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File: 1597613390000.jpeg (123.65 KB, 640x854, 02A7FDB3-D8D4-4B0D-9B40-063A77…)

No. 109410

Lolita Lolcow thread #4
Previous thread >>80122

Sage your non-milk posts. Being fat and or ugly, while hilarious, is not milk by itself. Lying/shooping yourself excessively to hide that you are fat and ugly and crying about it when caught is milk.

Some milk recapped from last thread:

Instagram: Voldiee
Twitter: Voldiee
>has gotten massively fat, cries about unshooped photos of her being released by her tattoo artists where she has more rolls than the michelin man >>82759
>pretends to be unbothered while clearly lying about her weight >>83313
>shortly after getting posted here she went on a weight loss attempt, still cries over being fat showing off how her attempts to come off as unbothered are to cover up how unhappy with her weight she is >>106942

Merisa(coconut head/tattoo-sperg)
instagram: Tokimeki.bunny
>massive 10 story long spergout over someone copying her tattoo with a recolor when her tattoo is a rip-off of preexisting AP art of lyrical bunny >>104280 >>104359 >>104531
>encourages people to harass the dumbass who ripped off her shitty tattoo by having people make memes and reposting them >>104359

Ashlyn (IVB)
Instagram: Itsvanillabear
>Is now pregnant with her bridgetroll husbands hellspawn, effectively babytrapping him to leech off of for the next 18 years >>88586
>goes out daily for Starbucks during a pandemic and goes out to eat with people where they aren’t following CDC guidelines risking her pregnancy >>107210
>Continues to be a massive Karen chasing down UPS drivers to yell at >>101178 during a pandemic because her mail is more important than her unborn fetus

>Herausputzen's spergout over @Laceferatu, nothing really conclusive is said other than “she’s a buwwie” and Hera just makes them both look like dumb cows >>95363

Tiffany/Bella (petition-anon, honeycake-anon)
Lacemarket: pinksilkribbons(second lacemarket, has another deactivated one that can be found under user_11457 >>109081)
Instagram: x_daydreamtiffany_x, pinksilkribbons (both deactivated)
>made the honey cake petition, spammed it on /cgl/ amongst other places, played the victim when people got annoyed >>108935
>came to light via her own admission that she spent ages harassing people on lacemarket, Instagram, and other places to get her dream dress like an autist. Anons came and posted about being harassed by her as well confirming her autistic behavior >>108931
>got her dream dress via buying from the infamous scalper Rainies. Tries to say she doesn’t condone what she did but she did it anyway, making her a massive hypocrite
>made yet another petition for because she can’t stop being an entitled Karen and demanding things from people

Oldschooler milk (filled with bodily functions and fluids, be warned)

Instagram: Dollsmeat(thread pic)
>photographs herself pissing in lolita, encourages others to do so too >>86903 >Caps from a discord about her possibly ODing >>105045
>Spergs on /cgl/ about someone buying a dress she wanted, says she wants to claw the eyes out of the girl who bought >>105036

Instagram: @Ghostdesu(former) @deadmoths666(current)
>post pictures of her vomit and other disgusting images for attention >>87317
>munchie antics, goes out with friends and poses with a wheelchair she doesn’t need for attention >>87344

Yasmine wambolt
Instagram: cursed.owo (now deleted)
>hypocritically spergs out about FB groups criticizing itas while using the farm >>94588 >>94590 >>94593
>turns out to be a cow herself, poses with used heroin needles in filthy bathrooms and posts upskirt cringe shots >>94598

Instagram: @zafholmes
Twitter: @zafposting
YouTube: Zaf’s Culthouse / Popkill
Website: https://popkill.neocities.org (current) https://zafho.neocities.org/ideology/ (deleted)
> Totally Not Racist edgelord “conservative”(alt-right) “influencer” who edited an image of herself over black slaves in a video as well as over images of Hitler and cried about it getting backlash >>109398
>”justifies” editing herself over black salves saying she is comparing how hard it is being on YouTube to being a literal slave , refuses to apologize or understand how retarded any of this is

No. 109412

Shit thread OP, you forgot half the best cows and focused more on a few literal who's who have only been brought up once or twice.

No. 109413

File: 1597614340118.jpeg (120.86 KB, 960x960, 7CA35EF3-26FE-4952-9A00-9C3DD6…)

someone tell me PLEASE how this got praise in any way, shape, or form?
You‘re the reason people think we‘re a costum ffs

No. 109414

This isn't cgl, first of all.
And this girl is just following the cowboy trend in normie fashion. If anything, following norm-core trends leads them to see us as a fashion and not a costume. Not the other way around.
Go post in the ita thread on cgl if you're so bothered.

No. 109416

It’s better than the last few threads. Next time do it yourself if you want it done differently.

No. 109417

It's truly not, but keep believing that.

No. 109421

So which cow are you here to whiteknight?

No. 109423

protip: start the following thread when it’s at 1190 posts next time. it’s like starting a new CoF thread when it hasn’t hit autosage

No. 109424

Whichever cow you are, I suppose! Couldn't you at least be bothered to include accurate information for these cows, some you posted full names for, others not. You only included a short overview of recent events and a boatload of speculatory remarks.(infighting)

No. 109426

You’re welcome to post what you think is a suitable overview then. Nobody is stoping you.

