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No. 263654

Previous thread

Once Again:
Sage your non-milk posts. Being fat and or ugly, while hilarious, is not milk by itself. Lying/shooping yourself excessively to hide that you are fat and ugly and crying about it when caught is milk.

PLEASE refrain from mini-modding or hi-cowing. If there is proof that a cow is posting in thread, report the post and move on.

Cows in the Spotlight

The following group was outed as having a #seagull discord server/group-chat that was dedicated to shit talking members of their own community, making fun of their own MENTEES, and admitting to using LC or CGL despite saying they never do on their own social media accounts. Bolded/Italicized are noteworthy cows

agentlemandoesnotconga#8888 = @agentlemandoesnotconga LM: agentlemandoesnotconga >>254839
Aiu#0642 = @disparaitre_girl (name change from auilura)
alys#0310 = @fentanyllfairyy (name change from digitalangel96) >>254222
ametrine#4707 = @rosequartzroyalty LM: Rosequartzroyalty >>259953
ataraxia#7301 = @clearkit, ataraxiaa.dreamwidth.org (deactivated/name change)
ayo_atomic#8042 = @ayo_atomic, @bombshellatomic
beck#2603 = @beckattack, @everydayalemon LM: beck >>252432
biscuit#2593 = @biscuit.bun LM: biscuitbun
Caitlin505#5468 = @abhorrentfrills LM: Caitlin505 >>259953
Cake#9854 = @abbie_666 LM: donutdemon
cardinalcopia#8144 = @kdycu >>259953
celestial#8008 = @bumblebat LM: bumblebat >>256978
Chocolatelapins#7723 = @chocolatelapins, @_chocolapin, @akamuge
Chryse#0151 = @chryse.planitia >>252432
Cookie Cat#7077 = Rose Nocturnalia, void-whispers.blogspot.com
d0a1a8#6603 = 9e6a70.dreamwidth.org
🍩𝖉𝖔𝖓𝖚𝖙🍩#3234 = name changed to 23minds#3234
elipri#5757 = @comrade.frill LM: Elina >>252432
evasiqe#8696 = @evasiqe (deactivated/name change) >>252432
ghostlie#7579 = @ghostlieangel, @shopbelledreams (name change from ghostliekim)
GildedGhoti#7362 = gildedghoti.dreamwidth.org
harmlessmonster#7160 = harmlessmonster.dreamwidth.org >>259683
honeygingered#1972 = @honeygingered
Honeykiwi#1525 @lostkiwikuro LM: laceykiwi12
ImNewHere#9064 = @scottywbishop LM: ImNewHere
jellophish#3131 = @oceans.tears LM: jellophish
jennkitty#3462 = @mylesjennifer >>251248
JessAnne#4592 = @gomuffygo LM: jessanne
jeunefille#4045 = jeunefille.dreamwidth.org
Jujuju bi #3579 = @junie_green, @twotartsandaprincess
kae#4687 = @yuriathewitch LM: yuriathewitch
_kurako__#5711 = @_kurako__
kuroeko#0558 = @kuroekoo LM: kuroeko
Lala Land#7138 = Lyla Hyatt LM: Ensomnia >>259592
Lise#1908 = @sc00ppy >>252432
Littl3Murd3rB3ar#9223 = @chuzziebear
lori#7634, #fluttershy#7634 = @loriibarbie LM: Mintylori >>260309 (deactivated/name change)
LostInAFaerieTale#1821 = @lostinafaerietale LM: LostInAFaerieTale
Lucid#9208 = lucidbunny.dreamwidth.org
melomania#8041 = @meloman1a, @melomania_collects LM: melomania (deactivated/name change)
Neeks#0146 = @momo_a_peachy (name change from neekymomo)
nosoi#4773 = nosoii.dreamwidth.org LM: nosoi
opalsauce#4996 = @opal.pasteldream, @oh.pal_
PaperSnowflakes#8415 = @paper_snowflakes LM: PaperSnowflakes (may work at BABY SF)
pastel-princess#0753 = @marshmallowghostbunny >>254433 (name change from marshmallowbnuy)
PeachyPies#6168 = @peachy.pumpkin.tea
purestmaiden#8700 = @purestmaiden LM: wonderfinch
pwassoncha#2894 = @pwassonchat
pyuukin#4112 = @pyuukin, @pyuukin.art >>252439
Radical Eddy#1987 = @radicaleddy LM: RadicalEddy
Reira#5451 = @butterbutterfly, @reira.kitchen LM: reira, butterbutterfly >>252432
Resh#8336 = @wicked.resh
revan#2618 = @ebonhawkrevan LM: revan >>257338 (deactivated/name change)
Rin#7875 = @tartan.rin
romeo#3055 = @bunii_boy LM: bunnyboy >>252432 (deactivated/name change)
rougeaerie#2278 = @rougeaerie LM: rougeaerie >>252432
**Saturn#5252 = @peachburger >>252432
sparklepegasus#1031 = @knightofst.lily LM: alovelyspring >>252307 (name change from alovelyspring)
Spider#8888 = Alexandra Arachne >>259592
starstarfairy#3297 = @starstarfairy, @sweetjujushop LM: starstarfairy
tenya out of ten#7566 = @friletmignon
tigbittyhobbit#1832 = @pastel_rengoku, @pastel_hashira
tokkigo#7380 = @tokkigo LM: tokkigo >>254634
Victorx#6766 = ??? >>254821
Vudu Juju#6988 = @vudu.juju LM: vudujuju
Wabbie-chan#4020 = @mania.wabbit, @wabbie_chan Resin Market: wabbie_chan (deactivated/name change)
wallpaper-chan#9414 = @voyeurism.s, @funeralism.s, @nofuneral.s LM: velveteenchemise >>260317
zepplis#6640 = @zepplis LM: Zepplis >>257257
Lady Cocoa#2915 = ???

Mods / Mentors List
>Discord Server ( EGL #seagull) mod = Lala Land#7138
>Discord Server (EGL) mod = wallpaper-chan#9414
>Discord Server mod (other jfashion/artist alley discord) = Sketchbeetleart#0820
>Discord Server (EGL #general) = The_Kraken#0878
>Daily Lolita Mod = alys#0310 AKA @digitalangel96
>Rufflechat Mod = ametrine#4707 AKA rosequartzroyalty (current)
>Rufflechat Mod = ataraxia#7301
>Rufflechat Mod = Spider#8888
>Fairy Kei FB comm = ametrine#4707 AKA rosequartzroyalty
>Closet of Frills mod = jennkitty#3462 AKA @mylesjennifer
>Local Comm mod = Spider#8888
>Local Comm mod = Honeykiwi#1525
>Local Comm mod = MightyMage#8983
>Local Comm mod = meido#2292
>Local Comm mod = diploskull#9930
>R/Lolita mod = Saturn#5252 AKA @peachburger
>Mentor = Chryse#0151 @chryse.planitia
>Mentor = Cake#9854 AKA @abbie_666
>Mentor = raeofhope#0413
>Mentor = Rococo#5833
>Mentor = chockie#3660
>Mentor = zepplis#6640
>Mentor = jellophish#3131 AKA @oceans.tears
>Mentor = ataraxia#7301 (ataraxiaa.dreamwidth.org)
>Mentor = elipri#5757 AKA @comrade.frill
>Mentor = ametrine#4707 AKA rosequartzroyalty (former mentor of nat)
>Mentor = harmlessmonster#7160
>Mentor = rougeaerie#2278 AKA @rougeaerie
>Mentor = kae#4687
>Mentor = sailorrori#2791
>Mentor = Wabbie-chan#4020
>Mentor = pastel-princess#0753 AKA @marshmallowbnuy , DPP, liv
>Mentor = celestial#8008 AKA @bumblebat

If you see obvious derailment when discord cows are mentioned, post chatlog caps, but multiple conversations can happen. This is a multi-cow thread

Chatlog Highlights
>Violent Hannah >>253732 >>254545
>"Fuck women, misandry is real!" >>253743
>Caught red handed talking shit about each other >>253970
>CGL hypocrisy >>254029
>sjw by day, scawy terf by night = Mod LaLa >>254303
>all slurs and no ceeg makes alys a very hypocritical girl >>254336
>”Troons unite!” >>254369
>Speculating that tyler is racist >>254382
>"Everyone on the internet is hateful, but not us" >>254383
>terf basedom, sad they're hypocrites >>254388 >>254391
>Just mentors being super nice and venting >>254463
>"s-she's definitely uglier than us, right??" >>254573 >>254634
>paradiso roommate of discord girls gets covid, so they do the totally normal thing and shame her publicly only for it to backfire >>254664 >>254678 >>254679 >>254683
>More brandon defense >>254756
>homophobic >>257268
>lolita (matcha/crybunny in chatlog) attempts to request decency and is met with absolute unhinged violence from opal and others >>257525 >>257532 >>257551 >>257746
>surprise surprise, she's cuter >>257559
>Zepplis libertarian-lolita Tumblr >>259538
>spider shits on fellow comm member >>262050
>self aware moment >>262052
>delusion >>262053
>how ableist of you !!1 >>262060
>starfairy meanie >>262063
>wannabe meangirls >>262075

Celestial / batlatte / acute-bird / coof-police / DISCORD ITA
>Mod for kansas city >>259255
>Attempted to drag a roommate for spreading covid at paradiso, but chatlog proves that said person may have contracted it at the event and only had the symptoms of a headache and fatique. >>254664 >>254679 >>254683
>talks shit about her own mentees >>256978
>can’t coord for shit despite becoming a mentor on a “vetted” server >>259466 >>259468
>makes fun of other fatties despite being one herself, and most likely posted other girls from the plus size server >>257329 >>259533 >>259540
>weird sexual history and post history online kek >>259444 >>259441

Beck / beckkattack / 4chan p3d0 lover / racism-kei / DISCORD ITA
>outed as dating a former 4chan mod who is infamous for his connection to “vetting CP” but it seems to be something he and beck enjoy >>246920 >>246951 >>246959
>Into shota / ddlg / pretending to be a widdle boi, and is a raging racist that likes to say n word hard r even in the last few years >>246988 >>246989 >>246991 >>246992 >>246993 >>246999 >>246999 >>247003 >>247005 >>247042 >>247075 >>247153
>cow crossover, she’s the same artist that toast likes >>247042
>follows a plethora of l0lic0n accounts >>247240 >>247241 >>247245 >>247248
Instagram: @beckkattack

DeeDeeZeta / DDZ / LOC attention seeker / perv police
>troll that continues to poke itas for personal amusement >>220460 >>220461
>continues to christ-sperg but then claims it’s just trolling >>217152 >>217271
>Someone (either he or one of her followers) change the old proposed thread pic from 8 to erase her perv past) >>243976 >>244007 >>244009
>spergz about ”muh gunz rights” as seen in old thread OP >>243911
>still a lolita reject
Instagram: revelation_kitty

Other LOC girls
>Melissa = @lifelibertylolita >>253171 >>253172 >>253210
>Houston lolitas = @kemu_r1 and @frilly_cross >>257397
>@marashinoveins >>257401
>Cassie = @allurecross @bunnakins >>257401
>Potentially nat, but not confirmed = @oatmilkchan
> @sleepy_sakura_san , @cakevacuum , @cakevacuum >>257424 (sleepy_sakura changes her name frequently)
> @mariee.de.princesse >>257429
General LOC Drama
>LOC gets into beef with KSK, a lolita shop, and claims they followed them, sold overpriced stained clothing, and posted receipts of them making fake reviews >>259060 >>259059 >>259058 >>259057 >>258210 >>258214 >>259056 >>259062

Liv / Dreamy_pastel_princess/ @xxx_pinkgothicrose_xxx / pastel-princess / Texlita / DISCORD ITA
Old Milk
>Her ageplay history was exposed
>>156205 >>156225
>claims on tiktok that her ddlg posts were from when she was groomed as a minor
>was caught by lolcow mod for reporting posts and self wking. >>156237 >>156260 >>156394
>same crew continue to shitup threads on cgl and lc >>194116
>someone from her discord drops screencaps of them discussing how to mass report threads mentioning her, despite her saying on tik tok that she isn’t on the boards whatsoever >>194622 , >>194624 , >>194626 , >>194627 , >>194629 , >>194630 , >>194632 , >>194633
>claims her “personal” information is being doxxed, when it’s just screenshots from public accounts or from her own discord
>someone from her group still has a hate boner for mahou.momo >>194633
>different ita from her comm is posted as a derail attempt, but the pic itself was posted on “friends only” mode, so the pool is even more narrowed. Unconfirmed, but highly likely either liv or her pals posted it >>194633
>Proves to be absolutely obsessed with LC and CGL >>252460
>Has not posted or commented on the situation, and halted her tik tok content.
>Goes private >>262554
>BANNED from metroplex comm >>260573
Instagram: Dreamy_pastel_princess
Tiktok: @xxx_pinkgothicrose_xx
Youtube: DreamyPastelPrincess

Hannah / Rosequartzroyalty / Ms. Frizzle / discord dastard / Texlita / DISCORD ITA
Old Milk + Background
>Texas Tik Tok Lolita confirmed to be in Liv’s friend groups >>218901
>Openly uses board terminology but also tells ppl to stop going on the boards >>220745 >>223771
>Got posted for shitty hair, and immediately responded via tik tok >>216298 , >>216410
>Outed herself last year as being involved in liv’s mass reporting spree >>224189
>Multiple posters start accusing Alyssa (a fellow texas comm member and akon angelic pretty model) of being the one who posted hannah. >>220976 >>220990
>an attempt at showing proof by comparing phone carrier plans backfires, and reveals it is unlikely to be alyssa >>223333 , >>223319
>screenshots come out showing alyssa was in fact privately shit talking liv and hannah, and making unhinged statements (see alyssa section).
>Hannah’s crew argues with Alyssa's crew, almost saging the thread in less than a month.
>she makes the same kind of tongue in cheek “violent” comments in group chats that her crew was pissed at alyssa for >>253732
>.Proven that she in fact lied about going on boards and engages in bullying >>252763
> Proven to be nat’s mentor in the chat logs
>Has continued making tiktok content pretending everything is ok
>BANNED from the metroplex comm >>260573
Tiktok: rosequartzroyalty
Instagram: rosequartzroyalty

Toast Chan / Toast- chaaan / Big teef l0lic0n l0ver / Texlita
>Wannabe e-fame hungry texlita with terrile bangs
>outed as a ddlg/l0lic0n lover >>242670 >>242779 >>242782
>Gets caught posting more sus shit >>251722 >>251725
>e-begs for 3k after a “surgery” despite having a huge wardrobe >>252115
>Doesn’t say what the actual surgery was for >>252125
>Got caught also posting drama in seagull discord >>261484
Instagram: @toastchaaan
Tiktok: @toastchaaan

Sp00pypants / Nat / former based icon / bible lunatic larper
Old Milk
>Gets kicked out of her comm AND CoF for saying she wouldn’t want to be friends with a troon >>198513
>babylita board releases a statement telling everyone to mass block and/or report her, despite her being a teenager and potentially a minor at the time >>198782, >>198795 , >>198796
>Turns out brandon (therealdrlove / bearded lolita) has been a repetitive creep, lesbian fetishizer, and posts sexual content related to characters drawn as pre-pubescent minors
>nat responds, demands an apology from those that kicked her out and posts proof on her insta >>204185 >>204331
>Made instagram posts about the discord receipts and came forward about how they all essentially groomed her into being a cow they could make fun >>252550 >>252549
>>252548 >>252547 >>252551 >>252553
>Discord receipts prove that they use slurs and/or worse language than nat.
Instagram: @oatmilkchan

>Lor related posts, go to her thread >>>/w/39863

No. 263655

been too busy to keep up on updates so this recap is definitely not great, someone else will have to update next time. reply with anything else missed

No. 263656

Melissa making the spreadsheet titled "Cyber Stalkers and Shit Stirrers", putting a dead girls name and info on it, then backpedaling like she wasn't the disgusting bitch who brought her into this in the first place.

No. 263657

Not every name is milky, jfc. What a messy OP plus emoji use.

No. 263658

nta but reality is some of u bully a girl into the ER or to the brink of suicide and now come in here acting like you really care about a dead girl. What about what you guys did to Nat and Lara? I thought it was funny you put Lara in the hospital just over being fat? Y'all just look for any way to get on top

No. 263660

Anons can't differentiate at all

No. 263661

don't think someone can moralfag after being in that #seagull chat bullying a 16 year old girl to the brink of suicide, sorry

No. 263662

>You guys
Dude not every single person who thinks posting a dead girl's info and calling her a shit stirrer and accusing her of crazy shit is from the discord. I can think both those situations are fucked up, I can't imagine what kind of psychosis you have that you think this way, but maybe you should take your meds and stop trying to justify bullying dead people?

No. 263663

Samefag really quick, But if everyone in bold is apparently a noteworthy cow why aren't you adding what they've done that's milky after their name? You're giving 0 context besides just posting a roster from a discord with without any extra milk behind it. Just being in a discord isn't milky.

No. 263664

dead people don't feel things, especially if they committed suicide to get away from toxic people that surrounded them like #seagull sry

No. 263665

The fuck you hashtagging for? Go back to discord.

No. 263666

I think those same people were egging on Sp00py to commit suicide, weren't they? It effectively looks like they were egging on negative forms of coping, so of course if that's the influence she has around her

No. 263667

Is funny how people want to act like they care about Lara's wellbeing now that she's cozying up with LOC. As if past threads haven't been tearing her apart for years now and egged on her latest mental breakdown.

No. 263668

You are jumping through so many hoops to make this sound ok in your head. It's weird to me that you see people upset you're shitting on a dead girl and making MASSIVE assumptions about what caused her suicide as "moralfagging" and I think you need to spend some time offline. This isn't a video game, she was a real person with family and friends who miss her. I'm sorry you're too chronically online to see beyond your paranoid delusions.

No. 263669

Go read previous threads, instead of pretending like you're a visitor. Some of us kept saying it wasn't even fucking relevant or milky to antagonize someone to get a reaction. Literally all humans react to bullying.

No. 263670

It's pretty clear that a lot of anons like forcing drama And then point the finger at everyone else but themselves sometimes. I'm all for milk, but when it's manufactured and forced, nah.

No. 263671

That's disgusting, can you post the logs of this?

No. 263672

the feigned concern over Lara is only now because she's leaving lolita. Gee what a mystery, can't possibly think of why she would want to leave. she's not "cozied up" with the LOC she has them all blocked

No. 263673

I thought we’ve established wild claims need to be backed up by discord logs?

No. 263674

As you can see, the first half of the OP is just a non milky roster, anon regused to put milk next to any "milky names in bold". Only 4 cows at the bottom have real milk.

No. 263675

someone can just recreate the thread with actual info. OP is a hack.

No. 263676

File: 1667492520741.jpg (260.74 KB, 1080x813, Screenshot_20221103_090720.jpg)

Dumbass trying to dox non cows just because they are in adiscord wtf?? Anon, go to a mental hospital.

No. 263677

>wild claims
are you about to come in here and claim the logs are fake now too? there's plenty of things in the logs that prove this out

No. 263678

She's not taking sides in this dumbass shit she wants nothing to do with anyone in the community period

No. 263680

Logs are definitely real, but it seems some farmers are adding lore that’s not backed up. Would love to see the discordfags telling her to KYS, maybe they’d all get banned from their comms then.

No. 263681

the discord has been taking jabs at anyone and anything that does not like the way they are acting. I see there's a bunch of black lolitas that were added into OP.

Also maybe trying to join the discord after this drama hit exposed you? Just a thought.

No. 263682

NTA, but those discord "logs" were milky for like 2 people. Most of them are just randos like anons here, even if there's a UN for them. Can you not tell what is and isn't milk or something?

No. 263683

I've seen twitlongers done for less. Try again.

No. 263685

No, but its 5 years of mostly irrelevant garbage. If you saw them encourage someone to kill themselves then post it so its documented here.

No. 263686

Anon won't, but don't worry. Everything else not milky gets posted.

No. 263687

Are you here to claim you totally didn't bully kuru into committing suicide, too?

No. 263688

File: 1667493003242.jpg (817.72 KB, 1051x1866, Screenshot_20221103_092742.jpg)

So what's the milk??? Posting irrelevant people and calling it milk?? Who the fuck are these people? Why should anyone care they were in a discord when you can't even show what they did. If they were important, they would have a bio each.

No. 263689

Stop fucking posting the same shit over and over to derail.

No. 263690

They have been samefagging for many threads now

No. 263691

I'm not even part of the community, I browse /w/, and I venal anon should post it, like all their other logs, if someone said to kill themselves in the discord.

So why won't they do it?

No. 263692

Being this evasive and paranoid probably means you don't actually have the proof in the logs you thought. I mean thats pretty damning shit anyways, I imagine if someone had combed through and seen it then it would've been posted ages ago. But feel free to prove me wrong? Or at least post a keyword you remember from that part of the log itself so someone else can repost it.

No. 263693

I want to know relevancy. Anon refused to post milk next to bold names and then added doxxing info to a few of them, but no milk.

No. 263695

Kuru committed suicide due to the abusive shit she suffered, so a coupling up to new abusers around her influenced her to kill herself. Surprise surprise.

No. 263696

>she has them all blocked
Weird because Lara and Nat post conversations with each other in their stories but sure they are ""all blocked""

Even if some people voice reason (such as "maybe we shouldn't be posting a dead girl with a little sad frowny face by her name"), Lara was still posted and has been posted on these threads for years.

No. 263697

The OP makes it clear they want to use lolcow as their personal army.

No. 263698

Anon, go look through previous threads if you're such a visitor. It looks like you can't even identify any milk from the logs and you're either a discordfag retard not taking accountability or posting before reading through previous threads to be spoonfed.

No. 263699

Post them then. We're tired of waiting.

No. 263700

Jesus fucking Christ newfags begone, that’s also the symbol for channel names, this was thoroughly established

No. 263701

>not taking sides
Literally this though. I don’t know if you discordfags know this, but you can just be okay with people existing in the same community as you. You are super quick to jump on the “cancel train” and get into people’s dms to tell people to block people that you don’t like or agree with. I certainly don’t have the time or energy to dig around to find “dirt” on people and search just to see if they align with my personal beliefs. I know you idiots spend all day actually digging to find milk on people you don’t like but holy shit, please go touch some grass and go out in the sun.

No. 263702

Wow. Even for LCF standards this is an abhorrent thing to say.

No. 263703

>Even if some people voice reason (such as "maybe we shouldn't be posting a dead girl with a little sad frowny face by her name"), Lara was still posted and has been posted on these threads for years.
Exactly. Dead girl is too much when it's the admin's BFF. But all the other girls they are pushing to the brink of suicide or the ones they pushed to commit suicide and never heard about? That's okay.

