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File: 1664740869883.png (4.12 MB, 1800x1800, lc10.png)

No. 253127

Previous thread

Once Again:
Sage your non-milk posts. Being fat and or ugly, while hilarious, is not milk by itself. Lying/shooping yourself excessively to hide that you are fat and ugly and crying about it when caught is milk.

PLEASE refrain from mini-modding or hi-cowing. If there is proof that a cow is posting in thread, then you can call it out

Cows in the Spotlight

The following group was outed as having a #seagull discord server/group-chat that was dedicated to shit talking members of their own community, making fun of their own MENTEES, and admitting to using LC or CGL despite saying they never do on their own social media accounts. They also cancelled nat for saying the word troon despite also heavily using slurs themselves. Bolded/Italicized are noteworthy cows

Aiu#0642 = @aiulura @aiu.lura [particularly heinous offender]
elipri#5757 = @comrade.frill
romeo#3055 = @bunii_boy
Reira#5451 = @butterbutterfly @reira.kitchen
Caitlin505#5468 = @abhorrentfrills
beck#2603 = @beckattack @everydayalemon
alys#0310 = @digitalangel96 [particularly heinous offender]
Lise#1908 = @sc00ppy
victorix#6766 = @agentlemandoesnotconga
zepplis#6640 = @zepplis [particularly heinous offender]
ametrine#4707 = @rosequartzroyalty
Radical Eddy#1987 = @radicaleddy
pastel-princess#0753 = @marshmallowbnuy
Saturn#5252 = @peachburger
Chryse#0151 = @chryse.planitia
rougeaerie#2278 = @rougeaerie
pyuukin#4112 = @pyuukin @pyuukin.art
evasiqe#8696 = @evasiqe
Cake#9854 = @abbie_666
jellophish#3131 = @oceans.tears
jennkitty#3462 = @mylesjennifer
melomania#8041 = @meloman1a
lori#7634 = @loriibarbie
starstarfairy#3297 = @starstarfairy @sweetjujushop
revan#2618 = @ebonhawkrevan
cardinalcopia#8144 = @kdycu
PaperSnowflakes#8415 = @paper_snowflakes
Neeks#0146 = @neekymomo
tigbittyhobbit#1832 = @pastel_rengoku @pastel_hashira
ghostlie#7579 = @ghostliekim
Chocolatelapins#7723 = @chocolatelapins @_chocolapin
JessAnne#4592 = @jess.in.pink, @theodore.kittycat
Wabbie-chan#4020 = @mania.wabbit @wabbie_chan
ImNewHere#9064 = @scottywbishop
jeunefille#4045 = jeunefille.dreamwidth.org
ataraxia#7301 = ataraxiaa.dreamwidth.org
GildedGhoti#7362 = gildedghoti.dreamwidth.org
Lucid#9208 = lucidbunny.dreamwidth.org [particularly heinous offender]
nosoi#4773 = nosoii.dreamwidth.org
celestial#8008 = @bumblebat [particularly heinous offender]

Liv /Olivia / Dreamy_pastel_princess/ @xxx_pinkgothicrose_xxx / pastel-princess / Texlita
Old Milk
>Her ageplay history was exposed
>>156205 >>156225
>claims on tiktok that her ddlg posts were from when she was groomed as a minor
>was caught by lolcow mod for reporting posts and self wking. >>156237 >>156260 >>156394
>same crew continue to shitup threads on cgl and lc >>194116
>someone from her discord drops screencaps of them discussing how to mass report threads mentioning her, despite her saying on tik tok that she isn’t on the boards whatsoever >>194622 , >>194624 , >>194626 , >>194627 , >>194629 , >>194630 , >>194632 , >>194633
>claims her “personal” information is being doxxed, when it’s just screenshots from public accounts or from her own discord
>someone from her group still has a hate boner for mahou.momo >>194633
>different ita from her comm is posted as a derail attempt, but the pic itself was posted on “friends only” mode, so the pool is even more narrowed. Unconfirmed, but highly likely either liv or her pals posted it >>194633

>Proves to be absolutely obsessed with LC and CGL >>252460
Instagram: Dreamy_pastel_princess
Tiktok: @xxx_pinkgothicrose_xx
Youtube: DreamyPastelPrincess

Hannah / Rosequartzroyalty / Ms. Frizzle / discord dastard / Texlita
Old Milk
>Texas Tik Tok Lolita confirmed to be in Liv’s friend groups >>218901
>Openly uses board terminology but also tells ppl to stop going on the boards >>220745 >>223771
>Got posted for shitty hair, and immediately responded via tik tok >>216298 , >>216410
>Outed herself last year as being involved in liv’s mass reporting spree >>224189
>Multiple posters start accusing Alyssa (a fellow texas comm member and akon angelic pretty model) of being the one who posted hannah. >>220976 >>220990
>an attempt at showing proof by comparing phone carrier plans backfires, and reveals it is unlikely to be alyssa >>223333 , >>223319
>screenshots come out showing alyssa was in fact privately shit talking liv and hannah, and making unhinged statements (see alyssa section).
>Hannah’s crew argues with Alyssa's crew, almost saging the thread in less than a month.
>.Proven that she in fact lied about going on boards and engages in bullying >>252763
>Potentially the mentor of nat, which reveals she was aiding in making fun of her instead of helping her
Tiktok: rosequartzroyalty
Instagram: rosequartzroyalty

Beck / beckkattack / 4chan p3d0 lover / racism-kei
>outed as dating a former 4chan mod who is infamous for his connection to “vetting CP” but it seems to be something he and beck enjoy >>246920 >>246951 >>246959
>Into shota / ddlg / pretending to be a widdle boi, and is a raging racist that likes to say n word hard r even in the last few years >>246988 >>246989 >>246991 >>246992 >>246993 >>246999 >>246999 >>247003 >>247005 >>247042 >>247075 >>247153
>cow crossover, she’s the same artist that toast likes >>247042
>follows a plethora of l0lic0n accounts >>247240 >>247241 >>247245 >>247248
Instagram: @beckkattack

DeeDeeZeta / DDZ / LOC attention seeker / perv police
>troll that continues to poke itas for personal amusement >>220460 >>220461
>continues to christ-sperg but then claims it’s just trolling >>217152 >>217271
>Someone (either he or one of her followers) change the old proposed thread pic from 8 to erase her perv past) >>243976 >>244007 >>244009
>spergz about ”muh gunz rights” as seen in thread OP >>243911
>still a lolita reject
Instagram: deedeezeta

Toast Chan / Toast- chaaan / Big teef l0lic0n l0ver / Texlita
>Wannabe e-fame hungry texlita with terrile bangs
>outed as a ddlg/l0lic0n lover >>242670 >>242779 >>242782
>Gets caught posting more sus shit >>251722 >>251725
>e-begs for 3k after a “surgery” despite having a huge wardrobe >>252115
>Doesn’t say what the actual surgery was for >>252125
Instagram: @toastchaaan
Tiktok: @toastchaaan

Lara / larasuzanne
Old Milk
>Ita who wears clothing three sizes too small and got posted in thread 7 >>220931 >>220932 >>220969 >>221276 >>221281 >>221595
>she starts to call people anorexic in response to being posted >>221597 >>221599 >>221603 >>221604 >>222628
>claims to have had a mental health breakdown as a reason for making fun of an eating disorder >>221645
>highly suspected of posting in thread 7 and CGL, but not confirmed >>222362 >>222365
>she starts blocking ppl to try to figure out who is posting her stories to LC, claims it was sp00py and DDZ with no evidence >>222832 >>222833
>continues to claim that people are on burner accounts posting her stories >>224647
>continues to sperg and is currently responding to every post in LC threads made about her
>>226762 >>226764 >>226765 >>226766 >>226769 >>226772 >>226778 >>226838
Instagram: larasuzanne
Tiktok: larasuzanne

Sainte Alkamei / P3d0 Grmer / troon goon**
LM Account: Alchemy And Gold

Sp00pypants / Nat / cancelled by grown women
Old Milk
>Gets kicked out of her comm AND CoF for saying she wouldn’t want to be friends with a troon >>198513
>babylita board releases a statement telling everyone to mass block and/or report her, despite her being a teenager and potentially a minor at the time >>198782, >>198795 , >>198796
>Turns out brandon (therealdrlove / bearded lolita) has been a repetitive creep, lesbian fetishizer, and posts sexual content related to characters drawn as pre-pubescent minors
>nat responds, demands an apology from those that kicked her out and posts proof on her insta >>204185 >>204331
>Made instagram posts about the discord receipts and came forward about how they all essentially groomed her into being a cow they could make fun >>252550 >>252549
>>252548 >>252547 >>252551 >>252553
>Discord receipts prove that they use slurs and/or worse language than nat.
Instagram: @oatmilkchan

>Lor related posts, go to her thread >>>/w/39863

>Account dedicated to posting/outing creeps in the community
>they post toast as a l0lic0n lover kek >>251440
>Posts a girl for being “prejudiced against catholics” despite that having nothing to do with sissies/predators, but wants to make an example out of her >>251455
>>251456 >>251457 >>251460 >>251462 >>251463 >>251464 >>251490 >>251491
>People give GTFO backlash, and they can’t take the heat so they go private >>251521
Instagram: @gtfomyjfash

No. 253128

fucked up the previous thread link

No. 253132

>particularly heinous offenders
can we get some condensed caps on these members? the transcript is insanely long.

No. 253133

these were the people whose caps were either posted in last thread or discussed, go back and skin caps.

more caps will definitely be posted here anyways

No. 253138

what makes the bolded ones noteworthy cows? some of them are obvious but not all of them

No. 253139

OP this is very well done, thank you. Please make all future threads. Only thing is RQR/Hannah should be considered a [particularly heinous offender] too.

No. 253140

Slightly old milk, but adding on that DDZ has done fetish porn videos and is now trying to call out degeneracy >> >>240703

And lovelylor has exposed her audience of minors to hentai and sexual content for years > >>238515

No. 253141

OP bias, ommiting context those slurs were said in or the fact most of them are apparently legitimately retarded and LGBT and have the godgiven right to say the slurs
inb4 im whiteknighting but this thread just became vendetta central

No. 253147

Every thread is biased now apparently kek, more derailing? Glad OP was on it so seagull-chans couldn't leave themselves off.

No. 253150

Most of them are "apparently legitimately retarded"? Kek what are you talking about??

No. 253151

being bi with a boyfriend doesn’t mean u can say fag kek

so they’re allll gay? is that it? and again, beck was using n word hard r, alys excused n word use as being “4chan culture” and that black ppl “suddenly started to care”

It is objectively fucked up to denounce that kind of language on their social media and then pretend that they don’t engage in secret.

No. 253152

forgot, thanks for the reminder! i’ll change my continuous thread update doc for next time. part of me almost doesn’t like talking about ddz because she’s particularly fine with trying to change the narrative.

No. 253154

Hannah and Alyssa are confirmed thread lurkers when it comes to stalking and posting people.

No. 253157

anon where are you getting that from? you are speculating. this thread became akin to a snowball fight.

No. 253159

Wrong. Liv and Hannah are the ones confirmed. Read the logs. Personally the whole Alyssa shit has just seemed like vendetta from Liv this entire time

No. 253165

Well she did sucked on liv’s ass to harass other discord users who were wrongly accused. Guilty by associating

No. 253171

File: 1664743740726.jpeg (271.26 KB, 828x1339, A819C1B1-9BE7-45D8-AD2A-6EA3A0…)

Melissa updated list

No. 253172

File: 1664743773239.jpeg (250.91 KB, 828x1327, 2BED6303-BBB2-432F-8C93-70737F…)

No. 253177

This is quite rich considering lifelibertylolita is a racist

No. 253178

These girls are responsible for bullying community members to kill themselves. There should be no excuse

No. 253181

No. 253182

cap of hannah from last thread >>252763

next time im not spoonfeeding, look through the doc or past thread caps

No. 253184

That’s sad. Anyone involved in their games should be banned and shunned.

No. 253186

Let me check Texas off my list of places to avoid.

No. 253187

who killed themselves nonnie? you have a source for that one?

No. 253188

i think they meant to the point of being suicidal, in this case, Nat.

No. 253190

The fat bitch should look at herself before co signing her coked up bestie to go after obese cows.

No. 253195

Not just Nat, anon.

No. 253198

> the LOC can’t be involved at all!

Yet LOC members are lurking and making a list of everything that was said against them. Smells like vendetta on all sides nonnies. Cows. Cows everywhere.

No. 253199

The fattest and ugliest LOC member, they only keep her there to make the others look better.

No. 253202

so who else then? and who actually said they wanted anyone to kill themself?

No. 253210

File: 1664745394846.jpeg (970.31 KB, 828x1744, A7C84FCF-DC4C-44A2-9919-A79D15…)

It’s always the grease whales going after other grease whales.

No. 253215

Based but wrong messenger

No. 253217

The list she made is literally copied and pasted from what farmers made in the last thread. we're not all LOC.
This is not a cut and dry cows vs cows situation. There are many of us watching with popcorn, you're all retarded. also, ofc LOC will comment since they were mentioned in the discord chat log. A hit dog will holler.

i don't think people realize that everyone who's been mentioned in that log is pissed. Everyone is being notified and it's being shared around in other discords/group chats.

sage for blogging but im in 3 comms (regional) and it's already been shared in all 3. everyone is term searching the log and looking through the links (since a lot of them are still active) to see the screenshots they laugh at.

kek exactly

No. 253222

Wait wait, how has no one caught this. They keep mentioning that there is a "tyler group"

[29-Jul-20 02:44 AM] elipri#5757
Alyssa is now kicked from the Tyler group [poggers]

is tyler in cahoots with them?? She is a texas lolita too. It seems weird for it to be group just to talk about how much they like tyler or something.

No. 253225

maybe its the im telling tyler fb group? i doubt tyler is invovled.

No. 253228

It’s a Facebook group newfag

No. 253235

[29-Jul-20 12:21 AM] Saturn#5252
Viola’s response to someone asking why her “news” video was posted in r/lolita other than her wearing lolita in it


[29-Jul-20 12:22 AM] Saturn#5252
I actually was a bit on the fence approving the post because like the person questioning I was sure if it actually belonged in the sub.

Mod of r/lolita subreddit spotted.

No. 253239

This whole discord thing is quite ACTUALLY #lolitagate

Based leakers.

No. 253240

So they got someone kicked from Tyler's facebook group. Interesting. and let me guess, none of them are going to be kicked out.

No. 253247

Tbh all of them including Alyssa was eating each other alive. Comm mods needs to start booting people apart of this discord shitshow. The only person I feel bad for is Nat bc she was just a minor who was bullied.

No. 253249

That’s two years before the alyssa shit retard

No. 253250

Discord is for mentally ill grown adults

No. 253252

I think this vendetta was being sat on for awhile methinks. They cross post some things but not everything.

No. 253253

The LOC list updates faster than the one posted in the threads. Keep watching it update and it’s obvious

No. 253255

learn to fucking sage, and we already know LOC watches these threads like a hawk, hell they changed last thread OP pic, they're not subtle. them keeping their own up to date list doesn't mean anything, so is everyone else and their mother right now.

No. 253256

2 years before the alyssa shit doesn't mean anything when they're pissed about her throughout that log kek, kinda makes it obvious that she had reasons to dislike them.

No. 253269

> Anyone knwo what's up with the newblita salt mine Alyssa Duncan?

Different Alyssa. Read the logs

No. 253291

Loc Alyssa? She was banned for extreme racism and abuse according to the drama discord

No. 253295

[18-May-21 10:06 AM] elipri#5757
Someone called her a "troon" in the new comm thread and even though normally I'd just roll my eyes it did get a wheeze laff outta me

[18-May-21 10:07 AM] alys#0310
my trans friend said that when we all hang out we can call the serie of pics "little troon adventure"

[03-Apr-22 09:40 AM] Resh#8336
Troons unite!

pretty sure a lot of twans ppl wouldn't like the flippant use of this term. or wait, are these all enbys too? (which tbh, i guess they could be)

No. 253296

File: 1664747825915.png (10.94 KB, 448x339, momo-blamegame.png)

just want to throw this out there.

mods of the server are the ones who started causing the Momo vendetta blame game in these threads. have absolutely no clue what they are referring to regarding beck though.

No. 253299

maybe someone else wants to pick up the puzzle pieces to this story? maybe has something to do with DPP being in that server? she seems to hate everyone and get people constantly blamed for things.

No. 253301

Wow to the point she had to leave social media. I feel bad for everyone these unhinged girls and misogynistic men harassed.

No. 253302

Also momo is still lurking on Instagram despite saying she leaving social media

No. 253311

Now is your chance sainte

No. 253317

File: 1664748301116.png (5.75 KB, 524x173, unhinged-.png)

irony. there's no limit to the shit they talk in this room

No. 253365

That sounds like sarcasm to me but i would not put it past them she brags about breaking a girl nose and loving raw meat about she is a violent individual

No. 253380

FYI Ataraxia (@clearkit) is a Rufflechat mod

No. 253387

Sage for tinfoil but the mods could have started this whole thing by poisoning her against Momo
Her and lala land have issues with each other

No. 253424

Wouldn’t be surprised

No. 253486

Is her username celestial because she's the size of a small planet?

They must not be vetting very well if she was allowed in this "vetted" server. Who are the admins responsible for it?

No. 253520

File: 1664759293761.jpg (2.36 MB, 2485x2485, 22-03-11-21-48-39-111_deco.jpg)

No. 253523

sorry pic is one of the admins

No. 253535

File: 1664759844106.png (1.53 MB, 702x1238, lala50.png)

Pic is Ataraxia

This is LalaLand

No. 253538

File: 1664759932345.png (1.74 MB, 711x1058, lala49.png)

No. 253581

You are a critical fucking moron and posted three different people claiming it's one person. Pic is of kae, and Lucid is not lychee cute. Sloppy job, do better.

No. 253615

why are you both posting the wrong people and censoring their faces?

No. 253616

This incorrect info reeks of derailment

No. 253628

sorry kae and ata sameface

No. 253631

OP forgot to mention Jessi >>252295 She should have gotten an honorable mention for outing the discord and being dumb enough to out herself. Did she end up getting banned?

No. 253632

This. Discord litas seem to be intimidated by anyone prettier, skinnier, or more well liked than them. That’s not a very high bar to pass either.

Nothing on the internet is “private” either. They should have known that at some point someone would leak the seagulls channel. Actual delusion if they thought that no one other than them would see it: They’re just extra dumb for putting their names next to what negative things they are saying. Bragging about being a ~salty chan~ is not a cute look

No. 253633

Someone plz report on the current state of the vetted discord. Are they going at it?? Or did they shut the channel down all together

No. 253638

I did not reach seagull access but the channel still exists as they have a star board where you can see posts
Agreed it is embarrassing
She is gone
Several other people appear to have gone of their own accord or possibly banned or are still taking breaks and mods haven't said much
I hope this trash fire will burn itself out at this point

No. 253641

What's Jessi's discord#? I want to search the logs and see if she's a salty hypocrite

No. 253652

No. 253661

Her face is censored in the original pic

No. 253663

Jessi it's zoomy only = sparklepegasus#1031 = @alovelyspring
She has shit talked her comm

No. 253705

I want to know if the mentee discord has any clue?? or has anyway of knowing ?

bless you nonna. I already noticed that after thread like 7-8, liv and hannah pretty much stopped making tik toks. they use to put tiktoks out like almost every few days, and then they went weeks without a single post after they started getting mentioned frequently.

they know staying quiet helps them bide their time

No. 253732

someone just bumped an ancient fucking lolita lolcow thread, so I'm going to post caps since that seems like derailment.

[10-Jul-19 04:05 PM] ametrine#4707
I’m gonna punch lor

ngl i kek'd at this, because same. BUT this is also hilarious because alyssa (bird.symphonia) vs hannah (ametrine/rosequartzroyalty) was all about how she got kicked from groups because she "threatened violence" (albeit jokingly)toward hannah.

No. 253734

Hypocrites. You can obviously tell who's been behind a lot of this stuff.

No. 253736

Even funnier when this cap exists too

[06-Feb-21 01:35 PM] ametrine#4707
Ppl want lolita clout but they don’t realize what comes with lolita clout

Like her and her crew don’t throw temper tantrums like deranged toddlers on the reg

No. 253738

it was started by scrotes, 1 was admin and 3 were mods iirc and a few itas with strong opinions

No. 253740

Our biggest lolita celebrity should have to address this on social media kek

No. 253741

Hi team,

DO NOT USE NOTEPAD TO OPEN THE GIANT LOG FILE. It'll take two hours and you can't do anything with it.

Download something like notepad++ or vscode:



They feature more advanced searching, and also take like a fraction of a second to open the file unlike notepad. You'll have a much better time doing searches and other stuff with notepad++ or vscode. Just drag the file into either of these.

You're welcome.

No. 253743

notepad only took me a few seconds?? it's so plain formatted it doesn't need to do much work. but that could just be me.

this makes so much sense, seeing as these idiots actually believe misandry exists. Even basic libfem sjw types understand how stupid of a statement that is.

[30-Mar-22 04:50 PM] zepplis#6640
Saying bad vibes and being sus = valid
Flinging slurs around because you have misandry issues = stop it get some help

Or even worse, wanting to a nuke a thread for a moid.

[28-Sep-21 07:21 PM] Radical Eddy#1987
he needs to stop :( this is why newbies shouldn't jump right into cgl. they overshare and get found out so easily

[28-Sep-21 07:22 PM] pastel-princess#0753
He told me he’s gonna get rid of anything incriminating before they can use it against him

[28-Sep-21 07:22 PM] pastel-princess#0753
I’m advising to leave it alone

[28-Sep-21 07:22 PM] zepplis#6640
Tell him to just keep his head down for a bit and itll blow over

[28-Sep-21 07:22 PM] pastel-princess#0753

[28-Sep-21 07:22 PM] zepplis#6640
Ceeg has a short attention span
thistbh (10)

[28-Sep-21 07:22 PM] Aiu#0642
The one blocksite for Chrome is good shit

[28-Sep-21 07:23 PM] zepplis#6640
I do think the thread should be nuked

[28-Sep-21 07:23 PM] zepplis#6640
Its too far off topic, even just ignoring the transphobia and misandry

No. 253752

IIRC Jessi is also JessAnne#4592

No. 253753

Hey team, it's time to enact some social justice today, let's go red twitter!

No. 253755

Pretty sure they know by now. Maybe not the zoomer mentees but the mentors do. Are we advising people to leave CoF, Rufflechat, and EGL Predator Alert since we know those groups are their proxies?

No. 253757

>hi team

??? what the fuck is with this language.

No. 253759

Idk that's what I was mocking in one of the posts you quoted lmfao

No. 253760

Deranged Lolitas. Neither of them is innocent

No. 253764

don't be late for the lolcow lolita corporate team building outing! it will count as a negative mark on your quarterly review.

No. 253766

Will there be a test?? I didn’t study

No. 253770

File: 1664818284079.jpeg (303.4 KB, 828x1025, C815324A-A1D5-4966-A0FD-38051E…)


No. 253771

god gtfomyjfash is so fucking annoying now.

my bets are on it being DDZ or one of her goons. Hating people for their ideology (something they chose) is pretty different from hating them for something they couldn't choose (e.g. sex, race).

No. 253773

File: 1664818801300.png (402.14 KB, 900x900, babythebaitshinesbright.png)

Try as you might to deflect by necroing, samefagging, impersonating, downplaying, you'll still be the milkiest cows here.

No. 253774

Cotton_candy.hime was purposely going around posting vendetta on people and ranting into peoples inbox

No. 253775

Stop mini modding. We can reply about multiple topics.

No. 253786

File: 1664820046280.png (247.32 KB, 640x640, HA1ZvdN.png)

My tinfoil it's someone who knows Ashleigh personally and is fake mad just to post her. They're liking every comment on the post even bad ones kek. The acc posted to the old BtB after watchdog was alrdy made iirc so it's a honey pot like #seagull and Ashleigh was dumb enough to fall for it. Pic related from BtB on 2022 Jan 9th but the acc's oldest post is 2021 Dec 17th.

No. 253795

File: 1664821994589.png (392.06 KB, 1716x375, pathetic.png)

The mods on this server are such pick me's, I genuinely don't get how people can jack off men this hard.

No. 253798

Lmaoooo imaging wking men this hard.
I actually don’t think they care about trans people in lolita but care more about getting asspats for being uwu inclusive

No. 253806

Sage for it being from 2018 but I found this interesting. Is @tokkigo even white?

