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No. 109410

Lolita Lolcow thread #4
Previous thread >>80122

Sage your non-milk posts. Being fat and or ugly, while hilarious, is not milk by itself. Lying/shooping yourself excessively to hide that you are fat and ugly and crying about it when caught is milk.

Some milk recapped from last thread:

Instagram: Voldiee
Twitter: Voldiee
>has gotten massively fat, cries about unshooped photos of her being released by her tattoo artists where she has more rolls than the michelin man >>82759
>pretends to be unbothered while clearly lying about her weight >>83313
>shortly after getting posted here she went on a weight loss attempt, still cries over being fat showing off how her attempts to come off as unbothered are to cover up how unhappy with her weight she is >>106942

Merisa(coconut head/tattoo-sperg)
instagram: Tokimeki.bunny
>massive 10 story long spergout over someone copying her tattoo with a recolor when her tattoo is a rip-off of preexisting AP art of lyrical bunny >>104280 >>104359 >>104531
>encourages people to harass the dumbass who ripped off her shitty tattoo by having people make memes and reposting them >>104359

Ashlyn (IVB)
Instagram: Itsvanillabear
>Is now pregnant with her bridgetroll husbands hellspawn, effectively babytrapping him to leech off of for the next 18 years >>88586
>goes out daily for Starbucks during a pandemic and goes out to eat with people where they aren’t following CDC guidelines risking her pregnancy >>107210
>Continues to be a massive Karen chasing down UPS drivers to yell at >>101178 during a pandemic because her mail is more important than her unborn fetus

>Herausputzen's spergout over @Laceferatu, nothing really conclusive is said other than “she’s a buwwie” and Hera just makes them both look like dumb cows >>95363

Tiffany/Bella (petition-anon, honeycake-anon)
Lacemarket: pinksilkribbons(second lacemarket, has another deactivated one that can be found under user_11457 >>109081)
Instagram: x_daydreamtiffany_x, pinksilkribbons (both deactivated)
>made the honey cake petition, spammed it on /cgl/ amongst other places, played the victim when people got annoyed >>108935
>came to light via her own admission that she spent ages harassing people on lacemarket, Instagram, and other places to get her dream dress like an autist. Anons came and posted about being harassed by her as well confirming her autistic behavior >>108931
>got her dream dress via buying from the infamous scalper Rainies. Tries to say she doesn’t condone what she did but she did it anyway, making her a massive hypocrite
>made yet another petition for because she can’t stop being an entitled Karen and demanding things from people

Oldschooler milk (filled with bodily functions and fluids, be warned)

Instagram: Dollsmeat(thread pic)
>photographs herself pissing in lolita, encourages others to do so too >>86903 >Caps from a discord about her possibly ODing >>105045
>Spergs on /cgl/ about someone buying a dress she wanted, says she wants to claw the eyes out of the girl who bought >>105036

Instagram: @Ghostdesu(former) @deadmoths666(current)
>post pictures of her vomit and other disgusting images for attention >>87317
>munchie antics, goes out with friends and poses with a wheelchair she doesn’t need for attention >>87344

Yasmine wambolt
Instagram: cursed.owo (now deleted)
>hypocritically spergs out about FB groups criticizing itas while using the farm >>94588 >>94590 >>94593
>turns out to be a cow herself, poses with used heroin needles in filthy bathrooms and posts upskirt cringe shots >>94598

Instagram: @zafholmes
Twitter: @zafposting
YouTube: Zaf’s Culthouse / Popkill
Website: https://popkill.neocities.org (current) https://zafho.neocities.org/ideology/ (deleted)
> Totally Not Racist edgelord “conservative”(alt-right) “influencer” who edited an image of herself over black slaves in a video as well as over images of Hitler and cried about it getting backlash >>109398
>”justifies” editing herself over black salves saying she is comparing how hard it is being on YouTube to being a literal slave , refuses to apologize or understand how retarded any of this is

No. 109412

Shit thread OP, you forgot half the best cows and focused more on a few literal who's who have only been brought up once or twice.

No. 109413

File: 1597614340118.jpeg (120.86 KB, 960x960, 7CA35EF3-26FE-4952-9A00-9C3DD6…)

someone tell me PLEASE how this got praise in any way, shape, or form?
You‘re the reason people think we‘re a costum ffs

No. 109414

This isn't cgl, first of all.
And this girl is just following the cowboy trend in normie fashion. If anything, following norm-core trends leads them to see us as a fashion and not a costume. Not the other way around.
Go post in the ita thread on cgl if you're so bothered.

No. 109416

It’s better than the last few threads. Next time do it yourself if you want it done differently.

No. 109417

It's truly not, but keep believing that.

No. 109421

So which cow are you here to whiteknight?

No. 109423

protip: start the following thread when it’s at 1190 posts next time. it’s like starting a new CoF thread when it hasn’t hit autosage

No. 109424

Whichever cow you are, I suppose! Couldn't you at least be bothered to include accurate information for these cows, some you posted full names for, others not. You only included a short overview of recent events and a boatload of speculatory remarks.(infighting)

No. 109426

You’re welcome to post what you think is a suitable overview then. Nobody is stoping you.

No. 109429

Literally who are these people? How do you call someone alt-right, then post THAT page (the deleted one)? Ayn Rand was a fucking retard but come on.

No. 109430

Read the threads and sage your non milk posts

No. 109433

interesting how all of garbage-chans's "friends" are included but not her….

No. 109434

It's almost as if OP intentionally left certain people out to start drama.

No. 109435

Every single thread starter has missed cows. Garbage-chan didn’t have a lot of milk last thread, the only thing I can think of was posing with porn. If you don’t like that she was left out then link her previous drama.

No. 109442

File: 1597622628688.jpeg (119.72 KB, 828x616, 00BB4599-9795-4F5E-AB4B-061165…)

Garbagechan gets crowded out by Voldie, Dollsmeat, and a lesser extent Lovelylor and Holly in Canada.

Anyone know why he protected his account again? I’m thinking of dumping his coord posts itt.

No. 109443

Because he looks like a plain ordinary man IRL when he shoops himself into a stickly petite androgynous doll

No. 109444

Different anon but who was left out? I followed the last thread and it seems like people would vanish and become inactive the second they were mentioned there

No. 109446

Leave him alone, there's no milk in sharing his coord pics here.

No. 109447

Cowboy Lolita is such a bad idea.

No. 109452

nayrt but this is a shite retort to anons who had valid criticism. I acknowledge OP went through a lot of effort to summarize but the focus/bias on various lolitas seem sus. It gives off the impression that OP rushed through recent events because they were more interested on shitting on a selected few. Hide your vendettas better

No. 109453

Sage your posts if you don’t want to show off how new you are. Every thread has picked a few cows to bring up milk wise at the start. It’s not vendetta. It’s the standard for these threads.

No. 109522

>You‘re the reason people think we‘re a costum ffs
You're delusional, sorry. Normies are always going to think anything beyond a basic dress and lightly styled hair is overdressed and ergo costumey. You're chasing shadows and barking at clouds.

No. 109557

Does anyone have that photo? I remember seeing it but it wasn't like he looked like a troll or anything. Most lolitas on Instagram shoop anyways.
Someone mentioned he had drama with the local comm, and that sounds so much more milky that just shooping.

No. 109559

He's very popular in his comm and part of the main clique, no drama there. The image you're looking for is the header of the thread before last.

No. 109570

>no drama there

Fat fucking chance. What is with the people whiteknighting this faggot?

No. 109572

why do you think she's talking about normies and not newfags?

No. 109582

False. He’s friends with Voldie. She can stir the drama pot at times.

No. 109595

Nobody's actually posted anything milky yet. Does anyone actually know what the drama is?

No. 109635

Changes nothing either way. Nice try.

No. 109702

File: 1597939594483.jpeg (489.85 KB, 974x1517, 97058D0B-D796-4199-9483-B301A1…)

Andrea being a gross sissy is getting attention again.

No. 109703

File: 1597939717764.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 1242x1491, 83E70B16-A941-4A14-9616-303E97…)

Spoilered this photo because it involves him fetishizing a minor. Minors face has been blurred.

Why do people keep defending this sick fuck?

No. 109727

kek the thread on mandrea got nuked on cgl i'm convinced one of the mods is a tranny

No. 109729

File: 1597954421108.png (12.15 KB, 1102x135, sfasdf.PNG)

/cgl/ thread has been deleted, but apparently Andrea is claiming it's all a hoax by some vendetta-chan from 10 years ago which is hilarious. Like dude there are literally multiple photos of you in sissy clothes on this blog, at least think of a better lie.

Is anyone here in the vetted discord server? I'd be interested to hear what people make of it there.

No. 109740

The mod of the vetted server is a raging lunatic, not surprised she's involved with a pervert.

No. 109753

this is why i will always be a terf. Men are sick and this is not normal.

No. 109814

The thread in the EGL Predator Alert page was locked. Hmm…

No. 109818

yea, it does. if newfags think the fashion is a costume they dress in costumes and not actual coords. no one gives a shit about normies.

No. 109878

File: 1598079567774.jpg (147.29 KB, 1080x1350, FB_IMG_1598079292731.jpg)

Any milk on this girl besides her uncanny shooping and crusty makeup? She also adds maid/furry/ddlg elements to her outfits which makes me wonder.

No. 109879

if you have to ask for milk then there probably isn't any

No. 109906

She’s a furry with a fursona and a wannabe ethot who is self-obsessed. Claims to have a harem. Not much more than that.

No. 109954

>a harem
Wtf? Cringe

No. 110077

I don't usually care if people shoop a little, but she goes so hard she looks way different in person.

No. 110116

File: 1598248043689.png (438.55 KB, 613x583, Screenshot_20200522-084705~3.p…)

Have you seen her You Tube videos? She's unrecognizable from her shooped pictures

No. 110124

What's her username? I've never seen her before.

No. 110126

File: 1598257161425.jpg (529.75 KB, 1079x1078, Screenshot_20200824-161813_Ins…)

I don't recall her ever being so huge? Or is this just an unflattering angle, because damn.

No. 110129

She’s always been big and relies heavily on that long-suffering corset to make her fit into her clothing.

No. 110132

I am getting Tallulah Bee vibes from her

No. 110151

So aside from being fat and shooping is there actual milk that people can give caps on?

No. 110155

its because you can see her arms, she always hides how fat they are with big sleeves

No. 110156

Can you at least sage your non milk posts? Being fat is funny but it’s not milk

No. 110162

She looks nice. Skellies rattlin' mad.

No. 110181

Sorry your chin connects to your neck

No. 110214

anon i'm concerned for you if your chin is not connected to your neck

No. 110309

File: 1598462763041.jpeg (537.94 KB, 828x1391, D9853795-A1A6-46B4-A2B1-D725C6…)

Someone put up a fake Andrea blog to smear her. Nice try.

No. 110313

How did they fake the photos of him wearing sissy outfits? That have items that match what he’s worn in lolita? They’re a world class photoshopper if it was shoop

No. 110325

Did they also photoshop all of his COF posts with the toddler shoes and that one horrific Elsa dress?

No. 110327

Can't forget those poor American Girl dolls

No. 110352

I feel dumb but I can’t figure out exactly what this screenshot proves ?

No. 110361

Until someone comes forward with the originals of the pictures that someone photoshopped into mandrea it proves nothing. They’re trying to say it was faked but I highly doubt it

No. 110460

>has no content of being into the fashion but uses clickbait title


No. 110492

Does anyone else feel like cgl mods ban for the dumbest and most indiscriminate shit?

No. 110498

People who look like this thinks they all experts of j fashion

No. 110499

Your jaw is connected to your neck, not your chin. At least not directly. I know you're just deliberately being obtuse but damn.

No. 110501

Yup I got banned a while back for commenting on Swan chan's unibrow. It was the pettiest shit ever.

No. 110509

They’re lazy and simply ban you if your post has been reported enough times.

No. 110514

>arguing with a joke post from 3 days ago

No. 110522

I've never been banned but I've had the most innocuous posts deleted, stuff that I really don't think anyone would have reported such as friendly product recommendations in the skincare thread (maybe someone thought I was shilling? idk). /cgl/ jannies are garbage.

No. 110537

I’ve been banned and had posts deleted for really stupid shit like responding “no u” to people. And if you mention ANYTHING related to weight unless it’s praising fat people or disliking fat on you or other people it’s almost a guarantee for a ban. There’s probably at least one fatty-chan for a mod with how triggered the mods/a mod seems to get over weight related discussion.

No. 110545

No, in fact they don't ban enough and just delete warn at best even though whole threads get derailed with infighting and samefagging.

No. 110581

a bunch of lolitas in that group confirmed they saw him having a sissy fetlife account, so yeah still a sissy

No. 110582

i notice that they constantly leave fatwank, boobwank and racewank up, but will delete any transwank immediately. really says a lot

No. 110601

Posting something like no u is considered a shit post or off topic tbf

No. 110603

And yet off topic threads stay up for ages, threads get derailed with off topic things and that stay up for ages, along with the “kys” post I was responding to in the incident I was referring to. I guess telling people to kill themselves is more on topic kek

/cgl/ has some of the worst moderation of any of the boards on 4chan/nel. Tons of on topic discussion gets deleted, mods delete people’s posts histories for dumb shit, but then shit like troons sperging out about how anyone who doesn’t want them invading spaces for women is evil and a buwwie

No. 110678

I remember there was a thread about how to take upskirts of women at cons and OP's pic was a webm of a girl being stalked and upskirted without her knowledge. I immediately reported it not only for the creep factor, but because /cgl/ is a blue board on top of that. Yet it stayed up for days if not weeks iirc. Other anons I talked to also mentioned reporting the thread so it wasn't just me.

No. 110729

Apply to the moderation team if you don't like how it's run. It's volunteer work so ofc no one gives a shit about taking care of that board

No. 110732

Why are you so triggered over people expressing valid complaints? I don’t have time to sit around and be the girl who


No. 110739

File: 1598752063123.jpeg (66.07 KB, 828x322, 32DBA95C-9CA7-4CA7-8274-06207A…)

She’s not a lolita but heavily involved in kawaii fashion. Won’t get a job and plays the victim to guilt people to send her money.

No. 110740

This is the LOLITA fashion thread. If she’s not a lolita now then this isn’t the thread for it

No. 110748

As said,,,,This isn't the thread for this type of stuff anon. You can post that in the Egirl & kawaii thread on /snow/.

But I will say, I was Facebook friends with this girl and can confirm that she asks for money 24/7.All that time of asking she could've used to file for unemployment and finding a job like at Walmart.

No. 110752

So everyone is now triggered about a Karenita who has a "Straight Pride" as their profile pic?

No. 110763

What actually happened: All the deleted "no u" posts in the archive are supporting, continuing or responding to shitflinging and infighting.

Anon is probably a massive shitposter or constantly causes bait and off-topic sperging since her whole post history got nuked. She wouldn't have a chance either way.

No. 110786

Sounds exactly like a certain beggar that used to work at Fickle Wish and would ask for money every other week

No. 110792

>being so triggered about /cgl/ mod complaints that you search the archives for all the deleted instances of "no u"

Are you well?

No. 110793

Speaking of Fickle Wish, it’s out of business now.

No. 110836

File: 1598829740120.jpg (601.49 KB, 1534x1430, gyreuhifjwoadjfuhg copy.jpg)

Anyone else in the SF comm following the concussion-chan saga? Thoughts/opinions on what's happening?

>girl posts a lot on discord
>assigned herself an 18+ role to talk about sex in the 18+ channel (top left screenshot)
>tries to "educate" people on "lolita fashion" when they're referring to Lolita (top right screenshot)
>constantly talks about how injured she is and how she got them (bottom right screenshot)
>gets one of her coords posted in the /cgl/ ita thread
>has a fucking meltdown in the general channel
>it gets revealed that she's possibly a minor despite referring to her time in school as past tense (e.g. "Back when I was in high school…") (bottom left screenshot)
>mods instate a rule saying that anyone caught on cgl will be banned because of this

No. 110840

> “ I’m a 18+ role model”

>”I’m not 18”

My fucking eyes rolled to the back of my head.

No. 110845

Multiple staff members did this, who are you talking about specifically? The one who wears lolita more than the rest?

No. 110846

How man concussions is she claiming to have had?
It sounds like she's just dumb and trying to cover it by saying she has brain damage

No. 110847

Do you not have friends in the SF comm to talk about this? Because it keeps being brought up, but it's weak milk and not really funny or entertaining. I just feel bad for them. All I see is a dumb, cringey minor who posts way too much and probably needs to get some help. Annoying sure, but I don't really see anything worth dragging a kid for

No. 110849

File: 1598839442911.png (61.14 KB, 1120x224, Screen Shot 2020-08-30 at 7.04…)

10 concussions according to them

Nah the other people I know in the comm are weird about talking about drama. Everyone clearly keeps tabs on drama and reads here and /cgl/ but pretends to be pure and drama-free.

No. 110860

You come off as a shitstirrer, anon. I wouldn't be surprised if that's why no one wants to talk drama with you. Of course lolitas talk shit, but most of it happens in private circles that you probably haven't been invited to. Most people know better than to dump their trivial comm stuff online because no one cares and it clogs up threads

No. 110869

You're really not helping your case here, seems like the bans were valid after all.

No. 110873

NTA but you can’t cry about clogging up threads when you’re posting unsaged, unprompted ranting about how other anons have no friends. looks like the other anon touched a nerve

‘post concussive syndrome’ the desperation to be special is so real. sis probably had a headache once and now goes around telling people she has severe brain trauma from her 10 consecutive concussions

No. 110895

File: 1598903931971.png (575.69 KB, 998x729, legvnsrek.png)

anyone else noticed how this girl just skin walks Misako?

No. 110903

File: 1598907651656.png (4.06 MB, 1522x1508, Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 1.59…)

I don't think her account is over-skinwalkery. She and Misako have the same generic haircut and do the same generic kawaii lolita poses, but nothing screams "I wish to wear Misako's skin and become her."

No. 110908

she is also a nurse and on her story the other day she was talking about how misako was going to wear a certain fashion so she had to do it as well. Misako posted a tik tok with a cat filter and she did the same after. I follow them both so maybe it is just me that feels they are so similar.

No. 110910

Came here to just to ask this. I've noticed the exact same thing as >>110582. They will delete on topic stuff if it has even a hint of being anti-trans. I left mod feedback saying there is a biased mod though I'm sure nothing will be done. They should go mod lgbt board and leave us the hell alone

I think it's typical Japanese cute girl aesthetic. Like China lolitas have a certain similar aesthetic? I don't follow this girl though so she could be

No. 110917

File: 1598915050023.jpeg (713.3 KB, 828x1419, 015BCAA9-14DD-46F5-A99D-04C3F6…)

Seeing that hanikami made this submission,, makes me have mixed emotions about the post

No. 110918

File: 1598915163869.jpeg (676.31 KB, 828x998, 329494F9-91EF-4372-9913-208200…)

wasn’t it said that she has a eating disorder??? Just looking at her is depressing

No. 110921

Why did they repost proana shit?

No. 110922

The actual number of dresses she owns at any one time is so low considering how often she sells to buy new shit. It’s hilarious she acts like she “shouldn’t look at the number!” Like how many dresses she has is shocking. Being anorexic isn’t milk but her thinking her closet is impressive is delusional.

No. 110928

Can she just be blacklisted by the community already? She clearly has no issue sharing her problematic opinions about her lifestyle. It's gross and does not belong in this fashion.

No. 110931

Yes, I just got banned for vendetta even though the post wasn’t vendetta and on topic. Three days, too.

No. 110933

you can evade your three day ban by getting a new IP address to shitpost, retard

No. 110936

Blacklisted for what exactly? Being mentally ill and existing? Don’t get me wrong, if she’s actually done something wrong like scam, backstab friends, harass people, whatever, then sure. Blacklist away. But if we’re going to blacklist people from the community just for having weight issues we should ban all the fatty-chans too. I think they are the bigger problem, pun intended. I’ve heard rumors of her being curt to people she sells to. That would be more along the lines to start making people in the community aware of her negative behaviors than

>This person is mentally ill and I don’t like it!

I haven’t really heard or seen real milk from her other than something like her being rude to buyers who don’t pay right away. And even that I haven’t even seen actual caps of.

No. 110937

Sure but that’s not the point I’m making.

No. 110941

She's difficult to sell to and bombards people on IG and LM with messages when someone has a dress she wants

No. 110943

That’s a far more reasonable thing to want to blacklist her for than just her having an eating disorder. Post caps since this is an image board

No. 110953

>She's difficult to sell to
Can you elaborate on this?
Also, for anyone who's bought from her before, can you share your experiences? Because she has nearly all positive feedback on LM, though that might not be saying much because everyone on there is afraid to give anything but positive feedback.

No. 110971

I have heard the opposite, that she’s fine to sell to but difficult to buy from. But I haven’t seen any actual caps of any of this, and her feedback is all relatively positive. Minus that one negative feedback on her LM, but the rest of her over 300 feedback ratings are all positive.

If there’s actual milk with her I wish someone would post it and not just complain about how she’s anorexic

No. 110972

She just makes me uncomfortable and triggers me. I get her wanting to cope with her condition but >>110917 this is odd to share(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 110973

>we now non ironically have people crying about being triggered in the farm

Nobody cares that you’re triggered newfag. I agree that was weird to share but I blame the account who posted it for being so tone deaf more than her. Sage your sniveling

No. 110979

>>110918 If this community allows fatty-Chans then they'll allow her

>>110941 Anons on CGL talked about her being rude but, I have yet seen any proof. They're probably scared that she'll find out who it is but, again who tf cares what a malnutrition frail Ana-Chan gonna do

No. 110981

not to necro but she also never shut up about being a "brandwhore" and also constantly posted weird body checks all the time. literally every two weeks she would baww about some dress being too big for her
if she was a kid, I still fee kind of bad because it's obvious she needs professional help but she was annoying af

No. 110989

>not to necro

Then sage since you don’t have caps. Not that it even would be a necro since the thread was already bumped just a few hours beforehand by some idiot crying about how she’s triggered

Why is it that fat fucks can cry about dresses not fitting them and people accept it but when someone’s too small there’s an issue? If someone’s too fat that’s just as bad as being too thin. This community tolerates the antics of whales far too much. That’s much more of an issue than some anorexic labeling herself as a brandwhore

No. 110990

whats her lacemarket?

No. 110991

File: 1598987391270.png (246.63 KB, 1061x429, HP SAVE 016.png)

No. 110992

Post has been removed

No. 111000

Read through the reviews. Some are "positive" but detail issues and some are netural, which don't show up in the score.

No. 111002

This is an image board. Post caps.

No. 111003

Can you ban and delete all the /r9k/ and /pol/ bait on /cgl/, instead of giving actual seagulls long-ass bans for vendetta when they post on-topic content? It gets tiresome to see "Anzu is the best cosplayer ever and makes my dick hard: Thread #5833".

