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No. 10091

Old thread >>>/snow/79127

Are there any lolita lolcows you know or follow?

No. 10092

You really couldn’t summarize anything about the last thread or at least add cow names? This OP sucks ass.

No. 10093

in OP’s defense the thread was 3 years old and there were quite a few cows discussed. I recall a lot of Kate discussions though.

was reading some drama about mossmarchen on cgl, can anyone from NY or LA fill me in on the drama surrounding stephanie m?

No. 10094

Hi another RISD anon. Heard that Tristan, that rottingdoll girl's boyfriend, threatened a kid on the elevator. I'll keep you all updated if I hear any more rumors. It's a small school, and I wouldn't be surprised if there's complaint filed against him soon tbh.

No. 10095

Well I think he has a good career ahead of him doing caricatures in the mall, otherwise he should consider maybe something other than art

No. 10096

Anyone can sumarize the drama with poop-chan?

No. 10097

nayrt but I actually knew Rinrin when she went to school in LA. She does have a really bad eating disorder.

I wish she would allow herself to heal, she is cute and would look fine at a healthier weight. It's really sad.

No. 10098

Lmao what loser
But what do expect from a guy dating poop-chan

No. 10099

Poop-chan, real name Jessica, is a racist edgelord best known for being the dollar-store version of Toshi Salvino/dollfille. Her makeup is awful, her fashion is awful, and she seems to get off on being as edgy and offensive as possible, including posting gore and child porn on her facebook page, admitting she's into scat porn, and generally being insanely racist while claiming she "doesn't see color." Her Hooked on the Look doc is embedded here. it's godawful. They recently changed the title from "I'm a Gory Lolita Doll" to "I'm a Pastel Goth" because of the sheer number of comments they received saying she wasn't lolita.

No. 10100

samefag but she's also scammed people on depop. Caps of all of this are in the previous thread, i can't be arsed to do your lurking for you.

No. 10101


No. 10102

Is stephanie in charge of moss marchen? All I know is she's banned from the LA comm so I never need to worry about seeing her horse face

No. 10103

Someone linked this video in the comments. (Long rant where they try and dismiss the seriousness of racism)

No. 10104

The only drama I’m aware of is that she doesn’t make her own shit, it’s all marked up taobao. She’ll admit it if you ask but I still feel bad for all the young weeks buying up her overpriced Chinese garbage thinking it’s handmade

No. 10105

no but apparently she’s an old friend. she went on in the traumaurei thread on cgl about how MM is actually supposedly a huge bitch but then other anons said she was crazy/a dramawhore and banned from both LA and NYC.

No. 10106

Nah it was only one anon that claimed the original poster was a dramawhore and both of them got off at each other while the other anons just enjoyed the drama.

However there was another anon in the thread that said they got attacked by MM's goons because she had made something that was slightly similar to something she had made before or something, idr. None of the anons on either side of the argument really proved anything though so it's all kinda in the air imo.

No. 10107

>that guitar bit with her boyfriend singing
My FUCKING sides

No. 10108

Are you talking about the new Violet Fane release? It has a coffin on it that says "Love Perfected by Death" on it. MM has made a pin or something with that quote on it before and I saw her comment on VF's post that she was going to send her a message about it, although I don't know if it was to call VF out for "stealing" (which she wasn't, as that's an Oscar Wilde quote) or if she intends to collab with her.

No. 10109

MM claimed that quote was "hers", and was basically saying that VF couldn't use that saying.

No. 10110

What a gem

>boyfriend hijacks vlog completely to check himself out in the camera, narrate, and change the topic to himself

>mom appears in the beginning of video
>boyfriend awkwardly says they're living there on rent
>kawaii creepy pastel goth volkswagen without working ac
>she's the one driving
>kawaii creepy chik-fil-a date where everyone ignores them and she orders a salad
>they go to the bookstore probably at the request of the boyfriend so he can buy basic philosophy books and show off what an intellectual he is
>literally driving the rest of the video showing off how edgy they both are while she roasts in her makeup, wig, and 50 pounds of makeup while boyfriend checks himself out in camera

No. 10111

Lauren's bloated ass should have been banned right alongside Stephanie. I am thoroughly tired of the LA comm's double standards. It's good to see smaller comms being created, like the Pasadena comm.

No. 10112

Jesus they are both really ugly. Their styles emphasize that even more. Do they live with her parents? Also they both seem to be mentally slow, which is probably why they are so self righteous and hungry for attention/fame.

No. 10113

Ooh do you have proof of it? I'd love to know if MM is really the huge bitch people keep claiming she is.

No. 10114

Wtf was that intro? Is he in the closet or bisexual because that high pitched voice of his is grating.

These two are so fucking edgy and cringey
>if i die brutally, i want it to be recorded so I can be remembered forever
Kek, as if anyone cares about her that much.
>buys babbys first philosophy books for her manchild
Yeesh. Pseudo-intellectuals are most embarrassing.

No. 10115

his 13 year old Kotakoti hair with the five strands is stunning

No. 10116

it was obvious enough in this >>10103 video that the guy is an obnoxious narcissist and serial mansplainer but god is he punchable in this video lol. his art ig @tantrishumble and its literally just self portraits. he is sooo obsessed with himself. he probably keeps her around so he can stand in her spotlight.

No. 10117

Wait isn't mossmarchen that shop that sells rosette badges? how were people unaware they were just made of taobao charms and assembled until now?

No. 10118

Are you telling me I can get her embroidered jewelry and hair spool necklaces on Taobao?

No. 10119

Are you telling me I can get her embroidered jewelry and hair spool necklaces on Taobao?

No. 10120

What's rinrin's real name? Lauren? Stephanie? Who are they?

No. 10121

Neither of them are RinRin. I'm not going to say her real name for privacy but she used to go by Angelic Laila.
Stephanie got banned for calling out Lauren on 4chan for being manipulative, unfortunately Lauren is friends with the mods so they banned Stephanie. It was honestly super stupid and people need to get over the fact that people go on 4chan/here.

No. 10122

Stehpanie is a shit person though and so is Lauren. They both act like petty teenagers even though they're adults, constantly spreading gossip about other members of the comm on 4chan. Tbh they should both be banned, LA is a relatively drama free comm and it needs to stay that way.

No. 10123

aw, every time i've met rinrin she's been super sweet and friendly. just a genuinely nice person. hope she can recover, i agree she would still look totally fine if she gained weight

No. 10124

This guy seriously goes to RISD? His art looks like something you'd expect out of an art major at a community college.

No. 10125

Is Lauren dearlurn? Sorry I don't know most people by their first name

No. 10126

I think what they mean is that all the resin moulds she uses are generic aliexpress/taobao stuff.

No. 10127

She doesn't make resin stuff.
But yes, everything she makes, aside from her hand embroidery, is just repackaged aliexpress or taobao stuff. All of her jewelry, etc.

No. 10128

All of it? Even the pins that have the brand name written on them? Even the embroidery pendants?

Also a lot of places do this.

No. 10129

She’s not even really a Lolita and her boyfriend is a lolcow in himself, there should definitely be a thread on these two.

No. 10130

It's always the speshul yoonique hair colors that attracts these types of people.

No. 10131

Learn to read anon said everything except the hand embroidery was from taobao. Obviously the embroidery is her own handiwork.

No. 10132

i think you are thinking of mossbadger

No. 10133

yeah lmaooo. he does. not even a freshman at risd tho! he’s a junior in illustration which makes it all the much more deplorable…

No. 10134

File: 1543864622375.jpeg (175.6 KB, 750x1087, 0E3C9D44-55D9-4298-A0CB-5D91C7…)

his newest post is delusionally narcissistic and (excuse my language) cringy

No. 10135

File: 1543866588478.png (187.64 KB, 1174x712, Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 10.3…)

Could IVB make the fact that she's dating a military guy just for the benefits any more obvious? Two years isn't a long time to have dated someone.

>tfw didn't get into RISD even though my portfolio pieces were light years better than this
RISD wot

No. 10136

File: 1543866734826.jpeg (204.75 KB, 750x1077, 344BB529-3398-46FC-AC19-28702E…)

Checking his instagram and facebook, he doesn’t even bother responding or liking poop-chan’s comments. He’ll completely ignore it. Does he not like her? Or is he trying to be a tough dom or some shit??

No. 10137

File: 1543866802018.jpeg (194.83 KB, 750x1154, 9BD6A1BB-B1A3-4737-B74B-F32F2E…)

No. 10138

I'm a first year at a really easy art school to get into and most all of my classmates are on that level or better, I don't get how he can be going there and be this mediocre

No. 10139

Wait…Mossbadger doesn't make her own stuff? I'm a huge supporter of her brand and to hear this is very surprising

No. 10140

File: 1543893879652.png (297.64 KB, 1170x716, Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 10.2…)

tristan and his friends say some awful shit about an indian man who commented on his art

No. 10141

File: 1543893907694.png (89.08 KB, 1026x388, Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 10.2…)

No. 10142

File: 1543893930250.png (193.81 KB, 982x810, Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 10.2…)

No. 10143

File: 1543894400526.png (26.04 KB, 462x124, Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 10.3…)

on top of this, the "Qudsia" girl is listed as tristan's mother.

No. 10144

File: 1543894600893.png (244.78 KB, 1020x1040, Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 10.3…)

this poopchan weeaboo is a bitch.

No. 10145

Idk who these people are but that's disgusting.

No. 10146

im pretty sure this dude lives in california??

No. 10147

File: 1543900188156.png (188.41 KB, 807x607, lol.png)

He is 100% about that daddy dom shit like all other malnourished unemployed narcissitic white men. Pic related seems to sum up their relationship according to him which… yeah he ain’t wrong lol. Everyone can tell. Even the comments section had someone mention it. She’s hideous and their conversations together are awkward as hell he highjacks all her moments in the spotlight to bring the attention on himself again. This >>10103 video is a priiime example of that. You can tell he’s very controlling of her.

No. 10148

File: 1543900286799.png (29 KB, 291x369, lol1.png)

Doesn’t even defend himself against the claims lol. Also for an intellectual he really is incapable of holding up an argument without sounding like a retard redditer.

No. 10149

File: 1543900863058.png (849.45 KB, 1194x580, gofundme.png)

they were probably threatened because the indian guy was better looking than their inbred looking asses

also, Tristan's mom is hosting a gofundme to pay for him to study abroad in Paris


No. 10150

File: 1543900932417.png (61.98 KB, 760x598, gofundme2.png)

No. 10151

>A lot of you know how exceptionally talented Tristan is

No. 10152

He is fucking unbearable to listen to no wonder his channel is a flop. I wonder if it was his idea for her to start Youtubing? Since he is after all her puppet master and he is featured in all her videos.

No. 10153

>Sophomore year sketchbook
>"This is a really early sketch of me trying perspective for the first time"
>has never used markers before
>shading is either choppy with little to no transition or blurred to death
>a lot of the sketches feature his shitty cartoon persona
Some of his art is ok but a majority of it is… wew lad. How did he get accepted into RISD with art like this? Did his parents pay his way in or does he know someone in admissions?

No. 10154

I would not doubt that they got in because someone is paying. At the school I go to a few of my professors have recommended not transferring to RISD because they know that the quality of work accepted has taken a dive. Plus a few of the RISD staff teach at smaller, less expensive schools in New England, so a lot of people just go for the name/rep.

No. 10155

File: 1543932060064.jpeg (568.17 KB, 1175x1600, C636F887-EE82-4337-809D-764223…)

Oh and here is an example of what I am talking about. This person posted on the /ic/ board of 4chan and was bragging about attending RISD, and going by filenames and such it doesn’t appear to have been a troll

No. 10156

Reading comprehension must not be your sharpest skill.

This anon >>10093 asks about mossmarchen (IG handle is the same name), the chick who got most popular with the pearl rosary necklaces.
One anon replies to someone commenting on the LA shit >>10104 saying that the only drama they’re aware of with Moss Marchen is that she does not make the main parts of her jewelry herself - like the main cross, crucifix, etc charms are pre-made/pre-fabricated pieces that you can find for yourself on taobao.

A different anon >>10117 replies and asked if that was the shop that sells the rosette badges. There is another brand, called Moss Badger, who became quite popular off their rosette badge accessories. Some people confuse them because of the name, but they are 2 totally separate brands run by totally different people.

This anon >>10132 replies to the previous what I just mentioned, clarifying that no, Moss marchen is not the one who makes the rosette badges, that’s Moss Badger. So Badger is not the one reselling easy to find stuff on taobao, it’s Marchen (pearl rosary girl) that the other anon was saying who does that.

No. 10157

RISD anon. so much bad fucking work because of people who are international or rich, or usually both. RISD loves letting full tuition kids in without any talent. it’s awful. the kids who do deserve to be here, though, truly do.

No. 10158

tristan probably can pay full tuition tbh. or he was at risd precollege.

No. 10159

File: 1543949068999.jpeg (259.03 KB, 747x1075, C419DAFE-03AB-46FD-BF11-7511F3…)

i feel like if you’re into ~existentialism uwu~ you’d have some amount of self awareness. what a giant pseudo intellectual narcissist. he’s like a 13 year old going thru “the world is so evil and people aren’t to be trusted welcome to my dark twisted fantasy” on steroids and a thesaurus.

No. 10160

i genuinely thought he was nearing his 30s just because he sounds like such a cliche of a mid 2000s 4chan-er. can’t believe he’s 21 lmao. also isn’t he iranian? would explain his mom’s name and his fluency in french. and his pretentiousness.

No. 10161

Apparently poopchan is going to be on Spanish television tonight. I hope they rip her to shreds

No. 10162

File: 1543958547414.png (888.38 KB, 2048x1334, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 4.21…)

she's half iranian it seems. from her facebook:

No. 10163


No. 10164

Definitely goes to RISD. He's seen with poopchan IRL plenty of times. On the Barcroft TV doc, she's listed as "From East Providence, RI."

No. 10165

Kind of sus that Qudsia made this GFM after poop-chan’s Got taken down. And for the same amount too

No. 10166

She posted it on her insta stories

No. 10167

That I was anon. I wasn't trying to imply she doesn't make her own stuff either, I know she gets at least some of her resin moulds etc from taobao and there's nothing wrong with that.

No. 10168

yeah I don’t think anyone is under the impression that her moulds are 100% hers/everyone is fine with that but they weren’t talking about Moss Badger is the main point - they’re taking about Moss Marchen who makes a different product completely

No. 10169

RISD precollege doesn't mean shit though. I went to precollege for portfolio building purposes but didn't get accepted to the actual school even though I did well.

No. 10170

File: 1544024321836.png (5.47 MB, 1242x2208, 7C28BB4A-6D51-42C2-9039-98FCC7…)

Bitch where?!

No. 10171

Wow is she delusional and blind? He looks like any young guy you can find at walmart. Hes not even cute.

No. 10172

should poopchan and bf have their own thread? he's not really related to lolita

No. 10173


No. 10174

Please make one anon. She's only tangentially related to lolita and they have so much milk

No. 10175

Feels like a nitpick, he's got a good structure under the grunge, comparable to some guys in the cute thread. Not every flake is ugly by default, actual milk is more interesting than dissecting looks
>inb4 hi cow

No. 10176

ive seen him in real life. he look s like a waify rabbit

No. 10177

File: 1544111483230.png (772.54 KB, 1290x788, Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 10.4…)

this girl paid money… to go to beauty school… and SHE LOOKS LIKE THIS??! what on earth.

No. 10178

(link to her spanish television interview/bit)

its not even the aesthetic uwu thats the problem. its her bad makeup and wigs and shit. dont u learn how to take care of your skin, look, and hair in beauty school??

No. 10179

File: 1544112977477.png (154.99 KB, 968x508, Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 11.1…)

she lurks?

No. 10180

File: 1544113174823.png (335.93 KB, 950x1136, Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 11.1…)

samefag. do any of her emasculated followers know what a strawman is? seems like she heard the term and immediately latched onto it so that she can seem intelligent. i don't think she knows what it means; also more proof that she denies, or even apologizes, for being a racist.

No. 10181

File: 1544113227953.png (113.58 KB, 892x532, Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 11.1…)

No. 10182

File: 1544113337746.png (143.18 KB, 920x548, Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 11.1…)

hivemind of dumbass racist guros and weeaboo asskissers. what a sight.

No. 10183

Yeah they aren’t Lolita’s beyond the video that labelled them as such. I much rather talk here about Moss Marchen making Violet Fane change her design.

No. 10184

LMAO. Poop-chan pulling the "SJW" card in 2018? She doesn't know a thing about social justice in the first place. She doesn't care about POC. Even on surface level shit. Just scrolling through her facebook timeline proves it – she only posts pictures of white girls and asian girls in porn screenshots. The only time I saw a black person was a picture of Travis Scott next to Alice Glass. It's awful.

No. 10185

I love how most of the content in this thread has no actual relation to the lolita community. Considering how much poop-chan and her boyfriend has filled up this thread, don't you guys think it would be better to make a separate thread for them instead?

No. 10186

Get some standards, anon. Hes so bland. The guys your talking about posted in the cute thread probably arent conventionally attractive, but have other features going for them to make up for it. This guy just looks straight below average as fuck.

No. 10187

Clown college maybe

No. 10188

As someone french who went to study in a similar field please for the love of god,no. We have enough self important bitches who think they're gonna be the next Georgio Pevianni.
And Les Beaux Arts is full of that kind of people for having "tried" it.
At least he looks semi normal with his hair like that and stuff. Now he screams mentally unstable and that's coming from someone with unaturally dyed hair.

No. 10189

Looks like he shat all over the canvas and turned it in

No. 10190

My sides

No. 10191

>52 year-old lolita boomer

No. 10192

File: 1544144090923.jpg (127 KB, 447x882, 1544143072744.jpg)

No. 10193

What the fuck

No. 10194


Hilarious shit like this is why I read lolcow. Can someone give us the deets on this woman?

No. 10195

“Enjoy your life because it’ll end soon!!!”

This is a ride, I hope it’s the start of a beautiful one

No. 10196

I don't think there's an age limit to wearing lolita but this is barely lolita and some of the worst shit I've ever seen.

No. 10197

File: 1544153546851.png (2.24 MB, 750x1334, 95D3DBCA-D76D-4060-BB75-2ED0DC…)

someone should make a poopchan thread tho. she really does take up too much space and she doesn’t even call herself lolita

No. 10198

He legit looks like the trix rabbit with greasy hair. His nose, eyes, and face shape make a hilariously unflattering combo.

No. 10199

Yeah it's definitely not her age that's the issue, rather the fact she got the aesthetic hilariously wrong and came up with a "lolita name/persona". I want to hope she has good intentions and will improve and find her place in the fashion, but this almost feels like she's making fun of us.

No. 10200

Yeah i hope she learns too. I wish there were more older people in the fashion who actually looked good and did it well.

I'll make the poopchan thread. Let me know if there's anything specific you want me to include.

No. 10201

It's one thing to tell herself this, yet it's pathetic blasting how "hot" her bf is on social media hoping others will also believe it…

No. 10202

Poopchan and Tristan thread >>745428

No. 10203

Does anyone have more milk on Traumerei/Street Fashion Europe or has it run dry?

They released the tickets, it played out as badly as expected, but the social media has been very quiet since, and they seem to have gone back to the "TRAVEL TIPS AND TRIVIA!" posts.

A lot of people seem to have posted publicly (or in the SFE FB group) that they just never received an email to buy a ticket at all, or received it 20 mins late, even though they swore they'd fixed it and then tried to blame it on people's internet connections.

What's the deal? SFE have done great events in the past, why does it look like they're intentionally fucking this up? If we're to assume that the thing about the German law is legitimate, that everything they're doing is with genuine and good intentions, why were they so averse to answering people's questions or explaining anything?

No. 10204

Because the German organizer only wants her friends to come

No. 10205

Who's the organizer?

No. 10206

There was a lot of milk in the Träumerei threads on cgl, but it all died out once the tickets were released and both threads are still up if you want to read.
I was honestly hoping for more milk and drama when the tickets were released, since most of them sold out within just a couple of minutes and the one evening-option for 85 euro just suddenly disappeared in the middle of the booking war.

No. 10207

Likely because there isn’t much else happening. The general sale wasn’t as bad as the presale, just that the tickets went quick. This is normal for these events. So since any reselling is hidden I can’t see any milk happening until announcements closer to the event.

No. 10208

Alex, she went by ohtralala back on Livejournal. Owns Milkribbon. I don't know anything about whether or not there was any scheme to choose who attended but her being an old egl sales mod might explain the "old egl only" stuff that has been popping up in secrets.

No. 10209

most of the SFE organizers have jumped the ship. The reason they left is in charge now.

No. 10210

I'd love some exposition on this entire thing, I used to be in the community a decade ago and am not surprised some of them still do the same shit. Is scarletsedusa still around, the one with the nazi fetish who ran Dunkelsuess with an iron fist?

Also >>>/ot/277915

No. 10211

Me too, I'm particularly interested since I'm pretty sure ohtralala was involved in the making of Lacebook, if anyone remembers that. Also didn't GDPR nuke DS?

No. 10212

The last update was in May. The webmaster Eriol hasn't made it compliant yet. Eriol is a massive creep who was memed about a lot back then because he was the typical male beta tagalong but with IT skills instead of a camera. He and SS were the worst possible pair to run a lolita site; him being a drooling fetishist and SS having a thing for presenting herself in fantastical porn scenarios to bumbling incels ("teehee thanks for fixing my computer, hope you don't mind if I watch some hentai in the meantime…" the rest is history)

No. 10213

File: 1544495647689.png (1.82 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-12-10-20-32-42.p…)

I'm sorry if this doesn't belong here but I saw this on reddit and holy fuck

No. 10214

at least she has ok taste in waifus

No. 10215


No. 10216

idk I kind of love this, she's living her best life

No. 10217

File: 1544502921182.png (1006.95 KB, 1080x836, pvxd1q9kkav01.png)

>living her best life

Oh look, another thing to add to the list of retarded-ass 'u go gurl' internet platitudes that annoying tumblrites use to praise literally anything.
Yas kween, she is truly werking, slaying & living her best degenerate loife mama.

No. 10218

Honestly though, it may make us cringe and she'll probably be embarrassed by it in the future, but it's making her happy now, who cares?

No. 10219

Iconic. I see no problem here.

No. 10220


No. 10221

People go to prom when they're 17, right? I wish I was this well coordinated at 17.

No. 10222

That coord is shit and it looks cheap, plus the shoes really don’t match.

Can anyone post the full pic?

No. 10223

File: 1544831277893.jpeg (548.96 KB, 1700x2048, F402A144-EC77-42B8-AD25-4C051F…)

Oh Rachel that angle. If I didn’t know for sure I’d think this was a man

No. 10224

there's no excuse not to be able to put together a simple color-matched coord with all of the resources available. when i was 17 all i had access to was the GLB full of photoshoot coords that didn't work IRL and ita punky shit clogging up pages. it's literally not hard to learn to wear lolita anymore, no matter how old you are.

No. 10225

How the hell could she just stick on that entire eyelash strip and think it looks good, falling off at both ends and overpowering her eyes? Some of the girls have no concept of how to do makeup at all, which is too bad seeing some of them could look at least a little put together if they knew how to apply it.

No. 10226

does she have a goiter or something?

No. 10227

File: 1544845365607.jpg (656.03 KB, 1080x1526, 20181214_223832.jpg)

Those dollar store baby pins. Who would want to buy such cheap and lazy made shit?

No. 10228

Does she have Down syndrome?

