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File: 1617254904074.jpg (597.1 KB, 1080x1238, 1612429573399.jpg)

No. 143376

Lolita Lolcow thread #5 "Everyone too scare to make the thread" Edition

Previous thread >>109410

Sage your non-milk posts. Being fat and or ugly, while hilarious, is not milk by itself. Lying/shooping yourself excessively to hide that you are fat and ugly and crying about it when caught is milk.

Some milk recapped from last thread:

>Andrea is outed as a diaperfag sissy, shocking no one

>Hanikami.bear is anachan, shocking no one

>Bondage-chan is a camwhore, shocking no one

>Cadence Kato thinks she invented beaded necklaces with candy motifs

>purestmaiden/wonderfinch harasses Lovely Lor for accidentally clicking like on some pic of someone at a trump rally, so people dig up her pro-ana blogs and her gushing over Die Walkure and she posts a half-assed "apology", shocking no one

>Briz Blossom hyperfixates on her follower count, entertains delusions that someone is "deleting" her followers by hacking her account

>neorococomemes, unfunny ita, has hate boner for Victoria Suzanne for some bizarre reason

>It's Vanilla Bear/dreaming.vanilla has a baby and is obnoxious about it, that's literally it that's the whole "milk"

>tokimeki.bunny posts about breeding kinks, being anachan, starting an onlyfans, and public rants vagueing friends

>angelfazce/sexy baby/bloated corpse chan continues to commit sins against the sighted community

>CHANEL/chanlleydoll RETURNS feat. blouse she literally dyed brown with pit stains

>NaturallyRacist (naturallycute/dollqt/Jenna) made an onlyfans where you can see her flabby belly and greasy bangs

No. 143435

bless you for making the thread OP we're all pussies

No. 143438

Shit thread OP

No. 143442

Do we talk about none of you calling out sexy baby? Or that the mods of CoF don't see a problem with him?

No. 143443

Cof mods let camwhores wear dildo harnesses in their coords I doubt they’d do anything about him

No. 143457

File: 1617322594778.png (244.65 KB, 1487x644, Capture.PNG)

Alright, which one of you assblasted poorfags is this?

No. 143462

File: 1617323819976.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1818x4108, 1206201325d.jpeg)

they're the plague doctor ita posted at the end of page 22 of that thread, hence why they got salty and more or less stopped posting

everything they've posted in that thread was basically vendettaposting about people who banned her from groups/discords for being extremely openly racist

No. 143466

Can someone make a new thread with a different OP image, these are not fastmoving threads, which means seeing that blouse way more times and for way longer than is humane

No. 143469


You can hide the file newfag

No. 143471


>getting triggered over dirty clothes

No. 143484

File: 1617343491228.png (608.04 KB, 472x577, CHSB_.png)

we are off to a great start!

No. 143502

I wait for the day these people start claiming vintage car collecting is elitist and should be more accessible

No. 143505

Sharon from CoF mods my comm. They won't kick out Naturally Racist because it would make her sad. They know she bullies people, and they are concerned, so they're handling it.

No. 143507

Oh yeah wasnt she the one that was obsessed with that ugly ass plague doctor idea and wanted to wear it to a hospital? Now of all times? And didnt get why it would be in bad taste?

No. 143522

File: 1617375185688.jpg (279.59 KB, 750x692, the girl they reffer to as dil…)

lest we forget

No. 143532

>Andrea is outed as a diaperfag sissy, shocking no one
I still cant believe they did not get kicked out of the atl comm

No. 143573

File: 1617398045594.jpeg (851.31 KB, 1242x1266, 1616662988057.jpeg)

I'm so glad anons here are talking about this seething clown.
Talking all that shit in some cut up bedsheets, lmao.

No. 143871

File: 1617591331593.png (2.95 MB, 2738x2498, saga_of_scalperchan.png)

I present to you… the Saga of Scalperchan. I left out a lot of non-lolita related milk about her personal life that she has posted about on her blog, let me know if you'd like a compilation of that as well. Happy Easter!

No. 143885

god she is gonna be lonely as hell when she's old

No. 143901

Oh gosh I remember reading about her on cgl
So she sold the dress with a little profit though I think it’s not too crazy to ask for 300. she could’ve tried for 500-600$ like she said or tried with the restyle skirt

No. 143950

She tried. At first it was listed for $350 with a $600 BIN, then she probably accepted a $300 offer from the buyer

No. 143967

Off topic but does anybody know where I can find Similar weekender bags to the Spoiled Snowball bunny Bag? I think its super cute but i'm not a lolita person and don't know many brands etc.

No. 143974

Piss-chan and pals are flipping their shit because she got posted to the ita thread.

No. 143992

are they really though lmao

No. 143998

kek i just saw. funny how they're furiously masturbating each other ITT and autistically screeching at anyone saying the truth. Just goes to show how much they lurk since they're unemployed. Their clique is retarded

whatever you tell yourself to sleep at night

No. 143999

Where are they freaking out? Screencaps? Newfag?

No. 144000

No. 144001

this is an imageboard

No. 144002

was going to screencap but it seems like piss chan and her gang reported all of the post exposing her as piss chan and the whore who posts pics drooling over herself while wearing lolita.
they are so incredibly bothered by it it's hilarious

No. 144003

You can screen cap it in the archives newfriend

No. 144007

File: 1617717718979.png (66.16 KB, 1090x595, 2.png)

here since you hoes cannot be bothered.
for people crying samefag they sure samefag a lot. the coord wasn't exactly bad but they were being so autistic it drew more attention to it

No. 144008

File: 1617717821824.jpg (2.08 MB, 1284x1573, 1617661059222.jpg)

said coord

No. 144009

File: 1617717865404.png (120.32 KB, 1070x581, 3.png)

No. 144010

File: 1617717996829.png (27.04 KB, 888x324, 4b12.png)

No. 144011

File: 1617718082915.png (82.72 KB, 1091x836, 6h.png)


all those deleted replies…you can tell someone was real pressed

No. 144012

File: 1617718257839.png (101.85 KB, 1093x925, isgdg.png)

No. 144013

File: 1617718317368.png (74.68 KB, 1034x791, last.png)

No. 144020

They did the same thing and sperged last lolita lolcow thread accusing OP of vendetta despite having like ten cows included in the OP when Piss-chan was used as the OP image.

No. 144023

This many deleted replies in a row confirms it was one person sperging about her, and that they are a different person than OP of the thread, correct?

No. 144024

Seems like different people to me, just not OP themselves. They projected hard by crying samefagging while samefagging themselves

No. 144025

No, it doesn’t. It means that the deleted posts were reported. If it was all one person and the posts were mass deleted you’d see all of that side of the conversation gone, not just select posts.

No. 144035

Both have jobs and you’re probably the same girl who autistically screeched about her last year because she needs attention. Wasn’t it proven she lied about that stuff because dollsmeat blocked her and she was mad about it lmao

No. 144040

whatever you rather believe, pisschan friend :^) you're just as mentally disturbed as she is

No. 144041

We can tell you’re new and just here to WK friend, sageless-chan.

No. 144042

i didn't know her but her and her gang are deeply deranged

sage your infighting autism. also proofs or gtfo. gj outting yourself as one of those retards by having to defend the fact they aren't jobless btw kek

No. 144043

Every. Single. Time. Dollsmeat gets brought up in a way not kissing her ass, be it here or on /cgl/, it results in her and her friends throwing temper tantrums whiteknighting her, insisting everyone is jealous/threatened by her/whatever retarded 4th grade argument her drug addled brain can come up with.

I don’t even care if I catch a ban for >hi cow, it’s blatantly her and Garbage-chan doing it.

No. 144060


Tbf it could be multiple people wking her, she has more friends that might. They really need to take a hint and not feed her vendetta-chans. I like dm myself and am happy she’s getting better but she’ll never be free from this bullshit if her friends can’t shut up. Or I guess her as well if she’s self posting.

No. 144064

>I like dm myself

Opinion discarded. Fuck off whiteknight.

No. 144065

>intense vitriol directed at anyone with a slightly positive opinion on someone you dislike
Likewise, opinion discarded, fuck off vendetta-chan.(infighting)

No. 144067

>comes to lolcow
>complains about vendetta over someone being milky

Your “slightly positive” view was to say you like her and defend her against a “vendetta” that doesn’t exist because it’s not just one person talking about her. That’s literally whiteknighting. I’m not even the person who dropped the caps, nor was I in that thread when she got posted and sperged. Interesting that everyone not praising her seems to have some huge “vendetta” against Piss-chan.(infighting)

No. 144069

>anyone who dislikes dm is a vendetta for sure!1one
So you're the same sperg from the ita thread eh. You need to realize more than one person dislikes her and it does not make it vendetta. Vendetta for what anyho? She's a bitch who got what she deserved for being such a backstabbing pig, an attention whore, and a notorious vendetta chan on cgl herself.

No. 144298

I enjoy her coords, but going to a cafe at this age with a stuffed animal is just weird. I also don't get how she feels that it is okay to go out so often when Osaka is in a really bad state with Covid cases right now.

No. 144299

File: 1617876974485.png (2.07 MB, 1080x1889, Screenshot_20210408-190753.png)

File dropped

No. 144309

>stuffed animal
Not an APfag, isn't it a plush bag?

No. 144310

Idk about the plush/pochette but i was weirded out by her seeing her visit here and there Cafés, getting coffee etc. is it so hard to stay home if she’s anyways in chronic pain or whatever

No. 144325

Plenty of Japanese lolitas do shit like that. I normally can’t stand her but is this really even milk?

No. 144422

She's been at cafes on a weekly basis since the pandemic started which isn't a good look especially since Osaka has had the highest cases at some points.

No. 144736

File: 1618077339781.jpeg (253.84 KB, 828x1447, 876881F6-55E2-4135-881C-B9A2D8…)

Apparently this girl was mad that AP “stole” her gummy bear design as an uwu small business

No. 144738

File: 1618077459052.jpeg (460.11 KB, 2048x2048, EEE60DED-E439-4DEC-9CFD-30B0BD…)

For comparison left Jelly Candy Toys by angelic pretty and left her design

No. 144740

File: 1618077514725.jpeg (194.92 KB, 828x1232, 27E699AD-0561-40A1-A478-CEA65B…)

Her sketches look like a 10 year old drew them

No. 144742

>kawaii autistic
she sure is autistic to make such a claim kek

No. 144747

I don't like her release but you guys seem to be getting the wrong idea. she's not saying AP copied her, that was other people. kawaii_autistic is some other girl. sleepyriri is the creator of the gummy bear dress. She just acknowledged that AP didn't copy her design.

No. 144752

God y'all are so desperate for milk that you're starting to misread the smallest shit. Sleepyriri is clearly talking about that her gripe with AP is that they changed the reservation system, not that they copied her.

No. 144759

>Apparently this girl was mad that AP “stole” her gummy bear design as an uwu small business
Did you even read the screenshot you posted?

No. 144776

omfg please hire a PROFESSIONAL are you an idiot

No. 144832

File: 1618137335347.jpg (474.64 KB, 1652x900, 1616699867887.jpg)

No. 144835

Topkek at the cheap shop

No. 144848

kek i always knew she shooped her legs to look like sticks it's painfully obvious

No. 144851

looks like a bad splice kek
her legs look the same in videos

No. 144885

File: 1618162980769.jpg (Spoiler Image,513.86 KB, 1675x1855, CollageMaker_20210411_00343266…)

Jo* has got some serious body dysmorphia. The shoop is getting ridiculous, i think she is very pretty in an average lesbian way. But when she shows up on my feed with her nose collapsing its kinda disturbing.

No. 144894

Its a photo of herself cut together to create a twin look, they are both her. its just not lined up properly.

No. 144899

Jeez girl just blurr it out but this? Looks like when you make a sim and put nose on “smallest”

No. 144902

All she needed to do was lightly shoop her smile lines. Her nose looks like it’s collapsing on her lip. Poor thing..

No. 144910

she's exactly as you described it. pretty in a lesbian way. there are many kinds of pretty and girls seem to forget that. even homely is a kind of pretty.
she got to stop shooping her nose this way, her laugh lines are not even that noticeable and bring something to her face imho

No. 144912

Her natural nose is her best feature imho? It's small and cute. This upward angle makes her jawline look weirdly meaty and is super unflattering. All she needs to do is learn her angles and fix her droopy brows and she'd look vastly better. Wigs could use a good brushing too.

No. 144946

File: 1618199805252.png (6.06 MB, 3240x1540, Untitled-1.png)


No. 144952

holy fuck is this seriously her? She looks so different from the shooped selfies she posts of herself that I can’t even see the resemblance….

No. 144984

These photos are two years old and models don't do there own makeup clothes and photos of course she's going to look different

No. 144995

Stop whiteknighting

No. 145002

newfag what do you even mean with "very pretty in an average lesbian way"
I like her stuff but when I saw this I also was a bit eh, let's just say it's very obvious.

No. 145003

File: 1618257676243.jpg (1.73 MB, 2560x1920, 21-04-12-13-01-44-596_deco.jpg)

Is this that UK scalper? Her floor and bagged AP plushies look like those listings on LM

No. 145004

File: 1618257831120.jpg (546.98 KB, 1079x1225, Screenshot_20210412-130329_Ins…)

Nevermind, i answered my own question. Her photos further down have her other my melody mat that matches the one for schk_ho. Kek she's a fat brand ita

No. 145024

off course she's fat. why are scalper chicks so often fatties?

No. 145026

File: 1618263883340.png (375.05 KB, 641x588, x.png)

That would make sense. I don't have any experience with that kinda stuff but would it fuck up the pavement between the clones shoes that badly?

She definitely has long, thin legs but is it me or does this picture she posted a month ago with the tag #bodypositivity look really suspicious around the right knee?

So is a years old insta post the only example we have of her "modeling"?

Nayt, but imo it's not whiteknighting to point out common sense.

No. 145027

she very obviously shoops, none of the lines line up in here or >>144832 and everything near her legs gets out of focus/grainy looking (or straight up distorted like the pavement), 2 very obvious signs of photoshopping.

No. 145034

File: 1618267336090.png (735.72 KB, 1300x700, umadbro.png)

No. 145039

have you ever seen a crosswalk curb
kek retards

No. 145040

crosswalks don't jump up 6 inches and have bricks fading into pavement

No. 145043

please go touch some grass anon

No. 145048

does anybody still have caps from her pinterest thinspo board?
That girl has some serious body image issues. Also, if you look at photos of her posted by other people she doesn't look nearly as skinny. She definitely shoops her legs at least.

No. 145051

How about I go to the same intersection and take a picture of the curb so we can all be sure kek

Have any examples of those photos from others?

No. 145056

File: 1618272974187.png (881.42 KB, 830x599, yes.png)

No. 145062

>Anon just Google street viewed her location. Holy Hell lol.

Lolitas continue to exemplify textbook mental instability.
The wiggly pavement somewhat makes sense in context of the ghetto curbside, but that doesn't mean she didn't shoop. In fact, she relies on bad edits to cover her tracks.
That said, can we stop giving her attention now? She's edgy and shoops herself skinny, so does half the (online) lolita comm. She is nothing but a posturer and you're all playing right into her game.

No. 145063

File: 1618277925147.jpeg (176.4 KB, 1773x1773, E66E171C-0E5F-4042-99FA-34B221…)


I fear no man… but Lolita…
𝐈 𝐟𝐞𝐚𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐦.

No. 145064

Lot of unchecked mental patients in $500 dresses.

No. 145069

File: 1618280777554.jpg (142.62 KB, 576x676, restyleskirt.jpg)

Is that the skirt she said she sold for $233

No. 145078

so this is the power of weaponised autism…

No. 145083

but look at her arms, they look thin here, but healthy, not the kind of skelly way she shoops herself

No. 145086

I loled at the space between her knees, imagine not being arsed to edit that and post it. Take a photoshop class hun.

No. 145102

File: 1618303227617.jpg (1.61 MB, 2560x2551, 21-04-13-10-37-17-891_deco.jpg)

Vaccination drama incoming.
I wonder if the community is that dead, that drama is being made over shit like this.
Not saying her joke was the best, but I feel like this is clearly an overreaction.
Person in the picture is @ larasuzanne

Sorry for the bad crop

No. 145109

The "joke" isn't even funny.

No. 145112

It sounds like they got triggered by her calling herself a hot bish so had to scramble to try and be offended about something.

No. 145120

true, but was it worth that kind of reaction?

No. 145122

dreamy.kuri is a fat brand ita fishing for attention

No. 145142

Is this the same person who got called out by neororococomemes bc she posted BLM in pink aesthetic?
If so, why does everyone have vendetta against her?

No. 145143

Different girl, similar names

No. 145144

Victoriasuzanne was BLM chick. Larasuzanne is tiktok attention whore

No. 145145

I mean kuri is right. It’s a really distasteful joke and that larasuzanne is basically scum.

No. 145148

If that's distasteful, you're too sensitive for someone on the boards

No. 145174

So it’s not distasteful to degrade someone because they got a certain vaccine? That’s nothing I’ve seen here on lc being discussed. Go back to cgl

No. 145179

A dumb joke, but not something to call someone scum over. This reminds me of people who jokingly made fun of people who like different sports teams/have different horoscopes. It's silly but obviously harmless. The person getting upset over this has too much time on their hands

No. 145180

no, but it's obviously a joke
you are on lolcow right now

I'm not whiteknighting the tiktok blob in the screenshot, I'm hating on the retard who got offended over literally nothing

No. 145182

She seems like a whiny loser who tries desperately to get a fame despite being old and uninteresting, but hardly scum, if it bothers you and you tell her she’ll probably apologize. Desperate fame hungry losers don’t do provocative edgelord shit unless they plan on going all out with that persona

No. 145186

>she'll probably apologize
>"she blocked me"

Have you even read the screenshots?

No. 145191

Does everyone in this thread have amnesia because she was posted in the last thread. She's out of touch and efame thirsty but has panic attacks when she's talked about negatively.
Bragging about which vaccine you got is dumb as hell and why would you wear lolita to make a tiktok about it.

No. 145198

The dumb cunt who got ass blasted over her lame joke is exactly as cringe as she is.

No. 145210

If you feel degraded because of a dumb joke over which vaccine you got you should maybe take some time off the internet.
Her take was shit, but I really can't understand people getting assmad about it.

No. 145216

No, it's not because it's clearly a joke. If you think she literally meant what she said you probably have severe autism/are an actual retard

No. 145218

wait, are you telling me that people who say dead baby jokes don't actually load dead babies into a truck with a pitchfork?

No. 145220

either you’re kuri/kuri’s friend, you’re too autistic for this board, you’re posting bait, or all of the above.

Obviously nobody gives a fuck about which vaccine you get as long as you’re informed. It’s a tiktok joke and she’s a tiktok-er or whatever. Get some thicker skin.

No. 145230

Looks like her friends are here because the sudden wking is sus. Who goes out of their way to defend a shitty tiktok?

No. 145238

It's not anyone else's fault that your skin is so thin you're offended by some mentally-forever-teen's lame joke
You would have to be literally autistic to not be able to identify that as a joke, there's even emojis

No. 145241

File: 1618373752277.jpeg (196.76 KB, 750x797, EB53B01C-690A-419C-9A5A-60079F…)

Agree, I mean who would defend this?

No. 145242

I can hate two people at the same time, and no one is defending the tiktok edgelord. The crybaby is in the wrong for being a crybaby. Also figure out how to sage.

No. 145245

File: 1618375178323.jpeg (257.95 KB, 1536x1046, 92C4108C-A3CB-42A7-960E-D13B6C…)

No. 145268

this "joke" is retarded, but it is even more retarded that some retard got offended/mad about it. I can't believe how fragile and victim-y so many people are in the world anymore. Do people realize that focusing on things that make you upset, or constantly finding things to be butthurt about just makes you feel miserable because you focus on the bad and see it everywhere? Try logging out and focusing on something positive. No wonder we have so many mentally ill faggots. I love the internet and have been around on it since the mid 90s, but I really do thing that normalization of it was a huge mistake.

No. 145269

how is pointing out Kuri is retarded for this sentiment wk-ing this dumb egirl? You two sound as stupid as both of them put together.

No. 145279

File: 1618417732028.jpeg (299.73 KB, 1333x2000, E71F778A-E394-40EB-829F-D31488…)

You can’t convince me Lara isn’t a troon. In that pic she has the receding hairline of a male and one glance at pic related and you just know this isn’t a biowoman(troon speculation derail)

No. 145280

She’s just built unfortunate. Not every woman who isn’t uwu petite doesn’t have to be a man. She’s a major attention whore which is why I have her blocked kek

No. 145282

I love how you have this saved, your level of dedication to someone you supposedly don't care for is admirable. It's cute

No. 145284

I went to the other thread to get the pic, it’s not something I had ready, but ok whiteknight

No. 145287

Why don't you ask her yourself so we can know once and for all, nonny? Oh right, you won't because you're a pussy

No. 145290

If you’re going to whiteknight this dungeon troll the least you could do is sage and not show off how new you are

No. 145295

nobody is whiteknighting still, now we're harping because you're so obsessed with defending an attentionwhore crybaby trying to score woke points and cancel some literallywho
you are making her look shittier than the edgelord

No. 145304

>I love the internet and have been around on it since the mid 90s, but I really do thing that normalization of it was a huge mistake.

