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File: 1422716461600.png (210.58 KB, 640x590, 7746358.png)

No. 79127

Are there any lolita lolcows you know or follow?

No. 79128

All of them?

No. 79129

File: 1422733037310.jpg (51.07 KB, 467x625, 1422498699338.jpg)

Chanel is an entertaining trainwreck.

No. 79130

Does she have downs? Serious question.

No. 79131

That Kai/Angelique de la Rouge scammer girl who holds meets at the food court is someone whom I would like more deets on. Sadly, none have been forthcoming lately.

No. 79132

Not Down's, no. There's definitely something very off about her though. Can someone post those creepy Michael Jackson self-insert edits she made? I'm on my phone.

No. 79133

File: 1422739841625.jpg (93.95 KB, 640x640, 10475105_721941371224394_17620…)

I'd say Damien/jessi slaughter (even if she is retired from drama): http://pretty-grotesque.tumblr.com/
Note: she has a passion for the book Lolita.

No. 79134

File: 1422740027215.jpg (29.91 KB, 503x417, 72289_557962897566197_57585207…)

No. 79135

She really loves her Hello Kitty.

No. 79136

File: 1422740303398.jpg (76.2 KB, 654x960, 427801_505230712839416_7936976…)

No. 79137


>not posting her masterpiece

Any more deets? She seems like a typical edgy and really bad tumblr "poet".

No. 79138

I meant all Lolita are lolcows but I'll stop pulling your leg and post some of my favorites.

But seriously, the Lolita community is almost as bad as the muffin/plague rat fan base.

No. 79139

So are these 4srs?

No. 79140

File: 1422759977835.png (328.44 KB, 682x387, WTF petti.png)

Thanks Anon. It's Ed Wood tier gold.

Is this her petticoat peeking up at her waist because her skirt doesn't fit right?

No. 79141

File: 1422765905655.jpg (49.71 KB, 640x640, tumblr_static_c3wiqjp3oo0gwckk…)

Victoria Suzanne was one of my favourite lolcows when she was more relevant in the community… Does anyone know of any recent drama involving her?

No. 79142

>Doesn't use adblock

No. 79143

As far as I and other anons could tell from her fb. The girl is definitely unhinged.

She's also been spamming a mentor group with pretty stupid questions.

No. 79144

No. 79145

She's pretty much left lolita and going to meets. Last time I saw her at a specifically lolita event was last year at the Sebastian Matsuda meet n greet at Bryant Park. She looked like an ita and was standoffish and wouldn't talk to anyone but Sebastian and his crew.

No. 79146

sooooo… she isn't a trans boy anymore? goddamn her new style is cringeworthy

No. 79147

File: 1422896512336.jpg (146.21 KB, 747x400, 1298788877311.jpg)

I caused SO MUCH drama about her back in the day. I made a confession about how I couldn't stand how she always mentioned her PINKHAIRPINKHAIR all the time because literally every lolita has had it at some point. For a while it blew up on /cgl/ and there were lots of threads about her. Good times.

So glad I still haven this pic years later

No. 79148

man dude you're awesome, good for you man

No. 79149

Tori Spelling?

No. 79150

No. 79151

Nah, she still is.

No. 79152

Holy crap, that pic!

Ah, that's too bad.

Was she involved with the incident where the NY lolitas made Cadney cry or something?

No. 79153

What?! I didn't hear about this, what happened?

No. 79154

She still does lolita but from what I've seen her post, the NYC comm got too big to have any decent meet ups and it fractured into a bunch of smaller groups. Most tea houses and restaurants in NYC can only accommodate small groups. She has her own small clique that she does stuff with and she's pretty involved with Rufflecon.

I think it was because people were fighting over who got to go to the meet to see Cadney since the venue could only hold 25.

No. 79155

Who was that fat gross chick who thought she was Maquis de Sade or whatever?

No. 79156

I theorise she makes a book noise when she walks because her vagina is actually a bunch of flapping paper

No. 79157

Actually the thing with Cadney is pretty bad and idk why it never got to be really public. There is some crazy shit that new yorkers do and she was put in the middle of their stupid drama. There is one girl was using the meet to frame the other girl for some issue, a plan to use this to kick a girl out of the comm, and some other shit where people had 'proof' via texts of it being a set up and Cadney was pretty much just there as pretext. Cadney herself got yelled at on the phone while trying to make plans because it was raining which is what made her cry because it was very threatening, but the whole situation is beyond her participation in the meet itself. She was just collateral. I dont want to say much about it but lets just say they are cray and it was like reality tv level of drama.

No. 79158

Ewww Cadney. She's old and ugly, why do people still care about her?

No. 79159

They couldn't find anywhere else to film besides a crowded as walking area?

No. 79160

You cant just half ass giving deets.

No. 79161

anon pls deliver, you can*t just leave us with this little information. We're on lolcow already so there's no cgl dramaban, plese tell us more.

No. 79162

File: 1424395683560.png (125.89 KB, 467x681, 1424387909002.png)

No. 79163

>I have autism

I'm confused by this, I thought autism wasn't something you had, but autistic was something you were?

No. 79164

It's a disorder, so yes, you "have" it. Sort of like "having" the flue, a cold, or a broken leg.

No. 79165

Wait, is she black but has white powder all over her face?

No. 79166

Its not fear of banning that makes me vague, I just dont want to be too obvious, as this isnt something told to a lot of people. I dont think Cadney actually knows the real situation, since she only got what she faced with that day and what happened to her friend. So unless the person who gave me the deets passed it along, I know more than her on it which is interesting.

If I remember correctly, Amber is the one who yelled at her on the phone accusing Cadney's friend of stealing Cadney from the people (there was some weird vibe about Cadney being public property here) and demanded that they do the meet up how Amber wanted it, which ended up being a weird private met at the Met. In the end Cadney's friend got the blame from Amber and I think Victoria too about the mess up with the meet, so they banned her from the comm.

The other side I got later is that the banning of the friend was planned, one of the girls that was with Cadney was texting amber's group about it so it was a set up. Sadly this was all told to me verbally so there is no caps.

No. 79167

LOL so update on Victoria Suzanne: Bitch needs a kidney. There's a FB page dedicated to her search called "Hello Kidney".
Seems like all her nasty behavior is finally taking a toll on her body.

Just wanted to confirm this. Heard the same story from multiple girls in the comm - both who her it secon hand and were actually there. It happened not long before I joined the comm so people were still a little shaken up about it. Since then Cadney will only come to NYC in secret basically, she'll only talk/post about it a few days after she's left.

No. 79168

Newfag here. Can I get a summary of all the stuff this Victoria Suzanne person has done?

No. 79169

I assumed she was doing shironuri… but i have no idea at this point.

No. 79170

File: 1439222693352.jpg (49.93 KB, 810x462, d.jpg)

I used to follow Dominique/Nebula Rumour before she bawleeted because tumblr was ~causing her too much drama~
What a fucking psycho, I love her drama.

No. 79171

File: 1439222822770.jpg (18.21 KB, 261x285, e7Xqtqw.jpg)

some old screencaps (that aren't mine, just to prove how lolcow worthy she is)

No. 79172

File: 1439222858234.jpg (95.41 KB, 640x960, 6Zsjjhn.jpg)

No. 79173

File: 1439222896391.jpg (118.5 KB, 640x960, uF0bCX2.jpg)

No. 79174

File: 1439222943273.png (20.26 KB, 488x370, JjyzlK0.png)

Her talking about a small brand that she was modeling for

No. 79175

File: 1439223135758.jpg (43.17 KB, 510x601, eNTFUez.jpg)

Last one, sorry for the flood. Apparently she got dumped so she went around and told people he abused her and would send his new girlfriend "kill yourself" messages and death threats. And then stuff like this too.

No. 79176

Not new, but I used to read her blog all the time when I was just getting into Lolita. Over on cgl they were talking about her having a drinking problem? I know all the Cadney drama, but what else has she done?

No. 79177


I don't really know a lot about her, but I remember a few years ago when tumblr was just staring to gain popularity, she took other people's pics without asking or crediting them to use on her blog. When she was called out on it, she just deleted all those comments and added "from tumblr" or something like that as 'credit'.

(kind of like kids on DeviantART who use other people's art of otherwise trademarked images and just put "(c) google images" in their description.)

No. 79178

I remember reading about her having a drinking problem too. And her pink hair. And having kidney trouble even back then. And also her pink hair. Did you know that she has pink hair? lol.
I also remember her like last year or something splitting her longterm bf and then a month later being really serious with another guy already. Like it took no time at all for her to move on, and I dunno I guess I find it a bit sketch when people can move on from serious relationships into other serious relationships that quickly. I just remember one of her blog posts being about how to handle a breakup and 2 posts later how she and a new guy were going allout for valentines day, and thought it was weird.

So she's a transboy in the tumblr sense of the word where she calls herself a boy but wears frilly dresses anyway? Cool.

You know who I really liked as a lollita lolcow? Frances. Does anyone remember Frances?

And since there was a thread about Ellejay, Heather was mentioned. Like I know Heather drama is old, as is a lot of stuff on this thread, but it was funny when it happened.

No. 79179

Wow, I never knew she had a drinking problem. That's actually kinda sad, considering the issues she already has with her kidneys.

No. 79180

How could we forget Frances and her strange pantyhose fetish?

No. 79181

Just had to share this from a /cgl/ cringe thread. This girl is a huge ita and pretentious to boot. Probably my fav lolita-related cow atm, I have no idea how she's managed to delude herself into thinking that anything she's doing is good.

No. 79182

Is she 12? She sounds like an edgy 12 year old. ffs.

No. 79183

…….that was so embarrassing

No. 79184

Kai Narita?

No. 79185

She's a loopy bitch.
Regards, someone she scammed.

No. 79186

File: 1439385873797.jpg (72.1 KB, 640x640, jen.jpg)


Stripper, has an ageplay fetish, shoops like crazy and still manages to look like pixy teri
Efame hungry as shit and really bad at organising meetups, very passive aggressive and I'm pretty sure she selfposts all the hate she gets on btb just to stay relevant.

When shes shut up and occupied with something, the swedish comm is great but when shes in action she just steals the show to talk about how ''tumblr famous'' she is, and how so many people bully her for her autisim… boo hoo

If i sound vendetta, honestly its just because im so sick of people treating her like a sweet baby when shes really a creep…

No. 79187


These type of cows are getting more popular, why is it they're always so basic? Basic looks and rank attitudes.

No. 79188

She's a stripper?

No. 79189

Delivering Victoria Suzanne Stella Alice Queen of Lolita the III dramu.
I was one of the first people who started posting her on /cgl/ because she was driving me crazy. This is gonna be a long post, with really old shit, so bear with me.

First off, she was just a nobody lolita. Typical stuff, posting her outfits to daily_lolita, lj blogging about her purchases, etc. She started a blog, which was decent, sharing her lolita outfits. This was all the way back in the time when Ashlee/faunkegin was the queen on lj, and she was making and selling the deco sweets jewelry. I guess Victoria bought something from her and threw a hissy fit that it wasn't immediately shipped out. She made a locked post on her lj about it and bitching about how just because Ashlee was e-famous she was treating her like shit and then accused her of "sending her cronies" after her.
I don't remember how this got resolved, but Ashlee sent her the jewelry and Victoria got over it so that she could befriend the e-famous lolita and get attention from her.

I don't remember if it was before or after this, but around the same time, Victoria and her friends attended a local meetup at a museum (?). Victoria claimed her and her friends were excluded, implying that the other girls were jealous of them. There was a group pic posted, with all the girls standing in the shade except for Victoria's crew, who were standing in the sun. They also accused the group of abandoning an underage girl and leaving her to wander around the city, but luckily our princess swept in and helped the girl find her ride home.
On getoffegl, some of the girls from the meet said that, actually, Victoria and her friends were the ones who were standoffish and unfriendly. They were trying to take silly, funny pics, but the princess crew decided that was below them and wouldn't do it. After the meet they tried to get the group to go to a bar (it's been discovered that Victoria has had a long history of drinking problems and a fake ID, she was underage at this time), but got mad when the rest of the group, including underage girls, refused.

This was when the "lolita lifestyle" was starting to split the online community, with girls who aggressively did "un-loli" things like drinking and smoking and taking suggestive photos, while the "lifestylers" acted like posh princesses and drank tea and tried to be as elegant as possible.

This is already getting long so I'll continue in the next post.

No. 79190

Victoria was starting to get traction in the lifestyle community because of her blog and youtube channel, both of which started spouting the same "LOLITAS R SUPPOSED TO BE LOVLIEZ" shit. She tried to be a trendsetter with different looks, except her outfits were really bad. She started photoshopping herself to look cuter and thinner.

Tumblr started to get popular with lolitas, so unsourced images were even more rampant than they are now. Victoria started snatching random photos from tumblr and used them on her blog. I was one of the people to tell her "hey, you need to source those", only to have my comment deleted. Like >>79177 said, she then added "source: tumblr" below the images.

I think the culmination was when her and her annoying princess crew were starring in some bullshit "lolita documentary", which was obnoxious "LOLITA MAKES ME A PRINCESS" attention whoring, more about the girls than the fashion. They showed a trailer before a convention fashion show and iirc there were reports that people booed it. The documentary itself wasn't especially well-made, and the director tried to enter it in film festivals.