[25-Jun-18 01:07 PM] tokkigo#7380
i got removed from my last modding position and im hungri for Power

[25-Jun-18 01:08 PM] Lala Land#7138

[25-Jun-18 01:08 PM] Lala Land#7138
yall wanna make people talk?

[25-Jun-18 01:08 PM] Lala Land#7138
ping the fukk outta some people that don't

[25-Jun-18 01:08 PM] Lala Land#7138
how about kuekuekuri

[25-Jun-18 01:08 PM] tokkigo#7380
this dude who hates me and my friend who was also a mod spun an elaborate tale about how i was actually a white supremacist it was wild but anyway

[25-Jun-18 01:09 PM] Lala Land#7138
i wonder why jess only answer in like one words

[25-Jun-18 01:09 PM] tokkigo#7380
the admin was like If i defend u i might look bad so bye :'—( silly

No. 253808

What are you recalling this from exactly? They're two different people, shit for brains.

No. 253864

File: 1664826703364.jpg (55.97 KB, 1080x321, AllysonLanter.jpg)

[20-Apr-19 10:29 PM] kDycu💯💯#8226
I'm so findable on the internet

[20-Apr-19 10:29 PM] kDycu💯💯#8226
Luckily idgaf

Glad you don't care seattle comm mod Allyson Lanter (FB) = cardinalcopia#8144/kDycu💯💯#8226 (Discord) = @kdycu (IG), PastelPastries (LM).

No. 253904

Surprised no one has mentioned Tiffany yet

No. 253926

bro get off that hamster cage PC

thanks for helping the other grass eating pcs tho

No. 253931

I personally would not want to partake in some power hungry admin's group, that has a side career in shit talking the people they are over.

No. 253953

>[13-Sep-17 10:36 PM] kDycu💯💯#8226
>-criss cross apple sauce-
please give us applesauce, nonny

No. 253970

she got caught talking shit about someone who was in the server KEK

[12-Aug-19 07:33 PM] kDycu100100#8226
I'm sorry.

[12-Aug-19 07:34 PM] alys#0310
Duck don't be

[12-Aug-19 07:34 PM] alys#0310
you couldnt have known

[12-Aug-19 07:34 PM] alys#0310
And you apologized

thistbh (3)

[12-Aug-19 07:35 PM] alys#0310
It's a seagull channel we ALL shit talk and she did too. Your post was super tame and you handled the situation as calmly as you could. She was unreasonable

[12-Aug-19 07:37 PM] zepplis#6640
Like yeah its understandable she was upset but you didnt know and you apologized and asked how to make it right. She just refused to listen to you.

[12-Aug-19 07:38 PM] alys#0310
Yeah! It's reasonable of her to be upset,but not to that lenght especially after you explained it was a mistake and apologized

[12-Aug-19 08:03 PM] d0a1a8#6603
We didn't talk much when we met, but I can tell you're a good person Ducky. We all have moments and missteps and it's not on you if they can't handle themselves properly.

[12-Aug-19 08:05 PM] d0a1a8#6603
You said you were genuinely sorry and she decided to be hateful instead. You did what you could and that's what makes the difference between you and a genuine booli who rage quits and tells everyone they're "embarrassing".

[12-Aug-19 08:13 PM] Spider#8888
I've had people post stuff I said here without knowing I was here and have some snarky comment and all I'd say is "thats me lol whooooops" and that'd be that, because MUCH LIKE TOKKI I've definitely said some shitty things to people/clowned on them here so itd be pretty lame of me to draw the line at someone doing it to me

[12-Aug-19 08:13 PM] Spider#8888
idk man like it really wasn't even that big a deal but she came in swinging HARD

[12-Aug-19 08:17 PM] Reira#5451
Think ducky left

[12-Aug-19 08:20 PM] Spider#8888
she did

[12-Aug-19 08:20 PM] d0a1a8#6603
Aw :(

[12-Aug-19 08:22 PM] theia#2434
she said she would be back

No. 253976

>"You did what you could and that's what makes the difference between you and a genuine booli who rage quits and tells everyone they're "embarrassing"."
>booli rage quits

No. 253983

File: 1664831050159.png (148.09 KB, 1170x356, image0 (2).png)

[16-Jun-21 04:34 PM] pastel-princess#0753
I mentioned it once in the gc when a couple other people talked about it

[16-Jun-21 04:34 PM] pastel-princess#0753
And a couple of my really close friends know

[16-Jun-21 04:35 PM] pastel-princess#0753
But I’m not vocal about it for obvious reasons

Is this what she blamed on Momo? She admitted in a public group chat.

No. 253985

File: 1664831190693.png (26.56 KB, 598x625, EmeraldCityShitTalker.png)

here's a call out to the Mod of the Seattle group.

No. 253988


No. 253990

obvi psychotic vendetta, i'm going back to pixielocks thread

No. 253992

which name are you in the log, so we know who to have a vendetta against?

No. 253994

Can someone list the discord mods?

No. 254004

trying to make this look so0o uninteresting is not working btw. literally everyone is discussing it. this chat log is what's psychotic.


this you?

[20-Jul-21 08:52 PM] Aiu#0642
I think I only watch the Pixielocks thread and the lolita thread, and if anything comes up on the Lor thread

No. 254005

Oooo I bet it is, this just got juicy.

No. 254008

You guys are retarded, I’m going to the troon thread

No. 254010

>the troon thread
So you're an aiden as you assume there is only one, your kind isn't welcome wanna be man, you're just an evolution of pick me for the modern era.

No. 254012

this bitch kek, i was in the seattle comm years ago before moving away shortly after, she was honestly so rude and unpleasant half the time to so many other comm members. sad that she's well into her thirties and still is the exact same as way back then, but many such cases

No. 254013

schizoid behavior i'm no one on there either, downloading five years of logs is psychotic anon

No. 254014

Whatever Blaine

No. 254017

Ever heard of whistleblowing? This chat log is made up mods from most of our largest community platforms. Hell hannah alone moderates like more than 5 places, and has dominion over a large chunk of the western fairy kei community.

In that chatlog alone there's:
R/lolita mod
Cof mod
multiple comm mods for large metropolitan areas
multiple discord comm mods
Babylita mods

and probably a few more. I'm glad there was one nut (jessi) who had the cajones to download that much. Better for us. Now gtfo.

No. 254018

The thing that gets me about lolitagate is that none of this would have been a problem if the people involved didn't actively contribute to the culture making it a problem in the first place.
Back in the day, everyone hung out on gtfomyegl and it was no big deal and you wouldn't get cancelled for it. /cgl/ was similar. Then people LIKE THE PEOPLE IN THESE LOGS decided everyone needed to be uwu I don't look at drama! /cgl/ is evil! And cancel everyone involved, all while still shittalking but in private now. But none of that would have been necessary if they hadn't propped up cancel culture uwu all lolitas are lovelies nonsense in the first place. None of this would have been an issue. No fucking sympathy. Just be honest and stop pretending you have some moral high ground. Stop participating in cancel culture and acting like you care about SJW crap when every study ever done on it shows the vast majority of people don't give a shit about it and only pretend to for show. People are literally virtual signaling to other people who don't even care, and those people just pretend to care so they don't get cancelled by the other people who don't actually care either. It's insane and pathetic. Everybody involved in this needs to take a hard fucking look at themselves.

No. 254019

Not reading all of that

No. 254023

Based. Let's rebuild.

No. 254024

I find it more schizoid to be in a room openly talking shit about other people, speculating about anonymous posts on the internet, and then blaming other people for the same things you're doing. Paranoid schizophrenic enough to start pointing the fingers at everyone claiming they are a *~*stalker*~*

No. 254025

I think too many of these girls (and nlog tifs) were too focused on having their mean girls moment or hiding their own cow behavior (liv and beck kek) And their ~exclusive~ chat
It would be really funny if this was some random troll and now she's confirmed it
It's okay I know you are used to discord having a text limit
Look guyz! I can say troon and retard! Clearly I'm not a newfag!!!
The amount of them trying to derail this thread is sad At least some of you all are finally fucking saging

No. 254027

THIS. part of what makes the hypocrisy deep is what they stated on their own fucking pages, tik toks, etc, is not congruent with what they’ve stated in that log. They took positions of leadership where they could dictate the culture, while allowing themselves a free pass. In their logs they say they’re against the concept of pretending that all “lolotos are luvlies” but this chat log wouldn’t be that wild if they weren’t making exceptions for themselves to talk shit.

i mean why was alyssa (bird.symphonia) cancelled by them for whining in her own group chats? by their own omission in >>253970 “everyone does it”

No. 254028

because they are power hungry bitches that think they overrule the entire community, so they get to talk smack about everyone else.

No. 254029

File: 1664842573545.png (35.92 KB, 1183x407, unknown.png)

>I found out she posts on CGL and Lolcow and so I deleted them
>YOU SAY IN YOUR CGL SERVER OMG these bitches are retarded

No. 254033

She’s a massive shittard In other servers and helped them bully others

No. 254034


Actual caps anon?? alyssa isn’t a part of seagulls

No. 254037

who even fucking is pisschan? if you're going to call someone you were friends this forever, you just look like an asshat

No. 254038

File: 1664845438213.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 94.58 KB, 678x960, A866EF8E-94BA-43CB-A338-96B278…)

Just say you’re new if you don’t know who dollsmeat/pisschan is

No. 254039

I don't follow LCF shit, assume a lot of people are visitors due to #LolitaGate

Thanks for sauce.

No. 254041

Tbh not all the girls in there do that, I don’t think some of them deserve to be in the OP. But the worst offenders are massive hypocrites.

No. 254043

Well, unfortunately with no one telling anyone something is too far this is where things end up. There's a point where this stuff crosses a line and you're guilty by association.

No. 254044

If you didn't shit talk or sound crazy, then you have nothing to worry about. There is a lot of crazy unhinged shit in #seagull.

No. 254052

There’s plenty of people in seagulls who don’t contribute and just observe the shitshow take place and laugh.

No. 254081

How could I forget her other acc @strawberrynouveau (IG) kek.

No. 254087

Ew dreamy tabby is still relevant? Kek

No. 254092

Are you posting 4 different people and calling them the same person on purpose? PastelPastries, kdycu, and strawberrynouveau are different people, and I don’t think the facebook girl is even in the server.

No. 254096

My tinfoil is that people are posting misinformation in this thread to deflect attention from themselves. For example JessAnne#4592 IS NOT @jess.in.pink, @theodore.kittycat >>253127

No. 254104

The same was happening when anon was posting about these girls >>253520

No. 254105

That is LalaLand. What are you mixed up about?

No. 254130

No it's not you retard if we want to cancel them in the public eye do your research better

No. 254135

She looks white. I wonder who she's talking about here

No. 254136

File: 1664885537228.png (8.63 MB, 1242x2208, FA2F1040-2B42-4EE7-B636-F41DFC…)

agreed it’s getting obvious. maybe the first time was an accident but c’mon.

also, dollsmeat made posts about what happened. make sure to check people’s instagrams, a lot of people are posting their 2 cents on the situation, especially if they or someone they’re friends with were mentioned.

No. 254138

Lol what are they talking about? Telling a bullied person they're "deciding to be hateful" is such cunty behavior

This, someone is posting the wrong pictures as deflection.

No. 254139

File: 1664886180303.png (7.89 MB, 1242x2208, E3CC1FC9-3424-4F81-8D07-A7DFEC…)

No. 254140

File: 1664886526055.png (7.9 MB, 1242x2208, 7FFD3FD3-90F2-4097-9FFB-FEE7F2…)

No. 254142

File: 1664886936997.png (7.9 MB, 1242x2208, 14016A58-001A-48BB-8A58-3392D4…)

No. 254143

Coming from a girl who pissed herself

No. 254147

loads of people are depressed and suicidal yet they dont piss themselves and post it on social media

No. 254149

yeesh here comes the brigade. i’m pretty sure her pissing outside isn’t the main problem as funny/gross as it is.

it’s the fact that they made fun of her behind her back while claiming to be her friend. no matter what, that’s slimey.

No. 254152

I’d do the same too. People like this would suicide bait people who says wjat they’re doing is unhinged and disgusting

No. 254153

Says the retard with misinfo

No. 254155

More derailment from the discord fuckfaces. You gonna bully this piss girl some more now? It's obvious who is obsessed with her, puff

No. 254156

This. Obvious vendetta post.

No. 254157

Puff, we're not you're personal army. This is old milk. You backstabbed a friend.

No. 254158

ayrt, uh you do realize that those posts are ABOUT the discord girls??? trust me, im not derailing, she's literally talking about them.

No. 254159

she posted these literally yesterday, and she's discussing the discord dolls, how is this old milk?? They're still on her IG story.

No. 254160

This. I found several people from my comm and they were chill so I pretend I do not see.

No. 254161

Any information on who Spider#8888 is??? She's just as bad as alys.

No. 254162

There a few more who partaken on harassing others but they’re trying to cover themselves with other people being thrown under the bus. If only IP is shown on 4chan on the harassment coming from a few Texlitas involved in telling people to self harm

No. 254163

[16-Jun-21 06:17 PM] pastel-princess#0753
Someone’s now trying to say I’ve posted on Reddit about it?? But I haven’t touched that app in years and certainly never on any ddlg subs

[16-Jun-21 06:17 PM] Aiu#0642
they have no proof

I just thought this was funny KEK

No. 254164

I hope people can start reporting this to get these psychopaths booted after recent stalking and harassment.

No. 254165

[16-Jun-21 06:12 PM] pastel-princess#0753
How would anyone have ever even talked to my boyfriend?
His interaction with the community has been limited to me and my best friend and the one time he helped our comm clean up after a meet

[16-Jun-21 06:12 PM] pastel-princess#0753
And I literally bully ddlgers on the regular

[16-Jun-21 06:12 PM] zepplis#6640
theyre making shit up to make shit worse

[16-Jun-21 06:13 PM] Cookie Cat#7077
don't even try t ofigure it out, they're throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks

thistbh (12)

[16-Jun-21 06:13 PM] zepplis#6640
let them be unhinged

[16-Jun-21 06:13 PM] Cookie Cat#7077

[16-Jun-21 06:13 PM] zepplis#6640
it makes the rest of what they say sound less plausible

[16-Jun-21 06:13 PM] celestial#8008
yeah you literally publicly bully ddlgers all the time

The fact that she kept trying to lie to all of them even AFTER someone said they found her shit on reddit. not bright.

No. 254167

annoyed at how many ppl are trying to say they're "all retarded and gay so it's totally not hypocritical that they cancelled nat for using a slur once and they're using slurs in their discord chat!!11"

I just searched the words "my boyfriend" in that chat log and half of these bitches are/were dating men while saying faggot/fag. Last time i checked, bi girls with men don't get a fag pass KEK

No. 254168

I’ve seen many Lolitas being groomed to ddlg at minors and turn against ddlg. If this is true then I do feel bad for her. Other than the SW shit I cannot understand

No. 254170

if she did it as a kid (which is what it sounds like) and she got out of it, that's fair. However she showed no mercy to anyone else regardless of their age if they participated in DDLG.

Isn't it funny that she gets forgiven for romanticizing pedophilia because she was a teen, but nat saying something "transphobic" (against a man who only identifies as a man) was unforgiveable?

No. 254172

Nat and her were both younger and groomed. Nat got a little more shit for being a young feminist teen and made fun of out of no where.

No. 254173

even if she did pee herself, which the photo makes clear she didn't kek, who cares? Wasn't she also a minor while all this was happening?

No. 254174

Don’t care. Not buying brand or clothes from a minor who pisses herself

No. 254176

We defending piss and ddlg Fetishist? Get over it

No. 254177

If both the ddlg stuff and the sex work was at the same time she would have been like 16 based on the time stamps which is honestly really sad

No. 254179

it is, but why is she the only one who gets compassion? she's shown one of that to anyone else in similar predicaments. nat was allegedly groomed as well and reacting to that.

No. 254181

[07-May-20 06:53 PM] Lucid#9208
I've been tempted by Mary Magdalene replicas before, but I can't get myself to actually buy them.

a mentor/vetted discord server that has replica lovers? kek.

No. 254183

Nat deflecting real hard here, all you have to do is google her reddit account or look at her account through an archival website to find years worth of her posting on TERF websites.

No. 254185

Id rather terfs be in the community than ageplayers

No. 254188

Agreed, but if you’re going to be a terf at least be proud of it and not try to pretend it was only a one time thing.

No. 254190

no one is asking you to, that is your right. I probably wouldn't either just because she always looked dirty.
Sure, I am defending peeing (not sure where you read DDLG), because who hasn't peed outside during a night out with friends after everything is closed, or in this case in a place that has no bathroom. I think it's absolutely retarded to post online, but like I originally said, wasn't she a minor? Minors do dumb shit, it's really not thats serious.

No. 254191

what shit advice, but whatever justifies misogyny I guess

No. 254196

Are anons reeally trying to say peeing outside is a degen act?? Kek you gotta be kidding me.

No. 254197

a minor shouldn't be posting herself pissing at all

No. 254198

Think the confusion is cause Nat was posting Allyson Lanter in her story who is a Seattle mod and is @strawberrynouveau.
cardinalcopia#8144 = @kdycu, aka Ari/Arianne Golding who was/is a Seattle mod too and was in that server.

No. 254200

This. She was based but soon acted autistic

No. 254201

Also samefag but @strawberrynouveau is PastelPastries on LM. So it's 2 ppl being confused for each other.

No. 254205

File: 1664901321909.png (436.8 KB, 946x1150, dollsmeat.png)

dollsmeat/bambisbum/xxflowerviolencexx/Rosie K/Rose Rain is 25 years old. it's in her bio. her depop handle is still bambisbum, where she has her full name.

she was taking pictures of herself pissing while she was 23-24. >>109410

from what i see in the discord logs, the drama with alys started in 2020, when she was 23.

dollsmeat was also selling her nudes at age 21 under the handle bambisbum, and called other cgl posters "bulemic ho bags"

>inb4 puff

alys is too dumb to actually dig up info, all she does is talk shit. i feel sorry for nat but piss chan was not a minor. she is unhinged and disgusting.

No. 254206

Alexandra Arachne, the RCU admin

No. 254207

File: 1664901392418.jpg (Spoiler Image, 387.55 KB, 1242x1883, dollsmeat2.jpg)

spoiler for nsfw

No. 254208

File: 1664901425113.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.46 MB, 512x512, bambisbum3.gif)

No. 254209

File: 1664901614068.png (Spoiler Image, 212.31 KB, 689x1802, dollsmeat4.png)

caps from when she was defending herself

No. 254211

and here's the first instance piss chan is mentioned in the logs:

[21-May-20 01:39 PM] Aiu#0642
her name is familiar cause she said or did something recently that annoyed me

[21-May-20 01:39 PM] alys#0310
i was friend with her and pisschan back when they were still decent on the old school server but she started getting SERIOUSLY on my nerves

[21-May-20 01:39 PM] alys#0310
along with piss chan

[21-May-20 01:40 PM] alys#0310
then i learned about their cgl vendetta endeavors,and that was the breaking point,just deleted them and never looked back

[21-May-20 01:40 PM] alys#0310
if you're gonna be a bitch,don't bother to put on a cute/sweet façade,you coward

No. 254212

File: 1664901775961.jpeg (123.65 KB, 640x854, dollsmeat5.jpeg)

and repost of the old thread pic of dollsmeat/piss chan from >>109410

No. 254216

What a fatty

No. 254218

Isn’t there a old school group chat? I’m sure the discord shit crew will leak it

No. 254222

File: 1664903138600.jpeg (298.53 KB, 828x1008, F5FB1098-669B-46EE-85A4-7707E1…)

Sex and Lolita.

No. 254224

File: 1664903427277.jpeg (221.01 KB, 828x1018, 537B10DE-AEC6-49AF-B693-930980…)

Nat if she was on drugs and worshipped men to use her

No. 254225

thank you anon, I was assuming because of her behavior and ability to dress herself kek.

No. 254227

This community is anti-age regression you fucktard. Take your cringe diaper wearing shitty-ass elsewhere.

No. 254233

why the fuck would you admit that holy shit
every agereg freak who cries “it’s not sexual!!1!11!!!1” always ends up being a degen kinkster too
gtfo of our community

No. 254234

Please leave.

No. 254241

fb located
alys#0310 = @digitalangel96 / alys.sweetpea.5


No. 254244

seems like alys and her were already fighting by that point imo

No. 254245

neither of these look like lolita

No. 254246

No. 254248

pastel-princess#0753 = @marshmallowbnuy / olivia.engro


No. 254250

please the bxw one is literally a meta skirt

No. 254251

pyuukin#4112 = @pyuukin /
Kim Amber Oppelaar


No. 254253

celestial#8008 = @bumblebat
/ theecelestialteapot (Kaye Celestial)

No. 254265

ataraxia#7301 = @clearkit
sparklepegasus#1031 = @alovelyspring
kuroeko#0558 = @kuroekoo
Rin#7875 = @tartan.rin
tokkigo#7380 = @tokkigo
_kurako__#5711 = @_kurako__
ayo_atomic#8042 = @ayo_atomic
kae#4687 = @gobelin_angel

No. 254266

Nice derail, go back to ageplaying, alys

No. 254280

how is correcting misinformation derailing? are you saying 25 year old camwhores are minors now?

No. 254281

old milk, only alys cares to correct this garbage. no one else cares, topic at hand is alys not her pissfriend

No. 254282

again, not her, but sorry your attempt to make yourself look like a victim backfired, rose.

No. 254285

stop derailing with old milk. no one fucking cares. alys is far more of a shitlord than her pissfriend.

No. 254287

It’s going to be funny when IPs drop

No. 254289

yeah, you can easily obtain those from discord, right?

No. 254290

drop IPs, let's compare them to the discord server users.

No. 254291

The discord server, Texas Lolitas, and itas needs to be held responsible for community bullying which started to worsen recently.

No. 254295

if only jessi used developer mode to get the proper ID so that we could resolve IPs faster. Now it's kind of a convoluted process I think.

No. 254297

Not really. Discord doesn't mask your IP at all.

No. 254298

very late reply, but if you look at DDZ's section, it's already kinda mentioned.

literally this. was anyone really saying pee girl was a minor? The minor contradiction lies in Liv and her crew calling out nat when half of them admit to doing weird and offensive shit in their teens.

No. 254301

Will law enforcement beat down the discord bitches and LOC doors?

No. 254302

Nat posted her dildo fucking another girl.

No. 254303

File: 1664913955941.png (177 KB, 1152x1130, A89B7F6E-88F2-477D-9EAD-C1E389…)

it’d be funny to see tiktoklitas react to finding out that ms lala, main mod of the vetted AND mentoring servers, doesn’t respect their nonbinaries

No. 254306

unfortunately after bringing her gun to a meet, Nat has died in a dildo-related accident. please have some respect.

No. 254308

You could say she…. got strapped (both kinds)

No. 254309

please be more sensitive about someone who committed seppukku

No. 254311

File: 1664915194708.jpeg (358.42 KB, 828x1012, 5B8C4F14-89EB-4C59-80CF-E7DADC…)

No. 254313

Dat jaw doe

No. 254324


Based tho

No. 254326

[15-Aug-22 01:20 PM] melomania#8041
Also if it's so bad that you feel the need to post it to CGL, why not offer some concrit? It's in the channel description

[15-Aug-22 01:22 PM] celestial#8008
because they're internet weirdos who have no interest in the community and making it better, they just wanna bully people for fun

>they say in a channel dedicated to bullying people including each other kek

No. 254336

nice deflect.

[05-Feb-22 01:36 PM] alys#0310
i left quickly because it was overall so negative and they wouldn't shut the fuck up about feminist issues, trans people, men, or they would argue about bisexuals (bishits as they called them lol, goes to show how pleasant they were) and goldstar lesbians and who was the dykest of them al

[31-Oct-21 12:31 PM] rougeaerie#2278
anon called me a dyke, I'm quitting lolita 5EVAR

[09-Sep-21 06:59 AM] alys#0310
also i love how something that was usually for sapphic women got turned into "ummm it's all those white dyke bitches wearing it, they're just colonizing something for sure"

[22-Feb-18 06:03 PM] Charyb#5508
faggot probably

[08-Jan-20 12:42 PM] alys#0310
please make the faggotry stop

[20-Jun-20 01:28 PM] alys#0310
ah yeah,sorry,forgot that if you don't call someone a faglicious faggot or something you're a librul

[12-Nov-20 11:33 AM] alys#0310
they call p much anything and anyone a "tranny faggot nigger jew", add or take some words away

[04-Apr-21 05:49 PM] zepplis#6640
but they liked a post that said "nigga" and people are up in arms

No. 254337

obligatory "these are not in order"

No. 254338

These girls are really out here accusing everyone of -isms and -phobias while throwing down every slur they possibly can in the chat

No. 254340

But… they’re right. I wouldn’t call this making fun of non-binary people, it reads like they’re making fun of dumb pronouns. I’m nb and I think tiktok pronouns are cringe

No. 254341

[11-Feb-18 12:05 PM] MightyMage#8983
My gender is socks, everyone please respect me

[11-Feb-18 12:05 PM] Rin#7875
I identify as an apachi helicoptor

[11-Feb-18 12:05 PM] Aiu#0642

No. 254342

Don't admit that on this site newfag, also sage your shit.

