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File: 1513518614551.jpg (28.67 KB, 400x400, 3J1igTj8_400x400.jpg)

No. 445742

John Leigh is the CEO of Anime Matsuri, a local anime convention in Houston. He's been accused of bilking money, sexual harassment towards women, sexual misconduct towards minors, and poisoning the lolita community in general especially in the Houston Lolita Community (HLC). He has made a number of connections with people involved in lolita fashion such as Misako Aoki and Cathy Cat. With his wife Denice, they run the Shop in Wonderland, a lolita boutique, in Houston.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/john.leigh.790
Twitter: https://twitter.com/amjohnleigh

No. 445765

About time he got a thread on here, how have people not taken this whole thing seriously until now?

No. 445774

No. 445778

No. 445782

Wasn't there also some drama in the cosplay scene with him? Inviting that famous SNK cosplayer (reina?) to a Hawaii Convention but everything went wrong

No. 445786

Can we make a list of people who are, as of this moment, supporting/defending him or ignoring what people are saying about him? I know CathyCat is probably top of the list atm but I'm almost sure Lor talked about Shop In Wonderland.
Not to make it a witch hunt or anything, I'm just not sure these people realise the gravity of the situation.

No. 445789

No. 445801

What even was the point of Lor making this video other than drawing attention to the store and "wah brands won't think we want their stuff!".
Yeah sure Lor just let people make up their own mind about whether or not they should support a scumbag's shop. Jesus christ I understand that she likes to stay neutral on a lot of things but this is ridiculous.

No. 445810

No. 445813

The PULL thread has screencaps of texts between his wife and one of his victims. She's a piece of work herself.


No. 445814

I can never get over how ugly Lor is.

No. 445820

That's not relevant at all but ok.

What actually bothers me about Lor is her willingness to be neutral about stuff and not get "too deep" into anything for fear of losing her do-no-wrong status. Remember that clusterfuck Cakes and Couture in Florida that she was flown in for? She made a video and tried to say, EVEN THOUGH people didn't get anything near what they paid for, that the event was a success and that people should be grateful that someone is taking time to organise something like that.

Have a fucking opinion, Lor. At least she doesn't vaguepost about her ex anymore, I guess?
Sage for sort of ot

No. 445890

It was definitely more of a warning. I found the store's site randomly and had no idea about the owners until this video.

No. 446646

No. 446673

Gotta keep things nice and *~PC~* to keep the Tumblrinas at bay. Anything more upsetting that a balloon going off could send them into a frenzy.

No. 446826

Damn. That was an incredible takedown.

No. 446827

This was in reaction to the previous video Scarfing Scarves made. It was taken down due to a "copyright notice".


No. 455342

There was a thread earlier this year on cgl about how John and Deneice are in an open relationship and they're getting freaky with Misako. I wonder if there's any truth to this?


No. 456110

File: 1514538484033.png (356.21 KB, 920x730, 1427897548583.png)

>John and Deneice are in an open relationship and they're getting freaky with Misako

holy shit big and gross. Did she come back to AM? I thought after all the shit last year (or 2015?) that Kawaii.i dropped john and deneice and when Minori said her piece that it was pretty well confirmed that most of the j-fashion community was aware and didn't want to be involved with this shit.
Maybe my memory is awful.

No. 456386

Normie makes a video about Scarfing Scarves' takedowns for copyright violations.

No. 456459

>54 subs
Smells like selfpost.

No. 463144

File: 1515205026507.jpg (270.24 KB, 1532x2048, 26233428_1107186749422449_5248…)

So John Leigh is now officially suing Tyler over her videos.

No. 463145

There is no truth to it. Let’s stick to real things like him trying to make moves on Choke and not made up stuff

No. 463186

why for spreadin the truth that been out there about him for years
Fuck off Leigh tbh i doubt he'd win or even take it to court all the way.

No. 463213

Am I the only one who thinks it's weird they cited Cathy Cat as Cathy Cat and not a real name? It makes it sound like she's a trademark or something.