No. 263704

Ok so you're tinfoiling? If thats the case then why state it as if its factually present in the logs? These threads are already messy enough without needing to invent reasons to dislike these girls. Stick to facts and proof, its not like there isn't literally FIVE FUCKING YEARS worth of it available.

No. 263705

it's public knowledge. not sure why you're in here arguing

No. 263706

Seriously. Not everyone in the group is milky. Wtf was the point of this OP?

No. 263707

This. Visitor-chan is clogging up the thread without reading anything.

No. 263708

Literally who said that you schizo. Link ONE post that disagreed with the disrespectful and irresponsible way kuru was brought into this, where that same person said "but its ok for Nat and Lara to be suicidal". Show me one. Or the logs where they encourage them to kill themselves. Stop letting your weird paranoia shit up the thread, you dildo.

No. 263709

Isn't it so interesting how posters on here re-evaluate how they treat people only when someone commits suicide? But when other girls like Lara and Nat develop suicidal ideation it's hilarious. it's so funny to push someone to the point of seriously considering taking their own life.

No. 263711

So is Nat going to come out and apologize for all the times they bullied others to the brink of suicide too? All their local comm members they'd post to the ita thread? All the times they told others to kys? I'll wait.

No. 263712

I just make OPs since no one makes em. Again, I said this was not going to be accurate since no one else was doing it. If you want a better one, make one. I just copy and pasted the master list posted in last thread. Discordfags leave lol

Do we need to spoon feed nat’s post AGAIN? Like every thread? Lurk moar

No. 263713

show proof

No. 263714

the constant pushing and pushing with Lara goes back years and it's almost as if the goal was to get her to a. starve herself or b. commit suicide this entire time

No. 263716

some of these crazy psycho fucks push people to commit suicide just to moralfag after.

No. 263717

You're attempting to dox irrelevant people in your op. >>263676 was not there before. You added that in because you're a psychopath

No. 263718

Exactly, there are a lot of different people on here talking, we don’t ALL condone the same shit.

No. 263720

unfortunately if your name is in OP thread, you're lumped in just the same way as all the rest in #seagull

No. 263721

i wish we could just be honest with each other without having to hide behind anonymity
>lolita's should be lovely

im really only on lolcow and cgl because theres no fear of being cancelled because you gave a poc trans girl honest concrit

but i hate the opposite too where because there is no consequences to what you say here. there's not much stopping anyone from stalking lying and digging up irrelevant shit on whatever lolita they dont like

No. 263722

I copy and pasted this >>260351 , since you need to be spoonfed. call me a psychopath all you want but you’re only making it worse, I don’t think anyone would have noticed until you pointed it out kek

No. 263724

gals u wanna know what's psychopathic? thinking it's "normal" to create avenues or channels to shit on other people

ita threads were the start and now it's grown into this full blown toxic gossiping and making up delusional shit about people you don't know.

ita threads were to help people dress in a covert gate keepy way. if you guys aren't doing that, then why are you trashing on other people's lives 24/7? if the fashion is not what connects us then you do realize the amount of shitty people in this world is pretty monumental?

do u really think it's normal to talk bad or have to admit lies or secrets about friends or acquaintances? it's not

No. 263726

>do u really think it's normal to talk bad or have to admit lies or secrets about friends or acquaintances? it's not
Hard agree. Normal people don't behave this way and the more I see the community drive down the path, the more unhinged and disconnected girls develop in this community.

No. 263728

Have you ever had friends before nonny? Sounds like a no. Tell me you don’t side eye the bitch at the mall wearing paper cat ears and a tail and laugh about it with your friends after. Everyone gossips and shit talks.

No. 263729

>when other girls like Lara and Nat develop suicidal ideation it's hilarious.
This. These are the very same people.

This is an image board. Post screenshots.

No. 263730

anon if you can't tell the difference then you're a lost cause and your autism got the best of you

No. 263731

lara is pushing 40, she's not a girl. she should know better, her brain is fully developed and she's not easily impressionable, unlike a minor would be. stop comparing her to nat

No. 263732

30 is not pushing 40, so are you saying once you become an adult you're immune to insane dogpiling and harassment? the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 263733

both are shit situations and #seagull should be held accountable and apologize to the people they've hurt.

No. 263734

I thoroughly expect to hear an apology from Hannah for encouraging a minor to be on cgl, because it's trendy to make 4chan jokes. This is amazing to me that this is the kind of influence vetted wanted to have over impressionable children.

No. 263735

Lara has been posted on cgl and here for years, are posters here going to take accountability and apologize? For all the other lolitas that have been posted the past 8 - 9 years?

No. 263736

The primary audience for these boards is in #seagull which have housed more than 100+ people at a time. If you really want to know who is on this board, look to the current user list and you have your answer.

No. 263737

So you had the option not to add it

No. 263738

Not 100 are milky. What part of this aren't you understanding? You should like you have a massive vendetta on the group as a whole and want to use lolcow users to amplify your issues with them. Fuck off.

No. 263739

Oh, looks like that was the start of them going after Nef and WF for questioning them on the #seagull logs

No. 263740

Do you read context and quotes or are you retarded and jabbing at anyone who references your name in OP?

No. 263743

Oh now we suddenly care about WF that she's befriended LOC people, the biggest shit stirrer in all of lolita? WF has been gossiping about other lolitas for almost 20 years now, she's done a good job of deleting old livejournal posts but she was caught numerous times talking about others in groups she modded on lolitafucks and getoffegl back in the day. God she basically STARTED lolita drama.

No. 263745

Since you're a visitor because you got your name referenced in OP, this is the current user list of who is on this board. I'll spoonfeed this once, but if you're sticking around you need to read backthread and stop clogging up the threads with your whining.

No. 263746

see >>263655 this is an image board im not doing this for money or clout, im not gonna check everything. also, it was already mentioned two threads ago, complain about the first people who posted it instead of bringing more attention to it you idiot

No. 263748

Sauce on WF befriending LOC people? Ya'll keep making delusional tinfoils in the discord and it's so apparent when you make up dumb shit on this board with no source.

People who discord have gone after since their leak:
-Black lolita community discord
-"LOC": For being 'against them'
-Previous Discord members that left

Am I missing anyone?

No. 263749

that's like saying 20 is pushing 30 lmao. You'll do anything to justify the way she was treated, finding any caveat you can to blame her for everything that happened to her. Coward shit.

No. 263750

Most of those are ex vetted. Is it me or does this sound like a crazy cult?

No. 263751

If it hasn't been completely obvious to you that LOC has taken over these threads to push their own agenda the past year, I don't know what to tell you. And I've said as much in past threads how it was starting to feel like Nat and her little group of croneys were taking over the Lolita generals here, and other posters agreed with me.

No. 263752

anon I think that is a constant tinfoil from discord. They continually blame things on this board on people in the logs. LOC is just the new one and now "everyone" against them is in LOC.

It doesn't take a genius to realize discordfags are schizophrenic and need mental help with the new brewed up delusion of the day. Did Alys get out of the hospital?

No. 263754

wait wait, didn't you mean Nat and her army? Sorry discordfag, I just wanted to correct you on what you guys have been saying for a year now.

No. 263755

I don't think lara was treated well, but I also don't think any of us can compare what Nat went through when she was still a teen. we can get over a rough patch in our 20s to 30s, but being fully cancelled (which lara and others have not) at the tender age of 17-18 is a life long impact. I hope lara genuinely gets better and takes a break. She has a nice lolita collection.

This >>263752 they literally tried saying the logs were doctored by LOC, which was proven to be false. They have been the scapegoat. I think LOC is annoying as fuck and are huge attention whores who probably believe in misandry, but in what world are they at fault for this?

No. 263756

I'm not in the OP. I'm not even a part of the community. You guys are so paranoid. You're not detectives, you're just idiots.

No. 263757

>other posters agreed with me.
>other people in the chatroom agreed with me.
Yes and you theorized that Nat was every bad post on 4chan too. pls get help.

No. 263759

Anon, you just BAAWed while being a visitor about a name being in OP without reading past threads. Make it make sense.

No. 263760

This entire thread is infighting and the discord litas are milked dry, this is getting boring.
Where’s the milk on Melissa? She sounds like the real cow in this entire situation

No. 263761

lulz discordfags back to trying to redirect any attack on them to the people who critique their culty methods

No. 263762

You need to go back and read past threads.

No. 263764

I agree, I am not saying that their two experiences are identical. But they went through some really difficult shit in their own ways, in their own walks of life. Comparing the two is unfair to both. You can be mid 20s-30 and still be significantly impacted mentally by continued harassment and dogpiling. Anyone who says otherwise is trying to deflect, justify their behavior, or have never experienced anything like that themselves. To that I say; come back and let me know how you feel when it happens to YOU.

No. 263765

That will literally never happen. Hannah and her friends all have a victim mindset. She’s never going to apologize because she doesn’t think she’s done any wrong.

No. 263767

What are you talking about? This is the only mention I can even find about Lara in the logs

[12-Apr-21 01:50 PM] elipri#5757
Apparently larasuzanne made some insensitive tiktok about the vaccine and is getting canceled (?) now

[12-Apr-21 01:51 PM] pastel-princess#0753
I saw it and I don’t think people understand the joke she was aiming for

[12-Apr-21 01:52 PM] pastel-princess#0753

[12-Apr-21 01:53 PM] Lucid#9208
What does it even mean?

[12-Apr-21 01:53 PM] zepplis#6640

[12-Apr-21 01:53 PM] zepplis#6640

[12-Apr-21 01:53 PM] zepplis#6640
Its a joke

No. 263769

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to put two and two together to conclude that the same people talking about her here are maybe, just maybe, the same people who have been posting her and giving her shit for years on LC and CGL.

No. 263770

and nope, far from the only mention.

No. 263771

Literally how? Your back must hurt from reaching.

No. 263772

How what? It's not some astronomically impossible percent chance that the Discordchans are the same people posting her here?

No. 263775

I seriously doubt it since the first post in the logs is from 2017 and Lara has been around much longer than that

No. 263776

She claims on her blog to have been in the fashion since 2013 but came into the online community out of nowhere this year and almost immediately started causing/stirring drama and trying to paint DDZ, Cassie, and Nat as poor pitiful victims who people unfairly canceled. Nat maybe (even if she's definitely engaged in trolling and gossipy behavior herself) but DDZ and Cassie have made it clear they're just pissants who like making people angry by "triggering the libs" or whatever. Now she's waist deep in this discord shit and STRANGELY whenever she gets brought up or the things she's done (like literally including a dead person on a list of "shit stirrers" with a little sarcastic sad emoji) the conversation MYSTERIOUSLY gets derailed in an insane way. She's definitely milky as fuck and clearly sloppy with it, so I'm sure more will come out soon enough.

No. 263778

Melissa was also actively in the thread and updating the document to be even more tasteless when people started to post that including kuru was going too far. Someone's a bit triggered now that her ass isn't getting licked?

No. 263779

So post some, because >>263767 straight from the logs looks more like discordchans were defending her

No. 263781

[12-Apr-21 01:55 PM] elipri#5757
Tbh I don't vibe with that joke, it's wayyyy too early

[12-Apr-21 01:55 PM] Lucid#9208
Could have simply said vaccines in general, and not named a specific one.

[12-Apr-21 01:55 PM] biscuit#2593
I do think it’s just not a very funny video and just comes across kind of bitchy and snobby, but I don’t think it’s cancel worthy

[12-Apr-21 01:55 PM] Cake#9854
it's a bit weird

[12-Apr-21 01:56 PM] Cake#9854
I've been vaxxed and I didn't make it public bc I got it earlier than I should have

[12-Apr-21 01:56 PM] Lucid#9208
It's the type of thing you don't post because people can easily take it the wrong way.

[12-Apr-21 01:56 PM] Cake#9854
I think I basically told you guys and some irls

[12-Apr-21 01:56 PM] elipri#5757
Oh I don't think it's cancel worthy but I do agree with the people who are calling her out on that. It was in very poor taste

[12-Apr-21 01:56 PM] Cake#9854
it's just like
why brag

[12-Apr-21 01:56 PM] Cake#9854
I know I literally felt so fucking paranoid and still sometimes do

[12-Apr-21 01:56 PM] celestial#8008
what an idiot acting like this is a problem

[12-Apr-21 01:56 PM] Cake#9854
before I got it

[12-Apr-21 01:56 PM] Cake#9854
it's just like

[12-Apr-21 01:56 PM] celestial#8008
touch grass please

[12-Apr-21 01:56 PM] biscuit#2593
I get being excited about getting the vaccine but that is uhhhhhh
not how I would share my excitement

[12-Apr-21 01:57 PM] zepplis#6640
I mean I think this is something that if you're mad about

[12-Apr-21 01:57 PM] zepplis#6640
just bitch to your friends

[12-Apr-21 01:57 PM] zepplis#6640
its not maliciously meant

[12-Apr-21 01:57 PM] biscuit#2593
Yeah I get what you’re saying zepp

[12-Apr-21 01:57 PM] Cake#9854
she must not have got pfizer, if only hot bitches get it

wheeze (8)

No. 263782

where is the proof it was melissa updating the doc?

No. 263785

Abbie_666 is bold for talking a lot of shit when she looks like she smokes a pack of Newports a day, hasn't slept in a week, and all her clothes reek of cat piss

No. 263787

File: 1667500228993.png (684.21 KB, 1324x2672, Screenshot_20221103-132941.png)

You can see the update history on Google Docs. She's a very diligent (obsessive) updater.

No. 263788


No. 263789

Tbh, I'd much rather these be screenshots. Why can't non do that? I don't like that the text posted can be edited before posted.

No. 263791

Because I'm posting from the massive 69.8 MB text document

No. 263792

This thread is just going to be blaming and infighting for 1200 posts to try and push the last few threads with all of the incriminating stuff closer to the bottom and less likely to be found and undermine its authenticity. We know it's discordfags shitting the thread up, just report for infighting/samefagging and post milky caps of them or someone else pls.

No. 263793

People saying Lara made a joke in poor taste now means that for the past 10 years they've been behind posting her on cgl and lc? What a reach.

No. 263794

You seem awfully defensive for someone who is totally not part of discordgate, but whatever you say.

No. 263795

are you sure this is actually her? I can't believe anyone would be retarded enough to do this from an email with their name attached, why not use some burner?

No. 263796

How would you know that? Did you search her following to find every LOC member? How do you know that she's just not following them anymore? Did you hack her instagram account to check, did Lara tell you, or is it yours?

No. 263797

I'm asking for proof that #seagull has been the people behind the posts on lc and cgl and looking through the logs myself I see nothing of that sort besides some light chiding so I'd like to see some actual proof.

No. 263798

Don't think we don't know #seagull wasn't the only other chat where drama occurred.

No. 263799

Ayrt, and this is why this thread is garbage. Not even a discordfag but clearly anyone who is remotely bored of this dry milk is getting accused of being one. The paranoia is real

No. 263800

This entire thread is just people accusing eachother of being the other poster instead of discussing anything

No. 263801

Fucking still….. Can't you just post the milky parts?

No. 263802

File: 1667500982969.jpeg (385.74 KB, 731x1696, EC8921F4-F9DC-43D5-AF0F-AF7ACF…)

It tracks, she’s schizo in general. She even has a spot on her blog for keeping track of anything bad anyone has said about her.

No. 263803

Seriously. Passing by and commenting that OP is a mess means I'm someone in the OP LOL

No. 263804

File: 1667501029360.jpeg (371.16 KB, 729x1657, 0BD1B9EF-446A-4D87-8142-C38621…)

No. 263805

"testimonials" LOL in which nothing is tracked back by actual receipts.

No. 263806

File: 1667501149734.jpeg (335.87 KB, 725x1622, CB3BEF57-F251-43CD-8A8D-61F302…)

No. 263808

[16-May-22 11:49 AM] Aiu#0642
I definitely don't like the board culture but its not changing

[16-May-22 11:49 AM] Aiu#0642
But ppl bringing it out of the board is big yikes

Kek you guys should take your own advice. The irony of this being posted in #seagull.

No. 263809

what do you want, IP addresses or something? I'm just saying it makes sense they would be the ones doing it given their well-documented track of talking shit? They surely wouldn't be fat shaming her in the log for fear of getting cancelled, so they'd come here to do it.

No. 263810

Really grasping at straws now aren’t you

We get it, they’re boolies, they act like they don’t boolie, zzzz

No. 263811

cope harder

No. 263812

Didn’t she just turn 18? How would she have been in the fashion since 2013?

No. 263813

Speculation =/= proof. Don't pull shit out of your ass.

No. 263814

kek this is crazy, it's hard to tell if she's actually nuts or just trying to troll

No. 263815

This is about Melissa, not Nat

No. 263816

Being this defensive certainly doesn't help your case. But sure. You're totally not part of discordgate.

No. 263817

This is hilarious

No. 263818

No, Melissa. She posted on her Instagram that she just turned 18 last week and that she was thankful for her LOC meetup friends.

No. 263819

hide the pain harold is killing me oh my god

No. 263820

Yes everyone that disagrees with you must be discordgate. Yet another thing you've pulled out your ass with no proof.

No. 263822

File: 1667501578283.png (513.98 KB, 604x641, birthdaycake30.png)

That may have been a shit post, here's a post from a bit back where she said she turned 30.

No. 263823

idiot! shes been wearing lolita since she was 9 years old!

No. 263826

Bitch is 30 and acting like this???

No. 263834

File: 1667502958525.jpeg (20.93 KB, 423x228, 94AEAABD-EAED-4122-AE20-4E6D17…)

Not sure if throwaway but the email is clearly visible. Either she’s just that stupid or it’s a setup.

No. 263835

File: 1667502972379.jpg (76 KB, 735x500, 6zerpt.jpg)

No. 263837

So she is 30 lying about being 18 and updating lolcow related documents on the internet every day? Sister.

No. 263838

samefag quick to say lying about your age like that is groomer behaviour

No. 263839


It's really sketch that she hangs out with Nat. Is Nat still a minor?

No. 263840

Isn't she like 16? Why is she hanging out with people like Melissa and DDZ who are over 30? Sounds groomer-y

No. 263841

She's 19

No. 263842

Nat is 19.

No. 263843

Still, what kind of adult wants to hang out with a teenager?

No. 263844

She’s 19 and was 19 when the logs came out. 18 when she got cancelled. As far as anyone knows she was unaware of any of the shit talking until 19, so I don’t know how she would have suffered as a “child” when she had no clue what was going on.

No. 263845

Samefag but all of this is new information, or else we would have talked about it for the past 5 years. There’s an obvious narrative here

No. 263846

Why would you a grown woman of 30 years of age want to hang out with a barely-19 girl? Does she have no other friends closer to her age? Her hanging out with a girl still in her teens and lying about her age is groomerish

No. 263849

File: 1667505574715.png (22.38 KB, 1709x181, screenshot.png)

someone is desperately trying to save herself it seems cant imagine why kek

No. 263851

Lol the history >>263787
even shows that she’s the only one editing. So funny. Try harder Melissa-chan!

No. 263853

>a few days ago
You can literally see she edited it today >>263787

No. 263855

File: 1667507051639.png (1.76 MB, 1080x1783, Screenshot_20221103-131037~2.p…)

Based on this it seems like Melissa/lifelibertylolita/ghstgrl_0mm is a Texas lolita. Explains the hyperfixation on specifically the Texas members of #seagull.


I wonder why she tries to larp as a Japanese person? Anyways I guess this shows that even though discordchans were out of line its not like their most vocal whistle blowers aren't also batshit insane. I'm sure I'll get called a discordchan for this but believe it or not its possible to dislike both #seagull and LOC.

No. 263857

File: 1667507342395.jpeg (642.37 KB, 665x617, 78F3C22E-3840-40BF-B251-34D48F…)

She’s not Texas, she’s somewhere close to Seattle since she and Nat are besties

No. 263858

Oh yikes, what a group.

No. 263859

why the fuck is the girl on the right holding an anon mask. What year is it.

No. 263860

File: 1667507559727.jpeg (514.92 KB, 828x1462, 0B5C54F7-452A-4BC0-A215-A2CAE2…)

Also not sure if anyone else caught it but Nat is Lolitaconfessions on Instagram. Outfit reveal matches with this group pic.

No. 263861

technically it is a Guy Fawkes mask, speaking of, it is bonfire night in 2 days britnonas

No. 263862

Why does every single one of them look like they're the product of multiple generations of inbreeding kek

No. 263864

But they're burgers right? So I doubt they're anywhere to celebrate bonfire night, never mind celebrating it early.

No. 263865

not to wk but i think nat is cute, everyone else yikes

No. 263866

Yeah its definitely just "funni 4-chans guy" or AT BEST "V for Vendetta" mask here. Hardly anyone would know of Guy Fawkes and those who do have no reason to give a shit about 5th Nov.

No. 263867

yeah i know, I just wanted to add what the mask technically is because it is guy Fawkes day in 2 days kek

No. 263870

Imagine larping as edgy 4channers in the year 2022

No. 263871

Nat is definitely the best looking one in that pic. Is Melissa on her left?

No. 263872

File: 1667509010649.png (2.46 MB, 1439x1780, Screenshot_20221103-155154.png)

Melissa is the blonde one.

They want to be edgy 4channers so bad; Makes sense why they've been taking over the threads here.

No. 263875

Melissa looks like her head stopped growing before her body, or one of her parents was a troll doll.
Nat only looks decent here compared to fatties and man face. Maybe she looks ok otherwise, but her hair is really unflattering in the pic of the group.

The fact that so many of these well known Lolita’s in positions of power are fugly and/or fat is depressing. The last time I paid attention to the online community (around 2010), people at least made an effort. Now people are getting advice from greasy haired trolls who don’t wear makeup? What the hell happened?

No. 263876

It was 2010 nonnie, we all just wore wigs.

No. 263878

anon, I almost believed you until I realized you had a nat boner for a wig-less girl. no true 2010er approves of that short of hair with lolita.

No. 263879

Melissa looks like a cabbage patch kid. Someone please tell right girl to shampoo her hair she looks like a sweaty Dream in drag

No. 263880

kek these are the people accusing everyone in every thread of being a discordchan. Nat only looks okay because she’s the best of a bad bunch. Far right unironically looks like a troon, wtf is that on the left? Melissa looks like the fucking grinch. But hey, bet i’ll be accused of being hannah, liv, or some other sped before the thread ends.

No. 263883

Sorry this is actually hilarious in the most dumb way

No. 263884

Melissa would pass as 18. Nat looks like a tweaker doe

No. 263885

File: 1667512134107.jpeg (281.45 KB, 665x713, BF59AA55-8B5B-4FAF-A482-B0C88E…)

The face of someone who is manically posting on lolcow and obsessively editing a Google doc

Go take a xanny and a nap

No. 263886

Who are the two on the outside?