No. 254369

idk what's already been posted. searched the word "troon." by reading these logs a lot of their beliefs seem really terfy so idk why they suddenly changed on a dime and started caring about transphobia sometime between 2020-2021, despite never abiding by anyone's pronouns in these logs
[03-Apr-22 09:39 AM] Resh#8336
I feel weird talking about people's appearences and like i get dysphoria/dysmorphia but from this picture she seems to pass & look perfectly fine. Of course what you see and what other see is anothr thing but half the time people posting you aren't doing it for good reasons

tru (8)

[03-Apr-22 09:39 AM] zepplis#6640
Ah, they also came after her on ceeg

[03-Apr-22 09:40 AM] PaperSnowflakes#8415
This is because she got top surgery, twice I think? Like that is the size she wanted

[03-Apr-22 09:40 AM] Rococo#5833
Sigh. She just needs bangs, fluffier petticoat, and better fitted bodices

thistbh (8)

[03-Apr-22 09:40 AM] Lucid#9208
If that's what makes her happy, then I don't see that as a bad thing.

[03-Apr-22 09:40 AM] Resh#8336
her coording idk her but is a different storry and from what ive seen on CGL cis or trans if someone doesn't like you we're all eventually troons

[03-Apr-22 09:40 AM] Resh#8336
Troons unite!

No. 254371

based nat. two girls posing crudely for fun, idc. not milky. she’s a lesbian just lesbianing. nice deflect tho.

No. 254373

>"troons unite"

…is this not the same kind of shit Nat was canceled for???

No. 254374

She was really fat here

No. 254375

A landwhale in captivity.

No. 254376

Whose Resh?

No. 254377


No. 254378

But aren’t they troons anyways?

No. 254381

You're right its @gomuffygo

No. 254382

[29-Jan-21 07:51 PM] Aiu#0642
just lurking around I am now hearing more stories that Tyler may not be as nice irl as previously expected. Idk, I am still bitter at her for throwing UK lolitas under the bus a few months ago

thistbh (5)

[29-Jan-21 07:51 PM] zepplis#6640
More stories?

[29-Jan-21 07:51 PM] Kia#1006
I meant Lor seemed nice IRL, not Tyler

[29-Jan-21 07:51 PM] Aiu#0642

[29-Jan-21 07:52 PM] Kia#1006
She was apparently really weird around all of the black lolitas at a Puvi tea

I am LIVING for all of the other potential unconnected milk in their chatlog. Like literally every piece of drama from these 10 past threads are mentioned in here, it's too fucking good.

I found this tyler accusation interesting. This chat log section is from BEFORE her video defending lor about the accidental like fiasco, by only like a week. She is allegedly from an intense southern bible thumper background so she might be fighting some inner demons kek, who knows.

No. 254383

[02-Aug-22 09:49 AM] Aiu#0642
Ppl can do so many things and instead choose to be hateful on the internet for extended periods of time. Very sad and lame

[02-Aug-22 11:11 AM] kuru#4717
It is really sad

[02-Aug-22 11:11 AM] kuru#4717
It's like get a life dude

>the irony

No. 254384

sounds like you're onto who started shit

No. 254386

yes, they’re right that neopronouns are stupid. and they’re right in >>252298 to make fun of perma-itas and anyone trying to make ‘drag lolita’ a thing. but like >>254369 said it’s the speed and intensity with which these girls changed their beliefs, starting around mid-2020, to suddenly be woke. and what’s worse acting like they were woke all along and cutting out anyone they deem not woke enough. or using it as an excuse to cut out girls they just don’t like. that’s why newcomers should know they’re two-faced.

No. 254387

People who do that shit deserve the wall tbh.

No. 254388


[02-Oct-17 07:36 PM] 🍩𝖉𝖔𝖓𝖚𝖙🍩#3234
Im not calling a man not on hormones or surgery or that's even trying to look like a woman a woman

[02-Oct-17 07:37 PM] 🍩𝖉𝖔𝖓𝖚𝖙🍩#3234
Pls stop policing my language

[02-Oct-17 07:37 PM] 🍩𝖉𝖔𝖓𝖚𝖙🍩#3234

[02-Oct-17 07:37 PM] Claradwor#6000

[02-Oct-17 07:38 PM] Claradwor#6000
I disagree with her behaviour and will mock her for that but transphobia has no place here

[02-Oct-17 07:38 PM] 🍩𝖉𝖔𝖓𝖚𝖙🍩#3234
I have no problem with trans people but that's a man. And a sissy pervert if anything.

[02-Oct-17 07:39 PM] 🍩𝖉𝖔𝖓𝖚𝖙🍩#3234
Calling that a woman is an insult to actual trans women

[02-Oct-17 07:39 PM] 🍩𝖉𝖔𝖓𝖚𝖙🍩#3234
and women

[02-Oct-17 07:39 PM] Lala Land#7138
I think the point is that they seem like perhaps not getting a grasp on gender and are trans for attention seeking behaviour

[02-Oct-17 07:40 PM] 🍩𝖉𝖔𝖓𝖚𝖙🍩#3234
^I can accept that too, I believe those type of people are giving a really bad name to trans-persons who have actual gender dysphoria

[02-Oct-17 07:40 PM] Lala Land#7138
but i wouldn't know 100%

[02-Oct-17 07:41 PM] Charyb#5508
@🍩𝖉𝖔𝖓𝖚𝖙🍩 how much do you actually know about the transgender process

[02-Oct-17 07:41 PM] 🍩𝖉𝖔𝖓𝖚𝖙🍩#3234
I'm not saying everyone should get bottom surgery and I understand why a lot don't

[02-Oct-17 07:41 PM] Charyb#5508
there are a lot of legitimate reasons for someone who seriously has dysphoria and identifies as a woman, to NOT get surgery, or even go on hormones

[02-Oct-17 07:42 PM] 🍩𝖉𝖔𝖓𝖚𝖙🍩#3234
Yeah I get that

[02-Oct-17 07:42 PM] Charyb#5508
hormones can fuck up your body a lot

[02-Oct-17 07:42 PM] chapter#4758
pulling out one's genitals in public sounds like mental illness but it costs us nothing to use whatever pronouns that person wants

[02-Oct-17 07:42 PM] 🍩𝖉𝖔𝖓𝖚𝖙🍩#3234
If you're so willing to show people your dick

[02-Oct-17 07:42 PM] Charyb#5508
I'm just as iffy about them being a pervert instead of trans

[02-Oct-17 07:42 PM] 🍩𝖉𝖔𝖓𝖚𝖙🍩#3234
are you really…. ashamed of it or have dysphoria over it?

[02-Oct-17 07:43 PM] 🍩𝖉𝖔𝖓𝖚𝖙🍩#3234
That doesn't make sense to me at all

[02-Oct-17 07:43 PM] Charyb#5508
but keep in mind that for many people that may not be the case

[02-Oct-17 07:43 PM] Charyb#5508
[10:36 PM] Imouto: Im not calling a man not on hormones or surgery or that's even trying to look like a woman a woman

[02-Oct-17 07:43 PM] Charyb#5508
hormones, surgery, effort to look like

[02-Oct-17 07:43 PM] Charyb#5508
legit reasons to not do the first, and the third, well

[02-Oct-17 07:43 PM] 🍩𝖉𝖔𝖓𝖚𝖙🍩#3234

[02-Oct-17 07:43 PM] Charyb#5508
depression or "I'll never look how Iwant" can kill the latter

[02-Oct-17 07:44 PM] Charyb#5508

[02-Oct-17 07:44 PM] Lala Land#7138
>.> i mean i still call possible faking it for attention seeking purposes

No. 254389


Lala land agrees with "transphobic rhetoric"

No. 254391


more interesting findings lol

[07-Jul-20 07:09 AM] chockie#3660
also i still worry about getting #cancelled for transphobia because of those comments i made on that one now deleted thread about lolotos being instinctively more suspicious cis men and trans women

[07-Jul-20 07:10 AM] chockie#3660
that was like a couple years ago now and i still stand by what i said (and they were one of the most liked responses in the thread before it got delet) but there were a few folks in the replies saying i'm a disgusting transphobe

[07-Jul-20 07:12 AM] chockie#3660
iirc i said the sad reality of it is that lolita attracts so many unsavory types and sexual predators it probably developed as a safety thing, and said predators love to use the trans label to protect themselves throwing actual trans folks under the bus in the process

[07-Jul-20 07:15 AM] Cake#9854
no I get you.
it's a problem that people who aren't familiar with the problems our community has (or doesn't want to believe them) can't fathom.


[07-Jul-20 07:16 AM] chockie#3660
it was in rufflechat iirc

[07-Jul-20 07:16 AM] The_Kraken#0878
the thing is the longer its ignore the worse it gets. Like the more people tell you you are just a transphobe and dont give a damn about your experiances and feelings the more disenchanted people will feel. I mentioned being harrassed in a changing room by a sissy and got told sissy is a fetish cis women made up to be transphobic 🙂

[07-Jul-20 07:16 AM] chockie#3660
and the people i was arguing with seemed to think i was conflating sissies with trans women and i was like no that's explicitly not the point

[07-Jul-20 07:16 AM] chockie#3660
ugh kraken that's horrible i'm sorry

No. 254397

Wait, is donut also cake? "Donut" was part of cake's previous @ and I've had similar converstions with her IRL about this

No. 254398

I assume so Cake's LM is donutdemon

No. 254402

[02-Feb-21 10:57 AM] harmlessmonster#7160
the twitter lolitas are always saying they deal with slurs and racism daily in the lolita community. i’ve never seen any of that outside of cgl

thistbh (8)


No. 254403

I need to know what Tyler thinks about discordgate, has she responded to any of this? I mean it would be highly unwise to touch this with a bargepole but I'd also love to hear her take on this

No. 254404

I think she’s embarrassed at the state of Texas comms and the lolita community at this point

No. 254407

You mean her ita comm full of unhinged lolitas bullying people and being loud at every space?

No. 254408

What’s her comm again?

No. 254409

POST SCREENCAPS. No anon should believe anything that an anon can edit themselves. Screenshot these posts, anon, within Discord.

No. 254411

Before ANY of them try to say "The harm was made when this chat was shared, this was all private, how could it have hurt anyone!"

1)A lot of y'all are mods/comm leaders, you don't get to heckle your community members. comes with the title.
2)There's over 40 of you in one fucking discord group chat. That's NOT private. Nobody would want their style/coords mocked by a group that large (especially with people in positions of power).

No. 254412

>Screenshot these posts, anon, within Discord
fuck off seagull newfag

No. 254413

It's not from the actual discord page it's from a text file. i've been rechecking all of these into the f search bar and they all match the main copy I have.

No. 254414

They can't be screenshot in discord, the leak is a text file downloaded from the original server.

No. 254415

Lol that’s cgl but in a private group. Who care About the unhinged dramawhores anyways

No. 254416

Dallas and I’m curious to see if Tyler’s mod knows about their comm members abusing online spaces and harassing people. They’re sick people

No. 254417

Check it yourself to see it’s all true seagull faggot

No. 254419

This. That comm is nothing but trouble and full of cocky people

From one threatening to beat up people at conventions, talking about their own community members, harassing Lolitas for discord vendetta, TikTok dramawhores, and more unhinged shit

No. 254423

I feel so bad for the normal people in that comm. Sounds like ita’s taken over the comm after the 2020 plaque. I never seen a comm filled with such mega ita behavior.

No. 254426

So who’s gonna leak the rest of the channel from the beginning of September till now?

No. 254428

no one is going to waste that kind of time modifying anything. the log speaks for itself, along with the chat's existence in the first place. no one thinks you guys are innocent.

No. 254429

I'd waste that kind of time, not that I would for these people but I easily would. Fact is someone needs to bring the actual zip file and then they can copy/paste spam, until then this passing farmer thinks it's best to call gayops on.

No. 254430

it's nearly 100 people. so no, it's not a "teehee we're assholes, but we're FRIENDS" kinda group chat

No. 254432

yea they don't even know who eachother are half the time. who has their lacemarket names?

No. 254433

File: 1664934508629.jpg (95.47 KB, 960x960, 58378583_594194621062100_88825…)

Looks like Olivia changed her name.

No. 254436

Wait Dallas? No wonder she’s in hiding

No. 254438

File: 1664935021105.png (1.04 MB, 680x1032, hamonice.png)

No. 254442

She actually looks pretty decent here

No. 254443

>who hasn't peed outside during a night out with friends after everything is closed
I have never seen any of this my friends do this in a city. Are you too poor to at least call a cab? Why are you retards acting like this is normal to do, let alone take photos of? Stop WKing this degen behavior

So hypocritical

No. 254446

Sauce nonny???

No. 254447

Look through the log. I bet ctrl+F "stalker" will have her talking about numerous people for 2 years.

No. 254449

I believe it. People cyber stalked Nat, ddz, and others daily.

No. 254450

File: 1664936729164.jpg (269.31 KB, 1440x1440, 276131111_3118669241740731_288…)

the hypocrisy in that is they are the ones in #seagull

No. 254452

File: 1664937414585.jpg (92.11 KB, 719x959, DSC1098.jpg)

No. 254455

What’s the point of this?

No. 254456

Anon that’s just creepy

No. 254459

File: 1664938163180.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 196 KB, 735x969, C1517EEB-AB34-4E9A-AA9B-E8CB23…)

This disgusting slob won’t get banned by the admins

No. 254460

Jesus fucking Christ, why??? What is the point of posting this??

No. 254463

Have some more hypocrisy since Liv is trying to derail

[29-Mar-19 02:16 PM] kDycu💯💯#8226


[29-Mar-19 02:16 PM] kDycu💯💯#8226


[29-Mar-19 02:17 PM] Snailu#0713

[29-Mar-19 02:17 PM] Snailu#0713
those are

[29-Mar-19 02:17 PM] Snailu#0713

[29-Mar-19 02:17 PM] Aiu#0642

[29-Mar-19 02:25 PM] ataraxia#7301

[29-Mar-19 02:31 PM] shinychariot#8116
jfc how are the happy place residents such piss babies

[29-Mar-19 02:32 PM] Aiu#0642
there seems to be the reoccuring trend of them thinking people are stalking them wooo

No. 254464

Where’s the attachments dummy

No. 254465

Click them?

No. 254468

This is an image board upload at least one cmon man

No. 254472

Guess no milk with Toast being banned.

[19-Jul-22 05:18 PM] tuxedosamu#7978
oh toast got booted?

[19-Jul-22 05:18 PM] tuxedosamu#7978
sorry catching up

[19-Jul-22 05:19 PM] tuxedosamu#7978
was it for gossip, inactivation, etc.?

[19-Jul-22 05:20 PM] zepplis#6640
Inactive I think?

[19-Jul-22 05:20 PM] zepplis#6640
Toast never broke any rules just

[19-Jul-22 05:20 PM] zepplis#6640
Never talked to anyone

[19-Jul-22 05:20 PM] Aiu#0642
Just the ol inactivity prune

No. 254474

She’s a lurker with no job. Imagine running a gofundme for medical debt when it can easily be paid off with payment plans

No. 254476


no you can even just straight up ask for a lower bill and usually get it. But I guess she just prefers the less uncomfortable option of siphoning money off of people rather than spend 5 minutes on the phone.

No. 254480

If she has no job then she can just call and claim bankruptcy and it gets wiped.

No. 254481

Why haven’t she used these two anons options?
Fishy money request

No. 254483

You need to calm down. Text posts over actual posts have always been scrutinized. Why doesn't anon post the link to the file or screenshot the files leaked? Just posting text that can be edited is subject to skepticism. Being this mad over it makes me think it could be.

Point exactly. Farmers and lolitas have the time as you can tell.

No. 254484

How fucking lazy are anons that they can't screencap these and post a link to it?

No. 254485

?? its a notepad file wtf are we screencapping

No. 254494

Discord users have shit for brains

No. 254496

All these bitches suck. It’s all about disagreeing with someone for the sake of someone else for clout. Think about the people who actually talk shit with you and you should know who’s really doing what.

No. 254502

Resh is a trans woman. She had a meltdown and left the server a few months ago. I don't remember the exact reason, but the server was ganging up on her and being TERFy, and I recall her massively overreacting as well. It was a whole mess.

No. 254522

There is a difference between doing something, an doing something, taking a picture of it, and sharing it online for everyone to see. Holy shit, by your logic, doing porn should be normal since it's normal to have sex. Get a grip.

No. 254545


[24-Apr-22 11:28 AM] ametrine#4707
Stalker chan recently was pushing FT’s polka dot stretch goal tights when mine are releasing in just a few weeks 💀

[24-Apr-22 11:28 AM] Rococo#5833
Ash? Or another stalker we don't know about?

[24-Apr-22 11:28 AM] zepplis#6640
Stalker chan can eat squishy grapes

[24-Apr-22 11:29 AM] ametrine#4707
I was like “eat shit and die fucker”

So Hannah really gonna throw a tantrum over people “being violent” when she seems to wish death on someone for not supporting her ugly tights?? Kek what a milky cow. I guess anyone who doesn’t like her or her friends are stalkerchans. The narcissistic delusion.

No. 254554

Resh#8336 = @wicked.resh

No. 254559

File: 1664980826914.jpeg (57.19 KB, 640x1136, alyssad.jpeg)

Gonna post some one of the pics from the links themselves. some of them are interesting.

This one is about a different alyssa they fell out with, not bird.symphonia., who apparently blocked some of the people in the discord group and they got pissed at her for it so she had to unblock them.

if someone blocked me, i would simply move on.

No. 254570

Blocking the admins of the Facebook groups is against the rules dumbass

No. 254573

File: 1664984254697.png (692.73 KB, 468x585, toki.PNG)

[22-Nov-21 07:14 PM] Rococo#5833
Welp since toki isn't here anymore I guess

[22-Nov-21 07:14 PM] Rococo#5833

[22-Nov-21 07:14 PM] Rococo#5833
Ok I love wearing print and pattern overload otome coords but this hurts my retinas

[22-Nov-21 07:15 PM] Rococo#5833
I get the alice theme but oof, needs color balance

[22-Nov-21 07:18 PM] Rococo#5833
Going through her Instagram - seems like her coord game has gotten weak recently

[22-Nov-21 08:01 PM] Chryse#0151
Her attitude fuckin sucked when she left. I'll never forget that

[22-Nov-21 08:07 PM] Chryse#0151
Cruel and cringe

picrel, this is the instagram pic they're referring to. it's funny because her coords are better than the vast majority of them kek. the link to their argument with toki unfortunately doesn't work. someone from one of the other servers could probably make it work. plz salty mentees, help us out.

No. 254578

“Her attitude sucked when she left” makes me believe they’re just salty she didn’t want to be a part of their terrible friend group anymore.

No. 254583

File: 1664987434424.png (177.28 KB, 315x466, 35C32CF4-A95D-4507-AF2A-AE41AC…)


[23-Feb-21 02:47 PM] elipri#5757
I'd expect nothing less from cee gee elle

[23-Feb-21 02:48 PM] zepplis#6640
this is mean but

[23-Feb-21 02:48 PM] zepplis#6640


wheeze (2)

[23-Feb-21 02:48 PM] zepplis#6640
i think this mentality needs to be brought back

[23-Feb-21 02:49 PM] zepplis#6640
esp in places like 4chan where is a stupid ass slap fight that no one cares about

[23-Feb-21 02:57 PM] alys#0310
Shit why is that so funny

No. 254585

I think the fact you're notating that you're involved in one of those on cgl is worse, probably

No. 254588

This is truly fucked up in the eyes of the greater community, like those jokes are pretty low brow. Making of fun of kids with Down syndrome? In 2021? Lol get cancelled

No. 254592

She was in the group for years, doubt she cared how terrible they were.

No. 254593

>Gets mad when salty rose blocked deranged Alyssa

No. 254594

Anon you are on lolcow

No. 254595

did i say me? or did i say eyes of the greater community? try to keep up. I’m on an anonymous board correct, these are mods and admins.

No. 254599


[14-Dec-21 10:43 AM] ametrine#4707
Regardless of my personal feelings it’s important to me as an irl comm mod and online mod to remain impartial and not let my feelings get in the way of being fair

Agreed. Being in a groupchat dedicated to drama, posting about mentees, and overall being salty publicly creates bias. It also raises the problem of comm members feeling uncomfortable discussing things with mods. Probably have the thought process of “if I complain about this or bring up an issue, will they post about it in seagulls”

No. 254602

nta but most of the community is going to be peaking in on this disaster, regardless of where we are. this is just a platform to serve it to the greater community what pieces of shit most of you are.

No. 254606

I wonder what she did that made them call her cruel

No. 254618

There was always something off about the Texas lolita comm even IRL. I'm glad it's in the open now how shit they are.

For everyone else who felt off in their comms I hope this was as cathartic to you as it was to me.

No. 254620

downies dont read the forums we can make fun of those
>tranny faggot nigger jew
retards all we want

No. 254621

The vetters are running a lot of damage control to flood with irrelevant shit, so there must be something worth worrying about in there. Most of what I could find was boring, but I bet they mainly talked shit by posting peoples pictures, not naming them. There are sure to be posts of people outing themselves and posting pics from local meets.

No. 254624

They can’t stand this because normally they’re the ones shitting up the forms here and spreading rumors, naturally they’re very uncomfortable when it’s their turn.

No. 254627

Iirc she said she was happy a girl she disliked got brain cancer in a different channel. I’m sure one of the server lurkers could post caps.

No. 254628

Seems like they’re the first to run and start shit but as soon as it comes their way they deflect, deny, and cry about it. Has any of them actually addressed any of this?

No. 254631

They were incredibly loud at RVR

No. 254634

File: 1664997704944.jpeg (465.93 KB, 1242x1458, E49984DB-62CC-4975-975A-9C87C4…)

>she was in the group for years

they’re not even trying to hide it anymore, but again it’s not working

>her coord game got weak

god they are salty about girls who are prettier than them. this person also is friends with momo.

No. 254635

exactly, the milk is in the links.
they are full on talking in this thread to clarify shamelessly

No. 254636

>>254627 >>254606
They're talking about tokkigo's reaction to ducky talking shit on tokkigo in the server >>253970

No. 254637

kek hypocritical bitch, she’ll never recover from this.

No. 254638

Oh that explains it. Of course they’d hate a girl who’s pretty and can coord correctly. She looks great, I like the cat butt in the background

No. 254640

Cat matches her coord +1 if you’re reading this I think you’re really pretty

No. 254641


literally, this is cute and i want her cat.

if she did, maybe they deserved it. we stand with the pretty girls they hate in this thread kek. also, post caps, otherwise this is just fake derailment.

No. 254642

Anybody know who is Rococo#5833?

No. 254643

Is thin
Is cute
Is able to coord well
The discordlitas certainly have a type they tend to target

No. 254644

Wking aside, you have a point. Lala didnt like momo

No. 254645

I think lala is fine and who cares if she doesn’t like momo

No. 254648

Momo copies her

No. 254649

File: 1664999844967.png (347.75 KB, 679x643, zepgotem.png)

keep derailing = more caps.

picrel, Zepplis's lacemarket account kek. we need to start finding their LMs. dress is just in there to show how i found it, it also confirms New Jersey. The chat log is helpful, but there are other places to check too.

also, god that "MASH*" inspired coord is ugly. it's literally from THIS year. Greasy Bangs brigade perseveres i guess.

No. 254650

went through the chatlog and noticed how everyone talked about about a certain user that's not allowed only that have that user end up vetted years later (i.e. jennkitty, iamnewhere)

can we pitch this for a potential netflix series?

No. 254652

Can “Greasy Bangs Brigade” be the next thread title

No. 254654

I thought I was misreading or something, but yep that does appear to be the case. I genuinely hope this leads to in-fighting in their ranks kek, not all of them liked each other, and because of other people's BS, they're all in trouble.

