was advised to keep parents and other teachers in the dark if a pupil claimed to be transgender
Just. WHAT. What the fuck just IS this madness? You have autistic kids doing irreparable surgery and messing their body with hormones and you don't bat an eye?

>The teacher, who has her own child, also believes many of those who say they are the wrong sex are simply gay but would face bullying if they were to ‘come out’. By contrast, she says, transgender children at the school are idolised by other pupils.

>‘From talking to these girls, the thought of being a heterosexual female is terrifying for them, but being known as a lesbian is also unpalatable, so they become transgender.
>I think as lesbians they would face more bullying but as transgender children they almost become popular.’
This is so fucking sick and this claim was backed up by the ROGD study. The society is still so ridiculously homophobic that the most extreme form of conversion therapy is more acceptable than simply being gay.

>Carol says transgender pupils at her school sometimes adopt the names of trans YouTubers who have found fame online.

>There have been times when a group of pupils who are identifying as boys all use the same name.
Ugh. This story just gets worse and worse. I'm surprised it got published though, normally TRAs would be fighting tooth to nail to get anything opposing them censored, especially in the UK.

No. 326796

this kid's dad looks like sam hyde.

No. 326800

>‘From talking to these girls, the thought of being a heterosexual female is terrifying for them, but being known as a lesbian is also unpalatable, so they become transgender.
>I think as lesbians they would face more bullying but as transgender children they almost become popular.’

This is so fucking tragic, but at least it's being talked about, that is good.

No. 326817

>A therapist might have good cause to believe that the trans-identifying teenage boy in front of them hates his body because he was abused as a child and feels vulnerable. But they can’t explore that possibility.

This is so unbelievably fucked up. Speaking as an abuse survivor, it can fuck your mind up about your body in all sorts of ways, and I'm sure lots of other people here know that. It's why so many abuse survivors have eating disorders or mutilate themselves through cutting, and a variety of other things. Not to mention that the pressure to stick to bullshit gender stereotypes is making these kids, especially the girls, hate their bodies. It's no shock that the article said most of the students claiming to be trans are born female.

This shit can't hit backlash soon enough. There's gonna be a whole lost generation 20 years from now of people who fucked their lives up due to the trans lobby.

No. 326824

GenderTrender got deleted because Wordpress quietly changed its TOS without telling anyone a week ago.

It's now against Wordpress terms of service to post the original name of any troon. You can still post the former legal names of cis people all you want, but troons are privileged and you are no longer allowed to acknowledge any of their former names on Wordpress.

In other news, Jonathan Yaniv, also known as Jessica Yaniv, is a pedophile.

No. 326825

No. 326826

Has anyone else seen the /r/girlschool subreddit? It's a bunch of troons openly engaging in their bimbofication fetish, claiming that all there is to being a woman is wearing lipstick and being submissive to men. It's pathetic.

No. 326842

Has anybody else heard of My Genderation?
>founded in 2012
>My Genderation is currently run by Fox Fisher and Owl Fisher
KEK sounds about right and lines up perfectly with this post >>326166 same year, otherkin.

No. 326855

File: 1542552202731.jpg (23.34 KB, 275x207, 1454000722529.jpg)

Shit. Troons love to insist that they're "the progressive ones" and that whoever disagrees with them is a literal nazi, and yet their analogies with actual nazis are too many and very uncanny…
They really project their shit behavior onto anything.
>Lesbians are vagina fetishists
They are literally the ones with AGP and bimbofication fetish (plus a lesbian fetish, like many straight men)
>REEEEEEE transmisogyny!
They are literally misogynistic as fuck
>REEEEEEE nazis!
They love censorship and hate freedom of speech, will send rape and death threats in reply to innocent opinions
>REEEEEEE bigots!
They're against science and biology like the dumbest of flat earthers

>There's gonna be a whole lost generation 20 years from now of people who fucked their lives up due to the trans lobby.
Exactly. There's gonna be a wave of mass suicides never seen before, and possibly a significant birth rate decrease since they sterilize themselves.

No. 326856

Oh yes, my ex was fairly active on that one, he had said it was the more positive and supportive of the sissy subreddits lol.

No. 326859


It's because they're men. Projection is a classic male trait.

No. 326864

No. 326908

god what the fuck?? i wasn't expecting to see straight up porn gifs. ffs. there's more to being a woman than being submissive to men… holy shit.
we don't base our lives around pandering to horny retards. most of these porn gifs were created for people with sesame seed brains.

No. 326940


Jonathan Yaniv clearly hasn't heard of the Streisand effect. People are screaming his name more than ever before, lol.

Also apparently the troons are trying to take down 4thwave's website now.

No. 326941

No. 326969

File: 1542574593696.jpg (163.18 KB, 1024x576, woman2.jpg)


"A woman in her 30s is charged with aggravated child pornography crime after she had a large number of pictures and movies with child pornography on her computer and hard drives.

The woman is resident in Luleå and according to the indictment she has held 13 656 child pornography images and 302 child pornography films. This happened until 10 July 2016. A computer, two hard drives, a USB flash drive and a reading pad have been seized.

According to the prosecutor, the offense should be judged as coarse because 1 000 images and 2013 films, with a total playing time of about 30 hours, are judged as serious assault material so children are particularly young and used in a hänsynsläst way.

The woman has admitted her crimes."

Which "woman" in the photo do you think it is?

No. 326970


Here's 'her' youtube favourites:


Sample videos

"Feminist MYTH Busted by His Excellency Warren Farrell - Why Men Earn More - MGTOW MRM"

"Sweden's Rape Culture - Part 1
Sargon of Akkad"

'She' is also subscribed to various other Trumpsters as well as 'Deep Stealth' on how to pass as a woman.


Isn't it great that men like this who so passionately hate women are entitled to legal recognition as female? And if you don't agree you are a Nazi (even though they are themselves an actual Nazi)

No. 326971

It’s the blond autogynesmile, right? Could be beardo but I don’t know how far gone Sweden is with regards to self-ID and TIMs not even having to attempt to pass.

No. 326973

Idk could it perhaps be the giant one with the creepy smile who is bigger than even the bearded dude?

I am so mad at media for not even mentioning trans, just pretending this is a woman like any other.

Btw I always wondered if skelettkvinnan were trans as it was an unusal level of crazy for a woman.

