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No. 221232

Please keep all trans/gendercrit/TERF discussion to this thread. Any offshoots will be locked. Thanks.

No. 221242

File: 1515357937422.png (185.69 KB, 384x384, Ray_Blanchard.png)

Can we talk about Ray-Ray?

>Blanchard coined the term "autogynephilia" to describe trans women with an erotic desire "to be women," and hypothesized that all gender dysphoria experienced by this group is of two types: "homosexual" gender dysphoria and "non-homosexual" gender dysphoria. Blanchard defined the former as being present in transsexuals attracted to men, while he defined the latter as being present in transsexuals attracted to the idea of themselves as women.[12] Within the transgender community the idea has been criticized.[13] Blanchard's findings and research have been rejected by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), the largest association of medical professionals who provides care for transsexual people, as lacking empirical evidence.

Thoughts on him and his typology?

No. 221286

TERF-chan when?
This is bullshit. What's the purpose on a board with a primarily female userbase to usher all "gender critical" discussion to one post? Are the mods trannies?

No. 221288

And crystal cafe won't even ban the freaks so everybody has to deal with these losers. At this point a discord server would be better.

No. 221291

I guess it's because earlier someone made an FTM thread when we already have fakeboi general in /snow/, then two other troon threads here. There really does need to be, like, a s.c.u.m. chan or something. All the male apologists on here and cc get annoying too.

No. 221296

Tbh both sides are getting irritating because if it isn't some incel then its somebody accusing you of being an incel just because you won't become a lesbian.

No. 221297

why did the terf thread get lumped in here???

No. 221298

i'd join a discord.

No. 221300

I've seen more "lesbian masterrace, bis/hets are cucks" stuff than wanting women to become lesbians, but I see how either would be annoying lol.

No. 221307


I would like to continue discussing the topics in the TERF thread without having to scroll through endless images from the transpassing thread. And the discussions in the trans women thread appear to be mostly are blogposts.

I am probably going to drop out of the thread altogether.

No. 221308

Yet there are separate Man-hating and Misandry/Radical Feminism threads.

No. 221311

this. fucking the man hating thread is bad enough, fucking cray-non is in both of them wanting to turn men into sexy shota unics

No. 221334

>What's the purpose on a board with a primarily female userbase to usher all "gender critical" discussion to one post?
This. Also wouldn't threads be more active if the moderation was less intense? I get the purpose in /pt/ and /snow/ because it's annoying to scroll through shit posting but /ot/ and /g/ are for discussion and idk about you guys but when I come to these boards, I expect to be reading a lot. I don't think a conversation flows very well if you're being limited to one very specific topic.

Thirding this, assuming there isn't already one.

No. 221337

Or maybe anons are getting sick of you hijacking every single discussion thread into the direction of trannies.
You're being rewarded with a thread all because you couldn't make one yourselves and couldn't stop derailing others.
But sure, continue to complain and act like mods are being like, so unfair about this. Please just make a Discord.

No. 221341

File: 1515408975119.jpg (599.57 KB, 1275x849, agdq.jpg)

In the last few years many speedrunners have come out as trans. Not sure if people are familiar with it but there's a charity stream on twitch right now that runs for a week called AGDQ, and the amount of transgender runners and commentators is pretty high.

It's definitely a personality type, people who can obsessively speed run games for hours on end day after day

No. 221342

File: 1515409096720.jpg (471.58 KB, 1202x652, speedrunners.jpg)


Someone's theory about autogynephilia in speedrunners

No. 221348

Also has to do with anime and weeb culture in general, wanting to become their waifus and stuff. Being that a lot of them are incels, another factor could be that they genuinely believe women have easier, better lives and want to become one because of that. The mentality of "rape and sexual harassment are not as bad as being a virgin," is very common among MTTs and males in general.

No. 221349

I honestly think autistic males are more likely to be trans than others, and autistic males are also likely to be involved in the gaming community.

No. 221350

But we already hade our own threads, and now they're being closed and we're being railroaded to this one.

No. 221353

yeah if this thread turns out weird someone should make or point me in the direction of a discord

No. 221355

I lie about my views because of the extent of which it would alienate me from some of my loved ones if they knew the truth.

I consider it 110% a mental illness and I believe catering to the delusion is counterproductive. I suffered from gender identity delusions until I was 19 and cured myself through getting to the root of the problem and solving it, rather than choosing to live a lie and be miserable with my body. Now I love being female and strongly believe that giving into the fantasy is an awful way to "help" these people. Obviously, people should be able to dress and act however they want to, but that doesn't mean they have to pretend they're a different gender. Penis=male, vagina=female, it's as simple as that and really doesn't need to be made anymore complicated.

No. 221359

It always amazed me how many have some kind of profession related to computers.

Another thing that struck me after watching Mindhunter and reading about different serial killers, is how many if them engaged in crossdressing in some way or stole women's clothing before their crimes escalated to killing and/or raping women, including saving their body parts.

Got me to thinking about how fetishes are natural but some people take it too far, to the point of obsession. I straight up read have read many comments on 4chan lgbt where they say they didn't develop a hatred for their gender or get dysphoria until they learned about trans issues online or found out what traps are. I saw an article about trans children and the parents said their kid became obsessed with it after finding out about it on Tumblr.

It terrified me how few studies investigate the issue in a long term way, particularly in children. How many of them either haven't come to terms with their sexuality or their body, or how many have other issues like depression or have undergone something traumatic. When I saw this clip, I cant see it as anything other than disturbing.

No. 221386

This, I also used to be very confused about gender identity when I was a young teen. I thought that because I wasn't stereotypically feminine then I somehow wasn't a girl and it honestly fucked with my head until I thought rationally about it several years later. All this trans shit just ends up negatively enforcing stereotypical gender roles since it's telling impressionable people with low self-esteem that if they have any traits that are associated with the opposite gender then they must not be their own gender and should transition. You see this with a lot of MtFs that wear tons of makeup and act like a caricature of femininity and think that makes them a real woman.

No. 221393

God, that video makes me wanna puke

No. 221402

MtFs that wear tons of makeup and act like a caricature of femininity and think that makes them a real woman.

because gender is learned behavior. i said in a previous thread, but the real stickler that debunks trans is that gender is something you're socialized into. people who fit into stereotypes are fine with themselves because they are conditioned into thinking that gender socialization makes them female. that's why females(women) who have less stereotypical womanly traits think they are wrong or supposed to be men, society conditions people into it. that same society also pushes the idea that yes, not following strict gender stereotypes indeed means something is wrong with you. most people who have dysphoria only do so because of gender/sex association.

the most damning part is that gender stereotypes often differ between cultures, like how in japan being cute and demure and not sexual is desired, in the USA being a ditzy sexually attractive 'grown up' woman is. in fact, the west often criticizes japan's gender stereotypes for infantalization. even physically desirable traits different. in western culture, women who have smaller breasts, less curves often feel manly, even though smaller breasts and a thin, boxier (more ana) body type is desired in places like korea.

when i was younger i thought i was trans because i wanted to be dominant in bed, was aggressive and am tall. i ended up wishing i had a penis and hating my own female body because being dominant is a male behavior. i became a tomboy, started using strap-ons, even with male partners. it was only once i realized that how people wanted me to be had nothing to do with who i was that it stopped. now i am just me, not a tomboy anymore and realizing it's okay to like cutesy things and want to domme men (and women).

i honestly feel like transition is the worst of the worst thing. it just reinforces stereotypes, verifies insecurities and justifies the rigid gender socialization we have. "don't act manly or womanly enough, you have to change it cause it doesn't fit our rhetoric, fill the status quo and get back in line", but it's being done under the guise of progression, liberation and healing. it's a mirror of forced-transition of homosexuals in countries where homosexuality is outlawed. "can't be homosexual, just switch your gender/sex so you can "become" straight", it's sick.