No. 109429

Literally who are these people? How do you call someone alt-right, then post THAT page (the deleted one)? Ayn Rand was a fucking retard but come on.

No. 109430

Read the threads and sage your non milk posts

No. 109433

interesting how all of garbage-chans's "friends" are included but not her….

No. 109434

It's almost as if OP intentionally left certain people out to start drama.

No. 109435

Every single thread starter has missed cows. Garbage-chan didn’t have a lot of milk last thread, the only thing I can think of was posing with porn. If you don’t like that she was left out then link her previous drama.

No. 109442

File: 1597622628688.jpeg (119.72 KB, 828x616, 00BB4599-9795-4F5E-AB4B-061165…)

Garbagechan gets crowded out by Voldie, Dollsmeat, and a lesser extent Lovelylor and Holly in Canada.

Anyone know why he protected his account again? I’m thinking of dumping his coord posts itt.

No. 109443

Because he looks like a plain ordinary man IRL when he shoops himself into a stickly petite androgynous doll

No. 109444

Different anon but who was left out? I followed the last thread and it seems like people would vanish and become inactive the second they were mentioned there

No. 109446

Leave him alone, there's no milk in sharing his coord pics here.

No. 109447

Cowboy Lolita is such a bad idea.

No. 109452

nayrt but this is a shite retort to anons who had valid criticism. I acknowledge OP went through a lot of effort to summarize but the focus/bias on various lolitas seem sus. It gives off the impression that OP rushed through recent events because they were more interested on shitting on a selected few. Hide your vendettas better

No. 109453

Sage your posts if you don’t want to show off how new you are. Every thread has picked a few cows to bring up milk wise at the start. It’s not vendetta. It’s the standard for these threads.

No. 109522

>You‘re the reason people think we‘re a costum ffs
You're delusional, sorry. Normies are always going to think anything beyond a basic dress and lightly styled hair is overdressed and ergo costumey. You're chasing shadows and barking at clouds.

No. 109557

Does anyone have that photo? I remember seeing it but it wasn't like he looked like a troll or anything. Most lolitas on Instagram shoop anyways.
Someone mentioned he had drama with the local comm, and that sounds so much more milky that just shooping.

No. 109559

He's very popular in his comm and part of the main clique, no drama there. The image you're looking for is the header of the thread before last.

No. 109570

>no drama there

Fat fucking chance. What is with the people whiteknighting this faggot?

No. 109572

why do you think she's talking about normies and not newfags?

No. 109582

False. He’s friends with Voldie. She can stir the drama pot at times.

No. 109595

Nobody's actually posted anything milky yet. Does anyone actually know what the drama is?

No. 109635

Changes nothing either way. Nice try.

No. 109702

File: 1597939594483.jpeg (489.85 KB, 974x1517, 97058D0B-D796-4199-9483-B301A1…)

Andrea being a gross sissy is getting attention again.

No. 109703

File: 1597939717764.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 1242x1491, 83E70B16-A941-4A14-9616-303E97…)

Spoilered this photo because it involves him fetishizing a minor. Minors face has been blurred.

Why do people keep defending this sick fuck?

No. 109727

kek the thread on mandrea got nuked on cgl i'm convinced one of the mods is a tranny

No. 109729

File: 1597954421108.png (12.15 KB, 1102x135, sfasdf.PNG)

/cgl/ thread has been deleted, but apparently Andrea is claiming it's all a hoax by some vendetta-chan from 10 years ago which is hilarious. Like dude there are literally multiple photos of you in sissy clothes on this blog, at least think of a better lie.

Is anyone here in the vetted discord server? I'd be interested to hear what people make of it there.

No. 109740

The mod of the vetted server is a raging lunatic, not surprised she's involved with a pervert.

No. 109753

this is why i will always be a terf. Men are sick and this is not normal.

No. 109814

The thread in the EGL Predator Alert page was locked. Hmm…

No. 109818

yea, it does. if newfags think the fashion is a costume they dress in costumes and not actual coords. no one gives a shit about normies.

No. 109878

File: 1598079567774.jpg (147.29 KB, 1080x1350, FB_IMG_1598079292731.jpg)

Any milk on this girl besides her uncanny shooping and crusty makeup? She also adds maid/furry/ddlg elements to her outfits which makes me wonder.

No. 109879

if you have to ask for milk then there probably isn't any

No. 109906

She’s a furry with a fursona and a wannabe ethot who is self-obsessed. Claims to have a harem. Not much more than that.

No. 109954

>a harem
Wtf? Cringe

No. 110077

I don't usually care if people shoop a little, but she goes so hard she looks way different in person.

No. 110116

File: 1598248043689.png (438.55 KB, 613x583, Screenshot_20200522-084705~3.p…)

Have you seen her You Tube videos? She's unrecognizable from her shooped pictures

No. 110124

What's her username? I've never seen her before.

No. 110126

File: 1598257161425.jpg (529.75 KB, 1079x1078, Screenshot_20200824-161813_Ins…)

I don't recall her ever being so huge? Or is this just an unflattering angle, because damn.

