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No. 221232

Please keep all trans/gendercrit/TERF discussion to this thread. Any offshoots will be locked. Thanks.

No. 221242

File: 1515357937422.png (185.69 KB, 384x384, Ray_Blanchard.png)

Can we talk about Ray-Ray?

>Blanchard coined the term "autogynephilia" to describe trans women with an erotic desire "to be women," and hypothesized that all gender dysphoria experienced by this group is of two types: "homosexual" gender dysphoria and "non-homosexual" gender dysphoria. Blanchard defined the former as being present in transsexuals attracted to men, while he defined the latter as being present in transsexuals attracted to the idea of themselves as women.[12] Within the transgender community the idea has been criticized.[13] Blanchard's findings and research have been rejected by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), the largest association of medical professionals who provides care for transsexual people, as lacking empirical evidence.

Thoughts on him and his typology?

No. 221286

TERF-chan when?
This is bullshit. What's the purpose on a board with a primarily female userbase to usher all "gender critical" discussion to one post? Are the mods trannies?

No. 221288

And crystal cafe won't even ban the freaks so everybody has to deal with these losers. At this point a discord server would be better.

No. 221291

I guess it's because earlier someone made an FTM thread when we already have fakeboi general in /snow/, then two other troon threads here. There really does need to be, like, a s.c.u.m. chan or something. All the male apologists on here and cc get annoying too.

No. 221296

Tbh both sides are getting irritating because if it isn't some incel then its somebody accusing you of being an incel just because you won't become a lesbian.

No. 221297

why did the terf thread get lumped in here???

No. 221298

i'd join a discord.

No. 221300

I've seen more "lesbian masterrace, bis/hets are cucks" stuff than wanting women to become lesbians, but I see how either would be annoying lol.

No. 221307


I would like to continue discussing the topics in the TERF thread without having to scroll through endless images from the transpassing thread. And the discussions in the trans women thread appear to be mostly are blogposts.

I am probably going to drop out of the thread altogether.

No. 221308

Yet there are separate Man-hating and Misandry/Radical Feminism threads.

No. 221311

this. fucking the man hating thread is bad enough, fucking cray-non is in both of them wanting to turn men into sexy shota unics

No. 221334

>What's the purpose on a board with a primarily female userbase to usher all "gender critical" discussion to one post?
This. Also wouldn't threads be more active if the moderation was less intense? I get the purpose in /pt/ and /snow/ because it's annoying to scroll through shit posting but /ot/ and /g/ are for discussion and idk about you guys but when I come to these boards, I expect to be reading a lot. I don't think a conversation flows very well if you're being limited to one very specific topic.

Thirding this, assuming there isn't already one.

No. 221337

Or maybe anons are getting sick of you hijacking every single discussion thread into the direction of trannies.
You're being rewarded with a thread all because you couldn't make one yourselves and couldn't stop derailing others.
But sure, continue to complain and act like mods are being like, so unfair about this. Please just make a Discord.

No. 221341

File: 1515408975119.jpg (599.57 KB, 1275x849, agdq.jpg)

In the last few years many speedrunners have come out as trans. Not sure if people are familiar with it but there's a charity stream on twitch right now that runs for a week called AGDQ, and the amount of transgender runners and commentators is pretty high.

It's definitely a personality type, people who can obsessively speed run games for hours on end day after day

No. 221342

File: 1515409096720.jpg (471.58 KB, 1202x652, speedrunners.jpg)


Someone's theory about autogynephilia in speedrunners

No. 221348

Also has to do with anime and weeb culture in general, wanting to become their waifus and stuff. Being that a lot of them are incels, another factor could be that they genuinely believe women have easier, better lives and want to become one because of that. The mentality of "rape and sexual harassment are not as bad as being a virgin," is very common among MTTs and males in general.

No. 221349

I honestly think autistic males are more likely to be trans than others, and autistic males are also likely to be involved in the gaming community.

No. 221350

But we already hade our own threads, and now they're being closed and we're being railroaded to this one.

No. 221353

yeah if this thread turns out weird someone should make or point me in the direction of a discord

No. 221355

I lie about my views because of the extent of which it would alienate me from some of my loved ones if they knew the truth.

I consider it 110% a mental illness and I believe catering to the delusion is counterproductive. I suffered from gender identity delusions until I was 19 and cured myself through getting to the root of the problem and solving it, rather than choosing to live a lie and be miserable with my body. Now I love being female and strongly believe that giving into the fantasy is an awful way to "help" these people. Obviously, people should be able to dress and act however they want to, but that doesn't mean they have to pretend they're a different gender. Penis=male, vagina=female, it's as simple as that and really doesn't need to be made anymore complicated.

No. 221359

It always amazed me how many have some kind of profession related to computers.

Another thing that struck me after watching Mindhunter and reading about different serial killers, is how many if them engaged in crossdressing in some way or stole women's clothing before their crimes escalated to killing and/or raping women, including saving their body parts.

Got me to thinking about how fetishes are natural but some people take it too far, to the point of obsession. I straight up read have read many comments on 4chan lgbt where they say they didn't develop a hatred for their gender or get dysphoria until they learned about trans issues online or found out what traps are. I saw an article about trans children and the parents said their kid became obsessed with it after finding out about it on Tumblr.

It terrified me how few studies investigate the issue in a long term way, particularly in children. How many of them either haven't come to terms with their sexuality or their body, or how many have other issues like depression or have undergone something traumatic. When I saw this clip, I cant see it as anything other than disturbing.

No. 221386

This, I also used to be very confused about gender identity when I was a young teen. I thought that because I wasn't stereotypically feminine then I somehow wasn't a girl and it honestly fucked with my head until I thought rationally about it several years later. All this trans shit just ends up negatively enforcing stereotypical gender roles since it's telling impressionable people with low self-esteem that if they have any traits that are associated with the opposite gender then they must not be their own gender and should transition. You see this with a lot of MtFs that wear tons of makeup and act like a caricature of femininity and think that makes them a real woman.

No. 221393

God, that video makes me wanna puke

No. 221402

MtFs that wear tons of makeup and act like a caricature of femininity and think that makes them a real woman.

because gender is learned behavior. i said in a previous thread, but the real stickler that debunks trans is that gender is something you're socialized into. people who fit into stereotypes are fine with themselves because they are conditioned into thinking that gender socialization makes them female. that's why females(women) who have less stereotypical womanly traits think they are wrong or supposed to be men, society conditions people into it. that same society also pushes the idea that yes, not following strict gender stereotypes indeed means something is wrong with you. most people who have dysphoria only do so because of gender/sex association.

the most damning part is that gender stereotypes often differ between cultures, like how in japan being cute and demure and not sexual is desired, in the USA being a ditzy sexually attractive 'grown up' woman is. in fact, the west often criticizes japan's gender stereotypes for infantalization. even physically desirable traits different. in western culture, women who have smaller breasts, less curves often feel manly, even though smaller breasts and a thin, boxier (more ana) body type is desired in places like korea.

when i was younger i thought i was trans because i wanted to be dominant in bed, was aggressive and am tall. i ended up wishing i had a penis and hating my own female body because being dominant is a male behavior. i became a tomboy, started using strap-ons, even with male partners. it was only once i realized that how people wanted me to be had nothing to do with who i was that it stopped. now i am just me, not a tomboy anymore and realizing it's okay to like cutesy things and want to domme men (and women).

i honestly feel like transition is the worst of the worst thing. it just reinforces stereotypes, verifies insecurities and justifies the rigid gender socialization we have. "don't act manly or womanly enough, you have to change it cause it doesn't fit our rhetoric, fill the status quo and get back in line", but it's being done under the guise of progression, liberation and healing. it's a mirror of forced-transition of homosexuals in countries where homosexuality is outlawed. "can't be homosexual, just switch your gender/sex so you can "become" straight", it's sick.

No. 221405

I was so sad for that child when I saw another video of a consultation and the doctor is talking about orgasms and Jazz admitted they never had one, never masturbated, and never "experienced sexual sensation." This is a 17 year old who has never been aroused, never kissed before, and is probably impotent.

I just feel like it's sad that everything in their life is centered on this one thing and I wonder if it's worth it. Jazz has suffered severe depression already and they haven't explicitly stated it (from the limited clips I've seen) but they may be on anti depressants as well. I'm just wondering what part of the "transition" has cured anything. Already so damaged and at such a young age.

No. 221408

it's not worth it. anyone who is 'cured' is diluted. this 'cure' is disgusting and barbaric. even with hormones, the dysphoric brain doesn't accept physical changes as being real, it can't because dysphoric thoughts are disordered.

No. 221415

My experience was similar to yours.

I was gender confused during my "tween" years and believed that because I liked boy stuff and it seemed like boys had more fun, that I wanted to be a boy. I didn't realize that it was okay for girls to like all these things too. I rejected my "female" side. I went so far as dressing male and at one point even asked my family to call me Mike (they just lol'd and said no and that was the end of that).

Now I've grown up, realized that women and men can both like whatever they want, I've accepted my more feminine traits, and I'm happy with my body. I just really needed someone to sit down and talk to me about these issues.

If I had grown in todays culture, I'd have been accepted as trans, put on hormone blockers/test and potentially messed up my body physically for years to come. While I think that some people transition and it's legitimately what they want, it wasn't the case for me, and I think it probably isn't the case for a lot of people out there. I think a lot of people just need to sit down and really talk about their issues at their roots.

No. 221417

File: 1515449392229.gif (1019.98 KB, 500x375, giphy.gif)

About the killer thing; nowadays making a movie like this might no longer be possible…

No. 221480

he doesn't even pass anymore rip

No. 221486

I agree, at least the r/transpassing should be separate from this one

No. 221488

I posted this in the TERF thread before it was merged here.

Transactivists on Twitter successfully lobbied/bullied the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation into cancelling the broadcast of this documentary examining transgender kids.



Different causes of children desiring to be the opposite sex aside from gender dysphoria are discussed.

No. 221489


Nor are we allowed to enjoy satire of trannies.

No. 221491

similar experience, and really stoked the initial female poster was free to Domme her partners.

i have an older brother and i grew up not understanding gender because i just assumed how he was treated was how i either was t be treated, or would be treated as i got older. i had crushes on boys and girls but was convinced i was a lesbian (didn't know the term nor care about the necessity for one at that age), and was a complete tomboy. i remember having been told not to use the boys bathroom after following my brother, and not to be as "brave because I was not a boy, let the boys do that" and I never knew what being a girl even was until I kept getting told no.

Maybe kids just understand gender is performance, and no one fits the stereotype. Angst over it is normal, but if I had someone online telling me how much happier I would have been as a boy, it would have fucked up my whole life. When you're that young you should be developing your personality, not your gender rigidity.

I still am a closeted lesbian that sleeps with men out of self harm because i dated low-key abusive dudes so i could hang out with their other male friends as a group. it's really fucked up and i wish a fuckload more acceptance was being taught instead of just "switching teams".

and i don't get people's obsession with trannies being misogynistic assholes and the dumb women that support them. it's so hateful and all it does is objectify and humiliate women to the point of being caricatures equated to trash.

No. 221509

gender is something parents teach children, like discrimination. and parents are so quick to want to force their kids into bubbles they want them in.

No. 221550

Is anyone here from a different culture, and feels especially alienated by trans rhetoric because of it?

My family is from a pretty shit part of Latin America, where like….yeah, femininity and womanhood=prettiness, but really, there's just not enough healthcare and money and education to separate things like forced pregnancy and molestation from the experience of womanhood. Not that that can really be done in the US either, but like….when you have easier access to abortion and school as women, I feel like it's easier for men to be like "oh tee hee, I'm a girl!" because it's not as bound up in the brutal, body-centric shit.

My secret opinion as an Oppressed latina W Oh Cee is that all this gender stuff is the fantasy of men who can afford it. Back where I'm from, there's no way to pretend that being a woman isn't about some degree of suffering. These fucking….wannabe anime princesses who two years ago were straight white gamer boys have absolutely nothing in common with my experience of womanhood. And I feel like I'm fucking suffocating because there's nowhere I'm allowed to talk about this.

No. 221567

This type of shit is why I get absolutely enraged when transwomen say shit like "I'm more of a woman because I had to work for it." Like, fuck you no. That is some seriously fucked up, dismissive, ignorant shit right there. It is even in areas where women have reproductive rights and education, but in a place like where you live it's even more disgusting.

This movie is actually loathed in the trans community, which is absolutely ridiculous seeing as he's inspired by a real serial killer.

No. 221568

>If I had grown in todays culture, I'd have been accepted as trans, put on hormone blockers/test and potentially messed up my body physically for years to come. While I think that some people transition and it's legitimately what they want, it wasn't the case for me, and I think it probably isn't the case for a lot of people out there. I think a lot of people just need to sit down and really talk about their issues at their roots.

There's countless people who have been cured of their gender dysmorphia or who consider their lives ruined by their transition, but the media never tells their stories because it's considered offensive. There's articles on this phenomenon and how much of a role censorship plays in furthering the trans agenda. Half of people who get sex reassignment surgery end up strongly regretting it, but you only hear about the "success" stories.

I can't remember her name, but there's this one particularly tragic story of a ftm in Belgium who was euthanized because after her surgery she felt like a monster.

No. 221578

This woman tends to disagree. Lol

No. 221584

Lol, now they claim he's not trans and that it "is super empowering, because it basically says that being trans isn't simply wanting to be another gender" uhm what else is it then…?!

No. 221589

I can relate to this as well. When I was growing up I was tall, deep-voiced, with masculine facial features and masculine interests. Most of my friends were guys and I felt happy cutting my hair short, wearing no makeup and guys' clothes, and being called "dude," "man," "one of the guys" etc. But when I was growing up I'd never heard any of this stuff about gender identity or transgenderism, which I am really thankful for. Because I was never given the idea as a kid that wanting to act/appear like a guy = you can't be a woman and having a female body is wrong for you, it just didn't occur to me to hate my female body. Sure sometimes I'd entertain the thought of what it'd be like to be born male, but I was just allowed to be whoever I wanted to be, regardless of my genitalia or secondary sex characteristics. Because in reality those things don't change your life or your personality. I can only imagine though what a hellhole of self-hatred and confusion I would have fallen into though if I were born a few years later during the heyday of gender identity politics. Almost definitely I would have ended up hating my female identity and feeling compelled to change myself to fit what these gender-essentialist rhetoric says I "should be." It's so damaging to people especially kids growing up today and trying to figure themselves out.

No. 221599

>because after her surgery she felt like a monster.

this is a sad truth. gender reassignment surgery is bogus, it doesn't actually do anything. until science is advanced enough to make people their own genitals or just allow people to switch brains, it will never be anything short of mutilation.

No. 221600

being a serial killer and wanting to wear women's skin, obviously.

No. 221602

i'd fuck me

No. 221609

Gonna try to find this. Holy shit.

Every single FTM is in something similar to the "sunken place"

I find them very sad to watch at first then when I see how disrespectful they are to female I just laugh at them

Those MTF are never going to help FTM get dicks lol.

No. 221627


The documentary >>221488 includes a woman who detransitioned who speaks out against encouraging youth to transition.

No. 221630

it's disgusting people would go so far to sensor reality and possibly hurt others just to further their narrative, but more disgusting people let them.

No. 221631


No. 221641

Has there been a good write up of the autogenophile (?) smirk? Its probably there but every search result are Tumblr mtf posting their absurd smirks in an effort to reclaim the word.

I know it's from gendertrender by gallusmag originally I just can't find the write up.

No. 221739

Peak intersectional feminism in this article. Black woman shits all over the ebul white feminist menace in favor of dudes in dresses.


> They shouldn’t just have a hat, they deserve a name to describe who they are and warn others of you the carnage they produce. White feminists are Terrible Humans Oppressing Trans Sisters. Yes. White women who wear pussy hats are the T.H.O.T.S. of 2018.

No. 221745

I've pretty much given up on blacktivism at this point. They make great points about shitty white men, but they throw them away when that white man puts on a dress. Not to mention how hard they work for black men, yet those black men still fucking hate them. Their self-hatred is too deeply rooted for me to fuck with them. I'll tolerate "white feminists" over men anyday.

Ironic as fuck that their men are the ones killing trannies the most too lol

No. 221753

Yeah, I can't deal with blacktivism either. Black women seem to hate white women so much, they'll gladly shit on them in favor of men wearing womanface. It's sad they can hate other women that much, instead of trying to stand with them.

No. 221755


It started with the discussion in the comments of this entry


No. 221769

File: 1515591531006.jpg (98.39 KB, 540x540, beautiful transwomen.jpg)

the iconic DreamWorks face?

No. 221941

File: 1515683888176.png (134.59 KB, 306x220, 1515524855209.png)

Was anyone else let down by an immense lack of actual female speedrunners at AGDQ this year? I kept the stream going as background noise at some parts, but whenever I'd hear a "she" I'd look over and it'd be some mentally ill guy who makes no effort whatsoever to pass, or stereotypes how a woman looks down to a caricature.

There's been rumor that ProtoMagicalGirl (the guy who almost ruined SGDQ 2017 with his trans shenanigans) is the reason why the Twitch chat is in sub-only mode this year and you get banned from chat for just accidentally misgendering a trans woman on screen, referencing gender at all or using the "wrong" emotes.

While there were a handful of very good runs this year, I dunno if I'll tune in for SGDQ 2018 due to the event becoming more and more about just getting exposure for autogynephiles in dresses and handing out asspats rather than the actual runs themselves.

Pic related is the "women" that were sitting on the couch fir the Metroid Prime 3 run

No. 221945

I wouldn't even clock these people as trans. They just look like men.

No. 221953

>implying they are any more or less real than "real trans"


No. 221961

they aren't. but generally there's at least a tokenistic effort at some kind of traditional performative femininity and I don't even see that here.

No. 222197

Is the one next to the ? Zinnia Jones or whatever he calls himself? Don’t wanna google because I don’t want to have to claw my eyes out.

No. 223250

meant the turd emoji.

No. 223279


I was frustrated by this too. I'm also in the indie dev and esports scene, and it's so fucking frustrating. There are so few women, and then you hear "she" and you get so pumped, and….yeah. Then you're disappointed.

I worry that it's going to mean there will be absolutely no movement on like….the pipeline issues here. The only women involved are people who've spent their lives as straight gamer dudes. They were fine being into these things their whole life. Now they fulfill the girl quota, and in the meantime, actual young women continue to be left out and shat on if they get into this stuff at all. Not to even get into the more nitty gritty stuff, like these industries having no concept of like, maternity leave for their employees….

No. 223290

If you're watching this stream why don't you try to join in and dominate it as you'd be the only real woman there

Seriously i see so many things that girls have interests in but trans women just fill them up quickly without a doubt. If you really tried you can probably be the change we need to see

No. 223295

>work your fucking ass off so that you can play super monkey ball 2 in a musty room full of neckbeards
it's just not worth it. like the only prize is getting to sit on that nasty couch with da Big Boys™ while they make lowkey sexist remarks and try to hit on you. they'll probably be even more hostile towards you, especially if you're not a god at the game you're running.

No. 223300

File: 1515737872376.jpg (1.86 MB, 2059x1697, agdqrunners.jpg)

I think there's some level of clique-ness going on with preference for trans runners making it in. Especially because protomagicalgirl seems to be one of the main organisers.

No. 223302

True, true. Im just saying if you really loved that game and wanted to live the pro gamer~ life you'd be making history in many of these games. Didn't overwatch just get their first woman pro player?

Damn. That's a shame. Well men support men at the end of the day. I support you anon if you want to be about that life. And I feel like it's really disturbing they don't have a trans category they just decide they want to dominate women's sports whenever they feel like it.


No. 223303

File: 1515739143600.png (170.38 KB, 568x473, 2018-01-12-013306_568x473_scro…)

Over 99% of speedrunners are male. This is primarily due to lack of female cognitive ability to play video games.

Every other reason is secondary.

Women that can play competitive video games on the same level as men are extremely rare.

Personally I fucking lmao whenever some transgender dude enters all-female leagues and dominates them.

>Well men support men at the end of the day.

You must have men confused with women. Men are highly competitive and constantly want to assert themselves higher in the pecking order.

Women are the ones who work like a cartel, collectively trying to increase the economic value of their vaginas, demanding higher and higher costs from men in exchange for access to their vaginas, and shaming any woman that gives away vagina access for too cheap, because it makes the cartel look bad.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 223304

I mean it goes both ways I suppose

I didn't know that about competitive gaming. Gonna check that out. Thank you for the knowledge

No. 223307

If all these trannies could just pair off with each other or the incel type guys and leave the rest of us alone, it seems like it could actually be a great deal for all of us

No. 223308

Lul I didn't even realize he was saying the girl brain shit. God I'm so dumb for actually googling that to see if it was true. Mods please ban me I deserve it.

No. 223312

Ironically, trannies only want to fuck real women.

No. 223321

I would speedrun if I could, but it's also a matter of time I don't have to actually practice speedrunning, as I'm nearly a full time student. And I just don't know if I would be able to play the same game all day and have little to no other hobbies in my life.

It's not like I haven't been apart of a competitive scene before. I frequented local SSB4 tourneys in the city I lived in and placed decently each time. I was one of the only female participants, and guys there were initially skeptical of my abilities until I started winning consistently.

To get rid of the stigma that "lol gurls aren't good at games" I think that women being present and skilled at the games they play needs to be normalized. Not just women being there for the sake of filling a diversity quota and tokenism, but there to be exceptional at the games they play. There will be many obstacles to overcome that aren't fair, such as an increased risk of potential sexual harrassment, having to work twice as hard as your average male speedrunner to be seen as being his equal and the skepticism and doubt of your own abilities by dumb, sweaty neckbeards. But if skilled women speedrunners were to be normalized, then I believe such a stigma would cease to exist and it would make other women and girls more comfortable to pursue that same goal.

No. 223353

Yeah, that's Zinnia Jones

No. 223597

File: 1515806106454.png (1 MB, 800x1170, Screenshot_2018-01-12-17-10-21…)

Would anyone like to discuss pregnant "men" and transactivists raising their children gender- and sex-neutral, such as the Canadian trans couple who refused to name their child's sex on its birth certificate?


No. 223615

No. 223625

They both look female as fuck. I mean, look at the pregnant woman's face and tell me that's a man.

No. 223626

im sorry for being offtopic but what the FUCK is wrong with that person's hair/forehead??? It almost looks shaved, how can someone's hairline start so far back? I refuse to believe that's real

No. 223627


It's called male pattern baldness, anon.

No. 223631

>FtT transition documented on Youtube including mastectomy and male hormones
>went off male hormones three years prior to video
>is now in a gay relationship with a man
>36 weeks pregnant

No, you're a woman in a heterosexual relationship.

No. 223635

File: 1515810844776.jpg (156.56 KB, 634x634, 40FA397400000578-4560560-Big_n…)

Another "gay male" couple who have a biological child together:

I didn't ever dream of having, or wanting to have, a biological child. One, I didn't think it would be possible, and two, it took a long time for me to be strong enough in my identity as a man to be able to do that.

Most trans men don’t have the relationships with their body that would allow them to engage in something that still feels so rooted in femininity. It's something that their mothers did, their sisters did.

I hope that some of that is social, that it isn't an inherent part of being transgender … I hope the negative stigma around it lessens. People won't say, "Well, you're not really a man then."


No. 223637

They've just gone bald and not shaved the rest off. Have you never seen guys who can't accept that they're balding?

No. 223639


please make a lesbian scum chan where we do not need to see this martyrdom shit

No. 223641

a radfem imageboard would be heavenly.

No. 223740

What's with all the trans pandering in /pt/ and /snow/? Are those boards just contaminated with PULL and tumblr users now? The Robbie White thread attracts the most stans of… basically any thread on /snow/ and everyone's using they/them pronouns in the fakeboi general (lmao). The latter is especially weird because those girls are fujos, even if you do drink the trans kool-aid you shouldn't pander to them. I think I remember someone actually referring to Chris Chan as a girl one time in his thread too, hue hue.

A different site really would be great, it's pretty jarring to go from the autism/internalized misogyny on those boards to the (Cool) autism/male-hate on /ot/ and /g/.

No. 223769


no. no general "radfem" imageboard full of these bincel* who actually believe lesbians are out there forcing them to leave their husbands and murder their children, a lesbian terf imageboard.

(*the reason bis get called incels is because they whine and cry biphobia when lesbians say they don't wanna fuck them, and at the same time act as if we've about to force them leave their boyfriends.

at least when straight women have their "evil lesbians want to turn me into lesbians!" psychoses they do not try to force lesbians to fuck them at the same time like bisexuals)(derailing)

No. 223933

File: 1515925750579.jpeg (50.64 KB, 1200x675, DTY4hvCXkAA8qJE.jpeg)

Tag urself fam

No. 223936

What the fuck is wrong with being a tomboy these days?
I don't want to make a sweeping generalization but most who claim to be enbies or any Transgender Lite, tend to be 15 year old girls who like having short hair, wear pants and play video games.
That would make you a tomboy or gender non-conforming kid, damn it!
Either that or those who mistakenly believe they are enbies usually confuse NORMAL BODILY ISSUES that all men and women can be forced to conform as.
Just because you don't like some things about being female, that does not mean you must become male now.
Why are they making a social movement about personality traits that make you, YOU? Why are these people piggy backing on LGBT rights for the "lost rights" because people think your sub-culture is bizarre?
We're sending the wrong message here that if you aren't a feminine woman or a masculine man, then you must be trans.
All it does is reinforce rigid stereotypes we have tried breaking down for years!
It's a bad message to say that a dad can hate his feminine son for crying but he can take pride that his son, now a daughter can cry harder!

No. 223939

Okay so this looks like whoever made it thinks there are """genders""" more feminine than female and """genders""" more masculine than male? Just, why? Did they mention what these fake genders are called or is it just like "we don't need words, shitlord uwu"?

Honestly this is just a spectrum of gender expression, not new "genders". Why are these people so obsessed with labeling everything and forcing everyone into categories? Tomboys aren't any less female than girly-girls just because they choose a different way to live and express themselves. But I guess it isn't spechul uwu enough since it doesn't give you oppression points.

No. 223941

File: 1515928839168.jpg (72.63 KB, 702x960, 12-07-34-downloadfile.jpg)

Really?'Cause personally I've only ran into lesbians treating straight and bi women like shit, then crying lesbophopia when someone calls them out on being assholes. They might be opressed irl, but cause of this they have holy cow status in radfem community. For example, they pull shit like not allowing straight/bi women to have a space to discuss issues related to being in relationship with men (excluding lesbians from your female safe space is lesbophobic!!! reeeEEEEE) or they give unwanted advice ("just give up on romance altogether and focus on female friendships!" while hugging their gf).
Plenty of cool lesbians in the world, but radfem lesbian has a 50/50 chance of being awful.

No. 223942

This is the same "bi women are out there for me" lunatic from the previous radfem thread. Do not engage.

No. 223957

this tbh, their political lesbianism bullshit is annoying and gross

No. 223975

There are so many people out there trying to divide us as women.

Firstly, people who create fighting over our sexuality. All these debates over what "lesbian", "bisexual" or "pansexual" mean and who fucks who is so pointless. You know what all three have in common? They're all women who date/fuck other women. Getting into the specifics is so pointless because they mean something different to everyone and everyone has their own sexual preferences. Nobody can speak for an entire group and it's fucking stupid to.

Next, the definition of what it means to be a woman. If you were born a woman and with female features, you're a woman. How you dress is irrelevant. If you're trans, you're posing as a stereotype of woman and while I totally appreciate that trans women can experience some of the same problems we face (like catcalling, for example) and I believe everyone should be able to do w.e they want in life, they should never be allowed to dominate a conversation about feminism. Feminism and trans rights are two separate things. The only reason trans people started putting pressure on feminists to accept them and talk about trans issues is because there was no way they were going to get that support from men or MRAs.

All of this gender shit lately is so annoying. The thing is, most of the people partaking in it (or at least in my experience) are women. Which is really sad because it means that women are adopting all of this "asexual, genderfluid, non-binary" shit to escape gender roles and toxic masculinity. It's further dividing us. Trans men don't want to partake in feminist circles because they see feminists as "terfs" (or w.e argument was constructed to cause fighting between us) even though most of what feminists campaign for (abortion, contraception, healthcare etc.) benefits them too. Men partaking in it get to claim that they're an oppressed group now which is such fucking bullshit. I mean can you imagine how the last wave of feminists would react to this shit?

Another big problem is all the conversation over race. Regardless of the colour of your skin or your culture, we're all women. We can talk about our experiences and where we come from without shutting down others from talking because they're "privileged". Women from all walks of life have a shitty time. It's like saying a rich person can't have depression because they're "privileged" and we should cut them off from speaking because there are people of different races/classes/cultures who also have depression and they're more important to talk about lmao. Depression doesn't discriminate, gender inequality doesn't discriminate. Emma Watson recently going on about her "white privilege" irritates me ngl.