Saged, I just think she's cringey as fuck

No. 464323

File: 1515353413210.jpg (1.89 MB, 1180x16852, 54duBE9.jpg)

I don't understand how this guys shit hasn't tanked yet. He's openly done more shit than half the pervs who run cons and there is actual proof but nothing has happened.

Attached is his 10/10 cringe 'explanation' about why he's a creepy douchebag

No. 464361

She needs her own thread. She looks so old

No. 464828

She should considering she supports a pedophile and sexual harasser, and is apparently known for being fake as hell and rude off screen

No. 464973

Its crunch day, what are the chances that anything will come of this?
If they chicken out, they'll have outed themselves as the cowards and liars we know they are if they proceed they're going to kick start possibly the biggest shitstorm the western community has ever seen.

No. 464974

As much as I'd like to think that, too many general attendees still don't seem to give a shit about any of this and it's infuriating.

Them reporting the cgl thread is fucking hilarous though and almost as damning as the copyright takedowns.

No. 464977

Yeah one look at the AM Facebook page shows that really nobody knows or cares outside the Lolita comm and maybe a few others. I'd suggest people posting to the page about it but realistically they're just going to delete comments and ban people, or some impressionable young weebs will argue "uhhh stop ruining our con!"
Tyler has gotten an impressive reach with the SS FB page but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be enough.

No. 464999

i saw Tyler's new video yesterday and i'm surprised she didn't comment anything about the bouts with the Leighs and with Ask Japanese. probably she's looking into that slander issue, she might be quiet because of that now. although that document looks odd, as some anon said, in that document all the plaintiffs should be with their complete names (same thing for companies). it looks just like a regular letter, with a cease and desist tone.

No. 465457

File: 1515459098608.jpg (23.75 KB, 320x400, 23421140_512344905796380_50462…)

I want to remind everyone ITT that Cathy Cat has been receiving rape threats from lolitas ever since the ScarfingScarves came out.

No. 465460

Receipts or gtfo

No. 465474

Didn't he also dick over parts of the fighting game community and…some sort of… car community in the texas area? Both of those communities have a fair amount of reach, especially since people dug up a bunch of financial stuff involving those two groups.

No. 465493

File: 1515461004738.jpeg (178.92 KB, 750x809, 793C32F0-1421-41D0-921E-7F8A5C…)

No. 465527

the car comm idk about but the gaming thing he and his wife scamed this dude out of thousand of dollar they ran a place where gamers hung out at and the person they scam was a otaku and a gamer. the place they use to run got close down cuz john and his wife wasn't paying the rent. Idk what they were doing with the money but the rent wasnt being paid and had the balls to blame the guy they scamed for it being closed down.

No. 465529

Highly doubt rape threats.

No. 465541


IIRC I know he also had some fallout with the DJ's hired to play the car shows,Vance Lawrence & Tetsu, I know there's was issues with being paid but not sure how far that runs and if it's been fixed since Tetsu is still a part of his car shows every now and then, only displaying his vehicle though and no longer doing music with them.

Does anyone know what's up with Denices' shop? I've heard a lot of rumors but since so many people dislike them it's hard to figure out what's true or not when they've built a reputation for it all to be plausible

No. 465608

File: 1515466712287.png (130.84 KB, 750x1334, 4D4438DE-BDA6-4763-97C7-BDC6B0…)

Lor has spoken about it on Snapchat and pretty much made it about herself then quickly threw in at the end she 100% supports Tyler. I use to really like Lor but since she’s moved to Canada she’s been rubbing me the wrong way, and her being super vague on FB and forcing people to follow her on snap just to see her views on the subject of mushroom head and Tyler is really telling in my opinion…

No. 465612

derp totally missed she put it on her Instagram stories. But once again, Lor, why is it so hard to post to a social media platform that isn’t temporary your views on the subject? Even Batty openly criticized and showed her disgust of the situation on her FB. Tyler needs support more than ever, exposure is a good thing.

No. 465618

If you haven't seen her other IG stories, Lor is in California visiting family rn.

