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File: 1666193353478.png (1.2 MB, 1300x1300, OP11Pic.png)

No. 259546

Lolita Lolcow thread #11: Derailment Failure Edition!

Previous thread

Once Again:
Sage your non-milk posts. Being fat and or ugly, while hilarious, is not milk by itself. Lying/shooping yourself excessively to hide that you are fat and ugly and crying about it when caught is milk.

PLEASE refrain from mini-modding or hi-cowing. If there is proof that a cow is posting in thread, report the post and move on.

Cows in the Spotlight

The following group was outed as having a #seagull discord server/group-chat that was dedicated to shit talking members of their own community, making fun of their own MENTEES, and admitting to using LC or CGL despite saying they never do on their own social media accounts. Lacemarket accounts now included. Bolded/Italicized are noteworthy cows

Aiu#0642 = @aiulura @aiu.lura [particularly heinous offender]
elipri#5757 = @comrade.frill
romeo#3055 = @bunii_boy
Reira#5451 = @butterbutterfly @reira.kitchen LM: reira, butterbutterfly
Caitlin505#5468 = @abhorrentfrills LM: Caitlin505
beck#2603 = @beckattack @everydayalemon [particularly heinous offender] LM: beck
alys#0310 = @digitalangel96 [particularly heinous offender]
Lise#1908 = @sc00ppy
victorix#6766 = @agentlemandoesnotconga
zepplis#6640 = @zepplis, tumblr = libertarian-lolita [particularly heinous offender]
ametrine#4707 = @rosequartzroyalty [particularly heinous offender] LM: Rosequartzroyalty
elipri#5757 = @comrade.frill LM: Elina
Radical Eddy#1987 = @radicaleddy LM: RadicalEddy
pastel-princess#0753 = @marshmallowbnuy [particularly heinous offender]
elipri#5757 = @comrade.frill
Saturn#5252 = @peachburger
Chryse#0151 = @chryse.planitia
rougeaerie#2278 = @rougeaerie
pyuukin#4112 = @pyuukin @pyuukin.art
evasiqe#8696 = @evasiqe
Cake#9854 = @abbie_666 LM: donutdemon
jellophish#3131 = @oceans.tears LM: jellophish
jennkitty#3462 = @mylesjennifer
melomania#8041 = @meloman1a
lori#7634 = @loriibarbie LM: Mintylori
starstarfairy#3297 = @starstarfairy @sweetjujushop LM: starstarfairy
revan#2618 = @ebonhawkrevan LM: revan
cardinalcopia#8144 = @kdycu
PaperSnowflakes#8415 = @paper_snowflakes
Neeks#0146 = @neekymomo
tigbittyhobbit#1832 = @pastel_rengoku @pastel_hashira
ghostlie#7579 = @ghostliekim
Chocolatelapins#7723 = @chocolatelapins @_chocolapin
JessAnne#4592 = @jess.in.pink, @theodore.kittycat LM: jessanne
Wabbie-chan#4020 = @mania.wabbit @wabbie_chan
ImNewHere#9064 = @scottywbishop LM: ImNewHere
jeunefille#4045 = jeunefille.dreamwidth.org
ataraxia#7301 = ataraxiaa.dreamwidth.org
GildedGhoti#7362 = gildedghoti.dreamwidth.org
Lucid#9208 = lucidbunny.dreamwidth.org [particularly heinous offender]
nosoi#4773 = nosoii.dreamwidth.org
celestial#8008 = @bumblebat [particularly heinous offender]
opalsauce#4996 = opal.pasteldream [particularly heinous offender]

Mods / Mentors List
>Discord Server ( EGL #seagull) mod = Lala Land#7138
>Discord Server (EGL) mod = wallpaper-chan#9414
>Discord Server mod (other jfashion/artist alley discord) = Sketchbeetleart#0820
>Discord Server (EGL #general) = The_Kraken#0878
>Daily Lolita Mod = alys#0310 AKA @digitalangel96
>Rufflechat Mod = ametrine#4707 AKA rosequartzroyalty (current)
>Rufflechat Mod = ataraxia#7301
>Rufflechat Mod = Spider#8888
>Fairy Kei FB comm = ametrine#4707 AKA rosequartzroyalty
>Closet of Frills mod = jennkitty#3462 AKA @mylesjennifer
>Local Comm mod = Spider#8888
>Local Comm mod = Honeykiwi#1525
>Local Comm mod = MightyMage#8983
>Local Comm mod = meido#2292
>Local Comm mod = diploskull#9930
>R/Lolita mod = Saturn#5252 AKA @peachburger
>Mentor = Chryse#0151 @chryse.planitia
>Mentor = Cake#9854 AKA @abbie_666
>Mentor = raeofhope#0413
>Mentor = Rococo#5833
>Mentor = chockie#3660
>Mentor = zepplis#6640
>Mentor = jellophish#3131 AKA @oceans.tears
>Mentor = ataraxia#7301 (ataraxiaa.dreamwidth.org)
>Mentor = elipri#5757 AKA @comrade.frill
>Mentor = ametrine#4707 AKA rosequartzroyalty (former mentor of nat)
>Mentor = harmlessmonster#7160
>Mentor = rougeaerie#2278 AKA @rougeaerie
>Mentor = kae#4687
>Mentor = sailorrori#2791
>Mentor = Wabbie-chan#4020
>Mentor = pastel-princess#0753 AKA @marshmallowbnuy , DPP, liv
>Mentor = celestial#8008 AKA @bumblebat

If you see obvious derailment when discord cows are mentioned, post chatlog caps, but multiple conversations can happen. This is a multi-cow thread

Chatlog Highlights
>Violent Hannah >>253732 >>254545
>"Fuck women, misandry is real!" >>253743
>Caught red handed talking shit about each other >>253970
>CGL hypocrisy >>254029
>sjw by day, scawy terf by night = Mod LaLa >>254303
>all slurs and no ceeg makes alys a very hypocritical girl >>254336
>”Troons unite!” >>254369
>Speculating that tyler is racist >>254382
>"Everyone on the internet is hateful, but not us" >>254383
>terf basedom, sad they're hypocrites >>254388 >>254391
>Just mentors being super nice and venting >>254463
>"s-she's definitely uglier than us, right??" >>254573 >>254634
>paradiso roommate of discord girls gets covid, so they do the totally normal thing and shame her publicly only for it to backfire
>>254664 >>254678 >>254679 >>254683
>More brandon defense >>254756
>homophobic >>257268
>lolita (matcha/crybunny in chatlog) attempts to request decency and is met with absolute unhinged violence from opal and others >>257525 >>257532 >>257551 >>257746
>surprise surprise, she's cuter >>257559
>Zepplis libertarian-lolita Tumblr >>259538

Celestial / batlatte / acute-bird / coof-police / DISCORD ITA
>Mod for kansas city >>259255
>Attempted to drag a roommate for spreading covid at paradiso, but chatlog proves that said person may have contracted it at the event and only had the symptoms of a headache and fatique. >>254664 >>254679 >>254683
>talks shit about her own mentees >>256978
>can’t coord for shit despite becoming a mentor on a “vetted” server >>259466 >>259468
>makes fun of other fatties despite being one herself, and most likely posted other girls from the plus size server >>257329 >>259533 >>259540
>weird sexual history and post history online kek >>259444 >>259441

Beck / beckkattack / 4chan p3d0 lover / racism-kei / DISCORD ITA
>outed as dating a former 4chan mod who is infamous for his connection to “vetting CP” but it seems to be something he and beck enjoy >>246920 >>246951 >>246959
>Into shota / ddlg / pretending to be a widdle boi, and is a raging racist that likes to say n word hard r even in the last few years >>246988 >>246989 >>246991 >>246992 >>246993 >>246999 >>246999 >>247003 >>247005 >>247042 >>247075 >>247153
>cow crossover, she’s the same artist that toast likes >>247042
>follows a plethora of l0lic0n accounts >>247240 >>247241 >>247245 >>247248
Instagram: @beckkattack

DeeDeeZeta / DDZ / LOC attention seeker / perv police
>troll that continues to poke itas for personal amusement >>220460 >>220461
>continues to christ-sperg but then claims it’s just trolling >>217152 >>217271
>Someone (either he or one of her followers) change the old proposed thread pic from 8 to erase her perv past) >>243976 >>244007 >>244009
>spergz about ”muh gunz rights” as seen in old thread OP >>243911
>still a lolita reject
Instagram: revelation_kitty

Other LOC girls
>Melissa = @lifelibertylolita >>253171 >>253172 >>253210
>Houston lolitas = @kemu_r1 and @frilly_cross >>257397
>@marashinoveins >>257401
>Cassie = @allurecross @bunnakins >>257401
>Potentially nat, but not confirmed = @oatmilkchan
> @sleepy_sakura_san , @cakevacuum , @cakevacuum >>257424 (sleepy_sakura changes her name frequently)
> @mariee.de.princesse >>257429
General LOC Drama
>LOC gets into beef with KSK, a lolita shop, and claims they followed them, sold overpriced stained clothing, and posted receipts of them making fake reviews >>259060 >>259059 >>259058 >>259057 >>258210 >>258214 >>259056 >>259062

Liv / Dreamy_pastel_princess/ @xxx_pinkgothicrose_xxx / pastel-princess / Texlita / DISCORD ITA
Old Milk
>Her ageplay history was exposed
>>156205 >>156225
>claims on tiktok that her ddlg posts were from when she was groomed as a minor
>was caught by lolcow mod for reporting posts and self wking. >>156237 >>156260 >>156394
>same crew continue to shitup threads on cgl and lc >>194116
>someone from her discord drops screencaps of them discussing how to mass report threads mentioning her, despite her saying on tik tok that she isn’t on the boards whatsoever >>194622 , >>194624 , >>194626 , >>194627 , >>194629 , >>194630 , >>194632 , >>194633
>claims her “personal” information is being doxxed, when it’s just screenshots from public accounts or from her own discord
>someone from her group still has a hate boner for mahou.momo >>194633
>different ita from her comm is posted as a derail attempt, but the pic itself was posted on “friends only” mode, so the pool is even more narrowed. Unconfirmed, but highly likely either liv or her pals posted it >>194633
>Proves to be absolutely obsessed with LC and CGL >>252460
>Has not posted or commented on the situation, and halted her tik tok content.
Instagram: Dreamy_pastel_princess
Tiktok: @xxx_pinkgothicrose_xx
Youtube: DreamyPastelPrincess

Hannah / Rosequartzroyalty / Ms. Frizzle / discord dastard / Texlita / DISCORD ITA
Old Milk + Background
>Texas Tik Tok Lolita confirmed to be in Liv’s friend groups >>218901
>Openly uses board terminology but also tells ppl to stop going on the boards >>220745 >>223771
>Got posted for shitty hair, and immediately responded via tik tok >>216298 , >>216410
>Outed herself last year as being involved in liv’s mass reporting spree >>224189
>Multiple posters start accusing Alyssa (a fellow texas comm member and akon angelic pretty model) of being the one who posted hannah. >>220976 >>220990
>an attempt at showing proof by comparing phone carrier plans backfires, and reveals it is unlikely to be alyssa >>223333 , >>223319
>screenshots come out showing alyssa was in fact privately shit talking liv and hannah, and making unhinged statements (see alyssa section).
>Hannah’s crew argues with Alyssa's crew, almost saging the thread in less than a month.
>she makes the same kind of tongue in cheek “violent” comments in group chats that her crew was pissed at alyssa for >>253732
>.Proven that she in fact lied about going on boards and engages in bullying >>252763
> Proven to be nat’s mentor in the chat logs
>Has not posted or commented on the situation, and halted her tik tok content.
Tiktok: rosequartzroyalty
Instagram: rosequartzroyalty

Toast Chan / Toast- chaaan / Big teef l0lic0n l0ver / Texlita
>Wannabe e-fame hungry texlita with terrile bangs
>outed as a ddlg/l0lic0n lover >>242670 >>242779 >>242782
>Gets caught posting more sus shit >>251722 >>251725
>e-begs for 3k after a “surgery” despite having a huge wardrobe >>252115
>Doesn’t say what the actual surgery was for >>252125
Instagram: @toastchaaan
Tiktok: @toastchaaan

Sp00pypants / Nat / former based icon / bible lunatic larper
Old Milk
>Gets kicked out of her comm AND CoF for saying she wouldn’t want to be friends with a troon >>198513
>babylita board releases a statement telling everyone to mass block and/or report her, despite her being a teenager and potentially a minor at the time >>198782, >>198795 , >>198796
>Turns out brandon (therealdrlove / bearded lolita) has been a repetitive creep, lesbian fetishizer, and posts sexual content related to characters drawn as pre-pubescent minors
>nat responds, demands an apology from those that kicked her out and posts proof on her insta >>204185 >>204331
>Made instagram posts about the discord receipts and came forward about how they all essentially groomed her into being a cow they could make fun >>252550 >>252549
>>252548 >>252547 >>252551 >>252553
>Discord receipts prove that they use slurs and/or worse language than nat.
Instagram: @oatmilkchan

>Lor related posts, go to her thread >>>/w/39863

Old Milk
>Account dedicated to posting/outing creeps in the community
>they post toast as a l0lic0n lover kek >>251440
>Posts a girl for being “prejudiced against catholics” despite that having nothing to do with sissies/predators, but wants to make an example out of her >>251455
>>251456 >>251457 >>251460 >>251462 >>251463 >>251464 >>251490 >>251491
>People give GTFO backlash, and they can’t take the heat so they go private >>251521
Instagram: @gtfomyjfash
>jfashion watchdog quits and admits to having been outed, and reveals alleged conversations between her and gtfomyjfash to “prove” they’re different people. still TBD >>259302 >>259301

No. 259554

Can we get a list of everyone who’s got private or dirty deleted?

No. 259558

good idea, a lot of them have gone private. Here's a rough list of who I've noticed went private or deleted their social media

>celestial#8008 = @bumblebat

>revan#2618 = @ebonhawkrevan LM: revan
>alys#0310 = @digitalangel96
>Aiu#0642 = @aiulura @aiu.lura
>@sleepy_sakura_san (didn't delete, she's just changed her @ a few times so hard to track. but also not very milky

Some are just pretending like nothings happened

No. 259568

As mentioned in the previous thread, alys#0310 changed her IG handle to @fentanyllfairyy, accompanied by wiping all the posts

No. 259570

File: 1666200274985.png (886.17 KB, 1800x1000, Lucidfacerevealmaybe.png)

Ok i couldn't find any information on Lucid (chatlog) from last thread, and checked out her dreamwidth (ofc she locked everything) however I noticed a name I've seen a few times before - maistress. She allegedly left the chatlog, proof of caps below.

[26-Apr-18 01:20 AM] Rin#7875
I think maistress may have left because we're boolies. Cause we did mention her giving sass once


she's oldschool just like lucid and they seem to have been friends. when you look up lucidbunny, an old tumblr handle mention comes up, and low and behold maistress's name comes up again just like on lucid's exclusive access only dreamwidth.

No. 259572

The vetted discord and loc are trying to hide their shit behavior by derailment. Noticing how everyone went private fast

No. 259588

Aiu#0642 = @disparaitre_girl (name change)
alys#0310 = @fentanyllfairyy (name change)
ataraxia#7301 = @clearkit (deactivated/name change)
ayo_atomic#8042 = @ayo_atomic @bombshellatomic
biscuit#2593 = @biscuit.bun LM: biscuitbun
Chocolatelapins#7723 = @chocolatelapins, @_chocolapin, @akamuge
celestial#8008 = @bumblebat LM: bumblebat
ghostlie#7579 = @ghostlieangel, @shopbelledreams (name change)
honeygingered#1972 = @honeygingered
jennkitty#3462 = @mylesjennifer
JessAnne#4592 = @gomuffygo LM: jessanne
kae#4687 = @gobelin_angel LM: yuriathewitch
_kurako__#5711 = @_kurako__
kuroeko#0558 = @kuroekoo LM: kuroeko
lori#7634, #fluttershy#7634 = @loriibarbie LM: Mintylori (deactivated/name change)
LostInAFaerieTale#1821 = @lostinafaerietale LM: LostInAFaerieTale
melomania#8041 = @meloman1a, @melomania_collects LM: melomania (deactivated/name change)
Neeks#0146 = @momo_a_peachy (name change)
PaperSnowflakes#8415 = @paper_snowflakes LM: PaperSnowflakes
pastel-princess#0753 = @marshmallowghostbunny (name change)
PeachyPies#6168 = @peachy.pumpkin.tea
pwassoncha#2894 = @pwassonchat
Resh#8336 = @wicked.resh
Rin#7875 = @tartan.rin
romeo#3055 = @bunii_boy LM: bunnyboy (deactivated/name change)
rougeaerie#2278 = @rougeaerie LM: rougeaerie
sparklepegasus#1031 = @knightofst.lily LM: alovelyspring (name change)
tokkigo#7380 = @tokkigo LM: tokkigo
agentlemandoesnotconga#8888 = @agentlemandoesnotconga LM: agentlemandoesnotconga
Wabbie-chan#4020 = @mania.wabbit, @wabbie_chan Resin Market: wabbie_chan (deactivated/name change)
zepplis#6640 = @zepplis LM: Zepplis
Cookie Cat#7077 = Rose Nocturnalia void-whispers.blogspot.com

PaperSnowflakes#8415 works at Baby SF confirmed in last thread, be careful ordering there.

No. 259589

If maitress is the one in the photo, then they live in Japan. Amazing they decided to bully her, though.

No. 259590

It has been mentionned alys is in the hospital as per her last post. She's a known druggie too, indicating the psych ward or rehab.

No. 259591

maistress is the one with the full coord pic in that image, it's her blog post that (potentially) lucid.bunny reblogged. another one who left and didn't like the discord serve culture.

kinda funny, because after even 3 people left because they felt the group was bullyish, you'd think they'd ask themselves if they're the common denominator?

No. 259592

File: 1666205707415.png (3.16 MB, 1396x1012, fb.png)

fb users faces dont know their @s

No. 259593


KEK why do they all have the sAME FACE/GLASSES!

No. 259595

Everything relating to manda's pages makes it look like they left lolita. If that's the case, then why is Lucid so active?

No. 259602

pretty certain Lucid is Chinese if not lives in China, so I think this is a derail >>253520

No. 259605

File: 1666207128860.png (5.21 KB, 1227x83, lucididentity.PNG)

ayrt, whoops you're right. Found this in the log after posting. Original derail from last thread threw me off

No. 259608

File: 1666207627617.png (30.12 KB, 880x483, Canada.png)

Potentially lives in Canada, but from what I can tell she is an internet-lolita from who she associates with. She might be using a different alias for instagram.

No. 259611

File: 1666208246866.png (12.64 KB, 1564x105, iowacommmaybe.PNG)

rococo is very active in the chatlog but nothing about her has been posted. here's a clue that she's in the Iowa Comm and knew Ryan Kopf (a regional anime con organizer that has multiple rape allegations)

No. 259617

noticing a trend that the chat got worse and worse over time. definitely some stand out idiots in the beginning, but the the decent lolitas eventually left after vocalizing some discomfort or getting bullied out themselves. I see a lot of "deleted user" handles in there.

No. 259619

File: 1666211920200.png (11.94 KB, 1600x210, lalacaught1.PNG)

kek, caught.

No. 259623

File: 1666212785885.jpeg (149.92 KB, 1439x630, E10E2101-28C5-4352-889B-6B7393…)

>>259617 because they slowly push people with any sense out until there’s no one left other than the deranged. That’s what seems to have happened with d0a1#6603 aka moon moon.

Seems like she was telling them to knock it off. They got ass mad and ran to dog pile her. Mods shut down the channel temporarily and reopened it about an hour later. Don’t know if she got kicked or left on her own accord

No. 259624

File: 1666212812262.png (50.2 KB, 1792x916, 28D7B951-166B-4751-A704-B864B5…)

No. 259627

File: 1666212933452.png (45.51 KB, 1838x930, 61CB7D28-3A78-4ED4-A780-AD70B0…)

No. 259642

some of us have just ended up silently watching the shit stirrers and realized how fucked up these people were.

No. 259648

She posted a bunch in the coord channel, but her instagram she posted in her intro has since been deleted.

No. 259657

Compiled the lists from the last few threads. The only people unidentified in this list are from the mod list. Drop info if you have it.

agentlemandoesnotconga#8888 = @agentlemandoesnotconga LM: agentlemandoesnotconga
Aiu#0642 = @aiulura @aiu.lura @disparaitre_girl (name change) [particularly heinous offender]
alys#0310 = @digitalangel96 @fentanyllfairyy (name change)[particularly heinous offender]
ametrine#4707 = @rosequartzroyalty LM: Rosequartzroyalty (former mentor of nat)[particularly heinous offender]
ataraxia#7301 = @clearkit (deactivated/name change) ataraxiaa.dreamwidth.org
ayo_atomic#8042 = @ayo_atomic @bombshellatomic
beck#2603 = @beckattack @everydayalemon LM: beck [particularly heinous offender]
biscuit#2593 = @biscuit.bun LM: biscuitbun
Caitlin505#5468 = @abhorrentfrills LM: Caitlin505
Cake#9854 = @abbie_666 LM: donutdemon
cardinalcopia#8144 = @kdycu
celestial#8008 = @bumblebat LM: bumblebat [particularly heinous offender]
Chocolatelapins#7723 = @chocolatelapins @_chocolapin @akamuge
Chryse#0151 = @chryse.planitia
Cookie Cat#7077 = Rose Nocturnalia void-whispers.blogspot.com
🍩𝖉𝖔𝖓𝖚𝖙🍩#3234 name changed to 23minds#3234
elipri#5757 = @comrade.frill LM: Elina
evasiqe#8696 = @evasiqe
ghostlie#7579 = @ghostliekim @ghostlieangel (name change), @shopbelledreams (name change)
GildedGhoti#7362 = gildedghoti.dreamwidth.org
honeygingered#1972 = @honeygingered
Honeykiwi#1525 @lostkiwikuro LM: laceykiwi12
ImNewHere#9064 = @scottywbishop LM: ImNewHere
jellophish#3131 = @oceans.tears LM: jellophish
jellophish#3131 AKA @oceans.tears
jennkitty#3462 = @mylesjennifer
jennkitty#3462 AKA @mylesjennifer
JessAnne#4592 = @gomuffygo LM jessanne
jeunefille#4045 = jeunefille.dreamwidth.org
Jujuju bi #3579 (junie) @junie_green https://www.facebook.com/ha.anh.dinh
kae#4687 = @gobelin_angel LM: yuriathewitch
_kurako__#5711 = @_kurako__
kuroeko#0558 = @kuroekoo LM: kuroeko
Lala Land#7138
Lise#1908 = @sc00ppy
lori#7634, #fluttershy#7634 = @loriibarbie LM: Mintylori (deactivated/name change)
LostInAFaerieTale#1821 = @lostinafaerietale LM: LostInAFaerieTale
Lucid#9208 = lucidbunny.dreamwidth.org [particularly heinous offender]
melomania#8041 = @meloman1a, @melomania_collects LM: melomania (deactivated/name change)
Neeks#0146 = @neekymomo @momo_a_peachy (name change)
nosoi#4773 = nosoii.dreamwidth.org
opalsauce#4996 = opal.pasteldream [particularly heinous offender]
PaperSnowflakes#8415 = @paper_snowflakes LM: PaperSnowflakes works at Baby SF confirmed in last thread, beware.
pastel-princess#0753 = @marshmallowbnuy @marshmallowghostbunny (name change) [particularly heinous offender]
PeachyPies#6168 = @peachy.pumpkin.tea
pwassoncha#2894 = @pwassonchat
pyuukin#4112 = @pyuukin @pyuukin.art
Radical Eddy#1987 = @radicaleddy LM: RadicalEddy
Reira#5451 = @butterbutterfly @reira.kitchen LM: reira, butterbutterfly
Resh#8336 = @wicked.resh
revan#2618 = @ebonhawkrevan LM: revan
Rin#7875 = @tartan.rin
romeo#3055 = @bunii_boy LM: bunnyboy (deactivated/name change)
rougeaerie#2278 = @rougeaerie LM: rougeaerie
Saturn#5252 = @peachburger
sparklepegasus#1031 = Jessi R @alovelyspring @knightofst.lily LM: alovelyspring (name change)
starstarfairy#3297 = @starstarfairy @sweetjujushop LM: starstarfairy
tenya out of ten#7566 @friletmignon
tigbittyhobbit#1832 = @pastel_rengoku @pastel_hashira
tokkigo#7380 = @tokkigo LM: tokkigo
victorix#6766 = @agentlemandoesnotconga
Vudu Juju#6988 @vudu.juju facebook.com/vudu.juju
Wabbie-chan#4020 = @mania.wabbit, @wabbie_chan Resin Market: wabbie_chan (deactivated/name change)
zepplis#6640 = @zepplis LM: Zepplis tumblr = libertarian-lolita [particularly heinous offender]

No. 259669

File: 1666227263138.png (16.93 KB, 299x225, ttfags.png)

how many of these were in #seagull kek?

No. 259679

>>259558 I cant speak on the others but Celestial soft blocked me on twitter and went private despite the fact I barely interacted with her, I do have 'EGL' on my profile so I wonder if her and these other itas that just privated went on a huge blocking spree on anyone they could find thats also lolita

No. 259680

File: 1666229253429.jpg (72.39 KB, 917x400, kels.jpg)

Are we sure @paper_snowflakes still works at baby sf?

No. 259683

File: 1666229916262.jpg (265.5 KB, 1080x1376, harmlessmonster#7160.jpg)

dont know her @ either so sage

No. 259691

anyone know what’s happened with the discord post-leak? has it shut down? i haven’t heard much about what went down in #seagull when everything blew up or how things are now

No. 259693

they are still constantly speculating schizo shit

No. 259694

kae is not @gobelin_angel. They're different people.

No. 259697

No. 259699

File: 1666234522720.png (29.31 KB, 1247x123, ironic.png)

This thread was obviously made by discordfags to change the narrative!! You left out so much stuff, let me guess, the chat is doctored?

No. 259704

As if that's all they did in there. Ironic statement from one of the biggest offenders.

No. 259705

>judge, jury, and executioner
for leaking chat logs that have been verified as undoctored multiple times? the discord itas damned themselves kek

No. 259707

she kept me for awhile until i soft blocked her first. she might be seeing who is in association with who and reacting. she deleted her tumblr within 20 minutes of it being posted here.

No. 259708

That post is over a month old. Looks like >>259699 has been holding onto it for a while

No. 259710

If that’s over a month old then it’s not even about the logs

No. 259711

File: 1666238786359.png (300.29 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20210222-133336.png)

speaking of celestial, she's blue here. guess the server was being accused of racism and transphobia KEK

No. 259712

File: 1666238817882.png (310.59 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20210222-133341.png)

No. 259713

File: 1666239304987.png (304.11 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20210222-133350.png)

No. 259715

File: 1666239670411.png (4.4 KB, 949x72, fat.png)

No. 259717

jesus are they all itas? poorly colored hair and that horrible western lolita brand purple we keep seeing in everything

No. 259718

seems to me the server isn't innocent if these accusations have been flying for a while.

don't you think having a group for shitting on people is a bit elitist? do we need to remind everyone what >>259468 these groups were like?

No. 259719

so are you in the group? this is an active discord screenshot.

No. 259722

This is insane. They somehow think they are the victim of this situation? I hate these people, and they are all like this, they can't own up to the terrible things they said.

It is fun to reap, but it is hard to sow. Whoever leaked that discord is a saint.

No. 259746

What an autistic take

No. 259748

if they were doctored all discord-chans have to do is release the real logs.

No. 259750

moonmoon left. she is very argumentative and does not like when people talk back to her, she's done it a few times.
this is hilarious considering resh, the only actively trying trans woman, was constantly othered and bullied with microaggressions until she couldn't take it anymore and called people out on it. which she had to leave after, because everyone granged up on her.

No. 259761

exactly. they have the actual proof to disprove all of this, but oh wait, none of it is doctored. if someone doctored anything of what i said, i’d be pretty fucking quick to prove them wrong. Matcha’s screenshots in BLC >>257525 are proof that we have the same log word for word.