(The more I write, the more I remember, so I'm sorry if this is all out of order)

I think the main issue people had with her drinking was that she was also pushing the hardcore lifestyle business, saying that lolitas always need to be elegant and sweet and polite, yet she was getting so drunk all the time that she had liver failure and had to be in the hospital. This was all before she was even 21. In retrospect, the excessive drinking is actually very sad, and I hope she's getting help now. But trying to dictate what lolitas should be like while getting smashed was super frustrating for people to watch.

I have more so I'll make another post.

No. 79191

I'm not really sure what to expect in response to this but I don't really see the issue of being into ageplay or a stripper as long as you're not making it a point to talk about it at meets/to people who don't care or don't want to know.

No. 79192

I think the last major thing I remember was her post about how drama was ruining the lolita community.

She made this huge-ass post, basically saying that the existence of getoffegl and /cgl/ were scaring away newcomers and ruining the fashion, saying that Japan doesn't have that problem, and everyone experiments over there. It was really obvious she knew nothing about the lolita community in Japan other than her idealistic thoughts about the country, which were all wrong. That, plus the info about her being a huge bitch irl, pissed off a lot of people.

Oh another thing, not long after that post, she got a dog to use as a fashion accessory. Allegedly she got a pomeranian, but it had to be put down not long after she got it. I don't remember why, either it was born prematurely or was from an unsafe breeder (or both). She then got ANOTHER pomeranian, which people said was super aggressive towards others. Victoria carried it around in her purse to cons.
I don't remember what happened to it. I think people were saying it also had to be put down because it kept biting people? I have no source on that, but I don't think she has it anymore.

…I'm pretty embarrassed that I remember all of this. I was obsessively into lolita drama in high school, and I'm in my 20's now, so I was around for a lot of the shit that happened if anyone has any questions about oldschool drama haha.

No. 79193

Victoria posted something on her blog about how she was at a coffee shop on her campus and some guy told her he thought she was an elementary schooler? It was the typical "omg I look SO young life is hard" bullshit, but an anon on /cgl/ who went to the same college as her said that, actually, there wasn't a coffee shop on campus like she was describing. So Victoria probably made the whole thing up.

No. 79194

She's not bad looking but she reminds me of a terrible OC in a teenager's angsst-romance fanfiction come to life both in appearance and personality. I also like how in the comments she's like "someone has to take charge and stand up to these terrible bullies!!!!!". Looking at her interests and behavior I find it so hard to believe she's not 14.

No. 79195

File: 1439431529079.png (644.79 KB, 1304x489, img.png)

This is one of the mods of my local community. Anytime there's an event she takes it over and runs it, and she's a huge SJW. Her trans girlfriend is even worse, and acts like a drag queen. They have another friend who's a raging bitch and anytime people get mad at her, she claims they're racist.

I wonder what those Precious Black Women think of being infanticized by this obese white woman.

No. 79196

File: 1439432154606.png (449.9 KB, 720x540, img2.png)

No. 79197

Jesus, only the girl with the purple headband is half decent looking. Why are they all so haggard?

No. 79198

File: 1439432591853.jpg (36.83 KB, 900x900, 6ae.jpg)

Not a signal lolita in the bunch,and just shitty cosplay wigs.

No. 79199

>I feel so discluded I don't have autism

No. 79200

Question, why is Arizona so fucking batshit? Is it the heat?

No. 79201

Apparently this is a fashion show she ran. She dressed all the models and gave them the awful wigs.
It's just funny because she ALWAYS has a shitty wig in an awful color with too-short blunt bangs.

No. 79202

It's an ita wonderland~
A new one land brand!
Add GLW and Bodyline!~
And you get ita~(×3)

No. 79203

Jesus, I used to read her blog religiously, and I thought she was the coolest thing when I was younger and a new Lolita. I didn't follow any drama back then. Thanks so much for telling!

No. 79204

File: 1439437326556.jpg (45.42 KB, 453x604, nyc1205.jpg)


Thanks anon! I always wondered where the hate came from.

Any idea what happened with her and Miss Lumpy? Also I think her dog's name was Misu. I'm sad to hear he passed. That's crazy if it was because he was too aggressive. Can anyone confirm this?

No. 79205

Ugh they're both dressed so poorly, but they thought they were hot shit back in the day. I still hold a grudge lol. So much poorly coordinated brand.

No. 79206

Last I checked Misu was still alive.

No. 79207

also adding that i also heard that he was aggressive, but small dogs like that can be really snippy/yippy, so that isn't that unusual.

No. 79208

It's good to hear he's still alive. I do remember hearing that he bit people at meets. It actually makes me really angry that she would bring him along when she must have realized he didn't react well in that sort of environment. The only logical reason for her to bring her dog somewhere she knew would be stressful and elicit aggression from him would be to use him as a fashion accessory. If that's the most important thing to you about having a dog, you probably shouldn't have a dog at all.

Is she still friends with Ellejay? I remember some time ago I happened upon one of Ellejay's videos called "unboxing a package from my unicorn girlfriend Victoria Suzanne" or something but I tried to find it again and I think she deleted it. Here's a video featuring them and Misu, though.

No. 79209

Thanks for clarifying. By that point, she had stopped her blog so it was mostly random shit from /cgl/, that was the one thing I couldn't verify.

Agreed, she shouldn't have gotten a dog to use as a fashion accessory. It makes me so mad, I see plenty of calm, friendly pomeranians at my job (I work at a department store so rich white women come in). It was clear that either she didn't care for her dog's emotions or she didn't socialize it very well as a puppy.

Is Ellejay the girl in a wheelchair who converted to a muslim?

No. 79210

Anon, normally I dislike people who follow a single person with their so-called "vendetta", but you sound a lot like me with how you can dig this stuff up on cows and I'm glad you gave her story. It sounds like you have a lot of reason to dislike her. Honestly, I don't mind lifestyle lolitas and like seeing the small revival, but this attitude really irritates me. She always came off as like some frosty princess, so it's interesting hearing she's really like that. What about her cringey feminism stuff? Like the Riot Grrl label she gave herself or that weird old post about how she uses gems and prays to angels?

Also when girls whine about Japan not having a /cgl/, do they just forget 2chan?

The thing about her being really alcoholic makes her extreme photoshopping and face make sense. I always thought she looked awful in real life.

Do go on. I'm really interested about any other old cows too. Has she just left the community? I don't see her post much anymore.

No. 79211

yep, if I'm not mistaken her profession got her kicked out of a comm.

No. 79212

not that anon, but I'm in the nyc comm so I see her around occasionally. She by and large doesn't wear lolita anymore but will show up to meets with 'important' guests and act standoffish. She bullied one of my closest friends in the comm (to the point where she was convincing others to kick my friend out of the comm) during the height of her drama so I pretty much have a deep-set grudge against her. Not gonna lie, between her shit attitude and her rampant alcoholism I don't really feel pity over her kidney failure. She can get the damn thing herself and drop her ~delicate princessu~ act, leave the lolita community out of it.

No. 79213

Ahaha well I absolutely will admit that my high school self was totally jealous of her, to be thin and have so much brand but be SUCH an entitled asshole.
I don't know any about that later shit, since I stopped caring about her, but yeah it sounds right. Calls herself a feminist but is awful to other women.

Glad to hear she hasn't changed a bit. A lot of my irl lolita friends have her added on facebook and I cringe when I see her comment on their statuses.

I have some shit on Ashlee/faunkegin, but she's just fucking crazy. She's never had to work hard in her life, the only job she ever had was Forever 21. All of her work money went to brand because her parents and (then) fiance paid for everything else for her.
She also cheated on pretty much every guy she dated, and freaks out over being single. A friend told me she once said "there's no point in living if I don't have someone to take care of me". And she's really emotionally abusive towards her current boyfriend.

I don't know what it is, but she clearly has some deep-set psychological issues. She's also an alcoholic.

No. 79214

Oh my god. I'm so sorry she bullied your friend in your comm, anon. She really seems like an ice queen. I hate when someone big and e-famous thinks they can get away with that. What exactly did she do or say to her?

And she seriously had a kidney failure? What is wrong with her? That's clearly the sign of alcoholism. I used to think she was sort of sensitive and stand-offish, but now that I know this, she just seems like a horrible person.

No. 79215

File: 1439505955475.jpg (47.54 KB, 426x600, 10349881_1006213482730328_6637…)

She's begging the lolita community to give her a kidney, I'm not even kidding.

No. 79216

File: 1439507464362.png (569.01 KB, 450x600, 12.png)

Ashlee once scammed the lolita community. She had her own brand called CaroMaro and never released the dresses.

No. 79217

Her and her friend were designing the dresses, and their 3rd business partner was doing a factory inspection in India and got deathly ill and died there.
That's what she told me, anyways. She's a pathological liar so I don't know. I don't think they ever took money though, if they did then it was refunded.

No. 79218

What's so bad about asking for a kidney? (scrolls up and reads things about her) Oh her attitude ruined everything.

No. 79219

>drinks herself like an alcoholic
>sparkly pink banners about wanting you to donate life

Fuck off. Go find one like anyone else. She'll just load this one up with alcohol too.

No. 79220

idk how noteworthy this is, but it might be at least slightly relevant to point out that they're drinking vodka in their tea in this video.

No. 79221

Well yeah. It's a "grown up tea party". If there wasn't vodka involved, it would be disappointing. Probably. Probably "grown up" means "vodka" to Ms. Victoria "look at my pink hair" Suzanne.

No. 79222

File: 1439599036265.jpg (30 KB, 640x363, just_drinks_for_web.jpg)

Isn't vodka a really hard alcohol, though? It'd definitely wouldn't be my first choice with a bunch of lolitas. Recently, I keep hearing severe health issues with people who drink vodka and other severe problems. I'm not surprised she needs a whole new kidney.

If she wants to be miss lolita-lifestyle about it, I'd have chosen some nice wine, champagne, something interesting tasting like the malted beer here, or just fun margaritas. Girls definitely got some severe drinking problems if she's gotta guzzle vodka, even if it's an adult tea party.

No. 79223

Oh Isaki…

She deleted the video

No. 79224

On her old blog she posted cocktail recipes for her 21st birthday, they all had vodka or other hard liquor in them.

No. 79225

Drinking vodka as a "lifestyle princess lolita with pink hair" doesn't really bother me so much as the fact that she's apparently had kidney problems since forever but her dumb ass still drinks like a fish.

No. 79226

Oh, agreed. But her holier-than-thou attitude + being a raging alcoholic + having massive kidney problems all adds up to a dumbass attention whore.

Btw she goes by Victoria Suzanne Stella Alice but her real name is Victoria Tignor.

No. 79227

I wonder what cancerchan from the Chicago comm is up to now. I used to be in that comm, and know a few of the girls she ripped off. She's not so much a lolcow as a shuddercow though.

No. 79228

I remember posting here rofl

No. 79229


Got the hell out of east coast and don't regret it. Most of the anons here talking about Victoria Suzanne Stella Alice Queen of Lolita the III are the same group of girls. She's still a bitch and I don't like her, but not for the reasons listed here by the other bitches here, these bitches will your damn life if you don't join in their shitty drama.

I'll get to the point. She's been sick most of her life. She does like hard liquor, but doesn't drink much which is obvious if you've drank with her at meetups. She got a lot of girls into lolita and started a lot of shit that bitches are jealous of. She's distant but disgustingly sweet and is a bit of a pushover. For you homophobes, she likes girls, so she's probably serious when she says something nice about your looks. If you seen the youtube videos even here, obviously she is that thin and doesn't need to photoshop like my ex idiot bitches tell everyone. She takes tons of meds obvious so that messes with her look sometimes and she uses filters that everyone fucking else in the world. But she actually admits it in her panels and shit.

I found it fucking hilarious when one of you brought up miss lumpy because she's one of the stupid anons here. These two bitches deserve each other in a way. Stay away from miss lumpy, she's literally batshit insane.

Ask her directly about her name, it's a family thing. All the comments about her personality and attitude? She gets extremely bitchy when you insult any of her friends. It's stupid because it only gets her into trouble. Her dog Misu is alive and the bitch who said she was put down thinks all dogs should be put down, which is sick.

This is stupid, she's stupid, and you're all stupid. Lesson is no one likes sweet ass good girls like her who preaches about being nice to each other and growing the community without drama. Oh, and east coast lolita community sucks major ass.

No. 79230

Let me educate you. You mean to say she's a Mary Sue. And no, you never posted yourself, you hid behind us.

No. 79231

I'm with her now.

No. 79232

Fuck, she got so fat!

No. 79233

I see you Ashley ?

No. 79234

Are you talking about the incident where Amber supposedly threatened to kick the shit outta goldfish? Where one group went and took photos and the others went to the met. I am not part of NY but I heard about it from both sides. It seems like both embellished about it.

No. 79235

Wow, so that's what Jessi Slaughter looks like now. Tbh, "fat mallgoth" isn't as bad as I was expecting. I figured she'd end up a busted crack whore or something.