No. 221405

I was so sad for that child when I saw another video of a consultation and the doctor is talking about orgasms and Jazz admitted they never had one, never masturbated, and never "experienced sexual sensation." This is a 17 year old who has never been aroused, never kissed before, and is probably impotent.

I just feel like it's sad that everything in their life is centered on this one thing and I wonder if it's worth it. Jazz has suffered severe depression already and they haven't explicitly stated it (from the limited clips I've seen) but they may be on anti depressants as well. I'm just wondering what part of the "transition" has cured anything. Already so damaged and at such a young age.

No. 221408

it's not worth it. anyone who is 'cured' is diluted. this 'cure' is disgusting and barbaric. even with hormones, the dysphoric brain doesn't accept physical changes as being real, it can't because dysphoric thoughts are disordered.

No. 221415

My experience was similar to yours.

I was gender confused during my "tween" years and believed that because I liked boy stuff and it seemed like boys had more fun, that I wanted to be a boy. I didn't realize that it was okay for girls to like all these things too. I rejected my "female" side. I went so far as dressing male and at one point even asked my family to call me Mike (they just lol'd and said no and that was the end of that).

Now I've grown up, realized that women and men can both like whatever they want, I've accepted my more feminine traits, and I'm happy with my body. I just really needed someone to sit down and talk to me about these issues.

If I had grown in todays culture, I'd have been accepted as trans, put on hormone blockers/test and potentially messed up my body physically for years to come. While I think that some people transition and it's legitimately what they want, it wasn't the case for me, and I think it probably isn't the case for a lot of people out there. I think a lot of people just need to sit down and really talk about their issues at their roots.

No. 221417

File: 1515449392229.gif (1019.98 KB, 500x375, giphy.gif)

About the killer thing; nowadays making a movie like this might no longer be possible…

No. 221480

he doesn't even pass anymore rip

No. 221486

I agree, at least the r/transpassing should be separate from this one

No. 221488

I posted this in the TERF thread before it was merged here.

Transactivists on Twitter successfully lobbied/bullied the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation into cancelling the broadcast of this documentary examining transgender kids.



Different causes of children desiring to be the opposite sex aside from gender dysphoria are discussed.

No. 221489


Nor are we allowed to enjoy satire of trannies.

No. 221491

similar experience, and really stoked the initial female poster was free to Domme her partners.

i have an older brother and i grew up not understanding gender because i just assumed how he was treated was how i either was t be treated, or would be treated as i got older. i had crushes on boys and girls but was convinced i was a lesbian (didn't know the term nor care about the necessity for one at that age), and was a complete tomboy. i remember having been told not to use the boys bathroom after following my brother, and not to be as "brave because I was not a boy, let the boys do that" and I never knew what being a girl even was until I kept getting told no.

Maybe kids just understand gender is performance, and no one fits the stereotype. Angst over it is normal, but if I had someone online telling me how much happier I would have been as a boy, it would have fucked up my whole life. When you're that young you should be developing your personality, not your gender rigidity.

I still am a closeted lesbian that sleeps with men out of self harm because i dated low-key abusive dudes so i could hang out with their other male friends as a group. it's really fucked up and i wish a fuckload more acceptance was being taught instead of just "switching teams".

and i don't get people's obsession with trannies being misogynistic assholes and the dumb women that support them. it's so hateful and all it does is objectify and humiliate women to the point of being caricatures equated to trash.

No. 221509

gender is something parents teach children, like discrimination. and parents are so quick to want to force their kids into bubbles they want them in.

No. 221550

Is anyone here from a different culture, and feels especially alienated by trans rhetoric because of it?

My family is from a pretty shit part of Latin America, where like….yeah, femininity and womanhood=prettiness, but really, there's just not enough healthcare and money and education to separate things like forced pregnancy and molestation from the experience of womanhood. Not that that can really be done in the US either, but like….when you have easier access to abortion and school as women, I feel like it's easier for men to be like "oh tee hee, I'm a girl!" because it's not as bound up in the brutal, body-centric shit.

My secret opinion as an Oppressed latina W Oh Cee is that all this gender stuff is the fantasy of men who can afford it. Back where I'm from, there's no way to pretend that being a woman isn't about some degree of suffering. These fucking….wannabe anime princesses who two years ago were straight white gamer boys have absolutely nothing in common with my experience of womanhood. And I feel like I'm fucking suffocating because there's nowhere I'm allowed to talk about this.

No. 221567

This type of shit is why I get absolutely enraged when transwomen say shit like "I'm more of a woman because I had to work for it." Like, fuck you no. That is some seriously fucked up, dismissive, ignorant shit right there. It is even in areas where women have reproductive rights and education, but in a place like where you live it's even more disgusting.

This movie is actually loathed in the trans community, which is absolutely ridiculous seeing as he's inspired by a real serial killer.

No. 221568

>If I had grown in todays culture, I'd have been accepted as trans, put on hormone blockers/test and potentially messed up my body physically for years to come. While I think that some people transition and it's legitimately what they want, it wasn't the case for me, and I think it probably isn't the case for a lot of people out there. I think a lot of people just need to sit down and really talk about their issues at their roots.

There's countless people who have been cured of their gender dysmorphia or who consider their lives ruined by their transition, but the media never tells their stories because it's considered offensive. There's articles on this phenomenon and how much of a role censorship plays in furthering the trans agenda. Half of people who get sex reassignment surgery end up strongly regretting it, but you only hear about the "success" stories.

I can't remember her name, but there's this one particularly tragic story of a ftm in Belgium who was euthanized because after her surgery she felt like a monster.

No. 221578

This woman tends to disagree. Lol

No. 221584

Lol, now they claim he's not trans and that it "is super empowering, because it basically says that being trans isn't simply wanting to be another gender" uhm what else is it then…?!

No. 221589

I can relate to this as well. When I was growing up I was tall, deep-voiced, with masculine facial features and masculine interests. Most of my friends were guys and I felt happy cutting my hair short, wearing no makeup and guys' clothes, and being called "dude," "man," "one of the guys" etc. But when I was growing up I'd never heard any of this stuff about gender identity or transgenderism, which I am really thankful for. Because I was never given the idea as a kid that wanting to act/appear like a guy = you can't be a woman and having a female body is wrong for you, it just didn't occur to me to hate my female body. Sure sometimes I'd entertain the thought of what it'd be like to be born male, but I was just allowed to be whoever I wanted to be, regardless of my genitalia or secondary sex characteristics. Because in reality those things don't change your life or your personality. I can only imagine though what a hellhole of self-hatred and confusion I would have fallen into though if I were born a few years later during the heyday of gender identity politics. Almost definitely I would have ended up hating my female identity and feeling compelled to change myself to fit what these gender-essentialist rhetoric says I "should be." It's so damaging to people especially kids growing up today and trying to figure themselves out.

No. 221599

>because after her surgery she felt like a monster.

this is a sad truth. gender reassignment surgery is bogus, it doesn't actually do anything. until science is advanced enough to make people their own genitals or just allow people to switch brains, it will never be anything short of mutilation.

No. 221600

being a serial killer and wanting to wear women's skin, obviously.