No. 254657


i think a lot of people would argue that gossip is pretty normal. it's something that has been demonized by men in order to prevent women from getting the right kind of info, there's lots of research into this topic. we all wanna do it for a reason.

Problem is?? these bitches pretty much made a promise to NOT talk shit on the communities they lead. If this was any other group of women, nobody would care that much. but it's because it's THEM

absolutely no one, No one would choose for someone to be their mentor if they knew said mentor was going to share their info/talk shit about their fashion sensibilities. they agreed under false pretenses.

No. 254664

File: 1665002299202.jpeg (295.64 KB, 815x633, 0F3AEDAD-82D7-418F-AF20-D3E69D…)


Going back to this person, isnt she the one who put her Paradiso roommate on blast for covid? just going through the channel it’s looking like they didn’t like her to begin with.

[15-Jun-22 12:40 PM] Rococo#5833
Makes me wish she hadn't chose lolita as another hobby

[15-Jun-22 12:40 PM] pyuukin#4112
wth did i just read

[15-Jun-22 12:40 PM] Rococo#5833
A very long weekend with Teseya

sadness (10)

[15-Jun-22 12:41 PM] pyuukin#4112
sorry that happened to you all, i can't believe it, so unreal

[15-Jun-22 12:41 PM] pyuukin#4112
they sound like literally the WORST person ever lmao

[15-Jun-22 12:41 PM] Rococo#5833
I didn't have the pleasure to spending all weekend with but yes, it was very 7th wheel

[15-Jun-22 12:45 PM] Aiu#0642
She shouldn't have been there with us

[15-Jun-22 12:47 PM] ataraxia#7301
We literally had to lie to her to get her to go away

[15-Jun-22 12:47 PM] ataraxia#7301
On Monday

[15-Jun-22 12:48 PM] ataraxia#7301
"We are all going to the airport to go home now bye"

[15-Jun-22 12:48 PM] ataraxia#7301
meanwhile we all meet at a cafe for lunch lmao

wheeze (14)

[15-Jun-22 12:48 PM] Aiu#0642
Good I'm proud of u

[15-Jun-22 12:48 PM] ataraxia#7301
I was 👌 this close to telling her to just hit the fuckin road

[15-Jun-22 12:49 PM] ataraxia#7301
i was really irate with her all weekend, not sure how apparent that was lmao

[15-Jun-22 12:49 PM] ataraxia#7301
I don't hide my negative emotions well at all

[15-Jun-22 12:49 PM] ayo_atomic#8042

No. 254668

is Teseya also thin and cute? Checks out

No. 254675

@teseyafairy on Instagram

No. 254676

Man what did she do to deserve this

No. 254678

>>254664 There’s plenty of milk with that situation but I honestly feel bad for this girl. Doubt she knew any of this was going on behind the scenes

[21-Jun-22 04:58 AM] ghostlie#7579
Okok so I watched jos vlog, why the fuck is teseya taking over so much of it lol she's there for like a solid 3 minutes

[21-Jun-22 04:58 AM] ghostlie#7579
And she's also the one in the fashion show with the overstuffed hoop skirt?

[21-Jun-22 05:09 AM] JessAnne#4592
now i have to watch it just to see the infamous teseya

[21-Jun-22 05:30 AM] JessAnne#4592
okay, i got to teseya's part AND WHAT IS GOING ON WITH HER BLUSH

[21-Jun-22 05:36 AM] Jess#1258
Her blush… her bangs…

[21-Jun-22 05:56 AM] Wabbie-chan#4020
thanks I hate it

[21-Jun-22 05:56 AM] Wabbie-chan#4020
everything about her looks tacky and bad

[21-Jun-22 05:56 AM] Wabbie-chan#4020
no wonder she vibed with Joelle so much

wheeze (10)

[21-Jun-22 05:58 AM] pyuukin#4112
this channel is the official teseya hate club huh

yes (8)

No. 254679

File: 1665003678009.png (17.9 KB, 1447x226, tessretract.PNG)

yes, this was already stated last thread.

it does sound like tessaya was annoying about parking shit, but they all clearly just wanted an excuse to shit on her publicly about her getting COVID. They even later retract it in the chat and realize that she probably did get COVID during paradiso, not before.

but celestial doesn't change her stance at ALL in the facebook group, and continues with the accusation "SHE PROBABLY LIED ABOUT HER SYMPTOMS SUNDAY NIGHT REEEE"

No. 254682

it’s really a reflection that the quality of lolita using discord is in decline. it’s also apparent they let Beck in too

No. 254683

File: 1665003838086.png (9.35 KB, 1471x145, tessretract2.PNG)


teseya's symptoms on sunday night seemed to be
>possible headache

So pretty much the two most common things you might feel after travelling across the country and spending all weekend at an event?? Celestial completely exaggerated and unnecessarily called her out, hence the huge backlash in that fb thread.

No. 254704

damn this barrage of hatred is super unjustified for someone who just contracted covid. What if that girl had died? Fucking immoral.

No. 254709

No she's fat, ugly, and truly annoying. Her drama at paradiso was discussed already in the old thread.

No. 254710

ametrine#4707 = LM: Rosequartzroyalty
beck#2603 = LM: beck
biscuit#2593 = LM: biscuitbun
Caitlin505#5468 = LM: Caitlin505
Cake#9854, 🍩donut🍩#3234 = LM: donutdemon
elipri#5757 = LM: Elina
ImNewHere#9064 = LM: ImNewHere
jellophish#3131 = LM: jellophish
JessAnne#4592 = LM: jessanne
kuroeko#0558 = LM: kuroeko
lori#7634, #fluttershy#7634 = LM: Mintylori
LostInAFaerieTale#1821 = LM: LostInAFaerieTale
melomania#8041 = LM: melomania
PaperSnowflakes#8415 = LM: PaperSnowflakes
Radical Eddy#1987 = LM: RadicalEddy
Reira#5451 = LM: reira, butterbutterfly
revan#2618 = LM: revan
rougeaerie#2278 = LM: rougeaerie
sparklepegasus#1031 = LM: alovelyspring
starstarfairy#3297 = LM: starstarfairy
tokkigo#7380 = LM: tokkigo
victorix#6766, agentlemandoesnotconga#8888 = LM: agentlemandoesnotconga

No. 254719

Whatever justifies you cunts on the discord.

No. 254720

So which one are you?

No. 254721

File: 1665010481854.jpg (105.04 KB, 700x700, raccoon-memes-instagram-624aea…)

Watching them fight as their empire falls down among them ITT is just a treat for a racoon like me.

No. 254722

Covid is a joke, they’re retarded for outing her, and you’re retarded for acting like Taseya was at risk for anything more serious than asspats and the thoughts and prayers of people around her.

So many of these are wrong, just admit you’re a discord fag who is trying to psyop their way into confusing us.

On another note, is LOC taking applications? I’d love to be part of the ubermensch circle right now.

No. 254723

Have fun trying to score some inside knowledge nonna, I am sticking to rolling around inside this trash.

No. 254724

You know their instagrams

No. 254725

Provide caps of your milk. Are they squabbling in the discord? This I’d love to see.

nayrt but you must be new if you haven’t read about this, it was only a thread or two back. Just because the discord is the cow du jour doesn’t mean that girl wasn’t a milk farm too and it’s retarded to suddenly defend her just because we’re laughing at the discord itas.

No. 254737

we're only here for #LolitaGate and to judge retarded faggots

stop baiting leakers into leaking screenshots, mods

No. 254741

they're right though, there's no proof of anything. just out of context text posts from months and years ago and derailing attempts.

No. 254742

only discord faggots say this

No. 254745

They're not out of context, there's years of a continuous chat log with photos attached.

No. 254746

>They're not out of context, there's years of a continuous chat log with photos attached.

No. 254747

ayo_atomic#8042 is @ayo_atomic on twitter and katycitymech on LM

ovjanelle#4502 (mentioned in >>>/w/252208) is @Floof_Void on twitter and ovjanelle on LM

No. 254749

Not if you purposefully only put half of the conversation in

No. 254752

the conversation points are bad as is. I'm >>254413 and I'm still rechecking any text caps added in here to confirm, and also reading more for context. sometimes full context is even worse.

No. 254756

Some of them seemed more keen on defending Brandon than others.

[30-Mar-22 04:59 PM] Lucid#9208
I am not defending him or anything. But it all seems like dumbass weeb stuff and a guy who doesn't know his limits/boundaries. Not a fetishist. The posts just sound like sp00py posting them herself and replying to herself.

[30-Mar-22 04:59 PM] beck#2603
100% shes posting in that thread

[30-Mar-22 05:00 PM] Aiu#0642
A guy posting Yuri and the pic of him as a foot rest, yea creepy but not necessarily fetishist

[30-Mar-22 05:00 PM] zepplis#6640
Him not stopping when asked is creep behavior though

[30-Mar-22 05:00 PM] Aiu#0642
But if there's proof of him DMing girls who don't wanna talk, then that crosses the line

[30-Mar-22 05:01 PM] zepplis#6640
No amount of "hes just awkward" can excuse that

No. 254760

It’s linked in the last thread retard

No. 254763


Ok let me spell it out for you dumdum: If they wanted to edit the script they can do it either way, how the fuck are you going to tell the screenshot is edited beforehand. If you want to go fact checking you can just dl the log and ctrl+f one of the sentences.

No. 254764

this. the text log IS editable. Everyone can individually fact check if they want, so lying/editing isn't going to get anyone far.


discord gremlins keep positioning this point, but if any of the text caps in this thread or last thread were edited, we all KNOW they would swoop in and correct the cap.

that hasn't happened yet now has it? nice fucking try.

No. 254766

>covid is a joke
>those names are wrong
>hurrdurr Nazi speak
>still begging for a zip which could contain a virus
Try harder, this is sad

No. 254768

why would anyone edit or create chatlogs that encompass FIVE YEARS of history. incredible time waster writing a fanfic

No. 254769

File: 1665020128575.jpg (78.11 KB, 1080x314, Screenshot_20221005.jpg)

Who is this gal and her bf from the sac comm?

No. 254773

Why are you too fucking lazy to check it your damn self?

No. 254774

>Sad little gay op you have here, be a shame if I took personal attention to debunking this.
Oh yeah. Go ahead. You're going to make everyone that has more than 1 brain cell laugh.

No. 254776


No. 254777

File: 1665020598397.png (1.7 KB, 181x34, 1braincell.png)


No. 254778

>we're being framed!
It's a 5 year chat log. Even if someone did go through that far to edit, it's just as editable as a screencap (screencaps are fully fakeable on discord too)
And at this point it's possible people deleted or editted their contributions and there is always a grain of truth
Out of context message logs are annoying only because they fill up the thread with large blogs of text
The gay op accusation is obvious derailing
>inb4 'discord isn't planning some secret way to derail the threads!'
Farmers know it isn't, the chat logs make it clear you are a disorganized mess and some you are just stupid enough to try to continue to samefag your delusion into reality as you have from the beginning and trying to get people banned for infighting

No. 254784

Not sure why you're claiming this. I was in that chat for a while and it's all the same as it was. If any of it was fabricated, someone would have said something.

No. 254785

>>254780 sperg post.
>blah blah blah "oldfag for 4chan clone"

No. 254786

Okay, why not namedrop and tell people what's going on if you want the truth to get out? Why be coy?

No. 254787

Sainte we must join together and get these real sickos yeeted

No. 254791

?? KEK one of these are mine, but what about any of these posts have similar language? try again.


oh you're all full on tinfoiling, I see.

>big scary vpn service image hurr durr
what could this mean hmmm

No. 254793

Cringe much??

No. 254794

[10-Sep-20 10:43 AM] celestial#8008
I just remembered they once leaked their personal account and I followed it to keep tabs

[10-Sep-20 10:43 AM] alys#0310
i remember frillymemes was an ageplayer or smth like that

[10-Sep-20 10:43 AM] alys#0310
and they came to explain themselves on cgl

[10-Sep-20 10:43 AM] Aiu#0642
IF that was really them….cringe

[10-Sep-20 10:43 AM] alys#0310
i didnt bother reading tho lol i didnt care about any of it

[10-Sep-20 10:43 AM] celestial#8008

[10-Sep-20 10:44 AM] alys#0310
i was just like "oh no" then scrolled

[10-Sep-20 10:44 AM] elipri#5757
Lol wasn't that a few months ago

[10-Sep-20 10:44 AM] Aiu#0642
if that was someone pretending to be them….they pissed off someone enough for them to do that

[10-Sep-20 10:44 AM] celestial#8008
they also loved to REE about how tiny they were and I remembered them throwing a fit over AP poly and new honey cake sizing

No. 254796

[10-Sep-20 10:45 AM] alys#0310
I immediatly hate anyone using the i'm a smol uwu bean so smol so tiny thing unironically

[10-Sep-20 10:45 AM] celestial#8008
but the way that she flipped out and wouldn't stop talking about how tiny she was and how she would swim in it

[10-Sep-20 10:45 AM] alys#0310
they are always UNSUFFERABLE

[10-Sep-20 10:45 AM] celestial#8008
and had petite in her insta handle

[10-Sep-20 10:45 AM] alys#0310
and gotta remind everyone how teeny tiny they are at all time

[10-Sep-20 10:45 AM] celestial#8008

[10-Sep-20 10:46 AM] celestial#8008
god I hate it

[10-Sep-20 10:46 AM] alys#0310
we get it you're a fucking gnome

[10-Sep-20 10:46 AM] elipri#5757
There's many dresses I had to miss out on that are v hard to find now but guess what I paid my damn bills first

[10-Sep-20 10:46 AM] alys#0310
if you say it again i'll punt you into the sun

thistbh (3)

[10-Sep-20 10:46 AM] ataraxia#7301
"moitie is releasing stuff in size 11! what will my small fragile tiny skeletal baby girl body do?!"

[10-Sep-20 10:46 AM] Aiu#0642
god what a fucking mess "I am late on rent to buy this MTO I am too uwu smol for REEEeeEeEeee333"

[10-Sep-20 10:46 AM] alys#0310
Etsuko is like that too

[10-Sep-20 10:46 AM] alys#0310
so smole uwuwu when bitch is TALLER THAN ME

😂 (2)

[10-Sep-20 10:46 AM] Aiu#0642
a sign to get your life together

wheeze (2)

[10-Sep-20 10:46 AM] alys#0310
and uwu loli body I NEVER GAIN WEIGHT

[10-Sep-20 10:47 AM] alys#0310
you're 23 or smth,shut up,get a job fam

[10-Sep-20 10:47 AM] elipri#5757
Bet zepp and I are even ~smaller~ than her lol

No. 254797

[10-Sep-20 10:46 AM] Aiu#0642
god what a fucking mess "I am late on rent to buy this MTO I am too uwu smol for REEEeeEeEeee333"

[10-Sep-20 10:46 AM] alys#0310
Etsuko is like that too

[10-Sep-20 10:46 AM] alys#0310
so smole uwuwu when bitch is TALLER THAN ME

😂 (2)

[10-Sep-20 10:46 AM] Aiu#0642
a sign to get your life together

wheeze (2)

[10-Sep-20 10:46 AM] alys#0310
and uwu loli body I NEVER GAIN WEIGHT

[10-Sep-20 10:47 AM] alys#0310
you're 23 or smth,shut up,get a job fam

[10-Sep-20 10:47 AM] elipri#5757
Bet zepp and I are even ~smaller~ than her lol

[10-Sep-20 10:47 AM] Aiu#0642
maybe frillymemes is now getting her life together and learning to not be insufferable. I wish her the best and hope to never hear of her again

No. 254799

Since the derailer wanted full context. I'm sure someone will have a zip file for you though, buddy.

No. 254802

You seriously think someone wrote this whole thing by themselves

No. 254805

And the discord pics included in the file?

No. 254806

Get a job!!!

No. 254807

Hush, they aren't smart enough to think about that. Their lil discord brain would have to work too hard.

No. 254811

Just report this larper

No. 254813

Leave sainte alone

No. 254815

No Toki was kind of insane. She went off before leaving. So is Ducky, she's in a relationship with a really fucking old guy and she defends the hell out of age gaps as a result.
Here's the beginning of the relevant conversations, just ctrl + f to read them.

[12-Aug-19 03:32 PM] tokkigo#7380
wanna just @ me ducky or are you gonna be a giant baby

[12-Aug-19 03:33 PM] tokkigo#7380
only willing to be passive aggressive i guess, amazing

[27-Sep-19 05:12 AM] marlinspikesailor#9955
Hello everyone. This is Ducky, as some of you may have figured out. I've been sitting on this for a long while, and it's gotten to the point where I've decided that this is the best course of action.

No. 254819

I remember the whole EDP445 pedo saga where these two individuals botched a run-in with the guy and the police never took them seriously

No. 254821

File: 1665023496657.png (1.22 MB, 1028x1028, vicleftcongaright.png)

Victorix and Lala's ugly, autistic bf are not the same person. Victorix on the left, agentlemandoesnotconga on the right.

No. 254826

Thought the right was sainte

No. 254828

oh they’re getting DESPERATE desperate.

a vendetta spent two days writing five years worth of chat log and managed to fake links to their own DMs? like in >>254559 ? have correct discord names that can be corroborated from other servers/channels? riight right..

No. 254830

File: 1665023917259.png (31.05 KB, 638x277, natalia.PNG)

I think Alys' "gf" Nalalia, is a troon. She shared a fundraiser on Facebook asking for help raising money for housing for Natalia. my memory might be wrong on why she needed money exactly, but I remember being bummed she was dating a tranny after I saw a few terfy posts of hers. I tried searching her facebook for the original post but she must have hidden it. I did find a post thanking people for donating though.

No. 254833

That's old. She's dating Angeleeku.

No. 254838

Proof? They're extremely close online friends. BUt she has never mentioned dating her that I've seen. My post was explaining why they may have switched up their views on trannies in 2020-2021 anyways.

No. 254839

File: 1665024392499.jpg (299.34 KB, 1206x1808, IMG_20211219_142941EQWEQWEQ_2.…)

Victorix participates, does not really shittalk. Her coords are all ita to some extent, but she's not milky. She just exists, so I feel bad she's been conflated with this clown since the list was made.

With Lala's bf, he's not super interesting either. Most people dislike them because Lala is unlikable, and of course, he backs her. She goes on constant power trips; erasing channels, adding things no one wants/asked for, then argues and cries when people notice and disagree with her changes. She's really into and proud of being a mod. One of those people that's very emotional, but acts as if they're using "logic" to argue, so they have to be correct. Her bf's tone is condescending and cringe overall. He didn't do anything massive in particular, especially compared to her.

No. 254840

Are you sure you don’t like lala because it’s seems like you’re trying to put her in the fire of these discord faggots.

No. 254844

She mentioned to me once before that her gf was considered pretty buff, which in my opinion doesn't describe either of them

No. 254845

>Yeah it would be startlingly easy to do actually, I have done better myself, much better.
samefag cunt that keeps spamming dumb shit. no one cares you have no life.

No. 254847

File: 1665024854161.png (818.19 KB, 722x822, dickpants.PNG)

Samefag but another post referencing Nat.

No. 254848

File: 1665024885907.png (60.64 KB, 639x584, dickpants2.PNG)

No. 254849

[28-Jul-21 09:10 AM] Cookie Cat#7077
i'm not. projecting all of their insecurities and hurt feelings onto random internet strangers is kind of how they operate by default

thistbh (15)

[28-Jul-21 09:10 AM] zepplis#6640
Theyre pretty obviously real good at reaching by nown

[28-Jul-21 09:11 AM] zepplis#6640
Theyre trying to be the mean girl bullies theyveaways wanted to be. But are doing it woke

No. 254851

download the log, moron

No. 254854

[28-Jul-21 09:34 AM] zepplis#6640

[28-Jul-21 09:34 AM] zepplis#6640
Now thats what i call deflection

No. 254856

It's funny when the discordfags eat themselves by not downloading the log

No. 254858

[23-Sep-21 06:36 AM] elipri#5757
https://www.instagram.com/p/CUKfv1UMWWV/?utm_medium=copy_link why

Tadaaaa 💗💗💗
Changed the coord up a bit since my new shoes came 🎉💕
I think it gives the Sweet Ufo Catcher a nice look, given the topic of "machines" 💕💕
Lolita with sneakers, what ya all think?




[23-Sep-21 06:38 AM] Lise#1908
the shoes are a choice

[23-Sep-21 06:38 AM] Lise#1908
besides that its cute

[23-Sep-21 06:38 AM] tigbittyhobbit#1832
Could she no have bought actual shoes that would actually go

No. 254859

[23-Sep-21 06:40 AM] Lucid#9208
I still cannot get over the house slippers being outside.

[23-Sep-21 06:40 AM] Lucid#9208
Because the bottom of those AP slippers is really not meant for that.


[23-Sep-21 06:41 AM] Lucid#9208
She is cute but am I only saying that because of the filters. It's really heavy and obvious on some other photos.

[23-Sep-21 06:46 AM] zepplis#6640
was gonna say the same thing

[23-Sep-21 07:01 AM] Aiu#0642
I guess ya gotta stand out from all the other ott sweet overly filtered Disneyland going lolitas who want many efame somehow!! :p

No. 254861

[23-Sep-21 07:06 AM] alys#0310
also tired of bitches trying to beat the dead horse of sneakers in lolita

[23-Sep-21 07:06 AM] alys#0310
it's a neverending debate

[23-Sep-21 07:06 AM] zepplis#6640
She does always have weird shoes so i think its just her thing™️

[23-Sep-21 07:06 AM] alys#0310
leave it be

[23-Sep-21 07:06 AM] alys#0310
wear your sneakers and go

[23-Sep-21 07:06 AM] alys#0310
it's like she knew it was gonna be controversial

No. 254862

[23-Sep-21 07:07 AM] alys#0310
i rly couldn't give less of a fuck, i have my own opinion on it and that's that

[23-Sep-21 07:08 AM] alys#0310
just look at kumyas instead idk

[23-Sep-21 07:09 AM] zepplis#6640
i see you typing there eli

[23-Sep-21 07:09 AM] zepplis#6640
you and your SNEAKERS

No. 254863

[23-Sep-21 07:09 AM] alys#0310
eli heard "lolita" and "sneakers" in the same sentence and her senses were tingling

[23-Sep-21 07:10 AM] elipri#5757
Yall know me :kumya_wink:

[23-Sep-21 07:10 AM] zepplis#6640
I've been watchign the tantrum over sneakers and salopettes happen in the ita thread and its just

[23-Sep-21 07:10 AM] zepplis#6640
are people ok

No. 254867

Since you need links to discord's servers, anon


[16-Apr-20 07:31 PM] rainier#6904
But the skirts just really ugly tho

[16-Apr-20 07:32 PM] rainier#6904
Also why would you photoshop this badly


[16-Apr-20 07:38 PM] egg#8351
i can't figure out what's trying to be shooped here

[16-Apr-20 07:38 PM] egg#8351
is she trying to make the dress look poofier or something?

[16-Apr-20 07:39 PM] zepplis#6640
She did it with the shoulders too

[16-Apr-20 07:39 PM] zepplis#6640
Tfw im so used to finding shoop on momoku and tess holliday this really throws me in a loop

[16-Apr-20 07:45 PM] PeachyPies#6168
I was like yeah it looks dumpty but nothing that bad

No. 254868

Just in case you weren't aware, 357314830291435520 is for the channel in the server. Just a quick fyi since you didn't figure that out before.

No. 254871

far too dedicated to totally not be from the discord

[18-Apr-20 08:39 PM] cynderbat#5361
Had this posted in the subreddit, and when the post got flagged by the bot they sent a modmail asking if POC were not allowed in this subreddit.

Needless to say I was a bit taken back.


[18-Apr-20 08:40 PM] zepplis#6640
its a troll right

[18-Apr-20 08:41 PM] Aiu#0642
it has to be

[18-Apr-20 08:48 PM] Rococo#5833
Pls be troll

[18-Apr-20 08:49 PM] Rococo#5833
Mfw motherland had history of colonization but still collecting british and crown prints

[18-Apr-20 08:49 PM] Rococo#5833

Which one are you?

No. 254872

[19-Apr-20 11:26 AM] zepplis#6640
Oh no i am readinf the munchie thread on kiwi farms and theres a fk ita

[19-Apr-20 11:29 AM] ametrine#4707
Wait who is it? Do I know them?