No. 79236

Does anyone remember Brianne Green/Nia? she was a whole load of batshit cray. dat whole shippou thread on Staminarose…
i'm kind of curious as to whether she ever tried to get back into lolita or whether she accepted her universal banhammer. I mean, she literally moved all the way across the country and that reputation still followed her.

No. 79237

She still lurks, she really likes fairy kei too still. The general pattern on cgl of that she wants "left alone" but if someone brings her up she usually goes apeshit trying to "defend herself", and feeds all the trolls and generally shits up the place, but that hasn't been for a while now so maybe she's finally learnt to not respond. I always wanted her to do a 180 tbh.
If you're reading this nia, keep doing what you've been doing. Nobody wants to hear about old boring drama so never respond about it again.

No. 79238

>nobody wants to hear about old boring drama
>ITT: old drama tales from /cgl/'s glory days

No. 79239

File: 1452287965226.jpg (153.16 KB, 645x1260, finally.jpg)

>tfw no lolita gf

No. 79240

matt is that u u cuck

No. 79241

Holy shit, I completely forgot about Nia. Does anyone know her Tumblr? I know she used to run shadesoflolita, but apparently Shippou deleted it, kek.

No. 79242

All I know is that she does boring cam girl porn that is painful to watch. I didn't know about how psycho Shippou was until he came to I think it was Staminarose and chimped out trashing her on the board,

No. 79243

No. 79244

I know I'm replying to an old post, but isn't she just being accepted as "one of the crew" in her comm now? Everyone's acting like she's never done anything wrong even though she's a shit stirrer.

No. 79245

Nia was pretty fucking nuts, too. they honestly deserved one another.

No. 79329

I knew some chick named Alicia who was pretty nuts. Defended "freebleeding" and an extreme feminist, and loved fat acceptance and Black Lives Matter garbage.

Now that doesn't seem super cow-worthy I suppose, but I recall she sperged out on her Facebook because some "heifer" as she called them, said they didn't like her cosplay in some Ohayoucon thread. Funny how this is the same woman that did a body positivity panel at a con a few months back.

No. 79347

I doubt it. I have talked to her before and she goes on about how she hates her comm and just wears lolita on her own.

No. 79466

Chokelate is scamming people out of money. Again. There's caps in her respective /snow/ thread and she's still refusing to do decent customer service.

No. 79794

File: 1452576478338.png (1.38 MB, 1000x1000, holyloser.png)

As a quick intro Shiri/rubanchat is a Belgium lolita. Quick summary of her drama filled lolita life:
>tried to circumvent the rules at AP SF to get 2 wine holy lanterns, got caught, bawwed a lot, bought more holy lantern at secondhand scalped prices instead
>can't coord for shit
>buys status symbol dresses just to sell them after one photoshoot
>is in the friend circle of Kate and Isaki and circlejerks with them a lot

After getting her wonderful navy holy latern OP which is oh so RARE! (and she's already put it up for sale) she does a photoshoot in her own backyard with a coord copied exactly from a Chinese lolita….good call Shiri. (Original from Chinese lolita on left, Shiri on right)

No. 79865

Is there anything new on that one Belgian snowflake that went to the Paris AP tea party looking like she rolled around in some old laundry, calling it steampunk lolita and getting all butthurt when she didn't get praised to high heavens for her originality?
Hilde sth

No. 80674

Oh I hate this chick. She got dragged by the gulls because she will contact girls who were postinb WTBs for rare pieces and she will PM them telling them to offer over 1k??

But yes, it seems like she does nothing but buy status pieces (like Favourite ribbon + British bear), wear them once and then sell it off.

Cracked me up seeing her run around in circles trying to buy british bear before the MTO came out. Stupid bitch could've waited a few months and gotten it for retail instead of getting scalped lol

>she also looks like she has downs in those photos kek

No. 82107

She justified her buying an entire scalped set by saying she "couldn't wait until July!". Probably because she just wanted a photoshoot and couldn't think of what an investment this money would be…she also keeps buying Favorite Ribbon and Holy Lantern in all cuts and colorways and keeps reselling them after one wear.

No. 82134

Oh yes, for a photoshoot on her instagram where it looks like she's touching herself yeck. She's posted comments on my instagram before, talking about how my nice my colourway of a certain dress is etc etc

No. 82165

I don't mind her but I've heard people complain.

No. 82490

Chokelate is coming to Telling Tales in Spain, I can't wait to ask her the fuck happened with the wig I ordered months ago.

No. 82518

holy lantern shit that chinese lolita is so much cuter than her.

No. 86237

Anyone know someone named Alicia Lewis?

No. 86285

File: 1453928420458.png (655.65 KB, 604x602, Skærmbillede 2016-01-27 kl. 21…)

Looks like she learned how to do make-up from asherbee

No. 107661

File: 1458479221466.jpg (84.47 KB, 630x410, V6GSQnE.jpg)


No. 107665

>passion for the book Lolita

Like these dumbasses actually understand what it's about anyway.

Not defending Jessi Slaughter but it's very much possible to be male and do lolita. See: David (or whatever the fuck his name is)

No. 107674

Go in for the kill, anon.

No. 123329

File: 1461419938495.jpg (451.87 KB, 529x800, tumblr_o5db5nR4Fo1v0rjm7o1_540…)

Ah, the brolita.

No. 124667


Guy dates girl 1, we'll call her Original A. Guy is horrifically abusive to OA, who eventually breaks things off with him. OA is involved in the Atlanta lolita community.

Guy finds girl 2 on MyProAna. Worth mentioning: girl is 18, guy is 29. Guy has never really gotten over OA because he's a massive narcissist who can't come to terms with being a Bad Human Being. Guy eventually convinces new girl, we'll call her New A, to move away from her family…live with him…and go by his ex's name.

Not even kidding. Low self-esteem, not even once.

So then NA gets involved in the ATL lolita community, along with Creepy Guy. OA is having none of this, talks to leaders, gets her ex banned from events because by this time the dude has quite an unsavory reputation. NA copies OA's style because she is desperate to win Creepy Guy's approval.

I've been following the drama for months and it'd be hilarious if it wasn't so sad.

No. 521164

His name is Pat and he's a pretty chill dude, actually loves and knows the fashion and coords well.

>no I'm not him

No. 521169

Wasn't she an alcoholic, got a liver transplant, and then kept drinking alcohol?

No. 521333

are you Maria?

also wtf this thread is old AF

No. 528080

Asking from cgls Lolita and Jfash Community let peeve thread:
Who is the tekko model? There are three people in the pictures (other than Misako). Does she have instagram?

No. 528087

Seconding. Someone spill already.

No. 528097

The one in the green dress. And no she doesn’t have Instagram or anything, weirdly enough since she’s a massive fame whore.

No. 528131

Her name is Molly Ann.

No. 528205

File: 1520974412320.jpg (72.05 KB, 960x540, 25994759_577714562591144_59430…)

The one on the left.

No. 528210

I will admit, she is a good model. But that face…

No. 528218

File: 1520974873930.jpg (61.62 KB, 720x960, 14963169_340632176299385_87798…)

I agree. She models just fine, but she is hyper delusion. Thinks of herself as real American lolita model…because she kisses ass and her friends put her in con fashion shows.

No. 528793

Yikes she looks like a reptilian

No. 528797

she’s a good model but her ego is way too big for what she does…. which is spend thousands of dollars of her own money to volunteer in con fashion shows and acts like she’s the next Misako. Hun until you’ve been featured in a print catalog or Btssb is actually paying you, sit the fuck down.

No. 528799

anyone have any news on what the fuck happened in the sydney lolita comm? i saw a bit of the drama on cgl before the threads was bawleted but the mods apparently had a public meltdown about private arguments

No. 528833

Can someone please tell me how she fits into Cameo Window? So many of her outfits look so tight! Ouch

No. 528884

this - it’s really embarrassing and cringe to see how she acts when she’s basically paying to model for the brands the delusion is real she’s a laughingstock in the community

No. 528888

push and smoosh

No. 528926

Any more deets on what she does? I know providing pm caps is not an optio but any more stories?

No. 528931

once she didn’t make it into a big show and proceeded to call the models fat even though they were all skinny Asian girls lol. she has major insecurity/jealousy issues. she also once said she wouldn’t model for an indie brand because they’re beneath her

No. 528946

I find it funny that she said BtSSB is harder to get into for a show. I'm a fatass by lolita standards and I was in a show with her. It's really not difficult to get in, and it doesn't mean anything. When she's modeling at shows in Shanghai or somewhere instead of US anime conventions maybe she'll have a right to talk.

No. 528952

What fashion show was this?
She has never been rude to me, so now it just seems like a matter of time.

No. 529005

But… she looks like a tranny irl. My bf and I saw her in the Tekko show last year and thought it was a man. Why is her ego so inflated? It's not even that hard to get into a lolita show.

No. 529422

lmao, she's such a bitch. She'll be nice to you if you're someone "important" or if you can be of use to her. She calls herself a modelling sempai and acts like she's doing everyone such a favor with her presence. She's the definition of a true brand whore… taking pics and acting buddy buddy with the designers, thinking that being in a lolita show is everyone's dream? I mean, she is good at modeling but her attitude towards it is so delusional.

No. 529734

God. That is so fucking cringey, who thought making a dumbass pic like that is a good idea? Lmao that girl who's trying to say the other chick is trying to be her is delusional as fuck.

No. 529764

File: 1521119970424.jpg (199.59 KB, 1200x1812, Sumire_Uesaka_at_Anicon_201507…)

What's the deal with Uesaka
Sumire? She seems cute to me but she has some of the scariest and weirdest haters I've seen.

No. 529772

Is all that shit about her dad being a yakuza baby farmer truth or what.

No. 529868

File: 1521130614930.jpg (122.66 KB, 960x957, teaparty.jpg)

She's mostly been laying low, but Shiri/Silke has just bought a purebred retardo cat. Probably just to be like her idol Kate and also to take photos like this.

She was also recently selling off lots of "coveted" prints (scalped to death prices), probably to pay for this cat or for her third (?) Japan trip in a year.

No. 529978

Holy shit that cat looks inbred as fuck and this pic is truly reminiscent of the ones Kate used to take. Does she want to wear her skin because this is just creepy.

No. 530098

That's what I was wondering.

No. 530872

File: 1521195808648.jpeg (32.73 KB, 480x480, 304EA911-0624-42FC-B533-1D8459…)

Why would you put your stinky ass shoes on cats tea party?!

No. 534254

File: 1521588044575.jpg (66.14 KB, 720x960, 1521570310225.jpg)

The western lolita community currently has a huge scalping problem. Scalpers buy mid-ranking dresses in almost mint condition from Yahoo Japan Auctions and Mercari, and then sell them at double or triple the price to the western market. These people don't seem to be buying to wear to an event and then sell on, they literally just seem to be flipping dresses. This wouldn't be so bad, as except the recently, some of these scalpers have apparently been stalking cgl's dream dress threads and snatching up dresses that well-intentioned anons link to girls who are looking for them, only to try to hawk them back to those girls at ridiculous prices. Here's a list of the ones cgl has identified so far:
Not the worst by far, seems to buy things that are less in demand and sell them for around double the price which means they're often still relatively cheap. However, has been known to snipe things from legit buyers on Mercari before.
Similar price range to Rainies but sells taobao rather than brand.
Seems to think she's a shop? Often has things in different colourways, all overpriced. Sells Bodyline at scalped prices to itas and noobs.
Pic related. The absolute worst. Seems to stalk the dream dress thread. Has actually been seen buying from Rainies, probably intending to scalp the item for even more money. All her sales are URGENT SALES.
>Rhija and many other French lolitas
A lot of the French girls have permanent "URGENT" sales on. The most egregious is rhija, who has been "Leaving Lolita" for at least six months now, and seems to keep finding new shit in her seemingly bottomless closet to overprice and sell. Probably another Mercari scalper.

No. 534396

no thanks

No. 537303

That must hurt a lot! I've heard the waist was really odd on that dress even with the full back shirring.

No. 537493


serves right to lolita bitches who get an aneurysm if someone pays less money for their ridiculous baby clothes or wears one too many bow with it. they'll get worse as long as they value tacky frilly dresses just because they come from japan and throw shitfits about wearing them "correctly".

No. 538736

Who hurt you

No. 552283

File: 1523418713673.jpg (209.08 KB, 960x960, 30442944_1982701242046746_6236…)

All Goose related posts on /cgl/ are being deleted instantly. Is she or one of her friends a janitor?

No. 552284

File: 1523418756626.png (65.51 KB, 490x834, ss (2018-04-10 at 08.52.34).pn…)

Her essay that went along with this image on CoF

No. 552285

File: 1523418854671.jpg (170.96 KB, 928x576, ss (2018-04-10 at 08.53.54).jp…)

I cant stand her pretentious descriptions on her posts.

>"Jewelry making comes so naturally to me. It feels like breathing in pure oxygen when I sit down and start."

No. 552286

isn't this dress a ripoff of a BTSSB dress?

No. 552287

lol this shit isn't hard.