No. 10229

File: 1544892379359.jpeg (103.61 KB, 720x960, 83F739D0-174E-4473-93D4-4CF4D7…)

Anon how could you leave out the best one

No. 10230

It's meta, she's wearing p much a full set, and the shoes look fine to me. You're just salty.

No. 10231

Who hurt you?

No. 10232

File: 1544904623894.jpg (455.22 KB, 1850x2637, 20181215_140830-1-1.jpg)

What the absolute fuck. This is the most hideous beast I've ever seen in my life. This picture literally triggered my gag reflex. Who would actually subject themselves to willingly have to look at this thing? I don't hate ugly people, but i do hate the ones who think they're hot shit and do…..this. And the ahegao face is NEVER cute. She looks slow

No. 10233

why post your shitty grade school tier art?

No. 10234

The drawing is cuter than the girl.

No. 10235

>omg SO UGLYYYY ican't even look at it omgg
>proceeds to draw their shitty mspaint and post it unspoilered and unsaged, as if it's worth sharing

No. 10236

File: 1544911940099.png (1.52 MB, 1440x2118, Screenshot_20181215-191014.png)

Lurk much, Rachel? Your angles make you look more retarded than you are irl.

No. 10237

Lol it’s not “intense makeup” (literally where? All she’s wearing is thick eyelashes, basically no other makeup) or angles making you look like a man

No. 10238

Of all the things you can ridicule her for, this is a sweet sentiment. And of course she lurks: we're here, she's got more reason to be here than us.

No. 10239

this is not a sweet sentiment and it's wrong.

i hate the meme that we all have to be considered beautiful, we're not. we should focus more on making beauty less important than pretending that we're all special beautiful snowflakes.

also, you look like a man cause you have an ugly fat face.

No. 10240

> "of course she lurks"
a lot of cows lurk but not all of them are retarded enough to post about it in their public social media that WE lurk. she's just making herself look like even more of an autist.

"so apparently i look like a man, i'm not offended" lololol then why post it about it, rachel? if you're SO unbothered. channel that energy you waste on trying to act unbothered and holier-than-thou into exercising, you're so fat you literally have no chin

No. 10241

Sometimes I have to wonder if the Rachelposts aren't selfposts, because aside from being a tryhard, even her brand of ugly is pretty stale/unremarkable. I find the odd bad photoset and gurlpower IG posts to be pretty lazy.
Ever not wanna give someone attention because that's clearly what they're after?

No. 10242

>i hate the meme that we all have to be considered beautiful, we're not. we should focus more on making beauty less important than pretending that we're all special beautiful snowflakes.

nayrt, whilst this is true, you can't really help what you're interested in and she's interested in fashion which you need to be pretty to enjoy to the fullest. There's something really sad about someone who loses the genetic lottery like this, it's like someone who desperately wants to be a photographer having an eye degeneration disorder or something. She should try and cultivate some other hobbies because she's never going to be known for being beautiful like she wants.

No. 10243

It wouldn't matter if she wasn't pretty if she could actually coordinate or put together a decent outfit and style herself well. Good hair, makeup, and clothes can do a lot for even an unfortunate looking person. She doesn't even have that going for her.

No. 10244

if she didn't make that retarded thousand-yard-stare expression in almost every picture and didn't take pictures from such an angle that it makes her egg-shaped face with no chin stand out even more than it already does, at least she'd be salvageable. i follow girls on ig that are as fat as her but know their angles and can coord an outfit and take a flattering picture.

she's not self-conscious and it shows. for someone who claims to love jfash so much she should at least be aware that angles, lighting, composition and color-coording are part of taking a good, flattering picture.

No. 10245

Yeah it would, she doesn't want to be passable or mediocre, she wants to be a well known instagram influencer or youtuber. Half her outfits would be fine if they were on a skinny pretty person, she rips them off from more popular accounts in the first place.

She wouldn't, she'd be ugly even if she weren't fat. She's pixyteri tier in terms of both delusion and looks, it doesn't matter what she changes about her style or how much weight she loses, she's never going to be pretty enough for what she wants.

No. 10246

i always thought it was a self post, who is this girl and why do we care?

I havent heard of her outside of lowcow or seen her on instagram, lolita drama discords or on cgl being mentioned.

No. 10247

File: 1545430151884.jpeg (183.43 KB, 750x598, 4CBA7DC4-4256-45B7-BEB2-2CAE59…)

She is whining again about no likes and no views

No. 10248

She was posted on cgl back in the day.

No. 10249

File: 1545535629233.jpeg (372.4 KB, 1479x2048, A2522D01-A76A-45CC-95AB-4D4DEA…)

If you ever wanted to know why she always wears wigs. This is what her hair looks like.

No. 10250

File: 1545537842232.jpg (39.94 KB, 525x349, just fuck me up.jpg)

Damn. That's not very kawaii. I feel sorry for her.

No. 10251

PCOS alert.

No. 10252

But she doesn't wear actual lolita, just cheap plastic crap from dollskill and taobao. I'm calling this all out as selfposts since there are many cows that used to be posted to cgl that are more worthy of attention just for being ugly, like Pixyteri or horseface Ashley.

No. 10253

But she doesn't wear actual lolita, just cheap plastic crap from dollskill and taobao. I'm calling this all out as selfposts since there are many cows that used to be posted to cgl that are more worthy of attention just for being ugly, like Pixyteri or horseface Ashley.

No. 10254

File: 1545557338539.jpeg (1.98 MB, 3840x2880, 74A65A97-B67E-48FD-AB90-FD5D9D…)

No. 10255

She isn't a lolita so why is she in this thread? I've been wondering about it for a while. Get this girl and other non-lolitas in this thread into a general kawaii cows thread.

No. 10256

No. 10257

Samefag, but also. Just saying. She doesn’t wear it much now but still goes to meets and wears it occasionally.

No. 10258

What were the Goose secrets about this week? Did she make an ass out of herself on cgl recently? I’m unable to find anything in any thread

No. 10259


Tfw you know those are replicas bc goiterchan would never be able to even squeeze into the real deal without ripping the seams.

No. 10260

She does own several replicas. I think the misty sky might be one of them.

No. 10261

She's been trash-talking this other artist that she got into a spat with recently.

apparently, she's also trying to sue the Pittsburgh mods for wrongful termination lolol

No. 10262

“Other artist?” She’s not an artist. Wtf does she do that could be considered art?

Also, I noticed that she made her account private and deleted all of her photos going back to March, including all the photos of her bankruptcy hoard.

And she’s not Mexican. She’s Italian.

No. 10263

File: 1545621301968.jpg (92.41 KB, 595x394, tomcruiseloli.jpg)


Thanks for the laugh, anon

No. 10264

She's consistently teased opening up a shop for her jewelry but doing so could mean losing her disability checks so…. never gonna happen

No. 10265

Didn’t she make a post requesting donations for her shop? Anyone actually donate money?

No. 10266

Her jewelry is just beads and charms from craft stores strung together, it’s nothing that really takes any skill. You know she’d try to charge $100 or more for this tacky cheap-looking shit.

No. 10267

File: 1545690768468.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1242x1240, 9464520D-A2B6-42CB-9BCE-5B1FA3…)

Dropped my pic

No. 10268

File: 1545691561274.jpeg (414.26 KB, 2048x2048, 43C33299-B211-4D3B-8E3A-9487BA…)

Out of boredom I decided to price out how much it would cost her to make this. Including findings like jump rings and such and assuming everything was regular price, it’s around $30, and it’s all cheap shit you can find at Michaels. such an artist

No. 10269

Wait but didn't she claim to have spent like 3k preparing for the tea party? She already had the dress so it wasn't on that.

No. 10270

I think she got her hair and makeup professionally done and had a bunch of accessories and shit commissioned, she was REALLY gunning for that "lifetime achievement award" aka BTSSB judge's choice for best outfit. By her speech on COF you'd think she won a fuckin Oscar.

No. 10271

I almost forgot about that fucking novel, and then her pity party about getting her post taken down when it literally broke the rules of COF posting

No. 10272

How does this bitch afford to spend so much on lolita and be on disability at the same time? wtf

No. 10273

She doesn’t. She’s literally bankrupt.

No. 10274

Kek that's hilarious. I have friends that have put together accessories for their outfits with random shit they had lying around at home and managed to win best outfit with that a couple of times each.

No. 10275


She's in a LOT of debt. She also has a husband she drains dry, and she regularly scams sellers/artists she buys from claiming the items are damaged on arrival, or as in BJD claiming the items are replicas. In general, she takes the American "customer is always right" thing to a whole new level.

I honestly think she has a buying addiction. Knowing her from other communities she has always been the one who had to have the most expensive and exclusive items, even when new to the group. She tries to use that stuff to buy a sense of self I guess. But honey, all the burando in the world can't fill the gaping void in your soul lol and having nice things doesn't inherently secure you the respect or admiration of the communities these days. We're not in grade school anymore, where shiny new trainers made you the coolest one in the room. We're grown adults now, and we choose our friends/ comm leaders by their personality not just based on the amount of stuff they accumulate.

To be fair, she's hardly the first girl to mistake burando for personality, fulfillment, and leadership potential.

No. 10276

I'm pretty sure she's banned from Lacemarket for scamming, she buys everything from Yahoo!Japan or Mercari. You're absolutely right though, she tries to buy standing in any community she joins by having the biggest collection of expensive items, but doesn't realize that that will never make up for her absolutely awful personality. She's also incredibly entitled, the few times I met her she was constantly trying to get people to give her things/ do things for her. She actually owes me money lol, but I'm going to let it slide because I have no desire to ever interact with her again. I'm glad she's banned.

No. 10277

Has enough time passed that someone can spill on why she was banned? Like who reported her for harassment?

No. 10278

Several people came forward actually, the only one I know the identity of is K8. So Seralise showed up randomly at K8's house and has been trying to use her to get more e-fame for ages. While there, Seralise used K8's computer and took private FB messages from K8 and her husband. She then tried to use that to coerce K8 into a relationship so she could get more ig fame. K8's friends in the wider J-fashion community actually went to the Pittsburgh mods before K8 did when k8 confirmed she planned ot go back to Pittsburgh.

After K8 came forward, several other comm members came forward with their concerns about her taking non-consensual pictures, manipulating sales, talking shit, and making POC members uncomfortable with her constant insistence on being considered a POC and bringing up race issues and claiming they apply to her white ass.

Having met the girl myself, it's a small miracle she managed to stay in the comm as long as she did.

No. 10279


No. 10280

I don’t want to waste 30 mins of my life, can someone summarise?

No. 10281

She's so ugly, how old is she? Did she seriously try to model for AP?

No. 10282

No. 10283

She looks like Mrs. Doubtfire

No. 10284

She just reiterates the AP modelling requirements/ application form and then says how she wasn't picked. She chocks it up to applying with a pic of her wearing BTSSB rather than her whole everything.

No. 10285

This is kind of sad. She's one of those ugly girls who doesn't realize she's ugly.

No. 10286

Woowwwww… I'm pretty sure they disqualified her on her face because she looks like she's about 45.
I like how she says her shoes may have disqualified her because they weren't fancy and that it was because she wore BTSSB in her picture (because she called the store about what purse to use at the event (?) and they said that they owner of AP HATES BTSSB).
I lol'd because in the comments a girl commented that she didn't have shoes and submitted a blurry picture wearing Meta and got picked lol.

No. 10287

ngl i think this is pretty

No. 10288

it's not my taste but its not ugly. Her description of it was what made me want to puke honestly.

No. 10289

it's perfectly fine for cheap craft store jewelry but she thinks it's a fucking masterpiece and that's the cringy part

No. 10290

File: 1546717480944.jpeg (109.19 KB, 750x396, C8060838-BD90-4DB4-B58C-3DDEED…)

Claudia, you are the hoarder so you are the reason your house is a mess. Also she got a new iPad Pro. So her “art” will be better she says. Money cannot buy talent hon.

No. 10291

Why isn't she living with her husband? Are they literally so broke because of her compulsive shopping that they lost their house and had to move back in with their respective parents?
Someone please get Claudia a shrink because there is something seriously wrong here.

No. 10292

This is the ugliest person I've ever seen in my life.

No. 10293

>georgio peviani


No. 10294

Why would I want to take advice from someone who wasn't selected? Lel

No. 10295

anyone know what AP's waist measurement requirements are like?

No. 10296

File: 1546809148965.jpeg (204.8 KB, 750x696, FF60C9B2-AC59-40BF-BDF0-2E71A4…)

AP USA didn't list any measurements requirements other than height but I know a couple girls who have modeled for various lolita brands at cons and tea parties and the biggest waist measurement among them is 28 in. However, this girl is also quite tall for someone modeling for a jfash brand (5'7").

No. 10297

shirred can fit like a 45in waist.

No. 10298

Surely you don't think that AP would take a model that size though. Be realistic.

No. 10299

I might not be understanding this right but I don’t understand where she’s racist? Can someone explain please

No. 10300

File: 1546833435615.jpeg (212.38 KB, 750x935, 8B1ACC0D-AA2E-46C9-8854-B5B602…)

Claudia posted more bad art. Even art of the girl who threatened another girls life. She had a video on how bad she drew it too it’s sad to see so many mistakes in such a crappy drawing

No. 10301

Wait is this the same girl who owns kawaii goods???? This is terrible

No. 10302

Holy fuck, no it can't. Shoving yourself in to the point the seams are popping doesn't count.

No. 10303

Just because they can fit “up to” a 45” waist, doesn’t mean it’s going to look good.

For a half or quarter shirred dress, there’s only so much material in the front that doesn’t move. There is no stretch. All the stretch goes to the back. So it’s going to look bloody ridiculous, with the seams in the wrong place and a case of boobloaf.

No. 10304

I'm not even white and I don't get it either anon. I thought her whole point was that black girls don't deserve special or extra attention in jfashion just for being black (which we receive anyway.) It should be based on style and not on race.
All things should be rewarded based on talent and not just "we need more black x just for the sake of it."

No. 10305

She’s worse than Pixyteri.

No. 10306

Yes Claudia owns KawaiiGoods
She’s a hoarder who spends all her money from her shop on herself and now her and her husband have no home and are staying with his mom i think. She freaked out because she thinks she is homeless. yet she dropped money on a 200+ jacket and iPad Pro

No. 10307

File: 1546886176653.jpeg (262.11 KB, 750x989, E25264E8-D52F-4E01-BAD5-72ED3F…)

1/2 Mikki commenting on a period theme dress a drag queen was wearing. She is crazy “age dysphoria” no you are just an age player who wears replica lolita dresses because you are 300 plus pounds.

No. 10308

File: 1546886199558.jpeg (162.53 KB, 750x633, 24482A23-86CD-440C-B63E-B515C8…)


No. 10309

File: 1546893109995.jpeg (369.83 KB, 640x994, A4069718-44F8-4F14-AD92-045748…)

She’s getting married? Dear god I feel sorry for her fiancé.

No. 10310

I feel like she's rushing to get married to get that BAH and Tricare. Maybe then she can get her teeth fixed. Can't wait to see her turn into a full fledged dependa and ask to be saluted.

No. 10311

>age dysphoria

fuck, I give up

No. 10312

I’m pretty sure this isn’t an actual term,right? Just made up stuff to justify her fetish I suppose

No. 10313

File: 1546911086403.png (433.11 KB, 938x459, hashtagmilitarybride.png)


She's so obviously out for military benefits and prestige. I don't understand how these people work - do they have no sense of pride?

No. 10314

If you're just going by her origin Facebook comment then yeah you can argue it's not racist, but the way she doubled down on "I can't see colour you're racist if you do" rhetoric and brings up so many uncalled for things in that video really spins it that if she's not specifically racist then she at least shows a complete lack of compassion, awareness of other people's struggles and understanding of how what she says is going to impact what people think of her. ScarfingScarves lays it on pretty thick with all her virtue signaling but she still breaks down every single moment that the edgelord destroys all her own credibility, including when she just runs out of edge and sits back to let her bf talk for her instead.
It's remarkable, if she had just posted some bullshit status about triggered sjw then people would have moved on, but she had to poke the bear in a video when she knew people were out for her, and then go cry about the backlash she opened herself up to.

No. 10315

I guess I missed the tea, but what's milkable about her?

No. 10316

…why is she wearing her ring backwards?

No. 10317

File: 1546921731606.png (610.08 KB, 814x598, 1EC3DFAE-1652-40E6-BCCF-6C0F9A…)

Even though she tries to play herself up as "the patriotic, military supporting sweetheart", she's so transparent about how she likes his benefits, not him. She even tweeted about how she wishes military girlfriends got the same treatment as military wives.
Pic related is her tweeting about visiting her bf in Montana vs. her IG post about the trip.

No. 10318

Mostly that she has a cringey obsession with dating a guy in the military and wrote obnoxious blog posts about how hard it is to live alone for 30 days, won't stop mentioning him/the fact that he's in the military every 10 seconds, etc.

No. 10319


You can refer back to the old thread you know.

But to add to >>10318 she's also very spoilt, whines when things don't go her way (notably got kicked out of a BTSSB fashion show when she threw a hissy fit on FB about the dress she was supposed to wear), is very out of touch with reality (her blog posts read like a list of first world problems), and two faced shit like >>10317

Kind of a pity she locked down her twitter, she sounds like she's already going bridezilla over a wedding that is probably a year away, what I wouldn't give to see her twitter meltdown.

No. 10320

Can we just give IVB her own thread I hate that bitch.

No. 10321

Gotta show off the rock.

Tbh I don't think she generates enough milk by herself to warrant a thread. A SF comm general, on the other hand, might be worth having since it's such a milky comm.

No. 10322

This thread is already slow. I don’t think offshoots for lolita comms or individuals is necessary unless they’re more well known outside of lolita.

No. 10323

Who else is milky in the SF comm? I only know of Chanel and from what i can tell she isn't active much anymore since being "homeless"

No. 10324

Wait, she’s homeless? I haven’t really followed her much since cgl stopped talking about her

No. 10325


Please don’t make separatw threads for every milky lolita. I don’t think that even Kate has enough stuff going on for her own thread. This general thread is slow.
I suggest that next thread op makes a list of cows we discuss frequently.

No. 10326

Shaf and Chen come to mind for being some of the milkiest sjw mongers I’ve ever come across. Not to mention they also surround themselves with like-minded folks so watching them make mountains out of NOTHING is like watching a train wreck in 4k

No. 10327

No. 10328

This has been her goal since they started dating. At least he didn't have to pay for the ring I guess.

No. 10329

File: 1547014005910.png (71.77 KB, 598x268, screenshot.png)


As much as I hate her too I have to agree with >>10322 and >>10321. Other than being a cringy, overprivileged wannabe white trash military fiance she doesn't have that much. She's otherwise boring and uses the military and frills as a substitute for character.

I did end up finding her twitter which is surprisingly disappointing, but I hope you enjoy the irony of these two retweets next to each other as much as I did.


We need milk. Really curious since the SF comm loves to portray themselves as soooo chill on cgl but then it devolved into a catfight over whose city smelled shittier last time.

No. 10330

File: 1547015604830.png (354.48 KB, 380x635, chanelart.png)

This was drawn by a 25 year old woman.

No. 10331

She's been living at various women's shelters with her mom last I heard.

They're both well dressed, well liked, and frequent successful event organizers. You sound like a either a comm noob or a loner.

No. 10332

I think it's endearing in a way, I don't think there should be an age limit on this kind of thing as long as people know their skills are behind and they have a sense of humor about it
Must be awkward having people ask for your address publicly like this though, if she says no she'll risk looking bad

No. 10333

> if she says no she'll risk looking bad

No she won't. It's not a normal thing at all to ask people who you aren't close to for their address. No sane person would do it.

No. 10334

File: 1547040029768.jpg (61.3 KB, 500x667, a30c7cd0975b94fcff8bdebe4468a3…)

I'm wondering if anyone has heard of this girl, she goes by mintandapple she used to hang out with a lot of other lolitas in NYC.

She was really racist in the past, saying how there are no black girls in anime because they are ugly. How n*ggers let themselves become slaves, etc. This was a long time ago so I can't say if she continued to be this way.
She was also really abusive during friendships as well, once threatening to burn her friend with a cigarette if she tried to have other friends.

Another story that was when she heard a rumor that her friend was talking about her behind her back and she went off on her telling her she's going to grow up to be nothing but a maid (because she was hispanic)
And a bunch of other insane stories.

I've also heard (I can't confirm this one) that she sort of left the nyc community because she had a falling out with another girl while sharing a room for some convention in another state and got angry at her (I THINK it was because she returned to the room late and it woke her up) and left her stranded at said convention.

Not sure if it's not the place to put it but I've always thought she was pretty milky.

No. 10335

Is Chanel intellectually disabled? Legit question.

I haven’t heard of her but
>saying how there are no black girls in anime because they are ugly
Sounds like she could be bffs with Vanessa aka simply26.

No. 10336

omg haha I was waiting for the day she would be posted here. this girl is vile with how hateful she is and truly rotten. she really likes to blame others for issues in her life instead of taking responsibility, shes super irresponsible with money and always buying brando instead of putting money back into her merch, and was constantly on /pol, trying to be like, I guess, "woke" with all the corrupt shit going on in the world. the list could go on if the right people find this. not to blog post any longer, but i remember hanging out with her bf one NYE and found him crying by the bathroom of the place we hung out at. long story short she threatened to break up with him if he went out and had fun on NYE while she was stuck at her "crazy" mom's place. she's fucking manipulative as shit

No. 10337

File: 1547045536609.png (615.45 KB, 934x587, ---.png)

Is this her? Glad to see someone so shitty and racist is a hideous, morbidly obese goblina on the outside, as well.

No. 10338

She was basically the same way in the past when she couldn't keep friends. Always a story about how they were assholes to her every time. But I always knew what was really happening because they were my friends too.

I've heard rumors about her being abusive to her boyfriend, sad to hear that it's true, and that she continues to be awful. But I'm not surprised as I met up with her once and was extremely rude.

She used to be really into 4chan as well, I think her favorite board at the time was /B/ and was really into "4chan culture"
She didn't think showering was important (so she tended to smell like B.O.) And also told me how she masturbated to the blue haired girl from lucky star.

That's her. It's also twice as nice that she absolutely detested fat people, making fun of them/insulting others for being "fat". And now she's gone and gotten fat herself.

She's always been pretty good at hiding who she really was online by being "kind" and showering others with gifts but it was only to use them to become popular herself, and I was surprised that she so blatantly told me that.

Sorry for blogposting, there's just… so many strange stories with her.

No. 10339

I love her coords but the constant stories and posts about her ~military bf~ made me unfollow her, plus it bugs me how completely non self-sufficient she is.

No. 10340

Do you have any sources of any of that? I've known her for years and she's always been a sweetheart to me and all our mutuals.

No. 10341


Not a WK in any way, this person sounds awful…but if you think this is morbidly obese, you need to do some more research.

No. 10342


You're seriously trying to tell me the chick who threw a shitfit on COF for being posted on CGL didn't have any milk?

No. 10343

ntayr but idk if anyone is gonna come forth w/ proof bc a good majority of these interactions w/ her are in person. she hardly has an internet presence besides her insta. but shes probably been keeping you at arms length either bc youre money potential or you have some sort of fame she could leech from

No. 10344

>not knowing how to write
What the fuck? Please tell me this person is actually disabled.