No. 110129

She’s always been big and relies heavily on that long-suffering corset to make her fit into her clothing.

No. 110132

I am getting Tallulah Bee vibes from her

No. 110151

So aside from being fat and shooping is there actual milk that people can give caps on?

No. 110155

its because you can see her arms, she always hides how fat they are with big sleeves

No. 110156

Can you at least sage your non milk posts? Being fat is funny but it’s not milk

No. 110162

She looks nice. Skellies rattlin' mad.

No. 110181

Sorry your chin connects to your neck

No. 110214

anon i'm concerned for you if your chin is not connected to your neck

No. 110309

File: 1598462763041.jpeg (537.94 KB, 828x1391, D9853795-A1A6-46B4-A2B1-D725C6…)

Someone put up a fake Andrea blog to smear her. Nice try.

No. 110313

How did they fake the photos of him wearing sissy outfits? That have items that match what he’s worn in lolita? They’re a world class photoshopper if it was shoop

No. 110325

Did they also photoshop all of his COF posts with the toddler shoes and that one horrific Elsa dress?

No. 110327

Can't forget those poor American Girl dolls

No. 110352

I feel dumb but I can’t figure out exactly what this screenshot proves ?

No. 110361

Until someone comes forward with the originals of the pictures that someone photoshopped into mandrea it proves nothing. They’re trying to say it was faked but I highly doubt it

No. 110460

>has no content of being into the fashion but uses clickbait title


No. 110492

Does anyone else feel like cgl mods ban for the dumbest and most indiscriminate shit?

No. 110498

People who look like this thinks they all experts of j fashion

No. 110499

Your jaw is connected to your neck, not your chin. At least not directly. I know you're just deliberately being obtuse but damn.

No. 110501

Yup I got banned a while back for commenting on Swan chan's unibrow. It was the pettiest shit ever.

No. 110509

They’re lazy and simply ban you if your post has been reported enough times.

No. 110514

>arguing with a joke post from 3 days ago

No. 110522

I've never been banned but I've had the most innocuous posts deleted, stuff that I really don't think anyone would have reported such as friendly product recommendations in the skincare thread (maybe someone thought I was shilling? idk). /cgl/ jannies are garbage.

No. 110537

I’ve been banned and had posts deleted for really stupid shit like responding “no u” to people. And if you mention ANYTHING related to weight unless it’s praising fat people or disliking fat on you or other people it’s almost a guarantee for a ban. There’s probably at least one fatty-chan for a mod with how triggered the mods/a mod seems to get over weight related discussion.

No. 110545

No, in fact they don't ban enough and just delete warn at best even though whole threads get derailed with infighting and samefagging.

No. 110581

a bunch of lolitas in that group confirmed they saw him having a sissy fetlife account, so yeah still a sissy

No. 110582

i notice that they constantly leave fatwank, boobwank and racewank up, but will delete any transwank immediately. really says a lot

No. 110601

Posting something like no u is considered a shit post or off topic tbf

No. 110603

And yet off topic threads stay up for ages, threads get derailed with off topic things and that stay up for ages, along with the “kys” post I was responding to in the incident I was referring to. I guess telling people to kill themselves is more on topic kek

/cgl/ has some of the worst moderation of any of the boards on 4chan/nel. Tons of on topic discussion gets deleted, mods delete people’s posts histories for dumb shit, but then shit like troons sperging out about how anyone who doesn’t want them invading spaces for women is evil and a buwwie

No. 110678

I remember there was a thread about how to take upskirts of women at cons and OP's pic was a webm of a girl being stalked and upskirted without her knowledge. I immediately reported it not only for the creep factor, but because /cgl/ is a blue board on top of that. Yet it stayed up for days if not weeks iirc. Other anons I talked to also mentioned reporting the thread so it wasn't just me.

No. 110729

Apply to the moderation team if you don't like how it's run. It's volunteer work so ofc no one gives a shit about taking care of that board

No. 110732

Why are you so triggered over people expressing valid complaints? I don’t have time to sit around and be the girl who


No. 110739

File: 1598752063123.jpeg (66.07 KB, 828x322, 32DBA95C-9CA7-4CA7-8274-06207A…)

She’s not a lolita but heavily involved in kawaii fashion. Won’t get a job and plays the victim to guilt people to send her money.

No. 110740

This is the LOLITA fashion thread. If she’s not a lolita now then this isn’t the thread for it

No. 110748

As said,,,,This isn't the thread for this type of stuff anon. You can post that in the Egirl & kawaii thread on /snow/.

But I will say, I was Facebook friends with this girl and can confirm that she asks for money 24/7.All that time of asking she could've used to file for unemployment and finding a job like at Walmart.

No. 110752

So everyone is now triggered about a Karenita who has a "Straight Pride" as their profile pic?

No. 110763

What actually happened: All the deleted "no u" posts in the archive are supporting, continuing or responding to shitflinging and infighting.

Anon is probably a massive shitposter or constantly causes bait and off-topic sperging since her whole post history got nuked. She wouldn't have a chance either way.