Offtopic but I agree completely, some people (like the moron offended by the mildest joke ever) clearly are too sensitive for the internet, and I say that as a sensitive person. All the screeching offended people need to log off forever, get some fresh air, take up pressing flowers or something since they clearly cannot handle being online. Same as the ones handwringing about Lor's solitary accidental 'like' like just log off forever.

No. 145305

stop infighting, idiots. kuri is a fat oversensitive ita who wanted attention for calling out lara. lara is an ugly old attentionwhore who makes stupid tiktoks. that's it. that's the objective truth. they're both retards. there's nothing to fight about.

No. 145311

>girls, girls you're both retarded!

No. 145316

File: 1618425565245.jpeg (571.72 KB, 828x817, 1ECE4BF0-003C-47E0-97CE-442741…)

this is a transformation. leave fashion, join bodybuilding

No. 145323

I mean two different expressions of female power? I think it’s kinda cool

No. 145325

you're allowed to wear clothes and be fit at the same time, anon

No. 145327

she ruined herself by tanning this much. she'll have that leather bag look by 30-40. Why do bodybuilding women always fuck their skin with tanning?

No. 145328

Mood. We like to be shitty here but credit where credits due. More power to her

No. 145331

It shows off the muscles more. Usually its a fake tan so it isnt ruining anything.

No. 145334

looks like spray tan
I mean it actually looks like gross paint, but it's probably spray tan

No. 145351

You know what? Good for her. Even though a lot of people don't like the bodybuilding look you can't deny the amount of effort it takes.

No. 145356

File: 1618439032056.jpg (51.2 KB, 800x652, B4-After_Jessica_Senske.jpg)

It's not a real tan all she has to do is shower it's apart of the competition
They all do that
I'm not even a bodybuilder it's common knowledge

No. 145361

nayrt but
>it's common knowledge
no it's not??

anyways, let's stop being autistic about bodybuilding sluts and get back on topic: i see bdp camwhore chan finally vanished. Didn't take her long and thank goodness

No. 145363

jesus christ don't call her back, she's still shitting up cgl

No. 145365

It's okay to be a big fat fuck, anon, but that doesn't make healthy people more promiscuous than you

No. 145368

That's pretty cool actually. Good for her.

No. 145377

Who is this?

No. 145390

File: 1618475418701.jpg (307.17 KB, 1080x1646, Scalpertrash.jpg)

She made two posts about almost getting every item in the JCT release (She did wind up getting all the socks too). I bet she's just going to scalp it all in a few weeks.

No. 145391

I love this, I did something along those lines except that I got too fat for unshirred AP and rather than consistently worry about my weight, I rolled with it (haha..) and am now a national record holder in powerlifting.

Good on her!(nobody cares)

No. 145393

Damn three main pieces. Let’s see when they appear on LM? She’s gonna make a profit for sure

No. 145418

She grew out of one phase and hopped into another. What will she do after bodybuilding gets tiresome?

No. 145425

nice projection there anon chan sorry your body looks gross but you can think i'm fat if that makes you feel better <3

No. 145428

This isn’t milk. /cgl/ has a whole thread for secondhand sales, go there.

No. 145493

what is some lolitas problem with trans ppl lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 145506

Those blouses are not going to fit her haha. The bust is only 92cm.

No. 145530

Why does fannyrosie hate men so much?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 145535

File: 1618563624262.jpeg (542.44 KB, 2048x2048, 44BE649B-1C9F-42CF-830C-DBFE1B…)

Our favorite munchie uwu Lolita is out again

No. 145536

They will never be women.

No. 145539

Because men who find wearing feminine clothing get off to that and I don't want hairy old dudes with erect penisses in my comm about a nonsexualized hobby.

No. 145542

or maybe they just like lolita fashion lol l(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 145544

>>145542 Go suck some girldick on twitter, this is not the place. Lolita is a fashion not a fetish, yet those men treat it like one. That's the problem.

No. 145545

You must be lost.

No. 145546

File: 1618573332353.jpeg (255.32 KB, 1536x1522, 8409C9C3-A165-4897-9096-337F5D…)


You’ve just committed the ultimate sin. Go think about what you said and try again.

No. 145563

No. 145564

ok but they literally don’t treat it like a fetish, they like the fashion so they wear it, and r u guys actually lolita i feel like y’all are just mad at them(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 145565

but keep being some hating ass bitches(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 145567


First of all learn to sage, second of all why are you even here

No. 145576

I miss this kind of content so bad
Brings me back to the deerstalking era

No. 145577



Hope you eventually peak, unless you are tranny/scrote then hope you get banned

No. 145580

spinal arthritis is pretty common, but I’ve really never seen her mention it before. At least most other munchies in the community are consistent…

No. 145598

Hope you all report the tranny scrote

No. 145604

u all probably look like men anyway insecure bitches(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 145635


Why not both? What a disappointment. Miring tho.

No. 145673

There's nothing that can be taken to treat arthritis of the spine beyond normal OTC NSAIDs, steroids, or opiates (if the doctor is a pill-pusher), so this is a bit sketchy.

No. 145684

this reminds me of the deerstalking era especially with the British accent
that's when I first found out about lolita I'm sobbing

No. 145695

unironically kind of like this
it's at least better than the mc melody doll one

No. 145723

>opens with some filthy chavs dirty yellowed teeth

UK lolitas are truly the worst

No. 145745

Deerstalker was Australian, you knob

No. 145883

titmc is UKfag, which is who anon was referring to. Not deerstalker. I’m sure anon’s a burgerlita as well though, nobody fixates on imperfect teeth like us for some fucking reason.

No. 145890

I’m not even the person defending the other cow. Clearly anonymous board culture is too much for you to handle(infighting, derailing)

No. 146008

She could be taking immunosuppressants, but if that's the case, I wouldn't recommend actively socializing/traveling during a pandemic

No. 146216

They're not even that yellow, just coffee drinker/smoker teeth

No. 146219

If she’s a britfag it’s likely just tea stains. I don’t think she smokes.

No. 146339

File: 1619094803758.jpeg (838.68 KB, 2048x2048, 313B2047-592A-445D-92F3-850A9C…)

Has anyone seen our favorite ana-lita is a satanist? kek

No. 146343

touch some grass anon, most normal people have a little bit yellow colored teeth. the white teeth you see on the internet is almost always fake/edited
and like >>146219 said, tea stains a lot

No. 146364

lots of people are into occultism, not really milky imho

No. 146814


it just looks like she’s into mindfulness and angel cards and shit, what’s the issue?

No. 147004

its a warnning for whats to come…

No. 147150

Will Tyler give a shit?

Herb tards are calling Tyler a man and crying victim in the comments. They're even going as far as reporting Tyler's video for bullying.

This will all be over with and forgotten by the end of the week. But this retard definitely baited the community and now retreating from it bc of low self-esteem.

All of this from a person who makes videos on their school shooter ex and being an edgy 90s goth.

No. 147173

shes right lolitas are all retarded spergs
she used the wrong word to describe the kawaii thing and tyler made an awful video using this goth girls fuck up for drama.
she could have labeled it with any other subculture and never have received the same amount of autistic spamming

if her goals were to bait lolitas she would have actually known what lolita really is.

No. 147187

aside from being unfortunately dressed in something too tight accentuating each roll of fat she doesn't seem that manly tho

No. 147193

This doesn't look anything like satanism related stuff tho, nor like devil worship and other weird fake satanism. All she has is mindfulness, tarot cards, and spells. Looks like some random occult shit or some "evil" wiccan at best.

No. 147195

Sorry to break it to you, but most places in the world don't bleach their teeth to death as Americans do. Teeth aren't naturally white.

Hate that video tho, that person looks like some crazy male junkie from an American TV show put on a lolita dress kek.

No. 147220

Yeah see, if Dorian was wholesome content creator who made a mistake and was attacked by ebil roritas I'd agree. But Dorian always tries to show how cool and unbothered she is, how she can poke fun at goths and non-goths alike. So adequate responses would be to either engage lolita comm genuinely and apologize/change the name of the vid/add a pinned comment "yeah, that's just a dressup, not representative of lolita" or ignore those comments and Tyler's vid and maybe sometimes make fun of the situation. Hell, she could even keep on being snarky in the comments I guess.
Even if lolitas are unhinged spergs, she is the one who decided to get their attention. So she doesn't get to play the victim now. If you look at Dorians older transformations, one of the purposes of them was always to poke fun at the subculture they represent. So what, she can make fun of people,but if they respond it's not okay?

No. 147227

In the video, she said she lurked on a forum /snow/ thread on her. Not sure why she would go there if she sensitive and backlashes only triggers her Ed.

No. 147229

30 minutes…
can someone tldr I hate listening to her talk.

No. 147309

File: 1619467527644.png (107.87 KB, 1295x531, 7F8EB105-A3AA-40FB-9083-6B7D50…)


>Makes a video mention L community every 5 seconds

>Gets PTSD from mentioning L community

>Talks about how she wasn’t being that serious in her Lolita transformation video

> L community triggered my eating disorder

>L community gets triggered in comments

> Backtracks it in the comments that her video isn’t about the subculture but, online spaces in general

>accused ringleader Tyler and the L community of slut-shaming, toxic femininity, misogynistic, Shadiness, and more.

>thought the subculture was feminism

>blames Tyler for using that suggestive Lolita pic out of 2000 on her Instagram

The level of Autism is amazing

No. 147314

Doesn't she identify as genderqueer?

No. 147322

Insufferable. Thanks for the recap. Seems like a grown woman making herself a victim to her followers instead of just ignoring it.

No. 147335

Sage for off topic, but is her thread in /snow/ on here? I didn't see it but might be totally missing it. Thanks in advance.

No. 147336

I can't remember the exact name of it but she's mentioned in one of the alt/goth/egirls threads on snow

No. 147341


Thought she was talking about 4chan or kiwi at first. ref https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/78385157/

But I think this is the snow thread she referring to in the video


No. 147343

No. 147353

Good ol durian. Don't barge into our community which you know nothing about then cry "b-but the buwwies!" when lolitas correct you in a non ass kissing manner.

Now Lor is offering an olive branch in the comments section saying how mean the community can be. If they hurt your feelings so much, leave. Stop making lolita videos if the people watching yours are so mean and judgmental.

No. 147357

Lor did the same thing here. so why is she suddenly acting better here

No. 147412

Lor never really annoyed me until she decided to go on this apology tour and now it just comes off like she feels like she’s “not like the other lolitas” when she’s the same.

No. 147420

File: 1619535281089.jpeg (52.87 KB, 690x367, 50B3FF0D-6338-4711-9484-EEFB71…)


>”I also experienced hate in the L community”

>created salty videos and badly criticized others which, made them quit lolita.

That’s not very lovely, lor.

No. 147450

Lor has her own thread. Discussion about her belongs there

No. 147503

I'm pretty sure cow crossover is fair game, minimod-chan

No. 147534

so she agrees then, the hate and harassment she received as a result of accidentally liking a photo was, in fact, hate and harassment. not "accountability" or whateverthefuck she wanted to pretend it was in her groveling video

No. 147588

Wheres wonderfinch and co to call her out for faking her accountability?

No. 147598

Imagine being held accountable for your actions.

If YouTube is your job be better at it. If you do something shitty at any job you will be called out for it. Hell, if you’re in school are are supposed to write a research a paper and just bullshit the entire thing your teacher will give you a failing grade.

It’s obvious they have never worked a real job a day in their life and were probably a poor student. The ignorance, entitlement, and stupidity is that pervasive.

No. 147655

Where the fuck did her arm go in the first pic

No. 147662

it’s bent up towards her head and one of the tags is hiding the hand

No. 147664

God what a baby. You’d think someone who dresses like such an edgelord would have a bigger backbone.

No. 147701

File: 1619665715391.png (14.98 KB, 275x208, 1547599173739.png)

No. 148710

File: 1620209990457.jpeg (960.25 KB, 2048x2048, 21B612E8-7211-4780-98CF-574CF7…)

>calls herself kawaii autistic
>complains about symptoms of autism
>grew up in a shitty home
>airs out her shitty life on her fashion account
>constantly whining about how her life sucks

Why are people/Lolitas like this. Personally for me it’s hilarious because it’s borderline snowflake behavior just like MK kek but bitch why? Do they think anyone cares about you?

No. 148853

Anyone who overshares like this on social media is insane. Girl needs a therapist not a public platform.

No. 149189

not that milky but why do the girls that insist you use he/him pronouns towards them gravitate towards the very pastel sweet lolita styles. or even just lolita at all. it seems to be a trend i've been seeing on instagram and it baffles me because surely you're just setting yourself up to not be seen as a man at all

on one hand i feel like parts of this are true but on the other hand it's all just bullshit for internet pity points. i really don't think your mom made you sleep on the floor but if so then yeah like the other anon said, this shit is for your therapist not strangers

No. 149248

someone already said it; that it’s wanting “privileges” of men but responsibilities of neither. transitioning is actually difficult and expensive, why do that when u can just tell people to call you a he and go about your day like ain’t no thing
that or internalized misogyny, or both

No. 149306

this person also posted to BSoLF wanting to buy AP Be My Valentine $50 under retail when it came out
sage for no caps because it looks like it was deleted after they got (rightfully) screamed at

No. 149349

I actually 100% believe it. Social workers see some fucked up shit anon. Some really fucked up shit. There are really disgustingly awful people in this world that should never be parents.
Is English her first language? It doesn’t seem so, so I’m gonna guess she’s probably euro? She really needs a therapist either way. This is incredibly sad. Autistic people over-sharing trauma like this is indicative of some kind of mental distress.

No. 149406

we're in a discord together and she's kind of a mirella may/French ana chan-tier AP autist. she whinges for prolonged periods of time when she misses out on something and seems to buy compulsively every week (more than your average lolita).

if what she said is true, it's sad and kind of explains why she's insane. anyone else notice a lot of mentally ill flakes becoming extra prominent during COVID?

No. 149441


No. 149449

> mirella may
Girl spill the tea please. All I noticed about her is she’s rich. Surprise.

No. 149497

first some concrete stuff:
>she got her mom into lolita (ig @princessmonikamay)
>lives with her mom
>claims her boyfriend kidnapped her and held her hostage for a prolonged period of time
>is bi or a lesbian now (girlfriend ig @ennuidrift)
>friendly with French ana chan
>buys new AP weekly/biweekly

i'll try to find caps of the bf stuff later but if someone else is friends with her on FB, go ahead. this is my speculation but i don't think she's wealthy. i mean, she's not poor by any means, but her furnishings, house, and normie clothes don't say "wealth" to me. i think she just spends every dollar (euro) she has access to on Angelic Pretty and nothing else. it's easy to be wowed by her collection, but many lolitas buy new brand just as frequently–they just don't flaunt it quite as much.

call it $500 every other week, give or take $100. i don't know how she's getting her money, but that's not a lot for someone with an okay salary (at least in the states, sorry euros i don't know about your economy)

No. 149507

File: 1620713629725.jpeg (111.67 KB, 827x941, 84E8108B-527B-4590-AC78-183584…)

I thought she must be “rich” or really well off when I saw how much JCT she got I think two main pieces and tons of accessories. However I saw her post her ~favorite Gucci dresses~ Kek
Not sure if she’s actually in a relationship with that girl since they live in different countries. I think they just hang out together because they’re both spoiled. Her mom in lolita though omg anon

No. 149524

File: 1620719064272.png (47 KB, 662x366, Capture.PNG)

got a few screens to support some of the earlier post. a preemptive apology if mirella isn't milky to some of you, but i find her bizarre and she has a large presence online rn

No. 149525

File: 1620719162423.png (572.7 KB, 687x483, Capture1.PNG)

yeah i think they're just e-dating, but mirella says they're engaged. she's also posted about being sent lolita and stuff from her so i think they're serious(ish)

No. 149526

File: 1620719229876.png (654.97 KB, 540x620, Capture2.PNG)

and to complete the bingo card, she has mysterious health issues that she likes to post about

No. 149571

Bless you anon for digging these out. Where are they from? Are those her regular Facebook posts? I wonder if it’s ana she has ergo befriending the analita

No. 149601

File: 1620757576673.png (26.74 KB, 667x307, capture3.png)

yeah these are just her FB posts on her own profile. i wouldn't doubt her being ana, but picrel. she makes it sound like she has some kind of chronic illness

No. 149605

bruh that's not even an assistive device, it's just a mask and a pulse oximeter to measure her oxygen saturation (which, judging by the reading, is perfectly normal? anywhere from 94+ is healthy)

No. 149606

File: 1620759698738.png (719.36 KB, 1492x2048, Screenshot_20210511-115215.png)

Risking getting kicked for posting this but WF keeps giving newbs shit coording advice a la her bad taste and I've had it

No. 149607

File: 1620759755451.png (980.78 KB, 1917x2048, Screenshot_20210511-115400.png)

WF is the red on both of these

No. 149648

LMAO this machine checks your oxygen levels. Is she a munchie?

What following? She spams COF. I'd hardly call that having a large audience.

No. 149665

saying she has a large presence online (meaning she's active on different platforms and different groups) != saying she has a large following. but i can see how that might have been confusing.

No. 149687

She seems to have “fans” in my comm, in the same way that any AP sweet lolita who spams the fuck out of social media seems to get “fans”. Don’t underestimate the power of constant exposure.

No. 149786

File: 1620861800832.png (41.44 KB, 368x248, image_2021-05-12_192126.png)

Laceferatu is apparently kicking the bucket on lolita. Probably has something to do with all the drama she had some time ago and covid or whatever. Anybody think she is gone for good and will sell her shit (she has stuff that i want, i would prefer this personally) or will she make a u-turn in a couple of months on her decision?

No. 149794

Unless there’s new drama behind why she’s doing this, this isn’t milk.

No. 149801

I hope she sells things. The fact that she said that she didnt have the finances for it kinda suggests she is going to sell to get money. Not surprising that she suddenly has "no time" for lolita after being outed.

No. 149806

I wish her well, nobody deserves a psycho writing a google doc about you. That girl was seriously deranged if she truly thought Laceferatu (and the entire goth community) was skinwalking her.

No. 149810

Could it be gasp the man she cheated on her shrek boyfriend with, has no money to spoil her anymore? Should have stayed with old fathead

No. 149831

What's her lacemarket username?

No. 149837

She literally said she wants to set her wardrobe free so yea she’s gonna sell

No. 149855

This please lol

No. 149899

So Tyler, our almighty super smart and woke Lolitaqueen uploaded a video on Nabokov's Lolita.
And no, she didn't get any point of the book, claims it's 'trash' and I swear she hasn't read a book in five years. It was such a pleasure to listen to her bash one of the greatest books in history because she can't grasp it.

No. 149907

oh, was she disappointed that it’s about a monster who r*pes his tween stepdaughter instead of pretty frilly clothes? boo hoo

No. 149919

>greatest books in history
Just say you're into DDLG and go

No. 149920

How did you miss the fact that the post is dripping with sarcasm?

No. 149922

This video made me so fucking mad. How she is too stupid to get the whole deal of the book is beyond me.
I feel like she's taking out her anger on the book, just because the fashion was poorly named the same, only it came up much later ofc.
All the comments are just as brain dead. Seems like very few people can cope with controversial literature anymore because of sjw hugbox culture.
Sage for sperging, I'm sorry.

No. 149924

>one of the greatest books in history
you should be ashamed for typing that sentence out.

>i-i’m just being sarcastic!
do you even know what sarcasm is

No. 149932

>Just say you're into DDLG and go
nta and not ddlg, but come on. how dense do you have to be to think that book is a romanticization of child sexual abuse? anyone who parrots this nonsense either hasn't read the book or it just completely went over their head.

No. 149935

The book is garbage, it’s just a man writing out his inappropriate fantasies and some how got them all published. America is just a bunch of pedos. She made her points and had evidence to back it up. It was essentially a well written essay

No. 149958

Lmao are you retarded? DDlg is sexy toddlers and I'm not a pedo.
Books can be well written and still have a topic that is disgusting. Lovecraft was a fucking racist and antisemitist yet his books are still good.
There's a reason you have to separate art and artist.

No. 149959

Of course we can argue if a book is "good" or "bad" but this will go nowhere because it is so highly subjective. Some points she made are perfectly fair, but it adds nothing new to a discussion that has been going on for literal decades. Also her confirmation bias is showing big time. The video just feels oversimplified which doesn't sit right with me, but what did I expect.
I thought she was 'cancelled' anyway after her weird reaction on Lors controversy.

No. 149967

Generally it's not a bad thing to analyze the book and explain why it should be read critically but WHY would you do that as a lolita, someone who wears a fashion that literally shares its name with the book? (she didn't even bother to explain why lolita fashion is called lolita fashion, how tf are people outside the community meant to understand that it's a different thing/really not associated with the book)

Pedophilia is like the last thing lolitas wanna be associated with yet they always bring up this godforsaken book

No. 149979

She's literally right, and she did her research. What's your problem?

