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No. 331248

This thread is for the discussion of transgenderism / trans ideology from a gender critical and radical feminist perspective. It was originally created by Admin as an amalgamation of the TERF and Transgender threads.

Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of feminism, sexuality, misogyny, or misandry.


* suspended/deplatformed


https://gendertrender.wordpress.com *

Inauthentic Selves: The modern LGBTQ+ Movement Is Run By Philanthropic Astroturf And Based On Junk Science


Documenting violent crimes committed by transgender individuals
This Never Happens

Parents and clinicians concerned about transgender youth

YouTube Channels
Elly Arrow
Magdalen Berns
Cathy Brennan / Ally Missandry
Dr. RadFem
Tanith Lloyd
Posie Parker

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No. 331251

File: 1543464477062.jpeg (242.63 KB, 1200x1138, Dkg3BqvWwAk17jz.jpeg)

No. 331252

File: 1543464508568.jpg (74.12 KB, 640x640, 41606012_302948850503664_57688…)

No. 331261

Wanted to reply in the old thread about the definition of woman being banned in the UK.. can you believe that we cant even say "woman is by definition a human female" now. Trannies dont even have a definition for women. Anytime anyone asks them, they're silent

No. 331273

I feel bad for some trannies, who have OBVIOUSLY latched on to transition as an escape out of depression. it's such an easy way to completely "redefine" yourself out of your problems. (which of course attracts the scum of the earth)

No. 331276

File: 1543469255737.png (23.97 KB, 300x620, Untitled.png)

repost from last thread

No. 331278

Oh anon, but it's self-explanatory! A woman is anyone who identifies as a woman.

No. 331279

i honestly think that 'depression' is so heavily linked to the fetishism, except maybe in the case of gays, that it's impossible to feel sorry for them. like, they're just super sad they can't be their living caricatures of hotty female hottness. men will threaten to kill themselves over anything

No. 331291

being a woman is a raw deal i don't understand why anyone would trip over themselves to sign up for it. if you're an autogynephile or want to have fun in drag on the weekends then go for it, but what does one gain from socially transitioning in everyday life? besides oppression bux?

No. 331299

Men are myopically focused on the lives of top tier attractive women and think that is what life is like for all women.

No. 331302

men, and men that are involved in any kind of internet subculture, especially, seem to think that being a woman means you get to live for free and get offered the world for nothing, and because you can do their favorite thing (porn!) and get paid for it, or you can stream to thirsty men or something, and they're jealous they can't do it, even though this isn't really a pleasant reality, because egirls get doxxed and are harassed and you have to be basically insane to want to be a sex worker or a twitch thot, and mooching off men just as a career/living isn't something that most women want to do due to the fact that it's dangerous and gross. they seriously think men are signing up in droves to just support us forever

literally they don't think anyone average or below average exists. their idea of female reality ONLY exists as if they were an attractive one. what could be going through their minds? do other girls just not exist at all or is that a reality so impossible that it can't even be considered? it's really a reflection of how highly they see themselves. they feel they deserve to be 'the hot girl' based on how they look, speak, think, and act, as men. i think they generally think highly of themselves. naturally, they'd be just be hot as a girl.

No. 331306

lol they probably look down on average-looking and unfeminine women as inferior to them since they're so caught up in over performing a gender identity

No. 331320

Then why are the majority of troons "lesbians"?

No. 331325

Anonymous now No. 331324


Can I just point out that a lot of women do not have an easy time with relationships, in case this furthers male lurkers ideas about women. Lots of women out there are awkward, have aspergers, mental illness, are older and might be single moms, don't look great etc. Not to mention larger percentage of trauma from past abuse which makes relationships difficult.

No. 331328

Just a reminder to those men who fixate on hot extravert young women.

No. 331333

Alright so, woman may have an easier time finding a mate.

That's it.

That's literally the only advantage in life we supposedly have.

I would much rather be physically stronger. Not to mention the enormous advantages men have in almost every single other aspect in life (jobs, money, social, power, politics). Like honestly who the fuck cares about being able to attract a partner when you're powerless, broke, don't have independence, don't have a job or can't forge a life that you want. I will never understand this. Do you seriously believe for a second that men would trade it all away for the ability to choose a mate? Just because you can choose doesn't mean you'll fucking get a good one either. At least men don't have to worry about being raped or killed by their partners, fuck. Just another advantage they have.

Even troons that scream about how they're a woman still demand and get all of their previous male "privilege". They're entitled, they still retain their physical power/bone structure, people bend over backwards for them (while still targeting women) and they still have a higher status than women ironically enough.

No. 331346

File: 1543489867792.png (244.26 KB, 321x361, 1540433894742.png)

>he/him lesbians

No. 331348

older men get into relationships with younger girls all the time, i've yet to see a 25 year old guy with a 60+ woman. even if you could name one the ratio is like 100:1

all these incels just get pissed they don't have gfs because they have this idea of Girlfriends built up in their head that doesn't fucking exist, and think that a girl having a bf must therefore mean their life is sorted
once a guy told me that he didn't think my depression (diagnosed 10 years ago) was real, because i had a boyfriend…… so what do i have to be depressed about?

No. 331349

Since most women have a lower libido than most men, are the submissive one in the sexual role (by biological design), are at much greater risk of injury and death when dealing with men (and mamipulation, emotional/financial abuse, imprisonment in your own home)
And since all the above in mind, we are much more monogamous than men due to the requirement of vetting the men for your own personal safety…

Being able to have any violent, irrational being have sex with you i.e. Use your body at his whim is a bit of a spoiled gift. Wow we have an endless selection of men who want to use our bodies for free, how enviable. Most women don't even orgasm in sex with men. We are just sex dolls. Having a large variety of men to "choose" from (read: Vet and hope you don't die or get abused) is not so great.

No. 331351

Obviously for trans women aka men the physical threat, manipulation, issues are lesser due to how their bodies react to men and their own physical, male strength. Still, if a man does kill or attack them (usually for strolling into environments cis women never would due to safety factors), somehow women are blamed for it.

No. 331358

what do they mean by that? like biological men who call themselves lesbians just because they can or fakebois who still call themselves lesbian??? do we have any actual examples of this?

No. 331367

I used to be a he/him lesbian. I'm actually a woman, but I larped a male persona online because I was obsessed with imageboards, and using female pronouns on there was borderline suicidal. I had a lot of internalized misogyny and dysphoria from spending all my time in places that hated women. I got rid of the habit though and my dysphoria was gone, turns out societal pressure can make you troon out.
My girlfriend though always uses male pronouns when talking about herself. In my language the verbs are gendered and she always uses male ones. I don't particularly know the reason, she just told me she's used to it. Everyone just uses female verbs and pronouns for her and she seems fine with it. So, a really weird quirk. It makes me said that she chooses to be he/him lesbian, but she's as gendercrit and radical as me and never had issues with her gender unlike me. In fact, she's very femme when I actually look like someone who would use they/them or he/him pronouns.
Sorry for the sperg and the blogpost. But he/him lesbians exist and that's really not an isuue unless they're trans.

No. 331374

I really didn't see an issue with it until I came to feminism.
Like, I knew plenty of girls who were using male pronouns on the internet. It just wasn't friendly for women. Some of them were fujos who turned out to be fakeboiis, but that's another topic.
I really struggled with my identity and was ashamed of being a woman. I'm not anymore, I'm actually proud and I quickly switched to normal pronouns everywhere.
My gf is just not ready to do it, it bothers me immensely when she, without having any gender issues uses male language. But it's a habit of hers and I'm not about to force her to change it. Of course, I mention that it bothers me and that it should bother her, because she's feminist-leaning, but she just won't do it, too used to it.
I'd actually give almost anything for her to talk like an actual woman. We're not yaoi-obsessed internet fakebois anymore so there's no need for the he/him thing. Hell, she actually agrees with my terfy ways and still uses he/him. That's the only thing I actually hate about her. I don't fucking know why she does it and it drives me mad because I used to be like that when I was super mysoginistic and ashamed/afraid of being a woman.

Sorry for even more blogging/sperging.

No. 331389

File: 1543501921061.png (49.06 KB, 225x230, clearly a man.png)

I'd feel bad for them too… if they weren't threatening actual women.

About the "lesbians rejecting transwomen are basically saying they don't consider transwomen as real women" thing… WHO convinced them they're actual women? That's the problem. I think that everything went down the shitter as soon as they started deluding themselves into thinking that. Maybe my memory is wrong, but 10 years ago they weren't this delusional… they were aware of their diversity. Now you get sperglords like Rapey J. Dennis saying that "transwomen are biological women".

No. 331405

File: 1543505405924.jpg (388.58 KB, 1280x1107, TERFs.jpg)

Checkmate, TERFS!

No. 331406

>We don't hate trans people, we just don't want them to exist.

Trans people don't hate same-sex attracted people, commonly known as homosexuals, they just don't want them to exist.

Two can play at this ridiculous game.

No. 331410

File: 1543506556205.jpg (36.33 KB, 500x595, tumblr_pirwuaOv0x1wqltlao1_500…)

I can't believe this is what I believed to be true a year ago.

No. 331411

>Our activism has actually led to the deaths of transgender people over the past few decades
almost all of the trans murders were commited by men but go off. if anything, trannies has led to the harassment of women since forever

No. 331413

Crazy violent men who solicit sex workers are well known for their love of radical feminist literature, didn't you know?

No. 331419

I'm sorry but it's such a male perspective to say women have an easy time in their love lives. What you actually mean is "men are desperate to have sex with women and so are never short of attention" and most women don't think this is a good thing. Dating as a straight woman is an absolute minefield, and many women are repeatedly unsuccessful. The best most women hope for is that they find a guy who doesn't abuse them and that they have some connection with; many women are with life partners that ultimately don't make them all that happy, but are on a similar level in life. Most single women have to dodge guys who are clearly abusive, who see women as subservient sex dolls, who see women as their maid/mother, etc. Lots of women in relationships/married are actually really unhappy but stay because of money/kids/age/comfort/not wanting to throw away 15 years together. Finding a guy that truly wants to put the effort in and make a happy partnership is pretty uncommon.

TL;DR - troons give themselves away as 100% male because even their "woman identity" is one a man would think up.

No. 331474

In the UK and I’m sure other places, trans people (particularly TiMs) are more likely to murder than be murdered. The only way they can spin this lie is if they classify hurt feelings as literal murder.

No. 331484

From what I can tell, the comparable use of 'she' for gay men applies almost specifically to drag queens. I haven't personally seen he/him troons, I think it's closer to fakebois but they are actual lesbians, just self loathing ones who haven't figured out why it is they're uncomfortable their "gender expression" not really matching such feminine pronouns.

No. 331488

This, everything you said. To believe women have it easier is just male thinking once again.

They already think that hurt feelings is emotional rape. Countdown the days until not kissng tranny ass will be seen as murder

No. 331500

>those who subvert the gender system the most
>trans people are actively destroying gender

they're not though… they're reinforcing stereotypes. and there's nothing wrong with enjoying performing femininity but acting like it's empowering is fucking stupid.

No. 331502

I've never seen a TiM happily accept male pronouns, even pre-everything & still mostly as their male selves, so I think he/him lesbians refers to fakebois and NB women.

No. 331507

File: 1543517607437.jpg (104.88 KB, 523x810, 1533315299569.jpg)

b-but without their kawaii kneesocks how will people know they are women?

No. 331508


some of the tweets in this thread made me want to cry. you are not entitled, historically or otherwise, to our bodies. why is that something we have to even say? it's fucked up. actual lesbians are vagina fetishists to them, yet they're practically using conversion therapy to get it for themselves. they sound exactly like bitter men.

No. 331509

>trans uniform

but wouldnt that only instill the idea of gender binary if you have the overwhelming desire to come across feminine? so trans want people to accept them for what gender they are moving towards by furthering gender stereotypes? i dont get it

No. 331510

Oh my god I had an aneurysm reading that. Do you have a link to the actual article so I can kill myself reading that shit?

No. 331512

these tweets are fucking disgusting. lesbians are into women. even if you try to appear like a woman, you are a man, you were born a man, you are going to die a man. they force lesbians to be into them yet they also wonder why they get associated with rape and harassment

No. 331513

I've got to say, in just, like, 5 years or so, troons have managed to win way more privileges and rights than women and gay people have won in the course of decades…

No. 331515

> "you have no right to refuse to date someone"

And there it is.

No. 331517

The funding they have is astronomical. No women's or LGB group can even imagine such amounts of money.

No. 331518

File: 1543518889336.jpg (41.88 KB, 1200x365, DpMNLNBWsAIHzpd.jpg)


They don't even try to make the homophobia subtle.

No. 331530

That's because it's based on homophobia and sexism and it's marketing itself as the exact reverse of that. That means it has a bunch of supporters that don't agree on anything else.

No. 331533

i think i'm finally having my peak trans moment. i've made friends with trans women and i'm noticing a lot of common denominators - mostly that all of them still act like horny men under the guise of their identity. i've been too scared to say anything because i didn't want to come across as transphobic but at this point, that word barely means anything anymore.

i'm sick of caping for "women" with penises.

No. 331534

My experience was similar, anon. I was a big trans ally who passionately argued that trans women are real women and so on.

And then I actually met some trans women.

No. 331539

the strangest thing is? for the longest time, i was wondering why i was only attracted to females that called themselves trans guys/nonbinary/whatever the fuck, but whenever i was in a relationship with males, i felt uncomfortable/off/weird.

i've been denying it for this long. i've really been sticking my head in the sand for this long. ugh.

No. 331546

>"terfs [women] should ALL die :) thanks :) saying no to me for sex is actually rape :)"
>trump moves his antitrans agenda farther
>"omg allies we need to All come together and fight this evil uwu"

Waiting for them to collapse into agony at the mention of sex being binary, male or female and it is what you are born as. They always act so violent, hostile and aggressive behind the screen but soon as reality hits, they cry, are triggered and suddenly need us to fight with them. Fuck. That.

Let them have their hugbox, telling the world on twitter how refusing to fuck them is rape and transphobic. Let them act like babboons on the streets screaming how women have penises and terfs can all suffer. Nobody sane looks at them and think "wow that is a movement I can get behind"

And thats why alot of of people do cap for them. they dont actually know any. .6% of the population is ridiculously small despite all the trendy trans folk cropping up. Theb you actually get to know a few a realize their entire idea of being a woman is superficial and fetishy

No. 331547

File: 1543522268434.jpg (18.11 KB, 337x325, 1511303044118.jpg)

Tbh I get a big rush of schadenfreude when I see transbians kicking and screaming because lesbians won't fuck them. Just like being a woman is a lifelong experience, something you can't just "feel like", a romantic/sexual relationship between two women is also something you can't replicate in any way, ever. It's the union of two persons who went through the same things (as in the general things that all women go through), two similar bodies, it's something beautiful, romantic and unique… and trannies will NEVER ever get to experience it. They will never know how it feels like. They can scream, they can cry, but they will never have the chance.
It's poetic justice that even after all the trampling of women's rights and battles to force themselves into women spaces, they will never be able to get what they want the most.
A real female body, a real female life experience and a real lesbian relationship. Something that we have without even trying, and something that we can have easily if we want.
It makes me happy that my sole existence is making a troon cry himself to sleep. No Justin, you will never be a lesbian or a woman.

No. 331548

It's why whenever I see someone who's a big handmaiden I just quietly make sure they get as much access to prominent trans rights figures as much as I can. I don't say anything about my own views, I just make sure they see what people like Riley Dennis, Transscribe, Zinnia Jones, Lily Madigan et all have to say. Without fail, it brings them to peak trans without me ever having to say a word.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

No. 331559

I was caping for trans women even after dating a trans woman, only because my friends knew I dated one and didn't want them to hate me for breaking up with him. I've stopped caping for anybody who isn't myself for about a year and I feel relieved. It was so fucking exhausting what my friends expected out of each other. It's super narcissistic.

No. 331561

How do you do this in a subtle way? I’ve linked friends to RJD before when they were claiming that the cotton ceiling is made up by terfs but they got snappy with me and said that one person’s opinion didn’t reflect the entire community. It felt pretty clear that I was threading on thin ice (because pointing out that not every trans person is a perfect angel = transphobic) so I backed off. I really do want to bring more of these shitbags to people’s attention though because so many people still think TiMs are just harmless supergays who want to be left alone and that women are just fearmongering for no reason. More people need to be made aware of the predators that are out there.

No. 331565

File: 1543525510168.jpg (69.47 KB, 480x720, 1539235260264.jpg)

No. 331577

I don't indicate that I disagree at all. I just reblog and boost the shit TRAs say without any commentary. To my crazier handmaiden friends it looks like I'm being a good little signal boosting ally.

No. 331584

>i want to be objectified
Is more than enough to never let them in our spaces. Women are killed for being seen as objects and these gross fucks are trying to be cutesy. Fuck them and their misogyny. They're still men

And ps
Let trannies and nbs fight kek. One fights for gender roles and gendered identifiers. The enbies want them gone. They'll clash sooner or later

No. 331587

It’s actually pretty funny considering the author fucked themselves over by using the term “props” to describe the clothing mtfs wear. Lots of comments calling them out too.

No. 331596

Is this for REAL?? This nasty man wants to be sexually /verbally objectified and thinks it's something women actually want? ugh, why am i not surprised a tall?

Men are disgusting and have no idea what it is to be a woman. Women never want to be harassed. They want to be left the fuck alone.

No. 331597


I'm a trans girl.(So I can't speak to FTM experiences.) So many things piss me off about my so called “community (on community with you if you NEVER DISAGREE), spry if I’m all over, I just never have people to tell this too.
And I publicly keep quiet on all these issues, especially about being trans since I blend in ( normally–not in cocktail dresses and 10 inch heels,ugh)and intentionally try NOT to draw attention to myself… since again, I externally pass as a woman and just want to avoid daily harassment/catcalls.
I would be EXILED and REEEE'ed if I even remotely suggested that trans woman are not 100% women in ANY way, especially biologically and as far as their input with respect to certain women’s social issues belongs, and doesn't. Anyhow, soo0000oo many of my LGBT friends are "rad/queer/enby/intersectional (practically) cult kool aid chugggers. They say shit like " trans girls/woman ARE girls/women, PERIOD." I stay quiet about how far the Tumblr-megaqueer/nb clans have gone, and how their is a lot of invasion into spaces where there should be

So in order ,sorta, things that piss me off to no end are :

1st: It's a delusional way of thinking and it makes ACTUAL transgender people Look fucking shit eating crazy. "Passing" should not be trying to look like a blow sex doll/porn starlet, my goal was always to just look (on the exterior, not my genes, again I'm not re-writing biology duh) like a woman to alleviate my own internal suffering. I lucked out and am actually on the positive side of conventionally attractive according to the whole fashion beauty/industrial complex BS,but that was never my goal(unlike a SHIT LOAD of these weeb incel types all trying to make themselves go from Simspons comic book store guy to sailor moon<eye roll>
Then don’t even get me started on the ENBY’s….this just smacks of Tumblrsnowflake (mostly born male ) entitlement & attention-seeking. REALLY? Is their nothing more interesting than your Fae-genderqueer-gurl so called ‘self identified gender’ that makes you interesting. Piss off with that shit <eyeroll> I transitioned to get transition done and OVER with and not to be some constant parade float,ffs , ugh.
3rd:There are those of us who have had REAL LEGITMATRE AND SOMETIMES TORTOUROUS lifelong struggles with dysphoria, but who have done the real self criticism and been through rigorous assessments like counselors, psychologists and shrinks before EVER remotely considering starting something like hormones, changing documents, surgeries to augmenting themselves surgically. I KNOW my being raised as a boy has the very nature of the process keeps me unable to truly relate FULLY to womens lived experiences, and I fight constantly to check remnants of the (albeit meager) male privilege I had. I think trans women should be included in feminism, but, should STFU/sit TF DOWN* on issues we can never truly grasp like reproductive rights, for example. I as a trans woman can be supportive of causes, be pro-choice march in marches, but it is NOT MY RIGHT TO DEMAND TO BE IN A SPACE I'm asked politely not to participate in. Or if included, again just support, sit down and LEARN.And it’s fucking RIDICULOUS , for instance, to get mad.butthurt about “womb possessors” wearing hats or other symbols of biological womanhood to represent issues. To me it’s like yo know what, you are a t a womens reproductive march…you might see drawn or cloth pussies, GET THE FUCK OVER IT SNOWFLAKE JUST BECAUSE –LIKE ME__ you have XY chromosomes, Fuuuuuuuuuuuck.
Sick of this shit, I wish I had actual/more legit feminist friends like some of y’all on here. Lol sorry, this concludes rant , and would be honored/appreciative of the input other (actual/natal born women) may have on this, and if any of you exist in the big cities of Texas,lol Peace y’all

No. 331598


I'm a trans girl.(So I can't speak to FTM experiences.) So many things piss me off about my so called “community (on community with you if you NEVER DISAGREE), spry if I’m all over, I just never have people to tell this too.
And I publicly keep quiet on all these issues, especially about being trans since I blend in ( normally–not in cocktail dresses and 10 inch heels,ugh)and intentionally try NOT to draw attention to myself… since again, I externally pass as a woman and just want to avoid daily harassment/catcalls.
I would be EXILED and REEEE'ed if I even remotely suggested that trans woman are not 100% women in ANY way, especially biologically and as far as their input with respect to certain women’s social issues belongs, and doesn't. Anyhow, soo0000oo many of my LGBT friends are "rad/queer/enby/intersectional (practically) cult kool aid chugggers. They say shit like " trans girls/woman ARE girls/women, PERIOD." I stay quiet about how far the Tumblr-megaqueer/nb clans have gone, and how their is a lot of invasion into spaces where there should be

So in order ,sorta, things that piss me off to no end are :

1st: It's a delusional way of thinking and it makes ACTUAL transgender people Look fucking shit eating crazy. "Passing" should not be trying to look like a blow sex doll/porn starlet, my goal was always to just look (on the exterior, not my genes, again I'm not re-writing biology duh) like a woman to alleviate my own internal suffering. I lucked out and am actually on the positive side of conventionally attractive according to the whole fashion beauty/industrial complex BS,but that was never my goal(unlike a SHIT LOAD of these weeb incel types all trying to make themselves go from Simspons comic book store guy to sailor moon<eye roll>
Then don’t even get me started on the ENBY’s….this just smacks of Tumblrsnowflake (mostly born male ) entitlement & attention-seeking. REALLY? Is their nothing more interesting than your Fae-genderqueer-gurl so called ‘self identified gender’ that makes you interesting. Piss off with that shit <eyeroll> I transitioned to get transition done and OVER with and not to be some constant parade float,ffs , ugh.
3rd:There are those of us who have had REAL LEGITMATRE AND SOMETIMES TORTOUROUS lifelong struggles with dysphoria, but who have done the real self criticism and been through rigorous assessments like counselors, psychologists and shrinks before EVER remotely considering starting something like hormones, changing documents, surgeries to augmenting themselves surgically. I KNOW my being raised as a boy has the very nature of the process keeps me unable to truly relate FULLY to womens lived experiences, and I fight constantly to check remnants of the (albeit meager) male privilege I had. I think trans women should be included in feminism, but, should STFU/sit TF DOWN* on issues we can never truly grasp like reproductive rights, for example. I as a trans woman can be supportive of causes, be pro-choice march in marches, but it is NOT MY RIGHT TO DEMAND TO BE IN A SPACE I'm asked politely not to participate in. Or if included, again just support, sit down and LEARN.And it’s fucking RIDICULOUS , for instance, to get mad.butthurt about “womb possessors” wearing hats or other symbols of biological womanhood to represent issues. To me it’s like yo know what, you are a t a womens reproductive march…you might see drawn or cloth pussies, GET THE FUCK OVER IT SNOWFLAKE JUST BECAUSE –LIKE ME__ you have XY chromosomes, Fuuuuuuuuuuuck.
Sick of this shit, I wish I had actual/more legit feminist friends like some of y’all on here. Lol sorry, this concludes rant , and would be honored/appreciative of the input other (actual/natal born women) may have on this, and if any of you exist in the big cities of Texas,lol Peace y’all

No. 331599

blah blah blah, you're still a male. fuck off scrot.

No. 331601

Ever notice that most of the people trans murderers kill are women? And yet I can't recall a single story where a tranny was killed by a woman? Envy is an ugly thing.


No. 331602

So like heeeeeeey, just a thought either contribute or like, not reply like a jackass with something as non constructive as this.

I actually agree with you/your line of thought more than my crazy ass liberal lefty tumblr-ers who are now supposed to represent me. I took time and thought to get feedback yo. Then you roll up with the anemic response.

If you wanna talk down or critique me please do, that's way better than this like one liner lulz troll shiz

No. 331604

The unwarranted self importance and eagerness to invade our space is so insanely, consistently evident in scrots, jesus christ.

No. 331605

the complete silence from most of the left on jv speaks volumes. why are trans women excluded from having to collect their own? black people have to answer for kanye’s bullshit, most people calling out azealia banks are black. white women are personally responsible for every lena dunham, amy schumer out there plus they are told to take the blame for the 52% of white women who voted for trump. “white gays” have to answer for milo yiannopoulos.

but trans women are conveniently all silent when someone like jonathan yaniv is exposed. or andi dyer.

No. 331607

i know, right? it’s like they don’t actually care about the safety of women and young people in their own community and only care about optics. hmmmm.

No. 331608

So do I need to be XX to also agree with you all and request feedback on other bullshit in the over-hyped portions of the trans community that's becoming like a social justice cancer??

If the answer from all y'all is yes, okay, I can sit my happy as down, but, I am not being sassy or trying to shit on anyone or their space. I just need to know if there is any bridge between a trans woman like me (read: not genetic woman, and yes a gender dysphoric who received treatment and lives in stealth as female, but will never actually think I'm one because i'm not crazy)and gender-crit actual /real women who deserve the top of the platform?

I come in peace, damn -_____-

No. 331609

This isn't the GC reddit, women don't have to be polite to you here. Also stop typing like a retard.

No. 331610

Jonathon yaviv needs to be in prison. Fucking pedo and rapist in waiting, if he hasn't already. I hate that shit heaps like that are even remotely associated with trans ppl. just IMO

No. 331611

trannies aren't allowed on the site k? :^)

No. 331612

It shouldn't matter where we are at online. It's called being civil. I don't know you, and you don't know me. I respect GC line of thought/opinions, and agree with them (and by proxy, you) mostly. Why are you being so antagonistic? I was honest, and didn't lie about being mtf. It's the internet, it wouldn't have been hard.

Seriously, this is why shit's fucked up like it is now. These snowflake-y fucks are never going to be reigned if GC is always painted as the devil, and acts overtly just as hostile to anyone trying to talk to them like the Tumblr-ina's.

All this headbutting's pointless, and possibly counter productive to the goal of squashing all this mega-liberal-intersectional-sex work is work-feminism shit,and getting sense back into people.

No. 331613

I know you're trying to be sharp and cutsie in telling me to fuck off, but at least you are the first woman here to at least directly respond. Stepping back unless I get some other reply. Peace and no ill will to you all…just wish you all felt the same about NOT crazy trans ppl like me :/

No. 331616

kill yourself you failed abortion.
no one wants you here.

No. 331619

listen, i am sorry that you got played and were tricked into thinking that hormones and cosmetic surgeries make you into a woman. but look at yourself, you don't deserve our attention. breaking the rules by posting as a man, using a name instead of anon and being obviously new are not acceptable. even if you weren't a man, you're being fucking annoying. go and move on with your life. if you're not like these other trannies, and are "real" and "truly happy" then you shouldn't have to defend yourself.

No. 331620

Men aren't allowed, ftms can be here all they want as long as they can handle people not indulging their bs

No. 331621

I live in peace, pay my taxes and don't fuck with y'all in general,I come in once to see if what I heard was true or not ,and man it was. I can't even just get you all to talk to me like I wasn't trying to rape and murder you NOOOOW. I wouldn't wish any stranger death. I had people tell me to never engage GC circles.

That makes you shitty, so hope karma/social reciprocity or whatev come back and nip you in the ass, cause wow , that was not necessary.

No. 331622

how to into imageboard

Stop looking for validation, you won't ever get it. From women, men or any other gender soup you might try to appeal to.

No. 331624

Stop shitting up the board asshole

No. 331625

I'll tell you again, go to reddit instead. This entire site is pretty much rude bitch central, and every male that tries to attention whore on here gets run off, whether he's trans or not. You're not special. Leave.

No. 331627

Now a troon (that was recently on the news) added me on Facebook, used to be rabid trans activist but now mellowed. Looking at his Facebook is just wow…

Basically he complained how he was hated before because he was a 'internet tough guy' by some people who supposedly met him in anime con., memelord, total weeb, throwing the word AGP around. Looks like he's a mini-cow in his circle himself…

Wow, I want to expose him but I don't want them to know.

No. 331628

>I blend in
No, you don't. People are just being polite, they can absolutely tell but don't want to be crucified. Trans movement benefiting you creeps once again.

No. 331629


Enjoy your echo chamber, you all can circle jerk one another and never effect change or start changing minds…. just like the tumblr-inas and their crazy ass "one million genders" accept me no matter what, period bullshit >>331625

Or you can stop running off potential allies one day. Whatever, works over and I'm done trying to build any bridges. At least no one called me racist/abelist/ or queerphobic,lol.

Bye y'all , for real, don't stop being GC, but don't kill actual future allies on site.

No. 331630

Don't give that man attention, eventually he will go away

>It makes me happy that my sole existence is making a troon cry himself to sleep. No Justin, you will never be a lesbian or a woman.

Sage for blogpost but I feel the same. I came upon some pictures of a troon I know irl on some games event (we don't maintain contact anymore ever since I started being more gc) and damn he looks like one of those neckbeards without beard. He is so fat and doesn't look remotely like a woman and I'm so fucking happy to see him become everything he didn't want to be, because he used to shame the girls who weren't girly enough because we were wasting our "girlishness" ugh

No. 331632

No I blend in, that's what hormones, surgery and moving to a new city will do for yo in addition to being 5'5 and slim.

It's sad. You don't even know me and you want to assume I'm Brock Lesnar in a dress. I am attractive, date straight men and gay women, and don't porn-ise myself to look nice.

You make me laugh and kinda sad being that shallow annnnnnnd presumptuous.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 331633

I also like to put my whole post in the subject line like a normal, well-adjusted person under 40 also give me hormones that definitely don#t make me unstable

No. 331635

File: 1543537312275.jpeg (872.61 KB, 1203x1662, 89937C40-7381-4AC8-9428-03210F…)

Is anyone else annoyed at how 'truscum' are suddenly pretending to care about women? If they truly care about women's rights why didn't they call out this self ID bullshit years ago when it started? And why do they keep up with this sexist brain sex crap that's been debunked over and over? If women's safety really matter to them, why do they still act entitled to women's spaces, call themselves women when they're not, and are never willing to stand up to other men? Even the TiMs that acknowledge reality still insist on using women's bathrooms. If you recognize yourself as male, why use womens' facilities at all?