[19-Apr-20 11:32 AM] zepplis#6640


[19-Apr-20 11:33 AM] zepplis#6640
This chick

[19-Apr-20 11:33 AM] zepplis#6640

[19-Apr-20 11:35 AM] zepplis#6640
Idk if its her pose or what but she looks frumpy

[19-Apr-20 11:35 AM] zepplis#6640
And greasy hair

[19-Apr-20 11:47 AM] Solmand#5178
considering she most likely has a chronic condition, I'll forgive the greasy hair, it can make it difficult to maintain

[19-Apr-20 11:47 AM] Solmand#5178
posing can also be difficult

No. 254874

[19-Apr-20 11:52 AM] zepplis#6640
Poking around apparently shes someone who films themselves having fake seizures.
Regardless still a fk ita

[19-Apr-20 11:53 AM] Solmand#5178
I mean, I don't know fairy kei

[19-Apr-20 11:53 AM] Solmand#5178
but she lookin' frumpy

[19-Apr-20 11:53 AM] Solmand#5178
and not in the the ~flowy~ way

[19-Apr-20 11:54 AM] zepplis#6640
Not comfy frumpy like moonmoon is wheres is an aesthetic

No. 254879

[29-Apr-20 10:13 AM] Lucid#9208
This was the Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Lolita/comments/frplhh/denim_lolita_yay_or_nay/

r/Lolita - Denim lolita, yay or nay?
133 votes and 95 comments so far on Reddit

[29-Apr-20 10:15 AM] jellophish#3131
Oh LOL U got it faster than I haha

[29-Apr-20 10:15 AM] Aiu#0642
see, at least she isnt being bratty in the comments

[29-Apr-20 10:15 AM] Aiu#0642
I can respect that

[29-Apr-20 10:16 AM] celestial#8008
yeah like please buy some ardani ears, they paint them to match your skin and they look nice

[29-Apr-20 10:16 AM] celestial#8008
hers are just triangles slipped over her ears

[29-Apr-20 10:16 AM] jellophish#3131
Oh okay, so maybe not a personal reason, but still, there are nicer elf ears

[29-Apr-20 10:16 AM] celestial#8008
I get the draw of elf ears, I love elf ears, but there's a time and a place and that's Ren faire and Halloween

No. 254885

This is weird and gross anon

No. 254886

No. 254888

This is the company you keep in #seagull

No. 254893

No. 254920

alys has bragged that the mean lolcow terf boolies couldnt tell her trans gf was trans when she posted her to a troon spotting thread.

No. 255029

Anon Sainte is a proven groomer no one is joining forces with

No. 255030

I wanna read that where is it in the dox

No. 255068

Prove it nonny.

No. 255099

Seems like the person she was either dating at the time of those facebook posts or before are referred to in this:

[24-May-21 12:29 PM] alys#0310
same when a little after we broke up, she named herself "sadness" on discord

[24-May-21 12:29 PM] alys#0310
Bitch you're TWENTY FIVE

[24-May-21 12:29 PM] starstarfairy#3297

[24-May-21 12:29 PM] alys#0310

[24-May-21 12:29 PM] pwassonchat#2894
You deserved better than that girl

[24-May-21 12:29 PM] elipri#5757

[24-May-21 12:29 PM] alys#0310
but i was "dramatic" according to them :wheeze:

[24-May-21 12:29 PM] pwassonchat#2894
And you did get someone better, it seems like

[24-May-21 12:29 PM] alys#0310
Yup, sure did! [heart emoji]

[24-May-21 12:30 PM] elipri#5757
Nat would never

[24-May-21 12:30 PM] alys#0310
funny because she used to say Nat was "not a looker" and she felt threatened by her a lot

[24-May-21 12:30 PM] alys#0310
she'd get pouty when we talked together and she heard me laugh

Very creepy that Aly's troon ex was "threatened" romantically by an 18 year old. Just saying.

No. 255117

>so she definitely already had it all weekend

not even true. And for them to cough up to the fact (badum tish) that they're unsure when she was feeling any symptoms and were just guessing, knowing that many people contracted covid from Paradiso itself, is fucked up. they owe her an apology, even if she was annoying/inconsiderate on their trip. this is even worse.

No. 255122

they do, yes, but unfortunately it looks like these girls look for reasons to hate people. I wouldn't expect an apology from assholes. I personally feel for the girl, because contracting covid is scary.

No. 255124

covid isn't real you dumb fucks

No. 255135

well, that just makes them putting her on blast worse, now doesn't it?

No. 255136

There are other people in this world named Nat, take your tinfoil off

No. 255139

Not sure why you're trying to spread misinfo. Everyone knows that puff is dating Sp00py

No. 255143

The point of bringing up Nat is to explain why they're not openly transphobic anymore.

No. 255148

the anon you're replying to is likely his pedophile wk, there's always a singular pro-pedo whiteknight that attempts to defend his disgusting unhinged pedo groomer behavior whenever he gets brought up in this thread
best to just report and ignore them
who? nat is a singular woman, who are the others in this "they" you're referring to?

No. 255167

Nat goes by they/them or she/they

No. 255168

nobody here cares about what fictional gender she's got in her ig bio - she's a woman singular, there is no "they" unless she's cloned herself and is now two people at once
learn to integrate before you post here

No. 255177

No. 255187

If Sainte was an actual groomer, where are the the victims that can come forth with substantial evidence of grooming behavior?
If you have no proof other than weak screenshots for suspicion then shut up.

So please stop talking about Sainte.

No. 255194

>attempting to defend a known pedo that everyone here hates
kek men are pathetic

No. 255201

Since people are derailing with pronouns and sainte shit, here’s some more log. Being this openly bitter about someone is honestly depressing

[13-Jul-21 08:58 AM] celestial#8008
why on earth does she think she can join a server that is specifically for advanced lolitas………. like literally the quality of her coords aside, she has only been wearing lolita for like a year

[13-Jul-21 08:59 AM] zepplis#6640
Because her head is just that big

[13-Jul-21 08:59 AM] zepplis#6640
its the most plus sized thing about her honestly

wheeze (5)

[13-Jul-21 08:59 AM] pastel-princess#0753
I mean I know a couple people who have been here the same amount of time but they also have taste lol

tru (6)

[13-Jul-21 08:59 AM] zepplis#6640
Even if she gets down to skinny mini levels she will always havea plus sized head

[13-Jul-21 08:59 AM] celestial#8008
yep!!! she flipped out and like canceled her order, which like canceling the order makes sense if it's not going to fit you properly but with everyone always saying plus size people need to just get stuff altered….. if you're too small for it, get it altered

[13-Jul-21 08:59 AM] celestial#8008
and just don't throw a fit it's embarrassing

[13-Jul-21 08:59 AM] Lucid#9208
The more you all talk about her, the more I feel like punching something.

😂 (8)

[13-Jul-21 09:00 AM] Lucid#9208
I think I'd be the only one at the meet that would know what a shit stirrer she is, which is awkward.

[13-Jul-21 09:00 AM] romeo#3055
tbf I haven't hit a year yet

[13-Jul-21 09:00 AM] jeunefille#4045
me neither

[13-Jul-21 09:00 AM] romeo#3055
I'm just cool enough 😎

helyea (9)

[13-Jul-21 09:00 AM] pastel-princess#0753
~~punch her at the meet~~

[13-Jul-21 09:00 AM] pastel-princess#0753
Like I said, y’all have taste

[13-Jul-21 09:00 AM] romeo#3055
ty Liv <33

[13-Jul-21 09:00 AM] jeunefille#4045
this is a newbie (derogatory) situation

[13-Jul-21 09:01 AM] romeo#3055
lolita meet but it's just beating up cupcake

No. 255203

Those are allegations

No. 255204

I’d beat up cupcakes for bullying rose nocturnalia out of lolita

No. 255208


Oh c'mon, do you think pedos really use the emotes ""(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 255211

Is that really what happened though? Sage because I could be wrong but it seems like she was already contemplating getting off the internet.

[19-Jul-21 01:39 PM] Cookie Cat#7077
People on lolcow said I was a Moitie trend hopper? 😂

[19-Jul-21 01:39 PM] Cookie Cat#7077
I've only been wearing moitie for like 8 years

[19-Jul-21 01:40 PM] Cookie Cat#7077
Idk man the real reason is only partially that I'm tired of online bs, the online comm mostly sucks and doesn't offer much to me anymore

[19-Jul-21 01:40 PM] Cookie Cat#7077
It's also shit that's been bleeding into irl space like random people recognizing me in public

[19-Jul-21 01:40 PM] Cookie Cat#7077
Also a guy showed up at my fucking work

yikes (24)

[19-Jul-21 01:41 PM] alimede#6297
oh no

[19-Jul-21 01:41 PM] Cookie Cat#7077
My professional licence has my full name and work history attached, and contact info, and current workplace

[19-Jul-21 01:41 PM] Cookie Cat#7077
I'm trying to nuke most of my online presence

No. 255213


[20-Jul-21 08:33 PM] Cookie Cat#7077
guys I looked at that lolcow thread you mentioned a couple of days ago and they're going in hard on cupcake

[20-Jul-21 08:34 PM] Cookie Cat#7077
:sadness: i feel kind of bad for her. maybe i should say something on my blog to take the heat off??

[20-Jul-21 08:34 PM] Cookie Cat#7077
i don't really want people spreading around that she bullied me off the internet lmao. she made a stupid butthurt tiktok it's not that serious

[20-Jul-21 08:34 PM] Cookie Cat#7077
wrecking her reputation isn't really going to do her any good

[20-Jul-21 08:34 PM] Cookie Cat#7077
aaaaa i feel responsible

[20-Jul-21 08:35 PM] pastel-princess#0753
If you think it would help

[20-Jul-21 08:35 PM] pastel-princess#0753
It’s not your fault though

[20-Jul-21 08:35 PM] Aiu#0642
on one hand, it could help but on the other hand they may use it as "oh look Rose is reading lolcow she so mad that people think cupcake chased her off the internet" kind of bs

No. 255227

File: 1665073579619.png (7.25 KB, 933x136, selfhatemuch.PNG)

>seriously thinking that one black person being annoying reflects on all black people

is that not just adopting a racist mentality? by catering to people who would think that way? i don't get how everyone in that chat is THAT dumb. The number of lolitas in there going "omg i'm not like other insert minority group!!" is embarrassing. NLOGs are bad enough, NLOMs can get fucked too.

No. 255228

you can spend all day every day camping out in this thread and caping for your pedophile buttbuddy every time he's brought up but it doesn't make him any less of an unhinged creepy pedo moid
all you're doing is making him look even worse than he already does - the fact he has a pedo-enabling loser rush in and attempt to defend him every single time he's mentioned here is beyond pathetic
nta I agree, I think she still would've left even if she wasn't being harassed by cupcake/other fat itas

No. 255315

Cookie Cat is Rose Nocturnalia then? She sure is dislikable in the logs, shame

No. 255331

I thought the they was referring to the discordchans and how they used to openly be terfy but then suddenly did a 180

No. 255334

yup, i was trying to figure it out but it’s clear now. very interesting. i genuinely liked her content so it’s sad to see her caught up in this bullshit

No. 255369

But what was her reaction?

Any examples?

No. 255412

It makes me think, how many of these ppl just got caught up in the mean girl clique? It’s easy to start being a mean girl too when the people around you all do it and encourage it. Its a self feeding fire. I liked her content too and I hope that this was what happened. It’s easy to say “yeah but they didn’t shut it down” but peer pressure is real

No. 255420

i think youre spot on
you risk being iced out if you go against the mob
i bet most of these girls arent active in their irl comms because discord is their comm

No. 255428

I was. Nat is a man. A Troon. I was pointing out why the chat may have changed tunes. Alys is a main core of the chat so of course they would switch it up for her.

No. 255434

Is Lara hanging out with fat chicks to make herself look skinny now ? I guess she got tired of being the fat friend.

No. 255463

File: 1665088256380.png (11.25 KB, 679x265, rosenoccookiecat.PNG)

winner winner chicken dinner, cookie cat = rosenocturnalia confirmed.

but tbh, she seems decently tame in the chat log (so far, I could've missed something)

No. 255466

ok then this post >>254847 makes more sense, with the joke being he has a dick kek.

my question is, has alys dated multiple troons? it's kinda sounding like it??

No. 255469

I mean, most people gossip to some degree and no one gives a shit. Lolitas have some weird complex about acting like princesses or some shit when the fact is, most are normal adult women who just like an outlandish fashion. No other fashion that I know of has this expectation to act s certain way, but I guess most fashions don’t really form local communities like lolitas do.
I wear lolita sometimes but I’m not involved in any comms because I have friends already and I don’t feel the need to hang out with people based on my clothes. I suppose some people don’t have the confidence to wear lolita without a group to back them up against weird comments, but you kind of need to not give a shit if you’re going to dress in a weird way. I think a lot of people think that casual acquaintances who they met at a meet up once or twice are their friends and get horrified when they don’t act like they do in public in private, but that’s common with all people.

No. 255472

I think the broader lolita comm knows gossip exists. Hell, that's why topics like "I'm telling tyler" or "lolita horror stories" are so popular. We know we all do it, and we all know that there's some unsavory stuff going on behind the scene.

but this particular group of people tried to deny that it's even happening for the most part. And even worse, they made themselves mods/admins/mentors, which explicitly comes with the understanding of "don't talk shit/post about the people you have power over."

If that person finds out, they won't be able to freely vocalize their discomfort or hell they might not even feel safe in the community anymore. They chose this contradiction, and that's why this chatlog is so fucked up.

No. 255475

File: 1665089269834.png (7.3 KB, 608x203, rcmods.PNG)

oh fuck yes, I've been trying to figure out who the fuck this person is.

Anyone know which city RC could be?

No. 255479

File: 1665089572405.png (10.6 KB, 1481x130, alysmoddailylolita.PNG)

alys was and/or is a mod of Daily Lolita. These bitches are everywhere.

No. 255482

coming back to call myself an idiot, forgot the abbrev RC is rufflechat

No. 255493

This. There’s a difference between being a salty asshole and actually sharing information among associates like >>254657 said.

The whole channel reeks of hypocrisy and blame gaming. These people will beat a week long dead horse for no reason other than “I need validation from these other assholes to feel good about my life.” They do this two faced bit to their mentees and comm members, and get so confused when people don’t like them. This is what is actually killing the community. They’ll point fingers, deflect, post actual lies, and start rumors in the threads just so they aren’t the ones being criticized for their behavior.

Once it gets to be more than a handful of people its no longer private and goes into public territory. Sorry for the sperg post, this shit is just ridiculous.

No. 255534

>post actual lies, and start rumors in the threads just so they aren’t the ones being criticized for their behavior.
100% this. I've seen them make up shit about people and start posting it on the boards.

No. 255538

Also let's not forget about elipri#5757 shit posting mean shit across cgl very frequently about a girl that didn't even go to the board >>254862 >>254863

No. 255539

Not a single one of these posters have taste lmao. I hope their comm catches wind of their pro violence comments so the local members know who to avoid.

No. 255544


Archives for anyone interested to see how sneakers-chan and the discord brigade goes after people. I can attest to not being her, but thinking they were salty cunts.

No. 255545

This new faggot needs more words in her vocabulary

[04-May-20 04:16 PM] cardinalcopia#8114
I'm in a gyaru server right

[04-May-20 04:16 PM] cardinalcopia#8114
I think we have a Lolita reject lol

[04-May-20 04:17 PM] cardinalcopia#8114


[04-May-20 04:17 PM] cardinalcopia#8114


[04-May-20 04:17 PM] cardinalcopia#8114


[04-May-20 04:18 PM] celestial#8008

[04-May-20 04:18 PM] The_Kraken#0878

No. 255547

Isn't cardinalcopia#8114 a mod?

No. 255734

She's also a cgl jannie

No. 255742

Ya'll regard jannies too fucking high for someone that just clicks a report button themselves

No. 255755

Anon, how did you get all that from my statement? I figured it was worth mentioning since she's also a RC mod.
But you do know that jannies can delete whole threads and posts, right? which they've done for texas comm drama

No. 255762

you're dense. anything with a lot of reports gets deleted. no one is a janny and if they were, they've been removed. no one lasts that long.

P.S.: Mods delete them. Not jannies.

No. 255768

then you're retarded. she's not a mod.

No. 255774

You’re a mod, I’m a mod, we’re all a mod

No. 255775

Jannies absolutely can delete posts. One of the other chan boards had a jannie go apeshit after getting pissed off at one of the mods and he deleted every single thread. I don't want to risk exposing myself, it's understandable if you don't believe me but I'll still throw that info out there.

No. 255778

How many in seagulls are a jannie then? They’re supposed to remain anon but you know bitches talk and can’t keep anything to themselves

No. 255789

I'm not sure how things have changed but there used to be 4 /cgl/ jannies and no dedicated mod. basically whichever random chan mod is available will handle larger issues. But because the board is slow and quiet it is mostly left to the jannies to handle.

No. 255796

That’s cause personal drama isn’t allowed on cgl. That’s what the farms are for

No. 255801

Great if they didn't carefully pick and choose the drama they want to delete

No. 255802

That’s what the archive is for nonny

No. 255808

No she’s hanging out with lor

No. 255832

Sage for stale milk, but just funny considering how things have played out for them.

[06-Aug-19 08:07 PM] Cookie Cat#7077
but part of it was her negative comments that people screencapped

[06-Aug-19 08:07 PM] Cookie Cat#7077
really bad comments about fat shaming (very cgl esque 'die all fatties haha' edgy stuff)

[06-Aug-19 08:07 PM] Cookie Cat#7077
man i had a really long conversation with her about being cautious about what she's willing to post online with her name and face attached to it

[06-Aug-19 08:08 PM] Cookie Cat#7077
i said 'literally anyone could screencap this and send it to your boss and destroy you'

[06-Aug-19 08:08 PM] Cookie Cat#7077
and there ya go

[06-Aug-19 08:08 PM] kDycu💯💯#8226

[06-Aug-19 08:08 PM] Rococo#5833

[06-Aug-19 08:09 PM] Aiu#0642
sometimes you gotta leave your cgl-esque opinions and such on cgl

[06-Aug-19 08:09 PM] zepplis#6640
Thanks for the update cookie

[06-Aug-19 08:10 PM] d0a1a8#6603
A person who self describes as an edgelord turns out to be shitty at the surprise of absolutely no one.

No. 255834

These posts are so annoying at this point.

No. 255931

i’m trying to scroll back where i found it in the log but i caught someone not so subtly say something along the lines of “they’re looking for me to ban” and it involved cgl, not a lolita group.

>die all fatties haha
>you gotta leave your cgl-esque opinions on cgl

jesus it’s kinda funny how they separate some other alter ego of themselves that posts on cgl to the sjw image they must have on social media. virtue signaling hypocrites. also, there are fatties in their own chat log so this is strange (celestial, liv)

kek no they’re not.

No. 255944

going through some of their social media, it’s interesting to see who’s still making content pretending like nothings happened. celestial went private pretty quickly kek, but bunii_boy in particular is still using tiktok like nothings happened. just changed her handle to bunnii.boy

and still making repetitive ass content about the amazon dress and itas

No. 256044

If they acknowledge it then people who follow them that aren't in the know will know. So they have to act normal kek. It's funnier to see them not acknowledge it kek.

No. 256047

>I think it's absolutely retarded to post online

No. 256054

This, the past two threads have been moving faster than I've ever seen. The entire community is watching.

No. 256056

They’ve been watching, it’s just never blown up like this before. I think a lot of people had a feeling in their gut that something was off about the people involved but couldn’t put a reason as to why. This just confirms what a lot of us had been feeling, but that’s just my opinion

No. 256065

This. I also felt this way.

No. 256072


I've just seen four shady tweets about it, I genuinely think we'll get a video out of it soon enough. by who? who knows. the few mutuals I had in common with some of these cows is decreasing by the minute, even people who never really discuss dramu.

No. 256074

Same here. I'm a Texas lolita but haven't been to meets because something about the few lolitas I've met and the vibe in the Facebook groups is just so condescending. Why tf are lolitas so full of themselves lol. I just want to wear pretty fucking dresses and talk shit about work and go to dinner without it turning into uwu kawaii lovelies getting high tea.

No. 256076

Sauce? I don’t use Twitter

No. 256088


I mentioned this earlier in the thread but yes agreed. Also am in Texas, also felt something really off about the meetups. Some of the girls have mean girl mentalities that are super obvious from even five min conversations. I'm much happier being alone and with friends who aren't lolitas but are def not as judgmental.

No. 256093

She's middle aged, fat and very unfortunate looking. On top of that, she's extremely irritating. She joined our comms discord even though she doesn't live here, and she talks A LOT.

No. 256097

Reira#5451 = LM: reira, butterbutterfly
kek, report her to mods get both banned

No. 256102

>mean girl mentalities
I'm not even sure why these Texas girls have this in the first place. It's not like they look THAT good. Especially Liv. She's quite literally a porker. Someone needs to humble these girls.

No. 256130

Houston comm seems to be recovering. I don’t know about the other Texas groups. The only recent drama from our comm was a dress scammer

No. 256136


someone mentioned it a few threads ago, but they truly are trying to be the mean girls they never got to be in high school kek

No. 256162

nta but this is how you sound
>REEE they don't agree with me and they won't even pretend to fit in

No. 256180

What’s the context of this?? I’m picking up that elipri got miffed that someone didn’t like her style, posted people from Reddit and then and sent her minions in to shit up the thread.

No. 256212


cow could not take feedback/crit on reddit about how she dressed/wore sneakers in lolita, proceeded to start looking through the user that gave her feedback on reddit's posts and admittedly retaliated by posted her coords to the ita thread for giving her feedback.

When outed for who she was, she went on to sperg out accusing all anons of being said girl that gave her feedback, even though in reality, none of us were. She started bashing the girl even more, anonymously with her friends. It was embarrassing behavior.

No. 256213

Forgot to mention, but the commentary was pretty vile. A lot of us watched her sperg out and get unhinged on us, claiming that we were all her.

No. 256218

kek the discord troon cavalry have arrived

No. 256225

they just prefer the sausage party when they are sorority mean girls

No. 256240

tokkigo's coords are fine, she's always been kind, weird but kind and fair
she has everything most lolitas would dream of, no wonder people are salty and jealous?

No. 256273

She's very rude and standoffish. Not surprised she's been involved in all this. Can dish it but apparently can't take it

No. 256282

can we consider formatting our discord log copypaste posts as screenshots of the log, and a short written TL;DR. I do wanna read the milky ones but some of the stuff people are posting is just long and boring wall of text I have to scroll thru

No. 256283

sorry I dropped my sage in my passion

No. 256287

tokkigo's coords are fine, she's always been kind, weird but kind and fair
she has everything most lolitas would dream of, no wonder people are salty and jealous?>>256273
she can be a little high maintenance to be around but nothing too awful, lol. she's not rude, just crass in her own way and it comes off as funny if you actually take the time to get to understand. some of ya'll just can't handle the truth and i've seen her call people out for those who deserve it. she has no hesitation in exposing idiots and if you want to call that "dish out," then sure. i had a small issue with her in the past but we worked through it and weren't petty enough to post one another on cgl.
she's standoffish if she doesn't know you but most people are in this fashion. i mean, you can't blame her for being standoffish if she doesn't want to get to know you. she didn't acknowledge you at a tea party? so what? next pls

No. 256288

I agree

No. 256293

from the main parts she's mentioned in the log:

[12-Aug-19 03:52 PM] dedizenoflight#5279
She could dish all day but couldnt take it


[22-Nov-21 08:29 PM] Aiu#0642
for some background, tokki loved to bring similar shit into seagull

[22-Nov-21 08:29 PM] Aiu#0642
so kinda a case of not being able to take shit when you yourself talk shit

how obvious can you get KEK

No. 256320

>She could dish all day but couldnt take it

How ironic coming from them

No. 256412

>insisting she’s kind
Sure Jan.

No. 256487

check the logs for her live reaction kek

No. 256490

fucking KEK

No. 256496

File: 1665230602745.jpeg (337.07 KB, 828x1014, 9AC63B4E-6731-4D75-80B9-3EB7C1…)

These threads proves how the Texas litas are vendetta posting psychopaths.

No. 256593

Damn. Around that entire time period, they are completely shitting on so many people. Bad look for the community, mods.

No. 256672

File: 1665255678615.png (489.57 KB, 1127x500, k.png)

straight from mentoring discord to the ita thread! incredible, nonnies

No. 256682

This is so fucking good

No. 256687

So they’re turning on eachother now, kek. How sad.