No. 149992

If by research you mean sources that conform to her biased opinion rather than discussing it from many viewpoints then yes, she did.
This thread is full of Tyler stans an WKs holy shit.

No. 149993

File: 1621006673272.jpeg (505.5 KB, 645x970, D003C2BA-8DF4-46B9-B7D2-18128A…)

Ngl this comparison made me kek

No. 149994

>Pedophilia is like the last thing lolitas wanna be associated with yet they always bring up this godforsaken book

I think it's because due to regularly dealing with ignorant know-it-all normies who insist the fashion MUST be connected to the book, we're forced to think about it more than pretty much anyone else. I honestly probably wouldn't have read it if not for it being cited to me by too many arrogant pricks who hear the name of the fashion and refuse to believe they're not related.

I will never understand why the western community has never made a real effort to change the name of the fashion. Now it would be extremely hard, but it really wouldn't have been much of a challenge pre-2010 when the community was still really small. Every time it was brought up it got shot down. So fucking frustrating.

No. 149996

File: 1621007412241.jpg (346.77 KB, 1080x1450, Screenshot_20210514-114739_You…)

>Seems like very few people can cope with controversial literature anymore because of sjw hugbox culture.
There were comments literally saying how we shouldn't make hs kids read books with unpleasant subject matter because it ~might trigger them~.

No. 150001

They have a point though, it's one thing to pick it up as an adult knowing what you're getting into but no one should be forced to read about a pedo abuser (even if the point of the book is not to excuse him), it still feels like shit to relive this stuff and could really affect mental health if they're they suffered from something like this.

No. 150004

why do you think rape stories and pedo daydreams are important enough to be mandatory reading in school?

Are you unaware literature that doesn't rely fully on shock value exists?

No. 150006

I also wish lolita could have any other name but even then people would still associate sweet with ddlg or age regression shit.

I remember some lolitas who changed styles with time saying that sweet gets the most attention, be it bad or good, while gothic and classic are often left alone in public. I never wore sweet but i really don't doubt their experience of it being treated like a fetish more often.

No. 150007

My gripe is less about Lolita specifically, but the fact someone brought up Wuthering Heights and basically said "people shouldn't have to read books about anything that could ~trigger~ them" which would apply to pretty pretty much everything.

No. 150008

Tbh I question if she actually read the book because she convieniently leaves out the numerous times it's made clear, even through Humbert's biased unreliable narration, that the reader is meant to see Delores as a victim of abuse and Humbert as a predator. Just a few examples off the top of my head…

>mentions how Humbert hears her crying every night

>how she's trapped and has nowhere to go so she's stuck with him
>she bleeds so badly the first time he rapes her that he has to buy her pads
>after the first time he rapes her, being in the car with her is like "sitting next to the ghost of someone I just killed"

No. 150009

With that logic we should also stop teaching about the holocaust, since that's pretty horrible and we might as well ban crime fiction next, because it capitalizes on the brutal killings of people.

It's painfully obvious she hasn't and I feel like she's lowkey trying to defend herself in this thread too

No. 150012

when the holocaust is taught it isn't done to children living through it, unlike CSA.
Holocaust studies are always adapted and academic in nature at schools, I don't know, maybe yours is an exception but I don't recall having to read a book from Dr. Mengele's perspective, detailing how he created horrifying human experiments and how much he hated Jews.

Maybe at your weird school that happened, maybe they forced you to read books on how Mengele smelled blood and lymph but most others did not have that experience.

No. 150013

Fucking this, anyone who has read the book and has more than two braincells knows that the book is doing the exact opposite of condoning pedophilia. Humbert may be the protagonist but he is not a hero, he's a monster trying to justify his own actions to himself as no biggie when it's incredibly obvious he's destroying Dolores. She even says it at the end of the book. You have to be a really special kind of dumb to not understand that.

No. 150046

>interviews with the actual author, established critics and reviewers
>"J-Just sources that conform to her biased opinion"
Okay. I'm not even a stan, kek. The book just isn't that great, sorry.

No. 150048

i'm not giving tyler the view, but in what HS is Lolita on the reading list? i feel like the commenters are just making shit up

No. 150054

It's actually pretty common for AP Lit classes. Which seems pretty appropriate. I could understand clutching one's pearls at forcing a class of freshmen to read it in ENG 101, but expecting 16-18 yos in AP Lit to read it is pretty reasonable.

No. 150061

Exactly. I love how Nabokov writes (not just Lolita, but also other things - Pale Fire is a masterpiece). Lolita is such a tour de force because everything is seen through the eyes of a monster pedo, and the reader has to grapple with his/her own revulsion, Humbert's alternating revulsion and obsession, and the reactions of the other characters. And all of this is tied up in extremely artistic prose.

It's not a book one can really casually talk about as a masterpiece, but I can't help but be amazed that the author produced such a work.

No. 150062

RIP Ovid

No. 150067

She took it out of context to fit her opinion about the novel. In particular one of the interviews was with a critic who was weird in his own way and isnt the type of crit I would take on at face value, but Tyler was too lazy to research who the man even was. Its this half asses research that gets her in trouble again and again, she never actually does any deep dives but pretends she did. She is too stupid to realize she doesnt have the chops to do deep dives.

Also she didnt actually research the author much because if she did, she would have found out he was a CSA survivor himself. Which is why comments like >>149935 are bs. There are tons of actual critical pieces about the book and its influence in society and Tyler could have spent some time engaging in it.

Instead she just wanted to call a book that wasnt about unicorns and bunnys bad and the author a pedo because she was made to be uncomfortable when reading it.

No. 150140

File: 1621098611840.jpg (48.41 KB, 400x600, 1551349910540.jpg)

Just saw this pic of Tyler on KF. God, she looks so much better in a wig. Girl needs to go to a salon and have them fix her awful hair. It brings her appearance down by so much and with that face, she really doesn't need anything else working against her.

No. 150141

>Instead she just wanted to call a book that wasnt about unicorns and bunnys bad and the author a pedo because she was made to be uncomfortable when reading it.

This. It's made so much worse by the fact Nabokov was a CSA victim and elements of the book were from his own experience. Something she somehow missed, despite her "deep research".

No. 150148

Do you think by 16 trauma vanishes or something

It's a great book but it's stupid to force girls to read the pov of a pedophile destroying his victims life and trying to justify himself. Almost all women i know had something gross done to them by adult men starting when we were kids or pre-teens, it's unnecessary to make them relive it when there is no shortage of other good books

No. 150165

AP Lit isn't a required course, though, so if they don't want to read it, they can just not take the class.

No. 150171

Or they could read Pale Fire instead if they just have to read a book by Nabokov in particular. It also illustrates the concept of the unreliable narrator.

No. 150295

why is she always making that face?

No. 150541

File: 1621272080385.jpeg (166.61 KB, 828x1104, 5CC42F1E-F3A5-45EC-A32D-EACE2E…)

Next thread pic plz

No. 150562

Seems she's busy reporting posts about her on /cgl/
Good thing whomever dropped her divorce record on kiwifarms showing her legal first name is the most embarrassing weeb name also posted the archive link.

No. 150566

She started freaking out when a farmer responded to her antics. It’s best to say she going on a deletion spree soon so


No. 150608

>A white girl legally changing her name to Ryudenki.

No. 150631

anyone know what lala land's KF name is? It's been scrubbed

No. 150632

Her KF name is big tiddy goff gf.

No. 151379

File: 1621747518483.png (2.1 MB, 1242x2688, AD8E3113-7609-4ABB-81E7-D6021C…)

Anyone see this?

No. 151387

Jesus fucking christ. I already hated zoeosaki, but this is a whole other level of disgusting. Every SS needs to ban her immediately. She already takes pride in her ED, and now she steals and flees the scene. Can we finally ostrasize her?

No. 151404

File: 1621755537163.jpeg (76.46 KB, 828x1177, 9979215B-7560-4A1D-BB0A-A81E61…)

Came here to post this oh shit!

No. 151407

She hasn't deleted her LM

No. 151409

She would never kek that’s how she finances the addiction to burando

No. 151417

File: 1621769701785.jpeg (171.46 KB, 828x543, 6C830316-8D5D-4562-BE5C-FA20E7…)

Apparently it got resolved and the girl gets her stuff

No. 151418

Not so fast kek
>most recent update where she is trying to guilt trip the SS and the girl who’s parcels she has stolen

No. 151419

File: 1621769997548.png (3.7 MB, 1125x2436, 1621769958443.png)

No. 151420

That’s her typical behavior. Wasn’t she messaging a girl once threatening to kill herself for a dress? Girl needs help

No. 151445

this was soon deleted, hmm..

No. 151447

Sounds like typical anachan child behavior to me. Not surprising.

No. 151455

Latest: she is trying to sell stolen goods

No. 151456

File: 1621786724730.png (1.03 MB, 1159x2048, Screenshot_20210523-111853.png)

No. 151457

File: 1621786819496.png (482.64 KB, 1080x3953, 2021-5-23_11-20-23.PNG)

She is also supposedly defending herself on cgl

No. 151459

File: 1621787070135.jpeg (38.73 KB, 500x333, 81590E83-9A70-44E9-8435-C64C63…)

Enjoying all this tea/milk

No. 151460

File: 1621787137013.png (753.19 KB, 1164x2048, Screenshot_20210523-112550.png)

No. 151464

File: 1621787359936.jpeg (541.19 KB, 1284x1804, 1FDA9056-2898-48A0-BDC2-301BF9…)

This is exactly the way she types so I believe it’s her. Picrel is from a girl she sold one of her stolen dresses to. She only refunded the money after she got caught and confronted by the buyer

No. 151465

So it is confirmed that Zoe accepted money for stolen goods

No. 151470

I'm in no way trying to defend this person. I've also never ordered from a shopping service.

It kind of sounds like the service should be handling this, if they delivered the parcels to the wrong address. Did they put the onus on the customer to try to get the parcels back? That's so weird to me

No. 151472

the shopping service should be contacting Zoe in the first place to request she return the items and they cover the postage. But if that fails then they should be refunding the buyer for the goods. What Zoe has done is awful but you also can't just send peoples stuff to other people and expect everything to be fine…

No. 151473

They did contact her

No. 151477

so did she ignore them? in which case they need to either report her to the police or refund the buyer since its their mistake.

No. 151478

She ignored the SS and buyer before they publicly posted about it

No. 151483

You seem like you didn’t read anything
>SS and buyer contact Zoe
>zoe ignores and delete social media
>agree to send stuff to to rightful owner after being publicly shamed
>zoe tries to gult trip them
>she start selling stolen goods
>receive money for stolen goods
>refunds money to buyer after being called out again

No. 151537

File: 1621806969938.png (532.39 KB, 1154x1131, whistleblowerscalper.png)

What a surprise, Pastel-Pinku, the girl whose tumblr is dedicated to calling out "scalpers" and crying about how she can't function in normie world, is a scalper herself.

And she is scalping a defected AP ring, no less.

No. 151545


Although, I don't think the SS should go without blame either. It is really not that hard to safegaurd against such a serious fuck up. I'll tripple check the address to make sure it belongs to the user who ordered it even when I only have one sale at a time just to be certain. If you're a SS handling many orders at once, you should be that carecul at a minimum.

No. 151585

what's wrong with the ring?

No. 151600

I'm little bit curious about what shopping service is

No. 151602

File: 1621825550219.png (602.94 KB, 644x733, capture 1.PNG)

Confirmed to be Bellshrimp

No. 152372

This is pretty much cost price after shipping to the UK & paying taxes

Whether she’ll manage to sell it at that price is another matter, but I’m sick of burgers screaming scalper at anyone selling something a single yen above the Japanese RRP

No. 152394

Its only eurofags that think its ok to add the cost of shipping and customs onto the next buyer. It is scalping.

No. 152395

If I pay 100€ extra, ofc I'll make the next one pay that. You'd pay it either way when ordering abroad.

No. 152400

Is it scalping when the seller makes no profit?

No. 152403

Well LM is about 80% Europeans & North Americans and the latter have an absurdly high tax-free allowance, so that’s hardly a groundbreaking observation

Pricing to sit on the market for a year =/= scalping

No. 152405

File: 1621864033639.jpeg (147.69 KB, 827x901, 96559001-A747-46AF-82EB-7CCDEF…)

Were the threads on cgl deleted???

No. 152406

only the second one; first one just hit post limit yesterday and is buried now

No. 152411

Im from a country that gets customs often and no one does that when reselling. It is only the Euros.

Its part of buying things from japan, you accept that your country will make you pay for things and use a SS to mark down to avoid it.

You can when you lie about the extra charges and use it to just mark up stuff.

No. 152414

She bought the ring from AP Paris, they definitely don’t mark down. Lrn2sage

No. 152415

Calling it “tea” in a business post seems so weird.

No. 152418

for Bellshrimp it is just 'tea'; it's insignificant because all she did was make a shipping mistake and refund her buyer and try to recover the stuff, the only reason anything more came of it was bc of hanikami so yeah, an oopsie on the part of the ss is minor tea.

No. 152419

>I’m sick of burgers screaming scalper at anyone selling something a single yen above the Japanese RRP

Op here. Make no mistake, I don't care at all if someone lists things above retail.

But this seller who is aka Pastel-Pinku often dedicates her tumblr to call out posts about people doing the exact same thing.

No. 152422

I used to be friends with Zoe (we‘d chat about AP on insta-level friends) and that anon was obviously larping. She‘s aware of cgl, but she‘s not into defending herself over several posts like that. She‘d make a few short guilt-trippy apologies instead, lamenting about her illness. That anon tried to imitate her ESL posting style, but it’s off, it‘s not her usual writing style. I‘m an ESL person myself, so I can’t properly explain what’s wrong about it, but the style just doesn’t read like her to me.

No. 152454

proof or gtfo.

No. 152499

How would I even give proof? Post 10 screenshots of random lolita talk so you can analyse her writing patterns (and mine as well while we‘re at it and me risking to out myself)? No thank you, I barely tell people I browse cgl, I don’t need them knowing I go to the farm. However, you can go and dig for Zoe‘s past ramblings and analyse those.

No. 152514

as an anon interested in esl and language learning, the sentence structure is inconsistent. When Zoe writes it feels awkward because she doesn't fully grasp the grammar rules that are second nature to us, but when the larper wrote it they tried to just break the rules they feel intuitively instead of trying to "fill them in" with French grammar rules.
>La vie est belle
direct translation from someone who doesn't understand English mechanics might be
>The life is beautiful
but to a native english speaker we know that the "The" should be dropped or it doesn't sound right
>Life is beautiful
sounds better.

It's similar to how youth culture and ebonics that was used out of context and outside of sentence structure sounds weird, giving away an outsider such as a fed or adult.
>That's so SWAG YOLO
sounds weird, because we know YOLO is a complete phrase and though may translate to more colloquially known "carpe diem" it can't be used in the same way.
We also know that swag is more suitable to be used in context of a response.
would be more appropriate if commenting on a situation or outfit, because it describes it without needing "that's so" infront of it.
It's also why black people get upset when a slang goes mainstream, because Trap Queen becomes just a girl who likes to sell lots of leggings and tees rather than a pimp or dealer's gf that will stuff crack in her pussy to keep it from being found when they get pulled over. Also because certain phrases and terms get grammatically misunderstood - "On fleek" might become 'on fleek-ing' by the time white office workers get to the term because they don't understand ebonics'/AAVE's sentence structure.

So when someone hears "Son i am having a SWAG YOLO ON FLEEK time right now!" coming from a middle aged white man towards his mixed son, it is embarrassing and clear to members of the culture he appropriated the language from that the man does not engage with or research black culture beyond a very superficial level.
It feels wrong because he is missing the grammar rules innate to aave/ebonics.

Same as with the larper pretending to be french, it's clear whoever is doing it doesn't try to use french grammar when structuring a sentence, they're just trying to structure a sentence incorrectly.

No. 152522

>I thought for years I didn't worth any talk

As someone who has read probably hundreds of thousands of internet comments in my life, this absolutely reads like someone pretending to be ESL. this is not the kind of mistake an ESL person makes.

No. 152602

this is so funny to see her here- her hospital bunny and graveyard carnival are STILL up on depop- for like $350. absolutely fucking bonkers

No. 152645

I saw on depop once a $10 bodyline dress being sold for like 70.

No. 152654

Sage for off-topic but god I miss skye.

No. 152771

I find it funny how much everyone is suddenly nostalgic for Skye when people thought she was so cringe back then and dismissed her entire fan base as itas

No. 152776

> this looks shopped. i can tell from some of the pixels and from having seen quite a few shops in my days

No. 152961

File: 1622061406706.jpeg (535.24 KB, 731x2280, AEEB90F3-452A-48E9-A3B6-35DE00…)

Zoe tried ignoring the stolen-dress-buyer’s messages and once again only responded to the situation when called out.

No. 152962

File: 1622061462740.jpeg (556.62 KB, 1039x2417, B9479736-AF80-4C86-AD07-BF35E4…)

>please leave me now

She acts like she’s a victim and it isn’t her own fault for being a thieving scummy piece of trash who sold a stolen dress.

No. 152968

From an outside perspective the buyer seems like they are harassing her. Echeques should be disabled because they are a fuckin' pain, but it's out of Zoe's hands once an echeque has started processing. It takes about a week or even two iirc. Harassing her for screenshots isn't gonna make it happen any faster.

No. 152972

Wow, I just saw you post on Secondhand Market Chaos.

Why are you so adamant about defending a scalper and a thief?

In your posts you try to insist you are "indifferent" and an "outside perspective" but you seem awfully determined to try to convince everyone she is a victim. Pretty sus fam.

No. 152973

It’s strange that you choose to dig your heels in on defending a thief of all people. Zoe was ignoring Xoto’s messages, it’s not harassment to try and get her attention to absolve Zoe of selling Xoto a stolen dress?

No. 152979

I'm not whoever you saw there, not even a lolita, but I just looked up the thread you mentioned and it seems at least one or two anons are saying similar to me there.

No. 152985

If you’re not a lolita why are you inserting yourself into a discussion about a lolita scamming other lolitas with stolen goods?

No. 152989

File: 1622069277638.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1284x2475, 8F8FEBF6-E789-4DB0-9331-76CD14…)

Petitbutter is Zoe’s Vinted.fr account (the flooring matches Zoe’s flooring) and she’s trying to escape the scrutiny of the other western comms by selling on there.

No. 152992

Because lolita drama is amusing, sorry about it. It seems several people think spamming Zoe (literally giving her a single minute to reply) is harassing. That's aside from the whole stolen dress fiasco; the way the buyer is handling this is poor.

No. 152993

It’s not “aside” from the stolen dress. It is literally about the stolen dress.

No. 152995

> the way the buyer is handling this is poor.
How would you handle being sold a stolen dress, then?

No. 152997

File: 1622070979181.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1284x2505, 222E9D4D-2833-4509-A73F-A14F42…)

On her Etsy she left a review supporting a shop called Magical Imouto(gross) that makes gross pedo pandering shit like naked loli little sisters in magical girl transformations

No. 153022

Fuck all the way off. If you're not in the fashion at all, you don't get to chime in or comment on shit that doesn't involve you.

No. 153030

You're the only one writing "echeque" while trying to adamantly defend a con artist. You're not subtle and incredibly obvious.

No. 153035

Literally all I need to do to be "in" Lolita is buy a Lolita dress or two and some accessories. I have been lurking and following/watching Lolitas for years, and might get into it when I have $funds, so yes I can have an opinion on it.
Sorry I'm from Europe and don't spell like an American, you know there are more than two people in Europe, right? It's possible both sides of an argument can be retarded/dealing with it badly, Zoe and her buyer are a good example. Pointing that out doesn't mean I'm Zoe.

No. 153037

Stop acting like you’re one of us when all you do is browse cgl you’re literally not a Lolita

No. 153039

Funny how you completely ignored the previous comments with valid criticism of your bullshit earlier and went after the ones you can just easily reee at

No. 153042

I mean following and watching Lolita brands and influencers, not cgl which is honestly even more of a garbage fire than lolcow after looking at it earlier.

No. 153071

Man cgl janny really went on a banning spree over this. I got banned for "vendetta" simply for making the thread.

No. 153077

Probably doesn't want to be involved in anything just in case she does something stupid and cyberbullying on cgl gets scapegoated as the cause.

No. 153080

>so yes I can have an opinion on it
No, you can't. You're one of those cringy lolita at heart idiots.

No. 153091

4chan is involved in much heavier stuff at least weekly, so I doubt it. I think janny for some reason just really doesn't want anons to talk about this.

No. 153128

File: 1622134749213.png (3.24 MB, 1170x2532, BB716B0F-6EFA-4EE3-9579-644C27…)

No. 153132

Have they tried contacting PayPal?? Eventually it should go to a collection agency no?

I’m honestly so confused with this now. I don’t know what an e check is or how exactly it went now.

