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No. 448777

This thread is for the discussion of transgenderism / trans ideology from a gender critical and radical feminist perspective. It was originally created by Admin as an amalgamation of the TERF and Transgender threads.

Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of feminism, sexuality, misogyny, or misandry.

Radical Feminism thread >>>/ot/373459

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No. 448780

File: 1565864811674.jpeg (242.63 KB, 1200x1138, 1564488481773.jpeg)

No. 448809

File: 1565873382631.jpg (111.25 KB, 640x552, 1565864726606.jpg)

minor nitpick to the title image… https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/a_priori

anyone else have trans family members? my sister is on t now. it's been an incredible insight as to how people are just desperately in need of an identity. she's posting about how t makes her go to the gym and eat protein bars.

my mom went along with calling her they during her "nb" phase but she won't call her he. "There's always something new with her", she says. "I just can't let that word [he] past my lips, try as I might."

No. 448819

Radical feminism doesn't exclude trans men, also this >>448809

I hate the op image can we remake the thread while it's still empty

No. 448839

go ahead, i'm OP and wanted to make new one but idk about pic, i didn't know what to choose and last thread was almost clogged

No. 448938

Did anyone remake the thread? Where’s the updated one?

No. 448947

no one did yet

No. 449125

File: 1565946633290.png (486.11 KB, 500x606, not a cult tho.png)

But TERFS are the violent ones apparently…

No. 449130

That flag looks so autistic.

No. 449142

File: 1565952750257.jpg (183.71 KB, 965x679, Screenshot_20190816-055213_Chr…)

And follows the exact gender binary they supposedly want to get rid of. This is truly some twisted shit from the '50s.

No. 449144

File: 1565953834953.png (366.76 KB, 651x600, beyond-parody.png)

No. 449146

Intersex people have nothing to do with trannies and we never asked to be a part of the LGBTWTFBBQ initialism. I wish they would leave intersex people alone.

No. 449148

File: 1565954177394.png (54.37 KB, 511x468, 7878.PNG)

The jealousy never ceases to amaze me.

No. 449153

I didn't even notice that part. Wow. Intersex is 100% an actual medical condition and not a mental illness. Sorry they pull you into the mix, anon. That must be really annoying. Hell, would it even be considered intersex erasure?

No. 449160

I have never seen a woman talk like this EVER.

No. 449164


Sounding eerily similar to an incel

No. 449165

yes and yes I think so too. You can tell Contra relies on all the old Baeddel discourse points to form his arguments which his clueless viewers attribute to being unique and new to him.

There was a lot of crossover with the Baeddels and SomethingAwful. And a lot of crossover between SomethingAwful and Silicon Valley. And a lot of crossover between troons and the military and intelligence services…

No. 449171

Why do so many veterans end up becoming trannies? I guess I can sort of understand guys in tech becoming trannies as they are usually autistic, transhumanists, and have that nerdy misogyny where they want to be an anime girl in a hentai.

No. 449172

File: 1565958954614.png (36.03 KB, 516x417, 42332443.PNG)

The era of the Baeddels is over but that's because all TRAs spew the same bullshit as they do.

No. 449181

I went and looked at this creature's tumblr and it has NPD, BPD, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.


Peak troon.

No. 449186

Imagine being this pressed about something so inconsequential, my god.

Cutting your hair is an old east Asian symbol for moving on from the past and starting a new beginning. When a girl's hair is cut in film, that's usually what it means.

No. 449188

File: 1565962347083.png (18.43 KB, 595x182, 9898.png)

No. 449190

>big naturals
Literally a porn term.

No. 449191


So basically 'I don't care about your back pain' cos tits are nice?

No. 449193

Narcs are incapable of empathizing with others.

No. 449194

>”transmisogyny exempt faggot”
>all women need to keep their hair long and be “delicate, innocent, vulnerable” because women rebelling against that would make transgenderism look like an artificial costume and not like those repressive socially imposed traits are inherent to sex which is what we want you to think!
>this is supposed to be woke

No. 449195

File: 1565963036070.png (449.07 KB, 474x901, 5554.PNG)

Jesus Christ.

No. 449197

Why can't these people just type normally? It's so hard to pick out what their point was other than enforcing sexist gender binaries and fetishizing uncut hair to mean delicate, vulnerable, innocent and honest.

No. 449198

REEEEEEE fuck you AFABs!!

No. 449201


Someone take this guys HRT away

No. 449204

It’s horrible these men are doing this to their bodies based off internet memes and the TRA bubble that tells them HRT will make them smooth-skinned, glowing, baby-faced, thick-haired on the head and hairless on the body, cartoon hourglass-shaped animu babes. Meanwhile it’s impossible for them to reach stage V of tanner breast development because they have male breast tissue which is composed differently. They’re being sold a lie and are then shocked when all they get is tubular gynecomastia, a balding head, flabby beer belly body and osteoporosis.

No. 449206


There's a type of antipsychotic med that actually has this effect on men taking it.. then again if this guy took antipsychotics his bizarre thoughts might go away

No. 449209

File: 1565963721693.png (66.39 KB, 494x840, this is so ture and i'm so fru…)

No. 449214

God, this. I have largeish breasts, not even huge, and it's THIS attitude that makes me hunch and feel so uncomfortable when I realize I'm wearing something fitted near a bunch of men. This pornifying of my own fucking body.

No. 449218

File: 1565964782453.jpg (37.63 KB, 598x394, ugh.jpg)

Related. I fucking hate seeing tw, esp. transbians, talk in this horrible porny slobbering way about boobs. I see it more and more from the lefty nerd contingent and I guess they see it as transgressive to be open about their ~messy desires~ but god 1. you're horny boring straight boys who will never be the busty goth domme you want to be, in large part because those are fictional characters created by men, for men, and 2. like all dude-centric porn culture, it feels fucking suffocating to be around as a woman.

No. 449223

They really do see breasts as objects. My mom had one breast for the last few years of her life after breast cancer, I was prepared to have both of mine removed but tested negative for the BCRA gene

They're not fun and bouncy and sexy all the time, it's such a simplified mans views to see them as such

No. 449233

I don't think so, and here's why:

It's their own retarded fault, and they deserve this. Many of them are narcissistic, pornsick incels who deserve to get a taste of their own medicine. Woman have it easy, huh? Let's see how you like it living as not just a "woman" but an ugly one to boot. They learn first hand the number of standards we're expected to meet.

Also, troonism has basically created a way for us to identify pornsick psychos on sight. It's like they're waving a big sign that says, "I'm gross, please avoid me!"

No. 449254

this mtf i know has become increasingly like this. he keeps getting more and more sleazy and autogynephilic. i hate when i see his stupid posts and selfies of him larping a bimbo.

No. 449261


My thoughts exactly.

No. 449276

When some guy hangs up on him he says “men are trash”

Why do these trannys think every man should want to sleep with them? Straight men aren’t interested in other dudes dicks, it’s so simple

No. 449306

I used to feel sorry for them too but now I'm here.

If they genuinely wanted to be women, they'd be happy being an ugly one. They want to be real life porn caricatures and it makes me laugh so hard when the realization dawns on them they will never even pass, let alone be attractive women. Usually at that point they've fucked their bodies up too much to just go back to living as men, so they end up in this doughy, balding, sweaty, knee-sock wearing mess. Top kek.

Men have 0 sympathy for women that fuck up their bodies and faces by chasing this impossible version of a woman, why have any for trannys?

No. 449310

There's always comments on these videos talking about how the tranny is better looking than any woman they've ever seen irl. Where are these men living lmao.

Anyway yeah, SEXuality. Crazy these straight men aren't up for sucking dick but I guess they have to now because they were fooled for 5 minutes over facetime by a tranny with a forced vocal fry and 40lbs of makeup and extensions.

I really hope they keep doing this shit. Trying to force straight men to fuck them is gonna be their downfall. Also the first guy he called was 17 so a literal CHILD and he kept on the call begging to be in his music video, but the 17 year old is the bigot for not hooking up with this adult male lol.

No. 449314


Yes! I ALWAYS see comments on these videos usually by women that say the tranny is better looking than most women or themselves. Wtf… not in a million years

No. 449319

Im sorry for bjork she's a great artist but she only attracts weirdos and snowflakes that fetishize her and only like her aesthetic and not her music. I wonder what attracts troons to bjork because im in a Bjork Facebook group and its full of them.

No. 449330

It's because she's cute, small, quirky and has (for lack of a better word) pseudoasiatic facial features and a hypermodern aesthetic so all pornsick weeb males love her in her prime. It's not a mistake the whole Ricardo Lopez incident happened to her two decades before the incel shit mainstreamed in the West. In the death video he made, Lopez gave me strong troon vibes

No. 449331

It's classic male entitlement. Its the same as when a straight guy buys a girl a drink he gets mad if she doesnt have sex with him. Trans guys think they automatically deserve sex for wearing makeup and high heels.

No. 449356

File: 1565995366789.png (227.36 KB, 536x508, what.png)

I can't understand what these types of genderists on tumblr are talking about half the time. They don't type in a readable way and shroud their points in so much impenetrable language that people outside of their ecosystem can't understand. Most of their posts seem to just be seething at "cafabs" and lesbians but covered under what they think is intellectual language.

No. 449357

File: 1565995882107.jpeg (158.68 KB, 568x811, 06CE7F98-EBA9-496E-A3AF-C09A8F…)

This just happened to Vancouver Rape Relief

No. 449359

this is why oger and his entire tranny posey deserves the gallows

they’ve been acting like violent thugs against these women and specifically this shelter for years to soothe the burn inflicted upon their own selfish narcissistic egos by a women’s group that dared to tell them no

the whole lot of trannies who’ve ~mysteriously~ pushed out any and all women’s voices in Canada in favor of tranny sentiment all should burn in hell for the liberal frozen hell on earth they’re creating up in the great white north

No. 449360

So feminine and vulnerable uwu

No. 449361

So are men so afraid of being seen as feminine they just straight up pretend to be women instead

No. 449362

Yes! They are a coherent class! They’re called women!

No. 449363

Seriously. It's one crisis centre, ONE, that politely said no. That's it. That's all. Every other shelter in Vancouver welcomes them.

And in response they've spent years sending violent threats and campaigning for defunding despite the fact it will disproportionately harm vulnerable Native American and immigrant women escaping abuse.

This is not normal. This is not sane.

No. 449364

Pretending to be a woman also gives them oppression points. Now they can’t be accused of having male privilege and have the right to talk over actual women due to their trans status.

No. 449365

It really disgusts me because the majority of these whiny TiMs are well-off white men who will never experience any abuse meanwhile indigenous women have experience the highest rate of rape and violence in all of North America and it is primarily caused by well-off white men.

No. 449368

Vancouver Rape Relief does try to assist trans women by taking them to the hospital or contacting other shelters to take them…but trannies are so entitled they don’t care, they just want to get inside anyway.

No. 449372

Anyone seen this my strange addiction episode? It's absolutely disgusting.


>addicted to being an adult baby
>also a trans woman
>"It's totally not a fetish guys, I'm living the childhood I never had!"
>comes out to her sjw-looking friend
>said friend looks like she's hitting peak trans right then and there


Fuck this.

No. 449374

Surprise, troons. Being a woman doesn't guarantee you from having large breasts. A lot of us are more flat chested than a good chunk of men not taking estrogen.

No. 449376

>people calling lundy bancroft a terf now
Hahaha it NEVER ends

No. 449378

quelle surprise. i mean i don't feel bad for scrotes because they literally do nothing about transbians trying to fucking murder us and stefonknee pissing in public (they only care when it's this crap and >>449276 which is honestly of tertiary concern to me, and ofc they use this shit to bash lesbians as 'perverts'). but this fake-bf shit seems common and these scrotes seem to use it as social climbing and getting money/favors. i bet laverne's bf is fake too.

utterly fucking disgusting

No. 449379

Why? What did he do?

No. 449381

Lundy Bancroft is the only man invited to my feminist party

No. 449382

He said this
>The fact that men can also be victims of domestic violence does not make it in any way a good idea for the same programs that serve female victims to also serve males, including any biological male even if he identifies as a female. Separate services — at separate agencies — need to be created for people in these categories in order to avoid the serious repercussions that are coming to abused women from current policies.

No. 449384

That makes me sick, but I'm not surprised.
Just watch. People are going to call anything or anyone even vaguely feminist or supportive of actual women "TERF". They'll try and roll back everything that's been worked for, claiming we don't deserve shit because we have "cis privilege", and are therefore basically the same as men.
All this TRA shit is just a loophole misogynists (both 30+ year old boomers with crossdressing kinks and maladjusted, hentai-addicted cumbrained incels) have discovered, and liberal feminists have fallen for it.
"Feminism" is going to be dirty and unpopular again, only this time they'll give it a new, derogatory name.

No. 449385

File: 1566001796842.jpeg (326.17 KB, 1125x917, BA3454A5-610A-49CC-BFE5-C340F1…)

People are shitting on Mia Khalifa for saying this too

No. 449386


this straight girl is so happy to call herself a faggot, jesus christ
fujos are fucked in the head, jumping at the chance to label themselves slurs

No. 449388

It’s a transbian (straight man)

No. 449389

Why? For telling the truth? I hate how, unless you're parroting the same bullshit as everyone else, everyone acts like you're a monster

No. 449390

Trans are mentally ill gays

No. 449391

Most of them are pornsick fetishists and according to Blanchard more likely to be bisexual

No. 449392

About 30% are HSTS

No. 449395

Depends on what you define as “trans” because while historically most were homosexual transsexuals, nowadays the trans umbrella incorporates all sorts of identities.

No. 449397

No I think a lot of them are just normies that pick up the trans label to seem cool. Trans has become the new emo.

No. 449399

It’s because mainstream feminism worships and protects the sex industry. So a big name like Mia Khalifa criticising it makes a lot of people angry.

No. 449400

I mean mtf, homosexual transsexuals. I think any doctor performing sex reassignment surgery should lose his license. Ive read about doctors using parts of the colon to create the neovagina. They should be put on antipsychotics. The doctors and mtf. Why let people mutilate their bodies due to delusions. doctors pander to their seriously fucked up belief of being able to create vaginas from a dick. I think its disgusting.

No. 449401

i thought it was 10%? i specifically remember blanchard saying about 90% are transbians which makes sense to me because that's all i see online. the bimbo ones favoring men like nikita and blaire are very rare on any social network

No. 449402

True, AGP are far more common than HSTS although historically AGP were not allowed to transition under psychological classifications and it was just recognised as a fetish (transvestism).

No. 449403

So you think these people should be forced to live out as nerdy white guys, so that a innocent woman could mistake for a shy/sweet guy that could be a good boyfriend

Nah let them troon out, the sooner the better

No. 449404

Pretty cynical if you want them to chop their dicks off then, suicide.

No. 449407


So their problem is supposed to be my problem?

I’m saying literally as a woman that was always attracted to pretty/not traditionally masculine men and who has several troon attractant features, I literally live in fear I will accidentally date and get emotionally attached to a AGP

No. 449408

I haven’t kept up with what Blanchard has said in years. This was based on old studies published by sexologists. Of course a lot has changed with tranny shit over the past couple of decades and it seems almost unrecognisable.

No. 449411

Lmao Blanchard’s twitter looks like it’s just him being angry at trannies all the time

No. 449413

Ironic since he’s the one who came up with the AGP typology and allowed them to transition.

No. 449414

I don't get why it's apparently transphobic to believe you shouldn't let your child medically transition until they're legally old enough to make their own decisions, which is practically nearing or exactly the age when they become adults themselves..

No. 449416

Because then you’re “forcing” your child to undergo a “traumatic gendered puberty”

No. 449417

You’re supposed to allow them to transition as soon as possible to relieve them of dysphoria and develop their desired secondary sex characteristics before puberty gets to them first.

No. 449423

This makes me sad.

No. 449428

Is Vancouver a black hole or can something be finally done about the tras already?! Jesus christ, and they still demand to be in our spaces. I've read that many trannies are laughing about it and for owning the terves uwu. Hope more places start to just shut them out. Enough is enough.

Same. It's sad that people are shitting on her for breaking their illusions of porn stars being sex objects 24/7 loving abusing their bodies. It brings back the hard reality to their faces that most women don't like what they're doing.

But leave it to pornsick men and misogynistic tras to call for a witch hunt.

No. 449439

Okay I aint know no where else to ask this. But shit happen that involve like 16-20s gay fucks and course almost all are trans cause course its better to be a man and there isnt normal gay people anymore.

But what the fuck is with young gays (usally trans) and liking communism??

No. 449440

A lot of Chinese and Korean Canadian women were labelled TERFs too because they set an anti-prostitution organisation since they’re often victims of sex trafficking and apparently TRAs got angry because their existence implies cis women are more oppressed than them or something

No. 449441

dayum im fuckin stupid. my bad, i put sage in subject, fuckin hell

No. 449443

Good lord what the fuck are they even complaining about

No. 449444

james charles allegedly flirting with straight men is abyoosive and predatory but shit like this will fly…

No. 449446

>In February 2018, Chan was witnessed making the statement: “trans people are against feminism.”
The troons hate her because she’s right.

No. 449447

Nothing proves you're not male more than terrifying serial killeresque behavior toward rape survivors for wanting a penis free space.

No. 449450

Oh god, I just went to their Twitter and they have one of the same lolita dresses I do. How horrifying.

No. 449454

File: 1566013426006.jpg (33.67 KB, 720x396, 5324635623.jpg)

So this is what Rick from Degrassi is up to nowadays. Sad.

I was surprised to see this on my timeline but I'm glad she's speaking out about her time in the industry. I wish her the best.

No. 449455

File: 1566013578703.jpeg (653.69 KB, 1125x1830, FAFF0C81-7CBC-4B5D-8755-D77B4B…)

Classic Baeddel nonsense.

No. 449458

It’s really incredible how all of her feminist work is interpreted to be anti-feminist because it hurts male feelings. This is some incredible mental gymnastics. I don’t know how you can read this and take it seriously if you were a normal person.

No. 449459

Lmao libfems are responsible for a lot of dumb shit but they aren’t the ones who created patriarchy and made it a sin for men to be feminine. Trannies are so fucking deluded, they will even hate on the women who cape for them hardest. You should be grateful to the libfems even allowing you into their movement and considering you women, fuckface.

No. 449462

>liberal feminism existing in the 16th century
>cafabs oppress camabs
>femininity is good for women

No. 449470

Baeddel history is so fucking warped

No. 449475

what is cafab/camab? Is the C for coersive or something else?

No. 449478

According to Blanchard autogynephilia means you must have some attraction to females so they would be mostly straight or bi. From what I’ve seen a lot of AGP identified as straight men then identified as transbians but later on also desired a male partner to complete their ideal image of a woman and began to identify as bisexual. According to Blanchardism the paraphilia becomes the sexual orientation.

No. 449480

Yeah, coersively. Troons are always so dramatic

No. 449481

It was originally intersex terminology because only intersex people can be designated or coercively assigned a sex. The trannies appropriated intersex identities and language to give themselves more “scientific” credence as a movement.

No. 449500

They’re saying biological sex is a social construct now

No. 449505

Lundy Bancroft a confirmed TERF
Mia Khalifa a confirmed SWERF

No. 449508

File: 1566027079765.jpg (166.87 KB, 1242x877, 29.jpg)

No. 449509

No. 449513

They don’t want care, they want access to the vulnerable women inside. IIRC the TIM whose rejection spearheaded all this was a would-be volunteer, not someone in need of help.

There was also a British (?) woman academic whose office door was covered in urine after she questioned some TRA talking point. They’re like rabid animals.

No. 449519


No. 449520

God bless this woman.

I'm willing to bet that this is a joke/parody headline and most likely photoshopped.

While reading this I was only thinking "This is 100% written by a man" and color me surprised when I read to the end and the author was indeed male. TL;DR version: He's blaming ~feminists~ for eradicating gender stereotypes and thus opening the flood gates to trannies because of course transgenderism would happen once you allowed people to be GNC!! He only briefly addresses female socialization with a dismissive take:

>When the paradox is noted, it is explained away as the result of “female socialization”: women are socialized to be kind to men, and therefore they prioritize ostensibly vulnerable males—transwomen—over their own needs. This explanation might have some validity for ordinary women. But it cannot be plausibly applied to ambitious and successful politicians and their counterparts in charities, public services, and universities. It is also hard to reconcile with the fact that young people with a university degree are the most likely demographic to embrace transgenderism; young women with degrees are also most likely to call themselves feminists.

It can't be plausibly applied how? Once you're indoctrinated from birth to place everyone else's needs over your own and taught to be the "bigger person" by bending a knee and selling your own gender out, it's hard to shake it off no matter what authoritative position you hold. And as for politicians, they can be bought and lobbied into agreement. The biggest people funding the trans movement are millionaire white men, how the hell is this guy not addressing that and only placing the blame on reeee feminists? How is he not seeing the amount of male AGPs demanding their way into female spaces through violence or threats of violence? Does he really think that women hold so much power (what a joke) that they're capable of pushing the trans movement so aggressively? Hell libfems pee their pants in fear when you imply that men don't belong in feminism and how sex work should be banned for exploiting women, how is their attitude not the result of female socialization and its need to prioritize yourself at the bottom?

No. 449523

Reads like that satirical subreddit mocking how male authors describe women with over the top parodies, except it's real.

No. 449531

No. 449584

>gender specific… off for current year
I really wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the pink pill thread, but goddamn. Does no one care that WOMEN are being abused anymore? It MUST be about men and genderspecials (who are men.)

No. 449585

File: 1566053667754.jpg (577.51 KB, 810x2234, Screenshot_20190817-095228_Red…)

Oops, dropped pic.

No. 449598

File: 1566055229692.png (1.71 MB, 1078x1322, Screenshot_20190817-101843(1).…)

It's funny how this specific scenario would never happen in real life because of the troon.

No. 449600

anyone find young tifs so sad? like she doesnt need hormones to be confident its something you work on yourself, its fine to be a tomboy, its fine if you dont fit in or have much in common with most girls. your teen years are when you change the most and most decisions from then arent so lasting

No. 449606

Of course it's a woman and a TiM couple instead of being a lesbian or a gay couple. I wouldn't expect less from Adam "Clout Chaser" Ellis.

No. 449607

File: 1566057062755.png (Spoiler Image, 1.09 MB, 1076x1744, Screenshot_20190815-235249_2.p…)

"Neovaginas look just like the real thing! If you wouldn't fuck one you're just a transphobe!"

(Don't click if you're squeamish. I spoilered the pic for a reason.)

No. 449608

lol that’s really not good

No. 449610

How is this person even able to apply anything to their raw open meat?
The fact they're able to consider this ok enough to post this to reddit for a second opinion makes me feel like they don't have full mental capacity. That butcher is profiting from legal abuse of the mentally ill.

No. 449611

File: 1566058068165.jpg (55.84 KB, 720x720, 1555639139002.jpg)

There's a special place in hell for surgeons who perform this shit. They're literally taking advantage of mentally ill people's delusions for profit and mutilating them.

No. 449612

>The fact they're able to consider this ok enough to post this to reddit for a second opinion makes me feel like they don't have full mental capacity.
They're clearly not. Gender dysphoria is a severe mental illness and instead of pushing people to be comfortable with their bodies, doctors are ruining them with expensive surgeries and hormones and to help strengthen their delusions becausr it makes them more money.

No. 449613

what the fuck?? "doctors" shouldn't be allowed to do this. if this isn't mutilation, what is?

No. 449614

File: 1566058703120.jpg (1.64 MB, 1415x1600, 030b8ddc-34f8-4063-97b7-2717fb…)

Just… why. Why would someone do this to their body? What doctor would agree to this shit? Absolutely horrific.
Even if this healed correctly it would still be pitiable. That mound of flesh which I'm assuming is supposed to be clit looks ridiculous.

No. 449615

File: 1566058793696.png (305.3 KB, 1972x1096, wew.png)

And this was his final judgment.
To think, doctors who do this shit are seen as having done "the right thing" to "help" mental illness.
We're the bad ones for seeing something wrong with this picture.

No. 449624

Oh Jesus fuck I opened this right as I was making lasagna, put me right off my dinner plans

I feel incredibly ill thinking of the troon who I once shared an apartment with, especially as they moved in right after their surgery and used to be very comfortable whining at me about how painful dilating and injecting their hormones was (I was sympathetic in those days, because ~girlz supporting girlz~ lol). Like, no shit it hurts. How does anyone sign up for this willingly?

No. 449626

>And I am sure, Testosterone will help me feel finally confident
Idk if it's a language barrier. I don't think so, they seem Icelandic and they have really great English skills. But this is so, so sad.

She's struggling with SOMETHING. Isn't identity issues common with identical twins?

Also I forgot halfway through that this was a trans video, because it just seemed like the gay coming out videos people used to make.

No. 449630

is there a terf-tif negative feedback loop? like, gnc women who are so afraid of being labeled terf/facing society as a gnc woman, go the tif route, then start projecting about terfs?

No. 449632

You would think these kinds of horror stories would be heavily censored in a trans hugbox since they really want everyone to believe "after transition" is all sunshine and roses and you totally won't be suicidal anymore!

No. 449641

Oh, there WERE replies saying OP should delete it because it was making neovaginas look bad.

No. 449642

They say that because of the censorship. They hardly are ever exposed to this shit despite being very very very common. The stats even say that after surgery troons kill themselves at higher rates due to these severe complications and that they assume their surgery will be a perfect success story

No. 449644


I went through OP's history to find the surgeon.

Dr Ellie Zara Ley, who works under Dr Toby Meltzer at his clinic. He's a well-known surgeon in the world of GRS.

In other words, this wasn't some back alley hack job by a no-name. This was by a globally recognized, well-known surgeon who many troons go to. This is not a one-off.

No. 449645

At this point, I think they are into communism because it's a convenient rebellion point. I've also chalked it up to them liking communism falling into the same category as them liking cat ears and chokers: They're groomed in an online echo chamber that adopted and glamorized it.

They haven't read any books on communism, and actually don't support it beyond justifying their panhandling for hormones with Marxist ideas (that's not how it works).

No. 449661

File: 1566066583266.png (53.98 KB, 1145x364, 541ad54.png)

That's an "excellent approximation" indeed

No. 449665

File: 1566067752629.jpg (63.97 KB, 1366x772, 8GRUxId.jpg)

oh god, you really can pinpoint the exact second his friend hits peak trans. she has a few seconds of
>what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck
and then her face just falls. ugh. poor girl.