No. 263889

>3.2 Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.
People are unrelated just because they are friends. This is not milk, it becomes stalking.

No. 263890

Funny now that Melissa has been caught red-handed all of those "you must be a discordfag!!!" posts have suddenly stopped.

No. 263891

this. like what happened? what happened to leaders / well known lolitas being actually… cute? and good at the fashion? Milkychan wasn’t even drop dead gorgeous but her collection and coords were great. Fanny is the last to survive i fear. Now subpar perma itas are the leaders and they’re giving advice ??? discordfags being prime examples.
melissa looks inbred and her making a google doc was the dumbest fucking thing. i knew that would backfire, i didn’t even feel comfy opening it because of how quickly it connects to your acct i

No. 263893

Oh so it’s only when it’s Nat and co that this is enforced, cool cool. Good to know where we stand.

No. 263894

I don’t understand this either. Where do these people get off acting this superior when they dress so inferior. Seeing a lot of the main discordfags was astounding.

Also I don’t understand Melissa’s goal. Is it just an insane power trip? Was she trying to set the stage to become a lolita “influencer”? Like, how did you think this was gonna go hun

No. 263895

LOC is shaking in their boots kek

No. 263896

They had a whole meet where they made fun of the fact they were posting as anon on lolcow a few weeks ago, that is the drama. They thought they were so slick trying to get ppl to be their personal army.

No. 263897

gross, is that a tinfoil or do you have facts that say this is what the meet was about? they could really just be goofing off and it doesn't have relevancy.

u need a source for these tinfoils

No. 263898

A couple threads back I said that I felt like we were being told what to think, and of course 'someone' immediately jumped in to call me a discordfag. In fact, pretty much every time anyone has said anything slightly not ass-licking towards any of the LOC crew there's been a slew of replies accusing them of derailing or being discord chans. I'm sure there's been a bit of that but you're telling me every poster on this site that's not a mile up Nat and Melissa's ass is Celestial? I called it that LOC was trying to use lolcow as their personal army, let it be known.

No. 263899

I expressed the same sentiments over a year ago and was met with show proof, not milky, derailment etc.

No. 263901

Same thing happened when Nat was being posted, they started calling everyone who did not agree a "Nat sympathizer" and then even started attacking people who were in their own local communities for sympathizing with a 15 year old girl getting bullied from a group of women

No. 263902

Nat just keeps getting younger and younger. Next time you post this you're gonna say she's been bullied since she's been in the womb.

No. 263904

she's been on lolcow/4chan since the womb according to beck though.

No. 263905

Real talk, she came into the mentoring community when she was that age and immediately they started stalking her/shit talking in #seagull

No. 263906

I don't really understand the outrage over the google doc, it's all the same info that was posted here compiled. Except the thing about the girl who died, which was obviously fucked up.

No. 263907

They are dogpile discord harass tactics. It's the typical shit that they do. They don't give a shit about kuru or any girl they push to suicide. They are just assholes looking for a reason to be an asshole.

No. 263909

The photos are pretty damning, its a recent post with known lolcow posters that only happened to have posts in their favour this past month. Do you also happen to carry around guy fawkes masks to lolita meets?

No. 263910

For those of us that don't follow Nat's every move, caps?

No. 263913

This has been going on for a very long time and pre-farms:

[24-Nov-18 06:08 AM] Deleted User#0000
Also this sp00py gal in the itapit is the reason why I’m pretty impatient w noobs at times

[24-Nov-18 06:08 AM] Deleted User#0000
She a complete beginner at sewing and Lolita

[24-Nov-18 06:09 AM] Deleted User#0000
Why make this harder

[24-Nov-18 06:09 AM] Jess#1258
Lolita is too expensive /s

[24-Nov-18 06:09 AM] Deleted User#0000
Her dresses are ugly af

No. 263916

I literally said she only looks decent because she’s next to ugly people and her hair is unflattering. I don’t pay enough attention to know what she usually looks like.
There are very few people that can pull off natural hair with lolita and have it look good, and no one in this thread fits the bill. Wigs look better than stringy, greasy hair and thin, wavy ass bangs.

No. 263917

>Wigs look better than stringy, greasy hair and thin, wavy ass bangs.
Ah yes, you are a woman of culture from 2010. Too bad no one listens anymore.

No. 263918


That's not super milky. Where's the stalking and the doxxing.

No. 263920

Anon, context. It's when they started stalking her in #seagull. They were mentoring her. If you can't find what's wrong with that then you have problems.

No. 263922

Additionally go back through past threads if you want all the excerpts or download the log. No one is going to keep spoonfeeding a baby that refuses everything

No. 263924

anon that server wasn't always a mentoring server. For a while it was just the baby server until later it started mentoring. Nat was being an annoying newbie if you actually read the logs, most of the convo at that time was about her being cringe, buying replicas, or posting her topless photo and everyone being worried for her safety.

No. 263926

anon I hope you didn't save her underaged photo

No. 263927

We're not the adults hanging out with a teenager, Melissa.

No. 263928

nonny is this an admission, because you just tried to deflect? who all has this saved onto their PC? you know that deleted files can still be traced and recovered from the FBI, right?

No. 263929

Imagine thinking this is the right response to an underage nude of a CHILD

No. 263930

Are you planning to report Melissa to the fbi now?

No. 263931

#seagull members saved her photo not melissa

No. 263932

Doubtful, reading the logs it seems like it was deleted pretty fast. Would be really shitty if anyone saved it.

No. 263933

No they didn’t, they even talk about deleting it and banning her for posting that in discord.

Melissa however is grooming Nat.

No. 263934

It's floating around, so yes, it is infact saved.

No. 263936

[21-Feb-22 02:26 AM] rougeaerie#2278
She was previously in this server and mentoring. She was banned from mentoring for posting photos of a skin rash on her torso while more or less topless at the age of 16. She left this server (I don't think she was banned?) after being called out on Reddit for harassing a girl who posted there about her post history.

[21-Feb-22 02:26 AM] pwassonchat#2894
In this day and age there's no excuse to be transphobic I think :/

[21-Feb-22 02:27 AM] pwassonchat#2894
@rougeaerie oof

[21-Feb-22 02:27 AM] elipri#5757
Tbh I was mainly thinking about puff as the prime example of changing for the better

👍 (3)

[21-Feb-22 02:28 AM] pwassonchat#2894
Is it the same person we talked about earlier that we think might be a CSA surviror?

[21-Feb-22 02:28 AM] elipri#5757
But it's definitely not anyone's job to educate nat or try to change her mind or whatever. It's up to her and only her.

[21-Feb-22 02:28 AM] elipri#5757

[21-Feb-22 02:28 AM] elipri#5757
And that still is no excuse


[21-Feb-22 02:29 AM] pwassonchat#2894
Yes and it's absolutely fair to not want anything to do with her now or ever

[21-Feb-22 02:29 AM] elipri#5757
Hence she's getting banned everywhere

[21-Feb-22 02:29 AM] elipri#5757
Cause as resh said, she's definitely old enough to know better

[21-Feb-22 02:29 AM] pwassonchat#2894
Definitely not an excuse, I just thought it might explain why she saw nothing wrong with exposing her torso on the internet at 16

[21-Feb-22 02:30 AM] rougeaerie#2278
Honestly, in cases like these, I think a permanent ban is in order. People can change, but it takes a lot to regain that lost trust, and the damage done isn't going to magically be erased because someone had a change of heart.

[21-Feb-22 02:30 AM] elipri#5757
So until she changes for the better (IF that's going to happen at all in the first place), it's our responsibility to protect trans people from her

💯 (2)

[21-Feb-22 02:31 AM] elipri#5757
And yes, she'd have to earn the trust back

[21-Feb-22 02:31 AM] elipri#5757
Which would take years down the line

No. 263937

Can you elaborate on why you think she’s grooming Nat? That’s a big accusation, maybe not as big as saying Lala drove Kuru to suicide but without evidence otherwise it looks like they’re just friends.

No. 263940

I mean an 18 year old suddenly shacking up with a bunch of cancelled women in their 30’s… doesn’t take a genius to see somethings not right there

No. 263942

gonna go out on a limb and call you a scrote rot brain.

women are perfectly able to be friends with each other of all ages. it shows that you have only had friends in your teens.

No. 263943

Normal friends don’t form alt right cults nonnie

No. 263944

and #seagull treats their users like an alt left cult, see OP for the ones they discarded

No. 263945

It’s not seagull vs LOC. They can both be disgusting.

No. 263946

If that's the case then get on banning the members and mods from #seagull then

No. 263947

Toast was posting newbies kek. It’s funny how they’re eating each other up

No. 263950

File: 1667527382659.jpeg (448.17 KB, 828x1370, C59B330A-FF77-4014-80D1-0108C9…)

So is Melissa 18 or 30?

No. 263953

Based on her face, 30. She was making fun of the Nat is a minor thing by pretending she was also a minor.

No. 263954

File: 1667528498586.png (354.88 KB, 1388x1236, rainn.png)

Ayrt, I don't think we have the same definition of grooming, so never mind. It's not a friendship thing. You can see some real examples over in the MTF thread, though.

No. 263958

> I see there's a bunch of black lolitas that were added into OP
I'm the anon that put together the collective list from the first three threads so it was easy for me to check this. The only black lolita added since my list was purestmaiden kek. She is and has been milky as fuck and will always belong here.

The others added were "**Saturn#5252 = @peachburger [white] and d0a1a8#6603 = 9e6a70.dreamwidth.org [anon blog]"

No. 263963

people refer to her age differently based on either when she (A) got into the online scene (B) got caught saying troon and (C) how old she currently is. she’s between 19-20 now. But she’s been in these toxic spaces as young as 15.

No. 263964

grooming isn't always sexual, nonnie

No. 263965

> going after young disillusioned lolitas who have been cut off from the community for their beliefs
> validating the beliefs they were shunned for (tradwife/anti-BLM/transphobia/etc). Here their beliefs are encouraged and accepted:
> othering, us vs them mentality, creating a label they identify themselves with to set them apart from other lolitas and use as a dog whistle. You’re either LOC or you’re not.
> deceptive recruitment - LOC markets themselves as a religious or theological group, hence, Lolitas of Christ. All of the members very quickly became conservative Christians after affiliating themselves with the group

I’d bet there’s some fear of retaliation should they leave. You leave and you get posted to the farms or similar. Look into cult grooming instead. Makes me pretty sad to know such young people are being manipulated in such a way.

No. 263966

Honestly idc if Tyler Willis covers the lolita gate situation, but I’ll sure make her look like a hypocrite after she got heated over ofherbsandalter’s ita lolita transformation collab with youvimi wig. Tyler apparently triggering her eating disorder and depression. Lolitas are unhinged all around
And not surprised people are shitting on lolita fashion in the comments section

No. 263967

Sorry for the stroke of typing

No. 263968

>>263966 No, it wouldn't be. They are two seperate topics. One is an outsider stating they knew the basics but didn't care. The other is a group of people being manipulative and bullying people out of the larger community. There is no overlap. She can also be irritated at whatever she wants. People don't have to care about everything.
Everyone is responsible for managing their own damage. No one has to speak on anything or watch everything.

No. 263969

What makes you think Tyler is going to make a video about community drama when it’s been two years since the last LWLN that covered anything juicy? You sound new. Tyler is done, get over it.

No. 263973

Samefagging but I think everyone is realizing that the lolita community is filled with autistic Lolitas at heart biggots. No wonder everyone is leaving the community or the online space filled with discord fags

No. 263979

Ah dorians "its everyone elses fault but mine" routine, the only thing dorian has for certain is narcissistic disorder.

No. 263981

This is from over a year ago sage your shit anon.

No. 264011

this. like i shouldn’t be surprised but where do they get these fucking opinions? so extreme

No. 264019

Sometimes I wonder if the current lolita community even knows substyles anymore. Some of you could use the advice from Tyler, because half of you clearly don't even know what gothic is anymore.

No. 264024

>grooming kek

when discordchans in their 30s are still mentoring teens, when every western comm is rife with 30+ year olds hanging out with minors, when irl comms allow agp perverted men to have access to these young girls. the difference being the comms and mentors are full of queer older women openly into lolicon hentai, kink, polyamory and other degen shit, who talk about their kink lifestyles unfiltered at meets in front of minors. im more inclined to be worried about those types grooming teens and young women

…not some trad-tard, anti-degen, perv patrol prude

No. 264025

Aiu thinks that lesbians are groomers.
[17-Aug-22 07:45 AM] Aiu#0642
Does she want to ban all men? (Probably) But women can groom each other just as well and considering how lesbian the hobby is as a whole, I wouldn't be shocked if it happens

No. 264026

yeah imagine letting 30-40 year old men start talking to minors getting into the lolita community and then taking the stance they did

No. 264027

Jfc Melissa this is some purge-level psychobabble

No. 264028

How did you get "aiu thinks lesbians are groomers" from her saying women can be groomers too, not just men?

No. 264029

This implies that because there are so many lesbians in the hobby, that there is a way higher chance of grooming going to happen. Because there are lesbians. This implies lesbians will be doing the grooming.

No. 264030

anon not everyone is melissa, nat, LOC

pls stop being a schizo and breaking the "hi-cow" rules

No. 264031

Funny how this wasn't said when everyone and their mother was accused of being #seagull.

No. 264033

It was said constantly. That's all these threads are anymore is discordchans talking to eachother to deflect. At least sage >>264030 so we don't get excited for milk.

No. 264039

>reee everyone is discordchan
At least make it less obvious who you are anon.

No. 264040

anon stop being a schizo with the hi-cowing for a minute. discordchans are not 1 or 2 people. however calling everyone nat or mel is a complete schizophrenic delusion. people are calling out the discordchans because they are the ones constantly hi-cowing and there's evidence in the logs of them doing this nonstop, because it ended up posted on the boards at the same time

No. 264043

I never hi cowed or called anyone Nat or Mel anon. Why are you implying things that are not being said? Plenty of hi cow every thread but now that it is not only the #seagulls you take issue with it why is that?

No. 264044

Anon isn't wrong tho.

No. 264045

You regurgitate the same few words thread after thread when things aren't going your way it's not being schizo to think you are the same person.

No. 264048

Melissa has been the driving force behind 3 lolita threads here, she also has been posting here daily, she even posted a blog about ksk using info posted here and then posted the post to get ass pats, and has updating her doc of doxxing info daily based on what is being posted. You really think she isnt here? I dont think Nat actually knows what is up but Melissa has a ton of time it seems.

Its highly likely that she was the one doing a lot of the posts this past month, and is the one trying to escalate it to get people banned, which is all behaviour that is against lolcow culture for years. This site is to gossip not to hunt down people who you dont like.

No. 264051

Why are so many of the LOC befriending teenagers and hanging with them all over instagram?

No. 264052

The same reason the alt right and troons target disaffected young boys - young, inexperienced people who are lonely and seeking validation will gladly eat up whatever bullshit ideology you feed them if you make them feel like they belong and everyone else is against them. Even better in a space like LCF and 4chan where you can manufacture anon messages to make it seem like everyone really is against them personally. You can still groom adults, but its harder to do.

No. 264053

someone want to take a survey of how many minors are in the mentoring server?

No. 264054


>Melissa is the last 3 threads

>Melissa is the leaker
>Melissa is LOC
>Melissa is Anonymous
>Melissa is #seagull
>Melissa is /cgl/
>Melissa has lcfs as her personal army
>Melissa is using us all as her pawns
>Melissa is the entire internet
>Melissa is the shadow government behind the Biden administration
>Melissa is United Nations
>Melissa was Adolf Hilter in WW2
>Melissa faked the moon landing
>Melissa is me
>Melissa is you reading this
>Melissa is legion


Faaaaaaaack shut up what even is this thread

No. 264055

think this is the same server

No. 264056

No. 264057

before they were doing this about Nat or Sp00py. Guess Melissa is the new target.

Discordfags, listen up, there's evidence of you doing this in the logs. Now stop hi-cowing.

No. 264059

plot twist: spoopy/nat isn't real. she was just mel wearing a nat mask. kek.

No. 264061

tbh I'm pretty certain it was just sp00py wearing a Melissa mask. Never saw her around until recently.

No. 264062

Melissa is one of sp00pys DID alters

No. 264064

If Melissa isn't real, then let it be known, discordfags, she can't hurt you!! Why are you so SCARED!

No. 264065

Second this. How many minors and how many of the mentors are openly perverted?

No. 264066

They have 18+ channels in the mentoring server. I'm going to guess quite a few.

No. 264067

Ew wtf

No. 264069

+18 does not equate NSFW anon. Mentoring fashion having adult mentors make sense. Hanging out with teenagers when you are 30 to groom them into your beliefs is gross.

No. 264070

Anon, if you're a left winger then you think that teachers should be teaching children about LGBTQ+ beliefs and cutting off their dicks before they are of age. I think the left is much more akin to grooming behavior.

No. 264071

Spo00py is Nat, that was their ig before it was oatmilkchan.

Melissa is confirmed to be owner of the google doc >>263834 and the person who was the only editor.

No. 264072

Nevermind teaching them about sexual things in kidergarten before they are ready

No. 264073

Also just to follow up religion is a thing that is practiced around the world and it's pure bigotry and ignorance to ostracize others for religious beliefs

No. 264074

No. 264076

I think any random onlooker into the situation is just seeing it for what it is:

"If you OPPOSE the Discord/Admins of the community then they will do everything in their power to destroy you."

Quite literally the only thing we can do as a community right now is recognize that they are in these threads and completely disengage, as a lot of us are doing right now until someone less dramatic re-creates the community. We don't like the ones who are at the core, because you are all power hungry shitshows

No. 264077

File: 1667582808190.png (40.64 KB, 1832x414, schizoposterongoing.png)

let me repost this schizo comment for ya

No. 264078

That does not have anything to do with what I just said or implied you are being unreasonable.

No. 264079

The sperg out is strong today. Lolcow isn’t anyone’s personal army. There’s literal proof ITT that it is Melissa autistically going after the discord and trying to find their real names, but suddenly we’re not allowed to sit back and laugh at her too? She should google the streisand effect.
>inb4 hi discordfag

No. 264080

this post is melissa replying to all of her own posts. again proving all of lolcow is melissa.

No. 264081

No one is ostracizing anyone for religious beliefs here what are you talking about

No. 264082

Its a tinfoil but I wouldn't even be a little surprised. She just LOOKS manic and you can see her very public, meticulous list of times anyone, even anon posts on LCF, said anything about her here:
I had a post previously that highlighted the specific posts I thought followed a similar posting pattern of rapid replies with bizarre, hyperbolic misinterpretation of the people they're replying to, but its pretty obvious if you scroll through the replies any time she's mentioned. They all have someone with a similar way of typing who deflects by saying something like "well the discordchans do way worse stuff but thats ok right???" Followed by some extreme interpretation of what is being said like "Melissa is literally Hitler". Coupled with the fact that she rapidly updates her google doc any time people look at her actions with any scrutiny, it makes sense at least a few of these are her.

No. 264083

I deleted and reposted because the replies got all mixed up in the wrong spots and i didn't give enough of a fuck to redo it. But go on with your theory.

No. 264084

ntayrt, but what the fuck? Where does that even come from, and who was talking about that? Saying that it's weird for a 30 year old to hang with a literal teenager has nothing to do with TRAs thinking kids should have the right to fuck with their bodies. strawman through the roofs

No. 264086

File: 1667584230115.jpeg (578.44 KB, 1797x1589, 5B6B65AB-C54B-47B8-952D-FDC3CF…)

Holy shit he’s a man? I always thought he was just an incredibly unfortunate looking woman. Damn, why the fuck would anyone ever let a man in? That’s disgusting

No. 264088

He has always been a huge creep and frequently brings up his other friends looking for lolita girlfriends and how he got divorced from his ex wife for wearing lolita. I think he's a predator.

No. 264091

File: 1667584681609.png (432.95 KB, 1079x1355, Screenshot_20221104-105419.png)

Oh no no noooo hahahaha! What is thisssss https://scottyspot.com/

No. 264092

File: 1667584712935.png (595.17 KB, 1080x1572, Screenshot_20221104-105448.png)

No. 264094

you've never seen the sperg run on posts he has about how he's trying this and that to be more "~womanly~"?

it's bad. creepy even.

No. 264095

Ironic considering he has kids and runs the EGL Predator Alert Facebook page.

No. 264096

wolves in sheeps clothing that love to eat other wolves to prove they are *~*totally not like the others*~*

No. 264097

Seems you see a lot of this with the discord and predator alert groups

No. 264098

The call is coming from inside the house

No. 264099

This. Idk why anon remade the thread when they knew discordfags would continue to sperg out. I wish the farmhands would stop by already. The community has gone to shit, best to let it die.

No. 264100

File: 1667585931399.png (306.19 KB, 873x176, biblethumper.png)

ya'll should let him into the LOC since it's just a group about lolitas who are Christian

No. 264101

Let it be known, if you look like an ugly girl in the community then the Discord will leave you alone. Undercover agent has been discovered watching you all be bigots and mock his religion.

No. 264102

is he in the discord mentors?

No. 264103

he's in #seagull, so what do you think. that's their lil secret channel to talk about mentees

No. 264104

Just an observation, there’d be so much less infighting in IRL and online comms if the mods stopped letting in men and simply admitted to being TERFs just as much as the girls they kick out for being TERFs. Why must we lie to each other?

No. 264105

because misogny

No. 264106

#seagull are misogynists not TERFS. there's a reason they cap so hard for troons and have so many in their group and shit on so many cute lolitas like tokkigo.

No. 264107


No. 264110


whoa who the fuck let this creep old man in? discordchans be like mel is a groomer by reaching out to some poor kid that yall banned, bullied & want nothin to do with. meanwhile this absolute agp freak runs a predator alert group, mentors minors and shit talks those same young girls in #seagull. mentor mods enabling this shit be like 'enjoy access to our young women' what kind of sick fuck old man, fuckin 50 year old looking ass, wears womens clothes & be hangin out with underage girls & tryna have us thinkin 'naw he cool, dont worry bout him, nothin predatory to see here, move along now terf'.

No. 264112

When “inclusivity” gets to the point where men must be protected from “misandry”

Call me a terf, but I don’t want to be around men. Lolita is an escape from the eyes of perverts, and yet here they are getting asspats for doing the bare minimum and interacting with young and vulnerable people. I don’t even care if they’re trans women or cis men. If you’re a creep you’re a creep. Same with lolitas and their creepy Reddit boyfriends.Get the fuck out.

No. 264113

here's some proof of how the left grooms children and fucks up kids for life

No. 264114

Nice b8 to trigger the libs, but this has nothing to do with the left or the right.