No. 259762

>”i noticed a pattern of people leaving the server and saying bad things about it-“

end the sentence there discord-chan. you had all the proof you needed to know you’re in the wrong

No. 259766

File: 1666274174246.jpeg (140.83 KB, 636x654, 88D54B9C-3831-4654-9D29-645A65…)

>lolita veterans
>looks and dresses like this
Okay kek

No. 259768

inb4 wk but it astounds me when people fixate on lara's weight but in comes this heifer and the only thing people shit on her about is her hair and her coords???? what????

No. 259769

simply saying inb4 wk does not mean u did not just wk. istg do y'all want her in the thread summary again? shut up.

No. 259771

also you do realize people have been calling celestial a planet/fat ita all of last thread right? and how she makes fun of other fat itas despite being one herself? it's all equal opportunity. lurk more.

No. 259772

it was just an observation nonna don't get so angy

No. 259777

Wow celestial is a complete cunt. No wonder she started that drama about that girl at RVR

No. 259778

She’s in Illinois, Local comm moderator for Central Illinois Lolitas

No. 259782

what drama? explain

No. 259790

Do you mean Paradiso?

No. 259799

Imagine looking like this for a convention tea party and thinking you're a well-dressed lolita veteran who can take on mentees. Delusional

No. 259800

She publicly aired out grievances about someone in their group having covid and generally came off as unhinged

No. 259817

There’s like, a plethora of them shit-talking this roommate as well. Celestial and her crew already did not like her prior to her catching covid. They didn’t like her, but told her she could room with them. Then they complained the whole time about the person they didn’t like? Why room with someone you don’t want to room with and then bitch about them behind their back

No. 259818

mean girl two faced mentality. also the lolita community checks all the boxes for lack of social skills.

No. 259825

What I don't get is how you can hate someone for simply getting covid? (unless they deliberately went out to get it duhdoy)
Just seems insane idk

No. 259828

Not only that, but this was clearly handled in an extremely inappropriate and unprofessional manner

No. 259831

Well, they victimized themselves that she injected herself. So of course they victimize themselves about COVID, instead of taking the girl into consideration. Even if I was annoyed by someone's presence, I wouldn't be fucking inhumane by disregarding their life when they contract an illness that can fucking kill people.

No. 259837

They bragged about lying to her too. I wonder how she feels reading these logs

No. 259839

>>259837 I hope she never sees those logs. She seemed kind when I met her at Paradiso, she doesn’t deserve any of this

No. 259842

File: 1666291467996.png (49.36 KB, 1225x919, 5C968698-1985-47FD-AB35-668139…)

Samefag but here u go

No. 259843

File: 1666291508809.png (44.07 KB, 695x943, 8B84AFB2-6763-4F29-A34F-5AFCE5…)

No. 259845

it's embarrassing that a server admin completely excludes someone from an obvious server clique. vetted server does not deserve a spot in this community.

No. 259846

is having a conversation with this individual too fucking difficult? jfc it’s like watching middle schoolers

No. 259848

If shes kind then thats probably why they don't like her, theres a pattern here.

No. 259849

> ok but then why did she feel the need to sit on the couch away from the entire group just listening awkwardly while we were chatting in the dining room

So they’re pissed that she’s interacting with them but ten seconds later they’re bothered that she’s not engaging at all. Textbook narcissism

No. 259855

this is compiled from the last lists. If you have proof of who it is, or proof or reason to believe that it is not this person feel free to edit the list.

No. 259862

sage for tinfoil, but that might actually be the goal. It's a lot of her content and tiktok algo feeds on drama.

No. 259863

What? They're mad at her for…. sitting aside quietly? What kind of cunts find issue with that

No. 259864

I bet they called her sussy kek

No. 259866

I feel so bad for her. She probably could tell they didn’t like her and were gossiping about her and just wanted to survive the weekend. Ugh.

No. 259867

File: 1666296610079.png (38.39 KB, 723x759, sainte.png)

pls take a moment to kek, they have to call sainte a girl to not be twansphobic TOP KEK

No. 259875

File: 1666297411302.png (32.79 KB, 1082x824, 3B17E93C-077B-4A62-9A89-1228E3…)

They also threw a shit fit about seeing her nipples through a shirt. They’re nipples, act like adults and not twelve year old boys.

No. 259876

Not pedotroon sainte!!

No. 259887

File: 1666298451683.jpg (6.51 MB, 4624x3472, IMG_20220529_220244.jpg)

[29-May-22 06:14 PM] zepplis#6640
there was a ""nazi"" coord person but it was someone grasping at straws and tying to be the next big tea bringer and called Kae from hre a nazi

[29-May-22 06:59 PM] Lala Land#7138
fuk u i like my north korea hat. their hats are just so cartoonish in the first place that they look like they belong in an outfit, dude

[29-May-22 07:02 PM] Lala Land#7138
but also i know someone with a korean post officer hat and it still has the red star

[29-May-22 07:02 PM] agentlemandoesnotconga#8888


Someone outside the server accused Kae of being a nazi kek to which Lyla Hyatt shared she has a NK hat and Victor shows off his NK post officer hat, pic related.

No. 259891

referring to a creepy unhinged male pedophile as if he were a woman while simultaneously being disgusted by his extremely male behavior kek how ironic, and why are they disgusted by him and not also pedo beck and her pedo bf snacks? is being a pedo excusable when it's one of their discord friends?

No. 259901

[03-Apr-22 02:58 AM] pyuukin#4112
Woah a lot happened. Re: sobisoba How do I stealth block someone if I juuuust talked to em to sell stuff lmao
Also @alys u sure do pick ur friends holy f lol

[03-Apr-22 03:17 AM] Wabbie-chan#4020
Re: sobisoba, that was such a stupid take, why does she feel the need to be included in every stupid IG meme? Peak "I am uncomfortable if its not about me" mentality

thistbh (7)

[03-Apr-22 03:18 AM] Wabbie-chan#4020
that being said from what I get English is not her first language, so maybe she didn't understand the context? idk

[03-Apr-22 03:19 AM] Wabbie-chan#4020
RE: Lor, I am convinced that at this point she is actively doing damage in the lolita community, and I wish her to go away and plague some other fashion, sorry

[03-Apr-22 03:39 AM] elipri#5757
An update ig


[03-Apr-22 03:58 AM] pyuukin#4112
This could be, when I didn't speak English as well as I do now things sounded way ruder and angry to me lol
But it's still a weird take what with bringing gender into it??

[03-Apr-22 03:59 AM] pyuukin#4112
Also genderspecial is only used in circles that are quite… transphobic, so where did she pick it up? it's all weird

[03-Apr-22 04:02 AM] jeunefille#4045
genderspecial sounds quite derogatory by itself

thistbh (6)

[03-Apr-22 04:03 AM] ghostlie#7579
Spending too much time on 4chan

[03-Apr-22 04:03 AM] jeunefille#4045
ya maybe she picked it up from cgl without much thought behind it

[03-Apr-22 04:05 AM] Wabbie-chan#4020
yah she could have picked it on 4chan

[03-Apr-22 04:05 AM] pyuukin#4112
yes but it's usually used towards someone w an array of other hurtful stuff, i don't see how you can pick it up without knowing it's derogatory

[03-Apr-22 04:06 AM] Wabbie-chan#4020
thats also true

[03-Apr-22 05:21 AM] d0a1a8#6603
Not everyone has the same levels of esl comprehension. Maybe too much time on cgl gave her the impression it was simply a descriptive word instead of a derogatory one but at least she owned up to it.

[03-Apr-22 05:21 AM] d0a1a8#6603
It'd be a lot different if it was a burger saying this

[03-Apr-22 05:22 AM] d0a1a8#6603
But it isn't and people are allowed to not know the same things you know without getting torn a new asshole about it 🤷🏻‍♀️

[03-Apr-22 05:37 AM] pyuukin#4112
I haven't at all torn her a new asshole? Just speculating, a lil shocked tbh as she seemed lovely

[03-Apr-22 05:38 AM] pyuukin#4112
If I was cancelling her publically I'd understand better, but I ain't even cancelling her lol

[03-Apr-22 05:41 AM] d0a1a8#6603
Just seems like people overreact too much, very rarely does a person who says something like this actually apologize and own up to their mistakes. Usually they just remain a shit.

[03-Apr-22 05:46 AM] tigbittyhobbit#1832
apology doesn't really mean much when you've already made people feel uncomfortable and unsafe

[03-Apr-22 05:46 AM] d0a1a8#6603
Then why apologize ever

[03-Apr-22 05:46 AM] d0a1a8#6603
Fuck growth

[03-Apr-22 05:47 AM] d0a1a8#6603
This is how you end up with unapologetic cringelords like sp00py

[03-Apr-22 05:47 AM] pyuukin#4112
i don't think i overreacted as the only thing i did was post my thoughts here lol

[03-Apr-22 05:47 AM] tigbittyhobbit#1832
apologizing is a show of growth and understanding but no one is obligated to accept it

[03-Apr-22 05:48 AM] d0a1a8#6603
Its not directed at you and I never tagged your responses so idk

[03-Apr-22 05:48 AM] d0a1a8#6603
General overreacting to someone saying I'm sorry

[03-Apr-22 05:48 AM] pyuukin#4112
ok, sorry? i was the one speculating so i do feel like it's a bit ab me

[03-Apr-22 05:48 AM] tigbittyhobbit#1832
and already people unfollowed her because they felt a type of way so they arent gonna see her apology/back peddle

[03-Apr-22 05:49 AM] pyuukin#4112
but i'm sorry if it isn't at all, i just wanted to drop my thoughts

[03-Apr-22 05:50 AM] d0a1a8#6603
What a pisstake

[03-Apr-22 05:51 AM] d0a1a8#6603
Hope you've never said anything that ever made someone uncomfy lmao

[03-Apr-22 05:52 AM] jeunefille#4045
hm imo sobisobas take was cringe, but idk if it was problematic enough to make a big deal out of it once she has explained the use of that word + apologised

[03-Apr-22 05:52 AM] d0a1a8#6603
You dont have to accept an apology but you don't have to act like nobody is allowed to fuck up either

[03-Apr-22 05:52 AM] tigbittyhobbit#1832
so you think people HAVE to accept apologies ?

[03-Apr-22 05:52 AM] d0a1a8#6603
It wasn't problematic enough imo but every slight against anyone is problematic milky dramu anymore

[03-Apr-22 05:53 AM] d0a1a8#6603
I literally said no

[03-Apr-22 05:53 AM] d0a1a8#6603
You don't have to accept apologies but you don't get to act like a moralfag either

[03-Apr-22 05:54 AM] tigbittyhobbit#1832
who is ?
no one here seemed particularly moralistic over it

[03-Apr-22 05:54 AM] tigbittyhobbit#1832
but yes, I do know some people that felt very "ew" about it and unfollowed and wont get to see her apology

[03-Apr-22 05:55 AM] d0a1a8#6603
And that's totally fine

[03-Apr-22 05:55 AM] d0a1a8#6603
I'm just saying it should count for something when someone missteps and says oh shit I didn't know and I'm sorry

[03-Apr-22 05:55 AM] d0a1a8#6603
Instead of taking the sp00py route and doubling down

[03-Apr-22 05:56 AM] tigbittyhobbit#1832
ngl I was worried she'd doubledown

[03-Apr-22 05:56 AM] tigbittyhobbit#1832
so I'm glad she didn

[03-Apr-22 05:57 AM] d0a1a8#6603
She said on the post she was open to conversation about it and if someone wants to talk to her and educate her then at least she gave that option

[03-Apr-22 05:59 AM] d0a1a8#6603
The community has a tendency to cut people out before giving them a chance to change and it just bums me out to see bc it contributes to the actual problematic behavior

[03-Apr-22 05:59 AM] d0a1a8#6603
People will think that apologies don't matter and then they become spooky nat deedeezeetee whatevers

[03-Apr-22 05:59 AM] tigbittyhobbit#1832
i love that actual sus fuckers fly under the radar

Sorry for long post but here they are infighting with d0a1a8#6603 again, hating on sobisoba for being ESL, and the ironic moment of 'i love that actual sus fuckers fly under the radar'.

No. 259907

wow nat and ddz truly live rent free inside these ita losers heads kek it's insane how obsessed they all are with the both of them

No. 259910

they literally compare everything to spoopy, a 16 year old girl. like she's the big bad epitome of evil.

No. 259913

> [03-Apr-22 05:59 AM] d0a1a8#6603
The community has a tendency to cut people out before giving them a chance to change and it just bums me out to see bc it contributes to the actual problematic behavior

Based take. People are quick to start hate/smear campaigns and jump to blocking and shaming without any actual reasoning

No. 259927

[19-Sep-21 06:10 PM] cardinalcopia#8114
Leslie Hogue stfu pls

[19-Sep-21 06:47 PM] ametrine#4707
Ugh Leslie

[19-Sep-21 06:47 PM] ametrine#4707
She’s in my comms

[19-Sep-21 06:47 PM] ametrine#4707
Doesn’t wear lolita although she fuckin sniped a cheap cotton candy shop out from under me before the pandemic started

[19-Sep-21 06:47 PM] ametrine#4707
She’s banned from the Houston comm

[19-Sep-21 06:48 PM] ametrine#4707
And racebaits

[19-Sep-21 06:48 PM] ametrine#4707
She’s black but will claim to be mixed with whatever will get her sympathy at the time

mostembarrassing (13)

[19-Sep-21 06:49 PM] cardinalcopia#8114

plusone (15)

Don't worry guys their not racist or transphobes!

No. 259944

How the fuck is Hannah still a mod of anything after this?

No. 259946

File: 1666303618864.jpeg (589.38 KB, 1242x1736, D81F2494-5007-41FE-913E-210264…)

>She’s black but will claim to be mixed with whatever will get her sympathy at the time

she legit looks very mixed and has light skin? her being an ita, aside, she’s probably telling the truth about her own race kek

No. 259953

File: 1666305433683.png (263.35 KB, 413x518, ariannehannahcaitlin.png)

they're obsessed with Eldritch Cupcake too if you search her name in the logs. cardinalcopia#8114 aka @kdycu aka Arianne Golding who changed her FB name to Ari Conover was a Seattle mod. and with ametrine#4707 aka @rosequartzroyalty aka Hannah Franke being Nat's mentor, plus the others in that chat like Caitlin505 aka @abhorrentfrills aka Caitlin Learmont, it doesn't surprise me how obsessed they are with Nat in there.

No. 259954

Nat just keeps getting younger and younger the more she gets brought up kek.

No. 259956

Iirc she was around 15-16 when they started talking about her in seagull

No. 259960

reminds me of here where spoopy and dd are constantly talked about. almost like its the same fucking people doing all the talking.

No. 259961

They’re all cows and they’re all milky. They’re going to be talked about here regardless of which side is doing it.

No. 259962

[30-Aug-21 03:41 PM] Lucid#9208
Wokelitas pls leave the fashion. They are all bullies who think they are morally superior.

[30-Aug-21 03:44 PM] zepplis#6640
From what weve seen from cupcake these people shut the fuck up irl

30-Aug-21 03:44 PM] starstarfairy#3297
I love going to meets where wokelitas simply do not exist

[30-Aug-21 03:45 PM] zepplis#6640
What is she going to do? Cancel me? Unlike her I dont give a fuck about being internet famous

[30-Aug-21 03:46 PM] zepplis#6640
I'm a nobody and I kind of enjoy it that way

[30-Aug-21 03:46 PM] zepplis#6640
I'll still have this server so what can she take away from me?

[30-Aug-21 03:46 PM] starstarfairy#3297
speaking of which, me and some local friends were thinking of starting our own fb group to organize meets cus the main comm is kinda cringe :wheeze: now taking bets on how long ot takes for someone to find out and get mad cus we're stuck up elitist bitches lmao

wheeze (5)

There was some banter between this but example of them putting Cupcakes name into non >>259953 related things. Getting

No. 259964

[14-Jun-21 08:57 AM] kae#4687
i'm in the sewing and old school discord with WF, and i would love to talk directly to people who were apart of that but like. if they don't think about it anymore then i don't want to stir shit up. but i absolutely get anxiety when i post stuff in those discords because i'm worried they'll recognise the room i always take photos in and gossip with their friends about me "omg you would never guess who's in my discord. it's the nazi!" i have zero proof that this happens, but it is very tough not being given an opportunity to talk to that gang about it

🫂 (11)

[14-Jun-21 08:58 AM] alys#0310
people call other people nazis for ridiculous reasons sometimes, we have nef here and i've seen her get called a nazi a LOT before

rip (2)

[14-Jun-21 08:58 AM] alys#0310
and there's like…zero proof

[14-Jun-21 08:58 AM] alys#0310
like, alright, she's a nazi, show us?

[14-Jun-21 08:59 AM] alys#0310
People like that cannot keep it to themselves so there surely is proof, right?

[14-Jun-21 08:59 AM] alys#0310
except there isn't, it's just a buzzword that is a real and scary issue that they use to discredit someone they don't like now :sadness:

No. 259966

[07-May-21 07:33 AM] Cookie Cat#7077
I want to be cancelled for being not only a fatphobic booly, but a Nazi too

>>259761 matcha lives rent free too kek

[07-May-21 07:39 AM] alys#0310
we're a nazi server now

[07-May-21 07:39 AM] alys#0310
we're also aussiephobic, fatphobic, transphobic and homophobic

thistbh (2)

[07-May-21 07:39 AM] celestial#8008
according to people like necro, yes

wheeze (3)

[07-May-21 07:39 AM] alys#0310
~~or matcha~~

No. 259967

This is so fucking rich I’m laughing my ass off

No. 259968

This psycho druggie bitch only got what was coming to her kek glad she's rotting in rehab

No. 259969

wish alys choked with the pins she swallowed on camera for her little edge stunt, crazy cunt sniffing bitch

No. 259971

[25-Mar-21 05:41 PM] Aiu#0642
just whoever is talking shit on members of mentoring needs to bug off

Another ironic comment.

No. 259972

Nef is not a nazi it was baseless cgl rumors

No. 259976

Context: posting someone to the other farms. I skipped around again Ctrl+F for more context/banter.

[22-Mar-21 04:14 PM] zepplis#6640
I kinda wanna dox

[22-Mar-21 04:14 PM] Cake#9854
i definitely do. sorry

[22-Mar-21 04:14 PM] celestial#8008
d o x

[22-Mar-21 04:14 PM] elipri#5757
Do it

[22-Mar-21 04:15 PM] Cake#9854
i want to know this cunt's name

[22-Mar-21 04:17 PM] zepplis#6640
We should sign her up for annoying spam mail

[22-Mar-21 04:20 PM] cardinalcopia#8114
I can confirm the jewish newsletters are max annoying

[22-Mar-21 04:24 PM] Aiu#0642
my only worry is Hollow's idiot brain will not pick up that these are personal attacks on her

[22-Mar-21 04:24 PM] celestial#8008
oh she will ,i'm posting pictures.

[22-Mar-21 04:25 PM] celestial#8008
what is kiwifarms gonna do to me

[22-Mar-21 04:25 PM] celestial#8008

[22-Mar-21 04:25 PM] zepplis#6640
Esp if you post a pic and say

[22-Mar-21 04:26 PM] zepplis#6640
"This is a friendless woman child who thought this was the coolest thing to wear to a hospital"

[22-Mar-21 04:26 PM] celestial#8008
okay i dont have much and again i am not good at insults, pls help me be more creative, here is what i have so far

This one just makes me sad. She's in her mid 30s, has the color matching skills of a colorblind whale, and, of course, is a military dependa with no rl friends. With no communication with the outside world, she's become delusional, and in the time of covid, developed a plague doctor fetish. Now she's a menace to lolita communities everywhere, posting her "plague doctor fashion" and jerking off about how elegant she is. She's retarded enough to think she can't leave her house because there's a halfway house down the street, and she thinks walking past it will get her raped. She spent $300 on the shittiest lolita clothes possible because she has no taste and just wanted to flex her shopping addiction with cheap clothes. I've also heard she's hopped between a few husbands, but I doubt that's true - the chances of her finding a man to marry even once are astronomical.

After more banter @abbie_666 chimes in with some slurs kek:

[22-Mar-21 04:34 PM] Cake#9854
autist, tard, tranny, faggot - just think like an edgy 35yr old who's been on the internet a while, but somehow got stuck in 2009 and probably thinks lolcats are lowkey a good meme format

No. 259977

sounds like they are going to try and poach hotties for their mini comm kek

No. 259979

File: 1666310304319.png (52.71 KB, 408x327, beauty.png)

Apparently neorococomemes called them/the server racist at some point, before that they were making racist jokes and screencapping them.

[22-Mar-21 02:27 PM] elipri#5757
Welcome to the vetted lolita fashion server, we like to shitpost and cyberbully neo nazis

💯 (6)

[22-Mar-21 02:30 PM] celestial#8008
pff so much for this server being super racist or whatever the fuck necro said

No. 259984

Well that explains the random plague doctor vendetta on cgl 1-2 years ago. I saw these fucks post and there was nothing out there really around it. I figured it was just some weird vendetta after, because no one talked about the plague doctor girl again.

It's crazy that these shits are the ones gate keeping, though. Like seriously, we have an ita problem and you guys are just out here to be shitheads, instead.

No. 260008

beat me to it, i remember those spergy posts on cgl too. like yes, it’s kind of a tired trend, but jesus the hate boner was weird

No. 260028

To the anon that makes the next thread: can you bold ataraxia, starstarfairy and CookieCat’s names in the thread summary? Their mean girl mentality is just as bad as the main perpetrators in the chat.

No. 260040

honestly meant to and forgot, adding it to the doc.

>"b-but we were being facetious!!"

yeah accept only they can do it in their eyes. watch how they'd react if someone else did this about transwomen kek, suddenly its sUper sErious. so dick obsessed

No. 260045

File: 1666331531992.jpg (161 KB, 960x1280, Nef.jpg)

>like, alright, she's a nazi, show us?

No. 260048

File: 1666332689023.jpg (92.41 KB, 601x572, Untitled176.jpg)

No. 260049

nef refers to nefferinthia right? if so that doesn't look like her in the pic imo unless I'm just faceblind - where did you get this pic from? reverse image search just brings up sketchy russian websites and /biz/

No. 260050

i was worried nef meant nefferinthia, who seems pretty tame and actually cute, but that pic is definitely someone else. who even is this??

No. 260053

File: 1666336109499.png (34.95 KB, 1260x174, uh oh fatphobia!.png)

kek the discordchans love to screech about fatphobia while also making fun of fatties themselves
very strange, since it's not nefferinthia I'm wondering who it is too

No. 260054

File: 1666336253050.jpg (686.17 KB, 1247x4096, Nefferinthia .jpg)

She hides behind the shoop. It's kind of pathetic to keep defending a Nazi this hard
Especially for someone who used to be so proud of it they cosplayed it >>260045

No. 260062

wow that's disappointing, did a dig through the archive with bean-chan and lima
she was indeed a cringey edgelord
though I still can't find >>260045 in any of the 4chan archives except /biz/, where did you get it from?

No. 260064

No. 260080

File: 1666340935750.jpeg (160.08 KB, 1242x619, E5E83375-D2E3-460F-8A44-7CA4DD…)

genuinely i am not defending, i just don’t see the similarities between these two?? nazi edgelord on left looks like a different ethnicity to nefferinthia? i honestly would believe anything at this point, but these look like two different people maybe that’s just me

No. 260090

File: 1666341765609.jpg (83.16 KB, 660x660, 1523299727690.jpg)

Idk, this is a picture of her without shoop, and it definitely looks like the same person.
Just noticed the swastika coffee mug picture is referenced in this thread too. Definitely her, kek

No. 260093

IMO, the Die Walkure set was one thing, but owning a coffee mug with a swastika on it says it all. No aesthetic value there. Also, I had no clue she looked so mannish, I feel kind of bad
If you look in the archive, there's a mixed race anon who was sad that she couldn't make friends with a girl at her uni because she turned out to be some kind of nationalist with iron cross earrings. Nef just replied that the girl "sounded cool" and said she wanted to wear DW to "attract people aligned with her", then quickly backpedaled because someone from her comm replied lmao.

No. 260096

This is sex-positive feminism for you, shaming women for having nipples.

No. 260107

think that’s just you, nona. you can see the similarities in the shape of her eyes, nose, chin, and top lip in both photos. she clearly relies on shoop and angles, and while i also have sperg faceblindness kek, that does appear to be nef.

No. 260114

Lmao top tier based Alys

No. 260117

she has no idea what she is talking about she is too dumb to dig info m. i thought her cute back then but she is a airhead and an ugly person.

No. 260121

Now we know how two faced the discord and Texas comm chats are. Finally there’s evidence on their board behavior

No. 260135

you just made her look even cooler. now i like her even more. based nef.

No. 260139

>shaming women for showing their nipples to non-consenting parties

No. 260142

Literally what the poster from 2 years ago said. You people are unable to differentiate from someone being ultra edgy and someone holding these values and ideologies as their own. She probably just enjoys trigging sjws, like Nat, DDNazi, LOC girls and others. She even said so herself that she likes to trigger them for fun. But you retards can't seem to add nuance to any situation. Everything is 100% exactly what you think you see. Girls wears Nazi hat = She is literally Hitler and has personally killed ze joos with her bare hands.

Now I know why these girls like to trigger you all for fun. Because it's so easy. And they get a kick out of easily they can manipulate you into an emotional frenzy over… a hat or a mug.

No. 260154

Same, girl. I just ordered a giant Nazi flag to decorate my room, I've painted kawaii swastikas all over my burando and I'm getting "Hitler's Bride" tattooed on my labia to trigger those oversensitive libs. The world's gone mad with political correctness. Can't an innocent Dutch girl do some post-ironic goose-stepping and sieg heiling in peace? It wasn't like this in my grandpappy's days, I'll tell you what. I'm so sick of these ki-I mean snowflakes. It was just a joke…

No. 260157

Yes, anon. We've all already come to the realization that these boards are filled to the brim with autistic newfags, so they are the easiest living beings on the earth to be able to troll. 4channers used to be the trolls. Not sure why we just have incel level SJW women with no brain power trying to be part of the culture, NOW. For example, half of the discord shits on 4chan yet goes on there ALL the time. Cancerous newfags never learned integrate.

No. 260158

It takes a special kind of person to go out of there way to own a swastika mug and Nazi hat. Self post throughout CGL and have an almost buried history of being a piece of shit.
>Nef is a nazi
Was a meme to us anons who've been around since before 2018. People like alys make it clear how newfag and retarded they are when they show up white knight dogpilling so hard as if nefferinthia is some sort of holy angel who has never done a wrong doing in her life.
And everything mean thing about her is some vendetta out to get her. Because that's what the gull discord has done to so many innocent girls.
When in reality she is an ugly person who could no longer get away with how they behaved in University. And hid her true self from the internet.
She's clearly still an active anon and cgl and lolcow if you look at the archive
She's not some middle school kid posting >Hitler did nothing wrong
On Facebook

No. 260159

if it's toe head we're talking about, of course she posts on 4chan and gets defensive

No. 260160

Some of you make it so obvious that you're from the cringy Discord or you're sad little incels/simps she sent here to play damage control, kek, down to the tryhard, newfag-tier equation of farmers to 4chan scrotes. There's nothing "based" about being an ita pickme who spergs out whenever people don't pretend they don't notice she's a /pol/tard. You'd probably unironically try to "cancel" someone for not supporting trannies, then bitch and moan when people are made uncomfortable by your embarrassing Nazi shit.

No. 260161

This isn't nef, not only does it look nothing like her, nef doesn't have a tattoo on her wrist, she would never wear that ita garbage, and saint spring water is RUSSIAN.

No. 260165

People have known that's her since 2021 at latest, see >>260090. Everything, from the droopy eyes/eye color and square jaw to the terrible taste in wigs is the same. Enough, anon

No. 260167

The irony in this anon not believing you is that >>260090 looks just like her, regardless of the other photo.

No. 260168

File: 1666365541181.png (586.26 KB, 572x408, eyes.png)

Honestly, I see the resemblance. Look at the eye spacing, nose, cheeks.

No. 260169

They're literally just referencing this picture, and it's been posted to Dvatch for years. The D.Walkure pic is obviously her, but not the ita lace monster. It looks nothing like her. You're trying to make people doubt their own eyes lol. You could have at least photoshopped it to be the same race as her, but you didn't. Try harder next time.

