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No. 215511

Previous thread: >>>/w/185931

Sage your non-milk posts. Being fat and or ugly, while hilarious, is not milk by itself. Lying/shooping yourself excessively to hide that you are fat and ugly and crying about it when caught is milk. Anons need to Post milk screenshots or it didn't happen.

Thread #6 Recap

Lovely Lor and fans reeing about CGL
-Lots of lolita influencers are being exposed for partaking in DDLG or being a sick pornstick sjw.
-People are getting sick of men and trans invading lolita spaces and pulling off half-ass/ita coords.
-Discord drama and freakouts continue to happen

BTB / Behind the bows / Beneath the bows
With LiveJournal dying Behind the bows Has announced that they'll be permanently closing submissions on the forum. A new BTB has been reformed on Dreamwidth as "Beneath The Bows".

Liv /Dreamy_pastel_princess
Instagram: Dreamy_pastel_princess
Twitter: Dreamypastel8
Tiktok: Dreamy_pastel_princess
Youtube: DreamyPastelPrincess
>In denial about not being an obese hamlet.
>>203546 >>202597
>>191904 >>194140
>Reported CGL threads mentioning her as a vendetta
Sending her friends to start shit up CGL and Lolcow
>>194621 >>194622
>Posted her unfortunate Dallas comm member to gear the embarrassing cow attention away from her.
>Makes battle cry Tiktoks whenever she gets criticized on threads.

Likely_sugar (Liv's defense crew)
>After calling out Jo and self-posting it on cgl
>They get exposed for being a part of liv's discord and WK team shitting up threads in mentions of liv.

Fluffykawaiijo/ Fluffytori/ Joëlle
Instagram:@Fluffykawaiijo @Fluffy_tori
>Got called out for Scamming her fans by scalping "Antaina" Taobao shoes.
>Jo sees the /Cgl call-out and jumps on an explanation tour and accuses the Taobao shop, Antaina, of stealing her designs.
>>194589 >>194587
>>194585 >>194473
>Jo sperges out, saying she never authorizes them to sell her collaboration or designs despite having them manufacture the custom shoes for her.

cupcake.hime / eldritch_cupcake ( Fatty chan)
Instagram: eldritch_cupcake
Tiktok: eldritch_cupcake
>Scared away gothic lolita influencer, Rose nocturnal, into hiding, after getting told Angelic Pretty will never cater to her size. Cupcake then pulled a hate mod attack on Rose for being fatphobic.
>Cupcake wanting to be the next lolita influencer has been exposed for buying TikTok follower bots.
>>197689 >>197701
>>197716 >>197734
>>197736 >>198859
>Recently made hypocritical comments about the community having a bullying issue on /CGL.
>Doesn't know anything about lolita and faking it as she goes.
> Self-posted herself on /CGL to gain more sympathy only to be called out by anons for self-posting

Spoopy / Nat / Terf-Chan
Instagram: Sp00pypants
Got banned from Seattle comm for calling out a bearded predator (Brandon/Therealdrlove_48) in a discord chat.
>Seattle comm announced that they had banned Nat for being transphobic to a cis straight white man.
>Gets called out by @Neoroccocomemes and @jfashion.watchdog for being a Terf
>More info comes out that Brandon/Therealdrlove_48 was a predator all along
> Nat went on a whole rant on how the community needs to stop protecting pornstick scrotes in dresses and validating their feelings.

Toycyborg / Abby Miller / "Wear frills do crimes"fatty
Instagram: Toycyborg
Tiktok: Toycyborg
>Plus size Houston sweet lolita decided to call it quits with lolita and changed her gender to a male.
>After making several posts begging for money and needing funds to move out of abuse, It appears that she scammed, Brandon, another infamous cow.

Brandon / Therealdrlove / Bearded-chan
Tiktok: Therealdrlove_88
Instagram: Therealdrlove
Facebook: Brandon David- Thomas Love
> Previously posted earlier in Nat's discord that caused her to get banned from Seattle comm for transphobia
>>198513 >>198872 >>199461
> Brandon then goes to create a Tiktok call-out video on Toycyborg for stealing his dresses that would've been altered by her to fit his scrote body.
> The moid then accuse Nat of transphobia despite claiming to be a straight white male.
>Brandon gets exposed as a predator, creeps around teenage girls, and makes several people uncomfortable.
> He has posted about getting hard off underage anime characters and enjoys the idea of getting off in feminine clothes.
>>204102 >>204099 >>204098 >>204231
>Was being deranged and annoying to his lolita comm's Facebook group.
>>204271 >>204272 >>204296 >>204430 >>204432 >>204433 >>204435 >>204436
>Has the nerves to give concrit on other lolitas.
>Goes on a sperge rant about being posted on 4chan and lolcow. Accuses that nat is the stalker and vendetta posting him. Proceeds to cry woe is me despite being a grown-ass man on the internet.
>Made an Instagram hate page on Nat.
>despite all the drama VA comm still has not banned him
>Makes a sob story in Big sisters of lolita fashion on how the lolita community has harassed him for no reason. The mods cached onto him and removed him from the group.
>Priavte his Instagram and rants on Facebook more.

Yasmine wambot /kitsunetsukiii
Instagram : kitsunesukiii
Twitter : kitsunesukiii
> Uses the power of editing apps to follow her transracial self to look Asian.
>Has put dead sewer rats near her mouth in the name of taxidermy atheistic.

Autumn (Autist Autumn)
Instagram : Voyeurism.s
Facebook: Autumn
>After being banned from Toronto comm for autism sperging
and her boyfriend harassing members.
>Autumn is no longer dating the scrote who got her banned.
>Turns full lesbian and anti-men
>Posts how she has autism 24/7

Tyler Willis
Youtube: Tyler Willis
Instagram: Tylerwillislwln
>Has been pulled from RVR convention and went MIA from posting for a few months after falling out with Lovely Lor and her SJW cult.
>Left her Patreon supports and fans in the dust from her MIA
>Recently made an appearance not explaining why she left but, validating bearded men in lolita.
> Went full woke SJW to appeal back her following again after cancellation.
>Announced that she'll no longer be doing Ruffle reports
>Tyler gives up on making good quality and started doing drunk coord videos

Instagram: @_avina_
Gets delusional that someone is copying her trash style.

Maria (Troon ring leader)
Instagram: @widowlifestyler @manglemarionettes
>A Polish psychopath who demands lovebomb favors from his Polish comm members.
>>187947 >>187949
>Is the admin for the Poland comm on Facebook
>>187980 >>187981
>When the Troon doesn’t get his favors, he pursues to backstab lolitas on /Cgl and lolcow.
> Private his IG pages.

Mel & Apostemate
Mel / Melanie
Popular sweet lolita from the Tumblr days
Instagrams: @fauuns previously @porcelains
(Both deleted/deactivated)

Instagram: @Apostemate

Both are from Melbourne, Australia.
>Lesbian Lolita couple that had a falling out over Mel's anorexic and schizophrenic Girlfriend having an episode.
>Gothic lolita @Apostemate has posted abuse claims on her sweet lolita girlfriend, Mel.
>Mel deletes her TikTok and Instagram afterward

Gtfomyjfashion vs tokimekibunny
>@Gtfomyjfashion gets called out by the community for attacking ex-lolita, tokimekibunny, who does sex work now.
>Toki went on an Instagram story battle cry about the jfashion page not being sex work-friendly and harassing her.
>Eventually, gtfomyjfashion has private their Instagram and left for good.

>Texas Tiktoker who is a liv copy.
>start drama and joke about itas despite being ita.

Merryloli on lacemarket
>Lacemarket seller who loses their shit on a fatty Tiktoker, kelsiskye86, over their fuck up of sending the wrong size.
>Merryloli goes on an unhinged message reply to the fatty who wants their money back.

German lolita vs kaneko (Russsian lolita)
Instagram: @gothic_cat_mom
kaneko - Jfashion shop
Instagram: @Kaneko.en / @Kaneko.ru
>After the situation in the war between Russia and Ukraine, Kaneko announced that their shop will be closed with sanctions being imposed that are harming their business.
>German lolita gets mad that the shop isn't talking about the Ukrainians despite Russia putting censorship on citizens.
>Gerrman lolitas reeee over getting blocked for spew retardation.
>Called for a cancellation of their business in the lolita community.

Sainte Alkamei (Deranged troon)
Lacemarket: Alchemy And Gold
>Sainte is a delusional MTF loner who spends his time on threads attempting to troll/bait.
>Has made very derange messages and comments towards lacemarket sellers, even trying to wish bad on a dress bidder.
>Sainte would go to make embarrassing posts on his Facebook
>>207670 >>207669
>Made interests post in /Cgl threads of wanting to date a girl with a vagina and no dick.
>Gets posted as ugly moid that will never be a girl
>>207719 >>207655

Juniper Anthony
Facebook: Juniper Anthony
Instagram: Black_ wednesday_the_13th
>Ita Troon from NY comm that likes to get defensive over comments.
>>213306 >>213307 >>213383
>Known to coord terribly and be hypocritical in arguments that he spews daily.

Sam/ Miemuu
Instagram: @Miemuu
Works at Baby the stars shine bright san Fransisco store.
>Previous Onlyfans hoe who couldn't afford to buy jfashion have moved to date an ugly scrote for money and attention.
>Been in denial about using photoshops despite her tag photos saying different.

Georgina Rose
>Popular witch Tiktok and YouTuber
>got called out for being matey with some far-right (Allegedly)
>recently dropped by all for flirting with white nationalists
>Posted on Twitter about being canceled and how the accusations of extreme racism, Homophobia, and rantings on the discord screenshots are fake
>>213935 >>213936 >>213937 >>213938
>>213939 >>215410

>Gets posted on BTB after staying anonymous.
>Is a ita
>>198978 >>198979 >>198980

Isabelle Adora
Facebook:Isabelle Adora (Deactivated)
Austin comm Troon who had been outed as a sexual predator at a sex party.
>>210991 >>211056 >>211052
>>211049 >>211050 >>211051 >>211059

No. 215514

A lot more cows from thread 6. I’m shocked that it’s not the old school fags shitting up. Sweet fags and troons took the cake on this one.

No. 215517

thanks for the thread anon!

the tik tok types have really made a name for themselves. i wonder if liv's discord is big? or is it just their comm discord?

No. 215519

since OP is an impatient idiot here's everything she missed or broke the link to:

Joelle/Fluffy Kawaii Jo/Fluffy Tori
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fluffykawaiijo/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fluffykawaiijo
Brand Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fluffy_tori/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnBky07AUG1jgvoJXCwpJvw
LM: https://egl.circlly.com/users/greeneyesgirl
>Jo gets outted for scamming newfags with taobao shoes >>194275
>Jo catches wind and claims art theft >>194473
>goes on a tirade to 'explain the misunderstanding' >>194585
>anon links archive showing the damage control Jo and wks are doing >>194680

Yasmine Wambolt
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kitsunetsukiii
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100070144282409
>poses with a dead mouse in some disgusting 3edgy4u attempt >>194452 >>194462

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Dreamy_pastel_princess/
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dreamy_pastel_princess
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgCCVF_Yfh_MZeuDplYmqBw
>gets posted to the cgl ita thread, reports it like always >>194116
>in typical ageplayer fashion, loves Dreamy Baby Room >>194476
>still butthurt she's been branded a lolcow

Aubrie Ciolino/Jfashion Watchdog
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/littleatmosphere/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kouyaxkawaii/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jfashion.watchdog/
LM: https://egl.circlly.com/users/littleatmosphere
>posts tokimekibunny for claiming to wear jfash while being a whore, tokimeki finds out and sends her army of minors after them >>196238 >>196242 >>196243 >>196483 >>196484
>tokimeki's followers find her first account and start reporting it, causing Aubrie to run damage control and claim it's not her >>196486
>gets outed as the owner of Watchdog and Jfash >>198978 >>198979 >>198980
>posts Nat for being a TERF >>198795 then hypocritally later goes on to post the predator (Brandon David-Thomas Love) that got Nat banned

Lovely Lor
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lovelylor/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/loveliestlor/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/lovelylor
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@lovelylor.mp4
LM: https://egl.circlly.com/users/lovelylor
>posted a tiktok about how uwu booly cgl is >>197487
>outed as a pornsick coomer who frequently posted nsfw content despite having a minor following >>208290 and when called out she claimed she's an adult and can do what she wants >>208822
>in an unexpected cow crossover, used to reblog ddlg sickos like Dolly Mattel and Micky Moon back on tumblr >>208751
>remember, she has her own containment thread >>39863

Kyra Thomas/Bibleot Rose
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elei.lyn/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kyra.thomas.75098
Blog: https://www.shenitabreak.com/post/productivity-boost
LM: https://egl.circlly.com/users/Kyrat4216
>now dresses in "fairy-core" and wants to be a life coach kek >>196246

Eldritch Cupcake/Cupcake Hime
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eldritch_cupcake/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaRTwM6_PiwpZ5hglPJwBvQ
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@eldritch_cupcake
>gets a big kek out of Lor's anti-cgl video because she's assblasted about being posted there >>197489
>starts reviewing new releases in some failed attempt to be the next Tyler >>197689
>buys followers and is just generally fat and ita >>197734 >>197736
>backpedals hard after the shitstorm of calling a BABY oldschool piece boring >>199196
>selfposted to cgl ita thread, guess she likes being posted after all >>213253

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gothic_cat_mom/
LM: https://egl.circlly.com/users/LanaTheLlama
>harasses Russian brand Kaneko for trying to stay in business even though they openly oppose Putin's actions >>198921 >>198922 >>199034

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lena_golita/
>in a racist tirade, suggests Russian brand Kaneko should starve simply for being Russian >>199033

Brandon David-Thomas Love
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therealdrlove/
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@therealdrlove_88
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brandon.d.love.5
>gets outed as being an AGP, fetishizing lesbians, and being an overall creep >>204098 >>204271 >>204296 >>204430
>posts video and FB rant claiming he's being stalked because people scrolled down his public social media >>206051 >>206198
>some tard (probably him) voted for him in the Kings County 2020 Supreme Court General Election >>207488
>compares a woman's experience of her normie family thinking lolita is pedophilia to his being outed as a predator >>208173 and after 2 people call him out in the comments, he deletes his and leaves BSoLF >>208384
>asks FB if it's possible to press charges on people who dare look at his public social media >>208429 then shortly after privates his Insta >>208447
>continues to post proof of him being inappropriate with minors >>208267 >>208837


>on Rufflechat, Rhiley Ender and Mariah Brown talk over POC voices that don't agree with them to accuse Tyler of being waecist for sticking up for Lor >>198117 >>198118 >>198120 >>198121 >>198149 >>198150 >>198151

>reyreichell, whose bf is a fetishist >>198033 >>198034, sobs on Lor's anti-cgl video that gulls are twansphobic and about how assblasted she is that her bf is labeled a predator >>197502 >>198033

>Rosie Bow's YouTube channel is still up and he's still posting creepy fetish content >>204587

>retard harasses BABY SF shop staff, surprised when they make fun of her >>211350

>stale milk: Seattle comm mods questioned victim about being sexually assaulted rather than the accusers >>211969

>Dallas comm organized meet at renfaire, organizer didn't show up, leading people to believe meet was bait >>214606

No. 215521

No that would’ve been a shit thread starter, anon.

Lor literally has her own thread are you dumb? And half the people you posted aren’t relevant anyone. Biblelot rose hasn’t shown her ass since June 2021

And why are you adding in sissy Rosie bow? We all know they’re a retarded U.K scrote that isn’t lolita thread worthy.

No. 215523

>>215519 You’re missing Nat. Either this anon is Nat or the other people OP >>215511 posted in the thread recap.

No. 215524

>everything OP missed

then make a better OP next time

No. 215525

Agree. The milk for rose has dried up now that she’s gone. Maybe she’ll be back in future threads and give us more milk.

No. 215527

Way to shit up the thread.
Rose’s greed was best milky of 2021.

No. 215528

File: 1653682471397.jpeg (847.84 KB, 1080x2217, 5BA9267C-023B-49C3-AD00-B8F75A…)

Goodbye paradiso
They failed bad

No. 215531

The tickets are almost entirely sold out but it's not financially feasible? I wonder if RVR will step in to fill the void or if they were one and done.

No. 215545

an event isn't a cow, go back to cgl(learn2sage)

No. 215550

That’s what they get for being lazy in the past 2 years. Only itas are Making this big trip.

A lot of Lolita conventions are dying out. That’s a sign that lolita is going dead soon

No. 215618

I think their issue is that while most event spaces let people roll over their stuff to 2021, they forced ppl to run that year or loose out on money. This is why a lot of cons ran last year despite it being unsafe. So since Paradiso postponed it, they lost a ton of money on the deposit. They mentioned before that they were financially struggling and I dont think they got many new ticket sales, as most were also rolled over. Unless they got a sponsor it was going to die this year as most people dont really have a shit ton of cash to do passion projects like this.

You can also tell from lack of any updates until really recently that they have not been focusing on the con at all, so at least they are committing to run this year as promised.

No. 215634

It's milk you retarded newfag. Sage next time.

No. 215683

Were there really many conventions to begin with? People still wear lolita even if there are no "events" to go to anyway, I don't think it'll change much.

No. 215685

There's always just been one at a time it seems maybe a gap between the death of one and life of another. Rufflecon » Paradiso » RVR
Other big lolita events have always been anime cons with big lolita events and guests.

No. 215716

Lolita isn’t dying, but it’s a niche enough fashion that it’s hard to get an event to be big enough to drive attendance unless you get one of the big players like AP or Baby. Back in the day there wasn’t a problem getting events going with AP as the big draw, but once AP USA opened they were having the events themselves instead of as a stand alone thing. I know a lot of people don’t want to be associated with anime cons, but it’s probably smarter financially to do events where the con pays for the guests/location etc. plus it works well for the brands who can sell to people who might not see it elsewhere.

No. 215758

Wait what the actual fuck am I looking at.

Is this shooped? Did she actually make this narc slide as a presentation for something?

No. 215795

File: 1653780440113.jpeg (228.95 KB, 751x1273, 237D0874-06B8-4210-9758-7B5D78…)

Spoopy is leaving lolita

No. 215798

File: 1653781246670.jpeg (326.96 KB, 1109x435, CBCB9F61-1420-4184-BAA8-9DE5C7…)

Shit panel

No. 215799

File: 1653781292726.jpeg (350.13 KB, 828x1195, DB9F487C-55FB-4833-8F12-D08831…)

No. 215801

Why would any halfway decent looking woman join the military? Even if she's too stupid for a real job, she could make money off her looks or be a sugar baby or something

No. 215805

Some people are just really into masochism.

No. 215822

Not sure why she’d leave lolita just because of the military. I know a couple enlisted lolitas that florish, and of course that free health care/ free food / housing allows more money to buy clothes. Plus traveling? Why give up your stuff now.

No. 215824

From what

No. 215843

this grandma is so self absorbed. why does she even have a following? how does she have a following?

No. 215845

>looks 12
Ok sure there

“Avina-kei” aka throw on your whole closet and call yourself they/them for internet asspats

No. 215967

Idk if she’s serious serious, she was posting absolutely deranged posts about the ulvade school shooting and other Christian fundamentalist memes before that. Kinda disturbing too see, like why did the first person to at least openly b terfy/not ok with bearded lolita have to also be a nut

No. 215977

Think about the societal pressure from her age range. If she's going against the grain this hard, then yes, she's probably a bit deranged.

No. 215995

lol I remember this girl from when lor made a huge simpering apology for accidentally liking an insta post of a MAGA thing & this chick immediately tweeted in response something like “ya sorry I don’t buy this……. it just seems really sus that u did that….”

No. 216003

she is very clearly trolling for attention. don't feed the troll and it'll go away

No. 216004

She and WF said they were physically pained or some shit over the accidental like. She has Twitter brain rot.

No. 216006

I swear avina and Marina kei (who demanded a apology from Tyler) are the same Twitter fags.

No. 216022

File: 1653869188190.jpeg (998.27 KB, 1920x2560, 55E9AEFF-D3ED-465E-A500-A9DF7E…)

I’m so sick of this drama hungry repetitive TikTok bitch. Every post from her is about the $400 dress she lost in the mail

No. 216027

Then go revive her thread, this isn't milk.

No. 216028

post milk then and fuck off.

No. 216030

>literally an anime character
>doesn't like anime
so which is it?

No. 216031

It’s milk considering that she gets in fights with commenters. Look how snarky she gets on her reply videos.

No. 216032

File: 1653871542145.jpeg (298.6 KB, 828x1275, 230ADECF-226A-4319-A9BB-1658FA…)

Another one

No. 216034

She’s so full of herself. Like her ego is so big flaunting a $400 dress in everyone’s face like, it’s some competition.

No. 216054

She really spent $400 on Lyrical Party, a lucky pack dress that retailed for 21,000 yen and regularly sells for $200 > secondhand.

No. 216055

Is she a Covid newb who spent $400 on magic princess or something? Most dresses retail around $400 these days, it’s nothing special in lolita

No. 216056

She does it because normies are the only ones who think buying a 400 dollar dress is ridiculous and they’re dumb enough to engage with her.

Just say you’re poor next time. Do you cry each time someone mentions the amount they’ve paid for a dress?

No. 216058

Nice one anon, BUT, I don’t go around shoving my brand cost in everyone’s faces. She can show the dresses but, it’s so absurd to say “oh look at my $600” dress” every 2 seconds. She’s as annoying acting like a loud Ita at a meet. Is this really what lolita influencers are now?