No. 256692

File: 1665259194241.jpeg (86.53 KB, 1242x344, 72D77C08-05D8-4ED1-BE65-5C9ADA…)

seen several tweets with hundreds of likes similar to this, people have officially noticed. tyler video when? that group didn’t like her either from looking at the chat log. god this milk is delicious

No. 256738

this is at least the second time this has happened too kek

No. 256744

File: 1665271474864.jpeg (164.74 KB, 1242x845, A85FBA72-08FD-450B-B16E-3AA188…)

this just in, Lor is officially in the know.

we are absolutely getting a full address. Parasol Papers may make an actual western comm wide shift in power tbh. How in the fuck were so many 21-22 year olds mods of 10-15k large groups anyways?? Hannah is a fucking RC mod.

No. 256748

They got roasted here so they need to take revenge for their bruised egos.

No. 256751

if there is a shift in power, i wouldn't want l0lic0n Lor or these other 2 clowns in charge of it

No. 256763


My guess is older lolitas made their own secret groups because they just don't have the time for newlitas and/or don't have the time to organize meetups the way that 21 year old college students can.

No. 256796

correct. We're just normal adults with careers and actual friendships now. Why would we want to deal with…whatever all of this has been

No. 256808

and yet… here you are.

No. 256828

This might be an unpopular opinion amongst people, but I don’t think you’re automatically a terrible human for using/scrolling lolcow. While there is a lot of stupid irrelevant shit that gets posted along with autistic bickering, people like to see the uncensored “reportings” on the community.

Especially since the discord lolitagate. People want to know who’s purposely causing conflict and drama and I think a lot of people have been tuning in who normally don’t lurk.

No. 256845

pretty much, we’re in smaller circles. nobody needs a 40+ person group-chat. that’s how this shit happens.

yes, if you actually ventured off of /w/ /snow/ or /pt/, you’d notice that there are a lot of normal nonnas who just seek an exclusive place for women to be honest. also are you dishing on yourself too or do you think you’re somehow exempt?

As for the discord group? they weren’t satisfied with the age old traditional system of anonymity in terms of BTB, CGL, or even that secrets tumblr. they just had to bring their idiocy together, mask off, AND take leadership positions that could get them fucked. they’re beyond stupid.

(Although I say mask off, i find it funny that so many of them thought it was a good idea to be hyper visible while some others in the group were truly anonymous. huge power imbalance, in favor of the anons. some of them still haven’t been outed for being smart about that.)

No. 256848

Nta but bigotry has completely lost its meaning. It's first and foremost a gossip site with anons from various schools of thinking. If some of that falls under what twitterfags perceived as bigotry I'd say we're doing God's work.

No. 256852

I wonder if the #seagulls ever shit talk and post EACHOTHER to the boards and ita thread to watch them become paranoid. If they are willing to shit talk people they call their friends behind their back, I don’t doubt they do it eachother to. I don’t know why these girls think they can trust eachother, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

No. 256854

Samefagging to add on but if I was Liv, who is schitzo levels paranoid about being “stalked” I would look more closely at my friends; who also enjoy backstabbing. I wouldn’t doubt if Livs “friends” were the ones behind riling her up for their own amusement as well. Same with the others.

No. 256859

I’ve had this theory for months. I think they all secretly post members in hopes of pissing people off and starting issues.

No. 256861

Acknowledging reality isn't posting a mean comment kek. Did male hands directly from twitter type this?

No. 256882

yes they do. seen it happen quite a bit.

No. 256887

I can’t open the dropbox file. Was it deleted?

No. 256890

Look like troons

No. 256924

Can someone reupload the log to mega or something? I can’t seem to make the dropbox link work

No. 256937

They definitely do. They also selfpost and then try to blame it on others. They're actually unhinged. I left the groups they mod.

No. 256940

Got any evidence?

No. 256941

Toast removed the gofundme link. Evidence that it was a scam for undergoing troon surgery.

No. 256944

yall try everything, don't you? he dropbox link is still valid. get the txt file from a friend if you can't download it

No. 256957

No. 256958

Keeps giving 404

No. 256961

copy paste it into another browser window

No. 256964

Still giving 404, is it an issue with chrome? Or do I have to edit the link or something

No. 256965

No. 256967

Still 404, I wonder why it's not working

No. 256970

your out of luck unless some salty loli decides to upload the document again

No. 256971

Here's hoping a salty loli uploads it again then

No. 256972

File: 1665339282403.png (2.13 MB, 2847x1412, 17c.png)

No. 256974

What would I gain from pretending the link doesn't work? I don't understand your point

No. 256975

File: 1665339398018.jpg (148.23 KB, 800x2648, 952.jpg)

This link works >>256965

No. 256976

Again, it isn't working for me unless I'm trying to open it in the wrong way or something
I don't usually use dropbox, so I've just been clicking/opening it in chrome which is giving 404

No. 256977

And when I try and open it in the app, it says the link doesn't exist

No. 256978

File: 1665340139091.jpg (632.36 KB, 1080x1079, 1664651370359.jpg)

That's rich when you have people that look like this

No. 256982

No. 256983


No. 257114

File: 1665378999721.jpg (38.27 KB, 828x421, IMG_20221009_151954_088.jpg)

KEK looked at one of their IGs. She the retarded anon in here who keeps saying the whole chat is faked? What's this bio even mean?

No. 257115

The current story the vetted server seems to be trying to spin is that DD and her crew are behind the leak, so therefore the leak is invalidated because DD is a racist terf.

1. Isn’t Jessie or whoever from the server behind the leak? I don’t know if she leaked the full logs but she definitely seemed to be behind the initial whistle blowing, whether she intended for this to blow up or not.

2. Who even cares if it was DD and crew. She sucks, they suck, and you all suck. They can all be true. The blame-gaming “no you!”s is not helping you the way you think it is, server folks.

No. 257117

Jessi has been claiming she's been framed. Which smells like bull imo, considering the reason why we know it's her.

No. 257118

File: 1665381873668.jpeg (44.59 KB, 828x267, 2F63AFDE-BD0F-435A-AC2B-6F1EE0…)

deleted dreamwidth too kek

No. 257121


How could DDZ be behind the leak unless they actively allowed DDZ into their discord kek

tinfoil, but seems far more likely that Beck asked a friend to leak this so we'd stop talking about her and snacks than DDZ and other "Lovers of Christ" being in that discord and leaking it to promote a far-right agenda or whatever Aiu is trying to suggest

No. 257126

find it unlikely that Beck and Snacks are behind the leak. both are too busy and too old in their lives to be pull shit like this. if this was Snacks 12 years ago…yeah. why risk their personal and professional lives?

No. 257132

File: 1665386233961.jpeg (161.99 KB, 1125x574, D896C4D5-2E17-46F3-8197-20A003…)

A few people changed their names after the leak

No. 257133

The leak source doesn't change the overall shittiness of the statements recorded in the file though, especially in relation to their mentees. idc if they want to get together to mean girls it up about so and so in the overall community but it's some real sociopathic shit to prop themselves up as so-called mentors with friendly faces while aggressively putting down their mentees behind their backs.

What a stupid and asinine misdirect.

No. 257151

If they want to blame DDZ that means they let DDZ or someone in her clique into the discord knowingly or unknowingly. If they did it knowingly they’re willingly associating with wrongthinkers instead of blocking and reporting like proper allies, and if they did it unknowingly then clearly this wasn’t a private groupchat for friends like they’ve claimed.
Personally I think it’s far more likely that a ‘real’ member of a shit stirring group would decide to stir shit, whether it’s for revenge or deflection or just for fun.

What does this even mean? If they have time and energy to participate in online drama they have time and energy to leak this, it’s not like it would take much effort. And there’s nothing in the leak that would endanger their personal or professional lives more than what they were already doing i.e. being a racist pedophile and dating a racist pedophile. You’re just giving more credit to anon’s tinfoil.

No. 257166

File: 1665404146547.jpeg (91.04 KB, 828x605, FD5CDA4E-7F0F-4536-A9F8-8C684B…)

you’re overthonking it dude. just because there’s images alluding that they’re racists pedos doesn’t mean they are. Snacks’s former colleague had something similar happen to him once. he was with a girl in Venice and people thought she was his gf and there were photos of her with another guy and people came to the wrong conclusion that he was a cuck…uhhh no dingbats, they’re just platonic. you got the subtext wrong

No. 257169

i can’t believe they’re STILL trying to push this as DDZ?? like what other anons have already said, are they saying ddz was in their group? jessi is our milk lord, they need to give it up.

nobody put a gun to their head and forced them to make fun of their mentees.

No. 257178

can confirm it was dd who leaked. im acquainted with her, we were talking the other day about leakgate. she vaguely hinted about 'her fine work'. But i know shes been anon in that server for the last couple years. shes still very much apart of every lolita space but she makes fake personas and has her normie friends dress up for photos and keeps up fake social media profiles to pretend they are actual lolitas.

No. 257181

This is a fucking reach. That discord is doing mega damage control, they blame people that aren't even in the discord to deflect any possible attention off them. Even if you were acquaintances with DDZ, why would you out her? Stop spreading disinfo or provide proof.

No. 257182

imagine taking time on 4chan, creating raves, talking in a discord server and then posting on LCF "they're adult with no time"

No. 257185

Unless you’re going to actually post proof of it being DD, this claim literally has no standing.

It’s been proven that people in the discord will purposely make up rumors to shit up the boards. They will blame people and say they have “proof” that it’s the accused, but withhold said “proof”. DD is the perfect scapegoat to pass blame onto since majority of the community doesn’t like to associate with her. While I think DD posts and likes to stir up problems, I honestly don’t think it’s her behind the lolitagate scandal.

No. 257186

Side eyeing ever person apart of #seagull especially the ones who are banned. They’re all salty Lolitas who bullies people and now these fuckers are eating each other up.

No. 257187

no caps, no standing. this is clearly an attempt to shift blame. also, no matter who leaked it, the content is still bad.

No. 257188

File: 1665412225139.png (931.72 KB, 903x757, btb1.PNG)

they are now attempting to derail on BTB. God they are persistent and it's only making it worse.

picrel 1/4

No. 257189

File: 1665412279103.png (53.04 KB, 683x670, btb2.PNG)

No. 257190

I felt like both the post and the comment were valid points. /cgl/ was never meant to be drama like what they named the server in the vetted discord. It's incredibly cunty to take cgl's nickname for a drama channel, then additionally tell everyone that "cgl is a BAD place" meanwhile they post in that bitter channel.

No. 257192

File: 1665412481779.png (49.68 KB, 722x698, btb3.PNG)

No. 257193

File: 1665412572700.png (16.63 KB, 657x238, btb4.PNG)

No. 257194

none of that seemed like derailing

No. 257196

the comments show how no one is on the discord server's side. but after rereading the original post i think it is critical of them too.

No. 257208

The only ones on their side are them kek. Anyone know if they've been banned/kicked from comms yet?

No. 257218

File: 1665419933107.jpg (127.99 KB, 822x1280, 1.jpg)

OS server crossover now. Anyone I don't like is an evil hijab wearer! I mean evil Nazi!

No. 257219

File: 1665419974591.jpg (129.68 KB, 795x1280, 2.jpg)

Who is this Zepplis girl? Suddenly there's a big over explanation no one asked for. What is she trying to hide lmao? She seems very milky.

No. 257220

File: 1665419997296.jpg (173.86 KB, 849x1280, 3.jpg)


No. 257221

File: 1665420120587.jpg (113.47 KB, 668x1198, 4.jpg)


No. 257222

File: 1665420251042.jpg (115.44 KB, 727x1280, 5.jpg)


No. 257225

File: 1665420359224.jpg (137.77 KB, 663x1280, 6.jpg)


No. 257226

Link is 404, anyone have a mirror?

No. 257227

she is. she's generally normal until she gets involved in an argument, then she will argue until mods tell her to stop.
her twitter: https://twitter.com/zepplis

No. 257230

Seeing that a second time, the retardation is truly off the charts
>there's a bunch of good reasons why someone may be incompatible with a trans person
>That ain't it fam

Yes actually someone being male is a perfectly good reason why they may be incompatible with a lesbian, they're really sitting there posting conversion therapy shit for all to see
Like why you caping so hard for male cummies/male sexual entitlement?

No. 257232

its amazing how they think the person who leaked it is going to change how people feel about what's in the actual leaks themselves.

nobody cares who leaked it, we care about what they all fucking said.


NONE of these have been doctored. I have been rechecking constantly and not a single one. Who could doctor THAT much? they need to point to specific areas that they think were doctored and prove it then.

No. 257234

It was Sp00py. I just know it was Sp00py.

No. 257235

The ones that are mods in my comm’s discord haven’t even acknowledged it, from what I can tell. They weren’t as bad as some others but one of them did like to join in on shit talking random strangers that the others brought up while being all UwU in our comm. I always got two-faced salty vibes from her so I’m not too surprised.

>they posted caps of me straight up saying it’s wrong for lesbians to reject males and called me homophobic for it
wow so bizarre what did they mean by this

No. 257238

another thing to add, even if you wanted to support the whole "twansphobia11!!" argument she's pushing, she does realize that singling out lesbians is and will always be lesbophobic? Gay men reject transmen all the time but they're not given ANY shit.

No. 257240

I find it kinda funny that these straight girls who are entirely comfortable saying dyke and faggot, saying homophobic things against lesbians, reposted sp00pys picture with the strap immediately to deflect when the log leaked. It’s almost as if homophobic people are going to be homophobic.

No. 257244

Transphobia, racism, and homophobia is only okay when they do it, obviously.

But call a cishet male predator a troon and they’ll begin the witch-hunt

No. 257246

She is omnipresent! She is BTB, LCF, CGL the Instagram predator accounts, she has possessed DDZ, she was posting about Snacks on 4chan in the womb, she created the seagull channel at the ripe age of 14 and set up her mentors and other popular lolitas to talk shit! In fact the entire 5 years of log is just spoopy talking back and forth to herself! This is all a part of her plan. I’m terrified on what she will take over next.

No. 257247

File: 1665423804184.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 237.14 KB, 1080x1080, 53062890-A3E6-468F-9CFC-541410…)

TW animal abuse

No. 257253

Her IG is @zepplis and LM is Zepplis.

No. 257257

File: 1665424646903.jpg (237.12 KB, 562x1112, downsies.jpg)

Samefag this is her, looks a little downsy.

No. 257263

Sauce on this vicious terf who made her partner detransition?

No. 257265

No. 257266

If she made her ex detransition then why after breaking up is the ex still trans? These people make no sense. Jessi was the leaker, no matter how much deflection you try everyone knows the logs aren't fake and if Jessi didnt want caught she wouldn't have outted herself with the discord list. The only ones posting fake logs here are them. Ctrl+F to verify not hard retards. Feel bad for the mentees and newbies who still think the spaces these people mod are safe. They should be counseled to leave CoF, Rufflechat, BabylitaHQ, mentoring server, old-school server, etc.

No. 257268

File: 1665426620700.png (206.33 KB, 1608x1140, homophobes.png)

zepplis6640, beck2603, and pwassonchat2894 are homophobic. idc what you think about trans people if you cannot accept the concept of SAME-SEX ATTRACTION – a person with two x chromosomes being exclusively attracted to other people with two x chromosomes – you are homophobic
and no, the screenshot is not doctored if that's what zepplis is trying to imply

No. 257273

wow they are also idiots on top of being homophobes, alt-right spaces don't have pro-feminist discussion in them and lesbians being understandably upset about homophobes trying to force them to date men isn't "weaponizing" their oppression

No. 257277

how does she not get that she's being homophobic? she is literally promoting some altright conversion therapy bullshit, which speaking of, while we all know it wasn't DDZ or SpoopyNat who leaked this shit, her claiming that it was some altrighter that leaked it doesn't make zepplis less homophobic. Even if it was an altrighter, zepplis is also parroting altright talking points so they'd both be wrong.

and her saying she still stands by what she said in >>257221… like ok so you're still homophobic, got it.
(also never thought purestmaiden would act as the voice of reason and rationality kek)

kek at ataraxia trying to deflect like "well purestmaiden, you said some animal abuse things in the past so you're just as guilty as me!" Bring out the popcorn because they really are trying to tear each other down

My comm is having the same situation. We have 2 mods and 1 non-mod involved in #seagull and nobody in the comm is acknowledging this at all, probably because the main mod involved has done a pretty good job of crafting a culture in our comm of "anyone who so much as looks at /cgl/ is vile!" Idk if anyone else in my comm even knows this is going on because it's not something we can really discuss.

No. 257281

all of this milk is politics. a bunch of alt-right extremists leaking casual shit talking as if all of us aren't here to do the same shit. dumb to do it on discord but it's boring, normal, shit talking.

all these canceled alt-right extremists trying to turn some salty discord logs into milk.

>cof panders

whoever said that must be a RACIST.

lifelibertylolita and alt right superfriends are radicalizing the centrist left. can't tell everyone else is closet alt right, or just stupid.

also lol purestmaiden calling anyone out.

No. 257282

So which one are you in the logs? Who was the alt right extremist leaker? You are making this up, the ebil natzees are after you? Your logs speak for themselves dumbass, and everyone can read it for themselves. The damage control here is astounding.

No. 257283

Lifelibertylolita is pretty much the only one who I have seen post public stories and posts addressing it. Not to WK but this was an autistic take.

No. 257285

>reddit spacing
>random accusations of the alt-right buzzword
>ignoring the fact that jessi was the leaker
>defending homophobic slur-using shittalkers
kek you came here straight from the discord I see, too bad all the seagull discord hypocrites are only making themselves look even worse by throwing accusations around and doing damage control like you are right now

No. 257287

She blocked everyone she added to the list, so realistically she’s being a bit of a snowflake. Dishing it but can’t take it. At least purestmaiden has the guts to tell everyone she goes on lolcow like the rest of us.

No. 257288

File: 1665429163218.png (24.86 KB, 542x301, egg1.PNG)

more people are speaking out KEK. hope these bitches get cancelled from as many spaces as possible.

No. 257289

File: 1665429245288.png (96.86 KB, 554x648, egg2.PNG)

No. 257291

Kek so you are in the logs. Which one are you sweaty?

No. 257292

File: 1665429479612.png (58.95 KB, 551x514, egg3.PNG)

and tbh, despite finding some of egg's politics annoying/typical sjw stuff, she does have a point that most people just block and don't talk about the vile shit the #seagull server did. i'm in a few different group chats that are mostly sjw members, and nobody talks like that discord server. in fact, if someone is outed for being unsavory/mean, everyone does just genuinely block them.

why was that so hard for these people? talking shit about your comm members is one (bad) thing, let alone talking about their mentees

No. 257293

I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with these bitches either

No. 257296

Brings up a good point. >>257287 hey #seagull-chan, why did they have to block you, not the other way around if you hate them so much? You even hatefollowed, the drama was more important then your non-existant morals?

No. 257302

this all confirmed that zepplis was the cunt spammer in this thread making up weird shit in the logs fyi everyone

No. 257304

this is exactly why it was leaked. there is no "safe space" to talk shit on others for funsies.

No. 257305

This. If you read through the logs, you see how much they stalked people for "milk"

No. 257316

Can someone drop the ban list to include those who had participated in this mess but were bit off by their own

No. 257319

Leakers posted toastchan and banned her due to inactivity. These people should get as much of outrage for being involved in lolita gate.

No. 257320

File: 1665434043205.png (3.47 MB, 8000x6154, milkoween.png)

No. 257323

This but what’s most important is the actual caps. They’ll get the side eye look later by the community for joining the whole #seagull shit.

No. 257325

so incredibly based, thank you nonna.


Is revan @ebonhawkrevan on twitter? I could be wrong, but she also immediately went private when shit hit the fan.

No. 257329

File: 1665435699603.jpg (12.74 KB, 1180x428, 20221010_155629.jpg)

Celestial is acting innocent when she talks about fat lolitas like this like she isn't one. Being a bitch won't make you fit into brand better.

No. 257331

Yes thats her she deleted IG and DW a while ago so she prob had been private before it hit the fan tbf

No. 257332

yeah and she was @ebonhawkrevan on IG too according to the earlier list, but seems to have changed her user
lmao the cope

No. 257335

this is insane to read from an ita who almost exclusively wears lady sloth KEK, try again celestial sized.

No. 257338

File: 1665436310536.png (102.26 KB, 549x291, revan.PNG)

reference pic

No. 257340

Let me guess, this whole thing was faked by 3 sp00pys in a trench coat?

No. 257341

it’s too bad about her, ghostliekim, mabelkroger, and cake/abbie. they were cute with good coords but all my admiration for them is gone.

No. 257342

literally. is she the first classic-ish lolita to get mixed up in this shit? putting a curse on our house.

No. 257343

ntayrt and off topic, but did Nat delete her instagram? I have not been able to find it since her instagram posts about the discord.

No. 257348

Way to out yourself as someone she’s blocked. Which one are you?

No. 257350

What did mabelkroger do? She’s not in the logs iirc

No. 257351

calm down nonna, I literally use a rando burner? is her @ not @oatmilkchan?

No. 257352

Youre blocked, nonna.

No. 257353

your burner must be blocked.

No. 257355

you're right lol i mixed up my oldschoolers. meant to say alys, she had some cute coords before pivoting to edgy 'aesthetic' posting and apparently has since deleted

No. 257356

Is the Columbian esl Chan still mad at Mabel? She won’t let it go

No. 257358

promise im not discord crew, she's probably just being smart and blocking burners, which is fair.

I think zepplis, alys, and maybe celestial are 3 cows that are the most annoying from that discord group. I want to figure out who the other ones are, specifically those who spoke a lot but have generic enough of names that they never got outed in thread.

No. 257362

File: 1665442096624.png (27.43 KB, 283x213, curious.png)

why cross liv out anon

No. 257363

Who even is she? I only know she’s one of the most frequent posters in the server.

No. 257364

Is that not her?
She’s hate posting her in the thread. Poor Mabel

No. 257366

Based and racist kek

No. 257368

tinfoil, liv got sick of her fake friends calling her fat on anon and leaked the logs.

No. 257373

Lots were outed wdym nonna? Check the OP and this thread.

No. 257375

I’m not her I swear

No. 257379

Looks like LOC had a meeting over the weekend.

No. 257381

Someone went private quick(samefag)

No. 257383

Ddz, Melissa, and all of them went private. You’re welcome LC and seething discord bitches.(samefag)

No. 257391

who fucking cares. yall are so obsessed with those clowns.

No. 257394

File: 1665451766778.jpeg (420.29 KB, 828x1339, EB51F6D4-666D-4B8B-95BA-4BFC50…)

I went to grab screenshots since they went private. LOC and the seagulls discord vetted group should fight each other. These clowns think it’s so funny to bully people and not think they’re not like the others.(ban evasion/ samefagging)

No. 257396

File: 1665452047606.jpeg (271.41 KB, 828x828, 0E5D3278-43BF-415C-879B-4901BA…)

Could someone find out if LOC has been posted in the seagulls discord and the information they spread? It’s now about connecting the dots on LOC posters and Seagull Posters shit talking each other.

No. 257397

File: 1665452433599.jpeg (388.87 KB, 828x1286, 80513F22-CA47-4DE3-9064-80201E…)

Houston Lolitas

No. 257401

File: 1665453104205.jpeg (404.15 KB, 828x1339, 3CE7D104-7DC5-476F-B0C4-6C5029…)

@allurecross @bunnakins


No. 257402

File: 1665453425350.jpeg (209.52 KB, 787x998, DA91EE1E-000B-41B2-B1B0-4B823B…)

@allurecross mentions towards cotton_candy.hime

Bringing this down so anons can find caps of discord chat logs having info on them

No. 257403

File: 1665453521247.jpeg (209.47 KB, 635x1045, 049A4E47-239F-45B4-8E7B-509A45…)

@allurecross / @bunnakins / Cassie again taking shots at @cotton_candy.hime

No. 257404

File: 1665453907051.jpeg (126.5 KB, 828x665, 6ADAAFB4-CE95-42CB-9D44-CCE9A4…)

@cakevacuum on attempts to cancel @cotton_candy.hime on the @gtfomyjfash page

No. 257406

Oh won’t somebody think of the poor Catholics!

No. 257407

Kek aren't you the one who was jealous of Muslims in cof? >>257218

No. 257408

File: 1665454306129.jpeg (365.53 KB, 828x1257, 88833646-CA96-4FDB-BB8E-40D31A…)

@cakevacuum again

No. 257410

We’re here to laugh at all the cows and Cassie is looking like a good source of milk, caping this hard for christianity. Not everyone you dislike is a discordfag.

No. 257414

You guys have been derailing this entire thread and last thread, yes we can discuss other cows but we know the leaker was Jessi so this comes off as a big cope.