No. 221602

i'd fuck me

No. 221609

Gonna try to find this. Holy shit.

Every single FTM is in something similar to the "sunken place"

I find them very sad to watch at first then when I see how disrespectful they are to female I just laugh at them

Those MTF are never going to help FTM get dicks lol.

No. 221627


The documentary >>221488 includes a woman who detransitioned who speaks out against encouraging youth to transition.

No. 221630

it's disgusting people would go so far to sensor reality and possibly hurt others just to further their narrative, but more disgusting people let them.

No. 221631


No. 221641

Has there been a good write up of the autogenophile (?) smirk? Its probably there but every search result are Tumblr mtf posting their absurd smirks in an effort to reclaim the word.

I know it's from gendertrender by gallusmag originally I just can't find the write up.

No. 221739

Peak intersectional feminism in this article. Black woman shits all over the ebul white feminist menace in favor of dudes in dresses.


> They shouldn’t just have a hat, they deserve a name to describe who they are and warn others of you the carnage they produce. White feminists are Terrible Humans Oppressing Trans Sisters. Yes. White women who wear pussy hats are the T.H.O.T.S. of 2018.

No. 221745

I've pretty much given up on blacktivism at this point. They make great points about shitty white men, but they throw them away when that white man puts on a dress. Not to mention how hard they work for black men, yet those black men still fucking hate them. Their self-hatred is too deeply rooted for me to fuck with them. I'll tolerate "white feminists" over men anyday.

Ironic as fuck that their men are the ones killing trannies the most too lol

No. 221753

Yeah, I can't deal with blacktivism either. Black women seem to hate white women so much, they'll gladly shit on them in favor of men wearing womanface. It's sad they can hate other women that much, instead of trying to stand with them.

No. 221755


It started with the discussion in the comments of this entry


No. 221769

File: 1515591531006.jpg (98.39 KB, 540x540, beautiful transwomen.jpg)

the iconic DreamWorks face?

No. 221941

File: 1515683888176.png (134.59 KB, 306x220, 1515524855209.png)

Was anyone else let down by an immense lack of actual female speedrunners at AGDQ this year? I kept the stream going as background noise at some parts, but whenever I'd hear a "she" I'd look over and it'd be some mentally ill guy who makes no effort whatsoever to pass, or stereotypes how a woman looks down to a caricature.

There's been rumor that ProtoMagicalGirl (the guy who almost ruined SGDQ 2017 with his trans shenanigans) is the reason why the Twitch chat is in sub-only mode this year and you get banned from chat for just accidentally misgendering a trans woman on screen, referencing gender at all or using the "wrong" emotes.

While there were a handful of very good runs this year, I dunno if I'll tune in for SGDQ 2018 due to the event becoming more and more about just getting exposure for autogynephiles in dresses and handing out asspats rather than the actual runs themselves.

Pic related is the "women" that were sitting on the couch fir the Metroid Prime 3 run

No. 221945

I wouldn't even clock these people as trans. They just look like men.

No. 221953

>implying they are any more or less real than "real trans"


No. 221961

they aren't. but generally there's at least a tokenistic effort at some kind of traditional performative femininity and I don't even see that here.

No. 222197

Is the one next to the ? Zinnia Jones or whatever he calls himself? Don’t wanna google because I don’t want to have to claw my eyes out.

No. 223250

meant the turd emoji.

No. 223279


I was frustrated by this too. I'm also in the indie dev and esports scene, and it's so fucking frustrating. There are so few women, and then you hear "she" and you get so pumped, and….yeah. Then you're disappointed.

I worry that it's going to mean there will be absolutely no movement on like….the pipeline issues here. The only women involved are people who've spent their lives as straight gamer dudes. They were fine being into these things their whole life. Now they fulfill the girl quota, and in the meantime, actual young women continue to be left out and shat on if they get into this stuff at all. Not to even get into the more nitty gritty stuff, like these industries having no concept of like, maternity leave for their employees….

No. 223290

If you're watching this stream why don't you try to join in and dominate it as you'd be the only real woman there

Seriously i see so many things that girls have interests in but trans women just fill them up quickly without a doubt. If you really tried you can probably be the change we need to see

No. 223295

>work your fucking ass off so that you can play super monkey ball 2 in a musty room full of neckbeards
it's just not worth it. like the only prize is getting to sit on that nasty couch with da Big Boys™ while they make lowkey sexist remarks and try to hit on you. they'll probably be even more hostile towards you, especially if you're not a god at the game you're running.

No. 223300

File: 1515737872376.jpg (1.86 MB, 2059x1697, agdqrunners.jpg)

I think there's some level of clique-ness going on with preference for trans runners making it in. Especially because protomagicalgirl seems to be one of the main organisers.

No. 223302

True, true. Im just saying if you really loved that game and wanted to live the pro gamer~ life you'd be making history in many of these games. Didn't overwatch just get their first woman pro player?

Damn. That's a shame. Well men support men at the end of the day. I support you anon if you want to be about that life. And I feel like it's really disturbing they don't have a trans category they just decide they want to dominate women's sports whenever they feel like it.


No. 223303

File: 1515739143600.png (170.38 KB, 568x473, 2018-01-12-013306_568x473_scro…)

Over 99% of speedrunners are male. This is primarily due to lack of female cognitive ability to play video games.

Every other reason is secondary.

Women that can play competitive video games on the same level as men are extremely rare.

Personally I fucking lmao whenever some transgender dude enters all-female leagues and dominates them.

>Well men support men at the end of the day.

You must have men confused with women. Men are highly competitive and constantly want to assert themselves higher in the pecking order.

Women are the ones who work like a cartel, collectively trying to increase the economic value of their vaginas, demanding higher and higher costs from men in exchange for access to their vaginas, and shaming any woman that gives away vagina access for too cheap, because it makes the cartel look bad.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 223304

I mean it goes both ways I suppose

I didn't know that about competitive gaming. Gonna check that out. Thank you for the knowledge

No. 223307

If all these trannies could just pair off with each other or the incel type guys and leave the rest of us alone, it seems like it could actually be a great deal for all of us

No. 223308

Lul I didn't even realize he was saying the girl brain shit. God I'm so dumb for actually googling that to see if it was true. Mods please ban me I deserve it.

No. 223312

Ironically, trannies only want to fuck real women.

No. 223321

I would speedrun if I could, but it's also a matter of time I don't have to actually practice speedrunning, as I'm nearly a full time student. And I just don't know if I would be able to play the same game all day and have little to no other hobbies in my life.

It's not like I haven't been apart of a competitive scene before. I frequented local SSB4 tourneys in the city I lived in and placed decently each time. I was one of the only female participants, and guys there were initially skeptical of my abilities until I started winning consistently.

To get rid of the stigma that "lol gurls aren't good at games" I think that women being present and skilled at the games they play needs to be normalized. Not just women being there for the sake of filling a diversity quota and tokenism, but there to be exceptional at the games they play. There will be many obstacles to overcome that aren't fair, such as an increased risk of potential sexual harrassment, having to work twice as hard as your average male speedrunner to be seen as being his equal and the skepticism and doubt of your own abilities by dumb, sweaty neckbeards. But if skilled women speedrunners were to be normalized, then I believe such a stigma would cease to exist and it would make other women and girls more comfortable to pursue that same goal.

No. 223353

Yeah, that's Zinnia Jones

No. 223597

File: 1515806106454.png (1 MB, 800x1170, Screenshot_2018-01-12-17-10-21…)

Would anyone like to discuss pregnant "men" and transactivists raising their children gender- and sex-neutral, such as the Canadian trans couple who refused to name their child's sex on its birth certificate?


