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File: 1617254904074.jpg (597.1 KB, 1080x1238, 1612429573399.jpg)

No. 143376

Lolita Lolcow thread #5 "Everyone too scare to make the thread" Edition

Previous thread >>109410

Sage your non-milk posts. Being fat and or ugly, while hilarious, is not milk by itself. Lying/shooping yourself excessively to hide that you are fat and ugly and crying about it when caught is milk.

Some milk recapped from last thread:

>Andrea is outed as a diaperfag sissy, shocking no one

>Hanikami.bear is anachan, shocking no one

>Bondage-chan is a camwhore, shocking no one

>Cadence Kato thinks she invented beaded necklaces with candy motifs

>purestmaiden/wonderfinch harasses Lovely Lor for accidentally clicking like on some pic of someone at a trump rally, so people dig up her pro-ana blogs and her gushing over Die Walkure and she posts a half-assed "apology", shocking no one

>Briz Blossom hyperfixates on her follower count, entertains delusions that someone is "deleting" her followers by hacking her account

>neorococomemes, unfunny ita, has hate boner for Victoria Suzanne for some bizarre reason

>It's Vanilla Bear/dreaming.vanilla has a baby and is obnoxious about it, that's literally it that's the whole "milk"

>tokimeki.bunny posts about breeding kinks, being anachan, starting an onlyfans, and public rants vagueing friends

>angelfazce/sexy baby/bloated corpse chan continues to commit sins against the sighted community

>CHANEL/chanlleydoll RETURNS feat. blouse she literally dyed brown with pit stains

>NaturallyRacist (naturallycute/dollqt/Jenna) made an onlyfans where you can see her flabby belly and greasy bangs

No. 143435

bless you for making the thread OP we're all pussies

No. 143438

Shit thread OP

No. 143442

Do we talk about none of you calling out sexy baby? Or that the mods of CoF don't see a problem with him?

No. 143443

Cof mods let camwhores wear dildo harnesses in their coords I doubt they’d do anything about him

No. 143457

File: 1617322594778.png (244.65 KB, 1487x644, Capture.PNG)

Alright, which one of you assblasted poorfags is this?

No. 143462

File: 1617323819976.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1818x4108, 1206201325d.jpeg)

they're the plague doctor ita posted at the end of page 22 of that thread, hence why they got salty and more or less stopped posting

everything they've posted in that thread was basically vendettaposting about people who banned her from groups/discords for being extremely openly racist

No. 143466

Can someone make a new thread with a different OP image, these are not fastmoving threads, which means seeing that blouse way more times and for way longer than is humane

No. 143469


You can hide the file newfag

No. 143471


>getting triggered over dirty clothes

No. 143484

File: 1617343491228.png (608.04 KB, 472x577, CHSB_.png)

we are off to a great start!

No. 143502

I wait for the day these people start claiming vintage car collecting is elitist and should be more accessible

No. 143505

Sharon from CoF mods my comm. They won't kick out Naturally Racist because it would make her sad. They know she bullies people, and they are concerned, so they're handling it.

No. 143507

Oh yeah wasnt she the one that was obsessed with that ugly ass plague doctor idea and wanted to wear it to a hospital? Now of all times? And didnt get why it would be in bad taste?

No. 143522

File: 1617375185688.jpg (279.59 KB, 750x692, the girl they reffer to as dil…)

lest we forget

No. 143532

>Andrea is outed as a diaperfag sissy, shocking no one
I still cant believe they did not get kicked out of the atl comm

No. 143573

File: 1617398045594.jpeg (851.31 KB, 1242x1266, 1616662988057.jpeg)

I'm so glad anons here are talking about this seething clown.
Talking all that shit in some cut up bedsheets, lmao.

No. 143871

File: 1617591331593.png (2.95 MB, 2738x2498, saga_of_scalperchan.png)

I present to you… the Saga of Scalperchan. I left out a lot of non-lolita related milk about her personal life that she has posted about on her blog, let me know if you'd like a compilation of that as well. Happy Easter!