No. 552291

File: 1523419252225.jpg (203.57 KB, 924x585, ss (2018-04-10 at 09.00.50).jp…)

I think it is the BTSSB dress but she goes on and on about how her seamstress had the PRIVILEGE of working on altering it.

She also mentions altering dresses on her instagram so I guess shes trying to rub it in that shes too skinny for brand~

No. 552293

i love how she looks like girlyhootxpixielocks mixed together

No. 552295

This whole coord just looks like a mess, even for OTT

No. 552296

File: 1523419591511.png (32.05 KB, 320x449, ss (2018-04-10 at 09.06.26).pn…)

Why does she always type like shes trying to write a novel

No. 552303

Is she having a stroke in the middle picture? why is her eye like that

No. 552306

File: 1523420784895.png (157.44 KB, 534x1788, mexican.png)

Oh I had no idea she wasnt white. If anyones met her irl i'd love more deets about her. I know she recently went to that teaparty where she threatened to claw another girls eyes out

No. 552308

cause she's pretentious.

bitch is clearly white.

No. 552309

File: 1523421084126.png (520.97 KB, 1343x1080, medical.png)

No. 552311

File: 1523421107906.jpg (103.85 KB, 540x960, 28166868_1953625281621009_6699…)

No. 552312

File: 1523421189743.png (510.27 KB, 958x879, goos.png)

No. 552314

It's an altered Scarlett Primavera Waltz, so no, it's not a replica. It's an expensive and sought after OP.

Typical busy body SJW behavior. Being in a server with her as a slightly centrist person was hell.

No. 552317

>Being in a server with her as a slightly centrist person was hell.

Agreed. I wasnt in the discord for long and left pretty much after the Honey Cake drama. A well adjusted grown woman would have accepted what happened and moved on. But she just flew off the handle and continued I guess to this day to be completely butt hurt about it.

She wasn't scammed out of money, nothing particularly bad happened to her. So there was no reason for her heavy vendetta against the seller. But I guess low-balling and losing out on her ~dream dress~ was too much to swallow

No. 552319

This bitch spent easily over $300 on getting ready for the tea party alone.

No. 552320

File: 1523421861681.jpg (172.68 KB, 926x590, ss (2018-04-10 at 09.43.04).jp…)

What bothers me about this photo is she isnt using the proper finding for the gem. A pinch-bail would have looked much more finished and pleasing

No. 552321

I think she's on disability or something. So, less privileged. I don't know the full details.

No. 552322

Kate is also disabled but spends huge amounts of $$$ on brand

No. 552323

she likely just bought it with this finding. but i do agree, they make pinch bails that are the shape for these gems.

No. 552327

Read the description anon… she literally says she upgraded the plastic gems to swarovski herself.

No. 552330

File: 1523422315587.png (459.83 KB, 1466x1527, 1499621352598.png)

Didn't Kate get money from her deceased dad though? Plus she's married.

(Also my "less privileged" was tongue in cheek sry.)

This is a cool idea in theory.

Pic related.

No. 552333

Thanks. I want to go through the archives and dump related photos but right now I'm going through her instagram.

I felt pretty bad for K8 at the time. A lot of people were siding with Goose in the discord I assume to suck up to her because shes a mod.

She got her money back and literally nothing bad happened except her opportunity to buy honey cake. Maybe next time dont ask for a 3 month payment plan and lowball the seller Goose

No. 552335

She's married but also has a girlfriend who she leeches money off. Afaik she's too "disabled" to do anything herself except constantly tease her jewelry shop she never actually gets around to setting up

No. 552337

In the old discord, she posted links to a GoFundMe to help her buy supplies for her jewelry shop too.

No. 552340

Maybe the name goose for her is appropriate. As Canadian geese are known to be aggressive, honk loudly, and attack people

No. 552345

File: 1523423333144.png (11.99 KB, 1894x108, ss (2018-04-10 at 10.07.20).pn…)

Definitely someone on the mod team is friends with her or is actually her. In the exact same thread my posts were deleted discussing goose, posts remain up about BrizBlossom

great way to pick and choose who you enforce your rules for, mods

No. 552347

I think friends. Not actually her.

No. 552348

File: 1523423849666.png (137.87 KB, 1080x1151, Screenshot_20180410-214533.png)

Is there a way to report janitors or something? I'm pissed at their pick and choose deleting.

Here's a cap about her that got deleted.

No. 552350

File: 1523424234802.png (107.22 KB, 1395x969, cgl.png)

No. 552352

I wish but I dont think so. For a long while around the LACE drama they would delete anything to do with kate. It was rumoured voldie was a janitor and since shes always sucking up to kate, it'd make sense she'd choose to delete posts about her.

Seeing that Goose is a disabled person that probably spends a lot of time at home being an autist, I wouldnt be surprised if she became a janitor

No. 552355


Who is ATrueElsewhere? I dont remember many people from their names from the discord.
And I never joined any new cgl ones because I didnt want to deal with the idiotic drama again

No. 552358

Psycho enabler who whispered into Goose's ear, claiming other people were trying to take her server. Plus other stuff I don't remember, someone feel free to chime in.

No. 552362

You could try the Feedback page, but it's unlikely that will do anything. https://www.4chan.org/feedback

I searched through the archives, that was her Discord name. She seems to be a lolita/mori girl/ouji. Unfortunately, I don't remember her either.

No. 552486

Wait, the Seralise on this cap is the same woman as >>552283? Can you still be a PoC when you look indistinguishable from white people?

No. 552512

but you can buy shitty swarvoski crystals with that finding, retard. her swapping out the glass on the necklace doesn't mean she didn't buy the crystal like that and just slap it on.

No. 552550

How old is she? She looks around 40.

No. 552661

In her thirties.

No. 552814

agreed tbh, nothing cow like about him. He's just a dude who likes the fashion lol

No. 552822

what exactly did her seamstress do? pin roses to it???

No. 552866

It says the seamstress took it in at the shoulders. It still fits quite badly around the waist though.

No. 552872

Read >552284.

>Shoulders dropped

>Shoulder room added
>Bridal corset lacing added
>Added pockets

No. 552910

So she's a really white Mexican? I don't understand why white Hispanics insist that they're not white and hate white people. She doesn't even speak Spanish, wtf.

This bitch is cray.

How does this bitch claim to be not rich when she blows hundreds of dollars on lolita?

Does anyone know what's her disability?

Isn't Kate a stay at home wife or something?

Are you saying that Goose or Kate is married? Either way, are they poly?

No. 552914

They're saying Goose is married. I guess Goose is poly because she has a LDR girlfriend as well.

No. 552984

Yes, Kate is also a stay at home wife. She pretty much spends her days getting dressed up and wandering around downtown LA.

She got a huge inheritance when her dad died, but iirc she blew it all on brand and that two-month-long trip she took to Japan a couple of years back (and her $3000 designer cat). There's a cap in her thread on this board where she's freaking out because she apparently owed taxes on the inheritance money and had already spent all of it.

Nowadays I guess her husband supports her. He's some kind of engineer or something so I'm sure he makes six figures easily.

No. 553031

How fucking entitled do you have to be to not know about paying taxes?

No. 553083

She isn't even that skinny though

No. 553113

Doesn't sound like a bad life. I hope she at least invested some of that inheritance, though.

It's not that hard to be too thin for brand. AP's newer shit feels enormous.

No. 553355

File: 1523527270738.jpg (362.68 KB, 1208x765, ss (2018-04-12 at 03.00.19).jp…)

Im glad someone else thought this. I thought it fit poorly considering she had it altered, but I am by no means a seamstress so I wasnt sure

No. 553358

File: 1523527682717.png (1.35 MB, 1713x1656, cg;.png)

Im glad others are still talking about her on cgl. I was posting about her last night but my posts kept getting deleted and I kept getting warnings so I gave up. I hope anons keep it up!

>really I just hope she has an attitude change from all this

No. 553363

File: 1523529292446.jpeg (91.45 KB, 996x288, DD1B56F3-FC63-45DB-BFD6-B43FA5…)

She won’t.

No. 553492

File: 1523548016003.png (386.19 KB, 1242x2208, goosehunt.png)

Aww don't leave out the best part!

>crusade against me

I didn't even know this person until she vomited her novella about her fuckin dress onto COF, holy persecution complex

No. 553502


Doesnt she have a youtube channel?

No. 553516

File: 1523551504378.jpeg (362.84 KB, 954x862, 8AB331F7-E757-4E13-BF51-FC2DD6…)

I didn’t realize she was goose until this thread but she is like this in discord so good luck to who still talks to her

No. 553524

But clearly you're FB friends with her?

No. 553545

wtf does being in the lolita community mean? This chick needs to find a life

No. 553549

>I didn't follow the rules of the group, why do I have to?? Lolitas r supposed 2 be lovelies :,(
This again, huh.

No. 553574

File: 1523556524780.jpg (51.85 KB, 343x355, image.jpg)

Claire to the rescue.

No. 553577

A lolita community is just a group of lolitas who are local to you.


This is decent advice, as long as you're not cow-worthy or deserving of being outed.

No. 553595

Nayrt but I figured she meant the online lolita community as a whole

No. 553657

>A lolita community is just a group of lolitas who are local to you.
I don't think she was talking about her local lolita comm

Who is Claire?

No. 553731

How on earth do you not know of Claire by now if you're a lolita

No. 553754

I don't know who this is but this is good advice. By continuing to bitch she's only painting a bigger target on her back.

No. 554024

I have half a decade of lolita-ing under my petti waistband and even I had to really struggle to remember. Different Claire from the D Walkure freakout. This one is space Claire. Her big crime from what I know is always wearing the same or very similar outfits in a space/galaxy theme.

No. 554029

Isn't she also friends with Kelly Eden and co.?

No. 554037

She's an efame climber and known for heavy shooping on all of her photos. She usually wears space Lolita, but its always a very similar coord and she would post very frequently.

No. 554072

>not chasing e-fame
>22.3k followers on instagram, and has a youtube channel

No. 554145

5 years as a Lolita isn't really that long anon ngl

No. 554292

How to get people to like you goose

-follow the rules of communities and dont bawww to make them bend the rules for your special self
-dont act like such a cunt. Ive only communicated with you online but you do not come off well. You couldn't handle any criticism or something not going your way (a la Honey Cake disaster, deleted CoF post). When someone mentioned you being in your 30s here, it honestly amazes me. How can you be a seasoned adult and still act like a toddler.

No. 554453

True but Claire's efame has been at least within the past 2-3 years so pretty recent. I can see how someone gets confused though because there are two cringe Claires.

No. 554494

I agree but the anon I replied to made it sound like knowing who Claire Max is should be ubiquitous if you've spent any amount of time in the fashion and like >>554037 and >>554029 mentioned she's kind of annoying herself but doesn't have much actual DRAMA behind her. She also hasn't done much in the last year unless I'm mistaken? Or at least I haven't seen much bitching in that time.

No. 554498

What has Claire actually done to make so many people dislike her except get famous off wearing iterations of the same outfit over and over again?

No. 554513

Nothing I can recall in particular. Really people started ragging on her because of her same-y coords. But recently after following Kelly Edens thread she pops up a lot and seems to run with her crowd which makes me a bit more… skeptical of Claire

No. 554532

Pretty sure she adamantly denies shooping her photos, despite always looking like uncanny valley.

No. 554533

I didn’t take the pic, someone else did. I never interacted with her on fb.

On egl she was a bitch. Not that many current Lolitas remember her then, but she has a reputation. To wk her a bit I think that attitude she had was partly from being in a bad situation. Otherwise she hasn’t said much recently (beyond trying to wk Kelly) to get ppl annoyed at her. Irl she is flakey so she rarely actually hangs out with ppl beyond KE and her posse.

No. 554541

plenty of people can be in bad situations and not be cunts, anon. and maybe she should have been concentrating on that instead of lolita but she doesn't seem like her priorities are that good…

>inb4 but anon, people are allowed to enjoy stuff even if they might not have everything in order

yea, but if it makes you act shitty to others then you should rethink your priorities.

No. 554647

What did she actually do on egl? Wouldn't she have been like a teenager back in its heyday? Idk how old she is but if she's friends with KE I'm assuming mid to late 20s

No. 555741

My dad just died recently and I've been dealing with all this shit myself. Even if you're dead, your estate is still responsible for taxes (and any other debts you owe that are not alleviated upon death). I'm not sure why she didn't know that, or if she just believed that inherited personal finances (money the person had, not life insurance or anything like that) don't get taxed or what but sounds like she didn't have a lawyer involved or was not involved with the legal stuff, just took her money. What an idiot. Any time you get a big sum of money, talk to a lawyer or accountant so you can avoid this shit.

No. 555764

She shoops herself into a creepy almost alien face then denies shooping when it's clear she's smoothed herself out to oblivion and touched up her eyes.

No. 556102

Do you mean egl the livejournal or egl the discord server? Sorry for the confusion

I was briefly on the discord and she was a total cunt, to no ones surprise. The way she acts, her being a lot older than I imagined, and her love of Gundam. All make me question if shes legitimately autistic

No. 556112

…this is pathetic. She's 30 and acting like a dejected high schooler who's crying about not being everyone's queen bee.