No. 465730

JFC stop trying to get attention without proof. Get over yourself, Cathy. This isn't about you.

No. 465778

Since when? I've literally seen nothing on her posts and I doubt Lolitas would do that

No. 466057

Apparently making one actual post saying you support someone takes more time to do than posting stories to two different platforms

No. 466084

since that article only seemed to mention that theyre not coming back, and i cant see anything on the links posted above….

Essentially Reina got to Hawaii and when she went to customs/immagrations they stopped and detained her. She didnt speak enough English to explain herself, no one came to pick her up and she was missing information like return flight and where she would be staying. Ive read that her visa was never approved and she was coming without one but John and crew told her it was covered but more likely, she came with appropriate documents but lacked proof of return flight because her flight wasnt round trip, as i believe she planned on going to mainland US for another con or buying her return ticket when she received the money from john as she was promised. Apparently US immagration assumes all Thai who come are trying to stay here especially if they arent able to prove they have strong ties in community like careers, school/university, ect.

Having dealt with Hawaii customs/immigration (as a US citizen), they treat everyone like we are criminals and trying to move to here. If you're american and you write anything on your customs slip that could be considered luxury they question it. I brought back a backpack that i was wearing and they asked if it was designer. It was a $10 no name backpack that looked like it was ment for a child. They heard you like caddle and are nasty if you accidently get in the wrong line or don't full listen. Most people come to hawaii to vacation not move here, especially with how expensive and tourism based everything is.

No. 466089

can we make her a thread here because she should not be hosting ask japanese as a non native english speaker.. or at least find someone whos more fluent. In one of the videos she totally misunderstands some tourists english and makes the situation awkward. I felt bad for the tourists, plus theres tons of weeby UK girls who could do the same or better.

No. 466090

with the instagram formula you basically have to post a story to get views. Most of the major instagramers i folllow will post a story saying they posted a photo because otherwise no one will see it. It makes sense if she doesnt have a good enough photo to post to add a caption and if she shows anything with AM or John she might be part of the "lawsuit"

No. 466094

>she didn't have a return ticket
Which, tbh, is on her for not checking. You don't just fly to other countries without double checking documentation requirements, and even if she couldn't contact the Leighs, she could have just called the airline or her own embassy hotline.

US immigration is notoriously tough on foreigners and natives alike. US citizens often leave to countries that don't require a passport, but when they go to reenter they are held up because they didn't know they needed a passport to get back in.

No. 466116

uh anon, they were the ones who provided the tickets. it's up to the convention/host to get the person there.

No. 466127

File: 1515522678008.gif (469.35 KB, 500x200, tumblr_lrkzmpYEyf1qh2o7zo1_500…)

If John or someone he knows sees this, I just want you to know that more people hate you then support you and what you're doing to Tyler won't work because you're an idiot.

No. 466173

No. 466180

I work in the travel industry and people who don't check their documents are always blaming people they feel are responsible for them ie. group leaders, travel planners, resorts. Doesn't matter. It's the responsibility of the individual, and frankly, it's stupid to not check yourself even if you had the assurance that someone else was "taking care of you." Lol.

No. 466338

- Not Raina. Yuegene Fay.
- There is out-of-US ticket. Just not direct back to Thai because she had another con somewhere following week
- She has US visa. She had been in US before
- tricked her to use her tourist visa which is cheaper. With letter inviting for Thanksgiving. Not mentioning AM
- All AM guests from abroad who gets paid are there with wrong visa. You can't get paid with tourist/exempted visa
- But Japanese/1st world wasn't caught since it's Hawaii
- tried to silent Yuegene with promise to help with visa ban if she doesn't say anything
- didn't actually help much
- Yuegene couldn't bother
- John moved on to pray on other
- end

No. 466454

Saged for off topic, but I was curious how Shop in Wonderland was being reviewed on yelp since I'm pretty sure I remember them getting bad reviews from some people referring the article about him and the sex misconduct. Turns out all bad reviews were deleted and they have one near perfect review.