No. 260171

File: 1666365650264.png (532.21 KB, 545x442, bf.png)

This is quite literally the same fucking guy.

No. 260172

>You could have at least photoshopped it to be the same race as her, but you didn't.
And this is how you accidentally out yourself as a schizo from /pol/.

No. 260173

Nobody is arguing that >>260090 isn’t her. It’s >>260045 that’s not her.

No. 260174

Anon, if you had two eyes then you'd see the eye spacing is the same. Who knows why she is wearing literal garbage, but that face shape and eye spacing is actually the same as >>260168

No. 260176

so where is this photo saved from? where was it posted originally? it was never uploaded to /cgl/ or anywhere else except russian sites

No. 260177

NTA but that is literally the same person in all three images, and those photos have been connected for years. I don't know why you think you can trick people into becoming face-blind. Maybe just don't buy swastika paraphernalia next time and you'll be fine, yeah?

No. 260178

Gaslighting. Your samefagging will not make anyone believe that's the same person.

No. 260180

This person thinks that relieving the one bad cosplay attempt, probably pre-lolita is going to make it any better >>260178

might as well be Alys, her lolita friends, or Nef herself WKing

No. 260181

If you weren't a newfag whiteknighting, you'd realize mods out posters who samefag. In fact, that's probably what you've been doing because you think this place works like /cgl/
>inb4 you panic and delete a ton of posts, then spam reports to try and get this thread taken down

No. 260182

We all get the hate for these girls, but throwing in a pic from Russian 2ch and claiming I'm a cow for clearly seeing the difference in skin tone, texture, nose shape, clothing, water, (Anon noted it's a Russian brand), even the eyebrows are different. Calm down, retard.
VPN isn't tough to figure out lol. Cringe at you sperging this hard.

No. 260183

Likely from her FB before she locked it down when she realized being le edgy ironic (but not really shhh) nazi e-girl isn't a great look to anyone but mentally ill men. I'm pretty sure people mentioned there being "offensive" photos like that of her from her FB profile on COF.

No. 260186

"All I need is a VPN!!" is literally what every cow that got exposed here thought, kek. Way to admit that you're new, good luck.

No. 260187

File: 1666366939296.png (102.32 KB, 496x219, Samehands.png)

The hands haven't changed either. The only difference is the camera quality and ita cosplay dress.

No. 260188

but then why did whoever saved it not take a screenshot with her name/profile in it as proof that it's her? I'm wondering specifically where whoever posted it here saved it from since it's been asked multiple times and they dodge the question each time, not to mention it's weird how there's the russian water brand in the bg and the photo seems to be from russian sites originally plus it looks like the girl in the photo has a tattoo on her arm

No. 260189

File: 1666367300694.png (258.74 KB, 323x326, eyebrows.png)

anon if you paid attention to how facial features work, then you'd be able to tell the eyebrows also fucking the same. I think you're just blind.

No. 260190

Because it clearly shows her face? Doesn't seem to be from any Russian site "originally", it was reposted on other boards and a random HK site. Nestle bought the water brand in 2002, by the way, so there's no reason to believe it wasn't distributed to any other countries in Europe.
I don't see any tattoo, either. Could you circle it?

No. 260191

Hooded eyelids ✓
Droopy eyes ✓
Round bushy eyebrows when not lined ✓
Eye spacing ✓
Short nose bridge to eyebrows ✓
Pug nose ✓
Cheekbones centered around nose ✓
Same lips ✓
Same squared chin to jawline ✓

If you line these things between the photos, you'll see >>260045 is the same person

No. 260192

The eyelids and undereye fat coupled with the eyeliner make it even more obvious.

No. 260194

way to read context clues roflll

No. 260195

For example you can tell her eyebrows are over-lined/filled here but not as much here >>260189

so this would be what her eyebrows look like without anything on it

No. 260201

Regardless of it being her because it doesn't look exactly like nef now nothing will happen. They will just claim its not her, problem solved.

No. 260202

File: 1666368684164.jpg (83.35 KB, 436x542, IMG_16421868601591642187039975…)

sage for old milk
but why are there so many nazilitas
its like everyone and their mom has nazi paraphernalia just laying around the house like its something normal and regular

No. 260205

Because we're into alt fashion, have been the "weird" ones and most of us were edgy when we were younger. Nef and DDZ obviously aren't nazis just attention seekers doing it for the lulz.

No. 260206

Because alt-edgy goth shit included a lot of Nazi paraphernalia before woke SJW shit started comparing everything that wasn't Nazi to Nazi Germany. No one actually hates Nazi paraphernalia for the Jew hatred-reasons because they didn't before. They just use it to channel hatred for whatever subject that they are chastising.

If you look at Marilyn Manson and the Goth movements in the 90s, there was a lot of Nazi shit. It's partially why it gets included in a lot of horror.

But you know, for the actual shallow reason in a fashion, it's actually designed the best out of the uniforms out there.

No. 260208

nvm about the tattoo, my bad I zoomed in close and it looks like it's just a weird shadow from the lace on the sleeves
yeah you're right, definitely looks a lot more similar in this photo, I had trouble seeing the similarities before because she usually has her eyebrows covered and takes photos from further back to show off coords

No. 260211

Imagine being so hungry for attention you buy a coffee mug with a swastika on it, and multiple Nazi hats. Very sad.

No. 260227

If celestial isn't banned from her comm, or at least removed as a mod, then these people are truly stupid

No. 260228

File: 1666372733684.jpg (980.63 KB, 1167x963, VK.jpg)

since the nonnys need to be spoonfed. here is a compilation of vk artists all wearing nazi regalia. these arent even unknown subversive groups either. this is literally malice mizer, mana, gackt, dir en grey and others. all very popular vk artists. and yes this is mana, your precious tranny icon mana sama creator of moi meme moitie. wearing nazi stuff isnt some weird phenomena people including vk bands have been doing this for decades. and if i recall correctly both nef and deedee are long time vk fans. im not surprised edge girls into vk have nazi stuff. not to mention they both openly hate sjw wokefags. stop acting like these tards are anything more than annoying edgelords.

No. 260230

Did those bands/artists ever talk about wishing they could befriend white nationalists? Kek

No. 260235

File: 1666373330040.jpg (33.04 KB, 550x550, UniformM39-550x550h.jpg)

>and yes this is mana, your precious tranny icon mana sama creator of moi meme moitie. wearing nazi stuff

thats a russian uniform nonny

No. 260237

anon, it's cringe to not know history when talking about literally history. if you are going to talk about Nazi germany, at least fucking know the facts.

No. 260238


No. 260240

I'm not talking about Nazi history, I'm talking about the edgelord alt right chick who hates taking accountability.

No. 260242

are you from the discord here to wk or are you seriously retarded enough to think any of these people are actually alt right?

No. 260244

>Japanese visual kei bands using Nazi imagery for aesthetic/as part of an exploration of dark themes and concepts for their art
>"white nationalists!!!"
>can't even format a post
It's ironic because you're probably trying to defend the girl being talked about, but you just come off as a retarded American SJW kek. Not to mention thinking Russian uniforms = Nazi

No. 260246

Fuckn hell. Why r we on this shit again? Its literally every fuckn thread. Nazi de-bait. Can we agree theyre nazi stuff is poor taste & maybe u dont like it. But they prolly arent real nazis.

No. 260247

I'm not WKing, I'm asking if the bands you're comparing the person to have ever actually aligned themselves with anything resembling Nazi ideology, right-wing politics or white nationalism. They haven't, but she actually has. So, you can't expect people to just act like they don't see the shit she's said and done just because she seethes hard and tries to gaslight about it whenever it's talked about.
Imagine being an edgelord, just to get mad when you're naturally treated like one and avoided.

No. 260248

>acts like soviets didnt genocide infinitely more people than the nazis

sjws dont know the difference kek its all nazi to them. that doesnt disregard that mana was in photos and on stage with gackt who wears nazi uniforms and swaztikas (both of them were in malice mizer together). id argue to say the soviets were worse but they dont tigger the woketards i guess so soviet gets a pass

No. 260249

Just seeing a woman's nipple is not sexual exposure, retard. She's obviously not getting off to it. Stop talking like a scrote

No. 260250

Anon didn't say that, you were simply wrong. It's cringe to not know history when talking about history.

No. 260251

>but she actually has
because she has a swatstika mug and ss hat on? how is that at all aligning with nazi germany or hitler's beliefs?

No. 260253

[26-Mar-21 09:02 AM] lori#7634
Gonna copy and paste this into my groups if you don't mind

[26-Mar-21 08:06 AM] lori#7634
I only run two small groups but I posted the screenshot there as well

[26-Mar-21 07:59 AM] lori#7634
Good good, did anyone send it in mentoring too?

[25-Mar-21 12:39 PM] lori#7634
Wow just caught up, the heck is going on with kf? Hope the person defending hollow knows hollow probably doesn't like trans people either so accusing people here of being transphobic while defending someone who is likely transphobic (I can't remember) is pretty stupid

[22-Mar-21 03:44 PM] lori#7634
This is mean but it's hollow so I'll say it
She probably needs the mask if she's as ugly as her attitude

Anyway back to the chats since this has devoled into infighting. Don't know who lori#7634 = @loriibarbie LM: Mintylori is but she seems to run some groups and is in mentoring based off what was said in the discord. She also joined in attacking Hollow constantly and admitted to browsing /cgl/ and the other farms. Can anyone identify what groups she runs to add to the OP Mods / Mentors List?

No. 260254

What I'm referring to is literally in the archives, along with her bragging about her name and generally being annoying on 4chan. Scroll up, links have been posted. Are you WKing or just retarded?

No. 260258

The nose is actually what's convincing me it's a completely different person. The nazi has a straight nose

No. 260260

if it weren't for the nlog-ery she'd be incredibly hot

No. 260261

She looks like an alien anon. She couldn't even look good in her own wedding photos kek

No. 260270

The Japanese love Nazi aesthetics (they did have well designed uniforms, they were done by Hugo Bass, although without the symbols they’re not that different from other officer uniforms). They do not learn about WWII in the same way that the US and Europe do because they lost, and they tried to sweep their war crimes under the rug (many of which were just as bad as Nazi Germany). Also, they were allied with Nazi Germany so of course they will view it differently.
Just because VK artists wear Nazi outfits in a genre that is in many ways based on being edgy does not admonish people in the West from doing the same. Yes, they probably did it to be edgy and don’t actually agree with Nazi ideals, but it’s still a much worse thing to do in the West. Hell, that shit is literally illegal in Germany. It’s fucked up that there are pictures of a girl with a fucking Nazi mug and hat and they’re going “sHe DiD nOtHiNg WrOnG” because she dresses well, especially when most of them look like they got dressed in the dark after being beaten with the ugly stick.

No. 260290

Bro. Seriously. This is what I mean about people talking about history without knowledge of history. They quite literally fought the war with Germany. Just shut the fuck up and stop talking about history or Nazi shit, because you're going off of echochamber SJW woke politics that has no basis in reality

No. 260298

>they’re going “sHe DiD nOtHiNg WrOnG” because she dresses well, especially when most of them look like they got dressed in the dark after being beaten with the ugly stick.
Sounds like the discordfags are at it. They make exceptions for everyone they like personally then go after everyone else. Did you guys ban Beck, yet? No? Then you're all racists.

No. 260299

It's probably her unfunny friends trying to derail the thread and raging that it's not working

No. 260300

You're so autistic, lmao. Back to the Discord panic room.

No. 260301

Not just Beck, don't forget Hannah and Arianne lamenting over a mixed black girl >>259927 >>259946

No. 260302

Ata over muslims, too.

No. 260304

See >>260300

No. 260308

They're unironically racist crybullies and hypocritical SJWs. It's honestly pathetic, and you just know they're malding over this thread.

No. 260309

File: 1666382175814.png (444.45 KB, 379x960, lori.png)

Loriana Dah on FB, changed her tag to fluttershy#7634 after chats were released and deactivated IG, also just changed her FB pfp and locked down her profile after I took the pics attached kek. She's admin of the Disabled J-Fashion page and runs the South Dakota comm or something with like 3 members kek. Idk why she's hiding so hard when what she said doesn't compete with half the girls in that chat.

Disabled J-Fashion: https://www.facebook.com/groups/257743658760919

No. 260315

Not even a discordfag nonny. But I think the Nazi aesthetic and the Nazilitas are based AF.

Was Nef actually a Discordfag? As far as I know she is fairly disliked by the SWJs of the Western comm. I can imagine the Discordfags didn't like to too. But I haven't been too invested in going through all the leaks.

No. 260317

File: 1666383838306.png (461.2 KB, 1720x1548, wallpaper-chan#9414.png)

wallpaper-chan#9414 = Autumn Young/Gwendolyn Lepsy/@voyeurism.s

No. 260322

samefag, LM: velveteenchemise

No. 260328

i hate these bitches and their cringe @s. why would a chemise be velveteen? it's an undershirt.

No. 260330

KEK I love this for her.

[22-Mar-21 10:02 AM] celestial#8008
bro when I google my full name in quotation marks some edgelord shit I posted as a teen comes up

[22-Mar-21 10:02 AM] celestial#8008
it was on an internet friends blog, I can't figure out the password to the account I used and he can't figure out the password to his blog so neither of us can delete it

[22-Mar-21 10:03 AM] PeachyPies#6168
how edgy are we talking about here

[22-Mar-21 10:03 AM] celestial#8008
edgy like I was really into /b/ and being offensive for fun

[22-Mar-21 10:04 AM] zepplis#6640
i was early early gamergate, but even though I never said anything bigoted, im afraid people will use that against me

[22-Mar-21 10:04 AM] celestial#8008
so when you Google my full name you get a comment from me that says "add me on msn my man is anal_rapist @ live dot com"

[22-Mar-21 10:04 AM] Chryse#0151

[22-Mar-21 10:04 AM] Chryse#0151

[22-Mar-21 10:04 AM] celestial#8008
its a blogspot too! so idk if it'll ever go down 😬

No. 260337

File: 1666388598023.png (106.62 KB, 594x662, CAF8A7C3-DDA4-4C29-A391-66EA0A…)

Autumn and Yasmine are both banned from Toronto comm for abuse and harassment. @lovelylor is all under autumn’s/@voyurisms Instagram post every second. Someone should check on them for starting shit on Cgl

Banned post

No. 260338

File: 1666388625204.jpeg (43.11 KB, 489x235, 3FB7626A-3E56-4F5D-81F8-5FE266…)

No. 260339

File: 1666388762728.jpeg (Spoiler Image,735.92 KB, 828x1293, E122025C-F9FD-40CE-B826-F642E3…)

No. 260340

File: 1666388862386.jpeg (523.09 KB, 828x1208, 8B957C72-53E1-4B2D-A3A5-5222C5…)

No. 260341

File: 1666389029285.jpeg (599.1 KB, 666x949, 91049CED-C892-4814-B6F8-9E8277…)

Lor supporting shitty people again

No. 260342

What's with discordfags using this to bring up old milk

No. 260343

gb2discord. YOU guys are the shitty people.

No. 260344

File: 1666390307442.png (10.04 KB, 558x171, kek.png)

kek she changed names and made a whole new acc to say this

No. 260347

how is it based? not a discordlita, I get it’s just edgy-on-purpose to get attention and rile up the sjws, not that they actually want to kill Jews and gays, but it still seems tacky and cringe

No. 260349

Are you retarded? She’s in discordgate faggot. Anon here posted it

No. 260351

tried to update + link pics of users posted

agentlemandoesnotconga#8888 = @agentlemandoesnotconga LM: agentlemandoesnotconga >>254839
Aiu#0642 = @disparaitre_girl (name change from auilura)
alys#0310 = @fentanyllfairyy >>254222 (name change from digitalangel96)
ametrine#4707 = @rosequartzroyalty LM: Rosequartzroyalty >>259953
ataraxia#7301 = @clearkit, ataraxiaa.dreamwidth.org (deactivated/name change)
ayo_atomic#8042 = @ayo_atomic, @bombshellatomic
beck#2603 = @beckattack, @everydayalemon LM: beck >>252432
biscuit#2593 = @biscuit.bun LM: biscuitbun
Caitlin505#5468 = @abhorrentfrills LM: Caitlin505 >>259953
Cake#9854 = @abbie_666 LM: donutdemon
cardinalcopia#8144 = @kdycu >>259953
celestial#8008 = @bumblebat LM: bumblebat >>256978
Chocolatelapins#7723 = @chocolatelapins, @_chocolapin, @akamuge
Chryse#0151 = @chryse.planitia >>252432
Cookie Cat#7077 = Rose Nocturnalia, void-whispers.blogspot.com
d0a1a8#6603 = 9e6a70.dreamwidth.org
🍩𝖉𝖔𝖓𝖚𝖙🍩#3234 = name changed to 23minds#3234
elipri#5757 = @comrade.frill LM: Elina >>252432
evasiqe#8696 = @evasiqe >>252432 (deactivated/name change)
ghostlie#7579 = @ghostlieangel, @shopbelledreams (name change from ghostliekim)
GildedGhoti#7362 = gildedghoti.dreamwidth.org
harmlessmonster#7160 = harmlessmonster.dreamwidth.org >>259683
honeygingered#1972 = @honeygingered
Honeykiwi#1525 @lostkiwikuro LM: laceykiwi12
ImNewHere#9064 = @scottywbishop LM: ImNewHere
jellophish#3131 = @oceans.tears LM: jellophish
jennkitty#3462 = @mylesjennifer >>251248
JessAnne#4592 = @gomuffygo LM: jessanne
jeunefille#4045 = jeunefille.dreamwidth.org
Jujuju bi #3579 = @junie_green, @twotartsandaprincess
kae#4687 = @yuriathewitch LM: yuriathewitch
_kurako__#5711 = @_kurako__
kuroeko#0558 = @kuroekoo LM: kuroeko
Lala Land#7138 = Lyla Hyatt LM: Ensomnia >>259592
Lise#1908 = @sc00ppy >>252432
Littl3Murd3rB3ar#9223 = @chuzziebear
lori#7634, #fluttershy#7634 = @loriibarbie LM: Mintylori >>260309 (deactivated/name change)
LostInAFaerieTale#1821 = @lostinafaerietale LM: LostInAFaerieTale
Lucid#9208 = lucidbunny.dreamwidth.org
melomania#8041 = @meloman1a, @melomania_collects LM: melomania (deactivated/name change)
Neeks#0146 = @momo_a_peachy (name change from neekymomo)
nosoi#4773 = nosoii.dreamwidth.org LM: nosoi
opalsauce#4996 = @opal.pasteldream, @oh.pal_
PaperSnowflakes#8415 = @paper_snowflakes LM: PaperSnowflakes (may work at BABY SF)
pastel-princess#0753 = @marshmallowghostbunny >>254433 (name change from marshmallowbnuy)
PeachyPies#6168 = @peachy.pumpkin.tea
purestmaiden#8700 = @purestmaiden LM: wonderfinch
pwassoncha#2894 = @pwassonchat
pyuukin#4112 = @pyuukin, @pyuukin.art >>252439
Radical Eddy#1987 = @radicaleddy LM: RadicalEddy
Reira#5451 = @butterbutterfly, @reira.kitchen LM: reira, butterbutterfly >>252432
Resh#8336 = @wicked.resh
revan#2618 = @ebonhawkrevan LM: revan >>257338 (deactivated/name change)
Rin#7875 = @tartan.rin
romeo#3055 = @bunii_boy LM: bunnyboy >>252432 (deactivated/name change)
rougeaerie#2278 = @rougeaerie LM: rougeaerie >>252432
Saturn#5252 = @peachburger >>252432
sparklepegasus#1031 = @knightofst.lily LM: alovelyspring >>252307 (name change from alovelyspring)
Spider#8888 = Alexandra Arachne >>259592
starstarfairy#3297 = @starstarfairy, @sweetjujushop LM: starstarfairy
tenya out of ten#7566 = @friletmignon
tigbittyhobbit#1832 = @pastel_rengoku, @pastel_hashira
tokkigo#7380 = @tokkigo LM: tokkigo >>254634
Victorx#6766 = ??? >>254821
Vudu Juju#6988 = @vudu.juju LM: vudujuju
Wabbie-chan#4020 = @mania.wabbit, @wabbie_chan Resin Market: wabbie_chan (deactivated/name change)
wallpaper-chan#9414 = @voyeurism.s, @funeralism.s, @nofuneral.s LM: velveteenchemise >>260317
zepplis#6640 = @zepplis LM: Zepplis >>257257

No. 260352

hey retard, every single person in the log isn't relevant. the user list is the relevant shit here, not some fucking person they ran out of their toxic community 2 years ago.

No. 260353

so what was her name in there at the time of the screenshots or are you just looking to pick up their old milk?

No. 260358

Nef and the discorditas throwing another edgy oldschooler under the bus

No. 260361

When it comes to the users who left early on I don’t really side eye as much, especially the ones who were told “we never really liked you!!!11” the moment they showed dissent. Those who stayed the whole way through and spoke minimally, were probably still reacting and agreeing and that’s already sus.

No. 260362

So shitty things are excused if it was 1-2+ yrs ago? Then throw the logs away, why are you so defensive? It's to see what someone said not to cancel by association use your brain.

No. 260372

No. 260375

can somewhat agree but at the same time, it is easy to be in a shitton of discords and fuck off and not read during life stuff or whatever
did seagull have a posting policy or anything that you'd get kicked after xyz months of inactivity or what?(learn to sage)

No. 260376

Yes because toast got kicked for inactivity.

No. 260377

correct me if im wrong but i thought that was for posting coords, not seagull specifically
some of the kicking seems arbitrary when compared to some of their activity
like favortisim maybe

No. 260380

Yeah I have a feeling there might be some arbitrariness in their enforcement, they tossed toast quite promptly, like they were waiting for her to pass that deadline kek

No. 260387

You got caught. Seethe

No. 260388

Why was she in there in the first place? Toast is just questionable for joining the seagulls discord.

No. 260390

You discord Chan’s are now derailing without a care.

No. 260391

File: 1666404567179.jpeg (23.75 KB, 486x134, 145D8E70-707B-45EE-B91B-409694…)

No. 260392

File: 1666404622934.png (104.75 KB, 750x553, 5640528C-933D-4117-A0FA-6808C4…)

No. 260400

File: 1666407664449.jpeg (35.38 KB, 478x160, DFCC54E6-7283-42BD-8334-706569…)

No. 260401

File: 1666407950490.png (76.54 KB, 532x140, AA5F2762-6C73-4B03-928E-E3310B…)

No. 260402

File: 1666408201931.png (204.72 KB, 1069x1434, FDC12ADC-EE11-4343-8727-05A415…)

Who takes nude photos with animals? That’s straight up beastiality fetish shit

No. 260404

File: 1666408443293.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1064x11823, 3A9BE98C-D44D-4061-8440-B83350…)

@dollsmeat / Dollmeat
@voyeurism.s / Wall E

No. 260406

File: 1666408964248.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1072x11928, 9FF171FF-5F85-4EBE-BE81-09E2A2…)

Nef being a hypocrite

No. 260408

Autumn was also dating the dude who was banned from the Toronto comm for being abusive towards his ex, who is a fatty. Toronto comm is different

No. 260412

someone should cross examine who was in this discord server and who is in #seagull today. >>259588 I'm sure you can find an oldschooler or two.

No. 260413

Sorry let me actually reference the top >>259546 because that's where the obvious one is.

No. 260414

So Alys, Kae, Zepplis, who else?

No. 260415

Good luck finding that out

No. 260417

It's not that hard, discordfag.

No. 260418

Maybe I’m the one who leaked #seagull ;) good luck, Nonny(;) )

No. 260419

Looks like sparklepegasus#1031 in the screenshot.

No. 260420

I find this real ironic >>260419

No. 260422

please stop being so Schizo, I literally said that those who stayed in that discord for most the time are still sus. Someone who gets invited into the discord and immediately gets kicked out for disagreeing with their antics shouldn’t be stoned by association. That distinction matters

No. 260425

Unhinged autumn freaking out over fatsos

No. 260426

Looks like the discord is forming a giant #cancelled group chat with shitposters and lolcows posted on threads. Allegedly there’s over 100 people in it trying to find out who it is. At this point the entire lolita community is cancelled

No. 260428

Who who is? I'm lost nonny

No. 260429

just seemed like some more senseless babbling and e-peen measuring

No. 260430

there's far more people than in the #seagull channel, idiot

No. 260432

alls i know is that it was nat

No. 260436

No. 260448

she's not the only kansas city member in the seagull logs and if that comm is anything like ours, there's such a stigma against browsing cgl/lc, that if comm members even know about this, it's unlikely anyone would say anything about it and things will just continue as they are

No. 260457

At this point it has already bled into Instagram, so there is no LC stigma. This should absolutely cause outrage

No. 260460

>thing white girl
>hate fatties
>don't give a shit about internet drama, poses with whoever she likes
>poses naked with animals in an experimental artistic way
>uses mental health as an excuse to get away with everything
If it's not sigma female activity, what is it then?

No. 260477

Nat is not in it

No. 260480

Based Autumn

No. 260491

I still think she knew somehow.

No. 260502

Proof the main leaker is in that chat.

No. 260509

How is that proof? Post caps or gtfo. This is an image board.

No. 260512

b-but I thought the leaker was the alt right? kek does this mean Nef leaked it? apparently she's in that discord after all.

No. 260524

isn't that an irony, considering the discordfags are the ones going after Nef?

No. 260533

So what discord server is this?? it’s obviously not EGL or in the #seagull channel?

No. 260534

Hannah and Olivia were just banned from the Dallas comm about an hour ago.(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 260535

What’s the group?

No. 260537

Great. That's well deserved considering the elitist crazy drama bullshit they have been pulling this entire time.

No. 260538

Metroplex EGL

No. 260540

Who else is from the Dallas community? All I know is Momo and toast

No. 260543

Does anyone have a working link to the discord logs?

This whole this is so exhausting that I didn't even try to look at the file. But now that people are getting banned from comms, I want to read it for myself.

Sorry in advance for being stupid.

No. 260545

No. 260547

There’s a few of them
Is cotton candy hime from there?

No. 260548

how the fuck has lolcow not found seizure-faking coco yet. @xx_pinkbunny_xx on tiktok. wanna be lolita I guess, bitch needs her own thread.

No. 260555

This is an imageboard.

No. 260557

Looked her up. she's a cosplayer nobody.
Take it to the cosplay cringe thread.

No. 260565

please be fucking TRUE

No. 260566

wait i thought hannah was in the houston comm? she went to Texas A&M and the closest big city is houston for her

No. 260573

File: 1666483214133.jpeg (302.4 KB, 828x1018, 0BD52A8A-BF80-4CB8-8DB6-4062A4…)

Post caps next time

No. 260574

finally, bless you anon

No. 260575

Searched their Facebook and there’s a hashtag for #metroplexlolitas

No. 260586

File: 1666488124438.jpeg (28.85 KB, 691x191, 0DEDA53D-C87D-4ED0-9B87-6D1D86…)

Saw you deleted this. “Us” huh lol

No. 260588

Fatties vs fat

No. 260601

Links to the Dallas comm page?

No. 260604

No. 260605

unhinged is as unhinged does

No. 260609

I actually agree with this. The animal nudity thing is not inherently sexual, that anon is just stupid

No. 260611

Completely unnecessary. Why should they be banned from the community because of a secret drama chatroom?

No. 260614

It’s completely unfair. Where has freedom of speech gone? I think we should respect the right to be as violently racist, transphobic, fatpobic as we want behind closed doors. Especially to our comm members and mentees!

No. 260615

You need to give an outlet to individuals to vent. Keeping everyone’s thoughts bottled up and/or prohibited end up causing everyone’s attitudes toward others worse over time. Hasn’t anyone learned that from the LJ days? Eventually people grow out of this phase or end up being caught using that behavior in public. Leaking it doesn’t count

No. 260617

Sorry but no one agrees with this.

No. 260618

sorry you get triggered on almost everything, lib

No. 260620

There were more appropriate outlets and the community hated even the tamer ones. Go see how they complain about btb, even though that chat is WAY worse

No. 260631


>people need to be able to vent REEE!!11

Once again,taking positions of leadership means you are held to a higher standard, like what’s not clear about that? You aren’t allowed to talk shit about your mentees, or comm members you have power over. Especially with other comm/group leaders who have power over you. And they were cyber bullying en masse and posting on the boards despite saying they never go on.

it is not a coincidence that Nat was banned swiftly from everywhere, they have completely monopolized spaces. All while they’ve engaged in the same bad language + slurs.