No. 264115

sure does, when you're ostracizing people for questioning anything around men in sheep's clothing

No. 264116

LOC's one redeeming quality is they are legit TERFs and transphobes and would shun the fuck out of this creep.

No. 264117

pretty sure LOC is just christian lolitas and the rest of these labels are from schizo bigots

No. 264118

File: 1667589914493.png (11.33 KB, 582x188, hiding.png)

No. 264119

samefag, this is EGL: Predator Alert.

No. 264120

File: 1667589981823.png (18.51 KB, 701x149, private.png)

No. 264121

they hid it from search, that's whats funny.

No. 264122

that link doesn't work either, is what I am saying.

No. 264123

Ever seen them out with a troon? They get cancelled all the time for saying transphobic shit. Check previous threads >>233164

No. 264124

File: 1667590345406.png (32.12 KB, 414x311, callerisinsidethehouse.png)

So who are the other 2 admins not listed on the page publicly?

No. 264126

That was fast

No. 264127

>call me a TERF
They will. Anyone who is not dedicated to sucking “girldick” for AGP predators or not properly validating the ever-changing pronouns of teenage girls who wear Lolita but insist they are boys, gets called an evol TERF. This hobby peaked me by showing how completely normal opinions get shot down by misogynists in favor of predators’ comfort. So yeah, guess I’d rather be a TERF and a lonelita too.

No. 264128

isn't that other person the crazy trans person that went after Nat

No. 264129

Anon they are friends with sainte. Does that answer your questions? Go ask him.

No. 264131

Anon, solidarity. I've decided to be a lonelita until this current group of admins move on and we have someone more balanced and not unhinged

No. 264132

Just some good ol' Christian 30 year old women who indoctrinate a bunch of teens into their religious cult while violently refreshing these threads to control the narrative, nothing to see here, you discordfags!!

No. 264133

Don't you have some kid's lives to ruin by indoctrinating them to destroy their body and have to shit in a bag for the rest of their lives?

No. 264134

No. 264135

Quit trying to derail the thread, jfc

No. 264136

File: 1667591059708.jpg (28.1 KB, 222x478, mods.JPG)

Here current mod list including old man Scotty Bishop.

No. 264139

anon if someone is going to be extreme left beliefs, I'm going to show them who's lives they are destroying by echoing this rhetoric

No. 264140

nobody cares anon this is an imageboard.

No. 264141

then watch the embedded video, retard

No. 264143

Nat started hanging out with a 40 year old prosititute (DDZ) and then starts posting photos of themselves with dildos shortly after, but sure, LOC aren't grooming teenagers.

No. 264144

No. 264145

This may surprise you nonita but I can hate both trannies AND see that LOC are grooming teenagers at the same time.

No. 264146

angry troon spotted

No. 264149

this. in fact, i think people who are very concerned with inappropriate age gap friendships/relationships are going to also be concerned with gender based grooming. People are groomed into cults, religions, toxic actions, and sexual/romantic relationships. It's all bad.

No. 264150

Are you really claiming religion is grooming? I'm surprised you don't see bigotry in how you just decided to judge the majority of the world and that includes Japan too

No. 264151

No one cares about sky daddy, move on guys

No. 264152

Anon, when you grow up a little bit you'll realize in order for you to function in this world you need to be friends with people of all ages.

No. 264153

No but I think a group of middle aged women would use religion to manipulate gullible teen outcasts into doing what they want, yes.

No. 264154

its kind of wild the predator group admins are a bunch troons and agp fetishists

No. 264155

let me guess, you're unemployed

No. 264156

>groomed into a religion
>"SO yOU ThINK relIGION is BAD!?!

please use basic reading comprehension. religion is a personal choice that shouldn't be made under duress or false presentation. many youth groups have detailed strategies of going for depressed teens. women who are socially coerced into hijabs and then who are convinced to say that it was a choice is a great example.

LOC begone, you're becoming just as bad as discordfags

No. 264157

anon religion is absolutely not a personal choice, you live in a country that gives you the freedom, yes. from the way you sound, it's like you have bby life experience.

No. 264158

Bold of you to assume this isn't discordfags infighting to cover up >>264154 >>264136
>the call is coming from inside the house

No. 264159

>LOC begone, you're becoming just as bad as discordfags
look it's a west coaster who follows the news like a bible. he's angry

No. 264161

age integrated friend groups are great when there isn't such a huge power dynamic. teens should be friends with teens, and if they have non-family adults in their life, the boundaries should be clear and measurable. sage for blogging but when I see a teen, i feel responsible for them (in a good way) and want to protect them, i'm not going to facilitate equal friendship dynamics. Because if I don't like who they become and end the friendship later on, it'll be a lot more traumatizing for them. Also one 30 year old might be a safe person, but I'm not going to normalize to a teen that seeking friendships with that large of an age gap is normal. it's not, and they won't always be so lucky.

No. 264163

It's almost like you're retelling my exact point of what it means to be groomed or coerced into religion (whether it be by people or the state), and you are just incapable of understanding that i made a corrective moral point. Yes, people are being abused, and people should not do that. Is that simple enough for you?

No. 264164

and no one is going to talk about the MENTOR SERVER that exists to help newbs and minors but instead lets perverted old men and kink obsessed old kweer women into their ranks as the mentors?

No. 264165

This thread is doomed.

No. 264166

I'm sure she's just playing mommy for a misguided child that talks too much

No. 264167

anon there's no coercing, you're challenging people's framework for life and expecting them to adhere to your's in America. you have different beliefs from ANY other country that practices a different religion.

No. 264168

if that isn't ignorant entitlement then I don't know what is

No. 264170

Where does that ideology sound familiar?

No. 264171

No. 264172

LOC trying to derail after getting caught grooming teens, just ignore it.

No. 264173

Not LOC, but I do want you to see what you're fighting for.

No. 264174

yup, and where the fuck are mods this is too much. this is a terf site, idk how that's been lost in translation.

No. 264175

probably because she wants to be nice to her since they were both "cancelled"? Just being a mentor isn't being a groomer unless you're being sexual.

No. 264177

you no longer have to be cute as long as you're "inclusive". that's why people like celestial are mods

No. 264178

>40 years old
Nonny how can you say that with a straight face when jeunefille#4045 is 40 and this man >>264086 looking like he's pushing 60, kek. Mentoring anyone younger is sus. They can learn from google like we did.

No. 264179

>this is a terf site

>[22-Dec-17 01:12 PM] Dif#3371

BTW there's a lolcow thread about him, I don't usually enjoy lolcow but it's probably better to rant there because of the CGL security issues and drama rules >>>/snow/445742

>[10-Jan-18 09:52 AM] Lady Cocoa#2915 >>>/snow/433040

>[01-Feb-18 10:30 AM] Prettydebil#3173 >>>/snow/485424

>[25-Feb-18 09:03 PM] Aiu#0642 >>>/snow/503624

>[31-Mar-18 04:01 PM] shinychariot#8116

This is my favourite internet crazy >>>/snow/224892

>[12-Apr-18 10:48 AM] Lala Land#7138

and >>>/snow/534254 is going strong

>[13-Jun-18 02:00 PM] agentlemandoesnotconga#8888


>[14-Jun-18 02:09 AM] opalsauce#4996 This is pretty damning: https://lolcow.farm/snow/src/1528792276638.png

>[23-Jun-18 04:56 PM] Lilac_Y0#8595


>[24-Jul-18 01:49 PM] tokkigo#7380


>[28-Jan-19 01:54 PM] ataraxia#7301


>[28-Apr-19 04:16 PM] Spider#8888


>[19-Jun-19 08:22 AM] d0a1a8#6603


>[24-Dec-19 11:25 AM] tenya out of ten#7566

Elveo and Develv are the artists: >>>/snow/828640

>[17-May-21 01:03 PM] zepplis#6640


>[18-May-21 10:42 AM] alys#0310

>>>/w/58143 it starts there, beware, it's really NSFL ton of REALLY nasty lewd stuff including shit and vomit and underage characters

>[31-Jul-21 09:36 AM] elipri#5757


>[10-Jan-18 09:52 AM] Lady Cocoa#2915


No. 264180

yeah this melissa milk was funny for a minute but the discordfags are now obsessing over it to shift the blame to someone who is kind of just calling a spade a spade.

No. 264181

jump to excerpts if you want the full url, but LCF shortened them. so my guess is these are terfs in #seagull

No. 264182

idk if i follow? is this suppose to argue that because troon lovers in #seagull also use the farms, it means this isn't a primarily terf site? I'm confused. we're all terfs here.

No. 264184

everyone in #seagull is a Terf

No. 264185

not even intentional, but most of those links are going after trans or sissies

No. 264186

>beck: hehe im 12!!!!
>also beck: mid-30s

No. 264187

imagine thinking an 18 year old lesbian using a strap on means they've been "groomed" kek. that's normal and it wasn't even in a picture with DDZ

No. 264188

Well well well. . . It looks like #seagull is actually full of Transphobes.

No. 264189

Thx anon for compiling the list. Can we please get a list of every excerpt of a lolcow link, so we can know what threads they posted in?

No. 264190

Based of them if they are TERFs, but then why allow troons in their group? Especially Lala who is admin could have banned them any time.

No. 264191

File: 1667595356929.png (3.6 KB, 462x48, 2022-11-1-mentoring.png)

because they are grooming in mentoring

No. 264192

tinfoil: they are farming milk in mentoring like with what they did with spoopy. I was in there when they started.

No. 264193

They are so fucking image-obsessed and power-hangry they can’t stay consistent with their politics. Making fun of troons gives them a feeling of power? They’ll do that. Letting troons and other predators into the server the very next day and validating teens’ delusions because it expands their ‘reach’ in the community? No morals, no consistency, no problem!

No. 264197

File: 1667596689764.jpg (68.22 KB, 439x843, aged.jpg)

>uwu i look 11
no you don't.

No. 264200

is this like an admission of having DID or being a DID faker?
>#3234 = name changed to 23minds#3234(emoji)

No. 264210

I can't believe this is thread number 3 or so thats just going to hit 1200 posts of infighting and irrelevant political mudslinging with absolutely no new milk.

No. 264211

were you hoping no one would check? I just did and almost none of them are. i kinda wish they were, it would be their only redeeming quality if they actually were terfs. they’re misogynistic pick mes

No. 264213

Its going to continue until farmhands ban LOC members. Im sure they hate this thread with how nitpicky this is.

No. 264217

I feel a lot of sympathy for farmhands. Elsewhere on the site theres a scrote cp and gore spamming so its understandable that they can't spend time babysitting this messy ass thread. But I bet these threads would get real quiet real quick if the people derailing and the people responding to the derail got a few 1 day bans and cooled off.

There's not really much to talk about re:discordgate anymore anyways, everything juicy has been posted and everyone involved has gone dark.

No. 264233

Any bets that the have some "totally epic pwnage" planned for tomorrow as it's Nov 5th? They sure do seem to have a weird obsession with V for Vendetta.

No. 264238

Comparing the news which is often presented with evidence to a storybook, the DELUSION.

No. 264240

This, as a woman nearing 30 I rarely interact with teens that aren't related to me, the only other place is this community. I was groomed as a teen so I make it a point to warn any younger people I see hanging out with adults. beyond that I can't imagine wanting to hang out with kids at my age. Knowing how to carry themselves with adults sure, but I don't think being friends with adults is good for kids.

No. 264241

I’ll bet you 100 US Dollars none of them have seen that movie.

No. 264242

lol of course they haven't. It's epic anon 4chan meme. They are legion.

No. 264247

nice way to say you didn't check any of them, apparently.

No. 264249

most newfaggy comment on here

No. 264250

It was sarcasm, anon. I'm sorry that there weren't any tone indicators for you.

No. 264251

I think this is everything in order from recent to old

[15-Mar-22 03:02 AM] agentlemandoesnotconga#8888
Someone here claims to have found proof of her identity.


[28-Dec-21 10:33 AM] elipri#5757

[25-Nov-21 07:24 AM] d0a1a8#6603

[31-Jul-21 09:36 AM] elipri#5757


[17-Jul-21 06:29 PM] agentlemandoesnotconga#8888

[18-May-21 10:46 AM] alys#0310
the comics she posted on ceeg (she apparently also namefigged)

[18-May-21 10:46 AM] alys#0310

[18-May-21 10:46 AM] alys#0310

[18-May-21 10:46 AM] alys#0310

[18-May-21 10:46 AM] alys#0310

[18-May-21 10:46 AM] alys#0310

[18-May-21 10:46 AM] alys#0310

[17-May-21 01:03 PM] zepplis#6640

[02-Apr-21 05:55 PM] Aiu#0642
is this the grandma goose coord u mean?

[24-Dec-19 11:25 AM] tenya out of ten#7566
Elveo and Develv are the artists: >>>/snow/828640

[02-Sep-19 03:46 PM] d0a1a8#6603

[19-Jun-19 08:22 AM] d0a1a8#6603

[02-May-19 10:38 PM] Spider#8888
>>>/w/46137 "is meme really a guy or not?" holy fuck why are you so invested in this

[02-May-19 01:15 PM] Spider#8888

[27-Mar-19 07:06 PM] tokkigo#7380

[27-Mar-19 07:06 PM] tokkigo#7380

[06-Mar-19 02:17 PM] tokkigo#7380

[06-Mar-19 02:14 PM] tokkigo#7380

[28-Feb-19 12:46 PM] tokkigo#7380

[11-Feb-19 03:03 PM] tokkigo#7380

[07-Feb-19 03:46 PM] tokkigo#7380

[07-Feb-19 03:46 PM] tokkigo#7380

[25-Jan-19 12:28 PM] tokkigo#7380

[24-Jan-19 06:10 PM] tokkigo#7380

[01-Nov-18 07:53 PM] tokkigo#7380

[08-Oct-18 04:32 PM] Prettydebil#3173

[30-Sep-18 08:25 PM] tokkigo#7380

[30-Sep-18 08:25 PM] tokkigo#7380

[04-Sep-18 02:09 PM] tokkigo#7380

[11-Aug-18 01:35 AM] tokkigo#7380

[24-Jul-18 01:49 PM] tokkigo#7380

[26-Jun-18 03:22 AM] Lilac_Y0#8595

[23-Jun-18 04:56 PM] Lilac_Y0#8595

[14-Jun-18 02:09 AM] opalsauce#4996
Late but

This is pretty damning: https://lolcow.farm/snow/src/1528792276638.png

[12-Apr-18 11:11 AM] Aiu#0642
@kDycu💯💯 >>>/snow/79127

[10-Apr-18 09:40 PM] Prettydebil#3173

[31-Mar-18 04:01 PM] shinychariot#8116
This is my favourite internet crazy


[01-Feb-18 10:30 AM] Prettydebil#3173

[22-Dec-17 01:12 PM] Dif#3371
BTW there's a lolcow thread about him, I don't usually enjoy lolcow but it's probably better to rant there because of the CGL security issues and drama rules >>>/snow/445742

[17-Dec-17 05:42 AM] Deleted User#0000

No. 264260

The biggest, most damaging thing about discord-gate is that countless people have found people shit-talking them behind their back. Even for casual, minor things. The discord lolitas are absolutely going to be shunned by people in their comms for this, even if quietly

No. 264262

Yeah, I was instagram mutuals with a few people in there and they said some really gross stuff about me throughout the chat and caught the block, thankfully. I'm actually still shook, I thought a lot of these girls were really cool and nice.

No. 264263

Not sure that referencing threads proves they posted in them.

No. 264264

Don't be retarded, you think they all spend time reading through lolcow threads and not participating?

No. 264268

File: 1667613322763.jpg (34.58 KB, 750x834, twinklebitchdesigns.jpg)

What's worst is they ARE cool and nice to your face because they're cowards in person. Anyway I see their all still hiding and rlly I hope this affects sales. Any other ones own wannabe brands?

@twinklebatdesigns aka @le_bat/celestial
@shopbelledreams aka @ghostlieangel
@sweetjujushop aka @starstarfairy
@rougeaerie aka @rougeaerie
@nofuneral.s aka @voyeurism.s

No. 264272

You're right, surely nobody lurks

No. 264281

lurking is less common when you see people who post sperg shit and don't acclimate everywhere. social media culture ruined the ability to lurk.

No. 264283

23 was also a mental movie. Stop trying to make up drama. It's a waste of time.

No. 264285

I don't think it's about a movie

No. 264286

And nothing indicates DID. Stop defending your stupid takes when there's real milk in these threads. Literally basing this off a name-change. The guess for DID is literally as good as the The Number 23 just being something she watched recently on Halloween and is slowly getting obsessed over the dynamic of the film.

No. 264287

You seem to be reading into the name far more than what the name lays out. 23.minds.

No. 264288

And hows that DID related?

No. 264315

What do I do if I know the real name of someone in the OP image and have known them to be a vile person?

No. 264317

if their name is not posted on their public social medias, sharing it would be doxxing which is against the rules and not a nice thing to do kek. just tell us what she did and provide caps if you can

No. 264344

just don't post their real name and post details

No. 264346

File: 1667651172906.jpg (252.56 KB, 1080x1489, Regretsy.jpg)

isn't selling right now, sage don't know if it counts. @hannahfrankewirewraps

No. 264347

File: 1667652572932.jpg (156.86 KB, 1078x1887, BibleThumper.jpg)

Speaking of Hannah Franke maybe she can join the LOC cult since she's banned now, this was 3 years after saying she's not homophobic anymore and trying to micromanage a friend's religon. >>261521 >>261533 Kek OK, well be sure to take Scotty Bishop with you too. >>264100 Christfags unite.

No. 264348

So what if she’s a Christian. What makes her religion so bad?

No. 264350

Maybe the fact that religious people are trying to take us back to the dark ages.

No. 264351

And anti religion woke fags keep pushing agendas on unconsenting underage children.

No. 264352

Both can be annoying and counterproductive nonny

No. 264353

The longer this retarded NO U argument goes on the more I keep thinking that the people wasting every moment of their lives to make spreadsheets and docs are truly the ones worthy of milking.
You know there are other secret servers right? Western lolita culture has been so focused on being salty bitches to each other for so long that this problem runs deeper than prayer and a spreadsheet can fix. If im honest, this is starting to read as a bunch of pissed off kids upset they weren't part of the secret club rather than being upset that the club existed.

No. 264354

Literally this. Both of these groups of people are shitting up the threads and trying to screech who the worse offender is.

No. 264356

Most likely is true, since a lot of the big members of LOC are people who were "cancelled" its likely that they wanted to lash out and get others cancelled in return.

No. 264362

Nonny this is old as fuck, why is this relevant? It’s not even jfashion related.

No. 264363

imagine thinking this is a good defense against someone posting your granny face

No. 264366

>looking this old this young
damn if she's only in her early 20s then age is going to wreck her

No. 264367

Being an evil crazy bitch ages you

No. 264368

nat you need to replace the elastic in this dress.

No. 264377

Makes sense why the people get targeted the hardest are mods - they were the ones who had the power to remove Nat and seemingly other LOC members for things like transphobia or harassment,and then used LCF threads here and the leak to carry out their personal vendettas against the people who banned them. Were they also behind the leak as well? It would also align with my theory.

No. 264379

this. like for real? A spreadsheet? The farms itself is the history, we don't need a spreadsheet. if people are too lazy to read than they're a newfag zoomer with zero attention span. I feel like it's also obviously just both sides mobilizing against each other on the thread itself. Both sides are incredibly cringey and should be avoided at this point. not to sound sentimental but i love lolita, and I fear this will actually cause issues in the practice of the fashion/events.


No. 264381

Please anon. No one looking in from the outside thinks the discord mods are innocent meanwhile assblasting their friends. There's a reason why Hannah and Liv are banned from metroplex.

No. 264384

>seemingly other LOC members
be careful guys, if you oppose bullying and harassment they are going to indoctrinate you into Christianity

No. 264395

What I think is interesting is liv and Hannah getting banned for the seagull leak but no one in that messenger group chat was banned for doing essentially the same thing

No. 264396

Pretty certain it's not the same, anon. Liv and Hannah admitted to coming on cgl and lcf after lying publicly about never being on these websites. They are complicit of posting shit on people actively in their community and stirring up drama.

For fuck's sake they ran off Momo.

No. 264411

Sage for tinfoil
Ayrt I’m pretty sure she left cause of Sainte bothering her. And she didn’t leave lolita just social media

No. 264412

did you read the logs? Liv had a full hand in a lot of this online drama regarding Momo

No. 264417

If it was just Liv she would have left 2 years ago

No. 264418

Why don't you ask her? It wasn't because of Sainte he was just the cherry on top.

No. 264428

vaccine jokes not ok but doxxing? totally cool. abbie you have a such strong moral compass kek

No. 264432

who even is Abbie?

No. 264433

top left in the collage, discord name Cake#9854

No. 264434

her tiktok is cringe as fuck too

doxxing- knock it off
discord- knock it off
seagull- knock it off


No. 264435

"it's only ok for ME to go on cgl and post people" kek

No. 264447

damn she's crusty

No. 264449

She's been trying to buddy up to me on insta, I think because I liked a few of her stories. I get weird vibes from her

No. 264452

Sophie is definitely a troon

No. 264454

File: 1667698131940.png (83.02 KB, 910x430, Screenshot 2022-11-05 212758.p…)

jeunefille is like 20

No. 264457

Droppings is another chat the vetted server mentioned when something private or juicy was discussed. Is that part of the same server?

No. 264464

Momo was on cgl so it’s not surprised the seagulls got into a fight

No. 264465

Yes. There is seagull-droppings and seagull-colonic. They use droppings for general (KF, LCF drama) and colonic for lolita.

No. 264469

According to the logs she's 41:
[10-Oct-21 12:37 PM] jeunefille#4045
just came back from my 40th birthday party actually.

@comrade.frill/Elina is 27:
[10-Oct-21 12:32 PM] elipri#5757
I'm 26 yo

Also Ataraxia/Taylor is a teacher, yikes. Hope she doesn't bully them like she does mentees.
[10-Oct-21 12:34 PM] elipri#5757
Ata tol and a teacher so I assumed she was my age or maybe a year older

PeachyPies/Noelle is 23.
[10-Oct-21 12:35 PM] PeachyPies#6168
am 22

No. 264470

she's not lol. have you ever seen a pic of her? i was in the server for a long time and i remember her being 19 at one point. that's 100% a joke nonny.

No. 264471

Yea according to online records Scotty Bishop is ~40 too. It's either unfortunate genetics or hard lives.

