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File: 1539898797401.png (2.61 MB, 1000x1930, 694.png)

No. 312419

This thread is for the discussion of transgenderism / trans ideology from a gender critical and radical feminist perspective. It was originally created by Admin as an amalgamation of the TERF and Transgender threads.

Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents does not differentiate between gender and sex.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of sexuality, misogyny, and misandry.




Documenting violent crimes committed by transgender individuals
This Never Happens

Parents and clinicians concerned about transgender youth

YouTube Channels
Elly Arrow
Magdalen Berns
Cathy Brennan / Ally Missandry
Dr. RadFem
Tanith Lloyd
Posie Parker

Previous threads
TERF thread >>>/g/67378
Transpassing thread >>>/ot/214811
Trans women thread >>>/ot/203215

No. 312423

File: 1539899018976.jpeg (242.63 KB, 1200x1138, Dkg3BqvWwAk17jz.jpeg)

No. 312425

No. 312435

File: 1539899663674.png (41.31 KB, 800x163, Screenshot_2018-10-18-14-53-00…)

No. 312437

Quick start copy pasta for thread #8 https://pastebin.com/SJUmQi1U

No. 312445


It is missing the italics.

No. 312453

File: 1539901097183.png (842.56 KB, 1280x1812, tumblr_ou1zxhHR0D1td5vf7o2_r1_…)

The illustration in the OP was created by redkatherinee. She received hundreds of death threats after posting this piece satirizing trans activists' depiction of radical feminists.


No. 312456

To the anon who asked in the last thread: yes, troons and TRAs love comparing "transphobia" to racism all the time. That cyclist Rachel McKinnon went as far as to compare banning TiMs from women's sports to segregation of sports based on race.

No. 312458

> redkatherinee

I love her.

No. 312460

File: 1539902507323.png (219.95 KB, 697x785, Screenshot_2018-10-18-15-40-18…)


Actually she received thousands.

No. 312465

The SJW in my friends group had a meltdown because while I was explaining a guy in the group how's a "neovagina", I compared it to a stretched earlobe as in a man-made wound/hole that you force to stay open. I didn't even mention the part about the bacteria collecting and bad smell coming from it, just like stretched earlobes… lol.
She used to be so logical and well spoken, sad

No. 312468

File: 1539903254061.png (763.27 KB, 1076x1920, angry troons.png)

also this happened

No. 312469

Dont expect tras to understand satire. Any critical comment or thought about them is LITERALLY KILLING THEM AND ITS RAPE BUT WORSE

They took it as her wanting to boil them alive in those comments when its was just a metaphore for how they see themselves as the victims of evil murdering terfs. And they unironically victimized themselves

You cant even bring up therapy as much. Its always
>think youre trans?
>get on hrt and get srs
>no money? gofundme

Do you think these newer generations are going to be as sjw and liberal as this one? Im wondering how long the pushing of trans onto the public will last

No. 312470

File: 1539903313663.png (90.18 KB, 963x830, angry troons2.png)

and this

No. 312473

>people who abuse children for their own sexual pleasure is the same as women who know there are two sexes

>men are angry that women understand basic human biology

No. 312484

File: 1539904977231.png (81.05 KB, 893x705, 000746f19db1ed5d4248012d0bb1bc…)

I never posted in this thread but… lol

God I fucking hate Twitter.

No. 312485

File: 1539905102100.png (78.06 KB, 708x616, 664eaf1e0257beefbaf87d9dc77840…)

I forgot to add this piece of shit tweet got 21k likes

No. 312486

>Do you think these newer generations are going to be as sjw and liberal as this one?

Nah, the younger generations seem super chill despite growing up in this political climate. Being constantly surrounded by people telling you what to think during childhood is only going to make these kids rebel or become skeptical. Also they only care about memes and fortnite so I’d say they’re already on the right track.

No. 312487

Oh, no.

A mod just redirected the conspiracy loon from the Transinvestigation thread back here. They were ousted (also banned?) from Gender Critical a couple of threads back.


No. 312488

What idiot mod directed the tranvestigation weirdos to this thread? Having that discussion here will make the rest of the GC lose credibility.

No. 312489

File: 1539905484086.jpg (23.7 KB, 500x703, JDcHLsr_d.jpg)

No. 312490

Its quite clear a lot of the mods hate this and the man-hate thread so just want to burn them down. Someone said one of the main mods is an AGP (posted an wierd looking adult men in really bad lolita gear) but its not been confirmed so who knows.

No. 312492


It was in thread #3 >>>/ot/249498.

And they were banned >>>/ot/249947.

And redtexted for ban evasion >>>/ot/250146.

No. 312496

the manhate thread is fucking insane though tbh. i'm sure there's some overlap ITT but many of the posters there are too extreme.

No. 312498

they really aren't, but ok.

really? i thought there were like, no male mods anymore? i'm surprised if there really is an AGP mod. normally they can't restrain their narcissistic rage in the face of 'terf'dom.

No. 312500

i think one of the mods is just a fucking idiot.

also, no, i disagree, many posters in the thread get heavy invested and then will argue with bait and get tilted super easy. they need to calm down a bit and spend less time in the thread.

No. 312504

isnt she like 17 or something too? they're so merciful and empathetic

No. 312515


Don't forget she's a lesbian in Russia, and they threatened to dox her and report her to the government.

No. 312546

They look like men and act like men. tr00ns are men, no matter how much they pretend.

No. 312550

>cis privilege

Nah B. It's just like >>312485 says. Nothing about being a woman = privilege. Women are still denied jobs they are qualified for over hiring a man. Women are still told they need to be less emotional when they are expressing a point.

Women are still considered 'used goods' in some countries when they are raped.

Men are trash

No. 312556

They did unfortunately report her to the government, I hope she's okay.

No. 312572

she and adult or so she say in her blog, tbh why will she get her self in danger doing to tumblr of all places? sorry but that juts plain stupid lmao

No. 312584


fucking degenerates. They might as well say the average moderate American woman is a pedophile

No. 312586

>Nothing about being a woman=privilege
Except if you are white.

No. 312600


This is not about race.

No. 312618

Wtf they used her actual hair color, which means this was supposed to be her, not her character. Troons are fucking psychos.

Are you talking about Funk Brothers? I don't think he's a mod, or an AGP. He's just a sissy (similar to AGP, but without the skinwalking).

Yeah, she was 15 or 16 when she drew the original image.

Yeah, them reporting her is actually the reason she deleted her blog, because they knew where she lived and she was scared for her life.

No. 312665


God I hope she's alright. Leave it to troons to do shit like this over a comic.

No. 312683

File: 1539930684933.jpg (121.59 KB, 1077x750, Question.jpg)

From personal experience and from what I researched on childhood development, a 2 year old is absolutely not capable of a) a thought that complex or b) forming a sentence that sophisticated. Point blank. And we know Jazz isnt super advanced intellectually.

At 24 months old children can form 2 word sentences. Pic related are the kind of questions 36 month olds can ask. (I use months because from month to month, development changes).

Jazz asking that at 2 or close to 3 is impossible and a damn lie. At 6? Maybe. But not 2 or 3. If the mom will lie about that, how trustworthy is she?

No. 312685

To add, I'm referring to Jazz's story where they supposedly asked their mom at 2 "when do I get a vagina?" And "when do I turn into a girl?"

No. 312694

Jazz to this very day eats with his mouth open and walks like Churchill, and we're supposed to believe he knew what a gender was at two? He's not even mastered the very basics of female socialization. His mother is such a monster.

No. 312695

lol. And the characteristic foul smell that is documented in medical papers.

I also hope she's all right. Russians tend to be very cold and practical, and they probably think lesbians are better, a lot better than troons. If she's still in a bad situation, I hope someone from an LGB friendly country marries her or something.

No. 312698

No. 312704

Lol they were talking about REDDIT

No. 312715

File: 1539943967913.jpg (93.85 KB, 540x960, privateye.jpg)

Private Eye (respected British satirical newspaper) made fun of Lily Madigan.

No. 312723

File: 1539947063357.png (15.49 KB, 800x85, Screenshot_2018-10-19-04-02-15…)

No. 312728

File: 1539948264306.jpg (547.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181019-042353_Twi…)

Looking through the comments for fun and see this literal retardation

No. 312730

File: 1539948329238.jpg (532.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181019-042539_Twi…)

No. 312732

>They were ousted (also banned?) from Gender Critical a couple of threads back.

This part!

No. 312740

No. 312748

>haha, sexual harassment is funni, it's a joke learn to laugh girls
>that's a literal insult how fucking dare you
transwomen are vile

No. 312750

File: 1539954548716.jpg (Spoiler Image, 63.17 KB, 576x768, 1ongpaswg1t11.jpg)

No. 312755

File: 1539955174898.png (125.67 KB, 299x564, idiot1.png)

I love Redkatherinee's art.

While a lot of tumblr users are just dumb I'm thinking some at least are pretending her art isn't satire so they have an excuse to hate and threaten her for being a vocal (through her art) lesbian radfem.

No. 312757

File: 1539955340267.png (54.02 KB, 297x507, idiot2.png)

There are still death threats and posts about throwing her into acid up on tumblr, yet "reasonable" tumblr users pretend that radfems are just as bad and should make Red apologize for her art. WTAF

No. 312760

The first link is empty, did the real fitgirls call him out?

No. 312765

File: 1539956116328.jpg (9.69 KB, 264x275, 1493950484804.jpg)

An artist draws "trans people boiling alive!!!" but it's more cartoonish rather than an actual depiction of violence, no blood and no gore.
Troons instead redraw it with actual blood and gore. Disappointed but very not surprised.

So we learned that a woman stating biology should "kill herself" or be violently killed with her intestines left hanging out, cool. What happens to men who state biology, may I ask? Because it's almost as if these lunatics think that the only people "antagonizing" trannies are women. I've never seen any of them calling out men… When it's actually men who kill them.

No. 312770

The chorus of "you're gorgeous hon!!! You go girl!!!" is so nauseating. This is a dude with an exhibitionist fetish, it's not that deep.

No. 312774

Hmmm how has he not gotten his a$$ kicked by some concerned boyfriend or parent?

Like I dont get it they say they're in such grave danger all the time but they're really not

No. 312775

File: 1539956770567.jpg (135.7 KB, 640x1451, 3950ead14dbfd1a816db415ea83939…)

The anguish is real.

No. 312777


>Because it's very clear that it's just a repeat of how black people were treated. Bigots don't want them to have rights, want them to be segregated, want them to not exist, etc. It's sad that you're completely devoid of any empathy.

Why are they so obsessed with comparing themselves to black people?

No. 312778

Yeah, and one of the gory pics is directed towards Red herself as an individual. It's supposed to be her, dead and violently murdered. Fucking psychos. Meanwhile her satire showed no violence towards any specific persons.

No. 312780

File: 1539957095012.png (973.56 KB, 1280x1810, tumblr_ouoyz4tF1N1td5vf7o1_128…)


This piece is gory, but still clearly satirical.

I think I found my Halloween costume.

No. 312783

Oh god yes! Please do dress up like the witch!

No. 312794

File: 1539958125063.jpg (173.51 KB, 1080x1679, tumblr_p4kj76kJfB1w6dvkeo6_128…)


Sofia is her OC, so their depictions of violence against Sofia are personal.

No. 312813

I used to be a libfem, "Transwomen are women" type (not an extremist though, I never called anyone a TERF or had meltdowns over someone being "transphobic"). These threads along with me becoming friends with a radfem made me see the light, but I was never that invested in invalidating troons in the first place. I just played along because I didn't realize how harmful transactivism actually is.

No. 312820

what the fuck? especially that second one, thats so messed up. someone actually drew a depiction of this womans mutilated dead body because she drew a cartoon comic that goes against their beliefs.

can someone explain what pedophiles have to do with radfems and terfs??? did someone overdose on their daily hormone pills kek

No. 312821

Thanks, anon! So much respect for her.

No. 312829

File: 1539961453653.png (300.98 KB, 540x395, tumblr_ouer1g1lmO1smhdzpo1_540…)


>can someone explain what pedophiles have to do with radfems and terfs?

Don't forget Nazis!

A few more were posted on KF.


No. 312831

Same here. I used to be pretty pro-tranny until I realized transactivism went far beyond the simple "please don't harm me, use my correct pronouns and let me pee in peace" that I initially thought it was. Once I realized that how far the movement gets taken was actually harmful to real women I couldn't be a part of it anymore.

No. 312834

>women only get shit for their sex
>transpeople get shit for their sex AND gender

What I wouldn't give to throw these nutcases into a deprogramming camp. The "gender and sex aren't the same at all!" kool-aid runs deep.

No. 312853

i never understood the "let me pee in peace" sentiment troons always have. i know for a fact that me and many other women are uncomfortable knowing that some male is in a space where we are vulnerable, but apparently we dont get the right to go to the bathroom that was fucking made for us in the first place in peace. im willing to bet that the number of women uncomfortable with the idea of trannies in the female toilets greatly outnumbers the actual number of trannies, and that many people are lying about it so they dont get branded a transphobe. ive had some very liberal friends admit in private that they were uncomfortable with this as well.

have you guys ever noticed that whenever they make a transgender/gender neutral toilet they usually end up converting the womens?

No. 312856


They try very hard to connect terfs with any group unanimously hated by society. Particularly if it's a group that has a high overlap with troons, which pedophiles do.

They've tried to connect terfs to incels too. In fact they started a few months after radfems started pointing out that TRA rhetoric sounds a lot like incel rhetoric.

Basically it's projection.

No. 312868

File: 1539965970032.png (121.25 KB, 768x1159, erasure3.png)

No. 312872

It's ridiculous since troons are the ones who are at disturbingly high numbers into fascism and pedophilia; meanwhile radical feminists are obviously against such things.
But if you link the term terf together with nazis etc enough times it works on dumb tumblr kids who just ape whatever their dashboard says.

No. 312873


There is value in differentiating the two, if you also understand that gender is the means of how women are shit on.

No. 312879

File: 1539967280728.jpg (176.17 KB, 1200x963, Dpx1IbAWsAAn7Ou.jpg)

I've never cared for Emma Watson but she's as obnoxious as JK Rowling.


No. 312880

not to defend the whole jazz situation, but plenty of people can form actual sentences at 2 yo. Both my mother and me knew how to read simple text at 2.

No. 312883

She's an untalented ex child actress who's trying hard to stay relevant

No. 312888

Yeah, I know. She can't act for shit.
But all the virtue signalling is making my blood boil.

I've just watched this video on YT with Kellie-Jay and hate how biased it is. Trannies always put themselves as victims and completely twist what you've said and wanted to say. Mostly though, it's the other women that tolerate this and shame radfems that I utterly despise. I can't believe feminists decades ago fought tooth and nail for voting and other rights and these women now are putting it to use like that. And the media is clearly on their side. It's just making me feel hopeless.

No. 312892

At least Rowling is a cryptoterf kek

No. 312893

> At least Rowling is a cryptoterf kek

Really? Any proofs?

No. 312896

She really is. Another unbelievably privileged rich white girl acting like a savior in the most obnoxious way possible - supercilious social media posts and fart-huffing interviews. I thought she couldn't get more obnoxious than her Beauty&the Beast and her "m-muh feminist icon" sperging but now she's into the trans movement. Of course.

No. 312897

She keeps liking gc stuff on Twitter sending her pr people into damage control mode with the story that she's just an old lady with fat fingers that doesn't understand technology lmao. Pretty sure she's been long cancelled by trans twitter

No. 312899

> her Beauty&the Beast and her "m-muh feminist icon"

barf, she was terrible in that movie. The movie itself was a disaster and I couldn't watch it for longer than half an hour.

wtf, I love JKR now.

No. 312901

They're so condescending to her. I'm not sure what I've expected.

No. 312907

Don't forget that she was named in the Panama Papers. Tax evasion, so woke. I hate liberal feminism.

No. 312910

Is that India Willoughby? I saw he said he called that man winning the womens cycling unfair and not respectable on Rachel Mckinnons part. Of course, I don't think this is coming from a place of genuine support for actual women but some trannies realising they're taking things too far and are going to lose cult members and public support for their delusion.

No. 312923

Wow really? There was the pubkic outcry? lol

I kind if doubt that after all her
>anti trump!
>save the refugees!
>yes dumbledore was gay and poc!
sjw pandering…

No. 312929

>anti trump is sjw pandering

sure thing buddy
I kinda hope she retcons one of the hp characters as trans, or the stupid fantastic beats franchise gets a trans character. It would be so milky

No. 312939

If you have to mention it publicly at least 10 times every day, then yes it is.
She's not american and there are far worse leaders out there, so why does she "care" about him so much? Hm, could it be because of her retared american fans…?

No. 312956


Stupid shit the POTUS does affects a lot more countries than the US, and the UK is one of the most harshly affected since it's one of the US's closest allies and trade partners.

No. 312960

because her retarded american fans are the only ones that actually care about her kek she doesnt really get to choose whether to pander to them or not she has to

im from the uk and most normies who go on about him only care about him so that they can prove how "superior" we are.

No. 312971

People in the UK have until 11pm tonight to voice their concerns for the reform of the Gender Equality Act regarding trans gender issues


No. 312974


Fellow UK farmers, please fill this out and make sure we're heard.

No. 312979

This video made my head hurt. All this fucking pseudo-intelligent blabber. This dude got help from Riley J. Penis and Hontrapoints for the video, of course. I'm so tired of pro-trans videos from lefttube.

There's a really good comment, though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCxqdhZkxCo&lc=UgyZWV5d1-FkoeYPu4F4AaABAg

Probably too tl;dr for most people, but I just love seeing smart gender-critical women in leftist spaces. Even got quite a few thumbs up and people agreeing with her. I hope more leftists will start to be more critical of transgenderism soon.

No. 312984

File: 1539977371205.png (322.24 KB, 1782x1308, how old is this kid even.png)


Also, look at this little weebfurryshit lmao. Judging from his other comments and profile, I unfortunately don't think this kid is trolling.

>do you really think that cloaking your transphobia in feminism will save you from the fists of gender neutral trans wrath? think again you clown. transphobia will never be tolerated

No. 312994

I don't even consider myself quite gendercritical or anything but seeing the whole > say anything less then praise about trans people > get called a terf > basically worse the a nazi happen right in front of my eyes is kind of baffling tbh

I also loathe how they'll pull a "oh they're not a REAL trans person" when someone does anything bad. Like that's not how it works. Denounce them properly, don't just say they're not real trans.

No. 313010

It's insane how careful you have to be when you find out some trans person online is not who they make themselves out to seem. I have majority trans activist friends and I remember once warning then about a certain user a couple of them follow and they all got suspicious of me. I had one DM me asking if I was transphobic for speaking negatively about this person. Like for real? Not even a week later another friend of mine who happens to be trans warns the same friends about the same user and they all reacted promptly and announced how they unfollowed them and praised them for speaking up.
It's so fucking frustrating.

No. 313021

20 to 1 this is a tif

No. 313066

I was just on subredditdrama and thought of this thread. A tranny posted himself on fitgirls, one of reddits 3 million subreddits they have for fetishizing literally every inch of women's bodies and women's bodily functions.
So. Tranny posts himself. Some don't like it. Tranny defenders swoop down to defend him. It gets posted to subredditdrama to defend him some more cause all those dudes should love a dick in panties I guess.

Some on subredditdrama actually aren't idiots and instead of writing dozens of posts on how terfs aren't people, they dig a little deeper in who the tranny OP is. Turns out it's someone who thrives on this kind of attention and wrote proudly about how he walks naked through women's locker rooms with his dick out. The thread was locked because "transphobes" brigaded it. But the posts they left up were all congratulating op on doing it. Saying the only way society will change is if brave people like op take steps towards change. Yeah, cause swinging your dick in a place for women is good change. Just force women to look at you.

One of the deleted posts asked about women who were raped and if maybe they don't wanna see a dick in their locker room. They were promptly called a transphobe, told that there are women who have been raped by women and they could feel uncomfortable seeing a vagina too. Cause that happens with the same frequency, yeah totally.
They compared women with PCOS who might be hairy and muscular women to trannies with dicks who fuckin look like men.

And then the wonderful conclusion was that it's great that op does this because "we are females it's just that our parts grow outwards not inwards"

No. 313085

Interestingly enough, I've seen bathrooms like this in a government-owned building, except it was "all gender" and "women" - no male bathroom. They'll probably take away ours last.

No. 313091

MRA-tier "logic" to champion for his owpresswed boner. I can't believe we have to share oxygen with these mouth breathers.

No. 313159

Are you the deprog.? If so good work

No. 313169

File: 1539992160057.png (21.92 KB, 300x571, nfYmSqa1ggrgonf8dS20TpVygaB6To…)

I just noticed this comic on the sidebar of /r/GenderCynical (the anti-GC subreddit)

I don't see how this makes radfems look bad? Oh no, mom doesn't want her minor to take estrogen! How irresponsible and evil!

No. 313192

this is so fucking stupid. like as if girls didn't have legit medical problems so many moms would be out here like "oh you want like bigger boobs or something? here's some prescription estrogen, IT'S FOR GIRLS SO IT'S ALL GOOD!" like wtf? parents dont want their children going on medication that causes cancer if it's not absolutely necessary

No. 313222

File: 1539996034289.jpeg (14.7 KB, 266x253, 1277B41D-6160-49E8-B2C8-13201A…)

anyone else sick of having female friends come out as nonbinary? maybe that’s my cue to meet new people but i just want fucking girls to be friends with, not girls who decided they’re not women anymore because they have short hair and feel uncomfortable with performative femininity. i hate having to bite my tongue because i like them as individuals and don’t want to shit on them for their obvious confusion and self loathing. it’s always people who have had some personal trauma related to being a woman, too. it’s depressing.

No. 313227

Yesss! I sure am. I have been friends with this cosplayer for about 8 years now and see her all the time at cons. At the last big con we met up at, she was like 'i'm finally so happy. i came out as gender fluid and it makes sense cuz i hate wearing dresses, even though i'm a girl.'

These people are retarded. The entire gender fluid and non binary trend is just as fucking stupid as the trans thing, even though less harmless to say the least.

No. 313247

why are his eyes bloodshot in every single picture??

No. 313253

found his youtube. omg that man voice

No. 313254

Curious what others thoughts are on surrogacy as I haven't seen it discussed before but it is something that is becoming more popular with gay male couples and transgenders.

In the article linked below a gay couple filmed their surrogate in labour without her permission for a TV show and while she was screaming in pain made comments about how she should have waxed and that she had a huge vagina.


It comes off to me rather exploitative and they just saw her as a means to an end.

No. 313258

No. 313262

>gay men being awfully misogynistic
Nothing new but its nightmare fuel. I feel so horrible for her.. to go through painful birth and have some fucking assholes ridicule you in the process… jesus its misogyny at its finest. The baby was a girl which only makes things worse. I hope to god that little girl has women in her life

No. 313273

Yes I hate it. It sucks to see other women try to distance themselves from their bodies. I did the whole nonbinary thing for a year and I know it's because I felt pressured to by other trenders. I still have one of my closer internet friends still caught up into it. She surrounds herself with other people who are so deep into labeling themselves and defining their labels with stereotypes. I saw one of her friends making tweets like "omg I'm becoming more comfortable with being bisexual by listening to MCR" like I cannot relate to any of the "omg I'm soooo bi" shit she spews out.
Anyways, I recently noticed my friend added "she/they/he" to her social media pages and I know for a fact something is pressuring her. I feel like any time a friend of mine starts to reveal how they're giving into these trends I feel less close to them.

It's tough anon, thank you. I calmed down for a few months to avoid any more drama, but it's hard not to continue.

No. 313274

I have legit trans friends (truscum 4evah I guess), but as soon as they veer into activism talk or try to joke about people who are not down with TRA, I tune out, make an excuse, and leave. There is a late transitioner with a history of engaging in sexual harassment in my wider circle, and I make it very clear s/he's not a friend.

We as women are programmed to care take everyone in our vicinity, but trannies and genderspecials aren't puppies, they're grown ass adults with mental problems, and we don't have the qualifications for dealing with their shit just because we're the "caring" sex. Their issues are their issues, don't allow them to burden you with them. You wouldn't trust yourself to caretake someone with schizophrenia or cancer either. They need to take their suffering asses to a professional, and not expect feminists to heal all their feefees. If they try to unload all their problems on you, drop the rope.

No. 313309

>filming women in labor without her consent

>mocks her vagina even though she's literally giving birth

I honestly want a law that says two men arent allowed to have a child. Just think about it. Men in general are trash– so why would you let them raise a child to be worse?

No. 313310

>omg I'm becoming more comfortable with being bisexual by listening to MCR

That's so wtf. Speaking of which, the vocalist (Gerard Way) does comic bullshit now. He's become quite the vocal sjw and it's turned me off so much that if he ever did anything music related again, I wouldnt care cuz he's become so insufferable.

No. 313312

Seeing two men have a kid makes me feel so incredibly uneasy

No. 313315

>two men shouldnt be raising girls
Or troons either. Imagine growing up and having your "mother" hate/envy you because youre a biowoman and he isnt

No. 313319

It's honestly unnatural imo. I would rather see a het or lesbian couple raise a child than two men. There's something really not.. right about it.

I may be biased cuz i was raised by my mother and grandma, but still.

No. 313321

Disgusting. Mentally ill people in general shouldnt be raising children, tr00ns especially.

No. 313331

Tumblr used to be a place where you could talk openly about stuff and didn't have a SJW brigade in each corner waiting to jump some poor fandomfag who said "problematic" stuff once in 2010. Nowadays the good days are long gone, but it's still relatively niche and i guess she drew stuff aimed at tumblr tervens to have fun, but it's really hard when they collectively decide to dogpile on someone like that.

Which makes it worse, since they're a buncha grown adults dogpiling on a teenager. Why in the fuck would any of these people who sent her 10,000 messages with death and rape threats or drew gore of her think this is okay if they're an "all-loving" movement? All-loving till someone disagrees so battery, murder and rape are a-ok? kek

No. 313352

Jesus fuck, that's evil. Why do they try to shoehorn themselves into LGB if they hate female homosexuals so much??

No. 313354

But lesbians should? lol

No. 313356

Women are at least designed and biologically wired to be caregivers to children.

No. 313357

>gender critical thread
>women are biologically wired to be caregivers


No. 313362

Not all of them, duh, but typically, seeing as only women have been able to care for infants before the invention of formula, and has any biological reason to bond to an infant. Obviously some women lack maternal instincts and that’s fine, they aren’t lesser women, but the fact that we’ve gotten some more rights the past few decades doesn’t like..wipe out primal drives. Nobody is saying it’s a rule, just that women are naturally caregivers to small children.

No. 313363

At least she accepts her bisexuality instead of calling herself gay, queer or pan.

No. 313364

One that's not really a friend, more like a mutual associate "came out" as NB. Looks just like your regular young woman, albeit with a shock hair color. I got the feeling that she caved in under peer pressure as so many people around her are trans/nb and she felt like being cis isn't good enough like anon here >>313273.

>it’s always people who have had some personal trauma related to being a woman, too. it’s depressing.


>“If I was a surrogate, and I had known there was going to be an audience, I probably would have waxed,” Lewis said on the broadcast. “And that was the shocking part for Gage. I don’t think Gage had ever seen a vagina, let alone one that big.”
Jesus fucking christ these assholes. Disgusting.

No. 313370

>women are naturally caregivers to small children
I wouldn't want men the natural or primary caregivers to children. Too many of them are pedos and deviants and would probably chimp out and kill them. Going by the stats.

No. 313375

No. 313377

Eh, I think I worded it poorly. Made it sound like all women are supposed to be that way, which is pretty retarded.

No. 313378

lets face it, she most likely wont. people only reee about children needing caregivers of both genders when its about single mothers.

No. 313381

And what exactly about lesbians would make them unfit mothers?

No. 313382

Loony troons.
The best part is the ad they're protesting against is pro-women and not anti-trans.