No. 153133

Since SHC got deleted:

An eCheck only happens during a refund if there is suspicious activity with a seller's account, such as they have a high number of disputes, tried removing their bank/cc information, or didn't approve a refund.

So basically, if you get a refund via eCheck it means the seller was not willingly trying to refund you and wanted to scam you.

No. 153134

I’m not familiar with French law but can she be taken to court if she doesn’t pay the collections fees? I know unfortunately she won’t face legal consequences for the package theft because of the international aspect but surely she can face some legal repercussions for dodging collections of money she stole?

No. 153135

Can you even deactivate your Paypal while funds are still transacting?

Nobody could use their names either in that thread, it seems very odd to limit discussion on this since it's ongoing.

No. 153137

File: 1622138973495.jpg (407.73 KB, 1080x2220, Igscreen1.jpg)

Another reason no one should ever be buying from Zoe - everything is allegedly through her mom's PayPal. I've thought this for a long time, since there's no way Zoe has her own income.
I'm general, it's pretty shady using a PayPal that's legally in someone else's name.

No. 153138

File: 1622139030589.jpg (225.03 KB, 1080x1751, Igscreen2.jpg)

No. 153139

File: 1622139273059.jpg (213.5 KB, 1080x1670, Igscreen3.jpg)

No. 153148

Holy shit Zoe really is giving us the most milk we’ve seen in years

No. 153151

File: 1622144326178.jpeg (878.94 KB, 1284x1924, 43A000FE-430C-4171-8C18-32ED3A…)

Apparently Zoe is sending her friends to harass the victim of her scamming in her DMs to convince her to stop speaking out against Zoe scamming her out of money.

No. 153155

File: 1622145432003.jpg (124.42 KB, 1080x1361, 20210527_205655.jpg)

OK but how is she still buying stuff today from other lolitas ??

No. 153156

I guess no French lolitas have reported her account there yet. She should be banned from every selling and buying platform for sure

No. 153157

/cgl/ has had a “no singling out individuals” rule for years, but it doesn’t get enforced consistently. Sometimes discussions get to stay up if the subject has some semblance of e-fame (e.g. Lor, Tyler) or if nobody’s bothering to report it, but if people are actively reporting posts then they can get removed pretty swiftly and, if jannies can’t be assed to review/delete a bunch of individual posts, get the entire thread nuked.

No. 153159

Yeah, but usually the OP doesn't get a ban for what happens in the thread.

No. 153161

Zoe probably has a friend who’s a mod. I got banned for just responding to a post without using any names

No. 153163

neorococo needs to fuck off with cherry picking which issues they want to butt into then stay mysteriously silent over others.

No. 153172

sobisoba on instagram and lacemarket defends that bitch so hard kek stop sucking her clit

No. 153174

File: 1622153064717.jpg (480.85 KB, 1080x1816, Igscreen4.jpg)

No. 153175

File: 1622153121114.jpg (521.96 KB, 1080x1688, Igscreen5.jpg)

Old account, but maybe Zoe will go back to using.

No. 153176

File: 1622153246258.jpg (372.05 KB, 1080x1791, Igscreen6.jpg)

No. 153179

This matches Zoe’s floor too. It’s definitely her

No. 153180

Sobisoba and a few other girls got tangled in Zoe's lies and her constant whining and suicide baiting. It's so pitiful how they defend her with all their might saying what she did wasn't that bad and did not warrant boooooolying. Please, cry me a river, I'm so ashamed to be part of a french comm this country's comms are nothing but shit

No. 153182

Melty told me that Sobisoba came in her DMs to explain to her that Zoe did 'not actually scam her actually' and was taking cover because the poor widdle baby is so scawwed of the death threats and how hard it is to be anachan, boo fucking hoo. She then flounced when told to fuck off.

No. 153184

>death threats

Where? Even on /cgl/ nobody was giving her death threats or even told her “kys.” What a retard.

No. 153189

This gives everyone with a mental illness such a bad name, and I can't fucking stand it. Plenty of us have our own issues, and we don't use other people as flesh shields to deflect and feel better.
The amount of shit just handed to Zoe is incredible. Part of me is actually jealous of her because no one would defend a semi-mentally-stable person if they did the same thing.

No. 153195

Maybe if we starve ourselves enough and suicide-bait on social media for a while people will care kek

No. 153207

thank god someone says it. she went hard on the silence is violence train for blm and then hiatus'd for stopasianhate because ??????????? only to come back because of drama. tbh she strikes me as a dramamongerer and nothing more, especially because of how hard she went with her hate for that one b-list blogger

No. 153209

Can you newfags fucking sage if you don’t have any new milk to contribute?

No. 153215

File: 1622169197302.png (1.47 MB, 1446x1396, Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 10.3…)

OT but holy shit sobisoba is absolute dogshit at tattooing. Her lines are wobbly as fuck and everything in her flash is traced. This is really embarrassing

No. 153217

File: 1622169872369.jpeg (557.31 KB, 1284x1059, D9921EF2-FBBB-44FB-BAC1-598F39…)

Holy shit, I would sue. This is fucking garbage. Prison tattoos come out better than her work.

No. 153272

hi sobisoba we know you're watching and seething :^) your tattoos look like shit we can all see them on COF with your mediocre coords , stop defending a thief you dumb bitch

No. 153275


Holy fucking holidays Batman. They have skins to practice on before you work on people.

No. 153420

Aaaand it’s gone

No. 153426

So apparently the SS Bellshrip will go out of business soon. If it’s because of that bitch it’s insane i hope she can’t sleep at night.

No. 153427

File: 1622279486859.png (7.97 KB, 322x218, 1622276330157.png)

No. 153431

File: 1622284974876.jpg (797.38 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210529-114248_Ins…)

Happy days

No. 153433


Ugghhhh noooo. They're my favorite way to purchase things from Xianyu!

No. 153501

File: 1622333229107.jpeg (247.96 KB, 828x646, F1DBCF7D-019F-42ED-AC6B-49FEC9…)

>triggered over the abbreviation SS being used for shopping services
>acting like Zoe didn’t sell something that doesn’t belong to her and like she isn’t morally a thief

Everything about this screams retarded

No. 153539

I could kind of see her point if A) she didn’t immediately try to sell the items and B) she didn’t also call her a ~victim~ because lmao, what

Plus I’m also in a country that was occupied by the nazis and literally everyone in my comm uses SS as an abbreviation for shopping service.

No. 153572

Where was this posted?

No. 153573

i like how the best defense people can come up with for zoe is that her actions "weren't technically illegal"

No. 153585

Exactly. This is the same psychopathic line of thinking onision follows to justify his disgusting behavior. Just because something is legal doesn’t make it morally acceptable.

No. 153652

File: 1622435528897.jpeg (176.77 KB, 828x1015, E7234BF5-6A67-4EB6-8501-F31E1B…)

Bitch is engaged? Looks like a fake honestly the ring isn’t even her size

No. 153655

How is this milk exactly?

No. 153656

Not so much that’s why i saged. What’s your problem?

No. 153658

If it’s not milk then why post it? Smells like an actual vendetta

No. 153675

Ok that kind of annoys me but I’m pretty sure that you’re not allowed to do that in France. I looked it up online and websites seem to strongly suggest to not try to resell packages that were delivered by accident. Someone got caught re-selling a car part online and got a 200e fine in 2019 (which is not much but still proves that it’s a crime)

I think people confuse receiving an item by a big brand reseller from receiving a personal item or something that has a certain value. Usually bigger companies like Amazon will replace something if they made a mistake and won’t hold a customer accountable just because it’s not worth it to them.

And even so, it’s a moot point because that dumbass was made aware of it right away, or should have know that the package was not intended for her, and still decided to try and sell it as fast as possible. Trying to pass off as a victim of a SS that made a human mistake is beyond ridiculous. So ashamed of the French community yet again.

No. 153687

File: 1622473438443.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1284x2202, 6A25346D-5B66-4623-935B-7D3E50…)

Zoe is back on LM trying to sell stuff again. I don’t know how she has the audacity to do this, especially since the person she sold the stolen dress to STILL hasn’t gotten her refund yet

No. 153688

File: 1622474285549.jpeg (160.96 KB, 828x1357, 7A10F81A-64BE-488B-A45C-3D81A6…)

And this is the description kek the audacity

No. 153692


how the fuck is she not banned from LM??? She literally committed a crime

No. 153697

I think lots of people reported her but the mods don’t care or are inactive idk

No. 153701

Selling and receiving money for stolen goods should be instant ban. Not sure if mods have that kind of power, maybe only the long lost admin.
Is there no way for LM to get a new admin?

No. 153711

File: 1622481152374.jpeg (193.99 KB, 1284x620, E3C3E4A4-A4BA-4543-B9CB-F60BBF…)

And the person you stole from and the other person you scammed don’t have feelings? You aren’t a victim, Zoe

No. 153713

File: 1622482687255.jpeg (554.99 KB, 1242x1931, 591C83F6-BAAF-4E69-9539-98001A…)

Not defending Zoe but lol. Is she upset that someone else might be able to buy the dress that she wanted?

No. 153714

That’s not her issue with it anon and you’d be stupid to think that’s why she’s upset

No. 153732

I read all their comments and it seems like that to me. She decided to back out of the sale, but also doesn't want anyone else to buy from her. I mean, anyone doing business with Zoe is dumb af, but they're allowed to do that.

No. 153734

Learn to sage, newfag

No. 153785

File: 1622527186518.jpeg (469.19 KB, 2048x2048, 994B7D75-6730-40B3-9046-903205…)

Nobody buys huh? Kek

No. 153805

Oh boi, thank god i decided to check here before buying bc the username sounded familiar, haven’t been keeping up with lolita drama for a while. That person stole someones dress and tried to sell it? Jfc she needs to get banned from lm.

No. 153886

please tell me no one bought it

No. 153913

She deleted the bundle and is still selling everything separately on Vinted

No. 153992

File: 1622632092559.jpeg (302.83 KB, 1242x1943, 7B5D8F6A-4EEB-44DD-8E3A-85273F…)

All the issues should be resolved now. Girl got her packages, this chick got her refund and Zoe is laying low. Milkfed and happy. I would appreciate if someone could post caps from EGL wall of shame

No. 154008

Thx for sharing anon i will try to make a secret though

No. 154140

File: 1622705310410.jpeg (149.42 KB, 828x1315, 5F0D4F03-CDE6-4702-9450-AF64A0…)


No. 154196

God this bitch is delusional. She TRIED to scam by selling something that wasn’t hers and only corrected the situation once publicly shamed for being a very shitty person.

She’s trying so hard to paint herself as a victim when she caused all of this by taking something that wasn’t hers and tried to profit off of it

No. 154205

>Tell me you’ve never been held accountable for anything in your life without telling me you’ve never been held accountable for anything in your life

Belongs over in pro-ana scumbags I reckon

No. 154268

Definitely. Bets on how long it takes for her to get active on instagram again?

No. 154281

she deleted all her auctions again. she needs to just cut and run now, nobody wants her stuff and nobody wants her in the community anymore.

No. 154286

Good. I don’t know why this dumb bitch thinks she won’t get backlash for what she did. These are the consequences of her actions.

No. 154377

unpopular opinion but why not let her sell her shit so she can finally leave? most lacemarket users are old enough to know for themselves whether they wanna buy from someone who scammed once or not (and after all she has a bunch of feedback from fair sales too).

After she has sold all of her shit she's gone for good but if everyone keeps spamming her posts she'll just keep relisting and coming back, might even make a new account if she needs to.

No. 154387

no one is stopping her from selling her shit. lacemarket mods did nothing. she's making all of these flipflop decisions completely on her own

No. 154401

I get what you’re saying but I don’t think it’s as simple as her selling “what she has left” and then leaving. She seems to be stuck in a cycle of buying new releases then selling her existing pieces to presumably pay off the debt. Until she addresses the shopping addiction, quits lolita altogether or is put into residential MH treatment she’ll have a constant supply of lolita to sell.

The community seems to be doing a good job of self-moderating in the absence of an outright lacemarket ban. People will get bored of spamming her comments but her pool of willing buyers will remain incredibly small for a long time to come. Niche internet communities never forget, kek

No. 154421

Exactly. On top of being ana-chan she seems to have a crippling shopping addiction. Girl’s awful and scammy but definitely needs more intense help or becoming inpatient.

No. 154431

She could if she wanted. Go to another platform, new account etc as far as i know she has a ghost account on LM. I think her addiction is directly linked to LM. And yea who wants to buy it buys it, idk why it didn’t sell yet honestly

No. 154459

She has said she will continue to buy and sell on LM if she can get away with it. She doesn’t intend to sell off what she has left and then stop

No. 154478

Tyler has a "new" format, it'S LWLN with a new title, and talks about the validation of uwu non-binary people. Jesus can she drop the woke schtick already?

No. 154479

Does she actually go over any dresses in this video or is it just validating enbies?

No. 154549

She spends like a couple minutes minutes rapidly reviewing dresses then spends the rest of the time explaining how being biologically female amd wearing the most feminine fashion on earth doesn't mean you're female and your gender identity is totes valid.

No. 154560

File: 1622859097985.png (666.21 KB, 750x1334, 8F305BB0-1BF0-45A2-99D3-AFED42…)

What a toxic cunt

No. 154591

It’s really hard not to alog off the wall retarded shit like this

No. 154596

So the person immediately deletes the post, instantly rectifying the "problem" yet you didn't get the drama you signed up for, so you're still trying to stir the pot. You'd rather the offensive post stayed up so you could make some noise, making it clear to everyone you just wanted a target to practice on and had no issue with the content being visible in the first place.

Cows make themselves so obvious. If she was sincere she'd consider the problem solved as soon as the post was deleted. What more could you want? Nobody needs to hear the same appropriation argument for the 100th time.

No. 154604

Where was this energy for the AAPI attacks? Oh right you don't give a fuck about them.

No. 154606

"Cultural Appropriation" is such a meme anymore, half the time it's just bitter jealousy, identity policing and pearl clutching by insecure and jealous teens, 20-somethings and sped shutins.

No. 154684

Cringe. I wish she'd go back to the format and style of her old videos.

No. 155314

She's already let it out that she's far from woke, and pissed off a chunk of her old subs….. This won't get those subs back kek

Is it at least good?

No. 155469

I noticed Kaiser joined my local community. Anything about them I should prepare myself for? I recall their name coming up in past threads.

No. 155470

Fuck off, learn to sage, and read for yourself newfag

No. 155538

get to know her and find out for yourself

No. 155574

Best of luck, your comm is going to all become her admirers and every meet she goes to, will revolve around her

No. 155590


I consider myself very liberal to SJW degrees, but the concept of "dirty delete" is so stupid. It's exactly as the other anons said, she's just mad she didn't get her drama. Unless it's like a corporation or someone HUGE, they don't need to come out with a statement for posting something that's only seen as problematic in the states (and maybe the UK?).

No. 155730

Then she should stop wearing Lolita, you know the fashion style heavily inspired by European aesthetics like Rococo.
This is getting really stupid.

No. 156125

The bibelot rose thread on cgl got nuked. Did anyone get caps??

No. 156126

I have a bunch. Is it enough to warrant it's own thread?

No. 156127

File: 1623895977537.png (66.19 KB, 682x559, Screenshot (11).png)

TLDR: Bigot Rose pissed off her own comm that she didn't even consult before making her stupid Lolita 101 book.

No. 156129

File: 1623895998181.png (90.37 KB, 625x691, Screenshot (12).png)

No. 156130

File: 1623896071788.png (78.2 KB, 642x688, Screenshot (13).png)

She responded to any negative concrit by being offended, and literally blocked the group she apparently worked for.

No. 156131

File: 1623896098314.png (35.5 KB, 674x285, Screenshot (14).png)

No. 156132

File: 1623896184722.png (70.03 KB, 687x597, Screenshot (15).png)

She's ita af, hasn't been in the community more than 3 years, and thinks she has the authority to sell people "Lolita mentoring" for $100.

No. 156133

File: 1623896207439.png (78.57 KB, 659x720, Screenshot (16).png)


No. 156134

File: 1623896281309.png (27.13 KB, 654x247, Screenshot (17).png)

tried to sell her shitty "mystery boxes" and failed so now she's trying to make newbies pay $400 for coords put together by herself.

No. 156135

WOW thanks for these anon! I never had the chance to read the FB comments. Holy hell, she needs someone to slap some sense into her

No. 156136

File: 1623896802455.png (101.54 KB, 679x684, Screenshot (18).png)

It gets better.

No. 156139

File: 1623897138842.png (641.71 KB, 696x729, Screenshot (19).png)

No. 156140

File: 1623897192364.jpg (241.49 KB, 1080x1080, 201675760_348775649995746_8577…)

No. 156141

File: 1623897222478.jpg (157.51 KB, 1080x1080, 201787950_348775679995743_5301…)

No. 156142

File: 1623897249325.jpg (135.27 KB, 1080x1080, 202606974_348775699995741_3092…)

No. 156143

File: 1623897300855.jpg (215.96 KB, 1080x1080, 199278355_348775733329071_1108…)

No. 156144

File: 1623897317820.jpg (89.76 KB, 828x371, 1623892866895.jpg)

Don't forget about this gem from her orbiter.

No. 156145

File: 1623897373519.jpg (308.86 KB, 1080x1080, 202140901_348775763329068_5021…)

No. 156146

WHY does she insist on that low angle that only accentuates her growing double chin?? I wouldn't want fashion advice from someone who can't even be bothered to take a nice photo.

No. 156147

File: 1623897410190.jpg (340.57 KB, 1080x1080, 202785563_348573710015940_5795…)

No. 156148

because she doesn't know the slightest thing about wearing or posing for lolita, but considers herself enough of an expert to charge for it

No. 156149

Sage goes in the email field.

No. 156151

damn what comm is this?

No. 156152

It's the CO comm but the group they're referring to is a separate non-profit called Rose Foret. They've been doing online events for the community for free.

No. 156155

File: 1623900137811.gif (954.74 KB, 960x1707, 201538133_408667116889265_1757…)

The face of lolita.

No. 156158

I for one blame Lor for encouraging these fat itas to believe that they’re good enough to be some sort of voice in the community

No. 156162

Black lipstick is really one of those things you need to be hot to pull off.

No. 156166

File: 1623905729243.jpeg (697.88 KB, 1284x2254, EC5BF2EE-C678-413B-A6D5-A35533…)

Got another one for you, this one sounds like a “friend” too who pointed out Bilbo Rose’s bad behavior and got blocked because of it; like how much of a victim can you even be? This girl needs to be escorted the fuck outta the lolita community, along with her shit jewelry and shit book and overpriced “services”.
Her comm and her friends don’t even like her.

No. 156173

THIS is what she will put together for you? I’m honestly shocked anyone thinks this is alright for Lolita. It’s all obvious cheap amazon shit and might be okey when you’re 16 and go to your first Gothic festival
>>156145 why is she showing a random meth addict how to browse the internet

No. 156178

>can't even be assed to comb her hair
Any dumb teen or grown ass adult who spends 100$ on this book deserves to get scammed.

No. 156179


>half-assed "mentoring" for $100

>equally half-assed lolita book with "advice" you could easily google for $70
>coords for $400 with items chosen according to her own taste and with a real worth that's likely a lot cheaper than $400

pretty classist for someone who "just wants to help", you could get so much (secondhand) brand for all that money

No. 156181

these are premade pieces you can just buy off of aliexpress that she glued together.

No. 156182

>tfw got banned for 2 days on /cgl/ because i said her legs are too big for burando socks

No. 156183

That’s because they are - if Bidet Rose didn’t nuke the thread, I bet you “I’m not plus sized or a sex worker” Liv did.

I still can’t get over that someone legitimately said that she doesn’t actually think she’s plus sized, who is she fooling? Her damn self?? I’d say someone should tell her but she really just seems like as much of an idiot as Gigolo Rose at this point.
Especially since she also “didn’t know she was going to be in a print book, tried to pull out and ‘wasn’t allowed’ by Bilbo Rose”.

At this point, this whole situation is just giving us so much milk, I’m almost drowning.

No. 156188

i also got banned, high five. i didn't mention her weight but just said her socks didn't match her outfit and her room is messy. if that's vendetta, then 90% of all things said in the CoF threads is vendetta lmao. what a pissbaby.

No. 156197

Lmao I got issued a warning because I laughed at the fact she doesn’t refer to herself as plus-sized (which is hilarious in and of itself).
That cow must clearly be a jannie because the threads keep getting deleted.

Let’s discuss THAT cow here now.

No. 156199

i got banned for the boomerangs comment.

No. 156200

Shopping-addict “I’m not plus sized” ita is clearly a jannie on cgl, the last 2 continuation threads were deleted and multiple people were banned/warned for their comments calling her out for saying she isn’t plus sized.

You gotta have a seriously warped sense of self to think you’re not plus sized but then to nuke half the threads just because they bring up that is just obvious, and honestly, how much of a dumbass can you be?

Branded permanent ita and also a permanent plus-sized ita in my books because I was banned for laughing at her pig-like nature. Might need to start calling her out publicly more, you can try to hide the threads on cgl honey but good luck running from the farm.