No. 10345

Can't cite sources other than I knew her myself for years as well. I think almost 12 years now. We were maybe best friends, and her best friends were also mine. She had a falling out with most of our friends which is why the cigarette story was told to me. Most things I've mentioned are from the past but I'd been hearing rumors about her because we work in the same social circles.

Like >>10343 said, her online presence is just her art and store at this point. She's too old and not stupid enough to write these things online. But she's not very good at keeping her temper irl.
Most times if you're a "popular" lolita, artist, etc, or are friends with someone that she actually wants to use, she'll be really kind. It'd be counterproductive to be outright rude to everyone if she wants to sell at conventions.

Sorry for the multiple blogpostings.

No. 10346

no wonder she's friends with voldie

No. 10347

Voldie isn't welcomed in the general NY Comm. iirc, one of my friends told me about dramu about Voldie planning a meetup that included a problematic member

No. 10348

Wasn't Voldie also a cgl tripfag back in the day?

No. 10349

she still is, but hasn't posted since November.

No. 10350

yes, voldie was/probably is massive cringe. i remember her getting pissed off about people giving her crit on her "one outfit" and the whole thing with her shitty tingle cosplay. good lord.

No. 10351

she acted like a complete a-hole defending her in OP's photo without giving a damn to the guy (a friend of Voldie) wearing lolita. she then went on IG posting stories about body positivity that made her look fat. sucks that she was too fat to model for AP

Voldie has been attempting to lose weight for years. my suggestion to her, layoff the beer. stop drinking jellyking every night

No. 10352



Voldie always makes herself look like an angel on IG, it's wild how different she is there vs /cgl/ and how she really is.

No. 10353

it wasn't recently. it happened a couple of years ago. i know several members felt uncomfortable about going to a meetup

No. 10354

yep, i remember that too. i also have some personal milk where she harassed my friend who did work for AP USA. she was a mess. didn't she sperg out over a secret santa one time, and that cloud-chan person?

No. 10355

Can someone post about why ppl on cgl say IDD isnt so nice?

No. 10356

IIRC aside from getting upset at others pointing out how large she was in the OP pic Voldie also sperged out over being too fat to model for an AP fashion show. Every time someone mentions anything to do with how her pieces fit her(which most of them fit like shit), at least for a while, Voldie would spend ages defending herself even lying about what size item she bought.

No. 10357

I've been wondering about this for ages. Someone on cgl said she was "rotten"?

No. 10358

No. 10359

For a long time, she mostly sold IDD items to her friends, so cgl got the impression she was stuck-up. It was more because she had a day job and didn't have time to make much stock for her store, so what she did make tended to be commissions. Now that she's moving out of NYC and making IDD more of a full-time thing, that might change.

No. 10360

>It was more because she had a day job and didn't have time to make much stock for her store, so what she did make tended to be commissions.

Work in New York City tends to be a bitch. Long hours 5 days a week and sometimes on the weekends. In retail, it's a struggle to be able to pay rent in an abode that you can barely afford. Average rent for 2 people is $2,000. You need to have a least a salary of 70-80k to afford the basics.

>Now that she's moving out of NYC and making IDD more of a full-time thing, that might change.

She's moving to Ohio close to where VooDoooDolly lives. What happens in Ohio?

No. 10361

That's definitely the chin/jaw of an obese person, anon. Do not be fooled by the black clothing or the cup obscuring half her face.

No. 10362

I'm confused why is she publicly announcing that her husband is in military? As someone who interned in that area, we have been told not to announce it on social media…

No. 10363

lol what? Maybe in other countries it's different but in the USA its all #armypride #armystrong #marines and whatever else, a lot of people in the military are obnoxious about it because it's the only thing they have as an identity. Army wives are especially bad because they're usually stay at home moms with no education and nothing interesting about them besides being married to a soldier and popping out babies.

No. 10364

Haven't seen what people say on cgl, but maybe there is some milk with the steph mii and mossmarchen drama? I think IDD and stephanie mii are/were friends and that may be the cause of some tension amongst their groups, but I'm just tinfoiling here. A friend of mine who briefly worked at BTSSB NY said the one time she met her she had walked in with a group meet and acted like her designs were better than BTSSB and was rude about it. lel

No. 10365

i'd like to hear the actual tea on stephanie. I heard she was banned from the LA comm but still shows up to some meets? Why did she get banned in the first place?

No. 10366

Sorry if this is the wrong thread, but does anyone remember that one tripfag who used to go by Clockwork Loyalty on /cgl/? He was some filipino guy (in his 30s now) who would try to get young girls to fly out to California so they could go to anime conventions with him. He would also try to shower them with gifts and lolita clothing even if they weren't into it because he has a fetish for it. He was desperate af and would fall in love with a new girl every other week.

No. 10367

Same guy as Vallelator or unsuprisingly similar traits among cgl men?

I've had a lot of really bad IRL experiences with Stephanie Mi. I'm close with a few "efamous" lolitas so I tend not to assume people are actually fame hungry, but she acted like a sociopath whose only goals were to be close to efamous lolitas and to increase her social status. I also remember how quickly she turned from being friends with girlyhoot to publicly calling her out when the whole LACE drama unfolded

No. 10368

Nah, they're not the same person.

No. 10369

She's very nice in person if you talk to her. tbh most of the hate started after she did the Haenuli colab so I think people mostly dislike her for that

No. 10370

Stephanie and Lauren began to chat absolutely pointless fucking shit about each other on /cgl/. Lauren is close to the mods so Stephanie was the one that got banned. She attends some meetups by the OC girls. Whatever LA ones she pops up at are probably private and not overseen by the mods, therefore still allowed.

No. 10371

How do you get close to the mods? Who even are they?

No. 10372

File: 1547489108604.png (532.94 KB, 1080x1033, Screenshot_20190114-120241.png)

She's totes bi guys!

No. 10373

>she acted like a sociopath whose only goals were to be close to efamous lolitas and to increase her social status
Why do so many lolitas who want to be efamous make it so obvious that they're friends with who they're friends with just for clout? IVB does the same thing.

No. 10374

I've been wondering this forever, who are cgl's mods/jannies? Are any of them lolitas?

No. 10375

So are most women, this isn't really an issue. But what self-respecting woman could ever love her?

No. 10376

/cgl/ has 4 jannies and no mods. 3 of the jannies are confirmed as actual lolitas from what i've heard

No. 10377

Need to get those LGBT points

I've been told Jennifer Myles is a jannie, can anyone confirm?

No. 10378

Wow, wait really? I don't not believe you but do you have any screenshots of anything like this? Someone I know is friends with her and the times I met her she seemed pretty nice, plus said person is black. That's freaking wild if that + the other stories ppl posted are true, sounds like she has a personality disorder.

No. 10379


That anon definitely meant Lauren is friends with the mods of the LA comm, not cgl mods.

No. 10380

isn't ivb also dating robotic_girl?

No. 10381

File: 1547597050733.png (17.04 KB, 1462x198, d48e72bfdbe87c51fd23dedea96570…)

Had to do some digging but this is the closest I could get to her having anything nasty/rude online. She used to go by minimushroom eons ago.

The jokes she was referring to was like I said the whole "lmao black girls are too ugly to be in anime, etc"

She doesn't mention the mexican part bc that part was spoken about on aim.

Like I said most of this shit is old af, almost 10 years. I just heard of her again recently which is what sparked my interest in knowing if anyone else knew more.

She is able to have friends that aren't white but it usually means it's because "you're not a ghetto n*gger" bc I'm also black myself.

No. 10382

I thought they were just friends

No. 10383

File: 1547600664710.jpg (163.3 KB, 900x656, minimushroom_s_time_warp_by_mi…)

Jeez, I took a look through her gallery and saw this. For the "current" (at the time she posted this like a decade ago) version of herself she says she hates ghetto kids. I wonder which black girl beat her up in middle school to give her such a complex.

No. 10384


They're friends you silly kumquat.

No. 10385

I almost want to cow-tip and comment something like "Funny you talk shit about black girls, when you're too ugly to even be on your own IG without hiding 3/4ths of your hideous, orclike face lmao" on her social media, but I know better.
I hate when people like this "get away" with their bullshit, but I guess the absolute state of her body, her irrelevance in the Jfashion community, her uninspired designs and the fact that all her misery and ugliness is purely self-inflicted is almost its own punishment.

No. 10386

File: 1547679687592.jpeg (122.31 KB, 750x639, 8366CDB9-A690-4787-9C2B-D401BD…)

Lets not forget that KawaiiGoods aka Claudia was complaining how she is “homeless” and needs a house for her hoard. She was “saving up” for her family because her husband is jobless and she is the breadwinner. She just bought a ton of Polly pocket stuff from hot topic at full price, just look at her wardrobe album

No. 10387

I'm surprised that other girls in our comm are friends with her given how obvious she makes it that she only cares about marrying her boyfriend for benefits and how hard she panders to efamous lolitas in hopes of becoming famous.

No. 10388


How does she present herself IRL? I've heard she's about as interesting as wet cardboard and she films other people for her IG without their permission.

No. 10389

I was at an event where she was filming without permission and it made me really uncomfortable. I'm a private person and I'd like to not appear in random people's youtube videos if I could help it. From what I hear, she didn't even ask the staff, just whipped out her camera and started filming. Nobody said anything to her, but at least my friends were pretty bothered by her filming like that.

No. 10390

She's really bland IRL. Super boring unless you want to talk about her military bf, then she'll ramble for ages. I hung out with her for a while and learned absolutely nothing about her aside from that.

No. 10391

Boring and generally unfriendly, even if you are nice to her. I think she is picky about who she befriends or something.

No. 10392

File: 1548131464988.jpeg (142.28 KB, 750x646, 16F95364-2B3C-4CD5-A628-0D07FB…)

Age player continues to be gross

No. 10393

File: 1548476497288.jpeg (582 KB, 1236x1868, 984313C1-A79D-4BE9-8ABA-EEC17A…)

Does this kind of thing rub anyone else the wrong way? I do feel for her but I never understand people who think others will be willing to pay for their lost luxury items. I only censored bc I don’t think she’s a very well-known lolita but I’m not positive. Caps to follow.

No. 10394

File: 1548476525270.jpeg (240.24 KB, 1241x1605, C189DEF4-04AE-4491-96ED-ABBF11…)

No. 10395

File: 1548476630447.jpeg (533.23 KB, 1233x1253, 57F21F96-2C4F-44CF-872E-6C13B7…)

No. 10396

File: 1548476674128.jpeg (379.42 KB, 1242x1526, C4BB37CC-85CE-49C3-ABA4-F5C5FF…)

Idk. What do you guys think? Would it be different if it were an e-famous content creator?

No. 10397

I feel for her, but doesn't Greyhound reimburse you if your luggage goes missing, the way airlines do?

No. 10398

Seems a little bit like she’s jumping the gun too. I mean it’s barely been a week, it’s possible they’ll find it. What will she do if she raises a bunch of money but gets everything back? We also don’t have proof anything is missing/lost and if we see her wear the same things she claims got lost in the future she can just say she rebought the same thing again.

But anyway yeah it rubs me wrong regardless, I would also be really upset if I lost a bunch of my clothes and expensive makeup and stuff, but it’s not strangers responsibility to give me money to buy them again. It’s not lifesaving or necessary things she lost. It’s not an epipen or a wheelchair or $500 worth of medication or something. Blogpost: but as somebody who helped raise money for my friend with terminal brain cancer, pisses me off seeing people use go fund me for this shit

No. 10399

Got banned because she began squabbling with some other bitch (Lauren) who’s just as batshit as Stephanie. Lauren is closer to the mods so she didn’t get banned when she should have been banned along with Stephanie. I cannot wait till Lauren shows her true colors and gets banned too. Lauren is just as much cancer to the LA comm as Stephanie is. They’re both batshit.

From what I heard, Stephanie was being a huge brat at some lolita event held by Carolina, butting into other people’s business and being immature as hell. People hosting the event had enough of her shit and she left a bad taste in the LA comm’s mouth. As someone that has dealt with Stephanie, she’s just as two faced and fake like Lauren, along with being an entitled brat, and emotionally unstable.

Then Stephanie decided to call out Lauren on her two-facedness and tagged the mods. Mods thought what Steph did was unacceptable and banned her. The ban essentially came from a private squabble between Lauren and Stephanie that was stupid as hell and Stephanie decided to call out Lauren on 4chan. She also made fun of Lauren’s toupee on 4chan. Lauren replied and Stephanie escalated it to “death threats” on 4chan (which to be fair were not really death threats) seriously and freaked the fuck out.

They’re both fucking stupid people and need to grow up. They’re both in their 30s and act like they’re 10. They’re both embarassments to the LA comm and need to be kicked ASAP. I’m happy Stephanie is banned, now we wait for Lauren

No. 10400

>Lauren's toupee

No. 10401

she wears a hairpiece iirc

No. 10402

Seems pretty tacky to me. There are tons of people with gofundmes to pay for health or operations, destroyed homes, homelessness, etc.

Also I somehow doubt these rack up to $1000 anyway.

No. 10403

File: 1548542852868.jpeg (125.59 KB, 750x949, 48DCA1BE-1FAC-43FC-BF86-3155BF…)

Claudia, get your child his medicine not pay for overpriced Lazy Oaf shit!

No. 10404

Nobody is going to look anything but retarded in that in broad daylight.

No. 10405

Despite telling the whole world that she shaves her head and wears wigs instead, she flipped her shit when Stephanie mentioned it on 4chan

No. 10406

She has severe hair loss due to a medical condition iirc. Kind of a shit thing to rag on her about

No. 10407

File: 1548561484720.jpeg (1.88 MB, 1242x2002, D21C26CC-F28A-403C-B2F1-371712…)

This is so cringey. Nina (k8’s famewhore bff) is in Japan and is basically LARPing as a maid cafe employee.

Imagine if you saw someone dressed up as a McDonald’s employee standing in the street doing a photoshoot. This is so weird.

No. 10408

Pretending to be an actual maid to promote an anime convention shitty cosplay maid cafe? This is really really sad. How low do your standards have to be to do this?

No. 10409

File: 1548574893632.png (89.17 KB, 281x199, 1540277516394.png)

… Why Shibuya?
There are no maids handing out fliers in Shibuya, thats iconic to Akihabara.

If you're going to larp as a maid cafe employee, why wouldn't you do it in a place that actually has maid cafe employees on the street?

No. 10410

forgot to sage, sorry

No. 10411

Why would it be your dream to be fawned over by gross fat manchildren with lolicon fetishes? Christ, that’s just sad…

My SIL quit on her first day working at a maid cafe bc it was so degrading and so many creepy men.

No. 10412

I imagine it's like working at Hooters, but instead of bros who love football you're being ogled by NEET otakus.

No. 10413

She came to one meet in OC 2 years ago. She's not really an active lolita in SoCal after getting back from LA comm.

No. 10414

It weirds me out that Leslie/Haro tries so hard to pretend she's Asian. She selfposts in a ton of groups specifically made for Asian models/photographers but she's clearly Hispanic and doesn't look Asian at all.

No. 29690

Don’t think Lauren will get banned because she actually does stuff for the comm. the mods have become more lazy and the ones who aren’t lazy got pushed out of event planning bc Lauren is a psycho control freak. But no one wants to stand up to her because no one else really wants to put as much work as she does into events.

She also takes over events as “favors” and then uses them as a way to control people because most of the girls are doormats, too old to care, or young and impressionable. Don’t ever let her do you a favor bc she’s gonna use it against you.
Also related: her relationship with her husband makes everyone so uncomfortable bc she literally hits him in front of people. They also treat each other like burdens and are frequently showing resentment towards their marriage to each other. Could go on all day about how insane Lauren is but sadly she’s here to stay bc no one has enough free time or motivation to take her spot

No. 30457

File: 1548872800108.png (95.53 KB, 244x245, shit.png)

She just uploaded a new video in 1080p showing off her spongemonkey teeth. It floors me how she won't spend a dime on dental. Just watching the way her mouth moves is nauseating.

No. 30462

File: 1548875923621.gif (887.69 KB, 500x692, grinch.gif)

That's some grinch level crooked. Too bad there's no dental coverage for military gfs.

No. 30467

That's military Fiancée to you!!

But for real, she has money, why not pay for some invasalign at least.

No. 30522

Holy hell that plaque buildup. And she doesn't even have 2 lower front teeth. She just has one in the center.

I used to wonder this when I followed her way back when. Iirc she's a trustfund brat and her parents pay for everything so why not at least get some dental work done? Braces/aligners are cheap for someone with her wealth.

No. 30537

was this on IG? because it looks like she's deleted it

No. 30553

It's on her youtube

I always thought she was unattractive but the video angle plus the "funny" faces she tries to pull makes her look even worse.

No. 30559

File: 1548947017087.jpeg (867.27 KB, 2560x1920, CD13838D-36C2-45B5-817A-844BD3…)

No. 30564

whenever ugly girls try to pull the derpy faces like this, it always makes them look uglier because when their face is normal it doesn't fix it…

No. 30578

She probably thinks that her derpy faces make her "relatable" and "interesting"

No. 31178


>let's copy the same shit Misako did and make a video of it lol

Does this girl ever have original ideas.

Also these could be fucking hilarious reaction images, except then she'd probably be so fucking smug she's got 'efame' that I'd rather not.

No. 31415

File: 1549162029911.png (89.66 KB, 1178x320, Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 6.46…)

Just took a look at IVB's twitter and she's already well on her way to wanting to speak to your manager lol

No. 31420

What a fucking entitled baby

No. 31464

She'd wear Misako's skin in a heartbeat if she could.

No. 31489

File: 1549218111862.jpg (28.25 KB, 559x460, 47690659_2178849828837718_2255…)

>blaming employees because you don't know how to consume hot beverages

No. 31508

lol wtf is kid's temp?

No. 31523

it's where they make certain drinks at a lower temp for kids so they don't hurt themselves. they can only make kid's drinks like this though, like hot cocoa or warm stuff not containing coffee. idiots think it's a ""secret menu"" thing and try to order drinks that they can't make cooler at kid's temp.

No. 31555

yeah this is stupid, you can't make things like drip coffee at a cooler temp because they are the temperature they are. All you can do is let it cool before hand.

No. 31580

I’m always hearing shit about Stephanie (rightfully so) but I don’t hear anyone going into detail with what Lauren does despite being as bad as Steph. Deets? How does she use favors against people? What does she do that annoys/pisses off people?

No. 31627


saged autistic barista reply
kids temp is when the milk is steamed to 55C instead of the usual ~65C. This applies to lattes, hot chocolate and matcha tea latte. Chai latte is half hot water which is basically boiling and brewed coffee, mistos, brewed tea,Americanos are likely to extremely hot/boiling. They cant really be made kids temp.

It couldve been a baristas mistake but if she ordered a chai, americano, or brewed tea theres no such thing as kids temp unless we put some ice cubes in and even then no promises on the temperatures. Normally kids temp is used for cocoas which are sauce heavy anyway and cooler than a standard latte/drink.

Does she live across the street? Normally within 5 minutes or so its cooled enough unless shes someone who gets a stopper "to keep it warm".

No. 32028

Sage goes on the email field, buddy.

No. 32037

is anyone friends with sarah d (from maryland) on Facebook? is she really that sick? I swear she has munchausen’s (not to be confused with munchausens by proxy) or is at least a very extreme case of a hypochondriac. every day it’s something with her, to the point where it feels almost unbelievable.

No. 32040

It is definitely an attention thing with her. You'll notice she always has energy for the things she really wants to do and her story changes all the time about what she has or what's bothering her. MD has a few chronically ill munchie types in the comm, so Sarah is just trying to one up the the rest of the "oh, I'm a medical enigma and I simply baffle the medical community with my inscrutable mystery diseases" crowd. She has a million bullshit allergies too. It makes her frustrating to be around.

No. 32096

Favor example: she will help someone find their dream dresses, offer to lend then money, a place to crash. Nice and all but lord all mighty help your soul. The moment you do something she doesn’t like, she will lie to others saying you’re using her, took advantage of her friendship and accuse you of hating her.
She does this to a lot of the young comm members, poor ones, and mentally ill people under the guise of helping and then she will tell you how she wants to see your life turn out with your career, friends, hobbies, and etc and then she starts berating you all the time for not doing it. Lauren pretty much preys on ppl who can’t really fight back
She’s super controlling and it’s really freaky.
If you have an idea for an event, she will take it over, keep you out of the loop, not delegate tasks, and then gets upset she did all the work. If you criticize her, then she tries to guilt trip you and manipulate you by saying how hard it all was, how she couldn’t even enjoy the event because she was so busy making it perfect and stuff like that so toxic!!!!!!
Then ofc she goes into all her group chats on her social medias then complains about it/brings her drama into it all the time
Lol forget criticizing her because you’ll be the one who gets pressured into apologizing to her

She could be much more pleasant if all her interactions weren’t tit for tat, and if she was less controlling

No. 32122

wow I’m surprised I even got a response at all, wasn’t sure if anyone here was from MD and if anyone knew her since she doesn’t seem to be super active in the fashion as she was a couple years ago? her statuses seem to be increasing in severity and consistency. At first it was like oh wow that sucks, now it’s like, if the pain you have is really this debilitating on this consistent of a basis, how are you able to put in the energy to do certain things? like not that people with chronic illness can’t have fun or can’t ever have energy for hobbies but like. with what she’s describing sometimes it sounds like she should be in an ICU. speaking of which she’s constantly at the ER and I honestly don’t see how she’s able to visit the ER that much, and get admitted, without the nurses thinking she’s an addict. Like honestly at some point I was convinced that she was visiting the ER with these dramatic stories so often so she could get all these crazy pain meds and muscle relaxers because she was addicted to prescription pills.

No. 32142

Yeah, she's kind of a personal lolcow. I don't think she has an addiction to pills, just an addiction to attention. She has claimed so many illnesses it's hard to keep them straight, including fucking anorexia, which she clearly does not have. She just wants to be a pale sickly beauty, straight out of a Jane Austin novel, too frail for this world~ and soak up all that sweet sympathy. But give her the chance to model or be in the spotlight and all that shit goes out the window until it's over and she worked soooo haaaaard she "starts feeling weak" and passes out. Maybe she does have some minor illness, but it's mostly an act and I'm positive the medical staff know what is going on. She changes doctors a lot from what I can tell.

Trust me, many people in the comm see through it as well and give her a pass because she is still young. I'm just glad she doesn't do lolita as much anymore. Let the historical fashion groups deal with it until she grows out it or burns every bridge she has acting insufferable.

No. 32154

Am from MD, can confirm Sarah D has a histrionic personality. Apparently her mom also smothers her, so maybe her mom treating her like a fragile special baby has caused her to internalize it.

No. 32156

Double post but good to know a few MD lolitas are also farmers. We have a few spoonies/munchies/annoying poly kinksters in our comm but nobody is too too awful. I just unfollow them on FB and try to avoid them at meetups.

No. 32281

Munchies seem to be a bit common in Lolita, I used to follow a girl on insta whose stories were just her talking about her "illness" at length and crying on camera, and then she'd turn around and throw a ton of cash on makeup and lolita while complaining how awful her family and neighbours are to her about her "disease". It seems like she's leeching off her family or welfare, because she repeatedly stated that she wasn't fit to work.

No. 32613

Sounds like someone with no life too. Does she have a job??

These people bring all the bullshit. I’d assume if they’re rich enough to buy lolita, they’d at least get some higher education and maybe learn more about the “illnesses” they supposedly have

No. 32621

Money =/= intelligence and class, anon. We've seen this time and time again in every community imaginable.
Plenty of lolitas in my comm have all brand wardrobes but don't think obesity is unhealthy or go on and on about muh hidden illnesses.