No. 313383

Fuck surrogacy. I'm so glad it's completely banned where I live. The annoying thing is that our big LGBT organisation wants non-commercial surrogacy to be legalised. What about women's rights? I really don't think there's a way for surrogacy to be not exploitative.

And I doubt men usually don't understand what pregnancy does to the body and the risks.

No. 313384

What kind of dystopia we live in? Dozens of weirdly dressed people protest the fact that they may not be able to claim they are the opposite gender.

No. 313385

>non-commercial surrogacy

isnt that when the surrogate doesnt get paid? so they essentially want to legalise exploiting and damaging a womans body and then just leaving her without paying? fucking disgusting. this shit needs to be banned, if someone cant have children then they need to grow up and accept it without choosing to exploit someone else.

No. 313391

What about voluntary surrogacy? There are women who have offered to be a surrogate for family or very close friends who can’t carry a pregnancy themselves.

No. 313392

surrogacy is inherently dangerous to the surrogate mother with a shitton of risks and side effects, only to have the child you carried for 9 months taken away. how is this shit not illegal everywhere?

and even when its voluntary, someone is still exploiting someone elses body to have a child. if you cant have a child, dont have a fucking child.


No. 313394

You seem like you’re just pushing your agenda here. Obviously surrogacy carries the risks of pregnancy, because it’s pregnancy. How is it explorative if a mentally competent woman gives her informed consent, you sperg?

No. 313399

usually when youre pregnant you get a baby at the end instead of having to give it to someone else and having no legal rights to see the child you birthed. its easy to say before you actually go through with it that you can do it, but pregnancy hormones and maternal instincts happen and many surrogates end up getting attached to the child.

read the multiple accounts written by surrogates who regret doing it. especially with close friends and family, something like this can completely destroy a relationship.

No. 313402

>How is it explorative if a mentally competent woman gives her informed consent
Because women aged 18-30 (or whatever the typical age for surrogacy is) are often very vulnerable and need to be protected from couples desperate for children looking to exploit them. No one has the right to biological children.

Also, no one is pushing an agenda. Finding surrogacy morally wrong is a very common stance in a lot of Western countries.

No. 313403

Hence informed consent. Read the accounts of it going well in addition to the negatives.
You’re acting like these women didn’t know they would get to keep the baby or something.

No. 313404

its easy to say that you know about the negatives and about giving up the baby before the pregnany hormones and maternal instincts kick in, that was the entire point of my post. just because someone says theyre fine giving up the baby before theyre actually pregnant doesnt mean hormones and instict wont change it so that they will feel distress when the child is actually taken away. you cant give informed consent to something like this because the situation changes so drastically in a matter of months.

No. 313410

I've seen it for real in a bar once. Men and All, private toilets, so basically men could use both in a hurry but women had to wait more.
It's kind of silly but it's a stupid design imo.

No. 313411

File: 1540037848948.png (20.93 KB, 1136x145, schoolshooter.PNG)

"trans" is just mental illness

No. 313415

I have a 2 year old niece who can form sentences but she also often repeats what an adult said. Full sentences and clear as day but she's still just repeating. If I said "I feel like a boy" should would repeat that. 2 year olds have no concept of gender or wanting to be the opposite gender in the way that transactivists and transppl want to believe.

No. 313434

>coping by having morbid fantasies like shooting up my school
what the actual fuck please be a troll

No. 313441

File: 1540042633468.png (227.8 KB, 1126x608, molesting trannies.png)

It really is. That's why they commit a shocking amount of sexual assault, they actually are worse than cis men. There's fewer of them, fortunately, but they're utter sociopaths.

No. 313443

Remember those two "gay" (pedo) guys who got a Russian surrogate because they wanted a baby sex slave to farm out? Lolcow farm remembers: https://www.smh.com.au/national/couple-offered-son-to-paedophiles-20130630-2p5eg.html

>''Being a father was an honour and a privilege that amounted to the best six years of my life,'' the American-born Newton, 42, told the court.

>The abuse began just days after his birth. Over six years the couple travelled the world, offering him up for sex with at least eight men, recording the abuse and uploading the footage to an international syndicate known as the Boy Lovers Network.

They started to molest that baby days after he was born. I don't know why we can't be like China and take these monsters down with a quick neckshot in spite of providing them with a comfy room for the next forty years.

No. 313444

We being terrorized by trannies. Trump 2020 can't come fast enough.

No. 313446

The staff responsible for the publication they were protesting against were not working today, that's hilarious. Trannies are such narcissists they never check anything for accuracy.

There are some men I would trust, but none of them are trannies. Too many autopedophiles amongst them, and they dress like little kids because that's the age they are attracted to. Where are the parents of the couple of grandparents that let Stefonknee play with their granddaughter btw?

No. 313448

*instead, not in spite.

No. 313458

For any Brits here, remember that the deadline for the Gender Recognition Act consultation has been extended to 22nd October. If you don't think men should be able to self-identify as women and access women's spaces, please consider filling it out.

No. 313461

TIMs are just a subcategory of sexually fucked up and disordered men. Obviously you are going to find more sexual offenders among them than the rest of the average male population.

No. 313462

Trump in the UK? No thanks, just fill in this instead >>313458

No. 313463

File: 1540047944119.png (8.41 KB, 1111x61, alphafemale.PNG)

you'd think but most TIMs are like this

No. 313464

File: 1540047965723.png (12.87 KB, 1122x84, ocdtrans.PNG)

it's sad, really

No. 313465

What the fuck do tr00ns have to protest against anyway? they have to worry about being murdered by men, but so do all women, so… what exactly are they protesting?

No. 313470

They are angry because women are protesting against self-id. There was an anti self-id advert in Metro made by feminists. The troons so strongly want to swing around their dicks in women's locker rooms that they riot over this.

No. 313471


>I love showing my penis to women

Mentally ill men like this NEED TO BE JAILED. What ever happened to it being illegal to expose yourself to women? and the fact he's talking about getting an 'Alpha rush' from it proves he's a man. fucking hell!!

No. 313472

Men do not belong in the women's locker rooms though. what the hell

No. 313478

Theyre both getting max sentences thank god. I just cant completely ban surrgacy in my mind. If you cant carry but someone you trust and love offers to help and you include her in your family (as much as she chooses to be), that wouldnt be too bad? Its just commercial surrgacy that makes me uneasy and can understand why its banned in alot of countries.

Trump does not care about trannies whatsoever. All he does is trigger them but that doesnt last and they continue to invade and infest our spaces like >>313463 pointed out. Pence does but he also hates how women arent quiet incubators for men. So idk

No. 313481

With self-ID they would as long as they "identify as women".

No. 313483

File: 1540050418915.jpg (123.07 KB, 768x1024, Dp6ixNlU8AAVS0l.jpg)

This is the advert that Metro published, which made the troons throw smoke bombs at the Metro hq and blocked people from leaving the building.

No. 313485

literal fucking terrorists

No. 313487

YIKES. The first one gets a sexual kick out of dominating and invading female spaces and the second one has OCD which makes him hyperfixated on his gender. What sort of a quack doctor would let these people transition?

I'm speechless, these people are basically terrorists and a danger to society. Fuck their "human rights".

No. 313489

He is so gross
I’ve been going to the same gym for like 5 years and have literally never seen a woman parade around naked taking selfies, at most it’s a gaggle of middle aged women getting dressed while discussing their vacations or some shit

No. 313491

File: 1540051184389.png (70.32 KB, 1080x737, 05.png)

No. 313497

I truly hope this incident made people reach peak trans

No. 313499

Emma watson is a good example of a privileged bitch who is trying to stay relevant. she really is a piece of trash though.

No. 313500

How is this allowed? I live in a conservative country so thankfully something like that will never be a concern here, but it's so… dystopic that it sounds crazy that many people are okay with it? Are they dumb?

No. 313519

Gotta blame women somehow while wanting to be one

Its cause of the feelings over facts mentality. The most masucline man can feel like a woman and self id. Because all feelings are valid and proper therapy is transphobic

No. 313536

Let's hope the journalists at Metro write about it. I haven't seen anything in other newspapers.

It's allowed because people don't really know about self-id and what it means, unless their are indoctrinated by troons which a lot of "woke" people are. Troons are trying to smear women speaking out as anti-trans bigots and silence debate because if the average person learn what self-id is then they will be against it.

No. 313540


In which a Mumsnet poster goes undercover at the We're still here pro-GRA conference, revealing the trans lobby's immediate agenda, and Labour Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities quotes at length a tune from The Greatest Showman.

No. 313544

>girls think men are creepy so i'll be a girl too
not delusional at all. is that really the only thing he's got going for him? blaming feminists?

No. 313546

That's just my opinion, but I don't think any law should be made for exceptions. And clearly surrogacy for a loved one (or family) IS an exception. So I think surrogacy should be completly banned. Adoption within family have always been easier for exemple and that would be a great way to get around such a law.

No. 313547

There's a lot of them in the fandom I'm in. They're decent enough people to chat with, sometimes even good people to chat with. But yeah, so many of them are "nonbinary" or use male pronouns (and you just know if someone is telling you what pronoun to use, in reality, they are usually the opposite). I respect the pronoun thing to avoid unnecessary drama, but it doesn't change the fact that I still think a lot of them are young women with internalized misogyny and are likely closeted lesbians, or bisexuals at least. I'm also in my 30's, and i'm not gonna say I have all the experience in the world, but I've been around long enough, I've had to deal with my own issues. A lot of these young girls are facing the problems almost all of us face - the struggle of being a woman in a society that still loathes women. So, they claim they are men or nonbinary.

No. 313550

I was your average racist/misogynist/etc /b/tard, then sex-posi libfem, then radfem, and now I refuse to have any ready-made ideology because most activists are fucking stupid and that sadly includes radfems (in an astronomically smaller amount than TRAs, but still)

Still call myself a radfem for convenience but I actually wish we could remake or update radical feminism after taking xenofeminism and the current rise in conservatism (and its driving forces, not the thickheaded "they're conservatives because they're misogynistic!" I see from most feminists, rad and lib) into consideration.

We can't keep quoting Beauvoir forever, things have changed.

No. 313553

>"we are females it's just that our parts grow outwards not inwards"
"We all start out female in the womb" is the new "we are all African" for shit dumb liberals say.

No. 313570

File: 1540061259977.png (209.74 KB, 1043x684, Screen-Shot-2015-06-23-at-3.33…)

May I ask how you stopped being racist? I went from libfem to radfem to alt right to nothing now. I have no ideology. But I can't seem to shake the whole race realism thing off, and I can't stand how much GC coddles black feminist women (and gay men for that matter). The whole Womanism created feminism thing just screams WE WUZ KANGZ to me. You get comments in GC all the time encouraging this like "when black women are free, everyone is free. Center black women in feminism." That was a comment in GC and there's many like it.

I'm not centering anyone but women, girls and myself. This thread btw https://reddit.com/r/GenderCritical/comments/8nz3he/black_feminist_fed_up_with_intersection/

Inb4 I'm racist comments. Pic related, revisionist history. Rosie was a white woman.

No. 313574


Personally for me, what does it is looking at the straight facts and statistics about how black people, particularly black women, vote.

Black women have been doing their bit, voting for the most female-positive laws and candidates. I admire the conviction and the willingness to get shit done for women.

No. 313575

How does one go from radfem to altright?

No. 313582

You're mostly in the right track, anon.
>I can't stand how much GC coddles black feminist women
It's the low-hanging fruit in the oppression olympics and I'm sorry to say but most people currently engaged in any sort of activism is guilty of trying to compete (to varying degrees, and for a variety of reasons. I believe libs do it in earnest and GC do it as a rhetoric tool because most people agree with the libs, but I digress) and black is the group who has most recently and predominantly been enslaved and discriminated against, so they're the oppressedest. Black men can still be criticized for being men, but black women are the ultimate gold medalists, so their words are worth a lot more than anyone else's in the current debate.

Also this >>313574

And all of this is just to reiterate my point: most activists are either dumb, cringe, overemotional or all of them at once (or will have some other characteristic that will make you hate them and everything they say). You just have to distance the group from the ideas, consider the ideas by themselves, then either adopt them (the ideas) or abandon them. You don't need to join the group, just occasionally work with it for ends you both have in common.

>race realism

Again, consider the ideas, not the group. If you stick around the group you're bound to spend too long in the echo chamber, get no challenging information, and adopt their racist meme ideas.
I've been getting into "realism" (in this 'race realism' sense) regarding everything, from race to sex to genes etc, I think it's good to examine reality instead of denying it… which is what most lefties currently do and believe, that people are blank slates filled in by socialization and if only we had equality, everyone would be equally as intelligent, as affluent, as likely to get into sports or compsci etc etc as one another.

Which is… simply not true. A lot of things are hardwired into us, but that doesn't necessarily mean they have to stay that way (cue transhumanism). And that doesn't necessarily mean anyone is inferior or superior, inferiority is a value judgment and values are in no way objective (see: moral nihilism). Nothing says that whatever results we might find from this 'realism' need to be interpreted under our own current values.

I'm not sure what point I'm trying to make anymore, just trying to give you some guideposts lel, but you're probably right to be somewhat racist in the sense that most black people will do what you already know they'll do, just try not to let your feelings get in the way of your thinking too much.

>Rosie was a white woman.

Nobody even knows who she is anymore, that image has become cultural symbol. If someone's saying she was black that's revisionism but just changing the symbol to represent current ideology is not.

No. 313594

I don't really understand your post. How does GC "coddle black feminist women"? Aren't they part of women and girls who you claim to center?

The Rosie image is a girlpower meme at this point but was originally placed in a factory to encourage female workers to work harder. It's not of any specific woman.

No. 313599

>In my country SRS&HRT are covered by the national public health care but it requires you to go through a long psychiatric evaluation including a 4-6 month long real life test in which they test if you can truly live as the opposite sex
>During the Tumblr trans fad era the amount of young girls seeking to transition while identifying as "nonbinary" multiplies around 400% in just a few years
>Doctors realize something's the fuck up and put all nonbinary treatments on ice until they'll figure out what's going on because they've gotten a rising amount of detransitioners/regretters and there's not enough medical proof of transitioning being beneficial to these "NBs"
>The trans activists go insane with rage and start screeching about how the doctors are LITERALLY KILLING!!!!! nonbinary people because m-muh suicide statistics
>The medical community decides to resume treatments, but announce they'll be taking experimental steps to assign the most efficient treatments to these "nonbinary" people
>The TRAs rage even harder because "we're being treated as lab rats, THIS IS A HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION WAAH"
>TRAs are also spreading falsified information about how trans people are ~LITERALLY~ forced to be surgically castrated/sterilized in order to be able to change their juridic gender
>It's not true at all because the law doesn't require you to go through any surgeries, the being sterile part comes from the fact that HRT makes you incapable of breeding but you can stop ANY time you want to resume your natural hormone production
>Normies don't know this so being as naive as they are, they march for the "human rights" so that TRAs could get self-id pushed through

What a shit show this is to behold.

No. 313602

Which country is this?

No. 313603

I'm seeing that shit on twitter as well, are you in France?

No. 313604

Not her, but I'd recommend getting into Marxism, seriously. It's scientific and rational unlike the conspiracy theories of the alt-right. Understand history, capitalism and everything that led us up to this point. You'll be suprised how accurate the Communist Manifesto is even today, 150 years after its publication (while e.g. Mein Kampf is just the crazy rambling of a racist old man). And not everyone on the left is into identity politics, most people I know think the obsession on minorities and trans people is rather ridiculous and regressive. And while there's definitely some chauvinism on the left, socialist movements have always been in favor of the liberation of women and there's a lot of great female Marxists (Rosa Luxemburg, Angela Davis) too.

On the race realism issue, I think it's fine and even important to recognize that some cultures are different to others and we aren't all 'equal'. But it's also important to understand that most people aren't inherently bad - they're a product of their enviroment. That doesn't make certain stuff okay, of course, but it's not something rooted in nature. And there were/are people all over the world of all ethnic backgrounds trying to make a positive change.

No. 313605

so.. they want hrt and srs, for it to all be paid for by everyone else, dont want mental evaluations from professionals, use their mental illness against other people as a shield from criticism but dont want it to be treated..

..how do you fix this?

No. 313607

Yes they are. Which is why this quote is ridiculous "when black women are free, everyone is free. Center black women in feminism."

They coddle them because they tend to say things like:

>"Feminism should work to secure the rights of all women, but many white feminists have failed to invest real effort on behalf of women of color. I do not blame women of color for their disappointment and resentment, although I think it's also worth noting that many remarkable women of color have identified as feminists and been involved in feminism."


Like how is that comment not coddling and belittling towards black feminists? It's basically saying "Um white feminists you're fighting for women's rights but you're not doing advocacy for black issues, you need to help black feminists more. Also, black feminists are sooo brilliant YAY cuz they participate!" Fuck that, I signed up to help all women, if black women aren't helped enough then so be it. I'm not going to center any racial group over the other. Advocacy for all women and girls should be enough

No. 313609

My ladybrain update #2

Magdalen Berns talks about her Glioblastoma diagnosis.

Earlier this week she posted on Instagram, "Made it out alive! Second #brainsurgery 💪"


No. 313610

Anyone can fill out the consultation, not just people from the UK. You have until Monday, so please say no to sex self-ID.

Does anyone do gender-crit/radfem on IG? @adulthumanfemale

No. 313611


WHO thinks reclassifying gender incongruence as a sexual health condition is the fix.

I don't understand why this change hasn't received more coverage in GC media.

Gender incongruence, meanwhile, has also been moved out of mental disorders in the ICD, into sexual health conditions. The rationale being that while evidence is now clear that it is not a mental disorder, and indeed classifying it in this can cause enormous stigma for people who are transgender, there remain significant health care needs that can best be met if the condition is coded under the ICD.


No. 313612

File: 1540067805640.png (233.18 KB, 800x1173, 1537885772450.png)

No. 313613

I honestly don't understand why professional bodies are still clinging onto gender so hard. It's bullshit. Sex dysphoria would be a far more accurate term, and would throw off a lot of these transtrenders that think lipstick and tits makes a woman.

No. 313614

I'm not sure what you're showing me with that image? As for single-sex spaces being protected, that's only if the facility itself chooses to enforce it. When they do so and trans social media finds out, they get hounded. It happened recently to a woman's refuge in Glasgow.

No. 313616

Thank you, I'll look into Marxism. I know of Marxism Anarchism and that may be it.

Also, I don't resent black feminist women anymore. It's just to either we need to baby them and give them special, extra help OR they are brilliant feminists who do valuable work for the feminist movement. It can't be both. I mean I suppose it can, but your definition of brilliant and valuable is probably much different than mine.

No. 313628

I think you need to chill a little bit. It's not coddling to acknowledge that some white feminists are dismissive to the intersections of race and womanhood, and it's not a contradiction to also acknowledge that there exist black women who have done feminist work under the banner of feminism.

No. 313632

If they are white why should they care about race? Why can't they just focus on securing and protecting women's rights that come under attack constantly? why do I have to fight for the black feminist specific cause issues of they wouldn't even let me in their group anyway lul

No. 313640

If white people shouldn't care about race, why would men ever care about women?

No. 313642

None of that makes it exploitation of women, especially when there isn’t a financial incentive to be used against poor women. Is egg donation also exploitation because you don’t think women can make that decision for themselves?

No. 313643

Because women are their baby making machines. I see where you're going with this about slavery but slavery does not produce an offspring/heir/continue family lineage.it's just labor

No. 313647

You don't need to treat people like humans to breed them.
Also, slavery built the foundation of American wealth, which is why slaves were often expensive and there was an entire war fought over keeping them. The issue is that while slave masters were given reparations, and people like Benedict Cumberdatch still benefit from the wealth generated from owning slaves, the actual slaves and their own families remained in the underclass, and still do today (deliberately, at that).

No. 313651

>You don't need to treat people like humans to breed them.

People? You mean women?

>Also, slavery built the foundation of American wealth, which is why slaves were often expensive and there was an entire war fought over keeping them. The issue is that while slave masters were given reparations, and people like Benedict Cumberdatch still benefit from the wealth generated from owning slaves, the actual slaves and their own families remained in the underclass, and still do today (deliberately, at that).

Ok, I'll consider that and get back to you

No. 313660

I wasn't inferring to slavery at all so I'm not sure what that's about. Does it make more sense if I had specified nonwhites instead of just black people?

No. 313661

stop being dense, donating an egg is also quite risky because of the hormones involved, but its not the same as being pregnant and carrying a baby to term. at least with a financial incentive the woman would be payed for the risks and damages done to her body. no one has the right to biological children. again, why is this shit not illegal?

No. 313662

Yeah, I meant women. I used the word "people" specifically to kind of drive the point home that women are still humans and are included in default "personhood", regardless of whoever (men) chooses to disregard that.

No. 313667

Nobody is claiming a right to biological children, it’s that women are capable of deciding without you whether they will donate an organ or some eggs, or if they are willing to carry a surrogate child. The way you present the issue is as though women aren’t able to give informed consent because of hormones.

No. 313688

this. gail dines identifies radical feminism as nothing more than a marxist approach to feminism and i couldn’t agree with her more. men, who have benefited for centuries from a patriarchal capitalist system, have no place calling themselves women and then feeling the right to more protection than actual women when they still benefit from a society that by and large still views them as men and they usually don’t even bother with trying to unlearn internalized misogyny because they already feel so entitled. to anyone that doesn’t have a set political compass when it comes to feminism, please look into marxism.

No. 313710


Netflix's totally amazing new show. Because God forbid we have actual female superheroes.

No. 313714

This is disgusting. “Alpha female”, yeah right, more like beta male. He deserves to rot in prison.

No. 313723

Props to Metro for not giving into insane virtue signalling.

Agree. She only frequents expensively places where she never has to deal with the gutter trash that are perverse TiMs.

Dumb as rocks plus people always give sociopathic men "the benefit of the doubt", and TiMs are even more sociopathic than your regular violent man.

Sort of agree, this whole trans bullshit thing definitely has a capitalist/corporate push behind it because these lunatics will need to be on big phrama produced hormones forever, for the rest of their lives, and that's a lot of money at steak.

No. 313727

Places like commercial fitness centers and the likes need to take a hard stance on this. One hulking exhibitionist troon in the women's locker room, swinging his unwashed "girl pickle" and threatening women who don't like it with how he'll stuff it down their holes, is enough to make the all of its female customers say fuck this, I'll build my own gym at home. The commercial losses one crazy troon can cost a business will be through the roof.

No. 313728

Almost all recent superhero series are about molly coddling special snowflakes and gender specials, fuck them. Stop giving them your money, and don't watch stuff in which female characters have to bow down to fetishist men. There's a lot better ways to spend your time, even if it's watching paint dry.

No. 313734

His name is Autumn Trafficante, and he is an exhibitionist pervert

No. 313740

Is this his real surname or did he make it up? That's literaly "drug dealer" in Italian…

No. 313741

Obviously it’s made up.

No. 313743

I literally can't. Who the fuck chooses "drug dealer" as a surname. It's like if i became a tranny and called myself "Aiden McChildMolester" or something.

No. 313750

Edgelords clearly.
Remember when scene kids existed and all called themselves Sarah suicide or Natalie narcotic?

No. 313777

he's disgusting but surprisingly, guys, it's his real last name. either it's real or he's gotten every single family member on his facebook (including like, second cousins and stuff) to list their surnames as 'trafficante'. he was decent looking too before. sad how these men with nice lives and nice careers that look alright meme themselves into looking like ugly freaks that are obsessed with jerking off in pink panties

No. 313804


The image is from the Woman's Place page I linked. I posted it to explain to anons not familiar with the issue.

No. 313812

Sadly businesses won't consider that, because in their mind these things don't happen and when they do women just shut up and take it. (Until they don't.)

Ah okay, thank you anon!

No. 313822

What an interesting read. Everyone go read this woman who went undercover at the Pro-GRA conference. Some parts which are pretty lolworthy

>He said the TRAs need to build allies in mainstream women and children’s organisations so it looks like they care about them.

>Apparently small acts like helping to campaign about period poverty or retweeting the local branch of Women’s Aid will make a difference and result in some reciprocation. They want to make it look like they care about Women's issues so they don’t appear threatening


No. 313832

I like when he said that our culture is babying children, in other countries they go to war age 12. Which is something to strive for, right?

No. 313834

Complains about babying the babies. It’s incomprehensible.

No. 313861

File: 1540113394143.png (814.29 KB, 731x6555, Philip Pullman Is Confused Abo…)

OK its a little tl:dr but the basic gist is on a rather terrible comments section over at the mary sue they are arguing about trans and this one transwoman is arguing they are biologically trans (the first few comments) i cant-like can someone put this into laymans terms for me?
The article link if anyone is interested

No. 313871

I love it when I spot other terfs from my country. Did you see the protest some troons had at the clinic?

No. 313877


Happened in Australia as well. Here's a good doco that was on the ABC about it.

No. 313883

dude needs a thread of his own tbh

No. 313891

File: 1540122344289.jpeg (68.36 KB, 720x734, Dp67IaiX0AENuV7.jpeg)


This is awesome.

His whining aside, his blatant lies and retconning are unbelievable.

No. 313892

File: 1540122469394.jpg (83.7 KB, 720x809, DmMpC1pXgAAxDWu.jpg)

No. 313893

File: 1540122489326.png (29.28 KB, 628x251, nogrc.png)

No. 313894

File: 1540122508555.png (42.68 KB, 623x369, married2.png)

No. 313909

If that's abuse to him then he's a shitty spoiled brat and needs to fuck off.

No. 313911

File: 1540125903282.jpeg (49.97 KB, 480x672, Do2I70eW4AAjaDg.jpeg)

No. 313912

File: 1540125979210.jpeg (29.54 KB, 716x431, Do2I5g_W0AAdhUK.jpeg)


Engaging in our right to gather and discuss has a cost!

No. 313914

File: 1540126346493.jpeg (73.13 KB, 700x994, Dp-7JdNVsAA9pBN.jpeg)


The event has been moved.

No. 313922

honestly how triggered do these people get lol
if someone made a wifi hotspot called "women are men" or "men are women" i'd probably have a quick laugh and forget about it but 'oh nooo' this is abusive because it has the word trans in it!
would it be considered inclusive if they made the wifi name "men are transwomen"?

No. 313939

File: 1540132267699.png (107.86 KB, 967x359, download (1).png)

Self-Iding totally won't be abused say the troons.
Do you really think men in wigs will storm women's bathrooms, lol you're so paranoid?

I'm afraid of looking for a job after I finish my STEM degree because getting a job is really tough if you're a woman. I can totally see companies hiring TiMs to make it seem like they're diverse and have "women" on their team when everyone knows they're men.
I just want off this planet.

No. 313967

File: 1540133931663.jpg (793.81 KB, 1080x2158, Screenshot_20181021-095827_Sma…)

No. 313971

The petty side of me wants to set up a forum for "afab issues" like menstruation, PCOS, endo, pregnancy, and other female-specific experiences. I'd refer to it as being for "AFABs" only and if questioned, say it was a non-gendered space for AFAB people to discuss specific issues and experiences without feeling gendered by them, some libfem trans-positive waffle.

Then I'd wait and see how long it took before Awesome Trans Gals claimed it was exclusionary, even though it'd say absolutely nothing about being a woman or being for women.

I'd give it a day and a half.

No. 313974

I'd like to set it up myself, not for petty reasons but I'd like a genuine place where any non afab would be banned on sight without being labelled misandryst/transphobic so we could have women topics without fear.

Another thing I really wanted to set up was a afab lesbian dating site also using the non gendered crap as an excuse because I know I'd really need it. Dating is hard and I don't even live in a SJW paradise yet lots of trannies have infested bars, organisations, and events. It's a nightmare.

No. 313978

Not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, I'm like "oh hey, something good to come out of this administration, who would have thought" on the other hand I actually want ftms in my spaces even less than mtfs.