No. 143885

god she is gonna be lonely as hell when she's old

No. 143901

Oh gosh I remember reading about her on cgl
So she sold the dress with a little profit though I think it’s not too crazy to ask for 300. she could’ve tried for 500-600$ like she said or tried with the restyle skirt

No. 143950

She tried. At first it was listed for $350 with a $600 BIN, then she probably accepted a $300 offer from the buyer

No. 143967

Off topic but does anybody know where I can find Similar weekender bags to the Spoiled Snowball bunny Bag? I think its super cute but i'm not a lolita person and don't know many brands etc.

No. 143974

Piss-chan and pals are flipping their shit because she got posted to the ita thread.

No. 143992

are they really though lmao

No. 143998

kek i just saw. funny how they're furiously masturbating each other ITT and autistically screeching at anyone saying the truth. Just goes to show how much they lurk since they're unemployed. Their clique is retarded

whatever you tell yourself to sleep at night

No. 143999

Where are they freaking out? Screencaps? Newfag?

No. 144000

No. 144001

this is an imageboard

No. 144002

was going to screencap but it seems like piss chan and her gang reported all of the post exposing her as piss chan and the whore who posts pics drooling over herself while wearing lolita.
they are so incredibly bothered by it it's hilarious

No. 144003

You can screen cap it in the archives newfriend

No. 144007

File: 1617717718979.png (66.16 KB, 1090x595, 2.png)

here since you hoes cannot be bothered.
for people crying samefag they sure samefag a lot. the coord wasn't exactly bad but they were being so autistic it drew more attention to it

No. 144008

File: 1617717821824.jpg (2.08 MB, 1284x1573, 1617661059222.jpg)

said coord

No. 144009

File: 1617717865404.png (120.32 KB, 1070x581, 3.png)

No. 144010

File: 1617717996829.png (27.04 KB, 888x324, 4b12.png)

No. 144011

File: 1617718082915.png (82.72 KB, 1091x836, 6h.png)


all those deleted replies…you can tell someone was real pressed

No. 144012

File: 1617718257839.png (101.85 KB, 1093x925, isgdg.png)

No. 144013

File: 1617718317368.png (74.68 KB, 1034x791, last.png)

No. 144020

They did the same thing and sperged last lolita lolcow thread accusing OP of vendetta despite having like ten cows included in the OP when Piss-chan was used as the OP image.

No. 144023

This many deleted replies in a row confirms it was one person sperging about her, and that they are a different person than OP of the thread, correct?

No. 144024

Seems like different people to me, just not OP themselves. They projected hard by crying samefagging while samefagging themselves

No. 144025

No, it doesn’t. It means that the deleted posts were reported. If it was all one person and the posts were mass deleted you’d see all of that side of the conversation gone, not just select posts.

No. 144035

Both have jobs and you’re probably the same girl who autistically screeched about her last year because she needs attention. Wasn’t it proven she lied about that stuff because dollsmeat blocked her and she was mad about it lmao

No. 144040

whatever you rather believe, pisschan friend :^) you're just as mentally disturbed as she is

No. 144041

We can tell you’re new and just here to WK friend, sageless-chan.

No. 144042

i didn't know her but her and her gang are deeply deranged

sage your infighting autism. also proofs or gtfo. gj outting yourself as one of those retards by having to defend the fact they aren't jobless btw kek

No. 144043

Every. Single. Time. Dollsmeat gets brought up in a way not kissing her ass, be it here or on /cgl/, it results in her and her friends throwing temper tantrums whiteknighting her, insisting everyone is jealous/threatened by her/whatever retarded 4th grade argument her drug addled brain can come up with.

I don’t even care if I catch a ban for >hi cow, it’s blatantly her and Garbage-chan doing it.

No. 144060


Tbf it could be multiple people wking her, she has more friends that might. They really need to take a hint and not feed her vendetta-chans. I like dm myself and am happy she’s getting better but she’ll never be free from this bullshit if her friends can’t shut up. Or I guess her as well if she’s self posting.

No. 144064

>I like dm myself

Opinion discarded. Fuck off whiteknight.

