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File: 1564488419480.jpg (87.74 KB, 939x1200, DWLtMyvWsAAFffU.jpg)

No. 441471

This thread is for the discussion of transgenderism / trans ideology from a gender critical and radical feminist perspective. It was originally created by Admin as an amalgamation of the TERF and Transgender threads.

Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of feminism, sexuality, misogyny, or misandry.

Radical Feminism thread >>>/ot/373459

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No. 441472

File: 1564488481773.jpeg (242.63 KB, 1200x1138, Dkg3BqvWwAk17jz.jpeg)

No. 441474

File: 1564489028064.png (7.05 KB, 494x92, peewee.PNG)

We have seen how troons bring up the existence of species that can change sexes because they think it supports their arguments.

I think it's only a matter of time before troons start calling their penises ovipositors or gynosomes.

No. 441479

File: 1564489533058.jpeg (62.51 KB, 1427x1416, DxhKBJuWsAEnl02.jpeg)


I created a section for detransitioning resources since they have been sought by several anons in the last few threads. The peaktrans.org and transgendertrend.com pages link to further resources.

Image from

No. 441481

File: 1564489599517.png (536.15 KB, 800x943, Screenshot_2019-07-30-05-04-33…)

No. 441489

All these ugly crazy assholes screeching they're women would be hilarious if they weren't so violent and perverted.

No. 441531

File: 1564498821451.png (70.01 KB, 493x932, shes right.png)

@ainiladra on twitter, a palestinian mother and communist who lives in nazareth, recently peaktransed

even though it pisses you off to watch her get dogpiled by her anglo followers (basically all of white communist twitter declared open season), it is a delight to watch her impatience grow and arguments develop tbh

No. 441543

i have some studies about troons, i think all of them should be uploaded in one place but i'm pussy and i don't want to be dogpiled by troons and be doxxed. This would be great to be placed in OP

No. 441546


Is this original unpublished data? You could submit them to one of the sites in the OP for visibility.

No. 441549

i have older studies about troons (i mean 1950's-1980's, pre-Blanchard) and some scrapped from someone on twitter - Blanchard (TiMs and TiF related, and about AGP) + MRI studies supporting, Bailey and (probably original i guess, widely accessible version was cut iirc) ROGD paper. Still I need to find way to obtain pdfs of these related to troon kids and blockers.

No. 441552

>>441549 also forgot to add, i have one about tavistock expriments with blockers, one that recently was published

No. 441572

File: 1564507783499.png (73.97 KB, 806x529, D9hm_tWWwAACbVf.png)

No. 441574

File: 1564507961161.png (251.62 KB, 800x1011, Screenshot_2019-07-30-10-31-10…)

No. 441582

File: 1564509932925.jpeg (212.71 KB, 749x997, F45C86E8-666F-42AD-8339-CF2498…)

The Capital One hacker that released 140,000 SSNs and 80,000 bank account numbers is a TiM.

Of course the articles keep saying it’s a woman, even calling him a “pet owner,” without mentioning that he’s actually transgender.

So of course people are misinformed and think that a female is responsible. Hence, the tweet. Funny but actually pretty sad. Most of the replies to pictures of him on Twitter that are assuming he’s a woman are saying that he looks like a meth addict with his obviously male bone structure.

No. 441584

File: 1564510276582.jpg (6.23 KB, 195x259, download.jpg)

jesus fuck is he frightening

No. 441592

File: 1564510839746.png (310.17 KB, 750x1334, 28EAA7F1-22D6-4301-B0F0-DECE1D…)

Lmaoooo this makes me want to jump off a cliff

> inb4 crime rates perpetrated by women go up due to some “unknown phenomenon”

> people look back in 100 years and are like “HUH what happened here”
> they realize men had started getting lumped in with women in statistics due to false reporting ignoring actual biology, which led to statistical errors ~2019

No. 441596

This is one of the things that made me peak. And it’s apparent that men, whether TiM or not, LOVE it bc it makes actual women look worse.

No. 441604

Kek, that article is so weird anyway. Isn't hacking a crime? It'd be like saying "Listen up male drug dealers… we have many good female drug dealers out there too like X"

No. 441614

I said to my boyfriend last night when we saw the news about the hack "wow, that's weird, women never do that kind of thing." Sure enough, find out this morning that "she" is a troon. Hilarious.

No. 441616

lmao its so aisinine

No. 441624

>"i can't BELIEVE people are HATE TWEETING about this BRAVE, INNOCENT TRANS HACKER who accessed millions of credit card applications and hundreds of thousands of social security numbers"

there's a time and place for everything

No. 441625

File: 1564516142712.jpg (357.97 KB, 924x1513, IMG_0466.jpg)


Trevor Allen Thompson

No. 441628

File: 1564516679951.jpg (135.98 KB, 1196x808, IMG_0517.jpg)

No. 441631

What are your thoughts on political lesbianism?

No. 441632

No. 441633

Did you post this for info gathering? KF users aren’t our “allies” in the slightest.

No. 441647

When I heard about this "Paige" on the npr news and they never said he or she, I knew it was a man.

This better not be another mark against the women's crime stats.

No. 441649

File: 1564520493440.png (45.51 KB, 557x262, terf.png)

It's so funny how they try so hard to prevent other people from ever reading gender critical material in the fear that people will actually agree with their points. On tumblr they will just straight up copy and paste posts onto their own blogs because "this was a good post but OP was a TERF". One time I even saw somebody say in response to a question that "TERFs are notoriously good at arguing" as a reason why their blogs should be avoided.

No. 441662

File: 1564521245165.jpg (94.42 KB, 640x871, b8df4f640dc2b416b2e140c6d91cb1…)

Nightmare world.

No. 441666

Good intentions but ngl it seems fake.

No. 441667

They kept saying she/her but they also said she was caught because she bragged about what she did. I thought that’s got to be a troon, not a woman.

Lo and behold.

No. 441682

Exactly. this is how you know. Women dont do these type of crimes. It is not only extremely rare, but suspicious as fuck if a man isnt involved. Lo and behind, indeed

No. 441726

File: 1564527996904.jpg (113.21 KB, 540x625, 001.jpg)

They're actively suppressing research they know would result in information that would conflict with their agenda.

This article is what peak transed me.


No. 441729

Political lesbianism is retarded and insulting to lesbians. You should feel embarrassed for even considering it.

Having a boyfriend doesn't mean you can't participate in radical feminism, for fuck's sake. You can be critical of male behavior and psychology without mistreating/abandoning the males in your life.

No. 441730

I was being silly sorry, I'm on holiday and a bit tipsy. Don't mind me.

No. 441734

File: 1564530684978.png (117.98 KB, 500x457, please-be-patient-i-have-autis…)

Oh sorry anon lol, I thought you were serious. My bad.

No. 441737

How did this article that isn't written like clickbait for ten year olds get published on the daily mail?

No. 441742

Psychology is a fucking joke. My psychologist is trying to get me to accept trannies after she attended some “LGBT sensitivity” training because I told her I don’t believe troons have the female experience and she tried to argue with me by saying “well lesbians aren’t sexually attracted to men but they’re still women”.

No. 441791

possibly the journalist wanted to publish it elsewhere but nowhere else would accept it at the time. same reason terfs publish their stuff at the federalist

No. 441797

No. 441800

TIL the entire female experience is taking dick

No. 441813

File: 1564558927952.png (167.71 KB, 1559x938, 1564557689895.png)

Don't know if this is real, but holy shit

No. 441815

Jesus Christ, I hope they told that TiM plans are cancelled and something else came up. Seriously, every TiM I know honestly thinks hanging out with other girls means we're all gonna start kissing each other because we're SO HORNY and secret lesbians. I'm attracted to women, but I would never try to even attempt to hit on a friend, that's just disrespectful. Sorry to burst his bubble, actually having friends means doing sexual shit never ever crosses our minds.

No. 441831

How much do you think tumblr is to blame for the current troon mess today? For me, I had never even heard of the word "transgender" before tumblr.

No. 441834

File: 1564566101516.png (318.74 KB, 531x1007, Screenshot_2019-07-31-02-32-18…)

Trans model for Marc Jacobs and Rhianna fashion line admits she lied about her gender identity to 'make things better' for herself

Carissa Pinkston faced backlash in May for writing a series of transphobic posts
She then attempted to rein in the backlash by revealing on Instagram that she was also transgender, claiming to have transitioned to a woman
But other models in the industry were quick to point out that Carissa was lying
The model, who was dropped by Elite Model Management, later confessed on Instagram that she lied about being transgender
Carissa, who is thought to be based in New York, has since deleted all posts but faces backlash over falsely coming out


No. 441835

Why are so many trans people rapists?

No. 441836

File: 1564566130481.png (438.83 KB, 533x1176, Screenshot_2019-07-31-02-33-08…)

No. 441837

File: 1564566230974.png (460.4 KB, 531x878, Screenshot_2019-07-31-02-38-33…)

No. 441839


>Why are so many TiM's rapists?


Are you asking rhetorically?

No. 441840

And why are they all fucking druggos? >>441813

No. 441844

Kinda, several of my friends have been raped or violated by trans, specifically MTF

No. 441848

I feel bad for her, but it was dumb of her to pretend to be trans and try the whole "I have trans friends" thing. Not only is it cheap, absolutely nothing will satisfy TRAs and their brainwashed masses once you've been marked.
The only time to talk about these things is when you're in a place of security and power, or in privacy.
In other news, I can't wait to see all the racist liberals come out of the woodwork, eager for a chance to bash a woman who's (at least part)
black. Hopefully, it makes even more black women hit peak trans that much sooner.

No. 441854

The fact that she needed to lie about being a troon to escape threats and hate says a lot. If she'd come out as NB she could have kept the lie up, like every other so-called enby on Tumblr and Twitter.

No. 441855

It makes my boil boil when a TiM gets convicted of something and men all joyfully claim "See, women are pedophiles/rapists/murderers too!"

Don't fucking lump them in with us.

No. 441858

File: 1564570136314.png (214.55 KB, 800x1024, Screenshot_2019-07-31-03-46-17…)

No. 441861

File: 1564570840442.png (200.99 KB, 800x1116, Screenshot_2019-07-31-03-52-01…)


>Everyone was saying my original comment was transphobic, but you can’t expect everyone to know everything about a culture or movement if they never have taken the time to be fully educated on it.

Awful. People in various comment sections are gloating that she has destroyed her career and livelihood. She will never be able to recant and atone her thought crime to their satisfaction.

No. 441885

Why do so many femcels and awkward average looking women say they’re non binary all of a sudden? Like they can’t just be weird and unconventionally attractive, they have to be NB?

No. 441887

Same with ultrafeminine girls being ~enbies~, it's OK to be a feminine woman. All of it reeks of internalized misogyny to me.

No. 441889

The female version of incels being AGP. There's a community that'll accept you in, tell you you're cute uwu and has pre-packaged excuses for all your problems and all you have to do is change your pronouns.

No. 441894

internet addiction

No. 441896

Basically what >>441887 and >>441889 said, except I would add that these girls have a strong desire to be special, and often feel compelled to be "enby" because they're young and part of Tumblr-y peer groups.

No. 441899

I agree with this.

It's also a useful way to avoid being terfed and feathered. If you're a woman in liberal circles, particularly if you're a lesbian, you have to walk on eggshells most of the time. The tiniest thing, like acknowledging you have a vagina, will get you accused of being a terf and ostracized. If you say you're NB then you're safe.

No. 441906

Mainstream feminism is going backwards. They like some things which aren't stereotypically feminine which means they aren't 100% female so they have to be non-binary which is sexist as fuck. I don't use make-up and I don't like heels but that doesn't make me not female. They also want to seem special due to their interanlized misogyny. Some of them identify as "part woman" so they can claim the oppression points of being female on tumblr while also being trans. The "demigirl" identity was literally NLOG personified.

No. 441910

The female version of AGPs are those fakebois or autoandrophiles who fantasize about being a gay man. They are really just straight or bi girls who read so much M/M fanfiction and BL they developed penis envy and end up dressing like anime bishies. Some of them said they realized they are actually trans because they were attracted to men in a "male way like a gay man" and not in a "female way", whatever the fuck that means. They don't want to get called out for fetishising gay men so they end using the loophole of identifying as men themselves. Sometimes they post pics of their tits on the net and some of them have even gotten pregnant but they say "you don't need to dysphoria to be trans" or some sort of whacky bullshit.

No. 441913

Samefagging here. I was wondering how they can think having guys cum in your pussy and then getting pregnant is a "gay man thing" but I guess they have become delusional by reading too many male impregnation stories.

No. 441937

There's a couple well known lesbian fakebois who are into yaoi and in a relationship with another TiF, mainly thinking about DreamyTabby and I guess Storm Ryan is considered one, she just doesn't go full weeb.

No. 441957

I know some lesbian fakebois and tbh the fact that they enter relationships with other women (who pretend to be men so they're still "gay men" lmao) is proof that lesbians will actually never be sexually attracted to men no matter how much they delude themselves or what cotton ceiling troons say.

Most of the lesbians I met who go trans are suffering from internalised homophobia or were pressured into it. I knew a butch Mexican-American lesbian who was engaged to her femme Mexican-American girlfriend. They were hoping to get married to in the future but the butch's conservative family wanted to disown her when they found out she was going to get married to a woman - they hoped she would get over her homosexuality and settle down with a man. She was hanging around a batshit tumblr crowd for support and they told her that her depression and discomfort with being gay was because she was actually trans. She didn't like the expectation of gender put on her and she "looked like a guy" so she thought would be more accepted if she just became a guy. Her girlfriend was supportive at first but she couldn't find her attractive anymore when she ended up looking more and more like a man. Her mental issues weren't solved by transitioning and instead made things worse.

No. 441958

afaik storm ryan is actually japanese

No. 441960

it's annoying how industry will take any barely passing skinny troon instead and this forced her to do this, she is really pretty girl. troons and handmaids are attacking her in comments under ig posts demanding giving all of her money to troons.

No. 441963

Her foster monther is Japanese. Ryan's older cousin Stephanie wrote about what was going on in a blogpost, which you can read here. https://stephaniestalvey.wordpress.com/2016/10/14/about-a-boy/ I didn't find much information mostly because majority of the post is of her trying to prove she believes in transgenderism and not about Ryan at all, except for the fact she likes cheese sticks and is a victim of domestic abuse.

No. 441970

File: 1564590739243.jpeg (161.94 KB, 1242x1572, 52082.jpeg)

mario lopez is under fire for daring to say that parents trooning out their literal toddlers is a bad idea.

No. 441972

This is awful and the comments on the original post defending that man are even worse (I hope she doesn't go along with them and can successfully get that weirdo out of her and her friends' lives), but I couldn't help laughing at how absurd the situation is. It reads like a goddamn skinwalker creepypasta.

No. 441977

Oof this article hit home. I'm a detrans woman (only on t for 6 months.) It only took 2-3 appointments before I got hormones and NOBODY asked about sexual trauma or abuse in my past.

When I told my hormone doc I'd finally been diagnosed with PTSD and wanted to slow down/stop so I could heal from what happened to me she pressured me to keep going.

I stopped then and there got help for my mental health and trauma. I've grown to really love my body. The only leftovers are 3 chin hairs and my voice which honestly just sounds like my mom's now which is cute.

I lost all my friends from that era. Some even refused to call me by my birth-name and she/her pronouns. (wow so respectful and open minded lol)

I wish I could hang out with other bi/lesbian women irl without trans stuff being centered but where I live it's basically impossible. (someone tried to plan an event like this when I was in college and it got hatemobbed out of existence) I'm exploring the idea of planning a detrans hang out though since I think that could be really cool.

I just don't understand why more people aren't talking about the relationship between trauma and gender dysphoria. I guess it makes people feel ~invalid~ but ofc sexual abuse makes you feel disconnected and disgusted by your body.

It's been really cool reading this threads and lurking on the linked reddits. It's not the same as in person but it feels nice to be a part of a "community" again.

No. 441986

The fact that anyone is under fire for using common sense just blows my mind.

No. 441988

People are honestly trying to guilt him for hurting children's feelings by what he said. He's talking about a hypothetical 3 year old. These people don't actually care about children, but they sure love using them for their narratives. Mario is right. If I were a parent, it'd be smart to let your child try a new hobby or outfit instead of claiming they're trans. Simple. Ot, but I swear for the longest time I thought Mario Lopez was gay lmao

No. 441994

Aha i posted about this in the wrong thread: here is the link for anyone interested-notice how they locked it too over "nasty comments" kek


No. 442007

I was snooping on my boyfriends laptop and looked in his google chrome history and he was watching shemale porn while I was away….
should I be concerned? I’m thinking of breaking up with him since it’s only been a couple months

No. 442013

yes because he's either into trannies, which is a can of worms you just don't want to open, or he's so pornsick he'll get off to anything. maybe you can make him realise porn is actually bad for everyone, him included, and make him a Good Boyfriend but given that 99% of males think pornography is a human right i wouldn't hold out much hope

No. 442015

do you think he might be a closeted bisexual?

No. 442016

Glad that you got help. Your old friends sound like assholes, you're better without them.

You're right, it should be more discussed if there's anything behind the gender dysphoria, like traumas etc.

No. 442031


Honestly, he might. He has said some things that made me side eye him in the past. Like randomly asking me if I’ve ever found the same sex attractive or if I’ve ever had sexual feelings about a woman etc. Completely random on many separate occasions. And he’s made some kinda homophobic comments about his gay friends too

No. 442047

run away and never look back, might even be a tranny himself

No. 442054

File: 1564606052646.jpg (81.09 KB, 769x196, 233523.jpg)

you all aren't lgpt anymore, you transphobic evul bisexuals

No. 442064

why stop there? those ebul L's and G's are excluding brave non-passing T's! The new acronym is PT for maximum bravery.

No. 442065

LOL funny since gays and lesbians dont want trannies in the LGB community anymore. Maybe gay more are okay with it, but i've seen a hella less lesbians and bisexual women okay with it at all. They need to go and get gone

No. 442071

and some bisexuals are likely the only people who would be down to fuck trannies yet they also try to fuck them over. no one is accepting enough for them.

No. 442087

Still hoping for the day when LGB will be officially separated from all the trannies, pans, aces and other kweers~.

>ahegao profile pic

It's kinda sad how I'm absolutely not surprised or shocked at all.

No. 442091

Violent/violence are now totally meaningless words.

No. 442108

File: 1564613189001.png (155.48 KB, 878x626, i -f19- found my gf -mtf20-’s …)

Wish I was shocked at this point but nope…

No. 442111


Hahaha shit… will do

No. 442117

As far as I know, bisexuality actually has a scientific basis whereas pansexuality doesn’t because the latter is just bisexuality for pretentious people.

No. 442121

I'd run fast from that guy if I were that girl. Obviously this guy that transitioned just to fuck a chick then proceeds to lie about their intentions is a lunatic. But I guess she deserves it by wasting time asking reddit for advice.
Just fucking go. The incel transbian is too fucking crazy to deal with.

No. 442128

I used to think transgenderism was like a fetish for men and women to pretend to be the opposite sex or conversion therapy for gay men and lesbians to turn straight. I started to get brainwashed into thinking that those things didn’t happen at all and it was all based on dysphoria but I was always uncomfortable by the constant misogyny trans women were throwing at real women. A lot of them would also be non-dysphoric which made absolutely no sense. That’s like saying you’re gay but don’t experience same-sex attraction. I realised my initial beliefs about it being a fetish or conversion therapy had some truth to them. The community was so contradictory and would exile anybody who wasn’t ideologically pure. I peak transed when I saw them spreading about the “AFAB privilege” nonsense. How is anybody privileged for being born female?

No. 442174

If they wanna take that angle they should look at the Bisexual Manifesto (from the 90s), which outright states it always included any gender.

No. 442179

> most people who say they are "bisexual" imply they are only attracted to cisgender binary women and men

that's because i am. gtfo troons.

No. 442182

File: 1564625339286.jpeg (209.43 KB, 691x1220, 8FA0D7B9-EBE8-4A40-A851-856DFA…)

this is the worst timeline

No. 442190


I really urge you to poke around and see if there are detrans/gender critical/radfem/etc groups near you irl, anon. It can take some work, but you can find them if you look enough on tumblr or twitter–or even just find a similarly minded woman and ask her. Or start your own! I met up with some detransed women last year and it was really something to experience in person. I think in the coming years too it's going to become easier and easier in the major cities.

No. 442192

I have seen many trans activists say they do no want transgenderism pathologized yet they still expect health insurance and the government's taxpayer money to cover the costs of transition because they are "life saving surgeries". So which one is it? If it serves no medical purpose then it's just cosmetic surgery.

No. 442193

When I was a little 4 year old girl I used to want to be a boy because I wasn't really feminine and I didn't get to have the same freedoms as my brother. Since I was a kid I might have jumped at the chance to transition into being a boy. Thank god my parents weren't massive retards.

No. 442195

File: 1564627989301.png (7.23 KB, 528x100, bitch please.png)

The level of delusion is just too darn high.

No. 442199

File: 1564628901283.jpg (53.33 KB, 855x958, 16298890_1424423820921251_2032…)

Have we ever discussed why most women troon out? Obviously men are AGP fetishists.

No. 442200

They are autoandrophiles who fetishize being a gay man because they consume so much M/M content, butch leabians who think life would be easier if they transitioned into being a straight man, women with mental illnesses like body dysmorphia and/or serious internalized misogyny.

No. 442201

Thank god AfterEllen still exists. It's one of the only lesbian spaces that don't give a shit about troons.

No. 442205

I've also heard of women transitioning due to sexual trauma, who resent their own bodies for what happened to them at the hands of men. Tbh I can't really blame them in this case.

No. 442208

I feel so sad when i read about all anons Who feel so alone being gc. Ive been Lucky enough to have an online community of women for some years now and I utge you to try and start up something like a Facebook group for your country/area. Feels so good to have a place where you can talk a obout real feminism, and some of us are close friends and meet up. Now we are not as afraid to talk up against this nonsens since we know sisters have our back, and now we have groups opwn for all women where gc and non gc views are accepted and places where women can publish anonymus radfem articles to spread to both men and women.

No. 442212

I know some women like that. They wish they had a male body so the process they were violated in won't happen again. Women are basically walking fuckholes to a lot of men. In men's prisons, you have men pretending other men's mouths or anuses are "pussies" since they don't have any women around.

No. 442238

File: 1564644421924.gif (967.8 KB, 390x259, eyeroll.gif)

He's not being unreasonable at all, and I'm steamed just thinking about the harassment he'll probably have to endure now that this retarded page sicced their followers on him. It's not like he's insulting adult troons, or even teenage troons. He's just questioning the idea of transing little kids, which is basically forcing them into the false dichotomy of "feminine girl" and "masculine boy". Most normies would agree with him, they're just too afraid to say it because of these McCarthy-esque "cancel" campaigns online.

I really hope he doesn't back down. He has NOTHING to apologize for.

As an aside, locking kids into one gender or the other with blockers and social pressure is not healthy. Kids (and teenagers) should be able to experiment with presentation and gender without long-term medical consequences, which blockers like Lupron are PROVEN to have. Most of this experimentation is normal and typically just results in the kid accepting themselves and their body regardless of their interests.

This garbage is just teaching kids to adhere to rigid gender roles, and as someone who works with kids I fucking loathe it.

No. 442288

>children who deserve to be loved and accepted for who they are

By pumping their healthy, non-diseased young bodies full of drugs, destroying proper brain and body development and fast-tracking them to extreme, unnecessary and irreversible surgeries? Wanting them to grown up and not be ashamed of their bodies, to make gender nonconformity and homosexuality accepted, makes US wrong?

No. 442306

File: 1564666546490.png (397.32 KB, 536x516, 542548242.png)

No. 442308

Libraries should be completely neutral grounds. They need to stand up to this bullshit.

No. 442314

It bothers me that people freak out over criticism of transing kids because "omg the suicide rate!" Parents get steamrolled into letting their kids take hormones because they're afraid of losing their child to suicide if they don't let them transition. To me the only reason a "trans" kid would commit suicide is because of this toxic fucking bucket of crabs online encouraging them. If a kid gets denied hormones and goes online they'll see tons of people talking about how abusive and ebul their parents are for not letting her be Aiden and then of course they're gonna feel shitty. Everyone is telling these children that if they can't transition, their lives are ruined and they'll spend the rest of their life miserable. The transgender suicide rate is encouraged by their own kind, not by so-called transphobes (aka people who want to make logical decisions for their child's long-term wellbeing).