Out of curiosity, what is everyone's take on ftms? It seems we barely ever discuss them, but my experience with them has actually been far worse than mtfs. It seems the bulk of them suffer from overwhelming internalized misogyny and toxic masculinity envy.

No. 313979

We've discussed FTMs before in this thread but they're usually just sad, depressed lesbians in denial suffering of tons of internalized misogyny. They're usually not trying to invade male spaces and yell at gay guys to fuck them because they know they're still women and in disadvantage to men. They're just trying to escape the oppression women face by abandoning the gender altogether so it's an entirely different issue than AGP transbians wanting all the women of the world to bow down to them.

No. 313980

> The Trump administration is considering narrowly defining gender as a biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth

Can't believe that I love Trump.
It sucks that you have to side with someone who probably views women as nothing more than baby factories but on the other hand, I just really hate trannies.

I hate TiFs. As you mentioned, it's intense misogyny multiplied, and they've betrayed their own sex.

You can dress in an androgynous way and have predominately male interests without cutting off your tits and changing pronouns. What a way to challenge gender roles.
And they seem to overcompensate lack of being male in being violent and aggressive. I can't sympathise with them at all.

No. 313982

wtf I love trump now

also love that totally unbiased, totally not sensationalist headline.

No. 313986


I feel like we need more discussion about FtM here too. There are a few case of transgenderism that I'll let pass but most of the FtMs now are kind of annoying, or just sad cases. It seems like lately we've got too many transgender people, both MtF/FtM being clearly mentally ill or not well-adjusted people trying to find and easy way out. It's a big issue on its own.


You underestimated 'smol gay bois' presence in places like Grindr. They can get super obnoxious and do yell at gay guys for not fucking with them or other stupid reasons. Although many of them are just shitless scared to actually go an extra mile to ruin actual gay men lives and will just scream on their tumblr and get panic attacks. Or resorting to bully 'terfs' instead.

There are also overcompensating masculinity all previous poss saids.

No. 313987

>The Trump administration is considering narrowly defining gender as a biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth
Trump is going to win a second term and you can thank troons

No. 313989

>I love Trump
>has sexually assaulted multiple women
>has appointed a rapist to a position that gives him power over our rights
>has straight up said he wants to jail women for having abortions
>wants to cut funding to women's health
But you know, as long as he hates the troons he's clearly on our side and deserving of support.

In all seriousness, though, please tell me you guys don't seriously like Trump now that he's doing this. Your hatred of trannies can't seriously trump (no pun intended) all this other shit. I would gladly share space with a tranny if it meant I got to keep my rights not to be an incubator have blatant misogynists and rapists in charge of laws that effect women.

No. 313990

Yeah I can't believe anyone GC would support Mr "Grab 'em by the pussy" Trump.

No. 313991

its more of a joke….jesus

No. 313993

The Kavanaugh accusations were such bullshit. Come on. You don't need to like trump to recognize basic legal precedent.

No. 313994

I was hoping so and figured as much, but you never know. Especially since a lot of Trump supporters disregard the way he fucks over them for the sake of fucking over a group they dislike.

No. 313995

File: 1540136814561.jpg (37.34 KB, 400x600, 200 percent r a w.jpg)

this might "roll back trans rights" or whatever, but isn't this also the opposite of what we want? this will just strengthen gender roles – it reinforces the walls of the "act like a woman" and "act like a man" boxes.

>biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth

that's just called sex! fuck me are you anons absolutely incapable of critical thought?

No. 313996

sorta unrelated but i joined a similar kind of group on facebook, but it was definitely meant for women. i remember a year and a half ago when troons started getting more mainstream recognition i waited for the moment some trans activist would felt like being inclusive and inviting one in. i haven't checked the feed in a while and i'm sort of hesitant to, the last time i looked there was nonstop virtue signaling.
tbh an AFAB issues place would be pretty neat, but i feel like the FtMs will just try talking about taking hormones and ebil terfs whenever someone tries to suggest a safer alternative

No. 313997

Even if you believe that, everything else mentioned still stands.

No. 313998

Trump should be supported purely for trade policy. Literally everything else is irrelevant in the long run in terms of importance. Who cares about definitions of gender and sex when your kids are working as a serf for a Chinese mining or farming SOE in fifty years?

No. 313999

Can we not derail this into a Trump debate thread?

No. 314000

>biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth
its just quoting the article…

To all of you, don't start shitting up a sane thread on here with trump sperging.

No. 314001

Fair enough. Just saying that's the only reason I support him. I'd support Bernie for the same reason but he backtracked on trade and adopted the "let's work within the framework of the WTO" response to placate dem neoliberals.

No. 314002

No, why would it have to enforce gender roles? Isn't it actually the opposite where just because you like pink doesn't make you a girl and just because you like playing with cars doesn't make you a boy, rather your sex & gender are determined by the chromosome and nothing else.

No. 314003

>this will just strengthen gender roles
But how? It's transactivists the ones who say that "Oh so you're a girl with short hair who's into cars? You might be a transman!"

No. 314004

No one takes ftms seriously, they're not a sex pest to gays, they're just a curiosity and a laughing stock. TiMs otoh are often huge and have the same or higher violent crime rates as other males. Ftms hyped on test can still be dangerous though. If they won't leave you alone, call the police. Some fat tumblr softboi was just arrested in Thailand for defacing one of their ancient walls.

I made this comment >>313444 , and Papa Trump came through a lot sooner than I thought, lmao. Hilary just gave some damning evidence about Bill not abusing his position with Monica, it's less than two years before the next elections, and the dems still don't have a viable candidate. They still won't take Bernie because he doesn't kowtow to their corporate interests. Better the devil you know, I guess. We can make an underground railroad for abortions and plan B, while letting Trump and Pence take care of the troon menace before their eight years run out.

We know the Trump administration is bad news for women, but at least they're open about it. I fucking hate the left with their
>99.97% of women are actual women
>but we can't discuss a single fucking thing about women
>without giving all of our attention to that 0.03% of really loud and entitled (wo)men
>who will not stop being a fucking nuisance
>and if an actual woman dares to disagree with anything they say
>they threaten to violently sexually assault us with their dicks
>like the insane male sociopaths they are.

No. 314005

because it's equating gender with sex, when gender's a bullshit concept in the first place, used to enforce those dumb rules about girls and liking pink and boys and having short hair and being into cars.

sex is a biological immutable condition determined by genitalia, gender is just a patriarchal tool to oppress.

No. 314006

No, acting like whatever doesn't change your genitals. Trumps not going to force us to turn into Melania bots. Short hair, no make-up, pants, no heels, all of these and you can still be a woman without some retard SJW on campus insinuating you must be trans with your "masculine attire".

No. 314007

>Some fat tumblr softboi was just arrested in Thailand for defacing one of their ancient walls.

Tell us more.

No. 314008

I had a genuinely dangerous ftm in my life. Still kinda do, but I've been slowly cutting him out and so far it's working. He was a little mentally off before his transition, but after her started T he became absolutely insane. He sexually harasses the fuck out of me, talks about being the shit out if people, has told me he fantasizes about committing a mass shooting, and always goes on these intense rants that go in about 50 unrelated directions. My friends who know actual schizophrenics have told me he sounds like he might have it after they've spent time with him. It makes sense because he's at the age where it typically starts to emerge. I've tried reporting him due to the mass shooting fantasies, but I don't know his last name.

No. 314012


I really don't like the idea of using male pronoun when FtM started to get dangerous and insane to keep women 'perfect and pure'. Some women are just batshit insane and, it's something to accept.

No. 314014

Gender roles should be challenged but it's easier to challenge them when you don't have trannies enforcing all the gender stereotypes to claim whatever they're trying to mimic.

Gender critical means that you're critical of the gender roles that are imposed on you which is the result of your sex, not your imaginary gender.

No. 314016

Also forgot to mention that he's a next level pathological liar and makes up these absolutely insane stories. He also will try to one up anything you've gone through to establish he has it worse. You were sexually assaulted? Well he was raped by his parents (story changes drastically every time he tells it BTW). You know someone who killed themselves? Well, all his friends killed themselves before he met you. You don't like him using racial slurs around you because of bad experiences? Well, his experiences were worse so he magically now has the right to.

No. 314017


I really don't like the idea of using male pronoun when FtM started to get dangerous and insane to keep women 'perfect and pure'. Some women are just batshit insane and, it's something to accept.

No. 314020

The large majority of people have never had a gender studies class and do not understand the difference. In some languages, it's the same word and the terms are used completely interchangeable in many others. As it is now, because sex isn't legally defined, troons can change not just their names and gender, but their actual sex on their birth certificates, which is a scientifically completely wrong, a problem for those that are the children of these abominations because suddenly they've been fathered by no one (in Canada Morgane Oger is screeching about how he is his kids' "biological mother", those poor kids, kids have a right to know where they came from, and that right trumps tranny delusions), and it's also often a way of hiding their criminal history, including their sex offender registration.

Is it at work or at university? She's a menace.


No. 314021


No. 314022


If we're calling insane MtF 'him', why are we using male pronouns for insane FtM too? If the reason is that women can't be dangerous and do nutjob shit then it sorts of makes us seem a bit delusional in a bigger discourse.

No. 314024

Sorry to hear that anon. Keep on distancing yourself.
>He was a little mentally off before his transition, but after her started T he became absolutely insane

No wonder, adding an unnatural amount hormones isn't something the body is meant to handle. T makes you aggressive so it's gonna fuck those women up. This is dangerous!

No. 314025

>she sexually harasses the fuck out of me
>talks about being the shit out if people
>has told me she fantasizes about committing a mass shooting
the way tifs LARP as men….is…. such a drag to men lmfao

No. 314026

>toxic masculinity envy
3 years ago I would've disagreed with you, they used to be mostly sad but they've become much nastier. I'm starting to think they don't have the guts to be aggressive unless they're LARPing as uncaring seme. I can be sympathetic to their issues with feminity or female sexual characteristics, but I'm not going to give them a pass for being assholes or downright abusers.

Sorry you had to deal with that, anon. Hopefully someone gets this situation under control before it's too late.

No. 314028

You don't have to call her "he" here, anon.

No. 314035

I always use preferred pronouns in this thread if I'm referencing people I know IRL simply because I want to stay in that habit so I don't slip in real life and get crucified.

No. 314048

Got to love how they call them “preferred” pronouns as though you have an option, but will rip your head off if you’re incorrect

No. 314062

What do you think of trannies that are against self-identification like Debbie Hayton?

No. 314072

It's really upsetting to me how this is the only space I can really share my feelings. I can't even discuss it with my husband because he's essentially a transadvocate. I hate how most women seem to drink the Kool-Aid too. Although, I wonder how many people actually feel this way and how many pretend so they don't get shunned.

No. 314073


I pretend. My social circle is full of troons and handmaidens so if I was honest about how I feel I'd get death threats.

But I've spoken privately to other women I know and when nobody else is around we seem to agree.

No. 314088

File: 1540143093984.png (91.35 KB, 274x299, 1-1.png)

snowflake FTM trannies and SJWs are what is wrong with the world

No. 314090

File: 1540143199676.png (1.09 MB, 1199x758, 1-2.png)

No. 314099

This youtuber also has said he's more of a woman than actual ones because he ~has to work for it~. He's absolute garbage.

No. 314109

File: 1540144196589.png (434.15 KB, 555x538, men lul.png)

Men, lul.

They love preaching in their hormone voices about how their surgically altered bodies are more attractive and how their mutilated infection dick hole wounds are better than real vaginas. I'm tired of hearing these mentally disabled men claim that they make better women than actual women.

No. 314115

How do they know how genetic women feel? They don't know how we feel anymore than we know how they feel. It's so fucking patronizing. They literally talk to down to real women the same way men do.

No. 314121

I dunno anon, I think women have a pretty good grasp of how it feels to be male, considering we've been forced from birth to see the world from their perspective.

No. 314124


the whole thought that being a woman is a ~feeling~ is just so wrong. gigi can be feminine and feel comfortable with being feminine and "work" for being more feminine, and that's totally okay, doesn't make him a woman though. just a feminine man.

No. 314150

File: 1540145847718.jpg (22.83 KB, 400x400, sigh.jpg)

The main pro-BDSM sperger on another thread, who was also homophobic, turned out to be a TIM.

No. 314152

Why do they even browse this site? Can't they fuck off?
It's not like people here will indulge their sick fetishes.

No. 314156


I loved how he triumphantly said TERF like he thought that was some big gotcha that was gonna win the argument and make everyone do the performative

>What's a TERF

>OMG I never knew about that wow
>TERFs are evil!
>TERFs are worse than Nazis!
>I love troons, where are my medals?


No. 314169

You know why, it's a female space…
I'm just glad the average lolcow poster doesn't tolerate them.

No. 314170

What thread was it?

No. 314171

Unpopular opinion, I think

No. 314173


it was pretty obvious from the start that that poster was a troon, i cant imagine anyone else having such a poor understanding of other peoples boundaries lmao

No. 314174

I see it now. Thank you.

No. 314178

There are troons with humiliation fetishes who fantasize about being hatefucked by terfs. Wish I was joking

No. 314179

There are women who are into kink and are cringy as fuck with their excuses for it, this one was next-level though. You could hear the Y chromosome as another anon wrote.

No. 314183

I was one of three people accused to being a troon in that thread. The other person accused didn't bring up trannies at all and I didn't bring up kink at all. I didn't even say anything protrans, I just asked someone if they were a TERF based on the fact they said LGB and not LGBT. Then I pointed out the irony she was getting self-righteous to the point of telling other anon to die on behalf of the LBG community when they were excluding trans people because, whether we like it or not, our position against trans people is not the general consensus of the community. The third person called a groom wasn't even part of the conversation and made a completely unrelated post about how they were worried about the children of people who regularly browse here.

And now this anon is coming here complaining about the "tranny" in the thread, when it was three separate people accused of being a tranny, none of which even said anything pro-trans.

The autism is next level and I am genuinely impressed.

No. 314184

>only troons and men can have such poor boundaries
You're kidding right? Take a look at tumblr or the anime/yaoi fandom then get back to me

No. 314185

*troon not groom. Fucking autocorrect.

No. 314186


Don't try to whip out TERF like a trump card in future, it makes you look retarded.

No. 314187

I was the fourth anon accused for being a troon for disagreeing with something unrelated

Sometimes I worry about anons here

No. 314188

File: 1540148046501.jpg (21 KB, 429x395, wYNu9r9.jpg)

did the troon really just come into the gender critical thread and write an essay

No. 314189

I wasn't. I literally said "TERF?" Not my fault you choose to project more meaning onto it. I was simply establishing the irony of someone who doesn't agree with a fundamental stance of the LGB community acting like an official speaker for it to such an intense degree. How is this so hard to understand? You can't act like the ambassador of gay people when the bulk of them disagree with you on such a major issue, regardless of if I agree with you or not.

No. 314190

three? how did you figure out it was three? there's no usernames attached to these posts…
no radfem would ask "TERF?" after seeing the acronym LGB, try harder

No. 314191

Is blindly accusing people of being trannies for no real reason going to be a trend now?

No. 314193


damn that anon was right about hearing the y chromosome lol

No. 314194

Unless kink anon and the anon who said they feared for the kids of users here were the same anon, there was three. And then there's this anon apparently >>314187.

No. 314195

File: 1540148310219.png (229.25 KB, 753x1608, Transgender Pregnancy Gigi …)

We owe Gigi one, he's capable of making so many women reach peak trans all at once. He's doing radfems a great service.

No. 314199

Oh my god, you guys are just being ridiculous. I post in these threads regularly. I'm (>>314099 and >>314008). Can we put an end to this now before this thread gets derailed too?

No. 314204

Gigi was actually why I started to question this bullshit about two years ago. He would say such belittling things about women to fuel his mental illness and it made me wake the fuck up.

No. 314218

Saw someone comment "#peaktrans" in the sea of angry comments, it was hilarious. This whole comment section gave me a bit of hope. Interestingly, the majority of comments telling him off are from older women while the few ones defending him are from very young ones. Hopefully they'll understand as they grow.

No. 314219

File: 1540149805985.png (72.73 KB, 1116x292, 00.png)

i regret visiting this video

No. 314221

Kek, the delusion and wishful thinking…wow
It sounds like a robot who hasn't even transitioned yet, because if he did he'd know how pathetic and disgusting fake vaginas actually are

No. 314222


Disgusting. It's like trannies r the only ~humans~ that need all of that shit and we _should_ do stuff for them. Can people actually start respecting themselves for once

No. 314223


Oh nice hi yay Im famous :) Im the pro-bdsm anon.
Are you the troll who said the thing about the y chromosome? Because it's a pretty ridiculous ad hominem to throw at someone when you have nothing better to say.

I am a female and I only took part in the bdsm discussion. Later clarified that I dont tend to get involved in trans issues as you have to walk on eggshells usually talking about that topic.
It's a discussion that sparked from someone else and I didn't take part in it. I dunno how that affects your math.

You can keep ranting about my posts I suppose. You're entitled to your opinion. But just wanted to clear that up to give you more accurate information and help you sperg more!

No. 314225

Sometimes I feel bad about not accepting trans people, but then I read shit like this. This is some high tier mental illness right here.

I didn't watch the video because this shit legit enrages me, but one of the comments references him saying his situation is worse than miscarrying and I actually wish severely horrible things upon him if that's the case.

No. 314226

Ulg, it's already been clarified by another anon and put to rest. Please delete before the senseless derailing starts back up again.

No. 314227

Nah, they are coping with these types of comments. Dont take it seriously. Every post srs surgery for mtfs has been bad. They have to dilate it painfully or else it closes. Most of the time sensation and nerves are lost permenantly. Doctors dont recreate muscles, they just make a pocket; it isnt a pretty process that magically heals into some perfect anime vagina. And regret is oftenly expressed but thats never shown or heard. Everything else said is just sexism in attempts at coping. Sour grapes

No. 314228


No. 314229

Begone, thot

No. 314236

No. 314250

File: 1540152769654.jpg (47.67 KB, 468x354, bacteria.jpg)

Hey, he's right. A "natal" can carry a life, max 8 fetuses at once, while their designer vajayjays can carry over a million lives at once (including mold)… kek

No. 314255

I usually try to at least halfway hide my powerlevel outside of anonymous boards, but that video pissed me off so much I left a comment too. The responses to my comment have been half handmaidens and half womens saying thank you and well said.

No. 314257

comments regarding them in womens events always end up being
>this shit is wrong
>men are better at women at everything and women should just give up lol
Its bad enough that women who are active in athletics get so much shit for being weaker than men. Now men want to take away achievements too

I hate this. Let women work out and compete in peace. fuck

No. 314258

This is the thing I hate about trannies- it's not enough to live their lives in peace, they need invade our spaces at our expense and will throw a tantrum or worse if anyone dares challenge them. Bathrooms are one thing, but there is absolutely NO logical argument to let them compete against women.

No. 314263

Would you mind posting it? I wanna see

No. 314265

Holy shit it's up to 246 likes. Anyway, here it is copy/pasted.

>You'll never be more woman than a woman, you misogynist. Also, your views about having children and femininity are reductive and regressive as hell. There is more to being a woman than looking cute, wearing makeup, and having babies. Womanhood is a shared experience that women who can have children and women that cannot have children share. It doesn't matter how butch presenting or feminine a woman is, they will always share a same experience. And you will never understand that. You are not one of us.

No. 314268

File: 1540153965566.jpeg (245.86 KB, 750x1334, 5E2DD608-D797-45C6-B262-58A1DA…)

>Women comes in third(I think)
>Calls her a loser
holy shit I hate this.

No. 314270

Because men are the ones oppressing women. White women (usually) are not the ones oppressing black women. I'll pay attention when it's a specific issue of white women being shitty to black women but until then they can fight for themselves. Same for other races, you can't act like a jerk and complain about how people shouldn't 'tone police' then expect them not to dislike you and turn their backs on you.

The day black women stop holding "early feminists didn't care about black women!" over white women's head is the day I'll give a fuck about their particular struggle.

No. 314271

>Daily Mail
That's pretty much toilet paper. The UK failed as a society, with the self-ID and the whole bending to trannies in anything and everything.

No. 314272

Imagine training and conditioning for years, only to lose to a dude who recently decided he feels like a woman. What a bunch of bullshit.

No. 314282

Well done, anon.

No. 314286

I don't even know if I'd give him that much credit, chances are he doesn't think he "feels" like a woman, he just realized he couldn't compete with men and became trans as a scheme to win.

No. 314293

Good point. This whole thing is just more appalling ways for men to take over everything women have achieved.

No. 314299

One really gross part is he's comparing it to when black athletes couldn't compete against whites and saying she's no better than whites who wanted sports segregated. As if bigotry is the only reason for a woman to complain about competing against a troon and there's no inherent major physical advantage they have.

How do non-transpeople not see what's so overwhelmingly wrong with this???

No. 314300

I'm white as fuck, and I find their whole need to compare themselves to blacks so gross. It's such an obvious shield they're trying to use. I've seen quite a few black radfems call them out on that shit too, thankfully.

No. 314305

These TiMs hide behind the notion that a few years of HRT will suddenly undo any male biological advantage they have in competitions.

This is fucking insane. It’s like constant mini “peak-trans” over and over.

No. 314307

It feels like it should be obvious that a group isn’t oppressed when they have to draw such an obviously false equivalency. They’re just so loud and abusive if anyone questions them. They operate a lot like a narcissistic parent that way, immediately jumping into JADE mode.

No. 314308

This exact thing enrages me so much. White troons trying to suddenly think they're black women when it's convenient. They just want to be oppressed so bad. Trans black people exist, they're fucking insane and need to keep other people's skin color, something we are born with and can't change, out of their mouths. I don't understand why it's not acceptable to criticize troons the same way people criticize those who think they're "transracial"

No. 314315

>I've seen quite a few black radfems call them out on that shit too, thankfully.

Do you have a link to any of that? The tumblr/twitterverse is so hard to keep up with

No. 314316

>I don't understand why it's not acceptable to criticize troons the same way people criticize those who think they're "transracial"

To this day I have never heard a valid argument as to how these things are different. The argument is always "because race is a social construct!" And when you point out that the tranny view of gender is also a social construct, they just start to flail and call bigot.

No. 314318

>I don't understand why it's not acceptable to criticize troons the same way people criticize those who think they're "transracial"

Because people still consider race to be the biggest and worst -ism of all. Sexism, classism, all of it plays second fiddle to the race debate. Plus race shit effects men, hence why they get so loud about it. The fucked up sexism of the trans movement effects women far more than it does men, so men don't give a shit.

No. 314323

I'm curious what other anon's peak trans moments were?

Mine were my mtf friend telling me I have no idea what it's like to have to worry about my safety walking down the street like they do. And Gigi's entire existence.

No. 314325

Today my mum inadvertently attacked the trans ideology:
"You can paint black stripes on a white horse and call it a zebra, and you'll probably succeed in convincing some people it is one. But underneath the paint it's still a horse."
Just thought I'd share the laughs.

No. 314329

Whenever I point that out to someone I like to follow it with a suggestion that a person could be trans-species. When I'm inevitably called ridiculous I say "that's how people sound when they say you can ignore biology because all that matters is identity!".

I spoke to a TIF the other day who seemed to genuinely believe that she was a threat to women in changing rooms etc because she was now a man. Like you can just opt into a male body and male socialisation and become a rapist! Trans people really give bad impressions of gender…

No. 314336

Not a black radfem, but she basically points out the hypocrisy of the race/gender thing.


Also, I used to follow a couple of black radfems who would call troons out on their shit, but it seems like they've been deleted by Twitter. Here's one that's still active.


No. 314339

I had a TIF friend who proudly pointed out she could rape myself and our other female friends after she started taking testosterone. Like, it was literally a badge of honor for her to see herself as more capable of rape now that she was "male".

No. 314341

i saw the movie "tangerine" and the praise it got, when a lot of the movie was a transwoman beating and dragging a small woman around by her hair like a ragdoll in public. it made me feel terrible

No. 314343

what does this mean exactly
they won't get special rights for being trans

No. 314347

mine was unfortunately dating a man who trooned out a year into our relationship
leaving him was the best choice i made in a long time.
I didn't expect to see his face on the internet after I left, but null from Kiwifarms actually posted a pic of him hanging out with the site famous troon Buffalo Bill at the beach

No. 314354

That's simultaneously scary and sad. Unless she literally grew a penis on the spot she was no more capable of rape than she was before T.

No. 314359

That's actually fucking disgusting. i hope you outed that behavior to your friends.

No. 314371

We're dropping the T because LGB aren't a threat to women, troons are. Maybe you can ruin someone's life in meatspace by sperging TERF TERF TERF like some tourettes retard, but here it has no power. Go back to tumblr. If you're not a tranny, you're a brainwashed moron, which is even worse.

No. 314373

>a transwoman beating and dragging a small woman around by her hair like a ragdoll in public
..can you explain? Never heard of this movie but definitely dont want to now. Its sounds like their wettest dream - to publicly beat women and get praised for it

No. 314377

Trans belong in lgb as much as asexuals do, which is to say not at all.
Transgender isn’t a sexuality, it’s an identity issue. Why should they be lumped in with lgb people as if lgb is the place where we dump degenerates?

No. 314390

File: 1540162779694.png (1005.58 KB, 674x624, 1202.png)

pic related is an official still from the movie. they kind of portray it like a joke, one of the "funny" lines is literally "you didn't have to chris brown the bitch" and they refer to her as "real fish" smh

No. 314401

Learn to read, dolt. I have established my anti-trans position several times. All I have said is that the LGB community as a whole is in support of transpeople because that is simply a fucking fact. Our views do not represent the majority of LGB people whether we like it or not.

This was put to rest hours ago and you brought it back to argue against a point that wasn't ever even being made.

No. 314408

Literally everyone thinks she's horrible and insane and she hasn't figured out why everyone has ghosted her.

No. 314414

Gross. I remember reading about this movie and thinking it might be worth watching since it had good reviews. But no thanks, I'm not here for the idea that if these fucking hulks put on dresses suddenly it's not a depiction of violence against women and we can laugh about it. Look at the size of him and look at those fucking arms.

No. 314429

b-but anon, she feels like a woman on the inside thus any physical advantage she has over a real woman must be disregarded entirely!

No. 314442

>All I have said is that the LGB community as a whole is in support of transpeople
I find this really, really hard to believe tbh. I know the T is pretty much officially added, but it's not like the community as a whole got to vote on it and come to a consensus or anything. Obviously vocal tumblrites support troons and troons themselves loudly and invasively promote themselves as part of the community, but surely deep down most gay people don't think they're the same. Any sane lesbian must hate them, at the very least.

It's just difficult to be openly opposed in this climate so we can't really know who genuinely accepts them or not.

No. 314444

Lol I remember Trynna watch this movie a few years ago and not aware of this shit, I turned it off cos it was stupid.

No. 314448

File: 1540165500046.png (373.54 KB, 737x578, bullshit.png)

This tweet is such a big lie. The only time they are uwu discriminated are when gay/lesbian rejects a trannie. And do they actually expect people to take their cult seriously. I would have understood if they act normally, w/o attacking anyone and anything while playing victim card all the time. Come on.

No. 314463

I wonder what it will take for people to realize it's fucking bullshit. Next troons will want to olympics to be opened up for them. What's gonna stop countries who give no shit like Russia or China to send out trans athletes under the cover of getting back more medals ?

"Oh but there will be extensive testing to make sure they're really trans" But what about athletes in bumfuck countries who are gonna realize they can throw away their life as a male if that can afford them a shot at feeding their family ?
And I bet with more self ID bullshit, it's then gonna deemed transphobic to request that (trans) women athletes go through SRS or hormones.

All that's gonna be achieved is women being pushed out of sport all together once again. Tolerance is gonna give a plateform to the never opressed again and who's gonna have to bend over backward ? Oh wow what a shocker, it's women again !!