No. 326974


yeah it's the weird looking Nazi pedo on the left, obviously, not the other dude who looks fairly normal

No. 326979

I just can't wait for the dumb tabloid headlines in the next few years about the astronomical rise in violent and sexual crimes committed by 'women'.

No. 326999

So, i thought that the nb spaceboi type of TIFs were the worst, but i just found the world of transmed/'truscum' type TIFs & it's .. somehow so much more sad & infuriating..
These people have the most obvious case of internalized homophobia/misogyny i've ever seen. Most transmed FtMs are 'straight' & when they tell their histories you learn that they are SO afraid of being lesbians that they don't start dressing masculinely or dating women UNTIL they are identifying as men. Like the idea of being gender non-conforming obviously disgusts them. It's an extreme coping mechanism for living in a homophobic world.

No. 327001

Kalvin garrah on YT https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZE5Es57MhQ is also a perfect example of this. Deeply obsessed with distancing themselves from womanhood/lesbianinsm/gender non-conformity in order to gain the respect of being a straight man :/

No. 327015

was anybody else kinda creeped out by the fact Arielle Scarcella, who's 32, was hanging around Kalvin, Ryan, and London for a couple weeks? I don't think any of those three are over 20.

No. 327037

Uh, no?

No. 327042

Anybody else notice the parallels between the incel community and the TRA one? They both call women by degrading names like menstruators, hate women, have grotesque fantasies, sexual deviancy, pedophillia, have severe fixations with “sluts/whores” hating them but wanting to be them. Bunch of other shit I’m too lazy to write about

No. 327067

>man has cp
>committed crimes involving sexualizing children
>subscribes to mgtow, sargon and other mrm
>tries to pass as a woman
>is now called a woman by msm

Vile subhuman. I still cant wrap my mind around how these sick men loathe women and want to skinwalk as them are PROTECTED by the very same women they hate

Because most trannies and tras are incels.
Incels will dehumanize women as menstrators/bleeders because of hatred
TRAs will dehumanize women as menstrators/bleeders because of 'inclusivity'

Same bs. Different tune

No. 327092

File: 1542603048424.jpg (185.25 KB, 1242x855, FWha1fs.jpg)

Contrapoints actually commented in support of them, then he was forced to backtrack and made up a weird lie about merely supporting a unique opinion in the trans community. The threads connected to the original tweet is a disgusting mess of denial but this comment above was a gem of tumblr logic. Sometimes “enbies” are more infuriating than the TiMs.

No. 327094

Do these idiots even know what they are talking about anymore? They clearly do not know what social conditioning is despite the fucking word salad they like to throw around to make themselves sound oppressed.

No. 327112

Oh my god they’re so retarded. Yes that is still male privilege. Using their logic somebody can say “I don’t experience white privilege because I identify as a black person” lmao

No. 327113

i'm just waiting, anon, just waiting.

No. 327135

Are there any Swedish gc groups I can join to protest this shit?

No. 327211

might be unrelated, but i’m a huge true crime fan and i stumbled upon this show called “female killers” that focuses on the murders that women commit.

i got in a few episodes before i noticed that there was a TiF on the list. the narrator used her birthname and she/her pronouns, even though she lived her life as a man. then i stumbled upon a diff episode and it featured a TiM. narrator used his fucking chosen name and she/her pronouns. they also took a lot of time to describe how “beautiful/passing” he was when that is rarely done for non-troons.

because a woman can never be anything but a woman, but men can be women and can be better women than biological women.

No. 327269

I know exactly which series/episode you’re talking about. I saw it before I became gender critical but even back then it stood out to me how much emphasis they put on the TIM’s physical appearance. Usually when true crime shows go out of their way to point out that someone is gorgeous and stunning and such a wonderful person who lights up the room with their presence they’re talking about the victim, not the perpetrator.

No. 327377

File: 1542657496797.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1242x1735, D68DCF22-1A80-441E-9EF5-94DE14…)

Stefan looks real rough here. Proper jigsaw. He’s been getting even more delusional lately. I used to watch him and actually enjoy his videos before I realized what he was doing. Now all his surgeries and procedures feel like an insult to my existence. He looks fuckin awful though, no matter how many thottie photoshoots he gets done.

No. 327394

same, anon. Occasionally, one of his videos will pop up in my feed and I´ll watch it just long enough to confirm that he's getting worse. He´s acting so fucking entitled its nauseating

No. 327398

He looks like Mariah mallad

No. 327435

File: 1542666377699.jpeg (207.71 KB, 1239x1727, 9B0432E7-0AA1-4A0A-BF77-9049CF…)

I wonder why they don’t refer to men as sperm havers or dick havers. Associating women with periods is now transphobic lol

No. 327455

good, good, the more retarded bs like this they pull, the more people will reach peak trans.
This shit might be accepted in SJW circles but normies are not gonna adopt this orwellian speach.

No. 327460

enbies are so infuriating. of course it's privilege because 99% of the public don't know you're nonbinary. even if they did, they'd more likely cater to you because of your height, voice range, weight, and skin color.

No. 327467

It's a shame because he was actually cute before. I remember watching when he first started his channel. He trooned out about ten or so videos in and that's when I abandoned ship.

No. 327468

Definitely not black normies, which are the overwhelming majority of the African American community in the states. They seem to be the most homophobic, transphobic demographic overall.

No. 327469

I've actually seen incels refer to "trannymaxxing", i.e. transitioning in an attempt to make themselves more fuckable. There's definitely an overlap between the two groups. Only difference is incels don't bother to veil their misogyny, so they're completely open about it being a sexual strategy.

No. 327527

sage for tangential but what the fuck is "beauty cyberbullying"? Are they trying to make people being insecure and deleting their own pictures some great social injustice that needs to be battled?

No. 327602

File: 1542709572416.png (245.46 KB, 513x823, dddd.png)

No. 327615


The mod of IncelTears, the most popular subreddit for making fun of incels, posted a big spergy post a few months ago about how TERFs are just like incels. It was extremely autistic and didn't make any sense.

This is a good sign that TRAs and incels have a huge amount of overlap. Usually when TRAs accuse TERFs of something it's pure projection. Like when they call us vagina fetishists.

No. 327616


I'm looking forward to the NB house of cards falling down when it's time to start passing laws about what prisons they go to. Of course female NBs will want to be put in a woman's prison, but if they want to play by the rules that you're a woman if you identify as one and sex has nothing to do with it then they have absolutely no claim to woman's spaces, including prisons. We're going to see a lot of backpeddling.

