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No. 429238

This thread is for the discussion of transgenderism / trans ideology from a gender critical and radical feminist perspective. It was originally created by Admin as an amalgamation of the TERF and Transgender threads.

Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of feminism, sexuality, misogyny, or misandry.

Radical Feminism thread >>>/ot/373459

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No. 429239

File: 1562056242742.jpeg (242.63 KB, 1200x1138, Dkg3BqvWwAk17jz.jpeg)

No. 429290


>This thread is not intended for the general discussion of feminism

>Radical Feminism thread >>>/ot/373459

No. 429307

Anyone watched euophoria ep 3?

Rue says to Jules (TiM) that he shouldn't go meet in the woods with this guy he met online, she's concerned… you know, the woods, in the dark, with a strange man. But Jules gets angry and goes like "That's the difference between you and me, I can't meet people in public, I'm trans!" cringe

I don't think I'm gonna keep watching after that kiss tho

No. 429308

Uhhhh, what does him being trans have to do with anything? Is there something I need to know to "get" this line?

No. 429351

Meeting in a public setting might get trans people Literally Murdered (TM) unlike meeting strange men alone in the woods at night, where only dumb cis women get literally, actually murdered. #thisiscisprivilege

No. 429364

But-but I thought trannies were literally being murdered every day, everywhere, while cis people flounce around without a single thought about our safety thanks to privilege?

How do TRAs watch this and think it makes any sense? Do they just switch their brains off?

No. 429384

Wait so the writers unironically think that meeting strangers in a dark, isolated place is safer than meeting strangers in a populated area in broad daylight? On what planet do they live? Going to the woods alone to meet strangers is dangerous and risky for literally everyone, """cishet""" white men included. Is Jules portrayed as an absolute retard in the show? Maybe that's the case, it could be in character and make sense.

No. 429404

why are there so many trannies on 4chan

No. 429415

That sounds like it was put in as satire, presumably

No. 429422

Because most trannies nowadays are just the average white straight male that grew up on 4chan.

No. 429474

File: 1562105900289.jpg (125.86 KB, 1280x720, 1795463433001_5815087740001_58…)

Trans Pride is coming up in my city soon and I'm seriously dreading the cringe social media. I still don't quite understand why they need their own pride parade. There was an alternative pride for people who don't want pride to be corporate (and rightly so), why not join together with that?

No. 429477

>Pride month is over
The audacity

No. 429485

I’m in a weightloss group on FB and someone posted a meme with something like “I’m skinny on the inside but fat on the outside, Im translender” and of course the comment were full of REEEEEEEEEEEEEEH MUH SAFE SPACE PLEASE REMOVE EVERYBODY WHO USED THE LAUGH REPLY. And a token troon stating how hurt they were

Also part of some expat womens groups whos top rules state “absolutely no men” and everytime a man gets though and posts its the big drama ordeal but then theres a few obvious troons in the group who literally post every day and people act like its just totally normal lmfao

No. 429487

nta but that anon posted the same thing in that thread, only for the thread to be locked per the new /ot/ rule. there's a locked thread about her in /snow/ too. leah's absolutely batshit and has had a video made about her by kalvin whatshername and blaire white for being a nutty terf. keeping tabs on her might be a good idea.

No. 429488

kek they had this exact plotpoint with the gay guy in riverdale.

No. 429501

Because TIMs are okay with admitting they're men with male strength when it is convenient for them (i.e. being able to do things that would be more dangerous for women) and not when it is less convenient for them (i.e. when they want to enter womens' sports with unfair advantage.)

No. 429521

File: 1562117353759.jpg (169.96 KB, 1200x630, kim petras.jpg)

can someone get kim petras a jaw shave? please? ship him off to korea, i don't care. also how fucked up is it that he can be this overweight but similar pop stars in his position get nothing but flack for it? his rapist producer, dr. luke, bullied kesha when she had less chins than tim does here.

No. 429530

Why does this sound exactly like a down low gay boy who doesn’t want to get found out?

Oh, wow. Case in point.

Kim is overweight? I thought they had a small body, just weirdly proportioned head?

No. 429533

Yeah, Leah usually takes things too far imo

No. 429535

Isn’t she a detransitioner too? I tried watching her videos but she is way too out there and often seems like a troll. I didn’t think she was real at first.

No. 429546

His jawbone is already too small for his forehead; it's just poor fat distribution.

No. 429551


Men are boring and raised to believe they are the special, complex beings on earth whose needs going unmet is an actual crisis.

No. 429554

No. 429558


I feel bad for the likes of Kim Petras, Jazz Jennings, et all. I feel like they didn't choose this life- it was forced on them by their shitty munchie parents.

I still call them "he", but I can sort of see the logic in calling them "they", even though I don't really agree with it

No. 429571

>I feel like men only "make it" in the world if they're talented in some way, where if I stayed a girl I wouldn't have to worry whether I did nothing because I would still be liked and appreciated.

And here's why transitioning doesn't fucking work. The people going for it are often riddled with other mental issues and get hyperfixated on their gender being the sole reason of their failures and low self esteem. This girl decided to become a man but things didn't magically get better, so she blames her gender again. Their "feeling like a male" talk only translates to "I don't want to be a woman because the society as a whole feels entitled to my body and I want to get rid of it". That's why they always say their "dysphoria" has lessened after becoming physically male but they hate their new life anyway. Even though a lot of FTMs become incel tier misogynists I still feel more sorry for them than actual males because they're the peak example of the misogyny that still exists in the society and is being internalized by so many women.

No. 429582

This is some Black Mirror nightmare

No. 429583

>She now identifies as a "post-feminist", and describes her inner battle between what she was told to think as a feminist, and her now newly found powerful lust
So she claims an increase in testosterone made her stop using her head and now instead just does whatever to get sex? How is this a life worth living, only seeking sex?

>She claims that she even found a new interest in science after taking testosterone - that she finally understands it for the first time
So she's too horny to think about human rights, but when it comes to science she claims to be able to think after all? ok, sure.

No. 429595

File: 1562150205502.jpg (226.3 KB, 540x1552, tumblr_pjqu2jrHOQ1w3ryav_540.j…)

These people are fucking insidious "im crying because you told me to stop pushing dick on you" of fuck off you stupid rapist asshole.

No. 429598

How come so many people are so fucking dense?
Not one person who get's it, only 1000s of comments with 1000s of likes praising uwu superior thai culture vs. shitting on the "homophobic and intolerant western society".
Asian Boss knows exactly what their audience wants to here, they'd never ask about gay rights and acceptance.

No. 429602

The level of entitlement is off the charts. Stop scaring little girls? Cis lesbians aren't the ones fucking raping them in public toilets, that's your doing.

also what the fuck is that handmaiden doing, jesus christ

No. 429606

That "cis lesbian" is fucking shameful

No. 429614

File: 1562155164479.jpg (40.47 KB, 856x480, dvwUY0C3CCV.jpg)

>Grown-ass man afraid of the women who won't fuck him, considers lesbianism an act of violence.

>Bi-curious handmaidens enabling these jerks by calling themselves lesbians and saying they want dick.

No. 429630

>trans lesbians are just slightly scared of cis lesbians
Great start. Let's make that slightly scared into very scared. This cheered me up.

No. 429643

You know they're not scared of us at all, anon. If they were, they wouldn't keep on invading lesbian spaces and being violent with us. The "uwu im so scawwed and cwying, pls feel sowwy fow me" is just a cheap manipulation tactic

No. 429645

Yes, I think so too. It seems to work very well. I'm thankful for the women speaking up without giving a fuck. I may have read as delusional in my post, but I do know.

No. 429650

File: 1562165521577.png (55.15 KB, 508x581, -9- Tumblr 02-07-2019 21-56-29…)

Heres more rapey rhetoric.

No. 429652

No. 429656

I have lately been wanting to print off some business cards, or stickers, or something to leave in women's spaces here where I live. Stuff like "Female isn't a feeling", "XX marks my sex", "My sex is not your gender", etc. Thing is, I'm not sure if I should just print these at home or risk it and go with a printing company. Idk.

I'm also looking for more slogans. I'd like to keep it sorta PG since kids might find this stuff, but I'm open to different ideas! I'll be working on the designs and post them if you all want something to print out and give to your friends.

No. 429660

what are your thoughts on "lesbians" who get in to relationships with TIMs ?

Nats Getty is an American socialite,heiress and GNC lesbian

she is also the fiance of a TIM Gigi Gorgeous (born Gregory Lazzarato) what I find interesting about their relationship was the fact it was Nats who perused a relationship with Gigi and it was Nats who purposed to Gigi and from the interviews I have seen of them together it seems Nats really does have an attraction to Gigi even though Gigi obviously does not like a real women

No. 429664

Jesus, he needs to sue!

No. 429669

File: 1562170607558.jpg (54.98 KB, 443x960, tumblr_4df4a2c76c837adbf386134…)

No. 429674

I personally stand by "my sex is not your costume" - think Johnathan Yaniv when he wore a purple prom dress and tiara to a professional town meeting. You might have to water it all down because the general public doesnt see how horrible these men really are like we do online. You might have to use examples instead of just slogans. Normies know Bruce Jenner, come up with something catchy about how he stole woman of the year from real women. Something that women wont dismiss and will get mad about.

I'm not sure what it'll do, though. Have you heard of the phone booth story thats on Imgur? A SJW made fake anti-trans stickers and had a "sticker battle" with themself to show how evil transphobes are.

No. 429684

You bring up some good points, but I'm not really afraid of trannies and their fake sticker battles. They're a bunch of loose-screw munchies desperate for attention.

I think most women hold GC viewpoints- and I'm willing to bet a lot of men do, too. But it's a lot harder to talk to men on these issues since they aren't being targeted by TRAs like women are.

I want other GC people to know they're not alone out there.

No. 429686

File: 1562174185270.jpg (15.68 KB, 394x297, 1530856028837.jpg)

Last friday I was at a party and met some TIM through mutual friends. He's obvious autogynephile but I still talked with him about stuff since I'm not going to start any shit with my friends's friends.

Now he has asked me if I want to hang out with him some time, offered to pay to take me out. I told him I am busy but he just said it's okay he can wait. Kill me.

No. 429689

I'm fucking cackling

No. 429696

Yeah you're probably not gonna get punched over business cards, especially if you stick to women's bathrooms and dressing rooms. And if a man finds one in one of thede places….he cant say much without admitting he was using a woman's space. Which helps your cause further. Don't forget local college cafes or bulletin boards as well, but sometimes you need permission. I'd be really happy to find a GC memo out in public.

No. 429703

File: 1562176314816.jpeg (4.68 MB, 4032x3024, C8B8BB92-FA0D-4C1F-983B-34C36A…)


I watched it and that gross kiss made me laugh because look at his profile lmao he started transitioning relatively early but yet his face is still so obviously male.

And meeting Grindr dudes in a forest at night, then blaming it on not being able to meet people in person because everyone knows she’s trans is stupid

No. 429708

“don’t refuse”
so like, fuck consent then? Do they not realize how rapey this sounds?

No. 429740

>don't ask before hand
>don't refuse

This is disgusting and is the reason why women hate troons. So don't ask if someone has a penis and don't refuse if someone cons you into thinking they don't have one? That's rape through deception and it's disgusting to tell someone to accept sex no matter what so they don't hurt the transperson's feelings. It's really homophobic, too, since they are saying that lesbians shouldn't be allowed to decide who they have sex with. Have sex with a penis even though you have no attraction to them or you're a bigot! Go fuck yourselves.

No. 429745

>it's a good idea to think about why you don't want to have sex with someone with a penis
these fucking people
nats isn't a lesbian. being gnc doesn't automatically get you into the lesbian club.
say you're hanging out with your (fictional, if you're single) boyfriend or say your boyfriend is iffy about trans people and you don't want to make him uncomfortable. predatory men respect the "ownership" of other men more than they respect women's boundries. this won't work if he knows you're gay or he knows you're single though obviously. make up some shit about feeling "emotionally/mentally overwhelmed" and that you don't think you can go out socially anytime soon except with close friends and that "it isn't anything personal, you're great". then ghost if he contacts you again.

No. 429751

everything in this thread just boils down to hating trans people and it really is hilarious that you think it makes you radical and different to agree with the patriarchy just so you can exclude and hate transgender people.
> inb4 i get called a tranny and/or libfem. i’m a ‘transsexual’ marxist feminist.

No. 429753

are you a retard or something(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 429757

File: 1562181547857.jpg (105.29 KB, 400x300, 1559613130571.jpg)

imagine thinking you're owning the terfs by rolling out the communist transgender catgirl meme.

No. 429760

many things "trans activists" do just boils down to hating women and enforcing backwards gender stereotypes and it really is hilarious that they think they are actually fighting for something progressive while putting down gay and lesbians.

No. 429763

tfw you think every trans person is the same and supports the idea of bioessentialism and gender roles

No. 429765

>Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.
how the hell do you end gender by reinforcing pseudoscience and misogyny but making it WoKe because you hate men and don’t to be near them?

No. 429766

Trolls shall be ignored.

No. 429769

one thing transmedicalists and ~~you don't need dysphoria to be trans uwu~~ people both have in common is being delusional.

No. 429773

damn, the femcels got me! i’m detransitioning as we speak. they really showed me. damn, you got me.

No. 429774

>thinking you can identify into or out of an oppressed class
You’re neither a Marxist nor a feminist.

No. 429776

being trans isn’t about identifying in or out of a class lmao. being transgender means you experience homophobia, misogyny and transphobia alongside systematic abuse regardless of what your genitals look like.

No. 429779

I'm so glad there are transwomen/TiMs like this. Makes me feel a lot better about things, maybe there's some hope if even people with gender dysphoria who are identifying as trans are calling bullshit on the reality policing from hardcore TRAs. They just need to get fucking loud and fight openly with TRAs to get the point across, people will listen to them more than they'll ever listen to us… Probably gonna sound handmaiden-y but seriously, bless these people for stepping up when other people can't, like some women for safety reasons, or won't.
Didn't they go after that one British transwoman who was loudly supporting GC women and Fair Play For Women? That was someone else I found refreshing, but sadly I think that will happen to the trans people who side with GC ideas even if it's the more "liberal" end of GC. Perhaps less than natal women, but still will happen because they want them to shut up.

No. 429780

Men and women are two different classes.

No. 429781

I agree anon. He also doesn't look bad as a GNC man. I feel like if he just accepted himself like that, he would feel a lot better (although it seems like he already sort of has)

No. 429782

lesbians don't want to fuck him, how oppressive. his life must be so hard.
transmisogyny is a meme. it doesn't exist. everything that happens to "trans women" is because of sexism or homophobia.

No. 429783

i know that, femcel #47

No. 429784

hopefully they'll get to the point where they can accept that it's okay to be a man in makeup and a dress one day.

No. 429785

File: 1562182960695.jpg (75.55 KB, 690x968, 65303506_416546752535705_75266…)

Seen posters for it all over town, ironically they've put a rather good looking trans male on it rather than a good ol' maam with 5 o clock shadow

No. 429786

transmisogyny is a form of sexism. imagine being a feminist and not even understanding how transphobia works

No. 429787

>being trans isn’t about identifying in or out of a class lmao
A lot of people use it that way to identify out of sex as a class even if they experienced all of the socialization or are still perceived as such.
>being transgender means you experience homophobia, misogyny and transphobia alongside systematic abuse regardless of what your genitals look like.
True, but not necessarily all of the above at once, depending on the trans person. I wouldn't wish harm upon a trans person over being trans, ever, and believe trans people deserve the same human rights afforded to other minority groups. What a lot of radical feminists object to, including myself, is erasure of sex as class-based oppression and the loss of words needed to describe it. There's also the issue of many trans people reinforcing the structure of "gender" when it benefits neither of us.
Anyway, you don't actually seem interested in serious conversation, just starting trouble, and it's safe to assume you'll get banned soon anyway.

No. 429789

maybe you should actually speak to transgender people and not just seek out ‘hysterical and weird’ ones so you can use them to fit your agenda. i don’t care about escaping misogyny or toxic gender roles because they follow you everywhere you go whether or not you’re male/female/indifferent to sex.
and uh - gender and sex are the same thing. they’re both false systems that are made to control what people can do. biology isn’t a black and white system that can be shoved into a box of ‘male or female’ since the body is always evolving to its surroundings and exists regardless of what it is classified as. radical feminism is pathetic for trying to make womanhood a ‘biological reality’. it’s exactly what men want you to think and it’s sad that you women want to enforce it.

No. 429790

People have called not wanting to suck dick or acknowledging simple differences between transwomen and natal women transmisogyny, you're going to have to define that better or no one will agree with you.

No. 429793

first off, no one is born a woman so consider that. you’re not born understanding that you’re supposed to like ‘men’ and the color pink and wear makeup and live to be a housewife. that’s built into you.
secondly, as a trans person i don’t care about cis people not wanting to fuck trans people. i don’t want to fuck or date cis people and am barely attracted to you for various reasons and that’s my right. it’s your right to not sleep with trans women and should be respected. however, if you try to use misogyny to devalue someone else’s body and experiences just because you can’t relate, you’re a transmisogynist.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 429794

They used a TiF because TiMs are seedy transvestites. They're always over sexualized looking and/or dressed like a little girl. And it's still Ireland.

No. 429798

Will you please stop engaging him?

No. 429799

Liking the color pink and wearing makeup doesn't make you a woman. Having a vagina makes you a woman.

No. 429800

>maybe you should actually speak to transgender people and not just seek out ‘hysterical and weird’ ones so you can use them to fit your agenda.
I do talk to trans people and I like some of them a lot. I'm not even nearly as GC as some of the posters here, you're really talking to the wrong person, unless you think I'm someone else.
>and uh - gender and sex are the same thing.
Not academically. A lot of university courses in gender theory define them as separate phenomena, with gender being roles and stereotypes applied to sex and perceived sex, and sex being someone's overall biological markers.
>biology isn’t a black and white system that can be shoved into a box of ‘male or female’ since the body is always evolving to its surroundings and exists regardless of what it is classified as
People do not magically change gametes or change chromosomes, genitalia, at least not in large amounts, unless there is human intervention by application of sex hormones or man-made pollutants. Menopause is a natural change as you age that does not actually change that you were someone who has most or all the hallmarks of the "large gamete" carrying sex. Sex is a collection of trends that correspond to someone's part in human reproduction and is pretty easily observable, with a small number of exceptions to the overall trends. Sex is different from animal to animal, but that doesn't render it non-existent.

No. 429801

i’ve hit peak trans where people assume i have a dick because i’m straight forward and not a push over.

No. 429802

i’m more of a woman than you by virtue of having a vagina and also not being an idiot who foams at the mouth over trans people breathing.

No. 429804

you're right, we should probably all stop. I don't think we'll change this person's mind or prove anything to them, but I do think that refuting arguments may be good reading and brain food for people. That said, I don't feel like it's anything they haven't seen before in these threads, so…this poster just likes riling people here up

No. 429805

therefore sex can’t be classified as male or female and is just as much of a sham as gendered roles. it doesn’t matter! this entire thread and community is just upset women fingering each other over trans people wanting respect and wanting to end sexism so you find the weirdest people you can and use them as poster children for the uWu trans cult(No one cares about your fanfictions)

No. 429806

they seem riled up themselves lol. whenever someone brings up a point against their bubble they instantly start crying about transphobia or some other snowflake buzzword and don't actually address any valid arguments. as usual.

No. 429807

> disagrees with you
> uses words
> you: this tranny is all riled up see!!!
you guys are hilarious. please join the circus!

No. 429810

ftm or mtf?

No. 429811

Are you a troll, illiterate/stupid, or bored? Either engage in actual intelligent conversation about the topic or go away.

No. 429812

samefag: this is not an intelligent response, before you pull that one out of your ass

No. 429813

>being a tranny
>being intelligent
Pick one

No. 429814

i’m not gonna fuck you or lick your yeast encrusted clit regardless of what you think i look like naked.
i’m engaging in conversation about the topic. you’re just mad because i’m not agreeing with you and want an echo chamber. yawn.(tranny meltdown)

No. 429817


No. 429819


You’re doing such a bad job at trying to get people here angry

No. 429820

kalvin orbiter handmaiden i think

No. 429821

i’m a homosexual sir(male)

No. 429822

so is kalvin

No. 429825

File: 1562184808839.png (1.45 MB, 1724x3002, cgkj8nG.png)

less feeding the troll, more laughing at troons

No. 429828

kek i think by "homosexual" he means he's a transbian

No. 429829

>not a fetish not a fetish not a fetish

No. 429830

you know that he got on hormones thinking he'll magically become a anime girl

No. 429831

File: 1562185015009.gif (271.67 KB, 245x191, giphy.gif)

I agree!


No. 429834

File: 1562185468499.jpg (72.54 KB, 652x700, 1555273237728.jpg)

posting this classic again

No. 429835

children being the key word here I assume?

No. 429841

wow, look at that bangin' body. when they say i'm "just jealous" of their "nubile tits", i mean, how can i disagree?

No. 429843

File: 1562185960286.gif (124.78 KB, 690x383, smilingtitan.gif)

No. 429844

>tranny meltdown

thank you, based farmhand


This post always makes me laugh because they're wearing the same thing (practically) and yet the woman looks 110% better than the troon.

No. 429845

File: 1562186036121.png (57.01 KB, 1080x524, Screenshot_20190703-163121~2.p…)

I was looking to see if NHS covers breast augmentation for men. Maybe a UK or other socialized medicine Anon here can answer that.
Anyways I found pic related.


No. 429847

File: 1562186248699.png (70.03 KB, 1326x237, m59ZRWj.png)

pic related was posted in /g/ while the tranny was chimping out in this thread. coincidence?

No. 429848

still not a woman

No. 429852

These men are so fucking disgusting and stupid

No. 429854

So do you think if I "identified myself" as a man, I could get a boob job?

but honestly, why are men's feelings about their too-small boobs any more worthwhile than women's?

No. 429856

I think it could also be that weirdo that posted something about their pussy being dry in the stupid questions thread. I thought it was a guy that posted that because can't sage and it seemed a bit unhinged and the timing matches with the meltdown.

No. 429857

The fact that you are denying the reality of biological sex makes you one of the aforementioned 'hysterical and weird’ TRAs. Your ideology is absolutely batshit delusional.

No. 429859

wtf is chain link?

I think that is just a young summer poster. What they described (varying vaginal fluid depending on place in the cycle) is real, not tranny shit. Anon is just young and doesn't know her cycle well. Also was overreacting.

No. 429866

File: 1562187788356.png (4.25 KB, 225x225, 918180444.png)

>tfw biological sex is a social construct so I can identify my way out of periods and pregnancy by being a pangender demiqueer
But wait I still get my period once a month. What could this possibly mean?

No. 429867

Idk, maybe I'm just too paranoid. The wording and the attitude sounded trannyish.

> wtf is chain link?

Some shitcoin (crypto). Don't bother.

No. 429868

File: 1562188012534.jpg (953.65 KB, 3024x4032, mxy5dfxeas531.jpg)

>wtf is chain link?
also obligatory weird-looking creature to stay sort-of on-topic

No. 429888

No. 429889

tbh he looks like a taller shoe to me

No. 429891

Gross..fooling nobodyy

No. 429893

Looks like a typical bro-type dressing up for Halloween as a woman.

No. 429896

File: 1562191974489.png (313.5 KB, 560x555, Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 23.1…)

Just two normal, well-adjusted women out for dinner.

No. 429903

I went to SF Pride and there was a moment where we had to wait for a long ass time, turns out it was a tranny protest. I don't understand the point of it? Let's block our out & proud LGBTQA+ members to say… fuck ICE? Is ICE even at Pride?? If you're going to say 'Fuck ICE' I BETTER see the same energy this fourth of July, but I already know there won't be.

No. 429904

Even if they had passing bodies and faces I'd know it's troons because no woman older than 16 goes like this in public.

No. 429909

You are right anon. I was just pointing at the irony given that 90% of those going will be tifs just like last year.
I've noticed TiMs are almost always sort of put together and care about their appearance when tifs just throw on a wig and squish themselves into a Halloween party dress and call it a day. Really makes you think.

No. 429921

Just as a tip, TIF is a female, TIM is a male. I think you got em mixed up, anon!

No. 429928

>I BETTER see the same energy this fourth of July
or maybe it would be better if people didn't disrupt the public to be retarded on either day

No. 429940

You can start by reading the links in the OP.

No. 429944

File: 1562201430070.png (151.76 KB, 1305x441, Untitled.png)

almost sure that anon is a scrote. someone posted about us on /pol/ which explains the tranny, picrelated and the crypto thread in /g/.

No. 429950

>i know nothing about your point of view but I'm going to make an uneducated suggestion anyway

typical mansplaining. there's an entire section in the OP called "parents and clinicians concerned about transgender youth".

No. 429957


I had no idea that horse urine was used to make hormone medication. Animal cruelty being involved just makes everything worse.

No. 429981

File: 1562210152617.jpg (300.71 KB, 1242x1815, DA5bELx.jpg)

I saw this image in a Facebook group that was complaining about J.K. Rowling being “Um, like, uh, gross”. Besides being the typical disgusting rapey male mantra why is the core statement always about THEIR sexual satisfaction and dominance? Never about the benefit to the women they lust after. Why hasn’t at least one of the so-called transbians ever declared something about giving a woman superior cunnilingus or something? It’s basically “You should date trans women because… you can be sexually manipulated and forced to do/say things you never wanted to”.

These idiots constantly say that HRT will mimic a normal female puberty. They actually believe their entire body, including predetermined bone structure will transform exactly to that of a real woman and they’ll get huge boobs in weeks. They will never develop anything past pre-teen breasts unless they gain a ton of weight. Their hips will never widen and their skeletal structure remains the same. Even the youngest transitioners just end up with male child features rather than those if an adult female.