No. 449666

I spoke with one of em. And to me its prob that echo chamber and glamorizing shit and what seems the best for them.
Like to them capitalism is like the devil and actually following real communism is good. They said something like following actual communism, not like russia shit.
Idk, prob a mix of glamorizing, not wanting to work so much and be responsible and thinking a place under communism will be best for gay people and they can do all the delusional shit they think.

No. 449667

File: 1566067889845.jpg (196.42 KB, 1440x1915, IMG_20190817_205153.jpg)

No. 449670

File: 1566068265012.png (Spoiler Image, 222.62 KB, 726x757, 144fab6325d0e1a2d2868b4bce2c1e…)

the passage in question. spoiled for obvious reasons.

No. 449675

Marginally related - I had to go visit this sub out of curiosity. One of the first posts I saw is someone asking for an opinion on the specific surgery they want, "vaginoplasty without vulvoplasty" - this isn't the first time I've seen a man do this. What's up with the notion that they can dictate the intricacies of their srs? I feel like a lot of MtF caricaturize what their idea of being a woman is and these specialized surgeries are just bizarre to me. You want to transition, but still keep your testicles? You want a vagina but still want to keep your penis somehow? What??

No. 449687

This reads like it was directly taken from one of /b/'s "childhood sexual experiences" threads where the posters are completely clueless in realizing how much this fucks them up.

No. 449689

Dude none of us are this obsessed with the look of our own labia

No. 449690

Speaking completely honestly, I've seen neovaginas that look fine for what they are, but I've never seen one that looks like a real vagina. It simply isn't possible with current surgical techniques. It will always be too high up on the pelvis, the clitoral hood will always look either strange or being missing entirely, and the fourchette is always missing too because it cannot be created by any current surgeons.

That's simple fact.

No. 449691

File: 1566075586237.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57 KB, 511x767, 94ml8yrtcnw01.jpg)


exactly. here is one of the top posts of all time on reddit's manmadepussy subreddit, which is specifically for posting "attractive" neovaginas, usually pornstar ones.

this is as good as it gets, the best of the best.

it still doesn't look real.

No. 449693

File: 1566075824019.png (197.09 KB, 802x394, 0be.png)

These pictures make me always scream inside my head oh my god why

No. 449695

Not fooling anyone with that face, let alone a fake vagina.

No. 449699

I see what you mean. There's something just visually slightly "off", and if you're as used to looking at biologically made "pussy" as most pornsick males are it leaps out at you immediately.

I also now really want to see that collage of screenshots of an /r9k/ thread where the robot posted a picture of his gf's vag and didn't realise he was fucking a troon (and getting laughed at by robots, which is the ultimate insult after injury.)

No. 449706

Doesn't matter how "good" it looks if it doesn't do what it's supposed to do

No. 449716


Man face, man hips, man shoulders, and horrendous fake tits. But to men see any of that? I’m starting to think men have extremely low standards and will fuck anything. I’m so scared to get into a relationship with some guy just to find out he’s into transgenders and trans porn. Sick.

No. 449718

true blackpill is that men will enthusiastically fuck mufflers. like all men basically, but still have the entitlement and awfulness to make women feel terrible for being overweight or having a prominent nose or no hips etc etc.

No. 449732

I believe I saw a study where women were much better at clocking TIMs, while men were much better at clocking TIFs.

No. 449744

Maybe because people are better at recognising the physical characteristics of their own sex so a tranny would look out of place.

No. 449745

There's documentaries out there about men who fuck their cars and have gotten caught fucking other people's cars at shows.

No. 449746


What the fuck…. I’m just going to stay single for life or marry for money lol

No. 449769

File: 1566092512170.png (366.94 KB, 947x651, notsexualatall.png)

Caught these sexual pics on the wall for the split second that they actually showed it. The right "sexy little girl/how 'Riley' sees himself" pic is disgusting.

No. 449782


No. 449788

any society with any hierarchy will always put these losers at the bottom

No. 449814

File: 1566106217041.png (335.34 KB, 708x768, troon.png)

ok, this is epic

No. 449826

Lmao loads of homophobic people would be fine if a lesbian was dating a trans woman because they see it as a heterosexual relationship (which it is). It's the same-sex part and the fact that they can't have biological children which makes homosexuality hated.

No. 449830

File: 1566109550583.png (248.23 KB, 1080x1080, 87798.png)

No. 449892

Anyone else here despise drag? I can’t stand it. It’s really offensive to me. And I don’t get how people are promoting those dragstory hours with children. What are your thoughts?

No. 449893

Drag is misogynist. They are men playing sexist caricatures of women. A lot of people excuse it because most drag queens are gay as if gay men can't be misogynists like straight men. Why do you think drag queens are so popular but not drag kings? Because a woman playing a caricature of men isn't "entertaining" because men aren't seen as a joke like women are.

No. 449895

Drag is men making fun of women but the misogyny is "queered" so it's considered "woke".

It's easy to reduce women down to cliches but hard to do the same for men as they are seen as human beings with a full range of experiences - they are considered the norm so you can't really stereotype them. It's like how it's so hard to racially stereotype white people.

No. 449896

You raise a good point about drag kings still being incredibly niche acts while drag queens are making bank, but these days I feel like drag as an industry is more referencing drag itself and gay men's subculture than it is referencing women. I don't look at drag queens and see anything even remotely "women" about it in a way: the drag [queen] industry I think could exist entirely without women and still look the same. It just never seemed "for" me or really anything to do with me, but more as a way for GNC men to relate to each other. I'm not sure I even find the fact that they're dressing up as a bunch of female signifiers that insulting: drag queens don't look or act like women, they look and act like drag queens.

I do know what you mean about gay men's capacity for blatant misogyny though. Maybe my analysis needs a bit more thought.

No. 449904

It makes me genuinely depressed how every non political female youtuber or content creator I watch has to come out in support of trans rights/libfem ideology.

This youtuber is fucking annoying and I've only watched her about twice in the past but this video got recommended to me for some reason. She says how Victoria's Secret employees are transphobic because they didn't want to measure a man who came into the store.

No. 449911

Lol anon, drag queens literally call women "fish".

No. 449912

i'm surprised vs won't be having a tranny at their runway show thing. didnt they hire one for catalogue crap already? how is that any different? not that i mind, but kind of inconsistent. this girl is incredibly irritating btw. her style of speaking is so obnoxious. you can tell she thinks she's like the thinking person's insta thot/"Stacy" gig with the way she speaks so harshly and deliberately.

No. 449917

I hate drag too. You have these men dressing up as sexist caricatures with the gag boobs, exaggerated make-up, a woman's strength or "fierceness" being tied to her sexualisation or attractiveness, using gendered slurs like "bitch" or "ho" every 5 seconds, and looking down on actual women as part of the "act". Too bad the only time people get offended by drag is when trannies call it out since drag queens see gender as performance while trannies see gender as innate so they think drag queens are making fun of trannies rather than women.

No. 449939

File: 1566128760835.gif (2 MB, 245x230, 066065E9-3AAE-4F77-BE46-F31AEE…)

Its like a troony Craig from Degrassi

No. 449958

File: 1566131694542.gif (471.69 KB, 235x123, laughingheads3.gif)

>you look like Helena Bonham Carter

No. 449963

Even as a kid I didn't understand how it could be considered PC since it's making fun of how women dress, how gay men act effeminate and even how ridiculous the idea of a man trying to be a woman is. That's a trifecta of offensiveness right there. You'd think it'd be the first thing to get #cancelled but is considered apart of the trans umbrella now adays for some reason.

No. 449973

it's really ironic some times, because I was watching a kat blaque video a long ass time ago and he was saying how gay men can be more misogynistic than straight men (which is true, don't get me wrong) and that a lot of gay men seem to think that they know how to be a better woman than women do, and that's why he couldn't watch will & grace because so many of the jokes seemed misogynistic.

it was like the pot calling the kettle blaque.

No. 449976

Drag queens suck but troons only hate drag because it's more liked than they are. The reading to kids drag queen story hour bullshit happened when all the troon money poured into LGBT. They'd rather have Stefonknee or Sissy Reed Barrow read to kids but that's beyond anyone's level of tolerance. And troons constantly shit on drag kings and 'hyper queens' (actual women who do drag)

No. 449980

File: 1566135262790.png (112.96 KB, 583x496, sissy.png)

Speaking of Sissy its pure kek that he posts the same bullshit hypnosis videos as /r/mtf

No. 449988

Okay so first time posting, but I’m a bisexual woman and my boyfriend transitioned two years ago. He has been incredibly abusive to me physically and sexually but every time I try to bring it up with him he says Im getting in his way of being a real woman by reminding him of his actions. His idea of womanhood is totally a caricature and it disgusts me. Every time I talk about feeling unloved or ugly he reminds me how he has it worse and he has “dysphoria episodes” that he uses as an excuse to abuse me for not making him feel like a woman. I used to be for transgender people, my two best friends are transgender women who arent weird and who have a personality and stuff Im just so sick of it.
Everything to him is about being a woman like he has no personality. And of course hes addicted to porn and a huge narcissist.
Its just hard to leave when youre being physically abused and every single time I say anything he calls me a “Terf” so Im thinking of just wearing it proudly.
He kept trying to get me to transition and telling me I look like a man and pointing out my manly features and making me be dominant when he was dominant for 3 years. I cant even be the little spoon anymore.
He would say things like he wished he got catcalled on the street when people catcall me or how he wished he would get raped and sexually harassed.

Transgenderism rots peoples brains. He was okay before he transitioned and now after he uses his transgender status to tell me how I oppress him in every way.
I’ve been blackpilled on this shit, I cant be tolerant anymore. Insidious and now I know unfortunately common behavior.

No. 449994

Physical and sexual abuse is unacceptable under any circumstances, yeet him out your life.

No. 450000

Why the fuck are you still with him???

No. 450011

Sit him down and tell him all of your complaints.
If he refuses to accept it, continue saying all that you need to say and cut him loose. Don't outright say "I'm dumping you" (that's too difficult IMO, and I imagine that's why you haven't broken up with him already), just "Well, if you can't understand me, then this isn't going to work, so maybe…".
It'll cut him. He'll either go silent and you can walk, he'll throw a tantrum and make it that much easier to walk, or he'll make excuses, waffle around, and finally actually promise to change (but tbh, if he's really a narcissist, he won't change anyway. It's just fun when they're apologizing and trying to get on your good side for once).

No. 450022

Tell him that perhaps he should date another trans woman since you as a cis woman cause so much oppression and pain for him

No. 450024

File: 1566143381933.jpg (636.33 KB, 1080x2280, us5ys8X.jpg)

Just saw this on Spinster. I'm disgusted but not surprised.

No. 450034

No. 450038

File: 1566145515143.png (880.41 KB, 1198x1192, tdg.png)

What does this even mean? There's a specific appearance and age you have if you're a feminist, and you're also straight? What do they mean by "PLEASE DON'T TELL US SHE'S A TERF"? Are they worried that people are going to say that, or that this fictional being with no opinions or personality might be one since in 2019, feminism = automatic TERFdom?
It's almost like this is just so retarded I can't even process it, let alone be offended.
Also, note that they made the "trans" version basically look exactly the same, but with a tattoo, the "feminist" dial turned all the way down, and more makeup, lmao.

No. 450039

No. 450071

What is this cursed profile? Is that a sex doll? Wtf.

No. 450094

If you contact her, kittyit on tumblr can put you in touch with other women who are in/have been in your situation. Best wishes anon.

No. 450102

The feminist one is shaved, the trans is shaved, the german is shaved, the american is shaved…. the least popular one is the lesbian, not shaved…ok

No. 450134

I went to an event last night and I saw a pair of identical twins, but one had trooned out. They were conventionally attractive young guys. One was dressed as a normal guy, the other had a crop top on and high waisted jeans. He had super cheap Halloween wig on, and terrible makeup. Even if you truly felt like you were a women, would you rather not live your life as an attractive guy? Why would you rather look like a total freak show? Especially if you're a twin like everyone is always reminded of how much you've ruined your looks.

No. 450140

File: 1566157163889.jpeg (575.96 KB, 750x983, 695A0242-F1B0-4CA6-BCD1-693120…)

a personal troon. I have a hard time believing the legitimacy of this? He’s really gone off the rails since deciding to transition, dragging his long time girlfriend with him. It’s really sad honestly

No. 450144

Shoes loosen up when you use them over the time… What an idiot

No. 450145

ankles don't line up, he's just posing his right foot further back

No. 450148

No that's pretty common. Something to do with bone changes after a enough time on estrogen. The troon I knew went from a size 13 to a size 11, and it's a common talking point on that subreddit.

No. 450160

Changing feet size does happen over time on hormones (smaller for E bigger for T). I had a trans friend and can confirm.

No. 450164

converse are pretty forgiving in terms of size. I've had three different sized pairs (uk5,6 and 7 -I'm a tk maxx shopper) in the past few years that all fit fine. They're easy to stretch out if they're a size too small and don't feel like clown shoes if they're a size too big.

No. 450169

Hmm okay, interesting. He posts some other stuff that kind of strikes me as odd so I wasn’t sure if this was BS or not.

No. 450178

In my city there's a street where literally on every block there's "KILL TERFS", "TRANS POWER" (which is awfully similar to "white power"), etc graffiti. Somehow TERFs deserve death while actual male trans murderers don't even get mentioned. I can't believe I live in a city where this stuff is tolerated, the graffiti has been there for months now.

No. 450179

Drag queens fucking hate hyper queens too

No. 450185

I shouldn’t be surprised since “Asian” is one of the most popular porn categories.

No. 450187

>Shy Yume is Eurasian. Survey results showed that 38 percent of respondents preferred a white dream girl, just under 25 percent said race didn’t matter, and the next most popular racial preference was more than 10 percent Asian, thus resulting in Eurasian Shy.

>More than 40 percent of respondents preferred the dream woman to be bisexual; in second place, a little less than 35 percent of respondents wanted her to be heterosexual; and around 13 percent of respondents said her sexual orientation didn’t matter.

>Here’s something: 60 percent of users said their dream woman wasn’t a feminist. Unsurprising? Sure. Make you wanna throw your computer through a window and scream forever? Yep! What’s interesting is that more than 50 percent of respondents wanted their dream woman to be fully shaved as opposed to partially hairy and that the lowest percentage (just over 10 percent) said hair didn’t matter.

No. 450189

So normal girls should be 160cm and trannies get to be a bit taller at 170cm.
Men sure love to feel like they're the biggest…

No. 450190

she looks really white

No. 450192

That’s kinda the point. xHamster wanted her to be “normal looking” aka white with a splash of “exotic” aka Asian (which is her submissiveness comes from).

No. 450198

Well men want to be taller than women and trannies are naturally usually taller than women so it checks out

No. 450199

youre gullible

No. 450201

Well men want to be taller than women and trannies are naturally usually taller than women so it checks out

No. 450204

So the dream girl of pornsick males is a Eurasian, 160 cm, blue-eyed, black-haired, bisexual, fully shaved, curvy, submissive, anti-feminist, 25 year old woman lol

No. 450205

The lesbian is also only 19 years old

No. 450206

But wasn't she the dream girl of the lesbian watchers or? I'm sure the lesbians who watch porn are quite young Idk

No. 450207

Lesbians don’t watch lesbian porn.

No. 450208

It was based on a survey from 50,000 respondents. Lesbian porn is made for men and tends to feature schoolgirls.

No. 450209

Saw people on Tumblr yass queen-ing at screenshots of this clip, and I decided to check it out. There's something about that part where the TiM talks about the woman having an abortion and how it doesn't "make her a woman" that makes me really uncomfortable. And it's treated as just some sort of a sassy read, instead of a fucked up thing to say. Then he starts insulting her looks, because of course that's what REALLY makes someone a real woman.. They're also "stronger than she'll ever be", because apparently a "cis" woman's life is just a breeze, filled with barbies, ponies and boyfriends.

Also the irony of that line about clothing not being able to "conceal the fact that you do not know who you are".

No. 450210

So she’s the type of Eurasian girl that white men fantasize about. Mostly white looking but with a few Asian features to make her ~exotic~. Her first name is also literally Shy and her surname is Yume which is Japanese for “dream”. Wew.

No. 450211


>I may only be ten days old, but I was still shocked to hear journalists and online commenters assume that my bisexuality was a product of some regressive male fantasy. To those who called me out as such: you should be ashamed of yourselves.⠀

>You, like so many biphobes and anti-feminists before you, assume that bisexuals are just some generation of the male fantasy.⠀

No. 450213

I blame sex-positive feminism for this.

No. 450215

>And let me also mention that nearly a third of our audience is women.⠀
That’s not even true. What has been happening is that many men pretend to be women online as part of an AGP fantasy or they upload pornographic content of their girlfriend while pretending to be them.

No. 450216

I used to see stuff like “I love being abused” from porn blogs on tumblr that claimed to be run by women but were then revealed to be men LARPing as women lol

No. 450219

Then where’s the dream bisexual guy, xHamster? Since bisexuals are also attracted to men.

No. 450223

I am so disgusted by this.

>Feminism is said to be about women’s rights, isn’t it?⠀

>I guess it should protect all women then, including those pixelated only on the screens.⠀

>Being a woman, I want to feel this sisterhood and care. I’m saying no to hatred and anger just because of the fact I was created not to someone’s liking.⠀


No. 450226

Lmao she’s like one of those white people who racefake being part East Asian on Instagram since they think being Asian is just having small eyes and a name like Hayato

No. 450228

File: 1566168093539.jpg (585.52 KB, 750x983, 1566157163889.jpg)

Yeah, he just placed one foot further than the other

That's not how bones work, keep dreaming tranny.

No. 450229

>I’m saying no to hatred and anger just because of the fact I was created not to someone’s liking.⠀

Literally created from male sexual fantasies, yet whines about how it needs feminism. Despite not being a feminsm by design. lmfao

No. 450230

>not a feminist
>uses feminism to shield it from criticism
Very typical male response and just like troons.

No. 450233

>keep dreaming tranny.
Calm down, you frothing autist. I had a trans friend who took T and her feet grew. Sorry that my experience doesn't correlate with what you think you know about hormone therapy, but that's your problem if you're mad.

No. 450236

lmao he posts shit about his “boobs”, similar to the other ridiculous troons on here but more facebook/family friendly. Alongside rant-y things about makeup and bras, like not understanding how to wear them and be comfy like… bras and makeup aren’t even things all women wear or like, his notions of femininity make me cring. Plus he’s the typical balding overweight 40 year old man, it’s jarring. BUT I need to shut up cuz he’s just one of many, it’s just bizarre having it so close.

No. 450238

I've seen that too. Everyone cheering on a man for declaring that biology doesn't make a woman a woman. Reads very clearly that to them, 'woman' is a feeling that should be always accompanied by stereotypical feminine things like jewelry and dresses. And their fight to be there really only consisted of yelling at uncomfortable women, calling them bigots.

What's ironic is that poc especially black women don't put up with men especially black men trying to be women.

Every. Single. Time kek. You could always tell by their writing and descriptions about their misogyny/male supremacy fetishes that they were 100% male. They were either in their 30s or 40s, hated feminism and anything that involved women in nonsexual situations like fight for rights, white and living out in bumbfuck nowhere.

It was a while ago but I remember an expose by buzzfeed (I know it's buzzfeed but it was a pretty good deep dive) into just how many men were larping online as women, specifically ultra conservative alt right anti feminism women. Despite shitting on anything related to women, men wanted to convince women that there were women who agreed with them. It was wild

No. 450240

>What's ironic is that poc especially black women don't put up with men especially black men trying to be women.

Oh yeah LSA is shifting on trannies constantly (and they are right).

No. 450243

File: 1566169588471.jpeg (762.04 KB, 1125x1491, 7D8A794C-0AE1-49D1-9B56-E0E402…)

It’s funny to see how hated trans activism is among non-white immigrants even though the former pretend to “speak on behalf of PoC”

No. 450249

Ntayrt but I would like a source for this "bones change size because of HRT" business. It just sounds far-fetched and unscientific to me.

No. 450256

They will lose bone density but they don’t gain or lose length. The best they can hope for is shrinking a bit like very old people do because of osteoporosis.

No. 450262

For MTF-
It's not that it magically makes your bones shrink. It's that you lose bone density, which makes your feet a little smaller.

For FTM-
Testosterone effects your body in a similar way to aging because it involves the drastic lowering of estrogen. As you get older, your feet grow, it's very common for women to experience this. Being on testosterone is essentially like going through premature menopause in a lot of ways and rapidly recreates some effects of aging, such as foot growth.

It is not a good thing, it is yet another side effect of your body responding horribly to hormones that have no business being there.

No. 450277

File: 1566176067414.jpg (45.4 KB, 912x234, keep fapping idiots.jpg)

xhamster is evil

No. 450279

The effects of estrogen on bone density take years, no tranny popping titty skittles for 6 months will see their ~bones shrink~.

No. 450281

I fucking hate this on every level you pointed out. Also, like, this is a Ryan Murphy show, and we're just not going to talk about how fucking gross his track record with female characters is. I even LIKE a lot of his stuff but he spends years doing the same old misogynist (but it's okay I'm a sassy gay guy, I can say things like women are stupid and dumb and disgusting and shallow) shit, then he makes "serious" stuff and puts his same old misogynist shit in the mouths of oommggg trans woc ommggg and suddenly it's daring.

I hate how (everywhere, but especially in lefty queer places) women=mundane in people's minds. Teen girls are stupid screeching fangirls, moms are this poor woman, boring and stupid and not even in good clothes, and then you get old and you're worthless. I hate how alienated I feel because of this attitude in LGBT spaces. I hate having to be the "boring/spoiled/stupid/clueless" springboard for some male's identity because he's decided on woke MRA talking points. Like how is the black trans woman character here not basically saying "stupid roastie with your pussy pass, you'll never know real pain."

Honestly, I can respect huge parts of it, but this shit is the reason I straight up don't go to places dominated by gay men anymore. I am so tired of feeling like a dress up doll at best, and a fucking urinal at worst.

No. 450282

All of this and shy yume thing is so incredibly cynical, I'm honestly shook
>put the safety of porn producers at risk
cry me a River

No. 450283

Don't strike against child laborers, how will the ten year olds working in the textile mill pay for their family's tenement then uwu

No. 450285

Am I the only one who is genuinely depressed by this? The porn industry is so fucking evil.

No. 450288

Gail Dines is a a fucking legend, you keep your cumstained hands off her you fucks

No. 450292

>puts the performers safety at risk
Like… How porn does?

Love that they came for NoFap that still is growing too. Just looking at that sub and you see people talking about porn like the drug it is. These porn producers must feel threatened that those guys really don't want to be addicted anymore.

Wondering if we'll start to see the divide of women rejecting porn and mtfs troons pro porn grow thicker.

No. 450297

Yes absolutely, men trying to break free from the bonds of obsessive porn watching and masturbating endlessly is definitely not what these sites want. They want them to stay cumbrains forever. But yeah, libfems will continue to screech about how porn/sex work is sewwww liberating, I really don't think they are going to reject porn anytime soon. Tims on the other hand, wonder if they'll try to make neovag porn more common or something like that? Make "lesbian" porn with their girldicks?

No. 450301

I’m glad porn producers are afraid of NoFap but NoFap is also proof that men don’t care about the fact that pornography is VAW, they just don’t like that it messes with their brains so they can’t hold erections anymore or be more productive

No. 450302

She is introverted and traditional but constantly posting naked photos of herself and having sex. She is not a feminist but uses feminism to talk about how she is actually an empowering person.

No. 450305

When will Shy Yume make a post calling people racist when they say she fetishises Asian people

No. 450308

NoFap is kinda stupid because it thinks masturbation is the problem so men who abstain from it will become healthier and gain “superpowers” like some sort of celibate wizard. The problem is pornography addiction and the fucked up way men view sexuality, not the masturbation.

No. 450309

NoFap communities are full of misogynists like any male-dominated community. A lot of them think women have been able to “gain power over men” because men are too busy being mind controlled by porn so men need to quit it to focus on conquering women sexually in the real world.

No. 450324

File: 1566186060274.jpg (78.81 KB, 500x404, tumblr_o1trpafy2Y1rw2zhko1_500…)

>If you criticize anything about a CGI representation of a woman designed by men, then you're not a feminist. Feminists should defend the non-choices of representations of women that are designed by men.

>if you hate that this CGI representation exists, then you hate the type of women that she represents (bisexuals, Eurasians, etc.)

So it's the porn industry using a fictional woman as a sockpuppet and acting like criticism of the fact that she was predictably made bisexual is criticism of bisexuals.

We are seing a site that profits from the sexual exploitation of women protecting their business.

If feminism was understood to be for women, and women were understood to be adult human females, women as a class could talk about our sex-based oppression.

But when anyone can be a woman, regardless of sex, we can't analyze trends of which group of people is getting strangled in xHamster videos by which other group or which group of people is being pressured into anal sex by which other group, after the other group watches porn and develops an interest in rough anal sex.

So to prevent us from having the language to describe sex-based oppression, they want to redefine 'woman' to mean anything and nothing, so we can't talk about issues affecting women because we can't define women. So they REEEE against terfs. It's truly evil.

And now they're making a sockpuppet that will try to muddy the waters and act like greentext is true.

No. 450331

File: 1566186951506.png (1 MB, 1017x672, CZijpGlUAAEszIY.png)

why is it horrible? if these degenerate freaks are so retarded, sexist and deluded that they think being a woman is opposite of being human and they'll suddenly transform into sexy big titty anime girls who fuck other girls they deserve to waste their money and feel horrible about their ruined bodies later. nasty mind, nasty outside, that's all they deserve.

No. 450335

bullying retards for money is a bad thing, anon. most troons don't come to these conclusions themselves, they're just stupid and get roped in by others. you seem to have missed a lot of discussion about how the medical community is likely pushing this a lot to make $$, and using their lobbyists to get it done. troons that won't stfu with their hateful anti-terf bs are the ones worth hating, but idiot young men and women getting duped aren't.

No. 450340

File: 1566188541377.jpg (44.23 KB, 500x283, gun.jpg)

I knew this, but seeing it typed out and broken down just pissed me off even more. Of course, some libfems will unironically defend this, because they lack critical thinking skills.
This was supposed to be the age of progress and advancement of the human race. What happened?
Just what is this world? Can we even stop it at this point, or are we just meant to watch this horrible machine run itself into the ground?