No. 327619

a LOT of trannies are incels, like mentioned before in this thread. They can't get a girlfriend because they're unable to get over their hate of women, so they decide to BECOME one and have a delusional fantasy of replacing natal women altogether. That's also why AGPs are so rapey and predatory.

Honestly. They just HAVE to take the core essence of being a female (being born with a womb and other female sexual organs) and turn it into something that sounds like a fucking slur. How is trans right activism NOT misogynistic again?

Well anon, we need a NB prison of course! It's 2018 for gods sake! However you DO realize it's transphobic to claim that nbs would ever commit any crimes, they're all soft cuddly rainbow unicorns that would never hurt another person! /s

No. 327631


You would think an NB prison would be the answer, but the females wouldn't want that. They know they're female and they wouldn't want to be housed with males. Not even male "NBs." So they'd still kick up a fuss and then they'd have to admit exactly why. There's no good way out of the hole they've dug kek. I can't wait to see the penny drop.

No. 327639

File: 1542712887210.png (383.54 KB, 640x640, curtisdawkins.png)


better photo attached. He murdered his client at his own apartment, and carried a sword and three knives.

No. 327720

one of my boyfriends favorite cosplayers trooned out and im worried my bf will get ideas. this guy cosplays chicks which is whatever, he can do what he wants, but my bf and i are both non transitioning dysphoric. i just dont want him to agp out becaue we have cone such a long way accepting ourselves how we are and this shit is just… idk. this cosplagp is arguing that cwc is a beautiful transgirl and whoever doesnt agree is transphobic. ugh! why cant men think for thenselves?

No. 327735

>beauty cyberbullying

The most important cause of 2018

No. 327762

File: 1542736873866.jpg (63.43 KB, 449x750, tumblr_oa0ayn1SGs1qb4ewmo1_500…)

So you have a man who thinks he's a woman promoting an industry that makes its money off women's insecurities, and both he and Rimmel come out looking like they care about women.

Makeup companies sell their products by implying to women that our faces aren't good enough and telling us to buy their products to fix that, and then pretending they're SHOCKED, and APPALLED, that people would focus so much on women's appearance online and call them ugly.

But if that focus and the belief that women should cover up our faces didn't exist, Rimmel and other cosmetics companies wouldn't exist. No one would buy their products.

I'm so fucking tired of corporate pseudo-feminism/companies pretending to care.

sage for kind of OT.

No. 327765

I was thinking about it, but if my boy thought he was girl and wanted to cut his genitals off I think I'd pray for them to be killed.

No. 327780

do it urself, anon

nah but lots of people are retarded. you'd really rather have your own son killed than wait and see if he realizes what a dolt he's being?

No. 327786

Nice false flag shit.

No. 327797

Typical liberal feminism. Goes hand in hand with capitalism

No. 327802

Imagine being so devoid of character and personality that you change your entire identity because of a cosplayer.

Not because of someone who is your hero, has done great deeds for society, impacted your personal life greatly, but for an online fame whore.

I highly suggest you both commit sudoku. You can't be sane if you stay with this person.

No. 327812

This. Hopefully he'll enjoy his ban.

No. 327831


>non-transitioning dysphoric

Unpopular opinion for this thread but just fucking transition. You're wasting years of your life trying to be part of the gendercrit cool club and it's a waste of time. No one likes you better for not transitioning and its not some noble cause. You obviously haven't found any other solution to the dysphoria and the world would rather have a productive tranny than a total mess of a wannabe one lmao.

No. 327833

That’s like telling an anorexic they should just starve themselves to death because no one really cares

No. 327837

nayrt but it really isn't on any level except that both involve body issues.

No. 327838

File: 1542752554319.jpg (181.08 KB, 720x888, Screenshot_20181120-161916_Twi…)

So, this was a response on that post. Lady has a son and she's trooning him up at 7.

No. 327839

But anorexia is a real disease with physically evident consequences, dysphoria is just wanting something you don't have and can't get. I have no idea why it's taken seriously as a mental illness when it's either a grass is greener attitude taken too far, or a response to trauma, internalized misogyny or homophobia, etc. To me it's about as legit as desperately wanting to be another race or an animal or a fictional character or whatever.

No. 327841

You’re telling someone to butcher their body because “yolo it’s yo life and you can do whatever you want without consequences!”.

No. 327842

File: 1542752759933.jpg (231.53 KB, 720x991, Screenshot_20181120-161925_Twi…)

Holy fuck. I should not have looked at the rest of her tweets. How can a kindergartener be "non-binary"???

No. 327844

To quote The Wedding Singer:
Sandler: "Who said that?"
Kid: "Everyone's been saying that."
Sandler: "Everyone? You only talk to your parents."

If a kid thinks they are trans, guess where they got it? How does a kid even know what the word means? I swear half of these parents are sickos who wanted the other gender and are trying to force their child to "become" it.

No. 327845

This popped up on my recommended and I was pleasantly surprised by the criticism of the trans movement around 2:01. I also enjoy the criticism expressed on South Park. Funny how male-ran shows can get away with this without calls for a boycott but women on Wordpress, Facebook and Twitter are silenced for expressing similar viewpoints

No. 327853

Legit abuse

No. 327883

File: 1542758507073.jpg (34.73 KB, 980x720, 38774908_7e86_4d3e_a862_fa5433…)


No. 327887

6 year olds do NOT understand sexual identity or gender politics. i hate these idiots so much. That's child abuse

No. 327898

All 58 notes should be telling this lunatic that it is physically and biologically impossible for a man to get a menstrual cycle.

No. 327900

What the fuck, so he gets food poisoning two time a year and calls it a period? REEEEEEEeing with you anon.

No. 327905

KEK incredible how the TRAs have turned into a joke for fucking Family Guy to criticize. I'm surprised at the number of dislikes on this video for being so low. They've made fun of trans characters years ago before and it's funny how a lot of TRAs continue to make ironic Family Guy memes.

No. 327906

Can someone just explain to me what exactly this man is talking about? I just don't get what it could possibly be. He's babbling about estrogen as if estrogen is all you need. Bro, you don't have a uterus that's shedding its lining, you don't have ovaries…literally nothing that could cause ovulation or a period. What are they having that they're calling periods? This is…what?