No. 223615

No. 223625

They both look female as fuck. I mean, look at the pregnant woman's face and tell me that's a man.

No. 223626

im sorry for being offtopic but what the FUCK is wrong with that person's hair/forehead??? It almost looks shaved, how can someone's hairline start so far back? I refuse to believe that's real

No. 223627


It's called male pattern baldness, anon.

No. 223631

>FtT transition documented on Youtube including mastectomy and male hormones
>went off male hormones three years prior to video
>is now in a gay relationship with a man
>36 weeks pregnant

No, you're a woman in a heterosexual relationship.

No. 223635

File: 1515810844776.jpg (156.56 KB, 634x634, 40FA397400000578-4560560-Big_n…)

Another "gay male" couple who have a biological child together:

I didn't ever dream of having, or wanting to have, a biological child. One, I didn't think it would be possible, and two, it took a long time for me to be strong enough in my identity as a man to be able to do that.

Most trans men don’t have the relationships with their body that would allow them to engage in something that still feels so rooted in femininity. It's something that their mothers did, their sisters did.

I hope that some of that is social, that it isn't an inherent part of being transgender … I hope the negative stigma around it lessens. People won't say, "Well, you're not really a man then."


No. 223637

They've just gone bald and not shaved the rest off. Have you never seen guys who can't accept that they're balding?

No. 223639


please make a lesbian scum chan where we do not need to see this martyrdom shit

No. 223641

a radfem imageboard would be heavenly.

No. 223740

What's with all the trans pandering in /pt/ and /snow/? Are those boards just contaminated with PULL and tumblr users now? The Robbie White thread attracts the most stans of… basically any thread on /snow/ and everyone's using they/them pronouns in the fakeboi general (lmao). The latter is especially weird because those girls are fujos, even if you do drink the trans kool-aid you shouldn't pander to them. I think I remember someone actually referring to Chris Chan as a girl one time in his thread too, hue hue.

A different site really would be great, it's pretty jarring to go from the autism/internalized misogyny on those boards to the (Cool) autism/male-hate on /ot/ and /g/.

No. 223769


no. no general "radfem" imageboard full of these bincel* who actually believe lesbians are out there forcing them to leave their husbands and murder their children, a lesbian terf imageboard.

(*the reason bis get called incels is because they whine and cry biphobia when lesbians say they don't wanna fuck them, and at the same time act as if we've about to force them leave their boyfriends.

at least when straight women have their "evil lesbians want to turn me into lesbians!" psychoses they do not try to force lesbians to fuck them at the same time like bisexuals)(derailing)

No. 223933

File: 1515925750579.jpeg (50.64 KB, 1200x675, DTY4hvCXkAA8qJE.jpeg)

Tag urself fam

No. 223936

What the fuck is wrong with being a tomboy these days?
I don't want to make a sweeping generalization but most who claim to be enbies or any Transgender Lite, tend to be 15 year old girls who like having short hair, wear pants and play video games.
That would make you a tomboy or gender non-conforming kid, damn it!
Either that or those who mistakenly believe they are enbies usually confuse NORMAL BODILY ISSUES that all men and women can be forced to conform as.
Just because you don't like some things about being female, that does not mean you must become male now.
Why are they making a social movement about personality traits that make you, YOU? Why are these people piggy backing on LGBT rights for the "lost rights" because people think your sub-culture is bizarre?
We're sending the wrong message here that if you aren't a feminine woman or a masculine man, then you must be trans.
All it does is reinforce rigid stereotypes we have tried breaking down for years!
It's a bad message to say that a dad can hate his feminine son for crying but he can take pride that his son, now a daughter can cry harder!

No. 223939

Okay so this looks like whoever made it thinks there are """genders""" more feminine than female and """genders""" more masculine than male? Just, why? Did they mention what these fake genders are called or is it just like "we don't need words, shitlord uwu"?

Honestly this is just a spectrum of gender expression, not new "genders". Why are these people so obsessed with labeling everything and forcing everyone into categories? Tomboys aren't any less female than girly-girls just because they choose a different way to live and express themselves. But I guess it isn't spechul uwu enough since it doesn't give you oppression points.

No. 223941

File: 1515928839168.jpg (72.63 KB, 702x960, 12-07-34-downloadfile.jpg)

Really?'Cause personally I've only ran into lesbians treating straight and bi women like shit, then crying lesbophopia when someone calls them out on being assholes. They might be opressed irl, but cause of this they have holy cow status in radfem community. For example, they pull shit like not allowing straight/bi women to have a space to discuss issues related to being in relationship with men (excluding lesbians from your female safe space is lesbophobic!!! reeeEEEEE) or they give unwanted advice ("just give up on romance altogether and focus on female friendships!" while hugging their gf).
Plenty of cool lesbians in the world, but radfem lesbian has a 50/50 chance of being awful.

No. 223942

This is the same "bi women are out there for me" lunatic from the previous radfem thread. Do not engage.

No. 223957

this tbh, their political lesbianism bullshit is annoying and gross

No. 223975

There are so many people out there trying to divide us as women.

Firstly, people who create fighting over our sexuality. All these debates over what "lesbian", "bisexual" or "pansexual" mean and who fucks who is so pointless. You know what all three have in common? They're all women who date/fuck other women. Getting into the specifics is so pointless because they mean something different to everyone and everyone has their own sexual preferences. Nobody can speak for an entire group and it's fucking stupid to.

Next, the definition of what it means to be a woman. If you were born a woman and with female features, you're a woman. How you dress is irrelevant. If you're trans, you're posing as a stereotype of woman and while I totally appreciate that trans women can experience some of the same problems we face (like catcalling, for example) and I believe everyone should be able to do w.e they want in life, they should never be allowed to dominate a conversation about feminism. Feminism and trans rights are two separate things. The only reason trans people started putting pressure on feminists to accept them and talk about trans issues is because there was no way they were going to get that support from men or MRAs.

All of this gender shit lately is so annoying. The thing is, most of the people partaking in it (or at least in my experience) are women. Which is really sad because it means that women are adopting all of this "asexual, genderfluid, non-binary" shit to escape gender roles and toxic masculinity. It's further dividing us. Trans men don't want to partake in feminist circles because they see feminists as "terfs" (or w.e argument was constructed to cause fighting between us) even though most of what feminists campaign for (abortion, contraception, healthcare etc.) benefits them too. Men partaking in it get to claim that they're an oppressed group now which is such fucking bullshit. I mean can you imagine how the last wave of feminists would react to this shit?

Another big problem is all the conversation over race. Regardless of the colour of your skin or your culture, we're all women. We can talk about our experiences and where we come from without shutting down others from talking because they're "privileged". Women from all walks of life have a shitty time. It's like saying a rich person can't have depression because they're "privileged" and we should cut them off from speaking because there are people of different races/classes/cultures who also have depression and they're more important to talk about lmao. Depression doesn't discriminate, gender inequality doesn't discriminate. Emma Watson recently going on about her "white privilege" irritates me ngl.

So yeah, when you feel compelled to argue with another woman about sexuality or race or gender, stop yourself and remember that we're both women. We all come from different backgrounds and have different experiences but we all have one thing in common. Let's try to become more of a unit again, instead of splitting off into groups and infighting because that's what men want.

No. 223998

Jesus, what's up with that horrible mismatched everything and old running shoes coupled with white socks? He looks like he stole clothes from his grandmother, pearls and everything, but her slightly elevated heels were too uncomfortable for him.