No. 450347

File: 1566192501594.png (398.52 KB, 702x395, 44CORTG.png)

>So to prevent us from having the language to describe sex-based oppression, they want to redefine 'woman' to mean anything and nothing, so we can't talk about issues affecting women because we can't define women. So they REEEE against terfs. It's truly evil.
Absolutely. It's so scary and insidious. Feminism is always enemy #1 to men.

No. 450348

It’s shocking how the only ones who seem to care about this tranny bullshit changing the laws to make women more vulnerable are the radical feminists, womanists, a few material feminists, and whatever the r/gendercritical people are supposed to be (radfem lite?). Do other feminists just not care or something?

No. 450352

The problem is that “feminism” has been reduced to an identity rather than an action. Now whatever you do or say is feminist as long as you identify as a feminist. The third-wave defanged feminism by appealing to men and men will always try to control women so they used feminism itself to do so.

No. 450354

Radical feminism has undergone a really strange renewal. What was once seen as the “scary” branch of feminism that many women rejected because they didn’t want to be seen as a hairy, man-hating lesbian is now attracting conservative pro-capitalist racists because the tranny problem has become so massive.

No. 450355

There's a couple libfems who parade around TRA bullshit basically to save face since they're surrounded by so many TRAs and don't want to avoid any confrontation. It's sad, I wonder if TRAs are aware a good section of their narrative is being parroted by people only because they're basically trying to survive.

No. 450356

Samefagging here but loads of normies are getting called TERF then they search up what TERF means and become interested in radical feminism so this is another reason for the movement growing so much in the past couple of years. The trannies are actually helping radical feminists by giving them publicity. They should have just stuck to calling everybody transphobic instead of accusing Beyone or JK Rowling of being TERFs.

No. 450357

Materialist, socialist, Marxist feminists used to be good but communism as a whole has been infiltrated by trannies so now they mostly support TRA ideology. I know some matfems and a socfem who align themselves with radfems but as a whole their existence is getting swallowed up by transfems.

No. 450358

TERF has become a reclaimed identity in its own way despite being a pejorative that arose from Michfest drama. The word has lost a lot of its meaning to me so now “terf” kinda sounds like a fantasy creature, especially when people say “terves”.

No. 450360

>“terf” kinda sounds like a fantasy creature, especially when people say “terves”.
kek I make that association too, maybe because 'terven' sounds like 'elven'

As much as I'll tell anyone that terf is a slur, a silencing tactic and not even technically accurate I still think of myself as one tbh, it doesn't bother me on a personal level and I'm happy to be what they hate. It's not like radical feminists excluding (male) trannies is anything but reasonable so I'll cop the label.

No. 450365

Radical feminism probably gives them a sense of sisterhood and an explanation of female oppression which is missing from mainstream feminist discourse. I actually saw some women on Mumsnet wondering how radical feminism was even “radical” for thinking biological sex is real. That’s not the radical part obviously but it shows you how far mainstream feminism has drifted away from the needs of women.

No. 450374

Anon if you’re still here, do you have a good support system in place? Someone to help you through this and give you a place to crash if necessary?

Extracting yourself from an abusive relationship with a TIM may be even harder than getting away from a ‘normal’ abusive boyfriend, because he may have already built the narrative that he’s the real victim in this situation and you’re the abuser. When regular men try to pull this people are more likely to see through it but with TIMs you never know. I hope you have people in your life who have your back and haven’t swallowed his bullshit. It’s much easier if you’re not alone.

I think plenty of them know that women are afraid of them and like it. If they wanted women to think well of them they wouldn’t be so quick to threaten our lives and livelihoods whenever we step out of line. They enjoy ruling through fear.

No. 450378

She looks Arab or Latina. I am convinced you can make an Arab or Latina woman and call her Eurasian so the yellowfeverfags can be satisified.

No. 450381

A lot of mestizas do get tagged as Asian on porn sites, apparently.

No. 450382

lmao men are so visually retarded. for the more "visual" sex their optic nerves sure do seem to be crossed with their rectal nerves 99% of the time

No. 450394

I agree, I think many of them are a bit gender critical and may even have views that would be considered "radical feminist" but perform cognitive dissonance to keep their friends happy. The way that trans activism works is actually very similar to how cults operate which is why people can get stuck in it for years even if they know deep down that it doesn't make sense.

Nearly all matfems I've met are shit. They borrow from the same Marxist canon as radfems but matfems sit in the ivory tower all day writing their post-structuralist deconstructions of sex in their attempts to be "trans inclusive".

No. 450412

File: 1566214132483.jpg (97.31 KB, 696x808, pronounsbio.jpg)

Better start updating those business cards, ladies!

No. 450420

Matfems are insufferable.

No. 450421

No. 450425

This is why I don't follow people on twitter who have their pronouns in their bio

No. 450427

It seems to be because they see it as black /women/ being talked down to, who are defending themselves against white women. Rather than black men being misogynistic to natal women.

No. 450433

That's the thing. A lot of people nowadays think you can get away with saying something sexist if you put 'white', 'straight' or 'cis' in front of women. Straight and white women do oppress lesbians and WoC so there can be genuine criticism there but cis is bullshit. You can't be privileged for being cis unless you're a man so that scene from Pose is just pure misogyny.

No. 450441

I bet I could take actual posts from incel.co and /r9k/, change "femoid" to "cishets", "cis women" or "TERFs" and quickly build a following as an activist.

No. 450443

You really could because trans "women" are really just men who learned to use leftist language to gain dominance over women and they've been far more effective at it than incels.

No. 450445

File: 1566221954643.jpg (59.38 KB, 422x750, 7898.jpg)

No. 450446

File: 1566221997527.jpg (12.67 KB, 632x256, 8788.jpg)

No. 450447

I have a trans brother and i was fairly pro trans beforehand but now that I saw how delusional he became, I changed my mind completly on the issue

No. 450448

File: 1566222023027.jpg (74.82 KB, 590x817, 2132.jpg)

No. 450449

File: 1566222090893.png (97.01 KB, 700x607, 455.png)

No. 450450

File: 1566222225713.png (60.88 KB, 745x583, 14554.png)

No. 450467

I thought this as soon as the JK Rowling thing happened. Like, someone as widely admired as her (which is still true despite her kinda weird recent dumbledore-gay type stuff) isn't going to get canceled because you call her a TERF. If anything, people are going to see Rowling's original tweet and probably agree with it because they like her. As it is, Harry Potter obsessed types are some of the loudest non-trans TRA people, so alienating them is a reallly bad move.

same thing happened to my mom. she said she was fine with trans people in theory, but when it's someone you've known their whole life, you can see how much of a self-centered, identity-obsessed moron they're being. and these people just LOVE to be able to cry on twitter about how their parents don't support their "transition" when all my parents are concerned about is, you know, the lifelong health damage from hormone injections. as for me, when she starts to get an awful pube beard and is stuck with it for life I'll fucking laugh. she's 5 foot 3 at most so she's gonna look like a literal gnome

No. 450470

my breaking moment was when he expect that I won't get mad after he stole one of my bra and talked about it in a weird fetishistic way to his fellow tranny friends (bonus point he pulled on it so strongly he cracked the tulle lining in the process, bitch, everyone know that you shouldn't try and wear something that you know would be too tight for you)
>cry on twitter
My brother whines about me contantly for twitter likes pretty funny stuff

No. 450472

that's pretty awful. i found my sister's "writing" blog at one point and it was just all about how I'm a cold stemlord who won't "open up" about "feelings." like god damn, i used to talk to her but there's always a new identity that she needs validated. she keeps getting my dad to do "son things" with her like teaching her how to throw a football or whatever. it's honestly creepy because my family basically paid zero attention to gender when we were growing up. my parents both wore suits to their wedding ffs (they are a hetero couple btw lol). so I think they're pretty offended by the idea that they would have raised her at all differently if she'd been male.

No. 450478


please tell me this is a joke

No. 450482

Half the reason I stopped being a TRA was because this shit is so exhausting. You're constantly walking on eggshells and even if you're the perfect TRA they will just make up a way you're supposedly fucking up like these two. Not to mention the disgusting narcissism behind making EVERYTHING a trans issue. You can't even talk about FGM without them sperging about "not all female genitals are female!!!1111"

No. 450483

for me, i am a horrible transphobe and a reactionary and pretends our childhood didn't exist (we were best friends growing up)
he threatened me, called it a "radical act of self care" and was cheered on by his tranny clique that's the kind of environment he decided to surround him with

No. 450485

File: 1566228087250.png (42.83 KB, 504x141, Screen-Shot-2016-11-15-at-8-18…)

Why are they so rapey

No. 450488

Bc they're men.

No. 450552

man that's way worse than my sister's deal really. TIFs don't have nearly the same uh… murderous energy. i basically settled on a policy of not giving her any more meat to tweet about and it's kind of tapered off. it sounds like you have to live with him though which is just scary. stay safe.

No. 450555

this level of narcicissm is becoming dangerous. yes joyce, PLEASE enlighten us "terfies" on how many trans girls (see also: MEN) get their genitals mutilated for the sole purpose of never experiencing pleasure during sex again in their lives. oh that's right, IT DOESN'T HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!

No. 450556

To think all this time that MRAs were so hated by libfems all they had to do was turn around and instead of saying "women's problems don't really exist," start saying "actually, saying those are 'women's' problems is offensive because males are women too." And now people are eating it up, crusading for men's rights, silencing women's rights movements and organizations, and supporting men who make violent, sexual threats against women.

No. 450566


Dumbest thing I’ve ever read

No. 450568


Great way to put it, and it’s true

No. 450569

I think MAYBE this person is a TIF and they are saying that sometimes FGM happens to fakebois?

No. 450570

>100% observable fact about human bodies.

TRAs continuous science denial honestly baffles and scares me. Every time I think I’ve seen the worst of it I read something new and peak all over again.

No. 450574

I live far away from him, unfortunatly he's coming back home soon
>murderous energy
He became an aggressive and thin skinned individual, escaped home for a bit after my dad asked him to cut his 5cm long nails and I had a violent altercation with him on the subject of his annoying voice, another one on his usage of his phone while eating
Will take precaution next time physically and mentally

No. 450581

Unlikely. There was a tweet circulating where a troon claimed despite having male circumcision he is a real woman so what happened to him was FGM.

No. 450582


Yeah that’s definitely it

No. 450588

Who would think this were a biological woman with that voice?

No. 450598

I couldn't even listen to the first two minutes of this privileged asshole.
How many times does this shit have to repeat before they realize having a dick between their legs is a big fucking deal to most straight men?
Why don't they just hunt at gay bars and the like so the message won't be so unclear?

No. 450602


So they joke about the ladyboys and he thinks that her ‘I’m trans’ comments were also jokes so he was shocked to find out she had a dick when he wanted to hook up.

Also she said some drunk girl at the club took photos with her because she thought she was so pretty ? And that it made her feel good having that attention while she’s out with these tinder dudes lmao eye roll

No. 450607


And then they say that being GC or a TERF etc is "unscientific" and "scientifically ignorant/incorrect" and that we're all science-deniers like flat earthers or some shit. Redefining the fucking objective rules of biology does not constitute science, it is revisionist in order to be PC. As an engineer I feel like I'm taking crazy pills when talking to these people who say I'm ignorant and a sciencephobe or some shit.

No. 450608

That HSTS fem gay voice. Women don't sound like gay men, surprisingly enough, who'da thunk it??

No. 450610

File: 1566245118164.jpg (74.83 KB, 640x640, tras homophobia.jpg)

No. 450614

Well some brave and stunning transwomen pay cosmetic surgeons for elective surgery that inverts their penis which is basically the same as being held down and forcibly mutilated because uh, something something transmisogyny. Anyway men are the real victim here TERF TERF TERF TERF TERF

Probably. Some TIFs seem to be actively trying to reach TIM levels of obnoxious assholery, like the ones saying abortion isn’t a women’s issue because “men get pregnant too”.

No. 450624

and this is why people hate gay people. I mean, the majority hate gay people already, but the trans agenda makes it SO much worse. it's so horrible being a gay woman in her 30s right now with all this going on.

No. 450625

This legit made me fucking angry.

No. 450631

that thumbnail and instagram pictures…compared to the reality

No. 450633

It's an obvious HSTS but honestly after seeing so many greasy AGP transbians this is like a breath of fresh air. The bar has been set so low that I actually welcome a self-hating gay man in drag as the tolerable type.

No. 450663

I peak transed because of the Rose McGowan and Andi Dier drama.

No. 450664

I'm so fucking thankful for this thread. Looking for radfem spaces or community in my city and the one result I found had a big "NO TERFS" disclaimer. Can't even go to literal radfem discussions without catering to men anymore.

Someone I know just came out as a TiM. He badgered a friend's ex for her nudes after they broke up to the point that her ex had to warn her about him. Every fucking time.

No. 450670

i legitimately don't care about what happens to some sexist, fetishistic freak's body. and that's what i'm referring to. you know that's what i'm referring to because of the picture i posted. stop acting high and mighty.

No. 450679

I can understand radfems supporting TiFs but allowing TiMs into the movement makes no damn sense.

No. 450680

same lol i'm just praying they all meme themselves out of the gene pool, and potentially worse. they're all incel adjacent freakos regardless of political alignment and they're horrible people

No. 450682

I was so angry when endometriosis month happened and people wouldn't shut up with the "Stop focusing on cis women!! Trans men and non-binary can get endo too!!" bullshit. When it is prostate health month nobody ever goes on about how trans women can get it too. It's always about shoving women out of the conversation but never men.

No. 450683

Jesus, if they want to believe trans women are women but have radfem ideologies then the should just become matfems. Matfems critique gender and have Marxist foundations too but are so thoroughly divorced from biological reality, kek.

No. 450685

File: 1566261063398.png (256.61 KB, 583x570, 43433.PNG)

I just found pic related.

>biological reality
Or reality in general. They think lesbianism doesn't really exist and Wittig doesn't believe women have vaginas. Matfems have some good theory but their community has been full of trash since the trannies started to take over communist spaces for w/e reason.

No. 450687

I mean if you look at it as vulnerable people, especially young people and autistic people, getting sucked into a culture that gives them an identity and co-dependent friends, it does become a kind of tragedy, closer to drug addiction. plus once they've made being trans their identity and started on hormones, they're going to dig in and be much less receptive to a discussion of why they feel the way they do and why they feel the need to transition. it's the same thing as young nerds getting sucked into incel & anime culture - they don't start out nearly as hateful as they end up. once they're in it you can't really talk to them and can't do much but avoid them & defend yourself, but young people should be protected from the influence of these people.

No. 450693

Yeah I think it's a mixture of through-and-through sexist pornsick narcs and guys who started out on the OK side, some gay, some effeminate and socially awkward, and got memed into it. Clearly it is like incels where most of them end up becoming hateful, sexist, potentially violent egotists regardless which is atrocious, but I'm also heartbroken to see so many vulnerable young people get roped into it as a "solution" to their homosexuality, gender nonconformity, depression, etc. when it's clear it's not truly helping them and that the results of transitioning are vastly different from what is being shilled to them, with most targets now being minors too.

No. 450695

Ikr. Scrotes don't give a shit when transbians pull this shit everywhere, when Stefonknee plays with children and pisses in corridors, when the Wachowskis are named in polls 'the greatest female directors of all time', when every woman's org is filled with troons who nail rats to doors to intimidate them.

They only care when they might look like a ~faggot~, usually after an extended period of getting involved with the TiM to begin with just like the losers in that video. Not to vindicate TiMs with their 'we're ~hawter~ than natural women' bullshit but I do think a lot of scrotes lowkey DO want something from TiMs, usually something twisted. Especially since the ones attracted to troons often end up trooning out. Also the fact Thailand has had 'ladyboys' for thousands of years in itself is fucking weird and the fact fucking 4chan and 8chan is full of TiMs is freakish

I feel bad for people like Jazz who were clearly brainwashed by their parents from a very young age into doing this for $$$ or because they didn't want a 'fag' son. I don't feel sorry for the average troon. Most of the time they become hateful and twisted because those feelings were simmering underneath from very early on anyway. I mean look at >>450483 her brother was her best friend and now he shits on her for clout

No. 450697

File: 1566262612994.jpg (63.57 KB, 750x742, yo19yx82dsd31.jpg)

I mean It's is a cult. Doesn't mean everyone is a victim. Plenty of transcult leaders using their power to control others and abuse people. Also plenty of vulnerable/easy to manipulate people sucked in for the wrong reasons. Being honest is super important to prevent people from signing up and if you have any experience in the trans community is helpful to vent your anger without beating around the bush.

I think having some "nicefems" around is useful in that they give them the same information in a way they don't immediately block out due to brainwashing.

No. 450700

Trannies calling radfems "fascists" makes no sense and it dilutes the meaning of actual fascism. Both the radfems and trans activists are leftists but at least the radfems makes more sense than the trannies do.

No. 450702

those people are usually HSTS, those are the only ones i feel for. the autists are generally terrible. they're high functioning ones, not rainmen. imo, all of these men are men and boys with brains already fully blown with male entitlement and hatred for women. these boys, for the most part, from infancy, are given the gift of male exceptionalism and are encouraged to victimize women and girls in some respect, and to resent women and girls for living life on "easy mode". like incels, these aren't boys and men capable of being reasoned with. they're critically retarded and are social liabilities. until they develop deep vein thrombosis or necrotizing fasciitis, imo, there's no saving almost all of them. they're too deeply entrenched in their fantasy. they do not WANT to recognize or live in reality. every second they're conscious is spent making deliberate efforts, mentally and financially, in believing material reality is not real. the dream runs so deep they're all coalescing to completely contort biological science. and your efforts will just cause more resentment. this is why incels lash out at women that try to empathize with them or help them. the only way to prevent this is to stop or undo male conditioning.

No. 450703

Trans activists legitimately believe that trans men are men, therefore they have always had male privilege even before transitioning. If this is the case then why are trans women so much more discussed, have better health care, more resources, and earn more money than trans men? I also know of a few cases where trans women raped trans men but never the other way around.

No. 450707

>Also plenty of vulnerable/easy to manipulate people sucked in for the wrong reasons.
the only people this is happening to are girls and some gay guys. 99% of the men are getting sucked in because it turns them on. that's all. we don't need to intellectualize it. beyond HSTS, no one vulnerable is getting sucked in. the non HSTS that use "depression" or "anxiety" or any of it as an excuse are just using it to bring their fetish out of the bedroom and into the boardroom. gross, hypersexual 4chan fuckheads that know that reality isn't anime but want to try their damndest to believe reality can become their chinese cartoons if they cover their eyes and throw $$$s at endocrinologists or surgeons aren't casualties i'm going to cry over.

No. 450708

File: 1566263942191.jpg (70.8 KB, 720x960, 8798789.jpg)

Vancouver, Canada, August 2019

So TERF really just means lesbian, doesn't it?

No. 450711

File: 1566264451000.png (19.61 KB, 479x269, 54566.PNG)

They aren't comparable at all.

No. 450712

I mean the way her brother changed is kind of what I was talking about - seemed perfectly normal when he was younger but got into trans stuff and turned horrible. It just always seems like young guys without a particularly strong identity other than gamer and without particularly strong irl friendships (which happens to a lot of people at one time or another during school) fall in with trans circles online that are always hungry for more people to validate their identities, and they end up ruining their health and irl relationships over the sexual fantasies they've been exposed to.

I agree entirely, but I think that while a lot of men & boys are raised from birth in a culture of male entitlement, without the aggravating factors of personal feelings of inadequacy and online radicalization, that usually doesn't lead to full-blown incel or troon. and the weird thing is that a lot of incels/troons come from liberal/progressive families that have taught them female empowerment. It's just that now a period of teen/young adult depression and directionlessness can lead to lifelong health consequences and lifelong membership in anti-woman groups.


Porn addiction and escalation is definitely the root cause and TIM stuff is just another offshoot of this as you said. I think if you look at it like drug addiction, where people fall into self-harm and violence toward others, the parallels are strong. It's hard to feel sympathy for someone who kills two people in a liquor store robbery to fuel a heroin habit and obviously that person isn't really deserving of sympathy, but it's still a human tragedy. With both drugs and porn though, it's difficult to prevent access, and as a society we haven't really figured out how to dissuade people during their upbringing, much less later in life when attitudes are fixed.

No. 450713

I hate this world

No. 450714

Did… this person really put "posing as men" in their supportive post?

That's just one step away from "posing as women," implication being we can and should pose as whichever gender gets us the most economic and social benefits at the time

Amazing trans support gurl

No. 450718

lmao. usually they try to say like, susan b anthony was a transman. that shit is enraging.

No. 450719

Some men think being a woman is desireable now because of all talk about "gurl power" and that it's oppressive to males because nobody ever says "boi power". They think being a woman is life on easymodo since women lack the ~strength and intelligence~ that men have so "the world goes easy on them". They think all women ever focus on is their instagrams, celebrity worship, dressing pretty, applying make-up, and asking men for free gibs. They are also jealous that women can express emotions, do some masculine things without ridicule, and women will initiate friendly physical contact with each other while men will shun their friends for being "gay" if they hug, talk about their feelings, or do something stereotyped as feminine. They have warped perceptions of women and created a gendered hierarchy but accuse women for enforcing it. Women have tried to break out of the femininity that confines them while men will complain about how they are still trapped in masculinity but at the same time men cling onto masculinity because it gives them power over women. They are to blame for their own misery.

No. 450721

What enrages me is how some libfems act like femininity is actually empowering. Most women are still gender-conforming, to act the way a man does would get you killed but feminists have made great efforts in breaking down gender barriers for women in many parts of the world so now they can wear pants and learn to read which were traditionally masculine things.

No. 450722

I mean none of that is wrong but I also don't want to blame people for being raised in toxic environments, even if it makes them personally insufferable and dangerous. While they might not be able to be helped, we need to look at how to prevent this toxic culture from being transmitted to the next generation of male children.

No. 450724

no one is acting high and mighty lol. if anyone was, look in the mirror. the post you were responding to has nothing to do with what you were talking about (which sounds like thinly veiled animu hate considering the pic o that ironic weeb)

No. 450729

Got a TIF friend to agree with some terf ideology while drunk tonight. She started saying if “non-binary people weren’t so cringe, I’d be nb” and I started talking about how so many people identify as nb because they don’t want to confront having to be a woman. She agreed, but I don’t think applied it to herself. Felt good man, I love being able to subtly bring up terf talking points.

No. 450730

File: 1566267993043.jpg (143.11 KB, 1280x960, 17897.jpg)

Troons seem to get the most angry if you make these types of images with anime girls.

No. 450732

Did anyone else think at first that "transmisogyny" was misogyny that affected trans men, or trans women being misogynistic to real women?

No. 450735

File: 1566270143293.jpg (360.49 KB, 1080x1141, 20190819_200112.jpg)

No. 450736

File: 1566270181250.jpg (249.14 KB, 1080x715, 20190819_200128.jpg)

The only questioning response that wasn't deleted (wait for the response…)

No. 450738

File: 1566270412364.jpg (484.22 KB, 810x2013, 20190819_200027.jpg)

No. 450745

Since when do we try to get troons fired and evicted? All we want is for males to stay out of female spaces, and for womanhood not to be viewed as a stereotype, costume, or "feeling". A troon can be midwife- er- midperson if they want to. Just don't be a creepy pervert.

The only time troons' professions are the source of contention here is when they try to compete in women's sports, and in that case, we don't want them to be fired, we want them to switch to the league appropriate to their biological sex.

Also, uteruses are awesome, and they should be acknowledged as an innate part of womanhood. They're capable of taking two cells and turning them into a little person, something even the latest medical science can't accomplish. When men try to control abortion and contraception, it's not just about regulating uteruses, it's about subjugating women. Our bodies aren't the defining attribute of our experiences, but they play a huge role in womens' lives and that shouldn't be minimized just because it hurts the fee-fees of a tiny fraction of the human population.

No. 450746

I don’t trust troons as midwives or in any female-centred medicine. I never go to a male gynaecologist for example. If you don’t have female reproductive organs yourself then I don’t trust you with women.

No. 450748

Even men working with female corpses in the morgue have been known to rape or defile them

No. 450749

This. Male gynos are fucking creeps and i wouldnt trust them. You cant be obsessed with a reproductive system you dont have. they're on the same level as tr00ns

No. 450751

Men disrespect and obsess over female bodies like they are toys for sexual pleasure and the males that troon out take this a step further.

No. 450764

File: 1566278345382.png (77.36 KB, 500x324, 65456.png)

>towel dysphoria

No. 450765

File: 1566278373468.png (258.97 KB, 485x721, 65465.PNG)

No. 450766

Ehh, I’d rather not have a man in a wig as a gyno or midwife or even a waxer. They exist the way they do because they fetishise womenhood. Why let them in to places where women are vulnerable and exposed?

Half the troons out there would spend the gyno appointment telling the woman that sigmoid colon holes are basically indistinguishable from her normal genitalia or to be grateful about having a cervix that can grow abnormal cells at all.

Lots of women are uncomfortable with normal men being gynocologists, let alone delusional, narcissistic, sex-obsessed men.

No. 450771

What the fuck is he even talking about? What women dry themselves that way and why is he acting like it's common feminine hygiene? I've never heard of bullshit.

No. 450773

>4 towels
Seems like something a princess character would use in a cheap fantasy novel or 50's movie.

No. 450776

Oh fuck I'm wheezing. This just confirms what we all know, trans narratives are inherently conservative.
TRAs, care to explain this shit? Kek

No. 450777

This doesn't surprise me. The south is conservative, so people there have more rigid ideas of gender roles. Therefor, if a someone living there is GNC, they think they must be the opposite sex.

These are also some of the poorest states in the country, so people there are going to have higher rates of untreated mental illness as a result of limited access to health care.

No. 450779

To add to this, a large portion of heavily religious parents will kick out a gay child, but sigh in relief if said gay child comes back saying “oops actually I’m just the wrong gender, not gay”.

I wish I could dig up the documentary I watched a few years ago where this same situation came up and the parent was talking about how relieved they were that their daughter was actually a “son” and not a lesbian.

No. 450780

Purely anecdotal but I work with many fundamentalist Christian republican people and they are surprising accepting of trans people in passing. Fuck the black, Muslim, Mexican, poor, feminist, gay, eeebil democrats. Trans is fine to them. “Just let them live” they say.