No. 327910

Just side effects from the perscriptions he's taking most likely. His body is reacting thus all the sickness

But you gotta love how "men have periods" but normal women who do are just "menstruators" or "bleeders" like you cant even say that women have periods anymore

No. 327913

So, he's on a shit ton of meds. Gets queasy from the insanity he's doing to his body and he calls it a period. He just… decided that that's what a period is. Getting a fucking period is the end result of a process a woman's body does. He has no parts to carry out that process but gets a headache cause his body is a chemical dump.
Ladies, he just redefined to himself what a period is. Is that what we're doing now? Redefine a woman, now redefine a period. Is he gonna say he ovulates too?

Is claiming they're having periods something they often do or is this one an exception? You have no idea how confused I am. This is like me claiming I can produce sperm.

No. 327924

i never said anything about wanting to be liked ya goofball, calm down. learning to accept yourself in your own body is always a better option than getting a shit ton of plastic surgery.

No. 327930

A friend of mine linked me to one of Kalvin Garrah's videos the other day. It was a pain to get through. What an embarrassing human being. A lot of hardcore internalized misogyny combined with the shitty fake edgy personality of a typical 18 year old.

No. 327945

No. 327961

So…I'm 19 and unfortunately still in high school, and transgenderism is a topic I'm too afraid to talk about irl, so I just follow the liberal crowd. Anyways, my school's infested with TIFs (and the occasional TIM who likes camping out in the girls' bathroom -_-), many of them are as young as 13 and are either straight females or are lesbians. Sometimes I'd like to ask them why do they feel so much internalized misogyny/ homophobia that they feel the need to take such an extreme route just to get by in life. And I firmly do believe that if gender dysphoria is real, it most certainly cannot be cured by transitioning and finding other reasons to hate yourself.

I have a cousin who's a TIF and managed to get botched top surgery through her job insurance. My entire family is practically harassing me for her phone number (and idk whether or not I'm willing to do that). I feel as though her getting a girlfriend only concluded that she was 'meant to be born a man'. Continuing with the TIFs in my life, there's a freeloader who's completely perverted and lazy, and 100% believes becoming a man will solve all her problems, on top of that, she and her other group of TIFs are a self-hating group of people that make me wanna graduate as fast as possible and get the fuck away.

I dunno. I've never bothered to question trans ideology before I found this board and several others. Yes, I'm ranting but I really needed to get this off my chest, especially knowing that many of my sane friends would leave me in dirt for disagreeing with them on this specific topic.

The whole thing is strange and gives me a headache. Time to go back to calling people their rightful pronouns :)))


No. 327963

File: 1542778167109.jpg (597.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181120-212419_Chr…)

No. 327991

>I'm 19 and unfortunately still in high school

No. 327996

Jesus Christ looks like this dude I know who's 10 seconds away from trolling out and wouldn't stop pursuing me even though I told him I was gay
why do they all have neanderthal jaws and retard smiles

No. 327997

not just parallels, man. they're the same people.

No. 328000

someone else said you should transition but as a detransitioned woman literally don't lol
find literally any other way
dbt helps a lot I have no dysphoria anymore (aside from dysphoria about my voice and facial hair because I fucked myself over with t)
what you will lose years of your life to is tranny bullshit. just don't. just live your life dude

No. 328001

Right? Can men please just leave?

No. 328004

you're an idiot who has either a) never experienced dysphoria or an eating disorder and/or b) knows fuck all about psychology and/or c) is clinically retarded

personally I think all of the above

No. 328005

File: 1542787708302.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, CEEFD155-B07E-4B2B-9603-F8EAF6…)

No. 328009

this guy is so stupid, it's so easy to change specific colors in photoshop oh my god

No. 328012

File: 1542788612667.png (218.55 KB, 750x1334, 34A4191C-1516-4A4D-85B0-AD9D79…)

Yeah it’s not a fetish, huh?

No. 328013

File: 1542788695188.png (512.29 KB, 1280x1760, 103CE81F-61BD-4955-9E9E-0345DC…)

More shit proving it’s all gender roles

No. 328014

This image makes 0 sense, what's going on there?

No. 328017

File: 1542789144798.png (156.55 KB, 540x743, 8340F264-3DDA-4835-839F-21891D…)

Always begging too lmao

No. 328018

Troon thinks he has real period when he obviously doesn’t, head so far up his ass and insane that he lies to himself and probably truly believes he has a period

No. 328020

Anon what the fuck is wrong with you? The past 8 fucking threads we've been talking about how society pressures people who are gnc to transition, and how it would be great if people could accept their natural gender… This person is clearly trying to do that why would you shit all over them?
We're not a fucking exclusive social theory debate club. Your whole response sounds insane

No. 328022

File: 1542789559042.png (188.73 KB, 540x743, 4DD49818-E910-472E-B981-C7CD0E…)

No. 328025

Stef has BDD and no reputable doctor should have EVER put a knife anywhere near anything. It's gross how people support the surgeries when it's clear they're just becoming an addiction to achieve this.. twisted image of what a woman looks like. No amount of forehead shaving or jaw fracturing is going to make you look like "normal" woman since you already didn't look like a "normal" man.
Should have just embraced the face before the knife.

No. 328026

File: 1542790046389.png (240.64 KB, 500x688, tumblr_oy04vaD0s61u03deao1_500…)

>But this mindset of “I’m not like other girls because my interests are ‘boy-coded’ or “nerdy” and that makes me better than them” was not only damaging to my progress in realizing I was a man, but also misogynist.
WHAT sort of mental gymnastics do you have to go through to say this out loud without realizing the massive amount of hypocrisy at work?

>I didn't feel like other girls because I had male coded interests!

>So it was misogynistic to tell me that I'm not like other girls and I'm better for that
>Yes, true
>And also damaging to my process of realizing I'm actually a man because of the mentioned male-coded interests even though I JUST condemned gender-coded interests to be sexist and damaging to young girls!
>Wait what????

pic also related, another page from that comic. It's like she's trying her damndest to create a really bad example of a fetishtic trans person filled with internal misogyny to scare people off but it's apparently 100% serious.

No. 328029

Yeah that one made me laugh. Can’t have your cake and eat it too fuckers

No. 328030

Why all FtM on Tumblr are all like that, telling girls that they don't have to follow gender roles, but see themselves as men because of that very same thing. (Also they hate 'sexy women' art in media because it is objectifying, but somehow think that those 'are you nasty' or hot gay slash fanart is fine)

Can I just vent I'm so annoyed by them.