Is anywhere but here safe from them just wiping the slate clean? I'm surprised the cgl thread was taken down

No. 466489

PULL or make a thread on Kiwi farm and im surpised too seeing how 4chan is.

No. 467708

The /cgl/ thread was taken down because the Janitors there are complete retards and take the "no drama or singling someone out" rule to an aspie level and basically delete actual complaints/serious stuff in the con community.

No. 467739

ot but old 4chan was better they would have allowed that shit.

No. 467752

that's pretty ridiculous, it's not singling out if it's about a legal issue wtf?

No. 467756

Isn't that what fucking cgl is about??? Drama?

No. 468007

Attention-fagging and people getting their fee-fee holes raped and they ran to Mootykins about it. To try and fight the savage anal destruction, he then put his foot down on the drama and stopped it completely causing the Janitors to go Final Solution levels of deletion if there's any mention of drama on that board.

It's an awkward and empty shell of its former self.

No. 468276

It also didn't help that it was leaked that some of the Janitors were trips/friends of trips and would delete threads and posts on request if the said trip didn't like what was being posted.

No. 468674

File: 1515798767237.jpg (68.87 KB, 364x530, shop in wonderland.jpg)

Reminder that this is a Shop that sell LOLITA clothing.
Idk but there have been some post saying this girl is 17 idk if that true but what all the post have in common is that the Leigh's took advantage of another person cuz she got paid in the bullshit currency "experience"

No. 468855

ot but i think she's 25. She's apparently head of jfashion for AM and was defending her choice for working for the John by saying she was doing it to "help the people" and "help change the con" and the then this shit pops up on ig

What i don't get is why tf John couldn't hire a professional model considered all that money he's not paying his guest with

No. 469031

File: 1515864228866.png (1.16 MB, 719x1031, 1515773709743.png)

Daniela is an embarrassment to Mexico.

No. 469039

it's glw all over again. like when they used drag queens to advertise their stupid wigs.

No. 469047

>fake as hell and rude off screen
caps? proof?

No. 469392

Oh Misaki why.
also why is their a SIW store in Harajuku?

No. 469442

Her name is Misako, and they don't have a store in Harajuku, they were just "repping" it there.

No. 469494

They're using the head of J-Fashion at AM and tagging it as Lolita Fashion to stigmatize the fashion and community. He's trying to make Lolita into that fetish that normies always assume it is. He knows he can't actually sue Tyler so he's trying to do this to get even.

No. 469591

Yeah my bad. Misako why is she even reping Shop in wonderland is she still cool with the Leighs? Wasn't there a rumor going around that they tried to have a threesome with her?

No. 471421

I gotta feeling John is gonna cancel the con due to all the bad press hes getting


No. 471851

Nah, the only way that's happening is if his lawsuit with Tyler puts him into financial ruin. He still has plenty of stupid people who back him.

No. 472816

It was even stupid for him to sue a Youtuber cuz it makes him look like a dick. OT but he looks like Mr.Yan and basically has his creepy personality too.

No. 475975

I'm pretty excited to see Matsuri be destroyed honestly.

No. 476116

Nah he's not gonna cancel, he's too narcissistic. Plus all the bad press is years worth put together. All at once it looks incriminating but if you're just some random congoer, a bad article or two a year won't deter you.

No. 476197

File: 1516467944795.jpg (86.5 KB, 922x960, 26805199_1115927978548326_4036…)

John Leigh has reared his ugly, bald head at SS now.

No. 476295

Because bullying a Youtube is surly gonna give him the upper hand. Fucking asshole

No. 476573

She's 25, and apparently a total cunt to girls in the comm who don't support the Leighs

No. 476582

of course the Leighs would have dumbasses who would overlook their bullshit.

No. 478683

Don't get the fact that most volunteers didn't get their refund after they finished their volunteer hours. In fact they treat all volunteers like dirty unless you kiss their ass

No. 478684

They don't want anyone talking bad about Anime Matsuri. If you do they would complete delete your post. As for bullying, I seen few people on thier posts get bully yet they ignored it. When it comes to them they make it a big deal.