No. 156201

she's not, her and all of her buddies from the same discord reported it. it's still sus though, why did this get squashed when so much actual vendetta gets left untouched?

also please remember to sage unless you're actually posting caps, i know /cgl/ brought some of you over but it's a little different here.

No. 156204

She clearly nuked the new thread that popped up faster than anyone could talk about it on discord, no way she’s not a jannie

No. 156205

File: 1623942308073.jpg (74.38 KB, 1080x274, Screenshot_20210616-234401.jpg)

Her Reddit was mentioned in the first deleted thread. I just went back to find this comment, and it's now gone, so clearly she's cleaning things up. I'll post the full history for posterity, if it's all going to disappear. If you're posting about your kinks on the same account you're posting about lolita, you are not separating them.

No. 156206

File: 1623942548089.jpg (815.95 KB, 1080x4345, 1.jpg)

No. 156207

File: 1623942643169.jpg (2.8 MB, 1080x12246, 2.jpg)

No. 156208

File: 1623942753399.jpg (3.34 MB, 1080x12441, 3.jpg)

No. 156210

File: 1623942858335.jpg (2.74 MB, 1080x12107, 4.jpg)

No. 156211

File: 1623942954706.jpg (2.81 MB, 1080x12545, 5.jpg)

jk missed one

No. 156212

File: 1623942999886.jpg (2.93 MB, 1080x12517, surprise 6.jpg)

No. 156213

File: 1623943171417.jpg (3.1 MB, 1080x12270, 6.jpg)

No. 156214

File: 1623943264917.jpg (2.92 MB, 1080x12527, 7.jpg)

No. 156215

File: 1623943373702.jpg (2.89 MB, 1080x12510, 8.jpg)

No. 156216

Who is this?

No. 156217

File: 1623943468798.jpg (2.94 MB, 1080x12607, 9.jpg)

No. 156219

File: 1623943590688.jpg (3.16 MB, 1080x12477, 10.jpg)

It's Liv, brand ita upthread trying to bury anyone talking about her.

No. 156220

File: 1623943648918.jpg (3.19 MB, 1080x12623, 11.jpg)

No. 156221

File: 1623943743591.jpg (2.73 MB, 1080x12508, 12.jpg)

No. 156223

how unbelievably unhinged do you have to be to dig up years old reddit posts.

she's a fat ita in denial, people will point and laugh but this is fucking retarded

No. 156224

File: 1623943986227.jpg (3.16 MB, 1080x13591, 13.jpg)

No. 156225

File: 1623944094089.jpg (85.43 KB, 1080x270, Screenshot_20210617-112409.jpg)

It literally took more time to post than the 15 seconds it took to screenshot them, but sure, defend her all you want. I don't want to interact with ageplayers.

No. 156226

lol you mad livie? go cry to your nasty daddy and maybe he’ll buy you more burando you have to squeeze your fat body into.

pretty sure it’s because she won’t let a soul talk about her on cgl, this isn’t unhinged, this is the only place we can discuss this thick cow’s milk without it getting nuked in under 2 seconds.

She’s as much of a parasite as Bilbo Rose on this community and needs to be addressed.

I hate kinksters who can’t separate their kink from the fashion.
Thanks to the anon who posted caps!

No. 156228

I get that she posted cringe ddlg years ago, but how does this relate to now? do you really have to post all of this unnecessary caps? I don’t understand the whole ridiculing Lolitas for having kinks when it’s outside of Lolita or private. Who cares if some Lolita has a fetish,, just don’t post your ass in full coord with a binkie up your ass. This comes off as vendetta-ish if you ask me.

No. 156230

Nah, I can generally get behind your view but she uses she same account to post about lolita as she does about her kinks, hence the caps.
It’s not a vendetta if the dumbass can’t actually separate the two.

No. 156231

Does she not care that the book has LINE stickers in it which are not for commercial use? Isn't that art theft and illegal?

No. 156232

i think that we as a society should help people get rid of their kinks. most are unhealthy and caused by trauma.

No. 156233

eh she's a boring cow, oh whoop dee doo, she was in a ddlg as a minor and then realized it was dumb. meanwhile booboo rose is spazzing out all over her group chats and facebook pages

No. 156234

Wunderfuck/PM and Avina are both in Rose Foret videos (along with many, many itas) so it is a bit hard taking anyone who defends that youtube group seriously.

That being said, Bidet Rose needs to get out. She is so skeezy and money grubby plus her coords and makeup are terrible, she has no business trying to shill her scams.

No. 156237

Posting screenshots of a Reddit account is not "doxxing". Stop reporting the posts, you autists.

No. 156239

There's no scientific evidence. Further, people who practice BDSM are emotionally more stable.
Sage for non-con, please stop spreading fake 'information', you're a joke.

No. 156242

Where do you think we are? Digging up years old posts here is normal. Fuck off WK

No. 156243

Based farmhand. This fat ita is delusional if she thinks the farm works how /cgl/ does.

No. 156245

File: 1623949392386.jpg (362.18 KB, 1080x1893, Tiktoklscreen.jpg)

Honestly I don't really care if people in the fashion have kinks or not, but I think this is relevant because she recently posted a tiktok calling out ddlg/kink-related accounts. It blew up a little bit.

No. 156246

>BMI is bullshit, according to my BMI I am obese

She literally is obese and she looks obese too. She’s fucking delusional if she thinks that since she can squeeze into shirred AP like a busted can of biscuits she’s not obese.

No. 156248

there's nothing in that phone case…

No. 156249

I’m assuming she’s recording on her phone and using the case as a stand in

No. 156251

Eh judging from when that was posted it looks like she’s gained most of the weight recently and is in denial

No. 156252

File: 1623950540576.png (119.37 KB, 1120x673, livtheheifer.png)

No. 156253

The fact she wants it so covered up to the point of mass reporting here and on the deleted cgl thread is suspicious. And so quickly. Does she spend all days on these sites?

No. 156254

>I’m not plus sized

What a delusional fat bitch.

Gotta make sure the narrative fits her delusions. Can’t have anyone telling her facts like she is definitely plus sized/obese

No. 156258

>I’m not plus-sized
>Banns anyone from /cgl for saying otherwise
>tries to report milk on the farm for “doxxing” because you can’t control people here.
You HAVE to be completely delusional.

Honey, I’m smaller than you can can fit into half-shirred and I even define myself as “plus-sized”. I’m barely plus-sized for American standards but I sure as fuck am on Japanese standards - why are you diluting yourself so that others can’t find resources that would help them out too? So you can uplift others in the community AND also get better yourself?

Is your sense of self so warped from stuffing your face too quickly or do you think being able to “fit” into ONLY full-shirring somehow negates that you are, indeed, plus-sized?

Go buy some more overpriced, scalped honey cakes and stop trying to report anyone on the farm just because you couldn’t be contained to your jannie cgl threads you banned people because of.(blogging)

No. 156259

File: 1623953361654.jpg (15.64 KB, 213x402, Tiktokglowuplivarm.jpg)

>do ya'll ever wonder if what you see in the mirror is just not accurate?
>perception of myself vs concrete measurements and such do not line up
This sounds like actual body dysmorphia. I don't hate this girl or anything, but she's been overweight for years it seems (picture related is from a "glow up" tiktok).

Sure, we all want to be a cute, tiny, uwu girl. But actually thinking your physical measurements are lying to you is on a different level.

No. 156260

Posting screenshots from a Discord server is also not "doxxing".

No. 156261

File: 1623953812342.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1284x1597, 7CF4BC74-6880-45B3-80D5-63A37D…)

She thinks because she’s short she can weigh as much as a baby elephant and not be plus sized but one look at her limbs and the “muh big boobs” excuse is out the window. Look at these ham legs. The shoes look like they’re cutting off her circulation

No. 156262

File: 1623953970615.png (10.22 KB, 595x72, cope.PNG)

but anon, her small waist!

No. 156264

Kek. Liv is livid.

No. 156266

>that boobloaf

No. 156277

>There's no scientific evidence. Further, people who practice BDSM are emotionally more stable.

Nta but I can't say consensual torture screams "emotional stability" to me but you do you, boo

No. 156286

How quick she is to report and try to get things taken down, she clearly stalks the boards so I’m glad the farm exists and in the capacity it exists in at that.
It’s giving me a renewed sense of life knowing we’re all pointing out how much of an idiot she is for being in denial over her being definitely plus sized and she can’t take it down or do anything about it here.

No. 156294

it’s literally 1-2 years ago

No. 156306

The hypocrisy. It's always the loudest, most annoying ones yelling "DDLG/KINK ACCTS DO NOT INTERACT!" then they're the ones with an uwu daddy dom posting about their kinks on a side account.

The same exact thing happened to tokimeki bunny/coconut head. She was vapid a couple years ago and had a vendetta against anyone who mentioned having a kink.

No. 156359

autism and obsession if i've ever seen some on this board no one cares about yet another fat girl in lolita

No. 156362

posting her entire reddit history was unnecessary, but crying autism and obsession won’t make her any less embarrassing

No. 156368

why even reply to that? i think the reddit thing was fine, if not somewhat useful in that it exposed her or her wks in thread, seething.

No. 156369

Besides the daddy kink cap the rest were retarded to post. Wtf do the anon wants us to do with the information of her posting in makeup subreddits 10/14 of the screen caps. Post actual milk and not shitty ones newfags.

No. 156371

>Wtf do the anon wants us to do with the information of her posting in makeup subreddits

No. 156372

If you’re autistic then I suppose

No. 156373

File: 1624030978732.jpeg (92.49 KB, 828x420, 6530D7DA-AD9C-4DD1-9DF2-4A89AD…)

Can someone see what’s she up to here.

No. 156378

not sure if the group was made for everyone involved in bilbo rose's business in general or if it's the group mentioned here >>156141
(if it's the latter, does that mean people actually signed up for that mentoring bullshit?)

No. 156380

File: 1624033456589.jpg (335.48 KB, 750x848, screencap_012523.jpg)

Kyra is going Maison de Julietta on us.
For a whole 97$ you too can be dressed up by a clueless ita with a rat nest for hair.

No. 156381

Farmhands already called you retards out for false reporting a bunch of posts, crying about “obsession” in a post won’t do jack shit

No. 156384

No. 156388

this was already posted anon

No. 156390

Seems like someone REALLY doesn’t want us discussing Olivia/dreamy_pastel_princess

No. 156391

Her whole tiktok account is as cringe as her ita photos, if not worse because it’s in full, moving color.

No. 156392

"Lolita styling service" hate to say it, but this feel like something a sissy would pull or pay for.

No. 156393

Probably the cow herself throwing her own partner Bilbo Rose under the bus so people will stop getting milk from her. She shut the cgl threads down faster than people could comment on them so I wouldn’t put it past her to throw Bilbo under the bus just to save her own fat ass from being talked about

No. 156394

File: 1624040384664.jpeg (380.57 KB, 1125x1920, 9B842581-74BF-423F-AC0E-A18A50…)

it’s so bad. also, her bf is a bridge troll. early male pattern baldness, daddy af

No. 156395

Oh I meant Gigolo Rose’s TikTok, but this is equally as bad.
Both Liv and Kyra are parasites on this community.

No. 156396

cgl is shitty regardless. jannies shutdown any board that dares to speaks about Zoe's scamming drama. It's possible that WKs are doing the reporting, but, it would be nice if Cgl would expose those who abuse the report system and getting threads deleted once caught shitting up in threads.

No. 156397

File: 1624040696304.png (761.74 KB, 1037x797, Screenshot (21).png)

This was her starter lolita set. Before she was selling the set herself but now you can pay an additional $97 for her to tell you to buy $300 worth of taobao.

No. 156398

File: 1624040729788.png (37.19 KB, 589x325, Screenshot (22).png)

The complete list of items

No. 156399

That price alone makes me both cackle and makes me sick simultaneously.
300$ for some shit taobao?! What the actual fuck?

No. 156400

Tbh her closet is goals

No. 156401

File: 1624040832359.png (396.11 KB, 944x616, Screenshot (23).png)

Also she was fighting about how she definitely credits her artists on her page, but doesn't even list which one made an item unless they happen to have their own logo on the product.

No. 156402

File: 1624040874300.png (491.37 KB, 976x759, Screenshot (26).png)

No. 156403

File: 1624041401562.jpeg (99.65 KB, 700x700, 77B57CA3-0AF8-4E7C-8A04-449702…)

Bodyline literally have beginner Lolita bundles for $60.

No. 156405

Ya if you want a mass of credit card debt and an incurable shopping addiction. Also if you want a whole closet of clothes you can’t even squeeze into without looking like a busted can of biscuits; then I guess her closet would be “goals”

No. 156406

nitpick but yum, gotta love those grimey floor flatlays

No. 156407

see, i would disagree if she were an adult with a good job, but i think she's… 18? 19? and bought everything in two years. i really doubt she has no debt. also, continuing to buy clothes she can't fit in is weird af. jahr territory.

also, her age means that she did her e-whoring very very recently. unless she did it underage, which would be a… choice.

No. 156409

That’s her business and if she has the money good for her. At least she doesn’t e-beg bad and isnt shopping deranged as zoe.

No. 156410

I saw somewhere in the Reddit caps that her family is rich. Could be the same thing as twinkle mermaid chan

No. 156413

at least sage your posts, newfag whiteknight

it's just speculation, but if her family was rich they'd put her up in a better place than >>156261 and she (probably? hopefully?) wouldn't have e-thotted

No. 156417

i won’t dox her family, but she goes to an expensive private school and her dad is rich, so it’s likely he sends her money. she talks about it on her tiktok

No. 156420

No. 156422

Why is it a big deal anon? If she’s rich and can afford brand then so be it. She isn’t buying replicas and crying/blaming brands for dresses that don’t fit her. She shuts it and just fit herself in. Who cares

No. 156426

File: 1624046735632.jpg (349.75 KB, 1080x1890, DDtiktok.jpg)

It can't be too much money, because she complained for like two weeks about losing the bid on that yellow Decoration Dream dress.

No. 156427


When you can't find anything good about your scrote so you praise his height, which appears to be similar to hers in this cap

No. 156429

File: 1624047060773.png (245.35 KB, 617x488, Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 3.08…)

It either means your blocked or restricted. I checked and she's still public on my end. Did you interact with her??

No. 156430

creighton is hardly prestigious or expensive (by university standards), it’s your average private religious university.

not doxxing because it’s in her Instagram description

No. 156431

my dumbass forgot the hyphens in her username, sage for being stupid

No. 156433

I still found her without hyphens. Are you by any chance blocked or restricted by her anon? because if she drops her blocked list then this is even more milky and funny kek

No. 156434

I hope she drops the list. won't be surprised that it's definately another cow that holds a vendatta on each other.

No. 156435

60k still isn’t cheap though

No. 156436

It is for a university. Unless you’re some community college poorfag

No. 156443

That's from bibelot rose and has nothing to do with that other cringey girl.
You sound very weirdly obsessed with Olivia, anon, may i suggest seeking employment?

/cgl/ jannies shutting down the Zoe thread was pants on head retarded. Jannies have been extra shit these past two years

No. 156478

I’m a total bitch but I’d help newbies with this for free.(no one cares)

No. 156486

damn, where is the circlly admin? there’s been rumors that they just fucked off so nobody can actually be banned from the site anymore

No. 156502

sure are a lot of WKs in here.

No. 156514

same, also they could literally just use online ressources? most of the people who enter the fashion are 18+ thus old enough to educate themselves and do their research, it's all out there

No. 156524

This and that the fact that they can easily search YouTube videos over the fashion. Lor has a big audience and loves to concrit newbies who emails her

No. 156532

>everyone saying anything even remotely positive is a wk!11!1
I beg of you to get a hobby other than obsessing over her anon. You seem a tad too obsessed with a random fatty. You sound even more retarded than the cows ITT at this point by crying WK and Olivia at anyone in disagreement.

No. 156535

>>156417 and >>156435 aren’t even whiteknighting, you’re free to look him up yourself

No. 156536

Bruh that hairstyle looks like she got attacked by a wild bird. Goth teasing is supposed to be teased and styled not just teased and left to die. Her coords are so cheapey and shit too, imagine paying $300+ Styling service for taobao trash to go with an AP main piece

Also please stop saying Bigot unless you know what it means and can explain what she did to discriminate. Seems like it’s just poor wordplay by a retard. This girl is ita but seems to do all the expected virtue signaling to SJWs

No. 156539

>That’s her business
Do you know where you are? Fatties uselessly buying shit they don't fit into will always be cow behaviour.

No. 156541

Lolita is a fattie fashion anyway. You're all cows

No. 156543

>Someone starts talking about another cow
>People start noticing that anon is a little obsessed or give a neutral take

Anon if even lolcow is telling you that youre acting autistic about a a cow maybe you actually are. Did she buy a dress out from under you or something. I feel like you yourself might be an even bigger cow, figuratively or otherwise.

No. 156548


Stop the retarded infighting and learn to sage.

No. 156554

Thinking it’s a vendetta shitting up the board. I hope discord mods drop whoever it is that we’re channeling the server at the time. And dumbass literally said they were blocked by liv so I hope that she name drops the vendetta

Just like plaque vendetta Chan >>150541

this vendetta is too retarded to hide their trace

No. 156563

File: 1624126094016.jpg (332.37 KB, 1080x2118, Vinted.jpg)

she tried to disguise her profile lmao. but the floors still match, along with the number of reviews. She changed her username, removed her pfp and probably blocked most of the people who were following her

No. 156595

File: 1624138384622.jpeg (151.61 KB, 739x731, 5E2818F2-BB5D-4F59-8D8B-27CD0D…)

No. 156637

Lol bibelot rose deleted her styling service post PFFF

No. 156645

thank god she's becoming self-aware

No. 156664

She’s not though, she’s trying to hide the fact she used her business account to publicly attack others in her community and then not take accountability for her actions by just simply deleting it.
How much more of a coward can you be to not even apologize for what you started and the actions you did. We have all the screenshots here - she just want to bury it because she clearly can’t handle anything that isn’t outright asspats for her dumb “business”

No. 156665

Honestly she just might need her own thread at this point - she’s a menace to the fashion and needs to be banned and barred from this space for preying on new lolitas who wouldn’t know any better.

No. 156776

Pretty tacky how she calls a basic shooting star design pin a "gay pride" pin and why even add pronoun pins into a randomized subscription box?Is everyone they/them all of a sudden?
how does she even stutter this much the video is so awkward

No. 156786

File: 1624306863997.jpg (63.31 KB, 683x457, dWsMryvh.jpg)

Some cow has gone and made a lolita coloring book pdf with traced Kira Imai art. She keeps saying well I used references….

No. 156787

File: 1624307011150.png (551.05 KB, 2048x850, Screenshot_20210621-132308.png)

No. 156788

File: 1624307321803.png (591.5 KB, 2048x960, Screenshot_20210621-132212.png)

No. 156861

Omg guys she’s just so talented that her art is coincidentally just like Kira Imais illustrations!

No. 156877

she's so talented, in fact it was Kira Imai who copied HER first

No. 156927

So it seems bibelotrose finally deleted her instagram? I thought I was blocked at first but nothing shows up at all lmao.

She does have a second insta account though under kyrat4216. Only 2 posts from 2019

No. 156928

File: 1624391354802.jpg (353.45 KB, 1080x1310, Screenshot_20210622-124847_Ins…)

No. 156974

Looks like she deleted that one too. Her facebook and website are still up though.

No. 157007

Literally this is just so…childish and cowardly. If you want to make a business, why cop out, not listen to advice or criticism and attempt to improve, why hide the fact you fought with your community and then just delete the whole thing? Did she not just quit her full-time job to do this? And she just gave up as quickly as it all started?

Damn, that’s honestly as messy as her whole brand but eh, at least it’s on brand for her to just run away from her problems and be unable to take concrit.

No. 157009

how does she make money??? just her store?

No. 157010

If she doesn’t have any Instagram, or social media in general, how are we going to be able to see her horrible coords? Top kek.

No. 157011

Good question - pretty sure she’s thousands of dollars in debt, especially now if she ditched the whole thing, how else would she pay for her meth-turned-shopping addiction?

No. 157067

The book was s a complete fail lol. Everyone who pitched in on the book wasted their money and now rose is in hiding

No. 157184


No. 157187

Lmao "now i'm gonna change all the traced pics since I got caught and pretend it never happened"

I can't believe how common this "i didn't trace it just so happens to be identical when overlayed over the original piece" defence is. Nobody "accidentally" draws entirely identical legs etc. just by "being inspired by an illustration".

No. 157319

File: 1624656444867.jpg (221.22 KB, 1080x1838, 20210531_105912.jpg)

Sharing before I delete it forever, just some crazy thai reseller that was selling a btssb babydoll replica (at a cheap price) and once the chinese girl that wanted to buy realized it was a replica she backed out

No. 157328

File: 1624661799112.png (354.03 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210625-185128.png)

Bibelot Rose own handiwork. Her improvement in the other illustrations is simply is astounding.

