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File: 1534479239234.png (84.82 KB, 768x841, lost-in-translation.png)

No. 281458

This thread is for the discussion of transgenderism from a gender critical and radical feminist perspective. It was originally created by Admin as an amalgamation of the TERF and Transgender threads.

Previous threads >>>/ot/221232
TERF thread >>>/g/67378
Transpassing thread >>>/ot/214811
Trans women thread >>>/ot/203215

Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Transgenderism posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Legislation currently being passed in western countries allowing for self-identification on legal documents does not differentiate between gender and sex.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of sexuality, misogyny, and misandry.



Magdalen Berns


Documenting violent crimes committed by transgender individuals
This Never Happens

Parents and clinicians concerned about transgender youth

No. 281468

nooooooooo OP
please change the thread pic for Looney Troons

No. 281469

File: 1534480011640.jpg (135.08 KB, 744x722, 1533207789178.jpg)

No. 281470

make this a transparent and then use it as op pic

No. 281472

the comic is pretty good too imo

No. 281478

Isn't that one kinda NSFW?

No. 281489

Please don't, I don't want to see that pic more than once

No. 281490

It's NSFL tbh, as funny as it is I don't want to look at it regularly.

No. 281492


No. 281495

What do you ladies think about the trend of trannies claiming they have a period?

No. 281498

File: 1534485084136.png (404.02 KB, 499x593, 1534468266851.png)

>Women giving birth: 99.375% success rate
>Men giving birth: 100% success rate (zero documented stillbirths in history)

Reminder that we're replacing you cishet females at the only thing you are good at.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 281499

Reminder that you have an IQ of 3, that is a cis female, men can't have babies (yet/ever)

Also we saw it the first time, reign in your stupidity please

No. 281500

Why do you keep posting this? That is a biological woman, how exactly is she replacing us, fellow biological women? Why would we take issue with her being pregnant as is common for actual women?

No. 281501

we're still better than you, man who stays up all night refreshing lolcow

No. 281503

stop taking bait, guys

No. 281506

he's so dumb that he sees thomas beatie's breast removal scars, small hands and wrists, close-set, feminine facial features, and still thinks it's a male because uhhhh beard.

i didn't realize womb-envy is a real thing and not just a meme though. imagine being born being too scary for you so you wish you could give birth like mommy to cope.

No. 281508

File: 1534486696867.jpg (21.64 KB, 468x301, 1052.jpg)

i was imagining what she would have looked like before she started taking testosterone and hgh but it turns out real pics are available and she looked exactly like what i thought she would. you can still see her female face clear as day in your pic.

No. 281532

She looks like Pocahontas (Disney version) irl, why would the beardie one be preferable to her?

Oh yes, because being trans is more acceptable than being gay to backward people, who will rally in support of any random trans woman, (male) but find a reason to hate lesbian women by calling them "TERFs" and making out being a terf is nearly nazi tier

No. 281611

If I recall correctly she was a tomboy lesbian athlete, I could only imagine the pressure placed upon her to transition. It's such a shame.

>i didn't realize womb-envy is a real thing and not just a meme though.
Oh it is. A lot of misogynistic gay men for example have it because they can't give children to their partners.

No. 281618

It's fucking terrible. Their only excuse of PMS is their stupidity / hormonal jump from HRT… They just lie to themselves.

I've got a mtf person in my circle. He keeps convincing everyone that trannies can get periods. Because of mood swings 'and Pain' that are actually made from hormones.
-No dude, your breasts are growing.

No. 281633


No one would have entertained this trans period shit 2 years ago. I can't wait until they claim to experience ovulation pain too.

No. 281644

To be honest I’m still reeling from the fact that “I’m a lesbian in a man’s body hurhur” is now treated like a real thing. Imagine going back in time a few years and telling people about the cotton ceiling. They’d think it’s some shitty joke.

No. 281681

Her face is definitely masculine and she would look nice presenting as just a masculine woman
I remember how absolutely confusing the whole pregnant man thing was for me, I can’t imagine how kids today feel with all this trans shit constantly

No. 281694

fml that's one of the most beautiful women i've seen, just why ;_;

No. 281695

This always reminds my of the male lesbian character in the first season of the L Word who everyone rolled their eyes at and only bi Alice would even entertain romantically/sexually.

No. 281703

>this qt used to be a tomboy lesbian athlete
It hurts

No. 281790

File: 1534535478591.jpg (44.43 KB, 720x960, 20729318_1867803196872310_8253…)

Fakeboi/transboi crowdfunding their name change and passport because they can't be bothered to work.


> "I’m a student who’s currently unemployed and has no source of income at all"

> "I had reservations about making one of these but thinking about in terms of being an activist - being someone who literally helps and stands up for other people all the time - made me realise that it’s okay to ask for help."
>trans guy
>tons of traditionally feminine-looking (also bad) makeup

It's always the same, isn't it?

No. 281809

File: 1534538758342.jpg (32.4 KB, 450x470, stock-vector-frog-standing-up-…)

God, she looks like a frog.

No. 281814

I'm sorry but, will she die without her name change and new passport? No. Will her quality of live be drastically reduced without her name change and new passport? No. How the fuck does she have the gall to beg for something as inconsequential as this when there are gofundme pages for hospital bills for dying children, cancer patients, people in third world countries etc. The sheer entitlement baffles me.

No. 281820

File: 1534543253453.jpg (43.62 KB, 634x634, 4B01F88400000578-5598349-image…)

I know daily mail sucks but this is gold

>Transgender woman reveals her boyfriend rejected her when she approached him as a man – then fell in love with her AFTER she came out as female

>She said of approaching Jared for the first time: 'While still living a boy, I messaged Jared on Facebook saying "Hey what's up" - I knew of him and added him on Facebook because he was cute.'But he was having no part of it and didn't seem interested at all, so I decided not to try anymore with him. 'It was two years later when he liked one of my pictures on Instagram - by that time I had come out as trans and a woman.'

>Two years on the couple are still going strong - despite receiving death threats from cruel online trolls. Now Erin has undergone two years of hormone replacement therapy, had breast augmentation, and is hoping to have gender reassignment surgery. However Erin, who is happy being 'passable' as a trans woman, says her partner remains indifferent about her undergoing the procedure, which would see surgeons constructing a vagina for her, traditionally by means of penile inversion.

>'She wants to look more feminine, but to me she already looks beautiful, I understand it's not about me but at present we couldn't afford surgery for her to become fully female. I will still love her exactly the same, she is still the same person regardless, I think she looks feminine enough, but understand gender dysphoria is a big thing. I love the fact that she is willing to be herself even with the ramifications of that, I'm glad she can put herself out there.'

He still has a dick, the fact that he looks like a woman is all that matters to this guy, I refuse to believe he's mentally sound. I think he rejected him because 'no homo' but actually like guys. It doesn't matter if he looks like a woman, it's just not the same.

No. 281823

File: 1534543476365.jpg (60.65 KB, 634x1127, 4B01F93A00000578-5598349-image…)

No. 281824

because a troon is the hottest thing that guy could get

>dark wash denim in 2018

No. 281832

Some Friday night listening.

I never knew Dworkin was such a powerful orator.

No. 281850

Oh I listened to this video a year ago! Very worth paying attention to and I love hearing what she had to say.

No. 281865

Ok. I guess I'll start by saying I don't actually hate ContraPoints and I don't completely hate this video. I actually think he's quite intelligent and he doesn't trigger my fight or flight response as much as a lot of other transwomen.

But I still have so many frustrations with this. He spends a large portion of the video sympathizing with incels and finding yet another way to tie something back to his transness. Then, addresses the harm and vile misogyny that incels show to women as a brief afterthought.

He talks about how he's experienced both sides of the dating world and concluded that he'd rather have the constant barrage of dicks that women get than the radio silence that men get. And he may genuinely believe that, but he hasn't experienced dating as a woman and I hate how he always tries to speak on our behalf as if his experience is a woman's experience. He strikes me as the type to enjoy sexual harassment because it's "validating".

This just seems like yet another think piece on incels calling for us to take pity on them and show them kindness in response to their threats and vitriol. People in the comments are praising this approach but I'm so sick of women being expected to be the bigger person. It doesn't matter if incels "reform" themselves and don't immediately have a seething hatred towards women. Even if they get a girlfriend, they'll still think of women as beneath them.

So he successfully illicited sympathy for the incels and transwomen on 4chan, but failed to properly address the primary sufferers of incels' hatred and violence. I swear he spent less than a minute out of 35 mentioning outright misogyny.

It's just so typical of leftist dudes and I hate it so much. Time and time again, our suffering is put on the back burner and our issues are made to center everyone but us.

And of course, his annoying strawman terf character who only criticizes him because she has some weird mystical vagina obsession.

His points weren't even necessarily incorrect but it's so obvious that he's still so heavily male-alligned and leaves women out of a problem that negatively impacts them the most. And of course, lefties love him and blow smoke up his ass, and nothing changes.

No. 281872

nick is not an intelligent man.

No. 281887

He has a thread on /snow/

No. 281897

File: 1534565540494.png (14.53 KB, 849x120, 4578.png)


I have nothing to add to the incel discussion, I'll just leave this comment here.

No. 281904

i truly think men's supernatural power to compartmentalize (for ex: rape children then come home to their own children that they refuse to violate, etc) plays into how they're able to so seamlessly deny that people irl can't tell they're obviously dudes. like, imagine living that much of a lie on a daily basis. just imagine pretending you're an ivy league graduate every day. surely, that'd be a constant lie that causes you to suffer mental breakdowns on the regular – but these men are SO HAPPY to deceive people and feel no shame in doing so.

at least female troons grow the bone structure and develop the voice to pass. so long as it tingles their cocks, these men are able to fly to their fetishistic fantasyland without so much as a second thought. it's really amazing.

you must be a legit sociopathic fantasist to be able to want to live this much of a lie, and get belligerent about it, expect women and girls to erase themselves and lie about their own reality for your benefit, etc

No. 281907

Maybe I should've posted it there instead. I guess my problem is more about what he said in the video than him himself. It just seem really telling that he managed to talk for over half an hour about incels and barely mentioned the harm they cause to women. Yet he still found a way to talk about how the poor transgurlz have it so hard because their skulls make them look like men. It just further demonstrates how transwomen are NOT women and it was a huge mistake letting them be such a dominating voice in feminism.

No. 281908

>digitally self harmed
tumblr was a mistake

No. 281946

File: 1534583493805.png (380.6 KB, 646x1584, Bildschirmfoto 2018-08-18 um 1…)

I was just reminded of the tweet that caused me to peak trans. Reading still this makes me so infuriated and sad. I can't believe that this is what the majority of the left actually believes and supports. That it's somehow 'progressive' that a 50-year-old white straight dude can belittle the experiences of women just because he started wearing dresses and lipstick. I hope more and more people, especially women, will realize how harmful and misogynist trans activism has become.

No. 281953

His voice is triggering to me. Your analysis is spot-on though. He doesn't care about women at all so he finds it easier to sympathise with incels than with actual female people.

No. 281955

I really hate this fucking argument and its funny than transwomen parrot these arguments without thought.

Kat blaque wrote the longest comment in history on his own video about trans v race which just bascially admitted that he was triggered by rachel-but also a few commentors brought up a very valid point-what about mixed race people? One commentor said being mixed race they looked nothing like either parent-so when we talk about race what are we talking about? how can it be inherited if you dont fit neatly into a category?

No. 281959

File: 1534598422192.png (504.87 KB, 700x900, aaa2a22.png)

Hit a bit too close to home did it?

No. 281989

How can people be this willfully ignorant. Like how exactly do you have THAT MUCH cognitive dissonance? How can they look at things like sex-selective abortions (not against abortion as a concept, but just showing extreme gender bias), disappointment at the birth of a daughter vs joy at birth of a son, fgm, the targeting of young girls for sexual abuse, socializing them into rigid gender roles centered around obedience & submission & being ornamental, etc. and still deny that females inherit generational trauma? This shit has been going on for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

No. 282053


>user finds out that US trans murder rate is lower than the overall national murder rate

>gets told 'just skew with the numbers until it fits with the narrative lol'

No. 282065

File: 1534621643923.jpeg (783.7 KB, 749x3136, 4AC28816-2DAD-48CF-8BC0-1B0C3F…)

This is so obviously some MtF larping for the sake of fetishism. Who in their right mind would believe this? It reads like a bad soap opera. This is the typical ~trans girl makes cis woman jealous~ fantasy. Highlights:
>”But she passes too well, like she’s turned into fucking levels of fashion model pretty and it’s pissing me off so fucking much.”
>”Whenever we hang out, guys start talking to her and flat out ignoring me…”
>”2 months ago, she’s turned into a literal fucking model after someone came up to her on the street and asked her to audition for a new add campaign (for a fucking clothing chain).”

No. 282076

>upscale party […] with billionaires and actors
Kek totally believable and real

No. 282091

>”But no I’m still the ugly one with horrible cramps that leave me paralyzed whenever its shark week…”
Gotta drive home that “being a cis woman sucks!” narrative, right, fellow cissies?

No. 282093

File: 1534625603102.jpg (Spoiler Image, 942.05 KB, 4032x3024, GRS-Result-01.29.2017-7-e15225…)

http://hannahsimpson.com/Surgery/ (nsfw/nsfl)

>What am I looking at?

>Complete clitoral necrosis. (This is devastating.)

>Lack of a properly made make a clitoral hood, it remains sticking out. This is the new “angry inch.”
>Still no labia reconstruction, marked asymmetry.
>Too much remaining bulbous tissue on the anterior aspect of the vagina.
>Scarring and divots internally (not easy to see from pictures, but upon palpation easy to notice).
>Vaginal penetration remains impossible, other than fingers and small dilators.
>Sensation is severely, likely permanently, destroyed without further intervention.

holy shit, it's actually kind of impressive how many horrifying pictures this guy was able to take just by having 2 surgeries done

kim petras had his genital surgery at 16 years old, how could his parents be so irresponsible when there's so much risk involved and all you could gain from this surgery is a fucked up hole that requires constant maintenance so it doesn't close?

No. 282096

Slightly of topic but is Kim Petras gaining international fame? I heard his song playing at CVS recently

No. 282100

> all you could gain from this surgery is a fucked up hole that requires constant maintenance so it doesn't close?

this is literally all neovaginas.

No. 282103

Fakest shit I've ever read. Early transitioning people can look pretty good, but that misses the mark of what actual women think and behave like considerably. Seems like it was written by a 13 year old with those ultra convincing details too

No. 282115

Two days ago I went grocery shopping and at the checkout I saw - for the first time of my life - a troon. I live in a rather big city in Germany btw. I was so shocked because he looked hideous but I tried not to laugh and stare at him. He was like 6 feet tall, broad shoulders, no hips, basically formed like a male swimmer. He wore a skin tight ugly red dress with some frills which a 6 year old girl would wear and a black leggings and flats which made his feet enormous large. His hair was the worst; he had really long thin straggly hair with a hairband and he tried to hide his hairline with a Trump-like overkempt style.
I mean I saw a lot of troonz online on reddit but never in real life. How can any of these troonz even think of ever passing if they dress like their fetish fantasies??? No woman ever would wear such clothes. And even if troonz would try to dress like real women would do; their whole appearance, aura, movement and face give it away. At best they can look like extremely ugly women if nobody clocks them immediately because they are too stupid or polite.

No. 282130

i simply do not understand how troons are so bad at dressing themselves. they either look like reject strippers or like they robbed someone's grandma, there's no inbetween.

No. 282132

I've only seen him mentioned on sites that are into niche pop artists, like ontd and r/popheads. ontd hates his guts for insinuating that Kesha was lying about being raped by Dr Luke.

One of the first comments in the second post makes fun of him for only having 22k twitter followers kek

No. 282147

Why is America giving troonz so much attention? I remember that he tried to be famous in Germany but nobody cared because he was boring.

No. 282266

File: 1534634009107.jpg (174.82 KB, 960x960, Qi2lRCKbpSohErrtSHC3N9xlNGpFhc…)

is it bad i find some trannies really cute?

i'm scared of meeting one that can pass as a real woman someday. from what i've seen itt they can't really compare to women but the thought of someday befriending a cute girl only to find out it's one of those freaks unnerves me.

No. 282268

hes cute with the coat on. better keep those man shoulders and arms covered.

No. 282275

You picked the best passing troon on reddit. He looks cute but it is easy to spot that he is male because of his adams apple. 99% of troons have no taste in fashion whatsoever and you don't have to be scared to meet a passing one since it is nearly impossible.

No. 282297

There's a lot else off about his body, he just doesn't look like a real girl at all to me. Just a lanky twink with an effeminate face in a dress. He'd look like a normal guy if he was wearing a different outfit, I'd have no idea he was transwoman. I genuinely don't believe in passing when it comes to mtfs. Even asians are very clockable…

No. 282352

trannies forget that their entire bonestructure gives their dick away. no surgery, myspace angles or childish clothes distract can distract from that loud ass Y chromosome. a wig cant hide your tiny boner, crimson chin

No. 282363

Huge hands and feet also tend to be giveaways. Notice this one tried to hide their hands and wore black closed toe shoes to give the illusion of smaller feet. IRL you can clock them 99% of the time unless they have had FFS and are wearing tons of makeup. In which case, they still give you an unsettling feeling you cant explain. Then they talk and all bets are off.

No. 282405

Why all the wasted space spent debating over whether they pass or not? A troon is still a troon.

No. 282438

He's an asshole. Why did you feel the need to start off your post with kind words? Make some effort to stop showing so much sympathy for men, please

No. 282440

Some people who want to fuck them always come in and start it. Part of me thinks it's self posts made by troons/larping troons trying to get gc women to say they want to fuck them and other trannies or tell them they pass.

No. 282454

I think a lot of them are attractive but that's because they don't pass and I like crossdressing men. Don't worry, 99.9% of them don't pass (not even the one you posted) and if you meet the one single one to ever exist that does pass, you damn better marry that unicorn lol

No. 282480

Why would you encourage anyone to marry a tranny, even in a jokey way? Maybe you should head on over to cc or tumblr because that's fucking gross and not gc at all. Chasers are just as bad as the troons themselves.

No. 282486

Did your brain malfunction and stop working completely after the first sentence?

No. 282490

In the notes on page 7 of the documents for his 2nd surgery, the first thing he said after surgery was "I am now mutilated for life!"

And if I understand correctly, he wants to get a 3rd surgery because his "clit" rotted off. The doctor said he could move some nerves around but it isn't guaranteed to to have sensation. It's incomprehensible how much money he's put into losing all sexual sensation, a neo-vagina that's too painful for intercourse, and a botched piss hole.

No. 282493

What? Even joking about it like that makes you sound like a chaser

No. 282494

I was saying there's no such thing as a passing tranny, anon, chill

And nobody in their right mind would chase trannies, even liking crossdressers the first rule of dating is still don't let crazy stick his dick in you

No. 282497

Isn't it ironic to get your dick chopped off because a fetish made you horny and then you can no longer get horny or feel sexual pleasure again?kek

His life is going to get worse because it will no longer be clouded by dick brain.

No. 282642

File: 1534658760069.jpg (273.65 KB, 774x1924, trutrans1.jpg)

My favorite thing is when TRUTRANS come on r/gendercritical to shit on AGPs, only to throw massive tantrums when the userbase refuses to accept them as women. He just made a "transsexual-inclusive" version of GC where he's talking to himself after being banned from the original.

No. 282643

File: 1534658795838.jpg (477.55 KB, 810x2156, trutrans2.jpg)

No. 282647

File: 1534663235010.png (197.84 KB, 1698x684, .png)

Gosh, having a vajayjay is so exhausting. Hate having to put a dildo inside it for hours everyday so it doesn't close up, am I right ladies?

No. 282652

Oddly there's a lot of these anti-agp "they're all male but I'M a woman for real!" trans people. Kinda stupid to me imo. Like these meninist women trying to get validated by redpillers.

No. 282661

I'm fucking wheezing

is this like, what man-splaning is?

No. 282684

File: 1534678985664.png (1.38 MB, 1242x1187, 1534674262174.png)

No. 282690

Yeah, that and all the douching we have to do because our vaginas aren't self-cleaning from the inside!

No. 282697

Gigi pisses me off intensely with his idea of what a woman is.
I raged at that video where she pretends to be a hopeless baby sitter. Everyone in the comments acts like it's so cute that she's so extra and can't change a nappy properly. It actually makes me mad because he's just a high maintenance tranny who shouldn't even have children because of his horrible ideals (look at how he dealt with his dog having puppies, he just gave them all away including the mother, but omg HAD to keep the louis vuitton dog carrier bag) and is so self absorbed.

Yet you just know this materialistic tranny faggot and his coke riddled millionare 'wife' will be adopting a kid as soon as they can get their hands on one so they can be 'totes parents' and use the child as a fucking accessory.

No. 282763

This is so depressing to look at. He was a really cute twink but it's obvious he's lost his mental health big time. I like beautiful men so it's a tragedy that someone this pretty was lost to become a tranny travesty with a mutilated face. I wonder if his mother dying just a year before him coming out as trans had to do anything with where he ended up going. He first came out to his family during the wedding day of his dad marrying his second wife so it just comes off as him trying to win his dad back after a traumatic event.

No. 282766

What's the milk on his wife? They're such a strange couple

No. 282780

"Really cute" is a stretch tbh. He'd be cute to a gay dude in 2008, but he's average. Ugly in my personal opinion.

No. 282787

Her family is loaded and she's on coke like 24/7. It's obvious Gigi is still in this relationship for money. If Nats wasn't an heiress, Gigi wouldn't have looked twice at her.

No. 282815

> He first came out to his family during the wedding day of his dad marrying his second wife

Absolute proof he’s a narc. Who the fuck does that? All it does is make somebod/ special day all about YOU YOU YOU.

Like I’m gay, but I just told my parents on some random day, not on a hugely important life event of theirs.

No. 282818

Yesterday some guy who's a trucker told me that he uses a special kind of gas used in trucks which is made of horse urine in his garden since it's so acidic that it burns out all weed - instantly reminded me of trannies putting that shit into their body lol

No. 282831

Yeah you're right. I guess I just figured he'd be more receptive to that than just outright saying he's a creepy sexist man. Because despite his claim in the video, he def does obsessively search his name and read the shit people say about him.

No. 283064

File: 1534741353080.png (284.45 KB, 1788x790, F4FFA599-A91E-4CF8-8225-6978CE…)

Hooooooly fuck. Blatant exhibitionism.

No. 283068

144 upvotes???! Imagine walking into the changing room and seeing some tranny change himself looking at himself in the mirror… agp knows no bound

No. 283121


How did none of those women say anything or kick up a fuss? This shows just how strictly we've been cowed into not standing up to these creeps. Someone should have screamed bloody murder.

It's just sad and hilarious to me. If youre a women who really parrots the transwomen are women mantra, then how do you react when faced in person with a man flapping his cock around in a space with females just trying to dress themselves and get the fuck out of there as quickly as possible. You'd be tying your brain in knots trying to justify it.

No. 283130

>This shows just how strictly we've been cowed into not standing up to these creeps.
Honestly, I don't even think it's a wariness of troons specifically, I wouldn't be worrying about political correctness in that situation. It's just the fact that it's a man, and he could hurt me, that would keep me from saying anything.

No. 283131

It’s so frustrating how things like this get buried in the bathroom debate. Many women might not care about men in women’s bathrooms as long as there are decent stalls that provide privacy, but I guarantee that the overwhelming majority of women do not want to have naked men in their changing rooms or have men ogle them while they’re getting changed. People don’t realize that once they accept the transactivist arguments for letting TiMs into women’s bathrooms they’ve opened the door for shit like this. Any voyeur or exhibitionist can go into a women’s changing room, strip naked and then cry transphobia when told to leave. Since “gatekeeping” or expecting them to attempt to pass is transphobic too, he doesn’t even have to put a wig on or anything.

No. 283132

Meant to reply to >>283064

No. 283149


Because he's 6 feet tall and fit so most women aren't going to start shit with him.

Here's his history (includes nudity)


No. 283160

File: 1534762430960.png (315.38 KB, 648x465, kek.PNG)


No. 283172

Oh at your grandmother's funeral? So that's why you are laughing…no mental illness at all :3

No. 283187

File: 1534764862303.jpg (124.85 KB, 853x892, elmers-candid-camera-c2a9-warn…)

He looks like the older version of elmer fudd lol

No. 283257

File: 1534769298064.jpg (Spoiler Image, 253.59 KB, 1574x2799, rz93fk1a48711.jpg)

Oh fuck he looks scary. Also topkek at all the comments calling him gorgeous.

No. 283268

In the comments, he said how he wasn't on good terms with his grandmother, but still, one should have respect when attending funerals, especially of his own family members.

Trannies are such narcissistic pricks that they will try to make any event, anything at all, about themselves. Sick bastards.

lol he does

Even with all the makeup and surgeries, he still looks undoubtedly male.

His fake tits look masculine too, weird enough. What a circus freak. I'd cancel my gym subscription if these freaks were allowed to enter the ladies' locker room.

I doubt he 'passed' and other women didn't suspect anything before he got naked.

No. 283271

It looks like someone was playing with a doll maker and used a bunch of male parts cobbled with female. Doesn't even look real. I feel so bad for those women who had to deal with him stomping through the locker room.

No. 283272

kek, he looks like a jonas brother. also, wow, that tiny dick is so embarrassing. literally looks like a child's on that hulking body.

No. 283276

I woudl've had a heart attack if I saw him in my changing room…

No. 283281

> I believe unequivocally that a woman can still have a penis and be a woman.


No. 283286

if I ever have to be subjected to seeing such a pathetic, ugly dick flopping around the womens locker room I'm going to call them out. I don't care if they attack me or attempt to. Someone has to do it.

No. 283331

File: 1534774814573.png (110.8 KB, 500x501, tumblr_pdqpf4GLw51x8vt21o1_500…)

Is that the guy who posted this?

No. 283336

No. 283338

I feel bad for the women who didnt say anything, they were prob worried they would get their membership revoked

No. 283342

But he deserves to be comfortable in the locker room that he pays for, just like everyone else! Everyone else doesn’t include the women in that locker room though, because you can bet that once one of the women expresses discomfort at him admiring his dick and fake tits in the mirror he’ll call her a TERF and try to get her kicked out of the locker room that she pays for just like everyone else.

No. 283358

>I don't want to have to contact my attorney
Lol "contact his attorney" because of reddit drama? Is this guy for real?

No. 283363

>loli anime shit (inb4 hurr 2hu's a video game)
you troons are so fucking samey it's disturbing.

No. 283364

File: 1534781198657.png (294.14 KB, 924x1845, IMG_4339.PNG)

I told one of my sex positive feminist friends about this and this is what she had to say

No. 283365

File: 1534781220077.png (291.02 KB, 897x1853, IMG_4340.PNG)

No. 283366

File: 1534781231992.png (290.7 KB, 925x1854, IMG_4338.PNG)

No. 283374

fucking w-o-w. does this woman have a spine??? jfc god bless you for putting up with these intellectually handicapped morons willing to sacrifice female safety on a fucking silver platter to men

No. 283375

tbh he could kiiind of pass as a homely late 30s woman from a distance but why would he take a pic at his grandmas funeral of all things!?

No. 283382

File: 1534782525385.png (249.8 KB, 910x1762, IMG_4341.PNG)

Handmaidens are sometimes worse than the actual trannys lol

No. 283383

holy fucking shit. how old is this woman??? is she a parent???

No. 283402


This person is a retard, anon. Get them out of your life

No. 283418

i think it tends to go

agp and/or "lesbian" troons, genderspecials , stubborn handmaidens , gay "passing" mtfs and non-fujo ftms, casual handmaidens, everyone else

in left to right order of who has the most disturbing cult rhetoric. the further left on that spectrum, the more embarrassed they are when they're wrong, the worse they'll look, and the more they have to lose.

You can't reason with AGPs because if they're proven wrong they'll be exposed as what they are. You can't reason with genderspecials and stubborn handmaidens because their whole foundation is built on semantics, so wrongthink will make their worlds fall apart. But some passing, apolitical trans people can occassionally be reasoned with because admitting they're the sex they are won't change their day to day lifestyle much or make them look like rapists/rape defenders.

It's the ones whose lifestyle and good reputation are entirely dependent on the delusions of others that are the most volatile.

No. 283446

File: 1534792836692.jpg (358.16 KB, 1152x2048, 1534529854820.jpg)

Anyone seen the "Girl on Girl General" on /lgbt/? It's a new lesbian general for trannies since the normal lesbian general doesn't except them.

Some of the things posted are so fucking creepy and cringe-inducing, as you'd expect from a forum full of straight men larping as lesbians.