2+years of hormones for what? How did those expensive medications do anything besides make them more doughy? It’s such a waste of resources and time.

Lol. You didn’t catch all the references to horse piss in all these threads?

No. 429992


An entire Awareness Week and three other days are not enough.


No. 429993

File: 1562214185164.jpeg (500.07 KB, 1536x2048, 1561945482153.jpeg)

No. 429994

File: 1562214243385.jpeg (425.98 KB, 1536x2048, 1561945514924.jpeg)

No. 429996

File: 1562214856571.jpg (68.01 KB, 539x720, ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg.jpg)

No. 429997

File: 1562215131331.jpg (95.39 KB, 1196x1108, DOEeUO2X4AEABHO.jpg)


Lilly Maynard makes and posts these on her Twitter.

No. 429999

File: 1562215176752.jpg (159.64 KB, 1200x1105, DAJ5m98XkAEKDO9.jpg)

No. 430001

File: 1562216170946.jpg (18.34 KB, 350x371, nic cage.jpg)

It kills me when TiMs try to insult TERFs by saying they don't want to fuck us. Please, feel free to not fuck us! Or any lesbian for that matter.

Do I even have to get into how quintessentially male that is, treating their dicks like a fucking privilege they award women? My god.

Half the reason we get so annoyed at TiMs is because they refuse to leave lesbians the fuck alone. We don't want to fuck you in the first place! You not pushing your shriveled horse pill dick on us is the goal here.

Also, we don't hate that trannies exist, or "breathe" as he put it. Go ahead and exist, that's fine. Just stay out of women's spaces, and stop pushing horse pills on kids.

People like this are the reason normal gay people aren't attending pride as often as they used to. Literally everyone in this picture is a zoomer Tumblrina- the one normal guy in the front is obviously someone's dad kek

No. 430012

i dont know about either of those answers but can you also explain to me why there are so many trannies in places like brooklyn

No. 430049

The no police thing is so stupid. Two years ago in a pride parade I was in, white supremacists jumped into the parade to ”protest”.
The police immediately dragged them out and no one was hurt in the end. It definitely would not have ended well if the police hadn’t been there.
I assume the troons want there to be a fight to the death instead?

No. 430057

Not too surprising tbh, growth hormone used to be extracted from human corpses until people noticed it gave some really fucked up diseases to patients, so until the 90s iirc. I wonder how vegan troons are coping if they know that their meds aren't so vegan.

No. 430068

I had to look it up. It sounded so scary lol.
This article said that some kids got Creuzfeldt Jacob disease in the 80s. That is a horrible disease. O don't know if troons got it because that wasn't the scope of the article. Thanks for the history lesson anon.


No. 430083

I'm pretty sure hormone therapy has completely different side effects, like higher chances to get specific cancers and maybe also something about heart problems. But yeah, trans people think their unnecessary hormone therapies are without consequences and that they're just synthesized out of nowhere in labs when there are still a lot of medications for many actual disorders that are made from fucked up resources and can fuck up a lot of patients out of nowhere, like Lupron/puberty blockers. And speaking of Lupron, I have a feeling the reason why people think puberty blockers are harmless is just because of how they're called and because they don't do their researches. It doesn't block anything like a closed door will prevent people from going into a room until the door is opened.

No. 430086

most of shit told by TRAs and handmaidens about side efects is "kid gonna be androgynous and only bit shorter" when people lose enite teeth with gums, have fucked up bones in 20s and even more. They even don't want admit that Lupron did harm to most famous twans kid, Jazz Jennings

No. 430092

To any trannies lurking here:

You will never be a woman. Everyone knows you are creepy larpers.
Any woman telling you how beautiful you are, how much you pass is lying because she is scared of you.

You will never be one of us. Deep down, you know it too.

No. 430101

And the reason she is scared isn't transphobia or some other bs, it's because she knows that you are a mentally ill man who can chimp out at any moment.

No. 430102

I browse 4chan and I have noticed that people there telling others to go an dilate has become a thing I hope trannies becoming a laughing stock of the internet will finally put an end on all the 4chan incels turning into trannies

No. 430105

they are a laughing stock everywhere in the planet that hasn't been hit by the fake woke wave

No. 430106

Yes but 4chan used to be ground zero of incel autogynephiles so I hope that when their homebase becomes more hostile towards them they realize what fools they have been all this time

No. 430108

i just really hope they meet the men they fetishize online so their fantasies are crushed and they understand irl futa is not a thing. remember that 'trap' twitch streamer that wore the trucker hat and looked uwu with his angles but looked like daniel radcliffe irl? i remember an anon here said her bf was into him, kek. granted at least he wasn't on hormones iirc, but the same applies for ones that on hormones. they shoop and work the angles but irl it's tragically obvious that they're men and built like mack trucks

No. 430110

Honestly estrogen doesn't even do much for the TIMs. Once testosterone has had a chance to act on your body for years it's pretty much irreversible. You can put a "pre-HRT" and "+5 years HRT" picture side to side and not be able to tell which is which. No make up or filters on, though, of course. That's the only thing they are able to do right in this time.

No. 430113

It's a different kind of tranny. 4chan = straight autogynephiles, third world countries, poor places, etc = HSTS

No. 430117

what good does hormone therapy on tims even do? it doesn't change your face, doesn't change your voice, doesn't change your body except maybe getting tiny man boobs. i know that it shrinks down penises which might be good for hsts trying to trap retarded straight men, other than that, idk

No. 430126

lol, allegedly "mouthfeel", and like, it gives them thimble sized 'boobs', which looks totally great on a barrel-chested middle aged man obviously

No. 430129

It doesn't even look like a woman's breasts, just gynecomastia. My fat ex had bigger tits than a lot of them

No. 430131

>Lupron did harm to most famous twans kid, Jazz Jennings
Wow, I didn't hear about this. Source?

(I believe you, I just wanted to confirm.)

No. 430136

What would you do if you had to share a changing room with a troon? Just joined a new gym with a tiny changing room and I think I saw one the other day. I really don't want to have to participate in their exhibitionist fetish or worse.

No. 430139


I think they’re talking about Jazz not having a developed so she didn’t have enough material to create her neo vag so she used some of her stomach lining or something. There’s a video on YouTube about it you can probably find easily

No. 430140


Developed penis*

Idk how I forgot that word

No. 430144

I would change in the bathroom I guess, like in a stall. Could also just go the the gym already dressed to work out?

No. 430152

Jazz is a boy

No. 430153

I'm trying to see if I can find gyms that are truly female only because of this tbh. I would change in a stall if that was an option, and if it wasn't probably wait around until he left.

No. 430183

we don't use troons prefered pronouns here

No. 430208


And we don't use MTF and FTM. People cannot change their sex.

We do not use "cis", either. We are not a type of woman.

No. 430226


this dude was recently active on /r/detrans and this is horrible that he got transed because of munchie parents. And shit leading to this starts to happen en masse

No. 430240


It’s a habit of mine, apologies y’all. I don’t mean to keep using their preferred pronouns. I’m still unpacking all of my old liberal SJW past bullshit

No. 430338

File: 1562289167338.jpg (307.78 KB, 1080x1009, Screenshot_20190704-165710.jpg)

This is not the surgery we're talking about and you know it.

No. 430339

It means you are suffering from gender dysphoria and need to be injected with male hormones ASAP otherwise you'll literally die

No. 430347


Troons and their constant logical fallacies.

No. 430353


Sometimes you look at a man and you instantly know he's let the women in his house wash every dish he's ever dirtied

No. 430360

Also like…………feminists criticize plastic surgery too. That's not exactly obscure knowledge.

No. 430370

File: 1562298983730.jpg (427.37 KB, 1075x1002, waaahmuhtittyskittles.jpg)

I just hit peak trans again SO FUCKING HARD. Imagine being this fucking entitled, when people are starving and dying from lack of access to life saving medication. You're not going to fucking die if you don't get your fucking hormones, unless you narcissistic pissbabies kill yourselves. I have absolutely no sympathy. People are DYING. Jfc.


No. 430373

“Cis people” aren’t demanding that their bolt-ons and multi-stage genital surgery be covered by health insurance. It is also controversial when a minor, especially one who barely started puberty, is allowed to get cosmetic procedures. Cis people are not advocating for Brazilian Butt Lifts for 12 year olds who are worried about being a late-bloomer or nose jobs for preschoolers who inherited their father’s large nose and might face bullying.

“Life-saving” minor cosmetic changes are more important than a child’s next meal, anon.

The way they talk about accessing hormones is like that of drug addicts! Their whole life is dependency on drugs that the majority doesn’t physically or medically need(because they still have their original gonads). If they die, it will be by their own hand, not because they were denied the drugs.

No. 430375

File: 1562300098711.jpg (116.16 KB, 1080x436, kystroon.jpg)

This made my blood boil. Imagine being this void of empathy towards people actually struggling to stay alive.

No. 430376

Best of all, that's not reversible.

So this dumbass is complaining about a shortage of hormones they do not understand while people are starving.

No. 430377

They look female except for the awkward pose, stiff body language, firmly clasped hands like a pair of haunted twins, and last but not least the large teddies they are carrying around.

No. 430379

You're forgetting the man face and male body.

No. 430380

>hormones they do not understand

This exactly! They are brainwashed to think they will die a thousand deaths for something that they don’t actually understand. They see them as magic potion that will make an individual’s wildest dreams come true and these greedy doctors do not explain anything to them in detail or counsel them anymore. No long-term counseling or extended health checks are required these days. They literally are starting to give hormones out like candy instead of serious, possibly life-threatening series of drugs and the current LGBT movement supports recreational, unmonitored use.

No. 430381


That disease is mad cow disease which comes from cows eating feed made from other cows - cannibalism. Which means the growth hormone made from dead human tissue was treated by the body as cannibalism

No. 430393

File: 1562304589403.gif (899.72 KB, 280x246, 1d3f06348d315eeaf965aa6f213720…)

>mfw I had to take a hormonal treatment as a kid that altered my looks in the process because my health was in jeopardy and this dumb tranny thinks his autogynephilia is even remotely comparable to people like me getting necessary treatments
>mfw some TIF complain that mastectomy is free for women who had breast cancer in the UK because their plastic surgery isn't considered a priority in comparison and how dare women who were amputated get surgery booked earlier than them
I wish some SJW would call these people out for ableism or something similar because this is too much bullshit at once.

No. 430394

File: 1562305188297.png (279.46 KB, 532x953, -17- Tumblr 05-07-2019 06-25-0…)

Welcome to clown world everyone.

No. 430398

>have internet friend that i've known for half a decade
>used to be a weird girl like myself but now constantly talks about cis people being stupid
>wants to transition to male despite going on lolcow and making no effort to act like a boy
sorry sweaty but since men aren't allowed on lolcow then you know no one sees you as a man, including yourself

No. 430401

>Even level 100 misogynists who literally murder women because they hate them have the right to wear their sex as a costume and be respected for it uwu!!
lmfao get that red nose on already because you're gonna need it in this hellscape timeline

It literally does nothing but makes your dick semi-nonfunctional and gives you very small prepubescent mantits, also alters your fat distribution to some degree. Delusional trannies claim they lose two inches of height and go down a shoe size while growing giant porn star tits, a head full of long beautiful hair and feminine looks but like we know it's bullshit.

Testosterone is one hell of a hormone, when it's done modeling your body during puberty it's never going to go away. That's why the effects it has on FTMs are mostly irreversible too, they're never going to stop growing hair or regain the ones they lost on their heads, nor are they able to make their voice high pitched again.

No. 430411

Omg that's my country?! Shit this is very embarrasing, people are literally dying and starving here and these fucks STILL want all the attention on them? REALLY?? troon's narcissism doesn't know barriers.

No. 430419

People call troons "StUnNiNg1!!1!" and "gOrGeOus" because of pity and social pressure. No one besides fetishists finds this people attractive- it's all just virtue signaling.

Reminds me of when Drake Bell said he still thought Jenner was a man and after everyone harassed him for being LiTeRaLlY hItLeR he deleted everything and made a post complimenting her. Pathetic, all these handmaidens protected the ego of a rich republican white man just because he got a tit job and bunch of botox.

Lmao bitch "cis" people who have surgery get nose jobs. You fucking wackos get your dicks chopped off and pieces of intestine sewn into the open wounds on your groins. That goes beyond unnatural, it's dangerous and unhealthy. At least Becky's nose job doesn't involve entirely removing perfectly healthy organs.

No. 430421

File: 1562317043932.png (202.72 KB, 1077x1776, xdz5X9h.png)


No. 430427

Reminds me of that Zinnia Jones quote “ If Hitler was trans it still wouldn't be okay to put Hitler in a men's prison or deny Hitler proper trans treatment.”

If you’re a male who claims to be trans, you are untouchable. Absolved from all sin and bear no responsibility towards anyone because dysphoria is so much more painful than genocide. Gassing children as their parents scream? Well how about the REAL torture of being misgendered, huh? /s

They will excuse any depraved, cruel act from a “sister” because to not indulge their every fantasy is to deny their humanity. But TERFs! You can dehumanize, assault, rape or murder them without repercussions because they don’t a 100% male body is actually female. The hatred of women is unreal.

I’ve seen a few pre-hrt males that were actually extremely cute when they were simply living as “fem boy” cross dressers. But once they start transitioning due to pressure from their anti-homosexual peer groups and they get deep into trans identity politics, it’s like something become really off with them and they appear uglier despite becoming slightly more feminine and more focused on an idealized appearance. I guess it’s an uncanny valley thing? Like how some of these guys could have been very attractive, feminine men if they just fully rejected gender labels. I feel the same way about dashing, butch women.

No. 430431

i have a small youtube channel that i'm planning to work on, it's mostly fandom and art related stuff. the fandom that i'm in is extreme on the social justice bandwagon, it's filled with ~~woke~~ gender special/fakeboi types. i follow some radical feminists on twitter and sometimes retweet gc stuff. after having a video getting some attention, some people have already started to dig up my shit and ask me if i am a terf. i reply to them saying "i am a feminist, i don't support violence towards anyone". i would actually love to talk about my radical feminist opinions but i am afraid that it might ruin any prospects of my channel getting bigger. it's really frustrating, i don't know if i should keep quiet or be open about it.

No. 430433

It's hilarious how easy it is to spot a fakeboi just by the way they talk

No. 430435

Yes! It's similar in that it's a prion disease. Another common one is chronic wasting disease in deer. The prion causes other proteins to become misfolded in the brain. Then you get encephathy or something. It always seemed one of the worst diseases to me.

I just peaked again.

No. 430438

I'd say keep quiet or have a separate Twitter for gender critical stuff. Keep safe with your private info. A lot of these woke types will do anything to silence those who don't think exactly like them.

No. 430450

File: 1562324003556.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, C23237E3-6488-46FB-922D-FFC95A…)

No. 430463

File: 1562325595367.png (Spoiler Image,646.57 KB, 720x1234, 20190705_081900.png)

What do you think anons, could he represent you in court? (NSFL)

No. 430467

I know they deleted their post but the anon who said this looked like Ted Cruz in drag, I fucking love you.

No. 430469

File: 1562326378990.png (15.87 KB, 981x182, bYPzjob.png)

Seems like a great dad

No. 430470

File: 1562326408037.png (10.68 KB, 981x171, Screenshot_2019-04-20 Anyone e…)

No. 430471

Welp, at least he's a man, so no public nudity laws are being violated.

No. 430473

Looks like my mother in law tbh.

Privileged fucks

No. 430474

Men: acceptable to look like hairy fat slob
Women: acceptable to look pretty and put together
Like these guys could have just been gender nonconforming males and looked the same as "better"…. You can have neat hair, nice skin and fitted clothes as a man too. I feel like this whole gender argument stems from the fact the standard in 2019 is for men to be as halfassed as possible about their appearance, and any divergence from that is considered a Mental Problem

No. 430475

they all talk like the annoying teenage girls they are.

No. 430483

her dad is amazing. i hope they never allow her mess up her body with hormones.

No. 430484

>Do I want to kiss him… or do I want to be him?


No. 430485


The vietmoid that got his ass beat or whatever recently made some list of trans murders in the US. Unsurprisingly they're all black or indigenous prostitutes or drug addicts and the one white one that was killed was married to a man. It is a total and utter mindfuck and astonishing how 'transbians' (particularly white and rich ones) and sick r9cute discord pedophiles have brainwashed the entire world into thinking they are bottom of the totem pole

No. 430486

It's the same as the scrotes who fall for TRP and PUA like you could've gone to the gym and Uniqlo and talked to women without being violently misogynist, but it's like it doesn't occur to them that they can just start being a normie.

No. 430489

It's heartbreaking. Seriously we should protect children from this sickness.

No. 430498

File: 1562330277596.jpg (804.94 KB, 2048x1536, D-tZTVHXsAAS5Tk.jpg large.jpg)

Lesbians are protesting outisde Stonewall CYP conference, I haven't seen articles yet but TRAs were butthurt.
Images of botched SRS in public space is great tool to peak trans people and show what quack doctors, big pharma and TRAs are pushing on young kids, who are mostly girls and often mentally ill or autistic. Not mentioning that 95% of girls refered to Tavistock are lesbians.


No. 430499

Forgot to mention, Stonewall also pushed Transgendertrend from conf, cancelled their tickets, because they would speak concerns about transing kids.

No. 430505

I used to freely call myself a radical feminist because I thought this didn't ALWAYS mean you were trans-exclusionary. If you look up "radical feminism" on wikipedia it says there's radical feminists who don't exclude trans people.

I then got attacked on tumblr for calling myself a radical feminist, even though I said many times that I'm not trans-exclusionary. People were really pissed off, telling me to kill myself and shit.

I'm fine with trans people, but I'd only admit on here that yes, trans women have been bought up with male privilege. So should they really be included in feminism? Sure, I'll support them, but shouldn't feminism be focused on people who've never had male privilege?

Also I don't understand at all why is so controversial to say that trans people have to experience dysphoria in order to be trans…

No. 430511

i agree. as a radfem i am okay with adults who have gender dysphoria transitioning. radical feminism isn't inherently trans exclusionary, it's female focused.

No. 430512

I think there a quite a few gc anons that don't consider themselves transphobic here, it could be funny that when talking about gender critical things we're only free from threats of violence in designated bad evil terf spaces if it wasn't just sad in reality.

No. 430537

>TRA: protect the trans people, not being allowed in women's bathrooms is literally suicide for them
>Also TRAs: Die TERF scum!

I think they genuinely don't see the irony

No. 430538

Also just reread your post and you're not even a TERF. Radfem does unfortunately mean "TERF" to people nowadays due to all the Twitter screeching on the topic

No. 430552


Increasingly, "TERF" as simply a descriptor is being normalized in mainstream media.


Did you read >>429239

No. 430558

File: 1562341268222.png (155 KB, 530x411, troon honkler.png)

No. 430622

File: 1562350780623.png (800.39 KB, 1063x986, 8b76f0a5652f370a0d6f9b940c3851…)

Pretty much

No. 430624

i can understand why someone would donate belle delphine but donating hontra? just why? what do you get out of it?

No. 430627

They think supporting a rich white guy is a good cause simply because he's a pervert in drag. White men support each other.

No. 430629

Their are people who genuinely believe that Contra is a revolutionary philosopher for the modern age
don't forget the liberal handmaidens

No. 430631

there is corporate, wall street and silicon valley shit put behind hontra just like most troon shit

No. 430634

Kek you got this from /pol/ didnt you? They are both trash, but most of those types of guys donate to both.

No. 430638

actually I got this from /leftpol/

No. 430650

There's no way they're making that much. Could it be true? No doubt they make bank but that's…. A lot

No. 430661

A neutral take down of ContraPoints

No. 430676

I've never heard of this… Do you have any links? I believe you, I just want to save it when I get in another argument about him.

No. 430682

he very obviously doesn't have gender dysphoria and only transitioned to please his audience.

No. 430733

File: 1562368367086.jpeg (775.68 KB, 1199x1242, FC9F8815-0BEA-4BEF-AE75-4996AE…)

No. 430734

So this is what it's like to live in ancient rome?

No. 430735

i'm into board games and we have a few game shops in my city, but i moved across town and haven't been to the one i used to frequent that often. we went today on a busy day and let me tell you. there were so many trannies there it was insane.

No. 430739

Honestly Teen girls who want to troon out are like the new emo phase.
I just get.
>OMG dad shut up it's my body! It's not a phase!"

No. 430741

I've never really encountered creepy trans people up until recently when a man in a dress sat near me on the train. He kept looking at me (not being subtle at all) and he mimicked my pose in a very exaggerated way.

No. 430742

You should have assumed the manspreading stance and started scratching your 'balls', kek
It's 2019, saying 'women can be anything' is now troon oppression.

No. 430747

I've had them study me before. Maximum creepy.

No. 430788

Shit I never realized how much Hontra is obsessed with blaire white

No. 430792

File: 1562381605195.png (14.97 KB, 683x304, Decolonize Yourself 06-07-2019…)

Look at how pathetic this is and how they bow down. This is from a blog that is suppoedly about suppoerting POC and hating white men, yet most of the terfs im aware of ARE poc and most of the transwomen they defend are white men. So go figure lol.

No. 430819

File: 1562385193871.jpg (62.72 KB, 700x338, taliban-fighters700-700x338.jp…)

This kinda reminds me of a guy on /pol/ who wanted converted to Islam mainly because he believed that being a Muslim would allow him to freely be sexist without fear of liberals/leftist ever stopping him

No. 430823

What really fucks with me is that some people HAVE to take sex hormones for actual medical issues.
But fuck those people, trannys need their titty pills.

>waaaah my voice changing makes me want to die

Fuck off, I lost my career as an opera singer because of getting a staph infection. That is lifechanging. Your voice don't even reverse once you stop taking pills. Hell, your voice barely ever changes from hormones, most TIMs are real fucking surprised when they find that out and need vocal training.

No. 430845

why is it poc are more willing to be gc?

No. 430849

Anyone else interested in how all this casual HRT pill popping/surgeries will pan out in 20+ years? I mean no ill will to any human, especially ones with uncontrollable mental illnesses, but I expect this messing-with-your-hormones fad to die down once we see a massive increase in strokes, bone defects, etc in the trans population. My mom has a female friend who went on massive amounts of estrogen after menopause for years since she was losing her hair. Unfortunately she suffered a terrible stroke which left her paralyzed and a shadow of her former self. Her doctor even warned her to not pursue this treatment for more than 1-2 years, she went on for 7+ (she's canadian and went to see a money-hungry american specialist). Now imagine that level of hormones in a man's body, which isn't equipped to deal with nearly as much estrogen as hers. I honestly feel so sick thinking about doctors who prescribe this stuff to kids and teens especially. Who know what kinds of diseases and conditions will arise. Don't even get me started on the FTM who want to implant uteri and gestate their own baby while on a cocktail of potent hormones, jeez.

No. 430855

>youth ages 12-24

There will be whole ass grown adults mixed in with vulnerable little kids and no parental supervision is allowed! What kind of parent would agree to let their child attend this thing? If you want to “validate” their gender, buy a inflatable pool for your home and let your kid play in there. Wtf…

Sadly, we will have to wait and see what the next few decades bring before we can prove we were right. It’s so fucked up that children first have to be part of their experiment.
The girls are going to be the ones with the most damage and the ones who stay on hrt and go through the various surgeries are going to see their friends dying of “natural causes” much earlier than their peers. We’re not going to see fully transitioned elderly trans people in the future, especially with how badly this new wave of trans are monitored by the medical community and how TRAs keep pushing for unfettered access to hormones and surgeries without “gatekeeping”.

No. 430880

Actually besides for the ones swindled/forced into hrt as children, I’m looking forward to the repercussions the adults will face as a result of hrt. THEY wouldn’t shut up about having access to it, no questions or medical needs taken into account. You get what you deserve.

No. 430885

>no parents/caregivers allowed
>no in and out access
Shady as all fuck.

No. 430887

This just makes me wonder. How much would Belle's fans and patrons multiply if she started getting involved with Breadtube and wore shit with antifa patches?
Would she end up stealing Shoe0nHead's entire fandom?

No. 430891

File: 1562411401065.jpg (147.95 KB, 994x1600, D-p3xMaXoAAZct9.jpg)

I don't know if everyone's already seen this, but JY is claiming he received this death threat.
If this doesn't read like shit someone sends themselves, I don't know what does.
>You're always fighting hard for LGBT righs, and making too much progress
>you have grown too powerful and too much of a strong role model for women and girls
He's so narcissistic that he can't even insult himself when trying to impersonate those who hate him, lmao.

No. 430896

>I'm coming to get you with all my fascist friends.
The first line literally made me laugh out loud. What a putz. Try harder next time, Jonathon.

No. 430900


No. 430902

Kek what fucking moron. That's the fakist shit I've ever read. Does he now have schizophrenia?

No. 430904

File: 1562414380695.jpg (209.21 KB, 901x1200, D-wvxqRXoAI73Kg.jpg)

Behold our disabled LGBT hero and role model about to escape from the tank.

No. 430906

I don't think I've ever laughed harder at anything I've seen on lolcow.farm

No. 430947

are they seriously making hundreds of thousands of dollars PER MONTH?? how is that possible

No. 430950

I swear to God where are they finding these 12 year olds who know about these events? This is sickening.

No. 430953

Funniest shit I've seen in a while, even kids lie better than this.

No. 430974

is this copypasta

No. 430998

I'm dumb about T and obviously TRAs aren't ever going to be honest about it so I'm going to ask it here. FTT's voices become much deeper, their hair grows in more places and I've seen detrans talk about how these changes are permanent and how they end up hating them. I also know about how this shit develops heart and reproductive problems for young women at a quicker rate than their peers. What I want to ask is, that if these changes are permanent, why can't they (FTT) stop taking T after a certain amount of time to lessen the risk to their health? I know the want to take it is a mental health thing, but why wouldn't this be a solution for a females who want to 'lessen' their feminine characteristics?