No. 157343

>This drawing took me 23 hours
holy shit. I think this drawing has an error in every location an error is possible; floating arms, uneven pleats, nonsensical perspective, illogical shadow, lopsided crosseyed character, I could go on. I could do better in 5 minutes.

No. 157348

Is she autistic or something? I thought she was involved in that big event in London a few years back so I assumed she was normal until the book and the styling and whatever this is. It's just all so unaware.

No. 157458

holy shit what group is this from?

No. 157467

Her Facebook page

No. 157479

File: 1624765668018.jpg (810.35 KB, 1080x2017, Screenshot_20210626-204612_Chr…)

Lmao is she finally leaving the fashion???

No. 157481

Imagine spending countless hours making a trash book because you're "revolutionizing" the fashion, then quitting once you realize you can't scam the community out of their money.
Fucking good riddance.

No. 157482

jesus she put her address on her website. w h y

No. 157486

Kek, I didn’t think she’d flounce so easily. The milk will be missed.

No. 157496

no she didn't. that's the address to the post office. whatever numbers she put after the street address probably correspond to her forwarding address or a PO box

No. 157502

>tfw you can't scalp money out of new lolitas so you try to sell them your wardrobe instead

but for real, if she's not just doing a closet cleanout, leaving the fashion instead of just standing up for herself is a cowardly thing to do - it's not like the community didn't have its reasons why they didn't support her business and she knows exactly what those reasons are, yet honesty is usually still better than just disappearing

No. 157525

Standing up for yourself very rarely goes over well either. It’s honestly better to just leave silently and try to let people forget.

No. 157541

none of these options are good. if she genuinely likes the fashion–which she truly seems to–then she shouldn't let her failed business venture stop her from still wearing it. she definitely shouldn't "defend" herself, that would exacerbate any drama. she should stop trying to run a community and a store though, and should probably keep a low profile on any communities she orbits.

if she's really selling all her stuff and not just closet cleaning, that sends the message that she never really loved the fashion to begin with, she just wanted a platform she could step onto where she could be seen as a figurehead, and she thought it would be easy in lolita to just buy her way to expert status and high visibility. if that's the case, she'll probably just find another niche hobby in a year or two and do the exact same thing. i know a few people like this

No. 157558

She really did truly love the fashion, without a doubt. She just thought her elementary, sloppy coords were much better than they actually were and wanted to share her ideas with the rest of the fashion at large . Coord positivity is a dangerous thing when you're still grasping at the basics. She got a pair of pliers, molds, Hobby Lobby Clearance junk and made some accessories her family thought were cute, her close friends didn't want to hurt her feelings by saying it was dismal trash. So she thought she could start a business selling snow flake crap to pair with $300 dresses. When it all went public she got a very rude awakening. The community did not in fact want to pay over $50 for cheap kindergarten craft show shit to coord with Brand. She thought cute boxes would help sell this horrendous accessories pile that wouldn't even float on Etsy. Fluffy Jo's You Tube review on Bibelot Rose accessory box is just factual sadness. BRose book will now remain a much mentioned but unread side note in lolita history. Her shopping service will go down as a bizarre and stunning burst before the crash.

No. 157571

The funniest thing for me was her no return no refunds in the accessories. But you got access to the exclusive accessories club. Where you could swap accessories with other club members. As if you were going to pay shipping cost to trade to get something worse. That accessory box was a blind box of clown shit you give your 4 year old niece to play dress up in the basement on a rainy day.

No. 157572

File: 1624821971494.png (672.9 KB, 720x629, Screenshot_20210627-152529-956…)

$75 subscription box

No. 157573

File: 1624822029533.png (687.37 KB, 712x651, Screenshot_20210627-152501-317…)

Another $75 box.

No. 157580

>One is meant to be classic
>One is meant to be sweet
Both of them look sweet and worth about 40 bucks in total, the pronoun badge made me cringe though.

No. 157594

did she really put pronoun pins in a LP-style blind box? did she at least as for receipients' pronouns beforehand to make sure they got the correct ones????

No. 157633

Claire's Accessories bargain bin content right here.

No. 157652

Hopefully she asked their pronouns first.

No. 157660

Who the fuck cares about if she correctly pandered to mental illness or not? That’s nothing compared to everything else she did

No. 157694

Literally. Imagine being on the farms and thinking "uwu, we need to cater to the mentally ill. :3"

No. 157695

What a fucking contradiction, seriously.

No. 157698

Truly she’s just trying to make everyone feel like she’s the victim in this situation - like the community as a whole and her local community somehow “bullied” her out of the fashion rather than the fact she started a scamming business that preyed on new lolitas who didn’t know any better, created a public fight with her business account, attacked her local community with that same business account, tried to hide it and not apologize, and not take any of the concrit the community was trying to give her.
She’s gaslighting the fuck out of the whole community considering her “dream dress” was letter doll (to be fair what the fuck?) and she’s selling those to try to make it seem like “I don’t want even my favorite dress anymore, YOU ALL ruined the fashion for me” rather than be self aware or introspective for even a minute.
It’s very clear she’s just trying to make money in any way possible and got herself into some shopping-addiction debt so instead of scamming the community anymore she’s given up and is just trying to last-ditch-effort sell her “high ticket items” to make herself some money. (Which is also another comment on how STAINED and DAMAGED her items are and yet she’s still trying to sell everything at close to $200 - which only idiots and newfags will pay for, yet again showing how she’s just trying to scam newbies, even in her temper-tantrum style exit).

No. 158001

File: 1625054754682.jpeg (291.76 KB, 2048x2048, FC41AF23-0045-495E-8137-988CB2…)

I believe i found the new account of zoe. I remember her commenting very similar about the shopgirl and if my brain doesn’t trick me i think she was obsessed w the elephant before the hanikami bear so… i doubt she will accept followers though

No. 158118

File: 1625103398973.jpeg (246.53 KB, 828x1277, 6A8D7CBE-3066-4B2E-B7D4-B0A4B8…)

I don’t know why she’s still trying to drag up drama from earlier this year, but it’s so annoying.
Not only did she feel the need to make a 5 paragraph thread on twitter, but also posted on her insta story.

No. 158119

File: 1625103426931.png (2.98 MB, 828x1792, 4D3D068B-E0ED-440E-9510-F636B8…)

No. 158145

Why is Raven’s dad in drag? Anyways, accountable for what? For being a white woman who shared her accurate opinion on something? If anyone has the right to hold her accountable it would be Lor since she did this without consulting her. Otherwise, she owes no one anything. She’s not someone of power who can write laws that will hurt black people (because that’s all this girl cares about), so why is she tripping? If Tyler was black, she’d just say ‘you don’t speak for all of us!!!’

No. 158159

Reminder that this was all because of an accidental screen tap

No. 158162

>Expecting someone with a very obvious and overt "I don't give a fuck what you think" personality to rake through SJW criticism and respond to it

No good at parsing tone of voice and context? How can you miss Tyler's persona to this degree where you genuinely expect an apology for a completely inoffensive, true, accurate video which was specifically about not pandering to idiots and apologizing to them.

No. 158170

ZoeOsaki is back on lacemarker under a new name .. Like I couldnt believe it at first until I saw the name on the invoice and canceled my purchase with her… Lets just say she has a bunny pfp and is selling a fucked up fantasy elephant ring.(learn 2 imageboard)

No. 158171

Anon you can post screenshots and names here

No. 158178

Is the username Anmitsu by chance?

No. 158244

File: 1625163526501.png (1.49 MB, 1440x2750, Screenshot_20210701-141506(1).…)

Arrived suddenly like… After she "disappeared " same camera and type of photo minus the wood floor. From France , sell items Zoe used to show on her insta . Same way of writing

No. 158245

File: 1625163680715.png (15.3 KB, 955x195, Screenshot_20210701-141214(1)(…)

Saw higher her last name, and it has been revealed she used her family member paypal and its the exact last name too

No. 158249

File: 1625165241586.jpeg (131.76 KB, 828x1405, D1CA20E7-37A0-4DE1-A0B8-6FA9DB…)

Yup there is also this account. If I remember correctly someone on cgl said she used this account to outbid people

No. 158252

Looks like some Texas Lolitas are keeping their distance from Tyler. Someone in the Twitter thread was sperging about Tyler showing up at a meet.

No. 158259

No. 158260

File: 1625170377252.jpg (24.26 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Went through her twitter and bitch is fat, old, uggo and annoying af but everything she doesn't like happens solely because of her skin colour, right…
She also starts every video with "Konnichiwa minnasan, Marina Kei desu!", how is that not considered problematic appropriation of nipponese culture by her and her likeminded friends?

No. 158261

File: 1625171160894.png (133.84 KB, 893x669, Screenshot (761).png)

Yeah, meanwhile the eastern lolita community cares so much about black and brown lolitas, constantly giving them shoutouts and hyping up the biggest lardass itas…oh wait, no, that would never even cross their minds.

The thing the western community cares the most is trying to outwoke each other and discussing whether dress X fits their 50 inch waists.

Not sure whether anon was talking about this but here somebody is already complaining about tyler having been allowed to an event.

No. 158263

This person is a covid ita furry. Why are they starting something with Tyler? If you simply don’t like her then ignore or don’t show up to the meets. I only heard negative things about Houston Lolita comm, but is Dallas comm really turning to shit?

No. 158270

It’s mostly okay aside from a few annoying people

No. 158274

>WhAt ShE Did
…From the same people who think accidentally hitting the heart button while scrolling on Instagram is an offense punishable by death

No. 158292

File: 1625185383701.jpeg (502.72 KB, 750x1108, AA3CD355-DB36-4CB1-B137-FFE35D…)

Ironic as fuck coming from Naturally Racist.

No. 158298

I always wondered about this too because she isnt even Asian, let alone Japanese. I wonder if anyone is going to point that out.

No. 158307

nobody will because
a.) it's not a big deal
b.) not a single soul wants the wf / neorococo crew on their ass, especially not one of their own

No. 158309

God I hate Wonderfugly

No. 158332

File: 1625204970395.jpg (112.69 KB, 1080x1073, Screenshot_20210702-014857.jpg)

for sure lol

No. 158351

Who are these nobodies and why are they whining over drama that happened months ago?

No. 158364

notice how they bring that up everytime zoe new accounts talk comes up ? hmmm

No. 158369

The ones sperging are covid itas that are new to the comm. Tyler probably been in the comm way much longer than 2020 covid itas and I doubt the “event leader” will bow down and suck the covid ita’s dick on their complaint about Tyler. They need to grow up

No. 158375

She's an idiot, she needs to gtfo

No. 158432

I've had the strange realization reading this thread that Lolitas are like creepy old dolls.

On the outside with those frilly dresses and the hair styles they look cute and harmless. But Christ those bitches be terrifying/crazy . wtf.

No. 158442

Fuck off scrote

No. 158630

This thread is cows talking about other cows. No one here is a doll, that can't fit into brand.

No. 158862

A reminder she's still part of PGL, and if you invite that comm to your meets, you need to block her so her and greasy bangs don't ruin your meet.

No. 158937

that's what i love most about it

No. 159074

Fuck the old pgl mods who let her back in & then stepped down. She was banned after the hijab lolita scandal, the mods at the time let her back in & now Naturally Racist is more careful.

No. 159197

She's known to bully people. And there are DMs of her saying racist shit. Current mods know about it, but won't do anything. So I just warn people to avoid her.

No. 159305

God I'm so tired of seeing Josine's stretched out boobloafs and spoopy face shooping on my timeline.

No. 159319

File: 1625692889563.png (153.56 KB, 905x666, Screenshot (11746).png)

Because they hope shitstirring brings them attention and are seething with pure unfiltered jealousy because they want the efame youtubers like tyler and lor have. But since they are delusional about themselves, they project their thirst for clout on them and blame racism on everything to avoid responsibility and self-reflection. Hell, I usually hate the "ur just jelly" argument, but this time it's just completely fitting.

No. 159415

What's this about a Jewish lolita?

No. 159437

She sounds unhinged waiting for her to "slip up" Like go outside and breathe air.

No. 159705

kek Mahoumomo is getting the '"vendetta"' posts about her deleted like a pussy.
I wonder how it feels to get a taste of your own medicine after vendettaposting so much yourself in the past years :^) More and more people know about who you are and the truth will come out soon.
You were banned from comms for a reason. And everybody knows you lurk and post here.

No. 159716

Did she do something? I really like her coords and she seemed cool, but she left the discords abruptly and then posted a pretty depressing caption?

No. 159720

i saw that, i think it was mostly about stress from having a new job. she’s posted some borderline suicidal things in the past, so i wasn’t surprised. it’s good that she’s on less platforms IMO, she needs real help. not internet friends and instagram follows.

No. 159726

She’s been vendetta posting someone in her comm and can’t let it go

No. 159727

Here or cgl? Got caps?

No. 159728

Cgl, and above in this thread
She was the unhinged one that wouldn’t stop posting about the tiktok girl

No. 159730

Do you have literally any proof of these accusations? This is an image board, and unlike /cgl/ you need proof to back up accusations. You sound like you have a vendetta against her yourself.

No. 159731

Do you mean dreamy pastel princess? Because if so kek, that wasn’t exclusively momo posting her if it was momo at all. I’m not in her comm and I have no vendetta against her but I think she’s a fat ita and posted about her here when her ddlg fetish shit stuff came to light and called her fat on /cgl/. What’s the proof that momo did anything exactly?

No. 159732

She outed herself a few times from the discord screenshots and when she accidentally let it slip that she was blocked
Not all of it was her but she won’t move on and it goes way further than whatever embarrassing ita behavior the other girl has done

No. 159733

Again newfag who can’t sage, where are the caps?

No. 159738

How exactly can we provide caps of her being banned genius? We all know momo lurks here and is big mad. And big sad, sorry your job sucks and makes you this bitter and you got caught because you're too retarded to properly cover your tracks, cry more in your insta stories :'((

No. 159739

>no proof whatsoever
>hi cow

Go back to /cgl/.

No. 159752

Post the caps of what made you believe a specific anon is a certain person, why they would post someone else and who that someome else "from their comm" is etc and generally who all these literal whos are. Lolcow isn't your facebook comm group.

It's probably just one of the retarded newfags from cgl who are incapable of understanding that multiple people can make fun of someone or disagree with them, so they resort to their own vendetta

No. 159754

i think they mean dreamy pastel princess upthread

No. 159787

So this one? >>156394 Doesn't need vendetta to make fun of that, I commented on her too.

No. 159807

Speaking of vendetta, why are you obsessed with M? It's more than one anon posting about L.

The L whiteknights are getting ridiculous and I honestly think it's self posting. Older posts regarding L when she was mentioned in the Bibelot Rose threads were reported and they tried doing the same here as well so I think she's the one reporting any negative posts regarding her. And with comments like "she's famous on TikTok" "you're jealous you can't be her" and "you just wish you had her wardrobe" on cgl, no one would want to be a newbie covidlita with a shopping addiction that's in denial about being plus size. It's delusional.

No. 159817

don't censor names on the farm. name names

No. 159818

And you can learn to sage, minimod newfag

No. 159820

If you followed this thread at all you'd know who M and L are referring to. Sage your shit next time.

No. 159835

File: 1625886764416.jpeg (285.66 KB, 827x1460, 922C287F-B489-4E40-AB8F-370CE9…)

Discord confirmed it’s her kek

You can see who views what on discord and this all leads to momo. Not sure why she’s obsessingly posting about liv tho.

All the 4chan threads are filled with her vendetta posting on liv.

Apparent Proof of momo being a seagull.
CGL Art thread

Let’s not sugar coat the drama momo and show yourself since mods are aware

No. 159837

It’s already been discussed that it’s not just momo posting about olivia. Multiple farmers in this thread have said they post about Olivia, if it was just momo samefagging about her in this thread farmhands would call it out. But they didn’t, because it’s not her. They did call out liv and pals for falsely reporting a bunch of shit as doxing too.

And everyone and their mom knows momo posts to /cgl/ anyway? It’s been known literally for years newfag. Calm down.

No. 159838

I miss drama cows

No. 159840

Projecting vendetta behavior. Even if that,,momo fails to see herself as a cow and now this all burning in her face.

Don’t be like ita plaque Chan

No. 159841

What comm is this?

No. 159842

What has momo done to make her a cow though? Posting a fatty to the farm does not a cow make. And once again, anyone who thinks this is all momo posting about bovine Olivia is proven wrong by this thread

No. 159843

>All the 4chan threads are filled with her vendetta posting on liv
Are you dense? Do you not read? Several anons came forward saying they posted about her and are not momo.

No. 159844

4 Chan Thread is filled with same vpns arguing

No. 159845

No it’s not, newfag.

No. 159846

You're insane. Take your medicine and touch some grass.

No. 159847

won’t that same discord ban you for sperging out on here?

No. 159848

Nothing but catty bitches giving milk

No. 159851

Really, anon? You can't see who views what on Discord. What a ridiculous bluff.
I posted the Reddit caps and I'm definitely not Momo. More people dislike ageplayers than you think.
Btw, as much as she cares to deny it, she was a sex worker. I no longer have access to the channel it's in, but she confirmed both that and that it was the server members mass reporting the threads about her that got it deleted.

No. 159852

The more time that goes on the more it’s turning out that Olivia is inciting a witch-hunt over momo who probably didn’t do anything at this point kek. Starting to feel bad for shoop-chan catching the wrath of this fatty

No. 159853

Olivia definitely seems the type to be a secret sex worker in order to buy brand. I agree with >>159852 that Olivia is definitely mad that she is absolutely mogged by every other lolita content creator on TikTok and is jealous that her low-effort content is not blowing up. Cry harder fatty!

No. 159854

tinfoiling a bit but are the posts upthread that end in double space and all lowercase momo? cause she types like that on her LM…

No. 159855

i type like that too. stop being autistic and reaching so hard to blame this on momo when it’s come out that at least five different farmers who aren’t her post about olivia

No. 159857

Do you want a yoga mat for all of that reaching you're doing? You're typing in all lowercase too; it's not a solid identifier. Even if she was in this thread posting, it doesn't change the fact that many other anons have also posted about Olivia, including myself.

No. 159858

the lowercase posts that end sentences with two spaces instead of one. it may be a reach


No. 159860

It really is a reach. I don’t know why you want a certain amount of posts to be attributed to momo, but it’s getting more and more insane to keep trying to accuse her of stuff. When it got disproven that all the posts about olivia are made by momo suddenly she’s doing xyz other thing because of a space in typing? Batshit insane levels of delusion.

No. 159861

It does seem like it could be one person but that doesn't mean it's her. Enough people don't like Olivia's shitty content and her insistence that her 300 lbs ass is not plus sized. This sounds like more derailment from Olivia.

No. 159863

They do have the same typing style and could be her. What about the anon claiming everyone is momo?

No. 159867

Again, Olivia is clearly trying to dogpile her in order to take the heat off of herself. Stop believing the mad tinfoil and remember why we are all ragging on Olivia in the first place: being into ddlg as a little, lying about the fact that she's clearly plus sized, and allegedly going into credit card debt for lolita, plus the whole sex worker thing if you want to believe the anon who claimed that without any caps.

No. 159880

M lives in Texas, but not sure which part. Texas comms are chill at most except for people like this >>158261

No. 159910

Holy shit take your meds and lurk more. 4chan doesn't even allow vpns.

No. 159911

Anon I think you mean IP. Yes, people on there spam-up threads with self-post and wk.

No. 159915


No. 160252

My guess is that it wasn't only Momo talking about Olivia but given how she was banned from her (my) comm for, and i quote, 'stirring shit constantly', i would not be the least surprised she spends a significant amount of time posting on /cgl/ and lolcow to make up for her life sucking donkey ass atm. I know for a fact she has it pretty rough with her job not allowing any time for lolita or fun hobbies.

No. 160255

was she actually? did the mods say that?

No. 160275

Can someone please drop ANY sort of caps for proof? Any example of her actually doing this stuff? This isn’t /cgl/, you need to post caps of the milk

No. 160287

She's pretty active in a /fa/ discord we're both in and she trash talks other lolitas all the time. Same with garbage-chan actually.

No. 160291

caps or gtfo

No. 160323

Post. Caps. Retard.

No. 160325

Until you post some kind of proof, I'm gonna believe your take is nothing but hot garbage. Did Olivia send you here to defend her? We have no proof of this supposed ban and no one else has heard of this. It sounds like you have a hateboner for her just like your pal Olivia!

No. 160328

I'll believe it when I see caps about either of them.

No. 160329

So far there has been zero proof posted about any of the claims regarding momo, just more and more mounting evidence against those claims. Olivia’s hateboner for shoop-chan only makes her look jealous and deranged.

No. 160379

Damn anon that brings up memories of another fa discord. Momo and Asian k8 were shady as fuck. I think they were both in a fa & cgl server that used to be in the Friend Finder threads. Sad that at least one of them hasn't grown up.

No. 160381

Newfag here. Who is Asian k8?

No. 160386

Asian k8 was awful (snobby, vindictive, outright aggressive) but I personally don't remember Momo being a part of that.