No. 442322

File: 1564670534030.png (402.73 KB, 1410x1046, no correlation.png)

>During the meeting, CATA activist, “Vee,” who “identif[ies] as queer, non-binary, abled, thin, and financially stable,” said the VPL has not changed their stance and is “conflating freedom of expression with entitlement to a platform.” Vee claimed the VPL has lied and gaslighted the LGBT2Q+ community by stating they work to “reduce discrimination and create a welcoming environment,” adding, “The library offering a platform to TERFs, SWERFs, and fascists in general is a passive validation of their bigoted, oppressive beliefs.”
>TERFs, SWERFs, and fascists in general

No. 442328

not to mention most teen suicide happens because of bullying and bullying happens in regards to gender because of shitty gender roles. yet you don't see anyone speaking up against that, they're promoting it to make trans a reality.

No. 442332

Yup. I guarantee that all these suicides aren't because of twansphobia but because these kids are gay and/or GNC and struggling to accept themselves in a society that tells them the only way they can express their identity is to inject drugs and have thousands of dollars of cosmetic surgery to transition into the opposite sex. Fucking disgusting, we've literally regressed as a society.

No. 442334

File: 1564673707668.jpg (112.53 KB, 720x399, Screenshot_20190801-100122_Twi…)

No. 442335

File: 1564673737273.jpg (334.83 KB, 720x1061, Screenshot_20190801-100501_Twi…)

You really can't make this shit up, folks

No. 442337

is this what has happened to peter scolari

No. 442347

Lol I didn't even have to Google to know who you were talking about.

>Honey I shrunk the kids: The TV show was my jam, as a kid.

No. 442351

Now that's a jaw an incel would be jealous of.

No. 442353


I don’t think they commit suicide because of bullying. That’s stupid.

No. 442354


No. These kids have other mental illnesses apart from gender dysphoria. Isn’t it almost always accompanied by other mental illnesses? What about the kids that are fully supported at home and outside the home that still commit suicide? They weren’t bullied so ?

No. 442358

Seriously majority of normies agree with him. It sucks because somehow this opinion means you're a conservative. It's literally not, it's the opposite. They just want to assume not making a decision for your own child right away is morally wrong. IDK, there's things children are not legally allowed to do until they're certain ages even though they seem confident enough to make the decision, like driving and smoking and dropping out of school and having sex with someone older and drinking alcohol. These restrictions protect these children. Honestly, I think children should not be legally allowed to transition medically until they're at least 16 or 18, suggest therapy instead until then.

I told my boyfriend about Mario Lopez being "cancelled" and at first he was like "OK, whatever" Then I quoted what Mario said and he responded, "I… actually agree with him…" He seemed pretty confused seeing that's why he's getting hate for it. What's funny is my bf told me years ago when he was in his teens he exclusively wore women's pants because they were the only ones that came in skinny style. It never affected his sexuality or gender, he's still no doubt a straight man, he just wanted to wear some skinny jeans because he was an "emo punk kid". He was picky about brands too, preferred the Sarah Jessica Parker brand of skinny jeans.

No. 442360

> What about the kids that are fully supported at home and outside the home that still commit suicide?

I wish I could find the article I read (I think it was in an earlier thread) but it was basically about a girl who trooned out and was supported but still killed herself. The general consensus was she did it because “becoming a boy” didn’t solve her problems. It makes me so mad. People are always caping for better mental health care, but when you suggest someone should seek some proper therapy before trooning out it’s ~twansphobic - when the reality is it could save people’s lives.

No. 442369

lel it really is

No. 442405

File: 1564689138519.png (654.9 KB, 1080x1659, Screenshot_20190801-145147(1).…)

Why is the fighting game community so autistic.
>Furry icon

No. 442421

Every fan community seems to be absolutely full of troons now. If anyone knows of a game or show that mostly attracts sane people, please tell me.

No. 442432

wtf, isnt that King from Tekken!?!? ugh, why are so many gamers tr00ning out. Men are such pieces of garbage, invading everything.

No. 442435

fucking nasty. I'm glad i'm married to a real woman at this point. I cant imagine being a single lesbian now with all this shit going on. these dudes are predators and nothing more

No. 442436

self hating and massive internal misogyny. There's no reason for women to tr00n out unless they hate themselves. Men for it for a fetish. Women do it for the opposite.

No. 442439

Good on him! I grew up on Saved By the Bell, haha. He's right. It's sickening and dangerous to encourage children to tr00n out because all it does is fuck them up mentally AND physically. it's a huge form of abuse. what is going on in this world where people speaking out against this are considered enemies of the state?! He has two kids and i'm sure that was a big reason he's against this TRA shit.

No. 442462

Lol when did intersectionality - an analytical framework for women of colour to talk about sexual violence - become an identity and get taken over by white men? It’s not even a branch of feminism but keep saying “intersectional feminism”.

No. 442463

File: 1564694327604.jpeg (317.02 KB, 750x877, CA49E29D-AA86-4AF4-9563-DC6174…)

No. 442464

No. 442465

>dude who likes to wear female clothing, makeup or he is mildly gnc
>oh he was poor troon girl :((
transing the dead again, but this time not a lesbian, but still fucked up

No. 442467

He was literally a heroin addict but yeah I'm sure not having silicones was his biggest problem.

No. 442468

Lmao I hope this person is just taking the piss

No. 442473

I browsed an incel forum and it seems like so many guys on it become troons because they are “failed men”, they believe women have it so much easier because they can get laid without any effort and can express emotions and make themselves pretty or express emotions without getting called “gay”. They don’t mind being transbians though because they think lesbians have it easy too and the idea of being a lesbian makes them feel “sexy” haha.

No. 442498

I saw one of them say they hated lesbians because they wouldn’t make themselves available to men so he had a plan to become a troon and seduce a lesbian then cause her “grief” when he reveals her cock to “pound” her. Men are absolutely batshit and being a troon doesn’t change that behavior.

No. 442509

Pretty much this. They legit think being a woman means getting up in the morning, putting on lipstick and having people hand you money all day long. MTF tr00ns are the most delusional idiots of all time, and massively sexist.

No. 442519

Did you see this video by Ceres revenge?

No. 442541

File: 1564709105697.png (117.14 KB, 1079x565, Screenshot_20190801-202409(1).…)

>Guys why is no one validating my theory UwU
Kurt's gonna push her off her bed in her sleep

No. 442560

Anons, can trannies legally change their name in the country you're in?

No. 442589

Isn't assigning genders to other people the ultimate act of violence that kills a million trans women a year?

No. 442597

Nonbinary people are seen as trans so if someone calls you a terf, just say you are nb. If they suspect that you aren't, call them truscum

No. 442600

What is nb exactly? Is it a real identity, can you feel dysphoria or is it make believe?

No. 442604

Ppl who think they are genderless, between genders or a mix of genders. Imo, it's not a real identity and I don't see how they could possibly suffer from dysphoria if they identify with nothing.

No. 442606

the hammer and sickle just laid over top is hilarious. these things have to be fake, right?

No. 442612

A lot of trannies identify as communists even though historical communists were homophobic (and transsexuality was linked to that) because you were considered unproductive and modern communism shuns cosmetic surgery to be bourgeoisie. A lot of trannies think because communism believes in universal healthcare they would get free SRS but that’s only if they consider dysphoria to be a health issue because at the same time they object to the pathologization of transgenderism.

No. 442613

This actually isn’t a bad idea because many of us here only care about biological reality so refusing to identify with the gender binary wouldn’t be a lie. The only difference is that we don’t hinge our entire personality on whatever “enbie-ness” is supposed to entail. I miss the days when we just called it androgyny.

But now they say you can be trans or nonbinary WITHOUT any gender dysphoria, which of course makes no sense at all. So you can say you’re a non-dysphoric enby no matter what your presentation and you call someone a violent bigot if they question it. Nonbinary TERF just seems like a hilarious thing to be called.

One question for those who have more interaction with gender circus: If you are asked about your gender and your answer is “I don’t care about gender” do these people accept it or do they rage at you provide a special label to yourself?

No. 442614

>do these people accept it or do they rage at you provide a special label to yourself?
i don't think they would care because most of them kinda say the same thing. i remember the 'Are you a boy or a girl? But what's in your pants?' meme

No. 442619

I thought they also got upset if you suggested that they still had a biological sex? Like they would shout ” I’m AFAB but not a woman!” whilst presenting as a stereotypical girly girl. They say sex and gender are different but have a huge problem with accepting sex itself. My angle is, I’m a adult female but I don’t care about pronouns or identifying with the opposite sex or a special gender. Call me whatever because it doesn’t matter to me. My biological sex is what affects me in daily life and it determines what medical care I receive. I guess I’m kind of feeling that whole “Gender-free” thing Radfems are doing online right now without the added snarkiness. I genuinely want gender to be irrelevant and let men and women be as feminine or masculine as they want without a inventing a biological alternate reality.

No. 442627

Thats exactly how i always felt tbh. Glad that someone else thinks the same.

No. 442628

>men attack and kill troons
>troons blame radical feminists

What’s the reasoning behind this?

No. 442636

Rule #1 of misogyny: women are responsible for what men do.

No. 442637

how could they ever blame men for anything anon? it's easier to blame women and silence their movements, that's why you see more trannies whining about evul terfs than actual violent crimes against them.

No. 442638

They say exactly this, but also never shut the fuck up about gender, their version of "intersectional" trans politics or how ~gay~ they are. They literally have 3 conversation topics, but really it's still only 1. NBs and MtFs are the worst for this, generally I find FtMs actually have other things to talk and more interests or niche hobbies, but then FtMs are rare so they have to know how to make friends outside of a friendship circle of ~uwu we're so gay~ types.

No. 442647

Mad TV pretty much predicted the future.

No. 442668

People who don't identify as being a man or woman. In normal terms, it basically means that they don't think their personality perfectly fits the gender roles and stereotypes of either sex. It is a dumb made up identity that snowflakes label themselves to feel woke or LGBT. No one actually 100% fits into the social expectations of being a man or woman, lol.

No. 442675

File: 1564742166908.jpeg (82.41 KB, 539x960, 18E12F3A-AAA2-4026-909C-844999…)


No. 442689

Classic. I showed this to someone I flipped to gc.

No. 442691

Literally nothing about him even hinted at him being trans.
Are men not allowed to have long hair or be the least bit gender non-conforming anymore?
They have to be trans by force, even in death?

No. 442697

File: 1564746231342.jpeg (118.9 KB, 539x960, A0AD9569-76B6-4495-9C6D-4295B7…)

i don’t want to image spam but the whole twitter thread is a wild ride, I think she might’ve deleted the post but someone on Facebook screenshotted the entire thing and it’s pretty gross

No. 442711

No. 442713

That is a ftm

No. 442727

Anyone else think HSTS trannies are generally better at passing than AGPs?

No. 442728

yeah everyone thinks that

No. 442731

What is HSTS?

No. 442732

homosexual transexuals

No. 442736

hsts put on an extremely pornified and sexualized "female" look while agp show absolutely no effort to be "female". both have a fucked up perception of womanhood.

No. 442737

>omg the suicide rate!
OT but I never thought about how we're raising a generation to weaponise suicide threats and personal validation to get their own way. Considering how many stories farmers have about abusers using suicide threats to manipulate, that's terrifying

No. 442738

Oh my bad. They're all starting to look the same amount of dirty to me.

No. 442745

The US study that this figure came from was done in 2014 and the scientists that conducted it noted in the abstract that it was a self-report survey and it was quite likely that people were reporting relatively minor episodes of self-harm as major suicide attempts. The group most at risk were poor Native American TIFs who were openly trans but didn't feel they passed. Basically they felt alienated and unvalued from the society they lived in - hence trans identity, which made it worse. These kids are not okay, for sure, but it's not because they're trans.

No. 442746

I was curious so I googled and found why troons think this. It's because he said this:

>"I definitely feel closer to the feminine side of the human being than I do the male - or the American idea of what a male is supposed to be. Just watch a beer commercial and you'll see what I mean." - Kurt Cobain.

It's so obvious he just meant he didn't match the traditional idea of masculinity and felt disconnected from that, but troons are religious about gender roles. To them anyone who doesn't 100% match their gender role needs to transition right now.

No. 442755

Opinions on transmeds/truscum?

No. 442763

I'm convinced a lot of the lesbians who talk about sucking dick or the straight men with a fetish for TiMs are all actually bi. Like, how can a straight guy or lesbian like sucking cock just because the person who owns that cock "identifies" as a woman? I'm straight and I can't see myself being aroused by kissing another woman.

No. 442766


I agree. Only bisexual women and bisexual men or closeted gay men like TIMs.

No. 442767

File: 1564755106383.jpeg (568.65 KB, 1125x975, FAD57DC4-928A-4C4B-AB2E-8A502A…)

Imagine trying to be woke while citing easy to find quotes, on a Chan background

No. 442768

they are the ~~not like other trannies~~ ones of the t with a huge victim complex. they keep saying that gender dysphoria has a medical basis but there is literally no actual proof for someone to be born with a mental condition like that.
>"b-but they said the same thing about gays 50 years ago!!"
doesn't change the fact that homosexuality has always been seen in humans and hundreds of other animals. there are also animals that change their sex, yes, but most animals who do it are doing it for reproductive purposes and are naturally able to grow these characteristics. a human isn't naturally able to grow the other sex's characteristics without man-made hormonal/medical intervention.

No. 442772

He was responding to the macho gender roles pushed on him by his father, he wore dresses sometimes to piss off his macho rock fans, not because he literally felt like a woman smh what a bad take

No. 442774

I read this comic a long time ago and all I could think was "How?" throughout the whole thing. Now I just think he's bi but with a preference for men. Imagine being a gay guy who's had more pussy than a lot of straight men.

No. 442776

I like them more than average troons because they are a lot more likely to acknowledge that male and female socialization exist and that gender is a useless set of stereotypes. But I don't think hormones and surgery are a good or ethical treatment for sex dysphoria, so we're still kind of at an impasse.

No. 442777

I hear bisexuality is much more common than we realize but because most bi people have a an opposite sex preference and because the world is extremely homophobic they tend to just think of themselves as straight.

No. 442783



No. 442786

File: 1564758666079.jpg (128.44 KB, 427x1200, IMG_1564758409168.jpg)

Over 40 years since this misogynistic garbage was written to a feminist newsletter and TIMs have not changed a bit.

No. 442787

My experience is that most bisexuals have a woman preference, whether they're women or men. The joke that bisexuals like every woman they meet and 1 or 2 male celebrities is rarely just a joke.

No. 442788

I could never bring myself to explain what the truth was to Lucy. I was too afraid. She came home early one night and found me experimenting with her underwear. She was surprised and asked if I was a” tranny” (I am sorry but that was her word, ) She said that she thought this was weird but that she would still love me. I tried to explain that she had got it wrong and it was just an experiment — which it was. I then explained what I had always been too scared to say. I told her that I was a woman. This was absolutely horrendous — we both cried all night. She wouldn’t let me make love to her. I explained that I was a lesbian and that I had tried to make her understand before with hints. We broke up. I love her and she loves me. But she denies my existence as a person. Her intolerance ended our life together and our hopes for a future and a family. I cry as I write this

I decided to just keep this secret but resolved that I would not lie when it came to love. Well, I did explain to Jane a university friend who was a lesbian and very right on (or so I thought). She just laughed in my face. She said you are a big strapping man. Not even a little bit camp. You are a man. I cry again . She was my friend. And this is why I use the word Terf. They say they are radical feminists but want to exclude trans woman. So, therefore, the cap fits they are T(rans) E(xclusionary) R(adical) F(eminists). If you don’t like the word then stop denying that some women exist or have basic rights


"you are a big strapping man. not even a little bit camp. you are a man." HAHAHAHA

No. 442791

The screenshot is from Susan's Place, a troon forum.

No. 442792

Straight men who like TiMs are always closeted troons. Every single one I've ever met or seen online has later come out as MTF.

No. 442793

Ok, gonna say why?

No. 442795

a lesbian or straight man saying they are into tims is definitely bisexual. there is no such thing as a feminine penis.

No. 442796

Jesus. Right. Women are severely ridiculed, tortured, and killed just for being women instead. I’m not even going to touch the rest. Don’t have the mental energy this morning.

No. 442806

Really? Because my ex is really into mtfs and he even slept with some off of craigslist (super gross and I am glad it was after we broke up and I hope he got tested). He doesn’t show any signs of wanting to be one himself. What are some sins besides fetishizing troons?

No. 442807



No. 442809

God I want Frances Bean to call this cunt out. Can't these idiots see how hard they're reinforcing gender stereotypes by saying a man who rebelled against stereotypical machismo and related more to femininity is actually a woman??? It's so fucking toxic. The fact they're brainwashing literal children with this shit, "if you like trucks, you're a boy and should start puberty blockers ASAP. Oh don't worry about it, they're reversible!!" Fucks sake I peak every day.

No. 442813

Spend enough time with troons online or off and eventually you'll just get a sense for it. It's a vibe they give off. But generally tell-tale signs are:

Cluster B personality disorders like NPD
Really liking anime, particularly waifushit like K-On or Love Live
Being into programming
Being into video games particularly autistic shit like Sonic or speedrunning
Having extreme political views, whether extreme left or extreme right

Obviously none of these are 100%, it's not like every autistic person is trans or whatever. But the more of these a man hits on a checklist the more likely it is he'll troon out.

No. 442867

White TiMs need to get their head out of their sorry self-mutilated holes they call “vaginas”

Just because we have better “natal” privileges doesn’t mean the violence against women stop. My family came from a country where sexual assault is a regular occurrence and raping ones daughter is justified. I don’t give a fuck if these TiMs are crying over lesbians not wanting to suck their girlcock.

What’s the point in making sisterhood when they’re borderline propagating tranny supremacy? A real woman wouldn’t declare to the world that her “feminine” cock makes her more of a woman that women who are born women and are embracing it.

No. 442904

tfw a cute tall skinny guy with long blonde hair I used to have a massive crush on brought something up about transphobia being bad once and then later came out to me as being "a woman" and "in love" with me

if a guy brings up trans stuff and isn't against trannies, he's a transbian

No. 442925

Every trait in this is the fucking truth. I've met like 3-4 people who fit this mould exactly, and they're all insufferable, self-obsessed narcs even outside of being trannies.

No. 442938

Not the anon you’re responding to but I find your claim to be interesting. I thought the stereotyoe was that bisexual people—both men and women—usually have a preference toward men. That’s why lesbians often think bisexual women will leave for a long-term relationship with a guy in the end, and that it’s commonly assumed that bisexual men are gay guys who aren’t fully out of the closet (there are quite a few examples of gay male celebrities who would “come out” as bisexual first).

No. 442943

kek I was just listening to a troon commie talking politics on discord and automatically said "of course" when they started talking about anime.

No. 442951

Wow where to start
>women never had to suffer like trans women
Yet millions of girls and women are targeted for human/sex trafficking, rape and murder every day

>"ability" to have kids

Even when they're playing women, men still hate that women are able to grow, carry and have children

>women are obselete trans women are the future

>2019 and trans women are begging for women to give up their uterus and ovaries for them
>2019 and more people are less tolerant towards them

No. 442952

These stereotypes have pretty much fit these these two troons that I know of, as well as a bi guy I know who has a thing for TiMs. However this list would really only apply to AGPs and AGP sympathizers. HSTS usually start out early on but there are definitely some that come around later. Grown men that will potentially become HSTS usually embody those of of a super femme gay guy.

No. 442965


Yeah I definitely think the preference for bisexuals is towards men as well, at least as far as I have seen

No. 442966

Lmao and third-wave feminists try to argue that women’s oppression has nothing to do with their biology. Women are just oppressed by men because women are feminine and men hate femininity for unknown reasons. And of course trannies get treated worse because they’re feminine men!

No. 442968

People really overuse TERF because a lot of those who disagree with the trans rights movement aren’t radical feminists at all. I saw Beyoncé get called a TERF because she took photos of her pregnant belly but she’s actually a lipstick feminist and apparently Trump is a TERF too.

No. 442969

That's the stereotype, yes. It's born out of misogyny though. In my experience it's not actually true.

No. 442971

Women don’t have natal privileges, being female is exactly why they are oppressed and you can’t be privileged on the same acid you are oppressed for. Trannies don’t seem to get this and believe in shit like AFAB privilege. Do people even understand what privilege means?

No. 442972

No. 442973

Lmao. I don't think so, Tim.

No. 442974

Yeah most bi people I have met have a preference for men. What’s the reason behind there being so many bi women but so few bi men?

No. 442975

Late to the party since I haven't been on lc much this week, but as soon as I saw the news about this said "Seattle woman" I knew it was a tranny.

No. 442977

The future is gonna sick for women when they finish work uterine replicators and growing womb transplants with some MRAs happy about how women now have no purpose. Men have always hated but needed to control women for their reproductive capabilities. Patriarchy was built on womb envy.

No. 442978

Bi women are more accepted because straight men fetishize us while bi men are looked down upon as less of a man.

No. 442980

There’s a pressure for men to pick a “side” and for women to remain sexually available for men. This might be due to the belief that men are solid in their sexualities while women are ~fluid~. The research behind this is still in its infancy. Ray Blanchard actually mentioned how men show sexual arousal to a few images while women show a broader range (with TiMs having arousal matching up with men and not women). Blanchard said one of his colleagues speculated that the female arousal pattern could be because women evolved to be “ready” for sexual activities to protect them from the damage of sexual violence. There are some studies and hypotheses about how thousands of years of men raping women influenced human development but I get too disgusted to read it. Like, why on earth are women more likely to conceive through rape than through consensual intercourse?

No. 442987

Either bi or just straight. I know a girl who started calling herself lesbian like crazy when she started dating a troon. No word of any past partners or being lesbian before this troon, so it's basically up in the air for a couple people.

No. 442988

Trannies always show their ass when they attack non-white women, because it always looks bad. >>441592
Yup, this is what made me peak 100% I try and cope by saying that once western civilization falls because of this shit (because no one else is this retarded), others will look at this as to what NOT TO DO.

Imagine explaining this to my grandkids.

No. 442991

Can anyone explain why celebrities especially women pander to the trans community?

No. 442992

Some Tumblr “lesbians” in those radical kweer communities are obsessed with cock, calling themselves non-binary and they call male fictional characters their husbandos but they blame their crushes on “comp het”. Fucking bizarre website.

Have you see the white man who says he identifies a Muslim woman and gets aroused by doing haram things.

No. 442993

Women are socialised to crave male attention and female celebs do that even more so but because trannies are “oppressed” and “actually women” it looks woke to pander to them.

No. 443002

>completely misses the point
>refers to yaniv as "she"
>waah i am the victim in this situation, not all troons are predators!1!1!! in fact, people of every gender can be predators (though statistics show it's mainly men who prey on children hmm)

No. 443005

Not surprised because Kat’s twitter was full of him thinking that the screenshots of Yaniv harassing underage girls were faked

No. 443007

My husband and I discuss having kids sometimes, but one of my biggest fears is that they are going to get wrapped up in this troon shit. It’s a mass societal brainwash and it seems inescapable unless you leave western society.

I don’t have anything against trans people personally (the ones I’ve met seem ok), but I’m terrified my kids are going to try to “transition” at a young age because of this brainwash and I don’t think it’s right to subject a young person to all these procedures for no medical reason. Is there a solution to any of this for future generations? Everyday my desire to reproduce lessens because of how fucked our society is.

No. 443012

Raise your children to be gender critical. I was adopted by a second-wave radical feminist lesbian couple. I was surrounded by other women all the time and was very prejudiced towards transgender people which I sometimes felt bad about but then after 2012 with “fourth wave feminism” becoming a thing, I don’t feel bad at all. Anybody else have radfem moms?

No. 443020

How you raise your kids doesn't guarantee jack shit.

This is a huge fear of mine too, especially since my country seems to be headed in the direction of not even allowing parents the right to decide whether their kids can transition. Having a child troon out is bad enough, but being legally forced to let them to take puberty blockers and hormones is an absolute nightmare.

No. 443028

You might as well get yourself tested and pray you don't have STDs.

No. 443033

Speaking of parents being forced to oet their kids physically transition, this article makes ke wanna cry.


Some key parts
>parents in the US having their kids removed for not allowing their kids to be put on hormones or blockers
>pro-trans doctors suggesting kids start puberty blockers at 11 and undergo SRS at 18 even though it's estimated at least 75% of children believed to have gender dysphoria grow out of it
>despite these statistics some "gender confirming" medical clinics approve 100% of child patients to start medically transitioning
>parents not allowed in any doctors interviews with their kids and are not included in any medical decisions that are made for them
>doctors refusing to perform SRS and hormone treatments under concern for patient's wellbeing are starting to be prosecuted for "discrimination"

The fact that parents don't even yave the right to resist their children mutilating their bodies and beibg sterilized by quacks should make any sane person become childfree.

No. 443036

Don’t have kids. You can’t control them. You can definitely influence them by raising them differently. You can always tell which kids have shifty parents.

No. 443037

>linking to the heritage foundation

No. 443041

What does the source matter if the facts are legit?