No. 257415

This thread is going to devolve into infighting if you keep this up. It’s milk. Stop being so defensive.

No. 257416

File: 1665455364965.jpeg (301.83 KB, 828x1441, A7228D96-3FB7-4EA8-A67F-4921FE…)

In no way I’m trying to derail. I think we can all acknowledge how shitty the vetted #seagulls discord and DeeDeeZeta’s LOC squad really is. These are the people behind community harassment.


No. 257418

ngl this cute

No. 257419

One thing you guys were right about. Post a friend, deflect, sus out who is was and post them, deflect, rinse, repeat. I feel sorry you have no real friends.

[14-Sep-17 05:05 PM] Aiu#0642
just finished reading old messages on here and now it all makes sense why people who had been around forever started to disappear. fucking yikes

No. 257421

File: 1665457745312.jpeg (491.67 KB, 821x1436, 51D09D30-A8F4-4E79-9F0D-97D381…)

At least they had fun on their weekend adventure before clocking in to start shit with the community with the discord seagulls.

No. 257424

File: 1665458189712.jpeg (407.56 KB, 828x1020, 1ED52537-BC53-44E0-8CD6-F30493…)



No. 257428

> clocking in to start shit with the community with the discord seagulls
nonny please, the LOC girls are not the only ones milking the hell out of those logs. your group is now hated from multiple directions.

No. 257429

File: 1665459186990.jpeg (821.98 KB, 824x1013, B11E8CDB-AA46-4A70-AC04-71A397…)


The #seagulls Discord thinks cassie / @bunnakins / @allurecross is the biggest twat

No. 257430

Can someone post who reacted with a wheeze reactions

No. 257431

sorry, but what is LOC?

No. 257432

File: 1665459807385.jpeg (166.26 KB, 828x404, EE258613-F98D-413B-914A-A61A82…)

Rose nocturnalia / cookie cat #7077
thinks people like bunnakins are weirdos

No. 257433


No. 257434

Everyone thinks Bunnakins is a weirdo tho

No. 257435

But, that’s not very nice of rose nonny

No. 257436

File: 1665460608178.jpeg (225.44 KB, 828x1013, DCAB793E-72B8-436F-BD03-CD5797…)

@marashinoveins uncensored

No. 257437

Wow I love the great Lolita Civil War

No. 257438

damn, those christians were hiding some real cuties

you must be 18 years old to use this site

No. 257439

post some caps that show loc are starting shit, bullying, and harassing people
all you're doing is accusing them while dumping random irrelevant photos from their ig

No. 257441

It stands for "Lovers of Christ" and it's a group of lolitas who… are either actually politically/socially conservative or are trolling as such. The verdict is still out on that one.

post proof that it's them because this seems like another discordchan derailment and you're just posting random pics of a comm meetup

No. 257442

File: 1665462314399.jpeg (236.85 KB, 828x1594, A5F12DF0-B2C6-4A9A-B59A-F0CEC6…)

Kek so this is the person who jumped up and down to cancel ashleigh? Nice try cake

No. 257443

Tbf I don’t think posting caps of people hanging out with DDZ counts as “random pics of a comm meetup”. People don’t usually travel across the country for a random comm meetup

No. 257445

ok at this point I’m dying to know what DDZ actually did to make so many people hate her? here’s everything I’ve heard and none of it seems that bad:
- was a burlesque dancer some years ago
- wore Die Walkure
- said pride is a sin (but is not homophobic given she’s friends with nat)
- clowned on Eldritch for being shaped like a ball
unless there’s something horrible not listed here it’s seeming like vendeta

No. 257446

I saw it all coming once DDZ made a blacklist of everyone. It looks like a list is being created here in this thread on seagull posters and LOC members.

No. 257447

apparently she was also involved in fetish stuff and went to bdsm meetups or worked at a fetish club or something plus the whole loc larp thing is pretty stupid but yeah she's not really that milky, considering mods outed someone samefagging about her and loc earlier in the thread I also think it's an obsessive vendetta poster

No. 257448

I'm not offended by any of her trolling, but she's just so cringe and tries sooo hard.

No. 257449

God this bitch needs a sticker.

No. 257450

No. 257451

Nta.. but you know the whole southern half of the US is Christian, right? There's nothing wrong with people believing in religion.

No. 257452

This image should be used as OP’s in the next thread

No. 257453

Meet looks boring as shit. This is like liv’s discord get together with a few uggos, brand itas, and seething thread trolls.(samefagging)

No. 257454

File: 1665463702943.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 605.65 KB, 828x1270, 1C2CFA71-C043-47C3-91FA-33D308…)

Don’t forget the tickle porn!

No. 257455

Kek! Sage this shit Edgar!

No. 257456

Agree. Also not sure why anons are in here seething about association to people. You all in the fire are trying to take everyone down with you and it's sad.

No. 257457

Stop derailing with old milk

No. 257458

oh wow, person isn't insufferable and has friends! I'm honestly not understanding how you guys don't understand that going this far is actually fucking crazy and not the least bit normal minded

No. 257459

No. It’s the behavior shown from community members and how they’ll defend degenerates. Beck and her discord seagull crew got ass blasted for being friends with a sick pedo and defending her actions.

No. 257460

This is great, it’s literally one secret friend group versus another. You guys are all so pathetic but I’m rooting for discord-chans. They seem more fun.

No. 257461

another outside observer here but I’m rooting for LOC because they dress better and lie less. tickle porn is pretty cringe though

No. 257462

are they secret if they follow and tag eachother? ffs half the lolitas in there still follow beck and that's been going on before all this.

No. 257469

Self posting retard. No one is wking anyone from that discord for having a drama, stalking, and bullying channel except discord mean girls

No. 257472

Edgar Neri enters the thread

No. 257476

Same. I also hated practically every coord she posted to COF.
What I don’t get is why these people are trying to cancel her for having been involved with fetish/BDSM stuff while circling the wagons around sissy Brandon and ddlg duo Beck and Snacks. Why is one okay but not the other? Or are these different groups of people? It’s hard to keep track of who’s who when every other username is some variation of cake or bunny or cat.

No. 257478

This is clearly such a weak deflect coming straight from leakgate-chans. They post dd and everyone who shes friends with but no actual milk. They arent even dressed that bad to make fun of. Your damage control is shit. At least post something interesting and worth talking about. Old shit and peoples friends? They constantly tag and share each other this isnt some secret society. You just look like unhinged stalkers. I dont even care about dd. But the actual dd haters are so fucking deranged.

No. 257490

My personal fave is having a history of being a nazi stripper but thinking she's so righteous for making her "bad lolits" list

No. 257506

File: 1665491308102.jpeg (133.62 KB, 828x629, F61813D2-55BB-45A8-8EC3-CDEDB0…)

No. 257511

File: 1665491829262.jpeg (132.18 KB, 828x888, 5BE4B3AC-5E08-42F5-B378-675726…)

This you? I think we can all agree that the fatties from discord seagulls are arguably the same as Loc.

No. 257512

They would easily flatten them. Literally
My vote goes to those unhinged psychos vs Loc

No. 257513

File: 1665492998648.jpeg (645.88 KB, 828x1511, 97177FE2-8434-4678-BC95-FEE7B6…)

If the discord Chans are behind this after being exposed as a bunch of unhinged seagulls Based

Kuroshiro kawaii is in hot water for posting a racist lolita. Who was it? These woke are breathing down the necks of KSkawaii

No. 257514

File: 1665493277939.jpeg (355.39 KB, 828x850, 03D683AD-53EB-41C6-BD05-63794D…)

No. 257522


No. 257525

File: 1665497287956.png (289.57 KB, 530x863, blc1.png)

So apparently a black lolita in their discord already tried to out their bullshit in the BLC, but one of the old BLC mods may have been on the discord servers side, and deleted her post.

Here's a screenshot of the post, it was in the chatlog kek. She's called "matcha" in the chatlog I believe. blurring her last name since she seems to have already gotten shit on for calling them out. discord chatlog also accuses her of "doxxing lala" and "doctoring/manipulating posts" for posting a pic of lala's face and the actual words they wrote?? They always claim doxxing.

Funny, but her screenshots actually prove that we didn't doctor those posts. They're the exact same as the text chatlog we have.

No. 257526

File: 1665497436288.png (244.82 KB, 540x440, lalaland.PNG)

it's blurry, but behold: lala.

Did we have her face before?

No. 257528

I'm not involved with either group, but I feel like the beck snacks thing is in super bad faith. I assume most of us were around for early 4chan, the edgy CP jokes were just the way chan boards were at the time. It's possible that I'm giving beck more benefit of the doubt because she's cute and likeable whereas DDZ has terrible makeup/coords and i annoying. I think most people realize the Brandon guy is a huge creep.

No. 257530

BLC is going after LOC and discord Seagulls. I don’t blame them because some of them be using the hard R, putting BLM in bios jokingly, and attacking peoples skin tones anonymously.

No. 257531


she deleted it between yesterday and today, her account was still existing a day ago

No. 257532

File: 1665498064537.png (18.2 KB, 683x516, lalasaysgetout2.PNG)

and truly BLC wasn't the one stalking people they hate or trying to dredge up old shit, most of them just blocked people ages ago. discord group is fucking weird for seeking out people they dislike to post in chat.

also, check out Lala getting mad that someone doesn't like seeing the n-word hard R or that they don't really like using CGL kek.

No. 257533

Tldr DDZ and the LOC group visited KSK during their get together trip. The staff member did not recognize any of them, so when a pic was posted on one of the LOC's story that tagged KSK, the staff member shared it to the store's stories. It was not a big deal but some assholes apparently commented fake woke shit blowing it up. It was stupid.

No. 257534

you retard, there are pics of her itt

No. 257537

So black Facebook mods sided with the racist discord server they’re in? And even deleted or banned black Lolitas for speaking out? Who are they? Need names

No. 257539

They go quite on degenerates and pedos too. They uplift scammers like burnt toast Chan who ran off with the gofundme money scheme and liking pedophilic pictures. Ddz had called out these people but everyone wants to get up in hands with her.

No. 257540


Mods have changed since then i think, and there are specific posting rules. I think call out posts are only allowed if it's vetted through a mod first.

But at the same time, she should have been allowed to keep it up. they were being racist. It wouldn't surprise me if some black lolitas in the discord monopolized BLC at some point. Also, Matcha is still in BLC, she was not kicked out.

Also, Toast doesn't ever post in BLC, nor does anyone interact with her. everyone knows she's power hungry, but mods need a direct report in order to ban someone.

No. 257541

File: 1665500227309.png (Spoiler Image, 326.28 KB, 355x536, ddzisraeli.PNG)

idk why people keep asking "Are the LOC girls/DDZ actually conservative?" the answer is yes. lolita is not just a liberal haven, there are tons of conservatives who are also into weird alt fashion/culture. here she is sporting an IDF costume. also all of the LOC girls seem to pray seriously. All of her politics are right-wing. spoilering because it's irrelevant and i don't think we should keep talking about ddz since it's all a part of their discord derailment method.

No. 257543

It’s only brought up because anons are hinting that the discord has been infiltrated by DDZ. The seagull server has lured all the shitty Lolitas in the community and now the cat is out the bag on who’s starting shit

No. 257544

every wokefag buzzword. peak cringe.

No. 257550

File: 1665501021463.jpeg (490.03 KB, 3464x3464, DEF0A929-A4BB-4556-9356-8D2BA1…)

Im surprised they didn’t sponsor deedee when she went in

No. 257551

File: 1665501150944.png (216.59 KB, 1515x751, matchadiscord.png)


Worst part about all of this? Matcha (also crybunny in the chatlog) literally had the only normal takes, and ultimately got booted for telling them to Not bully their mentees and to be nice about their beginner mistakes

No. 257552

File: 1665501196277.png (5.69 KB, 1393x74, crybunny3.PNG)

picrel, her reply later on.

No. 257554

This has all been debunked from the bullshit on cgl ages ago. Old milk.

No. 257557

this is sad. this just proves they act like they are trying to help, just to turn around and berate them for years on cgl and LCF… see where I am going, here?

No. 257559

File: 1665502061120.png (473.62 KB, 452x601, matcha1.PNG)

>and then be eaten on cgl

which pretty much means
>when WE post and drag you on cgl for not listening to us.

last thing, but i'm really starting to think that almost every person they kick from their discord is prettier/thinner than them. just like >>254634 , matcha is also definitely cuter than most of them.

discord crew characteristics include
>high BMI
>greasy bangs (a must)
>bad hair
>general frumpy attire

No. 257561

File: 1665502177322.jpeg (282.28 KB, 3464x3464, F7DE6BBC-11C4-4B86-B24D-48ED32…)

She never said anything about it or even apologized for this

No. 257563

She wasn’t mentioned yet until the post on the black Lolitas Facebook >>257525
Again why didn’t she expose them sooner? Now she’s outed and put on watch by the admins

No. 257566

idk if i follow? the facebook post is from years ago, the screenshot is just old. i got it as a link from the chatlog. i'm not surprised she didn't try to call the masses with how many of them are mods.

No. 257567

File: 1665504119255.jpg (436.52 KB, 853x1131, Screenshot_20221011_115837_Ins…)

>>257445 its funny how people get on DDZ for Die Walkure but PM literally cried over owning that dress and it was her dream dress but nobody will touch her cause shes black and she had a crusade against Lor lmao

No. 257568

File: 1665504304891.png (370 KB, 387x520, ddznazi1.PNG)

die walkure is not really nazi-ish, and i don't think DDZ owns it or was ever caught having it. DDZ got Nazi allegations for wearing this (picrel)

can we discuss discord drama plz. there's still so much more milk

No. 257570

yes, can we please stop talking about other fucking topics instead of #LolitaGate. These folks are MODERATORS of the community. Stop letting them derail.

No. 257573

This is OLD ass milk, it's not milky, it's expired. Lurk more newfag.

Also, I'm the person actually posting screenshots from the chatlog regarding matcha and others. maybe i should've spoilered DDZ to help move things along, but I just want to get facts in order. im sick of people changing the narrative around her or other people in order to distract.

>ddz is an attention whore

>she is genuinely LOC, but also likes to troll
>she DID NOT leak the discord chatlog, JESSI did.
>Even if lOC or DDZ somehow was behind the leak, it doesn't change the fact that the chatlog reveals them all to be bullies and hypocrites.

No. 257574

You have a real anti humor strategy here that’s not working. “please let’s stop talking about DDZ!” (Includes a milky picture of DDZ) creative way to derail but you’ve said this exact thing twice now.

No. 257575

Nobody is stopping anyone from discussing the loligate shitshow. Stop mini modding the thread.

No. 257577

File: 1665505077966.png (7.25 KB, 887x156, opal1.PNG)

shut up and lurk more, that's old milk.

Does ANYONE know who the fuck opalsauce is in the discord? She went so so hard on matcha, and kept calling her every name in the book while all the other girls kept saying "nobody is dogpilling you, just move on."

Why were they just ignoring the blatant namecalling? matcha telling them to use "n word" instead of n word hard R is the most calm request.

No. 257578

Does anyone have the screenshot of the LOC member's/KSK's post?

No. 257579

File: 1665505118906.png (8.78 KB, 692x296, opal2.PNG)

No. 257580

File: 1665505161737.png (26.6 KB, 1055x604, opal3.PNG)

fin. just absolute insanity. opal is apparently in BLC too, and she's described as a mod, but idk if that means mod of BLC.

No. 257586

How old are these bitches?? Because this looks like something a 12 year old would write.

No. 257595

Geez, you might think Opal is going out for a new season of Real Housewives

No. 257600

kind of hilarious because she got kicked from the server later on kek. control search opal and suddenly everyone is talking shit about her later on. imagine doing all that barking only to get discarded. serves her right.

No. 257601

I think BLC only has 2 mods, everyone else is a regular member. Not 100% but I think the opal in BLC is opal.pasteldream on insta.

I hope it’s not the same opal from those logs because, yikes.

No. 257604

File: 1665508334554.png (6.17 KB, 700x151, demoddedopal.PNG)

she's not a mod of BLC it looks like, she was however a mod of #seagull. I need to scroll and find it, but it sounded like the black lolitas in both #seagull and BLC swarmed the mods in BLC to take down matcha's post by saying she was lying/doctoring posts. which is beyond fucked up.

No. 257612

File: 1665509875921.jpeg (833.48 KB, 828x821, 06ABE013-0958-4DFE-8031-496C24…)

She’s pretty known

No. 257614

File: 1665510323698.jpeg (258.38 KB, 828x646, F821E629-947E-49E2-AE7B-F152D0…)

Melissa is huge in person.

I’m sure it’ll be a tie between discord hamlet celestial

No. 257616

File: 1665510537874.jpeg (543.25 KB, 828x846, 77523293-1B92-425E-ACD0-3F36E7…)

And celestial for side by side comparison

No. 257619

American comms is something special.

No. 257622

They all need to get off from the threads and lose some weight.

No. 257630

You know, one of them is on their third can of Dr. Pepper, typing away with a bag of chips in their sweat and Doritos stained brand. 

No. 257631

All of these girls in the discord are ugly as hell, and don’t know how to do their hair and makeup to be flattering and less ugly. They would have been ripped apart for their nasty hair and fugly piercings on cgl 10 years ago, now they’re the pillars of the community? I’m glad I stopped participating in lolita shit online, good god this is embarrassing.

No. 257636

Y'all are making LOC sound so cool. Like well dressed cyber sleuth super villains. Are they taking new recruits? I wouldn't mind a well dressed comm that only accepts "hotties". And from the look of it there were NO TROONS at their meet. Honestly, maybe their bigotry ain't all that bad.

No. 257638

File: 1665515342346.png (Spoiler Image, 181.79 KB, 338x260, ddzwHEW.PNG)


now i know you're winding us up …

No. 257641

the vendetta posting rlly makes me think theyre cool to be so hated by the discord mean girls kek. as if we needed further proof whose been shitting up the threads.

No. 257642

nta but you know no one picks fatties like what's in #seagull in the first place, right? lolita isn't a fashion for fat girls like liv and celestial

No. 257646

her message so cryptic i really think she is mental she posted a hospital outfit last thing before her delete so?? psych ward?

No. 257648

This is a drama board. Looks like the discord and Loc piggies are crying

No. 257650

>no troons

>clearly a troon

No. 257651

>Everyone who hates the cow is a troon
Trust me newfag, you don't want to start that here.

No. 257652

r they actually mad people went to their busted ass store n spent money? if theres ever a reason not to shop there its that they publicly slander their paying customers calling them racist n shame them. what the actual fuck.

No. 257653

We got sainte actually

No. 257654

i dislike ddz/loc and all but calling out customers is so fucking stupid. unless they made a scene, calling them out makes zero sense. peak performance.

No. 257659

File: 1665521508640.jpg (202.14 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221010-162326_Fac…)

>when a pic was posted on one of the LOC's story that tagged KSK, the staff member shared it to the store's stories
Stop tinfoiling, this was posted to their story and was up for 21 hours at least and doesn't show it was reposted at all or that their accounts were tagged or mentioned. You uploaded it yourself and now your running damage control. Why are troons on an TERF board?

No. 257663

She is trolling people on Kuroshiro kawaii Instagram posts, especially Toastchaaan. 

No. 257666

Deleted previous, forgot to sage. But point still stands, print is Little Cat Sambo, it's been called out on social media before, kinda on them for not recognizing it.

No. 257668

Kek dede starting shit on the Texas girlies and their beloved jfashion store. Based

I hope she catfish comms so she can attend meets and fucks with them hard.

No. 257673

bruh did she literally bait ksk to post her to their social media wearing waycist cat dress knowing sjws would rage over 1. deedeenazi 2. waycist coord. fucking kek. this is the funniest shit. ngl her trolling can be hilarious sometimes.

No. 257674


i feel like people in this thread forget this is a terf drama site, the radical feminist part being important. ddz and loc are johnny depp dick suckers who believe in tradwifery. Their troon hatred is a perk, but ultimately they're wannabe tradwives with an alt twist.

No. 257679

Have you read other threads on this board? Clearly not. You can discuss multiple topics simultaneously. It’s not derailing or trying to move on.

No. 257681

Nat was posting multiple stories against Johnny Depp. Don’t have screenshots because I didn’t think people would be stupid enough to bring that case up but you’re stupid if you think there aren’t more anti sw terfs. me and more of us would come forward if you tards didn’t cry like babies at every opinion that differs from your own. I hate that dee and nat are the face of anti degen and troons in Lolita but at least theyre doing more than anyone else has

No. 257683

jfc, nat =/= LOC. she had a little trist trolling with ddz, but she clearly stated she didn't believe in any of that threads ago. she said she's a libdem centrist who has been adding she/they to her shit lately. plz lurk more.

No. 257687

She had LOC in her bio and I’m assuming LOC isnt politics based since Melissa shills right wing libertarian bullshit and dee is clearly a fascist

No. 257690

Well she wasn’t in any of the meet up photos

No. 257691

If that's the case then why are the discord faggots on this "my politics vs theirs" charade? Are they just retarded then?

No. 257692

well seeing as half of the stuff they say in seagull is assumptions or delusions it seems like they are just unhinged fighting an imaginary bear

No. 257693

So DDZ is fighting the KSK staff? That would explain their vacation being posted kek

No. 257694

a refresher for you >>222993

nat is solo in all of this as it seems, she said she was trolling with the LOC shit because when she said "people should read a bible" in response to coomer brandon being outed, everyone took it literally.

No. 257696

So does Kuroeko have any worthwhile posts in the logs, or was she a lurker? I like some of her coords, so I'm wondering whether there's anything blockworthy. I read the thread, but I don't want to sift through the entire discordgate deep lore txt file. (I wasn't following any of the others except Beck, who was already posted.)

No. 257699

Yeah. Half the shit they post on there lacks any real hard evidence. I see a lot of assumptions constantly.

No. 257700

She was literally just at a separate meet with greasy land whale melissakun, so they’re either all trolling or all fascists and the first one is the most logical. I gotta admit they must be having a good laugh at you sensitive tards

No. 257701

wtf does that have to do with literally anything?

No. 257702

Tinfoil, maybe people just meet up from time to time? Or are you just here to be crazy about your locals?

No. 257703


No. 257704

Nat is clearly still associated with loc and at this point I’m convinced loc is one huge psyop against retards just like you

No. 257706

nta, but anon I'm convinced you're a shit stirrer from discordgate. at this point, no one cares about LOC or Nat. If you're associated with a drama channel, then you're a piece of shit.

No. 257708

this. they're literally just existing. i find ddz and co. annoying, but all they're doing is posting instagram coord pics. what's milky about that?

No. 257709

No. 257710

No it's KSK not #seagull, check when derail started (24 hours) >>257379 this screenshot >>257659 says 21 hours. Kaldec must be mad she got baited not knowing who they were. Then LOC posted old milk of her 'culturally appropriating' >>257550 >>257561 so why are troons on a TERF board? LCF is for women, coming here you admit you're a woman Kal kek.

No. 257714

File: 1665533832603.png (2.74 MB, 1748x2480, aykx4vdyjrk51.png)

Blessed our Sainte who fought for our sins!

No. 257718

The staff are troons so of course they’re pissed.

No. 257723

File: 1665536202584.jpeg (588.07 KB, 828x948, 777225E2-CA2B-4E0D-97A8-32C49C…)

Which speaks Kuroshiro recently hired Vince, Abby Miller, or Toycyborg, who had scammed people, and accountability was never thought of when Kuroshiro hired her. Abby scammed people on dresses and left social media ignoring people for months while posting on her TikTok about being a He/him now.

No. 257746

File: 1665548217617.png (10.4 KB, 943x281, opalwasbadsowwy.PNG)

I feel worried that they effectively bullied matcha/crybunny off the internet and kicked her out of groups. She's still in CoF and BLC, but she hasn't posted since they all attacked her in like 2019.

that's the fucked up part. these people actually have harmed real (non-ita) lolitas in the community for not putting up with their shit takes. like how was tokki in the wrong for not liking that someone talked shed about her IN their own group chat? They even admit later on in the chat that opal went too far, picrel.

No. 257747

You know what, I don’t think that’s true. The conversation I see off the board is about LOC because no one actually wants tradwife nazi trolls in their communities. Either way it’s mostly them and discord chans itt trying to convince one another that the other is “derailing”
feels like the intelligence level is stuck at 2nd grade. Keep up the good work(sage your shit)

No. 257810

The community gotten worse because of seagulls discord enabling bullying and ddz going around trolling people.