No. 111010

I got banned for pointing out the op pic of a thread was of that woman who got arrested for having sex with a minor. The thread was also race bait central but obviously that gets to stay up.You can bait, /pol/ and incel post all you want but say anything remotely bad about trannies and they delete it all lmao. Fuck them.

No. 111013

I caught a ban for making a cosplay WIP thread, as if they weren't a fixture on the board for years lmao. I'm convinced all the mods are /pol/tards or robots who applied to mod /cgl/ just so they can allow fap threads. The most wack part is that /s/ actually has regular cosplay threads and have had them for years, so I don't see why they can't just look at those threads instead of shitting up /cgl/.

No. 111024

They probably won’t leave because they like being on a board with women and shitting up the place with their bait so they can get into arguments with them. I’ve even caught some of them replying to their own bait and eventually some idiot gull falls for it sigh

No. 111182

File: 1599155200111.png (27.59 KB, 1459x154, Capture.PNG)

old milk but i remember her having a breakdown/fit on her instagram stories about some seller giving her a bad review when apparently she was acting entitled about shipping times during covid

No. 111199

I mean that’s the internet in general now.

No. 111248

The 4chan mods will approve almost any ban the cgl jannies ask for because they are so busy with the larger boards that they just assume the cgl jannies know what they're doing.
One of the cgl jannies was actively being talked about on cgl about a year ago due to drama she caused in her comm. I believe it was somewhere in Arizona.
No idea about any of the mods being trannies, might just be sjw handmaidens.

No. 111316

File: 1599275435747.jpg (26.54 KB, 339x743, 1582580366051.jpg)

I hate to bring up old milk, but did anyone else know that bondage-chan is a camwhore? She goes by Rylie Haze.

No. 111325

Kek, and COF mods will still defend her.

She needs to get the mole on her tit checked out and bleach her asshole.

No. 111347

She has an account on Chaturbate and OF too

No. 111348

God the fucking shit show she caused on COF. I’m baffled at the people who defended her.

Lmao @ the feels threads being deleted 3 times in a row now

No. 111360

Still won't forget the shit show in the last thread when she sent her defenders to nuke it with terrible bait.

looking back on it, apparently, some girl named, Yasmine, went on a spurge at salt groups that posted about the fetish girl. Gets mad and starts calling those groups bullies.

>joined salt groups.

>goes mentally derange when the group posted bondage friend.
>both of them made a cancel culture attack on salt groups and the admins of it >>94588 >>94590 .
>few of those admins gets pissed and some of them having a autistic ree in the comments for apparent doxxing by bondage girl and yasmine.
>her and her defenders goes on lolcow once somebody posted caps.
>Spam the thread with self vendetta and bait.
>Deletes post after a jfashion influencer said she contributed to the salt by joining the salt groups and defending fetishist

No. 111397

File: 1599343767834.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 108.53 KB, 828x947, FA75A54D-6CFF-49D4-8470-745C19…)

Cof mods really defended this? Can’t believe they still allow her in groups

No. 111398

File: 1599343798256.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 153.7 KB, 720x1558, 176C2956-94A9-4853-98EF-BF50C3…)

No. 111419

i'd swear she was a man if i couldn't see her actual vag in that top pic. yikes, please tell me this isnt selling well for her

No. 111427

She's very feminine looking, you're just saying that because she has short hair. She could honestly be a model in my opinion. I don't personally care if people cam and are also lolitas, as long as they don't mix the two.

No. 111430

right, she definitely didn't mix the two ever or anything…

No. 111431

File: 1599366673915.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 543.18 KB, 1242x854, B8EE28C6-EC24-4331-A555-531736…)

Yes, those self harm marks sure are gorgeous and model material. Even with longer hair she looks masculine

No. 111432

she clearly mixes it by wear fetish wear in lolita and based lolita fashion off the book lolita + nymphet ideas

No. 111435

File: 1599368144339.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 43.34 KB, 800x449, 8F5CB3A8-E0B9-44A5-B496-0BACBE…)

She should be banned from any group that has a minor in it.

No. 111440

Eww her pussy looks prolapsed

No. 111455


What's with the Dylan Roof haircut? This girl seems like a creep even beyond camming

No. 111459

Looks like Daisy Taylor to me.

No. 111471

Why reach like that, anon? She's got nothing to do with minors. An adult woman isn't going to magically turn herself into a desexualized being just because she wears lolita fashion, a type of fashion worn mostly by other adult women.

No. 111474

File: 1599413842052.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 37.97 KB, 960x540, DCC8CC27-8401-41DE-A0BB-AC257A…)

>she’s got nothing to do with minors

Wrong, she posted herself wearing fetish gear in a group with minors in it. Minors- aka CHILDREN came forward and said they were uncomfortable with this adult showing herself wearing something on her face to hold her mouth open for dick in a group where the minimum age to join is like 13-14.

And then it comes out she is a literal whore. Who posted herself in fetish gear in a group with minors in it. Which makes her original actions and COF mods defending her even more outrageous.

No. 111475

Why'd you delete your first post just to add a screenshot of her and a note about her being "a literal whore" followed by what you'd already said? My post wasn't referring to her past actions (which I didn't condone) but to the fact that an adult woman being a camwhore or having a Chaturbate/OF account (the only reason she was mentioned again - >>111316) on her own time has nothing to do with minors. It's fine to dislike someone, but reaching for any chance to pull the "muh pedophilia" card to justify your dislike is embarrassing.

No. 111476

Because i accidentally hit send too early you sperg. And nobody cares if your specific post wasn’t referring to her past actions. Her past actions of being a sexworker and simultaneously posting images of her in fetish gear in groups filled with children is a huge issue and is what is being discussed. Stop whiteknighting this predatory whore.

No. 111487

Enough with the disgusting photos anons. The spoilers aren't enough from hiding her loose dried out pussy.

I agree with you on her disrespecting minors and their consent. but I believe most of the anger should go to the mods of COF. If I'm right, I remember members were calling her out for plugging her NSFW Instagram in the COF post with this picture


No. 111491

Don’t click spoilers if you don’t want to see disgusting content or adult content. The mods and her are both to blame. But if they didn’t know that she’s a whore they’re less at fault than she is. Not that it would take away their other shitty actions. But she 100% knew that she is a sexworker and still posted herself in fetish gear and linked her instagram with sexual content to a group with minors in it. All while wearing nymphet styled outfits. I find it suspect that people are downplaying that predatory behavior ITT.

No. 111495

It's probably Yasmine and bondage chan who see nothing wrong with it

No. 111498

You seem really obsessed with Yasmine, but she's asexual.

No. 111500

>mentioning her briefly

Nta but even if she calls herself “asexual” she’s still posted photos of her bending over with her underwear showing on her instagram so it kinda makes it hard for anyone to take that seriously. Its obvious she just says that for snowflake points

No. 111501

TMI but ok Yasmine(hi cow)

No. 111654

I just found her pictures on Instagram and for me she looks waaay too similar to Misako to not kinda skinwalk her. Why else would you cut and color your hair exactly the same, and take pictures like Misako postcards?

No. 111743

Tranny jannies are a real problem

No. 111816

Why tf yall been praising a coord without a blouse on facebook? What‘s wrong with you?

No. 111818

This is an image board

No. 111822

Because blouseless coords can be fine and are fairly common among lolitas in Asia. Quit sperging about it.

No. 112037

Sure, but what about all the gothic lolitas who skinwalk mama/do mama inspired makeup and looks? I really don't see the problem. She just has a similar facial shape, and obviously takes inspiration from Misako. That's Misako's job, isn't it, to inspire other lolitas?

I don't even into sweet, but this is a non-issue.

No. 112223

File: 1600032691115.jpeg (289.31 KB, 750x692, 5E1CE8BA-D7F8-4EF2-B20C-2C2A78…)

Anybody know Camwhore-chan’s Tiktok?

No. 112239

You know that it has nothing to do with being asexual, right? Being asexual just means she doesn't feel sexual attraction, not that she doesn't have libido or whatever drove her to take whatever picture she took.

I should agree with anon. When I first saw the th I just thought it was Misako.

blouseless coords have been common since forever, newfag. only white amerifags complain about it

No. 112243

Being asexual means you reproduce asexually. Humans aren’t asexual. It’s all snowflake bullshit. The rare cases of people having such a low libido that they have never felt aroused or experinced sexual attraction are due to medical conditions that can be fixed with medication/hormones

No. 112269

File: 1600057731911.jpeg (484.17 KB, 1199x910, 9EB4E134-B453-4096-BFB9-19B6A9…)

Lepetiteflaneur was caught bidding on the two elephant necklace/ring listings and then came to defend herself on /cgl/ when called out. She tried to say she was bidding to make sure she got one of the listings, ignoring the fact that the two listings end 3 days apart and she could have waited until one was over before driving up the bidding prices.

Her insta used to be public but as soon as she got called out she privated it

No. 112273

I'm not the person in question but the elephant and giraffe jewelry from this series always sells for a high price. If she did win both it would be around $300 total which is the price of a new dress.

tl;dr you sound poor and no one except you gives a shit

No. 112275

This is not a place to whiteknight people. Going on /cgl/ to defend yourself is milky.

No. 112277

I'd private my insta too if people were talking about me on cgl or here. Defending herself is dumb but people were apparently lying calling her a troon.

That being said, I see no evidence posted here about her being a genderspecial which gulls claimed would be shared so we know that was bullshit.

No. 112280

This situation is hardly milky and people frequently call out other posters for posting stupid shit that isn't actually milk, which is what I saw >>112273 to be doing.

No. 112281

Defending yourself publicly on /cgl/ is milk. It always has been considered milk.

No. 112282

Should've gotten her to do a time stamp like Nef then. As it is, it could've been a petty anon impersonating her.

No. 112283

She’s whiteknighted herself before. If you read through the thread you can tell where she did, specifically how she was allegedly the only person to “not scalp” honeycake when she was one of 5 or so. She has posted that exact defense of herself before when the discussion of her being a scalper was brought up too. It’s no coincidence that just before that post her instagram went private either. Why are you defending this heifer?

No. 112285


You're reading too much into it. Everyone doesn't see every LM listing so every normal priced dress selling quickly in a sea of scalped honey cakes isn't going to stand out to everyone browsing. If she is the only one of those listings to be accused of scalping, no one will feel the need to point out the very few other randos not scalping who aren't subjects of discussion. Plus selling things for high prices doesn't mean they are somehow antagonizing a whole ass LM listing for no apparent reason. No one has yet provided any logical reason for her to bid up a listing as a troll. The fact she hid her instagram probably means she's afraid of being talked about further and lines up with her story about giving up on the item when she got posted. She's a fat bitch and scalped some dresses but that doesn't mean she somehow has it out for the other listing for an item she is trying to buy.

No. 112288

It doesn’t make sense for her to bid on two listings at once unless she’s literally mentally retarded. The listings end half a week apart, there’s no way she’s just going to miss out on being able to bid on the second one if she doesn’t get the first. That’s why she got accused of bidding up the other listing.

It’s either she’s too fucking stupid to know that it’s to her detriment to bid on both of these at the same time, or she did it on purpose.

If you’re going to whiteknight this fat cow can you at least sage so you don’t show everyone how new you are?

No. 112289


Sorry it's been a while since I posted here regularly (not since around the time Pixielocks quit lolita) but I came on the promise of milk on her being supposedly a genderspecial and a spiteful bitch but got nothing but the same whining posted on cgl.

No. 112290

Nobody cares about you being disappointed. You sound like a cow yourself. Quit whiteknighting cows and go back to /cgl/

No. 112291

Everything you just said in your post, you should say it right back to yourself.

No. 112292


If anything you're whiteknighting the poor loser who's unnecessarily buthhurt over someone double bidding the jewelry. I don't have to like some fat bitch to find the lies and weird fixation on a literal who over some Claire's tier plastic silly.

No. 112294

What has this cow done to have you two so far up her ass? She did something milky. It got posted. And then she gets WKs coming in to reee about it. It’s not just her either. Cows are getting whiteknighted left and right in this thread. Farmhands need to do something about it.

No. 112296


The self defense post was milky but people pretending it's a fact she is trying to randomly make another listing more expensive without any logical basis are just dumb.

No. 112297

>without any logical basis

It’s been discussed, it’s not “without any logical basis.” She’s either doing it to drive up the other listing or she’s stupid and doesn’t realize she’s just fucking herself over by inflating the bid.

No. 112298

If being stupid and desperate for brand was milky enough to warrant a post they would have focused on that and not the conspiracy theory she was maliciously upbidding a listing for nothing when she is winning another. And posted a lot more LM users besides her.

No. 112299

The point is she has no logical reason to drive up the price of the other listing unless she really was trying to win it which negates the argument that she ever had ill intent in the first place.

No. 112300

She didn’t get posted here until she defended herself on /cgl/. Tons of people have gotten posted here for defending themselves on/against /cgl/, like Larasuzanne. It is milky. Get over it. And sage your posts newfag

No. 112303


People on cgl stated intent to post her here before she defended herself. Claiming they had proof of other random claims they threw out thst as of now have no proof and were lies. They probably just wanted to scare her into defending herself as an excuse to post her and call her milky (or better yet, it could have easily been an anon pretending to be her as an excuse to post her given how mad they were on cgl) She's not someone trying to be an online lolita personality or anything that makes her even relevant. Just a random LM user. Which is what makes the stuff on cgl and now here feel like some angy boi vendetta from another person who got outbid or something.

No. 112304

No, idiot. The person making claims about genderspecial shit said that it “wasn’t milk” and indicated they wouldn’t post it because of that. f you’re going to whiteknight this cow at least fucking read so it isn’t so tedious to have to deal with you sperging out in this thread

No. 112307


Disagreeing with vendettas isn't white-knighting or sperging. Just like bidding on LM isn't milk. It wasn't milk until assblasted anons wanted to make it milk. And literally no one knows if it's her. It seems more likely someone posted random shit pretending to be her to keep the discussion rolling than for someone who lurks cgl to be stupid enough to defend themselves. Mistsken identity on purpose and by accident on cgl happens all the time.

No. 112309

You sure seem defensive over this cow. Again, her instagram going private the second before she posted that is way too much of a coincidence. She’s confirmed to have posted about herself before. Defending her and accusing people of vendettas won’t do anything to change that or her past behaviors like scalping

No. 112311

I was around for that discussion on cgl and the dresses they were accused of scalping had the prices lowered so much or were market rate that they didn't make much besides their money back. Someone called them a scalper for not selling a dress at the exact BIN price they were told to in the price check thread. Cgl was way too hype about calling anyone a scalper at the time. Now high priced items are celebrated when they're bid on or ignored completely.

No. 112331

I'm sorry for you and your tiny brain, but that's not what being assexual in regards to attraction means and nor how the human body works, so I'll suggest you to go read more papers instead of image boards, for a change. I reckon it must be easier to live being this stupid, though.(stop)

No. 112356

No moron. Humans aren’t asexual.

No. 112359

>I was around for that discussion on cgl and the dresses they were accused of scalping had the prices lowered so much or were market rate that they didn't make much besides their money back

She got accused of scalping because she bought a dress and then sold it for about $200 profit while admitting she bought it to resell it. It has nothing to do with the incident you’re referring to. I’ve never even heard of it, post caps.

No. 112360

I hate how many people suck _avina_'s dick over her shitty scrap bin and the fabric barn coords.

No. 112361

I agree her coords are ita and it’s weird people support her but unless there’s new milk why are you posting unsaged complaining about it?

No. 112371

File: 1600109058589.jpg (89.66 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (27).jpg)

We found every single pussy pic of fetish-chan but not a single panty pic from yasmine. Going to concider this fake news untill it's found

No. 112374

It’s in the last thread retard. Christ, this thread is nothing but whiteknighting cows now.

No. 112382

Can't find it

No. 112383

No it just sounds like you’re sperging out over dumb retarded shit. Is being trapped inside all the time getting to you anon? Do you need to step away from the computer for a minute?

No. 112389

I don't know anything about this girl but what does this have to do with lolita? This seems completely irrelevant to the fashion.

No. 112390

read the thread moron

No. 112402

Spotted the newfag. This isn't even old news

No. 112511

i'm tired of "andrea" being protected i wish he was found guilty of that blog i cannot stand this fucking tranny. Ugly men in dresses don't belong in such a beautiful fashion. I don't even hate trans people in general as long as they're not fucking perverts but andrea HAS to be a sissy and i refuse to believe otherwise but we have to accomodate creepy men everywhere including in our spaces.

No. 112512

What comm is he in?

No. 112524


They show up everywhere. Atl, ny, all the major events in the US

No. 112525


No. 112564

I agree. Ugly cis women gets shit and ridiculed for not wearing makeup or trying hard enough while wearing lolita but as soon as its a cis man who can hide their kink behind an feminine fashion they get special protection.

No wonder why sissies are drawn to this community we let them in and give them a safe space and free fap material.

No. 113216

Wait guys on BTB there was mentioned some Lolita died? wth?

No. 113229

The comments provide context; it was a post about Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

No. 113412

File: 1600796560260.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 347.33 KB, 1091x1320, 274C9062-545A-4DFF-AC0A-05E6B8…)

Can’t believe people are defending this shit. It’s fine to breastfeed your kid but why do you have to post photos?

No. 113465

I have been following her for a while and she seems to be obsessed with Misako. She has posted several times about how much she is her lolita fashion role model, which I think it's normal except she literally chose her career, hairstyle, wardrobe and so on based on whatever Misako was doing at the time. Kinda cringy imo

No. 113494


This is off topic but oh well.

Real skinwalker: Chubby_misako
This girl: just an asian lolita

No. 113502

i saw someone on /cgl/ saying that @nefferinthia on instas into some neonazi shit, anyone wanna link me to the milk(spoonfeeding)

No. 113503

Read the threads, newfag. This is old milk

No. 113504

i did was looking for more thanks tho

No. 113561

Do you know for a fact she chose to be a nurse because Misako was doing it, or are you just pulling that out of your ass?

No. 113571

There is no more.

No. 113594

Who is that literal nobody and why should we care?

No. 113751

get a life and win your own auctions dude.

No. 113771

she not asian she from somewhere in south america

No. 113811

She mentioned it on her stories. As I said, I have been following her for a while. I don't have screenshots because I never expecter her to be posted here and didn't care enough, but apparently I'm not the only one who thinks she's trying to skinwalk on Misako.

No. 113823

Holy fuck that thread in rc:u is pathetic

This isn’t the first time cadence has had a temper tantrum after being called out on shit either.(imageboard)

No. 113825

File: 1601081708755.png (1.27 MB, 908x1302, Screen Shot 2020-09-25 at 5.55…)

This is an imageboard, anon. I agree with all the comments saying that there's absolutely nothing special about these necklaces. Is Cadence going to accuse AP of copying her next? Kek.
>m-muh totally 100% unique dollhouse furniture and charms bought off Taobao!

No. 113830

She deserves her own thread to be honest. This isn't the first time she's gotten a group of people to go on a tirade like this.

That Rahab girl also needs a chill pill.

No. 113835

bold of her to make this claim, considering every work of her's i've seen has been a shitty knockoff of AP accessories. with her logic, her necklaces are knockoffs of the melty cream doughnut and fruity lemon accessories. and does anyone have pics of that hideous design replica pony bag she made?

not that it's wrong to make things by hand that are inspired by a brand, but her logic is clearly hypocritical and these designs are not ~~~original~~~

No. 113844

File: 1601088695997.png (997.64 KB, 900x1000, ocdonutsteel.png)

samefriend, found it

at least she doesn't take commissions for these bags, but this shows it's not the first time she's made close design replicas. very yoonique

No. 113845

I hope you're trolling because these look less alike than the necklaces.

No. 113846

File: 1601090254870.jpeg (21.54 KB, 480x360, 03520187-9278-4E6A-9DEC-F9607C…)

She better credit the Japanese youtuber she stole the gumball machine design from.

No. 113847

And she ripped off the ideas for the donut necklaces from AP. What a stupid bitch.

No. 113857

File: 1601098942259.jpeg (13.02 KB, 443x332, images (21).jpeg)

Hers is based off the AP and Disney collab, you loons

No. 113858

I can’t remember what she’s done in the past (if anyone does would love a refresher) but I definitely remember her being a real piece of work a few years back, she’d always start shit and then flip out when people called her on it. Just like she has done now.

No. 113860

so it's an even closer copy than i initially thought lmao. talk about uninspired

No. 113863

Better get screenshots before the thread gets dirty deleted

No. 113864

Her’s uses plastic gumball machines from taobao

No. 113874

File: 1601120019230.jpg (76.76 KB, 640x1386, 120135589_10223833786462405_69…)

She doesnt post a lot publicly so a thread wouldnt work unless you capped her friends only nonsense.

Here is a small cap of the thread

No. 113879

Saw the match go down. Gotta say cadence is a real fucking retard and Mary is a attention seeking ita who jumps on Tyler’s dick way to fucking much, eventually spamming the thread with Tyler. Cadence needs to get over it and understand that she doesn’t owns gumball necklaces. She thinks she so original, when even a toddler can come up with ideas like that :/
Last month there was the whole AP tattoo drama and now we have this

No. 113928

File: 1601147664601.jpeg (223.51 KB, 1234x887, C24D0D52-30A0-4099-990A-866815…)

I’m dumb and didn’t realize there was a new thread, some caps I got

No. 113930

File: 1601147714274.jpeg (130.24 KB, 1242x512, 41E5836E-7312-461F-89D3-E358E1…)

Fashion was literally made by POC, what is she even talking about

No. 113932

File: 1601147851916.jpeg (297.18 KB, 1242x1219, 177B0C1D-0E86-41A4-A45E-8A3596…)

No. 113940

No no anon, you misunderstand. If they aren’t black they don’t count.

No. 113971

Cadence is afro chinese though.

No. 113984

lol, doubt. she's such a cow, i wouldn't be surprised if she lies about being part chinese.

No. 113986

No she isn’t.

No. 113994

doesn't Cadence have a troon bf that dresses up in lolita too?

No. 113999

File: 1601177688353.jpeg (89.81 KB, 828x287, EFB00E76-83FF-44A0-9E9C-129597…)

She was raised by white ppl so she is basing this off of those DNA tests you can do.

No. 114024

Jesus. And I‘m 1/8 Serbian. Why tf does she think anyone cares?

No. 114060

She was banned from the southern Ontario comm after shit talking a bunch of the members and then tried to make her own comm with all the other people who got banned.

No. 114090

File: 1601237351436.jpeg (432.15 KB, 1242x1774, DFBA9CB4-9476-4E5A-A754-FEC34F…)

She’s so cringe, why would you post this shit publicly?

No. 114097

>you were raised by my parents to be a brat

She’s not wrong. Cadence is a whiny attentionwhoring brat.

No. 114120

She's banned? For what?

No. 114137

Did… did you read the post? It says why

No. 114154

File: 1601265613011.jpeg (748.17 KB, 828x1540, 7421C592-AA27-436D-AA4E-A3B110…)

Closet of frills praise of the week

No. 114155

File: 1601265643381.jpeg (390.95 KB, 1089x2000, 29AEA127-760F-40B7-938B-07AF38…)

No. 114156

File: 1601265714146.jpeg (365.45 KB, 1536x1509, 2875318A-AD11-4930-9960-24C0CB…)

Peep the pegging dick in the corner

No. 114161

>hurr durr I vaguely said what happened, did u even read the post?