No. 478908

File: 1516726873057.png (94.23 KB, 514x898, FireShot Capture 1 - Anime Mat…)

I love how he skips over the part where the Houston Press asked him about a few incidents that definitely weren't just "jokes" and how he never replied to them about it

No. 478912

Here's CathcyCat's official response I guess? Why does she claim Tyler was slandering her? All I heard was Tyler saying "Hey CathyCat why the fuck are you supporting John". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3_v3d1wUw8&feature=youtu.be

No. 478926

Ah, nice, playing up the BOOLY angle when the video itself just poses facts and questions why a woman would want to collaborate with a man who has acted inappropriately around multiple women he's worked with.

No. 479708

I think a lot of people think Cathy is an innocent unwilling party. I don't think that, I think she is willing to work with whoever she wants to work with and doesn't like having the face the fact that she supports a sexual harasser, she will NEVER fess up to this, especially since she is a weeb who buys into the japanese way of handling these situations, which is to plug your ears and put your head down. She will never speak out about it because having too strong of an opinion will make her less desirable to her employer.

No. 480215

Stopped reading right there.

CathyCat is completely self-important and thinks she is above others because she works with a Japanese youtube account. She has always been like this. I hope lolitas finally turn on her because she just as fake as she is ita.

No. 480218

Also, figures she tries to profit off this situation for both $ and attention/sympathy by making a youtube about OMG GAIZ I WAS SOOOO BULLIED AND IN DANGER.

She is disgusting. Just like her fake crying/breakdown video about Fruits going out of print.

Like girl, get a grip, you look like a 40+ woman who can't grow up.

No. 480384

Dude your about 40 if you had to link to a "How do deal with cyberbullies" video then gtfo the net.

No. 480401

John go fuck yourself. They’re either insensitive comments or they’re taken or of context, they can’t be both. Stop talking dude you’re digging your own grave.

No. 480450

File: 1516830505367.png (39.69 KB, 614x304, cc CathyCat.png)

No. 481723

File: 1516943918403.jpg (50.38 KB, 374x204, boycot am.jpg)

You think other than those in the lolita community would do this? Has John got around to screwing over the Cosplay community yet?

No. 482469

I don't think ghosting is a good idea though. It still contributes to the warm body count thus raising attention and giving them money in the long run.

No. 482553

Cathy will suck any dick to become famous

No. 482563

He has been inappropriate to a cosplayer, it came out when everyone was bringing things up. Iirc she was young and told his wife about his behaviour which went no where.

No. 483662

alot of stories have been posted to the boycott AM fb page some are new too.

No. 491027

File: 1517617307842.jpg (46.73 KB, 358x391, scarfing scafs.jpg)

No. 491381

His "apology" would've been hilarious if this shit hadn't been dragging on for too damn long.
Where were those receipts about the pending lawsuits against AM like, a year and a half ago?

No. 491784

Didnt this asshole use the Overwatch VA's to bring in guests without actually confirming them? Then they pulled their names from the site and said they wouldnt be coming right AFTER the cut off for badge refunds? I think they extended the refund process by a couple days after people complained but i saw Twitter up in arms over it.

Apparently he blamed a 'webmaster' error but it was posted on their facebook and twitter as well. They said hes announced guests that didnt confirm in the past as well to draw people in only to say they werent coming right at con time.

No. 491882

He probably knew if he did legal action the girls who spoke out against him would come forward as witnesses/victims in defense of Scarfing Scarves and he'd be in an even shittier position because his behaviour would be brought up in court and openly talked about.

No. 492870

His "Apology" was a pr move on his part cuz the Overwatch VA droped out and he didn't want the other guest to drop out as well.

No. 494094

Aparently he would ask for nudes from cosplayers(females cosplayer) in order for them to make the guess list

No. 505146

SU VAs have dropped, still no announcement from AM.

No. 505283

File: 1518812051645.png (99.41 KB, 640x881, IMG_8252.PNG)

Lmao good. I messaged a cosplayer I liked about her being a guest and defending him, and this was her response. Super disappointed.
Good to know voice actors care more than cosplayers.