I know I'm missing a few things here and feel free to call me a dumbass for it.

No. 431000

I guess the fat distribution eventually gets back to normal? Also if they have removed their uterus and ovaries then their body wouldn't produce any hormones at all and that isn't healthy either but if they haven't then I guess if they don't mind the fat distribution thing then maybe they could

No. 431043

Because then pharmaceutical companies and the doctors that shill for them would have a less steady stream of income. People who are prescribed HRT for actual medical issues (or athletes who are doping) don’t take it for the rest of their lives, just for a few years at most because the negative side effects quickly start to outweigh the benefits.

No. 431160

Just trying to gauge the average opinion ITT
Is it mtfs who like women mostly or is it just all transpeople and transbians are just especially gross/good examples of how gross it can get

No. 431212

What are you even asking?

No. 431213

Both the anons said it already, but yeah - it's money and that not all features of t are permanent and therefore their mental illness would get worse again.

No. 431219

I think she's asking if all transpeople are gross or if it's just transbians

No. 431220

Something tells me its a troon trying to gauge if we hate them or not.

No. 431230

To which the answer is yes, yes we do.

No. 431289

File: 1562500918035.png (26.46 KB, 966x284, Capture.PNG)

Just checked her account,It seems she's already started taking Testosterone behind her parents back

No. 431296

The whole trans thing relies on a false narrative of identities being meaningless and interchangeable, and of women and men being the same thing, socially.
It's an illusion of gender equality reliant on the mere fact that feminism exists, and therefore "all problems are solved! women's oppression? that's cancelled sweety" (ignoring that the mere fact that feminism is still going strong means there's still lots of work that must be done to uplift women).
Some cultures don't go along with the false equality LARP as much as North American white ones do, because feminism simply isn't strong enough within them for TRAs to stand behind. That means trans shit is a harder sell overall.
As a result, many women haven't been tricked and gaslit into thinking they're treated 100% equally to men, and therefore male/female are interchangeable and it doesn't matter if a man decides he "identifies" as a woman.

In my case, I think it's important to hold sovereignty over my sex, because I'm way too used to being pigeonholed on the basis of race and treated like my womanhood is somehow secondary or invalid. I'm already held responsible for crime rates, rape, etc driven up solely by the men of my race. People somehow think their actions and behaviors must mirror mine (unsurprisingly enough, statistically, they don't at all), and everyone already expects me to mindlessly defend them like a handmaiden, so why would I support the very thick, obvious lines of gender being crossed and muddy the waters even more? How does that help my own or other women's lives at all, especially when we're the victims in closest proximity to these men? Why give them even more access, and then allow them to scapegoat us when it's time to talk about the problem?
I refuse to cape for men or be held accountable their fuck-ups anymore. First, it was because I happen to share a race with them. Now, if we don't stop this shit, it's going to be that we're also the same gender, so I'll be held even more responsible for their actions. I'm not and never have been part and parcel of men's disgusting behavior, and I reject any further attempts to have who I am encroached upon by such a trash-tier sex, or allow them to hide behind me.

No. 431321

This is so tragic. A fifteen year old feeling pressured and like she should have started permanently altering her body (in ways that could be easily catastrophic to the body image and even sex life of a girl/woman who later naturally grows out of gender dysphoria, which happens over 80% of the time) with seriously dangerous, cancer-causing hormone injections… at an EARLIER age, talking about kids in middle school whose parents put them on hormones. JFC this shit that kids on the internet are growing up with now is so devastating and toxic.
You're a tomboy in middle school who is feeling distress with female puberty and the uncomfortably sexualized, emotionally draining aspects of enforced femininity entering your teen years? Better rename yourself to Aiden or Oliver, get on hormones that permanently mutate your female genitalia and make you grow thick facial hair, but due to your sex still aren't enough to cure the complex you admit you now have about never being tall and masculine enough compared to cis men.

No. 431341

File: 1562517050847.png (24.84 KB, 939x213, Capture.PNG)

How dare TERFs be in Heterosexual

No. 431343

>how dare a woman marry a man

wow, they really just think sexuality doesn't exist, huh?

No. 431345

do you necessarily have to be a lesbian or gender nonconforming to be a terf? meghan murphy criticizes misogynistic gender roles like how women are expected to be submissive, dependent, quiet, extremely sensitive etc. multiple times.
this is the problem with troons, they think gender roles only refer to clothing so putting on a dress and a wig automatically makes you a woman.

No. 431346


Meghan Murphy isn't married rather she's in this weird giggle-flirting courtship with Benjamin Boyce

No. 431347

File: 1562517882435.jpg (81.73 KB, 700x700, 42f1671d-32e6-4e74-995e-60ce39…)


mfw I was a baby Aiden. tumblr was created during this period, but I didn't make an account or know what fakebois were until well after I grew out of this phase.

>mushroom bowlcut that was massively ugly at the time but is now popular on kpop dudes

>androgynous style based on animu boys
>secret dog tag with Aiden-esque name
>breast binding (I got tips from /cgl/ FML)
>100% feminine but "God look how MANLY I am!!"
>constantly lamenting about never being perfect like animu boys
>tried so hard to be an emo/scene boy
>disordered eating to reduce womanly figure

it was the aesthetic representation of my shitty gender and sexuality woes. I read a lot of shojo manga/het romance and struggled to self insert into the female MC, I self inserted into male characters instead. literally the textbook self hating gnc lesbian.

It's not impossible that I would have trooned out if I found the wrong community at the wrong period in my life.


No. 431351

i feel for you anon. you didn't go on hormones, right?

No. 431355


Many of you have probably seen this but Laverne's Cock is back at it again. If I didn't already hate this degenerate fuck for defending a tranny who raped and murdered a child, I would hate him anyway for this whiny bullshit. The comments on this Lipstick Alley thread have brought me back to life kek

No. 431356

>be TRA/TiM/TiF
>get mad at GC women for not conforming to gender and mock them for it (eg "jealous, ugly fatties mad that Mts are better girls than them uwu", "slobs", "Lena Dunham looking cunts", "gross dyke-looking bitch", "ugh wear some fucking makeup and shave your legs you cavewoman", etc)
>also get mad at GC women for conforming to gender, being feminine and conventionally attractive (eg "ugh such a tradwhore", "go back to mumsnet", "how dare you have long hair", "how dare you date men", "having children?? wtf", "i thought you hated gender roles??", etc)
They always have something to complain about, lmao

No. 431360

why are all ~~transwomen~~ so full of male entitlement? transbians are obsessed with lesbians, gay feminine hsts are obsessed with straight men. it's not black women's fault that straight men don't do dick. it's never going to happen, they are straight, you are gay, get the fuck over it.

No. 431363

>Black cis women need to be having conversations with Black cis men about their attraction to us without shaming cis Black men. Because they are. They have been since the beginning of time. I’ve dated men in the past who’ve said, they would never tell a cis woman they date in the future that they dated a trans woman because they’ve been shamed before by cis women for being attracted to trans women.
>Having conversations without shame with the men in our lives about their attraction to trans women and that being okay. Not being this thing that makes them less of a man or questioning their masculinity. There are deeper assumptions that go into all of that.

So, if I have this right, heterosexual men personally being homophobic (and their own issues with their masculinity in general) is women's fault, and that means the onus is on women to "talk" them out of it. We're supposed to try to make them accept fucking men as totally straight, as long as the owner "identifies as a woman".
Also, straight women need stop "shaming" men for fucking other men, therefore potentially bringing diseases to them. They have no right to be disgusted or have personal preferences in regards to their partner's history.
Male's entitlement is eternal and pervasive, lmao.

No. 431364

they played themselves by pretending that a man fucking a man in a dress is straight instead of trying to normalize homosexuality.

No. 431373

Where did he defend a troon rapist/murderer? :((don't use emoticons)

No. 431376

File: 1562525158843.png (Spoiler Image,593.09 KB, 607x614, jealousyet.png)

Here is the very feminine and sekushii Cox with his very hetero boyfriend, who is also very desirable and doesn't look like an albino rat. I know Laverne's ~femininityuwu~ is threatening, but no need to be jealous, black ladies!

Seriously, he expects black women to sit down and have a heart-to-heart conversation with their male friends and family about how it's okay to want tranny dick. Every time I think I've heard the stupidest, most narcissistic shit troons can come up with, they outdo themselves.

No. 431378

No. 431390

LSA never tolerates this shit. The comments are golden. Here's a few of them to save you guys a click:

>And these are the mfs that have to audacity to try and come up into OUR spaces. Black women can't control grown men nor force someone go against the orientation they were born with. YOU are the ones trying to control straight men and lesbians.

>it really is incredible how EVERYBODY hates women,even the men who want to be women

>Trans activists say they want sisterhood, when they really want is servitude from women.

>I will not be shamed into acting as a sex therapist for a man who doesn't have self-esteem high enough to be comfortable with his sexual choices.

>They were conditioned as men. They don’t give a single solitary fuck what born women go through. That’s why they’re always bullying women not to talk about their vaginas and uteruses.

>a lot of transactivist arguments are rooted in gendered stereotypes that were born out of patriarchy and misogyny. And guess who's responsible for said patriarchy and misogyny… MALES. Why is this a woman's issue again?

>I've said it before, but where the hell were these men before they transitioned?! They seem to have no interest in the multitude of issues biological women face but once they transition they're all about rights and discrimination!

No. 431405

Is he crazy pulling this shit right before the last season of his show comes out?
Oh, what am I asking. He's a troon, of course he is.

No. 431418

Seeing things like this makes me feel like not all hope is lost after all.

No. 431420

everytime i see laverne cox, he looks like a football player in a wig. it's pathetic how tr00ns use him for 'omg he passes.'

I couldnt even watch orange is the new black cuz of his gross ass

No. 431421

It feels so good to see women who speak sense and not TRAs.

No. 431425

File: 1562538985586.jpg (484.39 KB, 1434x2000, Screenshot_20190707-233201.jpg)

This guy just blew my mind, he/she/they? What's the point of enby at this point?

No. 431445

The point is being a speshul snowflake and totes not like the others, fuckin normies. I swear that gendershit is this era’s dumbass subculture. Kids that would have been emo fifteen years ago are now expressing themselves by becoming Aidens and enbies.

No. 431469

Black women don't need to do anything about their reaction when a man tells her he's slept with a TiM. They don't need to sit down and talk to them about men's personal choices, I don't get why this TiM is suggesting women who aren't even part of a man/TiM relationship to try to hold their hand and them it's okay. Fucking ridiculous.

No. 431479

i def could have worded that better, but thanks

No. 431480

>I think part of it is we have to look at who’s killing us and why they’re killing us and the shame of that.

HOMOPHOBIA. It’s homophobia from violent, insecure males that is killing you. Not black women.

>but what are the public policies in place that keep us safe? If we’re homeless, we’re more likely to experience violence.

Why is de-stigmatizing homosexuality not even on their radar? Or even the risk of sex work, drug use and gang activity that is usually involved with trans women murders? Nope, let’s blame women for not keeping grown men in line!

The comments in response to that article are inspiring , though.
>Nobody wants your ashy DICK, you entitled blacel. Fix that crooked dry wig and stop dancing your non existent ass on camera for likes. Keep black women's name out your mouth.

I almost choked on my food.

No. 431484

I might have to start frequenting that forum. Looks like the women there are pretty based and don't lap up tranny girldicks 24/7, god bless. Trannies forever seething that they'll never be bio women and never will be seen as such.

No. 431503


Yay another LSA reader. There’s always those few people on there that call LSA transphobic but we’re not. I think we’re realistic and practical

No. 431504


He definitely does not pass at all. Looks like a gay man in drag, that’s it. It’s ridiculous.

No. 431508


Why the hell do trans women keep pushing and pushing for people to insist that straight men want them. The ones who don’t notice they are trans will usually be turned off when they find out. The ones that go out of their way to date them like my ex, are obviously dealing with inner conflict about being attracted to men and are usually low key homophobic and want to be seen as straight, and the rest are just plain pan or bi or even full on gay.

Homosexual = same sex.

Men and men in dresses both have the same sex. Why is that so hard for them to get? No such thing as a lady dick, all penises are male end of story

Ugh I’m ranting

No. 431517

Their lives would be easier if they just accepted the attention from the gay and bi men/women instead of chasing after the people that don't want to date men. Trans women clearly just want straight men and lesbians to be interested in them, aka the two demographics that wouldn't want them as their real sex (male).

No. 431531

god i hope more troons start going after straight men maybe then this insanity would finally end

No. 431535

Basically stopping taking it gives you awful mood swings and withdrawal symptoms. Just look into any athlete that has been taking synthetic steroids. As for the effects it has on looks, fat distribution changes and your body becomes more feminized again. Hormones control the behavior of your fat cells which is why low-T men start gaining fat around parts women do and some post-menopausal women start gaining weight like a male would. In addition to that, muscle growth will be stunted. You would overall start become looking more feminine again but you would still have the hair growth, male pattern baldness and low voice.

A lot of us here share the same experiences, anon. The important thing is that you got over it and I'm happy for you.

>it really is incredible how EVERYBODY hates women,even the men who want to be women
This quote is fucking amazing and condenses the whole trans movement into one sentence.

>HOMOPHOBIA. It’s homophobia from violent, insecure males that is killing you. Not black women.
This. Troons love to act like women are the people killing them when even the "tranny scare" meme is caused by male homophobia. No lesbian TERF ever killed or harmed a transbian unless they die of sex starvation.

No. 431538

>And I think too, all the violence that’s happening against trans women, Black cis women need to be having conversations with Black cis men about their attraction to us without shaming cis Black men. Because they are. They have been since the beginning of time. I’ve dated men in the past who’ve said, they would never tell a cis woman they date in the future that they dated a trans woman because they’ve been shamed before by cis women for being attracted to trans women.
Is this some sort of joke? Troons always find some bizarre way to blame women for everything. And why does EVERYTHING about troons always come down to 'wahh I wanna be fuckable!!!'?
I had an argument on /tttt/ yesterday with one of them insisting women 'glide through life' compared to TiMs in response to a woman saying TiM's need to stop barging into debates about female reproduction, and it also said 'your reproductive issues are nothing compared to not passing'. It is literally all about wanting to fuck for them

No. 431547

File: 1562575331847.jpg (153.12 KB, 900x1200, Ld4BQaN.jpg)

He looks really, really fucked up. There is something uncanny valley here. He is reminding me of the operatic castrati I read about with their bloating and weird anatomical features. Jazz rapidly became like this too, bloated and broad boned
You can tell the difference between this and Tula Cossey (an intersex individual)…
I hate saying this but I even think adult-transitioned TiMs look less fucked than these gold standard 'young transitioners'

No. 431559

Woah holyyyy shit

No. 431561

i wonder why there is no straight man equivalent of a "terf" despite them being 99% of the perpetrators of actual violence against tims.

No. 431570

I googled Tula and wow. She might be the only trans-identified person that I've seen that actually passes to me.

But it brings up the question that bothered me for a while. Are intersex people that choose conform to a certain gender actually trans? Sure, they might be "assigned" a gender by birth, depending on what genitals they have (I think that's how it works), but their genetics are different and out of the binary. What is there to transition from/to for them? Is it from the upbringing as a certain gender?

No. 431571

i have respect for intersex people who choose to conform to a certain gender. intersexuality is actually something you are born with and have no control over. normal male and females who aren't intersex have no reason to transition.

No. 431572

Damn! I didn’t think that would happen to Kim so soon. Perhaps the adult transitions look better because their bones and muscle had a chance to form properly and if they were naturally a slight or petite individual, the redistribution of fat/loss of muscle tone doesn’t look too odd. The child transitioners are basically growing into adults with a large child”s frame, not a woman or effeminate man. When I saw Jazz being wheeled out post-SRS I was shocked to see what looked like a post-menopausal body on a teenager. Like Jazz was in someone else’s, ill-fitted skin.

No. 431573

i have a gay ex friend who has dealt with internalized homophobia for a long time. back in his closeted days he was obsessed with anime traps, kim petras, nikita dragun and miss london's redhead trans friend. hsts and their chasers are just self-hating gay people trying to cope.

No. 431576

I wouldn't generally consider intersex to be trans, apart from the obvious biological differences, intersex people have their own unique struggles regarding fitting into society and dealing with gender identity. I don't think it's comparable and I think many intersex people would/do balk at being lumped in with trans people.

No. 431580

I would be wary. I've seen more and more of those types on 4chan, insisting they're gay but are only into hairless, feminine and young bodies, saying they will dump any partner over 20 or any partner that doesn't take HRT, etc. Even male chasers popping up all over /tttt/ saying they're 'gay and proud' but are exclusively into 'trans girls'. It all popped up around that /r9cute/ child-porn sharing and animal-abusing server that was trying to recruit incels.

I think they are more honest to god all pederasts than actual androphiles like classic hsts and gay men, or the classic chaser like Laverne's boyfriend

No. 431596

Because as Laverne Cocks so helpfully explained recently, women are ultimately responsible for all of men’s negative thoughts and actions.

No. 431604

There's nothing more male than saying women should fix all of your problems. These people spend thousands upon thousands on surgery, hormones, wigs, dresses, makeup yet they are 100% male not just in their biology but also their beliefs.

No. 431609


Thread from someone who witnessed JY's waxing case hearing. He brings up the death threat as "evidence" (for what? No one knows).

>Now is when JY reads email from Nazis (for some reason I have a note about tanks?!)

>JY says a professional would work around tampon string. JY will not answer if they get periods but says they can use tampons.

>At this time, JY's parent bursts into hearing, yells at Member that they will take her to court and that she is "playing with fire"

>There is a knock on the hearing room door. It is a couple of paramedics called by JY's parent.

Parent says JY has a XXX that is taking over their mentality. Paramedics do verbal check with JY and leave. Parent leaves room - can hear Parent yelling in reception.

>Lawyer says defendant does not hate JY. Then parent bursts in again - tells JY that this is it, parent is leaving.

No. 431613

TERFs and conservative/christian men have a history of working with each-other
on different issues from across the isle so I'd say that's the male equivalent
I wish you were right but probably not, men don't really have as much to fear from other men who gimp themselves with testosterone blockers. Maybe when they start going after children/their daughters

No. 431620


Holy fuck that can’t be real!?

No. 431622

Dios mio…

No. 431623


Agree. I have an intersex friend who has a plethora of health issues because of his condition and has been struggling with being in between male and female and he finally stopped taking testosterone and is presenting female but he doesn’t like the super radical trans shit but he obviously supports them and sympathizes with them because he has has gender dysphoria. I can 100% support intersex people, they have a real biological issue. But troons I will not.

No. 431625


Very good point. They just aren’t comfortable with the attention from people who are not straight.

No. 431638

They figured out a twisted way to brand not desiring them as a hate crime and it's directly targeting people for their sexual orientation which is actually problematic. It's incredible how badly the liberal ouroboros progressed.

No. 431765

Thank you for posting this.
What a fucking psycho. I didn't know he was harassing a Sikh woman at that.

No. 431794

>This is when JY's parent says that JY has had medical emergency the day before and parent will not allow JY to have the "Big One" JY and parent argue during break
JY tries to kick parent out. Member tells someone on phone that it is not "a police incident" JY tells parent to leave. Parent leaves after saying JY must stop and that "it's $500 or life!

>At this time, JY's parent bursts into hearing, yells at Member that they will take her to court and that she is "playing with fire". Member takes 5 minute break to deal with parent. Member comes back - parent will be banned if causing further disruptions.

>There is a knock on the hearing room door. It is a couple of paramedics called by JY's parent. Parent says JY has a XXX that is taking over their mentality. Paramedics do verbal check with JY and leave. Parent leaves room - can hear Parent yelling in reception.

A little later
>Lawyer says defendant does not hate JY. Then parent bursts in again - tells JY that this is it, parent is leaving. Parent leaves again. Back to hearing.

>During lunch break, I saw two VPD officers walking JY parent out lobby door. They were very nice to parent, suggesting parent find a place to eat lunch outside. Parent came back one last time to arrange JY going to XXX after hearing - JY says that they have had two XXXs.

What a cow.

No. 431849

>Man used homemade recording device to capture videos of naked women in gender neutral change room in Toronto
>Toronto police say a man has been charged after he allegedly recorded women in a change room at an Eaton Centre clothing store on the weekend.

>Police said the man, 22, who cannot be named because of a publication ban, allegedly used a "homemade recording device."

>The man has been charged with 10 counts of voyeurism and one count of mischief, obstruct property, not exceeding $5,000.

>Police said he went to the Eaton Centre at about 4 p.m. on Saturday, entered a clothing store and made his way to unisex change rooms.

>The man went to one change room and allegedly placed a "homemade recording device" on the floor between stalls. He then allegedly recorded several women changing clothes.

>The accused placed the device between stalls at a clothing store inside the Eaton Centre, police said. (Toronto Police Service)

A woman in a change room stall noticed the device on the floor and immediately told security and police.

>Investigators seized several video clips that contain images of unknown women.

>"This is an ongoing investigation and investigators believe there may be other victims," police said in the release.

>Police released photos of the homemade recording device to make the public aware of the incident.

>The accused appeared in court on Saturday and has been released on bail under the supervision of a surety.

"This never even happens lmao" they say.

No. 431853

The new Sephora ads with all the troons in it was just playing on the kids channel…

No. 431856

They put Euphoria episode 1 on youtube so you can watch the troon character not pass. I legit like the show tho, its so over the top and ridiculous.

No. 431858

Speaking of troon-pandering ads, I keep seeing this one and it makes me want to piss myself. I fucking hate Dove's condescending ad-campaigns anyways and this is the worst.
>ad claims to support female representation in media
>shows laughably non-passing troon
>"show us more women who look like me!"
Show us more men, you mean.

No. 431861

Christ, even in the thumbnail he looks like a gay kid trying drag for the first time, I don't even want to watch the ad to see how much worse it is close-up.

No. 431865

It's like some cow farce except it's real and JY is a predator hiding behind made-up illnesses and a crazy parent.

No. 431868

The part where the jock guy is cat calling him is funny because they're trying to play it off like he actually passes and no one would know that's a little boy. Even if a guy like that jock did think that was a girl, no way in hell would a jock pay attention to a weeby girl who is that ugly.

No. 431879

fucking hell this makes me so angry and sad

No. 431881


God, it's so sad, but I couldn't help laughing.
"Show us more women that look like me!"
>Is a literal fucking man

No. 431889

Finally, Dove recognizes the most desperately-needed type of representation for women: the kind that features men.

It just pisses me off 'cause it's such a smarmy, cynical grab for SJW-points.

No. 431903


Hunter looks like the boy he is lol

No. 431904


That man really thinks he is a woman?
I’m so sick of Dove. He doesn’t pass. And no one wants to see more men that look like him

No. 431925

No. 431933

File: 1562639096602.png (520.68 KB, 540x747, 75315551555445.png)

No. 431937


Been posted haha these dudes are ridiculous. I LOVE the comments of that video. Makes me feel less alone in this crazy world

No. 431939

Jesus fucking christ

No. 431941

hate to be dramatic but i think a little bit of my soul died. this happens so much. why

No. 431945

Podcast of two radfem women discussing their observations of trans facebook groups over several months. Pathetic.

No. 431968

File: 1562644960662.jpeg (Spoiler Image,55.31 KB, 1200x964, F69435C7-77DF-4F29-B63E-F5FF2B…)

I was researching a bit about dilation and never actually realized that dilators were originally intended for women with vaginismus (I don’t have that issue so I’ve just never put two and two together that this would be the treatment). TiMs really do take everything away from women, huh.

No. 431984


Yes they do. They’ll take and take until there is nothing left

No. 432007

in sum, they're all nuts but a black hsts group was the least nuts and acknowledged their maleness.

No. 432009

Remember that story last year about a TiM being assaulted in a women's bathroom by two women? It made the news and a lot of (male) people were saying it's women who are the violent ones, not troons. It got brought up here and I remember some anons remarking that the story didn't sound real.

If those anons are still here, you were right.

The same troon was just arrested for assaulting women.


No. 432011

File: 1562663280718.jpg (17.72 KB, 640x360, transgender-DMID1-5jekvx2yr-64…)

I remember that case and from the beginning it read like a shitty sex novel written by a thirsty troon. I'm not surprised the least. For those who don't remember it was this case https://www.wral.com/two-women-charged-with-assault-on-transgender-person-at-glenwood-south-bar/18110722/

Also THIS is what qualifies as a woman now??? He's not even trying.

No. 432013

nonbinary men is #notallmen the gender identity.

No. 432065

I was one of those anons saying it was 100% bs. Glad to see trannies are so predictable, shame that we're the ones that have to pay the consequences of their mental issues though.

No. 432079

File: 1562683288965.png (52.01 KB, 342x601, Capture.PNG)

Made by some troon on the stalkersub

No. 432080

>If you allow a dress, why won't you allow estrogen pills?!
Are they serious?

No. 432084

Notice it's always a mother getting in the way of their transition, never a father-a male figure. Whoever made this purposefully set up a caricature of a hysterical, emotional woman guarding her spaces.
Anyone with logic can see how it's normal for a parent to be concerned about their child taking hormones, and how that's completely different from allowing their boy to try on dresses.
And just think: If little Timmy was allowed hormones at a young age but decided as he got older that it was a mistake, who would adult Timmy blame for allowing him to make the choice? Right, his mom.
Women. cannot. win.

No. 432087

Mothers absolutely feel cornered and terrified by this setup. I've spoken with mothers who are going through it right now with their middle and high school aged children and they have no fucking clue what to do because they know there's a very solid chance that either they ruin their child's physical and mental health permanently by allowing hormone treatment, or the alternative their child jumps on the trans suicide bandwagon or spends forever resenting their mother for not letting them transition earlier and then they're a "bigot" who ruined their child's life. Thanks to pressure and widespread propaganda all over child-oriented social media by TRAs, either path now has a huge chance of resulting in irreparable harm to their child and themselves.
Even mothers of kids without gender dysphoria are at a complete loss while their young daughters complain that they feel uncomfortable with males being in their bathrooms and locker rooms, but if they support their daughters' comfort and right to female-only private spaces, they can also be ostracized as a transphobe.