No. 443045

You do realize how the Heritage Foundation has been infiltrating radfem spaces for years now and a lot of the newer “radfems” in the movement are really just terfservatives. They’ve been funding WoLF to stop talking about climate change and abortion to focus on just trannies.

No. 443046

They’re neocons. Anything they say against trannies is linked to homophobia because conservatives don’t see the two as any different. They also fund and put plants in radical feminist societies.

No. 443050

Kay, but all the articles about Yaniv came fron far right sources and I didn't see anyone complaining about that. It's extremely difficult to find articles about this stuff from non-right sources.

No. 443052

Most of the shit Yaniv pulled was dug up by twitter snoops. Then it was just copy pasted by rightist blogs because the left is afraid of offending the trans lobby. I don’t care for those other conservative blogs but the Heritage Foundation is a serious threat with how they have been blocking radfems from participating in pro-choice rallies but encouraging them to do anti self-id protests.

No. 443054

I’m pretty sure the Heritage Foundation is way more powerful than fucking Spiked

No. 443057

Thought you all would like this.

Black TIM tells black women to do something about black men.

Thank god most black women don't put up with their bullshit.

No. 443058

Black women are always getting shat on by black men and men of different races so a black TiM shitting on black women is no different.

No. 443059

File: 1564793619150.png (88.65 KB, 1192x569, 4bd75b14e94c6ef7baaf8d8ca53632…)

Browsing /lgbt/ gives me cancer

No. 443061

They are men and like all men they are socialised to blame women for all their problems. They pick on women since they are a much easier target. They always expect women to be nice to them and cater to their desires women (or AFABs as they call them) are the inferior sex born into a life of servitude to men.

No. 443063

The extremely gender critical comment section under that video makes me so happy.

No. 443066

>thought you were a transbian until you lost to a dick
More like you were secretly bi with internalised homophobia so you would be disgusted by the thought of liking a man until you realized that lesbians hated dick and only chasers liked you kek

No. 443067

I actually know this TiM in a relationship with a man and I think he's straight and not some HSTS. He always talks about how he hates having sex with his boyfriend and wants a girlfriend but also at the same time he wants to live this fantasy of being a girl by having a relationship with a man and getting money from him and being ~pampered~. He said the relationship was "gender-affirming" to him.

No. 443071

the part in this video where kat claims that the press is trying to make yaniv look like a well known activist is funny, because gender critical circles have been discussing him the last year(ish?), fully aware that he is a very determined nobody with a lot of time on his hands.
sounds like kat. i used to follow him pretty closely before i hit peak trans. he's incredibly histrionic. (shocking, i know.)

No. 443072

File: 1564796844245.png (18.1 KB, 893x198, 1892092.PNG)

What's with lefties always pointing out how 4chan is an alt-right cesspool full of racism and misogyny focusing on /pol/ and /r9k/, and even fucking /his/ but nobody bothering to talk about what's going on at /tttt/.

No. 443073

black girls don't fuck with that bullshit.

No. 443074

True, Nigeria has a growing radical feminist community and the mainstream view is that trans women are not women. It's too bad when a prominent Nigerian feminist brought this up, a bunch of Western white feminists (the literal, racist, ignorant white feminists and not the tumblr brand "ur a white feminist bcuz u don't like beyonce") started shitting on her and then you had fucking white TiMs angry at her for not being "intersectional".

No. 443076

Hah you think it being the LGBT board they would at least look into it since the left is obsessed with LGBT shit.

No. 443080

File: 1564797668269.png (242.48 KB, 3025x1845, 1564794918132.png)

I'm glad I don't support GLAAD anymore

No. 443081

jfc, how did it get this bad?!

No. 443082

These types of westerners love to push a narrative how the black community is more transphobic and homophobic than any other race, which is absurd, because that statement is just going against what they're all about. I think they just love to hide the fact most black women are GC, non western or not, they trust and know science.

No. 443084

Controversial opinion but I think most men are some type of fucked up 'AGP'. And no, I don't even think it comes from pornsickness, I think this is something inherent to misogyny

No. 443085

I'm happy about Nigeria and South Korea's budding radical feminist movements and the UK seems to have the strongest one. I'm very worried about Argentine radfems though since kweer theory has hijacked their mainstream feminist movement with radfem getting intimated and attacked by troons when they speak out. There's also Canada…holy shit Canada is a mess…why is it like that?

No. 443087

I get sick of all the white TiM who cherrypick the death stats of murdered black TiMs (who mostly live in poor neighborhoods and are nearly always involved in sex work) to go "Look, see! Trans women are the most vulnerable minority ever! I am always at risk of VIOLENCE!"

No. 443089

File: 1564799243549.png (115.55 KB, 764x570, 1982021982.PNG)

I'm surprised they're actually being logical for once.

No. 443091

>the gay and lesbian alliance against defamation
>no longer talking about gays and lesbians

No. 443092

that /lgbt/ thread on a recent black TIM was eye-opening because white TIMs extrapolated it to "all blacks are subhuman" shit again and saying they where the equivalent to black women while calling them apes at the same time. Fucking disgusting.

No. 443095

Some white TiMs hate black women because black women don't fit in with the idealised and stereotypical version of white feminine beauty yet they are still real women while TiMs are not. They want to act like "transmisogyny" is a valid thing with a long history and that any white TiM is more oppressed than a black woman even though black women were enslaved for hundreds of years, and constantly being raped and gave birth to loads of children just to make their masters more money.

No. 443099

It's so weird to see white troons using black feminist/womanist terms like "intersectionality" and "white feminism" for their own activism while shitting all over black women. Black women often describe themselves as having a strange relationship to femininity because they often aren't seen as feminine but animalistic and masculine. You have troons going "wow that's just like me" and appropriating this experience of femininity. Now they will say "trans women are valid because not all women experience femininity in the same way! black, white, and trans women are all different but still equally women!"

Repeat this enough in SJW circles and exile anyone who disagrees to get a brainwashed cult.

No. 443101

File: 1564801293153.png (14.22 KB, 621x232, 21281098.PNG)

Do you agree that being HSTS is a result of internalised homophobia? Is gender dysphoria the primary reason for transition like many trannies say it is? Is dysphoria even a valid inborn medical condition or is it a combination of other mental illnesses and social factors?

No. 443102

anyone can be dysphoric, it just means you have extremely negative feelings about parts of your body, sometimes even violent. but these are always accompanied by some kind of other mental issue like depression, or a psychosis of some kind. both of which need to be worked out. dysphoria is never going to be the main reason for transition.

No. 443104

I think HSTS wouldn't transition if the world had no problem with gender non-conforming gay men and lesbians. To be accepted a lot of gay men and lesbians tried to emphasize that most homosexuals acted just like straight people but with a different sexual orientation. Media attempted to normalize gay people as the camp gay portrayal used to be common but now you see the "straight acting" gay men has become the norm and butch lesbians are almost non-existent with most lesbians being lipsticks. I feel like this makes it worse for GNC gays though because they aren't "straight acting" and with the huge boom of the trans rights movement, it pushes them further to transition.

No. 443106

What's the reason for gay people to be more likely to be GNC?

No. 443108


God it’s irritating as fuck

No. 443109

This is really difficult to answer. On one hand some believe gender is a social construct but on the other hand some science shows that some parts of sexed social behavior (which make up gender performance) is actually biological. A lot of toddlers who are GNC end up identifying as gay when they get older.

No. 443113

File: 1564802979540.jpg (50.92 KB, 265x207, Screenshot_20190802-202634_You…)

Damn it's been a while since I've come across Kat Blaque, but his new look is terrifying. Didn't think getting rid of the large granny glasses would make such a difference. I thought he was more passable for a troon but he looks super uncanny now.

No. 443114

I don't know. I always just thought gay kids would more likely feel indifferent to all the heterosexual stuff shoved into their faces compared to their straight friends which would make them feel weird and isolated so they would end up with more peculiar interests and outlooks on life. Maybe they are less likely to conform to gender because they are aware that gender performance is very heterosexual and they have no goal of impressing the opposite sex by looking and acting a certain way.

No. 443133

What do you mean by that?

No. 443134

They both suck but AGPs are so much creepier.

No. 443140

The L Word reboot is called The L Word: Generation Q.
There is, so far one tif (w/e honestly) and two tims (gross) in the cast. jamie clayton from sense8 is one of them.
(i only skimmed the article, there could be more shit in there, ontd doesn't read etc.)

i've been aware of kat since 2012ish and he's always had this dead behind the eyes look to him, even in selfies and tumbnails that are supposed to look animated. It even stood out to me when I was a libfem, "sisters not ~cisters" type.

No. 443147

File: 1564811607728.jpg (557.1 KB, 1736x864, uwu.jpg)

"kill your local terf"

No. 443149

Is he an HSTS because he doesn’t have the same creepy vibe to him like Hontra

No. 443153

Non-binary sorta is the new emo

No. 443154

Ray is turning himself into a meme with all these goofy studies on anime and goth kids. So embarrassing.

You just KNOW trannies are going to try and use his weird studies as a means of discrediting the more serious ones.

No. 443156

Does /lgbt/ like Ray because they’re obsessed with posting about him all the time

No. 443163

File: 1564814016231.gif (1.91 MB, 360x202, hive of scum and villiany.gif)

One "liberal" view does not a liberal make. Support/fetishization of trannies is literally the only liberal view most 4channers have.

The perverts on /tttt/ are literally just alt-right or apolitical AGP troons who hate women because they know they'll never be women. It's not rocket science.

They're assmad because somebody with scientific clout is revealing them to be the misogynistic degenerates they really are. 90% of the people on /lgbt/ are neckbeard troonbians.

No. 443166

From what I can remember Kat was in a serious relationship with a man a few years ago. And earlier this year he made a video talking about how he's in a polyamorous relationship with two other men. So I'm pretty sure he's exclusively attracted to men, but I could be wrong.

No. 443176

I really thought i was the only person who saw how massively disproportionate the fgc was with troons. it's ridiculous how many transbians are at EVO, lmao

No. 443177

I've never watched the show but I read that it panders towards men. Sad how female sexuality is always in the control of men.
>The show was supposedly aimed at a female audience. However, it garnered a very large straight male fanbase mainly through extensive sex scenes, reducing gay guys to background extras, making one of the girls bisexual (which ensured a straight guy would participate from time to time) and making straight guys prominent in the supporting cast. Actual lesbians didn't miss that and often denounced the whole show because of the blatant pandering.

No. 443178

Isn't the L Word a show about lesbians? If that is the case why do they have TiF characters since tumblr believes TiFs are men and they always get mad if people say trans men are like butch lesbians.

No. 443180

So it goes from pandering to men to pandering to troons (also men).

No. 443183

lots of tifs stay within the lesbian community because they'd been lesbians beforehand, so all their friends and girlfriends are lesbians too. turns it into a semantic problem when your butch gf decides she's a trans man one day but 'he' keeps on dating you and other lesbians.

you're right that tims and tumblr do hate them though. he/him lesbians get a lot of slander especially from jealous tims

No. 443189

>he/him lesbians
What the hell is that?

No. 443191

File: 1564821006593.png (88.17 KB, 900x356, what the hell.PNG)

I'm on /tttt/ right now and there's a tranny going on about how he wants to go off hormones for a while to become fertile again and then find a girl to impregnate and start a family with before going back to transitioning. Gross.
>is tranny
>wants a family centric wife

No. 443204

two types

1) proper he/him lesbians who use he/him pronouns whether as part of the butch act, because they're a troon, or both. leslie feinberg was this sort of lesbian. on about 10 levels of ideology and special snowflakedom.

2) the actually widespread type: trans men who don't identify as lesbians but still exclusively date and befriend lesbians. earn disparaging comments from tims and tim-handmaidens because they are far more desirable partners to lesbians than transbians

No. 443219

He wants a “family-centric” woman because even though he’d call himself the kids’ mother, he’s not going to do an iota of childcare. TiMs with families are always stereotypical deadbeat dads but instead of neglecting their children to watch football they’re in their bedroom masturbating in lingerie. Having a “female brain” for these guys only extends to wanting to be a sex object, it doesn’t make them want to do any childcare or housework or other stereotypical women’s work. That’s what menstruators are for!

No. 443225

His first mistake was trying to say he passes.

No. 443231

Drag kings do that. Like how drag queens are gay men who use feminine pronouns as part of their lifestyle.

No. 443240

File: 1564831922180.png (3.39 MB, 1152x2048, rTlRa1c.png)

What the hell. I started dating women BECAUSE they're family centric. Most women want families, and the ones that don't are usually nurturing in some other way such as caring for plants, animals, or being in charge in some high position dealing with people like being a manager. I know damn well he doesn't want a family, he just wants to get a woman pregnant have her raise the product for him. "Having a family," actually means "having" them: feeding them, clothing them, putting a roof over their head. Ya know, the same way you'd "have" a guest. Most women probably sense that he's "one of those" and avoids him like the plague.

No. 443241

That's harrowing. I hope the HoC isn't so stupid as to allow this kind of behaviour to fly, but unfortunately we all know this is not the case.
British men cannot sleep without being oppressive gobshites and will stop at nothing until they achieve total control it seems.

No. 443245

>That tweet
Go back to the Pink pill thread(why don't you go back to Reddit, necesssaryspeed4)

No. 443246

Lol I went through the thread and he wants to impregnate a lesbian (why the hell is this so common) and the anons are debating over whether lesbians like penis or not.

No. 443247

As if there is anything to debate. I weep for the future of humanity.

No. 443248

Nayrt but a lot of them on /tttt/ are far-leftists, they've posted tons of things indicating they overlap with communist lolicon goon tranny twitter (for lack of a better description) and they're infamous on 4chan itself for astroturfing lefty/pol/ stuff and trying to convert incels to troon-dom (hence the 'dilate' slur). They just bring out their true sexist and racist face when they're around men opposed to their 'comrades'

No. 443250

They only like communism because they want free gibs like meds and not having to work. If they lived during Stalin's time they would have been killed for bourgeoisie degeneracy.

No. 443255

Can confirm, I know tons of leftist men who go on /tttt/ while at the same time attempt to bash the rest of 4ch. It also shows when a GC posts in a troon thread they cower and start spewing "yikes dude this is mean wtf go somewhere else" like literal tone of voice changes when an "outsider" invades their fetish paradise.

No. 443256

Agreed but I think it also goes into how troons are control freaks. I want far-left women to be careful. One communist party in the US literally went bankrupt because the troon leader spent money on hiring prostitutes for himself and coercing women into 'orgies'

Yeah whenever they sense the presence of a 'TERF' they go from spewing the n-word liberally to becoming tumblr personified in 2 seconds. Any man who hates troons and is obviously from /pol/ gets treated with kiddy gloves and coyness or 'debate'

No. 443259

Anyone here posts in /clg/? Seeing troons having the whole /lgbt/ board to themselves and yet still coming to the only "cis" lesbian general to shitpost, attention seek and then complain when anons kick them out makes me peak every time

No. 443265

Sorry if this has been posted already. But this is so sad because it's obvious the older brother has autism and the younger one is just copying him.

No. 443275

Dad seems to be autistic as well. He probably contributed to pushing the gender transition.

No. 443281

My parents are leftwing normies who have very little time for gender roles. they're not perfect, my mother still has to be the one to organise and remember everything, but because she was the brains/main breadwinner while dad was the nurturer who was equally comfortable being feminine and masculine, I grew up paying gendershit zero mind. actually, I thought the rest of the world was weird and we were the normal ones.

granted, this was in the nineties/00s, but keep your kid's away from tv and monitor their internet access carefully and things should be fine.

No. 443283

>cis women are inferior to transwomen and they know it
My sides. These people are so delusional it's tragic.

No. 443284

My mom wasn't a leftie but she grew up in soft commie Yugoslavia (and is proud of the fact) where she was taught that she is equal to any man in terms of rights and position in society. She's got issues out the wazoo but I'll be damned if I'm not grateful to her and my dad for raising me to be whoever I want and live unapologetically, it's helped me so much growing up, especially since I also had to face a lot of xenophobia and bigotry from childhood due to being from a "bad" country and fleeing a war where we were considered "bad guys".

As a teen I was ashamed of my body thanks to the media, I didn't want men ogling me or people laughing at me for having the body I had (being hairy and having a unibrow), so for a while I actually thought I was trans because my dumb ass drank the tumblr internet koolaid and cried about it a lot. I passed relatively well and my mom let me wear boys' clothes but both my parents sat me down one day and asked me what I meant by "I feel like a boy" and how do I think boys feel that girls don't.

My mom let me wear whatever I want but said that girls can look and feel however they want, their gender, nationality, etc doesn't define them, and that I should only do and wear what I want and what I'm comfortable in, that my body and brain can do wonderful things and I should enjoy it, not be afraid or ashamed of it.

I slowly started wearing bras and dresses years after and I'm so lucky to have my mom, especially back when it was hard. My grandma was a dictator parent and mom tried so hard to do it right. If you let your kids know that they're okay just the way they are and be there for them, I'm sure they'll appreciate you and love you when they grow up.

No. 443300

He made a video recently about him not being "queer". (By which he meant only attracted to men.) He has another one that I haven't watched about why he "prefers" bi men. Hmm I wonder why that might be?

No. 443311

TRA liberals are actually projecting the entire time they accuse GC women of being racist.

No. 443316

>Women's desired to be dicked is more powerful than anything else
>Also I totally have a woman's brain stuck in the wrong body uwu
AGPs sure love outing themselves as sex-obsessed misogynists.

No. 443323

I love their reaction! Exactly, we're not "cis" women, we're just women, we're normal. Because that's what they are, abnormal, freaks of nature.
Sadly saying this as a straight white girl would make you literally a nazi…

No. 443353

This tampon ad is everything.

No. 443357

Not eye-opening at all, because IME trannies are very racist and sexist. They equate black females bodies with males which is racist and has been since slavery. They think that since they’re trans, they can get away with calling women bitches or black people niggers.

No. 443359

see, if i didn't know this was a tranny i'd think the commerical is weak, but since it is, go NZ!

No. 443415

LOVE Chrisy. She's opened my eyes, man. For those that don't know the main aim of her channel is discussing colorism and how it affects dark-skinned black women in particular, while also promoting her magazine which aims to uplift them. She also earlier had a video about dark-skinned transwomen, who had privilege of a dark-skin man transitioning into a woman, then being the face of DSBW. This subsequently being bad for their image, as black women are largely masculinised by the mainstream media. I recommend.

No. 443419

There is definitely racism in GC circles (which they don’t like to admit) but it’s a hell of a lot better than the loony TRA shit.

No. 443420

I love that the people getting butthurt at this ad are essentially defending the stance that wearing more makeup makes you more of a woman. So much misogyny.

No. 443422

File: 1564873910282.png (70.81 KB, 720x714, Screenshot_2019-08-03-15-08-22…)

I love the comments on this video

No. 443423

I wouldn't even have known the one on the left was trans if I had seen this ad in the wild. I'd have just thought it's a "Less is more" message (especially when you compare their makeup).
It's funny and pretty good knowing the full story, though.

No. 443428

This is the consequence of the left being completely fucking silent and the right filling the void. They can pretend Yaniv is just a boogy-man.

No. 443430

>I wouldn't even have known the one on the left was trans if I had seen this ad in the wild.
Seriously? Look at his upper body and narrow hips in comparison. Tall women aren't built like that lol.

No. 443433

I used to hate my periods but it’s become a weird source of pride for me that I have them now that I know troons don’t have them but keep seething about how they wish they did. I mean, periods are still messy and hurt like hell but they also give me a strange sense of pride in being a woman. Just posting about menstruation on twitter is enough to trigger troons and seeing how men have always seen periods as weakness and disgusting it also make s me want to celebrate them.

No. 443436

‘Cis’ is only useful for trannies, I don’t know why such a tiny minority expects everybody in the world to identify with that label when they will never even meet a tranny nor does the ‘cis’ label play any meaningful role in their life. It’s like expecting all non-Jewish people in the world to identify as gentiles lmao. It’s useful for Jews but not for anybody else.

No. 443440

Are you kidding? They look like a sad drag queen.

No. 443447

I guess if you only pay attention to the face he could pass with all of that makeup caked on. I can see a woman with that facial structure but that silhouette is unmistakably male. Even thin, broad-shouldered women have hips that look proportional to their bodies.

No. 443449

Thanks for this rec anon, I'm really liking her channel!

No. 443456

File: 1564881386920.png (417.61 KB, 1726x1220, file.png)

Laverne left a comment on the video.

No. 443460

>Nothing but love!
I dunno, but I feel whenever people say that and similar, you know their response is only because the other person is right.

No. 443462

Laverne is annoying but I guess not a completely delusional creep like some trannies.

No. 443465

I think he’s HSTS so an insufferable caricature of women but not out there trying to violate women

No. 443467

I wish. My mom likes to go around calling herself a feminist lately but I'm certain it's something she's picked up from liberal spaces on Facebook. I did have one discussion with her about radical feminism core concepts but I don't think it really stuck. "Pop feminism" is kind of cancerous.

No. 443472

>defended a guy who raped and killed a little black girl because the murderer was trans
>not a delusional creep
Afraid not friend.

No. 443491

No. 443494


Are you fucking blind? Hahahahah

No. 443496


Exactly. All troons are creeps. Laverne is trash.

No. 443517

Has anyone heard about Victoria’s Secret new trans model?

No. 443541

File: 1564897608821.jpg (218.02 KB, 2000x1000, img.jpg)

from his wiki:
>At 8 years of age, her psychologist understood her to be transgender. At the age of 10, she became Valentina.

sad. and he still ended up looking male af. he is striking, (moreso than most trans ~moduls i've seen) but he's clearly not female.

No. 443543

File: 1564897638428.jpg (147.39 KB, 800x1200, asla_lb_n43_0034.jpg)

No. 443546

Its always the muscular horse legs that give it away

No. 443563

He passes now (well, in some pictures) but give him 15 years and watch him get male pattern baldness. Troons never age well and get more masculine looking with age.

No. 443575

Passing in pictures means nothing tbh, once you see trannies in action they're always clockable

No. 443579

File: 1564908232411.jpg (75.72 KB, 1036x998, 1564866863122.jpg)

Well…this will be fun.

No. 443580

How could anyone with an ugly body like that model underwear? He looks terrible which only proves that VS is doing a pr stunt so they can look inclusive.

No. 443583

File: 1564909038026.png (41.62 KB, 752x447, 1564889154165.png)

No. 443586

File: 1564910185732.jpg (70.88 KB, 979x654, cert.jpg)

Do you have a certificate?

No. 443589

I like that is says gender not sex. lul. No one believes these trannies.

No. 443628

A normal person would simply need their birth certificate and not some uwu special gender certificate…

No. 443643


I don’t think that’s him is it? That’s someone else

No. 443644

File: 1564924850494.jpeg (345.01 KB, 1118x1677, A5AAEB7E-08AF-4449-905F-2326AC…)

This is her

No. 443645

File: 1564924875508.jpeg (127.25 KB, 620x930, 37193865-CC4A-4A48-9E51-D5B0AA…)

And older untouched photo

No. 443646

File: 1564924949915.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, DE11A654-F31E-4F32-A83B-82B5FD…)

Here’s a body shot

No. 443651


Yeah this is definitely someone else haha

No. 443657

Anon, please. That's the manliest jawline I've seen in a while. What a Chad.

No. 443659

it looks gross. the skinwalking is beyond creepy.

No. 443664

Looks like George of the Jungle

No. 443706

The chin totally gives him away. If you cover that up it’s a bit better but damn.

No. 443741

File: 1564939163560.jpg (231.71 KB, 1080x1055, Screenshot_20190804-191200_Ins…)

Stef "bee stung lips" Sanjati is getting worse everyday, I remember a time when I wasn't GC yet and thought he was kinda wholesome and honest, preaching to embrace your own imperfections, but it seems like all he wants nowadays is to be a gross bimbo, he can't stop posting nudes of himself on insta with a ~deep~ caption underneath. It also doesn't help dat he is also bisexual, which gives me even more AGP vibes

No. 443745

Nikita honestly played himself for filming with bretman and his sister, the jealousy just reeks off him it’s amazing

No. 443747

File: 1564940986546.png (1.99 MB, 1080x1832, Screenshot_20190804-124833(1).…)

Why do troons like to post blatant r/thathappened about men fawning over a TRUE and HONEST woman doing stereotypical "man" stuff?

No. 443748

why are its eyes so far apart?

No. 443750

He has Waardenburg syndrome

No. 443753

I remember in one of his videos (don't remember which one) him saying that men tend to be surprised an intimidated by his intelligence because he's a "woman", pretty sexist if you ask me.

No. 443755

he's part of why i became gc. i used to just be 'whatever' about it but it was him talking about how he specifically went to thailand for his SRS because he liked the look of the neovaginas a certain doctor made…. and didn't like the 'style' done in the US. not only is it ridiculously offensive to biological women but it made me realise that it was never about gender dysphoria - otherwise why wouldn't you just take the earliest available option? no, they want to shop around for one that looks a certain way because they're fetishists.