No. 260633

Wait but aren’t there a lot of texas girls in that chat log? Why were only these two banned?

No. 260638

I agree. Purity culture gone mad. I don’t want to trawl through the logs again but unless Liv and Hannah were being transphobic or racist, which I don’t remember them being, this is silly. I don’t particularly like them but it seems like an overreaction.

No. 260643

When you join any community you agree to the set rules that are put in place. Don’t follow the rules, you don’t get to participate. Comms are not just free reign to do whatever the hell you want to without consequence.

No. 260645

Are you mad? You don't need to read logs just read excerpts posted to the past threads

No. 260653

Which thread was the Texas logs posted? Everyone is looking at this mess as it just raised alarms.

No. 260655

the thread OP has links to posts of interest. you should check them out.

No. 260656

Not going to spoon feed
Thread #7 >>>/w/215511

Keyword Texas and Dallas on LC and CGL
Those girls are a mess

No. 260657

This is great! When one domino falls all of them falls. What have they said on the the scammers and CP toast like?

No. 260662

Those were the only two in the seagull chat, Toast had three messages in there and then she got kicked for “inactivity”
I don’t know where this idea that they were all Texas lolitas came from, more derailment?
Also sage your shit

No. 260668

If you’re referring to one of them it’s Alyssa.
They know Texas Alyssa Duncan/@birds_symphonia was in those chat logs. The seagulls discord heavily disliked her because she was spamming the I’m telling Tyler Facebook with unhinged drama from CGL and accusing lacemarket sellers of scamming her, with legitimate AP being a covidita who just joined. A few lacemarket sellers got mad at Alyssa for posting them in salty groups, and she got banned from that group for blocking the mods and admin, as they’re unable to do their job if someone has broken the community rules. Eventually she got banned from multiple Facebook groups for drama inciting and blocking mods and admins. The vetted seagulls' discord was just bitching to filth, but it’s clear that some of the Texas girls were very much in drama on Facebook with their full legal names attached. If you’re new to the community and branch to be in drama and sharing the tea then you’ll surely create targets just like exhibit A. >>260573 received.

No. 260670

We’re all just ready for the discord to start releasing everything from their dying ship. This won’t end them but they’ll start telling it all and lift more curtains

No. 260672

If it was doctored at all they’d just drop the channel themselves. But I think we all know that claim is horseshit

No. 260674

So this just caused a ripple in Texas comms. Some are getting heated about the decision and the “hypocrisy”. Chat was horrible, but other issues got ignored, and people are airing out their frustrations. This just created more targets on everyone. Jfc

No. 260676

What is this gc?

No. 260680

Are you referring to the Akon drama?

No. 260682

>i don’t want to see any actual proof or read thread caps but they seem nice to me!!

plz kys. liv and hannah booted nat from every space possible due to a personal DM. Hannah and Liv in the chat partake in cyberbullying, regardless if they say literal racist or twansphobic words

No. 260683

preemptively banning lolitas who don’t belong in the Comm really opened some wounds to hypocrisy. makes no sense to have Hannah also be banned from BayAreaKei

No. 260684

"Cancelled" lolitas are banned from all comms regardless if they're in them or not. Not doing it would be the hypocritical thing.
What's with all the Nat WKing?

No. 260685

File: 1666537861793.jpeg (374 KB, 677x801, DDB85636-8565-4817-96F6-79BD66…)

Looking through that thread, it all makes sense. Someone from the seagulls discord posted liv and Alyssa knowing how they started community drama and catching bans. 


No. 260686

if mods aren’t kicking others for similar behavior, than that’s a different topic. But banning hannah and liv is fair game when they definitely broke comm rooms.

you’re all saying the same shit, is this discord derailment?? these girls have connections to tons of comms all across North America and the UK, so we shouldn’t assume the mods don’t have a reason.

only mentioned her because it’s strange to be upset that they got banned for breaking rules, when they explicitly banned someone (hannah’s mentee mind you) from spaces when she never bullied people em masse. it doesn’t have to be white knighting to see the double standard

No. 260692

I agree that we need to hold those in positions of authority and power to higher standards. However, don't you think it is a little unhealthy to say they can't voice disapproval or unhappiness about actions and situations within their life? I'm not saying what they did is right, in fact it's a good example of a trusted person abusing their position. That in mind if a comm mod went to a friend and expressed concerns with a happening to hash things out or deal with feelings about a person or situation, that could be quite helpful. It can lead to them being able to better communicate with the affected parties and manage things better. It also seems that reaching out to other leaders would possibly be insightful and more secure. They could have experience and knwoledge related more directly to the situation one may be trying to work out and in addition to that, they should have a bit of professionalisim to keep things private. It just seems that it is a harsh blanket statement to say all venting is bad when someone holds a high status.

No. 260696

> It just seems that it is a harsh blanket statement to say all venting is bad when someone holds a high status.

stop projecting something i didn’t say (or what anybody has said), in your attempt to white knight. Nobody said ALL venting is bad, but what they’re all doing is more than that and you know that. This wasn’t a channel for peaceful and insightful conversations on comm leadership, it was an “uncensored server” (their own words) called #seagull in reference to CGL, so that they can say what they truly feel about everyone they have power over.

Creating a hopeful scenario is not helpful to this convo. That kind of peaceful groupchat did not exist, so stop arguing like it did.

No. 260701

None is innocent. It’s going around that they posted comm members in the discord and Texas chats

No. 260703

To post people in a comm group chat and make up lies on 4chan with same typing isn’t good neither. Shame

No. 260708

Wait. There’s more of them?

No. 260709

The fact that they are enforcing the rules to things that happen outside of the actual Facebook 'community' is pretty tarded if you ask me

No. 260710

Texas Discord chats leaks when?

No. 260712

some of them were mods, and mods have different rules dipshit. plus, logs show proof that they were posting on boards and it’s against comm rules too

No. 260715

She's not in the chat. I think Liv would have had an aneurysm if she were. She openly bitched about her in there.

No. 260717

Oh yes, Hannah and Liv stirring up more drama as they always do

No. 260719

>Some are getting heated about the decision and the “hypocrisy”.
Hear that? This is the sound of a dying cow/s.

No. 260721

Vague posting about #seagull. Nice.

No. 260722

Please upload another discord/comm leak. The tumbling down effect is happening, and soon they’ll be at riddance

No. 260723

Based leaker. Should’ve know these two where up creating issues

No. 260724

agreed but i feel like we’re not even close to done picking through the current log, there’s definitely a lot of juicy screenshots that show them acting as double agents in certain spaces

No. 260729


No. 260731

Nope she’s definitely in there. It’s not hard to find

No. 260733

Love how Hannah and Liv keep coming in to throw birds_symphonia under the bus. If she is, then what's her DISCORD tag to ctrl+F?

No. 260735

No but she’s in vetted servers

No. 260736

This isn't the topic at hand.

No. 260737

Don't forget Momo. Kicked and branded awful for posting Liv's Reddit, even though she didn't, on the basis of some nebulous "proof" the mods have. Because, you know, she's pretty and nice. I was the one who did it, and I was left in seagull until the end lol.

No. 260738

Not surprised at all. It was obvious some shit stirrer framed Momo.

No. 260739

Her and Alyssa got momo banned
They double teamed with others

No. 260740

What’s this? >>224599
If you’re from the seagulls discord or the salty Texas gc you’re in question for community harassment.

No. 260742

File: 1666545903910.png (191.16 KB, 750x641, avoiding.png)

I'm sure someone leaked it back to her that someone was shit stirring with Texas community, considering Hannah is the mod of the server and what led up from that was Hannah blocking Alyssa.

Plenty of people are not shy to warn their friends of things going on from #seagull. That's the rational, normal thing to do when there are people who are placing targets on the backs of their community members.

No. 260746

Even if you're not friends a lot of what was said in there is awful enough that someone should have taken a stand. Based Leaker-chan.

No. 260748

kek literally, like why should we feel bad for them? they're getting a taste of their own medicine.

No. 260749

So the leak all started because Hannah blocked Alyssa? So Alyssa decided to kick the beehive with the leak. I’m getting this right?

No. 260750

definitely going to go back and read those DMs they cancelled alyssa for 3 or so threads ago, because she was literally telling the truth about them in their discord server being atrocious.

No. 260752

Salty Chans vs salty Chans

No. 260753

my guess a lot of the Alyssa shit in these threads were quite literally Liv and Hannah's #seagull crew. This girl was quite literally completely off my radar up until then.

No. 260755

File: 1666547295436.png (120.25 KB, 1366x594, salty alyssa v. discordchans.…)

Kek. discordgate caught alyssa calling child sexual abuse victims thots. Unhinges beefing unhinger

These girls are eating each other alive in salt

No. 260756

oh, so this is when the discordgate hatred started. Hannah posting her comm members

No. 260763

File: 1666548427065.png (118.17 KB, 1366x599, salty0.png)

No. 260764

Nonnas, I think they've deleted the link cache for their server, or deleted the channel period. Because suddenly NONE of the links are working. I noticed a week ago that any link/attachment hannah sent didn't work, but now it's all of them.

I've been saving as many as possible, but if they work for any of you still, save them now.

No. 260767

File: 1666548688693.png (116.63 KB, 1366x604, salty1.png)

these girls are comical. They're getting mad at alyssa for being xenophobic while they are ones too.

No. 260769

She deleted her posts

No. 260770

File: 1666549153328.png (94.59 KB, 914x746, hannashittalk.png)

Incoming dump of Hannah talking shit about some local girl that she started lolita with. Someone please warn this girl to stop interacting with Hannah.

No. 260771

discord says that even deleting posts won't deactivate a cdn link

No. 260772

File: 1666549176550.png (114.34 KB, 1015x856, hannahshittalk2.png)

No. 260773

File: 1666549267841.png (51.71 KB, 1134x363, hannshittalk3.png)

No. 260774

File: 1666549351328.png (47.08 KB, 421x434, hannashittalk4.png)

>"Why are all Ashleys spelled with a 'leigh' crazy"

No. 260775

File: 1666549392807.png (90.24 KB, 1011x693, hannahshittalk5.png)

No. 260776

File: 1666549484188.png (7.6 KB, 475x53, hannahshittalk6.png)

No. 260777

File: 1666549524801.png (118.29 KB, 1366x611, salty2.png)

cookie cat #7077 aka rose nocturnalia  made a video after this comment on Alyssa Duncan's and screenshots of her being salty on Facebook that were widely circulating. The video was about the Lolita community having a salt issue and how it creates issues with newbies joining Lolita with this CGL-like personality. I miss her, but it's a bit hypocritical, but I will not deny that she is right on most parts.

She private her videos long ago and left the online community


No. 260778

File: 1666549582825.png (11.38 KB, 1122x60, hannahshittalk7.png)

No. 260779

File: 1666549633079.png (68.85 KB, 1360x459, hannahshittalk8.png)

Someone please save this girl from Hannah

No. 260780

Very disappointed in rosenocturnalia tbh. so many of us defended her when she was attacked for basic takes. some of the shit she says in that chat is just as bad as the worst of them.

No. 260781

File: 1666549691433.png (33.38 KB, 1021x239, hannahshittalk9.png)

No. 260782

If you barely own lolita just say so poorfag

No. 260783

File: 1666549796849.png (91.98 KB, 895x626, hannahshittalk11.png)

No. 260784

File: 1666549889980.png (95.69 KB, 992x619, hannahshittalk12.png)

No. 260785

File: 1666549982158.png (40.14 KB, 884x279, hannahshittalk13.png)

Talking about someone like this is harmful, Hannah.

No. 260786

Iirc Liv also claims to have a stalker. Maybe there's clues who it is in there, clearly she needs warned too.

No. 260787

discord cowspotted kek. learn to read, do you think those who were defending her seriously weren't lolitas as well? people don't like hypocrites, end of.

jesus fucking christ, the ONLY stalker in this bullshit is literally hannah herself, this is all so unhinged.
>stalker chan helped me buy my first few dresses
what the actual fuck? so this person helped them get into lolita???

No. 260788

File: 1666550125935.png (64.17 KB, 1503x349, crazyschizoshit.png)

Taking a break from dump to answer
She changes who it is all the time. She's called Nat a stalker, Alyssa a stalker. It seems to change. She's the most unhinged one there.

No. 260790

File: 1666550260138.png (181.6 KB, 683x499, eglwallofshame .png)

Alyssa is banned btw. This is the video that rose made and a lot of people agreed. Her points were made well with this

If anyone has the video saved please re-upload it.

No. 260791

File: 1666550327968.png (46.98 KB, 365x503, hannahshittalk15.png)

No. 260792

File: 1666550388033.png (47.08 KB, 909x370, hannahshittalk16.png)

Laura referenced in log. DPP is the laura poster, likely.

No. 260793

laura who? be clear anon

No. 260794

File: 1666550471663.png (73.63 KB, 860x569, hannahshittalk17.png)

Imagine getting into a fashion with a friend from school and talking about them like this.

No. 260795

Laura or Lara?

No. 260796

Nayrt but I assume @sugar.coated.bonbons

No. 260797

File: 1666550538619.png (54.72 KB, 647x435, hannahshittalk18.png)

No. 260798

Samefag but Lara lives in a different state, Laura is in TX.

No. 260800

File: 1666550630745.png (10.54 KB, 975x70, hannahshittalk19.png)

More bragging about posting to Tyler's youtube channel to out her friend.

No. 260801


No. 260802

if they're talking about a TX meet up why would @larasuzannne be there?

No. 260803

LMFAO they really made this post after their shit with Alyssa Duncan spamming the community page with salt?

Discord seagulls are no better but these bitches are batshit.

No. 260804

I think they’re behind the nonstop lara sperging that happens on this thread. In an attempt to detail from themselves.

No. 260805

why do these use her as derailment? she isnt even part of the comm????

No. 260806

agree but I don't think that particular statement was the same Lara being posted here

No. 260807

Some of us aren't from Texas

No. 260808

easy target. she takes the bait time and time again which made her milky, but it effectively derailed any talk on them. it all makes sense now

No. 260809

anyone catch how Hannah's been lying about how long she's been into Lolita?
>>260775 gurl, you're claiming you were 11 years old in highschool?

>>260792 sounds like her friend got into lolita first, however.

>>260797 admitting she's only been into lolita for a few years. stop lying about how long you've been in this fashion, cunt.

No. 260810

kek you're right! She was saying THIS year that she's been in lilita for 5 years. But in that screenshot (chat dated comment from 2020) she's saying she was in it for 6-7 years??

in this podcast referenced last thread >>258834
she states she's been in it for 3-5 years.

No. 260811

she allegedly is leaving soon

No. 260812

Imagine keeping track of who your IRL friends follow on social media and having conversations with them about how they are following a bad person and must block immediately

No. 260813

How many groups is she banned from?

No. 260814

this was not a private group chat with a few friends, it's a public albeit vetted server with over a hundred people in it, that's just publicly trashing people however you want to slice it. Everyone talks shit, I don't think anyone is denying that. It's all about how you do it, and they weren't innocently asking for opinions on various situations. They were flaming people they were supposed to be helping.

No. 260815

I think what's wild about the situation and the facts known here:

-Has been friends with Ashleigh since highschool
-Friend got into lolita first
-Claims friend is skin-walking her style, but not active in kei
-Friend bought her first lolita dress for Hannah, because she could not use Paypal
-Keeps track of what meets Ashleigh goes to, what city she's in, who she's friends with
-Talks constant crap on her to people local

Who's Saturn btw? Sounds like they are a local Texas lolita in the same comm. Might be worth looking into.

No. 260816

Thankfully, no one did.

No. 260819

Amazing how that works when #seagull has mods all banning people at the same time for one infraction in another comm

No. 260821

Saturn#5252 her posts seem tame, but she goes off on KSK a lot

No. 260822

File: 1666553330260.png (12.56 KB, 1732x54, saturn4.png)

ok something pretty strange is going on in this thread.

Every person saturn has talked about has resurfaced.

No. 260823

File: 1666553501711.png (21.72 KB, 650x144, cardinalcopia.png)

someone remind me with this person is a community moderator?

No. 260825

No. 260826

most of the alleged "venting" is just calling people straight up ugly tbh kek, like gee wiz how helpful of a mentor are you!

No. 260829


she's a seattle mod >>259953

No. 260830

File: 1666553948251.png (21.58 KB, 1078x104, oof1.png)

honorable mention, the logs prove Hannah actually doesn't know much about ANY of the fashions she runs her mouth about.

No. 260832

>when you don't even have a single post in CoF

KEK does she know.. some people don't seek online validation? Best lolita i've ever met didn't even have an IG, she just posted on her blog. Also tons of non-western lolitas don't use CoF

No. 260833

I'm missing the connection, can you show a few more examples?

No. 260844

That’s embarrassing. Alyssa and all of them in the discord should be banned

No. 260845

jfc why are there so many alyssas??

ok to clarify

>Alyssa Duncan is NOT bird.symphonia (pretty sure)

>alyssa who fought with hannah IS bird.symphonia
>alys is a discord lolita in #seagull, different from the other two.

am I getting this right?

No. 260846

don't know where you got this info but the community is such a shit show now i wouldn't blame her

No. 260849

Alyssa Duncan is birds symphonia and is also briefly in the logs
Alys is a French lolita in the logs

No. 260851

File: 1666557299163.jpeg (57.19 KB, 640x1136, alyssad.jpeg)

are you sure? last thread it was also brought up and people said they were different, see >>253269 . Plus, bird.symphonia was still in lolita groups this year, while alyssa duncan was kicked out. Pic attached is Alyssa Duncan dming a mod after she got called out and kicked out of everything.

[29-Jul-20 02:45 AM] elipri#5757
She also sent this to the other admin she "accidentally blocked"


getrekt (5)

[29-Jul-20 03:01 AM] ImNewHere#9064
lmao, sent this to me


[29-Jul-20 03:10 AM] Reira#5451
Dude stop bull shitting 🙄

No. 260856

Birds_symphonia/Alyssa Duncan/Alyssa Shea is all same person

No. 260867

but how was she then unbanned and allowed in comms/events again? bird.symphonia modeled for AP at Akon, that was the content of her leaked group chat pics where she was gossiping about hannah and liv.

No. 260869

What are you talking about? Was never banned

No. 260870

No. 260872

They're just bsing.

No. 260875

That’s egl wall of shame

No. 260881

Isn't it amazing that the topic is Hannah and Liv being banned and yet this was again diverted over to Alyssa? Just like last time she was brought up?

No. 260883

like fucking clockwork. Hannah and liv getting banned is incredibly milky, and immediately it was met with white knights:
(as if they haven't helped ban multiple people they have persona beef with). and then whatever this bullshit is. This won't be the fist or last group they'll get banned from, waiting with bated breath kek

No. 260884

Alys is also an Alyssa, but she is a french seagull discord poster the two others are american. She is a pill addicted mentally ill edgy old schooler according to the two last thread

No. 260885

Alyssa was only "banned" from the comms ran by Hannah. Sounds like salt to me.

No. 260886

What comms was she even banned from? Hannah mostly runs fairy key groups, what does it matter if someone who doesn’t wear fairy key bans her

No. 260887

Agreed nonna

No. 260890

hello again “fairy key” anon. to save the others in this thread from your newfag retardation, i would like to inform you that it’s spelled “fairy kei”. the “kei” is pronounced similarly to “kay.”

No. 260902

Kek ntayr, but I did that the first time because autocorrect on mobile, calm the fuck down

No. 260903

Alyssa and liv are know dramewhores of Dallas comm

No. 260904

>”newfag retardation”
>doesn’t sage

No. 260905

I feel bad for you guys for dealing with them

No. 260906

From Houston but I joined the Dallas comm to see what happened. You guys should just wipe all the itas and Lolitas causing problems.

No. 260907

Blocked all of them. Is there a Ban list yet? I want to avoid the Dallas and discord litas.

No. 260915

A good requirement would be having individuals only live in the Metroplex Region and trim those who haven’t been to a meet or posted anything lolita for the past two years

No. 260923

How about banning people from metroplex comm out of their spaces since you want to go that route.

No. 260926

Or it’s possible for them to be messy and still not deserve a ban for “racism” for being bitches online

No. 260929

There goes Dallas girls and Hannah starting it up.

No. 260931

Isn’t it a bit rude to bring this women’s child up in a thread?

No. 260932

I mentioned the child as Hannah is class of 2018 and presumably so is her friend. Bit young.

No. 260933

So what? It creates targets and just out of line to do.

No. 260934

>>260926 sounds to me from >>260573 that the mod gave them warnings before banning. That’s what I took away from the last paragraph mentioning the three strike policy

No. 260939

The ban message makes it seem like Hannah didn’t go to meets there, not sure why she was even in the group. Not sure why a mod would message a random person who isn’t in the comm before they ban them.

No. 260942

They force this fake persona at RVR. Those girls were the loudest there and painfully ita.

No. 260943

At least learn to spell dumbass.

No. 260945

well considering she apparently bought Hannah's first dress, I would assume she's actually older and Hannah is the one that met her and started jfashion while in highschool. What? 4-5 years ago, probably?

No. 260946

They were at RVR?

No. 260947

File: 1666582216688.jpeg (540.23 KB, 681x1144, CF149943-7192-41D2-8A3D-DB8C7C…)

Tweedle dee and tweedle dum

No. 260949

How long have you been holding onto that nonny

No. 260950

Bedbug chan Laura

No. 260951

newfag alert, this was literally posted up thread and four threads ago

No. 260952

everytime i read this i can hear Hannah’s voice kek

No. 260953

it's not just you.

No. 260958

File: 1666590038538.png (558.06 KB, 556x632, kek.png)

salty she got posted to BtB kek

No. 260959

Nice user name, J. It’s a bold choice.

No. 260960

sorry but she doesn’t look good kek she looks 20 years older than she really is lol.

No. 260963

File: 1666597487136.png (524.58 KB, 1471x1000, ksdjfngdfs.png)

cardinalcopia/ari's tumblr is somehow still up at kdycu.tumblr.com, nothing particularly milky just r-rated kinky sherlock fanfic and stupid homestuck takes (lolita post included to show it's the same person)

No. 260967

awww, I love jenntiddy’s coords. she received a lot of hate early in the discord chat leaks and I could never understand why…

Btw, if she reads this post, she’s a queen

No. 260978

Don’t understand why? She’s a massive c*nt in the fb groups
This is a weird wk

No. 260979

she’s a not a massive cunt, she moderates CoF and gives constructive criticism on BSoLF. you took her remarks too seriously. sorry she made you cry in the bathroom

No. 260981

They look unfortunate

No. 260985

WKing someone just makes them a bigger target, congrats nonny. Interesting she replied to a BtB post but hasn't addressed what she said in the logs. Guess it's better for her reputation to show she's a uwu victim.

No. 260986

She speaks french but she's from belgium, not france

No. 260988

She's mad because whoever submitted the post is right

No. 260989

They all massive thread posting uggos

No. 260991


>Post calling out her hypocritical actions

>"Kek they used my best coord photo!"

Talk about deliberately dense.

No. 260995

probably the lolita who spread COVID at Paradiso

No. 261001

Dallas one right?

No. 261003

Can’t believe she shared that to her twitter. It’s like she bragging about being a bully. Disappointed and not surprised, but hey at least someone is publicly acknowledging the accusations.

No. 261007

literally lol, like they're not critiquing her outfit, what a dumb bitch. We hate her.

No. 261008

how in the world did you reach this conclusion? also half of paradiso didn't mask (cough cough celestial and discord crew) and there were multiple cases of covid from people who didn't even get near tesaya. Honestly, it was a super spread event. Everyone flew in thousands of miles, stayed on airplanes, and then didn't even bother to mask. what did they expect? it's no ones fault.

No. 261009

File: 1666632208567.jpg (209.08 KB, 960x960, goose.jpg)

who's this goose person they hate so much? They talk shit about her like it's no one's business. Pic is the lolcow link Aiu posts below

[02-Apr-21 05:55 PM] Aiu#0642
is this the grandma goose coord u mean?


[02-Apr-21 05:57 PM] Aiu#0642
for the transformer coord, check the pins for 1/10/2019

[02-Apr-21 05:59 PM] zepplis#6640
Thanks aiu thats whatvi was looking for

[02-Apr-21 06:02 PM] Aiu#0642
I think these are the only ones floating around

[02-Apr-21 06:03 PM] zepplis#6640
It is v gramma-y

[02-Apr-21 06:05 PM] ataraxia#7301
yes this is the grand ma coord lol

[02-Apr-21 06:05 PM] ataraxia#7301
it's strange, she really doesn't look like that at all irl

[02-Apr-21 06:06 PM] ataraxia#7301
imagine working for so many months and spending so much money on a coord and those are the best pics u get

wheeeze (5)

[02-Apr-21 06:06 PM] Aiu#0642
that got deleted off COF at least twice

No. 261010

File: 1666632473020.png (48.24 KB, 1575x746, fatphobia.PNG)

the goose drama summed up. it's always so funny when they want to try and call someone fatphobic when you can just read their thread and it's similarly mean kek. I guess it doesn't count in their eyes since fat people in #seagull are the ones making the comments

No. 261011

goose milked her husband, worked for free, and then coerced Rin (formerly known as Kate) into a sexual relationship

No. 261012

A bunch of age players

No. 261019

proof Alyssa is an age player? thought it was just Liv?

No. 261021

what? You’re telling me Rin cheated on her husband twice? Also anyone notice how she’s super active in the LA comm discord despite not even being in Cali?

No. 261026

File: 1666638532382.png (96.2 KB, 1414x686, lolitafaq.png)

looks like Aiu#0642/Anna/Aiuyan/disparaitre_girl uodated her site FAQ kek. still blaming this on the ebil alt-righters? not exactly a rumor anymore is it?

No. 261027

The image links from the leak no longer work, which leads me to believe they either nuked the channel or are going through and deleting things.

No. 261028

Even if images disappear what they've said is enough to gain context.

No. 261029

Unfortunately for them, they waited too long. Half of the lolita community has already seen a lot of this.

No. 261030


I'm always so impressed with how they attempt to dodge criticism. Having the audacity to try to gaslight people into thinking they're dumb as a reflex. Her response says it all.

No. 261031

>>261029 if it’s edited/altered/faked then why delete it then? These idiots can’t stick to their stories

No. 261039

because it isn’t fake kek

No. 261040

What are they hiding so hard that they needed to nuke :p

No. 261046

a lot has already come to the surface imo. they've cancelled/harassed/stalked others for less.

No. 261048

I think the community just feels overwhelmed with what to do

No. 261050

These are even more cringe now knowing that Hannah is wrathful, stalks former friends, bullies people, and posts her own comm members in drama channels (and very likely here and /cgl as well)

No. 261058

I always got kinda bad vibes from Hannah, like she seemed to appear out of nowhere a few years ago and ended up with all these mod positions when she’s what, 22 max? I don’t really understand why anyone would want that much power over fellow socially maladapted women in autistic niche fashions. Feeling vindicated by the chatlogs anyway. She strikes me as someone who got bullied a lot and hasn’t really moved past it yet.

>It’s funny bc you’d think she’d be a decent lolita by now given how she mimics me
Most Embarrassing Behaviour

No. 261062

>She strikes me as someone who got bullied a lot and hasn’t really moved past it yet.
She's in a sorority. Take what you will from that.

No. 261063

Nevermind that explains it

No. 261064

How much you want to bet that her “stalker” is actually a well rounded and kind person?

No. 261065

I wonder what all of her sorority sisters think of her wearing AP while they all wear leggings from Lululemon. This being in the South where the sorority game is strong, you probably have a ton of blonde normies crushing it with their bf and she’s standing in the corner like an autist wojak

No. 261066

Just from the excerpts she sounds very kind.