No. 314479

I never understood how Tr00ns weasled their way into the LGB comm to begin with. I suppose since there were so little of them to begin with? Still, it makes zero sense since being trans have nothing to do with sexuality and everything to do with wanting to 'change' your bio sex.

No. 314483

File: 1540171354659.jpeg (348.01 KB, 750x882, 06BC1DFF-F2C6-47A3-A066-C27747…)

Lush is going full Tr00n now

No. 314484

File: 1540171373340.jpeg (284.36 KB, 749x1144, 1898D6D0-B42E-48E4-9FDA-B6CBD1…)


No. 314485

They did some troon shit a while back too, that I can't remember. I've never bought from them, and from the looks of it, never will.

Also, that quote about being "strong, resilient, and used to retaining our dignity" is amusing. With the way they threaten suicide, endlessly bring up suicide statistics, and act hysterical in public. Yeah, real strong, resilient, and dignified there.

No. 314488

we must ensure the rights of males to use the same bathroom as females and be included in every female only aspect and safe space in life even if they assault and rape those women and/or make them uncomfortable or try to speak over them about their own issues, such as their genitalia !!11

No. 314499

I didn’t know there was going to be a rally tomorrow lol. We haven’t had a good protest since Trump was elected, let the sperging and YouTube sjw cringe compilations commence.

No. 314522


Using the term "AFAB" is capitulating to gender ideology. A person is not assigned a sex.


Why would you hate women who are only embracing being trans as a response to being oppressed by patriarchy?


When T was added, its community was very small and the majority had been living as gays and lesbians.

Originally T truly meant trans in both the community and medically, not the umbrella of infinite spectrum of special genders it is now. Transsexuality and Gender Identity Disorder were added to the DSM III in 1980. In subsequent decades the terms for diagnosis and treatment were changed to reduce stigma, which brings us to the current year which sees WHO removing gender incongruence from mental disorders. The DSM discussion groups have been discussing reclassification as well. 6 isn't due for a while. Worst case, it will include new diagnostic criteria for children and adolescents validating their medical transition. Best case, the backlash will continue to build, and it will maintain problems with gender identity as a disorder.

No. 314525

Glad I never bought anything other than a lip scrub from that company a year ago. Sad. Fucking sad that women (real women) have to put up with this bullshit. fuck tr00ns and their rights to invade women only spaces

No. 314526

Imaging pandering and those lunatics and telling women they MUST fight for -their- rights, ignoring the constant struggle women still face every day.

No. 314549


The author of the article confusingly used sex and gender interchangeably in the first paragraph. And in the context of the article, gender refers to gender identity. All of the direct quotes from the DHHS memo use the term sex as exclusive to gender identity.

“Sex means a person’s status as male or female based on immutable biological traits identifiable by or before birth,” the department proposed in the memo, which was drafted and has been circulating since last spring. “The sex listed on a person’s birth certificate, as originally issued, shall constitute definitive proof of a person’s sex unless rebutted by reliable genetic evidence.”

In the context of legislation, the term sex was always understood to be defined as biological sex, and men and women strictly referred to the sexes. They didn't need to be explicitly defined. By the time Obama was elected, transgender ideology had taken hold, assisted by PC culture, lobbying to redefine and expand what those words mean legally.

No. 314602


The memo also cites protections of sexual orientation as an overreach.

Is DHHS seeking to dismantle those protections as well?

In their memo, health and human services officials wrote that “courts and plaintiffs are racing to get decisions” ahead of any rule-making, because of the lack of a stand-alone definition.

“Courts and the previous administration took advantage of this circumstance to include gender identity and sexual orientation in a multitude of agencies, and under a multitude of laws,” the memo states. Doing so “led to confusion and negative policy consequences in health care, education and other federal contexts.”

Protections of sexual orientation and gender identity are not necessarily contingent on the definition of sex.

For example, the EEOC interprets protections against discrimination on the basis of sex to include sexual orientation and gender identity. It considers discrimination against both to be "sex discrimination based on non-conformance with gender norms and stereotypes".

Codifying the definition of sex as "a person’s status as male or female based on immutable biological traits" would not negate or nullify the EEOC's reasoning.


EEOC interprets and enforces Title VII's prohibition of sex discrimination as forbidding any employment discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation.

While Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not explicitly include sexual orientation or gender identity in its list of protected bases, the Commission, consistent with Supreme Court case law holding that employment actions motivated by gender stereotyping are unlawful sex discrimination and other court decisions, interprets the statute's sex discrimination provision as prohibiting discrimination against employees on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Worth noting, the EEOC's interpretation has not prevented cases alleging discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation from being defeated in the courts, and SCOTUS has thus far declined to hear a case.

No. 314616

Trans people aren't oppressed. There's never been specific laws against them, and the only reason they're victim to actual violence is because some nutcase guy thinks they're either gay or a woman.

No. 314624

No. 314668

>troons calling anyone or anything "extremist"
Now this is ironic.
Trump, hurry up and do the thing.

No. 314681


Not tweeting crocodile tears about Trump's latest SNAFU is violence now.

No. 314686

>not tweeting about it is violence against trans people
Do these people not realize that most of the country isn't kissing their ass and some allies don't want to deal with the inevitable pointless social media arguing that would come from posting about it? How does people fighting with their great aunt about gender identity on Facebook benefit them at all?

No. 314688


If you don't tweet the sentence 'Trans rights are human rights' at least once a day then millions of trans women will die, anon.

No. 314693

File: 1540219032824.jpg (114.78 KB, 770x993, IMG_20181022_093619.jpg)

I'm laughing hysterically at their "shareable" galaxy screenshotted version. Is it really that serious she's gotta add an ~aesthetic~ to it? KEK

No. 314698

>non-violent things are violence
Why do they keep saying shit like that?!

No. 314702

The "trans people's bodies are biologically whatever they say they are" bullshit just shows how overwhelmingly irrational and crazy this movement is.

No. 314710


Because if someone's words (or lack of words) is violence then it's justified to respond with actual real violence.

Or in other words, when women saying or not saying something is violent you're allowed to punch them in the face. We know how much they like hitting women.

No. 314719

> :)
> ad hominem
shut up, tranny

No. 314720

True. I suddenly remembered this

“Men often react to women’s words—speaking and writing—as if they were acts of violence; sometimes men react to women’s words with violence. So we lower our voices. Women whisper. Women apologize. Women shut up. Women trivialize what we know. Women shrink. Women pull back. Most women have experienced enough dominance from men—control, violence, insult, contempt—that no threat seems empty.”
― Andrea Dworkin

No. 314774

>biological essentialism is violence
Because telling trans people it’s fine to lie about their biological sex to medical professionals and getting misdiagnosed because of it isn’t the real violence. Ok then.

No. 314779

Does anyone here have any links or caps to that definition of woman being redefined to include transwoman with man being untouched? I know I saw it in an older thread but I can't seem to find it for the life of me.

No. 314797

File: 1540231102361.png (41.34 KB, 424x463, Venn_gender_id.png)


Here is a venn diagram.

No. 314805

No. 314815

>non-violent things are violence
>men are women
>war is peace
>freedom is slavery
>ignorance is strength

No. 314848

To the radfems on here: since you guys acknowledge that it’s unfair for transwomen (i.e. men) to be allowed to participate in women’s sports leagues, does that mean you acknowledge the biological physiological differences between men and women? Because I know a lot of feminists say that women are as physically capable as men and whatnot, so I was just wondering if you disagree with that type of feminism? Also I’m not trying to sound rude or anything, I’m just curious how radical feminism perceives the idea that women and men are physically equal when radfems often condemn transwomen in women’s sports.

No. 314852

Humans are a sexually dimorphic species. Anyone who claims otherwise is an idiot. We are not anti science here. However just because there are differences between the sexes, doesn't mean women are lesser or should be treated lesser.

Men have denser bones, more muscle fibres, less nerves and fat under their skin. Men have larger lungs and broader heads and a higher centre of gravity. Speaking of course in general. So yes, in physical sports, particularly contact sports, males have an advantage over females except in their centre of gravity. This is why we have male and female categories in sports. Now that isn't to say there aren't women out there that are stronger than 'most' men. They exist, however they are rare. Their existence proves the rule.

No. 314856

>Because I know a lot of feminists say that women are as physically capable as menBecause I know a lot of feminists say that women are as physically capable as men
Sorry but where? I don't know any woman who denies the physical differences, in fact most feminists point it out frequently to justify why we're at so much risk from men, why we're afraid of them, and why they have so much power historically.

The gap in strength between us is massive. It's not like, the best female athlete is as good as the 10th best male athlete or something. They're as good as the 1000th best male athlete. I don't feel even the slightest bit bad about that, we can give birth and although that has screwed us over in many ways it's still a form of significant power to compensate for our lack of strength. It's good sportsmanship to separate men and women, and it doesn't diminish the efforts and successes of female athletes. Plus, I do sports that involve flexibility and being graceful so we sure as fuck have an advantage over men with those things.

No. 314869

>However just because there are differences between the sexes, doesn't mean women are lesser or should be treated lesser.

This needs to be highlighted. Regardless of the physical capabilities, women and men should be respected and treated fairly. Its just not that hard to grasp at all

No. 314879

What's the radfem take on war? I was watching a documentary on WW1 and as much as men annoy me sometimes, it makes me sad how expendable their lives have been seen historically. That said I don't think you can extrapolate those men's suffering to today's little emperors and spoiled brats.

No. 314881

That women historically have had nothing to do with war and men should sort that out among themselves.

No. 314882

Well it involves women too. We have baby boys and husbands.

No. 314885

Do we start wars? Do we force young men to sign up for the draft? No. Men kill each other. That's on them. It's not our mess to clean up.

No. 314887

Look out for my edge, but men are expendable in my eyes

No. 314889

Men start wars. Men encourage wars and violence. They are historically known to use violence to take things by force.

I feel no real sympathy.

No. 314890

Fuck, I wish she was still here

No. 314891

More related to fakeboi thread but it would be an interesting topic to discuss here. So there's questionable explosion of this particular type of FtM (Straight girls, into gay erotic, fandoms, cosplay and 'typically feminine' things) While it looks like a fad, but many of these actually pursue hormone treatments and surgeries. So if the trans activism lost its steam, what do you think will happen to them?

This assumes trans activism will lost the steam to begin with. So many incidents make it looks like we're on the wrong side of history. If anyone here is saying that they will detransition? Won't it be more easy for them to just continue being FtM where they just continue taking T instead of redoing their paperwork, and that the permanent effects are too expensive/not impossible to reverse?

I'm very worried about them, while they are milky and hilarious. It's clear there are some underlying issues. (I'm worried about some MtF that are socially clueless too.)

No. 314892

Sorry but what the fuck are you really talking about? Are you the anon up there asking about radfem views?

If someone is 18+ then what they do to themselves is their business. I feel sorry for folks who were misled but that was their choice still. It doesn't make someone female/male to take t or e.

I think cross sex hormones and puberty blockers on underage children will make TRA look insane in the history books.

Also FYI plenty of TIFs detransition.

No. 314895

Idk. I guess coming from a military family I feel more empathy. It must have been so miserable for those poor men in the trenches.

No. 314896

Maybe men shouldn't be so violent then? Starting wars… supporting them… inc. the draft.

No. 314897

>So many incidents make it looks like we're on the wrong side of history
If voluntary mass sterilization is where the human race is headed, then sure. But remember, everyone was on board with eugenics at the time and we now consider that unspeakable. Once the long term health effects of transitioning are brought to light I doubt there will be much desire to actually, physically "become" the opposite sex. We may still get men screeching about their lady dicks, though.

No. 314898


I am more moderate in my view about men, and I do feel bad about them. Some men can be good, some are just entitled little shit.

I'd rather look at it case by case.

No. 314900

I almost felt sorry for them until I remembered men are responsible for all wars and did it to themselves. Women are victims of war without ever having started or perpetuated one, and male soldiers seem particularly inclined to rape. Worse still it's a form of fucking bonding for them, disgusting.

No. 314901

Why do you think radfems should concern ourselves with that though? If men had any sense, male rights activism would be protesting war and the draft. Instead they try to discredit rape victims and strip single mothers of their rights.

No. 314902

Men are honestly such useless self centred pieces of shit. Even the 'good' ones are so fucking awful compared to women. I agree anon, you barely need to look further than their 'activism'. lol

No. 314903

File: 1540240596501.jpg (766.87 KB, 1080x2158, Screenshot_20181022-153552_Red…)

Thought you ladies would get as good of a laugh out of this post from r/transpassing as I did.

No. 314905

It's true. I have never met a truly good man that wasn't sexist deep down inside. It's like they are programmed to hate women, but still want to use them for sex. ugh

No. 314906

I feel empathy for them too despite not being from a military family.
But hearing about rape in the army, rape victims during wartime does make me angry. I know it's #notallmen but rape during war isn't just rape but often involves torture and prolonged gang rape and bloody murder (not that it doesn't happen outside of war just that it's more large scale and systematic).
Though, during my law studies, it was interesting to learn about lots of man on man rape cases that went on during wars, sometimes even within allied groups. But that's something women can't do anything about if it's a taboo and men are unwilling to talk about it.

I mean, war is something that's been happening from the dawn of mankind, and when it does happen, having men willing to defend your country and die for it isn't a bad thing in which case their sacrifices are enormous. It boils down to men starting wars but I wonder if we had matriarchy if things would have been that different…

No. 314907

How is woman an identity when the word woman is used to describe an adult biological female of the human race? Trannies are so fucking idiotic. jfc

No. 314908


When I hear about wartime rape it makes me so mad I literally start to see red. There's no reason behind it except not seeing women as human beings.

No. 314909


>I mean, war is something that's been happening from the dawn of mankind, and when it does happen, having men willing to defend your country and die for it isn't a bad thing

Ever think that war might only be happening because it's men in power throwing their dicks around?

Even when women have been forced to act in war it's usually with a huge force of the patriarchy behind them.

I honestly believe the world would be a more peaceful place had woman been the historically dominant sex.

No. 314910

But if you're trans but not the sex you were born as, then what are you transitioning to? rofl

You are born into the sex you are born into and nothing will change that, hon.

No. 314911


I am slightly GC-leaning who also frequent fakeboi thread. But that's more of a cow showcase than discussion. (And it keeps getting invaded by trucum, sadly)



Almost forgetting that eugenics used to be 'left wing' back then.

No. 314912

Samefagging, sorry anon, I realise you did wonder if. Still just pisses me off.

Women have historically no where near the backing of violence that men have.

From what we know alone, history would have been more peaceful with women in charge.

No. 314913

I agree. We need to have a mass genocide of men tbh, so women can be the greater sex by number/percentage.

Look at shitholes like India , China and South Korea where there are much more men than women. Now look at the numbers of violence against women by said men.

the same men who will fuck women, get them pregnant, but pray for a male son. they will abort female embryos and then complain there are not enough women. Men need to be wiped from this planet by a large number.

No. 314917

Maybe trans isn't such a bad thing if they all sterilize themselves with hormones.

No. 314919

Honestly we just need to stop making men… stop raising boys… only have girls. 1 man can easily provide 1000s of offspring. And while biologically you wouldn't want to create a bottle neck, the population could easily get by with 1/8th of the men that exist today on the planet.

Pipe dream though…

Hardly if we have to deal with them claiming to be women in the meantime. Eroding our legal rights.

No. 314924

A lot of men in the military have a code of silence. They don't talk to outsiders about what they went through, least of all women, and certainly not psychs. Admitting to PTSD will get you branded a pussy too. It breaks my heart that men will torture themselves inside just to not be seen to be weak. My grandfather was in Korea and would apparently have nightmares about people screaming from burns. Like what women ever said that was a criteria for attractiveness? Never showing any emotion. Ever. Other than anger.

No. 314928

Not if i have to deal with those freaks invading women's spaces and trying to focus on their rights and not real women's rights, like pro choice and victim blaming.

Transwomen are worse than regular men somehow. All men are the same, really.

No. 314929

It's one of the things that disturbs me about men. Individual incidences of rape are one thing, but when men get together as a collective and have permission to enact violence on a group of people, they always choose to rape en masse. They 'rape and pillage', because sex is something for them to take when they get the chance, never considering that women are people too.

No. 314931

This. The mentallily of rape is purely a man thing and when i hear about the horror stories of gangrape, i cannot even imagine a group of women being okay with dominating and torturing a man the same way a man will do to a woman.

the fact that group/gangrape is so common in the military, esp back in the day is horrifying. It is purely a male invention. Look at the stories of Comfort Women that Japan wont even fucking acknowledge happened.

The more we call out this kind of behavior and correct it , the better it will be for women who have suffered.

I'm with the other anons that we need to stop having male children altogether.

No. 314932

The widespread nature of the "women orgasm from rape" meme scares me. And I don't think a lot of the psychologists involved are in it for good reasons. I remember one reported that "even women who struggle to achieve orgasm often achieved very powerful orgasms during their rape" etc. Fucked up stuff.

No. 314934

I truly hate Game of thrones, because it's a very badly written story, but I'll never forget the episode that made me want to stop watching.

Basically, Daenerys and Drogo (sp?) went to a village and started burning it down and raiding it. Drogo gave his men permission to gather all the women and rape them before killing them and i remember Daenerys 'saved' a woman who said 'what was the point? i was raped three times before you got to me.'

and that hurt me.. like a lot. To think a lot of men thought nothing of that hurt me. They always just murder men right away, but rape women before murdering them and that kind of fear doesnt exist in men. At all.

No. 314935

Anyone who tries to dispell rape, like women actually want it need to kill themselves.

No. 314938

I truly only think people who don't understand the female orgasm could believe this. People have convinced themselves that female orgasms are a direct result of arousal and sensation from penetration, but really a textbook orgasm is from extended repetitive clitoral stimulation, something a rapist would never do. Even if a woman somehow found rape arousing or thought it felt good, it is really unlikely she'd just have an orgasm without anyone intending to give her one.

No. 314939

It's the same reason I have a special hatred for particularly primitive men like Muslims. God I hate Islam.

No. 314945

File: 1540243026271.png (29.16 KB, 457x312, non-women-identified femmes.pn…)

No. 314951

Has a woman ever actually said this? It seems like a male fantasy.

No. 314952

>if you don't shut up and do whatever men say you're a bad feminist

No. 314964

Feminism is about females and for females only. Any male who says they're a feminist is just virtue signalling. You can be trans or non-binary or whatever else I'd out there, but you must be female to be a feminist.

No. 314967

None. There are probably mtfs who will claim its true because theyre still pornsick men. Its always men trying to convince themselves and other women this is true. Violence is sexualized

George Orwell calls it.. will women be required to wear bags on our heads to stop triggering transwomen of our existence

No. 314992

File: 1540246716334.png (17.1 KB, 607x149, ba3.PNG)

No. 314993

Feminism is for bio women only. Fuck off, tr00ns.

No. 315005

Started following this dude b4 reaching peak trans because of "funny astro memes" but more and more i feel an absolute despise towards him, someting I've realized is how much trans woman feel an entitlement towards everyone with an absolute delusion and naivity of how the real world works, they truly think their some kind of rebels while spewing the same shit the patriarchy tells them gender and sex are

No. 315006

File: 1540248108287.jpg (567.71 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181022-193223.jpg)

Fuck forgot image

No. 315013

Am I retarded…what does he mean by an empty ballsack?

No. 315021

Oh look. A disgusting version of Nicholas Lyndhurst.

No. 315026

Hey, it's Owen Wilson in a wig

No. 315027

This video was honestly kind of informative to watch how some of these online troons are made. Just put it on in the background when you're cleaning or doing something else. It's amazing how many are just the product of a downfall.

I know it's about an hour and 31 minutes, but it really ends at about 52 minutes and then there's call-ins. It just chronicles the downfall of Cosmo/Narcissa the speedrunner troon. A combo of his girlfriend sleeping around, his horrible nutritionless diet with poor sleep, and crippling depression somehow made him "trans". It's very obvious all troons are incredibly mentally and sometimes even physically ill.

Also there is a Cosmo thread, but I just didn't want to necro it.

No. 315029

Do you all think is is a male or female? I immediately clocked male but there are a lot arguing that it is a biological female and now I'm not sure if my senses were off or not.
But I mean… dressing up like that and naming yourself 'nyannyancosplay' is pretty typical behaviour of troons these days.

No. 315031

i'm suprised we don't discuss things like "trolling induced transsexuality syndrome" that often, considering this is lolcow of all places.

No. 315032

It looks female, but ironically the kind that would be a fakeboi.

No. 315036

No. 315041

>Skimpy cosplay


No. 315053


I think it's just going to be sad, tbh. It's a small enough segment of the population to go….not unnoticed, but underdiscussed, but big enough that we're here, noticing it as a trend. I think there will be a weird generation in geek and fandom spaces of FtMs in a few decades who end up inbetween, and hopefully there are able to find some peace. I don't know what that'll look like–the detransitioned women who accept being butch lesbians are crazy admirable and doing the closest thing to that rn, but they're coming at it from such a different place. I don't know what "girl who likes makeup and dick but contorted herself into thinking she was anything but, lest she be a boring sad cis girl" will become. But society teaches women to be sad in silence, so….they're probably mostly go unnoticed. If there's any backlash coming, it'll be all about the poor sad MtFs who didn't know what they were doing, boo hoo hoo, because men's feelings are most important, always.

No. 315055

i watched this the other day, the farting clip was fucking hilarious. he's not even in this world i swear.

No. 315085

We do acknowledge biological differences, we're not blind to reality unlike trans activists.
Observing our difference in strength is the same as observing how different our organs are. However I'll always petition for women up to the task to be included in activities they can participate in (Like being able to be a firefighter if they do possess the physical strength)

I think for example Trans men shouldn't be able to participate in women events because the hormone gives them an edge. If anything there could be trans events or mixed events without letting them into women's sports.

No. 315087

Something I've noticed with some trans people are that FtM usually stop calling themselves trans after they transition. Hormones, top surgery, done. I am a man and will refer to myself as such.

But MtF almost always continue to call themselves trans after they start hormones and get top surgery, even bottom surgery. It's just bizarre that they don't stop.

In my mind, it was always that transition was the goal. Moving from one to the other was the desired stopping point, there was no more need to call yourself trans after you had done it. At least that's what people around me did. But men continually add "trans" to their title, as if transitioning wasn't the goal at all. It was just the act of being, like they're still just playing dress-up.

I've noticed tons of these people here will never fully transition or drop trans from the act. It's just adding more fuel to the fire that they don't even want to transition and just live best of three worlds, men, women, and special snowflake.

No. 315088

sports competitions and fights push the differences between peoples physical capabilities to the absolute limits. that's kind of the point. many professions and hobbies however, do not. it's important to notice the difference and not paint it all with the same brush. patriarchy and stereotyping dictates that because women are on average are weaker than men, they shouldn't even bother with jobs or activities that require significant physical strength, even if many individual women are indeed strong enough for the job, and even if they're not trying to directly compete against men pound for pound.

in >>315085 's example, it's not inappropriate for men and women to be firefighters together, as long as they can both physically lift a person and rescue them. the woman may or may not be weaker than her male coworkers but it doesn't matter as long as she's strong enough for what her job requires her to do.

competition between the sexes is entirely different because men's physical and chemical advantages would become immediately relevant.

it's like if you're 5'7", it would be stupid for you to be banned from playing basketball, but it would also be stupid for you to play against a team comprised entirely of people over 6'.

Saying "any woman can do literally anything that any man can do" and "no woman can do anything that men are good at" are both delusional.

No. 315091

No way. There's no advantage to being trans. It's that "trap" meme that makes them add the trans part. They don't want to surprise some poor transphobe bloke with a sudden truth.

No. 315093

that's a good point. they're the ones always claiming that they're real women and there's no difference between them and biological woman, so why don't they lead by example and just claim to be a regular woman? if they pass so well and they believe that there's no legitimate way to tell the difference between the sexes, that means no one will even think to correct them, right? i think subconsciously they realize that there are 2 possible outcomes if they do that

1) they pass, and now instead of being special and oppressed and unique, the world just sees them as an average, probably ugly woman. no one compliments their terrible makeup because the standards for women are higher. men and women treat them worse and make them feel small and stupid, and not in a fun kinky way. hell, they might even get a taste of their own medicine and get called a typical cis straight girl with cishet privilege lmao. and that's all in the highly unlikely scenario that everyone mistakes them for a real woman.

the other scenario is
2) they don't tell anyone they're trans but people can tell anyway, and make it obvious, completely shattering their hopeful delusion that the only difference between them and a "cis" woman is the identity marker.

No. 315097

No. 315105


>The memo also cites protections of sexual orientation as an overreach.

>Is DHHS seeking to dismantle those protections as well?

Has anyone seen this discussed anywhere? I have only seen transgender rights discussed. Yet again, LGB are ignored.

No. 315106

Every other movement gets to stick with their own, people get mocked when they try to do the all lives matter thing with BLM. But feminism is expected to cater to every poor unfortunate soul on the planet. Fuck that, feminism is for women and is about women. Period.

No. 315108

File: 1540260208363.jpg (313.84 KB, 1242x1805, m89hBQZ.jpg)

A TIM finally answers the question we’ve all been asking them! Wow, a woman just IS. All our problems are solved! /s

No. 315110

File: 1540260411566.jpg (171.43 KB, 1234x1599, SvSprtJ.jpg)

And what does this womanly woman-y woman look like? Oh….

No. 315111

File: 1540260760106.jpeg (5.44 KB, 225x225, Unknown.jpeg)

I am… disgusted

No. 315113

‘Women are whatever I and other men say they are and should hush up and let the male women speak’

No. 315118

Women don't wake up every day and "feel" like a woman. We are women, but we "feel" like a person. That men think that there's some special feeling that goes along with existing in this body is peak male.

No. 315123

This is what tr00ns will never get. You are BORN a woman. That's it. You don't wake up feeling like a woman or doing 'womanly' things. You just are.

I will never sympathize with TiMs and MTFs for this reason. You cannot change into a woman by putting on makeup and a dress. It's not how that works, and frankly, it's insulting as hell.

No. 315138

He hits all the trender talking points: a woman is whoever says they are, bothering gender and biological sex are social constructs, penises are female(and vulva can be male), xx and xy mean nothing and there is no such thing as sex characteristics…oh, and he’s a furry too.

I saw first his account when was fighting with older ”transmedicalist” transsexual MTFs who were being viciously attacked by the trans brigade over not siding with that Rachel Mckinnon ogre. Quite a lot of old school gender dysphoric transsexuals have come out to denounce trans women competing against women in sports, as well as speaking out against GRA reform.

Nothing like fat, bearded, anime-obsessed, 5 different mental illnesses plus unemployed men(gofundme in Twitter bio!) who make no effort to resemble a biological woman terrorizing sane transsexuals who have tried their best to come to terms with their condition and who don’t deny the biological, physiological and societal differences between males and females.

No. 315142

>sane transsexuals who have tried their best to come to terms with their condition and who don’t deny the biological, physiological and societal differences between males and females.
Who cares about them? They're a tiny minority and most of them are just like this guy deep down, just vain enough to work on passing. Actual women are the ones hurt by this.

No. 315144

Everyone in this thread is saying that there's essential differences between biological men and women, but if some man said the same thing, in the context of women not being that into engineering, it's REEE. From feminists but - is it from you posters here or is this a libfem/radfem distinction thing?

No. 315145

huh? I might me drunk af and not understanding this.

No. 315147

Since they experience/d gender dysphoria they probably aren't 'sane' by our normal understanding of the word but they can certainly be more sensible. From what I've read and experienced first-hand it seems like the 'trans' grouping is itself granular, the divide between those that experience dysphoria over their genitals and those that just 'feel' like the other gender should be the most obvious grouping (moreso than mtf vs ftm). I wouldn't be surprised if the original dysphoric group is now outnumbered by the latter group. I don't personally have issues allying with the first group if both parties advocate the same things. If this TRA/Radfem conflict continues the way it is in the UK I wouldn't be surprised to see splintering within the trans community once they start realizing how disparate their outlooks actually are.

libfem vs radfem thing

No. 315148

Noone has proposed a convincing biological basis for women not being so much into engineering yet. And plenty of women (and possibly some men) who don't see themselves as feminists would REEE at such a statement.