No. 328031

File: 1542791342196.png (74.18 KB, 631x484, whattt.PNG)

Also from the Tapas page. It's crazy how they can acknowledge the basic feminism 101 but just… work so hard against it. The whole chain of logic just crashes when she says she resolved the issue by becoming a man. Actually what?

No. 328032

oh god fuck this artist, either everything focuses on her being trans or some ambiguously black character

No. 328033

different dysphoric anon here, can i ask if you initially Did want the voice/facial hair changes? did you realize afterwards that it wasn't what you wanted or did you not want those changes in the first place?

No. 328034

They spout this shit because they hate their parents for being actual parents instead of hauling them to the doctor to get them on hormones and blockers

No. 328037

File: 1542792984887.png (42.86 KB, 849x297, 15yr.PNG)

I'm seriously worried about the age range of people in these subreddits. There's another 15 year old who commented on this post, and then there's a 32 year old commenting.
I skimmed through the users who commented and of course they have autism and some mention having conservative parents and repressing liking feminine things.

No. 328047

It's like me saying "wow periods are no joke" because i'm hungover. Yeah no. You can have cramps and nausea for a myriad of reasons and not just periods, shocker.

It reminds me of that TV trope when a woman in a show suddenly puking = preggo.

No. 328050

What really gets me these days is the lack of being able to openly discuss the fact that children/teens might actually grow out of it, or that yes, there's a fuckton of guys who are just really horny about pretending to be a woman.
Like, I personally support the actual trans people but even these days when I see someone online going "as a trans person" I wonder if they aren't just posting their ladydick on porn subreddits too. Like I've just gotten jaded from all the ones that just seem to go "woe is me" all the time.

No. 328052

I work in a large state hospital and my route regularly crosses that taken by patients on their way to the gender dysphoria department. The majority of them are short-haired teenage girls often with unnatural hair colors, with maybe one or two adult men in dresses per week. Usually they dress down, and I’ve only seen about a dozen (which imo is still too many) men in skimpy clubwear over the years. Children under ~14 are fortunately very rare, though it’s possible that they’re treated in the children’s wing of the hospital instead.

Today I ran into a late teens-early twenties guy who was literally cosplaying an anime girl. He was wearing a surgical mask with a :3 face on it, thigh-high socks and what looked to be a an idol or magical girl uniform with a really short skirt. I’m not very up to date on anime but I think it was either a Vocaloid, Madoka or Love Live character. No wig, though. He was acting very over the top UwU shy and walking kind of hunched over with both of his hands balled up near his face. It was probably meant to be kawaii but he reminded me more of a vampire reacting to sunlight.

Even if I give this guy the benefit of the doubt and assume he was acting that way because of crippling dysphoria and social anxiety, why the everloving fuck would anyone wear an inappropriately skimpy cosplay to the hospital if they don’t want to attract attention? Is having his ass hang out of a pleated AliExpress miniskirt such an integral part of his gender identity that he can’t forego it even for his own comfort and that of the people around him? Alternative fashion is one thing but a hospital visit is neither the time nor the place for this shit. I feel like I’ve been involved in someone’s exhibitionism/humiliation fetish at my workplace without my consent.

No. 328059

Sounds like he had Aspergers or was autistic. Most of these people do not how to act appropriately in different settings and just dress however they like as long as it's clothes.
I had a troon friend who had Aspergers who showed up to work in his uniform, but it was always covered in dust, wrinkled, or had dried up crusty liquid on it. He knew as long as it was his uniform, it was fine, but didn't get the part where it needed to look appropriately clean. He got fired shortly afterwards, even after getting yelled at by his boss a few times.
This is why most troons all dress like each other or characters, rather than developing a style that looks good with their body. They only know how to mimic.

No. 328062

I have Aspergers myself and know many other people on the autism spectrum. We may dress odd sometimes but never to the point of sexy cosplay to a hospital visit. Even if someone is such an obsessed weeb that they want to cosplay 24/7, the people in their life will tell them what is and isn’t appropriate for certain situations. The only autistic people I know who continue to cross boundaries like that, especially sexual ones, are creeps who enjoy it. Autism isn’t always an excuse.

No. 328071

This is how I feel too. I've been very trans-positive in the past and almost transitioned myself until I realized that nah the problem was with societal gender roles and not my vagina. I've told that story to people so many times and only recently gotten accused of being transphobic, just for telling them my side of things! A year ago I couldn't imagine dipping my toes into "TERF territories" but now I feel like it's the only action I can take to stop people from letting other people do such grave mistakes.

No. 328073

lol the customer probably just thought he was retarded

>no visible feminine features
Girl's probably 5'4" with a hairless babyface and child bearing hips lol. Also if I saw someone wearing a he/him pin id play ignorant and just refer to them with female terms for the meme

No. 328074

>nipple removal
How is this not seen as medical abuse.

No. 328076

GOD fuck her. the other images are bizarre and uncomfortable too but this fucking takes the cake. Im not like other girls!!!!! Im special!!!!! Shut the FUCK up

No. 328078

I was pretty much was the same a few years ago but actually went on a sperg about how Tumblr made being trans a fad. I had only male mutuals messaging me how wrong I was and telling me how upset they were with me for saying such things. I used to crack jokes about teh TERFs! too, until I realized they were the ones actually making sense and my opinions from months ago lined up perfectly with what they were saying. It helped I have a radfem best friend who helped me feel more comfortable having the unpopular thought. Only hoping for the act to die down.

No. 328079

I did want them SO much. But it completely changed the way other women view me and alienated me from other lesbians and tra's insisted I call myself "straight" and basically I was like no fuck this. Also the changes were… uncomfortable, my body feels even more alien to me now. Also there were changes I didn't want, like my hair thinning and getting acne and bad BO. Some of that has gotten better now I'm not on it anymore but it has permanently changed my body and I can barely relate to myself anymore. It just feels like I'm just piloting this body as a vessel, not that it IS me. I guess I felt that way before too, but T made it worse. Now I'm going body acceptance therapy and I actually feel like my body is kind of a part of me, a little more at least

No. 328080

Who's going to take direct action and bomb reddit's servers

No. 328081

Anon, he is acting that way because he has destroyed his brain with loli porn and can only feel happiness when me masterbates in his little sister's panties. He is acting that way because he is a freak with a disgusting fetish. You have been involved in his humiliation sissy fetish.