What a persecution complex. I'm sure if she demanded less that everyone like her, and follow some basic social rules, that most things about her would blow over.
And if not? Oh well. It's like this fruitloop never learned that nobody has to like her or be her friend.

It's as if "lay low" isn't in her vocabulary.

No. 556209

They were asking about Claire, not Goose. Thinks she likes Transformers, not Gundam.

No. 556400

She keeps getting tagged in random transformers shit so I’m assuming that’s what it is

No. 556932

Can you post examples or caps or something? I looked at her IG and don't see the creepy photoshop, looks like normal editing to me and she has a lot of tagged pics where she looks the same.

No. 560488

She has modeled for indie brands before tho

No. 565982

Who is Goose married to? I have never seen her talk about a husband or a wife before?

No. 570036

She's married to some nobody just for his health insurance.

No. 570385

File: 1525121800683.jpeg (628.19 KB, 640x957, C8FE2138-2311-46EB-8E39-D8599D…)

Claire is at it again, like can she just stop?

No. 570406

Which Claire is this?

No. 570415

SJW-Chan / Claire Rishi

No. 570419

File: 1525123521852.png (160.45 KB, 750x1015, IMG_6214.PNG)

Claire rishi. As far as I know she's new to the comms but she's annoying as fuck

No. 570477

File: 1525128377981.png (404.08 KB, 484x501, Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 4.42…)

I think she deserves her own thread sometimes but idk

No. 570485

she's so ugly i forgot.

No. 570535

File: 1525131541505.png (443.95 KB, 750x1334, 2AA8F56B-00D7-48BA-8F66-F85796…)

More j fashion than lolita but she does wear lolita. 1/3

No. 570537

File: 1525131587268.jpeg (230.72 KB, 810x1440, 349CE958-8043-45D3-96E9-A74BCD…)


No. 570538

File: 1525131608783.jpeg (221.91 KB, 897x1758, 16BE3106-C21D-404E-B00F-1E3159…)


No. 570550


Wait, I'm confused by her body. It's like someone else's (pretty good) legs photoshopped onto the rest.

No. 570552

I really wish you would have spoilered this. She looks like Dr. Pig.

No. 570567

I can’t figure out her neck or face.

No. 570574


By the looks of it she may have cushings disease.

No. 570589

I hate when people wear a bunch of boring aliexpress shit and call it "j-fashion."

How she got a choker around her non-neck at all is beyond me

No. 570592

File: 1525134330347.jpg (35.33 KB, 454x600, fa4cfa28b01d826bd0c3d03f82ecfd…)

I honestly think you might be right.

No. 570655

No, she has only said she has autism or some mental illness.

No. 570665

Some people just gain weight in unfortunate places, it doesn't have to be more than that.

No. 570671

PCOS is more likely.

No. 570720

I was put on this drug in a psychiatric ward and gained 25 lbs in two weeks.

Granted I was 80 lbs at the time bc my OCD made it impossible for me to eat, but antipsychotics are pretty infamous for weight gaining quickly and not fucking off.(blogposting)

No. 570777

File: 1525149406185.png (157.6 KB, 1836x734, chrome_2018-04-30_21-34-31.png)

This all got deleted eventually. I wish I could say she realized she should shut up and reported the posts til they were deleted, but it's more likely she realized the thread was on autosage and no one would run in to suck her dick in time.

It's so telling how she feels a need to continue this artificial drama, she's truly addicted to any attention.

No. 570819

Which thread was this in? Went looking for the original discussion but couldn't find it. Was the whole thread deleted?

No. 570830

it was in the ita thread

No. 570840

spazzing out and reeeing about 'muh mental illness' was the best she could handle this? good lord.

No. 570845

Someone tried to make a thread on here about a Lolita, and it was alright for a couple days, but then a farmhand swooped in and said all Lolita lolcows should be segregated into the Lolita lolcow thread. So there’s no point.

No. 570851

You might not want to post screencaps where it's obvious you're a janitor. No one else has those red trash cans next to the posts.

No. 570861

this is obviously from an archive.
also learn to sage newfag

No. 570958

Its from warosu but ok, retard.

No. 570993

The amount of sucking up and enabling on this fb post is fascinating to me

No. 571209

>Im started to get so efamous
Wow humble brag much? Congrats you have 2500 followers, how many are real though?

No. 571896

File: 1525280994153.png (144.2 KB, 420x591, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 1.05…)

Not really sure where to put this but can I rant about how I hate how this is one of the most pretentious pieces of shit I've ever seen. I hate how SJWs are trying to use lolita as a political statemtn

No. 571898

File: 1525281081815.png (78.57 KB, 421x308, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 1.05…)

No. 571903

File: 1525281813475.gif (772.82 KB, 260x221, 23765163.gif)

This is English class level reaching. Maybe, just maybe, the brand just likes the aesthetic of old churches.

No. 571905

I see this ugly bitch in my suggested feed all the time, not surprised she's a dramawhore

No. 571911

Of course this was posted by Amber.

No. 571940

You should try meeting her irl. She's insufferable.

No. 571949

She’s lovely in real life.

No. 571951

Sure, if "lovely" means going on and on and on about her followers and efame, then I guess she's "lovely"

No. 571957

File: 1525287589430.jpg (173.48 KB, 443x842, 1.JPG)

Samefag, and not to pick on her mental health, but I remember this post from a few years ago and girl needs real help.

No. 571972

am I completely losing the plot or did she just threaten suicide over pokemon characters

No. 571991

Not even threatened. Attempted.

No. 572062

Who is Amber?

No. 572505

Maxicimam Lovely maybe

No. 572527

My mate.

No. 573875

File: 1525469953873.png (96.94 KB, 533x309, Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 4.39…)

No. 573876

File: 1525469990125.png (387.53 KB, 340x513, Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 4.38…)

it already is sweaty

No. 573911

Fucking hell why can’t anyone let this die

No. 575491

Hey popstars!

No. 575496

holy shit her pupils are like fucking saucers, she looks like she snorted 5 mollies before she recorded this haha

No. 575634

Framing herself as sweet and positive in this video is embarrassing. Only including her cropped version of the convo with the rc:u mod. the thing between the two of them is annoying and i'm way past over it. But she's shilling herself as such a good person uwu. Have some dignity claire
Also she talks like she's experienced in lolita and the culture of the online community when her ita ass just hopped on the band wagon just 6 months ago.

No. 575656

Jesus christ, she just doesn't get it. She thinks people hate her blm tattoo because they don't agree with it as a political stance? Honey it's because that's white saviour bullshit. Also lmao when she says it's not common knowledge that blouses are required in lolita ("The article was from 2006!!")

No. 575695

She's so manic that i couldn't finish watching this, good lord

No. 575826

File: 1525703447032.jpg (68.48 KB, 1024x577, fa5.jpg)

Holy shit she's so all over the place. Does she write a script before recording? Also why is her video/audio editing like, barely above "high school presentation in English class" tier? Her mic sucks and fades in and out but then the sound effects are all LOUD AS SHIT, and she sometimes cuts herself off midsentence for one of those "quirky" youtuber transitions.

All of her fucking annoying behavior aside she's not going to become a big YOOTOOB star if she doesn't spend some time learning to make her videos better.

No. 575855

File: 1525705403316.jpg (526.99 KB, 490x671, 5ccf86d7700adabce5f304c3ce0978…)

>I just love that the uniqueness that everyone has about each other and how that we can learn from each other with everything that's different about all of us that we can just grow.
This is some Miss South Carolina shit, what the absolute hell.

No. 576475

I couldn’t even get through it all it was so bad

No. 576693

is this that crazy bitch who was obsessed with that western idol group and called herself bubblegum pinku or something??

No. 577074

She calls herself a lot of things. Ranging from kawaii Barbie to professional model.

No. 580439

File: 1526147483018.jpeg (275.35 KB, 750x1191, 8A0A5948-1866-44F5-BB0C-66F1D4…)

That wig

No. 580505

Put it on a cute Jap and there you'll have every lolita selfie circa 2011.

No. 580523

I've met her irl and she was insufferable. She wouldn't stop talking about her etsy (which she kept pronouncing as "eetsie" for whatever reason even though those around her said it like normal people)

No. 582001

How else besides horse face is she insufferable ?

No. 582050

She’s super socially awkward and only capable of talking about herself and what she likes or is doing. If you talk about yourself she just turns the convo back to her. Why do so many people seem to doubt that she’s hard to talk to and get along with irl

No. 582206

i met her irl too, i didnt talk to her but shes bad built for sure. pretty sad… but i guess if her personality is that bad then it isnt sad at all.

No. 582268

sounds like an aspie

No. 585168

File: 1526499928013.png (122.68 KB, 720x823, 20180516_204524.png)

No. 585172

File: 1526500045822.jpg (52.94 KB, 720x734, FB_IMG_1526499986779.jpg)

>>585168 no wonder you're being made fun of

No. 585173

File: 1526500057930.jpg (37.78 KB, 720x715, FB_IMG_1526499991143.jpg)

No. 585180

File: 1526500504646.png (147.41 KB, 720x1212, 20180516_205506.png)

No. 585218

Different anon, but I just looked for this on RC and found some more milk from her

No. 585220

File: 1526502439564.png (77.23 KB, 645x802, kaylee1.PNG)

Dropped pic

No. 585222

File: 1526502457383.png (357.49 KB, 541x825, kaylee2.PNG)

No. 585223

File: 1526502483107.png (56.97 KB, 1081x252, kaylee3.PNG)

>lolitas are supposed to be lovelies waaaa

No. 585230

File: 1526502674138.png (75.41 KB, 663x701, kaylee4.PNG)

Scrolling through her profile. She sounds like an awful person to deal with

No. 585272

Duuuuuude. has she even been paying attention to recent drama? Like seriously. Learn from others mistakes before you make the same one yourself.

No. 585424

She really needs to grow the fuck up. She throws a tantrum extremely publicly any time she's even given constructive criticism or advice, I'd hate to see how she reacts to actual negativity. You can't use being an aspie as an excuse for generally being a cunt, but she's still trying.

No. 585430

She's threatening suicide because someone told her that paying more than $100 for a dress is normal??? If she's acting like that she can't be left alone and should be fucking institutionalised if she's gonna freak the fuck out any time someone gives her factual information. Also no one cares if she buys offbrand so the whole conversation is pointless attention seeking to start with. Also no one is obliged to treat you like a princess whether they're your friend or not, your weird little bubble of ~I'm a princess uguuuu~ isn't reality and no one else has to abide by it. Something just rubs me the wrong way about this ugly bitch.

No. 590250

No. 590368

reminds me of marina joyce

No. 590372

>I'm going to be putting out music and rapping

I for one cannot wait for this trainwreck

No. 590495

She just uploaded a ton of vids so enjoy

No. 590499

File: 1526938974276.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1834, 68439EB4-45FF-4119-998D-D90D23…)

Does she think bottom is how she looks

No. 590526

her name is literally suicidal shipper. in all of her videos she talks about how she wants to become efamous by being a "troll…" but all she's doing is promoting suicide. I don't think it's allowed in youtube.

No. 590531

She chose that name because she tried to an hero over a fucking Pokemon ship. I'd love if YouTube banned her ass.

No. 590576

I kind of feel like she’s promoting the idea that feeling suicidal over fictional characters is ok and normal. Getting a bit sad bc your ship isn’t canon? Okay. Wanting to gang yourself over it? Not okay. You probably need help.

No. 590579

She's so emotionally stunted

No. 590583

I'm surprised she's not into Menhera, seems right up her cringy alley.

No. 590584

She ships children, actual children. And somehow still gives a fuck about a show that ended ten years ago

No. 590588


I may just be behind the times but how can you have a style based around mental health/illness? inb4 all of tumblr

No. 590590

Well, she’s stuck in 2012 fashion-wise.

No. 590599

She gets attached to things very quickly so maybe she will latch on to it eventually. She reminds me of Abby Brown in the way she becomes obsessed so quickly. >>590499
I'm not sure she knows how rapping works, because she's essentially reading a poem

No. 590792

File: 1526959655198.jpeg (148.11 KB, 750x893, 6CDE14FB-6489-4E38-B312-5CD451…)

The begging is real

No. 590794

File: 1526959889478.jpeg (219.96 KB, 750x1096, 61B5406B-DF6E-4338-97A9-FFC93B…)

How is this pop kei? ? ?

No. 590808

My goodness she's so self absorbed! "Hey, have you taken time out of your lives to watch the video I posted ten minutes ago? I haven't had thousands of views yet??? YOU MUST ALL HATE ME BRB SEPPUKU" Why is that attitude so fucking common in alternative fashion?

No. 590815

Menhera basically incorporates mental illness by including medical themes/motifs, and using cute imagery with dark imagery to reflect a happy veneer with sad/twisted insides.

She mentions Menhera briefly in this "explanation" video (she made a 41 minute long explanation video for something that hasn't even reached 100 views…) in a weirdly defensive tone, like she's worried about being accused of copying. She maintains that while the Menhera-chan webcomic came out in 2014, she's had the idea of mixing "kawaii"/pastel goth aesthetic with mental health issues since 2010.