Give specifics you moron

No. 114164

No doubt the mods will also defend this creep literally posting pictures with dildos to a group with children in it

No. 114180

What a cuck.

No. 114203

How’s this milky? I don’t see the point of posting an one-off.

No. 114206

Did the mods delete it? Couldn’t find the post

No. 114220

>how is posting photos that include a dildo in them to a group that has children in it milky

You must be joking.

No. 114222

File: 1601304724714.jpg (294.18 KB, 1920x1978, itsjustaKnoCKoFf.jpg)

Speaking of hypocrisy

No. 114231


Is she really going to die on this hill? For a not even popular knock-off AP print?

No. 114243

File: 1601316925801.jpg (10.69 KB, 300x300, unnamed.jpg)

He has the same face as the insurance guy from the incredibles

No. 114274

The dildo is in the corner of this pic too wtf. Why wouldn't you move it or crop it out

No. 114282

Why the fuck is it on the floor in the first place? Those pictures could give you scabies.

No. 114285

my fucking god, can the CoF mods stop accepting men fetishizing women? Please?
Your coord is bad and you don‘t dress like a transwoman and a dildo is predatory.
I swear CoF is a shitshow, and we need secrets about him this week.

No. 114286

Everybody is bitching about replica dresses yet own five pairs of Antaina „tea parties“.

No. 114288

File: 1601342166037.jpeg (699.03 KB, 828x1533, 8753FD62-A3F2-468E-82D5-38F9B5…)

I blame the ita girlfriend for this bs

Seriously,,the Cof mods couldn’t do one click at her profile?

No. 114289

File: 1601342200886.jpeg (548.79 KB, 828x1315, 2439C8BD-E614-4D55-BDAD-5D5C0E…)

No. 114290

File: 1601342295271.jpeg (567.92 KB, 828x1309, 2549EEA0-5BBE-4A4D-920B-153E53…)

No. 114306

I’m not even the anon who made the original post you dingus. But I know how to read and it clearly says she was banned for shit talking other members.
Can you not fucking read properly or something?

No. 114315

And then they asked for specifics, on a gossip board about giving too much information about drama most of us aren’t actually involved in. You can’t be vague and expect us to latch off of the teat, anon.

No. 114317

and you can’t be expected to be taken seriously when you can’t even sage non milk properly.
We shouldn’t have to hash out 5 year old CGL drama just because you can’t do any leg work yourself.

No. 114330

Yeah and idc people's opinions on knockoffs or whatever, the point is that CK was bitching about people 'replicating' her generic necklaces while defending knockoffs of dresses. Like you either defend knockoffs or you don't, but don't defend them vehemently and then turn around and bitch because someone sold something vaguely similar to your work

No. 114342

I'm not in the same comm as her and didn't find anything on her in older threads. Seems sus that she'd get banned over something everyone has done. What did she say exactly?

No. 114350


Word of advice: most comms are like this. I've only been in two but comparing notes to online it's a lot of non confrontational people being passive aggressive to each other. Thus, you'll have hidden drama pop up like prairie dogs. The reason why it isn't online is that spilling any detail would likely out you to the comm so a lot of the drama is kept in hearsay and private messaging. The best thing to do is to befriend someone who's been there longer then wait for them to start ranting about the drama. I would be careful about asking too hard on sites like this one - sometimes you can give away info that outs you too.

This is actually why milk is kind of well milky. The person has to be kind of infamous to the point that saying things anonymously doesn't necessarily out you as the level of infamy is noticeable enough. But this obviously favors traceable milk like SM posts over someone being generally terrible person in a group.

Sage because this isn't milk at all.

No. 114365

Fridge body and butthole lips. Clearly not in the fashion and both do it for a fetish, throw them out.

No. 114393

>something everyone has done
I don’t talk shit about my own comm, speak for yourself.

No. 114533

Found the ita in the comm. If you don't have anything to contribute, save yourself the embarrassment by not posting next time.

No. 114746

I literally posted all of the Cadence caps but go off I guess. Sorry your comm hates you but don’t make that our problem.

No. 114835

File: 1601797591990.jpg (3.17 MB, 1920x1920, CollageMaker_20201004_00414520…)

Is there any milk on this degenerate besides her disgusting instagram? She fits the edgy old schooler aesthetic, but im not invested in the lolita cows, is this stale? @sl0rg

No. 114843

There were some ageplay allegations a year ago about this person (/cgl/).
I personally had this person blocked ages ago so not sure if there's milk.

No. 115235

I followed them on tumblr years ago, there's porn of her out there where she's getting fucked in a stairwell. Pretty gross

No. 115286

That’s CP. You’re gross

No. 115288

lol she's 24 not underage, whiteknight harder

No. 115289

Are you stupid? The video you’re talking about is CP.

No. 115291

Nayrt but if you aren’t the person who made it how do you know this? The cow in question, sl0rg, could be charged with distribution of CP if that’s true. And why aren’t you saging?

No. 115295

nayrt too, but
>how do you know
If she's 24 now, then any time before 2014, she was underage

No. 115307

Nayrt but I used to follow her on tumblr, she definitely posted nudes of herself when she was underage. She used to go by snotbubbl , I’m pretty sure her whole account was nuked for CO and she had to remake to slorg. I looked up to her in high school ugh.

No. 115308

Forgot to sage sorry, meant to type *CP.
Also her biggest lolita drama was shop lifting a baby dress years ago and posting self harm images in it. Otherwise she’s just a basic cow, not to big in lolita.

No. 115317

i'm not >>115235 "years ago" still includes 6 or less years ago. how am i supposed to know every detail of this cows life?

No. 115319

Creating and posting/distributing CP isn’t exactly “typical cow” stuff. There are some cows who have done it sure but it’s definitely worse than what most of the cows in the lolita gen are posted for

No. 115370

By typical cow I mean the way she treated her followers and acted in general. She would constantly post shoplifting hauls, and self harm photos.
And plenty of typical cows have admitted to spreading CP/underage nudes at some point. Shayna, Momokun, etc.

She’s not really milky besides those things which is why I called her a typical cow. I followed her for years and that’s literally all the milk she has.

No. 115376

Wait is there caps of this? She actually shoplifted at the Baby store?

No. 115404

It was a second hand alt fashion shop. They had it out on a rack near the door and (according to her) she just walked by, grabbed it, and ran

This was like 5-6 years ago

No. 116256

File: 1602824837429.jpg (110.25 KB, 1080x1079, 121423863_353161586025109_3473…)


>wore one of my meta faves for the last day of sea of serenity.

>the first time i wore this dress was in 2012. i was so roundly mocked that i immediately sold it, even though it was one of my longest-time dream pieces. a lot of my early experiences in lolita made me question my taste and my presence in the fashion. if you haven’t experienced racism in japanese fashion communities, i think it’s really hard to understand the impact. it’s not just the blatant statements, either. little stuff like watching white lolitas get praised as groundbreaking for wearing the same coords you do takes a toll. it makes you feel like something must be wrong with you- that you’re ugly, that your ideas are inherently bad, that there’s something wrong with you at your core that makes you unfit to participate in the fashion. it’s hard to fully articulate how much this shit wears you down. i still have a really hard time believing people who say i look nice. i still think all my coordinate ideas are stupid. i still feel like an awkward interloper despite being present and active (can i say prominent? even that feels like a lie, like i’m hyping myself up too much, like i don’t deserve to call myself that.) for 14 years. i feel really silly for saying this, like i don’t have a right to complain, like i should be strong enough to bear this. but i’m not. putting on this dress was still a struggle and i still don’t think this coordinate looks very good. i still can’t help thinking that maybe i should just get rid of one of my longest-time dream dresses because it will never look right on me.
>i’m not writing this, or my other posts, to get pity. but there’s a lot of pressure on darker-skinned folks in this space to bear endless abuse and always come out strong happy. to let constant microaggressions roll off our backs. to be “bigger than” and “better than.” i think a lot of us put up a strong façade to disguise the fact that we’re only human and inside, we’re close to breaking, or already just old and broken.

tldr: not liking her ita coords is racism, please compliment her for being brown

No. 116259

This bitch again.
Honey it looks bad because you really thought that dress went with ~those~ shoes. She's delusional. Maybe people would be nicer to her if she didn't bully them, talk shit behind their back, etc.

No. 116263


No. 116271

is she even wearing bloomers? that looks so short on her like it would show her ass

No. 116276

File: 1602840342194.png (2.22 MB, 2934x1312, Unbenannt.PNG)

What, do people really collect these??

No. 116280

I do collect all if my tags but i wouldn’t BUY them it’s just memorabilia from ordering from the shop etc

No. 116284

Anyone with eyes can see it's too short and the waistline is sitting too high up but okay wonderfuck

No. 116288

kys back to /cgl/

No. 116289

File: 1602859005142.png (2.7 MB, 1192x1104, 09390421.png)

This is tiring. I read the text first and actually started feeling bad, then I enlarged the picture and saw who it is.
It's always this girl talking the most about how hard it is to be "darker-skinned" and "not white". Meanwhile, her skin color is…

No. 116301

Not milk. Her ED pretend vomiting video was more milky than this

No. 116306

This literally only needs an underskirt and she's good to go, learn the rules sis

No. 116325

File: 1602878725017.png (64.39 KB, 720x264, poor her.png)

>She's delusional
It's like she's so very close to have some form of self-awareness but then she just completely drifts off in whatever personality disorder she has and goes full victim mode (and then still put others down in the same breath kek).

No. 116333

Basically this. It's a bit silly to call anything regarding someone as infamous as WF a nitpick. She spends her days attacking other women for their looks but calls herself a feminist in the same breath.

No. 116334

Not to mention the replies in that twitter thread are other light skinned poc shitting on white girls looks, and white girls sucking up to WF calling her coords super original.

No. 116352

that reeks of white jealousy. If you gotta put girls of another race down to feel better you're insecure as fuck

No. 116377

Where the hell is this?

No. 116425

On her insta. She deleted it from her main page but it’s still in her tik tok thing where you can save stories.

No. 116426

File: 1602939500425.jpeg (187.4 KB, 1242x1748, BA09436E-6987-46FA-87DE-58341E…)

No. 116427

File: 1602939755421.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 186.97 KB, 1242x1782, FD180696-F131-45D1-B678-58A0A1…)

No. 116429

She’s definitely gaining weight so I guess she needs to do this for attention and for people to act concerned about her eating disorder.

No. 116430

i was shocked. i assume she's posting her coord pics in such a way so you can see how underweight she is, because it's a bodycheck thing for her. but this video was an other level.

No. 116435

It's autistic enough to be milk. Wonder if she does this to resell things as new

No. 116439

Your post is autistic enough to be milk. Selling a bunch of tags isn’t milk. She has PLENTY of actual milk, why are you sperging over something that isn’t?

No. 116479

File: 1603006748001.png (219.15 KB, 586x543, omg yt ppl.png)


Isn't she an attorney? Kind of unprofessional to be shitting on people like this on a public forum.

No. 116489

She shat on clients and colleagues in her stories several times before, so I guess her job is secure regardless.

No. 116512

Is she an actual attorney though or just a paralegal who works at an attorney's office? Huge difference. I honestly couldn't believe someone that stupid could be an attorney, or maybe I can.

No. 116541

Reminder that this is Wonderfinch's dad:


She's privileged as fuck

No. 116548

Fake af. You usually get more love if you're brown or black because of all of the selfhating white guilt SJWs. She sounds bitter as fuck that she's both ugly and cannot coord but choose to blame it on her skin color. Embarassing

No. 116607

Scarfing scarves’ new video is more cringe than usual. How does she even have a fan base that takes her seriously? She is all over the place when she speaks yet she’s known as articulate. Then again she has a nice collection of AP so I will forgive her.

No. 116608

Ok but what’s wrong with selling retarded stuff a retard wants to buy? Retarded as fuck to complain about something retarded.

No. 116624

Wow I didn't know that. How could she have such successful parents and a life basically served up on a platter, yet still come across as a bitter loser who can't even dress herself within some simple parameters. This makes what I already knew about her so much worse.

No. 116629

she sounds like a girl filmbrain

No. 116642

>How does she even have a fan base that takes her seriously?
>she has a nice collection of AP
That’s basically it. Everyone I know who’s really into SS or Lor is living vicariously through them.

No. 116659

i dont get why it's cringe though? a bunch of snowflakes got triggered that lor reviewed their cringy lolita documentary and threatened to sue her, and tyler is making fun of them for it.
lor is autistically sensative in all her videos that has disclaimers every two seconds for anything she says so she doesnt piss anybody off ever. so it's hard to see why the autists were triggered by her commentary in the first place.

No. 116661

Well, I think it’s cringe a white girl from the states is trying to pull the „You colonisers!“ card. She has such a hate-boner for Britain.

No. 116663

The argument was done, Lor apologised and told Tyler not to make the video but instead she decided to go ahead and fan the flames. This missed the mark, instead just pointing and laughing at the entire of Britain with her hate boner.

No. 116665

First she started asskissing tumblr trannies and other soft minded tumblrites and now she's whiteknighting her poor choice of a friend (who is not only a shill,performative as can be,but also a huge bitch behind the scenes under her carefully crafted sugary act).
Disappointing but not surprising that she got sucked into the "woke" cult as to not get "canceled" i suppose. Still embarassing behavior coming from two adult women who can barely dress themselves. One dressing (as well as acting) like a freaky circus clown and the other being a mindless AP drone with wet poodle hair

No. 116666

God,she's such an unlikeable tryhard. She just couldn't keep her mouth shut and had to fan the flame didn't she?

No. 116667

didn't click because i don't want to give this salty old bag any views but did she really call british people colonisers when she's an american out of all things? kek she's so desperate to appeal to the woke crows

No. 116668

There was nothing new to add to the "drama", why make a whole ass 15-minute rant about it? If anything, it just adds fuel to the fire

No. 116669

imho that's what she wanted. she and lor strike me as the drama hungry kind they just so happen to veil it (thinly,mind you)

No. 116670

Unless Lor consented to this, she's gonna be real upset

No. 116671

Tyler states that Lor explicitly asked her to not make this video.

No. 116684


What's the scoop on Lor? Last time there was a thread started on her, it died really fast. Does she keep stuff under the surface? I saw her once and she barely acknowledged anyone who didn't kiss her ass, but that's about it for me.

No. 116686

Tyler is just covering Lor's ass to keep up the facade of niceness. Lor is as rotten on the inside as everyone else.

This is manufactured rage for views, both Lor and Tyler are trying to milk a stupidly minor issue for their own ends.

No. 116688

>This is manufactured rage for views, both Lor and Tyler are trying to milk a stupidly minor issue for their own ends.

This is it. The people in the video had settled everything with Lor and everyone was happy to close the door on it. Tyler threw a fucking firework in the letterbox and burned the whole house down just for clicks and views. I always thought she was better than that, but I think I was blinded by how "real" she seemed out of her LWLN persona. Fuck, Tyler, why couldn't you just let the issue die?

No. 116690

This argument seems to be very suspiciously written by someone from the Uk, you guys are the only ones who would want it to "die".

Every video Tyler as done has been about drama that happened a few days ago and is "over" by the time she talks about it. Every video about RC or Cof (which is most of them in the talk show format) is like that. There is a whole group that exists for people to tell Tyler about the new drama so she can cover it. So how is it wrong for her to do it this time? Isnt it her format to talk about the drama? Doesnt she make videos roasting people all the time?

It sounds like UK peeps seem butthurt now that they are the drama.

No. 116695

I mean maybe you're right, but the video just seemed a lot nastier than her usual tone and I feel weird about it. I think I'm just tired of drama in general and was tiring of the novelty of LWLN so I'm probably more irritated seeing this blown up (even when Lor asked for it not to be) than I really should be.

I feel like the initial "incident" with Lor was some honest mistakes and a lack of communication.

No. 116699

>It sounds like UK peeps seem butthurt now that they are the drama.
That's it. The British community started this drama because they didn't want to be roasted and now they're whining because people are talking about it.

No. 116702

The whole thing was started by someone who wasn’t involved in the community in any way. The whole drama was blown out of proportion by Tyler who doesn’t even have her facts straight. The nastiness in her new video, the calling out all Brits along with comparing someone else’s anxiety to her own depression as an excuse to belittle someone’s mental illness was not needed. The video is different from the usual jokey sort of drama that is usually seen in her videos and is instead just all out attacking despite the fact lor didn’t even want the video made

No. 116704

Can someone please explain, since I clearly lack the brain cells to understand:

Did the original maker of the documentary (the blonde white british girl) tell Lor to take down the video? And if so, why? (Is it specifically about her 'deadnaming'? Or just using the docu in a react video?)

Or is it just random UK lolitas who knows the old brolita who are reeing about deadnaming? And if this is the case, did the original docu maker get heat as well for not updating the uwu pwonouns?

I can't even tell who is mad at who anymore.

No. 116706

The creator of the video asked lor to take it down because of the dead naming. The person who was dead named along with others in the documentary were trying to contact lor privately but were ignored, it was then taken public for no reason and to a completely different topic to what the actual issue with the video was. The video was small and the people involved mostly forgot it was there until a random person not in the community sent the video to lor. Due to the fallout the original documentary was also taken down as again, people forgot it was there and was causing problems as it was using the wrong pronouns etc.

No. 116710

File: 1603159084952.png (12.95 KB, 418x156, Docowner.PNG)

Lolitas in the doc got angry about the video Lor put out and made a huge post about it. Girl who made the doc saw the post and the comments and decided to "help" by telling Lor she will sue if she doesnt take it down because she didnt ask permission.

No she didnt get any heat, there was a lot of asslicking to the girl in the comments.

No. 116711

File: 1603159398742.png (17.58 KB, 438x198, Sarina.PNG)

As well here is Sarina herself saying that she didnt know how to contact Ellen about the deadnaming anyways if they did want to do something about the original video.

Sarina herself wasnt asking the video to be removed, just edited too, so it was other people making that the big deal.

No. 116712

The asking for the video to be edited was ignored hence why it was escalated. The whole thing was taken so out of context on Twitter by Holly stating that the entire thing was over an accent.

No. 116713

File: 1603160087218.jpg (58.21 KB, 444x960, Tweeter.jpg)

Wrong. Sarina publicly stated they never asked Lor to edit the video. Based on the comments on the yt, it was more of a hey btw I am now a girl. This is why Lor tried to explain with ig stories or whatever about them later. I would cap the yt comments if I could but from Lor's perspective that wasnt an issue after the clarification since they never were asked.

Now what I think you are implying is that Persie here and maybe a few others did try to contact lor on platforms they clearly dont monitor. So Lor didnt read the fb messages, and so the Uk bunch esclated it incorrectly because they decided that it was being ignored instead of not delivered. If these guys took their head out of their asses for a second they would have figured out that emailing youtubers is the best way to contact them.

No. 116714

File: 1603160186938.jpg (71.07 KB, 882x960, twit.jpg)

I feel like it should be an no brainer that youtubers perfer email but Lor also did clarify that this is her prefered method of contact later. But this means that the first time she got the complaints was actually through twitter, in which people were being catty.

No. 116715

That doesn’t account for the fact lor was replying to people easily on social media and then decided to read and ignore the messages once problems were mentioned. It also doesn’t account for the fact that Holly decided to take it public when it was handled privately in the first place. People were dragged into this who didn’t want to be and it was all sorted until Tyler decided to beat the dead horse

No. 116717

File: 1603160962423.jpg (47.93 KB, 960x678, Holly.jpg)

Yes it does? Lor read the Youtube comments, which Holly made a tweet about. Uk people thought that Holly was subtweeting their fb comments when they didnt even know about it. It wasnt being handled privately since they were not aware of the fb stuff, and Uk comm showed their ass on this situation.

She didnt read the fb message, and she wasnt aware of the issues until the tweets. I know that its hard to understand, but fb saying you "read" it doesnt mean you actually did. I had people think im online in the middle of the night because of how fb is on my phone and comp.

People decided to be dragged into this too. They all commented and loved to talk shit online, they dont get to pretend they are a victim.

No. 116719

But obviously they did not do anything since the trans woman wanted the video edited and lor didnt do that. If she had already spoken to her then lor would have known that she wanted that part edited instead she left the video as it was and was left to fester instead

No. 116721

File: 1603161438043.png (19.94 KB, 316x273, Correction.PNG)

No because Sarina never stated that she wanted anything to be done to Lor, so that was only like implied in the fb comments that Lor didnt see. Sarina having no backbone is their own issue here.

They corrected it by bringing this up on ig/twitter and yt posts so that the pronounces were known and so was their social media, clearly based on communication they had.

No. 116723

File: 1603161523728.png (41.95 KB, 316x615, correction2.PNG)

Also here you can see that it was taken down because of the creator and the discussion, not Sarina saying anything in particular.

No. 116734

All the people involved in j fashion on your island are cringy SJW babies. No one likes britfags.

No. 116735

Anyone can submit videos for Lor to react to so that's not an excuse to sperg out. Your comm made a big stink over nothing before Tyler made her video so don't blame this on her.

No. 116747

Since I posted Wonderfinch's dad, I might as well post WF's profile


I think she is bitter partially because she grew up in a neighborhood of rich white kids and now has a chip on her shoulder.

No. 116753

Omfg I can't believe there is drama about people commenting your PUBLIC work. You upload it; then you have to deal with criticism and negative reactions. There' s n o need to bitch.Drink some tea lmao

No. 116757

Yeah, Lor and Tyler should be able to take the criticism gracefully but instead they're making American lolitas look like the petty cunts they've always been stereotyped as.

No. 116759

File: 1603184102944.png (218.91 KB, 460x822, 245896543008243.png)

So apparently IVBs husband had a car accident, but she's the poor victim that has to put up with the insurance now.
I get that things like that suck, even more so if you're about to give birth, but it just sounds so entitled. Could've at least written something along the lines of "thank god he's ok".

No. 116774

3 degrees that her daddy paid for and she's still a dumbass.

No. 116780

People don't realise how scattered the 'British Community' is. The main people talking about it aren't even from the same comm, just a random group of friends who are dotted around a few comms.

Tyler missed the mark on this one, as the issue was put to bed (and I can't say I agreed with either side before, but she seemed so nasty I can't support her). She just comes across as unhinged.

No. 116781

my only surprise is that one london girl who stirs all the shit wasn't involved
plenty of softies in england but don't fuck with the irish or scottish girls

No. 116782

Can you sage, newfag? Tyler isn’t “unhinged.” She’s a petty, attention seeking cunt who gets away with it because she can claim “it’s an act!”

No. 116783

who? K?

No. 116784

my bad, minimod. sometimes I forget. True that, though, and her fans believe anything she says blindly.

But like I said, she comes across as unhinged. Not that she is, but that was how she portrayed herself.