(and in case you're wondering, yes, the US neovaginas had more pronounced labia and the thai ones were smoother innies)

No. 443756

File: 1564942310643.png (442.53 KB, 540x767, inline_pq9vby04rS1u4c1rh_540.p…)

No. 443764

It's deleted…

No. 443766

Why doesn't he talk to his retarded brothers. Everything black men do makes it black women's fault, even when they decide to cut of their dick, pretend to be black women, become strippers and get themselves killed by their own buddies. Fuck off troon.

No. 443767

>we don't want to erase or usrup you!

Bruh, no one said that except you…

No. 443768

Can't wait for Blaire to wipe the floor with Yaniv and for Youtube to try and shut them down, causing a Streisand effect

No. 443774

Seeing an AGP troon go after his sister for being a woman without any effort is so hilarious to me because it's the truth we've all been saying. Those comments calling him out give me hope that so many woman are entering their peak trans moment.

No. 443785

I'm under the impression that Nikita's more of an HSTS troon than an AGP one. He had the traits of a super flamboyant gay man prior to transitioning. Also Bretman deserves to be called out for not enabling and prioritizing a clout-chasing troon's narcissistic demands over that of his own sister.

No. 443789

Yeah Nikita is definitely a HSTS, most of these yaaass gawd slayy "women" are just gay men with issues, I mean it's in the name (homosexual transsexual) Even if eyeball freak boy Stef is supposedly bi now, he was originally an effeminate gay man.

No. 443820

the fuck is this retarded bitch doing crying about it in leddit, instead of doxxing this motherfucker, exposing this psycho piece of shit and his crappy posts and leaving his arse?? He unironically deserves to have his life ruined.

I genuinely hope she's underage or something and learns a good lesson from this, because I feel a weird mix of pity and yet discontent for women who are still this slow deep into adulthood. How do you even survive in this shit world if you are like this.

No. 443832

File: 1564954337041.png (19.04 KB, 469x130, 948523098745.png)

This comment took me out hahahahaha.

No. 443852

What’s with all the gay men turning bi when they become “women”? Same happened with that Balire White. I know they sexualise womanhood and themselves so are they also calling themselves bi because they don’t want to be a boring “straight woman” and bisexual women are fetishized. There’s this trend for straight girls to call themselves bi to impress men and make out with other girls at parties to impress them so I’m wondering if these HSTS are copying that.

No. 443859

Yeah that makes sense, also a lot of them blame it on the hormones as well

No. 443860

Yeah that makes sense, also a lot of them blame it on the hormones as well

No. 443862

They see Asian women as the most feminine so I wonder if this is is why so many white troons have anime obsessions

No. 443863

same for agp hontra, he's acting like hormones made him interested in men and it's a quite homophobic stance imo. did blaire really come out as bisexual lol

No. 443865

Just how much is sexual orientation influenced by hormones? I knew a butch lesbian who was transitioning and she started talking about how going on HRT made her feel sexual attraction to men.

No. 443867

Yeah Balire said he was 70% attracted to men and 30% attracted to women. He identified as an effeminate gay man in the last though.

No. 443869

No. 443879

i bet he said it to pander to his boyfriend's threesome fetish.

No. 443881

Most AGPs start off as straight men and then they become “lesbians” but then a lot begin to identify as bisexual later on. I’m wondering if this the influence of hormone or if they were always bi but its more socially accepted for men to identify as straight or gay but when they become “women” they start identifying as bi because it’s more socially accepted than being a lesbian and they want to be viewed as “open” like bi women. It could also be this massive delusion from pornography because they believe “all women are a little bi” and before they transition they often have fantasies of experiencing sex as a woman which to them is just getting pounded in the vagina by a giant penis and obviously lesbians aren’t into that.

No. 443882

Women sexualise women and feel aroused by women’s bodies even when they aren’t lesbian/bi because society sexualises women so much and then they internalise these feelings and also participating in self-objectification.

No. 443894

This is why Blanchard in his study said that women themselves experience AGP and not just troons. They sexualise being in a female body or the idea of it as sexualisation of femaleness is deeply ingrained within society.

No. 443896

Honestly, fuck Blanchard for allowing AGP men to start transitioning. Under the Harry Benjamin scale it used to only be HSTS who are generally not as insufferable or dangerous as AGP.

No. 443897

I'm sure he very much regrets the monster he named

No. 443899

HSTS are annoying but I think AGP are on a whole other level of awfulness.

No. 443900

HSTS transition to ideally attract heterosexual men which I believe is an extension to how a lot gay men have a huge for straight men. Like please lol, if your man is willing to date trannies or has a “thing” for them then he is bi and not straight.

No. 443903

*huge fetish

No. 443913


A lot I think. When fetuses attraction parts of their brains are being developed they’re shaped by hormones and people are gay because they don’t get enough or too much of whatever hormones and then they are born attracted to the same sex

No. 443916

HSTS also have AGP and a lot of gay men sexualise women too even if they aren’t attracted to them. You can see it in their portrayals of drag queens with the massive tits and exaggerated makeup and how gay men call their anuses their “boy pussy” or if they are bottoms then they are the “woman” in the relationship.

No. 443920

That’s pretty horrifying because if it’s hormonal then people could use that to medicalise homosexuals in conversion therapy.

No. 443925

File: 1564962298469.png (212.85 KB, 430x336, 198913823.png)

How are people turned on by someone who is the IRL troon version of pic related?

What an idiot. People are shocked by his "intelligence" because he looks inbred, not because he's dressed like a woman lmfao.

No. 443942

Men in general believe their penises are super powerful so they see taking someone’s virginity as a source of pride because their penis has “changed” somebody. They have big egos and are openly competitive with each other in being the “first” person at accomplishing something. There’s a lot of gay men who fantasize about “turning” straight men and being the first to insert a penis inside of them. Straight men have a fetish for “turning” lesbians too. Troons think that becoming “women” will give them sexual access to lesbians and a lot of them in particular want gold-stars so they can be the first penis one to insert a inside of them.

No. 443944

Men see sexual boundaries as a challenge they must overcome.

No. 443966

I swear to God I thought his necklace said "fetus"
God, he really thinks those lips look good. Didn't he recently admit he has a plastic surgery addiction?

No. 443970


It will definitely be possible in the future to alter attraction, once we learn more about the brain which we know very little so far right now. So it won’t be for a very long time

No. 443974

Looks like a troon version of Trisha Paytas. Those FAS eyes, kek.

No. 443975

Also possible for full SRS and implanted wombs, external wombs and advanced sex robots. The future is horrifying.

No. 443980


It will be absolutely insane. I hope when I leave this earth I never return

No. 443986

This is why I hope transhumanism reaches a stage where sex, religion, ethnicity or any other distinguishing features between humans will no longer exist and we all join one collective consciousness in a computer. The technology is changing but people don’t change so now we get this monstrous techno-misogyny. I can’t believe how little people are caring about deepfakes.

No. 443995

It's not FAS, it's Waardenburg syndrome, I get he has a medical condition but holy fuck he is one of the ugliest people I've ever seen. He's even had FFS already but no surgery can fix that freak face

No. 444014


He’s ugly as fuck. Who would want to sleep with him?

No. 444017

File: 1564977510765.png (20.94 KB, 494x143, robbie pls.png)

hes still trying to convince people kek

No. 444021

it's bc of the blaire white vs yaniv thing going on. besides, i dont hate blaire as much as the others tbh, i kinda pity him.

No. 444025

>it's bc of the blaire white vs yaniv thing
no shit sherlock. also blaire white is a huge hypocrite so.

No. 444026

>i want qt anime innie vagoo, not those ROASTIE ones in the west uwu
Typical male.

No. 444036

scrotes actually do shit like that all the time though. especially if there’s more than one or two of them present, they encourage each other’s retardation.

No. 444067

i like this "he is not actually trans!!" argument, as if transgenders are so pure and innocent they can't commit any crimes or be predators. yaniv is objectively trans and a disgusting pedophile. that's just the reality, blaire.

No. 444070

Lol trannies say everyone is trans as long as they identify that way until one of them does something extremely fucked up then their tranny credentials get questioned or status revoked. This is how they were able to swat away the feminists who were afraid that men would pretend to be trans to prey on vulnerable women and girls, they would just argue “that’s never happened and if it does then they aren’t trans”.

No. 444084

If he’s not a Real True Trans then how did he fool the Human Rights Tribunal, Twitter, Wordpress, various news organisations and who knows who else into treating him as such? It doesn’t matter whether he has “real” genderfeels on the inside, what matter is that it’s demonstrably easy for perverted men to use trans identity to prey on girls and women. He’s not the first man to do this and he won’t be the last. Regardless of whether or not he’s really trans, his victims were really harmed. But who cares about them when the trans community’s reputation is on the line!

Incidentally, this sort of thing is what led me to peak trans a few years ago. My Jfashion comm kept getting infiltrated by predatory sissies using trans identity to trample all over everyone else’s boundaries because “they’re trans, it’s just second puberty, don’t be a bigot”. Then when they were finally banned they suddenly weren’t really trans and woe is the poor innocent trans community, they’re the real victims here! No consideration for the girls who were sexually harassed and in some cases threatened with violence. Somehow because these men were considered fakers, their victims were not allowed to complain. Then a new creep claiming to be Brave and Stunning joins the comm and the cycle starts again, because we can only start to doubt someone’s transness after he has hurt a sufficient number of people.

No. 444087

People already tried. It didn't work. Look up Alan Turing or Gladys Bentley.

No. 444098

This is fake. "female brain" ok "Doctor" kek

No. 444105

Fucking hell, Wikipedia can’t even publish an article about Yaniv without troons deleting it or trying to block the process. Even RationalWiki used to be neutral towards radical feminism but it’s article is full of trash because it’s been infected by troons. They have such a tight grip on the way they’re discussed and play the victim.


No. 444132

Completely ignoring the suicide rates of troons and heroin addicts?

No. 444139

File: 1565000496910.jpg (75.89 KB, 1280x720, EBKpgwkUYAAt_M1.jpg)

Is he deleting tweets? Usually there would be way more people pointing out the hypocrisy. Why aren't his right wing neckbeard fans pissed that he's insinuating that only men can be predators?
Also, he really thinks that not being fat and having silicon tits and lips makes him more of a woman, does he?

No. 444143

Because 80% of MTFs have NPD.

No. 444156

Blaire identifies bisexual. Does he even still count as HSTS then? Or is he something new entirely…a BSTS, maybe?

No. 444158

He's bisexual? He said that he would never date someone that had a vagina (trans man, or "cis woman") in the Riley Dennis video.

No. 444171


That has to be a lie I don’t think he really is bisexual

No. 444215

I'm so tried of this bullshit about how trans people can't be pedophiles, so any tranny who happens to be a pedo is faking it. First of all, anyone can be a pedo, even ocassionally women are pedos. Second, this idea doesn't help the trans movement at all in the slightest. All they're doing is admitting how easy it is for predators to pretend to be trans to get bathroom/locker room access.

No. 444217

Was this in the lolita fashion community? We had a massive problem with this as well. The worst part was handmaidens shitting on everyone concerbed for being a ~kinkshaming bigot~ because how dare we not welcome ageplay obsessed sissies fetishizing the fashion with open arms.

No. 444259

I think HSTS turning "bi" is them shifting towards AGP territory. they always turn "bi" after significant feminization surgeries.

No. 444288

I just had to read "my enby kid (age 7)". Death, take me as soon as possible please

No. 444295

I hate how it’s empowering to be a TIM calling yourself cute all the time. When an actual woman does that, she’s conceited and „doesn’t look as good as she thinks“

No. 444297

the mental gymnastics is amazing. there's a tranny in my town who's been convicted several times for sexually abusing kids but guess he's not REALLY trans even though he had the surgeries!

No. 444300

File: 1565030475137.jpeg (374.97 KB, 1936x1936, 37C60ADB-0A5B-471A-8D5B-B1C5D9…)

No. 444301

As if you fuckers don’t get off on being asked this shit. These doctors play into your delusions for money

No. 444303

we dont think, we KNOW. ur shaved facial hair and five o clock shadow is visible lmao troons are irritating

No. 444306

This looks like when older sisters make their little brother put on a wig and makeup and girl clothes for laughs, but yeah, "we have no clue", champ.

No. 444308

>>444300 goddammit that picture is so fucking butt ugly. trust me "kat" no sane person would ever mistake you for a woman.

No. 444343

File: 1565037267565.gif (3.46 MB, 408x240, tenor.gif)

Sure Jan

No. 444351

File: 1565038495159.jpg (21.64 KB, 476x296, EA7K2iwUwAAT1GH.jpg)

this meme makes me crack up not bc it's actually funny but bc if you've actually seen any average troon speak about gender they'll literally say retarded shit like "i always 'felt' feminine bc as a child i didn't like playing rough with the other boys…i liked playing with dolls" like doing anything even slightly GNC is gonna change your genetic makeup or your genitals. if you read enough tranny logic and change a few buzzwords it literally sounds like a southern bigot's beliefs on gender.

trannies act like they're so enlightened about gender and then try to convince tomboy girls they're actually trans men bc they don't like feminine stuff, or convince boys who are more feminine and "submissive" they're actually secretly girls. how the fuck have they not been called out for spouting this grade A regressive bullshit in the name of "muh progreshun"? i've met plenty "cis" people who, gasp, thought that boys or girls doing gnc stuff didn't make them any less boys or girls bc not conforming to societal expectations of gender doesn't mean you suddenly stop being male or female, and you can literally just do whatever the hell you want whether your have a penis or a pussy bc who the fuck cares about your genitals regarding your personal interests.

No. 444352

File: 1565038495843.jpeg (81.66 KB, 750x535, 224B129C-7C36-49D0-ABE7-759730…)

No. 444354

File: 1565038616434.jpeg (Spoiler Image,150.94 KB, 749x930, 93F7A8A6-F818-468B-8D5E-22E590…)

No. 444355

let the shitshow… begin

No. 444358

File: 1565039002775.jpeg (Spoiler Image,161.07 KB, 749x962, 1889B5A5-212E-48CE-9F35-06CE5B…)

No. 444364

that hypothetical rape situation about blaire made me cringe so hard, especially considering blaire was an actual rape victim. yaniv is a fucking psychopath.

No. 444372

Your doctor was just following the imposed guidelines so that they didn't lose the job they have spent years studying hard for over """"transphobia"""".

No. 444375

The lolitas bear the brunt of the sissy onslaught but other fashions aren’t safe either. My comm has a handful of turbo-handmaids who worship contrapoints, insist AGP has been “debunked” and that the entire concept of sissies is transphobic fearmongering invented by terves. They’re so deep in the transcult that they believe “gender euphoria” is a real thing, so I think they’re a lost cause and avoid them as much as possible. Unfortunately one of them has taken a liking to me and kind of follows me around.

I mean, nothing’s stopping delusional men from taking birth control pills. I’ve heard about men who take their wife/sister/daughter’s pills in an attempt to grow breasts. If this happened at all (doubt.jpg), it still doesn’t necessarily mean the doctor has mistaken him for a real woman.

No. 444377

I knew a troon who said he took birth control pills because he thought they would feminize him, until he realized they didn't/wouldn't.

So IMO it isn't so inconceivable for a doctor to ask a troon this if the doctor knows troons tend to lack knowledge of endocrinology and might end up thinking birth control is any substitute for the estrogen in things like premarin.

My guess is that the doctor really did ask if the troon was on birth control, and of course he misinterpreted this as the doctor thinking he was female.

This isn't really a debate as much as it is Blaire going off on Jonathan and Jonathan denying he's done anything wrong.

No. 444380

This is fucking bonkers, nothing seems to actually be processed in Jon's thick skull. He also constantly changes subjects, then acts smug like he's so smart. Bizarro.

No. 444381

Yaniv is insane, he just pulled out a taser out of nowhere and now he's saying that BRITISH COLUMBIA of all places is a hellhole "extremely dangerous for trans people". He's insane

No. 444382

File: 1565042839272.png (656.43 KB, 1523x2048, Screenshot_20190805-180927.png)

Shitty troon of the day

No. 444383

File: 1565042866186.png (748.33 KB, 1878x2048, Screenshot_20190805-180957.png)

No. 444388

File: 1565043221247.png (314.42 KB, 760x556, Screenshot_20190805-173855.png)

He's so crazy and milky. When he did the bad accent (not even close to Indian).. I died.
I like that Blaire outright said he's likely committed sex crimes.

Oh and the illegal taser.

No. 444392

This was so cringy I had to take multiple breaks out of second hand embarrassement. I don't even know if Balldemort is just stupid or evil but it was like watching someone explain to a child why doing something is wrong.

Also that tazer. Imagine going to a public toilet and getting tazed by a man wearing a wig and a prom dress.

No. 444393

>idc if the trauma you've survived has made you sex repulsed

Ah yes, there it is.

No. 444394

The arm tattoo says TRANSBIAN. Just wow

No. 444399

Blanchard’s typology actually states that HSTS also have AGP because sexualisation of women is deeply embedded into society. He also said that TiFs don’t really have sexual fantasies about being in male bodies known as autoandrophilia but autohomoeroticism - a desire to be a gay man and have gay male sex lmao.

No. 444400

Yep its the "no true scotsman" fallacy, a really old argument. I'm hoping people will see through blaires bullshit and realise the truth.

No. 444406

I think one reason I peak transed was how people would always that trans men had privilege over trans women even though trans men get very little attention, are less entitled, have much less research done about them and also inferior medical care. If they were truly men then it would be other way around.

No. 444408

the yaniv shit is ruining me

when i was like 14/15 I went to an LGBT summer camp (my school counselor suggested it when I came out to her) it had swimming and they allowed us to have tops off with the same rules as the yaniv swim shit

we also had a BDSM workshop for fucking minors

like this was years ago and nobody gave a shit. it was already "bigoted" to suggest we keep our clothes on and not be exposed to BDSM so young.

i wasn't knowingly abused by counselors but other campers really fucked me up (thats a whole other peak trans story)

my parents had no clue and really just thought it was a normal sleep away camp for bullied gay kids and were trying to be supportive it makes me so sad

No. 444410

Considering they were the ancient Greeks they did indeed believe men were peak beauty

No. 444414

Wow. That's horrible.

No. 444443

wheeew blaire looks like a supermodel in comparison… what an unfortunate face.

No. 444451

Gigi Gorgeous identified as a gay man then as a straight woman then a bisexual woman and now a lesbian.

No. 444454

I hate trannies so much I recently was trying to be a good ally to a group of trannies and they accused me of being a chaser. I'm kinda glad so many of them are commiting suicide that might sound evil but they're fucking insufferable. I don't even consider myself a Feminist or a radfem but I think I peak transed

No. 444457


receptionist probably changed his gender to F on the system, so to get max billing the doctor's gotta ask if he's on BC.

No. 444468

File: 1565055973778.jpg (135.75 KB, 1242x1231, 765jb7zy07x21.jpg)

Is that a thing? (I'm not surprised though)

No. 444469

I know a lot of straight men who identified as transbians for a while before identifying as bi because one of the biggest AGP fantasies is to have straight sex but in a female body.

No. 444552

File: 1565076817350.png (72.94 KB, 778x579, smashmouth.PNG)

Just hwy, help out a kid with cancer or some other actual disease instead

No. 444563

I'm sure some of you are aware of queer kid stuff. the chick who makes it was invited to give an official ted talk. not a tedx talk that pretty much anyone can give. she talks like someone in a cult. it's so disturbing that she was given this platform.

No. 444573

Anyway, dicks are gross.

The line of thought here honestly seems to be "Criticizing ANYTHING about trans wimmin is transmisogynistic!" because the statement that dicks are gross doesn't imply anything about the gender of people with dicks. It just says dicks are gross.

No. 444594

What's with ukuleles Being the instrument of choice for Quirky~ Queer Kids?

No. 444601

I'm more surprised that Jonathan actually went on Blaire's channel rather than use his tech connections to silence her.

No. 444603

easy to play and it sounds cheery and inoffensive

No. 444606


She's a legit pedophile panderer. talking about children being "naturally" sexual and the "Consent Song" that she sings despite the fact no minor can "consent" to something that's illegal to happen to them

No. 444613

Wow, Blaire really didn't like him. Seems like we agree on something for once.

No. 444620

the consent song talks about hugs, not sex, you fucking walnut. yeah she’s a weirdo but blatantly lying makes you even worse.

No. 444624

They get angry when you talk about vaginas too because it's "TERF hate speech and erases the existence of transwimmin" regardless of the fact that penises have been seen as symbols of male power throughout multiple cultures while vaginas are seen as jokes or disgusting.

No. 444625

He hates Yaniv because he makes trannies look bad so he keeps trying to get Yaniv to admit he isn't trans.

No. 444627

You should definitely sue them. Protect other children from suffering the same faith. I'm sure if out come out publicly many others will follow.

No. 444629

This creature makes my skin crawl. She is beyond vile. Her whole channel is pedophilic indoctrination masquerading are lgtbq+ activism.

No. 444676

File: 1565091161193.jpeg (18.85 KB, 559x282, 68032D58-905B-4A2F-81B1-B8A3CE…)

This and the comments give me hope though.

No. 444708

File: 1565095210006.jpeg (275.62 KB, 750x1061, 667FE945-EA7B-4A1E-B0D3-706B82…)

he looks like josh from mr meaty lmao

No. 444711

Have you never heard of sex being described to children as an "adult hug"? It's something that can definitely be exploited by paedos, don't be so naive.

No. 444712

As in, he'd date anyone with a penis - a "cis" man or a trans woman. That would be bisexual, in Blaire's world.

No. 444713

File: 1565095917872.jpg (85.97 KB, 1842x1036, transmodel.jpg)

His face looks completely different in every photo, like a different person from picture to picture. I wonder why.

No. 444714

>>444711 Agreed. Especially since she talked about using metaphors in her videos.

No. 444790

File: 1565101434201.jpg (23.41 KB, 272x185, 26b.jpg)

Ahhhhhh, those pesky candids without filters, photoshop, professional lighting and photographers.

No. 444837


Why were you trying to be an ally and what did you do for them to think you were a chaser? Are you attracted to them?

No. 444838


It’s super weird. They’re good looking but I mean it’s all fake and unnatural so I don’t care if they’re attractive

No. 444872

Ok, what do you guys think about all the men who are now listing after that transgender Victoria’s Secret model? What do you think about men who are attracted to “passing” trannys? Are they still straight? Where do we draw the line?

Also, I feel really discouraged lately. It seems almost all the dudes I know are into trannys now. What the heck is going on?

No. 444883

I haven't met/seen any men who are lusting after the trans VS model.

No. 444886

That did come across, but I think he was genuine about being mad at Yaniv being a misogynist pedophile too. I disagree with him on most things, but it's not like this is the first time he's called out a man for being a creepy pedo, he did it with Onision too. And he called out Contra for saying neovaginas are the same as a "functioning vagina" because you can put a dick in them. He does have some sense.

No. 444892


I have. All over Facebook and her instagram page, go look

No. 444893


I don’t really know if they are straight

No. 444895

I was trying to hard to kiss up to them. God I hate them so much.

No. 444906

Blaire is one of the more honest trannies but he is a biological essentialist. Magdalen Berns responded to a video Blaire did a fee years ago where he kept arguing along the lines that gender roles are biological.

No. 444911

File: 1565113919126.png (69.31 KB, 956x251, Screenshot_20190806-124616(1).…)

Any other women anons ever been assumed to be trans because you weren't a smol soft pretty girl?
I had a friend who I found out was a chaser after realizing the only reason he started messaging me was because he thought I was a troon.

No. 444919

File: 1565114726289.jpeg (33.82 KB, 366x397, 9F53FE79-2DC7-475D-A16B-63BF86…)

Deleted and reposted because I inadvertently spoilers the image, i know this is old milk at this point but im watching Robbie debate JY and he keeps making that ugly AGP smile face when talking about messaging inappropriate things to young girls. It’s making me fucking ill I don’t know how much more of this I can watch

No. 444925

Why Brazil so full of trans?????

No. 444926

Once again with the Chad jawline. Women with strong jawlines are gorgeous, men with strong jawlines look like men despite hormones.

No. 444931

I’ve been mistaken for a guy at 5‘9 multiple times (and made fun of it) most likely cause my hair was shorter. This was the pretroon everywhere phase so who knows now a days. Being tall sucks, and I hate how you have to be short to be feminine.