No. 216059

She doesn’t have a personality and just latches on to whatever is cool to gain attention. She still has the same cow behavior from a years ago before collecting lolita in late 2019

No. 216060

She makes Lor look good

No. 216062

>she makes Lor look good
No, she makes self centered and mass reporting liv look good.

No. 216066

Lol so yes a retard Covid zoomer trying to use lolita for clout. She probably thinks talking about how much she’s spent on her dresses makes her look like “goals” but lolitas with any sense know she overpaid and is stupid, and normies think it’s ridiculous because they think she’s wearing a dress for a little kid. Not to mention it’s tacky going around talking about how much you spent on things.

No. 216070

kek liv actually hates this girl. they make the exact same types of cringe videos but obese sex worker liv only gets a fraction of the attention.

No. 216072


Considering it’s not a cheap hobby, it’s normal to discuss what you paid. Bag collectors do the same thing. You’re too new but there was a project on Tumblr where girls would build the most expensive coordinate they could and they listed what each piece cost. Making inexpensive coords within a specific price range was a thing too. This TikTok/YouTube girl mentions it every five seconds which gets annoying though.

No. 216073

I’ve seen humbled rich people and she’s just taking icing on the cake.

No. 216074

>when you go viral for losing your $400 package
>that smug expression

$400 is only impressive to the preteens who populate tiktok. Most adult hobbies are pricey.

No. 216075

TikTok Lolitas always thinks it’s a competition. They’ll shade each other in the Lolita’s TikTok discord

No. 216080

File: 1653891919932.jpeg (408.12 KB, 678x577, E5FA829D-4801-4E5C-B390-C32518…)

So is she losing or gaining profit on this? I don’t get why people sell on shitty platforms like Depop only to lose more money

No. 216124

File: 1653915327283.jpeg (382.42 KB, 1242x1757, 0050BC01-253C-467F-990D-7A1CDA…)

i weirdly enough remember gemma when she made scene videos as a kid in middle school, like 2009ish. so weird to see her pop up in this hobby. she’s always been cringe/a group follower, but she got into serious trouble i think last year when she called herself a “bi-lesbian.” i saw her trending outside of lolita spaces in a bad way

i think she stopped but she still has this annoying ass video up, but not the original bi-lesbian vid.

No. 216130

Same anon, I remember seeing her in gender special cringe compilations and emo videos. It’s so funny how she’s in Lolita now and making herself look even more unhinged. The loudest one in the room has their pronouns and disorders in bio.

No. 216137

People love buying and marking up squishmallows and people love marking up sanrio shit from daiso so it's truly a perfect combo for people who think making $5 from 14 year olds on depop is a side hustle or whatever

No. 216138

Do people seriously not hold their Lolita at the post office? If it’s $200 or under whatever but anything over 300 I always either ask the sender to require a signature or call the post office to hold my mail (doesn’t require a PO Box) but this is in America idk where this bitch lives. Either way it could have been prevented. Who just ships something that expensive without insurance let alone to their door for drop off without signature.

No. 216139

File: 1653924427340.jpeg (235.15 KB, 758x1129, 8D2A982A-C9F6-4CAB-8660-1D1D28…)

They’re being nice bc she’s autistic. The puppy ears beret was a throw off on her coord

No. 216142

File: 1653925453991.png (124.85 KB, 275x268, A3425536-4D3A-43D1-B685-EBCFBF…)

She just screams pixielocks.

No. 216143

I don't have that option unless I miss the delivery. I guess your sketchy neighbour could always sign it so idk how that helps

No. 216145

Only those at the residence can sign it, so it helps a lot with the chances. Unless you have a shitty mailman ig that signs it themselves . Which is why post office is best option. I don’t even live in a bad neighborhood but $400 is still too expensive to risk thAt. Post office holding is always no risk though. Can do all in the USPS app as well if using that , don’t even have to call. Just saying this girl learned her lesson probably. It’s annoying to see her keep going on about something that was preventable , just makes her look retarded.

No. 216146

File: 1653927152145.jpeg (940.51 KB, 828x1405, 35EAC90D-C7E2-4379-89EB-A457CB…)

This is the troon who leaked nat? Can’t wait to see nat story rant

No. 216148

She's milking what she went viral for but shes an idiot if she thinks the people who followed her also want to see her repeat it over and over and over.

No. 216149

File: 1653927239747.jpeg (708.16 KB, 828x1389, 67F74C19-408A-404E-9AB3-40DCCF…)

Why can’t they get over the unhinged terf?

No. 216166

Anon the dates are from over a month ago, what the fuck are you on about? I'm pretty sure these were from the original melt down.

No. 216202

Jemma used to want to be a "Japanese Idol" and did those weeby dancing videos. When that didn't get her popularity, she tried to get famous by saying she is in the queer community, despite never having dated a girl. (Not saying you have to date another girl to be gay, but trying to get famous off it when you haven't is gross.)

Her parents paid for her apartment in one of the most expensive cities of her state, fund her lolita/hobbies/school, and she recently moved back into their home. Her trying to get clout while just being spoiled is really pathetic.

Slightly OT but I never understand why tagging people in a call out post over an opinion-based situation like this is still considered okay?

Regardless of who is being called out for what, it seems really inappropriate to target people who follow them publicly like this. If you're their friend, just message them privately? And if you don't know them well, you shouldn't even directly involve them since they will make a choice when it's meant to happen on their own terms.

OP's behavior is like a contagious misogynistic witch hunt because it opens people up to being bullied for not doing what the OP demands. It's pretty fucked up that people allow it.

No. 216210

yes, i remember jenna’s dancing videos vividly, i was wondering when her vids would ever come up. she’s a tik tok lolita but somehow feels separated from the likes of liv, rosequartz, or anybody else.
it would be interesting to see who is included in the lolita tik tok discord

No. 216215

she's a local cow to me and I can confirm this, any time she filmed any vlogs they'd be in Bellevue which is far more wealthy than Seattle. I doubt she's ever worked before, so of course she needs to throw around how much she spends in every video. So tacky.

No. 216218

She claimed she started lolita in 2012

No. 216222

File: 1653951079275.jpeg (106.67 KB, 828x207, A98E82CE-58A1-4ED2-BE75-FBDC21…)

Anything for clout
Jemma's trans coming out video didn’t work and immediately backfired on her. Now Jemma is jumping the lolita train and crying over dresses which, makes normies think she's being a big spoiled baby. Eventually, all of this will make her get the attention of TrulyTV - A channel that loves exploiting online alt fashion idiots.

She has over 100k subscribers on YouTube and gets fewer likes compared to Pixie Locks and Lovely Lor’s channel size. She even complained about not getting attention on YouTube, so, this Instagram Reels and TikTok clout shit is making her wet.

No. 216224

Not like they’re going to call someone wearing their brand ugly. But this coord is bad like all Avina’s messes

No. 216259

She has zero personality and chases whatever will bring her the most attention. First it was scene then it was trying to be an idol then j fashion then it was being trans now it’s lolita. Between TikTok and Reels and cosying up to anyone she can leech clout from, she’s getting the same dopamine fix she got when she started YouTube.

She was initially known for being scene so that’s where the majority of her followers came from. No wonder her channel is failing. Why would 100k people following her for 2008 BOTDF type music shite care about kawiwi clothes? You can’t expect to have consistent views when she changes niches as fast as she does.

No. 216262

>Slightly OT but I never understand why tagging people in a call out post over an opinion-based situation like this is still considered okay?
It's not. We don't do that in this community. Realistically, Nat could sue this man.

No. 216267

This. I hope people start suing the cancellation squad. This is harassment, invading privacy, and bringing harassment to nat’s mutual again a month later.

No. 216274

No she couldn't, she would lose the lolsuit in a heartbeat. And cancel culture is big in this community especially nowadays newfag. If people dont like it, start by calling the cancel sqaud out. The community allows this to happen by being complacent and allowing it to continue. They cancel people to virtue signal and for clout. Take that away and it stops.

No. 216298

File: 1654001100636.jpeg (345.33 KB, 1065x1410, E051E11D-081F-4F10-8681-9EA65E…)

sage for definite nitpick and off topic, but I’ve always felt like tik tok lolitas have a specific “look” that makes them clockable every time, and i feel like it’s the hair.

it’s usually oddly colored, poorly styled to their outfits, frayed/damaged ends, or even just downright greasy ( i.e. liv’s bangs)
if they have naturally wavey/ringlety hair, they never do the curl girl method either (rosequartz and tyler) so it just looks like limp frizzy spaghetti.

it’s always the accounts that talk about the necessity of the rules too, which i completely agree with, but fuck is it ironic.

No. 216305

I just watched her AP SS22 review. The thumbnail got my attention because I made the same “Misty Why” comment on cgl and I though it was a funny coincidence.

Anyway it turns out her commentary was almost entirely farmed from the cgl thread where this collection was discussed

No. 216318

holy shit, nice catch anon. every point she makes, there's a post she got it from.

>comment on fresh strawberry neckline being low

>lemonade float comparison to fruity lemon
>creamy soda mermaid comparison to chateau de'cume
>"misty sky why" joke

and a few other comments I'm sure I missed. I think it could've been thrown away as "coincidences" until the joke. She clearly ripped it from the thread.

No. 216335

why does this shit happen so much? i bet she claims she hates /cgl/ and 4chan too. >>216318

No. 216343

Tyler stopped uploading again, I wonder what's going on with her

No. 216346

>No she couldn't
Yes. She could. Also way to not know of chan culture, despite posting on a chan BBS board.

Cyberbullying was labeled a crime after /i/ invasion boards. Cancel culture is literally doing the exact same thing. There's many things that Nat could sue this guy for, regarding what he is doing at this point. Not only that, cyberbullying is a crime in WA and CA but what he is doing is beyond that. It's harrassment. It's also not that hard to get a "no contact order" and penalize someone for tagging you and mentioning you online.


You do realize cancel culture has nothing to do with *chan culture, right, newfag? Also, no, we do not do this shit in this community despite whether or not you think you are and able to. It's too niche to get off the ground, you can't cancel shit "for real" being in a niche community where everyone on the outside things you're mental, already.

No. 216348

no, she definitely lurks. I've seen too many coincidences pop up and posts that seemed to reference a common issue I've had in our community regarding a fetishist.

WA openly allows fetishists in our community.

No. 216349

also just forgot to mention Lor used to lurk as well. Maybe not anymore, but it's obvious from her videos. It's almost a given that lolitas lurk /cgl/, but the "shit lolitas say" video is a direct rip off of some of the things /cgl/ posted about back then.

Not a lot of people would know this, current day however.

No. 216350

nayrt, but it would be damn hard. I don't want to legal sperg, but defamation and harassment is tricky depending on if what is being said can be proven to be true. ofc, all of this would change (for the better for nat) if she was a minor when the harassment started.

As in you think she was posting about the fetishist or in support? anything u can share?

Now I want to check backlog/archived threads that match similar date/month spans to popular lolita uploads to see who else has been stealing from cgl for content.

It's not quite /plagiarism/ but it's something like it and more pathetic for sure.

No. 216364

Avina and her best friend Wonderfinch/Purestmaiden are the biggest crybullies in lolita. They are both from rich families and they themselves are lawyers with thousands of dollars worth of clothes, but they pretend like they’re the most oppressed people ever because they’re brown. Also, Avina forces people to call her they/them because she’s a narcissist who relishes having control over how other people talk about her, and her “gender dysphoria” is just her feeling self conscious because she got too fat to fit into some of her clothes.

No. 216410

File: 1654033578854.png (8.63 MB, 1242x2208, BFA69B55-2E78-455F-A376-02839E…)

jesus fucking christ, that was fast. i’m the same anon who posted the hair nitpick >>216298, and within two hours of the post, rosequartz posted a tiktok of her talking about the curly girl method (which is mentioned in the post) and showing how her hair is /actually/ good. the tik tok itself is really not a typical topic for her, and she’s never posted hair videos before. hell most of her stuff is semi-scripted or “informational”

she’s also one of the tik tok lolitas that said “all the ebil peepo are on the forums!! don’t go on them!” to her followers

No. 216421

but she, like lor decries the site on SM as "ebil boolies uwu" like everyone else who lurks.

No. 216427

Can't forget how WF is also still an antisemite. She's such a hypocrite.

No. 216436

She’s the mod of lolita, faerie kei and Discord groups. You would hope since she’s in charge that she follows the rules. Unless if it’s just for show and she’s trying to be the top authority in each fashion.

No. 216439

Had no clue she was in charge of so many groups, but I’m not surprised. Even when I agree with what she says in her TikToks, she’s just so smug about it. It’s clear she’s living out her mean girl fantasy.

There’s no way that tiktok wasn’t in reaction to what she saw here. That tiktok was only a few seconds long, awkward as fuck, and it was clear her hair had just been drenched to get the curls to pop.

again, all of her other tiktoks are pretty much long form analyses or sketches. why are they all cowtipping themselves ??

No. 216443

What did she do in there?

No. 216445

The Lor thing was over 10 years ago. But no, nothing I would share. Anyone that is in my community and has interacted with some of the people in this community knows who's openly posting fetish shit to our wall's intentionally.

No. 216483

Isn’t that all Lolitas tho? This is a “alt” fashion after all.

No. 216485

what? no. maybe some grungey/punkish subcultures encourage greasy bangs and unkempt hair, but not a feminine high maintenance fashion like lolita. what does alt mean to you?

No. 216491

Kek ok anon. Guess she'll be using the same lawyer as Brandon David-Thomas Love, who thinks you can sue people for looking at your public profile.

No. 216575

alt doesn't mean edgy.

No. 216672

Anon, I'm sorry you have no legal knowledge. Are you even old enough to be on this website?

No. 216681

her other videos are very different from this very random 10 sec vid that is obviously responding to this thread. this was not subtle at all, it's kind of so on the nose.

why do they all feel the need to defend themselves?? it's outing their hypocrisy. lurking isn't even bad but why tell your followers "don't lurk!" if you do it yourself? most lolitas just don't talk about it. maintaining a double standard to appear woke is fucking pathetic

No. 216744

To appear inclusive is one part of it but they're also a topic of discussion here, they don't want to lose followers by being outted for who they really are.

No. 216758

bingo, that’s definitely it. considering how liv responds on average with her hoard, and now with rosequartz responding also pretty quickly, it’s clear they’re trying to steer shit away from them preemptively.

No. 217045

What a weird selection of people to tag. I know a number of them from the UK comm, but I didn't think Nat was UK?

No. 217061

They were obviously going through her friends list

No. 217079

Did this never happen

No. 217152

File: 1654250270008.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, 589A8E86-C12A-4937-A055-07CE2B…)

girlie is turning insane kek

No. 217184

I don't really care about her tardthot brainrot, I just want to know if she tortures her cats or not. Anyone has more info about that?

No. 217185

she's apparently besties with sp00py, they post the same "anti-christ" memes.


So did the person who gave the receipts of sp00py to the mods ever get outed themselves? because they were agreeing or joining in on the jokes as well from the looks of it. seems like they were baiting her/getting her comfy. which is fucking psycho, because it lasted months.

No. 217194

ngl pride month is fucking annoying as hell

No. 217207

One time I posted in my IG stories that I was selling some dress or something and spoopy (who didn't even follow me) dmed me saying she wants to buy from me. At the time I didn't know who she was but now I'm glad I pretended I wasn't selling anymore

No. 217213

It was her troon ex who isn't even a lolita afaik. They broke up and the ex sent the private convos to the Seattle mods which is typical unhinged troon behavior kek.

No. 217215

Netflix recently made a documentary about “””her”””” called “cats”

No. 217221

I am a lesbian and I once ran into ddz at a bar. I didn't know who she was at the time so I made the mistake of hitting on her. When I did so, she started hissing at me like she was a real cat, and start saying how she was going to "cut me up and feed me to her children". She pretends to be Christian but she really worships Bastet.

No. 217223

I enjoy the fake outrage from white saviors every time she posts. Marginalized communities dont want your fake pity, if you want to actually help then pay us reparations dont repost this dumb shit to your story.

No. 217232

she actually tortures gay folx by cutting them open and shoving sardines in their open wounds so the neglected, malnourished cats that havent been fed in weeks will eat the gay folx alive…. then she kills the cats and feeds their raw carcasses to the half eaten barely alive gay folx. i know this because i was the gay that she did this to.(“folx”)

No. 217238

How are they even friends sp00py if is openly the biggest dyke? DDnazi is supposed to be some huge homophobe. None of this even makes sense. I cant even tell if her homophobic sperg was legit. It was actually ridiculous to the point of not even being believable. I think shes just trolling because everyone is so easily triggered.

No. 217242

Can you schizos learn to sage this isn't 4chan

No. 217250

Terfs have always been known to make alliances with tradwife types as paradoxic as it sounds. Their shared hate of troons defies all logic I guess.

No. 217254

cancelled again kek

No. 217257


No. 217259

dd is only pretending to be friends with nat just to sacrifice another lesbian to her cats, someone needs to tell nat! shes in deep trouble!

No. 217270

yes it is but ddz is more annoying even

No. 217271

File: 1654282597815.png (1.74 MB, 750x1334, 765BA377-8893-41FA-B8A3-9E9155…)

claiming it being bait doesn't make it any less pathetic you christian retard

No. 217284

No. 217303

Honestly does Tyler even give a shit about lolita anymore? She's mostly hanging out and that goth club The Church in Dallas, I see her all the time on Facebook over there.

It's still odd to me how a bunch of lolitas decided to cancel a random teenager for saying mean words privately about a random moid and do nothing about the perverted fugly moids in Amazon sissy shit in their comms.

No. 217334

I agree. I'm not sure why anyone would listen to revenge blackmail from breaking up. Usually people have more common sense than they do now, I guess.

No. 217405

drop pics, if tyler went back fully to the goth nightclub scene then she’s not even noteworthy anymore tbh

No. 217443

Gibsmedat(sage your shit)

No. 217515

File: 1654378336150.jpg (149.18 KB, 1066x1654, 1D3OUDh.jpg)

her and tb are being sperged about btb too, pic related. why are either of them in the community anymore?

No. 217526

File: 1654380454455.jpg (731.67 KB, 1079x1746, Screenshot_20220604-150532_Ins…)

Exposing herself not that we didn't know she comes here already. They're both unhinged but the pic did make me kek.

No. 217546

but why is everyone saying dd is homophobic? these 2 are clearly bffs and making a mockery now.

No. 217549

because she posted a religious rant that calling it pride is wrong cuz jesus, part of it >>217152 shes obviously not homophobic but doing this for attention is still cringe af

No. 217636

A lot of Lolita’s are ugly and unkempt what else is new

No. 217685

Not every gay person likes pride month. She was posting about the specific pride month not gay people themselves. I’m glad people have the brain cells to not accept that corporate psyop

No. 217704

she wasn't critiquing the issues of corporate rainbow washing you idiot, but go off.

wait who is the one who posted this?

No. 217717

File: 1654461419344.jpg (92.68 KB, 1080x627, therealdrpredator.jpg)

It's ripped from btb, tokimeki posted ddnazee and someone wrote over it.

Anyway not surprised Brandon David-Thomas Love follows a self proclaimed nazi and homophbe.

No. 217854

Not surprised. The whole lgbt liberal thing is just an act to get closer to young girls. A cisgender man claiming to be “queer” from being asexual meanwhile posting underage character porn and sexually harassing women, wouldn’t mind being friends with a homophobe he finds hot.

No. 217856

It's just cheesy pun about the word "pride", it's not that deep.

No. 217921

imo she's genuinely homophobic despite claiming her shitshow was a joke. She's too obsessed with the bible to not hate gay people

No. 218040

Unlikely. She’s far too old for his taste.

No. 218232

This. It gives off that polyard energy of "Me talking about lynching niggers and gassing kikes is just a joke! Why are you offended, wokie?" Yeah, the pride was the first sin premise is probably a joke but her homophobia is pretty blatantly there.

No. 218325

Dont christians her age usually say the bible is accepting of gay people now? Theres churches that have gay pastors and advertise being inclusive. Its usually just boomers who say god hates fags.

No. 218352

From cgl other lolitas who do lewds, NSFW content or have OF: strawberry_dreamcloud, kawaii_in_lowee/spicy_in_lowee, kawaiiqueerdo/kawaiiqueerdo_, kawaiikittyxo/xkawaiilovex/likawaiikittyiix3, asylumstar/kirakiraasylum/wish_upon_asylumstar, vanilla_fae, cakepopclara, pastelkawaiibarbie

No. 218367


thank you based anon. are those their OF's as well?

No. 218399

this is an image board, post caps.
and are these milky ppl or just random lolita OF coomers?!

No. 218406

I'm not going to OF to check names, these are instas.

Learn to read newfag.

No. 218411

and we're supposed to care because?

begone coomer

No. 218427

someone on cgl asked for the list so anon dropped it here

No. 218432

File: 1654667479196.jpeg (1.52 MB, 3464x3464, D63B30E9-7FB6-472D-9DC4-A1B505…)

I will make the others. don’t skin me alive if any of these caps are repeats.

No. 218433

File: 1654667896637.jpeg (2.52 MB, 3464x3464, D4615C23-6622-4A58-9C2B-B66D1B…)

This woman is annoying for

No. 218434

Sorry dropped response. She’s just annoying lol.