No. 116786

lol as soon as i posted that i scrolled up and she was @ in one of the capped posts. figures. i don't care for lor or tyler at all but victim complex bitches are worse. lor shouldn't have even given these softies the time of day and tyler's video is just going to make them feel important. pathetic all around

No. 116787

Didn't she recently get called out for reselling her worn clothing as 'new with tags' when she would post pictures and tiktoks in them? I think this is shade because she can't sell her stunk clothes anymore.

No. 116789

hahahahahaha nooo. i would say who but calling the girl out will just feed her victim complex so idk if its worth it. i'm sure you can figure it out because she has had weak sauce drama with lor before and blew it up as if international popular lolitas had a vendetta against her. and i heard she caused comm drama in london too

No. 116791

>victim complex
See I don't like any of these girls, but I think Tyler really showed her ass here. Now they're in the right because Tyler was a dick, and wrongly so too.

No. 116793

File: 1603204105869.jpg (717.62 KB, 1440x1713, presumptuousmuch.jpg)

i agree. lor and tyler are annoying children but that one girl and the girls who support her are the most primary school of them all. pic related, who gave her the ban hammer for all uk comms? implying any non-london comms will give a single fuck

No. 116794

mate most of my comm is watching this go down with a nice cuppa in hand. the uk scene is like >>116780 said, we have 937625 different regional comms with very little overlap. there is one fb group for the uk and its mostly seasonal ticketed events, newbies asking which comm to join and some london spam by people too dense to find the actual london comm

No. 116796

considering only one of the girls involved is from London, I don't know. Also in the UK (before covid, at least) people often go to different comm meets. It's not always a binary system.

No. 116797

Fuck Tyler for making this shitty video and flooding this thread with a ton of obvious newfags

No. 116802

This is one thing I kinda agree with her on. If my husband caused an at-fault accident the week before I was due, in MY car, I would be extremely pissed off too. Would I tell the internet? Different story. Men are useless, tale as old as time.

Besides, it's implied that he's okay because had he been a victim of an accident that required hospitalization, her post tone would be milking him for all the sympathy points. It's the difference between "Ugh my husband got into an accident a week before I'm due" versus "OmG mY HuSbAnD wAs iN An AcCiDeNT bEfOrE Im DuUuee!!!"

No. 116806

That girl chose to leave the real London comm a while ago. Those random London meets you're seeing in Egl UK are hers because she still hosts the same meets in London that she used to, she just posts them to the general country group instead. She's a mod of Egl UK too. She can ban people from her own meets all she wants, and she may have the right to ban someone from other Egl UK meets, but it's a bit of a stretch for her to declare that someone wouldn't be welcome to other comm's or organiser's meets. Tyler's video was unnecessary but pretty funny, bet she'd be great fun at a post-meet pub crawl.

No. 116807

File: 1603215574301.png (13.46 KB, 491x150, elle.PNG)

A few ppl have said that, but probably Elle since she is a mod.

No. 116813

File: 1603218391486.jpg (2.68 MB, 3264x2043, 1603145650394.jpg)

how are these people so fragile that this shit causes mental health crises lol

No. 116819

>my date mate, a plus sized person
what a fucking joke lol.

No. 116820

>white american hag
>from texas out of all the states
>talks about colonialism
kek projecting her white guilt much?
Also she really doesn't suit sweet at all it does her face no favor

No. 116825

>on one side, we have Tyler and Lor
>on the other, the softest boiled eggs the UK has to offer
Clowns, clowns everywhere

No. 116827

>private twitter
Hmmmmmm… Do you follow her? Dick move if so

No. 116831

I used to really like LWLN, but it's become so pandering and Lor is always shilled in some way. The only segments that feel the same anymore are the ones where she roasts kinkster coomers.

No. 116835


What a snowflake. Also it's hilarious so many White people are screeching about someone mocking their shitty accent and trying to play the discrimination card.s

No. 116836

see the point was she lied about that. no one aside from one throwaway comment on a private post mentioned that. I liked tyler but the misinformation (read, straight lies) is so bizarre. Someone needs to stop fibbing, I think Lor really twisted what she told tyler.

No. 116842

Without any receipts why should we believe any of her claims? We don't know if anyone actually threatened legal action. Usually she provides caps for everything, but this time we don't have any evidence besides the caps in the video which prove nothing.

No. 116851

it's just not that deep. This dress looks awful on her, she should sell it and get over the fact that it doesn't fit. Either get it altered or stop crying.

No. 116852

File: 1603236225854.jpg (35.9 KB, 600x336, 3f9.jpg)

1. this isn't an ita thread retard
2. fundamental fit issues aren't a nitpick
3. Pic related

No. 116856

Buthhurt britfags reeing

No. 116883

This girl is an absolute nobody who goes to 1 meet a year at best so quit power tripping

No. 116893

Please sage your shit if you’re going to reply to a 5 day old post

No. 116899

dude read the fucking thread

No. 116913

Luckily no one with any sense would let her host. She's always massively late to meets 'because dyspraxia'.

No. 117037

L8 but I never used to take issue with wf until I found out who her had was. I daresay I sympathised with her a bit.

It really rubs me the wrong way to read her constant soapboxing about race as if she has anything in common with the working class, when literally all she has to complain about in life is being an uncharismatic lolita with below-average co-ord skills for someone who’s been in the fashion as long as she has. I don’t doubt she’s experienced racism in her life but she was also born with a silver spoon in her mouth and has benefited hugely from nepotism. Not mutually exclusive concepts. Pretty sure she’s never been exploited in a shitty service job to afford burando like most women in this fashion have at some point.

Idk man. It’s interesting to see how a lot of the old LJ lolitas have progressed both in life & co-ord skills and she’s still just a bitter literally who with a shopping addiction

No. 118786

File: 1604200531065.png (70.78 KB, 854x848, wow.png)

I swear to god /cgl/ was never this full of twitterfags, what the fuck is this?

No. 118820

Did you really bump the thread with this non milk to just bitch about an average /cgl/ derailment? Newfag

No. 118836

Why get pissed about someone bumping this thread, it’s dead as fuck (so is this whole board), why are we discouraging posting more?

No. 118838

>why get upset when people bump dead threads with no milk just for the sake of bumping them?

You could not make it any more obvious how new you are

No. 118896

tbh I fucking hope some good drama happens soon i'm bored as fuck aren't there supposed to be more drama with covid and everyone being at home?

No. 118899

oh no god forbid we push any of the other equally dead threads down a single space on this dead page.

No. 118903

Nta, but the point is that it's not milk. Don't take this inane shit and try to make it into something bigger than it really is.

No. 118914

It’s against the rules to bump dead threads without milk

No. 118920

Does anyone know what happened to the last ita thread? The most recent I read it was yesterday morning. By the time I came to check today, it was gone.

No. 118925

Piss off coat chan

No. 118930


Newfag named one of the people posted in the thread.

No. 118934

I got that. I was wondering whose name was posted

No. 118938

The archive exists.

No. 118948

Not when the thread was nuked

No. 118970

No, it's still there.

No. 118973

File: 1604334859589.png (1.8 MB, 750x1334, 05DDB72D-DB74-46AD-A9DD-463E1D…)

Briz Blossom is way too fixated on this ‘fake followers’ and ‘someone is making my follower count go down’ shit

No. 118979

Briz Blossom está loca. I have a friend who was friends with her and would tell me the absolutely juciest mexican lolita comm drama.

No. 118992

Damn anon spill the beans

No. 118994

Damn newfag learn to sage

No. 118996

That's…. not how you lose followers lmfao

No. 119150

Why on earth would anyone do that to her, a literal nobody, too? Like, she has a decent amount of followers for a lolita, but not even THAT many. Is she sure people aren’t just unfollowing her for lack of quality content?

No. 119289

File: 1604580348767.jpg (636.48 KB, 1080x1917, IMG_20201105_093823.jpg)

Wasn't this cow supposedly "vegan" ?

No. 119374

all these cows just give themselves away on their insta stories. IVB has ousted herself as a fat wine mom already

No. 119397

who cares

No. 119488

Shit like this makes me think she self-posts to stir up attention. Who the fuck cares?

No. 119574

File: 1604789849595.jpg (190.12 KB, 750x1334, 123988238_1010878549322586_868…)

I don't even think it's a shopping addiction anymore, it just looks like plain hoarding.

No. 119687

File: 1604866036219.png (487.37 KB, 750x1334, FC59C540-F2D3-4212-89A9-FCE4C4…)

IVB just gave birth two weeks ago and is already drinking wine and beer, gloating about unhealthy weight loss and meeting up with friends and not social distancing with her baby.

No. 119709

Not to white knight her, but women losing 10lb right after delivery is the norm.
How tall is she? Because 164lb is super fat if you're not 6'

No. 119710

It’s very common for women to lose a lot of stored water weight in the weeks after pregnancy. Assuming she had a 7-9lb kid, the amount of weight she would have lost after can easily be attributed to water weight, pregnant women swell like crazy.

That said she’s still a fat Karen and even if she isn’t breastfeeding it’s still gross of her to immediately be guzzling the booze after shitting out her leechbaby

No. 119946

File: 1605042773201.jpg (959.54 KB, 1233x2048, uri_mh1605042644202.jpg)

I really hope she is smart enough to pump ahead of time and not feed her baby right after drinking…

No. 119951

Jfc is life that bad having trapped a military rat with a baby rat?

No. 119966

my thoughts. i have no sympathy for breeder trash es pecially that kind. They are nothing but a drain on earth resources

No. 120104

We're all a drain on earth resources you clown. I don't like her either but jesus calm down lmao

No. 120235

>she doesn't know about carbon footprints

No. 120306

File: 1605255740836.jpg (276.98 KB, 1080x1727, Wtf.jpg)

What's up with this sjw cow peddling hate for this literal nobody? I just want a good page to follow for funny memes, not this lame vendetta shit.

No. 120307

File: 1605255848212.jpg (641.17 KB, 1078x1796, Embarrassing .jpg)

The owner for the meme page is literally a fat white chick. It's like pot calling the kettle black at this point.

No. 120308

File: 1605256020611.jpg (471.08 KB, 1079x1086, Screenshot_20201113-162517_Ins…)

I'm not surprised that the SJW chick is just another fat genderspecial white girl. It's always people like these who initiate some dumb witch hunt.

No. 120316

Fuck neorococomemes. Their memes and vendetta boner were never funny.

No. 120323

Is this a replica or does this fattie truly fit inside Honey Cake? If so, I feel so sorry for that dress. She doesn't deserve that print, she's ugly and a femlet.

No. 120341

It got rereleased last year as an MTO and the new one is absolutely massive size-wise

No. 120344

>She doesn't deserve that print, she's ugly and a femlet.
I don't know this girl but can you at least try not to sound like a seething 12 year old next time?

No. 120351

Posts like yours make me wish fatties would stretch all their burando just to make you cry.

No. 120660

you forgot the entire reason that the vendetta even started–that VS took too long to post a statement about BLM, which neorococo took as evidence of flaming racism. she's gone as far as to screenshot people who like/comment on VS's posts to try and "out" them as "racists" as well

No. 120704

File: 1605464813366.jpeg (384.52 KB, 750x748, 94AC0721-2A1C-4FD6-A108-D9E595…)

Anyone else think it’s funny how this old ass says white girls do the bare minimum and get ass pats while girls of color do the most and get nothing and yet here she is doing the bare minimum and getting ass pats?

No. 120706

What a limp lettuce attempt, this photo and outfit feels like it has been drained of life

No. 120713

File: 1605466700743.jpeg (614.27 KB, 828x1321, 1CFD812C-A907-4EE1-B01E-0DC8D4…)

>projecting your obsession with your husband’s job onto your newborn
(this is ivb’s side account)

how has this bitch not once improved her coording or photo taking skills when she’s been in lolita since the dawn of time

No. 120715

File: 1605466778081.jpeg (260.77 KB, 828x630, 0880E10D-7408-4BBB-8BF3-C0471B…)

honey, your husband is in the national guard.

No. 120717

I understand this is meant to be avant garde or whatever but
>no petti
>those shoes

No. 120727

Wait, what? She's based so much of her identity on this and he's in the guard? I thought they only trained certain weekends and were only mobilized for storms and riots. Are they being mobilized a lot for pandemic assistance or is he a full time higher up? I have no idea how any of this works, but it sounds awfully lulzy to me.

No. 120744

it's the fucking national guard. she's acting like her husband teabagged Osama or something holy fuck

No. 120745

Shit my ex bf was in the national guard, all he did was go military training three days a week and spend the rest working a civilian job, like that's it

You get some military training but you basically live life as a normal civilian

No. 120757

File: 1605477710136.png (1.91 MB, 1492x956, Screen Shot 2020-11-15 at 1.57…)

I went to uni with a national guard guy and he went to training during the weekend and spent weekdays at school or working. It's more like having a second part-time job than it is being in the military. Her husband is probably full time, though, since he's their family's only source of income and that money's gotta come from somewhere.

>holding down the home front

Bitch, your husband basically does paperwork for the military. He isn't holding down shit.

No. 120759

File: 1605477837153.png (49.46 KB, 528x240, Screen Shot 2020-11-15 at 2.02…)

#milsostrong is the absolutely most kekworthy tag I've ever seen. She acts like being a fat, spoiled housewife is the most difficult job on the planet. She admits that her MIL and her mom are the ones that take care of her baby most of the time too, so she's not even caring for the child that SHE wanted.

No. 120768

The dependas are at it again

No. 120780

I don't get how you can be a RESERVIST dependa. This is so embarrassing.

Can you even be full time national guard? Unless he's working in DC, admin work or recruiter… Dude's working a civilian job during the week. Weekend warrior.

No. 120787

There are full time guard, but those are usually just the ones that handle the money stuff, the mechanics (because there are flights all the time) and IT people along with jobs that are needed to keep a military base running. But most of the guard is NOT full time. Source: I’m in the guard. I also try my best to not mix my army stuff with my actual life because it’s not that deep. I do that shir once a month who cares.

No. 120835

I remember hearing IVB's husband does IT, so he probably does IT work for the army full-time. Idk much about the military tbh so sorry if I got it wrong.

No. 120839


She probably thinks she's being effortless and a la mode but honestly it just looks so meh.

No. 120840


as much as i'm really not into people bandwagoning on the newest woke culture trend, it's really fucking embarrassing how much of a vendetta NRM has, and now I feel sorry for some stranger I'll never meet.

No. 120842

File: 1605502548386.jpeg (131.4 KB, 828x750, C05A86F0-236E-492C-ABF8-2D8C1B…)

Are we not going to talk about this absolute shitshow? Op pulled the race card out on anyone who told her it’s not that deep and that this collection doesn’t mean btssb supports police brutality.

No. 120849

I am IT and not full time. My section is all IT.. and in her stories she said he goes to school or did, and the guard usually pays for that along with the GI bills which can be used for living (I get about 600 a month)

No. 120872

This came out ages ago. Why cry about it now?

No. 120960

They look embarassing in a specific way i cannot put a name on. Even down to the name of that poor undercooked child she's already projecting on

No. 120961

I hate cops but she's being straight up retarded with that teenage attitude

No. 120979

late but she also "called out" a girl in my discord server for suggesting "spooktober" when another user asked for alternatives to inktober because apparently it's a slur and white people can't say "spooky" anymore

No. 120999

that and the sperg ass Scot in the comments

No. 121007

It's awkward because you can tell he's not really into it but she's super into it. They remind me of that tweet by a dependa who makes her husband stand at attention at all times and the picture was of him at attention while in line at a fast food place.

I wonder about the Scot. Does she think it's funny or quirky to type like she has a Scottish accent? Because all it does is make her posts completely unreadable.

No. 121046

>fat white chick
>hateboner for skinny white chick

It checks out.

No. 121050

That's because she had a boy kek. Her lolita dreams are crushed.

No. 121161

This girl is from a very wealthy family. I don't get how you can cry about "privilege" while living a very fortunate life. It seems like so many people who are obsessed with social justice continuedly fail to care about those in actual need, they instead favor whining about their own "tribulations", like not getting enough likes on social media.

No. 121185

WF is so privileged she acts like those white girls who speak for people from other cultures.

No. 121207

>Name tape on the front
Stupid dependa. This whole set of images is so awkward. Poor kid. Guard has some mobolizations and deployments but it's nothing like during the surge. Most of them play Army 2 weeks a year at most

No. 121228

Sorry but the babies name is „Hunt“?? Wtf is it with Americans and weird names?

No. 121232

You’re retarded.

No. 121234

Yes, because soldiers wear their first name on their patrol caps.

No. 121235

>holding down the front
Lmao, they both look like frail dorks though especially her with that overcooked noodle arm. This is so embarrassing, I guess she just expects positive attention to come from people who don't know or don't care to know what they both actually do for a living which is far from serious calls of duty.

No. 121269

damn she gained a lot of weight

No. 121342

File: 1605770538457.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 182.57 KB, 750x327, D6EDDA3F-3158-4B9D-9F6D-12B6D6…)

Bitch no you ain’t

No. 121377

Hunt is her husband’s last name. The baby’s name is Everett.

No. 121403

don’t worry, lolita is a fashion for fat people

No. 121419

not even trying to whiteknight, but come on she literally just had a baby

No. 121838

File: 1606024579577.jpg (682.39 KB, 1079x1235, Screenshot_20201121-215515_Ins…)

This is $75 for this damn subscription box. Im so sick and tired of her acting like some authority on lolita fashion when her coords almost always miss the mark.

No. 121839

File: 1606024701924.jpg (721.6 KB, 1080x1997, Screenshot_20201121-215733_Ins…)

She is also looking for people to submit art for her zine she is putting together to profit off of. The artists?? They just get credit on the back page

No. 121846

Is this person affiliated with Callie/ota-q at all because she doe the exact same shit but with more broad "jfashion" rather than lolita.

No. 121856

So the 300$ box needs 2-3 months to ship, that means after you bought it she will order the shit from Aliexpress and send it to you with a nice markup.

No. 121861

For some reason I thought there would be at least some brand items guaranteed in that box, but after re-reading the description I think I misremembered that part.

If you’re willing to drop $300 and wait 2-3 months, you might as well lurk second hand sales and buy everything on your own without the markup. That would at least get you a brand main piece.

No. 121870

If pic related is an example of all the things you might get in a $75 box (which it probably is, because why get high quality items if you can rip off some itas with a bunch of glittery aliexpress shit that realistically costs $20 altogether at max), I'd be extremely disappointed as a subscriber.

No. 121885

File: 1606071073528.jpeg (282.24 KB, 750x584, 76569ED1-0DDB-4B56-A58E-4924CD…)

Well I know for sure she photoshops the hell out of her legs. No fucking way she’s that tall and fits into old school AP while being a damn butterball.

No. 121999

this is straight up false, her posts have shown up in my TL with the word "promoted" or "sponsored" under it (or whatever the fuck it's called). more than once.

No. 122033

A - she's lying and
B - nobody cares

Imagine thinking anyone cares if you ran a promotion or not. Further proof that the LA 'mods' have their heads far up their asses

No. 122042

File: 1606097601816.png (424.47 KB, 1004x1814, 1606075273393.png)

No. 122048

is that cat hair

No. 122351

File: 1606249949576.jpeg (114.62 KB, 750x314, AA2C0B4F-436C-4DCF-A34F-3C4965…)

Imagine thinking anyone gives a shit about your snowflake pronouns on a selling website?

No. 122502

There's a thread on cgl for this.
Come here with real milk I'm sick of all these random screens shots of mundane shit like
>I thought she was vegan
Like no one gives a shit

No. 122873

File: 1606531948031.jpg (Spoiler Image, 579.49 KB, 892x1567, Screenshot_20201127-214829_Tik…)

Semi-efamous lolita tokimeki-bunny posting about their breeder fetish/kink on tiktok, an app for literal children. Wtf.

No. 122892

Can you link the video?

No. 122894

Found it. It's super cringe but I don't think she's into breeding?


No. 122896

TikTok is undoubtedly more popular with younger people, but claiming it's "an app for literal children" is a blatant nitpick. Is this a selfpost?

No. 122898

I don't know why you would self post such cringe. Unless you have a humiliation kink.

No. 122909

She's saying that she does have that kink in the video. She posted another video stating that her room is kawaii because she's into "submissive switch" kink as well.

No. 122910

No. 122911

Sage for samefag but I found the bedroom video. Is she obsessed with sex or something? Her entire profile is edgy teen sex fantasies as if it's something to be proud of.

No. 122916

lmao she has an amazon wishlist too.
inb4 onlyfans

No. 122939

Isn't she the same cow who threw a shit fit over some rando copying her "AP" tattoo?

No. 123037

maybe nitpicking but it's really extraordinary how snowflakey 90% of these are.

like in:

she's obviously trying to play up that she's uwu smol and a "shoe size 2-3", but she's posted about buying AP shoes which are a 5-6 at their smallest size. i think she didn't get the follower count she wanted on instagram and decided to attentionwhore and lolibait (gross) for random coomers on tiktok instead.

No. 123063

It’s astounding she even thinks she can be lolibait with the intense case of man face she has

No. 123169

This is even more hilarious because she used to be one of the first people to scream about kinks on RC and her Stories. The epitome of projecting.

No. 123220

Yes, it's the same person.

No. 123288

File: 1606698373765.jpg (69.14 KB, 1012x1012, princess_noodley.jpg)

Since it was reported/removed on the second hand market chaos thread:

Pic related is princess_noodley on LM and IG. She made a 15+ minute rant video about how anyone who sold dresses for retail or higher are greedy scammy criminals fucking other lolitas over. She included auctions being a part of this problem as well.

She went on and on in great detail about how hard it was for her to find her dream dresses due to the second hand market and how those who sold dresses for retail+ are bad people because everyone owes it to the "community" to "rehome" their dress for someone else to love without making money. Also believes once something is owned/worn, the price should be drastically reduced when selling and, in the same video, put her own foot in her mouth when she admitted that she was planning to sell the blouse that came with her Candy Sprinkle set and make some money, since it didn't fit. (According to her own logic, she should be giving the blouse away for free since making money is Not Allowed.)

She has barely been in the fashion (about a year or less according to her IG and LM) and pic related is how she dressed in the video. Would frequently speak with a "ghetto" accent when she got extra riled up and talked nonsensically most of the time with copious amounts of sweaty mouth breathing.

Once she was posted to the thread, a few hours later all of her videos were magically privated and the posts about her were soon reported. Over the last few months there have been some persistent newfags shitting up multiple threads about the current market for older OTT sweet AP dresses and endless bitching about second hand prices. Considering her video was 15 winded minutes of parroting these posts and the immediate video deletion/mass reporting, she outed herself as one of the frequent posters shitting up this topic.

No. 123290

File: 1606699132627.jpg (37.25 KB, 995x995, ita queen.jpg)

"Hey all you bitches and hoes."

No. 123296

File: 1606702122946.jpeg (252.22 KB, 828x1158, 2346EF23-8B38-41BA-B898-C7FDD8…)

this girl’s husband is really old and creepy. Both think they are too tired fashion experts.