No. 450781

I'll never understand women who refer male gynecologists. They're literally paying money to be mansplained to kek

No. 450782

File: 1566283240897.png (198.14 KB, 485x1024, 1566234443606.png)


crosspost from the phoebe tickner thread, one of the troons she 'signal boosted' for their surgery fundraiser

being a troon apparently means it's socially acceptable to crowdfund your outrageously cartoonish and sexualised 'dream body'. I'm sure plenty of us can recognise having imperfect or less-than-ideal feminine proportions but e-begging for plastic tits is not something the internet takes kindly, unless you plan on showing them for cash later. In which case, cool, but not something everyone wants to do.

this shit frustrates me endlessly. actual women don't get people fucking falling over themselves to throw money at them for plastic surgery. I'm sure plenty of us have hang-ups about our bodies, some of us might even like to have cosmetic surgery, but har-har, vagina owners, nobody cares & if you want surgery (as an actual woman, not a LARPer) you're a vain, superficial bitch.

sage for pointless reeeeeEEE

No. 450783

This isn't a source. When I said source, I meant "medical journal".

No. 450788

File: 1566284991118.jpeg (45.83 KB, 640x394, 4CD2C287-6D57-4972-981D-0FCB41…)

Trans people themselves, especially the men, are more socially conservative too. There are more self-identified “feminist” TIMs than TIMs who actually support women. The TRA response was to call the study flawed and critique the sample size, despite it being many times higher than the n of that study about brain sex.
>Meredith G. F. Worthen
>A Rainbow Wave? LGBTQ Liberal PoliticalPerspectives During Trump’s Presidency: an Exploration of Sexual,Gender, and Queer Identity Gaps
(sorry about the paywall)

No. 450789

File: 1566285017472.jpeg (137.85 KB, 1136x510, 4FDA2105-F3BB-4F24-8B7F-658F75…)

More readable table

No. 450794

No. 450801

i love it, we (i) need more

No. 450807

>Communities with most conservative views also have the highest amount of trannies, more news at 11
Whoda thought!

I remember seeing a study that conservative parents are more accepting of transsexuality than homosexuality but I'm struggling to remember the name of it. If anyone could provide I'd be extremely thankful.

No. 450811

It's because homophobia isn't it? Some people think it's better to be a "straight" trans person than GNC and gay. A lot of TiMs are sissy gays while TiFs are butch lesbians.

No. 450814

What the fuck is he talking about? I use two towels: one to dry my body and one to put my hair in so it doesn't drip all over me. Who uses four towels?

No. 450815

Conservatives do believe gender roles are innate so the explanation of being transgender would make more sense to them than being homosexual.

No. 450817

>more trannies calling themselves feminists than actually supporting women


No. 450819

"Cisgender" women once again proving they are the most caring, supportive, and helpful.

No. 450820

Kek, I've seen those. Trannies were raging and calling it transphobic.

No. 450821

dude… trannies are LITERALLY less empathetic than fucking actual MEN. i pray a study comes out about how they're all fucking ridden with cluster B pds that isn't out of iran so the trannies can't just cry "oppressive regime!!"

No. 450826

Why is it the worst crime in the world to "misgender" someone and you're accused of "gatekeeping" who can and can't be trans but it's fine for the trans community to decide that Jonathan Yaniv "isn't really trans"? Everyone is trans even if they're a shitty person or an autogynephile but the moment they make the trans community look bad internationally in the media, they're suddenly rejected? It's okay for trans women to commit violent crime and affect crime statistics but god forbid we take a look at the statistics of pedophiles, rapists and other violent crime among trans people?

They're so fucking hypocritical that it pains me.

No. 450830

I feel sorry for some HSTS.

No. 450840

Holy shit, what is wrong with troons? I knew they were racist but that really makes it obvious.

No. 450841

Yet they never shut up about trans women of color and keep comparing their struggles to people of color in general.

No. 450842

>trans men are more supportive of helping others than trans women
Gee I wonder why

No. 450843

File: 1566299823670.jpg (182.87 KB, 1562x845, Da_N3gWXcAAO86Q.jpg)

Is Blanchard right?

No. 450844

Whether he's right about troonism being caused by these things or not, he's right that these categories exist in some way. Even back when I was a libfem handmaiden who had no idea who Blanchard was, I recognized AGP behavior from troons.

No. 450846

>females only
>sexually aroused by the thought of themselves as gay men


No. 450847

File: 1566300117587.jpg (68.78 KB, 640x391, troon9.jpg)

I agree they believe in some goofy shit, but it's still 100x better than helping an industry that profits off of trafficked women or is responsible for pushing violent fetishes

No. 450848

File: 1566300243744.jpg (64.93 KB, 960x621, 1555779481025.jpg)

No. 450852

Yes, although I've definitely noticed the social contagion with males too. All these beta nerds who'd never think to transition (were often reactionary Gamers making fun of anything lgbt) if it wasn't for their discord buddies telling them becoming an anime girl will make their life easy mode.
A lot of fakebois are fujoshi who think being a gay man will be like their yaoi hentais.

In fact what he needs is a new category called Anime Induced Gender Dysphoria.

No. 450853

Not to mention that in the west the idea of body and soul/mind being separate beings is obviously based on christian values

No. 450854

>I don’t trust troons

You could have stopped right there honestly

No. 450856

Ah good call, I am not Christian so I did not think of it that way.

No. 450858

I'm not christian either and it took me a while to see it but it's soooo obvious. All these jokes of being prisoners of "flesh bags" about hoping to become some sort of invisible life form without a body, viewing body as bad and so on while your soul er I mean mind is actually who you are? It's so obviously based on christian way of thinking!

No. 450859

>becoming an anime girl will make their life easy mode.
Wouldn't that be like AGP?

No. 450860

Whenever I read through r/mypartneristrans it never fails to enrage me.
More and more posts are from partners posting appreciation post for the troons they're dating.
Some people are completely desperate and burned out, but nevertheless they only get replies like "You've done a good job supporting them so far…your partner is having a really hard time…you need to…".

This woman's "wive" has been transitioning since 7 years while the woman was working and taking care of their child. Doing everything, including financing the troons's transition is still not enough…
>While it's hard on you emotionally and physically, how much harder do you think it might be for her? You're watching her suffer, but she's the one suffering. You're watching her throw out years of progress, but she's the one feeling like it was all a waste.

In a few years we'll see statistics of people who kill themselves because of trans partners/parents/kids.

No. 450861


The two mindsets often interlink but AGP is an evidently sexual fetish motivation. You can tell the difference since AGPs will scream from the rooftops how they love being a "woman" but the mostly social contingent ones seem almost sad about it. Like this was their other option to throw away their old life rather than suicide. But at least they have a community that accepts them now and an excuse for their problems normies can't question. Often say depressing, but still of course misogynist, things like "I was never good at being a man anyway".

They are usually the orbiters of the more confident AGPs who hang around in their e-wakes, giving them their narcissistic supply. AGPs seem to spread the social contingent on purpose since they know they'll get more betas to follow them about in their friend circle ego boosting them, to spread their political ideology and/or get a sexual kick out of "turning them out". Think of the 4chan discords that set up elaborate shilling plans to meme robots and incels into trannies and the reddit/twitter "egg" culture where they basically psychic drive depressed GNC men into thinking they're trans.

No. 450864

When you read that subreddit and other stories it's creepy how common several things are across basically every story of a woman whose husband trooned out:

Trooning out just after marriage, or during pregnancy/just after kids are born
Running the family into credit card debt to pay for expensive clothes and make-up
Claiming HRT made them want men and either cheating or saying they should be allowed to cheat but the wife must stay faithful
Stealing the names of children or close family members
Stealing the wife's clothes and makeup without permission
Suddenly becoming extremely verbally abusive and blaming it all on HRT
Neglecting and ignoring the kids

I've seen all of these things happen in these stories over and over. It's like clockwork.

No. 450866

File: 1566303374100.png (36.36 KB, 604x279, blanchard.png)

No. 450869

Does Blanchard hate autogynephiles now or something even though he was the one who supported them transitioning in the first place lol

No. 450870

If publishing a scientific research paper resulted in decades of violent harassment, death threats, and crazy AGPs stalking you and your family, wouldn't you end up hating them?

No. 450871

Well he does now after getting mobbed by them on twitter lul.

No. 450872

File: 1566304879362.png (228.26 KB, 800x601, Screenshot_2019-08-20-05-27-20…)


I'm the usual OP. I was watching the thread when you posted. Threads autosage at 1200 and lock at 1213.


The OP pic is a recent post by redkatherinee in her new style. Her word choice could be due to nuances in translation?

No. 450873

If you go on /lgbt/ they talk about Blanchard non-stop and some of the AGPs really like him because he got rid of HBS, others hate him because now people know a lot trannies are fetishists.

No. 450874

File: 1566304951501.png (229.34 KB, 798x824, Screenshot_2019-08-20-05-32-03…)

No. 450875

Many incels have similar motivations behind their misogyny but would Ray dare say that's not misogyny in the "normal sense." Who cares what the motivation is, the outcome is always the same.

No. 450877

it's literally both rayray

No. 450878

>not misogyny in the normal sense
It's still misogyny though and women are fully aware that there are many forms of it.

>comes from narcissism, not systemic patriarchy

The narcissism is caused by patriarchy, Ray.

Honestly, I don't have much respect for sexology as a field because of how male-dominated it is. I don't disagree with Blanchard completely but many of the studies I have seen done on GID by him and his colleagues could do with some more female researchers.

No. 450881

Nah the reason we treat men trooning out at the peak of their career as an ugly abuse of privilege is because that’s literally what it is. There is literally nothing brave or inspiring about gaming the system that has been stacked in your favour from birth. However, the women throughout history who have posed as men did so with great personal risk in order to escape their shitty lives that afforded them no personal freedom. If they hadn’t done what what did they would have been stuck with a shitty husband, churning out babies until they died giving birth or got traded in for a newer model and shipped off to some poorhouse. There is no fucking comparison.

No. 450882

This is why we have so much more literature about TiMs than we do TiFs.

No. 450883

They should have kept the Benjamin scale to stop AGPs but at the same time I know it would be used as conversion therapy for gay men.

No. 450884

Troons have no right to compare themselves to women who were systematically barred from education, owning property, or working outside the home simply because of the sex they were born as. 19th century women would have loved the choice to just not bother to wear a dress that day and instantly be recognized as humans, but they didn't get the choice. Because they were FEMALE.

No. 450887

File: 1566306427010.png (635.23 KB, 800x1146, Screenshot_2019-08-20-05-57-44…)

No. 450888

File: 1566306518183.png (522.59 KB, 800x1013, Screenshot_2019-08-20-05-54-50…)

No. 450890

File: 1566306726575.png (35.89 KB, 526x452, 87.PNG)

No. 450892

>Trooning out just after marriage, or during pregnancy/just after kids are born
A lot of men show their abusive sides after marriage or kids because now they have "trapped" the woman. Some men forcibly impregnate women to make a genetic connection through the child.

No. 450893

File: 1566307000282.jpg (20.59 KB, 720x455, 2132.jpg)

No. 450894

The world is fucking nuts thanks to identity politics. Men are identifying as women to get oppression points, and now people are even converting to Judaism or Islam so they can suffer from antisemitism and Islamophobia.

No. 450895

File: 1566307410446.png (213.58 KB, 800x909, Screenshot_2019-08-20-06-20-59…)

No. 450896

File: 1566307413376.jpg (44.87 KB, 500x451, 4565.jpg)

I found a tumblr post with the same thing

No. 450900

File: 1566307866722.png (45.54 KB, 800x303, 1548499732165.png)

No. 450901

File: 1566307975593.png (133.67 KB, 800x731, Screenshot_2019-08-20-06-13-43…)

No. 450902

File: 1566308021481.png (75.31 KB, 800x322, Screenshot_2019-08-20-06-14-11…)


I would be surprised otherwise!

No. 450905

File: 1566308163284.png (644.62 KB, 800x1129, Screenshot_2019-08-20-06-16-50…)


Troons exempt, I presume.

No. 450908

I just started reading r/GenderCritical. Americans/Canadians is it true you have to say your pronouns? Like introduce yourself with them?

I'm glad this isn't a thing in my country.

No. 450909

They wait until they trap them. God awful.

No. 450913

Am I missing something? What's got that to do with trannies?

No. 450914

Only in super woke circles. In most places if you randomly announced your pronouns people would think you were strange.

No. 450915

Someone make more of these mocking "traps"

No. 450920

File: 1566310586916.jpg (21.56 KB, 500x281, ubwJV01tr6uo5.jpg)

Wow, I hope that is a troll post because if it isn't they can fuck right off. Literally sounds like a textbook fakeboi with internalized misogyny. Let women be tomboys and stop telling them they need to be men if they don't want to be girly FFS

No. 450927

As a 'tomboy' I've had the experience of being read as male by strangers, seemed to happen for a few months before stopping again, don't tell the jealous fakebois

No. 450929

File: 1566312410848.png (23.29 KB, 575x362, ss (2019-08-20 at 11.52.48).pn…)

It's not stated in the Guardian article, but the cop cosplayer's a tranny. The Guardian links to a German article that says he's a TiM and did time for sexual assault, which is why he says he can't be a cop, but still wants to "help people", whatever the fuck that means.

No. 450939

Does anyone know Paris Lees' real name?

No. 450943

You were circumcised because you had a penis, not because you were born a woman lmfao. FGM is something that specifically targets women BECAUSE they are women. How can you compare having a bit of skin removed by a doctor in a clean environment to having sometimes the entire outside of your genitals sliced by a local woman with a rusty blade that was used on multiple other people who could have AIDs? Did you get an infection? Does your circumcision make it excruciatingly painful to have sex? Did people tell you that you'd be "dirty" for not getting it done? Would not getting it done make it more difficult for you to get married? Were you at risk of dying? Do you struggle to pee? Is it going to make giving birth dangerous for you? Do you have problems passing blood during your period? Have you experienced a complete disinterest in sex? Did your parents have to fly you to another country because the procedure is illegal where you live? No to all, I suppose. Then you didn't experience FGM, you scumbag.

No. 450945

Is this sorry ass motherfucker trying to claim that his male circumcision is comparable to a girl getting her clitoris chopped off and labia sewn shut? Imagine these people going up to feminists from central Africa or conservative Arab countries, possibly victims of extreme sexual violence committed by men, and start telling them how they should stop gendering FGM because not all females have a vagina and their male feelings are hurt. I would pay good money to see what happens.

No. 450946

Surely as a transwoman they plan on cutting their whole dick off anyway?

No. 450953

We don't even have gendered pronouns in our country but you still have some troons telling their preferred english pronouns it's fucking hilarious

No. 450962

My language doesn't have gendered pronouns either and there was a hilarious conflict in some Woke party recently. An immigrant feminist woman from an African country was asked for her pronouns in English and she told them that she wasn't going to tell them her pronouns in an imperialist language used to colonize her country and they told her that she was being disrespectful to the trans people at the party. She raised hell and accused them of racism, it was unreal seeing libfems have their brain explode trying to decide which side to take.

No. 450973

i somewhat agree with parts of this, but please atleast educate yourself on FGM. there are different levels and while i'm not advocating either, comparing them as a human rights issue is fair for men's causes and doesn't distract from the issue for women.

this "muh female penis" crap however is fucking retarded.

No. 450983

I'm more concerned about male circumcision wrt its link to childhood autism and trooning out. There seems to be an avalanche of AGP troons in the US and Canada compared to Europe, where they need to rely on HSTS cases like Monroe Bergdof to push anything

No. 450988

Hello fellow Finnanon kek

No. 450989

No. Stop trying to make it circumstantial and derail from the issue. This son of a bitch is trying to push trans narrative into the discussion of FGM, one of the most brutal acts of misogyny, and make it about penis worship. Don't start with the "actually, there are levels to it educate urself!!" like I'm a fucking moron and didn't know it (and implying that just "partial removal of the clitoris" is somehow more humane), and no, male circumcision is never comparable to female genital mutilation. It might suck that a man loses his foreskin over nothing but he doesn't get his glans chipped or chopped off when he's 12-14 without any pain relief or proper medical attention. It's an entirely different issue.

No. 450997

Only in "queer spaces" and on very liberal college campuses, but these groups push for pronoun introductions to become standard everywhere and I occasionally see graphic design contract workers put pronouns in their email signatures and on their business cards (which all of the permanent employees where I work find unnecessary and weird)

No. 451000

Never heard of a man 'or twanswoman' losing their ability to orgasm from male circumcision..

No. 451006

All my guy friends are cut and say they prefer it that way except for one gay one who wishes he were uncut just because he thinks it's more aesthetic. Unless it's severely botched, being cut simply doesn't impact a male's sexual experience in a way remotely comparable to FGM and comparing the two makes it impossible for me to take a person seriously.

No. 451012

Mate, circumcising is done Mostly for aesthetic and (myth) sanitary reasons. Even in religious context, it’s inconsequential. Most uncut scrotes in fact are mad at their parents for NOT circumcising them. The cut ones are only mad because they masturbated so much their dicks have become useless and they blame it on missing a piece of skin.
FGM is literally torture of little girls because experiencing any kind of pleasure will cause them to grow up to be dirtied harlots. Simply because they are females who are viewed as sinful by default. These girls would be lucky to die right then and there.

No. 451018

A life where you you'll never experience an orgasm, never know what it even feels like, Yet you have to marry a man and see him fucking orgasm all the time..

Versus a little piece of skin being gone, can still orgasm

No. 451026

FGM You get to go through all the painful parts of being a woman, periods, pregnancy symptoms, childbirth.. but never feel adequate pleasure from your female anatomy, you have a duty to fuck your husband knowing that he'll never be tasked with helping you finish.. cos you don't get to. Only he does

The male equivalent would be closer to having your dick cut down to a little stub, if we're talking about all the nerve endings in the clit..that's the same as the head of a penis

No. 451027

I think this was Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?
I remember it was pulled from broadcast right before it was supposed to air in Canada. One of the talking heads is a tif who is one of the scariest looking people I've ever seen. She reminds me of the bum behind the diner in mullholland drive. her face just gives off this sense of pure dread.
Interesting that he made it all the way to adulthood and had his claws sunk into some poor woman and her fetus before his disforiyyaaaa became unbearable.

No. 451036

File: 1566324072654.png (90.01 KB, 525x847, t.png)

>just tried to tuck my true self away
>my TRUE self is one that is medically altered
>living without artificially changing my natural body is "living a lie"
This reminds me of pic related which raises an interesting point related to TRA/libfem views on hormones and plastic surgery.

No. 451065

File: 1566329120382.jpg (167.99 KB, 760x980, Natty9.jpg)

Anyone would want to join a discord server that revolves around radfem issues? I could create one! There was a little bit of talk in either the radfem thread or in the previous gc thread about a discord server but it never went into fruition as far as I know.

No. 451074

I would

No. 451075

>Your body is not you, it's just a vessel

This is the exact mindset I had at the height of bulimia. I felt no emotion about destroying my body because who cares? It's just a vessel I wield power over, I can do what I want to it.

So fucking unhealthy.

No. 451076

Yes, there are different "tiers" of abuse, but everyone knows what you mean when you say FGM. It's a specific kind of horror, and including circumcision in the discussion muddies the water, ultimately resulting in a situation where we can "help the cause" and not assist a single little girl.

No. 451077

Not to mention, the least horrific tier (pricking the clitoris with a needle to extract a drop of blood) that everyone brings up to try and muddy the waters? It's the rarest tier. By far. It's something like 0.10% of cases.

No. 451091

I didn't come here to be personally called out like this.

No. 451105

Take care of your body anon.

No. 451107

This. The only male equivalent of FGM is castration and chopping off the dick itself.

No. 451109

Kek I remember that drama it was so funny.

No. 451122

The irony of a transwoman loving their penis so much that losing their foreskin is akin to FGM, meanwhile transwomen who actually transition all the way cut their whole dick off by choice

No. 451124

Imperialism and the post-colonial impact is a far more serious issue than pronouns. Libfems are fucking stupid.

No. 451125

Funny how all these TiMs want to start families before going on hormones since they know the hormones will make them sterile and they want to impregnate women with penises first.

No. 451127

I heard the American tranny bullshit has seeped its way into Latin America and now mainstream feminism is full of TRA ideology, is this true? I know it’s been trying to infiltrate Japan.

No. 451129

Several Latin America anons talked about it in previous threads and basically confirmed it, I don't remember which specific countries they talked about though.

No. 451132

I think I remember someone posting about that. Wasn't she against it because she was the only black woman in the room, and also "coincidentally" the only person they asked for the pronouns of in a room full of other newcomers?
I didn't know about the colonizer stuff, but the above alone was reason to tell them to piss off IMO.

No. 451134

People always derail conversations about FGM by bringing up circumcision. It’s just another the “but what about the men” argument.

No. 451138

Western feminism is poisoning feminist efforts worldwide. Just look at how the Western media slammed Nigerian feminist Chimamanda and gave a platform for trannies to insult her.

No. 451140

Did you hear about the white man who got a Japanese lesbian bar shut down because he said they discriminated him for not recognising him as a lesbian and allowing.

No. 451141

*allowing him in

No. 451142

Argentinian radfem got choked out by a troon. A lot of Mexican men are learning from gringos that they can now identify as women and claim that the women are oppressing them.

No. 451143

Don't say Western if you mean only Europe(Anglo and French)/US/Canada. Mexico, Central and South america are together with Iberic Europe also geographically Western.
That's why I can't with Burgers or Burger rhetoric, you complain about liberal feminism and special snow flakes changing the meaning of words for their own benefit but they only do that because that's imbedded in the Anglosaxonic culture to change vocabulary to fit your view of the world.

No. 451144

>infiltrating Japan
Sources? I know Japan's media is promoting a lot the "new haffu" naming on trans instead of the traditional Okama label but I follow some FtM Japanese youtubers that also feature MtFs and they never claim to be real women or real men.

No. 451150

No. 451152

I can’t believe people take enbies seriously

No. 451153

>not a man nor a woman, understanding gender

No. 451168

Gay conversion therapy now comes in a new trans edition!

redkatherinee introduced me to GC/radfem ideology so she has a special place in my heart

No. 451171

Can someone explain to me how conservatives would be more willing to accept transsexuals than homosexuals? Wouldn’t they see transsexuality as just a more extreme form of homosexuality and gender non-conformity?

No. 451174

A good portion of conservatives do see it that way and that's also why most cases of "transphobic" hate crimes are really just homophobia. However some are becoming willing to see it as a roundabout version of proper adherence to gender roles because they find it easier to understand the idea of a man in a dress really being a woman on the inside than that a man in a dress is just a man who likes to wear a dress.

No. 451176

I remember ounce long ago reading answers to something and one person said something along the lines of, "its better for him to become a women, he already likes men" and something like "it be more right". Like I think they see things and ideas more simply.

No. 451178

It's more the very religious ones who are so obsessed with men being masculine and women being feminine and growing up believing the autismal soul/body dichotomy that they would rather have a daughter who's "soul was in a man's body" than the explicitly against the bible gay son or femininely acting son. Like how Iran will kill a man for being gay but also pay for his SRS. You gotta stay in those gender roles one way or another. Amazing how liberals love this drivel too.

No. 451180

A lot of conservatives do hate it like the Heritage Foundation which is why they’re trying to ally with radfems to stop trans activist legislation. Honestly any radfem who thinks allying with them is a good idea is a complete moron. It’s like they don’t remember what a disaster the feminist sex wars were.

No. 451181

Also gives credence to the “TERFs are fascists and alt-right adjacent tradthots” conspiracy.

No. 451187

There’s those two privileged old white men, who of course trapped their Japanese wives before trooning out, pushing their politics and using their media connections to bully Japanese women. Linguistics professor Eric “Elin” McCready cried delicate girly tears over being denied at women-only event at bar Gold Finger while tech CEO George “Ana” Arriola volunteered to help him generate bad press against them and accuse the owner of transphobia. The funniest thing is that transmen are welcome to that bar and there are even transmen bartenders there.

Then there was the last Women’s March that was inundated with with foreigners holding TRA slogans. Mostly in fucking English, of course. Who the Hell goes to another country, where they aren’t even a citizen, and push their ideologies like this? Now these assholes are deliberately starting Japanese blogs and trying to promote usage of “TERF” against Japanese feminists and encourage animosity among Japanese trans people when there was never a problem in the first place.

Like you observed, trans Japanese people traditionally did not consider themselves exactly the same as natal women or men. They just wanted basic human rights and respect while they deal with their gender issues and the majority are HSTS, so there is not a huge rift in Japanese LGBT due to them. They would basically be called TruScum or transmedicalist by TRAs and to Japanese, they’re just next level gays. But libfems and anime-obsessed TRAs are trying to ruin everything and are targeting Japanese feminists who typically did not have unusual problems with HSTSs before.

No. 451190

If we’re talking about Christianity then the Bible says nothing against transsexuality. In fact, transsexuality to a lot of homophobic Christians is a “cure” for homosexuality. If you’re a man attracted to men then you must actually have a woman’s brain trapped inside a man’s body, you were actually heterosexual all along.

No. 451191

her inability to handle cognitive dissonance is showing.

No. 451193

I know in theres some countries where they require gay couples to have one of the people transition to make it a heterosexual relationship.

No. 451194

Sounds like a mutant

No. 451195

The definition of importing American problems.
How are the Japanese population (LGBT and feminists alike) responding to this?

No. 451197

For when X-Men is too offensive kek

No. 451202

Nevertheless, supporters of fgm are always going to point at it to justify it

No. 451203

This. Circumcision needs to be completely separated from conversations about FGM. FGM is 1000x more harmful and important to campaign against.

I honestly think it's fucked up to cut ANY healthy parts off of a child regardless of gender. But to even compare circumcision to FGM is disgusting, sexist, and sheltered. It's peak whataboutism.

No. 451206

>I honestly think it's fucked up to cut ANY healthy parts off of a child regardless of gender.
This would be very relevant to discussions about intersex people but their language like AFAB, DFAB or CAMAB has been appropriated by TRAs.

No. 451207

>white man demands himself entry into a japanese lesbian bar by calling himself a lesbian
If people had common sense they would think this was a a Reddit shitpost

No. 451208

File: 1566354520917.jpeg (35.03 KB, 500x375, 4AF938C9-A673-48C6-A4F7-3979F9…)

It’s basically conversion therapy because a homosexual man can become a heterosexual woman. Better to be a “straight” tranny than gay. Straight trans people are still gay in my opinion because sexual orientation is based on SEX and not the gender you identify as.