No. 261067

Idk I bet Hannah has a good basic white girl disguise to blend in with the rest of them. I bet she’s secretly a trump worshiper or something

No. 261069

File: 1666648862305.jpg (109.65 KB, 1024x576, hannahsorority.jpg)

No. 261070

>critical thinking
That’s rich, considering that the crux of the issue is that they lack any critical analysis to see how and why the statements in those chats are at odds with what they were pushing on every social media platform. That doesn’t even touch on the complete cognitive disconnect on how they mention misandry (in complete seriousness) as an issue multiple times in that log, which is pretty oppositional to most basic feminist principles and yet… they harass someone for transphobia?? Hmm I wonder what those concepts have in common…
Which is hilarious because there are TRAs who even comment on how some women with internalized misogyny exclusively love transwomen but hate real women (i.e. shoe0nhead, Jaclyn glenn), which is still twansphobic in TRAs eyes.

No. 261071

Same nonna, I payed her shit tiktok takes on here like 3-4 threads ago and was surprised by the amount of wking for her. Now I know why kek

No. 261072

she wears lolita to class sometimes

No. 261074

>I always got kinda bad vibes from Hannah, like she seemed to appear out of nowhere a few years ago and ended up with all these mod positions when she’s what, 22 max?
I also wondered where the fuck she came from. I noticed some errors in what she was claiming regarding a bunch of different harajuku fashions, so it makes sense that she's just a full on LARPer now that I know her age and background from the logs.

No. 261076

Someone in the last thread or the one before that said that these girls never got their mean girl moment in high school and are doing it now. What is with all of these young as hell kids barely out of high school trying to be THE lolita influencer??

No. 261077

File: 1666649753133.jpeg (271.43 KB, 828x1537, B7D2171D-956C-48AF-A689-2B0C52…)

She’s actually a bit of bible thumper +lib, she use to be a Christian camp counselor, and she’s definitely liberal too. Picrel is from a tiktok where you can kinda see her mentioning what it means to be a “true Christian.” Read the caption. I think it’s funny that former or current southern evangelical bible thumpers always have the same hair (ex: Hannah, Tyler)

No. 261078

She’s in a sorority? That’s surprising, i don’t think she’s ever mentioned it on her tik tok. She also wears Lolita to class

No. 261079

Age players attracts other age players kek

No. 261082

>>261077 wait was she the Catholic cotton candy hime was trying to “out”?

No. 261083

No lolita is like this anymore

No. 261084

That’ll be based actually

No. 261086

I’m dead

No. 261087

I highly doubt she’s catholic, she seems to be southern Baptist or some form of evangelical/Protestant. She’s from Texas, plus she taught at a Christian camp/school which wouldn’t be called that if she was catholic (it would be called Sunday school)

Kek also people need to watch these webms now with the context we have of her

No. 261089

I’m not surprised if they both are into age play. Sweet Lolitas are full on degenerates

No. 261090

No sweet Lolita is like this anymore. I’m not seeing this behavior from real classics and triple M goth fags.

No. 261091

there's a great deal of non-sweet lolitas in #seagull, so I beg to fucking differ

No. 261092

old schoolers don’t count. i think revan is the only semi-classic but she still also wears sweet. idk if there’s any exclusive classics in there

No. 261095

Tyler used to be a bible thumper?

No. 261096

there are definitely exclusive goth/classics in there more than her.

No. 261098

in her old goth specific videos she mentions growing up in a very very christian household which she bought into, but became an atheist pretty quickly i think after leaving home.

No. 261103

File: 1666656453692.png (2.22 MB, 1243x634, FCD7DDFA-248F-4522-B0FA-4D9F2C…)

all of these people are in the #seagull by mention of the chatlog’s tesaya bitching, in which they wanted to do a “server” group photo. pic is from a few threads ago, circled is celestial. some of them are just in such ugly western lolita styles for me to comfortably call it exclusively classic or gothic on some. but let’s not pretend that group chat is not sweet brainrot 3000.

No. 261111

Can we please identify the far right girl? Looks like lychee.cute, if so probably is Lucid

No. 261112

File: 1666658073018.png (2.41 MB, 940x1211, lucidbunny.png)

Lychee.Cute posing with Liv is a dead give away this is Lucid

No. 261115

Name tag them

No. 261116

File: 1666659415271.jpeg (872.86 KB, 828x1030, 4137C9A4-0E78-4BEF-A605-AD8739…)

No. 261117

File: 1666659784548.jpeg (39.38 KB, 235x840, 121DE7F6-928A-41C0-8A04-13B529…)

No. 261118

File: 1666659881808.jpeg (12.72 KB, 231x485, 14581E5D-BEC1-4D01-B150-62A32F…)

No. 261119

File: 1666659987302.jpeg (20.73 KB, 214x905, 5B58D59C-07ED-41C7-A4FC-349E9D…)

No. 261121

Names and comms plz

No. 261128

She’s the creator of the Inland Empire comm.

No. 261129

File: 1666661208150.jpeg (397.65 KB, 683x374, 69886DCD-C7A9-4292-9E0B-74AFE5…)

Full picture with tags is on lychee’s Instagram

No. 261132

File: 1666661459869.jpeg (531.54 KB, 750x755, CBBE59D8-C09E-407A-9C7A-5430DA…)

Someone please meme this

No. 261133

File: 1666661679144.jpeg (374.1 KB, 828x1020, FFC2346F-1860-44C0-BB77-8C849E…)


No. 261134

File: 1666661864372.jpeg (367.45 KB, 828x1020, D80AC515-C134-4587-8BEA-9523D1…)


No. 261135

has this seriously been going on since 2019? shit, ya'll need to get outside and touch grass ASAP

No. 261138

I pick deranged discord poster over the troon

No. 261140

are we sure more of them aren't troons? most of these girls are busted

No. 261141

No one cares faggot

No. 261142

it's sainte trying to defend his pedo behavior again, just report and ignore
these are his posts too:

No. 261143

Doubtful op >>261131 was him unless he was in #seagull? Plot twist: he's the leaker.

No. 261144

he probably was in it considering he makes tons of fake/burner accounts, he has a bunch of burner fbs so it wouldn't be surprising if he had a burner discord just to lurk there

No. 261145

stfu Sainte. nobody likes you, troon

No. 261149

It may be Sainte, but that really is ataraxia and she is the comm leader/creator of the Inland Empire lolita comm, that much is true.

No. 261150

Can we get a fresh list again?

No. 261151

Everyone here is ugly as hell. I guess their insides match their outsides

No. 261153

wait KEK SAINTE WAS IN THEIR SERVER lol, so they knew way earlier. wonder if they leaked his info a few threads ago?

No. 261155

Obvious sainte larp. Never heard him say haha or mention a dog. You are a retard. Do better faggot.

No. 261156

File: 1666665891392.jpg (168.94 KB, 913x1224, Baleeted.jpg)

Context since it was deleted and has her face

No. 261158

people from his (former) comm somewhere in socal have been warning about him on /cgl/ long before he was ever posted here - I think as early as 2017 or 2018? so maybe there are socal girls in the server who knew him irl or it's possible the discord chans saw the early /cgl/ posts about him

No. 261159

ok, so ata frequents /fa/ as well as is in discord servers for both /fa/ and /cgl/. interesting. plot thickens.

No. 261160

Shut up

No. 261162

samefag I'm dumb, looked it up just now and found inland empire is a CA comm so that ataraxia girl has likely encountered him irl before kek how unfortunate for her, probably how she knew about his pedo grooming behavior that early on too

No. 261167

Is that why goose got shitcanned from the comm? it was so hush-hush.

the mod of the original server. she was really into transformers, in a poly relationship with her gf and her husband, owned a goose as a pet, and didn't seem to have a job.

No. 261168

File: 1666670975328.png (1.69 MB, 1300x1300, lalascommstory.png)

very glad i saved so many images from the chat logs. Lala talked about how her comm sided with her cheating ex husband or something? how does that not pink pill you kek.

No. 261169

File: 1666671037306.png (34.06 KB, 1570x195, lalacommstory2.PNG)

yikes, text quality sucks, here's a close up

No. 261180

Everyone siding with the cheating moid wtf? What an awful thing to go through, nevermind making some arbitrary rule of attending every other meet (because: crawling to this woman's ex husband for some reason) and then using the lack of attendance as an excuse to kick her out.

No. 261181

tbf id want to kick her out too

No. 261186

Kek it's hilarious that she's so awful the com sided with the cheating husband

No. 261189

Honestly I'm surprised by the quality of their coords. Most of them are dressed nicely, even if they look greasy. I would have expected more itas.

Who is the girl in the far right btw? I love her EGA fit.

No. 261194

Goose was fuckin weird

Kinda miss her

No. 261214


The actual Goose drama. Scammed Naturally Racist out of $600 in a bjd deal. Former mods let her into PGL anyway. Claims to be Hispanic but is actually a racist white girl. Starts trying to scam PGL members. Former mods make weird rules, like you can only have a payment plan for an item with one member at a time. She bullies comm members online. Kate/Rin asks for someone to come help them in Cali, Goose shows up with a suitcase of Brando and no money. Goose goes to a hostel in LA after Kate asks her to leave. The mods finally kick her out for the LA fuckery, which I don't have the energy to detail.

Goose was also living with a woman rent free and hoarding birds. She hosted one meet and it was a disorganized disaster. She uses aliases because she tends to crash and burn through hobbies. She's blacklisted in the BJD community and I'm sure a few others.

No. 261225

There seems to be a lot of crossover with scammers in the BJD and lolita communities. One of the Rufflechat admins (Nicole Kathleen) scammed people on Den of Angels & egl in the mid-late 00s and I was surprised at how she wormed her way back into a position of “authority” when I first connected the dots. I’m sure Gutterface dabbled in lolita too

No. 261228

This would be my 13th reason, no wonder she’s so terrible

No. 261229

Dallas doesn’t disappoint

No. 261234

Thanks nonnie.
Can someone else explain the LA drama? Did she move to LA or just went to help Kate?

No. 261237

Lolitas in general are just unhinged. This community is full of retards

No. 261242

I doubt she goes to parties. Consider how much time she spends being terminally online. She's an absolute autist

No. 261243

What school does she go to?

No. 261244

It’s in her bio

No. 261246

If you're in a sorority then by proxy, then you're around them all the time. They happen within the sorority houses pretty frequently.

No. 261249

>>261248 Next time, type better. So far it’s liv, Hannah, and the girl on the right of liv in the group discord photo.

No. 261251

Judging from >>261249 anon
It’s @ltracks from the Instagram ID. >>261129

No. 261252

This tag here >>261134

No. 261255

Thanks for the block list nonnas

No. 261260

File: 1666719218014.png (1.09 MB, 1170x2532, tiktoklitagc.png)

hannah and liv acted as double agents in the tiktok group chat, i wonder if they've been kicked yet? Link the pic was connected to is below, but it doesn't work anymore. Glad i saved so many kek

[02-Jun-21 08:45 PM] pastel-princess#0753


worry (4)

[02-Jun-21 08:45 PM] pastel-princess#0753
We’ve talked about how cool you are a few times

[02-Jun-21 08:47 PM] romeo#3055

[02-Jun-21 08:47 PM] romeo#3055

[02-Jun-21 08:49 PM] Lucid#9208
Cupcake doing a Nabokov video?

[02-Jun-21 08:51 PM] agentlemandoesnotconga#8888
Based on the screenshot… she hasn't even read the book yet?

No. 261263

File: 1666719827972.jpeg (63.27 KB, 828x461, 5F15A05C-7D17-4BB2-BDE5-B7E4DD…)

I used to have this account following me

No. 261264

I think we all know that’s not really her

No. 261265

I don’t know nonny. It’s either her, or someone larping as her, both which are equally hilarious and worth mentioning.

No. 261267

>>261260 with the hate boner they had for this girl that makes perfect sense

No. 261271

Nobody likes liv or cupcake

No. 261279

Not all sororities are made the same. If she dresses like this, i doubt any frat guys or normie sorority girls are giving her the time of day. At best shes probably shunned as a freak, which explains why shes so chronically online as both a mod and shit stirrer

No. 261283

I hope they hazed the fuck out of her

No. 261288

>>261283 idk seems like Hannah would be the one with hazing tendencies. She wants other people to be miserable so that she can stay smug.

No. 261293

is there only one person named liv on instagram?

No. 261294

nta but considering she blocks anyone and everyone she considers a "stalker" without them knowing, my guess is she creeps on an alt because she's so engaged on these websites 24/7

No. 261296

she graduated from texas a&m, but where are the sorority rumors coming from?? caps.

No. 261297

nonna read the logs

No. 261312

Any more Texlitas in the discord log?

No. 261319

Lala Land#7138 = @clefableist
kuru#4717 = @mirakuru.xo, @kuru.xo (passed away)
Lilac_Y0#8595 = @lilac_myosotis
Prettydebil#3173 = @pretty_debil
dedizenoflight#5279 = @dedizenoflight (Twitter)

No. 261320

wait when did Kuru pass away?

No. 261321

this, wtf? what happened?

No. 261322

File: 1666750831598.png (1.2 MB, 616x961, kuru.png)

August, pic related

No. 261323

Fuck, anyone know the cause?

No. 261324

that's awful. she was genuinely so sweet.

No. 261325

No, just Liv and Hannah
That’s unfortunate, she will be missed

No. 261326

Please someone drop the LA drama. I read somewhere she also hacked into her computer and Kate was going to sue.

No. 261327

Got something to hide? That’s 2 down nonny

No. 261328

No. 261329

Ltracks is Texas

No. 261331

Seconded, would also like to know.

No. 261339


No. 261341

You know this encouraging him coming her right? Just stop talking about him it makes it worse.

No. 261342

>>261340 god no, fuck off with the sainte shit, he will just keep coming back if we keep talking about him

No. 261344

>implying it's not him selfposting

No. 261430

Discord fags keep bumping the old thread, Jesus.

No. 261437

Thread is a mess anyways. You got newfags from TikTok just finding out what lolcow is after discord gate

No. 261439

Aw the new generation! Welcome guys

No. 261446

I’ll take tiktok newfags over discordfags

No. 261456

Of course she’s liv friend.

No. 261464

Same. Discordfags are the scourge of this community and should be exiled. ALL communities have rules against participation in bullying and harassment, why do they get off free? Most of us are going to remember who they are for the rest of their lolita career.

No. 261466

how does one remain a handmaiden after your comm sides with your ex husband after he CHEATED on you, and from the sounds of it he wasn’t even a lolita …? How does this not make you go “hmmm maybe some women place validation from men above everything else and i shouldn’t replicate that behavior..”
just no thoughts in their brains.

No. 261467

I'm starting to feel like this is another effort to derail. Discordfags have been using their own chatlog to bring up old milk.

No. 261468

Discord milk is running dry. How long has been since it was leaked? 3 weeks? 4 weeks? Everyone put their account on lockdown so there’s not much we can discuss.

No. 261469

We've only heard her side of the story. You have to wonder how insufferable she was that her comm preferred a mistress and moid over her.

No. 261471

File: 1666816514604.jpeg (978.65 KB, 828x1498, 68E11203-6FF6-4D28-87AE-1AB27F…)

Every time the discord derails let’s pull a chat log from a discordgate member. Here’s the Txlitas in the discord chat log

Rainier#6904 = @ltracks
ametrine#4707 = @rosequartzroyalty [particularly heinous offender] LM: Rosequartzroyalty
pastel-princess#0753 = @marshmallowbnuy
Saturn#5252 = @peachburger

Add on

No. 261476

Anon you forgot Toast Chan is in there.

No. 261478


No. 261479

Iirc they talk about how she was kicked due to inactivity

No. 261484

They posted a screenshot of a Little Sister from Big Sisters of Lolita Fashion and bullied them in the chat.  

[08-Aug-20 04:16 PM] toastchan#4873
@alys hang in there 💖

[08-Aug-20 04:16 PM] toastchan#4873
Some unrelated tea for everyone:

[08-Aug-20 04:17 PM] toastchan#4873


[08-Aug-20 05:25 PM] chockie#3660
every day


ree (6)

[08-Aug-20 05:25 PM] chockie#3660
ok LS/MS

[08-Aug-20 05:32 PM] Monochrome#4080
Why is so hard for people to just search before asking?

[08-Aug-20 05:33 PM] Aiu#0642


[08-Aug-20 05:33 PM] Aiu#0642


[08-Aug-20 05:34 PM] Aiu#0642
google is too hard apparently

[08-Aug-20 05:34 PM] Aiu#0642
also I had no idea there was such a low site rating based off that sitejabber report

[08-Aug-20 05:36 PM] Monochrome#4080
Let alone google, even in Bsolf you'll find the answers

No. 261485

Wow did they purged the server? Images aren’t loading

No. 261486

Toast was removed July 2022

No. 261488

>>261485 yes, it was established upthread that they are likely trying to cover what tracks they can

No. 261489

File: 1666818151673.jpg (548.97 KB, 1536x2048, gl_ossuary.jpg)

sage so it doesnt bump (not like they arent constantly refreshing the page kek) but most of their twitters are still open, pic related is biscuit#2593/@biscuit.bun/@gl_ossuary (twitter)

No. 261490

Ok anons. Toast is added to the discord offenders list

Txlitas in discordgate:

Toastchan#4873 = @Toastchaaan
Rainier#6904 = @ltracks
ametrine#4707 = @rosequartzroyalty [particularly heinous offender] LM: Rosequartzroyalty
pastel-princess#0753 = @marshmallowbnuy
Saturn#5252 = @peachburger

No. 261493

Thought she left. Why did she stick around with the nonsense for 2 years

No. 261495

File: 1666819659150.jpg (13.91 MB, 4876x2676, graphicdesignismypassion.jpg)

not the one who made the first collage as you can tell kek, whose face are we mising?

No. 261497

Anon, I'm not so sure all of those people are in #seagull. Maybe in the vetted server, but not #seagull. Most would be entirely innocent without having knowledge of how toxic the server is.


No. 261498

Perfect nonny bless you
Don’t forget the toast, celestial, lychee, ltracks, and the giant SoCal mod

No. 261502

Vetted discord is autism just like #seagull

No. 261509

……anon are you retarted? these handles are pulled directly from the logs, check yourself

No. 261511

I know you will call me a discordfag and sperg at me for saying it but you sound obsessed nonna there is nothing of substance there

No. 261512

This is getting retarded

No. 261513

File: 1666822388842.png (15.63 KB, 483x377, transphobia.png)

have some transphobia from cardinalcopia#8144 / Ari G / kdycu

No. 261514

File: 1666822619492.png (15.31 KB, 426x383, proof.png)

Ari G as a mod of Emerald City Community actively goes to 4chan, admittedly.

No. 261515

Granted, 4 years ago. Stale milk.

No. 261516


That’s not very inclusive Of them

No. 261517

Anon, this is building a foundation and it was not known knowledge before.

No. 261519

This. Everything posted in threads is leading to being the discord seagulls being behind it. We can easily trace what they said in threads to what they posted on CGL now

No. 261521

File: 1666822911883.png (33.43 KB, 308x516, rqr.png)

Whoever said Hannah Franke/RoseQuartzRoyalty was a bible thumper was right kek. Guess she "used" to be homophobic but judging by the logs she didn't change much.

No. 261522

File: 1666823380956.png (27.98 KB, 1154x522, shittalk.png)

No. 261523

File: 1666823552190.gif (4.4 MB, 498x384, 3D349EA8-1A52-4381-AFA3-1519AE…)

As seen here: A #seagull is getting furious

No. 261526

Toast is part of the seagull crew? Why am I not surprised.

No. 261527

File: 1666823979140.jpg (125.89 KB, 1080x1350, d_walkure.jpg)

Wow she really likes this set!

No. 261528

Based but if deedeezeta did it everyone would be mad

No. 261530

Weird, now I know who was calling someone a perverted fetishist for owning a strap on a few threads back

No. 261531

Did she nuke both of her tumblr accounts?

No. 261532

People in the seagull discord were posting distractions and excuses to not get posted like their buddies. Seagulls were making excuses that they should be exempt from any repercussions because they were inactive or were there for a short period before the server went full autistic.

No. 261533

File: 1666824922646.jpeg (230.05 KB, 750x723, 68AD676D-8BAB-466C-B529-AEEF71…)

Saging for possible retardation/tinfoil but that’s adding up if she’s going to micromanage her friend’s religious choices

No. 261537

>I too was homophobic up until I joined Tumblr. Now, I run the biggest wannabe-“queer” memesexuality account on Instagram. The old me would have thought I was totally normal!

No. 261541

File: 1666826764484.jpg (1.53 MB, 2932x2160, iluvgraficdezine.jpg)

No. 261542

Dallas, Texas comm members talking shit about their own comm. Texas got all the drama

[16-Mar-21 08:17 PM] Saturn#5252

Neant glass black coffin ring

[16-Mar-21 08:17 PM] ataraxia#7301
36 dollars what the fuck

[16-Mar-21 08:18 PM] Aiu#0642
hell yea Neant Glass people

[16-Mar-21 08:18 PM] Cookie Cat#7077
ahhh i love seeing people blatantly scalping indie products that the maker frequently re-releases


[16-Mar-21 08:18 PM] Cookie Cat#7077
totally not a dick move at all

[16-Mar-21 08:18 PM] Saturn#5252
Rainey come get your Dallas comm

[16-Mar-21 08:19 PM] rainier#6904
I do not claim them wtf lolll


[16-Mar-21 08:19 PM] Saturn#5252
I’m not 100% happy with the rose I got for my necklace and if I get a new one I thought about selling it, but I know if I put it up for auction it’ll go sky high and I would feel awful

[16-Mar-21 08:19 PM] Saturn#5252
I’d probably offer it here first at cost and it probably won’t last a second

[16-Mar-21 08:20 PM] Aiu#0642
that is the most ethical way to get rid of it

No. 261545

Spoiler alert: not everyone who is bored with this is a discordfag

No. 261548

Spoiler alert: That’s the hot topic on this thread.

No. 261558

Sorry you’re bored, but it’s still topical. I was personally bored with the LOC infiltration drama that happened before the leak, so I stopped checking the thread for awhile. Maybe you should do the same for now?

No. 261571

Obviously discord gate

No. 261572

They should be called LOH

No. 261580

File: 1666838367173.png (135.24 KB, 985x512, Lily Lee.png)

Lucid#9208 = @lucidly on twitter = Lily Lee on facebook. Lives in Vancouver, BC.


No. 261584


I hope this shit sticks with them. >>261464
This should stick with them for their entire presence in the lolita community and those wanting to be an influencer. Everyone is aware that interest in lolita lolcow threads is increasing, as well as who to avoid.These people tarnished people like Nat and made fun of newbies in the community. Now we know some of their faces and usernames. It’s embarrassing to see people who claim to be inclusive and kind turn out to be shitty.

Dgate Lolitas ref master list 

No. 261586

i thought that was so fucking weird too. she literally wasn’t even in lolita and she’s a lesbian kek, that’s a pretty common toy for them

No. 261587

people who say this are either newfags or are obviously discordfags (or both!) because in what world should the entire thread halt for your preferences? leave.

No. 261588

Vudu Juju is a true nut job, not surprised she was in seagull.

No. 261589

Dallas never surprise me

No. 261590

Isn’t she underaged though? She shouldn’t be posing with a strap if she’s not 18 yet

No. 261591

I think it's even weirder to have that on your PC or any photo of a 15 year old girl doing sketchy shit. Just a heads up, but it doesn't take much to tip off the FBI about what photos you stupidly save of a 15 year old to your PC

No. 261592

She was 18. That picture was from this summer

No. 261593

You're dense. She is not 18.

No. 261594

Nat turned 18 September 2021

No. 261595

Kinda creepy you know that

No. 261596

Like the Mary Kate and Ashley countdown timer. What were you waiting for nonny?

No. 261599

The attention seeking posts

No. 261600

Report them and stop letting them getting away with it

No. 261625

What happened to beneath the bow? It says it’s been suspended

No. 261629

Kek you #seagulls got mad you were posted and pulled a Keffals. Must be a troon thing.

No. 261653

File: 1666862411899.jpeg (262.37 KB, 828x1411, 57CC05B5-EB41-4F98-97BF-DD830A…)

Posting the screenshot

No. 261672

>>261653 no proof but did vetted mass report?

No. 261683

Considering the whole logs is them mass reporting when they get posted, yes. Unfortunately for them lcf isn't as easily manipulated.

No. 261688


No. 261689

if you're not interested talk about something else or go

No. 261703

File: 1666881253021.jpg (83.05 KB, 851x373, tinfoil.jpg)

It was either #seagull or KSK who reported cause they both got posted recently.

Ok I fell down a rabbit hole here, just my tinfoil-its run by the #seagull leaker. Cause whoever reported it came here 10/26, 8 hours ago and this profile was made 10/26, 8 hours ago. They immediately remade or made before posting here. The only other variation of BtB I could find was "beneath-the-bows" updated 12 weeks ago and is following "eglfashion" which apparently is just all of #seagull kek. The admin is ataraxia#7301 who ran #seagull. I'm sure they'll lock it down soon but their whole community there is public for now.

No. 261704

File: 1666881323452.jpg (233.25 KB, 955x756, eglfashion.jpg)

Member list, I don't know why there's 2 and it's different people. Anyone here use dreamwidth?

No. 261705

OOTL, what is KSK?

No. 261707

File: 1666881451579.jpg (69.63 KB, 878x469, waaaambulance.jpg)

Also found this funny, uwu they're harassing me!!!

Kuro Shiro Kawaii

No. 261709

File: 1666881688153.png (637.46 KB, 952x751, nosoi.png)

also found Nosoi.

No. 261710

the irony is that they complained about btb being remade, yet ata remade one too? too funny

No. 261721

>>261703 just throwing my tinfoil in the ring, but I think it’s more likely seagulls than KSK. I don’t know how dreamwidth works but since it appears comms are banning people over seagulls ( per >>260573) I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re trying to get it shut down so people can’t post secrets in regards to it. No evidence of such, that’s just what my gut reaction to it is.

No. 261722

It's getting hard to defend toast after she made a video on cgl but was yet in a seagull chat talking shit about Ls in BSOLF. It's bold of all of them in that discord to bully others and think they’re above it because of their social status. They failed the community 

No. 261725

>They failed the community

No. 261726

if she is starting fresh that means she has a new account i am going to find it she can't escape the consequences

No. 261728

Can someone match names to faces? I recognize a lot of these from seagulls but some of them are slightly smarter by using different usernames. I know a few but not all of them.

No. 261730

I don't think people following an egl dreamwidth is relevant

No. 261731

Agree with >>261730. Not all will be seagulls but if you go to their profiles you can see info like below and can figure out whose friends with who.

Open Mutual Access (0)

Open Also Gives Access To (0)

Open Also Has Access From (3):

junji, maistress, yuriathewitch
Open Mutual Subscriptions (0)

Open Other Subscriptions (0)

Open Other Subscribers (6):

gobelin_angel, jeunefille, junji, maistress, raschael, yuriathewitch

No. 261733

ticking off jenntiddy was a bad idea

No. 261736

no one even read that blog anyway anon I doubt it.

No. 261738

wait ghostliekim isn’t asian? time to throw in asian fishing as another offense

No. 261742

Thought everyone was shitting on toast for no reason, but to find out she’s in every community drama just really shows. Gave her the benefit of the doubt for liking disgusting loli shit on Twitter

No. 261746

Not to WK toast but she said a total of 3 things in august of 2020, never said anything again, and was quickly pruned for inactivity in seagulls. In the grand scheme of this scandal she had very little to do with anything at all

No. 261747

The mods were also quick to say she was banned. They obviously didn't like her but it does show her true character to be in there while saying stay off those sites.

No. 261748

LOC is also in that group. Cakevacuum, based n laced, bunnakins, rilu, princessmarzipan, etc. i don’t think it’s just discord members.

No. 261749

Agree with this. Any person in that chat that quickly did a 360 after they saw what went on in there should be given the benefit of the doubt.

No. 261750

Half of those people aren't LOC, retard.

No. 261751

Which one are you kek

No. 261752

She staying on there for 2 years which is sus. I wouldn’t trust any of them or what they have to say

No. 261754

Agreed. Automatically being in the channel is not a crime in my eyes. Actively participating in the drama is different than just standing from the sidelines and observing. Surely there had to be lurkers who didn’t agree with what was happening, hence why we got the leak. Inside job.

No. 261755

Your hate boner/vendetta has nothing to do with the milk

No. 261756

>Surely there had to be lurkers who didn’t agree with what was happening, hence why we got the leak. Inside job.
This is exactly what happened. Many people saw what was going on and thought it was fucked up.