No. 123302

File: 1606703192449.png (3.62 MB, 828x1792, 0F53D544-0C7C-4B42-B297-5D92A2…)


No. 123342

She'll wise up when she alienates herself from everybody except to the most poor and entitled itas who don't have any brand of their own to sell to her.

No. 123493

Thanks for reposting the relevant info here. I'm not surprised this got deleted on cgl. She was most likely one of the shit posters in the 2nd hand market threads whinging about muh dreem dresses!1 and having zero idea how 2nd hand lolita prices really work. All of these newfags need to go.

No. 123496

File: 1606779380415.jpeg (179.83 KB, 750x1334, BA9B6B7F-8610-4322-B112-45CF38…)

If you knew some of the shit she posted on there lmao

No. 123497

>not looking for concrit

Hahaha oh my fucking god

No. 123500

>getting r-worded
Yeah, she’s getting retarded alright.

No. 123509

For someone who claims to have an ED she is pretty stocky. Probably just another cry for attention

No. 123513

File: 1606783271414.png (47.71 KB, 320x595, neoroc.PNG)

this bitch at it again

why on earth is she honing in on victoriasuzanne anyway? does anyone know her irl or have insight into the reason for the vendetta? there are plenty of people into jfashion with the same or bigger followings who either never made a statement or who took just as long (vs doesn't even seem to wear jfashion anymore???), so why is neorococo so hellbent on dragging vs? she posts these kinds of things like once a week at least

No. 123519

What happened with victoriasuzanne tho? I couldn't find anything in this thread so far.

No. 123531

>leaving my partner of 2 yrs

guess those voice actor sex audio tapes she claimed made her lose interest in her bf really did ruin her relationship afterall

No. 123533

it's here >>120660 i followed both vs and neorococo around the time the drama started

vs stopped posting on instagram for a couple months around the same time BLM protests erupted. VS got a few comments on her (dead at the time) insta chastising her for her silence on BLM and a month or two later, when she resumed posting, she did post a statement saying that she supported the movement. the statement was in the caption of an aesthetically on-brand feed post and people left some criticism for VS about posting a statement only when it was aesthetically on-brand and convenient or something, but then seemed to let it go.

neorococo, for whatever reason, did not let it go, and hyperfixated on it. she started dragging vs left and right and calling her racist and bigoted, and screencapping people who commented positively on vs posts to share in her stories under the guise of trying to "expose" people "complicit in racism." vs started removing/filtering/blacklisting neorococo which only added fuel to the fire. she's been dragging vs in stories for months now, constantly accusing her and her followers of racism for the sole reason of, and single instance of, vs not coming back from a social media hiatus fast enough to post about BLM

neorococo also did not hone in on other prominent figures in the jfashion community for making late statements or even for not making statements at all–aside from capping the people who comment on vs, her effort has been focused on vs, which makes me think there's something else going on, especially because vs hasn't even participated in jfashion for quite a while

No. 123541

A lot of people in various niches weren't posting around that time. For me, it still feels weird to make posts when I'm not going out or doing much of anything. Does that equate to racism? Is rococo going to come after more people?

No. 123542

lol what's the story behind this?

Also having a partner for 2 years isn't that long coconut head.

No. 123548

This is mental illness

No. 123577

ayrt, thanks for filling me in. sound blown way out of proportion tho.

No. 123599

She said she listened to some VA spicy work and it aroused her so much she lost interest in her bf sexually. She also posted a tik tok saying her boyfriend was cool with her listening to it while they did it. All while admitting she had a size and non-con kink.

No. 123619

Makes sense I guess, her bf was super big (tall and muscular), but it's ironic that she publicly talks about her kinks and directly linking her ig while shaming others.

No. 123633

she's been talking about having anorexia for years but her size has never fluctuated, she's always looked a (very) healthy weight for her height.

>inb4 size doesn't dictate if you have an ED

if you're actively participating in ED behaviors for years i think we'd notice some effects

No. 123634

For Anorexia Nervosa you actually have to consistently have issues maintaining a healthy weight for your height/age/gender as a diagnostic requirement. They dropped the specific BMI qualification but you still have to be “too thin” to have the diagnosis. She’s obviously a healthy weight, so she’s flat out lying about being anorexic. Not that someone can’t have some other eating disorder at her weight like EDNOS/OSFED, bulimia, etc. but she’s not anorexic. She’s saying she is for attention, and I highly doubt she actually has an eating disorder. At most it’s probably disordered eating, which isn’t the same

No. 123643

she has removed the ig link from her tiktok, funny enough

No. 123675

File: 1606862468579.jpeg (280.3 KB, 750x1308, F2798BF3-DD61-413B-96ED-67B576…)

At least she’s finally leaving lolita. We don’t need her cringe in the fashion. It’s a shame, because her account was rather decent before she got into her crazy phase.

No. 123677

I skipped through her tiktok and it seems she’s obsessed with zero calories monster energy drinks, so that’s probably her „ED“. She also mentioned nursing school, and, I mean, isn’t every nurse constantly on energy drinks?

No. 123680

she had maybe 10 dresses anyway, probably just wants to sell her sweet for fast cash kek

No. 123703

I cant believe this dumb bitch got a lolita tattoo as well

No. 123713

Thank you anon. Why would any sane person post something as cringy as this? My fucking sides.

No. 123743

Didn't even recognize this girl at first, wasn't she a rufflechat mod at some point? definitely sold out to ewhore on tiktok

No. 123775

a rufflechat mod and i think a lolita amino mod if that shithole is still around.

>tfw you get dumped by your chad bf for pedobaiting on tiktok

No. 124339

File: 1607147554194.jpg (975.22 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20201204_235030.jpg)

Good for her if this is true, but how?

No. 124456

Please brush your hair before taking a picture. It's not that hard.

No. 124555

File: 1607314846377.jpg (575.85 KB, 1080x1623, uri_mh1607314662654.jpg)

Anyone else annoyed by her uwu typing style and always complaining how "smol" she is? She body checks and even shoops her hands to be less wrinkly.

No. 124563

kinda smells like selfpost, she barely has any posts on her lolita acct.

No. 124568

Sure jan and irl it’s s size 7 lmao

No. 124574

Literally who?
That's definitely a selfpost

No. 124601

This is xiyuue. She made a new acct for some reason.

No. 124619

Still a literal who?
She's not as relevant as she thinks she is

No. 124621

Learn to sage newfag

No. 124629

Xiyuue is an old cow from cgl. She used to constantly selfpost and try to skinwalk Zekia/@aru.rinh. She had an ultra edgy menhera-chan phase where she would take pictures of her selfharm scars on her legs and post them publicly and talk about how she had lots of mental breakdowns, etc.
Then she tried to become a twitch thot and posted tons of ahegao pics. This attempt failed spectacularly as her laptop didn’t have the specs to allow her to stream, her streams were laggy and/or extremely low quality according to complaints in her comments.
She went back to posting only lolita content after her twitch thot phase but went full ana-chan and kept posting about how she’s soooo smol while shooping herself to be impossibly skinny. She got posted on a cof thread and people made fun of her awful shooping and she cried to her cringe Taobao reseller friend and she, her friend, and their boyfriends flooded the thread wking her. I guess she’s still in her “teehee I’m soooo skinny, guys!” phase.

No. 124633

File: 1607366995374.jpeg (250.39 KB, 750x1302, 89A5C394-3FDB-4DC1-B8A6-62325D…)

She wasn’t the most creative sweet lolita, but it’s sad how mainstream e-girl her wardrobe has become. I wonder how she feels about her lyrical bunny tattoo now.

No. 124636

She probably doesn't even like it anymore if it doesn't suit her aesthetic, all that tattoo-sperging for absolutely nothing

No. 124717

ah yes, because losing your job and moving back home means you deserve new things. she's probably broke, at least it looks like cheap aliexpress shit. counting days until her onlyfans

No. 124720

I remember her self posts on cgl defending the excessive shooping and the wks swooping in. Why she created a new lolita account that's exactly like her old one is beyond me.

No. 124741

I know who she is, she's just not that e-famous or relevant. Who cares, she hasn't been milky in a while.

No. 124770

And your posts are not interesting enough not to sage.

No. 124797

Cry harder anon. Or maybe find a more interesting cow to be a salty cunt about.(infighting, derailing)

No. 124850

File: 1607464284359.jpg (Spoiler Image, 409.32 KB, 1080x1675, What.jpg)

This was posted a few days ago and then now deleted.

No. 124859

File: 1607465888347.png (705.77 KB, 469x570, Capture.PNG)

No offense but this shit is so cringe.

No. 124864

Anyone else getting fed up with frillyberry? Her latest instagram post shoops her face into oblivion, making her look a lot thinner than she is. I used to kind of like her, but now she's just on the hard-core efame train ever since she started taking pictures with K8.

No. 124865

now I feel bad for her :(

No. 124866

you should look at her tik tok, she's huntched over and you can see how fat she really is

No. 124867

she's fat, that's basically my only hot take

No. 124873

Holy shit the pole dancing video. You can really see it.

No. 124875

She's been a fame chaser and dorito chin shooper ever since Tekko last year.

No. 125096

dont. shes an insane freak and should get a life tbh. maybe im growing a vendetta against her but god i really cant stand seeing her or her scam like sales posts constantly. one of the only cows that makes me actually mad for how privileged (anyone remember when she cried about not going to disney world in like june) she is and how much she whines online for asspats.

No. 125121

Don't forget, she's also been called out for changing her skin color. She fakes being smol and pale to get attention from men at cons.

No. 125254

File: 1607629761903.jpg (71.16 KB, 500x500, uwu.jpg)

Pastel-pinku on tumblr is a self-diagnosed "Autistic/Enby/Ace Local SPN kawaii desi" 29 years old with 'selective mutism' and pretends to be trans.

Lots of fun rants about what she feels are injustices, like her job expecting her to work, the second hand market and stupid takes in general. She posts caps of her messages to sellers asking them to "sell this at retail" and them saying no, then cries scalper. She posts caps and links of listings crying about "scalpers" - including some auctions that had low starting bids. Her behavior about prices is borderline obsessive and for some sellers, stalker behavior.

I also suspect is one of the people shitting up the second hand sale threads bitching about how items should always be sold less than retail.

Has been into lolita for a few months.

No. 125428

File: 1607721684762.jpg (532.94 KB, 1080x1571, Instagram01.jpg)

Is she finally going to leave?

Who is she talking to anyways?

No. 125489

Can you point out which post is the one with the low starting bid? I've scrolled a bit and all her posts regarding scalpers seem reasonable tbh.

No. 125543

Someone over on cgl claims that Tyler (scarfingscarves) had public likes of ddlg and kink stuff on her old tumblr. I haven't had any luck finding her old tumblr handle, does anyone know what it was? It'd be rich for the yter known for calling out sissies and ddlg stuff to have a ddlg kink.

Sage for low/no contribution

No. 125547


How old is old? scarfingscarves.tumblr.com goes back to 2013 when she was still doing goth shit, but that doesn't have any questionable likes. Pretty sure anon is just fucking with you given that there aren't any receipts.

No. 125549

Sorry for bringing it over here! I'll dig a little more and see if I find anything myself, but I think I've been misled.

No. 125580

File: 1607782213251.jpg (315.6 KB, 1080x1100, image.jpg)

Chanel has resurfaced… Good luck, NYC comm lol

No. 125615

She just made her tumblr private. It feels like she has something to hide but if nobody has receipts there's not much to discuss.

No. 125643

Yikes. I remember her posting on Yelp? complaining about the local shelter being mean to her while also running off to Paris a month later

No. 125666

Did anyone see that review she left on Angelic Pretty’s Yelp page?

No. 125673

Good job proving you lurk cgl or have something to hide, scarves. I'm waiting for the day someone publicly calls her out on her bullying.

No. 125674

What's her user name or LM name so we can watch out for her?

No. 125677

Anon everyone knows she lurks on cgl, she literally started her channel after anons in a youtube thread discussed a news shtick and how much they'd like to see it.

No. 125962

File: 1607936181452.jpeg (106.72 KB, 750x782, D8C4D8B0-3620-4C08-BD53-4315F5…)

i knew some of these bitches were unhinged but i didn’t know how unhinged until someone posted this in my comm’s ita and cringe discussion on discord

she and her friends are so embarrassing, not even ironically at this point. fuck, I hate being in Toronto.

No. 126062

Are these just random black people she met in a Target? I would never let that many people improperly wearing face masks stand so close to me (especially if I had all of K8's health problems kek) but I guess she's gotta get that sweet validation somehow.

No. 126076

of course they are, she has never once posted/shared anything relating to black people until she got flack for being quiet during the BLM movement

No. 126084

She’s gotta use them as her tokens since she doesn’t have any black friends

No. 126098

Kate has her own threads newfags. Go there instead of shitting up this one

No. 126111

File: 1608066852514.jpeg (432.29 KB, 1200x837, CA75D97B-BFF3-44FD-98DD-C84DA8…)

People don’t join the military for pay, Karen. It’s literally made of only volunteers. You can’t be upset because your boyfriend signed a contract that made him government property that can call him up whenever they want.

No. 126114

She's just upset she can't shove the baby on him while she goes out (during a pandemic) to drink mommy juice.

No. 126128

ugh she's the one I have the most irrational hateboner for. Not Kate, not IVB, not even pisslita. I just fucking hate yasmine and her attention-seeking cringe so much

No. 126131

Learn to sage newfag.

No. 126367

I still can‘t comprehend how she’s constantly posting about drinking wine every day and breastfeeding. Like, is she really too stupid to know it’s almost the same as drinking while pregnant?

No. 126410

That baby’s going to be fucked up

No. 126428

File: 1608182734192.jpeg (146.07 KB, 640x1386, ADCDB8D8-C47A-4223-AA48-13E5EC…)

Got some light milk, a girl posted in rufflechat about being bullied out of the lolita community only for people to post screenshots of actually happened.

No. 126429

File: 1608182785050.jpeg (134.73 KB, 640x1386, 200FD2FF-C3E2-4519-9398-B00E3F…)

Note: these are not my screen caps, they were posted in the thread before she bawleeted.

No. 126430

File: 1608182823613.jpeg (133.74 KB, 640x1386, 9EED6FB4-8D27-4E77-85B3-066745…)

No. 126431

File: 1608182850069.jpeg (155.04 KB, 640x1386, E9CF5591-C523-4CB2-AE33-E874AA…)


No. 126432

File: 1608182877106.jpeg (148.59 KB, 640x1386, 23905A2B-83FB-437A-B28D-BD2066…)

5/5 what a mess she made

No. 126451

IVB was moaning on her IG stories that her newborn is hard to photograph. Accompanied by a picture of the baby, propped up in a sitting position, looking very uncomfortable.

Yes. Newborns are hard to photograph when you prop them up with pillows in positions that they are visibly uncomfortable in.

STOP DOING THIS. It's not great for the baby.

No. 126497

why can't people be normal in sales posts?

No. 126613

Cadence preaching about proper lolita etiquette lmao sit the fuck down.

No. 126632

I looked at her profile and she looks like she's some kind of challenged.
Rufflechat is parched for any grasps for milk tbh.

No. 126641

In her most recent ig post she is already whining about how she wanted a girl lol

No. 126799

I still cringe over the fact that her husband wants their son to grow up with a sibling and she was like "nah, gonna adopt one then". Like, please don't ever adopt if he's just supposed to be your real child's playmate. Why is everything she does so fucking crnge.

No. 126953

She is up on her high horse about how "right" she is all the time now. "Oh ppl dont like Ap poly? I said so first! Tyler is copying me!" and other dumb things.

No. 127005

File: 1608407164005.png (1.6 MB, 1304x960, Screen Shot 2020-12-19 at 11.4…)

Why is she watermarking her baby's pictures as if someone would want to steal them? Lmao. Also not surprised that she's best friends with @miemuu who's also super mentally unstable and immature.

No. 127060

sage for unrelated but crazy women steal baby photos and like, larp on fb that they're their baby. It's pretty fucked, I'd probably do the same if I posted pics of my kids online.

No. 127128

Deets on miemuu? I know when IVB started hanging out with her and lacycrown instead of robotic girl.

No. 127132

damn, i didn't know that. that's pretty sad, and i don't fault her for watermarking her kid's pictures then.

@miemuu isn't that milky nowadays since she's toned herself down a lot, but she used to constantly post about how mentally ill she is but in a "teehee, aren't I quirky?" way (lol bipolar disorder is so funny!/s), her alcoholism, and about how much she hates "cishet white men" and "the patriarchy" while exclusively fucking cishet white men and posting photos of them having sex/after sex. it's also well known among the btssb san fran staff that she takes "mental health days" to skip work and hang out with ivb or her boyfriends instead.

No. 127133

What’s the milk on her? I thought she was just an ugly girl who was mentally handicapped?

No. 127136

File: 1608438322742.png (255.61 KB, 1380x790, Screen Shot 2020-12-19 at 8.16…)

Pic rel was posted on AP's yelp page and iirc it soon came out after that she had stolen her mom's credit card to shop at AP, which is why the AP shop girls called her mom.
She was homeless the whole time she was part of the SF lolita comm and bounced from shelter to shelter, where she wrote entitled reviews about them that were all tl;dr: why isn't this place exactly like a 5 star hotel? Despite being homeless she constantly bought brand new AP and went on vacations to expensive destinations like Vegas, Paris, and NYC, got her nails done at expensive places, and spent what little money she had in frivolous ways.
Her Yelp if you want to read about how she fritters her money away and her entitlement: https://www.yelp.com/user_details_reviews_self?userid=mfL84FQWvL9dTfIfkLRJBw&rec_pagestart=0

No. 127145

I didn't know she was a shop girl, it seems like everyone that works there is incompetent.

No. 127146

requesting more shopgirl milk

No. 127152

Nayrt. I met her once irl, didn't know she was milky/annoying/whatever and was actually excited to meet her because my friends talked her up, she was a btssb shopgirl, and her insta was cute. The minute she showed up she started complaining about something that had happened to her earlier in the day and didn't introduce herself and just came off as generally rude. I just chalked it up to her having a bad day and have her the benefit of the doubt but lo and behold I stumble upon this thread a year or two later

No. 127160

>Her Yelp if you want to read about how she fritters her money away and her entitlement: >https://www.yelp.com/user_details_reviews_self?userid=mfL84FQWvL9dTfIfkLRJBw&rec_pagestart=0

Holy shit, I knew she was bad but I can't stop reading these.

I cannot wrap my head around how she buys lolita, is constantly homeless/living in shelters, and then randomly has a review in McDonald's France?? Who the hell is giving her so much money, the state?

This is addicting, I'm going to keep reading. Anyone know what her wardrobe is like? RIP that dress she tried on in AP, probably smelled as bad as she looks.

No. 127171

File: 1608456216318.jpg (114.08 KB, 1080x1920, 132010909_425106131872399_1852…)

Jesus she blew up even more.

No. 127178

I think she had an account try to impersonate her earlier this year, they reposted her pregnancy pictures.

No. 127182

this account is amazing. the homeless shelter reviews interspersed with nail salons and a trip to paris… chef's kiss. this is strangee than fiction.

No. 127199

Who even is this?

No. 127259

nayrt but that's divinecross.
I'm still amazed at how she ripped Moitie a new one about their releases when Wunderwelt took over, continued bashing new releases ever since, and then did a 180 and went crawling back the moment they released the new shirred OP in the Winter special pack.

No. 127308

Hasn't she always been this big?
That dress is way too short though - just because you're able to pull it over your chest somehow, doesn't mean it fits you.

No. 127388

File: 1608528868968.png (56.81 KB, 777x335, 4967476694.PNG)

Does this bitch really not understand that inside rooms on cruise ships CANT have windows? This review in particular is just so wtf retardation.

>Dear Carnival, please install windows in ALL rooms and more plug sockets in the rooms!

No. 127410

She just posted today she's going to open an onlyfans(imageboard)

No. 127446

did she delete it?

No. 127455

File: 1608564174821.png (968.73 KB, 1046x5099, 2020-12-21.PNG)

Here you go friends. Please sage if you have nothing to add.

No. 127457

Also it's idiotic that she is using the same username for all of her socials. It's like she is begging not to get hired anywhere in the future.

No. 127469

where the caps?

No. 127473

Unless you have a way of screenshotting Instagram stories from 3 days ago there aren't going to be any.
Here's her blogpost complaining about Moitie, but it isn't new and have been posted and discussed on /cgl/ before.
/cgl/ discussion: https://rbt.asia/cgl/thread/10418379/#10418975

No. 127527

wtf happened to her. no seriously how did she go from being so deeply into lolita that she got two tattoos, to leaving the fashion and prostituting herself. like who r*ped her? what the hell happened

No. 127532

i'm pissing myself this is hilarious

Merisa Lesperance, good luck getting a job

No. 127573

A window facing to where? To another person's cabin? To the hallway?

No. 127632

Utter retardation. I'll never understand when people don't at least attempt to separate their sex working persona from their regular social media handles. It's not that hard. But I suppose she wouldn't get the negative attention she so desperately craves if she went about this in a somewhat low-key/classy manner.

No. 127758

File: 1608679453994.png (3.64 MB, 750x1334, 945F4756-62AC-4158-A3AB-8D06C6…)

All she ever does is comment on how everyone hates her. Damn now I am starting to hate her ass too.

No. 127763

She looks like a troon IRL so crying about how much everyone hates her is her only real way of getting the attention she so desperately craves.

No. 127889

The only two shades of lipstick she wears is fleshy peach or hot pink, neither of which look good on her.

Did she delete her youtube because of ugu meanie boolies making fun of her too?

No. 128199

File: 1608855497389.png (2.78 MB, 750x1334, 56D4AB9B-9269-4E41-81B1-AC2DC6…)

This money won’t last

No. 128200

Who even is this?

No. 128201

Read the threads before you post stupid shit like this asking to spoonfeed you, newfag

No. 128202

ok except I read up and didn't find anything related to the pic attached
it would have taken you two seconds to give the name instead of sperging out kek

No. 128203

Stfu newfag

No. 128206

You clearly haven’t “read up” on these threads if you’re asking who she is. Lurkmoar

No. 128217

doubt, the number of likes should be proportional to the number of her paying subscribers and it's not nearly that much. unless she's already selling nudes for tips lol

No. 128222

You call them a newfag, but don't sage huh.

No. 128485

She's been discussed several times in the last thread and this one. Way to flex your stupidity, newfag.

No. 128551

She’s been in the fashion for years. You’re obviously somewhat new if you don’t know who coconut-head is, just sage and lurk more before asking easily answered questions

No. 128656

File: 1609027643970.jpeg (175.85 KB, 620x1334, D864E555-8599-4D87-9B8B-B6BDF2…)

Big talk for someone who left the fashion to show off her butthole online

No. 128673

>When someone shows up to the meet and they publicly post their ddlg and breeder fetishes to all their social media accounts

No. 128737

File: 1609050880561.jpg (260.26 KB, 960x842, ss.jpg)

Did we want any somewhat vintage milk here?

Like mintyfrills (I think she may have been discussed here before) who is into ddlg/ageplay and can find a way to whine about anything under the sun?