No. 315149

Did you just compare BIOLOGICAL and SOCIETAL differences, as if they are the same thing? Women “not being into engineering” has nothing to do with lady brain and you know it.

Fuck off, teenage robot.

No. 315155

My cousin detransitioned. She was blocked from getting hormones by her doctors (thank goodness), she's just a butch lesbian now and doesn't talk about her trans stint.

No. 315157

This. I don't feel like a woman; I simply feel like me. And I happen to be a woman, with all the periods and pain during the years your developing tits, and lecherous looks from men that that entails. I like makeup, I also like action movies and comics. Neither makes me feel like a man or woman. They're simply things that I enjoy.

No. 315160

it depends on how it's presented. if someone said something like "statistically women don't gravitate towards engineering as often as men" and had evidence, i certainly wouldn't REEEEE. if they said something like "women who do man things like engineering are brainwashed by feminism and can't actually be good at it because their true nature is to be a stay at home mom only" that would be fucking stupid and also completely fucking different from saying that mens physical and hormonal advantages means they shouldn't fight women in hand to hand combat lmao. again, there's a huge difference between women and men working together in the same field and competing directly against each other in a physical contest. in the former, biological differences don't always matter. in the latter, they matter a whole lot.

yup. if i'm not in a situation where my sex is relevant, i pretty much "forget" i'm a woman. i just feel completely neutral. the only reason i know i'm a woman is because of my body. if i was a brain in a vat i wouldn't automatically guess that my brain/mind belong to a woman. i guess people like you and i are just genderfuck or voidgender.

No. 315161

I've tried discussing how I don't like labeling myself based on things I do in my day to day life to my fakeboi friend and she just HAD to go, "You could be non-binary" and I just wanted to tell her my personality isn't a gender, it's me. I belong to myself, gender and sex doesn't dictate that.

No. 315162

I've always agreed that there are essential differences. If I can generalize men based on evopsych or biology or whatever, logically the same should apply for us. It's just that no matter what generalizations I come up with, men still come off as worse because of how violent and lacking in empathy they are. And there are always significant socio cultural factors that influence whatever natural inclinations we might have, and men have much more power to influence things like that.

I could buy that women are less likely to be interested in engineering - maybe men prefer ambitious high earning careers because they want to be 'providers', maybe it's true that men have better spatial perception, I don't know since I haven't really researched it. It doesn't really offend me to imagine we each have different things we excel at in the grand, overaching scheme of things. But it's a trend, not a rule, and doesn't have any relevance to individuals. I 100% reject the idea that women should be discouraged from going into engineering, or that women are incapable or inherently inferior at it, just because they aren't the statistical majority. It's something that can easily change over time, like women getting degrees etc.

No. 315180

File: 1540280981904.jpg (350.52 KB, 1242x1860, THtV1x4.jpg)

There’s that magic word again: violence!
Transsexual respects women’s concerns= violence!

I’ve seen these unicorn gender fucks accuse transmeds of being transphobic misogynists(exact wording) and saying the transmeds are offering trans people up to executioners because being gender critical is GENOCIDE. Then, the all-loving, totally not crazy rainbow gender tries to dox the transsexual to get them fired and also find pictures of them so they can make fun of their looks.

No. 315185

Transmeds are also extremely retarded, so idk why you're complaining. """GC""" trannies aren't allies, they're what shows up in the dictionary when you look up "cognitive dissonance". Let them fuck eachother up.

>also find pictures of them so they can make fun of their looks.

I don't see what's wrong with this aside from the fact that the dude calling him out has no room to call anyone else ugly. People itt do it all the time.

No. 315187

they've done this at my school. the women's bathroom is now the transwomen/women's bathroom and the men's bathroom is still the men's bathroom. its sick, i cant even use the bathroom at the place i spend 8 hours a day. if i speak up I'm attacked by a bunch of handmaidens calling me transphobic cis scum.

No. 315196

I say that we start invading men's bathrooms. Let them even try to complain.

No. 315198

they'd either get turned on by it or wouldn't care at all tbh. it would probably make you way more uncomfortable than it would make them.

No. 315204


I've used the men's room a few times when I've really had to go and there was a big line for the women's (another issue of allowing our space to be inclusive, it stays crowded enough as is, but anyway.) Older men side eyed me like "weird," no one else seemed to give a fuck.

No. 315232

That's basically the situation that would make anyone hit peak trans.
>Women can have penises too! Representing women with vagina imagery is transphobic!
So what is a woman?
>Whoever feels like a woman!
And what is a woman? They will try to deflect and not answer, because they know very well what the answer is in their mind. Long hair, skirts and makeup. It's so easy, and yet it just flies over the heads of thousands, the same people who defend transactivism so much.

No. 315238


I've done that and it does make them a bit uncomfortable. I just ostentatiously avert my eyes from the urinals (who wants to see that; but to make them extra uncomfortable try not looking away). They just need to know that they don't get their own spaces if they support taking away ours. And I really want to know what the administration of a school would say if a boy complains.

No. 315239

I had my first experience with a non binary person at my UK uni. I'm an older student so all this gender stuff would have been chalked up to gay emo kids but I digress. Walked into the ladies and a dude with pink hair is washing his hands. I just laughed but he stuck around for ages when I was in the stall starting to make me uncomfortable. I didn't care much but I doubt the males toilets will be experiencing randos hanging around being awkward as fuck.

No. 315244

I'm noticing that not only are men trying to redefine "woman", they're trying to redefine "violence" too. They're making it so "women" are pedophiles and rapists and "violence" is something that women can do to men on a large scale. It's disturbing.

No. 315249

I'm more worried a lot of men have taken this liberty to go plant cameras in the women's bathroom.

No. 315271

now that is just paranoia.

troons coming into the bathroom and creeping around is reality, but there's no way they can hide cameras anywhere in the bathroom.

No. 315280

Has anyone ever watched The Mick? It's a great show overall, but there's this one episode that could easily be classified as transpropaganda where they use to logic of "women can sexually assault other women in the bathroom too!" to defend the idea of transgender bathroom use. I've heard people say that before, but dismissed it because I didn't think it was a common argument until I saw it on mainstream TV.

The false equivalency is absolutely enraging. They're trying to make it out like women are typically just as much a threat to other women as men are when that simply is only true in theory. Sure there are women who are monsters, but the rate of women who sexually abuse other women is abysmal compared to men sexually assaulting women. Acting like it's the same likelihood is both harmful and absolutely incorrect.

I have a FTM friend suffering from some next level internalized misogyny try to tell me it's just factual that the only thing keeping women from sexually assaulting people just as men is physical strength and they assault at the same rate in many countries, but you won't find info on it because of feminist propaganda. We need to stop listening to people who are this level of mentally ill.

No. 315284

lesbians abuse their partners a lot, maybe even more per person than men, but lesbians are only 0.2% of the population and they don't assault strangers so that isn't relevant to bathrooms

No. 315285

Nta but what nigga? You nevet seen those lil planted cameras in and around toilets? Ez opportunity.

No. 315289

so you haven't heart about what's been going on in south korea

No. 315295

i know the study you are referring to, but the results are twisted by people. what the study actually found out, was that women who are in lesbian relationships have suffered lot of abuse by their past MALE partners, meaning that either bisexual women are in bigger risk to be abused or that bisexual women who have been abused by men before are more likely to end up in lesbian relationships. but what everyone got out is that hurr women in lesbian relationships are abused often that means lesbians are super abusive durr


No. 315325

I mean the differences proposed by men are kind of bullshit you know? Not too long ago it was thought of as a fact that women's ladybrain would overheat if they were to go to university, now they make up the majority of graduates. Now men think women can't into STEM, nevermind that you get harassed out of it if you do go. We just need to give it time, changes like these don't happen overnight.

Meanwhile differences proposed by women are "women are human females that produce eggs and have a womb". Do you see the difference?

No. 315359

Complaining? No, I’m just pointing out the cannibalistic and petty nature of the trans movement and how wild it is to see these two groups go after each other. I just wonder how this will all play out in the next several years and what the breaking point will be.

No. 315370

Has this been posted here before? It's a documentary about people who detransitioned and it's pretty insightful.

No. 315376

File: 1540317553633.png (20.66 KB, 150x112, peeposad.png)

i almost feel like this is about me even though i'm sure that's a common occurrence. i fell for the trans/nb meme years ago as a kid and everyone has known me as such for ages but ive finally come to terms with being a lesbian as of a couple months ago
i've talked about such feelings to people before and have tried to officially come out a couple times but pussied out bc i feel like people i like will stop being friends with me

No. 315416

this is way too religious and kind of loses the plot after a while.

No. 315419

I just got into a slight Tiff with a regular customer who was angry that Trump wanted to erase 'gender ' from the books. I don't like Trump at all but I do agree that as a society we need to remove gender and only have sex. I told her I didn't agree with gender roles and there isn't enough research to even prove trannies exist and aren't just trying to heavily emphasize gender roles. I tried to be nice but she went on a story about how her niece is a tranny because she hates skirts and dresses.

No. 315424

File: 1540323455807.jpg (572.15 KB, 1080x7951, w.jpg)

This got posted on a trans subreddit for pity points, not realising that it makes HIM look like the obnoxious one.

No. 315425

> her niece is a tranny because she hates skirts and dresses.

I don't get why anyone thinks enforcing gender roles is progressive or should be encouraged.

No. 315428

Exactly. It all comes down to gender roles and society!! I don't wear skirts either and I'm very open gay, but that is not the same as a tranny. I even told her that me being gay is still me being a woman! Tr00ns are insane

No. 315432

Looks female to me, let's not drag actual women into this mess

No. 315436

I also don't like how they think in extremes when it comes to gender roles.
It's not just girls like skirts but girls like to cook, clean, pink color, and their ultimate ambition is to have children and take care of their hubby <3

Likewise, with TiFs, men are strong, independent, hate girly things, aggressive, macho, and testerony.

They're trying to enact some Stepford wives dystopia. It's crazy and regressive.

I've noticed that some trannies try to make it seem like it's not that way at all and that it's just their way of expressing their repressed femininity or some other bs like that, but ultimately, it boils down to that.

It must be terrifying to base your whole existence pretending you're something you're never going to be instead of, you know, just accepting diversity, breaking gender stereotypes, and proving people wrong.

No. 315437

tbh i'm worried we'll never be able to erase gender, society has so many layers of shit that are just gender for other things, even similar things like race, that just categorize and stereotype others based on whatever makes sense to whoever decided it at the time. none of it is based on anything real, it just gets perpetuated by whoever is in power (white men) and sticks forever.

No. 315442

>repressed femininity

that's still part of the problem. i'd believe trannies more if even just one of them wanted to be a female without the need for femininity. not only does it ruin their idea that being a woman is a feeling, but it makes it obvious how much of a pull for attention it all is. it's all just to make them appear how they want to others if it was just for them, they'd just get a sex change and move on with their lives.

it's just like any other plastic surgery, only it carries more weight.

No. 315443

TRAs are the masters of manipulating and blackmailing by crying "VIOLENCE! SUICIDE RATES!! THIS LITERALLY KILLS TRANS PEOPLE" every time something even mildly inconveniences them. In their minds even looking at them the wrong way is the same as brutally beating them to death. I guess that's how they justify marching with baseball bats, attacking GC women and threatening them with actual, physical violence.

No. 315472

That's the issue though, isn't it? You don't have to be feminine to be a woman. Women naturally have certain aspects that men don't have because biology, but not all women want to be have longer hair, wear makeup and dresses. etc etc.

There are tons of women out there who are a mix of both femme and masculine. Tr00ns rely too much on extreme gender roles. this is why i dont believe real trannies exist, just people who cant be themselves without squeezing into a gender box. It's annoying as hell.

No. 315576

It's absurd how many people think that putting on makeup from a Barbie play kit or a bow in their hair is what makes a woman. I'm not trying to be that person, but women go through so much shit, as do men but another point, and makeup and skirts are the least of what makes us a woman. We aren't a Mr./Mrs. Potato head, we don't snap pieces on and off to dictate what we are. Boiling women down to "hurdur makeup and heels and pretty things!" just underscores how fucking little they understand gender/sex.

Most of these people scream that dresses aren't just for girls, but the extent of their dressing up to be a ~transwoman~ is putting on a dress and lip gloss. Like yeah nice transparency there, fetishists.

It reminds me of reading something online ages ago were someone was transitioning into a woman and had so many complaints about how men and women were ~so mean uwu~ about how they looked. How they felt unwomanly and gross and it was society's fault that their makeup and hair weren't on par with cishet women's hair and makeup. Like yeah, fucker, welcome to the real world. You're held to a standard of presentability like everyone else.

No. 315580

I recall an old reddit post where a TIM neglected to regularly shave his legs and a bunch of TIFs at his local kweer club made fun of him for it. He was all "I just want to be treated like a woman!!!" Well guess what Chloe, you were.

No. 315593

File: 1540341305980.jpg (55.97 KB, 750x716, transcarrots.jpg)

This image showed up on my Facebook feed kek

No. 315599

Idk how radfems feel about Crowder, but I like his take on this issue at least.

No. 315601

he usually annoys me for the most part but i liked that video

No. 315603


Hey anon, have you interacted at all with the detrans/ex-radical queer scenes on radfem tumblr? It can really help w/ the spot you're in. You're very much not alone, and there are groups that can help you.

No. 315621

Damn, I love this. It's basically facts, and I wish I could post this on my FB. Ugh I hope everyone reaches peak trans soon

No. 315623

lol how do they not see that the example they're using makes so much more sense for the opposite of what they're arguing? even if you argue that "carrot" is just a human invented word and why not call it peas and give it a peas label, the contents of the can are still the orange root vegetable commonly known as carrots. people can still see and taste the blatant difference between carrots and peas even if you call carrots trans peas or real peas or carrot2pea or assigned carrot at harvest

No. 315624

Ugh, I saw this on my IG feed last night. So annoying.

No. 315627

>assigned carrot at harvest
i lol'd

No. 315629

Good point, anon! In the end, biology always wins. You cannot replicate a real woman. You definitely cannot replicate a real vagina. Everything transwoman does is a cheap imitation.

Like you said, even if you put carrots in a can for peas, you will immediately know and taste the difference. No fancy label will ever change that.

No. 315631

coercively assigned i might add!!!

>even though carrots will never be peas, the traditional ways to prepare peas and carrots are merely recommendations based on common tasty flavor combinations. an innovative chef can find new recipes for carrots formerly only prepared for with peas. you can make a delicious carrot soup inspired by split pea soup and still acknowledge that at the end of the day they're different soups!

>but some people simply don't like the unique taste of carrot or even have a food allergy, and it's disrespectful and often downright cruel to force someone like that to eat carrots because carrots are "just like peas"

No. 315663


what sub anon

No. 315681

File: 1540358359489.png (447.14 KB, 526x804, repostbeg.PNG)


This guy actually advertised his anime screenshots with his GoFundMe KEK I can't believe people actually donated too
All it takes is one single article before voting season…

No. 315754

File: 1540382454363.png (203.32 KB, 607x808, intersex.PNG)

Once again "enbies" using intersex people as their shield. This tweet is all sorts of ironic.

The links in this tweet:

No. 315755

File: 1540382567022.png (89.89 KB, 620x750, pcos.PNG)

Oh look it's the "PCOS means I'm not female" meme.

No. 315756

File: 1540383032548.png (60.09 KB, 627x518, whatthefuck.PNG)

Checkmate, gendercrits!

The whole thread is just gold, here's a link to the OP tweet. https://twitter.com/JUNIUS_64/status/1054387087233953792

No. 315759

File: 1540383490517.png (252.67 KB, 587x671, carrie_cooper.png)

Another pedophile "woman" caught.
At least the comments are sensible.
But imagine the audacity to not even attach the trans label to this rapist.
We're talking about a man that penetrated a child, I think 7yo.
Poor victim.
Here's the tweet: https://twitter.com/HertsPolice/status/1054778490229284864

No. 315760

Also, they're still not sure whether "she" will go to male or female prison.
How many victims need to suffer until the authorities realize that this is madness?

No. 315793

File: 1540393762472.jpg (183.59 KB, 1080x849, IMG_20181024_170914.jpg)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that sound exactly like when mtf enjoy the peaks of being a men even after "transationing", such as being a violent asshole, but then cry when somebody makes fun of them wearing a dress. You can't get both sides. I bet that little boy often is awful to the other kids, if even his father say he's so stereotypically manly, but then they should accept him running around like a fag?

No. 315799


Read this court transcript with the text messages between a crossdressing baseball coach and a 12yo player. He wants to skinwalk her so badly, it makes me physically uncomfortable. This kind of behaviour is also being legitimised under trans politics.

No. 315802

It's impossible to talk to these people. Why don't they get the difference between biological sex (male/female) and grammatical gender (masculine/feminine/neuter).

No. 315807

>But what I do know is Sam is a goddamn fireworks show of a human being and I won’t let that be dulled for a second by this restrictive bullshit that’s been choking boys forever

Oh yeah, gender roles were created by men to keep women in check, but it's the uwu boys who are hurt the most cause they get laughed at for being a nailpolish sperg. ok.
A sane parent wpuld not let their kid embarass himself like that without warning him that children might be assholes about it.

No. 315810


When he asks her what kind of women's underwear he should wear and she just says "I don't know" and he asks again and she dodges the question and he asks AGAIN…..I fucking hate predators. Preying on how girls and women are socialized to be nice and not cause a scene.

No. 315814

What a fucking creep, I need to take a shower after reading this.

>inb4 "she's just trying to reclaim her lost girlhood you bigot!" or "you hate transwomen because you're femmephobic!"

No. 315815

No. 315816

Yeah and near the end she wasn't even responding anymore and he still kept sending her messages. He doesn't give a shit if he makes her uncomfortable.

No. 315817

This is so fucking disgusting,I just don't get how you end up thinking this is ok at all and keep doing it not once realizing how much of a sick creep you are

No. 315818

File: 1540398525424.jpg (84.12 KB, 540x805, IMG_1540397059319.jpg)


I keep seeing enbies posting this on my feed. Sex =/= their "gender identity" crap. Humans are not those other animals. Feelings are not the same as physical traits and sexual defects. Gee, who would've thought nature isn't perfect? That nature, gasp, makes mistakes? None of that means your entirely feeling based "gender" is valid. Can we stop distorting and misinterpreting science to support an agenda?

No. 315822

I agree. I mean, I'm glad those people detransitioned and found some happiness, and the topic itself is very interesting, but the religious angle, combined with it being from RT, makes it seem very contrived.

No. 315834

i don't remember if i posted here before but i recently had a change of heart regarding these issues.

before, i wasn't a sjw per se, but i accepted everything without even thinking. i was like "sure who cares!" but it turns out, i do, i should care, and it's important.

i still respect trans people who make effort to integrate into society properly (having surgery, taking medication, respecting people, not yelling about everything, especially respecting women and our spaces) but i've recently become very tired with this constant, non-stop transgender propaganda everywhere. literally everywhere. i'm not from usa, but americans are having a lot of problems regarding planned parenthood, and these feelings of mine started when i saw trans-women (yelling entitled man in disguise) in the comments screaming about how trans women are not included in issues regarding birth control pills.

excuse me? like, what? this isn't your fight? even if it was, why are you yelling at women about it? we don't have to include you in our own business. i shouldn't have to think about your fake pussy every time i talk about my vagina, my period, my ovaries. it took literal years to reach a time where we can even talk about women's issues freely. and it's not even done. we're still fighting on basic issues.

and referring back to what i just wrote, i'm sorry but most trans-women just act like entitled man still. they keep inserting themselves into every single argument. i saw a "non binary pansexual" (basically a hairy ugly neet dude) insert himself into a women's call-out post for a creep near our school, saying that her narrative and her way of talking excluded non-binary people. fuck right off, dude. she had just gotten assaulted and was making sure everyone knew about this creep guy near our school by posting about it on our facebook group.

all in all, i'm sure some anons might say i'm even late to realise all of this, but i'm here. and i'm done. i don't want creepy non-passing dudes pulling out their "lady dicks" in women's restrooms. i don't want to include trans women in women's encouragement/women's career workshops. your fight is different. i'll support your right to exist and live your life as a legal citizen protected by the same rights, but i'm not gonna just welcome you by sacrificing my own fight. fuck off.

i used to watch the youtube step santaji, i was very interested in her journey, but she just turned out to be addicted to plastic surgery and transness is her only feature, she just talks about petty snowflakey trans issues and it's all just that. also, she kept getting surgery after surgery, for a while she was stunning, now she just really looks like a weho gay getting lip fillers every other day. i'm really close to unfollowing.

No. 315835

*youtuber stef santaji

No. 315839

>screaming about how trans women are not included in issues regarding birth control pills
What? I can't understand this, why would a MtF take birth control pills? Wouldn't that be harmful and cause undesired effects because of the androgens? Why would anyone risk the health complications when they don't have the same problems as biological women??

I was the same like you, and I still believe adults can modify their bodies however they want and I won't shame them for it, but seeing what's been happening in sports and how some people abuse other people's tolerance made me aware of the issue.

No. 315841

Was there any articles written about the smokebomb Metro protest? I haven't heard anything about it afterwards.

No. 315842

Entitled trans women cause a lot of natal women to reach peak trans. It happened to me, it happened to you, it's probably happening to someone else as we speak. Mine was when the TiMs were screeching about the pussy march being too exclusive by making vagina the symbol of women. That was when I realized that the trans movement is inherently misogynistic and all about oppressing the female sex, whether it is by the AGP transbians forcing themselves into the women's battle at top priority or TiFs abandoning their sex altogether.

No. 315843

The other thread does not exist any more. It was moved here.

No. 315844

What it boils down to is they have severe mental illness and society is catering to it at a disturbing level. Ffs there's transwomen who will put jelly on pads they wear every month and call it "their period". How more people aren't stopping to question why we're encouraging this shit is beyond me.

This was how I reached peak trans myself. There are some trans women who are genuine allies toward women and care about our issues, but the movement as a whole is just harmful at this point. There's those who want to simply exist safely, but then there's those who literally want to take over the female world or be catered to to a ridiculous degree.

No. 315846

If they inject unnecessary hormones in their bodies on a regular basis they're already fucking up their health long term. I guess they don't care as long as they can do stereotypically feminine things they can jerk off to, including taking the pill and going to a gynecologists once in a while to get their cervix checked during pap smears.

No. 315850

Yeah but some forms of birth control (usually recommended for endo I think) contain androgens among other things:

>With increasing age, androgens stimulate hair growth on the face, but can suppress it at the temples and scalp vertex, a condition that has been referred to as the 'androgen paradox'

So basically they could not only get health complications women suffer but also boost their male traits. No clue about how other hormones common in birth control would affect them though.

No. 315852

in the cases where i've seen, they were mostly bothered about not being included in the narrative. it was like op saying "women need birth control pills!" and the trans fucks saying "well, when you say women, do you include trans women?" like i said, reeking of male entitlement.

my eyes started to open during women's march. i was bothered by the arguments you referred to but paid no mind to it, thinking that it was only a minority. lately i'm just done.

honestly, when looking at these things from this side, these all read like a fucked up fetish. "acting like" women. yuck.

No. 315855

man hate thread is >>>/ot/305678

No. 315866

yeah i used to use female pronouns for trans acquaintances because i thought, "i know he's not a woman but it's just a casual conversation and he seems to care a lot about this. what does it cost me to just use a preferred pronoun?"

well, as it turns out, it costs us a whole fucking a lot. it didn't stop at casual pronouns but went right on over to female reproductive rights, female safety, female sexual boundaries, etc. don't fuck with anyone who has a lot of requests but no will to compromise, no matter how seemingly small their requests are.

if most troons had said something like "hey i know i'm not actually female and won't insist that i am, but i have some personal issues with my sex and i really don't like being called 'he'" then i for one would have been fine with that. but that's not what happened. they got a taste of what it's like to have control over women and they wanted more and more, and they want more still.

No. 315873

Oh god, one of my friends drew a short magical girl comic and a transwoman friend of a friend told her she should make at least one of the four magical girls trans if she "wants to be a good ally". When my friend said she can't force herself to imagine any of them as trans and doesn't see it as exclusionary because trans women are far less than 1/4 of the female population, the tranny told their mutual that he couldn't be friends with her anymore because she keeps transphobic company. I'm really hoping this makes them both hit peaktrans.

That's so overwhelmingly insane. Do they want them to say "ciswoman" instead?

No. 315874

>well, as it turns out, it costs us a whole fucking a lot. it didn't stop at casual pronouns but went right on over to female reproductive rights, female safety, female sexual boundaries, etc.
That's how it goes, you give them a finger, they'll soon demand the whole arm. It starts with just "It doesn't cost you anything to use correct pronouns!" and soon it's "Couldn't we just call cis women 'womb carriers'" and coercing lesbians into liking "girldick".

And here we see an example. They start making ridiculous demands wanting to make literally EVERYTHING women have about their male ass.

No. 315879

I used to have really extreme gender identity issues throughout middle and high school, but then I forced myself to accept that gender is not something that can truly be changed when it came time to possibly transition. It was one of the best decisions I ever made and I'm so thankful I didn't mutilate my body and forced myself to be okay being a woman. Now I'm proud to be a woman and realize it was all based around complexes I had so much more control over than I realized. If I transitioned I would inevitably have regretted it and ruined my life.

Transitioning makes the delusion more convincing, but it doesn't make it anymore true.

No. 315882

File: 1540409262412.jpg (103.19 KB, 620x336, people-2.jpg)

yup. some men out there have a need to control women that's so deep and neurotic that nothing will ever satisfy it. in cultures where women submit to all patriarchal commands, do the women get treated like perfect princesses or noble upstanding citizens as a reward? hardly! they just get more commands and punishments for more and more trivial things. it reminds me of mommy and daddy from The People Under the Stairs abusing the shit out of Alice even when she was absolutely subservient and quiet. the goalposts get moved again and again. there's no moment after your subservience where these men say "you're finally a good woman. you've done everything i asked. thank you! that's all i wanted." you might as well refuse the very first request because there is no last request.

No. 315883

>What it boils down to is they have severe mental illness
Nah. Saying they have mental illness is coddling them and giving them an excuse. 99% of troons are not mentally ill, they are perfectly cognizant and 'sane' in the medical sense of the word. They make conscious choices to infringe on womanhood and to present themselves as women because they are fetishists, because the grass is greener on the other side, because they want the imagined 'privilege' of being a woman and to look like a sexy girly teenager while they do it. They are so entitled and so misogynistic they think they have the right to do this, but men think they're entitled to a lot of things so you can't dismiss it as mental illness.

No. 315885


This. When I was 11 I had a phase where I would only wear boy clothes and tried acting like a boy. To add onto it I was uncomfortable with my body since I had gotten my period a few months before my 11th birthday and I had boobs. I grew out of it real fast once I accepted things. Sometimes I still wear men's clothes, but I am a damn woman.

This is why I am so against children being thrown on blockers and hormones. For most it is a phase that comes from puberty, society's treatment of women, and a variety of other factors.

No. 315887

>there's no moment after your subservience where these men say "you're finally a good woman. you've done everything i asked. thank you! that's all i wanted." you might as well refuse the very first request because there is no last request.
Very well put. It will never end and they will never be satisfied, their hunger for power will grow as they eat.

No. 315890

You don't need to kneejerk so hard. Admitting someone has a mental illness doesn't give excuses it gives context. Plus everything you're saying constitutes being severely mentally ill anyways.