No. 432100

This shit is so depressing. I don’t think I could ever have a child the way things are going right now.

No. 432102


Same here. I know if I want a family, I’m going to marry a foreigner and move to a remote conservative small european town or something and live modestly

No. 432114

My husband and I put a small poem on the birth announcement card for our newborn daughter, about the woman we hope she will become (confident, considerate, content) and several people, including his parents, criticised the poem for being closed minded because “She might decide to become a man, haven’t you thought of that?”
I hope so, so much that this tide will have turned by the time she reaches puberty and becomes susceptible to ROGD.

No. 432126

Guys, this is something I've been wondering about for a while and I'd love to hear your thoughts about it:
Do you think that in some countries, such as South Korea, where women are pressured to be super feminine and are also defined and judged mostly by the level of femininity they perform,…etc. that it'll be easier for men there to transition and to be accepted as women by their society because they act in an exaggerated, stereotypical, hyper feminine way? I feel like in the future there will be surge of dudes transitioning, and the feminist and lgbt communities will be infested with them, causing the radical feminist movement there to die instead of growing.

idk if i explained it well, english isn't my first language.

No. 432133

You could counter-own them by saying trans people don't choose to become something else, they've always been the gender they identify as. Not that it's true, but it's funny that they're trying to be woke and they don't even have the script right.

No. 432135

What do you mean "in the future"? It's happening right now.

No. 432136

Jesus christ anon where do your husband's parents live at? A Tumblr community? Does this shit actually happen now somewhere? That's some beyond dystopic Kafkaesque bullshit right there.

No. 432138

There's a very big difference between women who are raised to be "ladylike" and drag queens. Even when observing trans people I know irl, none of them act in a typically "feminine" way. They're vulgar, loud and ill-mannered.

No. 432147

Punch terfs. Theyre worthless people who dont belong in lgbt spaces.
also, non-binary also exists in japan lol (called x-gender).
yall are old women with dry vaginas(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 432148

Women are not oppressed lol(k)

No. 432152

how pathetic. i can't imagine getting a ten thousands worth mutilation surgery for the sole purpose of taking dick while also not being able to feel anything.

No. 432163

File: 1562695270852.jpg (131.31 KB, 600x733, IMG_20180925_212551.jpg)

hoe people can't breathe in the same room with your horse piss and dorito scented ass. who told this bricky shim that anyone would want to share a space with xhe lmfao

No. 432166

I'm not old but at least I have a vagina. All you will ever have is a stinky ditch.

No. 432168

lmao why are so many trans women so misogynistic?

No. 432180

dont dignify him with 'hoe'

No. 432185

and ur man made gash will most likely cause you to commit suicide in a couple years run along now troon lmao

No. 432187

Many people where I live simply go along with whatever the current ‘progressive’ dogma is and are very intellectually lazy about it. They view LGBT as one solid entity and being openly anti-LGBT is a social faux pas in most circles, even for those on the (moderate) political right. Gay marriage was legalised almost two decades ago so people who want to show off how open-minded they are have latched onto other things, like trans ideology. They tend to just mindlessly parrot what they think they’re supposed to, which is that trans people are above reproach and anyone who disagrees is a bigot and probably an uneducated religious hick. Even self-described anti-SJWs who make homophobic, racist and misogynistic jokes among their friends will draw the line at serious criticism of trans ideology as being “too mean”.

My response so far has been to say that I hope our daughter will grow up to feel comfortable with her body and that we’ll let her express herself however she likes. Most people were fine with that, but some clearly disapproved of the implication that I don’t want her to be trans. Apparently trans people suffer horribly but wanting your child to be spared that suffering is transphobic.

No. 432193

File: 1562698221105.png (223.15 KB, 1085x357, 820562906036154977235.png)

damn anon lrn2integrate

No. 432206

File: 1562699364722.jpg (32.71 KB, 677x320, IMG_0170.JPG)

This tweet is them in a nutshell.

No. 432207

They're desperately painfully jealous of women.

No. 432240

File: 1562705881079.jpg (320.46 KB, 720x1070, Screenshot_20190709-155516_Chr…)

A woman with a uterus transplant gave birth. Of course this is the first comment I see.
Not sure how they would even transplant uteri into men, since the eggs are still the woman who gave birth's, and not from the dead donor. Only the uterus was transplanted. They think they can somehow make men able to give birth.

No. 432246

>mothers should just let their little boys steal their estrogen pills


No. 432250

Seriously there is no group out there more self centred and narcissistic than trannies. Everything has to be about them at any given moment or they will throw a shitfit. They insert themselves into conversations they don't belong in and silence and thoughtpolice anyone they don't agree with. They know they have carte blanche to silence anyone and everyone because they've managed to paint themselves as the biggest victim out there, and anyone with any sliver of critique is immediately wrong, even to the point where lesbians who don't want to have sex with men are labelled hate groups. This is the con of the century.

No. 432251

Functional womb transplants to trans women is a medical impossibility, it's never, ever going to happen but it's a power fantasy they like to hold over women's heads.
>Reeee roasties better beware once the uber cool miraculous womb transplants are perfected we'll become the peak prototype of a woman and you terf cunts can't compare!!!!
Science can barely make 100% functional, long-lasting organ transplants as it is because they require very specific conditions when it comes to compatibility, how the hell do they think a man could be able to receive female organs able to develop and bear a fetus? The male anatomy alone doesn't allow room for a womb to begin with.

While female conditions like endometriosis is still hardly researched despite 10% of all women suffering of it these fucks are already installing wombs into men. Let that sink in.

No. 432267

Our pussies dry up when they sense a tranny is near. It's simple biology.
A male pelvis is too narrow for an infant to pass through meaning that trannies would need a skeleton transplant but go off, doc. Surprised they never mentioned that in med school.

No. 432270

Wouldn't it be easier to just get a Caesarean?

No. 432272


A viable (ie. capable of carrying a fetus) transplant would require other biologically female bodily systems such as endocrine. And anti-rejection meds are not safe for the fetus.

No. 432274

I always wondered how on earth they could possibly simulate everything that goes on in a pregnant body anyway. It's not as simple as simply putting an embryo in a uterus and let it simmer for 9 months. But of course basic biology is beyond troon intelligence.

No. 432279

They genuinely believe the only difference between them and us is titty skittles and whether or not their dicks are inverted.
This kind of misinformation is incredibly dangerous and setting mentally ill people up for devastatingly different results than what they expect, like upthread IIRC some young troons were discussing their hope to grow very large breasts from estrogen despite that it's already been shown that male breast tissue anatomically cannot reach stage V of Tanner breast development (large female breasts) and they can only get tubular gynecomastia and/or obesity moobs.

No. 432281

Well hormones change the pelvis as does relaxin which is released during the pregnancy, also i believe every baby born from transplanted uteruses have been through c-section. Regardless they're doing a womb transplant on a transwoman this year at Royal college in London.(Citation needed)

No. 432282

The fact that mentally ill men are attempting to use trannyism as a get out of jail free card is frightening. The fact that our legal systems and society even mildly humor this notion is even more frightening.

Not too long ago, a tranny attempted to kill officials who said his women's running titles would be revoked since he refused to get his hormone levels tested. His parents seem to blame the assault he committed on the fact that his tranny status could be outed. Boo fucking hoo. Hope he's in a men's prison.


There are quite a few instances of trannies getting violent because hur hur muh pronouns and not getting their way but Google actively tries to drown these stories out. They seem to only want to show results of low income tranny prostitutes who get murdered since prostitutes are often targets of mentally ill men in general. Aside from trans politics, the notion that murder can be excused because of their hurt feefees is outrageous and more people should be pissed about it


No. 432283

Most of the hormones released during pregnancy come from the brain, which is why men can get false pregnancies.

No. 432285

>lack of sage
>defending this mpeg retardation

Are you a tranny desu ka?

No. 432287

No desu, i'm studying medicine and this same shit came up when i was talking to my professor and she told about the thing in London.

No. 432292

But there's no way a man's bone structure would be changed enough via horse piss that he'd be able to carry a child.
Even in a sci-fi universe where all of this comes to pass, women in need of transplants should always be prioritized over men.

No. 432296

Same could be said about most women too, you know that it was really common for women to die of childbirth before 1950s? About 1/3rd of deliveries are done through c-section while there are risk they can be mitigated if it's planned.

No. 432313


That’s such utter horseshit. I’m sorry people criticized the poem like that. I hope as well that this dies out. The pendulum must go the other way eventually

No. 432314



No. 432315


It will not work, I guarantee it. There will be severe consequences for tampering with nature.

No. 432316

I mean, yeah, it was (and still is in places) very common for women to die in childbirth but most births were still successful.
…Anon, I'm really trying to believe you're not a troon but…

No. 432317


They are these pathetic, offensive, charicatures of women all based off of misogynistic, bullshit stereotypes of women, often those in the sex industry and they know absolutely nothing about real women. Drag queens and trans women both bother me because although one is for alleged entertainment purposes (I still think they’re mentally ill but that’s a different story) they both suck so bad at representing women at all.

No. 432322

I hate drag queens because they normalize troonery. And a group of loud obnoxious gay men is literally incapable of being un-misogynistic.

No. 432326

Excellent point

No. 432327

Oh man, I fucking hate drag queens and the handmaidens who kiss their caked asses. I'm in the makeup "community" and the worship of drag/troons/misogynistic gay men is unbelievable. I think drag is ugly as shit and piss-my-pants obnoxious, furthermore if it was any other group of people being mocked they'd never get away with it. Yet women are expected, as always, to smile supportively and tell them how special and talented they are. Saged for angry drag sperging.

No. 432330

File: 1562719773235.png (121 KB, 540x414, 758245652455.png)

Its another "TRA exposes themselves to be a racist" episode except manages to be even worse.

No. 432332

cry harder tranny
hormones will not change the fact that your pelvis is taller, narrower, thicker, and at a completely different angle than a womans lmao

No. 432343

She fucking bodied him.

No. 432344

Troon, gtfo. Women dying during pregnancy has jack shit to do with the fact that their bodies still had to change in some way during pregnancy. Your male body is literally not designed for carrying a damn child.

No. 432346

You said it. I cannot STAND drag culture - no, slapping on a pair of fake nails and spray painting your male face in an obnoxious caricature of “femininity” shows their true misogyny.

No. 432351

I love that super troons and their handmaidens are up in arms about drag because it "makes a mockery of trans women" but never said a peep about it making a mockery of actual women. Or that maybe they are also making a mockery of biological women assuming they can put on a cheap wig/fishnets and suddenly they are the highest authority on women's issues and feminism.

No. 432409

>this is what trannies actually believe
Titty skittles don't modify bone structure jesus christ. Men also aren't able to produce the hormones pregnancy needs in order to continue which is why the womb transplant is highly risky and probably not able to function as the male anatomy doesn't allow enough circulation to the organ. Because, you know, their body biologically doesn't have a place for a womb so their own body would end up choking it to death. Even if their body, by some 1 in a million chance, didn't reject the transplant, it would still be unable to carry a baby and the body would be unable to supply it with the hormones needed for bone and neurological development.

These butcher doctors are just using them as lab rats for medical experiments, they know they're full of shit promising troons that men will be able to carry a full term pregnancy with a donated womb. Pregnancy is such a complicated biological mechanism, you still can't replicate it in a lab setting because it requires such a complex system around it. Even the synthetic wombs are only used to nurture stillborns, not fertilization followed by a full fetal development.

No. 432415

Thats not how it works dipshit. Hormones from the brain tells the rest of the endocrine system to start producing hormones.

No female reproductive organs, no female hormones, no pregnancy.

No. 432427

File: 1562742837732.png (724.53 KB, 742x570, F9F9151D-E0C3-40CF-9E59-D72D73…)

>hormones change the pelvis
>regardless, they’re doing a womb transplant on a tranny, uwu~

The absolute fucking STATE of troons. Should medical science ever reach a point where this type of procedure were even possible, it would be nothing more than cosmetic validation for trannies. Better time and efforts could be spent searching for a cure for PCOS, but I guess that isn’t where the money is.

Piss off, tranny-kun.

No. 432430

lmao trannies thinking that men will be able to give birth one day is hilarious and shows that they really have no idea how the actual female anatomy works. even if they implanted a womb to a man, there are still tons of complications of pregnancy regarding the brain, hormones, bone structure, etc. a man's body is literally not evolved to give birth in any shape or form. it's also unethical to try to raise a fetus in a man's body knowing it's 100% going to be a failure. who would even want to donate their womb to a man to begin with?

No. 432432

>hey women of color, you're not allowed to have disapproving or critical opinions of troons
Bullshit of the highest order. I seriously have no idea where they would get the idea that WOC werent considered women at some point. Like I've literally never heard that before. Theyre just pulling random shit out of their assets at this point.

No. 432437

The only bitches insisting that they aren't real women are troons themselves, hypocrites.

No. 432441

They're coming up with this horse shit in order to try and gaslight WOC into fighting against the evil oppressive white terf strawman for them. They're that manipulative and malicious. They keep pulling this racist ass "Well what about black women surely you see them as men too???" shit because they're all entitled horny men who by the power of projection believe everyone else is as idiotic as they are.

No. 432446

They’re purposefully mixing up sex-based oppression with the concept of “femmephobia”. Black women were considered less feminine (not less female) and not viewed as dainty ladies incapable of physical labour like upper class white women were. They may have experienced less “femmephobia” but were obviously suffering the full extent of sex-based oppression. TiMs think that they’re entitled to being treated as a delicate flower and that being denied this treatment is something they have in common with black women, not caring that these women were oppressed in other much more serious ways.

No. 432447

some of the important things that made me hit peak trans were the racism against women of color and the homophobia against lesbians. they compare their ~~oppression~~ to the shit black women went through in american history. like yeah, getting rejected by straight men or lesbians is completely comparable and just as painful as slavery, losing your family members, sexual assault, forced pregnancy, sure.

No. 432457

Holy shit that troon really thought he got us, did he. Troons are still considered and treated as male, really makes you think, huh.

No. 432458

Even when you put little boys on blockers at 8 and pumped them full of hormones as early as possible their male pelvic structure does not change. HRT doesn’t actually give you an authentic female puberty, you dong wrangler.

Couvade Syndrome, aka sympathetic pregnancy, is a PSYCHOSOMATIC CONDITION. There is not a real medical diagnosis for it and it is only observed when men are very emotionally and psychologically affected by their FEMALE partner’s pregnancy. It has nothing to do with the brain mistakenly releasing pregnancy hormones.

Are you studying to be a veterinarian? How can you be so misinformed about the capabilities and limits of the human body? I seriously don’t hate all trans people and I am personally friends with a couple genuinely kind trans women who have suffered from gender dysphoria for decades. But this is some real Island of Dr. Moreau shit and I guarantee that trans woman recipient will either die or experience a traumatic failure. Why don’t you stop and think about how many people are going to die, and those who will seek out unqualified surgeons to attempt this dangerous procedure, when you are encouraging a biological impossibility?

No. 432460

> they compare their ~~oppression~~ to the shit black women went through in american history.
Not just American history, some of them complained about FGM in many countries because supposedly "if you had your clitoris ripped off with a dull and dirty razor blade and your vulva was sewn shut at least that means you had those organs in the first place unlike meee!!1!one" I'm sure they complain about women from other countries and cultures as well.

No. 432462

that's bc troons are racist ginger white men who actually think that black women aren't women (by which they mean that they have no sexual value in their eyes). only someone who truly believes this crap would unironically come up with the "black cis women have more in common with white shims than with white cis women" meme

but if their brain cells weren't so pickled in premarin they'd see that what they're actually proving is that black women face the same unique challenges as any other natal females despite their subjective lack of traditionally white femininity so lmao

tl;dr shims really do be thinking that black women are manly

No. 432481

They make that same argument about tall women too, saying they're stronger and therefore more of a threat for normal women, "but you still won't exclude them like you do with trans women!!!". And whenever one of them whines about feeling insecure about being a 7ft linebacker they refer to literal models as positive examples for tall women.
I hate this so much, people have always shat on tall women anyway and now on top of that you have troons acting as if they (men!) and us are totez the same.

No. 432485

It's because they're so shallow they only make comparisons about men's and women's bodies. Sure, there are tall women and the average men are taller than the average women, but tall women act like women and they don't take behavior into account. It's simple statistics that men are more violent and prone to committing crimes than women, so manlets are more dangerous than tall women if you take that into account. They're trying to make real women insecure by comparing us to them all the time, one way or another.

Same thing for when TIMs compare themselves to sterile women, women who had to go through mastectomies, women who had plastic surgery or women who go through hormonal treatments or have an hormonal imbalance. All of their arguments are based on bad faith.

No. 432487

What do you guys think makes people lose their shit at anything GC/"TERFy"? Is it just stupidity? Lack of education? Shared delusion? Brainwashing? Reading all the things here, it's plain as day that TRAs don't have a valid argument. It's all so obvious.
I used to agree with TRA talking points, but I was a literal kid/teen who never bothered to look too deeply into it. I just took everything at face value, but then when I actually opened myself up to new viewpoints, I realized how dumb (and sometimes actually very misogynistic and malignant, in cases like >>432330) it all was. Now, it's as simple as 2 + 2 = 4. How do people still not understand things well into adulthood, especially those who claim to be activists? Do they not read? Do they not see what TiMs do, hear what they say and observe how they act? Why do they keep giving them passes? Why are a man's emotions more important than reality and actual justice in the world?

No. 432490

They are only doing a questionnaire to see whether there is any interest in transplants for TIMs.

The transplant operations being performed later in the year are only for infertile women.


No. 432507

Is this the person who complained about racial profiling at Cambridge?

No. 432516

Pretty sure she's a chick.

No. 432529

File: 1562770158791.png (360.59 KB, 539x517, STOP THIS RIDE I WANT OFF.png)

No. 432533

They don't think critically. Larger and larger groups of people are getting caught up in this. They see something online and repeat it endlessly, it's no secret places like tumblr and Reddit are poison. Both are constant displays of Dunning Kruger in real time. People are wedded to ideology right now as if it were religion. Once that belief system is in place, you can get people to do anything. No one cares about being excommunicated from a church, but take away friends and family for wrongthink and you have another story. No one wants to stick their head up to get it knocked off.

No. 432557

File: 1562775002344.jpg (76.1 KB, 609x437, scdfdcs.jpg)

No. 432560

Jesus, people should be allowed to go through puberty completely and decide if they want hormones afterwards. Blockers seem like active harm to your body.

No. 432561

Baby rapist gets closer access to more babies under guise as woman
fixed it for you. How can a baby rapist claim to have a "female brain" and be believed?

No. 432564

Watched the whole thing and this guy makes great points. I’ve always felt that Contra makes these videos because he’s a narc and not because he wants to convince people to accept more progressive values. This video basically highlights that that could very well be the case. Thanks for sharing.

No. 432567

File: 1562776558906.jpeg (Spoiler Image,184.44 KB, 750x1274, 67BD0718-AA69-4B47-9C53-EA21EA…)


No. 432568

File: 1562776593727.jpeg (Spoiler Image,219.15 KB, 750x1290, B63F44C1-A6EB-45A1-A025-E7AE58…)



No. 432571

is hontra blind? theryn looks even manlier than he typically does here.

No. 432573

Ackchually anon, women are just as bad as men and laydees like Christyl Knight prove that! Hurray for equality!

Trans nonsense aside, I don’t understand how anyone in their right mind could be comfortable with sex offenders changing their names. There’s a registry for a reason. Why does someone’s ~gender identity~ trump the safety of entire communities?

No. 432575

File: 1562778657979.jpg (31.54 KB, 600x377, 1559965127901.jpg)

Shoot me. I got back on tumblr recently for aesthetic/fandom content. Every blog that posted something of interest to me has a TIF running it with a mile-long "before you follow" and constant breaks between content for trans rights reeing. Every. Single. One. What the fuck?
Is being a biological woman on tumblr prohibited nowadays? Can't you at least keep your interests and your politics separate? I came to look at videogames, I don't give a shit that you're a demiqueer anarchocommunist.

No. 432583

>Is being a biological woman on tumblr prohibited nowadays?
Pretty much. Also, they see real lesbians as nazi working at Auschwitz, and I wish that was hyperbole.

No. 432587

File: 1562780259868.png (791.58 KB, 1036x824, smh.PNG)

I recently got back into dollshit and I honestly feel the same way.

No. 432607

There's one cat blog I follow that one time posted something like "reminder that if you're a TERF I hate you personally and I sincerely genuinely hope you die" completely out of the blue. A fucking cat blog.

No. 432609

It's the hot new virtue signalling slogan, just like "black lives matter" was a few years ago. None of these people actually know/care about what GC/radfems/lesbians who don't want dick actually have to say, they just think TERF is some evil boogey man.

No. 432641

File: 1562790348134.jpeg (106.86 KB, 750x432, 23AA5A1A-28C6-430B-B735-24A5FD…)

This post, right? I saw someone I follow reblog this. The notes are just as deranged.

No. 432642

File: 1562790375258.jpeg (196.24 KB, 750x1572, 0C34C11C-CF44-43AA-8ACA-4E2F0F…)

These people are unhinged.

No. 432646

even when I wasn't GC, I was so uncomfortable with the constant death wishes that people had for TERFS. People don't even talk like this to neo Nazis and actual racists/sexists. Casual death threats will always make no sense to me.

No. 432649

A great reminder of how troons are legitimately mentally ill and overwhelmingly have NPD. The more they brand normal people (mainly targeting women) with reasonable reservations about TRA dogma and medical risks as bigots who deserve to be tortured and die, the more they cause more and more people to peak trans. Many women are being quiet out of fear, which is their goal as usual with threats of grievous injury inflicted upon women by males, but there’s only so much we can take. This is also a site with a huge underage user base and they’re telling kids that if they don’t buy into the trans bandwagon wholeheartedly then they should be killed, no wonder more and more teens are coming out as enbies to express their wokeness.

No. 432650

where is the same energy against straight men?

No. 432651

File: 1562791018072.jpg (76.89 KB, 564x1160, tims_balanced_breakfast.jpg)

animu catgirls have such punchable faces

No. 432652

i threw up. why do agp weeb trannies always talk the same? it's so easy to tell them apart just from an online post.

No. 432661

I'm not an expert on isekai shows for teenagers but isn't this character just a crossdressing male who doesn't identify as a woman whatsoever? Why do they use him as a mascot?

No. 432677

>A fucking cat blog
Ugh count me in. I just wanted to follow some cottage-core/cute aesthetic blogs and eventually all of them were screaming "kILL TERFS ON SIGHT" i wanted to fucking scream, i tried to ignore it and just unfollow them but their toxicity was EVERYWHERE, and don't get me started on those shady "kawaii, pink pale blogs" which were almost always owned by a "she/her" troon who posted loli and humiliation shit, it's so easy to spot them, normal cute blogs were chill and not porny, but these bastards just were all about their fetish, "gayness" and "oppresion uwu", fucking gross. They ruined kawaii aesthetic for me, i cannot look my plushies pictures the same anymore.

No. 432682

My own mother scolded me for making fun of trannies, because they were euthanized by Hitler, just like gay or disabled people and now we accept gays, so we must also accept trannies otherwise we're like Hitler.
Couple this with tumblr's and twitter's insane lines of thinking like "Terfs are evil and radfems are terfs, therefore all radfems are evil. Women are feminists, radical feminists are evil, therefore we must protect troons from women". Same with always using "terfs and nazis…", "nazis and terfs…", and in the end it turns into "Actually radfems are worse than nazis."
And this is what normies read/hear. Constantly. If you don't like trannies, it makes you the worst person on the planet, support trannies!
People on tumblr will send you radnom messages, asking if you're a terf, so I guess people are so scared of others thinking they might be "evil", that they try to distance themselves as much as possible from it.

My proudest comeback when some long-haired, makeup-wearing trans boi started with "Gosh, I hate radfems and nazis…" was (and I'd recommend that since it worked, as in, made him feel guilty): "What? You act as if people who murdered millions are the same as feminists?! Yes of course, you as a male obviously don't give a shit about our rights!". Tumlrinas believe in male priviledge, so use that to your advantage by guilttripping them. They can't say anything against it, because admitting that they're not real men would "hurt" their gender identity, or some bullshit like that.

No. 432684


When you have to fold your body into a completely unnatural pose to look like you have anything approaching a female silhouette

No. 432685

nta but yes from what I understand that cat dude is a very popular "trap" character.
Much like fakbois, they're attracted to the idea of being this super cute character that can fool anyone into liking them (especially the straights).

No. 432687

Can't believe someone I used to date is a straight up trans uwu cat girl. He's fucking 30 and obsessed with wanting to fuck other transwomen but is definitely a lesbian. Ok, buddy. He uses the phrase girl bulge and has said things along the line of E making him less attracted to his gf and more attracted to dick but only girl dick. My own personal lolcow at this point. I feel bad for his gf who is apparently sticking with him through this.

No. 432692

Ugh that’s terrible I know how you feel. My ex is the same and it makes me feel disgusted to have ever been with someone like that

No. 432696

I feel bad for his girlfriend, but it’s not a bad thing if he leaves her for a fellow troon. Troons should stick together and leave the rest of us alone.

No. 432701

I made out with a guy one time that eventually did this. Luckily he's dating a fellow transbian and not trying to foist himself upon actual women. Guess I dodged a bullet.