She also outright says in this video that she wants to be a lolcow (or "queen of trolls", in her words) and that it's her "destiny" because of her status as a Pokemon shipper, then goes on about how she respects the big bad Anonymous because she doesn't want to be doxxed. This woman honestly doesn't seem to realize that self-aware autism is still, 100%, autism.

No. 590821

Samefagging just to say that the way she says "kawaii" is so grating. Christ, this is a hard watch.

No. 590886

She's uploaded like 10 videos in the past day. She says she has bipolar so it's pretty clear she's in a manic period. Honestly what makes her cringey is not her actual content but the fact that she's trying SO HARD to be a "troll" and "break the internet" and seem like she doesn't care.

Honey, i know you're reading this. Anyone who uploads six videos in a day and has less than a hundred subscribers doesn't have any room to call themselves "queen of the trolls." It seems like being on the internet is really bad for your mental health, and i'd suggest stepping way at least until you feel less manic and can view things more calmly. This isn't going to make anyone like you,relate to you, or think you're "cool." you're only drawing a bigger target on your back. Please stop, for your own good.

No. 590902

File: 1526974253631.png (398.08 KB, 640x483, E72C08E8-60D0-4957-A903-F79447…)

From her tumblr

No. 590915

where's the cap from?

No. 590991

Why does she feel the need to yell during the entire video?

No. 590998

That’s what I want to know. Not sure.

No. 591022

It amazes me how this person's been creeping in the lolita community for years, yet they only have a pathetic couple hundred views on all their videos.

I say "they" because I'm still not entirely convinced that's a female.

No. 591026

Oh laaaaaaaawd I can't even with this shrieking ogre.

Also she glamorizes suicide. Classy.

No. 591044

No way can I make it through 45 minutes if that… she desperately wants to be known as a weirdo who wanted to commit over fictional characters. Like so badly she’s making it her entire identity with the “suicidal shipper” username…..
I feel like she thinks if she gets meme’d around she’ll get attention and if she gets called a special snowflake it means she’s made it just like her idols……

No. 591099

Thank you for explaining, I'm not in to pastel anything so it was a bit confusing. At first I didn't understand how one could wear their mental illness but she has completely proved how one can. She parades it on her sleeve. It's like when someone tries to be cringe and tries to get a reaction they immediately become the opposite, I don't think she's smart enough to figure out reverse psychology I think she's just of the opinion that any attention is good attention at this point

No. 591390

File: 1527024365982.png (686.27 KB, 2482x582, Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 5.22…)

given her intense want to become "queen of the snowflakes" and "queen of the trolls" I'm very inclined to believe this was a poor attempt at a self post
also note how they only linked her youtube channel that she's been desperately trying to promote to get views, and used her self made meme for the thread pic…

>possible lol cow or snowflake?

>lol cow

No. 591415

The typing is very similar to hers so I wouldn’t be surprised.

No. 591429

She's trying too hard. Things aren't happening organically so she figures if she plants the video here we'll all jump on it lol.

Except it's not entertaining and nobody wants to listen to that ear-raping garbage.

No. 591445

this is definitely her because she only put that image on a YouTube video

No. 591452

She's really bad at hiding her tracks

No. 591579

File: 1527040351410.png (5.57 MB, 1242x2208, E0EFF0FD-CA7D-47CB-8551-235455…)

No. 591581

I'm guessing she made these since her store was Fairy Kei Heaven?

No. 591582

File: 1527040516239.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1242x1691, F35FD600-F3D6-4A29-BB67-52C99F…)

Yeah her tumblr is filled with them right now.

No. 591584

That's really, really sad.

No. 591585

yes, imo the typing is a dead giveaway….
she tends to type like she's esl or something
this post is a good example of her broken sentences

I truly think she believes if she gets discussed here and has her own "drama" and gets "bullied" that means she's made it. her videos (what i was able to watch atleast) she's quite honestly begging for it

No. 591591

Any attention is good attention to her which is flawed to begin with. Also with regard to the esl sounding sentences; it's to seem more exotic and Japanese, therefore giving her an excuse for her not making sense when she types. Most of us who are esl don't sound like that at least I'd hope not. But for her, it certainly seems like something to bring more attention, like when Kota used to run her captions through google translate and back to make her seem more cultured.

No. 591731

Is she mentally disabled or autistic? She seems genuinely messed up cognitively.
And since she's lurking here, Please make a video on why you have no neck, it's concerning.

No. 591757

She sounds "normal" and very American in her videos, but the way she types, both on her dA and in that screencap, are incredibly strange. The grammar throws me off, it's like that of a young child or ESL person. I don't think she's calculated enough to purposely use a weird syntax to bring more attention to herself, either.

I'm not trying to be funny, but do we know if there's something wrong with this woman (outside of the bipolar disorder and suicidal thoughts)? I feel like she might be slightly slow developmentally, or something. Not to the point that she has no lucidity or agency as a person, but just enough for it to be somewhat noticeable.

No. 591861

Does this >>570538 look like the styling choice of a mentally stable adult woman?

No. 591913

Never in my life have I cringed this many times in a row. So embarassing.

She's 100% on the spectrum.

No. 591917

No one is bullying her is the confusing part. Like literally someone laughed at her and maybe pointed out that she's fat and weird shaped but she attempted suicide over something in Pokemon. She can't blame that on other people? No one is actively attacking here, if anything we're just kinda baffled

No. 591918

Also she upset about this “bullying” that happened like 8 years ago or whenever on cgl. Like get over it.

No. 591920

Someone said "lol fat kys" basically, she still thinks she's relevant and people hate her…like come on, literally no one cares girl.

No. 591924

I've had the misfortune of meeting her at a con. She's bipolar, but afaik, that's it. Definitely not on the spectrum, surprisingly.

No. 591930

actually, given her age and gender we have no way of knowing if she's autistic since they wouldn't have tested her as a child and they don't test adult women usually. she has that stereotypical face tho…

No. 591932

And her being so hyperfocused on this one thing. I’ve met her too and she really can only talk about this stuff irl too.

No. 591961


It's funny, because Rachel really is a bit of a cow in some ways. She is legitimately a delusional 30 year old woman with no job who is obsessed with becoming e-famous. Like, that is literally her only goal in life; to sponge off her parents for the rest of eternity and soak up that sweet online attention. Any attention is good enough, which is why she is posting this shit and begging to be bullied.

I guess you're getting it for now, Rachel. But you bungled your debut and you will probably be forgotten soon enough. Desperate self-posting won't fix that either. Please seek real help.

No. 591969

Also, add not getting a real job since she attaches her name to everything. Living with her parents, I don’t get why they put up with this. I know she’s not a minor, but if my adult child acted this way I would have to give an ultimatum and not encourage this bs.

No. 591988

She's in her 30s? Damn. It's weird, she looks nearly 40 but she acts like a tween… and yet, also like a haggard busybody mother who sticks her nose in everyone's business. She's like a walking paradox. Or maybe more like a sitting paradox, since it's clear she never moves much.

No. 591992

I think she’s in her mid-20s actually but still.

No. 591993

File: 1527094506523.jpg (798.6 KB, 2000x2500, Dr_Eggman.jpg)

No. 591996

… According to her Facebook, she will be 30 in August.

No. 591998

Damn. My bad, didn’t realize she was past 25.

No. 592002

I hope if she lurks all the “bullying” inspires her to keep being milky. I know it’s what she wants but I would actually like to see her develop into a bigger cow.

No. 592003

Understandable given the circumstances. She has the priorities of a teenager and while she doesn't look particularly young, her clothing doesn't reflect her age.

No. 592029

She lurks and I'm pretty sure she tried to self-post. And yeah, she does have the potential, especially if people who have known her speak out about the weird shit she's done. I was part of an adjacent comm, so I don't know a ton firsthand, but she is very off-putting in real life. Only talks about herself and absolutely foams at the mouth when there are even slightly well known lolitas around. There was one very pretty girl who got the brunt her attention for while and it was creepy how Rachel looked at her; wide-eyed, like she wanted to wear her skin.

No. 592044

I'm pretty sure I know who you're talking about, and it was legitimately creepy how blatant Rachel was about her obsession with this girl. Even at cons, if there's someone with the slightest bit of efame, Rachel will spend the entire con trying to find that one person. She's a fame leech, and she'll never get the level of popularity she wants because, let's be real, she's not attractive, and she doesn't have a single quality about her that inspires awe. She's a fat, unattractive creep with no real talents; becoming a lolcow is her only chance at any efame.

No. 592052

Do you have more deets?

No. 592088

File: 1527099847300.jpg (401.27 KB, 959x1920, 07e7bd28-ded7-40e9-813a-fa683b…)

I'm wary about giving away too much info, because even though she's become somewhat of a local lolcow in the surrounding states, the people she attaches herself to are just regular lolitas or jfashion bloggers that were nice to her once, and never heard the end of it. If you speak to her and have even a measly 1k followers, you're suddenly her best friend and she will not leave you alone.

I have one story I can give you: I was at some small con with her, and there was a popular YouTuber there that I think had shot her for a video all of once (it was one of those CMVs, I think), and she literally spent the entire con looking for him, asking every goddamn person if they had seen him, and that she wanted him to take pictures of her. I think she does this in the hopes that someone will post her on their Insta/Tumblr/YouTube, and that she'll get more followers from that.

>who wouldn't want this beer bod on their kawaii Instagram?

No. 592091

Her body type is so weird. It’s grotesque until reaching her legs, which are actually really nice.

No. 592104

She has the legs of a hot girl but the body and face of a middle-aged mom. She should just take detached sexy legs photos and post them to 4chan to up her self esteem or something.

No. 592246

File: 1527110501972.jpg (50.36 KB, 620x387, depardieu_3060378b.jpg)

She looks like fuckin Gerard Depardieu…

No. 592259

Jesus christ she really does, it's uncanny

No. 592406

File: 1527121889466.jpeg (66.49 KB, 640x443, E1242DE1-C549-4BF8-9B01-F2AEFF…)

No. 592416

She hasn't even had a reaction yet, I don't know why she thinks she gets to create a reaction for it, that's not how the public works

No. 592419

The video has been up for two days and has 109 views. No one cares about her or her dumbass video enough to get their jimmies rustled.

No. 592509

What kills me is that she already made an explanation video and started it with saying “I know a lot of you have been wondering…” or something along those lines.
She must be so disappointed that her video didn’t overflow with hate comments in the first few days, she seems to be really looking forward to it

No. 592723

>culture approaching

No. 592726

File: 1527165720077.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1242x2068, 37B4DFB9-FAA4-499E-AD26-BF7BDC…)

No. 592865

It's just larping at this point.

No. 593065

File: 1527202589660.jpeg (346.15 KB, 1242x1146, 2249EFC4-4324-4894-8893-147CB7…)

Holy shit girl

No. 593134

File: 1527209780823.jpeg (172.64 KB, 750x1096, 607FAC73-0AAB-4279-A1F8-93753F…)

Let’s not forget this age play cow

No. 593135

File: 1527209810509.jpeg (122.53 KB, 720x960, 9612FFD1-D7DD-4F9B-9D3D-792630…)


No. 593137

File: 1527209835970.jpeg (109.28 KB, 720x960, FC80FF90-98A1-4973-A3C9-F900FB…)

No. 593139

Fuuuuck I'd forgotten all about her,she's still a sphere I see. She was so confident in her 'knowledge' and it was all always bullshit

No. 593140

File: 1527210029400.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, 4B39501C-2310-49C1-AED5-76D256…)

She brag about her parents getting her a baby carriage. She is an adult

No. 593142

File: 1527210049707.jpeg (123.12 KB, 720x960, 20B23B5E-A7B0-46EE-AFA1-3FD3CB…)

Her bedroom floor

No. 593144

File: 1527210134026.jpeg (76.63 KB, 402x942, 6C2A7736-732A-4785-9ED2-ED68C3…)

Also active supporter of replicas

No. 593146

…What is she gonna use it for? She's certainly not a mother. Ageplay in Lolita is always beyond cringer

No. 593147

Some anon on CGL said her parents went to Lolita tea parties and meets with her. They said her parents would try and be part of the meet up. She claims she has autism which the way she is could be true. But a grown women should not need her parents with her everywhere she goes

No. 593148

God she's huge now, she was always big but she just has this tiny head and enormous body

No. 593149

I can understand her parents wanting to at least socialise if they have to be their daughter's wrangler to keep her safe from herself. Can't imagine it's fun for them

No. 593151

File: 1527210736263.jpeg (151.7 KB, 640x960, C448DCDA-E12C-462E-B6AD-22A298…)

Her fairy kei

No. 593152

File: 1527210755028.jpeg (150.09 KB, 540x960, DF458860-C56F-4D9A-9369-D01C01…)

No. 593154

File: 1527210817764.jpeg (165.86 KB, 860x960, C232E865-22AA-492C-89B9-10BBA1…)

Her Barbie doll house she proudly posted on her timeline

No. 593155

I don’t want to know

No. 593156

Oh my god that body type. She has a cute face, she just can't dress herself and is shaped like an egg

No. 593406

This was awhile ago but we used to have a cow in our community. She was a militant vegan brony who constantly shit talked everyone and got caught posting awful things on cgl and btb (made fun of special needs members). She would complain about members and meet locations not being vegan too. She also had a superiority complex and thought she was best at everything, while shit talking people better than her.