No. 110786

Sounds exactly like a certain beggar that used to work at Fickle Wish and would ask for money every other week

No. 110792

>being so triggered about /cgl/ mod complaints that you search the archives for all the deleted instances of "no u"

Are you well?

No. 110793

Speaking of Fickle Wish, it’s out of business now.

No. 110836

File: 1598829740120.jpg (601.49 KB, 1534x1430, gyreuhifjwoadjfuhg copy.jpg)

Anyone else in the SF comm following the concussion-chan saga? Thoughts/opinions on what's happening?

>girl posts a lot on discord
>assigned herself an 18+ role to talk about sex in the 18+ channel (top left screenshot)
>tries to "educate" people on "lolita fashion" when they're referring to Lolita (top right screenshot)
>constantly talks about how injured she is and how she got them (bottom right screenshot)
>gets one of her coords posted in the /cgl/ ita thread
>has a fucking meltdown in the general channel
>it gets revealed that she's possibly a minor despite referring to her time in school as past tense (e.g. "Back when I was in high school…") (bottom left screenshot)
>mods instate a rule saying that anyone caught on cgl will be banned because of this

No. 110840

> “ I’m a 18+ role model”

>”I’m not 18”

My fucking eyes rolled to the back of my head.

No. 110845

Multiple staff members did this, who are you talking about specifically? The one who wears lolita more than the rest?

No. 110846

How man concussions is she claiming to have had?
It sounds like she's just dumb and trying to cover it by saying she has brain damage

No. 110847

Do you not have friends in the SF comm to talk about this? Because it keeps being brought up, but it's weak milk and not really funny or entertaining. I just feel bad for them. All I see is a dumb, cringey minor who posts way too much and probably needs to get some help. Annoying sure, but I don't really see anything worth dragging a kid for

No. 110849

File: 1598839442911.png (61.14 KB, 1120x224, Screen Shot 2020-08-30 at 7.04…)

10 concussions according to them

Nah the other people I know in the comm are weird about talking about drama. Everyone clearly keeps tabs on drama and reads here and /cgl/ but pretends to be pure and drama-free.

No. 110860

You come off as a shitstirrer, anon. I wouldn't be surprised if that's why no one wants to talk drama with you. Of course lolitas talk shit, but most of it happens in private circles that you probably haven't been invited to. Most people know better than to dump their trivial comm stuff online because no one cares and it clogs up threads

No. 110869

You're really not helping your case here, seems like the bans were valid after all.

No. 110873

NTA but you can’t cry about clogging up threads when you’re posting unsaged, unprompted ranting about how other anons have no friends. looks like the other anon touched a nerve

‘post concussive syndrome’ the desperation to be special is so real. sis probably had a headache once and now goes around telling people she has severe brain trauma from her 10 consecutive concussions

No. 110895

File: 1598903931971.png (575.69 KB, 998x729, legvnsrek.png)

anyone else noticed how this girl just skin walks Misako?

No. 110903

File: 1598907651656.png (4.06 MB, 1522x1508, Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 1.59…)

I don't think her account is over-skinwalkery. She and Misako have the same generic haircut and do the same generic kawaii lolita poses, but nothing screams "I wish to wear Misako's skin and become her."

No. 110908

she is also a nurse and on her story the other day she was talking about how misako was going to wear a certain fashion so she had to do it as well. Misako posted a tik tok with a cat filter and she did the same after. I follow them both so maybe it is just me that feels they are so similar.

No. 110910

Came here to just to ask this. I've noticed the exact same thing as >>110582. They will delete on topic stuff if it has even a hint of being anti-trans. I left mod feedback saying there is a biased mod though I'm sure nothing will be done. They should go mod lgbt board and leave us the hell alone

I think it's typical Japanese cute girl aesthetic. Like China lolitas have a certain similar aesthetic? I don't follow this girl though so she could be

No. 110917

File: 1598915050023.jpeg (713.3 KB, 828x1419, 015BCAA9-14DD-46F5-A99D-04C3F6…)

Seeing that hanikami made this submission,, makes me have mixed emotions about the post

No. 110918

File: 1598915163869.jpeg (676.31 KB, 828x998, 329494F9-91EF-4372-9913-208200…)

wasn’t it said that she has a eating disorder??? Just looking at her is depressing

No. 110921

Why did they repost proana shit?

No. 110922

The actual number of dresses she owns at any one time is so low considering how often she sells to buy new shit. It’s hilarious she acts like she “shouldn’t look at the number!” Like how many dresses she has is shocking. Being anorexic isn’t milk but her thinking her closet is impressive is delusional.

No. 110928

Can she just be blacklisted by the community already? She clearly has no issue sharing her problematic opinions about her lifestyle. It's gross and does not belong in this fashion.

No. 110931

Yes, I just got banned for vendetta even though the post wasn’t vendetta and on topic. Three days, too.