After all this troon fuckery it honestly feels like they're only pretending to be nice and reasonable so they can 'prove' they're just like women and not aggressive males. But a lot of them still think like men despite claming to have 'female' brains. I've seen quite a few radfems accept them into female spaces, and I guess this must be the ultimate validation for them-getting accepted by radfems(which a lot are lesbians) as 'women.' IMO truscum just get off on being ~not like other troons~ and are merely piggybacking off the hard work of radfems so they feel like they accomplished something when they're really just useless freaks.

All they care about is getting validation by lying to women. They don't really respect us at all. What a pitiful, narcissistic existence.

No. 331640

this is the most autistic troon to ever come in this thread.
>"I'm not like the other troons! I'm attractive and REEEE OTHER TRANNIES, RIGHT LADIES?"

No. 331643

No, it's screamingly obvious every time. You can kid yourself all you want and there's plenty of people who will be polite to your face but…

My absolute most SJW friend was talking to me recently about how she'd been working alongside a TiM for six months plus. One day the tranny says something to the effect of: 'I guess you guys don't know this, but I struggled with my gender when I was a kid, but now it's OK because nobody notices that I was wrongly assigned male' (but obviously not these wordes exactly) as if it was BRAND NEW INFORMATION. Even this super PC, handmaiden, whatever you want to call her woman was confused by this guy acting like NOBODY KNEW that he was a tranny and felt the need to chat to other people about the situation. People don't talk about trannies to their face so often, because they do get ostracised. But you don't think people ever talk behind your back? Not just a few TERFs or whatever, but actually quite a significant number of people?

MY friend absolutely falls over herself to #respect this person as a 'woman' but she knew from day 1 and was baffled by this guy presenting it as some revelation.

No matter how hard you try, women will know. You didn't grow up as a woman.

No. 331666

Troons love to talk about their revelation that Female Privilege Exists, but the reality is that they're experiencing Troon Privilege. No one wants to get on their bad side. We all know from social media what happens. I'm pretty sure a lot of people cape for them because they don't want to be the target of shame.

No. 331670

this is a female board. btw you're exactly like other troons, quit acting like you're some supreme being lol.

No. 331673

File: 1543540723500.gif (711.75 KB, 245x200, 1521752635947.gif)

Who are you trying to convince here? What kind of mind do you expect to change when you blog-post and spit vitriol?
You do know no one on this board gives a shit about you or your lesbian girl friend.

No. 331676

>gets banned
>won't take ban quietly
>i'm totes not like men!


No. 331677

I can't show even show a censored photo but I'm so totally girly JUST TRUST ME somehow uwu

No. 331683

File: 1543541269642.png (167.97 KB, 1200x800, bitter trannies cant into lolc…)

You aint fooling anyone mr tranny sperg

No. 331685

No one has to trust you or your female penis.


Women know when to step away from the keyboard and realize that they should stop posting.
You need to stop and take a breath.
Why not blow some bubbles in your girlfriend's cunt?

No. 331686

>fucking rick and morty reaction photo
i'm not surprised

No. 331687

File: 1543541530292.jpg (42.08 KB, 467x377, 1505399158536.jpg)


No. 331697

oh my god, why do they keep posting here. no one gives a fuck about details from their personal lives. we, and most other people, still see them as the gender they were born as. this extreme combo of sperging and coping is embarrassing and pathetic. it also shows just how mentally unbalanced they are.

anyway, i want to say thanks to the people participating in these threads. you have made me rethink my stance on trans related topics, and actually do my own research. i went from "we should support trans women uwu" to believing that most people who identify as trans do so because it is a fetish. the people who genuinely believe they were "born into the wrong body" are mentally ill, and tricking them into thinking that you can change your gender by chopping off body parts is very cruel and disturbing.

No. 331708

This. I fully agree, Anon.

Troons like to pretend that they identify with women to get the perks of being a woman but what are the perks really?
Most of the times I think men who want to be women are trying to get out of something. As if they hate the workload that some men are stacked up against so they say to themselves "Fuck all this work! I'll be a girl instead!".
They just perceive that being a woman is easier. That after they transition that they barely have to try to gain a life and career.
Just be a cute girl uwu and get those cummies.

No. 331718

Because they are narcissists and think thats what being a woman is-which shows how male they fucking are kek

Also thank you, and I used to be in your position-I was very much a screaming "if you dont support trans people you are scum" because I got brainwashed by the dogma. Never would have suspected then 5 years later I would be on the opposite side. After real life experience with TIMS and seeing what they really think about women its clear its not only a fetish but just jealously of women based on lies told by other men.

No. 331757

femininity can be empowering though, can't it?
there's something strong about being loving and kind, nurturing folk and bringing them up

No. 331770

I was never one to throw around terms like "transphobic" and "cisgender," but I do remember when that whole North Carolina bathroom bill controversy happened, my stance on it was "they just want to use the bathroom, so who cares? It's not hurting anyone." I kept pretty neutral all this time until the first gender crit thread came around. Everyone who has contributed really flipped my perspective on these people and their movement. Luckily, where I live is quite conservative, so I can almost freely explain my stance to anyone and wouldn't get REEE'd at or feel at risk of losing my job or anything like that. Feels good to have a solid opinion now.

No. 331773

so glad to hear you've seen the light, but my ladies, you need to just accept the blackpill that none of them truly believe they're born in the wrong bodies except for maybe the children, and that the men mutilating themselves aren't any more mentally ill than the weirdos that stick metal rods up their urethras – in short, male pornsickness and male degeneracy is strong, and men that are otherwise perfectly sane can and will mutilate themselves for their fetish, and they're not the minority

femininity is enforced and we're subjected to it, so no, femininity is never empowering. trying to 'reclaim' the tools used to oppress you is retarded, never works, and is some shit men want you to believe. some of the traits associated with 'femininity' are good for all humans to have, but they comprise a very small % of what femininity is seen as being, most of which has more to do with superficial grooming or submissiveness.

No. 331777

…that anon wasn't talking about superficial traits though, she explicitly said loving and kind.

No. 331784

but my point was that being nurturing and loving is not really what most people think of when people think of when they think 'femininity', because femininity for the most part revolves around maintaining your appearance and just being submissive to men and doing anything for them, specifically. being kind and truly nurturing isn't heavily pushed by patriarchal society the way the rest of what it means to be 'feminine' is. look at trannies. none of them seem even remotely kind, loving, or nuturing, and are, in fact, very aggro and uncaring, yet they're praised by the everyone, left right and center, as being way more feminine than real women all because their entire existence revolves around primping themselves obsessively and making themselves most attractive to men. that's really what most people consider femininity to be about and that's really where all the stress to be 'feminine' lies anyways. it's like saying "well, some parts of masculinity are good, like teaching men to work with their hands, so it can be good for men in that way". obviously masculinity is not oppressive like femininity is, but there's similarly like 0 stress on men to actually be useful in comparison to the other stupid bullshit people push and think of when they think 'masculine'.

No. 331785

No. 331800

The troon I used to be friends with turned out to be more insane as I thought they were. He really thinks he's some ambiguously brown pee oh see as well. Fuck, man. I already knew he had a race fetish, but he legitimately thinks he's not pasty as hell? The delusions don't stop at gender and sexuality. They want to be the ultimate victim.

No. 331815

Ahaha I like your style Anon

No. 331817

>So like heeeeeeey, just a thought either contribute or like, not reply like a jackass

When you've written one long, terribly edited piece of word salad and expect a warm welcome from your slight efforts

No. 331829

File: 1543560613954.png (340.27 KB, 567x1146, Wrongthink.png)

The comments to this post (RT by the account you linked) made me lol

No. 331869

File: 1543577082632.png (91.59 KB, 759x693, VERY MALE.png)

>how DARE anyone not want our cocks!!!!
Literal incels. They cry that us respecting their pronouns isn't too much to ask for and then demand shit like this.

Pic related is a troon getting triggered over an avatar making app using camera (Zepeto) making their character female kek

No. 331882

File: 1543583706758.jpg (119.38 KB, 742x960, SZO27vW.jpg)


No. 331885

>I am attractive, date straight men and gay women

Wonder what these "straight men" and "gay women" think about the penis (or the oozing wound) between his legs?

No. 331890

Tricking someone into bed with you is so fucking shady, deceptive, and rapey. Isn't this also how TIMs get themselves killed by other men?

No. 331893

Ew a man go away

No. 331895

No. 331896

Yes, but that's TERFs' fault apparently

No. 331903

Can't imagine why teenage girls would feel nervous sharing their toilets with someone who films footage of it.

No. 331909

File: 1543587907424.png (Spoiler Image,77.97 KB, 540x509, upload_2018-11-28_7-46-36.png)

Zachary/Zinna can die in a fire.

No. 331910

Why AGP trans suddenly care about appearance more as they transitioned? (And by carind, it doesn't mean they're good at it) But going from never shower, face full of acne and untrimmed stubbles to trying to look'cute' confuses me.

No. 331911

What a deliberately obtuse piece of shit.

No. 331912

he's disgusting. for those of you that forgot, this is also literally the same man that says we'd still need to respect hitler's pronouns if he were trans, i s2g

No. 331913

Another male REEEing where no body asked. Go back to posting your cock on troonblr or something

No. 331916

because they think so highly of themselves that they truly believe they're cute enough to transform from hideous acneic neckbeards into moe anime girls

No. 331919

He also says that if every single trans woman in existence was a violent rapist then they would still "deserve" to have unfettered access to our bathrooms, changing rooms and prisons.

No. 331920

I know he's already been banned, but
>I date gay women
Oh look, another lesbian fetishist. But he's not like other troons, right? Lol.
(Any woman who gets near a MtT is sure as hell not a lesbian anyway)
>Trans Girl

That's exactly what TIMs do. It's safe to say that at least 90% of them are rapists or wannabe rapists.
Never forget the troon who tried to make a rule to have lesbian students who rejected him expelled from university. Imagine if a straight guy tried to do the same thing with straight girls… everyone would be talking about it and calling him every sort of names. But if said man wears a wig and calls himself Sharon, then he can force people into having sex with him and will even be protected.

No. 331925

This is the same man who posted on traps and got laughed at, who has a pregnancy fetish, shoves 2feet of dildo up his ass and intestines, abuses anti psychotics, promotes kids take drugs and hormones and was on I Am Jazz as a trans "expert"

Zinna doesn't give a fuck about women and he is splurging about 4thwavenow and thinks Johnathan Yaniv is a non issue when he wants to shove tampons in 10year old girls vaginas, sit in woman's lockets rooms to look for tampons strings to "bond"(aka fap) and suing 16 women for not touching his cheese cock and balls.

Same zinnia who response when always autumn flashed his semi erect dick in a woman's changing room is having a porn of two transwoman raping a woman in a locker room .

I hope Zinnia dies from rupturing his intestines from shoveling those two feet dildos up his fat boxy asshole.

No. 331926

“Female children being sexually assaulted isn’t an actual issue to me.” -Zinnia Jones, 2018

No. 331941

wait zinnia/zach did a porno of trannies raping women in a locker room??? FUCK how much more obvious can it get to people that ALL of these men (save for the gays i guess) are predators with fetishes/??

No. 331983

All they do is say that so and so weren't ~real~ transwomen in the first place because being a murderer or a rapist isn't ladylike uwu. Or they say that transwomen raping and killing others is just a reaction to their oppression so it's completely fine and justified. You can't reason them.

No. 332005

>don't kill actual future allies on site
>to an imageboard full of women

No. 332006

doublepost but that whole sperg was a fun read. so delusional. troons really think women are out to get them.

No. 332007

No, he felt like there should be one.

No. 332009

Daily reminder that there's no such thing as a trans ally xoxo

No. 332010

Caps? I need to share that with the world

No. 332029

wtf? Does this mean trans people dislike enbies and other gender nonconforming people?

No. 332045

Yes. Theyre at direct odds with each other. Having someone say they are a nb trans girl/boy is like hearing someone say theyre a jewish nazi

let them fight and eat their own at this point

No. 332049

i mean it makes sense. if sex isn't real trans isn't real.

No. 332053

im sorry but i have to believe the person in pic is trolling to keep from losing my god damn mind

i'm the anon in >>331500. i was referring to people on twitter and tumblr talking about the performative aspects femininity like wearing makeup/removing body hair as empowering for them. these are things that women are expected to do but men aren't. i don't think anyone who enjoys it or does it to feel more confident is a Bad Feminist cuz it's just the world we live in and we're all trying to get by. i like bonding over beauty shit with my friends too. it just irks me when people draw attention to how radical it is of them to wear red lipstick because they're reclaiming something or another. to me it's shallow surface shit, like saying "girl power" and calling it a day. trans girls are worse about it. that's what i meant by my post.
the traits you mentioned are things men can be too, it's just that they get a pass for abusing us and not taking care of their kids because of the culture, so that's what they do. there's nothing wrong with feeling empowered by motherhood or helping people, that's real work unlike some idiot who woke up and put some mascara on and wants asspats for it.

No. 332060

what i find interesting is how among my friends who are married and starting families, the moms are all very pro-tranny agenda whereas to a man, the dads are much more sus. i was hanging out after thanksgiving having drinks with a pretty big group and the topic of puberty blockers came up–a friend of a friend has a daughter who's 'gender non-conforming' and said friend was talking up how brave the mom and soon-to-be fucked up daughter are, and i said that i thought giving your ten year old daughter a drug designed to treat prostate cancer was anything but brave. her husband chimed in, real quiet, and said he thought it was dangerous. then the room got real quiet, but i kept talking because i felt like well, i guess these people are going to know sooner then later that i'm a fucking terf so might as well run with it, but it ended up that most of the guys there said they agreed, and the ones who didnt were at least listening and nodding, whereas the moms were the ones acting pearl clutchy. i don't understand how trannies have snowed women into acting against their best interests, more importantly, the interests of their own daughters. it's confusing and frightening to me.

does anyone have any ideas about this?

No. 332069

Some women are empathetic to our detriment, they prioritize feelings and being a 'good person' very highly without considering how much sense it actually makes. Usually empathy is a good thing but most tranny supporters are literally just blindly following along with what is loudly proclaimed to be the right thing to do. They give trannies the benefit of the doubt and assume the best of them, and it results in very undeserved support.

No. 332075

i hear you, it's just difficult to get other women, who i know are not stupid and who do have some understanding of/background in radical feminism to view trannies with anything that what i would call a critical eye, at the very least.

i see people here talking about reposting trannietalk that 'allies' post online, the idea of signal boosting in the hopes that it will wake women up, but i think real world talking does more to change ideas than stuff you read on the internet. not positive about that, but…another part of it is that i don't want to give these idiot ideas any credence at all, ever.

i find it really hard to stomach the notion that these women are basically allowing a bunch of fetishists to have any sway at all in how they approach raising their own daughters. maybe i should just say something like that. fuck, it's depressing to me.

No. 332077

Women are socialized to be empathetic and forgiving to a fault and it sucks. They're taught from childhood to repress their assertive stances and selfishness and value social reputation over common sense. Another reason why gender roles need to be erased.

No. 332079

Yup. Tras used empathy against women and faux solidarity.
>"we are women like you lets fight misogyny together"
When in reality theyre still men who just want claim over our spaces, speak over us and push us back so far the word woman cannot be defined without triggering them. But alot of this is buried underneath the constant reminders of how pointing out men like Jonathan Yaniv exists is actual rape and causes murders of trannies everyday.

When it comes to the moms favoring this bs, maybe is munchausens. Probably its for attention and asspats for having a special child. Dads cant speak up openly without being dragged for being transphobic - hardly anyone can

No. 332082

Some parts of the country are easier to live in, which is weird and kind of sad. I know that the right wing doesn't always have the interests of lesbians or straight women at heart but being in a place that skews red can be a lot better than, say, Portland, which is an actual mess. I've had personal experience with people getting aggressive if they perceive you as being trans exclusionary in any way.

The places that you would think to be more empathetic towards out, butch lesbians can sometimes feel more scary than going to say, frigging Alabama. I'm a lifelong
liberal but progs can and will go on the attack with you if they feel like it's safe to do so. Very hivemind mentality. It creates a chilling effect on speech, which is becoming more and more rampant the quieter we are.

The whole thing is messed up.

No. 332083

I can kinda see why mothers would be so inclined to err on the side of caution with doing the 'right thing' by their child. Parents who don't accept gay children are fucking awful and we all know it can fuck the kids up, so if trans kids are portrayed as equivalent to gay kids, enthusiastically liberal mothers are going to try and support them without really putting thought into it. It's easy to dismiss pervy old men wanting to be sexy teen girls as misogynistic AGPs, but if it's an innocent child being messed up by propaganda and genuinely feeling marginalized and discriminated against, their parents are going to have a tough time dealing with it in a way that doesn't hurt their kid.

No. 332084

>le ACTUAL trans people meme
I think you're in the wrong place. You do know that announcing that you're a man here resorts in a ban?

>The issue isn't some pervert creeping on young girls and trying to sue single mothers for not wanting to touch his dick! The issue here is all these goddamn women trying to make him accountable for it!
Imagine being this fucking misogynistic. This person needs his meds asap.

Most of the mothers are definitely munchies and attention whores (like Jazz's mom). But some are just either bible thumpers disguising troonism as conversion therapy for their gay kids, or scared to death of all the "your kid will kill him/herself if they don't transition at age 3" talk. The latter ones are the ones that usually aren't that deep into it and can be talked out of messing up their kid but the religious nuts and munchies are the useful idiots the trans activism movement is using to their advantage.

I don't even live in the states yet I'm aware of the state Portland is in. From what I've heard everyone there is some sort of a genderspecial mess.

No. 332085

sometimes i do think it's related to munchie shit, especially stuff online, but im pretty sure none of these women are munchies themselves. definitely something i've thought about. lax parenting + social contagion + undersocialized kids + gross assholes looking to hatch 'eggs' makes for a shitshow.

No. 332087

It triggers me when they say they're women. Like, they will legit never understand in any way, shape or form how it feels to wake up and be a woman, facing sexism.

They are not allies and never will be. They are definitely not real women.

No. 332088

Speaking of which, is there a place accepting of gay people but… let's say less crazy about trannies? Like, still recognizing the biological differences? Some country far from the UK situation, but not conservative. How's it in Northern Europe, for example?

No. 332091

>But some are just either bible thumpers disguising troonism as conversion therapy for their gay kids, or scared to death of all the "your kid will kill him/herself if they don't transition at age 3" talk

I truly believe that tr00n shit now is the exact same bullshit as gay conversion therapy. I see no difference in it.

No. 332093

We just did a ton on heritable traits, men are less agreeable than women, which makes it easier for them to speak up. Could be why the fathers appear more reluctant to get on board, I have no clue but it popped to mind.

No. 332099

>the religious nuts and munchies are the useful idiots the trans activism movement is using to their advantage

sometimes feels ~we should be using those selfsame useful idiots, i like this idea. fundies should never be into the tranny shit because it's going against what god created, none his creations are imperfect, blah. there's got to be a way to slow this traindown.

i'm proud of all the brits i see speaking up on twitter, got to say. the whole thing with that ogre vaniv should be everywhere in the msm and it isn't, really fucks me off just how much money and power the trans movement has behind it.

No. 332109

If gendercrit and radfem is gonna go anywhere it's gonna be because of a push from British activists. And Latin American activists I guess because the twitter tag is full of LA radfems, not sure what's up with that.

Anyway, wondering if gender dysphoria might be related to anxiety or OCD. I've seen at least one post on Reddit where a girl was questioning if she was trans and even the trans users were saying it sounded like she had intrusive thoughts and not dysphoria. If people don't know about intrusive thoughts or how to manage them they might end up thinking their trans out an inability to manage these anxieties.

No. 332112

I'm Finnish and transgenderism is sort of a new and niche thing here. A lot of oldschool gay people are awkwardly accepting it through their teeth while writing gendercrit stuff anonymously online to save face. The loudest activists are progressive cishet virtue signalers (what a shock, I know) and nonbinary freaks repeating anglicisms and concepts more applicable to the society in the USA. The treatments are provided by the public health care and you have to go through a pretty careful, long screening in order to receive actual HRT and surgeries. The normie crowd doesn't really understand it because our culture has traditionally been very gender neutral and women are allowed to be masculine. Most of them think it's nuts, but believe in "live and let live" as they really have no experience with the whole movement or its representatives. The nonbinary stuff on the other hand hasn't really gained traction and people treat it as a bizarre joke, save for a small but vocal minority.

So all in all it's not really a thing, Sweden on the other hand is all over it. Norway and Denmark, I have no idea. Our culture is pretty different from Scandinavian ones anyway so idek.

No. 332114

i do too, but blocking your kid's puberty and hell, even lupron itself should be way more scary to them than having a kid turn out gay.

gay and lesbian teens used to be way more visible in schools than they are now. things have changed fast. scary.

trans is weird because it's a fashion, a new way of rebelling which i blame 100% on the internet. it's just another fandom for these kids. this is something that, left alone, will pass for 99% but hell, let's interfere with that process to look as socially respectable as is possible. it's good to have a place to vent about this.

agp groomers on tumblr have a lot to answer for.

No. 332116

Fundies will pick being "heterosexual" trans over being cisgendered gay any day. It's a fact that has been studied. I can't find the study I have on my mind because Google tries to bury gendercrit stuff under pro-trans search results so I'd love it if some anon has a link to it.

Didn't the gender critical BBC documentary feature one case with a girl who strongly believed herself to be a boy and had massive gender dysphoria as a kid, then it turned out that she was suffering of OCD that made her hyperfixated on her gender? Kids have such stunted mental capacities that it's laughable to claim that every they must have gender dysphoria if they say so, they could just as well be suffering of a repressed trauma or some other psychological issue.

No. 332119

One area where I think women should go on the attack is the tranny BS about equating language with LITERAL MURDER. This is a fast track to seriously Orwellian wrongthink bullshit. I've seen it pop up here and there in the past few months that liking Orwell is somehow an alt-right or TERF "tell", which; don't get me started, but I expect that to catch on with all of them.

Language reflects reality. Controlling language helps to control reality, which is why they make such a fuss over their fucking pronouns. It's also why I refuse to give in on that point.

My new year's resolution is going to be to speak up more. I'm fed up with catering to these pigs and I personally feel stupid for having felt sorry for them to begin with.

No. 332127

Don't know about the rest of the world,but caring about freedom of speech/thought is considered right wing by a lot of younger folks in the US. IIRC a slight majority of surveyed college students coneidered freedom of speech less important than preventing offense.

No. 332151

Something so tilting today on a Canadian subreddit.
>Some Canadian actor's birthday
>Celebrates him
>Have to include that he is a proud father of a TIM
???? I don't know why I'm so tilted by it, I hope I'm not the only one.

No. 332157

Everything you've said sort of set me off on a tangent, none of this is directed at you, just thinking this through, but: the way trannies have chosen freedom of speech as the hill to die on interests me. Most people in the US feel strongly that the freedom to speak is (let's be honest) almost supernatural in origin.

The aim of controlling speech is to control dissent, which is why other countries that don't have strong human rights records tend to hit this right first and fast. I'm a second generation citizen of the US and come from a place where this right is not a given. It puzzles and disturbs me that anyone would think that getting rid of free speech or curtailing it or compelling it is in any way good, at all. Then, there is always more speech that can be controlled until all your avenues have been taken from you.

I see and read from many annoyed and pissed off women, how they feel when told to throw away the evidence of their eyes and brains to soothe the feels of obviously mentally ill men, who then use our anger against us. It's not enough to tell us that our words are causing violence to the bodies -they choose to mutilate, it's always followed up with an appeal to our lost humanity and then, if that doesn't work, attacks based on our looks or our apparent lack of intellect and finally, derision and funny enough, the threat of exclusion.

It's not healthy to compel speech and it never leads to anything good for the group whose speech is being questioned. It sounds spergy but to tell women that their eyes are lying to them is gaslighting; an actual abuse tactic. The pattern they follow as listed above is an actual cycle of abuse. Trannies will lovebomb creepily in order to get access to women, and then, if you don't indulge them, it starts.

The fact that so few people feel safe discussing this is frightening in and of itself. It's why people want to crack down on anonymous behavior on the internet. It's one of the last paces that most people can get to and speak their piece.

No. 332161

File: 1543625938673.png (89.9 KB, 817x673, part 1.png)

No. 332162

File: 1543625950008.png (94.38 KB, 801x679, part 2.png)

No. 332163

File: 1543625962667.png (28.54 KB, 776x218, part 3.png)

No. 332165

>I am 60, I look 40, I feel like I'm 30, and dress and act like I'm 20

No. 332171

>I want to experience sexism like other women!
… They yearn for misogyny…. They seriously want to experience how much men hate women…. I don't know… If I can.. do this anymore..

No. 332174

File: 1543627984503.png (26.87 KB, 272x249, CFCBCC65-ADF7-4BFB-BCC1-25732C…)

>I will never understand what it feels like to be daddy’s little girl.
where is these people’s concept of womanhood coming from. why do they sound like they’re fucking space aliens trying to blend in while wearing someone else’s skin. is it the autism or do men really misunderstand us that badly.

No. 332177

its a 'perfect storm' combo of both, anon

No. 332189

holy shit. there are 13 things on this list that don't require being female to accomplish. the excuses these men make i swear to god.

No. 332191

he fucking wishes he could orgasm like us lmao

No. 332195

>I will never have the chance to lost my virginity or know what it feels like to be touched or be kissed
At least he knows damn well that nobody will fuck him that's for sure, also

>I know how it feels like to cry for no reason, to laugh and cry at the same time

If he thinks this behavior says "feminine woman" and not "mentally unstable person" he's so f wrong

No. 332201

File: 1543633634587.gif (1.43 MB, 268x185, tumblr_p8dvdwHAUR1rov8uxo5_400…)

>I know how it feels like to have beautiful feminine hands and nails
Hands are one of the first giveaways for tr00ns, this is bullshit

No. 332214

Most of these things aren't exclusive to women though? Wtf? Men really get their concept of women from shit they see in movies.

No. 332219

AGP troons wanna be us to fap to themselves, Gay troons wanna be us so they can have straight men…both hate women, but at the same time jealous of trivial things of womanhood..

Males are really fucked up.

No. 332220

All the Finnish LGBT organisations and any politicians with any sort of feminist/progressive leanings are screaming bloody murder about the horrible oppressive trans laws though and how they must be changed or else!!! Like you said the fucking trans laws are fucking fine, they require actual medical and psychological evaluation before people are allowed to do anything drastic to their bodies, the fact these absolute retards don't see this is beyond me. It's gotten to the point I can't even bring myself to help organise the pride event in my town because the local chapter has been so infested by the troon cancer. I feel like an outsider in the LGBT community here and it's killing me inside.

No. 332225

>I will never know what the innocence of childhood feels like
WTF? Why is he implying that male children aren't innocent?

No. 332226

>daddy's little girl
Oh no, I was solely raised by mom and grandparents. I guess I'm not womaning correctly. :^(

No. 332229

I honestly didn't realize how prominent this movement is throughout the entire world. What honestly kicked this off? Was it the Americans? I don't want to fully tinfoil, but I've heard rumors a lot of the absurd SJW shit was started by media at Occupy Wall Street.

No. 332233

that’s what i’m saying. you’d think the childhood of girls would be seen as less likely to be carefree and innocent being the demographic more likely to be subject to sexual abuse and internalizing that they aren’t pretty enough at a young age, among so many other things. it’s like they don’t actually care to emphasize with women and only want to indulge a misogynistic patriarchal fantasy :)

No. 332235

OWS was the first time I ever saw the progressive stack put into action irl, lots of trannies whinging about completely irrelevant shit definitely ruined the momentum.

There's so much wrong with all of this but for some reason
>I will know what will feel like to die as a woman
strikes me as the creepiest and most bizarre. Besides the fact that he won't, who on earth actually wastes time on 'Wow, the day I die, I'm going to spend some time thinking about how my soon-to-be-dead body is so totally NOT the corpse of an obvious male, especially when they get down to taking my measurements' like dude, you know that even the act of writing this bullshit 'muh laydeefeels' crap gave him a boner.


No. 332237


Totally not a fetish

No. 332246

It's a great way to distract from actual problems and have a ready supply of poisonous people to set on any group which might be giving you trouble.
An example is one of the guys who resisted using a government backdoored encryption standard as the default for linux or something being immediately singled out by the tranny who forced his code of conduct on the linux community.
A coincidence I'm sure.

No. 332247

>we need to make sure kids don't choose something as serious as medical transitioning so carelessly
>um :) sorry :) but Trans kids hurt themselves and they are always of sound mind to know exactly what they want :) let them do whatever they want :)

This was frustrating. And this is why we can't bring up people who detransition. They'll probably get called bigots and transpbobic

Remember that 'die cis scum' vid that went viral a long time ago? Basically the girl claimed she was trans after getting caught up in the hype of tumblr. Then when she realized she wasn't actually trans, tumblr turned on her and she left. She's supposedly just a normal woman now

No. 332267

God don't remind me. Coraline Ada Ehmke totally deserves a thread.

No. 332271

Everyone who thinks that they might be trans is 100% definitely trans and NEEDS HRT and surgery RIGHT NOW and calling someone confused/a faker is transphobic, but when someone regrets transition, detransitions, or garners too much bad publicity, they were never actually trans at all and were just confused/faking. One study showed that 80% of “trans” kids stop identifying as trans eventually as long as they’re not given puberty blockers. TRAs are more than happy to call this majority a “myth” and throw them under the bus. They don’t give a fuck about children’s well-being.

No. 332276

File: 1543649953809.png (909.8 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181201-083626.png)

No. 332277

Then you have an overly possessive dad who thought only about sheltering you and beat you for every mistake. Still thinking you are 'little girl' even if you're an adult.

Bad things go both ways.

No. 332278

File: 1543650017101.png (145.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181201-083648.png)

So predictable

No. 332287

The absolute audacity of these fetishist pieces of shit. The anon who said that they base their image on what being woman is like on the top 0.1% of all women was right. They seriously think things like "innocence of childhood", "being daddy's little girl", "choosing a boyfriend", "flawless skin" and "to have fun and just be a silly girl" are all given to every women. Their romanticizing of female puberty is awful, periods and growing breasts is often traumatizing to girls and an invitation for sexual harassment even when you're as young as 12. Almost every girl experiences bad things in their childhood, they have self-esteem issues, deal with all sorts of non-cutesy things related to being a girl. A lot of them have fathers who despise them for being girls. Acne is even worse for girls than boys because girls are absolutely expected to have smooth, beautiful skin. Yet these assholes think it's all about giggles and flower crowns.

No. 332288

>I feel like an outsider in the LGBT community here and it's killing me inside
This is probably what made me peak trans in the first place, I was volunteering at my hometown's small pride and every fucking thing seemed to offend the few troons that were also working with us and I just had to quit and I couldn't even tell them why or I would have been shunned by all of my lgbt+ friends.

But the good thing is that they halted the treatments for non-binary people here for a while and apparently they're getting a bit more strict with what qualifies for a transgender diagnosis so there's a bit hope left in this country.

No. 332290

Have you seen the finnish gender critical reddit? There is lot of finnish radfems on tumblr too.

I loved how troons attacked a lesbian party called lettukestit over it's name, and demanded that it should be changed but the women arranging the party just didn't give a fuck and didn't change the name. After that the troons have been pretty quiet, just complaining about it between themselves.