No. 328082

if you missed the tranny drama that went down on r9k in april then do I have a story for you

No. 328084

dare I ask why they do this? men have nipples too?

No. 328086

Because they hate their female body and hate being sexualised so they want to make themselves as unappealing and unsexual as possible in a desperate attempt to hide from sexism

No. 328091

The retail store I work at has nametags and it doesn't appear anyone gives a shit what name is on it, as long as you're wearing one.

No. 328094

I really can't bring myself to experience the same hatred and disgust for FtMs that I harbor for MtFs because I know the place they're coming from, being a masculine woman, straight or gay, is tough as you don't have the same amount of say, beauty guru/actor/etc role models that effeminate gay men have. Most of them are just depressed young women who grew up being told that they're not like "other girls" and every trait of their personality was being underlined as "not female". It's especially tough if you're a lesbian and girls find you attractive, but always pick the man. Of course shit like this was going to happen. It honestly shouldn't surprise anyone that the girls who would've been just butch 10 years ago are now cutting their tits off and taking hormone injections as the TRA movement gained more traction.

I remember watching a documentary about some trans kid that straight out said that "ever since I was like 7 years old my friends told me that I'm not a girl so I kinda just went 'Well I guess I'm not a girl then'!". The mother was just nodding to her daughter's words. Then proceeded to froth at the mouth about how the medical professionals aren't letting her transition at age 12. It left me with my mouth hanging open. This story repeats with every fucking "transboi" I come across, one of them even had a history of witnessing their mother get violently killed in front of her, she even mentioned that "she wished to be a boy so she could've been able to protect her mom".

I'm just rambling but it breaks my heart to see girls take this road. Of course some of them are just mental cases who latch onto any trendy movement to be popular and they're the ones who photoshop topless photos to have a male chest and call everyone with TERF tendencies a "lesbian pedophile lusting after them". Those types can go straight to hell for all I care.

No. 328104

File: 1542811839758.jpeg (46.63 KB, 420x386, 1541231108958.jpeg)

>walking kind of hunched over with both of his hands balled up near his face
Christ, the mental image I'm getting from this sentence is too much

No. 328115

I doubt the artist looks anything like how they drew themselves, they probably just looked like a butch lesbian to the customer. Also the customer looks like the NPC meme, I wonder if that was intentional or not kek.

No. 328120

File: 1542817747411.jpg (74.92 KB, 860x484, image-1361800-860_poster_16x9-…)

>This man found so many pictures of cross-dressing Nazi soldiers from WWII that he had just to further investigate the topic. [He published a whole book about it.]

And from another article:
>Sometimes soldiers seem to be trying on what they found in the wardrobes of villages that were invaded by the Wehrmacht.

So creepy.

No. 328123

I can't believe that I've lived long enough to see tans-"women" romanticize menstrual cycles.
Even the first period as a 13 year old is painful and anticlimactic.

No. 328125

damn, im proud of you

No. 328126

I can't even remember my first period hurting, just being more perplexed how I shit myself (blood stain was dark) without noticing. Then I remembered my period talk and was like oh

No. 328127

This just appears demeaning to the women they've killed or displaced.

No. 328129

File: 1542820458121.jpeg (55.99 KB, 599x600, 7D349573-3EBD-4058-ADC9-3E048C…)

Don’t forget about the mask! I’m certain he was wearing one of these.

No. 328133

File: 1542822330543.png (796.87 KB, 2048x1980, Screenshot_20181121-113822.png)

I'm new to this thread and GC discussion but I find myself growing increasingly frustrated and mad at trans people trying to co-opt the ~female experience~ and women's movements. I never realized how sexist and nauseating trans ideas of what being a man or woman is. It's just gender roles with a pink, blue, and white ribbon on it. I used to be very supportive of trans people and the move toward inclusive housing, bathrooms, etc. But I can't say that I am anymore.

Anyway, never in my life with I say "menstruating people" fucking hell.

No. 328134

File: 1542822408763.png (880.82 KB, 1310x2048, Screenshot_20181121-114601.png)

No. 328137

>Trans women can get periods
That's literally physically impossible, I'm not GC at all but this is just a crock of shit myth.

No. 328142

i'm sick of hearing about them getting "periods". it's a joke. no uterus, no period. end of story. it's purely and utterly delusional to think otherwise, and the fact that they pressure and manipulate people to go along with this stupid shit…

they'll make fun of our periods until they can find a way to magically change the symptoms and definition and take it for themselves, as with everything else. then we'll be just "the gross bleeding ones" or something.

No. 328144

It's fucking disgusting and the hypocrisy astounds me. The article says multiple times she no longer identifies as male and it came from PTSD due to sexual abuse. It says how she feels like a woman trapped inside a male's body… and yet they still call her "he".

So, a man who says he's a woman trapped in a male body because he ~feels like woman~ MUST have his wishes respected… but a woman literally trapped in a male body after she mutilated it in a misguided attempt to come to terms with her trauma gets called "he" still? I've seen how detransitioners get treated by trans people and their allies, so I'm not sure why I'm shocked tbh.

The writer of the article is a piece of shit.

No. 328148

What's the point of saying "men" and "women" anymore? For these people there's no distinction.

>Being a woman is unique to women. What makes a woman a woman is self-identification as a woman
And what is a woman? This simple question can send "Leah" and its kind short circuiting.

No. 328149

Story about a ftm who killed herself due to transition regret


No. 328152

>Being a woman is unique to women
>What makes a woman a woman is self-identification as a woman

so woman is just a meaningless word. woman is nothing and anyone can be a woman at any time for no reason. in that case wtf is even the point of identifying as a woman? itd be like saying i identify as a bandersnatch.

there is no logic to these people's thought process.

No. 328168

A woman is anyone who identifies as a woman which is anyone who identifies as a woman which is anyone who identifies as a woman [ad infinitum].

It won’t be long until they start claiming “transgirl periods” as the superior, sexy kind of periods and introduce new terms for actual menstruation that further diminishes women and reduces us to involuntary bodily functions. “Bleeders” is just the start. Be on the lookout for TIMs claiming that transgirl periods are better because there’s no bloody mess and their holes are open for business ALL month long ;))))

No. 328173

So the whole agenda is to eliminate what women are and how to define women. Women can be anyone! All you have to do is call yourself a women and bam! Youre in the club and death to all other "cis" women who dont bend to our will. God I pray this trend dies soon

Also, yeah, they already do. Some mtfs will claim theyre already better because they dont bleed like those nasty gross natal women ;) (despite desperately wanting a womb and periods and pregnancy) sour grapes runs deep.