No. 32694

I mean, what would you learn at university about illnesses? You wouldn’t learn much, you’d need to go to medical school and none of these people would care to do that. They don’t want to take care of other people, they’re looking for the pity party that comes with being a medical enigma.

No. 33186

I talked to this guy for a bit and he was nothing like what you said, just an autistic fuck who thought that buying people stuff would make them his friends. Honestly one of the least creepy people I talked to off 4chan.

No. 33397

Not Hispanic, she's Peruvian from Native American descent.

No. 35025

holy shit, fuck this con, and fuck sissies.

No. 35043

She didn't even share everything that's happened and it still sounds like a horrible experience. Then again I guess that clip at the beginning pretty much speaks for itself, yikes. Any lolitas local to Quebec and know (or know of) this guy?

No. 35060

He is pretty well known and is a creep. People only put up with it because it’s a con they can go to that gets jfash guests, as otakuthon which is in Montreal hates jfash. He is that guy who is very pro Quebec independence and will hate on anything Canada does and is a big snob about it. Ironic since he is trying to get English speaking Lolita’s to come to a bilingual city for his con, but whatever. Also is shit at speaking English which makes him hard to understand either irl or online.

I did wish Lor explained the panel better and showed more because it was so hard to sit through and I don’t think she expressed it well enough. It was very cringy and the guy seems to get off on the attention even when the 2 guests were very vocally not happy. There was a lot of inside jokes I guess which was puzzling to get but it got to a point where the mc was just mocking the con head.

No. 35061

I was a vendor there and he told me that my signs need to be in both English and French or he could have me arrested kek

No. 36119

File: 1550381391168.jpeg (452.42 KB, 1220x1875, 4DE52BD3-E710-4697-9A6E-D33ABF…)


No. 36141

Does the drama get any more interesting than "they didn't use their preferred pronouns!"? This is pretty unbearable to watch.

No. 36144

She can get free insurance through the state…?? Jesus this fugly troll sure likes to play the tiny violin over nothing.

It shocks me how no one calls her out on her bullshit while she drops major bucks on frivolous shit.

No. 36153

that was actually true for businesses at one point but not stuff like conventions i don't think. when PQ was in office a lot of companies got fines for really stupid shit.

i don't think they hate jfash, just like lolita more.

No. 36156

The con chair treats his guests like shit and makes them feel uncomfortable and (at least in Lor’s case) unsafe. According to anon comments he’s known to be a sexual predator with a lolita fetish, but she only vaguely alludes to this and refuses to go into it even though she has someone’s permission to relate her story. I’m not sure if the pronoun shit was even the con chair or some random staffer and why she lingered on that for so long. She also didn’t give any context for that sissy clip in the beginning.

No. 36161

I imagine the sissy thing was supposed to be a joke, but it's distasteful and combined with Lor's report of the "panel" which included another staffer that didn't know Tyler nor the cosplay guest too well if at all, it just seems disrespectful and kinda gross, honestly. I don't know how comfortable I'd feel if someone talked to me that way, even as a joke.

No. 36273

Jesus christ I can't believe she got an iPad pro and her art got WORSE. Everything looks like it was done in one take. Any time I see her put out a new pattern and call it a "collection" I feel offended…

No. 36500

She hosted that cringey doll meet in the OC group. Why did she have it in that comm if she’s not active?

No. 36548

No. It’s not a joke. He is a sissy and he gets off putting Lolita’s on the spot telling them that and asking them to pose/sign pictures or give advice by critiquing his disgusting photos he shows you.

No. 36622

The pronoun comment was by a mc of the panel. Lor focused too much on that abs not the horrible hour long panel. It was hard to sit through.

This is very true, he is a sissy and shows ppl his stuff trying to get a rise.

No. 36662

why would anyone ask about pronouns irl sorry for my ignorance but is this how anime cons are now? kind of weird and a nuisance

No. 36670

Stephanie didn't host that meet. She didn't even attend.

No. 36687

That makes it so much worse, what the fuck. Is there a source on this? Like has anyone ever found/shared his sissy pics?

No. 36702

Yes. The moderators from the Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto comm know about it, and his sissy alias but are keeping it quiet as to not instigate a witch hunt as Luc has now stepped down. It’s touchy.

No. 36732

Legitimately wondering if you guys think he might be on the spectrum? I've met him several times and he has such a lack of social queues that I'm wondering if he has aspergers or something

No. 36992

Somebody better drop a name or a link in this thread, dude doesn’t deserve the privilege of having that kept under wraps. if he’s gonna force other people into his kink who want nothing to do with it, his alias should be named and kinkshamed the fuck out of

No. 37057

Imagine having a local sissy very openly prey on your comm members and lolitas from out of state, while the mods protect him from "witch hunts". Sorry >>36702 the mods might mean well but he deserves every bit of shit he gets for what he's done, the last thing he needs is protection.

No. 37112

The last couple days some infighting happened on /cgl/, because somebody said that there's this brolita in her comm and she doesn't want to invite him. Somebody else said that there's this known sissy in hers and that the mods are friends with him. Immediately a wk or the sissy in question started saying that he isn't a sissy and that she's a sexist etc.

>What do you do when there is a sissy in your comm? I want to host a meet but the last event someone had held a sissy attended. I also noticed they are friends with comm mods so how can I prevent this from happening at my meet?

>This happened in my comm before I bounced. The mods protected and praised an obvious sissy who had AP OPs altered to fit him, and while I commend him on going for brand, I also know exactly what he does in it. Disgusting. One of the mods had befriended this sissy before he knew of lolita, and then urged him to join the comm when he started wearing it. They think he's safe. I've seen this disgusting fetishist in action, wanting to wear other girls' dresses and asking about foundation garments. He even goes as far as wearing bras for fun. When I see him in public, he always has ratty hair and his dresses are in horrid condition. When they put him in the fashion show, I had to leave.

>He's not a sissy, just a middle aged brolita. Anon is being a paranoid sexist bitch and starting drama for no reason.

>You know him enough to post him in the ita thread, stalk him online to figure out that the mods are friends with him, and try to start shit on here. There are girls in the comm who dress a lot worse than him, just admit that you don't want an old man attending.

Could this be said sissy + protective mods? Or is this just such a common thing to happen nowadays? I'm honestly so tired of them invading all spaces made for girls.

No. 37126

I don't think so, iirc those gulls are from the US not Canada. If nothing else, it does show how widespread this issue is.

No. 37151

Tyler's video about the shit that went down at G-Anime is up.

No. 37176

I think this is about Andrea, a middle-aged trans woman in the NY comm. There's some speculation that she might be a sissy, and I'm personally weirded out by the fact that she carries American Girl dolls around with her in public despite being in her 40's.

No. 37179

Don’t forget that horrible Frozen dress and the toddler shoes. I only know this person from COF but the sissy vibes are pretty overwhelming.

No. 37182

The anons on cgl mentioned that this "brolita" was posted in the ita thread with the same question ("What do you do when there is a sissy in your comm?"), and when I went to look who they were talking about it was definitely not Andrea and… honestly very much did look like a sissy.

No. 37186

Post caps, i want to know who this person is

No. 37191

File: 1550874079159.png (820.38 KB, 981x1475, 00.png)

No. 37193

Andrea is in NYC comm now? He was from Atlanta comm.

No. 37194

fucking nasty

No. 37235

Andrea resides in Atlanta.


No. 37257

Andrea travels around to a whole bunch of cities all the time and is part of multiple comms. It's a wonder he has so much money to spend but doesn't seem interested in investing in his appearance. Is he just a sissy who wants to prey on as many people and unsuspecting normies as possible?

No. 37264

Crossdress thread:
"I’m going to be attempting a gothic maid lolita cosplay for the first time"
>Lolita adds fluff and fluff is basically armor
>This is for me, fuck the anon. I will get this and live my life as a lolita housekeeper
>All lolita is cosplay. Y'all playin off rulebooks from the Victorian era. Pretentious bum ticklers.
>begone terf
>you spiteful gatekeeping cunt.
>cis bitches take over the fashion for their own ddlg purposes. No one should like Lolita because all genders use it for their fetish aims
>lel, the female cgl mafia needs to quit being so racist against men interested in lolita fashion. Seeing "sissies" lurking behind every tree is pure delusion - those freaks are real, but not exactly the chan demographic. Remember, a man invented the term EGL.
>Even the Lolita Bible was made by a man, you retarded cunt. Nobody has to prove shit to a random bitch.
>You bitches are delusional and completely irrelevant.
>you dont know your place
>mentally ill bitch
>You clearly are retarded. There are no frills and dresses comming out of your vagina, at least I guess. But I am not going to assume. Its just a piece of fabric, you are incredible dumb. You dont know your place because you are a petty and sad imbecile that thinks she has any say in how people should wear, and that is up to her to decide who is "a fetishist" or not. Its pathetic.
>you are such a filthy cunt
>Dontchuknow that entitled hags have the copyright of dresses and vitorian fashion? WOMYN JUST MADE IT, WE VAGINA FARTED IT ALL, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT ABOUT SEX? YOU FETISHIST >:(?
>Implying woman arent into it for fetish reasons, it's all just attention whoring.
>why is this needy whore still here tho

When will this insanity stop?
Also, why can't men fight without immediately retorting to sexist namecalling, "bitch", "cunt", "whore", saying we're crazy and that the menz invented everything?
"Know your place" makes me want to puke…

No. 37277

I wouldn't take it too seriously, even if the "discussion" was started by someone with genuine (if misguided) interest in the fashion, chances are whoever posted the later comments was just there to pick a fight. Cgl is plagued with randos starting shit because it's "the girl board" and they have no interaction with girls outside of it. A buttblasted outsider who doesn't know his place saying "You don't know your place" to a lolita says it all, in my eyes.

No. 37627

File: 1551077681968.jpeg (193.19 KB, 750x610, 0BDD80EA-9398-4277-8DC8-F05F16…)

Chanel is posting about being in a homeless shelter on Rufflechat.

No. 37631

Laying every responsibility/priorities argument aside for a moment: wouldn't dressing in and being in possession of really expensive clothes place a target on her back in a legit homeless shelter? "Awkward"? Try a hazard there, girlfriend.
I would fear someone would try to steal and pawn my stuff for food and dope–and I could hardly blame them. Someone who brings designer clothes to a homeless shelter clearly hasn't reached the true end of her rope.
Imagine having a mindset where a post like this seems acceptable.

No. 37650

I was talking about Nina but I apologize if I responded to the wrong post

No. 37661

God I was thinking the same thing. And asking people like this is a common experience. What a weird fucking post.

No. 37744

I know I shouldn't be surprised since cgl has a high user turnover rate, but wew lad the number of people who don't know who Chanel is. She was pretty well known even outside of her comm a few years ago.

That being said, what did she expect from that post? For people to be like "omg I'm also a homeless lolita and I just wear lolita in the shelter anyways. Be you and be ~yoonique~!"

No. 37778

If you're homeless, wouldn't selling your lolita be the first thing you do? It has a high resale value and you could use that money to help get you out of homelessness. Shouldn't that be your priority? You can always repurchase items when you're stable again.

No. 37795

File: 1551168158839.png (211.75 KB, 794x766, 100DAEC3-6250-49DC-85AA-B910D6…)

Right? I’m on a completely different continent and I know who Chanel is. Her RC and COF contributions were pretty memorable and I feel bad for the people who have to deal with her irl.

From what I understand, her continuing to buy lolita while she/her parents were already in debt likely contributed to this whole situation. There’s this old cap of her leaving a negative Yelp review on an AP store because they refused to sell to her after her mom said no. It sounds to me like she was spending her mom’s money behind her back, on expensive clothes she neither needs nor even fits into. It’s safe to say her priorities aren’t exactly in order.

No. 40798

Anyone else follow Semirealbeing after her bit of drama or are my friends and I the only weirdos?

No. 40815

No. 40881

Imagine not being able to buy from AP because your mom says no. IS this woman an adult or nah?

No. 40929

Oh ew no no no i'm going to move to Atlanta i don't want to be in the same comm as that creepy tranny. At least if he passed i'd be able to play along but those who don't pass are straight up disgusting

No. 40938

Atlanta is one of the last places you want to move if you're trying to avoid creepy trannies.

No. 41465

oh god no.
I know like,two,that aren't creepy and pass perfectly so i got no issues with those but the unpassing one and those who prey on women disgust tf out of me

No. 41599

does anyone know who the far right brolita in this image is? one of my friends said they had some gossip about him but i don't remember his name to verify it

No. 41645

I think it's rococo.bouquet / anaphrodisiacs on instagram, I can't remember his name though.

No. 41707

I know he privated/deleted all his SM because some dirt got out, but tbh I don't really care if he's a salty cunt, because he had some damn good coords.

The Canada comm is weird; they're definitely split into two groups. There's the group that posts and seems to have zero drama (or if they do, it doesn't get discussed outside of their group), and then there's the Voldie side, which is just drama, drama, drama.

No. 41742

I never understood the hype for him. His coords were average across the board. I remember him throwing a shitfit when the OP image came out and people pointed out that next to real girls and without his filters and photoshop he looks distinctly male. Which, no shit, you’re a man. He was just too used to people kissing his ass to handle the truth.

No. 41758


I don't think he threw a shitfit. He definitely came across as quite unpleasant in his IG stories and tried to hard to be that 'snarky gay guy.' He did shut down his IG promptly after the comment about him looking like a dude compared to girls, which led to some conclusions. Apparently there was comm drama along with the comments, and as usual, voldiee went on a histrionic streak making it all about herself.

That being said, I think his coords were really nice overall with a few misses. He was a good example of good solid classic, and without him, we have precious few lolitas actually doing that type of classic anymore without the bells and whistles.

No. 41760

can someone post pics?

No. 41770

If that wasn’t a shitfit I’d really like to see the nuclear meltdown it takes to phase you. Him reeing, deleting socials, and WKing himself on and off of /cgl/ is by the book shitfit milky behavior.

And of course Voldie took the opportunity to attention whore, when does she ever voluntarily pass up the chance to? But at the same time people were calling that ex brolita mannish someone shooped Voldie even fatter than she normally is so her hystronics weren’t out of the blue that time.

No. 41774


I don't recall that. He just shut down his IG one day and I couldn't get into it. I don't particularly recall anything on cgl other than he replied once to say comm drama and then left it at that without explaining further.

If you could get caps, please do. I'm all for entertainment.

No. 41777

Agreed, please share if you have more. I can't believe I missed all of that.

No. 41824

After anon asked about him yesterday i went on cof to try to find his name, and it seems like all of his posts are gone. Do all of your posts in groups disappear if you delete or deactivate your fb account?

No. 41884

Does he still wear lolita?

No. 42199

File: 1554048370778.jpg (144.08 KB, 691x702, 1553922912633.jpg)

So yeah KittyB Kawaii found 4chan the other day. She calls it "CGL Livejournal".

No. 42200

File: 1554048403015.png (313.02 KB, 478x861, 1553987885015.png)

No. 42201

File: 1554048562391.png (55.03 KB, 548x343, 1553988076552.png)

No. 42202

File: 1554048682487.png (946.76 KB, 1668x1288, 1553988846876.png)

No. 42203

File: 1554048846425.png (661.13 KB, 1668x1463, 1553988943421.png)

No. 42204

File: 1554048999187.png (609.21 KB, 1000x600, 1553989387088.png)

No. 42210

>Come and see the violence inherent in the system!
I still don’t quite understand what kind of person KK is supposed to be. Some people on cgl insist it’s a sissy with fake breasts, others says it’s a middle aged woman with a child. Either way he or she is a mess but someone must have actually met him/her, right?

No. 42217

>others says it’s a middle aged woman with a child

she has a child. she even talked about her daughter in her posts on CGL. i feel sorry for her daughter being raised by a clueless woman.

No. 42232

Isn’t this idiot super new? Imagine being in the fashion for just a few months and already being milky enough to post here. I feel sorry for her kid

No. 42250

You didn't talk to him for long then or he didn't feel close enough to you to share all the fucked up shit he confessed to me.

No. 42471

File: 1554124824756.jpeg (142.36 KB, 750x1043, 77D81354-412D-4C0E-91E6-B7DAB4…)

Damn KK is a retard.

Also she knows of Lolcow.

No. 42606

File: 1554173473178.jpeg (86.27 KB, 627x956, 413DCCF1-89BF-4366-B237-8CDCB4…)

There's no way that Kitty ISN'T some kind of retarded. Look at her face.

No. 42614

she's probably an alcoholic with those eyes. also she's has some tiddy action with that top.

No. 42615

File: 1554177265573.jpg (786.16 KB, 1075x1515, 1551810906099.jpg)

more posts. here's her shilling for a notorious LM scalper

No. 42616

File: 1554177297332.jpg (79.1 KB, 720x727, 1551242178034.jpg)

No. 42617

File: 1554177413046.jpg (560.89 KB, 1242x1869, 1548728196243.jpg)

more of her "handmade" ita stuff

No. 42619

File: 1554177477167.jpg (405.91 KB, 1242x1921, 1548728262855.jpg)

No. 42659

Are we positive that’s not a man

No. 42740

File: 1554249341880.jpg (211.81 KB, 1536x2048, 1554248255867.jpg)

it's not a man

No. 42995

File: 1554411026855.jpeg (346 KB, 640x836, 6FA48231-2909-48CF-BF3E-49BCFD…)

>Turns out it was all a brilliant ruse!! So like, stop talking about me. Her. I mean her.

No. 43000

>I was only pretending to be retarded!!!

She’s pretty much a by the book typical cow at this point. Checking off all the boxes of milky behavior.

No. 43358

File: 1554679280053.png (1.04 MB, 1080x4794, 1554677111148.png)

Ryan Kopf is learning he can't prey on lolitas anymore.

No. 43392

This dude is a creepy predator who cheated on his secret girlfriend Kassy for years before acknowledging they were dating in any public way beyond close friends knowing. Now he's trying to use her to gaslight the lolita community and get a pity party because "it's her birthday" and in an attempt to use his con connections to try to weasel his way in with someone as well known as Mana?

Good on the lolitas who warned the other staff and good on the staff for likely looking into it, seeing the info readily available online about him, and dropping him. He may be keeping a low profile more so these days, but it doesn't excuse all the things he's done in the recent past.

No. 43393

File: 1554699899579.png (60.45 KB, 561x605, kopf.png)

He's attempting a call out post on some Chicago based lolita designer?

No. 43406

Fuck Ryan. I had Kassy friended on facebook years ago and her posts consisted of either how Ryan would keep cheating on her, or about how much she loved him and was stressed about events.

Good on Emma for putting her foot down - this should have been done years ago. Ryan and Kassy are dangerous people.

No. 43407

It's not clear if Emma was the whistle blower or not, but either way, she has my support over them. I can't tell if Kassy is really a nice girl or plays dumb/innocent since Kopf bought them a house and gets her an in with big name lolita brands and designers. No wonder they are all so upset Mana shut them down.

I'm surprised the Kopf clan doesn't have their own thread yet tbh. Erica and his other minions all seem pretty milky.

No. 43421

File: 1554734528107.jpg (51.7 KB, 960x720, 56819056_2604691906242636_8402…)

he looks like one of those guys who defends women following Gamergate, but harasses other lolitas behind the bows

No. 43422

File: 1554734644005.jpg (75.43 KB, 960x720, 55949881_2589676524410841_5922…)

dude is fuckin Bernie Bro

No. 43436

I'm just confused on why a man thinks he has the authority of his presence around a bunch of women. If they don't feel safe, they don't feel safe. You simply Google his name and on the first page, you'll see the rape accusations.

No. 43438

his gf is a lolita so that validates his presence in lolita communities. he also got a number of lolita brands and guests to come to Anime Midwest. unfortunately, he will never get Mana to come to Chicago as Mana has learned Ryan is an awful gaijin

it makes me feel worried that Lor and Tyler could be preyed upon by Ryan soon. they have a zero tolerance for the shit Ryan has pulled throughout the years and i feel they will be trapped.

No. 43445

Lor and Tyler aren’t fucking stupid, I’m sure if it came to that they’d do their research. You Google his name and the first few results that come up are court docs and countless rape accusations.

No. 43503

Anyone have deets on vonware?

No. 43590

File: 1554865451266.jpeg (163.5 KB, 750x911, 042FBB5B-C517-4939-BF3E-48AE17…)

What does KawaiiGoods really look like? I’m guessing a wrinkled mess? This is so filtered her nose is almost gone

No. 43599

really bad skin due to severe cystic acne with pock marks all over. Personality and financial problems as unfortunate as the face

No. 43685

Just wondering what's the milk on kawaiiGoods? Why all the dislike?

No. 43739

Not necessarily milk as much as being very public about her bad choices.
She complains about not having money for a house and having to live separately from her husband, but spends tons of money on lolita, fairy kei, kawaii crap and toys. She also traces the art on her products.
She is really ugly irl. Bad skin and just not attractive. Her face has been majorly slimmed here and there's a reason she airbrushed her nose off. She also lightened her skin considerably.
I'm not one to judge someone for things that they can't control like their looks but in my opinion she shouldn't be using herself as a model if she's going to just airbrush herself to look completely different in an attempt to look "kawaii". It doesn't even look good. I'm sure there are tons of girls in So Cal who would gladly model for her for some of her cheap crap.

No. 43745

Her skin is leathery, wrinkled, and just in really bad shape all around. She's also short, stubby and fat. She makes awful financial decisions and tries to beg sympathy money off of people around her. I wish I could say she's a nice person, but she's really unpleasant.
She actively engages in art theft for her business.

No. 43778

Just google kawaiigoods drama. Some of what she’s done shows up.
But as other anon has said, yes, publicly complaining online constantly, buying fashion over her kids meds, bitches about money problems but continues to spend on clothes anyway.

No. 43779

What others anons have replied. She's knowing for her bad money issues. I feel bad for her kid. Also cause of this, most if not all of the lolitas from the 2010 era no longer associate with her all that much anymore. especially after the art theft drama.

No. 43857

It happened in the Lolitas of Instagram threads or something along the lines.

No. 44203

File: 1555350774594.jpeg (123.29 KB, 750x640, 26EA0439-E6AF-48AE-ACE0-CC5672…)

She is a hoarder; now she is encouraging others to be like her

No. 44205

File: 1555357244407.png (Spoiler Image, 1.36 MB, 750x1334, 97C516AE-8BC9-4F57-BB14-7A4725…)

Voldie is now posting revealing pictures of her rolls and sagging tits on her insta. And people will still try to say she’s not fat. Who the fuck is she posting this for? Who wants to see this?

No. 44248

File: 1555396868943.png (1.34 MB, 900x1196, Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 11.4…)

She still wants to be popular with fgc guys and wants them to keep memeing her, so probably them?
I hate her stupid style of mixing lolita accessories with normal clothes like pic related. Why wear wrist cuffs and a beret with a skater skirt and swimsuit top?

No. 44252

In what fgc is she even popular in? Bc I'm pretty connected with the FGC and haven't seen anyone mention her ever.

No. 44253

File: 1555407788335.jpg (264.7 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190416-053927_Chr…)

Anyone have drama on yumeelixir? Tbh her weird shilling of self help style things and charging money for info you can get for free on YouTube is really cringy.

Also she has a menhera challenge? That's like, a social media neme you pay $$$$ to get?