No. 144065

>intense vitriol directed at anyone with a slightly positive opinion on someone you dislike
Likewise, opinion discarded, fuck off vendetta-chan.(infighting)

No. 144067

>comes to lolcow
>complains about vendetta over someone being milky

Your “slightly positive” view was to say you like her and defend her against a “vendetta” that doesn’t exist because it’s not just one person talking about her. That’s literally whiteknighting. I’m not even the person who dropped the caps, nor was I in that thread when she got posted and sperged. Interesting that everyone not praising her seems to have some huge “vendetta” against Piss-chan.(infighting)

No. 144069

>anyone who dislikes dm is a vendetta for sure!1one
So you're the same sperg from the ita thread eh. You need to realize more than one person dislikes her and it does not make it vendetta. Vendetta for what anyho? She's a bitch who got what she deserved for being such a backstabbing pig, an attention whore, and a notorious vendetta chan on cgl herself.

No. 144298

I enjoy her coords, but going to a cafe at this age with a stuffed animal is just weird. I also don't get how she feels that it is okay to go out so often when Osaka is in a really bad state with Covid cases right now.

No. 144299

File: 1617876974485.png (2.07 MB, 1080x1889, Screenshot_20210408-190753.png)

File dropped

No. 144309

>stuffed animal
Not an APfag, isn't it a plush bag?

No. 144310

Idk about the plush/pochette but i was weirded out by her seeing her visit here and there Cafés, getting coffee etc. is it so hard to stay home if she’s anyways in chronic pain or whatever

No. 144325

Plenty of Japanese lolitas do shit like that. I normally can’t stand her but is this really even milk?

No. 144422

She's been at cafes on a weekly basis since the pandemic started which isn't a good look especially since Osaka has had the highest cases at some points.

No. 144736

File: 1618077339781.jpeg (253.84 KB, 828x1447, 876881F6-55E2-4135-881C-B9A2D8…)

Apparently this girl was mad that AP “stole” her gummy bear design as an uwu small business

No. 144738

File: 1618077459052.jpeg (460.11 KB, 2048x2048, EEE60DED-E439-4DEC-9CFD-30B0BD…)

For comparison left Jelly Candy Toys by angelic pretty and left her design

No. 144740

File: 1618077514725.jpeg (194.92 KB, 828x1232, 27E699AD-0561-40A1-A478-CEA65B…)

Her sketches look like a 10 year old drew them

No. 144742

>kawaii autistic
she sure is autistic to make such a claim kek

No. 144747

I don't like her release but you guys seem to be getting the wrong idea. she's not saying AP copied her, that was other people. kawaii_autistic is some other girl. sleepyriri is the creator of the gummy bear dress. She just acknowledged that AP didn't copy her design.

No. 144752

God y'all are so desperate for milk that you're starting to misread the smallest shit. Sleepyriri is clearly talking about that her gripe with AP is that they changed the reservation system, not that they copied her.

No. 144759

>Apparently this girl was mad that AP “stole” her gummy bear design as an uwu small business
Did you even read the screenshot you posted?

No. 144776

omfg please hire a PROFESSIONAL are you an idiot

No. 144832

File: 1618137335347.jpg (474.64 KB, 1652x900, 1616699867887.jpg)

No. 144835

Topkek at the cheap shop

No. 144848

kek i always knew she shooped her legs to look like sticks it's painfully obvious

No. 144851

looks like a bad splice kek
her legs look the same in videos

No. 144885

File: 1618162980769.jpg (Spoiler Image, 513.86 KB, 1675x1855, CollageMaker_20210411_00343266…)

Jo* has got some serious body dysmorphia. The shoop is getting ridiculous, i think she is very pretty in an average lesbian way. But when she shows up on my feed with her nose collapsing its kinda disturbing.

No. 144894

Its a photo of herself cut together to create a twin look, they are both her. its just not lined up properly.

No. 144899

Jeez girl just blurr it out but this? Looks like when you make a sim and put nose on “smallest”

No. 144902

All she needed to do was lightly shoop her smile lines. Her nose looks like it’s collapsing on her lip. Poor thing..