No. 160389

Anon, are you thinking of Autumn? Asian k8 was weird, but not that obnoxious.

No. 160608

Yet again, bold claims without caps mean jackshit.

No. 160610

I have caps of garbage-chan vaguely admitting to shit talking yasmine, and anonymously stirring shit with other area old schoolers. Bold of gc to continue pretending they’re “bestu rori friends” and posting unboxings and shit with her. She publicly claims to have distanced herself from board culture, but she’s a regular frequenter to /fa, the farms and /cgl.

>inb4 imageboard

I’m scared posting them will almost certainly give away who I am which would likely invoke irl ire that I’m not willing to face at the moment. Yes I’m a pussy.

No. 160614

Fuck off if you aren’t going to provide caps. Without them your word is literally useless and nobody cares.

No. 160645

Who else did she talk trash about?

No. 160650

hi autumn

No. 160725

I know, maybe someone here has or can get caps. Like I'm talking about comments here or there that establish a pattern of behavior. I had no reason to cap them back then because who knew they'd be relevant in 2021?

No. 160727

I still feel like all of this speculation over supposed shit talk is distraction from Olivia and friends. Daily reminder that Olivia is a fatty-chan and is a ddlg little! I'm not going to let proven stuff like this die because some retard is pretending to have caps of someone else.

No. 160739

I literally don't know who Olivia is, I'm talking about stuff that is relevant to what I know.

No. 160740

Nobody cares if you aren’t going to post caps. Fuck off newfag.

No. 160764

File: 1626225118177.png (41.4 KB, 988x293, 9.png)

1/9, Olivia is lavender.
Outright lying - her face is in the Reddit caps and she posted less than a month ago.

No. 160765

File: 1626225152777.png (87.86 KB, 906x814, 1.png)

No. 160766

File: 1626225179088.png (148.09 KB, 1170x356, 2.png)

This is the missing image.

No. 160767

File: 1626225263428.png (87.17 KB, 907x759, 3.png)

No. 160768

File: 1626225298561.png (88.47 KB, 1011x823, 4.png)

Less interesting, just proof it was mass reporting.

No. 160769

File: 1626225357998.png (30.66 KB, 433x316, 5.png)

No. 160770

>literal fat whore olivia encouraged people to mass report on /cgl/ and here to cover up the fat that she is indeed a fat pedophilic whore and there are caps to prove it
>when that wasn’t enough she tried to deflect by starting a witch hunt over mahou.momo saying it was momo posting her everywhere and accusing momo of having a DDLG onlyfans

Kek. The projection.

No. 160771

File: 1626225470191.png (220.41 KB, 569x841, 6.png)

No. 160773

File: 1626225664120.png (137.49 KB, 530x839, 7.png)

No. 160774

File: 1626225833058.png (71.56 KB, 586x829, 8.png)

No. 160776

File: 1626225927303.png (54.21 KB, 853x401, 11.png)

Bonus because you just reminded me, Momo (red) even supported her through it before she was banned.
Was like immediately after this, cropped out RN's soliloquy about not looking at drama sites.

No. 160779

When you start your post with a
>hi cow
and can’t integrate, it makes you look like one of the aforementioned cows itt yourself.

No. 160780

File: 1626227002013.jpeg (165.67 KB, 2417x436, 7AD793FB-A143-4994-A0A6-FC1C37…)

Here’s a cap of the post that is still up on /cgl/ that is 100% Olivia or a friend of hers making shit up about momo. Strange that any post talking about Olivia gets deleted in a heartbeat but this blatant vendetta/lie about momo is up this long after it got posted

No. 160781

Yeah. I don't want to form a Momo defense squad, but it really is obvious a lot of this is Olivia and friends.

No. 160782

why was she banned?

No. 160783

I don't know. It was never discussed in public, I would have to assume there's a group chat or it was a mod-only decision that leaked out eventually.

No. 160784

This thread already turned into a gigantic Momo toe sucking circlejerk so you might as well.
>inb4 i'm Olivia
>inb4 i am a friend

She is a crazy bitch who got what was coming for her. I don't particularly like both of them though so i got lul on both sides.

No. 160785

False. The accusations on Momo that were on the lolita skirt thread also got deleted minus that one. Any obvious vendetta or shit stirring gets deleted point blank period.

No. 160786

this, jannies delete everything that gets mass reported

No. 160788

Not to be that one anon but what proof do we have that she was not only pretending in order to cover it up? Both of these girls just sound retarded honestly.

No. 160790

I didn’t say anything about other posts about momo being deleted, I specified that post still being up. And that post is an obvious vendetta but it isn’t deleted. Stop being retarded.

No. 160791

So far there has been literally zero caps to go with any accusations made against momo. Meanwhile more and more caps of shit against olivia keeps getting posted. I started off being skeptical and asking for people to post caps since I wanted to actually see what she did but since nobody has posted any and a bunch of retarded newfags keep vaugeposting without giving proof of said milk I’m of the opinion that until someone actually posts some proof it’s a vendetta against momo.

Ive never seen anything posted about momo in these threads aside from her excessive shooping obsession, which is dry as fuck. Post something new. If she’s a crazy bitch there’s gotta be proof, so post it.

That’s why momo is getting defended. You need caps, you can’t just vaugepost and not provide proof. This has always been the case on lolcow. Lurkmoar newfag.

No. 160813

Holy shit so now we have proof that Olivia tried to deflect to a random girl who fucking defended and supported her? Olivia you are 100% DDLG trash and your friends are too. It's absolutely retarded that she would try to shift blame to someone who offered support for no reason. Is Olivia mentally ill or something? She's a sex worker so I guess that does make sense.

No. 160814

Yeah, because she did nothing wrong here. Olivia is the one throwing her under the bus for no reason. Now that we finally have caps, I think it's safe to say that Olivia has a massive hateboner for her and is a shitty friend. Olivia sent her friends to mass report threads and posts that were true, so she deserves to be bullied for this.

No. 160824

It actually wasn't Momo, too. I have no idea why they think that honestly.

No. 160827

File: 1626256294035.jpeg (153.96 KB, 828x1144, 62D2C561-43B9-4133-8583-27CA3E…)

What’s the tea on that

No. 160828

Sounds like the discord group is a bunch of bitches.
Liv and momo fans really took over this thread

No. 160830

I'd like to know too
what exactly was shared and who did it?
(not into moitie so I barely know what they're doing over there)

No. 160832

You cant even go on cgl and look? Someone showed that iron gate was rereleased before it was offically announced. All they had to do is wait a few more hours to talk about it but they were scummy.

No. 160834

Does anyone know who on discord leaked it? All I know is it was some guy who is a mod on one of the vetted discord’s

No. 160837

apparently the vetted discord has banned momo cause they found out she was the one, or at least one of the people, vendetta posting but i haven't seen any cap whatsoever that it could be her

No. 160864

how come everyone knows about her work situation

No. 160873

>all the samefagging and wking itt

No. 160883


Without caps or proof it's literally one unhinged cow's word against another.

No. 160884

I wish admin would reveal how many of the posts whiteknighting the fattie are the same person, but sadly this thread isn't really important enough.

No. 160896

If I understand it right, according to the not so subtle discordfag(s) here
, this
is supposed to be proof that she "vendetta" posted here.

No. 160904

honestly this whole thing is pretty entertaining, tho I am still left with some questions/ comments

Why would L have M blocked on instagram when they frequent the same discord.

when they mention L used to do sex work, what are we refereeing to (supper not judging, just curious)

why is everyone on that discord licking her ass ?

At this point its pretty obvious that L also frequents cgl & lolcow, since she the caps above clearly show her screencaping anything that mentioned her pretty darn fast.

No. 160924

>why is everyone on that discord licking her ass
anon, it's called having friends…..

No. 160976

So are all your friends liars and ddlgers or just the one fat one?

No. 160977

File: 1626314555620.jpg (425.11 KB, 1080x1852, Screenshot_20210714-220214.jpg)

No. 161116

its a discord server

No. 161195

If it's from one of the vetted discords, it's likely that it resembles a private discord shared between friends rather than a public one where anyone can come and go. There's probably a lot of groupthink encouragement to act like a bunch of friends, even if most people are perfect strangers in reality.

Sage for an otherwise useless response though.

No. 161294

File: 1626444560149.jpeg (104.23 KB, 828x395, 7E3D3FF9-3DAF-46FD-9797-5D445A…)

No. 161371

What’s milky about this? Is there some context I’m missing?

No. 161400

Are you upset that she is doing well anon?

No. 161425

Could say that people that are mad over a rich fatty and some software chick must be the ones working under wage at a 9-5.

No. 161432

You could say that but you’d be wrong. Nobody in their right mind would be jealous of an obese sexworker who’s delusional and admits to not being able to see reality when it comes to her obesity

No. 161439

you sound a bit too bothered anon, calm down

No. 161490

This is one of the most ridiculous vendettas and deflections I've ever seen. Seek help anon.

No. 161578

Her having a job is not fucking milk dumbass. Good on her for not being a waste of space like Oliva, who loves DDLG and stretching out dresses while pretending she's a smol bean. I hope Olivia is out there crying over the fact that her weak smear campaign didn't work.

No. 161595

I only posted the first because anon asked why we all knew about her job situation. The answer is that she posted about it. No clue why the other anon posted that ss.

No. 161597

Why does it matter

No. 161602

Is this a old SS bc she does not have this up on her account at all. Makes me question who’s been holding grudges the longest here to have old posts from her saved

No. 161837

But the reddit history sperging isn't?
Sounds like there's a two way vendetta and far too much free time and autism involved

No. 161855

One is caps of actual milk and the other isn’t. How is this hard to understand?

No. 161857

The only vendetta is fatass Olivia hating on a girl half her size and employed. Olivia stans mad that their lard queen is actually a fucking ddlg weirdo and can't accept the truth.

No. 161860

This once again proving how unhinged Lolitas are. They had it coming by being in a stupid discord group. Can you retards shut up already about the two insecure fags. This is seriously getting annoying on general

July 17th and she still hasn’t dropped the book release or any updates. What a fail

No. 161861

File: 1626559157344.jpeg (266.92 KB, 828x1399, B9ED98F9-325D-4CC2-AF45-F41613…)

I actually enjoyed Rose Nocturnalia, but seeing her go makes me upset. Did the fatties attack her this bad over the AP sizing drama? http://rosenocturnalia.blogspot.com/?m=1

No. 161891

Fwiw, she is (was? I haven’t checked) in the Discord that started all of the recent fires on /cgl/ and here, so I wonder if the autism flare-up there helped push her to leave for good. Though I’m sure fat people raging at her didn’t help. The phrase “considering the events that have transpired over the past couple days” makes me think it’s related.

No. 161893

Those are public posts anyone can view, not a screen cap of a deleted post some unhinged anon held onto for a long time. Stop trying to deflect.

No. 161902

where can I find more about this fatty attack on RN? Did she say anything about Moitie's new sizing and people got mad at her?

No. 161905

No. 162136

File: 1626583990212.jpeg (688.76 KB, 828x1309, 47AC656D-B5D7-4F86-8BA0-CF7333…)

Just anons review of what transpired in may. Rose comments were up for a bit before deleting everything. She told off the fatties and they went autistic rage on rose

One of the fatties ran to TikTok to make a video about rose and the comments are filled with whining fatties

No. 162137

She made a whole video on Lolita drama and I can totally understand why she wants to distance herself from this deranged community. The fatties and itas kept calling her a gate keeper and she is over the shitty online Lolita space.

No. 162139

This person sounds like a fucking cow.
Why not just own what she told the fatties instead of pretending she was bullied and making a dramatic exit post. She'll be back when the heat has died down like all retards who can't handle the consequences of what they post.

If this wasn't about fatties, anons would be rightfully calling her for the pathetic pissbaby behavior this is.

No. 162141

>she told off fatties
did she literally do this or just some mild version of it?

kek at the top comment
>i think bringing up people who can't afford to eat healthy food wasn't a great point to support the argument with.. because one AP dress can buy 2-3 months of groceries for one person…

No. 162143

Did she delete her comments on that video?

No. 162166

She said something like to stop focusing on AP so much and whining about sizing cause they don’t care and never will. I think the person who made the video deleted the comments not Rose

No. 162170

File: 1626612240664.png (174.1 KB, 902x594, Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 12.1…)

caps before deletion

No. 162171

File: 1626612307883.png (143.64 KB, 892x598, Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 12.1…)

No. 162172

File: 1626612353562.png (173.5 KB, 904x600, Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 12.1…)

No. 162173

File: 1626612409790.png (113.48 KB, 903x597, Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 12.1…)

No. 162176

>Lady Sloth caters to me
>Meta caters to me

I know this wasn't the point of these caps being posted but god, these people will find any excuse. So fucking entitled.

No. 162177

No. 162179

Thanks, anon. You're an angel.

I don't think she said anything wrong. I'm not plus sized, but I'm on the petite side of things and Moitie is slowly becoming too big for me. That said, I stopped buying from them and started to buy either old pieces or pieces from brands with smaller sizes. I won't die from doing that, and neither will them.

These people advocating for "more inclusive sizing" are only interested on sizing that accommodates them. I do not see them joining me when I say that Moitie doest fit me anymore, they are just "it's so good that they are making bigger sizes! Now it can fit more people!"
As if.

Anyway , saying that everyone deserves to wear cute things doesn't mean that AP is the only way to achieve that

No. 162181

File: 1626613932891.gif (1001.6 KB, 350x250, 6203BAAF-5F80-4C65-8C23-822EDB…)

>I learned how to cut up AP dresses and modify them for my body, and I should not have had to learn that.
>My ETA that I give customers is 1-2 months, imagine waiting all that extra time to wear new releases.
Holy shit what an insufferable person. Buy from a different brand!

No. 162183

File: 1626614406086.jpeg (298.4 KB, 828x1070, 8B721BED-11F3-479B-81A7-68733E…)

The likes and dislikes ratio tho

Anyway why do they always blame businesses for their body being too big.

No. 162185

looks like bilbo rose isn't going to release anything at this point

No. 162186

File: 1626617230355.jpeg (1.65 MB, 4032x4030, 270D6BB8-A309-47AF-A1DD-F0B255…)

She’s a bit special

No. 162187

File: 1626617479382.jpeg (262.52 KB, 828x1646, 445DD90A-20AF-4CC9-A4F4-48895B…)

>>162186 Landwhale is still pressed over rose comments.

No. 162190

>the demands are unrealistic
So fucking what then? Just let people spin their wheels and bitch. The worst that happens is that those brands maintain their quo.

I half believe lolitas who are pressed about fat women saying that brands should carry their sizes are nervous that those brands will actually up and do it one day. And then the fatties will be running around in coveted prints and dress cuts too which means the gatekeeping won't feel special anymore.
Why are current lolitas such busy bodies? This idiot caused drama for herself because she wanted to get unnecessarily preachy over a literal who. She got what she deserved.

No. 162191

mad fattie spotted

No. 162193

Sage your seethe, Rose.

No. 162194

I don’t think AP will ever listen to a bunch of complaining American jabbas. Fatties needs to learn to get it professionally altered or go indie

No. 162195

dude are you ok? Girl just gave a realistic measured answer which included her a lot of valuable knowledge a covidlita could learn a lot from. why do we have to hate actual knowledge& conversation?
Getting this mad coz you got schooled shows a lot about your character

No. 162197

or use their love for rare Japanese pieces of art as an inspiration to adopt a healthier lifestyle, worked for me

No. 162199

It's funny when newbies in the fashion think brands have never adapted to the western market. Super adorable shit.
Protip: AP measurements are bigger today than they were even 10 years ago.

Nice blog, but no one has to.

No. 162200

She left lolita

No. 162202

Does it really make someone a busybody to respond to something that people are constantly screaming about, and have been doing for over a decade? It would be one thing if fat lolitas kept these discussions amongst themselves but no, they want to involve the entire community all the time. They’ll comment on people’s coord posts, haul posts, completely unrelated discussions just to whine that not every single brand caters to them. They openly celebrate when Japanese brands struggle, including brands with an aesthetic they admit they have no interest in. If you don’t want people to respond to a subject, maybe stop rubbing their faces in it every single chance you get.

No. 162205

Ap was a horribly small company, it grew . . . so did their clothes

No. 162206

AP went from Cotton to polyester dumbass

No. 162207

no one HAS to wear lolita either

No. 162209

>Does it really make someone a busybody to respond to something that people are constantly screaming about, and have been doing for over a decade?
Yes, equally screeching back over tired arguments and then pretending you were bullied for stirring tired old pots does make one an immature busybody. It's particularly bad if even cgl is sick of this shit.

No. 162214

File: 1626620379415.jpeg (229.65 KB, 828x954, AC93D03D-B5A4-44DC-BF43-37DAF0…)

I wonder how half her comm feels after that stunt. There’s no way she thought her comm will still be around her while she’s on the low.

No. 162220

Rose explained in a fair argument how the fatties ideals aren’t going to work. They got offended and pulled a bitchy hate tirade on rose in the yt comment thread. I think rose was being honest and nice, but fatties couldn’t take it from a thin gothic Canadian. The fattie then deletes rose’s comments and made bitchy bothersome TikToks creating drama. Rose was being fair enough here and the fatties got angry over her truth.

No. 162225

>Rose explained in a fair argument
That absolutely no one asked her for.
Maybe brands will cater to more sizes one day. Who the fuck cares.
Rose wasn't boolied. Brands aren't being boolied.

No. 162226

she commented in a public video, you usually don't need an invitation for something like that .
u sound deranged

No. 162227

It's called picking your battles.
>but the video was public
As was her comment, which fatties also chose to publicly respond to. She ran away like a coward because she couldn't stand by what she said.

Anything else need explained to you nonnie?

No. 162228

Cope fatty

Other people in the comments made a honest argument like rose to fatty’s video.

No. 162230

You'd think being plus size and loving Lolita fashion would be an inspiration to lose weight so you can fit into it, nope how about demand the brands make plus sizes for you instead

No. 162232

oh I am sorry i didn't know we where pulling nonnies out know
well go to hell whore

No. 162236

>Plus-size is our average, but it's their exception

Imagine having a hissy fit because someone said a basic truth like this. Surely it's borderline racist to stamp your feet and demand Asian companies, operating in Asia and serving mostly Asian customers, make US sizing? Like Rose said, most of their market is Asian so why would they focus on an estimated 10% foreign market? Especially when American/overseas customers are known to be bratty and demanding, see: this whole thing.

No. 162237

Yikes. What were you saying earlier about being deranged? Kek

No. 162239

I am >>162197, I think dressing up and feeling good about how you look is a great first step in activating a self love/self confident living. So having some plus size lolita is available is definitely good.
But if a specific piece doesn't fit, and you want it that badly maybe its a sigh.

No. 162240

Indeed, please learn how to cope instead of throwing tantrums that fatties won't see it your way.

No. 162243

>It's racist to ask asian companies to make more sizes!

Wokeism brain rot.

No. 162244

I'm not a burger so I don't know if this is a common term, but I fucking hate "straight sized" for I assume anyone not plus-sized, something annoying about it. I guess the suggestion that you're conforming in some way by, uh, being the weight you have always been in my case. Sorry I'm not fat?

No. 162245

File: 1626623417435.jpeg (467.58 KB, 828x1025, 78FC55BB-5B33-45E3-B523-1EDCC4…)

You’re seriously saying rose deleted her comments and ran like a bitch. Rose doesn’t give a shit who she offends and won’t be catering any woke fatty fags with bs. I don’t think rose would leave social media bc of some mad fatties but, due to annoyance of the state of the Lolita community.

No. 162246

>Sit back and learn from the plus sized people

How about no with that patronising shit.

No. 162247

>You're saying Rose deleted her comments and ran like a bitch
I mean, she didn't need anyone's help pointing this out if you've read her own blogpost doing exactly that lmao.

No. 162248

Tf is straight size????? Are these people peaking

No. 162249

this is the new normal, get used to it or you gonna end up in a straight sized ditch

No. 162250

ITT: Rose big mad.

No. 162253

sure mate coz there is only one person with informed opinions
learn how to coord lose some weight and then come back

No. 162254

More like fatty mad at AP Asian sizing

Wokeness is a disease
Reminds me of this
Real women= bio women
Trans women = women

No. 162256

took it one step to far

No. 162259

>everyone who disagrees with me is a fatty but don't you DARE accuse me of being Rose
What a waste of your Sunday to stan for this dumb bitch lol.

No. 162267

joke's on you fattie, I am having fun seeing you freak out

No. 162287

File: 1626629765331.jpeg (186.07 KB, 828x1098, 968352A4-A7E1-42FD-B0B5-3D7A5F…)

No. 162306

Improvement from the original imo.

No. 162313

>doesn't sell her stuff
Then who cares, just another moitie trendfag going down

No. 162317

Good god that haircut is awful. Doesn't help she's massive and can't dress herself.

No. 162320

more like Angelic Fatty

No. 162342

Gotta agree with this one and I think fatties should stay away from lolita in general. Crying about getting heat after starting drama and blaming it on the online comm and proclaiming to stay away to avoid the drama, then gossiping about another community drama in the very same post is pretty funny. She always came off as "catty but sensitive herself" to me.