No. 332293

>finnish gender critical reddit

No. 332295

It's not very active, but at least it's not as cancerous as the english one https://www.reddit.com/r/FinnishGenderCritical/

No. 332296

My pet theory is that trans is simply the king's new clothes - unlike other 'identities', it's completely made up. So because people want to be inclusive and accepting, they must pretend to see a woman where there's a man - and because everybody knows how flimsy their claim to womanhood are, the slightest criticism of trans ideology is LITERALLY MURDER. Questioning is LITERALLY DENYING TRANSPEOPLE'S EXISTENCE!

No other 'social justice' cause gets this much traction because no other social justice cause is that made up - they can be criticized, you (sorta) can debate on whether or not people are born gay, but everybody knows gay people exist so there's no need to protect the gay identity ferociously and yell "GAY PEOPLE EXIST! GAY PEOPLE ARE GAY!". But because everybody knows trans is not real, they fear the slightest of breezes, because they know it will bring their straw house down.

I don't even think it's due to american influence because that shit doesn't reach the place i live much afaik, it really strikes me as just hysterical insecurity. Bet troons would all love to be called hysterical though kek

No. 332297

Awesome to see other Finnish gendercrits here. I have a lot of friends who fall in the genderspecial category and it's just killing me, I only have a couple of good trustworthy friends I can rant about this at all. The normies are safe to talk with but I belong to the fringe groups with a lot of LGBT people so it'd be a social suicide to publicly speak up against troonism.

Tbh when I want to get angry and remind myself why I'm gendercrit I go to the trans block on twitter (you know which) and laugh at it. Recently the Association for Female Rights (Naisasialiittounioni, however you translate that) created "pussy reflectors" as their Women's day merch they went on an all out flipping rage over them being transphobic and ~problematic~.

Now that the Finnterfs are here, Has any of you seen the "Piin seikkailut cismaailmassa" comic? That is some of the worst delusional TiM bullshit I've ever come across.

No. 332300

I have lot of genderspecial friends too but recently one of them turned out to be a terf too lol. I suspect a lot of people are gendercrit in secret.

No. 332301

this is what I suspect. Too many women have confided terfy beliefs to me I think it might be more common.

No. 332303

I really can't say much so that I'm not recognized, but let's just say that I have relations to troons in real life and I am a huge terf.

No. 332304

File: 1543657075602.jpg (718.77 KB, 1000x1440, 223.jpg)

Ai vittu tuntuu hyvältä lukea GC-juttuja omalla kielellä

>Piin seikkailut cismaailmassa
I just googled this and got cancer thanks
(translation: complaining about bathrooms and how a troon couldn't use one because ~genders~ jesus christ first world problems at it's prime)

No. 332307

File: 1543657416786.png (164.95 KB, 1000x341, 226.png)

That's not regular art though, that page was made by some guest artist. This is what the comic actually looks like.

No. 332308

Since literally every tweet about terfs on twitter is about killing them, people keep their gender crit hand close to their chest.

No. 332311

File: 1543658169218.png (944.14 KB, 957x538, pii.PNG)

The person who made that guest art comic is just as bad of a super aggressive TiM, can't remember which blog it was but it's an awful experience. He's part of that notorious pink black block that's out there just to wreck shit up and overall be a nuisance to everyone.

Gonna translate the comic >>332307 posted because the international posters need to be able to enjoy it as well.
>Female: Unisex bathrooms are simply awful! All sorts of guys will be able to see my private parts!
>Troon: Is that so…
>Troon: Maybe you should just go do it in the stalls like everyone else.
>Female: What's up with this tranny! Doesn't even know how to use the bathroom! (squats down to do her business right in the middle of the bathroom)
It's just full of hyperbolic strawmen and evil terf cis women. Like Assigned Male but with even worse artwork and more male entitlement. Pic related, it's the artist "herself", Pii Anttonen. Looks exactly like you'd expect.

No. 332315

File: 1543658390675.png (29.39 KB, 746x646, schizofrenia.PNG)

I know troons are crazy, but what the fuck is up with this tendency I'm seeing from them to call GC/radfem women an unimportant minority that have no influence whatsoever? It's like their brains were specifically programmed for maximum doublethink/incapable of detecting cognitive dissonance.

They'll talk about how dangerous and influential TERFs are (powerful enough to sway men into beating trans people!) then a moment later say that everyone is on their side and TERFs aren't being listened to, then it's back to how literally everyone who isn't trans (or sometimes even those who are) is a transphobic bigot and they're the ultimate victims that have all society against them…

Seriously, which is it? How can you brag about having all the support and then try to paint yourself as the ultimate victim?

No. 332316

>omg I pass suuuuper well!!no one knows!

No. 332321

>pink black block
I have a few friends that are a part of this and it's so weird, they claim to be some sort of radfems but the second a tim declares something is ~transphobic~ they start acting like patriarchal men. I honestly want to be accepting of all gender identities but they make it so hard, I really don't want to identify as a terf but they leave me with no choise.

No. 332322

File: 1543660139823.jpg (135.26 KB, 989x667, pinkblack.JPG)

Didn't these assholes pull a retarded demonstration in front of a psychiatric clinic while scaring psychologically unstable patients there to "protest" the halting of nonbinary treatments while looking like absolute clowns?



No. 332324

Fairly new to this thread but not GC and wondering if there's ever been talk of having a GC discord? Vetting would be easy–don't talk, get kicked–and it would give us more room to talk than here on lc. I'd set one up, but I'm clueless as to how you'd go about it. It's possible I didn't see mention of one in the other threads.

What do you think? Yea or nay? I like having a space to bitch about it but I also want to do more, maybe some other anons feel similarly.

Might be wise to publically align something like that with Cathy Brennan's church, for obvious reasons.

No. 332331

Idk if there's something like this already but I'd join one for sure

No. 332334

There's a terf/gc channel in the friends finder discord on /g/, but I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for.

No. 332338

They look exactly like I'd expect "enbies" to look.

No. 332340

They were inside the clinic at first. There is a video somewhere in fb.

No. 332343

>Since most women have a lower libido than most men, are the submissive one in the sexual role (by biological design)

Is this biology or gender? E.g. we describe sex as penetrative, something a penis does to a vagina. Could just as easily replace penetrate with envelop/engulf and view it as something a woman does to a man. Women are supposed to not want sex (except, from any individual man's perspective, with him) and are supposed to passively yield once propositioned. These are all deeply ingrained cultural norms that shape how we develop, but it's possible they really are just cultural, with little if any biological basis.

Go back a few decades and it would be taken for granted that women were incapable of being leaders, or doing a whole host of jobs they're now excelling in, because it was self-evident that they were naturally/biologically too submissive and delicate.

No. 332345


For the non finnanons here, do you mind explaining the offense?

No. 332346

literally its "pancake party" but "lettu"(=pancake) is slang for pussy

No. 332351

File: 1543668227122.png (10.92 KB, 993x222, pullll.PNG)

God some of the shit you see on PULL. this was regarding a 30 yr old man living in Japan who thinks he's a teenage Japanese school girl and is friends with teenagers. They don't think he's a danger at all.

No. 332352

File: 1543668271100.png (348.89 KB, 1064x645, pullllll.PNG)

imaging defending this shit

No. 332375

File: 1543674898403.jpg (75.22 KB, 1242x1110, 3rZF72w.jpg)

Just a little Japanese schoolgirl!

That fucker even talked about an upcoming school function by posting two teenage anime girls kissing. Their whole Twitter is full of Japanese schoolchildren fetishism.

What the fuck happened to PULL?! They rip women, even TiFs, apart but they fall all over themselves defending this creep?

No. 332377

So, like, if genitals don't matter, why is the end game for the vast majority of trans SRS?

No. 332381

PULL has always been a shitty congregation of tumblr tier teenage girls. their opinions always suck. their shoe0nhead thread had lots of fans and most posts disputed that she was milky or an attention whore

No. 332384

File: 1543675515014.jpg (219.82 KB, 1242x1384, kGFaI07.jpg)

Here’s what KEVIN posted in anticipation of the school culture festival.

He even posts photos of the innocent children he teaches, like he’s part of their group. He looks 10x creepier next to their unsuspecting little faces.

No. 332388

Weird how men are so fussy about women's appearances, but when they're a woman they can look like whatever they want and it's fine

No. 332390

How To Tell If You're a Virgin, a Three-Step Guide

No. 332409

said user was promptly banned for this too and the moderator got so many upvotes for protecting these PULL users from this "transphobic asshole"

No. 332410

I think the other anon meant that we are the vulnerable ones when it comes to PIV, as could be hurt or pregnant.
But the wording annoyed me too, as it reminded me of male bs about how women are naturally submissive in bed and should just lie there. Nope.

No. 332426

why is TIM art always so weird and bad

No. 332428

So, PULL is infested by troons, along with the usual transtrending girls, is that it?

Not sure how that site skews but these days I automatically assume that at least 50% of posters on a site for women are just troons, including lolcow.

No. 332434

Because good artists, even cartoon artists, know how to observe and capture reality.

No. 332435

we honestly need more women to be open about their gendercrit ways.
even when i was a genderspecial, i went on a terfy tangent once before even knowing what a terf was. i had a few female mutuals even agree with a couple of my points. the only people who had a big problem with what i said were the genderspecial male feminist allies & troons.
>I suspect a lot of people are gendercrit in secret
if i can guess, it's the ones who rarely ever make their opinions public? there's so many women i know who i see constantly validating their "trans sisters" multiple times a day. it feels like they're being manipulated to say this shit. i can't possibly see these types being actually gendercrit.

No. 332438

Nah, I'd say we're safe. Even if they don't hang out in /ot/ and /g/, threads about tranny cows are extremely negative in their regards, misgender them all the time etc.
Troons know they're not welcome here, they all fucked off to crystal.cafe… And if there were so many we would see them. You know they don't lose any occasion to out themselves.

No. 332440

the only problem is is that when someone is open about these views theyre putting themselves in danger. troons have no problem getting violent with poeple, especially women, who disagree with them. even in the best case scenario you will become alienated from everyone else.

No. 332448

i think we have at least a few trannies posting on here. im still not convinced that those BDSM spergs from the unpopular opinion thread a few weeks back werent trannies for example. i bet many more lurk too.

No. 332452

i think the most troonsanity we'll get is some fakebois trollshielding in a few threads, minus the occasional autist that comes in here thinking they're truscum.

No. 332456

I think they do post here, or at least sympathisers, because I still see plenty of “oh this dumb transtrender snowflake/cow makes things so much harder for REAL trans people :(” in certain threads. They just know better than to venture into this thread most of the time. Sometimes they whine about anons misgendering a subject but fortunately that gets shut down pretty quickly.

No. 332457

My favorite tinfoil is that whenever a thread derails hard it's a tranny trying to fuck with the site because we won't let it sit with us. Tinfoil tangent is that I sometimes think the poor moderation and weirdly vendetta-ish bans are sometimes coming from tranny farmhands.

No. 332458

PULL is a mess of troons, fakebois, nonbinaries and virtue signalers. Every thread about some messed up fakeboi like Geheichou and Knitemaya is chock full of "uwu please don't misgender it's violence!!!" and "as a nonbinary person, I…" bullshit.

I believe Lolcow is one of the most gendercrit chans out there at the moment. Troons get laughed off the site and so do their defenders, posters here misgender and deadname them, I'd say we're good here. We do get the occasional "transgirl/transdude here!!!!!" but from what I've seen they get shut down immediately. But on the other hand I do believe that some salty trannies have been behind falseflagging and baitposting in /ot/ at least.

No. 332459

Nah, the more you speak up the better it is for other women. As long as you're not in personal danger, speak your mind.

No. 332464

Let's not be naive, both ordinary males and troons lurk and post. Thankfully they are often called out here. Thank god that this place has no tolerance for them.

No. 332469

oh yeah, of course some males post in these threads and lurk, mostly in /pt/ and /snow/, but they're not troons or point out the fact they're male.
KF has a thread on this site and it mostly makes fun of the sex worker and fetish threads.

No. 332478

>We do get the occasional "transgirl/transdude here!!!!!" but from what I've seen they get shut down immediately.
Don't trannies or mtfs at the very least get (perma?)banned as soon as they're outed?

OT but do mods permaban men or just temp ban them?

No. 332482

>In 2018, @Twitter banned #MeghanMurphy, founder and editor of @FeministCurrent, Canada's leading feminist platform, but still allows accounts that glorify gory abuse and white supremacist's erotization of male violence against black women.

Link because I don't even want to post the pictures:

No. 332483

The whole women = submissiveness pisses me tf off. Ever noticed how a woman wanting to penetrate a guy is immediately seen as a gross deviating kink? :/

No. 332484

Is this a bait post?

No. 332485

I've seen so many troons claiming they know they're a woman because they get off on being submissive. It's infuriating.

No. 332486

No? I can't believe there are multiple posts in this thread suggesting/defending the idea that women are naturally submissive.

No. 332487

Why would a post saying that women aren't programmed to be submissive be bait?? Are you a tranny?

No. 332489

No, I'm a pissed off woman who feels like a freak and doubted about being trans because I wanna be dominant in bed

No. 332490

Making a post about women being socialized as submissive and immediately turning it into an one-liner sexual fetish thing instead of a widely recognizable societal phenomenon just reads as someone making light of the situation and baiting.

No. 332491

It always makes me laugh when people say submissiveness is feminine because my experience is that it's the less feminine women who are super into it. Troons, very muscular or fat women, women with manly faces or builds. All the naturally feminine women I know are either dominant or don't care about BDSM at all.

It's even more obvious with DDLG shit. I've never met a so called "little girl" who wasn't a heifer.

No. 332493

There's plenty of fat women that are feminine though, fat is what makes women look feminine.
What a weird reach…….

No. 332494

File: 1543693654180.jpg (54.3 KB, 600x600, f6525b1ccd885913acdae6ced38c3a…)

binkie princess came to mind. i get where you're coming from but abdl is unfortunately a sickness that spans all weights and attractiveness levels…

No. 332495

You know what I mean. Fat women are not socially seen as attractive or feminine. They are desexualized by men. So are most women who turn to submissiveness. It's a cope to try and make up for the fact that socially they are not seen as feminine or attractive.

No. 332497

She looks thin and titless.
Opposite to what anon was insinuating that everyone into sub/ddlg is a fat obeast, a troon, or a steroid woman.
Kinda insulting considering a muscular or even morbidly obese women will still always look more feminine than fucking trannies any day, but whatever. Sharp ax to grind against certain women I suppose.

No. 332500

>fat women not socially seen as attractive
Subjective. Nor would I equate a standard fatty as being more or equally as masculine than a man in a dress. I think you know how shitty this is.

No. 332504

Nobody said a fatty is equally as or more masculine than a troon. Sounds like you're fat and projecting tbh

No. 332505

I'd say there's two main types of women who are into DDLG stuff. The first are the insecure ones who have some hang up about not being feminine and think putting on a diaper will suddenly make them cute and dainty, like sh0e. The others are either pornsick or don't do much thinking and are just doing it because it's popular right now. They'll jump on to the next edgy trend when it comes along.

No. 332506

That's a weird generalization anon. I agree that submissiveness isn't inherently feminine, but >>332494 is correct. There are definitely super feminine (I'm guessing you mean wide hipped and busty with delicate features) women who are into at least power exchange and light bondage. I wouldn't consider that vanilla or dominant.
t. triggered not hyper feminine in build or voice domme

No. 332510

I feel you sis. There are plenty of women like you, no matter what male retards and troons say.

No. 332511

File: 1543694722360.png (107.1 KB, 742x347, tumblr_pj0yeahlgF1xmovlco1_128…)

So woke.

No. 332512

i kinda enjoy it when men spout shit about how all women are submissive. i tell them i'm not and never will be, and you can tell it really gets under their skin kek.

No. 332515

The women who I've encountered on tumblr who was into that stuff did all confess to having been abused in the past, and wrote things like "compared to that, this relationship (with a guy who pretends to be my rapist father) is much better…"
Just deeply tragic and you could see that they were coping super badly with childhood trauma. Of course abusive men sniff that out when trying to find someone to play out their pedo fetish on.

No. 332520

>Since most women have a lower libido than most men, are the submissive one in the sexual role (by biological design)
Nonsense. If women desire sex less often than men one could also say that women, more often than not, control when consensual sex occurs. Submissiveness is not "biological" it's a behavioral trait forced onto women to make it easier for men to control our sexuality.

No. 332522

File: 1543695451067.jpg (412.86 KB, 856x2041, THE FUCKING REACH.jpg)

At this point im not shocked that not only are transactivists stupid enough to argue this but that they think their words somehow are more convincing than reality and receipts.

No. 332524

exactly. and seeing sex in terms of penetrated and submissive/penetrating and dominant is all social roles anyway. you could just as easily say men are giving over one of the most sensitive parts of their body into women and trusting that the woman will not hurt them.

No. 332525

>account suspended
THANK GOD. What a dumbass. How delusional do these people have to be to say shit like this? I want to know if this person was virtue signalling or a mad troon.

No. 332527

>Since most women have a lower libido than most men
No, its more that society shamed women for being sexual so many are not open about their true wants unlike men who will not shut the fuck up about theirs mostly when no one asked
>are the submissive one in the sexual role (by biological design)
tips fedora, sorry I mean tips feminine penis

No. 332530


To be fair dating/sex is just as easy for gay men as it is for straight women because men will fuck anything. Don’t become a woman, just become a fag if you want non stop male attention.

No. 332532

It's all arbitrary, men are by default seen as dominant in most sexual acts. Notice how people comminly see women as submissive during penetrative sex because it's considered as something that men do to women, but we are not commonly seen as taking a dominant role during blowjobs, even though that is something being done to men.

No. 332540

The fuck it didn't you tard.
>troons, very muscular or fat women, women with manly faces or builds

No. 332541

Yeah, but that's only because western sexual education is nonexistant, and what little there is has been whitewashed by prude religitards to put men in that role. There are just as many female-dominant sexual positions as there are male-dominant ones, and hell even several that are more or less equal.

No. 332542

That's because most people are influenced by porn and don't see BJs as an act women to do men. Porn depictions of BJs is still an act men do to women, hence why it's perceived as a dominant role for men.

Anything involving a penis entering something is seen as a dominant act tbh. See: women with strap-ons either penetrating other women or men. Or gay male top/bottom dynamics.

Another interesting thing is the position the people are in. A woman getting penetrated by a man in cowgirl looks more dominant for her, than the same PIV sex in missionary or doggystyle. A man standing over a kneeling woman/man giving him a BJ is seen as more dominant for the receiver of the act, than a man lying down and a woman/man on top giving him a BJ. Likewise could maybe be said for a woman getting eaten out. If she's standing/face sitting and the giver is kneeling/lying down, the receiver appears more dominant than if she was getting it whilst she is on bottom.

So, I guess my point is that men aren't necessarily the dominant, but whoever is on top and/or penetrating is usually is seen as the dominant. Most porn/depictions of sex acts show men in this type of position so it's definitely more of a social thing than women being biologically more submissive.

No. 332544

I never said that men are more dominant during sexual acts, I said that they are percieved that way due to their prescribed social role. So these explanations are redundant.

No. 332545

I’m bald(shaved all my hair off), flat chested, black and I dress like a 16 year old boy and I still don’t get mistaken for a man. I feel bad for trannys that they have all this surgery, makeup and feminine clothes yet still get clocked.

No. 332546

what made you shave all your hair off if i may ask? is it comfortable?

No. 332554

Because having no hair is more comfy and less of a hassle.

No. 332575

>I know what PMS feels like
Again with trannies thinking their unstable mood swings and the symptoms of poisoning their body with hormones are "PMS"

>I know what it feels like to have my boobs stared at by strangers

They're wondering why a man has "boobs"

>I know what it feels like to wear six inch high heels, a garter belt, stockings, and a tight dress

Yeah because that's all being a woman is to these people.

No. 332577

What the fuck is a "girlgasm"?

No. 332578

I assume the agp feels they get

No. 332579

troons are always talking about "female orgasms" in ways you know they got from porn. they go on about full-body orgasms that last for five minutes straight and make you feel like you're floating on air.

the truth is a female orgasm is similar to a male orgasm. the main difference is it causes the vagina to contract. so troons will never, ever have a "female orgasm" kek

No. 332640

I don't like Arielle Scarcella that much, but she has a big LGBT following and I like that she's speaking out about transactivism. Videos like this will sure make more people think and reach peak trans, so it's good.

No. 332646

File: 1543711286386.jpg (625.94 KB, 2996x976, OH BITCHES PLEASE.jpg)

No. 332653

File: 1543712309684.png (17.3 KB, 585x104, download.png)

wtf does this even MEAN

No. 332691

Marina Watanabe is such a cow. I don't get how she has a blue check or a following at all.

No. 332693

>"Greg" "woman" wearing a suit and looking like any other man
>software dev, gaming

How to unpack it all.. They're all the cliches you'd assume they'd be like. Also why are so many of them self identified communists

No. 332722

I need to vent. I feel like by staying on Tumblr I'm more and more brainwashed into seeing how amazing and celebrated these genderspecials are, and feeling like I'm not 'woke' for not joining them. It's all self-sabotaging feeling, why be a judgemental, ignorant normie when you can be a beautiful gay transboy. The admiration of 'quirkiness' and all things.

I used to have an enbie phase and peaked layer, realizing howsilly everything is. Many people just want these gender labels than actually developing personality.

This is a really weird feeling, like I see how it's very toxic community but also so alluring as a cult. Why is it even that?

No. 332751

If anything this goes to show that being civil does not work in keeping female spaces female majority. Call the men scrots and the trans troons and be as callous and mean as shit and you actually stand a fair chance of maintaining the gender balance.

link? I'd be curious to see the kiwifarm threads

No. 332780

File: 1543736231848.png (176.77 KB, 399x549, fuckallthisbullshit.png)

Excuse me, but what the actual fuck? This is NOT a "historical concept". Why are all these fucking uninformed ~uwu hets are gross!!1~ tumblr children and predatory gross men so hell bent on destroying lesbianism???

No. 332826

I'm the Anon who wrote that. The post was about women's safety, not personality or sexual interest. I mean submissive as in being the person having something done to you. A thing goes into our hole(s) and then is quickly moved in and out of said hole(s). We are the "bottoms" in a gay relationship. I mean physiology, not psychology. Men are usually stronger than us too, so even in a sexually equal or dominant role for the woman there is still present physical danger. Hope that clarifies.

No. 332830

I guess a weird but related note: A key opens a door. The key affects the position of the door by interacting with its hole. So the door submits to the key.

Computer equipment has male and female connectors. The male (say a USB) is inserted into the female (computer/device). Submission is not weakness, it's just the physical process of something being stuck IN YOU which you then react to. Unless you involve a lot of pegging and domination stuff (which I approve of btw) most conventional sex will be physically submissive by virtue of who has control over the action if insertion, the extremity of that action, how long that action happens.

No. 332841

Tons of TiMs in particular call themselves communist while advocating for all the capitalist trappings of femininity (makeup, fashion, hair removal, plastic surgery etc.). They know that they need these things to have anyone view them as feminine. In an actual communist utopia not a single one of these guys would “pass”.

No. 332855

It feels like a cult because it works exactly like a cult, except it doesn't have a clear leader figure. Instead it more or less has an ideal as the target of worship.
>Invites you in with promises of fun and communal coziness, all the big public icons are charismatic, attractive and celebrated with tons of other fans from your age demographic
>Constantly tells you're beautiful, special and brave for being a part of the cult, much more "enlightened" than your peers who don't understand it
>Tells you to drop all your contacts outside of the cult because they're transphobic bigots for not understanding your newfound persona and making you feel bad
>Breaks down your will by policing your words and actions, immediately jumps in if you step out of line and berates you for not following the cult's principles down to the last nitty gritty detail. (e.g. "You referred to yourself as bisexual which implies you only believe in two genders!!")
>Attacks anyone who questions the cult's narrative, isolates them from everyone, sends them death threats, doxxes them, everything they have in their arsenal to silence them. You see this happen to anyone who speaks up, so you know what happens if you don't shut your mouth
>Soon you're in the position where your only friends are part of the cult, you've abandoned your old ones, broken ties with your family, ruined your reputation and have nowhere to go, breaking from the cult would mean you're landing on nothing and have no social connections. There's no point in getting out, you're there just to wither away and become a depressed, bitter mess.

Look up any other cult and its story, the parallels are unquestionable.

No. 332861

No. 332879

Oh Null. He was assblasted because the previous admin didn't get cozy with him and accept his magnum opus disaster called infinity next and how he got slaughtered in his attention whoring self-whiteknight thread. That whole kiwifarms thread was just his gay op of trying to get back at the site. Wouldn't be surprised if it was his petty ass going to /meta/ all the time to bitch about le evil femcels and muh manhate.

No. 332907

I was the same exact way when the bathroom bill thing happened, though I also thought it was pathetic how corporations and celebrities were strongarming the state at the same time. Now I know that happened because of all of the money involved in the trans movement, and peoples constant need to "be on the right side of history". But yeah, I've gotten pretty gender critical since that bathroom shit happened, and a big portion of that is thanks to these threads.

No. 332933

Idk about this. My orgasms are like the ones in porn (only not the 5 minute long thing). I'd say female orgasm are stronger and much more full-body than male from my experience. No way tranny could experience it and calling it a girlgasm feels really gross, especially the 'girl' part in it that points to young age.

No. 332972

Rachel McKinnon aka the mediocre male cyclist who cheated his way into first place by competing against women has called for trans-identifying children to dump their real family and join his “glitter family” instead. I’ve read multiple stories of parents who were threatened with having their children taken away if they didn’t give the trans cult unfettered access to their kids. I’m pregnant and I’m honestly scared for my child’s future. What can I do to protect them from this insanity when even schools are advocating for it?

No. 332992

I wish that was true for me, I have a lot of mediocre ones that just feel like sneezing or some other boring bodily function.

Now imagine how even worse troon sex life will be when they got their dick turned inside out and have no clit and vag…

No. 332997

mine aren't like that at all. they are short and localized. and i've known men who have long full-body orgasms. there's no "female" or "male" orgasm, it's not a gendered thing.

No. 333005

Lol I like kiwifarms but that thread is a circle jerk of “we’re better than them” mentality. Both lolcow and kiwifarms are gossip sites, no matter how they try to spin things in their favor.

No. 333007

I feel like every current political group has turned into this.

I'm honestly surprised the tricyclist is the glitter family creep.
I've had discussions with my boyfriend about raising a child in this insanity and we both feel like we would consider homeschooling at some point, not just because of the gender shit, but both of us have had terrible experiences with the school system growing up.

God, I wish I had an orgasm similar to my boyfriend's. Mine make me extremely sensitive to touch once it happens, I sometimes get ticklish and it ruins the mood for me because I'm laughing. His seem to make him go blank minded and last up to 10 seconds.

No. 333018

How much you wanna bet that he's a predator looking to prey on minors? I swear every TiM that tries to appeal to kids and teenagers turns out to be a pedo.

No. 333074

In light of GC thread, anybody noticed how there are so many troons in KF trying to either A-log or defend other troons when they got posted.

No. 333222

how would you guys debunk this video scientifically? i know so little of this stuff but a guy is getting absolutely flamed for supporting trans issues in a discord i'm in (he said he wouldn't want to touch a fake ftm dick) and people keep posting this video as proof against him
i want to help him out(learn to integrate)

No. 333226

*for not supporting trans issues my bad

No. 333240

What is there to scientifically explain? People are born either female or male. People of either sex can be feminine, masculine, or in between somewhere. Many people don’t completely adhere to the socially constructed gender roles of their biological sex anyways, and just because someone completely reject gender roles it doesn’t make them gender special or transgender. People who have dysphoria about their bodies and sexual anatomy don’t need hormones and SRS to fix their dysphoria, they need therapy. There’s really no point in trying to explain this to TRAs, especially when they’re linking a “scientific” video with Gigi Gorgeous. Just tell the guy you agree with him and that just because he’s outnumbered it doesn’t mean he’s wrong.

No. 333261

does anyone have contrapoints video where he admitted a sissy porn made him trans

No. 333264

It's somewhere in the Autogynephilia video he did, but it's long as fuck.

No. 333316

File: 1543782404930.jpg (242.65 KB, 910x1280, tumblr_phjmj5sIcW1r5eq63_1280.…)


No. 333374


The number of transgender prisoners transitioning from men to women is at record levels raising new questions over how jails cope with the surge.

More than 100 male inmates in jails in England and Wales now identify as female, double the figure two years ago, according to Ministry of Justice figures. Of these, more than 20 are held in women’s jails with the remainder in men’s prisons.

The disclosure follows controversy this summer when it emerged a transgender inmate had sexually assaulted two fellow prisoners after transferring to a women’s prison.

Karen White, who was born Stephen Wood and was transitioning, was described by the judge as a predator who used her "transgender persona" to put herself in contact with vulnerable women. White, who had previously raped two women, was jailed for life.

The Ministry said safety was “an absolute priority” and a male inmate declaring as female could be retained in a men’s jail “if the risks they present cannot be managed within the women’s prison estate.”

Its figures showed there were 139 transgender prisoners in 44 jails, a third of the total. Of the 42 in women’s jails, 22 were men who identified as female, while in male prisons 92 of the 97 were men identifying as women.

Officials attributed the rise to an increasing awareness of transgender issues and growing confidence among inmates that it could be properly and sensitively managed by prison staff including separate cells and showering and the provision of appropriate clothes.

Numbers have increased from 70 since 2016 when the figures were collected for the first time.

There are now 15 jails with one transgender prisoner, 18 with between two and four, and 11 holding at least five. Prisoners who have already transitioned and have a full Gender Recognition Certificate are understood to have been excluded from the statistics.

No. 333394

>in male prisons 92 of the 97 were men identifying as women
Does this mean there are five TiFs in male prisons or are these men identifying as something other than male or female? Living in a male prison as a woman, even one with a beard and full mastectomy, must be an absolute nightmare. I hope this refers to ~nonbinary/agender~ men.

>Officials attributed the rise to an increasing awareness of transgender issues and growing confidence among inmates that it could be properly and sensitively managed by prison staff

Bullshit. They’re opportunists hoping to get special treatment or even to get moved to a women’s prison. The “no cis man would transition just for perks” doesn’t fly when you’re talking about a man looking at decades of hard time and a way to be moved to a more comfortable facility. I wonder what percentage of them are sex offenders.

>provision of appropriate clothes

Does this refer to underwear, or is there a significant difference between men’s prison uniforms and women’s prison uniforms? As far as I know they’re pretty, well, uniform. Are the women’s uniforms cuter?

>Prisoners who have already transitioned and have a full Gender Recognition Certificate are understood to have been excluded from the statistics.

So there are even more that aren’t even being reported on. If one of these “fully transitioned” men sexually assaults a fellow inmate with an object, is it considered a female-on-female crime?

No. 333397

Put them all into one prison and let them fight to the death lol

No. 333427


This report is solely to do with TiM.

>is it considered a female-on-female crime?

Yes. In the UK a GRC legally classifies a person as their new gender. Hence the outrage over relaxing the requirements of the Gender Recognition Act.


In reviewing this article I discovered

>The evidence must show a documented mental health diagnosis of gender dysphoria, even though being trans has not been a mental illness in the UK since 2002.