No. 110933

you can evade your three day ban by getting a new IP address to shitpost, retard

No. 110936

Blacklisted for what exactly? Being mentally ill and existing? Don’t get me wrong, if she’s actually done something wrong like scam, backstab friends, harass people, whatever, then sure. Blacklist away. But if we’re going to blacklist people from the community just for having weight issues we should ban all the fatty-chans too. I think they are the bigger problem, pun intended. I’ve heard rumors of her being curt to people she sells to. That would be more along the lines to start making people in the community aware of her negative behaviors than

>This person is mentally ill and I don’t like it!

I haven’t really heard or seen real milk from her other than something like her being rude to buyers who don’t pay right away. And even that I haven’t even seen actual caps of.

No. 110937

Sure but that’s not the point I’m making.

No. 110941

She's difficult to sell to and bombards people on IG and LM with messages when someone has a dress she wants

No. 110943

That’s a far more reasonable thing to want to blacklist her for than just her having an eating disorder. Post caps since this is an image board

No. 110953

>She's difficult to sell to
Can you elaborate on this?
Also, for anyone who's bought from her before, can you share your experiences? Because she has nearly all positive feedback on LM, though that might not be saying much because everyone on there is afraid to give anything but positive feedback.

No. 110971

I have heard the opposite, that she’s fine to sell to but difficult to buy from. But I haven’t seen any actual caps of any of this, and her feedback is all relatively positive. Minus that one negative feedback on her LM, but the rest of her over 300 feedback ratings are all positive.

If there’s actual milk with her I wish someone would post it and not just complain about how she’s anorexic

No. 110972

She just makes me uncomfortable and triggers me. I get her wanting to cope with her condition but >>110917 this is odd to share(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 110973

>we now non ironically have people crying about being triggered in the farm

Nobody cares that you’re triggered newfag. I agree that was weird to share but I blame the account who posted it for being so tone deaf more than her. Sage your sniveling

No. 110979

>>110918 If this community allows fatty-Chans then they'll allow her

>>110941 Anons on CGL talked about her being rude but, I have yet seen any proof. They're probably scared that she'll find out who it is but, again who tf cares what a malnutrition frail Ana-Chan gonna do

No. 110981

not to necro but she also never shut up about being a "brandwhore" and also constantly posted weird body checks all the time. literally every two weeks she would baww about some dress being too big for her
if she was a kid, I still fee kind of bad because it's obvious she needs professional help but she was annoying af

No. 110989

>not to necro

Then sage since you don’t have caps. Not that it even would be a necro since the thread was already bumped just a few hours beforehand by some idiot crying about how she’s triggered

Why is it that fat fucks can cry about dresses not fitting them and people accept it but when someone’s too small there’s an issue? If someone’s too fat that’s just as bad as being too thin. This community tolerates the antics of whales far too much. That’s much more of an issue than some anorexic labeling herself as a brandwhore

No. 110990

whats her lacemarket?

No. 110991

File: 1598987391270.png (246.63 KB, 1061x429, HP SAVE 016.png)

No. 110992

Post has been removed

No. 111000

Read through the reviews. Some are "positive" but detail issues and some are netural, which don't show up in the score.

No. 111002

This is an image board. Post caps.

No. 111003

Can you ban and delete all the /r9k/ and /pol/ bait on /cgl/, instead of giving actual seagulls long-ass bans for vendetta when they post on-topic content? It gets tiresome to see "Anzu is the best cosplayer ever and makes my dick hard: Thread #5833".

No. 111010

I got banned for pointing out the op pic of a thread was of that woman who got arrested for having sex with a minor. The thread was also race bait central but obviously that gets to stay up.You can bait, /pol/ and incel post all you want but say anything remotely bad about trannies and they delete it all lmao. Fuck them.

No. 111013

I caught a ban for making a cosplay WIP thread, as if they weren't a fixture on the board for years lmao. I'm convinced all the mods are /pol/tards or robots who applied to mod /cgl/ just so they can allow fap threads. The most wack part is that /s/ actually has regular cosplay threads and have had them for years, so I don't see why they can't just look at those threads instead of shitting up /cgl/.

No. 111024

They probably won’t leave because they like being on a board with women and shitting up the place with their bait so they can get into arguments with them. I’ve even caught some of them replying to their own bait and eventually some idiot gull falls for it sigh

No. 111182

File: 1599155200111.png (27.59 KB, 1459x154, Capture.PNG)

old milk but i remember her having a breakdown/fit on her instagram stories about some seller giving her a bad review when apparently she was acting entitled about shipping times during covid

No. 111199

I mean that’s the internet in general now.

No. 111248

The 4chan mods will approve almost any ban the cgl jannies ask for because they are so busy with the larger boards that they just assume the cgl jannies know what they're doing.
One of the cgl jannies was actively being talked about on cgl about a year ago due to drama she caused in her comm. I believe it was somewhere in Arizona.
No idea about any of the mods being trannies, might just be sjw handmaidens.

No. 111316

File: 1599275435747.jpg (26.54 KB, 339x743, 1582580366051.jpg)

I hate to bring up old milk, but did anyone else know that bondage-chan is a camwhore? She goes by Rylie Haze.

No. 111325

Kek, and COF mods will still defend her.

She needs to get the mole on her tit checked out and bleach her asshole.

No. 111347

She has an account on Chaturbate and OF too

No. 111348

God the fucking shit show she caused on COF. I’m baffled at the people who defended her.