Pic related, one of the posters.


No. 283449

I know. It's just #45464687687687687 tranny thread. And tbfwy I got the impression that there are a lot of trannies in /clg/ too.
I suspect every anime or LiS poster to be a tranny. It sucks monkey balls.

Not only do trannies infest every lesbian bar, event and so on irl, they also overtake threads.

No. 283463

Do TIFs harass gay men and invade gay male spaces this much? I'm friends with a bunch of gays and lesbians and only hear horror stories about trannies from the latter.

No. 283473

File: 1534798586503.jpg (417.27 KB, 1057x1101, vice is trash.jpg)

What is it with trannies thinking they can talk on behalf of women?!

From the last paragraph: "I don't want to make other women feel pathetic if they don't enjoy street attention, but I also don't want to feel pathetic for enjoying it. I don't speak for all women, and neither do you."

No. 283475

>I don't speak for all women
You don't speak for any women, TIMothy

No. 283477

This shit makes me absolutely livid. It's not just adult women getting catcalled, there are girls as young as 11 years old who face street harassment.

Autogynephilia is truly disgusting.

No. 283478

why is his dick semi-erect?
that's not a flaccid penis.

No. 283486

Way to make a family members funeral all about you. Gross.

No. 283519

>If they also had boobs

I’ve seen AGPs repeatedly use this argument as to why having a penis does not make them a man. “I have boobs, so I am obviously a girl!” Getting boobs is often their goal after starting hormones, even when the rest of their body is as shapeless as Spongebob. Why do fat sacks, that resemble female organs designed to feed the babies we birth from our bodies, equal womanhood to them but not genitals? Plenty of fat old grandpas have bitch tits too.

No. 283533

If I saw anyone in the gym changing room getting ready in front of the mirror completely naked, let alone this subhuman creature, I would be uncomfortable. Are these dudes just oblivious to social cues?

No. 283534

File: 1534817242318.png (2.12 MB, 1196x1190, 364829917376.png)

>The night before my facial feminization surgery vs last night.

Congrats you still look like a man


No. 283537

He was actually cute before the surgery. He as way better looking as a man.

No. 283538

File: 1534817630601.png (342.82 KB, 1242x1835, IMG_4355.PNG)

How sad kek

No. 283539

File: 1534817752887.png (2.06 MB, 1192x1188, 768599347.png)


The gym this dude goes to >>283331 is Equinox, it's notoriously uber liberal

> The Genderqueer Heroes at Equinox Get It


They have also banned someone from their gym for reporting sexual assault they experienced.

> Without an ounce of compassion, he told me I was banned from Equinox — that, as a private gym, they had the right to cancel my membership for any reason, and they’ve decided to terminate mine.


So, wonder if they'd even do anything if someone reported this troon

No. 283540

File: 1534817874152.png (1.47 MB, 954x1198, 75038275.png)

if nothing else gives them away, their awkward posing always does the trick kek

No. 283541

File: 1534818038181.png (309.72 KB, 1242x1173, IMG_4358.PNG)

He was qt as fuck. Kind of reminds me of a older Alex wolf. He gave up being an ok looking man to be a ugly woman. I wonder is he regrets that choice kek

No. 283545

File: 1534818354042.png (1.59 MB, 944x1192, Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 10.2…)

he looked so normal before too, he was in med school. Makes me worry….

No. 283551

How is it he looks more feminine as a man than a troon?

No. 283555

Anyone notice his dick is hard?must have gotten turned on being able to do something like this kek

No. 283557

I remember getting harrassed around that age when I walked to the store to buy snacks. Men just see developing tits and the rest of their brains shut down. The absolute morons have sense of decency or consideration for women and girls. It's disgusting and ugly troons who say this shit have no business speaking for women at all, it's obvious they just get off on the validation and objectification.

No. 283567

>I’ve paid over $10,000 in fees over the past two years

No. 283570


Idk as long as he kept his pants on I wouldn't really feel uncomfortable with him being in the same changing room as me. He has a feminine figure and if it weren't for the face he could pass as long as he never took his pants off. If I randomly saw him in the street I'd think he was just a girl with an ugly face.

No. 283571

equinox is crazy expensive lol it's $250 a month

No. 283572

Ugly face, no hips and rower's shoulders.

It's always the troons who love catcalling, no biological woman enjoys that shit. I mean, if men were any good at clocking troons, for all I care they could catcall them all they want, but can we leave actual women out of that shit?

No. 283574

No shit you wouldn't feel uncomfortable if you thought he was a girl. It's the fact that he isn't that makes people uncomfortable, regardless of how he looks.

No. 283575

Do you think he's going to rape a girl or something?

No. 283588

…is you trying to imply that's not a legit possibility and serious concern? Is this your first visit to a gender critical thread?

No. 283589

Are you*

No. 283590

not only that but some SA survivors get triggered by seeing penises and stuff.

and the fact that most women don't get buck naked in front of eachother like it's normal…

No. 283591

So your limit is raping someone? If he just walks around with his tiny dick hard and clearly get pleasure out of exposing himself it's okay? If he masturbate it's okay?

No. 283608

I’ve only seen it online, where some of them will “call out” gay men on not wanting to date them, block anyone who doesn’t agree with them and eventually apologise for being “problematic”. Women in general aren’t nearly as sexually aggressive or entitled as men. TiFs are an annoyance moreso than a threat.

No. 283610

File: 1534837214529.jpg (98.29 KB, 750x734, defend.jpg)

made me think if this

No. 283611

Yeah, trans men are way more passive about this. They will complain on their their own threads but they do not behave anywhere as aggressive and entitled as the males. The worst I have seen is exceptionally annoying like Chase Ross. I NEVER seen a rejected trans man ever threaten to rape or violently assault someone over it.

No. 283618


Why do they all have such awful eyebrows?

No. 283626


You're brain on porn, folks. I can't believe men are this actually this retarded. Sad to see an attractive man get memed out of the gene pool by porn but he's an exhibitionist creep so I'm happy.

No. 283627


>Hi, I am MTF(pre everything,unfortunately) for the past few monthes I’ve been thinking about my sexuality and I’m attracted to men, but I can’t see myself with one until I’m transitioned and feel like the guy would be able to truely see me as a woman. Is this normal?

All the comments are telling him that's normal, that it means that he's a 'hetero woman' and should transition. I think he sounds like a young gay man who is coming to terms with his sexuality and is struggling with internalized homophobia. Transgender ideology is a threat, especially to young, insecure homosexual people.

No. 283630

Have you guys seen his sport videos? His body language and movements are absolutely masculine and his fake tits and makeup doesn't help him to look more ~feminine. He moves like a gorilla - like a typical male. I would have never thought in my life that he is a woman, not even an extremely ugly woman, but a man with a fetish

No. 283634

File: 1534849770788.jpg (128.29 KB, 942x608, a_male_in_a_gym.jpg)

He tagged this vid #bootyfordays

No. 283637

File: 1534850758736.jpg (387.2 KB, 1500x2250, Autumn-65.jpg)


His ass looks so sad and manly.

No. 283638

Not only his ass, also his ugly horse-face, his waistline, his hips, his whole frame. He's just a fucking man, no surgery or lingerie will ever change this.

No. 283643

File: 1534853605842.jpg (159.02 KB, 1079x799, UKFhxtZ.jpg)

No. 283645

Fucking disgusting that he's doing my girl Bordelle dirty like that

No. 283647

I guess this one thought he had to be a woman instead just because his penis is so tiny. What the fuck.

No. 283651

I just wanted to say that I told someone irl that I’m gender critical for the first time yesterday. The topic came up and I had the courage to disagree, it was kinda nerve wracking to have the “wrong opinion” but it felt good to be honest about my stance. The follow up question I got was “do you support gay people?” Which hit me like a train - I hate to think that people are assuming being gender critical is on par with being homophobic.

No. 283654

Transgenderism is just homophobia disguised as progressivism. The recent focus on trans-ing gender nonconforming children is especially egregious since such kids usually turn out to be gay later in life.

It's also a great uniter of faiths too - conservative Christian parents are transitioning their GNC children so that they follow gender roles while Iran has a state-sponsored program for SRS with strict laws against homosexuality, so gay people are encouraged to transition.

No. 283655

I wonder how people don't seem to be able to explain how trangenderism isn't inherently sexist. I've been called a sexist for being anti-trans but then when I bring up this argument they don't address it.

No. 283658

Like the anon above me said:
>Transgenderism is just homophobia disguised as progressivism.

You could have asked them if they are homophobic since transshit is either conversion therapy for gay people or oppression since they are pressuring lesbians into sleeping with men in dresses.

No. 283660

File: 1534858453971.png (142.86 KB, 1352x630, Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 9.33…)

I seriously can't wrap my mind around the fact that troons think insurance should pay for surgeries like facial feminization, boob job, nose job, etc. Oh so you're ~so dysphoric~ because you're ugly? There are plenty of ugly ladies out there and you don't see them petitioning for the government to pay for their nose job kek

>insurance says facial feminization is a cosmetic surgery and thus not covered



No. 283663

This makes me so sad and angry too.
I went through a phase of thinking I was trans because I was a tomboy and loved women. I even considered transitioning which would have fucked up my body for life.
I don't get why people don't revel in androgyny more. I'm wearing men's clothes if I want to without any ideas about passing as a man. Like, clothing and makeup are just visual things, if you prefer something that was made for a different gender it doesn't mean you're that gender. Just as I, a butch lesbian can wear man's shirts and boots, there is nothing wrong with a gay man experimenting with makeup.

No. 283664

He's also over 6ft…

No one is mistaking him for a woman IRL where you can't photoshop.

No. 283665

I had wanted to touch on the cotton ceiling, but I made my point mainly using the fact that dysphoria is a mental illness and that I don’t support people indulging in their mental illness. I had to water down a lot and say I want people with dysphoria to get proper treatment (therapy, meds, hospitals, etc) and be happy and healthy individuals, but I don’t support the concept of transitioning.
i have BDD, I made the point that none of my doctors have ever encouraged me to indulge in my dysphoria, and that since getting treatment I’m thankful I didn’t. The topic came out of nowhere, I wish I was more prepared and wasn’t as nervous, otherwise I’d have made better points lol. Better luck next time.

No. 283668

My "gender dysphoria" came from internalized misogyny and deep-seated hatred for myself. It got fixed once I started therapy and realised there's nothing wrong with my body. So I see your point.
There is screening by a psychiatrist before people are allowed to legally change their sex, but for some reason people are getting encouraged to do it nowadays instead of getting offered a treatment.

No. 283671

I am happy for you that you didn't harm your health anon.
I have to admit to you that I was pro trans and a libfem because I hated the argument that being trans is a mental illness. It was the same for me to say that gay people are mentally ill. But as soon as people tried to explain to me that transgenderism is homophobia and all about cotton ceiling, I began to understand that I was wrong. I am now a TERF by definiton kek

No. 283674

Is there even much treatment for trans people?it just seems all they have to do is say theyre trans and they get pumped full of hormones and their dick is chopped off.

No. 283675

I’ve had the same experience. It doesn’t help that most of the people I know who are openly against “trannies” are your run of the mill edgelords who cry that their freedom of speech is being infringed on when someone asks them to stop using homophobic or racist slurs. It’s like you’re either progressive and pro-trans or you’re a homophobic bigot. I’ve tried to explain that I dgaf if men are gay or gnc, I just don’t believe that people can be born in the wrong body or have opposite-sex brains. But apparently transactivists have ingrained themselves with LGBs so much that you can’t criticise the T separately so we’re all homophobes now. Even the lesbians!

Most trans people we know are transbians so the gay conversion thing was easily handwaved and each time I brought up the cotton ceiling they insisted that it’s not real and made up by Twitter trolls to make transwomen look crazy. They still believe that lesbians should be attracted to transwomen but not that transwomen are doing anything to pressure them. Transwomen are always innocent victims no matter what, the ones who prove to be violent perverts are just faking their transness and don’t represent true transwomen, concern for lesbians or gay children is a false front to disguise bigotry and we’re all secretly homophobes. It doesn’t matter what I say, I’m always the uninformed bigot who should educate myself. Even when they outright contradict themselves, it’s my fault for not being woke enough to understand. They’re impossible to reason with.

No. 283676

I'm considering pretending to be trans to get performative do gooder retards and gender specials to give me money for my boob job.

No. 283677

I recall that trannies blew a gasket when back in June WHO de-classified transgenderism as a mental disorder, since it meant that SRS and HRT would now be classified as cosmetic procedures and thus not be covered by health insurance. In the words of WE THE BEST MUSIC: Congratulations, you played yourself.

Yes, as a tomboy and a lesbian I believe that had I been born in this current generation I would have been transed. Kids don't know about gender roles, they just want to play with stuff their parents/siblings are doing.


I mean, what's wrong with being mentally ill? Getting offended that someone saying being trans is a mental illness (which is a symptom of body dysmorphia) implies that that mentally ill people are 'wrong' and inferior, and usually in libfem circles ableism is like racism but for brain problems.

No. 283678

Meant to say I dgaf if anyone is gay or gnc, but funnily enough I’ve only ever been accused of homophobia towards gay men and transbians. I wonder why…

No. 283685

Did he shoop his reflection to have curves but not edit his actual body? LOL

No. 283689

Show these screenshots to some fathers of daughters, they will go berserk about these troon pervs. Mothers are often more tolerant although they have daughters too. Maybe radfems should pander towards these fathers, because they know men are perverts.

No. 283690

This happens so fucking frequently it stopped being funny ages ago. Including myself. I grew up as a tomboy, still like being androgynous, went through a trans phase. I couldn't shut up about how much my body made me dysphoric and how I hated my breasts and being addressed as a woman. Turns out it was just a good old load of internalized misogyny and repressed homosexuality, who'da thunkit???

It still haunts me though because I see a lot of young gender-nonconforming girls going through the same thing as I did. And nobody bats a goddamn eye, instead they're ENCOURAGING them to become men. I haven't seen lesbians in ages because they themselves or their girlfriends have been transitioning on a rapid speed during the last few years. I literally have no mouth and I must scream.

No. 283731

File: 1534871322148.jpeg (215.97 KB, 750x917, 6253A041-E520-4DEF-8EFD-36F07C…)

The pandering

No. 283732

I honestly think that introducing yourself with pronouns is the most attention-grabby thing ever.

I was at a social gathering with a new person once and instead of, you know, asking our names first, she asked our preferred pronouns. Before names. Fucking stupid.

No. 283739

>cis folx

No. 283741

was gonna say this. the equipment itself isn't anything super fancy or rare, they don't even have a fuck ton more equipment than your regular gym, but the building and amenities are always super over the top fancy so they charge up the ass. somehow that makes this whole thing funnier to me. equinox is mostly rich image obsessed people who just want to buy the fanciest version of everything and have a pretty backdrop for fitspo selfies. people who care a lot about fitness and are willing to sped that kind of money usually take their business somewhere that's more function over form.

No. 283758

File: 1534877455556.jpg (228.78 KB, 1278x1127, tumblr_pc3it7FrGE1swjkwdo9_r1_…)

It's so nice to be back on tumblr… sike!
The absolute state of whoever made this picture

No. 283765

I got interviewed for my college paper and got asked what my pronouns were beforehand. I actually laughed at first when the girl interviewing me asked, I go to a big public conservative southern school that in no way panders to SJWs. Never thought I'd encounter that shit here…

No. 283766

did they spell 'misogynists' wrong on purpose?

No. 283799

Nah, the whole series of pictures from that post (it was the same picture but with different stuff written on, about trannies and SWERFS etc, you get the idea) looked like it was written by a 8 years old still learning how to spell

No. 283829

File: 1534888837922.jpg (405.78 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180821-145635_Fac…)

Weird little thing I've seen cropping up a lot: many Facebook "comedy" groups are now requiring you to pledge trans and or/sex work acceptance before you can join. Most of the questions I've encountered in the group applications specifically ask you to recognize MtT people as female. This particular group was about nail shaming, why do they have to make these questions relevant? Insanity

No. 283830

File: 1534888943306.jpg (439.92 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180821-150127_Fac…)

Also this gem from a group that's supposed to be calling out internalized misogyny. Ironic and amazing.

No. 283857

File: 1534894154660.jpg (299.61 KB, 2000x1125, nail shaming dip.jpg)

Some clients of mine work for a University, and everyone at the university has pronouns in their email signature. It's ridiculous.

What does this have to do with comedy? What is nail shaming in this context?

No. 283870

Damn, those nail girls are harsh. I thought those nails were cute.

No. 283874

>how many genders

That's a fuckin trick question! Now every nonbinary made up shit counts, so what fucking answer do they honestly expect? "Male, female, agender, nonbinary transmasculine, nonbinary transfeminine, maverickgender, two-spirit…"
- "You missed demiboys, demigirls and neutroix gender sorry you can't join"

>nail shaming group
>recognize mtt as women

Why do all these shaming groups get so worked up over social justice? Ultimately they're still mean spirited, it just looks two faced. It's like Luna asking to be validated and complimented for looking like a wreck and then turning around and ragging on Abby Brown for looking trashy and hating on fat people. At least lolcow doesn't have some wack pretense of being morally holier-than-thou while shitting on people. Imagine if before posting here we had to fill a questionaire of shit like "does gender exist beyond a biological reality? if yes, why?", "do you respect the right of women to have their own spaces apart from men?" and "does it count as sexual harrassment and discrimination when lesbians refuse to have sex with formerly male persons?" You know most people here would have similar opinions but it'd still be stupid as fuck on a site dedicated to shitposting about weird people

No. 283895

>Why do all these shaming groups get so worked up over social justice? Ultimately they're still mean spirited
That's the absolutely absurd part!! I have checked out a couple of makeup shaming, hair shaming, eyebrow shaming, etc groups just to see if they have the same qualifying questions. Most of them require you to be pro-sex work, accept MtT as women, or both. You can be mean, just not to sex workers or trans people. I once saw the mods of a makeup group ban people who were offering constructive criticism to a MtT because they were "being transphobic." I just don't understand how this weird facebook group culture formed but they all basically require a SJW contract.

No. 283897

File: 1534904453029.png (310 KB, 1224x1972, IMG_4367.PNG)

More shower room exposing. You can tell this is totally a sexual thing for him.

No. 283898

I met a teenage TIF for the first time yesterday. She couldn't have been older than 14 or 15 but seemed to be on hormones already. She had shoved her boobs into a binder so small that it made her torso look like the fucking Michelin man. I wasn't even annoyed, I just felt sad for her. It made everything way more real because the only "trans" teenagers I've come across irl have been enbies up to this point.

No. 283905

I dont think thats at the gym

No. 283906

yeah this looks like a home bathroom, i think the gym mention is talking about recent workouts or something

No. 283911

I think One day female locker rooms are just going to be full of a bunch of guys with wigs on and dicks slanging everywhere with no women going inside because they feel uncomfortable

No. 283918

Since we're mostly talking about transbian troons. I'd like to know what do you think of fujos ftm type? I've observed that they loves to post about feminism topic and how 'girls doesn't have to follow gender roles'. Although they simply can't apply that to their own life.

They will be very disgusted if women is sexualized, but will fetishize the hell out of gay men. (You can see these un tumblr smut art)

A lot of them say that they have dysphoria… Until interrogated it looks like that's mostly bullshit docial dysphoria of wanting to be seen as men.

No. 283935

Sage for blog, but I was friends with one in my senior year of high school. He was a narcissist who would draw cringey gay Voltron fanart and cosplay as female anime characters and call it "genderbent"…like no, you are female. It's not genderbent.

No. 283940

They're cringeworthy but mostly harmless. It's sad that they act as attack dogs for male troons that don't give a fuck about them unless they can groom underage pre-T ftms for easy pussy. Not all of them are feminists, I've run into some pretty nasty feMRA ones but their misogynistic edgelord personas are just overcompensation for their crippling self-loathing and anxiety.

No. 283942

Lmao that's ridiculous. I respect sex workers, but at that point how does it even factor into the groups? You can't say "this makeup makes her look like a whore", so instead of "whore" you have to say "bitch" or something generic? The meaning is still rude, this changes nothing lol. For all their progressiveness, they still don't mind shitting on women. If they're gonna be catty, just be openly catty!

>group ban people who were offering constructive criticism to a MtT because they were "being transphobic.

Badly passing troons get a pass because "she only just started her journey as a woman, anon UwU" but they do not extend the same courtesy to real women. If you haven't had the privilege to learn and use makeup, do your hair nicely and dress well - fuck you! Unless you got a feminine penis, then yas slay queen :)

>will fetishize the hell out of gay men. (You can see these un tumblr smut art)

It's like ourobouros, they're back to the starting point and eating each other now. The new thing getting a lot of support is being anti-yaoi because it fetishizes gay men. The kicker? This is propagated by femboi ftms. The type with anime avatars, cutesy typing, coloured hair, makeup in selfies, pastel clothes and posts about "I wish daddy would fuck my gay ass and call me a faggot :3". Nothing masculine about them, just wanting to get in on the trans label. I'm not exaggerating either. Not-Like-The-Other Women fetishizing gay men objecting to other women fetishizing gay men.

No. 283947

File: 1534921217346.jpg (Spoiler Image, 262.19 KB, 1536x1536, IMG_20180822_015408.jpg)

Oh man

No. 283949

>le fetishizing gay men meme
yeah just stop there anon

This. They're annoying as fuck but basically tragic and harmless. There's a thread on fakebois in /snow/ and most of them are girls with a lot of internalized misogyny and self-loathing. They're not out there yelling at gay cismen to fuck them like transbians or invading male spaces because in actuality they're scared to death of men.

>Not-Like-The-Other Women fetishizing gay men objecting to other women fetishizing gay men.
Also this. The ones pushing the retarded "fujos are fetishizing gay men reee" narrative are usually transboys who are committing what someone could call the gay black face. They're the ones who claim to be male, present constantly as female because "crossdressing teehee" and start screaming at cisfujos for "fetishizing their sexuality". It's so fucked up. It's just another form of "not like other girls" syndrome.

No. 283950

spotted the fujoshit.

No. 283954


Transactivists simultaneously are pushing to change the classification of the diagnosis of dysphoria from psychiatric to medical (which it will be in the next edition of the ICD whose codes are used for billing) while declaring that dysphoria is not necessary to identify as transgender per the WAPATH model ("gatekeeping") and pushing to supplant it with the looser informed consent model of treatment which is in favor of treating minors.

No. 283955

File: 1534922077232.jpeg (99.64 KB, 1021x909, Dky5_tTXgAECFu5.jpeg)

Is it now a crime to say “women don’t have penises”? A police force and a City mayor seem to think it might be. They are promising to investigate women who say so. That question arises because some women are putting up stickers in public places bearing those words. Some of those stickers are pink and shaped like penises. The point being made is that some people believe that if you have a penis, you’re not a woman. Other people believe that some women have penises. It is perfectly possible to be recognised in law as a trans woman while retaining fully-functional male genitals, and some estimates suggest the majority of those describe themselves as trans women still have their male anatomy intact. This is the bedrock of the dispute between trans rights advocates and feminists. To the latter, biology trumps language: it doesn’t matter what you call yourself or what you think you are, if you have a penis, you are a potential threat to women.

Continue reading at


No. 283956

File: 1534923101114.jpg (75.75 KB, 980x400, Caldron-18.jpg)

Have we discussed this "front hole" nonsense yet?


No. 283957

Oh my god, even disregarding the annoying transactivist angle, that's possibly one of the ugliest terms I've ever heard for a vagina or a """vagina""" in my life and that's saying something.

No. 283959


Is any one else as bothered as I am reading doctors referring to the surgically constructed facsimiles of female organs by their female anatomical names? IIRC in decades past they were prefixed with pseudo-.

Oh, the subtle erasure.

No. 283961


It's just a hole
That's all that they'll let it be…

I've had it beyond up to here.

No. 283962


And regarding Beatie:

Transgender Thomas Beatie, 44, shocked the world when pictures of him cradling a baby bump were released in 2007.

He carried three children after becoming pregnant through artificial insemination and recently had a fourth child, Jackson, with his second wife Amber, 48, who both appeared on This Morning with him on Monday.

Speaking on the ITV show, Mr Beatie revealed he would have to have a cesarean section if he were to get pregnant again, as since carrying his third child, he has had bottom surgery to give him male genitalia so wouldn't be able to give birth naturally.

'I wouldn't want to tear anything unnecessarily,' he joked.


Thanks to KF for rounding up these articles. The Articles and Weird News threads have been particularly gender critical lately.

No. 283963

I only know one trans-identifying woman who’s actually transitioning and taking hormones. Her story is a really sad one, since she’s a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and a lesbian from a homophobic family. Transitioning doesn’t just make her genderconforming and “straight”, it allows her to distance herself from her femaleness which she blames for the assault. She rejects being a woman because she associates it with weakness, helplessness and victimhood. Her internalised misogyny can be frustrating but in the end I just feel bad for her, because her situation sucks.
The rest are all enbies/demibois/spaceprinxes or some other made up nonsense that allows them to act and dress like typical girls while yelling that they’re not women and need he/him or they/them pronouns. Many of them are into alt fashions like lolita, fairy kei or party kei (lol) and always saying that bois can like pink frilly dresses too!! UwU Every time they explain why they don’t identify as women they call on negative stereotypes of women as if they’re accurate representations of womanhood, so not identifying with those stereotypes must mean they’re not women at all. If you’re not a two-dimensional sitcom character who sucks at math and only cares about primping in the mirror, you’re apparently not really a woman. But men can definitely wear prink frilly dresses and makeup and have a vagina and still be men!

It’s pretty telling that they couldn’t even be bothered to come up with something less dehumanising.

No. 283964

File: 1534924131961.jpeg (103.39 KB, 717x1200, DlKH868UcAA3qst.jpeg)

What was so offensive, you ask?

No. 283965

File: 1534924174036.jpeg (71 KB, 750x1062, DlKHkqlV4AAZiXV.jpeg)

No. 283966

as far as I know, this is what trans men use, it's not a word for neovaginas

No. 283967

No. 283968


Become a man in order to be a woman, because being a woman is only powerful when men choose to do it.

How has it come to this?

No. 283969


Samefagging but this is from an experience that I had a fakeboi coming to me one to rant about her favorite female character getting shipped with another female char and call it gross and sexualizing lesbian. While she's doing the same thing.

My claim of fakeboi fetishizing gay men is when I look from outside the dumblr ouroboros. It's fakebois calling out other fakebois and usual ship wars.

They're of course, 'harmless' to other people. But what would they do if they grow up and cosplaying boys stopped being fun?

No. 283979


I do volunteer work for a company that sends reusable menstrual products to women in Africa.

The owner has put her pronouns in her email signature and has started saying we can't use the term "women" or "girls" anymore.

No. 283980

File: 1534930294616.jpeg (92.52 KB, 739x831, Dk5YPY8VAAAZT_j.jpeg)

No. 283981

File: 1534930387367.jpeg (114.39 KB, 747x877, Dk5YRXBVAAErvLL.jpeg)


The entire scholarly journal article with the raw survey data has been uploaded to KF


No. 283982


They are now "people who menstruate from their front holes" I suppose?

This insidious ideological indoctrination must be so confusing to the women who receive their service.

No. 283983

File: 1534930880981.png (480.28 KB, 800x898, Screenshot_2018-08-22-02-39-38…)


No. 283984

File: 1534930903066.jpeg (45.44 KB, 720x720, Dk4TsU_UYAEVQri.jpeg)

No. 283991

Imo being distressed by oppressive gender roles is not inherently a mental illness, but it becomes one when people want to irreversibly alter their perfectly healthy bodies over it.

No. 283992

Gender dysphoria IS a mental illness, some people should just get over it
In fact, I find it worse that the same people who have it feel offended if you say it, that means they think having a mental illness is something to be ashamed then?

No. 283995

Actual body dysphoria/dysmorphia is a very real mental illness in troons who aren't just uwu girldick bandwagoners. Look at how many FtMs have comorbid eating disorders. Honestly it's tragic that instead of being treated for their mental illnesses the actual ill people are encouraged by their AGPeers and the medical community to butcher their bodies and fuck themselves up with hormones. In my mind it's akin to telling an anorectic that if they "feel" fat they should get a free weight watchers subscription and insurance-covered lipo, because all that matters is ~feelings~.

No. 284010

Yeah but what does body dysmorphia actually have to do with gender. I think I have body dysmorphia but I don't think I'm a man. It's not traditionally like that at all, I think transgenderism have co-opted that, too. At the end of the day its a fetish.