So the slide to where we find ourselves now began then!

No. 333491

File: 1543796019040.png (21.4 KB, 600x187, download (2).png)

This is about the recent degrasse rape allegations.
Somehow has to make it all about him and his oppression. Its funny they say terfs are obsessed with trans when it seems to be the other way round. Also
>Like many other guilty men, shits on the metoo movement
hmm yeah and they wonder why many womens groups dont want them in the movement?

No. 333498

Trans "women" criminals should definitely be housed together. Im pretty sure that the pretense of being women would drop real fast. You put them all together with no one else and I'm not so sure they'd be GiRLs anymore.

No. 333516

File: 1543799596522.jpg (84.53 KB, 878x681, periods.jpg)

Apparently menstruation has nothing to do with the female anatomy

No. 333517

Sorry for the double post but I creeped rupertofly's post history and it's nothing but whining about not being a woman

No. 333523

what's not obsessive about spending thousands to have them turned inside out, potentially spending the rest of your life painfully reopening a literal wound where your normal genitals once were?

yeah it's only MY anatomy, that's why when i talk about periods with other girls they go "what the fuck? i don't get those, it's not female anatomy"

like it's not enough for these men to strip away everything we have socially, they have to go for our biology as well. smh

No. 333525

Talking exclusively about the convo in this screenshot it feels a bit of a reach.

He (?) didn't say any of the 'men get periods too!!' BS, but actually that even female anatomy doesn't necessarily equal periods.
If you have bearable periods and it is something spiritual for you, that's great. But it after all is just your individual perception and anatomy that allows you to see it as such.

As someone who's suffered from excruciating pain and doesn't menstruate anymore, I get so sick of this entire ~it's a spiritual thing-stuff, too. So idk.

No. 333527

but he says
>So long as they recognise that it's THEIR anatomy, not "the female anatomy"
what is that if not implying that periods can be part of the "male anatomy"? i agree periods aren't anything spiritual but let's not pretend like female anatomy doesn't equal periods for 99% of women, as shit as they are.

No. 333535

I just felt like it's more like 'if your period isn't icky that's how it works for you' or basically that having a spiritual experience while menstruating is not inevitably part of being a woman/female anatomy.
Obviously the number of women that doesn't menstruate is incredibly small but I feel like periods are unpleasant to say the least for most women. So therefore having a period-experience that allows you to see it as something spiritual, is okay as long as you appreciate that not everyone who has a womb feels the same.

But as I said, I'm just going from those 2 posts of him and taking the other posts into consideration it probably is stupid TiF stuff. But still.

No. 333538

Well here's a question to those who claim referring to vaginas as female is "transmisogynistic"

If vaginas are not "female anatomy", why do mtf seek surgery which imitates vaginas?! (I say imitates because I know its not a vagina) why are so many disgusted by their penis and claim it triggers their disphoria? Are they being transphobic against themselves?

No. 333555

I think we have a winner here. Why indeed?

No. 333561

i had a very similar thought cross my mind earlier.
most TiMs want vaginas, i've SEEN TiMs say they wish they had a uterus and vagina.

No. 333562

i had a very similar thought cross my mind earlier.
most TiMs want vaginas, i've SEEN TiMs say they wish they had a uterus and vagina.

No. 333633


I think TiFs consider gender and genitalia to be two completely separate things. In fact, I think their concept and understanding of gender itself makes it unnecessary as a whole.
If gender isn't connected to some stereotypical characteristics such as anatomy, there's no point in differentiating at all. Why even define genders, if there's no standard for it?

Their logic is so flawed. It's almost as if they want to in fact get rid of gender as a concept but couldn't stand to not be a special snowflake anymore.

No. 333653


Those males believe that infertile women don't get periods kek.

No. 333662

>"You are so lucky you don't get a period." They would never say that to a cis woman who is infertile.

"You're so lucky you get a period, with all of the associated pain, discrimination and expense."

This is what MtFs say to women. Including women with issues like PCOS.

No. 333663

Why have I never ever met a TiF with a normal name?

Say what you will about TiMs but I have at least met a reasonable amount with normal names. Plenty of Lunas and Candies and Ravencias, yes, but I've also met TiMs who chose everyday names like Anne or Joanne.

I have never, ever met a TiF who chose a name that doesn't sound like something out of a 12 year old fujoshi's fanfic. It's always shit like Kai, Finn, Eli, Ayden. They never call themselves something like James or Michael or John. Even the more level-headed ones give themselves ridiculous names. Why are they all like that?

No. 333666

I actually know a Michael, a David, and only one Elias.

No. 333672

A lot of them are or used to be fujos. Misogyny has always been a big thing in fandoms, makes sense that it breaks young girls' brains this way.

No. 333676

Lol, so true. I know a Sebastian and a Lucian.

No. 333679

They always pick names that give off a feeling of youth and/or femininity. Eli sounds like Ellie. Kai, Finn and Ayden are all very young sounding names. I can't imagine an 80 year old man called Kai, but I can easily imagine an 80 year old called John. They want to be cute femmey young boys like in their yaois, not men.

No. 333688

Womb Envy.
Troons just have the most disturbing, disgusting and warped view of women which is always sexual based. I honestly think males hate women so much is because we give life.

But it's also a mixture of porn, society being male based, etc etc.

Troons always make me feel disturbed because these are grown fucking men. Dick and balls,having the most gross obsession with the female bod, even the most basic things women do is a fetish. I've seen men posts photos of themselves in bloody pads their stole from garbages, men who shit on themselves in female underwear and fap to their feces

Only MEN do this. Only men have these fucked up fetishes that should be shamed to hell but since men rule the world, they let it happen just like they let troons change the law to make them "legally women"

I'm legit mad on the internet because I'm more mad at the women who support this madness.
Troons on top and women are their guard dogs, keeping everyone in check.

It's vile. I hate men and idgaf. It's their fault the world is the way it is.

No. 333689

My first close TIF encounter has a very common name for a guy in early 20s in her country. Possibly just a male version of her real name (which I don't know) because her transmasc OC backstory is also that. Still a huge 'sassy' fujo with obsession with RuPaul Drag Race, seemingly levelheaded but can also breake down very very often… Insecurity compensation?

I've met a few Elis and a Spencer though.

Another possibility is that Eli other than androgynousness is that it falls into Jewish name trend. Asher, Caleb, Levi. etc. Many gay transboi love Jewish culture/Judaism for some explained reasons but it's all over the places

No. 333691

I'm just tired of them. I'd make my peace with their stupid fetish cosplaying if they would just leave us in peace and let us have our own spaces. But they won't even give us that. They insist on taking everything from us, and leaving us with nowhere to just be away from them.

No. 333693

I know one named Calvin, but I honestly didn't know they were trans until someone else told me. I thought they were a frumpy male.

No. 333694

Lily Madigan throws his family under the bus again.

>"My schoolmates wouldn't use my legal name or pronouns. My parents didn't care and wouldn't do anything for me. I had to wait til I turned 18."

So wait, he was able to change his legal name from Liam to Lily while he was under the age of 18, something which can only be done with parental consent, but his parents "didn't care" and did nothing for him?

Sure, that adds up!

No. 333696

I’ve noticed a jewish name trend too but ironically many trans or nonbinary people I’ve met are aggressively anti-Israel and a bit antisemitic in general. It’s kind of baffling how they’ll take jewish names for themselves while blaming jewish conspiracies for all the evil in the world and cape for Muslims when, with only one exception afaik (Iran), Muslim cultures are very anti-trans. Don’t they get cognitive dissonance? Maybe they just don’t realize that Eli, Levi etc. are jewish names.

No. 333697

That is the main issue for me
I don't care of they wanna me uwu twanzgurl if they fuck each other and other men,they created the rules for femininity, go adopt it and leave women alone.

But no they are so fucking obsessed with women they have to push their fetish onto us.

No. 333698

It's just a sad cope from them coming to terms with the fact that they will never have real female genitalia. They had to choose between
>a. Accepting that they will never be real women, get therapy and move on
>b. Stomp their feet to make the whole world bend backwards to accomodate their mental illness
So now referring to vagina=women makes you a terf and a nazi who's literally killing people and should die in a fire.
It's a recent thing because some years ago all you had to do with troons was "being polite and if possible avoid talking about periods and stuff to not make them dysphoric", now this. You give them an inch, they take a mile.

No. 333702

Speculative future question, I'm mostly GC but this made me think a lot. If some day humanity have enough technology to reliably brain-transplant anyone to a new body and a technology to vat grown human body to be used as a shell. How will the trans narrative become since anyone can become a biological opposite sex.

imo at that point I don't think the concept of gender, sex or even self-dentity will be like what it is now anymore, and render both GC and TRA argument moot point.

No. 333705

TRA circle is full of cognitive dissonance, but I heard that the explanation was that many of them want to be in a 'oppressed' or special religion group but don't really want to convert themselves to Islam due to its oppressive ideal.(So they can continue their uwu lifestyle) So they pretend to be jewish online either for oppression point or special snowflake without having to do anything (converting to real Juadism is incredibly difficult).

This is also the same with how they like to say 'women can be GNC and have masculine hobbies!!' but saying that they are trans because they have masculine hobbies so they can be more special.

No. 333706

>imo at that point I don't think the concept of gender, sex or even self-dentity will be like what it is now anymore, and render both GC and TRA argument moot point.
Probably this. I can't imagine having that technology in a society with the same homophobia pushing gays and lesbians to transition, misogyny making women want to become men and whatever is in autogynephiles' heads going untreated

No. 333785

File: 1543859142677.jpg (Spoiler Image,90.74 KB, 780x1040, mITiSwH.jpg)


Browsing /r/dykesgonewild and came across this shit. Dude kind of looks like an obese boy who never entered puberty.

On his profile there's no mention of him being trans afaik and he even had penis inversion surgery. I wonder if this troon is in "stealth mode" and seriously thinks women couldn't tell that he's not female. Either way, I'm so sick of seeing naked men and weird-ass looking ""neovaginas"" when looking for lesbian content.

No. 333837

why are they always so doughy to a degree that isn't even common irl?? man, i'd be so fit and skinny if i were a guy. being fit as a man is legit life on easy mode, yet all of these trannies are doughy as shit. what failures.

No. 333906

Have you guys ever seen a man made troon pussy ?? This is not pretty to see at all. It looks like an open gaping hole shaped wound.
I can't believe they manage to fool some straight guys with that.

No. 333911

do they really believe that adult female breasts are supposed to look this way? the doughy pointiness of them reminds me of an obese kid. this is just low testosterone, not female puberty

No. 333912

If they've started HRT it's probably that. High estrogen levels make you prone to that.
Plus, what you said, most men aren't used to having to work or watch their diet to have an at least somewhat decent body.

Oh god yes. It looks so disgusting. There's also something about the hair growth that makes it even worse. You can just tell it's something that's not supposed to be there.

No. 333913

kek lazy, skinny fat girl here and my boobs look exactly like that. I have literally no muscle in my chest/arm area and it just makes them awkwardly droopy-pointy.
Not saying it's the norm though. Just… It does happen.

No. 333918

It's always too high up, because where the balls sit on the body and where the vagina sits on the body are not in the same place.

No. 333928

How do you think about baby growing up with a troon?(no photos of children)

No. 333938

File: 1543868962701.png (572.23 KB, 574x566, halsey iamhalsey • Instagra…)

Halsey fighting to stay relevant and woke is sperging about TIMs not making it to the VS Fashion Show and the brand's statement about trans women.
She's speaking just now, weeks later after the statement, and after she collected the paycheck from attending the show, though.

I've also glanced at a delusional handmaid comment below the picture about some of the trans candidates looking "more like women than us women". Okay, Valentina Sampaio looks good for a tranny, but it's like a one in a billion case, and only because his parents fed him hormones at 12. 99,9% of trannies look extremely unfortunate, saying otherwise is ridiculous.

No. 333939

File: 1543868978915.jpg (134.61 KB, 747x849, ss (2018-12-03 at 12.28.56).jp…)

No. 333940

No child deserves to be raised by a mentally ill troon.
These troons want to be "moms" so bad but they can't even take care of a baby with their pointy fake nails, rough male mouvements and self obsession.

No. 333944

File: 1543869137586.png (38.36 KB, 613x468, ss (2018-12-03 at 12.31.15).pn…)

In the replies.

I love how they use gender and not biological sex to their argument

No. 333949

Ewww. Out of curiosity I took a look at one of those "post op tranny" videos and I got SO grossed out. The thing looked awful, shallow and lose. The hole was not even placed correctly and ,like, super far away from the fake, ugly, raw looking "clit". Gross. And all the positions he tried to imitate from a woman looked forced and unnatural as hell. Even the ""straight"" man in the video seemed grossed out. There's no fucking way these trannies feel any pleasure from these holes.

No. 333950

even the baby knows something is up kek

No. 333954

>Rapist eli erlick writes this article :Ariana Grande's 'Thank U, Next' Music Video Is Surprisingly Anti-Queer
>Gets fucking slain in the comments
And this is who will kill the trans movement, not alt right or terfs or anyone else-but themselves

No. 333959

The other argument I always hear from troons as to why people can't be 'trans-racial' is that white people and POC are treated differently by society, are socialised differently, forced to behave a certain way or face abuse, etc.
So… pretty similar to what women face. But somehow men can wake up one day and decide they're men, despite all the male privilege they grew up with and benefited from. Ok then.

No. 333967

TIF actually outnumbered TIM in prisons when they first took count. Amazing how TIM population has shot up so much in the last couple of years. Wonder if society openly supporting and enforcing the fetishes of mentally ill people has anything to do with it?

No. 333970

>After the music ends, it cuts to Kris Jenner, who plays Ariana’s mom. She simply shouts “Thank you, next, bitch!” while holding a camera – the final line of the music video. As “bitch” is generally directed at women and “thank you, next” is in reference to relationships, this is likely aimed at Caitlyn Jenner.

The reach.

No. 333971

File: 1543870579750.png (155.55 KB, 455x810, tumblr_pj6cypYMtD1qmbsz9_540.p…)

>b-but its not a fetish!!!

No. 333972

I've came across this troon who deleted all of his old videos (about being trans) and now pretends to be a real woman lmao.
All of his audience are men who think he is "a hot chick into cars".
He used to be straight and married to an asian woman.
He wants people to pay for his neo-vagina too.

No. 333973

>How can we make this about twanz being oppwessed?

No. 333976

File: 1543870827971.png (31.92 KB, 502x337, download (3).png)

I want off this ride

No. 333979

>Laden with transmisogyny, anti-queer jokes, and blackface
I rolled my eyes so hard it hurt. Every fucking thing on earth is offensive at this point. This whole article misses the point of the video completely.

No. 333980

File: 1543871219505.png (277.85 KB, 501x466, download (4).png)

No. 333981

I am speaking from their perspective:

Because that's the genitalia that lines up with their gender identity. Just because they want a vagina, doesn't mean they believe all women have vaginas, or that vaginas are inherently female.

It's so frustrating seeing people post in threads like these who clearly do not understand their ideological opponents philosophy and arguments. And I know they are self-contradicting at times, but you can still understand the basics of an argument even if it doesn't make sense.

No. 333984

>That's the genitalia that lines up with their gender identity
>Vaginas aren't inherently female

But this doesn't make any sense, anon, even if you're following their logic. If vaginas have no inherent gender then "vagina" and "female gender identity" are completely unconnected. It's like saying that you feel a need to have green eyes because you identify as a woman. It doesn't make sense.

No. 333985

>Its so fustrating to see how people dont understand dumb arguments made by mentally ill idiots
anon i….

No. 333992

the fuck, how about victoria's secret accept models with visible stretch marks/cellulite or are over the age of 35? why in the hell is the trans objective to perpetuate beauty standards and the objectification of women?

No. 333997

>alienated or invalidated
Basically she's saying that the only way to be "validated" as a woman is to be a model? L M fucking A O, transactivism is really vapid and shallow

No. 334000

I think I kinda get their nonsense. For some TIMs their gender identity is "woman with a dick" so there's no need for SRS, for others it's "woman who should've been born with a vagina" so they need the operation to feel like their ~authentic self~. All transwomen are women regardless of their genitals, but for some transwomen having a vagina is a part of their unique self-expression unrelated to the idea that vagina=female, or something.

No. 334002

>Editor’s Note: We have decided to remove the author’s name from this piece after the editorial team was alerted that a high number of death threats were being made against the writer as a result of the opinions presented in this piece.
>INTO has historically been a place for varying opinions from LGBTQ people around the world, and will remain such a place — but these opinions never warrant violence. And when a writer’s own life could potentially be at stake, we must take necessary steps to ensure their safety.
I'll take this "shit that never happened" for $5. Many people sent death threats to this troon? Topkek no, the comments are all laughing at him, saying that he's reaching, I don't see any anger or violence. Plus, death threats are typical trans behavior, not the contrary. Projecting much? The drama queen couldn't take the burn and invented this bullshit to have his name edited out.

No. 334005

File: 1543874402160.jpeg (195.27 KB, 750x850, DE96D24F-6301-4D8A-9585-193A2A…)

No. 334009

It might not be him inventing threats tbh. Any minor disagreement with a troon is VIOLENCE!! The slightest question about their life is TELLING THEM TO KILL THEMSELVES! Anything that's not fawning over them is 'evil haters' and must be denounced - it is genuinely cult behavior.

No. 334011

Valentina Sampaio might not be ugly but he's 100% clockable as trans. When I first saw his picture I thought it was a really twinky male model. Male physique, male chin, all that. He's their top 1% and you can still tell. That's sad.

>Yeah he was a pedo and a predator but excuse me, being a transwoman should give you the right to act like a disgusting creep without consequences!
tell me again how these people are not incel trojan horses

No. 334015

Christ the comments under his videos lmao

All the men commenting thinking this dude is a woman when he is clearly masking a low voice and has a pronounced Adam's apple, just because he has some fake tits is hilarious.

^ Wonder how they would react knowing they touched their dick to some tranny

No. 334022

If I have to look at his face alone, he passes as woman to my eyes. But something about his body is still clocky as fuck, and the voice is a dead giveaway. Damn, he started taking blockers and hormones at 12 and still has a man voice? That's tragic

No. 334023

Because they don’t want to be a woman. They want to be a 21 year old model that everyone wants to fuck. (In their eyes, the “best” woman). If trans people don’t take part in the VS show, they feel the world is telling them that no TiM can ever be the ideal. In their eyes any cis woman over 35, or ugly, or disabled, anything other than perfection isn’t valid. So not partaking in fashion show = they don’t exist. VS now has to pick a political side and will lose customers either way.

No. 334040


Just fucking stop.

No. 334046

this girl is still salty she didn't get more recognition after that whole hotel shampoo fiasco lmao

No. 334066

i agree with your post but please stop using the word ''cis''

No. 334067

ugh the fucking hand on the chest pose

No. 334154

The posing and general angles are why you're sus. I'm sure once he turns around you'll be get a full view of the square jaw, big ass head, and non-waist.

No. 334293

>Some 48% of transgender prisoners are sex offenders, the Ministry of Justice said in a freedom of information answer earlier this year, compared with less than 20% of the prison population as a whole.

>Ministry of Justice figures show the number of women in prison for sex offences has risen by 40% in three years, from 93 in 2015 to 130 this year. The figures do not distinguish between biological women and trans women.

No. 334359

I don't look very different from that and I'm 100% female afaik (never did a karyotype test but I have a vagina etc.), is there something wrong with me maybe? Hormonally?

No. 334361

If it's pronounced then it's usually called tuberous breasts, anon. It does happen in women.

There's no health worries or concerns associated with it so I wouldn't worry about it.

No. 334362

I am sorry bu he looks manly. You can tell he is a man. And his voice is very deep. I have never seen a man with a passable female voice ever.

No. 334363

File: 1543931966394.png (216.51 KB, 563x936, 1111.png)

Zachary/ZinniaJones/Satana Kennedy
More thoughts on Johnathan Yaniv.

I hope trannyis goes down in history as a movement fill of degenerates, pedophiles, fetishes and sick fucks that will be forever shunned from society.

No. 334364

Way OT but this is Portuguese right? It's so pretty and idk why sounds more like an Eastern European language.

No. 334366

Sounds like a man, still looks like a man.
No male every passes. There is always a creepy uncanny valley look to them.
Troons are just disturbing in general. Men trying to look like over the top hyper "feminine" teenage girls/young women porn stars because that is the "ideal woman"…grown fucking males..
That alone is disturbing. I see troons here in the city and they always just are not passing.
Saw a black troon in a short drewss, heels, a ugly dirty blonde wig with his girl friends he was towering over them, his massive head and big hand and shoulders.

Troons never pass irl.

No. 334369

Zinnia is a willfully obtuse piece of shit and always has been. He is never willing to condemn rapists, pedophiles or predators and always tries to move the goal posts or change the subject. If you ask him point blank "Is rape bad?" he will not give you a straight answer.

No. 334371

Kim Petras maybe? He took puberty blockers since a very young age iirc

No. 334381

How is this dumbass verified?
Everything that Zinnia retweets and likes is just as terrible as him.

No. 334413

The man shoves 2 feet dildos in his ass and let another troon fuck him while his wife raises her two teenage son's and she has to work two jobs while her husband fucks another man in the house.

How do Women like his wife be so oblivious to a piece of shit Zinnia is?

Your husband takes horse pills off and on so he can maintain an erection with is micro dick, REEEs in Twitter about drugs, shoving entire home Depots up his asshole, fuck another dude in a frock,. telling lesbians and gays to fuck troons, a pregnancy fetish so he uses an enema to inflate himself through his asshole, think showing his dick to women in bathroom are fine and he cannot see the problem with Johnathan Yaniv wanting to shove tampons in 10 year old.girls and watch women in lockets rooms with tampon strings.

Plus he cheated on her during their honeymoon with a man who now lives with the same troon.

He is one of the cows I follow on KF. He is infuriating but also pathetic and funny to watch cause he is so fucking ugly with his tiny dick, ugly teeth and retarded face.

No. 334416

>go to r/mtf
>read through first ~100 posts
>only one(1!) person is using the word "woman"
And surprise, it's not a tranny himself, but a handmaiden who is asking about makeup advice for her "sister" who's a trans woman. All the other dudes excusively use "girl".

That whole tranny bullshit has started to make me feel guilty whenever I refer to myself as a girl instead of (young) woman…

No. 334453

Also OT but I’ve heard people describe Portuguese as sounding like Spanish being spoken with a Polish accent.

No. 334457

my close friend, who is not a tumblr child, just "came out" as nonbinary.

ever since she started talking to a tumblr case who's also nonbinary she's changed. i don't know what to do. i cannot support a snowflake label that has roots in sexism and self-hate. what the fuck do i do?

No. 334458

I've never heard about this guy, but what you're describing is fucking surreal, I can't believe someone would support this piece of shit

No. 334466

I feel you. A friend of mine is doing this too, though we’re not as close. I’m just hoping it’s a phase she’s going through. More worried about another friend who’s dating an actual TiM

No. 334471

I'm forever gonna see a middle age, fat neckbeard every time I hear the the world "girl"

No. 334477

IMO kim petras sound like a little boy not like a woman. Same can be said about jazz jenning.

No. 334479


This post in r/GCdebateQT just sums up how I feel about calling any male a she. Of course there is always that one tranny claims "ohh it isn't a fetish"

I've seen enough fucked up shit both is straight and gay tranny spaces that it is majority of it is sexual. Only persons I would say doesn't do it for sexual reasons are children who are sterilized before puberty like Jazz, but he still has some sort of male upbringing because he said he would use his sister as an incubator for his husband's offspring. Sick

No. 334483

Have you guys heard about jazz ? The guy has a tv show on tlc
https://youtu.be/SsBczOiOq9M (beware his grandma looks like a screamer)
He never got to experience any orgasm because his parents castrated him and shoot him up with hormones since she was 9. Also his dick was so shrunk that they had to use part of his asshole to make his new vagina.
Btw a lot of people are aware of the bullshit in the comments and still call him a he.

No. 334501

The grandma looks like a fucking animatronic

No. 334508

I've debating with troons and handmaidens who literally believe Jazz's penis ditch will give him orgasms, even after I've explained how having puberty gives you sexually development.

That kid is gonna have a meltdown if his immature brain can realise how his parents fucked him up.

No. 334522

He can't even reach orgasm with a dick so imagine without.
The kid is mutilated for good. He is 18 now. He got drugged up for so long that all his attempts at masturbation are left unfulfilled.
He is doomed to stay in a perpetual blue balls state forever.

No. 334532

I don’t even consider people like jazz in the same category as troons. This is a person who has been brain washed as a very young boy. Who knows if he even would have decided to become transgender if he had been left alone…he’ll he could have very well ended up some typical straight guy. I don’t think jazz really deserves any hate.

No. 334534

>blue balls

Is it even impossible to have that since his balls never developed?
They put him on blockers before puberty had a chance to start.

I think he never had any natural puberty at all so he has no desire or urge to orgasm, he just knows he has to because everyone around him are sexually mature adults.

I think none of them thought that through. The mother probably didn't want to have a feminine gay son so she trooned him.

No. 334535

*gay guy. in some episode he was hypnotized and he talked about being a gay man in his past life, and how in his past life he wasn't accepted by his family.

No. 334537

To be fair, I don't think most of the criticism is directed towards him. It's more towards his parents, since their the ones who were so desperate for attention from the media and a "special" child that they put him on hormones when he was like 6.

No. 334540

What's even more worrying is there are more kids just like Jazz suppressing their puberty as we speak.
There is gonna be an entire generation of children ending up just like Jazz if troons get all their demands into law.

No. 334552

I'm 100% sure jazz would have ended up as a regular straight guy. You can tell because he is still quite masculine and is attracted to women despite the chemical castration.
His parents castrated him as soon as he said he wanted to be a mermaid when he was 3 lmao.

No. 334556

I watched the show and you can tell that his father and brothers (even his sister) are actually VERY embarassed about the whole situation.
I think it was the mother's idea and the other family members had nothing to say.
Jazz just asked his mom if he was a girl or a boy when he was 3 so the mother asked him what he felt like and he answered "a girl" and from then on she started to dress him as a girl and turn him into a baby transvestite.
This is fucking insane.
He was only 3 YEARS OLD.

No. 334558

Why aren't his parents in jail?

No. 334560

Because trans is right and anything else is wrong. You can't say anything against the system, otherwise you're advocating for the suicide of children.
Listen, Winston.

No. 334561

What do you guys think about Shiloh Jolie-Pitt? She's also been showing signs of transgenderism for years, apparently she wants to be called John and her parents comply. I hope they're sane enough to not let her have puberty blockers, binders and all that shit and are just waiting for this phase to fade away

No. 334569

File: 1543966962852.jpg (50.76 KB, 480x360, RTnMdah.jpg)

Angelina jolie is known for being a true nut case. She has been dressing Shiloh as a boy and cutting her hair short since she was 3.
I'm not surprised considering how crazy angelina jolie is.

No. 334571


I think it's fine to let your kid wear clothes from the opposite gender, but it's wrong to take it further like many crazy parents do and say "oh, she likes wearing boy clothes so she is transgender" considering most of the time it's a phase they'll grow out of. I don't think it's wrong for brad and angelina to let her cut her hair and wear boy clothes (which is pretty common), but hopefully brad and angelina don't let her become transgender.

No. 334573

Look at her sister Vivienne. She also cut off her hair and wears boys clothes. How big is the possibility to have 2 transgenders in one family? ZERO. Angelina is nuts as >>334569 pointed out.(Don’t post minors)

No. 334576

are you trolling? she has a bob and she's clearly wearing part of her karate uniform…

No. 334578

File: 1543968475912.jpeg (34.77 KB, 909x253, DtmQrp0V4AALBVC.jpeg)

I want to kill myself

No. 334583

Angelina jolie is so fucking crazy and lunatic. She also has that weird, almost incestious relationship with her oldest asian son (maddox). Not surprided considering that she also kisses her own brother on the lips.
Trust me, it's obvious that angelina wants her to be transgender. Brad, on another hand, seems to be more sensible than angelina.

No. 334593

transgenderism is a plague on the left.

No. 334600

…yeah, no. I'll take delusion and ill treated mental illness for 500, Jerry.

Brad Pitt supposedly divorced her because she was much much more liberal in parenting than he. Pretty sure she wanted her kids to be special and unique and he wanted them to be normal. Poor Shiloh. And all of the Hollywood kids. They hardly have a chance without being indoctrinated

No. 334601

The john thing was mentioned in one interview when she was a toddler. let kids be tomboys. jesus.

No. 334602

how would you know? do you know angelina jolie and brad pitt personally lol? there's nothing wrong with little girls not wanting to be super feminine… her parents still refer to as a girl

No. 334603

The arms give it away, they're so long, no woman has that body-arm proportion.

Yes, this is Brazilian portuguese.

No. 334674

I was thinking the same thing. The arms and the weird, long, flat body. And it's not even a body like a female model would have. It's so shapeless, it's more like a teenage boy.

No. 334675

zinnia thread when

No. 334679

I support this, sounds fun

No. 334682

The replies tho
>No one's literally forcing anyone to do anything. At the risk of being accused of providing "emotional labor" for natal males, I don't see what the big deal is about being polite to someone. Why remind them of their natal status and make them feel bad? What's the reasoning, to score political points? To let them know how much you disagree with some ideology that they may or may not share?
YES. EXACTLY. How is that crazy sounding? I wouldn't call an otherkin Harry Potter just to "be polite", if I did that I would be agreeing with the ideology and validating their delusions which is bad. I swear the #1 argumentation tactic these assholes use is taking an actually sensible reaction and then gaslighting it into some crazy over the top spergfit.
>"Oh, so you think ALL people who have vaginas are women? Hah, what's next, you think all women have WOMBS? It's the CURRENT YEAR, you bigot, calm the fuck down!"
>"..yes, I'm absolutely claiming that?"

(mother of god that grandma is nightmare tier that whole family tree is rotten)
Anyway what the fuck, he's actually been castrated. His parents literally made him an eunuch. I doubt anyone told him that his life would forever be limited to absolute asexuality when they first started his hormones. How the hell does this family have a reality show instead of child protective services taking them to jail? This sounds like a scenario for breeding a serial killer and I'm not even joking because a ton of them have sexual performance issues and gender trauma motivating them. It's so fucked up.

No. 334721

There is a long ass thread on him on KiwiFarms

No. 334722


Kek what the fuck.
Men would make up any fuck just to fap to.
Why are men like this?

No. 334734


>She has been dressing Shiloh as a boy and cutting her hair short since she was 3.

So you believe that gender stereotypes are valid, anon?

No. 334739

nta but angelina jolie obviously does. do you really think celebrities don't believe gender stereotypes?

No. 334740


Because the medical community has come to consider gender identity as an inherent characteristic rather than socially derived and being transgender no longer a psychological disorder, and trans activists and their allies have brainwashed parents to believe that their children will commit suicide if they are not allowed to transition despite statistics to the contrary.

Have you heard of Susie Green?


Susie Green, who took her own son for sex-change surgery in Thailand at 16, has claimed trans children are attempting suicide in such large numbers because the Gender Identity Development Service (Gids), the NHS gender clinic for young people, does not treat them properly. She told MPs three years ago that Gids was “a service where there is a 48% suicide attempt risk”.