Lmao @ the feels threads being deleted 3 times in a row now

No. 111360

Still won't forget the shit show in the last thread when she sent her defenders to nuke it with terrible bait.

looking back on it, apparently, some girl named, Yasmine, went on a spurge at salt groups that posted about the fetish girl. Gets mad and starts calling those groups bullies.

>joined salt groups.

>goes mentally derange when the group posted bondage friend.
>both of them made a cancel culture attack on salt groups and the admins of it >>94588 >>94590 .
>few of those admins gets pissed and some of them having a autistic ree in the comments for apparent doxxing by bondage girl and yasmine.
>her and her defenders goes on lolcow once somebody posted caps.
>Spam the thread with self vendetta and bait.
>Deletes post after a jfashion influencer said she contributed to the salt by joining the salt groups and defending fetishist

No. 111397

File: 1599343767834.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 108.53 KB, 828x947, FA75A54D-6CFF-49D4-8470-745C19…)

Cof mods really defended this? Can’t believe they still allow her in groups

No. 111398

File: 1599343798256.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 153.7 KB, 720x1558, 176C2956-94A9-4853-98EF-BF50C3…)

No. 111419

i'd swear she was a man if i couldn't see her actual vag in that top pic. yikes, please tell me this isnt selling well for her

No. 111427

She's very feminine looking, you're just saying that because she has short hair. She could honestly be a model in my opinion. I don't personally care if people cam and are also lolitas, as long as they don't mix the two.

No. 111430

right, she definitely didn't mix the two ever or anything…

No. 111431

File: 1599366673915.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 543.18 KB, 1242x854, B8EE28C6-EC24-4331-A555-531736…)

Yes, those self harm marks sure are gorgeous and model material. Even with longer hair she looks masculine

No. 111432

she clearly mixes it by wear fetish wear in lolita and based lolita fashion off the book lolita + nymphet ideas

No. 111435

File: 1599368144339.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 43.34 KB, 800x449, 8F5CB3A8-E0B9-44A5-B496-0BACBE…)

She should be banned from any group that has a minor in it.

No. 111440

Eww her pussy looks prolapsed

No. 111455


What's with the Dylan Roof haircut? This girl seems like a creep even beyond camming

No. 111459

Looks like Daisy Taylor to me.

No. 111471

Why reach like that, anon? She's got nothing to do with minors. An adult woman isn't going to magically turn herself into a desexualized being just because she wears lolita fashion, a type of fashion worn mostly by other adult women.

No. 111474

File: 1599413842052.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 37.97 KB, 960x540, DCC8CC27-8401-41DE-A0BB-AC257A…)

>she’s got nothing to do with minors

Wrong, she posted herself wearing fetish gear in a group with minors in it. Minors- aka CHILDREN came forward and said they were uncomfortable with this adult showing herself wearing something on her face to hold her mouth open for dick in a group where the minimum age to join is like 13-14.

And then it comes out she is a literal whore. Who posted herself in fetish gear in a group with minors in it. Which makes her original actions and COF mods defending her even more outrageous.

No. 111475

Why'd you delete your first post just to add a screenshot of her and a note about her being "a literal whore" followed by what you'd already said? My post wasn't referring to her past actions (which I didn't condone) but to the fact that an adult woman being a camwhore or having a Chaturbate/OF account (the only reason she was mentioned again - >>111316) on her own time has nothing to do with minors. It's fine to dislike someone, but reaching for any chance to pull the "muh pedophilia" card to justify your dislike is embarrassing.

No. 111476

Because i accidentally hit send too early you sperg. And nobody cares if your specific post wasn’t referring to her past actions. Her past actions of being a sexworker and simultaneously posting images of her in fetish gear in groups filled with children is a huge issue and is what is being discussed. Stop whiteknighting this predatory whore.

No. 111487

Enough with the disgusting photos anons. The spoilers aren't enough from hiding her loose dried out pussy.

I agree with you on her disrespecting minors and their consent. but I believe most of the anger should go to the mods of COF. If I'm right, I remember members were calling her out for plugging her NSFW Instagram in the COF post with this picture


No. 111491

Don’t click spoilers if you don’t want to see disgusting content or adult content. The mods and her are both to blame. But if they didn’t know that she’s a whore they’re less at fault than she is. Not that it would take away their other shitty actions. But she 100% knew that she is a sexworker and still posted herself in fetish gear and linked her instagram with sexual content to a group with minors in it. All while wearing nymphet styled outfits. I find it suspect that people are downplaying that predatory behavior ITT.

No. 111495

It's probably Yasmine and bondage chan who see nothing wrong with it

No. 111498

You seem really obsessed with Yasmine, but she's asexual.

No. 111500

>mentioning her briefly

Nta but even if she calls herself “asexual” she’s still posted photos of her bending over with her underwear showing on her instagram so it kinda makes it hard for anyone to take that seriously. Its obvious she just says that for snowflake points

No. 111501

TMI but ok Yasmine(hi cow)

No. 111654

I just found her pictures on Instagram and for me she looks waaay too similar to Misako to not kinda skinwalk her. Why else would you cut and color your hair exactly the same, and take pictures like Misako postcards?