No. 162362

Literally not what they said. If anything the entitlement of the fat fucks reeks of wokeism.

No. 162364

She's right tho. Why should AP give a fuck about catering to Amerifats when all they do is act entitled and bitch about sizing and pricing?
When they could just swoop on over to China where most of the women there actually fit the clothes, love every design they shit out, and have the money for it?
AP is ultimately a business,they don't owe you shit and they're going to go where the money is at.

No. 162365

I assure you she looks better and is more interesting than you’ll ever be.

No. 162383

Lmao ntayrt but stop acting like an absolute sperg, not everyone who disagrees with you is an uggo. Why are you so pressed about what people think of her anyway, hm?

No. 162394

Lmao sorry anon but getting this defensive on her behalf won't make her pick you.

No. 162398

what i don’t understand is people have been crying about their sizing for over a decade i dont know why they think crying louder is going to actually help anything clearly ap doesnt want fat people wearing their dresses despite them shoving themselves into dresses that just barely fit i feel like there should be more of a push to boycott ap or something from these people rather than just seeing if whining hard enough finally makes them care the only way ap is ever making changes to their sizing is if theres a push for it in asia but i doubt there will be anytime soon

No. 162404

AP believes the fatties should get it altered or lose weight

No. 162416

Her lacemarket sales. Yeah she left Lolita

No. 162425

i wonder why? even if she was an idiot she seemed to really like the fashion. plenty of people enjoy lolita without contributing to the community at large or even affiliating with a comm at all. maybe she is trying to gain sympathy or do it for shock value?

sage for no milk

No. 162442

File: 1626664243331.jpeg (539.41 KB, 828x818, BAB7EF3E-8E77-424F-B81A-D35A35…)

Not to jump on rose’s dick but the fatties were such spergefags. Rose on the other hand can run off and hide but, her argument was %100 reasonable to AP markets only appealing to certain audiences. I only see American fatties crying about AP sizing the most and it’s very telling with their entitlement attitude. Maybe in the future AP will change their sizing but, amerifatties needs to stop forcing demands on overseas businesses. These woke fucks will say how Americans should stay out of foreign business but out here policing a foreign businesses. Sizing in American is very different from the UK, JP, or any other nation sizing chart. Sizing all over the world is different and Americans needs to understand that not everything revolves around them.

Why don’t they go support meta that size inclusive instead than getting all up in AP. Just alter or move on

No. 162452

It's not because they don't want fatties to wear the clothes, it's because the west is not lucrative for them. They make the most money from China and Japan, where most girls are thin. If China was full of fatties, I am sure they would have upped the sizes to keep the money coming in.

No. 162472

I don't think anyone has posted actual receipts of what happened or why she's leaving but my guess is just that the backlash/criticism for her dumb projects got to her. Now she's embarrassed and decides to vanish not knowing how to resolve the shitfest she has started. She most likely made a huge financial loss too which is another reason for her to sell her wardrobe.

No. 162479

Tell me you're selfposting without saying you're selfposting.

No. 162482

Honestly whenever I see blatant white knighting like this, I suspect it’s a vendettachan trying to stir shit. You’d have to have a room temperature IQ to consistently post
>sorry she’s prettier than u lol every1 jealous
and think you’re actually helping.

No. 162546

She might be leaving temporarily and will join back when everything dies down. Biblet rose knows that the community has strong opinions on her rn and embarrassed to even show herself. She’s really embarrassed the people who help funded the book and how unprofessional the production was.

No. 162580

As a fatty, I genuinely agree with RN’s points and found her to be very nice and an awesome person. I’m just sad people are leaving the online sphere because people can’t handle discussions without getting triggered and running to go cry about it to tik tok and shit groups.

No. 162586

Nobody cares. Lose weight.

No. 162593

That’s what Covid itas do. Whenever there’s something they disagree on they run to TikTok. I’m sure most fatties are not like this and put in the time to alternate a piece, rather than crying 24/7 over a about a brand catering a certain size. The girl in the video only started wearing Lolita a couple months ago and thinks that AP will change when it’s been like this for years. Plus size old AP fags just altera their pieces now and understands the AP market. Maybe it’ll change in the future, but as of now it’s not going to.

No. 162607

File: 1626724915459.jpeg (173.97 KB, 828x1101, 3C05C22C-5E39-4A52-B5B7-9B7054…)

Talking about fattie-chans made me think of this one kek she looked so matronly in her reel. Anyone noticed that filter sperging when she shows the earrings?

No. 162620

She doesn't look fat, just big boobed and needs a fucking bra asap.

No. 162641

File: 1626733413749.jpeg (138.58 KB, 828x1188, B53BC230-CBB7-47F4-A42B-DEFF9B…)

this face made RN leave huh

No. 162657

The screeching of sjw and fatphobic calling crowd is frightening

No. 162673


Honestly I would go incognito too if I got associated with them in any way, good or bad.

No. 162674

She looks very special.
Extra chromosome special.
Why we are allowing these shameful displays of gluttony and self righteousness into such a beautiful fashion and actually listening to them is beyond me. I wish we told them to stop crying and lose weight or use their ham hands for something other than grabbing food by learning to sew like we did back in early Lj days.
SJW movement spreading was the worst thing to happen

No. 162675

can't even lipsync properly in her tiktoks. so fucking ita and cringe

I honestly long for the LJ days. no spoonfeeding, no bullshit

No. 162678

Because the truth is you're a coward just like Rose.

No. 162718

God damn milkers, she needs to get on that Eugenia Clooney diet.

No. 162721

not to wk but I'd give her a pass because she's a mom now and unless you start dieting and restricting from day 1 after birth, it takes a while until you lose all that pregnancy fat, especially with a slow metabolism. But even like this she still looks better than most actual fatties in this fashion.

No. 162769

>tell me you weren’t actually there for the lj days without saying it

The couple of people of note that I remember doing that sort of stuff got essentially black listed. One left the fashion because nobody would sell to her because they said she was an unhinged cunt, one was a vile troon who ran around with furfags and was outed to his comm as a furfag himself.

No. 162795

SJW culture is a stain perpetuated by fatties so they can win by default. I'd rather see slim (and sadly thin skinned) Asian and Black girls who coordinate well than the pigs who harassed them out of the community.

No. 162807

babes I'm talking primarily about getoffegl, but egl was also blunt compared to the uwu anyone can be a lolita in their heart community we have today

No. 162837

I can't put my finger on why but lolita tends to look like a costume on fat people by default, even if it's casual, it just doesn't look right to me

No. 162848

Needs to get her eating disorder back.

No. 162853

Fucking disgusting

No. 162906

How does it look like a costume on them?

No. 162907

The fataphobia is real disheartening.

Not all plus size lolita are apple shaped, some of them are just tall

There are a lot of uggos out there fat or skinny. If we’re gonna kick people out can it be the uggos

No. 162912

Shut up fatty

No. 162918

Lose weight

No. 162920

kek just lose weight, fatty

No. 162924

Sorry you’re all uggos that got offended
I don’t even like AP so keep those sizes small for all I care

No. 162930

fucking ew, off yourself.
I see in your desperation to roleplay an oldfag you’ve forgotten how many regular posters were also outed as total cows themselves. But suuuure, it’ll go sooo much better for you anon, I’m certain you have zero embarrassing secrets that people totally wouldn’t weaponize their autism to dig up! That totally never happens!

No. 162932

No one cares fatty. Please stay away from AP

No. 162935

Being tall doesn't mean you're plus sized. Cope harder.

No. 162938

Ugly but not fat

No. 162944

Check your blood sugar fatty

No. 162975

babygirl all i said was i miss the LJ days. you went on this weird retarded rant. if anyone is the autist here it's u

No. 162976

Maybe it isn't about "winning" and more or less standing by the shit you feel with conviction. If you actually believe you're right, then it shouldn't matter if fatties come to hate you because it's not like you liked them either.

The truth is you don't want to be discovered because like Rose, you have a pathetic need to be liked underneath your baddie anon bullshit. Absolutely nothing comes from being a mean fuck to fat women. Which means you're just afraid of the clapback from them and maybe looking like a bit of an asshole in the online comm.
If one of those fatties claimed "harassment off the internet" for being called ugly and ita for posting, you'd tell them to get over it or stop wearing lolita.
Well, get over it or stop wearing lolita. You aren't being bullied because you opened your fat mouth and reaped the consequences.

No. 162983

Thread recapper here, does anyone know Olivia’s socials/Lacemarket? I know her Instagram handle is Dreamy_pastel_princess. Since her and Zoe were the two major cows of the thread I’m giving them their own sections in the next thread OP

No. 163017

being fat > being ugly
>inb4 fat IS ugly

No. 163031

Makeup and a brown bag can fix ugly
Losing weight can fix fat

No. 163033

Fat phobia isn’t real LMAO

No. 163043

I love how some of you think that fattychans care about you not wanting them to dress pretty.
Fashion is for everyone, cry more about people wearing them frils.

No. 163050

Fattychans don't care!!11!!
They clearly do though >>162186 . Especially when you get posted to /cgl/

No. 163086

>>163043 Fashion is not for everyone
stop quoting fluffykawaiijo

No. 163118

>is actually seethe over fatties not caring

the irony is palpable here. Just block and ignore fatties if they truly make you this mad.
typing like a negroid is cringe but you also said you missed them because they were more ‘brutally honest’. anon just pointed out that brutal honesty also didn’t go over as well in these places as you think it did.

No. 163129

Wish the same for fatties that cry over AP

No. 163133

File: 1626911679269.jpeg (244.52 KB, 827x1282, CCFBC255-4D79-4F7D-A008-4F0EE2…)

Why is this accurate anon

No. 163135

>Some things just aren't for you.

Things are for whoever can afford them. Go write these upset feelings in your diary. This should be considered blogposting, really.

No. 163143

Once again, if they truly make you that upset then just block them. Getting this angry about fatties is pretty unnecessary.

Being fat or ugly isn’t milky just in itself.

No. 163184

Men can afford tampons but they aren’t for them. You’re delusional

No. 163188

Is that the ash x misty shipper who threatened suicide?

No. 163241

tampons aren’t a fashion hobby. playing retarded doesn’t change that if somebody can afford it, it’s theirs. Getting asshurt over it is ridiculous, just let them look like shit.

No. 163247

Dreamy Pastel Princess lacemarket is Oengro. And zoeosaki new one in Anmitsu .

No. 163272

File: 1626973239341.jpeg (305.35 KB, 828x683, B7C8001F-C1C8-4053-BD05-C8D95B…)

Stop defending/crying over fattychans unless it’s related to actual milk like this- pic related. Meta announced a plus plus size for international orders only and I haven’t seen a single fatty talk about it yet.

No. 163278

They would rather put their money towards AP and cry over sizing. This is because most fatties are sweetfags and don’t believe that meta has any good sweet prints like AP.

No. 163281

Fatties don't talk about meta because meta actually caters to them, every other brand is ~fatphobic~ thus needs to be talked/cried about.
There's plenty of good options for plus-sized sweet lolitas besides ap and baby but they pretend they don't see it so they can keep pretending they're being oppressed by 'muh fatphobic japanese brands'.

No. 163285

that's because this is like the 10th dress they've released that comes in that size. it's not news, newfag.

No. 163297

no duh
this has been a thing since they started doing it lol

No. 163300

Why acknowledge the brands that have been catering to you with beautiful pieces when you can screech online about every other brand on the planet that doesn't? They don't care about inclusion or specific styles being accessible. They want the world to reaffirm them in their body positivity by pretending being obese is perfectly fine and a totally ~natural~ part of the human body's evolution. All burando must alter their entire method of sizing to suit their feelings and cover all 450lbs. of their rapidly deteriorating bodies. And if it doesn't look JUST how the smaller sizes fit smaller women then they're making dumpy, low effort designs on purpose cause they hate fatties and want them to dress like shit.

No. 163363

fatties just don't look cute. if they do, their comically sized body drags their appearance down.


No. 163365

You look like shit no matter the brand.
>ur all ugly anywae!
Cope, piggu

No. 163376

Lmso yall want to steal dresses from fattychans or what? How on earth do you want to regulate a fashion? This is not a dictatorship at least where I'm living in. So if a fatty buys brand and does whatever to her, power to her. You can find it ugly all you want and say that- still won't make them stop wearing it. Ya aint the fashion police nonny.
Go cry about women wanting to dress cute with dresses you couldn't lay your hands on.

No. 163382

What the fuck are you talking about
There's no need to regulate fatties because brands do that shit for us kek

No. 163391

What in the hell are you babbling about.

No. 163406

back to twitter, fatty.
brands already don't allow them in and they're doing god's work omegalul

No. 163454

File: 1627006156592.gif (1.2 MB, 498x222, tenor (14).gif)

Imagine being this pressed about fat people wearing clothes. Like how sad and empty are your lives that other people in the world squeezing themselves in your tacky ageplay looking brand makes you seethe on a 4chan containment website.

Meta is hot garbage most of the time which is why it is not as popular. I mean, AP is getting that way, but if there's a print or dress someone really wants that's AP and they can't fit into it, it hurts literally no one to bitch about not being able to fit into clothes online. The brands don't care and likely won't change, so why are you so bothered by other people being openly disappointed? How whiny do you have to be to whine about fatties whining?

No. 163456

File: 1627008003454.jpeg (19.3 KB, 273x276, 85C40592-2BA1-4448-9B22-0D5AE7…)

No. 163471

I'm 5'9" and have broad shoulders, as some women are taller than average and I have literally no control over the shape of my bones. I am never going to fit an AP OP and am at peace with that.

I also understand that other people aren't going to share my personal experiences and opinions and might be upset that they can't fit into certain clothes and post about it on the internet. I somehow move on and manage to function in my life just fine in spite of the different feelings of others without succumbing to blind rage when I see others in clothes that don't fit them. It's so wild!

No. 163473

Good for you. Glad you bumped the thread to talk about being unbothered. Read the fucking rules, triangle-chan.

No. 163487

Fats can whinge on a daily basis but no one else can. Got it.

No. 163505

The actual brands themselves literally do not care. Imagine wk this hard for a literal fantasy that has been sold to you in order for you to keep competing spending $1k+ at a time and foaming at the mouth once a week to think you belong in an exclusive club where every other person is a Rinrin career model. The delusion.

No. 163513

Did you reply to the wrong posts? Your comment makes no sense as a response to either of them.

No. 163540


You're both wrong. People in the plus size facebook group love the new meta sizing.

Recently Meta had a few issues with the elastic in one of their new plus size dresses and is offering to cover return shipping costs and are fix the jsks for no extra cost.

People in the group who previously hadn't bought from Meta have expressed that they're going to becauase of how Meta resolved this recent issue.

Also you'd be surprised at the number of plus size lolitas who don't give a shit about AP or sweet lolita in general. The Plus size discord is probably about 95% gothic and classic and 5% sweet.

No. 163637

nice blogpost piggu, no one cares. Seethe and cope.

No. 163639

>implying lolita is all sweet
>Meta is hot garbage most of the time
Pick a struggle anon you can't be fat, new, and have shit taste altogether

No. 163640

File: 1627067178322.jpg (18.7 KB, 367x367, bC1O2Z-d_400x400.jpg)

>am at peace with that

No. 163765

Well that's not surprising since there are a lot of fat goths in general.

No. 163766

that's a lot of projection there pal

No. 163806

File: 1627118320655.jpg (245.04 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20210724-111523_You…)

For actual milk since you all are too busy talking about a fashion not being wearable by fatties (good luck prohibiting that), Tyler's new video starts like screenshot.

She rages anyway on every occasion how no one notices she's bi and how she even made LWLN in the bisexual colors.
And now she's blessing us with this and she looks like she crept out of a nightmare.

No. 163808

Kek she looks fucking awful and who gives a shit if shes bi? I really thought the makeup was going to tie into her whole rant about what an edgy night owl she is, but turns out it was just her shitty first attempt playing with eye makeup

No. 163809

No one cares she is bi. She uses it as an accessory and only character trait besides being so ~sarcastic and having offensice humor uwu~.

No. 163816

wow wtf is that makeup? her normal makeup was fine, but this is so ham handed

No. 163818

No one gives a shit

No. 163829

Those beady rat eyes are nightmare fuel.

No. 163832

Nice user icon, nonny.

No. 163847

kek it’s always people who would be cows themselves posting about those with whom they share similarities

No. 163857

Tyler being an ugly man faced attention whore is nothing new though. Even if you could call this milk, which I don’t think it is, it’d be stale as fuck.

No. 163865

yikes that's unfortunate

No. 163917


What's this drama monger's username? All I see is their pfp.

No. 163922

File: 1627162271231.jpeg (210.17 KB, 582x482, 66C8BC24-25B0-485C-9ECF-B05CD7…)

She changed her profile pic after being found but seems to be this landwhale:

No. 163924

Sage for non-con but I would kill myself if I was this fat and ugly

No. 163925

this girl:
>"Tyler is shoving her bisexuality down everyone's throats!!"
also this girl in her channel description:
>♥ super bi ♥ super funny ♥ super cool

No. 163927

Stop saying noncon, that shit isn't the right term.

No. 163928

File: 1627163592083.jpeg (656.8 KB, 1190x612, 798D2BB4-5425-4652-8077-AC2E19…)

I remember her from the German lolita discord. She threw a tantrum and outet herself on btb after an anon made a secret about her posting on lolcow

No. 163929

It’s been said here for years, stop being so autistic.

No. 163930

hi Queen!

No. 163931

i dont know if you knew this but it also means rape fetish if you wanna keep saying it thats your business but i thought you should know

No. 163932

I already knew. It also means non-contribution, and has been used that way on the farm for ages. Nobody cares about your special snowflake triggers here.

No. 163937

Proof that people who lurk this board are insecure cows. >>163922

No. 163940

her btb outing is old cringe but I didn't expect her to still lurk here after she has publicly admitted to posting about other lolitas in the german thread

No. 163960

I'll bet money she's one of the anons who insists the German lolitas look old and withered.

No. 164006

Is there a new Venus thread ?

No. 164013

it's been up for days, look for it in the catalogue

No. 164119

File: 1627255528976.jpeg (71.7 KB, 828x1256, F3CEC127-E599-412F-B0C3-F5E6F4…)

Fattie deleted their YouTube after being caught in this thread

No. 164173

I'm surprised she's still allowed on the Discord after that and now beeing caught again. The admin must be spineless as they come

No. 164175

Sage your shit retard

No. 164177

make it less obvious you're STILL lurking here kek

No. 164179

Isn’t she with a man anyway? Who gives a shit if shes bi

No. 164181

Nta but who are you accusing anon of being? I don’t lurk this thread but just saw it bumped

No. 164183

Scroll up fucking retard

No. 164184

holy shit anon take a nap

No. 164193

Lmao unhinged newfag detected go back to cgl

No. 164212

not to defend this dumbass but who wouldn’t? even supposedly thick-skinned people in this community end up being total cowards and cows.

No. 164261

I went to highschool with yasmine wambolt and she used to be a huge racist she would draw swastikas on her forehead and sing the moon man rap and she would wear a bleached swastika shirt to school she’s from Fredericton New Brunswick she would never get in trouble for anything at school I think because she’s on the spectrum

No. 164313

File: 1627340349324.png (36.68 KB, 275x104, 78227BA7-AA93-434A-A89A-9674B5…)

No surprise. Her friend Autumn and her bf got kicked out of Toronto comm for harassing members and comm leader.

cap a anon shared in her thread
>Mod bans autumn and her bf
>wokefags ree
>Autumn laters blame it on her autism

Besides the “fat shaming” which I agree with,, these two are the biggest ewhoring cows. Their circle is a bunch of Lolita rejects Ft. pisschan, sex harness Lolita, pedo, and more

No. 164371

she seems more acting-out-behavior-disorder or just plain mentally disturbed than genuinely autistic.

I guess living your childhood with everyone too afraid to hurt your poor little ‘autistic’ fee-fees makes for a cringe as fuck adult with no friends.

No. 164399

More on yasmine she lived in this small 2 bedroom apartment with her 2 brothers and parents through highschool I think one of her brothers was a heroin junkie their names are Ezekiel and Xavier. Before she got into Lolita she used to wear other attention seeking garments like toe shoes and hulk hands to highschool with a mullet. She shop lifts a lot I mean you can’t go anywhere with her without her shop lifting her Mum works for the Green Party of Canada in New Brunswick but I’m not sure what she does exactly. She was friends with the woke gay kids in highschool which is odd if you consider her nazi attention whoring but I guess her friends didn’t care because she was so xD random I think this is the funniest part seeing as how she publicly shamed another member of the Lolita community for being problematic or whatever lel I don’t have any of the pictures from highschool any more but I know a few people who might if anyone’s interested

No. 164401

It might have been adhd I don’t know what it was but she had some kind of special Behavioural treatment by staff

No. 164427

Bless anon. Please Drop the milk if you can. Haven’t seen this amount milk coming in on this thread in months

No. 164431