No. 328174

Women should start to identify as men en masse without taking any steps to transition (since that isn't needed to be trans) or claiming to have dysphoria (also not prerequisite), Man Friday on a large scale.

No. 328180

>vampire reacting to sunlight

kek, anon.

No. 328182

bless you, anon!

No. 328232

File: 1542842177556.png (351.66 KB, 1104x884, Untitled.png)

OC - this is so retarded I don't even know what to say.

>Just split people by skill level and everyone has fair competition.

Why are these loons so adamant about biological differences not existing? Also MUH TRANS STRUGGLE IS NOT ADVANTAGEOUS, oh fuck right off.

No. 328241

I disagree 100 percent about trans athletes. A biological advantage or disadvantage will always be there, so you need to go where your sex class is. Male or female. If you don't, how can one even call the competition genuine or fair?

No. 328245

"Woman" is a prize to these people. first it was our bodies won in conquests, then our femininity was appropriated, and now our very being is just something to be one by these sickos.

No. 328247

No, what we should really be doing en masse is refusing entirely to accommodate these freak men. No more bending to pronouns and bullshit. Call out men when you see them.

No. 328248

Trans females (transmit) shouldn't be allowed to compete professionally even with other women because they are literally on steroids.

No. 328249

*transmen not transmit. sage

No. 328250

this is the worst thing I've ever read, first they mutilated her and then they euthanised her. this is so so terrible.

No. 328254

File: 1542844848464.jpeg (291.08 KB, 1334x460, 660C83E1-37A0-428C-A768-11F51B…)

Lest we forget about “Fallon Fox” vs Tamikka Brents; his fans were calling for Brents’ blood, which I can’t get a screenshot for as GenderTrender seems to be down.

Men should never compete in women’s sports.

No. 328277

>wait for all the men to call themselves women because women means nothing anymore so they call just beat up women through this

Their hatred/envy is unreal. Are women only clubs/groups/sports going to be underground. How do you avoid starting something just for women and not have males join

No. 328306

Certainly he should accept the consequences of his acts, that he rendered himself infertile through cosmetic hormone use. But no instead, he's going to go off hormones, try to gain back his fertily and pay some poor Indian woman to carry his offspring? I wonder how a kid would react upon learning his ''mother'' has actually fathered him/her

No. 328311

>Certainly he should accept the consequences of his acts, that he rendered himself infertile through cosmetic hormone use.

I don't like Blaire but you sound like anti-abortion idiots who say 'women who get pregnant need to accept the consequences of their actions (and be forced to have the baby)'.

We don't know if he's infertile. His doctor in the video wouldn't have said what he said if Blaire was infertile for sure. Just because you put yourself in a situation doesn't mean you can't do anything to change it. Like wtf.

No. 328312

>that clickbait title
I believe in the video he says he’s been on hormones for around 3 years. Is it really possible to gain fertility back after all that time? I’d have a hard time believing that. Can any anons weigh in?

No. 328313

Why not?
Gay males who identify as female cannot have bio children without exploiting impoverished, poor women.You're not a radical feminist if you think surrogacy is a legitimate option for gay/trans males. Accepting your homosexuality/dysphoria also means accepting its (physical) limitations. He just wants to play god for his own selfish desires.

No. 328316

What do you mean 'why not'? Sorry, could you tell me which sentence you're referring to with that?

I never said I supported surrogacy, I didn't even address that matter. You're acting like he doesn't accept the reality of his possible infertility situation. And he does. I watched the video and I don't think he necessarily will be paying a surrogate, but even if he did that's not what I'm talking about.

Me criticizing what you said about him is not the same as me supporting his potential decision to use a surrogate.

You are treating his infertility as a fact when it might not be and acting like he can't accept that he's infertile when in fact he might not be infertile. That's my only point.

No. 328320

Why would he undergo fertily restoration treatments if not to use a surrogate if the said treatments work out? You think he's going to go and get married to a woman and impregnate her in the traditional way? And yeah sorry if you can't take responsability for your actions yourself but if you eat fast food every day, you will become overweight. If you go bungee jumping, you might get injured. And if you take hormones to feminize yourself you will likely become sterile. So I'm confused about your abortion analogy? Sure, if you have unprotected sex you should accept the fact you might get pregnant but if you do that doesn't mean you should go through with the pregnancy if it's in your best interest and the baby's

No. 328321

surrogacy is not ethical. no one is entitled to having children, especially not at the expense of a woman's body.

No. 328322

I really fucking hope its not possible.

No. 328330

What a stupid faggot. I imagine this will happen to a lot (if not all) trannies sooner or later. The regret that they mutilated a perfectly healthy body for …what?

I hope this moron doesn't reproduce though.

No. 328356


Isn't the whole idea of being trans that you ~feel~ like the other sex but you're trapped in the wrong body? You know, the wrong body that is GIVING YOU BIOLOGICAL ADVANTAGES

I love how troons see biological differences when it benefits them ("I need fake porn tits or I'll die!!!") but turn a blind eye and yell at others for seeing them when it doesn't benefit them and give them more victimization.

No. 328386

I don’t think this is a fair comparison. Pro-choice advocates have never denied that pregnancy is a potential consequence of having sex. Their stance is that forcing women to go through with unwanted or unviable pregnancies and denying them safe medical intervention is unethical. TRAs on the other hand are claiming that puberty blockers and HRT are completely reversible (see that Vox article) and actively downplay the sterilizing effect of HRT. They’re fighting for the “right” to chemically sterilize both children and adults, on the taxpayers’ dime to boot, but then they turn around and cry that they might not be able to have offspring? All critics of HRT are saying is “well yeah no shit” and that they’re not entitled to rent some poor woman’s uterus for 9 months just because they made a bunch of bad decisions. Women aren’t publicly accessible baby incubators waiting around to fix narcissistic men’s mistakes.

I think a better analogy would be women who get huge silicone breast implants and then when they find out they can’t breastfeed (and formula for whatever reason isn’t an option), play the victim and demand access to other women’s healthy breasts to feed their baby.