Plus, I can see the horrible diet reflected in his skin and face. He looks like a 60 year old guy instead of a young man.

No. 224044



No. 224092

I agree.
Nowadays when it comes to the LGBT climate, it's mainly only the T part that has gone batshit insane over the years.
It's mainly them who are causing this insane internal conflict.
The main thing I worry about is that young girls are taking hormones that permanently deform their bodies because this culture teaches them that being a straight "cis" girl is wrong.
And years later down the line they will completely regret the transition.
Same with men. Everyone tries to contribute everything as being signs of trans.
They try to socialize most people in those circles that there is something wrong with heterosexual women when heterosexual women have been Tumblr's biggest users for years. And like you said, invalidate everything they say because they are white.
The saddest thing is, it's women themselves who are trans identifying that tear down other women!
Not to mention men who are trans identifying who are complicit too!
In short, it's basically misogyny and internalized misogyny with a progressive hat.

No. 224097

>"it's mainly only the T part that has gone batshit insane over the years. It's mainly them who are causing this insane internal conflict."
>conveniently forgets that everything after T, most of T, and the ones supporting T are Bisexuals

Lol fuck 90% of this post, this shit is why I'm not a radfem.

inb4 "it's da ebul bi-hating heterophobic monster from the terf thread!!"

No. 224099

Anon, I don't consider anyone else beyond T part of the LGBT alphabet soup.
Should you really be pinning everything on bisexuals? Or should I have added that tumblr lesbians and bisexuals also tend to be part of the shitfits?

No. 224100

You should, "q*eers" are often just as autistic as Ts.

>Should you really be pinning everything on bisexuals?

Yeah, they are the ones who originally shit up the community after all. They "I am feel uncomfortable when we are not about me?"-d so hard that it's just BT at this point.

>should I have added that tumblr lesbians and bisexuals also tend to be part of the shitfits?

But anon, 99% of tumblr lesbians are bis larping as lesbians because the word sounds cooler :^)

No. 224101

can we stop with this meme? it's gotten really old…bi people are not causing any problems, they just make people like you butthurt.

also i noticed that everyone who gets butthurt about bi girls is just jelly they can't be lesbian for a while and go het to make mommy happy. haha.

No. 224102

File: 1515996660949.jpg (48.64 KB, 768x1007, Transgender-leaflet-cover-768x…)

This is one an example of the very real and harmful problems which result from conflating gender and biological sex or allowing designations of gender to replace those of biological sex in medical documentation.

The NHS has had to create and distribute a pamphlet as part of an outreach campaign to ensure trans people receive necessary health screenings "because individuals are not invited for screening because of the gender they are registered as with their GP. For example, individuals registered as male may not be called for female specific cervical and breast screening, even though they might benefit from it."


No. 224103

>bi people are not causing any problems, they just make people like you butthurt.
Right, let's ignore history and pretend like you guys dindu nuffin because #notallbis!

>also i noticed that everyone who gets butthurt about bi girls is just jelly they can't be lesbian for a while and go het to make mommy happy. haha.

AHAHAHA is that what you guys tell yourselves? "Those mean ol' lesbians are just jelly!! They wish they could suck dick as good me!!" This is why I (and many other lezbeans) would honestly rather die a lonely virgin than date a bi girl.

No. 224104


>young girls are taking hormones that permanently deform their bodies because this culture teaches them that being a straight "cis" girl is wrong.

Shouldn't this be, "this culture teaches them that being a butch lesbian is wrong"?

It's the butch lesbian identity which is being erased by transactivism. See any number of detransitioned women's experiences as references.

No. 224105

i'm not bi sorry, just not insane.

No. 224106


Anons, simply do not engage with this person.

No. 224107

got it. i think we should report for infighting too.

No. 224108


And flaming.

No. 224109

Oh, so you're a cocksucker who feels the need to wk bis and tell lesbians how to feel huh? Okay, sorry I bothered you.(infighting)

No. 224117

File: 1515998985398.jpg (85.63 KB, 448x750, 492ea6bbf73a110829478a10e4f069…)

I am an old.

Back in my day, lesbians were comfortable being butch or femme, heterosexual girls and women were comfortable being tomboys, many people across all sexualities played with androgyny, and unisex and cross-gender clothing was both high fashion and marketed to the masses [pic related from Seventeen Magazine, September 1984].

Someone get these enby genderfluid transbian and fakeboi snowflakes off my lawn.

No. 224119

Pretty good post, I agree with most of this. I agree strongest with transwomen speaking over women on womens topics, and the race shit creating needless division.

No. 224177

it infuriates me people can do this. your sex is a real tangible thing, trans people are setting us back so far, not just feminism, but society in general. biology has nothing to do with social gender, but i guess when you choose to ignore biology and think your butchered vag and enlarged clit are a dick you're not gonna agree with biology at all.

No. 224182


Can't the transactivists see what a disservice they are doing to themselves when they deny their biology when it comes to the health?

The conflation of sex and gender in legislation and documentation (birth certificates, government ID cards, health ID cards, census) is detrimental to everyone on both an individual level and on a societal level.

Why are so many governments in the western world pandering to the trans lobby? They and their allies do not comprise a particularly large voting base.

No. 224183

File: 1516035114949.png (309.22 KB, 498x499, 1515957644377.png)

anyone else here agree with a lot of what TERFs say but don't consider themselves radfem or even feminist at all? if that makes sense lmao

No. 224185

File: 1516035745719.jpg (40.27 KB, 712x600, Pussy_Hat_Sticker.jpg)

Wearing the pink pussy hat at the upcoming Women's March is discouraged for reasons of inclusion.

I despair liberal feminism.


No. 224186

i can't believe their entitlement. imagine if amputees acted this way about their situations. i know it's just because mtt are so envious of real women and want to wear our skin they get ~~triggered~~ by literal reality. they just cannot accept reality at all. don't we teach others to accept reality? why not trans people?

>the reality that they are not going to be the sex they way

>the reality that SRS is mutilation
>the reality that they can and should learn to be comfortable with their own sex and that they can choose to be gender non-conforming

but instead they get fed lies, their delusions get promoted, their egos stroked and their wallets drained by hack doctors. and now they are our problem because they cannot handle any kind of rejection.

fuck this earth.

No. 224189

yea, not being feminist doesn't mean you can't agree with them. if anything this whole trans issue has given me more of a desire to become feminist, or atleast feminist aligned. i am egalitarian by nature so not against women's rights by any means, just more wanting society to change positively for everyone. i still acknowledge concepts like toxic masculinity and honestly i used to be kind of neutral on the trans camp (even though mutilation and stuff bothers me) but i am totally against it now after seeing stuff that's actually taking hold, and some real life experiences…

i don't really dislike men, just how they become due to upbringing, and i don't dislike trans people either, but i feel like they are subconsciously trying to push their sexist agenda from the inside.

No. 224194

So we shouldn't be proud of our genitalia. Lovely. You know what that sounds a lot like? Something that came from the people they're supposedly protesting against. Ironic, isn't it?

This plus the fact that people get triggered over womb and ovary imagery at abortion rights protests irritates me. PEOPLE WHO GET ABORTIONS HAVE WOMBS HOLY SHIT WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE MARCHING FOR.

No. 224195


The pussy hat was not intended as a literal representation of women's genitalia. But of course the MtT took it there.

No. 224202


for some reason this reminded me of the south park bit where mtt mr garrison thought he was pregnant and got pissed off about it. but irl and not funny.