No. 315891

>they got a taste of what it's like to have control over women and they wanted more and more, and they want more still.

this is so fucking true. and the more i think about it, it makes me angry. there's so much fucking history behind women just working and trying and giving everything they have just so that the next generations of women could have a better life and now we have women coddling these horrible men still. this is incredibly sad and angering.

sometimes i'm wishful and think that this trans explosion is just a phase and will pass. i cannot imagine a future with these monsters.

No. 315894

It's not a symptom of mental illness, it's being a man with the biology and socialization of a man.

You realize mental illness needs to be diagnosed, right? You cant just slap the label on anyone thinking or doing things you dont like.

No. 315899

the patriarchal force has always taken on many disguises to get a head start, this isn't any different. being blatant about it doesn't work anymore, all the old masks don't work anymore because we recognize them and say, "that old shit? please!" so now the latest mask is one of our very own face, and the face of an oppressed minority. if enough women recognize what's behind the mask, the mask becomes ineffective. i think it happens every generation.

No. 315900

i don't get i. are you trying to argue that none of the troons are mentally ill? like it or not muh dysphoria is often considered a diagnosis on its own, but men with BDD, abandonment issues, histrionic tendencies, bpd, schizoid tendencies, could all fall down the trans rabbithole because the trans ideology coddles a lot of common fears and neuroses.

No. 315903

… But they do have a diagnosed mental illness. It's called gender dysphoria.

No. 315904

I'm saying the vast majority of troons are not mentally ill, they are just misogynists and fetishists. Being an autogynephile isn't a mental illness.

No. 315905

They are mentally ill though? I mean, no one in a right state of mind would honestly think they are born in the 'wrong' body. It's a combination of mental illness and not knowing how to deal with gender norms in society. Instead of breaking boundaries, they are converting to a lot of stereotypes.

Imagine of people like Prince and Bowie did that. They would be worthless. They did a lot as male singers and helped open a lot of doors. Instead of doing similar things, trannies want to push back women's rights by decades.

No. 315906

Exactly! The pandering and catering pisses me off so much. We have both science and biology that tells us ONLY real women can get periods, pregnant and other women only things. These men are pretending to be women and want to wear female skin. They are larping, nothing more. I will not give in. I'll always call a spade a spade.

No. 315908

>The People Under the Stairs

OT but i havent seen that movie in AGES. it scared the shit out of me as a kid. Good example, though

No. 315917

Even this entire argument still admits that people clearly fall into the categories of either male or female due to chromosomes, including chromosomal mutations. The only part that differs is at the end where they state out of nowhere that your "heart and brain" can be either sex based on absolutely nothing, which is at odds with the rest of their statements on sex resulting from chromosomal expression. I don't know what they're trying to prove about gender identity simply by explaining different chromosomal mutations that still result in an identifiable male or female sex. Even intersex people are almost always identifiable as belonging to either the male or female sex with their particular mutation branching off one or the other, and different types of intersex conditions being sex-dependent. Again it just goes back to whether or not you think there's a way to "feel" male or female other than biological reality itself and the lived experience of being socialized based specifically on your sex.

No. 315930

File: 1540415790599.jpg (90.07 KB, 800x609, 9780590432672_mres.jpg)

>"hey i know i'm not actually female and won't insist that i am, but i have some personal issues with my sex and i really don't like being called 'he'"
If you think about it, being trans is really just a joke. It's "politically correct" to call what's very clearly a man with long hair/a wig on, a skimpy dress, high heels and badly applied makeup a "she"… but everyone knows that he isn't a "she". Even kids can see that. Even SJWs and handmaidens… and they're the most dishonest of them all. I remember a video that was posted here where a bunch of people met some blokes and girls and they had to guess which ones of them have had plastic surgery. There was a tranny, and when the handmaiden on the other side met him you could see it in her eyes that she instantly recognized that person as trans, and she started gushing over him and saying "Oooh this girl is so beautiful" etc, and she was lying through her teeth the whole time.
It's like in the tale "The emperor's new clothes". Everybody can see that the king is naked, but they have to lie to not offend his ego and avoid bad consequences.
Tbh I would hate it to have people constantly lying in my face like that.
No one thinks that transwomen are the same as actual women, not even handmaidens. They might say they believe it, but in the back of their mind you know they don't. It's a collective lie.

No. 315974

I was referring to when anon said
>Plus everything you're saying constitutes being severely mentally ill anyways.
The things I was saying were just misogyny and entitlement, standard male traits.

I just dont buy it for the majority of troons. Some minority of legit dysphoric people exist and yeah that's a mental illness. But a sudden influx of transbians and enbies and whatever is a bandwagon trend and lacks legitimacy. It's having way too much faith in them to assume they a) genuinely think they're women (as opposed to just exercising their power as men to demand we acknowledge them as such) and b) genuinely struggle with gender norms (rather than just liking the idea of being stereotypical hot girly girl while enforcing gender roles in the process). They are men who get off on being a woman or see being a woman as life on easy mode, which is crazy in the colloquial sense but not literally mental illness. Dysphoria isnt even considered a necessity to be trans by trans people.

No. 315976

you should watch it again for halloween anon! watching it as an adult it's not that scary, but it feels like a mashup of different archetypal fears and impulses that people have. like everything is exaggerated and surreal but in a very familiar way.

even aside from the obvious exploitation of intersex people, the question is "Ok? do you have any of those traits or conditions? if not, why do you believe you aren't the sex you were 'assigned'"? i also like how they snuck in "you could have a male brain and heart!" next to actual medical conditions. or what, did she get a brain and heart transplant from a man?

they want it all ways. gender doesn't hinge on biology but also biology agrees with us too and there's no difference between us and real women but we're also nothing like you nasty cishets because we're special!

i think you cleared up what you were saying. many troons are not mentally ill in any way, and are just opportunists, but some mentally ill men wind up being troons.

No. 315998

File: 1540421398027.jpeg (62.67 KB, 750x724, A12982F7-DAE8-47A7-BF18-296DA6…)

A handmaiden I follow posted this to Instagram and it rubbed me the wrong way because a butterfly is genetically a butterfly. A “trans butterfly” would be a caterpillar with paper wings taped to it whilst proclaiming to be a butterfly. Sage for dumb shit. I’m just tired of all the trans hashtags all over social media right now and this was the straw that broke the camels back for me.

No. 316009

File: 1540423672350.jpg (114.47 KB, 1440x711, eub2MMo.jpg)

No. 316015

Top kek, should be the next thread's op

No. 316022

No. 316030

>There was a tranny, and when the handmaiden on the other side met him you could see it in her eyes that she instantly recognized that person as trans, and she started gushing over him and saying "Oooh this girl is so beautiful" etc, and she was lying through her teeth the whole time.

I don't know how people can see that and not realize it's fucking patronizing and ridiculous. It reminds me of people gushing over that progeria kid. It's like the uglier you are the more people are compelled to gush over you because they have to prove themselves that they weren't thinking how butt-ugly and repulsive you look.
It's real life virtue signaling you're not those people who think "Uh that's a man".

Just like "protect trans women at all cost they're precious magical girls uwu", who the fuck would say that about a grown adult woman ? If they truly want to be women then why do they encourage this kind of infantilizing behaviour ?
I'd honestly find it really insulting to be clapped at and awwwwed at whenever I did the bare minimum. Whenever I looked like a bag of trash, nobody ever came to me and went "YOU LOOK AMAZING GIRL DON'T LET ANYBODY TELL YOU OTHERWISE" hell nah I got mocked for it.

I think what a lot of us despise about the trans movement is how men wants to suddenly become women but can't stand the heat, that we had to face since our early childhood. I'm a latina girl, and as such I had fucking hairy armpits and hairs since I was a kid. I got mocked for it, called a tarantula and boys would flip my dress and point and laugh at my legs. But now it's a dude who has to go through that and it's the end of the world ??
I'm also fucking sick of men comparing their trans body to mine. Yeah I'm hairy. I also have to wax my chin and lips regularly cause it's ugly. No it won't ever ever make me the same as a dude with dick and balls. Rather in spite of that, I'm still a woman and proud of it.


No. 316032

I've seen this before and I was also confused. A caterpillar is a baby butterfly. It would make more sense if the butterfly was a moth saying it's a butterfly and the snail kept calling it 'moth'
I get they were using it as an example because caterpillars change form into a butterfly, but ultimately a caterpillar is just a younger butterfly.

No. 316035

File: 1540433563058.jpg (25.08 KB, 427x365, 1517335525714.jpg)

I've been close friends with a guy that started transitioning recently. The thing is now his sex drive is off the roof. He insists to show me his "Trans Lesbian Cum Puddle" Discord server where other TIMs just drool all over each other, it's disgusting.
He keeps offering to help me with any sexual favors I need. Yeah, no thanks.

No. 316036

File: 1540433799681.jpg (111.9 KB, 1024x593, hallquist.jpg)

My state is a joke please just burn it down

No. 316038

Jfc why are you still friends with him?

No. 316048

why are you still friends with someone that makes you uncomfortable with sexual propositions toward you? At minimum be straightforward with them, "You're making me really uncomfortable with all this please stop".

No. 316055

I'm so sick of these ugly ass men in dresses.

Maybe stop being 'close friends' with a sexual predator and deviant. come on anon, love yourself

No. 316062

Thankfully xe xi xo xum has zero chance of winning because it turns out even ultra liberal Vermont with its voter base of rich democrat retirees and out of state college kids balk at voting for a tranny

No. 316065

File: 1540442763090.png (19.36 KB, 714x341, Over600Hours.png)

What the 'reality' image is implied to be showing, based on the title of the other panel, is 'the reality of transphobia'.

The left image treats transphobia as a legit thing, thereby making the image a comparison of how the mentally ill see transphobia vs the reality of transphobia. The image implies that the snail on the right, who is stating facts, is exhibiting transphobia.

Look at the shitty drawing I made in MSpaint. Because of the caption on the left image, it is implied that the right image is a depiction of the reality of Hillary Clinton's Satanic Rituals, not the reality of what Hillary Clinton is like.

The snail in the left image is clearly wrong. The left image therefore also implies that the 'mentally ill' are rather rational in the sense that they realize that insisting something is what it was before, even though it isn't that thing anymore, is irrational. And even though their analogy doesn't work because a man can't become a woman, but a caterpillar can become a butterfly.

You ought to re-title the work 'what the mentally ill think radfems believe' and 'what radfems actually believe' or something.

No. 316068

Also please forgive my weird English, I'm a native speaker but I moved sentences around in this post a lot and I'm tired so some of the sentences are weird.

No. 316069

Love yourself anon and get rid of him on all social media, along with others like him. It's hard, yes, but don't give into him trying to shoving his life down your throat. You'll feel less stressed once you leave. He's probably got other gross things he's hiding too.
But that's your choice, by all means, give us some milk if you decide to keep being close lol

No. 316074

The weird thing about mtf's is that most of them were super straight but yet make themselves hideous to the majority of women. Do they not realize this?

No. 316075

They're fetishists, RPing as a lesbian is more important to them than actually having sex

No. 316083

welcome sister.

No. 316084


I think it's because it can be used as HRT?

Correct me if I'm wrong but I knew a TiM who took bc as HRT.

No. 316085

The thing we all have in common is that we all get our period - some girls at the age of not even 10. I know that some are fine, but others (including myself) are in a lot of pain every single month. I feel like it robbed me of my childhood. That + growing tits and feeling goddamn uncomfortable in your own body.
The only thing boys need to do, is to start shaving and that usually happens at a lot older age.

I'm really tall and was always bullied because of it. I never truly got to feel 'girly' just because of some shitty guys at school.
Yet nowadays you have guys of easily over 6 ft wearing heels and pink baby doll dresses and demand us not only to accept that, but to compliment them on top of it. It's just not fair.

No. 316090

I have no problem with anything in that thread except for the assumptions he was making about the parents of the other kids in the class. How is not wanting little boys to wear nail polish gender critical in the slightest?

No. 316091

Honestly I'm mostly creeped out because a huge percentage of MtFs I've met were into anime and especially yuri.

No. 316099

I'm on my period right now and having diarrhea, tmi and ot.

No. 316102


solidarity anon, i just got my period.

No. 316118

As everyone else said, nobody here would REE at that, no. I'd even concede that with socialization out of the picture women might perhaps still flock to what we already flock to due to sheer preference resulting from biological factors. The real issue is that while physical differences in a sexually dimorphic species are undeniable, visible to the naked eye and a direct result of nothing but biology itself, psychological and cognitive differences are more subtle, complex, and difficult to assess.

And let's be real, we live in a civilized society based entirely around peace and mutual collaboration. Evo-psycally speaking, women are much more fit for the kind of complex, highly organized we have. Society is becoming more feminine, but that's because typical female behavior is… exactly the kind of behavior that functioning in such a society requires. The kind of peace and general well-being modernity attempted to bring about and for which we still aim is the kind of system that benefits women and weak men. The only thing males could still have going for them is the number one virtue in this era of information - cognitive ability. And thorough IQ testing seem to indicate that there's no significant difference.

TL;DR incels, MGTOWs and other weak male collectives should join forces with us to bring Chad down so we can finally have our boring Last (Wo)Men utopia

No. 316123

While I was grocery shopping I saw a male in a dress. I was with female friends and we all looked away discreetly. Poor man shouldnt have his feefees hurt.
At the end we stand in line at the cash register. Behind us a young mom with two children.
Child: 'Mom is this a woman or a man?'
Mother:'Its a man!'
'Why does he wear a dress then?'
Mom: 'because hes mentally ill. And I hope you will never be this kind of crazy'
'Ok mommy'
The mom said that really loud and confident. And first I was like omg that was rude?? But then I thought it was really brave. The shocked faces and the silence was nice too. She didnt give a fuck.
That was like fresh air.

No. 316124

Crossdressing dermatologist Richard Sharpe, who murdered his wife because she was preparing to leave him, also stole her birth control pills in an attempt to grow breasts.

No. 316125

Crossdressing dermatologist Richard Sharpe, who murdered his wife because she was preparing to leave him, also stole her birth control pills in an attempt to grow breasts.

No. 316128

This is so beautiful it brings a tear to my eye

No. 316140

How do you think of a troon, who in all sense, fairly civil and accept that they are not really the opposite sex. However they clealy have underlying issues that misled them into transition for escape, lolcowy beliefs and weird fetish that is mostly kept online?

No. 316142


No. 316143

File: 1540468089268.jpg (460.52 KB, 1052x1920, tumblr_pduzrrMOLm1r8kohxo1_128…)


This makes me so mad. Why do men always have to talk about their dick, even when they're larping as lesbian women?

No. 316145

you guys never talk about ftms, why is that

No. 316147

>ctrl+f "ftm"
>21 hits

>ctrl+f "mtf"

>17 hits

No. 316148

How many times are you going to repeat this? Literally every other day someone comes in to complain about how "you guys never talk about FTMs". Are you some butthurt TiM who can't handle the fact that these AGP lunatics are far more dangerous and aggressive than FTMs?

No. 316149

File: 1540468918662.jpg (363.63 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_pfkvc6vgw31v9fqrzo1_128…)


No. 316150

because we already have a thread just for them in /snow/

No. 316152

Because the average 15 yo ~soft~ transboy from tumblr is only waiting for his perfect azian seme - and therefore poses no threat to us adult women.

No. 316153


Women have solidarity with other women. Even the ones who don't believe they're women. TIMs will never understand.

No. 316154

File: 1540469525067.jpg (664.62 KB, 1451x1088, 8thave-tranny-white-guy-2014-c…)


No. 316155

Lurk more you smelly tranny

No. 316158

Lol speak for yourself, anon. Not all of us are radfems. I hate all trannies but MTFs just so happen to be significantly shittier so I hate them more.

No. 316159

Nah, white men are the worst offenders when it comes to trans shit. Have you ever seen a black male who calls himself trans lesbian? It's always middle-class white dudes, while Latino and black TiMs are mostly homosexual and don't care about erasing women's rights.

Also, I think it's important to point out that the trans right movement is mostly led by literal heterosexual white men that have tricked people into thinking they're an oppressed minority, imho.

No. 316161

I want to vent about troons on dating apps. I want a lesbian woman not a sick man with a bio that says "I have a big dick but I'm a girl, I have no boobs yet can I touch yours?"

No. 316163

File: 1540472091827.jpeg (992.84 KB, 1242x1049, 96B407CE-F102-4472-A527-624534…)

No. 316164

So what? The vast majority of "trans lesbians" are still white men. I don't know what you're trying to prove.

No. 316166

File: 1540472767945.jpg (43.48 KB, 540x533, misogyny.jpg)


Yours is funnier but here's another gud'un

No. 316168


Go back to Reddit or /pol/ or wherever people with your chromosomes hang out.

No. 316170

This is pretty good anon

No. 316171

File: 1540474250786.jpg (17.61 KB, 275x206, 1493022890955.jpg)

>Trans Lesbian Cum Puddle

No. 316182

Nta, but that's just pathetic. You can't accuse anybody those point you don't like of being pol.
The majority of americans are white, therefore you'll come across white trannies more often. But this doesn't mean black or asian trannies don't exist or are "better" in any sense.
Like I stated before, it's american men that are the main offenders in this case, trannies barely even exist in all the other white countries in the world.

No. 316192

Why are blackface and other racist caricatures properly acknowledged to be insulting but a man putting on a dress and make up and saying that makes him a woman and others are uterus bearers isn't considered insulting? I mean, what's their defense of that?

No. 316195

>trannies barely even exist in all the other white countries in the world
Did you forget about about Germany, Sweden, UK, Canada, France, etc.?

No. 316200

I'm Swedish and we have a ton, for example the creep from Tinder I posted about.

No. 316202

Back to your subreddit, you Kazakh looking faggot

No. 316205

File: 1540481548279.jpg (Spoiler Image, 808.11 KB, 4100x2733, 104A2469.jpg)

I mean, 18% of Americans are Latino and 13% are black. But probably more than 90% of trans lesbians I've seen are white, meanwhile most black TiMs I encounter (even on reddit) are homosexual.

Tried to search for some statistics on the relation between ethnicity and transgenderism, but just found this disturbing image. But tbh, I don't really get why someone would be bothered by a post calling out white men specifically unless they're male themselves.

No. 316206

>Kazakh looking faggot
Who the fuck are you even referring to?

No. 316209

File: 1540482173584.jpg (217.76 KB, 1024x768, z0QaInO.jpg)

Nice try.

No. 316210

is this the sperg from the man hate thread?

No. 316212

Yes. That is you tenda. Trying to relate everything back to white men. Funny how these posts started peaking when you started posting on Reddit again.

How many times have you threatened to kill yourself now? Lol.

No. 316229

>blaming women for violent men
so woke

No. 316230

Christ, he's so ugly.
Wtf is wrong with his face?

No. 316232


Since when do violent men let women go because they have vaginas?

No. 316233



Drunk men ARE the biggest supporters of gender critical feminists, right? You always hear drunk men at the bar talking about how much they love sports, pussy, and Julie Bindel.

Oh wait, that never happens and men hate radical feminists. This person just wanted an excuse to blame male violence on women.

No. 316234

File: 1540485791942.jpg (193.76 KB, 1080x1363, whut.jpg)

Sorry I missed out a word, should have said
>Twans advocate speaks gibberish
And true like this really doesnt make sense. I suspect its all made up.

No. 316244

File: 1540488038480.gif (3.63 MB, 286x258, tenor5.gif)

Ah, yeah, drunk men… notoriously radical feminists…

No. 316245

Wtf I'm laughing at this thathappened story. "oh you do have a vagina? Thanks for showing me! I'll just be on my jolly way now!"

No. 316246


Also she says in the replies it happened in a very busy city.

You can definitely just go around in the middle if a city, force a woman at knifepoint to get her vagina out, and then go on your way. That happens often.

No. 316263


She also claims this happened in the city with the highest Muslim population in the UK. Racist dogwhistle masquerading as concern for the poor twanzes?

No. 316268

File: 1540489886608.png (213.87 KB, 712x668, 1540483596872.png)

Even when I just want to take a break from trannies and learn something new, I still bump into them.

No. 316270

Of course, women (terfs) are the problem, not violent drunk men

Is this person actually a fucking idiot ? This is legit another way to victim blame

No. 316273

because they're not trans, they're mentally ill. Women dont have dicks. Women can have body image issues, but it's always very different than what a tranny has issues with.

they're always men trying to power trip. it's disgusting.

No. 316275

Idk I think that mother is actually horrible and part of the problem.

You have no way of knowing that man in a dress is a troon. It could have simply been a man who likes dresses. There's nothing wrong at all with a man liking traditionally feminine things and wearing feminine clothing. Gender roles and stereotypes are the backbone of the transmovement and we need to be pushing more for the idea that it's totally acceptable for men to like feminine things without it making them any less male. Loudly proclaiming any guy in a dress is mentally ill and you hope your son doesn't grow up to do that is actually pretty disgusting and plays right into the transmovement's hands. This is the exact kind of shit they WANT to happen. Not to mention it fuels male misogyny because now this poor kid is going to feel like he can't enjoy, relate, or empathize with anything feminine in fear of it meaning he's mentally ill.

The right thing would have been to say "It's a man. Men can wear dresses too. Some think it makes them women, but doesn't. If you ever decide you like girly things, just remember it doesn't actually make you a girl."

No. 316277

This story is obviously fake, anon. come on

No. 316279

This comic is making me think that bees really did build hives to keep wasps away. Bee solidarity

No. 316283

Disregarding the fact this is clearly made up, it's amazing how men will blame women for literally anything.

>drunk man harasses your friend

>"those fucking feminists"

Also, why did it immediately go from "are you a man or a woman?" to flashing his "vagina"???

No. 316284

>She showed him her vagina and got away

This is the funniest thing I've read in weeks. It's amazing what stupid nonsense people will just post online as fact

No. 316285


I really fucking hope he was arrested. You can see his dick through his skanky panties ffs.

Also, kinda new to these threads so pardon my ignorance, but what does TiM mean?

No. 316289

tim = trans identified male. i guess it's not quite the same as mtf because it includes enbies.

No. 316291

Honestly, I have no problem with them when they're respectful to women. It's just that the movement as a whole is not and entitled AF.

No. 316292

Careful, if a man isn't a tranny himself but is still protrans there is like a 95% chance he has a tranny fetish.

No. 316293

Girl, the UK's tranny situation is so next level compared to ours. They literally committed a terrorist attack on a newspaper that published an opinion piece questioning them even though this paper was neutral and had also posted protrans opinion pieces. Luckily no one was hurt, but only due to luck.

No. 316294

can we stop using "enbie"? it sounds like a tumblr pet name, just say NB.

No. 316297

does it really matter? I use it mockingly.

No. 316298

Fuck no, ftms are gender traitors with next level internalized misogyny and NLOG syndrome. They might not be AS bad as your typical mtf and LESS harmful to women, but they don't deserve to be part of our "solidarity" or whatever.

No. 316300

File: 1540493520171.jpg (115.6 KB, 831x700, 1234567866.jpg)

Just came across this on my fb feed. Actually no, us women fighting for our reproductive health don't owe these men a goddamn thing.

Also got love the phrasing of "you better do x" Do it or what? You'll threaten us with violence and then claim victimhood?

No. 316302

No. 316304

>Civil right
Of course I’m outraged
Not the same and stop grouping them together. They always lump this shit because they know Troons can stand on their own without currying to blacks even though black are conservative up the wazoo

No. 316305


No. 316306

this is true, my ex was supportive of the trans movements (let them use the bathroom babe whats wrong with that, theyre not mentally ill they just wanna be in the right body blah blah garbage)
caught him looking at craigslist/backpage/meetup/grindr/etc looking for mtfs to bottom for behind my back

dont trust men but especially dont trust men who support the trans movement because theyre just as pornsick as mtfs

No. 316308

What the fuck? What sense does this make? Why should I also include "trans civil rights" into the fight about women having the right to their bodies? This level of male entitlement is just absurd.

No. 316313

Because trans women are women, anon! We have to fight for all women's rights! But of course they have no duty to fight for ours because female biology is literally violent and oppressive for transwomen and anyone who gives a shit about menstruators' bodies is a TERF.

No. 316320

Anon, its because women are expected to mother the entire world, even in our own movement. And TIMs are the biggest babies of all, so of course they scream and cry for attention.

kek. Female biology is only oppressive when it comes from ciswomen. When Awesome Trans Gals have their "period" then its empowering.

No. 316321

>You better do x
It's the male socialization kicking in

No. 316329


Troons didn't bother to get outraged about birth control access being undermined. Why should we put in effort and labor for them when it is never reciprocated?

No. 316330

>I'm a very, VERY kind and patient woman but she should be careful because if I was the ghetto and mean TS most of LS likes to portray us all as, she probably would have been slapped. it's not cool. at. all.
no excuses.
> It's sad that some cis women are really threatened…ugh.
> Probably because I'm drop dead beautiful.
> As a woman, you should have more tact and class but you don't….but what you lack I have in abundance. You'll never catch me behaving toward someone as some of you do toward trans people.

This dude reports a coworker just because she told another man that he's a tranny. Not only did he insinuate that he would hit her, but he keeps shitting on biological women. He also reports anyone that he disagrees with, lol

It's hard to tell anymore whether it's real or just a troll having fun.

No. 316334

What is happening to the uk.

Im reading through it all and this one stuck to me
>only demons get violent when the truth is told about them
Hes upset that not everyone is kissing his ass, encouraging him to punch those evil gossiping cis women and being told tbe truth - that women can tell if someone is trans by looks or voice or how they move.

Does anyone here have coworkers who are trans?

No. 316337

File: 1540497300806.png (305.35 KB, 632x570, download.png)

I'm so livid.
Someone wake me up from this nightmare.
If anyone told me a decade ago that we would be referred to as menstruators, I would have laughed.

No. 316341

It's sad how this post is a sarcastic joke but it's actually a fact. These people don't give one or two shits about women. They derail every discussion about women's rights to themselves because they see their issues having more weight and importance. You literally never, EVER see TiMs campaigning for women's rights, hell, you never see them even talking about TiF rights. It's all about THEM and their male entitlement.

Even the original study uses the term "women", not "mestruators". Jesus fucking christ the UK media is far beyond salvation.

No. 316343

Most of thr replies are calling them out. Few are liberal handmaids saying shit like "well some women dont menstrate! Menstrators isnt a bad word~" they are desperately trying to erase the word woman/women arent they?



>"Menstruators", "Bleeders" (lovely), "Uterus havers", "Pregnant people", "Womxn". The bizarre gender terminology make modern Liberals/Progressives sound like '70s serial killers: "Woke Tendy Bundy"

No. 316344

yeah, I loled at that one.
But if you twitter search menstruators, the comments are terrible. So many, "But your gran doesn't menstruate, so not all women menstruate".
Also, "NB and some men menstruate".
Fortunately, you can see that such comments don't get many likes but they're numerous and if we allow this, it can become the new "normal".

No. 316345

It's more the area we live in and that he has a ftm friend that has force fed him the kool aid really hard.

No. 316346

File: 1540498641182.png (292.4 KB, 583x507, lol.png)

But I am having a blast with the #GuardianSongs on Twitter.
> The Menstruator in Red
> Fertilizer, I Feel Like a Gestator
> She's just a devil menstruator, with evil on her mind
> You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Menstruator
> More Than a Menstruator

No. 316348

>Uptown menstruator!
>She's been living in her uptown world
>I bet she's never had a backstreet ejaculator!
>I bet her senior menstruator never told her why
holy shit this hashtag is amazing

No. 316349

>Dangerous Menstruator by Ariana Grande

No. 316351

> Bad Premenstruators by M.I.A.