No. 264533

I am not sure posting cosplay comic strips makes you a heinous offender

No. 264577

Moving here

toastchan#4873 = @toastchaaan
Saturn#5252 = @peach burger
Nobody#6371 =
Aiu#0642 = @disparaitre_girl
ataraxia#7301 = @clearkit (deactivated)
Chryse#0151 = @chryse.planitia
Spider#8888 = Alexandra Arachne (FB)
Lilac_Y0#8595 = @lilac_myosotis
biscuit#2593 = @biscuit.bun, @gl_ossuary
Lala Land#7138 = @clefableist, Lyla Hyatt (FB)
tigbittyhobbit#1832 = @pastel_rengoku, @pastel_hashira
rainier#6904 = @ltracks, @___diarygirl, @ltracksvintage, @theltracks
Rococo#5833 =
Prettydebil#3173 = @pretty_debil
JuJuJu Bi#3579 = @junie_green, @twotartsandaprincess, @JunieGreenerie
PaperSnowflakes#8415 = @paper_snowflakes
zepplis#6640 = @zepplis
PeachyPies#6168 = @peachy.pumpkin.tea
Piratand#8052 =
Darksilverhawk#3148 =
Dif#3371 =
PaperSnowflakes#8415 = @paper_snowflakes
Cookie Cat#7077 = Rose Nocturnalia, void-whispers.blogspot.com
opalsauce#4996 = @opal.pasteldream, @oh.pal_, @Opalpasteldream
Caustice Ichor#0416 =
The_Kraken#0878 =
harmlessmonster#7160 =
alys#0310 = @fentanyllfairy, @webfairy.wiz, @bitchyangel64
Crunge#9497 =
Neeks#0146 = @neekymomo
Jess#1258 = (tinfoil this is @jess.in.pink but no proof)
Plastic Flowers#1785 = (tinfoil this is @pinkfakeflowers2.0 but no proof)
Prettydebil#3173 = @pretty_debil
Snailu#0713 =

No. 264579



Olivia/Liv pastel-princess#0753 AKA @marshmallowbnuy (formerly dreamypastelprincess)
toastchan#4873 = @toastchaaan
rainier#6904 (Rainey?) = @ltracks, @___diarygirl, @ltracksvintage, @theltracks
Hannah ametrine#4707 = @rosequartzroyalty [particularly heinous offender] LM: Rosequartzroyalty
elipri#5757 = @comrade.frill LM: Elina

Radical Eddy#1987 (originally from Wisconsin)

Aiu#0642 = @disparaitre_girl
tokkigo#7380 = (FB: Mani Devlin) @tokkigo LM: tokkigo [particularly heinous offender, ragequit after being posted]
_kurako__#5711 = @_kurako__
JuJuJu Bi#3579 = (Ha-Anh Dinh) @junie_green, @twotartsandaprincess, @JunieGreenerie, twotartsandaprincess.com
kuroeko#0558 = @kuroekoo LM: kuroeko
PaperSnowflakes#8415 = @paper_snowflakes LM: PaperSnowflakes (works at Baby SF, has leaked secret shop info to discord)
dedizenoflight#5279 = @dedizenoflight (Twitter)





South Bend, INDIANA

Lala Land#7138

🍩𝖉𝖔𝖓𝖚𝖙🍩#3234 = name changed to 23minds#3234

evasiqe#8696 = @evasiqe




Cookie Cat#7077 (Chelsea Clarke)= Rose Nocturnalia, void-whispers.blogspot.com




Jess#1258 (@jess.in.pink?)

celestial#8008 = @bumblebat, batlatte, acute-bird, coof-police LM: bumblebat [particularly heinous offender]

Lucid#9208 = lychee.cute?, lucidbunny.dreamwidth.org [particularly heinous offender]

PeachyPies#6168 = @peachy.pumpkin.tea

Cake#9854 AKA @abbie_666

UK (POssibly Malaysia?)



alys#0310 = @digitalangel96 @fentanyllfairyy (name change)[particularly heinous offender]

pyuukin#4112 = @pyuukin @pyuukin.art


Inaka, JAPAN

No. 264580

Anon, what is this proving?

No. 264582

their autism

No. 264584

Call me a discord chan but the milk on them is running dry. How many weeks has this gone on for? Four? Five?

No. 264586

Melissa going batshit unhinged was the reason. Still I think these lists are very valid considering how heinous they’ve been to the online community for years

No. 264587

I don’t think Melissa is the only one with a death grip on this. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the discordfags were in here self posting trying to make it seem like Melissa is more hellbent on exposing the discord more than she actually is. That’s just my tinfoil theory.

The milk has ran dry and there isn’t really anything else interesting that has come to light about the situation.

No. 264597

Idk nonny, updating a spreadsheet every single day for a month, changing Instagrams when you get caught, and constantly wk-ing your besties is a pretty tight death grip.

No. 264600

Her hate boner is obvious, I just don’t think she’s acting alone

No. 264603

File: 1667786028527.png (20.1 KB, 275x275, 1495302262238.png)

It's very obviously Discordfags LARPing with each other in here the past 2 threads. Most people left because it's unbearable now thanks to them. They're mostly newfags who don't realize these threads don't need posted on every day. There's a reason it picked up when that chat got as heinous as it did.

No. 264623

>They're mostly newfags who don't realize these threads don't need posted on every day.
This. Can easily pick up on that from the logs too.

No. 264625

>changing Instagrams
What did she change her name to? I can't find it.

No. 264626

nta but you know a lot of us are visitors and can see ya'll vendetta targeting people you don't like for exposing the discord

No. 264629

schizo-chan. melissa was a creep and took it too fucking far. the spreadsheet was milky. both #seagull and melissa have been in the wrong - to different degrees, but are you going to pretend that deceased :( was ok?

No. 264630

this is LCF you're expecting lurkers to have morals akin to your own on a board that is full of TERFs and people who harass others to kill themselves.

No. 264631

>the spreadsheet was milky.
just say you're a newfag peddling for breadcrumbs and go

No. 264635

Incredible, everyone is a "discordfag" or "totally not someone else".
Also >>264579 "inaka" means "middle of nowhere" you retard. If you're going to be weird at least be right.

No. 264687

Kek they’re changing usernames and moving.

No. 264708

TERFs have morals too nonna don’t be rude

No. 264714

true but LCF is where you harass people until death due you part

No. 264716

threads used to take months to reach max but now its happening is a matter of days. seems like a strategy to bury the discordfag logs. i assume the next couple threads will be like this until they think everyone has forgot about them.

No. 264728

>you harass people until death due you part
wtf are you on about? there is no harassment because we have a no cow tipping rule, the cows can just choose to not view the farms and live their life unbothered

No. 264729

Tinfoil the anon trying to blame Kuru's death on La La is the leaker. Clearly know La La Land well and have a major but Pro-bably warranted vendetta.

No. 264730

Pro what?

No. 264731

Melissa took it off the farms with that batshit google doc with peoples locations and irl identities

No. 264732

if you're dumb enough to put your zip code on your lacemarket, which is public for all the internet to see….kek, it's like idiots putting their place of employment or college in their bios. zoomers never learned not to give their private info to strangers on the internet.

No. 264733

that's not cow tipping nor doxxing, the discordfags are dumb enough to associate their real identities with their online presence
it was a bit unhinged though and she was made fun of for it itt anyways but it's not like much is going to happen from the doc except maybe a discordfag or two being banned from a local comm
idk about all that but it's clear a lot of these retards can't be bothered to read the rules and learn to integrate

No. 264734

Wait I’m looking at the doc right now, where are the locations? Are they hidden in the notes or something? :((:()

No. 264738

Literally this. If you put that information out there you can’t get mad when people know about it.

No. 264747

I don’t think it’s so much about their zips being posted
I think it’s just showing how batshit insane someone would be to compile a doc and look for everyone’s LM account
Obviously the Info is out there
The point is that she took the time to look

No. 264749

by that logic #seagull never doxxed anyone then it doesn't hold up still unhinged

No. 264752

No she removed it the second people said it was unhinged. Same for having deceased with a little sad face next to kurus name. Eventually after she was still reamed for including a dead girl at all on her doc she removed it then too and added the dumb little note at the bottom of the doc.

No. 264754

Why do you need to compile as much information on them in any case? Serious question. What is the end goal? Why do you need a spread sheet of their real name and specific location? This goes beyond warning the community and you are weird, anon.

No. 264757

nayrt but the only location posting was whoever started this list >>264579 which other anons have pointed out isn't even correct. like saying Lucidly is Phlox it's not and listing Elpri in 2 different countries ffs. so there's multiple "lists" floating around with different info. it's different anons making them and discordchans were pissed the google doc had their LMs which listed their location which they had to put themselves, keep up retard.

No. 264761

who ever claimed #seagull doxxed shit? classic disgulls making up shit

No. 264763

Ok then whose the leaker nonny?

No. 264766

nta didn't they doxx that plague chan/ryudenki girl?

No. 264768

who is calling that doxxing, again?

No. 264769

what? so the discordchans did or didn't doxx ryudenki? I thought they found her real name and posted it but maybe I'm misremembering the logs

No. 264770

Why'd you delete your reply saying it's discord whose targeting Lala for Kuru's death? That doesn't even make sense since Lala is the discord admin.

No. 264771

Anon, I think you're retarded.

No. 264772

In the past threads where have you been?

No. 264773

Yes but that doesn't apply to every anon on the website as if we're all Melissa. It's likely that's the general feeling of the two people who got posted by discordchans and they may be in here posting.

No. 264774

nonna no every person itt is Melissa, Discordchans, Nat, or DDZ! no other person comes here ever.

No. 264780

I think some anon claimed that they doxxed a bunch of people, and said they encouraged people to kill themselves, but when they were asked to post where in the logs this was so the people who didn't wanna slog through 5 years of dumb shit could see it for themselves, that anon just got really defensive and accused everyone replying to them of being a discordchan. If you find that shit in the logs please post it so its actually documented.

No. 264782

So what's so special about the logs then? Just two faced gossip? How is that milky enough to warrant 3 threads within 4 weeks? I am honestly lost at this point and the threads about it are just endless in fighting and accusations of everyone being LOC/Discordfags.

No. 264783

Yeah. I get where people are coming from with regards to especially moderators being more or less publicly two faced like this, thats not ok. But it felt like the level of outrage and interest in that waned and maybe certain people felt like they had to make shit juicier to keep people talking about it? Hard to say without being able to see who was saying what.

No. 264784

here's one
not at my pc right now so I can't double check the logs to confirm but I'm pretty sure they did doxx plague chan and made a kiwifarms thread on her/posted her to /cgl/
idk if there was any other doxxing they did aside from ryudenki/plague chan though
it's because a lot of these hypocritical discord ita lunatics are mods/mentors and use their positions of power to manipulate things and get away with their shitty bullying behavior - people not involved with loc and/or the discord itas should just make their own comms at this point to avoid all this drama
I agree we definitely don't need this many threads on it and obviously there's tons of garbage clogging up every thread, maybe it'll calm down once there's other milk posted besides discord and loc related stuff

No. 264785

>maybe it'll calm down once there's other milk posted besides discord and loc related stuff
ayrt, but that's so long as no one yells that posting anything other than this stale milk is "derailing" like they did anytime someone brought up something different.

No. 264786

But as stated here >>264732, >>264733, and >>264784, collecting public information that someone posted themselves and then going on to post it to sites like these or in a massive Google document that is updated everyday isn't doxxing. So which is it?

No. 264788

File: 1667878103891.png (49.52 KB, 1920x974, notepad_3ZLt82iRHh.png)

Oh yeah I'm reading that part of the doc and they spend at least an hour fine-tuning how to type it to make sure that they grab the KF choads' attention. It looks like its just zepplis, celestial, cake, aiu, harmlessmonster, with the first two seeming to be the most intensely focused on this. But none of the rest were like "hey this is a shitty idea". That's pretty gross.

No. 264792

it's not doxxing if it's publicly available/easily searchable information but it's still unhinged behavior to post peoples personal info like both the discord itas and melissa did - it seems they think lc and /cgl/ are their personal armies that'll go after whoever they personally don't like (we obviously won't kek)
I already mentioned I can't go through the logs right now and that I'm not 100% certain if they actually did doxx ryudenki or not, you are free to check the logs to see if it was doxxing or just them finding and posting already available info
yeah it's especially gross considering kf has a bad reputation for cow tipping and harassing cows directly, likely why they posted her there hoping the kiwiscrotes would do just that
thread policing is annoying and if they're whining about actual milk being posted you can just ignore the complainers or report them for minimodding next time it happens

No. 264795

You put every piece of info you knew on Hollow on KF hopinh they would doxx her. The convo started with Zepplis actually saying "I kinda wanna dox" >>>/w/259976 Keep "uwu where's proof" but it's right there. zepplis, celestial, cake, aiu, harmlessmonster worked to get her doxxed.
>But none of the rest were like "hey this is a shitty idea".
No one in there when it was happening is innocent I agree.

No. 264799

people keep using doxxing like normies use hacking when they simply go on facebook when their friend is still logged in. doxxing needs to be private information that you've never ever posted online. if you post your phone number online it's not doxxing for someone else to post it. if your boss posts his phone number online and you tag him as your boss in a post and someone posts his phone number it's not doxxing.

No. 264815

File: 1668025661988.jpeg (2.12 MB, 3464x3464, 0E9C37A4-18F7-4970-A894-4B3991…)

No. 264816

I’m sure you trying to say that the person with the blog is making threads but it’s more likely that since LOC were already gathering this info to attack these women they did that on purpose. Just like how they made a fake btb dreamwidth with a lucid email.

The tinfoil response is that is Melissa but she isn’t the only unhinged person in that group.

No. 264818

>points out that Hannah’s font matches thread pics
>immediately responds claiming Hannah had nothing to do with it
>insinuates discordfags are victims
>blames the leak on LOC
>blames the threads on LOC
>blames behind the bows ON LOC
Next time you try to larping as other people use a less unique font.

No. 264819

Now all the OPs with old/wrong half-assed info make sense.

No. 264820

LOC was gathering what info to attack which women, and who did what on purpose?
Am I having a stroke or is Hannah just panicking

No. 264822

Btb was confirmed theirs. You could tell based on who had access to what on dreamwidth. It makes sense they would also make the fake one to fuck with ppl, their whole thing is to troll. The Loc name is a troll, the lesbians hating lesbians is a troll, the mask, etc.

Why would Hannah use the same font as her blog? It doesn’t make sense to link yourself like that when your social media is being looked at daily for a month.

No. 264823

>lesbians hating lesbians
What? This is an image board. Spoonfeed pls.

No. 264824

More like LOC panicking once Melissa's name, email, and edit history was attached to the spreadsheet and then changed usernames everywhere right after.

No. 264827

No. 264828

>Btb was confirmed theirs. You could tell based on who had access to what on dreamwidth.
according to the logs it wasnt openly owned by seagull but it was remade by Lucidly real quick. Jeunefille openly followed the account and so did whoever her mentee is too.
[03-Apr-22 10:21 PM] Aiu#0642
that kinda hints at it being a Nat and Bunnakins kind of thing, but could be Nat and ???

[03-Apr-22 10:23 PM] jeunefille#4045
they can be just dumb like me tho

[03-Apr-22 10:23 PM] jeunefille#4045
i saw it clicked join and didnt give it a second thought

[03-Apr-22 10:24 PM] jeunefille#4045
idk what type of person my mentee is but im pretty sure she isnt behind it either

>Why would Hannah use the same font as her blog? It doesn’t make sense

you sound panicked nonny kek. Hannah hasnt updated that blog since June 2020 and doesn't link it on her social media either. it's obvious she made them, she doesnt advertie the blog anywhere and we know she lives on these threads.

No. 264829

it honestly makes sense that she made these and sprinkled herself in two of the OP images to throw off suspicion of it being her kek

No. 264831

Hannah if you're here in the room with us, get your fucking teeth and nose fixed before you talk shit. Try to be less obvious about posting here, you didn't do yourself any favors by reaching out to someone who was posted here not even 30 mins after they were posted asking if she was alright kek

No. 264839

Out of all the reaches in the past threads this is the biggest yet. You are desperate.

No. 264841

The dots are connecting a little too well on this one nonny i dunno

No. 264842

Explain how. It’s not a common font nonna. Not to mention key players have had their info altered or removed in the last four thread summaries.

No. 264846

if you google free text maker it’s literally the first link and one of the default options. Tinfoil harder

No. 264847

How about the altered thread summaries?

No. 264848

File: 1668034099224.png (516.32 KB, 760x968, cooltext.png)

all 4 were defenitely made by the same person, here's the other font used and both are on the second page of the same site. sussy that the only other time we've seen this font is on Hannah Franke's blog. >>264815 typical sloppy work from her.

No. 264849

You can start by showing examples of other lolita or jfashion blogs that use this same exact font. Otherwise, this seems a bit damning

No. 264850

How is it damning? Texas bitches vendetta post Hannah here all day long.

No. 264851

how’d you know what to google though? it did occur to me at first that maybe it’s a default font on Blogspot but it’s not, then I tried googling heart font and bubble font and didn’t find it there either.
she’s also a known LCF addict (see thread #7) and seems to have beef with absolutely everyone. precisely the type to make detailed thread pics and then change info later to suit her drama mongering needs.

No. 264852

It’s obvious that Hannah and her idiots are in here and I’m previous threads causing mayhem, but idk this seems to be a big reach. Is she unhinged enough to shoop herself into thread images?

No. 264853

Lol how would you know it’s one of the first default fonts unless you’ve used it before? It’s not the first result on Google for “default font”

No. 264854

Yes? I think we have established at this point how unhinged and drama hungry she is? Wouldn't put it past her to shoop herself in to throw off suspicion

No. 264856

She was conveniently left out of the #9 drama recap. If she is the one making these threads she threw her bestie Liv under the bus by recapping her but not recapping herself

No. 264857

File: 1668035507337.png (325.01 KB, 818x404, 300x300AnnaShipman-1095974122.…)

well that was easy kek. Aiu#0642 = @disparaitre_girl (name change from auilura)

No. 264860

It’d be more suspicious if she left herself off every recent thread picture.

No. 264861

Anon respectfully why do you need to know her real name and where she studied? Some of you are a tad obsessed
>inb4 i'm discordfag
I just think you are getting weird

No. 264862

we don't anon, its proving the info is public. this is an imageboard. she follows rqr's blog proving rqr and aiu have seen the font before and likely are who posted this >>264846 and or made the past 4 threads. unless like >>264849 said there's other lolita or jfashion blogs using the same font.

No. 264863

I feel like Hannah would just want to bury her dirty laundry instead of bringing attention to it. Looking at the logs Hannah is quick to jump on the hate train for no reason but when it’s about her all of a sudden it’s bullying/hate. But she’s quick to hop to the farms to start something.

No. 264864

This is still a gigantic stretch imho.
I feel you are feeding us false narratives in the hopes of using us as a personal army.

No. 264866

What does this have to do with lolita drama?

No. 264867

So out of curiosity i googled ryudenki and it takes me right to her lace market name which is probably how they found her in the first place. Other results are her facebook and deviantart and etsy. so its not like discordchans were masters of digging up information in this case

No. 264868

File: 1668037234160.png (111.03 KB, 508x376, IMG_1403.PNG)

No. 264870

File: 1668037597400.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1818x4108, 1617323819976.jpeg)

Correct, it wasnt doxxing it was googling info publicly available. Ryudenki is some weirdo who make it her legal name and made an account on kf to talk shit about lolitas so they posted her back to get her to stop. So either both loc and seagull dox or neither are.

Like loook at this shit, they wanted to go to work like this. In a hospital.

No. 264871

> So either both loc and seagull dox or neither are.
and if the discordchans didnt really doxx anyone are they even that milky aside from being catty cunts? and if they really were just clapping back against ryudenki then it wasnt just out of no where.idk it feels like the milk gets weaker and weaker the more shit goes on.

No. 264872

I think we all agree the log milk is sour. The threads being made by Hannah or Aiu though… kek

No. 264873

They’re not that stupid

No. 264877

It is weak. It stemmed from a LOC vendetta. They're still gossiping cunts doe.

No. 264878

Ryudenki is plague doctor chan real real name?

No. 264879

they don't need to doxx anyone to be milky anon they are milky because they are insane ita hypocrites who put on a phony wholesome caring personality on public social media while posting their own friends and mentees to here and /cgl/ and even kiwifarms to shittalk them, and have made racist, misogynistic, and homophobic comments while also pretending to be virtuous wokesters
but yeah the milk on them is getting a bit stale now, the logs have been out for awhile at this point and there isn't much more to be said
yes she got it legally changed to that kek

No. 264881

I want the milk on this.

No. 264882

if that were the case then Hannah and Liv would not have been banned

No. 264886

They got banned because Jherrica hates them, separately from whatever is happening here. Memes aside Texas lolitas are nasty bitches to eachother and Jherrica used the leaks to power trip.

No. 264888

Sounds pretty akin to how the Discord acts, doesn't it? Excuses being made to ban people. People hate the people that are just like them.

No. 264889

what? wasn’t it confirmed Jessi / alovelyspring was the leaker? she doesn’t seem to be affiliated with LOC

No. 264890

>The Loc name is a troll, the lesbians hating lesbians is a troll, the mask, etc.
I'm still stuck on this. What does this mean nonny?

No. 264892

She’s not, discordchans are just trying to deflect

No. 264896

Are we back to anyone who disagrees with me is a discordchan deflecting Again?

No. 264898

She claimed to be framed so they still haven't found the leaker and are turning on eachother itt.

No. 264899

Rilu was the based stalker kek

No. 264901

Yes it was Jessi/alovelyspring/knightofstlily, this was posted right before the logs were dropped and she didn't know how discord worked ig.

No. 264903

If you're going to repost the list I made, at least use the edits people suggested to improve it.

This was all location info ripped directly from the logs from what the cows said themselves

No. 264904

Who is rilu?

No. 264905

Because some of us might actually meet this cunt at the comm meets. I've been wanting to know who she was so I could avoid her. It's nice to know her name is Anna and see different pictures besides that same grainy one from Paradiso

No. 264906

But why her work/education information? Are you going to meets where she went to school?

No. 264909

Oh no, god forbid someone from her workplace googles her name and finds out she's an unhinged bully. What a travesty

No. 264911

Why would/should shit talking drama in a lolita server affect someone's job, you weirdo. And that's not what was asked. Why is any of that information relevant to the milk?

No. 264912

It's already been said, don't be defense

No. 264913

>don't be defense
What does this even mean.

No. 264914

druuuuuuuuuuuugs(unsaged shitpost)

No. 264915

File: 1668046787301.jpg (55.97 KB, 500x612, rosequartzroyalty.jpg)

>get your fucking teeth and nose fixed
Just to be clear you mean these teeth and this nose right?

No. 264917

Truly horrifying

No. 264918

Idk but she’s in the logs up until they stop, it’s someone that was in the discord.

No. 264919

This thread is becoming extremely unhinged. Leakers are more milky than discordchans at this point kek

No. 264921

>Takes short break on this thread cause of all the derailing
>Comes back with no milk just people calling eachother ugly.