No. 328405

to be honest though, the woman who cant breastfeed and cant access formula would have a legitimate need for the milk or the baby will starve, meanwhile troons dont NEED children they WANT them, and are willing to explot vulnerable women to get what they want.

also, imagine being a child and having some agp tranny as your "mother".

No. 328407

File: 1542889258951.png (469.61 KB, 597x734, 785986747564.PNG)

Jonathan Jessica Yaniv continues to file DMCA complaints and win them. He got this original artwork removed. It's more troubling that it was removed for copyright than for the usual bullshit reasons.


The Kiwi Farms thread is fourth in the search results for Jonathan Jessica Yaniv.



Archive of Gallus Mag's response.


No. 328411

No. 328418

Wow, the pedophile Jonathan Yaniv really has a lot of time on his hands.

No. 328436

A question for you all: do you think the world will one day hit "peak trans" as we did or do you think this is going to get worse?

It just feels like this is getting increasingly worse from what I can see. I fear that one day if I have a trans child, it'll be considered "abuse" if I don't put them on puberty blockers and immediately start booking transition surgeries for them. I worry that I'll buy my daughter a science kit and show her cool experiments and instead of looking back and thinking "Wow, it was cool that mom didn't force gender roles on me and made me believe that I could have any career I wanted!" she'll look back on it as the moment she realised she was trans. Right now, I can see countries passing laws for trans people that enable them to "self ID" and easily change their names on official documents. I see news reports of biological men being put into women's prisons. In my country at the moment, they are campaigning for free transition surgery for trans people while the health system is struggling to provide for people who are actually sick. Nobody wants to discuss trans issues openly anymore, I feel like I can't be honest with my own friends about my concerns. A few years ago, half of the female bathrooms in my college were turned into "all gender" bathrooms. Meaning that if you're a woman who wants to go to the bathroom during class and you want to avoid men, you have to climb a flight (or in some cases two) of stairs. Keep in mind that none of the men's bathrooms have been changed! I've been to some trendy clubs that have all gender bathrooms and I always have to ask my boyfriend to wait outside because they make me nervous after all the stories I've heard from friends. Trans people are also such a minuscule part of the population but somehow they manage to shout louder than the 50% of women. I feel like all of this is such a huge leap back for feminism and women's rights.

So do you think that one day trans people will ask for too much or there will be a major event that will change people's minds about trans people? Or do you think this is just going to get progressively worse until we're forced to pee and get changed in front of all genders, our language will evolve to cater to trans people and all kids will be on puberty blockers from birth and we'll be forced to raise them as non-binary? lol

No. 328440

Sadly I don't think it will ever blow up like, say, lobotomies did. I don't think we will reach a point where we look back and go "Wow can you believe we seriously did all that trans stuff? That was crazy."

But I do think we're going to hit a point where the whole mess starts being gently cycled back. Non-binary shit isn't going to last, for example. I give it five years before people start quietly retiring their non-binary identities and we stop hearing about it. I see us quietly going back to seeing trans people as basically cosplayers who should be treated with kindness and respect, but within reason. Like right now if a troon wants to barge into a woman's toilet with a full beard having never touched HRT in his life he can, and handmaidens will cheer him on. I don't think that is going to last. I see it going back to troons being allowed into the bathroom/changing room/other sexed space of their choice but only if they've put the effort in, with HRT and possibly surgery. The anything goes approach that troons are pushing for is eventually going to wear out its welcome.

No. 328451


The major event will be when the countless adolescents who are now being allowed or encouraged to alter their bodies and minds irreversibly emerge to be damaged young adults.

No. 328453


i laugh whenever i see books, tv shows or games including non-binary identified characters. way to date your work.

No. 328461

No. 328464

I honestly think it could go the other way. People will blame the economy and doctors are gonna be foaming at the mouth for their bonus checks dealing with these individuals. They always love prescribing more meds when the patient is lost like that.

No. 328476

Imagine being a little girl and having some agp tranny as your "mother"…

No. 328478

Most media that does that is pandering so hard and it's beyond pathetic

It should be child abuse. Two men cant raise a child anyway, but especially a damn tr00n.

No. 328485

File: 1542896814636.jpg (222.88 KB, 1620x1080, gettyimages-173461292.jpg)

WTF anon there's a big difference between two normal, mentally stable gay people raising a kid and a crazy self-mutilating troon raising a kid.

Just. Fuck you.

No. 328489

Yeah, agreed. Let's not bring gay people into tranny bullshit.

No. 328494

File: 1542897430120.png (722.21 KB, 800x1043, bbc despair.png)

No. 328500

I'm so sick of radfems caping for gay men, ugh. When will y'all realize that they're trash?

No. 328512

I wasn't GC either when I started coming to these threads. They will make you realize how fucked up the trans movement is real fast.

I do indeed think the world will hot peak trans and I don't think it's going to even take long. I live in an extremely progressive area where I've kept quiet about my views on trans people, but recently I've been slightly more open with a few of my friends about it and it was like the flood gates opened. I found out some of my friends who project themselves as allies are actually also gender critical in a lot of ways. I think a lot of people are just keeping it to themselves out of fear of backlash.

I've also noticed that the more exposure to the trans movement people have, the more they start to realize how sick these people are. When they start to learn about things like ~girl dick~ and fake periods, they start to understand that these people are fucking mentally ill.

The transmovement also demands way way waaay too much despite how new general acceptance to them is. Keep in mind that most states in the US would gladly shut this shit down if it weren't for federal regulations (although, those are also horribly sexist states sadly). Eventually they're going to take it too far in the public eye and people will start seriously having to think. It's already happening somewhat. People may be fine with bathroom use, but most people are absolutely horrified at the idea of putting children on puberty blockers. In fact, all nontrans people I've talked to IRL about this think it should be illegal.

One thing that also helps is how rabid they are to their allies. Everything you do is magically transphobic and you have to include trans people in EVERYTHING. You can only alienate your allies so much before they jump ship.

No. 328516

>One thing that also helps is how rabid they are to their allies. Everything you do is magically transphobic and you have to include trans people in EVERYTHING.

This is so true. Nothing is ever good enough, and the goalposts change every week. They don't seem happy unless people are terrified of fucking up, walking on eggshells 24/7.

No. 328518

Fuck off, bigot.

No. 328520

File: 1542901251159.jpg (133.36 KB, 1200x1170, Do9H5ECX4AE4zFK.jpg)

kek go back to radfemblr, faghag