Or devoncuppycakes/angelicmacarons who went on an e-begging spree asking complete strangers to send his family money because "the conversation rate from the yen was too low" while, in the same breath, he posted pics of numerous new AP releases he bought and tons of Q-pot selfies? (Some anon also found out he does gay porn and even found one of his videos.)

Or picrelated, who used to go by the name Suicide Shipper and had a youtube dedicated to crying about how she felt suicidal (her actual words) that AshxMisty never became canon? IIRC her tumblr used to have a ton of unhinged rants about Ash and Misty too, it was wild. Sadly I think her youtube is gone now.

No. 128741

File: 1609052313222.jpg (74.63 KB, 480x640, iwe.jpg)

Forgot to mention, devoncuppycakes/angelicmacarons also talks a lot of shit, makes fun of anyone who questions AP, and shipped dresses in plastic bags while doing his SS.

He also shipped someone's dress in a garbage bag, although I think it was an ex-friends?

Few more! Pic related is IfWinterEnds, a true relic who believed she was the Absolute Lolita Incarnate. She used to post her salt all over the EGL LJ community and permanently had her nose up her own butt. Shallow and pretentious don't even begin to describe her. I miss her posts, she was unhinged in the best of ways.

Lastly, Mikarin/Yunni/the ever changing alias (she has dozens of names) used to run a scammy SS of her own in Japan. She would buy dresses for customers, wear them out and take pictures in them, then ship them. People caught on when they realized her selfies matched the exact print placement of what they received in the mail. Some arrived with dirt/food stains despite being new from AP and iirc some customers said their brand was a bit stretched out when they got it, since she was fat. She briefly showed up in Peachmilky/Sofie's youtube video at Disneyland a few years ago, so somehow she is still in Japan although I have no idea how.

No. 128750

File: 1609060519556.jpg (380.03 KB, 1080x1389, Screenshot_20201227-011313_Tum…)

Google translate says "im a legendary trap guy ~ Thank you!"

I had no idea about any of the shit he's pulled though

No. 128754

The girl pictured was self posting in the last thread regularly. Unless if you have actual milk, be careful talking about her bc it'll inflate her ego.

No. 128804

I thought the suicide shipper thing was a "troll" attempt? iirc she goes by fairykeiheaven/pastelkawaiibarbie

No. 128814

I would love to see more on angelicmacarons

No. 128868

Yes that is her but sadly no, it was 100% true and not an act.

Before she got into fairy kei and (poorly done) lolita, her entire life revolved around that "ship" and she would write essays or record long winded tangents about that pairing, along with how distraught she was and how she didn't want to live because the ship was not real. Once she got into jfashion, she started channeling her time into selfies and shopping.

Her SuicideShipper accounts got found out after she started getting attention for wearing jfashion. Someone found and posted her youtube and blog on cgl iirc. When she got negative attention for the crazy, I do believe she began ranting for a while about something akin to fuck it, I might as well become the most infamous youtuber in the world? and then tried to be an intentional troll, which went very poorly. This was a long time ago so my memory is a bit fuzzy, but I think she ran with that for a while before baleeting everything.

I'll dig up some caps soon, but I'm sure there are a bunch on warosu from over the years if you search his usernames and want to look sooner. He used to say a ton of misogynistic stuff on his facebook but he probably deleted those posts by now. He's one of those "I am prettier and wear lolita better than most bio women" types, too.

I believe he was also friends with Rosaire, another glorious cow, but then their friendship had a huge falling out… over an argument about lolita.

No. 128896

File: 1609124297039.png (2.98 MB, 750x1334, A819AFA5-5595-49E7-8DCE-53185F…)

Why is she doing sexwork if she can afford a maid?

No. 128899

For someone claiming to be rich she sure did have a microscopic wardrobe. Plenty of middle class people utilize maid services too, especially older boomers and people with a lot of kids. Merissa sure is pathetic in her ploys for attention. That’s why she’s an ethot now, attention.

No. 128902

i doubt she's rich because
-she had a tiny lolita wardrobe, and the pieces she did have were inexpensive
-she thinks $1000 is a lot of money
-her surroundings in all of her media aren't that nice
-she had to move in with a friend after her bf dumped her

she's just bragging to brag but she looks a fool

No. 128923

She's not the one who has the maid its her parent's

No. 129219

File: 1609272056585.png (117.79 KB, 1231x711, wut.png)

As requested: Immortalized on the farm

seressita is the profile who buries the fact that her clothes might have effing fiberglass in them in the bottom of her TOS. She also then got the call out post removed from the secondhand chaos thread and the mods banned the girl who posted it for "harassment".

No. 129221

Just saw their mods deleted all the info, which is so gross. This could be potentially life threatening for someone buying from her, fuck them for covering it up and banning people trying to help alert this situation.

Thanks for posting it here, anon. It's disgusting that she is selling her fiberglass ridden shit at all.

No. 129234


Wow cgl mods. Just wow. People called out the mods for removing that post but leaving up posts that called out other girls by name and then they just nuked the whole thread. Who’s got them screenshots tho?

No. 129235

Is fiberglass girl a mod or something? Seems super sus

No. 129236

File: 1609275837201.jpeg (284.53 KB, 828x1337, FA709FB4-2FF6-4AF3-A9AF-5F87C3…)

I’ve got the original ban post

No. 129238

I love how it’s totally fine to name and scorch the earth on any trannies, fatties, or itas, and to aggressively target Tyler, k8, lor and that Native American rando girl, which is all fine and good for my salty ass but when it comes to something that actually fucking matters irl, they delete it immediately. What the actual fuck?

My first thought was maybe serissita was a minor or something but she couldn’t have worked in the fiberglass industry if she was underage.

No. 129241

File: 1609277645357.jpeg (203.2 KB, 828x1268, 82FABBC8-6F36-4B7E-A195-97ED77…)

she probably reported them, its obvious she lurks.

No. 129247

Yeah, devoncuppycakes returned a bunch of rosaire's shit in garbage bags during all that drama. What a blast from the past.

No. 129252

>newfag's first vendetta ban

All of that is bannable too if it gets reported and hot pockets feel like lifting their asses for once.
>My first thought was maybe serissita was a minor
ffs lurk more, 4chan mods don't care about shit like this, imageboards aren't twitter/facebook/ig.

No. 129255

Was looking at her feedback to see if I knew anyone who bought from her and found this on the last page. (Seressita was the buyer, this feedback is a Neutral from the seller.)

"Buyer paid right away, so I was very happy with that. HOWEVER. My "Terms of Sale" states that I ship within 1 to 7 days. My work had a deadline I was working on, and I went out to ship the dress on the 7th day, including some extra items as sort of an apology/surprise. When I was out, I got a text from an employee/coworker who has gotten a message via the Facebook page for our business, which is run by several people. He told me that the buyer had threatened to open a Paypal dispute (after only 7 days) and he thought it was about something business related, so he looked up "Lacemarket" (mentioned in the message sent to the page) to find out what the buyer was talking about. So, in short, the buyer threatened a dispute after only 7 days, contacted my Facebook business page, and outed me to several people who are now asking lots of questions about my life outside of work. I am not happy with the way things have turned out. Although the buyer paid quickly, and while regret not being able to ship sooner, I don't believe the buyer handled anything in the situation correctly. I would be hesitant to sell to this buyer again."

What the actual fuck.

Also, technically shouldn't all of her listings specify the items are damaged due to fiberglass exposure? Yet a lot of listings say no damages.

No. 129262

tbh if you have to link people to an outside source on how to clean the item you sold them so that they don't get fucking lung cancer, you probably shouldn't be selling the item at all, let alone "no damages"

No. 129266

I noticed she sold a ton in 2018 and when she's describing the items and damages she never once mentions the fiberglass thing. Who would have paid $700+ for a dress if they had known they risked lung disease for it?

No. 129277

now we all know to never buy from or trade with her; don't want to end up with fiberglass dust in my brand.

No. 129279


Oh my god I remember that story from cgl. It's that psycho bitch.

It's the cherry on top of this carcinogenic sundae that she's from a different secondhand sales horror story kek.

No. 129281

You know, I have passed up on a lot of great dresses because I refuse to buy secondhand, but I think it's worth it when I read stuff like that (also one less person for everyone else to compete with- hope you all get your dream dresses in 2021). Thanks for sharing this.

No. 129302

File: 1609303711000.png (1.79 MB, 1080x3463, 202012.PNG)

Somebody please make sure her baby is ok.

No. 129303


From the stories it seems like she was going to Miemuu's (also a bad call but whatever) to drink and Miemuu is a known alcoholic so whatever but I'm still very concerned she brought two wine bottles.

No. 129321

Who takes care of her baby? Pretty much everything she posts is her flouncing about on "dates" without her baby.

No. 129322

OT but secondhand Japanese clothes are always nicely kept. Never had a problem

No. 129335

What a huge and stupid generalization

No. 129339

Lucky you, half of the time as soon as I put anything I buy from them in water, it gets completely muddy within nanoseconds. Also had some nice unknown insect including what looked like eggs in the sleeves of one blouse I bought.

No. 129352

I really fucking hope she does not breastfeed. This is appalling.

No. 129385

pretty sure she does lmao

No. 129389

It's not the worst thing if you take enough precautions, but we know a bottle per person is way more than the reccomended max of 1 serving.


No. 129402

I still fail to see how posting a screenshot of someone burying the fact that their clothes might give you lung damage qualifies as a vendetta.

In order:
>anon finds example of seller fuckery
>anon posts screenshot of said fuckery to seller fuckery thread
>seressita Karen’s out after replies identify her as the one trying to sell cancer clothes
>anon is banned and screenshots are removed
>anon shares ban info to thread
>thread criticizes mods and seressita
>mods nuke thread

The only part of this that’s vindictive is her getting the thread taken down so that it’s harder to find the info.

No. 129417

The rules are in the sticky. It's only 3 days, just wait it out. The fact that you think every poster who doesn't fully agree with you is that person you posted about and the only reason you're getting a ban for breaking rules is because exactly that person must have lurked and reported you or has some super special ties to the mods or some shit is already pretty vendetta-y.

No. 129435

nayrt but she definitely reported the posts. she nuked all her accounts after

No. 129436

nta but it's not against the rules to post LM screenshots.

No. 129446

be more obvious lmao. there aren't many girls out there rooting for fiberglass shards in their burando, least of all on fucing cgl.

No. 129454

This bitch is literally selling dresses that could give people lungcancer and you’re saying it’s a “vendetta” to call her out? Fuck off

No. 129458

did you miss the entire rest of the thread? it's all caps from lm listings chewing out the sellers

No. 129462

Op here: This wasn't intended to be a vendetta at all. I don't know her irl. I was actually thinking of buying the dress and wanted to check her terms of sale to see if she had any trades, since $300 was a bit high for that dress with damages imho.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't really care about stuff like this. But I have pretty serious asthma and it had never even crossed my mind that someone would put something so serious as a footnote in a secondary part of the listing that most people don't even glance at, let alone read to the bottom of. I don't think anyone would reasonably expect to find something that serious in any LM listing. At the very least, this is damage that needs to be disclosed in the listing of the dress, not tucked away in the ToS. I don't care if people think it's a vendetta now, but knowing how serious of a threat that is to my own health, I feel obligated to make sure that the information is available in anyone in the community to refer to, though she'll probaby just make a new lace market account.

The appropriate response would have been to apologize for this oversight and notify the people you already sold things to in order to ensure that everyone is aware of the potential risks. Trying to cover it up and silence people and threads detailing a profile selling items that may cause severe allergic reactions and respitory illness says way more about this girl than any of the stuff that got posted about her in the nuked thread.

No. 129467

You did nothing wrong, and I don't know why anyone would call it vendetta.

No. 129488

Reminder that mods can see post histories and can act upon that too.

Ah yes, and here we are, everyone who disagrees is the cow in question. We don't even know if that's the case and anon(s) speak like it is a fact, which is exactly why they probably got banned and why it sounds like vendetta.

Google results say that is either wrong or that it has no evidence. Either way I don't care, just don't cry when you get banned for doing exactly that.

No. 129490

I agree with you, but you should've probably just told her that and you wouldn't have gotten banhammered.

No. 129496

Wtf is wrong with you anon. It’s not controversial. If there’s any possibility that the clothes you are selling have fiberglass or any other super harmful contamination and that information isn’t front and center on your listing you deserve to be dragged and then some. This ain’t no fucking soy sauce stain, this can kill people, especially since half the fucking Lolita community has some form of chronic illness.

No. 129497

The fact that there’s only one anon samefagging her defense lmao you’ve been trying so hard to convince us that anyone other seressita would have any reason to defend literal life threatening contamination on clothing. You can’t honestly expect people to believe that?

No. 129498

Out of all the cows to whiteknight you pick one who’s selling shit contaminated with fiberglass which is known to cause severe and permanent health issues. You’re truly retarded.

No. 129499

Don’t make me post the screenshots of you lurking with this exact same argument in the original thread hunny we all know it’s you.

No. 129512

jesus that's a name I haven't heard in forever

No. 129567

I agree that that information would be better on the top, but I don't agree that she deserved to be dragged for it in the way anons did it.

Legit take your meds, you're proving my point perfectly. Did she buy your DDs or something? If I was her, I would've done what >>129462 said.

No. 129591

The sheer level of Karen in this post is the dead giveaway hun. Try again.

No. 129657

Stop banning people for stupid shit. The only people who'd unironically defend this shit are the person selling contaminated clothes, and the idiot mod who saw people being warned and went "i-is htis vendetta?", then nuked all the posts.
Do you want people to get hurt or something? Fucked up.

No. 129658

0/10, not even the right vocabulay

I'm not even wking her, I'm stating mu opinion in it and saying you shouldn't sperg out when you're getting banned for breaking board rules.

No. 129665

Does anyone know how fannyrosie is able to live in Japan working as a freelance translator when the language she translates to/from isn’t japanese? She also doesn’t seem to have a spouse so I really wonder how she was able to get a visa to stay in Japan.

No. 129676

she was (is?) married to someone who had a work visa and she was pretty open about having a dependent visa. she and her husband don't seem to be together anymore, but i'm guessing the divorce isn't finalized so she hasn't lost her visa.

No. 129681

Your opinion is wrong an harmful anon. Also, I'm banned-chan and>>129462 not >>129657

No. 129767

Are they actually divorced or are you making things up because she doesn't post him to her social media accounts?

No. 129780

she has been talking about lately (past few months-ish) in insta stories how she doesn't believe in marriage and takes a very nihilistic, misanthropic stand on romantic relationships in general

she's never come out and said she's single but she did list herself as being married to him on her facebook page and she does not anymore. she also hinted at an abusive relationship at the very beginning of quarantine.

she has always mentioned him very sparsely and seemed to prefer to be private about her marriage so i never thought anything of his absence until she started giving nihilistic answers to questions people would ask her about relationships. the first time she did that, i went to go check to see if she'd removed him from her relationship status on facebook and she had. over the next several months she continued to talk in this way about marriage and relationships (and even sex iirc). she was never romantic and never overshared about him but she'd say that she was married when asked, and was open about the fact that she was in japan because of her husband's visa

i don't know if they're divorced (hence the "i'm guessing") but im definitely not the first to speculate on it, check the last thread

No. 129801

Technically her job can be done anywhere, so its more about her getting work enough to pay to live in Tokyo that is the concern. Her job is all online so as long as there is French-English work she can get paid. She seems to get work fine, but who knows if she is making enough to really live on her own there.

From what she posts, she clearly is alone a lot. She mentioned once awhile back that she was too sick to go get groceries and just didnt eat much so she isnt living with anyone. But I dont think she is "divorced", but has a weird opinion of relationships that led to this arrangement. If they are together they dont really see much of each other and so its almost like you are single, but I highly doubt she is getting divorced as in that case she would have moved back to Canada already.

No. 129820

She’s married and he pays for most things like housing etc because she won’t get a full time job to support herself. Imagine having an alcoholic wife who only cares about how many likes each picture gets on Instagram must be exhausting relationship.

No. 129830

> Technically her job can be done anywhere, so its more about her getting work enough to pay to live in Tokyo that is the concern.
Being able to work remotely is not enough to get a visa ito live in Japan though, even if your income would be good. Of course if she’s on a dependant visa then it’s clear.

No. 129846

>she won’t get a full time job to support herself

you can't get a full time job on a dependent visa in japan

No. 129866

Someone posted about her in the Lor thread but thought it'd be more appropriate here, any milk on Puvithel? Her designs are incredibly cringe but has she actually done anything other than that?

No. 129878


- She shills cheap eBay shit for like 10 times the price

- has really cheap quality even on her cringe original stuff. She’s come up in cgl numerous times for her Halloween costume style fabric

-pretends to be super woke by stuffing fat brown girls into clothes that are two sizes too small and calls that “representation”

No. 129881

She scammed someone in a cgl secret santa, that's all I know of. I wish she'd quit inserting herself in all things lolita community though, she's not a lolita and I'm always disappointed when she's a special guest at lolita events.

No. 129882

Ngl I wonder why Fannie hasn't already moved back to Canada. She doesn't seem to enjoy being married or living in Japan. She would constantly complain about how living in Japan was sooo hard for a while, so why doesn't she just move back to Canada, where she seems happier and at least she can be around her family?

There was also drama around Puvithel where she got matched up with someone in the cgl secret Santa and the giftee specifically requested no Puvithel. She ended up sending the person a box of her own items anyways and just a few items that weren't from her brand. While secret Santa mods were partially at fault for matching Puvithel up with someone who specifically didn't want Puvithel, sending her giftee her items after they'd already specifically said "no Puvithel" was a bitch move.

No. 129885


Tbh there really isn’t anything other than people being pissed off that a brown girl has her own successful brand. She’s not involved in anything I’ve ever heard about, and we were in the same comm for years.

No. 129887

Oh stfu throwing in the racism card every fucking time. Scamming people by reselling cheap aliexpress shit is disgusting unrelated to your skim color.

No. 129901

File: 1609546067707.png (1.3 MB, 1330x650, puvi.png)

>She's not involved in anything I've ever heard about
she was literally caught sending inventory that didn't sell well in secret Santa boxes https://warosu.org/cgl/thread/S10304883#p10309665

No. 129903

If you make over a certain amount per month doing freelance work with Japanese companies you can get a visa. I doubt she has this visa however because it's a pain keeping track of all the paperwork and submitting it to the government.

No. 129907

Does Fannie Rosie do work for Japanese companies though? She mentioned she speaks bare minimum Japanese and does French to English (and vice versa) translations.

No. 129928

“Successful” is kind of a stretch no?

No. 129932

I mean she’s been doing it for ages now and left her real job so I’d assume it’s paying the bills.

No. 129961

I love that they vary in aesthetic between 12 year old who just learned how to use clip art and 90 year old goodwill davenport.

No. 129963

> sending her giftee her items after they'd already specifically said "no Puvithel" was a bitch move.

That’s kinda based ngl

No. 129975


She's married, so it's probable that he makes the bread and she makes the play money.

No. 130005

> Does Fannie Rosie do work for Japanese companies though?
No she doesn’t.

No. 130033

Her products might be tacky but she’s pretty cool and drama-free. Is it her SJW sperging that makes people to dig shit about her?

No. 130036

Nta but did you not read the last couple of posts in this thread?

No. 130044

This milk about Puvi is stale as fuck and has been posted already. Can people shut the fuck up about it, or at the very least sage your sperging over this?

No. 130117

No she doesn't - she's a free lance French translator.

No. 130122

Merry belated Christmas, Princess Noodley unprivated some of her videos again if anyone wants to see this hilarious cow.

She still is too much of a coward to unprivate her Second Hand Prices Rant video (along with her other angry videos) but this gives you a good idea of what she was like during one of her 15+ rants.

No. 130145

Are you kidding because I remember like 4-5 years ago she was a massive ita who purposefully involved herself in all sorts of dramas and people were always shit talking her?

No. 130229

her bonnet looks like a dog cone

No. 130384

The ratty ass bonnet and wig beard strike again.

No. 130450

Yeah people seem to forget that when she was first into the fashion before starting her brand she was a massive edgelord who would go on Rufflechat and brag about confronting a con-ita and telling her none of her shit is lolita and she needs to start from scratch, while herself being a massive fucking ita. I wish I could find caps of this because it was super cringey and when people were like "what the fuck is the point of that" she backtracked and said she didn't SAY that, she just THOUGHT it. She did edgy shit like that all the time.

No. 130514

File: 1609849998623.jpg (177 KB, 720x918, 1609640407620.jpg)

Can we talk about @angelfazce
>New to lolita but must insert himself into every conversation in every lolita group
>Hypersexualizes lolita fashion
>Has been caught in ddlg
>"Please use gender inclusive pronouns"

No. 130515

File: 1609850201677.png (156.35 KB, 1073x692, Screenshot_20210105_073358_com…)

>Lolita quote in bio
This man should not be allowed around children

No. 130516

File: 1609850352792.png (2.06 MB, 1077x1332, Screenshot_20210105_070626_com…)

No. 130536

Holy cow isn’t this the complete opposite to the concept of Lolita

No. 130539

Please can someone put whatever this is out of its misery.

No. 130569

I feel like this person almost warrants their own thread, holy fuck how disgusting

No. 130570

isn't it a tranny? A female to male one?
i hate it in any case, they are mental and look like they smell of cat piss

No. 130574

Unfortunately not, if he were he'd at the very least be able to argue being part of lolita fashion as a women's space.
He's a disgusting cis man(all his older social media proves this) who is forcing his sexualized drag perspective on the greater community. I'm shocked it took this long for someone to bring him up here; with his ABDL antics and obsession with The Book.

No. 130576

File: 1609882577950.jpeg (82.09 KB, 828x622, 3209606B-4E14-4065-BADB-85151D…)

He wants to be a 13 year old girl too

No. 130588

File: 1609888544176.png (68.79 KB, 1072x287, Screenshot_20210105_171109_com…)

His name is chance templeton if someone wanted to make him a thread

No. 130603

Fucking disgusting he’s so shameless with his shit. Is refusing to sell to him something I can do on LM?

No. 130607

You can block people on lm, there's a chrome app for it

No. 130631

File: 1609906040975.jpg (Spoiler Image, 594.5 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20210105_230155_com…)

He wears lolita while doing sexualised drag performances

No. 130632

File: 1609906077634.jpg (Spoiler Image, 900.84 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20210105_230216_com…)

No. 130636

Absolutely disgusting, he should be shamed off the internet.

Does he try to interact with people in the fashion? Or does he just abuse hashtags?

No. 130639

>nicole dollangagger's rip-off trevor brown shirt
the absolute state of him

No. 130650

File: 1609909174215.jpg (807.24 KB, 1080x1850, Untitled456.jpg)

incredibly active he shoves his opinion into every Facebook group
been in the fashion for less than a year
considers himself a middle sister

No. 130652

He really reminds me of stwawbwewymilk/Aggy. Nasty.

No. 130657

Oh my god you're right.