So yeah, when you feel compelled to argue with another woman about sexuality or race or gender, stop yourself and remember that we're both women. We all come from different backgrounds and have different experiences but we all have one thing in common. Let's try to become more of a unit again, instead of splitting off into groups and infighting because that's what men want.

No. 223998

Jesus, what's up with that horrible mismatched everything and old running shoes coupled with white socks? He looks like he stole clothes from his grandmother, pearls and everything, but her slightly elevated heels were too uncomfortable for him.

Plus, I can see the horrible diet reflected in his skin and face. He looks like a 60 year old guy instead of a young man.

No. 224044



No. 224092

I agree.
Nowadays when it comes to the LGBT climate, it's mainly only the T part that has gone batshit insane over the years.
It's mainly them who are causing this insane internal conflict.
The main thing I worry about is that young girls are taking hormones that permanently deform their bodies because this culture teaches them that being a straight "cis" girl is wrong.
And years later down the line they will completely regret the transition.
Same with men. Everyone tries to contribute everything as being signs of trans.
They try to socialize most people in those circles that there is something wrong with heterosexual women when heterosexual women have been Tumblr's biggest users for years. And like you said, invalidate everything they say because they are white.
The saddest thing is, it's women themselves who are trans identifying that tear down other women!
Not to mention men who are trans identifying who are complicit too!
In short, it's basically misogyny and internalized misogyny with a progressive hat.

No. 224097

>"it's mainly only the T part that has gone batshit insane over the years. It's mainly them who are causing this insane internal conflict."
>conveniently forgets that everything after T, most of T, and the ones supporting T are Bisexuals

Lol fuck 90% of this post, this shit is why I'm not a radfem.

inb4 "it's da ebul bi-hating heterophobic monster from the terf thread!!"

No. 224099

Anon, I don't consider anyone else beyond T part of the LGBT alphabet soup.
Should you really be pinning everything on bisexuals? Or should I have added that tumblr lesbians and bisexuals also tend to be part of the shitfits?

No. 224100

You should, "q*eers" are often just as autistic as Ts.

>Should you really be pinning everything on bisexuals?

Yeah, they are the ones who originally shit up the community after all. They "I am feel uncomfortable when we are not about me?"-d so hard that it's just BT at this point.

>should I have added that tumblr lesbians and bisexuals also tend to be part of the shitfits?

But anon, 99% of tumblr lesbians are bis larping as lesbians because the word sounds cooler :^)

No. 224101

can we stop with this meme? it's gotten really old…bi people are not causing any problems, they just make people like you butthurt.

also i noticed that everyone who gets butthurt about bi girls is just jelly they can't be lesbian for a while and go het to make mommy happy. haha.

No. 224102

File: 1515996660949.jpg (48.64 KB, 768x1007, Transgender-leaflet-cover-768x…)

This is one an example of the very real and harmful problems which result from conflating gender and biological sex or allowing designations of gender to replace those of biological sex in medical documentation.

The NHS has had to create and distribute a pamphlet as part of an outreach campaign to ensure trans people receive necessary health screenings "because individuals are not invited for screening because of the gender they are registered as with their GP. For example, individuals registered as male may not be called for female specific cervical and breast screening, even though they might benefit from it."


No. 224103

>bi people are not causing any problems, they just make people like you butthurt.
Right, let's ignore history and pretend like you guys dindu nuffin because #notallbis!

>also i noticed that everyone who gets butthurt about bi girls is just jelly they can't be lesbian for a while and go het to make mommy happy. haha.

AHAHAHA is that what you guys tell yourselves? "Those mean ol' lesbians are just jelly!! They wish they could suck dick as good me!!" This is why I (and many other lezbeans) would honestly rather die a lonely virgin than date a bi girl.

No. 224104


>young girls are taking hormones that permanently deform their bodies because this culture teaches them that being a straight "cis" girl is wrong.

Shouldn't this be, "this culture teaches them that being a butch lesbian is wrong"?

It's the butch lesbian identity which is being erased by transactivism. See any number of detransitioned women's experiences as references.

No. 224105

i'm not bi sorry, just not insane.

No. 224106


Anons, simply do not engage with this person.

No. 224107

got it. i think we should report for infighting too.

No. 224108


And flaming.

No. 224109

Oh, so you're a cocksucker who feels the need to wk bis and tell lesbians how to feel huh? Okay, sorry I bothered you.(infighting)

No. 224117

File: 1515998985398.jpg (85.63 KB, 448x750, 492ea6bbf73a110829478a10e4f069…)

I am an old.

Back in my day, lesbians were comfortable being butch or femme, heterosexual girls and women were comfortable being tomboys, many people across all sexualities played with androgyny, and unisex and cross-gender clothing was both high fashion and marketed to the masses [pic related from Seventeen Magazine, September 1984].

Someone get these enby genderfluid transbian and fakeboi snowflakes off my lawn.

No. 224119

Pretty good post, I agree with most of this. I agree strongest with transwomen speaking over women on womens topics, and the race shit creating needless division.

No. 224177

it infuriates me people can do this. your sex is a real tangible thing, trans people are setting us back so far, not just feminism, but society in general. biology has nothing to do with social gender, but i guess when you choose to ignore biology and think your butchered vag and enlarged clit are a dick you're not gonna agree with biology at all.

No. 224182


Can't the transactivists see what a disservice they are doing to themselves when they deny their biology when it comes to the health?

The conflation of sex and gender in legislation and documentation (birth certificates, government ID cards, health ID cards, census) is detrimental to everyone on both an individual level and on a societal level.

Why are so many governments in the western world pandering to the trans lobby? They and their allies do not comprise a particularly large voting base.

No. 224183

File: 1516035114949.png (309.22 KB, 498x499, 1515957644377.png)

anyone else here agree with a lot of what TERFs say but don't consider themselves radfem or even feminist at all? if that makes sense lmao

No. 224185

File: 1516035745719.jpg (40.27 KB, 712x600, Pussy_Hat_Sticker.jpg)

Wearing the pink pussy hat at the upcoming Women's March is discouraged for reasons of inclusion.

I despair liberal feminism.


No. 224186

i can't believe their entitlement. imagine if amputees acted this way about their situations. i know it's just because mtt are so envious of real women and want to wear our skin they get ~~triggered~~ by literal reality. they just cannot accept reality at all. don't we teach others to accept reality? why not trans people?

>the reality that they are not going to be the sex they way

>the reality that SRS is mutilation
>the reality that they can and should learn to be comfortable with their own sex and that they can choose to be gender non-conforming

but instead they get fed lies, their delusions get promoted, their egos stroked and their wallets drained by hack doctors. and now they are our problem because they cannot handle any kind of rejection.

fuck this earth.

No. 224189

yea, not being feminist doesn't mean you can't agree with them. if anything this whole trans issue has given me more of a desire to become feminist, or atleast feminist aligned. i am egalitarian by nature so not against women's rights by any means, just more wanting society to change positively for everyone. i still acknowledge concepts like toxic masculinity and honestly i used to be kind of neutral on the trans camp (even though mutilation and stuff bothers me) but i am totally against it now after seeing stuff that's actually taking hold, and some real life experiences…

i don't really dislike men, just how they become due to upbringing, and i don't dislike trans people either, but i feel like they are subconsciously trying to push their sexist agenda from the inside.

No. 224194

So we shouldn't be proud of our genitalia. Lovely. You know what that sounds a lot like? Something that came from the people they're supposedly protesting against. Ironic, isn't it?

This plus the fact that people get triggered over womb and ovary imagery at abortion rights protests irritates me. PEOPLE WHO GET ABORTIONS HAVE WOMBS HOLY SHIT WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE MARCHING FOR.

No. 224195


The pussy hat was not intended as a literal representation of women's genitalia. But of course the MtT took it there.

No. 224202


for some reason this reminded me of the south park bit where mtt mr garrison thought he was pregnant and got pissed off about it. but irl and not funny.

No. 224235

File: 1516049768090.png (53.23 KB, 625x415, these-men-will-teach-you-every…)

Not exactly trans, but I felt this was too "controversial" to dump off into the bad makeup thread since it would inevitably spark political discussion.

I hate this men with beards and makeup shit all over Instagram.


Why are we expected to kiss their asses for beating their faces while when we do this shit we get comments like

>why do you have that shit all over your face

>do you wear this because you're insecure

Nobody expects a fucking man to have colored lips or long lashes or rosy cheeks, so what purpose does it serve for these men to be doing this? Don't even get me started on how many times somebody tries to bring up ancient Egyptian men wearing makeup or men during rococo France.

No. 224239

>Nobody expects a fucking man to have colored lips or long lashes or rosy cheeks, so what purpose does it serve for these men to be doing this?
Maybe it's a hobby/something they enjoy doing?
Go back to the 1950's.

No. 224241

lmao stop.

i get saying fuck you to gender roles, but just wear makeup that looks good on you. wearing women's s makeup and trying to look like a girl is fucking stupid.

No. 224242

Makeup can be artistic, if he likes it then let him be. There's bigger things to worry about than a handful of gay guys wearing makeup.

No. 224243

That was exactly my point. Not sure why the other two are salty. Tranny or fag influx?

I'd love to because then we'd have less of you diseased fuckers running around. :^)

No. 224246

You sound like the type of person who doesn't let anybody complain about anything at all because children in africa are starving.

No. 224252

I see nothing wrong with men having an interest in wearing makeup. He doesn't do it to look like a woman, since he presents masculine otherwise. Its just a hobby/work, not trying to infiltrate the female gender lol

No. 224263

>doesn't do it to look like a woman
i guess i missed the memo that thick long lashes and bright red lips are in for men.

>presents as masculine

don't you people usually say something like 'hur dur women can have beards too' or something?

No. 224264

He looks fully male(body, face, hair, facial hair, clothing) apart from wearing makeup, how is that not still looking like a dude?

No. 224265

Makeup should be for everyone not just women. I like that Manny and Patrick say, "Just because I wear makeup doesn't mean I'm trying to be a girl. I'm just a man who likes makeup."

The real issue is they do get away with a lot more and have had instances in their career that are less scrutinized than the woman BG. They get more opportunities because they're a "minority" in makeup lol. JC was a Covergirl and he can't apply makeup for shit.

No. 224268

Exactly. Why is everybody stanning for these men when they benefit directly BY BEING MEN WHO WEAR MAKEUP. Women are constantly subject to condescension for what they do with makeup or clothes or hair but now twinks are allowed to do it, look horrible, and it's #yassqueenwerk. Why does a man get a spot on Covergirl over millions of women? Because of his twink male privilege. I'm pretty sure the only lesbian woman they've used as a Covergirl is Ellen and OF COURSE she is masculine, not femme.

No. 224283

What do you farmers make of this?

No. 224292

One of many detransitioning videos to come.

I don't feel bad for him. Am I supposed to? Just another horny man who decided being a woman is a sexually charged feminime performance act.

No. 224305


Sounds like he went to an informed consent clinic.

No. 224315

I'll never understand why trannies forget that excluding things that have to do with female anatomy also excludes Trans men.

No. 224318

It's because people only care about real men. Fuck females, all that matters is that no one hurts Adam's feelings when he chooses to put on matte blue lipstick, a party city wig, and some illfitted clothes from the girls clothing section of walmart and call himself Brittany.

Again, the government is humoring them because they're men and men always have to get their way.

No. 224321

But men naturally have thicker, longer lashes…
Dress anon, is that you again?

No. 224323

Actually, if you just search for it in youtube, there are quite many of them already
Unfortuatly just not hitting it as big as the 'opposite' vids

No. 224325

File: 1516089894416.jpeg (309.39 KB, 1242x815, 48A70ACB-1509-48FB-B780-29ECAA…)

My biggest issue is whenever companies feel progressive, they decide to give a male a woman’s spot in a campaign.

They never decide to just make a new line of completely unisex clothing using men and woman to show how’d they look on different bodies.

They just think “lol let’s put a man in a skirt and make him the face of the new woman’s line”

They would NEVER put a woman in a male campaign unless she’s a sex object because once again woman always have to be progressive and bend backwards to accommodate men.

They did it recently with a fucking drag queen on the Bettie Page underwear line, because oh no getting an ACTUAL woman for a lingerie isn’t progressive enough, let’s get some broad chested gay man.

No. 224326

I see it fitting Bettie Page brand. Back then her BDSM modeling was really transgressive, so I can see why they would put a transwoman or a guy (not sure of his identity) in lingerie.
I agree that making a session with both male and female models would be tons better.

No. 224327

He’s just a drag queen snowflake who’s ~gender fluid~

No. 224342

If they did put a woman in there then it would be sexist as the woman would be displayed as a sex object for men to ogle at from afar

No. 224361

No, since it's an underwear line for women not some playboy magazine!

No. 224365

>underwear for sex isn't objectifying


No. 224374

>"I believe us transgender women have a strength unlike any other"

No. 224375

>mfw people get up in arms about cosplayers 'blackfacing' (tanning for cosplay) but these men can 'woman face' and they're brave?

i wish these men would help their fellow man sort out their toxic masculinity issues instead of parading around as a woman and slicing up their junk.

No. 224405

Lmao you saw that shit in the uggo cosplayers thread, too? People are a riot.

>you can't tan, it means blackface

>but men are allowed to cake themselves in makeup

No. 224410

not only that, they're allowed to get fake tits and act like actual caricatures. but they're ~real~ even more real than us cis scum!

No. 224431

great! i love stuff like this…

No. 224455

File: 1516140765915.png (271.23 KB, 1393x484, luciddreaming.png)

This was posted to a subreddit about lucid dreaming, and it got upvoted a lot…

He could FEEL his vagina, guys.

Full thread: https://np.reddit.com/r/LucidDreaming/comments/7poxut/as_a_trans_girl_lucid_dreaming_can_help_me_feel/

No. 224457

File: 1516141324866.png (267.44 KB, 960x820, failed man.PNG)

No. 224470

He’s probably never touched a real vagina before. Lel

No. 224472

File: 1516147035147.webm (2.56 MB, 720x418, 1516138995529.webm)

>Jazz was put on puberty blockers when he was 4
>he has a micropenis that's 2.5 inches because of this
>he can't do a standard sex reassignment surgery because of the small size, the doctor would have to use part of his colon (and also stated for the first few months his neovagina would have a septic smell)
>to do this, Jazz has to lose 30 pounds
>after this, Jazz has begun extreme binge eating, including driving to take out places in secret with his recently acquired license
>also, he's expressing a sexual interest in other girls despite allegedly being into boys before

No. 224473

File: 1516147133106.webm (2.51 MB, 1408x788, 1516140464850.webm)

>his mom who started all this shit and put her child on reality tv is discussing how will Jazz take the d with her friends

No. 224474

Man I used to laugh at Jazz but now I just feel sorry for him. His mom is fucking nuts and destroyed his body, ruining any chance at a normal life for him, because she wants to be on TV.

No. 224482

The trans women mention cis women multiple times, yet the trans men never mention anything like that, and seem really chill. I'm not even shocked.

No. 224483

Is that the tranny who got fired by Dove for going off on white people on Facebook?

No. 224484

I just looked, and yeah. The article I found also featured a gem of a screencap from Tariq Nasheed's Twitter, a man who probably deserves his own thread here on lolcow.

No. 224489

File: 1516152069119.jpg (275.64 KB, 1000x1133, Manny-MUA.jpg)

>Makeup should be for everyone not just women.
My issue is is that they do makeup for a female-figured face and don't seem to bother doing it to suit their male-figured face. It's like the horde of non-Asian girls who do makeup meant for Asian faces so they can fit the j-fashion styles. It typically looks off.

A man in mascara, eyeliner, and masculine-centric contour would be hot imo. But this guy looks dumb as shit in full feminine-styled makeup, shadow, wings, and brows. The average male (including gays) don't know a thing about fashion or style in the first place and, in my experience, refuse to ever learn.

No. 224494

this is what i said earlier ITT. like it or not, that style is fucking feminine, it's drag makeup at this point, which is offensive.

No. 224496

>refuse to ever learn

Oh, but anon remember? They're the ones teaching us! You even see /pol/tards crowing about how men are so superior even in female areas such as fashion (dominated by gay designers) and cosmetics. How men are so amazing that they even make BETTER WOMEN.

Yeah but god forbid, right? We've got stans itt who need to defend their shopping buddy because fags are an accessory to women whether they'd like to admit it or not.

No. 224498

Idk they can stay terrible at it? Let them look stupid it's not a problem to me and actually really hilarious lmao.


No. 224500

Vice just put up a video about trans kids and when to start transitioning today. People on their other videos are saying it's the first video they've ever disabled comments on. Check out that like to dislike ratio too.

No. 224501

File: 1516155585212.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1600x2382, 8391D731-D0F8-4018-9FF5-414CFE…)

No. 224502

Where does Chris-chan fall?

No. 224503

except farrah moan is a drag queen, not a transgendered/transexual person.

No. 224507

Autogynephile obviously.

No. 224518

Passing is subjective though, like anyone could pass in the right photo but you have to take their bodies and voices into consideration, and it’s usually a dead giveaway

No. 224521

None of them pass IRL though. You don't even need to look at them to know they're trans, you can just feel it in that fake-ass energy they emit. Maybe someone who's drunk or male would buy it, but it should be obvious to the average person.

No. 224523

You'd be surprised how many people who know nothing of trannies and queens think Courtney Act is a cis woman.

No. 224539

Because unlike transwomen, most transmen have empathy and first-hand experience of what women go through. Transwomen often were not socialized with women as their equals and they don’t give a shit about us unless we pander or submit to them. We’re viewed as competition or conquests.

Funny how straight men are the ones who actually threaten, abuse, rape and murder transwomen but these “girls” reserve their hatred for ciswomen who they physically and socially overpower. They’ll suck the dick of the man who would just as easily brutalize them and throw their body in a dumpster, but they feel threatened by biological women discussing reproductive health and rights that do not concern them.

No. 224556

File: 1516183798419.gif (1.74 MB, 500x282, 80127171dfa9ac349f192cb7a8f205…)

WTF. These people are seriously disturbed.

No. 224598

His mom is fucking garbage. His parents are the ones who pushed the transgender idea onto Jazz, they're the ones who pushed him to the public eye with books and tv-shows all this time while also admitting that he's always been suicidal and depressed and they thought transitioning was the easy way out. Just look at these trashy munchausen by proxy people and you'll see where his depression and gender dysphoria stems from.

No. 224627

>he wanted a tutu and not a truck

Shit, I guess I should have been a boy when I was little because I liked playing with cars and didn't have an interest in ballet!

No. 224636

File: 1516206598869.jpg (443.93 KB, 1637x2048, s7uu6ppgyaxz.jpg)

Stop shilling for this man, handmaiden.

No. 224641

Are you fucking retarded? I wasn't SHILLING for somebody because I mentioned that others can't seem to tell the difference. I'm this >>224496 fucking anon. Jesus.

No. 224643

there's an idiot who always shits up these threads, just ignore them.

No. 224644

File: 1516209291579.jpg (76.61 KB, 697x960, 49bed3bafff74334b5cd9ae459e64d…)

Eh, some of them do. Otherwise why would there be so many straight men out there butthurt about the fact that they were trapped by a transwoman?

No. 224652

That was a rough watch. Basically desperate parents crying and being scared to death by the trans suicide rate statistics told to them by the internet so they're pushing their kids to ruin their body forever at 8 years old. The one mother in the end even outright said that "I'll take (the kid) as a boy or a girl just as long as she/he's alive" or something along those lines.

No. 224658

Oh my god. I made it 10 minutes and turned it off, what a fucking nightmare. If the kid ever decides to go off hormones and detransition, he’ll probably be fucked for life.

No. 224659

>Otherwise why would there be so many straight men out there butthurt about the fact that they were trapped by a transwoman?
Deadass, a lot of straight men are basically retarded. That's why I said someone drunk or male would buy it.

No. 224663

I never post in these threads as I usually don't care if adults fuck up their bodies, but my mother had 'I am Jazz' on tv so I listened. I found myself legit getting pissed off and cringing. How could they be encouraging such a dangerous thing to CHILDREN. This isn't just putting a dress on harmlessly, instead they put chemicals in them so they don't hit puberty, will lose fertility/become sterile for something they could change their minds about. Kids don't know what they want.
If I knew someone doing this to their child id lose every ounce of respect for them. You are purposely harming your child.
Also fuck that "but I feel like a girl".

No. 224673

this is just another way to exploit children for money from their dumb parents. drs love doing this shit. i wish american drs would leave children's genitals alone…

No. 224676

He had a bunch of sex with tranners to “””study””” them.

No. 224730

My issue with most transwomen is how they have this warped view of womanhood which they complain about when they get a taste of what its really like.

I have seen transwomen complain after transitioning how their experience isnt all sunshine and rainbows and how they have to deal with sexism and being afraid in certain situations, having to watch how they interact with men and being treated like "second class citizens" and i'm like, congratulations bitch, welcome to womanhood, this is what you wanted. I think if many transwomen knew what its really like they would seriously reconsider it.

No. 224781

>Another thing that struck me after watching Mindhunter and reading about different serial killers, is how many if them engaged in crossdressing in some way or stole women's clothing before their crimes escalated to killing and/or raping women, including saving their body parts.

Ed Gein especially stands out to me.

He suffered a complex relationship with his abusive mother who forbade him from making friends, but when she died he became obsessed with being close to her. He wanted to ‘become’ her, and therefore wanted to be a woman. He was on the verge of wanting some form of ‘corrective’ surgery, but in the end settled with snatching women’s corpses from the local graveyard, as well as murdering two women, in order to wear their skin so he could ‘become’ a woman and be close to her again. He created masks and gloves as well as a necklace of tongues (and one of clitorises I think?) among other things, but also furniture/home “””decor””” like making a bowl out of a skull and dressing chairs in human skin. Kinda curious about how trans activists would talk about that one…

No. 224784

can someone enlighten me as to why drag makeup is offensive?

No. 224787

it's in the drag thread, but i'll give my opinion.

drag is said to 'play' with gender roles, but it simply takes a man doing and extreme stereotype of women. that's not the same thing.
playing with gender roles doesn't simply mean flipping from one extreme to another. plus it's the same as how mtt act as if wearing women's clothing, acting like what they think a woman is and mussing up their genitals makes them a woman. drag queens think that by portraying a stereotype of femininity, they are infact portaying women.

also the drag community is still men and they still have more privilege than women. drag is meant to jokingly mock female stereotypes, but men aren't the group that should be doing that, because they don't experience the damage it does first hand. maybe it's not offensive, but it's certainly in bad taste.

another argument i hear is that they're doing it for themselves, but they're not, transvestites do.

No. 224818

File: 1516299696132.jpg (23.89 KB, 365x185, predator theme plays.jpg)

No. 224819

The male in red is that racist who got fired from, what was it, Maybelline or L'oreal? Disgusting they'd even include him. Not surprised though being Buzzfeed. I don't understand how he became a model in the first place, he looks like Shrek in drag.

No. 224863


Drag queens say that their performances satirize what is expected of women in western society. Is this genuinely their motivation or are they being disingenuous? If it is intended as satire, what does it achieve?

In contrast, drag king performance works as satire because it mocks patriarchy.

No. 224883

I am an old right along with you. We already sorted this shit, it's mind boggling to me that it's happening again. I dressed very much your pic related as a teen and still do from time to time. Went through a suedehead phase where I much preferred what the lads wore, so I just did. No one much cared.

No. 224884

File: 1516346904792.jpeg (35.74 KB, 518x700, A0F81BB8-C1A9-401D-B505-DC52C0…)

It was a belt made of labia, I think. He'd kept it in a shoebox, salted it, and spray painted it silver to try to get them to keep and not go bad. Considering they were from corpses I have no idea how they'd remotely begin to stay fresh. His mom, should be noted, was also exceptionally religious and taught him that all women were whores. Consequently his victim Bernice Worden was almost identical to his mom in age, build, hair color, etc. He went after older women almost exclusively.

Ed is interesting to me. He was considered a very calm and unassuming patient once he was in the institution, but I recall reading something written by one of his day nurses (who fit his type) that she wanted to be transferred away from him as he was continually eyeing her and grinning. Which is creepy. Photos of his kitchen, taken when he was finally arrested were the inspiration for the house in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Meanwhile, mommy's room was kept perfect and pristine, like a shrine.

No. 224885

File: 1516347258204.jpeg (205.66 KB, 1200x1567, 55648C3B-F0F3-4900-B21C-147CC9…)

Disorganized mind on display. This is the least disturbing photo of his kitchen but look at the trashy detective mags on the floor. These mags were fucked; one to three stories of irl rape and murder with accompanying photos. No skull bowls or shrunken heads on display, still upsetting to look at.

No. 224948

File: 1516391068876.jpeg (77.4 KB, 480x511, B596670C-A560-48BD-A62B-5BBF6C…)

Dropping a couple of links which may be of interest; one is a new face, the others very old. Both are AGP, bother very dangerous predators. The first is still a teenager who has already been investigated by the FBI for threatening to shoot up his school. Isn't he a pretty princess?



I rec gendertrender to anyone who's gone peak trans, also 4th wave now. Both sites are excellent.

No. 224998

I love gendertrender. It has a great community. So glad they outed that freak.

No. 225006

So I went to watch gigi gorgeous' fake vogue video because I heard it was cringy. It just pissed me off.

"What is the hardest thing about being female?"
"The upkeep. Maintenance, honeyyyyy!"

Same BS like from Caitlyn Jenner saying "deciding what to wear" is the hardest thing about being a woman.

This is why they will never know what it is really like. No periods, no sexual harassment, no giving birth, no discrimination. Hardest part of womanhood is coincidentally the thing that initially attracted them to it: playing dress up. It's incredibly patronizing and insulting.

Quote at 6:10

No. 225008

I agree but if you say that though they're just like, "What about infertile women??!!"

No. 225010

I've heard them say shit like 'I'm no different than a woman who had to have a total hysterectomy'. Except for, y'know, developing in the womb as female, chromosomes, and being bathed in hormone until said hysterectomy? Like what the fuck are they even on about?

That one especially fucks me off.

No. 225011

Yes!! And they do that with intersex people too.

It's maddening and I wish those groups would call them out for it more but they're too busy dealing with you know, their actual problems. I just hate that the trans community uses them as a "Gotcha!"

No. 225012

File: 1516436178592.jpeg (94.22 KB, 718x1019, DT1YTGBWsAAUCXd.jpeg)

UK anons how do you feel about this?

No. 225013

File: 1516436195305.jpeg (181.42 KB, 716x1078, DT1YTC9XUAAgGjj.jpeg)

No. 225014

Why is this freak so concentrated on trans issues? Shouldn't he be fighting for women's rights?

No. 225015

Extra fucked off? No, that's really my feeling.

No. 225016

btw, we're totally advocating that all of us in this super seekrit tranny lab make sure to dox all the terfs and their wrongthink. Cute.

No. 225017


>trannies shouldn't have to look at upsetting documents

when we all know that trannies love to jerk it in a rage over their triggered feels

No. 225022

They do shit like this so often… They also like to compare themselves to black women to try and guilt people into sleeping with them (i.e. you not fucking me because i have a dick is literally the same thing as not fucking someone because they're black, you raycist!!). It's racist as fuck, it's like they don't see black women as real women. Black women don't choose to be black, but these guys do choose to crossdress. It's always white trancels who say it too…

No. 225032

The weird thing about trannys is a lot of them compare themselves to black women to prove they're more womanly. There are threads on 4chan where trannys compare if they're more passing as a woman than some black celebrities like Serena Williams. Even the most racist man would still choose a black woman over a tranny only because she has a vagina and that pisses them off.

No. 225051

Also bringing up the argument, "there are also hairy cis women, are they also not allowed into your bathrooms?!" I never ever met a real woman, no matter how ugly, fat or tall whom i would have mistaken for a man

Sorry for blogpost, but i'm from a small village in the middle of nowhere in europe and i once encountered a mtf in the bathroom of a restaurant. I'm 5'10 and still, he was a head taller, shoulders like a bodybuilder, male clothing, only 'female' thing was shitty makeup.
I'm young so at least i've seen pics of trans people on the internet, but any older woman would've been terrified…

No. 225058


If s/he was not wearing female clothing I'm not sure why they went for the women's bathroom. Maybe s/he was scared of getting beat up in the gents just for the makeup

No. 225061

how fucking dumb are you, anon? do you not know what a pervert is?

No. 225062

Yes, autism and transgenderism are connected. Jazz Jennings is a perfect example. Watch clips from his show, the boy is clearly on the spectrum.

No. 225159

File: 1516559423894.webm (1.66 MB, 1440x792, 1516540195781.webm)

No. 225166

almost threw up in my mouth

No. 225198

File: 1516577567887.jpg (48.13 KB, 626x348, 1428495958904.jpg)

AGDQ and SGDQ has been going down the toilet the last 3 years mainly because Protomagicalgirl (a tranny) is running the show. How many male speed runners have transitioned over the last 3-4 years and suddenly the event is 'family friendly' and has a huge 'ZERO TOLERANCE WILL GET YOU BANNED' policy.

it's crazy. I'm a huge gamer and woman who wants to see real ladies playing, but this year we had one woman from Germany speedrunning bloodborne and that was it.