No. 218436

File: 1654668259715.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.67 MB, 3464x3464, D387AE4B-60E3-41D5-9394-F310C2…)

No. 218437

File: 1654668559440.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.53 MB, 3464x3464, 7667DB22-21A4-4748-8F4A-8C39D1…)

This one isn’t as milky

No. 218475

at least she's got a separate account for lolita

No. 218498

File: 1654693828440.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 129.02 KB, 960x1280, 19E526B5-0591-471B-8CE1-213361…)

So sissy thinks he’s a lolita. Got banned from the Con before attending the tea party cause he groped a minor

No. 218502

>cause he groped a minor
He should be banned from every lolita space for life, also he looks like someone's ugly balding dad in a halloween costume

No. 218503

She cross posts her nudes and coords on main

No. 218513

The first pic and the last pic with the fishnets remind me of Luna Slater if she didn’t do so much heroin.

No. 218514

Jesus I hope he’s not in a comm or anything. I would imagine most women would kick him instantly but who knows.

No. 218525

Ohio didn’t let him in

No. 218532

not very inclusive of them -___-( -___-)

No. 218542

What's the url for new btb? Need sauce :3(emotes)

No. 218544

Lmao he's trying to sue the people who called him out

No. 218552

No. 218553

Kek maybe him and Dr love can start their own law firm along with Johnny Depp for suing people coming forward about sexual assault

No. 218557

> I received great reception when a group I tried to join attacked me for being a feminine man by calling me a sissy. They constantly follow me around online and attack me and cause a stir so that I get banned from forums.
Oh poor him. He wanted to be a creepy male intruding where he didn’t belong and wasn’t welcome. So sad.

No. 218559

File: 1654712072678.jpeg (177.05 KB, 1170x633, 8FD440EB-A36B-404C-9883-6A0A62…)


No. 218560

Not to be creepy but is she wearing fake boobs? Possible troon? Censored pic is completely flat, others are not.

No. 218561

Oh my god does it ever end? I’ve never seen a girl who has been more obsessed with efame for this long without achieving any, only to keep going and going for no reason.

No. 218572

>"I'm not a sissy!"
>Posts in sissy threads

No. 218573

wtf is with the newfag influx? i get it's summer but jesus. and tbh I'm having a hard time finding some of this as milky, these are typical e-begger/thot ddlg types, but none of them are relevant figures like what was being discussed before. it would be way more interesting if they were trying to double life it and pretend that they're not into this degenerate shit.

hate to say what's been repeated, but this feels like a liv and her minions pulling a distraction maneuver. not only that, but rosequartz is definitely in the crew, she met up with dallas people (including liv) at akon recently. for this sudden influx of boring shit right after she got posted >>216298>>216410

and while hanging with liv smells fishy to me. i'll try to post caps soon

No. 218575

This the fatty that squeezed herself into AP milky planet salopette

No. 218582

File: 1654714631380.jpg (376.69 KB, 1374x584, TBGROOMING.jpg)

TB totally not grooming minors….

No. 218585

Same anon. Someone new joined our comm and after seeing all the stuff about TB brought this up. I'm honestly not surprised since TB has a large following of minors.

No. 218586

>boring shit
>Continuing convos about people before liv
>Ddz and her sperg out
>People coming in from an OF thread on /cgl/ to drop handles
Anon, beleive it or not, people want to talk about other shit sometimes. Everytime another cow is brought up lately, someone in here screams that it's Liv changing the subject. Calm your autism and take your meds, its not a psyops conspiracy.

No. 218593

File: 1654716186544.png (520.9 KB, 945x2048, 1A5EBDC7-2BF9-48C2-A43C-AEC59A…)

Can someone post the comments from that FB thread.

No. 218595

someone on btb went through a small handful of tb followers and turns out most are minors. im not even surprised by this

No. 218622

what comm is this? openly shaming swers? based radfem comm? deets nonny.

No. 218626

No. 218633

File: 1654720604355.png (831.66 KB, 1242x2208, AFF6969D-3B74-41E1-84C6-162DC6…)

caps dump

No. 218635

As if the NAACP or BLM will do anything for him. Why do white sissies or sissies in general have such poor IQ?

I got Secondhand embarrassment reading that shit. People like him needs their Internet restricted or locked down.

No. 218636

File: 1654720655900.png (904.61 KB, 1242x2208, 6C5359F6-B24B-4B23-81A6-FD766A…)

No. 218637

File: 1654720698305.png (855.95 KB, 1242x2208, 5A13C4F6-8F8A-4D35-B09F-393A3E…)

he doesn’t know what egl stands for?

No. 218638

File: 1654720768811.png (938.71 KB, 1242x2208, 49B28741-1AC1-4286-A209-35DDC7…)

just posting the highlights, so many of his normie friends are against him it’s kinda funny, especially the men with a few exceptions.

No. 218639

He was posturing real hard about being more lolita than us, even though he doesn't fucking know what an OP is kek

No. 218642

File: 1654720846646.png (918.21 KB, 1242x2208, 9412585D-8CA7-44EE-93A1-E5CD79…)

ok end for now. saved more just in case

No. 218645

File: 1654721142778.jpeg (195.13 KB, 828x1421, 6655ED65-7251-4D79-B43C-041063…)

The Jojo computer wallpapers.

He wants to sue the entire Facebook group “I’m poor but still wear lolita properly”.

Community lolcow. He’s literally Chris Chan at this point

No. 218649

File: 1654721369776.jpeg (148.1 KB, 828x1136, 05103B9E-BD15-4511-91A4-93A027…)

He wants us to find him since he’s bwroke

No. 218650

it’s an ohio comm of some sort since he’s from there i bet

No. 218652

Its a group page for the city he's from, it's not even a comm of any sort. People usually use these pages for sales or neighborhood watch announcements, not to bitch about getting kicked out of a convention so it's extra pathetic. If anything they should watch out for him in their community.

No. 218657

lmao scrote detected, learn how angles work

No. 218694

Always with the “literally shaking and crying” kind of thing. Idk about the rest of you who are at least somewhat well-adjusted, but if I’m ever in that state the last thing I want to do is be on my comp typing because my emotions will probably make me say some stupid shit. He is playing the victim so hard.

No. 218702

they were posted here because it's being talked about on cgl, go touch grass. i didn't evem know about all of them so clearly it's a little milky. just say you support sw and go, we don't all want degens in our community. why are you so obsessed with Liv? she's boring as hell, block her and move on anon.

KEK why the NAACP?? he's WHITE ffs

that discord is about tokimekibunny not Caleb

No. 218703

Old mate literally sexually assaults someone and tries to play the victim. Depp really done fucked these scrotes up

No. 218750

File: 1654743263303.png (25.71 KB, 694x286, E4121E1F-16AD-48E9-97C8-92065E…)

No. 218768

These men are a cancer. I can’t believe that wokeness has gone so far to let these males make their homes in our community. This is why we need female only spaces.

No. 218769

he sounds like the typical delusional /pol/dditor, definitely the type to chimp out and harm women
I'm glad he feels unwelcome in lolita fashion spaces now

No. 218796

he wasn’t even let in the physical community to begin with. the tea party was held at the con so anyone who registered for the con could acquire a ticket to the special event. that’s the loophole

No. 218850

His Facebook page is gone now kek

No. 218855

Men like him are literally why women should be allowed to push them out of our spaces. They think everything we do like this is some sort of power play (because they think like males), when in reality it’s about keeping our own safe.

No. 218856

the fact she's shaped like humpty dumpty and has 18+ content has me rolling

No. 218858

if you weren't a baby tumblr rad you'd know that radfems shame the concept of sex work, not women who get pushed into it. Shitting on women isn't very feminist of you.
Hating trannies isn't sufficient to make you a radfem and a lot of you forget about that

No. 218860

wait? tb is grooming minors???

No. 218864

File: 1654785836767.png (5.91 MB, 3240x1350, 0D55B4BC-B75E-49D4-A79C-72E6FD…)

I hate to say this, but I feel like that’s one of the reasons she doesn’t get all the ~efame~ she wants. Some of the outfits she makes are cute, but her body type really looks strange in the clothes and probably turns some people away. That combined with the self-obsession and hyperfixations on things like that Ash/Misty pokemon ship that she doesn’t shut up about don’t help I don’t think. I was watching some short videos she had posted and the entire time she was staring at herself in the image rather than at the audience in the camera. She does this in selfies too. It’s really disconcerting when people do that, it just comes across as both self-conscious and egotistical all at once. Since she’s so into jfashion and art, I feel like things like flatlays or speed paints might have been better ways to get attention (not that her art is amazing, but I think it has potential to get better). She tries to spread a positive message too, I’ve noticed, but it falls flat a lot of the time. Something about her personality and the way she tries to deliver informations just tends to come off as overbearing. Sorry for the analysis, I’ve just seen her around for a long time now and find her lack of self-awareness interesting. Picrel what I mean with how she stares at herself instead of the camera.

No. 218875

i agree, she has an unfortunate face and body type and people rather follow someone pretty with mediocre outfits. it's harsh but it's the truth

No. 218899

File: 1654791879210.jpeg (254.86 KB, 827x1282, DC2476E8-CC39-4F9D-B73E-9303BD…)

No. 218900

She and fluffykawaiijo needs to collab

No. 218901

File: 1654792548930.jpeg (351.93 KB, 828x712, 8729DC1F-E336-4F96-9B76-F46C9B…)

Reeks of liv’s cleanup crew

No. 218909

Except the e whores who brag about how much they love sw and groom minors/ other females into it, lose their victim status in my opinion. They often have a class advantage being privileged rich girls doing cam work. Handmaidens who are directly tearing down the progress other women are making.

No. 218915

how is she still around?

No. 218920

To the public especially, this outfit looks like she's trying to fit into childrens clothes fr.

Is there any milk with proof on the rest of them though? I only know I don't like liv and twinkle

No. 218929

if this person made an OF when she was a minor, toki committed a felony, no?

No. 218945

Who’s twinkle?

No. 218953

How she was not barred from modeling for AP is wild to me.

No. 218962

not to medfag but I think shes got cushings. she's complained about all her fat going to her torso and neck.

kek why are all her friends fat, ugly, or both? birds of a feather really do flock together.

i mean it's not like tokimeki held a gun to the girl's head, if anything the girl would be punished for using a fake ID to join OF/distributing cp. probably why she can't publically come forward.

No. 218963

there are laws on "pimping" minors tho if I'm not mistaken. she may not have literally forced her, but she endangered a minor by encouraging unlawful behavior. and yes, sadly kids will get similarly in trouble even if they share their own nudes/forge IDS (not all of the time tho).

i wish ppl on lc had more compassion for kids getting literally propagandized and pimped into this shit. we would be dealing with a lot less of the coom patrol if kids/former prostitutes were given the grace to speak up.

No. 218965

I believe it's the girl on the far right

No. 218966

girl on the right, so sick uwu wheelchair munchie girl who spends all of mommy and daddy's money on brand. much like liv, so probably why they're friends kek

No. 218968

File: 1654804709791.jpeg (566.41 KB, 629x901, 64E41B1A-BD6C-41D3-83F6-F18DB5…)

They put her in a salopette

No. 218971

that's not a salopette.

No. 218977

Ofc they put the fatty in a skirt kek

No. 218981

File: 1654806699273.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 83.29 KB, 750x421, FD207579-4225-4E1B-9061-5EE909…)

I don’t have anything against sws but at least move your fucking brand out of shot if you’re going to cam.

No. 218982

I fucking vomited.
A grown ass women with Rainbow dash sheets and Disney Princess decor.

No. 218985

C’mon anon she has sickle cell’s disease.

No. 219029

What is she wearing? That’s her coord for a tea party? Lord have mercy because it barely fits.

Are these her friends or did she coerce them for a group photo?

No. 219038

They're just people that sat at the same table at the tea party. Each table took a group photo.

No. 219042

No fucking way. I know who that is and have met this girl at so many cons. I knew she had an OF as far as I knew it was only “cheesecake” (as she put it) photos I didn’t know she cammed as well. I am speechless.

No. 219048

File: 1654819810597.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 469.73 KB, 750x902, 452EDFC0-CDA8-4B55-9558-4364FF…)

I’ve never met her but the UK is a small place so I’m sure it will happen eventually.

Remind me never to buy brand from her. I don’t want to buy brand from someone who sits in piss for fun.

No. 219049

not even in the lolita comm but I have heard that is so fuckin toxic. makes sense cause I have never seen a hot girl that does lolita. It’s just all of you boring, mean spirited little bitches. hope you all rot in hell with each other so you can all be miserable together, retards

No. 219052

If your not a lolita then go away,nobody cares about your shitty opinion

No. 219054

I have never seen a hot girl that does lolita. It’s just all of you boring, mean spirited little bitches. hope you all rot in hell with each other so you can all be miserable together, retards

No. 219057

Stay mad lol ♥

No. 219061

Username? Who is this?

No. 219071

File: 1654822381163.jpeg (378.68 KB, 828x721, 1803085F-9EC6-411A-9165-27F98C…)

>>219057(absolute shit)

No. 219074

Her Instagram caption says they’re her cute friends. If they only sat with her I feel sorry for them. She must be desperate for friendship.

No. 219212

Is this "Koneko"?

No. 219220

File: 1654866608610.png (615.31 KB, 993x499, koneko.png)

100% her. I recognized the Chess Chocolate and Day Dream Carnival from some of her coords, and went to one of her videos just to confirm it.

No. 219224

Who is paying for this uggo’s content is what I want to know

No. 219230

is cheesecake suppose to be code for something?

No. 219232

Here's me thinking she only did japanese idol inspired videos that end up in weeb compilations

No. 219236

with how many people that have now been outed as doing lolita specific sex work, i feel like they have inevitably furthered the connection between the fashion and perceived child sexualization.

obviously people are too woke to ban swers in lolita completely, but I think most people would agree that people who do SW while IN lolita should get the fucking boot. it actually does endanger everyone else and their interests

No. 219239

I believe it just means like just kind of teasing not fully exposed stuff. She is obsessed with j-idols and for all I don’t follow them at all I think that’s something from that culture? Does anyone have her actual proper sw Twitter. She’s a personal lolcow of mine and I had no idea this was a thing

No. 219241

post the username, i think she might have deleted that tweet, that or it's hard to look up because twitter shadow bans content like that

No. 219245

File: 1654871861799.jpeg (200.57 KB, 1170x862, 2D89B60F-A0D9-4389-96E2-FB6396…)

>please be aware that I do not and will not post nude photos
2 years later
Sex work; not even once

The UI doesn’t look like twitter, might be an onlyfans post?

No. 219253

Oh nooooo . Doesn’t this girl actually have autism? Honestly felt bad for her because she got made fun of for her weeb video. Why the fuck did she think OF was a good idea

No. 219254

the fact that she made this her boundary and broke it not even 2 years later is scary, how do people not see the escalation of this shit as damaging? her body is now permanently on the internet.

THIS IS HER??? this video was so iconic, she's PT levels.
yes, she's pretty autistic. sad to see she did OF

No. 219257

She is actually autistic. There’s so much shit about her. She’s fucking married too.

No. 219269

this. there are obviously discords, people, and other lolita comms that are pretty anti-sw and anti-sw in lolita, when will people start putting their fucking foot down? we don't want normies or other people associating us with this shit.

this growing association also bars entry for a lot of teens who want to start dressing up in lolita, but can't because of the associations their guardians/parents might find online (for good reasons). This shit is literally killing the fashion.

tbh i find it slightly violating that some people might be selling me clothes that they pissed and shat themselves in before washing it. and filmed themselves in it. i don't want it, nor does any other sane person would. LM handles should also be posted

No. 219289

>Literally every eternally online nerd girl who starts doing OF with seemingly no knowledge of the persuasive and obsessive nature of coomers: I will be doing lewd only, no nude uwu
>6 months later after being worn down by said coomers: Today I have a dragondick dildo up my ass and one that looks like mickey mouse in my mouth. I will be taking requests (scat is an extra $100 per video)

No. 219300

No. 219324

Totally agree. I remember several years back before OF blew up, I had a thought of how much someone could make using lolita to pander, but I had too much self respect and realized it would reflect badly on the community. It’s embarrassing seeing women do this when we’ve tried to distance ourself from the fashion being related to anything sexual. I hate it.

No. 219330

you are obsessed anon, please take your meds
>inb4 i'm her
>inb4 i'm her friends
just tired of seeing retards like you bring their milkless dry vendetta itt post funny shit or gtfo

No. 219402

Christ, there's a pic on her twitter where she only censored half of the cock
>no picrel bc I ain't saving that to my computer

No. 219414

File: 1654909428073.jpeg (108.55 KB, 1079x727, image07.jpeg)

These are her offerings, highlights include pee or scat for only $15, or she also can pretend to be your GF for an entire day for only $55. Basically working for less than a minimum wage job, not to mention the humiliation. I just feel bad for her at this point.

No. 219437

sending used panties full of shit is a biohazard.

No. 219456

It is literally not legal to send soiled underwear in the mail in the UK, RIP the postal workers dealing with this shit, literally.

Thots like to claim working in a shop is more degrading than sex work (saw a thot claim this on /snow only yesterday) but I can't see how being fully dressed, and bagging people's shopping, while nobody makes any sexual comments or demands on you, is "more degrading" then sending shitty underwear in the mail, or humouring some disgusting scrote's bizarre fetishes for below minimum wage.

No. 219809

One thing I noticed is that the same anon shrieks about vendetta posting each time her name is brought up. Even when there is milk, it is a bit strange for this to happen.

No. 219811

in fairness and at least to me it does seem like a vendetta, she's a nobody and she's boring being a fatty isnt milk

No. 219815

Idk what she did exactly, but the fact that she has a history of mass reporting and trying to claim vendetta/change topics a when people try to talk about her makes her annoying and cow-like.

No. 219848

Why waste your time defending a nobody? Ignore it and move on.

No. 219935

Not defending, it just shits up the thread that's why

No. 219952

So far the people defending her have shat things up far more. Hence why they had to be told by farmhands to knock it off. Every time she’s mentioned in any capacity people cry vendetta, even though it was proven she was the one with a vendetta and a bunch of people laughed at her for it.

No. 219963

File: 1655138100867.jpeg (366.31 KB, 1242x1948, 14668A2E-8E56-4FC0-8325-13AE7B…)

yup, nobody else gets push back, it’s a little too obvious.

so speaking of liv, does anyone know who’s she subtweeting in this tik tok? i don’t get how she’s still saying drama is only found on the boards when she continues to poke buttons for fun. this is literally picking a fight

No. 220085

True. I remember being banned just for replying to a photo of her on /cgl/ and all I said was "she shouldn't wear that type of dress when she's fat"

I didn't post her, I replied. That's really not ban worthy and it was feedback on her choice of clothing. I had to go to the mIRC chat and get unbanned, because that was completely bullshit. I'm sure whatever shit janitor that was friends onboard got removed. It don't take much gals.

No. 220086

>Fat fat fat gets mad about being called fat.
Forgot to mention, I had no clue who the fuck she was. So yes, she is making vendettas if anything.

No. 220091

she isn't wrong tbf

No. 220100

agreed, i actually think her takes are pretty normal/common sense, and yet some how the way she says it is annoying and condescending. she clearly wants to be seen as an authority via smugness.

No. 220134

This feels fucked up on so many levels. The aspiring idol to piss videos pipeline claimed another one

No. 220306

File: 1655305399461.jpg (152.92 KB, 1080x999, Screenshot_20220615-075849_Ins…)

Enlarged Cupcake getting dumped on by a burner kek. Wish it was socially acceptable to publicly shame fat people.

No. 220308

i love how they move goalposts with this shit, like she wants to see their face so she can try to retaliate with insults herself.
>too scared to go off anon
>too scared to show your face
>too scared to unironically say it to me in person
it's so pathetic.

No. 220316

I don’t support cowtipping but I lold

No. 220324

so clarice always whines on her stories about people not wearing theyr masks on the train and then posts herself going to a concert while being very ill

No. 220333

No. 220357

File: 1655321969782.jpg (236.95 KB, 1080x1629, 20220615_153247.jpg)

nazichan didnt think it was socially unacceptable kek

No. 220358

>>220324 During the early parts of the pandemic she used to whinge on at length about people going shopping, because she was on the bus next to them on her way to her retail business… You know, her non-essential job

No. 220366

Clarice Peach the girl who posted her artsy nude to her story and claimed it was published by vogue but really they were publishing all photos that were sent in kek.

No. 220375

File: 1655327060669.jpeg (283.96 KB, 815x633, BF34F517-2337-472A-8EA3-7856D5…)

Paradiso gave itas covid and they’re freaking out about it

No. 220389

File: 1655329559432.png (80.18 KB, 462x1010, covidfags.png)

now the covidfags are raging at someone who basically just said it's not polite to single one person out who tested positive when it's likely others did too. OP is absolutely unhinged

No. 220395

Deanna has a point. Who knows if the person already told their friends about the exposure and to let those exposed warn their other friends. Again, they did say the person warned their roommates and people that were close in contact with with them that weekend. It’s also people’s responsibility to get tested after trips before going back to work anyways. OP is being a ass

No. 220400

File: 1655331613652.png (412.63 KB, 540x467, celestial.PNG)


i dont get why the fuck the "general public" should know if she already told the people she was in close contact with. Technically, everyone should maybe get tested, and like the poster said, the risk was always assumed.

however, if she was showing sick symptoms and refuses to hold off on certain events, then yeah that's fucked.

but I doubt this bitch in particular would stay in her hotel room during the last paradiso after spending hundreds of dollars. her comments are always so self righteous, and ofc she's in Liv's crew (pic related)

No. 220401

File: 1655331641795.png (2.22 MB, 1243x634, squad_pic.PNG)

full pic with the one who made the call out post

No. 220403

same anon, but it should be stated that we are probably looking at the entire group that's been blowing up the cgl and lc threads, so brace yourselves

No. 220405

See, all of this could be avoided if people who test positive just openly post that they tested positive so please test if you were in contact. I don’t know why people try to hide it and only tell select people when it looks a lot worse to hide it than to be honest so that people can be aware and take precautions. Yes, people should be taking precautions if they go to an even anyway, but some only will if they know they were exposed.
Also if the girl really had symptoms and then went out to a restaurant, she’s a major cunt. Even if it wasn’t covid, you should stay home if you’re sick.