No. 144910

she's exactly as you described it. pretty in a lesbian way. there are many kinds of pretty and girls seem to forget that. even homely is a kind of pretty.
she got to stop shooping her nose this way, her laugh lines are not even that noticeable and bring something to her face imho

No. 144912

Her natural nose is her best feature imho? It's small and cute. This upward angle makes her jawline look weirdly meaty and is super unflattering. All she needs to do is learn her angles and fix her droopy brows and she'd look vastly better. Wigs could use a good brushing too.

No. 144946

File: 1618199805252.png (6.06 MB, 3240x1540, Untitled-1.png)


No. 144952

holy fuck is this seriously her? She looks so different from the shooped selfies she posts of herself that I can’t even see the resemblance….

No. 144984

These photos are two years old and models don't do there own makeup clothes and photos of course she's going to look different

No. 144995

Stop whiteknighting

No. 145002

newfag what do you even mean with "very pretty in an average lesbian way"
I like her stuff but when I saw this I also was a bit eh, let's just say it's very obvious.

No. 145003

File: 1618257676243.jpg (1.73 MB, 2560x1920, 21-04-12-13-01-44-596_deco.jpg)

Is this that UK scalper? Her floor and bagged AP plushies look like those listings on LM

No. 145004

File: 1618257831120.jpg (546.98 KB, 1079x1225, Screenshot_20210412-130329_Ins…)

Nevermind, i answered my own question. Her photos further down have her other my melody mat that matches the one for schk_ho. Kek she's a fat brand ita

No. 145024

off course she's fat. why are scalper chicks so often fatties?

No. 145026

File: 1618263883340.png (375.05 KB, 641x588, x.png)

That would make sense. I don't have any experience with that kinda stuff but would it fuck up the pavement between the clones shoes that badly?

She definitely has long, thin legs but is it me or does this picture she posted a month ago with the tag #bodypositivity look really suspicious around the right knee?

So is a years old insta post the only example we have of her "modeling"?

Nayt, but imo it's not whiteknighting to point out common sense.

No. 145027

she very obviously shoops, none of the lines line up in here or >>144832 and everything near her legs gets out of focus/grainy looking (or straight up distorted like the pavement), 2 very obvious signs of photoshopping.

No. 145034

File: 1618267336090.png (735.72 KB, 1300x700, umadbro.png)

No. 145039

have you ever seen a crosswalk curb
kek retards

No. 145040

crosswalks don't jump up 6 inches and have bricks fading into pavement

No. 145043

please go touch some grass anon

No. 145048

does anybody still have caps from her pinterest thinspo board?
That girl has some serious body image issues. Also, if you look at photos of her posted by other people she doesn't look nearly as skinny. She definitely shoops her legs at least.

No. 145051

How about I go to the same intersection and take a picture of the curb so we can all be sure kek

Have any examples of those photos from others?

No. 145056

File: 1618272974187.png (881.42 KB, 830x599, yes.png)

No. 145062

>Anon just Google street viewed her location. Holy Hell lol.

Lolitas continue to exemplify textbook mental instability.
The wiggly pavement somewhat makes sense in context of the ghetto curbside, but that doesn't mean she didn't shoop. In fact, she relies on bad edits to cover her tracks.
That said, can we stop giving her attention now? She's edgy and shoops herself skinny, so does half the (online) lolita comm. She is nothing but a posturer and you're all playing right into her game.

No. 145063

File: 1618277925147.jpeg (176.4 KB, 1773x1773, E66E171C-0E5F-4042-99FA-34B221…)


I fear no man… but Lolita…
𝐈 𝐟𝐞𝐚𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐦.

No. 145064

Lot of unchecked mental patients in $500 dresses.

No. 145069

File: 1618280777554.jpg (142.62 KB, 576x676, restyleskirt.jpg)

Is that the skirt she said she sold for $233

No. 145078

so this is the power of weaponised autism…

No. 145083

but look at her arms, they look thin here, but healthy, not the kind of skelly way she shoops herself

No. 145086

I loled at the space between her knees, imagine not being arsed to edit that and post it. Take a photoshop class hun.

No. 145102

File: 1618303227617.jpg (1.61 MB, 2560x2551, 21-04-13-10-37-17-891_deco.jpg)

Vaccination drama incoming.
I wonder if the community is that dead, that drama is being made over shit like this.
Not saying her joke was the best, but I feel like this is clearly an overreaction.
Person in the picture is @ larasuzanne

Sorry for the bad crop

No. 145109

The "joke" isn't even funny.