However, Gids released figures showing that among the roughly 5,000 young patients referred to the service between 2016 and last August, there were three suicides and four attempted suicides — less than 1%.



No. 334742

Angelina is gross af. I remember reading these headlines about her 3 year old 'son.' How shitty is it to place gender on a 3 year old when they dont understand their own sexuality yet and might be a tomboy.

A good example is Miyavi has two daughters. One of them is obviously an adorable tomboy but he always refers to his daughters as she and daughters. Most kids (girls esp) are tomboys because they are kids! and some of them grow out of it if they want, but it doesnt matter or change their sex they were born as.

(random but he's a super cute dad with his family)

No. 334743

Is really is.. and they all so willingly accept it, erasing gay women and women all together.

No. 334747

Japan keeps their priorities with gender straight, but these troons just can't accept it and they have to demand Japan comply to their delusions… sometimes to the point in pretending they already do comply.
There's a model named Momotaro who appears in a couple KawaiiPateen videos. She states she works as a genderless model, which just means she's open to express herself however she likes, but trans activists and troons in the comments are always fighting with others going "You're being disrespectful, THEY have NO gender" whenever someone points out she's a girl who likes more masculine style.
It's so ass backwards and conservative.

No. 334750


Has she explicitly said that her daughter identifies as a boy? If Angelina is now pushing gender stereotypes, it would be contrary to her having been a role model to lesbians early in her career.

Related: How have so many Gen Xers become traitors, particularly after having kids? They came of age when "progressive" and "queer" meant challenging gender stereotypes. How did feminism become regressive with the evolution of the third wave? How did feminism become Spice Girls instead of Riot Grrl?

No. 334751

No. 334754

Angelina Jolie famously refered to baby Shiloh as a "blob", said she has little interest in her because she was born in privilege - contrary to her adopted kids.
It's impossible to remember anything that happened while you were under the age of 3, meaning her adopted kids won't remember those few months they spent in poverty as new borns, only the massive wealth they grew up in.
Meanwhile poor Shiloh probably had to experience her own mother being cold and neglectful towards her.
Then, suddenly there's the chance to also get some attention, to get some love from your mom - by simply playing along with Angelinas trans onsession.
Her adopted kids are already "special" by being poc, so her own children also have to take on something that makes them different. Just a couple of months ago I read that Shiloh's little sister looks up at and copies "him"…

No. 334759

I remember when she called shiloh a "blob" because she had no personality unlike her STRONG COURAGEOUS ADOPTED KIDS.
She is seriously nuts, she always has been crazy.
She is just better at hiding it now.

No. 334761

File: 1544021280773.gif (4.69 MB, 417x278, 1246241.gif)

Just found out an artist I follow is going by male pronouns now. A 21 year old lesbian who draws yaoi is now calling herself "he". Fujos gonna fujo, I guess.

No. 334762

>lesbian who draws yaoi
i don't understand why this happens

No. 334763

I have a hard time understanding it too, but I think some genuine lesbians do it because female characters are, so often in media, poorly written. So they wind up clinging to the male characters and wind up making content for them instead.

To be fair, I've seen this chick draw straight porn too. But yeah, I felt zero shock at finding out she's going by "he" now. And her girlfriend is using "they/she". She'll be a he within a year, I bet.

No. 334766

I actually think Jazz is going to kill himself as soon as he realizes what they've done to him, sadly. I give it 10 years at max. Poor kid.

No. 334767

I'm a sick fuck and I hope his realization will be in the news because of the milk he will hopefully spew and maybe be one of the kids who will help shut down transgendersism.

I can't wait till transbullshit is out of favor and exposed for the fetish it really is.

No. 334771

>referring at your baby daughter as a "blob" and saying you have little interest in her
Wew. Narcissistic mother? This is all levels of shitty.
Guess I should've known she was shit since the time she said she didn't give a fuck about Jennifer Aniston being in a relationship with Brad Pitt while they started seeing each other, and that she "takes whatever she wants". The sociopathy is off the charts with this one

Me neither. I have zero interest in reading/watching porn with guys

No. 334775

I'm scared he might one day do it.
He went to several depressions already so…If he makes it I wonder what he'll look like when he is in his 40's and what he'll think about his parents decisions.

No. 334776

Yeah Angelina jolie is a true sociopath.

No. 334779

I sympathize anon a similar thing happened to me… She got top surgery recently too. I slowly distanced myself even tho it hurt… Nothing I could have said would have changed her mind… But if you're friend is open to hearing a more gender critical analysis I would try and start slow.

No. 334799

And then the troons will cry about how evil transphobes bullied him into it.

No. 334802

Oh, for sure.
>"It was because of the terfs and the nazi!!"
I hope he speaks up as soon as he can. Being condemned to live your one and only life as an eunuch that will never be able to experience any sexual pleasure ever, which is part of being human, sounds really scary.

No. 334803

File: 1544031745336.jpg (137.97 KB, 654x886, DtodVWkVYAEvzXI.jpg)


No. 334805

The chihuahua kept misgendering her, it had it coming.

No. 334807

File: 1544032724633.jpg (144.99 KB, 676x409, wtf.jpg)

>two women a week are killed through domoestic violence
>but hey lets use this to talk about how YOU can be a BETTER ALLY
Like fuck how fucking cheap you gotta be to use the deaths of women to complain about transwomen need hugs for their hurt feefees. Fuck the guardian what a shitty news paper

No. 334812

Ireland introduced gender recognition laws before it legalised abortion. But sure, trans people are the oppressed ones. I wonder why so many trans people get attacked?

No. 334825

I was just reading the Jonathan Yaniv thread on KF like two hours ago and now I’m getting a “cannot connect to the server” error for the entire site. Is something fucking up on my end or is the site down? This whole thing with JY is making me paranoid.

I know a handful of lesbians, all in the same friend group, several dating each other, two married to each other, who all exclusively write smutty male-on-male fanfiction. Mostly Dr Who, Sherlock and LotR/The Hobbit. Their original fics all have female protagonists but their smut is all gay buttsex. I don’t get it, but hey…

No. 334826


Shiloh is now 12. The most recent news from the celeb gossip rags in August was that she was on the outs with Angelina and wanted to be reunited with Brad.

No. 334828


It's the beginning of the month, so Vordrak is hitting the site with his monthly DDOS attacks.

No. 334838

It's working again for me. I doubt even the pedophile Jonathan Yaniv can take down KF, I'd like to see him try though.

No. 334847

I’m not a KF regular. Is this really a monthly thing? Sounds fun.

I doubt he’d succeed but I can definitely see him trying.

No. 334850

We had to have two whole fucking referendums for the right to reproductive healthcare and same sex marragie, but self ID was passed very quickly and quietly, and no one had a say on it.

No. 334859

i feel helpless about this shit. there is absolutely no room for dissent or discussion.

No. 334874

File: 1544039788737.png (63.5 KB, 550x318, delusion.png)

Not even lesbian fiction is safe. (The book's basically about a girl who's pretending to be a man to protect herself and her sisters, and shows no signs of discomfort with her body whatsoever, nothing that would make you think she's trans. It's all made very clear.)
I swear they sound like they're trolling. A girl cuts her hair short and disguises herself as a man for protection motives=trans! Or enby! (unironically using that word… sigh)
A girl proves she's female by flashing her genitalia=transphobic!
Do they call doctors transphobic too, when a baby is born and they say "It's a boy/girl"?

This is conservative ideology in a shiny package. But instead of saying you have to adhere to a certain personality/look to match your sex, you have to change your sex to match your personality/look.

No. 334886

Yeah they do sometimes call doctors transphobic as part of the AMAB/AFAB terminology; to them it's not that someone IS male or female because those are made up social terms that exist within a mental/emotional spectrum and therefore it's transphobic doctors unfairly hoisting binary sex distinctions onto newborns. There are some semi-sane people within the movement who still acknowledge the reality of sex but just as many who don't.

No. 334891

They do the same thing with historical women who disguised themselves as men, or even just wore clothes associated with men, for safety or practicality. Want to minimise the chance of being raped on your travels or protect yourself on a battlefield? Congratulations, you’re no longer a woman!

I’m surprised I’ve never seen any of them go after GRRM for writing Arya as a tomboyish girl rather than a genderqueer enby demiboy, but then again I haven’t been on tumblr for years so maybe I just missed it. Plus he’s an old man and harassing less known female authors is so much more satisfying.

No. 334912

Oh fuck, the discussion of women disguising themselves as men/no sex to protect from sexism is something trans activists hate so very much. One character that instantly comes to mind is Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4.
Shit makes me so frustrated how aggressive and petty they get when somebody even refers to her as a woman. People have been bombarded on social media by TRAs. I've seen them take over multiple people's posts celebrating her character and these people will ruin it with statements calling her a man.

No. 334916

File: 1544045293896.png (30.64 KB, 540x300, tumblr_pixp9yKoDg1r27qo6o1_540…)

Trannies are the weakest, most pathetic creatures on the fucking planet.

No. 334923

Where is this from? LJ is still alive?

No. 334928

Cancellation of event at Vancouver Public Library featuring controversial speaker was faked, speaker says

Sun., Dec. 2, 2018

VANCOUVER—Media reports that Meghan Murphy, a feminist writer who has stirred controversy for questioning trans identities, cancelled her January speaking event at the Vancouver Public Library amidst a deluge of complaints are patently false, according to Murphy.

Murphy, founder of the website Feminist Current, said the cancellation announcement was likely submitted to media outlets by someone opposed to her message, and to the use of the library as a venue for her speaking engagement.

Meghan Murphy, who has become known for questioning trans identities, says reports of the cancellation of her January speaking engagement at the Vancouver Public Library are false.

“They’re just trying to mess with the event,” she told StarMetro in a Sunday morning interview, adding she had no intention of bowing out. “I’m not going to back down, there’s no way. I’m not going to stop talking about this, I’m not cancelling the event, I’m not going to be bullied … into submission.”

Reports Saturday indicated Murphy had sent an email to news organizations explaining the pushback she’d received to her planned appearance had led her to pull the plug on the talk. But Murphy said she is not responsible for the email announcement to news media, nor has she received any personal complaints via email. There has been some pushback online, she noted.

Murphy said she believed the email was sent from a fake address, as it did not appear to have been sent from her own account. As of Sunday afternoon, the Eventbrite ticketing website still listed the event as upcoming.

Vancouver Public Library (VPL) spokesperson Carol Nelson said she had not yet checked the VPL’s booking records, but that if Murphy said the event had not been cancelled, “then that’s probably the truth.”

“It’s very concerning that emails are being sent out and misrepresenting (what’s happening),” Nelson told StarMetro Sunday. “Very disconcerting.”

Since the announcement of Murphy’s talk, the VPL has come under fire from trans activists and allies who say Murphy’s positions exacerbate hate and discrimination toward trans people, comparable to other types of discriminatory language against minority groups.

Murphy said the event is “intended to be a conversation” about gender and legislation around gender identity, adding she’s concerned about laws and policies that have been passed to allow men into women-only spaces, such as women’s shelters, and about “gendered stereotypes” she said are perpetuated by transgender ideology.

But the effort to perpetuate a false cancellation of the event will ultimately only help publicize the talk, she said.

“I think what they’re really doing is drumming up more public support for me and for other women who are trying to speak about this issue,” she said, “because (the public can) see what’s happening to those of us who do try to speak out.”




No. 334929

Oh yep, I had a relationship with a troon, who broke it off because I was suffering newly developed PTSD. The fact I wasn't giving him enough attention made him claim he had "PTSD" as well. KEK. He even tried to suggest we start being poly before it was final.
>it's a minefield
Yep. They're all narcs and nothing is ever good enough for them. Leave while you can.

No. 334930

Not that anon but ONTD, I saw that too. They're getting quite gender critical even though they're still terrified of being called transphobes. They question the same things we do but wont take the next step and admit we just hate these shitty men larping as women.

No. 334981

Voltron (yes, I know the fandom is a shithole) has that problem too, with the character Pidge. After her brother and dad disappeared in space, she cut her hair and took on a fake name, and a male disguise to enter the garrison they were members of, to find out what happened to them. Because she had already done it previously, as herself, and was thrown out. She straight up says "I'm a girl" in the first season, yet people still try to pull the nonbinary/trans shit.

No. 334998

Trans headcanons never make any fucking sense. Pidge is just a tomboy, whatever happened to those?

No. 334999

This is so unbelievably fucked up. You get cancer and you're the bad privileged one for making troons feel bad because they can't get cervical cancer too uwu

How are they taken seriously

No. 335009

The porn purge on tumblr is a blessing in disguise. So many troons and their deviant porn blogs will be vanned

No. 335033

She even legit states 'i'm a girl' and everyone's like 'ok, sure. that's cool. We kinda knew already.'

Tomboys and straight girls who arent hype femme exist a ton, but trans idiots wont shut the fuck up with their disgusting fetish.

No. 335039

File: 1544064270488.png (31.31 KB, 484x607, WWAAAHHHH.png)

No. 335043

That's it. I think I've officially reached peak trans. I don't know what to say to this.

No. 335045

These mother fuckers are even jealous of the FUCKING MOON.

But we all need to be good little girls and get back to worshiping every "feminine fart" they release.

No. 335052

lmao, I feel this is an undercover attempt to recruit new terfs to the fold, with pointing to such shining beacons as travis alabanza and munroe bergdorf

No. 335058

I didn't even know what a terf was a year and a half ago and yet I got called one for simply saying that I don't think it's right to tell lesbians to like dick…. The bar for being called a terf is really very low

No. 335065

Being a woman who's not dating a genderspecial is just the tip of the iceberg lettuce

No. 335067

File: 1544070909090.png (1.71 MB, 1126x1304, Untitled.png)

Imagine the fact that a baby caused a troon to have impregnation fantasies. Fucking disgusting pieces of shit.

No. 335072



No. 335132

"My girlfriend" "neither of us have wombs".

No. 335187

Damn, I was expecting something from the comments of him passing, but as soon as I saw him, he looked like Riley with more makeup. Not to mention the close up of his legs and how they look nothing like any female ones I’ve ever seen.

No. 335203

Imagine this thing saying your kid is cute and tell me you won't immediately think "rapist pedo creep"

No. 335219

What's even worse is Pidge was pretty darn feminine before having to take the disguise and never seemed to mind being feminine, but troons try to insist she's one of them.

No. 335227

Them shoulders and bone structure give him away lmao and I don't know why something about their belly and waist even if they are skinny af ita completely different than a woman's

No. 335230

i've noticed that most men tend to have longer waist areas than women and shorter legs. even more than women who have shorter legs. that usually gives it away to me, knocky shorter legs and weird elongated waists in women's clothes.

No. 335239

women acually have shorter legs than men

No. 335252

That's because women are shorter than men on average… A woman will typically have longer legs than a man of the same height.

No. 335264

this. i obviously meant men and women of the same height. even then, i am 4 in shorter than my bf and have longer legs than he does.

No. 335266

proprtionally, women have longer legs.

No. 335286

File: 1544130128976.jpg (449.32 KB, 684x855, 92972651467.jpg)

I made a meme.

This is why the argument that TERF is an accurate descriptor is bullshit. They'll scream TERF and violently threaten anyone who challenges their delusions, they don't even have to be a radical feminist.

No. 335302

Ugggh, i want to post this on my fb so bad, but i'm afraid of the assholes who will attempt to call me a transphobe. I'm a lesbian and the whole trans mtf bullshit is rampant in the community now. It's so freakin disgusting

No. 335303

I'm so glad i've been married a while now to another woman. It actually scares me how the only rule to being a lesbian is to like the same sex (and yes, this means genitals) but tr00ns are always trying to invade woman spaces. And even worse are straight girls in a relationship with a tr00n, calling themselves a gay couple.

No. 335313

Sorry anon, but your meme doesn't really work. Cotton ceiling retards specifically argue that lesbian attraction is based on gender identity and not sex.

No. 335348

So…. two gay men larping as lesbians. Why?????

No. 335349

So…. two gay men larping as lesbians. Why?????

No. 335363

"Queer studies" is guilty of all kinds of nonsense trying to find LGBTQ stuff in history. In college I saw some article where someone went over English town records from the 1500s or so showing who had been married. They found a list of two men who had never married and cohabited and were like "EUREKA! A GAY COUPLE IN THE 1500s!"

I mean there is no other possible explanation for someone having never married and living with someone else.

No. 335415

Her own VA has talked about how she likes the idea of "nonbinary" Pidge.

No. 335431

The VA sounds like a fucking idiot tbh. Way to erase straight girls.

No. 335448

Yeah, the VA is a wreck. I posted about her in these threads before. She's a lesbian who came out about three years ago, and started claiming nonbinary last year or this year. Most recently, within the last month, she's claimed trans, and she says all that Tumblr type stuff about how "You don't need dysphoria to be trans". Which pissed some troon on Youtube off, apparently.

This whole transgender infighting crap would be hilarious, if real people weren't ruining their lives and bodies behind this bullshit, and if people weren't getting harassed and assaulted behind this shit.

No. 335474

File: 1544165503682.jpg (28.49 KB, 429x297, c64.jpg)

Let me let you in on a little secret. And shhhh, keep it between us, because we wouldn’t want the rest of the world finding out, would we?

It’s our secret, right? You promise?


Here it is.

Some non-trans XX women get turned on by their bodies and their clothes.

I swear that this is true.

The feel of silk against your skin. A sheer negligee sliding over your shoulders. A tight skirt that shows off your ass. The smell of your leather jacket. Sexy thigh-high boots. A riding crop. Your comfy terrycloth robe that you’ve had for ten years. Playing with your nipples. Running your fingertips gently along your inner thighs. Feeling the narrowness of your waist, gently increasing in size as you run your hands lower, lower, down your hips and legs. How can these things not be erotic? They feel good. The sensations can be intense, and the reactions you get can be rewarding. The clothes make you feel sexy and desirable. The self love makes you feel validated and comfortable with yourself. It’s acceptable for XX women to do most of this; in fact, for better or for worse, it’s often encouraged.

So why is it a problem for transsexual women to feel the same way?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 335476

Get out tranny. You'll never have a round ass or real tits or a vagina. Enjoy your rotting hole and dick cheese.

No. 335486

>leather boots
>riding crop
>often encouraged to slut it up
What do you think a woman is?
Most women want to love their bodies and not be weirdo about it. For that matter women are better off being themselves and not “sex kittens” all the damn time. You gotta cool you fucking jets, chief. And get a fucking life.

No. 335493

imagine thinking self-sexualizing is just something women do for fun lol. god i wish men would commit mass suicide hahahaha god fuck this world

No. 335494

>Some non-trans XX women get turned on by their bodies and their clothes.
That's to be expected, retard. It's like saying that men will get turned on by stroking their cocoks. No shit.
As weird as it is, no one gives a fuck if you're AGP and keep it to yourself. The provlem is you fucking narcissists trying to claim you're exactly like biological women, threatening everyone who dares to invalidate your delusion, and campaigning for the erosion of our rights.

No. 335498

File: 1544170282734.jpg (70.55 KB, 718x491, IMG_20180504_141951.jpg)

On that note, has anyone ever met a woman who's fetishized childbirth, breastfeeding, or periods in the same way that troons do? I fucking hope not, that would be concerning, but when a tranny writes an article about how they got off to breastfeeding their newborn they expect us to think it's all normal and jolly good?

No. 335502

>a woman who's fetishized childbirth, breastfeeding
not met one but we do have a thread about them somewhere

No. 335511

There’s a very significant difference between a woman appreciating her own body and a man wearing a historically oppressed and sexually objectified class of people as a fetish costume.

Most AGPs can’t keep it to themselves even if they manage to keep it in the bedroom. They often involve their wives, daughters, sisters by stealing their clothes and dressing up in them, even in this day and age when they could easily buy their own sheer negligees and silk panties online. It’s all part of the fetish.

No. 335513

File: 1544177355473.jpg (149.68 KB, 531x1396, tumblr_pja56w3Eon1w3ryav_540.j…)

True tea tho why do they ALWAYS look like this?!

No. 335516

>trans womyn gave you most of your rights
jesus christ you can't help these people, you can only put them down at this point

No. 335523

File: 1544179579313.jpg (118.92 KB, 722x807, welcome to florida.jpg)

>The Miami Herald reports 55-year-old Fior Pichardo de Veloz had come to Miami from the Dominican Republic to witness the birth of her grandchild in 2013, when she was arrested at the airport on an outstanding drug charge. Her arrest report listed her as female and Pichardo de Veloz was booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center and processed as a woman. She was even strip searched.

>Due to her history of high blood pressure, Pichardo de Veloz was examined by a nurse as a precaution. The nurse saw she had been taking hormone pills and questioned her about her gender.

>Despite Pichardo de Veloz's denial of being a man, the nurse added a note to her file that read: "Transgender, male parts, female tendencies."

>The nurse notified a doctor, who reclassified Pichardo de Veloz as male without an examination, according to an appeals court opinion.

>Pichardo was transferred to the Metro West Detention Center, an all-male jail, and shared a cell with about 40 men, who jeered at her yelling "Mami! Mami!", according to the newspaper. She was there for 10 hours and said she was terrified to go to the bathroom and "urinated on herself instead."

>Jail workers eventually realized their mistake once family members went to the facility where she was originally processed and asked why she was moved.

>Pichardo de Veloz was removed from her holding cell and given a new examination. During that exam, Pichardo de Veloz claimed several male officers laughed at her and someone took a photo.

>Once her gender was confirmed, she was moved back to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

>Pichardo de Veloz sued the county and jail staff for negligence and "cruel and unusual punishment," but the case was thrown out by a judge who said the jail staffers were protected from a trial for negligence.


No. 335526

Remember when pansexual was the wokest thing to be because it meant someone was open to enbies and intersex as well? That’s not good enough anymore, now every woman needs to be into dick regardless of her orientation. Straight? Cishet dick. Lesbian? Girldick. You hear that ladies, there’s no excuse to not be sucking dick. So progressive!

It’s almost funny how they take a truth, like how LBG’s adopted the T and fought for their rights out of a sense of solidarity, and turn it around 180 degrees to apply to themselves instead.
>lesbians fought for trans rights
>“um no sweaty transwomen actually invented lesbian rights”
>TRAs are invalidating female homosexuality by pressuring lesbians into taking dick
>“lesbian terfs invalidate my identity by not fucking me!”
>TIMs are more likely to murder than be murdered, and when they are murdered it is always by other men
>“terfs are literally killing hundreds of transwomes every day!”
>radfems acknowledge biological sex as a basis of female oppression but not as a determinant of a person’s personality and want to do away with gender roles altogether
>“terfs are gender essentialists!”
>TIMs admit to stealing used tampons and pads from women’s restrooms and message young girls to ask how many women have their genitals hanging out in changing rooms
>“terfs are obsessed with OUR genitalia but we just want to be left alone!”

When a TRA makes a claim, it’s highly likely that the exact opposite is true.

No. 335539

I have never been turned on by myself. I actually find it quite gross when people find me attractive.

No. 335544

Does it annoys anyone when troons are using intersex people as their excuse for 'sex is a spectrum' or claiming how their 'opppsite gender brain' mean they're neurologically intersex and that they have a valid physical reason to be trans, or enbie identity?

Tbh I don't mind real intersex people if they choose another gender that's not the one assigned when they were born or claiming some soft take on non-binary identity. That's more of exception rather than the rule. However most of the rabid TRA and enbies that loves this claim either want to be special or having some kind pf sexual gratification from it.

No. 335566

they love using pathologies as excuse for their fetish, it's like they don't understand that pathology is not a norm and intersex people have a lot of problems with health

No. 335575

I'm so excited for the porn purge.
I'm sick to death of seeing tranny porn in every fucking tag.

No. 335579

Even worse is when they talk about animals that change sex.

No. 335589

Because majority are incels.
Ugly men who can't get women so they become a women to pretty much "fuck themselves".

But that is never enough because they are rotting away from blue balls and porn, they have to seek out women to be apart of their sexual fetish.

They have to invade lesbian spaces, invade women's private spaces etc.
Soon they gonna just harass all women of all sexualities and tell them if they don't worship their cheese riddled dicks, burn the witch, aka terf.

I hope that behind all the delusions of grandeur that they have sex with "Lesbians (aka other troons)" and all their bullshit, that in reality they are alone with other troons and no one still doesn't want them, still miserable, ugly incel as before kek

I would love to be a fly on the wall if there was a "girls night out/party" created by a troon and the only ppl who showed up are troons kek.
Transgendersism is like a sausage fest of men that women don't give a fuck about .

No. 335685

That or a bunch of effeminate gay males that hate and envy real women because they can get "straight men" wich is the ultimate fag fantasy. Gay Troons and chasers spend their time trying to humiliate women and try to make them ashamed of their genitals. These guys love to claim that women are gross and smell like fish. That we are fat and manly.
That trannies are "more women than real women" (lmao)
That vaginas look hideous,slimy and smell like fish.
As if their cheese dick that they "tuck" all day long in between their stinky ass cheek were any better.

No. 335689

File: 1544204139063.png (43.14 KB, 991x281, lol.png)

Good for them.

No. 335690

File: 1544204345308.jpg (77.52 KB, 640x800, k5qgwguw5x121.jpg)

And he wonders why his family is scared of him… autogynephile smirk. He probably jerked off in his wife's (or wose, daughters) panties

No. 335692

I don’t know this woman but I’m happy for her and I hope she finds a man who isn’t a freak.

No. 335694

They never talk about mammals when they do this, which is even worse, they think they're clown fish or some shit.

Good, this should happen more often. I hope the woman and her kid will never look back, and I'm glad the man's own family helped them escape.

No. 335697

>wife had the help of family members
>I'm betrayed. people do this to abusive people.
>don't worry I'm definitely not abusive it's because I'm trans. definitely.
Even handmaidens have to suspect something is up with OP, right? Please tell me the comments aren't just blind support for this asshole, right?

No. 335701

No. 335702

Exactly, both gay and straight troons have this disturbing obsessed and hate for real women.

They either hate us because we don't wanna fuck them, or they hate us because they can't replace us.

That's why I love to read horror stories of troons sex cosmetic surgery, knowing that they removed their DNA from the gene pool and forever will have a festering, dingle berry penis ditch for a genitalia.

Knowing that they will never have real vagina and they destroyed themselvess, a self inflicted punishment for jealously/hating and sexual obsession of male sexuality.

No. 335704

Both the gay and the straigh troons look like ugly men on this picture.

No. 335705

>I would have helped her move out if she had asked.
no the fuck you wouldn't. you'd guilt trip her into staying and REEEEE about trans statistics.

No. 335714

File: 1544205912390.jpg (261.38 KB, 768x846, wat.jpg)

Going through this guy's comment history and
>longtime partner moved out
Why are they all like this. And they're all ugly.

No. 335716

Due to the comment posted recently, I went to check /mtf/ and here is the top post:
> I'm sick of cis-women telling me I'm so lucky for not having a period

> I don't even have any severe dysphoria about it, but I feel pretty confident that being trans is worse than having a period. Frankly, how many trans people kill themselves because of gender dysphoria? How many cis-women kill themselves over their period?

Also, in the comments:
> I honestly feel like I should just say something like, "Let's not talk about this" and try to cut it off cold. I'm too empathetic and supportive in the moment to do that though, haha.

what the fuck is wrong with them?
I'm waiting for a tranny to go on a killing rampage whenever a woman innocently mentions that she's on her period or something similar, and it would probably even be justified because poor twanny, "she" was hurting ;_;

also, one of the highly upvoted posts was:
> First day wearing panties :)

I'm just feeling sick. It's like watching the essence of being a woman is reduced to some cheap costume being pissed on and shat on at the same time like in some abstract modern art performance with the progressive circles applauding it.

No. 335717

KEK good for them.
I wish her the best. This is what every woman who was unfortunately stuck in a failed marriage with a troon.

No. 335721


i wouldnt trust an unstable insane tranny around a child anyway, especially not around a daughter,

i hope they have a good life away from this insane, narcissist troon.

No. 335730

File: 1544207083437.jpg (2.12 MB, 3036x4048, AtOqBrg.jpg)

Christ, it's obvious he only has one wig which he barely brushes.

His posts about allegedly trying to trying to work with his wife on the issue suck: 'I'm not abandoning my family damnit! I have zero intention of leaving my kids. My wife is taking off, but that's her decision, not mine. I did everything I could to try and make it work'. There's no evidence of him trying to work on it, only her doing things like painting his nails for him. Even in his version of events which is likely 10 miles from reality it's all about her trying to accommodate him and him doing absolutely fuck all. In other posts he talks about suicide, I can only imagine he's used as a threat as most troons do. It screams mentally unstable narcissistic, manipulative man.

The fucking state of it.

No. 335732

i can never understand why they talk like they think we actually prioritize their feelings in everyday life kek. i care about their wants and needs as much as i would care about any other grown men, not at all. because it always involves them telling me to change myself or step on eggshells with my language, when i don't care about them enough to do so.

they've never had a period to know what it's like. guys telling us that their feelings matter more than ours isn't new, though.

No. 335736

He calls her so many names in his post history. He says she's childish, manipulative, doesn't take care of the kids, doesn't want to get a job, associates with ~transphobic~ people, is transphobic herself, selfish, ect.
He's the one blasting her on social media for trying to accommodate his fetish, and he keeps saying what a bombshell this is. He doesn't even talk about his kids unless it's to narrate what a shit mother she is.
It's like a mirror. Everything he calls her is what he is. Poor woman. I hope the kids don't get forced with that fetishistic weirdo.

No. 335749

File: 1544209799644.png (51.72 KB, 651x547, lol.png)

No. 335754

Because men like this are raised by handmaid mommies who put them on a pedestal their whole lives, so they grow up legitimately expecting everyone else in the world to be as in love with them and ou ncested in their feelings as mommy was. When they realixr5thst obviously isn't the case, they becone the perpetually offended bitter little shits that becone troons because they think the grass is greener.

No. 335757

No. 335759

>no one clocks us as trans
There's no way I can even convey my hysterical laughter over text.
The delusion would be fascinating if it wasn't so harmful.

No. 335764

Fuck yes for this woman's strength.
Why the fuck should she have to stay in a relationship with someone who betrayed her?
She didn't make an agreement to marry a narcissistic, selfish pervert. She shouldn't be forced into participating in his fetish (even though she tried with the nail painting…like he couldn't figure it out on his own? No one showed me how to paint my own nails, but it's not like it's hard).
She didn't ask to have an incompetent, shit for brains husband and father of her children.
I just can't believe these sick fucks think they deserve sympathy for transitioning when they're late in their lives and marriages. I know for a fact his fucking children didn't ask to have this kind of father. Children need stable environments and identities, not a freak who steals his wife's underwear to jerk off in and probably prey on other young girls.
Fuck, their entitlement makes me so livid.

No. 335771


did you guys also see that essay he posted about fighting russian skinheads and how the russian police were scared of him because hes tall in his post history? hes definitely on several layers of delusion kek. and then he goes on to say that once the divorce is finalised he will start carrying a gun again. i hope his wife and child run far away and that he will never have a chance to do anything to them. he sounds legitimately insane.

No. 335782

>once the divorce is finalised he will start carrying a gun again
God that's a murder-suicide waiting to happen.