No. 220406

I know Teseya and she's this really egotistical and greedy fatty. Not surprised she pulled that bs she only ever think about herself

No. 220409

Anon, I think there’s some missed information here. The CDC says symptoms usually shows between 3-5 days later and won’t read onto a covid test immediately. This happens a lot where those who are exposed won’t get symptoms and positive tests until 3-5 days later after exposure contact.

No. 220410

except Teseya was already feeling lousy beforehand, she reported to an acquaintance of mine attending that she was feeling clammy before the event started then brushed it off so yes, she is a major cunt. I was also told by said acquaintance she was extremely greedy with the food like a typical fatty, to the point of taking a third serving without a care for the other guests

No. 220411

Kek COF admin in liv’s squad

Nothing but dyed hair fatties with no sense of style

No. 220412


>Yes, people should be taking precautions if they go to an even anyway, but some only will if they know they were exposed.

you do know this is retarded? people only taking precautions when they know they were exposed is the crux of the problem. again, ppl should understand that they are taking a risk when they go to an event with hundreds of people from all over the world who were on planes that had NO mask mandate. testing afterwards or assuming you might have been exposed is the obvious decision.

but if she for real went places with symptoms, then she's a fucking idiot and a pest. but the second part in that statement is stupid.


if you know her, I'm assuming you're in >>220401 this pic kek. that was fast.

No. 220414

seriously? and she hasn't banned brandon why??

No. 220415

which one in Teseya? idk who any of these people are honestly

No. 220416

There goes liv and friends being fake bitches. I hope the fatty gave liv and team covid

No. 220417

anon i'm not even from america, my acquaintance is

No. 220418

samefag which ones liv i only recognize two people on that picture to be honest with you kek

No. 220419

blonde twintails with the pink bow on top, front row. shortest

No. 220420

Reminder that liv is fatphobic which is funny bc she’s a fatty in denial

No. 220422

File: 1655334855642.jpeg (407.96 KB, 828x1015, AA8CFDF1-C4B5-4C3D-BA50-51ECA1…)

Are these your American acquaintances, nonny?

No. 220426

nope, but even if they were i wouldn't want to out myself kek

No. 220429

File: 1655335853132.png (1.58 MB, 1126x654, chinwhew.PNG)

had to find a pic I could zoom in on to be sure, but jesus fucking christ, what is happening to her lower face??? and why isn't she wearing foundation or concealer at minimum to hide that acne?? not wearing makeup is already ita. lol ofc the shit stirrer to post in the paradiso group >>220375 is besties with liv

No. 220436

That’s the ugliest split hair I’ve seen on a person and the bangs look extremely unflattering on her.

No. 220440

File: 1655337497841.jpeg (205.24 KB, 828x1263, B85B6029-AD6B-447A-9799-B5334D…)

Guess who else got covid

No. 220443

File: 1655338277272.png (1.03 MB, 508x844, tes.png)

she wasnt at paradiso though or she would have posted about it.

this is a really unfortunate looking group holy shit. pic attached is Teseya for reference too.

No. 220450

Good. I hope brandon love takes all her burando and wears it. Disgusting antimasker trump voter finally gets whats coming to her. Fuck TERFs!

No. 220452

File: 1655344554288.jpeg (157.4 KB, 828x1309, EBB847C6-6337-4CAD-8067-00FF0A…)

Nat is Looking for D walker and AP after posting her leaving lolita sale 2 weeks ago.

No. 220457

DDNAZI really indoctrinated her huh? How long until she comes out as straight, trad and homophobic

No. 220460

File: 1655347518200.jpeg (684.95 KB, 1038x1839, 841B536B-2C30-468B-A6AC-844062…)

Speaking of DDNazi, eldritch cupcake is now battling deedee in the now deleted comments section of her most recent coord photo over someone calling eldritch fat and dee replying based. Lolcow crossover

No. 220461

File: 1655347578326.png (666.53 KB, 1242x2208, A83CE526-4756-479B-92D2-A0626F…)

No. 220463

Scroll up next time newfag >>220357

No. 220464

Brush this ratty wig I beg you.

No. 220470

File: 1655350368597.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1799, 636D392D-2850-4984-BE09-C650BB…)

No. 220473

How on earth is she fitting into AP?

No. 220474

this bitch’s silhouette confuses me.. like how can one be shaped like this? she looks like those recess or cafeteria clerks from elementary school. middle aged body-core

not only that but the wig color is literally the same as her skin’s undertone, it makes her look sick. not a good contrast.

i just don’t get how this group of ppl (liz’s discord group) has the audacity to call ppl itas and blow up threads when they didn’t spend the time or money to clip their dead ends, blow out their bangs with a curling brush, and not show up greasy. the bare. fucking. minimum. some of them spent thousands of dollars in the past few weeks (all of the dallas comm went to a-kon as well) yet hygiene was off the list? like jesus christ, go to a dermatologist before buying brand.

No. 220475

>stretched seams
>skirt shape malformed and jutting out at a weird angle
>bodice warping horizontally
>bow at waist being swallowed alive, taken kicking screaming into the maw of her underboob.


She isn't.

No. 220476

No, like she shouldn’t be able to zip that shit up. AP quarter shirring only goes up to a 38 inch bust. She looks like she shouldn’t be able to get it anywhere close to closed. The skirt is due to her wearing a petticoat that is too big for the skirt.
I know people who can’t fit quarter shirring who don’t look half as fat as this bitch

No. 220489

File: 1655364023183.png (6.18 MB, 1242x2208, FB8E3CFD-672E-4EC7-9AAF-0B968B…)

No. 220490

Isn't this that girl who used to have her username as "suicide shipper" and made a youtube video about wanting to die because Ash x Misty from Pokemon wasn't canon?

No. 220491

I know this is a joke but would the organizers of Paradiso even allow Nat in? RVR has a blacklist

No. 220503

Bless her mom for allowing her to dress her

No. 220507

It always baffles me when women have slender, defined legs and look like shapeless blobs from the hips up. I guess it's just not how typical female fat distribution works, I feel bad for her. I wonder if she'd look better had she lost weight, or if surgery is the only way to improve such bizarre proportions.

No. 220512

Hopefully covid makes them lose their appetite for two weeks, it's all for the better

No. 220523

Her legs are NOT slender. They’re very muscular. Sure they aren’t as doughy as the rest of her but don’t be retarded.

No. 220527

Do they publish the black list? Curious how they'd even enforce that if they don't know the person's legal name.

No. 220529

Like she literally does not zip it up. Look at how awkward her arms are in any coord with AP, she's hiding the open zip

No. 220530

Can someone explain to me how this chick has a following? Back in the day people would have been grossed out just by her face, let alone how bad her coords look.
Speaking of Akon, a video of the Baroque section of the fashion show popped up for me on Instagram, I have never seen worse models. None of them had any sense of timing or posing, the one in the light up dress was doing interpretive dance moves with her arms, and it just seems like no one gave anyone any tips on how to model effectively. Is this really the best that they could get?

No. 220532

everyone was so fucking bad, save for the model or two they brought in. one model brought her hand to her face, which AP apparently made explicitly a big no-no for this collection.

does she have a following? she barely gets views on youtube. I think she's just loud. if anything, anybody that somehow likes her because only likes her because she documents a lot of lolita specific events and is "friendly" about it. She makes consistent lolita content, even it's not good or that she's uggo. it's sad really, we could have so much more creative or fun lolita content like back when deerstalker was relevant, but now it's only lor, jo, and tyler.

No. 220534

Why no hand to face? Is it because of covid?
I miss deerstalker so bad. The quality was top notch

No. 220535

the definition of an apple body type

No. 220536

Because it's an amateur and unprofessional modeling pose that doesn't belong on a runway and makes clothes seem cheap and childish. Seems like the majority of people who apply to this event have no idea how modeling for anything works.

No. 220537

Vetted discord and reddit mods converge for the ultimate cringe gathering

No. 220538

seen as childish, however it depends on the collection I believe.

I'm so upset we'll never have people as good as deerstalker. An entire group of (mostly) non-itas that can actually execute interesting/funny skits??? i don't even think they had film degrees, while lor literally went to film school and still produces stuff that cannot be anything but below average.
funny to think that lor admitted to hating them because she saw them as competition

No. 220539

Is that the momo liv has issues with? What a trash AP fashion show

No. 220544

Wtf were those poses for the pink dress? Also her wig looks like a helmet.

No. 220554

Speaking of fashion shows did anyone catch a glimpse at the fatties fashion parade? Surprise the stage didn’t collapse with fatso jumping and stomping

No. 220562

It seems like not many lolitas went to A-kon

The poses are awful, they should have taught them how to model.

No. 220563

This might be the worst fashion show I have ever seen

No. 220565

File: 1655394145649.jpeg (160.32 KB, 828x876, DC5C4C45-6A9A-4D85-996D-14A660…)

This reminds me of the lazy fat people from Wall E

No. 220568

Holy shit those cankles

No. 220573

I'm genuinely worried that they're causing blood circulation issues with that strap. Must be so uncomfortable. Also why doesn't Puvithel make their dresses longer for plus sizes?

No. 220576

Literally all of them are obese. Wtf

No. 220582

File: 1655397745776.jpeg (327.73 KB, 828x440, 828CA3D3-8767-41DB-813C-D2516B…)

Why bring a dog on the stage? She can go a few seconds with out her Service dog if she’s not blind.

No. 220585

File: 1655398065469.jpg (7.51 KB, 178x145, 1655394145649.jpeg.jpg)

Are her feet… protruding out of her shoes? Jfc it looks fucking PAINFUL. God damn.

No. 220590

omg. that actually looks dangerous

i feel like she's kinda trolling here, how did she go? same questions as >>220491

No. 220594

I think any feminine fashion with dresses makes the fatties flock to it. Reminds of when Rockabilly was big (kek), everyone was obese. Now those fatasses are into lolita. I’m guessing for the same reason, that it’s a girly fashion and they probably think dressing in pretty clothing will somehow make them look less gross. It’s like lipstick on a pig.
This is shit out of a cartoon kek. It’s got to hurt to walk. Whoever was in charge of this shouldn’t have let them walk out like that, it looks dangerous. But maybe they didn’t want to be called fatphobic or whatever.

No. 220596

This definitely isn't Puvi. I think it's SpookySparkleParty?

The dog said "service dog in training" so apparently she's a dog trainer? Maybe she needs it, I don't know. All I know is that it's pretty unhygienic for a dog to be around clothes that you are presumably going to still sell as new

Those shoes are her own. She wears them in all her pictures. Pretty sure she has lipedema. You would think that you would try to combat it by losing weight, but I guess that's too much effort

No. 220608

She should wear some kind of flats or even pretty sneakers due to her health condition and the way straps chop up her feet. THE PAINNN

No. 220625

Yes she was there

No. 220641

This. My main concern was the dog being near dresses and the sanitation concerns. I’m glad meta didn’t come to this event

No. 220644

>Hellobatty as MC
>shilling aliexpress and hottopic during AP fashion show.

There is no God.

No. 220650

I forgot Hello Batty existed, why was she MC?? She's not relevant

No. 220654

Wasn't Batty supposed to be a guest at Paradiso too? Bet she gave this Teseya chick covid kek

No. 220745

File: 1655438121626.jpeg (415.63 KB, 1242x1844, 2446F04B-4DAE-4A87-AD84-FF28E4…)

ofc rose uses board terminology but is still telling her followers that only “all the mean ebil ppl use the boards! don’t look!” kek she is big big mad. she got roasted on cgl too for her chopped up bangs/hair again

someone needs to study the dallas water

No. 220822

>Tyler reappeared
>had a depressive and alcoholic episode
>almost crying on cam
>asking for asspats from the lolita community at the end

No. 220844

Depression is shit. I feel sorry for her.

No. 220855

I’m glad she’s showing up. Alcohol addiction and depression is real. May she overcome this and this community nonsense with canceling her

No. 220857

i know this is serious and stuff but the camera zoom ins and general theatricalness made me laugh kek

No. 220877

Talking about your alcoholism in full blown weeb getup isn’t exactly invoking empathy kekw.

No. 220895

I genuinely felt pretty bad watching this I hope she gets the spark back, even if she comes back annoying af again

No. 220896

this. she should get better instead of whining.

No. 220904

Tyler's toe lickers are here again

No. 220909

So what, anon. Having a alcohol addiction along with depression sucks. At least she admitted it

No. 220910

Having empathy = asslicking now I guess

No. 220913

Eh, maybe if she didn’t make videos getting sloppy drunk and post them for everyone to see like it was fine? I don’t have much sympathy for alcoholics who glamorize their behavior or promote it to their audiences

No. 220919

Maybe she should drop the vendetta on here

No. 220924

Seriously what’s milky about Hannah besides her being in liv’s task force? Same anon keeps making off topic posts with Hannah and claims to be in Dallas. At this point Dallas members are milky on this board for their involvement of derailing it up

No. 220926

you dont need empathy for a cow.

depression isnt uncommon. maybe id have empathy if she went sulking to her doctor for help rather than begging for forgiveness from the people who pay her patreon

No. 220928

so did she release zero content on her patreon during that whole time? she should bare minimum give returns. i think she’s being honest and it is sad, but stealing doesn’t make it ok

No. 220930

Well it’s your fault if you keep giving her your money during her absence. How hard is it to cancel a subscription??? Is it that dense for you anons?

No. 220931

File: 1655504550644.jpeg (673.7 KB, 828x1149, CE4D2FF7-FB30-42C4-AFCB-24D2B9…)

Her appearance is unfortunate

No. 220932

File: 1655504624707.jpeg (162.23 KB, 828x1042, DFB029A7-9566-4B75-BAB9-DF42C9…)

No. 220935

Nice derail attempt

No. 220938

God she’s so fucking fat. She’s always been large but now she’s a whale. Who in their right mind would want to show off a body this big?

No. 220939

bitch is so ugly i had to block her tiktok.

No. 220944

Can someone give me the TLDR on what Liv did? I've never heard of her outside of this thread

No. 220945

File: 1655507321035.jpeg (191.2 KB, 828x1533, 56F1484B-9659-4FD4-9EBD-A3F7C1…)

She’s posts at least 15 TikToks a day

No. 220948

why does she keep doing this "gyaru" shit?

No. 220951

Her body confuses me. I thought she was fat, but the last photo just makes her look tall

No. 220953

tyler is barely a "cow" other than the fact that she's one of the extremely few lolita Youtubers even left to talk about. actual cows will never admit any of their genuine problems, especially not addictions.

No. 220954

Liv has gotten many people banned on 4chan, anytime she got posted to ita threads: she mass reported everyone, including people who just replied.

That or she was a janitor or was friends with a janitor. It wasn't a mod. I had to get a mod to fucking unban me from the shit janny.

No. 220955

and she's an ageplayer. no one ever remembers to mention that, despite it being the vilest part. there are caps in prior threads

No. 220957

She looks super fat in that photo too. Her legs are flabby and like tree trunks and her torso looks like a fridge

No. 220958

bones rattling in the distance

No. 220961

liv is all up in here derailing lmao she wants to be lara so bad

No. 220962

They’re both fat. They’ll be one and the same

No. 220964

nayrt but you literally must be blind or retarded if you think they have the same stature

No. 220965

One short
One tall
Both are fat

No. 220966

so how is that milk exactly

No. 220969

File: 1655511758908.jpeg (273.19 KB, 809x703, D8105F3C-BDB0-4F6F-90A2-ADBE69…)

Her face is creepy

No. 220970

Nayrt but they’re both obese and disgusting pigs.

No. 220971

obese is such a fucking reach for lara, ana-chan

No. 220972

Sorry amerifag

No. 220973

i think you just want women to look like little girls and be uwu skinny with no curves. kinda creepy!

No. 220975

Learn to sage, fatty.

No. 220976

It’s one of the Dallas AP models from what a friend told me. Surprisingly not liv or momo who would never dare. I can’t recall her name or handles but, she is the tall blond >>220532
Just go to the AP part on fluffykawaiijo’s AKon fashion show video

The AP models were a horrible pick

No. 220979

Well except for rin rin anon kek

No. 220986

Take the gyaru shit to the gyaru thread. She’s not wearing lolita in any of these photos except the last one and that’s a big maybe. As some of the other anons already said, how is being fat and creepy looking milk?

No. 220988

Was anyone else confused by Rin Rin's walk? It seemed rushed almost angry? I don't believe I ever saw her or Japanese models walk that way before during an AP fashion show.

No. 220989

Ironic how Hannah and her “vendetta” are in the same room. That sums up Dallas comm for you

No. 220990

File: 1655515505842.jpeg (83.16 KB, 828x481, 989C82F1-1156-4204-B490-585C0D…)

No. 220992

Ok fatty

No. 220993

Considering how trash bitches the AP models were, I’d be angry and would hurry the run time up.

No. 220994

They all ugly and have no experience

No. 221002

She is wearing lolita
Seethe uggo

No. 221004

You bitches love to take any chance you can get to foam at the mouth about lara, it's hilarious, there is no milk

No. 221005

There’s no milk about most of these people.

No. 221006

she's not even part of this dallas drama so why is she being brought up

No. 221007

Probably because of AKON or the drama from her IG story and TikTok today

No. 221008

whatd she do at akon

No. 221009

That’s half the people posted. Just like Lara, Hannah does not have any milk but, someone keeps posting her. I think it’s best to ignore

No. 221010

Can someone share who is this girl >>220990 and why she got alleged beef with Hannah?

No. 221012

Get your eyes checked nonna. How are these lolita. >>220931 >>220945

No. 221013

File: 1655519128624.jpeg (270.59 KB, 827x947, 7FB651C2-6B9B-45CE-AF57-23D2D4…)

No. 221014

u have a crush on her

No. 221016

I wasn’t talking about this picture in specific. Are you alright? Did you hit your head?

No. 221018

I remember, I just don't actually care that much, plenty of us were groomed in the past and that in no way affects who we are as adults and you being so obsessed with her is more annoying than she actually ever was

No I'm not her friend I'm just sick of you people shitting up threads over non milky shit or blatant lies

No. 221019

>I’m not defending/whiteknighting/liv’s friend but—
>proceeds to defend/Wk liv

Every. Single. Time.

No. 221020

Could say the same for tokimekibunny. She left lolita but still being brought up bc of her Lewds and onlyfans whoring phase. Not defending her but it’s just weird how anons get angry over this pic of Lara being posted >>220931

No. 221022

It’s not weird it’s straight up retarded. If they are a lolita they are fair game to post to these threads. Pics of people outside of lolita have always been posted to these threads

No. 221023

I swear you all have no brain cells.

You post someone on thread>someone tells friend>friend or said person post

It happens ALL the time. It's really common with liv, yes, to the point of people being banned on 4chan even without knowing this chick and thinking she's fat.

But it's really not fucking tinfoiling, if someone is sitting there arguing for someone that it's likely them or their friend. It's not. Use your brain. It looks bad when you defend your friend.

No. 221024

She’s actually is in liv’s circle and was posted in the last thread for starting shit on Cgl with fluffykawaiijo. Anons caught on that it was likely_sugar and then they found out her n liv were posing together on Instagram. She’s one of liv’s Dallas comm shit stirrers (hence the thread pic and thread recap).

Her username changed into something else but Google search is free

No. 221032

how old was she when she made those ageplay comments

No. 221033

But most of aren't, we are literally just so sick of your retarded obsession and it's very frustrating to just be called part of her dumb click. She literally did a few interesting things over a year ago. Nobody cares about your dumb vendetta it's fuckin annoying

No. 221034

She’s like 19/20 now so she would have been 15 or 16 when those comments were made

No. 221035

Close your internet browser and ignore it if it bothers you so badly.

No. 221036

Have you tried not being so autistic?

No. 221040

okay, that is genuinely depressing and i feel kind of bad for her.

No. 221045

File: 1655527821417.jpeg (239.31 KB, 1488x1242, 8715FA12-E191-41D8-AA39-C6FE78…)

no, hannah is this person, timestamp 36:54. her poses were similarly bad, but not any worse than the rest of them.

she’s semi milky for constantly “responding” via tik tok to the threads while claiming to not go on them.

she’s in the top left corner of here >>216298 and not so subtlety responded >>216410

also, some ppl are hardcore defending every critique that’s made about her on the cgl cof thread. might not be her tbh, not a lot to go on, but with the current derail attempts it’s kind of an occam’s razor moment.

No. 221064


She's literally part of the reason I'm keeping my day job. I do not want to end up like her, no motivation except to post 20 tiktoks a day about how you're a trophy wife lmfao.