No. 316352

>God is a menstruator

No. 316353

I'm so tired of MtFs feeling entitled to things that are only relatable to biological women. I used to not think they were harmful, but I've really come around now.
One thing that's been bothering me currently is that I've been attending this group for a while now; it's a support group for women with autism. It was helpful to me because women with autism tend to be misdiagnosed with something else very often and not treated the same as men who have autism. It's one of the reasons why autism supposedly is in favor of men to women, because of bias. We also talk about general female issues and whatever's been bothering us, and get input from other women in the group. We haven't had any troons ever since I've been there (shocker for an autism group) but very recently, we now have this man who's maybe like in his 40s who just started "transitioning" (just dyed his hair pink, doesn't even try to appear female in any way) and told everyone to call him some really female name. The group was special to me because women could share their experiences with autism and how it's different for women, and now this man comes in and also talks over the group so much that several other women complained. He can't even relate to us, I don't know why he's there. To make it worse, he even gave me his number after the group one time and asked if I wanted to hang out with him, for no reason. Sorry for the rant.

No. 316354

Went to the menstruator tag on Twitter and found this handmaiden. The delusion…
>CW: transphobia/transmisia
>Menstruator (a person who menstruates) is an effective, gender neutral term that is INCLUSIVE.
>Implying that ONLY (cis) women menstruate erases people who are non-binary, gender non-conforming, trans, etc.
>It costs £0 use inclusive language.
>In a social and political climate that is currently OBSESSED with enforcing a gender binary, it's imperative that we include marginalised people in our language.
>We (cis-women) have GOT to do better.
>Fight for your sisters, non just your cis-ters, ya know? [fist emoji]

It's imperative (!) and we GOT to do better! Always a "cis women HAVE to", god forbid some of us don't bend over backwards to men in wigs and play along with their delusions

No. 316359

lol yeah i've had like 5. i'm in a global troon hotspot. is there anything you want to know?

slightly related but my new boss asked me if she/her pronouns are ok for me and i was like lol yeah, she goes "me too. it's just because i'm proud to be a woman yaknow?" took so much to not reply "i just use them because i AM a woman, no matter what way i feel about it"

the thing that gets me is that LOTS OF BIOLOGICAL WOMEN DON'T MENSTRUATE EITHER, yet somehow they bravely survive the horrible erasure they face when someone makes a statement about the majority of women who do. >>316344
that's the thing. your gran doesn't balk at a playtex ad all "why are they talking to me like i still have a period? ignorant motherfuckers!!!" If using the term women when discussing periods hinged on all women having them, we wouldn't be using it regardless of troons. their stupid argument applies to our side more than theirs.

it must be so exhausting for people to fight for ideals that have nothing to do with their true opinions or facts,but simply the social fear of being perceived as a horrible person with a bad opinion. i wouldn't be able to sleep at night.

No. 316365

File: 1540502919343.jpg (75.24 KB, 639x267, index.jpg)

SOme of the tweets-so fucking tired of men telling women what they should/shouldnt find offensive or put fucking agp assholes in the same brackets as women who have reproducive issues

No. 316366

i like how they suddenly conveniently forget the concept that even accurate words can be dehumanizing and upsetting. like can we bring back calling people cripples then? if you have a crippling disability or a crippled body part it's jus a factual identifier guise! even the dude in the big lebowski didn't like the term chinaman, yet china man is absolutely a factual identifier if it's about a man from china! are troons going to have to start becoming alt right?

No. 316367

File: 1540503512847.jpg (97.19 KB, 620x509, WELL WELL WELL.jpg)

WELL WELL WELL how unsur-fucking-prising men still get to be called men according to the guardian.

No. 316368

>are troons going to have to start becoming alt right?
um anon, i dunno how to break it to you, but…

No. 316370

He shits, it follows that he's a shitter.

No. 316373

File: 1540504178452.png (382.13 KB, 558x550, non-binary.png)

Is anyone watching naked attraction right now? There's a non-binary pansexual on and some trans men. One of them doesn't have nipples.


No. 316374

holy shit. they couldn't even pretend it's not one sided. and fewer men have actual prostate cancer than women have periods.

i mean, some women have prostates! get over it! i WILL show up to the prostate exam i'm entitled to on the government's dime and idgaf how many cismen get uncomfortable! they can't have a space away from me!!!

No. 316378

kek i like that, if im feeling spicy i may tweet that to him.

No. 316379

Update: She chose the TIF without nipples… https://twitter.com/C4Naked/status/1055580035388710913

No. 316384

the main girl's intro clip is so miserable. why couldn't she just have a tomboy phase while at uni and then go back to dressing in a more feminine way, nooooo, instead she has to change her whole gender identity, ffs

like i understand not feeling comfortable with being regarded to as a woman and rather wishing you could exist outside of societal pressures and judgement specific to being a woman, but like how is claiming you're actually not a woman despite obviously presenting as one helping with any of that?

honestly shit like this just really cements gender stereotypes, it's literally the opposite of useful or raising awareness to a good cause

No. 316399

Exactly. Instead of trying to break the society pressure that all women face, regardless of how you look, they want to throw being a woman away and live as a 'man.'

what they fail to realize is that being a transman, real men wont accept you either. So nothing will really change. We have to change how women are viewed in society from the inside, not trying to pretend the problems dont exist

No. 316400

File: 1540512819650.jpeg (33.91 KB, 750x407, ECF69891-E932-41CC-B74C-CEDD1C…)

New theory; current queer culture is because too many people were called a fag by 11 year old trolls and started to just believe it

No. 316426

what a shame he had to hobble his joke because otherwise he'd be banned from twitter and life. obviously the joke should be
>in the eyes of a 12 year old cod gamer, we're ALL Faggots

No. 316431

Haha. He has to keep it 'pc' for twitter, unfortunately

No. 316435


Ugh. Anon, I'm so sorry. It's bad enough women get talked over all the time in general, but these entitled TIMs keep invading our spaces /everywhere/.

No. 316446

Is there anyone you can raise the issue with, like whoever organizes the group? Maybe talk with some of the other girls who agree with you. You guys should feel safe and comfortable in your group and you have the right to speak up. Hell, if you find enough people on your side maybe you can arrange to change the time or place of the meeting and don't tell the male.

No. 316461

18 yo "Millie" fighting back against dem bullies.
Results: both hospitalized, boy knocked out, girl with a head fracture

No. 316471

Alt-right has always been pro-trans. Whatever supports misogynia is their thing.

Yep. This is the best example there is. Amidst all this trans fuckery it's WOMEN who are required to give up their spaces, it's WOMEN who are destined to be called "menstruators" and "womb carriers". And nobody sees a problem with this because who ever gives a shit about women. It's depressing.

Jesus christ those mastectomy results. That's a refund chest right there.

No. 316472

>Alt-right has always been pro-trans
false and cringe

No. 316473

Do explain why it's false? They basically invented the boipucci meme and glorify gay TiMs for being "better than real women". Look at fucking Blaire White. Most alt-right guys are tranny chasers.

No. 316475

it could be argued that THE essential tenet that makes the alt-right alt to the usual right is biological determinism. Race and the jewish question are the two things but most see the jew issue as downstream of biology also. A "catholic" is a jew if they have Jewish ancestry, a man is a man and a woman is a woman. Women are biologically different to men and suited to different things.
>boipucci meme and glorify gay TiMs for being "better than real women". Look at fucking Blaire White. Most alt-right guys are tranny chasers.
this isn't alt-right this is a grouping of alt-light, anti-sjw and /b/ degenerates all of whom an alt right person would like to see in a camp with a pink triangle patch

No. 316478

>this isn't alt-right this is a grouping of alt-light, anti-sjw and /b/ degenerates
But that's basically what alt-right is.

No. 316485

I love how their basic arguments are always >“it costs $0 to use correct pronouns”
>“Don’t call somebody by a word they don’t like, it’s that easy”
>“I don’t care if you consider dude a gender neutral term, don’t call trans women dude if they ask you not to”
>”if somebody asks you to call them man/woman/they/it/whatever just do it, don’t be an asshole”
But when women ask to be called woman because they find menstruators offensive they freak out and refuse.

No. 316486

B-but gender dysphoria is literally the WORST thing a person could suffer of! Have you SEEN the suicide statistics anon?! You're literally KILLING transwomen by not using inclusive terms! Cis women will never suffer as much as these poor men.. I mean transwomen on the hierarchy of oppression!

No. 316488

It's hilarious seeing alt-right spergs come to Lolcow and try to cozy people up to their hypocritical, retarded, confused "movement".
Most of you people talk about ~*degeneracy*~ being bad, but proudly revel in "trap" porn and all the other shit you claim to be against.

No. 316489

and third wave feminists are the biggest allies to trannies, does that mean gender crit feminism endorses it?

No. 316497

No, because third wave feminism and gender critical feminism are actual separate movements in themselves with clearly defined goals and established real life influence, while the "alt right" is just an amorphous group of racist shitposters with misogynistic sentiment and heavy arrested development. They have no actual goals, just memes, Stormfront copypasta and insults they repeat over and over.

No. 316498

I really hate
> “It doesn’t cost you anything to just be considerate!”
because the majority of the time they’re actually demanding that everyone bend over backwards for them, completely change our language, deal with feeling unsafe in our own spaces, put in extra work or travel time, etc. I’ve also seen it a lot in oversensitive tumblr munchie types (“I don’t like how tomatoes taste so I’m going to tell the staff I’m allergic so they have to come up with a special menu and prepare my meals in a separate area with separate implements because it’s just easier for me this way UwU telling the truth makes me anxious UwU it’s their job to be considerate of me UwU”) but with TIMs it’s risen to a whole new level. They expect everyone (well, women) to play along with their delusions in the guise of common decency while completely disregarding the feelings and wellbeing of the women they’re bullying. “Misgendering” is literal violence and a hate crime because it makes them uncomfortable, but if seeing a dick swinging around the women’s locker rooms of a gym makes women uncomfortable then fuck them and their feelings. Their personal boundaries are sacred while ours must be flexible and subject to change whenever they want us to.

No. 316500

so you can believe feminists can be different enough that they stand for separate movements but refuse to believe a massive group like the alt right are just stormfront racists? Outside of 4chan there's no boipussiXD sentiments.

No. 316502

Not that anon, but your description makes them sound too harmless. It's all stupid memes until an actual insane person starts driving over people in a van and men shoot up other people at events, it's definitely not a movement or a cult but it's a mess of people spreading conspiracies, discouraging acceptance of their own flaws and pushing it all on others with the rage of a screaming child.

No. 316504

From what I understand, the important difference between gender critical feminists and anti-trans alt-right Jordan Peterson types on the trans issue is that cg feminists want to do away with the concept of gender altogether and just have biological sex, regardless of orientation, interests, fashion choices etc. A man can wear makeup and cry during movies all he wants but nothing changes the fact that he’s a man. The difference between male and female behavior comes from socialization, not whether someone is intrinsically masculine-brained or feminine-brained.

Much of the rest of the world however believes strongly in gender roles. Whether they’re pro-trans or anti-trans depends on whether they believe that gender and sex are linked or not. If you believe they’re linked, like Peterson, then trans people go against nature and are “degenerates”. If you don’t believe they’re linked then that supports the trans narrative that someone can have a gender that doesn’t correspond with their body. Gender critical feminists reject both of these stances because they reject gender altogether.

No. 316508

>Outside of 4chan
The entire thing started on 4chan, there's no divorcing from them. They also still support trannies who regurgitate their talking points, like Blaire White, en masse.
There is no message or goal to the "alt-right". It's an echo chamber for disgruntled, entitled white men and the teenagers (and handmaidens) they manage to brainwash. They have done nothing for anybody except kill, ruin their own (and others') lives, bring shame to their families, spread hatred, disseminate insane propaganda and refuse to self-improve because actually living life is a Jewish psyop or something.

Yeah, you're right, anon. These people have proven that they're what I described at best, and a group of unhinged, brainwashed domestic terrorists who advocate killing for a flimsy internet ideology at worst.

No. 316521

This genuinely made me sick to my stomach and I had to look away. NOBODY can say that it's self defense to curb stomp someone, bullied or not. "People like this should die" =/= death threat and 100% does not give the right to almost murder someone.
This is a man. This was attempted murder. This was vicious.

No. 316546

I know you are making a joke but this is a thing. A straight male friend of mine recently started calling himself queer because he was beat up and called a fag growing up and therefore "doesn't identify with heteronormative masculinity."

No. 316580

Maybe I'm wrong, but I saw the "mensturators" thing more as trying to cater to any ftms that may have been involved in the study rather than mtfs? Offensive and shitty either way, just much less so if they were trying to be "inclusive" of transmen rather than trans women.

No. 316593

I don't know how I feel about legally doing away with the concept of trans people because I want to share spaces with transmen even less than transwomen.

I was almost sexually assaulted by a transman, but was able to get away. This was after two years of inappropriate comments and regularly rejecting her. No one I tried to tell believed me because she was biologically female (even though she was on testosterone and looked like a man). One even told me I couldn't tell my story to people because it "could make them see transmen as dangerous". I found out later on that she successfully assaulted another girl who was far less afraid than me to speak up thankfully. I've also just dealt with a lot of aggressive and violent trans men in general.

I know transwomen also sexually assault, it's just that my own experiences have always been worse with trans men.

No. 316599

Where the fuck are you meeting so many trans men? Do you work in a HRT clinic or something? Or do you spend a lot of time around queer groups or something? Not really sure what is going on here.

No. 316601

College. I attend an especially left one. We have a very high number of gender specials of all kinds. Literally hundreds.

No. 316603

Sage cause I'm not really here for the discussion but yeah if you hang out in queer groups as a bi or lesbian woman and there's a lot of other lesbians around there tend to be a lot of trans men. They frequently try for bisexual women because they have experience with lesbian sex the most and a bi woman is more likely to perceive them as men.

No. 316609


They're starting to sniff at bisexuals now, because bisexuals like both sexes so it's not as validating for them as forcing a lesbian/gay man to be their validation station.

The funny part is if a bisexual says "That's cool, I don't find trans people attractive anyway" they still throw a tantrum.

No. 316610

Honestly for me its not an attraction thing, I'm not even officially in this thread's camp but i just can't fucking date trans people. I always ended up having to be 100% responsible for their dysfunction and feefees and it was such fucking bullshit. And they get all offended when their therapists tell them after lamenting that no one is enough of a super human to put up with all of it, that maybe a time in your life where you're dealing with a huge plate of psychological hang ups and transition issues isn't the best time to date. Gee i fucking wonder why, maybe because no one has to be responsible for the dysfunction of others. But try telling them that, I'm such a horrible transphobe for it and like i said I'm not even the supposed enemy because I'm super live and let live. Really peeves me.

No. 316618

i can't date trans people cause they're either fucking multilated or insane.

i'd never want to date someone who believes you can fix or even help dysphoria with plastic surgery. your brain simply cannot process those cosmetic changes hormones or no hormones.

No. 316661

They're catering first and foremost to MTFs who get offended by the terms for female anatomy.

No. 316731

File: 1540603181281.png (449.84 KB, 718x416, munchausen.png)

No. 316735

File: 1540605764231.png (55.18 KB, 583x532, shaun.png)

Well I like Shaun quite a bit less now

No. 316736

File: 1540605789341.png (28.11 KB, 626x267, shaun1.png)

the "bigot" he's referring to is Magdalen

No. 316739

No. 316740

No. 316741

>Anti-Anti-SJW youtuber
so like some kind of male shoe0nhead? and you're surprised he's retarded?

No. 316744

wut lol, shoe is a fence-sitter at best and engaged to an anti-sjw

No. 316746

>shoe0nhead: fence sitting loser who makes fun of sjws because they're low hanging fruit and it gets her male attention + views. tranny chaser.
>male shoe0nhead: fence sitting loser who makes fun of anti-sjws because they're low hanging fruit and it gets him female attention + views. tranny chaser.

No. 316748

>mam abusing selfid to get access into womens spaces
I mean. Already, there was an incident where man have hurt and raped women, only to call themselves women and recieve hormones and fight to be transfered into a womens prison.

I think those anons confuses being alt right with being conservative. Ive always thought thaf the altright was just a joke of the right (being rather liberal while pissing on liberals) versus conservatives who are anti trans and not liberal at all.

In the states, Ive also noticed how many impeach trump commercials are there lately. Do people not know if trump actually goes, Pence takes over. And hes definitely not going to listen to "We #WontBeErased" chants. He probably drafted that anti trans memo with Sessions.

No. 316759

All the anti-anti-SJWs are tranny chasers I thought it was obvious. Shaun Jen, pixelatedboat, Matt Myers, etc. They're just a clique of men who get off on being mad and taking dozens of screenshots a day.

No. 316761

All the anti-anti-SJWs are tranny chasers I thought it was obvious. Shaun Jen, pixelatedboat, Matt Myers, etc. They're just a clique of men who get off on being mad and taking dozens of screenshots a day.

No. 316778

File: 1540626896059.jpg (94.86 KB, 789x871, IMG_20181027_095336.jpg)

>quoting chuck tingle
I really hope this is a parody.

No. 316814

>Sex is a spectrum

It's legit science and it's not. These idiots will seriously try to defy biology and logic for their agenda.

>I mean. Already, there was an incident where man have hurt and raped women, only to call themselves women and receive hormones and fight to be transferred into a women's prison.

These men need to die

No. 316819

CIA are "terfs"! I was randomly watching this video and the disguise expert goes on to say at 3.20 "with a woman you could turn her into a man, it's almost impossible to turn a man into a woman". You can age people but not make them younger.
Sorry all AGPs, there it is.

No. 316824

(Hopefully this is okay to post) I crossplay and cosplay male characters a lot. It is much easier to do shading/contouring as a woman and even fake facial hair. I see theater tropes do it all the time as well. It's easier to make a woman look like a man, but like you said, near impossible to make a man look like a woman.

Apart from our smaller bone structure in general, women are typically softer looking with smaller hands and larger eyes.

Men always look like gorillas to me, which is why it's easy for women to cosplay the bishonen type guys from anime and videogames.

No. 316829

Oh shit, Laci Green having some sense during this? Tbh I haven't followed her feed since a few months after the whole redpilled video.

No. 316883

ot, but i can assure you that your shitty crossplay contouring and fake facial hair do not make you look like a man either.

No. 316886

NTA but there are women who do stuff like renaissance shows and reenactments that are incredibly good at crossdressing with fake hair.

No. 316898

TRAs with titles on twitter sound less credible to me. Considering how most universities pander to them. Not to mention, this whole sex on a spectrum is said to include multiple species as examples. We read them all the time
>sex is on a spectrum! Look at this animal! Or that animal!
Not humans. And we are only talking about humans. Nobody gives a fuck if a frog changed from male to female. We care when men do trying to convince us that they belong in our spaces.

No. 317021

But that's about sticking makeup on a person. If a person is taking hormones the contours of their faces DO change a bit - males taking female hormones soften up, females taking male hormones harden and start growing beards. There is definitely a difference after years on hormones. But also, we accept a far wider range of looks on men than we do on women as being "acceptable". There are a lot of biomen out there who look remarkably like butch lesbians but nobody says they don't pass as a man, because they are a man.

No. 317048

i know mtfs who have been years on hormones and yet they still look like men. one of them has even had a srs, and he still looks and sounds exactly like a man. it's actually depressing, the dude was ready to cut of his own dick and yet he will never look like a woman.

No. 317052

NTAYRT but I do male crossplay too and I've fooled multiple people into thinking that I'm a man with contouring added to the face shape I was born with. The anon was just saying that it's a lot easier to fake male features on a female face than female features on a male face as it's a lot easier to add on than to take off. No need to get so assblasted over a simple statement that's not even trying to argue anything, jesus.

No. 317072

screenshot his images and infiltrate that server

No. 317098

I'm all for spying on that server. Join it.

No. 317137

File: 1540706698568.jpg (197.44 KB, 1060x941, hmmm.jpg)

No. 317150

pterodactyl screech wtf

No. 317162

What the fuck. This reeks of male entitlement.

No. 317180

It’s always the female sex getting redefined for mentally ill TIMs, when they are not female and never will be. Similar to the male definition, female should be defined as the sex that produces ova.

No. 317185

I wish you were right. Things in Latin America are grim.

No. 317230

Sorry for necroing this reply but I work in IT as a programmer and my god the amount of TiMs in this field. They're rare of course and I haven't bumped into one in my work life but through mutual hobbies, but compared to almost any other profession there are so many. I know it's because they're socially inept men who think that larping as a qt gurrl will excuse their femininity and/or AGP fetish but can you guys ever imagine my frustration with all the "one of the rare female developers" descriptions these people are introduced as? Female developers often have to work twice as hard and carry the burden of representing their whole gender in a male-dominated field only to get tossed aside when a man in his late 30's puts on a dress. Someone who has benefited from the male-dominated hierarchy and networking for YEARS gets the title of "an influential female developer". Fucks me up man. Just needed to get this off my chest.

No. 317291

I'm not sure how much we've had on this topic but is women pretending to be intersex an actual thing?

This girl has a TIM partner and claims to herself be intersex.



The thing is she doesn't seem to know anything about genetics


And makes weird claims



IDK what do you think? Does this make any kind of sense?

No. 317292


Also this a second example, even weirder


Claimed to be AMAB intersex with a 'contralto'
voice, but identifies as a cis lesbian who constantly posts 'lesbian strong' memes

No. 317293

This. Ostensibly terms like “menstruator” or “uterus-haver” are to spare the feelings of TIFs but you rarely see anyone trying to push terms like “ejaculator” or redefine or erase manhood. It’s only womanhood which gets its boundaries redefined into nonexistence. This entire movement is about bullying women into staying quiet and making all our spaces, resources and time available to men again.

No. 317343

That reminds me of this video, it seems real convenient that an intersex woman was on-hand.
I don’t believe her claims for a moment. This whole movement is people trying to be different and unique.

No. 317351

I love that TRAs are trying to replace TERF with FART and I hope they succeed.

They want to have it both ways. They want us to not be taken seriously and seen as objects of ridicule and be unable to claim TERF is a slur (which it is). So they came up with FART.

But they haven't realized the other side of it yet. They've forgotten that they ALSO want us to be seen as evil boogeymen who can kill Awesome Trans Gals with just a snap of our fingers. And they will never be able to convince people that we're some terrifying coven of all powerful monsters while they insist on referring to us as FARTs. They're too stupid to have realized this yet and if they keep pushing then by the time they do realize it will be too late.

No. 317353

Yeah honestly I want them to screech about FART violence

No. 317356


Just imagine a news reporter very seriously talking about how FARTs kill millions of trans women every year. It's never going to happen. They've hobbled themselves.

No. 317359

File: 1540755228170.png (75.87 KB, 624x586, 8907o787o0089086.PNG)

This person is whack as shit. What baffles me the most is that they're not only completely blind to their hypocricy, they also openly embrace it.

No. 317366

File: 1540756209680.jpg (53.95 KB, 720x725, 26229463_10215277639199282_213…)

>Trans women who are identical to born women
So… none of them?

No. 317380

i mean, it just shows how serious they take their life in general. it's all entertainment to them and they want everything to cater to their delusions.
meanwhile every person out there who has a sense of reality and professionalism knows how silly this looks.

No. 317395

I wish a certified doctor made a response video to this gibberish

No. 317396

File: 1540760168762.jpg (512.89 KB, 1080x1845, Womanlessthanfly.jpg)

The time where a trans activist said they prioritize insects over women

No. 317402

his Riley still taking hormones? his voice sounds deeper than usual kek

No. 317520

>woman points out that mens skeletons are different than womens
>man wants go punch that woman for breaking their illusion
>will turn around and talk about how terfs/women are the violent ones who literally kill trans people

Rinse and repeat..

No. 317604

Troons want to replace women, not become them. They hate us so much because of their natural maleness, yet the womb/vagina envy twists their minds into making them think they can not only be women, but as women, shit on biological (read: real) women in the same ways men shit on/threaten real women and it's not only okay, but that they're being brave just by existing. Troons are failed men who couldn't man properly so they think they can put on a dress and eyeshadow and literally redefine women/womanhood, while at the same times silencing, excluding and erasing actual women. It's like some fucked up conspiracy theory.

No. 317605

It must be difficult trying to accommodate both the envy of female biology (because it makes us actual women) and the hatred of female biology (because it means that we're women, inferior to men).

No. 317607

Exactly. They hate us because they think they're superior (probably literally only because of their size&aggression) but at the same time they know no man can ever do anything as amazing as creating life. It must be like a fucked up cycle they're always spinnimg around, I hate them, but I want to BE them, but they're stupid and emotional and weak BUT I wish I could carry a baby so bad uwu.

No. 317612

I don't understand how you could hate someone for being smaller and calmer than you but on the other hand I'm not full of irrational testerical rage.

No. 317617

Men think size and aggression are indicators of superiority, but in reality they're not at all. Aghression is only ever destructive to social groups and the only way aghression benefits men is to either out-angry other men (for dominance) or to intimidate women. Without their size and rage they're literally glorified apes who can't figure out their own feelings or logic without help, so they hang onto those two traits as if they mean something and let them definre their manliness. Absolute retard logic. Men only "want" us if they can own us and be perceived as above/superior to us in at least some small way. Every man has some form of inferiority complex to women so they invented the patriarchy and erased women from history, stole our ideas and pushed us into what they lime to call call "our place" in society because they know they could never feel satified on equal ground as us, all because we carry and have babies and nothing else compares to that.

All the hate women get from men, the patriarchy, all the bullshit they do to make us think we're weak and feel weak and stupid and uncomfortable is all because they feel inferior to us and it eats them alive subconscioisly from the time they first realize it.

No. 317618

Wow, fuck all my typos but also fuck redoing that post. Sorry.

No. 317621


i hate him so much and i hate that he lives in Australia now

No. 317626

How does Riley even have sex with his hormone riddled soft dick? Is that the reason he's so hysterical all he time? How do these very clearly straight men go through transitioning while desiring to have normal sex? I don't believe that they're simply satisfied getting pegged all the time or whatever.

No. 317629

I think the fetish overrides that. Remember these are not normal men. I mean, men as a whole are not normal as you and I but these men are the worst of the worst.

No. 317631


what strikes me immediately upon starting this article is the extreme narcissism, which seems to be the criteria for "transness"

No. 317632

Thoughts? I guess this one would have really fooled me

No. 317633

Nayrt, but men can achieve orgasm with a softie, but apparently it's much more difficult. Maybe after the surgery and hormones, it's such a live-in fantasy that they get off on it?

No. 317634

I didn't even have to watch the vid to know that was a man, kek. Can't hide those giant proportions.

No. 317635

I didn't even need to stop scrolling to tell he was a man. he's so big and oafish, makes ellen look so uwu smol and feminine. bts passed better than he does.

No. 317636

He's not very tall though (5'8), Ellen is just short.

No. 317638

uh… 5'8" is four inches above the national average for women and only one inch below the average for men in America. I have no idea how you think he even remotely passes, he looks 110% male.

No. 317639

I was just trying to say that there are many women taller than 5'8; that's not "big and oafish".

No. 317640

okay? he is big and oafish though. because of his manly proportions.

No. 317642

Historically, women were not exempt from the brutality of war. Just note how sodliers treat civilians in invaded countries. The Rape of Nanking is the perfect example for this.

No. 317655

They aren't now either. ISIS anyone?

No. 317657

even though there are tall women, their proportions dont look oafish, i mean the tallest woman in the world still looks like a woman. However all these cosmopolitan, vogue etc youtube videos featuring mtf's ALL look like men literally from the thumbnail. Their whole outline just screams man, the shoulders, the chest, the jaw, lips and cranial size etc, then you click on the videos and their voice, speech patterns and general behaviour just further proves something you already knew.
I mean it is funny when men mistake them as women because it shows how little knowledge and familiarity men have when it comes to the opposite sex even though most women can identify dudes larping as women by a quick glance of a thumbnail kek
(The fact that people think hormone therapy can make any man look even remotely biologically female has never seen troons past shooped pictures cause its just sad and very very far from the truth)

No. 317658

From the thumbnail, the arms give it away.