No. 224235

File: 1516049768090.png (53.23 KB, 625x415, these-men-will-teach-you-every…)

Not exactly trans, but I felt this was too "controversial" to dump off into the bad makeup thread since it would inevitably spark political discussion.

I hate this men with beards and makeup shit all over Instagram.


Why are we expected to kiss their asses for beating their faces while when we do this shit we get comments like

>why do you have that shit all over your face

>do you wear this because you're insecure

Nobody expects a fucking man to have colored lips or long lashes or rosy cheeks, so what purpose does it serve for these men to be doing this? Don't even get me started on how many times somebody tries to bring up ancient Egyptian men wearing makeup or men during rococo France.

No. 224239

>Nobody expects a fucking man to have colored lips or long lashes or rosy cheeks, so what purpose does it serve for these men to be doing this?
Maybe it's a hobby/something they enjoy doing?
Go back to the 1950's.

No. 224241

lmao stop.

i get saying fuck you to gender roles, but just wear makeup that looks good on you. wearing women's s makeup and trying to look like a girl is fucking stupid.

No. 224242

Makeup can be artistic, if he likes it then let him be. There's bigger things to worry about than a handful of gay guys wearing makeup.

No. 224243

That was exactly my point. Not sure why the other two are salty. Tranny or fag influx?

I'd love to because then we'd have less of you diseased fuckers running around. :^)

No. 224246

You sound like the type of person who doesn't let anybody complain about anything at all because children in africa are starving.

No. 224252

I see nothing wrong with men having an interest in wearing makeup. He doesn't do it to look like a woman, since he presents masculine otherwise. Its just a hobby/work, not trying to infiltrate the female gender lol

No. 224263

>doesn't do it to look like a woman
i guess i missed the memo that thick long lashes and bright red lips are in for men.

>presents as masculine

don't you people usually say something like 'hur dur women can have beards too' or something?

No. 224264

He looks fully male(body, face, hair, facial hair, clothing) apart from wearing makeup, how is that not still looking like a dude?

No. 224265

Makeup should be for everyone not just women. I like that Manny and Patrick say, "Just because I wear makeup doesn't mean I'm trying to be a girl. I'm just a man who likes makeup."

The real issue is they do get away with a lot more and have had instances in their career that are less scrutinized than the woman BG. They get more opportunities because they're a "minority" in makeup lol. JC was a Covergirl and he can't apply makeup for shit.

No. 224268

Exactly. Why is everybody stanning for these men when they benefit directly BY BEING MEN WHO WEAR MAKEUP. Women are constantly subject to condescension for what they do with makeup or clothes or hair but now twinks are allowed to do it, look horrible, and it's #yassqueenwerk. Why does a man get a spot on Covergirl over millions of women? Because of his twink male privilege. I'm pretty sure the only lesbian woman they've used as a Covergirl is Ellen and OF COURSE she is masculine, not femme.

No. 224283

What do you farmers make of this?

No. 224292

One of many detransitioning videos to come.

I don't feel bad for him. Am I supposed to? Just another horny man who decided being a woman is a sexually charged feminime performance act.

No. 224305


Sounds like he went to an informed consent clinic.

No. 224315

I'll never understand why trannies forget that excluding things that have to do with female anatomy also excludes Trans men.

No. 224318

It's because people only care about real men. Fuck females, all that matters is that no one hurts Adam's feelings when he chooses to put on matte blue lipstick, a party city wig, and some illfitted clothes from the girls clothing section of walmart and call himself Brittany.

Again, the government is humoring them because they're men and men always have to get their way.

No. 224321

But men naturally have thicker, longer lashes…
Dress anon, is that you again?

No. 224323

Actually, if you just search for it in youtube, there are quite many of them already
Unfortuatly just not hitting it as big as the 'opposite' vids

No. 224325

File: 1516089894416.jpeg (309.39 KB, 1242x815, 48A70ACB-1509-48FB-B780-29ECAA…)

My biggest issue is whenever companies feel progressive, they decide to give a male a woman’s spot in a campaign.

They never decide to just make a new line of completely unisex clothing using men and woman to show how’d they look on different bodies.

They just think “lol let’s put a man in a skirt and make him the face of the new woman’s line”

They would NEVER put a woman in a male campaign unless she’s a sex object because once again woman always have to be progressive and bend backwards to accommodate men.

They did it recently with a fucking drag queen on the Bettie Page underwear line, because oh no getting an ACTUAL woman for a lingerie isn’t progressive enough, let’s get some broad chested gay man.

No. 224326

I see it fitting Bettie Page brand. Back then her BDSM modeling was really transgressive, so I can see why they would put a transwoman or a guy (not sure of his identity) in lingerie.
I agree that making a session with both male and female models would be tons better.

No. 224327

He’s just a drag queen snowflake who’s ~gender fluid~

No. 224342

If they did put a woman in there then it would be sexist as the woman would be displayed as a sex object for men to ogle at from afar

No. 224361

No, since it's an underwear line for women not some playboy magazine!

No. 224365

>underwear for sex isn't objectifying


No. 224374

>"I believe us transgender women have a strength unlike any other"

No. 224375

>mfw people get up in arms about cosplayers 'blackfacing' (tanning for cosplay) but these men can 'woman face' and they're brave?

i wish these men would help their fellow man sort out their toxic masculinity issues instead of parading around as a woman and slicing up their junk.

No. 224405

Lmao you saw that shit in the uggo cosplayers thread, too? People are a riot.

>you can't tan, it means blackface

>but men are allowed to cake themselves in makeup

No. 224410

not only that, they're allowed to get fake tits and act like actual caricatures. but they're ~real~ even more real than us cis scum!

No. 224431

great! i love stuff like this…

No. 224455

File: 1516140765915.png (271.23 KB, 1393x484, luciddreaming.png)

This was posted to a subreddit about lucid dreaming, and it got upvoted a lot…

He could FEEL his vagina, guys.

Full thread: https://np.reddit.com/r/LucidDreaming/comments/7poxut/as_a_trans_girl_lucid_dreaming_can_help_me_feel/

No. 224457

File: 1516141324866.png (267.44 KB, 960x820, failed man.PNG)

No. 224470

He’s probably never touched a real vagina before. Lel

No. 224472

File: 1516147035147.webm (2.56 MB, 720x418, 1516138995529.webm)

>Jazz was put on puberty blockers when he was 4
>he has a micropenis that's 2.5 inches because of this
>he can't do a standard sex reassignment surgery because of the small size, the doctor would have to use part of his colon (and also stated for the first few months his neovagina would have a septic smell)
>to do this, Jazz has to lose 30 pounds
>after this, Jazz has begun extreme binge eating, including driving to take out places in secret with his recently acquired license
>also, he's expressing a sexual interest in other girls despite allegedly being into boys before

No. 224473

File: 1516147133106.webm (2.51 MB, 1408x788, 1516140464850.webm)

>his mom who started all this shit and put her child on reality tv is discussing how will Jazz take the d with her friends

No. 224474

Man I used to laugh at Jazz but now I just feel sorry for him. His mom is fucking nuts and destroyed his body, ruining any chance at a normal life for him, because she wants to be on TV.

No. 224482

The trans women mention cis women multiple times, yet the trans men never mention anything like that, and seem really chill. I'm not even shocked.

No. 224483

Is that the tranny who got fired by Dove for going off on white people on Facebook?

No. 224484

I just looked, and yeah. The article I found also featured a gem of a screencap from Tariq Nasheed's Twitter, a man who probably deserves his own thread here on lolcow.