No. 451209

Has there been a lot of pushback from gay people against trannies?

No. 451211

There was pushback from lesbians from the beginning but of course no one listened to silly lesbians. Gay men are only saying something now that the fake boys are more brazenly trying to fuck them.

No. 451212

Notice how no women are forcing themselves into gay bars and saying that others should accept them as gay men. Even worse that it is a white man since they always have entitlement issues and think they are “enlightened” over “backwards” people of color. Reminds me of when I browsed /trv/ which was full of white guys talking about they could use their whiteness to get lots of “brown pussy” and get away with things.

No. 451213

File: 1566355909706.jpeg (53.27 KB, 488x274, D86BDAFC-7F52-4E25-9DF9-B31778…)

No. 451214

>they are “enlightened” over “backwards” people of color
That’s how the TRAs have been trying to push it. That Japanese people are cissexist and cisnormative and that Japanese feminists are stupid.

No. 451217

Interesting how they accuse biological sex of being a Western social construct (it isn’t) while performing cultural imperialism themselves.

No. 451220

Jesus fucking christ

No. 451224

File: 1566359097966.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1724x2153, BF8E4C8E-C662-423C-BA50-99749A…)

TiF gets invited to a gay friends party, goes looking for some action, is butthurt that the GAY MEN in attendance talk about dick, won’t flirt with her, and she isn’t invited to their threesome. Crazy right?

No. 451226

For all this "kill/rape terfs and tehms" shit, I'm going to need them to find corresponding examples of so-called "TERFs" or "TEHMs" saying "kill/rape TiMs and TiFs".
If we're really the bad guys here, where are all the radfems and gay men calling for the death and systematic rape of all trannies to match this energy? Why aren't we as disgustingly violent as them? They say our ideology is "violent", but ask them to point to where we ever claim they deserve rape or death, and they fail miserably. That's their domain.
Really makes you think.

No. 451227



More they say this shit and encompass more and more people under their "terf!" attack, more people quietly peak and get fed up with them.

No. 451228

File: 1566360348183.jpg (137.31 KB, 589x485, 20190820_220130.jpg)


This person is such a giant embarassing retard that it was hard to pick one tweet to ss and post. He's written for some shitty publications– I've read some of his "articles." His grammar is horrible and the stories read like a giant pile of his obnoxious tweets.

Anyway, pic related really stands out. What he's ostensibly saying is that trannies get a bunch of money now because a bunch of gay people worked really hard in the past, which makes no sense. If that was the case, the money would be going to gay people.

Troons are cash cows for pharma companies. These companies pour money into trans lobbying groups so more people will troon out and buy their drugs. It's not rocket science. Gay people can't be exploited in the same way, so gay/lesbian-specific charities aren't getting pharma money.

No. 451230

Transgenderism is a mental illness that brings you dysphoria and you either kill yourself or get “cured” by transitioning, I don’t know how if it is in any way comparable to homosexuality.

No. 451233

File: 1566361158539.jpg (44.06 KB, 625x468, pinno.jpg)

>"Mentioned I am a trans guy"
>"explicity stated i'm not a girl"
I guess she believes that if she says it enough times it'll become true. This whole story is so fucking cringe. These people are totally detached from reality.

No. 451234

This person pretends to be wholesome and sweet, but openly shits on any woman who doesn't look like a porn caricature. Considers tomboys and women in sports disgusting. But then whines if the same is said to them. They constantly talk about being soft, smol and uwu and keeps emphasizing how they are too weak for everything and need a man to help them. One of the more vindictive manipulative trannies I have had the displeasure of interacting with.

No. 451235

We don’t validate schizophrenics by reassuring them they are Abraham Lincoln so why do validate the identities of dysphoric people who believe they are the opposite sex?

No. 451237

This is genuinely the first time I see a TiF reacting the same way as TiMs usually do.
Why o why won't those gay men who made it obvious that they're into dick fuck her? Oh the dysphoria, oh the rage. Grow the fuck up, not everyone has to care about your feelings.

No. 451238

File: 1566362013861.jpg (108.65 KB, 587x457, 20190820_223350.jpg)

He also has an autistic obsession with Posie Parker and is constantly trying to start arguments with her. Then five seconds later he whines about Mumsnet "stalking" him.

It's intetesting that he uses and pseudonym and never posts pictures of himself. Even his icon is a poorly drawn anime girl version. Usually narc trannies are eager to post hideous selfies, so I can only imagine how ass-ugly and non-passing this clown is if he isn't posting pictures.

No. 451239

I guess homosexuality is transphobic

No. 451242

gay men are transphobic for not wanting pussy and lesbians are transphobic for not wanted dick, that’s the driving force behind the “terf” hate. How they don’t see the homophobia is beyond me

No. 451243

No idea. no idea why this has gotten so far as it is. trans people and people who honestly think they are born in the wrong body need mental help and therapy. there's no other choice than that. It's insane. you cant fight biology and it's insulting to put people in stereotypes and boxes designed by society. We'll never move forward if we humor these psychos. trans women have proven time and time again to be violent incels

No. 451245

I argued with him for ages. He was trying to claim he was a natal female and intersex. he's insane, has a lot of truscum compsci incel tier faggots orbiting/supporting him and is friends with shuwu

No. 451246

tumblr was a mistake. I honestly feel the root of this terf bullshit and trans propaganda festered from that site.

No. 451256

I blame the Baeddel era for laying the groundwork.

No. 451261

Never showed a picture, never shows up in any video, constantly redraws that same picture. Afaik he is actually quite tall and manly, but larps as being small soft uwu.
Even if you interact with him more privately, the misogyny is palpable. If you aren't an Asian smol loli waifu who is very soft, you are less of a woman than him in his book lol.

No. 451262

One of his friends is a biological woman who claims to be intersex and non binary due to PCOS/high testosterone. He himself is definitely a man. From what it sounds like they don't put in much effort into passing.

No. 451273

>Asian smol loli waifu who is very soft, you are less of a woman than him in his book lol
Is he Asian? He sounds like a white man to me. I feel like most of these AGP troons are white. Non-white trans people tend to be HSTS.

No. 451274

He's an American afaik, into extreme sports etc. But he habitually shits on any woman who isn't a smol soft uwu loli. Whenever a man expresses interest in a female athlete, he will jump in saying they look like a man and are disgusting etc.

No. 451275

He’s a white man.

No. 451283

File: 1566376265998.jpeg (324.04 KB, 1125x787, 789D8032-0F0D-4075-B22B-3F1FB5…)

>trans women are the most oppressed group on earth! fuck cis women
>please can we not talk about my white privilege so much since the trans community is already so small and we shouldn’t divide it any further

No. 451291

>Intersex and female
Every single time I swear. If he really believes he's female, why does his profile picture have the trans flag as the background? I've seen him cow crossover with June a couple times, not sure what I saw from him back then.

No. 451304

Sounds American.

No. 451306

Funnily enough I've made the mistake of going into his discord server and once became hollier than thou and snarky towards me for thinking misgendering isn't violenece
People here were weirdly aggressive and of course some safe space for trannies
Funny for someone trying to be le Rational Tranny™

No. 451310

File: 1566382401384.png (10.37 KB, 526x141, 8798.PNG)


No. 451313

If he had the chance he would identify as transethnic and then go on about how he is more oppressed than cisethnic people of color and that he suffers from transracism.

No. 451314

>PoC trans women often have it harder in our country than white trans women
They're literally the ones getting killed every week. It's interesting how white trans people constantly bring up these high murder rates to make themselves look more vulnerable (oppression points) but also don't want to give non-white trans people too much attention because they want to focus the discussion on themselves and how they're the biggest victims. It's very self-serving.

No. 451328

Troons will definitely start pushing for either transage, transrace or both soon. They're addicted to claiming oppwesshun.

No. 451333

I have a personal cow who is a TIF and a typical fujoshi like this. She also has said she likes shota. Idk if finnanons are familiar with her, she goes by sorasusi on tumblr.

No. 451335


Does Japan have a troon pandemic?

Not even (most) Europe and Latin America have the same situation, only americans have so much social valitation + tools (money) + an industry profiting from mentally ill + a culture of unbridled individualism were you can just go live your impulses on a whim with little consequence.

Mexico is like weeb central, but while Latam otakus are a huge fucking cancer that should be exterminated with violent force it is nothing like in the US, only particular issues of each society get externalized in those kinds of microcosms and subcultures. The left wing colored hair tranny who posts fetish and furrys on twitter is a very distinct american phenomenon. Even an actual tranny from Mexico or Brazil will have a vastly different experience than the college educated gringo one.

No. 451352

Nah trannies are all over Canada, it's probably even worse in Canada.

No. 451355

The why is the UK such a mess?

No. 451357


Canada and the UK are the least further from the USA there is lol, same conditions apply. When i said (most) of Europe i meant except UK.

No. 451361

The UK's main issue seems to be the Mermaids has got its hooks into certain police forces, and is using them to punish people (generally women but men have been targeted too) who say anything that isn't about how brave and stunning awesome twans galz are.

No. 451364

Something is wrong with Anglo culture.

No. 451369

It's in Quebec too.

No. 451374

It's spreading to Australia and New Zealand but it's mostly American influence and we don't think of yanks as Anglo.

No. 451378

Americans are their own thing really

No. 451408

File: 1566390820867.png (85.54 KB, 528x912, 123654655.PNG)

This post is interesting. I've never thought of it that way. I may have not realized because I am not very interested in shipping so the things that always angered me about trans headcanons was when they made strong female characters biologically male (we already have so many fucking males and females are constantly deemed biologically inferior so that shit ain't revolutionary) or when female characters were headcanoned as trans men/non-binary if they were gender non-conforming. I was especially angry when gender played an important part in the plot such as needing to pose as a man so the constant discourse about Mulan being a trans man caused me to peak trans lol.

No. 451418

I hated how gender essentialist trans headcanons are. A male character wears a pink shirt? They're a trans woman! The female character has leg hair! They're a trans man!

No. 451422

Canada as a whole is doomed whole i saw them openly accept that stephanie tr00n who is a 50 year old man pretending to be 6 yrs old. Extreme leftists are a joke

No. 451423

Tumblr is very obsessed with breeding, PiV, and heterosexuality in general even if they pretend to despise heterosexuality. They make one character trans in a gay couple to recreate heterosexual dynamics and they find heterosexual sex more erotic than gay sex. They especially love pregnancy.

No. 451425

File: 1566391432847.jpg (423.55 KB, 867x785, TaleAsOldAsTimeTroonAsOldAsSon…)


Troon doesn't want to get a job but also doesn't want to do any housework.

They seriously think being a woman just means people will hand cash and expensive gifts to you all day long, don't they?

No. 451429

Some days I read these things and I feel like I'm dead or living in some fucked up alternate universe. I cannot understand how people accept this shit without question.

No. 451456

Interesting to note that most PoC troons are HSTS while most white troons are AGP.

I believe that this is because activities and spaces like anime, sissy porn, socialist/communist internet forums, discord, and video game forums where AGP is spread viraly is mostly dominated by white males.

No. 451502

Straight white men working in tech want to feel oppressed so now they're gay women in male-dominated STEM

No. 451517

People even call straight ships "gay" or headcanon one of the characters to be bi so it's "not a straight ship".

No. 451564


>no women are forcing themselves into gay bars and saying that others should accept them as gay men
apparently it's an issue where tifs are now demanding their way into gay bath houses and other irl gay male spaces.

and also straight women taking up space in gay bars and getting upset the dudes are gay have been a thing since forever. js.

No. 451569

This is extremely true.

No. 451598

It was somewhere upthread (I think) where actually the majority of troons have always been crossdressers/agps/fetishists. it seems reasonable to me that hsts were more visible before due to their legitimate adjacency to lgb, and agps were rightfully forced more underground because they're disgusting perverts and everyone understood back then that they weren't lgb. as gay/bi men died of aids and lesbian/bi women were raped and hsts were murdered in streets, and all were never given a chance to thrive and were forgotten, these fetishists and crossdressers faded back into "normal" society (or never left it). then i think sexposi/anti kinkshaming stuff emboldened them and was the platform for them to unleash their narcissism to the world.

i think the hentai agp stuff is just a form of ROGD in males.

No. 451620

I wonder what the mentality behind this is. And which fandoms are we talking about?

No. 451625

The mentality is basically that Tumblr is full of straight girls. But the mindset is that being straight isn't cool and edgy, so they all claim to be bi or pan or asexual. Deep down though, they're still straight people who find straight sex appealing and sexy, so they draw/write mpreg or trans shit to try and make the cool edgy m/m and f/f ships they fangirl over sexy to them.

No. 451631

File: 1566406164347.jpg (200.23 KB, 720x657, 20181126_161305.jpg)

Yes this dude is an absolute moron.
>why you upset tho?
The person literally says why when she goes on talk about the growing homophobia in the trans movement and how lesbians are being pressured into taking the opposite sex as partners. Of course this idiot isn't going to address that part though, because it would actually be intellectually honest to focus on the main point.

Here's a good one.
>your fetishization of womanhood is proof you're a woman!!
No it isn't. Fuck off.

No. 451634

It's so twisted that heterosexuals fetishize homosexual relationships so hard but at the same time do not even like them and would rather write about straight themes such as pregnancy.

No. 451653

File: 1566408259406.png (575.01 KB, 540x907, right on cue.png)

No. 451655

TY for finding the post anon!

No. 451657

Those two are the same, fam.

No. 451658

Yep, thats the joke.

No. 451661

I'm feeling really sad about the amazing Magdalen Berns.
It's so unfair.

No. 451664

He doesn't sound like he's joking though, which is the scary part

No. 451675

God, I know it was against her chances but I kept hoping that she would just miraculously get better. The world is too cruel. She's been such an incredible strong voice about things that most people are too afraid to speak out on.

No. 451688

So fucking tragic. My heart is absolutely broken. I know there are evil troons out there somewhere laughing about this and that makes me all the more sad and angry.

No. 451705


Who is this and why do you keep posting them?

No. 451708

Are there troons in Russia? Anyone know or from Russia?

No. 451719

It's heartbreaking. I'm sure there's lots of troons out there celebrating the fact a evil terven witch is on death's door.

No. 451723

File: 1566415300141.jpeg (322.31 KB, 740x969, 6FCF0DCD-38C0-4F9E-9E19-3B0F4E…)

Yes it’s already happening. Not really engaged in gender criticalness myself, but I searched her name after seeing this thread and I’m shocked.

No. 451724

Of course. I'm not even surprised. They keep spinning the "B-but it's those evil lesb–I mean TERFs who want us dead! They literally want to kill us!! It might be the men who are killing trans prostitutes, but those women are equally guilty!!!" when in actuality they're the ones constantly going on about killing terfs/tehms (aka homosexuals) and how much they want them to die. I really fucking hope her family doesn't see this shit. Fucking psychotic cunts.

No. 451726

Someone should remind these little tarts that MEN want them dead because of the genitals between their legs.
Not women, especially not women fighting cancer. What spiteful little shitbags.

No. 451727

Disgusting. I'm just glad that when I search "Magdalen Berns", there's an outpouring of love and support, not trannies like this shitting on her name.
I hope she knows how appreciated and loved she is.

No. 451730

I knew her cancer was extremely morbid but I was really hoping she'd last for another few years. It's what she deserved in the least anyway.

I hate how rapidly her condition declined. She can't even read or reply to comments? She's at death's fucking door yet she was so full of life just last fall. I can tell in some of her videos post cancer diagnosis/treatment that some of her speech and logic faculties declined and it just…fills me with dread that everything about her that was inside her mind will be gone. All too soon. Because of literal brain cancer. How fucking horrifying.

No. 451731

I am russian. I won't say there are many troons. Because those who are out and obvious, tend to get beaten or murdered. Actually, any gnc person, even not a troon is at risk, such as myself, being a butch woman. I get mistaken for a troon sometimes and get my life threatened, but if I am clocked as a dyke it's exactly the same really.
I don't know of any popular troons who stayed in Russia so I can't give you an example.

There are certain communities on 2ch.hk or VK full of agps jacking it to anime traps or themselves in lingerie. The only time I've really seen male troons in the wild though is at anime cons.

TIFs are RAMPANT in certain spaces online and offline. Russian culture and our people are extremely misogynystic and we're raised with so much of it everywhere it's hard to not want to either be a handmaid to males or a male yourself. As I am a fairly known person in our cosplay/coverdance communities, I would say that like 40% percent of the girls I knew now go by male names/pronouns. One of my ex-friends actually fully transitioned, but I believe she had to go to Thailand for surgeries and only then the government officials would confirm her sex.

I am glad it's not that bad as in the other places. But while we have zero "trans rights", we don't have "gay rights" either. Or even protection really. LGB people get murdered and their murders get covered by he media, their killers get reduced sentences. We are not as fucked in the troon department, but we are fucked.

No. 451738

File: 1566417618249.png (138.35 KB, 992x1352, 1566394253464.png)

Phantom vaginas, lmao.

No. 451739

I went to 2ch out of curiousity and I noticed there is a forum called 'real girls" /fg/. I can't understand with the language barrier but is this the agps?

No. 451740

File: 1566418242126.jpg (49.21 KB, 720x900, FB_IMG_1566418005627.jpg)

Not posting the whole Facebook thread because it's long but the story was about a TiM that got pepper-sprayed by a woman in the womens restroom because she thought he was a man.

The whole story felt like someone trolling but, no, the woman was painted like a psycho because - lo and behold - the man identifies as female and it's even on his passport!

Doesn't matter if he looks like a dude because you can't assume what women are supposed to look like.

Every day, I get more and more fed up with this shit. They're purposely twisting words to fit their agenda and you're a gross TERF if you don't agree.

No. 451741

This is some Chris-chan tier stuff right here. If he would've trooned out now he would be hailed as a brave stunning transwymmyn instead of the crazed nutball he is.

No. 451744

Yes. Fg is for "faggot" and the entire board is about traps and becoming a "real animu trap uwu"

No. 451746

File: 1566419560036.png (1.65 MB, 946x2048, 1562812349209.png)


A lot of people warned about the slippery slope, that 4th wave was a perversion of the feminist cause, we told you you give a hand they'll take an arm and a leg, people still fell for the lgbt trap and the polyamory and postmodern relativist shilling, this is the future you wanted. Good luck taking it all back, that ship sailed and is only going to get worse from here.

No. 451750

Who is 'we'? After all, troons came out of conservative male spaces and their fetish crossdressing magazines. Why are the most conservative websites like 4chan and 8chan full of troons? Why is a place like Russia full of e-troons? Why does shit like Lockheed Martin sponsor troon organizations and conferences?

Maleness itself is the slippery slope

No. 451754


Sure, Its 4chan that influenced western politics with pressure for the last 40 years. don´t look at lgbt agenda pushing for it in its politics and associating lgbt with feminism and shit like "women is not born but it is made" and the shilling of relativism and deconstructing terms and gender norms.

Blame your Gen X sociology teacher.

No. 451764

NTA but the push for transgenderism is extremely recent and has little to do with gay rights movements or feminism 40 years ago seeing as it directly opposes both of those things. "LGBT" in itself is a farce and antithetical to 2nd wave feminism and gay rights. As for the dumb shit in academia it's definitely had some influence but very little compared to the enormous impact of wealthy lobbyist groups composed of big pharma and wealthy old AGPs.

No. 451766

Even though this is shitty bait I don't get people who are like "THIS IS WHAT YOU WOMEN WANTED REEEE". Most women DIDN'T want men in dresses invading their spaces. Gay people don't require the big population to do anything else but to not kill them and to not group them in with pedophile freaks. Trans people want access to private gender segregated places, you to recognize their delusions of being the gender they want and last of all taking down biology. Like other people already said, troonism comes from a conservative mindset that supports rigid gender roles and it's being funded by white republican millionaire men who managed to peddle their faux feminism snake oil by manipulation, so the blame is everywhere else but le evil feminist cunts.

No. 451774

File: 1566424824835.png (558.51 KB, 853x695, Father- now a woman- gets 18-m…)

No. 451777

Men of color have their own racialized identities to deal with, particularly with how their masculinity is affected by race. An Asian man who acts effeminately is seen as playing into stereotypes created by white people about Asian men being emasculated so they feel a lot of shame about it. A lot of black and Latino men feel like they have to act hypermasculine so trooning out as a hobby is just fucking crazy to them and it puts them at risk of homophobic violence. White men are seen as the “default” masculinity so they don’t feel the same level of stigma. I think a lot of them want an oppressed identity to play around with because idpol in leftism has made their opinions less credible (they want to accumulate more oppression points), they tend to come from privileged standings and have bizarre kinks so they are more free to express themselves when compared to MoC. Generally much more entitled and narcissistic too. I have met a lot of white AGPs and a few white HSTS while every MoC I met was a HSTS. Most non-white AGP I think would just identify as transvestites since being a troon full time is unacceptable.

No. 451781

The majority non-white AGPs I've run into are in the retro gaming scene. Lots of straight males claiming to be lesbians there.

No. 451782

He may not be joking, but the joke is that these deluded troons are the very things they complain others are.

No. 451783

Their masculinities have that racialized aspect which they consciously or subconsciously act out. A lot of MoC come from more conservative upbringings so they see troons as a white thing or extreme homosexuality. But then you see the most conservative and homophobic regions of America have the most white troons so I don’t know.

No. 451785

If they’re in the retro gaming scene they probably come from more privileged upbringings and hang around a lot of white people. You have one man trooning our and then they encourage each other to do. It’s like a chain reaction.

No. 451786

I am from a mixed background and I always thought transgender was a white thing or it at least seems more common with nerdy men these days. Many MoC troons work in prostitution because they are HSTS so I obviously don’t see them much.

No. 451791


Wow thank you so much for all the info. I’m really sorry that you feel unsafe in your own country as a butch woman. That’s really unfortunate. I didn’t know Russia was lacking so much when it came to LGB rights

No. 451792

The big change was that AGP were allowed to transition when before only HSTS were given the chance. Thanks you Blanchard for nothing.

No. 451794

Browse /pol/ and you will see how a lot of white men view MoC as a threat which is why they constantly advocate for their genocide or “stealing” their women to “breed whiteness into them”. On /leftypol/ they also feel threatened by MoC but they don’t advocate for genocide or eugenics so instead they make themselves into a “protected class” which is becoming a tranny so they are more free to shit on MoC and they can now go on about how MoC are more privileged than them.

No. 451795

Lol a lot of straight white men definitely identify as transbians to claim they are oppressed and never had privilege in leftist circles.

No. 451798

They also do it to shut down the voices of women. Trannies have become an untouchable class and this allows them to get away with abuse. It’s like how priests in Christianity were able to fucked up things all the time but it was always covered up or excused because you can’t criticise a priest. Abusers always flock to become a part of untouchable classes.

No. 451799

Not really. Most white troons do this to shit on women of all kinds (especially black women who troons cannot shut the fuck up about period). The only men of color white troons shit on endlessly are HSTS cases of overwhelmingly non-white murdered TiM prostitutes and TiMs killed by male partners that they steal their 'trans genocide and violence' statistics from and apply to themselves

It's not exactly as if troons regard /r/asianmasculinity like they do TERFs

No. 451802

No. 451804

Homosexual relations are still seen as deviant and they are viewed as inferior to heterosexual relations because they can’t reproduce naturally and they don’t have PiV sex which is seen as “gold standard” so they trans one of the characters to make it straight but “still gay because they identify as gay uwu”. These people are very homophobic but pretend to be pro-gay. I know mpreg and futa has been a thing for ages to make homosexuality more heterosexual but the tranny shit is worse because it’s being done to look “progressive” when before it was just magical hijinks.

No. 451806

Rain Dove is an actual natural born woman, not a man.

No. 451807

You're the same person who said 12 year olds are "sluts who need to take responsibility" if they get groomed by men, and has been trying to claim homosexuality is a fetish in multiple threads now.
When will you fuck off? Your opinions are bullshit. Go hang out with the incels you love so much on 4chan to whinge about how everything is "degeneracy" and that grown men are innocent babies who dindu nuffin. No one is buying what you're selling, asshole.
>inb4 "no it wasn't me"
You have the same retarded typing style every time, but good job on learning how to capitalize.

No. 451811

That happens as well but browse /leftypol/ enough and you will see how they also use their troon status to shit on MoC but in “woke” ways like how MoC are “cissexist”.

No. 451814

>troons are trying to get non-english speaking foreign countries to understand and use ‘TERF’


No. 451815

They shit on MoC too, mostly stereotyping them as uneducated and savage.

No. 451816

I think they are angry at MoC for believing in biological sex and “oppress women based on sex too much” because they want trannies to be the most oppressed group on earth. It’s so funny. I legit had a conversation with a tranny about sex-selective abortion in China and India and he just went on about how they were transphobic societies who associated sex with gender.

No. 451819

Men of color are definitely more limited in their expressions by race but I think another reason for there being so many white AGPs is that it is a backlash against women’s liberation. I often see comments from white men complaining that white women “are too feminist” so these white men now claim to be women and also more oppressed than them to get back at them. It’s like when America was going through second-wave feminism and men couldn’t control women as easily as they used to so there was huge increase in the creation of violent and degenerate pornography. It was all for men to regain some control over women.

No. 451830

File: 1566432577822.jpg (66.6 KB, 1200x372, D5PcyIhXsAAUptE.jpg)

Same here! I feel like nowadays I appriciate her art more and how it slowly pushed me closer into learning about what GC really is

No. 451831

I saw a poster in Japanese which used "TERF"

No. 451834

Anyone else think America's porn-obsessed, individualist, secular, transhumanist, capitalist environment allowed for the troon menace to grow and America's cultural dominance over the rest of the world allows for it to spread rapidly?

No. 451836

Kek I always thought the tranny shit was worse in Canada and the UK but I guess you could trace a lot of it back to America.

No. 451837

File: 1566433317888.jpg (85.46 KB, 541x960, 14556.jpg)

It's like the first wave anti-suffragette art.

No. 451840

>my hips are moving on their own
He needs to watch less hentai

No. 451843

kek. they often describe themselves in cheesy hentai monologue.

No. 451846

Many religious Americans support it too. American Christianity is bizarre to say the least and the secular Americans have been influenced by American Christian thought.