No. 261757

Damn they sure do have meetups together though, commenting on each other’s posts frequently, and travel cross country together.

No. 261758

>your hate boner/vendetta has nothing to do with the milk.

Most anons are curious about this situation so this isn’t really a boner at all.

No. 261759

File: 1666886804723.png (18.27 KB, 1902x252, 7319B39A-E7BA-4BDE-8F44-4977F6…)

>>261752 she was pruned from the entire channel once and never let back in again. She came back to the vetted server but wasn’t let back into seagulls. If she was in seagulls Liv wouldn’t be dropping drama on her comm member at this time.

No. 261760

T Chan derailment

No. 261761

So toast and liv was in # seagulls? Interesting

No. 261763

Use one of your two brain cells, vendettachan

No. 261767

Looks like Texas is wild awake for their thread defense. Going to start posting caps from the discord

No. 261768

Obvious discordchan is obvious. So why is LOC in a group made by people that dislike them then? Awful lot of oldschoolers too, betting their discord is just as milky.

No. 261770

Out of all of the fucked up things that were said and done in the discord chat, your fixation is Toast? Yeah, that does sound a lot like a vendetta and quite honestly, you should be more concerned about the moderators in the chat than Toast.

No. 261771

Nevermind. This is discord derailment to a T.

No. 261772

Paste from earlier anon

>They posted a screenshot of a Little Sister from Big Sisters of Lolita Fashion and bullied them in the chat.

[08-Aug-20 04:16 PM] toastchan#4873
@alys hang in there 💖

[08-Aug-20 04:16 PM] toastchan#4873
Some unrelated tea for everyone:

[08-Aug-20 04:17 PM] toastchan#4873


[08-Aug-20 05:25 PM] chockie#3660
every day


ree (6)

[08-Aug-20 05:25 PM] chockie#3660
ok LS/MS

[08-Aug-20 05:32 PM] Monochrome#4080
Why is so hard for people to just search before asking?

[08-Aug-20 05:33 PM] Aiu#0642


[08-Aug-20 05:33 PM] Aiu#0642


[08-Aug-20 05:34 PM] Aiu#0642
google is too hard apparently

[08-Aug-20 05:34 PM] Aiu#0642
also I had no idea there was such a low site rating based off that sitejabber report

[08-Aug-20 05:36 PM] Monochrome#4080
Let alone google, even in Bsolf you'll find the answers

No. 261774

Did someone tip the BSOLF mods yet? Because this is defo ban and half of them are mentors in BSOLF(do not touch the poop)

No. 261778

Idk but should start search bsolf in the chat too to expose the freaks and get them yeeted from the Facebook groups.

No. 261779

Sure, but fixation on one piece of the chat that was already posted? Sounds like vendetta, discordchan.

No. 261780

Marianne Forest is the admin of BSoLF and is friends with some in #seagull so i doubt it. Maybe go to a different admin.

No. 261782

Try again, nonny! Toast is as shitty as the discordchans for joining in the bullying games. Getting this defensive on a thread doesn’t help

No. 261784

Thanks for the heads nonna

No. 261785

Nonna, you're far too involved in bullying as well to fixate. This leak was to expose the moderators/admins of our community for abusing and bullying others, yet you're focused on a peon. You're not innocent, either.

No. 261786

Nevermind she had one or two posts out of 4 years? Kek nice vendetta scrub

No. 261788

She is also in the chat

No. 261789

drop the #

No. 261790

File: 1666888629907.png (22.25 KB, 971x444, mentorshittalk.png)

just a reminder of the mentorship these ladies did

No. 261791

File: 1666888706383.png (34.26 KB, 953x769, hannahmentor.png)

No. 261792

Your derailment is far embarrassing. A bullying discord gets leaked and we’re the problem here?

No. 261794

File: 1666888782703.png (23.96 KB, 1116x430, shittalkgangbang.png)

No. 261795


No. 261796

nonna use your brain cells, there's only two.

No. 261797

Anyone know who was deleted-user?

No. 261799

File: 1666888932203.png (34.94 KB, 915x769, 15yrold.png)

Reminder that this bullying started on a 15 year old.

No. 261800

After people harassed DDZ and Nat nonstop for 2 years? People has changed but I see toast is out here being the same on canceling people and doing woke stalking witch hunts with the discord crew.

No. 261801

Imagine talking about these two things at the same time.

No. 261802

IMO this board saw too much self posting. I'd like to think Nat and DDZ are innocent, but they aren't.

No. 261803

honestly, I wished lolita fashion was for ciswomen 18 and older

No. 261804

I think meme? That bird was bloody insane

No. 261805

You could say all this hate posting and stalking on Nat and deedeezeta turned them ugly. Based how the tables turned on the community cancel cult.

No. 261806

If they’re milky they’re getting stalked one way or another. Doesn’t always mean vendetta. There definitely is some of that, but sperging on your socmed about how the gays are from Satan and we must return to barefoot and pregnant is milky. No use pretending it’s not.

No. 261807

File: 1666889407838.png (46.23 KB, 1656x739, spoopy.png)

Anyone know if this sp00py is the Nat in question?

No. 261808

so nat was in #seagull???? this makes too much sense

No. 261809

I thought that was weird too but I didn't say anything because I thought the nonas would dogpile me. Nonas love to come on here and larp as dykes but then clutch their pearls when they're exposed to dykes actually dyking.

No. 261810

Oh please. Digging through Nat’s friends list and posting photos from her friends page is just weird. You bitter bitches sit all day typing in seagulls chats and gc talking bad about someone who was mentally going through it. There’s a limit to community stalking and retards from the discord went over past it. Imagine posting LS from BSOLF and minors

No. 261812

Nat and Mel/@of.melaza outed DDZ's past to get clout. They're on Necromeme's story credited for it. Don't dish it if you can't take it.
The way they accuse every post of being Nat and even tried to blame the leak on her and DDZ and even Nef, I'm rethinking the self posting.

No. 261814

>typing in seagulls chats and gc talking bad about someone who was mentally going through it.
This. Causing a minor to have a mental breakdown is inexcusable.

No. 261815

Nonna she’s either a minor or she’s not. I think we’ve long since established she no longer gets that title.

No. 261816

They fucking named their chatbot after her.

No. 261817

Ban list for BSOLF?
Can someone compile a list of everyone in the seagulls chat posting BSOLF Ls?

No. 261818

Wait how do you know its a chat bot?

No. 261819

File: 1666889960989.png (31.67 KB, 1107x559, moreshittalk.png)

No. 261820

File: 1666890002685.jpeg (191.76 KB, 828x1009, 7ADCB95C-F223-40C5-8A85-71D044…)

tinfoil nonny, it’s just called that. That’s the default name for that bot, I just found it by googling it.

No. 261821

Who the fuck established that? Sorry, but no free passes to bully minors. Ya'll have been stalking her for years.

No. 261823

File: 1666890210714.png (52.45 KB, 2341x872, reminder.png)

Sounds like this is when it ALLLLL started

No. 261825

So they banned her for kink shaming simulated RAPE? Based Nat.

No. 261828

Cowtipping is against the rules even if you think your vendetta is justified. What are you going to do, tell the BSoLF mods that lolcow sent you?

No. 261829

Do you even know what cowtipping means?

No. 261831

This would’ve made nat 16-17 around this time

No. 261832

She was 16 last year. She just turned 17 this year. Not sure where the rumors of her being 18 is coming from.

No. 261834


[06-May-19 08:32 PM] Prettydebil#3173
Lolita Sewing collective needs a strike policy, and you get a strike for not using correct labels lol

[06-May-19 08:32 PM] Snailu#0713

[06-May-19 08:32 PM] Prettydebil#3173
Correct it and it gets removed. Why do ppl need to make their own special label?

[06-May-19 08:32 PM] Prettydebil#3173
Esp bsolf too

[06-May-19 08:32 PM] Aiu#0642
gonna be unique and special

[06-May-19 08:33 PM] Prettydebil#3173

[06-May-19 08:33 PM] Prettydebil#3173
I would be a terrible mod and ban dummies

[06-May-19 09:12 PM] Saturn#5252

thistbh (6)

[06-May-19 09:14 PM] Saturn#5252
You know what Japanese society excels at? Hammering down the nail that sticks up. They don’t care about inclusivity and they don’t need your money. Keep NOT buying from indie brands. Until you can be seen as a profitable consumer brands are not going to cater to you

[06-May-19 10:11 PM] Nobody#6371
There are plenty of good artist on this board, why dont you peeps make enamel pins for us!? Looking at you @JuJuJu Bi !!

[06-May-19 10:12 PM] Aiu#0642
Junie has a full hecking business with hand painted wooden broaches

[06-May-19 10:12 PM] ataraxia#7301
don't tell ppl to make stuff lol

[06-May-19 10:14 PM] Aiu#0642
I think she is either vending or remote vending at Traumarei, so already at leasy 2 levels above your average enamel pin artistry

[06-May-19 10:14 PM] Aiu#0642
https://www.twotartsandaprincess.com/ look at this cute stuff

Two Tarts and A Princess offers quirky handmade accessories designed and created by San Francisco-based artist Ha-Anh Dinh, also known as Junie Green!

[06-May-19 10:15 PM] Nobody#6371
I'm not telling, I'm asking! Not, er, like, directed at anyone. Just curious!

[06-May-19 10:15 PM] Nobody#6371

[06-May-19 10:15 PM] Aiu#0642
I think Snail did some enamel pins at some point

[06-May-19 10:15 PM] Nobody#6371

[06-May-19 10:15 PM] Aiu#0642
and there was a kickstarter that just ended that I threw some money at too

[06-May-19 10:16 PM] Nobody#6371
I threw money at the cute animal one, I'm sure you all saw it

[06-May-19 10:16 PM] Aiu#0642
the frilly friends one?

[06-May-19 10:16 PM] Nobody#6371
With the red classic bunny and bird boy?

[06-May-19 10:16 PM] Aiu#0642

[06-May-19 10:16 PM] Nobody#6371
if thats the one then yes!

[06-May-19 10:16 PM] Aiu#0642
I ended up getting so many 😂

[06-May-19 10:17 PM] Nobody#6371
Im actually excited for those and I'm a bitter old women

[06-May-19 10:17 PM] Nobody#6371
same. Hope she makes bank and does another set

[06-May-19 10:17 PM] Aiu#0642
I dunno what to even do with enamel pins but I needed them. So dang cute

[06-May-19 10:18 PM] Nobody#6371
Ha, I like how I said "not directed at anyone" and tag Junie. What I implied was that shes super talented and I like her stuff

[06-May-19 10:19 PM] Aiu#0642
I bought one of her candy corn pins, again with nothing to coord it with :p

[06-May-19 10:19 PM] Aiu#0642
but yea she is super talented

[06-May-19 10:20 PM] Aiu#0642
there was someone else who used to be in the server who does pins

[06-May-19 10:20 PM] Nobody#6371
looks like everything on her site is sold out…mmmmm

[06-May-19 10:20 PM] Aiu#0642
yea, she releases stuff every so often

[06-May-19 10:21 PM] Aiu#0642
yessss this one https://www.etsy.com/shop/sketchbeetleart/

Art and Prints by SketchBeetleArt
You searched for: SketchBeetleArt! Discover the unique items that SketchBeetleArt creates. At Etsy, we pride ourselves on our global community of sellers. Each Etsy seller helps contribute to a global marketplace of creative goods. By supporting SketchBeetleArt, you’re supp…

[06-May-19 10:22 PM] Aiu#0642
very talented people

[06-May-19 10:22 PM] Nobody#6371

[06-May-19 10:37 PM] ataraxia#7301
go forth my friends to discuss any further pins in #arts-and-crafts :)

🆗 (2)

[07-May-19 01:02 AM] Chryse#0151


[07-May-19 01:11 AM] Spider#8888

[07-May-19 01:12 AM] Spider#8888
>wee girl


[07-May-19 01:12 AM] Spider#8888
There is no interpretation of that moniker I like

[07-May-19 01:25 AM] Chryse#0151
Wee girl :ree:

[07-May-19 01:37 AM] Lilac_Y0#8595
Wee is pee for American folks too, right?:mostembarrassing:

[07-May-19 01:40 AM] Chryse#0151
Pee or little. It's bad either way

[07-May-19 01:42 AM] Chryse#0151
She's Argentinian

[07-May-19 01:46 AM] biscuit#2593
Yeah, my first thought was pee

[07-May-19 01:52 AM] Lala Land#7138
yes wee is pee for american folk too

[07-May-19 01:53 AM] Lala Land#7138
it can mean small sometimes like chryse says but maybe that's really only okay if she's like a midget x.x

[07-May-19 01:54 AM] Chryse#0151
Either way it reeks of ageplay. Rather unfortunate

[07-May-19 02:09 AM] Lala Land#7138
don't be so pessimistic. it could be a pee fetish.

[07-May-19 02:11 AM] tigbittyhobbit#1832
Small to Scots

[07-May-19 02:20 AM] Lilac_Y0#8595
Wee lad is something I hear here too but it always just makes me thing of toddlers who piss their diapers so it doesn't make a difference

[07-May-19 06:05 AM] rainier#6904
yikes this thread… i understand this is irl things that happen but its just going to be a billion sob stories in the comments


[07-May-19 06:48 AM] Lilac_Y0#8595
I'd just sell what I can. My pieces aren't sought after, so I knew they were never gonna work out as a backup if I needed money
People overestimate the money they'll get and underestimate the work it takes to sell stuff

[07-May-19 06:51 AM] rainier#6904
yeah, like its not going to happen over night

[07-May-19 09:10 AM] Rococo#5833

[07-May-19 09:11 AM] Rococo#5833
What's this got to do with lolita

[07-May-19 09:11 AM] Rococo#5833
Honestly she could have posted without the first couple blurbs

[07-May-19 09:12 AM] Prettydebil#3173
Need those pity points tho

[07-May-19 09:12 AM] Rococo#5833
It's like trying to find the recipe but you have to scroll through the soccer mom's blog first

[07-May-19 09:15 AM] JuJuJu Bi#3579
i'm sorry I heard enamel

[07-May-19 09:15 AM] JuJuJu Bi#3579
I will consider it down the line, I just havvn't had time to sit down and research/etc

[07-May-19 09:18 AM] JuJuJu Bi#3579
but yea who the fuck is Nel and why should I care about her

[07-May-19 09:19 AM] JuJuJu Bi#3579
when her profile picture is 85% not her

[07-May-19 09:25 AM] PaperSnowflakes#8415
*him since the label used was middle brother

[07-May-19 09:27 AM] JuJuJu Bi#3579
my eyes rolled so hard

[07-May-19 09:27 AM] JuJuJu Bi#3579
they fell out of my head onto the floor

[07-May-19 12:07 PM] Saturn#5252
Quick hint: You don't care about Nel. Nobody cares about Nel

No. 261835

File: 1666891023564.png (35.72 KB, 1067x606, 15yearoldgirl.png)

Hey. Do you guys have that photo still saved to your PC? Brb calling the FBI

No. 261839

No. 261840

Looks like this is someone's alt from the #seagull server


No. 261841


Lala Land#7138
JuJuJu Bi#3579

No. 261843

File: 1666891483673.png (71.9 KB, 771x455, 2022-10-27 10_24_29-Lolita dis…)

No. 261845

File: 1666891683768.png (45.9 KB, 614x408, Mentor.png)

Imagine being this fucking aggressive

No. 261846

[07-May-19 12:14 PM] chockie#3660
somehow all this time i thought nel was the white guy and i thought he was a bearded white cis brolita

[07-May-19 12:21 PM] Aiu#0642
you got 1 out of 4 of those things right

[07-May-19 12:43 PM] rainier#6904
Like fffuuuhbb the pity party thread is grim


[07-May-19 12:59 PM] Rococo#5833
so many summer children on rc

[07-May-19 01:00 PM] Rococo#5833
that is pretty sad tho

[07-May-19 01:00 PM] rainier#6904
I also like how people start “about me” posts with “discussion time!”

[07-May-19 01:00 PM] Rococo#5833
funerals are $$

[07-May-19 01:00 PM] rainier#6904
No it’s v sad

[07-May-19 01:00 PM] rainier#6904
I just can’t handle sharing that kind of info on a 9k person fb group

[07-May-19 01:00 PM] Rococo#5833

[07-May-19 01:00 PM] Rococo#5833
rip blogs

[07-May-19 01:01 PM] Rococo#5833
damn, like, 5 posts on rc in the last 24 hrs

[07-May-19 01:31 PM] ataraxia#7301
when it rains it pours

[07-May-19 01:31 PM] ataraxia#7301

[07-May-19 01:31 PM] ataraxia#7301
there was like a week span of no posts on RC, that was weird

[07-May-19 02:13 PM] The_Kraken#0878
Like maybe I read it bad but it sounds like htey mourn the wardrobe more than the person. yike

[07-May-19 02:32 PM] tigbittyhobbit#1832
you're gonna talk about your dresses in RC tho

[07-May-19 03:01 PM] Spider#8888
Its not as bad as jade "i didn't get to buy my DREAM DRESS and my friend died in the same week" Gonzalez

[07-May-19 03:12 PM] tigbittyhobbit#1832
wait what

[07-May-19 03:21 PM] Plastic Flowers#1785
That and something about her prom was added in too iirc

[07-May-19 04:19 PM] opalsauce#4996
More gems from the “let’s talk about high fashion” thread 😂


[07-May-19 04:20 PM] Jess#1258
"Hottopic" = high fashion… 😂

[07-May-19 04:24 PM] Neeks#0146
Dansko shoes. oof

[07-May-19 04:24 PM] opalsauce#4996
The whole thread is like this

It’s ok if you don’t know anything about high fashion, you don’t have to drop your irrelevant two cents in everywhere you go, jfc

[07-May-19 04:25 PM] opalsauce#4996
Someone else just commented “adidas”

[07-May-19 04:25 PM] opalsauce#4996

[07-May-19 04:27 PM] The_Kraken#0878
i get highly triggered by "hell bunny is lolita" i think its been shown/mentioned the dress I sewn out of spite out of a pair of hellbunny dresses just to prove a fucking point.

💯 (3)

[07-May-19 04:33 PM] Crunge#9497
i think i had an old hot topic dress when i was like 12 that i cut the (very nice, cute ) lace collar off of and just ended up wearing with other stuff

No. 261847

I boolie children publicly so other boolies on cgl (me and my friends) dont boolie them worse privately!

No. 261848

#seagull just exposes that they take those same people they mentored back to cgl

No. 261849

File: 1666892116378.png (42.71 KB, 1226x970, stalking.png)

No. 261851

[13-May-19 07:08 PM] alys#0310
shit like that is why i'm worried about kids following me on twitter

[13-May-19 07:08 PM] opalsauce#4996
It’s 13+

[13-May-19 07:08 PM] alys#0310
or why i was checking every new follower on my private tumblr

[13-May-19 07:08 PM] harmlessmonster#7160
nah no kids allowed on youtube there's too many bad things to stumble on

thistbh (5)

[13-May-19 07:09 PM] alys#0310
yeah,they gotta stay on the babby side of youtube

[13-May-19 07:09 PM] alys#0310
i mean,they def know what's going on if they post skeleporn etc but that's just so wrong

[13-May-19 07:09 PM] alys#0310
you're a litteral baby

[13-May-19 07:10 PM] alys#0310
young teens need more slaps on the wrist

[13-May-19 07:12 PM] Spider#8888
speaking of kids on youtube

[13-May-19 07:12 PM] Spider#8888
teleports to droppings

[13-May-19 07:44 PM] opalsauce#4996


[13-May-19 07:44 PM] opalsauce#4996
Zuckerberg can you please take care of this underage moron JFC

[13-May-19 07:46 PM] alys#0310
"hewo" this is a troll right?

[13-May-19 07:46 PM] alys#0310
at this point i want to believe it is

[13-May-19 07:46 PM] Aiu#0642
jesus christ

[13-May-19 07:47 PM] Aiu#0642
oh good, already locked

[13-May-19 07:49 PM] opalsauce#4996
Based updates mods 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

[13-May-19 07:50 PM] harmlessmonster#7160
ty abiba


[13-May-19 07:53 PM] rainier#6904
WoW going through their profile just gave me a stroke

[13-May-19 07:54 PM] rainier#6904
The super low Q skelly pørn

[13-May-19 07:54 PM] rainier#6904
I can’t

[13-May-19 07:54 PM] The_Kraken#0878
Gotta be trolling at this point jfc

[13-May-19 07:54 PM] rainier#6904
But like one of those trolls that trolls so hard that they’ve gone inside their own asshole and out the other end again

[13-May-19 07:55 PM] rainier#6904
They think it’s a joke but the joke is that it’s no longer a joke

[13-May-19 07:55 PM] opalsauce#4996
The “my friend is 11 and he watches porn” makes me think real lol

[13-May-19 07:55 PM] rainier#6904
Kathy davis or whatever who responded is like 13 so

[13-May-19 07:55 PM] rainier#6904

[13-May-19 07:56 PM] rainier#6904
Tyler has so much fodder she’s swimming in it

[13-May-19 07:58 PM] Caustice Ichor#0416
did they just get their profile nuked? It's giving me the "content isnt available right now" page when I try to look at it

[13-May-19 07:58 PM] Aiu#0642
with the number of people who reported their fb account for porn/fake name/etc, its possible

[13-May-19 07:59 PM] opalsauce#4996
Yessssss finally

Zucc come thru

[13-May-19 08:01 PM] Chryse#0151
i don't see the kid's profile in the search results

[13-May-19 08:01 PM] Aiu#0642
I cant find any of the threads

[13-May-19 08:04 PM] Chryse#0151
not in the cof member list

[13-May-19 08:05 PM] Chryse#0151
nor lu

[13-May-19 08:11 PM] Spider#8888
keep in mind they could have had their name changed too

[13-May-19 08:11 PM] Spider#8888
https://www.facebook.com/kasohui.chan.98?ref=br_rs still comes up for me

[13-May-19 08:12 PM] Aiu#0642
aww I guess they just got banned everywhere and still have a fb

[13-May-19 08:12 PM] Spider#8888
i meant what i fuckin said facebook


[13-May-19 08:12 PM] Spider#8888

No. 261852

File: 1666892290659.png (58.14 KB, 1312x1135, imaginethat.png)

I find this pretty sad and hilarious that they bullied her about buying lolita 2-3 years prior and now are criticizing her for buying lolita the way they do.

Maybe think about how you all influenced a child?

No. 261853


No. 261854

[11-Jun-19 01:31 AM] Dif#3371
Wasn't there some other person a while back who got bullied by their mother in law for wearing lolita?

[11-Jun-19 01:37 AM] ataraxia#7301
yes i remember

[11-Jun-19 01:37 AM] ataraxia#7301
she was a black lolita who had a nice red coord iirc

[11-Jun-19 01:37 AM] ataraxia#7301
i know thats terribly nonspecific but thats all i remember

[11-Jun-19 02:14 AM] tigbittyhobbit#1832
Idk why lolitas are so spineless about calling these old cows out on their shit
I made my aunt accountable for her shitty attitude about Lolita and other things and the world didn't end.
Just cuz you're family doesn't mean you get a free pass for being a bitch

[11-Jun-19 03:18 AM] Dif#3371
BSoLF- helping sissies coord replicas since 2017


[11-Jun-19 03:20 AM] Dif#3371
Previous coord attempt they posted


[11-Jun-19 03:37 AM] Cookie Cat#7077
Man I saw that and I was like how tf do you have trouble cording a neutral coloured OP

[11-Jun-19 05:03 AM] Lilac_Y0#8595
That petticoat…

[11-Jun-19 05:03 AM] Lilac_Y0#8595
…makes me itch

[11-Jun-19 05:04 AM] Lala Land#7138
i need those replicas gdi

[11-Jun-19 05:04 AM] Lala Land#7138
i want specifically the white ones

[11-Jun-19 05:04 AM] Lala Land#7138
i need a new shower curtain >:(

[11-Jun-19 05:06 AM] PaperSnowflakes#8415
When the dress looks like a shitty replica, I don’t blame the mother in law as much.

[11-Jun-19 05:07 AM] PaperSnowflakes#8415


[11-Jun-19 05:07 AM] Dif#3371

[11-Jun-19 05:07 AM] Dif#3371

[11-Jun-19 05:17 AM] Darksilverhawk#3148
What in the heck is that.

[11-Jun-19 05:18 AM] Piratand#8052
Rufflechat has a friend-making thread up.
This is the girl who keeps posting her one coord everywhere.


[11-Jun-19 05:19 AM] Piratand#8052
And this one: way to go turning people away👌🏻


[11-Jun-19 05:19 AM] Darksilverhawk#3148
What a complex and interesting person. 🙄

[11-Jun-19 05:20 AM] Darksilverhawk#3148
Monique, not the other person

[11-Jun-19 05:22 AM] Piratand#8052
And Bodyline is of course her favorite “brand”.

[11-Jun-19 06:21 AM] Spider#8888
bless monique and her gofundme for a kimono

[11-Jun-19 06:21 AM] Spider#8888
that's high quality "wat"

[11-Jun-19 06:22 AM] Spider#8888
the other person I can practically FEEL the "normal is just a setting on washing machines" vibes from

No. 261855

I think the saddest part about this situation is when spoopy was outed for being a terf all this bullying they were doing for years became justifiable.

No. 261857

File: 1666892707839.png (41.69 KB, 1686x697, samsies.png)

No. 261858

What irony

No. 261859

[14-Jun-19 06:22 AM] Chryse#0151
What in the world bsolf


[14-Jun-19 07:03 AM] Aiu#0642

[14-Jun-19 07:05 AM] Aiu#0642
"Innocent" pastels,"sexy" black…stop projecting things onto colors

[14-Jun-19 07:20 AM] zepplis#6640
"Very rudely told off" good. Someone isnt putting up with your shit

[14-Jun-19 07:39 AM] PeachyPies#6168
Oh probably just a misclick, she probably just-


[14-Jun-19 07:40 AM] PeachyPies#6168
…… Oh


[14-Jun-19 07:41 AM] zepplis#6640

[14-Jun-19 07:41 AM] zepplis#6640
Where are your parents

[14-Jun-19 07:41 AM] Aiu#0642

[14-Jun-19 07:42 AM] JuJuJu Bi#3579
Probably…the mom from mean girls..

No. 261868

Just noticed that Celestial has changed her twitter handle to @Ie_bat now, but who knows for how long it will stay as that.

No. 261889

File: 1666897833290.png (70.1 KB, 598x583, sus.png)

Does DW show your contact info by default? Says updated 12 hours ago so when it was new. But beneath-the-bow profile says 'admin and mod' implying more than 1 so I don't think it's just Lily Lee/Lucidly.

No. 261892

Ah yes, the main abusers/harassers of the community must control all the platforms including BtB. Got it. >>261889

No. 261893

They control babylita, mentoring, CoF, BSoLF, RC, even the regular egl and old school server, etc. Why not BtB? They probably run the tumblr page Secret Sisterhood too. It never occured to me how deep this runs. All the vendetta posting is piecing together.

No. 261895

lucky for them no one spells like a spic retard and excludes an s for no reason(racebait)

No. 261896

File: 1666899429321.png (13.69 MB, 4636x6000, 1.png)

Added and Updated face matches with better pictures where I could, but some accounts were locked down when I got there.

No. 261897

File: 1666899458464.png (12.69 MB, 4636x6000, 2.png)

No. 261898

File: 1666899468576.png (636 KB, 1392x1074, parasolpapers.png)

Uploading the Secret Sisterhood account submissions about Discordgate. 'No one goes to BtB' except whoever runs this page right?
>jennkitty was a little for far too long in her adult life, let it be known
Post caps please anon, she's already pissed.

No. 261904

File: 1666899596725.png (12.82 MB, 4636x6000, 3.png)

No. 261906

File: 1666899674255.png (13.01 MB, 4636x6000, 4.png)

tried finding less filtered pictures so you can actually recognize these people irl kek

No. 261907

File: 1666899710876.png (14.62 MB, 4636x6000, 5.png)

No. 261908

File: 1666900140675.png (12.5 MB, 4636x6000, 6.png)

some of them coughcough* vudu juju have erased all trace of their real face from the internet

No. 261909

nappy head crew

No. 261911

Can we get cities their from?