No. 505296


LLW is 100% team John Leigh.

"I am in the position to stand with Anime Matsuri, because the allegations John Leigh faces appear to be false, hence why he found it necessary to protect his brand and image with cease and desists. It's what a responsible business owner would do. As someone myself who has had to make these sorts of decisions myself regarding defamation and slander, I will not hold it against John Leigh to stand his ground. It is the appropriate response to a video that attacks him over 2-year-old 'evidence' from accounts, that, from the information I have gathered, are completely over-exaggerated."

No. 505486


>Apperes to be false

I can understand 1 or 2 people speaking out and saying John touch sexually harrassed them but when you have 10+ people and a fucking fan page dedicated to stories of girls and ex co-workers saying that Johns a shit bag who sexually harrass them and would ask for nudes from female cosplayer for them to even be a guest at AM how the fuck does that "appear to be false"
Sage for ranting but she was a fucking bitch for that.

No. 505522

File: 1518823670985.png (205.27 KB, 798x431, 15 gd stories.png)


15 stories so far with at least three more that we haven't posted yet.


No. 505597

Yep according to LLW those stories are "Over-Exaggerated"
Like is she fucking John? How is 15+ stories "over-exaggerated"

No. 505622

Sage goes in the email field friend

Are you even surprised? Most dub voice actors will do anything to make a buck. It would have been a lot smarter for her to sit back and quietly take the check but the fact that she went public about her opinions is gonna ruin her.

No. 505678


The VAs have actually been really responsive, most of them have dropped out. Basically just Johnny Yong Bosch and the Mexican Goku left.

It's the pro cosplayers who don't give a shit. They're all massive attention whores, they'd show up anywhere willing to give them a table and a $50 per diem.

No. 505754

AM is suppose to have musician there right? You think any of them will drop out?

No. 507881

Looks like Deneice is doing a live public Q&A on her facebook page tonight.

I can think of quite a few people with questions at this point.


No. 508035

THat is going to go so well Deneiece

No. 508159

File: 1519014976903.png (62.68 KB, 716x538, Tweet.PNG)

rofl all of the steven universe voice actors cancelled along with johnny yong bosch

No. 508724

I had a feeling old Johnny boy would have cancled regardless as for SU who really wants to see them.
Also did anybody watch Deneise's live stream it kept going in and out so it was hard for me to watch.

No. 510230


Yeah she flailed around on the casting couch for a while and then tried to hype up the eva exhibit again because it's basically the only thing the con has left to brag about.

No. 510278

$10 says they are gonna bail too.

No. 515225

Alot more people pulled out

No. 515297

File: 1519681014027.png (178.91 KB, 616x553, 1.png)

This was in the irrelevant uggo cosplayer thread, surprised it's not here

No. 515299

File: 1519681039312.png (97 KB, 604x495, 2.png)

No. 515351

Don't be surpised if none of the cosplayers pull out. Im betting 1/2 of them are buddy buddy with the Leighs in order to boost their stats in the cosplay community.
Somewhat OT but why isn't John in Jail? Isn't it illegal to ask minors for Nudes?

No. 515461

Some of the overseas pro cosplayers are considering dropping out. None of the Americans will drop out, especially not Lisa Lou Who.

AM invites foreign cosplayers who still owe John Leigh from the WCS days and who are flattered just to get invited to America.

No. 515483

File: 1519701105595.jpg (25.97 KB, 761x180, retard.JPG)

What's going on with this retard

No. 515505

Last time i check Cathy cat still had a job. She even made a post with Joey and Aki and how she was "excited to be interviewing famous Youtubers."