No. 145112

It sounds like they got triggered by her calling herself a hot bish so had to scramble to try and be offended about something.

No. 145120

true, but was it worth that kind of reaction?

No. 145122

dreamy.kuri is a fat brand ita fishing for attention

No. 145142

Is this the same person who got called out by neororococomemes bc she posted BLM in pink aesthetic?
If so, why does everyone have vendetta against her?

No. 145143

Different girl, similar names

No. 145144

Victoriasuzanne was BLM chick. Larasuzanne is tiktok attention whore

No. 145145

I mean kuri is right. It’s a really distasteful joke and that larasuzanne is basically scum.

No. 145148

If that's distasteful, you're too sensitive for someone on the boards

No. 145174

So it’s not distasteful to degrade someone because they got a certain vaccine? That’s nothing I’ve seen here on lc being discussed. Go back to cgl

No. 145179

A dumb joke, but not something to call someone scum over. This reminds me of people who jokingly made fun of people who like different sports teams/have different horoscopes. It's silly but obviously harmless. The person getting upset over this has too much time on their hands

No. 145180

no, but it's obviously a joke
you are on lolcow right now

I'm not whiteknighting the tiktok blob in the screenshot, I'm hating on the retard who got offended over literally nothing

No. 145182

She seems like a whiny loser who tries desperately to get a fame despite being old and uninteresting, but hardly scum, if it bothers you and you tell her she’ll probably apologize. Desperate fame hungry losers don’t do provocative edgelord shit unless they plan on going all out with that persona

No. 145186

>she'll probably apologize
>"she blocked me"

Have you even read the screenshots?

No. 145191

Does everyone in this thread have amnesia because she was posted in the last thread. She's out of touch and efame thirsty but has panic attacks when she's talked about negatively.
Bragging about which vaccine you got is dumb as hell and why would you wear lolita to make a tiktok about it.

No. 145198

The dumb cunt who got ass blasted over her lame joke is exactly as cringe as she is.

No. 145210

If you feel degraded because of a dumb joke over which vaccine you got you should maybe take some time off the internet.
Her take was shit, but I really can't understand people getting assmad about it.

No. 145216

No, it's not because it's clearly a joke. If you think she literally meant what she said you probably have severe autism/are an actual retard

No. 145218

wait, are you telling me that people who say dead baby jokes don't actually load dead babies into a truck with a pitchfork?

No. 145220

either you’re kuri/kuri’s friend, you’re too autistic for this board, you’re posting bait, or all of the above.

Obviously nobody gives a fuck about which vaccine you get as long as you’re informed. It’s a tiktok joke and she’s a tiktok-er or whatever. Get some thicker skin.

No. 145230

Looks like her friends are here because the sudden wking is sus. Who goes out of their way to defend a shitty tiktok?

No. 145238

It's not anyone else's fault that your skin is so thin you're offended by some mentally-forever-teen's lame joke
You would have to be literally autistic to not be able to identify that as a joke, there's even emojis

No. 145241

File: 1618373752277.jpeg (196.76 KB, 750x797, EB53B01C-690A-419C-9A5A-60079F…)

Agree, I mean who would defend this?

No. 145242

I can hate two people at the same time, and no one is defending the tiktok edgelord. The crybaby is in the wrong for being a crybaby. Also figure out how to sage.

No. 145245

File: 1618375178323.jpeg (257.95 KB, 1536x1046, 92C4108C-A3CB-42A7-960E-D13B6C…)

No. 145268

this "joke" is retarded, but it is even more retarded that some retard got offended/mad about it. I can't believe how fragile and victim-y so many people are in the world anymore. Do people realize that focusing on things that make you upset, or constantly finding things to be butthurt about just makes you feel miserable because you focus on the bad and see it everywhere? Try logging out and focusing on something positive. No wonder we have so many mentally ill faggots. I love the internet and have been around on it since the mid 90s, but I really do thing that normalization of it was a huge mistake.