No. 224489

File: 1516152069119.jpg (275.64 KB, 1000x1133, Manny-MUA.jpg)

>Makeup should be for everyone not just women.
My issue is is that they do makeup for a female-figured face and don't seem to bother doing it to suit their male-figured face. It's like the horde of non-Asian girls who do makeup meant for Asian faces so they can fit the j-fashion styles. It typically looks off.

A man in mascara, eyeliner, and masculine-centric contour would be hot imo. But this guy looks dumb as shit in full feminine-styled makeup, shadow, wings, and brows. The average male (including gays) don't know a thing about fashion or style in the first place and, in my experience, refuse to ever learn.

No. 224494

this is what i said earlier ITT. like it or not, that style is fucking feminine, it's drag makeup at this point, which is offensive.

No. 224496

>refuse to ever learn

Oh, but anon remember? They're the ones teaching us! You even see /pol/tards crowing about how men are so superior even in female areas such as fashion (dominated by gay designers) and cosmetics. How men are so amazing that they even make BETTER WOMEN.

Yeah but god forbid, right? We've got stans itt who need to defend their shopping buddy because fags are an accessory to women whether they'd like to admit it or not.

No. 224498

Idk they can stay terrible at it? Let them look stupid it's not a problem to me and actually really hilarious lmao.


No. 224500

Vice just put up a video about trans kids and when to start transitioning today. People on their other videos are saying it's the first video they've ever disabled comments on. Check out that like to dislike ratio too.

No. 224501

File: 1516155585212.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1600x2382, 8391D731-D0F8-4018-9FF5-414CFE…)

No. 224502

Where does Chris-chan fall?

No. 224503

except farrah moan is a drag queen, not a transgendered/transexual person.

No. 224507

Autogynephile obviously.

No. 224518

Passing is subjective though, like anyone could pass in the right photo but you have to take their bodies and voices into consideration, and it’s usually a dead giveaway

No. 224521

None of them pass IRL though. You don't even need to look at them to know they're trans, you can just feel it in that fake-ass energy they emit. Maybe someone who's drunk or male would buy it, but it should be obvious to the average person.

No. 224523

You'd be surprised how many people who know nothing of trannies and queens think Courtney Act is a cis woman.

No. 224539

Because unlike transwomen, most transmen have empathy and first-hand experience of what women go through. Transwomen often were not socialized with women as their equals and they don’t give a shit about us unless we pander or submit to them. We’re viewed as competition or conquests.

Funny how straight men are the ones who actually threaten, abuse, rape and murder transwomen but these “girls” reserve their hatred for ciswomen who they physically and socially overpower. They’ll suck the dick of the man who would just as easily brutalize them and throw their body in a dumpster, but they feel threatened by biological women discussing reproductive health and rights that do not concern them.

No. 224556

File: 1516183798419.gif (1.74 MB, 500x282, 80127171dfa9ac349f192cb7a8f205…)

WTF. These people are seriously disturbed.

No. 224598

His mom is fucking garbage. His parents are the ones who pushed the transgender idea onto Jazz, they're the ones who pushed him to the public eye with books and tv-shows all this time while also admitting that he's always been suicidal and depressed and they thought transitioning was the easy way out. Just look at these trashy munchausen by proxy people and you'll see where his depression and gender dysphoria stems from.

No. 224627

>he wanted a tutu and not a truck

Shit, I guess I should have been a boy when I was little because I liked playing with cars and didn't have an interest in ballet!

No. 224636

File: 1516206598869.jpg (443.93 KB, 1637x2048, s7uu6ppgyaxz.jpg)

Stop shilling for this man, handmaiden.

No. 224641

Are you fucking retarded? I wasn't SHILLING for somebody because I mentioned that others can't seem to tell the difference. I'm this >>224496 fucking anon. Jesus.

No. 224643

there's an idiot who always shits up these threads, just ignore them.

No. 224644

File: 1516209291579.jpg (76.61 KB, 697x960, 49bed3bafff74334b5cd9ae459e64d…)

Eh, some of them do. Otherwise why would there be so many straight men out there butthurt about the fact that they were trapped by a transwoman?

No. 224652

That was a rough watch. Basically desperate parents crying and being scared to death by the trans suicide rate statistics told to them by the internet so they're pushing their kids to ruin their body forever at 8 years old. The one mother in the end even outright said that "I'll take (the kid) as a boy or a girl just as long as she/he's alive" or something along those lines.

No. 224658

Oh my god. I made it 10 minutes and turned it off, what a fucking nightmare. If the kid ever decides to go off hormones and detransition, he’ll probably be fucked for life.

No. 224659

>Otherwise why would there be so many straight men out there butthurt about the fact that they were trapped by a transwoman?
Deadass, a lot of straight men are basically retarded. That's why I said someone drunk or male would buy it.

No. 224663

I never post in these threads as I usually don't care if adults fuck up their bodies, but my mother had 'I am Jazz' on tv so I listened. I found myself legit getting pissed off and cringing. How could they be encouraging such a dangerous thing to CHILDREN. This isn't just putting a dress on harmlessly, instead they put chemicals in them so they don't hit puberty, will lose fertility/become sterile for something they could change their minds about. Kids don't know what they want.
If I knew someone doing this to their child id lose every ounce of respect for them. You are purposely harming your child.
Also fuck that "but I feel like a girl".

No. 224673

this is just another way to exploit children for money from their dumb parents. drs love doing this shit. i wish american drs would leave children's genitals alone…

No. 224676

He had a bunch of sex with tranners to “””study””” them.

No. 224730

My issue with most transwomen is how they have this warped view of womanhood which they complain about when they get a taste of what its really like.

I have seen transwomen complain after transitioning how their experience isnt all sunshine and rainbows and how they have to deal with sexism and being afraid in certain situations, having to watch how they interact with men and being treated like "second class citizens" and i'm like, congratulations bitch, welcome to womanhood, this is what you wanted. I think if many transwomen knew what its really like they would seriously reconsider it.

No. 224781

>Another thing that struck me after watching Mindhunter and reading about different serial killers, is how many if them engaged in crossdressing in some way or stole women's clothing before their crimes escalated to killing and/or raping women, including saving their body parts.

Ed Gein especially stands out to me.

He suffered a complex relationship with his abusive mother who forbade him from making friends, but when she died he became obsessed with being close to her. He wanted to ‘become’ her, and therefore wanted to be a woman. He was on the verge of wanting some form of ‘corrective’ surgery, but in the end settled with snatching women’s corpses from the local graveyard, as well as murdering two women, in order to wear their skin so he could ‘become’ a woman and be close to her again. He created masks and gloves as well as a necklace of tongues (and one of clitorises I think?) among other things, but also furniture/home “””decor””” like making a bowl out of a skull and dressing chairs in human skin. Kinda curious about how trans activists would talk about that one…

No. 224784

can someone enlighten me as to why drag makeup is offensive?

No. 224787

it's in the drag thread, but i'll give my opinion.

drag is said to 'play' with gender roles, but it simply takes a man doing and extreme stereotype of women. that's not the same thing.
playing with gender roles doesn't simply mean flipping from one extreme to another. plus it's the same as how mtt act as if wearing women's clothing, acting like what they think a woman is and mussing up their genitals makes them a woman. drag queens think that by portraying a stereotype of femininity, they are infact portaying women.

also the drag community is still men and they still have more privilege than women. drag is meant to jokingly mock female stereotypes, but men aren't the group that should be doing that, because they don't experience the damage it does first hand. maybe it's not offensive, but it's certainly in bad taste.

another argument i hear is that they're doing it for themselves, but they're not, transvestites do.