No. 44264

>Kei styles

No. 44271

Local scene, although frankly she hasn’t been in that for a bit. Her job is a card game store so she is more on that now.

No. 44275

What >>44271 said. She was also mildly "popular" on r/Kappa a while back because she kept spamming the sub with pictures of herself and some guys in the fgc are degenerate enough to want to fuck anything that breathes.

It's an obvious scam, but you know newbies will buy this just so they don't have to do their own research.

No. 44581

Holy shit, the older you go in the posts of the now-oldschool-edgelords the cringier it gets.

No. 44608


No. 45481

File: 1556488755433.png (41.76 KB, 1456x142, di.png)

What was this all about? Before the janitors deleted it all, people said the poster for this doxxed two people and faked some screencaps, but there were no receipts. Anyone know anything?

No. 45525

It makes sense if they've been in the fashion for long enough to remember that style firsthand though
People forget lolita was an edgelord fashion at the start. It didn't use to just always be about whatever normie campaign Angelic Pretty is running and lace front wigs, there was more visual kei and horror crossover.
I'm glad that people are getting messy again tbh

No. 45732

This, all the sperging in cgl is petty and ridiculous.

No. 45751

Maybe this is weird but I love you guys

No. 45873

>It makes sense if they've been in the fashion for long enough to remember that style firsthand though
That's the thing, they haven't and act holier than thou about it, which why it's so funny. They spead (partly false) knowledge as if they experienced it themselves when all the know is magazines and a few japanese blog posts they can't read. And the "edge" that lolita had at the start is a different one than the one they are trying to copy so desperately. It's like a caricature.

No. 45898

Hope you'll post caps.

No. 45917

Why is Jennifer Myles on fb so cunty all the time? I get it, I’m jaded too, but the easy solution is to just ignore stupid shit.

No. 45924

This is an image board, what did she say this time?

No. 45933

Just because someone doesn't write things all super nice and sugary doesn't mean they're a cunt.

No. 45943

Um yeah. That's why I'm asking for caps?

No. 45960

So what is all this discord bullshit? Lala Land made a mean girls server where she nitpicked better dressed girls than her or something? Someone on cgl said this caused irl issues? Where are the fucking caps?

No. 45961

there's no caps bc anon is talking out her ass. lala gives crit in the crit channels, and anon clearly couldnt take it. theres no IRL issues

No. 45965

Gives useless crit you mean. Girl can't dress herself much less give helpful advice. The issue is the laughing at other girls in a secret server not her crit anyway

No. 45968

Lmao jannies deleted posts in the discord thread on cgl. I wonder if there are janitors in the vetting server…..

No. 45969

It's all archived anyway. Not that there were any fucking receipts

No. 45970

That's kind of paranoid, anon. CGL isn't cool with namedropping/drama for the sake of drama, why do you think lolcow exists

No. 45971

Well everyone was talking big there but no one came here to post caps or drop names right

No. 45974

File: 1556830568479.jpeg (195.26 KB, 1242x2095, 3EF85063-0187-45EF-92C6-5C08CA…)

In other news, insta has now changed how likes are displayed and Voldie is bitching about her lack of validation from it. Sad.

/cgl/s new janitor is shit, but it’s archived and you could at least sage your noncontribution.

No. 45978

It's more of a contribution than your stale Voldie drama. This discord shit is fascinating

No. 45980

if by fascinating you mean the most stale tea ever, then sure

the only time there’s ever drama is when people get kicked for starting drama, which is probably what this is. if someone is enough of a cunt to get kicked out of the server then whatever they say isn’t very credible

No. 45981

File: 1556831332107.jpeg (505.36 KB, 1242x2047, 739FACD1-4ED1-43A7-9874-F755CA…)

Sage for samefag but there’s more caps of Voldie crying for attention.

Provide caps if you find it so facisnating. This is lolcow not /cgl/.

No. 45982

Yeah maybe its tinfoiling but I feel like this and >>45481 were related

No. 45983

Except that Lala has been a crazy bitch for ages and Imouto is a pot-stirrer. They are milky as hell. Meme sounds milky too. Also the shit with St Owly a while was weird

No. 45987

File: 1556833142106.jpg (607.79 KB, 1079x1395, 1556807555781.jpg)

No. 45988

File: 1556833251423.png (489.18 KB, 505x589, bodylineniggertrash.png)

she is the worst

No. 45989

File: 1556833473429.png (52.04 KB, 487x589, bodylineniggertash2.png)

No. 45990

File: 1556833609535.png (116.52 KB, 499x531, bodylineniggertash3.png)

No. 45992

File: 1556833682531.png (117.44 KB, 487x593, bodylineniggertash4.png)

arguing about her beret instead of the blouse. lol

No. 45993

File: 1556833760553.png (62.07 KB, 495x541, bodylineniggertash5.png)

Alex is such a bitch in public. She never tones it down.

No. 45995

Ironic, considering you're calling that girl a nigger in your filename.

No. 46001

They only have a channel for (quite boring tbh) drama as far as I remember. You can enter it very easily by mentioning it in your introduction.

Please spill some milk about what actually happened. Someone on cgl said she was gossiping about the oldschool server in the lolita server and that's why she was kicked. What exactly did she say?

No. 46002

Doesn’t trashchan run the old-school server?

No. 46006

>these filenames
>calling anyone else "the worst"
the jokes write themselves, lmao. autism.

No. 46137

Is meme really a guy or not?

No. 46148

Yes, like I said on /cgl/, he is a man with a penis that likes to orbit lolitas.

No. 46160

Does he use a voice changer or something? I swear to god I've talked to Meme before in one of the long-forgotten cgl discords and s/he sounded like a sassy lady.

No. 46163

thats how every troon is trying to sound

No. 46168

Where did this "Meme is a man" thing come from? She's a girl. This is stupid and distracting from any actual tea. Not that any of you lame bitches are going to deliver…

No. 46178

the filename is def yikes, but how is relaying the explicit rules of a group "bitchy"?

No. 46191

yeah what is this obsession with meme? she isn't even remotely milky, leave her alone.

No. 46212

to be fair i think Meme herself as well as the facgl discord spread the "Meme is a man" rumor as a joke. she's not milky but she's not a victim or anything.

No. 46225

i only asked because some western cow tit janny from seagull deleted a bunch of Lala and Meme posts in the Discord Thread

No. 46322

Anyone else feel like some black lolitas especially fatties have a huge superiority complex?
They shit on white girls whenever they get the chance and they keep deluding themselves that black girls always do it better etc etc

No. 46348

Never encountered this personally, in my experience black/dark skinned girls tend to be a lot more self conscious than others in this fashion. I have seen some fat lolitas shit on brands with limited sizing like VM and the girls who fit them, but it usually stems from insecurity than a superiority complex imo.

No. 46389

I'm not in any of them but honestly, after seeing /an/'s and /r9k/'s discord dramu, I'm a bit worried about /cgl/ going the same way.

No. 46392

She's a small Indian girl from the London comm. Not all that high and mighty in person.

No. 46393

I'm pretty sure one black snowflakey ita on FB said the things that anon is claiming months ago, and now they're pushing it on all black girls ever.
If anybody used the countless mentally ill, white trainwrecks in the community to represent the entire demographic, though, that same anon would probably be pretty upset.

No. 46396

File: 1557078055780.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1592, 1556814777292.png)

Not sure about this, but I sadly see the race card getting pulled quite often, e.g. white girls would get way more likes for the same coord (which is not true at all, especially on tumblr) or claiming to get discriminated against when they are the ones with attitude problems (like recently that girl on rufflechat who broke the roles multiple times).
>It's awful that RC is not really friendly to PoC lolitas
>i know a PoC lolita that doesn't post because she's afraid to. you have to pretend to be a cis-white/bi/lesbian to post in RC.
>clearly you never been in the shoes of a black lolita before
>she was told down MULTIPLE TIMES by the white admins on RC. look at the admins on RC. they're all white af.
>maybe if the RC admin team were more diverse, we wouldn't be having this argument
>we all have to "act white" in public. it's worse in lolita
I think it's laughable tbh, god knows what japanese lolitas say about disgusting gaijins - yet here we are shitting on each other.

No. 46400

>you have to pretend to be a cis-white/bi/lesbian to post in RC
I didn’t understand this bit. Is she saying straight lolitas are being discriminated against, or conflating being “cis” with being straight?
Either way it seems like shitty bait in an attempt to start a race discussion.

No. 46462

lol Voldie blocked again me on IG…for the 5th time. she is pissed at IG

remember lads, follow Voldiee on IG and watch her stories.(5.3 Do not brag about or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow. )

No. 46497

Maybe she's trying to say you can't be trans on RC? Which, is she trans because otherwise why would she say this. Also, when men in dresses post themselves online anywhere in public don't they get praised. I highly doubt RC is calling them out so idk what point she's making.

No. 46502

If she really doesn’t like the way she looks why is she posting pictures like >>44205 ? This weight gain is nothing new.

No. 46503

File: 1557169344017.jpeg (576.86 KB, 1238x2207, E7E25329-71BD-40C3-90DE-B4D4DA…)

Pic dropped.

No. 46505

This is nothing new from her. She’ll post another coord on IG or CoF in 2 weeks. More likely on CoF cause of validation.

No. 46548

Good. I hope she gains all the stress weight for being the massive cunt that she is. Hurry up and leave already sweetie, don't let the door hit your fat ass on the way out.

No. 46627

Aside from cgl selfposting, what has she even done that everyone hates?

No. 46631

Read the threads. Don’t be lazy.

No. 46808

She's vegan and still fat? Damn, that's awful genetics.

Just google Voldie + cgl. She's been around for a long time.

No. 47034

It has nothing to do with genetics and everything to do with what she eats. Or drinks, rather. Lay off the IPA’s Voldie.

No. 47048

File: 1557535222279.jpg (1.15 MB, 1080x1080, bellwoods12.jpg)

This is what Voldie drinks. She drinks copious amounts every week and also goes to their brewery. I think Voldie has an alcohol problem, but not alcoholism.

No. 47060

File: 1557540412914.jpeg (846.04 KB, 828x1356, 62D8D5D7-F10F-4E53-A428-288DAC…)

A girl I follow on IG posted this in her story. IVB is really trying to make military wife her entire personality.

No. 47075

IVB needs to start making babbies soon. Like get pregnant now and have shotgun wedding.

No. 47149

How is she LGBTQ?
She's just another dependapotamus who thinks she's special just because she's married to a dude who hasn't even made officer yet.

No. 47241

She also posted about her amazing housewife abilities or some shit. I didn't think to cap it, but she's really trying to lock down her fiance. Her engagement ring is her grandmother's, so he didn't even have to pay for it kek.

No. 47412

She’s probably having casual sex with other lolitas in the SF Comm. A lot of people in the Bay Area are in open relationships and can fuck whoever they want.

No. 47413

>open relationships
is it just a more "PC" term for being a slut? Like "poly"?

No. 47414

Pretty much. That along with "I'm enjoying the freedom of my youth" or "I'm discovering myself" or whatever. It's in fact "I'm afraid of commitment and am too obsessed with instant gratification to think about how disrespectful this is to myself."

No. 47415

File: 1557765940469.png (48.27 KB, 580x144, ammo meltdown.png)


Nah she probably just holds hands with miemuu and calls it 'our complicated relationship uwu.' She seems like way too much of a prude to actually consider going further than that.

Speaking of, here's an older but still relevant 'I want to call your manager' tier meltdown.

No. 47482

File: 1557796805132.jpeg (181.61 KB, 828x1003, AA28F8EC-5575-49E4-BA3C-3E886C…)

She’s “””bisexual”””

No. 47487

You won't get a straight answer because, aside from having been an annoying tripfag and self poster, she's never done anything that would inflame the opinions of anyone not within her comm.
And you can bet your bottom dollar the only people who post about her are Toronto comm because they're batshit rabid.
Voldie=fat has been a meme perpetuated since she started posting.
However, no one else cares.

No. 47489

they're still bi, but they are greatly enjoying that straight privilege though. ffs, why are bisexual people so obnoxious

No. 47492

They’re not straight, sure. But they’re still in a heterosexual relationship. I don’t know what’s so hard to get about this.

No. 47494

Actually she caused a bunch of cgl drama years ago. She wasn’t fat, did cosplay, and was underaged. But you guys don’t research anymore so now we are at a point where you think she was always chubby. I don’t think she deserves the hate but don’t erase the past.

No. 47512

Yeahhh sorry but you're wrong and >>47494 knows more about it than you do. She's always been a source of drama and manufactured "beef" with other cosplayers and lolitas, she's just gotten quieter and less obvious about it the last couple years. search her name on warosu or something

No. 47519

No. 47547

Is the new cgl janny a fatty or is it one butthurt fatty suddenly reporting every post that is remotely weight or body related?

No. 47552

butthurt fatty, they admitted doing it in a feels or confessions thread, forgot which.

No. 47606

isn't her poor boyfriend in the national guard? Dude works literally one or two weekends a month at most. I wonder if she'll insist on being saluted when she's at the gate or thanked for her service because a military wife is literally the hardest job!!11!

Dependa in the making. Amazing.

No. 47612

File: 1557889978505.jpeg (707.28 KB, 2560x1920, 0080DA91-4FD8-4790-94B7-7584C7…)

He’s in the national guard but she likes to pretend he’s in the army and active duty.

Pic unrelated but her tweets are seriously Karen level.

No. 47617

How embarrassing. Imagine if he was active duty. We'll never hear the end of it.

>2 loads of dishes

damn who knew I was house wife material doing my dishes! AND cut strawberries! Gosh darn. What do we call it when karen and dependa combine? Can't wait to see her waddling through the PX in about 5 years time.

No. 47618

Or maybe your comments were worthless and unfunny all along and the new janitors are actually doing something about it.

No. 47619

>oldfag here muh research

Fuck off. Nobody cares about your irrelevant vendetta and the point stands that no one else cares about her bullshit outside of the bitches she's slighted years ago.
Stop being so injured.

No. 47624


i mean, she nearly also fucked over the yearly cgl secret santa for good and then tried to make it all about her, but who gives a fuck amirite. fuck off white knight.

No. 47625


her tweets are a bizarre collection of tone deaf white liberal and white trash.

No. 47627

No, no one gives a fuck about cgl sekrit sanduh which has a problem grifter every fucking year, and as if that has anything to do with your bawwwing about her IG posting in her bra and pajamas which isn't drama or milky. Get a journal.

No. 47635


Whatever you say whiteknight.

No. 47637

File: 1557897540095.png (358.55 KB, 800x450, thumb.png)

I actually used to tinfoil the shitposting about voldie was just her selfposting for relevancy and asspats to the contrary.
I was wrong.
There's fags like you who are just that obsessed.

No. 47638


that sounds real believable considering you're coming to lolcow anyways.

just block the site if you feel that strongly. People here get targeted for less all the time.

No. 47641

>calling out your vendetta means I hate lolcow

No. 47642


Whatever makes you sleep at night honey.

No. 47643

Lol, get some sleep and don't strain yourself staying up staring at voldie's saggy tits on insta.

No. 47645


>don't strain yourself staying up staring at voldie's saggy tits on insta

I mean, just because you're doing it doesn't mean I am. You too, don't forget your meds!

No. 47647

i'm glad it had a happy ending after all

No. 47650

I didn't even make these comments, I just thought the jannies, or as it turns out one butthurt flake, were overreacting. Instead of mass reporting shit that reminds you of how fat you are and trying to make cgl a safe space, why not use the time to work on losing weight?

>waah stop contributing to the thread
You're the one who needs to fuck off.

No. 47660

>caring about bans that aren't even yours
Sure. People get away with fat comments on cgl all the time. Evidently you were banned because what you posted was shitposty and didn't contribute, just like how your post itt has nothing to do with the OP.
Stop tantruming and take your well deserved ban.

No. 47665

They suddenly don't "get away" with anything weight related, which is why I asked in the first place. And yes, I actually care about how a board on a wrbsite that I frequent is moderated. You are the one throwing a tantrum over a simple question.

No. 47671

Nah, you're just here to whine because you're being made to bear consequences for shitposting which is actually how moderation works.

No. 47684

How do you know if they were banned or if the posts were just deleted? I've had posts of mine (unrelated to this topic) be deleted in the past without getting warned or banned. Anyways its pretty common knowledge that cgl has limited moderation, no one does anything without it being reported first. So if you wanna bitch, bitch about the whiny fatty who reports every instance of the word "fat" or "thin" who's drawing mod attention

No. 47688

I didn't say anything about bans, that was the other anon using ad hominems, most likely because they are said whiny fatty. But just fyi, you can see some of the archived bans on bans.verniy.xyz/main#1|cgl||
I went through deleted post in the archives and was surprised how much harmless things got deleted recently especially when it comes to weight related comments.

No. 47704

I went through rebecca black because you're such a whiny and lazy bitch that you won't even screengrab which posts you're referencing and are getting mad that you're not being believed that it's over innocent shit.
And what a surprise, all the posts containing the words 'fat' or 'fatty' with the trash icon next to it are shitposts or arguing.
Not to mention that there are undeleted posts with comments about fatties.
What innocent uwu posts got banned are you referencing that aren't shitposts or derailing? Nobody wants to sift through this shit for you when you're the one trying to claim this.

No. 47718

Holy shit why are you so damn upset. It's a recent trend I noticed and mentioned since the janitor applications were closed, which is why I asked here if anyone noticed it too. The first two pages are mostly one shitposter who got all of their posts deleted, which is another change I noticed. I'm not only talking about anons calling someone fat but literal weight discussion, for example about max measurements, fitting into what you wear etc.
And again, I'm not sure if you mistyped in your rage but you are the only one talking about bans here. Calm tf down.

No. 47723

fattychan is ruffled because she's a fattychan

No. 47733

Post what you're talking about. If you're not going to talk about actual lolita lolcows and derail here too.

Really proving you're not an obnoxious faggot who didn't deserve the ban there.

No. 47744

If the new janny would've deleted those replies by their own accord, I would've argued they might be a flake and would've been curious about their identity. But since it is now very obvious it's just a triggered fatty on a reporting spree, there is no use in digging up posts.
Also can you stop with the ban sperging already, you're quoting a different anon.

No. 47747

Or you're just making shit up because you're unhappy with your justified ban and of course sperging less about fatties is so oppressive.
>d-different anon
Nope, don't believe you. Enough already.

No. 47759

Literally for what purpose. As I said that isn't even only about fatty posts. Please eat healthy and treat yourself better, maybe then you won't get so worked over weight mentions and starting fights over nothing.

No. 47784

And this is why people think that lolitas are mental ill…

Anon, I think you know very well that the general consensus of 99.9% of all lolcow and female cgl users is, that fat looks bad or even disgusting. Yet most of us still don't feel the need to constantly say that. And by "say" I mean shitposting like a 10-year-old.
Sometimes you honestly come across cunts who screech "jealous fatty!" when somebody wrote innocent stuff like, "I would prefer this colour/like the print more, if…" or they go for the "mature" route - like you just did - and give diet "advice" instead of just downright saying "you're fat".
Accusing somebody of being fat on anon has got to be one of the dumbest inventions of these two hellholes.

No. 47786

If you have issues with moderation take it to meta.

This thread does not exist for you to blog your views on bodyweight or to fight people over them. Posts continuing the current trajectory of the thread can expect a long timeout. If you want to discuss health or weight take it to the appropriate thread.

No. 47888

But what does she think "Umami culture" is?

No. 47924

So IVB is pro-life? What a tradfem scum.

No. 47927

File: 1558071300435.png (80.5 KB, 946x360, ivb.png)

But she retweeted this, and a bunch of other things speaking against the law. Did she say something else?

No. 47929

I don't think so… her views skew pretty liberal

No. 47930

IVB doesn't have any real personality or world views. What little personality and views she does have are a bunch of contradictions. She supports the military but doesn't want to pay taxes or support the government. She writes posts about strong independent women and yet she can't live for 30 days without her boyfriend.

I honestly think her latching onto her bf's military status is 50% wanting to keep her spoiled lifestyle by becoming a dependa and 50% because it's something she can absorb to give herself some semblance of a personality.

No. 48149

File: 1558222703596.png (1.99 MB, 1074x1785, Screenshot_20190518-183211.png)

The most "weird flex, but ok" post I've seen.

No. 48158

It's mean but I can't stand her face.

No. 48172

has she sucked her fiance's dick?

No. 49126

>implying she doesn't consider sucking his dick to be her extremely important service to the country

No. 49176

File: 1558331834126.jpeg (254.97 KB, 1255x1255, AD7A682B-41FB-42FC-A1B3-CF7EBB…)

Imo it’s not that she’s ugly like other cows but rather that she styles herself in an unflattering way. The cutesyness feels forced and doesn’t suit her. Her darker, more mature coords are more flattering on her.
Her facial proportions do seem off as well. I can’t pinpoint what it is exactly but her eyebrows being so close together is definitely part of it.

She tweeted about them fucking once and she makes him keep his dog tags on.

No. 49328

he's in the national guard. Literally the most useless branch of military whose sole purpose is to provide dropouts with free tuition and tax breaks.

No. 49861

I want to talk about how the vetted Lolita Discord is full of fat positive/Tumblrita folks. You make a remark to a lolita about losing weight (even if they said they're fat), everyone comes after you and you get banned.

No. 49874

What branch he's in doesn't matter to her as long as she can leech off of him.

Telling someone to lose weight when weight loss isn't the topic is some autistic shit though.

No. 49905

File: 1558532022457.jpeg (104.68 KB, 1227x770, 336F6446-BA2F-48AE-9609-2BAF4E…)

Brolita from my Comm is e-begging to get rid of facial hair. At a tune of $3,500…

“As those of you who know me I have always felt so out of place with my gender due to my facial hair. I legitimately do not feel comfortable unless i am wearing a ton of color corrector and foundation. I want to feel comfortable and safe in my skin and want to fully feel like a woman on the outside.

Found a place in Beverly Hills that specializes in helping out trans and non binary electrolysis services.
Amount will be updated as I get more info

I know this is a bit silly and selfish ,but I need this and would be so appreciative of any help you could provide.


No. 49911

What’s with lolitas and cosplayers and ebegging? Just because you can’t afford the hobby doesn’t mean that others should pay for it.

No. 49925

Sage for sperg but I hate these gofundme things, especially for surgery or travel, get a loan or save up and stop taking other people's money.

Pretty sure this person is buying stuff on Lacemarket anyway, when he could be using that towards the $3500.

No. 49962

post pics of him pls

No. 49966

I noticed one of his best friends and a popular artist who’s drawn things for Automatic Honey promos is going by gender neutral pronouns now too. Sucks bc I really liked her stuff.

No. 49971

File: 1558561777327.jpg (124.54 KB, 1080x1350, 46855884_572998653113181_65275…)

No. 50021


No. 50027

No. 50042

He works at Fickle Wish so of course he doesn't have any money. There's no way that store is profitable and none of the employees are full time. Get a sugar daddy instead of begging. Why do so many trans people think others should pay for their illness? It's extremely entitled especially when he could probably find a better job.

No. 50057

File: 1558615520179.jpg (865.85 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190523_224310.jpg)

I thought we all agreed to stop doing this?

No. 50066

He has a manlet splenda daddy. And has bought a bunch of new releases this year yet is still crying broke over getting cosmetic procedures for internet money. A year ago he was just a twink who wore lolita now he is riding the trans train for free shit.

No. 50623

Lol this is such a ripoff. Both electrolysis and laser hair removal are dirt cheap in LA since a huge part of the population is middle eastern. Theres no way a full round of facial hair removal for someone who isnt even that hairy costs 3500.