No. 221080

she has a pretty well paying wfh job, but anything to make you feel better about your life kek

No. 221098

We’re talking about her alleged “vendetta” nonny

No. 221101

she looks like a little alien bug. it’s kinda cute but she needs help and to hit the gym

No. 221103

Hi Lara(hi cow )

No. 221112

File: 1655562176884.jpeg (192.58 KB, 828x811, 560D0410-884A-418D-BB9F-CB1630…)

Her new username is birds_symphonia and in guessing her name is Alyssa from what’s on her bio. I used to follow this girl until she posted the most unhinged shit ever and would go on her sjw rants all the time. She’s the one getting mad over bunnakins bio and deedeezeta

No. 221113

Biggest white guilt pill I’ve ever seen

No. 221114

File: 1655563579216.jpeg (53.58 KB, 336x603, 035D4E01-3499-4854-8FB5-B443D9…)

Posted on Beneath the bows

No. 221122

File: 1655565492482.jpeg (207.36 KB, 745x1207, 35D6F328-E02F-44DA-8055-571D76…)

Still falling for the claim that deedee is full on racist huh? She’s trolling you retards at this point

No. 221128

File: 1655566831862.jpeg (427.78 KB, 828x1013, 0F1CE5EE-E90B-4032-BEB2-2EFC34…)

Sp00py is self posting on dreamwidth beneath the bows. Her TikTok drafts and story is showing.

No. 221129

Haha i was just pretending to be racist isn't the gotcha you think anon. Posting a black lolita on your story also does not absolve you of racism you chromosome impaired spaz

No. 221130

something something pot calling kettle

No. 221132

No shit anon

No. 221133

This is so dumb, lolitas are just milking themselves at this point
>someone submitting this in the first place
>whoever runs btb posting it without evidence

No. 221143

ITT: so many fucking lolitas defending themselves like retards.

this girl is clearly in here posting as well

and anon, you are a bit retarded to expose you're followed by a good many popular lolitas.

hannah admits to lurking 4chan

No. 221144

btb doesn't need evidence you newfag.

No. 221147

Dude everyone lurks at this point

No. 221149

File: 1655571805330.jpeg (919.36 KB, 828x1102, C4BEF3C2-0471-468F-BF87-727E52…)

Dallas comm is such sperge fags. They’ll go full ree on threads and it’s been established already by liv fans. Why do momo hang out with these people if they’re constantly starting shit in threads. Isn’t likely_sugar part of liv and friends? My god they’re messy people

No. 221151

Exactly. Pretty sure the whole lolita comm lurks or participates

No. 221153

That comm is nothing but trouble now.

No. 221156

Iirc she posted the “dogwhistle” onto her story as an attempt to make a joke

No. 221157

Clearly lol, that page is a mess of random accusations. Remove the usernames but leave people's faces in, make it make sense. It seems worse than the livejournal version somehow, is it a different person running it or just a sign of current day retardation?

No. 221169

Someone said she’s the one who bailed on the circus ren faire meet she hosted. >>214606

No. 221181

People are free to post the names in the comments, it does seem ironic. I don't know why we have to censor in the post itself. Have you emailed them to ask to change the rule?

No. 221193

it's a different person. the original owner was going to move to tumblr since it's dead, but some retard made it on dw and spammed it so the other owner decided to not remake it.

No. 221197

beneath the bows is just Nat selfposting with her weird little friendgroup, see >>221128 and how it has the edit profile and drafts showing which only you can see for your own account.

No. 221199

Tbh they act like a weird fucking cult. Gives me the creeps. Wouldn’t be surprised if there was some shady shit going on behind the scenes

No. 221200

That would have been stupid, you can't anon comment on tumblr just anon submit. BtB is only there because it allows anon comment, that's why it died when LJ took that away.

You've never needed "evidence" to post something to BtB newfag it's not gtfo my egl.

No. 221202

They're all definitely posting here. Natalee is stupid and has an extremely obvious typing style of trying to sound like an oldfag 4channer and uses outdated slang. It's easy to recognize.

No. 221204

It’s a IG story screenshot stupid. BTB OP >>221128 cropped it to look like nat self posted it. They most dedicated lurk but, nat did not posted that secret

No. 221207

hey eslchan, anon meant the 'behind the scenes' comment is nat posting. secret op already said they're from her story so you can stop wking.

No. 221208

Can you retards read?

No. 221250

File: 1655629824032.jpg (148.45 KB, 1080x2280, 20220619_050523.jpg)

waaah shes nazi and shes homophobe too!
shes trollin all yall asses

No. 221260

yes everyone does, it was only weird because she very obviously does but tells her audience not to and that she never has

No. 221261

tbh nat sounds and behaves like a moid sometimes, posting school shooting jokes about the ulvade guy like not even hours after it happened. that kinda of retarded edge lord posting is scrote behavior. she was based for the brandon shit but it ends there.

No. 221276

File: 1655650158990.jpeg (461.33 KB, 1125x1916, BCC9D284-EF38-4463-A4AE-06F353…)

oooo she big mad

No. 221277

Lara you don’t have curves, you are shaped like a fucking fridge. Also she used the same pedophile bullshit excuse as this post did >>220973 and Lara has also used this terminology on her Instagram way before this instance

Newsflash Lara, not finding obese people attractive does not make people pedophiles. Most people don’t like the look of a 200lb woman

No. 221280

Sounds like insecurities here. I don’t think it’s right to bodyshame women but putting down another group of women body type isn’t right. I

No. 221281

File: 1655651786048.jpeg (56.8 KB, 662x307, 50580615-9BEF-46C0-842F-99E38A…)

No. 221283

Never heard of skinny fat Lara? Your measurements don't matter if you have a flabby body (and shit personality).

No. 221284

The way she just outs herself posting on here kek. She can lurk all she want, BUT, these replies here are embarrassing.

No. 221287

File: 1655654555148.jpeg (104.68 KB, 716x1040, EBA7FFB8-184F-44DF-B991-1D94AB…)

No. 221289

File: 1655654667870.jpeg (91.49 KB, 763x1178, EE71224E-4616-497D-945E-511ABB…)

No. 221291

sage your non-milk

No. 221292

This is a women's imageboard so, yeah

Just because some scrotes may fetishize a certain appearance, doesn't mean that appearance is wrong. That's like saying it's asian women's fault creepy white men have yellow fever.

No. 221293

I hate her so much. I hope someone takes away the mountains of brand she has for some reason. If you could even call it a “she” those are definitely lip fillers and tranny plastic surgery. I don’t know why she still has a big following? I always see the same couple of accounts comment on her posts and vice versa how the fuck does she still have a friend group?!

No. 221294

Curves on women is a predominantly European and African trait. I’m sorry your genes make you blow up like a dead whale at the age of 17 but in other countries your size M would be considered a XXL. Especially in Japanese fashion when it’s common for asian girls to be thin. Stop body shamming in the name of body shaming just because you lost the genetic lottery and can’t put the McDonald’s down. Men wanting a healthy weighted individual that doesn’t look like she’ll get diabetic or heart problems is normal too btw

No. 221295

Does this girl know dees past? Someone should probably warn her, I feel like dee is coercing her into friendship to clean up her image

No. 221299

File: 1655660981419.jpeg (604.83 KB, 828x907, 7645DE8B-DD52-42FC-A274-BC4DC2…)

No. 221300

File: 1655661052974.png (151.14 KB, 1160x698, Screen Shot 2022-06-19 at 12.4…)

crazy troon sainte on his way to groom another minor

No. 221301

File: 1655661081731.png (684.97 KB, 1380x868, Screen Shot 2022-06-19 at 12.4…)

No. 221302

File: 1655661133045.png (34.93 KB, 930x166, Screen Shot 2022-06-19 at 12.4…)

sainte why are you, a 30 yr old man, adding 14 year old girls on FB and calling them cute and pure

No. 221305

No. 221306

No one cares if you have a 29 inch waist but when you’re trying to fit into too small clothes it looks bad no matter what size you are. A bunch of anonymous women bitching on the internet is not pedophilic. The fact that Japanese clothes are made for Japanese bodies and they don’t have many curves is just a fact of life that you have to deal with if you’re wearing J-fash.

No. 221307

she suits it tbh, better than sweet

No. 221309

She tries so hard to look young with beauty cam filters.

No. 221310

29in isn't even small in the west. and it barely fits lolita or the other brands she's trying to wear.

No. 221312

No. 221325

An anon said Tyler had been seen in Goth clubs recently, guess this is what she's wearing…I didn't watch the recent video, is there indication her boyfriend (husband?) broke up with her?

I don't believe 29in anyway… >>220931
This does not look like 29in. Complaining that small sizes and thin women is pedophilic is tone deaf in jfashion, none of this was made for you.

No. 221326

True but still shit make up and hair.
She has too much bang and the side swipe isn't flatering. She needs to find a different stylist and maybe try letting the bangs curl too, instead of blow drying them straight. If she doesn't do the "curly girl method" she should.
The lips are overdrawn but the top lip is shaped weird and the color is too dark and warm, so it doesn't complment her hair or skin tone. And for the love of fuck, blend the eyeshadows or lean into the weird eyes. This in-between style looks bad and like she's still figuring out how makeup works. For someone who makes yt videos you'd think she'd try using it to learn something useful.

No. 221327

she's saying the same kind of thing like when women say "only dogs like bones" or something to insult skinnier people. it's a cope, and the only one she has, because she is plain but her face has very unattractive features. also, who cares about male attention in lolita?? she's just putting others down.

No. 221338

I call bullshit on the 29” waist too but even if it’s true that’s still really large, I don’t know why she’s acting like it proves she isn’t a fat fuck. To put it in perspective Lara, AP has made jsks and ops that have a bust measurement of 30”-32”. Your waist is literally almost as big as those dresses max bust.

No. 221344

Tyler was a goth before she was into lolita so outfits like >>221299 aren't "new" per se, she just didn't really ever post them in the same place as her lolita coords. And no, she's still with her boyfriend/partner/whatever.

No. 221349

File: 1655670291050.jpeg (646.69 KB, 777x1279, 94487D36-E8D2-4D36-9469-935A75…)

No. 221351

ugh he's so fucking creepy and unhinged, I wish his parents or whoever he lives with blocks him from using their internet so he can't prey on any more lesbians and minors

No. 221352

Rule one of fight club. Never talk about fight club.

No. 221353

Dream blunt rotation

No. 221355

I’m not saying it’s small, it’s pretty average in the US if she’s like 5’5”-5’7”, I don’t know how tall she is but she looks on the shorter side so it might be above average. She doesn’t look curvy so much as kind of chubby, which I don’t really care about, to each their own, but you can’t complain when you wear clothes that don’t fit you. You can either lose weight or get stuff that fits. It doesn’t make anyone a pedophile for saying that.

No. 221356

File: 1655671539593.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 1536x2048, pedo troon male.jpeg)

samefag as >>221351 but I just noticed his ugly man face is his pfp, even with all the layers of makeup and filters and angles/lighting he still looks like a gross moid
spoilered so nonnies don't have to see his troon face every time they open the thread kek

No. 221359

File: 1655672165896.jpeg (328.62 KB, 979x2048, pedo lesbian fetishist.jpeg)

oh god he also has a huge framed photo of chiaki nanami (a 17 year old anime girl) and another of two underaged looking anime girls kissing or something hung up in his room
disgusting pedo scrote decor
I'll attach the photos in case he deletes them - here's the underaged yuri pic on the left

No. 221360

File: 1655672323686.jpeg (315.71 KB, 2048x931, gross.jpeg)

here's the one with chiaki above his bed
note the gamer girl sign on his dresser kek you're an adult male sainte not a little girl

No. 221361

Who wore it better??

No. 221364

Tyler looks like a wrestler

No. 221374

She deleted the post

No. 221376

Agree, she looks vaguely tranny-ish with the heavy makeup, scribbly eyeliner, and side-swept bangs that start way too far back at the scalp. the outfit doesn't help, but the makeup and hair are the worst. Looks like what Dr. Frank N. Furter would wear (but she would probably take that as a compliment kek)

No. 221377

Nona stop this isn’t Twitter. He’s gross but this isn’t why

No. 221381

whats up with the Free Mason plaque on table lmao unless shes a member of their female group the eastern stars

No. 221384

File: 1655679462529.jpg (709.32 KB, 1080x2158, DDPnamechangeonTT.jpg)

Maybe it's stale or not very milky, but DDP changed her username on TikTok and I'm not really sure why?

No. 221386

Probably because her old username was so associated with her cow behavior

No. 221387

Jesus christ Deedee log off and touch grass no one thinks you're funny or gives a shit about your irrelevant, ita ass.

That and getting the nick name double penetration princess on cgl probably got her adult diaper in a twist.

No. 221425

File: 1655686675372.jpeg (210.99 KB, 1064x1596, 26b65bd12651ad9588731727fae840…)

the poster is fucking citrus, every moid's fucking wet dream of underage stepsister incest yuri lesbians. disgusting

No. 221438

it's one of many reasons why
very strange, didn't even see he had that until you pointed it out
ew that just makes it 10x worse - truly the most coomer male room decoration

No. 221445

a 30 year old man having framed pictures of teenage anime girls in his extremely off-putting room is one of the reasons why

No. 221451

I was wondering if anyone posted this since she straight up alluded to lurking the thread in the description kek

No. 221555

File: 1655728607655.jpg (45.52 KB, 828x787, 288429143_441504177979165_2530…)

Here you go, with her height (5'5) she fits into a perfectly normal weight/frame category. This community has the most warped mindset of body image that I have ever seen. For years you all have been foaming at the mouth trying to "prove" that she's fat when in reality, you're the ones who are fucked in the head and either morbidly obese or bottle rattlers knocking on death's door. She was not saying 29 is teeny tiny either- just that she's not this obese fucking ogre like you all paint her out to be. She's never done anything to warrant the disproportional amount of hate she's gotten so you split hairs trying to find ways nitpick her any way you can. It's bizarre and disgusting. Also, who gives a fuck if she lurks, everyone does.

No. 221556

Imagined how pressed you have to be to do this and also forget to sage. Seethe, fatty.

No. 221557

Oh get fucked.

No. 221558

You aren’t on /cgl/ fatty. You don’t get to break rules because you’re hangry and need an insulin shot

No. 221561

is "fatty" your favorite word? you've rendered it completely useless at this point, come back with better insults

No. 221568

Why are you posting this asinine bullshit as if this is /cgl/? Nobody here cares if you’re mad about a cow being called fat

No. 221584

God I remember when the anime of this came out and I kept hearing it was “good lesbian rep” so I started it and wanted to vomit at how obviously coomerish it was.

No. 221585

Oh my god no one even cares that much. Imagine coming to prove how not fat you are. This is just how people will continue making fun of her, I can’t believe people haven’t learned by now not to defend themselves or their friends in these threads. Just ignore it if it bothers you that much and someday, maybe it will die out.

No. 221586

Imagine even giving a fuck at this point. People are always going to talk shit regardless.

No. 221590

>>Just ignore it if it bothers you that much and someday, maybe it will die out.

translation: you're never ever allowed to be hurt by anything anyone says about you, you're supposed to just take it and pretend it doesn't affect you while we continue our femcel circlejerking okai bye!!!!

No. 221592

You can feel hurt, but just coming and screeching at anons over it just incites more ire from them. I’m not sure how that isn’t computing.

No. 221594

I literally just said I do not give a fuck anymore. The absolute worst nightmare scenario things have already been said, the damage has been done

No. 221595

File: 1655737887902.jpeg (163.02 KB, 828x1243, EE943B0E-46F7-4E50-9804-207C1F…)

No. 221597

File: 1655738001380.jpeg (219.13 KB, 770x1248, D5EB5B2F-2EA3-4AB2-876E-33EF2B…)

Lara story cope. Liv 2.0 but more unhinged

No. 221599

File: 1655738289470.jpeg (248.68 KB, 828x1137, 9FE12D21-ACB5-49EF-94B2-4A35E4…)

Deletes photos, called skinny people anorexic and teen bodies, proceeds to rages on trolls, makes cope Tiktoks, says her body dysmorphia is triggered, and continues to shit up thread & admitting to it.

No. 221600

waist snatched af

No. 221603

File: 1655738367736.jpeg (272.24 KB, 828x1229, 5B774F5D-7E08-4497-A5CE-244874…)

No. 221604

File: 1655738476946.jpeg (193.61 KB, 828x1215, 10A894CB-E34C-4FF8-B63F-4BE306…)

Isn’t she 30?

No. 221607

Bigger as in physically? Yes, we know

No. 221608

Then why stick around arguing? It’s normal to feel hurt in this sort of situation, retaliating just makes people want to do it even more, esp on an anon forum. It does make it hard to feel bad for whoever is getting attacked when they’re just riling people up more, and in some ways it’s almost a version of (mental) self-harm to keep it going. I originally felt bad for her but I can’t anymore after seeing how either she or her defenders just keep it going. At most, it would have just been an anon posting a pic and calling her fat. But because it didn’t just get ignored it’s become a blown up thing. Seeing shit like this >>221599, >>221597 is such a cope because if she really didn’t care, she wouldn’t be making more of a fool of herself like this. When people are hurt they tend to lash out like that, but they don’t have to. It’s just inviting anons to continue to be crueler. You see it all the time on here where it only escalates because the subject reacted to it.

No. 221609

Is this picture supposed to prove otherwise? Look at her hamhock arms kek. Lara please just shut the fuck up and stop sperging out.

Inb4 she posts pics from the hospital again pretending to have another panic attack over the buwwies like she did when her first candid pics were leaked

No. 221612

you know it's really easy to figure out who's screenshotting this kek this is fucking rich

No. 221615

No. 221616

ugly bitch lmfaooooo

No. 221622

Lara please stop being so autistic

No. 221623

this bitch is so weak she thinks being called fat and ugly is the "most horrific thing". pathetic as fuck. no one even mentioned how her eyes are too far apart and that she looks like a burn victim because her makeup looks like a 12 year old did it.

No. 221624

>Someone saying you're fat is dehumanizing

Is she new to the internet, holy shit you have people elsewhere online, on discords, in chats, wherever, cajoling others into suicide or trooning out or self harm or sex work but no, the most dehumanizing thing possible is other girls calling you fat.

No. 221625

A few years back the same thing happened and she went to the hospital, took pics of herself there and then posted them for attention crying about being bullied because people told her she was fat kek. It’s not the first time she’s had a meltdown like this.

No. 221629

that's because she tried to OD because of you fucks. keep making fun of mental illness though

No. 221630

the thing that bothers me the most is that she's trying to cope by insulting others. calling smaller girls pedobait with "teen" bodies(even though teens can be fat) like a big gotcha to girls who fit better in the clothes she likes. it's really quite embarrassing.

No. 221631

That’s not very Nice of you

No. 221632

if she's(you) weak enough to do that, then good riddance.

No. 221633

That’s not what she posted. She posted that it was because of a panic attack caused by the farm. Stop making things up.

No. 221634

That's really cute nonny, I hope you never experience that kind of pain

No. 221635

>trying to kill yourself because someone called you fat while you’re fat


No. 221636

I don't know that I have ever seen anyone make so many rapid responses to a thread both on socials and in the thread before

No. 221637

She looks better in this, she should just quit lolita honestly

No. 221638

she has nothing better to do, obviously. does her pick-me sounding ass even have a boyfriend or husband or something?

No. 221639

>all these butthurt replies
She always gave me the creeps so it’s good to know she really is as mentally unstable as she looks

No. 221640

>the creeps
yes! i couldn't put my finger on what my issue was with her. she looks really creepy, like those woman masks or something. she should stop hanging around lor so she can learn how to do makeup.

No. 221641

File: 1655740778756.jpeg (323.64 KB, 828x1071, DC4E45FC-23C0-45BC-8ABF-68FCDF…)

She wants to be a Popteen so bad. Why is her statements so bad?

No. 221645

File: 1655741401498.jpeg (281.75 KB, 323x572, D0E5196F-57A9-4697-B763-B0BE62…)

Live posting on your story isn’t a good idea Lara

No. 221647

Did it to bait you :) found the snake(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 221648

Kek drop the snake now Lara

No. 221649

>she doesn't know there are programs that let you record these anonymously

No. 221651

Is it really worth it to act batshit insane for this?

No. 221652

Kek she’s so autistic to know. Let her parade in her Gotcha

No. 221654

She is just mad that she’s ugly and her body so unfortunate. She can’t look in the mirror in her sweet lolita fit and expect to be seen as a full grown women. Whoever dresses like this is age regressing on purpose or not.

No. 221655

Nice story delete. Did you had fun blocking random followers of yours?

No. 221657

she needs to get off the internet. this is sad now. i'd feel bad for her if she wasn't such a huge cunt, but you know…

No. 221664

She makes liv less insufferable. Is this Lara’s way of being the bigger troll
>>221597 this is humiliating

No. 221682

The best part is what she's doing isn't even trolling KEK.

No. 221700

I would maybe feel bad for her, if she weren't also lashing out at others by insulting them. Having self esteem, isn't putting others down. Realistically, I probably wouldn't feel bad for her anyways because she is 'built like a fridge.' That's not untrue, I also haven't posted above on her prior but she is making a fool of herself.

The issue isn't that she's fat, she's just too large for the clothing she's wearing. It makes her look fat. Obviously, she just has very little self awareness based off of these points:
1. Wrong makeup for her face, poor makeup, bad colors
2. Ill-fitting clothes for her body type that is either too small or the wrong 'shape.'
3. She thinks self confidence is putting others down, meanwhile saying the same about the evil bullies on 4chan.

Gurl, you're on here posting too. You're also insulting other people as well. It's really not the right approach and I would suggest you just back away and stop replying. If you're butthurt about being called fat, then maybe you should think the response to others by calling them "ugly" isn't much different?

You're just making yourself milky.