She was all around just a terrible obnoxious person to be around.
She finally got banned, and now she’s a stripper in LA with shitty tattoos and piercings, and awful makeup.
Feels good man.

Although sometimes I do miss her drama. She was train wreck, you wanna look away but you can’t.

No. 593425

That's dominique. She was mentioned earlier in this thread >>79170 >>79171 >>79172 >>79173 >>79174

She's still a train wreck. I don't think she's come to any LA meetups yet but she RSVP'd to the ILD meetup.

No. 593429

>cute face
bitch where? her face looks like the first thing you see after waking up strapped to a chair.

No. 593485

You can just say dominique its ok

No. 593487

Duuuude her fucking "personal" blog has a mile long header telling everyone what they're NOT ALLOWED to do on her profile thx and how she wants a sugar daddy but not ever have to be sexual or romantic with them??? Just roll around like a fat baby all day and be paid for I guess


I don't want interaction from l/ittl/e, cg//l, and dd//lg blogs, please* This is a CAREKID (formerly chireb) REKID FOREVERCHILD COMFYKID SMOLSPACE KIDDYCLUB TOYVILLAGE BUBWAVE BABYCORE CHILDCORE TOYCORE KIDCORE KIDDYCORE KIDDIECORE etc. age regression therapy blog IMPORTANT: Do not* block loligothroseprincess. That is my primary for my account and thus what I have to follow through.

.♡ I am currently looking for a wonderful long-term carer to take care of me and cherish me in a monogamous nonsexual relationship!~ Because I don’t have the ability to leave home or take care of myself or live independently due to my illnesses. I need someone to be there for me and support me lovingly and gently and stimulate me mentally and set up guidelines and rules to keep me safe and healthy and to make me feel loved and not alone. I’m just a smol princess after all.♡


☆ ♡ `•.¸.•´ ♡ º ☆.¸¸.•´¯`♡


.☆♡Header image credits to PinkTwinkleBear on Tumblr. Thank you so much for letting me use them! ^_^♡☆.


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.♡Hi! Welcome to my blog. Here, I post all kinds of things. It is my completely safe child space. Absolutely nothing se/xual will be posted here, and if you send me se/xual asks, they will be immediately deleted, and you will be blocked. I cannot deal with that stuff for multiple reasons, so don’t send it. On here, I post all kinds of cute and pastel stuff, including:

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.♡Dislikes♡ Se/xual stuff, people pointing out things that trigger my dysphoria or meltdowns (chest, pr-gnancy, cycles, age, s-x, "adult" stuff, etc.), mean people, responsibilities, swearing, dark colors (the only exception is if it’s my carer’s clothes ♡), people telling me to “grow up”, being criticized for things that aren’t my fault, people who refuse to understand my mental and physical illnesses and push me to do things that I actually can’t do, people who refuse to accept me for what I am and try to force me into things I want nothing to do with, people who force me to do things I don't want to, people who harrass me or send me mean/rude comments or messages, ableism, sexism, racism, cissexism, religious discrimination, lgbtqpia+ discrimination, body shame/discrimination, etc.

No. 593494

Angelicprettykin AND hates it when people point out her responsibilities? Damn, this bitch is too relateable.

I'm going to try and unpack this chick's sexuality: doesn't want to be fucked (asexual), but wants to ogle women (sapphic), and have romantic encounters with people of multiple genders (polyromantic) but only when they're friends (demiromantic)?


No. 593496

I think her face shape is cute, she doesn't look old and haggard like a lot of other crazies, she has full lips and a decent smile. If someone taught her makeup and hair she'd be cute. Just because she's cringy and insane doesn't mean she's ugly and I personally wouldn't consider her ugly.

No. 593497

Ty for posting this. I couldn’t read that awful font on her blog at all.

No. 593506

Not sure she understands witchcraft in any way, shape, or form. "~I'm a pure pinku cutie witch, sooooo much better than you~" girl, that shit doesn't exist. Also I didn't think you could be kin with fashion brands?

No. 593517


What is with these cows and insisting they're not into being a "little" and they're all like "do not interact if ur into ddlg!!!" when they clearly are 100% into that shit. Does it give them more ~uwu true little~ points to pretend it's not their kink but their ~actual personality i'm a poor fragile baby~ or what is this about because it's fucking laughable

No. 593775

This is amazing. Good find

No. 593783

you can say you're kin with anything since none of it's real, it just escalates further since there's no rules. honestly the only 'sjw' types i've seen that defend it but don't use it themselves only defend it because at least 90% of the people that say they're kin with something say they're also autistic or something in their mile long bios

No. 593949

She has an autism meter gif on her page.

No. 593969

File: 1527288668563.jpeg (163.56 KB, 717x855, A40BD30F-AFB9-4097-8E07-994D0B…)

She does not need a full time care giver or service dog. She just got her college degree and never takes the dog with her to her college classes.

No. 593977

File: 1527289088195.png (1021.27 KB, 750x1334, AF1D0D9F-B547-4A12-B54D-22C84E…)

I blame bad parenting too

No. 594114

File: 1527305662190.jpeg (159.57 KB, 1080x733, 771E4C04-297B-458D-8B02-CC0E8C…)


No. 594121

you have shit taste. she's really ugly.

No. 594385

Rachel we've already moved on. Your ten minutes of Fame is over.

No. 594792

Funny enough she looks like an ugly baby

No. 598386

Did she delete all her stuff? I was going to sit down and have a good laugh, and it's all gone.

No. 598803

File: 1527802837240.png (427.83 KB, 640x1136, 0726BE65-83E0-4654-9220-F53C57…)

A girl in my comm just posted tips on shoplifting and I’m disgusted as someone who has worked retail in the past.
She’s an upper class vegan girl, and obviously has the money, considering how much old school shit she buys.
She used to be cringey in the comm, but I thought she was getting better. Guess I was way wrong.
Im tempted to post uncensored.
She’s an infamous vegan butch who’s caused drama in the past.

No. 598808

I'm as disgusted as you are but is it really necessary to post this twice here and twice on cgl?

No. 598816

What’s wrong with putting a shoplifter on blast? I’m fine with that. Also I only see one post here

No. 598843

Yeah seems that way. Guess her manic phase ended.

No. 599118

Uncensored please. Who is this bitch?

No. 599136

You don't have to censor the names on lolcow. I want to know who this is.
Money's got nothing to do with it though. It's the sense of entitlement, and she must be tits-deep in it to be bold enough to out herself as a proud thief. Plenty poor people still pay for their shit or don't buy at all.

But tbh it's not really a secret to anyone not living under a rock that self-checkout kiosks are faulty about item weights. That was typical bullshit I put up with back when I worked at a store like that. Also: people switching up PLU codes, scanning a cheap item but putting a more expensive item in its place, etc.

Repeat offenders are tracked and do get caught though. Most of those self-checkouts now have cameras and they're pretty fucking accurate on targeting shrink and the usual suspects who cause it.

No. 599231

Yeah I'm with >>598808 you're not wrong but you're definitely stretching the limits of how drama-worthy this is. Find something else to do

No. 599593

Not that anon but her name is Divina, she’s a vegan sjw who is known for posting on cgl

No. 599863

File: 1527909374115.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1448, Screenshot_20180601-155318.png)

More milk from Claire.

No. 599864

File: 1527909403110.jpg (2.23 MB, 2331x1624, caps.jpg)

No. 599865

File: 1527909444411.png (1.5 MB, 640x1136, image-2.png)

And a picture of her disgusting herpes face for good measure.

No. 599943

WTF is wrong with her mouth? Besides the herpes, does she have no upper lip?
Why would you ever post a picture with a raging cold sore infestation????

No. 599948

She has one but it’s hidden by the two giant cold sores.

I will never understand what possesses people to post pictures like this. It’s not like it’s some unfortunate acne you can’t help it’s literally fucking herpes. Just hide your damn face for a few days.

No. 599957

I'm so confused why she'd post this. Does she think she's edgy?

No. 600562

File: 1527994558522.png (381.96 KB, 918x290, unknown-1.png)

No. 600627

The text on the image says
>live stream went well! Now off to work

So she streamed live like that and is now going to a possibly publicly facing job like that

To be fair if you have a cold sore you're stuck forever with the virus, and iirc it is herpes but a different strain to the other one. But I'd still whack some concealer on that for the sake of other people

No. 600636

Man this is painful to read. She's even trying to be friendly to these people. There are honestly far nicer people on lolcow than those Facebook commenters.

They all have a point with the overshare (see other screencaps) but I've honestly seen worse in terms of…most people who declare they can't pay rent link to their poorly-reviewed shop or gofundme at the same time.

No. 600678

You're retarded if you think any of that "I'd be your friend if you can look past my behavior~" shit was genuine, she was peppering those comments with shit like "I bet you have no friends" and accusing random people of having some weird imaginary history of harassing her.

If it's any indicator of how much she lied to save face (such that it is), she went to that meetup she said she couldn't afford anyways yesterday. She's just dumb grubby trailer trash and she thinks she can get instagram/youtube famous through lolita. Tell me how this is her "dream dress" that she's been on a payment plan for "months" when she's only been in the fashion 6 months?

No. 600682

You're correct, HSV1 (which causes cold sores) and HSV2 (genital herpes) are two different things. Still. this is disgusting and nobody wants to look at your cold-sore-riddled face so at least make an attempt to cover it if you're going to go out like that.

how hard is it to wake up on time to get ready for a meetup? Forgot deodorant??? How is that not the first thing you do when you get up?? This bitch, i swear

No. 600689

they basically are the same thing though. Doctors barely even differentiate between the two as you can get either in any place.

No. 600690

I can't stop laughing at this video because she's wearing a JSK that isn't even zipped up. you can see when she moves around that it's unzipped. Honey what is u doin

No. 600691

Dear Lord. I don’t really know much about this person (haven’t been to cgl in months,) but girl, your financial responsibilities come first. Just send a message to the organizer that an emergency came up and you won’t be able to attend, and save your money. Speaking as a poor student, expensive hobbies will have to be put on the back burner for more important obligations. It sucks but it’s true.

Who is this person, anyway? I tried reading up thread but couldn’t make sense of it.

No. 600715

I'm guessing people go watch her livestream for the same reasons people go watch Shay? The sheer body horror

No. 600764

File: 1528028959831.png (1.41 MB, 640x1136, image-3.png)

No. 600796

File: 1528033477620.png (1.16 MB, 1242x2208, 73AC7E1E-806B-4297-A6F2-BE222A…)

Related, apparently she posted this w a cold sore pic

No. 600797

Why does something about Claire remind me of Luna

No. 600802

Painful amount of overshare in all her posts, like someone cornering you and telling you all the ins and outs of their day while you try and find a way to escape

No. 600807

I like how she's trying to give advice on how to prevent/treat your cold sore, one look at that gaping sore on her upper lip totally makes you want to trust her advice

No. 600850

File: 1528041362529.jpg (217.71 KB, 1199x1500, tumblr_nxydat0PPa1u7zq4qo1_128…)

Why doesn't she just wear a mask? I've seen plenty of weebs wear them for pure fashion purposes, they're not that expensive, And you can get all kinds of cute patterns.

No. 600975

Because that would make sense and she can't do something sensible as it won't get her enough attention

No. 601256

Not entirely a cow but pretty cringeworthy, this girl doesn’t like brand/angelic pretty because “wah small sizing” but forgets that shirring exists. Also says it’s overpriced and indie brands are better quality. Was too much of a baby for anyone to tell her otherwise so the video has comments disabled. Posts your general cringe kawaii dance routines on her channel and apparently is schizo.

No. 601275

Well, she does have a point about AP being overpriced when indie brands have matching, if not better, quality. And I say this as a person who loves AP. They have quality issues sometimes, and that's well documented.

I had to alter some of their smaller dresses with shirring, yet I also understand why people crit them for not offering bigger sizing options. It made sense back in 2010 as to why they wouldn't because they hadn't yet burgeoned with the international markets. So there was valid uncertainty as to whether the bigger sizes would sell.

Nowadays though I think they could do it and make bank, but it seems they just don't want to. That's fine, just like it's fine for people to criticize that decision. Happens with many clothing brands.

No. 601461

Where did she plug it in???

No. 601488

They just released dresses with full shirring and always have. Not to mention lately the waists have gotten bigger compared to older releases. At this point I assume anyone who complains about it couldn't afford anything from them anyway.

It always reminds me how Victorian Maiden asked what people wanted, gave them the bigger sizes, and it went nowhere. Why bother catering to those who wouldn't put money on your payroll.

No. 601657

File: 1528116032507.png (541.83 KB, 2160x1296, Untitled-1.png)

Went to go check gooses instagram for the first time in awhile and she made this incredibly long post

No. 601679

What a nutcase, give me the cliff notes version got damn

No. 601699

She’s sorry

No. 601723

>They just released dresses with full shirring and always have.
Never said I think they don't, but that is only for certain releases and certain cuts.
What if you wanted one of their princess cut OPs? They never release those with shirring nor make bigger sizing options. I've seen thin girls complain about them because even they have problems fitting the shoulders/bust.