No. 444933

Not sure if this is a derail, but I have a question that I'm not sure has been addressed a lot in any recent threads. Is imagining yourself as the opposite sex/wondering what it would be like a pretty normal thing to imagine as a curiosity thing or have as a purely sexual fantasy? I've met men who have wondered what it's like to be in my head when having sex, and I've wondered the same. I had a brief fakeboi phase, but these men didn't ever come close to trooning out. It's never gone too far beyond the goofy kid or teenage curiosity about what it's like on the other side or what sex feels like. What do you think differentiates AGP TiMs and regular men or what actually pushes it from what I described to AGP?

No. 444943

i'm not >>444469 op but jumping off of what you said: yes, being curious/imagining yourself as the opposite sex out of mere curiosity (bc it's something you've never experience before nor will you ever get to experience, and even if reincarnation is legit you won't have conscious memories of life as the Other) is a normal thing we've all wondered or are likely to wonder at some point in time.

the thing is: just because you casually wonder about life as another sex/gender or even wish you could've been born a man (bc even the most alienated of tradthots and handmaidens can admit that men get preferential treatment in our society) doesn't MAKE you a man, the same way a man wishing he were a woman doesn't making a woman. wishing to be something doesn't automatically make you something, and even if troons go to great lengths to "become" the Other (a man "becomes" a woman and viceversa) it never takes away the fact that you were originally raised as one and that you've experienced and will always experience the world in a different way than what you want to become. even if a man transitions into a woman and passes 100% they'll never genuinely get to experience what it's like Being A Woman, bc they weren't born and raised as a woman with a woman's body and all that it implies, socially and biologically; they'll get the Trans Woman experience, which is certainly different from a "Cis" Man experience, but it's not exactly what they had in mind. i think that's why troons try to delude themselves with the "trans women are women" rhethoric: they know nothing in the world can make them women when they've been born men, and that they'll never get to experience the world the way a born and raised woman was. and even if they could, why would you want to? being a woman fucking sucks half the time.

No. 444947

Not irl (thankfully). But nowadays when you write online that you're a girl who's 5'10 or has size 10 feet then people will immediately ask whether your'e trans. Especially in gendercritical spaces.

The trans agenda has made people more suspicious. Women who once were seen as simply tall or ugly are now accused of being men.

No. 444952

Tbh, I am guilty of this. My first thought when I see a very tall woman is to wonder if she's a troon.

No. 444954

It's usually very obvious someone's a woman even if they're tall though

No. 444957

I don't have a good troon radar. I've been fooled so many times. Don't know how you guys manage to clock them so well.

No. 444959

Nobody is lusting over trannys most men are tricked into fucking one while being drunk or something, there's a saying in Arabic, I will try my best to translate, it goes (From lack of horses they've tied halters on dogs).
Also I can't help but feel like you're a tranny cuz I know a lot of trannys who will larp as "men attracted to trans girls"

No. 444971

This is a terrorist website - same as 8chan and 4chan.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 444976

Oof, I've got to screenshot this for whenever somebody whines about being short.
Tall women would have every reason to sperg out a la bagel manlet, when you can't even trust fellow women…

No. 444981

>Straight man
>Attracted to trans women

Pick one.

No. 444983

People have roughly 95% accuracy in sex recognition just from faces alone, absenting other indicators like the entire body and the voice. The ability is higher in women than in men which is why we see far more men falling for troons than women. That said, of course not everyone is perfect at it, but usually people are (often unconsciously) picking up on traits like browbone shape and other bodily proportions to identify sex even when styling/fashion are being used to indicate the opposite.

No. 444986

Men will fuck anything, even a McChicken.
It's also objectively not straight for a man to be attracted to a male, even a crossdressing one.
>Also, I feel really discouraged lately. It seems almost all the dudes I know are into trannys now. What the heck is going on?
Kek, how and why would you feel discouraged? Like I said in the first line of my post, men will fuck literally anything, even a McChicken.
The increased risk of STDs from being with chasers is no joke, though. I understand why straight women would turn bisexual men down.

No. 444991

I dislike asian and white troons, but as for blacks … let's just say they need to be put out to pasture.(racebaiting)

No. 445004

Smash Mouth is pathetic. They're doing everything they can to stay relevant.

No. 445006

It's ok to be bi, "straight" guys.

No. 445011

Blaire is a rape victim, conservative and Christian so I guess that would influence his attitude towards a lot of the “queer stuff” in the LGBT community. He’s also a huge sexist because he thinks liking pink if you’re a girl and blue if you’re a boy is inborn and that girls are naturally submissive etc.

No. 445014

They'll fuck anything. It's never uncommon for them in history or any culture to fuck male children. Frankly I think a lot of men have some AGP complex, the latter is an inherent part of misogyny to me. Hence the obsession with panty stealing, being parasitical with women, the purity of female organs, violating female relatives boundaries, FGM and other weird crap that takes on fetishistic qualities. The most mentally evolved scrotes don't pull this shit

Also why IME scrotes still have the image of the HSTS trans in their head as who they want to shit on endlessly, not some creepy fuck like Yaniv. I don't think there's a single transbian murder on record, because honestly, scrotes recognize them as 'their own'. That's why they were able to gain so much influence and power so rapidly and why TERFs are the only ones out here criticizing them with no protections (most male TERF allies are gay)

No. 445015

Some anons were talking about Blaire's sexual orientation the other day.
Well in the Yaniv debate, Blaire claims to be bisexual.

No. 445019

Yep seems like a lot of troons identify as bi after taking hormones even though they may have originally identified as straight or gay.

No. 445020

>degenerates gradually become more degenerate
not surprising

No. 445026

Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just more AGP. If they were a transbian a lot of them end up wanting to fuck a man because they want to experience sex in a female body and because they think a straight guy being into them validates their identity further, it’s part of a fetish to be as able to pass by getting some tall and muscular bf who will treat them like a ~princess~. The gay men who become trannies might shift from identifying as a “straight woman” to a bi one because straight women are “boring” while bi women are more “interesting”.

I suppose there is also the chance that these men were always bi but didn’t identify as such when they were male presenting because there’s a stigma against being a bi man.

No. 445029

People legit believe men can only be straight or gay while all women are actually bi.

No. 445031

Yeah, they really think it's impossible for women to be a lesbian and never want/need a man sexually. Men are pathetic. trannies are even worse because they always think they can get with lesbians and are angry when they arent wanted by them.

No. 445034

Their biggest priority is to be a hot woman so I think they identify as bi women because it’s considered more “sexy” in society than being a straight woman or a lesbian. It could be partly influenced by hormones but it could also be pure delusions since none of them are well in the head.

No. 445055

I just want to clarify that it's not a comment on tall women being any more or less attractive than average-sized women. Like I said, I have a problem clocking trannies in general. Might be the autism.

No. 445057

Anon, being mistaken for a troon, meaning a man, obviously does mean your less attractive…

No. 445061

The difference is women deserve to live and troons don't.(Calm down)

No. 445080


I'm not surprised, really–think how many men's heterosexuality is based on makeup, hairlessness, giant tits and ass on a teensy stomach, and a bunch of other shit no one comes with naturally. They're attracted to an idea. If someone born with a dick can embody it, they'll go for it. Women don't matter to guys like this as people with lives, minds, experiences, and viewpoints, just as fuckdolls. If a man looks fuckdollish enough, they'll fuck him. Woman=sexy hole for them.

No. 445084

I watched the whole thing and I dont remember this remark

No. 445095

I was laughing with a friend when I watched it. I just went back to find the point I heard and can't find it. I must've been mistaken. It sounded like Blaire saying "I'm bi and wouldn't date you"
I'll watch it again tomorrow with more sleep. Sorry all ?


No. 445097

I am pretty sure the character on the left is supposed to represent a drag queen

No. 445100

A lot of AGP want a male partner because it completes their image of an “ideal woman” in their feminization fetish but they aren’t really sexually attracted to men.

No. 445107

Anyone have some good troon in the workplace / school / etc stories? I have a few that are pretty great, and what really blows my mind is how unbelievably similar so many trans stories are. It's so obviously a mistreated mental illness it's not even funny. Like this shit would be funny if it weren't so sad and kinda scary- because the troons I've met are either just sad and pitiable, or sad and pitiable and sexually depraved.

No. 445116

So basically sexist? A woman isn't considered an actual woman unless a man lusts after her? I honestly do hate AGPs for whatever they try to push. Especially the whole gender affirming care shit, like I know tons of men who go get facials and waxes, both gay and straight, the most masculine and feminine.
What's considered gender affirming to a TiF?

No. 445122

No. 445129



If KF weren't getting DDoS'd into hell I imagine they'd be blowing up right now.

No. 445137


I missed this but feel like I need to quote because…

Holy shit. Anon, what they were doing was 10000% sexually abusive, full-stop.

It doesn't matter if they didn't directly touch or fondle you. There were adults present, and they were facilitating the exposing of actual minor children to sexual fetishes/ fetish material. If there was any pornography involved, that is ILLEGAL AS FUCK in many jurisdictions.

Exposing children to sexual material is EXACTLY how pedophiles will test the waters with children before sexually assaulting them. I was groomed in this way as a kid and I ended up being abused by people I thought I could trust. They did the SAME THING- exposing me to pornography and fetishes before I even had a healthy understanding of normal sexual relationships, and then sexually abused me further. I had not even held another person's hand or had my first kiss and I was being exposed to extreme fetishes like whipping, bondage, humiliation…the list goes on.

I am a grown-ass woman and under no circumstance, ever, would I think it would be appropriate for me to approach this topic with a minor child. ESPECIALLY if they were put in my care (the case of the camp you were in) and they were away from their parents- holy fucking shit.

Please anon, I hope you stick around this thread and are open to talk more about this. I 100% understand and respect if you do not feel comfortable continuing. But this is not the first time that these "LGBTQ" camps/ programs for kids have been talked about in the vain of doing shady shit like what you've described. Because I guarantee you, like no joke, if someone is exposing children to sexual material or fetishes knowingly, they are either going to, or have already sexually assaulted a child. Normal, well-adjusted people do not do this stuff to kids, period.

No. 445143

Anyone have the images of the tranny that went into women’s bathrooms to listen to women pee and get turned on by it?

No. 445147

Yeah, I've been called a tranny to my face. I'm a six foot tall lesbian and I'm pretty androgynous, so terfs/gcs are quick to assume I'm MTF if I disagree with them or ask them not to interact with me. Straight women have been telling me I'm "basically a man" since I was a teenager but now that tranny panic is all the rage I get called that instead.

I've also been the victim of 'corrective rape' from men who call themselves nonbinary. And I've been called a privileged bigot by trans women for saying I'd rather die than wear makeup.

There's really no place for me on either side of this culture war and I'm tired of it all.

No. 445157

AGP are attracted to the idea of having a male partner while HSTS want to become more attractive to men thus they both delude themselves into identifying as “bisexual women”.

No. 445168


The KF thread on the raid was at 11 pages before the site went down again.

Otherwise we're discussing it in Yaniv's thread in /pt/.

No. 445169

Awww darn one of my fav small beauty gurus nisipisa just told all TERFs to unsubscribe to her youtube channel in her most recent video. :( am very disappoint. I hate how this trans affirming stuff is bleeding into the content of non trans related creators. Their channel their rules I guess, sorry girl you just lost a sub tho.

No. 445171

Assuming the guru is woman, it's sad that all these women are stanning for men. Men would never for women.

No. 445175

Why do trans rights appear to trump all others in current year?

John Carpay, the attorney for several respondents in Yaniv's HRT cases, explains how social justice ideology is incompatible with traditional liberal human rights.

No. 445176


Goddess bless this brave, eloquent lady! The comments are also refreshingly supportive.

No. 445181

This. Men rape trans “men” while women are expected to worship trans “women”.

No. 445183

How were you expecting any different? All beauty gurus are handmaidens.

No. 445196

Can you tradhos fuck off with this "being gay or bi is degenerate" bullshit

No. 445199

Troons in a nutshell

No. 445200

Socialist countries had very good principles about raising boys and girls equally. SU was the first to centre highly available, good quality child care in society to "liberate the mother from the home" etc. They got a lot of labour and science mileage out of being the first to integrate women into becoming scientists, doctors and engineers en masse.

Much better than the conditions for women in the same countries today where the best career you can reasonably hope for is being a high class prostitute in Berlin. The fall of socialism was the percursor to prostitution decrim and gendershit.

No. 445224


Thanks for sharing that! I loved it!

No. 445235

File: 1565183925859.png (51.16 KB, 604x435, yikes.png)

was it you anon?

No. 445245

It's great to see more women brave enough to stand up and publicly voice these points. Every time this topic comes up naturally with other people I know closely, they are nervous to dive right in but when they see I'm open to GC ideas they end up very relieved to finally say how much they disagree with TRAs and the whole ideology behind gender identity politics. Most women, especially liberals, truly don't see TRA talking points as logical but are terrified to be branded a bigot by openly disagreeing with anything related to this group that has marketed themselves as "the most oppressed minorities of all" via blatant misinformation.

No. 445255

I used to live in a pretty conservative southern US city, and we had a middle aged man troon out and send an email to everyone. He worked at a different location than me and many people at my location were laughing or rolling their eyes at him. There’s a ton of shit I didn’t agree w coworkers on but at least we could all bond over this crazy man. Still, he did get treated fairly at work by higher ups which I am fine with. But most people didn’t actually play into his delusion.

No. 445270

lol you too? I'm bummed but not surprised about her being a handmaiden I'm still subbed to her because the trans talk doesn't show up too much.

No. 445303

I made a tumblr once because I found the stim stuff helpful. Every single stim blog "don't interact if you're a terf!". It's honestly the sheer amount of stim blogs like that that made me realize there might be something to that autism/trans link

No. 445308

i've seen it mentioned plenty times on here that it's fairly common for people on the spectrum to identify as transgender, but i can't pinpoint exactly why nor do i have citations for that claim.

but i'd noticed it too during my tumblr days: almost half of my followers and mutuals were autistic, and 110% of them were transgender.

No. 445311

this blog tags all its stuff as "terf safe" if you're still on tumblr.

No. 445351

autists are social retards and take things too literally. so they're really in danger of developing highly black and white thinking, and then never challenging themselves on it. the high level of empathy required to let people express gender however they want with no social roles is probably too high for most of them, so they short circuit and double down.

No. 445360

I'm still here I use the site pretty regularly.

I wasn't at the specific workshop so I don't have details on that. I know they went into safewords and the meaning of the BDSM. I heard about it from another camper second hand.

This was about 9 years ago. The program is in the US and still running (under new management but I have no clue what camp is like now there are very few details on the site except they have a trans specific week of camp now.) It's called Camp Ten Trees. I was at the teen session where the youngest age was 11 or 12.

You mentioned this isn't the first time these programs have been called out I haven't found any negative press but It would be cool to find other people who've come forward about other programs like it and if anyone has any resources.

I also just found this article by a camper I was at camp with that mentions the BDSM workshop (briefly) and without a hint of discomfort and I still want to cry lmao http://www.reachandteach.com/content/article.php/camptentrees

No. 445382

This may sound really, really silly, but I was about 14-16 during gamer gate and surrounded by pro gamer gate boys, being surrounded by constant misogyny I honestly felt like I was going crazy disagreeing with them, with the tranny craze I feel the same way. Most of the older adult feminist women I’ve spoken to hold secret gender crit views but I can’t even look up gender crit on YouTube without getting a barrage of pro tranny shit, meanwhile Kalvin garrah and Blaire white get millions of views and people say “(women who don’t agree with the trans movement) can eat fucking glass.” What the fuck? I’ve honestly started to be more open about my beliefs because I’m sick of keeping up a dumb charade. There’s no reason for me to pretend to be a handmaiden aside from making gross people who would otherwise dump me as a friend at the drop of the hat comfortable

No. 445390

My bf has a friend he's known since HS. Just before I started dating my bf, this friend came out as a TIM. It's hilarious since he puts no effort in passing except for slapping on an ugly skirt once in a while. The fact that he's 6 foot something makes it even better (worse?). I just dunno what to do since his male socialization and rude/raunchy attitude reeks so bad and I can't take him seriously for wanting to be a woman. Problem is my bf has been friends with him for a long time and we live in an uber liberal city so he keeps calling him her and seems to believe in the whole trans ideology, or at least doesn't find it harmful or bizarre. How can I try to snap my bf out of it? What I do now is mention my unique female anatomy whenever it's relevant, like in sex or when I'm on my period etc, which he really takes into consideration and thanks me for teaching him more!

No. 445400

They always attach those tacky “do not interact” banners to their photosets too, idk about others but I don’t want to reblog that ugly shit onto my blog. What’s the problem if TERFs reblog their stim gifs of all things? I guess they’d probably be accused of being a “crypto TERF” themself by some anonymous ask if they let a TERF reblog it because the witch hunt is vigilant on there.

No. 445415

ever notice how it's always women who don't agree with trans stuff who get the most violent threats

i've literally never heard anyone go off on transphobic men with the same vitriol

but if a lesbian says she doesn't like trans women she's Literally Killing Trans People

No. 445437

They literally have no term for men who disagree with trans ideology besides lumping them in with radfems and also calling them TERFs. I also am aware it's just them trying to "soften" the blow by saying not all TERFs are women.

No. 445438

Lmao someone pointed out that The Guardian is becoming more critical of trans activism because they had more non-white women writing articles. I’m glad that they aren’t falling for gender bullshit.

No. 445441

Could it be that autistic people are more likely to spend hours obsessively on the internet and believe in those ideas? Could there be a genetic link between autism and gender dysphoria? Since we know that the chance of autism increases massively when sections of chromosome 17 are deleted.

No. 445442

But a man literally can not be a radfem because radical feminism is a female-exclusive branch of feminism as it is aware that men will try to dominate everything. I’ve also seen them call Beyoncé and Trump TERFs when they are definitely not.

No. 445443

Do lots of troons prowl these posts? Is this forum "infamous" at all?

No. 445445

I have an autistic friend and she constantly questions gender stuff because it makes no sense to her and she said it seemed sexist but she also knew a whole bunch of trannies and I guess if you hang around them enough they will try to brainwash you. I mean, it’s happened to mainstream feminism, those women really think “trans women are women” after repeating that line a hundred times. There was an ex-Mormon who said that trans activism keeps people in its ideology by using cult tactics like the ones she experienced when she was trapped as a Mormon.

No. 445447

Kek, I would just repost their stims and tag it under a tag only I would use to organize it properly on my blog

No. 445449

i hope so. maybe they'll realize we don't want their kind here and leave us craAaAazy TERFs alone, or start one of their retard petitions.

No. 445451

Who do so many troons work in tech?

No. 445452

From the high correlation with autism.

No. 445456

I'd like to see some of the gender crit articles by these women

No. 445457

They reject the "chad" stereotype of masculinity, they're the nerds and outcasts and think finding an entirely new persona while fetishizing themselves will solve their problems.

>Much better than the conditions for women in the same countries today where the best career you can reasonably hope for is being a high class prostitute in Berlin.

Anon says her mom is from former Yugoslavia, as an anon from that area we have a high amount of women in stem and financial positions. But we are experiencing a huge brain drain and emigration due to scummy politics, there are multiple programs now and funds to keep the youth interested in staying. The prostitution stereotypes come from poor girls being trafficked and I know there was drama in Belgrade about selling children decades ago.

No. 445459

"I don't do [sexist stereotype] so that must mean I'm a boy" honestly sounds like an autistic conclusion.

No. 445462

chiming in as a fellow eastern europoor, while I do agree with the 1st half of your post, at least in my corner of the area (baltics), women are still quite prevalent in those fields, and I'm agreeing with >>445457 and calling bs on the later half of your post. I think my country specifically even had the highest percentage of women in leadership positions and smallest pay gap in europe. like yeah, we are still economically fucked and globally insignificant but at least equally so with men kek
cannot belive it has come to me defending my homeland jfc

No. 445464

Lol they even use terms you generally only hear in tech. Trannies in the closet all themselves “eggs” which also refers to the pre-dev stage for software and “women 2.0” because they are like new and improved versions of female unlike real women who are “women 1.0”.

No. 445465

File: 1565217257910.png (903.16 KB, 1080x753, Screenshot_20190807-173421(1).…)

Holy shit

No. 445466

fact checked correction, not the smallest pay gap but quite up there

No. 445467

even if it's true Rocko was never a touchy feely cartoon so hopefully it would be played for laughs

No. 445486

>Nick Adams, GLAAD’s director of transgender representation who consulted on Static Cling, tells EW over email how important it is to show LGBTQ people existing in the world. “Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling tells a beautiful — and hilarious — story about accepting change,” he writes. “The younger characters accept Rachel immediately; recognizing she’s still their friend. And while Rachel’s father is slow to accept change within his own family, even he realizes that loving your child should be unconditional. This story of inclusion and acceptance is so needed in our current climate.”

No. 445501

Nick Adams is an FTM and he's responsible for The Sims having trans options.

No. 445504

Why do you need trans Sims though? I thought being trans was like a mental illness and trannies always wish they were born “cis”. It’s so weird that they’ve turned into an identity they’re proud about.

No. 445506

I hate how every time troons do something retarded, people end up blaming the LGBT community. No, leave the LGB part out of this - from my experience they are totally fine. The T part is a complete mess and many of its viewpoints seem to directly contradict what LGB people hold onto.

No. 445514

File: 1565227147688.png (437.77 KB, 595x870, 719782109.PNG)

It's incredible how much trannies hate women.

No. 445523


No. 445525

File: 1565228507763.png (413.02 KB, 1080x316, troons is the same.png)

then perish.jpeg

No. 445536

I made a cartoonish troon character with heavy makeup and ugly features in the Sims. Troons make great soap opera villains for my soap opera playthrough.

No. 445539

ABOUDposting again because this is gold

No. 445544

this place turned me into a terf. im pretty liberal but before i used to believe that misgendering is bad and trans women are valid, but i never really thought long enough about gender politics to form my own opinion. i think most people were like me, they spout the same thing because it sounds good and they are scared of being called bigots. kinda pissed now because everyone around me hates terfs and i wish i wasn't one.

No. 445550

Instead of thinking of yourself as a terf, you should start thinking of transactivists as misogynists and homophobes, because that's what the movement is at it's core. Terf is a nonsense word and a slur, it basically just means lesbian now.

No. 445613

What >>445550 said. Terf is a meaningless slur, don't apply it to yourself.

No. 445615

File: 1565261776282.jpeg (123.54 KB, 640x806, 1F39D049-C5C6-41FF-9E7B-D86B45…)

It’s progressive for men to hit women

No. 445616

It's so funny reading old posts on this imageboard when anons felt sympathy for troons and thought terfs were scary boogeymen

No. 445618

File: 1565264698490.jpg (242.16 KB, 1200x1167, 1506226415553.jpg)

>It's not a fetish, you guys!

No. 445619

File: 1565264818574.png (440.97 KB, 760x440, 1485070420505.png)

No. 445622

>Switch who wants to be absolutely slathered in cum

What is it with TiMs and dick worship? Even the so called "lesbians" are obsessed with dick.

No. 445628

It's a Y chromosome thing. Even normal men are obsessed with their dicks.

No. 445630

Men are obsessed with penises. Just look at how teenage boys draw their dicks over everything. Penises have been the subjects of philosophy and art and symbol of power for men for thousands of years.

No. 445641

The Romans and the Greeks avoided Penises though,they viewed the Penis as the most shameful part of the male body and associated big dicks with ignorance

No. 445645

This is partly true but they did still think small dicks were attractive and artistically beautiful. They thought the smaller the dick, the more elegant it was, and that small dicks were more likely to get women pregnant as the sperm had a shorter distance to travel. That's why statues like David all have tiny dicks proudly displayed.

No. 445647

The Greeks didn't think of the penis as shameful, they believed having a smaller penis made you more rational as they become "irrational" when they had erections aka large penises. They smaller saw penises as signs of sexual prowess.

The Romans had very positive views of large penises. There are approximately 120 recorded Latin terms and metaphors for the penis, with the largest category treating the male member as an instrument of aggression or a weapon as rape was used often by the Romans during war. The Romans drew penises over everything and they even had penis amulets as jewellery. However, their artwork was influenced by the Greek ideal, so they drew small dicks even if they thought big dicks were better.

David is Renaissance artwork made to mimic that of classical statue, by that time having a large dick was seen as a good thing so even Michelangelo actually did not know why he was supposed to give David such a small penis but it was already the standard so he just went with it.

No. 445648

Neither of them viewed the penis as the most shameful part of the body, especially not Romans who literally wore flying dick statues around their necks for good luck.

No. 445651

i don't know a great deal about ancient greece or ancient rome but i know that they hated women like every other patriarchal society, particularly ancient greece. drives me crazy when people make out that they were these open-minded utopias because they were "lgbt positive" (meaning it was seen as ok for grown men to groom and molest little boys), while women were still seen as disgusting monsters only good for childbirth.

No. 445652

A single woman purposely calling you your birthname is somehow comparable to being a Nazi… I fucking hate far lefties.