No. 221705

I was going to say that people need to stop but then again if she has been making rude remarks about other people she should have seen it coming. In conclusion, those calling her fat and ugly and Lara need to stop.

No. 221707

Yeah, there wasn't any current milk about her and all the "so and so is fat/ugly" comments are repetitive and boring. The only time there has been actual milk is now that she's responding so much to those posts and wking herself with her own set of insults. Really there was no need for this in the first place.

No. 221708

she has an ugly greasy coomer looking husband

No. 221709

her entire tiktok is that kind of shit.

No. 221723

dee dee megadoodoo lol

No. 221727

File: 1655752169733.jpeg (255.32 KB, 306x556, 37C1DC02-93DA-4838-900E-BF1A01…)

Touch reality Lara

No. 221737

lara since you're obviously here reading this thread PLEASE wear some other fucking color of lipstick im BEGGING you. the color you always use just blends into your skin and makes it look like you don't have any lips at all.

No. 221739

Cashapp me right now and i'll buy whatever color you want me to wear sweetie

No. 221750

Nobody is going to pay for a fat pig to put on a different shade of lipstick lol.

No. 221753

Then give me a smooch on my crusty voldemort mouth or shut the fuck up >:)

No. 221754

The fact that she’s on here BY CHOICE to read what people are saying is just sad and proves she enjoys the attention , good or bad. But then goes on to complain about it anyway acting like he doesn’t care. If you don’t care / not bothered , why keep coming on here to read about yourself? For a dose of reality ?

No. 221760

It’s peak BPD/narc rage. A big red flag warning anyone sane to stay away.

No. 221764

fr it's like a britney level meltdown, how long till she shaves her head

No. 221771

She’s too fat and ugly to be compared to Britney. Also Lara loves Britney and would be the one to compare herself to Brit and her paparazzi situation.

No. 221788

I am better than Brit, sorry you anorexic twits

No. 221792

At this rate someone has to be larping

No. 221807

Yep this. She’s not fat, but she’s wearing too small clothes. The lolita stuff is fine, but the gyaru style stuff is too small and unflattering to her body. If she got clothes that fit better she would look a lot better.
Also, her makeup looks off. I can’t quite it my finger on why, except that her lipstick is too pale and it blends into her face, but there’s something else too that is uncanny valley but I’m not sure what it is. I guess it could be some sort of editing too.

If she’s here reading and posting, she’s no better than any of us. Does she even have a job or does she just dick around all day posting troll tik toks? Maybe her mental health would improve and she would feel less upset if she had something to focus on instead of lolcow.

No. 221819

File: 1655758611812.jpeg (357.66 KB, 828x861, 721B9FCF-BA41-444B-BA63-2F3182…)

No. 221827

File: 1655759051297.jpeg (284.4 KB, 827x1336, F3643AA5-4030-4372-8E94-E72ADF…)

No. 221830

She looks fat here too. The anons saying it’s because jfashion doesn’t fit her body type are in denial. She’s just fat.

No. 221843

File: 1655760319372.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x1322, Screenshot_20220620-222444_Ins…)

why are UK lolitas such a trash fire always?

No. 221844

you just showed us literally exactly that.

No. 221847

girl on the right looks fine other 2 are just uggos

No. 221849

Woah idk who they are but the middle one looks like a weird character creation.

No. 221851

why does she have that line down the middle of her stomach? you can see it better in other pictures. it looks weird.

No. 221864

Obesity, caused by stretched skin. Also happens to pregnant women when their stomach expands.

No. 221870

it's her workout lines

No. 221871

kek I love you

No. 221878

No. I'm saying she's wearing shit that's too small. That pic looks like another example of it. The skirt is hiked all the way up and is short as fuck. Her ass is likely hanging out. I think she is "wide" but she's probably tall, as well. It doesn't fit jfashion, no, unfortunately.

No. 221879

also, I might add it's no different than PT. She's delusional, yes, but I wouldn't think she's as unfortunate as PT either. She just needs to wear shit her size and do makeup in a way that doesn't make her look fucking strange.

No. 221881

PT was fat as fuck too.

No. 221882

That’s because you are built like a fridge

No. 221885

her main issue is that she isn't very attractive. if she was, people would let it slide a bit. but she'd also need to have a better figure and then her clothes would fit better anyway.

No. 221891

File: 1655766746066.jpeg (536.33 KB, 828x570, 79E48BB2-B3D7-49A0-BBF5-63EB21…)

Lolita rejects crew

No. 221892

Who even interacts with these clowns? How the fuck do they still have likes and comments

No. 221893

This. She should have ignored it from the start.

No. 221896

I feel like whoever posted her was expecting to bait her too

No. 221897

Yes, I agree. But it’s not really uncommon to see that happen, and if people wanted more milk well then they got it.

No. 221898

It was someone hatefollowing her from the sound of it kek, biding their time for her to post something they could use. Good on them, this was hilarious.

No. 221899

So who is it? Instagram doesn’t notify you when someone takes a screen shot.

No. 221900

im assuming she limited who can view her story to catch who in her friends/following is screenshotting her IG story. If you limit it to say like 5 specific people and the screenshot is uploaded within a time frame of whoever is shown to have seen it, you can narrow it down pretty easily. or set it to close friends without that person really noticing.

No. 221908

there are sites and programs that let you view whatever they've uploaded, even private, anonymously.

No. 221917

Girl on the left is cute too, though more jfashion than lolita, I'm not seeing the trashfire with any of them tbh

No. 221944

Not everyone cares about SJW sensibilities, or they don't follow drama

No. 221947

right, but im responding to how lara might have figured out who it was if they didn't use those methods, not how the person could have evaded it.

No. 221951

she didn't find out. do you really believe her?

No. 221972

Probably cowbluffing/flamethrower approach like when Katherine on /snow blocked like 1k followers to try and remove the farmers from their midst, and still failed at catching them all.

No. 221977

what does a military Lolita dress have to do with someone's political beliefs or being a nazi?

No. 221981

schizo lolita

No. 221982

Wokelita's love to cancel it for vaguely looking WW2ish German name and eagle pin

Another lolita wore it for a nazi costume a years ago

Attention-chan wants attention and probably wants it to troll then libtards or something

No. 221985

The wokes always shit up everything

No. 222030

File: 1655829997111.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1284x1589, DDFF379C-1C87-44A7-83F5-05D64B…)

She is always wearing clothes that don’t fit her. It really makes her look delusional when her clothes are busting open and she thinks it’s okay to post. I still think she’s fat and getting better fitting clothes isn’t going to help her not be fat but at least she wouldn’t look like she can’t afford clothes that fit.

No. 222034

Her proportions confuse me, she's tall, she shouldn't look as fat as she does. I guess short torso and unfortunate fat distribution. Notice how she came in here to boast she's a healthy weight by using her waist measurement not her weight or BMI. Guess those calculations weren't to her liking kek.

No. 222035

what is with this random nitpick? being fat isn't milk. I agree with >>221896 and >>221707 and others, lara may be a cow, but she is not currently milky. why was she suddenly just dropped on here??

No. 222038

>she’s not currently milky
>literally just went on a huge meltdown sperg out directly addressing the farm for hours yesterday

Are you retarded? That was the most milky thing a cow has done in a thread or two.

No. 222041

I also think wearing clothing that's specifically designed to fit slimmer, short women is always going to highlight unfortunate features on a large frame. tldr Lolita and Gyaru are largely not particularly flattering on tall women or chunky women. Shorter chubby women can sometimes get away with it more as there are short, chubby Japanese women but very few tall, "big boned" Japanese women.

No. 222044

File: 1655832797023.jpeg (228.19 KB, 718x1252, EB9628AC-7FE1-4651-A6CB-CC058F…)

Her legs look edited

No. 222045

File: 1655832838108.jpeg (138.75 KB, 596x594, 3FE699F3-D491-4E9F-AF52-01B57D…)

Hamlet legs

No. 222047

this is cute for punkstyle

No. 222049

Her upper arm is as thick as the other girls thigh and she tries to say she’s not fat?

No. 222050

she would be friends with momo, lolcows stick together

No. 222052

File: 1655834262390.jpeg (299.73 KB, 1333x2000, 82CEFE92-D140-4DC2-B745-E9A1E2…)

She always looks like such shit in candids where she can’t shoop herself

No. 222055

She did not change from 3 threads ago

No. 222057

I think she’s fatter now if you look at that pic and >>222045 which is more recent and other more recent photos where she looks especially wide, but she for sure has the same shitty BPD-ish personality and behavior.

No. 222058

File: 1655834701180.jpeg (923.58 KB, 828x1606, 427E7F6D-A15D-4F45-8160-56D4BF…)

Looks like a man. Zooming in the picture makes it even more unflattering

No. 222059

File: 1655834862262.jpeg (71.96 KB, 266x571, 638C65F1-A164-4620-9DF7-73869F…)

She should go to deedeezeta’s anorexic and posing camp

No. 222071

literally looks like a woman mask.

No. 222075

I still don’t understand years later why she chose to model in a fashion show and then lost her mind when photos were posted of her modeling in the fashion show. What did you think would happen sis?

And to think that they probably went through the pictures to find the best ones and THIS was the best they could find of Lara kek

No. 222076

are we sure this isn't a bio male?

No. 222082

Why even say "bio male", just say man.

No. 222084

I'm sure you're just joking but I actually went to high school with her and she's definitely a woman. No milk so don't get excited, she was a completely normal girl. Lost all contact after school but knew she was into jfashion. Didn't realize she was a cow until now though, yikes.

No. 222093

because sjws use this thread. i wanted to shut down any notion of her being a brave tranny.

No. 222098

File: 1655842280228.gif (7.09 MB, 450x253, lara.gif)

Still the same but fatter

No. 222102

She’s so ungraceful and unpleasant looking but you can tell she was really feeling here self here

No. 222103

Lara after shitting up the thread and calling anons anorexic bitches

No. 222106

nta, but anon if you pay attention to any other post on lolcow, a lot of people respond to people on posting them on lolcow. it isn't milky to get a response when poked, that just makes you a troll and you're getting responses to trolling. even the shittiest trolling, you sought out some weak minded person that you may have already done this to in the past.

I understand you don't get lolcow or even *chan culture, but it's obvious you have some vendetta for the girl. sure she looks like a fridge, but it's not milk

No. 222109

File: 1655843455296.png (692.58 KB, 572x928, lyingpig.png)

What a lying pig, 29 inch waist my fucking ass.
Selena Gomez is 5'5" as well and she's in the middle of a healthy bmi at 120-130 lbs. This bitch is right in the dead center between overweight and obese. Not amount of clothing can hide those ham hocks called legs.

No. 222110

>it isn’t milky

It literally is and always has been considered milky when a cow responds to criticism that was made on the farm openly or discretely. Go to any thread about an individual cow and it gets posted. Off of the top of my head in threads I go to shayna, Jill, onision, momokun are all guilty of this too and it gets posted as milk. Stop whiteknighting.

No. 222112

if you're not actually a wk, you're part of why lolcow is dying. we have more freedom to talk on /cgl/ where drama is banned, due to lc's autistic mods the past few years. lighten up, unless you're a wk, in which case gtfo.

No. 222118

it was already obvious she doesn't have a 29in waist because she can't fit into unshirred jd. and jd size 42 is US size 6, where as 29in is US size 8.

No. 222130

Yes, Lara! Serve those anorexic bitches and anons qween. They’ll never be as Britney and delusional as you.

No. 222133

The Fat positive and body positivity movement was a mistake

No. 222140

File: 1655847946970.gif (16.11 MB, 599x306, why.gif)

speaking of fat
Lolita fashion and J-fashion show at Paradiso 2022

Glad this ita convention is gone

No. 222143

i love how even AP hires runway models to do their fashion shows. con fashion shows have always been the cringe of the crop.

No. 222145

Saw this on the front page. Is it normal for Lolita stuff to look like antique lamps?

No. 222151

File: 1655849473428.gif (10.62 MB, 600x310, incoming fatlitas.gif)

No, unless you're a ita. Normally it's bell or cupcake shapes for sweet lolitas. What this model did was go beyond those two shapes to make it look horrible, or it's her fat-shaped body making the illusion bad.

No. 222155

omfg why are they all fat as fuck

No. 222156

Why does she act like this? the fuck. This isn't drag race

No. 222180

the brand she's modelling is a cringe epic quirky brand, she was probably instructed to honestly

No. 222186

Yeah the other models for the same brand did similar stuff

No. 222201

For some reason these strike me as a formerly super obese person. Does anyone know if she lost a lot of weight? If she used to be massively obese I could see how she would think she looks good comparably. She doesn’t have a 29 inch waist imo but there’s no way to prove it unless she posts a video showing her measuring her waist. I kind of feel bad for her because she clearly doesn’t have the body for the clothes she wants to wear; she either needs to lose weight or stop trying to wear too small clothes. Still, she’s acting like a cow freaking out over it when she could be working out and eating better

No. 222202

Why do brands pick models that have zero experience with posing and walking down a runway?

No. 222207

Because the models do it for free…

No. 222208

It makes me so sad thinking about how many animals have died for this.

No. 222210

she has the weird post obesity line and her legs look post obese.

No. 222211

That’s just because she’s currently obese. Inb4 some fatty comes in crying how she’s not obese, obese is a medical term and the threshold for it is way lower than most westerners think and Lara is definitely over the line that would qualify her as obese. We had that problems of fellow fatties crying when Voldie was fat and her backrolls were exposed by her tattoo artist and I just know they’re waiting to craw out of the woodwork for Lara

No. 222213

considering her height i'd have to agree.

No. 222217

this video is a fucking meme. they look like animorphic blobs that are walking in unison as bat creatures

No. 222226

The fatty who glared at the end is killing me.

No. 222231

Ok while this is probably true (obese for 5’5” would be like 175 lb or so), I meant like Momokun without lipo obese. If she was previously that size and lost quite a bit of it, can imagine she thinks she looks better than she does. Maybe she’s dressing for the size she hopes to get to? Please dress based on current measurements and keep the thinspo clothes in the closet

No. 222247

Why oh why are the dresses so short and poofy (not in a good way)

No. 222254

Had I not known who she was, from this picture alone, I would 100% have assumed she was a man.

No. 222265

the mid section was tailored/designed to be wider without any of the other lengths being altered. so essentially, the cupcake shape becomes too stuffed and appears smaller in comparison. It also rides the skirt higher with the expansion of the waist.

poor design, and it makes them literally look like they're in some kind of ddlg group with how much it exposes

No. 222271

File: 1655906169355.jpeg (215.76 KB, 827x995, 54D25255-0EF5-4196-B945-B6BC66…)

No. 222276

Comparing regular people to snooped pics celebrities and their publicly stated weights is absolute moron behavior. Hey bone rattlers, you might want to sit down with this news but no one fucking cares that you have a superiority complex about your waist measurement because of a standard set by niche Japanese princess dresses. In b4 only an obese person would write this.

No. 222285

She's the one who gave everyone covid kek

No. 222289

Can everyone shut up about Lara now. There's no milk and it's incredibly boring reading about 29 inch waists and thick thighs that we all know (aside from anorexics) aren't even that thick especially when you compare her to the "models" above. Thank you

No. 222292

god, this is pathetic at this point. being online is clearly not good for your mental health.

No. 222306

>there’s no milk

Why do people keep saying this? Her behavior/meltdown in reaction to this thread was classic milk.

No. 222310

because it's her or her wks. she got posted on /cgl/ in the gyaru thread and it got derailed because of them.

No. 222327

he will continue to entertain because he's an insane lolcow tranny and nobody cares about earning a predatory pedo troon moids respect
this guy is so narcissistic and delusional

No. 222330

File: 1655922555679.png (49.46 KB, 340x340, Screen Shot .png)

anything to distract from him creeping on that 14 year old. he also has her listed as a family member on his facebook
I feel sorry for her, checked her facebook page and looks like a lot of older men creep on her on her posts, and she probably doesn't know any better.

No. 222335

found a voice clip from twitch and no-makeup vids of the mazzy maxx kid and I get the feeling they're an underage troon and not an actual girl, either way still really creepy sainte a 30 year old man is trying to get close to a minor like that especially since he was a mod of that grooming server reikos trap harem or r9cute or whatever it was called

No. 222338

I think people are starting to get annoyed with the sperging about her weight. her reaction was milky for sure but the same handful of anons speculating about whether or not she's lying about her measurements really isn't

No. 222341

File: 1655928629245.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.09 MB, 2400x7000, groomer freak.jpeg)

samefag posting evidence of sainte aka alkamei aka olivine in the grooming servers - I think its r9cute or reikos trap haram or whatever
there's self-harm pics in bottom right so I spoilered and I circled saintes message in blue

No. 222342

File: 1655928721948.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.51 MB, 4500x4976, y chromosoid degeneracy.jpeg)

another with him in it spoilered also
sorry the files are so large, hopefully they post right
circled his messages in blue again

No. 222351

There is milk now that she's responding, but there was none when she was initially posted because it was just an obvious vendetta post/nitpick. Someone was just trying to make her sperg out when there has been no drama with her in ages, and got the milk they wanted by poking the cow.

No. 222362

File: 1655934153502.jpeg (175.99 KB, 1792x792, 1E85481F-3875-4CEC-ACF9-C83931…)

Her raging on anorexics is so funny. And the fact that she is on here referring to post her in the gyaru thread instead of here >>220986

Cgl Thread Archived

No. 222365

File: 1655934447641.jpeg (820.9 KB, 828x1141, DEC27F33-B00B-4B15-B326-8F7E03…)

They way Lara types on both Cgl and lolcow easily matches together. She is also the one behind posting and shit talking other Lolitas.

No. 222378

Jesus. If u went in there to get proof, I’d leave before you can get caught up legally if the server ever gets hit.

No. 222382

it's really obvious when it's her. she's clearly jealous that other people fit the fashion she likes better.

No. 222412

Being fat and having a meltdown are considered milk now? Or does that only apply for certain people?

No. 222422

having a meltdown is always milk. stop minimodding.

No. 222472

Because SSP designer/owner looks like them and they only make fat sizes with vanity names size 1 size 2 ect iirc to comfort themselves about looking like a genderspecial blob

No. 222473

File: 1655983949794.jpg (42.67 KB, 720x719, FB_IMG_1655978568804.jpg)

OOAK because no one will buy it?

No. 222496

How is a shitty regretsy item milk? Who even made it? Why does this feel like an attempt to derail from the Lara talk?

No. 222509

She cries that people aren’t being sensitive in regards to her mental health but then shits on anorexia nervosa, the most deadly mental illness. What a hypocritical fat cow.

No. 222561

Okay I found contact info and ask why names can't be used and to change it.

No. 222567

Aaaaaaand there you have it, girls. This is exactly why we need to start vetting men (trans) more. They are predominately incels when they are attracted to lolita. Please. Don't let these fucks near kids in our community.

No. 222628

File: 1656030132777.jpeg (559.98 KB, 549x1036, EE8A6D1F-B6C8-4B0B-BFE9-D8B40C…)

She’s 30 btw

No. 222629

Maybe lara needs her own thread at this point just like k8 and lor. But again she’s a sad little attention whore and will cry woe is me for sympathy gain.

No. 222630

She’s got intense crazy eyes. Where are her friends? Shouldn’t someone step in and tell her to knock it off? She clearly isn’t mentally stable enough to recognize that on her own.

No. 222667

K8 and lors threads are too slow. They should be merged back into this thread to be honest.

No. 222680

I don’t get how so many “popular” lolitas have the ugliest husbands or boyfriends. I could understand if it were for money but they are all poor as fuck.

No. 222688

This is a clown show. The venue that this trash was hosted in gave off back room and dashcon vibes. The room was filled with nothing but fatsos and itas eating junk food sugar cookies.

>clown themed event

>Itas wasted their money for tickets
>Staff from Tekko’s j fashion department announced that Tekko con is running into trouble and needs $100,000 on their GoFundMe

No. 222696

File: 1656054232132.jpeg (350.79 KB, 828x1015, 132ADDFA-692C-469D-8557-94A98F…)

Tekko’s GoFundMe

They’re severely lacking Jfashion guests, but, Lolitas are still attending this catastrophic event. Sad that they’ll never pull Moitie ever again.

No. 222709

Puvithel is making/selling them as a collab with the walking closet Avina

No. 222715

I really thought this was Zoe for a second: https://www.instagram.com/_cinnamontea_/

No. 222723

i'm surprised this bitch has a husband. she's nuts and ugly.

No. 222735

definitely has an eating disorder for sure. almost no one is that skinny naturally

No. 222736

she dresses better than Zoe kek.

No. 222737

How is it milk that you mistook some rando for someone else?

No. 222747

That's why I saged
"sage your non-milk posts"

No. 222751

Are you retarded? Non-milk posts as in replies. Posting some random lolita because you mistook them for another isn’t farm material. Go back to /cgl/.

No. 222756

It’s funny because momo used to shit talk her constantly. But instagram clout > dignity

No. 222759


No. 222765

>walking closet Avina
Top kek
I actually like a lot of her coords (I know) but the conspicuous consumption is a bit much sometimes

Oh piss off, she’s a lolita and this is a general lolita discussion

No. 222766

Calm your tits, lolcow police

No. 222769

You do realize that posting people who don’t have any milk isn’t allowed, right? It comes off as vendetta. Just existing as a lolita without any drama doesn’t mean they automatically belong on the farm’s lolita thread. The purpose of the lolita lolcow thread is to discuss cows who are lolitas. What has that girl done to make her a cow, exactly? If you have proof of something she did then that would be different but just posting retard shit like “whoops I mistook this one lolita for a cow because they’re both skelly” doesn’t belong here. The newfags from /cgl/ are really flooding in.