No. 261912

How are you choosing to highlight people in the chat? Offenders? Admins/mods?

No. 261913

I appreciate you finding the best pictures of them though!

No. 261914

Heads up anon jessanne is @gomuffygo not jess in pink. @jess.in.pink is friends with them but I don't know if shes in the chat.

No. 261915

These are so cherry picked. Where the fuck is Liv?

No. 261917

Patience. working on it

No. 261918

They forgot toast, zepplis, celest, and the rest

No. 261920

Zepplis is in there dumbass

No. 261923

To be fair no anon could recognizes her in that trash ass wig kek

No. 261927

I figure people can decide for themselves, the chat is available. If someone you know is there, you can read their logs and decide how you feel about it for yourself.

This is the list of people posted early in the thread, at least the ones with active or public profiles that I could find. This took more time than I wanted to spend on it, so feel free to contribute like >>261917 instead of bitching.

No. 261929

Show proof, because from what I could see @goomuffygo is someone who's posted in the draw thread (I recognize the art) and doesn't seem to actually wear lolita from that IG and @jess.in.pink is literally there in the server group photo. You need to wear lolita to get into the vetted server at all, no? This is starting to seem like a derail because it's been said twice but with no proof or even thought process shared.

No. 261931

I'm not the leaker. I check my phone's reading list nightly. It's my bedtime ritual.

No. 261935

The discord seagulls are so schizophrenic that they just jab outwards at everyone that isn't them. This is why things got leaked btw. Ya'll crazy.

No. 261937

Not trying to derail but I assumed it's someone who doesn't post their lolita coords on social media, not all of them do. I figure if @jess.in.pink could draw it would be posted to her lolita account but maybe you're right nonny.

No. 261939

File: 1666904108315.jpg (110.82 KB, 610x508, seagull.jpg)

guess I should just post my secret here

No. 261949

Not sure if milk but some thoughts I had after reading everything from the discord. Also sorry for potential derail. Anyone notice how Aly always goes for the throat talking about Piss-Chan? Yet Aly posts similar but less gorey insta photos. (The crossing out of the face thing with Microsoft paint as an example.) Wears similar old school coords and goes and takes photos in abandoned places trying to seem edgey. Not defending Piss-Chan. She's gross. But why does Aly seem like a off brand Piss-Chan 2.0? Anyone feel the same way?

No. 261950

Yeah. Aly is probably way worse than Pisschan at this point.

No. 261958

apparently she's a druggie so that's probbably why. skin walking piss-chan and seething ab it.

No. 261963

File: 1666909450426.png (14.8 MB, 4636x6000, seagull colonic face match (1)…)


I had been trying to do my best to check these, and I thought I was on track with my assumptions but you were right anon. I finally had the idea to check COF for any Jess Annes and sure enough I found a profile matching @gomuffygo.

Sorry for being a dick, I had seen that mentioned without any proof so I assumed it was a derailment.

No. 261964

oh, puff? yeah something is wrong with her. some of us have been watching from afar for quite a few years.

No. 261965

File: 1666909593120.png (11.84 MB, 4636x6000, seagull colonic face match.png)


jess.in.pink may have some involvement still due to her being in the group photo from the server meetup, but I have no proof for now. @gomuffygo is JessAnne.

No. 261980

She ragequit her comm and has burnt bridges with half the community, but still shows up to every event. She is also obsessed with cyberbullying an autistic woman from her comm for not knowing enough about the fashion.

No. 261983

tumblr link?

No. 261985

You're probably just blocked, vudu juju's social media is still active. Did you mean RN?

No. 261992

I literally posted her pic too, not blocked. I meant that I could find non-filtered and edited pictures of some, but others seemed to have limited who can tag them in posts to avoid that.

No. 262017

No. 262030

cardinalcopia#8144 / kdycu#8226 / kimmytho#6688

these gals are trying to change their handles

No. 262033

More BSOLF postings until they're banned

toastchan#4873 = @Toastchaaan Instagram
Saturn#5252 = @peachburger Instagram
Nobody#6371 =
Aiu#0642 = @aiulura @aiu.lura
ataraxia#7301 = ataraxiaa.dreamwidth.org
Chryse#0151 = @chryse.planitia
Spider#8888 =
Lilac_Y0#8595 =
biscuit#2593 =
Lala Land#7138 =
tigbittyhobbit#1832 = @pastel_rengoku @pastel_hashira
rainier#6904 = @ltracks Instagram
Rococo#5833 =
JuJuJu Bi#3579 =
PaperSnowflakes#8415 = @paper_snowflakes
zepplis#6640 = @zepplis, tumblr = libertarian-lolita =
PeachyPies#6168 =
Piratand#8052 =
Darksilverhawk#3148 =
Dif#3371 =
PaperSnowflakes#8415 = @paper_snowflakes
Cookie Cat#7077
opalsauce#4996 = opal.pasteldream
Caustice Ichor#0416 =
The_Kraken#0878 =
harmlessmonster#7160 =
alys#0310 = @digitalangel96
Neeks#0146 = @neekymomo
Jess#1258 =
Plastic Flowers#1785
Prettydebil#3173 =
Snailu#0713 =
biscuit#2593 =

[19-Jul-19 10:34 AM] rainier#6904
Idk if this got poSted I’ve been afk for a while


[19-Jul-19 10:34 AM] rainier#6904
Captioned “my edgy goth look”

[19-Jul-19 10:37 AM] rainier#6904
re: leo yeah thats "gyaru leo" who along with elliot have been plaguing the gal groups with their crust AF attempts

[19-Jul-19 12:12 PM] Spider#8888

[19-Jul-19 12:12 PM] Spider#8888

[19-Jul-19 12:14 PM] Spider#8888


[19-Jul-19 12:14 PM] Spider#8888
where's claire when you need her

[19-Jul-19 12:36 PM] rainier#6904
needs a naruto headband

[19-Jul-19 12:36 PM] ataraxia#7301
the jacket is held in place by a pin and velcro

[19-Jul-19 12:36 PM] ataraxia#7301
good lord

[19-Jul-19 01:27 PM] Snow#8550
the hell is that

[19-Jul-19 02:44 PM] evasiqe#8696
at least we cant see the lace and frills she sewed by hand

[19-Jul-19 02:53 PM] zepplis#6640
I thought this was a hijab lolita

[19-Jul-19 03:33 PM] NobodyImportant#5841
I love going to LW and seeing something I would like and then once I click it, find out in the comments that the seller took off all the bows .

[19-Jul-19 03:33 PM] NobodyImportant#5841
:chomp: why would you do that

[19-Jul-19 03:52 PM] d0a1a8#6603
Disgraceful to military coords

[19-Jul-19 04:03 PM] chockie#3660
omg tyler released a video responding to an angry ddlg email too lmfao

[19-Jul-19 04:03 PM] chockie#3660
i'm here for this

[19-Jul-19 04:05 PM] chockie#3660
she's delightfully brutal

[19-Jul-19 04:06 PM] chockie#3660
beautiful palate cleanser to lor's video on this lmao

[19-Jul-19 04:08 PM] zepplis#6640
praise tyler

[19-Jul-19 04:11 PM] chockie#3660


No. 262037

[21-Jul-19 06:23 PM] Reira#5451
Flash news I got kicked out of BSoLF lol

[21-Jul-19 06:23 PM] Reira#5451
They can’t handle the salt

[21-Jul-19 06:28 PM] kDycu💯💯#8226

[21-Jul-19 06:28 PM] kDycu💯💯#8226
What did you say

[21-Jul-19 06:30 PM] Reira#5451
Can’t rmb

[21-Jul-19 06:31 PM] Reira#5451
Probably told the neon wig girl her wig is a disaster

[21-Jul-19 06:32 PM] Reira#5451
Well I didn’t exactly say that tho I even use kinder words :feel:

[21-Jul-19 06:32 PM] Reira#5451
But yeah anw I told her that wig sucks, it’s ita and if she’s so stubborn about an ita wig there’s nothing can be done to save her coord

[21-Jul-19 06:32 PM] Reira#5451

[21-Jul-19 06:33 PM] zepplis#6640
Be luvlie

[21-Jul-19 06:33 PM] Reira#5451

[21-Jul-19 06:34 PM] zepplis#6640
Also someone trying to dunk on safiyas coord. Like yeah she was a bit awk in it and didn't have perf lolota hair

[21-Jul-19 06:39 PM] Lala Land#7138
@Reira fite me

[21-Jul-19 06:39 PM] diploskull#9930
I thought she looked pretty great. Idk if i'd recommend other people to emulate that coordinate but it was really nice.

[21-Jul-19 06:40 PM] diploskull#9930
No headpiece but she had a pretty ornate hairstyle.

[21-Jul-19 07:12 PM] Rococo#5833
I got the feeling that Safiya was curious about the fashion since she's friends with Rin Rin

[21-Jul-19 07:12 PM] Lala Land#7138
it's not poorly represented so

thistbh (6)

[21-Jul-19 07:12 PM] Rococo#5833
And not approaching it as YouTube clout

[21-Jul-19 07:12 PM] Lala Land#7138
i mean w/e

[21-Jul-19 07:13 PM] Lala Land#7138
at least she's not calling it "adult baby style" or some shit

[21-Jul-19 07:13 PM] zepplis#6640
Shes fairly normie so ill cut her some slack

[21-Jul-19 07:13 PM] Rococo#5833
Lol I just started watching Tyler blasting on someone trying to defend ddlg

[21-Jul-19 07:13 PM] Lala Land#7138
i mean but she never is leaving you in the wrong impression

[21-Jul-19 07:13 PM] Lala Land#7138
i think she's actually better than most normie about it

No. 262038

[23-Jul-19 07:26 AM] d0a1a8#6603
BSoLF looks like a hazardous wasteland, i shan't venture there.

[23-Jul-19 07:27 AM] harmlessmonster#7160
i had to leave bc i was so annoyed, so good plan lol

[23-Jul-19 07:27 AM] d0a1a8#6603
also, the absolute S T A N C E on dollar general-chans CoF post

[23-Jul-19 07:28 AM] d0a1a8#6603
aside from that, i support thrifting and getting away with cheap finds, but dont say you got it at ye olde dollar general lmoa just put "off brand"

[23-Jul-19 07:29 AM] d0a1a8#6603
they have a christmas aesthetic which maybe for that season would work but not in hecking july fren

[23-Jul-19 08:06 AM] Darksilverhawk#3148
That “octopus” girl drawing doesn’t even look like an octopus? Like, what are they going for here?

[23-Jul-19 08:26 AM] PaperSnowflakes#8415
I don’t understand why having boobs means the coord has to be two pieces

[23-Jul-19 08:31 AM] d0a1a8#6603
For some reason she thinks maybe an OP wouldnt fit? Somehow? I didn't really understand that bit either tbh.

[23-Jul-19 08:31 AM] Lala Land#7138
yeah that's confusing

[23-Jul-19 08:31 AM] Lala Land#7138
I also have boobs

[23-Jul-19 08:31 AM] Lala Land#7138
I enjoy JSKs

[23-Jul-19 08:31 AM] Lala Land#7138
like ?

[23-Jul-19 08:32 AM] d0a1a8#6603
I agree with diplo that this is gonna heavily read as a classic lolita with fucked up octotights.

[23-Jul-19 08:32 AM] d0a1a8#6603
It's a cute concept for a character but not for an actual coord

[23-Jul-19 08:34 AM] Lala Land#7138
wait she's yeah she's just posting the other thing as something she wants it to look like so she's handsewing it so the whole thing is going to be a disaster. and wants purple hair because it's her OC.

[23-Jul-19 08:36 AM] rainier#6904
:whispers into the void: lolita is not a costume

[23-Jul-19 08:37 AM] Darksilverhawk#3148
So like, the drawing isn’t even the character she’s trying to recreate?

[23-Jul-19 08:37 AM] Darksilverhawk#3148
Ok, I am official lost as to what she is attempting to accomplish here.

[23-Jul-19 08:38 AM] Aiu#0642
nope, the drawing is unrelated to her octopus lady character and it is extremely confusing

[23-Jul-19 08:39 AM] rainier#6904


[23-Jul-19 08:39 AM] rainier#6904


[23-Jul-19 08:39 AM] rainier#6904
another ebay thread in mentoring

[23-Jul-19 08:42 AM] Reira#5451
Yeah I hate summer

No. 262039

Can we have their actual names on Facebook?

Anyone want to drop the file? Now I want to look into them

No. 262041

They already think connecting their discord names to their IG is doxxing. Imagine the outrage if you added their Facebook info.

No. 262043

[25-Jul-19 11:12 PM] chockie#3660
god bsolf is just rife with babylitas asking to be spoonfed

[25-Jul-19 11:12 PM] chockie#3660

[25-Jul-19 11:12 PM] chockie#3660
in fact within the last 3 hours

[25-Jul-19 11:21 PM] ataraxia#7301

[25-Jul-19 11:21 PM] ataraxia#7301
wonder what happened this evening that made them go elsewhere :thinkita:

[25-Jul-19 11:23 PM] Spider#8888

[25-Jul-19 11:57 PM] kDycu💯💯#8226

[26-Jul-19 12:23 AM] Spider#8888
lmfao I was waiting for this


[26-Jul-19 12:23 AM] Spider#8888
ever since ata pointed it out I've been on charleigh watch

[26-Jul-19 12:23 AM] Spider#8888
why is she always so angry

[26-Jul-19 12:24 AM] Spider#8888


[26-Jul-19 12:29 AM] reinedescroix#7921

Captured with Lightshot

[26-Jul-19 12:29 AM] reinedescroix#7921
i laughed

[26-Jul-19 12:31 AM] kDycu💯💯#8226
Spider I love you

[26-Jul-19 12:35 AM] ataraxia#7301
she talked recently

[26-Jul-19 12:35 AM] ataraxia#7301
all our minds were blown

[26-Jul-19 12:35 AM] ataraxia#7301
it was on that cursed thread in akidearest post

[26-Jul-19 12:45 AM] Spider#8888
I must out her to others

[26-Jul-19 12:45 AM] Spider#8888
this is cursed knowledge that we cannot bear alone

[26-Jul-19 12:47 AM] kDycu💯💯#8226
I will be watching now

[26-Jul-19 12:49 AM] Spider#8888


[26-Jul-19 12:49 AM] Spider#8888

[26-Jul-19 12:51 AM] Spider#8888
its such a shame that searching her name doesn't bring up posts she only interacted with because that's like, 98% of her 2 year career on rufflechat

[26-Jul-19 12:52 AM] Aiu#0642
did you angery react to her posts there?? lol

[26-Jul-19 12:52 AM] Spider#8888
no I didn't react at all to them

[26-Jul-19 12:52 AM] Spider#8888
but 3 people did on both lmao they're my heros

[26-Jul-19 12:53 AM] Aiu#0642
lol nice

[26-Jul-19 12:53 AM] Spider#8888
but jesus

[26-Jul-19 12:53 AM] Spider#8888
dont like her vids fine

[26-Jul-19 12:53 AM] Spider#8888
but you wanna punch her?!

[26-Jul-19 12:53 AM] Spider#8888

[26-Jul-19 12:53 AM] Spider#8888
go to therapy

[26-Jul-19 12:54 AM] ataraxia#7301


[26-Jul-19 12:54 AM] Spider#8888

[26-Jul-19 12:54 AM] Aiu#0642
there is a lolcow thread dedicated to akidearest for her to express her anger at

[26-Jul-19 12:54 AM] ataraxia#7301
u didn't hear that from me

[26-Jul-19 12:54 AM] Spider#8888
that is such a petty but also safe move and I approve immensely

[26-Jul-19 12:54 AM] ataraxia#7301

[26-Jul-19 12:54 AM] Spider#8888
like what would anyone even say

[26-Jul-19 12:54 AM] Aiu#0642
u guys earned it

No. 262044

Maybe we should start linking the degenerates facebooks

No. 262045

Filled in the ones ik anon last one is their twitter if they have it.

toastchan#4873 = @toastchaaan
Saturn#5252 = @peachburger
Nobody#6371 =
Aiu#0642 = @disparaitre_girl
ataraxia#7301 = @clearkit (deactivated)
Chryse#0151 = @chryse.planitia
Spider#8888 = Alexandra Arachne (FB)
Lilac_Y0#8595 = @lilac_myosotis
biscuit#2593 = @biscuit.bun, @gl_ossuary
Lala Land#7138 = @clefableist, Lyla Hyatt (FB)
tigbittyhobbit#1832 = @pastel_rengoku, @pastel_hashira
rainier#6904 = @ltracks, @___diarygirl, @ltracksvintage, @theltracks
Rococo#5833 =
Prettydebil#3173 = @pretty_debil
JuJuJu Bi#3579 = @junie_green, @twotartsandaprincess, @JunieGreenerie
PaperSnowflakes#8415 = @paper_snowflakes
zepplis#6640 = @zepplis
PeachyPies#6168 = @peachy.pumpkin.tea
Piratand#8052 =
Darksilverhawk#3148 =
Dif#3371 =
PaperSnowflakes#8415 = @paper_snowflakes
Cookie Cat#7077 = Rose Nocturnalia, void-whispers.blogspot.com
opalsauce#4996 = @opal.pasteldream, @oh.pal_, @Opalpasteldream
Caustice Ichor#0416 =
The_Kraken#0878 =
harmlessmonster#7160 =
alys#0310 = @fentanyllfairy, @webfairy.wiz, @bitchyangel64
Crunge#9497 =
Neeks#0146 = @neekymomo
Jess#1258 = (tinfoil this is @jess.in.pink but no proof)
Plastic Flowers#1785 = (tinfoil this is @pinkfakeflowers2.0 but no proof)
Prettydebil#3173 = @pretty_debil
Snailu#0713 =

No. 262048

[27-Jul-19 07:10 AM] Reira#5451
I'm half sad I got kicked out of BSoLF but half glad bcuz summer heat and my rage is not a good combination lol

[27-Jul-19 07:30 AM] d0a1a8#6603
Bsolf should change its page name to "the porridge page" what with all the spoonfeeding requests. Like I get that it's a good place for help but how many topics on taobao resellers does one need

[27-Jul-19 07:48 AM] jellophish#3131
I see that damn question nearly every time there’s new posts on /r/Lolita

[27-Jul-19 07:49 AM] jellophish#3131
Feels like Lor’s sponsor with DevilInspired brought in even more of this

[27-Jul-19 09:12 AM] Rococo#5833
Things like this make me miss having hello lace as a go-to source

[27-Jul-19 09:15 AM] pwassonchat#2894

[27-Jul-19 09:15 AM] pwassonchat#2894
It was more than an alternate lolibrary

[27-Jul-19 09:16 AM] pwassonchat#2894
I sometimes forget.

[27-Jul-19 09:16 AM] pwassonchat#2894
Rip hellolace :x

[27-Jul-19 10:21 AM] chockie#3660


[27-Jul-19 10:21 AM] chockie#3660
ah yes the guy who calls himself a “lolita doll” in his bio and has no pics in lolita but lots of pics of him wearing a cheap looking alice costume

[27-Jul-19 10:22 AM] chockie#3660
unless those are lolita


[27-Jul-19 10:23 AM] chockie#3660
and the guy who talked about lolifying his car or whatever

[27-Jul-19 10:25 AM] chockie#3660
god give me strength


[27-Jul-19 12:18 PM] hensou#7215
“Has anyone ever use amazon before” is making me faint

[27-Jul-19 01:53 PM] Darksilverhawk#3148
Hi, I found this new website called Amazon, I think they’re pretty obscure but maybe someone has ordered from them?

[27-Jul-19 01:55 PM] tokkigo#7380
Is amazon a reputable site pls respond

[27-Jul-19 01:56 PM] Dif#3371
I think they sell books or something?

[27-Jul-19 02:37 PM] zepplis#6640
No they sell home goods. 🙄

[27-Jul-19 02:44 PM] PaperSnowflakes#8415


[27-Jul-19 02:45 PM] PaperSnowflakes#8415
I’m praying this was bait.

[27-Jul-19 03:04 PM] Darksilverhawk#3148
It almost reads like they’re about to say they can speak/understand it but can’t read or write, but they never actually go that far.

[27-Jul-19 04:04 PM] kDycu💯💯#8226
Might be late

[27-Jul-19 04:04 PM] kDycu💯💯#8226
But on that honey cake dumpster fire

[27-Jul-19 04:04 PM] kDycu💯💯#8226


[27-Jul-19 04:05 PM] kDycu💯💯#8226

[27-Jul-19 04:07 PM] MightyMage#8983
I'm pretty sure anything can be used as an insult given the correct context

[27-Jul-19 05:01 PM] Spider#8888
you fucking cheese sandwich

No. 262050

[30-Jul-19 06:09 PM] Spider#8888
on behalf of my comm

[30-Jul-19 06:09 PM] Spider#8888
I apologize for this person and anything she may say in the facebook groups

[30-Jul-19 06:09 PM] Spider#8888


[30-Jul-19 06:12 PM] kDycu💯💯#8226

[30-Jul-19 06:13 PM] Spider#8888
she has been spamming the local group with every single thing that crosses her mind for weeks and someone gave her links to BSoLF and the mentoring group so now she's going to spread her strangeness there too

[30-Jul-19 06:13 PM] Spider#8888
she's not bad… she's just EXTREMELY EXCITED NEWBIE-CHAN and asks questions she hasn't actually fully thought out yet

[30-Jul-19 06:13 PM] Spider#8888

[30-Jul-19 06:13 PM] Spider#8888


[30-Jul-19 06:14 PM] Spider#8888


[30-Jul-19 06:14 PM] tokkigo#7380
we've got a couple of those in our comm recently too

[30-Jul-19 06:14 PM] tokkigo#7380
summer i guess

[30-Jul-19 06:14 PM] Spider#8888


[30-Jul-19 06:14 PM] Spider#8888
she also deleted one about taobao

[30-Jul-19 06:14 PM] tokkigo#7380
broke: wearing a petti
woke: using your ass

[30-Jul-19 06:15 PM] Spider#8888


[30-Jul-19 06:15 PM] tokkigo#7380

thistbh (7)

No. 262051

[30-Jul-19 06:43 PM] kDycu💯💯#8226

[30-Jul-19 06:43 PM] kDycu💯💯#8226
I'm filling out the BSOLF big sister app

[30-Jul-19 06:43 PM] kDycu💯💯#8226
and it's taking FOREVER

[30-Jul-19 06:43 PM] kDycu💯💯#8226
it's like a fucking college app or some shit

[30-Jul-19 06:44 PM] Aiu#0642
Only the most patient can survive the app, and that level of patience is needed to keep your sanity as a big sister

[30-Jul-19 06:44 PM] Aiu#0642
Good luck

[31-Jul-19 02:38 PM] Lala Land#7138
bsolf is becoming the cringiest place on the internet because of the people at reddit really quickly

[31-Jul-19 02:38 PM] Lala Land#7138
and bc they didn't fite me

[31-Jul-19 02:38 PM] Lala Land#7138

[31-Jul-19 03:31 PM] kDycu💯💯#8226
Speaking of BSOLF

[31-Jul-19 03:31 PM] kDycu💯💯#8226


[31-Jul-19 03:31 PM] tokkigo#7380
a tru professional

[31-Jul-19 03:31 PM] kDycu💯💯#8226
Now I can flex at dumb ass ms

[31-Jul-19 03:32 PM] kDycu💯💯#8226
And be like ummmm you're wrong

[31-Jul-19 03:32 PM] kDycu💯💯#8226

[31-Jul-19 03:32 PM] Aiu#0642
congrats and good luck

[31-Jul-19 03:32 PM] Chryse#0151
congrats I couldn't be patient enough to do it

[31-Jul-19 03:33 PM] d0a1a8#6603
re: cof for people who have taste. i always read the description for that group and i dont get it. "this group is for experimental coords" and im like but…i thought it was for people with taste lmoa

No. 262052

They do have some moments of clarity.

[20-Jul-22 04:32 AM] alys#0310
i'm too tired to prove anyone that talks shit about us wrong tbh at this point i'm like "yes, yes we are all very mean, stay away, don't ever join"


No. 262053

And then they lose it kek.

[20-Jul-22 04:46 AM] ghostlie#7579
Here and mentoring are genuinely the best and nicest lolita servers I've ever been in

No. 262054

[01-Aug-19 08:12 AM] zepplis#6640
Cgl has shit tastes because its filled with larpers who think its viable to have eveything the exact same shade and call classic ap accessories cheap because they have 0 idea about the fashion

[01-Aug-19 08:15 AM] d0a1a8#6603
It's especially bad lately, I go back to check the general thread, draw thread, and the help thread and that's it anymore. The rest is just the same tired ass derailments as far as I can tell.

[01-Aug-19 08:16 AM] d0a1a8#6603
Tfw there are better boards to lurk on than cgl

[01-Aug-19 08:26 AM] Dif#3371
I basically stopped going on CGL because if I want to chat about lolita stuff this Discord is much better

[01-Aug-19 08:30 AM] evasiqe#8696
Same here Dif, I like tying people to their posts

[01-Aug-19 08:30 AM] zepplis#6640
Someone told me I should dismantle fruity cafes hair bow because it looked cheap.

[01-Aug-19 08:31 AM] zepplis#6640
Like the fabric and print

[01-Aug-19 08:38 AM] PeachyPies#6168
i still go to cgl for the slight hope some posts give

[01-Aug-19 09:03 AM] tokkigo#7380


[01-Aug-19 09:03 AM] tokkigo#7380
this was certainly a concept

[01-Aug-19 09:04 AM] Aiu#0642
why are you sharing your nonlolita prom dress to a lolita fashion group

[01-Aug-19 09:07 AM] Reira#5451
i'm glad they kicked me out of bsolf

[01-Aug-19 09:07 AM] Reira#5451
summer is too hot already

[01-Aug-19 09:07 AM] Reira#5451
no need to burn myself even more from all the rage lol

[01-Aug-19 09:10 AM] zepplis#6640
Sadako-kei is 10/10

[01-Aug-19 09:11 AM] zepplis#6640
Not lolita tho

[01-Aug-19 09:11 AM] d0a1a8#6603
Looks like a shitty Lana del Rey cosplay lol

[01-Aug-19 09:11 AM] d0a1a8#6603
Siiiick flower crown

[01-Aug-19 09:11 AM] tokkigo#7380
for the Prom tho

[01-Aug-19 09:13 AM] d0a1a8#6603
I didn't do le prom so I can't say much about that haha

[01-Aug-19 09:13 AM] Aiu#0642
Prom was overrated


[01-Aug-19 09:13 AM] tokkigo#7380
i wore a $20 asos dress

[01-Aug-19 09:13 AM] PeachyPies#6168
as someone who did, uhhh yeah thats more like a lana cosplay

[01-Aug-19 09:13 AM] tokkigo#7380
and i ate the cake from everyone at my table since they didn't want it

No. 262055

Bet they mentioned BSoLF all the way until Christmas

No. 262060

Indeed they did

[02-Aug-19 10:23 AM] Aiu#0642
I am just counting down the days til Viola posts something online about discords being meanies

[02-Aug-19 10:24 AM] tokkigo#7380
i have to wonder if viola even knows what discord is

[02-Aug-19 10:24 AM] tokkigo#7380
she is off in her own world

[02-Aug-19 10:24 AM] Aiu#0642
that is a good point

[02-Aug-19 10:25 AM] Aiu#0642
she was briefly in the ita pit but don't think she posted, or even got out of the lobby

[02-Aug-19 10:25 AM] Spider#8888
viola reminds me of like, someone who's usually on heavy duty psych meds but they decide they "feel better" and don't need them so they just stop and begin acting like their neurons are just firing randomly all the time

[02-Aug-19 10:26 AM] Spider#8888
also remember viola is like 40-something so discord is probably confusing to her and facebook is about as complicated as she gets

[02-Aug-19 10:27 AM] Aiu#0642
when will she shameless promote her youtube channel for the world to see :thinkita:

[02-Aug-19 10:30 AM] chockie#3660


[02-Aug-19 10:30 AM] Spider#8888

[02-Aug-19 10:30 AM] Spider#8888
right after

[02-Aug-19 10:30 AM] Spider#8888
the adminpost saying to fucking search

[02-Aug-19 10:30 AM] chockie#3660

[02-Aug-19 10:30 AM] Spider#8888
the mods of bsolf are not paid enough

[02-Aug-19 10:30 AM] chockie#3660
ENOUGH :ree:

[02-Aug-19 10:30 AM] spoo.py(◡‿◡✿)#6138


[02-Aug-19 10:30 AM] Spider#8888

[02-Aug-19 10:30 AM] Spider#8888

[02-Aug-19 10:30 AM] Spider#8888
I messed up

[02-Aug-19 10:31 AM] rainier#6904

[02-Aug-19 10:31 AM] Spider#8888
I wanted to yamete but switched to yamero midway thru 😦

[02-Aug-19 10:31 AM] Spider#8888
forgive me

[02-Aug-19 10:31 AM] Aiu#0642
tfw when you want to yamete and yamero at the same time

[02-Aug-19 10:31 AM] Aiu#0642
how many spoons does OP want to be fed with?