No. 445655

Ancient Greece was significantly more misogynistic than Rome was. Rome was probably one of the "better" places to be a woman in the ancient world although that isn't saying much.

No. 445663

I hate that this is spot-on exactly the process I witnessed with my TIM (ex-)friends. They start out innocently watching moeshit and browsing places like /tttt/ out of curiosity then a year or two later they're wearing BDSM collars in public and obsessing over sissy porn and disgusting niche fetishes while being more loud than ever about how everyone has to respect their female identity or die. This degenerate trash has absolutely nothing to do with the actual experience of being female yet it's rampant in the trans "girl" community but we're supposed to respect it and see it as proof of them being girls.

No. 445669

No, they both loved dick. Greeks loved small dicks because big dicks ruined you with emotions which was seen as a "female" thing, and Greek men were expected to be rational, cool, and logical. There's also the Greeks viewing the young male body as peak beauty and virility so smaller dicks were preferred. Romans literally worshipped dicks, especially big dicks. They had a god named Fascinus who was a giant penis with wings who could provide you with divine protection you so you had to carry his amulet on your body. Roman men were known to graffiti penises all over city walls, there are over a hundred Latin words for penis, lots of penis jokes, and they really loved a Greek god named Priapus with a giant penis too. Priapus was treated as a joke by the Greeks because of his massive dick so he was only a minor god but the Romans elevated him to being popular figure of Latin art and literature. We have more Roman stuff about Priapus than Greek such as over 80 surviving pieces of Latin poetry about his penis.

No. 445679

File: 1565275658829.png (1.79 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190808-174417.png)

So are the old bland regular homos and lesbos just not even part of the rainbow anymore or wtf

No. 445685

why do trannies have to infest everything women related, i just wanted to watch this video to see how what women valued that they lost changed with age and of course there are at least 2 trannies (ages 40 and 49) in it. fuck this world

No. 445688

While I'd prefer 0, I guess 2 out of 70 is somewhat tolerable. I feel sad that I have to say that.

No. 445691

very top of the pole, anon - gay st and lesbian st

No. 445698

> Two Spirit

the american native population didn't get genocided only for their whitey descendants to pull this shit

No. 445699

File: 1565278383577.jpg (127.93 KB, 1228x1132, transgenderism.jpg)

Try to tell him about troons in women's sports. Does he find it acceptable that men with male physiology etc. compete with women and win?
Tell him about how harmful puberty blockers are to kids. Tell him how women are being silenced when they disagree with TRA's views. Does he find it to be right and normal? And try to be calm as possible and smash him with your knowledge of these topics. I don' know how deep your bf is in this whole ideology, maybe just gentle nudging to "right" side will help. My ex didn't believe anything I told him, even though I had exact data and what else behind me. Hopefully you're luckier than me.

No. 445715

I think they meant colorwise. like why is gay st this dark depressing grey lol. also, why does trans St get it's flag colors and every thing else just gets a random one? TQ+ is so much brighter and more noticeable than lgb.

No. 445719

File: 1565280851173.png (139.31 KB, 600x600, 79F679E5-6119-465D-A20B-0A1FBF…)

These Picrew creators make it too easy to make these, kek.

No. 445723

File: 1565281271216.png (144.26 KB, 600x600, 6969A0A8-E67A-4CD9-A5EF-61C58E…)

I tried making that white guy who’s LARPing as a Muslim woman now

No. 445727

I fucking despise that they’ve started attaching Miku to this shit even when her creators told the idiot who started this trend to stop.

No. 445747

File: 1565284447792.png (642.13 KB, 600x600, 1557420220380.png)

never mind the subject matter, the ms paint art in these tumblr-y lgbt uwuw~ picrews is almost always eye bleedingly ugly. Here's one from a Japanese artist for comparison.

No. 445749

I'm so sorry, anon. It's so shitty other women treat you that and jfc that's homophobic that they said you're "basically a man." There's so many predatory creeps just trying to rape women whether or not they're into men.

Trans people literally act like children. There's no need for women to have to wear make up.

No. 445750

Looks miserable in the recent one. Sounds like he was pressured.

No. 445752

troon picrews are so ugly, cringey and bad it kinda infuriates me. and half of them have a hijab option too, bc nobody hates women more than troons.

No. 445763

I think part of the low skill in the Tumblr ones is that a lot of them are made by minors, which is also sad because we have this new generation of kids that are being told the way to fit in with a group while being "different" isn't to be punk or emo or whatever, it's to be trans (or nonbinary which now counts as trans even if all you do is get a kweer haircut and a pronoun pin).

No. 445775

What did he say? I assume he politely sidestepped to not get attacked?

No. 445776

>her creators told the idiot who started this trend to stop.
That's fucking hilarious. When was that? Was it on a company social media profile or the artist's?

No. 445838

Intersex people don’t even want to be part of the LGBTWTFBBQ

No. 445871

File: 1565307772299.png (993.03 KB, 750x1334, 25311B5F-D0F2-47A8-B84D-C9E645…)

My ex who couldn’t keep his dick hard during sex and always brought up gay men slept with this scary troon in the middle of the photo after we broke up. Makes perfect sense now.

No. 445875

… You do realize this is specific enough to easily find out who you are and out you if anyone connected to this person or your ex saw this? I would delete it if I were you.

Also, extremely fucked up to post some rando tranny just minding their own business here just for fucking your ex.

No. 445877

NTA but nothing wrong with posting a tranny in a tranny critical thread. But I'd delete it if I were her.

No. 445882

We should be sticking to the dumb shit they say, not singling out random trannies just because they exist. If she was posting some awful mysoginistic post they made, that'd be fine, but posting them for fucking your ex is just petty and mean. Shit like this doesn't help our cause, it piles on to why we get dismissed as cruel bigots who don't deserve to have our concerns about this movement heard.

No. 445884

are you new to the thread? lmao, it started out months ago as a bad passing thread that was literally for making fun of ugly trannies.

No. 445900

No. 445904

Sorry but I'm here to shit on all these aberrations.

No. 445905


Sooooooo what about when we post pictures of other random ass trannys for our enjoyment? All of a sudden someone says that their ex fucked someone and now it’s off limits?

No. 445906


Ah okay so only celebrity trannys and those who make tweets you don’t agree with are allowed to be posted? Ok.

No. 445908


As am I and they’re ugly as fuck lmao don’t delete it anon leave it

No. 445910

I'm against that as well, I just don't bother saying anything since it's pointless. I only did this time since anon could end up fucked IRL over that.

No. 445914

File: 1565315830136.jpg (46.16 KB, 650x488, hombre_transexual_niña_de_6_añ…)

No. 445915


Doubt it but ok thanks for your concern?

No. 445918

No. 445920

It's fucking bullshit.

These man talk about getting "pretty" vaginas and all this other bullshit, but we shouldn't talk about how ridiculous they look over all?

No. 445922


Exactly. How is talking about their appearance somehow off limits?

No. 445931

I guess I’m a cruel bigot then boo hoo so sad

No. 445932

How many of y’all are American?

No. 445933

Not me, why

No. 445936

You do realise that no matter how civil we are our movement will forever be dismissed because it comes at the cost of men’s comfort and fetishes?

No. 445942

That's why we need to ignore them; they're beyond logic.

No. 445943

What really brought me over to being GC was the civility, especially when troons are being extra screechy. idk, I couldn't echo "kill terfs" when GC people weren't even being mean.

No. 445948

don't listen to the monkeys

No. 445957

Do any of you think there may be an overlap between TiFs and Muscle Dysmorphia specifically ?

No. 445960

I agree with this, and ngl if I were a TRA troll trying to make GCers look bad, >>445871 is exactly the kind of post I’d make.
>See, terves are just petty women who feel threatened that we’ll steal their menfolk!

Sorry about your ex’s bad taste anon, but ugly TIMs sleeping with gay men is the least of our problems.

No. 445962

I was once their ally. I supported them, marched for them and stood up for them whenever it was needed. Then I realized just how much sexualization of children was part of their "culture" and how often instances of children being exposed to predators and sexual situations happened around them.
And to top it all off I had a tranny tell me "You don't know how to be a real woman.You don't know how much we struggle, we deserve to call ourselves woman more then you do because we had to fight for our femininity and weren't born privileged". That was pure kek for me, tho.

No. 445963

I had the same experience. The entire 'transgender' thing is just pedophilia in disguise.

No. 445965

Men claiming to be realer women and more oppressed than actual females is top misogyny. Idk how supposed "progressives" can't see it.

No. 445967

>Terf is a nonsense word
This. By this lolcow's reckoning I'm a handmaiden but literally anywhere else I'm a terf. Lables are just a way to discredit and attack people instead of having to actually engage. That's why it's so good to be able to discuss things anonymously.

No. 445969

Aaaand it's deleted. Imagine my lack of shock. At least the archive link is still there.

No. 445972

I’m ashamed to admit that back in my handmaid days I very briefly parroted the “trans women are the womanliest women because they have to work for it” spiel, not because I believed it, but out of pity. I genuinely believed TIMs were super oppressed and felt sorry for them, so because I was raised to always be nice and put others’ (especially mens’) feelings before my own I figured I should throw them a bone to make them feel a little better. It wasn’t until I actually met a few TIMs and saw how abusive and narcissistic they were that the Most Oppressed Minority delusion crumbled and I could slowly start to admit to myself how full of shit the entire movement is.

This was a few years before Bruce Jenner transitioned, when practically all TIMs in the media were HSTS and the crazier TRAs were still mostly confined to tumblr. Nowadays I don’t know how anyone could still believe TIMs are harmless shrinking violets who “just want to pee” unless they actively keep their head in the sand. Even on pro-trans websites they’re constantly showing how entitled they are and how much they hate women.

No. 445981

I was always critical of transgenderism though I remained supportive but I peak transed after I heard "AFAB privilege" because how is anybody privileged for being born female? It sounds just like the MRA version of "female privilege". Now in retrospect it's obvious why they sounded just like MRAs in "woke" form but at that time I was a brainwashed into thinking trans women weren't men. Although I didn't think they were completely women either, but like some sort of off-brand women.

I also never understood "cis privilege" because you're implying that women are privileged for being women, or "transmisogny" because it means that men in dresses are oppressed by women and that TiFs had equal power to men.

Honestly, "transmisogyny" was the biggest scam that modern feminism fell for. Now you have these men colonizing womanhood, dictating what feminism should be, and labelling women as their oppressors while the very reason misogyny exists - the control and hatred of female biology - is obscured.

A lot of people are wary of male feminists for their manipulative tactics and even libfems know this. Male feminists who "identify" as women are the exact same thing yet they get as pass because they might like nail polish. It's absolutely ridiculous.

No. 445982

Kek, I just found out that gay male radfem allies or gay men that refused to fuck trans men are called TEHMs (trans exclusionary homosexual males). How many more dumb words are they going to keep making?

No. 445986

What really kills me are the MtF who shriek about "breast privilege", "menstrual privilege" and such crap. And how me talking about my period or my breast oppresses them. Fuck… those men that co-opted the feminist movement and womanhood itself won't rest until us biological woman are all forced into hijabs and held on leashes out in public. Because our biology is oppressive to their feelings.

No. 445990



No. 445994

Not really.
>A subtype of body dysmorphic disorder, which in itself is a variant of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Sometimes called bigorexia, muscle dysmorphia is the opposite of anorexia nervosa. People with this disorder obsess about being small and undeveloped. They worry that they are too little and too frail.

No. 445999

The TiMs who complain on the internet all day are middle-class AGPs from white suburbia who work in high-paying fields like tech and have your typical nerdy boy interests like hentai and violent video games.

No. 446000

Peak masculinity! These definitely aren't just gay culture obsessed women! It's funny to me that troons never seem to have meaningfully interacted with people of the sex they claim they truly are in their heart, like what man would talk or type like that? Maybe a TiM trying to put on his "one of the girls" persona.

No. 446008

I used to ask trannies why men oppressed women if female biology was irrelevant to being a woman and they would just answer with "oh, men despise femininity and they oppress women for expressing it, it's called femmephobia". So you're telling me that women are naturally feminine…that women are born to be caretakers, docile, and submissive, and men just hate women for the fun of it?

No. 446011

So they do know what homosexual males are, then…

No. 446012

It's a word made up by truscum (who are mostly TiFs) because they were angry that gay men were not sexually attracted to them. It's funny because Blanchard actually wrote about this years ago about how many heterosexual and bisexual TiFs have autohomoeroticism where they fantasize about being gay men, living a "gay lifestyle", and having gay sex.

No. 446013

Blanchard predicted fujo fakebois

No. 446014

Lol so when will they admit "TERF" just means lesbian then?

No. 446015

It seems like trannies have conversion therapy fetishes where they want to turn gays and lesbians "straight" or they just want some sort of validation from homosexuals.

No. 446016

We had a trans man on this board once explain that their dysphoria was wanting to look like a man by having male sexual characteristics like more body hair, deeper voice, and muscle. According to them it wasn't because of stereotypical interests that made them feel like a man but with how they were unhappy with a female body and wanted a male one instead. It really does sound like some type of medical condition and shouldn't be validated as an identity in my opinion.

No. 446018


Nope. And Instagram photos are pretty much public domain now

No. 446029

This dude looks like the evil French chef from The Little Mermaid.

No. 446030

They should join forces with us. Yes, they're men and men suck in general, but I think when it comes to GC, the more the merrier. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

No. 446032

A lot of them are already GC or radfem allies (since men can't be radical feminists).

No. 446036

File: 1565352675106.png (811.1 KB, 763x735, 1298092833.PNG)

Boy, they just love to sue women who feel unsafe.

No. 446037

File: 1565352737723.jpg (48.85 KB, 500x543, EBC2E4SXYAE97TK.jpg)

No. 446039

File: 1565353839332.png (79.06 KB, 881x338, huh.PNG)

No. 446040


That’s hilarious hahaha

No. 446047

File: 1565356473636.jpg (74.92 KB, 1280x720, 1565299771940.jpg)


No. 446048

File: 1565356529328.png (107 KB, 516x1880, tehm.png)

Looked it up and found the post that invented the term. Thought it was interesting that the girl who coined this, spill-the-gender-tea on Tumblr, is a self-described transmed.

"Your Sexuality/Gender Is not a Personality.

Gay Trans man | TransMedicalist | Male Positivity | 20 | White | Centrist

| Anti-Mogai | Equalist | I Try to be Respectful, as much as I can. | nb neutral | Im an Artist | [This is my personal discourse blog, so keep the discourse here please. thanks💕 ]"

No. 446055


That’s so upsetting. Why do people do this to themselves? That’s crazy. You really can’t ever tell who is going to troon out I guess because I would never suspect a guy like that to transition

No. 446057

The details in this one are disturbing AF, even worse than the ball waxing. He had been exhibiting red flag stalkerish behavior toward this woman and eventually came to her work. She was the only employee and didn't feel safe being alone in a room with him, so she asked him to leave. She didn't even know he identified as trans.

These men simply don't think women should be allowed to have any boundaries with them.

No. 446062

Curious- how many of you are ex-TRAs?

I used to be a rabid TRA, but after being exposed over and over again to the craziness within the movement, I took a step back and reevaluated just how purely insane it all is.

No. 446064

Same. I have a TIM friend who's become more and more degenerate and acts like he was some sort of hot sex addicted bimbo and not a six feet tall balding weeb

No. 446065

Back when I was a handmaiden the mental image I had of a transwoman was a battered feminine HSTS who just wanted to live a peaceful, quiet life without being assaulted. I think a lot of people are like that before they realize how they're more often than not narcissistic AGPs demanding their right to walk over women.

No. 446083

>your sexuality/gender is not a personality
>proceeds to list that they're a "gay transman"

The lack of awareness is amazing.

No. 446094

Are you talking about Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie? Because I remember that shit. She's not even rad fem, she just said what's true - that transwomen are not socialized as women, therefore transwomen and "cis"women are different. People got so butthurt about that.

No. 446095

This is why I cannot even be supportive of truscum because they carry the same expectation that other people are obligated to validate their delusional sense of self. Transgenderism is fundamentally opposed to objective truth.

No. 446144

Lmao why are you spamming braco in every thread anon?

No. 446150

My city is overrun by "TRANS POWER" graffiti. Do they not realize that's suspiciously similar to "white power", or is that the point?(emoji)

No. 446156

>"[s]ome history of fetishistic arousal was acknowledged by over 80% of the heterosexual males, compared to fewer than 10% of homosexual males and no homosexual females."
What a surprise

No. 446158

File: 1565385225668.jpg (79.56 KB, 576x1024, Bz9t_BMCUAEFCwi.jpg)

Isn't that jamjars who used to be huge on tumblr for his looks in the early 2010s? I was shocked when I found out what'd he done. Another one I was also really surprised by was blyth33s who was well-known on twitter during the same time period, I remember him as somewhat GNC gay guy. I wonder who else and why?

No. 446161

Thank you, you cheered me up.

I had my "peak trans" moment a while before the last midterm elections - a trans man made a post about how the republican agenda is to overturn Roe v Wade and women will die as a result, so please vote democrat, and some MTF replied with "uhhh what have cis women ever done for ME?". And then the trans man was accused of "speaking over women"… it was beyond parody.

No. 446162

this is jamjars right? this is so weird, slightly ot but i remember back in the day in my "non binary" phase he was my ultimate goal of what i wanted to look like, i grew out of wanting to look like a guy but i'm pretty shocked seeing this tbh

cwissi is another one i remember but iirc he was pretty blatantly a femboy/trap from the beginning so him being a tranny now is less shocking. tumblr is such a shitty place for gnc gay boys, say what you will about a lot of male beauty/fashion youtube and instagram influencers but at least most (not all) of them are secure being male and don't immediately pump themselves full of hormones just because they're gay and enjoy presenting feminine. another benefit of tumblr being a dying website.

No. 446165

Hard agree
I don't wish harm on trans people tbh (except those retarded ones) and i know there are some that pass well and just wanna live their life and are actually embarassed by the tards we quote on this thread.
As long as they don't force me to date them and screech transphobia when i don't and accept they're not the same as bio women i'm cool with it honestly i even got one as a friend and we are cool

No. 446169

Hey anon,bless you. You're probably mad pretty,i love tall girls they're awesome! And i'm sorry you get all that hate. You deserve to feel good about yourself and not wearing makeup is fine they're fucking dumb for saying you need to,what the hell. Don't listen to them aight?
(sorry for doubleposting)

No. 446170

most trannies, the western ones at least aren't as you described though. enough of them are awful and invade on lesbian/female spaces in general to the point where making the distinction isn't necessary, it's just as pointless as going "not all men" when all men hate women to some extent and benefit from us being lower on the food chain than them. it's easy for trannies to say they're not like other trannies and pretend to be allies towards women but their actions are what to pay attention to, blindly believing in what they tell you about themselves and not holding them accountable is the exact reason why they have so much power now

No. 446171

i hate shit like this. can't you compliment someone without calling them pretty???

No. 446174

What the hell is your problem? Anon complained that people literally call her a man which is extremely hurtful, so I'm sure that getting complimented on her appearance for once is something that she'll appreciate.

No. 446176

wth are you going on about? weirdo

No. 446177

I was supportive of trans rights but I was never really able to understand it. The theory I read constantly had me questioning how it was applicable to real life and much of it felt like it was written by those who had a high degree of privilege within society already. It disagrees on female biology being the root cause of female oppression, rather it posits that women are oppressed for acting feminine and that was complete bullshit to me.

My feminism focuses primarily on women of colour, especially in the global south. So I suppose since I already had a background in engagement with feminist activism and radical theory before trans activism started to go around I was more immune to getting propagandised into it.

No. 446180


Give me a f*cking break lmao

No. 446184

>the myth of the 'good troon'
keep dreaming anon

No. 446190

>censoring "fucking"
stop being retarded

No. 446197


The only retard is you sweetie lmao

No. 446198

NTA but I agree with her. You don't have to claim anon is pretty, why does it matter if she's pretty or not, you don't need to be pretty to not be a tranny.

No. 446200


News flash!
They’re all retarded, including you and your troon “friend”

No. 446201


Irrelevant. Stop derailing.

No. 446204

Are there more TiMs than TiFs? Seems like it.
Is there a reason for this? Anyone know?

No. 446213

File: 1565397397465.png (16.7 KB, 432x193, -9- Tumblr 10-08-2019 01-32-48…)

I really feel for this girl, troons complain every other group treats them bad but look how scared people in their own community are.

No. 446216

Yeah jamjars trooned out. I feel like he would never have done this if he never came into contact with tumblr tbh.

No. 446218

The thing about a lot of these tumblr type genderqueers is they're all bark and no bite. Come face to face with an actual detrans, they're gonna shut up and go OMG SO VALID OwO. Can't say the same for the AGPs though, violent.

No. 446221

I think its more reddit that caused this, he's a frequent enough poster on tran subs.I think reddit is probably way worse than tumblr when it comes to troon conversion because I've seen them hound users into questioning themselves if they're trans for 'eggy' statements even when the users aren't asking for advice .

No. 446222

Wasn't jamjars a gay guy that always struggled with embracing his femininity? Now that he's a "woman" I can see how he's posing in ridiculous the porn-like poses you see in modelling photo shoots of women which is what all troons like to do.

No. 446228

Last time I heard about his sexuality he said he was attracted to both but preferred men

No. 446233

File: 1565402213795.png (50.93 KB, 534x258, EVERYTHING IS TRANSPHOBIC.png)

Troons continue to prove they are victim playing trash.

No. 446236

Fucking hilarious how they correlate leftist men with troonery.

No. 446242

File: 1565404082171.png (12.82 KB, 496x212, 3232.PNG)

Women of color yes but what the fuck have trans and twoc ever done for women apart from turn feminism into a joke and harass us

No. 446243

Lol they separate trans women from trans women of color because they know their default of trans women is a white man.

No. 446244

>lumping women of color in with men
I hate how you just know a white person wrote this.

No. 446245

What does the addition even mean? Porn addicted males eventually start getting into tranny/shemale porn and fetishes and these people are upset about the suggestion? Or is just ever being critical of pornography automatically a TERF dogwhistle now? I and probably a lot of others wouldn't have even thought of trans stuff until they brought it up.

No. 446246

I'm screaming all febfem means is a woman who is bi who only dates other women??? it's popular in radfem circles but not exclusive to them wtf??

No. 446248

They think all women should make themselves available to penis.

No. 446251

If febfem refers to bisexual women who prefer women then are they basically admitting that terf just means lesbian

No. 446252

quick i need a fancy tumblr term for bi women who date men and women but still won't submit to girldick mouthfeel lmao

No. 446253

Sojourner Truth being a slavery abolitionist and women's right activist is on the same level as Laverne Cox telling black women to be more feminine and Jessica Yaniv forcing women of color to was his balls uwu

No. 446255

Well there's already TEHM (trans exclusionary homosexual male) made up by truscums for gay men so maybe TEBFEM (trans exclusionary bisexual female)?

No. 446268

it refers to a bisexual woman who chooses to exclusively date/fuck women. a more respectful way to refer to political lesbianism or women who realize men are horrible/have been traumatized by men. it's a popular term in the tumblr radfem community because most of them know it's shitty to coopt lesbian experiences.

No. 446283

that incident is what initially made me start doubting TRA rhetoric. I knew she was right, but I thought she was being mean and that's why people were upset with her. So much of the acceptance of this shit is how women are socialized to be ~nice and to not hurt people's feelings.

No. 446286

The Chimimanda incident is what caused my peak too. I'd always had moments before hand, such as talking to a male friend about transgender shit, and he asked the simple question "How does someone feel male or female?" and the North Carolina bathroom bill shit. But seeing how they treated Chimimanda is what really did it for me.

No. 446289

Yeah, Adichie, I know she isn't a radfem. She's very much a mainstream liberal feminist but I'm so glad she doesn't fall for tranny shit. However, people might bully her into accepting it as time goes by, like they did with Jameela Jamil, they love to shame WoC for not being "intersectional" or being "white feminists" which makes no sense whatsoever. There is a growing radical feminist movement in Nigeria though, probably due to the influence of Nigerian women travelling back between Nigeria and the UK (which is considered a radfem hostpot).

No. 446294

File: 1565412036598.png (631.06 KB, 661x819, 2982091823.PNG)

I fucking hate the BBC

No. 446296

Why does BBC give some trannies a platform and not actual women

No. 446297

Imagine being a Nigerian woman and a Nigerian man telling you he identifies as a woman which makes his experiences of being a "woman" just as authentic as yours and that he is more oppressed than you. Chimamanda is an Igbo and in parts of Igboland they treat women absolutely appallingly - FGM is practised, women can't own property, polygamy is allowed if you can't bear your husband a son, you belong to your husband or your male relatives, etc. But yeah some man identifying as a woman has had all the same experiences and somehow faces more shit than actual women.

No. 446298

trannies mutilate their genitals too, obviously the same!