No. 50624

This is old news, and honestly not exactly remarkable. She's pretty cute but the video itself is benign.

No. 50692

>She's pretty cute

standards, dude.

No. 50792

who the fuck is frillymemes? they constantly hint at having drama and now cgl says they're an ageplayer. someone spill the damn tea

No. 50837

File: 1558855037182.png (538.75 KB, 849x548, frillymemes.png)

No. 50855

Yes, she's a ageplayer. She told half her comm at a tea party she held.

No. 50857

She's not even ugly wow

That's weird considering how she makes fun of ageplayers. Could she have been joking?

No. 50869

From what I was told by the Syd comm members, she was interviewed for a Lolita documentary and specifically mentioned that she was a Little.

No. 50926

What happened with the vetted discord? Did meme quit lolita? Was meme a man? Who the fuck is lala?

No. 51019

meme was a bee in disguise, lala is just an urban legend amongst the members

No. 51055

i heard she bought 50 dicks off ebay and sucked them all

No. 51095

Meme is a random girl from London. Idk why everyone is so obsessed with her. Lala is a 30 something sociopath who is living out her Queen Bee Regina George fantasys

No. 51096

lala is a balding hambeast of a woman in her thirties who hates anybody who's actually cute. she moderates the vetted server. also gives shitty concrit when she herself dresses like garbage.

No. 51098

No. 51156

I heard she would bring it up at tea parties and picnics before she stopped after backlash.

No. 51161


Ok but do you have proof? Syd comm is known to be full of shit tbh. There’s a reason their comm fell apart.

Also how do we know this is her? Sorry I just don’t want to jump aboard a hate train for someone who isn’t actually involved in any of this.

No. 51162

Oh sorry I’m obviously an idiot please disregard the last comment haha.

No. 51168

i remember there were screenies in the archives of her old instagram posts (with her 'caretaker') before she deleted them

No. 51181

FJ knock it off with your shade towards Lala. Sorry she banned you and pwned you in the CoF post.

No. 51185

Several people complained about her behaviour. She claimed that she was being “discriminated” for it in her wannabe rufflechat page that she created to be more e-popular.

Overall, she’s turned out to be a bit milky. Going on to her third LM account only to be told that she was trying to ban evade because she had -3 negative feedback on it (wonder the previous two accounts looked like). Plus her newest scandal of using the word retarded in her instagram stories

No. 51197

Is meme Ilaria?

No. 51328

who the shit is FJ? you know that's the general consensus of everybody who's actually seen that hambeast, right?

No. 51335

I hate how some girls see lolita as a way to larp that mean queen bee who bullied them in high school.

We are nerds in dresses. Calm the fuck down.

No. 51605

>that girl who uploads pic with her wrist crudely shopped over

Please get help.

No. 51628

I get this vibe from people like Kate and her cronies tbh. It’s kind of depressing that women still feel the need to be that way after high school.

No. 51649

Uploads pics where? What are you talking about?

No. 51752

I remember Voldie from CGL a few years back I thought she was cute. What does she even do? I left Lolita ages ago. Its good to still the usual fixtures (Kate, Chanel, Voldie, Claudia)

Does the Los Angeles Comm hold regular meets? Any anons out there?

No. 51753

lmao im the LA Comm anon. After reading this I'm good I'll stick to my solo Observatory and Central Market Outings….

But this is why I left, every time its this weird trans/binary political special snowflake convo. I want to reinvent Lolita but everytime I try and bring in normies the convo is hijacked with this shit.

No. 51759

Kate is the worst of the bunch. She always has to be a victim and purposefully sabotages her health. She’ll throw anyone aside, even if they tried to help her when no one else can. As LACE ignited in fire she had a squad stand beside her and defend her, but when they didn’t want anymore to do with her shit storm she worked behind the scenes to drive her former friends out of the Pittsburgh community. She’s done it again, this time using her connections with the new mods to squeeze out those who have seen the real her on just the words of her and her cronies, even if there is evidence against it. She isn’t a Queen Bee. Kate is a Queen Parasite Wasp. I can’t share the receipts spilled to me by others because she has her claws in more comms than just Pittsburgh. I just wanted to say something about how she is the worst.

No. 51765

My question is, why do people even bother flocking around her? All she has to offer is a follower count, right?

This is blogpost territory, but I'm friends with some of her cronies (as they've been called recently) and I don't see Kate's appeal. I'm seeing my friends completely morph their tastes/personalities/goals to get in good with Kate and crew, snap a few pics here and there, call each other besties, then post for eclout. It makes me sad. Isn't becoming known for your own coordination skills and unique style more exciting than riding off the ratty coattails of another? Isn't that the passion of being a lolita?

No. 51790

IG and eclout have ruined people. I feel like the original spirit of lolita is dead tbh.

No. 51815

Okay you go do that. Does he even go to meets? There's more to the LA comm than the mods/efame crew. I've never experienced a snowflake convo. Maybe you're socially retarded and not as likeable as you think?

No. 52037

>Does the Los Angeles Comm hold regular meets?
Not anymore. There are a few small meetups here and there if any girl is willing to host one, but for the most part the only meets that happen are the ILD ones. The OC comm is much more active.

No. 52178

File: 1559686980063.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1190x1768, A0125382-674B-49F8-96C4-26B171…)

This person posts a picture of themselves every week in this Facebook group for asspats. There are very few other self-posts so this is most embarrassing behavior.

No. 52209

Honestly anon, being in a group with that name is most embarrassing behavior.

No. 52628

Man garbage-chan sure is triggered easily. Everytime cgl mentiones her she deletes or goes private.

No. 52638

You're not missing much.

No. 52835

Who is garbage chan?

No. 52899

I know, but this time she deleted her tumblr too because it proved how much bullshit she spread in the past. It's a shame because it was pretty lulzy.


No. 52965

Still uses tumblr? What even is GC, an SJW or 14 years old?
Or both?

No. 52967

She's not an SJW, a bunch of caps got leaked of her talking about hating fatties and how sensitive her comm is in a 4chan discord.

No. 52986

No she stopped using tumblr a few months ago and finally deleted it when cgl talked about her once again. But she blogposted so much on it before, it really brought out the lolcow in her. She now shits on non-oldschool lolitas 24/7 but used to reblog a ton of OTT shit and didn't start out as an oldschooler herself. She also used to pretend to be an experienced lolita before she even wore the fashion and used to be into shoplifting.

No. 52992

She’s in my opinion the most obnoxious out of the “edgy old schoolers”

No. 53066

post caps of drama. this shit is vague.

No. 53369

File: 1560387860072.jpeg (476.86 KB, 1080x1080, 2CCAA1B9-58C5-4991-8D87-45E174…)

My comm has officially fallen to garbage. We made a bully a mod. Who hasn’t even worn Lolita in years for “health problems”.

She mods RC Uncensored and is a hungry pig for drama. You’ve probably seen her in CoF being rude instead of giving actual concrit. Why the hell is she a mod?

I’m glad I’m already basically a lonelita.

No. 53370

lel that sweater's hanging on for dear life

No. 53375


No one is talking about all the times she’s sexually harassed other comm members?

No. 53380

I doubt what you're saying is true. She had zero influence in So Cal comms and everyone wanted her gone. Other comms she visits have the same sentiments (Houston, Pittsburg, etc) Either show some proof or stop vague posting

No. 53384

God I haven’t heard about that. I remember her inspecting legs once to make sure they were all shaven. It was a “joke”, but a weird ass one

No. 53397

You’re either a retard or Farih/Julie (both if the latter). Just because you read a post m on cgl doesn’t make it the truth. I know you’re full of shit because I know the person who made the og comment. Why can’t you cunts latch on to actual factual drama like the weirdo who tried to make “petti touching” a thing?

Oh that’s right. Because you dumb fucks don’t actually go to meets.

No. 53400

Alright, the only person defending the new comm mod is going to be either of the comm mods.

Look, idk why they let her be a mod either but take it up with the mods. Complaining about it here isn’t going to do shit. That photo is the first time she wore what she claims to be lolita in forever. She isn’t worth anyone’s times. Like they said above, she’s pretty much irrelevant.

She’s got a shit attitude and most people I’ve talked to barely put up with her. The only reason she wasn’t kicked is because she was on hiatus and keeps skirting the line of breaking harassment rules.

As for the other two that got kicked. They totally deserved it

No. 53401

File: 1560409684514.png (31.25 KB, 1143x477, chrome_2019-06-13_00-08-01.png)

Alright but the "shaved leggie inspection" thing was literally a joke someone made on cgl 4 fuckin days ago

No. 53406

I've only met her in passing and she gave me a paper towel and said "just in case". She was holding back laughter. Is she being insulting or trying to be funny?

No. 53472

Wow almost like I’m using two websites at once or something…

No. 53491

Wow, she talks a lot of shit for someone who looks like this

No. 53505

…….just in case of what?

No. 54305

Hijacking from what you replied to a little but I honestly feel the same about the fashion. Every meetup is now just a photoshoot so people can get the most likes on instagram, everyone is doing "follower trains" in insta stories to "discover" people when it's really just to grab more followers. I've been watching a few people I know idolise the likes of Kate (while also sort of hating on her?) and obsessing over likes and attention in the fashion.

It's exhausting and it sort of makes me want to completely disengage from the online community. Everyone's dressing up for instagram.

No. 54412

>users of the online community are too focused on creating visual content for the wider online community to consume
>maybe I should leave the online community
Sounds like you answered your own question. Just stop going on instagram and spend your time with real friends that aren't into photoshoots. You can wear lolita outside of comm meets or hanging out with your local efamous members

No. 54805

File: 1561387816371.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, 25AADCA4-96EC-48E6-9B14-0DE39C…)


No. 54812

Wow, edgy.

No. 54843

It's just her leg, it's not like her whole ass is hanging out.

No. 54850

She’s so trashy and just keeps getting more vocal about it. This isn’t new behavior.

No. 55209

Why is this bitch still trying to seem relevant? Everyone used to talk shit about her and laugh at her in the cgl fb group.

No. 55695

Can we talk about Andrea? Anyone have deets?

No. 55755

Why don't you contribute rather than asking to be spoofed?

No. 55819

Calm your tits, I just wanted to spark discussion after all the spilled tea about Andrea on the last Ita thread.

No. 56132

Then share?

No. 56136

I want to know, too. Moving to atl in a month and trying to figure out the comm situation.

No. 57354

this just in from weibo: a not-so-known lolita was handcuffed and arrested by the police for partaking in drug trafficking
it has been latter found that she also used to lend a hand to a friend who fabricated (non lolita) knock offs while she would gloat about being a "brand only" lolita.

No. 57366

China, I'm assuming. The knock-off thing doesn't surprise me, but the drug trafficking is nuts.

No. 57426

can you post screenies since this is an image based forum please?

No. 57428

If it's Weibo, it's probably all in Chinese, so I can see why anon didn't bother. Would like a screencap for posterity, though. Wonder how all the other lolitas are reacting.

No. 57448

Drug trafficking laws in achinan are draconian. If you have only a little bit of weed on you , you would definitely get arrested . So who knows how much drugs or what kind She actually had on her

No. 57705

God wonderfinch is fucking delusional.

>don't buy one-event outfits people, it's wasteful!! :(

>spends money she needs for other things on two hauls with 10 mainpieces in one month that she barely ends up wearing anyway

No. 57711

What’s with people not posting screenshots? This is an image board…

No. 57714

God, WF. She's still around? I had the misfortune of meeting her at lolita fashion show once that we were both modeling in. I didn't even know who she was, never met her/was introduced before, and she came up and bitched at me over literally nothing.

No. 57717

jesus she's still around. i remember her from the maikodolly fiasco, how she told everyone to not go to the police.

No. 57773

File: 1563407710111.png (199.77 KB, 485x886, wf.png)

Sorry. Half of her stories are always hypocritical virtue signaling.

Yes and she still dresses borderline ita. I can't remember the maikodolly thing anymore, what was it?

No. 57789

iirc maikodolly scammed a ton of lolitas and even the SF brand stores some people to the tune on thousands of $$ via paypal chargebacks. WF was the egl mod at the time and she claimed to have "personally spoke to MD and it was a misunderstanding" telling everyone not to contact the police. causing people to lose thousands of dollars. then even after baby or AP (can't remember which) banned MD, WF dug her heels about her not being a scammer. it was only like a few weeks later when MDs ""refunds"" got charged back that she she said it was probably a good idea to call the police.

No. 57913

so, last week, a lolita sent an email to Lor regarding DDLG. this week Tyler got one of seemingly the same person, but the tone was completely different, as this lolita was pissed with Tyler's hatred of DDLG… deets anyone?

No. 57942

here is Tyler's video…

idk maybe they realized the bed they made is shit and they want lolitas who don't participate in DDLG to sleep on a bed made of shit

No. 57990

>sex pervs ruin lolita
You know what I do to avoid this? Stay offline and don't associate irl with DDLGs.
Outsiders already think lolita is some kind of fetish, theater spectacle, or a daddy issue and no amount of being super srs business has changed this so far.
No, Tyler didn't need to respond to this (thereby giving the argument credit), but bitch needed content and thus the dead horse is beaten further. Did anyone even sit through the entire 17 minutes of this annoying shit?

No. 57995

I agree, there was no point in making a video just to respond to this person, and seeing how much she made fun of the said person I actually started feeling bad for them, because I do think there are some that aren't in it for the fetish like there are in the furry community. She could have simply ignored the message or just given a simple apology , but instead had to make a whole video belittling someone which in effect makes us even look worse by association. And cut your fucking bangs holy shit just watching her with her shit makeup and ratty hair; please cut your hair or wear a wig, your hair is calling out for some moisture for all the salt you have confined in you. And invest in the filter Dakota Rose used for her videos, you need it. I also saw her recently in person, and god she looked worse than in her vids ( though con lighting is a friend to no one ) Why is it that the lolitas that can't do their own hair and makeup are the most notorious ones?

No. 58004

I found this entertaining. DD/lgers need to be kinkshamed as much as possible. Like trannies, the moment you give them an inch, they take a mile.

No. 58033

Wanting her to apologize to the ddlg scum dungeon-dwelling nanny? What the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 58035

>DD/lgers need to be kinkshamed as much as possible. Like trannies, the moment you give them an inch, they take a mile.

So you think it's ok to punch Nazis in public or ban people in the alt-right from social media?(OT)

No. 58036


Why the fuck is A trying to friend me? We don't have anything other than lolita in common, and we have not talked on any social media.

No. 58037

dif anon but thats a strawman if i ever saw one… theres obv a difference between laughing at people vs physically assaulting them

if you think laughing at people is so morally wrong then y the fuck you even on lolcow lmao

No. 58038

If you laugh at people, they'll eventually comeback immune and say it like it is. They won't care for your concerns or how uncomfortable you are. Do you really want an alt-kink to rise up and ruin a fashion?

No. 58040

I think a simple and quick apology just to shut up said person through private messaging would have saved her a lot of trouble, but instead she decided to be petty and make a dumbass video about it.

No. 58056

File: 1563694204510.png (276.59 KB, 444x871, Screenshot (2).png)

So obnoxious. This OP isn't even sought after or rare, there were only 4 people bidding on it and the auction ended yesterday.

Wow, I didn't even remember that anymore, that's horrible. Were her and MD friends?

No. 58057

File: 1563694286769.png (433.99 KB, 459x872, Screenshot (1).png)

And as always shilling her sales right after she bought something despite claiming to be poor.

No. 58058

This is the most retarded shit I've ever read. You must be a salty dd/lg fag for even coming up with something so stupid.
Go have your daddy buy you a new paci or whatever. Lolcow is a site for adults.

No. 58059

>So you think it's ok to punch Nazis in public
Absolutely yes.

No. 58067

She does this to literally everyone. Just ignore.

No. 59501

I would like to add that she also harasses the artists she copies when they call her out (with even her 'fans' showing up to harass an artist in person at a con)
She also kicked other artists out of her menhera facebook group to avoid attention and deleted/blocked anyone who made comments pointing out the quality and stolen art of her goods.

No. 59580

File: 1564018839749.jpg (74.1 KB, 720x960, 60785611_10217224240731590_440…)

anyone else find Monique annoying?

No. 59581

File: 1564018962402.jpg (91.64 KB, 670x960, 67681766_10214216730840440_547…)

No. 59616

I was in a panel that she attended. She took up a lot of the Q&A for questions like, "What color is my undertone?" and "What color would look good on me?" when there were other questions raised.

TL;DR: She puts me off, I agree.

No. 59618

File: 1564038727461.png (98.7 KB, 1196x312, shut the fuck up boomer.png)

how old is ivb? she acts like a karen already.

No. 59648

She's embracing her inner dependa. Keep an ear out for her screeching about why Halo Top is out of stock at the commissary.

No. 59671

File: 1564087050693.jpeg (221.92 KB, 639x619, F0FE15FC-9304-4408-9E4F-9FC1E0…)

She’s in my local comm. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered her in person but there are a few members of our comm who befriended her because they’re the type who try and be nice to everyone and/or they’re kinda socially inept themselves. She posts the same “me” posts begging for asspats in our comm’s FB page and always gets a few earnest positive replies.

Idk how old Monique is but she types like a boomer. She posts like this about once a week.

No. 59672

Can somebody fill me in on what's the drama with that old school girl Ophelia? Some seem to love and some seem to hate her, there are constantly fights on cgl.

No. 59697

What annoys me about her the most is her narcissism/hunger for fame and her newfag wks. She gatekeeps old school and acts as an authority on the subject. cgl loves to bring up old tea about her copying glb snaps and saying baby heart bags weren’t old school in a now deleted yt video. Personally, I think she peaked some time ago and her coords lately have been lackluster, especially compared to some other old schoolers.

No. 59699

Never forget this gem lmao

No. 59700

File: 1564097552803.jpeg (332.51 KB, 750x682, ED752C9D-7731-49F9-9B37-58B803…)

she posted this…today

No. 59728

File: 1564104520660.png (31.39 KB, 596x89, wtf.png)


I checked her twitter to see whatever mildly entertaining Karen stuff she has, and what the actual fuck? You'd be ok with your fiancé potentially dying so you can be 'uwu so sad and lonely'? Holy shit, you fucking sociopathic cunt.

No. 59747

Wow this is the single most fucked up thing she's ever posted. So much for her talking about how much she loves her SO and always wants to be around him.

No. 59822

File: 1564158715056.jpeg (382.85 KB, 750x779, 54971E7B-226D-4FD8-9404-6877DF…)

Fun is over temporarily on RC.

No. 59946

I honestly don't think she's that bad coord-wise, she actually improved and got more chill about copying. Like the other anon said, it's her wks that are insufferable.

No. 59948

Aw man. That actually makes me sad, please give clueless newbies a chance to embarass themselves.

No. 60119

Video unavailable now, what was it?

No. 60120

Proof ophelia stalks lmao
It was a benign but very cringe video of her attempting to sing acapella regina spektor. worst part for me was the fake accent she put on

No. 60421

fucking kek

No. 60597

I was originally put off that person because they looked like a tranny in a wig, but honestly they've gotten a lot better over time and have shown really good knowledge of lolita and what it is and what it isn't. They're the only example of a trans lolita that haven't pissed me off yet.

No. 62042

Does anyone know why JM and FJ were banned from the AZ comm?
Everyone keeps saying they have proof, and there’s so many screenshots and evidence but we haven’t seen anything.

Since the RC:U mod is now an AZ comm mod, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a planned vendetta.

No. 62046

File: 1565671148755.png (976.85 KB, 1495x1334, dorimau.png)

Fuck off Dori, no one is taking this bait. Stop fishing for info for your shithead friends and let it die already.

No. 62049

File: 1565673574910.jpeg (176.62 KB, 571x554, B17A5EBF-4917-4A0B-9A06-9ABE72…)

Get it right. I’m just genuinely curious why none of you have proof despite claiming such mean things. Sad to see AZ is active on here, just more proof the mods are trash.

No. 62060

Aight well its cool that you think that, and if you feel better thinking it was all one mods vendetta even though it started long before she was made a mod, by all means keep believing that. You guys can hang in your perfect ita-free utopian comm like Julie always wanted, hangin up your goddamn flyers outside women's restrooms for those high quality comm members you crave. Just know that multiple unrelated comm members came forth with their experiences and proof and Julie also hung herself and Farih by providing her own shitty caps.

No. 62146

Farih has been known to shit stir in person so she doesn't leave much of a trace behind. She tried to claim some girl was racist with altered and out of context phrases and sent them to a bunch of people and posted it online to start shit when the girl did nothing wrong. When everyone realized she was lying, and they started blocking her, she started spreading lies in person. Not surprised there isn't a lot of proof pics

No. 62148

iirc FJ posted some users' facebook profiles calling them racist for quoting someone who said the n-word.
The comm mod was present during the exchange and did not feel the comment was racist given the context, so FJ's post could be construed as doxxing or otherwise targeted harassment.

No. 62168

I think JM is a /cgl/ jannie.

No. 62347

Does anyone know why wonderfinch got kicked off the oldschool discord? I saw she posted a haul with a headdress 3 hours after another oldschooler from the discord posted about being really sad about missing out on it.


No. 62453

WF isn't banned she just left on her own.

No. 62476

I'm mostly curious why she deleted all her messages before leaving

No. 62483

Why do people bother with initials shit here, you can just name pople

No. 62497

Because they're obvious newfags who didn't get the response they wanted pestering comm members in dms or on cgl so they think coming here will be better.

No. 62674

But why? I had the impression she was basically camping in the Buy and Sell channel.

That's why I thought she was banned.

No. 62891

Why don't you just ask her yourself you mongoloid

No. 62915

I don't interact with cows.

No. 62918

Sounds like she was trying to cover her tracks

No. 63170

File: 1566297177180.jpeg (518.34 KB, 1204x1874, 9110C55F-AFD0-4A35-8C4E-595F3F…)

Self-proclaimed “model-san” getting all hot and bothered by pedo art

No. 63240

I'll never get why or how people still stan Trevor brown. Literally a white dude who draws Asian children in sexually violent situations. It's really no wonder the artist moved to Japan in the 90s.

No. 63313

File: 1566333588936.jpg (73.76 KB, 500x454, tc.jpg)

Girls/women who like art that's both cute and dark gravitate to his work, and those are in no short supply in Japan. He was especially big in the early 2000s in underground scenes (which is what Lolita still was back then). A lot of parallels to be drawn with Mark Ryden's work, as well. To be as succinct as possible, I think he was like the devil to Mark Ryden's angel.
I used to be into his less gross works as a kid, and I admittedly still like some of the concepts he used, but I think there comes a point where any critical thinker would be like "Wait a second, this is an old man. There's no reason for him to be drawing like…half of this shit, lmao. Dude is an entire pedophile" and sort of drop him.
The amount of good artists getting shine thanks to the internet (them having their own takes on this "gothic guro girl" aesthetic) means that abandoning his shit is no big deal, too. I think he skates by on old clout, at this point.

No. 63680

File: 1566441136090.png (1.6 MB, 1080x1794, Screenshot_20190821-213206.png)

This bitch is really that dumb huh?

No. 63685

makes sense, molly is fucking predatory.

No. 63691

The smallpox vax doesn't even have smallpox in it?
From the CDC website: The vaccine does not contain the smallpox virus and cannot give you smallpox.

Dependa needs to keep her mouth shut before talking about topics she doesn't know anything about.