No. 432731

File: 1562805364298.jpeg (118.62 KB, 750x1051, EF468480-A165-4013-894B-6389FF…)

No. 432734

File: 1562805557751.jpeg (170.59 KB, 591x1128, 8EC1BB95-6788-4B52-B6E9-D620A6…)

Everywhere I look on Instagram they’re everywhere lol this one is just… idek

No. 432735

now I know what Shakira meant when she said that hips don't lie.

No. 432780

The male anatomy jumped out

No. 432784

File: 1562816317756.jpeg (Spoiler Image,110.01 KB, 640x629, baraluigi.jpeg)

>be me
>check out r/PinkpillFeminism
>the man-hate is flowing
>seems like a great place
>mrw when I scroll back up and see 'No Transphobia' written in the sidebar

When is my suffering to end? What's the fun of hating men if they're off-limits once they slap on some thigh-highs and some shiny new pronouns?

No. 432789

>women are more than their anatomy

Funny since trannies talks about "tits" and "cunts" and "boipussy" more than virtually all women talk about their anatomy with each other. I have never ever commented on my friends breasts or publically spoke about my own in a vulgar way online. Trannies however, are obsessed with sexualizing female anatomy and roleplaying "dirty whores who choke on cocks" etc. Its just fucking rich for them to act like we are the obsessed ones.

Here's the fucking difference between women and trannies. Women speak to each other about the biological function of their bodies and how society responds and treats is based on our biology. Trannies can only talk about female bodies in the context of sex and fashion. Period. They live in a totally different universe than women. Tranny shit is a blatant porn or anime LARP. Their view of women is so far away from the realities women really face. It's not all fucking sleepovers and taking half-nude selfies.

No. 432808

File: 1562820639555.png (3.51 MB, 547x7301, 1562774857404.png)

Pure autism

No. 432813


Ridiculous lol who’s going to watch that?

No. 432816

>straight women fuck with trans the hardest

I saw this comment on an unrelated forum discussing the "gen z is less tolerant of lgbt" article. This made me curious, and I'd like to hear your opinions. All my friends are GC or never brings this up, so I'm not sure.

No. 432817

File: 1562822532568.png (846.82 KB, 1557x984, 5BwR65d.png)

No. 432818

>inhaler is treated like a running gag until in one episode it's connected to a near-death situation
>that dramatic shot in that goofy-ass style
Oh, come on. That's impossible to take seriously, how tone-deaf can you be?
Also, loving that "redeem humanity". That's rich.

No. 432819

>straight women fuck with trans the hardest
Can’t relate because my pussy dries up at the first sign of troonery, and at the flash of an autogynesmile my tubes tie themselves.
chef’s kiss

No. 432821

well sure, we're all in the GC thread lol. I mean more among handmaidens. Is the ratio of straight women much higher?

No. 432822


Saw that too and was puzzled

No. 432824

Straight women are the biggest people pleasers/handmaids and are punished the most when they aren't so it's very likely they are. Lesbians are too terf leaning, gay men do not want to fuck fakebois full stop, straight men would laugh at the idea of supporting trannies unless they have a fetish or want to get SJW pussy.

No. 432828

I mean, my serious answer is yes, of course. Straight women make up the majority of troon-enthusiasts. It’s a pet cause for them. And like the other anon said a lot of straight women are invertebrates too shit-scared to speak up even if they have misgivings. Men of all sexualities are too selfish and disagreeable to get peer-pressured into licking troon taint and the only lesbians that give a shit are mega-SJWs. That leaves straight women and demisexual genderqueer enbies (aka straight women).

No. 432830

I had never heard of this before and I'm shocked at how someone would actually greenlight this. I guess it didn't do too well (surprise) because it only lasted for 13 episodes. Also not surprised at all that the creator team is 100% white men.

No. 432837

they are clearly unwoke, someone should pink pill them that men with special gender feelings are still men.

No. 432839

she shouldn't be extending her hand out to help at all lol, Yaniv is such a creep

No. 432843

If it's any consolation the sub it sprouted from and which share the same users (trufemcels) has many critics of transgender ideology and there are lots of crossposts from the GC subreddit. The tide may turn with that sub soon enough.

No. 432847

this troon was recetnly ebegging for ffs and fashion people who i follow (and are fucking pro troon) were rebloging his gofundme, I know only he modeled for some editorials for dazed, but this is nothing special because they push a fuckton of troons to virtue signal. God people lose shit about any clockable troon in fashion.

No. 432856

Wow that's disturbing. Not even vaguely modelesque proportions, the industry is so misogynistic

No. 432873

File: 1562841037564.png (73.6 KB, 781x697, transcontentcreator.PNG)

What the fuck does you being a tranny have to do with the original tweet? Why do they always do this?

No. 432878

File: 1562842118182.webm (2.92 MB, 1280x720, 1550862413125.webm)

No. 432880

Jazz is so fucking bizarre, even most men don't just talk about genitals so casually in public. He must be incredibly socially stunted from his munchie mom taking over his life.

No. 432882

he's so fucking obsessed about his fauxgina, but this effect of years of brainwashing. poor kid, i hope he'll sue his parents, quack doctors and tlc for making his misery a show, but i guess he's won't because he is like 12 a year old and bevahes like stupid brat.

No. 432884

He doesn't have to worry about liking sex or not since his Frankenstein project rot pocket probably isn't too accommodating to dicks. Also how fucked up would you have to be to want to touch/lick/put any part of your body into that. God it's fucking vile

No. 432885

I can't believe this shit is on TV. I remember when TLC would only show surgeries and that pregnancy show.

If a man told me he been dating a trans, I'd be gone. Men are absolute, disgusting hedonists. They have to keep women down because their depravity keeps them back.

No. 432907

File: 1562849815668.jpg (527.9 KB, 1280x1707, 9b7c8811-71ee-4f63-b8bb-aeac40…)

I roll my eyes always when agp troons use dyke. Someone reblogged that shit from eli erlick, iirc that troon said troons are real woman and we are cissies

No. 432917

File: 1562852673935.jpeg (512.52 KB, 1242x1057, B24A3822-D19D-4640-BD7D-30D0EA…)

Of fucking course he’d complain about it getting postponed. He’s the prime reason this shit should never happen.


No. 432918

File: 1562852796491.png (220.49 KB, 950x568, D68F263F-22A9-434A-A6E8-134AB7…)

The event’s blurb about it being cancelled. How dare anyone be concerned that caregivers aren’t allowed while their kids are around full-grown pervs. The absolute audacity, amirite.

No. 432921

Where's the same hatred against rapists? Pedophiles? Or, you know… the men who actually kill trannies?
When they do this, they just declare their misogyny

No. 432923

They only care about female approval because they can't handle being denied that from the people they want to be like. That's why they hate lesbians so much because lesbian approval is the ultimate goal and if they don't get it, they throw a shitfit.

No. 432924


One last thing, news article about the postponing. Love the comment where a women is showing concern about the age range but gets called homophobe/transphobe by some idiot.

No. 432925

I love how they try to use the term “butch” like they have any sense of it’s history, meaning, or aesthetics. To them it just means they can do even less to pass and can tack it onto their list of labels.

No. 432926

He also raped a woman.

No. 432929

More like rapists, pedos and trannykillers are men, and troons are betas who wouldn't dare opposing and threatening men, while women are the easiest target to direct their craziness.

No. 432932

I remember reading the argument somewhere that being trans is not about gender stereotypes but transwomen have to fit into traditional feminity because if they don't they are at an increased risk of violence and it just makes zero fucking sense. Isn't a so-called transwomen who makes no effort to fit the part just presenting as a regular ass man? How does that put them at any increased risk of violence? Trans ideology is really some weird ass Orwellian shit. Male attempting to hijack the feminist movement by pushing the narrative they are the most oppressed group of women is some satirical nonsense you would expect to read in a comic.

No. 432933

File: 1562854634862.jpeg (34.44 KB, 480x266, 7709ED53-C0AD-43EB-B999-D084C1…)

He also retweeted this.
>Checkmate, atheists!

Isn’t he a rapist?

No. 432934

File: 1562855050355.png (101.6 KB, 682x568, 41FC9A17-FDEE-4868-B348-136C97…)

No. 432935

Fucking hell. How can even the most subservient handmaiden still defend this out and open pedo???

No. 432937

Read that in Peter Griffins Voice

No. 432940


No. 432941

File: 1562856434451.jpg (15.03 KB, 600x411, oingo.jpg)

Fug forgot pic :DDD

No. 432961

File: 1562861194542.jpg (46.88 KB, 540x319, tumblr_okelw8vfMJ1w0ai3co1_540…)

Women's vaginas are now to be called "front holes", while TiM's festering wounds are the true "vagina".

No. 432963

I'm as GC as they come but you're interpreting this wrong, anon. Look at the title: "Safer Sex Guide for Trans Bodies." They're saying they'll refer to TiF's vaginas as front holes, not "cis" women's.

No. 432964

Blaire White makes a video where he uses the men's bathroom. Some guy reacts with confusion, but doesn't stop him, and he gets smug over getting kicked out of the establishment (he literally brought a camera into the bathroom, don't know what he was expecting).
He sees it as "proof" that passing TiMs should have access to women's bathrooms, but doesn't this just kill the whole "Trans women are literally ASSAULTED if they use the men's bathroom!" argument?

No. 432966

Oh god of course he's part of the degenderettes. Surprised they don't have their own thread at this point

No. 432969

i'm sure no one in california would've said anything if he just used the men's bathroom and said "i'm transgender" to the confused people.

No. 432972

i remember that he raped a TiF or some other flavour of woke girl and has yellow ferver too. in thread 10 he was posted and someone posted callout for him

No. 432994

File: 1562865692815.png (366.75 KB, 640x889, 2d8m1obthn931.png)

a gem from r/actuallesbians

fucking gross

No. 433000

AGP in nutshell

They are freaks obsessed with fake lesbian porn. Word "transbian" is lesbian repellant

No. 433007

File: 1562868130836.jpg (121.96 KB, 500x750, IMG_1421.JPG)

The Patrick meme was perfect for this so i had to do it.

No. 433018

File: 1562870458000.jpeg (72.61 KB, 640x552, 2CEB7060-C116-4224-8081-7EDDFD…)

Absolutely disgusting

No. 433031


I’d also run if a man told me he had been with a trans. My ex was on all the transsexual dating and hookup sites in my area and when I found out, I lost all attraction towards him. And then I found his tumblr and it was just filled with “lady cock” I almost threw up.

No. 433035

i used to run in libfem circles with lots of troon-friendly men. every single man who dated a troon later came out as a mtf. every single one. even troons joke that men who are into trans women are "eggs."

No. 433043

File: 1562876851726.jpg (37.86 KB, 976x411, yeahright.JPG)

I present to you, my ex
I'm glad I escaped this weirdo

No. 433048

No. 433054

This reminds me of my highschool classmate who trooned out and honestly thought his bone structure would shrink and he'd get shorter if he went on HRT.
Motherfucker was studying Biology in college at that point. Why do they think mare piss has magical properties?

No. 433072

Oh my fucking god. Nothing pisses me off than "omg gurrls I've been on ~ femalee ~ HRT for 30 minutes and I feel my skin so pretty smooth and with a flowery smell already!! teehee~"

No. 433078

File: 1562885844323.jpg (77.73 KB, 787x1024, fuckofftranny.jpg)

Even worse is the old "It's been 45 seconds since I started guzzling horse piss and I can feel the estrogen turning me into a stupid bimbo" chestnut.

No. 433092

>I can feel the estrogen turning me into a stupid bimbo
Totally not mysoginist btw tehee~

No. 433097

I mean fuck the Christian right, but it's always nice when some troon gets triggered

No. 433105

They're desperate to crtl alt delete all women and just have it be men and men who call themselves women jfc

He got called out and deleted it but nobody is defending him. As it should be

No. 433106

TRAs pushing “front hole” as the troon-friendly word for vagina is confusing because technically the urethra is the front hole. Maybe TRAs don’t understand female anatomy and think women pee out of their vaginas, which wouldn’t be surprising in the slightest.

No. 433107


Woah hahah I guess I’ve got something to look forward too. Can’t wait for my ex boyfriend to transition that’ll be fun lol

No. 433108


That’s so ridiculous. I feel like Christians are being prosecuted for this shit quite often these days.

No. 433111

I'm totally fine with them taking one for the team.

No. 433112

It just sucks when radfems/GC people get mixed up with Christians because it's very much two sides of the same coin as far as being against troon BS goes but that's about it. They want women barefoot and pregnant and total adherence to gender roles etc. Really not the same as what most GC people want.

No. 433114

he couldn't imply he'll get shorter because he's like 158cm lol

No. 433137

File: 1562904813501.png (6.26 KB, 538x90, dumblr.png)

I weep for our future.

No. 433138

…this has to be …a joke… right, guys? No one can be this stupid, not even troons and troon-adjacent handmaidens.
Also, the plural is terves. Respect our nouns.

No. 433139

This is how all troons think, no one can convince me otherwise.

No. 433140

File: 1562905957411.png (51.22 KB, 487x419, 425742545.png)

At this rate its poes law, but their tumblr suggests this is dead serious and given I have heard this argument before its true that TRA's really are this dumb.

Pretty much.

No. 433143

>violently rejecting
How do people not see how incel-tier this ideology is. Claiming it's l i t e r a l v i o l e n c e and attempting to guilt trip people who aren't interested in you with some woke drivel is not normal behavior, it's borderline rapey in nature. LESBIANS DO NOT WANT YOU. Get the fuck over it.

No. 433145

they are proving over and over that their only oppression is getting rejected by lesbians and straight men. poor them.

No. 433148

Just for shits and gigs, I'll try to translate this troon tantrum from Tran-ese into English.
>in truth, if you exclude trans women you are not a lesbian
'in truth, if you are a lesbian, you are not a lesbian'
>you don't love women, you love cisness
'you don't love festering surgical wounds, you love righteous pussy'
>trans lesbians
translator's note: couldn't find an equivalent for this, it appears to be gibberish
>trans lesbians have always been the most protective over other lesbians when it comes to defending us from the "predatory" stereotypes yall inscribe on us
Mmmmmm that's just a fuckin' lie lmao

No. 433149


I remember someone pulling them up about it. GC is fine, outright transphobic hate would not be. At least someone's splitting them up for once.

No. 433231

TBH you can literally translate anything a troon says about lesbians (or anyone for that matter) as "I don't care that sexuality is based on biological sex."

No. 433244

Trans people just can't make funny memes, can they? Instead of sounding like an exaggerated joke like the original one it makes him sound like an unironically unhinged perverted soon-to-be serial killer.

No. 433264

I honestly think it's a type of dissociative disorder. They have to become someone else to live with themselves and manage the stress of being such a high profile criminal.

No. 433267

what's the original? Sorry, I am out of the loop and very curious now

No. 433274

I did some digging and this person is actually a woman! Taylor Borcheller on their other social media and writing credits. Another virtue signaling “tough girl” handmaiden who preaches about submitting to trans women and body diversity while dating a young conventionally attractive “nonbinary” woman. See, she’s safe and gets a petite cute girlfriend but don’t you dare think YOU can, bigot! Isn’t this the case with most of these girls? None of them actually have to worry about their sexuality and boundaries being manipulated or shamed because they are conveniently already in a relationship.

No. 433275

File: 1562933750970.jpg (36.05 KB, 1080x490, fuck shakespear.jpg)

I can't find it anymore but basically it's a copypasta at this point and you just change a few words. It's supposed to be funny because the person saying this is supposed to look like an idiot frustrated for not understanding something that's super simple or completely nonsensical. But the person here literally worded his stupid joke to sound exactly like what serial rapists and killers say after getting caught by the police or right before committing a crime.

No. 433287

Isn't that the secret to a peaceful life among these freaks?
Talk the talk, virtue signal, but actually practice otherwise IRL.

No. 433289

Tbh you can just shut up about this all, I mean the virtual signaling but not actually believing in it thing? I have lot of troons and TRAs as friends but I just choose to never talk any trans issues.

Anyone who supports this rapey bullshit is responsible for the rapey environment it creates I don't give a shit if someone is doing it for covering up their own opinions they are participating in some really harmful stuff when they could just be quiet and not say anything at all if they can't be vocally critical. At least then you're not actively spreading these stupid incel ideas.

No. 433290

File: 1562938433391.jpeg (60.14 KB, 1106x424, 3B7DAC00-A668-4E3F-8EF0-065BE9…)

>terf boogeyman
>refuting basic definitions of words
>refuting basic understandings of biology
>using a gendered slur against women
>threatening murder
all in under 15 words, wow!

this is the worst fucking timeline for women.

No. 433291

oh whoops, someone's posted this dumpsterfire of a post before me.

No. 433317

There are 2 types of people who shout loudly about evil TERFS. The first are troons. The second are lesbians who are secretly interested in GC ideas but know that them being lesbians will make them a target for troon violence if they even hint they have ever had a GC thought so they over compensate by making it seem like theyre the biggest troon ally to ever exist. The username makes me think this person likes skincare and troons generally dont know what skincare even is since theyre usually not into basic cleanliness so I bet shes the latter.

No. 433320

Ooh, I see! I thought it's a gc meme being taken advantage by troons. I wish I googled, thank you for being patient with me.

I agree that the troon completely misunderstood the point of the meme… Though tbh they do sound like an idiot, so hey, maybe it all works out in the end?

No. 433344

I went to some LGBT group on fb and one girl posted how to be more masculine, I guess she's wants to appear more butch, but local troons came and advised her black market hormones and one person who was a voice of reason and told her T has horrible side effects they shunned him down.

I hate how people say when someone wants to be GNC is a troon. I experience this shit with my mother, who yells at me because of my short hair and being not really feminine and asks me if I want to troon out, when she fucking knows that I'm very GC and know side effects of troonery.

sage for blogpost

No. 433363

I saw a post today on whisper (a shitty anonymous app) about a man who said he’s only dated women but now he wants to date trans women. Someone said “so you’ve only dated women and now you’re going to date more women”

I said “men, actually”

And they said “trans women are women” with a bunch of insults over and over

They really think repeating that is going to change he fact that they are male? It’s so ridiculous. I’m so tired of hearing that dumb sentence all the time

No. 433476

File: 1562974168448.jpeg (107.78 KB, 638x680, AA72913B-7F9D-473E-8BD8-A626D7…)

Found these two comments in an AskWomen thread titled “If most gay male porn were made for women (like most lesbian porn are made for men), what do you think gay porn would be like?”

No. 433483

File: 1562974698930.jpg (12.66 KB, 720x774, troonterminator.jpg)

Holy fuck, I hate men.
When will lesbians have peace from disgusting Y-chromosoids? Sure Timothy, your peepee's inability to get hard without porn is definitely a sign you are a female homosexual.

No. 433484

what happens to these types if you tell them the "lesbian" porn they love isn't actually lesbian? afaik girlsway and lesbea might employ an actual lesbian once in a while, but most of their content is "lesbian"

No. 433493

File: 1562976490064.jpg (104.77 KB, 682x1024, regularlesbians.jpg)

Feast your eyes on this beautiful lesbian couple, terves. Only a bigot could deny the beauty of true lesbian love uwu

No. 433504

Well, at least they're not harassing actual lesbians I guess. They can role-play all they want for all I care.

No. 433522

Agreed. I know one "transbian" couple. When a transbian dates a trasbian, a real lesbian is spared.

No. 433523

Do you think any celebrities are GC? Or is everyone in Hollywood down with the liberal trans craze? They’re everywhere now. Movies, fashion, music, shows, social media, it’s everywhere

No. 433529

Kek the fact that these dudes managed to meme themselves into being gay

No. 433535

File: 1562980662942.png (274.48 KB, 693x496, troonentitlement.png)

I know it's better that they stick together but it's still unsightly.
JK Rowling-sama

No. 433544

Came across this video just now. Detransitioned FtM child rape victim tells her story.

No. 433550

File: 1562983473804.jpeg (502.67 KB, 1125x1138, 46B4921F-9482-447C-BB8A-4F51EB…)

I can’t believe the absolute willful ignorance of these people. Female oppression is FGM, forced marriage, forced pregnancy and childbirth, rape, domestic violence, exclusion from work etc. Troon oppression is… not being able to wear a dress to your high-paying engineering job. But they’re “the most marginalized group of all!”
Comparing their zero-effort enjoyment of safety in society and success in careers is so horrifically insulting to the entire history of billions of women who had NO realistic way to enter those spheres of society, usually at all, and much less with any degree of safety. The few women who were able to impersonate males did so with extreme danger due to their biology. All troons have to fear is someone discovering the fetish hentai on their phones.

No. 433551

>unironically stanning JK Rowling

can we stop this?

No. 433561

The Jesus-y part is not my fave but the internalized misogyny bit is what I've always been saying about TIFs. They want to escape victimhood and objectification but do it through self-destructive means. I feel sorry for TIFs.
Urgh, imagine going through life this self-absorbed and blind to the suffering of others.
I'm sorry but I must stan every terve, no exceptions.

No. 433574

Don't be a DFERF(Dullest Franchise Exclusionary Radical Feminist), Anon.
On a more serious note, I've come to respect her a lot ever since the cancelling attempt, even if I never liked her work and thought the retconning shit she did on social media was a goofy as Hell. It's really impressive how she managed to build such a career, especially considering how she's basically invulnerable to being "cancelled" now.

No. 433575

File: 1562985526862.png (698.88 KB, 1080x1550, Screenshot_20190712-213757(1).…)

Make it stop Jesus Christ

No. 433581

Lol just sounds like a woman playing a young male character, as per usual

No. 433586

Today I read a transcript of a podcast about how evangelion is too sexual, and had a TW for child porn. It was on vice, which I’m figuring this article is too due to similar fonts. Libs will go to any length to be pc about any media that is vaguely lgbt, now Eva is for fucking troons? Give me a break

No. 433587

In this video, around the 4 minute mark, Blaire White is saying why he thinks non-binary people are not really transsexual, and that actual conversations about trans people should be held by "actual trans people" and not non binaries.

A non binary person disagrees and Blaire just keeps going on about all of the differences between his life and "non binary" people's lives.

Another MTF asks Blaire what the difference between him saying "non binary people aren't really trans" and a cis woman saying trans women aren't really women.

Unfortunately Blaire didn't get to answer because of the moderator but I would have really liked to see his answer, because he and his clique (shuwu etc) has shit all over terfs in the past. The cognitive dissonance is real.

No. 433621

>dubbed eva
Literally no one cares

No. 433622

kinda ot but hontra's obsession with blaire white has become really weird. he's probably the one he digs at the most along with evul terfs and straight men who think traps are gay. he probably has a repressed crush on him or something.

No. 433625

It seems most of you only care to comment or contribute when it comes to transbians because you’re lesbians…

Most of the people in this thread are lesbian?

No. 433626

Can't speak for every anon but I'm bisexual and currently in a heterosexual relationship, but I've previously dated a transbian, which was a terribly wrong choice for me.
Is Hontra still dating/fucking Theryn or did he get shit on too much by his equally vicious fans so he had to stop?

No. 433627

I'm straight. I just hate rapey men, entitled transwomen included.

No. 433634

have you watched this >>430661

No. 433635

willow smith posted a bunch of gc stuff on her instagram. how convenient that libfems ignore someone like her but the instance a white gc woman exists they go haywire.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 433636

i am bi and i have a huge problem with the homophobia against lesbians in the trans community, it's one of the most important thigs that made me realize troons and their rhetoric is complete bullshit.

No. 433637

>someone like her
We get it, anon. You're racist.

No. 433641

Seriously. Are we honestly going to LARP that non-white GC women don't get erased and condescended to for being "tokens" who have "fallen for the white colonial gender tricks" by TRAs at best, and at worst, literally equated to men (see >>432330, all the "Transwomen are women the same way black women are women" BS, among other things), gaslit/guilt-tripped with the lie of racism being equal to the "trans struggle", on top of getting literally all the same verbal/physical violence and harassment white GC women through?

Willow Smith posting things like that should be considered a win and a good thing for all GC women, because it means we're not as alone in our thoughts as TRAs keep pushing, but I guess some loons just can't let go of their bigotry.

No. 433642

i have, it was on point. i've also seen a debate between vaush and blaire and hontra's minions were all over the comments talking about how it was just like a hypothetical debate video hontra did. how many more 30 minute long videos are you going to do on blaire, contra? it just makes him come off as butthurt or infatuated with blaire.

No. 433649

except i'm not white and saying "black person" feels a lot more like i'm speaking from a perspective of something i've never experienced?

No. 433655

Where's the GC stuff though? There's just normal feminist and womanist stuff posted over a year ago, nothing that outrightly criticizes trans dogma.

No. 433656

File: 1563002900061.png (95.83 KB, 1075x404, Screenshot_20190713-022802(1).…)

This is entirely true. TRAs and trans love to hold higher expectations to non-white women and especially black women saying things like they expected better from them for being GC and not falling for trans activism, because apparently race and gender are the same exact thing. I've seen tons of troons speak down to GC black women with the same narrative, "You should know better."

No. 433658

I really, really hate it when they imply that the struggles of black women to be the same as those of trannies. Black women never claimed to be white women, unlike all these transbians claiming to be women and that their girldick was always "female". Black women demanded to be treated equally, they weren't denying biology and trying to replace it with bogus pseudoscience based on muh feels.

No. 433666

It pisses me the fuck off how troons like this can say the most racist, homophobic and misogynistic things and every one just buys their bullshit.

No. 433677

they think 'transphobia' is on the same level as racism. they also compare black women to men like 'what if you didn't want to share a bathroom with a black woman' as if mtfs are a type of woman the way black women are. idk how they don't get called out for racism by the woke crowd.

No. 433688

There's even TRAs and trans who tell GC black women if they're transphobic, they're basically white men. Which is hilarious because majority of non-white women I've met have been GC. It seems to be the actual opposite of what they're trying to push.