No. 451851

File: 1566436408882.png (42.72 KB, 659x183, Screenshot_20190821-190757(1).…)

It's hilarious how TRAs are trying to gatekeep positive gender confirmation to trans only

No. 451852

File: 1566436476839.png (509.51 KB, 720x723, Screenshot_20190821-193536(1).…)

Guys, a REAL lesbeean!!

No. 451854

lmao does ALB identify as a lesbian? I thought she always said she was bisexual and she had a romantic relationship with this bearded hipser since she was 12 before getting with a tranny.

No. 451856

File: 1566437099281.png (262.97 KB, 540x752, 542545821.png)

No. 451859

File: 1566438677135.jpg (73.92 KB, 540x540, 456.jpg)

ALB's boyfriend was always an ugly douche and I would have ditched him as soon as he started trooning out but she's a dumbass who decided to get married instead.

No. 451860

Ah, I didn't do enough searching before, my bad. I'm still sick of all this 'genderfluid' bullshit though.

No. 451861

Same, I used to go to a church that practically chased out the head of nursery because she was a lesbian, but the pastor had this sermon where he went on about this non-passing TiM, and how we should accept people like them, using "she" pronouns and everything

No. 451863

Barf. Showing off the trimmed nails of his “magic fingers” because he’s totes a big lesbo, you guys. They can’t even share something that is supposed to be romantic or tender without being vulgar.

No. 451870

I like how they included a butch lesbian

No. 451873

Of course she doesn't have to cut hers kek even if he has a neogash I'm sure it has no sensation inside

No. 451874


I hope this too. I feel like she does, and like the people caring for her will let her know. I don't really believe in a heaven after death, but if there is something waiting for her, I hope she finds freedom and peace within it.

No. 451875

Do you know the opinions on any actual Japanese people on this shit? Seems like it's mostly foreigners trying to push it.
I asked before but to no avail. I find this pretty interesting.

No. 451876

It applies to pretty much every fandom

No. 451877

When will people realize that there is no such thing as "toxic masculinity" because masculinity is inherently toxic? It exists for men to maintain power over women who are forced to perform femininity.

No. 451878


Honestly I feel really bad for her. Like, it's annoying as shit to see her talk all the time now about how GAAAAYYYYYYY she is OMG GIRLSSS omg useless gay etc etc when, if you've followed her, you know she's been with two male people, the second of whom happened to go trans. It's like, jesus, you have no connection to gay culture, you've never been near pussy, you grew up as a super feminine straight girl with boyfriends. It's such a shameless, infuriating co-opting of actual gay experiences, rendering them so much less useful and meaningful for actual gay women. It's literally textbook appropriation: she never had to deal with this shit, but now that's a fun, edgy accessory, it's all hers.

But, like……I can't sustain that anger. She's gotten so fucking suckered. I barely follow her anymore because Niko is such a boring fucking textbook alt-y transbian, neck-deep in dude=centric nerdy shit, never shuts up now about wanting to be a MILF with huge jugs, wants to be Morrigan/goth chicks he was fixated on in middle school, has that weird condescending streak all those channy edgelord-turned-"woke" transbians all have. And I just look at ALB and I think, you're saddled to this person who thinks your life is something he can buy and slice and jack himself off into. It just makes me so fucking sad.

No. 451881

it's not tho? stop being over dramatic. i wish more people ITT were more anti-trans than pro-radfem. it's boring.

No. 451882

I always thought she was just another straight girl who pretended to be bi because it's icky to be straight. A lot of young people identify with made-up shit like skoliosexual or bisexual to avoid being seen as straight but they still won't date someone of the opposite sex. I guess her bi identity is validated now that she is with a tranny and she calls him her "wife" even though they have straight sex and never suffered from homophobia.

No. 451886

Women are socialised to be feminine which causes them to be too nice and empathetic and why they cater to TiMs so much in the first place. You might not like it but it's true.

No. 451888

where's the lie tho?

No. 451891

Lmao men literally beat the shit out of each other for not being masculine enough and teach each other to view women as inferior.

No. 451892

you can't learn a thing you think you know, anon. i'm not about to try to convince someone that femininity and masculinity aren't all awful. also i never said anything about masculinity for men, just that it's not all toxic, let that sink in.

No. 451894

GC originated from radfem discourse, fool.

No. 451896

If you're going to come into a gender critical feminist thread expect to see feminist related discourse. The main reason why most people ITT are anti-trans is because the trans movement is misogynistic, homophobic, and attacks sex-based rights. Obviously.

No. 451897

File: 1566443017730.png (59.62 KB, 604x770, 1_bsuwUXlcht2nnqImxgig_g.png)

but it's kind of true. all of the GOOD things about "masculinity" (other than secondary sex characteristics) are just positive traits that can be expected of all people, that all people have, and the idea that men can't have other traits is just holding men back from being well rounded people? like, honorable, reliable, handy, proficient, confident independent, logical, etc are all traits that all people have. people should strive to have traits from both tables, so why does "masculinity" exist at all? "masculinity" means nothing without the toxic bits and association with chest hair. masculinity, colloquially, is largely just the toxic bits. there's nothing left of it once you strip it of all the toxic shit.

No. 451899

What are you doing in a gender critical thread then? Feminist have always critiqued the social construction of gender - how it reduces the humanity of women and gives men power over them. It's only recently that gender critical theory has been so focused on trannies as trans activism has taken over mainstream feminism and clashes with the idea of gender as a social construct as it believes gender is innate.

No. 451902

If you just want to bash trannies go to /pol/

No. 451903

>goes on gender critical thread
>"stop criticising gender"

No. 451904

this is not the thread for you.

No. 451907

No. 451912

File: 1566446661446.png (62.79 KB, 682x1032, 87485b8b-c09e-49da-adc3-e46385…)

relevant to the current trajectory of the thread

No. 451940

It makes me particularly mad when people make canon gay couples half troon.

I saw a trans Northstar headcanon the other day. Northstar, the first gay superhero! Gay people can't even have that anymore. Nevermind, Jean-Paul is actually just a mentally ill straight girl! And people view that sort of erasure and fetizhization as "woke". I've seen people do the same thing to other canon gay Superheros, like Wiccan and Hulkling. It's like they can't fathom the idea of a relationship that doesn't involve one penis and one vagina.

I want these fujoshi to take a look at Grindr sometime and see how focused on cock gay guys are. Men who sleep with TiFs aren't gay– they're straight and bisexual guys who view TiFs as an easy lay. Seriously, there are PUA guides out there about how all a man has to do to fuck a fujo TiF is tell her that he's a gay man and lie about how well she passes.

No. 451944

I hate it when they have the gay couples have bio babies because one is trans, they get some female character to be a surrogate, or they get their baby through some sort of magical bullshit. They really view adoption as an inferior choice even though gay couples (and anybody really) have been doing it for ages.

No. 451945

It's like they can't get it through their heads that the reason why people view homosexuality as evil is because gay couples can't conceive naturally. Instead of trying to explain that this is the wrong outlook because it is heteronormative and diminishes the gay identity they just get them to breed like straights anyway lol.

No. 451946

Well, now they can have kids just like heterosexuals do so homophobia is OVER!!

No. 451947

Gay activism has for so long tried to express that homosexual love is not worth less than heterosexual because they can't breed but people really don't care. The tranny shit is so disgusting, it's just a straight couple but calling itself "queer".

No. 451948

straight white people are OBSESSED with having their own genetic children. I cannot believe how much people spend on IVF and surrogates. It's so disgusting to do that when there are so many children in need of adoption. I get that it's interesting to see your genes fused with someone else's, but still, it's not justifiable in economic or humanitarian terms. If you can convince a relative of yours to give you a child to adopt, fine. the whole thing is just… "i'm clearly the master race and MY genes deserve to be passed on. adopt an ETHNIC child? maybe…. can I get an asian daughter? No? Well… who can I get? A HISPANIC? an AFRICAN!?! how dARE you insult me as a white person by asking me to race a black" and then they spend $150k on IVF to destroy their near-menopausal body with hormones.(Derail)

No. 451949

I actually know some white couples who fetishize adopting an "ethnic" child. They especially love to adopt Chinese girls because they see them as loyal, submissive and doll-like daughters who will look after them in old age. There's even studies done on this phenomenon where white couples go out look for baby Asian girls to raise. Adoption has plenty of problems but surrogacy is so much more fucked up. There was a case in Ukraine (large surrogacy business there) where a baby girl was born prematurely with disabilities and the intended parents refuse to "pick up" the delivery. Also the crazy shit in Thailand where some Japanese billionaire who received 13 surrogate babies from the Thai women he paid for. Or how German models are selling their eggs to gay couples who want "beautiful" babies who will later be carried by some poor Cambodian woman.(Derail)

No. 451952

i get there are crazy white supremacist types but i can definitely see why people want their own biological children or at least a child that looks like them. we are animals and one of the points of existing is to reproduce and spread our genes.(Derail)

No. 451953

To expand on this, I also want to touch on bisexual and closeted gay people who had kids with an opposite-sex partner before getting divorced.

When I was growing up, I knew two different families for whom this was the case. In both cases, the moms won majority/sole custody and re-married other women. Also in both cases, the kids really liked their step-mom and accepted their parents' relationship.

The "evil" step-parent trope needs to stop. It's caused by the same obsession with blood relations that causes people to look down on adoptive families. I'm so sick of the paranoia about adopted kids running away to be with their biological parents. That almost never happens. I've heard so many people try to talk me out of adoption with either that or "they'll give you a disabled kid!!1!" (which is fucked up and ableist in addition to being untrue; you have to specifically ask for a special needs child.)

In my experience, it's usually men who are obsessed with having biological children, likely because they're not the ones who have to push it out of their bodies. When I told my brother I wanted to adopt, he harangued me about the negative consequences of me not taking care of a kid after the first six months of its life. He seemed to be implying that the kid would be "tainted" by the people he assumed lost the kid because of reasons like drugs or abuse. He was talking about kids they way someone would talk about used cars. It totally sickened me. Child abuse survivors need love and good homes, too.

No. 451955

Humans just want to have sex not necessarily reproduce. Fatherhood did not even exist originally but men at some point figured out how to control female reproduction and claim ownership of children.

No. 451959

yeah i did say in my rant that they'll take an asian girl but nothing else other than white. they even started taking russian 5-year-olds over taking newborn non-white non-asian babies - i used to work in child care in a wealthy white suburb and we had 2 russian adoptees out of ~40 kids one year. those kids were sad - little terrors, for sure, but mostly scared & confused.

all humans look like me. all humans share my genes. humans shouldn't be competing against other humans in this god damn day and age. the world is too small. we should all be working together to ensure the survival of humanity on Earth. that means educating and making healthy the children that already exist. that's how we keep our genes alive. thinking otherwise is just fundamentally ethnonationalist. sorry.

No. 451960

the only evolutionary reason sex feels good is so that we reproduce, regardless of whether parental role are innate to humans or not.

No. 451963

Except humans don't reproduce like other species. They don't follow natural selection and no other species requires an unrelated third party to carry their own offspring.

No. 451964

I think everyone wants to have children of their own and not necessarily for supremacist reasons more just selfish ones. I would want a child that basically reminds me of me if that helps explain it.

No. 451966

They reproduce to spread their genes out of fear that their bloodlines will end up rather for evolution like every other species

No. 451967

i get that but do you really think if you raised a child of a different race from birth, they wouldn't remind you of you? in personality, in taste, in attitudes and interests? isn't that what should be interesting? who cares about what they physically look like? we can all faceblend ourselves with other people on snapchat or whatever now to see that.

No. 451968

I'm not against adoption, I've even considered it as an option down the road. I wouldn't care about race too much because the idea of dying alone without anyone to take care of and take care of me is depressing.

No. 451971

>Seriously, there are PUA guides out there about how all a man has to do to fuck a fujo TiF is tell her that he's a gay man and lie about how well she passes.
Damn this is crazy where can I read about this?

No. 451972


You're saying that like adoption is easy. It's almost impossible to adopt in my country, either from within or outside the country. There are so many hoops to jump through, and while obviously there should be stringent safeguards in place, unless you're very very rich theres no chance of being able to adopt.

Theres also nothing wrong with women wanting to experience pregnancy for themselves. There are many that do ivf with sonar eggs/sperm. It's not always about the genetics.(Derail)

No. 451973

>Theres also nothing wrong with women wanting to experience pregnancy for themselves.
This is the same thing TiMs say about themselves, they believe pregnancy is inherent to the "female experience" and want womb transplants.

No. 451974

it's nice that you want to help and I hope you can, but adoption is for the privileged where i'm from, it requires a lot of money time resources and paperwork (which in a way is normal, you wouldn't let anybody get ahold of a foreign child like you get ahold of a can of Pepsi).
a more realistic solution would be better healthcare in third world countries, so that children who were born thrive, and access to contraception, so that people don't follow the strategy of "produce 10 children so that even if five die it's okay", but ik I'm too optimistic for hoping that.

No. 451975

Actually sex feeling good is more important for maintaining social relations than about reproduction hence why gay people also exist. The most successfully reproducing animals do not get pleasure out of sex but this is getting off-topic so I will stop here.

No. 451977

On the off chance that two dicks are actually involved, you know it's gonna be that Omegaverse self-lubricating butt that can get pregnant garbage and that the "Omega" character is going to be written as a stereotypical woman

No. 452051


So what? I said women. TIMs are delusional men who will never ever be able to get pregnant. I dont think pregnancy is inherent to the female experience, whatever the fuck 'the female experience' is, but it is solely a female experience and theres nothing wrong with women wanting it.

No. 452055

Oh darling, I was frothing at the mouth when I was a tumblr post dedicated to explaining why Feanor was a trans woman.
Yup, Feanor. The firstborn son of Finwe who married fairly young by elvish standards. Who fathered not one or two, but seven children. And not to mention his violent tendencies, domineering character and much much more… He was actually a trans woman waiting to come out… Not just gay characters, not just feminine male characters. Those lunatics go for male straight characters who have explosive male energy and ego.
those fetishists soil everything. Not to mention that one woman who supported the "Feanor was a trans woman" post also reblogged a fanfic where Feanor has female genitalia and has sex with none other then his own half brother. Yeah, because the lot of them are not just filthy fetishists.

No. 452056

*I saw a tumblr post
sorry, I'm angry typing…

No. 452076

don't know where y'all are from but if you can't afford to adopt you probably shouldn't have a kid. if it was possible to require paperwork to have a kid normally, they ought to do it. subsistence farmers excluded of course but I'm assuming anyone posting here isn't a subsistence farmer. of course we should work toward improving medicine and welfare in developing countries, but every child adopted out to a wealthier country reduces the burden on that country's existing support systems.

No. 452089

I don't disagree with this, but by this logic, would we also class femininity as toxic for limiting women's capacity in similar ways, telling us that traits everyone should have are somehow men's domain?
Also, only sort of on-topic, but I can't stand that so many people think logic and empathy are somehow opposed to each other. Empathy is a direct tool of logic. Just like any form of logic, it becomes faulty when taken in a wrong turn.

No. 452109

Well yes, the concept of gender is toxic and it is upheld by a patriarchal system to serve men.

No. 452125

>I can't stand that so many people think logic and empathy are somehow opposed to each other.
I completely agree. Both logic and empathy are what make us human. To shun either is to be incomplete.

No. 452130

They can spend their money on literally whatever the fuck they want. White women aren't brood mares for taking care of the third world's problems.

This racebaiting rhetoric is retarded anyway considering transracial adoption by white people is 100000x more common in the US than Japan. Hell ALL forms of adoption are. Why doesn't the second wealthiest country in the world bother fucking adopting?

No. 452137

Not involved here, but I don't get why some people always bring up the tiny country of Japan in these discussions, knowing full well their culture and situation isn't the same as the west's and can't really be viewed from the same lens. Like, does most of the Japanese population want children, even of their own, that badly to begin with? Aren't they already lagging behind in reproduction rates, to the point where it's considered a social problem?
If the topic of kids on its own is left on the backburner, why would you expect them to want to go through the process of adoption, transracial or not? It just seems like a dumb argument.

No. 452142

Even when their birthrate was extremely positive, the Japanese never adopted. Not an argument.

No. 452148

Funny that you say adopting makes you a brood mare, when using surrogates is ACTUALLY LITERALLY using someone as a brood mare. Did you like, think about that one for longer than a fucking second?

People can spend their money how they want but they're still disgustingly self-centered for doing it.

Also just because Japan is racist as fuck, that means white people aren't racist? What?

No. 452152

Speaking of which, not every country has the same adoption laws so in some countries you can't adopt. My aunt adopted my cousin a long time ago abroad in our country of origin and it was fast, but since she barely did any research on how this worked she only learned a few months ago that adoption is impossible and she's legally just my cousin's foster parent.

I've been told that in some Asian countries it gets weird like that too but I don't remember which ones and how. Then you also have some African countries where kids are temporarily put in orphanages because one parent died and the other has to work and will bring back the kids once they have a more stable income and living conditions. The parents suddenly learn that some rich Americans who pretended to temporarily adopt the kids actually decided they're adopting them permanently behind the parent's back and basically kidnapping them.

No. 452153

So, adoption isn't part of what they're into as a society/culture, period, but you're still trying to compare them to a society/culture that's far more open to the idea in general, as if they're the exact same? Aren't there any more fitting examples you could come up with at all? Why the fixation on Japan? Why is it always "But when the Japanese do it, no one says anything!!"? Japan is not an extension of the west in any way. Is this just a result of the internet turning people into weebs who don't/won't bother to research world societies as a whole?
I really, really don't see your point.

No. 452158

To help non-whites is to look down on them and see them as lesser beings who can't take care of themselves. To avoid non-whites and stay out of their business is to exclude them and them view them as lesser beings. Schrödinger's whypipo. Really makes you wonder why racial tension is rising.(Derail)

No. 452162

>To help non-whites is to look down on them and see them as lesser beings who can't take care of themselves

no one in this thread ever said this. go be inane somewhere else.

No. 452165

You're not in a place to call anybody insane when you think access to white people is a human right.(Derail)

No. 452168

What are you even talking about? Who said the first thing? This entire post boils down to "Someone somewhere said something that contradicts what these other people in this other place are saying. Therefore, both groups of people are actually in complete agreement (in fact, they're the same group), they are just contradicting themselves! Logic FAIL!".
Different people may have different opinions, and will voice them. Is this concept new to you?

No. 452169

I said inane, not insane. It's not a human right to access white people. No one said that. It's a human right to grow up to your full potential, and it's wrong to deny other children that potential in order to have your own genetic children. That's irrespective of race, but I talked about white people because I am white and I am mostly familiar with white people in this regard, Also, populations with economic access to IVF and surrogacy are by far mostly white, so it's not even an inappropriate generalization. Race comes into play because people only want to adopt babies rather than older children. White babies are in short supply, and it's not as easy to get an asian baby now, and white people don't want to adopt black or hispanic children. This is because of racism, pure and simple.(Derail)

No. 452179

>I am white
I can't imagine having so much self loathing. I hope you never have children.
>This is because of racism, pure and simple.
Being able to attach a buzzword to a complicated and innate phenomenon doesn't simplify it. It isn't the responsibility of any race to clean up the mess of another.

No. 452187

Are you going to address the rest of that post? Humans have a responsibility to other humans. We are not divided by our race, as much as you seem to think that we are. Educating and elevating the condition of all humans is crucial to the future survival of humanity.

No. 452189

File: 1566486560874.png (69.38 KB, 800x800, 4.png)

Because the first person was acting as if white Americans AREN'T open to adoption you fucking dolt. And I am saying, compared to whom? Do Asian-Americans adopt equivalent to their population rate, despite being on average wealthier? No. They do not.

The 'muh exxxotical p0c kultshurr' rants about a country that is a Westernized exploitation economy, is an extension of the West and acts exactly like one, including having a genocidal empire, does not work on me.

No. 452190

Not that anon, but maybe people will think you're less inane if you actually explain the workings of what you've classed as a "complicated and innate phenomenon" instead of making strawmen, getting emotionally-charged, insulting people and generally downgrading the overall maturity of a discussion whenever you see the dreaded "r-word". Anon wasn't even using it as a buzzword (it just made you buzz). There was a clear line of logic in its use and and explanation on where it fits into the conversation at hand. If you don't or can't accept ther points, come up with a better explanation and introduce that to everyone.
Approach a subject with maturity, rationality and actual education on what's being talked about instead of sperging out because anyone mentioning that racism is or might be an aspect is an immediate trigger for you. If you can't do that, you should just stick to echo chambers like 4chan or Twitter where "have sex" is an acceptable response to anything you disagree with. As it stands, you've contributed nothing at all.
>It isn't the responsibility of any race to clean up the mess of another.
This is another thing nobody said, and you know that, but you're still gleefully accusing them of saying it. It's like you're not even talking to real people anymore. You just make up all these imaginary enemies in your head and start to go after literally anyone who vaguely reminds you of them.

No. 452192

So white people are slightly less racist than Japanese people, who are kind of well-known for being extremely xenophobic even towards Koreans, let alone people of other races? That's a great point you've raised.

Japan's refusal to adopt or accept immigrants is going to crash their economy due to a lack of young workers in pretty short order, so yeah, it's a bad thing. What were you trying to say again?

No. 452195

Its so bizarre how other white people will regard white people who have self criticism to others of their race as self loathing even if they dont display conspiciously insecurity and self hate to their features, heritage, ect. I remember when it used to be a good thing to point out the cause and effect of racial dynamics to other humans but now its considered being a cuck and other bullshit inane terms people invented.

I dont even see the most pro black black people calling other black people for calling out the ills of their community, they have to display extreme self loathing and hatred to themselves for that to happen. So bizarre.

No. 452197

Lets be honest, white Americans are the most racist white Western people on the planet and people can stay blind to the fact if they want to but its the truth. There is no sense in denying that anymore.

No. 452198

I meant calling other black people self hating

No. 452200

File: 1566487280799.jpg (134.76 KB, 1024x1024, 1543859289818.jpg)

You are completely deranged you know. My dad is a gynaecologist and I have met plenty of his colleagues, both male and female and the thought that he is less capable or "creepy" at his job than the ladies in his profession is disgusting. You are posting on a gender critical thread, this doesn't just mean hating troons, it means being critical of gender in general. I hope you are underaged, otherwise this stupidity is a show of some serious issues.

No. 452201

Okay Pepeposter.

No. 452202

Black americans are just as racist as white Americans. People only say less about it because of the history of racism towards them in America

No. 452203

That's not what they said. They spoke negatively of things like surrogacy taking precedent over just adopting children who need a home, and of racism during adoption itself. You then decided "What about Japan" was a smart argument, as if Japan is the same as the west socially/culturally, that nobody ever criticizes Japan, or that the world should aspire to take on all of Japan's habits (including the downsides, like population collapse). All of these things are false. The rest of your post is essentially
>Japan is totally an extension of the west, they even act like it! Just believe me, btw they have also killed people. Also this graph I haven't bothered to source or explain the factors of!
I don't think you're even knowledgeable enough to have this conversation, to be honest. You just jumped at the mention of "white" and now you're all over the place. Not even you know what you're really saying.

No. 452205

They have the right to be with the rabid and evilness white americans display on a daily basis, as well as other non black immigrants

black americans being racist is a myth and just said so people can feel better about their sins, many black americans LOVE non black people and wish for them to infilirate their entertainment industry and social circles and worship the ground they live on. Meanwhile for white americans they are either the extremely liberal type only really comfortable with asian immigrants, maybe hispanics, vaguely uncomfortable with blacks, or the super racialist or vaguely racialist proud over their race and anti immigration and critical of non white culture. This isnt 2002 anymore.

No. 452209

>many black americans LOVE non black people and wish for them to infilirate their entertainment industry and social circles and worship the ground they live on.

Lol, you haven't been on twitter I see…

No. 452210

Many women don't want male gynecologists because men have proven to be creepy, as a result of gender socialization. Ignoring the problem and pretending it doesn't happen just because we know the cause helps literally no one except perverts.
Acknowledge that it's a result of gender, work to resolve the issue, and then maybe we'll be more open to male gynos. Again, ignoring it does nothing to resolve the issue.
I have heard way too many personal stories from other women of male gynecologists disrespecting patients' privacy, making perverted, inappropriate comments, making "deals" on who gets to work on which patient amongst themselves, and other abhorrent behaviors. It's just not worth it when female gynos exist, sorry.

No. 452211

Imagine thinking LSA, thecoli, or Black twitter are representative of the black population in the US. Most of the people on those sites are reactionaries, half of them are trolls, meanwhile 4chan and reddit and other shit holes on the internet actually reflect on the wa community irl. I have never met a black person irl or online who have LSA, thecoli, black twitter tier views in personal conversation unless if they were actually from those websites.

Thats the thing with you people, you always want to talk about how other groups act and try to read into their mind when you dont know your ass from your foot. Get off your high horse.

No. 452213

I agree with you anon, thank you for this post.
Also a serious issue, circumcision has been linked to several mental conditions and especially autism.
You are extremely wrong and ignorant. In the real world and not your feminist theories, genital mutilation of children is unnaceptable and any more discourse is useful for theoretical purposes and practical ones. In practice, the issue of mutilation of any kind, including genital one in children should be abolished by law on the grounds of the human right of bodily autonomy and that's that. The only reason I do not go on and move into personal attacks is because I am not into getting banned. All I am going to say is that you sicken me with your sociopathy and inability to empathize.

No. 452216

Both ignorant but >>451203 almost had it right.
>I honestly think it's fucked up to cut ANY healthy parts off of a child regardless of gender.
This is where you should have stopped to have a coherent argument outside of a theoretical debate. Of course they are fucking different on intent, effect and a ton of other things. When it has to do with the real world though, this is irrelevant. All it matters in the discourse of the real world and the legality of the issue is the human right of bodily autonomy, in which both are mutilation of children for religious or cultural reasons, which should be fucking abolished. So you might want to look into a mirror before starting throwing around accusations.

No. 452218

Admittedly, I'm one of the people who originally contributed to the adoption discussion, but I feel like it's gone from a discussion about lgbt people avoiding adoption to an argument about race.

I feel like we've maybe stumbled into the woods here. This is the GC thread, after all.

No. 452219

Is it my fault if spergs cant help but to freak out in any mention of black and start their own commentary? No one acts like this about any other race. Blacks, despite the hypermasculinsation myths, are treated similarly like women are in race based discussions.