No. 317659

File: 1540822418717.webm (1.5 MB, 404x454, Jenny bravo.webm)

Cislords swerve

No. 317663

File: 1540824562344.jpg (213.8 KB, 719x844, 20181029_074112.jpg)

From what I've seen of Laci, she's been pretty understanding and open to discussion with GC feminists throughout the gender debate. I haven't seen it, but I just found out that she had a stream with Meghan Murphy a few months ago that might be worth watching. Ironic that Shuwu tends to kiss her ass.

No. 317664

I clocked him from the thumbnail alone, kek. But opening the video, the face and voice are actually pretty passing. The body, however…

No. 317678

Good post anon. I agree w u. I think they're also very aware of the sexual power women have over them. They're obsessed with us in a way that we aren't with them. I think that awareness makes them extremely insecure as well.

No. 317695


No. 317700


No. 317705

I'm so fucking pissed
>Be in server
>Topic about GC/Radfem
>Debunking myths about of "terfs r ebil" and shit, and how NO terf has ever cause violence towards them, and that it was men yadda yadda
>one guy says trans women r in a lot more danger than cis women
>he and someone else say that no women gets killed for just being women
>me and some other guy kept trying to debunk this fact, bring up facts, bring up statistics and articles
>tell him that you are erasing violence against women, and you are seeing this shit from a NA view
>he says no and has no facts to back this up
Girls, please end my life, I hate men.

No. 317715

File: 1540831419447.jpeg (180.61 KB, 975x1199, Dp3vCNuXgAEEQpP.jpeg)

Get a load of this male socialization

No. 317724

File: 1540832038202.jpg (35.06 KB, 615x355, Taylor-Swift-on-Ellen-Show.jpg)

Taylor Swift is 5'9" and she sure as heck doesn't have manly proportions next to Ellen here or a massive head. She looks like a woman

No. 317728

Trannies showing their male violent side as usual. It's amazing how they never address the fact that tranners get killed by men but they focus all their violence on women just because they use words to express concern over their own rights.
Fuck them.

That's a massive dude but I'm quite tall (5'9") and broad shouldered myself and before this trans pandemic I didn't care. I have short friends that often "complain" how smol they are, and I was never bothered by that. In fact, I do think they're smol and qt. Now, I became self-conscious about my height and bone structure. I'm working on losing more weight to the point of starving myself, and I desperately want to have a dainty figure. I know that despite my bone structure, it's clear that I'm a biological female, regardless, I just hate the fact that someone might consider my body non-passing or mannish and even consider a tranny to be more feminine than me. I never wore skirts or dresses but now I'm browsing through stores for some. I know it's downright stupid, it's more of a vent, I guess.

No. 317731

I had a TIM say this shit to me before. He literally said "you don't know what it's like to have to fear for your life walking down the street at night". Keep in mind he's well aware I'm a sexual assault survivor.

Also, around here it's even more offensive to hear this shit because trannies are so coddled. The worst stories my trans friends have are always shit like "the girl on the drive through intercom misgendered me!" and they act so fucking victimized by it. I honestly want to just scream at them to read the story of Brendon Teena then try to tell me their lives are so hard.

No. 317741

So when an aggressive hulk like that kills a woman, how wonderful to know they'll call him Cathy and not name it for what it is, male on female violence.
Love that he's encouraging weak minded women to attack other women women too. Nothing worse than not doing what a man tells you to do.

No. 317743

> he and someone else say that no women gets killed for just being women

Do they even know about femicide stats across the world?
Female newborns being killed in India and China just for being female, not to mention in central and south american countries where women are being killed randomly just for being a woman and outside. Like, no other reason than that? Plus, it's something that's happening on large scale, enough to classify it as femicide as opposed to lower rates but still notable in other countries.

Their ignorance truly sickens me. I can't feel any compassion towards trannies and their supporters.

No. 317754

It's not ignorance, it's denial and appropriation. They want to bump women down to second class, while the troons get to be spoiled and pampered by men the way they think women are now, play dress up and then cry about not getting their way. They have no fear of being raped because thave penises and man strength/size. They can take E until they grow tits but they will neger be real womwn and will never truly experience womanhood. They want to steal our identities, wear it like a cheap dress and then wallow in all the coddling they get for being male while they cry about how no human ever has faced as much pain and fear as a troon being misgendered, or a troon not being 5"0 and Asian, or a troon not being catcalled by rich guys in supercars.

No. 317763

File: 1540834014178.jpeg (155.89 KB, 900x1200, Dp36yzwXcAANE9-.jpeg)

I love this

No. 317765

I hate to say it, but I do hope these men attack GCs at a rallies and it gets international coverage. Most people are still on the fence about TIMs and that will change the second they show people their true colors.

No. 317766

Oh yeah it does. Men commodify and consume every part of women they possibly can, yet women have no desire to do the same. Girls as young as 13 get told to cover thwir shoulders, legs and backs at school because the male teacher and students can't focus on anything else, yet men and boys sag their pants to show off their sweaty asscrack or walk around shirtless and nobody cares. You can buy shirtless magazines at any 7-11 yet it's illegal for women to go out with exposed nipples, because women owning their bodies&sexuality without giving a man pleasure or money is a slight against them and a show of power that offends thwm to their core.

Every problem in modern society is based around men and their inability- or maybe it's an unwillingness to drop their fucking egos, stop chasing orgasm after orgasm and stop treating everything like a "me vs. him/her/them".

No. 317767

They get more angry at women because a) they envy us for being female and b) they see us as the gatekeepers to their "womanhood". Us telling then they're not one of us reaffirms what they know deep in their hearts.

I thought she was 5'11. Which just proves the point even more so.

No. 317772

They’ve already physically attacked a UK newspaper office for running ads for both sides of the GRA debate and the fucked up thing is that I can hardly find anything about it. They literally attacked a newspaper and I can’t find any news reports about it. Google is only giving me results for TiMs being victims. It’s fucking creepy.

No. 317773

Earlier on Pinterest I saw a tumblr thread screencap mentioning Stormé by name, the title post was something like "LGB drop the T" basically it was a lesbian posted it, then a MTF started arguing that the LGB wpuldn't have the movement without the T, but the lesbian credited Stormé for her efforts and went on to say lesbian and bi women are getting fed the fuck up with gay men going MTF then coming into queer spaces to shoo them out or make fun of them for being actual women (while claiming to be transwomen wtf is their logic even?? Lmao). I looked but Pinterest fucking sucks for searching screencaps.

No. 317777

I'm convinced the troon agenda is silently backed by cismen who hope women will be either subdued and pushed into competing for men with troons, or that the troons will become ao violent that women need men to protrct them from so called transwomen. Like, either way it benefits one of the two groups: men who don't want us to be truly equal on our own terms, or troons who want to make a new womanhood based on their male priveledge and relegate us to babymaking housekeepers while they ~slay in the boardroom and the bedroom~ in their stripper heels and drag makeup.

No. 317778

Nah, they would make troons the victims or sweep the news under the rug and pretend it didn't happen.

No. 317823

>silently backed by cismen
Plausible, but I'm sure they're conflicted. Their thought process is probably like
>I love the idea of invading women's spaces, silencing them, and putting them at risk, it's just that men expressing femininity and not confirming to gender roles doesn't sit well with me

No. 317831

You're on the right track. I've seen both sides try to gloat about how the existence of trans women takes away the "need" for biological women. This comes from their joined resentment over the "power" they believe women have socially. Trans women envy us and cis men want to "take women down a peg" and they use each other to do it. They fantasize about uterus transplants for trannies causing women to be obsolete. Jokes on them; trannies will never be able to birth children. Scientifically it's impossible and it pisses off men across the board: trannies who can never attain it and cis men who need women to produce children.

No. 317841

Real women will never be obsolete. if anything, men are barely needed. Once we find out how to allow two women to have a child (even though we already have women just needing a sperm donor for babies), men will be rendered absolutely useless.

No. 317844

Samefagging, but men are only good for manual labor and nothing more.

No. 317859

>want to make women disappear for a world with only cismen and mtfs
Honestlu, that Gigi gorgeous "im more of a woman that biowomen but i want to have a baby uwu" video is enough to see it too. Its horrid to think that these mentally ill men want to hurt women that much but at the same time, theyre such a small part of the population. And most of them are just in it cause its trendy.

The next trend will be probably transracial or transanimal or something.

No. 317864

Not sure if it was this thread or the previous one where an article was posted about a man came out as trans DURING his wife's pregnancy. He said her pregnancy basically made him depressed. What a self absorbed piece of shit. As if his wife wasnt going through enough, her husband has to make her pregnancy about his mental issues.

No. 317865

No. 317869

>the troon agenda is silently backed by cismen
Ding ding ding.

No. 317884

Do straight men really like trannies?

No. 317903

I think all men are bisexual

No. 317923

File: 1540856598772.jpg (199.71 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181029-232837_Pin…)

I told a sissy to remove a photo of my friend on pinterest because she was uncomfortable with it being used in that context and this is the response I got. Why are men so entitled to women that using us sexually without our consent is considered an acceptable way to express gender and asking not to be violated is intolerant? Sissies using photos of Lolitas without our consent made me reach peak trans but I feel like I can't discuss this with my comm because they all follow the same ideology and I don't want to be ostracized. I am sick of Pinterest sissies trying to appropriate our expression of femininity without sexuality for the sake of getting off (Btw his Pinterest username is merrymaid579)

No. 317927

Holy shit he has a board specifically for sharing photos of children. Fucking sick.

No. 317928

It's no secret men hate vaginas lol.

No. 317930

File: 1540860056790.png (147.33 KB, 331x287, 87.png)

This really grosses me out. Not the first time I've seen one of these people create spaces solely for pictures of kids to self-insert and/or sexualize, too. Why do so many not even draw the line at pictures of children??

No. 317931

good fucking lord. lmao. when did TIMs become so mainstream?

anyone who tries to say someone passes or not needs to watch a video of them first. it’s so fucking easy to clock a man because his mannerisms are either just that of an effeminate gay male or uncanny valley mimicry of a woman.

No. 317932

File: 1540860622369.jpeg (75.28 KB, 640x483, 86B5D82D-8446-449C-8E44-7E90AF…)

tfw men see girlhood as a sunshine and roses fairy tale to fetishize rather than a complicated and often traumatic experience

No. 317933

I checked the board out of morbid curiosity and yeah, no. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he just liked the photos and they made him feel nostalgic for a childhood he never had, but then I saw the vintage underwear ads that used photos of very young girls in bras and I knew what was up.
Piece of shit belongs on a watchlist. These freaks never fail to disappoint. Every day, I grow more and more transphobic.

No. 317952

his wife probably found his mtf porn folder so he's trying to safe face. watching this video, he obviously doesn't understand womens sexuality.

No. 317961

God, I want to scream this from rooftops. These psychos think being a girl/teen girl is just sunshine and rainbows and gossiping about boys on the phone and painting nails. Absolutely no thought given how many girls were pressured sexually or preyed upon or were shit on for their looks and what not when they're younger, and even if they did it'd be a kink to them. Fucking subhuman pieces of shit don't see girls as people.

No. 317976

As a straight woman I'm also obsessed with men, I feel like I need them and they possess a lot of power over me in terms of attraction. Yet I don't hate them? I don't try to control them or seek revenge even as a victim of abuse, so wtf is wrong with men? We do everything to please men and they still hate us its infuriating.

No. 318053

Interesting how he went all the way over the degenerate bridge to tranny porn for men but couldn't go deeper than twilight fan fiction for women.

No. 318094

Seeing all these videos and articles about how common it is for cis men who give into troon agenda makes me feel so lucky to have a boyfriend who's told me if he was born female instead of make, he'd definitely be a radical feminist. He knows they're a mockery of what they think it means to be born female. I didn't even tell him this, he understands the reality.

I pray for more men like him who understand to come into every anon's life from here on out.

No. 318111

Lmao they do not understand female sexuality at all, I used to watch porn (I stopped because of ethical reasons) and i definitely didn't masturbate to romantic bs. I also like penis and its very visually stimulating to me. Not to knock fan-fiction or romance but sex and romance don't always coincide when it comes to women.

No. 318113


a lot of men think this way imo, they're just afraid to talk about it. my boyfriend is the same, he thinks what's going on is insane and scary. i think it's just harder for men to care about this issue bc it doesn't affect them in the same way it does us.

No. 318135

How many women were traumazed or molested as kids and bottled that shit up? If only being a young girl was easy. But that's what men think, isn't it?? That being a women /young girl means life is super easy and you arent dodging shady male predators or trying not to have your self esteem broken by society. Wow, i hate men so much

No. 318136

Gigi Gorgeous and top tier tr00n trash, and anyone who supports him hates women. There is no excuse for any tr00n to pretend they are better than real women. They will never be. Also, men who go for tr00ns are faggots, and you can't convince me otherwise.

No. 318144

This, I watched the video and I laughed at "women aren't visual uwu"
Yes, that explains my old porn addiction.
I think women are just socialized to be ashamed of sexual feelings, thus the thing we're raised to accept is men being attracted to us. We're trained to find men acting upon us as inherently attractive on its own and shame at wanting men or having standards.
For raw female sexuality, look to socially rejected fujoshi who don't have to save face since people already see them as gross. That shit is pretty visual.

No. 318158

I despise the "women aren't visual" bullshit. Men just don't want us to be so they keep repeating it. It's no wonder the first time I heard it and every other time I've heard it since then has been from reject men such as mra trash,redpill or whichever other bullshit there is. Unfortunately for their ugly asses, I care about looks a lot and when I do watch porn it's carefully curated to include only men I'd fuck in real life. It certainly doesn't include doughy 50 year olds.

No. 318162

fujoshits are only rejected in the west anon. they're fine in japan, and actually a huge boost to japan's commerce.

i do agree with you tho, it's just another one of those "male and female brains are different!" ploys.

No. 318164

I also find it funny when mtf's pretend to have female orgasms. Yeah, they feel great, most people's orgasms do but its not some earth shattering "spiritual" event every time I jill off. I wish these people would stop speaking for our bodies and minds, we should have every right to laugh at these fools because their mockery of us is so stereotyped and ridiculous.

No. 318169

Anyone hated being female for shit that was deemer "acceptable" for guys, and not girls?

I never experienced dysphoria but I hated being a girl so much due to shit like how I couldn't play out in the park as much or always had to look proper etc etc.

No. 318173


They always talk about a "full body" experience that lasts for minutes on end. I have no idea what the hell they're talking about.

No. 318177

Can't experience female orgasm if you're not biologically a woman. Pretty simple.

No. 318178

I've always liked being a girl, and I still love being a woman. However, I did at certain times want to disappear because of the way men made me feel about being a woman.

No. 318179

I wonder what kind of other lies we could sell them and watch them say they totally experience it too. My orgasms go anywhere from a little puff of satisfaction to a few seconds of feeling a amazing. It all depends on many things, including where I am in my cycle. I've never had a fucking full body experience that lasted for minutes and minutes. Not to mention there is no way for that to be an every time thing.

No. 318182


We should start saying we levitate when we orgasm and wait and see how long it takes them to claim they hovered 5 feet above the ground two days after starting E.

No. 318192

Never ever let men claim that part of you. As women, we are different in many ways, many good ways. I truly believe men are jealous because they are hairy and violent creatures. Women are more thinking and logical than men. Not to mention, our fashion is awesome. We don't have to do anything to be a woman except be born a woman.

Be proud of that, anon. Men will never claim that space. We just have to fight against them, as we always have.

No. 318208

Despite being str8 I can't watch a lot of het porn because the males/sex acts are usually visually unappealing.

I've had that experience like twice in my life. It's scary to me and not really super pleasurable. Might just be me, though. For me it's similar to times when you get too high/drunk but all you want to be is sober so you can regain control of your body.

No. 318211

This is ot, but there are several ftms in my school and many of them claim to be gay (straight females) and "in love with their tops". I wonder does the amount of time they spend on the internet have anything to do with this mentality? Do they really hate the idea of having nothing to put in their bios for oppression points?

No. 318232

Ew, are you in college? How many of those freaks are there?

No. 318239

Yeah, I'm in art school and there's a ton of them (roommate and cousin are ftm, but my cousin fully transitioned). My opinions are slowly shifting the more and more I come into contact with trans people. Ofc I don't openly express my opinions or ask questions and I call people whatever they'd like to be called, but I just recently started questioning why?????? wHY??? Not to mention: most, if not all of them are extremely misogynistic. Tragic.

No. 318250

I wasn't allowed completely normal things by my family when I was growing up, like having male friends or going out with the few friends I was allowed to have. My parents also always complained about having a lot of daughters but no son because they really wanted a boy so they could spoil him and treat him like a king. My father, who is fucked in the head tbh, thought that only whores would want to befriend male classmates and hang out with both male and female classmates, and would say that if I or one of my sisters were be assaulted or raped on our way home then too bad, that would teach us a lesson, whatever that means. I hated this and I always hated being treated like an inferior for being a girl/woman but I never hated being a girl or a woman by itself. I just reacted strongly against anyone who was sexist or was disrespecting me. I often see teenagers or young women saying that they have or had gender dysphoria because they were treated like worthless sluts or idiots or whatever JUST for being girls or women and I can't say that's surprising at all.

No. 318255

>I wonder does the amount of time they spend on the internet have anything to do with this mentality?
100%. It's because of yaoi, when I was around 15 and into that shit I believed I was ftm too. Then I grew up to be a femme lesbian.

No. 318260

Yeah, same. I never truly hated my body (having small boobs helps) but I hated being treated like a girl, so I’d wear boys clothes and cut my hair very short and be delighted when people mistook me for a boy. I’m straight, but most of my interests were considered masculine. I’m also autistic and spent way too much time on the internet so if it were more of a thing back then I’m sure it wouldn’t have been hard to convince me I was trans.

I’m absolutely sure that the overwhelming majority of these people wouldn’t be trans or even “genderqueer” if they didn’t spend so much time on the internet.

No. 318264

File: 1540922510895.jpg (755.24 KB, 1080x1734, Manpeeing.jpg)

They continue to be more and more repugnant

No. 318265

One thing that I really hate is when troons compare being trans to being gay. Excuse me? A gay person isn't deluding themselves into being someone they aren't, they're simply attracted to their same sex. It's completely different and yet they compare the two things all the time, like the troon from the "There are only two genders: change my mind" video. "It's the same because you feel that way" - no, don't compare a mental illness to a sexual orientation.

No. 318276


>Art school

One of the reasons I decided I don't want to go to art school anymore 3 years ago it's because of this. There's definitely a correlation (or even causation) with trans-identification. Fandom culture and straight girls into too much gay erotic media. Check fakeboi thread for a good laugh.

No. 318286

These people have no idea what its like to experience oppression on the basis of something you can't choose like your race or sex. Yet they absolutely dominate every conversation on the left about oppression. How is this not clear proof of male privilege? I don't get why more people aren't waking up and how there are any biological women left defending these people. I have a strong feeling that the type of women who loudly support and defend "trans-rights" are extremely sheltered upper class women that have no idea how twisted men can be. I just want to link these women to the endless AGP threads on 4chan or reddit where men openly discuss how they want to be sexy teens or want to dominate "terfs".

No. 318288

I hope youre doing alright anon. And Im sorry, I hope your dad gets thrown away into the trash where he belongs. How can anyone say that their child deserves to be raped as a lesson? Thats below animals and scum.

And to think that trannis believe all girls are magical princesses playing with ribbons and dolls growing up is pure delusion.

No. 318290


The women who loudly and aggressively shill for TiMs are the same women who love gay men but think lesbians are disgusting.

No. 318302

I'm doing ok these days. He's really fucked up and thinks these things are ok to say to his own children, meanwhile now that my sisters and I are adults we hate him and avoid him like the plague and he has no idea why we're not worshiping him even though he's our father and we should feel grateful for just existing (still according to him). Even my mother, who is a enabler and forgives him for literally everything, was shocked when he said that my youngest sister should have been assaulted instead of staying outside for too long when she had to come back home without public transport because the bus was really late.

No. 318304

I'm not a lolita but a lot of my friends are and I observe from the sidelines and godspeed to you guys with the sissies. The original lolita fashion was created for girls to express ultra-femininity that was frowned upon and especially hated by men, which only made the fashion more popular with girls. And now there are sissy men getting their rocks off on it and screaming bigot when they're told to fuck off with their fetishizing. It's disgusting.

>For raw female sexuality, look to socially rejected fujoshi who don't have to save face since people already see them as gross. That shit is pretty visual.
I was just thinking about this. The "women aren't visual/women don't watch porn" meme is meant to signal that we aren't supposed to like sexual stuff because we're expected to stay pure and virginal. The treatment of fujoshis is a pretty good example, even the translated name "rotten girl" came from the fact that men on 2ch felt that these girls are ruined for consuming sexual material. Nobody gives a shit about men reblogging big tiddy pseudo-lesbian pandering because it's the status quo but a woman enjoying two beautiful men meant for the female gaze? Inexcusable! Either get back to the light romance novels with implied sex scenes or only enjoy watching porn your boyfriend likes!

No. 318306

Imagine a world where you can be so full of male entitlement you can post a man pissing on a whole female movement and handmaidens will cheer you on and call you brave. I'm really hoping for a global peak trans moment for people.

No. 318315

I wanted to put this in the unpopular opinions thread, but it's not really unpopular on this site, is it. Trans-gender should be treated like "trans-race" as in it shouldn't be a thing to begin with and if you're uncomfortable with the features you're born with, you need therapy. You don't see people supporting other people who want to switch races. If you're uncomfortable with your racial identity, you should choose looks/hobbies that aren't tied so closely with your race, not reject your physical features and substitute new ones. It's the same with gender. If you're uncomfortable with your gender identity, then do stuff that isn't closely related to your gender.
It's weird that if I say this opinion in public, I'd make people mad, because it seems logical and kind to every party involved because it doesn't pigeonhole an entire gender.. but whatever I guess this opinion makes me a terf and "progressive" people want to light me on fire.

No. 318323

doublepost but the entire reason I know the definition of terf is that a lot of political male game developers retweeted really violent stuff against them. punch a terf, throw a terf off a cliff, launch a terf into a catapult, terfs are like nazis… and then when I looked up the definition, it's like "a subset of feminists that exclude transgenderism to focus on biological issues" and I felt like I was taking crazy pills. Why are people so violent?

No. 318337

It feels like people are becoming more radicalized and men especially either on the right or left feel more entitlement than ever. Its socially acceptable for men to rant about how much they hate women for either being feminist or the wrong kind of feminist and equality is all about getting to punch women. There's probably a lot of money involved in trans politics as well as shame from the men who get off on tranny porn so we're going to have to suffer their rage in silence it seems.

No. 318353

do you think anyone actually registers troons as their identified sex? i just have this feeling that subconsciously everyone sees them as their biological gender, just with slight personality tweaks. that’s the only way i can rationalize men being either hostile or weirdly 100% accepting and defensive of mtfs. guys on the left seem to speak the loudest for trans women, and i can’t help but see it as them applauding other men for being “”different”” or something (it’s gotta be internalized misogyny deep down lol.) or maybe they’re all tranny fetishists idk

No. 318357

No way, I doubt they can truly see themselves or eachother as the opposite sex either unless they're extremely mentally ill and out of touch with reality. TIMs especially will never be seen as anything but trannies at best, normal men at worst. Not even the ones who went on puberty blockers like Jazz. I guess I could see people registering TIFs like Buck Angel as real men though.

No. 318363

It's hilarious the way TiMs think they'll be safer in women's bathrooms. That's pretty much screaming "I'M MALE." They realize they're men and that women see them as men, so they know women will never try to harm them since we can get fucking killed for that. They never had to worry about perverts or spycams or rapists or murderers hiding in/following them into men's bathrooms so those dangers that actual women worry about never even cross their minds. They think women will automatically accept them in female spaces because we're the 'caring' sex, and if we refuse to play along with their insane delusions they know they can just force us to. Trannies really just want to use our fear of male violence to reign over us like gods, forcing us to believe whatever they want us to believe. They think like men through and through.

Also funny that at the same time they'll scream over and over again that women can be violent and will rape too, and that TERFs literally murder trannies on a daily basis. Do they think TERFs never use women's bathrooms? How can you be safer there if they're filled with violent murders? Trannies are incapable of simple logic and are so emotional, like toddlers throwing a tantrum. It's amazing anyone even takes them seriously at all.

No. 318369

I work in the legal department of a major generics label. My role is to vet potential drug products from the standpoint of risk (litigation, insurance risk, actual harm to people); I work with various teams that vet from a financial standpoint. Trangenderism is BIG business, and has had major support from big pharma almost from day 1 of its recent rise to public consciousness.

(Really interesting, the same timeline also saw an increase in awareness of the negative health consequences of HRT and hormonal birth control - leaving pharma companies with expensive labs and production facilities with reduced market for their hormone products. What to do? How to sell hormones?)

Just today, literally 10 mins ago, I was vetting one of the principal testosterone androgens for MTFs. Got a note from one of my finance teams. Projected revenue for this product, easily 10x a typical new drug added to the portfolio. Are we going to add it? Hell yes.

No. 318370

See >>315930
No one sees TIMs as real women, except for other TIMs (maybe, since we've seen how troons can be hostile towards other troons and will ridicule them for "not passing enough" or stuff like that). Everybody is lying, but in the back of their mind even the most fervent SJWs can clock a troon right away.

No. 318382

File: 1540935515608.png (255.13 KB, 600x800, travis.png)

People on Twitter piled on Sarah Ditum today because she noticed how ridiculous Travis Alabanza is. He's claiming to have "lots of PTSD" now because he wasn't allowed in the female changing rooms at TopShop. Why do people continue to support narcissists like him?

No. 318385

File: 1540936221657.jpg (42.66 KB, 391x600, pfylc52hddv11.jpg)

They're actually killing lesbians now

No. 318392

File: 1540937194130.jpeg (79.54 KB, 737x694, 40875C59-C8AE-4DB2-BB86-5D3829…)

Yeah I wouldn't want this thing anywhere near girls, either.

No. 318396


Disgusting. I have no idea how old this guy is since his wikipedia doesn't list it, but there's no way he's below 18 let alone 15.
Disgusting, creepy pedophile.

No. 318403

File: 1540938748753.jpg (8.48 KB, 200x200, height.200.no_border.width.200…)

I wonder if they will claim Rivers isn't really trans even though HE has been a trans activist for over 2 decades. You'd think a murderer this notable would make more headlines or trend…


No. 318407

File: 1540940426593.jpg (196.8 KB, 1280x720, SUCKS.jpg)

>That face

No. 318425

Thanks for the intel, anon. Just as I suspected.

No. 318462

It's so odd how hetero men hate vaginas. Like what's wrong with them I wanna know?

No. 318467

I have known my share of self proclaimed heterosexual men who hated vag, and preferred sex that men probably can provide better as men. Just saying

No. 318481

No. 318486

File: 1540959801808.png (587.88 KB, 530x592, foxuh.PNG)

fucking KEK

This pic just lets you know how trendy it is to accept troons. It's sort of frustrating to see less than 1/4th of the reactions on this photo are the laughing face.

No. 318490

Lmao equating repulsion of a fetish to genocide, what will men think of next?

No. 318520

I don't even believe they actually think they're concerned about their "safety" anyway, it's all about invading female spaces and having power over them.

>(Really interesting, the same timeline also saw an increase in awareness of the negative health consequences of HRT and hormonal birth control - leaving pharma companies with expensive labs and production facilities with reduced market for their hormone products. What to do? How to sell hormones?)
This really makes a hell of a lot of sense and confirmed a lot of my suspicions. Thank you for the insight anon. I already knew that trans organizations have a load of money running through them but I hadn't drawn the connection between these things.

>inb4 "h-h-he's not really trans! TRUE TRANS people are made of flowers and sunshine uwu" while still supporting TiMs who make violent threats towards women

No. 318528

I had no idea Rachel McKinnon the cyclist was the same person who made troon propaganda videos telling children to run away from their homes