No. 433697

File: 1563016750473.jpg (646.01 KB, 799x599, rQyLI11.jpg)

When black women reflect on the horrors that were inflicted on past generations due to the combined basis of sex and race, like the numerous experimental gynecological surgeries performed on Anarcha Westcott, they need to remember that an awesome trans gal would have LOVED to have their body subjected to such torture!

Also, terrified women being separated from their little babies at a human auction isn’t quite as barbaric as separating a TIM from a supply of titty skittles. Black women have nothing to complain about. /s

Got to love how libfems will squawk about GC “white feminism” when they are the ones constantly degrading WOC, almost completely in defense of white males. But only if that male identifies as a woman! Otherwise, boooo! Cis white males are evil!

No. 433699

All I see is a teenage boy. It's weird how even early transitioners look like the sex they truly are. I think the only advantage for them doing it early when it comes to males is their voice doesn't get a chance to deepen

No. 433716

>I think the only advantage for them doing it early when it comes to males is their voice doesn't get a chance to deepen
I don't remember which thread, but some anon posted a video where his character in the show yells at some guy and defends himself with a knife and he unambiguously sounded like an effeminate man or a teenage boy whose voice was almost done changing while yelling. It was weird as fuck.

No. 433808

Though you can hear his male voice when he is yelling.
His voice sounds forced, like he is consciously making an effort to sound like that, which he probably is.

I don't get how people can say he pass. Even ugly women look like women

No. 433811


He really doesn't pass to me at all either. And the people in the comments saying they coudln't tell… I'm like seriously? They must only have 6 functioning brain cells then

No. 433817

>You should know better than any group
It's almost as if when you face actual discrimination you can see how bullshit trans "oppression" is.

No. 433835

Reminds me of when TRAs harrassed Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie into backtracking and saying "trans women are women" after speaking about how MTFs have inherent privilege due to being raised as men:
“But really, my position remains: I think gender is about what we experience, gender is about how the world treats us, and I think a lot of the outrage and anger comes from the idea that in order to be inclusive, we sometimes have to deny difference. I think that because human difference for so long, in all its various forms, has been the root of so much oppression, sometimes there’s the impulse to say let’s deny the difference, as though by wishing away the difference we can then wish away the oppression.”

No. 433845

When you see comments like those on people like Hunter, keep in mind that the bar for MtFs to pass is kinda low. After all estrogen and the like can only do so much to actually alter the body (and not so much when compared to FtM hormones). Also troons and allies like to hugbox and have their delusions enabler. Telling them the truth of them not passing will subsequently trigger them or bring up accusations of one being a bigot.

No. 433865

File: 1563039252520.png (25.18 KB, 581x214, asaswd.PNG)

imagine being this tragic

you'd think having to have "reality" desperately "affirmed" by somebody else would occassionally give these people some pause for thought, but I guess not.

check out the video in this guy's pinned tweet for a good laugh: https://twitter.com/TheTeddyLamb/status/1148947727486717953

No. 433867

Isn't he just talking about sex? That's what it sounds like to me

No. 433875

whenever i see tranny posts like these they almost never have likes. why do they think people actually wanna see this embarrassing bullshit? the handful of handmaidens telling him how cute he is need to reevaluate their lives.

No. 433877

File: 1563040496808.png (166.62 KB, 1032x806, sx.png)

>they shouldn't be attracted to the same sex
TRAs finally tell on themselves.

No. 433951

File: 1563048096603.png (375.62 KB, 514x506, 1527363381803.png)

I used to doubt the "mtf are autistic fetishists" thing that gets passed around here often but stuff like link-related really makes my noggin' joggin'


No. 433954

File: 1563048333564.png (19.32 KB, 579x175, terf can only be white i guess…)


why the force this idea thet only white women hate them? why the use indigenus people to say they "existe before the whites come in this land"

No. 433961

Like discussed before they're just trying to gaslight non-white people into being their pawns. They're really trying to drive this idea of the terven coven being just full of privileged psychopatic white women who routinely murder poor delicate transwomen on the streets instead of getting down and sucking girldick like they're told to.
>Look black women, we're going through the EXACT SAME THING as your ancestors went through!! Have a heart and support us in our battle against the evil whiteys!!!
>Said by an upper middle class white guy who couldn't give two shits about racism and is only invested in recruiting more supporters for his narcissistic ideology by drawing false comparisons
This is exactly why intersectionality doesn't work. After letting in so many different demographics the core idea becomes so vague that it's easy for the most manipulative, aggressive sociopath parties to take over and mold the ideology into whatever they want.

No. 433967

op here i'm kinda new to all the GC, so this is all new to me, i can believe they say this shit and hope that we non white suck their dicks too, here men in dresses life better than cis/natal women because they got new lays in only 2 years will us still get kill and there is no law for us,and the laws that do exist are made into jokes , sorry i end up venting

No. 433970

I love how he says this shit as if AGPs aren't mostly white men.

No. 433974

Almost every POC I know is GC. Where'd he get this idea from?

No. 433975


Yes, it's true. Most POC are GC

No. 433977

>tfw am a native terf who doesn't want to be colonized by white men who put on a dress to larp as women and fetishize women's oppression

No. 433981

It's contrasting the fact that European imperialism tended to propagate strict gender roles with a view to making transness look ~~exotic~~ and ~~indigenous~~. The reality is that gender concepts of indigenous people and non-western civilisations aren't remotely approximate to self-identifying, self-determining transgenderism and frankly there are some non-white civilisations that were even more 'binarist' than the most protestant missionaries so the whole thing is just an exotifying clusterfuck that mainly exists to make ugly silicon valley white troons look refreshing, interesting and oppressed

No. 434004


No. 434021

Black people and Latinos don't put up with this crap specifically because they do know what real struggle is.

Voter ID laws hinder their ability to vote even today. They get profiled by police. They're barely represented in politics. They have to look at statues of the people who enslaved and raped their ancestors every day. They get called rapists and murderers on public television. Their children are taken away and locked in cages.

That's struggle. A narcissistic, middle-class white man in a dress being refused sex and barred from womens' spaces is not. There's a reason why 99% of the tranny murder victims are black prostitutes. They weren't murdered because they were trannies, they were murdered because they were black sex workers living/working in dangerous areas as a result of systemic poverty.

No. 434040

File: 1563062269834.jpg (40.47 KB, 560x528, 1561308564645.JPG)

No. 434080


He is going to age so poorly wow

No. 434082

File: 1563069274490.png (38.96 KB, 489x425, asatransgirl.png)

Why do troons have to insinuate their unwashed micro-chodes (sorry, girl-chodes) into absolutely everything? I mean, they really can't just look at one mention of womanhood without needing to assert that it also applies to them, even though it never does. My pussy is never drier than it is immediately after I hear the phrase "As a trans girl…"

No. 434090

Talk about cursed name.

No. 434094

Looks like the guy I lost my virginity to. Hand to God.

No. 434107

File: 1563080456530.png (267.79 KB, 536x717, 521422451.png)

Sorry if this has been posted before but im posting again because its a fucking disgrace and people should be mad about it.

No. 434114

File: 1563084090101.png (838.47 KB, 1080x991, Screenshot_20190714-005842(1).…)

It's fucking laughable how butthurt trans people get. I literally didn't see any big backlash about her being cast in Ghost in the Shell besides a couple jokes here and there, but not a featured Twitter story like the ones these trans people got.

No. 434122

Not sure that I agree. I regularly see people joking about Scarlett playing poc

No. 434123

Lol do they mean natal???

No. 434132

>I literally didn't see any big backlash about her being cast in Ghost in the Shell
That's a straight up lie, anon. It's been ages and people still won't stop hating on her because of it.

No. 434134

File: 1563093813711.png (718.42 KB, 1532x1088, Bildschirmfoto 2019-07-14 um 1…)


Important to know:

The woman HAVE TO shower, or they risk being thrown out. They have to shower in open spaces. Reading the court files makes me sick.

No. 434171

They know very well what they're doing. They want to make GC women into the most hated group, but they don't want to be caught in their rampant misogyny or racism, so they put "white" in front of everything to ensure there's a veneer of "Fighting our privileged oppressors!" (ignoring the fact that most of them are white males themselves lmao).
They will unironically LARP that libfems like Lena Dunham are the face of GC women because it's part of their agenda. Reality doesn't matter to them.

No. 434177

He should have been kicked out immediately. If he played the whole UWU I'm twans shit then they could have told him the reason for him getting kicked out was actually because he was inappropriate. A woman can be kicked out of a shelter if her behaviour isn't up to a certain standard, so he should be too.

No. 434194

I'm sure trand advocates who see this story will either say the women are lying or dismiss this case as "a minority" within the trans population.

It doesn't fucking matter if the coubtless cases similar to this are "a minority". They still occurred because males were given access to spaces where women were vulnerable. If you let cismen have access to these spaces, it would probabpy be fine most of the time too, but that minority of times where it wouldn't be isn't worth it. Not to mention the lack of fucks given about women's comfort. No one cares that tons of women don't want to have to pee or undress with men around. We're forced to suck it up because ~they may be men but they have female brains~. No they fucking don't. I understand there's scientific evidence that explains why trans people are a thing, but they still have male biology and were socialized male. They still fucking act male, even the ones that put a fuck ton of effort into being percieved as female.

No. 434221

Has anyone here checked out /r/gendercynical? Apparently it's a "parody" of /r/gendercritical and the first thing I noticed on the sidebar is how /r/gendercritical is for "TERFs"

No. 434226

Of course they had to do that. They can't let women have places for themselves where they can discuss their issues and thoughts in peace; it's immediately a threat to them. And that sub is mildly popular so they're probably freaking out about more women learning about this and that's why they had to create a sub against them in order to paint them as bad, crazy and hateful.

No. 434237

File: 1563122948759.png (166.81 KB, 488x623, future is female.png)

/r/gendercritical has doubled in size since I found it not all that long ago, so trannies deserve to feel threatened by it. They only have themselves to blame that women are reaching peak trans all over the place. In a weird way I almost feel grateful for troon bullshit, because peak-transing and pink-pilling go hand-in-hand, so thanks for helping so many former libfems and handmaidens see the light, trannies.

No. 434242

File: 1563123497070.png (174.5 KB, 1080x621, Screenshot_20190714-114959(1).…)

Apparently being a GC non-white person equates you to being white, male, AND rich. The lengths TRAs go through to try to satisfy troons is ridiculous. Do they not notice how retarded they sound?

No. 434274

File: 1563129996512.jpg (194.4 KB, 720x782, 20190714_113636.jpg)

This is the type of stuff normal stuff women talk to each other about. They claim to wanted to be treated like women but will twist anything into an offense so they cry about muh cis privilege.
>shut up cissie my bimbofication fetish is more important >:((

No. 434278

There’s also another gendercrit subreddit that focuses on men and most of the posters are guys that are detransitioning or have realized how crazy the tranny pill is

No. 434279

Whenever I bring up stories like that to TRAs they just say "well obviously they're not really trans, they were just saying that to get into that female space, duh!" Then refuse to follow babbys first logic when I remind them they say what determines if you're a woman is simply if you say you are and maybe this is the problem with that and they just keep trying to argue their last point of "but he was lying" like a glitched chatbot.

No. 434281

Hormones can't even give them big boobs "naturally" anyways. The only way for troons to get bimbo sized boobs is surgery.

No. 434282

>"Cis people don't appreciate their bodies"
>Ruins hormone balance with unnecessary estrogen, destroys genitals to make an unclosing wound in crotch
OK, Jan

No. 434283

Which one?

No. 434284

Imagine thinking back pain and sexual harassment are a privilege… Lol not to mention how hard it is to find bras if you're bustier

No. 434286

File: 1563132760657.jpg (260.4 KB, 720x864, 20190714_123214.jpg)

High school girl lost a scholarship because the school allowed males with a clear biological advantage to compete in the girl's division. Of course troons just ignored the fact that it's that it's fundamentally unfair to call her a bigoted terf bitch and an average athlete.

No. 434288

File: 1563133180783.png (62.36 KB, 509x379, Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 3.37…)

I've noticed this on reddit too. In every female-centric sub they have to make an attention-seeking post about themselves (a lot of the time just a selfie) that provides no content and it usually gets upvoted to the top posts of all time too.

No. 434289

God, when I saw "pcos" I thought they were gonna claim to have the symptoms or suffer from it too or some shit.

No. 434290

That's some of the most retarded shit I've ever heard. So, they're acknowledging that indiscriminately allowing transwomen in women's spaces opens the door for predatorial men to access vulnerable women… but don't see that as something that needs to be addressed??? TRAs are fucking idiots.

Also, I hate that "clearly they weren't reappy trans" bullshit. Plenty of transwomen are literally sex offenders. Stop pretending they're neved predatorial to fit your narrative.

No. 434291

File: 1563133767255.jpg (72.27 KB, 623x512, Untitled.jpg)

A guy I follow had a good response to this.

No. 434292

Imagine if someone with a genital or hormonal defect said the exact same thing about a troon ruining their body through hormones and surgery.

No. 434293

Holy fucking shit, that is brilliant and incredibly ballsy.

No. 434296

The really sad thing is that the vast majority of GC women I know (myself included) were once TRAs, but the more they realized how psycho and violent a huge amount of transwomen are, with no real logic validating them as women, they hit peak trans and stopped supporting them. Transpeople did this to themseleves by acting totally batshit. If they weren't so awful, I'm pretty sure most GC people would support them.

No. 434297

Blessing by name, blessing by nature.

And I bet people will call him out for what he tweeted even though its calmer, more collected and less unhinged than the initial tweet.

No. 434321

This is true for me. It's funny, the more troons I met the less sympathetic I was towards them.

No. 434333

They refuse to address it because that would hurt TiMs feelings, and as always men’s feelings are more important than women’s safety. They won’t come out and vocalise the second part but I’ve heard them argue the first part many times.

No. 434343

Apparently it's "international nonbinary day". The tag is worth a laugh on Twitter. I'm seeing plenty of anime, and art drawn an awfully lot like My Little Pony.

No. 434368

I definitely was too, at one point. I think it's because trans people are becoming more and more accepted, so they become more and more loud and ballsy. When I was a 14 year old raised on Tumblr I was the kind of person who'd say "trans women are more of women than cis women because they have to work for it!" I didn't actually know a lot of trans women besides the few trans celebrities who'd get paraded around, and hadn't met any online at that point.
Then when more people decide to troon out because being trans is hip nowadays, it becomes easier to see how many are violent fetishists with mental issues, and a lot of them really DO think they're more of women than natal women. If trannies just stopped at "call us by our prefered pronouns," and didn't push the "let us go into your dressing rooms," "let us compete with you in sports," "have sex with us" bullshit, they probably wouldn't be experiencing the blowback they're having now.

No. 434450

> If trannies just stopped at "call us by our prefered pronouns,"
Even that is too far. The words 'woman' and 'man' have specific meanings rooted in biology. Mentally ill people should not be allowed to tamper with and/or reconstruct the meanings of words that are integral for an entire society. Yet people normalised this pronoun shit, instead of neutralizing it, and look at all what's happened. Gender dysphoria should be handled strictly as a mental health issue and dealt with privately via therapy and/or medication. There was no reason to force our society to play a giant game of pretend with these people under the threat of violence, joblessness, and ostracization.

No. 434477

I agree with this. Humoring peoples' delusions is how we ended up with cotton ceiling rhetoric. Troons get used to people playing along with their game and then when reality kicks in they're so much worse off.

No. 434511

Right, those bitches should just be grateful they have tits and a pussy even if their bodies don't match the beauty standards that are forced down their throats since their birth
Cissies aren't allowed to be insecure and uncomfortable with their bodies!

No. 434529

Many women have naturally small breasts as well. TiMs reveal just how male they are all the time - women they don't want to fuck are invisible to them, and they think that the only reason women exist is to be fuckable. The aggressive sexual tone makes my skin crawl.

No. 434553

File: 1563157228541.png (32.19 KB, 530x463, WE BEEN KNEW.png)

No. 434576

File: 1563158628521.png (97.2 KB, 996x458, 1557930251801.png)

Reminds me of this tweet by our boy Ray

No. 434594

File: 1563161044711.jpg (72.31 KB, 540x688, OH THE FUCKING IRONY.jpg)

No. 434618

File: 1563163067367.png (160.41 KB, 1080x1132, Screenshot_20190714-205648~2.p…)

The responses to this are awful

No. 434620

I seriously hope he walks in front of a bus one of these days Istg. This smug fucking asshole thinking he's untouchable really needs to be taken down a peg or two. God I hate him.

No. 434658

sage because of rant

I always wanted to play pen and paper. Never found a group or had the guts to ask. I finally found one and it is a total blast. I love it.
The group is open to newcomers or people who just want to try it out, so our player base varies from 5 to 20 people.
In the last session was a troon. Most of us are idiots so we are not known for our fashion sense but that troon… He wore a rivet choker with some chains on it. He had long hair, but his hairline was way to high. If he just had bangs, it would actually be tolerable. He wore a bright red lipstick, some skin tight jeans with a pastel camouflage printing. His bra pushed his "boobs" so much that they had an unnatural position. On top of that he played a female bard named Belle. He spoke in this kind of whispering hush tone to make his voice sound more feminine, which only made him more stand out and guess what, he studies IT.
It was very weird. I just hope he is not coming again, which he will be of course.

No. 434719

But then the troons say how women should just deal with it in changing rooms. Maybe those dicks he‘s seeing are feminine penises..

No. 434722

Fuck this asshole.

I'm on medication because otherwise my periods are unbearable. I've begged and pleaded to have my uterus removed. As a kid I've spent so much time wishing I was just born male, just so I didn't have to live with this agony.

Fuck this guy.

No. 434730

Dude must be dealing with so much harassment…at least he's not intimidated by them though.

No. 434731

'I will listen to you bitch about them'
the way they manage to sound not just male but like a caricature of maleness every time is really astonishing. this is why i kekked when i read some brain study that said troons actually had specific hypermasculinised areas of the brain compared to men

No. 434734

I understand that some women who never got their period due to medical reasons might feel alienated by period talk but I never saw them throw fits at other women, and infertile women don't lash out on pregnant women either.
I also get super painful periods but even weeks before I feel like shit because I have endless premenstrual symptoms like extreme fatigue and the worsening of my mental health. If it's really bad I even get suicidal like… fuck you I won't censor myself. You can't demand half of the population keep quiet about their experiences just so your crazy, unstable, and most likely, paraphilic ass won't be triggered.

No. 434741

sadly I have started seeing some infertile women or women who are trying hard to conceive start to bash other women for posting pictures of pregnancy bellies in Facebook groups. and demand TWs for it because it's upsetting them. i get that seeing other people get pregnant really easily can be hard when you really badly want a child but i don't think trying to curb other women's speech in female spaces is a good solution. im in a couple of PCOS groups and there's a lot of fertility talk

No. 434742

My two cents - I believe there's no such thing as "feeling" like a man or woman. Feelings are subjective and you can't standardize them across two sexes. People with gender dysphoria are just mentally ill and have delusions of what it "feels" like to be the opposite sex based on stereotypes or fetishes or discomfort with themselves etc. And how can one claim to feel like a "man trapped in a woman's body" or vice versa if you have literally no experience what it's like being a biological man. It's ridiculous that this ideology is being adopted and accepted so damn quickly without critical thought by governments and organizations (or if you do criticize, you're a civil rights hating bigot). In my opinion, what it means to be a woman isn't feeling pretty and liking dresses, it is to live with the biological implications and recognize and stand against the history of oppression associated with femaleness. It is infinitely more than just boobs and a hole in your crotch, no matter how many "gender reaffirming" surgeries these men get. This is so insulting to the billions of women who suffered and continue to suffer under patriarchal regimes to put on a dress and claim you're more of a women than those "TERF witches". Jeez, how backwards and anti-science is this whole movement? It's based on nothing but extreme subjectivity. IMO it's becoming like an oppressive religion, once again subjugating women.

No. 434746

>Jeez, how backwards and anti-science is this whole movement?
anti-intellectualism is right popular now, especially in America.

No. 434768

#InternationalNonbinaryDay hashtag on twitter is hilarious.

No. 434790

I've seen it yesterday, most tweets were in French for some reason. The majority of people using that tag were
>autistic men and women, the type where you notice as soon as you see the face
>girly girls with tons of makeup, sometimes half-naked
>butch girls, sometimes with makeup somehow
>bright neon haired neckbeards
It was funny seeing them post their nonsensical neo-pronouns and fucking up grammar because of said pronouns.

No. 434791

not only are these fucking MEN ignorant, they're wrong. periods play a large role depression among women with PMDD and probably a bunch of other menstrual disorders that make it so going to work while cramping so hard you want to die is impossible.

No. 434795

Women who claim to be NB always seem to be much more into the traditional trappings of femininity than normal women, it's so funny.

I used to hang out with libfems and without fail, all the 'enbies' had bright pink or purple hair, always wore skirts and cleavage bearing tops, heels and lots of make-up. All the normal women wore just a bit or no make-up, jeans, t-shirts, and usually didn't dye their hair any bright 'girly' colors. It was so funny.

No. 434797

i find it hilarious. they conform to hyperfemnininity much much more than many cis women i know: enbies are always rocking visible make-up, skirts or otherwise typically feminine clothes, accesories, high heels, flashy hair colors, sometimes even long hair…but theyre NOT women!!

i can tell they like being feminine and that's 100% fine, but what's the problem with being feminine AND a cis woman? you can literally dress the same and do the same things you already do while being a cis woman, it makes no difference at all bc youre already presenting this way. why the need to go the extra mile to present super feminine but then claim to be a HE/HIM or "i have no gender teehee"? are cis women who do the exact same thing you do different, somehow?

No. 434798

in my experience they're manipulative people who enjoy bullying others.

but in most adult friends circles, particularly progressive ones, bullying isn't kosher and people will tell you to fuck off if you try using the same tactics that worked in high school. so they have to use new strategy, and what's in vogue right now is claiming to be an oppressed minority and demanding everyone walk on eggshells around you or they're toxic and problematic and lots of other buzzwords. and what's the MOST oppwessed minority right now? trans. but they're into hyperfeminity and skirts and pink and they like having their tits out, so they don't want to go on T. so they say they're NB.

now they can claim that anyone who 'misgenders' them is evil and twanzphobic and trying to literally murder them, and people have to go along with it and scrape and bow and apologize. it's just bullying repackaged. they are bullies.

No. 434818

>but what's the problem with being feminine AND a cis woman?
That's the point bud, they want to be feminine…but they don't want to be women, most of the NB females i've met have a lot of internalized misogyny and think that their feminine tastes would acquire more meaning or be less "basic" if they identified as "nonbinary" (or anything else except a woman).

No. 434826

I strongly believe that these people need to be locked up in rehabilitation centers until they come to terms with their bodies. It's a tremendous burden on everyone, women especially, to entertain this nonsense. My wife works in a university and is terrified of losing her job for "misgendering" someone because the administration now classifies that as a form of discrimination and forced her department to attend trans/NB sensitivity workshops.

No. 434831

>i read some brain study that said troons actually had specific hypermasculinised areas of the brain compared to men
link to study pls

No. 434837

>these people need to be locked up in rehabilitation centers until they come to terms with their bodies
I don't think that most of NBs have real dysphoria. Despite the fact that several people in that movement are mentally ill, most are people who simply don't conform to gender roles, if society took the step forward and removed gender stereotypes and roles the nonbinary movement wouldn't last long.

No. 434877

File: 1563210313091.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, CDD1BCAB-6884-4143-94CC-BA435D…)

Does anyone know this model? Leyna Bloom.

They want to be the first trans woman to walk VS lol

This is leynas boyfriend lol

No. 434878

File: 1563210337623.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, E6C1862C-D117-4764-80C1-8A9510…)

They have a really ugly smile

No. 434880

We are all transgender apparently lmao

In motion, he really looks like a man

No. 434882

They will not rest until there is not a single safe space for women. They will take all from us, even safety and shelter for those who suffered abuse and rape.

No. 434886

>still sounds like a gay black man.

No. 434916

Notice how these males were completely fucking silent about the decades of VS upholding extremely damaging standards and harming the mental health of young women… until they could make it about themselves, and themselves only. Who cares that they encourage eating disorders in young women? The more important thing is showing a girldick bulge in lingerie on national TV! Bet they were silent when Victoria's Secret was using prison labor too.

No. 434937

>Notice how these males were completely fucking silent about the decades of VS upholding extremely damaging standards
They're forever silent over everything that hurts women but doesn't directly affect them, they don't even say a damn word and that speaks volumes of how much of a fuck they give about women's struggles.
Also you will be happy to know VS sales and credibility has been declining drastically since 10's, and it's exactly because that (shitty) store sells cheesy, overpriced, low quality underwear to women that nowadays are more about comfort than sexyness (also people finally assumed VS was inherently sexists). After all, that (very shitty) store and merchandise was created by a male with male perviness on mind, not women's comfort or tastes, that explains why when women stopped giving a fuck about males bs and started buying underwear they really liked VS sales dropped.

No. 434938

seriously! he sounds like every black gay femme I've ever met.

There is so much wrong with this video. The interviewer keeps talking about how films always show transgender women being murdered/victims… which movies are she referring to exactly? And I still cannot understand this obsession with "being seen". Isn't the point of this trans nonsense to "pass" as the sex you believe you are? Why is it important that people "see" transgender women in everyday life?

It's also amazing how he's trying to make ballroom culture a "trans" thing when it was invented by gay men. Truly, nothing is safe from these people.

No. 434960

I've seen a lot of people on Twitter repeating that ballroom culture was made by black transwomen

No. 434962

File: 1563223977768.png (1.24 MB, 1334x750, F6478B6D-F6F3-4A1B-A783-F70414…)

That side profile though….