No. 284018

a deep desire, triggered largely by porn and/or media that fetishizes the state of being female, to be a woman is not a mental illness.

being uwu sad because you don't have tits is not all that different from women who are deeply, deeply insecure because they're flat (not that that's always dysmorphic, though they can be), but none of these women are getting the credence and acceptance that these men are.

legitimizing 'gender dysphoria' as a mental illness helps to pave the path to the claim that it's some kind of neurophysiological aberration rather than just the result of pornsick men with OCD or NPD who absolutely lose their shit when they don't get what they want

i believe they have other mental illnesses, and primarily personality disorders, but not that gender dysphoria is a separate disease

we know for a fact that most of these males literally have a shit ton of comorbid mental illnesses. why it needs to be assumed that this is not the result of those comorbid diagnoses and needs to be some novel disease is so silly

No. 284021

I think that what irks me, personally, and also causes confusion with other radfems is that troonactivism plainly and bluntly refuses to say "sex dysphoria" when they mean it, because "sex" is like, Big Bad Word or something. I agree that gender dysphoria means discomfort with gender roles, because that's… what that means… but I think transactivists often mean distress over your sex characteristics. Which would be sex dysphoria, and not ~uwu gendah duwusphoriwi~.
I've talked to trans people who had urges, more like pulsions than intrusive thoughts, to get rid of their sex characteristics, to claw at their breasts or at their dick, and get the other sex's.
<powerlevel> In that sense, it would be closer to the type of psychosis-induced dysphoria I had when my brain was yelling at me for months on end that I needed to claw at my throat and arms and chest and make a wound to let """The God""" that lived in me get out (I had divine delusions that I'm still trying to decipher).
But just like these urges of mine were not handled and decreased by allowing me to claw my throat open and graft eyes all over my body because it's what my """God Form""" was, sex dysphoria should not be handled by allowing people to give in to their urges… The truwuns community is a shitshow or enabling and festering ground for munchausen by proxy.

Sorry for the blogpost.

No. 284022

of* enabling, sorry gyns

No. 284029

You can have gender dysphoria AND other mental illnesses at the same time you know…
body dysmorphia does have something to do with gender identity when (i.e.) healthy women take out their uterus because thay want to become a man, the same with breasts

No. 284036

>You can have gender dysphoria AND other mental illnesses at the same time you know…
yeah, obviously, i know that. i reject the idea that it's a separate issue unrelated to these comorbid illnesses. that was my point.

>body dysmorphia does have something to do with gender identity when (i.e.) healthy women take out their uterus because thay want to become a man, the same with breasts

dysmorphia is basically severe OCD and/or anxiety anyways that just presents itself differently. i think 'gender dysphoria' is the same. it doesn't need to be, imo, a separate diagnosis because it allows troons to lay the groundwork for "i developed like this in the womb! my brain doesn't match my body!!".

No. 284046

I wrote "women don't have penises" in my lefty college chalkboard (it's in the common room and anyone can write what they want). I was told it would be erased for being "offensive". I argued back that it was offensive for me that someone with a penis would call themselves a woman and the response I got from another girl was "I think it's offensive too but you can't be transphobic".

I want to print these and stick them everywhere on campus but I'm afraid to because I'm about to graduate and THERE'S A REAL CHANCE I COULD BE EXPELLED FROM COLLEGE FOR SAYING THAT WOMEN DON'T HAVE PENISES.

I can't believe women fought so hard only for things to end up this way.

No. 284052

move the goalposts anon, instead of focusing on "women not having penises" be super positive about the good sides of young female socialisation and periods - it drives them up the wall because it's something they can never claim as men.
It is quite scary to think that there are so many places now where disagreeing with delusional people can make you lose your job and reputation.

No. 284054

It's a lefty campus so at least that area is already covered and thankfully we don't get a lot of "talking about female biology is bigotreeeeee". That's what makes the cognitive dissonance bizarre, most people are feminists and have their head screwed on right but at the exact same time, denying males are female is offensive. I don't get it.

No. 284056

Okay so this culture is what is called “leftbook,” which is both a part of “weird facebook” and also at this point maybe bigger than/eclipsing weird fb. How did it start? Raids, groups of essentially tumblr leftists (but older lol) taking over mod/admin in groups. Building groups themselves too of course. Shaming groups were weird Facebook but now are mostly leftbook, because these are peopl who NEED to shame and look down on others but the targets have to be the politically viable ones (“cis” people, white people etc).

The leftbook quizzes function as a way to create a “safe space” away from pretty much anyone who would question the current acceptable groupthink.

They’re also cringe as fuck and FULL of drama. So many big leftbook/wokebook people are absolute lolcows

No. 284057

Jesus Christ who even goes on Facebook anymore

No. 284063

I think being distressed by oppressive gender roles is normal and healthy. Dysphoria is like body dismorphia though, it is a mental illness, and it should be treated as such (ie: long term therapy, cbt, etc) and not treated through drastic surgery and hormone treatments.

No. 284066

Absolutely insane people mostly, but this stuff has been the big thing since at least 2015 or so

No. 284067

That's so insulting to the women she's supposed to be helping. Fuck.

No. 284080

File: 1534951392442.png (51.34 KB, 1182x188, Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 11.2…)

No. 284082

File: 1534951541066.png (2.27 MB, 998x1322, Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 11.1…)

No. 284101

…by proving them right? lmao

No. 284132

File: 1534961101685.jpg (101.58 KB, 640x1138, 6hdw48Vxn6przkhK2SrbR7MScFafrh…)

Holy shit. These clothes look ridiculous. And according to his post history this man is at least 28 years old. Creepy.

No. 284133

This reminds me of LJ in the last few years I was still on there. LJ wank communities were the first place I ran into SJWs saying that “misgendering” is the worst kind of abuse, “dumb” is an awful ableist slur etc. Mods either changed or were replaced and fun wank communities turned into virtue signalling competitions. I think tumblr already existed back then but it wasn’t very big yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the same people are now involved in these FB groups.

Own them by doing exactly what they said you’d do…?

No. 284134

File: 1534961597634.jpg (63.49 KB, 640x853, 3cHdT6xRIGQlgyXh4h5wpNFDFEZT4C…)

Why do FtM often seem to think they can easily pass as men by just cutting their hair short and wearing masculine clothes? Millions of normal women like wearing short hair and pants and still look female doing so. They're not an exception.

No. 284135

You always know you have a troon in front of you because they obsess over wearing thigh high tights.

What normal fucking person wears those things on a day-to-day basis?

No. 284136

File: 1534961778079.jpg (565.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180822-172518.jpg)

This one wants to be Victoria Secret model apparently

No. 284137

File: 1534961796414.jpg (178.34 KB, 1080x1834, Screenshot_20180822-172552_1.j…)

No. 284141

kek he probably meant the store but don't they do bra fittings there? Ew. I'd freak. Who wants to helped by a man in a bra shop. He'd get off on it, surely.

No. 284142

Sure he meant the store but he said it in a way people could and should assume that he is "auditioning with Victoria Secret" to be a model kek

No. 284144

The only runway in his future is the one on his fucking forehead

No. 284151

An update from the guy who exposed himself in the women's locker room:


>Regarding the hypothetical cis-gendered women who might be uncomfortable by the sight of my genitals in the locker room, I would say that yes, change is uncomfortable, but change happens nonetheless. I imagine that there were white women who were unhappy when they suddenly began seeing black women in their locker rooms after they were desegregated. There was a period of adjustment. This is now seen as totally normal.

Love white guys appropriating black struggle. Black women and white women sharing spaces "is now seen as totally normal"? Now? In most of the world black and white people were never even segregated, you fucking yankee. Don't fucking act like the black women's struggle is somehow comparable to your trans shit. Of course black women belong in WOMEN-only spaces, unlike your male ass.

There's an obvious difference between the oppressor excluding the oppressed from spaces and the oppressed excluding the oppressor from spaces. Spaces are women-only for our safety, it's not about you. And this guy can't even be respectful while using spaces that aren't supposed to include him.

No. 284154

Black women hate you. I hate how these perverted white men use us in these examples like its actually the same. It makes no sense.

No. 284156

lol it's funny because black women are more likely to be anti trans than white women. Sorry buddy black women don't want to see your dick either.

Actually, he's really lucky he pulled this around upper middle class white women, I can't even imagine what would happen if he tried this in a changing room full of Hispanic and black girls.

No. 284157

is he implying that black women are type of "other" non-woman like him? hmmm

No. 284160

File: 1534965999620.png (204.15 KB, 1242x718, IMG_4377.PNG)

These people are beyond spoiled kek

No. 284163

Yeah, this comparision is especially offensive considering black women often get depicted or insulted as 'manly' or 'ghetto/aggressive' by racists (like Michelle Obama) while white women are seen as feminine and well-mannered. He sounds like he thinks there was an actual rational basis for segregating black and white women.

No. 284166

They also love dragging in black women with the cotton ceiling thing.
>lesbians turning someone down because of his penis is like refusing to date a black girl because she’s black!!!
So either having a sexual orientation is as bad as racism or black women are also a non-woman other.

No. 284169

File: 1534968966064.png (98.35 KB, 1440x300, 20180822_220701.png)

In response to pic
>This is so beautifully put, and thank you for being vulnerable about your feelings. 

>So I'm a non-op lady and happy to be so. I love my dick and everything about it. I'm full-time and I use all the women's facilities everywhere I go. But I don't think it's ever crossed me to walk around naked in a women's space. For multiple reasons. I don't want to trigger anyone. I don't want to be threatening. And frankly, I don't go to the women's room to see penises either.

>Some people may have been raped and be uncomfortable seeing a vagina

>Okay, how about other qualities that the vast majority of women don't have? Many women have been raped by people who had beards or were very muscular. Does that mean cis women who have beards because of PCOS or very muscular cis women who use female changing rooms without hiding their bodies are being inconsiderate too?
Always this fucking black/tall/hairy/muscular etc women look like men rethoric…

>I am extremely uncomfortable going to the men's changing rooms too yet assholes like yourself want me to keep going to it.

Why is their discomfort worth more than ours?

No. 284170

The only women I see wearing those are weeb/artsy girls. Usually they stop doing it after college, I've never seen a woman over 25 wearing them.

No. 284177

SO glad I take pepper spray with me to the bathroom.

No. 284181

>Some people may have been raped and be uncomfortable seeing a vagina

But those people are usually aware enough to know they might see a vagina in a locker room, especially if they ask staff to confirm whether nudity is explicitly permitted in the room, like when changing at a swimming pool. And then they'll make alternate arrangements to avoid seeing vaginas.

But nobody expects to see penis and/or other male characteristics in a FEMALE changing room. Or is the burden now on women to anticipate any female space to also possibly contain men? At that point why even mark anything as being for women, just make it a free for all. At least Danielle Muscato types won't have to bother with the pretense of a feminine name.

No. 284183


i'm glad you're doing better anon.

anyways, tbh, autogynephiles are incapable of understanding this kind of pain, because they're entirely self obsessed and will throw Actual Dysphorics under the bus often.

No. 284188


I love how transbians always dress like they went and bought everything from the women's section of Amazon on sale… you know what I mean? Just, cheap weeb garbage, and cotton spandex blends, or whatever because they're too ~smol and soft~ to go outside to buy stuff.

The real reason AGPs look and dress shitty, in ways that no woman would, even a poorly dressed one, and in ways that are weird in a way actual females sometimes can't put a finger on, is because the fetish doesn't need coordination, it just needs to have the fetishized objects. also, because they want to turn themselves into the cool manic pixie alt girls that would never have wanted to fuck their soft, flabby, tabletop playing, tech nerd, r/traaaannnnnssss, creepoid asses in high school. They fixate on these alt girls.

How many troons want to be "punk" or "goth gfs" or "trans rad dykes"? But, alas, male nerds don't understand fashion, only the trappings of it, that they obsess over, because they're AGPs, and fixation is part of the kink.

(Also, I guarantee these nerds only wore nerd culture graphic tees and khakis before they trooned out.)

tldr: skirt make my pee pee hard, what do you mean it's a shit wig and bad material???!!??

No. 284189

File: 1534972206179.jpg (20.04 KB, 256x256, jealous tim.jpg)


>Will I ever stop being jealous?

>Almost every time I see a pretty cis girl, I'm beyond jealous and get depressed as a result. I always get this way no matter what. I've tried thinking differently, I've tried avoiding looking at people. But it still happens…. Will this ever go away? Or should I spend thousands of dollars on therapist just to help one problem?
To men, how much a woman is worth is solely based on her appearance and fuckability, so no wonder this kind of thinking is so common even in adult TiMs.

>I'm fulltime, but it's still really bad. It feels like something worse than what cis women go through. Because for me it feels like I'll never be able to look as good as them because I was born this way.

Classic, a man thinking his problems are worse and more important than those of women. Women have it so easy, am I right? Fucking incels.

No. 284190

I have this dress, the top line is meant to sit just below the breasts but I don't think he can get it past his boxy upper body

No. 284191

File: 1534973055623.png (162.29 KB, 327x613, a male.png)

Sometimes a part of me wishes I could've stayed in the dark of "wokeness". This thread opened my eyes a lot and all the points made here are good, and it's terrifying to realize the truth because it's really bad. Transactivism is a step backwards in the history. All the progress we've made got thrown out of the window, biology is now "hate speech", pointing out facts while being a woman makes you a TERF who will get death/rape threats. They found a way to harrass and assault women AND somehow be in the right, because you dared to point out that the emperor is not wearing any clothes, he's naked, so you are the bad guy and they are justified in sending any threat in your direction.
It's literally the witch hunt era all over again. And it's fucking serious

No. 284195

this is how i felt in the beginning too, but honestly, the numbers are well in our favor. more and more people are reaching "peak trans," tons of people only know about the idea of radical feminism because of peak trans. Trans people still make up a minority of the population even if they're growing. The biggest danger is if we continue to keep quiet and submit to thought policing and guilt tripping. Handmaidens are a bigger threat in terms of numbers than troons.

No. 284198

why the fuck would you buy that, anon? i'm sure you look good in it, but it's so damn ugly that i thought it was like 3 separate pieces cobbled together off amazon and the hot topic clearance section

it's terrifying, anon. my mom is in the medical field and sees a lot of tranny patients and we always talk about how sick these men are, but i worry all of the time and i have to remind her to not say anything to them because i'm scared she's going to literally get attacked by her patients or have them try to ruin her career for being transphobic

No. 284201


See >>283980. The majority of the trans identified youth in the study had been diagnosed with mental disorders prior to identifying as trans.

Gender dysphoria will be reclassified in the next edition of the ICD.

Gender incongruence, meanwhile, has also been moved out of mental disorders in the ICD, into sexual health conditions. The rationale being that while evidence is now clear that it is not a mental disorder, and indeed classifying it in this can cause enormous stigma for people who are transgender, there remain significant health care needs that can best be met if the condition is coded under the ICD.


No. 284202

it's just ugly tumblrkei shit.

No. 284203

i think this is even worse. now it's going to be likened to intersex/just another side of the coin of the neurophysiological aberration shit.

it's obvious it's just the result of other mental problems, and in the case of straight men, NPD, pornsickness, and male entitlement.

No. 284206

So willy wonka made a vid about feminism not being needed and surprise sur-fucking-prise-this "egalitarian" is a MRA

maybe next time trannies try to dictate to feminists what they should and shouldnt do we can show them this video

No. 284228

>handmaidens are a bigger threat

Yeah this is true. Women have to be the ones to express discomfort.

No. 284229

The fact that we live in an era where saying “feminism is for women and not men” is considered a controversial statement shows how far we have fallen

No. 284231

My stepmother is also a nurse and she thinks the same that transgender people are mentally ill. She told me that her colleagues and even a station doctor make critical remarks about trans people in their work place. But in front of other people they are quiet. They have all the same opinion that transgenderism is a capitalistic move like the yearly panicmongering of a new kind of special flu and so we need to get a vaccination immediately. All sane medical staff think so but they keep being quiet because a lot of MONEY is flowing!

Oh btw and when was the last panicmongering of a new kind of special flu? Right, it's been years and it happened parallel to the rise of trans people getting more and more hrt. Strange huh?

No. 284244

my friend's nurse mom says this is the new version of circumcision. where there is a ton of moral panic and money involved.

No. 284273

File: 1534987961729.jpeg (507.34 KB, 1125x2436, IMG_2494.jpeg)

So in a FB group i'm in a woman posted about how she feels like trans community reduced women to their appearance. I didn't get a whole screenshot of her post bc so many people were commenting that the app crashed and I can't find the post again

No. 284274

File: 1534988004554.jpeg (324.3 KB, 1125x2436, IMG_2491.jpeg)

of course the comments are stupid as fuck

No. 284275

File: 1534988089600.jpeg (371.63 KB, 1125x2436, IMG_2489.jpeg)

Someone with sense replied and of course were met with
>educate yourself reeeEEEEE

No. 284276

Isn't the suicide rate for trannys higher post op?I think the suicide rate for trannys After hormones and bottom surgery is because they did all this to themselves usually because they're horny and driven by a fetish, after their dick is gone their thinking is no longer clouded by being horny and they realize how much they have given up up and how much they have fucked their bodies up beyond repair.

No. 284279

I've heard of that group before, I avoid it, along with a bunch of other groups, since they're full of easily-offended trannies lmao

No. 284280

File: 1534989459079.png (1.67 MB, 3146x2880, fb.png)

full original post + some of the most cringeworthy comments
>congrats, you were born with the body that trans women have to fight for, earn and risk dying for. you proud of yourself?

No. 284285

File: 1534989918602.png (213.68 KB, 1242x1542, IMG_4379.PNG)

No. 284294

They're buttmad because they have to spend thousands on make up, surgeries and other ''enhancements'' to be read as remotely female while real women are read as female no matter what

No. 284299

File: 1534993019937.jpg (304.46 KB, 1280x1920, 3.jpg)

he could at least shave

No. 284303

I thought that was john green when I first looked.

I'm still not sure it isnt.

No. 284304

nope its a cute blonde teen

No. 284313

File: 1534996760534.jpg (53.1 KB, 540x960, assholefatman.jpg)

"This never happens you stupid witch terf!''

No. 284322

File: 1534999060471.jpg (91.87 KB, 498x762, whut.jpg)

No. 284327

Those are parody blogs just fyi

No. 284328

kek you can't tell the difference. Says a lot

No. 284331

my bad, i misread it as tygressofaera which i know is a real trans blog but as >>284328 says, especially with the likes of danielle muscato, its poes law.

No. 284361

File: 1535003246181.jpg (286.6 KB, 1400x2048, dear god.jpg)

No. 284366

Oh naww these parents refusing that their daughter poison herself with testosterone and have to undergo hysterectomy etc as a result of her teenage whims. Also kek at the ''misgendering'' pronouns

No. 284370

>women are better at looking like women than men therefore men have it harder

this has to be a simulation

No. 284382

File: 1535006472244.jpg (152.97 KB, 960x1280, lol.jpg)

Reddit troons are too funny. This overweight incel teenager calls himsel a ''lesbian'', has a hard on against terfs and genuinely believe troons get period.

No. 284390

File: 1535007973477.jpeg (135.93 KB, 520x588, image.jpeg)

>It's pretty telling that they couldn't even be bothered to come up with anything less dehumanising.

The first thing I thought of when I read "front holes" was this shitty graphic that incels like to use.

No. 284395

i love this interpretation of privilege because it's not based on any kind of real power hierarchy so it just cancels itself out.
feminine cis women are privileged because troons wish they looked like them.
k, then troons are privileged because transmen wish they could have their big square jaws and linebacker shoulders.

it's like saying all tan people are privileged because you wish you could go out without getting a sunburn, just completely ignoring the fact that a lot of tan people want to be pale.

No. 284397

File: 1535012472974.png (75.62 KB, 1128x336, m.png)


>I am trying to figure out if I am really trans or am just FUCKED for years and years of looking at this. Found adult.hypnoticwishes.com when I was like 13 and I am now 25.

>And I feel like theres the part of me where I still am the normal male me without any of these desires. I've always had them on and off for this, because ive always kinda looked at this stuff, but yeah. It's gotten to the point where I am spending a lot of time admiring trans timelines and getting excited over the idea. I am peeing sitting down by habit. I've been practicing walking, voice, and I bought a dress. I don't want this, I want my male future, I want to get my girlfriend back (we're on a break atm because both our mental health is critical) and have the future we planned.

>AMAB, 25, 6 foot 7

Fucking pornsick men. I wish people would see that part of those poor oppressed transwomen are just sick fetishists.

No. 284399

this one is kind of sad to me but also jfc, grow a spine. can't these men just be good old fashioned cross dressers ffs?
feeling excited when you see a transformation pic doesn't mean shit. i'm sure drag queens find that stuff interesting too. if you're a man into a stereotypical feminine look for yourself, of course it's going to be fun to imagine looking really passing and pretty. tell me why wanting to dress up like a pretty woman sometimes means you need to force yourself to pretend you're not male and possibly mangle yourself?

No. 284404

File: 1535014930913.jpg (138.11 KB, 640x853, olGvyamhgKS2eOvgvg4bTmQitqiue8…)

>"Damn bro, if you're 6 foot 7 you'll never be passable as a girl. Better to just stay a guy" - Thanks random redditor. What are the the best and worst reddit comments you've gotten?

>Not Reddit, but IRL. I was 6'7" when I started transitioning and was told the exact same thing by a lesbian friend who later ate her words.

>She present as tomboyish/soft butch and we've worked together on some projects. She was supportive but had her concerns that I would never pass being so tall. (I eventually lost nearly 2 inches in height over the next two years.) Anyway, I went full time after being on HRT for 3 or 4 months and 6 months after HRT we went all (her, my wife, another friend, and I) to a new local restaurant. My friend and I walked up and I asked to put my name, down, which is gender neutral, for a table of 4 and I was gendered female which I had been for nearly 3 months. We waited at the bar for a little while and when she went to the hostess to see how much longer she was sir'd. We both ended up having a big laugh about that one.

Dude… the hostess clocked you and then thought your butch lesbian friend was a tranner like you.

Also found this post by him. Pisses me off that he went to an event for tall women. Organisers probably will reach peak trans soon if more and more troons attend their meetings. Also, I'm so embarrassed about his ugly ass outfit and shoes while the women next to him look beautiful, bet they're secretly judging him hard, lmao.

No. 284424

Nothing pisses me off more than when tranners appropriate events/awards meant for women out of the ordinary. A 2m woman is exceptional and unheard of, a 2m man isn't.These women probbaly wanted a meeting to talk about what it's like finding clothes, shoes, dating, getting pregnant, giving birth etc as tall women. Things this miserable man will never know or understand. I've heard of troons getting scholarships meant for women who excel in STEM. It's so upsetting

No. 284430

Reminds me of this: https://mashable.com/2017/05/08/counter-strike-transgender-team/

>ESL, which hosts Counter-Stike: Global Offensive tournaments — some of which are only open to women — currently requires a passport or other government-issued ID to prove the gender of each teammate participating in the tournament. This, the organization said, was to prevent against the numerous men who were attempting to troll the tournament by posing as women.

>Someone using the name Sly Buehl Rigilio, who appears to be a member of a trolling group that goes by the name Rigatoni Family, told BuzzFeed News that they were a group of transgender women who were denied entry because they could not present the necessary documents to assuage ESL's concerns about trolls. Though the group's aim was to embarrass the media and poke fun at ESL's attempt to foster a community of professional women gamers, they unknowingly helped the ESL identify issues both with their credential process as well as the way their representatives handle that process.

>After Rigilio went to BuzzFeed and news spread, ESL decided to look into how to revise its rules so transgender women who have not had the opportunity to go through the bureaucratic process of updating their official documents can still have a chance to compete in a tournament among fellow gamers they identify with.

>It doesn't seem like much of a stretch that this group would attempt to troll ESL and BuzzFeed in the manner described above. Fortunately, some good came of it despite their best efforts.

>Fortunately, some good came of it despite their best efforts.

You can't make this shit up.

Here's the original Buzzfeed article: http://archive.is/DExs8

No. 284431

File: 1535023410026.jpg (96.27 KB, 1024x365, F5LYUAKtEW8Er_SK2WR8zQMwl5kyTp…)

Once again, they made the MtF characters look dainty and cute while the TERF character look like a male.

No. 284442

File: 1535026100644.jpg (98.83 KB, 1024x365, 1535023410026.jpg)


i loved the shittiness of this comic so much i wanted to make my own version

No. 284446

This is amazing, anon. It actually looks like it should be the original text and the TRA version reads like a ripoff.

No. 284450

10/10 anon

No. 284459

mouthfeel, oh am i laffin

No. 284461

At first a pathetic handmaiden feels the need to protect men:
>All I'm going to say is a man has never treated me as badly as other women have. 🤷‍♀️

And then a tranny tells us that actually male priviledge doesn't exist…

No. 284462

File: 1535031263289.png (222.24 KB, 1440x1431, 20180823_153346.png)

No. 284465

This is some shoe0nhead
>the world clearly loves women more than men because it treats them like retarded children instead of rational humans
“logic”. Checkmate feminists!!1

No. 284469

What a bunch of sad cows. Must be tragic to live without self esteem.
It's also funny how they can only speak through memes.

No. 284505

Fuck everything about this. No, you cannot tell me how to be more feminine, you troon

This, too, can fuck off forever.

No. 284507

Some woman I have on FB is saying that TERFs don’t deserve any respect or protection because their so-called hate speech is an incitement to violence and therefore not covered under free speech. I’m tempted to ask what “lets go punch some TERFs” falls under, legally, but I’d probably get dogpiled and reported for hate speech myself.
>tfw we actually live in a world where “women don’t have penises” is considered hate speech

No. 284513

I still can't get over the fact that not wanting to have sex with someone is considered transphobia. That is a straight up entitled male opinion
>denying me sex is oppression
But somehow it is now also the progressive sjw leftie opinion.

Nobody is entitled to sex. It is not oppression if someone doesn't want to fuck you. I'm thinking about ftm as well here, some of them say the same thing. But if a straight cis woman said she was oppressed because someone didn't want to fuck her she'd be laughed out of town.

No. 284516


And transsexual is now transphobic because it pathologizes gender identity.

Simultaneously queer has been redefined as transgender after having been a decades old slur reclaimed by gays and lesbians during the 80s.

No. 284520

File: 1535048441170.png (322.37 KB, 800x1016, Screenshot_2018-08-23-11-12-43…)

Touché, troons!

No. 284521

File: 1535048745208.png (343.79 KB, 800x1031, Screenshot_2018-08-23-11-15-14…)


Update on Magdalen's health. A few days ago she said, "My cancer is incurable… I'll obvs fight all I can but the truth is I'll probably be dead within the next 5 years. it hurts; it does but that's the reality of this thing. it sucks but that's life, good people suffer and die."

No. 284524

such fucking bullshit that this incredible, fiercely intelligent woman has to deal with this. the strongest young female advocate/public figure we have and this has to happen. fuck.

and it showcases the callousness of the TA community that they know full well she's suffering with cancer and they still strawman her and attack her ruthlessly.

No. 284530

File: 1535050466712.jpeg (56.98 KB, 621x869, Dk96Zi9X0AMLZrh.jpeg)

No. 284532

File: 1535051197952.jpeg (119.81 KB, 1024x768, t6SIuOow.jpeg)

ot, but I love John's videos. His voice is so soothing.

Mags is doing so much good in the world, she doesn't deserve this bullshit. I'm so angry at the universe that this brilliant person and her loved ones have to go through this.

Here's another one from liverpool resisers: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z3kn0gee9vxa080/AAChmh6iiNtQbbLK1W57OCyYa?dl=0

No. 284533

File: 1535051316661.png (54.6 KB, 768x546, how-to-be-a-good-libfem.png)


They are clearly third wave liberal feminists.

No. 284534

File: 1535052061718.jpg (218.82 KB, 1024x683, dyke-march-2018-grumpy-old-dyk…)

While we were gathering near McSpadden Park, where the march was to begin, we were approached by two members of the Vancouver Dyke March board … We were additionally told that if any of our signs, banners, or t-shirts included the venus symbol — representing “woman” — (the two interlocked venus symbols have always meant lesbian) or “XX,” symbolizing the female sex chromosome, we would also have remove them.


No. 284536

Same, it's refreshing to see a man who simply loves makeup and long hair without thinking that makes him just the same as us

No. 284538

File: 1535052882060.png (288.81 KB, 780x532, catgirls.png)

Totes not a fetish uwu~

No. 284543

>"punch, kick and kill all terfs(ie women) because they said things that hurt my feelings. all other women who do agree with us will be degraded to just being people with frontholes and wombs" said the men.

When will this madness end you guys..