No. 335783

LOL i know exactly what video he's talking about

it isn't even very "transphobic" as far as this type of humor goes

No. 335809

THANK GOD she left. Imagine marrying a man, having children and this happens

No. 335810

He's 30??? He looks like a hard 50.

No. 335841

File: 1544224134203.png (342.09 KB, 602x542, 1544208810784.png)

Fucking hell. How can anybody look at this and think it's even remotely fair?

No. 335842

>Standing ovation
>Four 'yes's
>No ree-ing troons/handmaidens
God, 2014 were simpler times

No. 335845

lol this one image says so much about the state of the world right now i cant even

No. 335852

I stumbled upon this picture earlier and showed it to a friend of mine because I was curious to what she had to say about it.

"She's so badass, I wish I had muscles like her!"


No. 335853

>In shape men who dresses up as woman will get called a woman
>Woman who dares look buff (Example Serena W.) gets called a man/tranny
They even called Michelle Obama a man.
Literally cannot make this up.

No. 335877

File: 1544231210110.jpg (331.85 KB, 720x1078, 20181207_170005.jpg)

Another one of these braindead queer theorists hijacked a thread uplifting female photographers to posthumously misgender a woman as trans because she wore male clothes and was a lesbian. Can't stand these undercover-sexist retards.

No. 335893

no one actually wants to be a woman, its just men who want to look like women for sexual fantasies but still have all their privilege

guys i was the one who posted this. i took it off a troon blog. i should have put it in quotes but thats why i posted the fucking suicide image lmao i wanted to die after reading it.

No. 335906

File: 1544237067575.jpeg (205.26 KB, 750x1048, 87961006-E735-4DD6-9A29-927B92…)

No. 335915

File: 1544239502981.gif (352.83 KB, 220x217, as.gif)

>Slut culture.
>Scared of cis woman

>Scared of feminsts

>Because feefee will be hurt.
I can't believe I'm actually in this timeline lmao.

No. 335917

File: 1544240598752.png (90.64 KB, 505x318, t6KMqxL.png)

yeah and im scared of troons because they tell me to shut up about my reproductive issues because the presence of a vagina makes them feel inadequate and also im a terf who should be beaten to death

No. 335919

yup, just keep blaming those evil feminist bitches for all your problems, totally not an underlying issue of why they're not cool with you

No. 335922

This video popped up on my Twitter timeline. A commercial in the Philippines. https://twitter.com/horribleached/status/1071015929046216704?s=19
This is giving me straight up propaganda vibes.

No. 335923

what masculine thoughts they have

No. 335925

Oh, God. Those comments.

>I've seen 100% passing trans women get ripped apart online because they were tall and it got them clocked. I've even seen cis women taller than 6' called "men" because of their height.

>Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth in GoT among other roles) is a 6'3 cis woman. Tall cis women exist who are also totally normal and pass.

Ciswomen…passing. Gwendoline Christie is huge yet still reads as an obvious woman because she IS a woman. Even the wrestler Chyna(RIP), who abused steroids and other drugs, still read as a woman. And no! Tall super models don’t look like you!

>I still dislike being tall but it's more the generic /r/tall problems. Legroom, asshole East Asian architecture and designs assuming everyone never grows past 1.7m means I bump my head into every single thing out there, and average height kitchen counters and sinks forcing you to bend down hard to do anything.

They even hate the average Asian person, in their own countries, being shorter than European-descended people and constructing their buildings to accommodate the average person in that country! I guess you are not really a tiny catgirl after all, Lurch.

No. 335943

File: 1544246534220.png (65.99 KB, 600x608, iiiiiiiiiiiiiii.png)

Someone in my college discord group just pinged everyone to inform us that he's trans (TiM), and the first response was from someone who was trying to be all PC and supportive. However, he still added "man" at the end of the comment. Seeing people mess up some pretend pronouns has always been hilarious.

Then it continues with the same guy and a fakeboy circle-jerking about how progressive and supportive they are, but at the same time I've seen and heard the former ridicule the whole notion of being transgender, as well as agree with my views.
Quite confusing, ngl

The way they write out these threats, with the descriptive and well planned wording, makes me think they get off to the thought of it. As if it's a sexual fantasy to them. For all I know, it probably is

No. 335955


ugh why are they always "folks"

No. 335998

File: 1544264177026.jpg (93.27 KB, 576x1024, DiQ4q1HWsAApbXB.jpg)

Lesbians are telling transbians to stop coercing them into sex and shaming them for not liking dick and the TiMs are the one who's "scared"? Imagine the male entitlement at work here.

Anyway I need to vent for a moment. I just came across Christine Love, a prolific game designer who has done a lot of lesbian-centric sex games. I could clock from the short checklist alone (Name that sounds like a stripper stage name, pink ratty hair, dresses like a bad interpretation of an anime girl all the time, a programmer by profession) and confirmed by snooping around a bit. I'm getting paranoid of anyone proclaiming to be a lesbian to be a trans girl. Someone has she/her pronouns on her social media profile and can't shut up about being a lesbian and how all girls are magical unicorns? Yeah, it's probably a man.

As a gay woman who does programming as a profession I just find it hideous how people like him are presented as the peak of "kweer women in tech" and people are encouraged to support them no matter what. You NEVER see actual female programmers (much less lesbian ones) being given the same amount of exposure. At the same time zines like Kotaku are shaming Japanese anime games for letting you fuck high school girls they're also praising any fetishizing lesbian game a transbian creates, for example Polygon wrote a long fucking article defending the correction-rapish scene of a male fucking a lesbian woman in one of his visual novels. I don't really give a fuck about sex games having all sorts of fetishes but the double standards are just sickening.

Pic related, it's him. I want off this ride.

No. 336022

In many sports, men clearly have physical advantage over women even with HRT. Will it get so bad that one day all women leagues will be filled with Men instead? That it's either men League, or 'TIM competing with each other' while women are push out of top tier athelete lists in sports completely?

Are people going to recognize how stupid this is unless that day comes?

No. 336023

i dont think most people will care, especially not men. most men already think that womens sports is a joke anyway. like if a woman is talented at lets say football, then you can guarantee that somewhere out there there will be people reeing about how she isnt that good because she isnt as good as the men. in fact, i bet a lot of troons transition because they know they have a natural physical advantage over women in sports so they take advantage of that.

why should they have to actually work hard when they can easily beat people smaller than them with less effort? /s

No. 336034

There's a common denominator between those two women. They're black women. Out of all the races black women's beauty get trashed the most.

No. 336059

Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth from GoT) gets called a man constantly too, let's not pretend this is exclusive to black women.

No. 336069

>Ladykiller in a Bind is a 2016 erotic visual novel by Christine Love. The game's full name is My Twin Brother Made Me Crossdress as Him and Now I Have to Deal with a Geeky Stalker and a Domme Beauty Who Want Me in a Bind!!. It is described as "an erotic romantic comedy about social manipulation, crossdressing, and girls tying up other girls".

also wtf, he did analogue? i've had way too many people recommend that to me. didn't know a autogynephile troonshit made it

No. 336084

It's a common racist theme to dehumanize black women by calling them men. It's why troons, especially non-black ones don't realize that when they make the 'what about black women' argument, they push them away ironically without realizing it. It was the same when gays tried to say their struggles were like the civil rights movement, except they stopped when it backfired horribly on them.

No. 336105

Troons compare their dick to black women.
>MTFs don't belong in women's bathroom
>"Well what about black women!?"

I hate them. I wish the worse for all trannies, I hate my humanity, skin colour and womanhood reduced to a dick of a tranny, because he can't fap in the women in the restroom.
They reduced BW to nothing. That's why BW don't give a fuck about trannies and will tell them straight they are a man

I hate seeing black handmaidens all over Tumblr and Instagram, picking up for these incel white neckbeards who just using BW to get oppression points, as soon as BW disagrees, she is a nigger bitch.
Because trannies are just virgin ugly white men who have a fetish.

So fucking sick of trannies.
I can't wait till trannies are pushed back to fetlife where they came from .

No. 336112

I played "don't take it personally, babe" and I vividly remember being weirded out by a school girl who offers herself through out the entire game, so it's safe to say he is a clear fetishist
also, what's with the long titles?

No. 336115

File: 1544280952823.jpg (99.91 KB, 900x600, eqca1.jpg)

Sorry to bring it back to Jazz Jennings, but I haven't seen this discussed anywhere else. Jazz looks biracial, especially compared to her siblings (they all have mom's unfortunate schnoz though, so you know they're related).

My theory is that mom cheated on dad, and Jazz was the result. In order to draw attention away from Jazz's biracial looks, mom looked for another way to differentiate Jazz. She latched on to the first instance of gender confusion and ta-dah - now she looks like a supportive and progressive mother, and people can't say shit about how Jazz looks biracial in her white family when there is a much "bigger" issue to worry about.

Hearing about how Jazz is into girls makes me really sad. Saying she wanted to be a girl may have been a temporary thing, and her parents acted way too soon.

No. 336116

Jazz looks like everyone else though, doesn't immediately jump out as much as you said.

The height is probably puberty blocker than anything else.

No. 336122

>"Stop pushing girldick on lesbians"
Mentally ill, manipulative, narcissistic little incels. Yeah, I'm so sure your 6' tall man ass is scared of lesbian women, that's why you push yourself onto them all the fucking time and send them actual rape and death threats if they simply tell you "No, I'm not interested"

No. 336146

Yeah Jazz is (was) a straight dude just like his brothers. Saying that he wanted to be a girl at 3 was obviously a phase.
He also was and is into masculine activities and still dresses as kinda masculine. There is no femininity coming from him.
That was supposed to be a MAN and a STRAIGHT man at that. His selfish mother fucked him up.

No. 336152

Come on anon, Jazz looks exactly like his siblings. Especially the second brother from the right in that photo, they're very clearly related. They're Jewish so it's very possible that they could have east-southern European looks in their genetics. A much more realistic scenario is that his mother has a bad case of munchausen by proxy and/or she's hellbent on being on TV. A normal mother doesn't push her underage kid to have a reality show revolving around their genitals and depression. Jazz was "diagnosed" with gender dysphoria at 4 years old, it's a pretty clear cut case that it's his mother that consciously completely fucked him and his life over.

No. 336154

Nope, Jazz looks exactly like his siblings. More likely his mom had 3 boys and desperately latched on to Jazz's "no I'm a girl!" phase with both hands.

No. 336155

Nope, Jazz looks exactly like his siblings. More likely his mom had 3 boys and desperately latched on to Jazz's "no I'm a girl!" phase with both hands.

No. 336160


I'm so fucking tired of the indie games scene being overrun with Christine Love/Anna Anthropy/Aevee Bee/Porpentine/etc games, the endless sewage pipe of "tee hee gay girls having feelings and cummies at each other!!!!!!!!!!" It's either sickeningly cute uwu catgirl shit or "edgy" so it's all about how fascinating and meaningful their boring male anger and boners are. Porpentine is such an offender in this–I actually like his writing, I think he's very talented, but the last thing I read by him had a villain who was literally an evil scheming women's health activist lesbian who, I'M SERIOUS, hired poor wittle transbians to be tortured in cages while she and he evil cisbian lover had sex. Literally, that is what happened.

There are so many amazing, hardworking women in tech and games and I just fucking wish there was a scene for them without all this fucking baggage. All these fucking men who think the fact that they grew up as straight white gamer boys never impacted them. A few years ago they were saying nothing while the actual girls in their lives were being harassed into the margins in the thick of chan gamer culture, now they're the most oppressed women of all. God.

No. 336182

File: 1544290486616.jpeg (352.45 KB, 1242x1385, AC3A2B9C-4BDD-415F-9287-1AC677…)

Why do so many trannys seem to believe women don’t have acne and dark skin?

No. 336183

Never said it was, but it's become a systematic cliche to attack black women's feminity. Doesn't matter whether they are tall or not.

No. 336185

Can we not? In this thread? Please take it elsewhere.

No. 336236

>A few years ago they were saying nothing while the actual girls in their lives were being harassed into the margins in the thick of chan gamer culture, now they're the most oppressed women of all.
This gets me too. Most TiMs, both straight and gay, spent much of their lives being super misogynistic yet now claim they were always women on the inside. I’ve seen this being excused as “internalized transphobia” i.e. they were treating women as subhumans because they were trying to repress their own secret ladybrain, but that’s bullshit. Even the effeminate gay guys I know who are now claiming to be trans were always very passive-aggressive and neggish to all their female friends. Backhanded compliments, condescending “oh honey no” whenever one of us cared more about being comfortable than being pretty that day, etc. Most of them became even more openly misogynistic once they came out as trans because they know they’re able to get away with it since ~they’re women too~. And now some of them are claiming that TiMs are the ones who’ve been fighting for women’s and LGB rights over the last few decades? At best they were libfems fighting for our “rights” to wear a lot of makeup and prostitute ourselves. More likely they were angry incels sending rape and death threats to women who displeased them, just like they do now.

No. 336267

>All these fucking men who think the fact that they grew up as straight white gamer boys never impacted them.
Jesus, this. It's been really hard to grow up as a gay tomboy woman who's into tech while these same people have kept making fun of my sexuality and me not being girlish. And now suddenly they're all larping as women and being praised for their amazing "queer lesbian fiction" which is basically just wish-fulfilling, fetishizing smut for men to fap at? It's a real slap in the face. If a real, natal lesbian was to write an adult lesbian story that wasn't just smol pink haired (trans)lesbos being cute uwu or having loads of sex I doubt anyone would give a fuck. This is the worst fucking timeline.

No. 336270

File: 1544297397137.png (69.54 KB, 1022x148, Sarah_Butts_Is_A_Pedo_Proof_Nu…)

Nicholas Edwin Nyberg, AKA Sarah Butts. Why does being a paedo and being a tranny seem to occur together so commonly?

No. 336290

shit sarah butts is the thing that made me peak trans since the fact a number of my mutuals at the time supported him.
i used to go on ffshrine all the time as a preteen to download anime soundtracks. had no idea he was the owner.

No. 336318

File: 1544302559649.jpg (35.29 KB, 460x215, header.jpg)

Meanwhile, lesbian games made by actual women aren't talked about. Probably because they aren't uwu and hypersexualized enough so no one but actual bi/lesbian women care and no one cares about them.

No. 336329

File: 1544304337276.jpg (235.34 KB, 620x387, iranian-womens-foo_3459298b.jp…)

>Will it get so bad that one day all women leagues will be filled with Men instead?
Already happens. 8 members of Iran's women's soccer team are men. None of them are actually trannies and haven't had sex changes, it's just taking advantage of a situation trannies have created.

In all honestly if men are going to kick us out of sports then I'd rather it be the calculating insertion of regular dudes than trannies sneaking in and pretending they have no advantage over us. Transactivism is still to blame either way.

No. 336388

File: 1544308012178.jpeg (132.26 KB, 1280x720, E7E8D6B8-11D2-4D7C-884B-24B23C…)

Imagine being a cuck with a bad fetish who decides to fuck up his body inside and out in the hopes of being able to infiltrate lesbian spaces and get easy access to women, only to realize that the only people who want to fuck you are other ugly, mutilated men. LMAO.

No. 336396

Because men are dumb and believe filtered skin is real.

No. 336399

No. 336403

My bf has nicer skin than I do and I use products. It’s called genetics.
Men are fucking stupid.

No. 336407

this is so fucking creepy. He's just regurgitating cosmo bullshit about women's orgasms. Even if he did have sensation back, which I doubt he does because this video is from four weeks after his surgery, the sensation isn't going to magically change to be more intense. You can't create new nerve endings out of nothing. Anything he's feeling isn't going to be more intense than what he used to feel pre op.

No. 336415

These idiots are liars, that's why. The clitorous is made up of about 7,000 nerve endings. It's incredible unique (a huge reason why FGM is a huge fucking no and sexist as hell.)

You cannot create female anatomy, because it is what it is. It's perfect in its own way, especially the clitorous.

No. 336425

Skip to 7:30
A bodybuilding show for TiFs and it's depressing, supporting women to mutilating their bodies because of gender roles.

No. 336430


No. 336438

My orgasms feel ok but they aren’t mind blowing and they last for like 6 seconds. Are male orgasms really that shit?

No. 336441

File: 1544314245515.png (44.12 KB, 893x260, omf.png)

She's pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So fucking selfish

No. 336442

It's funny how they see themselves as women to the point where they think they are entitled to have sex with lesbians, but they're always shocked as fuck when their straight wives and girlfriends don't want to be with them anymore. You can't have it both ways.

>says she doesn't take care of the kids
>his biggest issue when she leaves WITH the children is that she left him without saying goodbye
>doesn't mention being worried about his kids being stuck with a bad mother
>his family helped the "negligent mother" take the kids with no concern at all
I smell bullshit.

No. 336443

>Please stop trying to force lesbians to suck your dick

No. 336446

"maddie" ick, that's a child's name.

No. 336448

Seriously. The images alone say so much.. But my gods, who can take this seriously and not say how insane this is? It's a 6'3" MAN 'competing' with women!

No. 336449

Lesbians do not like dick. Lesbians do not want men. How is this a super hard concept to grasp? Transwomen do not belong in lesbian bars. At all.

No. 336450

Wew that man hand in the thumbnail

No. 336451

Women in tech and women in science are so rare and i honestly praise the ones who do it, because they have to put up with disgusting men and that extreme sexist society.)

Women NEED more praise and encouragement to do better. it's not ever going to happen with men stepping all over us and invading our spaces. I'm a lesbian too, so this shit angers me just as hard.

No. 336452

Have yoy guys noticed how gay trannies hate women and vaginas yet are always talking about their "boy pussy" and non existent clits ??
I have seen a video about this gay asian troon who just got SRS surgery and claimed that his new vagina smelled good and "didn't smell of fish like real ones".
Also fake man-made fuck holes have no sensitivity and look fucking awful. Kinda like loose open,unhealed wounds. Yikes.

No. 336453

>holyshit number 10

Seriously, this is vile. Men just want to take over everything and wont stop if this is allowed to keep going.

No. 336454

Sounds like an incel trying to compensate for his gaping wound that will never be a real vagina ever. Women's vaginas smell fine. they're self cleaning, and only smell 'bad' when something is wrong, like a yeast infection. Sad, pitiful, envious tr00n

No. 336455

… So get treatment for the dyaphoria?? Seriously. They want to claim trans and that's it. They immediately jump to hormones and permanent surgery. I pity those women who have to go through this, especially while pregnant.

No. 336458

This pic is a good representation for gay and straight troons

No. 336467

Not only does this thread anger me because of how true it is, it also scares me that if you express any of these opinions or say anything remotely anti-trans you are scorned by the general public. My boyfriend said something “twansphobic” to my ex sjw friend and I was blamed for it and she threatened to “expose me.” It’s so stupid that saying something anti trans is interpreted as akin to violence against them.

No. 336469


Here here. The gap between us, the gross little nerd tomboys who always liked this stuff, who grow up into confident gnc women, and these mewling little uwu horny catgirl loli wannabes that were tits or gtfo-ing a handful of years ago…….it boggles the fucking mind. I wish there could be a group that was just "actual women in tech" because god fucking damn it, our experiences as children and teenage females in our field is fucking IMPORTANT, a huge part of the reason there are so few of us, and there is nothing we have in common with fucking Logan who nobody made fun of for being in the robotics club or not liking makeup. But his boner matters more than our entire fucking lives. Fuck transbian programmers/game devs/whatever. They're all subpar at what they do anyway and they never lose their straight boy entitlement.

No. 336470

Blaming you for a man's action huh? Your sjw friend sounds fake woke.

No. 336471


God, fuck this game. I got the ending that was all "teehee soft girls make out in a poly martian ending" and I could feel the AGP leap out of the screen and slap me. My kingdom for one fucking game about adult fucking women and not these shambling masses of boring male fetishes.

No. 336475

They're gobbling up all the funding too. I've been shilling my ass off to every women-focused support system I can get my hands on to get my game off the ground in the middle of working a full-time job, and every. single. time. it's an MtF that gets the final funding. Every. Single. Time. I don't think I've seen one fully-female group that wasn't either led by men or majority MtF's. It's insane and embarrassing. These nurtured comp-sci assholes can call themselves women and get showered in cash that was set aside to combat this very problem. Not to mention the developer MtF's (all of them) are violent. Calling for the death of all who dare criticize them.

No. 336477

I need to vent.

I'm surrounded by mtf trannies because of my hugbox of a friend group. I do a thing where I post attractive girls and outfits. Whenever I post pretty girls the trannies in the server ghost while the server talks about how pretty the girls are.

A few times I posted a pretty girl, who had some work done, and the tranny was quick to point it out as a gotcha. I quickly snap that dumbass into place by stating regardless she looks better than you.

Like I already have little sympathy for people who are insecure about their looks, but trannies take the cake. Talking about how cis woman are the worst and should be replace by them but can't handle being reminded that to men your value is mainly your looks. I swear, like we all had to deal with being reminded your looks are everything on the daily and for the most part we come to terms with it. These skinwalking fake woman can't handle it literally for a minute. Sorry you're ugly AND will never look like a woman.

No. 336480

Damn anon I didn't know about this. That sucks. Sounds awful but I wonder if lying would help lol

You probably don't want to mention it here but I'd be interested in a thread about female led video game development.

No. 336486

The long titles are a manga/light novel trope of summing up the story in the title for to-the-point marketing in a severely over-saturated market since it's easier to print and read long titles in Japanese grammar/writing. In English translations it's clearly counterproductive especially in the modern day of limited space online text boxes and mimicking that already two layers of wonkyness is ridiculous but like most troons he's a demented weeb who learns about the world through anime culture.

No. 336495

This Tr00n bullshit propaganda hurts women the most! It doesn't make sense why some women (mostly stupid extreme liberal women) support them under the guise of feminism, when all it does is hurt real women. I'm sorry to hear about that shit happening to you.

I'm worried it will begin to affect ALL female businesses soon, or women trying to break into job positions which are already male dominated.

No. 336496

You and me both sister. Look on the bright side, there's an ever growing population of African woman that don't tolerate that bullshit.

Trannies: 0
The rest of women in non-western countries: 1

No. 336498

Talk about induced miscarrage

No. 336605

Nah, anon is posting in the right place. The majority of these dudes are not only misogynists, but super racist against black women and fetishize young Asian girls. It’s their psychological profile.Try to find one who isn’t like this.

This guy looks like a roast chicken with bolt-ons.

No. 336617

File: 1544339617046.jpeg (1.65 MB, 3640x2140, 077B905D-BF37-4F68-B111-ACE116…)

No. 336618

incredibly accurate

No. 336625

intersectional feminism has no place in this thread, sorry.

No. 336643

Why's that?

No. 336667

File: 1544355301645.jpeg (177.1 KB, 750x645, 6621FDE8-7A10-481F-A6E9-55E3A4…)


No. 336690

this unfortunately reminds me of my troon ex and it's ONLY 5% exaggeration, i'm so glad i'm out of that relationship.
he's now in a house drenched in crusty sweat, piss, and cum with other troons like Terra Jones

No. 336697

Trannies are so quick to find flaws in real women.
And lulz at the "we will replace women". Trannies abd chaser are so fucking BIG on that sentence "wE wIlL ReMplAz weMenz aNd wE lOok MoAR LiKe wOMebz ThAnz ReAlz wEmenz". These fuckers really believe that that they will be able to get impregnated by tranny chasers and shit lmao and that women will be left to extinct.

No. 336698

I have seen a tranny on youtube crying because he can't become a "mom" and become pregnant. And other troonz in the comments were cheering that one day doctors will be able to transplant a dead woman's cervix and ovaries onto trannies.
Imagine being an organ donor and having your whole reproductive systeme implanted onto some tranny and having them raise your children.

No. 336701

self-awareness: -10

No. 336706

You're most likely talking about Gigi who has been posted in these threads before, he had a great start with his trooning by claiming he is more of a woman for choosing to be one; then the Salty pregnancy video came out and it showed how the guy has never changed an iota over the years and is still nothing but a complete hon with 0% self awareness.

(Dont worry tho, transplanting reproductive organs to another person of the same sex is already a 1/10000, but a different sex? Fucking impossible, men dont even have the right hips for it cuz u kno…biology kek)

No. 336711

Not only gregory gorgeous but also that troon called "princessjoules".
Troons and MRA chasers are so salty about pregnancy and women giving birth yet they (especially MRA/MGTOW chasers) are so quick to shame women who have children calling them "fat single moms with loose pussies".

No. 336714

>…especially when I have to watch my friends give birth so easily and sometimes even watching them not appreciate the fact that they do have children, and got to have that as part of their journey as a healthy woman.
I get that it's hard for some women who can't have children, but listening to them talk like this, ew. If they could, they also would no longer find it so peachy and easy… You're also a healthy woman without having kids. That rethoric is so old and sexist.

No. 336723

I hate Ben Shapiro, but I gotta say I just love how this tranny threatened him to send him to the hospital bc he called him a "he" and everybody totally ignored it, typical male behaviour imo


No. 336743

"Give birth so easily"
Do these troonz KNOW what giving birth looks like or do they only know child birth and labor through movies ?
These troon males wouldn't last 2 minutes through labor lmao.

No. 336745

A real woman commented this on the troon's video.

No. 336749

I work in biomed and derogatory comments about women are literally a daily occurrence, even from other women. I’ve tried speaking out but that just got me labelled as the resident “triggered SJW”. It’s endemic, though some places are worse than others. We don’t have any TiMs in my group but even the regular men get incredibly salty whenever a female scientist gets recognition in the field. A few weeks ago we had a seminar on ovarian cancer where all but one speaker was female (surprise, the majority of ovarian cancer researchers are women!) and there was a big photo of the keynote speaker on the poster. She was being celebrated in particular because she’d just won a prestigious award. I heard so many of my coworkers whine about how this seminar must have had some kind of affirmative action behind it, how the one male speaker was just there as a token male to disguise that, and how the keynote speaker’s photo was ugly and they were sick of seeing her ugly face in the halls. They’ve never reacted like this to posters for seminars with a majority of male speakers and photos of ugly old men on them, which we’ve had plenty of. It’s really disheartening to work in an environment like this and I can feel it wearing on me. Sometimes I daydream about quitting my job and finding a way to work from home. Of course this way there will be even fewer women in this field which my coworkers will take as proof that women are simply less capable. It’s a vicious cycle and I have so much admiration for the women who manage to swim against the current and be successful.

I guess there are very few TiMs in the biomedical sciences because a basic understanding and acknowledgement of biology is kind of a requirement, so at least I’m shielded from that nonsense. Being in a field where they’re popping up like weeds to snatch funding and titles out of the hands of actual women must be an absolute nightmare.

No. 336767

What I love about trannies is the fact they have ignored that until very recently, most pregnancies in history were forced, unwanted and ended in the mother's death (and I would argue this is still the case for most of the undeveloped world).
Men love to gloss over the fact that through controlling women's reproductive autonomy, thus pregnancy, they condemned women to a life of servitude and as a birthing machine.
This is just another pathetic attempt by men to control women and glamorize pregnancy, as if it's the ultimate in "womanhood".

To quote Sofia Tolstoy (wife of Leo Tolstoy who impregnated her eighteen times starting when she was 18 and he was 34).

“I am left alone morning, afternoon and night. I am to gratify his pleasure and nurse his child, I am a piece of household furniture. I am a woman. I try to suppress all human feelings. When the machine is working properly it heats the milk, knits a blanket, makes little requests and bustles about trying not to think—and life is tolerable. But the moment I am alone and allow myself to think, everything seems insufferable.“

No. 336789

nta, but intersectionality isn't exclusively a libfem thing. Most libfems have a poor understanding of it and just parrot it to sound woke.

No. 336797

If not all women have vaginas/women can have penises too/genitalia has nothing to do with gender etc., why do so many troons want uterus transplants

No. 336822

it pisses me off how much celebration Tolstoy gets in our education, reading Sofia's diaries is very depressing

No. 336828

My country are planning a system where your organs are automatically donated once you die unless you register as someone who "opted out" (which I think is fantastic and it's going to save so many lives because I'm sure there are people who would like to donate organs but are too lazy/busy to get an organ donation card).

BUT if transplanting female organs (wombs, ovaries ect) into trans people became a thing (and I highly doubt it will but they'd push for things like this even if their body couldn't accept them…what a waste) I would apply to opt out or at least have my family well warned that those are the organs I would not like donated. Obviously, I'd be fine with them being donated to a woman who is infertile or who had to get them removed due to cancer (if that's a thing, not sure if it is) but if they could place these organs in trans people, it would mean that they would have the same priority as someone who genuinely needs them and you couldn't guarantee that your organs would go to someone who genuinely needs them. Why the fuck are they so obsessed for pushing for cosmetic surgery and unnecessary procedures when there are people out there who genuinely need it??? Like do they really think they're more important than people who are terminally ill or people who had terribly disfiguring accidents?

No. 336837

That quote is so upsetting and to think people over at tranny cafe are glamorising this kind of lifestyle in their "fundamental christians" thread. Disgusting. There's nothing cute about living with an abusive husband who keeps impregnating you despite the risks to your health and the health of your children. I can't believe they're pushing this idea that giving birth is the most feminine thing you can do when so many REAL women in our society are infertile (and I'm sure they're talking about vaginal birth and not the women who have emergency c-sections either, that's not very feminine at all is it!), what a fucking insult to those women who are 100x more feminine than anyone LARPing as a woman.

No. 336838

They conflate anime with womanhood which is why they always post pictures of anime traps and of heavily filtered/edited cosplay photos. They're so reclusive and delusional they believe adding artificial hormones to their male bodies and slapping on a cheap wig or striped socks will magically make them an IRL anime character.

No. 336845

I hate handmaidens more than chasers. They are the ultimate tranny validation.

No. 336872

>Like do they really think they're more important than people who are terminally ill or people who had terribly disfiguring accidents?
Short answer: yes. Remember that tweet from the TiF who complained about women with breast cancer being prioritised over TiFs wanting elective mastectomies? And that was coming from a woman who grew up with the same female socialisation as the rest of us. Men feeling entitled to women’s bodies and particularly our reproductive system goes back millennia and this transplant nonsense is just its newest incarnation. If this ever becomes widespread and women try to opt out, TRAs will no doubt start a smear campaign against us and accuse us of denying them the human right to procreate or whatever. I hope it never gets to that point.

No. 336880

Well that is pretty much excluding all women who aren't white.

Libtards think intersectionality is including men, but really it was created by a BW who pointed out the unique struggles of being black AND a woman, which I think includes all women of all nationalities and ethnicities, because there are so many women of all "races" who suffer under the hands of males.
To exclude them, doesn't represent real (rad) feminism imo

No. 336883

> being transgender is the bravest thing you can do
Why are TiMs like this

No. 336884

Troons, gay or straight, have deep seated womb envy.

Males really do envy the woman and her ability to give birth, this why reproductive Rights for women are controlled by males for the longest.

No. 336888

Wouldn't this also have to do with them having unresolved complexes with their mothers? I feel like a lot of men project their hidden hatred of their mother figure in other women and maybe troons are trying to work that out in a sick way by becoming their object of desire/hate.