Welp ima head out.(sage while you're at it)

No. 264922

only confirmed leaker is >>264889

No. 264923

File: 1668049114308.png (491.25 KB, 814x730, youhavetobejoking.png)

I didn't know RQR had a blog. Is this why she was Nat's mentor since they both sew? How can she shit on Nat for her sew jobs at 15 when this was her at 12? Censored face because she was a minor in the pic but it's on her blog https://rosequartzroyalty.blogspot.com/2019/02/hello-world.html

No. 264927

Ayrt, "leakers" meaning the person/people posting irrelevant information itt and taking time to sleuth fonts and deep dive for work/education profiles. None of which are relevant to the logs and comes off as vendetta/begging for us to act or care. Unhinged.

No. 264928

Retarded reach

No. 264929

No. 264930


No. 264931

nayrt but the Hannah milk isn't log related, stop wking.

No. 264932

Why should someone being an unhinged lunatic in their spare time affect how their employer might see them? Kek what a dumb question

No. 264933

Updated. working on a page so these community bigots are put on the wall of shame. It’s a shame people like, Melissa, are stalked to death by these unhinged gang stalkers and clout hungry sjw idiots.
Highly encourage to block their Facebook that put into the Google doc.


Olivia/Liv pastel-princess#0753 AKA @marshmallowbnuy (formerly dreamypastelprincess)
TikTok xxx_pinkgothicrose_xxx

toastchan#4873 = @Toastchaaan
TikTok @Toastchaaan
YouTube Toast chan
Twitter @Toastchaaan

rainier#6904 (Rainey?) = @ltracks, @___diarygirl, @ltracksvintage, @theltracks

Hannah ametrine#4707 = @rosequartzroyalty [particularly heinous offender] LM: Rosequartzroyalty
TikTok @rosequartzroyalty
Blog rosequartzroyalty

Radical Eddy#1987 (originally from Wisconsin)

Aiu#0642 = @disparaitre_girl
tokkigo#7380 = (FB: Mani Devlin) @tokkigo LM: tokkigo [particularly heinous offender, ragequit after being posted]
_kurako__#5711 = @_kurako__
JuJuJu Bi#3579 = (Ha-Anh Dinh) @junie_green, @twotartsandaprincess, @JunieGreenerie, twotartsandaprincess.com
kuroeko#0558 = @kuroekoo LM: kuroeko
PaperSnowflakes#8415 = @paper_snowflakes LM: PaperSnowflakes (works at Baby SF, has leaked secret shop info to discord)
dedizenoflight#5279 = @dedizenoflight (Twitter)





South Bend, INDIANA

Lala Land#7138

🍩𝖉𝖔𝖓𝖚𝖙🍩#3234 = name changed to 23minds#3234

evasiqe#8696 = @evasiqe




Cookie Cat#7077 (Chelsea Clarke)= Rose Nocturnalia, void-whispers.blogspot.com




Jess#1258 (@jess.in.pink?)

celestial#8008 = @bumblebat, batlatte, acute-bird, coof-police LM: bumblebat [particularly heinous offender]

Lucid#9208 = lychee.cute?, lucidbunny.dreamwidth.org [particularly heinous offender]

PeachyPies#6168 = @peachy.pumpkin.tea

Cake#9854 AKA @abbie_666

UK (POssibly Malaysia?)

elipri#5757 = @comrade.frill LM: Elina


alys#0310 = @digitalangel96 @fentanyllfairyy (name change)[particularly heinous offender]

pyuukin#4112 = @pyuukin @pyuukin.art


Inaka, JAPAN

No. 264934

Ok Melissa(hi cow)

No. 264935

Obvious derail

No. 264936

>It’s a shame people like, Melissa, are stalked to death by these unhinged gang stalkers and clout hungry sjw idiots.

Ma'am, Melissa is the one who made that doc. She is the only one editing that doc. She is the one complying that info. She is the stalker. See >>263787

No. 264937

How many times are you going to post this without updating it. Sage your shit next time.

No. 264938

So what if I’m Melissa?? Pointing fingers anonymously is ridiculous and childish

No. 264939

Anon I understand why you keep posting the list, but we already know all of this. We get it. Reposting it over and over again isn’t going to produce new milk.

No. 264940

They’re getting MAD keep posting

No. 264941

Based. Never forget discordgate

No. 264942

You should probably take the time to update this list with what's on the doc next time, it will make you look more legit. Do you live in Inaka too btw? Why so mad over Hannah milk?

No. 264943

We’ve been at this for over a month, the milk has run dry

No. 264944

Would it make You feel it better if a website or blog spot was created? I feel like lolcow isn’t going anywhere and gtfomygfash isn’t active.

Would opt a feature of where offenders face are shown and their social links are embedded so blocking is quick

No. 264945

That's weird nonny. Who decides what a listable offense is? At least with logs we can read to see how guilty someone is.

No. 264946

So was Nat constantly being harassed that was somehow deemed milk

No. 264947

Melissa absolutely seething ITT kek

No. 264948

>picking on a 12 year old
Ok anon

No. 264949

Anon if lolcow dosen't even care, that means you should take the fucking hint. I know you're probably autistic but damn.

No. 264950

exactly, what was hannah thinking? sad world were in.

No. 264955

anon hannah is the 12 year old…

No. 264956

You're trying too hard, give it a rest.

No. 264965

How can someone already look like a 50 year old Mormon housewife in their early 20s? that mug has seen better days

No. 264970

Reading comprehension retard. The comparison is about Hannah picking on Nat for her hand made dresses when she did the same as a kid.

No. 265004

Melissa has every right to get upset after these freaks has went after her and Nat.

No. 265006

Those freaks didn’t update a Google sheet every day for a month compiling the details of several dozen people. Seethe harder. They’re just as much unhinged freaks as the rest of them.

No. 265008

Lmao Nat has a right but Melissa doesn’t. She’s another unhinged 30 year old, just like the rest of them.

No. 265013

Melissa also seems to have an obsession with Nat that's starting to get creepy. If I were Nat I'd be horrified if someone was going this hard and unhinged on my behalf. The poor girl can't catch a break from anywhere.

No. 265018

This. The constant obsession with discordgate (remember she also had a 300+ page document with every mention of LOC members tracked) and wk-ing these threads, Melissa is a just as unhinged. Not to mention flying out to Texas to go harass a shop… she needs medical help. Normal happy healthy people don’t do that.

No. 265022

Honestly, kind of creepy that a trio of old lesbian women are exclusively interacting with teenagers/barely not teenagers.(learn2sage)

No. 265023

Melissa you have been vendettaposting discordgate for the past 3 threads now, compiled a spreadsheet with everyone's information on it, and updated it nearly every day.

Strange how all of Nat's new besties are twice her age. It's giving groomer.

No. 265026

Sorry you/your friends got banned

No. 265030

Who are the old lesbian women?

No. 265031

Samefag as >>265030 but are you the same anon who said LOC is “lesbians hating lesbians” and then proceeded to not elaborate? Please give us a clue lol

No. 265033

So when are we finally gonna start milking Melissa for this incredible spergout

No. 265036

as old as the log milk is, the discordfags making these threads, changing the narrative, using lcf and cgl as their personal army, and larping, is even older. it's curdled. we know you're attention whores but no one else is making these threads which means no one but you cares….you could just stop, idgi

No. 265037

Melissa cares a lot, she is the one who is keeping this up and even admitted to it yesterday. Wonder what she thinks getting people's work places is for.

No. 265038

ayrt it's been at least twice where the threads have locked and hannah made new ones but why? no one else was interested in a new one but her. do her friends know she posting them or since shes posting herself too they don't care? call me a newfag but is that normal for here?

No. 265039

There’s no way to prove that Hannah is making the threads so that’s kind a reach

No. 265040

Yeah I made the threads but you can't prove it. This is an imageboard.

No. 265041

it's very apparent the only ppl in here anymore is from that chat and youre talking to eachother. people come in when it gets bumped, see its still going on and leave. you could just stop making the threads though and people would forget.

No. 265042

It was proven you made it upthread. >>264815 >>264846 >>264848 So until you can post proof of others using it, it's very damning for Hannah and maybe Anna too. >>264857

No. 265043

You must be a newfag because all threads automatically lock after the 1200 post limit has been reached. Convenient the "Hannah is behind it all" tinfoil gets posted after it's found out that Melissa created the spreadsheet and admits to obsessively stalking and posting in these threads. The milk is coming from inside the farms.

No. 265044

This bait is so weak, it's pathetic. Its all trying to add confusion and take the blame of Melissa. But it's so obvious, I don't think anyone is falling for it.

No. 265045

File: 1668110264521.jpg (702.81 KB, 700x1300, grooming.jpg)

yea I just said i'm new. they lock but someone has to make a new one right? hannah chose to. i guess i'm not used to have two faced friends. outsiders see what's going on. first you targeted nat, now melissa, and even people who left your group or even were still in there you attacked. you actually groomed nat and still have a photo of a underage girl on your computers and of her with a strap on. is this why you started the mentor server? why you stay even though you hate it? you're getting something from being in there. you're sick.

No. 265046

who is the trio of old lesbians? sorry newfag here.

No. 265047

Hannah and Nat are around the same age, she cant groom Nat that isnt how that works. Melissa and DDZ are in their mid 30s, those women are grooming Nat. Why are they friends with someone half their age? Why are they using "Nat was bullied" to vendetta post? Poor Nat needs new friends.

No. 265049

You can be the same age as someone and still groom them. It’s not always an giant age gap.

No. 265050

File: 1668110986115.jpeg (230.14 KB, 828x582, 7F947408-7370-4FCA-8E7B-61D549…)

Wasn’t nat 15 around this time? Seems like an age gap to me.

No. 265052

According to RQR's blog >>264923 she was 19 in 2019 and is 22 on her IG. She is almost 4 years older than Nat. Nat joined Mentor at 15 so Hannah was 18-19+ the entire time. Nat wasn't the only minor in Mentor either and there's still some. There is clearly predatory relationships happening in there and it evolved into grooming in Nat's case.

No. 265053

File: 1668112007774.jpeg (234.48 KB, 1125x1364, 3C87B46F-2118-46A9-B17F-18C2C6…)

Could be the ‘Kinkie’ font as well, which matches the thread images and is one of the first fonts to come up when googling ‘heart fonts.’ I’ve seen this font before; it’s not uncommon and isn’t definitive proof that Hannah made the threads.

What IS suspicious is that none of the Ashleigh/“Stalker-chan” milk was included in the new thread, which was arguably Hannah’s most damning transgression. The logs start at >>260770 for reference.

No. 265054

Some LOC has opinions on the Dallas mod. Nothing but power control and shit talking with other Texas mods. I wouldn’t trust mods as both Seattle comm mod and discord harassed Nat

No. 265055

It doesn't have the same gradient as Hannah's banner or the OPs. It was pointed out both fonts used for OPs are on the same page of the same site >>264848 which was found after we were told what to look for kek. >>264846 Too much adds up.
>inb4 "hi it's me the OP of all 4 threads and I am definitely not hannah"

No. 265057

Ok did she banned the rest in discordgate? I’m sure she noticed liv and Hannah ruckus the longest with warnings but who got off

No. 265060

File: 1668114531840.png (10.87 MB, 3874x3156, degenfull.png)

Holy huge reach. i genuinely wish mods can IP check each thread post because i am nowhere near texas and have made all of these. that text font has been used for lolita/kawaii boards for like over a decade.
In fact DDZ or one of her friends took OUT the original pic that said "Feetpilled 4 christ" and made this shit thread recap >>>/w/243911 after i took too long and changed it into just "pilled 4 christ," picrel is the original pic that was posted here >>243468

No. 265061

samefag, but to add on it's clear how few of you actually read the fucking thread recaps because why in the world would hannah introduce herself into the recaps when she otherwise could have gotten away from the alyssa drama? Her section (first introduced in this thread >>>/w/226912 ) does not paint her nicely at all, and so far all of her internet activities have consisted of attempting fly under the radar of controversy while also shit talking

No. 265062

hannah is currently 22, and nat is 19. that's a decent age gap especially when they were both teens. There are 19 year old camp counselors with campers the age of 14-15.

No. 265064

That is because they are grooming her. Grooming is not always sexual. Grown women nearing their 40th birthday should not be hanging with a 19 something like Nat and converting her to their belief. Uber creepy.

No. 265065

Hannah and Alyssa was all over that thread too.

No. 265066

So you have no idea how graphic design works then, retard. Pointing out the gradient actually proves that Hannah is using ‘Kinkie’ and the thread OP is using ‘Cupid’, because you can’t edit the top gradient color on a basic editor like Cooltext (and notably, the gradient in the thread images is exactly the same). You can, however, easily add a complex gradient overlay to any text in Photoshop; Hannah’s header gradient is not the standard white-to-base color gradient Cooltext is capable of.

No. 265068

yes exactly, but it otherwise could have died down too. her being included in the thread pic and recap was a tipping point. the moment they suspected alyssa was the person who was talking about her in thread, hannah immediately blocked her and even made that insecure tiktok about how she "t0TallY does thE curlY girl girL mEthod!!!1" the moment someone mentioned her hair. She is definitely afraid of being mentioned on here.

and again, the only "proof" of someone tampering with the narrative in the thread OP/Pic (and don't get me wrong, clearly discordfags tried to shape the narrative IN thread discussions) is when ddz & co took out the feetpilled for christ in the thread pic AND included a gun show section in >>>/w/24391 which is fucking cringe. If hannah/discord fags were controlling the narrative, they wouldn't be plastered all over the thread recap and pics, they weren't just "sprinkled in" they were the main thing to point and laugh at.

this, it was just cooltext because it automatically is transparent and easy to import into photoshop kek

No. 265069

Kek thanks for the clarification of these unhinged psychopaths

No. 265070

I already thought the tinfoil of Hannah making the threads was flimsy, but thank you for explaining in a verifiable way why so we can hopefully put the delusional anon to bed on that subject. All the discordchans have been extremely quiet since this came out, there's absolutely no reason to believe any one of them would be perpetuating this information being shared and bumped. Its another weird derailment.

No. 265071

That’s what I was thinking as well. It’s just an unfortunate coincidence that the fonts are the same but there’s nothing conclusive from it.

No. 265072

Kek and there's that "I made all the threads but I'm not Hannah I promise" post.
By that logic DDZ wouldn't be in the thread pic of the post she made at all. It's clear it was at least 2 people since there's 2 fonts. Probably friends who said where to look retard. Attention whores gonna attention.

No. 265073

DDZ’s not retarded. It would look suspicious to completely remove herself from the new thread image in the midst of new milk. There’s a difference between sprinkling yourself in to avoid suspicion and plastering you and your friends’ faces over four different thread OPs. Especially considering what we know about Hannah’s personality and fear of being blasted on LCF.

> It's clear it was at least 2 people since there's 2 fonts

What does this even mean, schizo-chan?

No. 265074

No lies here. Alyssa, aka Birds_symphonia Hag, launched into a rant accusing people of selling her fake AP. One of the sellers, with whom I'm close, said she was the most insufferable buyer she had ever encountered. It was entertaining to see the seeeting discord mod, which is Hannah and Alyssa getting into a hussle.

No. 265075

whoops, didn't mean the dakota rose thread, this one >>>/w/243911

Sure ddz or one of her friends did still include her in the thread with the altered thread pic, but look at her section:

DDZ / deedeezeta
>has a slap fight with some gross troon that wanted to expose himself in a spa >>232744 >>232916
>makes a blog post exposing perverted community members >>238473
>old milk resurfaces when gross vendettachan attempts to find dirt on her >>240723
>poses with a gun to larp as a badass >>243119
>speculation on if she's actually a troon continues kek

It literally calls the poster that outed her pornish past a "vendetta." This a flattering thread summary. This coupled with actually boasting and calling themselves "perv controL" with their guns and relabeling into pilled 4 christ in the thread pic makes it very clear either she or one of them made THAT specific thread. They didn't make the others though

No. 265076

>it was DDZ because she changed the thread pic and had a flattering recap
>it wasn't Hannah because she didn't change the thread pic and has been posting the same recap
>thread 12 has a flattering pic of Hannah and Liv only (NOT the one posted with everyone else's in the OP either >>>/w/261896)
>not in thread 11 OP pic
>thread 10 flattering pic
>not in thread 9 pic but 2 of Lara and 2 of DDZ
Sloppy work all around. Personally I wouldn't be friends with someone doing me dirty like this but you do you. Hannah is universally hated which is why she was banned from a comm she isn't even part of. Yes she is deranged enough to post herself if it means posting people she doesn't like too.

No. 265077

what does any of this actually prove, though? a photo being unflattering or not is not definitive proof that hannah is the thread OP.

hannah is universally hated already without you derailing with baseless tinfoil. is this really a good use of your time, nonny?

No. 265080

>thread 12 has flattering pic
any pic of these people are pics they've posted, how does that one look more or less flattering?

>not in thread 11 OP pic

That's because almost no one was posted in thread 11 pic? it has an angry wojack and a bunch of text from the logs.

>thread 10 flattering pic

it's literally a compilation post from here >>252432 where they all got outed. plz, tell me how she definitely helped out herself after the logs in order to be more "stealthy" kek. what kind of logic is that?

>not in thread 9 pic but 2 of lara and 2 of ddz

she wasn't in thread 9 because guess what? she wasn't mentioned much in thread 8 at all, her name was mentioned 10 times total in the whole thread, and lara was mentioned over 90 times and ddz was mentioned 48 times. so why would she be included in thread 9 summary recap? it's almost like thread recaps summarize what actually took place last thread, not just old milk. she came back in the thread pic when new milk dropped about her. what a sloppy analysis.

No. 265081

>universally hated
Whatever you say nonny

No. 265082

Where did you get the pic of Hannah and Liv for this OP anyway? It was last used on thread 8 OP >>>/w/226912 with the background removed. Why do you have the same pic of her on thread 12? It's not on her facebook or instagram anymore. Liv has been private since this came out but that pic was last used here >>>/w/254433, the only pics you could find of them were flattering but everyone else in OP looks bad? I'm not saying they're all made by Hannah but if the font fits kek. I do think you're right this was made by the LOC it's the only different one >>>/w/243911 since you've been making them.

No. 265083

are these 10k followers in the room with us right now?

No. 265084

i think you're replying to wrong anon, but the pic of hannah was her tiktok pfp for a long time, and if you actually kept up with the threads the liv picture is from here >>254433 , all of these pics have been posted at some point in the threads or compiled by other nonnas, i've just been saving them all.

No. 265085

All this wking for Hannah when it's never happened in past threads. Not at all suspicious.

No. 265086

More like the idea that Hannah is making threads that shit talk her is insane and LOC failed to realize it would make them look dumb. They failed to push it onto her because people arent that stupid.

No. 265087

saying who made threads and who didn't isn't wking, especially when the threads are what lead to her downfall. thanks to the threads, she's been rightfully outed as a menace. the hi-cowing is getting egregious, tinfoils aren't meant to just be accepted at face value

No. 265088

Not any of those anons but pointing out a unhinged reach isn't white knighting, you lunatic.

No. 265089

Show us where in the threads that pic of Hannah was last used. Why go so so far back when there was one right where you got pics of the others? Why are you saving photos of people for months anyway? They were right, you lot are unhinged.

No. 265091

since you need to be spoonfed absolutely everything and haven't read the threads, and completely ignored the proof of where the liv pic came from, here is where hannah's pic (with the background not edited out) was first posted >>224621 and the pic of her smiling was her tiktok pfp and on her blog.

No. 265092

>why are you saving photos of people for months anyways?

welcome to the farms, where we post gossip. did you know that? and updating a multicow thread is easier when just slowly done overtime. gtfo newfag.

No. 265093

Toast and ltracks haven’t gotten in trouble as far as we know
Otherwise Dallas leaker chan would have posted it

No. 265095

File: 1668120684322.png (2.88 MB, 2288x2296, 1666899429321.png)

I'm the one who posted where the Liv pic came from idiot. The damning evidence is the pic of Hannah was used >>>/w/224621 + >>>/w/226912 when every other pic in this OP except her, Liv and Celestial are from here >>>/w/261896. Liv and Celestial aren't in that photo dump but Hannah is. She purposefully used an ugly pic of everyone except her and Liv KEK.

No. 265098

i genuinely cannot tell what fucking point you are trying to make, all of these pics have been at some point posted in the threads as proven, and none are more flattering than the others?? nonna i think you just think the others are uglier because none of them look more or less better, these are selfies they themselves have posted. They just all couldn't fit in frame of the thread OP pic, AND hannah/liv/celestial are milkier than the rest so that's why they're separated, idk what's so hard to understand. this proves absolutely nothing.

>im the one who posted liv you idiot!!

i was assuming you're the same idiot that asked where it came from here >>265082

No. 265100

Kek are you really this braindead or do you just think other farmers are?

No. 265102

nayrt - sitting back and eating my popcorn while you try to get us to believe your schizobabble kek

none of what you’re saying is backed up by actual cold hard proof. i come on LCF for factual, evidence-based milk, not retarded tinfoiling

No. 265103

You sound like the Ben Shapiro of lolcow

No. 265108

an argument based on which pics are "flattering" is unhinged kek, she's an ita. all of these pics have been compiled and posted by other nonnas, admit your argument is flimsy lel

No. 265112

I’m not even the one who made that argument, I just think you sound autistic.

No. 265118

File: 1668125655411.png (322.75 KB, 604x305, 1667490351141.png)

No, anon is onto something here. OP photo #12 >>263654 is not the same ones linked here >>265095 Same day but there's no parasol. The photo used for this OP was only seen as Hannah's social media pfp. Odd that person who made this thread would have a high resolution square (IG and TT would crop to a circle) picture. Unless you can show us where you got it, like you've shown us other lolita blogs with fonts like she uses.

No. 265119

you can open the full pfp on a desktop, it's only hard on mobile, which no one would make a thread on mobile. and again, it was used as her pfp for most of her social media platforms forever

No. 265120

This is getting retarded. Obviously this was posted on cgl COF thread and Hannah wk herself. Can you thread faggots stfu with these retarded tinfoiling? Inb4 I get accused for being Hannah here’s your proof straight from the COF thread in May


No. 265121

File: 1668127068992.jpeg (698.86 KB, 1080x1644, 3EDCF884-F692-43B1-944D-31CF6E…)

Ngl this was boring tinfoil until now but you’re right. The one on her IG and on the cgl COF thread is facing forward with a neutral expression but the threadpic is a previously unseen smiling version…
Does TT really let you download such a high resolution version of someone’s profile pic?