No. 284547

File: 1535055663787.jpeg (60.29 KB, 740x465, Dhm24rFXkAEmnzf.jpeg)

No. 284548

File: 1535055743887.png (312.2 KB, 800x1025, Screenshot_2018-08-23-13-19-06…)

No. 284552

File: 1535056145937.png (134.9 KB, 800x493, Screenshot_2018-08-23-13-26-22…)

No. 284557

The fact that this has 125 likes (probably more by now) is infuriating. For a while now, I've been growing really uneasy with libfems denying that transwomen have or ever had male privilege or them denying that sex-based oppression exists. That combined with how feminism is treated in the mainstream media - how you're immediately mocked for saying the word patriarchy or misogyny. Or how "respect women" is literally a meme. And the bizaare shift away from actually important female issues and onto dumb bullshit and desperately trying to make men feel included in the feminist movement.

It was just all starting to make me wonder if people even believe in misogyny or systemic sexism at all. It seems like it should be an obvious yes just by looking at the world around you. But more and more, I'm coming across liberals and "progressives" and "feminists" who don't even seem to believe this. They'll acknowledge racism, classism, "transphobia", sometimes homophobia, but it's like a lot of them straight up don't believe that women are oppressed at all.

Idk how anyone, especially someone who is aware enough to recognize other social hierarchies, can deny something so blatantly true. It's a really disturbing shift and it makes me really nervous. Trans bullshit really will be the downfall of women's rights. Men have found a way to infiltrate the feminist movement and give themselves unquestionable authority. And surprise surprise, their rhegoric is inching closer and closer to the belief that women aren't oppressed at all and actually sometimes actively oppress men as a class. They've found a way to make themselves an authority on what womanhood is and how women are because they can call themselves women now if you express any doubt about this you're evil. They're stopping any chance for large scale progress for women by destroying the feminist movement from the inside out.

No. 284558

Is there any other blogger/youtuber like Magdalen Berns?

No. 284559

Why does vagina define who's a woman? Why are you guys so obsessed with it? I'm not a vagina with legs.

No. 284563

being female is a pre-requisite for being a woman

No. 284565

You're so right anon. You need floppy feminine peen to be considered a woman.

No. 284566


Is your question directed at us gender critical feminists?

No. 284573


Cathy Brennan / Ally Missandry

No. 284574

No you're right, I'd rather be defined by my clothes and hair anf makeup and arbitrary volition. Because that's way less offensive than our biological sex being defined by our biological reality, only a vagina obsessed person could see the logic in that.

No. 284575



No. 284577

Tanith Lloyd

No. 284578

Elly Arrow

No. 284579


Penny White

No. 284580


BabyradfemTV is a repository of radical feminist content from various creators as well as historical interviews.

No. 284617

John isn't a troon though right? Did he ever post his views on transgenders or transitioning?

No. 284619

No, he's not a troon, it's genderfuck and he looks a lot better than most troons doing it

No. 284626

File: 1535071866934.jpg (180.5 KB, 990x1116, Screenshot_20180820-223102_1.j…)


Screenshot and select passages posted in the KF thread.

Parents have described clusters of gender dysphoria outbreaks occurring in pre-existing friend groups with multiple or even all members of a friend group becoming gender dysphoric and transgender-identified in a pattern that seems statistically unlikely based on previous research [1–5]. Parents describe a process of immersion in social media, such as “binge-watch-ing” Youtube transition videos and excessive use of Tumblr, immediately preceding their child becoming gender dysphoric. These descriptions are atypical for the presentation of gender dysphoria described in the research literature [1–5] and raise the question of whether social influences may be contributing to or even driving these occurrences of gender dysphoria in some populations of adolescents and young adults.

The trajectories of the AYAs were not consistent with the narrative of discovering one’s authentic self and then thriving. Specifically, parents reported that, after “coming out,” their children exhib- ited a worsening of their mental well-being. Additionally, parents noted worsening of the parent- child relationship and observed that their children had narrowed their interests.

Although small numbers of AYAs had improvement in mental well-being (12.6%), parent-child relationship (7.4%), grades/academic performance (6.4%), and had broadened their interests and hobbies (5.1%); the most common outcomes were worsened mental well-being (47.2%); wors- ened parent child relationship (57.3%); unchanged or mixed grades/academic performance (59.1%); and a narrowed range of interests and hobbies (58.1%). One parent describing her child’s trajectory offered, “After announcing she was transgender, my daughter’s depression increased significantly. She became more withdrawn. She stopped participating in activities which she pre- viously enjoyed, stopped participating in family activities, and significantly decreased her interac- tion with friends. Her symptoms became so severe that she was placed on medication by her physician.”

No. 284627

File: 1535072157215.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.46 KB, 425x720, 36861240.jpg)

You can sponsor this on patreon

No. 284629

They are.

I'm being forced to back down because they now threatened to sue for "transphobia" and since it's a cult there's pretty much a 100% guarantee that they'll have a lawyer willing to actually go through with this for free, and I don't have the money to defend myself.

I'm seething with anger and there's nothing I can do about it.

No. 284631


What country are you in? A civil suit for "transphobia" would fall under harassment, but the requirements for burden of proof vary from country to country.

No. 284634

Brazil. I have no idea how anyone could twist that statement into harassment or anything that could possibly hold up in court but I don't have the money to find out in case they manage to.

Because I'm a confrontational idiot I did it in front of everyone so at the very least there are a bunch of witnesses.

And I still can't believe I'm even having this conversation. What kind of bizarre dystopia are we living in?

No. 284636

File: 1535077218541.jpeg (85.47 KB, 642x440, DE4D674F-52B5-48D5-8E76-57F964…)

>because trans women actually have to work for that shit
I’m sorry, but dressing up in tacky women’s clothing and choosing to have your penis inverted isn’t “working hard”. These people act like they were forced to become trans.
Also the op identifies as a transbian…who would’ve guessed. Imagine being a troon and having the audacity to say you’re more of a woman than actual women, but still expect cis lesbians to be attracted to you.

No. 284637

What does he mean work hard? We aren't all born looking like skinny idols lol

No. 284646

I had no idea that was happening here too anon. Are you at a federal Uni, Usp, Puc or some of those?

No. 284648

So womanhood is acting demure and looking feminine, but being trans is simultaneously about more than gender conforming appearance which is why butch transbians and feminine ftms are also valid…yea ok. Emperor's new crossdress.

No. 284652


Same country, trust me anon I know how that feels, my friends openly support transactivism and troons entering female bathrooms and they're not even radfem just regular brainwashed girls that were taught this shit is normal. There's only one girl I can vent on about that.


Sempre imaginei que alguns anons postando eram daqui. É ridícula a quantidade de gente forçando aceitação trans, principalmente nas faculdades estaduais. Meu primo mesmo virou um alienado, tô só esperando ele começar a apoiar travecos ou quem sabe virar um, Deus me livre

No. 284654

I remember when trannies celebrated magdalens brain tumour diagnosis.

No. 284657

It is and it's only natural that it is, we're immersed in US culture 24/7 with TV, series, books, music, internet - we (middle class) share the same american environment despite the physical distance. Ideology comes with it.

And yup, federal uni, humanities major. I don't think it gets any leftier.

Yes, same here, and it really is some serious brainwashing. I think people don't even care much about this or give it any thought, they're in too big of a hurry to be woke and too afraid to be labeled a bigot to question.

>I'm a good person, good people are supportive of gays and lesbians and blacks and equality is important let's accept every group that says they're oppressed, only a bad person bolsominion would question LGBT dogma

It's thought-terminating and convenient too, people are lazy and this saves the effort of thinking critically about anything, guarantees social acceptance, and provides the pleasure of knowing you're morally right.

No. 284659

The saddest part of transactivism being lumped in with other social issues is that I only feel so strongly about it because of how much I care about womens and LGB rights. It's fucking infuriating to be considered on par with homophobes and misogynists when half the reason you're mad is because trans shit hurts gay people, half because it hurts women.

No. 284683

File: 1535095190807.jpeg (36.41 KB, 572x313, DlDrLRPVsAEokyS.jpeg)


>What kind of bizarre dystopia are we living in?

No. 284686

File: 1535095657273.png (523.66 KB, 591x1024, taking-aim-trophy_1024x1024.pn…)


>Emperor's new crossdress

Brilliant, anon!

No. 284700

So a person born with vagina, but it still doesn't define my womanhood.

Yes i'd much rather be defined by something i do rather than something i'm born as.

No. 284704

k tranner

No. 284705

Oh are you really such a boring person that only thing defining you is a thing you didn't have any choice in? Grow up.

No. 284707

You're the only idiot here who is so concerned about being 'defined' by anything. My being a woman is defined by my body, but I am not defined by being a woman. Only a fucking idiot obsessed with their vagina or lack thereof would think they're defined by being a woman, and therefore defined by whatever defines being a woman.

No. 284708

>i'd much rather be defined by something i do rather than something i'm born as.
Same. That's why we're gender critical. We don't want to be defined by our gender. Transgender ideologists, on the other hand, want to be defined by their gender.

Anon, that was too obvious. Before this post, I thought there was a chance you're just some curious person and not just someone trying to troll us. Whatever.

No. 284712

No. 284715

you a member of team XY till you die, stay mad, tranny.

No. 284716

>My being a woman is defined by my body
Our bodies are so different why does that make sense??

team XX reporting in stay mad cunt.

No. 284719

>Our bodies are so different why does that make sense??

You are a woman because of your biology what is so hard about that to understand? The human race as two sexes very easily distinguishable, if you have ovaries and a vagina you are a woman, if you have a dick and balls you are a man, period.

No. 284720

>team XX

in your head, yes.

No. 284721

What about people who have neither or partially both genitalia?

i'm most likely the only person here whos karyotypes have been tested and they came out XX.

No. 284722

Kek the 'intersex' gotcha. We're really playing bingo here huh TIMothy? They're such a statistical minority that they can be judged on a case by case basis, and considering 99.9% of troons are not intersex it really doesn't fucking matter.

No. 284723

They're Abnormals. Some humans have six fingers, doesn't change the fact that humans are defined has having five fingers.

No. 284724

Having six fingers doesn't exclude you from using ordinary places.

No. 284725

>muh intersex

we've heard all of this before, tranny.

No. 284726

Wtf are you talking about. You were asking why women are defined by their genitalias and now you're asking about being excluded from places?
Begone troon.

No. 284728

oh god this bitch is on my facebook feed all the time because he spams other cosplay mutuals with comments. Actually grostuse seeing his face on almost a daily.

No. 284729

what if they were intersex >>283897 you'd happily exclude them

No. 284730

Intersex babies get medically reassigned at birth, cretin

No. 284731

New guidelines are against it though, but you're okay with someone who's gone through surgical means to become woman?

No. 284733

Not trannies.

No. 284734

I should mention that I (>>284730) am not the person you responded to.

>but you're okay with someone who's gone through surgical means to become woman?

In my experience intersex have no problem acknowledging they're intersex. And are intersex people comparable?

>New guidelines are against it though
The fuck? Why?

No. 284735

Nobody’s talking about your genitals defining who you are as a person, they only define your sex. Trans activists are saying that who you are as a person is what defines your sex, i.e. if you like stereotypically masculine things you’re male and if you “feel” like a woman you’re female. Gender critical people say that the only thing that defines your sex is your biology (genitals) and that your sex does not matter in who you are as a person.

Trans activists are the ones bringing identity into this, not us.

No. 284736

>but you're okay with someone who's gone through surgical means to become woman?

intersex people are not trannies, tranny.

No. 284738

Okay fair enough, but what's the difference, one is medically induced intersexuality and other is born intersexuality?

Because the nerves haven't developed and many of them are unhappy, basically it's much better to have neo-vagina made when you're an adult because it'll have feeling and you can have sex and enjoy it, but if it's done as a child they have to keep expanding it as it doesn't grow with the body and it'll have no feeling. Also don't you think it's a bit unethical to perform what is mostly a cosmetic surgery on child who has no opinion on it?

>Gender critical people say that the only thing that defines your sex is your biology (genitals) and that your sex does not matter in who you are as a person.
This a thing i agree with but i have a trouble understanding why do so many GC people aim to have female only spaces.

I didn't say they were but they have a lot in common in terms of the treatments.

No. 284739

>medically induced intersexuality

Kek. My sides. How does getting fake boobs and fake hormones change your chromosomes?

begone tranny, holy shit.

No. 284741

>I have trouble understanding why do so many GC people aim to have female only spaces
And I don't understand why so many male want to force us to look at their nasty HRT cock.

No. 284742

Intersexuality most of the time isn't about chromosomes, it's more about hormonal disturbance during when they're a fetus. Also both females and males have estrogen & androgen.

Well those are extraordinarly rare abnormals.

No. 284743

Women have the right to have a space free from males and trannies aren't women, they're male so they would be excluded from those spaces.

No. 284745

>medically induced intersexuality

No. 284746

Well what about FTMs. I happen to live in a country where the majority of troons are female to male and i don't want them anywhere near me.

No. 284748

What defines womanhood?

No. 284749

How other people view and treat you.

No. 284750

So being treated like a shit is basically what defines being a woman?

No. 284751

So trannies are women on days they drag themselves up, kinda pass and look like ugly women and they're not on a regular day when they don't pass? lol

No. 284752

Sage for OT but holy shit anon, don't post that kind of crap

>no such thing as objective truth

Correct, but that notion has been around for centuries. Not po-mo.

>no such thing as objective morality

Correct, not po-mo either, and has been around for quite some time. We used to have god as a source of objective morality but Nietzsche killed the dude and now all we have is hysterical SJWism and Netflix. But I'm not sure why anyone think this is a bad thing, moral nihilism is a starting point, not an end goal (as Nietzsche said, humanity is a bridge, not a destination), and the "objective morality" we used to have is the one that said women's only purpose is to serve our husbands and pop out kids. Good fucking riddance.


Yeah that one is stupid

>authorial intent is forbidden

That was the most painful one to read, if there were a prize for stupidity this would take the fucking cake. I'm even embarrassed to be currently browsing a website where this would be posted. How does anyone ever even write such a thing. I don't even know how to explain how stupid this is because it's just so misled

Authorial intent is literally unavoidable, every author has an intention in mind when he writes a book. Nobody would try to prevent that because it's pointless and impossible, and I know we like to mock post modernism but nobody is that dumb. What did happen was that a few critics believed the author should stop being an authority figure regarding his work and that we should stop looking up to him for the "correct interpretation." Whatever an author might intend, it doesn't really mean he succeeded and that the meaning he wanted to convey even is present in his work. Those french degenerates just highlighted the fact that public reception and impact is part of the process and that a finished work's meaning is not dictated by the author.

And even then, a few people jumped in saying "yoooooo wait wait what the fuck, you can't just KILL the author like that, he's an important figure for the readers too! You already killed god, calm your fucking tits!" because people like the abomination who made this pic expect the author to descend from the sky and present them with sweet, sweet, "correct meaning".

Sorry for the wall of text and yes, I am indeed triggered

No. 284753

If womanhood is being able to pass then most def. most trannies are not women. I'd say 99,99% of them since they think they pass but they actually don't. If womanhood is being treated like a woman because of what you wear, why are actual women treated differently the moment we are born, naked, bald and without makeup?

No. 284758

The vast majority of intersex people fall within the male/female binary of sex, anon. They arent half and half freaks - that's just a disgusting misconception. They're born with atypical female or male genitals which can include polycistic ovarian syndrome, being born without a cervix, being born with a micro penis, etc. They don't have a mishmash of male and female sex organs.

Also intersex people and organisations are constantly telling trans people to fuck off and stop trivialising their experiences by using it to justify men entering women's private spaces and getting their cocks out. Congrats on your wokeness.

No. 284759

pretty much

No. 284761

pcos is not an intersex condition.

No. 284763

It's 100% percent retarded, I got mistaken quite a bit for a dude when I cut my hair short, but I was still a woman.

No. 284766

File: 1535109997297.jpg (24.04 KB, 322x499, 41wIdyrCf L._SX320_BO1,204,203…)


Transgenderism is informed by Postmodernism. This 1997 book knowingly coined the term Pomosexual. The feels over reals gender ideology proposed within and in similar publications of that time period was the beginning of my peak trans. Heterosexual women identifying as gay men? Or even no fixed gender? Not so thinly veiled autogynephilic erotica?

Simultaneously the third wave fully embraced choice feminism which validates trans ideology.

No. 284767

You're conflating womanhood with stereotypes, idiot

A person born with a vagina is a woman, female. A person born with a dick is male. Intersex are abnormalities that happen in the development, and in that case it's a more grey area, but it doesn't mean that "normal" people should use their struggles. If you don't have any development abnormaly, if you're XX and have a vagina, news, you're a woman, even if you chop your boobs and insert a flesh tube in your vagina.

Just because a person is born without legs it doesn't mean humans aren't bipedal lol

No. 284768

it's not an obsession, it's a biological reality. the one thing you need to be defined a woman is having a female physiology which, big surprise, includes the vagina.

No. 284771

Oh, absolutely, relativism taken to the point of reality denial and definition erasure is po-mo insanity, I was just referring to the picture. Sorry about the sperg.

And yeah, I peak transed when someone I knew came out as "nonbinary transboy" which meant that she cut her hair short, kept her feminine styling, and forced everyone to call her "he". It wasn't even the presentation that did it, it was the term "nonbinary transboy" and how illogical it is. How the fuck are you both outside the binary but also transitioning inside the binary? Schrödingender The logical flaw was so glaring I immediately nope'd. It's quite a feat to believe trans dogma.

No. 284772

congrats GC people wouldn't want you in their bathrooms

No. 284776

Lol what? You know many GC people are butch lesbians or gender non conforming? You're delusional.

No. 284777

A GC woman would happily welcome another woman into the bathroom even if they have short hair though. She has every right to be there since she's actually female and not invading anyone's spaces or posing a threat regardless of her appearance.

Anyway, a quick double take is usually enough to figure out that a short haired, androgynous or masculine girl is not a man.

No. 284795

We're this close to women being called unwomen Margaret Atwood style

No. 284797

>I had plastic surgery on my whole face to be pretty, this makes me prettier than naturally pretty girls because I had to work hard for it
Same logic

No. 284807

>I had to study Japanese hard to be fluent, that means I'm 150% more fluent than native Japanese people.

Gender critical women are gender critical (it's in the name…), meaning we don't require women to adhere to gender norms like "long hair". If you can't tell the difference between male and female, that's your problem.

I was in Sweden a bit back and they had a surprising amount of unisex bathrooms. They all had sinks within the stalls and the doors closed completely, so it was no problem at all, though I wonder what happens in clubs etc.
If changing rooms were like this as well (lots of little rooms so no one has to be naked in front of other people), I'd be fine with unisex ones, but TiMs seem to get off on women seeing their tiny penises.

No. 284811

tbh im really not fine with unisex specifically because it normalizes men being around females in vulnerable spaces, specifically female children, and men take advantage of young girls. not to mention that men, when granted access of spaces where women pee, often put cameras and shit in toilets, etc. they're creeps and i don't think young girls should be anywhere near them, likely alone, even if the door closes completely, etc.

No. 284852

Hi you’re stupid. People presenting ambiguous genitalia are intersex, although in the past we were often assigned a sex at birth. We don’t like being lumped in with fucking trannies, please stop

No. 284858

>i'm most likely the only person here whos karyotypes have been tested and they came out XX.

Someone who was born with external female genitalia, went through regular female puberty, and has menses, has close to 0% chance of being a non XX karyotype.
The few contrary cases are due to genetic mosaicism, a very rare condition. Regardless, if your entire reproductive system is female, it makes you a female even if you have some XY cells in your body.

I must add that you're not the only person here who know what your sex chromosomes are because I got my DNA tested out of interest for genetic genealogy and know for a fact my sexual chromosomes are XX.

No. 284861

>le intersex meme
So tell me anon, do you consider people with down's syndrome another human race as well? Or people with physical birth defects? Conjoined twins? No, they're genetic disorders and birth defects. Just like being intersex. It's not some "magical 3rd gender".

as a sidenote kek @ people with PCOS claiming they're "intersex"

No. 284867

File: 1535128481571.jpg (64.8 KB, 480x411, 1530500135947.jpg)

>medically induced intersexuality

No. 284871

>but it doesn't mean that "normal" people should use their struggles.
This, jesus christ. I can't believe the audacity of all these trannies using intersex people as their shield. It's like anorectics trying to justify their unrealistic weight goals with people who have extreme metabolism and malabsorption issues.

No. 285082

Lol Africans already can't stand gays and the idea of abortion. You should have seen my family gone awol after Obama told countries, "no gays, no aid". The second they try and push this "trans" shit, don't be surprised if you hear in the news that these people get themselves killed in mission trips because of it.

No. 285084

The fact that they CONSIDERED choosing a MAN to the point of a 2ND interview is a fucking disappointment.

No. 285085

I love it when trannies equate their struggles to the civil rights as if it's the same fucking thing. If they said this in front of any black person they would be fucking slaughtered.

No. 285086

Lmao can you imagine?!

If some tranny assaulted me and wasn't charged for it, you bet your ass black men would finish the job.

No. 285098

There's a number of transwomen trying to barge into sororities too. Thank god everyone so far has been telling them to fuck off. God forbid if that happens, no even the frat boys will stand for it and I bet you the Greek system will fall all together.

No. 285101

Unfortunately, I live in a southern state that their medical schools have LGTB centers and they always focus on trans shit. It's getting worse.

No. 285104

Jfc, if this is happening in Brazil, imagine what's happening in countries where women are already treated as shit.

No. 285127

File: 1535168982707.jpeg (228.52 KB, 750x887, 460E5A24-8537-466A-BDC3-4921DD…)

Finally found this post I saw a while ago of a trans admitting to having been a chaser. For the uninitiated, “egg” is tranny slang for a “person who doesn’t know they’re trans yet”.

Also, to literally no one’s surprise, this person also posts on r/GoneWildTrans (Warning: NSFL).

No. 285147

Can't speak in behalf of other countries but regarding the shithole I live in, trannies are treated just as bad as us, but at least they know their place and aren't actively trying to appropriate our spaces (for now). If anything, some southern indigenous towns are slightly more tolerant towards feminine men.

No. 285155

Before I graduated in 2014, one of the houses on my campus publicly said they were accepting of anyone who identified as a woman. I don’t think my house followed suit, and never saw anything mentioned from the National HQ. l remember being weirded out by this, and I was still pretty deep in my libfem phase at the time.

No. 285167

I'd like to hear how the transgendered are received in any country period. I live in Finland and here you can apply for the state-funded SRS and HRT procedures BUT you have to go through therapy and doctors first. If you have any history with mental illnesses it's a lot harder to get the diagnosis. Before you can legally change your gender you need to take HRT until your own reproducing system shuts down.
>Tranny activists are screeching at this being "torturous, inhumane and humiliating" because they need those hormones and chest surgeries NOW with no evaluation or questioning, by god someone might find out they actually have severe mental issues that are causing this gender dysphoria!
>Tranny activists are also campaigning for the "new trans law" by portraying the current process as castration based on eugenics and how it's against the human rights when it's actually just taking hormones to pass better and you can stop any time, we've had our Thomas Beaties here. What they're aiming for is to be able to change your legal gender whenever you please and as many times as you want
>We have our share of nonbinary snowflakes and they've usually received the "indeterminable gender disorder" diagnosis (F64.8) that granted you access to HRT and surgeries. Recently the law was changed so that F64.8 doesn't allow you any treatments anymore because it was obvious so many young, self-loathing nonbinary girls were reaching for it and tranny activists are going nuts over screaming about it, it's hilarious
>Meanwhile most of the population doesn't give a shit and us being a traditionally very gender-equal culture usually reacts "Why can't you be a woman AND be masculine?" when some special snowflake is gloating about not "feeling like a woman" because she prefers pants over dresses

It's a wild ride, folks. Especially being located to Sweden which is completely out of whack with this stuff and observing how they're unironically pushing the retarded "third gender" bullshit.

No. 285174

Would it be OT to talk about drag queens in this thread? I feel like there's a lot of overlap between trannies and drag/drag culture and their general attitudes towards bio women.
I'm real sick of drag forcing its way into women's spaces to the point of anything feminine begin labelled as either being stolen from drag queens or done better by them. It makes me sick that women can't even wear OTT makeup or clothing without being labelled as a "bio queen".
I'm also fucking tired of their mysogyny being excused just because they're gay. They clearly despise women but nobody says anything about it because they "don't have the power to hurt us" like straight men do. Really gets under my skin when they claim that "love women" and talk about their mommies or random Hollywood sex symbols that they look up to. It's clear as day that they only love their mothers for narcissistic reasons, and the celebrities they "look up to" are always women who objectify themselves for the entertainment and sexual satisfaction of men. They don't see us as human, just walking sex toys that they wish they could be.

No. 285178

I honestly never got the point of drag queens or why anyone accepts it, isn't it basically just making fun of feminine men/gay men/blackface but of women/the idea of a man trying (and failing) to be a woman? isnt that insulting for literally everyone including trannies?

No. 285201

It's pretty similar in the Netherlands. I don't know if they need to undergo HRT before they can legally change their gender but they do need to be officially diagnosed with gender dysphoria and undergo therapy before they can get HRT and SRS funded. However the therapy often seems more like preparation for the transition than an attempt to lessen dysphoria without surgery or hormones.
>If you have any history with mental illnesses it's a lot harder to get the diagnosis.
Same here, which is why many people will conceal their mental health issues as much as possible. I've personally met one transwoman with very obvious cluster B and another who claimed to have multiple personalities and both had already legally transitioned at that point. If someone like me with only a minor background in psychology could tell there was something very mentally off about these people after only meeting them a few times, that means the professionals who okayed them for hormones and surgery must not have been looking very hard at all.

I don’t know how most of the population feels about it, but they mostly seem to be lumped in with gay people in a positive way. There’s a very “live and let live” attitude and if you let on that you’re skeptical about the whole thing people are quick to assume you’re a homophobe. It’s social suicide, especially for public figures and corporations. Nobody wants to consider that transactivism itself could be misogynistic or homophobic.

No. 285202

Can you elaborate on the state of the tranny hysteria in Sweden?

No. 285203

In Germany you have to go full time one year before you get hormones.

The trannies I saw irl were all flamboyant gay dudes with dresses on. Really loud and followed by a crowd of girls.

No. 285222

I think it's because VS is already dying as a company, they're probably on their tiptoes trying not to stir any scandal since now being ~transphobic~ is the worst thing you can do and troons are extremely entitled and vocal

Italy is pretty conservative so troons know their place and mostly work as prostitutes, and the state doesn't fund SRS and HRT as far as I know. I've come across some aggressive Italian trannies on the internet (the type that threatens to "choke you" on their "girldick") but never irl because they know they wouldn't see the light of the next day

No. 285226

No. 285227

Finnanon, Finnish doesn't have gendered pronouns right? I'm imagining Finnish troons being upset that that's not a thing they can reeee about

No. 285228

I’ve been tested and am XX although I have a congenital birth defect which affected my cervix, and I’m infertile. You’re not special, you’re maybe a little brainwashed tho

“PCOS is intersex” is such a dumb meme. But hey, I won’t resent women with PCOS claiming intersex if it gets some funding to study the syndrome and potential fixes, tbh. Bio-women’s health problems are understudied, underfunded, and often barely understood.

No. 285232

The more I think about it, transracialism is actually kind of similar to transgenderism. Think about koreaboos or weeaboos. These people reject their ethnic background and are obsessed with a foreign country and their people. Sometimes they even claim they're actually 1/16 Japanese or something. Weeaboos don't know what's it's actually like to be Japanese, all they know are stereotypes. They like to dress ridiculous, wear cheap kimonos when it's not really an appropriate occasion or cringy anime shit to the point it nearly looks like they're mocking the culture. When they meet Japanese people, they want to talk about animes/mangas and are surprised when they actually don't care about that shit. Maybe they even joke they're more Japanese than actual Japanese people because they love to do many stereotypical Japanese things and firmly reject Western stuff. But obviously, they don't know anything about what it's actually like to grow up in Japan. See the parallels?

Trans activists act like Rachel Dolezal was the only person to ever claim to be transracial and therefore it's a ridiculous idea. It is ridiculous, but so is transgenderism. Accept what you were born as, you can still appreciate other cultures or feminine/masculine things.

Dunno if anyone already drew a comparison between tranners and koreaboos/weeaboos, but I feel so clever right now y'all, lol.

No. 285234

The Rachel situation is what made me reach peak trans. Someone asked me what the is the diffeeence between being transgender and trans racial and I really couldn't come up with a good answer kek

I don't think I've ever met anyone who has been able to come up with a reason why it is different, they either get super made when you ask or they answer the question why it's something that isn't really an answer.