No. 130663

>Those replies

Ew, why the hell has he not been kicked out when he clearly fetishizes the fashion and young women? And he works at LUSH? That means innocent women and kids are exposed to him on the daily. Absolutely disgusting.

Now that you pointed it out, I cannot unsee Aggy. They are from the exact same crazy tree, what the actual fuck.

No. 130670

What the hell? Does he lurk /cgl/ or knows someone that could have tipped him? Wouldn't be surprised if he popped up one day wearing diapers under a coord. Nasty as shit

No. 130672

He definitely lurks CGL, not sure about lolcow. But he's been seen correcting pronouns in the ita thread

No. 130726

m*n were a mistake and we need to shoot them in the backyard. now. Gay and drag men are just as bad as cis str8s god i hate them so much
sage for sperging about my hatred for moids(a-logging moids is still a-logging)

No. 130849

Yes, put it in your terms and conditions that you may choose to refuse a sale or bid for whatever reason.

Doesn't the chrome extension only hide selected usernames and their listings? Pretty sure it doesn't stop the blocked person from contacting you or bidding on your items.

No. 130855

uh oh looks like lovely lor is getting cancelled

No. 130856

File: 1610038473986.jpg (115.46 KB, 750x841, ErGsx_0XAAAtVWq.jpg)

dropped pic like a dumbass

No. 130866

My thing is how do you not know?
The girl’s IG screams “I lick orange ass”…. how did lor not know???

No. 130872

Lor has her own thread. Can you newfags quit shitting up this one?

No. 130881

Her thread is basically inactive and it's not like anything interesting is happening in this slow moving thread either.

No. 130882

She has her own thread. So it doesn’t go in this one, newfag. This isn’t /cgl/, if there’s milk post it in the proper thread.

No. 130884

Her thread was inactive for 11 months and someone was banned for posting in it (necro). Take your own advice or stfu and post some lolita milk.

No. 130968

File: 1610065121553.jpg (162.83 KB, 750x1334, 135680404_513223149640157_7132…)

And of course WF is riding on the attention to virtue signal once again.

No. 130969

File: 1610065162673.jpg (103.49 KB, 750x1334, 136428056_737552516867796_5495…)

No. 130970

File: 1610065235704.jpg (160.4 KB, 750x1334, 135548450_170665721505410_3995…)

Plus story posting her DMs, of course.

No. 130971

File: 1610065275892.jpg (165.5 KB, 750x1334, 135858239_732355207708657_5020…)

No. 130972

File: 1610065451118.jpg (169.27 KB, 750x1334, 136408190_270379991084480_7305…)

>lor has a history of engaging in behavior that is antiblack
Wasn't lor one of the biggest virtue signaling SJWs for some time? I remember anons complained about her videos being too much like that.

No. 130974

File: 1610065515388.jpg (141.69 KB, 750x1334, 135713722_169947024893852_5100…)

No. 130975

File: 1610065574450.jpg (162 KB, 750x1334, 136063542_226562942329505_3042…)

/end dump kek

No. 130983

no opinion on lor but why would anyone "like" this picture to begin with, it's a doughy cow with a stupid "trendy" hairstyle and overinflated lips wearing a ridiculous tacky outfit that wouldnt even look good on a thin person. even ignoring the trump rally in the background this is absolute garbage

how are there 500+ people who looked at this and thought it was even worth a tap of the finger

No. 131006

WF is about as black as the bottom of Kelly Eden's feet and needs to be canceled herself.

She has years of shit behavior archived on the internet that anyone can read and yet never sees a single consequence.

No. 131009

like what

No. 131012

Post deets

No. 131025

if getoffegl still exists then it’s all there. She used to sperg constantly on lj and in facebook groups back in the day. She was also a mod and supposedly abused her powers against those who dared to disagree with her. She also has a /snow thread from a few years ago with a small amount of aged, milky behavior.

No. 131028

did she go by anything else besides her current @ on ig on getoffegl

No. 131032

I'm not a wonderfuck white knight but lor's stans are fucking annoying. Why are her cronies defending her like they're bff's? I'd be embarrassed if strangers tried to justify my actions this hard.

No. 131037

WF has a thread on here.

No. 131109

File: 1610125113474.png (67.03 KB, 338x555, nrcc2.PNG)

neorococo virtue signalling and trying to speak for poc as usual, she has latched onto this lor thing, maybe she'll shift her faux-woke vendetta from victoria suzanne to lor

No. 131110

File: 1610125200146.jpeg (167.76 KB, 750x443, C871377F-AF80-411E-8339-756D4B…)

Well at least she gets it

No. 131111

File: 1610125589657.png (944.05 KB, 889x1121, twitter.com-Yani on Twitter_ _…)

>please give me likes for being black
God I look forward to the day burger lolitas stop with this shit. It's always white-passing ones too. No, I don't want to get only some attention for my skin tone, what the fuck is wrong with you

No. 131113

>..but it's because I'm black!
I don't think she does.

No. 131116

She probably mistapped while scrolling. I have the same issue with twitter all the time.

No. 131124

im also amused at the difference between how neorococo villifies Lor (who fatfingered the like button presumably accident) more than she is villifying deedeezeta (who wore a literal Nazi "sexy" costume). she is saying "idk i just don't trust her" about deedee but is posting story after story obsessing about lor.

WF regrammed and endorsed all of it.

in what world is doing a sexy Nazi cosplay photoshoot a lesser offense than fumblefingers? the vendetta is strong

No. 131126

File: 1610129191377.png (Spoiler Image, 2.18 MB, 750x1334, 9A26EC8D-B5B1-4F75-822A-AB8D8D…)

This week has just been the gift that keeps giving

No. 131132

File: 1610132990828.jpeg (25.88 KB, 1170x403, received_446697936345241.jpeg)

Theres more

No. 131133

File: 1610133031598.jpeg (28.72 KB, 1170x570, received_4345724022120960.jpeg)

No. 131134

File: 1610133076526.jpeg (92.88 KB, 1170x1551, received_540728153555667.jpeg)

Now i got these from a group chat. I don't know where these originated from but y i k e s

No. 131137

> I don't know where these originated from
Well we do now, since WF is doxxing her in her stories, kek.

No. 131141

IIRC Yanise used to edit her skin lily white just a few years ago.

Does this mean she’ll get booted from COF and we don’t have to see her ugly drag coords anymore?

No. 131149

What a surprise, Avina is shitting on Lor too. I don't like any of them but Avina is a rich privileged fattychan, why the hell does anyone listen to her?

She and WF should both get canned for bullying, it has happened so often over the years but because they are loud PoC everyone lets them get away with straight up harassing others.

Yanise always pops up out of nowhere to capitalize on attention, she's like a nasty fungus.

No. 131150

File: 1610137975579.jpg (45.85 KB, 480x575, IMG_20210108_203038.jpg)

Anyone that has to waffle on in an "apology" is just full of shit. They're just guilty they got caught out and think they can backpedal on it all. From Lor's Twitter.

No. 131153

I can't help but wonder if Lor is digging herself a deeper grave by writing so many long apologies. But I also know if she didn't the same crowd would come after her for being silent. Idk I think it's pretty sad that she's pretty fucked either way just because she liked some clown arthoe's post.
Meanwhile I bet you a lot of japanese brand owners and lolitas are probably very conservative since the country kind of is but no one cares. That being said Lor has sucked herself off for being woke and pc and virtue signaling before so

tldr I shrug either way because both sides are kind of retarded

No. 131157

kek amen to both of your statements

Lor always panics like that. People have been literally pressuring her to apologize "properly" for misclicking and god knows retarded sjws will never be satisfied anyway. Bitch has been shilling for the trigger issue of the month at every chance, people who honestly think she's a trumper and just liked her fellow patriot are retarded or have the stupidest vendetta when they could simply hate her for dressing like shit and being fat.

No. 131161

I like how she both claims she doesn't remember liking it and I should be aware of what I'm liking

This is such a storm in a teapot though.

No. 131165


She is literally making everything worse for herself. I await the cliché apology YouTube video. It's on a matter of time we endure more of this cringe fest.

No. 131169

File: 1610142527190.jpg (253.19 KB, 1079x1560, Screenshot_20210108-134830_Ins…)

She posted this in her story too

No. 131170

File: 1610142551312.jpg (727.86 KB, 1079x1693, Screenshot_20210108-134807_Ins…)

No. 131173

I mean , doesn’t a lot of people follow Trumps social medias just for the memes? So this is kinda dumb to say. Sage.

No. 131178

Neorococo also needs to get cancelled because like Lor, she virtue signals like a dumb white bitch.

No. 131180

I don’t know what is worse, Lor being super fucking stupid again or the overreacting of the POC defenders trying to make it a race issue. I think it’s pretty obvious Lor isn’t racist, she is just a fool who’s accidentally fucks up all the time (and she needs to be held accountable for her stupidity) and everytime she fucks up it‘s getting blown out of proportion.

No. 131182

On that note, is she berrymeltt/parumey/that cringe grandma Tyler wannabe? It would make sense since they both make shitty memes and parumey reposts info neorococo puts out a little too quickly.

A few lolitas were also retweeting a post she made within the hour but her Twitter is suddenly private. Suspicious.

No. 131185

The Lolita community is riddled with woke white POC saviour bitches. It's embarrassing.

No. 131186

File: 1610145553994.webm (18.37 MB, 720x1280, WF 1.webm)

Holy shit she's insufferable, almost like a caricature. I'm also 100% sure she's shitstirring on here or cgl judging by her wording.

No. 131187

File: 1610145714643.webm (4.12 MB, 720x406, WF 2.webm)

No. 131194

it's arguably responsible to keep up with your elected officials on their social media channels even if they're trash. there's enough actual milk here about this person that they shouldnt even have to resort to grasping for straws like that

neorococo thinks she can speak for/over poc because she's oppressed too you guys!!!11 what she often does is a step up from virtue signaling, it's blatant white saviorism and i bet she's absolutely thrilled that wf is acknowledging her

No. 131197

The irony of this girl shooping herself as pale and Asian as possible, and pretending to be Japanese on her socials

No. 131200

i like how not only does she talk like a psycho nutjob, like she's been waiting for this opportunity for years

lor is a squidward faced virtue signalling retard but at least she can kind of groom herself properly

No. 131202

God her smug mannerisms/speech patterns makes her seem so damn punchable. Calling her woke rant that was hard to even take in with the condescending voice she puts on then smiles at the end and says "i'll stop being ~spicy" with the angry inflection at the end. She sounds like a legit Karen, just slightly less white and uglier.

>this is getting old

bitch you love the fact that you can hop on and sperg out about other girls in the community and get attention for this. It shows.
>Stop using black lolitas and black suffering for clout
….like, what you're doing right now?

No. 131205

this is low hanging fruit i know but wow she's kind of hideous. i'd be mad if i were that ugly too

No. 131215

this cunt makes me sick, she won't be happy until Lor is driven out of the fashion and off the internet.

No. 131223

File: 1610155189870.jpg (295.52 KB, 750x805, 1610151051532.jpg)

Reposting from /cgl/, another instance of wonderfinch being a hypocrite.

No. 131227

File: 1610155350449.png (95.52 KB, 764x460, 1610150213336.png)

Also if anyone can find it, she supposedly used to defend wearing it.

No. 131232

Can she really not spell Israeli

No. 131248

File: 1610161647638.jpeg (85.66 KB, 640x402, 9937E5F3-879D-48B4-A84A-A02529…)

No. 131250

File: 1610162467165.jpeg (247.87 KB, 828x877, C2193D27-44BF-489F-9C9E-0DD517…)

you beat me to it. here's the link to the og thread of images tho
and chin hairs for lulz

No. 131252

What's up with her hairline, why does she have half of a widow's peak?

No. 131261

I wish this would gain some traction because she could absolutely be cancelled for supporting Nazi culture in the current climate. She even wrote it was a dream piece ffs.

If I didn't know better I would think she's a troon, especially with how often she bullies people and has to throw around her senseless angry rants about being a victim of absolutely nothing.

No. 131290

File: 1610177933445.jpg (151.87 KB, 607x691, Untitled459-1.jpg)

No. 131313

Now that her nazi shenanigans have been exposed she's going to come out as a ftm troon within a month, maybe as some nonbinary bullshit first.

No. 131315

She hasn't done anything that's milk apart from actually apologizing to those clown world SJW tards. When will she learn that you never give those an inch?

No. 131327

I'm pretty sure a lot of the American lolita who used to go to goth clubs have photos floating around of them in Nazi getups. Octavekitten is the only one coming to mind but I can't find anything, but I know I didn't imagine it.

No. 131329

I meant to tack onto this that I'm not advocating for everyone to be cancelled, but if you dig hard enough on anyone they probably have some weird shit

No. 131340

She has a whole goatee growing in here wtf

No. 131346

Jfc, sure it’s a little embarrassing to go after people who like Walkure (for that reason alone) when she used to like it that much in the past but calling it “nazi shenanigans” is such an overreaction. You should probably just stick to Twitter if you want to reach that hard.

No. 131370

Anon was being ironic, grow a thicker skin.

No. 131444


Anon is saying it tongue in cheek, but WF unironically called it naziism so she should take a bit of her own medicine.

No. 131525

File: 1610255329357.png (123.38 KB, 598x694, wondercunt.png)

If it was so wrong, why didn't she throw the skirt out? She instead just sold it to make her money back after enjoying it for a few years. (She probably made a profit on it, too.)

What has WF done to support Jewish people since then? None of her social media shows she ever said anything on behalf of defending Jewish people until Jan 9th 2021 after being called out. By her logic, she should be donating money to Jewish groups and going outside to protest against Nazis.

But no, spending "8 years repenting" offline excuses her of buying a Nazi uniform and gives her the right to cancel other people over nothing. K.

Also she still has not said "I'm sorry."

No. 131538

When she first saw it in person she didn't magically realize anything god why is she being so dramatic instead of saying sorry like she expects Lor to. She even took a picture of it, posted it on insta and said that she wanted the hat on top of that. What a liar.

No. 131541

Israeli hard to do apparently
(I’ll see myself out sorry)

No. 131551


Ok. lemme get this straight.

Lor has apologized a bazillion times for a ton of different things. But those same things were brought up to try and prove that her following this account was not an accident.

This bitch just self educates on the side, without an apology, but is now magically entitled to "call out others" to prevvent further harm?

Sidenote: It's really fucking easy to say you understand if people don't want to support you anymore with your whole ass following of 5 people. What have you got to lose? half a follower?

No. 131556

This daft bint self-inserting into every vaguely race related drama as always. Quelle surprise.

Lor is a dope, but she’s never come across as disingenuous to me. I think she’s one of the few Jfash “influencers” who likely doesn’t bully people on cgl on the side. She wants to please everyone, for better or worse, and I’ve no doubt this whole thing was a genuine mistake and she’s probably mortified. It’s a bit like when your mum accidentally shares a Britain First post on Facebook.

WF just loves herself a good witch hunt over the most benign shit. You’d think someone with her background (works in law/lawyer family) would be more pragmatic. It’s almost as if she’s not actually as concerned about social issues as she wants people to believe, and she just enjoys trying to bully popular lolitas off the platform to feel better about her sad, empty, charmed life.

No. 131561

What I can't understand is how anyone buys her bullshit story and why she isn't getting roasted for owning the skirt. Buttcape also has items from that series too.

No. 131570

File: 1610287984525.jpeg (356.57 KB, 828x1410, C6F7C09E-BD93-4D5A-AD4F-F6D1A1…)

Mintkismet is being rude to tourists and is fighting for 4 $

No. 131595

Why did she feel the need to share this? Embarrassing.

No. 131603

Her Japanese is shit anyway lmao.They're probably speaking oto-ben or something. Jeez what a fucking cunt she sounds like here.

No. 131615

I wonder if she will get backlash from the woke crowd for being rude to POC people and expecting them to know how to use every machine (in foreign country)

Or maybe they are just boomers who are not used to this particular machine?

I bet she’s sharing woke memes to signal everyone how good person she is when in the reality she lacks common empathy and social skills

No. 131623

>I have an explosive temper
That sounds like a You problem, MK. How the hell does that justify anything? If anything it makes her look psychotic.

There's been a lot about Mintkismet over the years, especially recently with people not getting still their SS orders shipped after paying many months prior. Surprised her rep isn't tarnished yet.

No. 131640

Why are you going out to do purikura anyway when your prefecture is about to go into a state of emergency, MK? Did you forget coronavirus is still a thing?

No. 131643

Wait really? I had seen someone asking for SS recommendations and they specifically said they wouldn't use mintkismet but I had no idea why. Deets?

No. 131672

A lot of recent threads had her customers complaining about her.

IIRC the most recent complaint was: some paid for items as long ago as late summer/September and she still has yet to ship packages as of January 2021. The shipping methods they paid for are currently active and she could ship, but whenever they ask for an update she just tells them she's busy and will "ship soon."

Her excuse is she falls asleep a lot during the day because she is tired all the time? But then she posts plenty on SM about going out and about.

I believe there were some other things like just being rude to deal with or having ridiculous fees.

No. 131675


I think she secretly dislikes Chinese or something and will go after anyone she thinks isn't uwu nipponese. She sort of alludes to this in other stories, the most obvious one I remember is her flat out stating her least favorite style was qi in one of those questionnaires. I didn't think much of it back then but putting this with this story kind of makes it suspicious.

No. 131678

yeah i can't be the only one who thinks the narcolepsy thing is bullshit–her logic is roundabout

>i have narcolepsy

>i am medicated for narcolepsy
>my medication for narcolepsy is what causes me to be underweight
>i fall asleep all the time

why would it even be an issue if she were medicated? i have family with sleeping disorders and when you're put on medical stimulants you aren't dropping dead in the middle of the day. she's just a lazy spoonie.

No. 131689

WF is a social justice lawyer. Wonder how her coworkers feel about her at work. I bet she is a huge nightmare to be around.

No. 131705

Does anyone know what MK is working as? She’s so annoying always lamenting in her stories giving health updates (who actually cares??) and posting about being sick and everything is too much. Girl get a diary to write in because nobody gives a shit about you.

No. 131710

iirc she can't have her meds in japan

No. 131726

Why is she staying then? Weebs are honestly retarded.
Also admitting to having a bad temper when you're an adult is kind of pathetic..

No. 131737

her husband is japanese, he lives and works in japan so it makes sense that she'd move there

No. 131742

It’s where all the burando is!! She just won some contest of Innocent World and I remember her posting she earned a vip customer card at Baby or meta (?) for shopping so much

No. 131774

She has VIP for IW. Tbf when you are a SS that is going to mean you shop a ton, going out to buy things for people is the job.

No. 131775

do you really think japanese people just suffer with narcolepsy or dont have it?
they have medication that is legal and accessible
its probably why this person has such different experiences sleeping disorder treatments

not WK its just such dumb shit to nitpick

but I'm not going to lie.
it is a strange thing to overshare and use it as a ploy to brag about being sKinY

No. 131783

Recently I haven’t read anything about her having narcolepsy but some pain issues and it might be autoimmune. I remember she visited a hospital for this and is now on 4 pills(?). I can’t believe I remember this cows med history

No. 131785

you're right; it's true that amphetamines are banned completely in JP, but alternative central nervous system medications still exist and are effective for narcolepsy treatment

i think the point is it's suspect that she uses her diagnosis as an excuse for being shitty at her job when a) there are treatments that keep you awake and b) she's seen posting going out a lot. too busy yelling at chinese tourists over purikura to ship out her packages

No. 131796

She seems to be entering munchie territory. She complains about being in excruciating pain all the time yet is always okay enough to go to brand parties and hotel teas with her friends yet never able to send out packages on time to SS customers unless they have a big following.

Not saying there is nothing wrong with her but don't run a business if you can't keep up it.

No. 131817

She's gone out more during the pandemic than she has before it spread. She's a mini Fannie - complaining about tourists and crying over the Insta algorithm every other post.

No. 131933

File: 1610473130453.jpeg (126.06 KB, 548x1020, 06407796-9AFE-4AF2-B556-578609…)

Wtf is wrong with this bitch twerking in burando but looking like a blob midget

No. 131934

fuck sake i saw this on my instagram earlier, somehow the whole e-thot thing doesn't fit right with the lolita vibe kek

No. 131953

This shit makes me miss the days where we all pretended to have ~manners~ and be polite and modest and dainty, this is the shit that brings itas in

No. 132014

Chill, its all in good fun. And tbf doing the juxtaposition thing in lolita has been a thing for at LEAST 10 years. White girls used to be doing it all the time with slav squats and jojo poses. Not really anything new at this point

No. 132015

Not a Lolita but she’s done it before and is into kawaii style.

Runemidgarts the black weeb who Ebunnybee was friends with. She’s now pregnant to that awkward Russian guy who’s in the army I believe.

She’s so thirsty to have a baby that isn’t black. She was dating an asian before him. She’s got drama to her too about her scamming with her online shop.

She gained shit tons of followers over BLM

Her dried up wig is horrid and god help how glorified her mixed baby will be

No. 132016


Ah yeah, Ebony.

Well she’s from the bronx. What do you expect? she’s hood as fuck.

She set out to Japan because she likes hello kitty and wanted to prove to the evil white people and world that black girls can be kawaii too because apparently it matters goddamn it!

She’s pretty and has stopped lightening herself thank fuck.

She’s got a boyfriend now I think. Prolly another afro Latina she’s posted him on her stories a few times. Hasn’t yet introduced him yet.

No. 132024

Absolutely no one was talking about her and you had to word vomit your hate for her here? Lmao what a wild vendetta.

No. 132026

no no anon, ~prison squats~ are racist now

No. 132035

>How dare she date outside her race
>How dare she gain followers at a time when people were scrambling to follow black lolitas

It's an anonymous board just say you're racist and be done with it

No. 132038

anon isn’t racist. rune was just known to really want a asian guy until that didn’t work out and she ended up with her white husband. she’s subjectively racist by how much she talks about how she’s different from other black people and how much black women are mean to her.

No. 132044

White girls black girls I give a shit but things like this juxtaposition is incredibly cringe and makes you look idk cheap. Either you wear Lolita and want to be elegant and cute or some e-girl thot shit

No. 132049

File: 1610531144371.jpg (259.2 KB, 2048x1420, 136658683_3774812935919022_488…)

So is MC Melody Doll a vtuber now?

No. 132071


She was and still is lulz af

No. 132072


No prick

Runemidgarts has been racist as fuck about Asians and whites before today. But she has no problem pro creating with them lol

No. 132093

File: 1610545946546.png (1.74 MB, 1536x2048, 2D83C775-DDD5-48FE-B25F-8B72EE…)

Since when lolita aesthetics are based on EUROcentric beauty standards?
It’s based on East Asian beauty standards because it’s a Japanese subculture and everyone knows that they don’t like black people there.
Like what the fuck have you ever opened the AP catalog? White models are a minority. Most professional lolita models are Japanese.
Amateur fashion shows in cons don’t count because everyone who fits in dresses and does not look like shit can be a community fashion show model.