No. 222782

File: 1656087235134.jpeg (92.28 KB, 640x1138, A842DB93-F9CB-4B3F-B0C7-A94AD6…)

Larasuzannna latest post attacking deedeezeta.

No. 222783

She doesn’t even follow deedee
so why is she looking to start shit with her today.

No. 222784

Both of these cows are unhinged.

No. 222785

File: 1656088014917.jpeg (819.23 KB, 822x1355, 18E587CF-970B-412C-B564-CDE0E6…)

Kek I have to agree with Nat this time

No. 222786

Far left BPD fatty vs Far right pickme nazi

No. 222787

It’s going to be funny when both Deedeezeta and Sp00py call her fat and she ends up in a emergency room making TikTok.

No. 222794

File: 1656089599536.jpeg (97.59 KB, 640x1138, 77D249CB-E7BA-4785-83A0-A39FD1…)

No. 222796

File: 1656089706332.jpeg (78.37 KB, 640x1138, 31C85BDC-285E-48ED-B29B-52E397…)

Except she lurks threads kek

No. 222816

just a suggestion
what if we made a separate thread for sissies and predators? they don't wear Lolita and its entirely different drama than Lolita drama

it sucks getting bummed out from the random pedo screenshots after enjoying all the unhinged lolita milk. its like there's two different conversations at once.

No. 222821

If you remove them from this thread and they’re praying upon the community less people will know about them.

No. 222832

File: 1656095994397.jpeg (609.08 KB, 828x761, 4B8424CA-1D45-442E-8DDA-C83BC3…)

There she goes lurking the thread >>222785

No. 222833

File: 1656096216350.jpeg (89.8 KB, 640x1138, C1498389-9E30-4A05-85D1-13BED6…)

>Thinks it’s just Nat “harassing” her
>Claims to be at peace now

No. 222835

This is the mastermind of troll? Seriously, Lara needs to get a grip and stop being this autistic.

No. 222837

She’s really stupid if she thinks it’s just one person posting her and laughing at her here

No. 222838

File: 1656098503009.jpeg (307.99 KB, 828x1327, 589EA612-1CDE-4DE5-AD07-4D79AB…)

I don’t understand why Momo would hang out with this obese fridge. Just like liv, Lara is going full batshit but more extreme than liv and her crew. Lara has already filled this thread quick with her deranged spazzing

Don’t zoom in on Lara’s face kek

No. 222842

File: 1656098841392.jpeg (140.08 KB, 828x858, D13279F5-C3A9-4E37-A835-F97DF7…)

IM Not FaT

No. 222843

how many times is she going to say she's getting offline?

No. 222844

she really looks like a man. seriously.

No. 222847

She has got to be over 200lbs here. Horrific.

No. 222858

attention/to deflect
are you two here? pls do us a favor, we're thirsty
mono is about clout, she will hang with anyone with a following.

No. 222862

File: 1656102717901.jpeg (197.96 KB, 762x1316, AFF154AF-28B5-4489-8A61-0FAABE…)

No. 222864

except Sainte DOES wear lolita and is doing his damnedest to insert himself into every private lolita space. He asked to join a discord I'm in and has sent me and my friends friend requests on Facebook where most of us don't even have mutual friends with him so we aren't even sure how he found us to add. Note: can he get banned for multiple lace market accounts? Ever since his original alchemy and gold account got negative feedback and got put on everyone's blacklist, he's made new ones to get around seller's personal ToS to not sell to him/sell to anyone with his excessive negative feedbacks (that he got for acting unhinged)

No. 222866

With the new milk around incel troon grooming on the *chans, we probably need to have something a bit more strict for an outline with men joining us. Ya'll do realize this is really bad, because we're adjacent from sharing boards with autist incel prowlers, right?

No. 222869

no, all the ones posted have lolita coords that they own/wear and are trying to be part of the "lolita community" as a whole so they 100% belong in this thread
ew is it a publicly advertised lolita discord or a small invite only type thing? I hope you warned the others in the discord about him
do you have any screenshots of or the account names of some of his lacemarket alts? would be helpful so nonnas are able to avoid him easier

No. 222879

She looks like she's wearing a giant diaper, I can't unsee it

No. 222880

she does in >>222058 also.

No. 222881

>>222842 >>222862
Lara's throwaway is "romanticwishhh" she's desperately trying to find who is posting her but is actually just blocking fans. This is beautiful.

No. 222901

File: 1656119999482.jpeg (98.39 KB, 640x1138, Fat-1.jpeg)

Of course fatty needs food. Wasn't she getting off the internet for the day?

No. 222905

She really needs to cut out liquid calories. She’s a whale and doesn’t “need” boba. She NEEDS to put the fork down. Lara since we know you lurk and post here, you can lose a lot of weight by cutting out calories consumed via liquids.

No. 222906

Look at her room. What a fucking slob.

No. 222914

She’s a H3H3 tard. People who still watches Ethan shitty podcast have to be unhinged or teens

No. 222939

to be fair boba isn't that much calories depending on which one you get. But then if you stuff your face and don't treat it as a snack to hold you from eating until way later that's another story…

No. 222949

Fat people don’t need to be drinking any calories at all. It doesn’t matter if it’s “not much”, any way to cut out excess will do them good. At the rate Lara is going she’s going to be 300lbs at age 40

No. 222959

the tea itself is usually packed with sugar though. some drinks can have 500 calories depending on where you go and what's in them. also holy fuck she needs to clean her room.

No. 222963

File: 1656163468785.jpeg (130.51 KB, 431x435, C2F5C765-FB73-4A59-AD72-C62519…)

Can people stop using those god awful filters.

No. 222964

Idk it’s hilarious when attention seekers do that and they’re back in like two hours. They are too addicted to the drama. For real as an over thirty idk how people over thirty can still continue to act this way. It should have been abandoned when you left high school.

No. 222965

I don’t understand what is appealing about that man.

No. 222968

File: 1656164860813.jpeg (153.32 KB, 726x1211, 18514792-1EE9-4BAB-8351-CFB8D1…)

She looks like a zombie

No. 222972

i hate that nat can make me laugh KEK

No. 222973

File: 1656166781142.jpeg (195.39 KB, 721x1291, C78C4E44-2EDF-4615-867C-90A60C…)

No. 222975

can't imagine the power she'd wield for the greater lolita comm if she realized christianity is a joke (also idg how she doesn't see the hypocrisy of being ok with being lesbian but everything else is a no-no kek) she'll hopefully grow out of it.

No. 222977

File: 1656168031587.jpeg (53.9 KB, 350x623, CE8496EA-4127-4BDD-BEE9-05322F…)

Ratty Toastchannn

No. 222979

Cultists is such a strange and schizo choice of words

No. 222993

File: 1656176566971.jpg (743.44 KB, 1080x1613, Screenshot_Instagram.jpg)

She's just trolling idk why you ppl dont get that she isn't even religious. I guess since her friend lara blocked her she decided to quit but we'll see.

No. 222995

I actually think this is semi-based if tru, is this from her IG? how long ago was this posted.

her shitposting became really hard to decipher seeing as the same memes she posted were also posted in earnest by christ junkies. (which i see she's admitting to so there's at least that).

she needs to blast this.

No. 223001

>everyone sperging over some fat bpd cow instead of actual pedophile/child groomer Sainte
the absolute state of this thread

No. 223005

its her insta story rn but she's posted this before. shes not even a terf she just hates men period, radfems were quick to say shes based for terfgate but remember she said that stuff in private never in public. bet she doesnt care about ftms just mtfs cause their men.

No. 223006

People are discussing both you autist

No. 223007


What else should we do anon? The troon craves off attention and already been blacklisted by multiple lacemarket sellers. I’m sure he’s already been banned by his local comm and lolita discords.

Also Lara is shitting up this board so you should blame her.

No. 223013

Being unfortunate looking isn't milk. Texas really is the Florida of the west isn't it? Kind of weird how after posts are made about DDP and Rsqrtz, the Texas sperging continues

No. 223019

wtf are you talking about? she called brandon an AGP on her public insta.

No. 223024

then post milk, i'll wait.

No. 223025

ok and he is, that doesnt make her a terf otherwise she'd be calling out all troons.

No. 223026

Almost like the same person is probably posting everyone they dislike from Texas

No. 223027

you do realize there is a healthy amount of terfs that have at least sympathy for ftms, not that it's universal but more in an open door policy. as in people can be wrong and come back to reality. focusing on mtf is the real distinguishing factor. idg your point tbh

No. 223028

if you seriously think it's just one person posting about texas, when the dallas comm has been a staple topic in CGL and lc, then you're fucking mental. no, it's not one vendetta.

also, you do realize that it doesn't make sense for anyone outside of texas to be getting pissed about that right? kek, plz use your brain.

No. 223029

this. i'm not even from texas comm and i hate lara. especially now after this thread.

No. 223032

Plus Texas has a huge lolita community. It’s natural that a bunch of people talk about it

No. 223035


samefag, last thing i'll say, is that mods would call out sperging/constant posting/and samefagging if it was from just one individual. Funny how mods have only had to do that one time in these threads and the culprits were the ones defending texas ppl kek.


this. sissies self insert if people aren't warned ahead of time.

No. 223036

As someone outside of Texas, post milk or stfu and stop shitting up the thread with nitpicks. It's not cgl idgaf about some random uggos that slighted you.

No. 223037

People can discuss things/cows even if you don’t like it you autist.

No. 223039

if you're so upset, post milk yourself.

No. 223040

is there a reason why you didn't direct this to >>223026 seeing as they were the person who started this convo? once again, i ask you to use your fucking brain.

No. 223054

File: 1656194424219.jpeg (457 KB, 1242x1917, 84B91D6A-0ACE-48E8-9B28-D990A4…)


No. 223073

god this bitch is so annoying

No. 223074

Based HAha Funny Lol
I swear TikTok Lolitas have the worst humor

No. 223084

Love seeing these people use the terminology not knowing it's meaning. Also holy hell what is wrong with their mouths!?

No. 223085

Get a load of these buckaroos

No. 223086

Stop trying to deflect Lara

No. 223087


Apparently all you need to do now to get the attention off you is to post Texans

No. 223095

Clearly does not know the meaning of the word based…

No. 223098

We’ve seen Texas Lolitas do shady shit on here.

No. 223100

Both unhinged and uggos

No. 223101

does she know based is an altright thing? should someone tell her?

No. 223102

no it's not, it's just a ghetto way to say cool. it originally meant high on coke. aren't you sjws usually against appropriation? why are you letting people appropriate slang for hate speech?

No. 223113

Sage for based talk butI always thought it was from Based God aka the rapper when that one song got popular … “bless you ,based god”
That’s when I first heard people use it

No. 223115

and where do you think he got it from nonna

No. 223123

he popularized it, meaning cool, but it meant coked up long before that(he also used it to mean coked up)

No. 223128

It's a 4chan thing (which Reddit copied after). 4chan is not actually alright believe it or not.

No. 223135

Toast and her crew were so annoying at RVR. Her and Liv were the biggest clout chasing hoes there with marina shoving a camera in everyone’s face. She was a Volunteer, But, haven’t shown up to most of the volunteers work. She just went around with others and even invaded other people dinner reservation.

No. 223159

Didn’t the person on the right just get posted for being a Dallas comm shit stirrer in Liv’s circle? And Toast made a TikTok sayings to “Avoid Cgl”, yet she steal ideas from threads for her shitty videos.

No. 223189

receipts on toast stealing content from cgl for vids? i know we already caught gemma doing that so i’m not surprised if more ppl do it

No. 223203

Basically every lolita YouTuber has/does it. Lor, Tyler, Gemma, pearlie cutie, etc.

No. 223213

File: 1656262307585.jpeg (549.33 KB, 1620x1003, 8060879F-73BE-4200-8358-3C785A…)

lil b is the origin of "based" (reclaimed as a positive term and not insult) but yeah you're right that it only became widely used after it became a 4chan trend but like most memes a lot of people are going to forget that or are unaware of that. it's not alt-right, using that logic this entire cesspit of a site is alt-right too kek.
dumb thing to nitpick over if you also are admitting to not knowing the source of the term.

No. 223219

No lolitas was saying “Based” until Cgl and lurkfags learned of it. The word is so over used and it had nothing to do with Lil b. Retards always claim new words from TikTok memes and threads.

No. 223241

anyone want to get teeth… i mean toast cancelled for being alt right and using alt right slang?

No. 223242


Go back to twitter

No. 223245

If they got mad at lor for doing Harlem pose then I’m sure they’ll get mad at her

No. 223249

Of course Dallas being full of obnoxious

No. 223273

any non-clout chaser/ita has already cancelled her.
toast would just cry racism and be absolved of her crimes. speaking of social crimes, when will she realize the broccoli hair aint it?

No. 223283

what's funny is that their constant use of board terminology like based and vendetta completely outs them as using the boards. those terms are not common (based isn't common anymore outside of forums and maybe reddit at least) and it's wild that they don't realize how they're giving themselves away. no social awareness whatsoever.

No. 223292

I found her yt and it is a goldmine.

This video in particular is wild. Mentions of LC start around 1:41

No. 223296

yes. it astounds me that she's still here.

No. 223317

Hot mess

No. 223319

File: 1656290741460.jpeg (613.71 KB, 828x1228, 9EF9491E-192E-42F1-92C6-7B4C71…)

Yes she did. As anons here already mentioned she’s a crazy Dallas psychopath. It’s interesting how how they get posted for their terminology of words.
Everything the anons said about her being batshit is correct. I too unfollowed and blocked her recently, after finding out she’s the one behind posting Hannah on here. Like if you’re going to nitpick rosequartsroyalty’s hair : Take a look at your own fried ends under that cheap taobao wig.
Here’s a screenshot from her story with the same sprint/Verizon service line that matches the anons.

Hannah made a TikTok which obviously hinted out that her vendetta was at Akon. They both were in the same room at Akon from AP modeling to AP tea party. I’m not from Dallas but some of the members were clearly throwing shade at each other. >>220745

She already got ratted out on cgl for drama before. And her TikTok is depressoespresso59 for the cringe

No. 223322

Here we go again. They’re starting shit up on the ita thread >>223054

No. 223325

>after finding out she’s the one behind posting Hannah

um anon, when was that established? discoveries of who is posting who must always be followed with caps, or it didn't happen. When DPP was being posted a few threads ago, someone kept saying shit like "now that it's been proven that momo is posting liv-" without a single shred of evidence, and this reeks of that.

no way for me to prove it i guess since there isn't a (You) function on LC, but im actually the one who posted >>216298 and >>216410 mostly because i find her annoying and frumpy kek

No. 223333

wait, same anon as >>223325 and im confused. i have verizon (VZW) and the other says sprint. they're defs not the same service line? they share a radio network sure but they would never display different company names. verizon doesn't own sprint and vice versa, this just proved we're different kek

No. 223337

File: 1656296025641.jpeg (19.73 KB, 159x183, 769DCB03-048B-4022-93DD-AD99F5…)

Lol must be Momo
Lol Must be Liv.
All this she says bs from Dallas comm

>The average lolcow poster

>Hangs out with liv and momo

No. 223339

File: 1656296119069.jpeg (177.29 KB, 721x1351, EEF6EEC2-E3C8-40F0-8FC2-B79FF4…)

No. 223341

Whoever is posting the drama keep going. This is getting good

No. 223342

ayrt, idk if this proves anything about them posting, shows they don't like them bare minimum, which is most ppl. but KEK plz keep posting anon, we haven't had real milk in ages

No. 223343

Ayyyo wtf? Is that this girl >>223337
>Drama with AP models

It’s all making sense now after months of drama from Dallas comm

No. 223344

thank fuck i'm not from texas what a mess. even the drama is bigger.

No. 223346

Fuck the Larasuzannne drama I need more of this. Who are these people?

No. 223347

are we forgetting only one group of ppl has been outed for self posting and mass reporting? that's what started all of this with dallas comm drama, but im glad this is sustaining it

No. 223348

The discord people and this group aren’t the same though

No. 223349

Aylssa /likely_sugar/birds_symphonia is the pink dress and AP model

No. 223350

So you’re going to leave us hanging? We need more anon

No. 223354

yup, can’t be her if one says Verizon and the other says sprint, unless she changed networks/phone plans in the past month.
Once again, trying to prove someone posted another person, always outs you as said posted person, because everybody who isn’t offended just wants more milk regardless of who it’s coming from. This only scares away milk? It’s only funny when ppl forget to crop out their profile pics in screenshots.

also nice quads.

No. 223355

nta any of the people you've quoted, but anyone that interacts with Hannah knows she lurks/posts. this seems like a huge cope to try to deflect off of the situation at hand.

No. 223356

I don’t understand why she bringing up Momo and liv in the same sentence. Like isn’t she friends with them both? Why is Dallas people so fake

No. 223359

This drama has hurt a lot of comm members. If they’re the ones behind posting these negative things on others then I got news for them.

No. 223361

proof where? liv was in it, why wouldn't dallas ppl be in it when she has dallas friends?

No. 223364

Thread went nuclear Kek
I’m loving this new milk

No. 223366

there's only been 10 posts in 2 hours…

No. 223367


(same anon as >>223333 ) im having a hard time seeing how that's revealed in this convo? alyssa didn't/couldn't have posted these >>223319

the only thing this screenshot proves is that they (A) think liv, momo, and hannah have too much drama surrounding them, and (B) they don't want to be involved.

can >>223339 at least post more caps if there is more to show?? ur probably already on the outs, feed us!

No. 223374

File: 1656306047291.jpeg (159.69 KB, 828x1189, 5A30B8A1-0E0C-4A3F-BC9A-5ECF24…)

No. 223376

>Gets reported and banned by a few Texas comms for acting unhinged towards other Lolitas.
>Everyone gets made aware and stories of said person starts filling out by members.
>collection of sperging gathered from members for mods to review.

No. 223377

I’m assuming The Texas girls got annoyed and were not happy when she posted them. Kek please spill more on what happened nonny

No. 223380

If she didn’t want to be associated with them then why has she been licking momo’s ass lately

No. 223382

Momo should run away from this mess. Poor girl went through enough

No. 223384

She’s ranting on her Instagram story right now. This girl gave multiple mutuals of mine bad vibes. In fact she won’t stop bothering them

No. 223423

Surprised there’s no milk posted about her ratty haired fat friend….(sage your shit)

No. 223436

Please share anon

No. 223438

zoë or alyssa? this is smelling like what happened to momo, u can’t say someone posted others without proof, and so far there’s only the opposite. this is clear proof that alyssa and her little gang lurk the threads but that is literally true of everyone so far.

these screenshots are funny but nothing in them is damning. i feel like more interesting shit could be shared from those convos, don’t be pussy >>223374

No. 223467

Explain anon? Why do people keep bringing momo into this drama when she said she wants no parts. This Alyssa girl sounds like trouble

No. 223468

Where can I find the post of Lolitas sharing caps? Or was this private with mods but shared with to others?

No. 223469

Because Liv has a vendetta against momo and she sends people after her

No. 223470

Yeah, a friend told me she would stalk talk about deedeezeta and others (Deedeezeta blocked her apparently). I don’t know if deedeezeta found her annoying or she got caught. It’s just best to leave those people alone and not start shit with them

No. 223475

Come back, nonny. We need more

No. 223477

Imagine being too unhinged for even DDZ

No. 223478

Kek probably cause ddz is faking but Alyssa is actually crazy. This milk is sweet. Share caps anon >>223384

No. 223501

File: 1656355325643.png (78.08 KB, 1014x356, Screen-Shot .png)

Sainte, famous for being a huge autist and actual child groomer, is trying to get into Momo's pants KEK

Momo you may be an annoying vendettafag but not even you deserve to be subjected to groomer tranny cock

No. 223505

File: 1656356443725.jpg (1.36 MB, 1170x1824, 1656280891749.jpg)

Moving this from the ita thread here for posterity. 1/2

No. 223506

File: 1656356486864.jpg (880.59 KB, 1004x2232, 1656281014815.jpg)

Don't know why fetishists think we want them in our community.

No. 223512


Nice reverse thinspo there, goddamn fetishists are the worst. A feeder and a demented furry with a pregnancy fetish? Fabulous.

No. 223515

She should draw Lara

No. 223517

in every single post he makes he's so obnoxious, dude needs a hobby that gets him outside and away from the internet for extended periods of time

No. 223520

File: 1656363163679.jpeg (119.66 KB, 827x1390, 55613778-CDB8-4F15-A6D6-624A78…)

Mods had viewed the chat logs members sent in. Aylssa had sent multiple disturbing messages to Lolitas inboxes on Instagram, Discord, and Facebook. Cannot share those as for privacy concerns of those individuals and the situation surrounding.

We did obtain vicious chat logs from someone after online harassment went too far that hurt a few members. She was given a warning but proceeds to continue on

No. 223528

She has also been removed from groups for this malicious behavior and creating issues making people uncomfortable

No. 223550

Please share the logs with mods from other groups as well. She's been banned from ours for harassing members but we thought it was an isolated incident.

No. 223561

alyssa and liv haven’t been friends in months. liv probably has it out for her too, she has been known to do this.everyone knows she’s problematic and starts shit

No. 223566

lmfao don’t try to deflect alyssa. the screencaps show you’re fucking insane

No. 223570

?? why would I be alyssa? do u think she doesn’t have friends that would defend her? the screen shots show half ass conversations, y’all literally all saw them urself. if anything all of y’all look fucking psycho(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 223597

“We have evidence, but we can’t show you. Or give an indication on what any of it is.”