No. 225199

The March happened in D.C recently and tons of trannies were crying about inclusion and too many women marching about their vaginas. i'm so baffled. Isn't that the legit thing we're fighting against? it's like vaginas trigger trannies and we have to censor ourselves.

Mtf trannies have a lot more in common with trump than they probably think

No. 225204

The one year anniversary march is today. I wonder what new Womens March drama we'll have this time. The screeching about women talking about their vaginas/reproductive systems is pathetic and hilarious at the same time. These dumb she-he's just shit all over the complete core of feminism, which has always focused on womens bodies and health., and try to twist it into being about them, yet again.

No. 225206

File: 1516579704054.jpg (698.6 KB, 4096x2731, maxresdefault.jpg)

What do you girls think of passing mtf's like Emma Ellingsen?

She really passes (including having a female voice) and looks more feminine than most CIS women.

I don't believe she's a cow or snowflake, but curious since a lot of anons say that mtf is always obvious.


No. 225212

I think that it doesn't change the fact that he's a man and the way you're humoring this guy's ~preferred pronouns~ because he looks feminine is really sad.

No. 225215

oh shit, by man i mean boy. i just checked and he's like 16, no wonder he looks feminine now. check back in about 2 years lol.

No. 225216

> and looks more feminine than most CIS women
Spot the tranny

No. 225217

Was about to post them. I'm pretty sure the anons here would think of them in the same way that they think of Jazz - a child who was forced into transition way too early and is going to have a miserable adult life (at least they're attractive though)

No. 225218

they are always obvious because they are usually adult males who are masquerading as adult females. socialization is what makes it obvious. women and men both learn different things about how they should act in society, and it becomes super easy to tell who has been told all their lives and who is mimicking it. also, that is a guy, regardless of what they did to their genitals. hormones and mutilation do not equate to female.

No. 225219

Emma never went through a male puberty so it's highly doubtful they're going to look like a man in 2 years. Just like how Kim Petras looks biologically female despite being about 25 at this point.

No. 225220

i dont really get why they allow this for children. there is still so much that we are unsure of when it comes to trans as a concept and i would never trust children to understand permanence, they are incapable.

No. 225221

That's the thing - trannies are spottable even if they get a ridiculous amount of surgery and take hormones from a young age.
They look like hollywood instagram models / blowup dolls to the nth degree. Not real, "organic" women. None of these stupid cunts are making themselves out to look like Susan B Anthony, are they?
They looked photoshopped, plastic, relying on only the hollywood aesthetic ideals of what a woman would should look like and be. Just a layer of varnish over a shit personality.
They're so impressionable and weak minded it makes me sick.

No. 225223

You're reaching. He/she looks like an average teenage instahoe lol

No. 225225

File: 1516582689644.jpg (16.49 KB, 226x300, 13428-004-B9DFFEE0.jpg)

Who would want to look like this…?

No. 225227

I think the point that anon was trying to make is that they want to look like their shallow ideas of what women should look like instead of real women.

Idk dude, it's not hard to tell he's a tranny either (especially in unshooped pics). Jazz didn't go through male puberty either, but look at him now lmao.

No. 225228

>Idk dude, it's not hard to tell he's a tranny either (especially in unshooped pics)
Looks like a regular teenage girl to me. There are far more masculine-looking biological women out there, like Magdalen Berns.

No. 225230

This does not look remotely like a man.

No. 225231

>spot the male with a tranny fetish
Wah wah he's more feminine than most women so you're straighter than straight men, congratulations. Leave.

No. 225232

Okay, tranny. Doesn't matter that some people are too stupid to tell what his sex is, it still doesn't mean he's a girl.

Can someone repost that screenshot from /lgbt/ saying something like "why do transwomen pass better than lesbians?" with a pic of mags? I think I found the guy who wrote it lol.

He's only 16, of course he doesn't look like a man yet. I was talking about that Petras guy.

No. 225234

>Okay, tranny.

Nice try, I'm biologically female. Can send you a vocaroo if You'd like since you all seem to claim you're an expert on clocking tranny voices.

No. 225235

LOL look at how big their skull is. Totally a male

No. 225236

Sorry, I should've said *Okay, handmaiden.

No. 225237

No. 225240

WAT? Susan B Anthony (bless her), does NOT look like a typical woman…And obviously if someone wants to be the opposite gender they'll try to imitate stereotypical female features…Of course most mtfs are going to imitate what other CIS girls imitate themselves.

No. 225242

that thread is nothing but
>op is an autistic terf who is wrong because i said so
>AGP/AAP did nothing wrong
>blanchard is a doo doo head because i heard someone said so in a book, here's one of my 2.84 million pics of a smug anime girl to back up my point and prove i'm not AGP ;3c
>b-but what about muh gender dysphoria? it's proof i'm valid and there's nothing wrong with me!!
>but what if you #notlikeotherftms?
lmao /lgbt/ is a shithole

No. 225243

Imo she still looks like a woman because even though she has a big masculine face it's due to being a bit overweight.

Males like >>225230 have just as big of a face despite being skinny. It's all about the skulls. Skull and bones structure.

No. 225244

but anon, trans people claim they -are- already the opposite gender, why do they need to act?

No. 225245

Can we make using the word CIS a bannable offense here.

No. 225246

File: 1516587335033.jpg (101.3 KB, 540x536, tumblr_p2vzwnMRjm1v4yu0bo1_540…)

Cat ear hats bad, penis signs good, apparently.

Looks like an adolescent boy who has has taken hormones and covered their face in makeup.

I literally hit peak trans the first time I browsed /lgbt/

No. 225247

>>Are you f'ng stupid?

They say they feel like the opposite gender on the inside, and try to match it on the outside.

No. 225249

match what?

No. 225250

File: 1516589745327.jpg (60.96 KB, 680x656, a22.jpg)

CIS should only be allowed on lolcow if we are discussing the Star Wars prequels.
My lack of surprise is almost unbelievable. Transwomen and third wave feminism are both such a cancer.

No. 225251

I'm not even surprised /lgbt/ is filled with trannies tbh. 4chan in general is pretty male dominated. I thought i saw a few lesbian threads years ago, but that's long gone now.

I think this is sad. he's obviously a gay man, but his parents were okay with him taking hormones from a young age. I honestly feel bad for really young trans people. Like, this shit is a sick phase.

>She really passes (including having a female voice) and looks more feminine than most CIS women.


No. 225253

File: 1516592248560.jpg (136.06 KB, 768x960, 26815337_10155245032801914_206…)

More womens march fun. This woman stood out at one of the marches holding this sign. Naturally, it was posted online and is getting all sorts of comments, both on her side and against it. This Twitter has some choice screencaps, including the tired "One of us must have stole her man", "fuck TERFs", and threats of actual violence. There's also a link to the Facebook page with the original post and the comments.


Nothing brings people to your side like threatening them and calling them names!

No. 225254

File: 1516592622383.jpeg (291.43 KB, 1242x1179, C0A80074-76DD-414C-BEBD-AE2C09…)


No. 225257


I love that she pulls out the roastie card. I wonder what delightful effects T is having on her vag.

No. 225258

File: 1516593598084.jpg (95.87 KB, 594x601, shithead.jpg)

Racist tranny from the Buzzfeed video upthread makes typical intersectional feminism posts bitching about women daring to talk about their bodies in a movement by and for women. He also appropriates and completely misuses Times Up, a movement against sexual harassment, in the process.

No. 225259

he does realize transmen also have vaginas right? and comparing women he disagrees with to rapists?? disgusting.

No. 225260

File: 1516594052951.png (393.54 KB, 1007x974, 52239af9-3706-42b8-b404-f231b4…)

No. 225261

File: 1516594290230.png (480.81 KB, 540x525, tumblr_p2xcb9LlE41td5vf7o2_540…)

No. 225262

>a tranny incel accusing anyone of victim complex

No. 225263

I don't think someone as self-centered as him realizes transmen exist at all.

No. 225264

Do any of you guys follow the FTM generals on /lgbt/? They’re just as cringe. Right now there’s a girl who claims a gay man is hitting on her and she’s stalling about telling him the truth, just letting him continue to hit on her.

No. 225265

Fujoshits who don't realize they're getting played by some bottom feeder are hilarious. I remember /v/ and /cgl/ literally having posts about getting poon at cons. The male strategy is of course to pretend that you're a goldstar fag and you see some crossplaying Aiden as a man. You feed "him" a bunch of narc affirmation bullshit along the lines of "I never thought I'd be into a trans man" or "you're the sexiest dude I ever seen" and "he" is yours. Some dudes would report banging dozens of these because they're so easy.

No. 225270

It’s a man, he’s going off about how he’s “smarter” than women despite thinking the anon he’s defending is also a man. Lmfao these delusional retards couldn’t get any more unbelievable

No. 225275

That sign is great!! And I applaud her for having it in a crowd where violent crazies can assault her. The trans agenda is massively sexist (against women) and homophonic against both gay men and women. it's crazy how no one sees it. You are born a woman. That's it. there isn't a feeling. you don't put on makeup and just are a woman. That isn't how it works.

No. 225276

I can't believe buzzfeed is a place that even gets their voices across. They're like one giant echo chamber. Honestly, this kind of sexist trash needs to be called out though

No. 225282


Nice meme.
Better question is, why do homely bulldykes still look more obviously female than trannies after 25 surgeries and 10 pounds of instathot makeup? I'd be salty too tbqh.
Nice male hairline at age 13. What trannies fail to understand is that they age like men. Even based Andreja Pejic is starting to look more and more brickfaced despite her god tier trap genetics and non-existent balls.

No. 225283

Tfw bio female and my hairline is worse than that
Pick a better nitpick, anon. ):

No. 225284

My hairline is way back like that, too. Some bio women just have really high foreheads.
Same. You'd think people would be waking up to clickbait bullshit reporting by now, but nope.

No. 225288


Meghan runs Feminist Current, btw.

No. 225305

File: 1516616593038.jpg (77.77 KB, 1200x473, MDp1K4Y.jpg)

Posted from that Twitter exchange.
If you do not biological males dictate matters they have never and will never experience (and have sexual ownership over you), you are literally a Nazi.

These women-haters are so frightening. They don’t want equality. They want dominance.

No. 225307

The national newspaper of Norway published an article about a man that wants to be a woman. This individual is clearly not sane. Here's a summary of the things written in the article

>Cut off his own balls himself in his bathroom. Flushed them down the toilet.

>Later on tried to cut off his penis but only wounded himself, was sent to hospital. The same day he was released he was admitted again, after managing to cut off his penis. He also flushed it down the toilet.
>He doesnt have an vagina nor a penis. He only has his urethra sticking out, which he has also tried to cut off.
>Has spent half a million Norwegian krones on plastic surgery, which includes four nose jobs. This money comes from welfare.
>Has suffered from orthorexia and bulimia.
>Has OCD, which includes him having to look at the washing machine the whole time he's washing his clothes "in case something goes wrong". Also won't let anyone be alone in his apartment, not even his boyfriend.
>Has been married three times.

This is the article for all of you who can read Norwegian.


He only resembles a woman because he started hormone blockers and he had fillers at 15 lol.

No. 225310

And they wonder why we don't want to share a bathroom with them! Lol!


No. 225316

File: 1516622011167.jpg (Spoiler Image,173.93 KB, 1600x907, NXinAyi7_4fZTJiWDme6tQ5roqWt0y…)

The google translated english version is just about readable, for non norwegian speakers. What a mess.

Side note on lesbians not being attracted to trannies: This picture is a good example of how their bodies and actual women's bodies differ. Someone who looks like pic related just reads as drag queen to me, even with the pectoral bolt ons. The waist/rib cage/shoulders/neck are everything I'm not attracted to.

No. 225318

I mean obviously. They have completely different skeletal structures.

No. 225321

Yikes it really does. Bolt on titties and hard angular body. There's nothing remotely feminine about that.

No. 225323


hahahahahah ;_;

No. 225325

why does this person get surgery when they clearly need help? i mean, the delusion of being the 'wrong gender' is bad enough in normal circumstances, but this isn't even that.

No. 225358

I think because white feminism focuses more on the wage gap, trying to reject traditional female roles etc which are a lot of things bLack women probably can't relate to, for example black women were never in traditional feminine roles to begin with because most black women always had to take care of their own families and communities because black men just weren't there. Plus, there is a different kind of misogyny a lot black women face that is different from the kind white women face and feminists don't like to talk about this and try to avoid that different races of women experiences sexism in different ways. A lot of white feminists don't really focus on non-western women isssues and they seem to kind of just ignore other races of women until they can benefit from it.

No. 225360

I hate trannies very much. 99% of them are low IQ, ugly, overweight, balding, vermin scum. To compensante, they act very horny to attract guys' attention and always fucking talk only about lewd stuff. You can't have a normal discussion with them because they are genuinely stupid and because they are empty shells.

No. 225371

Because being attractive is all there is to women. Fuck this tranny DUDE too. If he says yeah, I'm still a guy? Then I don't give a shit what he does. The second they start acting like I need to respect their psychoses they can get fucked lol

No. 225372

The makeup and tits can never disguise the fact that this is a male body. That belongs to a mess of a human being who clearly can't manage life, why should anyone feel pressured to fuck someone like that?

I feel like tranny logic is super close to incel logic.

No. 225376

>I feel like tranny logic is super close to incel logic.

you'd be right cause it's the same logic

>weh why won't lesbians fuck my dick?

putting a fucking bow in their hair doesn't change the argument.

No. 225378

Like, certain incels figured out that the only they can get close to women again is by pretending to be a fake woman. "They hate me so I'll shave and put makeup on and high heeeeeels because laydee brain and then they'll talk to me!"

It's so desperate. The logic of the cotton ceiling is one hundred percent incel logic.

No. 225380

my main issue is the entitlement. if they would just be honest and say they felt more comfortable dressing and pretending to be a woman it would be way less annoying. but they are entitled. even non-trans people with genital mutilation understand being rejected by potential partners, even intersex people understand it. even amputees understand. trans people just don't get why anyone has a problem with it, and what about them? you never see them wanting to ~support their trans sisters~ they always want to force their dicks or mutilated holes on the cis women they claim to despise.

No. 225384

what do you guys think about the whole Ginuwine situation?

tbh i hope they keep doing shit like this so more people can realize how fucked up they are

that and more transracial people coming out would really do it i think kek

No. 225388

He has the right to not kiss anyone he wants regardless of gender

No. 225390

This is one of the comments in the Facebook comments section of the news article. This was in response to someone saying they hope the man in the article gets the help he needs.

"Women with vaginas can go to hell, trans people have been WAY more oppressed than biological women. Trans women have been women their whole life and they have to fight to be women."

No. 225392

Trans women are literally just men in dresses that hate real women so much they want to be them. It's like they're the buffalo bills of the world. It's disturbing.

No. 225399

But he said he likes women but wouldn’t kiss a transwoman but that doesn’t align with trans women being women. He’s implying they aren’t isn’t that so offensive?

No. 225403

doesn't matter if it offends them, since they aren't women and he's straight it's only natural he wouldn't want to do anything with an MTT.

why do trans folx think they're opressed because people who aren't even interested in their sex won't fuck them? they really are incels.

No. 225405

lmao now TERFs are Nazis
also this person sounds a bit aggressive- a very male trait

No. 225406

Lol okay. Trannies who talk like this should do the world a favor and eat a bullet. OOPS SORRY SO VIOLENT fuck off kek

No. 225407

>trans people have been WAY more oppressed than biological women

Biological women are sold off to perverts as children and are used as baby incubators and little more else. Biological women have their vaginas mutilated by men, simply because they have vaginas. Biological women are sometimes abandoned as babies, or have parents who very blatantly favor their sons.

But yeah, transwomen are more oppressed. Okay. These people are so fucking selfish, they can't see beyond their mentally ill noses. All of the abuse they get, biological women get even worse.
The word nazi has lost all meaning and impact. Just like the words racist and privileged, it means "person I don't like".

No. 225438

One thing I was laughing about from India's stint in the house was that people kept misgendering 'her'. And bear in mind these were all people who didn't know 'her' pre-transition, yet they still kept slipping up and saying 'him'.

It must hurt deep down to know that no matter how much surgery and make-up you have you will never really be seen as a woman, you'll always be a man playing dress-up.

No. 225439

Everyone around me is turning trans. Almost everyone in my friend group is now somewhere on the "spectrum" of gender. It's like a chain reaction where when one person does it, another follows.

Initially, I didn't mind. I think everyone should get to live whatever way they want and I respected enough as friends to address them w.e way they wanted. But lately the subtle bullying is getting hard to bear. I'm constantly being told that I'm not supporting them if I don't sign petitions or go to protests (I don't do either ever, paranoia) and all the talk about how TERFs are the scum of the earth and should be killed freaks me out (I know that if they knew how I felt, I'd be considered a "TERF").

My beliefs aren't even that extreme and I've never even shared them with them (I still respect them and believe they should be able to do w.e they want in life, I just think women and children's rights should take priority in situations where we have to choose between one or the other…). Ik I'll probably be told to get new friends but I think their oppositions are just as bad, misogynistic and radical. It's like it just sucks to be a woman no matter what kind of culture your friend group has.

No. 225448

Sounds like you were bad at picking friends. I'm not sure what would have been appealing about them before. First with the mass transitioning thing but also with them not respecting your beliefs. Also sounds like you need a new group of friends.

I'm not a thread regular and I'll probably be crucified for saying this here, but I think you can have friends transition and not have them go crazy. My friend transitioned, and I thought they were going to hate me for my beliefs and cut themselves off. But because they are an open minded person, we can still be best friends even though they know I don't really believe in the whole trans thing. In fact we became better friends after they transitioned (due to other circumstances in their life that bought them in closer physical proximity with me).

Now I believe if both parties really value their friendship then they will put their differences aside. It really is possible. Otherwise it just wasn't meant to be.

No. 225449

Most people aren't in "their oppositions," they just have no part in this shitshow. If your friends are constantly guilt tripping you and talking about how anyone who questions gender essentialism deserves to be killed, you shouldn't have to feel forced to stick around them. I ditched my old friend group for similar reasons (SJW guilt tripping, belittling me and saying whites should all die).

No. 225456

File: 1516725383121.jpeg (731.09 KB, 1242x982, 08179404-5B1B-491F-830F-36E35E…)

So some guy’s 6-year-old girl came out to him as trans (??) and he’s dressing her up like a boy, already changed her name and plans to have her take puberty blockers and hormones.

He goes to post it on r/FTM asking the mentally ill how they wish their parents had enabled their mental illness as kids. And then writes this:

>This is a good callout; what I actually have a hard time containing is my excitement. I absolutely love LGBT diversity and I'm so excited this has become part of his life. But like I said, I don't want to bias him with my social justice overcompensation. I was raised in a super conservative religious home and did a 180 from all that, and I can be a little ham-fisted in my zeal at times. I like the fact that this is all so normal for him; he's never known a world where LGBT stuff isn't mentioned in the same breath as "some people have blue eyes, some people have brown, some people have white skin, some people have black skin" etc etc. He'll learn about intersectionality and the struggles of the world some day, but not at age 6 :)

So the Dad just happens to love the LGBT community? This sounds like the weebs on Gaia who used to say they were going to force their sons to be gay because they love their yaoiz.


I found it posted on /lgbt/ in the “FTM General” where someone said its “corny but uplifting”. Pic relate is a FTT’s response to someone criticizing the article. Figures.

No. 225459

fuck. that's not even the point. it's not about their concept of gender, it's about permanence. kids can barely understand death at that age, let alone the permanence of physical mutilation. that's why we need informed consent, cause kids can't consent. and even with informed consent, parents will force their kids into things they don't want or need. she will hate her family once she finds out what has been done to her, just like what happens to circumcised boys who find out later in life. this shit is disgusting and makes me wanna die. just leave kids alone.

No. 225462

File: 1516727956622.jpg (84.03 KB, 695x512, child abuse.jpg)

Reminds me of pic related: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5185209/An-entire-family-four-transgender.html

This is fucked. These kids are being sterilized and having their bodies fucked up for life because of their shitty parents and miserly doctors. Makes me wonder if people are going to start debating whether or not a child can consent to things like sex or marriage again… That might be reaching, but considering how many TRAs and other liberals are now okay with "MAPs" (literal pedophiles) and Islam, I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 225471

lmao, as if this is what the struggling NHS is wasting fucking money on. We've spent millions on Gender Identity Clinics and now we're chasing after self-entitled trannys begging them not to die of cervical/breast cancer.

Fuck them, let them miss the irregular cells, if it's more important to be called "he/him" than it is to actually be alive. jfc

No. 225472

I'm not feminist, I'm just female… and I exclude trans people from my personal narrative as one and therefore often agree with TERFs. So yeah, that makes sense.

No. 225474

File: 1516733789488.png (335.55 KB, 552x1685, lookslikeyouslipped.png)

Just thought i would post this, may give some of you a chuckle

No. 225485

pleases me when people call out bullshit on tumblr of all places.

No. 225493

I'm so glad I deleted my old tumblr. Radfem tumblr is still toxic but it's such a relief that I can at least be honest on there. The libfem mutuals I'd had for years became unbearable about this shit.

No. 225549

File: 1516754765306.jpg (22.82 KB, 563x345, delusion.jpg)

Its funny they come out with shit like this yet when you ask them to define a woman they cant and just continue to say "anyone who identifies as one".

No. 225550

>tl;dr we're still better than you XDDDD

No. 225552

But arn't they just confessing they dont actually know what its like to be a woman?

No. 225557

File: 1516756005984.jpg (98.54 KB, 842x639, IMG_3877-2.jpg)

Out of curiosity, what is lolcow's opinion of Miranda Yardley? Or transwomen TERFs in general?

Is it possible for a tranny to not be problematic?

No. 225559

Yes and no.
They specifically use the word 'evolved' to make themselves seem enlightened or better than cis women.

Then, they go on to talk about how they can understand men better than cis women, which is a subtle way of implying that they not only make better women but better feminists.

No. 225576

Is that the terf trans youtuber? I find them annoying. Just be a crossdresser.

No. 225585

He seems to consider himself just a crossdresser. To be honest I think the GC shit is just an act, doubt he actually believes the things he preaches.

No. 225588

trans women are legit just gay men who are too afraid to come out as gay. And trans women who shit on biological women are actual scum.

No. 225589

That's so scary. Kids at 6 have no clue what gender or gender identity is!! wtf. I played with x-men and g.i joes and was a huge tomboy, but i'm still 100% love that i'm a woman. It's sick to put an actual CHILD on hormones and blockers, basically ruining their bodies before puberty.

This is horrendous.

No. 225591

I've lost my older group of friends as well because they even though they weren't black, they got obsessed with BLM and trans rights and it scared me. I'm openly gay (a woman/lesbian) but it was scary how if i didn't agree with pushing the trans agenda, i wasn't supporting trans people. I've been called an alt-right nazi before even though i consider myself very centric and left leaning. It's sad that there is a hive mentality going around when it comes to not 100% supporting trans people and wanting children to transition/etc.

Just get better friends, anon

No. 225617

But in a way they are confessing they actually dont know what it is to be a woman because they relate more to men than to women which is basically them saying they are playing dress up unintentionally. I mean lets be honest the majority of them are pretty dumb and keep tripping up as also evidenced here >>225474

No. 225621

File: 1516767846293.jpg (139.45 KB, 700x933, hey-pandas-share-pics-of-your-…)

Alright so we have a cousin who claims to be lesbian and trans. We are skeptical. She has so little sense of identity she latches onto whatever external label she can. We would be fine with her being les or trans if we thought it was authentic. You know how Kanadajin was first obsessed with Japan and then converted to Islam? My cousin is that type of personality. She came out the day after my sister came out and came out as trans after following activists Insta. We think this is being bolstered by some toxic friends who are using her for her money, she got an insurance payout and is very loose and generous with the cash. She is renting out an apartment for them, of course they want to keep her around. They convinced her to turn her backs on her family, who are obviously devastated. She said they weren't supportive but of course they were skeptical . . . she never behaved or expressed discomfort with her gender or sexuality.

She is still however, on friendly terms with me. I'm one of the only people from her old life she still likes. I wouldn't care if she really was lesbian or trans (though I doubt it) but I'm wondering if its still possible to save her from these vipers who have convinced her to abandon her family, pay their rent and to drop school/work (she is living off this insurance money). I'm thinking once her payout runs out they will drop her, hopefully. She is SUPER suggestible, SUPER conformist and apparently easily manipulated. Her personality isn't changing but maybe she can fall in with a different crowd for her to conform to. Any ideas? I'm wondering if I can get her into a Unitarian church oror Mormonism or Vegetarianism or something.

Sorry if this seems off topic but I think it demonstrates how this gender discourse can be detrimental to certain types of personalities. If she hadn't started following LGBT activists we doubt she would be in this position.

No. 225622

After two years dealing with my own sorry ass, quitting my upper management job, drinking too much, dealing with a couple of mental health issues I finally started school again for the first time in ten years last fall. I failed. I had a panic attack at school and couldn't get my ass to go back all last semester. I was so afraid. If I go back, will it happen again? It took six months but I had my first class again today. No panic attack, and I actually understood the subject and got a high grade on a test we had. I'm about to turn 28 and I finally see a light in the end of the tunnel. I might actually be able to quit my meds this summer, and if I manage to do that, and graduate, Me and my man might finally ready to have a baby. I'm so grateful I don't have a personality disorder or anything close, but it's been a long and tedious fight. I'm so ready to grow up. I hope ya'll are doing ok, and that you keep positive. I'll do my best, I hope you can too.

No. 225628

Aww congrats on deciding to start a family. Gl to you. May they be an amazing gender critical child.

No. 225646

If she's so suggestable then why don't you suggest that she's an idiot getting taken advantage of by her friends. If you haven't tried telling her this directly then it should be your first choice of action, maybe it's harsh but you can probably phrase it tactfully. It sounds like the trans nonsense will take care of itself when the next trend comes along though.

No. 225649

Woman isn't a feeling. Come back when you learn to question what men say instead of accepting it at face value.

He got elective rhinoplasty cause he was paying the plastic surgeon lol. I'm terven but I'd probably call a tranny a woman for a couple hours for $10,000.

Most of them are heterosexual and autogynephiles. Being feminine gets them off. Cause they think it makes them a woman.

No. 225793

>tfw group of male friends have pretty much all decided that they're trans
All they do nowadays is talk about how they wish they had tits and how they dream of being a woman. It'd be alright if they were just joking about but they actually get pissed at me when I 'misgender' them despite them not making a single effort to appear female and having shown no signs of any gender issues until 6 months ago when the first one decided he was trans and the rest all followed suit.

And of course they're all 'lesbians' too. I'm an actual lesbian and now they're talking with me about 'lesbian experiences' like we're exactly the same when it's so obvious that they're just straight dudes that watched too much porn and get off on the thought of being female to the point where they now believe they're 'women inside.' It pisses me off but I don't want to break things off completely because there's still a couple dudes in there that haven't gone off the deep end and I have no other friends. I wish this shitty tranny meme would die already. I had to deal with this in high school with a group of girls that all became fakebois but this is actually worse.

No. 225794

Condolences anon, we're all just waiting for this stupid meme to die so we can enjoy some peace and/or be gay without being screamed at by straight dudes. Being without friends might be better than being around toxic mouthbreathing ones, though.

No. 225814

She is stupidly protective of her friends, pointing out how shit they are will probably close the door. I'm kind of just waiting for her to finish burning through her money at which point I doubt they will keep her. I think she doesn't have much left so it isn't as if I would wait a year.

No. 225819

If he's a crossdresser then why call himself Miranda?

No. 225845

File: 1516844211716.png (1.25 MB, 538x1666, sexybrownfemme.png)

My issue with transwomen is how, most of the time they sexualise being a woman and I am increasingly find them sexualising being a little girl and being bitter about not being a teenage girl because they think its like some fantasy porno when most teenage girls experiences are awful.

Then they have the gall to be disgusted for being called agp.

No. 225896

No. 225906

Little girls are not kinky jfc. Why does everything have to be about sex? Do they not realise that sexualisation is a solely adult thing?? Fucking paedos /rant

No. 225910

File: 1516882283254.jpg (95.32 KB, 540x646, jfc.jpg)

because it's a fetish, mtfs sexualize every single thing about woman/girlhood.

article was called "first time breastfeeding my daughter"

No. 225920

>That smeared gross lip colour
He's basing his entire values on what makes someone 'femme' on superficial stuff like instagram makeup and tweenie fashion accessories, but he can't even be bothered to learn how to do those things right.

This shit is so disgusting and harmful to everyone. When can the gender critical revolution finally start?