You are the one whitewashing Japanese alternative culture.
(brands have started leaning towards Western customers in recent years but the Japanese brands are still in charge of the direction)

No. 132116

Avina is BFFs with Wonderbitch. Her, WF, Kaiser, and Tiffany circlejerk eachother on Twitter all day about how oppressed they are as genderspecial Pee Oh See lolitas with an eternal victim complex.

No. 132123

Rune follows and interacts with Mrs. Midwest and other racist tradthot homemaker wannabees, she's pretty damn racist in a self-hating way.

She's not really that milky other than her uWu Japanese housewife shtick while being a black woman married to a white dude larping about housework. Cringe but low key cringe for the most part.

No. 132136

I had to unfollow rune because the trad wife kei lifestyle she's trying to push was really cringe. Just be a wife into kawaii shit no need to label yourself kek

No. 132143

To be fair, brands have historically hired white models who wasn't especially pretty just because they're white (Draco Malfoy model san, door-chan) and some brands are obsessed with the ~aesthetic~ of British colonialism teaboo weirdness. Yes Japan is incredibly racist towards black AND white people, but all the while mimicking the stereotypical light skin and fair hair of European white people, and just pretending black people don't exist or exist as a gag. Have you ever seen the incidents of blackface on Japanese TV?

I don't know how well wired WF's brain is, but she's not entirely wrong on this.

No. 132145

If anything, Jewish people should be heading this conversation, not some quarter black, mostly mayo chick who literally owned the exact same Nazi set (and wanted the hat) she's trying to cancel this other girl for.

No. 132170

I kinda agree. I think Japanese are low key obsessed with white people. Look at how they are obsessed with Paris. But if Lolita is so racist then WF should quit the fashion imo. I think WF is low key obsessed with being white and she lashes out because of jealousy.

No. 132180

She is literally a white woman, just one with a tiny amount of black ancestry that she's obsessed with using for leverage. Karen energy leaks from her soul.

No. 132188

She's really grasping at straws here eurocentiric beauty has nothing to do with which pictures of early lolita communities are being saved. If anything way more Japanese lolitas are represented then white lolitas and even in the western comm only things like great photo composition and having coveted brand pieces make up the majority of early (pre 2008) lolita photos within common circulation.

The loss of early western comm photo history is an important issue but race doesn't play into it at all. The loss/unpopularity of flickr, photobucket, tumblr, livejournal and personal blogs is the real reason.

Avina and Wf are so desperate to be the voice of the oppressed when they are both light skinned upper middle class girls.

Japanese brands idolize quasi fantasy European aesthetics. But they have been pretty good with catering to the international market with using local models for fashion show and adapting events for individual markets. It's funny when IW had both draco-chan and her sister modeling from them they got some backlash from Japanese customers wanting to see how the clothes would look on Japanese people and weren't happy with only white models.

No. 132210

Avina is such a cow. She always inserts herself into black lolita communities and discussions, despite not being black. She really thinks her upper middle class light skinned ass faces the same level of racism as African Americans when people don't kiss her ass for her frumpy coords.

No. 132260

Not defending avina but she doesn’t look light skinned to me?

No. 132272

Avina is Indian right? Or some kind of south asian? She's definitely not light/fair by south asian standards, but compared to the black communities she likes to insert herself into/act as if she is so oppressed being apart of she would definitely be considered light skinned.

I do wonder though why she clings so hard to the black sjw lolitas rather than other Asians who she'd undoubtedly have more in common with. Oppression points I guess. If she and WF couldn't use racism as a copout for why no one likes their coords they'd actually have to make good coords.

No. 132360

Imagine being so entitled that you whine why someone else has not saved a file to their hard drives
No one told her that she can do it herself if she wants to save a picture she likes!
Or dig up old file dumps.

But no it’s white people’s fault that she can’t use a computer

No. 132534

File: 1610704122945.jpg (729.62 KB, 1056x1059, Screenshot_20210115-094632_Ins…)

Remember when Lolita was for women, and not for genderspecials? How did we get to this stage?

No. 132535

This is just embarrassing. I’m never in my life gonna ask someone for their Pronouns! I mean there were guys here and there wearing Lolita fashion (brolita?) and Mana wears dresses yes but noone ever thought “oh a dress it’s a girl then!” They’re dudes and will stay dudes

No. 132537

Men literally have ton insert themselves in anything and snowflakes especially. I don't give a fuck about trans people unless they get hard by lolita; but no no ones going to repect your xir/stargender/hehimIlookLikeAGirlAndAmAGirl gender.

No. 132539


Oh it does not stop in brolitas. There is bunch of girls who act and dress hyper-feminine way but will lose their shit if you refer them as a women.
Because females are icky and stupid and ~ I’m not like other girls ~

No. 132606

Jesus Christ on a bike, is she serious???>>132534
I’m so sick of this shit… if you’re in lolita, it’s assumed you’re a girl or woman, why tf should anyone cater to you just because you feel like a unicorn one day and pound cake the next?
If you look like a girl, people are gonna assume you are. And if you look like a man in a dress, it’s gonna be obvious. Stop dressing hyper feminine if the female gender and label offend you so fucking much…..
My bad for that rant.

No. 132677

Okay can someone please tell me how candy carneval can afford this fucking amount of AP? I want it too, send your sugardaddy right my way
(drop a name…)

No. 132708

She doesn't even own that much. Crawl back to /cgl/.

No. 132720

Her wardrobe is on the small side for someone in the fashion for four years. Nothing about it is impressive.

No. 132722

anon she's an adult woman in her twenty somethings. i didn't watch her full video but she has maybe 20 pieces? there have been (and are) lolitas in their teens with more brand.

are you selfposting or do you just want to spread the rumor that she has a sugar daddy?

No. 132726

She has 24 AP dresses and a handful of taobao dresses. That's not that much for 4 years. That's a dress every other month. Not that crazy if you have, idk, a job?

No. 132777

Honestly, most of her dresses are or were not very popular when she bought them, so she probably didn't even spend that much. If you really think that's a huge or expensive wardrobe, that's sad.

No. 132806

jesus no need to be so salty, I quoted P!nk to show the fun in the situation.
She's a student, according to German law she can't work more than 20 hours a week. She's not living by her parents and used AP starts from 300 to anywhere 600 bucks. How do you manage to save up 200 bucks each month? Is there some magic money saving plan I should know about?

No. 132809

>used ap
>anywhere from 300 to 600 bucks
do you wear lolita? maybe these days old AP sweet is going for 200-400, but just two years ago you could find most items in her wardrobe for 100-150. even less. quit talking out of your ass

No. 132810

>used AP starts from 300 to anywhere 600 bucks
Are you buying AP from scalpers? Wtf.
Used AP main pieces can be listed for as low as 8,000-9,000 yen on Closet Child and you can find even cheaper options elsewhere. If she’s buying relatively unpopular dresses, she’s probably mot spending more than like 12,0000-15,000 yen on a main piece. 24 dresses over 4 years means she buys an average of 6 main pieces a year, which means she spends around 720 euros a year on AP. Overall not a large amount and achievable if she saves up, even if she’s working part time.

No. 132822

where are you getting those prices from because I've found brand close to $50-$70 and even cheaper on Mercari because sellers literally just want to get rid of them

No. 132826

Fuck off retard. You have no idea what you’re talking about. She’s ugly and has an underwhelming wardrobe. Nothing to be envied

No. 132830

And this is why scalpers piss me off, this stupid alpaca has no idea how much AP usually goes for.

No. 132836

Go back to /cgl/, scalpers are not milky.

No. 132846

I don't know where anon got the numbers so I checked out on a german website for reselling clothes prices for Angelic Pretty. Unless you want a salopette which will be about 100€, dresses rarely cost below 250€ and are damaged if cheaper.
Perhaps it's just our country that gets aweful Angelic Pretty deals (or burando in general)

No. 132849

I wasn’t calling them a scalper. They think used AP goes for $300-$600. I blame scalpers.
Calm down anon.

No. 132860

Nta but it’s someone‘s own fault if they only shop on one country specific website. Of course supply on Kleiderkreisel/Vinted or wherever you checked will be limited and good deals immediately get snatched up.
Anyone with half a brain cell uses international sites and shopping services. So yes, it’s very possible to get brand for $100 or less in Germany.

No. 132865

look at…idk, any other website? Most of my comm are students and have wardrobes as big as hers or bigger. You save up. You look for deals. It's really not this big deal like you think it is. is this the milk in the lolita comm these days?

No. 132879

I'm a student and work about that much, and if I cut back on unnecessary spending I could probably afford a new dress every 1-2 months. Also, many students who don't live at home get money from their parents for living expenses. It's not far fetched at all for her to have the wardrobe she does.

No. 132881

A student in Germany can have a lot of money. Student loans are like 600€+ 400 from a side job tax free + 180€ child support. That’s a lot especially if you share expenses with a roommate or SO. Sometimes I even envy my time as a student, so much money for so little effort. Idk what her boyfriend is doing, but many german lolitas are get burando now and then from their boyfriend or husband.
Also, I know Candy was one of the first in her comm to use xianyu.

No. 132884

Lol that’s a dumb thing to do. The only stuff you‘ll find in german sales sites is overpriced shit that doesn’t sell. Good deals are gone quickly and most lolitas I know sell through Instagram or Lacemarket and don’t bother using german sites.

No. 132897

Okay I really don't know how you want to get brand for under 100€ to Germany am I missing something? Even if I order at CC or from lacemarket by a Lolita in Finland, the AP dress itself is at least 170€ without shipping
Sorry for retardation, I am years in this fashion and you got me curious!! Please hare your knowledge under100euro-chan

No. 132911

Once again, go back to /cgl/. This has nothing to do with lolita lolcows.

No. 132921

Mercari, fril, rakuten, you've been a lolita for years and never bothered to check these websites?

No. 132934

File: 1610876862396.jpg (432.44 KB, 1080x1058, FatDisease.jpg)

God this girl is going to die soon.

No. 132940

File: 1610879805028.jpeg (76.26 KB, 449x800, F3E59D9B-1C5B-4DD1-839A-0962FE…)

No. 132943

I'm wheezing

No. 132990

No, anon, she's wheezing.

No. 133065

She looks like an old lady who wandered out of a nursing home at night because of her walker and nightie looking dress.

No. 133069

isn't this the person who lived in a homeless shelter and was begging for free burando or something?

No. 133087

Dude….. she really needs to stop making excuses. She’s clearly still mobile enough to do something…. she’s gonna die at this rate…..

I look at people like her and it just strengthens my resolve to stay as healthy and mobile as possible even when I don’t feel good. Idc if that’s fatphobic either, no one should be that big….

No. 133141

kek that would be chanel

at this point I don’t find her funny though, just tragic. She’s like a car crash you can’t stop looking at.

No. 133171

Live fast die young bad girls do it well

No. 133234

can anyone tell me about ifwinterends? i'm real curious and wasn't around back in the LJ days. can't find the fun stuff about her

No. 133239

She always made a point how the western community does so many things fundamentally wrong and tried to educate about the real japanese way pf lolita, because she‘s living in Japan, so she knows best. Tbh if she wasn’t as condescending about it, her posts would‘ve actually been interesting discussion points.

No. 133245

no they wouldn't have. no reason to lie to the child.

No. 133300

File: 1611035052645.jpeg (264.73 KB, 1242x1109, 52123FB4-3942-4D63-A5E6-13DD11…)

This keeps going around FB, saying she got scammed but like… honey you’re just fat

No. 133315

It looks cheap as well.

No. 133333

This shit is a prime example of why brands making plus sizes isn't as easy as everyone begging for them thinks it is. Meta did their research and have very talented pattern makers that make sure everything is proportionate, but most brands truly don't give a fuck and they will put out shit that looks like this.

Regardless, wtf did this woman expect buying a cheap 'custom' dress from soufflésong of all places. Of course it was going to be trash.

No. 133357

What? Really heavy and really light weighted people need their own patterns?
Who would have thought…people are delusional.

No. 133368

Oh yeah I saw that and was really searching for a reason this could've been a scam. But no, the longer I compare the pictures, the more I was convinced this is exactly what I would have expected to arrive.
That's the problem with the plus-size folks. They have that dream where they look like normal sized, pretty lolitas, but they never will, because they will always fuck up the proportions. Even those who fit into brand just look stuffy with a bad waist-to-poof ratio.

No. 133387

File: 1611077340166.jpg (20.37 KB, 480x480, IMG_20190717_234110_867.jpg)

Serves her, and her stupid ass husband, right for not reading reviews.
But souffle song's quality has nosedived into hell so this was not only funny, but a testament to that.

No. 133395

Nah this pattern is way off and quality wise it looks nothing like the stock photo, not that anyone should expect anything nice from SS.

Meta did do a very nice job.

No. 133405

NTA but that means you should open up a new thread newfag.

No. 133408

sounds like someone is jealous of the e-fame

No. 133418

there's this anon on this thread who is super hostile and always says "newfag" to everyone. I wonder if she's underage.

No. 133421

Imagine filming a video looking like this

No. 133425

>That's the problem with the plus-size folks. They have that dream where they look like normal sized, pretty lolitas, but they never will, because they will always fuck up the proportions. Even those who fit into brand just look stuffy with a bad waist-to-poof ratio.

Ain't that the truth. They just don't listen though. For plus sized lolitas to look good and proportionate they need dresses with lower waistlines, longer and fuller skirts, bigger petticoats to fill those skirts and all of the details need to be scaled up correctly. One of the most basic and essential parts of the fashion is having the correct silhouette, and squeezing into the these oversized tubes they call a dress isn't exactly achieving it.

But for some reason they all seem to think AP and all these other brands can just shove an extra 30+ cm onto the sides of a regular dress easy peasy and it won't just look janky. Or they think that as long as there's enough shirring for them to squeeze into the dress that it will look good. It never does. They literally all look like >>133300

No. 133458

You can’t even sage and you’re throwing around the term newfag? Comical.

No. 133612

there are some really heavily overweight girls that look good in lolita depending on the distribution. small chest big belly, big thighs small calves, the poof can hide a lot. plus plus plus size ppl are kinda just screwed though, shapeless round blob is rly hard to make anything look good in and the amount of fabric for a skirt that could fit crazy amounts of poof in to try to make the silhouette work out is like impossible

No. 133644

Can someone please explain these two?

How did they afford a house and so many dresses when they are too "ill" to work?

No. 133694

Probably parents money. It's not that crazy for parents to support their chronically ill kids.

No. 133702

Pretty sure it’s just a council house. If it is they would be eligible for subsidised rent.

No. 133713

No. 133724

File: 1611241508051.jpeg (220.68 KB, 828x1423, 020EE1B2-8FEB-4548-AA6B-03E244…)

>look at me I’m so tiny and fragilé uwu

No. 133734

Is that the fat Brit genderspecial couple?

No. 133745

File: 1611251764479.jpeg (549.99 KB, 2048x2048, 930E93C9-CF7B-4B05-A784-49DB00…)

She is rotting from the inside

No. 133760

why would she post this in the first place if she's just going to backtrack with "no really though, i might be kawaii but i'm not THAT kawaii!!! uwu"

also the 2021 photo is obviously more filtered than the 2011 one. posting stuff like this is so embarrassing

No. 133776

i like her but this was super embarrassing

it's weird too that she talks about social media being "indicative of our best selves" when she totally doesn't use social media for that purpose. she's always going on about her medical issues. so it makes it sound like she's parroting a buzzphrase in a disingenuous attempt at "using her platform" or something

No. 133792


Fair point, but how embarrassing. They are a couple seemingly living together, that's really pathetic if they are getting handouts from their family and the government while spending their money on lolita and looking like whales.

Although, it is funny how the one on the left constantly bulldozes over the other when talking.

Is she brain damaged? Does she even realize she is pathetically humble bragging?

No. 133823

I can't be fucked in watching most of the video so do they share their wardrobe then?

No. 133825

This is true though.

No. 133834

i took one for the team and yes, they are 2 deathfats who share their wardrobe.

idegi, what is their disability? being so fat that they have mobility issues?

No. 133863

The amount of mismatched foundation and grease in the thumbnail makes me wince.

No. 133870

can't tell if girl on the right has lipstick on her teeth or they're just that rotten

No. 133878

>i like her but this was super embarrassing
This is how I feel about MK on the daily

I have a soft spot for most 30+ lolitas but I wonder if her being quite sheltered/coddled due to her various ailments has stunted her emotionally.

No. 133881

They've talked about why she talks over the other girl in videos before. She has a lot of brain fog and can't focus very well and they've lived together so long that they just learnt to function in this way. Like I don't like either one of them, but they're not milky, just disabled and lucky.

No. 133932

File: 1611336522853.jpg (269.93 KB, 1200x1600, 100_1109.jpg)

No. 133933

File: 1611336580277.jpg (461 KB, 1200x1600, 100_8511.JPG)

No. 133934

the fucking framed brand bags. tacky and disgusting

No. 133944

File: 1611344277612.png (610.63 KB, 607x600, shirred.PNG)

Yeah compare that 2014 pic to her wearing it in black in 2020. She also often is holding her skirt up in pics so its hard to tell if she wears a petti in any of them recently.

No. 134032

File: 1611401839874.jpg (1.06 MB, 1079x1605, Screenshot_20210123-113551_Ins…)

Jokes about disabled kids are kawaii now I guess

No. 134099

Dandy Puppetrois is charing $80 for her shitty plastic necklaces.

No. 134104


No. 134106

File: 1611436803186.jpeg (914.53 KB, 1242x1922, B54EED6A-30CC-491F-8A76-5ACD7D…)

Blaming her poor behavior on a mental illness that she most likely doesn’t have. Classy

No. 134108

No one is buying them kek. They still have everything from their Halloween release in stock.

No. 134116

Not milk

No. 134125

it's kinda funny tho you guys are just sensitive

No. 134130

they're so sensitive they're defending retarded children who dont even exist

No. 134134

It's the momokun strategy

No. 134146

How the fuck does an attention disorder (not mental illness) excuse you laughing at disabled kids? Ironically ADHD can be considered a learning disability itself, but is more like being too fast vs "slow"

tl:dr she's an ass and has no excuse

No. 134147

She deleted it

No. 134154

proof that the real cows are the ones shitting up this thread. its a joke about the wording of the sign and its funny. she's not literally making fun of retarded children.
tyler has made worse jokes

No. 134155


Council house aka public housing

And they’re on benefits aka welfare

No. 134158

Has she mentioned having ADHD before this?

No. 134159

honestly don't care about this, but i stopped following her when she was posting about going to disneyland at the beginning of the pandemic before they shut down. As if making "i love disney" your whole personality wasn't bad enough

No. 134163

Doesn't the sign mean, "Slow, children are at play" and not "Slow [mentally handicapped] children are at play" or am I the slow child at play?

No. 134174

This anon has it right. I was just about to question if you’re all able to read a sign. It warns people to slow down and that was what her joke was about

No. 134190

Why is Tyler the comparison? Just because she delivers the lines in a rehearsed video through a "persona" doesn't make her funny or less cringe

No. 134225

Yes, that’s what the sign means. Her joke is basically
>hehe it looks like it says retarded children play here hehehe “slow”, get it

No. 134285

File: 1611547796061.jpg (Spoiler Image, 516.14 KB, 1080x1797, Fhvf654537_Instagram.jpg)

I have so many questions.

No. 134293

This is so disgusting. I was pretty neutral on C, thought she was good for a laugh but not much else, but… this is pretty inexcusable. How can someone so financially unfortunate be so spoiled and thoughtless?

No. 134307


I just don't understand why you'd return a dog to its obviously pretty shitty and neglectful owners. It makes absolutely no sense.

No. 134313

What procedure did the dog need?? Also small dogs and especially poms are prone to needing surgery. Be it for the teeth or joints or hips but it’s pretty common. Why get a dog like this when you can’t afford

No. 134351

File: 1611601263220.png (1.42 MB, 1115x1599, 043D48A7-0157-4A5E-89EA-056143…)

No. 134383

File: 1611611010958.jpg (93.33 KB, 1072x1440, FB_IMG_1611497102945.jpg)

EGL Germany has a sissy in their rows and the mods are cheering for him. He sew this himself, then another one which looks like a sack bag and everyone is applauding him.
Jesus yeet this sissy out ffs

No. 134392

Well, Scheiße

No. 134418

wait did I read that right or is she asking for money to kill her dog and get another one?

No. 134438

I think she decided she needed to euthanise the pet because it needed surgery and was allergic to anasthesia, but decided to hand the pet back to its previous owners and get a new healthy one instead. It's certainly presented in a very unsettling order, this woman should not tell news to anyone about anything.

No. 134559

Ok but wtf is up with Chanel. I’ve heard about her for a while but I’m still confused about her life story. How does she manage to live in homeless shelters while wearing AP, going on exotic vacations, and getting a purebred dog? I assume there’s some family money involved while she doesn’t work but I can’t believe how shameless she is at taking advantage of public services. Like wtf

No. 134651

Is there one single comm without them? I tried to get out of being a lonelita, but in every nearby comm's pictures..

No. 134697

File: 1611735403144.jpg (Spoiler Image, 402.57 KB, 1080x2220, Disease .jpg)

I don't understand. Is this a typo or is she actually saying she loves her eating disorder?

No. 134698

yup, it's exactly what it sounds like.

i've never interacted with her directly but blocked her on all platforms because she's annoying and… frankly scary. she posts about having a bf, how does he let her live like this?

No. 134702

God this bitch is so fucking annoying. This whole I’m never enough spiel is so draining and literally nobody cares? She’s too much imo

No. 134718

Someone put her in a hospital already jfc

No. 134769

She said she'd leave lolita like 6 times already. No need to announce your departure. Get some help and just leave quietly.

No. 134846

File: 1611823347115.jpg (253.91 KB, 1080x1822, 20210128_084235.jpg)

what is happening!?

No. 134856


No. 134868

File: 1611837596985.jpg (68.5 KB, 1080x1563, 20210128_132908.jpg)

judging by the other person's message on the screenshot she probably fucked up a sale or something and complained about how she feels so Guilty4Everything™ and overshared in that person's dms.

Honestly I feel bad for her, hope she gets help. She posted this 6h ago, let's hope this break actually lasts and she gets better

No. 134874

Go to a hospital

No. 134876

>Maybe see a therapist. You can pay for one with the money you make from the socks.

Don’t feel bad for her. She’s stuck in a perpetual cycle of erratic buying, selling & oversharing. It’s one thing to vent on your personal instagram, quite another to dump your neuroses on random women from lacemarket. Man I hate it when people get overfamiliar on buying & selling platforms.

Dunno if someone’s enabling her or what. Either way I’m sick of seeing her boring AP flavour-of-the-month coords on my explore page

No. 134884

i want to sympathize with her because i know what having an ed and no one to talk to feels like but she's just really fucking annoying and i want her to fuck off. Get help and get off the internet you're bothering everyone.

No. 134886

She could go on myproana and talk to someone instead of tardraging at people buying things from her and posting that she’s “”leaving” lolita every other month because she’s SO misunderstood

No. 134971

KEK it's almost sad that no one is even asking if