No. 223603

This sounds just like the Momo “drama” from almost exactly a year ago kek

No. 223604

I can't post proof or else I'd be compromising my own LM account (and considering how fucking nuts he is I do not want him to see this and find out) but this is one of his new accounts.

No. 223615

this. why is there constantly a claim of “this has been proven” or “we know for a fact that so and so did this” ??? it’s the exact same shit with momo being blamed. caps with proof or gtfo

No. 223617

Dallas comm have been arguing in threads for almost 2 years now. I’m glad that these unhinged girls are getting showned. While the threads were recklessly milky it got so annoying

No. 223618

Most of the evidence is private dms with people who don’t want them posted

No. 223621

Sure Jan. That’s not how the farm works. You post caps or fuck off.

No. 223637

Then the people complaining about this have no right to complain if they won’t share caps. Besides what risk does “compromising their privacy” do if apparently so many people were harassed that the DMS will be hard to track down who leaked. And what kind of threat can she make if everyone else is against her? Plus if multiple people share, then more will come forward. But half baked accusations with no milk mean nothing to me or anyone else on here. I don’t even know who this girl is.

No. 223640

They obviously don't want to out they are the people in question, posting on here.

No offense, anon, but if you can come on here and air out dirty laundry then you might as well air it all out because we just think everyone in question is insane in Dallas comm. You're not saving anyone's feelings, if anything we think you guys are more nuts by stirring the pot for each other publicly but moreso you not committing means we'll all avoid you all instead of just one or the other, who is questionable.

No. 223644

I noticed Hannah didn’t have any milk posted and just random nitpicking. I guess this is what started the whole nitpicking posting. She needs to move on and stop stalking others >>223520

No. 223646

Which Texas comms did she get banned from? I saw this girl at Akon and thought she was sweet, but never mind that.

No. 223653

Fair but someone can just be good at covering their tracks tee bee aych. Sometimes you can't post things without compromising your identit and who is willing to do that over a gossip image board?

No. 223654

Can you stop dragging momo into this? It’s always Momo this momo that like, give the girl a break. This aylssa girl is not momo and pissed off a lot of Lolitas somehow.

No. 223655

He’s a fucking sicko and she’s already taken. It’s disturbing how he wants to tie momo to his p3do ass

No. 223659

Anon didn't drag her into anything why are you so defensive nonna?

No. 223664

This doesn’t compares to momo situation at all, anon. Liv and her crew falsely accused momo, when she wouldn’t do such a thing. Whatever this shit is with Alyssa is all her fault. These people started speculating and asked around for evidence. No way she gets blocked by Hannah and immediately after starts posting her onto boards with no containing milk. It doesn’t take a dummy to solve this equation and Hannah managed to find the person to crack along with people reporting Alyssa.

No. 223668

whoever this is, you’re not slick. nothing about that is “dragging” momo into it, it’s literally talking about how she got blamed and then mods proved samefags/group reporters were shit stirring from liv’s group.

you guys keep trying to deflect from that situation which just makes me positive liv’s discord group is made up of dallas ppl too (which includes hannah)

No. 223670

Call this tinfoil, but farmhands wouldn't be able to tell which specific Dallas area person was the one reporting and causing a lot of shit a couple of threads ago, right? And at that time, Alyssa was friends with Liv. What if it's just been Alyssa being a psycho the whole time and the one shitting up threads about Momo? She's clearly pretty two faced based on caps of her shit talking Momo being an AP model and drama but taking pics with her. Typing this, I even wonder if she's somehow involved in Liv blaming Momo. Either egging Liv on or flat out being the one to set Liv on Momo. As I said, it is probably a tinfoil, but the bitch is a lunatic.

No. 223671

No shit! But don’t you think she is tired of that situation being brought up and dealing with batshit liv? Let it die and not unhinged like the discord team.

Aylssa, however, started her own fire with rose by posting her after getting blocked.
I’m going to assume she did the same with Deedeezeta and that’s why this anon is saying she’s been blocked. >>223470

No. 223674

File: 1656389426271.jpeg (207.96 KB, 1242x1349, 9E127AF3-5B31-4104-A35D-55886C…)

did u forget that screencaps of the discord admitting that they were reporting every post with the reason “doxxing” (as stated by mods too) were posted?
no. it was liv’s crew.

No. 223675

I have to agree. I thought her and liv were still friends, but, as this anon said it >>223561 I guess no. If she was involved with the whole discord accusing momo, she should take responsibility for causing great pain to momo.

And if Aylssa is only friends with momo to despite liv in this friendship breakup that’s called being a fake friend. I hope momo can stay away from these people and find people who truly cares about her. It’s always drama between those two

No. 223678

Yes, anon. That's exactly my point, though. Alyssa was part of Liv's crew then. Other people reporting does not mean Alyssa hasn't been on of the ones shitting up the place since then. It also does not mean that Alyssa may not be the one to feed into Momo being the one who was posting Liv.

No. 223680

Someone told me she was the one bringing up Momo ITT and telling her to slit her wrists on ceeg

No. 223682

Caps? Cgl archives exists.

No. 223685

Anon the caps of Alyssa freaking out are from the 26th. Just a few days later suddenly exactly that happens. There is no milk, just psycho.

No. 223686

No. 223687

They were posted the 26th but if she was talking about Akon and it hadn’t happened yet the actual conversation had to have been before June 3rd

No. 223691

She also posted this TikTok after the convention. She probably figured it was her all along and blocked her too see if she if she would go unhinge to which she did.

No. 223692

The block happened first. Then the caps. And then the lc posts. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out someone couldn’t take being blocked and decided to retaliate.

No. 223694

File: 1656393404309.jpeg (127.4 KB, 995x777, 2989C13C-7590-4366-B179-E11E10…)

No. 223696

of course his display pic is of an underage anime girl, in true pedo troon fashion

No. 223697

If Aylssa actually posted that about momo that that’s pretty messed up. Liv’s crew is a bunch of unhinges and it’s no shock that Aylssa would still be shitting up on here with them. Their attitude in the community is ugly

No. 223698

They never want to be actual women do they? Just prepubescent anime girls

No. 223699


once a-fucking-gain.

1) you can’t say someone posted someone else without caps that prove it.
2) the instagram story comparison to the rosequartz/hanna nit picks ended up proving that it couldn’t be her if they have different phone carriers >>223319

alyssa could be talking massive shit about hanna or even posting her to cgl, but so far there isn’t proof yet.

this is all just inner comm drama taking place on this thread now and it’s shifting it up.

No. 223700

>alyssa could be talking massive shit about hanna or even posting her to cgl, but so far there isn’t proof yet.
>Was apart of liv and friends
>Anons shared proof of her shitting up
>Is retarded to view

No. 223701

File: 1656395923599.jpeg (419.82 KB, 1242x2040, C7B77521-8344-41E9-BC35-0C9C89…)

(onto some more milky items)

why did lor make an “Lolita assumptions about your favorite brand: Angelic Pretty” tik tok that says angelic pretty wearers seem like the type to like being called “princess” or “daddy?” She then makes a note saying “not necessarily in a kinky way” but she literally has a playboy symbol in the background.. she’s not beating the ddlg allegations. she’s not even saying it from an outsiders perspective, she’s saying assumptions from a lolita perspective

posting here because her thread is dead enough that it’s practically necro to post in it

No. 223702

being friends with liv and crew isn’t proof that alyssa posted. can u read? hanna is also friends with liv, does that mean she’s posting too?

No. 223705

Very strange timing, nonna.

No. 223707

yes, it’s very intentional timing, as stated in top text. listen i have no doubt in my mind alyssa is probably milky too if she’s fat and from dallas, but there’s a reason why none of u are interacting with the wrong phone carrier interpretation kek

shit is getting repetitive. post caps with proof or gtfo.

No. 223708

The amount of newfags on this board is truly autistic. Take that shit to the lor thread

No. 223709

kek I almost forgot Liv is an ageplayer! Momo should check what phone carriers her friends have, clear some of this up.

b-but nonny! it would be a necro if they weren't able to deflect from current drama!

No. 223710

Nobody fucking cares. Dallas comm is proofing once again how annoying they are on boards.

No. 223712


No. 223748

I kind of have a similar story to this girl. She randomly jumped into my DMs on Instagram and overshared a serious issue with me about someone. I was very uncomfortable because 1. I'm not a therapist, and 2. Whatever problems she has with someone is none of my business. I felt terrible for her, but she started to be very manipulative to shift me away from this girl I'm Mutual with. It gave off the feeling of a Twitter cancellation cult and love bomb tactic. I don’t think she should be running around the internet telling people a bunch of stuff that should be private, especially during a legal case. I understand she went through some shit, but to jump into my DMs because of her motives for some other girl is just weird.

No. 223751

comm drama (that doesn't even result in caps) is not current drama. take this elsewhere.

No. 223755

all of you straight up have worms in your brain. Alyssa hasn’t been banned from any event, she hasn’t harassed anyone online, she is literally a victim of liv just like momo. and again, they haven’t been friends in months. there’s no actual evidence for any of these claims, just some bored bitch making shit up. until actual proof is shown, I’m inclined to believe this is all liv and it will always be liv, because this is what she does. she has no other identity besides being miserable

No. 223758

sage your posts, but this.

once again, no matter how many times you all say "alissa posted these!!1" with zero evidence (and worse, the "proof" ended up backfiring and none of y'all are responding to that, funny enough) it won't make it true. this feels like some amalgamation of dallas comm, liv/hanna's ppl/or some discord group shitting up the threads. it all reads the exact same. does what happened in the creepshowart thread and dasha thread not scare you all??

No. 223760

Anyone friends with liv are unhinged bitches. Aylssa definitely is apart of it since cgl caught her starting up shit after liv got posted. Previous thread already established that and how the discord went apeshit after they got exposed.

No. 223767

File: 1656430118110.jpeg (363.49 KB, 677x801, B802F3B1-C4D7-4591-A8F5-9C8B41…)

They both got posted on here. Both of them were shit stirrers besties now ex. Kek

No. 223771

File: 1656430526928.jpeg (493.83 KB, 1125x1746, 1BDE3C07-851F-4A78-8292-AE7140…)

if posting any one of them gets this much of a reaction then they’re all involved somehow. imagine fighting ppl in your comm online instead of at each other??
if u think i’m alysa then by all means, i won’t stop kek

these tik toks/captions are unhinged, wtf is wrong with her. this isn’t even all of the stuff she’s posted responding to her own comm drama. some of her tik toks even explain how to mass report posts with a group of friends right around the time liv’s shit went down on here.

No. 223797

anon, it's obvious Hannah is on here and posting. I don't think it's a set up. She just recently posted another story referencing /cgl/ drama.

No. 223808

>thinks it must be just Hannah posting.
>lol can you retards take your stupid beef somewhere else

No. 223810

Like are we seriously going to believe 3 bitches fighting

No. 223816

Agreed. Proof is Hannah posting repeated bullshit responding to /cgl/ and lolcow. We don't even have to be in Dallas comm to know who is posting on here about this dumb shit. I'm more inclined to believe Hannah is the ip mongeral than any of these other names.

Liv obviously is guilty of reporting people on 4chan that DON'T KNOW HER OR DOXXED HER and getting them banned. I fucking just said she was fat in response to another post and that was enough to get banned. So yes, we have 2 strikes.
Liv, Hannah. Both Dallas, Both on the board right now.

No. 223818

And that alessa chick.

No. 223821

Can we just agree that all three of them are annoying and move the fuck on

No. 223829

Alissa would just be guilty by association at this point, again still no proof. Which sure, all Dallas ppl probs are.

this. nobody goes this ape shit for saged nit picks.

No. 223830

You see
there’s nothing wrong with posting on threads until you abuse. Momo acts better than the 3 of them and is actually smart to not give in compared to those bozos.

No. 223835

how is this not proof of alyssa being a dramamonger. she sucked up to both momo and liv

No. 223889

File: 1656453745478.jpeg (215.41 KB, 828x1324, 9E75415A-291F-428A-85C2-5E2478…)

They’re making another call out post on deedeezeta and her crew again

No. 223891

File: 1656453772366.jpeg (238.06 KB, 828x1328, 51C3A254-45EF-4F21-88F3-B69908…)

No. 223899

>troon is a wildly specific slur
is she retarded? it's a pretty popular word to use for people who hate trannies

No. 223903

File: 1656454541995.jpeg (203.13 KB, 828x1301, 8A8A87F4-8681-403C-96F0-FDFE6F…)

No. 223929


While it's entirely likely nat dd Mel or even Cassie are unhinged enough to do this there is literally 0 proof it could be anyone

No. 223933

5 days ago and hasnt been touched since huh. who was being posted, has a hateboner for nat, and was looking at everyone's stories on burner accounts? she didnt delete romanticwishhh either.

No. 223942

she copied their bios and everything

No. 223943

Lara is too busy posting on TikTok and buying overpriced Y2k bags from mercari. Maybe it was liv, aylssa, or Hannah stalking Nat.

No. 223946

a group chat with ppl gossiping about their own comm is not proof of posting, try again

Even if this was her or nat, is this not exactly what she wants?? when will they stop feeding into the bait

No. 223951

She forgot to add christ pilled kek better luck next time Lara.

No. 223965


Hasn’t Nat, bunny kins, and deedee already been canceled? Like what’s the fucking point? If people wants to interact with them let them.

No. 223983

File: 1656464895533.jpeg (19.86 KB, 640x1138, 2C7F2A82-FCDE-4548-85D9-BBF387…)

Why is neorococmemes lurking

No. 223984

File: 1656464928439.jpeg (89.85 KB, 640x1138, C52B3391-45EB-409D-B9A2-0A69FD…)

No. 223996

lara has been lurking for days now.

No. 223998

We don't know it's her there's no proof if their profiles are showing up then it's obviously them i jist checked and they showed up for me too

No. 223999


I thought suggestions just showed people you search for/interact with and people with mutual followers?

No. 224000

Also learn how to type. Damn.

No. 224004

This severely seems like mental illness and she needs to get herself checked out. Holy shit. She's literally running off on schizophrenic tirades about random people on the internet, thinking it's a specific individual when there is more people online on instagram than there is a couple on *chans

No. 224006

you fags are so obsessed with dd. we get it. she sucks. shes been cancelled 30 times now and she doesnt seem to care. when can we stop hearing about her.

No. 224007

Yes. She's just unhinged.

No. 224008

File: 1656471691742.jpg (411.2 KB, 1080x1656, Schizochan.jpg)

For a troll she's awful at covering tracks.

No. 224010


No. 224015

how tf is that nitpicking?

No. 224090

>does what happened in the creepshowart thread and dasha thread not scare you all??
What happened?(learn2sage)

No. 224102

NTA but it's literally just her sharing a meme. At this point I kind of wonder if she's been selfposting from the start for every unremarkable thing she does to get posted

No. 224103

go read their threads, they're a wild ride

No. 224113

There’s a lor thread >>39863

No. 224189

File: 1656522550876.webm (5.1 MB, 482x858, RecordIt-CDBF9B3B-50C0-4FA9-B4…)

back, had to scroll forever to find it but i knew i remembered her making a tik tok on this.
This pretty much proves that hanna (rosequartzroyalty) was in the group of ppl mass reporting any post that mentioned dallas ppl/liv when the mods called out liv's crew.

This tik tok's date (and the others in her series) are even within the same week of the discord screenshots, where they were instructing each other to report posts for "doxxing" >>223674 in the exact way of this tik tok details.

she's been shitting up threads for ages now.

No. 224190

lor is mentioned in OP though, unsure if that changes thread rules. plus she's not milky enough on her own, i think she should be reincorporated into this thread

No. 224219

No. 224222

Can y’all 3 dummies go somewhere else. We get it, y’all 3 hate each other.

No. 224241

this thread was booming for two days with ppl trying to prove that someone was after hanna, and suddenly as soon as some ppl say they feel like hanna is at the center of it all, the constant chatter goes hush. u can say we're her or one of them all you want but milk's gonna milk kek.

No. 224244

People not demanding caps after every accusation isn’t an agreement of guilt. To me it’s more suspicious people cried for caps after every accusation previously. They’re all suspicious but it seems to be dumb friend drama that has no long term milk for us. They’ll get bored eventually and cannibalize themselves. Only a matter of time.

No. 224254

asking for caps after a definitive accusation is not really a demand, it's just the rule/basis of the website. we can't just believe in good faith that it's the truth. speculation is fine, but some of these posts were saying "we know this person did it." This assumes we all agree to something we can't see, and/or are not a part of.

this is the problem with bringing comm drama to a forum board.

No. 224255

It’s just aylssa and Hannah arguing. The screenshots shows that they had it out for each other.

No. 224266

If you're trying to have people take you seriously it's probably not a good idea to wear cheap ass rabbit ears in your tiktok rant.

No. 224284

>it’s suspicious to ask for proof of claims

Fuck off retard. That’s literally standard farm culture.

No. 224389

Even her text is referencing the time period of drama on cgl. I remember getting banned for replying Liv was fat, so I fucking know what people were sperging about on the board at the time. I probably got that janny removed for these shit heads acting out.

No. 224434

I’m just gonna say it, I think it’s highly suspicious that as soon as Alyssa is seen being friendly with Momo, people come out of the woodworks to claim vendetta posting/harassment/etc. To me this reeks of Liv and/or Hannah’s discord crew stirring the shit and making up lies all over again.

No. 224448

My friend said Alyssa and liv hated each other. Sounds to me both of them are being bitches and continue to post on lolcow. Alyssa posted liv and Hannah and they did same back.

No. 224453

I feel like an asshole saying this but I called it, when she posted that video where she was drinking and all over the place it absolutely felt like something was seriously wrong. It was really difficult to watch.

No. 224457

I mean it was obvious. Tbh the videos felt very … over the top ? Like fake drunk in order to disguise the desire to want to get really drunk?

I also can’t believe her boyfriend filmed it (I guess that could’ve changed) or even allowed her to post that. Doesn’t seem like she has a good support system. Sage for self blogging but my husband would’ve sat me down and gotten me help before I posted myself getting wasted for click bait. Like now that’s out there forever.

Tinfoil, but he has always sounded sus (that or they’re just both spergy so it comes thru)

No. 224459

He seems supportive but almost too much, if that makes sense?

Maybe he just has a good paying job and doesn't mind spending, but I remember watching a video where he had bought her multiple dresses in a short space of time. That doesn't feel normal at all to me.

absolutely gigantic tinfoil, but I still think she has some ddlg shit going on. I have no proof at all, but I've always gotten a weird vibe from her dollar store interior decor (ddlgfags always have shit taste in interior decor for some reason) and the way she interacts with her boyfriend on camera, and she seemed almost obsessed with digging up every unfortunate sissy/kink happening in the community and making a huge deal out of it.

No. 224465

I don't like Tyler but her boyfriend is insufferable. I stopped watching her when he got more involved (her content got more and more samey and I realised I didn't find her shtick entertaining), but it really feels like he wants to be front and center, and can't help but interject. It's her channel, why is he always trying to get center stage with his unfunny quips? And yeah, if someone put out a video like that, any partner who actually cares for them even a little bit would tell them it's cringe and bad optics at best and weird and spirally at worst.

But considering they both seem like the sort of people to laugh at doge memes, they probably think getting drunk on camera is super hardcore, hilarious and edgy. Tyler is painfully millenial, in the worst way. And that's coming from a millenial.

No. 224469

>where he had bought her multiple dresses in a short space of time. That doesn't feel normal at all to me.

I find Tyler’s bf super annoying and can’t watch her content anymore since it involves him so heavily but it sounds like you’re just poor. A couple living together with no kids and two stable non retail/fast food/highschooler tier jobs splitting bills leaves room for that kind of spending money easily.

There are lolitas who are single and can afford multiple dresses on their own in a short amount of time too. What an absolutely stupid take.

No. 224534

I think she's mega repulsed by it maybe because she at one point had some kind of proximity to it and now has a lot of shame, but i don't think she actually participates in it. I think she does genuinely hate it. Her terrible terrible take on "Lolita" the book being bad because humbert is bad (no fucking shit) was highly overcompensatey, and completely antithetical to all academic interpretations of the book.

this isn't even the first time i've seen this.

>woman gets successful channel

>people are drawn to her for her specific takes/character
>suddenly scrote starts becoming a personality
>now it's a joint channel
>core fan base leaves.

non-lolita related but fundie fridays is well on her way when it comes to this.

No. 224545

nta, but we post liv because she's fat and many other reasons. Girl is being posted regardless.

Hannah is being posted regardless, for admitting she is a gull

No, not everyone is vendetta posting.

No. 224547

except liv was caught posting first last year, try again.

tbh i wanna know specifically what hannah did (or is perceived to have done?) to have gotten hannah and liv's panties in such a bunch.

No. 224548

File: 1656616633162.jpeg (246.63 KB, 828x827, 9E26667A-E0FE-40AD-8F02-0A4C03…)

From what I understand she just blocked Alyssa out of the blue and that started the whole drama.

No. 224553

meant to say
>what alyssa did (or is perceived to have done?) to have gotten hannah and liv's panties in such a bunch.

No. 224556

holy milk yes
i mean tru, hannah is a shit stirrer gull but damn alyssa is dumb for shit talking her in a group of ppl who clearly didn't wanna gossip, like know your space

No. 224569

Yes but Alyssa and liv got caught posting on here. It’s them freaking out as always