No. 515975

File: 1519755463083.jpg (59.76 KB, 341x766, Cult.jpg)

Fucking lol

No. 518998

File: 1520029697245.jpg (50.36 KB, 345x413, anime matsuri.jpg)

Part 2 Electric Boogaloo
Anybody gonna check it out

No. 519094

Some highlights
>Stole BTSSB merch from the fashion show in 2014
>Sold a Minori photobook without her knowing or consenting after she cut ties with the leighs in 2015
>Mistreats their guess so bad that the Visual Kei band NIGHTMARE made a song about their time at the con in 2014
>Was sued not once, not twice but 10 fucking times
>Never paid any of the overseas guest from 08-09 that Miyavi ended up suing them too
>FKIW and again NIGHTMARE had a hard time getting their pay for their apperance in 2012(FLOW) and 2014(NIGHTMARE)

No. 519096

Sorry i mispelled FLOW

No. 519148

Which Nightmare song is about their experience?

No. 519197

From the blog post its Superboogerman

No. 519199

No. 519287

No. 520006

File: 1520125581794.png (68.57 KB, 699x820, am.PNG)

Whited out my friends info for privacy and because she doesnt want any trolls defending AM coming to her. This is disgusting though hes such a piece of shit.

No. 520764

File: 1520209871770.jpg (70.11 KB, 365x550, anime matsuri 2.jpg)

Third times a charm right Deneise?
Fuck at this point you guys are desprate to get people to still come to your con now that all the big names have dropped out. The Eva thing is the only thing you got going for.

No. 521233

That fucking Sailor Moon party they're hosting is an extra $85-$175 on top of the ticket prices. Does nothing other than the rave come with the base ticket anymore? This really sounds like a last-ditch plan to scalp people for their money before running out of town, honestly.

No. 543630

File: 1522621702246.png (919.64 KB, 943x752, AM.png)

these posts were being passed around my local convention's group… not a good look.

No. 543632

the fact that they didn't even attempt to kick them out is telling for the Leighs.
do you guys need the cash that bad that you'd let a group of people cosplaying as fucking NAZIS into a con.

No. 543636

I get not wanting to pander to those "i need muh safe space" snowflakes but this is a con where kids and adults attend some might be Jewish some might be vets who take offence to this(not saying they are personal vets of WW2) and might not find this funny and distasteful.

No. 543642

If someone thinks opposing nazism is pandering to SJW then they're pretty far down the rabbit hole. Thinking nazis are awful is pretty common sense, no matter your political preferences

No. 543644

Anon i was refering to how most cons tend to pander to those people.
I guess i should have been more clear. Yes i agree with you everyone shares that same sentiment

No. 543654

Damn that blonde chick has been dressing up in Nazi uniforms and going to Texas cons for years now

No. 543656

File: 1522623448003.png (261.48 KB, 1154x787, am3.png)

it sounds like most of the drama is that one of the guys dressed as a nazi took over these people's panel, was a general disturbance to the peace and it took over a day for staff to be removed. regardless of political beliefs, people have been sharing this and it's making them look pretty terriblu.

No. 543657

File: 1522623502028.png (245.64 KB, 972x434, am2.png)

more from the comments

No. 543704

To add to this persons comment. On Saturday they approached an artist telling her to change her sign that said the con lead was a sexual harrasser. Instead of taking it down they agreed (the artist and staff) to simply change the wording of it so it didnt point fingers. The staff left happy.

Then on sunday staff AND POLICE went and escorted the artist out of the convention despite her complying on saturday.

Just goes to show theyre trying to bury any sexual assault call outs and doing their hardest at that but ignoring the nazis and the guy who was taking up-skirt shots.

No. 543840

That fucking patheic and sad for the leighs to do that.
Anybody know if the con was full or less fuller than the previous year?

No. 543869

No. 543918

File: 1522642043910.jpg (109.86 KB, 495x842, 1522641189629.jpg)

The Chinese guest Aliga never attended the convention, but was still listed as a guest on the website. When people brought it up John decided to make an ass of himself. Pretty sure he's realizing he's fucked.

No. 1590752

The Anime Matsuri presentation stream was yesterday. Vic Mignogna is making a comeback at Anime Matsuri. Denice Leigh made a new recording studio for Vic to voice in two animes. Genbanojo and ZIP! Shimezo from Nippon Animation.
This is absolutely pathetic.

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