No. 285238

>Came up with a new gender-neutral pronoun
>Literally removed genders from state-owned daycare centers and are actively making "girls to act like boys and boys to act like girls". And I mean MAKE, not "encourage".
>Multiple progressive cases of families bringing up kids without ever referring to them as their natal gender, I've personally come across one of these as well
>Started paying monetary compensation to post-op transgender people who had been required to take HRT in the past to have their gender legally changed
These are only some of the examples I can come off the top of my head but you can easily google more. I should also mention the amount of trans kids in Sweden has recently doubled each year (source: https://www.rt.com/news/380973-swedish-children-change-gender/ )

Oh you'd think so. I'm glad the Finnish language has always only had one gender neutral pronoun to refer to the 3rd person so I don't have to deal with the pronoun crap. However they still ree about the same misgendering shit as other nationalities because naturally we still have words to refer to men and women. But it definitely saves my undercover TERF ass with libfem groups though because I don't have to bend over to refer to anyone by their "preferred pronouns".

Agreed. Anyone who think PCOS means intersex is retarded from head to toe but if research for a female disease gets funding for once I'll say whatever.

No. 285239

File: 1535212552718.png (50.69 KB, 625x452, 1520820095871.png)

We've been over it multiple times and it gets brought up in debates about transgenderism a lot but trans activists refuse to answer it. At least in better detail. Usually they just leave it at "t-that's totally different!" and change the subject. The only answer anyone's ever given was some loony troon who wrote this fever dream tier explanation while completely ignoring the points brought up about the oppression the whole female gender has been through since the biblical times.

No. 285246

I'm black and I feel like being transracial is actually more valid than being trans gender. A black person can be raised around white people and be exactly like them, since race has more to do with culture and upbringing, a person can feel "white", A white person raised in Japan can "feel" Japanese. A person can't really feel like a woman because it is purely biological. Wearing wigs and dresses doesn't mean one feels female. Both are retarded concepts but I think that being transracial makes more sense.

No. 285273

You're 100% right. The phrase "transracial" was supposed to refer to transracial adoptions and Rachel Dolezal fucked that up for a lot of people, vid semi related.

No. 285274

This has to be a fake news article. I refuse to believe otherwise.

No. 285295

File: 1535219778958.png (2.27 MB, 996x2502, whats drugs are you on.png)

If anyone can make sense of this gibberish that would be great

No. 285301

File: 1535220169272.png (987.31 KB, 887x807, mouncey.png)

Was the post you were replying to about Hannah Mouncey? I deleted it because I googled him after I posted the photo and the headline turned out to be incorrect. I'll post just the photo of him because that was horrifying enough by itself.

He's an Australian handball and Australian rules football player who wants to play in women's teams.

No. 285319

Here in Argentina you can legally change your gender ID no questions asked, get hormones and sex reassignment surgery paid by the state, no questions asked either. They're pulling this shit with children too. Meanwhile, abortion rights have been denied to women. Pretty funny.

No. 285324

>Meanwhile, abortion rights have been denied to women.
Holy shit. This reminds me of how in the UK women are murdered far more than transwomen yet people are still most concerned about m-muh trans people being killed on a regular basis. Imagine living in a world that values men in dresses more than natal women.

No. 285325

I hate this man so much.

No. 285330

There's still hope outside the ecochambers guys, just yesterday I saw a play based of a Brazilian feminist, the real one, poem and it was all about how oppression is based on biology, how dangerous it is to grow up as a woman and all of that.
I also notice how rad fems are much more present on the poorer parts of the cities, considering how the men are even worse there, so all is awful but not all is lost.

No. 285334

I live in Ireland, we have self ID here which is terrifying. I was deep in libfem limbo when the law was changed a few years ago and I thought it was great. Recently the law was further liberalized and I believe children under 16 can change now begin transitioning with parental permission.

We won't even have full access to abortion up to twelve weeks until next year. I guess trans shit takes precedence.

No. 285335

File: 1535224529573.png (69.74 KB, 420x294, MjAxMy1hYjY0MTZlZjA0YmQyODRm.p…)

Maybe it's wrong but if they're adults and able to make their own decisions, I think the faster they can go through with their surgeries and other procedures, the better. In 10 years we'll get a HUGE wave of regretful detransitioners, and they'll have no one to blame but themselves, and maybe that will be enough to discourage further transing. Also we'll have everybody else hitting peak trans. Because right now troons are getting confronted with real arguments, still going through with their bullshit and getting mad at everyone in the process. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. So let him stay thirsty until he caves in.

I think any logic or rationality is 100% lost at this point, and aside from few GC people, the only other people against transitioning are conservatives who are otherwise detrimental to women. So it's not worth fighting.

No. 285337

i don't think you can make this argument. it's not as if medical experts aren't either pushing the idea or validating the idea to these people. those same medical professionals are the ones telling parents their children will 100% kill themselves if you don't give them your money and let them mutilate your children. i know some troons act like shitty entitled assholes, but if medical pros hadn't been pushing so hard for this stuff it wouldn't have even been so prevalent. just who do you think is lobbying for this stuff?

No. 285353

I agree, but even protesting the big pharma now is dangerous. Peaceful protests of anything that could be remotely taken as anti-trans have turned violent, and unfortunately it's always the women who suffer. Radfem circles can't even publish their meetings at this point because they know they'll be raided by violent troons and symphatizers. I just really don't think it's worth it for women. Magdalen Berns got punched at an event, and she probably faces issues in daily life all the time. Idk man. I'd be worried for any openly GC woman.

No. 285393

I think it's very similar in France unless it changed since I learned about how officially transitioning works in France (so a few years ago). I've seen trans people and their supporters screeching about trivial things because that's what they love to do, but that way I learned that supposedly in order to transition patients won't be able to choose their own doctors and will be assigned one one way or another, which is different from pretty much anything since in other cases you can choose your own doctors, therapists and psychologists for other treatments or needs. The point of transitioning is to do something for the dysphoria that patients suffer from so it's reimbursed by healthcare, but iirc plastic surgery can be reimbursed as well if the patients can prove that they suffer from dysphoria or anything similar so at least it's fair in a way.

No. 285438

anyone hear about thw huniepop scandal?they put a tranny in the game and men didnt like it and trannys are pissed. funny how they dont try to threaten men for not wanting to fuck them.


No. 285495

At this point that's how I feel about it too, make surgeries and hormones elective, don't cover them with insurance if they're for the purpose of transition. Incentivize therapy over transitioning but let any dumbfuck who really thinks they NEED to transition and can afford it go ahead and do it. There's no reasoning with them until it's too late in most cases, let them learn their lesson the hard way.

No. 285518


fucking sick of this dude. be wary if you're on tinder in melbourne, he came up on mine

No. 285576

File: 1535280301418.png (1.81 MB, 643x3415, rapist gets priority.png)

I spent 3 years trying to get-and refused help from the nhs for pcos because they were "underfunded" but apparently they can afford to give scum like this sex change operations?

My country is a fucking joke.

No. 285595

>I guess trans shit takes precedence.
At the end of the day, men will always be more important than us. Even if those men are "identifying" as women.

No. 285608


This attitude is what kills me the most about these transtrenders. I've never been an ultra feminine woman, however I have had periods for 17 years, gone through puberty, carried and birthed a baby. No amount of fake tits, hormones or neovaginas can compete with that.

No. 285611


Well plenty of trans people also have to self-medicate because of NHS being understaffed, kinda ironic that GC people were the ones who closed down the store which sold them in the UK because same medications are used for PCOS http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5642617/Cowboy-chemists-selling-DIY-trans-pills-teenagers-online.html

No. 285631

no, one medication is used for PCOS and it's only for side effect management, and people shouldn't be going on spironolactone unchecked. PCOS is a metabolic condition and it's better treated with glucophage. get out, tranny. anyone advocating for trannies going on spiro at the levels they need to without medical supervision are fully fucking retarded.

No. 285634

They also sold other medications and they specifically had a section for PCOS and menopause.

No. 285651

and? the solution is to allocate more funds for the NHS, not let people start self-medicating all willy-nilly.

No. 285654

File: 1535306875801.jpg (179.38 KB, 720x1230, tumblr_pdvousoZBL1xyii1bo1_128…)


what the fuck how is this man able to leave his house looking like THAT

No. 285665

File: 1535311442863.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

>I'm a gentle lesbian trans girl
>I love being vulnerable

No. 285708

File: 1535317671582.jpeg (92.97 KB, 500x333, 4E9C38B7-684B-4ACC-BF44-C74B5D…)

I recently watched that South Park episode from 2005 (Mr Garrison’s Fancy Vagina) and it’s hilarious how on the nose they were. They pretty much predicted TiM’s perfectly.

No. 285710

they probably knew some TIMs kek

No. 285814

You can 'feel' and 'think' white all you want. But society will not treat you as white. Get that through your thick skull.

No. 285815

No. 285820

Get better at reading comprehension. That's all I'm going to say to you kek

No. 285821

they're both bullshit but i agree because the lines between races are far more of a social construct than the lines between the sexes. it's still bullshit because the black person raised around white people is still going to have different experiences than a white person raised around white people, but the way we divide up races is a mishmash of physical features, country of origin, and genetic type, and there's a lot of weird gray areas and inconsistencies about who is considered what race. it's not as rooted in biological fact as sex is, so it's funny that feeling like a woman is much more acceptable to say than saying you feel like a different race.

No. 285839

Isn't that what transracial used to mean? Like an Asian person who is adopted by a white family who might then identify more with "white" culture?

No. 285926

File: 1535376875914.jpg (246.53 KB, 729x1500, >a girl.jpg)

No. 285927

File: 1535376964209.png (63.89 KB, 1106x243, youtube.PNG)

Seeing the amount of upvotes on this comment warmed my heart. Granted, the comment isn't full-on GC yet, but seeing how many women are starting to voice their opinions on stuff troons preach instead of idly sitting by gives me hope.

No. 285929


>I just epilated the facial hair that's still growing on my face, because I can't afford any more laser for the moment. I do it every week and it fucking hurts. I'm sick of both the physical and psychological suffering I have to go through to feel good in my body. I feel so much anger because of the unfairness transgender people have to experience in their lives. I hate the way my body grows hair everywhere. I'm sick of the constant fighting with my body. I feel like I want to get revenge for all the things a transgender person has to go through, but there's no one to blame, and it makes me feel helpless.

>I feel like I want to get revenge for all the things a transgender person has to go through, but there's no one to blame, and it makes me feel helpless.

lmao i bet he lives in his mum's basement what a fucking child

No. 285942

>there's no one to blame
Who wants to bet that despite acknowledging this, he’s going to lash out at women anyway?

No. 285949

>i love being a girl!
surefire way to spot someone who isnt a girl

No. 285951

But anon we get to wear thigh highs and make-up and sparkles, and we get to be cute (unless we're jealous ugly terfs, that is)! Also BOOBS OMG!!! Tehehe~~

No. 285954

File: 1535383910741.png (106.74 KB, 1234x520, Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 11.3…)

Might be a reach but seems like he's already making peace. That was quick.

No. 285956

Does anyone else think he probably shitposts anonymously to some board about how much he's conflicted about transitioning? Being in the public eye like this probably put more pressure on him to continue transitioning than trying to come to terms with himself when he finally hit puberty.

No. 285960

File: 1535385758721.jpg (24.24 KB, 401x247, 787.JPG)

So many "transitions" can be linked to pedophilia.

No. 285963

Let's be real, how is wanting to look 17 pedophilia? Most beauty is about wanting to look younger, usually around the 18-20 mark.

No. 285965

Gigi Gorgeous just made a video about "transgender pregnancy" which is actually about him and his sad wife deciding to do gamete freezing…aaand he admits he hasn't gone through SRS yet and still has a penis.

If you watch the video, you realize it's not so much about pregnancy but more about him lowkey bragging about how their doctor thought he was the woman who is going to freeze her eggs and was surprised to find out he's actually male.

Also what did his sad wife see in a man with a bimbo fetish?

No. 285966

when the regret hits

No. 285972

Nats is a kid who has grown up around money and has unlimited access to it. I get the vibe she's a dyke with daddy issues and a drug problem and wants a crazy different persona so she's marrying a tranny. Everything she does reeks of tryhard and I can see the whole thing of her wanting to own a trans commodity as a novelty.

No. 285995

I was thinking about troons and statistics, will this have a direct impact on our lives? Surely statistics like that are used to help make decisions in places like the court. I think it's especially problematic if you take into account the trend of using ai to support decisions in these fields… Could troons blowing up the stats for violent crimes lead to less leniency toward women criminals?

No. 286000

not really. do you know what most 17 yos look like? they're not hot baby adults. most 17 yos don't look great. they're awkward and not all that matured – that is, gangly, weirdly proportioned, with acne, etc.

this idea of '17 year olds' is all media bullshit. '17 yr olds' represented by attractive 24 yos have tainted everyones idea of what average teens look like

No. 286018

Does he know women have body hair too and must remove it if they want? Does he think we are all just hairless beings?

No. 286027

File: 1535393930861.jpg (26.54 KB, 500x162, its all about you.jpg)

No. 286036

>He thinks that a rapist getting cosmetic surgery is fine, but that women who have dibilitating pcos should just suffer
I can see why your movement is losing more and more supporters by the day, you're a bunch of narcissists

No. 286194

I've been noticing more and more lately that trannies don't even note that they're obviously MtF.
I was just browsing r/cuddlebuddies and then bumped into a post where it says [F4M] but the poster is clearly a tranny from the pic he posted.


As I said, it's not the first time it happened, and I hate how on lesbian forums, chats, subreddits and so on, they've been doing the same shit.
At least before they would note that they were mtf but now they don't even do that anymore.

No. 286207

File: 1535406797045.jpeg (93.24 KB, 2048x1365, 0BDE53EA-D65D-4F70-BA17-30B736…)

What a cute anime trap uwu better than a real girl teehee ~

No. 286264


No. 286276

That doesn't look like a troon to me

No. 286281

Doesn't look MtF to me either. I can't tell if you're trolling…

No. 286282

Aw anon I don’t think that’s a troon. Also her post history is kind of sad.. But I do know that I’ve been seeing more and more troons invading female-oriented subreddits, r/makeupaddiction for example, and they stand out like a sore thumb and yet no one says anything.

No. 286285

>Also her post history is kind of sad..
Haha yeah, I was browsing it and feeling sorry for her too.

No. 286322

Get better at reading anon's shit. They still said transracialism could be valid. I disagreed.


Fucking poltards

No. 286326

Nta but kek isn't a /pol/ thing, retard. How new are you?

No. 286356

Omg that is sad :( now she got posted on here and called a tranny…

No. 286360

She kind of looks like an adult version of JoJo Siwa. Also, wearing chokers and having a high hairline doesn't make someone trans, anon.

No. 286481

OP here, now that I've seen other pictures of her, she doesn't look like a tranny, sorry.
I swear the first pic looked uncanny.
Sorry. Can I request to delete my post?
I honestly feel like shit for doing this.

No. 286521

File: 1535456501835.png (193.22 KB, 365x470, pol.png)


kek isn't just a /pol/ thing newfag

No. 286753

File: 1535486998881.png (2.58 MB, 1632x1486, Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 21.0…)

> r/makeupaddiction for example, and they stand out like a sore thumb and yet no one says anything.
Like this guy who has such an unfortunate face I actually feel sorry for him.

No. 286756

Lmao how many handmaidens were calling him brave in the comments? He looks like he could be Social Repose's perverted uncle

No. 286761

Someone got downvoted for asking how long he was on estrogen, because they shouldn't "assume" that he's trans. Like who are you kidding?

No. 286773

Social Repose

No. 286774

File: 1535490108110.jpg (133.49 KB, 1920x1080, 960c92a3bb82ef6a037828f7bd3787…)


No. 286810

It seems like every time I look at that sub there's a troon being upvoted to the heavens for the most mediocre makeup.

"GwenCD" lmao, this fucking crossdresser isn't even attempting to hide that this just a kink to him.

No. 286839

File: 1535494516283.jpg (90.95 KB, 500x571, tumblr_p86laiP6mE1uenx2io3_500…)

>When a tranny unintentionally outs themselves as AGP
Top kek.

No. 286853

Lol ok then? Where does it come from?

No. 286854

TIL men don't gossip and have a chip implanted that keeps them from wearing makeup, crying at the movies, feeling hot, using sex toys and wearing dreses. It's a mystery how so many male YT make up people haven't exploded yet.

It's really just men who watched some teen movies about girl relationships and a) believe that's the way it is and b) want to have it.

No. 286857

If only you could google. It's from the Korean ㅋㅋㅋ (kekeke, hahaha). Has nothing to do with pol.

No. 286859

I thought it was from WoW and that's why it's popular with channers.

No. 286866

I'm all for criticizing delusional troons, but there's nothing biological stopping men from wearing makeup and all that shit lmao. iirc it was the norm in some past cultures. And men CERTAINLY gossip. Test does reduce crying, though.
Were you being sarcastic..?

No. 286873

Completely agree with the larger text. Female "identity" is bullshit. The idea that troons "are" women because of "identity" is an ego delusion. Not only because they're male, but because the human mind is not fixed and one-dimensional. No matter how big a part of your life an idea or trait is, it's not "you." Troons are simply men who enjoy their (often warped and out of touch) idea of femininity and want an appearance and personality that reflects that idea.

No. 286882

Pretty sure it's both of these, more so the latter.


No. 286883

It is lol. And sure people on /pol/ say it but so does everyone else, so I don't know why farmers (newfags) keep being so confused about it.

No. 286885

Does the "feminist and trans theorist" actually identify as trans anymore? The text calls her "she", but the quoted part sounds like someone who did, and then realised they weren't a woman, but a man in love with a fantasy.


Either way, it's completely accurate and you can see it in how they post on reddit subs and such. There's always an undertone of fetishisation of a "female experience" as opposed to someone just living their lives. And I don't understand why other woman play along.

No. 286890

I was being sarcastic. I thought the "they have a chip implanted" would show that kek

No. 286891

>2011 or 2012
>Height of le me le does le le le faggotry
>4chan mocks reddit by using "lel" instead of lol
>L and K are right next to each other, people accidentally post kek a few times and that leads to other variations of lol such as geg jej bur rer etc
>SRS is accused of raiding /q/ with "delet /pol/" threads
>m00t makes [s4s] as a joke
>[s4s] posts lel and variations thereof like it's going out of style
>kek catches on
-t. watched it happen

Protip: It isn't

No. 286934


Lmao why would so many people be copying off of a language quirk most of the world doesn’t even know exists.

No. 286945

They don't exist in my country.

No. 286946

and people were calling me dumb. Ok.

No. 286947

nta but you are dumb, newfag. stop derailing.

No. 286964

I thought it was from WoW

No. 286975

>worrying about appearing like you're from /pol/ on a chan board


No. 286978

/pol/ is hot garbage

No. 286984

it literally is from WoW

No. 287033

File: 1535537573843.png (656.39 KB, 1440x2521, Screenshot_20180829-120845~2.p…)

Wasn't sure if I should have posted this in the male hate thread or here…

No. 287034

File: 1535537604188.png (191.82 KB, 1409x831, Screenshot_20180829-120908~2.p…)

No. 287037

File: 1535537854308.png (315.26 KB, 1440x1380, Screenshot_20180829-120914~2.p…)

Really needed some deep hard hitting philosophical musing from someone like this.

No. 287038

File: 1535537870218.jpeg (64.12 KB, 640x640, main-raw-117182299-atfapnsdjfg…)

No. 287045

Well he thinks the opposite of what trans activists think

No. 287046


That one looks so much like my abusive ex I had to do a double take.

He's not transed himself yet but he's on the way, I give it about two years. I doubt he would manage to find a lipstick that matches the wig that nicely though.

No. 287102

How much do you want to bet that because he's "transgender" and useless that he's projecting that uselessness onto women?
Don't even get me started on that bioessentialist argument. Ignoring the fact that women have and can make contributions to humanity, do they not realize that things can change? That we're constantly evolving? Even if women in the past achieved NOTHING (blatantly false), we have the capacity to change and achieve things now.
Also nice ignoring the abuse men put women through for generations because we're physically weaker and had to put up with it to care for the children.

No. 287210

File: 1535550812893.png (47.6 KB, 841x569, tranceltears.png)

Over the last few months, I've noticed an increasing amount of egg-hatching on r/inceltears, esp in the advice stickies which is pretty fucked. Here's a recent example. That "queercel" is a frequent poster and of course he hates ~terves~ and sucks Contra's clitty.


No. 287411

Anyone here think the T in LGBT was really the Trojan horse. They claim to be women to enter into female spaces, trying to change the bio vocabulary, the topic of discussion regarding male on women violence, everything. Then say if women want biowomen spaces, they're bigots. All this has to end sometime.. right?

>dont blame men for your woes!

Because all the abuse, rape and murders caused by men onto women over the millenia was really good for women /s Why are they SO set on pushing back women 50 years?

No. 287510

it ends when women stand up for what they want and are no longer afraid of the T. which is hard, because they are firing and abusing women for barely anything anti-trans these days

No. 287580

omg i totes forgot about that. dont you gals also just love how we cant open jars or lift empty boxes on our own so we have to femininely and womanly wait while men help us tee hee <3

No. 287581

lmao he looks like the villain in junji ito's "the model"

No. 287589

How dare you insult Fuchi like that.
It's fucking true holy shit.

No. 287606

About 50% (if not more) of trannies look like her tbh. Pretty telling

No. 287618

Why do men only apply the ~but nature~ argument to women but not men? He's going on about how men were built for hunting, but there is literally zero scientific argument that men are supposed to be educated and innovative while women stay at home with the children? If anything, shouldn't the primary care takers of children be educated because it's just simply fact that the more educated you are, the better it is for your child? This shit is so painfully retarded I can't even.

Also, can we bask in the irony of a man who lives like a woman lecturing feminists on how they should live because ~biology~? Could you imagine if someone used his own logic toward him? The delusion is so intense.

No. 287621

weird how in contrapoints' incels video he mentions /lgbt/ a lot, but doesn't bring up how fucking many people talk about being AGP and how they transitioned because of sissy and futa porn.

No. 287639

File: 1535582373527.jpeg (146.95 KB, 900x1200, DlyhSCqUYAEzg9Q.jpeg)

Zach is a pro-LoL player who crossdresses because he has a fetish on sissy boys (was proven on stream, can give you vod in case. He accidentally forgot to close sissy boy tumblr porn acc in his browser, someone told him to Google something and everyone saw that. Half of a year later, he starts dating a cosplayer who sells lewds on patreon, which caused him to start crossdressing easily. At first he streamed in cosplays,threw some photos and started running patreon too with low-q photoshopped pics. And this set has gone too far imo, before that he shooted in silly dresses and this…


No. 287648

File: 1535583654782.jpg (14.42 KB, 192x222, 1535574074091.jpg)

>tfw Bruce Jenner has been awarded as woman of the year after surgery
>Proves that men are even better at being women than actual women
>Meanwhile, women attempt suicide more often while men have a higher success rate
>Women can't even kill themselves properly
Imagine being cishet woman LMAO(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 287649

Imagine being so immature that you have to seek for ego-boost on anonymous boards. And instead of respecting opposite opinion, you throw wanna-be meme-y greentext. Jesus Christ.

No. 287652

don't respond to b8, that guy is probably the same inceloid tard reeing in the man-hate thread.

No. 287656

idk, is he saying he's a real girl? Because as long as guys accept it's just a fetish, whatever honestly. The problems start when they think they can speak on behalf of women.

No. 287665

File: 1535588261528.jpg (57.42 KB, 639x360, Kadin e Moore_1535382975156.jp…)

No. 287675

>she/her/"19 year old woman"
>that mugshot

No. Oregon better get its shit together soon

No. 287679

These trannies are going to skew criminal statistics.

Don't be surprised if stats in the near future say that there's an increase in "women" committing violence due to these creeps putting female on their birth certificate/license card. We are going to end up suffering if women stay quiet.

No. 287682

File: 1535591528864.jpg (64.94 KB, 800x793, DlX_OeeW0AEml4v.jpg)

Thought this maybe relevant not just for this thread but the site as it includes a few cows-david shitratt (who i only know of because he was featured on brits vid white knighting wigonhead and throwing a shitfit because some blonde alt righter didnt want his dick despite him saying he despises alt righters) posted this on his twitter and i looked the guy up-turns out hes getting dogpiled for taking rose mcgowans side against andi dier (a tranny pedo who has his own thread here) so according to these leftists you can't be a feminist unless you support trannies who harass abused women apparently.

No. 287702

File: 1535598164845.png (656.52 KB, 719x1280, w.png)

No. 287712

Thats what Im assuming too. Its going to be a talking point for TRAs whenever women speak up against male violence by screeching >"but women are violent too!!"
>uses mtf stats
Although I do have a feeling there will come a point when enough is enough and the trans-over-women nonsense will stop.

Pick. One.

>"becoming a woman is easy! I did it!"

How much do these guys seriously hate women to want to just make our entire existance just a phase

No. 287739

>"but women are violent too!!"
I’ve already encountered this. I’m in a hobby group with mostly women and one time we were discussing how 9 times out of 10 when a single guy joins the group it ends in drama involving sexual harassment and threats. The group is full of libfems who almost immediately jumped in to say that women can be just as bad, because remember Sylvia? Sylvia sexually harassed several members and made death threats and accused people of sexual assault and pedophilia when they tried to remove her from the comm! See, women can be just as bad as men! Or even worse!

Sylvia is, of course, a trans-identified man. But don’t you dare point that out, because “misgendering" a trans person makes you just as bad if not worse than Sylvia, who btw threatened to show up to someone’s house with a gun and kill their pets.

No. 287745

File: 1535617515661.png (352.53 KB, 800x1190, Screenshot_2018-08-30-01-20-05…)


Brown caved and removed the study.

Full statement here


Quoted from the article that was removed on KF:

Rapid-onset gender dysphoria might spread through groups of friends and may be a harmful coping mechanism, a new study suggests, but more research is needed.

The pattern of clusters of teens in friend groups becoming transgender-identified, the group dynamics of these friend groups and the types of advice viewed online led her to the hypothesis that friends and online sources could spread certain beliefs.

Examples include the belief that non-specific symptoms such as feeling uncomfortable in their own skins or feeling like they don’t fit in— which could be a part of normal puberty or associated with trauma — should be perceived as gender dysphoria; the belief that the only path to happiness is transition; and the belief that anyone who disagrees with the teen is transphobic and should be cut out of their life.

No. 287746

No. 287748


Graham Linehan promotes a lot of gender critical feminist perspectives on his twitter. He gets dog's abuse for it but it doesn't seem to bother him much. His wife had to travel out of Ireland for an abortion in a case of foetal fatal abnormality so he has experience of what the oppression of actual women looks like. He's a babe, one of the few public figures to take a stand against the 'woman is just an undefinable feeling' bullshit

No. 287751


We, the undersigned, are writing in support of Dr. Lisa Littman of Brown University and her study on the topic of rapid onset gender dysphoria (ROGD).


No. 287753

File: 1535618541379.png (646.94 KB, 800x901, Screenshot_2018-08-30-01-32-08…)

The graffiti on the right appeared the night of a Let a Woman Speak (@let_woman) meeting to discuss the possible effects of self-ID on women's rights in Devonport in Plymouth.

No. 287754

File: 1535618570571.png (267.39 KB, 800x748, Screenshot_2018-08-30-01-36-18…)

No. 287755

File: 1535618597219.png (355.88 KB, 800x789, Screenshot_2018-08-30-01-35-09…)

No. 287781

So I've got a person in my circle who has aspegers or is autistic. And thing is, in May he decided to become a transgender which was forced by his attention-seeking soul and other trannie that earlier brainwashed a suicidal fetishist to become a girl. And somehow I would love to at least try to reach out to him so he wouldn't destroy his life with being a wannabe woman completely. He's saying he's bi, but im fact, he is a gay man and the only 'woman' he had a crush on was this trannie. I think of somehow teaching out to him from some fake gay man personality, or something. I clearly don't ib what to do.

No. 287782

*don't know
My bad

No. 287793

Don't waste your time on him, you deserve better

No. 287852

He basically says he transitioned because of a sissy fetish in his AGP video.

Didn't he used to get criticised for being too "SJW"?


No. 287870

File: 1535649075126.jpg (46.16 KB, 680x636, 041.jpg)

remember that troon that told Homer Hickam "suck my dick and balls I'm working at NASA"?

No. 287871

File: 1535649159481.png (470.24 KB, 635x556, 047.png)

I found another one of "her" accounts and it's legit because it was created before the professional fuckup

No. 287876

ot, but the anarchist symbol is such a dumb thing and seems like a throw-in to anything nowadays.