No. 225923

My issue with them is that most of the time they're just attention whores who want to take advantage of the manufactured safe space where no one is allowed to criticize anything they do or say or else they're an evil transphobic bigot. The lonely ones who hate themselves and their lives also take advantage of the safe space to get a perpetual hugbox. I think legitimately transgendered people exist, but they're extremely rare and 90% of the people who call themselves trans are just doing it because they're mentally ill in other ways.

No. 225924

I don't understand how people can want to be women while being so passive agressive towards them at the same time. I'll admit he does pass but he seems very irritated and angry when talking about women.

No. 225926

File: 1516889679048.png (360.75 KB, 1045x2208, IMG_2391.PNG)

No. 225966

This article is so fucking creepy. Some quotes:

>There's a weird but surprisingly common notion that trans women's breasts aren't "real." When I told people about my plan to breastfeed, the most common reaction from both laypeople and medical professionals was "Wait, you can do that?"

>Having breasts was great, but using them to feed another human being? That was magic. Specifically, it was mom magic. I might have been my daughter's sperm donor, but breastfeeding was how I knew I was going to be a mom. It validated my womanhood as much as any surgery ever could.

> The baby didn't come on schedule, so we induced two days later, followed by a grueling three-day labor that ended in an emergency C-section. By that point, I'd gone from producing an ounce of milk to only a cc or two, and my partner's milk was going to take days to come in. The lactation consultants in the hospital were uninformed and singularly uncooperative. We had to start supplementing with formula. A few weeks later, we both gave up on breastfeeding and switched to formula completely.

>So if our plan was an abject failure, why am I gushing about breastfeeding? Because when they pulled my daughter free of my wife's body, I was the first one to hold her. I took her back to the hospital room and did what any mom would do—I put her on my bare chest and let her find my breast. And that tiny, perfect creature latched onto me, and got what sustenance my body could provide, and was content.


No. 225977

Looks like he falls into the narcissistic twink category with a lovely dash of internalized homophobia, then coupled with the average misogyny a gay man spits. What a fucking inferiority complex that man is grappling with, whew. Such a fragrant bouquet these trannies are.

No. 225979


This is honestly disturbing. And upsetting. I'm glad for the sake of that baby their efforts to breastfeed didn't work.

But this is just upsets me. My experience with breastfeeding was a heartbreaking painful ordeal (which it is for a lot of other mothers). Fuck this LARPing asshole fetishsizing something that's painful and intimate for women.

Also the fact he basically stole that baby from his wife the moment it popped out and then forced it to his hairy manboob to feed makes me gag. What the actual fuck. She did all that work, she should be able to HOLD and bond with that baby because it's HER moment. Not his.

No. 226021

File: 1516922182034.jpg (14.61 KB, 626x218, whuuuut.jpg)

Why don't these guys just admit they're gay and want to fuck men? it's actually sad.

No. 226022

GROSS. no woman is that hairy, (and i'm freakin italian!) Why cant he just admit he's a fag and go on with his life? this guy is definitely not a woman.

No. 226023

because then…
A) They wouldn't be speshul and get oppression points, especially since most of them are white incels
B) They wouldn't get to take advantage of female spaces and tax payer money
C) They wouldn't be able to reflect any and all of their sexism, racism, pedophilia, rape, bizarre fetishes, and/or other gross shit with "transphobia!!!"
and D) Like >>225649 said, most of them are heterosexual autogynephiles

No. 226026

and they use the whole “GAY MEN DONT LIKE TRANNIES THEREFORE LIKING THEM ISNT GAY” gay men do like trannies/other men, they’re just in denial about their homosexuality and have a different preference in men than the typical gay men you think of. I don’t know why this is so hard for them to understand kek, no straight guy would fuck another dude, regardless of how he indentifies, plain and simple

No. 226029

What’s up with all these weeaboos in the Western trans community? Like most of Caucasian MTFs are all obsessed with fetishizing and generalizing the whole continent of Asia while basing ideals of womanhood off anime.

No. 226035

I feel like most white trans women have been effected by anime in some way. They want to be smol submissive waifus.

No. 226039

Can any anons in South America, Africa, Middle-East, etc… weigh in on the weeaboo percentage of trans in your country? It seems extremely disproportionate in the USA, along with a certain amount in UK and Australia. It is so fucking weird because it seems like trans in other countries are most affected by gender expectations/restrictions in their own culture while (mostly) Americans trans are obsessed with Japanese subculture and video games.

No. 226040

Weird people in general are drawn to transgenderism. People with high rates of mental illness, autism, etc. as well. Anyone who sits inside alone all day depressed about their life, fantasizing about a different one, and detached from reality and the rest of society. It's easy for these people like weeaboos to then, from within the confines of their rooms and blogs, to imagine themselves as becoming their own invented fictional personas a la CWC.

No. 226042

AGP + anime = "I'm a REAL WOMAN CIS SCUM uwu"

No. 226045

No. 226055

That's really interesting. Thanks for sharing. I think it's really a sad situation to be in, but that doesn't excuse those men's behaviour towards women.

No. 226074

Seems to me like it's mostly the fakeboys that are weebs. It's always some socially inadequate teenage girl that starts asking everyone to call her "shinji" or "cayden" and is literally RPing her special genderfluid asexual panromantic OC IRL. I have never encountered an actual transwomen who is a weeb where I'm from but weeb transmen are everywhere.

No. 226078

latin american anon here, for what I've observed I'd say usually the trans people here aren't as obnoxious as the entitled assholes itt. Of course there might be a handful of weirdos, but usually they just mind their own business.

No. 226079

(cont.) also weeb trans are more taken as a joke, often these are not considered real trans and just called traps in a derogative way

No. 226107

>gender nonbinary

I hate this special snowflake shit. I read an article a couple of days ago about two "trans nonbinary" people in Canada. How the fuck can you be trans and nonbinary at the same time?

No. 226112


>non binary

yeah, that makes no sense. If you want to be non-binary, then why be trans in the first place ? it's legit a double negative..

No. 226113

You could be trans nonbinary if you were a post-op transsexual rejecting all idea of gender. Ridiculously snowflakey and pointless, though.

No. 226177


What do you guys think of this dude?
He has a pretty good attitude and lacks a kind of preachy way that most trans people have but replaces it with a kind of flippancy that can also be hard to stomach.
I do admit that in his video, by ignoring bad eggs in the trans community, he doesn't really paint a good picture of himself. And it would have gone down better accepting that those people exist first.

No. 226180

Sorry. I didn't know they had a debate together.

No. 226181

No actually I'm sorry I have no idea why I was so rude to you. That man just makes me mad.

No. 226182

File: 1517022930737.jpg (98.57 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 226183

OMG, this is brilliant

No. 226193

File: 1517035868119.jpg (232.39 KB, 763x877, Untitled.jpg)

I assume you've all seen the pic of the tattooed black dude holding a sign saying "trans women too" at the womens march? Well, Mic, a site as unbiased as Buzzfeed, did a video with him.


Someone asked him on his Tumblr if he cares about trans men, and naturally, the issue is sidestepped entirely.

No. 226197

Because he's a fag who would rather live as a woman than deal with his own fucked up homophobia. Of course, he'll play dress up as a woman, but he'll always take the time to trash real women.

I like how he brings up circumcision. "Because women get circumcised, apparently" in a sarcastic voice. You're right, we do. And unlike male circumcision, female genital mutilation has actual real negative effects. I've yet to ever hear a man cry about how he's "lost feeling a bloo bloo bloo" because he's been circumcised.

And the draft? That shit hasn't been used in 45 years, honey. If you're gonna go "it's been illegal to pay men and women differently for 50 years", then I can go "We haven't used the draft in 45 years, and we have no plans on reinstating it." Plus, some women can absolutely get drafted too.

No. 226212

>All I want is to be accepted by my school for who I am – a girl – and be able to take gym and use the locker room to change clothes like the other girls in my class.

Like this is what I don't get about this debate, the comfort of one person should trump the comfort of hundreds of young girls? You never hear about F2M trans people complaining about this. You know why? Because only men feel angry over there being spaces for only women.

It's like the all-female Wonder Woman screenings or the all-female music festival in Sweden. Who got pissed off about them? Men. M2F trans people can't stand the fact that there's a space for women only and they're not invited. They're only kicking up about this for the same reason men kicked up about WW and the music festival, because they hate women and they want them to feel uncomfortable.

No. 226213

>I've yet to ever hear a man cry about how he's "lost feeling a bloo bloo bloo" because he's been circumcised.
That's really common though, especially for men who've been circumcised later in life and actually know the difference. Circumcision is fucked up for either gender, just worse for women - more painful, more evil intent. One is to actively prevent sexual pleasure, one is to prevent smegma build up… no competition there.

No. 226291

I remember arguing with someone on here about how SRS/HRT/transitioning is a bad treatment for trannies. That should be obvious, but they kept denying it and insisting that therapy never works, transition is the only way to help dysphoria. I finally found this article again:


>Persons with transsexualism, after sex reassignment, have considerably higher risks for mortality, suicidal behaviour, and psychiatric morbidity than the general population. Our findings suggest that sex reassignment, although alleviating gender dysphoria, may not suffice as treatment for transsexualism, and should inspire improved psychiatric and somatic care after sex reassignment for this patient group.

so now i can finally sleep well and say i won da argrument uwu. Seems like it only makes things worse, trannies are full of shit both figuratively and literally (https://bmcmicrobiol.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1471-2180-9-102 tl;dr neo-vaginas smell like shit, are prone to bacterial infection, necrosis, and mold, and some uncontrollably leak bowel mucus). I'd probably kms too if I had to painfully dilate my smelly, inverted penis every night. Don't even get me started on the weird flesh-tubes FTMs get… Someone might've said this before, but they look like water wigglies made from human skin.

No. 226309

I live in Canada and everyday I see a dude in a wig in the bathroom. Most of the time he's not even trying to pass and the only womanly thing he has is some cheap red lip stick and a messy cheap wig on.

No. 226314

I feel bad for you. Canada is really accepting of trannies, esp m2f for some reason…

No. 226336

File: 1517116319408.jpg (Spoiler Image,116.82 KB, 480x624, sosstainedcircumstraint[1].jpg)

>"Because women get circumcised, apparently" in a sarcastic voice. You're right, we do.

oh really, you do? i didn't know they routinely circumcised female babies in the usa like they do it to male babies

No. 226339

File: 1517117801109.jpg (143.56 KB, 650x867, bdciwIN_nBuuc9_FVXI1ZwNcUgQUTc…)

Now, it was unexpected. So, he is a Russian then. What do they do to Russian immigrants in Norway so those cut their balls in the bathroom?

>Den transsibirske jerndamen


No. 226374

you can't really treat this article seriously, can you? i mean i am ok when they kind of overuse that questionable blanchard's term "autogynephilia", but do you really want me to take seriously an article with loaded passages like:
>Sure, masculine socialization means learning to be the oppressor under patriarchy…

No. 226375

I see nothing wrong

No. 226422

It's funny how the feminism movement went from impowering women to impowering men again. lol it's totally seen as reasonable for a man to come into female spaces and he doesn't even need to pass, I can understand if the trans woman passed but most of them just look like gainer 40 year old men in wigs. If a woman says anything about it she will get punished but not the man. This transgender thing is really biting feminists in the ass kek

No. 226443

we never said it was in the USA, FGM is a big thing in africa and the middle east in some places in south asia, and it has worse effect than american male circumcision, not to mention women are more likely to die from it than male circumcision and the fact communities will treat women inhuman is they dont have their clit cut off

while I think both things are wrong, ignoring fgm and insisting it doesn't happen and how its not as bad won't do shit for the anti circumcision clause.

No. 226444

I think anon meant in other cultures, it is a common practice.

No. 226485

damn I love contra, his videos are so well made (I don't agree with most of his views tho)

No. 226526

Ew. He's honestly such a creep. Do better anon

No. 226532

why is he a creep?

No. 226549

it's not about being right or wrong, it's simply not how you write a serious article.

that part where he quotes dworkin and tries to explain the phenomenon of the popularity of cute anime isn't even that bad, even of overdramatized, but then he switches into blanchard's stuff which legitimacy he doesn't try to question despite blanchard was widely criticized for not covering the whole specter of the cases of gender dysphoria…

not sure what to think about that part about differently pitched baby cries and fetus kicking, the author didn't clearly express what he meant i.e. either male babies have stronger kicks and differently pitched cries by nature or they are only perceived like that, either way it doesn't look any related

No. 226585

It's pretty funny then that when in >>226197 you speak about men being drafted you say that they weren't drafted for 40+ years in the USA, but when you speak about circumcision in the very same post it's suddenly implicitly not the USA, but Africa that matters, because there is no female circumcision in the USA, but it exists in Africa. There is a lot of countries with the active draft too then, you know.

No. 226593

Not that anon, but the man who was bitching about the draft is white and American.

No. 226600

weeb MTFs are plentiful my good anon, a lot of them are those streamer people who want to RP as their glorious loli waifu by dying their hair green/pink and putting on cat ears and those tacky cat-themed fake thigh highs. I've seen a TON of them. See the article anon here posted >>226045

No. 226715

Straight up, think about the type of loser dude who becomes the tranny. I'm telling you, they are all fucking incels. Chads do not turn tranny.

No. 226716

Trans in the gaming community are almost all MTF and mostly it’s FTM in the cosplay community.

No. 226718

File: 1517299034237.jpeg (34.84 KB, 500x700, 4050AD17-C8FF-4CE7-A5D3-6D6A4A…)

No shit about Andreja. That's a dude, my dudes.

No. 226719

I think it's a good idea to start calling trannies incels on social media to see how hard they REEEEEEEE

No. 226728

Men who complain about the draft are absolutely pathetic(wrong thread)

No. 226731

I think they are scared of their own kind (men)

No. 226734

I remember old photos of him when he was still trying to be a male model. it's sad, really. He was a beautiful guy. I wonder what makes men want to pretend to be women? they can just wear pretty clothes and makeup and still be men.

No. 226735

Probably because he's a homosexual man who wishes he was a woman so he could get attention from heterosexual men.

No. 226737

Valerie Solanas, like Shumalith Firestone, had Paranoid schizophrenia, and shot Andy Warhol.

You want to be female Elliot Rodger? Eat it up.

No. 226740

File: 1517327873138.jpeg (180.2 KB, 700x700, 240463CC-DB91-4812-AB10-169BC0…)

This fucking asshole.

Here's a guy who is, you know, a guy, and is wearing makeup contoured for masculine features. I think he looks amazing.

No. 226745

File: 1517331068475.png (406.05 KB, 500x594, trancel culture.png)

i mean, if the shoe fits

No. 226746

The hysteria about how people 'present' has always been around, and it always happens in cycles (think Isabelle Eberhardt or Adah Isaacs Menken for turn of the century) but it's the current cycle that's so frustrating, especially if you're a little older and recall people like Boy George, or Annie Lennox, who were genuinely off putting and 'freakish' to normie olds of the time. They were dealing with the religious and the right wing, but most people I knew accepted them and were even excited by the way they chose to present themselves. Here's why. They were beautiful. It was important to them to be beautiful. Now all people do is celebrate ugliness, whether it's that fucking dude upthread who is just a piece of shit, or shitty artists on tumblr with their stretch marks and fat and mastectomy scars and unshaved legs and fuck off lol.

I was an Annie Lennox clone in the late eighties and early nineties and I'm a boring ass vanilla het chick. I'm certain that I would have been transed if you took 1991 me and dropped me into current year. I don't inherently loathe genderqueers. What I do loathe is their emotional ugliness towards other people, their actual physical ugliness, and their insistence that we should, at all times, know and/or give two shits about their sexuality. I don't care about it. I mean that. Most people don't think that your sexuality or your fetishes are the defining characteristic of who you are as a person. Most people think that's kind of tacky, if not flat out mental illness.

The shrieking and stridency of trannies and genderspecials on tumblr is the flip side of the narcissism coin. They can't fathom that you wouldn't think that their sexual identity isn't the most precious aspect of their existence. Gays and lesbians know that their sexual preferences aren't the most important or interesting thing about them. It's just another thing. Troons want it to be the only thing.

Honestly, when I see shit like trannies going in on women who've had cancer, who've had to go through what is essentially castration, because they had ovarian cancer or uterine cancer, being snotty MALE pricks and saying that they're more woman than those people…it's fucked, but those assholes should neck themselves and make the world a better place. Since they kill themselves whether or not they transition, do it now and get out of the way before you do more emotional damage to people.

I'd rather deal with a straight or gay guy trying to fuck with me than some tranny trying to politically power bottom all women into being handmaidens for their crazy. Seriously, fuck off with that.

Identity politics is quickly becoming unacceptable to normies, all because of the insanity of trannies. You can't base a political movement on fetishes. You also shouldn't expect respect for fetishes, and it's confusing that so many people REEE about that in particular. Putting on a woman skinsuit and jerking off to your image in the mirror is not exactly screaming stability.

No. 226747

Hmmmm. I can't understand it. It's almost like they're freakish outliers.

No. 226748

Why Couldn't Quasimodo Get Laid?

No. 226749

There's nothing questionable about Blanchard's thoughts on autogynephilia. Contra Points can fuck off and so can you.

No. 226753

Because racism/make-up too "f1eek" according to the artic1e.

No. 226761

Can we talk abut the media push to normalize shit like cucking and now, sugaring? Like, just no. Neither thing is good. They are both shifty ways to live. It's like this push to be whores or ineffectual idiots. Why would you want to watch your wife fucking some other man? If my husband came at me with that shit I'd nope the fuck out faster than you can say divorce.

No. 226763

I’m with you on the sugar baby thing and am personally strongly suspicious of this new generation of women thinking sex work is cool and empowering, but I suppose it’s not really relevant to the gender critical discussion at hand, unless I’m missing something?

No. 226764

Prostitution is an important issue that gender-critical people discuss, so I personally think it's relevant.

No. 226767

If you can convince the world that it's awwww right! to sell out for an easy ride you'll sell out for any shitty political ideology that comes along. Like identity politics and trannies and all the other bullshit.

Women are strong. Getting them to live in a state of critically arrested development–sorry but sugaring and daddies are a fucked way to live–is part of controlling them.

No. 226774

File: 1517350609206.jpg (87.98 KB, 827x550, himitsu-no-otome-lgbt-idols.jp…)

No. 226777

the black twintails one has such a fake voice kek

No. 226782


Agreed. It's a feminist issue and second wave and radical feminists are critical of exchanges for sex and opposed to legalised prostitution. Gender identity isn't a factor except for in the minds of transactivists who insist that crimes against MtT prostitutes are inherently worse than those against women because MtT always have it worse than women.

No. 226783


Whom are you replying to?

Ironically the comment you linked to is in an old robot containment thread.

No. 226788

why are you sageing when you're not off-topic?

No. 226798

The middle one sorta looks like Miranda Cosgrove and its fucking me up.

No. 226804

I don't think there's anything wrong with men wearing feminine makeup or clothing. They should dress however they want to as long as they don't pretend it makes them a woman.

No. 226807

File: 1517376677910.jpg (67.76 KB, 500x667, 467476739.jpg)

you saw the thread on pol too eh kek.

No. 226814

Can they not distinguish between putting on a fucking dress and being a woman? What about butch women who dress like lumberjacks?

I've always thought of being trans as some kind of mental illness. Yes they need help but I'm not sure if what we do now is the right way? Tumblr seems to be cancerous

No. 226819

>Can they not distinguish between putting on a fucking dress and being a woman? What about butch women who dress like lumberjacks?

According to them butch women are really transmen. For a group who are a about "breaking the gender binary" they are the group which inforce it more than anyone else

>Tumblr seems to be cancerous

For once this isnt from tumblr, this person is a "civil right activist" who was first noticed after being put in charge of an lgbt group and got backlash as everyone thought they were an obvious troll. Heres their website


No. 226825

>that fat tumblrina body
>obligatory tattoo sleeve
>that 40-year-old unmarried accountant face
Is he trying to be the personification of a midlife crisis?

Also those fucking framed photos of women in bathing suits, he probably thinks he is hot shit and looks like them.

No. 226829

>new generation of women thinking sex work is cool and empowering

It's fucking sick because we're still living in an era where sex trafficking is a huge problem but "sex positive" feminists deny that's going on because it "affects business". Why do these assholes think that they're more important than people actually being sold into slavery??? It doesn't matter, degenerate men are going to pay to fuck you whether you've been trafficked or not. It enrages me when I see articles about "dispelling the myths of the sex industry!" with no warning to say that it's just one highly-privileged, first world individual's experience.

Same goes for sugar babies. I hate how it's being promoted as a cute hobby. There's a huge power imbalance between a rich, older man with a good reputation and a rando teen girl struggling to pay college fees. All these misleading online sources are encouraging young women to get into something that's really dangerous.

No. 226833

Our Lord & Savior Magdalene did a video on Muscato and the hypocrisy of a male who said Muscato didn't pass enough.

No. 226836


He takes a lot of selfies in dressing rooms trying on clothing, as if to show off that he's in a space for women more so than to show off the clothing.

No. 226838

I'd die for her tbh

No. 226840

Get in line haha. Every lesbian would. I'm straight and I would. Next time offer some proper commentary and don't fetishize Mag!

No. 226841

Completely agree. Sex workers -from porn stars to glamour models - are enforcing an industry that is controlled by men and therefore will always benefit them (whether they agree or not). Women would actually be doing more to fuck up the patriarchy by becoming ridiculously private about their sexuality. Imagine if ALL levels of sex work just completely disappeared…

Being trans IS a mental illness, and recognising that isn’t hateful. If you were this adamant about being a monkey or something you’d be eventually be put in a psychiatric hospital.

No. 226857

File: 1517420821178.png (50.6 KB, 538x368, wew.png)

Was scrolling through a random blog when this popped up.
The person answering this is 27 and in a ‘gay’ relationship with another trans guy.

No. 226859

>I was super into gay fanfiction and gay ships until it clicked that it was an outlet for how I wanted to express myself irl and I came out as a trans guy
Because, as always, fetishism is the same as gender, right?

No. 226860


excerpt from someone else's blog, but I thought it described the state of things better than i ever could;

"Women shouldn’t have to prove anything, including a “shared girlhood,” to be able to meet and organize with other female-born persons without being harassed. The fact that liberal feminists are buying into this idea–that without a universally shared experience, it’s illogical and bigoted for a group to be able to define itself and exclude non-members–is a sign of how far feminist analysis has fallen since feminists started “doing” feminism online.

Why has this happened? Because the internet’s the ultimate proving ground that women talk differently when they have to talk around men and be subject to men’s criticisms all the time. The changes that have occurred to feminism since feminism became part of the blogosphere have been the exact kinds of changes you’d expect to see when women are having to do feminism in front of men. The environment that the second wave operated in was, in some ways, shitty for what it excluded, because the fact that feminist monographs, zines, and so forth were being distributed primarily among white, middle class women left a lot of women out. However, men also basically didn’t give a fuck (except when they were reacting with horror to out of context bits of Intercourse), so women in academia were left to talk and debate about feminist issues without constant comment and intrusion from men declaring a need to be heard and dialogued with.

The internet changed all that. Now, everything has to be released male-ready–or else. Positions determined to be too radical are sanded down, and it’s de rigeur for third-wave feminists to angrily declare that they’re not like those other feminists who are mean and nasty to men, the man-haters, the bra-burners, the TERFs, the Andrea Dworkin, whoever’s the boogeyman identified by men in the comments sections and subreddits where women are trying to do feminism today.

So again and again, you see women taking pains not to offend any men with what they write, because we know what happens to women who write on the internet–especially, gracious me, under their own name!–and who don’t toe the party line. Talk about sexism in video games, get rape threats. Talk about feminism and the oppressiveness of gender roles, get rape threats.

That’s the part where men’s comments shape the third wave. Then, there’s this little deal with the devil that no one talks about: if you can keep the perfect balance of angry about issues that make everyone angry while still making sure everyone sees you’re still buying into the basic tenets of patriarchy, you can shout “this is what a feminist looks like!” and get a book deal. You can have a life where you make a living by blogging and talking about feminism, today. There are plenty of people willing to schedule “empowering” visits from feminist women and pay reasonable sums for the privilege. There is, of course, also a catch: you have to make your feminism palatable enough and positive enough that it acquires the air of a TED talk. Feminism becomes tamed from something revolutionary, offering the possibility of systemic change, to something that is merely performative and about individual empowerment and choices.

When feminism is subjected to market forces and incessant male intrusion, it becomes the third wave: happy to decry the patriarchy, as long as it never gets upset about any of the bits where patriarchy makes you spend more money or be more available for sex. Decry not the expense of a wedding or the idea itself, but the whiteness of the dress and its implications, and you too could be a fully book-dealed Internet Feminist(tm) who still gets the New York Times Vows column to cover your wedding and your tasteful, dove-gray wedding dress. Rage against gender roles, but make sure people know that you believe high heels and porn are just fine when they’re expensive and made by people who pay lip service to feminist ideals.

No. 226862

gross, no. i don't go on /pol/.

No. 226864

So you just happened to post that image a few hours it was the OP to the gender thread on pol. right right.

Despite pol being trash one interesting point was brought up, why dont these "gender fluid" people fuck each other instead of insisting the rest of us do, and the answer is obvious.

No. 226868

>Girls being closeted trans guys
>NOT because of girls being afraid of expressing their sexuality because women's sexuality is still a taboo to a degree and girls aren't encouraged to explore it
>NOT because a lot of female characters in fiction aren't relatable for more boyish girls so they have to look into the male characters
>NOT because femininity is often played as a negative trait
>NOT because gay shit is just hot and exciting
yeah to answer that anon ask's question about "who is it hurting" it's hurting a lot of girls who will be manipulated into believing they have gender dysphoria, suffer through depression because of it, maybe get T and surgeries because they're only 20 and can't think further than 2 weeks in their lives.

No. 226872

Yeah, that's exactly what happened. I found that pic on tunglr a couple days ago.

Love how /pol/tards can't see the irony of calling trannies out for that considering most of them are fugly incels who think they're entitled to beautiful women too.

No. 226878

And you know what? I have absolutely no trouble picking out who is a butch dyke and spotting the tranny. None. And I'm a straight woman.

No. 226888

File: 1517440856040.png (1.19 MB, 800x818, Screenshot_2018-01-31-14-19-56…)

>competitive eater
>competes in the female category
>usually places in the top 5 finishers

Competitive eating is not pro sports or the Olympics, but biology matters since men generally have a greater capacity and many contests are segregated by sex. The women who do compete are dedicated and cash prizes are awarded.

No. 226900

depending on how tall this guy is, it doesn't really matter. women and men of the same height and general bmi have the same stomach size.

No. 226910


This person is well over six feet tall.

Competitive eating is a contest of both capacity and speed. Statistically in competition results men are able to consume more faster which is why competitions are segregated and women eaters prefer to compete against other women.

No. 226925

1. If you are taller than 5'6, you shouldn't become a trannie.
2. If your bmi is higher than 21, you shouldn't become a trannie.
3.If you are bald, balding, or don't have smooth hair, you should not become a trannie.

And that's just the physical part of it.

No. 226928

Fuck I'm like 1 inch too tall.
and my hair is too curly not smooth damn.
bmi is fine whew

No. 226931


No. 226932

Hey keep faggots out of this.

No. 226933

Faggots = Trannies

No. 226935

I mean sure if you believe Blanchard's shit.

No. 226937

etc. please stop talking to yourself

No. 226941


Pregnant Dad: Giving Birth As A Transgender Man

BBC Three

Published on Jan 14, 2018

Dorian has been living as a trans man for 3 years. But now he wants a baby. Cameras follow Dorian to see if it will be as simple as he hopes to be a pregnant dad?

No. 226942

File: 1517458947381.jpg (98.12 KB, 408x600, greg.jpg)

No one should become a "trannie," it doesn't have to do with looks. Fuck off, obvious male with tranny fetish.

why you callin people dykes, cocksucker? but speaking of being able to tell a tranny from a butch, it's hilarious that greg still doesn't pass next to his butch-y gf. he's one of the better passing ones too lol.

No. 226944

File: 1517460549424.png (422.18 KB, 800x880, Screenshot_2018-01-31-20-43-55…)

No. 226945

File: 1517460585043.png (369.55 KB, 800x875, Screenshot_2018-01-31-20-45-51…)

No. 226946

>one of the better passing ones
>those legs
nah man nah.

No. 226947

most competitions arent though. please show me these 'statistics'

No. 226949

clearly you haven't seen too many trannies. the bar is very low, you always have to use the term passing very loosely.

No. 226950

This woman changed my life. She was my entry point to radical feminism and I take so much less shit from men because of it.

No. 226951

>No one should become a "trannie"

Agreed. No one should pretend to be a gender he/she isn't.

No. 226953

ilu my sister, regardless of yr. choice of sex partner pls forgive as we are united in our loathing for the tranny

No. 226956


Over the last year I have been watching videos of competitions dating back several years. The largest compendium of stats online are on MLE's website. But MLE does not sanction even the majority of events, and many of the top eaters including this person are not members of MLE (MLE members can only compete in MLE sanctioned events).