>Victorian Maiden

I don't know about other girls with bigger measurements, but I wrote of ever fitting into VM long ago, and when I heard about their survey it was news to me. Seems like a bit of confirmation bias since the majority of their buyers were buying because…they already fit most of their pieces. VM doesn't have the popularity nor international reach that Angelic Pretty has.

No. 601726

Right? No one has talked about her for awhile. Im not sure why shes so hung up on it and specifically the discord thing since that shut down much longer ago. People say shit on the internet, get over it girl

No. 601767

This is the sort of apology that is worse than not saying anything

I'm assuming this chick is disabled and doesn't work right? So how did she not have time for a discord server?

No. 601827

File: 1528134510574.jpg (22.88 KB, 359x316, 1512279925843.jpg)

>putting lipstick all over massive cold sores
Good luck ever getting rid of them you disgusting bitch.

No. 601890


What the fuck are those cold sores?? Showing up that badly means she has no idea how to take care or prevent them. It's honestly not that difficult to control unless you're going through puberty or are really sick.

No. 601950


No. 601953

Does she think it makes her look cute and pouty to have those raging sores? She's closer to looking like a duck that got in a lawnmower accident

No. 601990

Some trains have electrical sockets near every seat, they're usually meant for phone chargers etc.

No. 602907

an ita discussing wether or not bodyline is ita. Claire nothing you say has any weight. You're still so new to lolita you crusty ita

No. 602992

This is some Dickensian shit. Was someone paying her by the word?

No. 603094

This is so gross and unsanitary. If she touches her face then touches other people she could spread the virus. Glad her crusty ass isn’t in my comm

No. 603096

I agree it's gross but that's not how herpes works.

No. 607415

File: 1528711275215.jpg (69.7 KB, 640x960, 1460102014188.jpg)

>"I'm a woman and I'm Andrea and I'm living my dream."
So is there any word on whether she's actually an AGP/sissy? She always seemed "off" to me and the above caption from Humans of New York isn't doing her any favors.

No. 607848

oh lord is this the same chick who writes for Kera and titles every one of her posts ~model diary~? Kek i saw her during the A-kon fashion show this weekend and she looks like Gollum

No. 607864

I've heard from longterm lolitas that she's "harmless."

It just annoys me that she does that weird wide-legged stance in literally all her CoF pics. This pose is cute and her blog shows that she can do very feminine and flattering poses as well.

No. 607866

I just wanna know what this person does for a living that allows them salary to travel so much and buy so many dresses while being a public sissy.

No. 608024

She presents as a woman 24/7, even when she's not wearing lolita. I think if she didn't have such an unfortunately manly face, people wouldn't question her being a sissy. If she is, she has the decency to hide it at least.

THe one thing that i think is kind of strange is her obsession with dolls. She carries american girl dolls around with her in public.

I hate that she wears those ugly hot chocolate design shoes all the time, but it's probably hard to find lolita shoes in her size.

She's a managing partner for a consulting and design firm.

No. 608037


No. 608230

Aren't there several brands that make custom size lolita shoes though? I think antaina was one

No. 608307

Andria is, afaik, a legit truscum tranny, not a creepy sissy fetishist. She's a control freak self absorbed catty bitch though, so you should stay away from her. She loves to talk about herself endlessly. She's caused a lot of drama in the Atlanta comm but if you call her out her supporters will say "REEEEEE TRANSPHOBIA!"

No. 608318

File: 1528778006944.png (187.96 KB, 251x389, Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 8.49…)

Where can I see pic of her with AG dolls? Reminds me of Nethilia, who took her Addy doll to her actual wedding. She also fantasises about those dolls depicting 10 y/o girls having hot lesbian pagan sex and got triggered when someone called her out on the disgusting behavior. She is also another one of those "i am too gay for thus shit" people in straight marriage lmfao.

No. 608377

File: 1528787512085.jpg (100.31 KB, 960x720, 27540551_1588737407860173_8874…)

FB cover photo

No. 608407

File: 1528792276638.png (34.9 KB, 604x456, 00.png)

Anons on cgl pulled up several links of her blog and otherwise with content suggesting that she's a sissy, with comments explicitly showing that she has sissy/sissy loving followers:
Also this: http://rachelwilliston.com/andreanicolebaker.html
Some people do take on their kinks as 24/7 lifestyles, plus it's entirely possible that she's trans and a sissy, they're not mutually exclusive.
Why the fuck is she allowed anywhere near lolita comms is what I'm wondering.

No. 608700

She acted like that at Anime North too. Kept talking about how she's an international lolita model now that she's modelled outside of USA

No. 608709

File: 1528826440549.jpeg (66.8 KB, 1125x709, 50939862-DB42-4F01-B11E-E7B653…)

Why the fuck would this ever look good Claire lmao what the fuck

No. 608711

Andrea is legitimately trans and not a sissy, but she's a shitty person who wants to be better than everyone else and keeps inserting herself into lolita events, ruining them, and then making conventions and events not want to work with lolitas. I've been in the com for over 5 years and everytime she talks to me she acts like she doesn't know who I am and tries to brag about her life like I give a shit.

When we voted for new mods a couple years back she tried to rig the voting system by getting people not in the com to vote and made a big fuss when she wasn't able to bully the voting organizers into letting her be a mod.

No. 608722

I can’t see the first blog you listed but the other link does make several references to “Tgirls” and I feel like I’m still just not sure. I feel like, for people of a certain age group, transgender stuff was really interlaced with like hyper sexual fetish stuff and so the language can come off sounding fetish-y. Like right now she’s coming off to me more like the awkward old generation of trans women where the culture wasn’t solidified, the language was new/developing, etc. but if I saw more content from Andrea that she has created or follows that is more blatantly sexual I’d believe the sissy thing more. (Like something about the humiliation aspect? For example, I’d believe she was a sissy if, in that story of her being catcalled by a man, she had somehow revealed to the man that she was actually cross dressing or something as opposed to running to her car for safety, which comes off as a reaction that would genuinely come from someone trans whereas a sissy would revel in it and perhaps make their true selves known because they enjoy that aspect of humiliation)

No. 608726

>Some people do take on their kinks as 24/7 lifestyles
Thank you, goddamn. The people who say “but she’s trans 24/7 so she can’t be a fetishist!” apparently don’t know that people like Stefonknee exist. Or maybe Stefonknee is a legit transwoman too, now.

No. 608739

Most legit TIMs are fetishists

No. 608743

Looks like someone realized that her sissy blog had been found so she made it private. You can view an archived copy of it though, hover over the link.
I don't know, anon, she dresses and poses terribly while having her tits out on display and she chased down reporters to give her media features in order to… fuel her exhibitionism kink, maybe? It just seems so shady. I know anons like to argue that she should undergo surgery to make her face more feminine but in my opinion something about her isn't right, regardless of what her face looks like.

No. 608746

yes it is anon…when you have open sores the virus is transferable by skin to skin contact and secondary contact.

>every time you touch your cold sore with your hands, you could be spreading the virus. If the virus gets on your hands and you don’t wash them right away, it could spread to whatever you touch next


No. 608753

>While I was walking back through the parking lot a man stopped his car, rolled down his window and said to me “Girl, you look awesome. What are you doing tonight?”
>My heart started to pound so hard. I walked as fast as I could (in heels) to my car. I got in and locked the car and drove away. It wasn’t until later that I realized what a wonderful compliment I had received
>wonderful compliment

No. 608756

Sage for samefag, but the while damn thing just sounds like sissy fanfiction, including his sister dressing him up and telling him he cries like a girl.

No. 608766

Probably because it is sissy fanfiction.

No. 609021

File: 1528846342453.jpeg (430.38 KB, 1242x1118, 5FCE05C1-AE81-4947-AFB8-3A51EB…)

A suicidal shipper update. Too many people think YT is some key to destiny these days.

No. 609036

Save money? Her? That’s rich. All she ever does is spend money on cheap clothes.

No. 609094

spoiler this shit jesus christ how horrifying

No. 609127

Lmao because getting a day job is the end of the world? Also not a day job to pay the bills, oh no, that's for "saving" money. Who's been paying her bills post-grad for four years?
Maybe instead of being an ungrateful shit, she should reflect and think about how most don't get the good graces of even having that much time after college to fuck around.
Why are these suicide videos even important to her and what's their aim besides being shock value to get views?

She sounds terrible.

No. 609135

I know her IRL and for a while, too (ice age Lolita here). She’s actually really nice and hasn’t given me sissy vibes (even did a group trip to Disney with her). When she first started out she kinda took too many cues from drag about being a woman and was a little agro about herself and identity, but she’s really come into her own and mellowed our a lot. She chill.

No. 609266

To all the suicidal shippers? Where? As far as I know no one wants to die over fictional characters. She is the only person in the world I’ve heard of that wanted to die over a children’s cartoon Pokemon.This is not something to brag about. This is something to be ashamed of. Why she encourages this is unbelievable

No. 610546

File: 1528992935166.jpeg (115.62 KB, 725x597, A5906C14-7222-4F1D-B1B0-3DEE5A…)

I’m surprised this comment isn’t 3 paragraphs long

No. 610549

this looks like the same shitty coord as the other one. also i hate these wanna be victorian lady shits. she should fuck off back to a steampunk comm.

No. 610651

Oh Rachel. She genuinely believed that there were tons of people out there who wanted to die when their ships weren't realized and that she was going to start a movement leading them all. She told people it would go viral. Rachel thought that she and anyone associated with her would be viciously targeted and she would become an anti-bullying idol. She really thought this would blow up and be huge like Lady Gaga or some shit and her life would be set. The fact that it didn't and that the response was so underwhelming … well, you can see her reaction.

Maybe she'll actually get some sense, but somehow I doubt it. Her delusions run deep and have gone on for a long, long time.

No. 610659

Goose is piece of work.

No. 610664

File: 1529000985559.jpeg (168.03 KB, 640x960, 83C6CF1A-3771-410B-9050-1EDF76…)

A complete ita runs a fashion show, it’s bothering me more than it should

No. 610673

This is a beautiful dress but it does NOT suit her at all. I know she’s only obsessed with it because it’s an expensive status piece but she looks like someone dressed up their mom.

No. 610681

What a delusional lardass.

What does she expect, for people to donate to her patreon for pretending to ALMOST commit suicide over Ash and Misty and becoming a motivational figure because of that??

Her wangsty post is one of the stupidest things I have ever read in my life, and that is saying something considering where I've lurked. Also she legit looks like Quasimoto.

Most successful fashion icons work a full time job with a company or business (including "desk jobs), or are just from rich families. She really shows how inbred she is if she thinks all kawaii icons make a living off how they dress.

No. 610683

She should really get reported to facebook/instagram/youtube/twitter or whatever else she uses because how she acts could totally be interpreted as encouraging suicidal behavior.

No. 611207

File: 1529032956935.jpeg (366.78 KB, 2048x1538, 58288F7F-21BB-443C-BE4D-46A465…)

How does anyone think this looks good?

No. 611211

She looks like a slightly less greasy Chris-chan.

No. 611240

this looks like a crossdress SNL comedy skit.

No. 611283

>tfw it wasn't a fart

No. 611409

She looks constipated.

No. 611501


Is she wearing a bra thats not even covering her titties? Whats the point of that thing under her shirt?

Her smile looks photoshopped. Which makes her expression more creepy and constipated.

Rachel, stop. Get some hobbies that don’t involve posing awkwardly in front of the camera everyday. This is not your thing.

No. 611504

is this even a lolita? if not, it doesn't belong here

No. 611510

She wears lolita and is in a comm, so fair game in my book.

No. 611781

Too bad this outfit is kind of cute, if it was one someone that was thin and actually had a neck.

No. 612025


why does it look like she was forced to take this picture? Or like she was forcing out the shart of her life?

No. 612046

Maybe she wants to off herself because she's being held hostage. Maybe it's just all a cry for help.

No. 612050

Hi Rachel

No. 612958

Yeah this is a bit startling, the fact that her delusions are this serious about something so mundane makes me believe she has something far more wrong with her than simply being depressed or suicidal. Does she have a therapist? Is she on medication? Do people around her know it’s not fucking normal to be suicidal over a cartoon character?

No. 613029

I just noticed her zipper is barely holding together. Those shorts do not fit

No. 613316

According to what I've heard, she's on meds and does (or did) have a therapist. But apparently she claimed the therapist said the Youtube stuff was good for her so must be a shitty fucking therapist.

No. 613526

>one spicy boi on my lip
this is pixie tier of grating.
She's grubby and trashy. Also that hair is a disaster,it's isnt "quirky uwu",just like her persona.

No. 613529

Where are her YouTube videos?

No. 613542

She looks like someone’s dad dressed up as Barbie for Halloween. Does her shirt say “psycho”?

No. 613560

Friend, re-read the post you quoted. Rachel said she privatized them for now.

No. 614399

File: 1529361721367.jpeg (243.82 KB, 750x802, E023DA30-0BF8-4169-95E2-1A22CA…)

Local autistic age player going out for the first time without mommy and daddy.

She is in her mid 20s

No. 614401

Yes she made her out shirt that says something like cute but psycho

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