No. 287877

>mtf furry gets job at NASA and tells Homer Hickam to suck his dick and balls
This is surreal. Overused joke, but we are in the cursed timeline.

No. 287944

No. 287975

She's not talking about dating him, just about saving him from troon propaganda and delusions.

No. 288002

File: 1535665858342.jpg (26.66 KB, 520x390, chall.jpg)

The father and election agent of Aimee Challenor, a trans Green Party activist who was running for Deputy Leader, was found guilty of raping and torturing a ten year old girl. Aimee had him hired after he was charged. He was working for the Green Party with the charges of child rape pending. He worked for Girl Guides too under the name 'Balloo Challenor'. He also apparently dressed up as a little girl and called himself Lucy while he was subjecting his child victim to her ordeal.

Oh he also set up 'terfblocker' with his son, who bragged about blocking over 50,000 women who were concerned about gender Self-ID.

Everyone is up in arms about this obviously, but the Greens have ignored all safe-guarding criticisms, their disregard for the victim's suffering (they called the rape of a 10 year old girl by a 50 year old 'gender based violence) and dismissed it all as transphobia and made it all about poor wallflower Aimee - who clearly hasn't done ANYTHING wrong.

I feel sick that I ever gave them a vote.

No. 288004

Sage for double post, but the Green Party's offical local branch HQ in Coventry in the last election was the Challenor household, where David Challenor raped this child.

No. 288005

The place "Aimee" Challenor shared with his father was tiny. I find it really hard to believe he didn't hear anything. It's almost impossible not to you in those types of English "houses", holy shit. Both these cunts need to die. 22 years out in 12 for what he did is pathetic.

No. 288007

Here was me thinking the Green party were the good guys. Awful.

No. 288072

and being raised with a father like that, honestly, i think it's almost impossible for his sons to not be similarly evil/fucked up.

No. 288133

File: 1535684307467.jpg (206.57 KB, 1267x690, oh ffs.jpg)

Who knew the church of satan were so easily triggered?

Also like transactivists they make up shit about whats being presented, and none of this makes sense.

No. 288147

And i bet he got in by saying "I'm a girl"

No. 288163

Heh, while it's true that the traditional imagery of baphomet is androgynous, what the fuck does that even have to do with trans people? The symbolism has spiritual signifance which has little to do with material reality.

No. 288171

Well exactly. But they still decided to get triggered over it, and their reply makes no sense. But I guess they want in the transactivist club or something?

No. 288188

it's misogynist if anything. not like the original image was supposed to be a male tranny with bolt ons.

No. 288246

>it's misogynist if anything
This. The removal of female features is erasing the female side which is anti-female, that should be what they're concerned about. If it's meant to be both male and female then saying it's "trans" is implying that it's either male or female and transitioning to something else. Of course, I'm sure whoever is running the church's Twitter is implying that it's a male-to-female trans person because they're so much more important, as biological men are far more important than biological women, right?

No. 288251

File: 1535713249948.png (198.2 KB, 1502x798, -.png)


>I'm a 15 year old trans guy and an exactly 5 months on T today.

>I bugged my father until he called, and they do now, as of last year.
Seriously? You can't even call your insurance on your own to ask something simple like if they cover XY on your plan and have to "bug your father" until he does it for you?
>So, there's still a ton of appointments, getting recommendations for surgeons, prior authorization, etc.
>But chances are, name change around the new year, and top surgery early this summer.
What the fuck? This girl is on testosterone since 5 months. Why is this so easy?

Looked at her post history and found this post:
>Have you ever tried to kill yourself?
>Yes. I was 11 and in a awful mental hospital, the first of many. Enough said.

A 15-year-old girl with history of mental illness has no issues getting a testosterone prescription and a mastectomy paid by her insurance. This is sad. She's going to fuck her life up.

No. 288256

More and more professionals seem to think that gender dysphoria is a cause of childhood depression rather than a symptom and that transitioning is a legitimate treatment. In ten or twenty years there will probably be a bunch of lawsuits against these physicians by detransitioning people who were sterilised and operated on as children.

I’m so glad I went through puberty last decade rather than now, because I definitely hated my developing female body and would probably have been very susceptible to trans propaganda.

No. 288257

Lmao, this is a great story anon

No. 288263


The statue was created by The Satanic Temple in protest of exclusively Christian monuments being erected at places of government.


No. 288264

Holy shit this is interesting. I'm trying to find where it begins on his Twitter and it's been going on for ages. I'll try to post some interesting screenshots if I come across any. Nice to see someone so well known and from my own country standing up to this shit for women.

No. 288275

That OP pic killed me because it's so accurate. I'm a gay woman and imagine trying to explain that trans people are erasing gay identity, on top of stomping over women's rights. They're always objectifying women, while also being disgusted by the vagina and real biological female parts.

There needs to be a line between women and transwoman. Most of which i think is a combo of mental illness and societal pressure to fit in.

No. 288276

File: 1535718049460.gif (566.57 KB, 295x207, 1515562508873.gif)

>baphomet is transphobic

Now i've fucking heard it all

No. 288315

File: 1535723933200.jpg (105.33 KB, 640x1138, cursed image.jpg)

No. 288327

I remember being the same age and wanting to be a boy. Then the phase was over and I went back to my usual self.
I can only shudder at the thought of someone in a position of power agreeing to the old me transitioning and fucking up my body forever. It's ethically wrong

No. 288365


>She started the visit, and at the last second before a question the doctor apparently (she told me) saw the "M" on my record. She got confused and immediately asked what my pronouns are. she was shocked and told me she was about to ask if i was pregnant.

>The office manager had me call my insurance and verify my sex marker with them, then changed it in the system to the "F" that i of course have on file.

>Now my online medical profile has an urgent warning about how i'm overdue for a pap smear.

What? How is it a good, reasonable decision to change his sex on his medical files if the system now assumes he has the same health concerns/organs as a woman? I wonder if this creates problems with coverage too since insurances probably will be confused as a hell why a "woman" would need prostate exams.

No. 288370

oh my GOD, could they sound any creepier???

No. 288386

>He accidentally forgot to close sissy boy tumblr porn acc in his browser, someone told him to Google something and everyone saw that.
HAHAHA that's hilarious. Do you have the video?

No. 288402

File: 1535740540541.png (758.48 KB, 1016x1080, file.png)

"No-one will be questioned at the entrance," Ms Knyckare said, when questioned on how organisers were going to stop men getting in.

>No-one will be questioned at the entrance

>No-one will be questioned at the entrance
>No-one will be questioned at the entrance

No. 288418

Right? I feel like as a country we were so backward for so long that people feel they have to overcompensate with performative libfem bullshit. I can't think of any other public figures from here who've spoken out about this.

No. 288427


i guess that means clearly everyone who goes is not cis. how validating. seriously though are they just expecting men to mind their manners and not attend?

No. 288472

Wait, that was a furry trans? Media kept calling it "she", I never suspected. The stupid avatar and massive sperging out makes more sense now. These people can't keep a low profile.

No. 288477

How is this going to solve anything? Sweden really is just burning itself to the ground at this point.

No. 288478

I guess so. they also thought giving women 'anti-rape' bracelets would work against the mass refugee crisis and incidents..

No. 288532

how were the bracelets supposed to work? what even

No. 288549

Swedish people are absolute fucking idiots and honestly think women wearing a rubber bracelet will legit repel rapists… It's insane. It makes me feel really sorry for the women (it's always the women who suffer) that have to deal with invasions from men spewing into the country with no regard for .. NOT RAPING PEOPLE.

I don't know how much better anything is there, but sweden has been a mess for years.

No. 288575

Sage for ot but whats the difference between the church of satan and the satanic temple? Also do they dislike each other or something?

No. 288587

I'm still new to understanding TERFs and being gender critical but I've really learned quite a bit so far.

Anyway, I have an online acquaintance who basically identified as male until he started becoming a regular anime watcher. Now he's into transitioning and visits those transgender meme subreddits regularly. This doesn't seem to be an isolated case and it's so weird that so many MtFs wanna transition because of anime–which often fetishizes/degrades their identities. I honestly hope he'll be okay because he's still a teen and has expressed distress since he may never be able to pass (he's 6'4" with a broad frame).

No. 288592


inb4 someone says "rapefugee"

No. 288599

It's definitely not an isolated case. The same way FTM want to transition because they're obsessed with yaoi bullshit, a lot of MTF want to become 'women' because they think dressing sexy and being slutty is going to get them places.

I have a friend i used to hang out with at anime cons (5 years in a row) and this year he's suddenly changed his fb name to a woman's name and demands everyone calls him that name. It came out of nowhere. he was just a kinda femme emo dude, but now he's going full tr00n and i have no idea what to do. I feel more sorry for his brother and father who are really confused.

I honestly feel like all trans people just fetisized women/men and the ideals they have, not who they are for real.

No. 288601

sorry for samefagging, but he was openly gay since he was a teen, but suddenly (almost 30 years old) he wants to become a woman. what is up with that formula and trannies?

No. 288670

>Be rejected by the gender you sexually prefer for years because only like 3-5% of the population is gay and the dating pool is awfully small
>Get hated on by your peers and/or family for your homosexuality
>Figure out that if you just became a girl you could still be attracted to men and date all the heteros of the world, and people wouldn't shit on you for being gay anymore as you'd just be a straight girl

No. 288718

File: 1535807071158.jpeg (140.43 KB, 750x726, FB79B692-EDBB-47D1-ADAD-319C3F…)

“I’m dying”

They want top surgery. It’s not for medical reasons, they just want to transition. Fuck this. I hate how easily people part with their money for these fools.

No. 288886

I found this video halriously ironic. In the past before the trans shit blown up, i would have agreed, but now its gotten to this point where all this troons shit/genederspeacial/made up oreinations is getting so out of hand that this video is pretty much preaching.

No. 288902

What's worse are the companies that cater to them. I heard starbucks is trying to update their employment policy to cover 'gender surgery.' like wtf… do that shit on your own dime. Whatever happened to saving up on your own??

No. 288905

Basically this!

No. 288922

i'm still on the tinfoil train that the government is only backing this to get rid of gay people, like in most other countries that do this.

No. 288926

No. 288929

I wouldnt be shocked at all. It's basically what has been happening in thailand, vietnam and a lot of middle eastern countries for a while now. they'd have have their son be a tranny than a gay man. it's vile

No. 288930

jfc, there's no spectrum in biological sex!! You are either male, female or (very rarely) intersex.

Why do these crazy people want to push gender roles so badly when women have been trying to get rid of them since the 1960s?

No. 288934

Maybe in the south, but most trannies are straight people now.

No. 289138

to men being into dresses/girly shit at all is the same as being gay. toxic masculinity is a hell of drug. it rarely matters if the guy is into women, i doubt government baby boomers even consider that.

No. 289191


>Nonbinary SRS With Heidi Wittenberg? [NSFW]

>I saw that Dr. Wittenberg does SRS with options to preserve (some) existing anatomy (such as vaginoplasty while leaving the penis or phalloplasty while leaving the vagina). Has anybody had experience with these options? Were they worth it? Are you willing to share pics?
>I'm considering going to her for SRS if I decide I don't want to lose my penis, but I'd like to know if anybody else has taken that option.


No. 289196

>I’m so glad I went through puberty last decade rather than now, because I definitely hated my developing female body and would probably have been very susceptible to trans propaganda.

Christ, same. I hated my body, I hated the changes during puberty, I hated my period, I hated my long hair that became greasy easily and I hated having sore boobs all the time. But lo and behold, I went through a tomboy period for a year or two and now I'm a perfectly happy woman. I was dumb and impressionable and I'm pretty sure had I been going through puberty in this age I would've been sucked into the transtrend. It's terrifying to think about.

What's the point? If it's around your friends asking them to "respecc ur pronouns uwu" for comfort or whatever I get it, but dragging this shit into your medical records where biology rules all makes no sense.

Troons always love asking people for donations for "muh name change" "muh SRS". None of them are going to die from not having it, Jesus, what entitlement. Gofundme is full of this trash now.

No. 289216

It really is terrifying. I LOATHED the fact that I was growing boobs so much that I wore a sports bra to flatten them out exclusively throughout middle school.
I cried for days when I got my period.
It’s crazy to think how fast this all happened tbh, I’m only 21 and they would have transed me nowadays.
I’ve never even questioned my gender, I just didn’t like certain things. I think I just didn’t like that I was growing up and was embarrassed by puberty, I wonder how many kids have been permanently fucked for the same reason

No. 289230

So they're literally trying to be hermaphrodites now? What the actual fuck. Wouldn't wanting to keep your penis be enough of a clue that you shouldn't mutilate your genitals?
I don't understand how these freaks are this dense.

No. 289241

And this dude wants this operation be covered by his insurance. These people are so entitled. Why the fuck should other people pay for his weird-ass fetish?

No. 289341

Alternatively hearing the Starbucks thing makes me believe even more in the Big Pharma theory. Organizations specialized on transgenderism have an unimaginable amount of money flowing into their pockets and of course any organization offering SRS is going to lobby companies into accepting surgeries and hormone treatment into their health plans. The more people you have paying $40-$80,000 in surgeries and a lifetime supply of hormones, the more money you get. In the end any scheme is always about money and power.

I remember recently watching a short documentary about trans kids and it had this 13-year old girl claiming to be a transboy literally saying that she was always told she couldn't be female because she was such a tomboy and her mother was AGGRESSIVELY pushing this narrative. Like holy shit does nobody realize what's going on in here?

No. 289364

So they basically want to be like the futas that have dick AND vag. So this is reality now…

No. 289401

see, i wouldn't be so pissed at all this craziness if womans needs were actually covered, but they're not. and of course people are buying into this. men see this two ways.

for TiMs
>you're a man of course you can do what you want!
for TiFs
>you're a woman, of course you want to be a man!

it's all just standard issue toxic masculinity of men looking out for other men and men praising women for implying that men are better. the issue is that shitty SJWs and libfems don't seem to remember the actual issues that men cause and are more worried about "microagressions" like peeing standing up. and they think that their pwecious TiM flowers are on their side because they are obviously all sweet little cinnamon buns!

of course there's no way those types of can actually see what damage men do, they're not the main victims of men. this trans narrative bs is being pushed by the same women who think that the worst thing a man can do to control your autonomy is calling you honey.

No. 289413

File: 1535910640583.jpg (75.18 KB, 454x665, jeffeny the killer.jpg)

No. 289417

isn't that the one who got arrested for cp and grooming underage teens on tumblr? sakura?

No. 289421

yes, peep the picasso eyes: how the eyes are on totally separate planes.

No. 289446

jesus. i would've been a sex-repulsed ace fujo anorexic mentally ill gay transboy.
all because i found growing into a woman embarrassing, had some problems in my home life, and hadn't fully developed my sexuality yet (obviously).

i feel for these kids because no one at that age likes to hear "it's just a phase" about anything. even if it's almost always true, they hear it as "i know you better than you know yourself. everything that's important to you won't matter in a few years so you might as well not feel strongly about anything" so ofc they double down.
there has to be a better way to protect them from this bs.

yeah see, i think the government/surgery and pharm industry/PIC don't care about getting rid of gay people, it's all money for them, but the way to convince the general populace is by tapping into their latent homophobia and fear of having a gay son. the motivations need to work together.

No. 289552

File: 1535921973898.jpg (8.87 KB, 200x200, amber.jpg)

what the fuck is wrong with these brony/furry freaks?

You're an autistic white male who plays a lot of computer games and masturbates to My Little Pony.

You are not a fucking hate crime victim.

the fuck


What the fuck is wrong with these snowflake shitty kids that nobody is willing to tell them they're not women, they're just very dirty boys?

No. 289565

any anons catch tlc's lost in transistion series? it's pretty sad. i feel sorry for almost every couple, especially troy and his wife.

No. 289611

lol this is just a guy with long hair

No. 289687

I watched this doc awhile ago and was totally horrified by it. This kid is so entitled and shitty to everyone around him and they all kiss his ass because they "can't understand his struggle".
At one point he becomes a prostitute, not because he's out of options but because he doesn't want to even try to get a normal job and doesn't want to live with his parents because they don't support him binge drinking and fucking guys. He's actually delusional enough to claim that he has sex with straight boys and that they "have no idea" that he's not a girl.
It's just depressing, it's clear as day that the kid needs discipline and structure, not hormones and surgery.
Worst still is that he seems to be continually struggling with his identity, he detransitioned and is now transitioning again. https://www.google.co.kr/amp/s/www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/hull-woman-ria-cooper-change-287001.amp

No. 289700

File: 1535939075101.jpg (49.17 KB, 1024x574, Amber-Jade Atkinson.jpg)

jesus christ

No. 289702

We seriously need to stop pandering to these mentally ill men. It's causing real women's rights to fall 100 years back in time. disgusting

No. 289706

This narcissist disgusts me.

No. 289708

File: 1535939870685.png (318.15 KB, 381x601, ugh.png)

Here's a full shot of the outfit he chose to wear on morning television.

No. 289709

there's a troon kicking up a fuss on a thread on /g/ about how everyone is biggots for not listening to his body image problems. like dude, no one can relate to going through male puberty and trying to negate those effects. wtf.

No. 289710

They're always LARPing women and dressed like hookers. he looks like a sports player.

No. 289715

Some women have gone through virilization from various chromosome/genetic disorders and plenty of women have "masculine" features that they feel bad about having. I was just giving context, but maybe it would have been better to just leave it out.

Also, I'm not calling you bigots for not listening to my body image problems, I'm calling you bigots for calling me an autogynephile and treating me like some kind of sex freak just because I'm trans. I thought people here might just be sane about trans issues and be against transtrender nonsense rather than openly hostile and nasty towards anyone who's trans regardless of life experiences or mental health.

No. 289717

males are not allowed, period. coming into this thread to defend yourself and trying to shame us into listening to you isn't helping your case at all. men are not welcome here. people who had penises at any point and time are not women and not welcome here.

No. 289718

samefag but for the record TiFs (female to males) are welcome here because they are infact women.

No. 289720

one person called you an agp and the others simply called you a male with a mental illness. lolcow is not a place where people with strongly held opinions hold their tongues about anything out of politeness. we regularly have cutthroat brawls about everything from dieting to plastic straws to kpop to kittens to eye color. if you reveal anything about yourself here, you need to be prepared that anyone with an opinion about it will tell you. if there are certain opinions you really don't want to hear, you just don't post about that topic. it's what i really like about this place.

No. 289721

The only sympathy I feel for you is that you live in a society that reinforces the idea that you should mutilate your body.

However, you need to be respectful of the fact that this site doesn't view males as women no matter how they mutilate themselves.

Females aren't just hormones and holes and I feel very sorry for you because people convinced you that they were.

No. 289722

You're welcome to stay on the site Imo, I'm not a mod but yeah don't flag up that you're trans because there's an active gender crit thread right on this page and people might associate you with LARPing adult men rather than a sort of socialised, female-living person as it sounds like you are. Generally we don't post identifiable info here

No. 289723

Being a woman with masculine features or an intersex condition isn't the same as being a man. This retarded logic that women are just the sum of their parts hurts women and trannies like you alike.

No. 289725

Tranny anon clearly is stalking the thread or site or something because he followed anon to this thread and started defending himself. It's almost sad how this just reinforces the fact that he's still a man, he can't deal with not being wanted or not getting his way. He has to resort to calling us biggots because he's butthurt we didn't accept him. It's so stereotypical of TiMs.

No. 289726

anon, you're in the gencrit thread. please fuck off.

No. 289728

get your shit opinion out of our thread anon. we don't need you in our thread derailing it to defend anyones fee-fees.

No. 289729

I actively read these threads because I hate the weird state of "trans activism" and transtrending.

No. 289730

>he actively reads gender crit threads
>still considers himself a woman
>still thinks we'd consider him a woman

so very "not like the other TiMs"!!! what a fucking joke.

No. 289733

are you seriously trying to assert that you read these threads regularly but still believe turning your body into a walking science experiment made you a woman? i cannot believe this level of delusion.

No. 289734

I got whiplash from seeing the /g conversation continued here and thought I was in a different thread. Personally I don't see any maleness in how they're posting. They're not telling us what's attractive. They're not talking about their dick. They're not talking down or over us. What's the problem? Personal life choice that doesn't affect us (as long as they don't actually mention it as I said)

No. 289735

get the fuck out of the thread and stop derailing unsaged to defend shitty trannies.

No. 289738

You don't need to sage in /ot, see all the above comments. Blind hate is bad. If they're not causing a problem there is no problem. The rules on this site state to not mention you are male. That's it. Most men come in here to derail and attack, this person hasn't done that. Anyway we are the ones derailing now so we should pretend it didn't happen and move on.(sage in /ot/)

No. 289739

he's literally pulling the "guy here" shit. if there wasnt any maleness in how he was posting, we wouldn't know he was male.

No. 289740

he's also trying to claim he's "not like the other trannies". i hope this handmaiden gets banned for derailing to defend her pwecious troon.

No. 289741

You don't see any maleness in coming here openly calling himself mtf? That's literally admitting being a man. We dont want any men here, let alone troons in the fucking gender critical thread. It's like incels thinking they belong in the man hate thread.

No. 289742

How new/retarded are you? If you didn't need to sage in /ot/, why would anons regularly get b& for it and necroing?

No. 289743

So we should encourage robots LARPing as us if they're not being completely autismal, too? No. This is a female only space. Pretty sure he shat up the Contrapoints thread earlier today, has been shitting up /g/, and now this. He might not be the worst ever, but all trannies that call themselves "women" and say they "live as women" harm us at the end of the day with their NPD, male entitlement, and insistence that we redefine reality AT ALL.

No. 289744

>you don't have to sage in /ot/

lmao okay

>the rule states not to mention you're male

i think by saying 'i'm a male tranny', he broke the rules anon.

No. 289745

I feel the same anon. I'm gender critical because I don't blindly accept the sjw gender agenda, and so I'm just as critical of people who take their terf beliefs to the extremes. I want to discuss and debate and come to my own conclusions.
However >>289715 is being a fucking idiot to out themselves on this thread and expect it not to get derailed, hopefully they learn from that

No. 289746

>The rule states not to mention you're male
that is exactly what he did.

No. 289748

Btw if you saw the /g thread they said they tried living as a gay man (=date men), which suggests they are not agp who usually date women

No. 289750

>implying AGP can't be gay
do you know anything about sissy shit? even most transbians just end up fucking eachother, which is gay.

No. 289751

lmao there's nothing "extreme" about telling a man that switching up hormones and holes doesn't make them a woman.

No. 289752

it doesn't even matter if they're gay or agp or not, they're not a woman. period.

No. 289754

don't take it so personally then. that's just how lolcow is.
if you call someone fat, you might be called ana, even if you've never had an eating disorder.
if you call someone ana, you might get called fat, even if you just have a healthy view of food.
if you post some anime, you might get called a weeb, even if you only like one anime.
if you're a feminist, you might get called a manhating femcel even if you're reasonable.
if you like men, you might get called a handmaiden even if you're still critical of abusive men.

Get it?

No. 289755

they should take it personally, they actually are a man. tranon just wanted people to say that he is a special and totes cute girl regardless!

No. 289756

troonon should fuck off to cc, there are more #girlslikehim over there.

No. 289757

the handmaiden should leave too unless they're just the same anon samefagging.

No. 289760

oh i know he's a man. i was more addressing his attitude of "i knew you guys were gendercrit but i'm not a sex pervert agp or a wacky transactivist!!! how could you say that!" like, no one wants to hear about how you're one of the reasonable ones. no one cares. if you really think you're one of the normal ones, be strong in that conviction. trying to convince everyone is just annoying.

No. 289765

if he has to say he's "not like the other troons" he probably isn't.

No. 289766

the ones who are legitimately not like most troons are the ones who respect female spaces and don't take biology as an insult

No. 289770

I'm just really embarrassed to be associated with them and I need to chill out and stop getting defensive.

No. 289774

but mtfs who do that don't exist. only a few ftms/fakebois who are close to detransitioning.

you need to get the fuck out of here, dude. you're making everyone except that one handmaiden un-fucking-comfortable. you'll be banned soon for pulling the "guy here" shit anyways.

No. 289777

Oh great, another woman only space invaded by a "transwoman." Keep doing it, it'll only motivate women and girls to experience peak trans and they'll be on our side because you lunatics have no arguments except emotional pleas. Go somewhere else.

No. 289779

Handmaiden pls go.

No. 289780

miranda yardley and that one cool, very eloquent, christian black MTF that passed away, i forgot his name. they're the only legit ones out there.

No. 289783


Don't come into women only spaces. You are not a woman. Don't take women accomplishments and call yourself a woman. Your existence is a mockery of us.

No. 289785

I hope you remember this when a tranny tries to bludgeons you to death in a gas station.

No. 289788

sorry anon, not to undercut your point, but reading anon's OP made me burst out laughing at the idea that they'll be lying bloodied and thinking that maybe they should sage in /ot/

No. 289791

Same non-saging anon, I did actually sage my next post in another thread so I may have beaten the tranny sage curse.

I just saw the derailing in the Contra thread and would like to readjust my position to say they should dial it back a bit.

No. 289797

just curious, do any of you guys know how much of a reputation we have amongst tranny chantards and their chasers for being gc? their characterization of gc women is the typical one (ugly, old, fat, lesbians, etc), but how known is lc now for being gc? because most of us are obviously not… those things and i hope it sticks in their craws knowing that

No. 289801

>I thought people here might just be sane about trans issues and be against transtrender nonsense rather than openly hostile and nasty towards anyone who's trans regardless of life experiences or mental health.
Anon… this is an imageboard. Try a different type of forum if you want a respectful discussion.

No. 289803

well, there are a lot of gaynons here. i don't know if it's an a disproportionately large amount though.

No. 289808

This 'disrespectful' imageboard is about as sane as you can get on trans issues. Unfortunately the more polite we are, the more easily ignored and dismissed and we do not in any way owe troons our respect.

No. 289809

even still, they're not 'ugly, old, fat dykes', etc.

No. 289817

yeah actually now that i think of it, the gay threads are filled with
extremely femme lesbians who are only interested in other kawaii girly girls.

No. 289823

I don't exactly diagree with you. I just meant that if he's looking for people to patient with him, he isn't exactly in the right place.

No. 289847

Where do they find these people? They bring these young kids around like a fucking handbag


No. 289849

Why do they feel the need to share their disgusting shit?

"At City Colleges of Chicago, the EEO office first kept asking for more and more detailed letters. Which I sent them along with a link to a couple of completely NOT dirty YouTube videos about this issue. Which they responded to by acting like I’d emailed them porno. THANKFULLY my direct boss at Wright Colleges DID accommodate me. "


No. 289856

Holy shit that first paragraph. Ugh.

No. 289939

What the FUCK is a 10-year old doing as an "activist". Someone of that age should be a kid and not involved in politics and putting his name and face out in the open. It's going to fuck him up even more and it's a telltale sign of his parents doing the work.

No. 289958

File: 1535966750688.jpg (115.13 KB, 640x427, 1535791412_sdltd1ef3ca-nh.jpg)

Lo and behold, the man free festival. lel

No. 289964


Other than the green haired thing on the left, the two middle front look like NB girls trying to make themselves look androgynous? I might be wrong but it just seems to be a fuck-cis-look-how-unique-i-am crowd there

No. 289965


This man has serious problems and I actually pity him because he clearly needs help. He's said somebody else (not the NHS) is funding his reassignment so presumably an older male fetishist/sugar daddy? He's 23 but has "changed gender" 3 times, attempted suicide, been on drugs… I just see a mentally ill person who is being failed by the people around him and probably led astray by the trans ideology.

Certainly not an existence I'd wish on anybody. He looks so unhappy in his bra and stripper shoes on morning TV.

No. 289977

Like this pisses me off. People are campaigning for gender surgery to be paid by the state (okay fair enough, his wasn't but in the future it will be possible worldwide, it will be free and easily available) so basically someone who wants a new pair of tits will be put on the same level as someone with a terminal illness or life-changing disease or serious disability, you know people who didn't choose what happened to them and genuinely need surgery and life-saving medicine just in order to stay alive. I've always wanted breast reduction surgery or regular counselling for my mental illness but I've never once felt entitled to other people's money in order to fund that, I just get on with life regardless but it's become trendy to beg for cosmetic surgeries. Trans people are also campaigning for people to be able to transition as young as possible, so in the future how many people will we see going through surgery multiple times? People who transitioned as kids when they were scared of puberty or men going through mid-life crisis who realise that it's not as sexually gratifying as they thought it would be??