No. 224818

File: 1516299696132.jpg (23.89 KB, 365x185, predator theme plays.jpg)

No. 224819

The male in red is that racist who got fired from, what was it, Maybelline or L'oreal? Disgusting they'd even include him. Not surprised though being Buzzfeed. I don't understand how he became a model in the first place, he looks like Shrek in drag.

No. 224863


Drag queens say that their performances satirize what is expected of women in western society. Is this genuinely their motivation or are they being disingenuous? If it is intended as satire, what does it achieve?

In contrast, drag king performance works as satire because it mocks patriarchy.

No. 224883

I am an old right along with you. We already sorted this shit, it's mind boggling to me that it's happening again. I dressed very much your pic related as a teen and still do from time to time. Went through a suedehead phase where I much preferred what the lads wore, so I just did. No one much cared.

No. 224884

File: 1516346904792.jpeg (35.74 KB, 518x700, A0F81BB8-C1A9-401D-B505-DC52C0…)

It was a belt made of labia, I think. He'd kept it in a shoebox, salted it, and spray painted it silver to try to get them to keep and not go bad. Considering they were from corpses I have no idea how they'd remotely begin to stay fresh. His mom, should be noted, was also exceptionally religious and taught him that all women were whores. Consequently his victim Bernice Worden was almost identical to his mom in age, build, hair color, etc. He went after older women almost exclusively.

Ed is interesting to me. He was considered a very calm and unassuming patient once he was in the institution, but I recall reading something written by one of his day nurses (who fit his type) that she wanted to be transferred away from him as he was continually eyeing her and grinning. Which is creepy. Photos of his kitchen, taken when he was finally arrested were the inspiration for the house in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Meanwhile, mommy's room was kept perfect and pristine, like a shrine.

No. 224885

File: 1516347258204.jpeg (205.66 KB, 1200x1567, 55648C3B-F0F3-4900-B21C-147CC9…)

Disorganized mind on display. This is the least disturbing photo of his kitchen but look at the trashy detective mags on the floor. These mags were fucked; one to three stories of irl rape and murder with accompanying photos. No skull bowls or shrunken heads on display, still upsetting to look at.

No. 224948

File: 1516391068876.jpeg (77.4 KB, 480x511, B596670C-A560-48BD-A62B-5BBF6C…)

Dropping a couple of links which may be of interest; one is a new face, the others very old. Both are AGP, bother very dangerous predators. The first is still a teenager who has already been investigated by the FBI for threatening to shoot up his school. Isn't he a pretty princess?



I rec gendertrender to anyone who's gone peak trans, also 4th wave now. Both sites are excellent.

No. 224998

I love gendertrender. It has a great community. So glad they outed that freak.

No. 225006

So I went to watch gigi gorgeous' fake vogue video because I heard it was cringy. It just pissed me off.

"What is the hardest thing about being female?"
"The upkeep. Maintenance, honeyyyyy!"

Same BS like from Caitlyn Jenner saying "deciding what to wear" is the hardest thing about being a woman.

This is why they will never know what it is really like. No periods, no sexual harassment, no giving birth, no discrimination. Hardest part of womanhood is coincidentally the thing that initially attracted them to it: playing dress up. It's incredibly patronizing and insulting.

Quote at 6:10

No. 225008

I agree but if you say that though they're just like, "What about infertile women??!!"

No. 225010

I've heard them say shit like 'I'm no different than a woman who had to have a total hysterectomy'. Except for, y'know, developing in the womb as female, chromosomes, and being bathed in hormone until said hysterectomy? Like what the fuck are they even on about?

That one especially fucks me off.

No. 225011

Yes!! And they do that with intersex people too.

It's maddening and I wish those groups would call them out for it more but they're too busy dealing with you know, their actual problems. I just hate that the trans community uses them as a "Gotcha!"

No. 225012

File: 1516436178592.jpeg (94.22 KB, 718x1019, DT1YTGBWsAAUCXd.jpeg)

UK anons how do you feel about this?

No. 225013

File: 1516436195305.jpeg (181.42 KB, 716x1078, DT1YTC9XUAAgGjj.jpeg)

No. 225014

Why is this freak so concentrated on trans issues? Shouldn't he be fighting for women's rights?

No. 225015

Extra fucked off? No, that's really my feeling.

No. 225016

btw, we're totally advocating that all of us in this super seekrit tranny lab make sure to dox all the terfs and their wrongthink. Cute.

No. 225017


>trannies shouldn't have to look at upsetting documents

when we all know that trannies love to jerk it in a rage over their triggered feels

No. 225022

They do shit like this so often… They also like to compare themselves to black women to try and guilt people into sleeping with them (i.e. you not fucking me because i have a dick is literally the same thing as not fucking someone because they're black, you raycist!!). It's racist as fuck, it's like they don't see black women as real women. Black women don't choose to be black, but these guys do choose to crossdress. It's always white trancels who say it too…

No. 225032

The weird thing about trannys is a lot of them compare themselves to black women to prove they're more womanly. There are threads on 4chan where trannys compare if they're more passing as a woman than some black celebrities like Serena Williams. Even the most racist man would still choose a black woman over a tranny only because she has a vagina and that pisses them off.

No. 225051

Also bringing up the argument, "there are also hairy cis women, are they also not allowed into your bathrooms?!" I never ever met a real woman, no matter how ugly, fat or tall whom i would have mistaken for a man

Sorry for blogpost, but i'm from a small village in the middle of nowhere in europe and i once encountered a mtf in the bathroom of a restaurant. I'm 5'10 and still, he was a head taller, shoulders like a bodybuilder, male clothing, only 'female' thing was shitty makeup.
I'm young so at least i've seen pics of trans people on the internet, but any older woman would've been terrified…

No. 225058


If s/he was not wearing female clothing I'm not sure why they went for the women's bathroom. Maybe s/he was scared of getting beat up in the gents just for the makeup

No. 225061

how fucking dumb are you, anon? do you not know what a pervert is?

No. 225062

Yes, autism and transgenderism are connected. Jazz Jennings is a perfect example. Watch clips from his show, the boy is clearly on the spectrum.

No. 225159

File: 1516559423894.webm (1.66 MB, 1440x792, 1516540195781.webm)

No. 225166

almost threw up in my mouth

No. 225198

File: 1516577567887.jpg (48.13 KB, 626x348, 1428495958904.jpg)

AGDQ and SGDQ has been going down the toilet the last 3 years mainly because Protomagicalgirl (a tranny) is running the show. How many male speed runners have transitioned over the last 3-4 years and suddenly the event is 'family friendly' and has a huge 'ZERO TOLERANCE WILL GET YOU BANNED' policy.

it's crazy. I'm a huge gamer and woman who wants to see real ladies playing, but this year we had one woman from Germany speedrunning bloodborne and that was it.

No. 225199

The March happened in D.C recently and tons of trannies were crying about inclusion and too many women marching about their vaginas. i'm so baffled. Isn't that the legit thing we're fighting against? it's like vaginas trigger trannies and we have to censor ourselves.

Mtf trannies have a lot more in common with trump than they probably think

No. 225202

Drag Queens are the new flavor of the month. And once again, men are taking the spots and titles from women because 'empowerment'… or something. I'm actually sad right now so many women want to kiss drag queens asses and act like they're better than biological women for wearing makeup and wigs. It's still men getting their way.

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