No. 145269

how is pointing out Kuri is retarded for this sentiment wk-ing this dumb egirl? You two sound as stupid as both of them put together.

No. 145279

File: 1618417732028.jpeg (299.73 KB, 1333x2000, E71F778A-E394-40EB-829F-D31488…)

You can’t convince me Lara isn’t a troon. In that pic she has the receding hairline of a male and one glance at pic related and you just know this isn’t a biowoman(troon speculation derail)

No. 145280

She’s just built unfortunate. Not every woman who isn’t uwu petite doesn’t have to be a man. She’s a major attention whore which is why I have her blocked kek

No. 145282

I love how you have this saved, your level of dedication to someone you supposedly don't care for is admirable. It's cute

No. 145284

I went to the other thread to get the pic, it’s not something I had ready, but ok whiteknight

No. 145287

Why don't you ask her yourself so we can know once and for all, nonny? Oh right, you won't because you're a pussy

No. 145290

If you’re going to whiteknight this dungeon troll the least you could do is sage and not show off how new you are

No. 145295

nobody is whiteknighting still, now we're harping because you're so obsessed with defending an attentionwhore crybaby trying to score woke points and cancel some literallywho
you are making her look shittier than the edgelord

No. 145304

>I love the internet and have been around on it since the mid 90s, but I really do thing that normalization of it was a huge mistake.

Offtopic but I agree completely, some people (like the moron offended by the mildest joke ever) clearly are too sensitive for the internet, and I say that as a sensitive person. All the screeching offended people need to log off forever, get some fresh air, take up pressing flowers or something since they clearly cannot handle being online. Same as the ones handwringing about Lor's solitary accidental 'like' like just log off forever.

No. 145305

stop infighting, idiots. kuri is a fat oversensitive ita who wanted attention for calling out lara. lara is an ugly old attentionwhore who makes stupid tiktoks. that's it. that's the objective truth. they're both retards. there's nothing to fight about.

No. 145311

>girls, girls you're both retarded!

No. 145316

File: 1618425565245.jpeg (571.72 KB, 828x817, 1ECE4BF0-003C-47E0-97CE-442741…)

this is a transformation. leave fashion, join bodybuilding

No. 145323

I mean two different expressions of female power? I think it’s kinda cool

No. 145325

you're allowed to wear clothes and be fit at the same time, anon

No. 145327

she ruined herself by tanning this much. she'll have that leather bag look by 30-40. Why do bodybuilding women always fuck their skin with tanning?

No. 145328

Mood. We like to be shitty here but credit where credits due. More power to her

No. 145331

It shows off the muscles more. Usually its a fake tan so it isnt ruining anything.

No. 145334

looks like spray tan
I mean it actually looks like gross paint, but it's probably spray tan

No. 145351

You know what? Good for her. Even though a lot of people don't like the bodybuilding look you can't deny the amount of effort it takes.

No. 145356

File: 1618439032056.jpg (51.2 KB, 800x652, B4-After_Jessica_Senske.jpg)

It's not a real tan all she has to do is shower it's apart of the competition
They all do that
I'm not even a bodybuilder it's common knowledge

No. 145361

nayrt but
>it's common knowledge
no it's not??

anyways, let's stop being autistic about bodybuilding sluts and get back on topic: i see bdp camwhore chan finally vanished. Didn't take her long and thank goodness

No. 145363

jesus christ don't call her back, she's still shitting up cgl

No. 145365

It's okay to be a big fat fuck, anon, but that doesn't make healthy people more promiscuous than you

No. 145368

That's pretty cool actually. Good for her.

No. 145377

Who is this?

No. 145390

File: 1618475418701.jpg (307.17 KB, 1080x1646, Scalpertrash.jpg)

She made two posts about almost getting every item in the JCT release (She did wind up getting all the socks too). I bet she's just going to scalp it all in a few weeks.

No. 145391

I love this, I did something along those lines except that I got too fat for unshirred AP and rather than consistently worry about my weight, I rolled with it (haha..) and am now a national record holder in powerlifting.

Good on her!

No. 145393

Damn three main pieces. Let’s see when they appear on LM? She’s gonna make a profit for sure

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