No. 336898

the absolute retardation. i know a TIM and he once told me "using handsoap is the best kind of way to wash your face. why bother buying skincare products?" and i laughed so fucking hard. men truly are clueless. they think all they need is HRT and SOAP to look feminine. it's so telling, they really think that using soap or being hygenic whatsoever is something only women should do.

No. 336899

I agree. Real intersectional feminism is about acknowledging that many women experience oppression due to their race, economic class, etc. in addition to being female and that there is a complex interplay between those factors and the position it puts these women in. It got a bad name because men and libfems twisted it around to mean that feminism should be about pretty much every social justice issue except those faced exclusively by women, and that prioritising women is somehow selfish and wrong. Intersectional feminism was never supposed to center men but they used it as a vehicle to worm their way in and dominate the discussion at the expense of women.

No. 336901


Both of you guys are incorrect. It has little to do with men being included, or social justice issues, and more to do with how it effects discourse. When you start looking at smaller groups of women or even individual women, you start losing the core values an issues that every woman shares, which is simply being considered lower class because we're women. You can easily acknowledge that other factors affect any individual woman's specific oppression, but when you start focusing on it, it skews the conversation, because then you have to start taking that into consideration instead.

No. 336905

>I heard so many of my coworkers whine about how this seminar must have had some kind of affirmative action behind it, how the one male speaker was just there as a token male to disguise that, and how the keynote speaker’s photo was ugly and they were sick of seeing her ugly face in the halls.
The seminar was on ovarian cancer and the men complained there weren't more men?? Hearing them tear her down for superficial reasons like looks is nothing new. They always do that when they aren't getting asspats. I'm sorry your coworkers are really retarded anon. It's difficult enough dealing with their bullshit but to add delusional trannies into stem, playing up their woman character.. is too much

Women bend over backwards to accommodate trannies especially mtf but what they do in return? Wish for women to be extinct, to be killed and take our reproductive system for their own. 2019 better see more people speaking out

No. 336913

Well that pretty much sounds like ignoring large grounds of women globally to focus on yourself and your particular group.

>Let's not focus on Native American women being the largest number of women killed in the USA (correct me if I'm wrong I'm quoiting out my ass tbh) to focus on…??

What exactly? The liberation of women from the patriarchy? And the males who rule in EVERY space on the plantet, every race and nationality are women who have their own unique way how males treat women like subhumans.
If we are to eliminate the oppression from males destroying us AND the planet we all live on, we must, even if further doesn't the line, target every demographic.

Sure we can't do it cause we gotta focus on what just around us individually ATM, the broader picture imo is using the group of women who successfully gain some traction, share that information worldwide to woman to create their own plans to do the same, and so on.

No. 336914

File: 1544381999476.png (149.57 KB, 720x497, Conversion1.png)

People getting cheered on for erasing their sexuality. Why are they proudly erasing their own sexuality? Why are they denouncing their own preferences and choices to fit with the mainstream? You're hating on homosexuals and lesbians when you call yourself straight while married to the same sex. I h8 this. Respect the pronouns and preferences of your partner, but why do they insist on shouting "I'm straight!!" From the rooftops? That's not love.

I would be fine with them saying
>I'm a cis guy married to this beautiful woman
And somewhere ELSE saying
>I'm bi/pan
Just the proximity of
>Married to a woman/man
>I'm straight guiz!!!!

Irks me real good

No. 336915

God, there was like nothing on their wikipedia page about them being trans when I read about them a long time ago after I played "don't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story". Weird shit.
His game "Digital: A Love Story" is actually pretty comfy and I like that one a lot, but the one I mentioned earlier is so fucking awfully written.
Like, only the homosexual couples in that game are portrayed as sane (as sane as it can get, seeing as the lesbians argue and bicker to each other the entire time), the hetereo ones are portrayed as unhealthy in the head. It's not even subtle either.
There's supposed to be a message in there about privacy in the future but it skips it completely in favor of "queer good straight bad" and it's really, really cringey. Some tumblrina shit.
The graphics aren't even his own, he just ripped them from some free to use shit and edited them heavily.
Scared to play Analouge and Hate Plus in fear of random "queer good straight bad" shit or some other weird tranny messages. I wonder if they made Digital before they trooned out or something.

No. 336916

File: 1544382172280.png (57.83 KB, 720x272, Conversion2.png)

Aside, if you look at the guy's IG from the first cap he's CLEARLY gay which is what makes me more annoyed at the

Shame and self-hatred is not progress, sorry

No. 336919

>women in tech

My sympathies anon, that must be incredibly irritating to see
Raised up and praised while actual cis women are ignored.

No. 336923

hey, at least he even considers soap, so he's a step ahead of a lot of them.

I'm so annoyed that men have managed to somehow frame what is essentially their fetishes and/or midlife crises into social justice issues, and everyone is buying it. It's so incredibly pathetic. I can't wait for the first high-profile detransitioners, but it will be probably all women because men can never admit they were ever wrong about something.

No. 336924

it's so odd seeing both sides of the coin. a homosexual denying their sexuality and pushing the delusion they're straight. and the straight people who want to feel special and will call themselves gay.

No. 336925

File: 1544382897239.jpg (1.67 MB, 1276x2000, Laverne-Cox-and-Kyle-Draper.jp…)

Pfffft, sure Jan. Dude looks like my gay hairdresser.

No. 336926

File: 1544382946532.jpg (59.81 KB, 638x638, laverne_coz_hjalloween.jpg)

He also looks like a possible future troon himself, to be fair

No. 336943


NTAYRT but please reconsider using the term cis. Women are women.

No. 336947

No. 336951

I'm starting a YouTube channel! Please support my work!

Meghan Murphy

Published on Dec 6, 2018

I'm an independent writer and journalist, and the founder and editor of Feminist Current, Canada's leading feminist website. I was recently banned from Twitter for political reasons, but am not planning on shutting up any time soon.

No. 336952

No. 336955

If I die and my organs can help another woman, then so be it. But we can't tell them to specify real bio women only or else all the trannies that are jerking off to the day when the genocide of women is done will call us all bigots and harrass us until we're gone

Trans are just libfem accepted incels

No. 336961

no, that's literally what intersectional feminism does. it ignores large grounds of women globally to focus on a target group.

>lets not focus on the wage gap, but instead focus on how latina women make the least amount of money.

the wage gap obviously effects them, since they are women and therefore make less money than latino men, but the issue they share with us is that they make less money because they're women not because they're latina. latino men share in making the least money of every race.

this is why intersectional feminism makes no sense. also i don't even know why the fuck we're talking about this ITT because it's not gender crit or radfem related.

No. 336966

>self posting on an anonymous imageboard
>deliberately linking your career to an anonymous imageboard

I know this isn't one of the chans but still, you may want to reconsider

No. 336969

Uh, Megan Murphy is pretty well known. She was recently banned from Twitter for referring to the child molestor Jonahtan Yaniv as male.
I assume anon copy-pasted the post.

No. 336972

Anon the comment is a cut and paste from the YT video. I really doubt Meghan is posting here.

No. 336973

this. racial issues should not be lumped in with feminism. it only weakens the focus of both of these issues.

No. 336979

it can also weaken the bond between the people talking about it. if we start adding differences into the mix, it can become a point of argument and create oppression pity parties which is what has happened to libfems. feminism should focus on the struggles we all share as women because it will divide us otherwise.

No. 336984

File: 1544389503959.jpg (898.15 KB, 2220x1080, QZtar9n.jpg)

Guys, this is what a woman hating, tranny chaser looks like :
-over weight body badly covered by crappy amr workout.
-Over 40.
-Is obsessed by Asia most particulary Thailand.
-Is an expat in Thailand
-HATES on women and claims their genitals are gross.
-HATES western women.
-Completely left his children back home and hardly see them.
-Is proud of himself
-Claims to be straight.
-Claims that trannies are 1000 times more feminine than women.

No. 336987

I think it's possible to focus on feminist issues as a whole, and still recognise those who are most at risk from it. Because that's all it really is, a recognition. Assertions that focusing on the disproportionately-affected group is somehow disadvantageous to everyone else who suffers is literally a MRA argument ("men get raped/suffer DV too!").

No. 336993

again, you're wrong. the argument you are making is exactly what you're arguing against.

also, the only issue with the "men get raped too" argument, is that they're trying to assert it into feminism. they need to work on that with other men not rely on women to sort it out for them.

intersectional feminism is literally the example you gave of MRA bs

>women suffer sexual abuse

>but black women suffer more

and that turns into

>transexual women (tims) suffer more

>transexual black women suffer more

all those statistics are pulling libfems into this huge fucking mess, because guess what, they're just statistics and if you're going to separate any specific country's feminist issues by race and class and education and height and weight and whatever else it isn't productive.

either way, i'm done arguing because again, radfems aren't really into intersectional feminism and it's not relevant to GC discussion in any way.

No. 337002

bicep bigger than his neck lol

No. 337005

this is off topic but do we really need to have uterus transplants a thing to scientifically work on?

No. 337010

No one is arguing with you, they just have a different POV. I know plenty of radfems - including myself - that would disagree with you on radfem & intersectionality. Libfem bullshit is bullshit because it includes men, not because it recognises that racism is an issue that intersects with misogyny for a lot of women (death in childbirth rate in USA for example). It's completely possible for radfems as a whole to recognise the issue but let black radfems resolve it, also.

The whole weight/education/blah is bullshit too, purely because those are things you can actually change. That's like claiming oppression for having dyed hair, kek. But yah, it's not GC so /OT.

No. 337015

I think what you might not notice is that the division is already there. That's why so many suffragettes were racist, that's why "womanism" was made as a small, splintered off group. It's backwards to claim to support all women, but have those who attack or exclude specific races of women under the notion that it's "easier" and "more united" that way.
Acknowledging the differences between different demographics of women, and countering the different breeds of oppression they encounter can only help to unite all women. Ignoring it makes it ineffective and weak.

No. 337039

File: 1544395125246.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.5 KB, 977x1062, lenny.jpg)

That cookie cutter can't hold a candle to the world's greatest tranny chaser

No. 337042

>le suffragettes were racist meme
Please leave already, they were the way they were because it was fucking late 1800s and very very early 1900s and back then literally everyone was racist. Can we just fucking stop with this

this. Libfems can just fuck off right now with their intersectional oppression hierarchy, feminism should be about experiences as a representative of the female sex and nothing else

No. 337060

"B-But everyone was doing it!" is no excuse when you're arguing that you can ignore race while standing for all women. Those mistakes will repeat themselves the longer you pretend it's a non issue. You don't need to be some insipid libfem to comprehend that much.
Seriously, you're the one who needs to leave if you can't understand that. Last (You) for you, now back to gender critical.

No. 337074

You all do realize black women played a huge role in western feminism right?

No. 337079

FUARK. Only 22 days left, is he gonna make it?

No. 337087

A gay deadbeat "dad" (really just a spdrm donor) who hates that women aren't sex slaves anymore. It's so stereotypical lol. His family that he left deserves better, though, much more

and why is it always Thailand? Or Vietnam or the Philippines with them

No. 337088


Thanks for doing what you do, anon. From one woman in a male-dominated field to another, but also as someone with a female body that needs care. I have endo and it scares me sometimes, how little male doctors I've seen know. I only go to women now–even if they don't have it, at least they know how the equipment works.

No. 337092

So many women today are 'just one of the dudes' and blatantly ignore the actual bullshit and sexism that goes on. It's shitty when women arent even on your side. I had a female coworker make sexist comments about women and it boggled my mind.

I want to thank you for being in your field. that shit is not fucking easy at all and until we up the numbers of women in certain fields, it's all shit. We also desperate need to educate women on internalized misogyny, because it really exists on a higher plane that people know.

No. 337094

yikes, two dudes alright (why do gay men do this shit?) Just be a faggot and move on.

No. 337123

I wonder if the deep seeded reason lies in fear? Like these women would rather shit on themselves as women and other women than be the subject of men's attention because they see how those men treat women in general. If they can be one of the guys, then they won't be called a whore, ridiculed and harassed for existing as a woman

Just typing that reminds me that trannies want that as means for validation as women… Men want to be abused and shit on by other men because that means they're women.

I want off this planet

No. 337127

Because chasers are obsessed with asian trannies and most MRA/MGTOW have a really bad case of yellow fever.
That guy was in a british documentary about ladyboys in wich his tranny "girlfriend" was jealous of his 20 years old british son because the kid wanted to spend time with his chaser dad that he haven't seen in years.
Yeah that's how pathetic troons are.
The funniest part was the son calmly refering to the troon as a "he" and his father as "gay" and the chasers and troons being butthurt in the comments.
You could really tell that the kid,
Despite staying polite, was feeling ashamed and couldn't wait to leave.
Imagine having a gay tranny chaser as a father making videos about "boy clits".

No. 337128

File: 1544406030359.png (141.98 KB, 606x744, rapey mc raperson.png)

so how long before zinnia becomes the next eli? (although lets be honest he may be we just dont know)

No. 337162

File: 1544411250539.jpg (Spoiler Image,250.58 KB, 1242x1718, QgEiMI0.jpg)

Dad! Come back inside the house.

Sweet Lord…. Are a pair of plastic boobs and a wig all that matter to them?

No. 337208

File: 1544416370524.jpg (424.41 KB, 1315x740, leonard.jpg)

>Implying anything could ever kill this healthy stallion

No. 337221

Yes, you utter imbecil, shoot a fucking tranny porno in a womans locker room. Please, for the love of god, do demonstrate how TIMs are exactly as perverse as women are worried about. Go on and prove that's why you're so insistent on flashing your penis about.

No. 337237

zinnia thread when?

No. 337249

As horrific as that would be, if he did that I'm sure it'd get blown up and hopefully make more people hit peak trans.

No. 337258

To a degree, I'll admit that I'm sometimes jealous of troons because they didn't have to go through female childhood.
Like, they'll never know what's like to be considered a second class citizen from the moment you are born.
But then their male pattern baldness then drowns that envy.

No. 337263

File: 1544427292870.png (1.06 MB, 1186x851, gaycation.png)

Has anyone seen "Gaycation" with Ellen Page on Hulu?
It appears to be a show where she goes to different countries and explores the "LGBTQ" culture of said country.
In the Japanese episode, she goes to a cross dressing bar where grown men quote "dress up as their ideal woman" and get off to it. She is totally fine with this and narrates over the scene that it is progressive and defying gender roles or some shit.
She then interviews two fujoshis and goes off about how Yaoi is objectifying gay men in Japan.
But she did not find straight men dressing up as a fetishistic caricature of women just to just get off to be objectifying or problematic. The token TiM even says "I personally find it positive (these men crossdressing) and consider it a form of self expression that is not restricted by the concept of gender." Yes… that would be true if these men just wanted to wear traditionally feminine fashion, not thinking they know what it's like to be a woman just by changing their clothes. Ridiculous.

pic related. guy then goes on to wear a maid outfit

No. 337266

God. What the fuck. Also notice how it took 3 replies for him to turn it into a sexual thing. THIS is why women don't want to see dicks in their locker room. Because the people they are attached to are all fucking perverts who get a kick out of invading female spaces and threatening their sense of safety.

>In the Japanese episode, she goes to a cross dressing bar where grown men quote "dress up as their ideal woman" and get off to it. She is totally fine with this and narrates over the scene that it is progressive and defying gender roles or some shit.
>She then interviews two fujoshis and goes off about how Yaoi is objectifying gay men in Japan.
Jesus fuck this makes me want to throw a screechfit. It just reminds me of the people who are okay with a man dressing up as a kawaii anime trap and creeping on lesbian women and female spaces because of those she/her pronouns on his twitter profile, but go absolutely ballistic when a girl likes gay porn made for girls because ~m-muh fetishization~. It's just a perfect parallel of how everything related to female sexuality is icky, gross and somehow morally wrong, but men are allowed to explore their fetishes and sexuality much more openly. Reading BL made me come to terms with my own homosexuality and a lot of the mangakas are lesbians/bisexuals. It's no wonder so many teenage NGC girls are aboard the nonbinary/transmasculine train, they keep being shamed for being into this stuff as women.

No. 337267

i don't know if it's okay to say her name since she's a minor but there is this makeup youtuber, she has a name that is more commonly given to boys and her voice is kinda deep but it's obviously a female voice, and she does look like a teenage girl. as far as i know she has never said anything about being trans or using different pronouns but i see a lot of people discussing if she's trans and addressing her as he or they and it's bothering me. i've seen people saying "her face has male features when she's not wearing makeup", "she doesn't sound like a girl", shit like this can be really hurtful to a teenage girl. i wish people stopped doing this bullshit to be *~~woke~~*

No. 337273

You mean Antonio Garza?

No. 337277

Yeah, sounds like Antonio Garza. It should be okay to talk about a minor as long as people don’t harass them or are unfair.

Yes, they are a 15 year old male who presents feminine. There’s a big possibility they really are transitioning because of how long he has been presenting as female, but he doesn’t make a huge deal out of it. I actually really like this kid because they seem to be refusing to make their whole identity about being trans and they just want to make other kids laugh. James Charles used female pronouns for them on their video collaboration, but Antonio also never corrects fans that use he/him. I’m assuming talking about his gender directly is still difficult for him, but it is also possible he really is a NGC gay male who just doesn’t want to deal with the whole gender discussion.

No. 337293

Black radfems are rare or something?
Seems like every black person I wanna connect with on radfems issues, they all are libfems.

No. 337295

Agreed, I like Antonio. The fact that he never even so much as mentions gender while clearly being a male that enjoys makeup, nails, and feminine clothing is giving me a little bit of hope for the future generations. I sincerely hope he doesn't troon out in a couple years and go full TRA.

No. 337308

My eyes fuck.
He is shaped like a box juice with bolt ons.
Someone kill this fucker, I complete insult to women.
God I hate trannies.

Feels good to insult the obviously hideous trannies insulting the female form.

It feels like I can't be as blunt on r/GC tbh.

No. 337320

I hope Zachary/zinnia destroys his intestines and has to wear adult diapers by his mid 30s.

A highschool drop.out fucking another tranny and using his wife as the bread winner. With his pathetic looking microdick kek.

He hates women, obsessed over terfs and constantly doesn't see a problem with women's rights being destroyed. Once he can take a shit ton of drugs, shove the entire art section up his rectum, and fuck troons he doesn't give a fuck.

No. 337321

Can you recommend any, anon?

No. 337329

Why do troons like VA-11 HALL-A so much? Because Jill is a good looking girl but has a stereotypically male personality and she’s bisexual? Or because of the body modification technology that is a theme of the game? The “loli” prostitute character? Actually now that I’ve actually thought about it, I’ve come up with some good reasons.

No. 337342

Yep, and female childhood is so sexualized by them. It's disgusting. No woman I know had a fairytale childhood full of hairbraiding and sleepovers like they love to believe, it's all full of societal double standards and horny teenage boys trying to collect nudes and getting catcalled by sweaty middle aged men as soon as you hit the ripe old age of 14.

But those degenerates would probably get off on that too.

No. 337348

At fucking 9years old I was almost kidnapped and raped by a male teacher.
I was teased unmercifully at from 10 onward by males because I was developing faster than anyone my age.
Men sexualized me from 9, had men flash dicks at me when I was a teenager, I got so much death snd rape threats by males because I ignored them. I had a male said he is gonna follow me home and rape, he yelled so loud so I and he male friends can laugh at me running away terrified, and then when complaining to males about that, they said rape threats are saying a man likes me!?

Even now in my 30s, I've had a male stalk me for several months, constantly sneaking up behind me asking why I won't talk to him and drink/smoke/hangout with him when I told.him. several times NO and leave me alone.
I've had men in cars drive slow to follow me..
I particularly utterly despise trannies because they take women and girls horrible lives and experiences caused by males and legit fap to it.

I wish before troonisim goes out of favor, I hope thousands of males get their dicks cut off and turn into a troongina.
More castrated males the better.
Fuck the Y Gene.

No. 337352

This is honesty the number one thing I hate about troons. Sorry for the long post.

>I'm just giving myself the space to be a 40 year old teenager 🤷🏻‍♀️ you should see how many selfies I have on my phone 😂
>Sleep overs would have been so much fun.
>Would love to have done sleep overs as a girl. Not only the classic nail painting or whatever, but I feel like there's something else. Hoping to have a daughter to share those sorts of things with. Wife isn't especially femme so someone has to do it!

>It's about getting to be a little silly and a little frivolous, about living life in colors other than dark blue, dark green, dark red, brown, and black.
>Its about being able to do the things I want and like. Its about not policing my mannerisms and speech. I can wear the bright, pretty floral patterns. I can wear the sparkly jewelry. I can be sensitive and nurturing, without some kind of excuse to make it ok. I can say what a cute baby, without coming off as a creeper. I can be bubbly and sweet, without people asking me what Im on. Femininity to me is the feeling of being allowed to be happy. To be allowed to enjoy life. That you dont have to be what others expect of you. That its ok to cry if you're sad, or cry if you're happy.
>For me, it's about intensity of emotion.
>Well when I think of femininity I think of Cinderella. Someone compassionate, gentle, sensitive and sweet as well as having strong perseverance.

>…overwhelming jealousy I feel when I see a cute little girl and think "that was supposed to be me"…I'm hoping I can work on working through it once I become a mom and get to go live (relatively) vicariously through my future daughter.
>I have a partner and when we are messing about at home I can be persuaded to dress up as a schoolgirl pig tails and all😈. I cooked Christmas dinner for seven and was dressed as a French Maid through out, high heels too.
>I'm getting jealous of high school girls because of their blossoming womanhood.

>Sleepovers, makeovers, clothes shopping, gossiping, being able to cry on their shoulder, able to believe that someone 100% has your back.

>I want to be in a sorority, I want to take cute pictures with my girlfriends when we go out, I want to wear leggings and combat boots and a huge sweatshirt and put my hair up messy-like and not give a shit. I want so badly to have had the experience of living with other girls in a dorm as a freshman, living with girls in a house.

Also this
>I am very pro MRA (very anti Redpill though). I know for me personally I feel like I am treated much better by society for being a woman. I really have not run into any of the issues I see other women talking about relating to not being taken seriously or being in constant fear of danger. I have noticed that people care a lot more about my appearance and as such I seem to get more attention (being checked out, catcalls), but I personally do not consider that to be worse than the treatment I received before transitioning. I actually feel like I am human now because people will actually acknowledge my existence, interact with, and value me as a person.
Somebody else (luckily) wrote this
>Men are afraid of being judged. Women (and feminine-identified folks) are afraid of being murdered.

They really think the lifes of all women are pure sunshine, rainbows and unicorns - because afterall they're allowed to wear makeup and heels… Sometimes I saw "cis" commenters trying to tell them that there are many ugly girls who also got bullied and never had any friends or sleepovers, but of course they don't give a shit.

No. 337358

This is a very dumb post I will admit and I guess a not pick but the term "TERF bangs" is really dumb. If anything libfems are the ones that tend to have that hair style, for example Strange Aeons, pixielocks, and many trannies that do their own hime cuts.

No. 337362

Why do these crazy fucks pretend there's only adult women in women spaces ?? I don't want to turn into a "But what about the children???" person but holy fuck if I'm at the pool changing with my niece and a troon comes in with his dick out, I swear to God I'll strangle that fucker.

I'm not even a mom and I got this mama bear energy about my siblings and family. I want nothing but to protect those little girls from these degenerates, they'll probably face enough problems as young girls when they grow up as it is already.

No. 337365

Trans people don't want to admit it but even with Testosterone or oestrogen, you end up aging like the sex you were born as.

Anyone ever noticed how men tend to bulk up in their upper bodies and stay relatively angular whereas women are usually pear-shaped and softer, and tend to gain in their lower body. It's even more obvious if you ever took life drawing classes as they often showcase all kind of people at varying ages.

Sure there are some small odd exceptions here and there but it's dumb to invalidate the general trend because of them.
Anyone who has seen a tranny in the flesh can confirm, there's just too many masculine features to not clock them outright.

Pictures that are just about to convince you are very carefully selected ones, using angles and apps and often tilted to hide masculine features. I'm gonna guess than less than 1% of trans actually pass.

No. 337372

Ew, why do tranny chasers all look alike ?

No. 337373

I follow and interact with a number of black radfems on IG. There's @/radfemblack on IG/YT, for one.

No. 337374

>I literally do not get the supposed issue with seeing a trans woman's dick in a locker room. It's a locker room. Grow up.

Meanwhile, earlier in this thread: TiMs screeching at the mere sight of pregnant women and mentions of women having periods. Troons want us to be okay with being exposed to their dicks but HOW DARE they be exposed to pregnant women now that's just offensive!! ugh

No. 337375

File: 1544446055822.jpg (Spoiler Image,420.59 KB, 1536x2048, JTmvl71.jpg)

No. 337382

File: 1544446892158.jpg (82.43 KB, 374x363, 0335 - 8lcXb2Z.jpg)


absolutely haram, anon

No. 337386

WHAT the fuck is going on with his stomach? Holy shit, it's like his tranny faggot fucked him in the ass and he got pregnant with some alien tapeworm and it's about to burst out. Where the fuck are his abs? Did he swallow a football ball or something?

Truly a cursed image

No. 337388

Not only that, but she told me she’d be happy if I killed myself and that she’d be happy “when my boyfriend rapes me” when she knows I am a survivor.
I’m sorry to blogpost I just needed to vent. I went to art school and I am in a giant tranny hugbox. I only recently moved and have met more likeminded people. I fucking despise these handmaidens that enable trannies and make their fellow women social pariahs when they express an opinion different than theirs.

No. 337391

Low quality/bad cycling of steroids have caused his internal organs to grow and bloat.

It's irreversible and eventually most likely lethal, especially when it affects the heart muscle.

No. 337393

>…overwhelming jealousy I feel when I see a cute little girl and think "that was supposed to be me"…I'm hoping I can work on working through it once I become a mom and get to go live (relatively) vicariously through my future daughter.
This is so fucked up. And to think I used to defend these people.

No. 337397

That's what years old steroid, beers and tranny fucking does to you. He loves to ezt stp infected tranny ass so I wouldn't be surprised about the tapeworm pregnancy theory.
Seems like they finally found a way to reproduce without women.

No. 337401

Layers upon layers of abs, he's the Tom Platz of abs.
Real answer: Lennyism, brought by years of HGH and Insulin abuse along eating multiple pounds of rice and steak per sitting and whatever other Chinese research chemicals he downs with cups of tranny piss.
Got those Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff proportions going on

No. 337402

File: 1544451574879.png (Spoiler Image,513.5 KB, 458x731, lenny 2018.png)

Also that was him years ago when he looked better.
The lennygut is supposedly rock hard when he's shredded for competitions.

No. 337403

Also here's his wisdom on trannies. Start from 3:10 unless you want to watch three minutes of rambling while he works out.

No. 337404

I don't anderstand this guy. So he was a porn addict and ended up on tranny porn and got obessed or one of those bald thai sexpat obsessed with ladyboys ?

No. 337408

>troon seeing no issue with troons being naked in a locker room
This is just like misogynistic men "seeing no issue" with patriarchal society. Of course you see no issue dumbass, the situation is favorable to you.
Go ahead Zachary, make that porno, contribute to more and more people hitting peak trans.

Ellen Page is a huge handmaiden, which is ironic considering she's a lesbian.

Especially if you consider that the now-called "TERF bangs" are actually known to be the Tumblr SJW haircut

No. 337411

can you explain?

No. 337412

Two transgender men refuse to assign their child's gender.

No. 337433

>She then interviews two fujoshis and goes off about how Yaoi is objectifying gay men in Japan.

The smallest violin plays a sad song for those poor objectified menz. Won't someone please think of duh menz? I'm not surprised the show played out like that though, it's Vice shit. And Vice has been huffing lib fem and typical neo-liberal farts for years now.

No. 337434

>But she did not find straight men dressing up as a fetishistic caricature of women just to just get off to be objectifying or problematic

Of course not, only male feelings count. It's not like women and little girls in Japan suffer from being fetishized or objectified in anyway…right?

No. 337436

File: 1544462039866.png (27.57 KB, 1282x146, atroonsfantasy.png)

Some troon sperging on 4chan. Funny to see how nobody bought it even there, though…

No. 337438

this is some full blown r/thathappened shit kek

> better than a genetic girl

> no side effects or maintenance issues

whatever helps you sleep at night, johnny

No. 337440

File: 1544463435267.jpg (12.67 KB, 600x341, FXLThSZ.jpg)

No. 337441

The self hate is so obvious I almost feel bad for that tranny.

No. 337442

I've been following the Jonathan 'Jessica' Yaniv drama over on KF. This shit is getting kind of scary, with anyone daring to speak out against this pedophile man being deplatformed (Billy Ray, a MAN, has had his article yanked from Medium 3 times- though no death threats yet, it seems.) Twitter is banning anyone who 'misgenders' him, and Wordpress snuck a rule into their TOS that specifically prohibits "deadnaming" people. Weirdly, this seems to only apply to our dear pedophile friend, Jonathan 'Jessica' Yaniv, as other trans who were 'deadnamed' by 4thwavenow and other GC blogs were left alone, but someone (presumably on WP staff) went in and edited in [redacted] when his name was dropped.

This is funny because our good pedophile friend with a specified age of attraction towards certain little girls, Jonathan 'Jessica' Yaniv, regularly uses his 'dead'name on social media.

No. 337444

>troon wanting to be in a sorority
Oh hell no. Best part of being in a sorority was having a space free from men. We had a sisterhood that was fun and supportive and loving. That just can’t exist with a narcissistic TiM in the mix.

No. 337446

don't sugar coat it anon, sororities are shit anyways.

No. 337447

How is this dude that powerful, though? Is he a big name or something?

No. 337448

I had a great experience, and our philanthropy focused on helping young girls. Couldn’t see one of these autogynephiles actually giving two shits about helping others. Saged for blog posting.

This is so bizarre. I can’t believe he’s getting so much protection. He fucking fantasizes about helping 10-year-old girls with tampons! He’s trying to extort women for not wanting to wax his testicles! How the hell can anyone claim they’re a feminist and support this sick freak?

No. 337449

File: 1544464688666.jpg (63.86 KB, 389x767, 1512757543191.jpg)

Funny how these disgusting cryptids always become incredibly ~hot and sexy~ women.
Sorry boys, but you can't make a gold statue when you start with shit.
pic is literally what 99% of trannies look like

No. 337450

And even pretty troons like Valentina Sampaio still suffer from male voice, male body and a festering, gaping wound between their legs. There's just no way on Earth you can have a 100% passing tranny.

No. 337452

their delusionals about their nasty open wound forever, while still having an obvious man face and body make me laugh.

No. 337456

I've been lurking on KF for kicks but now it's getting serious.
Tons of troons they cover that are backed by so much.
The troon in cycling, even tho everyone knows it's unfair, he still getting support, even the the most ugliest troon get money thrown at them

Now we have JOHNATHAN YANIV. A WHOLE pedophile who wants to put tampons in 10 year olds vaginas, and occupy women's changing rooms, and getting away with getting thousands of dollars from SIXTEEN WOMEN who didn't wanna touch is penis and balls!?!?

How is this happening?
And not even what troons think about "replacing us" that we are worried about.
We worry about men getting away with treating women however they want and we loose all our rights and become property again.

I'm worried.