The point of my original post is to recognise how the trans agenda is invading women's spaces throughout western culture.

No. 226963

It's the skull. You have 2 skinny people but a male skull is so apparent that's why they'll never pass

No. 226978

>he's one of the better passing ones too lol.
Nah man, those legs, that waist and that face ain't passing in a million years. He legitimately looks like he's the protagonist of some subpar comedy movie dressed up as a woman and they intentionally left him look very masculine for humoristic value.

No. 226983

Saw this posted on reddit and it's really catchy, thought you gals would enjoy it too

No. 226985

Magdalen's new video.

Exiled ‘male feminist’ declares himself a woman | #stopclymer

No. 226988


I had precisely the same experience she did in attempting to have my fade trimmed by a barber in the front of a shop. He declined and directed me to the salon in the shop's rear.

My experience happened in 1989 when I was a university freshman.

How far we've come! /s

No. 226994

I love this post so much. Thanks, anon.

No. 227017

>I feel like I'm black, so I'll just paint my face black and make people call me nigga
>I feel like I'm a toddler, so I dress in baby clothes and suck on a pacifier and cry all day
>I feel like I'm a fox, so I dress in furry outfits and make fox noises and go for walks in the woods
Ask any "normie" if the above seem reasonable, and they'll laugh at you. Ask them about transgenders, and about a third will say it's totally legitimate, with a third will be unsure, and a third will laugh at you.
What makes gender so special?

No. 227020

even non-normies would find 2 of 3 legit…

No. 227022

File: 1517512221581.png (97.39 KB, 350x294, 259_255_3411.png)

Their obsession with imitating our bodies knows no bounds. I'm truly offended at this shit.


>A recently developed plastic surgery technique offers the possibility of cosmetic hip widening using a new approach. While previous methods of hip augmentation focused on the soft tissue and used encapsulated implants or fat transfer, this new method affixes metal implants directly onto the pelvic bone.

No. 227023

File: 1517512349517.jpg (21 KB, 567x318, 259_256_3452.jpg)

Whatthefuckever. Why aren't there global ethics committees stopping this. Womb transplants are already happening and trannies despise that real females will get "priority" on them.

No. 227024

just another thing women will get shit for doing but transwymyns will be oh so brave for.

No. 227026

File: 1517513523151.png (1.7 MB, 1440x2095, Screenshot_2018-02-01-13-26-17…)

That's becoming less true as of late

I support dropping the T now more than ever. LGB people don't need to be associated with those freaks, it's really fucking us over.

No. 227027

Speaking of skinsuit aka female masking can someone watch and let me know if this Vice episode is as unsettling as this fucking horror video right here: https://youtu.be/2bmvgNFl1vw

^I watched that at night and got nightmares lol. Idk why I do this to myself.

No. 227032

Lol, only a man, only a man

who the fuck else does this shit it's ridiculous

No. 227033

It must be so frustrating to be so close and yet still so fucking far. Never. Happening. Trannys.

No. 227034

i seriously cannot wait for science to go far enough that all these tranny men and fakebois can literally swap bodies so this gross shit will end once and for all. i'd much rather a social awkward male brain in a girl's body (we have tons of women who already act that way) but this hormone swap shit is gross.

No. 227035

nightmare fuel

No. 227040

Oh it is. I'll link it again here since it didn't embed properly. Warning though this is disturbing. Should libfems still be encouraging fetishes when they get bizarre like this?

Good point. No woman out there creates man suits. The closest I've seen are those dicks that drag king wear. But they're crochet.

Why do they wanna be us so bad?

No. 227042

File: 1517516899549.jpg (162.52 KB, 463x1726, LFslqER[1].jpg)

I was talking about why it has become "sort of" acceptable, kinda like being gay was 15-20 years ago, but you do have an interesting point. Why do people who push all this garbage think I could be a toddler or a furry, but me being a transnigger is suddenly off limits?

>That's becoming less true as of late
Good, but it's still utter bullshit.
Feeling attraction towards this or that is totally fine (with some reservations about acting on it, kids etc.), but the fact that "identifying about anything other than what you actually are" isn't just a big prank is absolutely mind boggling.
The more you look at what happened and what's happening and think about it, the more some grand conspiracy seems realistic. It doesn't necessarily have to be DA JOOS, but there's definitely SOMETHING going on.

No. 227054

Lol DAE estrogen makes you wanna cuddle?



>I mean, last year I totally admitted to myself I was really into guys, but there was always that reluctance, even a bit of self imposed transphobia and homophobia.

>After over two months of being on hrt, I'm watching Captain America and then Winter Soldier and I noticed I'm fangirling and crushing sooooo hard on Chris Evans lol! It feels so wonderful and lovely now!


I find this hilarious holy shit.

No. 227056

This is only cementing the theory about transgenders being just people repressing their homosexuality. He became a "woman" and got a free pass to ogle men as a heterosexual and without being seen as gay. Can't say I'm surprised.

No. 227058

>I'm totally a girl now so it's ok to like guys haha
is as hilarious as
>I'm totally a girl now but I still wanna put my (feminine) dick in girls haha

No. 227060

Speak of the devil. Lol @ needing 48 minutes to "disprove" a theory all trannies say is so ridiculous it shouldn't even be taken seriously. I'm gonna watch this creep later on adblock.

No. 227072

>Why do they wanna be us so bad?
in these cases they're not actually trying to be women are they? They've moved beyond even the most exaggerated caricature of a woman and want to be an emotionless pieces of plastic.

You must go through some seriously fucked up shit for this to be how you get your rocks off and that guy is insanely brave for showing all of that on tv.

No. 227075

It's a man's portrayal of a woman. How his interpretation of a female wound up as a plastic bimbo says all you need to know about a man's misogyny.


Love yourself.

No. 227077

They can get hip implants, shave down their jaws, invent a way to make themselves shorter…alter every single part of their body but for what purpose??? Is it not better that we teach people to be comfortable in the bodies they have?

Fat people lose weight or get lipo all the time and it doesn't make them instantly happy. Why? Because they hate themselves and making progress doesn't change that fact. When someone is anorexic, we don't tell them that their problems will be solved once they reach their goal weight, we work on helping them with their mental illness. Why is transgenderism treated differently???

No. 227079

They will just say

>"Well HRT and SRS and social transitioning make me feel better and live a normal life."

When you bring up their suicide rates they say that's only because they're not accepted by society.

It's really impossible to win.

No. 227085


No. 227105

sage for ot but I know lots of people who were extremely happy after surgery
not trying to start anything tho js

No. 227107

I know lots of women who want plastic surgery but it's stigmatized. But when trans do it then it's alright. Its part of their transition. I'm sure if women didn't face that judgement they'd be happier too?

No. 227109

So, Rose McGowan went the fuck off on a troon at Barnes and Noble.

No. 227112

>what have you done for women

say it louder for the trannies in the back

No. 227113

If trannies want to convince people that they aren't just mentally ill they need to stop behaving in public like this.

No. 227114

This is so infuriating, Rose has been abused her whole life since her childhood by MEN and this stupid man come here to scream in her face and disrespect her once again asking her to bend over to accommodate MEN. Fuck all of them.

No. 227115

>Boohoo transwomen have it so much harder.
Mentally ill people generally don't have an easy life.
These people decide to transition despite the risk, women don't decide to be born women.

No. 227116

Tbh that doesn’t really mean it’s not a mental illness. There’s a lot of crazy cows on here who’s lives would be a lot easier if everyone agreed with their delusions and just gave them what they want (think Luna and Shayna).

No. 227118

was Greg always this crossed or did one too many eyelid surgeries fuck him up?

he looks like a drag queen. tbh, there are queens who pass far better than he does and they're not even actively trying to live as women. he used to have a cute twinky face but all these surgeries have totally fucked his looks. I dunno how blair, who was also a twinky gay guy before transitioning, manages to pass so much better but all Greg's surgeons have done is make him look manlier.

No. 227119

The comments on this videos and over recordings are so disgusting; nearly nobody is calling out the tranny, they're all just after Rose calling her mentally ill etc, "this is what happens when women realize they're too old to get children"

No. 227122

Those lips are fucking weird and not attractive to me. But the rest looks okay.
They should just fuck each other. Problem solved.

No. 227123

>white cis feminism

If only such a thing existed, I'd join in a second.

As for Rose, I have some mixed feelings about her. She once worked with a convicted pedo and when asked about it, sidestepped the question. At the same time, people make mistakes and do dumb shit, and she seems to believe what she preaches now. Seeing her shit all over that tranny brings me joy.

No. 227125

>As for Rose, I have some mixed feelings about her. She once worked with a convicted pedo and when asked about it, sidestepped the question.
But so have the majority of celebrities involved in the whole #MeToo deal, let's not forget about that. Not necessarily pedos, but that hollywood is full of abusers has been known for a long time.

There's also the issue that many of them weren't raped, but instead AGREED to a role in a movie (etc) in exchange for sexual favours, and then (some after decades) changed their mind and accused him of harassment and rape. Which begs the question: shouldn't the actresses with some integrity, those that didn't have sex with Weinstein (etc), be the ones most angered by this whole deal? Shouldn't they have accused him a long time ago? Shouldn't they be angry at the actresses who took the easy shortcut and call THEM out? Why don't we hear about those?
I see two possible answers to this: either they have been perfectly suppressed on a massive scale (which seems exceedingly unlikely), or there hasn't been a single one (or maybe a number small enough to be ignored) that had some integrity. If the latter case is true, and those actresses are basically glorified prostitutes, why are they being put on a pedestal as champions of feminism?
Against my previous question, some people would argue that a woman can morally do what she wants with her body, including actual prostitution and "prostitution" to get movie roles, but at that point it's not rape or harassment anymore, is it?

(There have been some accusations of outright rape, I'm not talking about those here.)

No. 227128

This guy isn't even that ugly out of the suit. And his real hair is really nice. He should be in therapy, trying to learn how to embrace himself instead of doing weird stuff like this every day.

No. 227129


> If only such a thing existed, I'd join in a second.

Me too.

No. 227130

This is a fresh topic of discussion but it would be too difficult to follow given how we have no way of proving if actors willingly chose to prostitute themselves because if you are at threat of losing your career unless you comply to your boss' sexual demands, then you're in a compromised position. We know coercion under threat isn't 100% the same as consent.
It would be a different case if there was an official and publicly visible route for consensually trading sexual services for PR/agency/managerial support, because then you really could argue that 'they know that they're getting into', however that's just not the case here. If powerful people want to go on receiving sexual services in exchange for their favours whilst keeping it unofficial, then they have to just deal with the fact they can't prove that it was all consensual. Even if the advancement comes from the person with the lower position, the person in the higher position still needs to accept the risk of blame for that because they know that it's still exploitative situation where they have the upper hand.

As for people that argue that sex work is fine for women to do, they also rely on the condition that it is done in a fair way, which is not the case when turning down the offer can literally ruin your career and or lead to (as we have seen in some Weinstein cases) threats of bodily harm.

If an actor 'called out' other actors for not having the same level of "integrity" as you call it, it would be PR suicide. The playing field is not level for everyone, some people are financially able or bodily confident enough to walk away from a sleazy creep or "free ride", others aren't the same.
Furthermore, actors aren't being put on a "pedestal" for accepting consensual sex work like you say, they're being commended for coming forward to speak about exploitation by powerful people at risk of their career. Maybe it has snowballed enough that you can't see the risks that come with going public, but if only one woman had come forward a year ago then there would have been no way that anyone would have listened and it would have just ruined her life.
For an actor to speak out against anyone that traded sex for roles (even if consensual) would look like a huge victim-blaming dick. You kind of seem like one yourself, though.

Also, this is the wrong thread for this

No. 227133

I wanted to be black as a kid because my friend was. Only now am I realizing that this is the root of all my problems in life and I should start blacksitioning now!!!1

No. 227134

good idea, anon! start using slang and watching hip hop vids.

No. 227136

>This is a fresh topic of discussion but it would be too difficult to follow given how we have no way of proving if actors willingly chose to prostitute themselves
It's common knowledge that Hollywood is full of pedos and abusers, and it has been for a long time.
>because if you are at threat of losing your career unless you comply to your boss' sexual demands, then you're in a compromised position. We know coercion under threat isn't 100% the same as consent.
Weinstein said "that there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing [my] advances", and as far as I know none of the people that initially accused him have contested the above.
>It would be a different case if there was an official and publicly visible route for consensually trading sexual services for PR/agency/managerial support, because then you really could argue that 'they know that they're getting into', however that's just not the case here.
There isn't any official proof of it, of course, but you can say that they knew what they were getting into (that, or they were incredibly oblivious as to what was going on around them), since this whole deal is common knowledge.
>If powerful people want to go on receiving sexual services in exchange for their favours whilst keeping it unofficial, then they have to just deal with the fact they can't prove that it was all consensual.
So the solution to that is to assume that it wasn't, and disregarding the circumstances that would indicate it likely was?
>As for people that argue that sex work is fine for women to do, they also rely on the condition that it is done in a fair way, which is not the case when turning down the offer can literally ruin your career and or lead to (as we have seen in some Weinstein cases) threats of bodily harm.
I'm not sure refusing would have entailed ruining your career or bodily harm, see above.
>If an actor 'called out' other actors for not having the same level of "integrity" as you call it, it would be PR suicide.
Ok, maybe not before the allegations against Weinstein became public, that's not what I meant. But why not now? Why is nobody talking about them now?
>they're being commended for coming forward to speak about exploitation by powerful people at risk of their career
Given the current political climate, I don't think they were risking their careers . A single rape accusation will lead to (even somewhat powerful) people getting fired. Maybe if just one woman had accused Weinstein he'd have shut her down, but even just a few accusations would have had a big effect.
>For an actor to speak out against anyone that traded sex for roles (even if consensual) would look like a huge victim-blaming dick.
Why? If it's consensual, how is there a victim?
>You kind of seem like one yourself, though.
Wow, rude.
And how am I victim blaming? How is saying "I don't think (most of) these people are really victims" the same as saying "it's their own fault they got harassed"?

No. 227139

They argue that not all women have a female reproductive system or vaginas, that you do not need them to be a woman, yet they are willing to resort to extreme surgeries to simulate the wider hips that we evolved to BIRTH A BABY, while keeping their penis? Wtf?

No. 227141

Of course, duh.
"Woman-ness" is defined solely but what's inside their head, that's why they all get surgeries that (they think) will make them look like women. Duh.

No. 227143

They need that surgery to cure their dysphoria or else they will kill themselves.

This sadly is all they need to say.

Imagine being so pathetic like Contrapoints you identify as a marginalized oppressed sex class. He's such a loser.

No. 227144

They literally don't, white trannies like that guy less likely to be raped, murdered, or abused than white women lol. Black trannies are more likely to be, but still not more likely than black women, and a lot of it has to do with the amount of them in sex work.

No. 227145

but there's not proof it works. in fact there was a lot of proof that it doesn't work at all.

the brain can't register most of the changes, especially the cosmetic ones.

also, there biggest thing is that their argument is that their brains are female, but their brain never registers any kind of hormone imbalance like it would if a female had high testosterone. only after the hormone replacement does that occur.

trans surgery is a scam. forced hormone imbalances and mutilating cosmetic surgery don't socialize you as a woman and they don't make the brain think the body is different.

No. 227146


No. 227147

Transitioning increases their suicide rates as seen in >>226291

No. 227149

> Weinstein said "that there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing [my] advances", and as far as I know none of the people that initially accused him have contested the above.
I mean, believe it or don’t but one quick google brings up a death threat.
Even if you believe that neither he nor any Hollywood director etc in the scandal has ever threatened any of the victims with violence, it’d be far-out to say that he has never threatened someone’s career with their power in exchange for sex. Pretty much every news channel covering the Weinstein scandal has acknowledged how his sway could make or break a career and how verbally he made this clear to women.
I don’t know why you’re so incredulous about it, most folk know that entitled people can turn vengeful if you reject them, so it can’t be that hard for you to imagine how your boss might not like you after you reject their advances even if they don’t threaten you outright. Heck, I can’t even tell my boss that I’m not interested in hearing about his kids without it coming back to bite my ass.

>There isn't any official proof [actors accepting sex as part of the entertainment industry] of it, of course, but you can say that they knew what they were getting into (that, or they were incredibly oblivious as to what was going on around them), since this whole deal is common knowledge.

As I’ve explained, it being ‘common knowledge’ isn’t enough to excuse something as consensual or that expectations should stay the same.
It’s 2018, if bosses want their dicks sucked by the desperate talent without being sued for it then they just have to make it a publicly legally required part of the job application that everyone doing that job has to suck their dick equally and will be paid accordingly. (Even then, there will always be ethical problems because sexwork has divided opinions since forever, but this isn’t the thread for that)
Nobody should be singled out and forced to engage in sex work as part of a non-sexwork career purely because someone higher up than them felt like it on that day. If someone comes on to the boss first, the boss should be sensible enough to reject the person like it is expected in any other career field, because the boss is in that position of power and has responsibility to act accordingly.

> So the solution to that is to assume that it wasn't [consensual], and disregarding the circumstances that would indicate it likely was?

If sex can’t be legal consensual because you’re exploiting someone (yes, even if they seem eager to be exploited) then just don’t sleep with them. It’s just that simple.

>Ok, maybe not before the allegations against Weinstein became public, that's not what I meant. But why not now? Why is nobody talking about them now?

Because even if there were people that feel this particular way as you believe, after only this short period of a few months, it would STILL be a PR suicide and STILL imply you were a victim blaming dick?

>Given the current political climate, I don't think [women who come forward about rape]they were risking their careers . A single rape accusation will lead to (even somewhat powerful) people getting fired. Maybe if just one woman had accused Weinstein he'd have shut her down, but even just a few accusations would have had a big effect.

You’re entitled to your opinion. Here’s mine: Women coming forward alone against men were shut down for years, and then suddenly at a time when people were ready to listen, the tide finally turned and so many others came forward against this particular man and others.
Coming forward without any collaboration and saying a powerful person abuses people does risk your career, especially when you only have the strength of your conviction.
A single rape accusation doesn’t automatically topple any man, or Trump wouldn’t be potus.

>Why? [would an actor speaking out against anyone that traded sex for roles (even if consensual) would look like a huge victim-blaming dick] If it's consensual, how is there a victim?

As explained, these situations can’t be seen as ethically non-exploitative because of the power balances even if an individual appears to consent (e.g. coercion is not consent), and also it’s wrong to be angry at a victim just because you yourself were less of a victim.
If you’re asking about why nobody is saying “I’m annoyed people consensually sleep their way into jobs when I worked hard for mine” then I can’t answer that. Maybe because other people accept that actors would rather have an ethical industry where they can be judged on their abilities, than point fingers at those who were used by the current exploitative leaders of a corrupted industry?

>And how am I victim blaming? How is saying "I don't think (most of) these people are really victims" the same as saying "it's their own fault they got harassed"?

Why don’t you tell me the difference yourself?
I don’t think you really know what you’re talking about with all of this honestly, you seem to be lacking in empathy for some pretty basic stuff that happens to women every day. Have you never been sexually harassed before and felt endangered by it?

No. 227150

exactly. because cosmetic surgery doesn't fix self image, which is their issue. dysphoria is just a symptom of disordered self image. the same behaviors exist in cases of anorexia where the patient has distorted body image, viewing themselves as fat and gross despite their extreme low weight. it doesn't satisfy the disordered mind.

also many people become more dysphoric because of it, since they aren't prepared enough for the grieving period one undergoes when they lose a body part. amputees get therapy to help their grieving processes, because they are very difficult. even men who get circumcised voluntarily or otherwise go through a grieving process over such a small area. women who get breast reduction also have issues afterwards, despite it being something they want. it's insane to imagine that just because trans people have disordered self image and dypshoria their brain won't go through the grieving process.

don't forget all those instances of cosmetic surgery addiction. it's a slippery slope.

just the idea that we're using a 'treatment' pioneered in the 50s to 'fix' intersex babies is disgusting.

No. 227151

Is that what it's about? Empathy? Some women said X, so I should agree with it out of empathy?
The topic at hand is also very, very far from what happens to "normal" women every day.

If one of your coworkers has sex with your boss and gets promoted, and then years later claims the boss sexually harassed her, would you feel empathy towards her? Or would you be angry at her for getting an easy promotion, while you worked your ass off?

No. 227152

nta but neither. i'd think that either

1. my boss is a sleezeball who pushed her into it
2. the coworker is a sleezeball who offered sex

but most of the time it's 1. because contrary to popular belief, women are people who don't want to get off easy in the work world. if they did, they wouldn't be working and would just become housewives.

No. 227153

>who pushed her into it
But she still accepted, didn't she? And isn't she being a huge hypocrite and diminishing "real" harassment by making those claims later on?
>because contrary to popular belief, women are people who don't want to get off easy in the work world. if they did, they wouldn't be working and would just become housewives
Unless your partner makes a whole lot of money, being a housewife isn't really viable anymore though.

No. 227154

okay how about this
>give into advances by boss
>get fired

inb4 'you can't fire her for that!'

many places allow you to fire someone for no reason and get away with it, especially smaller companies.

i really don't get your argument. this isn't about two adults getting drunk and then being upset by a mistake.

this is her boss, who is in a position of power over her, abusing that position for his own gain, and also illegally offering her compensation.

why don't you get that? this isn't about the 'weakening of women' this is about giving victims strength.

sure, many women would say fuck off and leave, but it's ridiculous to think everyone is strong enough to do so, especially when we are taught otherwise. plus, especially in this instance not everyone can afford to say no.

No. 227155

This is a topic for another thread, but I'll indulge you on this one anyway, since it's so fucking easy to Google, you're just being willfully obtuse.

Harvey Weinstein blocked Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino from getting roles. Peter Jackson confirms this, when he considered them both for LOTR, but Weinstein got in his way.


harvey Weinstein used ex-Mossad agents to suppress accusers from going public.


No. 227156

Apologies for samefagging, but this was in response to this.

>Weinstein said "that there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing [my] advances", and as far as I know none of the people that initially accused him have contested the above.

It may not be outright violent retaliation, but it is certainly blackmail, and intimidation.

No. 227157

Wow I was being sarcastic hah forgive me I'm tired.

No. 227158

Who cares about Hollyweird. The only reason any blinds get published is because someone couldn't pay up anymore. It's so crazy that people don't know this.

No. 227163

Shouldn't all women (actual women) be included in feminism, regardless of race?

No. 227164

Yes. Now feel free to tell that to all of the intersectional feminists who are completely fine with shutting white women out.

No. 227167

just came to post that.

No. 227178

So rose mcgowan got hecked by a transwoman at her book speaking, she was shaken and upset, and most of the twitter commentors are totes cunts.

Thats it, im done with this trans bs.

No. 227182

File: 1517607716642.jpg (73.77 KB, 636x476, Untitled2.jpg)

Yeah, the shitheads are working overtime on this one. This shit has over 3,000 retweets and over 12,000 likes. Fuck this asshole and fuck everyone who retweeted/liked this shit. Rose had every right to shut that dude down.

Also, there's stuff coming out that the dude in a dress was a sex offender.


No. 227186

I've never thought I would contribute to this thread but here we are.

There's this video from Cut with a woman looking quite masculine - short hair, no makeup, a button-up. She's clearly a woman and identifies as such. Now look through the comments. People are trashing her, making jokes about the guy - that he gotta be gay if he was in a relationship with her, and referring to her with male pronouns and fighting with others about it (lol).

I think it's fucked up that a woman can't express herself more masculine these days without getting bullied. The point I'm trying to make, nowadays it's safer and more accepted to be transgender than to be a certain way-looking woman. It's like taking a one step forward and two steps back. They want to make feminism all about them when things look like this for women??
If you have a pixie cut, you're a man now, sorry, I'll use he/him pronouns for you from now on. Jfc

No. 227187

Men can't either. Here's a video by Trevor Moran talking about how he felt pressured by others to transition simply because he liked traditionally feminine things. I also remember seeing this happen to Amandla Stenberg, people on tumblr kept pushing her to ID as nonbinary like, a year ago I think. Happened to Willow Smith's BF too, and Jaden.

No. 227188

File: 1517609552405.png (475.14 KB, 806x811, Untitled.png)

Rose McGowan's been an icon of mine from Jawbreaker to Planet Terror; she slapped Bruce Jenner the fuck DOWN for his ignorant ass "joke" in 2016, and I have a lot of respect for her voicing her beliefs so passionately.

Sad to hear that heckling pig is being ass-patted and praised, even worse if he's a fucking SEX OFFENDER. Christ.

No. 227189

Bruce is such a turd, and his whole family are turds too. I know the misogynists who love tranny cock had a field day with Bruce winning "woman of the year". They saw it as more "proof" that men made better women than women. If only they'd completely fuck off and fuck trannies and leave us alone already.

No. 227190


Already posted >>224283

No. 227192

File: 1517610362012.jpg (91.68 KB, 749x696, DVD1MvKW4AA4TKC.jpg)

Interview with the tranny. The Twitter I saw this posted on was talking about how "beautiful" the tranny is. Yeah, right.


>Watching them turn against me was triggering

Jesus, I'm not sure even /pol/ could make this shit up.

No. 227193

And of course every woman in the comments daring to question this heckler's behavior in response to a woman discussing her rape is just getting told they're "transphobic". Really? Or maybe MTFs are actually just raging sexists who can't stand women speaking out about actual women's issues? God forbid a woman express the difficulties she experiences as a result of having female anatomy and being raised as a woman.

No. 227195


In prior decades, cropping one's hair and dressing androgynously used to elicit suspicions of being a lesbian, but at least we were still recognised as women.

I despair.

No. 227202

File: 1517615221894.jpg (75.41 KB, 400x600, princess-diana-tartan.jpg)


I am cooking up a thought I'd like to get some feedback on.
These Trans mtf come from abusive mindsets, some having even abused women in the past; that is, they are entitled and do not accept women as their equals, but as inferior beings.
Whenever there is something labelled as "for women", their background of entitlement tells them it's for them, because that's the role they want to adopt now.
But if it's about women's reproductive health - about abortions, periods and the price of the related paraphernalia for period handling, uterus, womb, ovaries and contraception methods, rape babies - they are at that moment confronted by reality with the idea that they are not women.

At this point, and to borrow someone else's illustration, they see their dirty face in the mirror,and then proceed to clean the mirror, rather than their face.
They start changing the definition of woman, claiming women's reproduction isn't important or that it's boring, that they are better than born women, that born women are CIS scum, that we are bad if we don't let them have sex with us anyway, that TERFs should die, yadayada just because they are defending their delusion from being contested by reality; their entitlement means that they have a right to everyone's compliance and confirmation of their delusion, or else; and them seeing us as inferior beings means they don't care if we are harmed in the process of them getting what they want.

But we definitely need to consider this mindset as far more dangerous than we do at large at the moment; because the moment our pill is no longer important, that abortion clinics start to shut, women's shelters and prisons have rapey former men on them just because they claim to be women now, all the ways in which we have organized ourselves throughout the ages to diminish the harm that men do to us will be at danger, and we'll have nowhere to run to for help, because help for born women will no longer exist.

No. 227204

Again the conflation of fetishism with bravery. It's not brave to show the world your drawerporn. You sound like a tranny.

No. 227206


This is what the so called TERFs have been saying since they hit peak trans in…2010? Earlier? You're a little late to the game, try and keep up.

No. 227207

I've read some radfems, why are you so mean? I never saw one of them mention we'll be left without help, sorry.

No. 227208

What an incredibly cringey post prioritizing useless "I knew about it first" elitism when you could simply congratulate that woman on reaching peak trans and realizing the truth as well.

No. 227212


I give Rose lotttttttttts of passes. Her parents were Children of God aka Family International. They're a Christian cult led by a fucking pervert and they're pretty much all insane and all child molesters. Link below to an actual fucking book about Ricky Rodriguez, who suffered horribly as a child along with his cousins Merry (Mene) and Davida. The only reason I bring him up first in a gender critical thread is that his abuse was all chronicled for other members of the sect in a publication where he's straight up shown having sex with his nannies as an infant. The girls were abused also, but there's not as flagrant of a record of their abuse. Mene is a basket case somewhere and may be dead, Ricky killed himself. The link is safe, the images are all blurred or changed, but it's fucking terrifying. Rose says nothing happened to her as a child but…eh. I donno.


No. 227214

nta but I wanted to say that you certainly see Rose hitting peak trans right there, you can actually watch her realizing it and it's pretty great

No. 227218

So like the tranny that heckled Rose said trans women are raped more than cis women. Does anyone have proof?

No. 227223

You know this self-serving twat is demanding that the Barnes & Noble and THE AUDIENCE WHO SUPPORTED HER give her an apology because she feels they "didn't do anything," right?
Why are you posting such a poor, self-absorbed slacktivist?