No. 289980

>gender surgery is to be paid by the state but not breast reduction surgery (wich can help lower back problems) or counseling
Fuck this gay earth

No. 289981

Did this anon come from CC? Maybe you're confused because that website of men LARPing would be accepting of you, a group of women sick of trans shit wouldn't. I wanted to post in response to >>94003 but I didn't want to derail that thread, which is clearly what this attention-seeking man wants.

>thinking body hair is "masculine"

This is why people believe trans people are doing it for fetish reasons. It's very clear that your only experience of women is through porn. A little secret for you: everyone has hair and women in porn actually shave/wax! So your idea of a flawlessly hairless woman being "natural" is not only a severely uneducated view but imo borderline paedophilic too.

No. 290026

Earlier on this thread it was said that fujo TIFs were mostly harmless. Yes, compared to TIMs they are. However, they also spread misogynist ideas and infect other girls with self-loathing and troonism.

It's gonna be hard to be ok with being a girl if your friends are all yaoi-obsessed nb TIFs.

No. 290029

When will it all end? In the States, people keep wanting Trump impeached. Trump dgaf about this. That brings in Mike Pence who is the very, VERY anti-lgbt, anti-women-anywhere-but-the-home type, etc.

No. 290066

Recently I heard people calling Ace Ventura Pet Detective one of the most transphobic things to ever exist. I honestly was so pissed off I couldn't even begin to explain how stupid that is. Ray Finkle isn't trans. He is psychotic and wants revenge on Dan Marino in the most convoluted way imaginable. Just another part of my peak trans story lol.

No. 290099

>in his old man bathroom

No. 290167

trump really strikes me as if those incels who sit way too long on youtube watching a thousand videos and going down a rabbit hole but having no real motivation and talking a lot.

No. 290213

Yes except he is a highly successful multi-billionaire businessman, ex tv personality and current president of the United States of America.
In a single year he does more than you will ever do in your life.

No. 290221

lol calm down

No. 290224

Ace Ventura is legit one of my favorite movies from my childhood. Nothing is safe anymore from overly offended people. I bet lots of people would be offended by Jim Carrey pretending to be retarded to get information in that one scene.

No. 290245


>highly successful

Fame =/= success

>multi-billionaire businessman

Family money, he filed for Bankruptcy 7 times because hes such a shit businessman he can't keep one afloat if he's the one in charge

>ex tv personality

So is Paris Hilton but you aren't stanning her this hard


cough Russia cough

No. 290248

Welcome to the war on women. Free breasts paid for my taxpayers for MTFs, but ciswomen should be forced to carry their oversized breasts that cause pain that they didn't ask for bc transwomyn think it's the bee's knees.

No. 290252

Abortions for women? Nah, but fuck yes tits for men.
Fuck this gay earth.

No. 290283

File: 1536019752895.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.32 KB, 470x470, love.jpg)

The scene where he pretends to be mentally ill is honestly so much more offensive and damaging than the non-existent transphobia. But nobody ever mentions that or seems to give two fucks. I was so butthurt when I heard people ragging on this movie because it was my favorite as a child too.

No. 290285

It's funny that people are upset over this but not this upset about Tropic Thunder's "never go full retard"/Simple Jack schtick. TT went way further over the line than AV:PD did.

No. 290289

Hey hey, abortions are different. What if that poor unborn baby would have become a MTF? You'd be snuffing that precious little girl's life out before it ever began! Even if you have a AFAB cisfemale it can grow up to donate it's uterus to a transwoman who wants to carry a baby naturally!

No. 290299


What is everyones opinion on this? Saw it going around tumblr, and was wondering what your thoughts are.

No. 290302

Once again, it's all about men. it's always been about men and getting what they want. I've been saving for a breast reduction for a while, but honestly, it should be carried by my health insurance, when it isn't. I guess i'm not mentally ill enough and need to pay for this out of pocket because it's considered 'cosmetic.'

No. 290304

File: 1536023035285.gif (862.38 KB, 453x324, 34B05B22-C5F4-4344-89D7-D6F425…)

Oh my god they actually think this?
I’m brand new to the transgendered people thing and have really mixed feelings (men getting fake tits before women getting medically necessary shit like reductions really says something though. Hard to have mixed feelings about second class citizenship for women)mostly but do they really think this?

No. 290352

>conducting a "social experiment" in myrtle beach, south carolina
I don't even need to watch this to know how it will end.

No. 290388

It's totally the same thing. That's why trans activists and trannies are so quick to try to shut down talk that compares transracialism to transgender shit. It hits too close to home. I was already well on my way to peak trans, but I think transracialism is really what solidified it for me.

No. 290410

I feel like this doesn't really belong here but the drag queen thread is dead.
I hate so much how these men shame women, they are drag queens what the hell do they know about fashion anyway?? And the way they mocked how some women talk just annoys me like dude you live off us stfu.
Sage cause rant and not sure it fits here I dunno I just felt uncomfortable, like I finally realized how shitty drag queens are to women and they always shield behind """comedy""

No. 290422

File: 1536044005509.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 14.51 KB, 225x400, 6F087FB1-5C13-4D3C-A6B8-C9600E…)

>non-binary vaginoplasty

why would you do this to yourself holy shit
and why are there doctors who do this procedure


No. 290423

money, honey

seriously this is american medical greed at it's finest masquerading as a progressive movement.

No. 290425

I don't understand why anyone would want this for themselves, at least the inversion method leaves them with some sensation. Wouldn't this just be a numb, useless hole that they'd have to clean and dilate? Why not just do anal penetration, it's not like it's somehow less gay to have this weird fucked up hole where your balls used to be.
I'm so grossed out by the fact that there are surgeons dedicating their time and valuble research funds to do weird expirments on people's genitals for no other purpose than to satisfy their weird delusions and fetishes.

No. 290426

but now he's a "sexy futa girl".

this is the only reaon for this.

No. 290429

the way a lot of drag queens and crossdressers talk about women makes me extremely uncomfortable

No. 290430

I get that in theory, and I know men are willing to fuck anything that fits their fetish, but how large do you think their dating pool will actually be with this bizzare Frankenstein shit between their legs?
Maybe I'm missing something but I can't imagine many men would choose this over a normal intact male OR a neovagina.

No. 290433

We can do this shit, but women dying in childbirth are still a thing. What the fuck.

No. 290457


Stuff like this makes me really think about the whole 'trans people are the most oppressed/marginalised group' mantra that just seems to be taken as fact in lefty sjw types. If you have the money for these types of unnecessary extreme surgeries (this dick + hole example is so extreme, but even regular sexual reassignment surgery/facial feminisation surgeries/double mastectomies) then how are you more marginalised or oppressed than a homeless man, a minimum wage worker, a prostituted woman, a person who lives on disability allowance, an unemployed person… etc.

They just lack any larger class analysis or worldwide perception of poverty/inequality because they've been groomed by western leftist politics and internet to make everything about themselves and their victimisation. And I honestly think this is because they're being raised in mostly middle class+ environments with no understanding of what life is like for the average person outside of their little gender bubble

No. 290578

because many people who don't get the surgery may suffer immensely. do you really need to make it into a competition of who's more oppressed? if someone making minimum wage for a very difficult job wants a pay raise do you say "don't complain you idiot, look at the homeless people outside"?

"any larger class analysis" means jack shit if you personally are suffering. that's the same kind of justification people use to diminish the concerns of, say, white women who get a response of "ok but look at how much black people have suffered, you're white and privileged". it isn't a contest. no one cares. your buzzwords mean nothing.

No. 290591

your analogy isn't even comparable to anon's point.

No. 290594

yes it is. their point is "if you can afford such surgery, how can you be marginalized"; implying if you have money you can't be marginalized. this is similar to people who say "if you have [X] privilege you can't be marginalized".

it's also totally ignoring that many health insurance providers do cover the surgery and treatment after gender dysphoria is diagnosed. i haven't seen any rich transgender people, personally.

No. 290627

>i haven't seen any rich transgender people, personally.
Can I join you under that rock? I don’t even watch tv or follow celebrity gossip but I’ve seen plenty of rich trans celebrities, including but not limited to the Wachowskis and Bruce “the hardest thing about being a woman is figuring out what to wear” Jenner.

No. 290646

I don't see how not becoming a futa would bring someone pain

No. 290654

I was rewatching the Animatrix a few days ago and I'm still confused that not one, but both brothers decided to LARP as woman. Were they really bored or something? Older white dudes transitioning is such a perplexing thing imo

No. 290656

This pisses me off. Medical science should be advancing towards curing cancer, but instead we get doctors who waste their time, money and research trying to pander to mentally ill men who want to pretend to be women.

No. 290657

I legit cant stand drag queens tbh. And after ru paul's drag race, there is so much of a love for them, even though they openly shit talk women and call them whores, etc.

No. 290667

>do you really need to make it into a competition of who's more oppressed?
If it's a competition, trannies aren't even in the running. They are not oppressed at all. They are entitled and have latched on to real oppression to further their selfish, fetishistic agenda, when in reality their 'suffering' is, quite literally, all in their imagination. Thinking the grass is greener on the other side is not suffering. Feeling unwanted and sexually rejected as a man but believing you'd get a tonne of attention as a woman is not suffering. Sexualizing the female body to the extent that you want one is not suffering.

Cross dressing does get you discriminated against, sure. But that is misogyny and homophobia rearing their ugly heads in straight men who just want to beat up men in dresses and mock masculine women. One exception I'll make for trannies is poor, misguided gay people who have been shilled transgenderism as a form of conversion therapy. But of course, that is homophobia, and not indulging it is not oppression against trannies.

No. 290671

>Sexualizing the female body to the extent that you want one is not suffering.
Damn, well said.

No. 290673

yes there are some notable trans celebrities and celebrities are usually rich. doesn't mean trans people are richer on average.

i admit i don't understand it either but i'm also not gay and don't understand homosexuality. just because i don't understand something doesn't mean i need to assume it absolutely cannot exist (e.g. the existence of people being homosexual not by their own choice) or does not exist in a particular instance. i think defaulting to acceptance is always the best policy, even if i cannot relate to or understand how someone feels.

i feel like i'm on /pol/ reading someone complaining about women except the terms have been slightly changed

No. 290674

dude just stop. this is so embarrassing.

No. 290675

If someone has the time and money to sit around at home and recover from getting their dick chopped off for fun, they're privileged in my eyes.

No. 290678

even if you want to try to be open to trans people, like, even if you want to think the brain can be wired wrong as the other sex, literally no one is a fucking futa. you cannot defend that for any reason other than being someone's fetish. even real intesex/hermaphrodites identify as one or the other.

also stop shitting up the thread in /meta/ trannies don't belong here.

No. 290679

>i feel like i'm on /pol/ reading someone complaining about women except the terms have been slightly changed
Yes, you feel like that because trannies have so thoroughly co-opted REAL oppression, REAL minority status, that opposition to them is considered on par with homophobia, sexism, racism, etc.

That is not the case. It is not reality. You have to deprogram yourself from the tumblr assumption that their rhetoric makes any sense, that the very concept of transgenderism is legitimate. Not only is there zero validity to their bullshit, it's offensively, inherently sexist and often homophobic, and the fact that those things concern us make it pretty clear we aren't /pol/. Stop being a fucking sheep.

No. 290681

the fact that anon said "it's better to blindly accept things" is pretty telling that they aren't going to peak any time soon. they are just defaulting tho the "uwu they're not hurting anyone" argument when the entire thread is evidence to the contrary.

No. 290696

and you're privileged to sit on the internet mocking such people assuming they're actually all cutting their dick off to fulfill a fetish, which is ridiculous if you think about it for even a moment. i don't doubt some people have gotten genital surgery to fulfill fetishes, because there are all sorts of odd people out there, but if you think it makes sense that all or nearly all trans people are enduring all of that shit just for a fetish, you're very tunnel-visioned.

if anyone in this thread had a real-life friend who was trans and didn't fit this caricatured stereotype, i can almost guarantee their view on these issues would be a lot more nuanced.

nothing in this thread indicates that the average trans person is hurting anyone. there are some extreme trans activists and "gender theorists" on tumblr who have some pretty weird and aggressive ideas, but that's tumblr for you. again this feels very reminiscent of people who say homosexuals cause damage to the family structure. there seems to be an idea in this thread that trans people are a threat which need to be crushed or silenced, which speaks to a deep insecurity.

to be clear, i don't buy into gender binary bullshit and i have never looked at tumblr before in part due to the types of things you're referring to. i personally think that a pretty high percentage of people claiming to be trans within the past decade or so are likely partly a result of social and psychosomatic factors. however, just because someone may say they're trans when i think they're probably going through a phase or something, i'm not going to start dehumanizing them.

if you don't realize just how ideologically charged and absolutist your own language is, you're nearly as irrational as those tumblr people you detest so much. this thread is like tumblr for people who hate mainstream tumblr. there is no "critical" discussion here.

i didn't say "it's better to blindly accept things", i said it's better to accept and tolerate people for what they are and who they claim to be even if one doesn't understand what they state as their desires, fears, and problems. aka not being a shitbag of a human being.

No. 290698

glad to find this thread. I'm a former libfem that hit peak trans recently. What caused me to hit peak trans? Meeting one IRL.I used to be rah-rah fuck the terfies until I actually met a real life, "normal" MtF, now, I think the whole thing is bullshit being pushed to sell unnecessary drugs, surgery, makeup, the works.

I'm a manager at a retail store, and one of my employees came out as transgender. Fine, I thought, no big deal.

Except it became one. He seemed normal and well-adjusted, which was nice at first, since I'd heard many stories of these guys being creepy and all up in other women's shit, this was a relief, and I'd seriously thought "Ha, take that TERFS! She's just as much of a woman as I am!"

Then he started talking more and more about his "oppression", which got grating, but I tried to just shrug it off. But then it started to get weird, he was bragging when he got catcalled…? Like, bro, women don't brag to each other about being sexually harassed. It's not a badge I wear around when some creepy weirdo whistles or makes a remark at me when I'm just trying to go about my business- it's unsettling and disgusting.

Then it got downright unprofessional. He started texting me pictures of himself in dresses to make sure he "passed". I'm not like that with employees- just…no. He then kept asking me about his "breasts" (???) and if he needed a bra, if I could see his tits, etc. Just really awkward and bizarre stuff- I tried to brush it off as him trying to "adjust" to "being a woman" (LMAO) but didn't answer. When I didn't reply, homeboy fucking BLEW MY PHONE UP.

Then he changed up his uniform- formerly a normal button-down, he now wore the top three buttons unbuttoned to…show his 'clevage'? prove how female he was? Who the fuck knows? But NONE of the female staff do that- so that should be a clue that it's attention-seeking BS.

Then came more and more boundary-pushing- with one incident involving a female employee who turned down his offer to date her- and him throwing a tantrum because she wouldn't be 'open-minded' towards him. He had long bitched and moaned about how 'toxic' and predatory men were, and yet, here we were- him espousing the very values he claimed to hate so much in men!

My favorite gripe about this dude is that he REFUSES to do ANY physical work. From what I hear, this is a common issue with MTTs. This bro will try to tell me that because of "the hormones!!1" he can't lift a box, so he stands back while another female employee- or two, usually, does it for him. What the fuck? So I called him out on his BS by explaining that I'm a >100lbs woman who HAS to do this as part of my job- I'm far smaller than him, and yet I find ways around it. His response? "Well, I get as much estrogen as a pregnant woman- you wouldn't understand". LOL. OKAY.

Now he's annoyingly pestering me persistently. He knows I don't fraternize with my employees and will just not fuck off. He is painfully narcissistic, and just says stupid transtrendery shit all the time now, and goes into unnecessary, uncomfortable, graphic detail about his 'procedures', his 'harassment', and my favorite, his "periods", which, he likes to point out, are just like mine. Super creepy, no boundaries shit. Sad thing is, this dude clearly has some serious mental issues that he needs real fucking therapy to help resolve- not hormone shots and caked on kat von d.

I realized really fast why radfems don't like these dudes getting up in their shit, and became a TERF myself. They have such a shallow view of being a woman- they think that all the lasers, fake tits, and estrogen and makeup are what it's about. It's not a fucking feeling.

Look- wear makeup and shave off your hair and chop off your dick and get implants if you want- but it doesn't change the fact that you spent your whole life male- and will continue to be one regardless of what surgeries and hormones you get. You can't change your chromosomes.

No. 290701

I think someone who has the money and time to blow on tons of useless surgeries etc is more privileged than the average person. No one needs surgery to become a Futa, he wouldn't even know what it is if not for poem.

No. 290706

ffs that thing about the estrogen being too hard for working pisses me the fuck off. when i was pregnant i actively worked full time as a waitress lifting trays and boxes until THE DAY OF MY LABOR. i roll my eyes at pregnant women refusing to do any work as it is troons fucking have no excuse.

No. 290713

We get it, you'd rather stick your head in the sand and assume the best of everyone rather than actually pay attention to how it affects women and gender relationships. 'Accepting and tolerating' people only works when those people aren't causing harm, but transgenderism as a CONCEPT is already causing harm. Erasing our language, invading our spaces, letting men speak over and for women with no backlash… and that's not even counting the many, many incidents of mtfs literally assaulting women and girls. All this, and for what? So men can get boob jobs and masturbate to themselves?

These threads are full of examples of the harm they do and you're still gonna sit here ignoring it, pretending they're outliers, thinking you're so superior for all your tolerance - which is really just blissful, willful ignorance.

No. 290714


B-but those are r-real MtFs, you TERF meanie! ;_; d-die cis scum!!!1

No. 290715

When this thread hits the post limit- I hope this article is added to the next OP. It's a fantastic piece from Medium about the whole transgender movement.


No. 290716

adding to your point, it's not even limited to harming women now, it's harming innocent minors as well and the parents of many of them. drs are treating it as a sort of moral panic scenario, claiming their kid will 100% kill themselves if they don't transition, taking children away from good homes to ruin their bodies. it's sick on every single level. i don't know how it will end.

No. 290723


I'm curious as well, because holy fuck lupron is a hell of a drug. and rendering these poor fucking kids infertile before they're even able to vote or drive or whatever? Fuck that.

Willing to bet that a lot of these parents have munchausens by proxy. I've been wondering why nobody talks about that- the case of jazz jennings screams munchausens. that poor kid never stood a chance- and now he just has a ruined body and is paraded on national television.

I hope this blows over, but it's going to leave a LOT of hurt kids in its wake. :(

Had I been born 10 years later, I would've been transed\ as a teenager. Thank god I wasn't.

No. 290741

Handmaiden FUCK OFF.

No. 290746

I've grown to dislike them too. I used to enjoy Ru Paul's Drag Race in the early seasons, and I enjoyed live drag shows on occasion. But just increased exposure to them has made me grow to dislike them. Even in the early seasons of RPDR, they'd call more feminine looking drag queens "fishy" because they looked closer to real women. How fucking disgusting a term is that? And it's just annoying seeing a bunch of gay men call each other "bitches" and "sluts" and other words that have been used to degrade women. Maybe I'm just being overly sensitive nowadays, but my tolerance for that shit has dropped.

No. 290750


no, I'm right there with you. I don't feel comfortable with it either. I feel like drag is basically just woman-face for misogynists to dress up and mock us and then get kudos and asspats for being "SO BRAEV!111"

No. 290755

>nothing in this thread indicates that the average trans person is hurting anyone.

They literally piggyback onto feminist movements and tell women to not talk about their vaginas, abortions, their reproductive biology, or any rights associated with those things. Even though abortion and reproductive rights have been the core of feminism since the beginning. And even though womens reproductive rights are still, to this day, constantly under attack. They're preesuring doctors to use degrading language about female bodies, and to adopt the "women have penises too" rhetoric. They're convincing health care professionals to have them written down as the gender they identify as, rather than what they were born as. This hurts themselves, because at the end of the day, no amount of manmade dicks or vaginas is gonna change the fact that you are at risk of breast cancer or prostate cancer. They block feminist speakers, often with threats of violence, if not outright violence. They carry baseball bats at marches, and get displays where they put up bloody t-shirts that say "Kill TERFS".

That sort of shitty rhetoric, and those constant threats of violence (if not outright violence) is hurting people, yes. It's hurting women, these dumbasses are hurting themselves by denying their biological reality, and it's hurting the feminist movement.

No. 290761


I like drag in theory, but hate the misogyny hidden in it! Like the fishy term or drag queens making up characters like a Russian prostitute where there is nothing glamorous about sex trafficking of women from underprivileged countries. I am all about laughing about stiff gender roles but not at making fun of women and our suffering. I wish drag queens weren't so tone deaf.

No. 290771

My other favorite thing about MtT is how much they threaten suicide- a classic narc move- emotional blackmail at its finest.

No. 290774

Hooooly shit, what a goddamn read. I'd suspected this was what was going on, that the push felt inorganic and like it was forcing itself unnaturally into LGB communities, but this is just insanity to actually process… and the lupron thing is just fucking me up right now. Absolutely belongs in the next thread OP

No. 290810

You're all good, anon. I hate the term 'fish' or 'fishy' to refer to 'feminine queens' because men for some reason use seafood to mock how a woman's vagina smells (?? even though i never had that issue and i'm a lesbian.)

Men love to use derogatory terms for women in a 'positive light' and pretend it's okay. If women aren't okay with it, then gay men shouldnt be using it, period. Sadly, they get a pass for being gay.. or oppressed, or something.

No. 290813


Yes. That was the article that pushed me over the edge into full-blown TERF. If any of you GC people haven't read it- you need to. It is fucking eye-opening and terrifying, and it shows that the trans movement has a lot of $$$ behind it.

There is a LOT of fucking money to be made in trans-land. People who transition have to do HRT for the rest of their lives- imagine how much $$$ that costs- drug makers have a great source of revenue here.

We don't fully understand the long term effects of this shit. If I'm not mistaken (correct me if I'm wrong), but this shit, taken long enough, will render you infertile.

Contrary to what people like >>290696 might claim, the Trans movement is doing real fucking harm to real people. LGB spaces? Erased. Read the article. Historically LGB organizations are completely shifting gears and going all balls-in for trans causes.

"Oh! But they have mawwige eqwality now! won't someone think of the MtF's? ;_;" Which is funny, because last I checked- organizations that have historically supported Black people, for example, didn't suddenly disappear when interracial marriage became legal, or when Black people were given the right to vote? Huh! Weird. It's almost as if…no, it couldn't be! Could transing kids and adults be the new conversion therapy for LGB people? That's just my tinfoil hat I'm wearing, but it seems like a lot of evidence is pointing toward it :)

Female Erasure? Check.
The TRAs have been attacking on all fronts to make sure we don't have our own spaces anymore and we can't discuss issues that are pertinent to actual women because of their fee-fees.

Let's have a fun look at something- the Medicine net definiton for male, below:


Pretty straightforward! What's it say for female? Surely can't be too different…oh…


Kind of interesting that the very definition of female is up for debate. Sure smells like female erasure to me!
There are lots of examples like this, you don't have to look far! Let's not even get started on the erasure of women's sports and such- you could write a whole damn blogpost about it! (And many have, lol)

And perhaps most importantly to me- the harm this movement is doing to kids- see the article. It talks about Lupron and such. This shit is NOT OKAY. Kids, who aren't even old enough to drive or vote, are being pushed into medically unnecessary, invasive, cruel, and honestly unknown and un-tested medical procedures to "cure their dysphoria". OR ELSE THEY MIGHT KILL THEMSELVES GUYS! ;_; Keep in mind that transitioning has little effect on the suicide rate of people who go through it. Kind of odd that something that useless would be pushed so hard- unless there's some sort of reason behind it…nah, couldn't be, right? These kids can't even do anything else a legal adult can, yet they can make devastating choices to mutilate themselves, and parents and doctors are expected to go along with it or else…?

Fuck this manipulative movement. It preys on children and mentally ill people for $$$- that's all it is.

And if you dare speak up? Let's see what happened to the recently-published paper by Lisa Littman?


I recommend it- it's an interesting read and definitely lays the groundwork for future research…provided that someone can be brave enough to publish another paper without fear of being silenced, which is exactly what's happening to the author of this paper.


Brown University is caving to pressure from transactivists over this paper.

Why? What are they so afraid of?

(Also, everyone, let's have a good laugh at Brown Univeristy's "LGBTQ" page
https://www.brown.edu/campus-life/support/lgbtq/ )

Wew, a whole lot of LGB in there! sure wouldn't want that T getting silenced amirite!

tldr- fuck this money grubbing movement.

No. 290830

Yeah, it annoys me. You can call a white guy out on using the word nigger for obvious reasons. But with gay men calling one another bitches and sluts, or even the more benign "girls", it can quickly turn into a case of "more oppressed than thou". And a lot of women give them a pass, because we know what it's like to be treated like shit, so we do the whole empathy thing. It's why we're so tolerant of MtT bullshit too, or other "feminists" shitting on women based on race. Women need to stop tolerating this garbage and start calling it out.

No. 290841


No joke, I'd call it out but I was harassed into shutting my shit down on twitter/reddit when I dared question the narrative.

Also interesting- ever notice that FtM trans never seem so predisposed to violence as MtFs? Really makes you think.

No. 290852

I basically see rad fems get their accounts shut down on Twitter all the time, under the guise of them violating hate speech rules or some shit. All because they call out people who say already hateful shit, or because they talk about biology. I'm kinda surprised me and the few people I talk with on there about these topics haven't gotten shut down yet. I guess it's because we're just nobodies with only like a hundred followers.

And absolutely. FtM's are still socialized as women, and women aren't raised with that gimme gimme entitlement men have. MtFs want to be women, and they still have that male entitlement. Hence why they steamroll into our events and piggyback on our movements.

No. 290865


Yeah, I purposefully don't have a social media presence anymore because of this shit. In public, I'm rah-rah trans rights!11, but in private, I post on these boards, GC over on reddit, and just try to find like-minded women (and a few sane men). I keep my TERF side a secret until I know that whoever I'm talking to is cool.

Something tells me a lot of women are like me. I was harassed by those lady-LARPers (As I've come to call them) into shutting my shit down, so I imagine there's a lot of women who don't want to go through with what I did.

No. 290872

>Despite the supposed status of transgender people as America’s most oppressed minority, the North Carolina ‘bathroom bill’, H.B 2. was international news. How many other state bills become international news? Celebrities said they would no longer come to the state, sports teams protested. Bruce Springsteen said he wouldn’t play there. Every boycott by some famous liberal was greeted with aplomb. There was a national shaming of the state, on the massive stage that is the mainstream news cycle. Left unmentioned by that same mainstream news were the changes to North Carolina employment laws also in the same bill, that negatively impacted working-class Americans, or the fact some of the outcry was defining sex under North Carolina law as “the physical condition of being male or female, which is stated on a person’s birth certificate”. Bruce Springsteen didn’t refuse to play in the state based on that part of H.B 2. When the ‘bathroom bill’ sections were removed in 2017, the employment sections did not change. There was a collective shaking of heads, a throwing up of hands, a celebration of transgenderism’s victory and the bill disappeared from the national conversation.

As someone from North Carolina who watched this fiasco in action, and shook her head at all these stupid celebrities and multinational corporations trying to pretend to be moral, I want to thank this person for mentioning this. My state got browbeat to death in the media over this garbage. Funny, any other state that has a similar bathroom bill doesn't seem to get as much hate in the media. Now, this could be me being a bit tinfoil hat, but it certainly seems to me that when a Southern state does something like this, everyone comes out, teeth gnashing. After all, it only reaffirms what they already think: this is the bad South, the evil South, don't do business with them.

As the article mentioned, none of these idiots with their grandstanding mentioned thing one about how the same "bathroom bill" had a terrible effect on working class people all throughout the state. Who gives a shit about working class normal citizens, right? This hurts the feelings of men in dresses, so those men in dresses take priority.

The biggest laugh for me was when Paypal suddenly pulled out of building a new branch/headquarters in North Carolina due to this bill being "transphobic". Paypal, who has an international headquarters in Singapore, and who does business with Saudi fucking Arabia. And idiots everywhere congratulated this tolerant, wonderful company.

Corporations aren't your friends, they don't give a fuck about you. They give a fuck about money. And a shitload of money is being thrown into this tranny shit.

> Its campaign filings reveal that a large majority of this money came from a set of lobbying groups almost from central casting: The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), Freedom for All Americans (FFAA), Planned Parenthood (PP), and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

I've grown to respect all of these organizations a hell of a lot less due to this transgender shit. A shame, since Planned Parenthood actually does shit for women too. But I can't tolerate every branch of Planned Parenthood going on Twitter and posting "some women have penises".