No. 111743

Tranny jannies are a real problem

No. 111816

Why tf yall been praising a coord without a blouse on facebook? What‘s wrong with you?

No. 111818

This is an image board

No. 111822

Because blouseless coords can be fine and are fairly common among lolitas in Asia. Quit sperging about it.

No. 112037

Sure, but what about all the gothic lolitas who skinwalk mama/do mama inspired makeup and looks? I really don't see the problem. She just has a similar facial shape, and obviously takes inspiration from Misako. That's Misako's job, isn't it, to inspire other lolitas?

I don't even into sweet, but this is a non-issue.

No. 112223

File: 1600032691115.jpeg (289.31 KB, 750x692, 5E1CE8BA-D7F8-4EF2-B20C-2C2A78…)

Anybody know Camwhore-chan’s Tiktok?

No. 112239

You know that it has nothing to do with being asexual, right? Being asexual just means she doesn't feel sexual attraction, not that she doesn't have libido or whatever drove her to take whatever picture she took.

I should agree with anon. When I first saw the th I just thought it was Misako.

blouseless coords have been common since forever, newfag. only white amerifags complain about it

No. 112243

Being asexual means you reproduce asexually. Humans aren’t asexual. It’s all snowflake bullshit. The rare cases of people having such a low libido that they have never felt aroused or experinced sexual attraction are due to medical conditions that can be fixed with medication/hormones

No. 112269

File: 1600057731911.jpeg (484.17 KB, 1199x910, 9EB4E134-B453-4096-BFB9-19B6A9…)

Lepetiteflaneur was caught bidding on the two elephant necklace/ring listings and then came to defend herself on /cgl/ when called out. She tried to say she was bidding to make sure she got one of the listings, ignoring the fact that the two listings end 3 days apart and she could have waited until one was over before driving up the bidding prices.

Her insta used to be public but as soon as she got called out she privated it

No. 112273

I'm not the person in question but the elephant and giraffe jewelry from this series always sells for a high price. If she did win both it would be around $300 total which is the price of a new dress.

tl;dr you sound poor and no one except you gives a shit

No. 112275

This is not a place to whiteknight people. Going on /cgl/ to defend yourself is milky.

No. 112277

I'd private my insta too if people were talking about me on cgl or here. Defending herself is dumb but people were apparently lying calling her a troon.

That being said, I see no evidence posted here about her being a genderspecial which gulls claimed would be shared so we know that was bullshit.

No. 112280

This situation is hardly milky and people frequently call out other posters for posting stupid shit that isn't actually milk, which is what I saw >>112273 to be doing.

No. 112281

Defending yourself publicly on /cgl/ is milk. It always has been considered milk.

No. 112282

Should've gotten her to do a time stamp like Nef then. As it is, it could've been a petty anon impersonating her.

No. 112283

She’s whiteknighted herself before. If you read through the thread you can tell where she did, specifically how she was allegedly the only person to “not scalp” honeycake when she was one of 5 or so. She has posted that exact defense of herself before when the discussion of her being a scalper was brought up too. It’s no coincidence that just before that post her instagram went private either. Why are you defending this heifer?

No. 112285


You're reading too much into it. Everyone doesn't see every LM listing so every normal priced dress selling quickly in a sea of scalped honey cakes isn't going to stand out to everyone browsing. If she is the only one of those listings to be accused of scalping, no one will feel the need to point out the very few other randos not scalping who aren't subjects of discussion. Plus selling things for high prices doesn't mean they are somehow antagonizing a whole ass LM listing for no apparent reason. No one has yet provided any logical reason for her to bid up a listing as a troll. The fact she hid her instagram probably means she's afraid of being talked about further and lines up with her story about giving up on the item when she got posted. She's a fat bitch and scalped some dresses but that doesn't mean she somehow has it out for the other listing for an item she is trying to buy.

No. 112288

It doesn’t make sense for her to bid on two listings at once unless she’s literally mentally retarded. The listings end half a week apart, there’s no way she’s just going to miss out on being able to bid on the second one if she doesn’t get the first. That’s why she got accused of bidding up the other listing.

It’s either she’s too fucking stupid to know that it’s to her detriment to bid on both of these at the same time, or she did it on purpose.

If you’re going to whiteknight this fat cow can you at least sage so you don’t show everyone how new you are?

No. 112289


Sorry it's been a while since I posted here regularly (not since around the time Pixielocks quit lolita) but I came on the promise of milk on her being supposedly a genderspecial and a spiteful bitch but got nothing but the same whining posted on cgl.

No. 112290

Nobody cares about you being disappointed. You sound like a cow yourself. Quit whiteknighting cows and go back to /cgl/

No. 112291

Everything you just said in your post, you should say it right back to yourself.

No. 112292


If anything you're whiteknighting the poor loser who's unnecessarily buthhurt over someone double bidding the jewelry. I don't have to like some fat bitch to find the lies and weird fixation on a literal who over some Claire's tier plastic silly.