No. 227229

File: 1517621759863.jpg (55.25 KB, 383x680, tumblr_p3jrpqkaCs1uenx2io1_raw…)

Yeah, the Children of God cult is so fucked up. River Phoenix was in it too, I think.

Just saw this cross my Tumblr dash. This is the tranny at Rose's event. I like how they say rad fems and TERFs are out to advance themselves and don't care about "the coloreds and the poors", yet rad fems are the ones criticizing pornography and pro-sex worker culture, things that hurt poor and poc women the most.

It's the lib fems who are the upper-middle class whites who preach all about sex positive sex work and can't see beyond their nose.

No. 227239

>How a psychotherapist who has backed transgender rights for years was plunged into a Kafkaesque nightmare after asking if young people changing sex might later regret it


I learned a new term today.

ROGD, Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria, used to describe a child or adolescent suddenly deciding that they are transgender.


No. 227241

Damn I don't even care for her as a celeb much but everything she said here is on point. Too bad she's the one who's gonna get called mentally unstable for not appeasing a man in a dress with delusions of "feminine" grandeur. Also her haicut looks great, she pulls the short hair off well.

Abyway is it just me or is there a new trans* complex of "look, we transwomen are hot enough to be abused too"? Ofc i don't think anyone should face abuse ever but sometimes it's brought up online in discussions in such a sleazy manner, does anyone else feel that?

No. 227242

do you guys ever think about the future with this stuff?
>mfw 2098
>everyone starts their transition to opposite gender as a newborn
>all trans "women" get artificial wombs for free because they need them to be happy
>only they are allowed to carry children because otherwise it would be insensitive and transphobic
>ftms are all gay for eachother
>people who don't wanna be trans are ridiculed by society

No. 227243

>Abyway is it just me or is there a new trans* complex of "look, we transwomen are hot enough to be abused too"? Ofc i don't think anyone should face abuse ever but sometimes it's brought up online in discussions in such a sleazy manner, does anyone else feel that

Yeah, I've seen some of them say that being sexually harassed/abused is a "cis privilege". I also saw people say Harvey Weinstein harassing only white women was "white privilege" on the part of the women. Of course, we later found out he did, in fact, harass black women too.

It's a fucked up world when being sexually harassed is seen as some sort of privilege.

No. 227244

That future makes the future described in the song In the Year 2525 sound good in comparison.

No. 227245

They do argue that they should be "hot" enough to get abused. In this video, the fat one says he likes getting catcalled because it validates him and makes him feel like he passes better. And the other one basically says he likes it when people assume he's a "model" or a "hooker."

Gotta say, the comments are pretty hopeful. It feels like and more people reach peak trans every day.

No. 227252

File: 1517631794309.jpg (295.16 KB, 1242x2089, ZT7nQv5.jpg)

They’re full of shit. So funny they whine about “white cis feminism” when they are a white recipient of male privilege, even after transition.

^This study is from 2015. Well, look at that! While trying to downplay sexual assault and violence against cis-women, even their own organizations show that biological FEMALES are sexually assaulted the most, no matter their gender expression. Females are never fucking privileged over a whiny, aggressive white transwoman. Wow, it’s almost like males will target you most for your biological sex rather than care about your pronouns. But why do transwomen constantly neglect transmen?

When it comes to murder, in every study, it’s predominantly non-White transwomen (in prostitution and poverty) that are killed at a higher rate compared to the general population. In conclusion, pink-haired Tumblr anime girl White transwomen are privileged fuckers who are NOT murdered or assaulted at a higher rate than ciswomen or the female sex in general. The only statistic where white transwomen rank highly is suicide, which has nothing to do with lesbians refusing their wiener.

The white transwomen at the forefront of transactivism constantly appropriate the struggles of poor blacks and non-white trans prostitutes to exaggerate their own oppression. The craziest thing is that white trans are often racist as fuck and don’t care about the reality of homophobia in the black community or the environment that leads someone into prostituting themselves for a place to sleep. Instead, they glamourize prostitution, porn and exploitative institutions in a disturbing attempt to validate their femininity.

No. 227257

Shit like this convinces me that somewhere around 30% of trannies in general are pedos.

No. 227276

> non-White transwomen (in prostitution and poverty) are killed at a higher rate compared to the general population
> pink-haired Tumblr anime girl White transwomen are privileged fuckers who are NOT murdered or assaulted at a higher rate

Do they seriously not understand this or want the "I'm so speshul and endangered" points?
Those young and stupid fuckers like stef sanjati seem to totally get aroused by being "at higher risk of being murdered on a date uwu"
I really start to hate all of those fuckers. I think this thread helped me reach peak-trans!

No. 227292

It makes me so angry that surgeons and doctors bend over for all this tranny nonsense, while female reproductive health is still so far behind. They're coming up with hip widening surgery now, but no one can come up with side-effects-free birth control and cures for or better treatments for PCOS, endometriosis etc? Give me a break.

No. 227293

>Too bad she's the one who's gonna get called mentally unstable for not appeasing a man in a dress with delusions of "feminine" grandeur.

Nah. She's going to be called mentally unhinged because people don't want her raging ball of bitterness borne of questionable virtue and Hollywood superficiality as their front for a movement that requires more than one emotional volume that isn't just unbridled anger.

She's going to be called crazy because instead of recognizing that she WILL be challenged by people at these types of events, she narcissistically blames her own followers and Barnes and Noble for not doing an immediate Trumpesque security takedown of the offender. And they MUST apologize even though it's not their fault at all.

I still can't believe you guys think Rose is fighting for anyone besides herself. She's a broken woman who needs a diagnostic and not a microphone. But people clap on because the truth is everyone loves to see a trainwreck. Two things can be true at the same time. She's horrible and so is the tranny predator.

Someone save feminism jfc.

No. 227297

but it's also the lib fems who are so pro tranny since it doesn't affect them at all.

No. 227302

>They saw it as more "proof" that men made better women than women. If only they'd completely fuck off and fuck trannies and leave us alone already.
I wish. But they’d never let us in peace and live it down that trannies are better and that biowomen are obsolete. It’s annoying white noise.
Seriously though, why is it so terribly triggered if to start a conversation about getting actual mental help?

No. 227308

Believe me, I'm also tired of people crying WHITE FEMINISM!!!! and i'm not even white. It's mostly liberal feminists who do this. You should check out radical feminist groups anon, like gendercritical on reddit

No. 227309

The last text is so fucking stupid. "Women who don't want men in their bathrooms are LITERALLY KILLING TRANS CHILDREN!!!!!!!!"

No. 227312

File: 1517674545732.jpg (16.23 KB, 490x174, c849cc45-fc83-40ec-a64a-e58cea…)

His tumblr likes should convince you more: http://deercr0ssing.tumblr.com

TW: it and it's likes are full of scat, piss, futa, sissification, violent degredation, and potential cp. The fact that he's not only a sex offender, but he's into this shit makes his bitching about trannies being in men's prisons sound very suspect…

Pic related is from his ask FM btw. Love how the man screeching about cis white feminism is a racist.

No. 227317

File: 1517676656655.jpeg (Spoiler Image,192.22 KB, 1184x383, 1EE7EC44-7E70-44A7-AA39-D99828…)

Heckler Tranny on why he can’t possibly be a sex offender: he’s just too submissive!!!

…I hit peak trans a while back but if I hadn’t, this might’ve been it for me. Revolting.

No. 227319

>not ghetto

No matter how much he fetishizes black women with white traits it won't hide his racism. Yuck.

No. 227320

>socialist sex doll
>They do argue that they should be "hot" enough to get abused. In this video, the fat one says he likes getting catcalled because it validates him and makes him feel like he passes better. And the other one basically says he likes it when people assume he's a "model" or a "hooker."

Why do they romanticize sex work and being sexually objectified so much. Or is it probably how they see women as just that - sex dolls that THEY want to be for straight guys to fuck over straight women.

No. 227325

File: 1517678820477.png (1.97 MB, 527x5150, pedo cries woof.png)

I posted this in thw wrong thread but heres more on him

In totally not shocking news-the transwoman who screamed at rose mcgowan is a pedo.

I guess thats why they were upset rose is not protesting for transwomen to go to female prisons, hes worried he may end up in one soon.

No. 227326

File: 1517679822813.png (349.94 KB, 1140x448, 1.png)

No. 227334

Honestly I give up. This disgusting rapist will walk out unscathed cuz of the trans shield and libfem apologiies

No. 227336

Why TERFs hate men so much? Not the bad ones or entitled trans "women", literally all men. Can someone be a feminist that excludes trans women without hating all men?

No. 227337

I literally want this printed on a tshirt so I can take a selfie and tag all my chronically ill feminist trans-supporting friends.

No. 227341

the fuck are you talking about? most of them don't hate ~literally all men~, it's just that most men are bad and they don't feel the need to waste their time screaming "BUT #NOTALLMEN!!"

No. 227347


The conflation between sexuality and gender needs to stop. LGBA would be fine, considering asexuality is completely ignored and probably the most socially isolating of them all.

No. 227350

Right now, they want it so that children are given hormone blockers if they show signs of being trans. But I have a feeling that in that in the future, they'll demand that ALL children be put on hormone blockers in case they want to be trans or change their mind about what gender they are.

If that happens, it will have huge negative effects. What happens if kids decide they don't want to be either gender or take the hormones? They won't develop secondary sex characteristics. It'll be a pedophilia heaven.

No. 227351


also, what do TERFs say about trans men? Do they hate them because they are traitors to women and try to immitate and side with their oppressor?

No. 227353

The opinion is generally disheartened - they feel sad that biological women aren't comfortable with being gender non-conforming without injecting harmful hormones, and also that women generally feel dis-empowered and weak when viewed as a woman so they seek becoming a man.

No. 227355

They are slightly annoying and really naive. Just another flavor of handmaidens.

No. 227358

Considering how bad testosterone fries your brain, (i.e. their crime rate is a higher than other womens, but still lower than men (including MTTs)) I consider them to be the ultimate soyboys. They're less harmful than real men, but still crazy.

No. 227360

someone toss this fucker a noose quick-like

No. 227362

It's more terrifying than that, anon. People who don't go through puberty have brains which have never undergone the specific hormonal bath necessary for them to mature–it's not just that they're not getting test or est, there's a lot of other stuff that's lacking. Long term results on kids given GnRH agonists for precocious puberty and then allowed to mature normally aren't good at all. What else happens with drugs like Lupron, for long term? We don't have that data. We don't know.

There aren't a lot of endocrinologists talking about this right now, but there are a ton of them who've bitten their nails to the quick. The future for the kids on puberty blockers–which I'm seeing now with kids who decide that they're enby.–is to stay on them indefinitely. They start them at ten and they're still on them at seventeen.

How does a brain develop as we know it does if you prevent it from normal maturation? What might some of those risks be? Food for thought, but there's just too much fucked up shit taking place.

No. 227367

No. 227372

I've barely met any MTTs in my life and yet I still have 2 stories of them committing sexual assault.

The first was a phone video which my little cousin sent to his mom and I ended up seeing it via my mother. My cousin was traveling with his friend, and for context, at the time they were both 18 and both very short and thin. They looked really small and baby-faced because they both had major medical issues that stunted their growth. They were walking down the street in the city in the daytime and passed by a restaurant, and at one table was sitting a MTT. This guy looked to be at least in his late 30's just from what I could see in the potato quality video, and he was wearing a short skirt and giant heels. Apparently he had been calling out to them saying things like "Hey boys, come get a load of a real woman, I just got my new parts" and my cousin stopped to film, naively just thinking it was so ridiculous it was funny. His friend said something like "Gross, you're not a woman, you're a man" and the MTT exploded in rage, screaming at them that he was ALL woman, and pulled up his skirt to reveal that he had no underwear on, showing my cousin and his friend his newly-formed flesh wound.

The other instance was a guy at my own high school. Just one of those many awkward, nerdy, gangly and ugly guys. However this guy would routinely sneak up behind one particular girl in the lunch room and grope her boobs while she tried to fight him off. We always tried to tell him off, since it was clear she didn't want it, and she had a long-term boyfriend as well. But he would always laugh it off with "Oh she just is pretending she hates it because that's what girls do, they always do it like that in anime." I had no clue what to do, being younger than them and in my early teens, I was just in shock and had no idea if it was the sort of thing for staff to get involved or not, and just left it to that girl to report the issue or not. I do regret not reporting him to the school.
Fast forward a number of years and he is now a self-proclaimed trans woman and advocate of intersectional feminism, social justice and women's rights, and routinely blogs about how cis men who assault women are trash and should be wiped off the planet.

No. 227382

Same. When I moved to bristol last year the first local paper I picked up had a story about the sentencing of a MTT who raped and murdered a child.

No. 227386

File: 1517710484325.jpg (28.39 KB, 605x179, OHFFSAAKKEEEE.jpg)

No. 227396

Does anyone know if Contrapoints is problamatic? A close friend of mine who I'm open with about my Gender Critical beliefs told me that contra is intelligent and "schools terfs"

No. 227425

I've been following rad fem and rad fem leaning people more and more on Twitter. the ones I communicate with on this topic seem to agree that screeching about "white feminism" and shitting on white women is getting old. I've had quite a few non-white women agree with me as well.

I'm glad people are getting sick of this shit. I'm glad people are starting to get sick of the trans activist screaming over women at our own events shit too.

No. 227430

Trans shit never should have been a part of it anyway, since it's not about sexuality. Asexuality makes a hell of a lot more sense, but asexuality is still treated as some sort of fake special snowflake thing by most people.

Trans issues should also be separate from feminism, or at they should acknowledge the obvious: that the experiences of trans women are not the same as those of bio women. But they'll never do that, and they won't start their own movement. They'll just piggyback onto ours and try to shut us out.

No. 227437

As a WOC I agree and I too, am sick of morons bringing up "white feminism" to bash things which have nothing to do with it.

Yes there are vaild critisisms of "white feminism" but now i see it, more than often used by anyone to try an excuse them going after women they disagree with. Whats more infuriating is tranwomen expect us to be their fucking handmaidens and get super hostile when
radfem WOC tell them to shut the fuck up. I am gald other WOC are waking up and not putting up with this shit either anymore.

No. 227438

Depends what you find probematic. Contra did a fake terfs video where rather than get an actual terf on to talk gender, did a video playing a terf and said "these are how terfs talk so its ok" it was a total cop out.

No. 227439

Which is hilarious, seeing as asexuality is about as common as being trans (over the general population) and a whole lot less problematic.

I’ve seen quite a few people say they’re willing to accept “trans women” but as a category separate from “women”. I think that would be the best scenario, because you’re right that they have completely different experiences from each other as groups.

No. 227440

File: 1517759816023.png (14.39 KB, 500x158, dennistherapist.png)

In water is wet news…

No. 227442

I always see them use black women in their argument about how they too, are valid women. Shit's creepy and just plain racist. It comes as absolute zero shock to me that the people who scream "white feminism" at everything are also racist as fuck. Just like that tranny in this screencap >>227312

No. 227451

File: 1517763885602.png (78.36 KB, 738x440, DOUSTAN.png)

>I always see them use black women in their argument about how they too, are valid women.

Indeed, not only are they overtly racist they expect black women to back them up. What pisses them off is that there is a big community of WOC radfems which call out their "radfem is evil white feminism" asses

Also as a south Asian, im sick of the argument of "transwomen exist in south Asian cultures" and then used their ignorance of ours. no they dont.

I usually roll my eyes at cutural appropriation arguments but this actually is a great example of it-taking a complete misunderstanding of a cuture not you own to try and make yourself valid. It was this shit that turned me radfem, especially as these transwomen don't actually give a shit about what south asian or indeed east Asians go through, a lot of them fetishise Asians and Asian cultures, going so far as to do the weeaboo thing of giving themselves Asian names.

No. 227455

I'd say asexual numbers are higher than trans numbers by quite a bit in reality, it's just asexuality is still a relatively new concept, at least compared to LGB or trans stuff. And it's certainly not as mainstream. Over time, you'll see more people "coming out" if you will as asexual I think.
Yeah I follow a black rad fem on Twitter, and I noticed there's a lot more woc radfems than they like to think. And, as a lily white woman, I'm more chill with those women than I am lib fems, woc or white. Woc radfems see through the divide bullshit of intersectionality. Trans people and lib fems like to bring up black women as their little racist "gotcha!" to try and trap people. But that shit doesn't work, and people are seeing through their bullshit.

Lib fems, trannies, and their enablers shit on white women for existing, and try to silence us, then they use woc for their fucked up little racist pawns in their arguments. And both whites and woc are beginning to wake up and realize we're getting played. And we're not having that shit anymore.

Gotta love that image too. "Transracial doesn't exist because i say so, but you can wear womanface and it's totally legitimate". People talking about transracial stuff and laughing at it is what first started making me really critical of trans stuff. Saying you feel like another race is wrong, but somehow feeling like a woman is okay?

No. 227460

I agree, but I would never not read it as "Lesbian Gay Basketball Association"

He posted that hours after andi was outed as a pervert too. Love that rapist pedophile solodarity uwu ♡

No. 227462

Hey hey hey it's not legitimate rape or molestation if only cis-scum was being molested, those victims were probably highly transphobic and THEY should be locked up!!!1

I wish there would be a transracial movement just that people can see how fucked up all of this is

No. 227463

The show Atlanta did a hilarious parody of transracialism. This shit sounds exactly like real trans people. Quality show too.

No. 227469

Female trans people have so much internalized misogyny that they don't even want to be recognized as women… Most radfems I've seen have sympathy for trans females and are inclusive of them, so calling them terfs is not accurate. They're not trans exclusionary, they're male exclusionary.

No. 227475

>Whats more infuriating is tranwomen expect us to be their fucking handmaidens and get super hostile when
radfem WOC tell them to shut the fuck up. I am gald other WOC are waking up and not putting up with this shit either anymore.

I've definitely seen my fair share of trans males drop all pretenses and start using racial slurs and the likes when WOC refuse to play along with their game. It's disgusting.

No. 227477

The younger ones tend to be fujoshit who start to confuse their kinks and internalized misogyny with being trans too. I feel a bit bad for them, they need to learn to love themselves and realize that having boobs and a vagina is not weak and disgusting.

No. 227485

File: 1517770704150.jpg (Spoiler Image,368.96 KB, 1893x1445, IMG_4972.jpg)

Someone found a screencap of Andi Dier on some sex/hookup site. Click the image at your own risk, it involves his… er, manhood, such as it is.

"Ever since I was young, I craved to be feminine, submissive, and as much a sissy as possible. To become a human sex doll."

Perfectly sums these troons up.

No. 227490

How can anyone who reads this say that it's not simply a fetish!? They make me so angry

Can somebody enlighten me what's going on in this picture?? I can not figure out what that is supposed to be?

No. 227491

Looks like a chastity cage on his junk. It's submissive/sissification shit.

Making light of rape, classy! https://archive.fo/3qLz1

No. 227492

It's a cock cage. It's a sissification/forced chastity fetish thing.

Did anyone notice how quick the kiwi thread about him got lockedt btw? Looks like the tranny mod got triggerdt

No. 227494

File: 1517772434744.jpg (54 KB, 645x376, Untitled.jpg)

Yeah, that's weird considering so many other threads just go on and on forever. What does one even have to do to get a thread locked on there? All I can figure is, like you said, a tranny mod got triggered.

Just saw this on my Shitter. Women have no right to public spaces. But naturally, trans women have a right to all of the spaces women already inhabit.

No. 227506

>man gives opinion on what is good and bad decision for women

I’ve just seen a post where a grid girl argues that it is men who objectify and sexualise women, rather than the grid girls just having fun and earning money, that should be “punished”. Can someone explain to me what the point of a grid girl is, other than to be an objectified sexual (and completely unnecessary) thing for all the men actually achieving something to ogle at? When are feminists going to realise that when you do something that has literally no other purpose than to sexually objectify you, you’re going to be sexually objectified and men are not wrong/weird for doing that?

No. 227510

better look up what feminists do

> be 60, have twins with 30yr old

> women as decoration is empowering!
lauda is shit

No. 227514

File: 1517779478686.jpg (265.78 KB, 790x1611, DVDjG4zU8AAnuFT (1).jpg)

>list a bunch of non-human examples as if that proves anything
We're humans, not flatworms or slime mold. How is this relevant? I mean even our good friends dogs will fuck their close relatives, does that make incest OK? These cases are totally irrelevant to humans.

>Oh did you mean humans?

Yes, that'd be good.

>lists a bunch of rare conditions

Somehow this makes dudes with XY chromosomes that chop their dicks of women! Sure convinced me!

No. 227515

No. 227518

Animals that change sex or disguise themselves do it to procreate. They're animals, that's they're goal in life. They do all sort of fucked up shit too. Fucking their siblings, eating their young out of necessity, just being rapey in general. They're animals, they don't have the thought capacity we do.

A dude putting on a dress or turning his dick into a wound isn't out of need to procreate. The whole "b-but animals do it too!" argument has always been dishonest. Humans are a lot more complex than that.

No. 227521

They're making "potato chips for women" as if women can't deal with greasy fingers.
And the CEO who came up with this idea is a woman.
What a bizarre timeline we're in.

No. 227522

File: 1517782325464.png (141.02 KB, 625x678, all-people-are-trans.png)

We really are moving towards a world where trans is right and cis is wrong. Genitals don't denote gender, apparently. guess I'm just in denial! I must be an ftm, even though that's so rare compared to mtf…

No. 227523

>Talking about Doritos, the female executive pointed out that men and women eat the chips very differently. She said, "A lot of young guys eat the chips . . . and they lick their fingers with great glee," while women, on the other hand, don't. "They don't like to crunch too loudly in public, and they don't lick their fingers generously and they don't like to pour the little broken pieces and the flavor in their mouth."

where tf does this bitch live that people aren't pouring the broken bits right down their fucking face holes??? everyone does this.

No. 227524

File: 1517782955338.png (151.06 KB, 632x713, shut-the-fuck-up.png)

No. 227525

Or maybe it's because 95% of people don't base their entire personality on 1950s gender stereotypes and are therefore comfortable with who they are. Hmmmmmmm.

No. 227527

Yeah, it's really fucking bizarre

No. 227530

I lick my fingers, pour the crumbs (which are always the best part of any chip) in my mouth, wipe my fingers on my clothes if i have to, and generally act like a slob, so yeah this lady is wrong. So so wrong.

No. 227535

>forget equal pay, this is the justice we’ve been waiting for
Stop the world I want to get off

No. 227539

File: 1517788198323.png (137.14 KB, 827x247, cis hons.PNG)

For anyone who hasn't hit peak trans yet, this might be it for you.


Btw, a "hon" is 4chan-speak for a tranny who looks like a man. They're implying this very feminine-looking girl looks like a man, because they hate women so much for having what they want that they have to attack their looks.

No. 227540

I peaked just trying to browse lesbian general for more than a week back when /lgbt/ came out. Absolute cesspit of incels in clumsy makeup.

No. 227541

They call it cis lesgen now as an attempt to keep the trannies out, but I'm afraid most of the actual lesbians have abandoned /lgbt/ and all you have left in those gens are larping transbians. You can tell they're men by the way they type.

No. 227577

I rarely go to /lgbt/, but any time I do, the place is a total cesspit. Bisexuals don't exist there it seems, and lesbians have to specify they don't want troons in their threads, because women are never allowed their own space. Gay men seem to have a niche carved out there, but even they are overshadowed by batshit trannies, trenders, and the pervs who jerk off to them. It's a perfect representation of modern LGBT actually. All T, no LGB.

No. 227579

Why does 4chan have this obsession with trannies and traps? Do they hate women so much that a man in a dress is more appealing to them?

No. 227581

anime dickgirls, anon

No. 227596

Porn addiction sometimes leads to watching tranny porn for shock value, or other fetishes you see often on 4chan pretty much

No. 227605

File: 1517816157430.gif (429.21 KB, 430x336, DIGIA14.gif)

>they hate women so much for having what they want that they have to attack their looks.
sound familiar lolcow?(shit bait)

No. 227612

>thinks genders type a certain way
>in a gender critical thread

No. 227613

File: 1517822790921.png (1.02 MB, 1440x1852, transbians.png)

Are you joking or are you retarded? It's extremely easy to tell a male from a real girl, just because of how severely men hypersexualize everything about lesbianism.

No. 227621

If only these autogynephiles could leave their gross fetishes in the bedroom instead of getting involved in politics. Then again it's obvious that they get off on talking over real women and forcing people to treat them like women.

No. 227640


I've noticed that men and women talk differently online in some contexts. If it's a discussion, women will precede their statements with "I think…", and men will often just make the statement and assume rightness until proven wrong. It's all in the expectation of the other person to shoulder the burden of proof.

Which is very similar to what happens offline, come to think of it.

No. 227648

Thanks for helping me reach peak trans, fam. I still cannot believe they are pushing this on children. The idea that anyone under age 18 (hell I'd say older tbh) knows anything about what they want is ridiculous to begin with, but under 12 is disgusting.

Don't even get me started on the parents that will push this on their children. It reminds me of a gross story I read about a mom "letting her son" keep his foreskin if he cleaned his penis properly, and then ultimately deciding he wasn't doing a good job and got it cut off. Pretty soon those parents are going to be telling their sons if they're too girly they have to get their dicks cut up and turn into a female.

No. 227671

I swear this is the plot to every fucking yuri ever. And this is what weeb translesbians base their perception on.

And the thing is that the human brain hasn't developed to its full adulthood until 25 and recent studies are saying that nowadays the age is even higher, around 30. 18-year olds are so young they have barely made it through puberty and I think ANYONE at age 30 regrets decisions they made when they were a dumb 18-year old. You simply have no life experience at that point or a well-formed identity. You probably still live at your parents' place for chrissakes. You're still in high school. How can you ever know what your true social identity is when you don't even know life outside of the school grounds?

All these parents supporting their kids' transgenderism are just terrifying. You're seriously saying that your son "knew" that he was a girl at age 2? If your son were to say that he's a magical pony, would you buy into that delusion? Most of these parents keep on feeding their kids' make-believe fantasy because they don't have the spine to figure out what's really wrong. The link between autism/OCD and transgenderism has been proven. It could be just a kid's defense mechanism to anything that traumatized them.

OR it could be that your kid is gay. A lot of gender non-conforming children turn out to be gay later in life. I've legitimately seen parents being WORRIED of their kid being gay but a lot more accepting when presented the idea of their kid being transgender. And unlike being trans, being gay has been proven scientifically to be written in your genes and even if you disagree with that statement, at least it doesn't require body mutilation or artificial hormone replacement.

The case with Jazz Jennings is the worst of all though, his mother has stated him being suicidal and depressed yet she STILL chooses to push him to the limelight, appear on TV, write children's books and do whatever while openly talking about his genitals. Jesus.

No. 227672

This post makes no fucking sense. You really can't justify human transgenderism with flatworms or snails that are hermaphrodites. A human can't suddenly change their gender biologically and naturally to survive. A human requires constant chemical hormone intake and surgeries to "change" into the opposite gender.

No. 227677

>I swear this is the plot to every fucking yuri ever.
I read a lot of yuri and it's incredibly easy to tell when something is written by a man vs by a woman. And unsurprisingly, men and especially transbian men love and imitate the fetishy stuff written by men and think the stuff written by real women is boring.

No. 227682

It honestly just seems like another way shit parents can exploit their children. SRS is a scam anyways. Mutilation and hormone imbalance don't change your gender and people who think it does are nuts. This gender shit is putting us back decades. Not sure if it was ITT, but I read a comment that many gender psychologists use 1950s gender roles as a guide for trans diags, which sounds dangerous as fuck to me.

No. 227683

I'll always see transitioning with surgery and hormone therapies for kids as a form of conversion therapy. Even for adults who end up regretting it.

No. 227706

I mean, it is. It's like eugenics basically and it's used as conversion therapy for homosexuals in other countries. Infact it started out that way in the west too. Trans people were considered homosexual and deranged so they gave them surgeries so they could live without being gay.

No. 227708

File: 1517871083666.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)

No. 227710

I've been taking a lot of personality tests lately, mostly the heritable traits tests that employers use. They can be bullshit, but they can also be interesting in what they tell you about yourself. I'm very low in agreeableness. That pretty much means what it sounds like. I can be polite, but if I think you're talking shit, I'll say so.

I wonder how many women and girls in this thread are similarly low in this trait? I'm curious to know if our lack of agreeability is partly why some of us are so loudly and particularly disgusted by trannies? I know that as long as a tranny is living quietly, I could give two fucks about them, but the second they start to get loud and annoying with their 'muh rights muh feelz' I find it incredibly difficult to keep my own mouth shut, let alone enable them in their delusion. Outside the site, I'm wondering if radfems and dykes fall along the same lines in terms of being low in agreeability.

It's important for women to realize that they do have the right to speak up about this, that they should absolutely expect that men ~not be allowed access to every single part of us, even when they play pretendbian.