No. 337458

mini-vent time, i'm in a discord server with friends who are (mostly) politically incorrect fetishtic freaks. don't really care about what they believe in for the most part, they're weirdos anyway right?
a few times i remember making a few comments about TIMs and how wearing ill fitting dresses doesnt make you a woman or something similar to that and they all got pissed as fuck at me. usually they'd be all ready to roast them and anything else ever but the fact that they all virtually broke their necks to get mad and say i was "rude" was surprising.
how far will men stick up for these kind of weirdos? theyre disgraces to society at best and at worst they're fucking murderers.
men are just that fucking stupid, wearing certain clothing does not change your fucking sex no matter how much you wish it did. you're stuck with that penis. i'm expected to dress a certain way in society, why do men get to wear it like its a costume and claim womanhood? fucking dumbasses.
sage for petty rant

No. 337461

Fucking kek. The ultimate gay troon fantasy, which never will happen.

No. 337462

Because men support men. They all have a fucked up fetish so they defend all men fetishes, no matter how fucked up

No. 337463

Attractive women who date 9/10 guys and have only ever experienced 'healthy' relationships do not spend their time on 4chan.
There's no way this guy doesn't look like an unkempt basement dweller.

No. 337471

There you got the answer. Men, even 4chan /pol/fags, generally dislike trannies and see no issue in throwing jabs at them. When they don't, they're fetishists.

No. 337486

yeah thats probably why, i only called them fetishistic cause half of them are into obese women but theyre all self aware enough to know its fucked up.
its like, why defend one over the other when the trans shit is harmful as fuck for everyone involved besides doctors and makes 0 sense when you spend 1 minute thinking about it?
men really be out there not using their brains on these issues. fucking yikes

No. 337488

>Its about not policing my mannerisms and speech.

No. 337489

Lmao "the best pussy he ever got" said no one ever. There you go again with the gay pussy fetish and the hetero man fetish.
Man made fuckhole is the ugliest, loose, shallow, gaping, unhealed wound ever.
And again the perpetual need of insulting REAL women "I look better than a girl".
This reminds me of that youtube tranny "Elle Bradford" who is CONSTANTLY making story times videos in wich the story is ALWAYS about some 9/10 billionair guy being obsessed with him and stalking him while leaving his "manly, big" biological girlfriend for his tranny ass.

No. 337493

>>I am very pro MRA (very anti Redpill though). I know for me personally I feel like I am treated much better by society for being a woman. I really have not run into any of the issues I see other women talking about relating to not being taken seriously or being in constant fear of danger. I have noticed that people care a lot more about my appearance and as such I seem to get more attention (being checked out, catcalls), but I personally do not consider that to be worse than the treatment I received before transitioning. I actually feel like I am human now because people will actually acknowledge my existence, interact with, and value me as a person.
So sick of trannies covering their eyes to real shit women deal with because now theyde valid ie got catcalled once from behind by some drunk fucker. They want to be in women's spaces, tell us to shut up and listen to them because they're women too.
>people care about my wellbeing so much more now! I'm a person to everyone now
No. People walk on layered eggshells not to offend the tranny mafia because they'll harass, sue and attack you for wrongthink or wrongspeak.

No. 337496

>I personally do not get impregnated, raped, kidnapped or controlled against my will so all women have it fine
>I personally feel validated because as a man LITTLE KAWAII GIRL I want to feel sexually desired and seek all my validation as a person through sexual appeal through other men so now I'm a real person (someone who is now sexually validated)
Could he display male behavior any harder, seriously. Hahahahahahaha

No. 337497

I hate the people who make excuses for troons to dress like loli creeps.
>She wasn't able to express herself like this unlike cis girls could
Excuse me, the fuck?? I didn't have money as a kid, I still barely do. Even when I got a job and was able to start buying my own clothes, I didn't start wearing dumb stuff like what these troons are wearing. I wore hand me downs and thrift store clothes. That's what I wear now. They just don't have a sense of fashion and they think an "feminine" article of clothing is good enough. They see the most atrocious skirt ever, it's just a skirt to them. Skirt = woman. Pink = woman. Mind = shallow as fuck. Still men.

No. 337504

I knew I hated Ellen Page for a reason. I remember watching Juno and it just irked me the whole way through. But the one about kidnapping a pedo was good, so. Maybe she just parrots whoever is paying her that week.

No. 337506

File: 1544475900010.jpg (27.62 KB, 620x372, 5593.jpg)


Has anybody ever heard of Dr. James Barry? The link is eh. This is a female surgeon, born Margaret Ann Bulkley, who disguised herself as a man to work in the field. She performed one of the first known successful Caesarean sections.
A lot of trans activists and troons are making it seem like she was trans. Even in the article, it gives a quote from her fed up with sexism:
>Was I not a girl I would be a Soldier!
On top of that, some people try to say she was interested, soely because she presented as a man. These people are stupid. Some people think because she wanted to be buried in masculine clothing furthers the speculation she's trans. No, it's because she enjoyed wearing those clothes.
I honestly wouldn't want to be buried wearing some style of women's clothing I never wore.

No. 337510

>Twitter is banning anyone who 'misgenders' him

They need to go on case by case, he goes by a male name online and is an obvious pedo. Nobody should be banned for not treating him like a delicate flower when he wamts to assault little girls

No. 337521

They claim validation from men because as men themselves, they become exactly what men want from women - an underage hypersexualized anime uwu waifu character.

They're doing this alot lately. Claiming to boys and women who had to disguise themselves as men to do what they want in the past. Why can't trannies understand that they weren't trans, it's because women were second class citizens

No. 337528

I read all the comments (and watched half the video) and I'm so triggered.

They seem like very nice women and I'm sure the kid will be mostly fine. But I hate how ashamed they are of being women, and being lesbians. They want to pretend to be men in order to be accepted. And they want to pass that same self hatred on to their adopted child.

No. 337545

I can't stand straight men who stick with trannies. I honestly don't get it. Especially if the tranny got shit ton of surgery and is gay.You'll see ton of guys complimenting them telling them the famous "you look more like a woman than a woman" quote.

No. 337552

That should be considered rape. I don't understand how trannies can get away with that type of shit.

No. 337560

they really don't no matter what amount of clothing they wear or how much makeup they slather on. even their bone structure is masculine. surgery can only go so far into correcting your torso shape. a mans head is bigger than a womans head.
the "straight" males who compliment and chase after "transwomen" are just angry, closeted males and it makes me really sad for them in a way. if they could just come out, accept themselves, stop giving women fucking shit for existing and go suck a dick and leave us alone for gods sake. fucking christ.

No. 337565

This post made me hit peak trans again, thank you based Anon. I don't understand how people can read through these, see the blatant fetishization and attempted skinwalking of little girls, and think that this should be accepted.

>I can say what a cute baby, without coming off as a creeper.

I'd frankly prefer a man casually being like "aw cute kid" over a troon gushing over my child any day.

> I really have not run into any of the issues I see other women talking about relating to not being taken seriously or being in constant fear of danger.

In a sense he probably does get the best of both worlds, libfems trip over themselves to compliment him and integrate him into "girlhood" for being a troon and creeper men stay away. Because he's a man, and everyone can tell he's a man. He probably looks so terrifying he REPELS those creeps who hit on young girls because real femininity and fucking up innocence is what they're after, not a hairy greasy degenerate that's probably more degenerate than them.

If an actual woman were to wear any of the things they did and take care of herself to the tiniest extent they do, she'd get torn apart. But because it's a man in a costume it's a-okay, slay qween.

No. 337566

>"I told you! I told you! I knew…" [hysterical laughter]

But this tranny was so sure he passed that he even offered himself up for this show. Everybody knows, no matter how hard these men delude themselves about passing as real women.

For those wondering the show was called 'There's Something About Miriam' and the contestants did sue: "They alleged conspiracy to commit sexual assault, defamation, breach of contract, and personal injury in the form of psychological and emotional damage."

No. 337568

What would you ladies even do if you saw a dick in a change/shower room? I go to the gym and with these recent events I'm terrified. I don't know if reporting it would be a good idea because maybe that's "transphobic" idk

No. 337571

I'd report it but play dump, likw
>excuse me, there's a man in the bathroom
Any response about him being a tranny and I'd be like
>sorry, I'm confused, why would long hair make him a woman? How am I supposed to know someone with a penis is not a man?

I cant imagine a complaint like that not being taken seriously though, or at least they wouldn't attack the person reporting it. I think only the most extreme sjw areas would tolerate it, idk any normies where I live who do.

No. 337573

*play dumb, like

No. 337575

It's strange she* says "I'm not a woman" which absolutely goes against current consensus. Shouldn't she say she was a trans woman? I don't know how old this show is.
*I'm calling her she since her voice is feminine, I would think it was a woman.

No. 337585

File: 1544487235143.jpg (723.01 KB, 2220x1080, 4GedfCL.jpg)

How could he think he was passing. The guy looks like a straight ass dude wearing makeup. They were right to sue him, that's gross.

No. 337591

2003/4. I remember the controversy at the time, back then the press referred to him as a transsexual which is correct. He never had had bottom surgery and all his comments made it real clear he was a confused gay kid who was groomed into this really young, iirc he worked as a stripper at 13 or so.

I'm sure if he was 10 years younger he would be claiming he was A REAL GIRL WHO IS SO MUCH HOTTER THAN ALL THE CIS WOMEN. I feel less hatred for someone like Miriam who knew he wasn't a real woman and didn't claim to be like the maniacs these days.

No. 337598

At that time trannies were a lot less delusional.
I wonder what happened to him though.
The most recent thing I've found about him is an article from 2010 in wich he is a 300$ an hour escort for "hot rich guys" lmao.

No. 337726

I know how some anons feel about “truscum” trans people but this debate between Kalvin Garrah and a YouTuber named Clarabelle was just jaw-droppingly frustrating to watch. Clarabelle must already be genuinely mentally challenged but in the beginning of the stream, he argued for several minutes in defense of Onision based on his same reasoning for his views on transgenderism: I didn’t see it and I didn’t know about that, so I don’t believe it. You don’t have a PHd!

Clarabelle is only 19, used to be in an SJW cult and their mom is actually a “non-dysphoric” TiM. The whole “debate” is bizarre and a particularly scary part is when Kalvin is trying to explain how dangerous it is to allow GNC and confused kids access to HRT/surgeries without thorough counseling and Clarabelle doesn’t even seem understand the process of how he got his hormones before realizing it was an informed consent clinic. There are so many mentally disturbed, and neurologically impaired kids like Clarabelle just walking into these clinics with pushy guardians and not understanding anything on their own.

No. 337760


No. 337763

this is just two mentally ill people having a "discussion", if anything it proves how delusional people who want to transition are. one just happens to be more ill than the other. i wish these people had gotten proper help, it's sad.

this kalvin person is so annoying, they constantly make fun of others in the ~trans community~ as a coping mechanism. "truscum" people have a superiority complex, but i believe they are the most self-hating of them all.

No. 337777

Kalvin definitely has some hardcore internalized misogyny, and I agree with everything you said. In the end, watching "truscum" fight "fake trans" people is like watching two handicapped people slapfight over the last safety helmet.

No. 337830

I almost find it endearing when a TiM posts a picture of himself next to a woman and asks for feedback while saying "this is me on the [SIDE]" as if it needed any clarification.
Better yet when the TiM asks reddit to guess who he is out of the two and when everyone guesses, you can see that they are visibly disappointed.

No. 337831


Yeah, I want to know who this asshole pedophile knows that's protecting him.

People should be freaking the fuck out. Don't want people to know about your pedophile fantasies of little girls, want to get access to little girls easy? Just pretend to be trans and nobody can criticise you! And if they try to speak out against you, it's 'deadnaming' and 'transphobic'

Jonathan 'Jessica' Yaniv is the worst-case scenario that spooky TERFS have been warning about for years.

No. 337841

The whole scenario is so bizarre. The guy uses his full name on his social media and linkedin, people call him Jonathan due to that, he's a pedophile harassing young girls and wanting to teach 10-year olds how to use a tampon, goes to the women's locker room expecting to see a massive sexy lesbian orgy of perky bare tits and vaginas, he's a complete creep. Yet these platform companies like Twitter and Wordpress go to these lengths to protect his perverted ass and say it's because of "deadnaming"? For using a name he himself is using??? It makes no goddamn sense. He must have some strong ass connections to pull this sort of thing off. Hollywood has been proven time and time again to have a powerful cabal of pedophiles running things, are tech companies ran by AGP freaks as well?

Answer: Yes they are. Those people bullied fucking LINUS TORVALDS out of the Linux project. He has NEVER taken any shit from anyone and has always had a massive ego with whatever he's making. Yet they did the impossible, they literally scorched him out for not being ~inclusive enough~. It just makes me lose all hope as a woman, sometimes it seems like you can't fight the male patriarchy. They've found the perfect ploy to shield themselves from all critique, just put on a dress and you're free to do the most misogynistic crap ever. It's depressing.

No. 337885

Agreed, if trannies were still like this Miriam, calmy acknowledging they're not women, I'd have almost no issues with them.

No. 337892

ot, I love GNU + Linux so I hate seeing trannies that "code" in HTML, CSS, and code monkey tier Javascript harassing an actual programmer who is a genius and managing to do what you said, the unthinkable.

I was really glad when the linux site got hacked.

No. 337918

WP edited their ToS right before taking down the GenderTrender blog to make it against ToS to "deadname" trans people. Yet, Jonathan 'Jessica' Yaniv goes by HIS full name on all of his social media accounts. WTF.

What was really fucking wild was WP redacting his name- AND ONLY HIS NAME from the GT post. They left the other "deadnames" in. THAT is un-fucking-believable.

I tried to see if more info was posted on this somewhere, but nobody is talking about it. I'm willing to get behind 7 proxies and post some stuff if I can find communities like r/internetdrama, and such. Shiit, at this point, r/conspiracy might like this, because it's an actual fucking conspiracy.

No. 337931


This shit should be spread to as many outlets as possible, the only way to fight whatever pedo connections he has

No. 338003

Which subreddit? This sounds hilarious.

No. 338030

Commie here.
How do I go about getting rid of all those troons that plague the left? getting real tired of their shit.

No. 338057

The left wing worships trannies and the right wing sees women as talking holes. We’re pretty much fucked and it depresses me so goddamn much.

No. 338107

>Be ignored and replaced by trannies as women and you're a bigot if you step out of line or misgender them (Twitter cracked down on that. Been following Jonathan Yanivs scandals)

Are there any independent parties that see through this? Everything is getting so damn extreme

No. 338126

KEK you deserve all the troons. Both of you are delusional.

No. 338153

File: 1544567975723.jpg (53.93 KB, 596x417, valentina.jpg)


Even when somewhat passing you can tell theres something off there

No. 338186

I see only plastic. But what is off? Heard his voice, sounds like a man tbh. But…facially he is perfect. Though I know it‘s fake.

No. 338194

File: 1544571699074.jpg (56.95 KB, 600x424, valentina-sampaio-la-primera-m…)

I think its something about his jaw or chin… I mean look at this picture its screams men. Not even women with big jaws and chin look like this

No. 338197

i think >>338153 just happens to be a very flattering angle with good lighting, see >>338194
. also, ive noticed that trannies generally look a little better in pictures than in videos. there have been times when a picture has had me fooled, but when i see them in motion then it becomes blatantly obvious.

No. 338202

he has nice bone structure and features, but absolutely none of them read as female to me tbh, just a good looking man with long hair

there's always something about their eye area that gives even the "passing" ones away for me

No. 338205

Its the length of the chin and face, men generally have longer chins

But i would think this person was female tbh

No. 338252

So anyone who's been following the Jonathan "Jessica" Yaniv drama is probably aware of this, but reddit admins have banned a GC user for using his full name- which he himself plasters all over social media and is public knowledge.

Does he have a thread here yet? He needs one, because he is quite literally trying to silence swaths of people for speaking out, and is a dangerous abuser with a known age-range preference for little girls.

It looks like Reddit is coming to his aid. I don't know if this will mean GC is in danger as well, but admins getting someone for posting what is public knowledge is very scary.

No. 338255

Can you post links anon pwetty pweaze

No. 338272


Sure. Here's a link to the KF thread, in case you want a full rundown of the drama: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/jonathan-jessica-yaniv-trustednerd-trustednerd-com-jy-knows-it-jy-british-columbia.49790/

As of writing it's over 30 pages long, but honestly worth the read, imo.
If nothing else, read the OP because it is getting difficult to rehost a lot of those screencaps on places like reddit, twitter etc., because he is using DMCA claims to get images, videos, basically anything taken down that exposes his behavior.

Here is a link to a reddit thread on GC, made today, regarding the user getting suspended:

Here is an archive in case the reddit thread gets pulled:

All of these links and archives to them can be found in the KF thread. As of right now it's one of the only resources available that isn't in danger of getting pulled off the internet.

No. 338313

File: 1544597753307.png (733.7 KB, 1080x1108, Screenshot_20181212-015025.png)


Women like this always upset me. The tranny bullshit is crazy supported by real women. If women on a whole didn't support these degenerate males and their fetishes, we wouldn't be here.

No. 338314

Troons that sorta pass are always super uncomfortable to look at.

What male in their right mind would literally take all these drugs and surgeries to mimic an actual woman.

They always have the uncanny valley look. It's fucking disturbing.

No. 338316

I think we should be prepared for newbies coming over from Reddit. People have been mentioning lolcow as a site to migrate to if their resident subreddit gets shut down.

No. 338317

How did we get here?
Where pedophiles and rapists are coddled and defended, and us the victims are silenced snd blamed?

This is making me really scared.
Johnathan Yaniv has taking selfies in female bathrooms with young girls in the background. He is already very close to his targets. Girls and women in our spaces.

If he is already that close to women and girls he has already offended or is about to and we can't do anything.

Im worried that women and girls rights are gonna slowly erode until it hits the larger society until it's too late?

I'm terrified. What if I run into a 6foot man in a frock in the restroom and I can't do anything about it?
What if he sexually assaults me or another woman/girl? Or beats me up cause I stared at him too long.
Troons are male so they are always use violence to shut us up.

I'm scared y'all.
This could be the future set in stone. Where women and girls have no laws to defend ourselves, becoming property again…

No. 338326


I have nothing against GCers coming to lolcow but has it really.gotten to a point where the internet will silence women completely unless we go fully anon?

Makes me wish there was legit space on the internet made by and for women without the fear of men but even if we had a space, men will just find a way to gain trust, wiggle in and take control.

Why can't men just leave us alone and fuck each other? I don't give a girl if they wanna wear a skirt and get fucked in the ass. As far as I'm concerned, stereotypical feminity was created for men to fap to, let men preform it and women can live in peace…but no. They have to always seek out women and I don't understand why aren't they content with each other

No. 338337


Honestly? If what's going on with Jonathan Yaniv is any indication, plus that BDSM dom freak from a while back, plus the silencing of GC women on social media platforms, using threats to silence us IRL?

Yes. It is.

No. 338347

File: 1544609834962.png (290.04 KB, 960x468, m4ks9961zr321.png)

Mods on 4chan have banned someone for posting about Jonathan 'Jessica' Yaniv.

No. 338348

this is such a fucking weird and scary situation. like, he's gonna continue doing this fucked up shit because he knows how to cheat the system.
of course troons and TRAs are drooling over this, they love censorship.

No. 338349

To be fair he shitposted to /tttt/ to piss off the screeching butthurt TiMs there, what did he expect. I doubt other boards would've given him a ban.

No. 338354

No, they think we're horrible. Shitting on other women plus using "ableist" language, such as "retard" lol

No. 338366

Farmers are obsessed with picking apart women's looks, it doesn't exactly mix well with radical feminism.

No. 338368

Yeah the ladies from /r/gendercritical seems very uptight, and lot of them tend to side with conservative men which is weird and sad.

No. 338372

Yeah, neither does chan culture. I’ve noticed a handful of crossposters but I don’t expect lolcow to ever become a true radfem bastion. They might need to build something from scratch.

It looks like a mix to me. Some are desperate to be heard even if the only outlets that are willing to listen are conservative, others are staunchly anti-conservative and shun anything to do with the right wing because they think it will just bite them in the ass later. They argue over it pretty often. I’m not sure where I personally stand on the issue, honestly.

No. 338376

Does Jonathan know/have ties to someone important or how the fuck is he so protected on big sites? No other troon has gotten the same treatment as he has, they don't seem to actually care about the new deadnaming rules if it's not about him.

No. 338377

have you noticed how "trans men" often distance themselves from "cis men"? a person who i follow on twitter identifies as a trans man, but she gets really offended and whiny when she sees "i hate men" tweets lol. i remember the same thing would happen on tumblr back in 2014, there would be posts going on and on about how perfect and pure trans men are, and how evil cis men are.

if anything, this proves that no one sees trans men as "real" men.

No. 338408

i think he's won a few cases he's gone to court with. like thousands of dollars

No. 338420

>Johnathan Yaniv has taking selfies in female bathrooms with young girls in the background
Wait what?

Wew. I scrolled through a /tv/ thread about Jazz a couple of days ago and it was ALL anons shitting on trannies, even making the same points we do. Guess /tttt/ is the only hugbox they have on 4chan

No. 338430


No, I am not Meghan. When I post videos I always include the title and description.

Feminist Current has been linked in the OP since the second thread.

No. 338445

File: 1544630784713.png (24.12 KB, 800x505, Jonathan Yaniv is a man.png)


>Im worried that women and girls rights are gonna slowly erode until it hits the larger society until it's too late?

It already has. See, gender recognition in law. Women being silenced on the internet, in media, and in academia (and in some cases losing their positions and careers) is a result, not a precursor. Gender critical men are not safe, either.


WP changed it after Gender Identity Watch was suspended.


Update : It has been brought to our attention that Wordpress change their terms of service page, sometime after the 16th of November. Here are the terms of service as archived the 17 Nov 2018 18:24:07 UTC.
Here's the same page, as archived the 21st of Nov 2018 21:58:10 UTC.
I hope WoLF's lawyer is paying attention, as the WoLF operated blog was taken down the 16th of November. Oh Wordpress, you dun goofed.


They'll go to KF first because it has been talked about more and the image board format confuses them.


His right to anonymity was granted by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. But this shouldn't apply to US media, should it?

He is using primarily DMCA take downs which are pretty much automatically granted on most platforms. The irony, of course, being [pic related].

If he threatens lolcow will Admin capitulate like she did to Kelly Jean? Null owns the KF IPs, so all complaints end with him.

No. 338450

hopefully our new admin is set up by then. but maybe we should archive deleted caps on a doc or something just in case the entire thread is deleted like with KJ.

No. 338451

/cow/ has a Jonathan Yaniv thread too.
It's not that active but /cow/ could really use some quality discussion that isn't youtube personality slapfights.

No. 338456

File: 1544632780604.jpeg (1.96 MB, 4032x3024, DC65AEA1-4F60-41D1-9D5C-FB3368…)

I discovered lolcow via r/gendercritical and I know a few ladies from there that visit the radfem and peak trans threads, but avoid everything else on this site. Reasons why some of them are wary of lolcow: aren’t into the constant emphasis on critiquing women’s looks, overall okay with the idea of intersectional feminism unlike a lot of the radfems here, won’t entertain /pol/ talking points, some just don’t like the no feminist threads here. Other than those issues, they, including myself, like it here. Pic unrelated.

No. 338459


It's more than an Admin issue. As long as lolcow uses an outside hosting provider the site can be forced to remove content.

No. 338461

>Ice cream
Lmao I was ready to track down some troons trying to hide their identity because I thought the image was related.

No. 338467

I assumed it was supposed to be some kind of stealth vulva (I’m sorry, “front hole”) with that oreo as a particularly large clitoris, and I’m not even the kind of person who normally sees genitals everywhere. I need to go to bed.

No. 338468

File: 1544635199686.png (18.58 KB, 1288x121, 2094047287.png)

former troon on r9k.

No. 338469

Is there a gender critical discord? I recently reached peak trans and am annoying too many people with my sperging and will probably get in trouble around the liberal feminists who keep sucking up to trannies.

No. 338470

Yes it's literally for attention. There's people who don't have many friends and once they say they're transgender, the new "friends" start flocking to you. Using the word gets your adrenaline going because you know it'll bring positive reactions, it's pretty much an addictive "drug" phrase.

No. 338472

According to which law? That's what I'm wondering. I'm not American (I assume the lolcow servers are located in US?) but what could he sue us for? He deadnames himself, and deadnaming isn't a criminal charge afaik. A DMCA? Copyright strike? And for what? Are screenshots of a messenger convo where a guy talks about his sexual pedo fantasies "copyrighted content"? Is calling him by his public name "copyrighted content"? This is what I don't understand

No. 338481


Kelly Jean is British and her lawyer was successful in pressuring the hosting provider to require Admin remove all of her images, and then Admin removed her threads entirely.

No. 338484

This stuff genuinely makes me sad. I have a close friend who is a TIF and can’t wait til the day she just accepts that she’s really just a butch lesbian bc in every other regard she’s chill as fuck.

Oh god, anon. Don’t give me zoosadist flashbacks.

No. 338486

Time to switch to Siberian based servers, Yaniv btfo'd

No. 338502

Surprised that isn't the case already, I assume it would be a lot cheaper too.

No. 338509


Same, I know a TiM who suddenly decided he was trans. Was a shame, too, because he was a really sweet guy who was just very effeminate. He's probably just a closeted homo who doesn't want to admit he's gay.

No. 338510

admin also illegally removed pictures that were property of some of the users so…i wouldn't assume most of that was legally required.

No. 338514

Y'know what I find interesting? I learned about the term "gender" through English, it isn't really used in my native language and we weren't taught about it in high school despite even having psychology classes for a year.

This has affected my perception of transgender people, because the widely used term I've heard here was transsexual and until I got older I thought the emphasis was on undergoing various surgeries to change your appearance.

No. 338517

Does anyone here have any recent IRL horror stories related to this shit? Sorry if this has already been asked but I hit my limit after my college LGBT soc decided to arrange a "blowjob workshop" aimed at the lesbians in the society under the guise of "queer sex ed". Needless to say I fucking bailed.

Just waiting for it to end tbqh

No. 338520

That's fucking absurd and offensive. Do you have any flyers or social media posts related to it? It sounds like something r/gc or radblr would be interested in.

No. 338522

File: 1544649737309.jpg (39.53 KB, 275x274, 1534077997305.jpg)

>a "blowjob workshop" aimed at the lesbians
Nani the fuck. Whoever came up with this idea should shoot himself (because I'm sure it was a man, I just know it)

No. 338523

File: 1544649739151.jpg (66.63 KB, 640x1136, Dsziwz_XgAEpJyJ.jpg)

Seeing this all over twitter glad this shitstain is getting called out

No. 338527


YES! In b4 twitterban, though.

No. 338528

Libfem friends keep telling me that no predatory “cis” man would fake being trans to harass women/girls because that wouldn’t be worth the humiliation of claiming to be female, but this Jonathan Yaniv thing has showed us that at least in Canada, a man can be granted full anonymity simply by claiming to still be in the closet. He doesn’t have to do anything whatsoever that might compromise his reputation as a regular “cis” man. As long as he plays his cards right and does the bare minimum to protect himself, there is no humiliation and nobody will know. Do they really think men won’t take advantage of a system like this?

No. 338529

File: 1544650574684.jpg (44.11 KB, 567x432, 1531866236923.jpg)

Unfortunately I don't but tbh I left pretty quickly. The whole "introductory speech" was creepy as fuck, against actual homosexuals, and very geared towards weird sex shit and felt beyond inappropriate (i'm 18 and a lot of the other members were around the same age so a bunch of late twenties established adults peddling weird sex shit to still-technically-teenagers is not a good look lmfao). To top it all off we were all told that we should keep our opinions to ourselves and that they weren't asked for.

I want to be sympathetic but these people make it so fucking hard jesus christ
pic related

No. 338536

File: 1544652501516.jpg (69.93 KB, 521x442, a joke.jpg)

>when troons own themselves

No. 338537


Before transgender became the umbrella for all gender nonconforming behavior, transsexual was the universally accepted term, and transsexuals did not consider themselves to be in common with crossdressers or any other gender nonconforming identities. Hormones and surgery to transition the body to match the mind were the standard treatments.
Now Transsexual is considered almost derogatory because it "medicalizes identity". The name for treatment in medical literature has changed from sex reassignment surgery to gender confirmation surgery.

No. 338545

Thanks for explaining, I didn't know how the change happened so the current discussion about it online is strange from that perspective. It's easy to understand people who want to change their physical appearance because of the differences between men and women, but once the expectations and stereotypes of what a woman/man is are brought in, it becomes incredibly shallow.

No. 338557

File: 1544656510533.gif (63.36 KB, 220x272, 12444A0A-D125-4A08-ACB7-1609F4…)


Damn, is ice cream a secret tranny signal? I just used a random picture at a bubble tea cafe from my gallery.

No. 338558

You guys need to start secretly recording this shit and upload it online. Sounds hella dodgy.

No. 338567

Have anyone known any straight MtF troons that are more on the socially awkward, nerdy type who may be into IT or anime that usually doesn't take a lot of effort presenting as woman who detransitioned? There are so many of these popped up lately but it doesn't seem like they are going to stop what they are doing.

Most of the detransitioners I have heard, both MTF/FTM are usually gays and lesbians who transitioned due to homophobia and being traditionally GNC. (and a few disillusioned fakebois, which is still a minority but I can see a big wave of them detrans)

No. 338568

i think it's that you're obviously a newfag and don't need to post pics with every post.

No. 338569

i think a lot of transbians have a similar situation as hontrapoints. only dated women before, couldn't get aroused enough, only wanted to do oral & foreplay. they usually end up dating other transbians.
but a truly straight transbian is extremely rare.

No. 338571

Even the campest man on youtube, gregory gorgeous turned out to be straight.

No. 338587

Hontrapoints wants to only date straight men apparently. He has thid twisted fantasy of being a "stacy" and fucking "chads".
He posts his photoshopped ass pictures on tinder hoping to catfish as many guys as he can but they turn completly disapointed when they meet him.
There's another troon like him on youtube called "sarah n tuned", the man used to be a married military man and decided to turn tranny out of the blue. He used to make lots of videos about being trans but suddenly deleted everything, got shit ton of surgery (including nasty ass balloon implants) and now pretends to be a "hot" bio-woman into cars. All of his subs are guys who think he is a real woman lmao.
Mind you he blocks and deletes anyone mentioning him being a troon.
You guys should check out the comments on this vid. He is fooling people big time.
He gets hards on for straight guys complimenting him for being "a hot chick into cars".
This is some deep buffalo bill shit there.

No. 338599

>married military man
Of course. What is with trannies and the military?

No. 338614

File: 1544671269847.png (201.26 KB, 800x1135, Screenshot_2018-12-12-19-17-56…)


Yeah, they won't be coming here in droves.

No. 338615

>the ridiculous ass shots in Daisy dukes
His surgeon was pretty good, but his forehead gives it away.

It's pretty sad because trauma probably plays into it. If you associate your manliness with the violence or the threat of violence at war, it would probably feel safe to escape into the fantasy of being a pretty girl. There's some serious psychological damage there, especially with the ones that abruptly drop a wife and family.

No. 338623

What a buncha spergs