No. 112294

What has this cow done to have you two so far up her ass? She did something milky. It got posted. And then she gets WKs coming in to reee about it. It’s not just her either. Cows are getting whiteknighted left and right in this thread. Farmhands need to do something about it.

No. 112296


The self defense post was milky but people pretending it's a fact she is trying to randomly make another listing more expensive without any logical basis are just dumb.

No. 112297

>without any logical basis

It’s been discussed, it’s not “without any logical basis.” She’s either doing it to drive up the other listing or she’s stupid and doesn’t realize she’s just fucking herself over by inflating the bid.

No. 112298

If being stupid and desperate for brand was milky enough to warrant a post they would have focused on that and not the conspiracy theory she was maliciously upbidding a listing for nothing when she is winning another. And posted a lot more LM users besides her.

No. 112299

The point is she has no logical reason to drive up the price of the other listing unless she really was trying to win it which negates the argument that she ever had ill intent in the first place.

No. 112300

She didn’t get posted here until she defended herself on /cgl/. Tons of people have gotten posted here for defending themselves on/against /cgl/, like Larasuzanne. It is milky. Get over it. And sage your posts newfag

No. 112303


People on cgl stated intent to post her here before she defended herself. Claiming they had proof of other random claims they threw out thst as of now have no proof and were lies. They probably just wanted to scare her into defending herself as an excuse to post her and call her milky (or better yet, it could have easily been an anon pretending to be her as an excuse to post her given how mad they were on cgl) She's not someone trying to be an online lolita personality or anything that makes her even relevant. Just a random LM user. Which is what makes the stuff on cgl and now here feel like some angy boi vendetta from another person who got outbid or something.

No. 112304

No, idiot. The person making claims about genderspecial shit said that it “wasn’t milk” and indicated they wouldn’t post it because of that. f you’re going to whiteknight this cow at least fucking read so it isn’t so tedious to have to deal with you sperging out in this thread

No. 112307


Disagreeing with vendettas isn't white-knighting or sperging. Just like bidding on LM isn't milk. It wasn't milk until assblasted anons wanted to make it milk. And literally no one knows if it's her. It seems more likely someone posted random shit pretending to be her to keep the discussion rolling than for someone who lurks cgl to be stupid enough to defend themselves. Mistsken identity on purpose and by accident on cgl happens all the time.

No. 112309

You sure seem defensive over this cow. Again, her instagram going private the second before she posted that is way too much of a coincidence. She’s confirmed to have posted about herself before. Defending her and accusing people of vendettas won’t do anything to change that or her past behaviors like scalping

No. 112311

I was around for that discussion on cgl and the dresses they were accused of scalping had the prices lowered so much or were market rate that they didn't make much besides their money back. Someone called them a scalper for not selling a dress at the exact BIN price they were told to in the price check thread. Cgl was way too hype about calling anyone a scalper at the time. Now high priced items are celebrated when they're bid on or ignored completely.

No. 112331

I'm sorry for you and your tiny brain, but that's not what being assexual in regards to attraction means and nor how the human body works, so I'll suggest you to go read more papers instead of image boards, for a change. I reckon it must be easier to live being this stupid, though.(stop)

No. 112356

No moron. Humans aren’t asexual.

No. 112359

>I was around for that discussion on cgl and the dresses they were accused of scalping had the prices lowered so much or were market rate that they didn't make much besides their money back

She got accused of scalping because she bought a dress and then sold it for about $200 profit while admitting she bought it to resell it. It has nothing to do with the incident you’re referring to. I’ve never even heard of it, post caps.

No. 112360

I hate how many people suck _avina_'s dick over her shitty scrap bin and the fabric barn coords.

No. 112361

I agree her coords are ita and it’s weird people support her but unless there’s new milk why are you posting unsaged complaining about it?

No. 112371

File: 1600109058589.jpg (89.66 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (27).jpg)

We found every single pussy pic of fetish-chan but not a single panty pic from yasmine. Going to concider this fake news untill it's found

No. 112374

It’s in the last thread retard. Christ, this thread is nothing but whiteknighting cows now.

No. 112382

Can't find it

No. 112383

No it just sounds like you’re sperging out over dumb retarded shit. Is being trapped inside all the time getting to you anon? Do you need to step away from the computer for a minute?

No. 112389

I don't know anything about this girl but what does this have to do with lolita? This seems completely irrelevant to the fashion.

No. 112390

read the thread moron

No. 112402

Spotted the newfag. This isn't even old news

No. 112511

i'm tired of "andrea" being protected i wish he was found guilty of that blog i cannot stand this fucking tranny. Ugly men in dresses don't belong in such a beautiful fashion. I don't even hate trans people in general as long as they're not fucking perverts but andrea HAS to be a sissy and i refuse to believe otherwise but we have to accomodate creepy men everywhere including in our spaces.

No. 112512

What comm is he in?

No. 112524


They show up everywhere. Atl, ny, all the major events in the US

No. 112525


No. 112564

I agree. Ugly cis women gets shit and ridiculed for not wearing makeup or trying hard enough while wearing lolita but as soon as its a cis man who can hide their kink behind an feminine fashion they get special protection.

No wonder why sissies are drawn to this community we let them in and give them a safe space and free fap material.

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