No. 434964

Of course they are. It's typical narcissistic-sociopathic behavior. TRAs love erasing gays and lesbians from LGB history and calling themselves the heroes, even when they're blatantly wrong. Prime example: Marsha P. Johnson. They scream about how he was the one who started the Stonewall Riots (he said he didn't) and call him trans when (he said he was not.)

No. 434983

They're obsessed with "being seen" because they don't pass and never will. It's not enough for us to just pretend that they pass and keep our heads down, they demand that we shower them with praises and accolades. Anything less than unyielding worship is transphobic violent abuse and muh 40%.

No. 435051



No. 435058

r/LGBDropTheT is self explanatory.

No. 435168

it's crazy how much more acceptance lesbians, gays and bisexuals would have if we weren't associated wih the t. the average straight person knows that transitioning is mutiliation and most trannies are mentally ill and doesn't want to support that. they make us look like a fucking joke and not normal humans trying to live.
i'm 18 and it's really hard to find girls around my age who are just proudly lesbian or bisexual and didn't make it their entire personality. i'm not even exaggerating, 90% of these girls identify as pansexual, nonbinary, genderfluid, transman or whatever. it's saddening.

No. 435186

True, I hear "gay people are crazy now, they want to turn little boys into girls, mental innit" constantly from normies and when I try to explain being gay or bi isn't the same as being trans they get confused since they think LGBT is one thing. Which I can't even blame them for thanks to it all just being called "queer" by TRAs.

No. 435216

It's the TRAs fault.
They love to pretend that the LGB and the T are the same in order to confuse straight normies. Like when they call people who don't think men should compete against women in sport "homophobic" and "anti-LGBT". As if LB women want to compete against troons!

No. 435232

Loads of the child drag queen shit like Desmond being around Michael Alig is related to scrotes being unable to discern appropriate behavior with children and their handmaidens are encouraging that shit everywhere in the media so I can't exactly blame them for that either. Then that NAMBLA pedo scrote wrote a blog in support of Desmond calling him 'hot'

It's lesbians who lose out, as usual

No. 435360

I'm only 32, but i see people (some gay people too) my age who try to argue trans stuff is hurting gay people and it's almost the same as conversion therapy. it's awful because i agree trans stuff is based on social stereotypes of what is femme and masculine. it's hurting gay people AND straight people tbh. I had a friend for 10 years now deny this and now we hardly talk because he's a raging TRA. of course he's friends with lots of trannies now

No. 435364

This, this, this. Transwomen only give a shit about themselves. they never cared about women's rights before and even NOW. They only care about tranny rights suddenly. i wish trans people would go form their own alliance and fuck off. they dont even belong in the LGB group.

No. 435445

They're parasites. They don't build anything of their own, they just leech off the hard work and resources the LGB community and women's rights community have already worked hard for.

No. 435457

File: 1563311258552.jpg (141.4 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_1563311165040.jpg)

Enjoy this dumbass infographic.

No. 435461

>The range of differences within a sex are larger than the average differences between sexes
By this logic women's-only sports leagues shouldn't be allowed to exist at all. What a progressive and very non-male opinion from an amazing trans gal. The racial comparisons here also carry less than stellar implications.

No. 435462

File: 1563311922025.jpg (53.65 KB, 807x397, 6-22-807x397.jpg)

This is Dr. "Rachel" McKinnon who made the infographic.

No. 435466

Oh fuck off. A tall woman is still a woman, a man is a man, regardless of height. Women of different heights often gravitate towards different sports, of course a tall woman is going to go for something like long/high jump or basketball, and short women might go for gymnastics or figure skating. Your build is can be an advantage or disadvantage, but either fucking way they share the same biology, it's not just about height. This is anti intellectual propaganda at its very height (pun almost intended)

No. 435469

What the fuck does height have to do with anything? People are talking about respiratory, circulation and muscular advances that males have over females, not fucking height. These manipulative bastards are gaslighting like it was going out of style.

No. 435474

I hate this so much, this is so so so insulting as a tall woman. They act as if tall (or black) women are bridge trolls with hulklike strength who are just as much of a danger to normal women as they are. That's textbook sexism, "if you're not small, then you're manly!".

No. 435490

Dr. Rachel "the average height difference between a dutch and an indonesian woman is the depth of my quasivag" McKinnon at it again

No. 435493

I will never understand how the handmaidens who retweet this type of shit are the same people who mock anti-vaxxers. At least be consistent in hating basic science.

No. 435525

File: 1563319840780.png (11.7 KB, 539x140, WHINE WHINE WHINE.png)

Fuck if you got 20 minutes to spare y'all need to read this

Its great literally first paragraph immediatley mentions trump to try and make a link that if you are gay and believe in biology you must be a conservative and LOVE TRUMPS AMERICA!

Lots of mentioning trump, rights being taken away and threats of "if you dont defend me YOU WILL BE NEXT"

While, ok, even if thats true how are people supposed to argue against this? (direct quote):"solely because of their gender identity and the civil rights website removed references to “Gender” and replaced them “Sex” instead as they doubled-down on their intention to erase trans Americans and reinforce the scientifically disproven idea that “Sex” is binary and marked only by ones genitals; Most of my gay male friends went radio silent." HOW DO YOU ARGUE AGAINST SCIENCE?! If your genitals were not sexed WHY WOULD YOU BE TRANS?!

The article is 8min read but I said 20 because its the comments section where the real fun begins, most people are calling out this shit for being the homophobic sexist garbage it is. Check it out its great :https://medium.com/@Phaylen/why-are-more-gay-men-turning-on-transgender-people-14612aa2d831

Oh and if the authors name looks familiar-its the "woman" who started the witch hunt against jk rowling for being a TERF.

No. 435559

right? jfc, this is such garbage. Any one with basic biology knowledge knows the differences between a man and woman's body , esp when it comes to muscle vs fat. Women have to train twice as hard to get muscles, and even then, they cant really bulk up the same way a man does.

No. 435560

Like all tranny propaganda, it's based on sexism and stereotypes.

No. 435588

The height difference drawn here would actually make the shorter woman 3'6". I knew trannies were allergic to honesty, but this is egregious.

No. 435598

File: 1563332978656.jpg (153.65 KB, 865x994, c3wbNFz.jpg)

Here is a far more accurate diagram. 5ft.6.5in. female and 4ft. 10in. female. One 6ft male.

No. 435636

I think I just peaked again. I'm on a Vancouver based numtot style group (public transit memes and discussion etc) and the most man looking obvious TIM troon with a troon flag in his pfp just posted about his anger at a "hate group" posting an ad in the bus. Guess what this hate group is? VRR, the rape relief shelter a troon got the city to stop funding because they were twansphobic. All the reactions were angry reacts and people (not even trans ppl) were commenting about how unjust this was and that they can't believe such a transphobic, hateful place exists in our city. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills, I'm so alone here.

No. 435639

i hate seeing transbians and ~~gay trans boiz~~ claiming to be a part of lgbt. since when do we have to include straight people in our spaces? the t in lgbt was there simply because all trannies were either effeminate gay men or butch lesbians. trans "gay" people need to fuck off. lesbians and gays will never be into you.

No. 435657

The comment section is so fucking based im literally crying this is great! They aren't holding back anymore, let's see where all this goes…

No. 435658

What the fuck.

No. 435660

A couple days ago I read an article about who should play Ursula in the new Little Mermaid movie and of course one of the comments said: "They should cast a drag queen because clearly Ursula was meant to be one."
I guess as soon as you don't look young and feminine you are now a man? I'm angry.

No. 435665

But wasnt the OG Ursula design based off of a drag queen…?

No. 435667

they said that because ursula's entire design was based off an actual drag queen (divine), anon.

No. 435668

Yeah, Ursula was literally based off of Divine, the drag queen from the John waters movies so they’re not actually that out of line with this one.

No. 435669

Troons can never just be satisfied. They've got lesbians cowering in submission, and bisexual and straight women are also scared to criticize. But it's not enough, so they're going after gay men. They'll try to go after straight men eventually too, and that's when they're going to get shut down hard. They can never just take an inch, they always have to try and take the mile.

No. 435704

You notice how this kind of division and distrust didn’t exist between trans people and LGB until the amount of straight white men and women in the community suddenly exploded in the past several years? LGB clearly felt sympathy for trans individuals and they were never “transphobic”. LGB didn’t change, it was the T that did.

No. 435714

Truest shit right here

No. 435743

Tea, terms like queer and transexual lost all meaning because it became a fad, now the majority of the so called trans are ugly straight guys who just slap the label on themselves so they can get access to female spaces and its fucking disgusting. Ultimately they are fucking up legit trans that just want to live their life.

No. 435744

When/how do y'all think the public will peak trans and stop eating up all this bs ideology (if at all)? That day can't come soon enough…

No. 435748

File: 1563373488840.jpg (92.91 KB, 1440x574, IMG_20190717_162404.jpg)

I never understood what they mean by "trans rights".

No. 435750

Oh, I had no idea. Thanks for letting me know. That's fair enough then, even though I'm glad they aren't casting a drag queen. I always thought she just was supposed to look like those old ladies with a lot of eye make-up and very red lipstick.

No. 435760

The right to destroy every hard-won female space and then physically attack any woman who dares say she's uncomfortable with it.

No. 435770

I don’t understand how the VRR situation doesn’t peak more people. VRR is an organisation that strives to let female victims of male sexual violence recover from their trauma in the absence of males. That’s all. When a male-bodied person offered to volunteer with these vulnerable women the organisation said “no thanks” and instead of going to volunteer with a different organisation that would welcome him, he embarked on a decade-long legal campaign to destroy the organisation. Because he just cares about these women so much, right? Even if you believe that VRR was in the wrong when they initially rejected him, his reaction proves ten times over that he’s a walking nightmare of a person who can’t respect boundaries and should not be in contact with vulnerable people. How can any sane person look at this situation and think VRR are the hateful ones?

IMO it’s as bad as the situation with Jonathan Yaniv but only gets a fraction of the attention.

No. 435773

File: 1563375832262.jpg (166.22 KB, 1440x914, IMG_20190717_165834.jpg)


>Get accepted at Harvard

>Claim this

So this is the power of an Ivy League school huh….

No. 435775

Categorizing people is not the same as defining their entire personalities.
They can delude themselves about reality all they want, but fact remains that male and female would still exist whether we acknowledge it or not.

No. 435967

Wonder if his parents used some of that reality show cash to get him accepted…

No. 435972

File: 1563399243042.png (72.5 KB, 842x292, Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 2.31…)

Proof that becoming a woman is just a fetish to these freaks

No. 435975

File: 1563400412452.jpg (182.02 KB, 814x1129, a furry drew this of corse.jpg)

another day another "feminist that exclude trans women is bullshit feminist"

when will this end, every twitter artis i follow at some point likes or retweets this type of shit

No. 435982

Oh man I know this artist from around the web, she dates a troon who's a massive AGP and makes money doing thirsty transbian "visual novels" and selling nudes. And she herself does literally nothing but sits around, draws furry porn and tweets stupid ass shit like the comic you posted.

Also what the fuck, even the strawman evil terf has good points and I agree with her fully. The author avatar isn't even doing anything but staring at her and that's supposed to be a big clapback?

No. 435986

>[NSFW 18+] [commissions closed] hi i'm sloppy; 24yo, agender, bi, autistic & leftist. they/them. i ♥ comics, illustrations, art!! mutuals only
>is also a furry
Of course.

No. 435990

>even the strawman evil terf has good points and I agree with her fully. The author avatar isn't even doing anything but staring at her and that's supposed to be a big clapback?

because they have no argument, they know what they are doing, they don't have to respond to our arguments because they can simply say "lol terf am i right!!!"

No. 436007


I think we have a while to go, I don’t think troons have done all the damage they can yet. Only when more people realize that they are trying to erase real women and occupy all of our spaces and infiltrate the school systems etc. Then they’ll peak. But I’m not sure how that’ll go down. It might be hard to come back from all this because people will claim it’s against human rights blah blah

So to be honest I am really worried about the future

No. 436017

yeah the whole "woops i thought you were an actual misplaced amoeba like me, here's your dunce cap now you can join the kkk like the rest" shit is so annoying

No. 436020

>doesn't understand distinction between sex and gender
iq through the roof

No. 436029

File: 1563407724201.png (425.55 KB, 1056x1062, IMG_20190718_024657.png)

It's funny when people like this dismiss gender criticals as evil terfies but seem to have similar ideas about the whole gender thing being nonsense as radfems have

No. 436035

In private or closed off conversation, yes it does peak people and mostly the general disgust is pretty common only quietly. But tras control the public narrative and they're always the victims even when attacking a rape relief center for women.

Alot of people know that r/traaaannnnns is basically a meme but it's kinda just funny in a sad way that you can be so far progressive that you circle right back into being sexist. Because women are only long hair, skirts and a uterus to them

No. 436043

>claims gender is fake
>still ids as something that can only exist if you believe gender is real

No. 436080

As someone said above, when they start harassing heterosexual men more, it will hopefully start coming to a head. No real idea on what the tipping point could be. Trans women taking over maxim/sports illustrated? All trans cheerleaders for sports teams? Something that's really going to rile up the coal rolling good ol boys.

No. 436144

Sounds dangerously TERFy tbqh fam

No. 436224

File: 1563461400131.png (1.54 MB, 1666x1206, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 10.4…)

Maria Da Silva, who is an immigrant from Brazil operated the business out of her home where her small children also live. Da Silva claims she refused to perform the procedure on the claimant, Jessica Yaniv, due to safety concerns raised by her husband and alleged harassment on Yaniv’s part and not because of the claimant’s identity.

Yaniv, who was formerly known as Jonathan Yaniv, has taken fifteen other B.C. women to the tribunal for refusing to wax her male genitalia citing discrimination based on gender identity and is seeking financial compensation. Many of the woman are of East Asian ethnicity and have English as their second language.



No. 436301

A Johnathan Yaniv thread opened

No. 436325

>Those shitty fake tits falling out
jesus wept

This sicko needs to be stopped, I really don't get what connections he has to have in order to keep doing this shit.

No. 436344

File: 1563485478672.jpg (84.4 KB, 575x1024, image27.jpg)

Aha was about to post about yaniv-like pretty much all troons hes been outed as a racist in the trial.

No. 436347

File: 1563485814462.png (222.35 KB, 989x533, do as i say, not as i do.png)

cringing intensifies

No. 436357

It's just so funny. It really sounds like a straw man someone invented.

No. 436358

Reminder this is the same troon who said not being allowed to walk his wife on a dog least at pride was "oppression and discrinimation" and that his family is how "lbgt families look"

No. 436362

They actually fucking do. I only considered your concerns and view points after lurking in the man hate thread.

No. 436363

I want someone to do a reading of this book on YouTube, sounds hilarious

No. 436373

>You're a male, Danny
>Stop it you evil TERF witch or I'll attack you with my katana!
>You have a penis, Danny

No. 436383

File: 1563493180080.jpg (397.63 KB, 1079x1510, Screenshot_20190718-163515.jpg)

"This very real and very scary thing is happening but I'm still going to justify to myself and everyone around me why it's okay."

No. 436384

File: 1563493257470.jpg (530.03 KB, 1080x1493, Screenshot_20190718-163529.jpg)


No. 436385

File: 1563493350960.jpg (550.31 KB, 1080x1567, Screenshot_20190718-163630.jpg)


No. 436387

File: 1563493444001.jpg (461.74 KB, 1080x1405, Screenshot_20190718-163658.jpg)


No. 436388

File: 1563493524980.jpg (409.61 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20190718_164403.jpg)

5/5 - the referenced instagram post

No. 436392

It's almost like what they're doing to their bodies is highly toxic.

I have no sympathy for the people who know synthetic hormones can kill them, and use them anyway.

No. 436398

>I am an experiment … I am a fact of what happens with long term use.
This makes me so nauseous thinking about the millions of teenage girls out there right now sucked into identity politics and the idea that testosterone will make them comfortable, that testosterone is the solution to their mental illnesses and/or gender nonconformity. Choosing pronouns, new names, and starting to transition is now more popular than choosing an edgy Myspace name or pretending to be a vampire used to be, and along with it now comes tons of people telling you get on t, get on t, rally against your parents if they won't let you get on t, they're abusers and transphobes if they don't let you get on t, open a gofundme and raise funds to get on t. And this is what it does to you long-term.

No. 436400

File: 1563496791788.png (55.38 KB, 696x672, I am seeing more transwomen co…)

Its funny to see a blog which is so open about talking shit about people walk on eggshells when it comes to troons.

No. 436406

Yeah honestly… wtf did they expect? Every natural instinct I have screams at me that bottom surgery is an abomination and hormones will fuck you up, and there's no long term studies to show they are safe. Anyone who undertakes them is willfully ignorant and prioritizes the short term gratification of transitioning over their health and safety, they dont want to know how dangerous it is or they'll have to sacrifice their troon dreams.

No. 436413

Unfair characterization of a transactivist. Even though she's anti-feminist, she redirected a feminist to speak with other feminists instead of arguing.

No. 436415

I have a lot of sympathy for teenage girls, most of them lesbians, suckered into the latest version of "purchase the end of your suffering under sexism," and don't know yet that doctors can and will abuse them to make money.

No. 436419

Wow, who knew that treating a mental disorder with hormones and surgery not backed up by any long-term scientific data would be dangerous…

No. 436465


No. 436469

>don't EVER fucking say I'm lucky not to have them
You're lucky you can't get pregnant by rape, which nearly all menstruating women can. Women's oppression is rooted in biology. Fuck this guy.

No. 436701

File: 1563554264224.png (433.59 KB, 574x497, 4lung.png)

From a cow on /snow/

No. 436707

No. 436710

paraphilias come clusters, AGP troons confirm that they are fucking pedo sickos

No. 436720

OP here, I agree, when it happens to children it's horrible.

No. 436723

File: 1563560014970.png (146.79 KB, 1080x906, Screenshot_20190719-111150~2.p…)

No. 436732

hi i'm kalvin garrah and i'm definitely not like these other trannies, i am real. females want attention and i'm not one of them. i am not a lesbian. i am 100% male, my brain is male. my botched fake dick surgery that no straight girl will eat up should be covered by insurance because my gender dysphoria is a completely biological and innate thing. it's bigoted to say that males can't give birth uwu.

No. 436738

>mad that they fucked up
It's not the detransitioners that 'fucked up', it's society and the medical system that failed them by pushing vulnerable GNC women to transition and permanently mutilate their bodies.

No. 436746

now why would a transperson want to visit the detrans subreddit then get extremely defensive about the material they find there?
could it be …. a cope?

No. 436749

I'm pretty sure detrans people become TERFs because of their horrible experiences…Real cool to shame the people who have some of the most valid reasons to be TERFs.

No. 436750

detransitioners counterpoint kalvin's retarded "trans people are born trans!!" argument and this drives her crazy, basically. she's probably seething that some detransitioners look more like a man when her tryhard ass is still getting misgendered every day.

No. 436751

Ahhh it’s a brilliant time to be gender critical. We’ve got Yaniv peak transing those in Canada, we have Laurel Hubbard peak transing New Zealand/Oceania.

I’m actually excited for the 2020 Olympics - I have some trans athletes peak trans the fucking world.

What will the next scandal be?

No. 436752

definitely a cope. i think kalvin's a little in denial about her decisions. what age range was it arielle scarcella pointed out most young people detrans? 19? kalvin happens to be 19 at the moment

No. 436755

File: 1563565264822.jpg (61.93 KB, 799x394, kf6GatG.jpg)

I rejoy every time gender-critical thinking is discussed in normie spaces. this has 70% of agreement rate
Really shows that this way of thinking isn't all that controversial..

No. 436756

I'm detrans and I was on testosterone for some time. All my life I thought I was trans then bam, for internal reasons I was feeling conflicted about my identity. I was diagnosed and everything. There's no way to proof someone is trans or not and this is why I'm so against transing kids.

No. 436760

File: 1563565824982.jpg (79.57 KB, 746x748, gi1qls75k4b31.jpg)

No. 436763

File: 1563566075519.png (980.5 KB, 960x842, 1563559895730.png)

Why is this so accurate?

No. 436778

File: 1563568868697.jpg (187.61 KB, 640x480, anime trans.jpg)

They chose to ignore actual representation

No. 436785

I had missed this but my fucking god this is enraging. They have literally no idea what it's like to live as a woman and then act like they were ~spiritually born as one~. I had a friend with breasts so big they started causing her terrible back pain and actually squeezed her nerves so badly she almost lost feeling in her arm. She had to get surgery to decrease their size. And not to mention the amount of money women with big breasts have to put into specialty bras and yes, the unwanted attention that starts when you're 12-13 is fucking awful and traumatizing.

The amount of "nonbinaries" in that discussion going "I identify as nonbinary and use they/them pronouns but I'm not like one of those crazy trans people who make us all look bad!!" and going on some tired ass tirade on how being nonbinary is totally real is just enraging. You're one of the crazy trans people. Pic related made me almost tear my hair out though, I can't believe I have to live in this fucked up timeline.

No. 436794

File: 1563571281281.jpeg (68.38 KB, 680x490, D_zSb00XUAASFyV.jpeg)

This is pathetic what is kalvin even trying to do

No. 436800

omg the insecure tranny owned the terfs, so random uwu.
why are you even in gender critical platforms if you are oh so confident with your ~~trans identity~~ anyway? i thought you were sure that gender dysphoria is 100% biological and you were a real man. if you are so sure then why do you care? i think she and blaire are lurking lc. neither of these retards have made a single video condemning twansphobic men, who are actually 99% the reason why trannies are oppressed, yet they can't shut up for a second about evul terfs as if terfs aren't getting silenced everywhere and are the ones murdering tims. they don't give a fuck about actual issues, they just want attention from the dying anti-sjw community.

No. 436801

i dont get it. what does xxxtentacion have to do with anything at all

No. 436802

her attempt at making a 4chan incel level joke, almost as terrible as her attempt at being a man

No. 436804

File: 1563572838006.jpg (139.45 KB, 610x735, welcomingschoolsproject.JPG)

Samefagging to add the pic because apparently my browser fucked up and it got lost and I was dumb and sleep deprived enough not to notice.

No. 436812

File: 1563573799515.png (478.17 KB, 1238x720, IMG_20190617_212524.png)

The tranny from Carole and Tuesday is also pretty accurate, kek. Both looks and personality

No. 436818

kalvin is approaching lolcow territory

No. 436829

I liked his "hoes mad" post more

No. 436831

I know that a kalvin groupie lurks here for sure. I suspect she was the one who wouldn't stop posting Leah tverly content

No. 436834

They're all pretty cringey

No. 436837

File: 1563578534174.png (1.04 MB, 624x1604, oh the irony.png)

No surprises there twitter is full of furry and loli porn and referring to penis as "sappic septers". yuck.

No. 436867

Is it bad that I recognize the other person in the picture?
I'm pretty sure that guy first identified as a crossdresser or trap before just going all in

And it's shocking the amount of people who say they are trans but also identify themselves as traps
Like, you know why people started calling them traps right? Because you aren't actually a girl.

No. 436875

there are some kalvin fans here. i guess some non radfem anons might like her because she comes off as calmer and more open minded than other troons but the way she's so butthurt over radfems shows how fragile her ego is. she's as repetitive as shuwu, i don't know what people get from watching her make the same argument against crazy sjws for the millionth time.

No. 436880

This should be posted on /r/itsafetish

No. 436888

I use to think she was alright but her extreme hatred towards detrans individuals is pretty off-putting

No. 436895


Same, I don’t like how she talks and treats detrans people

No. 436907

File: 1563592817026.jpeg (211.29 KB, 750x1334, 21C94B06-6123-4A4E-A035-6AB9DA…)

Some creepy sissie tried to follow me on ig I should be worried I have a mutual with this abomination but she’s a whole mess too

No. 436918

No. 436919

File: 1563595780937.jpg (225.77 KB, 720x883, 20190719_210334.jpg)

No idea who Kalvin is so I checked her twitter and saw that she had retweeted this. Lol.
>i know im female but its mean to state facts!!111!!!! :(

No. 436922

>Sees a cute gnc guy who likes kawaii aesthetics
>Its a sissy fetishist
>Its also a furry
Of fucking course

No. 436926

The mutual is a woman unlike that thing
(Also swore I responded weird)

No. 436933

Holy shit the irony. Imagine a cis lesbian saying the latter tweet, her account would be gone in a microsecond and she would be slandered all over the internet for being a nasty vagina fetishist.

No. 436935

kalvin has no self awareness. then where exactly is the lie in calling you a trans identified female lmao

No. 436937

Ot but I hate when people do that "your adjective bf/gf" and more likely than not they're single lol
But seriously, why do they have an issue knowing their birth sex, we're just telling it like it is. She literally even says "that's why I'm trans" so it's no issue yeah? You even call yourself trans and you also happen to be female. Thems the facts kek they can't even find a good reason to hate GC and radfems other than "they say things differently than me"

Why are radfems and GC women the biggest enemies of trans people when all we do is just state general facts? When trans are bored they just love to go on about how much they have TERFs. I rarely ever see them discuss the men who are the ones who get violent with trans and some get violent enough to kill them. I'm pretending to be retarded at this point, but it sounds like these people hold way higher expectations on women compared to men. Sexism runs through their veins and it's the reason why they're trans in the first place. They can't cope with themselves or anyone around them. So a woman who's not a walking stereotype; submissive, quiet, quiet - it's "literal" violence and that's what apparently gets them killed.

No. 436941

terfs are always getting silenced in every platform yet anything about our mere existence offends trannied more than transphobic violent men ever do.. tells a lot

No. 436942

File: 1563601864698.jpg (72.58 KB, 640x1136, dbjkj3fjepq21.jpg)

It's pure misogyny, they want to silence and discredit women standing up for themselves and, of course, men enjoy the idea of inflicting violence on women. Terfs just give them an excuse.