No. 446301

Was a rabid TRA when it was limited to Tumblr and somethingawful and not picked up by the mainstream, until like 50 transbians in a year were outed as rapists of teenagers and "afabs"

and until I had contact with pomo transbians like queernuck on tumblr. Goddammit. He is just a fucking normal dude with a big old beard who loves baseball yet spends all this time obsessing about how he's really a lesbian and experiencing "rage" when his lesbian identity isn't validated by the world.

No. 446303

File: 1565414481537.png (359.67 KB, 581x1000, fgmvictim.png)

It happened because of their gender identity, not their sex

No. 446308

File: 1565415601290.png (6.49 KB, 225x225, 3964184042752.png)

Lmao yeah gender is the reason why FGM is practiced. Not because females bodies are considered impure but because girls like the color pink.

No. 446315

Vox, Independent and all those other shitty new sites tried to smear her image and talk about how ignorant she was of her “cis privilege” or call her a “TERF” when she’s a liberal feminist. What really gets me is how those Nigerian TiMs would have participated in the abuse of Nigerian women too.

No. 446317

Kek, wasn’t queernuck the dude who would harass pomeranianprivilege who was an Iranian-Canadian radfem with anorexia?

No. 446318

You see, white feminism is women of color not recognising their cis privilege and not white women on Western publications bullying them for not being enlightened enough.

No. 446319

File: 1565417594258.png (769.08 KB, 827x788, i hate this man like no other.…)

Yes. I hate him so fucking much though I haven't thought about those days in a long time. I looked up his Tumblr and he's still the same as he ever was except now he's addicted to cocaine.

No. 446321

This is my first time seeing a tweet from this retard and I honestly thought people on here and KF calling him "Oger" was an insulting in-joke based on his appearance and not his actual last name. Amazing.

No. 446325

I feel like I peak transed multiple times but I kept falling back into supporting TRA causes because there was a huge cult mentality behind it which was hard for me to leave. However, even while I claimed to support trans shit, I was still doubting them at the same time. I had over a couple thousand followers and would just reblog some radfem stuff onto it sometimes and see people's reactions to it lol. Later on, I opened up a radfem sideblog to learn more about the branch of feminism and I started to read books. I was always more focused on anti-prostitution and anti-porn rather than trans issues though so I tended to let the trans shit slide but then they came up with the term "SWERF" and I couldn't believe that shit. Is this really where mainstream feminism is heading? Defending prostitution as a "choice" and a john's "right" to access women's bodies?

No. 446329

Ah yes, men rape female newborns because they identified as female and not because they were female.

No. 446330

One thing I never understood about trannies is how they say "TERFs are biological essentialists". How? The TRAs are the ones using stereotypes to prove why they were "born in the wrong body" while radfems believe gender is a social construct used to create a sex hierarchy under patriarchy.

No. 446333

File: 1565419719568.png (70.77 KB, 578x231, 1565362292264.png)

This is gross but
>which validates their feelings
is making me laugh

No. 446334

>"terfs are gender essentialists"
>make an infinite number of genders

No. 446335

File: 1565419896084.png (628.93 KB, 1764x2262, jfiofd.png)

Fuck those insensitive TEHMs

No. 446336

>women's products they force in there
No, you don't get periods you delusional troons

No. 446338

Trannies trying the cotton ceiling shit on gay and straight men is amusing since they haven't been socialized to put up with being guilted into sex so just ignore them lmao.

No. 446342

Lmao why did he ask her to stay over if he was having a three way? This doesn't add up. I think this is at least partially fabricated.

Anyway, what she's ostensibly saying is "they didn't flirt with me, and then they didn't invite me to join their threesome!1!1!" Fuckin' entitled ass.

Bit off-topic, but I feel kind of bad for the handful of young gay guys out there whose lives don't revolve around sex. This guy I go to college with was lamenting to me not long ago that he's had a really hard time finding another gay or bisexual guy who actually wants a long-term relationship.

Kind of goes to show you what happens when a community is populated entirely by men. This is all the more reason why TiFs don't belong there. Even the "butch"-est of TiFs still place less value on sex than most natal men do.

No. 446346

And the TiF just sits there quietly and passive aggressively brewing in her discontent and later blogs about about her feelings at length without confronting her friend or the situation. How can she not see how feminine her behaviour is…

No. 446347

>I am a gay trans guy
…So a straight girl larping as a homosexual male. And yet she's suprised actual gay men have zero interest in her ~boipussy~. Imagine being this retarded. She should just get over her internalized misogyny and date a straight/bi dude like a sane person.

No. 446349

Just go to /tttt/ and you will notice the massive difference between the MtF and FtM generals. The FtM gen is known for constant arguing or it's "cattiness" while the MtF gen is known for being full of pornsick weirdos and anime girls.

No. 446353

the difference is that ftms don't have male entitlement. i don't like fake bois either but at least lesbian and straight tifs don't go around witchhunting women and gay men. yet gay tims are always going on about "men being into me doesn"t make them gay, my penis is a female penis!!" and we all know the shit agps pull. there is no male equivalent of a "terf".

No. 446357

>I, a straight woman who doesn't pass as a guy, went to a gay male party and was hurt that they felt uncomfortable with me!!!

This. It's actually really sad. Like other anons said, gay men don't put up with women trying to guilt them into fucking them, so TiFs just take it in and make a vent post on reddit at most while still being apologetic and ashamed. I wish it worked the other way around but the "more woman than cis women" trannies sure excel at working that aggressive, entitled male socialization.

No. 446361

I can't stop laughing at how awkward and pathetic this is

No. 446363

I've always thought it was funny the way trannies type stuff on the internet. They're trying to emulate male or female typing patterns so TiMs use so many kissy face emojis and love hearts it looks ridiculous while TiFs try to be edgy but stop themselves from going overboard with violent threats lol

No. 446370

>I'm only open to sex with people who understand my female body
>So why won't these gay guys involve me in their threesome
>Must be because they're transphobic

Imagine wanting to be a gay man and then be upset because all they talk about is dicks when it's about sex. I don't think this person understands what "homosexual male" means lmao

No. 446373

How dare those homosexual men who are clearly interested only in male anatomy and male genitals and who fought for their right to not be subject to painful conversion therapy to make them accept that their sexuality is a choice and learn to like vaginas refuse to have intercourse with my very obviously female form and genitals.
Are the blind to the homophobia they exclude from even fiber of their being? No wonder more and more "cis" lesbian and gays are turning their backs on them.

No. 446382

Let's see how this would play out if the roles were reversed
>TiM gets invited go girls party (for some reason)
>Girls are just having fun and chatting about all kinds of stuff
>Conversation topic switches to vagina's
>Troon starts throwing a ragefit
>Party is ruined
>Girls go to sleep, troon has to sleep in a seperate room for obvious reasons
>Troon sneaks up on them in the middle of the night and rapes them all
>Goes on twitter, tumblr and reddit the next day to reee about terfs and the literal murder about awesome trans gals~!!!

No. 446384

>“I think if you've lived in the world as a man with the privileges the world accords to men, and then switched gender, it's difficult for me to accept that then we can equate your experience with the experience of a woman who has lived from the beginning in the world as a woman, and who has not been accorded those privileges that men are.”

How was she being mean?

No. 446388

Didn't someone post a situation like this exactly on Reddit? Some woman invited a troon to her all girls sleepover and the troon couldn't understand why the party didn't descend into a lesbian fuckfest, then got legitimately upset and sulked when whacking one of the attendees full in the face with a pillow resulted in shock and the discomfort of everyone there. The woman who invited the troon posted about how all her friends no longer wanted to socialise with the pillow-wielding troon and was asking how to politely disinclude them from any further hang outs.

No. 446398

you forgot the part where the Troon casually dropped that they were high on drugs

No. 446405

According to the current narrative, TIMs never had male privilege because privilege/oppression is based on gender identity (>>446303) and all TIMs have had a female gender identity from birth. If they were in the closet long enough to acquire wealth and power as men then that just makes them doubly oppressed because they had to repress their true gender identity to do so. This is apparently worse than being born female and never getting that chance at all because something something cis privilege.

No. 446407

kek I'm senile, it was posted in this thread and I've just spent 30 minutes looking at GC #18 and #17 thinking it was months ago. Absolutely worth rereading while I make my Dignitas appointment. >>441813 >>441994

No. 446414

contra could've been a way better channel if he stopped making all his videos about transitioning. i enjoyed his videos about the alt right but now all he talks about is ~~the feminine penis~~. he always makes being a woman about pandering to straight men and it's honestly insulting.

No. 446430

Chimamanda is a woman of color who writes about how sex and race have affected her life and identity. That’s literally the textbook definition of “intersectionality” but I guess nowadays it just mean “prioritise trans women or else”.

No. 446445

Hontra has always been shit. He went from an anti-feminist cross-dressing man-child to an anti-feminist cross-dressing man-child but now in "woke" form.

No. 446479


Holy shit I hate Long Island

No. 446481

File: 1565450954961.jpg (12.86 KB, 480x360, pogs.jpg)

Remember anti-feminist cross dressing man? He's back. In woke form.

No. 446492

He was never good. It's pretty easy to see why he dropped out of his PhD program, he's only bells and whistles. The moment you pull on one of his videos' loose threads, the whole thing unravels.

No. 446518

The worst is his breadtube circle spreading his shit, I was watching that Lindsey Ellis video on war of the worlds (yes she's a lolcow I know) and she mentions MOUTHFEEL with a hontra clip.

No thank you, I don't want to ever hear that troon word in my life.

No. 446519

Hontra is all about theatrics and he uses that as his smoke and mirrors so an idiot can easily be impressed by whatever Hontra says which is why he gains so much in popularity. His video "essays" don't require thinking. It's drag masked as a debate and critical thinking. Hontra's videos are like putting a fancy perfume on a turd and covering it in silk, when in fact, it's still a turd.

No. 446545

i didn't know lindsay ellis was a lolcow? how?

No. 446562

She has a thread on kiwifarms, nothing spectacularly interesting aside getting drunk and one mugshot.

No. 446586

I don't think she really is a cow, she makes really good videos and actually has a degree in media studies so knows what she's talking about. She's probably aligning herself with people like hontra as an attempt to distance herself from thatguywiththeglasses and out of cringe/shame for that period of her life.

No. 446600

>don't invite TiF to your party
>she gets angry
>invite TiF
>she gets promptly ignored
>her yaoi fantasies don't come true and she gets angry
Troons are almost beating incels when it comes to entitlement for physical attraction. It's not good enough that they force their politics on everyone, they have to force and guilt trip others into getting into their pants.

No. 446667

How did such a small percentage of the population get so much leg room?

No. 446676

There's an insane amount of funding behind the trans agenda, to the point it almost sounds like conspiracy theories

No. 446677

The Inauthentic Selves article in the OP sums it up nicely. But short version: pharmaceutical companies and rich men with gross fetishes and lots of money to blow can influence all sorts of shit.

No. 446679


Really? Is it because of the money they make from hormones and surgery? Or what?

No. 446680

Yeah, and also tons of rich white men larping as women, read what >>446677 mentioned

No. 446693

Some of queer theory is actually sponsored by religious groups who practise conversion therapy by teaching gay and lesbians that sexuality is fluid, everyone is actually a “little bisexual”, and that men can have vaginas/women can have penises. The practise of transitioning gets a lot of funding from the cosmetic surgery industry rather than trying to find other treatments for dysphoria. I remember Janice Raymond getting a lot of flak for writing the Transsexual Empire but now it looks like she was right.

No. 446694

>Some of queer theory is actually sponsored by religious groups who practise conversion therapy by teaching gay and lesbians that sexuality is fluid, everyone is actually a “little bisexual”, and that men can have vaginas/women can have penises

It’s called SAFE-T. Many religious groups also see transgenderism as better alternative than homosexuality like in Iran. Why be an effeminate gay man when you can be a gender-conforming straight woman?

No. 446695

File: 1565489955542.jpeg (78.56 KB, 1414x1090, D7up-pyWkAAowNB.jpeg)


Also look up Susie Green and her organisation Mermaids and its association with the Tavistock gender clinic in the UK. She has manipulated herself into a position of power such that she has influence over the training of police forces re. offenses against transgenders.

No. 446698

Are they another homophobic trans group?

No. 446725

File: 1565500387312.jpeg (201.62 KB, 818x1222, 68436928-EA2B-44AB-BAC8-07B724…)

I didn’t know that Cox and his very heterosexual boyfriend broke up. What a shame they looked so great together lol

No. 446728

What’s your opinion on FTMs? This one passes imo. I honestly would never be able to tell

No. 446730

File: 1565501146398.jpeg (262.11 KB, 750x990, 404393A6-CCA4-42B8-BCBE-4F5931…)

No. 446733

inb4 that's you fishing for compliments

No. 446735

Does anyone here have any good info or sources about the whole gendered brain stuff? Trans people always say they have the brain of whatever they want to be. Is that true or just a load of bull? I’d love if someone could hit me up with some facts. Thanks!!!

No. 446737

Also I’m new here. Is there a page with all the abbreviations you guys use? What’s a sage? I’m so confused(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 446739


Not fishing genuinely curious

No. 446748

File: 1565505311413.png (133.05 KB, 720x796, 20190811_033516.png)

No. 446749

Cute AF, tbh. Looks a lot like a guy I crushed on in high school. A lot of FTMs are fairly attractive, or at the least, pass, because they're starting from a smaller, malleable bone structure. Biological men transitioning are out of luck.

No. 446750

"the gender delusion" by cordelia fine addresses this directly.

an earlier book from 1992 but "the mismeasure of woman" is also very good.

No. 446752

irl you'd notice that she was short and had oddly hunched "used to wear a binder" small-shouldered posture but basically you're right. women can look like short weirdly proportioned men very quickly and easily

No. 446754

they may pass in pictures but they almost certainly won't pass irl. but in general even the cia says you can disguise a woman to look like a man but not the other way around. if you look though you can see pretty easily the female face there. it's that the beard and eyebrows immediately scream masculine to our brains, but the facial structure itself is still more delicate, the jaw is small, etc

irl the height, tiny shoulders, hips, voice, mannerisms, hands, wrists, lack of bulge, will all add up in people's minds probably subconsciously and will prevent her from passing

No. 446755

I wouldn't be able to tell that was a woman just from the picture honestly. People say they can always tell but I honestly can't a lot of the time with FTMs, i think it's much easier for them. The only MTF I've ever seen that passes is Blaire White though.

No. 446756

I agree, and I think it's because the human default is closer to female, male anatomy is derived from female anatomy. It's much easier to add than it is to take away. You can add masculine traits to a female body, i.e. a beard, more muscle mass, more prominent bone structure etc. but you can't successfully take away those traits once you already have them.

No. 446757

blaire white doesn't pass lol

No. 446761

idk if I saw her on the street I'd think she was a woman, her being a 5'5 effeminate man before probably helped

No. 446762

File: 1565509172942.jpg (36.44 KB, 610x610, 5jdkokgkylx21.jpg)

There's two trannies in a gaming Discord server I belong to that annoy me so bad. One is always sperging out about anime and how important sexy waifus are as female rolemodels. He also insists on fairy-themed pronouns.

The other is just a fuggo who insists on using a RL picture of himself and it's super distracting everytime he butts into a conversation.

No. 446768

only the ones who don’t pass well are the ones you’re ever going to notice. if trans makes up 1% of the american population then statistically speaking every american anon in this thread has met several trans people without even realizing that was the case

No. 446777

The absolute most generous estimates actually say that 0.6% of Americans are trans, not 1%. There are 327 million Americans, 1.4 of whom are """trans""". That's 0.4% of Americans, not 0.6.

The rate of trans people is even lower in most other countries

In otherwords, there are 4 trannies for every thousand normal people, not 1 for every hundred. Also, trannies tend to cluster in liberal areas. It's entirely likely that there are people who have never met one or even passed one on the street.

No. 446785

stop being delusional troon

No. 446788

Yeah, the actual amount of trans people in the world is pretty damn low. Plus there are so few who actually pass well so the odds of encountering a tranny you can't clock in your daily life is minuscule. Lmao at all the retard TRAs who claim that we see trans people all around us all day without even realizing it… like where the fuck are all these amazingly passing super stealth trans people? They're practically unicorns.

No. 446791

For every somewhat passing tranny I see on the internet, I see at least 50 that don't look even remotely like their "chosen identity". And even then, the ones that ""pass"" are usually HSTS instathots that abuse Facetune and shoop in their pictures but walk and sound like men in videos.

The only truly passing troons I've seen are asian, because asian men tend to be more feminine and petite to begin with.

No. 446802

Only cause youre not used to the race. Asian TIMs are clockable to me too.
Also women are either more petite and thin or curvy and thicc, which one is it?

No. 446803

Laith Ashley is a great example of well-passing, handsome and very likable trans man. However, like many have said, no matter handsome they are or how good their top surgery is, there’s always something off about their proportions when they’re next to a biological male, and there’s a familiar aura they give off. There’s also the softer eyes, smaller hands or feet, smaller skull, narrower jaw and less brow protrusion. At least visually, FTM are much more pleasant to look at, even when they look like dorky 15 year old boys at 30. Non-passing ones just give a pitiful vibe rather than one danger. Totally opposite of non-passing MTF.

When we’re just going about our daily lives and passing by random people, that’s true. I personally don’t focus long enough on strangers anyway and there are so many fugly people out there already so of course, trans people of average build who actually make efforts to pass won’t get noticed right away. But if you have the chance to be up close and talk with them, like at school or work, you notice the differences. Like in the video anon linked here >>445685 Even with the sound off and what looks like many years of hrt and good hygiene, the contrast between the males and females is glaringly obvious.

I mean, I find the contestants of the Miss Tiffany’s pageant very beautiful, but in a way males can be beautiful. I don’t see them as passing 100% female. The early transitioners don’t look like men to me at all but instead feminized young boys rather than the bodies of girls who grew into women. Thai celebrity Rinrada Thurapan is extremely cute but still resembles a male. It’s not just ugly, tumblr trans who are clockable.

No. 446807

irl any TIM who hasn't had anything done with his Adam's apple will be immediately cloackable no matter what else the rest of them looks like.

No. 446809


Very cute and attractive but I feel guilty for liking him because I know he’s a woman. The thought of meeting a handsome “man” and pulling down his pants to find a vulva makes me so fucking uncomfortable (no offense to anyone I’m just not into woman at all)

No. 446810

Tims are clockable but a lot of tifs aren’t

No. 446813


Wow lol they chose the ugliest most clockable ones they could find too. Lmao I guess they wanted us to notice how “inclusive” they are

No. 446815

That’s probably because you aren’t Asian and you mistake neoteny for femininity.

No. 446818

I think because of female socialisation and liberal feminism, the women in that group would quickly change the topic or not bring it up entirely to save their trans guests feelings. Men on the other hand wouldn't give a rat's ass.

No. 446819

if a tif has a full beard going and you cant see her hips/thighs through her pants then the voice is the number one way, every single one sounds like a teenage boy, there are no morgan freeman voiced tifs no matter how much T they take

No. 446820

Why is it when there's videos centred on women, if it doesn't have at least one trans it's not 'inclusive', but it's never expected to see a transman on a men's video?

No. 446823

Lol Why is he reminding me of Jeremy Vuolo?

No. 446842

File: 1565538559246.png (460.8 KB, 816x601, Screen Shot 2019-08-11 at 8.45…)

>a handsome “man” and pulling down his pants to find a vulva
You'd likely know before then because most trannies have to make their transness known. Just look at this person's username: >transgenderer

Their whole life and identity revolves around being a "trans man/woman" and not just presenting as a man or woman. I get there are activists, but it shouldn't be every fucking trans person I meet; they're especially preachy and not very intelligent. Snapshot of Insta related. "Cis passing privilege." It's not a privilege to be harassed by liberals in supposedly safe queer spaces because they assume you're a cis man. You're not privileged for making an effort to present as the gender you want to pass as, just because most troons look like meth dealers. The amount of shame and guilt this person has is insane.

No. 446849

Why are they all attention seeking. I swear to God all identity politics is just another way to say you have sexual frustration.

No. 446855

What do troons think about Arielle Scarcella? She's made a few 'peak trans' videos. Is she considered a TERF yet?

No. 446871

I've always guessed it's a combination of some or all of these factors:
> Men having no shame about doing in public what makes them horny
> Men having no boundaries when it comes to their paraphilias
> Men having a sense of entitlement and narcissism that's never been kept in check
> Men having the ability to express themselves with little repercussions
> Men having access to money, resources, and thus can waste finances on expressing their degeneracy

No. 446875

I think she's a transmedicalist? She's friends with a bunch of 20ish year olds truscum kids and seems to believe in ~tru trans shit.
She made this video reacting to a Pique Resilience Project video with Storm Ryan (a ~gay trans man) and it's funny watching her patronize the girls in the video and act as if the person next to her is somehow distinct from them.

No. 446879

She's always under fire by troon twitter. Contra had multiple breakdowns over her.

No. 446885

Of course she is, she's a lesbian who doesn't want dick

No. 446887

This. I keep hearing this about Asian men passing more but if you look at crossplay and make up videos, you need a specific face structure to make it work (softer features) but their body is still masculine.

No. 446933

I thought she was ok but this video makes me think shes a dumb as the troons shes against.
"I have slight issues with my hormones so I'm not fully female" bitch whut.

No. 446953

No. 446970


Yeah no thanks

No. 446974


What is that?

No. 446981

I love how they type up so much “theory” and still be so out of touch with reality. I shouldn’t be surprised though since it’s /leftypol/ which is filled with trannies.

No. 446988

>It is fair to say a trans women is more female than male biologically though because her cells are literally signalling and acting as female to the best of their ability wherever estrogen affects them and vice versa with trans men.

No. 446989

I particularly enjoy how they argue their points as if it is some new, interesting take which hasn't already been discussed and illuminated by GC feminists and other critics and researchers of transgenderism. Like this for example:
>I'm not sure if it's relevant, but from what I remember up to 70% of transwomen are still primarily attracted to women. That could be false, but if that was a True Fact(tm) it may also be the case that transgender women specifically like the physical traits of women as straight men, and fail to differentiate this from valuing being a woman.
He has just discovered the concept of autogynephilia.

No. 447000

>Fully automated luxury synthetic uterus will make all this gay shit irrelevant, thank fuck.
Well at least you’re honest about women’s place in society.

No. 447001

The flat earth tier pseudoscience always makes me want to roll my eyes out of my skull, and they constantly conflate sex and gender.
>I don't remember anybody here saying transgenderism was invalid. In fact, everybody is affirming gender roles and traits associate with gender manifest historically, aren't essential to sex, and so transwomen aren't invalid in indentifying as women. The question is what the mechanism is for identifying as a woman if the category of "female" has no content beyond its social context.
The mental gymnastics they have to do to still rationalize transgenderism is ridiculous. How does recognizing that gender roles are not essential to sex logically follow that female as a sex class has no meaning outside of social contexts. Like wtf? A sexually functioning male and a female is to fundamental to reproduction. Biological reality doesn't become null and void once gender roles are take out of the equation.

No. 447002

>/leftypol/ shitting on women, non-white people, and homosexuals
>defends troons

Lmao should I have expected any different?

No. 447009

File: 1565565149739.jpeg (226.56 KB, 856x1580, EE6550DA-BFC3-461D-BAC5-2950C5…)

Look out grandma! The freak you’re housing and driving around is deathly jealous of you!

No. 447025

I think most trans people are fetishists or deeply repressed homosexuals. The few “genuine” trans people who have dysphoria should have their dysphoria recognised as some type of medical condition rather than the usual shit we hear about “gendered souls”, having a “male/female brain” and being “born in the wrong body”. There does seem to be a link between gender dysphoria and schizophrenia, and also autism.

>Neurobiological research, including brain imaging and studies of finger length ratio and handedness, suggests that both these disorders are associated with altered cerebral sexual dimorphism and changes in cerebral lateralization. Various mechanisms, such as Toxoplasma infection, reduced levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), early childhood adversity, and links with autism spectrum disorders, may account for some of this overlap. The implications of this association for further research are discussed.

No. 447032

in the case of ftm, i think a lot of them have severe body dysmorphia.
I've known a few, all of which were very overweight and didn't take care of themselves.

No. 447041

>Anime icons
Of course. I wish this poor old woman knew her charity is pointless because this freak is talking behind her back about punching and even killing her. She's right to think someone this weird and mentally unstable should step back and get guidance before speeding through the process of dangerous hormones and genital-altering surgery.

No. 447042

A lot of people on these threads say male and female brains don’t exist. Sexual dimorphism in the brain is a fact but I suppose how much of it influences behaviour and cognition is up for debate as brain differences have traditionally been used to justify female inferiority. Pretty much all the differences are related to reproduction as a male brain will never have to control a menstrual cycle or pregnancy and many neurological disorders affect the sexes differently. Some research shows that women are better at reading faces which might help with women differentiating others for mate selection in human reproduction but what if it’s because women are taught to be more social?