No. 265122

File: 1668127280165.png (585.09 KB, 785x443, 4638746394.PNG)

read? >>265119
also picrel took me 5 seconds to google her handle and find the pic, even those secondary tiktok repost websites show the entire full res pic of her pfp. you can get the full pic easily online, but not on TT

No. 265123

Except it saves to a 150x150 picture from IG but hers is high res like Liv's. Nice backpedaling. Why would OP change thread pic of her to one we all know she likes, not know where it's from when confronted, scramble to find it on google, and whitekights keep using the wrong pic to compare it to? Yeah I definitely agree with the tinfoil Hannah made these threads.

No. 265124

I’ve been saying this for the longest that Hannah been posting herself for years. She even posted herself in the cgl cof thread bc she new that it’ll bring her attention. Could it be true that she plotted all of this to bring attention to her discord?

No. 265125

Nonna those are two different coords, look at her neck situation. Its different.

No. 265126

No way. Never thought of it like that

No. 265127

She also was the one behind getting DDZ canceled and plotting the downfall of her history. Ask deedee herself or anyone with a logical mind

She trying to cancel herself so she wouldn’t get canceled 100x

No. 265128

so hannah made these threads to get herself cancelled, in order to prevent herself from being cancelled?? and what >>265125 said, it’s a slightly different coord, and it saves high res from other websites. you think it’s more likely that she detailed and brought attention to her OWN discord antics instead of the likely reality that a person keeping consistent tabs on everyone just used a different image? one which she has posted on multiple sites?

tell me, what is the benefit of getting herself cancelled thoroughly? the thread recaps were brutal to her

No. 265129

File: 1668128397520.jpeg (45.18 KB, 720x720, 48b8db9d115502b622804fb0613a52…)

She wore the same dress, bustier and KC. Not the same day then but it doesn't matter, they've been trying to derail that it's from previous threads, ceeg, and IG but it's not. It's from TT repost sites or her personal camera. We know which one though.

No Necromemes has a story up crediting ofmelaza and Nat/sp00py.

No. 265130

>demonstrates the ability to repost the same pic in high res
If the entire argument rests on her making the threads to bash herself because she checks notes used a high res photo that can be obtained online, then idk what to fucking say. i can't figure what the angle would be. her reputation is in the dirt, and she's been banned from a comm and mass blocked.

No. 265131

>"posted to multiple sites"
>"got it from IG"
>shows up on 1 site AFTER RoseQuartzRoyalty stops using it as a pfp on IG
>different pic than used in other OPs
>wks can't figure out where it's from either
>she obviously likes this pic since it was used a pfp, did not like the other because it shows how haggard she really is
Taking herself off the thread recap would make it obvious, she has been a cow since she started lolita. Her being in a thread recap does not make her innocent or DDZ would be innocent. Threads 8-12 are too similar. You can't get out of this one Hannah kek. Someone call birds_symphonia she will love this.

No. 265135

Based until the Birds_symphonia part. She’s in pedo toast circle along with discordchans from Dallas or Texas general

No. 265137

Can you at least point out who with caps.

No. 265138

Is this the same person who went full autistic in bsolf chat? She is, indeed, a bird, as her username suggests. I’ll never forget her meltdown on lolita Facebook comments before her ban. It also looks like the discord Chans were paying very close attention to her, as per usual, like they do to anyone in this community.

No. 265139

A anon earlier pointed them out >>265093
Is toast even from Dallas? I see her with a different comm every other week.

No. 265142

This was all a scheme by Nat and Hannah. Wake up

No. 265143

What if they’re secret lovers

No. 265145

No amount of grass and therapy can save you lot anymore. You are clinically insane.

No. 265146

the gun-loving lesbian and the “formerly” homophobic asexual… it’s forbidden love!
speaking of lesbians, that one Hannah wk never came back to explain who the “lesbian trio” of LOC is. why keep your milk a secret?

No. 265148

Nice schizo-posting after you got caught. Fourty keks.

No. 265149

Could totally see it. Opposites attract, no?

No. 265150

The argument against ddz (or one of her fans/friends) for making one specific thread is damning
>removed the Feet pilled 4 Christ
>drastically changed summary recap
>said the anon who posted her foot fetish/porn industry past was a “gross vendetta Chan bringing up old milk”

That’s on face in defense of her. She didn’t make the other threads, but she made that specific thread. The argument for Hannah having made them is
>a high resolution photo that can be found and uploaded to this day was used instead of a different pic.
Like are you retarded? The arguments don’t even compare. Again, why would hannah ruin her rep? Especially since she’s a mod of like 10 different groups

No. 265151

Sounds like a lolita porn fetish plot. Great for watpad purpose on Hannah giving Nat the good mentoring.

No. 265152

Someone make this a thing

No. 265154

Don’t worry ;) Nat got the strap!(;))

No. 265155

What the fuck is wrong with you anon?

No. 265156

I'd ship it. Hannah the groomer, Nat the underaged groomed to be lunatic

No. 265157

If you're not a scrote, you're as bad as a scrote. Seek help.

No. 265158

It doesn't matter, since the Melissa oopsie the LOC's shitting the thread as fast as possible to try and bury posts like yours under unhinged theories and scrotery so we do not discuss them. Probably about to blame it on the discord #seagulls again or complain about them derailing when clearly it has been their own doing.

No. 265159

You quoted two different people.

Someone draw NATXHANNAH hentai

No. 265161

I think we should start investigating that LOC group if they hang out with teenagers and then write posts like this to deflect any attention coming their way. Predatory.

No. 265162

>since the Melissa oopsie
She posted that doc on IG and her blog, it was never a secret. That's how alot of us found out about discordgate.

No. 265163

File: 1668133149128.jpeg (194.73 KB, 828x485, 76E8BF13-973E-4221-A868-B49264…)

I ship deedeezeta with Jessica / r0ttind0ll

Her thread >>745428(;) )

No. 265164

Ayrt yes I should have said Hannah clearly made 8, 10-12 but DDZ made 9. You've been wking her hard in here.

No. 265165

Am I lost or is the only proof of Hannah making the threads is the font used?

No. 265166

>>265159 She Attached her real name to a spread sheet of people she documented every day of this past month according to the edit history come on. Crazie. Like this entire thread now that they are caught red handed.

No. 265167

It’s literally in her Instagram bio

No. 265168

looking for a 40 year old woman you hates porn is gross. are you feeling called out because you were the vendetta chan in question?
>>265118 it literally starts right here anon

No. 265170

otp <3

No. 265173

So far we know Deedee is 40 and hanging out with teenagers like Nat. Melissa is 30 and hanging out with teenagers when not busy refreshing this page. Kind of a problem there. Who is Rilu? Who are all the members of LOC?

No. 265174

Is she really 40? Kek

No. 265175

A lot of them are nearing the age or smack dab 40 in DeeDee's case. Yet they surround themself with teenagers and barely adult women and come to this board to talk about making fan fiction of them in sexual ways. It's giving grooming.

No. 265177

File: 1668135581637.png (688.66 KB, 966x783, 12498545_12456522.png)

Is this Rilu?

No. 265178

dropped: www.facebook.com/Kyuusei/

No. 265179

File: 1668136149536.jpeg (959.1 KB, 1125x1728, EF61BA8A-950F-44A2-A307-0DFF59…)

you’re not lost, and the evidence for the font is weak too. these retards have no reading comprehension.

>>265066 cooltext vs installed font explanation
>>265129 suspicious photo in question (can literally be found on google)

>inb4 wking. this tinfoil is why i don’t frequent the farms anymore

No. 265180

sage your non-milk next time

No. 265182

>posts all day, very careful to sage
>forgets once on accident…
apologies nonna

No. 265183

She has a LM too. Same name.
>Profile picture is Riamu

No. 265184

File: 1668138587586.png (601.79 KB, 1060x855, 1256412514545.png)

same person? she uses the same name and her real name everywhere if you google it

No. 265186

What a reach.

No. 265187

Say you’re new a little louder. Remember k8? She was caught posting hi res pictures of herself to cgl. She also self posted brutal comments aimed at herself.

No. 265191

Not now, Sainte we're busy

No. 265193

>looking for her porn is gross!!!
making porn is gross while pretending to be a pervert police, if she really cares she’d be honest about her degenerate past (which was fully attached to her name and current job kek). hating her and hating hannah are not mutually exclusive

No. 265195

nonna searching up a 40 year olds porn as a 17 year old is pretty freaky actually

No. 265196

No anon, that’s not how this works. You’re either Pro DDZ and Co. or Pro #seagulls. It is impossible to find both groups annoying. You must choose one ita clan to rule them all

No. 265205

Wait so Ri Lu is LOC too? She’s also in the discord logs. I wonder if that’s where the LOC leaked angle comes from.

No. 265206

But nonny you can't hate Hannah Franke/Rosequartzroyalty she has 10k followers!!1 >>265081

No. 265207

No she's never been in LOC. someone admitted to posting her over a vendetta and lumping her in and posts about it every two weeks.

No. 265228

Maybe the Jessi is the leaker was found out to be not true and it was Stacie isntead?

No. 265236

Not surprised sainte showed up when anons were mentioning pornfics of love and not hate.

No. 265237

I won't go into too much detail but I'm someone who gets posted here a lot. She's a major ass-kisser. You can hazard a guess.

No. 265238

Narcissist behavior.

No. 265239

I think that's implying it was just one person when it's been established that there were multiple people involved.

No. 265240

The only person that comes to mind is Lara since she’s posted here almost on the weekly it seems. This is likely bait but Hannah sucking up to Lara would be a funny sight to see

No. 265241

it's really not a far fetched assumption that Hannah is wking herself. There's so much too faced behavior from these mods. I wouldn't trust any of them.

No. 265250

even a mod

No. 265251

Zepplis quietly left the Philly comm's Discord server after it was posted up thread that she was not only in it, but a mod. Hope she stays out of the community and doesn't come back. She needs to get hit with a perma ban but the Philly mods don't do shit.

No. 265252

So the multiple people were Rilu (def was in seagull) then Melissa who spread the doc around with her ig? Is there any others in that group?

No. 265254

There's been no indication anywhere that it has been anyone but Jessi and a mod.

No. 265256

I feel like this tinfoil isn't too far fetched for #seagull, but seems to me a mod in that discord got a little out of hand after posting beck. The sole fact that they even knew toast was banned reveals all. Maybe it was Hannah, considering how prominent she's been in these threads?

No. 265257

This your reddit account, Stacie?(doxxing)

No. 265258

Careful anon, discordchans will accuse you of doxxing!

No. 265259

Tinfoil: the one who posted beck, said toast was banned, and leaked the logs is also the one was trying to out mylesjennifer for being a little. Is that why LaLaLand is being targeted so hard in here?

No. 265261

what's the deal with you posting someone house. I think that might actually be a little too far.

No. 265264

As hilarious it would be for Hannah to be the leaker, the probability of it being her is low. She was incredibly aggressive and unhinged in the log, and it doesn’t paint her in a good light. But she seems to be pretending like nothing ever happened so maybe she just doesn’t care? If she was the leaker maybe she thought everyone would agree with the stupid shit she said.

No. 265265

nayrt but since she willingly posted her own house on reddit this is not doxing

No. 265270

Not your personal army, vendettachan.

No. 265272

all I know is most of discordchans and LOC are both unhinged.

No. 265277

ok discordchan

No. 265278

u and I both know who you are vendettachan.

No. 265280

don't post your house on reddit just a thought

No. 265283

NTA- But the reddit account was connected with the same name she uses on FB so anyone on the farms could have found it. Don't post that online with an easily trackable account.

No. 265284

ok vendettachan.

No. 265286

An awful lot of deleting and backtracking today kek

No. 265287

What does Rilu have to be so scared of?

No. 265288

This basically just confirms Rilu/Stacie is a part of LOC and that the tinfoil she helped leak the logs might have some truth to it. Posting easily searchable public information wasn't doxxing until the same was done to her and now suddenly it's "vendettachan!!!" and "neurotic creep!!!". Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember Rilu ever really being talked about in past threads? So where is this accusation >>265207 coming from?

No. 265289

Yea I dont believe for a second Hannah leaked the logs. Making the threads is one thing but leaking that chat is a whole other level of unhinged. Her rep is in the trash but she would not expose her own homophobia, racism etc.

No. 265291

The frantic reports of her public information out for everyone to see as 'doxing' are sus when nothing else including their sprea sheet and Google docs was reported previously. They are lurking

No. 265292

Confirmed LOC is Nat, DDZ, Melissa, Rilu, Nef, Lara, WF, @kemu_r1 and @frilly_cross, @marashinoveins, @allurecross @bunnakins, @sleepy_sakura_san, @cakevacuum, @mariee.de.princesse.

No. 265294


No. 265295

I didn't post your house, name, or any of your accounts, but thanks for confirming my theory. Something tells me a "friend" didn't tell you and you've been here lurking and posting from the start. Just like the rest of LOC.

No. 265296

kek OK, you're in this thread rn

No. 265297

Stacie deleted the post about calling it HER house KEK. These LOC bitches are something else.

No. 265299

The reddit account is the same name as the lm, it isnt hard to look up post history on there. Sorry you didnt actually hide yourself Stacie. No first hand knowledge needed.

No. 265300

File: 1668192807295.jpg (68.96 KB, 899x399, Screenshot_20221112-075147_Gal…)


Loc "we don't post only lurk"

Also loc:

No. 265302

Again: I didn't post your house. I have no idea who you are. Your house was posted because you yourself posted it on Reddit and you use the same username for Reddit as you do Lacemarket.

Did anyone cap Stacie's now deleted spergout post? It should get posted in this thread for posterity along with this one.

No. 265303

Who is the vendetta poster? Give us the milk.

No. 265307

Not your personal army.

No. 265308

That doesn't mean what you think it means Stacie. Quick, delete this post too like your other 10 posts kek

No. 265309

This is #seagulls personal army only, as seen in the logs

No. 265310

What are you talking about? Stop deflecting. You are acting like an asshat in here and got caught.

No. 265311

LOC samefagging a lot

No. 265312

Go get your roof fixed Stacie

No. 265313

There are onlookers here too retard.

No. 265314

this thread is in the shitter

No. 265315

What the fuck is even going on?

No. 265316

Stacie/Rilu having a mental breakdown itt

No. 265317

Someone started vendetta posting from LOC

No. 265318

#seagull harassing and doxxing one of the leakers if im reading right

No. 265319

And here comes the LOC damage control. Rilu you posted your own house yourself on your Reddit account that shares the same username with your Lacemarket.

No. 265321

File: 1668195472895.png (80.18 KB, 275x241, 1664639111074.png)

#seagull be like: ITS LOC
get a grip

No. 265322

Nonny it looks like the vendetta post knew about her house getting the roof fixed from talking to her previously, so she obviously knows who is posting her here.

No. 265323

read >>265295 anyone can find it

No. 265324

File: 1668195857424.png (74.96 KB, 1300x350, Screenshot_20221111-133706.png)

You are an idiot. I'm capping your replies from now on, since you're just going to delete them after a minute.

It's the latest thing she posted about on her public Reddit account.

No. 265325

Did she delete her reddit post? Kek

No. 265326

No she didn't. u/Kyuusei

No. 265327

No. Her account as well as her roofing post with pictures of her house are still up as of one minute ago. I would post a cap of it but apparently posting public Reddit posts is "doxxing" so you're going to have to look up Kyuusei on Reddit yourself.

No. 265328

You’re not reading right, sit down
If I had a dollar for every time someone uses “doxxing” incorrectly ITT I could buy some scalped AP

I have a feeling LoC will eat its own if they have to

No. 265329

But didn’t she post her house on Reddit??? KEK

No. 265330

yes kek, retard behavior

No. 265331

File: 1668197149854.jpeg (160.83 KB, 828x1310, 34B0F433-5FBD-49E7-A599-AA6514…)

Allurecross / bunnakins left social media

No. 265332

How tf is this doxxing? Nice report to Lcf stacie

No. 265333

This seems super familiar >>156237

No. 265334

Her username gets posted as being a part of LOC and an hour later she's "no longer active" KEK

No. 265335

Kek Liv is triggered

No. 265336

They moved to twitter. Melissa did the same, see her twitter was found here >>263822 Im sure they all moved over. Check that ghost girl user for others that are confirmed LOC

No. 265338

No faggot. It’s funny how they keep reporting and it’s oblivious

No. 265339

Melissa is still on Instagram. She just changed her username to be the same as her Twitter @ghstgrl_0mm

No. 265343

File: 1668199611517.jpeg (110.94 KB, 828x827, D67793E7-CD0F-4D52-BAEC-E0417F…)


No. 265344

File: 1668199651918.jpeg (243.64 KB, 828x1401, 985A121A-0942-4127-966C-EFFB95…)


No. 265352

>app just for lolitas
It's called aliceholic and it's full of sissies

No. 265353

There is no way to have a lolita exclusive platform. It would slowly be infiltrated by sissies, ageplayers, and other perverts that the admins couldn’t boot in fear of being labeled as transphobic and non-inclusive.

No. 265355

imo the ideal lolita platform would be:
- 100% penis free, sorry to the hypothetical non-fetishistic brolitas but we have no evidence of your existence
- concrit encouraged
- you’re allowed to say that being obese counts against a coord during concrit

No. 265356

jonjon is a man, you know that rite?

No. 265357

No. 265359

File: 1668203480502.png (143.4 KB, 624x304, cassie.PNG)

wrong thread, this is for lolita drama.

To keep this on topic I did find Cassie's twitter.

No. 265361

True. Wrong place to ask this. I deleted my post and saging this comment.

No. 265364

Wish we could either go back to LJ or have a bulletin board/forum. Something that isn’t on a fugly tech giant like Facebook/Reddit.

Would agree there should be no men. Personally I don’t hate fat ppl but I do concur that if you’re squeezing into clothes that don’t fit that could be grounds for concrit

No. 265367

nycjonjon is a man. if he made a lolita platform it's not the place to go.

No. 265375

oh I get it now, the person she’s talking to in the screenshot. kek no I wouldn’t go to a lolita platform made by a man. kind of doubt an LOC member like Melissa would either, but who knows.

No. 265378

File: 1668212524730.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 176.3 KB, 828x688, 16B1F81C-7940-4B80-8FA9-7710F5…)

Dolls meat post this and wonders why everyone including discordchans shits on her

No. 265379

File: 1668212571707.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 171.58 KB, 828x720, 9649B8A6-99CC-441B-83B9-779370…)

No. 265380

Spoil this shit newfag

No. 265383

So weird, I'm not involved in any of the discord drama and my twitter is private and completely unrelated to lolita (not even the same handle I use for fashion stuff) and both these girls have me blocked. They must be blocking everyone from the western comm.

No. 265384

Kek, and they’re pretending to be Japanese using Google Translate for their tweets. I agree that Westerners are unhinged, but this is funny as they’re westerners themselves with a weird obsession with typing in Japanese translate

No. 265385

She's a grown adult anon it's nothing new. Adult women post in undies all the time. Sage your pearlclutch next time

No. 265386

Nothing different then what alys posts. OSers are all gross attention whores, not new info

No. 265387

Keep your fetish shit out of Lolita

No. 265388

What fetish anon?

No. 265389

It’s already been established that she’s a camwhore who brags about pandering to weeb scrotes. Nothing new, but she’s pretty disgusting and embarrrasing to look at.

No. 265393

The fetish of showing your ass for scrote attention

No. 265399

Kek. We’ve had enough of age players and fetish fucks plaque the lolita community

No. 265401

Speaking of where's the anon with the proof of mylesjennifer being a little?

No. 265403

There likely is none. People on the boards throw “they’re an ageplayer” extremely casually but never have any actual evidence to back it up. But if anyone actually has that milk I’d love to see it

No. 265405

True but its interesting she was targeted by seagull before the logs dropped and in them they shit talked her too.

No. 265406

Surprising how that works, isn't it? It's almost as of the two faced nature comes naturally

No. 265431

She's not even wearing lolita

This ain't comparable to those sweet lolitas who show their bare ass in angelic pretty
Can't find the pictures right now all the watchdog instagram accounts seem to be dead

No. 265432

Kawaii queerdo

No. 265436

File: 1668269583652.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 294.96 KB, 828x1223, 9A5F871C-E4F6-4289-9729-B0DCAC…)

I think she left the internet but @pastelbabyluna was an open degenerate too

No. 265442

Sorry for spoonfeed but is there a list of lolita SWers and ones who post gross photos like @dollsmeat? Not joining the predator alert facebook when it's ran by predators…

No. 265443

File: 1668271476579.jpg (122.12 KB, 1078x1028, sissy_ewcow.jpg)

Samefag but it's ironic whoever posted @pastelbabyluna follows @sissy_moocow, pic related.

No. 265479

Why do sweet lolitas pick the greasiest and ugliest boyfriends

No. 265488

All lolitas are two faced anon it is no surprise.

Puritan chan, underwear or plain, naked pictures are not degenerate fetish content. Lolitas do not owe you purity. As long as it is not kinky it's fair game to post if you are above 21.

No. 265498

Kek ok, OFchan. Don't be surprised when you get posted here for being a degen scrote simp.

No. 265516

Hate to break it to ya, but the majority of lolitas are adults and have sex.

No. 265529

Trad and normal Adults be fucking, but at least we don’t post our every move on the internet.This behavior is called being a desperate attention whore and giving it to desperate men for free.

No. 265536

You guys can think it’s annoying and cringe, but it’s not milky. You guys are so bored because the milk has dried up and your favorite cows have all logged off. I suggest you do the same.

No. 265542

I love how defensive sex workers get. They’re worse than 99% of people (except discord Chans) posted here . Lara gets attack for being fat and yet dollsmeat get so upset for her mixing of sex work porn with her lolita content.

No. 265545

Not a sex worker. Not a dollsmeat. The farms have been super boring lately with everyone hi cowing and arguing about whose posting.

No. 265549

File: 1668307715566.jpeg (94.32 KB, 678x960, 87BC5C9E-2EBF-4248-A1B6-814AB3…)

No shit, but speaking of dollsmeat, she was clearly in discord chats with banned older schoolers like Autumn. It's no news that she lurks and posts on threads, especially after getting her hands on Discord gate logs that were uploaded by a base leaker. She was crying over how the discord fags posted her piss in lolita age play challenge 

No. 265557

Post proof of her posting then.

No. 265562

I’m so sick of age play degenerates. Her and beck should off themselves

No. 265566

File: 1668314475994.jpg (42.05 KB, 1080x688, theangelicforest.jpg)

Lolitas posting 'sexy' photos for moid attention on or connected to their fashion account is milky. This isn't a revealing outfit she wore to a party, she posted it for likes. At least it sounds like she's getting paid unlike this one kek

No. 265567

File: 1668314881711.jpg (Spoiler Image, 131.6 KB, 1680x960, 1520098204399.jpg)

here she was selfposting her ugly degen artwork + her old handle @bambisbum. pic related

No. 265576

prettydebil is kate from tulsa

No. 265579

Thought you meant ITT. Bring fresh milk, holy shit.