Also terfs are a direct threat to their ideology. Violent homophobes who beat them up are a physical threat but can further their cause by garnering sympathy and establish them as a legit 'oppressed' group. Meanwhile gender critical discussions educate people to the point transactivism loses support and influence. Widespread acceptance of the truth scares them to death.

No. 436943

>why do they have an issue knowing their birth sex, we're just telling it like it is
We already know why anon

>I rarely ever see them discuss the men who are the ones who get violent with trans and some get violent enough to kill them…it sounds like these people hold way higher expectations on women compared to men.

I have known and spoken with several FtM that are sexist, misogynistic and hate women to an almost incel-tier level, it's incredible the level of hatred this society shoved onto these women, this is seriously the clown world.

No. 436946

trannies larping as women silencing actual women for speaking out against women's issues and thus proving they have male privilege

No. 436952

>pic related
For fucks sake how these little shits have any supporters at all? They are so psychopathic and deranged, and when they're directly threatening women no one says shit, this behavior shouldn't be allowed at all, specially from these fucks pretending to be a woman.

No. 436955

File: 1563604761096.jpg (167.11 KB, 935x1375, Image1.jpg)

I don't know if the handmaids who support transactivism are blissfully ignorant or just don't give a shit if women other than themselves are being threatened.

A scroll through https://terfisaslur.com/ is all anyone should need to see TIMs for what they really are - violent, women hating, toxic, testosterone fueled fucking men.

No. 436958

Transwomen are allowed to exclusively want vaginas, but not cis women. Same old male being allowed to have exclusivity Schick.

No. 436961

Your last paragraph really hit on something Anon.

No. 436962

Last month there was a popular twitter account run by a lesbian that got a lot of hate because she said wtf is bioessentialism anf that ppl shouldnt force dicks on lesbians.
Lgbt comm of twitter doxxed so many lesbians it was horrible. Im trying to find the name of the twitter

No. 436966

>(Lesbian) woman tells trannies to not force dicks on lesbians because gasp! they don't like penises.
>Gets harrassed
Why they're like this?

No. 436968

I think I saw that. Pretty insane

No. 436969

I think someone I know retweeted that.

I honestly keep her close just so that when this shit blows over I can be there to call her out for the shit she has caused. I 100% blame her and people like her for women getting raped in queer community because of this shit.

No. 436972

my friend got doxxed at her job bc shes a lesbian and obv who doesnt like dick and she retweeted the post. shes not even transphobic. Shes very kind and supportive of lgbt but bc she doesnt like dicks as a lesbian she was doxxed and told to be raped.
What the fuck man.

No. 436984

Speaking from my experience with handmaidens they’d say that either those people are trolls or a teeny tiny negligible part of the community and either way, viewing them as in any way representative of the greater trans community means you are the hateful one. All the handmaidens I’ve spoken to are extremely invested in the idea that TiMs are the most oppressed group in history and seeing them behaving like the angry, entitled incels many of them are causes intense cognitive dissonance, but they’d rather stick their fingers in their ears and yell at you than re-examine their beliefs.

No. 436995

My co-worker, a woman, is like these nuts. She says so many things that clearly indicate a significant amount of internalized misogyny. She's such a virtue signal type about the plight of these poor men. Help me anons lol.

No. 437016

I remember that. I believe she made a new twitter account after hers was deleted where she confirmed she and her partner were both safe but taking a break from social media for their safety and peace of mind.

No. 437051

i have so many dear friends that i love with all my heart that support this trans shit and i know i can never ever voice my real opinion on trans people lest i lose them for good. i kinda hate it. i don't mind trannies when they keep to themselves and don't bother me, but that's the thing: they NEVER keep to themselves, it's always about them. even when we talk about abortion we can't make it a women's issue, we just HAVE to change our entire language to discuss it bc if we say "women" we're excluding the 0.0000001% of transmen who haven't transitioned and have uteruses and can get pregnant so it's their issue too even if they're an abysmal minority.

seriously. how many fucking trans people are there, globally? i'm not talking trannies and trenders, i'm talking 100% trooned out, on hormones, dysphoric trans people who change their names. how fucking many? are they even 1% of the global population? why the fuck do we have to give so much relevancy on so many issues to a collective of people who, objectively, are a statistical rarity?

No. 437061

I've kept some male friends on my social media that I knew from high school/college, and twice now I've seen the males who were in heterosexual relationships decide to transition while simultaneously ending their relationships in what culminates as a social media blowout. I always wind up feeling so sorry for their longtime girlfriends or wives. Like it would be bad enough to be tossed aside so someone you thought you knew and loved could play crossdresser in public. But to add insult to injury, when these men "come out" on social media they've got to tell everyone the nitty gritty dirty laundry about their dwindling romantic and sex lives and the lies they told. I get such secondhand embarrassment.
Imagine being passively lambasted online by unhinged men who throw your privacy under the bus just so they can be called "brave" by people who support tranny delusions at all costs.

No. 437067

File: 1563637339115.png (94.77 KB, 1080x524, Screenshot_20190720-104011(1).…)

Holy shit, this article is just a long ass r/thathappened these interviews sound entirely fabricated and edited to be more ~inclusive~ you know for a fact all these "straight" men are either made up or know for a fact they're gay

No. 437070

Hang about, I thought troons were always whingeing about the only interest they could get being from pervy chasers who were going to turn them into skinsuits or beat them if they let the illusion drop and let the man remember he was fucking a bloke? And here Vice is putting the slur "shemale" in the cover photo. Jajajajaja

No. 437099

File: 1563642888069.png (368.12 KB, 750x1334, 53C5D156-44FF-4E9E-8768-ACEFB0…)

He looks so male to me, jheez

No. 437107

iirc that tranny chasers have a paraphilia similar to AGP, there were some studies about that but i can't found now. and j michael bailey wrote in TMWWBQ about men who are attracted by trannies.

also i was watching a tv show about freaks and two troons who engaged in heavy BDSM vere called a woman… both are AGPs from what i see, but of that kind with inverted heterosexuality. and that shit combined with TWAW is so fucking annoying

No. 437146

Ugh, seeing this almost made me livid. And how many people are seriously sharing this. I developed extremely young, at around the age of 10. I started getting bullied for my chest (especially due to my smallish frame), and in my early teens was assaulted by two men. I also was sexually harassed from around 11 by much, much older men. All of this combined made me feel terrible about my body, and made me question if I was trans, because of all the dysmorphia I had about my body. I've had back pain for years in addition, and am actually working with physical therapy to help with the pain. May also need to get reduction surgery. But, you know!! Guess I'm just a fucking stupid cissie! I should love all the shitty treatment I've had because of my body, and be grateful for it!! How incredibly fucking stupid. Sorry for the rant. I used to be more of a TRA, but once I saw how many are violent, pedophiles, and just take advantage of so many people and shit on women, my eyes were opened.

No. 437165

File: 1563657300300.jpg (44.48 KB, 810x539, 0_TMP_NEC_150419BlundellWig05J…)


>Transgender woman lashed out after police 'didn't use the proper pronouns'

Charlotte Blundell has racked up a string of fresh convictions to add to the criminal record she started under her old name, Justin.

As Justin, the 26-year-old was jailed for dousing her ex in bleach and trying to torch him.

Charlotte appeared at North Tyneside Magistrates' Court where she was spared another stint behind bars after she admitted attempted criminal damage of a police vehicle, failing to surrender and two counts of harassment after breaching a restraining order.

Dressed in a green t-shirt and with short, shaved hair, the defendant answered charges put to her as both Charlotte and Justin.

When asked why she wasn't dressed as Charlotte, she claimed somebody burned her wig and clothes as she slept.

>Original attack


Justin Blundell launched a vicious attack on his boyfriend Robert Storeylane without warning, repeatedly stabbing him in the knees with a screwdriver.

During the outburst, Blundell poured bleach over Robert’s head and shouted: “I’m going to burn you.”

No. 437223

File: 1563664399130.png (443.5 KB, 750x1334, fc7DKIG-iGvwvNjoaCPMWkGkUcC9rW…)

No. 437236

Lol they took it from trannosphere

No. 437237

How come whenever women get recognized for a good two seconds the enbies come out in full force with "WHAT ABOUT THE NON BINARY INCLUSION?!"

No. 437254


He doesn’t just look male he is male!

No. 437257

TumblrInAction is trash and has become right-leaning over the years. Worth keeping in mind that the source is coming from a notably sexist place, but it seems they dislike troons more than women.

Have been watching the show and Hunter's character really does not pass with the exception of the voice. The voice is surprisingly high-pitched. Also this character is portrayed to be predominantly attracted to straight men/chasers, but the actor in real life identifies as a transbian (according to something I saw some time ago) just like most MtFs. Interesting choice.

No. 437261

>i've got a hotter ex boyfriend then my ex girlfriend
>is the ex boyfriend hes shitting on
Kek talk about a self own.

No. 437274

They all claim they’re straight but one of them literally says “But I knew I was not happy dating cis women” ?? How the fuck does that work? If you think that you’re clearly gay.

No. 437280

ffs. my friends were talking about trans people and they kept on saying things that ive never heard of before. i was quiet the whole time and now im really upset holy shit

>terfs hate poor/black/mentally ill women

>they sound like the men who say that unhealthy women have periods and their sources come from facebook and tumblr (??? i dont fucking know lmao)
>they are all trump supporters
>they are the one killing transwomen
>they hate butch lesbians because they act like men
>they are the one maintaning gender norms

i just want this trend to die

No. 437298


They’re a transbian? That’s weird, I wouldn’t have expected that

No. 437313

What the fuck is this guy’s obsession with waxing his sack? jfc Just wax your balls yourself, weirdo.

No. 437334

Where you and your friends by chance near any men during this discussion?
>TERFs hate butches
That's a literal lie and I'm pretty sure I know what they're talking about. There was an article or post somewhere talking about how butches can suffer from toxic masculinity and that's why lesbian end up in abusive relationships. I'm certain that post was written by a libfem.

Why are TRAs so stupid? The whole TRA narrative is just a competition on who can cape for men the most I really hate it. This whole ally thing is just tiresome. Semi-OT but opressed groups have voices, I honestly think if allies stopped speaking for us, there'd be less hostility. This is a big reason why libfem rhetoric doesn't fly because they let men pretend they're the feminists.

No. 437344

I wish they kept this asshole's twitter handle visible because I'm just autistically screeching over this brain fart. It really really sounds like a bitter transbian being jealous of cis girls not "living up to their femininity" and drives me fucking livid because it's already so challenging to live as a masculine woman with tomboyish traits, people really don't need more of this kind of shit.

It's not the first time some massively misogynistic/homophobic deed has been attributed to the evil terf strawman even though it was done by a libfem. I've seen so many libfem leaning people outright claiming that the TERVES!!! are responsible for whatever atrocious clickbait article or twitter hot take they saw despite it being made by some tranny or a tranny empathizer. What the fuck do you even say to that? They don't even care if you prove them wrong, they just want to be outraged and follow the current discourse.

No. 437391

File: 1563711363740.jpg (86.66 KB, 1280x837, S_063486.jpg)

No. 437401

Kek he got hated on 4chan /lgbt/ in some anti-AGP thread made by another HSTS identifying troon and now all the Democrat nominees are worshipping him. Ofc he had to mention TERFs. I dont think handmaidens can be saved(This is an imageboard)

No. 437411

>You are a bright ornament to the sphere of inclusivity.
kek, I'd say something about how being called an ornament isn't a good thing but he no doubt loves to be objectified

No. 437441

My jaw literally dropped when I saw all the politicians and celebrities publicly “waxing his balls”. Praising this calculating asshole who changed his gender after he couldn’t handle the backlash of repeatedly being outed as a creepy, abusive opportunist. Going trans is the get out of jail free card. It’s disgusting seeing them all tell him he is beautiful and gorgeous, like he’s a sad little girl in need of cheering up. Constant pandering, embarrassing shit like this has made it so I will never vote Democrat ever again.

No. 437459

American politics are so fucked. When will the Dems abandon identity politics for literally anything else?

No. 437465

At least he wasn't asking for tampons.

https://twitter.com/abkazias/status/1151991870433550336 (nsfw)(This is an imageboard)

No. 437467

lol, are you the anon who's been trying to shill conservatism repeatedly in the pink pill thread?

No. 437470

I know Bernie sanders isn’t perfect and I get he’s trying to get votes but I was so disappointed seeing him pander to trannies. I’m never voting conservative and if he ends up being a viable candidate I’m probably going to vote for him but I really don’t want any pro tranny legislation going into action. I can’t wait until more people start speaking out against this shit but I’m scared it won’t ever happen within the next 10-20 years and things are going to get even worse before things get better

No. 437472

I’ve never posted in that thread, paranoia-Chan. How the Hell does being disgusted about the abysmal state of the current Democratic Party mean someone is going conservative or they support the two-party system? This is common sentiment in many radfem circles.

No. 437478

the random thing you threw in about the dem just looked shady. i agree with >>437459 by the way, no need to bite my head off

No. 437485

nta but you sound like a retard. liberals are ruining the left, period. no need to split hairs.

No. 437490

nta and not an American but honestly you guys don't have any other options? If I was American I would be a 'liberal' too because the alternative is objectively worse.

No. 437495

Nah, won't happen, he's not getting the nomination. Unfortunately, we'll have to suck it up and vote for whatever piece of shit the DNC chooses. I can't make it another 4 years of memes.

No. 437506

i never mentioned liberals in my post, and neither did the other anon. this was about democrats and conservatives.
maybe learn to read full sentences and words before calling other people retards, lmao.

No. 437507

I’m sorry for being rude to you but I’m just devastated how the party I grew up thinking would lead us to progress and further women’s rights has become the ridiculous caricature that my mean-spirited, right-wing relatives always claimed it was. I’m so done with making excuses for the “few bad apples”. I know I sound naive but the way the DNC sabotaged Bernie in 2016 really was the final straw for me. They really don’t care about us and I never could have imagined 10 years ago that such a shift to male-centered, anti-woman “feminism” could have ever occurred. The only positive thing I can say now is that we haven’t quite reached the Yaniv-level fuckery of Canada. I truly believe something like the defunding of Vancouver Rape Relief center would not fly in the U.S.

No. 437509

>I’m just devastated how the party I grew up thinking would lead us to progress and further women’s rights has become the ridiculous caricature that my mean-spirited, right-wing relatives always claimed it was.

ntayrt, but I think we all feel the same.

No. 437520

it's cool, anon. i totally agree with you on that. we can only hope the tides turn in a few years, it's insane how regressive the current age is.
it can't just be us on lolcow who notice how fucked up it's become

No. 437591

We're all with you , anon. Hope shit doesnt get as bad as Canada. tranny pandering is the absolute lowest we can go.

No. 437598


I’m Canadian and I live in Toronto, it’s ridiculous. Dating is even worse. Ive met so many down low/closeted/bisexual men that love to preach trans women are women to justify their fetishes and you’re a transphobic bigot if you think otherwise because they’re totally straight for liking women with penises because they’re totally women right guys

No. 437599


Canada is essentially a Third World country with First World resources. Always has been, always will be. It's pretty much Diet America, full of masochistic jackasses who have the world's biggest inferiority complex (constantly bashing America, yet EVERYTHING about their "society" and "culture" is American - music, books, TV, sports, etc.).


Check this place out, along with the blogs it links to: Did y'know that a ton of Canadian students have to prostitute themselves just to make ends meet? Or that pedophiles run rampant on their streets, without any government concern? Canada is essentially the punchline to the joke that is this clown world.

No. 437606


Looked at a few posts on that blog and wow lmao very accurate
I’ll be reading more tonight

No. 437608

Yup, Canadian here and Canada is fucking garbage.
You should check out our prison sentences for murder, absolute joke.
A guy forced his sisters to drink their own period blood, later murdered his whole family. Currently lives in my city, enjoying his life freely.
The guy that beheaded a sleeping man on the greyhound bus? He's out free too.
Now imagine how we treat our rapists…
Please keep fighting so your countries don't end up like us. Please.

No. 437609

Are there any Russian anons on here? Any tea on Russia in regards to all the gender politics and trooning?

No. 437611


I remember that greyhound bus beheading, wow that’s fucking crazy. He should be in prison indefinitely. That’s nuts Canada really is a joke

No. 437695

File: 1563759700907.jpg (24.1 KB, 400x240, tumblr_oulvufGdFz1wtxoq5o1_400…)


Lmao wow what a fantastic thing to be publicly displaying in a kids' game.

No. 437696

File: 1563759746097.jpg (40.52 KB, 400x240, tumblr_ouypg6DzN01wtxoq5o4_400…)



No. 437697

God, no…the trannies have found Animal Crossing. Is nothing sacred anymore?

No. 437705

Makes me so mad. it's such a wholesome game and they really gotta insert their shitty politics into it?? fucking trannies are trash

No. 437707

File: 1563761626630.gif (672.23 KB, 316x234, computer throw.gif)

To me, this is honestly no different from some moron making a MAGA hat.

It's bad enough that they rope kids into this crap in real life. The least they could do is leave them alone in a cute game about fuzzy animals.

No. 437730

File: 1563769417532.png (219.63 KB, 594x743, B8108BD3-5D9D-4450-9F20-2E27EB…)

Have you guys not heard? Isabelle is a trans icon now.
I’m not making this up

No. 437733

why? is that in the game or something?

No. 437734

No, it's just Tumblr being Tumblr.

Isabelle doesn't even understand the passage of time. I doubt she would have a crisis about her gender.

No. 437737


If Bernie gets the nom, you won't have to worry about it. He hasn't gotten any legislation passed in twenty-eight years in congress. Possibly the most useless career politician who somehow claims to be an "outsider".

No. 437741

WTF does immigrants have to do with him trying to go to a woman's gym? He even talks badly about immigrant women. Fucking… Why do troons blame others for their issues? Lol

No. 437743

The remarks about immigrants I believe is related to the WAX MY BALLS saga because the place he went who refused on the basis hes a man and its a womans parlor is run by a woc-apparently hes trying to insinuate they are illegal immigrants to get them shut down.

No. 437755

File: 1563781459673.png (429.42 KB, 537x1172, Screenshot_2019-07-22-00-35-29…)


She admits she lost the plot when police arrested her - but claims that was because 'they didn't use the proper pronouns', and has refused to apologise for the incident.

'They didn't use words like she, or her - they were saying ''he'' or ''Justin'',' claimed Blundell, of Wallsend, who previously went by the name Justin.

'The cop said ''you are dressed like a man - so you will be arrested like a man''.'

'They have the flags on the side of their cars, and claim they are LGBTQ+ friendly - but they were basically calling me a man.

'I don't think the way they spoke to me was adequate.'

Northumbria Police declined to comment on claims made by Blundell, who says she is in the process of transitioning.


No. 437760

File: 1563782165057.png (483.26 KB, 800x1151, Screenshot_2019-07-22-00-52-46…)

No. 437768

File: 1563784806136.png (16.68 KB, 520x372, _107939862_transgender.png)

Penylan Pantry in Cardiff shared a post to help Elliot Comanescu crowdfund enough money to have his breasts removed privately.

But the shop was criticised by several people on social media for promoting "body mutilation".

He decided to attempt to raise £4,000 of the £6,500 required to go through with the procedure via crowdfunding, and pay the other £2,500 himself.


Soon she'll no longer have to be the only troon in the village!

First Welsh gender identity clinic to open in September

Currently people looking to gender transition are sent to a clinic in London, and the number of people referred to that clinic from Wales has nearly trebled in the last two years.


No. 437770

File: 1563785726684.png (538.06 KB, 800x1175, Screenshot_2019-07-22-01-42-00…)

Transgender hate crimes recorded by police go up 81%

What is hate crime?

A hate crime is defined as "any criminal offence which is perceived, by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by a hostility or prejudice" based on one of five categories: religion, faith or belief; race, ethnicity or nationality; sexual orientation; disability; or gender identity.

Section 146 of The Criminal Justice Act 2003, amended in 2012, says that if an offence is motivated by hostility towards persons who are transgender then prosecutors can apply to the court to increase the offender's sentence - called a sentence uplift.


And remember, in the UK words can be weapons!

"A hate crime can include verbal abuse, intimidation, threats, harassment, assault and bullying, as well as damage to property."


No. 437771

Does >>437770 mean that the police in >>437755 committed a hate crime?

honk honk

No. 437774

File: 1563786547476.png (225.63 KB, 800x1056, Screenshot_2019-07-22-02-05-02…)

This article about Vermont removing the minimum age requirement for SRS under Medicaid includes a list of states and their coverage rules.


No. 437785

File: 1563790397531.png (834.83 KB, 800x1042, Screenshot_2019-07-22-03-07-57…)

Really surprised http://womenarehuman.com hasn't covered the Yaniv story yet. But they've got others I haven't seen.

No. 437787

there're some trandy lib shit talks around this theme at social networks but noone cares too much. it's not political yet and medics still claim it's a mentall illness

btw have you noticed that almost 40% of shizo men at one moment start dress in female clothes and start talking about how it is cool to be a woman

No. 437803

How the hell does a guy who murders his whole family or beheads a guy get to walk free????? build some more fuckin' Jails, Canada. That's insane. I had no idea

The point of punishment is to prevent crime and protect victims, this does neither

No. 437804

i just got online and could see from the thumbnail on the front page that was a MAN on the left. that is disgusting. look at that thing. and yes, body language says a lot. he is threatening. he is imposing, despite claiming he's a 'woman' to that other woman. trash

No. 437805

Canada is a liberal shithole and a warning as to what happens when you think all forms of punishment and laws are bad. Look at Sweden.

No. 437809

It's frustrating because I don't even think the average Canadian agrees with all of this (especially once you get out of the city). Almost every normie I know is against trans shit but they know they're not allowed to say so without getting in trouble. Even scrotes I know are talking about how we've given up trying to keep women and girls safe to appease men with fetishes. What choices do we have? I wish more leftist politicians would show some spine.

No. 437815

I dont think the average majority of women agree with trans bullshit and TRA, but the saddest part are the delusional ones who wanna 'protect all men/not all men' wanna help trannies even though they'd throw their fellow women under the bus.

I think a lot of liberals are scared people might think they're right wing just because they put their foot down. it's probably the only thing both sides should agree on is that trannies are bad for everyone and accepting their mentally ill fetishes is a social collapse.

No. 437816

Apparently the one on the right is actually a tranny, too. Amazing what comparison can do for you.

No. 437828


No. 437832

Nvm, I thought the guy called her a fellow trans woman in his long Twitter rant about the whole thing. I was wrong. Should've known they couldn't be that convincing in the wild.

No. 437834

Even FtMs are sick of MtFs.


Selected highlights:

>A lot of them act well…like stereotypical douchey men. The entitled attitude, the “I’m never wrong,” the correcting people. Idk what to say.

>they shouldn't pretend as if they are the know-it-alls of womanhood. It's the male socialization… they (and I had to work on it for me) love talking over everyone.
>They seem very obsessed with their own problems a lot of the time.

Its almost as if they are men!

No. 437835

Even the most annoying fakeboi could never compete with an AGP in terms of sheer obnoxiousness.

No. 437844

Yaniv repeatedly lying under oath that he has a vulva despite being warned not to and an official grilling him on his bullshit. JYs response is to ask the official if they have a penis, he cannot stop being a sex pest weirdo for 10 minutes.

His voice sounds like the usual nasally Kermit the frog aspie accent but with the monotone slurring and mumbling of Mason Verger, extremely creepy.

No. 437845

File: 1563806489081.png (136.53 KB, 600x600, download20190701103753.png)

Trannies have invaded one of my go-to sites for playing dress-up games, so after seeing the bullshit characters they make, I decided to make an actually realistic AGP tranny, with a receding hairline, a five o'clock shadow, and crazy eyes that signify some sort of deep mental issues (re: narcissism).

Dollmaker can be found here, in case anyone is interested:

No. 437848

I love when troons act like asking someone what genitals they have is some awful traumatizing question and think that turning it around on a cisgender person is a big gotcha. People don't care if you ask ~what's between their legs~ because men have penises and women have vaginas, point blank. It's not an offensive question, it's just a retarded one that nobody needs to ask because we all know what the answer is.

I feel so bad for that guy questioning him, I'd lose my shit if I had to deal with that freak. Also fucking kek at the lady at 5:27 who calls him a "he" and has to correct herself.

No. 437849

File: 1563807660320.png (281.41 KB, 600x600, download20190701110027.png)

No. 437852

File: 1563808225917.png (393 KB, 562x824, retardation2.png)

Found this a few hours ago and figured it'd fit here.

No. 437885

>It is not your place to tell trans people what is and isn't transphobic
To be a fly on the wall during the conversation that inspired this piece…

No. 437886

The terrible art makes this hilarious.

No. 437887

i went on picrew yesterday and it's up to the brim with hideous tranny makers. i usually ignore those and go for the gorgeous, actually pretty japanese picrews where i can make women.

out of sheer curiosity, i went on the tranny dollmakers: two different ones had the option to put a hijab on the doll, which…eh, i guess?
and they were all: 1) horribly drawn, dunno if i'm used to the jap artists having some actual skill, almost every sjw picrew looked like they were drawn by a 5 year old with parkinson's, 2) had like a bajillion badges and flags of sexualities and genders i don't even think exist, 3) you could barely make a doll that's remotely "normal" or traditional looking, aka a cis man or cis woman. all of the options were geared to be the biggest tumblrina pandering in the galaxy

i fucking wish picrew would ban them. i'm not on there to see your hideous tranny dolls or whatever you delude yourself into thinking you look like, i want to make impossibly gorgeous anime waifus that i know nobody on the planet could ever strive to look like irl.

No. 437894

It's really a shame that genderbends have become a sort of faux-pas in anglophone fandom, they're fun both to draw and to look at provided the artist didn't decide to go the "mm roadhog booby" route.
>make a lot of trans people UNCOMFORTABLE
oh no what a fucking tragedy