No. 452220

Address what? Your inability to understand that people care more for people they share blood with? Your jealousy towards people who can afford fertility treatments? Your lack of understanding that a lot of people have a biological urge to procreate?
>Humans have a responsibility to other humans. We are not divided by our race, as much as you seem to think that we are. Educating and elevating the condition of all humans is crucial to the future survival of humanity.
Is this your Miss World speach? You should add something about World Peace and ending poverty. I've never seen such pretentious and empty spiel. Hilarious that you would call anything, or anyone inane before shitting out that drivel.
Its none of your business what reasons someone chooses to not adopt. So what if a family decide to decides they're only going to adopt a child of the same race as them. They aren't stopping other races from doing the same. The constant attempts at thought policing by people getting high off huffing their own farts, is infuriating. Humans are tribal. We always have been and always will be.
>This is another thing nobody said
Its what you're arguing for.
We've heard your spiel a thousand times before. We're bored of it. You see yourself as some sort of Jesus figure. We get it.
This level of delusion is unreal.

No. 452223

You sound like a scrot. Are you seriously suggesting that circumcision might cause autism?

Circumcision and FGM are both wrong and should be illegal, but FGM is a thousand times worse. I stand by those statements. Go cry in a pillow if it bothers you that much.

No. 452224

You can pretend and lie to yourself that what im saying is delusion to make yourself feel better about the reality of the world but its not changing anything. Does it offend you that most regular people see your kind as sociopathic and lacking regular functions a human being should have?

You also sound very angry and your words are predictable. Its so cute how you people are always the biggest NPCs.

No. 452225

So daddy does your Pap smear for free? Or does he let his male colleague take care for you?

No. 452228

You arent a female no matter how much you log on LC every morning and larp as one LOL.

No. 452230

Its obvious its a male by its low emotional intelligence, poor insight, and reactive and emotional statements.

No. 452231

I am not both of these posts, only the second. I never said it's not worse, I said the fact that it is worse is IRRELEVANT because abolishing one is abolishing the other in any civilized Country. They fuck with the same Human Right, bodily autonomy, the fact that one does so worse is, guess what, irrelevant in the discourse for changing it, only in the discourse examining it. I said NOTHING that contradicts that FGM is worse, I criticized the stance that a lot of anons have that they are separate issues, because they simply aren't. They are the same issue in different degree, legally speaking, which is the important thing to get it outlawed. Also, what kind of Western country even allows FGM?

No. 452234

File: 1566489535750.jpg (139.46 KB, 1600x1167, angry.jpg)

>You're just jealous! [in this case, we are all just jealous that we "can't afford fertility treatments"]
This is the #1 scrote argument. With the insane lack of critical thinking, emotional immaturity, apparent anger and /pol/-tard shit ("muh tribalism"), I think we can all guess what's going on now.
Don't feed it.

No. 452235

His male or female colleague, there are three of them. So? Projecting their insecurities on their doctors says plenty about them, not their physicians.

No. 452236

Black Americans are racist as shit toward other races the fuck. And other races also hate them and each other. Being American is a disease, everyone has a complex.

No. 452237

Guessing that's meant for >>452234

No. 452245

The focus on ir babies and exotic babies proves to me something its not as bad as they say it is
I agree Americans as a collective are fucking retarded and racist though

No. 452249

Why does it feel like there are like four different scrotes posting in this thread right now.

I'm not 100% on the technicalities, but I personally think that any post here that isn't about trannies should be saged.

No. 452251

Cute anecdotal evidence anon, I have heard the exact opposite.

I don't care what Americans say, pepe is cute.

No. 452253

How is it projection or insecurity when tons of women have had horrible experiences with male gynos specifically, not just gynos in general?
Stop gaslighting, and start solving the problem of male gynos abusing their power and generally being shitty instead of yelling at people for noticing it and acting accordingly.

No. 452255

You're either retarded, or trolling by pretending to be.
>uwu sis, us girls are too soft and pure to not see the World through sparkly rose lenses
>Anybody who doesn't go along with my moral busy bodying is a /pol/-tard scrote
Simple minds. Simple solutions.

No. 452256

I don't know how to break it to you, but people make life decisions based on their actual life experiences, not one random person with a Pepe picture screaming that they're "deranged" because their dad happens to be a gyno and they're offended at multiple people noticing a pattern with men who enter a certain profession.

No. 452257

Except there is no such large scale problem as you present. The overwhelming majority of doctors are perfectly fine and professional people. The chance that you get one that isn't is minuscule. You are fighting an enemy that isn't real.

No. 452260

List of things that have nothing to do with GC:
1) Whether or not white people adopt non-white babies
2) What gender of gynecologist anons prefer
3) How bad circumcision is/isn't

No. 452261

Of course anon, just how incels have, according to their own experience, decided that women are cattle and should treat us as such. No one said you can't do what you want, but don't expect that you won't be judged for it, as these nutcases are. You reserve your right to action and I my right to criticism, sorry if I hurt your feelings and your world theory of male gynos preying on you.

No. 452262

if you care more about people of your own race, you are an ethnonationalist and a racist. that's literally the definition. if you want to proudly call yourself a racist, you can go ahead, but you don't want to do that. You want to say "I'm not a racist, but…"

just because you can't empathize with other races doesn't mean the rest of us can't. Talking about spiels - "Humanity will always be tribal" is pretty fucking spiely, plus it means you don't have to do anything different or think about the way you live & act & feel. How convenient for you.

No. 452263

Agreed, kinda feel bad about contributing to that discourse, but I can't resist opening my mouth when I see stuff I disagree with.

No. 452265

Im just saying you sound like a male, if you arent then it points to you frequenting male dominated boards and websites and internalizing those views and its painfully obvious. Either way, you are revealing yourself the more you type.

No. 452266

Who's fighting? The fact that many women see what goes on with their own two eyes and prefer to go to female gynos because of it (who make up 85% of the profession in the US alone, anyway) is an attack, somehow? Seethe. The fact that you think women preferring a certain kind of doctor is the same as men thinking all women should be treated as cattle just shows how delusional you are.
The anon who mentioned that this has nothing to do with GC is right, so I'll just drop it here. You can keep throwing a tantrum about it if you want, maybe cry to your dad about it, but no one here cares.

No. 452268

No, it started with racial sperging about white women who use IVF and acting as if they don't transracially adopt, as if that has anything to do with this thread in general or that IVF is some white woman exclusive thing. Even insulting women using it talking about their 'menopausal bodies' when IVF is not necessarily restricted to women who are nearing menopause by any means. How feminist!

Then it proceeded to even escalate into one person comparing those who use IVF to troons. I mean really, this thread says uterine or womb transplants are sacred in relation to troons trying to get their hands on them, but then you shit on women who use IVF and call them selfish and using others as brood mares? Really?

I pointed out that Asians are in some ways even worse than whites in this regard in not shouldering the responsibility 'for the world' people are talking about by not adopting, not even mono-racially (regardless of whether it's Japan or the US). In fact Asian-Americans proportionately do IVF more too.

Then you gave a bunch of spergy bullshit about how they don't adopt because its diffurrunt for cultural reasons (yeah you can use that logic with virtually anything) and then suggested its okay because Japanese people don't even want their own kids (as if… that doesn't apply to white people or Arabs or anyone else with declining birthrates too…?). You've just constantly evaded my arguments using a shitty form of relativism and then tried to paint me as some type of retard or racist.

No. 452269

I brought the incels to points out that just because you think you have observed something doesn't mean you actually have, I didn't compare them on other grounds, please refrain from such intellectual dishonesty. I will also stop here because it is irrelevant. I am not going to continue, because I genuinely don't care. Paranoid people only hurt themselves.

No. 452274

Same. I was considering responding to that last "What about Japan and just the Asians" spergpost or the "reee humans are tribal and your just jealous of IVF" anon because I hate nonsense, but I think I'll just pop out of this thread and come back when it's gotten back on topic.
Too many scrotes online right now.

No. 452276

Calling someone a male isn't an instant "I win the argument" button. It's really ignorant to assume that women have such small minds and narrow world views that every women you meet is going to agree with you.

No. 452277

Good one scrot.

No. 452279

Is it so bad to find a post suspicious and male like because of the low emotional intelligence and lack of critical thinking it displays? What kind of woman complains about moralfagging like moralfagging isnt what protects women to begin with?

No. 452286

Gay men using women's bodies for surrogacy, rather than adopting, is relevant to the thread but it kind of got away from me so I'll stop.

Choosing IVF and surrogacy over adoption increases the burden on developing countries' support systems which leads to more people growing up in poverty, and slows modernization of health care systems, which disproportionately affects women. Not to mention the girls left to grow up in orphanages where they're at risk of trafficking and abuse. Just because other people or countries don't adopt doesn't mean you shouldn't. When you choose to have your own kid instead of adopting, you are literally saying "I condemn a woman to grow up in poverty because I value my genes more than their life." It's not something anyone wants to hear, and it doesn't mean you're a bad person if you have/had your own kid, it's just another selfish act (albeit a big one) out of many which we all do every day. That doesn't mean it's right.

I swear I'm done with the subject now.

No. 452288

This is an image board. If you want a PC safe space there's plenty of other options out there.

Are you yourself planning to adopt?

No. 452292

I'm not planning to raise kids one way or the other, which is still selfish.

No. 452294

To be clear, because I feel like you will misread this, I mean that I am being selfish by not adopting even though I don't plan to have kids of my own.

done now I promise

No. 452295

I 100% agree with you (that child abuse survivors deserve and need loving, good homes), but you have to be really careful when adopting if you can't afford THE best of THE best. So many horror stories of adoption agencies covering up past histories of abuse/histories of abusive behavior to new families, then when they bring the child home, that child goes on and abuses other kids in the home/at school. It's especially bad with foreign adoption, with Russia and China being especially shady about the kids' past histories to expedite the adoption process. A couple is currently suing a chinese adoption agency because they weren't told the boy they adopted was being prostituted and sexually abused since a young age (also the kid was 15/16 and they were told he was 12), the trauma of which led him to rape and abuse the younger boys in the home. the reality is adoption is a horrible mixed bag, I wish these kids could find the help and homes they deserve, but I also completely understand why people are put off by it.

Likewise, so many people are lax about bringing in strange adults around their kids and expect these people to immediately assume step parent mode. Or don't properly acclimate their kids to the new person because they're too self centered.

neither of the "tropes" of evil step-parent or batshit adopted child were borne from simple bloodline obsessions…

No. 452303

You've never met a White South African, have you?

No. 452311

Ha This is definitely true.

No. 452313

If that's YOUR definition of racist then it does apply to me, but I find it impossible to care about such a toothless smear attempt. There is nothing wrong with in-group bias which is exactly why you don't use that term. Its a self explanatory term with a solid unchanging definition for a natural instinct which is present from birth. Instead you use the fluid ever changing "racist" because it can mean anything from wanting to have your own children, to wanting wipe out anybody whose hair is a different colour. People like you have made it meaningless, and that's the last I'll say on the matter.

How about those creepy predators mutilating themselves so they can get away with being creepy and predatory eh?

No. 452317

yeah adoption can be a mixed bag, but your own genetic child can also turn out to be an abusive sociopath. it's just that people don't ever think that their own kid could turn out weird. So yeah, it is kind of that people think their genes are better.

It happens all the time that an older sibling abuses a younger sibling, so why is it relevant that he was adopted, other than to provide a neat explanation? Pretty much the same kind of argument as "illegal immigrant crimes" tbh.

Still funny how all the "horror stories" you usually hear are about russia and china, because white people are always trying to adopt white or asian kids no matter how sketchy the agency.

so you're arguing we should just accept our in-group bias and not think about it? We should just give in to whatever instincts feel right? Ok. So I guess
troons should just do whatever their instincts tell them feels good?

No, of course they shouldn't because it's predatory and harmful to women. People can have instincts & biases and those gut feelings can have negative consequences. The existence of bias doesn't mean that the bias is right or correct or valuable, and I really can't believe that's the line of argument you went with. You still aren't really making any kind of point, but thanks for admitting you're a racist.

that's three strikes for me on staying on topic so I'm closing this thread

No. 452322

Moralfagging and PC is not the same thing. Why is that idiots like you conflate the two?

Also keep ignoring how moralfagging protected your dumbass to begin with LOL. I can tell youre a retard who was born and raised on the internet and completely detached from reality.

No. 452323

True; White South africans, then white australians, then white americans.

No. 452324

I cant take people like you seriously who rally against troons for being freaks then be hell bent on dumb shit like this. At this point, you probably dont give a fuck about troons hurting women or children youre just angry because you find them disgusting only.

No. 452326

I really don't understand how nonbinary identities got grouped under the trans umbrella. TRAs say trans people are the gender they say. Okay, let's go with that. Then transwomen are women and transmen are men. Woman and man are binary genders. So where does NB fit in??

No. 452329

I despise them for many reasons. I don't understand why you're trying to gatekeep GC, or how that relates to my post though.

No. 452337

Not trying to gatekeep shit. Again you talk like all your life is internet and imageboards you are retarded as fuck.

No. 452348

File: 1566496479359.jpg (47.22 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Was Magdalen Berns even a radical feminist ?

No. 452356

Well a gender critical lesbian at least. We all know "TERF" basically just means lesbian anyway

No. 452359

Well then it seems like you just want to drag things off topic again because your feelings are hurt. I'll leave you to it.

No. 452364

Feelings arent hurt because I find you a loser with bad views. Again more bullshit termiology used by a social retard.

No. 452366

If you watch her videos she always mentions feminism.

No. 452368

That's sad anon, my family is from Russia and my dad was so sexist he wouldn't even let me take karate lessons and when I brought a book home from the library about Susan B. Anthony a famous American feminist, my parents almost disowned me.

No. 452389

god, what is wrong with being a gnc woman/butch, why the fuck does it always have to go down the queer route? young ma has some pRoBlEmAtIc aspects about her (the whole directing porn for pornhub like) but at least she is a normal lesbian and isn't pulling that shit, i seriously don't know any other "butch" female celebs of like current times, it's all genderqueer bs

No. 452390

Are there any specific terms besides 'homophobic' that describe modern kweers who target and shame homosexuals for not supporting the trans movement and/or having sex with trannies?
A friend of mine asked me about this today after a long GC conversation we had. She says that it could help straights and normies who aren't in the know to understand how toxic trannies are because right now the normies think homosexuality and trans shit are the same thing. (I agree)

No. 452393

conservative sounds like it fits the description

No. 452396

> homosexuality and trans shit are the same thing.

They are

No. 452404

No. 452410

ehh, it's hit or miss. either someone doesn't want to be seen as gay to reduce ridicule, or someone wants to be seen as gay for fantasy.

No. 452415

File: 1566505915536.jpg (52.98 KB, 884x496, 7q7jcrvwbvh31.jpg)

How can they get so close yet still be so far

No. 452420

I think they feel alienated? I live in a very progressive city, and theoretically there isn't any problems for gnc/butch women to exist in mainstream society, but they're ALL in queer or lgbt/lesbian spaces. It's easier to be GC in mainstream hetero society, but gnc women feel really alienated there. It's like they've all checked out and got stuck in queer hell, so even the gc ones have to play it down so they don't get terf'ed.

No. 452428

I believe she identifies as a lesbian feminist


No. 452429

Yes, femininity is toxic too. This is a gender critical thread so I expected people to at least know something as obvious as this.

No. 452432

>femininity is toxic too

Everyone knows a real feminist behaves like a man.

No. 452439

>circumcision has been linked to several mental conditions and especially autism.

No. 452440

Feminists just act like humans, men act like abominations.

No. 452444

Kek I come back to this thread and it seems like it got infected by scrotes

No. 452445

No. 452447

No. 452452

File: 1566511196068.png (206.24 KB, 540x588, u.png)

This is you anon.

No. 452462

A "real feminist" wouldn't encourage women to have toxic, self-destructive traits like submissiveness in accordance with traditional femininity. That's part of the reason why tranny shit has gotten so popular in mainstream feminism in the first place.
The outcome of rejecting feminine stereotypes and gender roles is not "acting like a man." Men do not have a monopoly on confidence and self-determination.
I wish you lowkey tradfags would gtfo out of this thread.

No. 452465

That doesn’t explain why autistic women exist and Middle Eastern countries have autism rates comparable to the rest of the world

No. 452466

I went to a male gynos, he was not creepy at all, he saw that I was scared of getting a smear test and booked me with a female and said "I can see how hard this is for you" very understanding guy

No. 452468

I prefer the term 'murricunts, but yeah, they're retarded

No. 452469

Autism diagnoses are increasing across the world while circumcision is becoming rarer. There is also more evidence for autism being genetic than environmental.

No. 452473

Reminder to ignore and report the scrote.

No. 452474

TQ+ homophobes?

No. 452475

I have seen some radfems call them “kweer homophobes”. We could try to make up a funny name for it.

No. 452478

I know a gay male user (or a “”TEHM””) called dilsency who calls it “kweer homophobia” too.

No. 452479

>Are there any specific terms besides 'homophobic' that describe modern kweers who target and shame homosexuals for not supporting the trans movement and/or having sex with trannies?

Yes, hypocrites.

No. 452485

Femininity really destroyed my self-esteem and I let so many people take advantage of me. Femininity makes you put everyone else ahead of you while masculinity lets you prioritise yourself.

No. 452486

Anyone else noticed the trans activist bullshit has made the word “homosexual” popular again? I remember a lot of gays and lesbians would reject the word “homosexual” because of its clinical association but now “gay” and “lesbian” have been appropriated by those who aren’t exclusively same-sex attracted. “Gay” gets overused as an umbrella term for the whole LGBT and “lesbian” has that nasty stigma because of the popularity of lesbian porn.

No. 452487

File: 1566515865663.png (38.57 KB, 688x200, 53517836-CEF4-45B7-9715-36A722…)

No. 452488

>a famous trans activist that participated in anti-michfest campaign murdered a black lesbian couple and their son
Damn I can’t believe I am only learning about this now. The media really does cover up the shit TRAs do.

No. 452496

File: 1566517437907.jpeg (825.77 KB, 1125x1593, 745D0634-C8BE-4213-AE4E-4D7C36…)


No. 452497

File: 1566517466095.jpeg (28.97 KB, 509x223, A0055E68-74D3-4AED-9F7B-CD3C57…)

No. 452499

File: 1566517618218.jpeg (92.06 KB, 640x361, 6E999D96-E0A6-41A3-98AC-99D897…)

The trans appropriation of intersex identity is disgusting

No. 452501

lesbian here,
I never rejected the term and don't recall any other lesbian doing so either (and I live in NYC). How is homosexual a bad word? There is no confusion when you say it. As opposed to the word 'queer' which I do have a problem with and is still a slur but suddenly the cool thing to say because saying you're a lesbian, gay, or homosexual will get you label as tRaNsPhoBIc/TERF/TEHM.

No. 452505

A lot of my friends don't like the term lesbian because of the porn connotation and because of bullying, but I don't have an issue with it, and I've never heard anyone have an issue with homosexual other than psychotic TQs

No. 452506

>Some style guides recommend that the terms homosexual and homosexuality be avoided altogether, lest their use cause confusion or arouse controversy. In particular, the description of individuals as homosexual may be offensive, partially because of the negative clinical association of the word stemming from its use in describing same-sex attraction as a pathological state before homosexuality was removed from the American Psychiatric Association's list of mental disorders in 1973. The Associated Press and New York Times style guides restrict usage of the terms.

No. 452508

The word has a history of being pathologized and considered a mental illness



It originated as a neutral word invented by a gay man, however.

No. 452513

File: 1566519606026.jpg (19.89 KB, 495x497, 23231484_850328325144706_86906…)

>The word has a history of being pathologized and considered a mental illness

Because it is.

real feminist take here: Its actually about "being masculine because its the best"… sure, right, then you are the crazy one when you say you don't feel represented by dyke male clones who hate anything female.

No. 452515

>The early gay-rights movement was called the homophile movement because its founders explicitly rejected the word homosexual; they did not want to be identified as exclusively sexual beings.

Huh interesting

No. 452522

File: 1566521135199.png (1.57 MB, 1709x1992, Qi8UpMF.png)

Jfc at the amount of delusion and self-hatred. Sure am glad we let these people into the LGB movement and profit from their activism.

No. 452528

File: 1566522628300.jpg (39.05 KB, 1018x768, e2883bf1a1b90cdc9ac9cf076df36c…)

"Hey anon, i know you are straight, but you know, you can't be a real feminist unless you eat pussy, don't you know? should i lend you my book? stop being so patriarcal and shit, its all a spectrum, what even gender, so what are you doing tonight?"
>W-w-what?! you are telling ME that i am homophobic because as a lesbian i don't like trannies and i don't want tranny dick ?! REEEEEEE

This is hilarious to me, lesbians get what they deserve, lbgt people played themselves so hard with their fairytales. And for me they are all the same thing an i care about neither.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 452529

you type like some ESL retard scrote and aren't fooling anyone

No. 452535

only a troon would shit up a thread with an image of the pixie girl from the Monster Rancher anime.

No. 452543

Just Googled it.
Everything about that character absolutely screams "bait for AGP cumbrains". It'd fit right in as an OP image for a "Characters from childhood media that made you want to be a girl (but also have sex with them)" thread on /lgbt/. Gross.

No. 452550

Truscum are disgusting

No. 452553

Lmao they’re named ‘Antiradfemtranswoman’

No. 452554

What’s with all the scrotes swarming this thread? God damn.

No. 452559

If they were, there wouldn't be a rift between the two, dumbass.

Also gay people aren't all cluster-b crazies like trannies.

No. 452566

File: 1566529187544.jpeg (36.04 KB, 588x164, 91CADCF5-7DEF-4F66-A711-598CFC…)

No. 452567

File: 1566529411471.jpg (45.32 KB, 776x602, get a load of this guy.jpg)

>Lesbian porn, for lesbians, featuring exclusively lesbians
>Assuming lesbian porn is for lesbians

The women (read: porn actors) in lesbian porn aren't lesbians, and most lesbians don't enjoy the sort of male-gaze-y crap you find on pornhub and hentai sites.

People often ask why lesbians read shounen ai. Well, here's the deal: it's written by women, for women, with male characters written like women. Plus, reading it doesn't make us feel like we're being reduced to objects or stereotypes. It's almost impenetrable to straight men.

Odds are, if a straight guy can enjoy it, it's probably not for lesbians. Women are just as sexual as men, but our outlook on sex is completely different. We're all about context and build-up, whereas men are just dopamine junkies who need instant gratification.

No. 452568

File: 1566529639747.jpeg (394.38 KB, 1125x1613, 166CD7DC-2D0F-4016-929C-CC7505…)

Trans rights activists get worse every day

No. 452573

What is the difference between the romance in shounen ai and shoujo? I don’t read those types of comics.

No. 452574

Dildos aren't attached to mentally ill, narcissistic males. Plus they can vibrate. There's your answer.

We've seen time and time again that trannies are emotional vampires who make everything about themselves and have no regard for their partner's feelings. As the old saying goes:
"don't stick your dick in crazy."

TRAs are shooting themselves in the foot by alienating black people like this. It's delightful to watch.

No. 452575

I see the TiFs are feeling empowered enough to start attacking gay men more often now

No. 452576

I literally just said it. It's written by women, for women, with male characters written like women. Men in shoujo manga and yaoi don't act like irl men- they act like an idealized version of men.

A lot of BL and shoujo have really slow build-ups to things like kisses and sex, if sex is included at all.

Compare this to bara, which is gay manga directed at actual gay men. It's usually just porn with no plot or raunchy comedy.

No. 452578

What’s up with trannies attacking gays and lesbians and not straight people? I’ve noticed they also don’t like dating bisexuals because they think bisexuals fetishize them and it is “more validating to date a monosexual” lmao.

No. 452579

I don’t know. I thought a lot of shounen ai replicated heterosexual dynamics.

No. 452584

For exactly the reasons you mentioned. Monosexuals are the ultimate goal because it means they've made it as "real" men/women. I'm seeing more and more bisexuals rejecting troons though, sometimes it's not about genitals but about staying away from psychotic narcs. Also Idk who the fuck would want to put their genitals/hands/mouth anywhere near a festering necrotic wound anyway.

No. 452585

Probably because they assume people who go by "bisexual" and not extra-woke "pansexual" aren't interested in them. This isn't true, but I think it's what they think.

Also, dating a monosexual person interested in the gender they're larping as is more "validating". As we all know, dating someone solely because they validate your delusions is an excellent, totally healthy choice and not at all narcissistic behavior.

No. 452587

Some of it, for sure

No. 452595

Because heterosexual people have more power in society and are more numerous. Straight men in particular rejecting trannies get a lot of support and it’s why they have the excuse to kill trannies who attempt to “trick” them.

I don’t know how to feel about post-op trans people who have sex with people without revealing their trans status until after the deed. Is this not rape by deception?

No. 452598

Gays are easier for trannies to guilt and attack because they are more vulnerable than straight people who will call for their extermination if they get angry enough

No. 452601

I think it is in the UK

>“Surely a racist could complain to a judge that he felt used after realising that the woman he slept with had previously had a black partner, or the homophobe object when discovering that his girlfriend had ‘experimented’ with other women at Uni.”

God, trannies always make the shittiest comparisons.

No. 452602

File: 1566533481563.jpeg (723.47 KB, 1125x1296, 281B596E-5332-42B5-9C6A-A72CE6…)

I consider it rape

No. 452603

>Gays are easier for trannies to guilt and attack because they are more vulnerable than straight people
I've noticed this problem especially with the currently LGB crowd. They're soft as fuck and will believe anything if it means not appearing pRoBleMatiC to their buddies on social media. American society's feral obsession with being 'woke' and 'inclusive' at the same time is completely batshit.

No. 452606

The irony of trannies fetishizing everything but getting mad at some bisexual chaser fetishizing them.

No. 452608

This is the impression I got reading Trans Men on Grindr. Though many of the guys were "ignorant", most of them were trying to be accepting and understanding, and were typically just curious.

Women and gay people are too nice for their own good, and they let these narc trannies walk all over them. People who belong to historically marginalized groups tend to give ground to other people who they think are similarly "opressed".

This is what pisses me off about fakebois who whine about how gay men act on Grindr. Men are fucking perverts regardless of their sexuality. People don't go to Grindr to find soft gay uwu picnic dates, they go to Grindr to fuck or talk about fucking. It's just as retarded to go on Tinder with the same expectation.

Same of the trannies on Trans Men on Grindr respond to messages with "I have a boyfriend" or "I'm married". What the fuck are you doing on Grindr then? It's called Grindr Not Friend-r.