No. 63749

File: 1566499412278.png (1.85 MB, 1238x2048, Screenshot_20190822-134337.png)

*Army reserves

No. 63750

File: 1566499537561.jpg (39.47 KB, 1079x514, Screenshot_20190822-144504_Ins…)

I hope she's ok

No. 63753

File: 1566500417671.png (1.17 MB, 960x1200, Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 11.5…)

She's a trust fund baby whose ultimate life goal is to become a dependa. How smart COULD she be?

>pic related: IVB looking at her military benef- oops I mean fiancé

No. 63755

Who told her it was a good idea to wear a white dress when her teeth are so fucked
Also her face is so unfortunate but I can't place why. She looks like a cartoon villain

No. 63780

Anti-vaxxer? Hope she doesn't catch HPV from her hubby.

No. 63808

Kind of reminds me of Rumer Willis' face, it's slightly off-centered? Like one side of her face is protruding more than the other side giving it an off-balanced feel to it.

No. 63823

Don't worry, she'll catch something else from Jody.

No. 63835

File: 1566533484213.jpeg (678.59 KB, 3200x1680, 6659134C-147B-4C7E-BD30-A58327…)

Her face looks like one of those small head memes. Her eyebrows are also really close together, and the shape is too harsh and Karenesque.

No. 63836

lol you just got blocked, her insta is still up

No. 63840

She and a friend of her are vagueblogging about how hard it is to be on social media in their story rn. Seems like she deleted one previous story for maximum attention too.
I honestly don't know wtf is going on on lolita ig atm, half of my feed is whining about muh depresshun and making emo-kid tier posts, phishing for asspats or whining about how they just can't bring themselves to wear lolita while simultaneously posting their new haul or wishlist dresses.

No. 63865

File: 1566566791423.jpg (658.83 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190823-152441_Chr…)


Jeez what a fucking creep

No. 63873

i'm hoping babbies, but she'll get more annoying

No. 63884

>admits to being sexually attracted to 14-year-olds
>calls his 14-year-old fans mature, insinuating he’d have no problem fucking one
>“It’s ridiculous that the law won’t let me fuck under-18s!!”
>the utterly false “sexually ripe” teen meme (women are most fertile in their early-mid 20’s, teenage pregnancies are prone to complications)
There’s no way this guy doesn’t have cp on his computer, probably in a folder titled “art references”.

No. 63901

Who is Jodi?

No. 63911


No. 63927

Fucking disgusting. I liked some of his art but now I feel stupid for not realizing what kind of shitstain he always was.
Oh well, Mark Ryden is better anyway.

No. 63981

File: 1566617056552.jpg (97.64 KB, 852x516, 1532201304736.jpg)

Found this in an old /tv/ thread:
>Fact… James Gunn dated Mia Matsumiya who was a major part of Trevor Brown's pedo network. Brown is an "artist" now in Japan, escaping British extradition. Matsumiya is now a SJW calling out internet rapists. Gunn is a director taking heat and hoping the situation doesn't escalate. This is an actual, googleable trail of Hollywood pedos and the people who profited from them. Fuck Pizzagate, this is searchable and provable. This is an actual, visible, tip of an iceberg.
Pic related is Mia Matsumiya together with yet another hollywood pedo James Gunn and Trevor Brown's art.

No. 63985

It creeps me out that when I look up "James Gunn Mia Matsumiya Trevor Brown", nothing comes up besides posts from 4chan.
I know this is at least somewhat legit because of the photographic proof, but it's like they realized people were digging and had everything scrubbed.

No. 63994

James Gunn isn’t a Hollywood pedo. He made stupid jokes ten years ago but alt righters got mad and “exposed him” because he’s anti trump. none of them care about pedos, /tv/ is literally filled with them they’re always making disgusting threads about millie Bobby Brown

No. 63997

File: 1566624518724.jpg (16.73 KB, 768x161, James-Gunn-Huston-Huddleston-7…)

I don't like the pol shit either but have you seen the tweets he made? Making this many "jokes" about him molesting little boys loses its "humour" and edge at some point, even for the 10s. Hell, he deleted over 1000 posts and is friends with convicted pedophiles, pic related is from his blog. The dude who suggested it was charged for owning CP and sex with minors. But lets not get too deep into it since it's too off-topic anyway.

No. 64020


What a shame, at least now there's fewer brands to watch for new releases. Hadn't bought from MM but they were on my radar as a gothic lolita

No. 64044

Does anyone have milk on that older woman in the vetted discord? Her name is Laurel, I very distinctly remember her talking about "infiltrating" the old school lolita discord to stir shit and to post them all to /cgl/. Whatever happened with that? I know she got kicked out and was trying to ask everyone why

No. 64056

She's convinced that the old school discord is out to get her, and that they snipe her dream dresses out of spite.

No. 64066

Idk, I only heard she was (rightfully, lol) making fun of the old school discord on the drama channel in the vetted discord.
The channel had some lulz and overall annoying behaviour of the members, so it's definitely not only her posting about them on cgl if that's what you want to say. I took some screens when I was in it, if you're interested I can post them. Also, garbage-chan is the admin and she's a bit of a cow herself.

No. 64094

>bit of a cow

Well Autumn isn’t just a tiny calf here. She had done things like staged suicide for an ig photo to saying that she wants to see how fat ppl look when they are dead.

No. 64096

I heard the old school discord is an anorexic cult too

No. 64102

I heard every single one of them are banned from their local comms

No. 64109

She has a decent amount of milk but this is just made up. She took that picture because MUH ART, SO CYNIC AND FUNNEH.

More like spoony rehab and vent. A lot of them claimed to have an eating disorder (read: they've read pro-ana blogs as teens and made one diet) and the usual undiagnosed tumblr mental illnesses. Though garbage-chan actually was a skelly at one point. I see if I can find some screens later. Sadly they've deleted the most entertaining channel.

No. 64110

Go to the pro ana scumbags thread if you're truly going to act like a scumbag too.

No. 64112

Autumn was banned like a week ago, the mod posted caps of her saying she wishes fat people would die and apparently she was bullying other comm members

No. 64114

No one else is apart from autumn

No. 64116

What? That makes no sense.

pls post the caps

No. 64118

those caps looked like they were insanely out of context and like a girl struggling hard with body image issues and not like she hates fat people, and the "bullying" incident was some girl in the comm known for being an ita got posted to cgl negatively and she screamed that it was autumn. who knows if it really was though. that comm is rampant with whiney, self righteous cows

No. 64120

huston is an actual pedo but the tweet from Gunn was a weird twisted joke…if you actually clicked the link he posted, it was a rickroll.

No. 64124

Post em

No. 64133

File: 1566733690743.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 839.79 KB, 1242x903, 0306EBDD-8B31-4F02-A67F-F29B15…)

Being ~artsy~ didn’t change that she tagged AP in this

That wasn’t why she got banned. She admitted to being shitty to the person who was the final straw but there was many incidents.

No. 64134


No. 64141

This sounds like a mean girls bit, it’s a group for people who like old school, that’s it. I really don’t get the reputation.

No. 64144

File: 1566741056025.jpg (86.88 KB, 720x960, 11042298_878329975561991_85729…)

I know this is super old but when this was first posted. I knew I had saved a much less filtered photo of claudia. I couldnt find it for the life of me but I finally did on an old photo uploading account. So for anyone curious, please enjoy

No. 64153

There is no reputation, some of the girls are edgy and have a handful of other girls trying to ruin their lives for no actual reason. Farih was the person who started the anorexic cult stuff, she started telling a lot of people irl about it. Wouldn't be surprised if its her posting all this. I also know the SOL comm is full of psycho drama whores who will do anything to make themselves not look psycho

No. 64157

File: 1566752556267.png (48.05 KB, 960x86, AEM fatshaming2.png)

No. 64159

wow sol is dumber than i originally thought, this isn't even that milky. your obsession with her is though

No. 64160

Who's farish

No. 64161

this is pretty funny ngl but not really grounds to ban someone and stir a shitshow over?

No. 64170

Any more caps?

No. 64210

File: 1566774553555.jpg (20.07 KB, 479x96, 20190825_180904.jpg)

gonna dump her obsession w fatposting

No. 64211

File: 1566774652654.jpg (38.63 KB, 489x235, 20190825_181125.jpg)

No. 64212

File: 1566774787139.jpg (20.69 KB, 486x134, 20190825_181245.jpg)

No. 64214

File: 1566775023128.jpg (31.34 KB, 478x160, 20190825_181452.jpg)

anyway there's more than this but you get the idea. tbh it's not the biggest deal but posting shit like this connected to your identity is damn stupid.

also she justified her actions by b'awwing about her own eating disorder. she's pretty milky but most of what i know is between mutual friends.

No. 64222

All of these are pretty bad for normal people, no wonder she got banned. I don't get the sudden whiteknighting. You aren't supposed to be this edgy non-anonymously.

Apparently someone Garbage-chan has vendetta with. I think it's suspicious they interpret posting her bullshit to imageboards as "ruining her life", how they think it's for absolutely no reason and how they, as a random bystander know that person supposedly told a lot of people irl about the anorexic cult stuff. Did they ask everyone they know irl about GC and her drama? The plot thickens.

No. 64233

>i don't get the sudden whiteknighting
not to pull a /cgl/ but i wouldn't be surprised if her and the oldschoolers come here and WK. Ophelia is an oldschool flake in one of the nicole dollanganger threads and has taken down vids and stuff based on whats discussed here

No. 64245

this comm is the OP for a reason, the milk is never ending and they joke about being mean girls all the time

No. 64254

Huh, almost like mediocre uggos always go after low hanging fruit because they couldn't actually compete with the pretty girls in the comm who dress better than they do.

Oh but tee hee, it's just a mean girl act and they're not actually this obsessed ololol~


No. 64257

File: 1566789156746.png (76.54 KB, 532x140, 01.PNG)

fuck it here's one more, i'll post the apology next

No. 64258

File: 1566789311499.png (104.75 KB, 750x553, 02.PNG)

i do get the feeling she said a lot of edgy things to assert herself as the server egirl and impress random dudes from 4chan (at least one of which she boned but i don't have caps)

No. 64261

Lol, she says she won't defend it right after she excuses her behavior due to her body dysmorphia, eating disorder history, and mental breakdown.
Then calls anyone holding her accountable a defamatory cyberbully.

Oh man, is she ever so pissed she got caught in her "safe space." Talk about a non-apology.

No. 64264

>very old screenshots
>left the group in may

No. 64265


yikes how could she think this would end okay

No. 64275

File: 1566801647546.png (204.72 KB, 1069x1434, Screenshot_20190122 (1).png)

She's hypocritical in general and constantly makes shit up about her relationship with lolita. Pic related is written by someone who was a homestruck cosplayer, made fun of punk on her tumblr, listened to generic j-pop and dressed like a normie before she started wearing lolita. In case you wonder who was sperging about evil rules made by western lolitas in the old school and cof threads in the last few months, it was most likely her.

Min is frozen__bug on IG, btw.

No. 64293

has she not seen cosplay photos?

No. 64303

the whole oldschool cult has this ideology now, not so sure it's her doing, but they post offensive shit with increasing frequency

No. 64307

who posts offensive shit other than autumn? caps?

No. 64362

File: 1566854731663.jpg (235.1 KB, 1080x1350, 43751073_2210123659275188_5389…)

It's funny she made those comments, considering she was a hambeast herself at the time, and even after. This is from November 2018.
It's even funnier that she's still on the chunky side by Lolita standards.

No. 64363

that's not autumn?

No. 64456

Oh. My mistake, rip. I thought anon said frozen__bug was actually her IG account

No. 64505

this girl isn't even fat

No. 64514

Is this the same Farih who got banned from the AZ comm for shitstirring? They were mentioned upthread >>62146
If so lmao what a fucking mess of a person, she got banned from so many places for being a shithead and cannot understand why people are so meeeeean :(

No. 64561

This whole old school hate train just reeks of vendetta. The only milk anyone seems to have are those autumn caps

No. 64564

Blaming it on vendetta doesn't work anymore when several people are saying the same thing. I guess most of the anons who are talking about them were in the discord at some point and know that they're all pretty much like autumn. But she went on a major deleting spree when more people started talking about them, so a lot of milk is gone now.

No. 64565

I mean that’s just hearsay. No one even says specifics really. Ophelia and autumn seem to really the only real fame/attention hungry of the bunch

No. 65080

Where was this

No. 65397

File: 1567606518297.jpg (78.19 KB, 1080x1080, 1567535428234.jpg)

new coord post from wall-e/AEM


No. 65399

It's really a shame that she owns a vw cage skirt. She never wears it and when she does, she never does it justice

No. 65542

File: 1567724147192.png (106.62 KB, 594x662, Capture19.PNG)

She admitted she was shitty to the person she was being shitty to?
In her apology it looks like it wasn't even addressed >>64258

pic related is another comm member talking about how the fatshaming stuff isn't the worst of what she did

No. 65545

oldschool discord

are the caps public? i dont understand the secrecy, just blur names

No. 65552

the caps about the bullying aren't public, the mods didn't have permission from the person being bullied to share them. The caps of her making fun of fat people in the discord aren't technically public, but were posted to the comm. It doesn't help that she's dating the dude who was banned from the comm for being abusive towards his ex, who was fat at the time.

Also the discord caps are from a /fa/x/cgl/ discord not the old school discord

No. 65557

File: 1567738198885.png (291.67 KB, 3304x732, received_379270369402439.png)

You mean this ex? The other side of the story is a trip, that girl is messy. I'm amazed none of it blew up when CK got banned after calling her out.

No. 65578

Cool caps but I don’t think they are what is being talked about. He didn’t get banned because of the breakup but what he did after. Cadence got banned because he lied to her about events and she decided to “call her out” by lashing out at everyone who hung out with her and then being nasty to girls who defended the ex. She knows now he lied but the damage is dumb.

The break up is messy but the guy autumn dates now loved creating drama.

No. 65582

>that she's dating the dude
Wait wait wait, I thought she was a lesbian?? Like she proclaimed about 5 days a week?

No. 65593

Her profile pic is her kissing Mark, and she moved with him from SSM to Toronto. They were hanging out when she was under 18 so this always seemed like a grooming situation. It would explain why she tries so hard to be edgy, since that's his game too.

No. 65597

she only has pictures dating guys, unless she was with that other generic edgy oldschooler

No. 65602

What did Mark do after? I'm actually concerned for Autumns safety if this is a grooming situation like >>65593 thinks it might be

No. 65605

she's always pretending to be gay and flirts with other old schoolers, it's annoying as fuck

No. 65607

is she lying about her age now too? she was in her 20s like 4 years ago and was engaged to some other dude. i doubt there's grooming. too long ago to find caps but she was an ita sweet back then lol

No. 65610

I think you may be confusing her with someone else. >>64133 pic is from her turning 18 a year or 2 ago.

They met when she was a high schooler, maybe 15 ish. He is 6 years older than her.

No. 65619

oh my GOD, we had a small discord derailed to become this guys PTSD hugbox. it might have been bad but 3 years after the fact he's still crying about it. tldr she threatens him with self harm and violence if he talks to other girls or wants to break up for a couple years and gets the whole comm to ghost him after the breakup, couple people keep talking to him but keep it secret because they're "scared of her" and a couple more years he ends up sleeping around the comm and homewrecking - or something - he conveniently doesn't like to go into detail when it's him in the bad light.
definitely different girl, she just moved out from her parents recently.
news to me, does that mean he was talking to her before they broke up too? i could probably find caps of him talking about how his ex being 6 years older than him was an abusive power dynamic, and now he's in it the other way around lol.

No. 65622

who was his ex?

No. 65627

Why is the Ontario comm so messy

No. 65635

File: 1567804915123.jpg (54.93 KB, 785x169, gbcs1.jpg)

are you confusing her with someone else? the picture was an edgy joke for her 20th about people feeling too old for sweet or lolita in general. ironically it looks like she did end up quitting sweet though

its not really that bad, i think all the biggest comms have drama just because there are so many people in one place

No. 65639

I miss chinese gossip anon where did she go? I want to know more about chinese drama

No. 65763

Probably at a re-education work camp in Xinjiang.

No. 65863

Anybody else find it incredibly annoying that Ophelia made a fb fan page for herself?

No. 65941

i mean its a little narcissistic but it's no different to cosplayers doing that. shes quite popular and i find her images aesthetically pleasing tbh. her "Brand name" as people would say really sucks she needs to think of a better more catchy one.

No. 65975

I definitely don’t think she’s anywhere near popular enough for a fan page

No. 66197

She's got a decent enough following, at what point would you say is the right amount of followers to create a page for your content?

No. 66232

she really doesn't tho? i would say upwards of 10k is when things start getting impressive for a lolita. a "page for her content" is essentially her insta. making a fanpage for yourself is a little different.

(reposted because i forgot to sage sorry)

No. 66471

File: 1568585412087.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1304, 20190915_170911.png)

lol so lara suzanne had candida posted of her on /cgl/ and now shes on IG garnerning pity points because it gave her a mASSiVE PaNIC ATTacK. she's almost 30 and pulling stunts like this

No. 66472

File: 1568585468881.jpg (47.8 KB, 382x526, 1565222065013.jpg)

these are the pics that "landed her in the ER"

No. 66473

File: 1568585526883.jpg (293.04 KB, 1333x2000, 1550966921103.jpg)

*candids not candida that's yeast lol

No. 66475

This person looks trans, if she's not I don't blame her for freaking out. It's unfortunate that relaxing and smiling = not kawaii, offbrand. You should be able to relax at a meetup without dodgy candids circulating.

No. 66476

Yikes you’re kind of a creepy piece of fucking shit for having these pics at all like why?

No. 66478

Saw her stories flipping people off and telling off haterz and then a little bit later her claims of hospitalization bc ~bullies~. She needs to choose which way she wants it to be. It’s not sympathetic to flip people off and then promptly baww about how fragile you are.

Why are you even here?

No. 66479

>having a panic attack over a bad candid
Lol, vain and juvenile. Sorry but bad candids on the internet happen to everyone at some point. No one even cares, Streisand Effect much?

No. 66481

how could you possibly know for sure that's why she had an anxiety attack? Getting bullied online can give someone a panic attack. shocking.

No. 66486

I've seen this girl several times at cons and she isn't this hideous IRL, it's just a terrible photo. I feel sort of bad for her. I hope she knows she can get botox for that gummy smile.

No. 66488

Where??? I can’t seem to see it on cgl anywhere.

No. 66490

it got deleted by the mods, check out the ita thread in the archives and you'll see all the posts

No. 66491

>being 30 and having a panic attack over how ugly you are
>being 30 and having a panic attack over the online booollies you supposedly don't care about
no matter how you frame it it's fucking pathetic

No. 66496

Wow I wonder who these comments that are exactly like the ones on cgl that were totes not lara could be????? lmfao imagine having a panic attack over and sperging out about bad candids of yourself like this

No. 66497

File: 1568598812415.jpeg (463.6 KB, 1242x2010, 5F51FC25-F8F3-4379-B2A0-B8C510…)

The most nonsensical thing about this is it’s clear she has issues with her appearance by how she shoops her pics to the point her skin is 100% blurred, but she volunteered to model at a fashion show guaranteeing that people would see how she really looks. People who drastically alter their appearance for the internet have always been mocked. It’s insane she created this situation for herself and is now crying about it. Not to mention she is handling this situation in the worst way possible.

No. 66498

Being put in a highly unflattering style of outfit that you had no choice or control over, didn't get to see beforehand, and still had to go out onstage because she couldn't back out, then having the absolute shittiest photographer taking photos of it all and having to deal with the emotional stress and anxiety caused by being torn apart for it having the worst possible things about you said would make anyone have a fucking breakdown. So yeah. She's definitely not handling it well.

No. 66499

And for fuck's sake these photos are old, she's in better shape now.

No. 66500

lol p sure they were from a couple months ago but okay lara, keep pulling your sweatpants over that jelly roll and yelling about the haterz

No. 66501

Nope it was Paradiso 2018 but nice try!

No. 66502

She could have backed out if she was really that uncomfortable. They could not actually force her on stage. But she did it anyway. And it isn’t just one candid, every single candid I have seen of her she looks terrible. It’s unfortunate but she’s the one lying about it and then losing her shit with an inciredbly milky rampage when she got found out.

And she could have ignored all of this, but she didn’t. She had to sperg out and use the situation to gain uwusympathy points.

No. 66507

Anyone know why Voldie is moving to Montreal? Is she toxic in the GTA or does she have a crazy ex-bf/stalker?

No. 66508

Wow she seems so not bothered. When will people realized ignoring is the best way to deal w shit?

No. 66514

>would make anyone have a fucking breakdown
Models deal with that shit all the time though so maybe you're just not made to be one, miss.
Cut your losses, move on. Everyone's got an unflattering photo of them someplace online if they've been in lolita long enough. You're not special sis.

No. 66516

Where even are the Paradiso 2018 photos? I can't find them.

No. 66537

Why do you think the only reasons someone can move is weird drama stuff? She likely got a job there, Montreal rent is cheap too.

To be fair the skirt is too small and that isn’t her fault unless she lied about her size

No. 66544

tinfoil but i do think she lies about her size. it's easier to get away with it in roomier lolita brands (which she's used to modeling for because all her pics are shopped), but put her in something close to her supposed measurements and she's a sausage.

No. 66546

Agreed. I really doubt that a brand would purposefully put her in something too small despite the measurements she gave and risk making their clothes look like shit. I’ve been to a few fashion shows where this brand was featured and I’ve never seen them put someone in something that was this obvious about it not fitting, even when they used plus sized models the pieces fit better than this.

No. 66548

my thoughts exactly. to add to this, puvithel is a plus size friendly brand and puvi herself is all body posi/sjw/tumblrcore. she probably didn't want to say anything about it or suggest a different fit for fear of bodyshaming or looking like a dick. /end tinfoil but it all adds up to me

No. 66552

It's definitely narcissistic, at least cosplayers have actual talents to share, she just has a moody blog full of mediocre old school looks

No. 66553

you're really making your situation worse by trying to defend yourself

No. 66554

Puvi wasn't there. She just shipped some stock for the show. I don't think she was very invested in Paradiso and just sent whatever sizing she had available. Some of the other models had ill fitting clothes as well.

No. 66567

"someone" can move for whatever reasons they want, but cmon Voldie is a shitstorm of drama at all times.

No. 66619

File: 1568770301514.jpg (439.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190916-210119_Chr…)

Agree 100%. It also helps that real models keep themselves very fit and lots of these "lolita models" are just girls with an expensive hobby that take pictures sometimes.

I did see this post on Behind the Bows about the brand and con in question and the lolitas are pretty disgusted purely because it wasn't actual lolita fashion. This picture was from kawaii swimwear the brand was launching. You can't tell me most of these girls are real models.

No. 66635

File: 1568800696850.jpg (127.05 KB, 1080x720, 1377366294085.jpg)

Voldie is starting to become well known in the magic the gathering scene

No. 66644

Do you really save underage photos of cgl girls?

No. 67146

>those fat bodies and those sad shapeless bodies in tacky "swimwear"
fuck that,not cute or lolita.

ofc Puvi is a tumblrina SJW who glorifies obesity,are we surprised? She's a fat POS POC lmao

No. 67147

kek she's so stuffed in that shit

i'd probably be anxious if i saw pics of me this ugly but if you're genuinely going to the ER over ugly pictures you need a reality check and to stop being a snowflake

No. 67148

Ophelia is so full of herself for what little she has to offer. Her looks are mediocre at best,they feel forced to the point it's unpleasant to look at. Her edgyness also feels forced like most of those old schooler posers nowadays.