No. 290873

anyone in tech and sick of the troon shit that's been invading our sectors?

unfortunately computer science has a high rate of autismos and with that comes AGPs who think anime traps translate to real life. i used to be more tolerant of it but after becoming GC i despise how one friend won't shut up about those dumbass striped programming socks and how he screenshots any posts he can about "feminine/girl dicks" not realizing normal people are using it mockingly, and the only ones who drink the koolaid are chasers/AGPs like him. i used to feel bad that his parents kept trying to use psychiatrists to fix him but holy shit now i feel for them so hard. he's NOTHING like a woman, especially the way he talks about them. it's disgusting.

anyway, the other thing that's got me huffy is the grace hopper celebration of women in tech. just last year it was focused on women, even though i saw troons who didn't even try to pass get the same scholarship i did. but this year they're trying to force inclusivity down our throats, so GHC should apparently also welcome troons, non-binary, and men - WHAT'S EVEN THE POINT ANYMORE. i feel like every female space is being taken away from us.

any time i see non-binary being included as an "oppressed" gender, i just want the event to be flooded with these snowflakes' enemies - visibly male, white men. i mean all they have to do is state they're NB right? you can't ~invalidate their identity uwu~ so i would love to see how handmaidens try to logic themselves out of saying these men aren't oppressed.

No. 290883

A lot of women are like you. Even if I like Tweets about this stuff or talk about it, I don't do it nearly as much as I honestly want to. Because part of me isn't in the mood for the bullshit that may invite from other people. I basically go into it the way I want on here, or with a friend or two that I know I can vent about this shit to. One of my oldest IRL friends feels the same way at this point. We vent about this shit whenever we hang out.

Eventually, this is gonna get to a point where women are gonna get tired of hiding and venting in private. Women need to stand up, in public to this horseshit. I'm grateful to the ones who do, they stand up for the women who, right now, are too scared to do so.

No. 290887


THIS. I'm not in tech, but nothing infuriates me more than these fucking MTTs getting accolades as "a woman". I can't for the life of me remember the company, but there was a Fortune 500 (I believe?) company whose CEO came out as a "woman" at the tender age of 50 or so, and people lauded him as a "BRAVE FEMALE CEO!!!" despite a lifetime of socialization and reaping the benefits of being a man in the coporate world? Fuck. That.

I am sick of tr00nies stealing our spots in our sports, our scholarships, our shelters and spaces that were built by US. Fucking entitled manbaby brats.

No. 290910

That girl in the case as my exact same train of thoughts. I also have two trans friends who think the same and honestly think that 99% of the retards/fetishits making the trans comms should just stop. I just wish those mentally ill twats would stop being fucking retarded

No. 290977

File: 1536111287739.png (394.18 KB, 1411x919, no misogyny here.png)

No. 291004

File: 1536113006805.jpg (91.37 KB, 1024x1001, contergan.jpg)

>The most common use for HRT over the 20th century was instead to treat menopause. That particular train derailed in 2002, when the National Institutes Of Health’s Women’s Health Initiative, a large clinical trial to test HRT’s safety and efficacy, found out that HRT in women led to raised rates of strokes and breast cancer among other deleterious side effects.

Ummm…but it's ok for trans people to take HRT? 15 years from now on, there will be a massive suing spree by sterile, crippled and half-dead trannies suffering from cancer. Only then people will make up their minds that all that transgender shit is just pharma propaganda to gain more ~moneymoneymoney. And you know what? It reminds me of that Contergan scandal. Back then the pharma industry knew about the side effects but put it still on the market because MONEY.

No. 291010

They keep thinking I'm Magdelan, as if she would seriously waste her life on 4chan.
It's sad how they cling to each of their delusions so whole heartedly. Too bad they couldn't use that spirit to become a decent human being.

No. 291025


Yep. The transbusiness is fucking lucrative. The article went into some depth with regard to the numbers, but it was mind-boggling. And that's not even counting all the businesses and such that make $ of trans"women", and I was starting to see trans-specific cosmetic adverts popping up, clothing lines, etc. There's lots and lots of potential money to be gained here.

And in 15-20 years when all these poor people are suing the shit out of the doctors, pharma companies, therapists, etc, etc, etc, it'll be $$$ everywhere for the lawyers, too.

No. 291031

this really makes me feel for the poor children we are subjecting to this stuff. and not to downplay the issues with women, but there aren't even studies for long term effects of estrogen for men, just that it shrinks their balls and gives them man-tits and that's all men care about. men are so fucking stupid.

No. 291045


Yeah that shit is unbelievable. I cannot believe dr's are prescribing this stuff without ANY studies of the long term effects of this shit.

No. 291048

On another GC topic- but does anyone know what happened to RedKatherinee on tumblr? I really liked her, she was a breath of fresh air. All I see now are tr00nies celebrating her deactivation. :(

No. 291051

can anyone please tell me what's wrong with, if, as they say, hormones continue to feminize and masculinize brains after administered and trannies are so miserable with wrong sex brains, why 'mismatched' trannies can't just take more hormones to make them brain-dudely?

it literally makes no sense to argue against it, especially since it hasn't been afaik, tried or ever treated as a viable option despite it obviously being safer and more attainable for middle class and poor trannies

No. 291053


Your logic is transphobic to them, anon

No. 291057

File: 1536116906611.png (154.11 KB, 320x230, NOT a racist depiction.PNG)

>These drawings

No. 291058

clearly because you cannot fix an inferior female brain, anon. they have to put them where they belong and safe the poor male brained ones from being trapped as inferior women.

i'm being sarcastic but this is too real.

No. 291060

File: 1536117317107.jpg (29.61 KB, 510x264, community care banner.jpg)

the whole banner is amazing, anon, why crop it?

No. 291064

it takes a lot of skill to make only specific body parts of a drawing look somehow more 2D than the rest.

No. 291074

File: 1536118341990.png (82.15 KB, 774x554, stareintomysoul.png)

the more i look at it, the funnier it gets.

it's like shit art off of wikihow

No. 291084


You're definitely not alone. There are more silent radfems than you think.

No. 291085


I'm interested in the long term studies that will happen regarding medical illness, mental health, suicide rates, and bone density rates due to high rates of lupron and HRT being given out.

No. 291108

Me too. I found some sources regarding breast cancer in men.

>While the link between estrogen and breast and ovarian cancer in women has been known for many years, it's been unclear if there is a link between male breast cancer and estrogen. Now an international study has found that men with naturally high levels of estrogen may have a higher-than-average risk of breast cancer.

And apparently men with high estrogen levels have more estrogen receptors than women which is linked to breast cancer. Now imagine a tranny taking as much estrogens as a pregnant woman would have naturally in her body. Difference is that the woman is 9 months pregnant and the tranny takes this amount daily until he finally kicks the bucket in a few years. Totally worth it for the man boobs. I can't believe HRT is even legal at this point.
>Breast cancer tissue from 12 male patients was evaluated for the presence of estrogen receptors (ER), and at least 10 of 12 were found to be high in ER (ER+). A combination of previously published cases and our own experience indicates that 80% of patients (37/47) have ER+ tumors. This incidence of ER positivity in men is greater than that in women with breast cancer. Clinical responses to hormonal therapy have been observed in the ER+ patients but not in one ER–patient. Measurement of ER may be clinically important in men with breast cancer.

No. 291143

Ok so i'm tardy to the party but has gigi gorgeous pregnancy video been discussed for the fact the comment section seems to have brought the majority to peak trans?

No. 291151

I’m like >>290761 in that in theory I’m totally cool with the concept of men wearing theatrical makeup and costumes as artistic expression and breaking gender boundaries, which is how drag fans always explain it to me. But every time I watch actual drag queens in action it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. They’re not just wearing costumes, they’re putting on this entire act and creating “female” stage personalities that are often mean-spirited and involve a lot of negative stereotypes about women. Why are drag personalities nearly always catty, unintelligent, dramatic and oversexed? And for that matter, why do they tuck their penis and create fake breasts? Those are completely unnecessary for the art aspect or even the gender-boundary-pushing aspect. If anything they’re reinforcing gender boundaries by implying that being a screeching bimbo requires you to appear to be female-bodied.

People in progressive circles nowadays shit their pants if someone so much as gets a tan for darker-skinned costume or role even if they approach the character very respectfully. But when a gay man paints his face and dresses up like a mean-spirited caricature of a woman to go around calling other women bitches and sluts, that’s progressive? Fuck that. It doesn’t help that at least in my circles, bio (female) drag queens are seriously looked down upon or even hated for appropriating drag culture. How the fuck can women appropriate something that’s basically a parody of ourselves? I guess only men are allowed to artistically express themselves by mocking women. Very progressive.

Funnily enough in my circles, the only “valid” criticism against drag culture is that it’s transphobic. If you express discomfort with drag culture as a cis woman you’re accused of homophobia, even though the majority of gay men I know hate drag. Come to think of it, the only people I know who like RPDR are straight women.

No. 291169

File: 1536142543559.jpg (185.79 KB, 1344x1774, DmMLT9lUYAAlBw0.jpg)

"T-trans ppl arent trying to fool anyone!!"
Well maybe say in you fucking bio that you're a man in drag
While I don't 100% approve attempted murder maybe if you clearly stated, before meeting, that you're a wanna be woman, you wouldn't encounter these people who want a regular woman and lose their shit while they learn they have been fooled.
Date between psychos, don't expect to be accepted and you wont have to cry.

No. 291171

Now what's ironic is how transgenders are focused on shitting on gender-critical women, radfems, terfs etc as if they are the main reason trans get killed, while the actual reason is violent men…

No. 291172

File: 1536143635332.jpg (255.4 KB, 1125x1800, derp.jpg)


Here's full picture anons.
Interesting how it's only "transwomen" and there is no "transmale" in the picture

No. 291174

The whole "fishy" thing has never made sense to me, my vagina has never smelled fishy nor have any of my girlfriend's. If anything, dirty vag tends to smell more like cumin or a wet dog imo.

Men really do believe that vaginas naturally smell like canned tuna though for some bizzare fucking reason. I even remember seeing a comic where a tranny claimed that her fancy new vagina smelled like fish and it made her happy because that's what "real" women smell like. Fucking gross.

No. 291175

>The biggest laugh for me was when Paypal suddenly pulled out of building a new branch/headquarters in North Carolina due to this bill being "transphobic". Paypal, who has an international headquarters in Singapore, and who does business with Saudi fucking Arabia. And idiots everywhere congratulated this tolerant, wonderful company.

Wow, so nobody gave a shit about all the people who might've gotten a job at Paypal HQ branch, they can remain unemployed as long as twans fee-fee's are protected.

No. 291176

File: 1536145779059.jpg (690.52 KB, 1080x2021, Screenshot_20180905-070755_Sma…)

What an inspiration!

No. 291192

Which is why they want to pander to real women, while also shitting on them. it's crazy

The only ones attacking and murdering trans people are men.

No. 291193

This reads like a joke a tumblr.

Maybe i'm old now (in my early 30s) but i legit dont remember any of this being a thing 10+ years ago. Now suddenly everyone is either trans or disabled or both and want to flaunt it. Usually it's just semi femmine dudes who like makeup and certain clothes. Why can't they just leave it at that? You cant help being disabled if you are, but trans people are just bored people who want to be different and enforce those gender roles/stereotypes.

No. 291194

I find it odd that trans people want to get oppression points as trans, but also at the same time hide that they are trans from other men?? So they want to pretend to be real women?

No. 291215

They think it's their personal business to disclose that they are trans and would only tell their counterpart if it's relevant, meaning if sex is an option. This logic is so flawed and they shouldn't be surprised if men are trying to kill them because they obviously catfished them. Trans people should always disclose that they are trans, so they can filter out those men at the beginning and nobody will get hurt. Sexuality is not a choice and if a man is heterosexual, he is going to be disgusted by a penis. But many trannies think that they are real women with a ~surprise and they can easily convince men about their superiority kek

No. 291266


This! This is so fucking bizarre to me!
Why do they screech about TERFs when women don't commit the majority of violence against them?

Shit like that story just reinforces it. Really sad- I feel bad for the MTT who got stabbed…and don't get why mens' egos are so fucking fragile- are they that scared of being gay?

Jesus- 119 times. That's pure male rage right there.

No. 291270


Thank you for this. This is beautiful.

Trans Immigrants? Oh for fucks' sake.

Story time- I work in an industry here in the US that actually employs a pretty sizeable amount of actual illegal immigrants. (Mostly from Mexico, but I've met quite a few from Honduras, etc) These are people running from actual fucking problems- and you know what? We had an MTT at work and he was the butt of all of their jokes- not because he was trans (but that was part of it, yeah), but because he was so fucking whiny. He also spoke Spanish, and would REEE at these actual fucking illegal immigrants about his imaginary gender problems- while these people were worried about whether they'd be able to afford their bills, or feed their kids.

Hell, poor people in general must think these kids are a fucking riot. They're so special and hurt…Oh, you're not sure if your kid will have shoes? B-BUT MY LASERS! MY MAKEUP! WAH, WHY CAN'T I WEAR FALSE EYELASHES TO WORK. WAH, M-M-MAH EXPENSIVE DRESSES, DO YOU THINK I PASS?

It's so fucking cringey I couldn't stand watching him talk to the actual poor people working with us. Trans truly is a first world western problem. I only hope this ridiculous shit doesn't spread to other countries.

No. 291299

No. 291309

>tranny declaring Taylor Swift isn't "woman enough" for a particular dress
>not a hint of irony in his voice and delivery

The tranny on the right can't even form an opinion so how is this entertaining?
>tfw your fetish is your only personality trait

No. 291310

It's not just that TERFs don't commit the majority of violence against them… I've never heard of a "TERF" killing or even just punching a tranny, while you hear of trannies using violence against women all the time. And they only get killed/assaulted by other men.

No. 291315


jesus christ what dr did this?

No. 291324

>are they that scared of being gay?
My personal theory is that deep down they’re quite aware of how predatory men can be and are afraid of being treated the same way as men treat women. Unreciprocated desire from a woman can generally be brushed off so easily that men don’t even give it a second thought, but when the unreciprocated desire is coming from another man they feel preyed upon, so they are more likely to lash out violently in “self defence” regardless of whether there’s any imminent threat. Being deceived sucks but stabbing that person 119 times is ridiculously excessive. That’s fear and loathing. Homophobia rather than transphobia, imo. Are there any instances of gay men attacking FtMs who didn’t disclose their trans status online?

They’ll use this as an example of “TERF violence against trans people” anyway, I bet. Just put the terms “TERF” and “transphobic violence” in the tagline together often enough and people will start to believe it, even if the article itself reveals that the perpetrator isn’t a woman or even associated with feminism at all.

No. 291327

Even if it's not a fetish, it is clear these people transitioning need help and it isn't in mutilating their bodies.
I come from a family with mental illness, and some have schizophrenia. The first thing we're told is to not re-enforce delusions. Why is it different for trans people? They are obviously delusional so why are we indulging them instead of trying to treat the underlying problem?

No. 291328

File: 1536169206096.png (Spoiler Image, 468.48 KB, 778x1433, Screenshot_20180905-095941~2.p…)

Ive seen alot of fucked up things online, but nothing has me question humanity more than males who legit turned their ballsack inside to become a futa

No. 291329

File: 1536169276713.jpg (Spoiler Image, 6.51 KB, 226x400, gvKEoIS_d.jpg)


No. 291330


Wow, anon, that's actually a really good theory.

Now if only sort-of self aware men could just pull their heads out of their asses and realize that change starts from within, that they don't have to be predatory and gross. Sigh. I can dream, right?

No. 291332


oh jesus.


Because there's too much money to be made from exploiting mentally ill people, anon. trans is a big business.

I hope people wake up to this and see what it's doing :(

No. 291334

File: 1536169366071.png (391.73 KB, 1642x1326, file.png)

The comment section is absolutely glorious!

No. 291335

File: 1536169445976.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.73 KB, 226x400, gCJUcSh_d.jpg)

Totally not a fetish guyz

No. 291336

File: 1536169558501.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.15 KB, 112x200, FcrvgLi_d.jpg)

The OP of the pics post looks sketch because of the low quality…but ffs.

No. 291337


Yesss. People realizing what these men are all about. glorious.

No. 291338

holy jesus this ain't right.

No. 291339

eww are the balls not there anymore?

No. 291349

File: 1536170433181.png (188.98 KB, 1080x1447, Screenshot_20180905-135537~3.p…)

No. 291350

File: 1536170459051.png (223.01 KB, 1080x1498, Screenshot_20180905-135543~2.p…)

No. 291371

Exactly. See, normal people who need jobs don't matter. And it wasn't just Paypal that pulled out, we had plenty of other companies grandstanding that they wouldn't do business with the state too. To these companies, and to trans activists and lib fems, it doesn't matter that this hurts the normal people in a state or city that need jobs. It doesn't matter if the economy of that area takes a hit. All that matters is tranny feelings. All that matters is being "on the right side of history" and standing up for the mentally ill trannies against the evil Southern state.

No. 291412

Stella Creasy wants to make misogyny a hate crime which means that trannies can't yell TeRfS!1!! anymore kek I hope she gets the law through


No. 291414

All those people just hit peak trans… glorious

No. 291423


Imagine being this brainwashed by the tranny agenda

No. 291438

File: 1536177973496.png (1.41 MB, 1381x691, ew.PNG)

I don't wish anything bad on real trans people (those that don't cause trouble and just want to live a normal life) but creeps and transtrenders make me want to puke. Also the hypocrisy around non passing troons is making me sigh. It's not a "lovely woman",it doesn't even look remotely like one. Just because it plastered lipstick on its lips and curled a few hair locks doesn't make it a woman. I can even see a mustache, come fucking on, at least try to pass a little.

No. 291444

This a thousand times.
Xcept the last part,I legit believe some of them just don't feel right and happy in their body and honestly if they wanna change,i'm all for it. But all the fuckers that do it for oppreshun points or for any fetish related reason should seek serious help, moreso than regular trans folks.
I also wish all those entitled pieces of shit would die (hurrdurr i'm moar of a wymin than you!! if you're a lesbean and don't date me it's troonphobic!!1!).
I honestly feel bad for actual trans people, they're suffering from a really bad mental illness,and on top of that they got a shitton of idiots like that which makes them look really bad.

No. 291445


What I find so remarkable about this post is its overwhelmingly positive reaction by the trans community. This isn't some post that is overblown by TERFs, this actually got 482 upvotes (which is quite high for /r/askTG) and has a few people in comments saying they may want to get the same surgery. No one in the comments is weirded out.

If you would show these pictures to some random person in real life, they would be disgusted and think that only a very mentally ill or a major pervert would do something like this to their body (rightfully so). I'm sure that with the help of sick individuals like this /r/askTG poster, more people soon will realize that the transgender movement is full of sick people that want them to pay for their risky and stupid surgeries.

Also, posts like this demonstrate perfectly why there should be no T in LBG. It's not harmful to be in same-sex relationships or to experiment with your sexuality. Transgenderism, on the other hand, makes people do things like getting your fucking balls cut off and get it replaced with a hole you have to stick a dildo in daily so it doesn't close up for $20k (that you demand to be paid for by your insurance because it's a "life-saving surgery" to cure your "dysphoria"). And even not considering genital surgeries, it's still really dangerous to take cross-sex hormones for a long period of time. It's mindblowing that TRAs act like nowadays people can just "choose your gender" and forget to bring up that there's major health risks involving doing HRT.

The truth is that a lot of trans-identified people would be just better off with extensive therapy and some time off the internet. And I'm sick of TRAs acting like suggesting that trans people should get therapy is the same thing as conservatives saying homosexuality can be "cured". When you think about it, conversion therapies and transgenderism are bad out of similar reasons: you can neither change your sexuality nor your sex. Even it's not always easy, people should accept who they are and realize they can be gender non-conforming without fucking their bodies up. Surgery and cross-sex hormones should be only considered as the last resort and are not to be normalized and propagated as not that big of a deal. But I digress, sorry.

No. 291446

damn that's really sad i love bill murray

No. 291462

Africans are safe, for now. They still hate Obama for the homo thing.

No. 291463

You can see the pain in their eyes. fucking hell, i'm never having children.

No. 291464

I didn't notice it was Bill Murray for a moment. I wonder if he thinks he's failed as a father? yikes…

No. 291467

File: 1536179840726.jpg (Spoiler Image, 110.59 KB, 960x720, 9GPDTLJhmepulfQyyIGqypYzb-7dqM…)


Semi off-topic but I checked out the post history of a commentator who said this surgery "looks like almost what I'm waiting for" and holy shit he posted this:


This tranny painted furry porn on his fucking door. It took him 6 hours. He also has a painting of a "trans guy" pissing hung up (https://imgur.com/W2tXW9Q) and lives with "3 other kinky trans witches". Also, he "buy[s] most of my toys second hand" (what the fuck, ew).

He seems exactly like the kind of person you'd expect to want such a fucked-up surgery.

No. 291477

Thats not Bill lol. Hes one of the improv comedians from Whose Line Is It Anyway.

No. 291479

File: 1536180834851.png (721.96 KB, 1143x540, wtf1.png)

some comedian (?) on FB posted this photo, the caption was something along the lines of "Happy Birthday to my Daughter!" and I'd say 90-95% of the comments were unquestioning support. Then I came across this gem. Not unsupportive of trans, just a trans "woman" acting so very nice and feminine uwu

No. 291481

File: 1536180856639.png (54.77 KB, 332x541, wtf2.png)

the rest

No. 291486

File: 1536182123959.png (113.98 KB, 767x779, lmao.png)

You'd think there would be pictures plastered with the sticker and bloody fingers, all for that extra drama, a lot of people claimed to see it however not a single picture. Really dinks your dink.

The thread if anyone wants to read the dumpster fire: https://twitter.com/miserydactyl/status/1037346067417890817

No. 291487

Straight white males that call themselves "trans women" larping as a oppressed class pisses me off so much. They have no idea what it's actually like being discriminated.

No. 291504

neo-nazis didn't invent the razorblade stickers
and honestly you'd have to really try to get cut at the same time as not noticing it's there in the first place for it to be dangerous

No. 291505

File: 1536184396630.png (1.33 MB, 1180x1284, ???cuts?????.png)

Yeah, this is mostly a popular urban myth going around in the leftist scene. This only happened once 2015 in Germany and since then I've never heard of it happening again. I doubt that a radical feminist would waste their time and money doing this, especially considering the risk that probably just the toilet cleaner (who are mostly women) would remove it.

>Officers on patrol this evening at Manchester Oxford Road have been made aware and will do a sweep of stickers in the toilet. CCTV etc will also be checked. Thanks

If it's true there probably will be some kind of news or police report released soon. If this is actually bogus, I hope this dude gets some repercussion for falsely reporting such thing.

>Just saw my first TERF sticker in the bathroom
>And I tried to take it down, and some assholes put razor blades behind it. I’m badly cut but okay.
I have removed my fair share of fascist stickers and I really don't get how someone could be "badly cut" even if someone actually put razor blades under there. Stickers are either very easily removable in one swipe or you kinda have to try to scratch them off with your nails. In the first case, you wouldn't be cut and in the second case you maybe would get something like a paper cut on a finger if you're unlucky.

>An update
>Took this to police and both the CMPD and the business owner are investigating this. :)
yeah sure

No. 291514

Neither do you if you have the time to complain on the internet all day about trans people keeping you down.

No. 291523

we got a live one

No. 291529

I usually try to hide my power level, but I had to comment on that video too. Fuck that dude, and fuck his misogynistic "more woman than women" horseshit.

No. 291565

kys faggot

No. 291572

But where are the pictures of the razorblades? And it wouldn't be such a small cut if they tried to take the sticker down without knowing the razor was there, that cut seems like it was made by a paper lol

No. 291578

File: 1536191343079.png (133.22 KB, 1186x452, Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 9.48…)

Holy shit our PM isn't fucking around

No. 291582

File: 1536191613726.jpg (135.4 KB, 750x1124, German engineering_2e2a2f_5786…)

No. 291589

File: 1536192837659.png (116.17 KB, 500x484, gay-couple-who-was-told-their-…)

What even are "potential transgender children"? "Katherine doesn't play with dolls, she must be actually a boy"? Like most kids are uncomfortable with their gender at some point, doesn't mean it needs to be changed. I remember when everyone moaned about parents being all like "It's just a phase" with their sexuality, but sexuality does not require fucking medical intervention and surgeries, so maybe we should think about children not being comfortable with their gender (probably because of stereotypes anyways) of them just "being in a phase"…

No. 291600

I think most kids just play with whatever toys and do whatever, especially girls. I remember when I was a kid, like maybe 6 or 7 years old, I was over at a friends house and she had a little pool we could play in. And I insisted on wearing swim trunks and not a bathing suit. This was back in the way early 90's. Anyway, my friends mom thought it was a little weird I think, but was like okay. So that's what I did and me and my friend sat in the water and had fun.

Could you imagine a girl doing that now? God, people would suddenly think she's a tranny. That's what this shit sounds like. "She's playing with trucks, not dolls, must be a tranny".

No. 291603

Pity everything else I've read about his other positions are shit-house.
Grant us some stability in a PM, universe. The joke isn't as funny from this side.

No. 291608

I meant the pictures of the stickers that the tranny said he found

No. 291611

I was an absolute tomboy. I didn't like dolls (they still creep me out), I didn't like pink, I didn't like dresses, I didn't like anything girly save for horses in 2nd grade or something, and it absolutely terrifies me that someone like me who took quite a long time to be really comfortable with my gender (looking back it's probably because I had too many male friends and was online in male communities too much) could not be thought of as "not a girly girl, more of a tomboy" but instead "definitely trans, we need to get him help!!!".

No. 291619

It's a sad day when a religious tard like Scott Morrison makes more sense than people on the left who are meant to be so ~free~ and progressive and totally against homophobia. The comments under his tweet are pure cancer.

But he's right. Let kids be kids. It's really that simple, stop transing them just cos they don't fit into strict gender roles FFS how don't people see how backwards and homophobic transgenderism is?

No. 291629


Never thought I'd agree with ScoMo in my life.

No. 291639

I'm legit scared of our future tbh. There is so much tranny propaganda now a days. I used to consider myself pretty liberal, but now leaning more towards center-right because of how bad things have become.

Telling children that if they are even a bit outside the social norm, they're trans, is so fucking dangerous. We're going to have an entire generation of kids who are going to try to transition think it's normal.

No. 291640

Same. And yes, 'let kids be kids' is the most sane thing i can hear him say towards trannies tbh. I'm so done with parents forcing their kids to be trans. How is that any different than grooming a child to be a bride?? you are grooming a child to be trans because they're probably femme boy or a tomboy. ffs.. this needs to stop.

No. 291642

Good. All these sexist pigs need to be called out. Trannies are the most sexist assholes ever, even more so than cis men half the time.

No. 291646

Honestly, I'm so scared for my baby cousin, he loves watching barbie shit and bright colors and loves boy shit. He is comfortable w/ himself and knows he is a boy. I am so scared since he is starting kindergarden and god knows what they are teaching in public schools around my town.

No. 291655

It's a damn papercut. What a lying sack of shit. Or an idiot. Probably both.

No. 291663

Seconding this. I used to consider myself liberal to a fairly extreme extent. Now I just say I'm a left leaning moderate. All because I see no issue in people using words like "nigga" and "retarded" in addition to me being like "Children under 18 should not be targeted by the trans movement, and health insurance should not cover gender reassignment surgery."

No. 291668

If anything I've gone more left. As in radfem/socialist/anti idpol. If people ask about my political beliefs, I say I'm a socialist or social democrat. I live in Western Europe and it's more socially acceptable here than it might be in the states or elsewhere in Europe.

> I see no issue in people using words like "nigga" and "retarded"

That's an objectively un-liberal stance to take so maybe you've just come across a better label for your beliefs.

No. 291675

The fuck..

No. 291676

leftists buy into this shit harder than liberals do tho, sad to say. they're fake as fuck leftists, but they dominate leftist spaces.

No. 291703

True. It's frustrating.

No. 291706

It's only objectively un-liberal in 2018, I was considered a liberal extremist in 2009, and I was vocal about how very retarded I thought right wingers were. Same with nigga/nigger, it's only "not liberal" in today's backwards climate. It used to be the conservatards you'd hear complaining about getting offended by everything (burning flags/bibles, gay people, cursing a lot, talking openly about sex, etc) and how people need to be more politically correct. Oh how times have changed.

No. 291709

Also, I've always considered myself a democratic socialist, ever since I learned the meaning of it back in '09 - I've been saying I want Bernie Sanders as our president since then, too. I'm just so beyond tired of people crucifying others for mild racism/sexism and "offensive" words like retard/nigga. That kind of word police/censorship attitude is only pushing would-be liberals into the sphere or the alt-right.