No. 452609

People who like TiMs are known as GAMPs, is there any equivalent term for people who chase TiFs?

No. 452610

Trans women are supposedly the most oppressed class of women ever yet they have so much money, lobbying power, and achieved so much progress in less than a decade. Really makes you think.

No. 452611

Bisexuals adore transgenderism but that love is unrequited. If you're a transbian and a self-id "lesbian" is in a relationship with you, that's so much more ~gender-affirming~ than some lowly dime a dozen bi woman.

Same reason homosexual TiMs only want straight men and hate having other homosexual/bisexual men as partners.

No. 452615

So, biology is 'TERF rhetoric'?

Hmm. So, I guess all biologists are TERFs, or is that only the women?

No. 452618

AGMPs? A lot of sexology books on bisexuality will make some mention of GAMPs and GAMs but there doesn’t seem to be anything about the reverse. Sexology loves to ignore women.

No. 452619

Did Rain Dove actually declare herself as non-binary or gender fluid, though? I always saw her saying that she just doesn’t care about gender or pronouns and you can call her whatever. She was always called ugly as a child and too masculine to be treated like a girl, so she gave up on trying to prove herself to anybody. The media was always trying to labeling her or forcing her to pick a label. If I’m wrong about how she currently identifies then it’s really sad that she gave in to that.

No. 452626

Bi people are generally the only people interested in trannies but trannies are too arrogant and aim for gays or straights especially when they’re going stealth because then it’s proof that they “pass”. Go on /lgbt/ and you’ll see all the TiMs fantasize about having a straight boyfriend or a leabian girlfriend. Most also want their partners to be cis because they aren’t attracted to other trans people but cis people are bigots if they won’t date trannies lmao.

No. 452629

>Most also want their partners to be cis because they aren’t attracted to other trans people but cis people are bigots if they won’t date trannies lmao.

I didn’t notice this until recently. If genitals don’t matter and they believe people are whatever gender they identify as then why don’t they just date other trans people? Some transbians will get into relationships with other transbians but I don’t know if any HSTS that would want to date a trans man.

No. 452630

File: 1566540159037.jpeg (460.4 KB, 1125x1193, 2B9C441F-0942-44B6-9DAD-C78BCF…)

No. 452633

Many gay men have a fetish for straight men, HSTS take it a step further and transition to look like women to attracf straight men.

No. 452635

This is retarded. They should be thankful for bisexuals/heterosexuals that are into 'longhaired guy in a dress and with a makeup' and 'tomboy but delusional about looking like them yaoi bois' vibe.

No. 452641

I swear to god so many TiFs own pet rats

No. 452643

I don’t like how they think gay men and lesbians are trans exclusionary. There are many gay men who are involved with trans women just like how there are many lesbians involved with trans men. It’s just that the sexual orientation is based on sex and not their gender identity. If they’re looking in between the two sexes then wouldn’t a bisexual be a more logical choice?

No. 452645

Hey, leave rats out of this. Rats are really smart and make good pets.

A broken clock is right twice a day. Trannies having good taste in pets doesn't mean they're not still nuts.

No. 452646

They like Gerard Way and call themselves “faggy twinks” too

No. 452684

>without a particularly strong identity other than gamer and without particularly strong irl friendships
You described my brother perfectly, and i though the signs weren't there
>validate their identities
He created a thread asking people to call him a girl because he "needed validation" because "mom's being shitty" (he also called her a terf because she cried when he came out) pretty desperate stuff
>ruining their health
Exactly, he complains about sore nipple and think his manboob are growing when in fact they are filling with water due to the progesterone he's taking, which lead me to believe he wasn't properly informed about th risks (I love planned parenthood)
>and irl relationships
use my parents like a cashpoint and is too much of a coward admit he wants me gone, ruined all his potential irl friendships and is stuck with a clique of polyamourous transbians

No. 452727

are you one of those tumblr trad hos

No. 452729

same i have always found it hilarious how trans men react to perverted gay men on grindr they're acting and reacting like typical women over it

No. 452735

it's that tradthot who's infested /ot/ in the last week. you can catch her in other threads ranting about how much she hates lesbians but also lesbians don't real and how any woman who isn't hairless below the neck is a disgusting demigorgon.

No. 452737


Probably not even a woman, just a scrote. Just because he's more subtle than his brethren doesn't mean he's not male.

No. 452745

Good god he outright said that he transitioned because he hated being gay due to the societal rejection gay people have to endure. This just further cements the fact that transgenderism is just conversion therapy for gay people. Imagine if someone wrote this but as a black guy who transitioned into a white guy and gloated about it to other black people about how they just need to accept that they're garbage and deserve to be treated like third rate citizens. But because it's a tranny, it's extremely woke.

No. 452746

they're no longer even trying to hide their hatred for lesbians. we've known it all along, but they become bold enough to totally stop denying that they truly do hate lesbians recently.

No. 452767

File: 1566574715589.png (171.7 KB, 772x594, 94f.png)


I'm straight, don´t give a shit about lesbianism or trannies just the same, don't dress like a man and i'm not a commie.

I am literally Satan.(cool story bro)

No. 452778

I'm a lesbian with a thing for transguys, they're so offended when you don't want to fuck them..

But also offended when you want to fuck them

No. 452788

Every time I see a TiF with a cis girl I’m like rip lmao your gf is lesbian/bi, she does not see you as a male in any capacity, no matter how much she’ll lie to validate you

No. 452804

>transing the Silmarillion

No. 452807

do you even read shoujo? it is also a genre written by women, for women. the male characters in them are just yaoi boys who pursue weepy girls instead of weepy ukes.

sexual shoujo is just japanese bodice rippers. they're pretty much the same, just het and not gay.

No. 452808

From what it looks like, it's the same tradthot who started a shitstorm because they think any teen or preteen girl who gets groomed by incels is actually a slut who isn't really a CSA victim, that being homosexual is a kink (which fits into the hatred for lesbians), and that adult men are mentally children and shouldn't fully be held responsible for their actions. They're from Latin America.
The cringy reaction images and implication that we're all "commies" makes me feel like it's either a huge pick-me/handmaiden who has yet to grow out of /r9k/ brainwashing, or some self-hating tranny who thinks he has a place on a women's board, while simultaneously resenting all women and girls.
I recognize their posts every time, because not only are they very clearly ESL, they used to very liberally use "´" instead of apostrophes. They've more or less fixed this, but sometimes they still screw up (like in >>452767, notice the "´" in "don´t give a shit about lesbianism"). In any case, you can recognize them by their disjointed typing style and the same nonsensical opinions, every time.
They typically stop posting when called out, or (poorly) try to deny it and then disappear after maybe two more posts.

No. 452810

File: 1566583635551.png (1.15 MB, 1302x1372, 90w.png)

This is an old news story, but I'm not going to be surprised if these incidences start to increase as TiMs are given more access to women's spaces.
>"I'm not a pervert or anything, I just wanted to know what it feels like to be a real girl uwu"

No. 452825

Don’t speak for all bisexuals. Plenty of us hate trannies too. I only want to date real women and men.

No. 452826

So disgusting. Literally no one feels that way about you. They need to stop flattering themselves.

No. 452836


Fuck no, anon. I'm bisexual and won't touch a tranny- especially not a TiM, with a 20 foot pole.

No. 452840

>Bisexuals adore transgenderism

Fuck no, who wants someone mentally ill who larps as the opposite sex and possibly has fucked up their genitals Frankenstein style?

No. 452853

>put a pillow over her face to hide himself
he could have fucking killed her. I don't know if I'm reading this right but I think he comes off the sex offenders register next year? that article is only from five years ago. He should still be in prison. https://records.txdps.state.tx.us/SexOffenderRegistry/Search/Rapsheet?Sid=50756807

No. 452854

>A big surgeon specializing in the Abomination Gender Procedure trained himself by operating on cadavers genitals
The fucking end of this video. I can't. I just can't at this point. Thanks for the post mortem sex change!

No. 452857

Still wanna donate your bodies to science???

No. 452859

>bisexuals adore transgenderism
through my personal experience i'm pretty sure my troon ex probably dated me only because i was bi and assumed i'd be fine when he announced himself feeling like a girl, i actually felt like i was trapped

No. 452865

A Simpsons meme group I'm on on FB just had a very long thread of everyone saying how much they're going to beat up TERFs because some transman made a big deal out of wanting to share about their periods and not wanting to be discriminated.

The thread is locked now but it's still there to see and it's all the cringe "TERFS OUT", "Terfs are more of a Shelbyville idea" posts, it's weird.

They could've just posted whatever meme it was without saying anything, but they had to make it about transness and how evul everyone else is. Cringe.

No. 452872

Could we fucking stop with the "evil bisluts lusting after troons reeee" narrative? I get that bisexuals are probably the only people to feel attraction towards trannies but most of them want their lovers with intact genitals and without severe mental health issues.

This happens EVERYWHERE now and it's fucking bizarre. Like any niche community possible, someone suddenly starts screeching about killing all TERFs. To make matters even more bonkers it even happens in groups known for politically incorrect humor (including homophobia, sexism, racism etc). Like they could be making fun of women and minorities one second and then suddenly start freaking out over how trans people are suffering and it's not cool to invalidate their identity. It just proves that it's a privileged white male thing.

No. 452883

File: 1566594723241.jpg (78.44 KB, 633x777, what even is this timeline.jpg)

NTA but like she said:
>Plus, reading it doesn't make us feel like we're being reduced to objects or stereotypes. It's almost impenetrable to straight men.
I only like shoujo that's about two girls sharing experiences either romantically or in a platonic way because the heterosexual relationships (at least in my opinion) in shoujo are often really, honestly awful. Either straight out abusive or boring wish fulfillment with minimal substance or conflict that would give it more depth.

>Odds are, if a straight guy can enjoy it, it's probably not for lesbians.
Very much this. I probably wouldn't like boys' love manga as much as I do if the author wasn't a woman and if the community wasn't 99% female. It's a genre that doesn't talk down to women and lets them experience romantic stories without having to deal with stupid female love tropes and men HATE it. Which is a big reason as to why a lot of girls feel comfortable reading it. They know it's something men can't take away from them.

Related to the subject, I saw this making rounds the other day and it (and the replies to it) made me want to choke myself. Allow me to decipher:
>Could the self-hating women larping as men stop using "woman" as an insult when disagreeing with other self-hating women larping as men??? Calling someone a woman is the worst insult of them all!!!
These "gay trans men" are often fakebois carrying a fucking aircraft carrier level weight of internalized misogyny/homophobia (as a lot of them are bi/lesbian in denial) and they're on a holy crusade to stop "cis women fetishizing M/M relationships". So they're calling everyone they don't like "fujoshis", a Japanese word which translates to "rotten woman", a term that started as a slur thrown around by men and reclaimed as a title by women with an interest in this genre. But being the troglodytes they are, they're using it as an insult to refer to someone they see as one of these "cis women fetishizing M/M relationships", completely misappropriating the term. Ergo, it's "misgendering" to them but to anyone with at least one foot grounded in reality, it's simply using "woman" as an insult.

In the replies to this tweet someone actually got a goddamn clue and said
>we really need to talk about misogyny in trans mascs
And only got the reply that completely dismisses the issue
>Or just like, trans mascs gleefully revoking each other’s “man card” whenever they get in a fight
Imagine hating being female this much. I want off this demented hellride before it hits the wall or the cars go flying off the rails.

No. 452888

>gender ambiguous folks
Ah yes, because all those idiot cissies fit perfectly into Barbie and Ken doll boxes. Only by they/theming yourself can you be a unique person with an ambiguous blend of traditionally gendered traits.

No. 452892

A lot of FTMs are super competitive with each other on who's more "manly" than the other.

No. 452894

Who even calls trannys "best of both worlds"?

I've seen a similar post by a tranny saying how it's transphobic to call them a trap (nobody did btw), literally nobody calls trannys traps because 99% of the time they look like the gender they were born as, the only people calling trannys traps are trannys themselves.

No. 452906

I wish someone countered with how black women are saved from midwifery because of rascist doctors and nurses. Thowing the "black women" argument back to them would piss them off kek

No. 452913

>then you are the crazy one when you say you don't feel represented by dyke male clones
I prefer those "dykes" over some femenine princesses who will let trannies walk over us and ruin everything (which already happened). There's a reason why males choosed masculinity and gave us feminity, feminity is most of the time objetively useless as a personality trait and anon is right. Also
>Feminist women
>Hating everything female
What? Feminity=\=female

No. 452920

The grand irony of that screencap is that arguing about anime yaoi ships, getting catty over them and making passive-aggressive "Twitter PSAs" about the whole thing is such a stereotypically "feminine" thing to do.
A scrote would never type out any of that shit, not even the effeminate gay "yas queen" types on the platform.

No. 452935

Fuck off, pedo apologist/homophobe-chan. Don't you have a burning forest to deal with?

No. 452938

File: 1566605813480.png (1.02 MB, 1776x1170, oop.png)

Saw this on my YT feed.
More and more, this Yaniv shit and the idiots still defending him are making people who otherwise supported TRA talking points smell the bullshit and notice the insanity. It's great.

No. 452939

>lgbt community
whoever convinced you the LGBT community is pushing this is wrong. it's the media. and dumbass "allies" overcompensating and trying to speak for us. there's a reason why homophobia very rampant even though LGBT rights are all over the news, because people who are not LGB are the ones making the calls.

No. 452940

Troons absolutely do not give a single fuck about any of this stuff at all. The fact Blaire White is the only one doing so tells you all you need to know.

I knew this to be the case when I saw them widely reblog some thing to get some white troon out of prison who raped his infant son on video camera and molested a bunch of girls. Apparently some troons on somethingawful wanted to send him cards and flowers too, but I didn't see that myself. Their excuse on tumblr was 'it's different when a vulnerable mentally ill trans girl does it, who is also at the mercy of transphobia in prison'. They and Jezebel also did this with Synthia China Blast who rolled up a dead little black girl into a carpet and set fire to it, among other possibilities (Laverne specifically defended him)


When I saw Kat Blaque spin the Yaniv situation into yet another excuse for narcissism and deflection it didn't shock me one iota

No. 452942

No gay man calls himself “mlm”.

No. 452943

Tradthot-chan loves to keep repeating the same autistic statements all over the board no matter how many times they get told how dumb it all is kek.
There are resources in this very thread with actual information on how TRA became so influential and it isn't because of gay people, lesbians the least so.

No. 452945

>the heterosexual relationships (at least in my opinion) in shoujo are often really, honestly awful. Either straight out abusive or boring wish fulfillment with minimal substance or conflict that would give it more depth.
yaoi is the same exact thing though, lol. you just don't feel the weight of stereotypes because it's men/gay men. shoujo and yaoi are on the same level.

No. 452946

Because they know being masculine is a form of power.

No. 452947

Tumblr thinks femininity is empowering but deep down they worship masculinity just like the rest of the world. Being masculine means being able to do shit, being feminine means sitting like a pretty piece of decorative furniture.

No. 452949

Femininity is too restrictive and masculinity is treated as default so they think they must actually be men if they aren’t submissive.

No. 452950

Christ. I didn't know all this. As if I couldn't hit peak trans any harder, now I know these people can literally rape and kill and get away with it because "poor trans-women are oppressed you cis privileged terf cunts".
How can they be so obsessed with being women, but also hate us so much?

No. 452951

I still have sympathy for TiFs even if they are misogynists because they are still women and them trooning out was because society taught them to hate themselves so much.

No. 452954

LGBT was an initialism created by bisexual women working at universities to support trans rights and it was not a “community” at all because a lot of gay men and lesbians hated trannies so they continued to go under the LG label.

No. 452958

I think ‘GL’ was more common hence GLOW and GLAAD.

No. 452959

>I’m home now. I’m 18 years old. About four and a half months later my boyfriend beeps me. I call and I’m ordered to report to 971 Westchester Avenue. I know that apartment. A Latin Queen lives there. When I get to the apartment (4A) there’s blood everywhere. I help clean up a crime scene and I help get rid of a box. What and/or who is inside I don’t know, and to be honest. at that very moment in time, I didn’t care. Those are my friends. They are my protectors. They needed my help.
>No [forensic] evidence. No murder weapon. No fingerprints. No eyewitnesses [to the crime]. No human connection other than being called to this house and now three years later I’m convicted of killing this child. This girl I never even saw alive. I never heard her voice. Never seen her eyes shine with life. I am guilty for not being a SNITCH! See, if I SNITCHED I would be home.
Lmao…This man wants us to feel bad for him and believe he didn't kill and rape this little girl. And he also wants us to respect and feel bad for him for not naming the person who did do it, after admitting to helping to cover up her death.
Disgusting piece of garbage.
>Cathy Brennan is not a feminist. I am a feminist. I am against women being harmed. I am against women being raped. I am against men degrading women or using them as sexual objects. Cathy Brennan gives all real feminists a bad name.
This is the worst fucking part. Holy shit.
I hate TRAs. I hate libfems. I hate Jezebel. I hate that there are people in society willing to defend these kinds of monsters.
>Amused, Blast and co-defendant Franco laughed, smirked and grinned in court throughout the trial, upsetting the victim’s mother.
>"I met my friend, lover and infamous husband…the NYC Zodiac Serial Killer. My sweet serial killer is a lady’s man now. Only if I was [sic] a real woman I could bring about little future serial killers to terrorize NYC like my husband did. How [New Yorkers] would of [sic] loathed the Zodiac Children."

No. 452961

Because they're men. plain and simple. I was watching an old drama where the old lord said he would never let women near books because a well learnt woman is trouble. this is the same thing as back then, only right now. men are terrified of women because we ARE stronger in every way. We give birth. we deal with much more emotional and physical stress. Men want to control women as much as possible, including larping as women and then trying to make real women side with them.

No. 452962

I didnt know all these details. this is shocking and vomit inducing. men will always be men. women dont do these kind of sexual crimes and horrific murders. The fact that laverne (A MAN) is getting away with defending this kind of monster shows how much power men have when other men are okay with it.

No. 452963

Yup. Gay and lesbians were the only real labels back then. All this bi shit didnt come out until the 1990s and trans stuff was obscured around then too. Imagine that, a bi bitch pushing for trans rights when gay people just wanna be gay and left alone. This was all a mistake. No idea how we can even fix this. the acronym is so ridiculous now that i cant even tell what's real or not

No. 452968

I feel bad for all the bisexuals who don't want anything to do with trannies.

No. 452972

File: 1566611663653.png (147.43 KB, 384x703, absolute degenerate.png)

>I probably wouldn't like boys' love manga as much as I do if the author wasn't a woman and if the community wasn't 99% female.
>It's a genre that doesn't talk down to women and lets them experience romantic stories without having to deal with stupid female love tropes and men HATE it. Which is a big reason as to why a lot of girls feel comfortable reading it.
Could be good without the fujo sperging. I and many other women have been harassed for not liking yaoi by a supposedly "woman-friendly" community. Just say you like gay erotica and go, this shit about a women's porn community is so cringe to read.

Either way, OP is fucking stupid. Misogyny is rampant among TiFs, and more often than not these same people that go out and scream into the void about how much they hate fetishizers act just as annoying as them. TiMs complaining about lesbian fetishization, TiFs about fujoshis, etc. They're all the same to me. You're running a damn gendered minstrel show, I'm not obligated to take you seriously. They look fucking stupid, considering the behavior of the fetishizers they criticize are often the same things they do. But you're not allowed to say it, oh no. Porn is part of their identity, Porn is how they discovered themselves, and that's valid you fucking bigot. Even if they're annoying about it and rub their fetish in your face every 5 seconds. Don't call them fetishizers.

Have some cotton ceiling.

No. 452973

>attraction is political
given the context this is about LGBT, that's just homophobic to say so

No. 452987

Bisexuality as a sexual orientation has always existed. Can we focus on the horrible shit trannies do and not shit on the evil bis all the time?

No. 452989

Don’t bother anon, the lesbians on this site have a massive fucking hate boner for bisexuals, especially bisexual women

No. 453001

File: 1566619883570.gif (1.75 MB, 272x200, 200.gif)

>you fucking lemons

No. 453004

Not true at all. I feel like a lot of fujos have serious internalised misogyny which is why they love it when these m/m stories have female characters in tiny or stereotypical roles like being a dead mother, or females just flat out don’t exist at all. Sometimes a woman will appear in a story with a greater role or talk to a male character which causes the fujos to flip out over how she’s a an evil bitch for no reason. The more extreme fujos end up trooning out.

No. 453006

>Often say depressing, but still of course misogynist, things like "I was never good at being a man anyway".

Lmao I just watched the new Hontra video and after half an hour of talking about how he can see how hard men have it now adays despite totally being a woman he gives a half-hearted call for men to sort themselves oot and wraps up with "failing that, you could always throw in the towel and become a woman… worked for me h-heh…" dropping character and looking away sadly.

No. 453007

File: 1566621064570.jpeg (157.68 KB, 1080x1088, 34D27401-8101-4F24-9AA2-63EFB7…)

Kek reminds me of this

No. 453008

File: 1566621263819.jpg (69.47 KB, 393x720, uh7g8778g.jpg)

This came up on my tf and I just-
I know that ftms/non binarys nuts have that rep of wanting to be cute twink animu boiz but seeing it out there in the open is so bizarre.
It's honestly sad since the artist just looks like a short, run-of-the-mill lesbian but describes themselves as a "mid-transition trans masc non-binary".

No. 453009

Even in those stories with good female characters the fujos will ignore her. They just think a guy tonguing punching another guy’s asshole is hot. That’s all.

No. 453010

How can you watch a whole Hontra video? I can’t stand listening to him for more than a few seconds.

No. 453011

Lol people write a lot of long-winded meta about how BL is very deep, intellectual and subversive but in the end it’s just porn for women with gay fetishes. There’s a very long history of straight women being attracted to gay men hence the concept of autohomoeroticism.

No. 453018

Interesting to see that Blanchard has put AHE as one of the forms of GID because he doesn’t think AAP exists.

No. 453021

This really depends on the fujoshi I think. You could totally make the case that straight fujos have internalized misogyny. But I genuinely believe that lesbian fujos just enjoy BL because it's written with female sensibilities.

It's tricky to make blanket statements about a group of people whose only common quality is the genre of manga they read.

Why are we brow-beating other women for their harmless sexual interests? It's not like real people are being exploited in yaoi the way they are in IRL lesbian porn. It honestly just sounds like a lot of anti-fujos here are just parroting the crap dudebros online have been saying since the 90s.

How about we save our moral outrage for things that actually have a significant negative impact on real people? Unless someone is trooning out because of BL, it's a non-issue.

No. 453023

Why don't these troons just want to look like opposite sex versions of themselves? Seems like they always want to literally become the anime character they wank to.

I honestly think that autism and/or NPD has caused these people to confuse attraction with aspiration/envy. An autistic teenage girl wanting to be her husbando Link is pretty damn similar to a TiM skinwalking his high school crush.

Also, what kind of retarded snowflakey name is "Lake"? Did she literally just pick it because it sounds like Link? Why can't these people pick normal names like Brandon or Kyle?

No. 453032

AAP is written in some sexology books but it’s very rare.

No. 453034

Why are TiF names always Elliot, Aiden, Kai, Chase, and Skylar?

No. 453035

They're stereotypical effeminate boy/twink names, and TiFs are enamored with being just that.

No. 453036

There isn’t anywhere near the same level of sexualisation of male bodies in society and paraphilias in general are rarer amongst women. I don’t doubt there are some straight women who fantasize about having a sexy male body to experience having sex with women in it to complete their image of being an ‘ideal man’ then troon out because of it…but it’s highly uncommon when compared to AGP. AAP seems more common in female HSTS but the lack of a heterosexual orientation means it is only pseudo-androphilia. Straight women trooning out fetishize becoming a gay man rather than becoming a irresistible straight man hence the AHE typology.

No. 453042

I think it is heavily tied to the influence of pornography. Men see the woman always in the centre of pornography and they are attracted to her and also want to be her. They are heterosexual but develop pseudo-androphilia where they start dreaming about being fucked by faceless men while they are in a female body. There is no mainstream heterosexual equivalent where men are centred as the ‘object’ in pornography with women performing actions on them. In most pornography the man is to the sides performing the actions on to the woman and often he is completely faceless to put more even more attention onto the woman. The only time men are centred on and become the object is in gay porn.

No. 453046

AGP is so much more common than AAP that even the majority of actual biological women have AGP. Women view their own bodies through a male gaze so they participate in ornamentation, get aroused by the sight of their own bodies, and engage in self-objectification. I know a lot of women say they dress up in sexualised clothing as part of their “own choice” lmao as if those choices weren’t socialised into you by patriarchal society.

No. 453047

Many women are also heterosexual but find other women sexually attractive. It’s not the same thing as being sexually orientated towards them, it’s like a pseudo-gynephilia. I remember reading this book about pornography where heterosexual women talked about how they were used to seeing women as sex objects so they did not mind watching lesbian porn but no heterosexual man viewed men as sex objects so they did not watch gay porn.

No. 453059

I watch it to remind myself how digusting troons are.

No. 453070

I don't understand. Why have you been replying to yourself?

No. 453072

no. agp involves an erotic target location error. women self objectifying because of their conditioning is not the same. they don't experience that target location error. troons have no real interest in the other person, just in their role, that's why it's so easy for them to go gay, bc the affirmation turns them on, not the other person. being aroused because you're dressed up in the anticipation of sex, in associating it with having sex, foreplay, with a person you're attracted to, and the person you're attracted to making love to you and pleasing them, is different. they're still the primary focus IF women are typically turned on by getting dressed up, not your explicit role as a sexy blonde submissive dicktaker. that's not the same thing.

No. 453075

NTA but it was probably stream of thought

No. 453077

AGP has developed multiple definitions so yes women can experience AGP but not “true AGP”.

No. 453079

It’s me and I think (one?) other anon discussing post-Blanchardian ideas.

Yeah that’s what Lawrence believes.

No. 453080

>all this post-blanchard agp talk
The real discussion we need to be having is how to stop it

No. 453081

Yeah no, OP anon outright said she enjoys girls comics that portray relationships female characters have but go off I guess. I don't get why any time someone brings up the BL community someone has to have a spergfit over how ~they~ as a woman hate BL, ~all~ fujos are fakeboi trannies and hate everything female despite a lot of them being lesbian/bi, hardcore feminists and often just as interested in woman/woman