[02-Aug-19 10:32 AM] rainier#6904
buy everything on wish

[02-Aug-19 10:32 AM] rainier#6904
and amazon

[02-Aug-19 10:32 AM] Aiu#0642
what should my coord be? where should I buy it? what colors look good with my hair? do I get a wig

[02-Aug-19 10:32 AM] Aiu#0642
high level trolling

[02-Aug-19 10:32 AM] rainier#6904
how do i incorporate my mobility device into my coord

[02-Aug-19 10:32 AM] rainier#6904
i have to wear sneakers because i have a rare hobbit foot disorder

[02-Aug-19 10:33 AM] theia#2434
was it here someone posted a cap of someone asking about free lolita

[02-Aug-19 10:33 AM] chockie#3660
i believe so

[02-Aug-19 10:33 AM] Aiu#0642

[02-Aug-19 10:33 AM] theia#2434
that killed me

[02-Aug-19 10:33 AM] chockie#3660
posting in a bst group “ISO free lolita”

[02-Aug-19 10:35 AM] Spider#8888

[02-Aug-19 10:35 AM] Spider#8888
and she wears a US XL-XXL

[02-Aug-19 10:35 AM] Spider#8888
please and ty ^_^

[02-Aug-19 10:36 AM] Spider#8888
like first of all I'm a spiteful bitch due to all my bitter haggardness and lala's baldness so if I DID have lolita dresses that would fit your alarmingly vague size and intended to give it away for free I would specifically pass you over

[02-Aug-19 10:36 AM] theia#2434
im just imagining dumpster diving for lolita clothing

No. 262063

File: 1666931234735.png (132.76 KB, 436x578, sweetjuju.png)

[23-May-22 08:59 AM] starstarfairy#3297
kathleen herself is cringe, she brings her boyfriend to meets and he is both literally smelly and has a smelly personality (has been actively and directly transphobic and homophobic to others at meets)

ree (17)

[23-May-22 08:59 AM] zepplis#6640

[23-May-22 09:00 AM] zepplis#6640
Des gos tang

[23-May-22 09:00 AM] starstarfairy#3297
(idk if they're still together actually bc I don't know her like that but 2ish years ago when that was goin on I was like wow I will never go to a meet with her again)

[23-May-22 09:00 AM] Aiu#0642
I can barely forgive a literally stinky bf, but cannot forgive a homophobic transphobic one

thistbh (14)

[23-May-22 09:01 AM] starstarfairy#3297
sometimes people can't help being a lil stinky but this guy gave off the aura that he was stinky on purpose

grimacing (13)

[23-May-22 09:02 AM] zepplis#6640
Is the greater nyc ok?

no (3)

[23-May-22 09:02 AM] Aiu#0642
is any comm of more than 200 people ok?

thistbh (8)

[23-May-22 09:02 AM] ghostlie#7579
julie get yourself out of there

[23-May-22 09:02 AM] jennkitty#3462

[23-May-22 09:02 AM] jennkitty#3462
we are never ok

[23-May-22 09:03 AM] starstarfairy#3297
don't worry I don't hang out with these people :wheeze:

[23-May-22 09:03 AM] starstarfairy#3297
we have our own private meets with ~~blackjack and hookers~~ respectful and fun cuties

hearts (13)

I wonder if NY comm has banned starstarfairy#3297 = @starstarfairy @sweetjujushop LM: starstarfairyshit for shit talking and bullying? Not just mentors but people who run these little indie brands should hold themselves to a higher standard, this is definitely going to affect sales kek.

No. 262067

She’s in my comm and there’s nothing yet from the mods. I know people like her or Toast who came here to visit my comm pretends to be unproblematic when everyone knows about them and what they’ve done. Also, starstarfairy has been heavily photoshopped and appears very different in person when she comes to meet.

No. 262069

No. 262075

File: 1666934886433.png (16.47 KB, 694x321, Screenshot 2022-10-28 012725.p…)

No. 262080

It never ceases to amaze me how hypocritical they are kek. At this point we can assume they won't be kicked from mentor though, these logs have been out a month now.

No. 262082

Lmao copium and shoop are a hell of a drug. She really believes she’s one of the ‘cool kids’

No. 262083

File: 1666938178276.png (956.87 KB, 954x502, ghostlie.png)

nonna please, also kek at her first tagged pic

No. 262125

No. 262133

Stop waiting around and do it. They’ll try to hide their shitty doings so the mods won’t see


No. 262137

it's for ants what am I even looking at

No. 262138

oops forgot2sage

No. 262144

The mods are their friends nonna. Just steer newbies away from discord and fb groups.

No. 262148

and tell them to go where? the dead husks of cgl or lj? the ita clusterfuck that is r/lolita?

No. 262152

Our own groups should be made where there's no #seagull allowed.

No. 262155

Yeah, an LCF mentoring group sounds like exactly the solution we need to having toxic boolies as mentors. Do you even hear yourself?

No. 262156

A few seagulls members got banned so why not them? That’ll be breaking their own rules if they ignored comm members complaints/reports

No. 262164

On a personal basis, if a young teenager came to me and said “I want to get into lolita” I would tell her to join the Facebook groups they moderate, but to lurk. Because if they draw attention to themself they’ll be made fun of behind their back. I’d tell them to join the discords but only at their own risk. These groups can be a good resource, and itas left to their own devices on TikTok are a disaster- but they deserve to know they’re going to be talked poorly of behind their back. For me it’s an issue of informed consent.

No. 262165

After what happened to Nat, I would not suggest any teenager get mentored by them. They have been stalking the poor girl for years.

No. 262168

This; but also anyone who slightly pisses them off. You get on their bad side or rub them the wrong way one time and they will send their personal army. Honestly it’s quite sad how triggered they get over the smallest most insignificant shit

No. 262170

>farmers mentoring babylitas
Because lolcow is known for being a warm, welcoming, and inclusive space, unlike those nasty seagulls.

No. 262181

why do you need to "send" them anywhere? Just tell them to use Google and join their local comm. There are online guides aplenty. most well dressed Lolitas I know did it that way

No. 262183

This. LJ and tumblr still have good resources up there's probably even blogs left up. Sure there will be dead links but its not like Lolita has had a major evolution since those guides were made.

No. 262202

>Honestly it’s quite sad how triggered they get over the smallest most insignificant shit
Right? Most of these newfags probably claim to be oldfags too, but no oldfag is that sensitive. They think lolita years = 4chan years, but ya'll are too autistic to be part of the oldfag 4chan crowd.

Shit, you don't even know who Snacks is. Do yourselves a favor and take a good look at yourself.

No. 262218

Please stop acting like there aren't people coming onto LCF just to get information on the core community members who are abusing the rest of us

No. 262219

>Implying vetted isn't full of farmers
Nice one.

No. 262246

No. 262251

File: 1666987568916.jpg (12.86 KB, 100x100, 4018887.jpg)

Neeks#0146 = @MoniqueThirteen (Twitter) Shampookie (LM)

The_Kraken#0878 = KrakenT (LM)

Aiu#0642 = aiunyan (LM)

Piratand#8052 = Piratand (LM)

Wabbie-chan#4020 = Wabbie-chan (LM)

Pic attached is GildedGhoti#7362.

No. 262256

Surprised it lasted as long as it did

No. 262290

highly doubt they run the secrets tumblr, the tumblr has been posting about discordgate/parasol papers

No. 262291

File: 1666997535855.png (22.09 KB, 458x236, secretstumblrreported.PNG)

i feel like this should be getting more traction. They seriously are trying to recreate BTB after getting it banned so they can vet any submissions that are about them. I just checked the secrets tumblr and this post was made not even 30 minutes ago. Only a day after BTB got taken down. I think they're doing their "mass reporting" method hannah bragged about on tiktok to every platform that talks about them. pulling a keffals

No. 262292

Report it to DW that they are abusing the system to recreate the page and impersonate. It's going to be noticable since they can see what ips accessed it and created a DW, then the new DW

No. 262293

>>262291 nothing screams “guilty” like locking down your profile and trying to cover your tracks

No. 262294

It screams guilty to try to control the entire Lolita community by force. These people are also bragging about trying to take control of the second hand market.

No. 262295

>>262294 god do not give these idiots any kind of authority over lm

No. 262297

Second hand market?? Where was this

No. 262300

It's in the logs. I'd spoon-feed but can't ATM.

No. 262301

iirc it was posted last thread, talking about how they want to make discord.gg/egl into a new lacemarket/marketplace but they still wanted their server it to be vetted.
good to know this one isn't run by them. wish they wouldn't have put it on tumblr tho so people can discuss.

No. 262311

can someone share the name of this secrets tumblr? I couldn't find it doing keyword searches for it in /cgl/ or in previous threads here

No. 262312

No. 262314

thanks nona, it wasn't showing up with ctrl+f for some reason

No. 262321

File: 1667006352044.jpg (296.5 KB, 1080x1613, Screenshot_20221029-121128__01…)

Anons I know this is probably off topic (I think I saw this woman posted itt before hopefully it's the right one) but what am I looking at? I'm not a burgerfag so can someone decipher this for me?

No. 262322

Claire's lets inexperienced people do the piercings with a piercing gun, so the piercings usually suck and get infected or are placed badly.

No. 262334

Stop posting this ugly fatty

No. 262337

Getting out of claire's without them being like "go back and buy 3 more things for free" is hard, so you end up spending more time in there looking for.. what else you might even want because it's free.

I think you missed the 'special' detail.

No. 262338

no one using this site should be shopping at claire's. hell, no one should in general.

No. 262339

it's a meme to say you got random things done at claire's because of how easy it is to just walk in and get your ears pierced. it's a joke, not that deep. why are you even posting this, not lolita related in the slightest

No. 262340

Yes. There was a joke on TikTok a few years back about someone getting top surgery at Claire’s. Now people joke about getting “insert surgery” at Claire’s.

No. 262341

sad thing is all the signs were already present if you look through her instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BxX0LO2hqij/

No. 262342

sorry but if you've been in the community long enough, you'd know the relationship we and the rest of jfashion has with claires. it's not an invalid place.

No. 262343

File: 1667012189675.png (5.59 KB, 305x51, kuru.png)

No. 262344

why didn't you stop her, lala?

No. 262349

Removed some banter to shorten it. Talking about Jennifer Myles/mylesjennifer being a janny.

[16-Jul-18 08:52 PM] bread#1894
jennkitty confirmed for mole

[16-Jul-18 08:53 PM] tokkigo#7380

[16-Jul-18 08:53 PM] bread#1894
I still wonder if shes a janitor

[16-Jul-18 08:53 PM] bread#1894
oh shes in the fa cgl server

[16-Jul-18 08:53 PM] bread#1894
I think shes banned form this one

[16-Jul-18 08:53 PM] bread#1894
jenn kitty

[16-Jul-18 08:53 PM] bread#1894
I searched voldies name in the fa cgl server and jennkitty posted a picture of them hanging out

[16-Jul-18 08:53 PM] ametrine#4707
She’s the one who always had her boobs out right?

[16-Jul-18 08:53 PM] Aiu#0642

[16-Jul-18 08:53 PM] bread#1894
and now funk said that voldie messaged him on IG saying she knew fa cgl was talking shit??

[16-Jul-18 08:54 PM] bread#1894
but I dont even think anybody s mentioned her in ages

[16-Jul-18 08:54 PM] bread#1894
so who else would it Be

[16-Jul-18 08:54 PM] ametrine#4707
She told me it was my fault my ex boyfriend was toxic and controlling

[16-Jul-18 08:54 PM] ametrine#4707
So I have zero like for her

[16-Jul-18 08:55 PM] Aiu#0642
if I recall correctly, she didn't get banned from the itapit but left because it was "garbage"

[16-Jul-18 08:55 PM] Prettydebil#3173
I'd be mad if Jen is actually a janitor

[16-Jul-18 08:55 PM] bread#1894
it was weird how she left though

[16-Jul-18 08:56 PM] Aiu#0642
yes, but no point in calling them garbage to their faces

[16-Jul-18 08:56 PM] bread#1894
like just leave…. It's ok

[16-Jul-18 09:35 PM] wallpaper-chan#9414
@bread I think Jens a janitor but I don't think shes a mole. Shes in photos with a lot of people who dont get along. She gets info from everyone that way

[16-Jul-18 09:35 PM] Aiu#0642
tumblr says her main style is ero…huh

[16-Jul-18 09:35 PM] wallpaper-chan#9414
Shes very very neutral on purpose

[16-Jul-18 09:36 PM] Prettydebil#3173
How do ppl not know to confide in her?

[16-Jul-18 09:36 PM] ataraxia#7301
i never really mind jen kitty but i understand why people might not like her

[16-Jul-18 09:37 PM] Prettydebil#3173
She is very blunt

[16-Jul-18 09:37 PM] wallpaper-chan#9414
She pretended not to know that half the mods of our comm have me blocked over dramu

[16-Jul-18 09:37 PM] wallpaper-chan#9414
Whuch was awkward because she had to know

[16-Jul-18 09:38 PM] wallpaper-chan#9414
Well not half the mods but like, the whole main clique who run everything

[16-Jul-18 09:39 PM] wallpaper-chan#9414
"So excited to see you at meets finally" "I cant really go to those but thanks!"

No. 262350

Again removed banter. Talking about Voldie's nudes and her uwu fat shaming her.

[16-Jul-18 08:56 PM] Prettydebil#3173
Voldie too good for ita pit

[16-Jul-18 08:56 PM] Prettydebil#3173
Not enough asspats

[16-Jul-18 08:56 PM] Aiu#0642
yea, I thought that there was something that happened but nah, people just weren't sucking up enough I guess

[16-Jul-18 08:56 PM] Rin#7875
She was in ita pit? Whend she leave?

[16-Jul-18 08:56 PM] tokkigo#7380
i see voldie in the fb thread

[16-Jul-18 08:56 PM] ametrine#4707
A loooong time ago

[16-Jul-18 08:56 PM] Aiu#0642
last year sometime

[16-Jul-18 08:57 PM] Prettydebil#3173
Voldie is not someone to take advice from

[16-Jul-18 08:57 PM] ametrine#4707
As I said in the ita pit I feel genuinely bad for her. She needs serious help

[16-Jul-18 08:57 PM] Aiu#0642
like the brief time she was in the goose server, she only posted coord pics for asspats

[16-Jul-18 08:57 PM] Prettydebil#3173

[16-Jul-18 08:57 PM] bread#1894

[16-Jul-18 08:57 PM] bread#1894
I remembered her wording it stuck out to me… Very rude

[16-Jul-18 08:58 PM] ametrine#4707
Nah I feel like she has a serious issue with alcohol and it seems like she’s absolutely obsessed with online drama to the point it negatively affects her life

[16-Jul-18 08:59 PM] Aiu#0642
wasn't there old old drama with voldie and some gaming community or something? like pre-lolita?

[16-Jul-18 08:59 PM] Prettydebil#3173
K Spencer

[16-Jul-18 08:59 PM] ametrine#4707
I feel like she’d be 3000% happier if she would stop digging herself into holes online

[16-Jul-18 08:59 PM] Prettydebil#3173
She tried to get I to the fighting game community but they loled her away

[16-Jul-18 09:00 PM] Aiu#0642
she got a PS4 for free from someone?? https://www.reddit.com/r/Kappa/comments/3xwxf5/for_all_those_out_of_the_loop_the_voldie_slack/

[16-Jul-18 09:01 PM] Aiu#0642
I don't even understand half of what is going on here, but her issues seem to be deeper than anything just tied to namedropping on cgl and lolita communities

[16-Jul-18 09:02 PM] Prettydebil#3173
Just her doing same shit different niche community

[16-Jul-18 09:05 PM] tokkigo#7380
also yea i think voldie used to do like casual sugaring from redditors or something like that

[16-Jul-18 09:06 PM] tokkigo#7380
i had the unfortunate experience of seeing her nudes

[16-Jul-18 09:06 PM] bread#1894
Lol i saw that too

[16-Jul-18 09:06 PM] tokkigo#7380
she is shaped so interestingly, and i never wanted to know this

[16-Jul-18 09:06 PM] bread#1894
techinically she wasnt naked in the pic I saw

[16-Jul-18 09:06 PM] tokkigo#7380
oh i saw a full noodie

[16-Jul-18 09:06 PM] tokkigo#7380
its burned into my retinas

[16-Jul-18 09:07 PM] ataraxia#7301
what kinda shape is she??? fridge?

[16-Jul-18 09:07 PM] bread#1894
theres la pic of her in her undies on reddit I think

[16-Jul-18 09:07 PM] Prettydebil#3173
Also wtf casual sugaring? Just taking advantage of nerds

[16-Jul-18 09:07 PM] bread#1894

[16-Jul-18 09:07 PM] tokkigo#7380
basically yea. just online

[16-Jul-18 09:07 PM] Prettydebil#3173
She has some very small Cosplay that is basically nakie

[16-Jul-18 09:07 PM] tokkigo#7380
like i dont have a prob with hustlin but Cmon guys don't leave your face in media if you don't want people to find it and connect it to you

[16-Jul-18 09:07 PM] 🍩𝖉𝖔𝖓𝖚𝖙🍩#3234
I saw her in the nudist beach cosplay

[16-Jul-18 09:08 PM] 🍩𝖉𝖔𝖓𝖚𝖙🍩#3234
It wasn't cute

[16-Jul-18 09:08 PM] Aiu#0642
a bit ago she posted an instastory of herself in what had to be lingerie and going on about how she doesn't think shes fat etc etc, and like sure she's not fat but not sure if she should be posting scantily clad pics either

[16-Jul-18 09:08 PM] Prettydebil#3173
I saw that pic.

[16-Jul-18 09:08 PM] Prettydebil#3173
I mean if u hustle good for u, but own up to it lol

[16-Jul-18 09:08 PM] Aiu#0642
like dude, you look nice in lolita, why try to do the thot thing

[16-Jul-18 09:08 PM] Prettydebil#3173
Bc £

[16-Jul-18 09:10 PM] Aiu#0642
either way….it seems she has a real job? why go the thot route? ahhhh

[16-Jul-18 09:10 PM] Prettydebil#3173
At least she has never posted an ahego face

[16-Jul-18 09:10 PM] Prettydebil#3173
I hate them with a burning passion

[16-Jul-18 09:10 PM] ataraxia#7301
i would stop associating with a friend if they did that

[16-Jul-18 09:11 PM] ataraxia#7301
so dumb

[16-Jul-18 09:11 PM] Aiu#0642

[16-Jul-18 09:11 PM] Prettydebil#3173
Aiu plz

[16-Jul-18 09:11 PM] 🍩𝖉𝖔𝖓𝖚𝖙🍩#3234
She was chubbier when she was younger

[16-Jul-18 09:11 PM] 🍩𝖉𝖔𝖓𝖚𝖙🍩#3234
She's a little better now, she just has awful body fat distribution

[16-Jul-18 09:11 PM] tokkigo#7380
she has chub with no tits its fascinating. how that happen

[16-Jul-18 09:12 PM] Prettydebil#3173
I think she deff looks better now, and better than most "fatties"

No. 262351

[25-Sep-17 01:41 PM] Claradwor#6000
Ok jennkitty isn't here I can talk shit

[25-Sep-17 01:41 PM] possum#5589
Yes please!

[25-Sep-17 01:44 PM] Claradwor#6000
K so jennkitty wore the meta military dress to the tea party in may, you know the one I'm talking about right? And a polish member of the comm expressed discomfort with it b/c that dress is basically a nazi uniform there's no getting around it and the making fun of her for being uncomfortable and calling her a tumblrina PC police and I'm very :chomp: but for once I don't want to start shit

[25-Sep-17 01:45 PM] Claradwor#6000
And quite frankly I didn't want to talk to her at the swap meet either cause she had hella cleavage and wtf that's not lolita

[25-Sep-17 01:46 PM] Claradwor#6000
Like her tits were way out

[25-Sep-17 01:46 PM] Spider#8888
that shit makes me :chomp: too especially since yelling TUMBLRINA SJW LOL UR SAFE SPACE FEEFEES WRONGTHINK POLICE is just a shitty, trolly way to avoid actually taking any responsibility for how your actions affected others

[25-Sep-17 01:47 PM] possum#5589
I always thought she was kind of bitch anyways. This just digs the hole deeper at least for me.

[25-Sep-17 01:48 PM] Claradwor#6000
Like I like military lolita as much as the next person but I wouldn't touch that meta dress with a 10 foot pole

[25-Sep-17 01:48 PM] Claradwor#6000
It's just in poor taste

[25-Sep-17 01:48 PM] Claradwor#6000
Yeah please don't ever let her I the server

[25-Sep-17 02:07 PM] Claradwor#6000
So yeah jennkitty is definitely on my do not invite list

[25-Sep-17 02:07 PM] possum#5589
I feel bad for that girl in Jenkitty's (and Clara's?) comm. And yes let's never invite her

[25-Sep-17 02:08 PM] Claradwor#6000
Cause she's pretty yikes in general

[25-Sep-17 02:08 PM] possum#5589
I got that vibe from her in the old server

[25-Sep-17 02:08 PM] JuJuJu Bi#3579
I love our secret bitchy comm here

No. 262352

[25-Sep-17 02:31 PM] Charyb#5508
one of the first things I said in the mod channel when we were talking about inviting people was

[25-Sep-17 02:31 PM] Charyb#5508
no jennkitty, no voldie

[25-Sep-17 02:53 PM] kuroeko#0558
Omg no Voldie thank god

[25-Sep-17 02:54 PM] kuroeko#0558
I can now publicly say she's someone I really don't like smh

[25-Sep-17 02:54 PM] kuroeko#0558
I have a history of beef with her being rude to me

[25-Sep-17 03:01 PM] Spider#8888
I have caps still of her losing her mind on me after I called her out on sniffing K8's girly-toots

[25-Sep-17 03:01 PM] Spider#8888
and then getting bitched out by Goose for taking caps OF A DIFFERENT CHANNEL in the same server to post as proof I didn't

[25-Sep-17 03:01 PM] Spider#8888
literally only because I didn't want people to have to scroll back to find it

[25-Sep-17 03:04 PM] rene#1432
before i was involved with /cgl/ i was crazy into the fighting game community and for some reason she popped up there

[25-Sep-17 03:04 PM] rene#1432
like she tried to be a part of it out of nowhere

[25-Sep-17 03:04 PM] rene#1432
i dont even remember why

[25-Sep-17 03:04 PM] rene#1432
needless to say she got shunned out pretty quick

[25-Sep-17 03:07 PM] kuroeko#0558
i remmeber i was like fuc yes fight this bitch

[25-Sep-17 03:07 PM] kuroeko#0558
sorry but my hatred of her is so deep smh

[25-Sep-17 03:07 PM] kuroeko#0558
i used to post like, lolita comics and pics on my tumblr

[25-Sep-17 03:07 PM] kuroeko#0558
and i freakin said

[25-Sep-17 03:07 PM] kuroeko#0558
dont remove caption

[25-Sep-17 03:07 PM] kuroeko#0558
and every damn time

[25-Sep-17 03:07 PM] kuroeko#0558
she would remove the caption and rearrange my photos

[25-Sep-17 03:07 PM] kuroeko#0558
i even sent her a nice ask like

[25-Sep-17 03:07 PM] kuroeko#0558
hi please stop doing that?

[25-Sep-17 03:07 PM] kuroeko#0558
and she ignored it

[25-Sep-17 03:07 PM] kuroeko#0558
well after the 2nd time i asked her to stop

[25-Sep-17 03:08 PM] kuroeko#0558
i received this meanie anon hate :^D

[25-Sep-17 03:08 PM] kuroeko#0558
which was very obviously from her

[25-Sep-17 03:08 PM] kuroeko#0558
like fuck you i can do what i want you can't police me i'll unfollow you!!!11!!!

[25-Sep-17 03:08 PM] kuroeko#0558
and im like please do unfollow me and also leave.

[25-Sep-17 03:08 PM] kuroeko#0558
every time i make a new social media account i just block her

[25-Sep-17 03:08 PM] kuroeko#0558
and kate

[25-Sep-17 03:11 PM] Spider#8888
not a bad idea

[25-Sep-17 03:12 PM] Spider#8888
yeah I remember after that I was pretty disinterested in that discord but Voldie kept making little nasty comments out of the blue trying to bait me or something

[25-Sep-17 03:12 PM] kuroeko#0558
she just feeds on drama probably

[25-Sep-17 03:12 PM] kuroeko#0558
after her drama got shut down she like never showed up on the discord again

[25-Sep-17 03:13 PM] kuroeko#0558
and i think most people shunned her after that so she only god n00b interacts so she stopped talking again

[25-Sep-17 03:13 PM] Spider#8888
thing is before that she'd been involved in a lot of drama on cgl already but I just ignored it because I thought "oh she's probably just extra susceptible to getting baited into responding, and that's why anyone still gives a shit about her drama" but no she fucking cultures it

[25-Sep-17 03:14 PM] kuroeko#0558
she tries to pick fights whenever she can

No. 262355

Thank you anons it makes a lot of sense no that you've all explained it.

I've never posted her before just seen her posted in what I thought was this thread and wanted to know what the hell she was on about.

No. 262356

File: 1667018811091.png (114.54 KB, 472x610, 156ABF90-A2D2-497E-8CE7-AB3E62…)

Comm mods and Facebook mods are talking shit. Anyone want to expose them for their bigotry?

No. 262358

idk this is funny as fuck

No. 262360

I remember this, this was just in regular rufflechat or rc uncensored iirc. It wasn't in a secret group or anything like that.

No. 262388

imagine looking like these frumpy, dumpy, haggard bitches and having the audacity to dunk on others kekkkk i will NEVER take anything negative i read about myself personally again whew

No. 262405

Should their LM username be shared if they are not scamming? I have purchased from some of them whose LM are not listed. Do not want to come off as a vendetta-chan.

No. 262426

this is all so funny seeing as they did eventually include jennkitty, who honestly sounds like she has the same opinions of the people they hated (nat, ddz) yet they didn’t stalk jenn into oblivion and cancel her. ngl i think there was some jealousy in Nat simply looking cuter than them even when her coords weren’t quite put together. Ana types and fatties always project that shit, especially onto a teen.
>we get to be the mean girls finally!!!!

No. 262429

seems more to do with mentoring being a trap for farmers, like Hannah

No. 262446

considering some of them doxxed someone they didn't like and they're now angry….buy from them at your own risk cause I won't be.

No. 262448


I can't believe this bitch is still around after she sexually assaulted another girl who was too drunk at a cosplay party I was at a few years ago.

Now she's a mod?

No. 262449

amazing how these are the kind of people who all participate in #seagull

No. 262450

File: 1667066664584.png (7.34 KB, 935x115, post.png)

your beleeted post had more info

No. 262451


I don't want to give away too much about the girl that was assaulted. Sorry anons.

If she didn't report it then, she probably doesn't want it dragged up now.

I'm just still mad.

No. 262453

Unfortunately people don't think about the fact that someone who commits crime or does any fucked up matter are usually repeat offenders. I would say it's worse to not mention assault or sexual assault, because all victims after the incident you know of is now your fault and others for not bringing it to light and getting them charged.

No. 262456

if you're a witness, you have as much responsibility to not allow more crimes to be committed against future victims fyi

No. 262458

Based anon.

No. 262459

kek truu Claire's was all we used to have, >>262338 put some respect on her name.

No. 262461


Is bread bread.first.search on IG?