No. 447043

Male and female brains definitely have differences, even human bone structure is dimorphic. The most obvious brain difference being sexual preference as the overwhelming majority of females are sexually attracted to males while the overwhelming majority of males are sexually attracted to females. It’s just that gendered bias in culture make many of these differences hard to determine whether they are natural or nurtured.

No. 447051

Samefagging here but even without brain sex being a factor, there are other clear biological differences between the sexes which would make any theoretical “egalitarianism”’ impossible this abolition of gender is more believable to me and why I am a radical feminist rather than liberal feminist.

No. 447060


She's honestly not. Men think she is and she has a thread on KF because she was a public-facing woman with feminist leanings in the early 00s, talked about geek shit, talked about having an abortion, and still has a career. Whatever piddly shit they bring up is masking a very weird, vintage chan misogyny.

No. 447071

The only problem with Ellis is that she hangs around some shitty people like Hontra but she isn’t a lolcow.

No. 447072

So there are men with female brains?

No. 447083

If that was true, wouldn't their brains want to produce female hormones? and have the weight and size of a normal human female brain? I don't know much about it, but seems a little bit impossible.

No. 447085

No. 447086

No, they wouldn’t produce female hormones or regulate female reproduction or puberty like a female brain would but some articles discuss that they display some sexual dimorphic traits in the cerebrum more typically found in female brains.

No. 447087

The problem with any research about the brain is that our knowledge of neuroscience is way too fucking primitive so we can see that there are differences but we don’t know what any of it really means.

No. 447088

Except in the case of "brain sex" the idea being put forward-that there are distinctly male or female brains and that trans people have the brain of the opposite sex-is a theory which can be, and has been, debunked.

No. 447089

This is why I think of gender dysphoria as a neurodevelopmental medical condition.

No. 447090

Legit question, but why is this? Does T actually make vocal chords larger? Why does their voice never drop all the way?

No. 447097

I think it has to do with the different size and skeletal structures between men and women. Men have greater bone density, greater lung capacity and wider chests which lead to a deeper sound being produced.

No. 447099

I never noticed how saying “trans women are women” over and over again can really brainwash you. I’m glad that GC feminists have for the most part stopped calling them trans women or trans men because language has huge power over how you think and perceive reality and calling them “trans women” is giving them power to dictate our understandings of reality.

No. 447100

You’re allowing them to distort the narrative basically, and by saying “trans women” you give into the lie.

No. 447108

File: 1565584224841.jpg (150.97 KB, 616x888, creep.jpg)

That is one impressive ratio.

No. 447109

every time he says "tampon" I throw up a little in my mouth.

No. 447110

Purely anecdotal, but a TIF I knew in graduate school had just started taking testosterone and told me that she experienced disturbingly heightened aggression after taking it. To quote her, she said, "Oh my god . . . I've been walking around all day feeling like I want to punch a wall or start a fight with someone." she's also obsessed with getting bigger

No. 447112


There are differences between male and female brains - size for example - but cognitively there isn't a statistically significant difference, because the differences between two people of the same sex can be greater than or equal to the difference between sexes. Basically, there's just huge amounts of overlap. Various scientists have been trying to prove that there are differences for decades (starting from the "Here's why lady brains are inferior" idea way back when) and it hasn't panned out to much of anything in large scale studies.

The fact that we're somehow back to lady brains is mind boggling.

No. 447117


Well maybe that’s why effeminate men who have less testosterone become troons? Idk just trying to make sense of all this but it’s so crazy and hard to wrap my head around it

No. 447118

I’m real late to the party, does this bloke really mean he buys and carries around tampons for; and can’t go swimming because of an imaginary menstrual period?

Do troons really try and pretend they get periods?

No. 447120

Yes. There are even ones who collect old used tampons and pads from public restrooms, and will put them in their underwear. This is accompanied by sexual arousal. There's some screencaps in past threads, from fetlife, which showed a bunch of troons who liked doing that. It was as gross as you'd imagine.

No. 447121

wow there’s just no end to their filth, is there?
I just thought maybe he needs them for the uh..pit where genitals used to be, but it’s so much worse.

No. 447124

Oh, in his case, his dick and balls are still in tact. We all know this because he made it his life goal to sue working class women who run waxing salons, because those women won't wax his balls. That dud is insane, if you haven't read up on him, check the past threads, or the thread on /pt/.

But yeah, there are TIMs with neo-vaginas who will shove tampons up there, or will wear pads. A number of them often think the cramps they get (from you know, taking crazy hormones, or just plain old constipation) is "period cramps".

No. 447125

I’m morbidly curious but also pretty sure this will be one nauseating rabbit hole.

I’m guessing his freak outs over his Brazilian waxed nuts is the least of his drama?

The thing I really wonder tho, is how perverted must they have been before getting on hormones that should stop their dick from working. Like, they had nothing going on in their heads other than what gets them off.

No. 447126

Yeah, he's been outed as a pedo too. He has a bunch of weirdass texts talking about ten year old girls needing tampons and should he help them insert them. Real fucked up shit.

From everything I've seen in these threads, and just lurking online, pretty damn perverted. A lot of them have autism and are obsessed with anime too. It's like an escalation of their fetishes taken into a delusion.

No. 447127

It took two minutes to read enough about him to feel sick.

All those questions about changing rooms and creepily wondering about ten year old girls having pads or asking him for one. Pedophiles just put on a dress and think it’s okay to prey on children in locker rooms.. unbelievable.

No. 447128

TiFs have told me their sex drives go out of control and they think about sex every 7 seconds

No. 447129

How could anyone function thinking about sex that often?
You couldn’t write a grocery list without being distracted fifteen times.

No. 447133

Yeah these seems to be a link between gender dysphoria and autism. People with autism are much more likely to be dysphoric than the general population. This indicates that there may be similar neurological patterns or both experience similar environmental factors.

No. 447134

God this is such a condescending video. They come right out the gate insulting the appearances of the detransitioned women and they double down hard on the "nawt troo twanz" shit. It's funny some of the comments mentioning Storm Ryan passes well too. Not with that soft face, slight body, and those tiny hands.

No. 447135

they should be called peddoies.

No. 447155

yeah but tifs also are like "i suddenly suck at verbal skills and my math proficiency has increased tenfold", like, they're obviously trying to live walking stereotypes and wholeheartedly believe in that shit so it's impossible to tell.

No. 447170

Zeldafags and Pokemonfags draw in the higher rate of autistic troons but yeah Sonic I guess.. its not the 2000s anymore.

No. 447181

Yeah I honestly think that they've had this aggression and sex obsession before too but are only after becoming "men" more comfortable to express it or let themselves feel these things because hey they're not dainty little ladies anymore but big burly men

No. 447199

Male and Female brains aren't different, but male and female hormones make you react to different things differently. Testosterone and estrogen control gendered behavior and that's why the differences between female and male children often come to surface in puberty, before that they can be damn near identical. Most of the gendered behavior is definitely social, but hormones play their part too. That's why chemical castration is a thing for sexual offenders in some countries, to take away the testosterone related sexual aggression.

This fucking degenerate goblin legitimately makes me want to throw up with everything he says.

No. 447218

File: 1565614501098.png (81.59 KB, 635x534, Capture.PNG)

No. 447222

Telling males that they have to be stereotypically masculine and are mentally ill if they want to be feminine isn't radical feminism whatsoever. I STG TRAs don't even know what TERF means except mean boogeyman.

No. 447223

Hontra has a habit of this kind of thing.
When no one's around to argue with him, he gives obviously dishonest, ridiculous anecdotes in a cheap bid to make everyone who disagrees with him look dumb.
Like, in that video where he styles a wig with a drag queen, he claimed that a woman who told him BDSM is fucked up also said exercising and eating spicy food are just as bad. Sounds legit.

No. 447230

How did this TRA shit all take off so fast and in such an extreme way? 20 years ago if you were a straight man who got hard wearing frilly dresses we knew you were some sort of freak. When did that change?

No. 447236

For some reason I feel like it was tumblr's fault

No. 447242

My (mostly unfunded) theory: Transitions means a lot of money for the big farm and plastic surgery industry. Probably the best strategy to reach males. Doctors and psychogists are bribed by companies and they're prescribing unnecesary medications. For plastic surgerons it's a no brainer, they're already brainwashing women into thinking we need tons of work done to look like "perfect (100% feminine) women", trans clients are gold mine for them. It will collapse when there's more detraisitions and more understanding that neovag is not what was advertised to them and the payd to be mutilated. Now unhappy clients are silenced, but one day there will be too many of them to ignore.

No. 447281

It piggybacked on the LGBT movement, which made impressive strides in the last 20 years and rebranded itself. >>447236 This is a bit true as well. A lot of detransitioned people will claim Tumblr as their gateway to it. Also, this >>447242

No. 447283

This has been posted before but it's an extremely good resource for anyone who has not read it already. It explains some of the massive money sources and corrupt motives behind the movement.
"Inauthentic Selves: The modern LGBTQ+ Movement Is Run By Philanthropic Astroturf And Based On Junk Science."

No. 447285

If you call any woman who disagrees with you in any way a TERF, it’s easy to make “TERFs” seem unreasonable and inconsistent.

No. 447295

Reading this thread has really made me feel better about many of the questions I had regarding transgender issues. I used to be really pro-trans (back when I used tumblr religiously) but over the years, I've started to look at the issue a lot more critically.

It annoys me that bringing up valid concerns is seen as being transphobic or a TERF. I've never felt comfortable with the fact that trans men are allowed to be actively involved in womens spaces, especially since many of them silence women. Sage for venting but I'm glad these threads exist.

No. 447327

We often talk about tumblr but I wonder what exactly on tumblr made so many people transition. iirc I made an account around 2011 or 2012, mostly used it for fandoms and followed fandom accounts, but starting from 2014/2015 I saw way more content about transgenderism. Before that tumblr users who wanted to talk about LGBT issues focused on the LGB part. Just from my observation maybe it's a weird mix between Leelah Acorn's suicide and his note that he posted on tumblr and the fact that in fandoms there were many cosplayers and other fujoshi who wanted to pretend they were kawaii uke uwu? But I don't see how transbians are involved in that one.

No. 447328

Sage for double posting but now that I think about it wasn't gay marriage legalised in 2015 in the USA? And because of that TRAs were sperging about how it's their turn to advocate for their rights because the LGB didn't have real problems anymore? And there was the whole public bathroom debacle that happened around the same time as well as Bruce Jenner transitioning and being called "woman of the year" by some magazine. I started seeing people calling anyone who dared question letting anyone in women's bathrooms TERFs, and that was very often. I'm not American so maybe I've got the dates wrong.

No. 447336

File: 1565630524028.png (27.87 KB, 525x346, ocd.png)

So after you come out as trans, but you keep constantly doubting that decision, and both your mind AND body keep reminding you of what your actual biological sex is? THAT'S mental illness and should be treated ASAP! You wouldn't want to be a boring ol' straightie now would you?

No. 447339

File: 1565630979379.jpg (687.17 KB, 1920x1080, creep.jpg)

I signed up for meetup last month to try and find lesbian groups. This morning I get a notification about a new group and just from reading the description I knew it was bad news so I do research on the group founder. Lo and behold it's yet another TiM obsessed with raping lesbians, writes erotica about it, and also dresses his dog in kink clothing. I'm disgusted but sadly not even surprised the mods would approve a group made by a man like this.

No. 447341

I suspect transbians were attracted to tumblr through porn blogs and stayed because it’s such a useful platform for bullying young impressionable girls.

No. 447344

wtf how does ocd have anything to do with periods? what psychiatrist would confirm this delusion?

No. 447346

They mean period of time, but tbh, the whole paragraph is so poorly written it's hard to tell exactly what they're trying to say.

No. 447352

HOCD (Homosexual OCD) and TOCD (Transgender OCD) are a thing but it's always men who get that strain of it. And it's usually the same men who have POCD (Pedophilia OCD) too, which is the obsessive fear that you're a pedophile.

No. 447353

psychologists are also part of the 40%

No. 447355

What the fuck is wrong with this creature's face? I have never ever seen a person with eyes that far apart. Looks like a hammerhead shark. Also I wish we stopped referring to them by their preferred pronouns.

No. 447357

this person - he or she, whichever word you find worse, has a genetic condition. It's called something.

No. 447358

(((I wonder why)))(ban evasion)

No. 447360

He has Waardenburg syndrome

No. 447362

Don't be edgy, you're gonna get ((banned))

I have OCD, and I'm wondering if that's why I keep considering whether or not I'm trans. I mean, I know I'm not because I'd never transition (current techniques are barbaric), it's really rare and I doubt I'm in the .6%, and I have other forms of body dysphoria like anorexia that probably all play their part. Still, I don't know how to get rid of these thoughts. If I tell my therapist, she'll probably think I'm actually trans. I read a story of a de-transitioner who really just struggled with OCD but was pressured into gender therapy and eventually surgery. It's hard to know who to trust.

No. 447365

What happened with transbians is that the goons from somethingawful started to trans themselves first. It goes back to like 2003-4 on SA, that was where the marriage of AGP, far-leftism and anime came together, and a lot of their notable posters were transitioning by the end of the decade. This is why they're called troons. In 2011 SA's contingent of transbians started to join tumblr and get really popular with their goon humour (a la dril) and extremism because tumblr became much more fandom and politics orientated than what it was before, so they fit in perfectly with that. They shoved their weight around a lot (even though some of them were exposed as rapists)

The aidens also came about through fandom and I think they somewhat predated the troons

No. 447371

OCD is difficult to treat but have you thought about cognitive behavioural therapy? It can be effective for OCD. There's a particular type of CBT called ERP which has been designed specifically for OCD.

No. 447374

I'm currently in CBT, I go tonight actually. I've never heard of ERP; I'll look into it, thanks.

No. 447379

I was also reminded of the pedophile ocd by that post

No. 447385

lmao the majority of troons are white non-Jewish males, and pol loves jerking off to them

No. 447392

File: 1565642187147.jpg (42.37 KB, 700x420, 1024.jpg)

Sorry to be Charlie but if you look at labour rights and women's rights everything's getting eroded by this huge reactionary wave, we're in the neoliberal era, which transshit is clearly part of.

Billionaires fucking love trans stuff because it ties into the ultimate eugenicist and transhumanist Silicon Valley fantasies. Austerity and transshit came hand in hand.

And it makes a lot of bad press for public health services like, "your hard-earned taxes are going to go towards a 40 year old man's facial feminisation surgery!" which is great too. Nothing quite like coopting medicine, and when that obviously gets the bad "experimenting on children with ass cancer drugs" press it was obviously going to get from the start, you've succeeded in getting the masses to turn against each other and against science and healthcare.

No. 447393

Jews only make up 3% of the US population.. so.. yeah, you're not gonna see a lot of them.

No. 447394

all right, this may be a board culture thing, but is this thread actually about the distinction of physical sex and gender, or the TERF-ideology alone?

if someone genuinely identifies as another gender and experiences the qualms of being perceived as a woman in a misogynistic culture, especially during their developmental years, then whats the point of excluding them? women and men have the same brain, it doesnt differ until socialization based on ones percieved gender comes into play, the same way that many other environmental factors mold our brains in those delicate stages.

it cant just be about protecting women, because ive seen countless posts bashing cis women for looking trans for having strong jawlines or a long face among other things

is it social insecurity? internalized misogyny?(Read the OP)

No. 447398

not a good look when right wingers and gender critical team up

No. 447400

First of all, what do you mean by "during their developmental years"? Are you talking about if a MTF starts identifying as a woman from young age and is treated as such? If so, then it's unethical to start messing with the child's developmental stages by buying into their delusions of gender dysphoria instead of looking into the root cause which could be autism, OCD, sexual abuse, all sorts of things that gender dysphoria is a symptom of. If that trauma is left untreated and only the symptom of gender dysphoria is treated by surgeries, socialization and hormones, any sane person will know that it's only going to make things worse.

>it cant just be about protecting women, because ive seen countless posts bashing cis women for looking trans for having strong jawlines or a long face among other things

This has literally nothing to do with anything. Catty bitches making fun of masculine features in women has nothing to do with troons invading female spaces. I don't really even know what you meant by this.

No. 447404

>genuinely identifies as
Begone troon/handmaiden.

No. 447411

From my point of view, if being a woman revolves around how you personally "identify" and how well you may perform so you can be perceived as such, then women who actually face problems like FGM from childhood and other fucked up shit directly linked to their physicality become the ones at fault for not just identifying as male.
Once you make womanhood into a matter of how well you perform symbols, or something as subject to change as what you feel like instead of just a biological existence, you invalidate all the stipulations of that biological aspect. Not in the cool way we'd all like (which would be making these things disappear so we can all be okay), but in the "No, this isn't valid as a women's issue because I'm a woman (who was born with a dick and had to deliberately undergo surgery and hormones to be considered as one tyvm) and this never happened to me!" or "Oh, your personality and tastes don't fit this particular mold of womanhood? It just sounds like you might be a guy or non-binary to me, not a real woman".
If the former happens, we're going to be treading on dangerous waters of invalidating women's issues because we've removed the "women's" part and decided they must come from a (possibly privileged), general "people". Already, some groups are claiming "trans men have male privilege".
There's just no excuse. This hurts women.

>it cant just be about protecting women, because ive seen countless posts bashing cis women for looking trans for having strong jawlines or a long face among other things

Not everyone on Lolcow is the exact same person. Regardless, /lgbt/ and other trans-friendly spaces are full of trans people and allies who shit on "cis" women way harder than anyone here does. Following your logic, why would those of us who believe in protecting women ever want to ally with such a group? They think it's okay to physically attack, kill and force women into prostitution for being "TERFs", lmao. I'd rather stay with the women, even if there's an insane few who might make fun of my ankles for being too pointy or whatever the fuck.

No. 447412

File: 1565643753110.png (152.04 KB, 242x513, Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 2.02…)

>if someone genuinely identifies as another gender and experiences the qualms of being perceived as a woman in a misogynistic culture, especially during their developmental years, then whats the point of excluding them?

Biology. (XX) Females at birth are the target of (XY) male aggression, especially of heterosexual males. Men are predisposed to violence due to hormones, and using their biological physical strength to overpower generally weaker women. Previous societies are built on rape, slavery, or general subjugation of women in order to have access to their wombs for reproduction, societal building, and territory gaining. The hatred and need to control still exists in the back of the male mind, hence the way our society is still structured around female beauty (objectification for control and reproduction) and we see so many incels shooting places up when they can't get a girl. It's about status. That's why even homosexual males are often mysoginistic, because they also have a similar wiring to want to be accepted by the group. Most trans people, especially MtF are fetishists who hate biological women for being desirable by males, and want to emulate that attention by becoming caricatures of what heterosexual males deem attractive. There's a reason why trannies go to Thailand for small neovaginas instead of "roasties," why they choose long wigs, and giant plastic tits every time, despite the fact women can be flat and have short hair. It's never about being a woman, and even if they were respectful and genuine in their transition, they'll never experience the same fear women do, based on physical strength due to biological differences.

No. 447414

Now that you've mentioned chromosomes, watch that anon try to use intersex people as a "gotcha".
Expect that and maybe a "Not all men, this is incredibly misandrist and fucked up wtf" thrown in. Every time.

No. 447432

Blaire passes to me as one of those LA people that gets tons of plastic surgery. I think in general ones that go for "bimbo instathot" looks tend to look similar to females with that aesthetic.

No. 447434

this is what the troons want to make of us

No. 447440

with so many troons in STEM, what makes them reject simple biology like this?

No. 447444


I see what you mean but to me she/he looks super male

No. 447445

But when you ask a tranny ANY question at all, no matter how much you censor yourself and no matter how harmless the question, they will shut you down and tell you that they don't have to explain anything to CIS SCUM.

No. 447449


No. 447453

They study tech not biology.

No. 447466

begone troon

No. 447468

I feel like on tumblr a lot of people are afraid of being seen as “cishet” so they identify as bisexual/pansexual even if they are straight and trans/non-binary/neogender even if they have no dysphoria.

No. 447471

Unironically this.
>Study finds transgender, non-binary autism link

No. 447475

Troons also have a high rate of personality disorders, especially NPD. Gender dysphoric symptoms are also commonly observed in schizophrenics, we don’t know how far the link goes although they do seem to affect the same parts of the brain like autism does (also left handed people lol).

No. 447477

The funniest ones are the thousands of different flavours of asexual and the split model attraction shit so you get crazy shit like “heteroromanfic homosexual”. Then there was MOGAI shit which created all more bullshit sexualities and genders.

No. 447478

File: 1565651916656.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1242x2088, D3B46F7A-EBDC-4D30-8B87-D1BF94…)

God, why are they all like this

No. 447479

File: 1565651953346.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1242x1446, B06F7260-F6A3-4044-A334-77C825…)

No. 447480

I don’t know why so many people don’t want to see gender dysphoria as a medical condition and compare it to homosexuality. If you’re gay then homosexuality itself is not the problem if you want to end your life, it’s because society won’t accept you for who you are. People with dysphoria on the other hand need to transition to the body of the opposite sex or they will kill themselves. Transition is the only solution so you can’t get over it even if others accepted you because you hate your sex characteristics so much.

No. 447481

File: 1565652047496.png (767.41 KB, 858x731, 2CC66661-D57B-40E9-9D47-DD5CD5…)

No. 447485

File: 1565652281948.png (1.03 MB, 960x1202, Screenshot 2019-08-10 at 9.29.…)

No. 447488

>(a la dril)

Is dril a troon, or are you just using him as an example of goon humor?

No. 447489

So, Something Awful is to blame for all this shit.

No. 447492

File: 1565653090790.jpg (79.74 KB, 281x640, 1461564000069.jpg)

trans 'women' are incels who've somehow gamed the system enough to not only become their manic pixie dream waifu (>>447481) but into holding power over cucked leftie males and handmaidens and nothing can be said or done to convince me otherwise

dont ever give into incel games or they grow even more anime-desu before our very eyes

No. 447493

Literally every trans "domme" on a notorious bdsm site looks just like this kek

No. 447494

Blair has a passing radius of 15ft with shoulders back and mouth shut lol

No. 447497

File: 1565653974174.jpeg (183.99 KB, 1125x1335, 1558922599524.jpeg)


You are being far too generous anon lol.

No. 447499

Yikes wtf

No. 447503

File: 1565654670849.png (523.04 KB, 558x834, 1534362757071.png)

i think this from before he had plastic surgery? The OP pic from his /snow/ thread is post op and he doesn't look any less masculine, he just looks less like a human.

No. 447510

File: 1565655419211.jpeg (659.21 KB, 750x1117, B2FF75D4-16E3-4B70-B186-2E5F36…)

No. 447511


Does his husband call himself straight? lol

No. 447522

Men should just accept it's ok to be bi

No. 447527


I know right

No. 447530

just more incel shit to abuse women under the guise of lesbianism kink!

i hope one day when all incels recieve their well deserved bullet for their rampant misogyny, pedophilia & abusiveness, these trans 'women' get put first in line as 'women first' policies are their goal

No. 447531

Lmao these troons. "My bf is straight but he sucks my dick" honey if he sucks dick he's not cishet.

>lesbians don't like dick

Wow no shit?

No. 447534

Yep and blaire is always like mY FiAncE iS StRaiGht lmao riiiiight

No. 447539

File: 1565660589238.jpg (201.64 KB, 1080x528, Screenshot_20190813-044037_BBC…)

I saw this article headline about a shortage of HRT drugs for menopausal women in the UK and I tought to myself, half in jest "I'm sure troons are probably using up a lot of the drugs meant for women". Lo and behold.


No. 447543

Troons even expect gynaecologists to serve them and give them “pap smears” or ask about their periods

No. 447545

>only qualifications to be lesbian

>dont like dick

>sexual attraction to women

why is it so hard for them to get this shit/

No. 447550

These assholes wasting resources meant for women is so enraging. There has to be guidelines for who can seek what kind of treatment, it should be fucking obvious someone without the necessary parts for a specific procedure should be denied it.

No. 447553

This is disgusting, and why trans shit needs to be classified as mentally ill again like in the early 1900s

No. 447554

men are not biologically able to get a menstrual cycle. what is wrong with this freak. and no real woman talks like this. wtf , disgusting

No. 447556

i thought he was nice as a gay man just doing his thing, but as soon as the tr00n shit happened. I was like red alert. No wonder ALBinwonderland doesnt hang out with this freak anymore. Now he just fetishizes women. i wonder if he was threatened by ALB?

No. 447557

some batshit insane AGP on tumblr is claiming mitski sex trafficked him from age 11-14


No. 447562

This is a fucking mess. an embarrassing mess

No. 447565

He looks a little like Michael Jackson here.