I think most if not all women, deep down, know trannies aren't real. We know they're freaks. Too many of us don't speak up, though, because we're afraid to lose family or friends or support. I'll yell for the rest, being disagreeable, but I hope more women know that it's okay to talk about this. Because what we're saying is true. It's objectively the truth, no matter how hard trannies try to obscure that with bullshit about animals changing sex or intersex people, neither of which have anything to do with lopping off your dick for funsies and pretty pretty princess parts.

It's a fairly cunning strategy on the part of the trannies, though. Take what is best in women–friendliness, agreeableness, compassion, empathy–and use it against us. First by acting sad and harmless and friendless, then by slowly twisting the thumbscrews, getting more and more sadistic while still counting on that first initial response on the part of most women to let them slide until they've come round to denying us our own space, our sexuality, our breathing room.

I still don't care about trannies, because they're little more than a carny sideshow, but now, they've become dangerous to us. They're showing their true colors. Now isn't a good time to be quiet anymore. Together, we can and should call for a much needed dose of reality.

I feel hopeful about the future. I'm not afraid of these incels.

No. 227711

Does anyone else read everything trannies say in that fake gay valley girl voice they do? It's all I can hear when I read their posts.

No. 227712

The results of a new study examining physical and mental health disparities between transgender youth and their peers were published today.

Media reporting on the study has been over-simplified (or slanted depending on the agenda of the outlet reporting). Most outlets are presenting the data as evidence that more teens identify as transgender than previously thought when in fact the study includes students who identify as "gender nonconforming." The study defines "gender nonconforming" as describing "individuals whose gender expression does not follow stereotypical conventions of masculinity and femininity and who may or may not identify as transgender."

The study asked participants “Do you consider yourself transgender, genderqueer, genderfluid, or unsure about your gender identity?" The students who answered "yes" were grouped together. The study then asked those students, on a scale from masculine to feminine, how their gender was perceived by others.

“Health and Care Utilization of Transgender/Gender Nonconforming Youth: A Population-Based Study” (Rider GN, et al. Pediatrics. Feb. 5, 2018)


No. 227714

I had a friend who was gay, and years and years back he told me that he had "found out" that he actually wanted to be a woman and had started getting laser hair removal. No idea how that turned out, as I can't find him online anymore.
Well, at least gay men don't attack women I guess?!

No. 227750

how many of you post on /r/gendercritical, /r/feminism or /r/SRS/Circlebroke?

No. 227762


r/gendercritical since way back. It's a bit of a sanctuary away from the rest of reddit, and is the only female-centered/feminist subreddit still in the control of actual women.

No. 227764

SRS is not gc

No. 227768

nta but I thought circlebroke was gc?

No. 227779


nah they yell at you if you post on gc and try and post there

No. 227781

So, what he is saying is: "You p-probably have lots of s-sex and that m-makes you losers!!" Sick burn. He knows he will never join the ranks of those losers.
>I feel like tranny logic is super close to incel logic.
Given that ranting incels are much less popular, I think it's a good idea to point out this similarity whenever trans issues come up.

No. 227790

File: 1517930359511.png (626.46 KB, 507x1336, animewasamistake.png)

No. 227793

No. 227794

No. 227795

ffs. imagine telling this to a medical professional and they have to just be like, okay sure!

No. 227801

>writes for Bitch and makes videos for The Mary Sue

God, 99% of modern feminist media is such trash. I'm surprised this creature doesn't work for the equally garbage Bust and Jezebel too.

Also, "This is what I was wearing when he told me I was a man.". You are one. You have a massive apeman brow, a masculine face, and a huge adams apple. Even the most "masculine" of biological women are still more feminine than you on your best day.
I saw that shit on Twitter a week or two ago. I felt like my brain was gonna collapse in on itself from the sheer stupid delusion of it all.

No. 227802

Shoeonhead is calling out Mancheeze and Jenny McDermott/ Jenny kiss rn

No. 227808

Wait, this wierdo makes videos for the mary sue? I didnt know that. They have posted quite a few artices saying girls who write sherlock slash fanfiction are cultural appropriating disgusting cis scum but they support this freak who gets off to loli porn?

cis priviledge my ass kek

Calling out or sperging out? We all know shoe is not known for her intelligence.

No. 227812

I'm about to leave rn but check her Twitter. Mancheeze and Jenny McDermott are lolcows with sketchy histories, it seems.

No. 227827

>takes HRT
>female hormones have effects commonly seen in females
>isn’t period symptoms because it’s not symptoms of a period, it’s symptoms of HRT


No. 227828


No. 227833

>No matter how well we pass for cis, no matter how many sacrifices we make, no matter how much time we spend obsessing over our presentation–it will never, ever be enough. We will never be granted the right to be respected inherently, on sight.

Hello and welcome to being a woman. I thought that's what you wanted so much to be.

He looks like a man in drag.

No. 227834

What I learned: Women are better about just being between the genders, which I honestly don't mind too much. As long as no one screams at me for misgendering them, or tries to make the opposite gender conform to them, idc.
There's also exactly 3 people who I guess are MTF who actually pass and they are all POC. White men usually just don't have nice faces for women. I mean, the fat guy with the rat's nest on his head looks like that one comedian from SNL ffs.

No. 227837

Yeah, that Tumblr article that was posted said they were doing a video for the Mary Sue and wanted to look "as close to a cis woman as possible". You might want to consider full facial and body reconstruction then, dude.

That doesn't shock me about The Mary Sue at all. They are epitome of intersectional Tumblr feminism. The Mary Sue, just like Tumblr and social justice Twitter, loves to shit on "cis women" (usually with "white" shoved in there too, naturally) for indulging in slash. Meanwhile, they're cool with whatever "trans" or "nonbinary" freak doing whatever.

No. 227839

>I'm very low in agreeableness.
i for one am shocked someone in here would be very low in agreeableness

No. 227846

Hearing her talk about wanting a "pretty" vagina and that should would be disgusted by having a vagina thats lopsided is actually enraging to me and i used to like this little shit

No. 227848

The idea that wearing lipstick or a hat makes people female or male but chromosomes and one's reproductive system doesn't is absolutely ridiculous.

No. 227849

When will the accept that a big part of why the Women's March happens is because of reproductive rights, laws which only affect BIOLOGICAL WOMEN? Cis women are at risk of losing their right to birth control and abortions and that's why they're marching. It's like we have to pretend we're all trans idiots.

No. 227852


You do not need to use "cis" here. The use of "Cis" was instigated by transactivists in order to redefine "women" to include them.

No. 227855

looking through what is posted in this thread, and the spread of the terf-spergery to other threads, I don't think a personality trait is the driving force.
I mean, you're chimping out over a bunch of tumblr genderspecials and making it sound like race war 2.0 (while advising 'a dose of reality', which is … something)
this isn't a board for proud people who are winning at life. it's a gathering place for bitter, neurotic bitches to gossip about people they hate. and over the past year or so, it has been steadily devolving thanks to a handful of radfems who won't shut the fuck up about it, no matter how ot it is.

No. 227860

how old is he anyway? only from the trans community you see kids obsessing about how their private parts look
I use to hate my nipples like crazy as a teen but didn't cry and beg my mom for surgery for them because of my dysphoria, why? because I was a fucking teenager, if everything works right and the only reason why you wanna get it is because you don't like how it looks wait til your 18 not beg mommy and daddy for bucks so you can show boys your "pretty' pus and claim it's muh dysphoria

No. 227874

>you're chimping out over a bunch of tumblr genderspecials and making it sound like race war 2.0
Sorry, but if they're gaining political power, access to women's bathrooms, and a voice in feminism, that's far from just a few Tumblr special snowflakes. I can't speak for other anons, but I'm pretty well adjusted and only come here for /ot/ and /g/ because I like anonymous places. Haven't been to the actual gossip boards in forever. I think >>227710 has a point.

No. 227883

Same here. I go to /snow/ or /pt/ sometimes, but I usually don't stay there long. It's full of too many bitter bitches picking apart other womens looks and calling that milk for me. If you have to resort to talking about a cows acne then they might not be a cow.

/g/ and /ot/ are decent though, and there one of the few places where I can speak anonymously and candidly. This is also one of the few places where you can discuss feminism that isn't intersectional sex worker positive libfem crap.

No. 227885

>This is also one of the few places where you can discuss feminism that isn't intersectional sex worker positive libfem crap.


No. 227892

File: 1518018661421.png (400.03 KB, 660x379, 543417A7-47C2-46C7-9783-F3352A…)

Here’s a fun before&after timeline of HONtrapoints.

No. 227894

He actually looked decent as a guy, was this really needed?

No. 227896

File: 1518021896465.jpg (249.24 KB, 1600x1597, IMG_9659.JPG)

>He actually looked decent as a guy
Indeed. But his personality is shit so I can't exactly say I'm disappointed.

No. 227911


The transactivists have successfully lobbied in several countries for self ID legislation which conflates sex and gender and eliminates women-only spaces.

Women-only spaces are a guaranteed right as stipulated by the United Nations.

No. 227922

Wow, this is a fucking shame.

No. 227925

Fuck me, he used to be hot

No. 227927

can you guys stop with the 'this is a shame' shit? he's mental enough to think you can just magically change your sex, or he was desperate enough to give into the idea. nothing of value was lost.

No. 227934


based anon

No. 227939

true, but maybe he can be made to feel bad about it

No. 227967

It honestly frightens me to think that by the time my niece is a teenager, there might not be women only spaces. Like, that shit legit terrifies me to think I'd have to share bathrooms and gym lockers with hairy tranny men pretending to be women. It's awful.

I can't even believe there was a fuss during the women's marches because Biological women are actually fighting for their reproductive rights and this offends weak tranny men.

No. 227969

18 this year, or so his wiki page says

No. 227980

>how dare you think it's tragic that someone who is otherwise attractive is mentally ill and destroying their looks


No. 227983

that's how much of a misogynist this little twerp is. he's pretty fucked up. same thing with complaining about how he didn't have pornstar boobs and wanted to get a titjob bc he wanted 'pornstar boobs'.

No. 227986

I don't have the same contempt for Jazz as I do for other troons. Jazz is incredibly naive and misguided, but it's not like he decided to do this on his own. His parents put him on puberty blockers when he was FOUR years old. It's a sad case study and I would wager that none of his opinions on gender and sexuality are his own. I really feel for the kid, it's incredibly fucked up that his own parents sterilized him, stunted his development, and put it all on television just to get rich and gain progressive brownie points.

inb4 whiteknight, I legitimately feel bad for any children who are subjected to this harmful, unsubstantiated, guinea pig experimentation by the people who are supposed to protect and guide them.

No. 227992

Just dumping this link to what I thought was a pretty well balanced documentary about transing children. The creepy transman in it has been haunting my nightmares.


No. 227993

This. That kid had no choice. It's not like you can say or run away at fucking 4. If anything it shows a severe failing of the system. Nobody protected a toddler from parents pumping him harmful chemicals without purpose.

No. 228005


Just as alarming as its content is why it was banned >>221488

No. 228024

this shit makes me so fucking disgusted. and all this shit like 'oh my little boy played with dolls he's obviously a girl, lets fuck up his body' it's all sexist homophobia and it's sick to think that people who -know- children can't consent or understand permanence or even think in the long term could possibly know they want this stuffl kill me now i wanna get off this planet.

No. 228030

It's a really, really scary thought that this documentary was banned. It wasn't hateful at all, it was very well made, it let the both parties talk and it didn't take any sides but instead presented a question they had to answer. Just because some trannies were triggered on social media about how it's 100% not aggressively supporting their delirium they pulled it at the last minute. Imagine this fucking happening in a western, modern society that's supposed to be based on the freedom of speech.

It really does showcase how fucking nuts these parents are though and how the doctors pushing the trans ideology are only thinking about their own benefit. It's like watching a religious cult. That transman activist was extraordinarily unsettling too, I completely agree.

No. 228031

File: 1518105354262.jpg (48.74 KB, 720x400, Winniethepooh2011dvdrip.jpg)

I'm only at 1:12 and I feel like my brain is already melting.

"I am a transgender man, please refer to me as he and him and use gender neutral terms for pregnancy, such as pregnant people instead of pregnant women."

You know this wouldn't come as a shock to me if this person had been transitioning and actually looked/sounded like a man, but that is so obviously just a girl with a girly voice and long girly hair to top it off. Same goes for her trans "husband". Yet they are insisting they are 100% just like every other man and need to be referred to as such or else you're a bigot.

And of course they are fucking cosplayers.

No. 228033

I don't think you are a whiteknight. I wholeheartedly agree with you. People are way too harsh with Jazz, who is a naive 17-year-old that had all these blatant lies crammed into his ear by his narcissist parents and other MTTs throughout his entire childhood and the brainwashing is still going strong. He's been told he is a real girl just like all the cissies before he even knew how to read. Most people don't even remember what was going on in their lives when they were 4 years old, so he probably has no recollection of ever being told he's a boy by his parents or teachers. People will never be able to convince him he's not female and that's what's the most fucked up about his situation.

No. 228035

Holy fuck those are two deranged women. I wouldn't be surprised if that kid is going to be super neglected

No. 228036

I completely agree. You really can't blame him for his upbringing, his parents want attention on his expense and they're the ones who couldn't deal with the possibility of him being gay or gender-nonconforming and instead started telling him that he's a girl. The really interesting thing about this documentary >>227992 is the quote from one of the psychologists they interviewed:
>I've heard some parents say after their child has transitioned: "Well at least they're not gay". Because the child has transitioned to the other gender and therefore in terms of their sexual attraction it'll be heterosexual. So an interesting issue is to what extent religious or cultural factors that are anti-gay are part of the mix.
As a bisexual woman who was very gender non-conforming as a child and wanted to be a boy, this is haunting to me. This documentary should be spread as much as possible. I've seen so many lesbian women and gay men being pulled to the transgender ideology because it's easier for you yourself and your family to accept you being a heterosexual transperson than a gay cisperson.

No. 228051

i mean this is the reason why srs exists in the first place, to suppress homosexuals it still happens in 3rd world countries for the same reason.

No. 228052

>I've heard some parents say after their child has transitioned: "Well at least they're not gay". Because the child has transitioned to the other gender and therefore in terms of their sexual attraction it'll be heterosexual. So an interesting issue is to what extent religious or cultural factors that are anti-gay are part of the mix.
This made me want to puke. I'm shivering thinking about all the upcoming suicides from these poor kids who realize in adulthood that they would rather just be gay but can't ever go back because they had their genitals mutilated at 16-17. Disgusting.

No. 228055

Yeah I downloaded that doc off of Vimeo, just in case someone gets it taken down. I found the doc very well balanced. It presented multiple stories with different perspectives on transgenderism. A girl who thought she was trans, only to find out she was just a tomboy with internalized misogyny, someone who transitioned and is fine with it, someone who transitioned and regretted it, etc.

The worst things about the modern trans lobby is how they shit on biological women and take over our spaces, and how they stifle any other views on transitioning, including the views of people who did it and regretted it. I feel like people here would hate them much less if they learned that.

No. 228058

File: 1518118714099.jpg (202.97 KB, 659x833, ELLO DARLIN.jpg)

On transpassing it's actually impossible to tell who is "legit" and who is taking the piss. How do they tell? Or do they just have to assume everyone is serious? Normally I would have assumed facial hair equals trolling but large numbers of them apparently have no problem showing their face despite having a serious beard shadow or even chest hair.

No. 228061

just what… what is that? It really looks like a rubber mask a serial killer or a bank robber wears. Is that wig photoshopped to the picture? Are parts of the face photoshopped into the picture? What the hell?

No. 228062


We used to have a separate thread for /transpassing


No. 228064

Do you know the source of this? Or anything similar?

No. 228065

but they moved it all to this thread

No. 228075

This documentary filmed in 2004 examines transvestitism and gender from the point of view of an unapologetic self-described tranny. He delves into many facets of gender and gender expression in the context of clothing as an expression of emotion: motivations for cross-dressing including autogynephilia; comparing cross-dressing with his other interest motorbiking (he speaks with other bikers about expressions of masculinity); the history of transvestitism in Britain including a look at how clothing was gendered during the 18th and 19th centuries (although the ways in which clothing subjugated women was barely hinted at); talking with young people at a rave about gender expression and marveling at their fluidity but wondering if trannies will be erased by the dissolution of the "gender divide." He concludes that everyone would be better off sampling from across the spectrum.

The topics and conversations are thought provoking, but I wonder if they were edited to omit contrary views or views from a feminist or gender critical perspective. Many of his views are controversial, some ignorant at best and misogynistic at worst. At least during the wedding dress segment when he says that putting on a dress allows him to "act out" the women respond, "Maybe we don't need to act out."

He finds transsexuality problematic in its extremeness and says that MtT approach their gender issues in a very male way, defining "male" with stereotypical character traits. He wonders if a man really needs to chop off his penis to feel like a woman and if making such a big deal over the differences between men and women is really just old-fashioned and sexist.

The discussions and opinions presented are informed by the time period, the documentary having been filmed nearly 15 years ago, before the current wave of transgender activism and when modes of gender expression were more compartmentalised.

The video description:

He’s a 43-year-old happily married man and devoted father. He’s also the transvestite potter from Essex who won the prestigious British art award, the Turner prize. In the fine art world, Grayson Perry has two unique selling points. One is his expressive pottery and the other is Claire. His transvestite alter ego is a regular feature throughout his work.

How has Grayson Perry managed to reconcile his compulsion to wear women’s clothes with his roles as an artist, husband and father? Ultimately, Why Men Wear Frocks is about the difficulty of being a man.

No. 228079

tbh i like perry a lot, he's a gift and i love his work + lectures. the only thing is that it pisses me off that he's free to say this whereas if an artist who happened to be a gnc woman were to say this they'd be crucified

No. 228103

File: 1518140798690.png (33.48 KB, 596x252, trash.PNG)

No. 228105

File: 1518141197257.png (1.03 MB, 670x830, agp.PNG)

Riley posted a vlog about how comfortable he is in his now "feminine" transitioned body but fails to realize he still looks like an underweight horsefaced twink.

No. 228111

>I think most if not all women, deep down, know trannies aren't real. We know they're freaks. Too many of us don't speak up, though, because we're afraid to lose family or friends or support.
I don't agree. I think most normal people are simply not that invested in the tranny shenanigans because they have other things going on in their lives. I also feel like people ranting endlessly ITT would be a lot more reserved if they were to confront a tranny irl.

No. 228121

Well, yeah. Because they're men. And if you hurt their fee fees, they'll want to or attempt to murder you.

No. 228126

Are you the same tranny from >>227855 who wants to believe trannies are regular people and model citizens and we are crazy spergy terfs? Honey, trannies are so loud and disgusting even normies who couldn't care less about politics are repulsed by them.

No. 228137

File: 1518153327650.jpg (118.17 KB, 675x1200, DJ1IWzpX0AAv6jg.jpg)

yeah, because they and their batshit lgbT mainstream orgs unapologetically threaten to assault us/kill us, claim we're nazis/just as bad as nazis and violence against us is warranted, and have fucking literally assaulted women for not participating in their fantasies. ofc we'd be more reserved. just like being confronted with a man trying to get in your pants, you have to bite your tongue so you they don't assault you.

No. 228145

I know I'd be afraid to say anything to one in public. That one tranny grabbed a woman by the throat and slamed her against the wall when she told him he was in the wrong bathroom.That is NOT how a woman would have reacted,these are men and women should be as cautious around them as they are any other male.

No. 228152

Do you have proof of this incident?

No. 228153

lol be mad tranny

No. 228154

And then you sue it for assault. Please. The day I’d let a tranny touch me is a cold day in hell. They’d get tased first. A pig in a wig advancing on me is gonna get it.

No. 228155

Trannies are nothing more than incels LARPing as thots.

No. 228156

When was the last time you got clocked, incel?

No. 228157

They'd probably sue you back for transphobia and win the case though. I'd still rather risk that than say nothing. I have confronted trannies before and would do it again if need be, silent is the last thing I'm going to be in front of a misogynistic man.

No. 228159

I'm at work and for the life of me can't remember the guy's name. Maybe another anon can remember the story? The guy had been in trouble before because of anger issues but what made him so scary was the fact that he was exmiltary. The only story I'm getting to come up at the moment is about a tranny sexual assualting a 10 year old in the bathroom…I'll keep looking to see if I can find it.

No. 228161

They’re more than welcome to try. Where I’m at, the judge would throw the book at the tranny for ~reasons that would stick. I’m not too concerned. Happy that you feel confident to speak out, anon!

No. 228163

A loooooot of trannies are exmilitary, so that doesn't narrow it down much lol

No. 228193

> comments/stories from trans spouses and other trans victims who are too afraid to speak up

Fuuuck this makes me so angry.

No. 228197

The father's reaction is really heartbreaking, yet 'Dr. Phil' is trying to convince him that he's not mentally ill but 'pre-wired' as a woman, whatever that is supposed to mean…

No. 228213

Yeah, I saw that clip a few weeks ago and felt sad. It's really fucked up how people push transgenderism as a normal thing now (when it's definitely not normal at all).

No. 228229

They can push it to fuck and back but these trannies are pissing so many people off kek so good luck with that, it’s like oh but now the media loves us, conveniently forgetting that most people think the msm in this country is complete balls propaganda lololol

No. 228230

This. We need to get on this with meme magic.

>Trannies are incels larping as thots

dying omfg

No. 228231

I see parallels to fundamentalist muslims protesting depictions of Mohammed. Bets on what will be the first target of a translamist terror attack?

No. 228248

This MTF hate cis women… Because they microaggress him and make him uncomfortable and invalidate him by making him feel "different" because they talk about their period and vagina.

No. 228252

I can see her interpretation of them being insensitive, but honestly cis women are insensitive shits to other cis women too. And women who don't have periods can be jealous of women who do for the same bizarre reasons. Just seems this person is self-centred to think these issues only occur to her/are personal to her

No. 228253

just gtfo here

No. 228255

File: 1518213479615.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1242x1893, 6280C15B-FE0C-4E4A-9B2A-BC2159…)

Is it true that FTT are actually sane but misguided and just need guidance from other women?

I still browse /lgbt/ on 4chan just for the shock value because I find the MTT insanity kind of intersting. But I found a thread just now that was posted by a FTT and was in awe that they seemed to be rational about feminism. They referred to radfems as “angry man-hating lesbians” which could be considered offensive by some people I guess but still posted about how transwomen have no right to take over women’s movements or invade women’s spaces.

I really feel for FTT. Does anyone else feel the same way?

No. 228257

fuck off

No. 228259

No. Fuck FTT. They ALL know damn well their MTT counterparts do this but refuse to leave the gender cult. Spoiled and complacent women who wanna play toxic masculinity dress up.

No. 228263

>that overly long disclaimer at the beginning

If you have to ramble that much about how "this isn't about all cis women" (in a video titled I Hate Cis Women no less) then maybe, just maybe, you're rambling about a shitty topic and you have shitty opinions.
Most of them have internalized misogyny and massive yaoi fetishes. That one actually seems halfway sane, but most of the ones I see online, especially the younger ones, are just as fucking obnoxious as MTT. They have the same constant victim complexes and the same need to bitch about "cis" people. And I don't see them standing up to MTT shitting on biological women.

No. 228264

Most FTT (the ones who take T and cut their tits off, not fujoshits or crossdressing butches) are just as obnoxious and delusional as MTT. They shit all over women by using the same rhetoric as MTT, getting offended by periods, demanding gender-neutral language, showing no respect at all for the unique experience of being female. It's utterly baffling that they don't feel any solidarity with women. It's also really funny watching them navigate the male pecking order when they tend to be balding overweight manlets with acne and teenage boy voices. It's also fascinating that lots of FTT end up dating each other because gay men refuse to touch a vagina (lucky them, having sexual preferences!) and no straight woman wants to date a dickless mentally ill manlet.

No. 228266


Worthy of a banner.

No. 228267


No. 228271

Holy shit what the fuck happened to lolcow? You guys literally type in the style of robots now.

No. 228272

you sound like a tumblrina who's triggered by facts tbh

No. 228274

go to ONTD. lolcow and iirc the alley are gender critical.

No. 228290

crystal cafe puts up with trannies and handmaidens too, ugh

No. 228293

I've noticed ONTD getting more gender critical. There's a lot of people questioning things, you do get a fair bit of transactivists responding like 'ugh transphobes' 'ugh terfs' (ie comments with zero substance and no arguments or rebuttals because they think silencing people is better than critical thought).

No. 228317

This is actually true. I posted on an image about periods once on IG and some random woman turned up and told me not to mention periods in case I offended those who couldn’t have them…

No. 228366

>I also feel like people ranting endlessly ITT would be a lot more reserved if they were to confront a tranny irl.

I mean, of course they would be more reserved, because many trans males will not hesitate to use violence against women who won't indulge them in their delusions and calmly let them into their bathrooms/shelters/prisons/vaginas/etc. It's not uncommon for trans males to say things like "kill all terfs", encourage people to attack "terfs", and celebrate when it happens.

It's easy to not care about "tranny shenanigans" when it doesn't affect your life, but a lot of radfems are lesbians who are being told by trans people, as well as """"allies"""" in the lgbt community, that if they don't agree to dating and having sex with trans males then they are transphobic (see the cotton ceiling).

No. 228367

There seem to be A LOT of trans males who are into hentai and lolicon. It's also not uncommon for trans females to have grown up watching yaoi which led them to wanting to become kawaii uke gay bois. There really should be a serious study made about the link between anime and transgenderism.

No. 228376

not a study but a theory… at the timestamp:

No. 228391

File: 1518289111240.gif (566.57 KB, 295x207, 1515562508873.gif)

This is fucking terrifying and i'm a gay women who wants a child, but i'm still a woman! I don't pretend to be a man, transition and then suddenly do the most female thing EVER: Get pregnant to give birth.

if this idiot was triggered by being a woman, why would they want to be pregnant? If this doesn't explain why trans people are mentally ill and need serious medical help, i don't know what will… I honestly feel so bad for that child.

No. 228392

Oh my gosh. Gigi looks like a complete man in bad drag. And most people consider him a 'passing' tranny too. i'm dying.

No. 228394

>defending a disgusting tranny over a real feminist like Rose.

why do people do this?! The tranny agenda has legit brainwashed so many idiots.

No. 228399

Because she's a white woman, and to them, that is just as bad as being a white man. The troon actually is a white man, but because he claims transgenderism that puts him higher on their little oppression ladder, somehow. It makes no fucking sense, but that's how they see it.

No. 228458

File: 1518305162718.jpg (386.76 KB, 1944x2592, JUST.jpg)

It's extremely thick makeup combined with the unfamiliar sight of it being applied to a male face that gives off the uncanny valley vibe.

No. 228459

File: 1518305179035.jpeg (651.34 KB, 750x999, 770DC5F6-D336-4211-94B8-91E495…)

Subtle is certainly the word.
Looks more like he put on 10 pounds rather than any kind of feminisation. I wonder how much money he’s wasted?

No. 228485

>Subtle is certainly the word
More like stubble.

No. 228488

Such a shame, too. I had such high hopes for crystal.cafe and their strict "women-only" policy, and they threw that out the window letting trannies post there.

No. 228491

yah ive seen them crying multiple times about how we're all 'terfs!!!' here. the handmaiden is strong w them.

No. 228494

some of the posters there probably are trannies larping, going off of how fake girly it all feels.

No. 228499

Gregory ("Gigi") takes his 'menses LARPing' very seriously! At 5:36 in the video, he says: "I have some tampons… obviously."


This shit pisses me off in the worst way, Anon.

No. 228500

File: 1518330578174.jpg (179.71 KB, 1288x803, LARPing.jpg)

Samefagging to include a screencap, oops.

No. 228506

Well at least his gf will have access to tampons when she visits

No. 228512

Wasn't this the person who was talking about how much she loves her neo-vagina and having sex with it 4 years ago? Now in this late 2017 video she's talking about how she doesn't really use it because dilating is too much work and she prefers taking it up the ass during sex and wants her dick back and regrets the whole thing. Imagine how many people she encouraged to get their penis inverted by talking about what an amazing choice it was.

The original neovagina video where she talks about how good sex feels with it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IZD_Nw7D0w As a sidenote I think the "youtube vlogger tranny" is a thing in itself, they're always overly valley girl-ish feminine and basically just stereotypical sassy gay people in drag.

No. 228513

> she, her
Anon pls, you don't have to humor him here

What is also always pissing me off is their voice. The insist on how genuinely female they sound but it's always just a Monty Python bit

No. 228517

>I don't have time to clean and douche and dialate wehhhh!!!! I want my stinky unwashed penis back

welcome to being the woman you so badly wanted to be you dumb fuck. you expect people to believe you have time to put in your extensions and spend an hour on your instaho makeup but you can't be fucked to at least wash the gaping wound festering between your legs while you're fucking showering? is this dipshit for real?