No. 265580

why the fuck would anyone mean ITT? stop trying to derail

No. 265603

Sage this disgusting fetish art

No. 265605

It’s saged and already censored now. Her art is disturbing kek

No. 265664

File: 1668371222743.jpeg (176.98 KB, 758x1167, EB59F299-D539-4AA5-AAF0-7342D5…)

That gofundme scam got her immigrating to Japan

No. 265665

She won’t stop bragging about overdoing on drugs on a different discord server.

No. 265667

Wow that's a bad look.

No. 265668

Feel bad for the Japanese Lolitas now. Another annoying japan-phile to ruin things up.

No. 265672

I’m confused. Thread says she scammed people out of 3k on her go fund me, but it shows $500 donated and still no mention on what’s the surgery is for still. Looking at the caps provided by thread OP: The link posted previously in thread 9 of the Gofundme page has stopped accepting funds and she changed the name of the funding.

No. 265677

File: 1668376084683.jpg (103.04 KB, 1141x828, capsu.jpg)

does anyone know who the "racist-chan" lolita that capsule bunny is talking about in this video? she describes her as a australian lolita on the spectrum w/ short blonde hair who modeled for lief at an event

No. 265680

File: 1668376226028.jpeg (49.37 KB, 1360x575, E0AB004E-0403-4AED-8EB8-71AB04…)

You’re right, anon. The picture and campaign story was removed. She pasted some random junk with Lorem Ipsum into her campaign.

No. 265681

File: 1668376263287.jpeg (115.16 KB, 1358x585, 86C41C11-98C7-4718-BBDE-709890…)

No. 265689

The surgery is for laser hair removal

No. 265724

Kek. Anons were speculating that it’s bottom surgery

No. 265729

I mean the point was that she was begging for $3000 for a surgery while refusing to sell her many lolita dresses, which would have made up at least a decent chunk of that amount (I don’t know how big her wardrobe is). Regardless of what the surgery was, you shouldn’t be begging for money when you aren’t willing to sacrifice your luxury Japanese princess dresses. If she had, I don’t think it would be milk, but having a bunch of brand while begging for money is tacky at best and scammy at worst.

No. 265749

Doesn't she only own like taobao? Kek she'd get like $20

No. 265782

File: 1668419509383.jpeg (110.65 KB, 828x482, 2C1BE07D-34B0-4DCE-A4D8-E21EBA…)

It’s the same thing BLM did with collecting donations for their movement and using the funds to buy luxury mansions.

>Toast is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Ayanna Ellington.


No. 265787

Why is it always black Lolitas who end up scamming or making unhinged moves like this? I can understand wanting the money for surgery, but being this big and demanding people pay for your medical expenses just to turn around and possibly use it as your immigration funds to Japan is highly questionable. 
Inb4 someone reports it as "race bait," it’s the same matter that organizations like Black Lives Matter profit from stereotypes to gain sympathy for their scam using black victims and their families as money-grab opportunities. 

No. 265792

Did she delete the post? I saw it on my feed and now it’s gone

No. 265811

Yes she did

No. 265824


go back to /pol/ , e-beggers have been in the lolita/cosplay/and congoing community for over a decade, what does this have to do with BLM other than her being black?

No. 265830

File: 1668449792826.png (74.52 KB, 613x617, Android_screenshot_111422_1030…)

You were bold to deflect and post Capsulebunny's @capsulebutt content milk right away. The obsession to post about others and stalk them on every Twitter post is insane.

This is typical of them. She was caught in the discord gate, so they lurked and began deleting or summoning their cleanup crew. 

No. 265831

You might be on to something bc that was posted out of nowhere. Not to mini mod, but the video is still considered milk, but the timing of the post is bad, and from what is shown, Toast could’ve posted that to deflect. 

No. 265832

File: 1668450866289.jpeg (190.05 KB, 828x822, 85C262CC-A829-4D4E-9149-31D0B1…)

To answer that question anons: The racist Chan ino longer lives in Japan anymore, and she urged her viewers not to go on a witch hunt for her.
But of course, Toast probably wanted to know the information on who modeled from lief and the drama in Japan scene. Aussie Lolita probably don’t even care and may had left. 

No. 265834

Wtf is going on this week? What’s with the sudden attention to japan Lolitas and drama in Japan. These people just flock with their issues?

No. 265836

It pissed some off when she posted this

Not necessarily any drama with Japan, but her use of funds from September and seeking immigration

No. 265844

File: 1668460467375.jpeg (319.84 KB, 828x1053, AD128309-A965-40EE-B9A9-36437F…)

So this is where the surgical money went. Wow, I was gonna donate too. Glad I didn’t get ripped off

No. 265848

plot twist: she's getting much needed cosmetic surgery in Korea after this kek

No. 265850

File: 1668462348490.gif (2.01 MB, 220x275, 2CDE8FCA-C5D8-46F2-9E26-CE6DF9…)

Oh so she decided to use our money for her dream vacation? Fuck her

No. 265852

Your fault for falling for her e begging cry

No. 265858

No not even a vacation, according to her she moved to Japan. She said immigration in one of her posts.

No. 265869

You guys are the most retarded ones for believing her lies.

No. 265877

Her profile also says she lives there.

No. 265881

Bigot rose 2.0

No. 265883

What’s her job? Japan doesn’t let people move there without having a job lined up, a school admission or a marriage. If she’s an English teacher, that doesn’t pay all that much, so she’ll have to live a pretty humble lifestyle.
If you want to make sure she’s excommunicated, collect the evidence of her scamming and call her out on Instagram and Tik Tok. The people who donated to her deserve to know.

No. 265900

Flight attendant

No. 265963

Fucking idiot

No. 265968

>our money
Oh anon, hell no. That's just so sad in your part

No. 265996

Well it’s her money now. I suggest reporting it or making a dispute dummy

No. 265999

File: 1668530831882.jpeg (109.6 KB, 828x1420, FBA6CD62-4225-4636-948C-72DF32…)

That’s her real name apparently. Did a search and it’s her appearing in the results with her job linkedin. Looks like what anon >>265883 stated is true.

She made a fundraiser for herself

No. 266001

You could’ve used that money for a luxury trip to Japan if you hadn’t been stupid enough to spend it on someone’s financial sob story. GG nonny

No. 266003

Were you the one who donated $100 to her :^)(:^))

No. 266004

No. 266012

Toast chan, Chris chan, coincidence? (Referencing how Chris chan did crowd fundraisers for his house to not be taken back by the bank and then spent the money on action figures)

No. 266042

Unlike Chris he actually sold his precious things on eBay.

No. 266071

Does toast have a sonichu medallion?

No. 266073

This thread is doomed.

No. 266095

All those financial jobs and yet finessing money.

No. 266104

Where to cop logs?(sage your shit)

No. 266119

guessing you’re from /cgl/ so >>260545 but sage next time

No. 266122

File: 1668580643656.jpeg (1.18 MB, 3464x3464, E949746A-396D-4C56-999B-16D25D…)

She’s so stupid for posting in her uniform months prior about wanting to get into Japan

No. 266123

File: 1668580711115.jpeg (889.18 KB, 1242x1465, 8E764A78-81F0-47FB-8465-D6170F…)

In addition by doing this she’s breaking the American Airlines employee code of conduct by representing her company in uniform to post cringe then scam people immediately after

No. 266125

Are you fucking stupid? I didn’t say she’s fat I said she’s doxxing her own workplace by posting in her uniform, the pic on the right isn’t even her it’s an American airline ad I was comparing the uniform. Stop trying to derail I random screenshot a video, didn’t pick a particular frame retard

No. 266127

File: 1668581472366.jpeg (593.49 KB, 1242x1548, 72AD1146-1173-444E-B448-0C7A5B…)

Samefagging but everything toast has done so far has gone directly against AA worker’s guildline

No. 266128

Kek so this was her plan all along?

No. 266131

Adding the video for anon.

P.S. Her audio parody is trash


No. 266132

I haven't been to these threads for over a year now, is it so discord focussed because other online places are dead?

No. 266133

>”Get to Work B1tch!”
Oh, please, you scammed your way to Japan.

That audio recks of annoying foreigners that desperately wants to be Japanese.

“Are you a weeb?”
“You want to see the cherry blossoms”
“You want to see anime stage play “

No. 266135

File: 1668587381292.jpeg (173.08 KB, 828x858, 9CF68F1D-8B4E-4433-820A-35CFE6…)

No. 266136

Why would you post naked or underwear pictures of yourself on the internet? Fuck off rachet cow.

No. 266142

Burgerfags are openly dumb

No. 266152

Clutch pearls harder daddy

No. 266177

I see no lolita, this girl is annoying but this is not at all milky.

No. 266182


this >>265824 scammers have been a staple of this community forever since it's expensive as all hell. There are scammer-chans of every race. Try poltarding elsewhere.

No. 266188

She’s very aware on what she’s doing. Let’s not forget she was demanding her boss to give her more money because she’s black and a women.

No. 266277

Lol the irony of using a gif of a scammy cow to mock another scammy cow

Afaik toast doesn’t even work for AA anymore, I think she quit to go to jp.

No. 266280

File: 1668641557671.jpeg (549.36 KB, 828x546, AEE4F5DD-BEC0-4813-9513-7C7670…)

how many times must it be explained? it’s not enough to not have lolita in the same photo, don’t post coords and sexual photos on the same page. the least she could do is make another account. or stop tagging her coords with egl and brand related tags. it’s not about her personal lifestyle choices it’s about the sexualized reputation lolita gets with normies when these things are associated, that attracts itas and predators. picrel, coords tagged with #eglcommunity and the like right next to her ass photoshoot.

No. 266291

Imagine caring what normies think. You sound obsessed with her.

No. 266292

Tbh, even if she had a separate account people would still have an issue. Lolitas are quick to clutch their pearls at adults doing adult things for some reason. Expecting someone to cater their account and posts to you and what you want to see is retarded. If you don’t like someone just don’t follow them or engage with them. Simple as that.

No. 266293

Reported her account. Have fun getting banned on ig(cowtipping)

No. 266295

Yes, I do care that my family members and coworkers don’t think I am a whore.
I am sorry for you if you think posting sexual photos for thousands of people to see is ‘adults doing adult things.’ It’s a personal choice but acting like this is normal and expected for adult females… yikes.

No. 266296

She's an adult. Expecting people to keep up several social media accounts to appease your puritanical sensibilities is autistic.

No. 266298

>adult females
Man detected

No. 266300

Not every adult human female is a sex pozzie liberal feminist e-thot or wants to be one. Now don’t you have some feet pics to go sell?

No. 266309


No. 266315

Interesting that Dollsmeat gets white knighted for posting nudes, drawing degenerate pedophilic artwork, bragging about pandering to coomer moids, and sharing pictures of herself pissing on the street. Almost as it’s her defending herself

No. 266322

I predict a visa issue saga.

Another weirdly timed deflection.

No. 266348

That's not pearl clutching. I can't even imagine being this terminally online and/or personality disordered to think posting half naked or nude pictures on your socials to hundreds of random people, friends, employers and everyone else who might lurk is normal behavior. You are a cow and genuinely need to get a grip.

No. 266351

The fact that society has normalised it to this extent in the past 5 years is insane. One of the biggest tricks ever played on women was convincing them to give it all away for meager sum. Sometimes not even that.

No. 266367

Grow up. Acting like BDSM lolita doesn't exist. People who act like you have to be pure to wear lolita and can't be an adult and all like lolita on the same page, oh no.

No. 266391

>BDSM Lolita
Uh…that’s called age play and DDLG stop trying to sugar coat it. Harnesses in Lolita wasn't a fad until recently when degens a made wearing harnesses over clothes edgy. Please kys if you’re going to act like diet pedo age play has “always been Lolita”
Just no.

No. 266400

Kek the wking by dollsmeat has gotten crazy. Her feminist beliefs is over dosing on drugs and prostitution

No. 266401

Jfc no one cares if you have sex or have a dried up coochie no one cares
I don’t think ppl are wking dollsmeat as much as they’re just tired of these boring spinsters.
Slut-shaming is a lot of work to just say you’re too ugly to have positive sexual experiences

No. 266410

kek this, not everything is for the male gaze you retards go outside sometime

No. 266411

Imagine caring that much about what another woman does anon sounds like you need to take your own advice

No. 266417

I find it annoying at times too. Yes, normal well adjusted don’t post naked pictures online. However that’s none of my business. If you don’t like her, just block her and move on. I don’t see why everyone has to make a big fuss about it

No. 266423

I hate peoples who thinks Japan is “UwU Kawaii” while ignoring the racism, Sam sex marriage ban, Sexual assaults, and many more shitty things that happens there. I lived there enough to witness the mentality of men and people there.

No. 266426

I thought this was twitter for a second, where the fuck do you people come from? Are you going to cry about twansphobia next?

This is a gossip website. People talk about people here, that's literally the purpose of this thread. So what are you doing here?

No. 266427

this argument sucks. because people have standards and come to lc to complain about lolitas doing gross shit, which is the entire point of these threads, they're ugly and couldn't be in a healthy sexual relationship? no1curr what dollsmeat, tokimekibunny or any of the current and former hoelitas do in their personal time, we want it kept out of lolita.

not a toast deflection if that's what you're implying, she liked lolicon porn which is a whole other level of nasty from a lingerie photoshoot

No. 266434

This. It's bad enough to do it for money, even worse for FREE
>lingerie photoshoot
Isn't that just her normal underwear? It's not even a matching set. Is it part of the OS 3edgy4u to make even your 'sexy' pics look like you're cracked out?

No. 266445

I have lots of good sex, but I keep my sex life separate from the rest of my life like a normal person

No. 266454

File: 1668719690136.png (80.24 KB, 400x388, C144C33D-BF08-4160-83DA-7282A6…)

>I have lots of good sex
Sure nonny

No. 266457

File: 1668720925487.jpg (Spoiler Image, 327.02 KB, 1242x1642, IMG_20221117_132213_769.jpg)

Spoiler for morbid obesity. Why does KSK think anyone wants to buy these after someone this fat sweat all over the products? She's the same one they put in Kaneko before. Press X to doubt they sanitize before putting any of these back on the shelf.

No. 266458


No. 266462

that blorp of fat poking out from her right thigh looks downright painful. that's gotta be cutting off her circulation lol
how does KSK even stay in business?? who would buy this ugly outdated pastel vomit shit or their $50 dry rotted meta shoes? i guess we know they have friends write fake reviews, so are the friends their only customers too? is the owner a nepo child? it doesn't make sense. or is rent really that cheap in texas?

No. 266465

>who would buy this
The same type as pictured advertising it >>266457

No. 266466

I'm >>266296 and I don't know about any of that other stuff, but posting a lewd on your socials isn't milky. Nice Hi Cow tho.

Judging from the number of responses I'm not the only one who feels this way, looks like no1curr but you.

No. 266477

Nta but please, please leave twitter/social media and go out and talk to real people. Go and tell them, especially your employer, that you love to post pictures of yourself pissing on the street and nudes on your instagram for any droplet of attention. I guarantee even they will find it milky. You are so terminally online, it infested both your brain and even your speech

No. 266483

Nta but you’re the one whose on lolcow calling people terminally online

No. 266485

Nayrt but the desperation is palpable. This isn't normal and there's a reason why being a swer or posting shit like that gets you fired from respectable jobs.

No. 266499

Judging from the number of responses who aren’t me I'm also not the only one who feels this way. But stay delusional!

No. 266511

What does one have to do with the other?

No. 266516

Japan work culture is toxic and sometimes goes over your personal time. I don’t think that’s talked much about really

No. 266567

If an employer is stalking your personal life, that's a different issue

No. 266582

ok anyone else originally from austin and know of the Austin vampire court and/or the Sabretooth Clan? Where LARPers genuinely think they're fucking vampires? There's a already a thread about it, and DDZ was (still is?) in the sabretooth clan cult which has been called out for trafficking girls into The Chateau (aka cat girl manor) >>>/snow/773289 I'll post some quick background.
>sabretooth clan leader = Father Sebastiaan (longtime friend of DDZ) he's a "fangsmith" and sells prosthetic fangs
>isabella = owner of cat girl manor (The Chateau) and also accused of hosting abusers like dahvie vanity, was dating Father sebastiaan
video embed is a documentary on his little cult/circle and you can see DDZ at the 0:12 second mark, and she's near the end during their "Ritual" too

jesus fucking CHRIST what would make someone wanna buy this, this comes off like fat fetish content

No. 266595

My poor city just keeps taking L after fat L. Pray for me nonnas.

No. 266596

I don't like this coupled with the fact that she's hanging out with barely legal Nat.

No. 266597

She and her crew seem to be hanging around more and more young lolitas as time passes. This coupled with the fact Deedee has ties with real cult leaders is plain terrifying.

No. 266600

further proof of her being an affiliate of the sabretooth cult. she was in alll of the promotional material at all of his events/rituals.
mind you, he had many rape accusations even back then. the owner of the cat girl manor (isabel's now ex-husband) has finally been arrested for stalking and other harrassment issues.

No. 266603

Another thing how the hell is Melissa going to sit there and obsessively make/update a doc of all the discord cunts information to "protect" the community when one of her buddies is part of this shit?
INB4 Hi discord chan. I know its hard for some of you to understand, but you can agree that the discord cunts are a bunch of two faced bitches and acknowledge that being part of a sex trafficking cult is far worse and far more dangerous.

No. 266609

File: 1668809002320.png (171.98 KB, 1116x201, fangdomddz.PNG)

exactly, both of these groups are attention seeking bitches that harm the community regardless.

picrel is further proof of her promotion/affiliation with his cult. the "vampire" community was a front for getting goth girls to make out for male pleasure. and before anyone says "maybe she was a victim!" she literally was a recruiter/makeup artist/performer for his cult events and clearly had higher rank.

No. 266617

WowNonna, do you think she's still in it? I bet that's where her cat torture operation runs. They sacrifice the cats to their vampire god or something.
I can't believe she kept cult activity hidden all these years. Do you think they know she's trans??

No. 266618

There's more than one lolita in this video.

No. 266619

DDNazi we are aware of your cult affiliations and gruesome activities. We know you have been recruiting lesbians and minorities to be sex trafficked and used for ritual blood sacrifice. Don't think you can go on like this for much longer, the charade is up and there will be an end to this. You WILL be stopped once and for all.

No. 266620

sauce nonna?

No. 266621

The video is 7 years old, most of them are not active anymore. It's not that relevant, because the video is likely just a mash up. There's a lot of gothic lolitas that cross over into the vampire/goth lifestyle scenes.

No. 266622

Isn't Nat the only lesbian in their group though?

No. 266623

Obvious bait is obvious. No one actually thinks she’s sacrificing lesbians. But she is milky.

No. 266624

Kek the real cows have chased all the "milky" ones off. Even when they didnt do anything like Momo.

No. 266627

as far as i know melissa is a lesbian too

No. 266628

Momo herself is in question after self posting herself on seagull.

No. 266635

i love how every time something comes up on ddz that is mildly milky, there’s someone posting a sardonic or sarcastic play-along response taking whatever is stated to its furthest logical conclusion to prove how “stewpidd!!” it is. you’re not slick, stop posting bait.

No. 266642

I'm actually pretty sure most of them are lesbians except DDZ

No. 266644

Leave momo alone.

No. 266653

i dunno i think dd is prolly a lesbian too. just a self hating in denial lesbian. prolly why she shills religion so hard. fightin urges with the power of christ. tbh they all lookin like a bunch of dykes.

No. 266655

dyke as an insult, really?

that being said why did this 'LOC is all lesbians' thing come up again, did one of them come out or something? they're all private accounts at this point

No. 266666

Discordfags are misogynistic and homophobic, yes of course they're using dyke as a insult.

No. 266667

lesbians of christ kek

No. 266673

Don’t you have an asexuality blog to post to?

No. 266701

File: 1668848454852.png (724.92 KB, 1000x950, Untitled (1).png)

a bit late to the lesbianism discussion, sorry

No. 266703

The lesbians of Christ thing actually makes sense, does anyone have screenshots of the LOC meetup when like 5 of them uploaded pictures of them kissing in Lolita

No. 266706

File: 1668850505696.png (1.96 MB, 2000x3371, yo mr liv.png)

#seagull weighs in on lesbians. alys is obsessed with defining herself as lesbian despite dating an mtf

No. 266713


No. 266716

this post is hilariously unhinged, like celestial is clearly homophobic by her statements in the logs like others but u can’t attribute those posts to her specifically? proof needed

kinda love how getting milk from the logs is like an easy button if you just mention anything remotely milky about DDZ. you get the best of both worlds. work smarter not harder nonnas!

No. 266717

also, wtf does the statement
>being “straight passing” is only a privilege if you can get hate crimed otherwise.

celeste, i have news for you.. if people see you as gay you can get hate crimed. they do in fact face legal and religious institutional persecution “otherwise”

No. 266734

They arent all lesbians they are making fun of you for not realizing they are taking the piss of the situation. Nat is gay but dates trannies, and DDZ is straight but likes causing trouble. Cassie is a very conservative christian girl, and likely some of the others are especially the black girls who stick around these racists.

Interesting that you think this is too old because its from 7 years ago but also think discord chats from 2018 arent too old then. How old is the limit before it isnt milk? DDZ being a shit bag for as long as you can look back is milk, she continues to say people just hate her because they are lefties but its clear she is a predator.

No. 266736

Every time anything milky related to DD or LOC is mentioned one anon mysteriously brings up the logs again or blames it on the discordfags it's so transparent at this point

No. 266752

Agreed, DDZ mention = more logs. Not even saying I don’t want more log info, it’s interesting, but DDZ being in a cult of vampire wannabes as a grown adult is absolutely hilarious. 7 years isn’t too long ago, especially considering the fact that she was born in 86

No. 266773

Nothing in that video gives way to anything that implies any of them are shitbags. I think your mental illness is acting up, considering the name calling in your post.

Discord chats went for years and are recent, there are active lolitas in there. I was referencing the lolitas in the video, but you have a DDZ stick wedged so far up your ass that you're hallucinating that the video even has anything interesting in it. Just say you don't like goth culture and go.

No. 266775

>7 years isn’t too long ago, especially considering the fact that she was born in 86
Seems pretty personal

No. 266776

LOC is actually more than 50% minorities, which I find interesting.

No. 266777

I'm not even sure why you're replying to my post. There's a lot of referencing other posts when people post on here which makes it looks schizophrenic to assume everyone is samefag

No. 266779

Shit sorry nonna thought we were allowed to have discussions here my bad

No. 266780

>other lolitas in the video too
>knows DDZ's birthday
We aren't your personal army.