No. 67162

Not WKing but Puvi isn’t fat at all. The other things? Sure.

No. 67178

t bh I don't dislike all the current neo old schoolers but I definitely agree with your opinion on ophelia. her coords and makeup have really gotten a lot worse within the past year and i can't stand how hard she's trying to be some kind of old school influencer

No. 67253

File: 1569297423024.jpg (104.29 KB, 720x960, 32374309_2118983061666345_3880…)

Her coords have definitely become more predictable. Maybe it's because she's posted more casual outfits lately but none of them are as interesting as the older stuff, pic from last year for example.

No. 67434

File: 1569501730453.png (1.89 MB, 1080x1857, Screenshot_20190831-092839~2.p…)

It's not the photographer

No. 67537

Idk why but her lips make me think of an asshole, not sure if its cause of the filtering.

No. 67547

I just don’t get why she always wears that nude lipstick. It looks like shit.

No. 67584

She isn’t even awful looking, but her makeup needs work and the fact that she insists on shooping herself into a completely different person then panicking when she gets caught is kek worthy. Her photos are so blurred you can barely see her eyebrows and nose. A pink lipstick and less caked-on foundation would help a lot, but she’s gonna need therapy for that self-image problem.

No. 67585

Not WKing but it doesn't appear that she shoops, just uses crazy amounts of filter that washes her out. She doesn't look that different from her pics irl.

No. 68347

File: 1570167611145.jpg (1 MB, 1320x2048, 19-10-03-22-37-58-489_deco.jpg)

fucking lol at the tags

No. 68354

Tbh it looks like her normal outfits but shes using popular hashtags that only tangentially apply* in order to get noticed? It's a little disingenuous but a lot of ppl do it.

(Many egirls rip off jfash bloggers but nake it more western in aesthetic. Ophelia is a British girl who wears jfash.)

No. 68359

My god this is cringy

No. 68360

File: 1570190881667.png (Spoiler Image, 692.34 KB, 680x778, coughing cat.png)

same energy

No. 68371

This is so unpleasant to look at, the way she’s sticking out her tongue looks like she’s about to throw up. Most “egirls” who post pics of them sticking their tongues out manage to not look physically ill, Ophelia.

No. 68404

File: 1570235036529.jpg (1.98 MB, 2560x2560, image.jpg)

Did you vote? Validate her haaaaard work!

No. 68418

God I enjoy Fanny's outfits but begging for attention like this is stupid. post stuff for yourself maybe??

No. 68421

Also both the poll answers are negatives… Like she wants to be a victim regardless.

No. 68480

I've never seen an e-famous lolita who didn't develop a massive ego or turn out to be a total cunt like this. Are there even people out there that can handle positive attention without feeling entitled to it after awhile?

No. 68498

>what I post here is for you guys more than for me
Uhhh that's just sad tbh. I like her posts but she really consider taking a break from SM if she feels that way

No. 68504

She posted the results whining that the people who asked her to "stop posting weird outfits" were savage.
If you're going to whine like this then why bother?
She stopped posting to CoF too cause she didn't get enough likes for her aristocrat coord. She acts like such a huge entitled brat, I liked her better on tumblr. At least her terrible personality didn't come across that obviously.

No. 68512

This was so cringe. Usually I don't give a shit about the personalities of these so-called "content creators" since I just look at their pictures and move on, but this made me dislike her. Isn't she 30-ish? She should be more mature than this. This is something I'd expect to see from like a 13 or 14 year old.

No. 68550

Fanny isn't the only 30-ish person that hungers for validation and likes. Misako is just like that too.

No. 68667

You take that back, Misako is really sweet in person and she's interesting to talk to.
Fanny can't even take her head out of her own arse to even be remotely fun to be around.

No. 68684

Man I used to like FannyRosie but she's so attention hungry.
Also she's boring now and she needs to get a job. It's not that hard to take pics,edit them and upload them online you lazy

No. 68685

I mean,it's ophelia,are we surprised? off course she's attention whoring

No. 68701

File: 1570487501199.png (1.81 MB, 1190x1192, Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 12.2…)

Her looks are so weak and tryhard at this point I don't understand honestly what goes through her head

No. 68716

It is literally Misako’s job to do that, she’s a model

No. 68772

This is honestly the worst look I’ve ever seen from her.

No. 68795

I don't think it's that bad. If you want to shit on her then do it because of her attitude and not because her outfits aren't perfect all the time.

No. 68799

you're either her or a blind follower of hers because you've got to have incomprehensibly shit taste to look at >>68701 and think it looks good. there's also nothing wrong with talking about her outfits when they suck. coord pics are about the only thing she puts out for people to look at so why wouldn't we talk about them

No. 68839

>Also she's boring now and she needs to get a job

she has a fucking job translating. however, being self-employed is never ending search for clients who don't pay/underpay your talents.

No. 68930

She's like this in person too. Why do people with bigger followings always piss and moan about nOt GeTtInG mAnY LiKes?

No. 68960

Ugh I hate that. Some of my friends/mutuals have a decent following and they are always complaining about likes or engagement. It’s not that they are vain because it’s totally serious business guys! /s
None of them does it for living of course.

No. 68977

Anons is Tamie okay? Ever since the Protests in China, she's been posting stories about /pol/ tier shallow conspiracies non-stop.

No. 68982

Who Tamie? Maybe post a pic of Tamie next time.

No. 69001


>Protests in China
well, we know where you stand lmao

No. 69007

I don't care about china, I just saw her stories reeeing about illuminati, organs and pedos in the past months.

No. 69016

I know people like this as well and if they don’t think their engagement percentage is high enough, they just put something like “Maybe I should quit Instagram because all the effort I put into my social media isn’t worth it”, and then their asslickers go “aww no don’t do that!” and mass like their photos.
Tbh I find pods embarrassing too. You care so much about your Instagram engagement that you and other people band together to comment shallow things on each other’s posts in hopes that your posts will become more popular? Most embarrassing behavior.

Organ harvesting is a known problem in China though, just not what Chinese anti-government groups and cults say it’s like. Many of these groups claim that regular Chinese citizens are snatched off the streets and murdered by the government for organs but really minority groups in China, particularly those in more rural regions, are more at risk.

No. 69017


You're going to have to provide screenshots of the pedos and shit because I do not recall that at all. What I do recall is her unhealthy af obsession to the point of cultism worship of Egyptian mythology, but honestly with every other lolita thinking their star signs determine their personality, it's not that much of a leap.

The organ harvesting is real though. Check out the wait times in China vs the rest of the world. You don't get that short of a wait time through kosher means.

No. 69026

>what I post here is more for you than for me guys!

Lmao, no. Nobody cares about her vintage and normie coords. Moving to Japan was a downgrade for her style-wise. Her old home was beautifully furnished and it added to her whole aesthetic. Now with the boring background you can actually see how boring a lot of her outfits are.

No. 69041

You sound like a dumbass American with no concept of how shit things are for the HKers right now.
If you even read a bit of news you'd understand why people are posting about these things.
Sorry we aren't all vapid like you

No. 69042

I agree, her style was nicer back then. All she does is post boring coords and whine about how she doesn't get enough attention you gaizzzz.
She's such a disappointment, she needs to get something outside of e-fame in her head.

No. 69052

Yeah this sounds more like you're completely out of touch with whats going on rn, and looking for a reason to pick at this specific person about it

Maybe like, open any news page at all? There's more to life than sniping at other girls' social media, anon.

No. 69059

Sureki server is cringe. Just a fake in group of lolitas who think they're popular.

No. 69089

Sorry, will provide screens next time. I'm not arguing wether or not it's true, I'm saying she talks about it on the level of woke conspiracy youtubers.

I'm not american and I know China is a shithole. Read my post again, I said EVER SINCE the protests. But yes anon, I see the light now, that random commercial who tries to market-target a political group with known gestures is totally the illuminati because the model exposes one eye. Tamie was right all along, how dare I voice doubt kek.

Oh fuck off with the condescending ad hominems.

No. 69121

I haven't seen anything like that on her insta…screencaps or fuck off.

No. 69122

File: 1570770196550.jpg (74.89 KB, 1440x810, tiffany-co-tweet.jpg)

Nayrt obviously, but I saw the post that >>69089 is referring to. It's the Tiffany & Co. ad where the model was covering one eye. Mainlanders considered it a veiled pro-Hong Kong message because the pose was used in solidarity with two protestors who were injured in the eye by police.

Tamie wasn't saying anything about it being ThE iLlUmInAtI like anon is claiming. Sounds like anon just has a personal problem with Tamie.

No. 69126

>Tamie wasn't saying anything about it being ThE iLlUmInAtI like anon is claiming.
Yes she literally was. She reposted the tweet, explained the situation and made a remark about illuminati in her caption. It was 2 days ago before I posted here, I'm sure other anons have seen it too.

No. 69130

Just post caps then if you've seen it?

No. 69141

Nta. Are you retarded? Anon said it’s a STORY from TWO DAYS AGO. It’s gone by now. You can’t get caps of everything.

No. 69197

Should have just screencapped it if you wanted to vague post on here and start shit about Tamie.

No. 69199

I said I’m nta. Nta stands for not that anon ie I’m not who you’re replying to.

No. 69275

File: 1570914510398.png (1.56 MB, 1080x1796, Screenshot_20191012-160714.png)

Gotta make sure everyone knows you're an ~army (reserves) wifey~

No. 69285

Cringe. Real question since I don't follow her: does she actually have any personality other than army gf/fiancée/wife? Whenever I happen to see one of her posts on other peoples' stories or on the explore page, they're all about how much she looooves the united states military.

No. 69297

literally no. we're mutuals and she has the personality of wet cardboard. the most i remember is her posting a "how to wear lolita and stay cool" tutorial where she said not to wear deoderant.

…she looks stinky tbh.

No. 69344

I have a similar friend like that. She didn’t find a person to marry until she was 31. She found a marine and got pregnant before getting married. She posted text of “My Marine” and a shirt of “I stand for the National Anthem.” Awkward all the way around.

I hope he gets IVB preggo so she can dedicate her time with something more important.

No. 69356

What the hell? That’s disgusting. I could see her smelling bad considering that she has awful dental hygiene already.

Hell no. If she got pregnant, all she’d ever talk about is how she had a baby with a military guy and how hard it is to be a “single mom” with a hubby in the army.

No. 69365

What is suteki server? I've seen some girls from my comm hashtag it on Instagram and it sounds like a poupeegirl reference. Is it just a pod on discord?

No. 69434

Why is Tyler so supportive of trans people, but then proceeds to bash drag queens? Her most recent video made me so uncomfortable. As a TERF, excluding trans people from the lolita community is one of my goal.

Trans women can't get pregnant. They don't have fully functional vaginas. Some mutilate their penises. They have deformed breasts. All they do is creepshit on real women and destroy feminism as we know it.


No. 69437

I don't think this is a place to shoehorn your opinions

No. 69438

Sage your irrelevant sperging, no one cares.

No. 69605

File: 1571191132031.png (439.91 KB, 1496x2002, flounce.png)

No. 69607

File: 1571192153465.jpg (114.84 KB, 940x960, 1571056911530.jpg)

No. 69608

File: 1571192397329.png (579.74 KB, 1440x2393, Screenshot_20191014-235529.png)

Okay Rachel

No. 69611

File: 1571193594582.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.63 KB, 630x350, 1503271102518011427472171.jpg)


yasss hunty werk that bloated water-logged corpse lewk!!!

No. 69612

File: 1571193962688.png (1.68 MB, 2272x1548, lacemarket.png)

No. 69613

File: 1571194221814.png (219.56 KB, 2127x1776, feedback.png)

No. 69616

File: 1571195697643.png (594.8 KB, 1507x1904, report.png)

No. 69617

>Rachel Evans
Wasn't she from the Confetti Club side of things? >>>/snow/688283

No. 69620

Pls tell me that's not real

No. 69623

File: 1571199898433.jpg (324.84 KB, 1554x782, no.jpg)

I only know of her from this thread. Is that where all these people are coming from? Angel seems to attract ageplayer sympathizers. I heard that the last girl was actually banned for multiple reasons, like engaging in ageplay with her boyfriend at meets 🤢

No. 69634

And nothing of value was lost.

No. 69641

I stumbled upon a wiki for /cgl/ drama. there's not much in it though.

No. 69656

It's from the Walking Dead. The zombie is as well.

No. 69664

She does both, but not sure if she has worn lolita or gone to meets in a while. She has been focused on her weird YT channel where she just talks about her pokemon ship obsession and how she’s been victimized bc of it. It’s bizarre.

No. 69673

>I’m from Orange County and the comm was horrible
As far as I know, everyone in the OC comm is always really kind and we’re in a fairly liberal area so I doubt they mocked her “disability”
Probably on a whole nother level of annoying newbie

No. 69685

What's the tea on this?

No. 69713

I know a lot of people within the OC comm and they are honestly really sweet. I mean there is maybe one or two people at can be a little sour but thats any comm for you tbh

No. 69724

She and her boyfriend were engaging in ddlg ageplay behavior at a meet and making everyone uncomfortable.

No. 69782

Clearly youve never met Ozhina

No. 69807


Megan get off of here

No. 69830

I don't know how you got to that conclusion, but try again. OC meets aren't worth it when all the likeable lolitas have stopped attending them for whatever reason, and you're left with people who seem to have no other personality besides being crotchety cunts

No. 69848

Oh wow you really showed me didn’t you 😂

No. 69849

Stay with your itas

No. 69850


Go join the IE itas instead of whining

No. 69852

Sounds like someone's mad that they can't join the comm that has more meets than a $45 cat cafe meet.

No. 69853

The Three Stooges have arrived. Sorry your meets are shit and you think you're personable but I miss the time when you three weren't in the comm

No. 69854

No one wants to be part of your shitty comm anymore. Why do you think over half the members stopped coming?

No. 69857

I'm from the LA comm, and you've pretty much reinforced why some of us have avoided going to OC events. Sure, I'll check out the IE comm. They have an Itaween meetup coming up that sounds fun. SD comm is also cool, so it's not like I'm missing out on anything by steering clear from the OC comm ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 69859

Half of the members that left were from the IE comm(emoji)

No. 69861

Sorry you're poor

No. 69862


Wait as someone who is in all the comms… I don’t get why everyone is hating??

No. 69863

Awww. Why don’t you die mad about it?

No. 69864

Imagine unironically being like this.
Imagine emotionally manipulating your dad into buying you brand because he wasn't there for you during your childhood.
Welcome to Orange County!

No. 69866

Imagine making shit up because you’re a jealous bitter bitch

No. 69873

It's really obvious that O and A are posting in this thread. Rather than telling everyone to get fucked, maybe you guys should reevaluate the current state of the comm. It's a shame. There's a lot of potential for lolita events in OC

No. 69875

I'm so jealous of your bad attitude and crossed eyes, Ozzy. You got me.

No. 69879

funny how you talk shit on ddlg when your daddy buys your lolita, drives you to meet ups and picks you up. Aren't you a little old for that?

No. 69909

File: 1571402856720.png (519.85 KB, 1488x807, dec2013.png)

Cgl thinks bloaty chan is a bio male but I dont think so.
What do you guys think? Maybe they are convinced bc the body hair. But ive seen my fair share of disgusting hairy TiFs on this site

No. 69912

Looks like a fat male with FAS to me

No. 69924

I think they're bio male, but just always had an unfortunate lesbian face

No. 69984

File: 1571434863019.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 58.26 KB, 640x360, CFDB923E-6202-483C-A2AE-4BFE2C…)

Cgl isn’t that bright, his pics are public so it’s not hard to find info like this

No. 70185

Seconding, total_eclipse just looks like a newbie and that 'lolitaandotome' one looks like a store. We need some sort of regulation on storefronts selling on LM, but it's not exactly milk.

No. 70205

I'm just triggered by someone calling this old school

No. 70287

Same. I’m not even a hardcore oldschool purist but sheer poly chiffon? For fuck’s sake.

No. 70575

I think someone is trying to say that total_eclipse is that Angel person's account. It's not.

No. 70594

its not a coord though?

No. 70597

lol no one said it was a lolita coord if that's what you're trying to say, but it is an outfit? not sure what point you're trying to make

No. 70708

being trans & drag queens are two different things retard

No. 70709

the fucking chest hair

No. 70744

I'm more interested about your intense hateboner for anyyone remotely e-famous. You have been sperging so much on cgl, it has become recognizable.

No. 70761

Is it true that Milkribbon/Alex deleted EGL Germany and flounced? The cgl thread has gone dry (like the whole board) and I want to know what the hell is going on but nobody will talk.

No. 70768

Does someone here got her social media link? I really don't know who she is. But apparently she's also in charge of SF Europe?

No. 70800

She's @miillkribbon on insta. She also is an organizer of SF Europe as well.

No. 71128

File: 1572145272062.jpg (148.84 KB, 1023x943, Collage 2019-10-26 00_58_30-1.…)

Idk where to post this she's def not a cow but Did this girl get her lips done?

I feel like she definately did. No shade, she looks great and is easily one of the prettiest lolitas I've ever seen.

No. 71131

could be a combo of overdrawn lip and shoop

No. 71141

Are left and right supposed to be the same person?

No. 71160

Pretty sure that's just shoop. Not very cute without it, would have thought they were different people

No. 71182

Looking at tagged photos of her, I'd say it's fillers since her lips are consistent in tagged and her ones. But also shoop, as her eyebrows are higher (unless she's had a brow lift: unlikely). Her nose is also different, make of that what you will. Plenty of people get fillers or surgery, but she is quite young, right?

No. 71183

File: 1572204863458.png (2 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20191027-193333.png)

Ah no, actually I reckon just lip fillers. But yeah, it's normal nowadays, and they don't look overfilled from what I can see, so fair play.

No. 71202

She looks like that girl from "Orphan".

No. 71211

Nah, that girl had no lips.

No. 71215

K. She looks like the girl from orphan with overlined lips?

No. 71216

Here's a thought, face features look different based on angles, makeup, and hairstyle

No. 71223

Salty? Filters and facetune are obviously her friend alongside makeup. A lot of people use them, nothing to be ashamed of. She's painfully average, but at least she's not horrifically ugly.

No. 71232

lol absolutely not. I was in a friend circle with ivb briefly and I don't actually remember much about her personality. She tends to absorb whatever her partner is into and makes that into a personality definer, but add lolita. Like she used to date a guy that was into metal and she started doing punk vests and talking about shows etc. It's kinda sad that once you take the dresses and fancy clothes away there's not much left of her.

also she mentioned once in passing that she doesn't wash her main pieces cuz I guess she doesn't stink or w/e she wants to believe but that was years ago. Idk if that's changed but I feel like it's not that far of a reach if she still follows that.

No. 71296

Ok, you're clearly not a lolita if you call it facetune. And I meant it to the people who suspect actual plastic surgery. Everyone on Instagram uses snow and line. It's pretty standard, and actually gets you more likes compared to not using them.

No. 71314

>>71223Painfully average


No. 71321

>def not a cow but..
>she looks great
>easily one of the prettiest lolitas I've ever seen
This stinks of selfpost.

No. 71429

Am I the only one annoyed what Tempest Paige has become? She's always been kind of a smaller scale cow but her acting like an entrepreneur with her crappy Rochester mall store is a little irksome. Your family is rich, that's why you could get brand at 13 and why you now own a store. You didn't make your brand on your own.

sage because I guess it isn't really milk, just wondering if anyone else feels this way

No. 71476

Do you know why she spends all her $ on lolita instead of getting her spongemonkey teeth fixed?

No. 71916

File: 1573012175885.png (157.77 KB, 828x363, IMG_6490.PNG)

Imagine being this t-totally not bothered! after getting your unshooped face posted on cgl

No. 72027

This post just confirms how obnoxious she is. She always shoehorns herself to every LA jfashion events/fashion shows, and spams the hell out of instagram tags.
Seeing her in real life, I had to do a double take because of how different she looks without the editing.

No. 72031

Who tf is she

No. 72040

File: 1573100317905.jpg (870.88 KB, 894x1278, 1572801326517.jpg)

x_haro_x on Instagram.

I don't blame you anon. She looks nothing like her shoops. I always see her shoehorn herself into different groups/events aimed at the Asian-American community in LA. Does she even have hobbies other than fetishizing Asians?

No. 72168

Hate to say it, but with jowls like those I'd be shooping too, yikes. She's not even chubby, so it seems like unfortunate genetics? How can you even fix that? Face lipo?

No. 72175

is she asian? for some reason I thought she was hispanic

No. 72180

She's Peruvian but pretends to be Asian. Pretty sure she's not even a US citizen. She gets all over Asian American political issues and events like it's a problem she actually experiences. She seems to have very little interest in news about other ethnic groups or topics, so it comes off as digital yellowface, especially with the way she shoops.

No. 72183

You got any screencaps of her worrying about Asian American issues? I'm trying to find something but it's all cluttered over her trying to promote events all the time.
I noticed in candid photos she loves to obscure her chin area.

No. 72209

File: 1573277630052.png (1.77 MB, 1028x1406, Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 9.23…)

Her interest doesn't even extend to all Asians, just topics relating to Japan and sometimes she'll post something about some kpop guy. She's in a handful Facebook groups made by Asian people for other Asians too.
>pic related. ACN is Asian Creative Network, a Facebook group originally intended to help Asian creatives network with each other, but the group has since been taken over by people with yellow fever.

I remember her sharing some articles lauding Japan's response to this year's typhoon but it looks like it's all been deleted after the NYT(I think) published an article about how Japan pretty much leaves its homeless and mentally ill residents out to die during typhoon season.

No. 72210

File: 1573277687110.png (625.45 KB, 1026x840, Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 9.29…)

No. 72213

Wow. Genetics did her dirty, she is really ugly. Good lord.

Is she in her 40's?

No. 72342

I don't care about her but I want to point out that Peru actually has the largest Japanese diaspora outside Asia. A lot of Peruvians have East Asian roots. "Peruvian" is not a race nor is "Latino" or "Hispanic." There are plenty of ethnic groups in Peru and that happens to include East Asian. So yes, it's possible she has East Asian roots and might be interested in Asian American issues.

No. 72392

That’s probably brazil, not peru. She doesn’t look asian, her features are very common among peruvian women

No. 72490

She’s native Peruvian. I remember her talking about it before but I can’t remember on what social media platform. Also >>72392 is correct; the largest Japanese diaspora outside of Asia is in Brazil.

No. 72542

File: 1573547899855.jpg (229.45 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_2019-11-12-05-32-34…)


saged for it, but it's not even "the biggest outside of Asia", it's the biggest, period. The US also ranks high cause of Hawaii.

She probably has amerindian blood (super common in Peru), some amerindians indeed look vaguely to very Asian because they originally came from there. She's probably taking advantage of that.

No. 72622

File: 1573607856279.jpeg (319.19 KB, 828x791, CDE27930-F33F-49B2-BF6E-164E4D…)

Who’s gonna tell her that wearing (very tacky) jfash doesn’t mean that Asian people will be tripping over themselves wanting to collab with her?

No. 72720

This is so embarrassing.
Jesus Christ.

No. 72873

lol i did a show with her once before she started skinwalking with the rinrin hair and she was hella unfriendly. what's up with lolitas pretending to be pro models she looks like a dumpster fire irl

No. 72934

Remember when lolita drama was literally