No. 257817

the dd trollin is funny you have to admit makes me hate her less. setting up troons and their shit business to engage in "racism" using her bad rep to advantage knowing wokefags will seethe over a "racism". i hate troons as much as the next gal thats real ballsy to pull off a stunt like that irl. i just find this so fucking funny.

No. 257830

She’s a perfect fit to work there since they scam people with all their overpriced shit

No. 257831

agreed, i think in terms of impact and actual power, mostly the discord group are to blame

not really, attention seekers are always a drag on the community and fashion. just because her victims are milky, doesn’t mean it’s not annoying

No. 257834

I think she’s just as much of a loser as the discord bunch, wish they’d all kick fucking rocks(learn2sage)

No. 257836

I wish you'd learn to sage.

No. 257839

the hypocrisy is because Beck and Snacks already have too much influence on this website. they're experienced at scamming, grifting, deflecting and derailing.

No. 257848

No. 257849

So #seagull was a channel of a main discord server is what I'm picking up right? Do we know what the whole server is called? The chatlog names multiple other channels but not the server name from what i can see. sorry, not a discordfag

No. 257850

File: 1665601332116.jpeg (503.45 KB, 828x1539, 6E9594AA-EA01-498F-9A2F-EC5BB7…)

I see the Texas comms is filled with shady Lolitas. Add her to the list of community scammers and misuse of funds grabbing money from gofundme. She’s another example like burnt Toast Chan and how this community turns a blink eye on degenerates, because they’re a POC or Gender special.

No. 257853

This is the vetted server in question:

No. 257858

They need to chill

No. 257862

To be fair, she looks like she has fetal alcohol syndrome so she might be retarded

No. 257868

Kek but if that’s the case she should file for disability

No. 257870

>I can no longer sit ideal
Its SIT IDLE. That Texas education system at work.

No. 257871

She could raise the funds herself if she stopped spending it all on food. Unless she's being abused by a feeder lol

No. 257938

She scammed Brandon too which is so funny. Personally I think Brandon and Deedeezeta should team together trolling her

No. 257948

dd should troll that wannabe faggot next kek

No. 257951

No. 257952

File: 1665633123220.jpg (260.82 KB, 2880x2880, 20221012_204809.jpg)

More of their scamming, shop staff Abby/Vince (@toycyborg @frogcybrog) and owner Bree (@breebree150 @xxusari.chanxx) left fake 5 star reviews for KSKawaii on Google kek.

No. 257954


>owned by kind and ethical people

>harasses customers on IG and posts them to lolcow

No. 257959

File: 1665636059492.jpg (11.7 KB, 612x241, IMG_20221012_212845_352.jpg)

This one's also fake from a family member @laquittafrenzel or @boomerstargazer on ig.

No. 258017

Bree is not an owner it's Kal and Collin

No. 258018

She's dating the owner* still a major conflict of interest.

No. 258022

this is just sad kek, not really that milky imo(look who's talking and didn't sage )

No. 258031

To be fair, they're all dating each other lol it's a shit where you eat situation all around

No. 258036

Opal is behaving like an absolutely mentally ill psycho. How old is she and what comm is she in?

No. 258040


No. 258050

this bitch is crazy, wasn’t she talking about stealing her roommates boyfriend and how she hates the men she sleeps with? on top of all the weird deranged shit she’s said too, and letting newbies get scammed.(learn2sage)

No. 258066

sauce, please I'm begging(sage your shit)

No. 258099

HAHAHA holy shit read the rest of her reviews. Of course this fat bitch is only reviewing buffets and restaurants. He hypocrisy and audacity of KSK to respond to every negative review so passive aggressively yet they’re rude in their own reviews of restaurants. Yuck

No. 258141

I thought so too. They’re really rude to people who have valid complaints and respond that their employees have “health conditions.” And “sorry for not verbally stating the return policy” when someone wanted to return an undamaged, tried on item. It’s horrible customer service.

No. 258168

Kelly Eden, is that you??

No. 258201

Ur funny. But read the reviews. Apparently a mom bought a pair of shoes for her daughter and when they didn’t fit she couldn’t return them, even though she was never told they didn’t take returns.

No. 258205

File: 1665711516407.jpeg (256.59 KB, 828x1486, 58D07F03-DCF9-4FDE-8ED6-910421…)


Kek lazy fat bitches eat food

No. 258206

File: 1665711637704.jpeg (426.82 KB, 828x1106, FD53003C-349F-4A7E-8088-292F7A…)

No. 258207

I'm more concerned why they're trying to scam $57 for crumbling shoes than why they're eating a full meal on shift. Fatties gonna fat but those priced are yikes. They're not even in a good or aethetic part of town, you'd think they wouldn't need to scalp so badly.

No. 258210

File: 1665711997987.jpg (435.2 KB, 1818x1818, 0F001851-3EDC-45D2-AD70-506519…)

Speaking of fake reviews here's another by @robinchan33 @robinbrownart the obese one.

No. 258214

File: 1665712418336.jpg (403.69 KB, 1080x2022, TotallyNotSuspicious.jpg)

Samefag but look at their reviews now, totally not suspicious kek.

No. 258215

You mean the fatties knees were hurting and they were hungry? A 15 min break is usually a 4 or a 5 hour shift

No. 258216

File: 1665712673385.jpeg (174.96 KB, 828x798, 629B7B6C-B969-4214-99F9-934393…)

This is disgusting

No. 258404

Resurfacing link of #seagull

No. 258443

Love that in the owner's response to that review she had an excuse for everything except that sad, abused shoe

No. 258464

File: 1665799221640.jpeg (434.74 KB, 828x1226, FE36CF08-6B72-417D-9265-846689…)

No. 258472

I don't understand the logic of bringing up indie brands priced according to their owners, when the picture in question is clearly of (HEAVILY) used Meta shoes?

No. 258485

its a consignment item too (its used) so they rlly paid someone for these shoes thinking they could resell for a profit kek.

No. 258512

I’m surprised that they haven’t ordered a bulk of shoes from the antaina warehouse.

No. 258518

File: 1665836260565.jpeg (148.06 KB, 361x640, A97C6351-D74D-45D7-9ECA-669214…)

somebody had enough of Japan

No. 258525

File: 1665838742189.jpeg (445.55 KB, 1242x2191, 0C8E0D30-7998-47F7-A7BD-722621…)

this is fucking hilarious but it looks like one of them (discord server) posted a screenshot of the original FB post they made fun of tokki for to the secrets tumblr, in an effort to prove that she shouldn’t have been allowed to get pissed

they’re going full unmasked

No. 258526

is this suppose to be milky? it’s just fanny.

No. 258541

Are you sure it was one of the discord cunts and not that tumblr blog itself? I just checked out the blog you have typed in your search bar and literally none of their posts has a single note and they only have a couple of dozen posts since march.

No. 258548

>insta that mainly posts innocent if bland shit

No. 258579

isn’t that kind of a reach? where did the screenshot come from? they’ve already been outwardly defending themselves on here to derail

No. 258589

They're probably ran by the same people. Most people in the discord weren't even saying anything bad, I almost feel bad they're getting so much hate by association.

No. 258591

The tumblr blog seems to be slagging the discord group off, though. Unless you mean run by the same people who dropped the leaks?

No. 258594

>Most people in the discord weren't even saying anything bad

but they intentionally joined a vetted channel called #seagull. yeah sorry, even if they didn't say anything, we all know they co-signed/agreed, or bare minimum enjoyed it

No. 258595

I went through quite a bit of the chats, and a lot of slurs were being said with no one putting up a fuss, so I think being in that chat should be a stain on the reputation of everyone involved.

No. 258597

Genuine question after reading all of this, what's the difference between using a drama channel and using a drama website like this one? What moral high ground are you standing on? That bpd activities are written anonymously here instead of in a discord? Or is the issue more that they used the channel to dunk on mentees? Because one of these reasons makes sense and the other one makes you a pot calling the kettle retarded.

No. 258599

I’d like to see more examples of the dunking on mentees tbh. I’ve found very few names and from what I can tell it’s just people going “my mentee isn’t listening to the advice I’m giving”. Seems no different from bitching about customers in the break room.

No. 258603

Not too much tbh. But at least we don’t have NO CGL in our bios and say that every CGL user is a racist booli, acting like we are the only good people allowed to use it.

No. 258604

Nonny idk how to tell you but I’m fairly sure they don’t mean the website.

No. 258605

File: 1665862939858.jpeg (369.96 KB, 828x1165, AD3C4CBC-EDF2-48C0-BD61-99C775…)


No. 258607

have no clue what the tumblr in question is, here. discord-chans are just schizophrenic about everyone anonymous and think the internet, plus the majority of the community is all one person.

No. 258608

-the entire community will reference a board for shit to actually look out for, ignoring the dumb nitpicks and drama people participate in. the entire community doesn't frequent the boards 24/7, but if something is a real legitimate problem then yes, the community is going to take notice.
-the discord is a limited number of people who dogpile and harass others for internet points, also unhinged enough to put their name next to the shit takes they have on the rest of the community

if you really think that these two are the same, then you're delusional. no one is going to condone the behavior of people in the discord actively harassing community members. no, you don't get a free pass to do it.

No. 258611

>have no clue what the tumblr in question
It says it right in the screenshot in >>258525 , you illiterate retard. "thesecretsisterhood"

No. 258638

Here’s what makes them worse
>they openly discuss dogpiling on cgl, getting threads taken down that mention them, etc
>gaslit people on tik tok about how there are very few bitchy ppl in the Lolita community, and that slurs are rarely used
>took up positions of leadership, which means they are held to higher standards, unlike anons here who know and accept drama is real and aren’t trying to control the community in our favor.
>they bullied people in their own discord (i.e. matcha, Tokki, etc) whenever they attempted to uphold some level of decency

The list goes on. They’re hypocrites who tried to shift the narrative in their favor.

No. 258641


This is anti milky if anything. She sounded unhappy as fuck in Japan so good for her.

No. 258667



No. 258762

>cgl is a cesspool; if they can work within the system to get bullshit taken down, more power to them
>there ARE very few bitchy people in lolita (complaining about mentees not following basic instructions is not being bitchy, it's being understandably frustrated), and staying out of cgl is just good advice. Too bad no one takes it.
>slurs were slammed in the discord. No one was calling anyone the N-word. If they were, PM and the twitterati would have been all over their shit.
>So every single community mod is supposed to be an UwU lovely and never complain about comm idiocy to anyone? Get real.
>based on >>258525 Tokki deserved to get bullied a little. Calling yourself a middle sibling and not knowing the basics of dress construction is cringe.

Please stop. Especially if these are LOCs trying to deflect from their own garbage behavior. You will always be milky-ass cows. Cope.

No. 258770

#seagull should try a new wk formula since this one keeps failig

No. 258772

File: 1665933551173.png (61.09 KB, 307x164, BFB5F5D9-E5AC-4456-9FFA-807541…)

So which one are you?

No. 258773

>bullied a little.
>a little
do you hear yourself. we can tell you are uwu a community mod

No. 258774

This sure puts things into perspective that people don't realize having harmony is the whole ass job of a moderator, not sewing drama into the community behind the scenes.

No. 258792

There are maybe 10 moderators in that whole channel based off log searches/user name matching and only a few of those are legitimately shitstirring, this isn't the social justice catastrophe you think it is and hearing some farmer preach about community harmony is laughable in itself. Inb4 derailing/inb4 u a seagull.

No. 258794

>SoO aLL mOds hAve to bE lOvelies?!!!

saying you shouldn’t talk ANY shit about your members is not saying you have to be an angel and you fucking know it you dipshit.

>cgl is a cesspool; if they can work within the system to get bullshit taken down, more power to them

the system?? jfc, they weren’t just getting bullshit taken down, they were also joining in and talking shit ON cgl. hence #seagull. they WERE the bad faith actors, they just didn’t like it when they were subject of embarrassment like any other ita. because again, they’re all itas and that’s what also makes this hilarious.

>tokki deserved to be a little bullied

mask off moment huh? mods can’t and should never bully

No. 258796

saying “nO YoU farmEr!!” isn’t the take you think it is. we don’t give a fuck, and again, we’re not existing in hypocrisy. we can talk anonymously and point out the bullshit without dragging our own people out of personal gain.

there was definitely more than 10, i’ve got a running list i’ll be posting. most of them were also mods of their local comms too, or of other jfashion groups. but you would know that wouldn’t you?

No. 258799

>you would know that wouldn't you

The implication that everyone who disagrees with you is your enemy is pretty schizo, farmerchan. Run and post your list, people have been talking about posting their super sleuth findings for a week and have yet to do so. What are you waiting for?(sage your shit)

No. 258807

>The implication that everyone who disagrees with you is your enemy is pretty schizo, farmercha
If you read the log or are in #seagull, then you'd know this is a common take from the channel to schizophrenically claim everyone anonymous is the hot topic subject of hatred. Believe it or not, being a moderator in the community doesn't allow you to have the throne to berate and bully others. It's a volunteer job where you're a peer leader. This isn't a dictatorship and you know what happens to dictators from the people they lead?

My guess is you're acting as if you're an indifferent party in the situation, because everyone who has read the log or has knowledge of the moderators in the community talking shit, isn't on the side of the shit talkers leading OUR community.

No. 258813

you’re not going to win this, and everyone HAS been posting caps of their absolute bullshit? have you even glanced at this thread or last thread or are you hoping that people who just read the recent posts will believe you?

and the only people who disagree on this have some relation to the discord, because you’d have to be unhinged to read that shit and defend it

sage newfag.

No. 258819

they're clearly all just circle jerking in here to wk themselves.

No. 258825

Can someone in the discord report in on what’s going down, are they still sweeping it under the rug?

No. 258831

Here ya go discordfag!

>Discord Server ( EGL #seagull) mod = Lala Land#7138

>Discord Server (EGL) mod = wallpaper-chan#9414
>Discord Server mod (other jfashion/artist alley discord) = Sketchbeetleart#0820
>Discord Server (EGL #general) = The_Kraken#0878
>Daily Lolita Mod = alys#0310 AKA @digitalangel96
>Rufflechat Mod = ametrine#4707 AKA rosequartzroyalty (current)
>Rufflechat Mod = ataraxia#7301
>Rufflechat Mod = Spider#8888
>Fairy Kei FB comm = ametrine#4707 AKA rosequartzroyalty
>Closet of Frills mod = jennkitty#3462 AKA @mylesjennifer
>Local Comm mod = Spider#8888
>Local Comm mod = Honeykiwi#1525
>Local Comm mod = MightyMage#8983
>Local Comm mod = meido#2292
>Local Comm mod = diploskull#9930
>R/Lolita mod = Saturn#5252 AKA @peachburger
>Mentor = Chryse#0151 @chryse.planitia
>Mentor = Cake#9854 AKA @abbie_666
>Mentor = raeofhope#0413
>Mentor = Rococo#5833
>Mentor = chockie#3660
>Mentor = zepplis#6640
>Mentor = jellophish#3131 AKA @oceans.tears
>Mentor = ataraxia#7301 (ataraxiaa.dreamwidth.org)
>Mentor = elipri#5757 AKA @comrade.frill
>Mentor = ametrine#4707 AKA rosequartzroyalty (former mentor of nat)
>Mentor = harmlessmonster#7160
>Mentor = rougeaerie#2278 AKA @rougeaerie
>Mentor = kae#4687
>Mentor = sailorrori#2791
>Mentor = Wabbie-chan#4020
>Mentor = pastel-princess#0753 AKA @marshmallowbnuy , DPP, liv
>Mentor = celestial#8008 AKA @bumblebat

This is not even all of it. Use search F function with terms "My mentees" or "Im a mod" and other variations. Or even "I banned her." I know I'm missing a few other big group leaders, and I remember even more mentors. I also found out celestial's reddit is acute-bird

No. 258834

File: 1665943461310.png (321.17 KB, 1534x284, hannahfairykei.PNG)

hannah is a mod for multiple fairy key groups, she's more well known in the fairy key world. She mentions it in a podcast she was a guest host in.

No. 258855

Nobody really cares anymore and this is going to be ignored by a majority. So what’s the point now

No. 258856

This thread hit 900 posts in less than two weeks. Many people have mass banned these individuals. scroll up and you see twitter threads have already started. it's not going away. keep trying to derail.

No. 258858

Guess what, Lor got canceled and then they forgot. These social special faggots will eventually forget and start befriending all of them on the low. Nat faced scrutiny from the community for calling a creepy man a troon and now the people who unfriended her has come back because the community is filled with unhinged stalking psychos.

No. 258860

Naturally racist openly going about it after her incident in PA comm and getting a video made about her.

No. 258862

Only because LOC won't let this giant nothingburger go.

No. 258875

>fairy key

Are you actually retarded?

No. 258877

File: 1665955115927.jpeg (435.16 KB, 828x1225, BA313ECF-88C2-48DA-BD0A-1712F2…)

Gross! Why are comms ok with this? I’d feel so uncomfortable next to someone wearing porno clothing

No. 258879

Rococo is actually a comm mod as well

No. 258880

File: 1665956163244.jpeg (222.87 KB, 828x1540, 959AA5CB-24E7-4F8A-BCA3-311D78…)

Have you heard of autocorrect? I spelled it correctly in the master list

>huur durr LOC IS BEHIND THE OUTRAGE thiS isn’t even miLkY

Keep telling yourself that. Also some tik toks are going around about the situation, but you all wouldn’t know that after being blocked by everyone. The general message seems to be “nobody forced you to say or do those things, so whoever leaked it, it doesn’t matter.” Pining it on DDZ does nothing.

picrel of the comment section on @fennecinfrills tiktok. on mobile so can’t share webm right now

No. 258881

Fennec is just riding the coattails of Eggienut's caps. She doesnt even know what she is talking about or what Eggie was upset about. Anyways some fat ita whining about how ppl hate fat ppl isnt new or milky, its just them being upset about meanie lolitas.

No. 258882

them being annoying itas doesn’t really change the point that this isn’t some LOC initiative. ppl in the wider community are pissed. local comm mods are getting kicked. continue to cope.

No. 258884

Any sauce on that? I saw a few people get kicked from some discords but nothing more than that. Seems everyone is still in power

No. 258885

Plz sage, but most of it just mentioned in comment sections of either tik toks (>>258880) or the twitter thread eggie made. Most people have gone private now though

But yea, the larger groups (rufflechat, CoF) seemed to be ran by them still. They hold the power there

No. 258886

These girls and these mods created a culture where anyone could be canceled and wiped from the lolita community at any time. Then when it turned on them, they didn’t like that. The comments they made were extremely cancel worthy, and all the people they egged on to be cancel happy did not hesitate to throw them to the wolves. Karma.

No. 258887

alys#0310 changed her name on Instagram to @fentanyllfairyy and deleted all her posts to dodge the fallout, rather sad

No. 258888

I noticed a lot have gone private, changed their usernames, and pfps to avoid the backlash

No. 258889

Rather funny more like it kek, imagine having all that energy to make fun of a teen for being sad that she got kicked from comms, and then running with your tail behind your legs when you get caught yourself.
>inb4 LOC accusations
I hate all attention seekers alike, but the discordfags are just more cowardly

No. 258890

This. They effectively kicked multiple people from different groups. Can’t believe Matcha got her post deleted from BLC and was attacked that badly by opal.

No. 258891

she made one last story saying she was leaving for the mental hospital

No. 258892

edgy name as always she would openly talk about popping pills not surprised

No. 258893

@tonblackberry is mod of a large UK comm and is very popular in the British community

No. 258896

it’s really frustrating to see this as the general response instead of accountability. after all these years of influencer apologies i know the #seagulls could go on their stories, apologize to their mentees and the people they hurt, and bounce back with relatively little harm. but that would mean admitting they go on LC - and they can’t do that, even though this issue is so far beyond who frequents the boards at this point. it’s all about their image still, even after being exposed for participating in some really despicable mean bitch behavior. really sickening to see.

if you’re a discordfag reading this, please just fucking apologize. fake tears are acceptable kek. the ignoring the discourse and/or changing your profile shit just looks cowardly and immoral.

No. 258900

They do not care they enjoy being evil

No. 258904

are you fucking serious? over this? I sometimes wonder how little empathy this discord crew had because if they knew how emotionally tormenting it is to get publicly called out, why engage? like she had to go through it personally first in order to relate?

I'm starting to see more people talk about them, probably because they're not apologizing. it's been weeks and there are still new tweets/tik toks popping up about it. i feel like everyone was waiting for someone bigger to discuss it, but now the waiting has just lead everyone into chatting about it (which is probably good, more decentralized knowledge on the situation)

No. 258905

No one wants to say much publicly because they don’t want to be the next one to get dog piled by them. I think everyone has witnessed whenever they don’t like someone for something they said or did, they drag it to the forums and shit up the threads for days.I don’t blame people for not wanting to get involved with this mess

No. 258906

yeah it's definitely fear too. tbh i think the real hat will drop when someone who speaks out like >>258880 suddenly finds themselves kicked out of a place like RC or CoF abruptly. That would be peak powerplaying, and I wouldn't put it behind this group.

No. 258908

dont think its why she left because she is severely mentaly ill and always was kek she is both edgy and crazy she pops pills on cam what did you expect

No. 258911

Sadly I don’t think anything long term will come out of this. Give it a a few more weeks and people will slowly be unblocked, people will re-follow, etc. I don’t think everyone will magically forget like they’re hoping, but they don’t seem very embarrassed over their behavior. But I think people will remember and keep it in the back of their minds whenever they interact with these people.

No. 258917

this whole debacle has definitely tainted how people view them for sure, but unblocking? eh, doubt it. none of them are producing content that people are dying to see. and most of them are itas. when you block someone, you tend to forget you ever blocked them to begin with since now tiktok/twitter/IG makes it so that truly you won't ever see traces of them.

No. 258928

Which comm are you in ;) are you in the bullying one?

No. 258933

Way to out yourself again

No. 258950

Anon stop assuming everyone is the same anon, I'm nta you're quoting. You're just retarded enough to think everyone is one person on this board, like the rest of the discordchans trying to pretend to not be newfags.

No. 258951

Best thing we can do is move the community to another daily_lolita platform that is not CoF. That shit was garbage and even the discordstans know.

No. 258953

No. 258955

Are you from Dallas?

No. 258960

So the Texas girls are posting their own comm members to deflect?

No. 258973


Sage for old milk, but see >>202966 from a few threads ago. Someone posted this from a personal Facebook account (again)

No. 258989


Seems it wasn’t just DDZ who went to Kuroshiro. The LOC meetup apparently made it a stop on their weekend visit. All these posts and accusations sure make a lot of sense now.(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 259002

parts of this review were valid and informative and some parts were just bullshit kek. the section where OP calls out KSK for not offering inclusive sizing to their XXS friend gave me a good chuckle. as someone who is an XXS, one of the main reasons i love lolita is that japanese brand fits me perfectly in a way no western brand, normie or lolita, ever has. it is almost impossible to shop in the west as a 00/000/XXS, especially in-store, so what led OP’s friend to think she would find anything her size in a texan store that stocks primarily brands that focus on custom and plus sizing? seems like OP was looking to nitpick when we all know well that bitch fits into any brand piece she tries and likely wasn’t even interested in KSK’s subpar wares.

No. 259007

wow these ksk staff seem really unhinged, I wonder if one of them really was the samefagging loc vendetta poster from earlier in the thread

No. 259047

KSK brags about being size inclusive carrying XS-4XL.

No. 259049

Very illuminating blogpost, enjoyed it. Still don’t care for some of them, but I find people still calling ddz a nazi annoying. Granted, I think punk subversion via “representing taboos” to be the most idiotic thing about late punk movements, which is essentially her argument for wearing the outfit. There’s been a lot of revisionist history from tumblr punks to say that punk has never incorporated nazi imagery as a form of protest toward societal taboos, but there’s also been disingenuous interpretation from punks trying to argue that it’s super deep to do so, when it’s pretty much the equivalent of a 12 year old scribbling the swatstika and a penis on a desk for shits and giggles.

Ddz isn’t a nazi, but she’s definitely in that “contrarian for contrarian sake” brain rot that thinks you can be anti-authoritarian while also talking about how much you support the IDF (don’t want this to turn into /pol/ but being anti-authoritarian means you Vaseline don’t support a conscription state)

No. 259056

File: 1666017889678.png (839.68 KB, 642x605, Screenshot (5).png)

post the caps dummy

No. 259057

File: 1666017949286.png (755.06 KB, 642x589, Screenshot (6).png)

No. 259058

File: 1666018087231.png (1.06 MB, 709x605, Screenshot (7).png)

No. 259059

File: 1666018184690.png (775.05 KB, 624x607, Screenshot (8).png)