No. 228520

he is? I could have sworn he was 13 not long ago

No. 228521

>welcome to being the woman you so badly wanted to be you dumb fuck
I mean, real women can not shower for months, even years and still not harbor mold, necrosis, maggots, and/or shit bacteria inside their vaginas. #justtrannythings

>"don't use she/her!"
>proceeds to use they/them
that's literally worse. if you're uncomfortable calling him a man because ~muh gender roles~, just call him a woman. we don't need to get into snowflake pronouns.

No. 228523

> use their

This is a misunderstanding, I was not referring to one person as "them" but all of them, multiple people, all them trannies talking so female uwu

No. 228528

don't ever link me to a pua again. that was garbage.

No. 228531

There seem to be trans males who actually want people to believe that they have become females. Not just women, but biologically female, which is insane.

I read an article just a while ago about a convicted child molester who is trying to get the prison to give him tampons, among other things. Claims he's a hermaphrodite.


>A transgender pedophile has blasted officials at her local prison for denying her access to tampons.

>Toni Fly, 49, has hit out at Cass County Jail in Fargo, for denying her access to hormone treatments, ‘feminine hygiene products’ – believed to be tampons – and women’s underwear.

>Fly, convicted of abusing a girl since she was at elementary school and fathering a child with her, also wants moved to a women’s prison.

>Fly, whose birth name is William Anthony , also referred to herself as ‘transgender’ ‘intersex’ and ‘hermaphrodite’ in the missive – claiming to have both male and female sex organs.

No. 228532

Also, Canada has decided that offenders will be placed in men's or women's prisons based on what gender they identify as, so now men can rape women in both men's and women's prisons. Great going Canada.


No. 228535

File: 1518353414153.jpg (345.62 KB, 1009x1262, mvance4312.jpg)

>just photoshop my shit up
Here we see how various other fetishes are comorbid with autogynephilia

No. 228536

File: 1518353449302.jpg (115.74 KB, 566x821, please be nice.jpg)

Another ultra creepy shop from transpassing.

No. 228540

>they're always overly valley girl-ish feminine and basically just stereotypical sassy gay people in drag.

That's pretty much all gay male trannies. They talk like a combo of a valley girl stereotype and that weird lisping accent a lot of gay men have.

No. 228557

File: 1518359718927.png (83.6 KB, 480x480, side-eye.png)

>pick-up artists

No. 228560

>Fly, convicted of abusing a girl since she was at elementary school and fathering a child with her, also wants moved to a women’s prison.
>abusing a girl since she was at elementary school
>fathering a child with her
>wants to be moved to a women's prison
Fucking disgusting. I hope they don't accommodate his request.
And also that his cellmates give him the "child predator treatment"

No. 228581

I just posted that for humour but I guess one thing the PUA phenomenon did have going for it was that said to guys "stop trying to appeal to girls by being like girls", because that thought is possibly the seed which can lead to the travesties of this thread

No. 228598

yeah, I thought it was funny the way he was talking, even though I believe there's nothing wrong with males acting "feminine"

No. 228600

I'm black and I was hanging out with a white trans woman and some other people, the woman said "well, if you can be feminine and small as a black woman there is for sure hope for me". He was a bit drunk so she was being a bit blunt. It's like he forgots despite all the "black women are men" memes I'm still biologically female kek

No. 228612

drunk mens words are sober mens thoughts
trannies tend to be horrible ass people, you would hope it would just be the MTFs who are the racist misogynists but nope, FTM tend to be misogynist to, like the tranny MRA who screams about feminism and acts like people defining rape way too extreme is a widespread belief

No. 228624

They use that argument pretty often: "If you don't let us in your bathrooms, then what about tall, fat, hairy, etc (and usually black) women?!"
I'm very tall myself and still never in my life anybody ever thought i was a boy, that just won't happen; but that's just your delusional tranny everyone

No. 228634

Something that I find really strange and creepy is how trans activists focus on kids, from what I've seen online. I'm not American but I almost only hear about stories from the US or Canada and there are stories of minors who are pressured to transition because they're not stereotypically girly/manly or are most likely not straight. But they're given puberty blockers and hormone treatments like it's nothing, or at least that's the impression I get from what I've read.

Who first thought this was a good idea to do that? Hormone treatments of all kind have fucked up side effects. For example I was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency as a child and even though it was really obvious something was wrong with me, it took me more than a year to obtain the diagnosis and the treatment, and it was a bit of an emergency at this point. Meanwhile, transitioning isn't an emergency or a need in a way, since the body is working just fine in that aspect most of the time and all that, and I heard therapy could work well for dysphoria, yet people can get their hormone treatment really fast like it's nothing. Why does transitioning seem to be treated as more special, to the point of making exceptions for children? I hope it's just an impression I have by reading stupid things on the internet. I feel like this post is really incoherent, I don't know how to express what I mean here, sorry about that

I don't get that argument, they really don't take biology into account which is really fucking weird since it's not even abstract or anything. If I were you I would have avoided him right after hearing that, he's just a racist and a misogynist.

No. 228638

File: 1518383814255.png (106.86 KB, 898x241, Capture d’écran 2018-02-11 à…)

No. 228641

What a complete raving mess of a post. Religion and suicide have nothing to do with what they're saying. Also it's hilarious how they think "cis" people are the ones obsessively entrapped by restrictive gender roles when in reality, many of us don't give a shit about them. It's troons who think their entire personality and lifestyle is caught up in whatever gender label they call themselves.

No. 228642


Activists tell parents that their child is in danger of suicide, thus dysphoria is an emergency.

Homophophic parents can make their children straight by transing them.

Only now are the long term risks and adverse effects of puberty blockers being seen and being discussed in the media. The transactivists will try to suppress discussion, as they have the CBC documentary, but hopefully society will reach peak trans before more children are irreparably damaged.

No. 228643

File: 1518385931485.gif (3.6 MB, 300x300, 1497566556298.gif)

>I hadn't dilated in a long time and I felt this sharp pain … Every time I'd go through my underwear there'd be, like, specks of blood. 4 or 5 days ago I started to dilate and it was so painful … Most people don't know what it's like to dilate. You miss one day, you miss one week, you miss two days, you're so screwed. And just the maintenance of it all is just, like, is it worth it? … I know so many girls who have fallen off the train and lost depth.

No. 228644

Sorry but I find this to be fucking hilarious tbh.
On one side I feel for him, he's young and stupid and this fucking echo chamber pressured him into chopping his dong off when he could just be a feminine gay guy.
On the other hand I despise his agenda and I secretly hope that more trannies chop their dicks off and spend the rest of their miserable lives regretting this horrible decision.

No. 228647

>their voice

you should use plural them

No. 228648

nta but
>is their voice
>are their voices
calm down

No. 228651

File: 1518391232925.png (202.41 KB, 1242x1366, IMG_2533.PNG)

Why do they constantly lie and pretend their bodies are no different from women?

No. 228652

Even a handmaiden couldn't hide her disgust very well

No. 228654

>thehe I can't believe women fart and have bodily functions!

No. 228655

File: 1518392434447.png (164.82 KB, 1242x1217, IMG_2534.PNG)

No. 228660


This incident of confusion brought to you by transtrenders insisting that people refer to them with they/them/their pronouns.

No. 228663

HAHA I'M SO DEAD @ this 4 cup sizes too big transformer.

No. 228665

the OP said 'their voice' it should be their voices ffs. it's not confusion.

No. 228666

I'm so bored of all these trannys being "not like other girls tehehe". No one gives a shit, you're still a man going around pretending to be a woman and you're biting the hand that feeds you because without delusional ass sjws your ass would be gassed by now….they all try so hard to look and be Blair white.

No. 228668


I am referring to the ensuing confusion of anons thinking the OP was using the singular "their". Before the transtrender era everyone would have known the OP was using the plural "their" mistyped "voice".

No. 228675

>tips fedora

No. 228698

In the late Sixties, 90% of transsexual adults were male. Fifty years on and the latest published figures from the Tavistock clinic indicate that child referrals are almost 70% female.


No. 228701

Holy shit it's that smirk again. Every screenshot has it.

No. 228714

That shit is so racist. They love bringing black women into it and defaulting to them in their competition to prove that trannies are also women.

No. 228725

File: 1518459782105.jpg (365.72 KB, 1176x923, autogynesmile.jpg)

No. 228759

He talks and acts like an obnoxious gay man.

No. 228797

holy shit why?? is it because if they do a real smile their chins will look bigger so they do that weird lips-only selfie smile? or something more sinister….

No. 228798

It will never open back up. I don’t know who this person is but his stupidity is mind blowing. Maybe he should have mentioned that fact that he hated his fake vagina a long time ago since he hasn’t used it in three years instead of propagating his misery loves company shit and I’m sure there were a fair few tards influenced by its decision?

I’m sure this was surgery that was done on taxpayer money.

No. 228813

I want to know why this video was not age restricted but the one titled "pads and periods" is

Is Youtube moderated by a 11 year old boy or

No. 228829

It's because they've always got a half chub going and they know it

No. 228831

Question about fake vaginas….can men actually orgasm post op?and if they can how?youll never get a honest answer out of a tranny because they will just claim "it's no different from a CIS woman's vagina and we have orgasms the same way!", so I'm curious to learn some facts here.

No. 228833


i think the neovagina "clitoris" is what remains of the penis glans, so it's still somewhat of an erogenous zone. And men have prostates, so yeah, that's still in there.

No. 228835

File: 1518568825208.png (389.39 KB, 1242x1404, IMG_2543.PNG)

I don't understand how people can't see these people have a fetish

No. 228836

Guys I am so sorry my state hates women so much. So many evil pervs in power here. It's only going to get more sinister.

No. 228837

It's funny how they can pay for a new vagina with their surgery but people flip shit about abortions and women's health stuff being covered by insurance

No. 228838

This is a nice echochamber

No. 228839

File: 1518569489846.jpg (Spoiler Image,150.61 KB, 815x1131, IMG_2531.JPG)

It's just like a real vagina!

No. 228840

This is a TERF/gendercritical thread.
Do you have any counter-arguments?

No. 228842

What the fuck?! I can't get insurance approval for surgery for debilitating endometriosis that effects my entire life but some fetishist can get a fake vagina? Though, I suppose I'm just a silly woman who doesn't know what's best for me and a mentally ill man knows everything about himself.

No. 228843

File: 1518570516495.png (191.55 KB, 1242x564, IMG_2545.PNG)

>looks at his profile picture
>he thinks women are jealous of him

The delusion is too real

No. 228844

File: 1518570887912.png (275.45 KB, 1242x1123, IMG_2546.PNG)

No. 228845

File: 1518571335435.png (134.74 KB, 1002x397, IMG_2547.PNG)

>keke I get to enjoy all the fun stuff about being a girl like wearing pink and mini skirts! I don't have to deal with icky periods and babies! I Italy relate to women ;)

I noticed that most trannys cry about how they "feel like women" but are disgusted by all the basics functions of women(periods, child birth etc).

No. 228846

Some better echo chambers are /tttt/, /cuteboys/, 99% of tunglr, r/traaaa…, and r/transpassing

No. 228847

I find it interesting how they never want to talk about dilation. 'Same equipment' my ass.

No. 228848

File: 1518571859545.png (Spoiler Image,1.88 MB, 1370x1238, frankendick.png)

What's everyone's thoughts on phalloplasty?

No. 228849

Well, in their eyes a vagina is only a fuck hole so what would be the difference between an open wound and a vagina except icky periods?

No. 228851

looks… special. I mean, it's… spooky. Do these scars stay forever in their legs? Isnt it like having a 'dead' meat hanging there? do they have erections? Do they feel pleasure?

No. 228852

Just as sad and stupid as vaginoplasties. The skin graft thing gives me the heebie-jeebies big time. Another example of the medical industry taking advantage of the mentally ill.

No. 228854


No. 228856

gross, looks like it could cause a lot of problems if not highly maintained
if it was seriously about muh gender dysphoria they could just get a strap on instead of permanently fucking up their genitals

No. 228862

wow, it looks like it's made out of leather

No. 228866

Pretty tragic when considering that they very likely have autism

No. 228867

They look like Water Wigglies.

No. 228882

How does that make sense? You can't wear a strap on 24/7

No. 228885

I would rage if they "tricked " me with that shit.

No. 228887

ew, the wrinkles, and the fucked up end of the opening.

this is what enrages me. medicaid now will cover some of their bullshit. medicaid in ny is covering children on hormones, while people with debilitating conditions will be left out in the cold. this is so disgustingly selfish.

No. 228890

Lol I would have asked for my $ back. Vomit inducing

No. 228892

File: 1518587531455.jpg (Spoiler Image,141.61 KB, 657x1280, IMG_2551.JPG)

What the inside of a neo vagina looks like

No. 228893

looks like some deep sea monster

No. 228894

That needed to have 5 more spoilers and 8 trigger warnings, I feel physically ill. Why is the mucus yellow? What is even going on in pic B? It looks like it has fucking teeth, I hate it.

No. 228896

John 11:35

No. 228897

So I don't really care what trans people do. However I am truly saddened that doctors take advantage of mentally ill or confused patients. I do believe there are actual trans people out there, but I feel like a lot of people don't really understand what it means to be a woman…

on another topic change… you have to dilate a neovagina daily? to keep up from healing closed? So… isn't that an open wound and not a real vigina? I know medical science isn't there yet to create real genitals. But in both the male and female versions… these are just open meat wounds.

Sorry again for the rant. But if a mtf is grossed out by female bodily functions, safe to say they wouldn't wanna up keep a real pussy. Nothing wrong with being a femboy

No. 228901

That Julie Vu man once said
> I don't have hair in my vagina, sometimes there's hair growing inside the vagina
wow, imagine hair and teeth in there! It's just like the real thing!!!!11

No. 228903


Which procedure is this, ie. penile inversion or colovaginoplasty?

Did anyone watch Grey's Anatomy last week? The hospital was running a surgical innovation contest. The plastic surgeon's proposed project was creating spray-on skin. His mother, a board member, pressured him into switching to developing an improved vaginoplasty procedure conceived by a MtT surgeon. He argued that his project would benefit millions while vaginoplasty benefits very few. The fact that women would also benefit from improved techniques is brought up, but I can't remember by which character. Ultimately he chooses to work on the vaginoplasty proposal.

Of course improving vaginoplasty techniques was not plot worthy on television nor important in the real world until more men began demanding the surgery than women needing the surgery.

Coincidentally, last week's episode of The Good Doctor featured a MtT teenager. He was found to have a testicular tumor, torsion, and osteopenia. The osteopenia meant that he needed to stop taking androgen blockers. He wanted to have both testicles removed since the one with the tumor needed to be removed and he planned to have them both removed in a few years anyway. His parents supported him and argued with his grandmother who was the gender critical voice of reason. Ultimately the parents decided to "do only what is medically necessary" (only the tumorous testicle was removed).

The protagonist is a resident surgeon with autism. In trying to understand transgenderism he asks the patient what it feels like to be a girl. The patient merely responds, "I want to feel like myself."

When the patient asks, "Other than biologically, how do you know you're supposed to be a boy?"

"Your question doesn't make sense. I'm not supposed to be anything. I am a boy, biologically. That's it."

No. 228907

The two girls this man is responding to are so incredibly unstable it's not even funny, I've watched a few of their podcast and they often out of the blue start saying shit like "oh my god I'm dissociating so much right now" sometime the one who isn't Chase don't even speak for the whole podcast because she is suicidal depressed and dissociating. It's a hot boiling mess tbh.

No. 228909

Because real women and nature are wrong and disgusting, remember anon? /s

No. 228916

I remember back in the 90's when Howard Stern had that tv show, he had a transwoman on one time, and naturally, wanted to see the manmade pussy. After the tranny showed it, Howard commented that he' seen boats he'd rather fuck.

One of those strange times where Howard was a voice of reason.
Classic mental illness on display. They think everyone around them talks about them constantly.

No. 228918

At least he's honest; nowadays nobody would dare to do that

No. 228927

If the skin is taken from their thigh does that mean they get a hairy dick?
What’s the inner tissue made from?

No. 228951

File: 1518632917361.png (85.35 KB, 1242x360, IMG_2556.PNG)

>transwomen are not looking at nude cis women in changing rooms!

No. 228952

how tf does this help with dysphoria?

No. 228953

adding to this. i know the medical community is fucking with these people now. like, this is just the assertion that dicks are a long tube and vaginas are a flap covered hole. disgusting.

No. 228954

This is awful, and why did they make them so big? I mean I guess it's because there's no way they could get softer or harder but they look ridiculous, most men aren't this big when flaccid.

No. 228956


It's actually sort of regressive; reminds me of how women couldn't work as actors in before modern times so all female parts were played by men

No. 228957

Maybe they're still swollen? Even if that is the case they still look bizarre. If not, it looks like someone stapled a fleshlight onto their pubic mounds.

No. 228967

Who is paying for these mandatory vaginoplasties? Tax payers?

No. 228968

Disgusting..but at least its not a necrotic hole..so I guess it could be worse

No. 228985


Whether transgender-related services are covered by insurance and/or Medicaid is determined at the state level.

No. 229002

FTM bottom surgery, specifically phalloplasty, is more complex and takes much longer to complete and heal from than MTF surgery since you have less to work with. The do it in multiple phases, with several grafting sites, many months apart. First you get that weird meat tube(the process is horrific) as the base. After it heals up, they go on to glans shaping(cutting, fat grafting and/or implant), testicular implants and cosmetic finishing touches. There’s another, more simple process called Metoidioplasty where they just cut free the testosterone-enlarged clitoris and shape around it, adding penile and testicular implants. The result is a micropenis, but it retains full sensation and actually looks more (comparatively) like a natural male genitalia. But it i so small and can rarely be used for penetrative sex.

No. 229009

No offense but why do white guys make the ugliest trannys?ive seen black trannys, Mexican trannys, Asian trannys etc and white ones are always the most fucked up looking ones…

No. 229014

File: 1518674095729.png (1.45 MB, 3640x2140, tranny.png)

No. 229021

Sorry if it's not the answer you were looking for but it's because to a Westerner, Asians are gender ambiguous in the first place before makeup, black women look like men already, and.. dunno about Mexicans specifically but a lot of times I've seen a man with brown eyes that looked like beautiful woman's eyes, which has never happened with light eyes

No. 229022

I think mainly because white trannys don't actually try to pass, they just throw on a wig and demand people to call them a woman. On top of that white men are usually pretty tall, doesn't look cute to try to be a woman at 6'1.

No. 229025

I know it's off-topic, but what game is that on the computer screen?

No. 229032

And again, tallness doesn't equate to manliness…

Either you're trying to bait with the whole 'whites are the ugliest' or if you genuinely think so, the main reason is simply that most trannies we discuss here are american, so the chance is high that they're white; if we were fo focuss on another country i'm sure you'd also encounter a lot of fucked up black or asian ones.
And like the poster over you pointed out; asian people, female and male, have very high amounts of estrogen, black people very high testosterone, so maybe whites are the race there women just look too feminine and men too masculine to pass as one another

No. 229035

it’s the horse faces and fucked up noses our men usually have i think. agree with the anon that said whites have a stronger sexual dimorphism than other races.
i noticed in school that girls and boys had really similar faces before puberty but suddenly all the white boys started growing these noses and jaws and browbones whereas girls didn’t change all that much.

No. 229037

White men have the least self awareness, I guess it's because they get coddled the most by society. Like black MTTS pass even worse, but somehow they still manage to be less repulsive in pretty much every department.


No. 229040

File: 1518689602253.png (586.4 KB, 499x969, 1.png)

Black men are ususally the tallest though

And are you all seriously defending 'poc' trannies now…?
Don't make them feel any more confident and entitled than they already are

No. 229045

Most trannies worldwide are white, and I was talking about the first part of that anon's post.

Indian men also have less self awareness, i.e. that guy in your pic and the "open bob show vagene" meme. I'm not defending any of them, I'm just saying some dress better than others on average.

No. 229058

Is this person trans or just unfortunate?

No. 229068

If you look at a lot of white mtf they were good looking men or cute twinks. I guess they prefer looking like ugly women over being attractive men. it doesn't help that most of them just want to dress like hentai lolis and not like women their age, which makes them pass even worse.

No. 229069


Did you bother to look at her social media accounts before posting?

No. 229070

i looked at her instagram photos and i reckon shes just a born woman with a strong jaw, she looks european-ish to me

No. 229082

>Most trannies worldwide are white

Thats because whites are a majority in western countries, and western countries are the most liberal and accepting. In many countries you'll lose your friends, job, possibly be killed or put in jail if you are even gay…not to mention trans.

No. 229083

don't forget, in those countries that jail you for homosexuality, trans is not your identity, it's forced on you so you're not gay

No. 229085

File: 1518712834573.png (48.29 KB, 589x330, tumblr_p44lk3Q1al1vib6seo1_128…)

No. 229088

you know people like this actually just hate themselves because they're abominations. it's funny how violent they get and how they try so hard to "one up" everyone.

No. 229103

lol this moron
hand him a noose

No. 229106

Here's my theory: it's because being a tranny is so frowned upon in black/latino/asian (except Thai, I guess) cultures that they only transition when they are desperate and miserable enough to risk societal shame, violence, and usually a life of sex work. The intense shame from all sides (I'm assuming) leads them to try much harder to pass.
On the flip side, white western men are basically encouraged to crossdress and celebrated, lavished upon when they even slightly experiment with gender presentation, so they don't have to give a fuck about trying at all. Actually, they don't even have to do ANYTHING to be accepted and fully validated as """women,""" just look at fucking Danielle Muscato.

No. 229170

File: 1518742342483.jpg (208.4 KB, 749x701, derp.jpg)

Hey guys, ftm here. I tried tweeting at Magdalen asking her if she'd touch up more on ftm stuff in her videos but she told me off saying I obviously haven't watched enough of them because she apparently made a bunch talking about us. Admittedly, I haven't watched all of them, mostly just skimmed titles for ones I found interesting and for the most part I've just been following her tweets. But now that Senpai has finally noticed me and made me look like an idiot I want to crawl in a hole and die.

Do you think she'll ever take me seriously again?

No. 229173

>implying trannies are more opressed than gays
>implying that being trans is a real thing

But if anything that's proving my point that whites are coddled more. Trans activism revolves around them even though they're objectively the ones who need it the least.

No. Get back in your hole, loser.

No. 229177

>No. Get back in your hole, loser.
Why so hostile? I just want to be reasonable.

No. 229178

Because you sound like an attention whore. This isn't the thread to talk about embarassing yourself on the internet.

No. 229179

I thought this was a containment thread for gender critical stuff? Figured I’d get banned for posting that elsewhere.

No. 229182

trans people aren't gender critical fuck off.

No. 229185

What’s the point of activism if both sides don’t come to a general consensus? I’m a regular on /r/gendercritical and they have no issue with me there. I’ve also posted much of the content in this thread. Chill.

No. 229186

maybe if you didn't fucking announce you're trans you wouldn't get shit. but wait, you have to act like you're on ~our side~

No. 229187

I am on your side. Why is that a bad thing?

No. 229189

>i'm on your side

if you're trans you're not. get it through your head.

No. 229190

That had literally nothing to do with being gender critical. And like >>229186 said, don't know why you felt the need to announce to everyone that you're a TIF. Stop derailing, no one cares.

No. 229191

I am though. I was born with a crippling mental illness that I can’t get a proper cure for because SJWs shut down anyone who tries. If I could take a magic pill that would make me feel comfortable being a butch lesbian I would, but sadly I’m forced to transition because there’s no other way out. No doctor or therapist will help me.

Sorry I brought my gender up, I guess.

No. 229194

Well I’m sorry I derailed the topic by bringing up my gender. I won’t bring it up again so feel free to just ignore me from here on out. Really, I had no intent to derail. Sorry.

No. 229196

OK…I'll bite. Why exactly can't you live as a butch/masc woman instead of poisoning your body with hormones? If you truly are gender-critical, surely you know that your "gender dysphoria" is linked to female socialization and internalized misogyny, which most women experience at some point in their lives. You already know that it is impossible to change sexes, so why bother fooling yourself? Most trans men aren't even remotely passable and look like butches anyway. In what way is mutilating and poisoning your body even helping?

No. 229197

>because sjws

no it's because medical drs want to use outdated conversion therapy to make gay's straight and sterile. before srs you'd be sent to a psyche ward and have the gay raped out of you, but they will jump on the chance to just turn you into a deformed "straight man"

No. 229198

Gender dysphoria is just a shitty mental illness where there’s an unexplainable desire to be the opposite sex. It really doesn’t have anything to do with internalized misogyny, at least not for me. I don’t hate women and would give anything to be able to live as a tomboy lesbian and not have to deal with all the hatred and discrimination from other people. It’s so fucked up, but I can’t live as a woman, even though I want to. That’s why I want a cure besides transition.

No. 229199

most ftt are self-loathing lesbians, there's obviously deep-seeded shame for your gender and sexual preference.

No. 229200

also, just tell you therapist you don't want to be a guy, you just don't like being a girl.

No. 229201

Transition will only make it worse, anon. Have you seen the fucked up fake penises? Wear a packer if you have to, but don't mutilate your body, it won't help you in the long run.

No. 229202

I’ve tried, believe me, with multiple therapists and a psychiatrist. They’re all trained to tell you to just transition to “become the guy you are”.

Frankenpeens are disgusting. I would never do that to myself.

No. 229203

I hope you never "transition" then. Testosterone is absolutely detrimental to female anatomy, and the last thing you need is some necrotic thigh-flesh stapled to your groin… I sincerely hope you find another way to cope with your illness. I know some other anons were giving you shit, but at the end of the day you're a woman and gender-critical women need to stick together.

No. 229204

Thanks anon. I’m only here to support and contribute.

No. 229206

Therapists trying to force transition is ??? Not helpful.

I don't really get what's "wrong" with being a butch lesbian, do you live in a village or somewhere super small-minded? A change of scenery may help you to ground your self-image. Nobody will bat an eyelid in the city at a butch lesbian, it's a super common thing.

Agreed with other anons, don't hurt your body+poison w testosterone etc when it's not even what you want

No. 229207

>do you live in a village or somewhere super small-minded?
Washington DC actually. Everyone but me (seemingly) is just a turbo SJW here.

No. 229208

well just tell her you have issues with being lesbian.

No. 229220

No. 229224

I researched it a bit, and I feel really bad for that person. She wasn't a troon, she has CAIS, so she had no choice in developing as a female as her body couldn't make use of testosterone. No testosterone=no male development. She probably didn't even know she was xy until puberty, when she didn't get her period. She got her neo-vagina removed.

No. 229254

File: 1518791825562.jpg (147.88 KB, 1414x772, IMG_20180216_082900.jpg)

This is from Jazz's past life regression with a hypnotherapist. I feel bad for him, I really do think his parents made him transition just so they could pretend he wasn't gay.

No. 229257

no shit.

No. 229259

This poor guy is desperately trying to communicate his distress. He is not trans he is a gay (or bi) effeminate man and his parents have fucked over his love and sex life, I don't even think his dick can grow to a regular size anymore.

No. 229261

No way, not with the amount of HRT he's been getting since such a young age. Now they want to chop his dick off all together. I get the feeling that after he grows up, and is no longer all that bankable for TLC, he's going to come out with a tell all saying how much he regretted the transition.

No. 229280

Don’t take the bait, anon. Report and ignore.

No. 229281

THIS. Fucking no excuse, sorry. Gender dysphoria is also a symptom of depression and anxiety. Both of which females suffer from and are treated for more far more aggressively than men. FTT anon is a masc dyke who got caught up in some shit and the test is wrecking their body. Find a gc therapist and talk to them. They need help, but not the way they’re getting it.

Please love yourself anon.

No. 229311

Past life regression is all kinds of bullshit but wow is that kid crying out for help. I hope his mother especially suffers for her munchie shit. It’s insane to me that no one makes this connection. The moms of trans kids are women who don’t want gay kids and are already inching towards munchville.

No. 229319

Except that Jazz is trying to date girls now, so I'm more inclined to believe the bisexual theory.

No. 229338

File: 1518827444033.jpg (109.95 KB, 607x692, theyreright.jpg)

I haven't watched the episode, but apparently Vice News did a report on #MeToo. Hilarious, considering they have their own allegations to contend with. Perhaps they should interview themselves.

Anyway, looks like they interviews a MTT. I'm glad women out there are telling him like it is.

No. 229346

It's a munchie mom's wet dream, really. This is a super sanctioned way to get attention and catered to, doctors will affirm instead of questioning and searching for diagnoses, and the kid relies on her for the regular hormone (blocker) shots, and later for dilation (barf). So much better than having a mundane gay kid.

No. 229357

It’s pretty cute that you believe scripted ‘reality’ tv is real, anon.

No. 229358

Yeah, it’s a weird mashup of the best (worst?) in cow behavior. Fucked up munchie moms getting a free pass to the spotlight along with woke asspats from morons cheering them on as they watch the munchie’s socially sanctioned destruction